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:wan f. ii , .,,MA,,'mf, 4 , , ,W au Mwwd ,Nyy 1,35 ,ffm .1 mf- L f ,,m,ws,, , ,M ' '4 5 Q h 2 PCINTING 'J i , ,N,,,. .pie , skf'-is W L .R W , N as N B ' ' A, ' x Q" ' W Y ' 'M " 1 1 . ""'lluuu,.1-ei , M ,, ju M , K, , x l '- N .M L w 4 H E 'AY fs L1 as HR"'Mm-1, 5 I POINTED OUT TO HIM THE LIGHT THAT I DESCRIBED. HE FAILED TO SEE AND I ANGRY, THOUGHT TO DAMN HIM EDIEOE BIHVIN ES USMA ARCHIV SEN HOWER As I PAUSED TO SPEAK THOSE WORDS THAT CALLED THE FATES TO WITNESS, HE ASKED, SEE YOU NOT MY STAR? ii-' TENAY COUR x nc fr E THE WORDS LAY STRICKEN IN MY THROAT I GLANCED INTO THE HEAVENS SAW NO LIGHT. AND FELL TO MUSING. IT CAME UNTO ME THEN, MEN FOLLOW DIFFERENT STARS NO TWO PATHS THE SAME, AND WHO CAN SAY THE RIGHT? -gundam., Sant, by Jackson H. Gray, '56 2 O lk AND THUS, WE CONTINUE To POINT THE WAY I rf lt? X N 1, , A, J, I .I 5 .gli 'gl "I EA I , S Jn, ew sin -1-'-wJlwS.'e:,.1f , X ,pg ff' ,, ' 2, ' ' ' "x J 1:9 '. I . W'-,'r' Mi? nj ,"5?'. yfllf e' L ww.-mf, ww '. ef3,1,Q Exgillww 53, ,,,,:WM.1A 0 2 ,512 R. 2 wr-1-1 --1 nf, ' ,- 1 1:5 Wi" Y k-5 if . 2,2 ,Q ' ' Q' , 9' f 'YT Q. W J' 4 a-if af' , Q -Q . Z . U , .np cf W., ww .9 '15 is F' qw, ,1 iii 'ESS 5 1 'Ei if 1' 3 Q STAFF 8: FACULTY ini.. ns: if .1 lx - 1' usa ' ,.l,, -.. Egg sg SEPRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES VICE-PRESIDENT CF THE UNITED STATES A n his - ,f -f o o 1 o William J. Clinton O U Commaqtder-ln-Chief E -57 , ' J 'A l li' IM. :i:,ii- L' .1!:'i...ivni1:ivi .i- .. . -r ann ,l.n .n an-lt.nii J, lfrf .mit'-i4. J, ninn.e illiiiloiii - ii' I .il1:.l IW V'i:,rfvv!wm'i luviiyli "!.xifii'hui MMI: .I rwnwiin i,wVo 5 vrmn, muwiir im nn1'z wnrin srnwiyyvnpi :wir in f- .ins ni' S3 liifni vnlzfrnwi fm "thi Vliizil' leur lin-,.i i ini wurld Jas rhino M ir Q lain, 1 i.ii f 1-f noi t way xi my arm 1 nerves efnin nl iiiwu iii-in it -N ni.1n .uni i ini ni inniwxli w-ri their ,if:.,,aa.v n 'rn M ii. gin, , iii i n-t.onr ferny,v1 iii r. V1 ifizrt :ref K v Sari' i f i., :Le -.1i:or, 1. . i,, -f n :.i:.f' if va, L xiii: vii' . nwnfn.ii fl .Jing ci rztf ,,1ini:i i, y,ni , '.ii ini ri iii .W nn"nen1 res: len .i.1 .gini ifi,i-ir.,oi ef: and fwmvimn :Hyman u. win1svm.m:m.i,- .,nro 4:1-V iii nano nnn. in .maori of nmr1:ra'e wili'li ivan,-n inn nni,-e worn family joins me in .inifty..n 1-mvlzrmnliil ion-1 .ini her' ,fishes fu: vom iriuwii . .iff Sliwggirr-lkv fl4fffeP'm' ff!! as Vii iuiiiiiwisi in nos April ie, 1993 Congratulations to the 1993 graduates of the United States Military Academy. You can take great pride in your achievenents as you complete this stage of your education. Nest Point has played a major role in national service since 1778, when George washington stationed American revolutionary troops there to prevent British attempts to control river navigation and divide the colonies. This year, the United States Military Academy maintains that legacy as the 50,000th graduate takes thc oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the citizens of our nation. You have an exciting opportunity to shape the world as it undergoes unprecedented changes. As more countries realize the benefits of democratic governnent, you will lead the world in its progress toward democracy and free narket economies. The new global environment will test the limits of our ability to conpete and succeed, but l an confident that the education and training you have received at this institution has prepared you to help us meet the challenges ahead. Best wishes for continued success. Al Gore Vice-President 'NNY fif? A ,QVV K I6 Guiding me Way ff' giilvigrr SECRETARY OF DEFENSE CHAIRMAN, JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF ARMY CHIEF OF STAFF' 0 Les ASPln Secretary of Defense I mu! F General Colin L. Powell General G01-don R, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Al-my Chief of A SUPERINTENDENT, USMA COMMANDANT OF CADETS Lieutenant General Howard D. Graves Superintendent, USMA ' March 4 ' ' 513, TO THE CLASS or l'993: Ms?5gf9' My personal thanks M' QywA 23, l993 to each one of you for your e . absolutely outstanding leadership of the Corps of H , Cadets this past year. Your spirit, discipline, pride and energy were directly responsible tor the many accomplishments of impressed the President his visit to Nest Point proud of the tremendous to the Military Academy collectively. You have the Corps and which so of the United States during You should be justifiably contribution you have made both individually and left a legacy ot excellence, professionalism and caring that will he long remembered and emulated your footsteps. by those that follow in As you now carry out your responsibilities as members of the long gray line beyond the walls of west Point, you will face challenges as well as opportunities. But you intellectual, military, will be well armed with the physical and moraleethical principles to assure you of great success as leaders of character for our nation. Thank you again for the strong values and positive leadership you brought to the Corps. Best wishes, f RQBILRT F . FOLEY Brigadier General, USA Commandant of Cadets 18 Guiding the Way .li wma? mf Sw-rnwmnw umm: sn-Jes Mutmmv Aczuurmv My ml-lv ,rw ww 'mmm TO THE MEMBERS OF IHE CLASS OF l993: Congratulations on accomplishing a great task -- graduating from the United States Military Academy. You are among a select number who have joined the Long Gray Line, and you and your family can be enormously proud. As a graduate of the Military Academy you are now prepared to meet the :any challenges that will lace our Nation in the 21st Century. You have already been challenged during the past four years -- academically, militarily, physically. Because of your daily immersion in our value-laden environment, you have the potential to be a leader of genuine character, and there is a great need in our country today lor ethical leadership. new that you have achieved this important qasx, i challenge you to set new goals. Enlarge your vision and dedicate yourself to serving our Nation selflessly and courageously. 'Phe people we serve expect and deserve nothing lc-ss. God bless you ln all your future endeavorsl. Howard IJ. Graves Lieutenant Cenerdl, UE? Army Superintendent l. W. 'WEQ sm.gw WSMTEA , f ,-'-Ciilffvrlm 'iii Brigadier General Robert F. Foley r Commandant of Cadets no uw ,H Q .aE5 . ff s i if - Ml 321 r Q ., e f' Q E E E. Galloway. Jr. the Academic Board 'W lf OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY WEST POINT, NEW YORK10996-9988 ltr T0 TIIE CLASS OF 1993: Congratulations on your outstanding achievements and especially those in support of or as participants in the intercollegiate athletic program. While you have been cadets, the ARMY tennis have been highly successful "on the fields of friendly strife," :ind my wish ist on other days." BEAT NAVY! hat you have many more successes "o fvtfmpwaj ALBERT VANDERBUSH Colonel, US Army, Retired Director of Intercollegiate Athletics n other fields All . W1 - A-n . it ' 35, N i Q IZHQQ , -Na A like Mew A ci? ' Dean ol the Academic Board United States Military Academy West Point, New York 10996-5000 TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CIASS OF 1993 Congratulations on your graduation from the United States Military Academy. It is a great accomplishment and one that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. l urge you to continue your academic and professional development and build on the solid foundation you have created during your years at West Point. The nation needs your talents. Much has been given to you and, in turn, of you much will be expected. I wish you good fortune and Godspeed as you embark on your challenging joumey through a lifetime of service to I the Amly and the United States. , Sincerely, erald E. lo ay, Jr. rigadier Gen al, U,S. Army 1 Wi, Albert Vanderbush Athletics 'U-'T " 52:19--M 'eww do ..-W, SUPERlNTENDENT'S STAFF CGM MAN DANT'S STAFF SUPERINTENDENTS STAFF. Front Row: COL Michael Peters, LTG Howard Graves, CSM James Tuemler. Second Row: LTC Stephen Furr, LTC Bruce Bell, COL Edward Counts,COL Thomas Joiner, COL Anthony Wagner, COL Richard Kanda, LTC Donna Spranger, MR Ted Wendel. Third Row: Major Harry Griffith, COL Larry Raag, COL Patrick Toffler, COL Steven Hammond, COL Larry Donnithorne, COL Robert Griffin, REV Richard Camp Jr., CPT Robert Ryan. Q :ye L raw COMIVIANDANTS STAFF. Front Row: CPT Michael Gould, MAJ Leo Peterson, MAJ Jeffrey Weart, BG Robert Foley, COL James Hayes, MAJ Stephen Loew, MAJ Edwin Messinger. Second Row: SFC Gary Morgan, SFC Colin Grant, MAJ Brian Corcoran, MAJ Edwin Acevedo, MS Connie Bambino, MAJ Marshall Drew, CPT Maitland Browning. Third Row: MSG William Smith, MR Pete Pecoraro, MS Rosemary Stabler, MS Mary Ann Boonstra, MRS Diane Yonasek. Fourth Row: CPT Stephen McGurk, MS Barbara McNally, MS Rim DiGovanni, MS Bar- bara Barrett, MRS Faith Saliba, MRS Evelyn Rawula, MS Eileen O'Donnell, MRS Patricia Dursi. Back Row: MS Lizzie Borden, MRS Nancy LeStrange, MS Stephanie Nacliero, MRS Suzanne Lewis, MRS Kathleen Powles, MR Elsworth Banks, MR Neil Cross. A W fl A- ii . , my ', f I -l...'W ' 1. ' Z, A 1' ' 20 Guiding the Way DEAN'S STAFF f ACADEMIC BOARD BRIGADE TACTICAL CFFICERAS STAFF' . E 7 4 4. DEAN'S STAFF. Front Row: MAJ Kevin Clark, COLJames McEliece, COL Edward Tezak, BG Gerald Galloway Jr., COL Kenneth Grice, LTC Thomas Blake, LTC Francis Monaco, MAJ Michael Buchner. Second Row: CPT Daniel Guilmette, MAJ Robeft Richbourg, MS Carol Maslowski, MAJ Joe Manous Jr., MRS Gloria Waddell, MAJ Barbara Treharne, MR Robert Coleman, CPT Gary Griggs, DRJudith Loomer, CPT Jonathan Revolianice Williamson, CPT John Tidd, LT Brandee Murphy. 5,-, I FM V Milmnv M wwfmlf " "tml- lif '1',y',. 1 . ACADEMIC BOARD. Front Row: COL Pierce Rushton Jr., COL Edward Thomas, BG Robert Foley, LTG Howard Graves, BG Gerald Galloway Jr., COL Peter Stromberg, COL Frank Giordano. Back Row: COL Daniel Kaufman, COL Dennis Hunt, COL John Wattendorf, LTC John Little, COL Robert Doughty, COL Robert Griffin, COL Daniel Litynski, COL Raymond Winkel Jr., COL Fletcher Lamkin Jr., COL David Allbee, COL James Kays, COL John Grubbs. BRIGADE TACTICAL OFFICERS STAFF. Front Row: LTC David Wildes, COL John Bolger, COLJames Siket, LTC George Murati, LTC Cornelius Easter. Second Row: MS Kristen Gerentine, CPT Denise Goudreau, MAJ Daniel Abahazy, CPT Donald Jackson, LTC William Pokorny. Third Row: MS Jane Reilly, MR Ron Fine, MS Meredith Roseborough, MS Kathryn Lampack, MRS Suzanne Lewis. Back Row: MAJ Phillippe Upperman, MR Paul Tubridy, LTC Rebecca Rooney. lv A . I .E x we . in :XXL A..sQ.f A ' ' .willy ' . - w f:1fl2l.L'W V.,-gf. vt vm" v fb leggmy. .e L wg.lll1-'-- :Q V f " M 'li2yll3Q.'?'w X 1 yi. 'll lf 1,1 all C J f rg, l f -M - - A ' if :g s is 3 F, BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES 84 LEADERSHIP he Purpose of the United States Military Academy is to provide the nation with leaders of character who serve the common defense. Every aspect of the four-year West Point experience is important to the achievement of this goal. The particular contribution our department makes to this effort is in the study of the behavioral sciences. Leadership and the idea of leader development have both fascinated and frus- trated scholars and practitioners alike since the dawn of recorded history. Clearly, the development of leaders of character and the study of leadership include elements of both the arts and the sciences. Nevertheless, one generally agreed upon factor in the pursuit of knowledge about this phenomenon we call leadership is the need to understand human behavior in its many varieties. While recognizing that many academic disciplines inform our study and enhance our understanding of human behavior in general and the chal- lenges of leadership in particular, the staff and faculty of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership are proud of our unique role as we assist cadets in the pursuit of knowledge about human behavior using the methods of scientific inquiry. The department teaches two core courses, a broad foundation in psychology and a follow-on course focused on military leadership. The department also offers the opportunity for study in depth in the areas of psychology, sociology, leadership, engineering psychology, and general management. Ultimately, our students are taught to apply this knowledge to explain, predict and, when appropriate, influ- ence human behavior as citizens and leaders of character. In this way, BEIIAVIORAL SCIENCES 86 LEADERSHIP GUIDES THE WAY TOWARDS BUILDING STRONG LEADERS. 'HW if L L .2 ,MM ,M ,Luwff X DEPARTMENT OF BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES AND LEADERSHIP. Front Row: DR Thomas Gitchoff, MAJ Brad Scott, LTC Jeffrey McNally, COL George Forsythe, COL John Wattendorf, COL Louis Csoka, LTC Johnston Beach, LTC Jose Picart. Second Row: CPTWilliam Francis, CPT Bradley Camp, CPT David O'Neil, CPT Scott Hampton, CPT Roland Jacobs, CPT Stephen Gerras, MAJ Donald Horner, MAJ David Grossman, CPI' Richard Phillips, CPT Richard Odom, MAJ Steven Jones, CPT Mark Reisweber. Third Row: MS Joanne Wright, MAJ Gregory Hiebert, CPT Douglas Vargas, MAJ Leonard Wong, MAJ Jane McKeon, CPT Richard Bullis, CPT Stephen Jarrard, MAJ George Teague, CPT William Crocoll, CPT William Adams, CPT Paul Rusecker, CPT Kenneth Dahl. Fourth Row: MS Lisa Hynes, MAJ Daniel Hergenroeder, CPT Deborah Reisweber, CPT John Hammill, CPT Ann Davis, MS Deborah Butler, MAJ Brian Durant, MAJ John Tisson, CPT John Kelleher Jr., CPT Patrick Sweeney, CPI' Donna Brazil, 2LT Katherine Smith. Back Row: MS Mary Jane Ward, CPT Christopher Putko, CPI' Robert Demange, MR Darien French, DR Steve Meyer, CPT John Taylor. 22 Guiding the Way AND INTKODUCING OUR GUEST LECTURER... MAJ John Tisson gets a little help from a furry friend. Z Lu I i- D fi XJ I U si O O CHEMISTRY l Wi U THE RIGHT FORMULA MAKES A DIFFERENCE. A Chemistry Professor leads his section in an experi- ment. So WHAT DOES THIS BUT- TON DO? Cadets learn in a perfor- mance laboratory. O Z Z! C A 7: .1- F uring this period of constantly increasing technology within the Army and the world, the undergraduate education at West Point must prepare the graduate for a variety of experiences and challenges in the future. The study of chemistry, the central science, begins by developing an understanding of atoms and molecules, the building blocks of all matter and life. Key concepts such as the quantum theory, structure and states of matter, chemical bonding, chemical reaction kinetics and equilibrium, electrochemis- try, nuclear chemistry, and the fundamentals of thermody- namics are used to develop the fundamental scientific knowl- edge needed by all Army officers Cand all informed citizensl as well the scientific thought process. Laboratory work emphasizes scientific inquiry through experiments of in- creasing complexity. Department electives provide a firm foundation in chemistry, chemical engineering, and the life sciences. Using state-of-the-art instrumentation, officers and cadets conduct research to support the needs of the Army in areas such as disarmament verification, chemical demilitari- zation, environmental assessments, chemical decontamina- tion, polymeric material development, and DNA analysis. An experiment studying bone tissue deterioration in space has been accepted for a future space shuttle mission. The Department of Chemistry is truly guiding the way by providing l the essential scientific foundation needed by all graduates in chemistry, chemical engineering, and the life sciences. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY. Front Row: CPrJoseph Sloop, MAJ William Wilson, CPTJeff5tiefel, MAJ David Green, MAJ Lewis Allen. Second Row: CPT Ronald Costella, LTC Kenneth Dieter, MAJ William Prescott, MAJ Jerome Gilman, MAJ Charles Bass, CPT William Harris, DR Edward Roche. Third Row: MAJ Michael Knapp, CPT William Buechter, CPT Mark Needham, CPT Steven Haustein, CPT Randy Hall, CPT Cieorge Lecakes. Fourth Row: CPT Matthew Turner, CPT Martin Toomajian, CPT Stuart Harrison, CPT Jon Eshelman, LTC Thomas Noreen, LTC Randall Hughes. Back Row: COL Edward Mayer, LTC Patrick Owens, COL David Allbee, COL Dwight Springer. CIVIL 81 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING he Department of Civil Sr Mechanical Engineering guides the way by laying the foundation for competence in the rapidly changing, high-technology Army of the future. We do this by taking our students into the real world of engineering with courses that are exciting, informative, and relevant to their future. Cadets who take our courses become informed consum- ers of technology who can think clearly and critically and make rational, informed decisions. They also understand the tools of their trade in the Army. Our civil and mechanical engineering majors become the service-oriented, technically qualified, uni- formed career officers who will manage the Army technology of the future. Cadets know us for our highly qualified and compe- tent faculty members who provide some ofthe best instruction at West Point. We care about our students and are willing to go that extra mile to ensure their success. The standards of excellence set by our instructors provide our students a model of profes- sional excellence that will serve them well throughout their careers. For revelance, challenge, and professional skills that help our graduates succeed in a high-technology world, Civil Sr Mechanical Engineering guides the way. fzwm... DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL 8? MECHANICAL ENGINEER- ING. Front Row: COL Kip Nygren, COL Andrew Dull, LTC Norman Dennis, DR Edward Lenoe, COL Fletcher Lamkin, LTC Steve Klegka, LTC Robert Potter, LTC Robert Dillon, COLJerry Samples, COL Terry Hand. Second Row: MW4 Richard Catello, CPT Daisie Boettner, MAJ William Spencer, MAJ Larry McCallister, CPT David Arterburn, CPT James Knowlton, MAJ Robert Carpenter, MAJ Norman Kimata, CPT Michelle Putko. Third Row: CPT Ronald Welch, MAJ Richard Jenkins, MAJ Stephen Ressler, CPT William Haight, CPT Robert Avalle, CPT Joseph Dombi, CPT Douglas Weitzel, CPT William Allen, CPT Paul Cierton, CPI' Joseph Puett, MAJ Joe Gonzalez. Back Row: CPT Dion King, CPT Dion liing, CPT Edward Gulley, CPT Cluy Harris, CPT Robert Hansen, CPT James Alty, CPT Steven Ingalls, LCDR Calvin Langford, CPT Thomas O'Donovan, CPT Michael Cxazzerro, LTC Fred Stellar, MAJ William Ward, MAJ Michael McKenna. STEVEVANASKIE THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE. MAJ Larry McCallister assists CDT Kenneth Holt during a Soils Lab. 24 Guiding the Way ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 84 Chong attempts to wire his Powerace. 3 Je 7.1 7: W O rn 71 m 4, . ,M rn v . . , , ., - X: All K E Z ID vs X I-Ti GOOD VIBKATIONS. The fun to be had in class!!! THIS DOES WHAT??? cDT Rich COMPUTER SCIENCE he Department of Electrical Engineering Gr Computer Sci- ence guides the way for cadets and faculty into the information age of computers and electronics. Our department introduces all cadets to this exciting subject in the core course and then offers several in-depth paths to successful leadership in the modern world. We have the goal of graduating Leaders for Tomorrow's Technology. The world of the 21st century will be one of high technology to which our faculty, curriculum, and laboratory initiatives are paving the way. The faculty are involved with many agencies and individuals in the army, throughout the nation and around the world to understand and guide the future of our disciplines. Many curriculum innovations have been introduced to ensure that what cadets learn today will be a firm foundation for the many years of their professional careers. Laboratory initiatives, such as our Lab 2002 project, bring sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment to help cadets devote more time to analysis and less time to the tedium of data gathering. This affords cadets the opportunity to examine the most challenging aspects of electronics and communications technology. After Operation Desert Storm, General Schwarzkopf stated, "Comput- ers proved to be decisive combat multipliers." All of us have seen the decisive impact on industry and our everyday lives of electronics technology. The programs of the Department of Electrical Engineering Sr Computer Science stand ready to guide cadets along the way to being the 21st century leaders of the information Age. faazdl. ' IJEPARTIVIENI' OF ELI'K.f'lRICAL ENGINEERING 81' COM- PUTER SCIENCE. Hont Row: DR Timothy Dimmick, LTC Andre Sayles, LTC William Lane, COL Daniel Litynski, COL Lanse Leach, COL Paul Barber, DR Frederick Nohmer. Second Row: MR Eben York, MS Linda Bailey, MAJ Mark Morgida, MAJ Christopher Wagner, CPT Margaret Tubesing, CPT Greg Rassatt, MAJ Richard Hughes, MAJ John Carrano, CPT Paul Merritt, CPTJames Wise, MS Cheryl Rau, MRS Vivian Hannigan. Third Row: MR Richard Reynolds, MAJ Gregg Degen, CPT Bradford Tousley, CPT James Kainec, CPTJohn Hill, MRS Sandra Graham, CPl'James Miller, CPT Alan Makowsky, LCDR Winfred Pikelis, CPT John Post, CPT Karl Reinhard. Fourth Row: MR Joseph Hartmann, CPT Jeffrey Engbrecht, CPT Keith Reck, CPT John Stine, CPT Erik Fretheim, CPT Clarence Beckham, CPT David Key, CPT Arthur Summer, MRS Marie DeRico, MR William Slevin. Back Row: MR Richard Horstmann, CPI' William Milani, CPT Donald Reich, CPT Mark Biehler, MAJ Richard Simchik, MRS Karen Sullivan. QEW -.-45 usam g ' - erhaps this 728th anniversary of Dante's birth presents the perfect occasion to celebrate Virgil, Dante's sure guide through Hell and Purgatory. Virgil, whom Dante called "my leader, you my master and my teacher, " made certain that Dante learned from the course he pursued. Virgil encouraged Dante to think and reflect, to read the alien environment imaginatively, to exercise his curiosity in search of knowledge, to express his thoughts clearly. Along his remarkable and dangerous way Dante had to engage in all ofthose intellectual activities. Virgil guided his every step. And what a text Dante studied under Virgil's lead! He observed the punishments of people in Hell and noted the behavior that had placed them in their hopeless, painful circumstances. Likewise, climbing the mountain on the island of Purgatory, he saw the souls who had repented too late. Within Purgatory itself he saw souls expiating their sins of character, faults that they had carelessly allowed to mar their lives. Unable to accompany Dante into Paradise, Virgil accom- plished, nonetheless, as much as he could. Dante would be forever wiser, more skillful, more open to the complexity ofhis world, more aware of the responsibility that accompanied his privileged insight. Qzsf gm DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH. Front Row: CPT April Hayne, CPT Lester Knotts, CPT Suzann Voigt, CPT Robert Gibson, COL John Calabro, COL Anthony Hartle, COL Joseph Cox, COL Terence Freeman, COL Peter Stromberg, LTC Paula Furr. Second Row: CPT Timothy Brotherton, CPT Jonathan Smidt, CPT Daniel Zupan, CPT Catherine Haight, LTC Paul Tipton, LTC Paul Christo- pher, MAJ Timothy Challans, LTC James Johnston, MAJ Jefferey Whitman. Third Row: MAJ Katharine Cloodland, CPT Arthur Lambert, MAJ Peter Fromm, MAJ Elliot Oruner, CPTJames Varner, CPT Stephen Rusiecki, CPT Edward Becker, CPT Stephen Zimmerman. Fourth Row: CPT Edward Mueller, CPT Jonathan Williams, CPT Joel Jebb, CPT Stephen Tryon, CPT Theodore Westhusing, CPT Patrick Kennedy, CPT Arthur Bilodeau, MAJ Denise Dawson. Back Row: CPT Stephen Luebke, CPT David Daigle, LTC James Foley, MAJ Stephen Parshley, LTC Mark Brigham. 26 Guiding the Way ENGLISH THE CIRCLE IN THE SPIRAL. CPT Timothy Brotherton and CDT ' Vanessa Hodge discuss publications. vs M Lu - D I Z 5 4 Z fi in Z 4: an COACH GAUTH IER l FROMSUNNYBRAZILTOGRAY IIIIEST POINT LTC Silva Ubiratan brings South American flavor to an early morning class FOREIGN LANGUAGES PASSEN SIE AUF. LTC Dieter Loechel, German Army, accentuates the finer points of his native language. O9 IIEIHLDVU l-DV -75 bhe Department of Foreign Languages helps you along your way by preparing you -the Army's new leaders -forthe challenges of an increasingly interdependent, but culturally diverse world. Our foreign language offerings cover virtually all global areas of strategic interest to our country. Our courses provide you with basic conversational skills and cultural awareness. And, if you continue your studies with us, we also give you knowledge ofthe media, the military and the history of countries whose languages we teach you to understand. I am proud of our language laboratories and facilities which let you develop your skills at your own pace and bring today's news telecasts from Paris, Berlin, Cairo, Moscow, and Rio into our classrooms. lam prouder still of our faculty. Our collection of young officers, who all have command experience and many of whom have held key posi- tions as Foreign Area Officers: our integrated officers from France, Brazil, Germany, and Mexico, and our well qualified tenured faculty, civilian and military, bring special talents and experience that enrich your classes with us. We are all proud of how faryou have come and appreciate the opportunity we have had of walking part of the way with you. We know that you will guide the steps of your soldiers aright as it is now time to do. 'fjijijf stirs? f 1? " uqhzv AP' rwdxiyipn san ..,,. J. 3 J DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES. Front Row: MAJ Michael Seidl, MAJ Gerhard Hartig, LTC Dieter Loechel, DR lngeborg Kohn, LTC Robert McBride, MAJ Sylvia Moran, MRS Pierce, MAJ Thomas Mitchell, MAJ Sterling Ingram, MAJ John Ward. Second Row: MAJ Robert liempfe, MAJ Michael Linehan, LTC Silva Ubiratan, MRS Charlene Correa, Clfl' Thomas Keith, MAJ Phillip Pierson, MAJ Gerardo Wohlburg, PROF Martha Gallagher, LTC Teddy Seel, COL Michel Lauthier. Third Row: MAJ William Alewine, CPT Phillip Battaglia, CPTJames Brown, CPT Chris Pilecki, CPT Humberto Rodriguez, CRI' David Wilson, CPT Timothy Monahan, MAJ David Robles, MAJ Joel Anderson. Fourth Row: CPT Edward Dorman, MR Ben Sicca, MRS Janet Nuss, MRS Linda Asmann, CPT Casey Neff, Cl7l'James Nielson, LTC WalterCrawford. Back Row: DR Alina Hunt, LTC Stephen Larocca, COL William Held, COL Edward Thomas, DR Samuel Saldivar, DR Sheila Ackerlind, DR Vladimir Gorshenin. ,pf-i usnm a ' - GEGGRAPHY 84 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 'Che theme "Guiding the Way" is certainly appropriate in that it is through the guiding of your thoughts and attitudes today that we have helped prepare you for the future. The Department of Geography Sr Environmental Engineering has the mission to teach cadets to function and lead others in a world that is changing at an unprecedented pace. Events in Russia, China, the Baltic States, and the Persian Gulf highlight the need for our military forces to understand and operate in a complex environ- ment. Not only do you need to understand and work with people of differing cultures, you must be the stewards ofthe environment in which we live. Our courses covering the disciplines of geography, environmental science and engineering, and map- ping, charting, and geodesy, have prepared you for your mission. We are honored to have given guidance to the class of '95 - it is now up to you to "Point the Way"! fiiffsa.. DEPARTMENT OF SCENVIRONIVIENTAL ENGINEERING. Wont Row: LTC William Doe, LTC Wendall Ring, COL John Grubbs, PROF Duke Winters, COL John Robertson, LTC Scott Loomer. Second Row: CPT Michael Jones, CPT Laurel Hummel, MAJ John Baker, CPT Laurie Cummings, CPT Mary Baker, MAJ Robert Morris, CPT Daniel Worth. Third Row: MAJ Thomas Koning, CPT Mark Corson, CPT Mark Inch, CPT Richard Peters, CPT Daniel Gilewitch, MAJ Todd Bacastow. Back Row: CPI' Glen DeWillie, CPT George Marguardt, CPT Bruce Gwilliam, CPT Gerald Walker, CPT Peter Baker. I 28 Guiding the Way HISTORY x D s x THIS IS FOR THE CADETS lllIl'l0 DONT STUDY. CPT Thomas Smith displays a BAR. E 5 1 J -75 bo "Guide the Way," a leader must know where he or she has been. As George Santayana said, "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." The Department of History teaches cadets about the past, so that they may better shape the future. An appreciation for the cultures of ancient China, the nuances of 19th Century European diplomacy, and the methods of World War Il, and other significant events support the develop- ment of historical mindedness. To that end, the Department offered you several options to learn more about history. As Plebes, you took either a survey course in World history or American history. As Cows you had the opportunity to learn about your profession in the History ofthe Military Art. As veterans of these courses all of you may not have understood history completely, but all ofyou experienced Clausewitz's "fog ofwar," as evidenced by your performance on WPRs, TEES, and term papers. For those exceptional cadets who concentrated in History, the Department offered you many varied opportunities to study the past to better understand the future. Ultimately, the Department of History agrees with Ardant du Picq, that, "only study ofthe past can give us a sense ofreality, and show us how the soldier will fight in the future." Qlygf U DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY. Front Row: Lrc Judith Luckett, COL James Wheeler, PROF Rose Greaves, COL Charles Brower, COL Robert Doughty, PROF lra Gruber, COL James Johnson, LTC Steven Wager, LTC Cole Kingseed. Second Row: LTC Gordon Rudd, CHAP Robert Geehan, LTC Thomas Blake, MAJ Bryon Greenwald, LTC Lee Wyatt, LTC Conrad Crane, MAJ Timothy Rainey. Third Row: MAJ Robert Toguchi, MAJ Kim Juntunen, MAJ Charles Payne, MAJ Thad Gaebelein, MAJ David Gray, CPT James Herson, CPT Craig Currey, CPT Richard Coon, CPT Paul Brooks. Fourth Row: MAJ George Eaton, CPT Matthew Moten, MAJ Jon Berlin, CPT Peter Mansoor, CPT Antulio Echevarria, CPT David Hunter-Chester, MAJ Lonnie Henley, CPT David Cotter, CPT Steven Collins. Fifth Row: CPT Thomas Smith, CPT Richard Lechowich, CPT James Scudieri, MAJ Richard Herzog, CPT Frank Siltman, CPT David Sutter, CPT Curtis Ring, MAJ Janice Dombi, CPT Joana Mangham, CPT Steven Van Kirk. Back Row: CPT Ken Topping, CPT Thomas Ziek, MAJ William Bassett, CPT Paul Dean, MAJ Arthur Connor, MAJ Timothy Reese, CPT Steven Hawley, CPT John Shaw, CPT Guy LoFaro, MAJ Robert Miravalle. r. gm --42 als KA - LAW he United States Military Academy Department of Law is firmly dedicated to providing West Point cadets with an appreciation of the importance of the law to their future endeavors as military officers and citizens. Graduating cadets are exposed to the Constitution they swear to "support and defend" through their experiences in Constitutional and Military Law, taken in their First Class year. The constitutional principles gleaned from their studies will guide them through a lifetime of service to the nation. The Department of Law also guides cadets to an understanding of diverse areas of law through courses like Business Law, Environ- mental Law, International Law, Jurisprudence, Military Law, Operational Law, and Legal Method. In an increasingly complex society, sound policy determinations require leaders to be cognizant ofthe role ofthe law in their decision making process. The Department of Law provides cadets with the foundation to recognize the legal issues they will face as leaders, and an analytical framework to deal with these issues within the bounds of the law. The Department of Law strives to guide USMA cadets to personify the Constitutional and legal principles that bind our society together. Success in this effort is sure to produce leaders of character. new THE RULES OF THE GAME. CPT Scott Romans teaches cadets the dos and don'ts of law. DON RUCKER DEPARTMENT OF LAW. Front Row: COL Daniel Limbaugh, '- CPT Kenneth Tozzi, MAJ Maritza Ryan, MAJ Paul Grimstad. Back Row: CPT David Conn, LTC Paul Capofari, CPT Kent Freudenberg, COL Dennis Hunt, MAJ David Fitzkee, PROF Joseph Kelly, MAJ ,NN-MXN Kenneth Miller, MAJ William Boyle, MAJ John Burnette, PROF Edward Hume, MAJ Michael Austin. Corpse: MR Dave Dominick. 50 Guiding the Way MATHEMATICS it 51 D 0 ll N OC! M3 SIR, IN THIS PROBLEM I WAS REQUIRED TO... Cadet Joshua Lu barsky recites the wonders of integrals. I SURE WISH PYTHAGORAS WAS I'IERE. Cadet Theresa Hankes computes triangle dimen- sions. he Department of Mathematical Sciences provides each cadet the opportunity to gain the mathematical education essential to progressive and continued development throughout a career as a Regular Army officer. The core mathematics program includes both the acquisition of a body of knowledge and the development of thought processes judged fundamental to a student's under- standing of basic ideas in mathematics, science, and engineer- ing. The emphasis of the program is at the conceptual level, where the goal is for students to internalize mathematical thought processes into a unifying framework. To enhance this learning process and to reinforce the more traditional symbolic presenta- tions, mathematical ideas are also represented both numerically and graphically. Further, concepts are constantly applied to non routine but representative problems from science, engineering, and the social sciences. These applications develop student experience in modeling and provide immediate motivation for developing a sound mathematical foundation for future studies. The resultant deeper understanding facilitates the learning of more advanced ideas in downstream science and engineering courses. The student who successfully completes the USMA core mathematics program will have a firm grasp ofthe fundamental thought processes of undergraduate mathematics, possess a curious and experimental disposition, and possess the scholar- ship to formulate intelligent questions, seek appropriate refer- ences, and independently research answers. 3-U-wuf,Q.3.,,5 Q DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS. Front Row: FR Gabriel Costa, LTC Christopher Arney, LTC William Fox, LTC Richard West, LTC John Robertson, COL Frank Giordano, LTC Kelley Mohrmann, LTC Doyle Daughtry, LTC Ronald Miller, PROF Donald Small, MAJ Joseph Myers. Second Row: MRS Sue Bass, MAJ Louis Yuengert, CPT Steven Hutchison, CPT David Thiede, CPT Edgar Rugenstein, CPT Hugh Bell, MAJ Charles Clark, CPT Hilton Russel, CPT Jeffrey Strickland, CPT Walter Barge, MAJ William Nanry, PROF Nathan Thiesse. Third Row: CPTThomas Kastner, MAJ Matthew Gorevin, LCDR Walter Seidel, CPT Scott. Torgerson, CPT Morgan Cornstubble, CPT Michael Miner, CPT John Green, CPT Michael Jaye, CPT David Nadeau, CPT Curt Doescher, CPT William Goetz, CPT Joseph Southcott. Fourth Row: CPT lieith Matthews, CPT Wada Woodring, CPT James Ferguson, CPT Philip Schlatter, CPT Joseph Schulz, CPT Christopher Fowler, CPT Andre Cuerington, CPT Warren Phipps, CPI' Carlton Buchanan, CPT Darrall Henderson, CPT Michael Phillips, MAJ James Stone. Back Row: CPT Richard Stevens, MAJ Robert Rowlette, MAJ Aaron Bush, MAJ Wid Crawford, CPI' Daniel Hogan, CPT Steven Horton, CPT Philip Beaver, CPT Michael Linnington, CPT Edward Nealy, CPT Clifford Crofford, CPT Greg Singleton. ,ig-KA' uma 4 - - 51 MILITARY INSTRUCTION he Department of Military Instruction CDMIJ designs, coor- dinates and executes all military education and training presented to cadets during their four years at West Point. The officers and noncommissioned officers in the department guide the cadets through a transition from New Cadet to Second Lieutenant, while helping develop in each cadet a basic leadership expertise critical to the profession of arms. DMI guides the way for cadet military development through a progressive curriculum that incorporates tough and challeng- ing field training with interesting and stimulating classroom instruction. Mastery of fundamental military concepts and skills requires that each cadet strive to meet the high stan- dards expected of Army officers. The results of the combined DMI and cadet efforts are graduates who are trained, ready, and capable of guiding the way for the Army of the future. AM DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY INSTRUCTION. Front Row: MSG John Thomure, LTC Thomas Piazze, COLThomas Karr, LTC Robert Lenz, LTC David Wood. Second Row: CPT Steven Brouse, SFC Paul West, MAJ Glenn Hulse, MAJ David Diedrich, MAJ Gilbert Griffin, MAJ Plaudy Meadows, CPT Amy Bouchard, MAJ James Welsh. Third Row: CPT Glenn Wittpenh, MAJ Floyd Bowles, MAJ Walter McKee, MAJ David Revell, CPT James Maclbleil, CPT Kevin Polak, CPT Matthew Herholtz. Fourth Row: CPT Troy Smith, CPT Lawrence McAnneny, CPT Jose Robles, MAJ David Luken, MAJ James Murphy, SFC Amadeo Esperanza. Back Row: CPT Peter Boisson, MAJ Michael Tucker, CPT David Ross, CPT James Barrineau, SFC Jerry Taylor, SFC Roland Shirley. IT ALMOST LOOKS LIKE FUN. Cadet Paul Davison briefs on tactics during Military lntersession. AIKBOKNE. Eric Letch gives maxi- mum effort when racing against the clock. 52 Guiding the Way The Agony of Defeat. Comrades assist a WIA. PHYSICAL EDUCATION n support of the Academy's purpose- "Development of Leaders of Character", the Department of Physical Education "guides the way" by physically challenging every cadet through a comprehensive, four year physical development program. The first two years of a cadet's life are the developmental years: therefore, the physical program's emphasis is more on coursework. For the last two years, the emphasis shifts from developmental to assessment Qtestingj resulting in an in- crease in an individual cadet's responsibility to achieve and sustain in themselves the high standards of health and physical fitness esssential to future military service. Every cadet will complete all baseline requirements in the physical development program prior to graduation. The developmen- tal years begin with the first year program of boxing Cmenbfself defense Cwomenl, swimming, gymnastics, a healthffitness lecture course entitled "The Fundamentals of Physical Fit- ness", and a Cadet Physical Fitness Test CCPFTJ. The second year program consists of a mandatory combatives course Cwrestling lmenlfself defense fwomenl and close quarters combatl, a Master Fitness Trainer Program and three fitness tests C2 CPFTs and an Indoor Obstacle Course CIOCTD. The last two years Cassessment yearsl emphasize lifetime sports and fitness tests. Each cadet is required to take one lifetime sport such as racquetball, skiing, golf, etc. each year. At the completion of this four year program, each cadet is physically prepared "to lead the way" as a military officer. Aiwa DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Front Row: CPT Christopher Rizzo, CPT Vanice Ferguson, MR Jeff Coehlo, LTC Dean Russell, LTC John Little, COLJames Anderson, DR Thomas Horne, MAJ Kevin Stramara, MAJ John Zoccola, CPT David Reid, MR Herbert Kroeten. Second Row: CPTJeffrey Cook, MS Adrienne Wassel, MRTom Koesterer, DR Ray Wood, DR Robert Stauffer, CPT James McAlister, MS Kelly Quinn, MAJ James Bagwell, DR Bonnie Bennett, CPT Mike Mclrlargue, CPT Christo- pher Fulton. Third Row: MR Edmund Crossley, MS Susan Tendy, MAJ John Westbrook, CPT John Schoen. Back Row: MR Alitz Leroy, MR Henry Veix, MR Dennis Forbes, MR Adrian Bouchet, CPT Bart Woodworth, MAJ Eugene Smith, CPT Steven Hoffpauer, MR John Lemperle, CPT Bryan Richardson, CPT Joseph Doty, CPT Samuel Johnson, DR Jerry Krause. -ii - ' 1 r ns - he Department of Physics "Guides the Way" by challenging every cadet in a one-year course in physics. The course is designed to teach the fundamentals of physics, to provide an understanding ofthe universe around us, and to develop each cadets ability to assimilate new information, think clearly, and solve problems. We guide the way with close interaction between instructor and cadet through interactive teaching techniques, physical demonstration of physics principles, and meeting outsicde of class as required. Our lab program guides the way with hands-on experience and operation of instruments and equipment. Fora selectgroup of cadets, the Physics Department guides the way with a slate of electives in physics and nuclear engineering. These courses and programs provide further intel- lectual development and maturity in physics and nuclear engi- neering. Additional elective courses are provided to support other academic programs. The phvsics faculty is dedicated to giving the Corps of Cadets the best program in physics possible. We believe that the principles and thought processes learned here will stand its graduates in good stead for the rest of their lives. 'fiwci PHYSICS At the Annual Sosh Run... Cadets from across the Corps support their friends as the games begin. O x D. ...J z Q O X A. Lu z Q DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS. Front Row: LTC Alfred Constantine, LTC Bruce Oldaker, COL John Campbell, COL Raymond Winkel, COL James Stith, LTC Larry Luckett, DR Joe Pizzo. Second Row: CPTVernon Davis, CPTTJ Creamer, CPT Diana Kirby, CPT Brian Groft, MAJ Edward Naessens, CPT Barrett Lowe, CPT Walter Smith, LTC David Dinsmore. Third Row: CPT Carlton Reid, CPT Clarence Wells, MAJ Kevin Dietrick, MAJ Van Caplan, CPT Dean Gant, MAJ Scott Tousley, CPT Scott Fedorchak. Back Row: CPT Raymond Nelson, CPT Michael Donovan, CPT John Saufley, MAJ Glenn Benecke, CPT Brent Cornstubble. 54 Guiding the Way SOCIAL SCIENCES he Department of Social Sciences "guides the way" by provid- ,. ing cadets with the insights, skills, and experience to understand and address issues vital to America's future. The department -HQ1 - r teaches courses in the fields of economics and political science. 11s siir . - The economics courses address such fundamental questions as 3' N Q what goods and services a society should produce, how that Obi - output can be produced most efficiently, and how those goods A and services should be distributed amongst the population. 5,1 cl 3 O .2 .. 5... A W American politics courses look at American political institutions, - r 4 Mg K . . . . . . Q 2 . an the decision making processes involved therein, and the relative ' " , .ff ' C merits of certain public policy decsions. Courses in international ' t ,,. ',' fi Q , F relations seek to answer the question: "Why do nations act as they ,Q ,,g,'f Q do?" Electives in comparative politics examine political ques- . tions from across-cultural perspective. All of these courses are ,. T 1 designed to challenge cadets and broaden their perspectives on g . ff A Q is gigy issues of national and international concern. Finally, the depart- iip .,. 5 f 'i" ment sponsors a variety of extracurricular activities, to include Eiqt ' vi i g cg C the Debate Council and Forum, Finance Forum, Domestic Affairs ' ii Forum, and the Student Conference on United States Affairs CSCUSAJ. These activities complement formal course offerings g and contribute to the intellectual, professional, and personal growth of cadets as they prepare to assume positions of leader- . C ship in service to the nation. There IS the Quick... A Lone Cadet races towards victory. And the Dead. So is the fate of Q all who procrastinate writing their Sosh Paper, DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCES. Front Row: DR Fei- Ling Wang, CPT Timothy Stanley, LTC Barry Scribner, GEN QRETJ John Galvin, COL Daniel Kaufman, LTC Joseph Collins, COL Frederick Black, COLAsa Clark IV, LTCThomas Daula, DR Matthew Fung, DR Damodar Gujarati. Second Row: DR Ronald McMullen, CPT Curtis Masiello, CPT Dana lsaacoff, CPT Emmett Wood Jr., CPT Robert Ruck, CPT CindyJebb, MAJ Garland Williams, MAJ Steven Gravlin, CPT Kurt Berry, MAJ Eric Nickerson, CPT Vincent Grewatz, CPT Yuval Zacks, CPT Robert Snyder. Third Row: CPT David Hoffman, CPT Kenton Fasana, MAJ Mark Smith, CPT Thomas Schneider, CPT Daniel Mahoney, CPT Clemson Turregano, CPT William Fullerton, MAJ E. Casey Wardynski. Fourth Row: CPT Richard Coplen, CPT John Black, MAJ Robert Troxel, CPT Brian Lacey, LTC Michael Hennelly, MAJ Stephen Wilkins, MAJ Robert Hahn lll. Fifth Row: DR Steven Meyer, CP'l'John Heller, MAJ Wally Walters Jr., MAJ Michael Meese, CPT Ricky Waddell, CPT Christo- pher Chambers, CPT Chris liing, LTC Bart Keiser. Back Row: CPT Robert Forrester. fn l qw- '-l-42 zisnm 1 ' - SYSTEMS ENGINEERING he Academy's newest Department -- the Department of Systems Engineering -- "guides the way" for West Point gradu- ates by preparing them to anticipate and respond to a changing and unpredictable world. With the introduction of the information age well underway and the continuing, rapid changes in technology, the relatively new discipline of sys- tems engineering has emerged to meet the challenges of tomorrow's large-scale problems. These problems -- multidisciplinary in nature, and most often related to pro- cesses and operations -- are the focus of the systems engineer. Indeed the systems engineer is ideally suited to provide the structured, yet creative, holistic thinking essential to the solution of complex issues, enhanced decision making and effective policy formulation. The ability to assure efficient, optimal allocation of scarce resources to competing alterna- tives and to manage people, technology, and money toward the goals of an organization are the traits of the systems engineer. The Department of Systems Engineering is ex- tremely proud to contribute to the preparation of West Point's graduates to meet our nations challenges, both today and into the 2lst Century. gawk. X .f' DEPARTMENT OF SYSTEMS ENGINEERING. Front Row: LTC Mark Robershotte, DRJohn Farr, CPT Marc Thomas, LTC David Thomas, COL James Kayes, LTC James Armstrong, CPT Brian Boettner, CPTJames Watson, DR Donald Barr. Second Row: CPT Edward Poniatowski, LTC Stephen Thomas, LCDR Rebecca Beener, CPT Jerry Wright, CPT Michael Barbero, CPT Robert McCaleb, MAJ Richard Metro, LT Craig Hammons. Third Row: CPT Michael Nelson, LTC Gerald Buckner, CPT Mark Tillman, MAJ Michael Castelli, CPT David Savage, CPI' George Hull, LTC Kenneth Matwiczak, CPTThomas Dodd, MAJ Alan Dingfelder, CPT William Anderson. Back Row: LTC Anthony Colby, CPT Timothy Trainor, MAJ James Neal, CPI' William Murphy, CPT Stephen Riese, CPT Mark Entner, MAJ John Turner, MAJ Joseph Waldron, CPTJohnny Lock, MAJ Harvey Ciraf. 56 the Way .',, , ....' .',, ,W - 3, E DIRECTORATE CF ACADEMY RELATIONS DIRECTORATE CF CADET ACTIVITIES DIRECTORATE OF ACADEMY RELATIONS. Front Row: LTC Bruce Bell, MS Theresa Ali, MS Andrea Hamburger, MS Jill DeLuca, SGT Gloria Colon. Second Row: SPC John Esterbrock, MS Angelina Martinez, MS Judith Connor, MR Robert Barreta, MS Nikki Farelli-Barns, SSGT Richard Arndt. Third Row: SGT Chuck Eisle, MS Allison Skoog, MS Doris Rogers, MR Don OBrien, MS Patricia Brach, MR Mike Albright. Fourth Row: MS Barbara Sarff, MS Marjorie Delbaugh, MS Eileen Scott, MS Nancy Reagor, MS Pat Pleuremberger. Back Row: MR Bob Kinney, M5 Madeline Salvani, SPC Jason Viers. DIRECTORATE OF CADET ACTIVITIES. Front Row: Bar- bara Sanders, MS Shally Leslie, MS Peggy Carlin, MR Al Cochran, COL lshmon Burks, MAJ Kurt Struder, MR Robert Smith, MR Kevin D'Onofrio, MR Bill Yost. Second Row: MRTom Oldham, MRArtis Dunham, MS Amy Cohen, MS Jackie Barrett, MS Elena Christopher, MS Leslie Webster, Ms Rae Simons, MR Jim Giangreco. Third Row: MR Roger Hassler, MR William Smith, MR Jerome Smith, MS Valerie Fall, MS Toni Greig, MR Kendall Hicks, MS Shirley Roberts. Fourth Row: MR Chuck Watkins, MR Bill Robertson, MS Clare Trice, MS Brenda Taylor, MS Lonnie Mablonablo, MS Andrea Walker. Back Row: MR Ken Katz, MR Larry Gore, MR Gary Keegan, MR Bill Youngberg, MS Jeannette Ramus, MR Lester Green. 4' .+A ussm g - K - FIRST REGIMENT y SECOND REGIMENT FIRST REGIMENT. Front Row: MR Kelly Duffy, LTC David Wildes, MAJ Rex Russell, MS Susanne Hough. Second Row: CPT Holden, CPT David Garic, MAJ William Withers, CPT Richard Brudzynski, LTC Owen Mullen. Third Row: CPT James Stevens, CPT Raymond Van Pelt, SFC Wes Chavis, SFC Eddie Cotrell, SFCJohnYount, SFC Phillip Otey. BackRow: CPT David l-lagg, CPT Jeffrey Snow, SFC Donald Fritz, SFC Wayne Ratzur, MSG James Brantner, CPI' Charles Scarboro, SFC Jose Romero. f rf- . I SECOND KEGIMENT. FrontRow: Ms wilhelmine Lewis, MS Dawn McCann, COL John Bolger, MAJ William Gallagher, CHAP Richard Funk, MS Sharon Roser, MS Catherine Weidenhof. Second Row: CPT Jeffrey Deser, CPT Rathleen Browning, CPT Leonard McWherter, SFC Reri Hoy, MSG Ricky Frady, SFC Coy Epley. Third Row: SFC Stephen Giggey, CPT David Johnson, CPT John Guidotti, MAJ Donald Isbell, MSG Jeffrey Cotham. Back Row: CPT Darryl Williams, CPT Mark l-layhurst, MSG Arthur LaRue, SFC Roger Blackwood. 58 Guiding the Way I THIRD REGINIENT FOURTH REGIMENTF' M Third Regiment. Front Row: MS Jacqueline Duffy, CPT Dennis Beck-Berman, MAJ Frank Barth, LTC George Murati, SFC James Plageman, MS Carmela Nigrelli. Second Row: CPT Philip Scibelli, SFC Stanley Small, CPT Laureen Barone, CPT Richard Reagan, SFC Bob Clouse, CPT Jeffrey Terhune, SFC Ismael Perez, SFC Kevin Newport. Back Row: CPT John Pothin, CPT Selby Rollinson, SFC Donald Niccolai, SFC Kelvin Huggins, CPT Kevin Streets, CPT Mark Wood, CPT Michael Dorohovich, SFC Duffy Riley. M FOURTH KEGIIVIENT. Front Row: MS Valerie Meszaros, CHAP Terry Dempsey, LTC Cornelius Easter, MAJ Douglas Ciabel, MS Christine Toombs. Second Row: MS Linda Morrison, CPT Richard DiCiiovanni, SFC Robert Moore, CPT Clary Langford, CPT John Moore, SFC Peter I-liggins, MS Mira McCray. Third Row: SFC Gerald Jones, CPT Kimetha Topping, CPT Michael Reagor, CPT Peter Martin. Back Row: CPI' Jeffrey Buchanan, SFC Marvin I-Iill, MAJ Clary Looper, SFC Manuel Villarreal, CPT Thomas Bowers. 'M . rv. .l-Q5 114111 A DIRECTORATE OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS DIRECTORATE CF INFCDRMATION MANAGEMENT ,.gf'?i1Q , OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS. Front Row: MR Ciene Uchacz, MR Ed Rose, COL CRB Albert Vanderbush, COL Kenneth Scull, MR Bob Thompson. Second Row: MR Ben Russell, MS Carol Bush, MR Lou Federico, MS Jana Clark, MS Annie Ruscelli, CPT Lindy Buckman. Back Row: LTC lRl Bill Schutsky, LTC CRD Jim Flowers, MR Chris Perry, MS Toni Lastowski, MR Vince Cazzetta, LTC Bob Clay, MR Jack Emmer. 5 , , , DIRECTOKATE OF INFORMATION MANAGE- MENT. Front Row: MR Peter sidle, MR clayton Melick, MR i Al Scalzo, COL Thomas Cawley, LTC James Moudy, MS Odette Thomas, MR Robefc Savage. Second Row: CPT Michael Lee, MR Edward Flueckinger, MR Kenneth Devine, 4 la MR Ronald Madigan, MR Russell Voris, CPT Monica Lee, MS Helen Lang, CPT Clary Keck. Back Row: MAJ Jeff Graham, CPT William Zeigler, MRJack Hynes, MAJJeffrey Kinard, MR Edward Klouda, MR Patrick McCiuinness. im, rr 5 -Q in ' , K' 40 Guidinglge Way GARRISON STAFF. Front Row: COL Ronald Massey, LTCi Howard Graves, CSM James Tuemler. Second Row: LTC Frank Dubuy, MR Michael Heller, COLThomas Cawley, LTC Anne Annin, LTC Gunther Doerr, MR John Ciabotti, LTC Ralph Bruner, COL Richard Kanda. Back Row: MR Anthony Brown, MAJ David Stricker, COL Robert Ciriffen, LTC E. Michael Perry, COL William Krantz, LTC Mark Cole, MAJ Henry Schnepf, MR Jose Cruz. . ffszgk , ,f E S . 1 lr, - 2' M, wlWll,. . ADMISSIONS. Front Row: CPT Raymond Trevino, MR RobertJannarone, LTC Arthur Mulligan, COL Pierce Rushton Jr., MAJ CRD Bruce Turnbull, MAJ Robert Nelson, MRJoseph Dineen. Second Row: MAJ George Mancini, MRS Maureen Velez, CPT Laurie Herson, CPI' Darren Sumter, ILT Carol Sumter, CPT Alan Fessenden, MAJ Bernd Mattheis. Back Row: CPI' Michael East, ILT Steven Parker, CPT Richard Bryar, CPT Peter Scheffer, MAJ Patrick Harris, MR Earle Zimmerman, CPT Janett Richardson. 22 'gt .ki ,553 Q, MX: Emi ,' v ' if fm.-Q N ., 1' J., Jilswlfi T r:'wx'J:.' , lW,f'w, ww Q' -F JP. if ' gr Alf' A it , ' ' . Milf f . ,fir -45 1151-na 5 A V 'Q ,f.kw.A V ' - 'wwf' L- .ff-rw, V lr - -7125574 "7"7t't'Fr,l' Mft' ffrfw' f ZW .ill ' , - -emu. 4 , 2+-A.. www . li ,f . DENTACULIBRARYISTAFF J U DGE ADVOCATE DENTAC. Front Row: LTC Peter Caso, COL Robert Cosnahan, COL Arlie Burnham, COL William lirantz, COL Randall Pohjola, LTCJohn Caruso, MAJ Philip Pandolfi, MAJ Daniel Hurley, MAJ David Burkhardt. Second Row: PFC Denise Harris, SPC Michael Evans, SPC Donald Whitaker, MAJ Sidney Smith, COL Robert Hanover, MRS Bernadette McGuire. Third Row: MRS Yon Scudieri, PFC Shannon Doucet, SPC Shane Barnett, SGT Bernie Manasan, SPC Felix Sosagaston, MRS Sharon McBride, MRS Rebecca Hawthorne, MRS Beverly Brownfield. Fourth Row: SSG Ronnie Robinson, PV2 Terrie Rand, MRS Janet Cleveland, DR Ivor Young, MR Americo Eidam, MRS Judith Lemperle. Fifth Row: PFC Brenda Mireles, MRS Laura Ramos, MRS Kim Battle, MRS Maria Massi, SPC Desta Fryer. Back Row: SGT Rob Gumm, SPC Jerome Mack. LIBRARY. Front Row: MS Georgianna Watson, MR Larry Tietze, MR Kenneth Hodman, MR Joseph Barth. Second Row: MR George Patail, MRJames McEnery, MS Angela liao, MS Linda Jannarone, MS Rona Steindler, MS Leonora Zgrodek. Third Row: MS Phyllis Stewart, MS Elizabeth Lesnieski, MS Susan Lintelman, MR Paul Plergelovic, MR HolbrookYorke, MSJoyce Seymour. Fourth Row: MS Kathy Slinn, MS Margaret Cinillo, MS Lisa Ward, MS Donna Brouard, MS Suzanne Christoff, MS Alice Mauldin. Fifth Row: MS Dawn Crumpler, MS Cathy Colaw, MS Gladys Calvetti, MR Alan Aimone, MS Patricia Meier, MS Rose Robischon. Back Row: MS Judith Sibley, MS Deborah Pincott. "wa fllkuf ., Wil i r' tml' ' A :eff A ' 'leilrf writ J STAFF JUDGE ADVOCATE Front Row: SPC Kate Madden MRS Chana Sumler COL Tony Wagner, MRS Lin Conley MRS Allisa Minchillo CPT Mark Hash. Second Row: MRS Joelle Hendrickson MS Lori Doughty, MRS Carolyn Roy, MR Daniel Shimek MRS Barbara Matwiczak, MRS Sally Prah MR Ron Salvatore. Back Row: MAJ Samuel Stevenson SFC Eddie Young MS Sharon Post CPT Edward Hayes, LTC John Baker CWI5 Gary Dodge CPT Michael Clarke. 42 Guiding the Way 8. tr . , DIRECTORATE OF OEERATICDMS, AND T SECURITYICADET 84 Book STOREIBARQERS DIRECTORATE OF OPERATIONS, PLANS, AND SECURITY. Front Row: COL Steven Hoffman, COL Thomas Joiner, LTC Peter McKeever. Second Row: CPT Lutie Kelly, MS Susan Pignetti, MS Ann Falcone, MS Cassandra Dunn, MRS Cathy Hayes, SGT Gwendolyn Cox, MR Michael Moss. Back Row: SFC Michael Bedard, DR Stephen Grove, MR Toney Fields, SFC Kenneth Nemeyer, CRI' CP! Stephen Ellsworth, MR George Porter. SSL , im CADET 8 BOOK STORE. Front Row: MS Winnie Horney, MS Thuy Casey, MS Gemma Tornatore, MS Kelly O'Brien, MS Gloria Gerard, MS Jane McGregor, MS Marg- aret Conklin. Second Row: MS Rita Treacy, MS Linda Buckner, MS Maria Cadiz, MS Josephine Ford, MS Lucy Holman. Back Row: MS Ursula Jordan, MS llse Petersen, MS Chris Clarke, MS Janice Gimino, MS Yolanda Saracco, MS Ana Lee Figueroa, MS Jennifer Kearney, MS Darlene Conley, MS Ursula Marquardt, MS Caroline Hurst, MS Marilyn Howe. BAKBEKS. Front Row: MS Rosemary Yawsow, MR Ralph Demasi, MS Rene Pacella, MR Art Tabasco, MSJoAnn Pascal, MR Sal Grillo, MS Sandy Kelley, MRJoe Annunziata, MR Miguel Reyes. Back Row: MR Joe Cacciola, MS Maria Olavanna, MS Yolanta Krol, MR Carmen Dezessio, MS Linda Ruf, MR Frank Ferrara, MR Tony Frisenda, MR Ricky Serrao, MR John Lombardo, MR Emilo Reyes, MS Val Weygant. F ,lf ufm - A., M' +1995 it ,552 ff Y 53 UNM ' 1 ' H 4, 5' Q , Q an S hm l Fv'd. Us ' 4, 1 1 ma N 'M , Q e sl a "3 fl 'E 1 Q ?-as EL P E 1 -s YEAR IN REVIEW ' nw - 'S nifiix 5+-h +-w, -.. f Y g IT WAS.. LL? After serving in the Marine Corps in World War ll, the Honorable George P. Shulz became the only public official to serve in four different cabinet level posi- tions. A faithful servant to our country over the decades, Mr. Shulz served and advised five presidents. To honor his dedication and hard work for our fine country, the Association of Graduates awarded Mr. Shultz the Sylvanus Thayer Award. On September 9, 1992, Mr. Shulz came to West Point, reviewed the Corps ofCadets, ate dinner with the Corps, then became the 55th recipient of the Thayer Award. During his acceptance speech, Mr. Schulz discussed the end of the Cold War and said, "ltlhe American system of gov- ernment emphasizes free politics and free economic institutions that proved to be more successful and more humane." He continued with a comment directed to the future leaders of the United States, the Corps of Cadets, saying: "l want to thank you for choosing a profession that protects civilization. Be proud of that choice for it involves the most basic ideas that we have. lt involves principles -- duty. It involves values -- honor, and it involves the cause of our country -- America." mini ,XQD'SI M 'A x U4 O an x rr si E 46 And Thats The Way lt Was After being awarded with the i992 Sylvanus with pride, the 5rd and 4th regiments stand at Thayer Award, Mr. Shultz speaks to the Corps in the attention while General Graves and Mr. Shultz troop Mess Hall. the line. Z IP 7-1 X UU O rn I hat cadet, old or new, doesn't feel the power of the Plain as it links together the "long grey line" of hearts and souls of West Point? Graduates are proud of their heritage that includes the Point. During the Homecoming Weekend cadets help to rekindle the feeling that makes every "heart stand attention" while the Corps of Cadets parades. The football game gave old grads a chance to show their black, gray, and gold spirit. The combined spirit of the Corps and the grads drove the football team on to dominate and beat Lafayette. Homecoming only lasted one day, but it will remain in our hearts forever. "Where they of the Corps have tread." The Plain acts as a mixing ground for the years of pride and tradition, as General Sullivan and CDT Daniels share formalities. Sometimes after graduation west Point pride shines through even more. Our famous trumpetere cheers the Corps on after one more touchdown. IT WAS.. N Q F- -lu us ' Y IT WAS... 48 And That's The Way It Was he last week of August, 1992 was a test of courage for the people of the Bahamas, southern Florida, and Louisiana's Cajun country. With a maximum wind speed of 164 miles per hour, Hurri- cane Andrew tore up every- thing in its path. As of August 29th, there was a total of 55 deaths, 65,000 houses de- stroyed, 500,000 homeless, and approximately S50 bil- lion in damages. The wreckage left behind devastated both the people who lived in those areas hard- est hit, and the cadets who knew their families were go- ing through some heavy tur- moil. As a community, West Point and the Stewart Army Subpost came together to do- nate money, food, and other needed supplies to send down to Florida. Cadets, enlisted, and civilians alike were more than willing to donate to this worthy cause. Operation Helping Hand, a program designed to accept donations for assistance in Florida, was sponsored by the lst Battalion, 1 st Infantry. The food drive ran from Septem- ber 8 through September 20. However, donations of all types were accepted. Maj. Kevin lvlcliedy, executive officer 1BN!1st IN DIV and spokes- person for the program said, "The goal is to fill a C-141 and I believe we'll make itl' Over 100 volunteers helped to collect what ended up be- ing over 18,000 pounds of' food and supplies that West Point and the Stewart Army Subpost communities do- nated. All this was shipped down to Homestead Air Force Base, in South Florida on a Marine C-150 cargo plane. Notjust West Point, but the Army as a whole was dedi- cated to the process of help- ing victims in Southern Florida. Some 5,000 soldiers went to Florida to assist in the recon- struction of people's lives and homes. The average S l to S2 each cadet gave, in addition to the dona- tions of all the other people between West Point and Stewart Army Subpost, made it possible to donate over 18,000 pounds of food and goods to Florida. Wearing the patch that identifies him as a West Point non-commissioned officer, Staff Sergeant Herbert Bostick keeps a close eye on the supplies he helped get from West Point to Florida as they reached the hands of the Hurricane Andrew victims. The West Point community do- nated a lot of needed supplies to the victims of Hurricane Andrew. The damaged hangar in the back- ground is one testament to the extent Hurricane Andrew really demolished Florida. The Army's tent showedjust how much we cared. 'xr -,lu num f - IT WAS... UNFGRGETTABLE rom the first crisp January day in 995, when President Bill Clinton took the oath of office, his term has been filled with hot topics ranging from the Budget and medical care, to the seemingly simple job of appointing his cabinet members. The week long celebration full of pomp and circumstance that welcomed the President to the capital was soon forgot- ten in the mist of national concerns. The first uproar was in President Clinton's choice of Attorney General. Determined to have his cabinet ethni- cally and sexually equal, he nominated Mrs. Zoe Baird forthe office. ln testimoney before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Mrs. Baird confirmed that she employed an illegal immigrant couple as a nanny and driver and did not pay the required Social Security and workers' compensa- tion taxes. Eventually Congress and the public's outcry convinced Mrs. Baird to withdraw her nomination. His third and final choice, Janet Reno, was given the position. And like he promised, President Clinton pushed to allow homosexuals in the mili- tary. After sending most high ranking military officers and some members of Congress into a fit, the President decided to postpone the issue until a later time. The next move the President made was to give his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the leading position ofa commit- tee to help develop a new medical care system. She was even given an office in the West wing where all of the cabinet members have their offices along with the Oval Office of the President. But the biggest and most intriguing subjects to the American public is Mr. President's plan for the budget. His plan had four major parts: ll to cut the na- tional deficit by over SSCSOO billion over four years, 25 spend to stimulate the economy, 53 increase taxes, especially the higher tax brackets: and 45 cut gov- ernment spending. Amazingly enough, a majority of the public has decided to believe in the President and agrees to help him with his plan. 50 And That's The Way lt Was As 3 part of his plans to reach out more to the American Public, President-elect Bill Clinton starred on "The Arsenio Hall Show." He played "Heartbreak Hotel" on the saxophone to the delight of Arsenio and the viewers. fOpposite Page.b Mr. Clillt0ll speaks to the representatives at the Democratic National Convention. His wife Hillary, and daughter Chelsea, stand on stage and watch him sweep the crowd into a frenzy. Finally on a chilly day in January, William Jefferson Clinton was sworn into office while his wife and daughter watched. On January 20, l99.'5, he became the 42nd president of the United States. your DS... WORLD WlDE PHOTOS Onl The Best Will Go Some hard working Cadets were present at the Inaugura- tion Parade in Washington D.C. A selected group of cadets from each company who had won the Drill Streamer for the Regi- ment marched in company mass lead by the First Captain, Shawn Daniels. When asked what was his first thought after finding out he would march, Company H-l 's Company Com- mander, Darrion Bowers, said, "l thought of what an honor it was for H-1, the whole com- pany." While more on a per- sonal level, Darrion liked marching, "because it was part of the tradition. It was one more thing l can say l've done. Something I can tell my grand- children about." Two Yearlings from H-l , Joe Dunlop and Brian Sullivan, re- membered the most exciting moment beingwhen the group passed the Reviewing Stand. Brian was especially im- pressed by walking by all the Chiefs of Staff. Darrion was impressed when the group formed up: "We were the first marching unit, only the Army Band was in front of us? For something as big as marching in front of the President and his family, the cadets spent close to two weeks drilling in the bad weather that had engulfed West Point. This was a special trip for Darrion as a Firstie. He said, "l knew a lot of Firsties from the other companies and the Brigade staff, we all re- ally had a good time to- gether." Danion Bowers during his last In-Ranks Inspection as a cadet. 'ISE . Y . . usml f IT WAS... 52 And That's The Way lt Was W o +- o I D. E Z o , 3 Q 3 he Unites States has had third party candidates who became considerable threats to the Republicans and Demo- crats before, and this year both George Bush and Bill Clinton became very worried when H. Ross Perot entered the politi- cal race with his personal for- tune, and popular support to back him up. In September when he reentered the politi- cal race, after dropping out in May, both candidates were re- lieved to see that his popular- ity had decreased. During the Republican nomi- nating convention at the Hous- ton Astrodome in August, George Bush promised to build a "kinder and gentler nation." He also stated that he, along with Dan Quayle, would go to "every corner of this nation" to fight to the political death of Bill Clinton and "clear out the deadwood" Democrats in Con- gress. ln July, the Democrats had their nominating convention in New Yorks Madison Square Garden. Clinton, with running mate Senator Al Gore, told the delegates their acceptance was "in the name of all the people who do the work, pay the taxes, raise the kids and play by the rules -- the hard- working Americans who make upourforgotten middle class." Clinton's platform concen- trated on the need for jobs, health care, and education. The new styles of debates and televised campaigning only helped Mr. Clinton. Tele- vision talk shows, public-inte- grating debates, and even MTV helped to publicize his cam- paign. Obviously the Ameri- can public listened to and believed Mr. Clinton's ideals, as evidenced by his over- whelming victory over Bush and Perot in November. In, out, and back in again, Mr. Ross Perot kept his opponents guessing on whether he was really a candidate or not. i inf in , ,W , gg." f'f'f:':-..A - 1 I3:gZg.g.g.gg ' ,f . if it I J -O l , vb? 'Z' A S X L 8 In X Q x . T Q 1 Q-Q3 ,S.X X AMA W x in I 131: tl J 4 1 Q 4 3 ,Q F . if is X5 x wx 'si' f -' Qgfrg 1 fi ' K 1 A 8 Q 'f N 1 X I Q Q :.. AL 'X 43 J' .ff I RLD PHOTOS WO WlDE 54 And That's The Way lt Was Playing aggressively 011 the court, Larry "lvl2lgiC"J0hllSOIl continues to promote aware- Bird chases after an 'escape' ball and throws it back ness on the HIV-virus and AIDS. His video and audio to his teammates. He always gave l lO0fo for the recordings have helped raise the consciousness of Boston Celtics and their fans. millions of people. with the ending of both Earvin "Magic" Johnson and Larry Bird's careers, an era of professional basketball con- cluded. Who can forget the intense rivalries between Bos- ton and Los Angeles. Hot only did these men bring a higher level of play to the game, they brought publicity and fame to basketball. Their fast feet and aggressive ball playing got ITWASQERPETUAL them their recognition, but it wastheirpersonalitythat made them the favorites of the gen- eral public. With the announcement of being HIV positive, Magic John- son left the National Basket- ball Association. But his ca- reer was not complete. In the summer of 1992 he competed on the United States Olympic basketball 'Dream Team,' along with Larry Bird, in Barcelona. Magic planned to play forthe Lakers again, how- ever, his illness and the un- ease of some players made him decide that retiring was best. How most of his time is dedicated to the education of the people about HIV and AIDS. As Larry Bird's back got pro- gressively worse, it became harder for him to play up to his full potential. Finally after a thirteen year career, Larry "Leg- end" retired from the Celtics. He was known for his brilliant passing, pinpoint shooting and rebounding. Both men had theirjerseys retired by their respective teams in front of thousands of aduring fans. These future Hall of Famers will long be remem- bered. 17 535' rf ,X I .pig 55 IT WAS.. .A O l- O 1 D. in .. Z O Z .H 9 3 he biggest hype about this years Olympics was the change from amateurs to profession- als. Yes, there still were ama- teurs in the crowd. However, every basketball team felt the heat competing against the United States Dream Team. The members of Dream Team collectively earn about 55 mil- lion dollars a year. Coach Chuck Daly argued that the commercialism of the Olympics was good. He pointed out that "l85 coun- tries and 5 billion people" watch the Olympics. Daly said that the Olympics give people a dream, and the commercial- ization would allow the Olym- pics to touch more people. Besides all of the hoopla that surrounded the games themselves, many of the spec- tators and contestants were dually impressed with the host city: Barcelona, Spain. The platform divers got one of the best views of the city, as they splashed down into the pool. Many of the sites included: the crown of thorns of the 15th century cathedral La Seu, the unfinished eight towers of C1audi's Sagrada Familia, and Columbus pointing to the New World. Besides the Basketball Dream Team, some of America's memorables were: Volleyball player Bob Samuels, decathlon star Dave Johnson: Cireco-Roman Wrestler Rodney Smith who won a Bronze medal, the two little gymnasts, Kim Zmeskal and Shannon Miller, and table-tennis player Sean O'Neil. Without the years of hard work and dedication from these athletes, Americans would not be able to enjoy the Olympics as much as they do every four years. The United States won a total of lO8 medals in the 1992 Summer Games. America is already getting hyped for the 1996 Summer Ciames in Atlanta, where we are expected to dominate in almost all of the events. 56 And That's The Way It Was Categorized as graceful and technically brilliant, Shannon Miller took the silver medal in the all-around gymnastics competition She won a silver on the beam and a bronze on both the bars and floor. XS-.Z 5306i I XJ! silgi WW SO.LOi-Id GWIIOM BGIM Yet again, Carl Lewis captured some more medals in track and field. He won two golds, one in the longjump, and the other for the 400-meter relay. W.. kr I V an .. . . . .., WIDE WORLD PHOTOS Opening up from the piked position, Mary Ellen Clark dives into 5rd place for the Bronze medal in the 10 meter platform event. Earvin "Magic" Johnson decides that his "dream"-teammates, David Robinson and Michael Jordan, do not need his help in escorting the ball to the basket. wma e - -QE. L NATHAN mi: Fourthclassmen Jessica Bunin and Mindy Hynds start singing a piece of knowledge after a spirit rally. Momentarily COIlfllSCd about where he is at, fourthclassman Troy Schnack pretends to be read- ing the newspaper while sitting on the can during a spirit dinner skit. 58 And That's The Way lt Was fcourse the class of '96 would like to attribute the sudden uplift ofspirit within the Corps to their attendance. However, the return of Corps-wide spirit is due to all of the classes: the firstie's and their attendance, attention, and dedication to Corps- wide activities: the cows and their leadership by example, the yearlings and their motivation of their fourth classmen. And of course, there was the pure energy that radiated from the plebes. Since spirit was one of Brigader Cien- eral Foley's MET-L tasks, it became a high priority to the whole Corps. Spirit started in the office's of the brigade staff and filtered all the way down to every fourth class room. Pride and spirit were not only shown through increased spirit missions, but also in the amount ofspirit posters made and the increased attendance at all Corps Squad events. Even though it was not mandadtory to go to the home football games, the stands were packed almost every time. And Thursday nights in the Mess Hall were notto be missed. The Rabble Rousers, the Cadet Band, and the plebes constantly rallying made the six wings look like they were six different rings at a circus. The year of 1992-95... Spirit is Back! I lvis, The Duck with the wiggly butt, and Rooter, the live l-l-l mascotp all proof that pride has returned to the companies. This year at all the home football games, Rutgers, and Navy there was entourage of company mascots roaming the field in- creasing the spirit of their own compa- nies and the whole corps. The company mascot for I-4, the I-Beam man, has been know to attend football games, basket- ball games, and even spirit dinners. And on Elvis's birthday, we had a visit from the king of Rock 'n Roll himself in the Mess Hall. Cadets seemed to take more of an interest in Army activities, and support at all West Point functions has improved tremendously. Armed, and ready for battle, the Com- pany mascots and the mule riders watch the football game from the sidelines: giving the team and the corps extra spirit and support. Increased company pride was shown through the large amount of mascots that roamed around on spirit friday. Harry Johnson of D-4, the Dukes, can't help but laugh at his spirited attire. IT WAS.. LLI- mix' 'lei 1' Y IT WAS... tu if 5 z U.. vi o l- o I Q. 2 M 60 And That's The Way lt Was attles are not new to Yu- goslavia. For centuries the Austro-flungrarians and the Ottoman Empire have fought over the land. Now Serbs are trying to 'cleanse' the land of Muslims and Croatians. Eth- nic rivalries were kept hidden by PresidentTito until his death in 1980. However, the central government has crumbled since the collapse of commu- nism. What seemd like victory to the Serbs may have only been the hollow feelings ofsuccess- ful revenge. The poor living standards not only affect the Muslims and Croatians, but the Serbians too. Many Serbs fought to get revenge on the Muslims or Croatians, but they never felt satisfied with their actions afterwards. As they suf- fer along with their victims, the Serbs show little remorse for the devastation they have created. ln Sarajevo, although many families went hungry, they would rather be given weap- ons instead of food. People felt that the West had forgot- ten their struggle after send- ing their contributions of food and supplies. The United Na- tions tried to bring in food and get it passed out to the needy, but the Serbs would not allow the Ul'l's vehicles to pass. The United Nations imposed economic sanctions on Serbia to coerce an end to their op- pression, but Serbian forces got supplies through the lines despite these efforts. ln No- vember, the Security Council tightened the sanctions by ap- proving plans to bar all ship- ments of strategic goods such as fuel, steel, and chemicals. A Naval blockade was autho- rized and put into effect. The main concern now is who will the sanctions hurt more: the aggressors or the oppressed? K '1- .ab ,,,...,.--K-df' Ill her lifetime this woman has seen constant turmoil and wonders if the Serbs and Croats will ever live in peace. ! l S IT WAS... Lul- 00 Z3 W As the members of the corps listen, Mr. Bush stresses how important it is for the U.S. to get involved with foreign countries only it poses a threat to our well being. Mr. Bush shakes the hand of Jen Jacobs, the Brigade Executive Officer, while First Captain, Shawn Daniels, looks on. 62 And Thats The Way lt Was n one of his last public appearances as President, Mr. George Bush visited West Point giving a speech on when he thought the use of force was appropriate. How- ever his whole speech was not only on foreign relations: "Let me begin with the hard part. it is difficult for a Navy person to come up to West Point after that game a month ago. But I watched it .... I guess the morale of- moral of all this is that losing is never easy -trust me -- I know something about that. But ifyou - ifyou have to lose, that's the way to do it. Fight with all you have, give it your best shot, and win or lose, learn from it and get on with life. And l'm about to get on with the rest of my life." Mr. Bush spoke about how in this day and age alliances are important and that the United States must stay involved in world affairs. But in matters such as Somalia and Bosnia, he warned that we must enter with care. He deemed his role as Commander in Chief as one of the most important roles as President, and he felt that as Commander in Chief it was his duty to watch out for the interest ofthe whole United States in entering foreign nations, even on missions of peace. He just hinted that entrance now could mean a lot more later down the road if the stakes grew. And on an ending note, he wished the corps "godspeed" and as Commander in Chief granted amnesty to the Corps of Cadets. what would West Point be without all the construction going on? Through- out the year Thayer Road was con- stantly being torn apart or reconstructed. ...And all of the dirt and dust played absolute havoc on everyone's shoes! Walking to class everyday, passing all of the people in neon orange, cadets would wonder, "Exactly what are they doing to the road?" The longer the job continued, the more curious cadets were about what new and improved type road they would someday have. What would be the outcome? Would all of the 'work of having to walk around big holes be worth it? Of course, but the beauty of the situation is that Thayer Road will probably have to be recon- structed again by 1996. Up close and dirty. What used to be pavement, was all drilled away, and eventually refilled and repaved after the construction work- ers fixed what was below. JIISIZ like h0W the construction seemed to go on for months, it physically seemed to go on for miles down Thayer Road. IT WAS.. ITI 'Fifi -.lu Assam ' Z MAJ JOB IVICKGOII treats a Somalian boy's foot. His main mission was to care for 3 the troops, however, the care of the na- tives was not forgotten. A Somalian man is surrounded by others who watch on as he plays a stringed instrument. Most of the citizens would have preferred to play music to dodging bullets and hunger. Z gl X XJ 2 Q 2 2 Even though the country was shattered by civil war, it still was a beautiful place to live. These camels take a break on the beach in the heat of the day. 64 And That's The Way It Was J, E W and 1673? ,F ,Q ,lr ' t took three months after the world found out about one of the worst famines in history for food to be sent to Somalia. The estimated amount of people who died from starva- tion and disease range from 100,000 to half a million. ln reality, no one knows exactly how many have died in the Horn of Africa nation. Where the clans have created a battleground fight- ing for supremacy is where the people have been most ef- fected by starvation. The fights disrupted the planting seasons for crops and uprooted most of the citizens who resided there. Millions of Somalians fled to refugee camps in neighboring countries. On December 9, 1992, the United States Marines ar- rived with the mission to pass out food and supplies while preserving the peace. They acted as security to ensure that the food arrived to its destina- tion safely. The army followed suit and sent troops with peace keeping missions. The West Point com- munity sent some of its own members to Somalia. MajorJoe Mclieon, a family practitioner in the out-patient clinic, was sent with the mission to care for the American troops, but to also help out the Somalians when the time and equipment allowed it. MAJ Mclieon felt that the army was really squared away in general when it came to its purpose and actions in Somalia. He said that medi- cally speaking the troops were doing extremely well. He felt that the troops were a little isolated and should have been allowed out oftheir compounds more. Being a medic, with the purpose ofhelping hurt people, MAJ Mclieon wished that more medical humanitarian efforts were allowed. When asked ifhe would go back to Somalia, MAJ Mclieon quickly agreed. His wife, MAJ Jane Mclieon, a pro- fessor in the Behavioral Sci- ences and Leadership depart- ment, said that she would also not mind going to Somalia. His first major concern when arriv- ing there was being shot, but now he still is a little worried about getting tuberculosis the will be tested in a for the next couple of months to make sure IT WAS he does not have ith. The mission in Somalia fit the new army's role of ing the peace keeper. lk Num E .3 S o W f- U v I O -I O w .Bl Play' The Marines were welcomed by the children who were sick ofdealing with war, famine, and death. Obviously this one likes the treatment and smiles he is greeted with. .gf 0 T 65 IT WAS... UNF GRTUNATE n what would be considered one of the luckiest finds by investigators, the FBI linked Mohammed A. Salameh only one week after the bombing of the World Trade Center in downtown New York City. On Friday, February 26, 1995 the most destructive terrorist attack on American soil killed at least five people and injured over 1,000. Besides the cost in human life and suffering, the explosion and mass de- struction ofthe building closed inter- national and financial businesses until mid-May. When the FBI started the investiga- tion three days after the event, they found a twisted piece of charred metal 18 in. long. The five vehicle identifica- tion numbers found on the piece of metal gave them the name of a Ryder Truck Rental agency in New Jersey. Ryder knew immediately the man they were looking for, since he had been pestering Ryder fora couple days about getting back his S5400 deposit. Salameh lived in an apartment which had in it materials and books which could be construed as instructions for bombmaking. The federal authorities also found a storage facility which was thought to have held containers of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and urea, which could all be used to make explo- sives. Even though the investigators were lucky enough to get these kinds ofleads, the whole picture ofthe bomb- ing could take years to reconstruct. SOIIIC individuals were lucky enough to walk out of the buildin onl wearin black Q Y Q smudges. Other people were more seriously harmed, and at least five are known to be dead. 66 And That's The Way lt Was orn Vernon Howell in Houston in 1959, David lioresh took over as the undisputed leader ofthe Branch Davidians in the mid 1980s. Through his devoted studies of the Bible, Koresh came to the conclusion that he was Christ. As the leader, lioresh started to preach to his followers that a final battle with the unbe- lievers would soon occur. The prepara- tions made for this allowed a collection of old cottages to be built up into a compound with an underground storage shelter, water tower, pool, gymnasium, look-out tower, and barracks-like living quarters. This was all condensed in to the area of about one city block. He had massed an estimated 8,000 pounds of firepower inside the compound. And as the final psych-up for his followers, he had them watch movies about Vietnam: Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, and Ham- burger Hill. lSoresh's preparation and a little bit of luck allowed him to be ready for the 100 agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, To- bacco and Firearms CATFJ. Some how he got tipped off about 45 minutes prior to the assault. When the firing stopped after about an hour, four agents were dead with 16 wounded. Koresh claimed that 10 cult members were dead, including a two- year-old girl. The cult leader eventually allowed 21 children and two elderly women out of the compound. He said he would surrender if allowed to preach on the radio, but after his 58 minute mes- sage he refused to come out. Over 200 law enforcement officers continue to sur- round the compound waiting for him to make good on his promise. But finally in late April, the compound quickly went up in flames. Speculation is that lioresh and his followers wanted to avoid being pros- ecuted and engaged in a mass suicide. Investigators, however, are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. This undated photo is taken of David lioresh with one of his wives, Rachel, and their son, Cyrus. IT WAS.. QC mv ufxlif Y -4.45 gig., 5 WORLD WIDE PHOTOS Besides winning the oscar for Best Actor, Al Pacino holds the Golden Globe award he won in the same category for "Scent of a Woman." Even ILh0llgh he is singing about broken hearts, Billy Ray Cyrus was not as Crushed as his fans for not winning a Grammy Award. l-Iis popularity remains high and he will probably be nominated again next year. Holding six well deserved trophies from the 55th annual Grammy Awards, Eric Clapton looks a little bewildered by it all. 68 And That's The Way lt Was WORLD WIDE PHOTOS THE OSCARS Picture "Unforgiven" Actor Al Pacino, "Scent of a Woman" Actress Emma Thompson, "Howards End" Supporting Actor Gene Hackman, "Unforgiven" Supporting Actress Marisa Tomei, "My Cousin Vinny" Director Clint Eastwood, "Unforgiven" Costume Design "Bram Stoker's 'Dracula"' Makeup "Bram Stoker's 'Draculal' Original Song "Whole New World" from "Aladdin" Visual Effects "Death Becomes her" THE GRAMMY AWARDS Single Record: Eric Clapton, "Tears in Heaven" Album: Eric Clapton, "Unplugged" Song: "Tears in Heaven" New Artist: Arrested Development Pop Vocalist, Male: Eric Clapton, "Tears in Heaven" Pop Vocaiist, Female: "li D. Lang, "Constant Craving" Pop Vocalist, Duo or Group: Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson, "Beauty and the Beast" Rock Vocalist, Male: Eric Clapton, "Unplugged" Rock Vocalist, Female: Melissa Etheridge, "Aint lt Heavy" Rock, Duo or Group: Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Give lt Away" Rock Instrumental Performance: "Little Wing, " lfrom the album "The Sky ls Fallinglj Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Metal: Nine-Inch Nails, "Wish" Rock Song: Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon, "Layla" Rap, Solo: Sir Mix-a-Lot, "Baby Got Back" Rap, Duo or Group: Arrested Development, "Tennessee" New-Age Album: Enya, "Shepherd Moons" Country Vocalist, Male: Vince Gill, "l Still Believe in You" Country Vocalist, Female: Mary-Chapin Carpenter, "l Feel Lucky" Contry, Duo or Group: Emmylou Harris and the Hash Ramblers Country Vocal Collaboration: Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart, "The Whiskey Aint Workin"' Reggae: Shabba Ranks, "X-Tra Naked" Polka Album: Walter Ostanek, "55th Anniversary" Motion Picture or Television Instrumental Composition: "Beauty and the Beast," Alan Menken IT WAS.. ,fx '-.-l-Qi usffm Y l IT WAS... 70 And That's The Way lt Was he past year had been absolutely amazing for sports fans. The first World Series won by a non-American team, the Superbowl back to the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, and one of the most promising rookies in basketball. On Sat- urday October 24 the Toronto Blue Jays barely beat the Atlanta Braves in the extra innings of the World Series' sixth game. The whole series was a battle at bat, four of the six games were decided by a single run. Three were won while the victor went up to their final time at the plate. And to make it more intense, it was Atlanta's second time at the World Series, and their second time to lose. The night of January 51 started what some believe will be a dynasty in football. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills in Los Angelesl very own Rose Bowl. Everyone thought that it would be a close game, however, the Cowboys destroyed the Bills 52-l 7. The Cowboys coach JimmyJohnson andthe ownerJerryJones are excited because the team is still young, and they don't plan on changing it much. And this year the Orlando Magic added the strength, finesse, and agility of the seven-foot-one-inch rookie, Shaquille O'l'leal CShaql to the National Basketball Association QNBAJ. In his first pro-game versus the New York Knicks he still played somewhat like the rookie he is, but gar- nered praise from opposing players and coaches. As the year wenton, Shaq became a media mogual, with his commercials for Reebok and Pepsi. '41 IH QW. ,gg Y ww N. as 'N M' f Q- Q 4, ,c 3 my ff , 5, 4, f E, A-X hmmm w- .. , x '5 ,E - X X Hx X4 Y a 9? 'fx , 1 -mf 'ffl' 0 4 152 - ' 'k77'A:' ,Ha .f3,ffff'f "i55Sf" I' 'f ". Lx-.'fx.X "-'C --" X 4.42m - ' 1--f1,3a:-'mg A V, w ,fri K A 'Jef , V ,.u,L,f- : ,:Zwg2i , 1 " H 3 V 6" -L . 'Q Q, , QQ - ' V' , 'il . " .4 , lg .QYE3 ' , is 'bn 32121 Q - Q, .1 V ,T Y .. 'xiii' 'fy M K 1 1 IT WAS... he end of I992 brought about the sad realization that many wonderful people had passed on. Not only was the world of movies and television hit, but politics, music, art, business, and even science. These people greatly contributed to the progress of this world, and they will be sorely missed. Many of the known actors and actresses who died were Benny Hill, Lawrence Welk, Anthony Perkins, and Lou Jacobs. One of the most famous comedians from Great Britain, Benny Hill amused people with fright wigs, cross- dressing, and the ear-to-ear leer. He was a great hit in the U.S., but then time passed him by. When found dead, at age 67, his programs had been of the air in Great Britain for three years. Even though his show was considered bland, a mix of gospel tunes interspersed with sweet bubbly, The Lawrence Welk Show was kept on the air for 27 years. Mr. Welk died at age 98 and was worth S100 million. Once fit into the role of Norman Bates in Psycho, Anthony Perkins was never accepted by the American Public except as Bates. He tried to break the mold set by Hitchcock's movie, but finally in his fif- ties he gave in to make three sequels. After two years of battling AIDS, he died in September. One of the most known faces, without a name, Lou Jacobs was the master clown of Ringling brothers and Barnum Sr Bailey Circus. Ensuring the show went on, his wife and both daughters became part of the circus. Jacobs was the cofounder of the Clown College in Venice, Florida. The old tunes of Motown will be remembered as we fondly think of Mary A professor of biochemisty, Isaac Asimov wrote every day of his life, from dawn to dusk. He predominately wrote science fiction novels, the Foundation trilogy being his most famous, however he also wrote children's books, books about Shakespeare, almost 500 books in all. 72 And That's The Way It Was LCDSS Wells and Eddie Hendricks. As Motown's first female star, Mary Wells made it to the lime light with "My Guy" in 1964. And as a part of the unforgettable Tempta- tions, Eddie Kendricks will never be forgotten for "My Girl," and "The Way You Do the Things You Do." Politically speaking both America and the world suffered great loses. Menachem Begin fought for 55 years backing the Zionist ideal and the Jewish state for Israel. Israel was his life. He was an active man as lsrael's prime minister: he bombed a nuclear reactor in Iraq, launched a bloody, costly invasion of Lebanon and annexed the Golan Heights. He is remembered most for sharing the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize with his former enemy Anwar Sadat by negotiating a treaty of detente with Egypt. New Jersey congresswoman Millicen Fenwick was a great advocator of the poor and the dis- enfranchised, she worked for gun con- trol, prison reform, and human rights. Her style and flare made her the inspira- tion for Lacey Davenport in the comic Doonesbury. Known for his paintings of suffer- ing and despair, people hope that when Sir Francis Bacon passed on in April, that he had finally found peace. Sam Walton, the man who founded Wal-Mart was declared the richest man in America by Forbes magazine in 1985. His chain of stores surpassed Sears as the number one retailer in I 991 . And finally, Barbara McClintock, the woman who turned the world of genetics upside down with her Indian corn, died in September. She proved that the colors of maize kernels were determined by thejumping ofgenes around on the chromosomes. Considered the meanest man in football, Lyle Alzado was twice named All-Pro defensive end. He was known for always having a mean glare. The steriods that transformed this man from 195 pounds to 500 pounds may have been the cause behind his death of brain cancer at age 45. D PHOTOS WIDE WORL WIDE WORLD PHOTOS 5' x if ff 3? .4 1 5 N gg . fi.. ..E. .N 9 'X , 4 gg s 5 X , J S if 35 X Q i . fag: . . .Q 4, Q X. i . X. ' Xa. my uri A M... ,Q 3, z is if x ff: xilf ' S tae an xi S 5 F X 2? Q I T WAS . . 74 And That's The Way lt Was ne of America's most famous court cases: Brown v. Board of Education, started a colossus movement towards the desegregation of blacks in the United States. One of America's most famous freedom fighters, Thurgood Marshall, won the case and thirteen years later was the first black man appointed to the Su- preme Court. During the 60's when the Supreme Court members had a tendency to shy away from the problems caused by racism, Marshall warned them that the problem would not die easily. After spending 24 years on the Su- preme Court, Marshall finally retired. By then he felt he had made a difference, but not nearly enough to satisfy himself. Ac- cording to the people that worked around him, Marshall was a good man, with a good heart, but a very rough exterior. This rough exterior is what made him win cases, and be in the minority as a judge. However, is was never afraid to speak his mind and give his opinion. This man knew where he stood and always took advantage of stature to let others know as well. Though his name may not be remem- bered by all, his accomplishments will never be forgotten. During the twelve hours he lay in state in the Cireat Hall of the Supreme Court the stream of admir- ers never ended. By evening almost 20,000 people had come to mourn his passing. IT WAS... AT n February 6, 1995, the United States lost one of its most prominent citizens to AIDS, Arthur Ashe. There wasn't a contro- versial issue that Authur Ashe did not tackle during his lifetime. The more promi- nent issues being: racism in education and athletics, apartheid in South Africa: inner-city blight, children as our future, Haitian refugees: and AIDS. Being the only black man to win Wimbledon, he gained the recognition that allowed him to remain one of the most dignified advo- cates of human rights and privileges. While attending University of Califor- nia, Los Angelos, Ashe lead their tennis team to the N.C.A.A. tennis champion- RAG- ship. l-le graduated from U.C.L.A. in 1966 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. After gradua- tion he owed the Army three years, which he served at West Point. In September of 1968 he won the inaugural U.S. Open title. Ashe was named the president of the Association of Tennis Professionals from 1974 until 1979. In July of 1975 he became the first black man to win the Wimbledon men's singles title. ln December of 1979 he underwent quadruple-bypass heart sur- gery. Needless to say, he announced his retirement in April of the next year. The end of his career as an athlete only EDY started his career as an advocate of the people. In January of 1985 he was ar- rested in an anti-apartheid protest at the South African Embassy in Washington D.C. ln October of 1991 he headed a 51- member delegation of African-Americans to assess South Africa's political changes. In September, 1992, he was arrested in Washington, D.C., demonstrating in op- position to Bush's policy of repatriating Haitian refugees. And in December that same year he was the first retired athlete to be named Sports Illustrated Sports- man of the Year. f mm ' 75 'Mfg v. Q. F 34 AL rg +5 1 M 1 , wr , .Mg M MER QV QMS' , , vw I I ,sk , , , . ,M . ., - . 1 ' """ W fg ' f , ' ' 'A ' ' f ,S , , -M 51" Q' Y "H ' 5 ' 3, EJ' ig? A Ming 1 af, W? 'A , 1 Q- ,Q i i J' K If f A f L x 5 H X -xy.,5 O 40 'waei' ' " ' 2 2 1 w 1 -33k ww 1, 2 , 5.5 P 5 Lights flicker out, one by one. Shuffling feet, comforting touches. Silence. Four thousand strong, the vicarious Attendees of the funeral stand At attention as their friends are Saluted, and committed to the hands Of a wiser God. The shadows on the Plain make the riflemen seem as Ghostly appartitions as the mournful Refrains of Taps echo across the Assembled masses. The Corps begins The Alma Mater in a low, humble voice As if paying respect to those missing Who should be in attendance, and to Those ghosts in blue and gray, in tattered khaki W And olive drab who return to pay respect To those like themselves, fallen in Uniform. Bowed heads in prayer, asking God to take their spirits in his hand, And hold them close to I-lim. Cnce again Death reminds us all of both our true Priorities and our very Mortality. by Anthony Gill Us The sound of the mourning Corps singing in unison It is frigid here tonight The rifles firing their farewell . . . Out under the clouds amongst the wind --Yet I feel no weather. The bugles echoing their good-bye . . . Then the silence of all . . . I am painfully numb We stop the pounding of our hearts Two brothers have been taken We lock our bodies at attention I know them only because we are one in the same. We wait for a reply . . . Still their faces I cannot paint But our ears miss what our hearts hear . . . In days to come the anguish will cease Our eyes miss what our souls feel . . . But never the memory. Written in the night The Alma Mater could be no more moving The words . . . "Be thou at peace" -- changed forever. Thank you. by Kyle Elliott W qw- ' lr ima pi...:1.i- J? A if LQ-'F' , , A. 'ft k .. 5. , 1 my if ww!! 4'q ff Q ' i Q V ' A K fb 3 'V - 7, .!.. ,. wf V ., L V ' 1 fi if W, w W A ar iii 3719? 1, A 1.Qe,l",l haw! 'fsw ww. gif' wig. .QQ ff-I M fliptfg ' ,V f ff:Q5gfti?rQi , ' ' E 3, L fi ,ei ,garb f 5 . any Y 7w'n'M"x .1 5 . gk Twin ' ig 7 W A ,.., wif? r W F 5571! liek w El QQ fi. iw we 4 K AME Q ,. 1 4 ,Ax ig n,,, a li ,iw-w-M-'--r..,,,M , A W H, k .E , X X N M 5 M' . L , c gi", V- S' gig' Y ' ., L, gr , J ,Y , is W , , Riff - V Q V ,. me Wi 1 ,M-2 3 , "' W g k fx, Y' I BKIGADE STAFF FIRST DE- TAIL: First Row: Ciingee Ciuilmartin, David Tamburri, Mark Cxoldschmidt, Steven Henderson, Shawn Daniel, Kip Olmstead, Jennifer Jacobs, Sean Marshall, Matthew Thompson, Dennis Alff. Second Row: Sonki Hong, David Sadler, Mark Wehmeyer, James Sosnicky, Doug Mclnvale, Robert Kadaravek, Mason Corw, Judy Debock, Teresa Erb. Third Row: Jenn Voigtschild, Rodney Gonzalez, Ben- jamin Block, David Williams, Yale Levin, Steve Brooks, Michael Figliuolo, Eric Walker, Patrick Zoch. BKIGADE STAFF SECOND DETAIL: First Row: Ciingee Ciuilmartin, David Tamburri, Mark Cioldschmidt, Dennis Alff, Jennifer Jacobs, Shawn Daniel, Andrew Hanson, Kip Olmstead, Sean Marshall, Matt Thompson. Second Row: Tom Hustead, Doug Hanson, Yale Levin, Patrick Zoch, Dana Rucinski, Ken Simurdiak, Ron Dufresne, Mason Crow. Third Row: DanaJones,James Thome, Decker Cammack, Rob Tisch, Darryl Torres, Eric Walker, John Meyer, Adam Kocheran. Back Row: Jenn Voigtschild, Greg Harkins, Rob Young, Kraig Hill, Scott Gerblick, Kevin Smith, Steve Thornton, Darrin Batchelor, Rod Castillo, Lexa Saboe. 80 A Way of Life RIGADE STAFF 8: COLOR GUARD For some, our portion of the bar- racks could be labeled the "Tool Shed," and perhaps we are, but I must say the people on Brigade Staff have poured out more energy and fought more battles for the Corps than they will ever be given credit for. From the S-I 's guard list to the Athletic Officer's maintenance of intramurals, these people have worked hard. As soon as something went wrong the fingers pointed at the appropriate shop, so for all the time the plan went well and no one noticed, I now point the finger and say "great job." We appreciate your hard work and dedication. While we all worked hard this year, we did manage to have some fun along the way. Whether it was a midnight "Cer- emonial Rolling of the Cannonball," a quick game of Crazy Eights or simply the fellowship of everyday life, this year brought more friends and developed more bonds that we'll maintain over the years. Struggling to oversee this crew who runs the Corps, and still maintain the lowest CIPA on Brigade Staff, despite the Department of C8rlVIE's efforts, I have truly enjoyed this year. The Corps has offered challenge after challenge, but we have all weathered the storm. I thank you for the challenges, the friendships and the memories. Now, we are off to the Army, and I look forward to the day when our paths cross again! Shawn Daniel ,ts . A 5 . A f f 1 1 F Q . N x I I my W mimi R W... in tm I . Q , , .... , . , I I I I , .. ssts . it 2 - .Ats M ..,,... I A. t i a' 'i " is M"-5 I ff.. my 2- if - 5 t. V gi sg 15 C gl - I . I In -. I we Pi I t Q l . Q r' ll arp-I .M W' A . m.5tfi4?rF!!f'Is'. A ...mffw f A -S - -f is.:-figs: S I: - Q ' A I All sirtiiii , g . its Q 4, qz: . I A .3 is- w ki ' S '1 it I , . 'A'. , I K. ' . I W 1 ' ' 2 -A ---"t 'sf . Q A My N -. ,.., 'mt-1 ' .. ---.. ff -if ' ... M - COLOR GUARD FIRST DETAIL: Left to Right: Chance Rriesel, Dan Carr, Mike Atley, E.J. Thorne, Steve Benko, Mattolennings, Monica Washington, Rob Kissane, Lance Savant, Byron German, Chris Bean. COLOR GUARD SECOND DETAIL poses with distinguished alumni following the Alumni Parade during Graduation Week. nw 'Ig-Ei '--42 usm A FIRST REGIMENT FIRST DETAIL FIRST REGIMENT STAFF: Front Row: Howard Hoege, Jose Rojas, Soo Lee Davis. Second Row: Billy Bob Brigmon, Dave Coslin, James Dillon, Brad Holden. Third Row: Chris Riccardi, Anthony Demasi, Jonathan Caudill. FIRST BATTALION: Front Row: Andy Lathrop, Steve Overby, Scott Burrow. Second Row: Jamie Goddard, Mike Washington. Back Row: John Harris. 82 A Way of Life SECOND BATTALION: Front Row: Sean Jones, John Moritz, John Hall. Second Row: Billy Ray Witherington, Landy Dunham. Back Row: Sparky Anderson, Chuck Hansel, Akemi Naman. THIRD BATTALION: Front Row: Calvin Addnon, Craig Cummings, David McCiurk. Second Row: Wendy Blount, LauriJohnson. Back Row: Ashley Webb, Robert Davis, Joe Mangolini. FIRST BATTALION: Front Row: Steve Overby. Second Row: Bob Kovach, Jim Marucci. Third Row: James Acosta, Ted Thome, Brad Miller, Pete Cuhowy. SECOND BATTALION: Front Row: John Moritz. Second Row: Vu Truong, Bruce Vitor. Third Row: Jody Wiese, Rick Storey, Mark Berneti, Jen Beason. THIRD BATTALION: Front Row: Craig Cummings. Second Row: Tom Witt, AbelJaramillo. Third Row: Tim Steckel, Rich Hull, Tom Doughty, Rob Walker. FIRST REGIMENT SECOND DETAIL FIRST REGIIVIENT STAFF: Front Row: Bill Chess, Jose Rojas, John Lane. Second Row: Jamie Fox, Russ Ciemartineo. Back Row: Selina Deviney, Brad Brumbach, Jeff Ritsick, John Bittner, Lisa Nolan. .1 f 1151114 Y FIRST REGINIENT CCJMPANY sh ,j,1gf' . 45.5 fm 4 ' gif, - ' THE LEAQS THE CORPS IS PRQQABLY tilp KNOWN FOR ITS THOSE IN THE COM OO.H ITS COHESIVENESS AND ITS FROM HSCRAM- BLING." COMPANY, A-1 LEADS BY REPRESENTING THE CORPS' BESTdI3IKI.ITIES. ing? . DRAW SABERS! Mike Hunter and Cary Tucker try to impress the camera with their new found skills, as Michelle Napoli looks on enthusiastically. TABLE ETIQUETTE Vince Fortunato teaches a class on how to impress the ladies while conducting a hot dog eating com- petition. fit' FIRST REGINIENT COMPANY B-1 SET .I N ALL CATEGORIES. THOUGH THE LEGIONFESEEMED TO DTSSOLVE WITH THE CREATION OF THE BARBARIANS MAINTAINED THE STAN STILL MAINTAINEDQIIATHAT ONE .. FUN, FUN, -FUN!!! NO ON E WI LL ERD'S W!ggB-OON DANCE THAT OU ICKLY LARITYTR-EARTH E RAN KS. TH E BARBARIAN PLE ESCTQWQ INN 9 YI-IARD TO MAKE SURE EVERYONE THIS YEAR AN D OUR SIII i!!I!1 HE I "TRI M AND A LITTLE OFF B-1 IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE,f?EAMiiVORK DSHIP. WHER- EVER WE OF B-1 MAY ROAM, WE VVITQL ALWAYS REMEM- BER THE GREATTIMES AND BONDS FORMED WHILE A PART OF THE gI.QS0LUT Bg53BARl G CREW. SPIRIT IS BACK. These Barbarians show the Air Force how to cheer for the Army team. THE FOURTH CLASS show theirexpediancy in performing company duties. WOULD YOU LIKE ANY RELISH INITH THAT? Birthday panties have a different mean- ing at Woo Poo. 12' -avg' FIRST REGIMENT COMPANY 3 f ,If WWI,,I I. W M 2, Wm:wI5If:2fI 'f Q Ie- I-wa VII M213-I vw 1, Msxwmfezg-Iekf . II .. 4, ,W A.,, 111mm 321 -gpg, ,gwgegager-'2QffIwI M5242 M. I I L..-i by . , I 2,,.. E, 5 2 If':,:3Qfg1: Q1 Im-31 gg I: f li SJ' Si " 5' 5154553 E 2 -P .-SI fliwii , ffskfii I Q gf L4 5 2 -In-:sw V g sgmm. If " 11153362 47" I1 if Eiiliv !?:IIs5Is35 553332 2 I1 Isvlsfefg, :S we-I: YI. 5 sv .. Qvsiff QEMIIIQQI g. i A5 i 5 NIGTTQ L IQQISID 2 , 'iiz' QZHIPMUNKS AND WERE fig HQIRIEAULTQ gi Go ggiIUTs! WITH THE NICVZKNAMECAME RENEWED SENSE CDF SPIRIIT AND DEDIGZATION TO EXCEL- IV, THEIR EFFORTS AN-Q EW-'FOf!J N D SPI RATION, TH E CHIPMUNVKS EXCELLED BOTH ON THE FIELDS 'F E- 2 K S QA., , avvdfw, f 495' WM 1 -in 'Kr Q 'Hi' Q mf 1 f w' 44 55 1 sg "'1 V ' A-H Y if . ,, . , ,vn- I Jzf gaafzz aa, wg. ' "" . M, . 'V ' 31 -- FIRST REG-IMENT COMPANY i xii- siifufvex, but frm. --fs Nsiibiigiizf ,, ,G V- gi, .gjltf THE BEEN l f Sl NC D T H EfpFyC6iNI E EEAE Z E , SE5l l EE AND ROQERSQN D QKS AND THQIRJQNCESSAWTEEQQQCS NEVER SE CTO ANYONE, FROM THE 1923 DIS- TINCTION HAS AI.w if ACTING A GREATER PERCENTQXG M KAYDET INTEKMURDEKS! This duck tries to plow through the defense. AFTER DRILL SAM KAN takes out his frustrations in his room, VICTORIOUSI These ducks congratulate each other after a well executed play. LIFE. HEAD FOR "ii X X551 SIQWHERE THE LIGHTS SEENI RIGIEITE KFG' D THE CO. !" SOME THINGSYN Ii I or E, 9 it NIERRINIENT MOST T NI T "D" v it :Ef WE RULE THE EMPIRE! -Q at ft, X 5 921 "-'gd 5. ' 72 54 FIRST REGIMENT COMPANY -5 Wm-W 7' . 2. II X,,L . .. , ,M 3-KiEflZfQ..W ,- Im WHO WOULD THAT THE MOT- LEY HERD OF COWS IDSSSEMBLED IN THE SUMMER OF '91 WOULD ONE DAY TiEE BECOME THE KAYDET VIKING CHIEFS OF E COMPAIQIY, BUT COME TOGETHER THEY DID! '9'15.fff3OLlDlFIED THE CAMARADERIE IN A NUMBSERSSOFEVARIOUS ACTIVITIES... EVEN THROUGH GRIM wARg IggAsKS, THE VIKES ARE ALWAYS THE FIRST TQ I TOLD YOU I LOVE YOU LATELY?" LOVED THEM AS MUCH AS STEELY DAN EVER ljIDVvITII'CE '93 LED THE COMPANY THROUGH MANY TRIQALS AND TRIBULATIONS DURING FIRSTIE YEAR. ARE. .I. .THE VIKES CF '93! OUR SYMPATHIES CCZTQCSAFF, THADDER, CAROLYN, AND ABOUT TO PUT ON THE BALL AND CHAIN.i m,BIE4IfE!'ERiYOU THAN US! GOOD LUCK, CLASSMATI?12S,A lIFf THE PAST IS ANY INDICATION OF THE FUTURE, IT! SFOREVER HEED THE WORDS ILLEGITIMUSIIINOQEIICARBORUNDUM! E1 DAMMITI I . I UNITED STATES MILITARY ACAD- EMY PENITENTIAKY. Steve Gauthier and Matt Reed under restriction. WHERE'S E-lVIAN?! IT'S A BIRD! Stairway diving in Grant Barracks. i ' gb FIRST REGINIENT COMPANY ,, ,Ig fffgfvfg I OF CQE MPANY F-1 HAS BEEN TO SAY AS WITH MOST PS ANY EQ WNS. WE HAVE HAD MORE OF NE THAN S THOUGH NOT THE STROIQAIGEST ACADEMIC AREA, F- 'N A W'DE VARIETY OF FRIEN IIJS A N' O U ' N T H E CON' PE OF OFFE NAM fi'?HSffAI.TER- ff' i .-.A FRU-IR EEN ITS - , If I,,, QQ wkwf,Ip, If il, BROTHQERSQIND gggzbgjfl-BACK ATTI- TUDE REEQ IQVES ATTI- TEIADEE OF LY THE FIRST THESE EUPHORIC FRIAR FIRSTIES cel- ebrate their newly drawn branches following the Branch Nite Party at Ike Hall. TI'lISFOUI'BALLFKIARtrots off the field following a frightening set of downs. FIRST REGIMENT CCJMPANY WE CAME FROM OF THE CORPS' SECOND CLASSMEIQZ EXPERIENCE LEADER- SHIP REDISTRIBUTICSNF, REPl TO FIND A HOME IN G-1. THE FIRSTIEES USi'?12HE IMPORTANT THINGS , ,, , . ,,,,, 5 HOW TO WEAR, A AN "HATE" THE HOGS. WE TAUGHT DRILL COULD BE FUN, THANKS BEVERLY HILLS 90210 WAS WE LEARNED THAT THING, THANKS TO MAJ TIIT f AI S A F'R5T'E RR T PTAC, CPT 5, AND NEW COWS. g5 A IT CFQRAIG CUMMINGS LEFT THE ETTER" THINGS3 TOM ANTHONY DEMASI WENT TO REST OF US TRIED TO FIGURE OUT HOW OUT OF SAMI. WE LEARNED THAT EVERYTHING FUN WHEN LOOKED AT FROM THE RIGHT AND NOTHING IS EVER AS TRULY BAD AS TO BE. WE TAUGHT EACH g51?HERfA AND WHEN WE WILL MISS THE iTHA1?f?gHESE PAST TWO YEARS HAS GIVEN US..f"iti'iWE ARRIVEDTAS STRANGERS FROM DIFFERENT COMPANIES, BUT WENOW LEAVE AS FRIENDS AND, MORE lMP RifANTLY, GREEKS. WE WISH EACH OTHER THE BEST. GO GREEKS! THE G- l GKEEKS show that there is still spirit at West Point in the dead of winter. MSE OR HPA? Phil Mandry and Shawn Elliott show us the difference betwwen their ma- jors. I wk. 1 A f-' K kili EF. xx kk F I :-..f U f k,.:.1 E. QM iw A f Qwffikgal 1 - ZL' , ' " - I H Q E - ,,.-.ffwg. 2-3 My ,LLL f FIRST REGIMENT COMPANY isa. fy, -mt rw , . ,gs2fE's2g, 'f ff ' E ziifiat- -is git ONE is TlF?ffQ:VWILDEST, PANY THE QHAV E SOM WE ENQQEIGVH ? A LIVE, EESE ROLL. A'l4QiIEi9tST M NEVER ONGQgtNG WAREEQYITH THE c33EEKSfgDlE G!! ,S '- fgfk ,- 35 ' KENDALL HENRY puts a hex on his opponents. CPT SNOW gets wet for the Hogs. LE SMITH can rack through anything! FIRST REGINIENT CCDNIPANY sig, H' 555753, fflqssiiif Wi? Y ,an m..,W,.e,, ..,,.,y if , ,,..fsf, Q .1 ,fewer f - if-f:,.fQf5Qi2ff:f1wza1,.. ,ffQ32fEi?2a1iP2Sm?2m 'wrfii W "" .O ' A 5 sg' .dmxzmgffvff?iggi,ff5,f?f2,,:y ,gsm mx 1 ,w"i,,fay:rgQ93'j522r-pi'-Pgasfg Q ,pi ,A 1, -gggipsm-23mz??Zres'?Q 5 ef 152 .fi '- i J, 5. 12, 12- 5 is 'S 'J is A CLO ,fCOMPrANY. Wismggv TO vm Q- 'KXQJ 'ex ":Iii1E. .f 'iz THE ERS FEELEZQVEL- Engle:-iT5 , AY. WE HAVE GQEAT sway: I f a 31,1 3 WE .,,.. RS E ' mmriwww Z "af A IN l- E Timgw Quai? A . .1,::- A .T5, Ef . A B Z 'ff , S W OWNT z . , A gf an ami? fs 5 .QL Qi 5, 3 gig ,M r A Q ya if Q 5 , im, .,,: of H1 F ,. f A E 'V M A E 552 S? wi? i fi if are 1,35 Se. F 5 A 9 .MW wr HOWARD HOEGE asks Ryan Miller if this is a proper uniform in accordance with REGS. ALL FOR ONE! Geoff Norman, Howard Hoege, Ryan Miller, Chris Matthews, and Jon Barrow prepare for 500th Night. MIKE JASKOHIIAEC enjoys the pleasure of making a plebe grovel over his ring. 4"U""'h SECOND REGIMENT FIRST DETAIL KEGIMENTAL STAFF: Front Row: Abraham l-long, Micheal Mclilrath, Ja- son Dempsey. Second Row: Keith l-ledgspeth, James Jackson, Patrick Downes, Elizabeth Smith. Third Row: John Cross, Kristina Connors, Dennis Geyer. FIRST BATTALIONZ Front Row: Steve Hartman. Second Row: Jim Bennett, Mike Benson. Third Row: Chris Jarvis, Jim Sheridan, Grant Geyer, Ron Richardson 102 A Way of Life SECOND BA'l'TALl0N:Front Row: Bryan Gibby. Second Row: Paul Baker, James Wideman. Third Row: Emma Cuevas, Bill Besterman, Chris Carlton, Mike Blandino THIRD BATTALION! Front Row: Steve Smith, Simon Hernaez, Rich Rim. Second Row: Wil Martin, Travis Thomp- son. Third Row: Terri Wise, Tom Rider, Mike Visner. FIRST BATTALION: Front Row: Brett Owens, Charlie Haltiwanger. Second Row: Charles Buffington, Tom Paudler, Fernando Miguel, Eve Manzke. SEC-QND BATTALIONQ Front Row: Bryan Gibby. Second Row: Darryl Rodgers, Doug Seaworth. Third Row: Luke Dodds, Thomas Veale, Ron Lehman, Mary-Ann Ku. TIHBLT BA1'TALlQN: First Row: Simon Hernaez. Second Row: Karin Civenter, Charles Merrimon. Third Row: Reoki Rusano, Adam Edwards, Steve Fleming, Ren Meno SECOND nw REGIMENT SECOND DETAIL KEGIMENTAL STAFF: Fro nt Row: Mary Schmelzer, Mike McElrath, Erin Cunninham. Second Front: Kirk Anderegg, Eric Silver, Rob Ells, Jeff Johnson. Third Row: Lance Olson, Rob Roland, Dave Raugh, Ben Valen- tine, Veronica Roberson. r MM E ' 105 ECOND REGIMENT COM PANY COMPANY WITH MANY DiiFig5gRENT OUTGOI UP THE pEiFlNlTELYy ygfi3fgJlKE A2 TH E N CORPS R WITH A COM PLI 'IZ ZTH E SPARTFSNS - LOOK 1VlA!D'Hania Hunt and Lisa Pais proudly display thier new possessions. TOGETHERNESS Paul Flood and Tricia Blake show the meaning of this word. A KING RALLY by the Spartans after recelv ing their "crass mass of brass and glass." CLASS OF 1995. Front Row: Leon Gantt, Kris Medeiros, Allyson Toce, William Foster, Charlie Driscoll, Robert Ahern, Lou Lee, Rbert Weber, Justin Lambert, Regin Nanez. Middle Row: John Hall,yBrian Mello, James Phillips, Gerald Derrick, Todd Villines, Melissa Wyka, Scott Daxds, Quentin Fortis, Wesley Williamson, Kenneth Young, Kimberly Beck. Back Row: Matthew Haas, Brett Adams, Abrahm Dimarco, Deve Wldron, Tim Rodgers, Daniel Elliott, Brian Wray, Sean Knott, David Hall. SECOND REGIM E N T CCMPANY " ,M..:z.:esxa.b lf? ' - ' fl. ow a.,,, .W :Ag BQULLDOGS, AREMA Y AED L 1,Sfl'RONG QOIYllffANY IN SECQNDXQQEGINFENT.QAALI, XQEAR LQNGRQQ WEQSTROVE A uNlIQfpYEl com- -W A 7 - , .w..amfw-f,,Af,.5 f f W .- . f, V. A- ml, ez, - PANMX., U T ljlAT bow U sl E TREES? CQM RAF' Y H ETH E R 1 OR 0 U R TREE F OR5??lARf1? To YEPQZEN .Al5H?l"E.F3XC'TEN!ENT QF WRST FQATE THEIR AND END MUST BE- COM T... ROWS TH EIR TATA TO PROTECT THE lT's A HARD Jos, BUT lT IS DHHNE MUST GET DONE. 3 'Rik I ww THIS IVIOTLEY CREW is the best young men and women the country can offer? THIS CHEEKY BUNCH of bullclogs led by Brian Waltman prepare for a halloween bash. BEAT YOUR FACE! Plebes will do anything to touch the ring of a firstie. I W SECOND REGIMENT COMPANY Q Life in the Bigtopwhas g tyy never beenyflduil l Q2 firsties. Since we cameffogether year we have tried our best to make the life at the Acaderj1ggglti1'xNo things clearly come to when on thinks C-2 firstiesp great angd great parties. Whether it was 500th Night, Ringfilveekend, or 100th Night you could count on the vast majorityiof the Circus fiirsgiesafiggeing together somewhere qancigig the night awayf Pooilgifiiiifing-Pong, Body Shots, and thefLimbo were onlya few of the manygamesthat thefircus played togetheri iygg Intramurals another area of pride for the Circus: Qtt ,three Bifigade Championships in first semesterfand several more second semester. Our 2 yearsin the Circus has been fullgof great times, and we an isoiokisffinvardsstoibiggefanid berferthingsy QUtSidCiiiWt6St Point. i rxwmsiawixfsiiweixeswwi-:..:-, ii CARE FOR A DATE? Lawanda, a.k,a. Jimmy Cooper, shows off his dance routine. I'M THE GREATEST! Eric wil- son shows the thrill of victory. THE BLACK KNIGHT keeps plebe Jason Weekes in line. ww SECOND REGIMENT COMPANY CQ FRIEND OK FCE? Lee Peterson on CCQ. DUNCAN JOHNSON shows his frustration with math CAD. ' D-2 1"J IS NOW ON THE fEVEN THCUGH THE OC LOOKS FOR BRADLEYD !!! SECOND YaIvIENT'S LOST IS A UNIFIED TEAM TAKE ON ANY N f 2f GUI.ATION. SPIRIT IS QQIQQLONG W A S DRAGON PRIDE. EIWQES TfIg.?IE YEAR- RETU RN E -IAV 5 HQSERSU OF THE O WM TH E N EW D TH QVERE Awf-IKE IIEPEIT ITI Hi DE- SIGN, PRO Qii' . . UAL- IZING TI-IE iii I.I: A ft -SAN CREFER TO IIII '55-'NBER II. YET, TH ISDEMICS AND AOADENI ii' .I HE NEW cOwS H fnb :AJ ALOROUS II r E M I ,.,,fg,, if xy if ii "W ".1IVf'Z" 'S' A D311 Gary Dan Matt 1995: Front Maddaloni, Ryan Ellee Robert Paul Sim SECCDND REGINIENT COMPANY -5 COMPANY THE DOGS, k BLESSED THIS ARRVIIVAL OF CPT JOHN EISEINHOWER PROGRAM, HE HT lNSF55S5T'ONS, A zE VBETTERN SEIOU LD AND A PLANQOFTHOW TO DE5FOREST WE WON. THE FIRSTIE DOGS LED I THRO U iiIii f C HPRESENCE WHETHER IT WAS TOUR PRESENCE ATCTHE FIRSTIE CLUB WEARING T1-IRIFT SHOP CLOTHING, QR OUR PRESENCE WITHFQUR NONE OF US HELDVZQLTZAEFIDLE TO TAC SOON LEARNXED FUN - AN IOCT AWAITEDQHIM IN TAQCZAND KEyIN'S ROOMTHIAND BAKER HAD IN HIS ROOM THAN THE ENTIRETLIBRAl51Y,ffQQMEI wERE AN ATHLETIC GROUP, TOO. WHILE SQUAD ATHLETES WEREYREPRESENTING CADTETS Ex- CEEDINGLY CQAPTAINS OF THREE' TEAMS AND PATDTLMALQOMPQQP BEATCNAVYD, THE INTRAMU- RAL TEAMS WEREI DIII AT-LEAST HAVING FUN!! THE THKIFT SHOP crew sporting some groovy threads. MIKE QUILLINAN, Jeff Ortoli, a female guest, Paul Baker, and Mike Brough take a break to scarf down some Mickey D's. THE FIRSTIE DOGS proudly display their new rings. ..-4" 'KW :SJ -Y SECOND REGINIENT COMPANY fm:'11-1I1vf'IeaIaf7I-YQI:-'Lu ,, If:s1P:f: as V1:Ix?7l?Wfl'If'fi2s3?iif5,jfWQiQiEEii??i5,f55'3225135"g535g5f7Af7L-V -T iiiiirliii' I-ifg5392f15?PfIsL:i. 5513315 ., ffiiieiy' A425592'iSiS59ZT5E'SS'5Wgfi"s I M If-T - " ,fI'ss"45l55K"iV' "ONE FOR TH Zoo 'S NUMEILERAI A G DEFIEES THE HAS GEN ERAEITEDI. R M GRADING, DRILL, AND ELSE. THE FIRSTEES YEAR OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOTQQIVITH BASH AT EIvIIvIA'S. IT OFF A LITTLE EARLIER WILL FOREVER A DDD'D - - BE KNOWN PICKER UPPER AFTER 1-HE STILL KEPT POSS TFHPED Lgf f BALL. SON NY,IFAfIfQ4 g ANEQALLAN D Dk A TIED THE KNOT P I IIIAL 'ZTI ' PFIA I - GOOD REST OF THE CLASS . E, ,Av . 36.1, .2,.I. . M-:ff-I?"-Qwry ., WI: I -QWQQ ,X - fs,,w:,:f-M5577 f, mwfw N CHARLES LEWIS spray paints his masterpiece. We still have no idea what it is however. CONAN. Sonny bee displays his swords- manship while flexing for the camera. WIIATTTIE ...? Dave Raugh in not-so- rare form as he awakes from the dark abyss of the rack. SECOND REGIMENT COMPANY VENI, VEDI, VICI...GO GATORSI THE GATORS CON- QUERED ALL OPPOSITION WHEN IT CAME TO SPIRIT, INTRAMURALS, AND DRILL. WELL, MAYBE NOT DRILL, BUT WE HAD FUN. WELL, MAYBE WE DIDN'T ALWAYS HAVE FUN, BUT WE DID IT REGARDLESS. As FIRSTIES THAT WAS ALWAYS THE UNDERLYING THOUGHT, THAT EVERYTHING WE DID, WE DID FOR THE LAST TIME! ACADEMICS BECAME A BREEZE AS OUR CLASS AVERAGED ABOVE A 3.0. CUPID STRUCK THE HEARTS OF MANY GATORS. THERE WERE THE ENGAGED GATORS, AND THE GATORS WITH YEARLING GIRLFRIENDS. WE COULD MAKE IT THROUGH ANYTHING. BEING THE "LAST CLASS ON THE WALL", ANDTHE LAST CLASS TO "PING" OR HAVE "FIST CHECKS," OR MEALS AT ATTENTION- WE WERE PREPARED FOR NO FIRSTIE PRIVILEGES LIKE PERMA- NENT PMI OR OPP's AFTER I23O. THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR WAS ARMY'S AMAZING COMEBACK FROM A 24 TO 7 DEFICIT TO DEFEAT NAVY 25- 24 IN THE CLOSING SECONDS OF THE GAME. THIS TO A PERFECT ENDING TO THE GATOR FIRSTIES CADET CA- REERS THAT STARTED WITH A SIMILAR COMEBACK BY NAVY IN 1989. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, I GUESS. FEED THE GATORI Joe West and the rest of the Gator rear rank make a pass in review with the utmostin military precision and bearing, the sign of a true Gator. Looks Good! Lou Moralesand Wed Cunningham look- ing a little cold, a little hungry, but alot ready for that amazing day in Philly. 1 A ' . K Q ' I ' l X xv is ig . isjgi MMM Wm-MMWM. Mmm, R .. ' ' L4., f! 0 , We have the power! The Gator firsties show off their prized new possessions. SECOND REGIMENT COMPANY SAW ..f: ,.,, -.... ,.,5' HA """ TPS :E:z'5f:E NEW QUK-TK zgt T0 :'G '? GOTT : 5 A A we ': E '- . N D '-E fc 5 fi -.::1 , T 'zzz ,zig .,.. ,,.,, . qlitt :EEEE A gzg Egzzz' ' z :A'i A "" E ::': ,fe-MZ' GOT :-f ,.., 1T "' If? L""" u R ALL WAS 11 DONE FIT, A gi, ,Z '- ::MP 7' 2- A A f A ef-4 "" 5 .'1:. zzf.. "" I A 2:2 . f' ON .,.. Ll- :" -:A, i :::i :" B TS A A . ' ,zzz " "-I E i'5V5' AD ',-' Ffzfil "" :E' ' YEAR . 'If' L zhfgz Q A Irb, ig Pfqq 1--1 "' is " " Y ',..:: 'iQf:,-'iq ' ":2 FIR E A HAD 1001' 'zfi ':QQ: ..,:. I Vzbi ,Z ::E" A ' A X'0 : ' b' E ,,.:: E .,: A' i M 1,i, ' 19 ' D S '--,: "'1- ,:'Q' 2 -,..? :'EEf 'A ""' A NEW A,ifAL,:E . CE AND A WINNING A 53 KSA NG, WE WERE HAPPY A ' ' MAMA, MAMA CANT YOU SEE? What West Point has done to Doug Paluti? To THE RACK! Doug Katz be- comes yet another victim of the "Z" Monster. lVlK.l1APPY ELF- B111 Fritz showsth Splnt IS still ln the Corps at SECOND REC-IMENT COMPANY WHEN YOU ENTER THE LAND OF THE MOOSE, THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT WHERE YOU ARE OR ABOUT WHAT IT REALLY MEANS TO BE A MOOSE. CADETS IN THIS COMPANY HAVE A KNACK FOR TRAINING HARD AND HAVING FUN. WHETHER HOLD- ING A TUTORING SESSION FOR PLEBE MATH OR YEARLING PHYSICS, THE MOOSE WERE THERE TO SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER. ON THE "FIELDS OF FRIENDLY STRlFE," TH EINIOOSEDEMONSTRATED THE QUALITIES OF 'GOOD SPORTSIMANSHIP HAND STEAM- WORK THAT MADE COMPETION A REWARDING ExPE- RIENCE FOR ALL. ON THE DRILL FIELD, THE MOOSE TOOK PRIDE IN THEIR EXCELLENCE AND PRECISION. WHEN IT CAME TO SOCIALIZING AND HAVING FUN, I- 2 LED THE WAY! AT THEIR COMPANY DINING-IN, I E GENERAL GALVIN SPOKE TO US ABOUT THE IMPOR- TANCE OF LOOKING AT LIFE AS A JOURNEY FULL OF RICH EXPERIENCES AND OPPORTUNITES, RATHER THAN AS JUST A SERIES OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS. THAT IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT IN COMPANY I-2, IT IS A JOURNEY FULL OF RICH EXPERIENCES AND OPPORTUNITIES TO GROW, TO LEAD, TO LEARN, AND TO HAVE FUNI ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? These plebes relax at a company party. Go MOOSE ANTLERS! The TAC, CPT Williams, displays his proficiency at this unique company trait. lT's SHOIIIIER TIME! Eric Aasterud at his birthday party. ii THIRD REGIMENT FIRST DETAIL KEGIIVIENTAL STAFF: Front Row: Katherine Hoos. Second Row: Shawn Turner, Greg Breitfeld, Mellisa Werner, Mike Chong. Third Row: Dean Newman, Jim Bartlme, Dave Ambrose, Jenifer Synider, Drew Syphus. FIRST BATTALION: Front Row: Larry Dillard, Second Row: Chris Pflanz, John Noh. Third Row: Walt Sturek, Jason Ottman, Blake Stringer, Mike Harvey, Tina Johns. 122 A Way of Life SECOND BATTALION: Front Row: Pete Benchoff. Second Row: John Ciallagher,John Daberkow. Third Row: Dean Kloptoski, Jen Bennett, Dave Bowlus, John Oh. THIRD BATTALIONS Front Row: Elias Ursitti. Second Row: Jay Crook, Brian Bobo, Josh Williams, Mickey Matsuo. Third Row: lien Allen, Robert Davis, Edgar Russell. FIRST BATTALION: Front Row: Larry Dillard. Second Row: Scott Steele, Raymond Jones. Third Row: Mike Olmstead, Eric Seal, Anna Haberzettl, Christopher McGowan. S lilxiuls lr llrlvlwll ltxvu- ELAIIXIJ lllil ll'1l.1ll.ll15 Front Row: Don Williamson, Peter Benchoff, Jason Pates. Second Row: Todd Manninen, Paul Armhein, Tim Cho. 'Pu 'wr - .- , ,. r.. , IIIIRD BA11ALI0N: rrontnuw: Dawn Conniff, Elias Ursitti, John Thong. Second Row: Tong Vang, Tracy Dowling. Third Row: Ari Goetz. fn THIRD REGIMENT SECOND DETAIL REGIMENTAL STAFF: Front Row: Chris Bums, Katey Hoes, Kerry Cecil. Second Row: Lee Cierow, Lou Florence, Ginger Alcorn, Kyle Vowinkle. Third Row: Kirk Day, Jeff Dean, James Dzwenchyck, John Jack- son. ff ---42 usma 1 ' - THIRD REGINIENT COMPANY THE TOUROF DUTY FOR THE CLASS OF 1993 IN A-3 WAS ONEMARKED CHANGE. CHANGES LIKE THE SCRAMBLE, OUR NEW TAC, OUR MOTTO. NOT TO MENTION THE CHANGE THAT ALWAYS SEEMED TO BE MISSING FROM THE DONUT FUND. SOMEHOW THIS CRAZY MIXTURE QF LUNATICS MANAGED TO GET THROUGH ALL OIFGQTHIS CHANGE RELATRIAVEELY UNSCATHEDEPIND MAKE IIII IIT TO GRADUATIONIEVEWE EACH HAD OUR OWN WAYS OF DEALING WITH CHANGE. SOME OF US TOOK IT OUT ON THE PLEBES, THE DAYROOM CREW LET SEINFELD AND KRAMER TAKE OVER, AND THEIR R U EST JUST IRONED THEIR SHIRTS AND TDROVE ROOM 245 WAS THE ORTHOPEDIC WARD AS DINGO AND GARY BOTH HAD THEIR KNEES SLICED. OUR RESIDENT "COOL HAND" WARMED THINGS UP WITH THE FOURTH CLASS. ANDD JJ DARED TO BE DIFFERENT BY .IOININGEETHE MARINE CORPS. ALL IN ALL IT WAS AN EXPERIENCE NONE WILL FORGET CAS MUCH AS WE' LIKE TOD, AND WE FORGED SOME FRIENDSHIPS THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME. PLEDGE THE HOUSE!!!.. ER, I MEAN GO ASSAS- SlNS!!!! DEAN SOLLAMI and Aaron Telbert get motivated forthe parade in the morning. THE GENERAL stops at West Point for a portrait with Stephen Mellvaine and Thomas Ratcliff with the Army mule. WWWW H ' F ZA, .. A A . . ,,,W.,,..,,, ,, ,, ,Mx HANS AND FRANS aka John Kurth and Jeffrey Spear display their mighty bulkitude. JOHN KURTH wears his competitive face as he pins his opponent. CLASS OF l 995. Front Row: Dean Sollami, Cindy Kanis, Aaron Telbert. James Witham, Luis Cifuentes, Plakizito, Kazigo, Tim Scholma, Jeffrey Powell, Robert Lee, Eric Warren, Jeffrey Spear. Second Row: Gene Crawford, Joshua Toman, Michael Zizza, Marc Folsom, John Marro, Paul Christianson, David Zinn, Jeanne Tierney, Philip Cowley. Top Row: 'lyrone Bland, Mark Kappelmann, Jonathan Field, Noah Webster, Chad Bates, Sunny Barse, Rocco Wicks. CLASS OF Cooper. Doran, Buckley THIRD REGIMENT COMPANY VA. I In 'SET A GOOOOO BANDIIIgiI DAY IN BANDITLAND WHERE THERE'S G L TERESTING GOING ON f "' I If' BEHIND THE SCE A , 'B7 'BRIEN HAS A MANDA- TORY TIME ALLOT F M CU MENTS AT FORMATION. THERE'S BLEARY-EY f' I ,CROSQID KV GOING T SBREAKFAST ' A ' WN "IRON MIKEf f AN?f3l PE:f FRO WGPK a g EM NBAG S I ' ES "BULL" I I H 1 . TQ t. gk 5 gk MM H TAY I TY E i?N:5fJ N I AND "K F'RST'E CLUB. W AN IN THE TAPED TO U L "A- R OFF TH E '93 BANDIT WAT IDE, f o EY MET ON OF CONNECTICU ESTK Q, 1 0 SCOTT "DoOKY" Qi he is 21 A A H 5 ..., OUTRUN lk: AN DI I-g i ING THE O.C. Y 53 A I. z! TON' F'K'N5 HAD A N M M TAC DU R'NG TAC TIME, ANDJA - I S TR 'I TED HIS BRANCH CHOICES TO A D F IEN TWHILE I T I ON THE FLOOR I I. . E WOR'-Di? G Gig A 2 ORDON GOT rf, ev. - I . 31 W 'i 3 ALL IN ALL, IT W F S REST! B QIHAND THAT WILL NEVER BE FORGI U4 . - 'F LOUD I A Azzzup!! FROM "K" HULL FAD 5 BANDITS WISH FUTUR ISI A WELL. ONSkMiiix4t7 .OR FUTURE 52 S 1 A I, S wig X .Q ,SM , Sdisggtyww, t si Q BANDITS1 THE "BANDIT"MUii I Bswgj igV ALL IN THE DAYQOO BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO COOL. FTAAIG G iS frff , I f 2 'glifs-A V , .DS it AN OLD CORPS Christmas is in the making as the festivitiesjust keep getting better. BANDITS ON A BOAT. cunis Tait and Company decide who should be thrown off. Live Long And Prosper. We always knew the real purpose for this Academy was to train for the star fleet. THIRD REGIMENT CCDNIPANY C-3... THE PLACE TO BE! GO FIGHTING COCKS!! ' RALLY! With no time to eat, the plebes of C- 5 have their cake and their fun too. As ALWAYS RACK. Sure its Navy, but Theresa Placette figures she better get in a little shut eye for when the game gets good. I'lVI STILL A DPE STARMAN. Rich Bell just won't let Randy White get the best of him. THIRD REGINIENT COMPANY . -, - .,.W 7. LS, M 1 j FTE E .':.aj1QE'igfL .iilijffiji 559' VIL ,,.:x1iif??i?i2a7L Spf, xi ,.s7s422' WMM ff" ,,,s1?'5ih QW W Ig: " wimis' fl MT" ifsu W, Wy- nw .,4gwf'En,. " M g ,wp mf TW gg Q 1 ,5 1 3 251 .wk N, 25 K8 C PS, THEY ANQ EM EEETSED WITH LV.1,,, x,,. FRiFN gH'P THAT 51, .. rT,,3f .V-iwg Aw T y ,-seg , Msn f, -3 i ALL- HQANNEFNEN BE' ... TUB" "HOST THEME BCDUJ M I ' , L1 E" ': ' '. : 2 5, P1 ' 7? ERS mL XVERYQN E NAM E I TS CHA U - KN D .. IR QDEAS we jraf E af xfwvg 1 " , f ADE N GE THE af' tb L L .. .. . ..,. .. f - .--- " v .w's:'rI2"- 411: 'Ea N ng - OR B n P O 'SEVHAT 1 .:... PM..-f. ..,,,,. D ?.9,s1:,m M: 1 VV! r 2 J 5 , J, Fx L if ' T 'wk ' '1 WAS T,TTT N TTTT T TTT THAT 'N ND- .,:. Y ,T.: STA T g ',,, PEWSWL H ,, ,, sy ":: .. .' OF U TEV, J TTTT KERBY D O cwH0'S Q , EN, TOMMER, .:: , f G 530, m 'kT2Q'Q GEN. LE E, SMMZAQQTQQMQQAVE, T T,.., H ,,.. TTU., T ,V . f.:v"lw - . A M vmpgffilww .. .mf 'V ":?fW'fiw1 'is3F2f'fk Y "FTT5i3T55:Ti3's5?zaw:m- ,, SN? i THANKS DPE. Chuck Hardman may still have a long way to go, but he was a girly man before he took MFT. WHO US? Tom White and Brandon Carteen would never hide anything un- der their green girls--like say a soccer ball. LET'S HAVE SOME FUN GUYS. After a hard day of academics nothing soothes the nerves like a ride in a utility elevator. 'L QR!!! 5 f J l K 'A , -f THIRD REGIMENT COMPANY ' THE E-3 FIRSTIES TOOK THE REIGNS WITH THE GOAL OF IMPROVINGyfQOMPANY,,S SUCCESS ESTABLISHED LAST YEAR. WE Gqg 3,' i,bNJEW TAC WHOM WE COULD ONLY CALL "CPT Dj' BU, , . ISOON SHOWED HIM HOW WE WANTED TO RUN OUR . -4 Q QYQANQ 5,U gm fi. US. WE CONTIN- UED MANY Ei I R -4 .3-I -L, D IN YEARS PAST, SUCH AS I - XOQDQQQX C' A ELVNE 'C THE SOCIAL ASPECT mi, . 1 E gioqrii ww NUING OUR SUN- DAY NIGHT xx , T Q :-,531 ONAL TOAST TO OUR FAVORITE E Il. -I 1 o- 'e -f. THE WINNI - , RADI- TION OF OU QX LTR :Qi QQEZAN THE BRIGADE FO , IC A fi p IA ' X p 4 JOE, DOUBLE-REGIIEEY QNNING SOC ig ssrfwf ED BY JASON, OR DEF -Ei,,v,-g5p1-' ge - ALL CHAM- PIONSHIP? WELL, '.. I THE COMPANY TOGETHER, BUT DE Q IPMENT WAS LEFT ENTIRELSFTOC THE' 'N ' EQTTMLES SPENT DOWN AT RUTGERSQ ' w isp, OTHER ESTABLISH- MENTS WITH apr fi' -iSp ,3,S'XI1xI PHILLY, AND THE FIRSTIE CLUB. N ORTUNAT' '- '- .SOME OF OUR CLASS- MATES DECl AVEQfr -. ' LIFE AND LOOK AHEAD TO THE, RD, TWW OWVOULD HAVE EVER THOUGHT TH M , 1'-VTLGUL T ,LWITH THE REST. WELL, WE WILL NEV -FORGETRTHE 'I' DSHIPS LAUGHS AND MEMORIES B E IBOU GREATEST GROUP OF FRIENDS A P .. ULD 4 'vo GO EAGLES! No DOUBT AT ALL! A Happy bunch of E- 5 firsties prove for sure that spirit is back. RELIEF. After a rough day as CDO, Tim Hughs changes into his favorite uniform, White over BVD. Two GOOD MEN. Look out Bliss and Knox, J.T. Thompson and Joe Iacono know howto have fun. 5 P --- Q 5 THIRD REGINIENT COMPANY HOWDY, STRANGER, WELCOME TO THE F-TROOP! SINCE WAY UP HERE TO THE SIXTH FLOOR F I OUGHT TO GIVE YOU THE GRAND TOUR O!.J,R.9LlGHTLY DERANGED AND ALWAYS EXCITING iTLA 'AT AA' A BEHIND ARE CRITTER AND ADONTSA, CAN RACK IS BY LISTENING TO 1 1053 ,N THE HALL, IQ ff IIEEQIII WWEAA A I CPT KIRK IS CHECKINA on N HILE LL- D COUNTS THE HE EDSMQZFHE BETA 'ER HALF OF A SHORT A LL, MOLTEN COLTON LIVES IN BW ATER GUN" WHILE MOM FEEQMSFTERQFIGIQQESSOUQEHOW THIS ROWDY QTILL MEAN- WHILE, IS OEJT SfET,g'I5IG4TH3E DARD FOR THE COMPANYDQQKNEF Ilvk NGUIN IS F-RACTICING HIS?COMnj'AiND VOEEQZQEQQR FORMA- TION. HEAT AND ARS? ,OUT TRQYING TO BEAT THEIR PERSONAL RECORD OF WINGS Ofi5IE SITTING. DOWN ON STAFF, DEAN-O JUSTHDOESN'Tf?l5NDW WHAT'S GOOD FOR HIM, BUT QHRIS KNCQWS GOOD FOR EVE RYON E. g , THAT'S US, THE 1993 Q,E4"tg5OQFER,S,,, SOLDIERS FOR A TIME, SCHOLARS TOGEffiHERgfMFRlETNDvSf5FOREVER." q V , GOING VERTICAL. CDT Eric Meyerson, scales the heights of sixth fioor Ike. IT LOOKS FUN FROM HERE, but the smiles and waves of CDT Wendi Waits and John Horning are still on the way up. Now THAT THE CAR IS PAINTED, Yuks Mike Cieeson, Jason Caldwell, Dan Voorhies, and Steve Case are ready to paint the Capital City. W 1 K is .Q K Tsar THIRD REGINIENT CCJMPANY The gang o e fter the scramble threw us all together Y sterner terners boys from down south and ev Te n o the phers never lacked in personalit style ev e Cro er suit appeare We rafts ev-An 1 ' 1 W ' ' didn't ts a n ,W ysgota in or r o N each erthrough. "' nderab ' urc ' ' to ca tlife but none . , ur committm n o and each other. It all beg n with the GB doc - - whic marked the begin 'ng an era that has rie to the inal days in 52. Fr YMCA to Fu tow Pr e the first .- dance, the last drop, with f left runk in between. ' l .- ould no n - AYI... ' had what funweco . er erm 1 . . its op rallieskept us fro o' g san while ' Rus . ' hockey A-. le thei ponent me.A . all ourtime in C1- 5 has e la ed in ills. An even - esca it ally had to do was g o ' w . Just remember th dw.: u- - s...Whentheri andtheTACsays tional gopher n you wanted to ERIK SCOTT REMINDS Engineers Chris Crane and Jason Barrie who is number one. IN A RARE MOMENT, these plebes wear civilian clothes. THE GOPHEK COWS rally during a tail- gate before a football game. l i 1 5 5 ' 7 guy Q f. .-- -....., - ...... g -... km v--H---f- ' ' i n 1 THIRD REGIME-NT JP. Qood days cuttmg. ARAH CONNORH takes leave to pursue the COMPANY IT GROUP THE AND SAM KANS motivated squad returns from another award winning parade. ALL FOR BROWN LED AMPLE REGIM ENT AWAY ANY EVENT i S ,vm x mf ff' 15, ,i W, i ,, J, :V 57 Q Z, 4,5 'f D2 I nw 1,61 ,, A W ,W , ,, , ww, I 1 .ML W, ,,,,, , ,,,, ,mu ,,,,,, ,, J , ,V , .im M xv , ' M 54 2, ww A" ,L fi ,' ' if 1 ,wi X H ,, W , 2 lf ? fy Q Y, , 2 E - A V -Y! is E 5 3 ,B 'W' ' rw E rvv f-wm4iE1xgalAEeOiuE, -'af X THIRD REGIIVIENT COMPANY C RPS ING HARD O -I DF WAN GREA AND R LUCKY CONTIN ACROSS INTO WHO I DOU THE HAVE ROR OF THE THE SAFETY OF ENTER THE "REAL" BER THE FOND Go POLAR BEARS! ARE ALWAYS OUR YEARS IN I-3. WHO SAYS PLEBE year can't be any fun? Tausha Coleman and Dave Weatherly find time to show off for the camera. MY DONT WE look dapper today. These Polar Bear Firsties prepare to show the rest of the world their rings. NICE SIVIILES. Don Perry, Brant Wilson, and Kevin Backus show their joy after passing the CPFT.. FOURTH REGIMENT FIRST DETAIL REGIMENT STAFF: Front Row: James McPherson, Will Manning, Mischa Plesha. Second Row: Jerry O'Neal, Sarah Woehrman, Martin Young, Steve Braddom. Third Row: Pat Koster, Pat Kinsman, Chuck Bergman. FIRST BATTALION: Front Row: Robert Lenz, Joseph Kopser, Mandy Banther. Second Row: Heidi Strubbe, Lamar Adams, Dave Navratil, Alan Skaggs. Back Row: Justin Pensek. l-42 A Way of Life 4. SECOND BATTALION: Front Row: Eliza Sacco. Second Row: Erik Berdy, Cale Brown. Third Row: Matt Pryer, Joel Smith, Henry Ellison, Tho- mas Mathis, Bruce Ferrell. THIRD BATTALION: Front Row: Troy Labeth. Second Row: John Whyte, Stu Furnet. Third Row: Dave Cascio, Lynda Armer. Fourth Row: Chris Shaw. Fifth Row: Frank Walton, Sam Calkins. FIRST BATTALION: Front Row: Ci. Joseph Kopser Jr. Second Row: Karen Leonard, Amit Yoran. Third Row: Christy Lynn, William Chapman, Jennifer Mischler, Kevin Breedlove. SECOND BATTALION: Front Row: Eliza Sacco. Second Row: Kar Lau, Stephan Reich. Third Row: Jeff Brandsma, Marcus Reinhart, Joel Allmandinger, Joe Wyszynski. THIRD BATTALION: Front Row: Troy Lambeth. Second Row: Ted Williams, Mike Simmering. Third Row: Bruce Schempp, Tim Mobley, Yi-Se Gwon, Joe McNally. nw FOURTH REGIMENT SECOND DETAIL REGIIVIENT STAFF: Front Row: Stephanie Natale, Will Manning, Rob Cochran. Second Row: Leonard Leassear, Bill Wilshire, Joe Janczyk, Steve Livezey. Back Row: Deanna Holt, Kristyn Roberts, James Densmore, Dan Engel, Kyle Simpson. ff . ,, HSM! T 145 FOURTH REGIMENT COMPANY '- ff W V11 2 3222219 Ziff? gym... , , , 'K ,fQ.9,,.w. gs , ,-,,-wggwnezs' fax U ef 1 ,mv 2-'wiv' -f .f 1 L' fflffi' 0 'ig-uf,,1.:,M M QZQS 'fax-T345 I V f' ,, 'E ,, "Go LD fWEsT"d h R OTTOS w ,A A DOPT FO R OA :TO 53? oooh ig?CRA - d W f W W, ,ky ., Ak,,. ,,,,, ,L,k.k ,S A Q, K .,,, , 3 E5 TH E PR'?E' RA ATE F' R335 TE! EQWPEQHES K, . .. . .. . Y , AM. .1 ,ii ,. ,. 1 1 HflaAL1gL RATZKVEAQQPTED. f J,M-yf -gg ,, N35-m:ef?f21 xv A A , lf: .A wk HWG5 R ? G D Es. R MAY Goo BLESSL R de REOMESZKBER, IN THE AB- SENCE ORDERS ..... ATTACK! SLIDE OF LIFE The Apache firsties enjoy a day in the park. APACHES Mike Burba, Chad Arnold, Todd Vandawater, and Joe Hsu fight the cold during their latest dining-in. FOURTH REGINIENT COMPANY SPIRIT HAS TRULY RETURNEDNICIO B-4. THE BUFFS OF THE PAST HAVE HAD THE STANDING OUT IN THE WILD WEST- ONE OF MOST RECOG- NIZED BAQIQTALIONS IN THAT ALL , . ,- , , . ,HIL CHANGED YMITH THE "BUH!" THIS I or ,K -, 7 f,-- L1 NEW MOTTQFTQCEQAUGHT QII fAlj.ID SOON GAVE B-4 THE THAT WE HAVE BEEN WE HAVE TRIED TO A THIS MOST LEGENDARY MO '15,-fgnsfwtk 7, ft ig: Q, THE ROOTS AN ANONY' MOUS BUFFALO OF AS A COW, ONE NIGHT, TI-I THIS BUFF DID NOT HAVE A IN BETWEEN CRIES OF "HELP, A MOTIVATED, ABDOMINAL GRUNT- RST WAS REPEATED GAINING THE --II MANY GATHERED, AS IN WOFSHI35g FigOMEf3ANCIENT RITUAL. IT WAS LIKE A SOIQE CQLLED IT A MESSAGE FROM THE DARK SIDE- OTHERS IT AS A DELAYED SIDE EFFECT AFTER THE-flNlTPLEME,NTATlON OF CLDS. YET, DESPITE THESE EARLYQAQTIQQTEMPTSgafiEQsi?iUNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF "BUH", ALQEIQECT FEVVTRTEALIZED THE TRUE PURPOSE BEHIND THISTSJUDDEN OMEN-C IT WAS A BLESSING OF SPIRIT FROM THE LOVNTG BUFF LINEQF THE "OLD CORPS." SO, DESPITE ITS ORIGIN, THE CALL OFTI-IE "BUH!" IS HERE TO STAY. F' LATE LIGHTS. Mark Kuleck pulls another all nighter. Go BUFFALOESI The B-4 mascot stops and poses for a picture. A QUICK SHOT! Kraig Hill, Lance Clavert, Berkley Baker, and Rob Cochran display their favorite uniform-civvies. Heupel. Higgins, Mugg Todd Sxmmons. l Emlly Hays. Beverly 5 Alex James Dillard HHYISGYI. Dale Dan Stasevxch. Row Hawkins, Gary Nathan y Tom Top Row: Q Ryan Jeffreey 5 Hicks 147 5 FOURTH REGIMENT COMPANY Q MANY CADETS ASSOCIATE C-4 SOLELY WITH THE MOTTO PLEBES YELL AFTER EVERY MEAL. HOWEVER, THERE IS MORE TO THE COWBOYS THAN JUST A CREATIVE MOTTO. THE COWBOY "FAMILY" SHARES A SPECIAL COMPANY UNITY AND MENTALITY MANIFESTS ITSELF IN THE SAYING: WORK HARD.ig IYI THIS SPIRIT SHOWS UP ON INTRAMURALEQIELDS OR THE DRILL FIELDS, COWBcjY-SQA-REIIAIL WAYS TO PUT FORTH THEIR THAT WIN- NING SPIRIT. ,F HAVE WON A SPIRIT FOOTBZXLL CHAMPI- ONSHIP? Mu-LTIPLg,iBRAIGADE oLSPIRIT ROSTER CON- K ..,- M, -, W Lg, C,,-If-fw .I- Y DE' -SCRIIIB E I EACH SEMESTER HAS IIIIS ANUI LEARNING. EACH NEVIKOYEAR,QTH-E-COVIIBOYSI-IAvE TRIED TO OUTDO THE ACHIEVEMENTSI OF- PAST. LAST SEMESTER THE COWB YS PROUDLY SPONSORED A HAL- LOWEEN HAUNTED H LISEITI-IA1i OPEN TO THE CORPS, ONE OF MANYVACZTIIVIITIESQ-IEIEEID BY THE COM- PANY. THIS EXAMPLE MERELY REPRESIENTS ONE SMALL WAY THAT THE COWBOYS HAVE CONT-RIBU-TED TO THE CORPS OF CADETS. AND BECAUSE PRIDE AND PERFEC- TION ARE NOT UNCOMMON WORDS TO A COWBOY, WE CAN ONLY WAIT TO SEE WHAT NEXT YEAR BRINGS! GO COWBOYS, FIRED UP C-4, YEE-HAW! ENJOYING THE MILI- TARY LIFE, CPT Moore is clearly the center of attention. j j Sat xi: N 5 - e 5 'QNN ,. I-' -,Q . .... F , S '- 'si "I r xiii, -L? k V X THE EASTER BUNNY, Kris Reisenweber, even has time to visit the cowboys. OF COURSE IT DOESDFT HURT. Shirtless Jeff Mayo is just too Huah!!!!! FOURTH REG-INIENT COMPANY TOGETHER FROM , .DM 2 ,.k,,V . . A,t,M,,-, F, wr, sm .,,, W' LL TO HIDE OURWIIEH STA TER BUNNY- BE 'T '. EEEQ G RA Dl NG, o R IN TRANQQQBF 5 JI LED THE WAY - WIQQAQI' Q --- A gli I E T I A 'TTTT A TIME FOR A BREAK. These dukes take time to show their excitement for New Jersey. PRETTY BOLD. Bill Watson, Warren Hamilton, and Jamie Dyke show off their molds of gold. UNDER ATTACK. Julie Neylon recovers from a shaving cream assult. f A 'SMQKE TQKREN H E , lNDlVi'ljUAL95'40F' Tfll --4, HAVE QWN MIGHTY KINGDOM. I 'A' -t -,I. -W -..,, ,-, ., wiIi..N Q FOURTH REGINIENT COMPANY -6 WOWI ONLY IS A COMPANY WITH A HISTORY OF BEING A OOMEQMQQMQRATION OF MISFITS LEADING THE WAY IN PERFORMAQNWO QQQTI IQI IN SPIRFIQQJAS WELL! IT ALL START BACK I I R RGY WEEK, WHEN E-4 MADE THE TO "EXCALIBUR" TO REST AND ADOI1 AND UNDER THE NEW A NEW CAPTAIN REAGOR, AND OUT THE MESSAGE THAT I G ELL. WHILE ELVIS'S EXISTEN E WA PRO IC MURALS ON THE PAYMENT? F N H ERS ON THE f-A:-iff. 1s-- AN To FRE- THE CADET THE KING'S E H :Pe I lv A 1 'I if 2 NORTH SIDE OF I' ',-: I-F QUENT M'CH'E ST AREA- THE COR A L TLA IIL I I in ff R 'ir EXISTENCEI , f'1?' I?f' WHILE SPIRIT RSD , I A E,I H DIVISIONS, THE COMPANY AL F IQE "5"I M WITH PER- FORMANCE. THE IEA 'Q,Q f oWED UP IN THE DOUBLE R "I' THE C?MP HAD ON OF THE HIGHEST I'- NCESSIN THQSQORPS FIRST SEMESTER. THE REGIIQIEEIT AT DRILL, AND SENT A IN CLINTON INAUGU RAL ALL THIS AND CRAZY AND GET TO K E A -QJCKED AWAY IN EACH OF oug QQSWEAR WITH FRIENDS IN THE MIDDLE THE KING LIVES. Through- out the year sightings of Elvis occurred anywhere groups of cadets could be found. Moonlighting Cadets. You know maybe if we practice looking like models we can make some more money. A little pre-ranger train- ing on the part of Joe ? 1995 Smith. Scott Cwlk, Melanie Smith Enc Kevin Mans Marsh, Eric Gomelia Baca. Row: Kent ' 1 1 55 FOURTH REG-INIENT COMPANY WE CAME FROM ALL CORNERS OF THE CORPS, TO THE HOME OF THE FROGS. ALTHOUGH THE COMPANY'S REPUTATION WAS A BIT SCARY WHEN WE FIRST AR- RIVED, THlN2QfQJiQ!:'lAD CHANGED FOR THE BETTER BY THE END WE SURVIVED THE REIGN OF OF THE APOCALYPSE, AND IPQRSFIEQYEAR. RAFRTQEIRTIE TRUE FROG FASHION: 54 E q,,-.,, Ampeg, Af s.wwgm,...Q .2731 3 THINGS LIKE CHI-CHIS IN EVEIXT Q XEDRINKING MY BODY WEIGHT 4,551-3 I ,f,'Iff" S-A-IEP -.ff I QgQEEE??INE,5AVA'S BIRTHDAY, KOOP'S UNO P I"" TIT-I'SQiTivIEf'MCQQi ANY DRINKING SONG THE iAN gI:iiWgyllNEEKEND WII.I. REMAIN FONDEQ HAD- DRE', KOOP, G I U S E IE ,X EAT H BAR CRUNCH,'tT,Q EWOK, GAEE, SAVA MALAVA, QS PE E NVNHQQXCTH E BARDDQDINGER, ECH6 PUSA STEVE,QtaS1EE,,ANIs5,PK.,lffQ,aTHEIEi2iI4fiCifiNAM ES SAfi2a I' 52 21 f El ,A GOQD Ll:1CKfTO EVERYQQNE AFTER VYE TOSS THOSE MM , ALWAYS R EMEMBEQEICHISQ IWCEEFLMV SRAELIQQETHER WE'RE AS HAPPY AS CAN BE, THA?3AfE'fREffALL PART OF THE FROG FAMILY. UNIFORM DRILLS take on a new meaning as these plebes wait in As-for-Action-Park. A GOURMET DELIGHT! Mike Jason, Bill Taylor, Steve Chong, and Kent Gonser prepare some tantalizing treats at a Company tailgate. C CAKE TO JOUST? Gary Movea, Ed Hayes, Eric Betts, and Danny Gusukamo take a break from the action for a group picture. FOURTH REGINIENT CCDMPANY In f-MALI. I-G+, ,. ,I.fi+1fw.I, Q' I I.g.,.,s:m:-PM I- WI, .,.,M. ,M ....,. . .. . KW, COMPANY G4 IS A GORMJPANY GREAT ATTRI S E OF DI NG ATTRISUTEQQIS SPIRIT. GUP- P' ES" HAVE FQWJH E' R COMPANY HAS LONG BEEN A BALL GAMES AN BEFOR E TH E MASCOTS G G EQQT I THE GUPPX NNTN PCOLFLDD GQGGGG BE GTGT f , 1 TT i ' 1 - C H E E R I N 1 E2 ZG! S A 5 E 'PTP NING .TH Wim AN K ,,.v, A 3 :sy q giizg 'f,Q N,.I : , XSL Iii Lg W ,v H PHIEI U PPI E5 ALWAYS OF THIS SPIRITEID-AT?lTUQ?EEig!DtjJEfTQ5pg'HE CLOSE KNIT FEELING WITHIISQ CQMPANY. NOT ONLY ARE THE TO THEIR CLASSMATE IN THE cOISnPANY,gisB UT EACH CLASS NIESHES WELL WlTHIN'PTHE'6gQ:lE'RSb Q4 WILL NEVER BE KNOWN AS A GRQUAPOFL PEOPLE, BUT A GROUP OF FRIENDS. PPPP , PPff I bPIPI 'I .fs WHERE IS TI'IIS GOING? Thees Guppy Firsties wonder where this new statue is going to be displayed. PEEKABOO. Keye Perry and Travis Zimmer regress to their childhoods. ACADEMIC WARRIOR. Spence Weiman bunkers down for a battle against the Dean. aim glee Mwfwfw 1 We mf FOURTH REGINIENT COMPANY -,X -S7 .gag THIS YEAR OF CADETS UNTO SOLDIER" AND A ZOOMIE TAC, THQQHOGWISUTPACED EVERYONE. WHAT ELSE COULD DQy5yvITH "lN ABSENCE OF FURTHER AS THEIR STANDING ORDER? TTT A if ,,TOL iiili CHANDRA TOY ARRANGEIQ Ag5I5itgjGtgVETERANS HOS- PITAL VISIT BEFOREEE-Lg-MQQM ERVICE CAME INTO vOGUE. CI-EQQCK B I.. I,,i4 gMARTY.IUICE YOUNG, AND MAN i,9Fjil'H 0NQt ,,,.,. HOGS CON- ! E i STRUCTED THE LAR M ST MOTIVATING ARMY- NAVY SEND-GFF IN EEA ORY OF WEST POINT, AND CHUCK'S AIR A X BECAME THE LARG- EST JOINT-SERVIC QP A1" ION AND FIELD EXER- CISE THAT ANYON R WITNESSED. TROY LAMBETH, THE D BATTALION COM- MANDER, ENDED UP HE HOG STRIPER DOG, AND ANDY HANSON 5- RESENTED THE HOGS AS THE BDE CSM. IN XX ITQON, THE HONOR REPS ELECTED ROB YOUNGI POSITION OF CHAIR- MAN OF THE HONOR IQIITTEE. BY THE END OF King of the FTX, Chuck Bergman enjoys the exciting life ofthe Infantry. Enjoying a Summer Day in White over Grey, H-4 firsties crowd around Chandra Toy. Partying at the Supe's house, Ken Wanless, Jay Krueger, and Shawn McCue enjoy an exciting night that they will never forget. THE YEAR, THE HOGS i FT AN IMPRESSION IN THE CORPS THAT NO ONE? EVER FORGET. BE HOOA DIE! GO HOGS! 1 i f Q FOURTH REGIMENT COMPANY I-BEAM... I-4 HAS ALVNLQXQQQHEEQLE e FAMRWIILLS IN THE CORPS OF CADETS, W THIS YEAREJM 5 MPANY- WE'v?Ex5iiLEpg1 IiEii . H - AC- HAD A t...... I S SS SSSS OGGASI "" "55: - THE HSS S,S SSHS PLAYBOY- ' ' THE BRIGADE D "" S EQRE- GIONAL BOXIN ifl ENT. S1'2 Ei"' COMBATANT CAME IN :.v V,1: SSP Eqipgr ,q:, A "" -2Q'f -PSP A - IN WRESTLING. I-4 HAD A ,Q,. IE: ',,fI: HARP SHOOTER AND ANOTHER FAST ,,Iq MUSICAL SIDE, WE HAD A NIONK I it 1 -2,I. HANDBA'-L WAS BIG IN THE GONI AN W T :'A wr..-ff-, L "':' GOING TO THE OLYMPIC FESTI AL. I ':" 5 ASSULT RANERS AND FI AN ':I-' Q3 , E '-Aq2:' DOC- TORS, PILOTS, -'f: ARRI QQ': CD THE BWGADE SWR' IPI' .gfff ER M Qgi' SO WE SP' ..:,.. gr. U -"- T1-W1 IOII N IIA ED IATANEA AQN AA IL LLI AIN ' I... -f v . .E:2- ieif ...THE LEGEND OH CHKISMAS TREE... Ben Sommerness, Simon Reese, Todd Soucy, Scott Ryan, and Chris Leighow pose for their Christmas card. it i...M.. W KOOMMATE PROBLEMS? John Ruffinacht decides to permamently relieve the tension be- tween he and his roommate, Eric Duckworth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU... These I-4 yearlings celebrate a birth- day in the traditional West Point man- ner. l l D A S EL x V y. L. l , f. ,ff 14,5512 'vi--1-T-X 3 C I- IH E U rn 5 vu on -4 3 P 71 K T E2 7 I'l"'l 165 HONOR STAFF HCDNOR COMMITTEES he Cadet Honor Code states that "a cadet will not lie,cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do." The Honor Code has been an integral part of the Academy, in different ways, since its founding in i 802. By design, the Code fosters a commitment to i moral-ethical excellence in the Academy's gradu- ates. Centered around the concepts of truthfulness, fairness, respect for others' property and encourag- l ing others to live by these same ideals, the Code serves as the minimum standard for ethical behav- ior expected of cadets. Although a part of ev- ery cadet's life, the Code is interpreted and ad- ministered by the 80-member Cadet Honor i Committee elected bythe Corps. A wide variety of cadets ranging from '2 . O and goers' to 'star men,' and from Battalion Com- manders to Section Leaders, form the com- mittee. These people maintain a special role of selfless service to the Corps and to the Acad- emy. Each Company is rep- resented by one cadet from both the first and second classes, elected inthe springoftheirYear- ling year. The Executive Staff, with four Regimen- tal Representatives and four Brigade level posi- tions included: Eric Wanief' Steve Tilomtonf Mason CW' Decker Cammachf Pamck Zoch' Rod Casmlo' Mark C10ldschmidtand Rob Young- The C0mmitmCm and Saclififie necessaw to Sem on the Honor Committee are. far exceeded by the of Pfgde Qafed by fgjglngchosen bf Wg 'ii' C assma es 0 Cafe Ofone 0 2 01PS'm0S Pm -,-r .f. "2 Q., fQ',it'l'w-'i.f:9'fffIf fixJ:x:f?'ffm-,'fsof5irQ fw?-5Lii'-if-E24 ff f5'ff.ri.'f7"": . ... .. ., . , . ,yy u .... . W, . - t , g3,.3g,:,,3,gg.:??-gn, .-'-', wifiizvu--git-'iEl'l,pQ?K'f-if brain:-'fgg-o-,Q-3. --t:3?ff2ig.g.:gg, fft- ,,5.,4f,,-..: Fm- ifwwgagif ..fSE,--?l51.:Q-.-:ff-.whiff4-Iwfwsgr ---. ,gr wf???fg3,gg,ig.:iiQf:Z.,gww two 7-if' . fr: .'f,W--.'g'fsf-:'w,'.f M-:Sa-S 4 fwwis , Y: iv 5 'f4'3'6 :lrfv--4: f--3?,1f,'-S.-.15 -' ,qs '...,v:f: gf- :,"4f-rf'-iii-A vwwfw 'i 1-'If 14185 glut f, 112 2w:.Q'lQf:-f 3, Mail fr f' f "Lr'.:'.,.1.l'.ff3k-3'5F'i'. wid-2.'x ,Wi-'?1'-.f.bk. :ii wr.-, .ual - '1Vi":.1.' m -'YT . 'iyfaies -u'tZ,f.,1- .1 .-fiif,S51LQ?,f7.2fWf.11-5,Jcl7f,. .l.Zv.:.:,'fif-vii' wfsairldgiffkri.aa-uQ.1:v,,'x RING 84 CREST, HCP AND CLASS COMM 1995 CLASS COMMITTEE. Front Row: Jared Ware, Drew Smith, Mike Best, Mary Cheyne, Bill Cox, Tim Cho, Darryl Torres. Sec- ond Row: Mike Lynch, Paul Sutter, Darryl Gerow, Paul Aus, Jonathon Weaver, Michael 0'Brien. Ashley Webb, Berkley Baker. Back Row: Todd Plotner. Jim Niemiec, Carl Fehrenbacher, Hemy Ellison, Thomas Rippert, Paul Campagna, Phil Font, Mike Harvey 1 HOP COMMITTEE. Front Row: Yale Levin, Craig Cummings, Rafe Hart. Back Row: Ken Kotkoff, Doug Ferrel, Jessie Zuck, David Williams, Chris Conrad, Joe Bradley. ITTEES CLASS OF ACADEMY PHOTO CLASSOF I RING 84 CREST, HOP AND CLASS CQMMITTEES 4 933 iimzib GVIPV O.LOHd AW! O.LOHd AVVECIVDV 1994 cuss C0lV!M!T'!'EE, Front at-we Hem'y Smith, Chad Duhe, John White, Dave Cushen, Tom Clark, Jeff Dirkse. Second Row: Theresa Kamfer, Matt Dooley, Brett Smith, Dennis 0'Neil, Scott Blackwell, Siobhain Kilgallen, Steve Henderson. Third Row: Dana Allmond, Brandy Bryan, Bryan l'lelsel, Lori Turbak, Chad Carroll, Wendi Waits. Back Row: Jason Coon, Rob Young, John Ritter, Evan Offstein, Laura llodson, Spencer Dodge, Eric Tollefson. 1994 HOP COMMITTEE. mm Row: Kaye Warzynski, Curtis Tait, Ame Meeks. Back Row: Eric Barbosa, Chris Crane. W L n CLASS OF RING 84 CREST, HOP AND CLASS COMMITTEES 1 CLASS COMMITTEE. Front Row: Shelley Raymond, Patrick Kanzler, Erin Phillips, Joe Beard, Thaddeus Underwood, John Kuchinski, Ryan Berry, Heather Trout, Jonathan Dunn, Stacy 'lyler, Alisha Pabon, Brian Sumutka, Marc LaRoche. Sec- ond Row: Michael VanBuskirk, Eric Widmar, David Richkowski, Ben Howard, Waymond Harris, Brian Novoselich, Todd Scattini, Robert Weller, Naomi Watnick,ChristinaJohnston, Barclay Adams, Krista Wagner. Third Row: Edward Meyers, Edward Bennett, Aaron Luck, Steve Klubertanz, Kevin Golinghorst, Glen Whitner, Patrick Pittenger, Philip Root, Jay Virgil, Buckley O'Day. Back Row: Daniel Smith, Matthew Fix, Robert Hagedorn, Freddie Ledfors, David Buffaloe, Scott O'l'leal, David Schleiff, Gregg Alfred, Damien Katzenmeyer, Kevin Boates, Angela Parker, Matt Kenneway. I HOP COMMITTEE. Front Row: Paul Savel, Molly Kain, Michael Feely, Carla Thomas, Jessica Bunin, Robert Griffin, James Kelly, John Fleck, Brandi Bult. Second Row: Scott Tackett, Kevin Ryan, Gregory Taylor, Nathaniel Edwards, Scott Masson, Eric Halvorson, Darren Harbst, George Walker, Scott Knight, Kate Ward. Third Row: Jon Winchester, Daniel Warn, Jeannie Berner, Roxanne Theobald, Sp Yon Ki, Bridget Kroger, David Ward, Vincezo Centamore, Daniel Cartwright, Stephanie Andrasek, Brandi Bridges, Robert Barnsby, Jen- nifer Oliva. Back Row: Peter Donin, Drew Berwanger, James Burgess, Tausha Coleman, Kulik Brandon, David Averett, Gregory LaFata, James Smith, Michael Nebesky, Gregory Fortier, Henry Nixon, Peter Steed, Kenneth Thompson. S he United States Military Academy Speech Team is dedicated to improving the communications skills of its twenty cadet mem bers. ln order to refine these important skills, the team participated in several collegiate speech tournaments throughout the year. The tournaments took cadets throughout the Northeast, from SUNY Plattsburgh in upstate New York to George Mason University just outside of Washington, D.C. Team members competed individually against student speakers from a host of other Eastern schools. In competition, all cadets gave extem pora- neous speeches, which discuss current affairs issues, and impromptu speeches, covering a variety of topics from quotations to Biblical passages. Some cadets gave prepared speeches such as persuasive, informative and after-dinner presentations. The USMA Speech Team, led by CIC Doug Bush, represented the Academy well throughout the sea- son, with several cadets takingtop-six finishes at various toumaments. In Z fact, even cadets quali- E fied for the National E Championships held at z Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. Anotheractivity ofthe Speech Team was its participation in the West Point Speakers' Bureau. Members of the team prepared and presented speeches to the commu- nity covering several topics, including patrio- tism and honor. The Speech Team made sev- eral contributions to the Speakers' Bureau, in- cluding a speech on Veterans' Day to the com- munity of I-Iighland Falls, and an honor forum for a local middle school. We would like to dedi- cate the year to MAJ Prescott, OIC for the past two years. He has given us great insight, not only into speech, but also into the ways ofthe world. We thank him for sticking with us for these two years. We will miss him and wish him luck in his future endeavors. Thanks, Major Pl LEFT RIGHT LEFT, or maybe not. Memories of marching fade quickly on this trip. z o V. M U. Q z L.. I IL .. ': z Z 1 . H. ' Q. 'vwflill l Wil . ,il 'mmf H ALL WORIK AND N0 PLAY? Not for these speech team mem- bers, who enjoy lopunging around. will lx l vi will f .. ' r -M U, . .. Ep ss gi. sf H E 'Q 3 A i F , . ef. . 4 'S' . if ,ww , 4 w .ax ,M Ufl., ', L U l3.fiii?lif rfgiijfzfg w.2'gf"f'4 1 55, fb 1. ,f?'f'-'J' ,,,., . , ,,"'Ja7 v My url' 4' G. gui. 3,4 1-fi Qian? '.z . f Sw F5-if -Q 2, gp ' All , .. . CA D ET PUBLICATIONS he Circle in the Spiral literary journal provides a showcase of the creative talent in the Corps of Cadets. In its third year of publication, the journal will be competing with the acclaim received in the past years. The Circ1e's staff is responsible for editing and designing a quality product that represents the artistic works of cadets ranging from short stories to photography. In a developing tradi- tion, each journal inherits a theme from the previous year's journal. Each theme embodies the circle in the spiral concept. The wheel is the central focus that provides transition throughout this year's journal. ,And the wheels somehow kept turning for the photo staff over the long year. From soccer to spirit missions, I have enjoyed seeing many aspects of cadet life through the eye of the camera. I really had fun being the photo editor and could not have been successful without all the pho- tographers who helped me out. Steve Vanaskie's expert ad- vice really brought up the quality ofthe pho- tography. The job is tedious! By the time the year is over, the photo staff will have looked at over 400 rolls of film in finish- ing the book. Down at Navy, it was incredible to be able to shoot the win- ning field goal, and the Corps' reaction. inally, after months of work, the job of com- pleting the Mortar finally saw completion. Only slightly worse for the wear, my staff and I gladly put the yuck book to bed and started work on other things of greater importance. The physics department seemed happy that we could devote more time to active study. We were just happy to stop talking about the 'l'ler. G ,yf 1 I , J !ll1 RABBLE ROUSERS 1 Sl n March of 1992, 19 names were announced to a field ofover 50 eager cadets, and we formed the 1992-1995 Rabble Rouser squad. Based on decades oftradition and spirit, the Rabs combine traditional West Point yells and cheers with con- temporary dance and stunts. The squad started off the year on a high note with a Reorgy Week training trip to Cheer Camp at Rutgers University. We were joined by over 800 cheerleaders representing 42 other schools. Three days later, the squad returned to West Point with trophies in every category, including 'Best New Squad at Camp.' Inspired by the new techniques we learned at camp, the Rabble Rousers reworked most of the cheers and yells to include more crowd participa- tion. The dividends ofthe new 'crowd-interaction' attitude were handsome: the twelfth man was credited with three forced turnovers during the football season as the awesome noise gen- 2 erated by the Corps fl and focused by the 5 squad overwhelmed the opponents. Team co-captains Darryl Rupp 195, F-55 and Mandy Banther 695, B-47 made sure that the squad not only supported the football team, butalso USM!-Vs other com- petitive teams. Throughout the year, l squads of Rabble Rousers showed up at soccer, basketball, la- crosse, and even rugby games. -1 Under the direc- tion of DPE's Dr. Q5 i PM ...., 4, .lf-' U., --,av wht-F new iss- fs 'I ' Bonnie Bennett, the g t ' twenty Rabble Rous- - ers fthe mid-fall ' addition ofJ.J. Durant f' brought the squad to 1, I . ,,., --,t ,, ,y ,VY s -I ,Q lk, -1-:l Q-Jflfwfaz-,..i't4 2: -'-' 'l :' "1 -Q :L . ' -ff 4 an even ten men and ' 1 ten womenl served as a catalyst for the Corps' T 1 ff ' ' ' ff - - - - QQQSQQH YF? f Qiiilv-' f'!ffGYQ3 16, 145 .T L ,I Spirit is Back' campaign to' win back. lVl1ch1e Shetwgghgqiggfsgatiaf60tbm!3amgg,,5gqMyQvgrkr-,ggtmytgSpirits?5 A,gjk 1 3 Stadium and bring back the winning spirit to the -if, -jfffjgnffi-'f5',xAh fr 131.5tells-1,-fkffxj-itil ,gg fi f 4 gg,I,,-sj W,,,rl,f?g,.k l K- ' v '-11. " f " -152, K -Y-Twp -ffi"': - 'Q . if . Corps of Cadets, .,, -2Q,QMfFjAl?IX'?'fgs'g1:-153' Ai" - .4 .-1-f-gn.,-4,.p,v'j,-:TA Q ,.g- I-1, Qc . .Chrigtieffandifxlennifer,Slmimers 1 cfjgiflf Li' "" ' if ft21k5'fii1ifzj,ou!:ito'welwmg PF-'1Qvy-wg? xl ' T . ' ' 1- if-ll 545 ' , alifiijfiftf l , ?1 7' slrit ",-f ' , J 4 ' 'C ' ,T is .. 'if J,-K :1 .73 C .wi ,X A "'.. . T ,. ,.,t , , , , . .V , y , 'mf -Q -, - ' 1.- ,, X ,. . t k.., Avg f.,-, . ,, . ...f.,,Wt. ,,,,. - ., , T: ff '-,Q Lffigf . 'Z ' 'i w Q A J' 4 ,. X ggi,-.f,f .Q ,-,, .. 1 , . ,, rf A '51 u .V., .. f X -.X f. "J 1--1:f.,,f -- ."-Z' - - K . A", s. H rt,- 3 ,I , , I " 1 1 tl ltg 18131 T4 1, , r ,513 ff , ' 5 ggi, , j1q.:s-5' L f I S f 174,-The-wjayr,.We Dqialtiqff f ,., p f 1 1'- A vi... 4 . . .a ? W V+, MEL! n,.,"' 'W wwf: Wg, J 1.5355 Y ' F1565 , , W ' Y 'W WMMWM n ' 1-MV., J4 .1 . f H N 'V' .. Y- ,B - ,,,frsJ 11, Q if' ur' - , X Y X Q , N ... . S .,. - ,-w ' X ' w J 1 EI HUVW , O m , 7? fn f ,Q A pm 4 Neff :ff "ff'f15 Y f ,X R - v gif, X 1 .5: . , .4 ',.,Q'2A,1fL I f'f K .3 ,,,Aj, L, .5 Wy.fuX.: Z1 ,ff-,uf ,rr we . ,igx x :X.g.,Q"j' f .ff"5i?f J iv-.J 2' qlimkyi-i'.' -- 1 4 5 T' y .,:.1w,. 15, A ' uf, u..,7' .., fi if Q 0 :fQf.gs,, Jai I fifw ,F ,LA ,All f , if f, T51 iff. 7g.f, 5,.,:f,L,,i iz N, , 5,7 i gmt:-' ,.,,,,i gr, . W- Lg. 1 4 5 ,- .4 M. L, .,gv.S,- . . Q Hx 'Q 3 3 . f . . - J' ' 4, fkji. ,. , .-j.g?.f1 rg:-sf A """"ll! Q-QW, .Af1....4 ,JCJ ,ALI 'N '5Uf"' ' ,ph 11' 1? . .QL 3, S. I ' Qwmf' x .,"i"vfl kf:i"4' QQ-fi?" , ,. , f 3:5 fx f ff: fs ,1 X .ix . 4 -1-T QQQFLW f-fi'3f"'., 'lil WW Hmm. ,, w M- ' v I 3' Sn. 1 1 185 :"'i'-: 5, ii X Q' f"'Qg,g. SfigifigA-'iffT,L-jfjig.,-3ghT.:fbL-33.11, 4 9535 139 5 Li figftzs, R? X W2 Q: 5.gfVS.-,h-4,lg4-,1,gg,, -,pq ,Q 55. -, f 1 - --4' usfw e - A A 'X , -. . - My t - .1 1,-v aff .f ,. -.X -Q. f- Nfffx ,1 - . f x - - if-. 'Y 'w:'f'e:rr'- V2 -M y AV--'N iw 'N-,gr.:.' K Q, -N, Q ,fu V. ,wr-, 1,,f.,., 4 A, 5,i g Q M 2,35 .J ,, ,A ,.,, .fn -,-1.1 ,- ., - -. f,.. Af. e-x V,-pfevv ' 4 ,mf 7" -W5 f "wi if .g,g-Yfw p- .,.-an 'Q f :V-'-.13 f- --'-,1f.p is . MARK BOEKE f af f so NL ffl.-Q 21' -n, 1-V ,v ' I' CADET BANDl MULE RIDERS wien a cadet thinks of football games, aside from what happens on the field, he will likely also picture two fixtures that enhance the game itself: the band and the Army mules. These traditions go back almost as far as the game itself. One unique facet ofthe band that most people overlook is its presence at almost all Army func- tions-not just football games. Carolyn Davis, 1995, explained how in one week the band played the spirit dinner, parade, hockey game, tailgate, quarterback luncheon, the volleyball game, and then the football game on Saturday afternoon. The band often serves as the entire cheering section for games on the road. ln a way, the band has become an inherent part of cadet life. Whenever the Corps needs a burst of spirit at games, the band cranks out "Hawaii 5-O" or "The Lone Ranger" to rile us up. The William Tell Overture, a song which has come to symbolize the undying spirit of the Corps, never fails to raise our spirits and our hats in unison. Another symbol of Army football is the mules and their riders. According to Karsten tlaake, 1994, the mules seem to have dif- feringpersonalities. Spartacus and Ranger are the "well-worn veterans of Michie, and true crowd-pleasers." Trooper and Trav- eller "provide entertainment." Many a new year- ling and firstie joined the "Buddy m Can't Ride Club." The mules' person- alities brought out some season high- lights, to include Spartacus Rutgers performance and, more nota- bly Ranger s rodeo like activities at Wake Forest However cadets aren't the only "mule- riders, many officers children ride the Army mules at football games. To these fortunate kids, and to the rest ofthe Army community, the mules and their riders have become an indispensable part of the Saturday afternoon experience. 9. Wg N1 5 -, ,va -Q, E EK O B RK N MA MQ.. , Jwwq, 1 wg, V 4 x , Wg, fm. EQ., V vf,.gg:15i,5gmV. .L Q., ,..f-y,.5,Aq A ' . , .mm V vs. fa, Q 1k,f.,,, '-A wM,g1:5:,,,fK:- W, , ,k,. pn ,, ,jx 1 , , ,,, 5 .e,,.,iLQ M 24 f:3i,5:jig.y iffy .. N .,,,, In .M-.QQ -ff Q :vi - .mg .wx-N-, 7, fN.,,i,. ..4 iff. , , WJ, in .fir vw: lk rv-f ,X ,ms -f wi.. k :,p:f,.:.f"A'--'t'.vz -E. ye., was ,bw 3 fw ., if I --1 "f f':.31,ff'?'!? ,-Q., A Q 5 ,,, ,, 5 .345 '-vw Af ,.f!,,1 an , . :vim 2 . - - - f-A .L-,-::,'-.V - .W ,N ,,s,.x5 A 7i4UL'Qi:'i1 " I.. 'W V: Y lv 'H:,,Qf-.: Vpgfg Q 1 ','f"g - . fx 1 b,:f,ff'fwHc2j.? as-5,-if , K. , - Q .,,., , 1 ,f I 5, ,A ':','?--gp f' '- 'N : Q - . . ,. W. ,--4, -r A '. .. ,.'., My 4 ,R Mu ff.- 5kQ,,., x we .JH ,,7N,.vl.,...Q , A, ., Wx- ,Q I 77 21' 5-if i"'i': , ,ww ,rm , fy 'J+- K Y- 15 ,W if? gf W. A.,. 1 'if Tffli WiYi.QA' ,- -f x-5:3 fvdfi' Lf V, . .- 1'.'h,w .xy , k . AJ. M: q fy 1, rv 5, ' Q , . ,,,,.,,b.L Nw 5, C. fb 'A , " M QMFQJ' a 57.13 ,A , f, ,M ., , , 14 ,x A ,, ,M A nf Nga. N - fm- W. .Q -6 mf, .,. Nj, X. f,-'ygfiwf , M- gr' QL V Y . 9, Hy- T f l ' H5 .,,.-rg, Z i ,M , ., .,,n,q4. "1 'V , .1 w.x+.A, M, ,..,yL: ,,. fw wjjfmiff .5 fl .A Y., . if ., f3.,fj , ' 2 1gf'3'v:i'l1ig'V l,M,,v.- ,Ml Z, ' 1 kJ..K,:p,,l5iKA,,. . f. .f.'4f.1. 3: -'wir .503 . V , 5 4.3.1- ' 'N-,.. - . . , " .' ez - wg , faf. ' m.Q.w?'-1,5174 , K V. ,. . M ., . ,Q , . -mfs' jg? 4 '-T"1!C . N.. 12?'K?ffviW'fL ., "fx "H.,A'.' ,W Q, E , 4' ii 5 D 6 of Q 1? f 3 1 4 H 4 Q , L . 4 . . ,1 O f I t' if Q I ' 1 f .4 W - ' 0 0 O 0 . 1 a V W r 1 1 .pie ' Wx: PM 'Q 1 viii. 4 'ixffl '-fly 'im ' 'f'- 'J' .NV 111 . .- - nf - c , "'- . - ,-V N-. 'K ,I . - V . . 1. .. .. , f ' 2:78, - " T, f' 'f f "1 15'-F fy, ,. 'ish iff fi 1 14 ai? 153 '.. f 51 , I. ff P 'Z' 'A -fQf' flIg'.":1. 1 al .,'f,'4' . , N V ev a, Dgglt K-1 ,J A 1 li, , W. - N .L , , 'V l E.. TA, ,, , 5, hm 1, -TL M if 5 ,IFA I 2 b , .SAT , .k . ,N . r, - V--.. I, ,r , 1 ,.. . ,V . , w-... x ., . .. - v f. ..-. ,w ,, , A .+. Av - N .. . . ., r 1 1- f., .. -, yn - , --. gf. - .--1, , . ,,-- . .A ., x A .,, ',,,., wx, ,V - - fy, f . .,, - , V F, .. A. .,..,,' .. ,,x..,, ,v. -4 .,.1, 4- -.. . ,w,1- W, .. , - , ,,. As I, . ,,b... ,,,..: i ,,.., .t . ,. L ,A A , ,Q WM, , , 9 Y ,, Q k ,Q f'f-' if-' 3 M-"'A'V5 " -V' 7, . -:fy A i.I'3i'--,'.'Q3' ,j"-'ff 4,113 41" f 2 .T QL-gf'-'f ' LQQ3' f.'. 0'.,.- -H". 3. 5 ', llfgf 51' ea '-' A' ' av.: w,f.- Q - 3, x , if -g -. ,x,1 .--K - Q P4 " 'A ', , . :::f".x'.'N '. 1' ' I ag,-f'-'ff A J.i-'k.VW,Y-.- 1' - I A 4. I i ,., ,iwwinimmup flu. SPIRIT SUPPORT cannon roars. Excited animals, ranging from an oversized Bulldog to an out-of-water Guppy, dance gaily on an astroturf field. A Knight in black armor patrols the sidelines. Elvis tries to rally a few companies. A psychotic nightmare? No, it's just a Saturday football game. Spirit support groups, to include a score of new company mascots, provide the originality and spontaneity that make Army football games even more memorable. Who could forget the mascots scouting out the Rutgers section before the game and "liberating" a few cheerleaders? For that matter, who will forget the classic sword fight between Army's Black Knight and Rutgers' Scarlet Knight? Though everything usually goes all right with 50,000 people watching, some spirit support groups provide the most interesting stories for what goes on when nobody is watching. One cannon crew mem- 4 'a,' -a ber recalls when they set the howit- zer on a dock. No sooner had the crew turned their backs when the in- dependent-minded cannon plunged off the deck into the depths of the wa- ter. This called for a rescue mission for which everyone had to strip off their uniforms and con- ductreconnaissance. This year, new faces such as Elvis Presley joined the wr.: E, -,,N,,. .f f lc' ' ranks of the s irit 'iff 59' M . '5fLj4Yli1i5:3g,4:f?12"fLi? gffff' support crew, but it was an "old' mem- ijhwwgys . ' W15,:,,.Xj f ,, :,.,egkV ,ziiibf ber that will likely eg E be best remem- e Q bered. lt was at o - , ,A 73 Homecoming that m E,ZiXP.g2e'5rff nf ,ww 'Ny : TM, 'WWE . wi Q ,' - , ,-Nw, -1 4 6. .ev-,rm ,1--.ry ,,1-ge f , A ,f, iw . iw :gary d tt K th . b f H . . .t Aft bl . ,f1:e,f, fr near, e oo on e Jo o ra ying spin . er owing ,T it ' W , wg,s'P f f H W- RK me f ' ra'fu,y'ff"t'el',tjscr"fhj' . . . if K, if his horn and leading second and fourth regi- 2:12efisnqsfphmk-,QQe1as,,the ?Ei4r:,,Miasw'5iwits-rlsgese,9anus1,m,c0s:iiers:1ake,1Qplide, 1, t , K t f th f f M A h ,Q gum, ,.,7i81A,, 1, fu V.,-, F,.,,,i,,LWWwuQ, with ,,i V .. ,tw,'w.1M :1w,,,,:Ml men 5 ln 3 r0C Q rom Q f00 0 gg rt ur g.5,:,: ffm: rfelih QTQWQSQ UQQKFFF'-wef!Pg,raf??E?!tB A EW 0 - 1 35,4 'Q.31135,ogffgij'Qg,?eg.11flQT51-'f,',L q,3,g,,,., 4 Long Wing, the beloved Trumpet Man became ci? gf,Lf.,L i..:,,w.,g if 'ri iq' ff' ij - mpeg' .gl -ff,7m,ic7-5--LM' ejfy 15',,?E','v?,-.fue If I'-gl13.J,4',ye:,,.".J,.',7.g5, g' :yr . '.Li,,'43v- ' the SUDJGCI ef FCDT for elmest evew reem leader , 3 31' we iw if 4 f we f'?H f? ' if i f 0, f' 5 3, A '51 - - - - ' L ??5f',Y5f7f59'f?ff!?54l:'?,i,f?5!i3745P3395592 Wfififtlfzsfip fS3f,9,f' who fOEm.d. It far more Interesting than revlewmg iigflgygfT7bifrii'9ii6"W6iiiid. wh5t,hefSQu1i1Q2f?' if l'f!i:,l?1fgff,,"5'.'-. the defmmon of leather Yet agam' f'3?If'55rii'f2 i: iifrf e, uf,Qf.1-ef-free mei wifi Lei - 1:21 :eye-2:-. , T gg: , ,ge-:mf 2- e,,,-ffye,fs,,3,.,g,,v:g-,- With the support of a cast of both old and 5524 " UZ' F re, .exwwgfir aria-TP, - - ' - F , .rf is ,:,"r,,,r,f,m2 ,gf -gif ,I , gzffe, N:Z,zfQ.'?f:-Qikl i'LJ,:f:' gpg young, old grad and cadet alike, Army spirit lived ,e:xem5f,3f,,g5i:,,:f,-,eg 'J .aa - gl . ,, . Q., , --X. ' '-,, , ,Qt M, Y::gQ+:yt ,fm ,.,',- A, ,. ,,-, 5,5 j ,ff 14 ,v.,5, '37, f 1 - Jefjivr on. . , mg., t," T . F" ' 'J ',',-'if' 1" Q ,'i, , . ,-,jf-:,f 1--VLf,iTv1f: 7 vigil ,- , Q 2 if 5 .. 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Q.gQ,,i , -,., . .f-,,, . ..,,. ,. , ,K ,, k 'A sf w Q 'f f-M am'-'4' , I 1fQ4'i"i' rf' 'o v 'X EVE: .f -'w .zffvi vi -1' X--, 3-hee? f-A .9"'?'ff34: 'qt-1 - .37 -- . fr '- " .a. .Qc-Q"'3,.. ' .V-".Ur't: ,fl , f , - M - ,- 1 K, U.. ,,,, , -, -4, I ,wif gk., 3 KU J- , ,W,,,4- , ,g ,iw I i. .,, 7 3 4 ,, -, I f-y:,-Q lx.. eg, -- 1 - V -W-N 'ay We DQ 'JBL 'K nf' - ,,f., Sm .391 'mv-fy,-f'.' .11 -iw v'.4f'1H, ,.,-any-zu 'f2'r. - .9 Qfff..-HM-Y,x --fx .v ' uf- 1: 'frm ' ',- Q1 -1 w-pf. "L'fq?'-J .-. A ' 9 f --'wif "f an W, -: ,:.' Ui, ' 2 l-'-1'H+'w,w-A u,, Jw A- 4, f 'f .gm - TM -'. . - -,- ,bw 1. M, ,pl ,fp-,1,2, g My iv. if 1 , W., - A-,mg -, , ., A W V 4, -. ., . ,. .,. M. V.: - - 7 J V ,Af!.?-3, m A 3XglL 14 3-f M37 1- gg, ,- ,-7' - 5, W-A .1-'Aw ,. '1 1, .p A . -,ww . , F3 ,ii . , ,X f ff a- ,Q , ' ' 1 ,. Q l . W :- :,..f+f4 xl ,wif a:'1,,Im212k,,f1 s ,?I-3? W?" .'E.?j.2'9 X 1:5?'f':'Y-:i1'fff'5A,i+f' M33 I g Q. .. 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At night, we have several specialty shows which play different genres of music so that we can satisfy various musical tastes. But what you hear on the receiving end ofthe radio isjust a small part of the entire mission of WKDT. Dances at Eisenhower l-lall's restaurant or ball- room are all run and organized by the members of WKDT. On longweek- ends, KDT radio DJs and lke VJs show popular flicks from DCA on the big screen TV. WKDT announces most of the major Corps Squad-level contests at home or away on the radio and overcable chan- nel eight. Cadets and the community can still support the team by tuning in if they can't make the games. At local colleges' invitations, WKDT often DJs their dances as well. Many KDT DJs are also quite popular with the student body at Marymount. WKDT also sup- ports rally dinners, company parties bri- gade championships and any cadet activities which require music Cwhich ones don't?!J It is one ofthe unique clubs that touches and supports every cadet in some way. At the radio station, we like to think of ourselves as the Army Team. When we do well, the team does well. Tune in to WKDT, 89.5 FM--West Point, your only alternative. PIPES Q DRUMS e USCC Pipes and Drums have been perofrming since 1974 when a small group of cadets got together and formed the band. Initially the group was self-supported, but gradually the band received recognition from the Academy. The cadets wore a McQueen patterned tartan at first, but in 1985 Lieutenant General Willard Scott commissioned the West Point Tartan which the band currently wears. The band went to Scotland to play with Scottish Divisions, marched up 5th Avenue on St. Patrick's Day, participated in RMC exchange week- ends and hosted the annual West Point Tattoo. The band plays at tailgates for football games, at Trophy Point when the weather allows and at sporadic spur- of-the-moment events. The USCC Pipes and Drums provides a forum for cadets to participate in C1aelic!Celtic culture through involvement with traditional musical instruments and dress. The club also serves as a means by which ca- dets can become involved with martial music and marching band precision. Most cadets do not know how to play bagpipes before arriving at the Academy, however, they pick it up quickly within their four yearss. This year, the band played in Little Rock, Arkansas, Mem- phis Tennessee, Pottsville, Pennsylvania, and various locations in New York. The band owes a great deal of thanks to the civilian instructors and tutors who came from the lo- cal area to give expert advice and assistance. The officer representa- tives for the year were Captain Herson, Major Dombi and Captain Scudieri. Scott Ciraham led the pipe section, while Jesse Zuck was the Drum Major, Becky Peters instructed the dancers and Tim Hughes acted as CIC. O D0 54 iz if E wma aye :+,.1. 5 Wwfv X , mf, Xa 'J' ' :Mk K, W I p , Waafm Y ' ,, 15, . me! SI DIUVW DIHO JQQHQZCW?-EE-Q3ia"jif '.5G'i.1"N -F497 L' 5? JS' W -T K 1:A'?f4. Jv 1y,'w., .1 Qi' .LQ KT. Ad 1-""2f'?hJ-' ,gf xv PML ff' , :aw 2521 f, -.ft 1 ,qv -ffgxy, v fyufv vm mvsifkf-.i 27 DRILL TEAM hroughout the 1992-1995 season, the Drill Team has seen many of its goals come to fruition. Although it has often felt as if we had to fight to get anything done, we would all agree it was worth it. This year we saw increased recognition from both the Corps and from the administra- tion. We performed many shows, the most memorable of which included a halftime show at the Rutgers football game, and a trip to the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The Washington trip, scheduled the week before Armyflblavy foot- ball, gave us a chance to meet many of the leaders of the Army AND Navy, and instill the spirit of the Corps in them before the big game. We all know the result. The club greatly appreciates the contin- ued support from the Corps. We hope to further the Corps' image next year as we set our sights on performing at WHAT'S HE DOING BACK A PICTURE IS WORTH a thou- THERE? Leonard Sollami ignores sand words, but sometimes two is the distraction at the Pentagon. just good enough. Egg' ini 55'-E RSE-.na IQ'-P 29:5 Qs: -.0-5 O. na 9-:Q UGO 29:9 h11I'Pl W.TODDY lem gm -15 'ro :v 2 "H :t 5 co 5 rv x FY' K DERRIC ww +2 f is- X was MyQ.g,l - f ,.--wx " WWW . NDIUUHG mG0i M CLOSE COMBAT he Close Combat Team is the only organi- zation at West Point which combines fun with the opportunity to experience simulated combat. Un- der the CIC Brian Beck and the watchful eye of OIC CPT Pete Boisson, the club has continued to impart military lessons upon its members while, at the same time, creating a cohesive and nationally recognized team. Having overcome its financial struggles, the team is now ready to become almost completely self- supporting. With money to upgrade weapons and train as often as it pleases, the club will be able to survive in a time of shrinking budgets, and still be able to host and attend tournaments. This year brought on a new fall tournament that incorporated military missions and objectives into the game of paintball. We also participated in a few away tourna- ments in upstate New York, to include the World Cup, where players from the U.S. and Great Britain maneuvered fora 520,000 first prize. Of course we still had our Big Game, the Combat Classic IV, with well over 500 players from around the nation. You may wonder what it takes to make a few crazy individuals charge into .68 calibre paint-balls, often leading to bruises and welts. Well, it's the love of the game, working as a team, and getting in some good military training. The Close Combat Team iPaintballJ has survived through thick and thin, thanks to those hard-core members who continued to play with the club at West Point that offers the closest thing to combat. Carpe Signuml TAKE A KNEE. Good firing posi- RAMBO Would be impressed by tion is crucial for successful com- this Iighter's great technique for bat. taking out the enemy. cu 1 U.: O an z z fi E I SIVILIVW 351309 BIZIVW SIGHTING IN, this soldier just doesn't want to get splotches of red and yellow on his BDUS Z De W W J, w. - v WnrV41'P, PM M' J, V ' cw, 1 Q, ' Y l W BTW 4 , 5 iffy 1 '1 - is ,, , 5 1' Q ' 3-1411 W 'mtg A 1 5, V SP5 . 3. ' .ag ' , , , 5 - 7 5' ' E, FYI. . ' 'eu' ' , fVVV ,. 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V ,xiii aft W tw M we ' 'iifw '?78r3K"GVf VV 4 ' i 3' K Mkl V' H V , im, 3 ' 335-ff wvfg'-fff V f'X'Q 4 S, , "4 ---4 1 Y - 1',fk?i? ig I vm ,, ,LffJ,m, 1 Q 1 '2 A h , l1f'w,,1 v f E , ,fiifn cd-ff U L M 'ggnfc HVVVL ,- , ww 1 1 'gm' .i4.,m,'?.ww - ' V ' V .Q , Q ,. W ,W M 42,1 .4-' V, H4 -45 , -ff ',:, 1- ' 1 'V' "-"W '4J4V,, V :Q-VA, 'j,w2VVq,-f ,vfwgj V1.1 .i3.V"'2" rg, Tig-,V '- ,pgcfg HT, 'J ' WV V-gm: 1 f jhfp nvfgf - A -: Vp.,-.gl aw" fr M' - ,ffVf:f"gff",","f fwij-Vrvfr .st :H 'Vf ' V1 1- ff nf. fy 1t,-5,.ffxg4gxV7'ffJf,ti Vfw5g54,7 ,.,','fr, 1 55,,j5,VVggt'2f.2,E?,jV47,,sxi ,ray -vw qi -' : .ft -vt -,-I--V1 -' A -:,lVxfV'j'Af4 X 'Y Wlfftff .. w ff'-'Ne' 4-'da' -,f'fVVf' -.vVn.,.,,fiv ,Vs fi V VIWQNIVV' f f w'fI"17""' -af-f:V 4 : rm. few 4.5.41 ' 4 ' " . 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W'-V 54, -2 w --'Q SQ K 3C:"fV UE? --Z4gg'."f"1i' Hifi ' 32, fi' 'Qf'l?75L14V".4f 'Elf R sails'-,. .3V5,Q,,4.s.,V, 1' ,I JN if fAfKff,,.'ie.QgfQagfyk' f f Mx , KV ., 3. .H .. ,,. ,S - V 5 U -M - 4 Ji V R ma 5. ff , fu- V- A ,Kuff -Q, -W, ,W-,-, ,--V,- VV':,fJ:3,,.,4, ,V if-pw. , ,BV ,-.gs :V-ix, ,gl,,.mV:0.i,-- ..,.vW,, ,,v51,.Lx-'Ayr,V,!g1.,:,..f,3??mg,wi,4 jS5,9,??h sc ,,k.,,V-7p3..4,ii.Q,g,A,i!,:f?V,L1,V L Lv Egfr . f-ug qA.VVw-a.-- FQ fx , .QV--,X V. , , .aff-'wg .M , :VM VV1 ,, qyhf., V pqpwrf ,Q-,.,, ,ffl W ,Q ,W- ,.-N. -- M- - ' f"!. A141 f 4, + ' . ,- - ,, . W ,AV ,V fr!-P -.W .-V:-nl l ww: I 'W Ov- mmf' -1. .V v 1 ,MV ru. gu,i':.a .5 ', ,fn-LV -.,-MV. 4- X., 'vi f L V. -L,,1g"15"gi'1.r ,495-V Y 'V V VV-A wa M- if W Vwff is Vg we-as VffV:sv.fw f.Wia'SQLFWWmms-ffVaf,J,?f?,f'l2i?fVkVV5fiV5aff'f14i:9V'2,A,g4w2T'f,,,v1.,M3'32isf -'gtg MQ? 5. am-ww Sinn sq if gif-114535-rQ,, f-Qx5m:3l: 5 W. - - f5f1W4fQ'if2f1Z5,af-fu - .pm ,ierv V'--V M' aw.. aiifwzrr KL L df H 'A' . rv , . 11--55353:-,- ,ug - f inf? gig, .2-Ki5.ig'f:sLf7i?E-4-Lf,L , M" ,gwff-'L fb 3-315553, ,ara 5711! sg-.,: 1. , ,ww-33"?,J?,gg,. efkwf, y,.L.r'f:.' 17' -Q 1 3.-gn,.-Jw 5. ,A-,ff ,, gwi.-ijiftijj' f Er Tr- fr., 4 A 1 tiff- . .52 1' F N .r T . vx5,5,,f,g,3s,p.: FLYING CLUB st Point's Flying Club is back and better than ever! The club was ordered out ofexistence in the early 1980's due to the lack of maintenance ofits aircraft at Stewart Air Base and the belief that cadets did not need to participate in such a dangerous and expensive activity. Several years later, Cadet Bob MacLeod, '92, with the assistance of CPI' Mark Stephenson, brought the club back to life. Their hard work and strong beliefin their goal to provide cadets a means to fly convinced the Superintendent and the Comman- dantthat the West Point Flying Club should again be active. The club was re-established in 1988, how- ever, it no longer had the support, aircraft or resources that it had once had. MacLeod struggled to keep the club together in the face of decreasing DCA funding, and in 1991, Cadet Doug Ross '92, took over the club and kept it alive for yet another year. This year, Brett Sciotto '94 was elected O to the club Presidency E and vowed to establish 9 it as the premier club of E West Point. 'L ln the following days, Cadet Sciotto set out to find highly moti- vated and skilled cadets to compose his staff, which now consists of ten members, each spe- cializing in a particular area. To the credit of this staff, the club is approaching its goal of premier status. Since 1992, the club has seen two classes of cadets graduate from a newly- developed ground- school program, orga- nized three Fun-Flights, increased participation two-fold and hosted five guest speakers. These O BRETl'SCIO'l'I' GKOUNDED only for the mo- VIEW FROM ABOVE as mem- ment, these flyers stand proudly bers of the flying club get a good in front of their craft. aerial view of the Academy. ,.....-1 55559 vw' -5 llfffdeff Y, .'.' 523 ,JK 7? Uv z' riffs ' 54121 f G - , nifL"f-2 may 3'-v :amy 4 -ig- -1-P' ,TK Njifggi 1' fp. Q31 'Q . .. V . -. k',c,'f,:-,LQ if il-Mft? fgftiif - iii external accom pllsh- gfftgflgv aria: T- .Q . W V, -, ,,. . - , . . .T ,. , . . . ' iflfygz rnentsl however, are gh. ,jigs pk gig, 3,:2.Q,,,1.r gk .. -bfi, L55 .. 1- ff.. ,J - , ,f,. 1 .4 .-,1 vw ,,. gf ff, ,X-4 fggcg' ,,, -: ,gfgwf 1.-f,f,, , H, X w. - Q -- a- -3.4--f., A ,,,-3 ,. X-f-fju' 1. .. ' - - - ' ' ' merelya reflection of the internal club structure. -?,.g,.413t-3-gv -T A -5FtlfZ:PP?fw.g'm5.,f-, The club now has about a dozen licensed pilots with . 52,515 5,535 'A ,g,3,1,3,,g,fg-g ' -- f ' : 4.5Qhe,m. igi -5. g.3f2,.,,,2j-2 it T . . 'rrg-j.,gr. ,pq-42,3-, nf!t'g5"'fQlV.73-'51'7gf21ngg'2f,,ff iii--I'g,Q nfgtgwfg' M , at least three more on the way. The West Point Flying E ji' -14-3,-r3?Y5gf .jfgfygig-,QL g.i1fe,,2s,1f2ti. ,gag r.,':W:fff?4f-T . - . iw' 'K' 4574 .4 -fqfsmgi pf"v:'f :if ---1.52,-.Q-62f.-Q fflf?-fr-W: :rye-.gzgigigtfiiif-31,1-,gr5' Club IS pre pared to take off into the future. S55 . fig: H,-V., ffxizp iEi2,f',ffffff,flff:ii3qjgf5r42Qa:,g,.:t:g3.."ff?Q3,sgf fig, psig . ,V , .- fi -, 'f 'Q-'16 Q' 'u"f4f2f'IK-.3 it L1 nr.g, ,q1,3 1' 1 -pt itz'rQ,5f.3",,f,,fg,3 sg 5, , .Jr-,..j.':r..pfg,EQ,gir'. 'y,f'L.ffg'1f.-,tgyvgv g5.,:g.m -'Kwi- gf, . ,,fj,iggg.yy,y-ff-W I , i- J.. 13.17 -UA-' : 1 4 rwffftfsui ' A. ,y.,,4r,pf' 1 X fu.:-"t-xr-T 1 f4tf.v,.-1' Mfsc, H- iw.-,Aw1.. .,- 'Way' in Y C wif fs 1'V3i+ar.-rw 1 - K-lx'-T-ice-A9"f nf'i..2l-.Qui -A T rf t'tfr'1f2f-HP :fi Fw izm'ff"lff".k.,Ekf'f3i?4f'fLof3kT ff r-4-.,,fw.sgY?Wri4'-A . 4 ,lgiwr-'f:.'fg..1fti: 9. r,1-xrgriw-,B 1-f -f15.?'i-V :,"5y-fa ?'H3f3i1f"Lf "-.',g5g-'ylggifrz-rg .ief,e,.:',3?-Zw,gW9" 3, -A Q15-'vigil v,y,'.2?-Ez- -..-3-.Q 'V ' 12 f ' if-1: .ff -Qfrfgirff.--P1'f' , Q . -'L--'Q W . :,:t".sfM ' 'v -. Q' 9 1' ,FW-1: THQ 1' -as I F V A V Q A g V ,A V rife -fff-'wwf.wr '.4q5GE,2'-rr-34 i . :-y-W,-f'v'-25. "rf vi 'M ' f.- -.-F.-x "i'htff:.2 ,-as-N,i .4.,',,, so -gr .sg - -frirgr, .-i.t,f:f.,: 'fs-..s:rrv. -1 ,- fy w 44 f?.ff"f ",f-mt' 4. .- f--zfeafigz Li .3 ft H5155 'lflgfi-'L if Q:-lff95ff1gQ"j' Paifrii- '- f"'3:s-.zkl Sig ,21 Q' r 1 -A ff -A ' A- : ,g ,l"v.5vgQyfQ,Q!,,,1tz:.-: lsfjxazg ,- an Q.-Q1 r-,Q-fatal:-.. , .bf Q-,gfQ,i,efj fm --9,1 X., -ix. g4QS,ui?V:N.gf'i',,, .N.,., .vf .410 ,, ,,,.5f,,-g....rg.,, .-1,xArM..53. ,I 3.4, ,QW -,E .M kv, ., N,g.,.e,4,a:x- 4, I aug, ,YJ N., HJ :mfg , k:.L.l:?'.i ,, V5.1 A 55.1 1.5, My 4 in gi, grawvfif., alfa, 1152. .yvxzix 3 Y W ,tnrJN,hi'wS, . v:4'7L:q2i-:fi gi - Mt h 3 ,gr ,"5?17g43-Whlfgy-fLiW'3', .slryffgrl ' kr-,ki-if glrgrgx.-rl,-L Qyjiy, fi-y ,in 5 Y. ggi.: ,Q EQZLQ gi. l5:.'5-fifiziif 471,4 ' rf5Cf'f:'-A-.leafs ffff-s'S 4 - .ff J".-Ff-fr gf fi if 12.451 it ff J "k:i?'f1 PILOT AND C0-PILOT. these flyers are happy for a chance to get off the ground. HEAD ON. Cadets sit inside one of the craft that takes them high above the Academy grounds. P Si 3 . . 'W is-I,.v ,A 1.5: f Y :aww X X WffwgzS"" LAW Qf ,Q mmmmavswmmLvwmMuu gmiiF,mS,mQNKmg..sm.-w,.u.-M s-z.'z..-nz:-c :ummm n a sunny morning in October, at the FBI Special Operations Center in Wallkill, N.Y., Cadet Ron Parungao of West Point eagerly buckled himself into a four point racing harness inside of his Caprice. The Agent, an EVOC Instructor for the course, gave him a go and soon the Agent was a shrinking figure in the cadet's rearview mirror. Cadet Parungao smoothly drove through the Serpentine Course, holding a steady speed of 40 MPI-I, grinning with satisfaction as he finished without hitting a single cone. A hundred feet away, on a different strip of the driving course, Cadet Chuck Weber flicked on the siren as his partner put a red light on the roofoftheir car. Ahead of them, the suspect's car began to pull over. As it came to a stop, Cadet Weber positioned his car like the Agents told him to and then used commands to remove subjects -- alleged car thieves -- from their car. The cadets arepart 9 ofthe new Law Enforce- ment Tactics Club quircp. The LETC, in SE conjunction with the FBI and the Army's Mili- tary Police Corps, work to provide West Point cadets training and ex- . . ,- X IZ E z --n W Z fn E -4 O Z 75 ALL SMILES, these cadets got more than a few good lessons in law enforcement from the FBI Special Ops Center. NOT EXACTLY MAGNUM. P.I. But these cadets are having fun play- ing cop anyway. -rw an z E -4 3 Z K " up 'f' ' Y 1 :Q if Y V if '-fi-iM fx, a.g,,,f .W iii? :sew-Iv' fi 'R M: fifla -,',,..r4' ,, af e..H.ff', Q .M " Lf,f'v"i:Qjri,'Vgf"j 3433 4 f awgwfa 1.4 ,S 'wifi MSE-f1".s 9' 4 4'?TjJgi'?"S"1f?'ff15 N aa ww ga-:X ze ??f3!1Sw,,,w5'ff'1, ,. ,A ,,J',,.,,, 1 J- . 2 .H -1:-"s f Nik A79 ff Qin it A qg"L,"?i3?1f.a.,f . . 9, g,,:3f n n ,,m:,'fv3 .migggi,,,,,, A W2 59353-tif .0 3':'V3:51 - X gmxgii a 743- - ff?-J45?i5'ff,7Q3 A!i,'vx?:.f'RA .4 ff 5 Zfzlfilif 'ff Affkki ww Q., il' 5 ., ,f ,zu-1 ' Aff 'fi W-aff -.gf 5,1 Wm , f?f5fj.'2 1 fliffti f:?5fT332-if 2:53333 fri' 6' Wqftfr "fr an "Ai?53:iWf'e gfffvy if W h5"'f?:1 fl xiii? lv Www nf 3? 9"-1 H 1, f . ' 3',l,:,3f?i.:.. , of . 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My hope for the future is that this club will continue to provide the Corps with an outlet to the history of our profession, for, as Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are con- demned to repeat it." he Civil and Military Engineering Club's pur- pose is to instill in cadets an appreciation for all types of engineering, to inspire and assist cadets in becoming engineers, and to have some fun while we're at it. All EM502 RAFA Rangers have partici- pated in one of the club's most popular activities, the annual RAFA run. The club had a full year of activities in addition to a full docket of luncheon guests and various small excursions. ESSAYONSl ne of the objectives of the National Society of Women Engi- neers is to inform young women of their qualifications, achieve- ments and opportunities. The SWE club achieved this objective with activities such as luncheons and joint trips with ASME, and had a great time doing it. e of the most frustrating as- pects of being an engineering student is that we never get to design anything which we may find interesting. Sure, we've designed bolts for a sit-up rack and gears for a seed spreader, but these designs are, quite frankly, boring. As mem- bers ofthe Society of Mechanical Engineers, we've had an opportu- nity to visitengineering companies, do our own designs and take part in various speech and design contests. While it may be true that engineering at West Point is a time- consuming, meticulous discipline, ASME offers engineering students and the Corps a chance to apply what they know, and to have fun Military Film Forum Society of Women Engineers - v,n:Ww.ef,1- -L, ,wfwzlw y. Af . -,Af ,W K , - ,-, W ,,,,.,,,-,. M A 9A.M?QR?E 1. Q' .-,- 's ",L 5 ,Y Ao, hile the Sandhurst competition has its Sandhurst sword, the prize at the Scoutmaster camporee is a coveted cadet sabre. More important to the cadet participants, and the scout partici- pants, though, is the weekend of fun they all shared. "The best part of the camporee is to see the interaction between the scouts and cadets. We try to have a cadet sponsor every troop so that they really bond," said Cadet Jim Niemic. Throughout the weekend, scouts called for 'more mud,' but this year's event was graced with beauti- ful weather for the entire weekend, a rare event for the camporee. In spite of this minor setback, scouts made every effort to find mud wherever possible from the rains falling throughout the previous week. About 5500 scouts attended this years camporee, representing 150 troops from fifteen states, with participants from as far away as Louisiana. The troops, and their cadet sponsors, ran through a series of events in- tended to build the cohesion ofthe group. Each event allowed the participants to gain points towards the sa- bre trophy, either by winning the event, or by showing a high level of motivation. Motivation was not a problem throughout the weekend, ascadets and scouts alike en- joyed one another's company. "Once you adopt a troop, it's like having 20 little broth- ers," said Niemic. The weekend began with a hike over Bull l'lill's crest, and ended with the awarding of the cadet sabre to the victorious troop. This year, top honors went to ExplorerTroop Post 5 1 8 of Tunkhannock, PA, which now gets an automatic invitation to next year's event. Cadets and scouts all eagerly await next year's camporee, their only hope being that they can improve on this year's event. With the help ofa little 'infantry weather, ' next year's camporee should be even better. 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M RELIGIOUS CLUBS or Christ and the Corps! Those words state simply the goal ofthe West Point Cadet Chapter of Officers Christian Fellowship for the '92-'95 year. Some of the activities in support of that goal included a prayer breakfast, fellowship banquet, the weekly Tuesday night chapter meetings, sm all group Bible studies on Fellowship House and sev- eral retreats. All ofthe activities were meant to bring people together for times of worship, fellowship and fun. OCF members choose to live life for Christ, and by our lives, we present Christ to the Corps. rotestant Chapel Choir's main purpose has always been to 'make a joyful noise unto the Lord. ' The Choir meets on Monday nights during the academic year, and often on Friday afternoons. Primarily, they sing at the Cadet Chapel for the Sunday Morning Service. During their years at the Academy, the Choir grows into a Christian family. Members often com-2 ment on the Choir's? impact on their lives,2 and how seeing famil-E iar and friendly faces,if has gotten them? through many aThayerg week. E 1 E' ach Sunday morn- ing about 25 cadets wake up early in order to spend the morning with children from the community. Their mis- sion is to aid the Catechists, officers and their spouses, in teach- ing children about God's love. Four CICS support this mission, teaching the Catholic children from 0900 to 1050 every Sunday. The combination of all the cadets' efforts gives the children a great start every Sunday. E5 rotestant Sunday School teachers have had another wonderful year. Most challenging and im- portant of all was trying to express to the children how Jesus wants to work in their lives, but first we had to understand what he meant in our lives. We had to remember-- constantly -- that he died for us, so we will live for him. 'f , fl f uw . THEATRE AR'-lj-s G-1.-HL-I? ebe Perspective: For me, TAG isjust a way o get away from the company so l can relax. Not only does it provide the opportunity to meet the performers that come here, we get good food, a chance to watch TV when we are not working, and even get to rack on one of the soft chairs and sofas at the theatre. With all these special privi- leges, though, the work comes first. arling Perspective: As a yuck, TAG provides a chance to get away from the pressures of company life witout having to take one of my precious few passes. lt also gives the opportunity to meet new and interesting people, learn new skillsm and have a lot of fun. TAG involves a lot of work, but I wouldn't pass it up for anything. ow Persepctive: As a cow, l find TAG pro- vides a great experience. Working at the theatre lets you meet so many inter- esting people and do great things. Since l've been here, l've met Fleetwood Mac, George Burns, and the Smothers Brothers, to name a few. l have also learned a lot. The best thing, though, is working with the other club membersandthe Eisenhower Hall staff. That's what keeps the club going. l have learned a lot about myself and the abili- ties of my crew backstage. irstie Perspective: l don't work with TAG to get away from it all. Ijust enhXjoy the opportunities TAG offers. TAG provides many opportunities for members to practice their leadership skills as club officers, directors, producers, and stage managers. For some reason, ljust don't have as much time to work backstage as I did when I was a plebe and yearling. Enjoy it while you can, everyone. vgmfg ix HSS, '- v x 'W Q X f as 1 K 1 ,Y A W 1. Q l A f 4 it V A ,.:qf,g:, i as ff 4 Q f , . , 4 , Q? n ' mmyffwww w . f X A j 54-sub. va. W - M J, ,S .. K . 45? . I ,Am YA , f 4 UJYJT' 'A U . . ,VA my 'JfWv?f?w w sq? A .,. if .fwki f Qi, r 3 an g? 5 Q BIC. BROTHERSXBIG SISTER ,N -v -as 7. gk -!.wf.Qy t kh Rev N.gfwl f W 'f' K+' Q. NF --an . ww-91 ' . - HP- ' - -ggmw ANQYN 1: , W V. . .. .551 3 - - - .. X VF. N Wk 1Q..w+-saggy! . VM- - kk,, -QL N v,,.5Nm3St ., Lf A ww +A AA.. K ,.. -- -- W NN . K -. . W.. .K N Am. ., --Q-.2-,.,.. ,,,..""f X , Xhrggkyih .f A...- U U xx'- ""' . A 'A H' ..... UW VISLTXQQ N- ., t. .-. y Qsl""" -iw M. Q. W- ""'-Ms... w. "Qu-Q . K .., -. '-,W 1. vw' j,i',,Q,-. 1 if ff,g,.f . .1-5. if , lands . 'buzz "W Nfl- U. gy, 2' ffh 1. w ,l.x-Y -.'v Mig, .A YN,-J 41152514 ,, ,. ...Q V- " V ,,.,,+ 'ZW - ,. WJ' hw .YA ,1 K I, x fi we . . BROTHERS I en before the big push toward increased Com- munity Service work, Big Brothers and Sisters was sewing the less fortunate. Established at West Point in 1978, Big Brothers and Sisters began as a group of about 15 cadets, each with a different reason for participating. Some cadets wanted to take a break form the rigors of West Point's routine. Others j ust wanted a new friend. Regardless of their individual reasons, those I5 cadets started a tradition of giving back to the community that raised them. The idea has become increasingly attractive over the last l 5 years. Today, over 200 cadets participate in eight different events throughout the year. Just this year the club had a picnic, attended a football game, took the kids to an amusement park, went ice skating and bowling, went to a group confidence course in Newburgh, took a trip to New York City and closed out with another picnic. The children with whom the cadets become compan- ions come from manydifferentwalks of life. Some come from single-parent families, others from large family--where they come from mat- ters little. What matters is that they are all looking for someone to spend some time with, a friend and a role model. is For those who S to have participated,it is one of the most rewarding experi- y gggiy W ences they say they T B .... 5 havehadattheAcad- emy. 1. G 3, 1 , T ff it . . ffl -X-'A Nfl 2775 5? AND THE WINIYEK IS... Every- one on this day. That's the idea of Special Olympics. SPECIAL CLYM PICS I et me win, and ifl cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt,' said the Special Olympians in the oath that officially opened competition at this year's event. The festivities, however, had long since begun. Cadets from the Rabble Rousers, Equestrian Team, and flop Bands provided enter- tainment, and hundreds ofother cadets served as sponsors, event officials and the like to make this year's competition a success. lt would have been difficult, though, to not have the West Point Orange County Special Olympics a success. The event has a proud tradition of provid- ing a good time for all involved. There are always plenty of hugs, smiles and fun to be had by all. Cadet Jason Jowers, President of the Behavioral Sciences and Leadership Club that organized the event was pleased with the participation of cadets, who are an integral part in the success ofthe annual event. Throughout the day, the cadet sponsors and their athletes got to know one another as they enjoyed the clowns, music and fun of the day. More than 500 ath- letes, each accom- panied by a cadet spon- sor throughout the day's festivities, competed in events such as the 100 meter dash and high jump, as well as adap- tive events such as the frisbee toss and softball throw. According to Cadet Alan Thiessen, who has participated in the games as a sponsor for each of his four years at West Point, "lt's true what they say, when you help and see somebody else win something it's just as rewarding for yourself." Forty athletes qualified for the New York State games, and even those who didn't would not have given up this day, with its new friends and hours of fun, forthe world. That's what the Special Olympics are all about. o A o 2 .J 2 2 E 1:1 251765 IN HEL L- -me "Quo ' s u.5A'1'CD-I 1:06 ME .. :ac ,Nl RESERVED FOP-BDSM FWZ- 2Ye'L'll2-S Mom? , Cwuu, pg0QA84,Y BE 6411615 P0SruUH0USl-Y? Q ,.., ,gaepggp 2ESPn0Sl9u,1'rY: 'Q pL5Cg5AgED SUPER?-VlS10AJ t' , .vi af. 3 vents or neu, ff mis X' 6oM6'm1r-X, 11-4E W OFF-mal GL, USMQ ALMRD pon' ' . - STDDV uuaromm ,Q 'TL ' 45352 miie? 'Q A . - " - 1 TUZE as AK' 'K NOT CE POS 2355 11.2 ff - 'vo 1-um' oil A Docs ABOUT' li 5 474 'ro 'ag H pr wg-n-4 A '0e:wsOAPe?, 555 ' i ,": I 3 WT Y v , wi, wg M if fij mei Pi ' 555 N 3 'fffzzff' 11 Cow eco-1 uc 'rms U1 - ggi? g' ' 9 i ,Q K 9 is .'?3" w . A? 'V' 51- ' is ' Wf " '- 'r "f f , -. x -4-f - ' ' 'f r gf- , ..1 Q' . A - , Jr. , I n w 'fig K 4. , 'xv'-E x Mi 1 2 7 -wv K iffsy-fi 4, P "Q 'img 3? - A' - 4-"V'A?f'0'1sf?H-.af 'g.l4w,, ' 'Zn 'ivfi ws 4 --1ifiif1', .XLTAQQS ff7ew,2: ff""f. Qfcgbiw .M m Q, Q' 1 '4f ""ivSj,4Ajf3f','1?gfav-11'fafjEr 'K' Ia-4'2ff:wfwff f m.F1E'lw,r2'iNiz 'f"wP"zfw, fff 'ff-1Yss1:f2f.xfaf':iQ-,fy.Aw',1' 5 ,Qfi',.,wy, 7, , . J. ig 1,151 W - A 55 ,Q ,Wyse-:23,,L,QE..,.Vs K Jig M,.zLhw.b!f?,:,lgg, Sf' J5:Q1fff yf1?A4g.i3t1ggpjX'fQ,z4v,ias-gi-tm.T. 1:5 iyggg-pflggy-1k,:g'1,w3,w:s4 rtfggww fig? vszisggigilgf f,aftg3,5f'5Lf'f!5,5Q.w.1,,ffi33- 13 .5 , 5138 - . W f 'Wh lm. f u wh .v'FJf'f x wbzr 1 iff-Qgyefisr "'i'ex1?1w,+gg4.'+4"f..' alfgg,Q:.'2',,ws3'za - A' i ' 2131+-I 'f Q' ff I-2.1529 7 ff' T i lf' "W, -uf Gffwii QRPA3 72-535-.5S"1i'Hrf 4ff5i,51?'W?W'37ifZi. i5f94ii?5"? v af X .. . . -Aw A' K f-'fz-ny .1 ,V - 4, , M , VE" 1, . W' is ' ,g4g,'ff1':' X '1 ', .,,,,. ,-LM' U ,gr 5-a:,y',,f'-1 , iz.. 5 , Vf , . M H -wi' :gm Aagmif-45QQfg'5'. imyggf4iweQf'fM ,4:d'a'45??i:n1ei3Z?'gI:f.E'1i:vmsf34 Hif?f:53??f?5vffz'1v :'ee'fZ5.1-1:s.m'iz72if'fSf?Ef':Q mf::5:'w,a :QQRM7 i?fc4?'Vr,m'g'3Q..2:'M1mui,,wZv1-3g4 .,,1'4Ps... ,fQh , 1 . y K g of , ,, .M..,,,,,W,,.7rP"A, u, , .ly ebels! Jokers! Clowns! That's what some people think of us, but we must admit that we get away with more than anyone else in this unique and bizarre place known as West Point. Just remember how many of you were told before coming here, or even during your sentence W to 'keep a sense of humor. ' That is what fueled our antics and we hope we helped capture the West l Point experience by making it a "little bit more wise and a whole lot more fun." CJJLJ At this time, I wish to credit the fellas that worked hard the last couple of years, the ones who always scraped something out at the deadline. fYou know...those deadlines we kept having to move back.J Tom Mathis, whose artwork was beyond incredible, Rafe Hart, who has been contributing his biting sarcasm since plebe year, Mike Figliuolo and something about Hell: Erik Aasterud, who claimed to do his best work while at the Firstie Club, k Todd J ustman, who R I wish we had before Firstie Year: and Don Tidwell, our photog- N' 1 rapher, with the 3 most warped sense ofhumor. We leave IPM"-USM -'W' " -f f s kn w'n that th - snub 00 'flfifr UQSHNED HM' 621455 O ' 9 em, HN-gmp. AMY 74,5 ture of the Corps WEEKKDU Q FMA -m1gxzn3G magazine is in the 'fs HEAD ACME .rw Hun Aww NME good hands of Duc X 0 whim Pnoataw flea V" Lai and FYHHCG B066 UIBDEQ sl Hoang. Finally, we EYES 5:2054 . U Q J. - want to thank.lVlAJ y Aurgigi-N512 , 2 -1: Ciruner for taking a Fo?-PWSKC-S Pm, - I ' lf" VOCGOT' TD Sl-'MV6 few HE rounds for us H-gp A'-Www , ' fromthe'powersthat -, A c 1, if A , - :E-iw? ' be and keeping us Q, I -5. gr Q 535 5SUrBL2QAs 3 was ob UM I COL off the area fwhen Ayv C NECK L W ' we weren t getting 5,14 ' ' W ,Al mlwgolflg on for other th1ngs.J :L , ,M .ie ,g ,C .ci ,-551,25 , 1 We also want to jf' ,Ag cnsmev cHoPP6O 9E5F X -. FPGA UKT. LJ thankthe Corps for 1 'H 4 6674 - .Q 'W Y 'HBGFARMETPQ L .f KIM A... A ITEFQR' their support and ' submissions. - 1 fyg ffl 55'f.l.-Wi.. E+15'f '7Z11'3 '-i f-J' f"'551. fg a-. L , ,f'V 'f"i' -,t.f 4 512- W if' I' 3: 3 H51 7'-2 ".i' P' " 1fK'fsW.f N 1' ' if . f i Kee Smmn 1fg?33i.QL.g M:f',f2.m:1,Rt2.5tT+'I'A '5H.sw'l2sw+.ff P 9' 'iz W -Bogudus. ,Ji mf ,ff ,df if .4?'f37Yi.45iti'7p+fJb':'?,f.?.'l'fP?f 7'"twikiwf.JlQq:"fZ'f.w3fYxmV 5 ' r.+vi'w?25'3+!5if'42g iysytmwsx? W li' 1:sH5133'4i1f't'fe'41r'mf55,3'1...',ffha "'?32f1gx'Xi57v"w:51:4-?'F'r?"4 v'42i?'fg4,a 'fffiegf 1-' it tif Sym? fiuffff' 4215-'ff it'5f.nWfeQ -T-QL-94??rffJ2 '3Qffr2'IJaf . .J ffaf 1. 1.-"J it ifnf4'h'L3'f.'rf:,.f,?'i'Af" . ,- 2.2--:W v ww' A f - ' ' 1 ',,, 1 ,iii fi W' HW ' L V, ,gfmiwrw 4 .... .fc OP BAND l WKD his year saw a lot of changes in the way that the Hop Bands Club operated. The emphasis was placed on getting bands out into the Corps to play for the enjoyment of everyone. The three main bands in the club, Vocal Minority, Stucco Mon- keys and Roadhouse, all put in great efforts at rallies, company parties and the Firstie Club. Roadhouse reconstructed their look and style early on in the year. Jason Miseli led this band to better musical style, which will carry this club in the future. The Stucco Monkeys played to a wide audi- ence and continued to impress the Corps with their style and technical ability. Vocal Minority continued to ruffle feathers in the Corps 'til the end. The heavier alternative style ofthe band caused many to either really like the band, or despise them for being 'uncadetlike.' Although the club has lost its official status, itwill continue to exist through the work of Chris Reichart, who has kept the bands going through his extensive use of duct tape. This was a good year for the club, and we would like to thank the Corps for its support. ne of the more popular programs WRDT, 89.5 FM offered was the "Magic Carpet Ride," a classic rock show airing every Mon- day night from 1950-2150 hours. Cre- ated by two best friends from Roches- ter Minnesota Ctlohn "Mad Mac" MacDonald, I-l, 1995 and Ren "Simmy" Simurdiak, F- 4, 19955, it rocked officers and cadets alike over West Point's airwaves for two years. lf you liked 'Takin' it Easy' with the Beatles, sipping drinks on the beach in 'Margaritaville' with Jimmy Buffet, or 'Truckin' with the Grateful dead, Magic Carpet ride was where you wanted to be on Mondaynights. SAY WHAT? John McDonald GROUPIES try to get as close casts a sideways glance at radio to the music and its performers as partner Ken Simurdiak. they can. x ,. 4. , Q mx I w J i 1 TEC BSU Although Teens!Twenties Encounter Christ QTECD is sponsored by the Catholic Chaplain, our community is open to anyone who feels a need to be closer to the Lord. Our group consists of, not only cadets, but also many officers and their fami- lies, midshipmen from the Merchant Marine, Coast Guard Academies and a few civilians. During our weekly meetings, we sing, pray, read and discuss passages from the Bible, listen while members of the community share their faith and kindle close friendships that will last a lifetime. TEC also conducts three weekend retreats each year. These weekends provide an opportunity to relax and focus on the important things in life. Most importantly, the TEC community really knows how to have fun and care for each other throughout both the collective and individual searches for spiritual growth. IQ 2-95 was agreatyear 5 for the Baptist Student N Union. We changed di- rectors, with Rev. Blackwell, sorry, Bill, replacing Rev. Harpe. We also got a new CIC, CPT Crabtree, who took over for MAJ Austin. Through- out the changes, we held together, grovxdng close and enjoying the family atmosphere which de- fines the BSU. Our retreats were successes, with the pos- sible exception ofthe sosh class at the state convention, though someone CRoyl enjoyed even that. Also, we can- not forget this year's talent shows with Abe's card tricks, Stan's Cajun accent, and the Navy jokes at Bill's expense.. Leading the way this year were Ed, Dave and Nate, and they knew what they were doing. ..NOT. As a group, at least, we knew what we were doing, and our BSU experience has set us in the right direction. "Honestly," Nate says, "The song sheets are coming." Take care. tu I ER U Ld. ONE IN FAITH, members of TEC SING ALONG with these strong- stop for a group photo during a lunged members of the Baptist weekend retreat. Student Union. Rigs - GF eff' ...gm YQ 'WSF KN SIILLSVWEDIINN if i gh 4 f , A f v ig A Y ' 1' ' ' l , 1 -W b . Fwvryiij 1 ' ffm Q 9? Q A Q V V ' 6' iv M s N: ' sh . , A W 1 ef an 1 , - .ri .. , :, .,. +25 v . A -ff 1 ff ' . .. we' I A, . , K 3 A Q Mm in 'md 2 3, A , , 'T 1 ,j , g k - 1" ' b LANGUAG CLUBS he Russian Club was established to provide an opportunity for cadets to improve their language ability and also to provide a look at Russian culture. The club accomplished this by playing Russian board games, watching Russian films and taking cultural trips. The club took trips to Brighton Beach, the United Nations building and Washington, D.C. In addition to all this, several members will travel to Russia on lADs and the Academy Exchange Pro- gram. Other cadets will receive in-depth language training in Washington, D.C., asssisting nuclear weapons inspecting teams in their work. The Russian Club was led this year by OIC, Major William Alewine. He gave a great deal of time to assist in club activities. Cadets Tim Hughes and Scott Langford served as CICs for the year. Anyone with an interest in Chinese culture, language, history, art polticics or food should con- sider joining the on chinese Club. Q The group's activi- Q ties include watching S movies in Chinese Cwith English subtitlesb, trips to New York's China- town, lectures from experts on Chinese cul- ture, and many others. On occasion, Chinese diplomats and officials come to discuss their views of current issues in U.S.-Sino relations. All are encouraged to join, regardless oftheir focus of study. he German Lan- guage Club is an academic extracurricu- lar activity which provides programs of events relating to the culture and society of German-speaking na- tions. We annually sponsor a number of academic and social events, to include a trip to a German restaurant. The OIC makes films, TV programs and Ciemaan books available and encourages Cadets of all classes tojoin. H I H GETTING THE POOP, these LET S EAT Say the happy members of the German Club dis- members of the Chinese Club cuss the culture with an expert. SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE, this group makes it hard to believe there ever was a cold war A LITTLE SHOPPING attracts these cadets as they go abroad with the Russian Club. 3 U ww, ? T FCA he Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a cadet organization under the direction of the Chaplain. Its purpose is to provide struction and inspiration coaches who participate. spiritual support, in- to the athletes and It is directed by an Advisory Board made up Officer Representative and seven representatives handle coordination with their respective athletic teams. The FCA serves three functions at the Acad- of the Chaplain, an eight cadets. Twenty- emy: a Prayer breakfast is offered each Thursday in the Cadet Mess, individual team huddles meet every religious activity night and FCA sponsors pre-game gatherings for focus and inspiration. The Thursday morning prayer breakfast enables cadets of many different teams to come together to share support and in- spiration. The Team Huddle provides an op- portunity for interested athletes to gather to build spiritual muscle through Bible study, prayer and encouragement. The l'Iuddles also contribute to team unity and sup- port. The National FCA pro- vides an opportunity for cadets to be involved in leadership during summer camps and programs. In addition, it allows for inter- action with other college and university FCA chap- ters and provides interaction with coaches and professional ath- letes. STEVE VANASKIE IIVIPARTING KNOIIIILEDGE, MAJ Miller shares his experiences with FCA COUNCIL interested cadets. IE HINSVNVABAELS PRAYER BREAKFASTS pro- vided time for athletes to relax and show their smiles. - if sr. F Army's Debate Team traveled across the na- tion to compete in the Cross Examination Debate Association tournament. More than 20 cadets from all four classes paired up in teams of two to enter novice,junior-varsity and varsity debates. All de- bates used a policy and value focus. The topic for first semester was: "Resolved that the welfare system exacerbates the problems of urban poor in the United States." Teams argued a wide variety of cases, including the homeless, health reform, education and dependencytheories. West Point competed in the Midwest as well as in the Eastem district, with schools such as the University of Vermont and Suffolk University, winning numer- ous team and individual speaker awards. In October, Army hosted an invitational tourna- ment, with debaters in attendance from as far away as Colorado. Two Cornell teams finished at the top, debating for the West Point travelling trophy-- a cadet Sabre. GEN Galvin, Chaplain Funk and the director of Or- ange County Welfare sewed as judges. Second semester shifted to an interna- tional topic, with a new resolution: "Resolved that the U.N. implemen- tation of its Universal Declaration of Human Rights is more impor- tant than preserving state sovereignty." The semester began with a disappointing loss to the Canadian naional team from RMC in January. The team picked up awards in several com petitions despite blizzard conditions both at Cornwall and the Chesapeake Tourna- " ' ment in Baltimore. i The team finished the season ranked 50th with several two-cadet teams 1 in the top 64 in the nation, with Ciingee Ciuilmartin earning a spot on the All-American team and Chris Faber receiving the Scholastic Debate Award. VE GOT A DATE. What do you an I have to go debate?! l'm sy here. 00K AT THEM! Hey! Where'd ey all go? They were here, I ear. gm, 5 fgiv 'K-3.1 e -'Lx--1f,.1!'1 w- .n2Q" T,-'J-- OWITZER YEARBOO Few cadets ever wander into the room on the second floor, down the long hallway of building 720. But for those who do, they are in for the experience of their life. Being part of Howitzer staff is about commitment and meeting deadlines, snap- ping pictures and writing copy, long hours and great friendships. The constant cry of this past year was PAGES, PAGES, PAGES. But before the PAGES started rolling in, staffers experienced yet anotherjaunt to Toftrees. There was Nathan's music, Derrick's "paddling up the river withouta paddle", Muppet's cooking and leaving a "burning" sensation with Gauch, the wrestling match, Major Minor and Aster Blaster, Aster's roommies, and Tim's hiatus. And that wasjust over a weekend! The rest ofthe year created Igor Sr Schnitzer's Gourmet Dining, the "walking" camera, Steve's dance partner, Paul's philosophies of life, Gauch's infatuation with "G", Mark and Tim's Bogus Journey to New York City with Bobby, Ken's snow- boarding adventure and 'broad' jokes: Derrick's Yearling Weekend 'date', the Gauch yell when PAGES were done, Shelley's indecision as to what size en- largement to get: Jenn, Steve, MC, and the Phantom OIC's early morning ride to the Pentagon, "I-low to Degrease a Pizza lOl", the revival of Homerfishie, the mail- box from hell CNOTIJ: the metamorphosis of Steve's BMer, the death of Mom's taxi, Tim's Indiana Pacers Con- nections, and MC's great pullout for Corey. -11" It was a year that saw the book presented to President Bush, General Powell, Secretary Cheney, Secretary Stone, and General Sullivan. It was the year that saw the 1992 Howitzer win best cover design from the Columbia Scholastic Press. It was a year filled with dedication and reward, but most of all it was a year of incredible camaraderie. - ,- H M Wkliw' w fwwawmmk ' M MW- , H wwx. W ,w'- , H, Qi ,M "W W'MCMNw--ww.. ,W Qu 1' M :W J ug ' ' ' , +1 . .T w ,, -Q, W mu- Q, ,UW 1 14'-'. 1-,LMA -A 'Wag if V SEQ 'V efgfl, gig, 5.5. . Mu, .1 A . ,5+...-A- -un A 4 -3 f H F Q. Www qww Y M Q MIM 'W' qi W N b x 1. 2+ wwf f H- fgrggq' - - ff- vci Q, Q HOWITZER STAFF KE NXARK BOE Wm . y aa a in M ww' ,V We xt wah 4 V' -iv s WV: 'Q -V WATCHFUL EYE. Katie Karwan takes pictures at graduation cer- emonies. MICHAEL J. FOX he's not, but Derrick Toddy is content in being his own popular short guy. s 11,3 4 .ig f, ,r X . .X .' -' X.. H. X. ,. ' 212QyLgrffe,,w'aytia,wkipcmr 'Y f af? 521: . .155 ' ' Y '-:.fi'g1' ' fi:-., A ,gs . .Lf 4 A ,4.. 1g., A. ,.i, '.-- ... 01,2 , 13, -,-'.',.sf,-,, V x"Qf, for 4 .N A . ,mf KI he Ciloom Period, while most cadets dread it, provides the best time of year for others to enjoy their favorite pastime: skiing. Beginning during intercession every year, the cadet ski instructors hit the slopes after classes and teach people the great- est sport on earth: downhill skiing. The ski instructors seem to fit right in at West Point, hanging out the windows, staring at the sky after class and praying for precipitation. When it does come, they still go out, their skis at right-shoulder arms, and train under the lights. The club had a big turnout this year from veterans and beginners alike. Beset by big monetary cut- backs this past year, the ski instructors nevertheless managed to have some memorable training trips to Windham and Sunday River. The club receives instruction on these trips from a collection of the best pros in the Northeast, and it shows in the cadets' instructional abilities. Mother Nature coop ul R . x erated in a big way this yearwith plenty of snow as Victow Constant Ski Slope saw one ofthe best seasons in many moons. lt's going to be a long summer. . . Tl'llNKSl'lOWl ll megan-' ,ff 1 v A 1 1 v f 1 1 WOXLLSCIH H NHOY m1+"wgsg,:5w'1 'L 1' 'hy J, .,, , ., ,, 1. wx ,, V K A , WM, ,',-A .4 - ,I , --4,w,4Q,f'f,w agjf .W , g, ' Any l'g"'i"' "V 'rg' EY' ' X" 'W' V+ 'W 'X W 'g' 'A' MAMA' f,-Z'yf7!w.fff'L -TW! Z'I5'1',':Lf'95fl":?f MAIN CLUB. Front Row: Michael Keown, Troy Thames, Rick Storey, Drew Syphus, Anthony Ray, John Frederick, Jeremy Perkins, James Densmore, Howard Mclnvale, Kenneth Meno, Jerad Harper. Jason Cook. Second Row: David Cwik, Jonathan Weaver, Donald Williamson, Max Clegg. Joseph Notch, David Harvie, Eric Zampedri, Scott Smith, Gerald Cabacungan. Victor Vallerga, Charles Lewis. Third Row: Antonio Rincon, lan Llewellyn, Matthew Geraci, Mark Guy, Dan Robinson, David Love, James Cairns, Floyd Drake, Jonathan Yun, Dale Degen, Ronald Demott, Thomas Jones, Chadd Newman. Back Row: Steven Sowell, John Mountford. Graeme Parnell, Kerr Wall, John Kazigo, Stacey Pittman, Jon Byrom, William Radicic, Charles Phariss, David Hulme, Daain Thomson, Christopher Holm. X R 'li OFFICERS. Front Row: James Densmore, Gretchen Cudaback. Sec- ond Row: LTC Frank Dubuy, Graeme Parnell, James Caims. Ms. Ruthanne Schempf, Jason Cook, Christopher Holm. Third Row: MAJ Greg l'liebert. MAJ Chris Fowler. ne ofthe most visible and audible represen- tatives of USMA, both here and across the nation, is the Cadet Glee Club. Since its founding in 1908, which makes it one of the most oldest and most-revered clubs at the Academy, the Club has gained worldwide acclaim for its vocal perfor- mances. The inmense talent of its members is focused and directed by LTC Frank Dubuy, the comander of the USMA Band, and Ms. Ruthanne Schempf, piano accompanist. This year, as in every other, the Cilee Club made several trips upon request oforganizations throughout America. A complete list of past performances would be difficult to construct, but a synopsis of this year's performances includes: Lincoln Center, New York City, with the University Cilee Club, Statue of Liberty Commemoration Ceremony, Tall Stacks '92 Festival, Cincinnati, Ohio, Melrose, Massachusetts, with the Melrose Symphony Orches- tra, Atlanta, Georgia, Houston, Austin and San An- tonio, Texas, a New YorkJets game, nu- merous others throughout Penn- sylvania and Con- necticut as well as concerts on post. The club con- sists of several groups. The main club, traditionally all-male, is known mostly for its patri- otic and moving repertoire, per- formed with formal precision. The Mixed Company is a smaller group, containing males and females, which is gaining a reputa- tion for its show- style and lighter ensemble. A de- scription of the Cilee Club would be incomplete, though without mentioning the smaller a cappella groups such as the Group Tones and Six Pack, which perform past favorites from pop, do-wop, and gospel themes. The Cadet Cilee Club indeed provides enter- tainment and its motto, 'No fun without music, no music without funl' always holds steadfast. RUCKER N DO "3 5 ,E3 --2 fa ,ff wa 1 1 5 3 I 1 -E .L 1 5 ,.4av :iv , A I S' - t-':. j 5'1fsf'Mg in hkpmf- Zifkf?4b-. 2-A 'fit is ' 1 L Eifflff, 519' .lb N 4 i ,ggiiigifggg Q-yfqg. 1. 1 ir ' 'g:'Y'Vf. pyhff px Q L, 3:1 Q .434 4 . - ff? V? 41321 ey :: :1,ef,w Q -gi.-jf 411 lf 2 gliiq Qfijfff ff".1'T'1, A .,,, 4.92 -fi. Y. Vw 2' Av- ,kgsw ,P , , if .. sSff.,R1x 1: Q- Qpfiisi Q-if Mu :Y 1 'Y' s--if '. QQ, Xf,L,t . 'Nl 'JK " in Y -Pyxg, ,pf .mggfff A . Mwbl. 2.1-'A in-r -C .-f 5 xi 93.5. 11. A-.eq . ,V 'gym .. A ,R .1 'E ,X -sgwgx Xin . V 841 , .Mi ,w , ,-.. gmt Jw f-ff .zrn--,f - .rw-ef-' if-11'N5,-A ki uf- . A..-.?f'iz:il 5 " J 'cs me '- -fsgy: 4, H I-f 1 f- ff- wwf- "fs-fwf "1"' fs 'NVV 1 N -C'i.' N-5' . gg -yYr,,'5-. 5,-:'1.-1. -, 5 'aw m.?-"ff 14"-Y1. vw .1 Vw 1' .fn ,,:+Q,' .:'L'i'Qf"'?fX:"'. ,IP 5 ,vm -1 5, xl' Z?-vw'-f f fy- :Pg - Q. Sc' 'iff' ,. -6- 25. ,- P'--,vile ' Ninn:-se+.l1. , 47- as ravi. 'f vu.- sm-E if -ifflig -, .f FQ-15 " ,- -11 -"1:d!', i ffg Ti Q52--rl "K ,I .' T :L fig- '.'-5 ff, L i:.: 'J 353 'fL1,g'1.if-',m,Y'- '- Q' 1- qw' ff. .. . A Q Ji .b ,,:,. 1, ,I k,'..M.xr, qw.. ,. 1, ,, ,U .V-x-..,.,,x,,,1. 4.-. ,.. -. h 9,g,.t , ,, v Q L 1 JwA,7v,:,V1-.M M lf. 1-WV., :M xy. . 4.41, Y .-555 1 -ik. I 1,4 ,. ,W A-N' ML A . ,A .- I, W .hx 'Y , xwm .L 'fs ,'- .-5 .13-,Q Mfr .rw -, . ' .Xi-,.'.' 'Lg -Q' -'f,pA,,'f'1',,' -, 'g 'g.. V: 4 '1' -SKY-ix. 'I gif-'K ' za nl.-4 wil, ..',,,3 ,Q-yu.-,-'-",j. ""5,,,f-,Vi ,Y Q 1" ,R h,. -,?g'g-.-5w".- ,.-lp, 1, . -7 .1-I-, , vxmfl. '52 .-Q-112, i,'Q,,Q?- 1 ' I ','-gd' ,,ffQ.55?f,f-W,,4f'4. ,' f.f':- -4".'f'QJf.ff,.g Vie,-1.172 'Q -3 A 1 ,7-k"Qf.'1'g'.-'v'xi 'f' v,i.,+3,5f lj 5:-5'-.1 jf 5 bm ,. .f: ,as Y. xv -5 5-. -A jgf -f j' ' ,fy 'fQT9k.5a1g,. Xa, A x,j :Z 'gf ff: 1 ' '-fa. ,2.4f.,1. - Q -aku yu- -. 1 .,j.g"-f Y yy i V ,4 L.. XA, X x . ,lima kigvrx. ,Lg .ri mv. 1.4. 1.-b?,Q.Y,f, Jijfx,-A ,, if P Q rv . ,...,,J,If,x, ,.', ,wi -Q ',v5Qt,,sI . I: Kim. tg ,. SWAFFFWEJ SHERS earing tickets and giving directions to first balcony -- easy enough, huh? And CCQ authori- zations to boot-- seems almost too simple. However, Staff and Ushers did more than memo- rize the cryptic seating arrangment at Eisenhower Hall. They learned to deal with aggressive cus- tomers holding the right ticket for the wrong night, or the wrong ticket forthe right night, or the right ticket for the right night on the wrong balcony...you get the idea. They even overcam the obstacle of seating latecomers "at the discre- tion of the management." Perhaps one of the biggest battles was to convince company First Sergeants that yucks simply couldn't pull guard and CCQ on the same night, but ,yes, the CCQ authos finally came through. Disregarding many pleasant hudson Valley Weekends and Friday and Saturday nights at lke Hall. lWhen was the last time most non- plebes wentTHERE on a weekend?! Of course, any- one who worked some of the tough- est shows could convince you that Staffand Ushers de- served any priviliges they got for pulling their weekends. Take the Foreigner concert for example, where club members re- ceived orders to 'CLEAR THE AISLESX 'Cha, right, as if... One nameless plebe complained that when she tried to w - --1.1 4 l .f ig, . V ,.,t .,,- - A ,5,,N,t. - mei... 4' 1,-Q fl ,f cf. ff t, i, N., 3 ' xl. mi? ' X aio' ,in - K. . ff, ,Q ' --L'-'U '14 I , SU, ,- r. . 3.,.,,,,, -,S JM .5 V QPU 35l2lO5I5lllVW D.ClDIS"l'l wt:-5 5,..."4Ul4 mmm-8 Ngts W 555. :FD-2o.jU' 3',.,r1-:,C -1 5 5-s-mm EO-grit: . ssh!- zertgcg-gr, 'ft sv- .-" 4- if ' '. G f" ," 'W-f'-x-',1"' 2'-Q-f"f:'a.,' ' ff 'mx' -QQ' Ffmy .,'g'w?J -mi' 3"VNz'f'tffi Y V Nfavl ", f-A fr' .,f,tjgV,3,ulixiyygrffgfvxg gyfmxhur-f,V,5f3 'Ggf4,:Q,I'EfQg,igi3m-.g7, '-2 .355 3 f ,Q ,..s3-QQ? ii Ifjiffii ??'..J'ff,',f,QP -3- ft 'fvinj W M lf ii E W 11.-.455 fffiftlgkfrrgffiikl Tv- W-. Q-?f"ff,'1si G, 'Q' Z1 . ' iff-'5f?'.',-J-.1 ' ' ff. -.V 1' .Qt , J. 1.-gg S Av, V 1 if '., 231, .g,l.l1Q,-51,5553 5 . :fi-' :V Wqgh Alf, i,,'Ey,,-5I,13?.BWmLf'g.1. fig' 2.:zf,:.f"',P , '-. lf? -414 -'?:v:7e1'fs F1431 vita fi' -2 ,Q .fa,.F',Y-fifw --.iz . 3'?ffn?:- T ,.--3-11, s 'fm ,Q '-sf . '. Q, .,. J-Q '.'- , - tqfgt,-1'- 64' A 12 I 1'lf73f5. 5 i l 5 1 f Q.-wi-'lla V A-2, w. M , F 2215:-, f1.?raw- oi It 5 'ff , eff Q T N f WT- , 4 K Stix' W f.:w..gwQ.:g ' fig 1 4 t ' . M .4 Y t x,v'uwX?i,i1i-If VK 4 .M :,g.7'5f 5 2 f 4 Y" ff'-Txyfifttiii HF' - 05,4 ar tkfg,-,ff gmt? H- ., .. .5 - 5. 'T:,.f,f'gT. I "'1zi,,' 'QJmf'TQgi2g 7955- H-qt.,-4 Lg :N -pw' N -,gig -4143.-y,j'l ' ar V. vw qu, ' 'mf' 'Q Nj" ri?" -.,'t..' 'f"5l': "'. :Lf-"f'fQ"-324-,QC ' ifglsi, f ,V,. X A Pa :T fm., , f. W 4 j I-,gig--2, if 4'i'f-'iw 5IfQi+F3,ifl'f?4fffEf,' 1 52m 2' 53 .." - 1?'?f7-?2f"?2slf?-1575 ' 3 1 if ,,1',,'L. 13' it V wtf L? 5 .4-f4,'2'1xi g.gfr',1 :Wi "V 13832 T: ' 7 , , , '- 455 gf, e-P 1-r r-r wv CS U : 5 sm :v ftfl?-' O Q fb 3' 7 rv ..- D- O 2 rg ro '4 :l ,tii,1.ri.'ff?s'.f ra 5 5 O fb 51' Q 'i,iyfQV' ff "1 CD 4 n -- .?lia".f-Wiui, 95 "P O E m N 5 gg 1' fn fb at 9 9- ft .. 0 E 2 Lg fi 5' O 2 I 5' ci fi wif-'ff 'K H cv an E Q" F Q, -1 Q, - -. C U' 5, o f-f Q1 O mI"mO:.-15 57fQ4ti',j : .-. F" 4 95 ro Q H551 :s :s 5' it m Q :C V'i5l":f5g'.lf'ii3'i' CD 59 N gf X cn 3 7,'w-W... ,gg n 3 rv 5 O 59 i:.J?ff1i-.wg-, iff f-P rt ..,, rn rn 'H U' 5 -. O U' 0 5 C O .ggi-'.g ,-1 f-r '-1 N N 5 5 sm U, FL Qu fr ff Q Q1 FJ C 5 V1 5 2- ff., U, 4 : :' - C 21, - N 91 5 s: 191 - . sn 5 3 .3 ' ref- qs-2' fi O N O fb E41 i'T1g'ef- 5 3 5 C3 F1 3 s: -,rg r f-r 5 93 ck,---1,M A S 'QS gn fo 5: F 5 Q' U 5 Q 3 f' ,Z .- rr mH4m:SOcn A 4, '- f -Q if .gf sr , sf . fp:,g.,-ig: far' - l',-. T 2 x.Q'fg"-,i',J1" j'-'ix' ,-'T-Z'?-1',if23'?:ffzi,,r J ixygfmfhstff J s 0 K, W i """""' Hmmm...'nuff said 'swf-w G .A?, . 1 if-Q' 9.4,-N'-7 . . Y DELEGATE SPEAKS: Cadet Patty Westbrook delivers a speech SPEAKING HER MIND: Another West Point Delegate at the Third Plenary Session at the West Point SCUSA Conference. views on an issue at the West Point SCUSA Conference. expresses her I Kv:,,x ny,3k,Xxk,.k,55 .FM,,, M1 V .we 3 ,x,,,, ,W ., , we W .. ,, , ,MA .,..v, M., , . .W X K .Ha fi s mul n mid-November, approximately 220 student delegates and senior participants from universities around the United States and the globe met with cadets at West Point to discuss the future of U.S. foreign policy in the 44th Annual Student Confer- ence on United States Affairs CSCUSAJ. The conference is the oldest of its kind in the nation, and has involved such dignitaries as Ambassador Paul Nitze and the Honorable Richard Armitage. The schedule of this year's conference included: roundtable discussions focusing on specific geo- graphical or issue areas such as Europe, Africa, and Global Issues, a panel discussion with noted policymakers such as GEN Galvin and Representa- tive Ike Skelton: a banquet address by Mr. Theodore Sorensen 5 and a student delegate dance which gave the cadets and theirguests a chance to unwind and mix in an informal setting. The conference also showcased the Military Academy, as visiting delegates lived in the barracks and ate in the mess hall. They shared stories oftheir lives at college with ca- dets, while also gaining a better un- derstanding of life at the Academy. Many lasting friendships were formed and a good time was had by all. H5 1 A. K' ' .swf -.',f3'z-3 'Q f- -'IA F ' 3 W .L new 4-.sf aff - .wx -.Y 1, M, ke,--N... -- api? :iw - W GET A GRIP or you may not be on the rock much longer. Some motivation, huh? . LW ' ,ii . v'-in , R Y I-1.-5. R .N ,- - gf? dx." . ka-f ' 'll-K - f- ---1 Q xy, . J 95- if ':- 115 5+ v A t +5 , ,xv . ?JSgZ FF wx , M as N Q 'Y . ss 1 . 'Ji : " ' fx,-2.12, 1 rf :Z - ,T . ' . ?"'15' f,'-'?.fg2- 4 , 1 ., A-gp.-, 2 Z . " . wrgffb- "fC'54gj-'A . . lf.-Qi? 'fl' ' SN " , ,. I ' 'L ,IJ ,Lg-k3:.fk, Q. '- -if .h - 814. -'-1, .w 'F . gf- ,- C' fi -P1-' 1 'f 17' 3. wg 5. - ' - 'w -. ? j ,.-'fp '. if'-7 ' ff ' ,. gg , Q Q, 55.5 ' 1 jx' - ' f :'-' .- Y- 5' ' 'T KA-fi. lf 'Q Wx.: ff- mf.. -- ww . ", .M f . f, . ,f lf'-1 11-y 'gif X3 -'Q I ,, . Q1 'Krfiijgf -, -f yy, "gl .Q ',- X -T ' 2 4' '-2.1 . ' 1 , ,"," 'Pj , YT, . . '- 51. - 5' -'J if 1, ff -' Y vu "2L"F, if I ' 33-'XA ,X .- 3'-4f,,'v,'ff Mg Qifgy 1g,14.',.. , 5 . ,K ,K H., .. KU- .,,'.:,1q?tj.x, .gif Agn, 3 w ,,g,Fi,r 9123 it 3 , , ,gk f ,-,K .. A., , , gf: -,yy-A Q .y rw, :fl , . , Aix,--fHk.,yi.. A-X,xJ3:.f sm. Q J?.:L:,,' .fits L --,Ng 4' I . N' - Lf 1, - ' ,.3b.AlNk--.gif 5, aff, , . ...gnu :gf . , ,if n 4-.19 .I ,ph V. A, AL -.Qs ,,-. 5 f. N.. ., 4, J f ':.f '4 S - ,337-. , -vig L.. .- 1. Q6 A ' e ' .IG . GL .glee royxdepaixgw -F ' K.,-:H . v ,- .x lg: -- ' 2, .. 6. K 1. ',- .. ... . - X V f D W H- .v J - . I ,ig 5-. ' , .' f , ,, ,- F9 fy ' :Jr , ff- -pf -'Zig-33 4. . f ' , 3 -2 ,E 6 n,mbegs-dunngA:.,5. 1 -QQ Q, -T. Q: ' ' " -M 'Z' " ' I Q. ,Qi-f'?gfL 3' Q--51' X --,Q '15 fg u. , gr -. ,215-Q ' Q4 M1 -- ', ',-,WY J? ,f.i".y-gs-1-45, S r In . 4 Q fbi' ,jgffs Q ff- 5- 3.1-M ':. 1 1 I k 1 J.-'AQ ,fix '-.1,fg. iff- K' -Q '. 1 , ' -.-g- f f., ' f ' x 9 'Z' . .xbj kj Qp.-,-": mf' 1 fs-1: t1.f.X 'f1.f1...f:, 'P ,DQR-lffik-Q-fQ?35.1, W - f pf., ,. K: f ,f -si Wg F J 'H' Q 1,-Mx-'ZS'-f"y,z-. i -'Aff' -'C' jfgg, . ."A' - , '-f - gf, Q',fQQ,F25 f,-'QW ' W " ' 'iff'-QW if in--it'Q'J:i fQ'i'Q -fi M:-1 '3Q5."u .Q rg' , ' ' . fy '- X -f , .y , ' wt. . .5-, ' " '1'-1-1 g QA.. A -Q m ,A .,-,-ww x, 5 I .Lk9,, w fx 5- k 1- - gn ...ng 1"'- -Qs -, A.. 5-S., , ,eg - . ,iw -, f. , .' w .. K-. ,. -- Q, -4- hw -,w .K W- f A 1 V- Q- LK' -','- , 'Q' , , - W ,- : . - f' 'ir,,4g, f ,fry .. j'.,,ff fb '.1, . 5 '124'- ,M .' X - .11-.1 -' ff, ,wig , a. .0 . ,L :cf Q tl ' .. M. --f"f'f-51 ' M-, af " 1-.L ,.".1'f-f'f2--5 +' . .1-v A sw- 1 r di- 'f' ' 7 ..mf-.-- ewa We Dolft 1 ff-f p V - .4 '- . A -. Q .,f.... A , A , ,. .. 25.0.Th . . . , . . . 1 , .. A. - - ,J ,- .- ,Q ,' ' . . -..: ., -- if ' . '- - - - - 1 f - f -' - "9 1 -- 'ff'5.nf-12. .- N - 1 2 -f' '- ' " . . 1 73 . . ..-2, ... ,x 'X V J ' xv'-.V ivl' , .. xr--. . - r . 1- f -3 V . -A - -A 'f -fx. --I-3' A' .. 3. 4 .ff-1' ',e':7-'ff' "LISA 4 Q K X ,It .K .. .Ri--L., ,Q E- 4, -. I . .. .M A N. S . . Q e P ,K 5.4,.,. , ...,,L,r,,7.WN , x . I 1 0, . , V, ',- 1 M ' s f If f f ' , . , href- , 554, 5 Q - 5. f- ,-- ,.,,'ff. J ,. X 4 X ' . ' ' . . .1 Q .f - f ..- 'J i .xi nf Q' 5 ' 'H 1- , 'F' 'K' ' v X w X " M f. H . Q Y , ' TW., - V Y' J,-" -' ' .Q ., ',:.,Q" A J-',,.f ' f 'J V i-"yr .f be wi!-. f ,' I 1 N H 1 fx, . Q' .Q f Q, w1'g4.f-.. 'g",5f'-152, .- ...LT-1'-. '. , .-.,1 if fb nh f : A 1,1 ,,., ..- . .. Ava, ,3,.., u. -. .,. -.x,, ..w,',J .,.' -,.... ,, 4 up 4 In N1 :J iv -- 'f. '-: wi' -'-1 - --'-f.i-.'.1w ff Y s fs--..:' ... ' '.-.X W 11- ..x.1.,z v f 1 f i f ..,.. ,,,: . ave you ever seen someone scaling a cliff? Whether it was on a smooth vertical face, a widly exposed arete, or a painfully overhanging ceiling, you said to yourself and others "That's crazy!" Have you ever watched someone tackle a route up a vertical sheet of ice? As chunks of ice fall swiftly to earth with every strike of the ice axes, you certainly said "This is insane! Why do they do that stuff?" Well, the answer to that question varies with every climber, for some, it's the fine-tuned state of physical fitness, others, the adrenaline coursing through the veins, and still others, the freedom the sport provides. Many aren't able to explain why because the emotions are so often beyond words. Climbing offers a pure stress release to break up the normal day as the world melts away leaving only you, your partner and the rock. The mountaineers train hard in anticipation of weekend trips. With the Shawangunk Preserve, a re- nowned series of cliffs, nearly in the back yard, the op- portunities to climb are limitless. En- c o u r a g i n g continued participa- tion, veteran climbers roundouttheirclimb- ing skills in the winter with ice climbs all over the Northeast. Excellent instruction is given to all levels of climb- ers by the several officers and veter- ans involved in the club. The afternoon finds commotion in the club room. Climbers grab the gear they need for the day's climb, partners considering which climbs to conquer, and Coach lecturing against leaving the room late, all adding to the familiar hubbub. Then they're off. Ropes thrown over the back and 'pro' hanging to the side, they saunter off in step with the en- chanted clinking of carabiners. Dean's Wall, Crew Wall, Flirty, MP Wall or Molmberg whatever the destination, until evening's cloak falls, they enter into a different world - the vertical world. 252 TIM VILES, EDITOR E S I i K ,...,.v. V. ,... .,w....z,-.,.,,mh.,.., M -.,.,, N1 j5. . '- 6C.J1frfvf1fcI1fv9y wav? 255 254 THE ARMY TEAM here are twelve seconds remaining, Army has overcome a 17-point third quarter deficit, and Patmon Malcom prepares to kick a 49 yard field goal to lift Army to an unbelievable come- back victory over Navy. Even though the apparent game win- ning field goal moments earlier was nullified because ofa delay of game penalty, the Twelfth Man continues to rock Veteran's Me- morial Stadium in Philidelphia. The snap, the hold, the kick. It's got the distance. lt's Good!! Army wins 25-24!! That dramatic come-from-be- hind win over Navy epitomizes the 1992 Army Football team. A team lead by an extremely dedi- cated and tight group of 16 Se- niors. A team with ideals such as commitment, courage, dedi- cation, enthusiasm, and inten- sity. "A team that never never flinched," according to head coach Bob Sutton. Although the 1992 team did not accomplish its pre-season goals, such as the Commander-in-ChiefsTrophy or a post-season Bowl bid, it re- vived Army Football and got it headed back in the right direc- tion. Two goals the Army team did accomplish, however, and ex- wanted to turn Michie Stadium into a "lVIadhouse." We wanted opposing teams to be intimi- dated when they stepped onto the field. Well, with the assis- tance ofthe Superintendent, the Commandant, the USCC Staff and Faculty, the West Point Com- munity, andthe T WELFTH MAN, we made that goal a reality. Army defeated Holy Cross in the sea- son opener, Lafayette in a home- coming thriller, Eastern Michi- gan in a crushing manner, as well as Northern Illinois. While the I6 graduating firsties will be missed, the un- derclassmen are ready to step up and meet the challenges of tremely important ones at that, were to bring winning back to Michie Stadium and to Beat Navy. At the outset ofthe season, we the 1995 season head on. Just remember, "Those Who Stay Will Be Champions!!!!" FINDINGTHEHOLE. Chad Davis works the ball upfield against Holy Cross. fr x ff' if ,'-fi, J 47 MARK BOEKE 256 The Winning Way i ROLLIN' LIKE A FRIEGHT TRAIN. Once moving, Chad Davis is hard to stop. 9' vi wi HARD CHARGING. SLIP SLIDIN' AWAY. Steve Weber takes it out wide on the Akili King moves well within range hand off. ofthe endzone. A5 j, m 7? ny 7 E nw Z, F .1 U ' 19 wg? Www W M g A we xxxxxx ' ' my we El 'LF W' w w YwW,a:.,w--5 Y U wi f A WW' M X +'wWMM -JJXRM7 M MIWJWMMMWW A 351309 DIUVW zu-mix - ll NVHLVN M. A w-an., A- drw - if af i 1,5525 'X THESTRONG ARM. Running back Akili King runs over a Lafayette defender. 24 242 HOW SWEET IT IS. "ARMY vs NAVY" is more than a football game. It is a game rich in tradition, a 100 year old rivalry that continues to exemplify the meaning of competition. The battle fought on the grid iron is more thanjust a game between two prestigious academies. The Army-Navy game is a competition for bragging rights throughout the entire Army and Navy. Dec. 5, 1992 was one ofthe most memo- rable and exciting Army-Navy Classics ever. Navy exploded to a comfortable 24-7 margin in the third quarter, and then Army rallied to within striking distance. The Army defense led by Mike Mclilrath and Dan Davis put a VICTORY clamp on the potent Navy offense and opened the way for Rick Roper and the Army running attack. As time began to wind down, I watched on third down as Navy pulled Rick Roper to the turf. I walked onto the field with only twelve seconds remaining in the game. This was it! A dream come true, and yet a night- mare. Hit or miss, l would always be remembered for this moment. As the ball came back and the hold was set perfectly on the turf, l kicked my last career field goal. As the celebration ignited, Chris Shaw brought me to my senses as he grabbed my face-mask and alerted me to the dismal yellow flag! It was not over! A delay ofgame penalty pushed Army back five yards. l was forced to try the kick again. A numbness covered my body as lstruggled to focus. The midshipmen celebrated as if the game were over, while the referees counted offthe five yards. Navy fans were then quickly silenced as the forty- nine yard field goal split the uprights! ARMY 25 NAVY 24!!! l ST DOWN! Chad Davis looks up at the linejudge to confirm that made the mark. Q0 aw 52 Q. W? WW S iw gm B -M16 9 if ii! I W ,asf it Q IA YYgQ w 1, f 'N wi YES. MORE YARDS! Steve Weber can be counted on to get those extra yards. ,Vf znspm e - i If if , 'P m W J A , 3 45? Sf ,ii .f . ,J r 353. .' Q, , Ja, fy M 'EF -. 6, ,idx :Y sf- f -nf , , U' 3532225-.,,f 422 . .W fin 1 'ua ' Rv ' A Q ,, 9.3112 :1 - 1 , A 3 Y' Q 3 .A afg, f in . , m 9h .KN 3 E fi 5 S il ,Q 152: 4. .v,. my M NAV M, GH 5 '55 , Fi ' el 'f' 'X 1 2 WWNV ,A V Q . v,.. ? is k1,54Jl': 1 ' f 1 v K l' z F - 5M5JE,9.g mz Ef:x:f5z1TA 3i2 qfA2f5fg'?M'3fQj'-gffgf-1f'1?i?i5 gM'MQJQM 1,EHQE.E5,cQg2a5gM4-W5w5fV'52- 4 ', .f5,5!1-2QP..LfA,ff45aG gpa4gm gap -51 Sf 9' -3 l afQQ32ffifwQ1 Q' SF "fEw6Y 1 1 if f 5E H,3 :1Qw 5vQ21 EQNBSQ an g"s1.g . "5 W 44 J- 5Q' fQf' ' 34 555533 . 1i5,'3Qaf 3 4M M" " A 97, 3954332?2 f2P. m.4.X Qa 271349 any Qswffg 2, EJ' '92 xifiqfi,-ig A ig Rl fx Q f I 9 A 9g ai 5, 54, :TF 3? 7 I M1145 Y 248 NEVER SATISFIED '93 CONTINUES THE WINNING TRADTION he Army lightweights had their sights set high this season, coming off of a 20-20 tie with Navy the previous year and re- turning as co-champions of the Eastern Lightweight Football League. The Army seniors had yet to lose a single game carrying Army on a three-year, I8 game winning streak. The unbeaten streak came to an end at Cornell in the season opener. The following week, the "fat boys" from Albany State came down to lvlichie Stadium. Undaunted by their oversized op- ponents, Army stuck to its game plan and wore the opposition down, defeating Albany 24-6. The third week ofthe season had the Tigers of Princeton invading Michie Stadium. Quarterback Chad Collier ran for two touch- downs and halfback Paul Salmon piled up 1 10 rushing yards on just five canies as Army defeated Princeton 55-7. The next game, Army had their final home field showing at Michie Stadium. Chad Collier ran for a pair of touchdowns and threw for an- other, as Army surged to a 42-l 2 win over Cornell. The Cadets routed the Big Red and avenged an early-season 20-l 7 loss. The following weekArmy faced Navy in the l0th Annual Anthracite Bowl. After visiting grade schools on Friday to talk about the dangers of drug use, the Cadets spent the night with fami- lies in the Pottsville area. Army came up short of yet another Anthracite Bowl Championship as Navy caused four turnovers and capitalized on Army's mis- cues for a 51-14 victory. For Army, it was the first loss in 10 bowl games, giving the Cadets an 8-l -1 record in Pottsville. Two weeks later, Army travelled to Penn in what was to be their best game all season. Amay scored in every quarter to drop Penn 42-0. Army then travelled to Navy in hopes of avenging their earlier loss. Their dreams of becoming the lone champions ofthe East- ern Lightweight Football League were ended as Navy topped the scoring 48-50. Though plagued with numer- ous injuries throughout the sea- son, Army still managed to finish the year with a winning season while the seniors boosted their career records to 20-5-2. BIG "D": The l50 lb. defensive line with Bill Gottmeier, Steve Talbott, and Matt Reed stop all traffic. READY, SET...: Quarterback Chad Collier looks to lead the Army Team down the field. V L ,W W in -, M Q- ji 4,4 3 ff' A '5' , I ,w , I Aw rx-few.-' x - f..,,, Q 6 , V ,M , ' x 1, L N . 'Y .w-grdf-.ph 1 4 K1 V, 1 fffrreifffs 'if H J V ' 41 qv 'nur 'iv ,,'J.D?VV' - U 'buff 'L 1 " 5 91, ,. ? ,W ,F , My ! , l If fu 'li A M15 REE HAN NAT UNSUNG HEROES: 50's linebackers, like Wayne Townsend, always seem to make the big play. 250 The Winning Way Y an ! ,. it Q 3 5 ug 1 'Q M K ,. QS? " I, Q is sg Q is , W HEHOSI BMV - w f 05 Q pm- M ""'I4g N, "' 5,406 A SEASCJN OF MAGIC AND IVIENICRIES HIGH GOALS AND DETERMINATION LEAD TO we went into this season with a team made up of thirteen seniors who had some very high expectations forourselves. After our first couple of games we were ranked 14th nationally and number one in our region. How- ever, aftera crucial lost to Adelphi in the third game of the season, the team could not quite find the number one spot again. We quickly bounced back and played one ofthe biggest games ofthe year against Hartwick. In scoring two goals against Hartwick, we played the best Anny soccer seen in the last four years, SUCCESS or ever for that matter. But in payment, the team lost defen- sive "thug" Kevin MacKenzie to a foot injury. This memorable game was the second ofa six- game streak where the team never met up with a loss. The Army vs. Navy match this year went to the Army team. The classic duo was defender Bobby "Balboa" Baker against Navy's star forward. Baker repeatedly got the best of him. Army, touch- ing the ball around with magic, took out Navy with a 2-O victory. After going undefeated against all ofour Patriot League teams, we brought the league playoff tournament home to West Point and went into the games as the number one seed. ln the semi- final match we rematched Navy and came out ahead yet again. The game then went into a shoot- out where Navy missed three of their shots, due to the world- class goalkeeping of Lucas Rice. We lost the next day in the finals, but the season's memo- ries are unforgetable. A few highlight goals of the season consisted of John Ross's winner against Syracuse in the Dome. Brian Loftin's freekick goal around the wall and into the upper corner ofthe net against Hartwick was "magic". Bran- don Carteen's shot against Fordham from a no-look pass from Mark Eberle, gave Army the win with 54 seconds to go. Jay Robinson's flick into Navy's net for the win. Lastly, Chip Krotee's blistering goal overthe head of Bucknell's keeper brought the fans to theirfeet. 252 The Way SORRY CHARLIE! Brandon Carteen doesn't give his oppo- nent a chance as he plots his course upfield. 15 4 Z 1 0 " ,L W. f .. , 1 E xy , , FEV' kv ',m. J' Er, 5 RPN? gvyyiw .V HPF ' , 13" ,. , EW in 'W 1 WZ" if il ' Xf YJ X' Q ' ' V S1 .W new mv Han" ,, ,M - ' -f ' HRH' .vw 'ass E '55 f, N - K3 an .4 A KN 4 if ,,i, .- A if A oegf ,Nav 54, 37" mm, mmf . Y 'SEEN' my" f I fi : " 5? - Q Z3 " Af A ' f -. W ' ' fx ff. ' X I fail, , KX?-ff53eiX,ff2 ' A ,V we 44 .gm .A A '- tel? , .v-,,, . "r"wz'.'4g , j Q a 3 E1 lf.. .5 0 W as 4 if Wim I w ,mf fmig V, .6 ai, 256 CLOSE ENOUGH TO TASTE IT WOMEN MAKE A RUN AT PATRIOT LEAGUE ccasionally sportswrit- ers and historians talk about "the greatest team of all life" and then go on to describe how the quarterback never threw an interseption or the striker broke the league scor- ing record. However, these are individual statistics. To rate a team you must look at spirit, cohesion, and charac- ter. Looking at these qualities, one can honestly say that the 1992 women's soccer team was one of the greatest teams at West Point. With a 16-4 CROWN! season, they were also one of the winningest. The Lady Knights rarely fal- tered the entire season, beat- ing their previous records of most wins, winning percent- age, and goals in agame. They also tied their 1989 record of 12 consecutive wins in boast- ing four all leauge players fTosie Legrand, Tara Williams, Gretchen Meier, and Selina Devineyl. They dominated the Patriot League during the regu- lar season with five wins and no loses, but the league crown eluded them for the second year in a heartbreaking loss to rival Colgate. Despite all of these accom- plishments, any spectator will comment more on the spirit and unity of the team than the level of play. From a bench outyelling the crowd and do- ing pushups for each goal, to players supporting each other on and off the field, the Lady Knights epitomized a team which sacrificed anything and everything for their team- mates. ON THE MOVE. Andrea French and Deidre Spence lead a hard charge upfield. Nm ,M www? Jfx- I pf ff ' if 5-,.m v'w!7' " - pw W ,mfr lie'-' ',.f iii 3 MJF" AV" Hn in W ,gi W 4,15 0 , H W WM WW ymwnfi P- ' -ff - 'Y Mig? .i Lu ...J .fr Z 4 E 42 Z ' O '-'sf Q 1 3, 'V -M151 , - VM ' . it VJ, AZ, . 7 , ,V ,fiqgy ,T V W. ff""'mMw if, 2, . ' 1 , , , . + ,AV -.. I 3 F ,L A ' O O, , ,O if Qi F5 ,- , in V F: . , ,,1 i , ,. 44 QF ,WML , ig, ki 1 ,.,r I V' , V yy, ,L V L g V fi A? F V A , K O 63 ai W1 G , gh W V L f ff3?gif?'fg1 W W .i F4 hseh an Q 'ff 7 if F g - 3 "ii 'W K, . 1, fi f' f , , . ' f -" A T5 W!"1"" ' wi an" 1 W , ,. Q Y v, ' ' ,. .f im ' 3' iff " ' -, gf Y ,,,M.w gf j?5f,ggQf.5wf52+,f "Laing z 1 ' F .. Lk - i M ' . .f fm, , - ' 1 155 f V 7 K' Mramywwik I in 7537 Jissig ' - pi f' ' .:'-mf , mv K' H A 7 2-" i -"- I , ,, , 'Q A A ' ,rf::f ' f " ,f ' . ' ' as , ' -K :V 'Q w f '.-- ,JK iz Q fx 1- ,.-- -,ew 1"7'L ff ',-riffs ' ' H I M I 5+-fw'w,. 1, '.', V. X- I-M " -X 3: Z L,-- Y " ,. " . A - 7 'Q " , m y '+ Wa , :fi N " U if A ff A 7, y , X W ' af A , ,Q J M: wgzyg J. , ,, - W, f , f- sf , mf c,,'f ., i ,M , -. , -W M -il ii O , . ,. ,ag, .,,,.y - W an -7 iftiifff, .4 . STRUTTIN' HER STUFF: Lisa Pais eludes her opponent with a quick move. 258 The Winning Way WORDS OF WISDOM: Coach Gene Ventriglia puts the game into per- spective during a team meeting. 'Ugg 0 H 260 LEADERS 0F THE PACK ARMY RUNNERS ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK As the air turned crisp and the leaves began to fall, the Cross-Country Team began another season. With seven returning lettermen, the sea- son promised to be one oftheir best yet. In the opening meet against Syracuse, Cornell, and East Stroudsburg, Army fared victorious, losing only to the regionally ranked team from Cornell. As the weeks turned into months, the Army team met and competed against teams such as Albany State, Wake Forest, Princeton, Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, Brigham Young, and Tennes- see, defeating most and com- pleting the season with a 6-I5 record. Jason Stewart, Tim Steckel, Tim Cirein, Mike Bernstein, John Panhorst, Jack Swift, and Jeff l-larris contin- ued to improve their perfor- mances throughout the sea- son, going faster each week. A major highlight of the season included a trip to the Indiana Invitational in Bloomington, site of the NCAA National Cross-Country Cham- pionships. Over forty teams and some 400 runners com- peted. Army finished strong once again, capturing 16th place. The team was led by Jason Stewart, who took 19th place overall behind 1992 Olympian Bob Kennedy. In the meet against 6th ranked Navy, Army did not fare as well, with the team being defeated by a score of 57 to 19. The season ended on a high note, how- ever, with a powerful showing at the Heptagonal Champion- ships at Van Cortland Park, NYC. Army finished sixth with each member of the top five running a personal record for the five mile course. STEVE VANA NICE JOB: Team Captain Tim Steckel gets a hand shake from LTC Little following a fine run. 9,11 262 The ing Way HARRIERS SET THE PACE LADY KNIGHTS GET DOWN AND DIRTY he Women's Cross- Country team had many memo- rable performances and expe- riences throughout this year's season. Although the team didn't dominate many of its invitationals, it faired well at all of them. Our only home meet was against St. John's, Albany State, and Siena Col- lege. With the unprecedented support of an overwhelming crowd, the likes of which had never been seen at the golf course before, we crushed our opponents. The TEAM was quite young this year, with only l Cow, 2 Yearlings, and the rest plebes. However, we were closer and more unified than ever before. With OR's such as CPT Bouchard and CPT Kelleher, the team maintained its winning spirit throughout both the-good and the tough times. Highlighted by the ca- maraderie and dedication from all members of the TEAM, the season, with all ofits thrills and spills, was a pleasurable and unforgettable one. Off to a good start: A wave of black, led by Brandyn Pierce takes charge ofthe pace from early on 5? 5 f 5 M if if 5 4 . 1 4 B iii 1 5 if as ' iff! K li Q 'f,p. QL. 55 ' -M.,,..-.. , ,, I B K ...-.g AQ F fl- 264 MAKING A SPLASH . . . he Army Water Polo Team started off the season with three enormous wins over Bos- ton College, Queens, and Day- ton inthe opening home touma- ment. Luke Ihde was named most valuable player in that tour- nament with over twenty goals. With seven seniors retuming from last year, the team looked to be indestructible. However, losing two of our big seniors early into the season left the position of hole man up to sophomore Eric Hobson. Eric filled this position very well and was named the most improved player ofthe sea- son. With the loss of consider- able talent and experience the Army team had to focus on re- building and a commitment to win. Sophomores Andy Mclntyre and Steve Ray provided the shooting and quickness the Army Team needed to win. Sava Marinkovich and Chris Heutemyer did an excellent job splitting time in the goal. Scott Rowe provided a solid perfor- mance throughout the year with tenacious defense. Wins over Bucknell, Villanova, Richmond, Dayton, George Washington, MIT, and Queens landed ainvita- tion to Mid Atlantic Water Polo Championships. TheAm1yTeam placed fifth with a disappointing loss to Villanova, which pre- vented the team from advancing on to the Easter Water Polo BEAT YA' T0 IT! All the practice pays off as Drew Kelly gets to the ball first. Championships. In all we fin- ished with 19 wins on the sea- son. Next year's team looks very promising. With tough physi- cal conditioning the Army Team looks to have an impressive sea- son. Todd Bookless and Duane Lauchangco will provide the lead- ership and experience the Army team desperately needs. A good freshman class will retum as hard- ened sophomores ready to fight fora starting spot. Look for Andy Mclntyre to have the big gun for the team. I-le should again be the high scored for the team. Chris Heuttemyer, one ofthe best goal- ies in the East Coast will be a huge deterrent in the goal. ON THE LOOKOUT. Luke ldhe keeps an eye on his compe- tition. PL ,v L , 1 2 , , 'A , , f 2' ' if Q " affirm gif,-531 vs., ., .gl Af , YL ,wr ,Cz L V Muff V Xu ,ff W1 'V " xr If - F ' 41 V5 , 4 , Q!1-cfm-Q"ivffW "fEm 'fm ,,.. - - 3, ' Af "" 1 A ' F, -Y , -life T' gif ge , ,, may f-35:5 'Q if 1 JP Z' rn K BP W E Je Z F awn, Q,-Q.. A.... ,. , X .- ""' P. H ' 'K A ,. '- 'r.:z'fzfe:sfff-1 .sszzw--msfxwt fff.-fe -frfsz-wky M sz- ' " r 3 ff . . - .WM , . -...JW ..vAi rr ,... ,... ,X.v . .. ,,:.,.. ..X. ii. . A.kg,. .,::.,, . ...m...,, , ,,:. N" " -' Lggff - - .. I X' f- .A ' A ' A . .- - -- ,i.-1..1gq,- 1---5. 1 Q ' H - - : L- V--- . .- ' A K m - E A 2 .11 451 lm: A1 : ww' ' .. -1. 4555321-.3335:'.z,:?'.i,S:w15':E,:1s1.9:i:':.":: 11,5 -'12:f111s,.:'FI?7Lf'stf " ,:.fg51jS':Hgg 2 l3,..M,.. , . 3 - . . ,.r,.fq,g,1y..f-fim,....f.51..'::w: -V 1-: .ft af: s--ff-f,sf 2 - - QR.. -- ,. X 3 i '. -V . E '-h' i " . " Q 1-'fr1-:fs-Uvggsi..fH-we'svfgggsfr-1-1.w::.sz?HSm2mFm ,eg -.1 Mmwgf.-, . . 55, fmgffy .xx. .. N-X. N., .. f x. t5g5'Q1.M..r, ., Q 2 ? .. XLe,,.. X.. .YJ H , X , .155-35.i.t,5.5,l. .. . X. 3 , . ,. , .i..'ggwNei1sff.: 7 ' X . me f . iam X X x 3' 5 f ' .. 6 r - as-V 'fr .'3EfQ:ig.i'H:ff5?Egisiiiilfi- ""' ' .- ' .-' ifikfl '55 , ' - . , 'f.553kf:5:5-5 fn'-if '5'22fk15y'5 :V .-53251557sew-YvS:1'1essifFvfs--fsiay 5:13 .. .,, 7 t A -, .. . Y ' M - I 1 rf ..: E K gf' - . igkgw-z ' g--'f-gf. ' , -. .xs i.f?1v gi ' N f5s:i'1P-- Si--51 kff?i'?35I f'S ' -qui. '5E:?5i : : 57 55325- .:rs2: 3 X .t,:'izsP:5ijase::5?Z -,fin S gi Qiggsrgfi rf 'Sf 315515 A fy 35535,-Egsfm . .Sse.Q,.,?SY' m . f .. -. ' K Nerf fSfszfs".'1ff . f at - V: ' . My i . ,- ..,, J :W Q, ..,, iw- .,5gP1gsg. Qaezfg.. we . efwi-15-X .5 rug:-5. , af- -:msr5f1gg5..fsf .- . ..,, W , :uwzflir V- xX!W,ffe7h, 'lSit5:g.-ggji. KST' Ki"'WShAS3.az.g, - Q " 7Qgg.Y6ifN3s 'ylf9E,gg"S,5: K, K: . f A "is - -Sfmggggy:-5258 ' . . , M U 1 We W KN --X- H - -- 1 , A -A - I - ..--:,..:::.1:s g...,....g.fL "f A 'gf Q55 X , -1 ..., fart.. -v.,1:1.3 .. ., . . 1, . gg-g.,k.f f5 u r,iQ.f,1 - - .- .. .. A . K. A A -f-- ' "LL . , - . - I J Ni- i:L.s WJ h'ALi '-wwwk 'E TFQQT - wif A . L :FQ . - . 'LL'L A E ... . . .. ,. .. E m i I .. ... . A . NVMIIVBI SLLVDI lf -Q TARGET AQUA-IKED: Steven Ray prepares to score a point for the Black Knights! THE BEST DEFENSE...: Sava Marinkovich Clears the ball out of Army's territory. -Q5 H531 268 The Way FIRE FCR EFFECT PISTOL LACKS EXPERIENCE his year's team was an inexperienced one. We only had one returning All-American, Paul Johnston Cclass of '95J. Though inexperienced, we managed many victories by narrow margins in most cases-wins nonetheless! We remained undefeated until we met Navy. We took first place at our Sectionals Match, a match that is used for Nationals qualification. At the Nationals in Colorado Springs, the team took 5rd place overall, with 2 shooters attaining individual Bronze medals-Paul Johnston C959 in Air Pistol and Naomi Watnick C965 in Women's Air Pistol. This was a learning and building season for next year's team. Next year's team will see 2 returning All-Americans: Paul Johnston C953 and Matthew Dooley C'94J. Do YOU FEEL LUCKY? David Ambrose takes careful aim. RIFLE AIMS HIGH Afrmy's marksmen had one of its more difficult seasons in recent memory. Although finishing with a respectable win-loss record, Army fell short against some of the more chal- lenging teams this year. The 1992-1995 Rifle Team was led this year by team captain Will Carter Q l 9953, a four-year vet- eran and three time letter winner. Assisting in the team's leadership were seniors Jason Ciarkey, Allana Balkam, and Mark Yankopolous. An outstanding crew ofjuniors will assume the mantle of leadership next year, including Mark Strong, Lydia Uribarri, and Bess Turner. The up and coming sophomores on the team include Steve Kent, Chong Yim, and Curt Bussett. The freshmen to watch in future years include Geoff Bull, Hunter Marshall, Ryan Berry, and Tom Cornelius. Army had a roller coaster year starting with a win against the Philadelphia College of Phar- macy and Science followed up the next week by a tough loss to Norwich University. Later in the season Army lost to the second-ranked team in the nation, the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, only to bounce back the next week by beating Pennsylvania State University. Other Army victo- ries came at the expense ofthe Massachussetts Institute of Technology, John Jay, Kutztown, Virginia Military Institute, Drexel, and the Royal Military College. Army suffered its third straight defeat at the hands of Navy this year, however, which will hopefully provide incentive for the team to strive for higher standards of achieve- ment next year. Look for an interesting season next year as a more experienced team goes back to basics and thinks center shot. A323 f.,'75f nwtffgff wg' 1 Q 1 war i , 1 ., ' i 1 ' 3 Z A 1 -41 . 1 f " 3. ' ff W ,Q W . f , N51 ,,, w Q "' 5? n X1 Q D ' M? Q , 1 1 1 1 .hail My , wr V J el' eg? ' f ' z V Y A ' iv , i , "En rj, ' ,, 0 A W I 1 5 , W ,, ff , M ' ., 5" xfi H.. as-Q55 V If .7 k,A f, '- A' -N ,r i g AA,f ,,1,A, , . '2,2,' ' M ' , A ,V1-A -- V Qgz A - --'Is'-' V li l 'lgv ijg : 'I y ' n ' ' K IA ,ZS A I gif vllb f gan, by ,., , , A ,VV "'f. ' I , " M16 270 BUMP, SET, SPIKE. he Fighting Spirit started the season with a tough sched- ule and rose to a higher level of play manytimes. Theyfinished up the season at 26-9 and were undefeated in the Patriot League. They finished their season while slaughtering all oppo- nents in the Patriot League Championship. Elita Powell, Kim Walter were named to All Patriot League second team and Jen Mischler was named to the first team. The team swept Navy in the star game at Navy's own gym. The women quickly quieted the midshipmen and never gave them the opportunity to come back, winning a very decisive victory in only three games. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the season was the impact of the plebe class on the team. They had six players on, which made up more than half the team. Though young, their expe- rience onthe court added a tre- mendous amountto the Fighting Spirit's arsenal. Freshman Deann Machlan led the team in kills, and was definitely a dominate force on the court. Shelley Swan gave an outstanding perfor- mance as middle blocker with one ofthe highest percentage of blocks. Cireatthings are expected next year and many years to come from this group and the excel- lent upperclassmen! Way BUMP: DeAnn Machlan gets the ball ready for the set and spike. 5 . Q lik S S2513 5, mag-fffv Q25 Silk f 5. .5 A ? g ,? it sf? X N:' ,.. , Sa K 3 'ks .I-:.,,, . , :,::, f', M ,, I S - 5 Sf S. .,...,.....-- Q4 , 4, . 3, ..,,.. , . W ,-M. V. L.,, I J? 3 ,,,.-1 M ff 1 L ? it , . ,, , F A I W., f' 1 ,aff 1 Q V, 5 . Q 5 gg, , W Q W5 Wsksvl L.- W A xg V10 l i 6 fy' Q :h,,,,,, 'f, A 5 H W y 1 12 ' 5? gm' 1,1 a 51116 , 9 . 272 QUEST FCJR PERFECTICJN ARMY GYMNASTS FLIP TO A WINNING SEASON he year in Army gymnas- tics was one of hope and prom- ise. Returning was team captain, John Dina along with seniors Paul Cerniauskas, Timothy Cho, and Marco Rosito. The first competition of the year was the Rocky Mountain Open hosted by the Air Force Academy. Army immediately be- gan to show results with Steve Marshall placing 5rd in the Hori- zontal Bar along with James Lewis placing 5rd on the Floor Excerise and Imad Haque also placing 5rd on the Still Ring. Competing for the first time since sustaining a back injury which resulted in an operation was Paul Cerniauskas who did a bang-up job on pommel horse and paral- lel bars. Next, we met nationally ranked teams as we competed for the coveted West Point Open Cup. Competing for the first time against each other in the same competition, Anny defeated both Air Force and Navy. Returning from an 8 week leave of absence, John Dina helped the team win their first dual competition of the season with strong performances on both the horizontal bar and vault. Continuing the trend of excel- lence, Marco Rosito scored a personal all-around high score at Southern Connecticut State University with a 55.80. Army had not beaten Navy in a dual competition in eleven years and this year, the gymnasts were determined to break that streak. Army was able to beat Navy with strong performances in the all around competition by Steve Marshall and Marco Rosito. Steve won the meet with a score of 55.25. As aresult, Navy suffered a resounding defeat at the hands ofArmy, 264.15 - 257.5O. The Eastern Intercollegiate Gymnastics League Champion- ships once again proved Army's strength. After a heated compe- tition, Army finished third im- proving from its fourth place finish a year earlier. Army had three gymnasts place in finals. Imad Haque finished third on Rings with a score of9.55, and Jeff Corton placed second on Parallel Bars with a 9.55. Steve Marshall place sixth All Around with a 54.55, sixth on Floor with a 9.25, and third on the Horizontal Bar with a9.4O. Con- tinuing on to the Eastern Re- gional Gymnastics Competi- tion, lmad Haque,James bewis, and Mike Sivulka competed at the University oflllinois. Plac- ing 5rd on Still Rings in the finals competition, Imad Haque qualified for the NCAA Gymnas- tics Championships held in Alburquerque, New Mexico. It was a great year and the com- ing years promise to be even better. PUSHING IT TO THE LIMIT. A difficult split is performed lessly by CDT Marco Rosito. If 9 Y f if 'QL 'Aa 'fb' . 41557 . , S A X . X xx vs f fi K -if R 535: k J J. 5 - R159 ,X .L 2 .1 -R5 Mffxs-sk:-i5.zw - - .f w , X -.1 rg Ax X f , 3 Wim ,.,, .E Y' E ,..-5 ,fn 4 ,-'- ,wx X y 5 4 'LH +-X- --:B ::?SQ51:C:? .---X W Q - gk. .-f rw.. s Ras 3 Q5 5 25' f 1 .mini X WK METAMDRPHOSIS INDIVIDUAL IMPROVEMENTS LEAD MEN TO THE PATRIOT LEAGUE TITLE rom the outset, our season promised to be an interesting one. In addition to only having two returning Senior National qualifiers and no NCAA qualifi- ers, on paper we did not have a lot of raw talent on the team among the under classes. As the year progressed, however, l wit- nessed a metamorphosis within the team. We trained harder than any of my previous years, and the guys made an intense effort to maintain a much more consistent level of performance than I had seen in my previous three years on the team. During the first semester we had five meets lSt. John's, LaFayette Invit. , Harvard, Comell, and NAVYIJ We beat St. John's, won the invitational, lost to 2711- The Way Harvard, and lost to a shaved Cornell. The two defeats did not dampen our spirits at all. We went into Navy confident and excited. From the start of the meet, we were on fire! The 400 Medley relay of fRob Roland CSRI, Bill Rainusso CJRJ, Paul Darling CSR! and Dave Doyle KSRJD set a meet record for the event. Rob Roland led off the relay in 51.52 lan Academy recordl However, he was touched out by a plebe on the B relay-Corey Braddock CFR! who went a 51.29. Middle dis- tance Academy 200 Freestyle record holder Flip Williams KSRJ again won forthe third year. The 50 freestyle was draw for points with a 2,5,4 finish led by Andy Rieger CSOJ. Despite great ef- forts and a personal best score by Rigdon Terrell QJRJ Navy won both boards in Diving. Coming from behind the last 50, Dan Head CSOJ won the 200 Fly. The 200 Back has proven to be an exciting race against Navy and this year was no exception. Corey Braddock led the first 150 while Rob Roland swam the majority ofthe race in 5rd orllth. A strong last 50 made the race verytense as Braddock set an Academy and Plebe record. However, this time Roland touched him out as Army went l,2 and closed the gap on the Midshipmen. Navy had strong perfom1ances in the latter events in the meet and won the 400 Jul. Free Relay to seal the meet. Because of the high level of anticipation among the team before the competition l ex- pected that there would be great disappointment on the Army Team. However, thatwas simply not the case. We never quit, never got down, and we a supported each other. honestly say that I am proud to be a part of this than any other winning team my swimming career. In the second halfofthe son, we focused on the P League and Eastern Chani ships. Our trip to St. Croix brief, but intense, as we tr hard in a pool that offered lenges with every turn. W turned to swim our dual season against our Eastern ference opponents and per . n, r formed well, finishing with a ning record and taking the triot League Title. At Easter we struggled a little after hype ofthe Patriot League C pionship. However, great pe formances were turned in Dave Bresser and Rob Roland. PUMPED UP. Dave Doyle prepares to blow by Navy's finest sprinters. MAKING A SPLASH. Army freestyle swimmers compete against rival Navy. 6 D 4' xy 1 ,K fr 5 'Q 4 Q' l i ,gy w.M:gw,,,55, , t,,,,. S fi W 65 Y if M Q 1' 5 3- kfyxq, Q 3 E-,W 5 in ia- :,tg'f 1 aa, w dw! Nv dl ik? xg' www, 232 Ev, 'E 4, 6 Hx YP sf 415' V 'Sie 1 ...AND TI'IEY'RE OFF: Army swimmers look for a quick start against rival midshipmen. KOUGHING THE RAPIDS: Army relay team struggles to over- take Navy. 276 The Winning Way f!ElsXrxg,e.i UE 'Nih- - ., . ..,- , - . .iw i 1 q A I 1 ax, .-Pi.-Q,-sl W-...M .. . X, 1-.w..5..gzl ' 5 x gi Q .3 N kk 5 S7152 Q Q x so Gb ' 5 ff. - 1' Y N . K his-.fy f. 4 . .,.. .mv ,:.1-Ky, -:.-'awp P fs- ,gifs w lv " :WXi6,Y?SSslQi'.e A ws . E fVqSt1iffk'f Q . ?f , is21"3:S1s" . all - if . 5- issggm my cvs as X -L-- .L wr. . QNX N Xxxx xx .' f V " A - 4535! . 1.i'- jifsi--1.f1si .N .ga fe f. -.l " 1 . ' .wwf 'I.sef5f:ggHQ'- -N + K K -- . .2 -.Eau . ......s:f. .. wx..-N .. . . ,. Ns .. N .. . ..,-.M -l .NM-.W , , - , r K .N . . Q. Lf ,,..,,V , L , X + Q E' fgzf--my QA lx fx N Z 'gg,f?j3Tgj-3'j'Wk M K ' -- N' - dI:."?,? T. ':Z,"',. ' fx... ilk' l ,f 50. i i M f - - ' ' 4 K -?.-.- .,, 5., . ' - gl if Hi Q . ,f gg. - .W I. . .- ,L A . ' M, 5-,wefmwpf ,,,, 4,.,,,4WW,,,,w. wwlwwf gy Q .W ,W X. -ws 3 AIR TIME- ? David Doyle gasps for alr as he moves DS through the water W E NOTICE THE GREAT FORM Ross Purcell sprmgs mto hls next dlVC LADY KNIGHTS SET SEVERAL RECORDS IN THE PROCESS -Che swim team had a fun year. Luckily, the plebes came in with a good sense ofhumor, so they managed to survive. The yuks returned from Bucknerwith a couple ofthe more dexterous members wounded, but we're used to that, so we looked for- ing practices were certainly a great time, we really enjoyed the Navy taper and the defeat of Bos- ton College for the first time in four years. A loss to Navy was tough, butagood training trip in St. Croix got us ready for the second halfofthe season. The and we continued our winning season, highlighted by an incred- ible team effort that beat Colum- bia, a great team we had not defeated before. A third place finish at the Patriot League Cham- pionships, as well as several records and numerous indi- 278 The Way ward to our first chance to get up and swim at 0520. Though mom- A military intercession training camp really got us back in shape vidual bests at Patriots and the Eastern Championships, capped a great season. BIG BREATH! Layne Phillips comes up for some air while competing in the breaststroke. THROUGH THE DEEP. Record breaker, Jessica Bunin warms up under the surface of the water. ..f -'a 4 .WW 'ww an 'Z Q f i ls A .1 1 ff , ,V 5' V ",,4 . ' K 5 ' 5 a. 1 -Q ww- Z gif Q Q . 4 . -. A K viii 6 I' ,. . M M- Y ' if '. ' a ."' ' 'aw ' ' F' ' A 9:4-fi A , ,N 1 ff iv im' ' F , . ' fp. ' .5 S if , :gf A f ri fi' , nf I3 1 f r J t - Avg' ' wiv , 'E' .ffm W, .L s , ,K ,A sr . 4 J' f ff Q .gv,afh ' 'S' 'V dp Q 1 ' ' , v . W 4 J 'fm f , , . , f, 8 it 1912i if , "' If " W ' C -st av . 1 4 w 1 . 15 YET' "T ' ' 'Iwi' ,ggi 4 1 ,, c,,, ,?...,., Q 542 3' Hg :gl -,ffff 591, ii f- Qwbwrtf, ,N , M1122 ma il ,Q ,www 55. KEACHING FOR THAT LITTLE EXTRA. Nicole Riva extends to gain that extra momentum before her dive. 280 The Winning Way BURSTING TO A QUICK START. Like a torpedo in the water, Kate Ward explodes away from the starting wall. T0 YOUR MARKS... Katherine Flury listens intently for the starting command. Q Je' . R, Q ,Q W- A ,. .4 ':'.iF 1' EDHOS1 BIIJVW " Q . L 'ff im .P . g R ,Q is W Q' v. -v f Q " . . pm f ""' K K . f' 1, .. M ' . N new vu-. QM ff NVQ W K . 4 .- f , C g M.. A df. 4 ' 'vt .1 gg., yy Y A-.M su Q i , . 8 S. k , Mx ' ' fu 5 ' " ' . -, ' ' ' 6 ' , N --Q.. 4, . f . l, k V .kg E 'gpm'-N-.,' X'yW1.'3 Q., I+? Qi' ,K f . . L.-iQ4.fii.'...if 4 f W x 'S L w , .Q .f-iw-ff V f L vi' 5 K 3 -gf: ""f"T'T' L ..i,,g,S - . I mgix 1 .. -' . . K X -fa -- -W . ef. w K' X. 1 w...55 55' an ,T K . ,, fx. amp lk, F .. N. , ,,.., W' "H+: .- L- ., S5 --WN - . A N ,. :W W .,.. xi K NA .. .. A X .. A W W . fr- , - H - if Q M . . .. 1- 11... mf 2? :Sv .., .N .- . - . ..g.0Q,' '..g..- - Lf' bf xg. . ., .. . ... 55-QNX My . my QSM., .A T 3. N K . A ....: k..k::k: -5 .. .,. W.. . 5, HQ. X A ' 5 .RAM ii. -. X .J--S L L L L L. " My WF X 25. f k . S . K .M-.M K dw A. . I W. 1 A' NSY W lXi I S. N 282 YEAR OF SUCCESS 50 ith the strong leadership ofthe senior class, and the many contributions of the underthree, the Army Hockey team enjoyed its first winning season in seven years. For the senior class, they left having never lost to interna- tional academy rival RMC, and contributed to the longest winning streak against them in the history of the series. The season also provided many individual highlights. Rick Randazzo became the thirty-fifth player in Army history to score one hundred career points. Rick Berube, who led the team in scoring, became the first player in seven years to score fifty points in a season. Kevin Backus was named to the all tournament team at the Denver Cup overthe holiday break and Scott Gardiner garnered honors for his performance in the series against Alabama- Huntsville. Witha 16-l l-l record, many other players shined throughout the season and in ,gs , 'Q J provided steady performances night in and night out. Some of the hard work wasjustfied by the penalty killing unit, that for a period of time, led the nation and finished among the top overall. As for the future, the senior class will be dearly missed as the top four scorers leave. Those being Berube, Randazzo, team captain Chad Sundem and Bob Mansell. However, this was a year that nobody will forget and they will always cherish the memo- ries they shared! BRING IT ON! Team Captain Chad Sundem displays his defensive form. 'WSP 'Yl- sag.-Q Q Q12 my 1 at Q V ' dh.. ,, A li' P 'Y ., , if jg f... ,if ' ,K I' 'C WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY MOM ? Defenseman, Sean Hennessy delivers a crushing blow upon his opponent. 4 Iv S W ACADEMY PHOTO l f ii, -, I Q. -. ' .q,, , i s , A ON THE BREAK. Q if uv Kevin Backus looks down the ice for an E Army teammate. M15 egg Q ff XQi.............. " J- , S?" S. , if -- .. 284 The Winning Way READY FOR CONTACT. Mike Mansell seeks to intercept a flee- ing opponet. PUT ME IN COACH. Marc Dorrer watches while taking a breather on the bench. Gi' ' gp-I No REST FOR THE WICKED. Jason Dickiebecame a key contributor to the tough Army defense opponents faced. 2 IMPENETKABLE FORCE. 5 Ron Adimey hunkers downto block an opponents shot. O.I.OHd AWHGVDV i am A SEASCJN BEYCND REPAIR ARMY STRUGGLES THROUGH A DISAPPOINTING SEASON outh and experience. These two aspects of basketball are what the Army desperately lacked this season. The team returned only two starters from last year's team and only four upperclassmen held spots on this year's team. This wasateam truely lacking in collegiate bas- ment. We fell short of all these goals, but in doing so we gave our best effort and always played to win. lf anything is to be remembered about the 92-95 Army basketball team, l hope our fans will recall the hard- nosed effort that was given game in and game out. guards will be the key to Army's success in the future. The re- maining plebe starter was center Jason Villas. At 6'8" he provided a wide body that produced de- fensive and offensive problems forthe opposingteam. The lead- ership forthe Black Knights was provided by starting forward and 286 The 'ng Way ketball experience. Our main goals throughout the year had been to beat Navy, produce a winning record, and earn a spot in the NCAA tourna- The nucleus ofthe team was made up of our eleven plebes, three of which were starters. Alex Morris started at the point guard position and produced in many ways for Army. Alex was voted Rookie ofthe Year in the Patroit League and wasjoined on the All-Rookie team by guard Mark Lueking. Both of these fine .jf team captain Derrik Allen. Next year, David Ardayfio will be looked to for the leadership. The team should be much more ex- perienced and ready to accept greater challenges as the year progresses. The new Army coach- ing staff should provide more knowledge and a different look to an Army team that is definitely on the rise. DKIVIN' THE KEY. Team Captain Derrik Allen makes his move to the hole. I ! was Iwi! , W 2 ' 1 5, . f ,:.V V my 4555 ,Hmm gift , ug 399 3? ? X50 Q H N 5 E as 'ii . Q iv , , A Q iigimx! gui? FEET ? 4 J gzm, IB - sg SY!-t y eww iiig 4 i 52531 A r V ' " U Y . F n 'W3Tfx':T"t""S 'Am W' 1 if!- H 52? Q? W 'S 7 M51 M QW Q f 1 ,, 4 1-w s? V: -' y 1 , ,:,f: , - ,JW ' n QNWNNW wg YB .RF 'is s..4.... Millef if Q A : A MM gag Hwviii? ' Z CHARGE! Z Brad Mcbleilly drives past a shocked fri Hofstra defender. wiv' RAINING THE "J" . Tacuma Williams explodes offthe hard wood for an open jumper. A , Agn 'fleii 1151111 A UM MARK BOEKE 290 The Winning Way PAIN AND SACKIFICE. Tacuma Williams became a key con- tributor during the long and grueling season. .qv in ,--.ln ,.. . .... An, B W ' x . 'V wwf! ' Wi N. am ef? as 1 r SQUID KILLERS. LADY KNIGHTS POST SEVENTH STRAIGHT NAVY VICTORY. he Army Lady Knights, led by senior Captain Gina Scarsella, 1992 Patriot League "Rookie of the Year" Lisa Russell, and letter winners Siobhain Kilgallen and Carrie Craringer, found success with ayoung lineup. The team started a grueling preseason culminating with a win over the Lithuanian national team right before the Thanksgiv- ing break. They rounded out the holidays and the 1992 season at a holiday tournament at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The Lady Knights had a great first round win over the University of Texas Pan American, but fell short in the championship game ver- sus the favorite, Rice University. Aftertheir return to West Point, Coach Lynn Chiavaro's team opened up Patriot League play on the road against age old rival Navy. A great performance from the entire team sparked byjun- ior forward Siobhain Kilgallen lifted Army to their first Patriot League victory and a fifth straight win over Navy. The Lady Knights overcame their next hurdle with a win over l-loly Cross for the first time ever. The Army team was led by sophmore standout Lisa Russell to a hard-earned and well deserved victory. As Patriot League play contin- ued, it became evident that the five top teams had equivalent talent as game after game came down to the wire. February saw the Lady Knights suffer a one point loss to Lafayette, who also managed to hold them offby the same spread three weeks later. The Army team bounced back quickly though and with the sup- port ofthe corps at Christi Arena toppled Navy for the seventh straightgame. By the end ofregular season play, the Lady Knights sat in fourth place in Patriot League standings, earning them the homecourt advantage in the first round ofthe Patriot League Tour- nament. The Lady Knights fell to fifth place Bucknell to bring their season to a close. Although this tournament loss ended their season, the Lady Knights accomplished a great deal. Lisa Russell, due to her excellent play at small forward, was named Co-MVP ofthe Patriot League. Senior Captain Crina Scarsella ended her career as the first-ever Women's playerto graduate undefeated versus Navy. With the graduation of only one senior and the expected re- turn of sophmore guard Colandra Dooley from knee sur- gery and junior forward Karin Crventer from foot surgery, the Lady Knights will be a force on the courtin the comingseason. A522 I FOCUSED. 292 Kim Hanson looks for a fellow Lady Knight to pass the ball to. 1 H r--X f'Xf if 'QE' K' A 'im f- ff" N 'M ' AIP if '25 if , 1 -.. v fxx gbvs I, I . j. an A mr! -my - , f ,N , . .1 . u 'w time 11 R, -Q is 'fs X an N S. Q, S' J: -Q AME- Rexs? ig A .Q .ff ,M-. V V Q: if -Q 5 .Q X Q V 5 3 Q. 1 .Q A up ,"' ,Lk. is .S K "' f I 'Qi .i K3 3:22 X Y S. x , W ,,,.. l .P A i .I ,...,. N,- G Q ,, 1 , .., , X Q Q23 1 'T N L Q X 1 gf- id X Q. ff? It C Q ima, M WL-.- AX SW' kg Nga, f .... mn g.. 4. Y-h A ., 5. . X wifi X . 224' Nd xxx X 'INK x 296 The Winning Way PLAN OF ATTACK. Siobhai liilgallen listens intently as the game strategy is discussed. l EW lk f'i!vl'ilf lglwf' g W mmf" , ,..,. , l Q L H nam, E SQUID ATT ACK! Gina mids Scarsella drives around a looming hipman. Q 3 'LW H ww 1 '5 'U' 'W 5 w e rg Q Q A is , ite ,Y A W4 vii: 4 , Rf fi 4 4. Q 5,5533 if 3 in W , f HM 55' Y,---.4 K -A , ,wh V I -JN., 'WI FIRSTIES CREATE SUCCESS THROUGH LEADERSHIP ll eady for battle." The Army WrestlingTeam, led by senior Captains Dave Warnick and T.J. Wright, were indeed ready to take on any opponent. Their schedule featured some of the nation's toughest teams, but the Army team soon proved that they were among the nation's top programs. The wrestling team spent the majority of the season ranked in the top 20 in the nation. The pre-season polls did not have Army ranked, but it did not take long for the team to jump in. Pre- season goals and expectations for the team's season were set high along with individual expectations. Unfortunately, not all would be met. With the support of the Corps, the team opened the season with a huge victory over long time rival Air Force. Cx 298 Th ing Way The Blue Falcons were sent back to Colorado with a 51-12 loss. Although Army had an abundance of seniors, two key victories came from Plebes: Mike Kreh and Matt Orr. The abun- dance of experience mixed with the impressive performances of the younger wrestlers made the expecta- tions of Army's season even greater. The Army team left the friendly walls of West Point not to wrestle another home match for two long months. During their two month road trip, the Black Knights recorded two victories and three losses. The three losses were all against top twenty ranked teams: Cornell, Rider, and eventual NCAA run- ners-up Penn State. At the Cornell match, Dave Warnick recorded a win against Mark Ferguson, the nations numberone ranked wrestleratthe 154 pound weight class. The victory helped to move Warnick into the top three in his weight class. The end oftlanuary seemed to mark the team's peak during the year. The team traveled to New York University to compete in the New York State Intercollegiates. The competition in- cluded rivals Cornell and Syracuse both of whom were ranked with Army in the top twenty-five. The competition proved to be fierce, but Army fought hard and came through with the team victory to avenge their loss to Cornell. The main goal of the season had been to end Navy's streak of victories and begin the Army era of dominance. However, thatjust was not to be. The loss of Gary Hennigan and the failure to win close matches down the stretch, hurt the Army chances for a victory. The loss dropped Army form the rankings and made Navy the team to beat at ElWA's. The EIWA Tournament proved to be a tough weekend. The competition was superb, as always, but lost several close matches that could have easily gone the other way. The one bright spot of the tournament was the advancement of Simon Reese to the NCAA Tournament. Although this tournament loss ended theirseason,the ArmyWrestling team accomplished a great deal throughout the year. One of the many bright spots throughout the year proved to be Simon Reese. He fought back from an early season injury to claim a spot in the NCAA Tournament. Another outstanding accomplishment came from Dave "the hangman" Warnick. During the season, he be- came Army's all-time leader in career wins and pins, leaving a legacy for othersto model. The seniorleadership on the team was excellent and hope- fully will carry overto next year, helping Army to remain as one of the top wrestling programs in the country. With the graduation of thirteen se- niors, the Army team will have a big challenge to remain at the same level. The Black Knights have an abundance of returning wrestlers from the Class of '96 and they will be relied upon heavily. The Black Knights will be young next year, but they should be a lethal force to contend with on the mats. If .,35,.g!FE"'Ci'mvt! V A i gm ,, " ' A. , f- - --i pan, , f fig' at 2, 44 52 W' EM 'Q vi f, -:, A 'ik 'T 'f" V EV K' U .,...Q UP AND OVER THE TOP. Todd Nielson gives his West Virginia opponent a little air time. N-x FLEET OF FEET. JeffThompson stares down his West Z Virginia opponent as he prepares to ,: move in for the kill. S 500 The Winning Way KN if S -9 502 MAKING A DYNASTY .Che 1995 track season can be characterized as the begin- ning of a dynasty. This year's youngteam had its share of acad- emy records and championship victories. The team showed great depth in all aspects ofthe sport. Army won the Patriot League Championship for the second year in a row. The years to come show great promise as the team will only lose five athletes to graduation. Mike Peck, Tim Steckel, John Panhorst, R.J. Jones, and Bill Fritz will be missed in the year to come. On the track, the distance en- clave dominated most oppo- nents. Army had outstanding ATI E KARWAN Way competitors from 800 to l 0,000 meters and the points they won were crucial to many victories. Coach Bazil saw three runners run under 5:49 in the l500m for the first time in his career. This nucleus of underclass milers helped Army gain victories in all the distance events in the meet against Air Force. The Zoomies were sent back to Colorado Springs with a devastating 97-45 defeat. John Panhorst and Tim Steckel CSteeple Chasey each posted personal bests at the Pa- triot League Championships with John setting track and League records in the 10,000m run. Mike Peck showed his versatility as a middle distance star who could score in the 800m and contribute on the 4x400m relay squad. The j umpers posted victories in many meets. Led by senior R.J. Jones, junior Chris Baker and sophomore Mike Crenshaw, thejumpers could be counted on for valuable points at all lev- els of competition. Chris Baker scored a Patriot League victory and a second place finish at the I-leptagonal Championships. The high jumpers accounted for big points this year as Brian Smith cleared 6' 10" and Corey Settles cleared 6'9". The throwers were a solid as- set to this years team. Posting two Academy records, Pete Stelling Cshot putj and Pat Martin C55lb weighty led the throwers and helped the team by posting points throughout the entire sea- son. The vaulters and sprinters! hurdlers brought the team to a second place finish at this years indoor Heptagonal Champion- ships. T.J. Peterson and Chad Davis went 2-5 respectively in the 55 hurdles and Joel Pates was a vital asset in all sprinting events. Pole vaulters Ryan Jones and Mark Wood contributed by going l-2 in almost every dual meet and Ryan impressed by tak- ing 5rd at the indoor l'leps. Army's young team promises to provide big results in the years to come. wld-wink. NVMUVH HLLVBI M DETERMINATION. Mike Crenshaw looks anxiously towards a first place finish. WHEW! James MacPherson shows a look of relief after running a quick race. I THINK l CAN. Chris McCrea contemplates the day's events. 504 The Winning Way KATIE KA RWAN HW ,W,,,,,,,W,, ,,,,, M M., V,,, bw , M MM, it :wil NVMXIVFI EILLVBI i iiii ,h t ARMY VS. GRAVITY. Brian Smith walks on air in an attempt to clear the high Dar. 113.1 506 SWIFT AS THE WIND The Women's Track team had an extremely successful sea- son this year. Our season is long and directly contributes to the success we have. The training begins in August when the Corps returns and continues right up until indoor track season be- gins. The team kepta good work ethic throughout the year and as a result, we were able to accom- plish many of our goals. The track team had the dis- tinct honor of competing against both Navy and Air Force. The Armyteam sent them both home with losses. One of the best moments of the year had to be our 8 l -75 victory over Navy at Annapolis. It is always nice when you can go into an opponents home and gain a big victory. Eventhough it is always fun beat- ing Navy, it was a great thrill to do it again at the Patriot League Championships. The team per- formed excellent at the League Championships this year. Led by many outstanding perfor- mances, the Lady Knights were able to finish first and claim the Patriot League title. The leadership this year was by many different people. Jun- ior, Erin Cunningham, led a good group of young distance runners. Next year should be exciting with all the distance runners returning to provide even more problems for our opponents. The sprinters pro- vided with leadership by hur- dler Stacy Takats. Her leader- ship and experience will be missed next year. The defendingPatnotLeague Champs should be lookinggood next year. Key personnel will be returning in all areas and it looks to be a promising future for the provided in many different forms Women's Track team. '52 .fin LAST LEG. Christy Caldwell gives strong support as the Army relay team heads for Way ATIE KARWAN home. 'ie ,ff fmww. Mi vw -4 an ilk: ' " ff rfnihvfr is '- , , J :1 " f. J. WW. NH. ,,, . W W'F""' .4f,'q.gQc5'1wM?r-559gMaize' ' ' Y W 1, M' 'U ' U ' If ', -'www xv W ,X -5 -we WM, if . ' ,, ,,,,...v....,...-.-A-S K H-EH v.W,, ,,..,....,.4-M " MV Y .....,..,.-W-........ ,...,,.- n-""""'M"w ,Mmnwfw Mm , ...wuxfd-"W"JNM 1 1 nu .,,.W,Mm .W UIDIQ 'T' 508 The Winning Way Z fc 3 M 4 :L Lu 'Z X ARE WE THERE YET? Catherine Gaffigan looks anxiously towards the finish during a run at Navy. REACHING FOR THE SKY Tracey Smith launches thejavelin into flight. X P 1' .--1 MIIVDI NV FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET. Melba Cloggins comes out ofthe tum during her race at the Naval Academy. ,Fr rl 510 The Way BUILDING THE RCDAD T0 SUCCESS TENNIS TEAM POSTS A WINNING SEASON he 1992-95 season was one of the best that the Army lVlen's Tennis team has experi- enced in recent memory. By posting a winning record they achieved something that previ- ous teams had failed to do for quite some time. The players that helped make the team suc- cessful were relatively young, but strong leadership from team captain Billy Bob Brigmon gave them the confidence that they could do very well. A definite highlight was a trip to Notre Dame University for a in such a prestigious event helped each player focus on improving. Another major highlight was a victory over Navy in a tourna- ment played at Yale. While the match-up was unexpected, the tournament draw made it pos- sible. By the narrow margin of 4- 5 the cadets were able to claim the second victory over Navy since 1969. For the remainder of the Fall the team traveled to Virginia for two tournaments which con- sisted of teams that were of a ence the previous year, the team was expected to do well and did not disappoint. They lost only once during conference play, but avenged this loss by winning the conference tournament. In fact, Marty Walen, Kurt Kane, Marco Coen, Corey Lee, Justin Ledzinski, and Damon Wood were named to the all-tourna- ment team. To top that perfor- mance, Marco Coen was also named MVP ofthe league. Having started the season with a relatively young team, there tournament. While the number of wins collected were less than desired, the opportunity to play similar level. They did well and left for Christmas Leave confi- dent that they could do great things in the Spring. When it actually got started, Armyjumped off with a victory over Monmouth. While the play- ers were not at their peak, they were able to match the experi- ence that would help them to pull out some close wins later on. Upon their return to West Point the cadets squared off against the members of the Patriot League. Having won the confer- were many who did not have high hopes for the program. Only through hard work and dedica- tion did the members of the team prove they can be success- ful. The team now only looks forward to improving next year and bringing home another vic- tory against Navy. SWINGIN' . Marty Whalen follows through on a return shot. fha' A jx Q 'V' Y "J N,,. Afffvx' Rx .K P i Q1 V 'V , gwwi 512 The Winning Way HERE ITCOMES. Marty Whalen watches the ball as he follows through with a strong stroke. r ,.-,,' gf? 5' 12i1'1h2fg,wf'.Qq-3,1142112-, 4 , A X LOOK T0 THE SKY. Daman Wood watches the ball just before he unleashes his fiery serve. WM aw ,, W' flfwimwk we 'AWG fa 5 Lily. , aff- 44, '5'. 5 Wan , W . mi, V, an SWINGING SUCCESS the 1992!95 Army Women's Tennis team success- fully completed the season with a 17-5 winning record. In the fall season, the team broke the record of wins in one season ll llwithafinal 15-2 record. The fall season was cut short due to rain: however, the team boasted a 4-1 record ending with the Metropolitan Conference complished this goal at the end of the fall season with a 5-4 victory over Air Force. The team itself is extremely young which holds much prom- ise for Army Women's Tennis. The only Senior and team Cap- tain, Lorraine Milutin, leaves af- ter being awarded the Al Meyers Sportsmanship Award at the MCTC. This award is awarded to also a PT studette and at the top of her class academically. Sophmore Allyson Toce is an extra hard worker which is proven by her number one posi- tion on the team. The freshmen on the team has also proved their tennis abili- ties this year. Rebecca Brady was the team's valuable man- ager. Kristen Catron is an excel- 5l4 The Way TournamentClVICTCl. Army Women's Tennis finished strong at the MCTC as they placed first in 7 out of9 flights. One of the main goals of the Anny Women'sTennis team each year is to beat Air Force. This year, the Lady Knights finally ac- X57 the player who exhibits the high- est standard of sportsmanship over her four years of play. The underclass on the team consists of four sophmores and six freshmen. Sophmore Kristen Argus won the Patriot League in her flight. Sophmore Hannah Chang obtained most valuable player this year as well as being part of the most successful doubles team. Both assisted in many victories forArmy this year. Sophmore Rebecca Marier is not only a great tennis player, but lent doubles player with Allyson Toce. Rebecca Damm is a good all around player. Natalie Linendohl played the critical positions of 45 and K6 all spring season bringing in many victo- ries. Amy Ruth is an awesome singles player, but at doubles she is vicious at the net. She teamed with Hannah Chang to make most valuable doubles team. Finally, there is Sara Snyder. Sara is one ofthe hard- est workers on the team. She will hold promising for the team's future. SEEING THE RESULTS. Rebecca Marier watches as her return makes its way towards the net. . ." 044. , 'rf- 4' f Q. S,3vf.".', gf ea". , 1 1 0, w, W-.s MQW. , aw Q s S - QQ 'o' 'x I 5 Q 1 w' a 5. ge , n . ,-. . , , sua3f":"1"'o"o'v'o o gg- .'.'.'.v,v.+,o'.'. y V 1.11.13a'q',f!.',v'o'q"g' . , . .f.',w,. .-,- .. .Q fb-,-,..1.'.y1.',ues -5 . , w . s X 'Raw ' ' s s ' f ' s s s , , . R, 'va ,Q ' sf, Msmqmnku ' :filing ' W"'mfm, an ' 1 Mllw V: A SFF' 9 we 1 Y 1. mb v 1 421 Q f W E N fx 53 , I 5 ' is 55 4 5 3 W Q ' if i 6 I L... x tu O DQ 34 fr 4 2 READY OR NOT... Rebecca Marier prepares to put every- thing she has behind this return. 516 The Winning Way BIG HIT. Kristen Argus follows through on an overhand serve. 4-.mmm - wfwmm-..,,wm,,,A MM f Wwww , af wan mv .W M wg ff f-H' .ZW v 'pw ,, ' 40' aw w V fa, WG vw fm mam A ., Q, M uw , ,W ,CDW W' an 351309 NHVW awww. Q' Wfvwwa fw-Lwmw sl- Q, 3 BATTER UP. he Army Baseball Team man- aged to surprise many on their way to a second place league finish. 1992 was a year of transition for the baseball team. With only three seniors on the roster, the Cadets started 7 underclass- men, including 5 plebes. Despite their youth, however, the Army team played well in spurts and managed to sweep Navy in a doubleheader, 6-2 and 9-7. These two victories over the Midship- men raised the team's record to 7-2 over the past four years and allowed the team's three seniors to become the only men to earn 4 stars in Academy history. Army was led by its three seniors in 1992. Eric Wolf, IB-D1-1, paced the Army offense with a .516 batting aver- age, 5 home runs, and 10 doubles. Averill Ruiz, the team's speedy centerfielder, was close behind with a .500 batting average, 5 home runs, and 8 doubles. On the mound, senior righthander Dave Borowicz paced the Cadets with a 5.50 E.R.A. and a 5:1 strikeout to walk ratio, Finally, junior rightfielder-pitcher Lance Boyce con- tributed greatly to the Army attack. Boyce had 25 stolen bases along with 5 home runs during the 1992 cam- paign. aww ' ' 4' -, ' f , '? H , ., -1 4 :gawk V .i W...-I use fm all-x-S"'I?'t--gwtf M 1 DONT BLINK, YOU MIGHT MISS IT. Pitcher Matt Koenig throws a fast ball that could easily be mistaken for a missile. . nf' 3?X ,tw , 1 .A .,,,.-K ' ' V . - gf- , 2 T gum ' ,, i nn X an gig? at 'hr' 2 y f , X if ?"L Nl I M' ' " I 5 - I ' I 520 The Winning Way ALMOSTTHERE: Rich Banez strides toward home plate after putting one overthe fence against Iona. - " w 4 522 The ing Way THE MASTERS he Army Golf Team produced yet another spectacular season. The cadets captured four tournament crowns, two individual titles, and their 5th straight NCAA tournament bid. Army returned three seasoned veter- ans: Senior Captain Brent Mumford, Junior Trey Owen, and Junior Ralph Hamm. Four cadets broke into the varsity line up for the first time this year including Sophomores Jeb Zoller and Chad Bagley and Freshmen Mike Sessa and Cullen Barbato. The fall season began with a solid third place finish at the Yale Fall Invita- tional. Minnesota, a Big Ten power- house, and Florida-based Stetson fin- ished first and second respectively. The next week, Army captured its first victory of the year at its own Black Knight Fall Invitational. Army won the team title by nine strokes and pro- duced two top-five individual finishes. Captain-to-be Ralph Hamm finished third while Mike Sessa captured fifth. The Walter T. McLaughlin Invitational on Long lsland, proved to be the best performance by Army golf all fall. The Cadets opened the tournament with a double-digit lead after a cold and rainy first round. The Cadets never relin- quished the lead. Thefinal tally showed a victory margin of nine strokes over rival Penn St. The Cadets also upset nationally-ranked Minnesota in the process. Individually, Brent Mumford and Trey Owen fired 74-75 and 75-74 respectively to tie for third place. The Cadets returned from their spring trip to a snow-covered golf course due to the Storm of l995. Subsequently, the Cadet's play at the beginning of the spring was less than spectacular. The spring opened at the James Madison Spring Invitational. The Cadets, sluggish due to a reduced prac- tice schedule, finished fourth. Trey Owen, however, finished third in the individual standings. Two weeks later the Cadets traveled to Annapolis, MD for the Patriot League Championships. The Cadets, again rusty and unfocused, trailed Navy by three strokes after the first two rounds. However, the final round proved to be the best round the tournament produced. Army outgunned Navy by twelve strokes the final round giving the Cadets a nine stroke victory. Trey Owen finished the tournament with a 7l and a share of the lead, Trey outlasted John Ciuilmartin of Colgate in a sudden-death play-off with a birdie on the third hole. Trey's victory was the first of his collegiate career. Addition- ally, Ralph I-Iamm and Mike Sessa fin- ished tied for third just one stroke back. All three players were named all- conference. The Princeton Invitational was the first of two designated district tourna- ments that would help determine the NCAA bids from District Il. Fresh offa victory, the Cadets blistered to a seven stroke advantage after a windy first round. The Cadets continued the as- sault firinga team score of298 the final round giving the Cadets a twelve stroke win over distant second-place Princeton. Brent Mumford led the Cadets with a 75-75 and sole posses- sion ofsecond place. Brent continued his good play at the District Il Champi- onships, firing a remarkable one-un- der par 71-72 to distance the field by four strokes. Brent's victory was his second over his four-year tenure as a starter and was a brilliant way to end his regular season career as a Cadet. The team, however, was outlasted by Penn St. who finished a mere one stroke ahead. The end of the tournament meant the end ofthe regular season for the Cadets. Brent was named District Champion and All-East for 1992 and Trey was named All-East for 1995. The season, however, did not come to an end. The tremendous team effort throughout the season earned the Cadets their fifth straight NCAA bid. FOREI A little body english helps this drive sail out onto the fairway.. ' . 1g'V""" ' W: 5 '-- 1 - - 5 'H-Mm-M-mx? M., ' ' N3 ,,.,,.Ww . Qs. , f Q . , X A t iff' wx--.A , V' ' ,M , V V- ,, . A 1 f as W K , .-,M , Q L , . -V' 'fWW"' ' - V 59 4 A K ' A ,g T. .- .paris ,NT A U -v K' k k 1 was Q Q A ,J-wwf? W ' ,Q , ,Q " sq .,. ,,, Y , TNQ? s A x R, ,. lp.- .,, 9, M. Mg! Y wg.. '-'iv mm, . ' WMM- 'AN 1 " v - - ' Q23 34 f 'W ,P . -7 ' f a ' ,Q M gig' A ' 1 A K ' C ' X' K f, LM 'Y , YJ 5 '-A'aaz:Q3fw.9fff 5 .f a Q , Q gi , .4 3 5' J' K1 ff, A ' f, K 1. ' M fx' I Q ff zcgf gg Thi' ' U F2 fi , , ' 2 . ,W S J-,vw 'K A J if af ,MQVS , 524 The LADY KNIGHTS PROVIDE EXCITING TOURNAMENT PLAY .Che Army Softball Team, while not winning the Patriot League Tournament this year, provided the most exciting games ofthe tournament. After defeating I-Ioly Cross 12-5, they next faced Bucknell. This game proved to be the most exciting and exhausting of the tourna- ment. After 18 innings of play, Bucknell won 4-5. The Lady Knights rallied against Fordham and Colgate to progress to the semi-finals. In another extrain- ningsgamethe Ladylinightswere defeated by Lehigh, once again 4-5. The Lady Knights finished third in the Patriot League. Some ofthe highlights ofthe season have been awards won by members. Sheri Schweiker, a junior, earned a nomination for Northeast All-American. As of this writing, awardees have not been released. She was ranked 8th nationally in stolen bases during the season. She also earned the third base position on the All-League Team. Christie Lynn, a senior, also earned a position on the All-League Team as designated hitter. It took awhile to pull it all to gether due to different difficul- ties. The team suffered two bro- ken bones and lost two players to academic difficulty. Although the win-loss record of this year was not steller, the team gained a lot of experience with which to make next year very successful. The four rising seniors and the seven risingjuniors have all the capabilities to make next year great. HEY BATTER, BATTER! Jennifer Clegg awaits the next pitch. WPWM Way "" X ' - ,LNK JA' I I 'I - - C ww ' .X v K' . U!! . All B" .Q 5 V f,g .H . L j Y if ,ff f ' was .V ,F 3 .f 3 -' , ,Q Q gy K X J I 9 f , if A ' 35 , 6 ,. Q, K ' m, sg f, gs 5 A cf i' "' .S H? L , -fif- we 'f. L-am' 'vii' .N sz r 'z-fff,-: ' I gf- -f -Vfvfw- +-MH-f1:Q ', Q .A1Q h' 5 V V V7 - M M M ., 4 i. M 5 M . 1 K , V V V J E E dm Wmak gg 2 F4 gf 4 , ig- , 'IV ff' .cr 15, '7 .Wire N -1 526 The Winning Way if 1 nr fry f Q. X-... 3555 Tl'IERE'S THE WIND-UP...: Lenore Redmond puts all her power behind a blazing fast ball. ..f xg we ' W 1 AMI A, W .LW 'W Q. Q., Q 5 xr' 'Q H mn Vg., .W MM Wwenv wr -. Lb , Q , 4 5 fi mf- , Q ,gs Q if. ' Q 'V' ? Qi , w A , as AR wp-mm-5, W K ,WU 5.11 .-a N 3 528 The ing Way REACHING A NEW HIGH ARMY PUTS FORTH ITS BEST SHOWING IN TEN YEARS Wt took a final-quarter run by number-one ranked North Caro- lina to put out the fire that Army Lacrosse blazed across the field this year. Army's intensity and strong offense took it into the quarter-finals ofthe playoffs. Army Lacrosse had success in the three previous seasons, with a shot at the playoffs right down until the last game ofthe season, where the team had lost three consecutive times to cost them- selves a playoff berth. This I y e a r as a motivated Army team stormed past perennial power- house Maryland in a first-round game. Acrowd of 4, 121 watched the game as cadets and civilians alike brought the spirit back to Michie Stadium in a return to Army Lacrosse's 'glory days! Early in the game, it looked as ifArmy might be headed for an early playoff exit, as ninth-ranked Maryland C6-65 pulled to a 5-2 lead in the first quarter. From that point, though, Army used physical play and an offensive clinic to go out on a 9-l run, turningathree-point deficitinto sto ry an l l-6 lead. By that time, the wasdif- game was all but decided. ferent A key to the win was the per- LOOKING FORA HOLE. Phil Mandiy looks for a place to go against strong Navy defense. formance of freshman Dan Brostek, who scored four sec- ond-halfgoals during the crucial Army run. Brostek was forced to take on an extra role in the game due to the intense defense put on senior Steve Heller, with Mary- land double-teaming and often triple teaming the All-American. The season, while full ofteam accomplishments, also saw in- dividuals gain recognition. Steve Heller was twice selected as Pa- triot League Player ofthe Week, and set a new Army record for career scoring, a combination of goals and assists. While the team had strong seniorleadership, freshmen such as Brostekstrengthened the team as well and gave a view of what can be expected in coming years. Brostek was named Patriot League "Rookie ofthe Year." NO LOVE LOST. The Armyfltlavy game brought out the best in both teams. J ,Q al -3-vvf F 1 Na ak-, " Q .ka .k,. . v',, g '4 4 f 1 5-14'-2-' 1 - BOBBY RODRIGUEZ SQUARING OFF. Adam Silva towers over his Syracuse opponent. 550 The Winning Way ONTHE BREAK. Todd Butler looks down the field for a scoring opportunity. H v "11 Wjxx, M im ,I 3 if E Q O Z P no nn O on nv Jiri us, - BOBBY RODRIGUEZ w ans y A A " M. R VV V V My 4 in A as an W ii 5 Q A 'S - X A , iw, 552 The Winning Way FINAL PREPARATION. Players psych themselves up for the game on the sidelines. 1 m 554 TIM VILES, EDITOR D, V , Sf N.-.-.-fa....,.. A, W-.4 ., fn N 'Aff' ,ff ,gf 3, , !f"F ,nf WJ "" 4- ' , f ,K Ay r JW' , A. ,x -V aj, ,iw 'UMW' 5512, all AY" ' 51" vis. 5 VQALLD ffL,Ww" fm, 4.155 if JM..,.,,.m-f-- .-W QQ.. .X W 11 If 1-A,.w...,.m.,. .mf-na.......,...,Y.1m W, ., . LD .Z L-IJ O 1 54 Z fi 2 P L vx HI Ill B Ill u. lil Z 'L' I' vm ,,fff'f5f - 4if usfux , "i x YL-f 5,1 556 The Way PUMPING YCDU UP -they came from all corners ofthe nation. Construction work- ers and longshoremen from the north, and cowboys and oilfield workers from the south. All these brave souls wished to do was to carry on the proud name of all Army Powerlifters by winning a fourth straight National Champi- onship. Weeds, D-Hall, Hedrow, Crom, Donny, Dirty Dave, Chip- munk, Cueball, the mighty Swiecki brothers, Billy Joe, Ciayley, and other assorted war- riors created a force to be reck- oned with. Now, they are held in awe by all who see them. Their unparalleled courage, never end- ing strength, and hearts ofsteel remain the standard to which all athletes aspire. Some thinkwe're too loud, some think we're too cocky, but let me tell you one thing: We beat Navy, we beat Air Force, and we beat everyone else in the whole nation who dared to challenge us, making us National Champions forthe fourth straight year. So, whetheryou like us or not, take a good look at us, be- cause we're the best thing going. THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD. NOT. JD Dillon struggles to com- plete the squat at the Collegiate National Championships. NEWTON WOULD BE AMAZED. Missy Weiner executes the deadlift at the Collegiate National Champion- ships. M wie M 'f f ff' f' f' ff f 2 'f f 'f' f " 'ff lx ,ii IIT. fx SECOND T0 NCJNE the l992 Army RugbyTeam saw many new faces in its line up due to graduation and injuries. MajorAndrew Drake successfully completed his tenure as head coach as all four sides lost only three games during the entire fall season. One ofthese losses strong RMC team, winning 54- lO. ln thisgame, the Army attack was spread out evenly between backs and forwards, and the ruggers superior fitness paid off near the end ofthe game. Both the Army A's and B's qualified for the Northeastern enced competition. They de- feated Ft. Leavenworth, Ft. Sill, Ft. Bragg, and Camp Lejune Ma- rine Base en route to the Conso- lation Title. This year, Pat Downes and Jeff Chuck led the A side. Mark Rempf, Doug Katz, Dave Stouffer, 558 The Way occurred when the A side de- feated the B side in league play. Army's A side won its I4 con- secutive Met Union League Title, with Army l5's a close second. The fall season was also suc- cessful because the ruggers tri- umphed over fellow national power Air Force 12-O. ln the game, Army's experienced scrum dominated the play forcing the Zoomies to commit numerous penalties. Eric Achenbach, Army's placekicker, converted four ofthese penalties to points. A week later, Army dominated a Rugby Championships: however, due to a rule change, the club was only able to field one side in the tournament. Army played University ofConnecticutin the first game. Afteratough fought game, Army emerged victorious. The next day, Army, aftera physi- cally demanding game, was up- set by Harvard University, bring- ingan early and unexpected end to the season. ln lieu of the collegiate na- tional championships, the Army ruggers were invited to partici- pate in the National Military Championships. The ruggers won four of six games playing both larger and more experi- '11 Mark Morek and Jason Wos led the B, C, and D sides. The club would also like to thank, Major Drake, Major Ross, Major Buchanan, Major McAnneney, Captain Boisson, and Captain Carl. This year's committee in- cluded: President Pat Downes, Vice-President Jeff "Pretty Boy" Chuck, Treasurer Russ DeMartino, and Publicity Kevin lnglin. A very special thanks goes to Mark Kempf for selfless service and a continued dedica- tion in upholdingthe tradition of the Army "Rag Man." WATCH YOUR EAKS. lt's a dog fight for the scrummies. H3 X 5 Q Q ,IW MQ , Q f ,K ' 'fm 9 , , NQW, f im Q. A M W, ,, V .lie gin 1' W H ,,, , 3 Jr, ' 5 fo 4 I i an W , s wp. ff +2 , , ,I 4, Wg is 'J 'link' k , , I f if M A gif Y 54 , 5 3 4 h,,, V f HN ,Q - V f r wg 5 ' U. . M ,A 1 "' wiv 4 S , 4 4:1 M A Y fm., f 4, , 1 95 .. ,W .fk-as xg ' ffmf , , N I. o .2 wg L,m,,Q.5 vi3WAgk5:,hh!, Mf K gf ,7fw,wf,' . - ,H N A 5 . 0 f Wi ,Q In ,K,,, 4, Q V W fewfig if gg 5 ,xg f gf' X2 ai 6 ff' 3 ,,Fxf,4S,," , Y ' 54' gg A pw -135 f 2151 , f fr ' - v 55 " 11 ' ' Wflw-f' f 45 3 12 vf .7 if 'f ,fl H31 f Q .Q ,, f e f J BANDINGTOGETHER: Bill Bestermann, Russ Delvlartino, Trey Rutherford, Mike Ciray, and Pat Downs lock arms and get ready. 409' GIVE IT THE BOOT: Erik Achenbach shows good form on the Kick off. 542 The TRUE TESTS OF ENDURANCE CADETS RUN AT BOSTON he Cadet Marathon Team, 25 members strong, trained long and hard in preparation for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. The athletes put in between 40 and 70 miles per week of hill-work, intervals, lactate threshold and long- slow-distance runs. The team raced distances ranging from 10K to 50K in preparation for the grueling 26.2 mile main event. In events spanning the East Coast from Boston and New York to Philadelphia and Washington D.C., the team domi- nated both age group and team categories turning in the fastest times to date for the Marathon Team. The highlight of the fall season was a solid perfor- mance at the Marine Corps where the Army marathoners defeated the Air Force Academy in head to head competition. The team of Foster, Janczyk, and Arvay achieved a First Place finish in the College!University Division, while teams of Brock, Paudler and Seaworthp Lincoln, Beall and Seggip and Olson, Linn and Jarvis finished Fourth, Fifth and Sixth respectively in the same division. The women's team also turned in an impressive end to the fall season with a First Place finish in the Military Open Division with a team ofO'Donnell, Reisenweberand Garde. The ultimate goal for these road warriors was to meet the qualifying time of5: l O for men and 5:40 for women-in order to compete in the most re- nowned of all races: the Boston Marathon. The pure physical challenge and the mantra of "live hard to be hard" spurred these runners to a true spirit ofexcellence. CADETS PROVE SUCCESSFUL -Criathlons have often been described as the ultimate endurance sports and the 1992 Triathlon Team, led by CIC T ed Thome C95:Al J, took pride in bearing that label. Overall, the team competed in 2 triathlons and 6 duathlons, which included the Duathlon National Championships. The season started out with the 5rd Annual West Point Triathlon. Ted Thome, the defending cham- pion, took a wrong turn on the run course giving him an uncharacteristic fifth place overall. Team- wise, Matt Little 19551343 and Stan Buchesky C95pH ll finished 2nd and .'5rd respectively. Jen Cireenburg t94pI'l 1 J, new to the sport, placed first out of the women on the team. The Army triathletes also crushed Navy in the first competition ever. The tri team next competed in the Hudson Historical Triathlon, its second and last triathlon of the season. The cadets again dominated the race with Ted Thome beating everyone including a local professional triathlete. Spencer Clouatre f95pH2J and Stan Buchesky were the 2nd and 5rd team finishers. Jen Cireenburg and Lisa Nolan f95,El l finished lst and 2nd, respectively, in the 19-24 age group. The first duathlon was the Boston Duathlon. Ted Thome again was the team's top finisher, winning the 20-24 age group. Matt Little and Ken Wilkinson i96yD2J were the next cadets to finish. Lisa Schertel C94pAl D was the top female on the team. The team dominated the Nyack Y-athlon with Ted Thome again taking first place overall and settinga course record. Ken Wilkinson was the top Way West Pointer in the competitive Brooklyn Biathlon one week later. The pinnacle of the Triathlon Team's season was the Duathlon National Championships. Ted Thome continued to dominate even under the heaviest competition ofthe season. Lisa Schertel ended her season on an high note placing Sth in the women's 20-24 age group. As a result of his outstanding season, Triathlon Times Magazine voted Ted Thome as the 1992 amateur men's Duathlete-of-the-Year. III. COME SAIL AWAY this season the Army Sail- ing team has risen to the chal- lenge of rebuilding the team. The past years have been marked by high turnover rate of OICs and cadets. Led by a new OIC, MAJ per Slade Suchecki performed superbly to help clinch this fin- ish. This was the team's best performance and finish in the last several years. The team hopes to build from this season, put in countless hours sailing the beautiful Hudson River. West point was built at this location because of the poor sailing conditions for enemy ships. The stretch of river that 544 The Way 5' 1175. Adams, and a new CIC, Bill Tay- lor, the team has reorganized and is reviving both the com- petitiveness and camaraderie of the team. This season's only race was a great success. The Army team finished second overall in the Army Mule Regatta held at West Point in the spring. Competition between the seven schools was fierce, and race conditions were uncharacteristicallygood. Skip- and continue with a successful season in the fall. The team members have put in a great deal of work this sea- son. The team put in many hours to prepare for our home regatta, which went off without a hitch. Sailing is also a mainte- nance-intensive sport. With an aging fleet of boats, much of our time was spent not on the water, but rather fixing halyards, cleats, and blocks. And of course we BAIL! BAIL! The l'ludson's choppy waters often fill the boats with muddy water, ,I , M N Y 1 if c C. I f M borders West Point is known to local mariners as "World's End." Shifty winds, ripping cur- rents, ice flows, cold water, and debris have helped mold this name. Even with all of the ele- ments against us, it is impos- sible to keep the Army sailors away from the water. Go Army Sailing! Catch the Breeze! ' ' --E wsI9 ?'f53hll39- i " I T E , Y ' ' . -""""""WM"11f.' "W I' 'f f"T'9if - ,. ' Ii A-mm - ' 517' Y' i I " ' RACING HOME. It looks like a close race for the finish line. IU. FRIENDSHIPS FCDRGE WINNING TEAM CREW SHELLS ADVANCE WITH SWIFT STROKES orthis sport, the mind is the most powerful tool. lt is the conqueror of pain, doubt, and fear, it is the foundation for vic- tory and awinning spirit. Crew is an art form of graceful, quiet beauty which makes it look like an amazingly simple sport to participate in. Yet it has another side to it, concentration, even when ex- haustion ensues, is what makes the sport look so beautiful. The crew team consists of eight-man and four-man boats plus a coxswain for each. The coxswain is one of the most significant elements of the boat. She is the coach of her boat and knows what motivates the row- ers to work hard and win. The most exciting part of crew hap- pens in the spring where boats are lined up evenly and then told to row for a 2000 meter dead sprint. The coaches and team cap- tains spend long hard hours ensuring the safety of team mem- bers and organization of team activities to include competi- 546 The Way one of savage competition, pure concentration and dedication, where rowers push themselves to the limits of their physical capabilities. Their ultimate physi- cal shape is what powers those sleek shells up and down the Hudson River and their mental rowers consist of light-weights and heavy-weights, novice, and varsity rowers. In the fall season, the Army crew team participates in three mile long races that record the times of each team to determine who had the fastest time. But the STRENGTH AND DRIVE. The Army Crew team strokes ahead of the competition. tions such as Patriot League Championships, New York State Championships, and Dad Vail National Championships. The crew team is very close and dedicated to the friendships that are forged while striving for an ultimate goal on the water- VICTORY! EIGHT MEN AND A WOMAN. This coxswain has her work before her in leading the shell home. HBIHOH EIIIVW IT'S COLD OUTSIDE. But the Army Crew Team keeps practicing through it all. 24 z 4 Z u.: FROM A DISTANCE. E o Army looks to make up some 3 ground. 2 E 548 , W ,rn , 'wg-3' K' ,aqw-Mr., ""' -In-QW9"' -..,,,g. .Vasa tx'-aL,r,,,..' W W it ,Ago My, fl '- M ,,a,, M. WM . ,,., Mlldwilnm CHECKING OUT THE TEAM. Evaluation is always an important part of improvement. wa.. WWA W , M .,,,, W, ..,, M, V , M Jw, M vm WWW, MH M M M., Vw W 1 r "Wg- 6 f fm , M Q5 Wmmf . ,W ,W M' , ,Nw Wiz" S ,IKM 'ff' mvlf-mawffywr , , I W ' WM 'lf -an ,, . 1 M ,W W..-eg""4-aum,.,,m': .WMM W ' . M- aw- V mm 3 1 nw -1-42 axsm 550 The ng Way A NEED FCJR SPEED -Che Army Cycling Team had its most successful season in recent memory. The team kicked things off with a strong fall cam- paign, to include sweeping the top five slots in the military event at the Tour de Junque in Virginia Beach, VA. Soon after the Virginia event, the team went into hibernation for a couple of months before emerging in January to brave the cold in order to put in the early season miles. Despite abhorrent weatherthrough March, the team trained hard to prepare for the spring season, and all the hard work paid off. The first big successes for the team came at Prospect Park, NY in late March, where the Cat- egory lV team of Ryan Marsh, Dustin Wambeke, John Pistone, TC1 Taylor, Guy Dumas, and Eli Johnson stole the top five slots from a field of over 100. The team continued to ride well at the Army Spring Classic here at West Point, with Taylor, Wambeke, and Dumas all plac- ing in the l5's, while Luke Falk rode to a place in the hill climb for the A's. After a couple more weeks of collegiate racing, highlighted by several top five placings form Ciuy Dumas, Allen Pepper, and Emma Cuevas, and a victory from Alyssa Kromer, Team Army hit the Eastern Championships. A second place in the TTT by Ted Thome, Allen Pepper, Luke Falk, Ryan Marsh, and Lee Brown, a second place in the Criterium by team captain Allen Pepper, and a l Oth place in the women's event by Darlene Godfrey enabled the team to qualify for Nationals for the first time in four years. The team plans to continue the win- ning trend at Nationals in late May. PEDAL POWER. Dom Edwards races past an opposing biker. 1 - 552 The FENCINGTEAM Way CONCENTRATION AND ACCURACY SHOOTING FOR A TITLE Led by Team Captain Robb Walker and coached by CPT Gary Keck, the USMA Skeet and Trap team, a competitive club whose members have an affinity for the outdoors- hunt'n ducks in particular, has had a very successful season. Competing against various local country clubs and colleges, the team has earned a formidable reputation as a tough competitor and plans to make a strong bid for the National Title this year for the second year in a row. Highlights ofthe year include a crushing defeat over both Navy and Air Force at the Fourth Annual Tri-Academy Shoot as well as a sound victory over the Remington Arms Factory team in the fall. One ofthe most memorable competitions this year was the Spring semester shoot against the Remington Arms Factory team at which the team members were able to shoot with General Schwartzkopf. Much of this year's success came from the veteran shooters such as Robb Walker, Sean Jones, John Hixson, Dennis Kerwood, Tod Larson, Rob Weber, Heather Simmons, Shawn Daniel, Mike Etley, and Jerry Johnson. A group of rookies to include Todd Wielinski, Scott Cornelius, Adrian Perica, Ken Gilliam, Sam Cubberley, and Stan Hardee also contributed markedly to the team's success. Spending all of their Fridays practicing and many oftheir weekends throughout the year competing, the members of the team formed strong friendships. These friendships strength- ened their re- solve d u ri ng tough competl tions and will last them for many years to come EN GARDE! Danny Gusukuma is ready for any opponent. A SEASON OF FIRSTS -Che Army Fencing Team had a great year of firsts in the 92-95 season. lt was a season with some great successes and a few tough defeats. Although the team finished up with an even 8-8 record their early successes made for some of its highest Middle Atlantic Collegiate Fencing Asso- ciation CMACFAJ Conference standings in recent years. Senior fencers Clark Barrett CSabre, H-57 and Kirk Day iEpee, G-53 took over the toughjobs of Cadet-in-Charge and Team Captain, respectively. CPT James Alty fDC8rMEJ stepped into the role of OIC. Together with the help of ayouthful, exuber- ant team they brought back some of the limelight that Army Fencing deserves. One ofthe season highlights was the first ever All Military Invitational, where fencers from USAFA, VMI, RMC, and the Royal Air Force ofGreat Britain all fenced a round-robin tournament in Arvin Gymnasium. Everyone involved enjoyed the com- petition and camaraderie ofthe intemational event. In addition to the Military Meet, and normal conference play, the USMA Fencing Team hosted an additional home meet, and the MACFA Cham- pionships. This event involved fencers from 15 teams competing in over a thousand bouts. A lot ofhard work went into the championships, but it was an overwhelming success. As the season closed a number of Army fencer's looked forward to another international competi- tion -this time in France. The team members were treated to the hospitality ofthe L'Ecole Polytechnic and in addition to enjoying Paris in the spring had the opportunity to compete against bladesmen from around the world lt has been a long time since the clash of steel rang with such ardor within these gray walls Hopefully it will not soon be forgotten With the current strong foundation ofspirit and skill in the underclasses the Army Fencing team is sure to have great success in the coming years. The graduating team members Jason Shepard fEpee, A-57, Kirk, and Clark send their best regards for the future ofthe true Black Knights ofthe Hudson. GO ARMY FEPICING. STEEL ON TARGET. I, W ww Q I 2 fr A 5511- The Way CADETS CLAIM THEIR SECOND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP The 1992-95 team began its season over the summer when its members gave up their leave to train at West Point. The team was lead by CIC Kenneth Allen Cl-C53 and ACIC Rob Ells CB-25. The coaches for the team were SFC Mike Eitnier and SSG Chris Moore. The officer representa- tives for the team were CPT Paul Brooks tDept. of Historyj and MAJ Jeff Cook CDPEJ. The warm days of summer turned to the brisk winds in the Fall when the team performed numerous successfuldemonstra- tions both on the Plain and in Michie Stadium. One such demo was for the Vice ChiefofStaffof the Army, GEN Gordon Sullivan, who gave each of the members coins in appreciation for their hard work. The team took one weekend in the fall to compete in West Point, Virginia in the Virginia Council Parachute Competition. The team won several categones but was not as successful as it had been compared to previous years. So they returned to in- tense training to prepare for Na- tionals. Over Christmas, the Black Knights took on all challengers in Clewiston, Florida in the old- est continuous parachute com- petition in the world, the Colle- giate Nationals. The Parachute Team chalked up its second Col- legiate National Championship and second consecutive victory against Air Force in 1992. The team also had its second con- secutive individual national champion, CDT Rob Ells from company B-2. Rob is also only the second person from USMA to win the overall category in the history ofthe competition. This year's team has set a strong precedent forthe years to come. The cadets have some- times sacrificed much more than just leave. However, the few seconds in free-fall seem to al- ways make up for the weeks away from home. BLUE SKIES. SORRY T 0 BE BACK ON EARTH: With his chute bundled in his arms, Mike Pratt hurries off the field. .QSM ,KX i , X-ax' IMOROSZ J WE HAVE LIFT OFF: The parachute team departs with Mike Pratt, Ken Allen, and Will Brown for another drop into Michie Sta- dium. SAFTEY FIRST: Darren Hanna prepares his Chute for another jump. 556 The Winning Way ZSOIIOWIY wxsawlymilgzgli ii mils' 558 LAND NAV PART DEU TEAM TAKES NINTH CONSECUTIVE CLUB TITLE 5C.Jhereda!Sif?Q2arewe? The tribe's self-given name for this year's season typifies what the Orienteering Team is all about. The year begins with the indoctrination of all the new little indians. Most of the new- comers spend many hours learning how to keep from get- ting lost. This is a long and tedious process, requiring pa- tience from the experienced Oers who end up waiting or looking for the lost newcomers in the woods. With time, how- ever, these newcomers be- come strong navigators and runners. No matter what the conditions -- rain, snow, fog, hot or cold -- the team still practices, and likes it! Sven blesses the USMA Orienteering Team with the most abomi- nable training conditions. But, it is all a part of the indoctrina- tion into this unique sport. As the year progresses, many members acquire tribal names. Some of this year's names in- cluded MAPO, FranO, StrangerO, Smockonstilts, Dustineyes and Boomboom. The giving of a tribal name completes the in- doctrination of these newcom- ers into the world of orienteering, a world full of krunchies, granolas, sling- shots, bearings, gators and gar- goyles. Confused? Well, this is how many Oers feel when they first grab their map and com- pass and head into the woods, all alone. their categories at meets. This year the team won its ninth straight NCAA Orienteering Club title. Chris Jarvis '95 and Mike Peters '94 came in 5rd and 4th respectively in the Varsity lVlen's division. Fran Danaher '95 won the Varsity Women's Division. Other win- ning performances were put on by Junior Varsity Team members Cindy Laoboonmi '95 and Colin Williams '96. Basically, strong performances and the team's depth com- bined to help Army pulverize its opponents this year. The team finished 1995 with perhaps its strongest team ever. With the loss of only two firsties, Jarvis and John Daberkow, and a promising Way Apart from all the fun and games associated with orienteering, it is truly a com- petitive sport. Cadets continu- ally place among the best in recruiting program led by Rich Stanfield '94 and Mike Peters '94, next year's team will be even better. THE END IS IN REACH. This Army Oer looks for the end of a long race. 5 ,a-5 W' Sr X K ' . , wh 5, ,, ,fr wg ' M, , 2 W ' ,nfym .firing 1 SKILL AND COMMITMENT EXPANDING ITS HoRlzoNs this year marked some ofthe best talent and greatest successes that the Army Karate Team has seen in some time. The team expanded its hori- zons, offering opportunities for cadets to compete in major tournaments and to expand their skills. The competitive team, led by Team Captain Doug liitani, brought back much experience from previous years, while gaining a great deal of talent from new members. Army Karate team members from all four classes and of various skill levels -- black belts, intermediate students and beginners -- earned recognition in both sparring and forms competition at some ofthe largest tournaments on the East Coast. The competition season ended with great suc- cess, as nine members ofthe team -again from all levels of skill -- performed well enough to qualify for national competition. The team then crushed both Air Force and Navy in a hard-earned victory here at West Point. Master Sims and his quality staff brought a level ofcoaching and instruction better than the team has ever had. Many cadets came to learn martial arts forthe first time. Others, with a variety of styles and backgrounds, trained with Master Sims to improve their martial arts abilities. Master Sims' students also met with great success in competi- tion, gaining recognition as the team with the highest scoring average at the Kuk Sool Won Internationals in Houston, Texas, defeating RMC in another close and hard-fought tourna- ment, and hosting West Point's first major mar- tial arts tournament. MEDITATION. Mental preparation plays a key role in the Martial Arts. A SEASON OF FIRSTS Led by a core of dedicated j udoka, the Army team enjoyed yet another undefeated season. In the opening match, the team quickly dispatched their Air Force counterparts, giving the zoomies a much-needed flying lesson. At both Northeasterns and Easterns, the team walked away with first place honors, marking the sixth straight year that the team has done so. RMC was the next unfortu- nate puppy to fall victim to the Army Judo meat grinder. With the team quickly running out of competi- tion on the East Coast, we traveled west to Tacoma, Washington. At the Northwest Pacific Regionals, the team took second, defeated only by a team of West Coast All-Stars. The team had medal winners in each competition in which it entered. Judokas Grace Park, Joe Wyszynski, Erin Phillips, Jason Wnght, Ben Ring and Matt Eichburg all left the state with more precious metal than when they arrived. During spring break, the team travelled to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. It was during the first phase of this trip that the team became intimately familiar with the layout ofthe Newark Airport. At Colorado Springs, the team got the opportunity to train with members of both the US World Team and the '92 Olympians. The train- ing paid off as the team was in prime shape for Nationals. Cadet Adam "The Butcher" Boyd and Chris "lkky" Grose took home the gold in Kata competition and yearlings Leo "Shot" Wyszynski and Tom "The Technician" Fenoseffgave it a fine effort. Five members, including Grace Park Cfor the third straight yearl, Charina Oro, freshman sensa- tion Dan Pascal and Erin Phillips took home bronze medals in the competition. The team's work as a whole paid off as it walked away with All- American honors and a third place finish. ln addition, Sensei Ogasawara received the coach- of-the-year award. The team will miss the top performances of graduating firsties such as Joe "The Hammer" Wyszinski, "Gentleman" Matt Eichburg, Doug "Scarface" Korneski, Dave "Slik" Slivka, Greg Suchanek, Charina Oro and Rich Bell. 'U' Jn f 1 " e 2, P-sw Z1 l 562 The ng Way WHAT A RACKET! RACQUET? RA-KET? SQUAD OVERCOM ES LOSSES I . 'even after losing several seniors from last year's strong squad, the Army Racquetball Team still managed a great season, finishing fourth in the Eastern Collegiate Racquetball Conference. Team Captain Andy Lathrop and Co-Captain Chris Zeranick provided the senior leadership, along with a group of highly motivated OIC's that in- cluded CPT Herholtz, LTC Hutchison, and CPT Arterburn that helped coach the team to its win- ning season. The men's team returned two seniors: Andy Lathrop amd Terry Gillespie. Lathrop finished with a 5-5 regular season mark and Gillespie captured second place at 46 men's singles at the Regional Tournament. Seniors Kyle Vowinkel, Dan Gallagher, Mike Chong, Junior Paul Mlakar, and Plebe Tyler Olson were all first year players and made great contributions to the team, espe- cially on road trips. Sophomore Mark Dille re- turned as the men's alfl player, and took second place in the men's iil singles and second place in men's 431 doubles with Olson at the Regional Toumament. The women's team fared well despite the fact that they had only two returning players. Seniors Chris Zeranick and Robin Lindell led the team and made a great TEAM RANKS NUMBER 22 50 ith the help of outstanding first class leadership, the l 995 Army Squash Team achieved its highest national ranking in several years. Al- though the team finished with a record of six wins against six losses, the calibre of opponents was quite high, and the team dropped several tight matches fincluding 4-5 decisions against Fordham and Stonybrookj. As a result, the team earned an impressive 41522 spot in the final national rankings. As captain and MVP, Tag Greason -who also filled the number one position -- contributed immensely to the team's success. In addition, Shane Chin 1425, Bruce Vitor 4445, Mark Markowski 1365, Jeff Grosso 14185, Charlie I-lansell 4391 and Rob Prins Cai l OJ also added tremendous depth and experience to the roster. Their presence will be sorely missed next year. Despite this loss, next year still promises to be an exciting one for Army Squash. After a semester-long exchange to the Naval Academy, where he played for Navy's varsity team, numberthree player and next year's captain Todd Morgenfeld returned to an already strong corps of cows. With Nate Winn C453 and Devon Thomas C473 returning from two full years of experience with the top nine, the team truly of- fered solid opposition for even the finest oppo- nents. Nate and Devon both won several key showing at the Regional Tour- nament. GO ARMY RACQUETBALL!! HERE IT COMES. The ball's heading your way...be ready. matches throughout the year, often providing the essential spark that ultimately propelled the team to victory. Bill Kuttler played superbly at 48 and 49, compiling an impressive record. Overall, Army Squash enjoyed a tremendous season. Unfortunately, the team will lose MAJ Yeungert next year. I-le has been an outstanding coach and role model for the last three seasons and will be greatly missed. Although the upcom- ing season will require some rebuilding, the team has the potential to maintain the winning tradition ofArmy Squash in 1994. ACADEMY PHOTO iai li .awww xx .AG 'Q Mfg Y 564 TEAM STARTS SLOW, FINISHES STRONG RECRUITING LEAVES GOOD PROSPECTS FOR FUTURE This was a year of rejuve- nation forthe Army Alpine Ski Team. Ciood recruiting resulted in a young but highly skilled team. The men's team this year consisted of I firstie, 2 cows, l yearling, and 6 plebes. Likewise, the women's team had l firstie, l cow, l yearling, and 5 plebes. Unfortunately, some bad luck and hard falls caused the team to get off to a slow start. However, during the last race of the five week racing season, both teams clinched a third place finish Cin both slalom and giant slaloml out of eleven teams. ln previous races, the men had consistently clinched third place finishes in the giant slalom portion of the race. The highlight of this year occurred after the regular sea- son ended. For the first time, the Army Alpine Ski Team com- peted in the 55th World Skiers Championship sponsored by the Council for International Military Sports fClSlVll. This is an international competition in which members ofthe armed forces from all over the world compete in winter sports. The men's team raced at Stowe Mountain, Vermont to qualify for the U.S. Team. Our number one racer, Constantine Voyedvidka, Class of '94, placed first for the U.S. team. In addition, the remainder of our skiers placed 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th for the U.S. Team fonly the top three U.S. skiers com- peted in the actual race, how- everl. One week later, CDT Voyedvidka found himself rac- ing against some ofthe world's best skiers, such as the Swiss Olympic Team Call Swiss must serve in the military, hence, their Olympic Team qualified for this racel. CDT Voyedvidka finished first for the U.S. Team and 26th overall. CDT Voyedvidka serves as an ex- ample of the excellent quality of skiers that are competing for USMA. With the strong finish of this year's season by both teams, the Army Alpine Ski Team is destined for suc- cess in the years to come. CRUISIN' THRU THE GATES. KING OF THE MOUNTAIN. This racer comes through with a very Members of the Alpine Racing Team good time at the West Point Invitational check out the rest of the competition. Ski Race. 50,3 li . K S Mmm 'E 5 i-ffgfi, .if- E ,sw x U1 Q, , .V JS , - ie, L i ,5..,,.m f ar ,. 1 r 3 , H H- me 5 ,' .zifiig 'Y-I' 'GQ' , 'Wt f ,, W, ' My W '-'J WTS H... L,,v,w5 k w, ,M,1f:.1.fg,,'ze 2, Z'1Z.f. 4,-'T,f"' . , Je .. ,mf-'N -- :Wie ,,.. A , A , .W V - www: , ' - , , 'E 1, .Lf.",:E',-'rr rv-1 .- ., f . , , 'WJ - ' , ' 5Uv1."'1E4 II -" ' K " I V. I ' Si ' V ' 1 ' 1 ' f " 1 , -- ' ' B. 'Q 5 ,V A 1 A Q V .Z 5,752 - ff ' Z ,- ' 1 tg 5 ff ' g ', , 2' rf .F ,, 3 M ,Ja EM A '. fl - 1 JK. fgg , , Q jf - ' ,ff ' X A, ' si 3 E ,,, 1 3 M f K 1 VJ, 'Y Tiii' I ri wa 2' fl 4 v ' Q 3 ' 1 u L ' " .2 " N 1 E V x I f, 2 , if, ' Q ' s , ' zz' 24? A V Q. . A , wwe' f, . -Q 4. " 5 , v ' " .- M25 NL' .415 W, . ,H H In iw, P D B , 4 . ' 5 . 3753 E ,. if 5 In SQ? 5 Wim: EN v ' ,VN Q- 5 f " K A , " H: ' ff. U'Z3f' 'f5,'?o " W L"'L9Lffki:??f"v A Y , , Q U , Q Aiabivmwysff , ffQ:mS21fa4fz?.w:. WTJ1, U-fw'MSi:wW -wz:1157T!?AH2' f'l:zf711' " H, ' - .Hair 'w?'2?5?1LsSif1,,.'i1. iwiisawacfiw, , wzz. My .- 7 1 ':i:ujggg,n,ywf:f, A :v?M"af:lSLH.gsfM5fg uw rw Njfy, .,4-MZ-fgw .af mms qyfqzymgezfzszff'-2 'gym .wk -gvumg,-,H,.w Q1w,.,,,gi.f,f'r:f lfwwf-fs::fAm.,f7-EW q-e,fb.-me--www Sfmfwqi mi M my-1, aww- L,-W-W mm WN' :5h.L,5if3ClfS?i5if7i35if',595lQkjEfilsf' in5'5,3fffl1?iQ,Q2'2g4l4f'5Q5SE-WL,L --'QQQE-iV7,f 125 3131731553547 lQ?lmEQ5T2YS'f42ii?5,25S?5iifw ' in 5 5 Z pain WWWAMW 566 A SEA OF WHITE, A FEW oN skis SNOW PROBLEMS DON,T DAMPEN TEAM9S SPIRIT never before have so many meets been canceled in one skiing season, first due to lack of snow and then due to too much snow! Still, the Nor Ciods increased their ranks admirably and endeared many more souls to the silent joy of backwoods trails and the crash- ing intensity of open field com- petition. As in years past the training consisted of many hours of long distance running, interval training, and dry land skiing specifics. After a while we found that all three could be encompassed nicely in a game of Ultimate Frisbee, a game that also challenged our social skills and maturity. After the Christmas leave, our competitive van driving, uh, I mean, snow skiing season began. Clarkson, Yale, Paul Smith, Morisville, Rochester, Castleton State, and Syracuse provided us with intense com- petition, but Army fielded championship women's and men's relay teams at every meet. Additionally, regardless of the technique ftraditional or freestyle! the Nordic warriors always had a medal winner for the individual races. Most valu- able skiers, Chance Kriesel C945 and Jill Thorkildson V953 glided through every race with consistency and dedication. Army will send both men's and women's teams to the na- tional competition in Squaw Valley. Members for these elite teams are Chance liriesel, Scott Holstine 6953, ErikAasterud f'95J, Jill Thorkildson, Jen MacLean C'94D, and Andrea Bock 0945. lt has been four years of Army Nordic Skiing for me. I have loved every minute of it and thank all of you who have been a part of it! I could fill the page with all the good memo- ries of good people and good- n-cold weather. Take Care and Tl-IINK SNOW! Cnoss COUNTRY. LOOK MA, N0 HANDS. l'd much rather be on skis than This probably isn't as easy as it running through this. looks. Way Lfiiii' MON E A Vx E U W ,,,,,,,!. . , '.., "" ,,,,+1W WM" M W A M,wHQWyf ' X W, ,N ,, ,N ,,,, ' Q , ' WW , ,. A QTUWQ?M,CWW,Nf3Cl, ' 'W' W W , , , , sa.+lMwwuwF""' ' " ,L M awww: GMW?1g+N5b!4WLMaW?pwW W ,, NECK AND NECK. These two are eager to finish the run and go in for hot chocolate...NOT! LCDOKING TO THE FUTURE SQUAD HAS SUCCESSFUL SEASON, LOOKS TO IMPROVE Afrmy's lVlen's Volleyball Team is a modest entity. It doesn't profess to be anything it isn't. It doesn't believe it can change the world for the bet- ter. ln fact, the volleyball team is a simple concept- Ifyou love the volleyball team, the volley- ball team loves you. lf you really love the volleyball team, the volleyball team really loves you. It was a hard year for the closet crazies. Losing two four- year players is Patrick Wilkison and Mike Hosie, the young team attempted to best their previ- ous season marks. Many inju- ries and changes in the line-up led to an inconsistent year, in- cluding a blownout knee in- duced upon our top defensive player, Rob "SATO" Lee, and a sprained knee-cap for the 6'6" starting middle blocker, Justin Wilcox. A young team went into the National Tournament in Aus- tin, Texas to gain experience and prep the next season by making a strong finish. After giving both Air Force and Min- nesota, ranked l2th and 8th respectively, a serious scare and within a point of defeating Northern Arizona University, the dudes hung in to defeat lUP and receive a national ranking of 50th out of close to 100 Division One teams. Their east coast comrades, the University of Rhode Island CURIJ defeated Cal Berkeley in the semifinals only to lose to Colorado Uni- versity, Boulder in the Final. The crazies played URI earlier in the season to a tight, three game match. The next year promises a new start for the lVlen's Volley- ball Team. With four returning starters and a large freshman recruiting class, as well as six talented incoming sopho- mores, the team will again rise to dominance on the East coast. Trips to the Air Force Academy, the Royal Military College of Canada and many hours of sand play will prepare the closet crazies for the meta- morphosis that will take place behind captain Rusty Bailey and Co-Captain Modupe Tay- lor-Pearce. GET OUT OF MY WAY. BLACK WALL. Two Army Setters both go for the ball An 0pponent's set bounces harm- in a home match. lessly off Army's blockers. X, ACADEMY PHOTO ,f-if-:Q'z.3,f'fA Pfifiim. f M " "7Lu.V- fMl57?'i'Vwfff"3f'f?WW'f''7f57V?W3Z ??f5if5VfSWQ Vfwvfwfiw,W12f"fSWi33?16?7f4i7f'X75W f6?iZ'32fM?77TfK?i3L3!Ziw-S'W71wifmfw2f'sw1'w'4'.gz'fzsfml mef,':Q1Jif1ki 2z,.','f17 ' " f, sw ,. 7 f H fl. .,A. Y A V' Y' ff:-ww"Lf ,2f1,,L H-' - H - ,,h, ' gy' Aff . I' ' 'fu pw, ',g:eyp,q,iLf L,',,w!'Qf:z'5w: vmiiliIx315f"lWiIQEZQLTiWTL49!1Si5Lf?EZSk?i'5D:7Yi515?r?I?'fl57Q?ZLx??Zi?:?7f 23712519 i51ZaQ7,i5?7ii':E,i4ME4Eiw1IL",E'f f, "L' 4 1 'ft'f2'4',11:f,-fiizzgmzy: is f gjigfiegff' wQy,2gzi'fw114a,, 5, ,MW 'K 9 , A . , 4 4, vulriflx A f y A 570 The ing Way A TRADITION OF E CELLENCE TEAM BEATS AIR FORCE AND WINS NATIONALS eoached by MAJ Bill "Stubby" Nanry, the Men's Army Team Handball team had a very successful season. The men only lost one game in the newly formed Canadian-American League, defeating 5 of Canada's senior teams. At the West Point tournament the men finished seventh and gained invaluable experience. At the North Carolina Blue Cup Tour- nament, Army took the Silver a row and has won the Colle- giate Championship I4 times since 1976. Army continued on to finish fourth in Division I competition, their best finish in the highest competition divi- sion ever. They lost by only two goals to the Gold Medal win- ning Garden City team from New York. Team captain and former Olympic festival player, James "JT" Thome led the team and Choo" Peters proved a win- ning combination. All four senior starters were consid- ered to play in this years Olym- pic Festival and are now eli- gible to play on the West Point Alumni team coached by LTC lRETJ Jim Thome, Class of '68, Other stand out and return- ing players for next year in- clude juniors Mike "Hammer" Thornberry, Decker "Dinger" Cammack, Scott "Pokey" Polk Medal and nearly pulled off the Gold. The season reached its cul- mination at the Nationals with their defeat of Air Force by a score of I7-16 for the Colle- giate Championship. Army has defeated Air Force five years in JP IN P U provided impenetrable de- fense. JT's offensive presence on the court will be missed as well next year, but the team is in good hands with sophomore Derek "AB" Hasty filling the slot. His leadership along with se- niors Marcus "Gash" Gaccione, Andy Smith, and Dwight "Choo- OVER THE TOP. I-lE's ANTI-MATTER. The ball sails in over the outstretched Mike Thornberryjust seems to hang in arms of a defender. the air as he looks for a shot. Dan "DT" Taylor, and Don "Doc" Roy. All five returning pl look to play in this summer' Olympic Festival. Next y team will be led by team tain Rich Heine and new coach CPT Rollie Jacobs. Good men and BEAT AIR FORCE! WOMEN,S COLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS TEAM FACES OTHERS WITH MORE EXPERIENCE, WINS way back in January, the young team travelled to the frozen north to play against vastly more experienced Ca- nadian teams. It was a learning experience for all, especially the new players that had just stepped onto a team handball court for the first time in their life three short weeks before! The pace never stopped, and within a month we were enjoy- ing even tougher Canadian competition in Quebec land, of course, enjoying the carni- val!! We finally got a shot at the Canadians on our "home turf" when we travelled to Lake Placid, proving ourselves equal to the challenge. But the focus of our season was on the hori- zon: Nationals. Held this year in Philadelphia, the National Tournament saw a less experi- enced West Point squad defeat Slippery Rock to gain the Women's Collegiate Title. In addition, we took home the bronze in the open competi- tion, defeating high caliber teams with Olympic players in the process! Even more important than the tremendous success we achieved this year was the team camaraderie we developed. Everyone pulled together in a total team effort that made everything possible. We were also blessed with a very I'lVl TALLER. This Army handballer evades the pressure of her opponent. dedicated coaching staff that spent countless hours patiently instructing us in the finer points of team handball -like "Wing to Wing, Army!" We especially thank our Big Kahuna, COL Freeman, and his able assistant, MAJ Linnington CRomeo Kilo ID who is leaving us after three great years. Next year's team has a big challenge ahead of them: nothing less than defending a National Title. They will miss this year's departing firsties - Patty Westbrook, Kris Beardsley, Joanne Schell, and Lara Colton - but the up and coming underclassmen are fired up and ready to go. Crood luck Army and CIO FOR THE GOLD! GETTING UP. The opponents feet seem to be planted into the ground on defense. K X OLOI-id AWBGVDV LEANING INTO IT. The goalie bet- ter pray for her own safety on this shot. IT,S ALL IN THE WRIST ANOTHER TRIP TO TOURNEY ZAfSMA's Bowling Team consists of eleven members, six men and five women. We compete across the Tri-State area with such schools as SUNYAlbany, U Mass!Lowell, WNEC, MIT, WPI, RPI, The Coast Guard Academy, Connecticut and Bentley. Last year our team placed second in the league and was invited to the National ACUI Tournament in Chicago. This year the team fell short of that, finishing third, but was still invited to the tourney this year in Ohio. The team has remained competitive through the past few years as a result of increased competi- tive club status. The team practices five days a week during the fall season, and we begin our competition season by beating Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard in the annual Academy Match. The USMA Bowling Team has maintained the bowling "Commander-ln-Chief's" trophy for the past three years. The rest of our tournaments in the league occur between October and early March. MAKING ITS PRESENCE FELT This year's season started out under the firm, but fair hand ofour new coach, MAJ Fromm. I-Ie shared so much of his knowledge and experience with us. This season was very competitive, our first tournament took us to the Downtown Athletic Club in NYC. The team fared well, and counted the trip as a victory in experience, both on and off the court. The next trip saw the team return to the Big Apple for another handball battle royal. Once again experience building played a large part in the team's losses and victories. This weekend was the culmination of hard work and training in preparation for our final trip to the National Cham- pionships at the University of Texas in Austin. Many new friends were made as the Army Team made its presence known to all by several re- sounding victories by such key players as captain Dave Tamburri and Neal Pason. This was an experience that no one on the team will ever forget. return the shot. This year's team included eight firsties: Dave Tamburri, Neal Pason, Pat Terhune, Mike Greco, Mark Hewitt, Brian Symonds, Matt I-lalferty, and Carl Ott. The remainder of the team was com- posed of cows: Gerry "the Bandit" Sentell, and Jason "the Outlaw" Vranes, and finally our two yearling contenders, Tom Greco and Brian lvie. RIGHT BACK AT YOU. This Handballer is ready and able to mv- ietw Q MM. Q. , eu, 'azz' , '- V siififz V ' my M ,,,,, . ..,, .,.. 12' M K W 9 , 4, Y' na H V ,. .... . , . X ,. ,K . V , 1 .WV ,,,,a,,WV.,V,n,,,b . , , M, f ' f V ' L, .- . ,, V H V ,1wV-M1 ,,M M,,,,V WI .fwfr ., HvZ,: RV "'asf-z -- ws? W - 927 Q 2M ,f,ssVzaw , W ' V ' A , ., VV , ' 'ifzfizfk VISBY' nf'7if5Lw3'zr51V 21121475 fVs'f"fliSf"V V' Wiifizfmff 'WVVV VV ' ' Y , ?f55Q7f?s1,rVf:.'i: Eaefmiw, VWQV ,w iwgfwezfzz ,1Q,fQ,4S:11A. Vfwwe' 31 ff VV JE., V4gQVWV4.1WV,,V 4, ,effzw 5 2-ffwg 5 , 'zxzfxak 'sw V! ,, 'vfmfiwf ,AVL , 5' ,ggwyz u igjg M' Jil, zrmzf ff 4 'V 1, P' 'QeV,zzSW -Vwwmzf y2r14'fifU wtwii f ,fm W K I f , f A ,, i ' ' 'L " ' V V A J J ' -V ff , www? , ff' ' A 1 " VV f 'Wi' V ,,,, V ' 1 , ,V all rs , 1 ARMY RIDERS alkaboutstartingout on a new foot. The Equestrian Team hasanew OIC. Majorlvlark Smith is just learning the ins and outs of running a team along with the help of team captains Kara Geisler and Joe West. ln addition to a new OIC, the team also received training from a new coach, Captain Lorelei Coplen. Despite all of these horse show at New Hope Farms in Port Jervis, NJ. The team received special help from mem- bers ofthe West Point commu- nity like Chris Adler and Many lVlcCom1ack, who devoted much oftheirtime to the Army eques- trians. The weather this year certainly put a damper on the team's training time. lfit wasn't snowing, it was raining. Despite FQCDESEEES on. Hopefully within the next few years an indoor riding facil- ity will be built which will allow the team to ride throughout the winter. All in all, it has been an outstanding year. The team will dearly miss its departing Firsties- Joe West, Kara Geisler, and Lynda Armer. l-lappy trails! With the horses out to pasture, the team eagerly awaits the upcoming changes, the Equestrian Team managed to host a successful the cold weather cadets still braved the elements and rode year ALL SIVIILES. Shawn Svob cracks a grin after another fine run. 22,5 ' if 'Wt ,V 'li N, ,V be In 576 The 2 .4 1, Q M, gg i fm 4. -f.,-,.. pu v '22 'QUE rm? WE! we-49 1 a , , .W ,Www ,A f 1 ., , , 4 V X is 'wg fy ' -Mil? L LADY LAX TURNS IN STRONG SEASON TEAM PERFORMS WELL, LOOKS TO BECOME CORPS SQUAD yn September, the Women's Lacrosse Team Captain, Beth Garrison, and Co-Captains, Jen Beason and Miki Matsuo, pre- sented the athletic board with a proposal for the team to attain corps squad status. With all the other Patriot League schools field- ing women's lacrosse teams and the increased intensity and skill of the team through volunteer coach Mrs. Mindy Schnepf, the team felt the need for a higher level of competition and oppor- tunity. l-I 0 w - Lax team continued to pursue a competitive schedule against other club teams. After tryouts during interces- sion, the team consisted of 26 women eager to increase their level of play and work together as a team. Winter didn't go away, though, and bad weather in the spring forced many endless prac- tices in the gym and only 4 prac- tices outside before traveling to Philadelphia for the first games ofthe "Spring Chickens '95" sea- son. The team tried to get a tougher the team and would tally many Army goals. The defense was led by Jincy Pace in goal, Beth Behn, Masami Kunz, and Katey I-loos guarding the critical scoring area, and defensive wings Chandra Toy, Jen Beason, and Teresa Erb getting the ball up to centers Julia Slokar and Terri Wise. The first games were away in Phila- delphia. After a loss to St. Joseph's, Army came back the next day to defeat Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences in overtime by a score of 14-10. ever, l e f t unan- swered bythe board, t h e Lady schedule this year. Losing only 5 firsties from the '92 season, Anny had astrong starting line-up. The attack was led by high-scoring Gretchen Platt, Ashley Rosenthal, Beth Garrison, Miki Matsuo, and Donna Parent. Kelli Mcliechnie brought years of experience to The second weekend trip was to Annapolis, where after a disap- pointing 7-9 loss to Navy, the team regrouped the next day to defeat Anne Arundel Commu- nity College by a score of 15-ll. The Lady Lax team then began their home game schedule by defeating Fairfield 15-5. SINKING NAVY. Gretchen Platt cuts past her de- fender during the big game. . , K A A 4,,,.,M... ,f H . X X? W 'ii w ' 'R +,4..,. 1 'fr , ,MAA f' 2' .- W ,, RIDING A THIN LINE: James Bartelme seems to float on air as he charges the ball upfielcl. B lie '71 7? W O m 7: MICHAEL JORDAN? NOT! The ball slips by despite Cecil lVlacPherson's outstreached arm. JXIT' upaa 582 Th Way HERE IT COMES: Kevin Cutright gets ready to return Troy Schnack's last volley in a friendly game of raquetball. " w IP E vi CX C Z rn W WRONG SPORT FELLAS: Rob Santa Maria thinks that he's on the wrestling matts instead of the basketball courts. I NEVER KNEW YOU CARED: Brett Smith gets wrapped up in their work. 'VF' -lu usaia 5 , NOTICE THE FORM. Aaron Carlisle and his opponent react to the judges command "C1o". mN.,..e mS Wwkiw Main?" i 584 The ng Way Www THE FINAL BLOW. Dan Graham of company D-4 pounds away at his C-4 opponent. UP FOR AIR. Aaron Carlisle takes in a big breath of alr as he eyes the flnlsh lme. 'CK-L N AE MM 2 1 A 585 586 The ng Way THIS 0NE'S OUTTA' HERE. E4-'s Slugger steps in to hit the ball downtown.. MARK BOEKE GOHNIG LONG. Flickerball brought out the quarter- back in many intramural athletes. JENNIFER VOIGTSCHILD, EDITOR 'Nm is S if Q 5 FP Q Q, I i E F 5 i z p V 1 I 1 A- T P F N N 588 1 W L 'Nm an ' Q is an 5 . Q f - V mf. 3 , A l 1 53 15 M W Q, W. .- A .. + Q 15 ,sv H-an - J Y f SV ff ' , in qu A1 QF 'W 2 ww +1 ' ' ff -' . W ' ' , Z id . - K? JM, 4 S '21 55.12 K ' E" ATL- wiffa - ?k Wt'V sf.. , . ig in A R. J .. . 5 , ff 5 ,F - A Q, R 'li . iffy , li , wa X A 3 1 'F 5, im' Km vm ,E .Q ,A K 1 Q im 3 'V' 3, w-.Ng ev Q if HM Q Q 5 Neg ' . 5 ,W Z SL, E 5 s 3 CL SS CDF1993 It seems that as the hat toss on May 29th got closer, everyone in our class became more nos- talgic. Whenever a group of Firsties got together they started the "Do you remember when..." game. The purpose of this section, as it is with all histories, is to have the past live again in our minds, and learn from it for the future. Everyone has their own memories of our four year experi- ence at West Point, and they can't all be summed up in just a quote, a picture, or a Firstie bio. Our class, however, lived through many of the same experiences. That is our legacy-we will be Defenders of the Free, with all our classmates. We have much to be proud of, and we have pulled together and accomplished many things. Besides the Beast and Plebe Year bonding that can't be replaced-how can you forget someone who got smoked for you or who carried laundry bundles up five flights with you?-there were many things we did together as a class. It all started during Beast, when the tree came crashing down at Mass Athletics Formation one afternoon. Then, Plebe Year, after a very long Reorgy Week, we had our first spontaneous rally at the Dean's and Supe's the night before aca- demics began. We followed that solidarity up with the Jock Strap Beast Formation during Navy Week, and ended Plebe Year by being recognized the day before Graduation for the Class of '90. We had all truly accomplished something. Our number dwindled throughout the four years, and we graduated lO05 after starting with l556 Defend- ers. But we did not really lose those classmates-they live on in our memories, because whetherthey graduate or not, the friends we have made at USMA are the closest friends we have. We ended Firstie Year with an outstanding 100th Nite Show and showing the Corps what spirit really meant at Navy. Yes, the Class of '95 has definitely left its mark on West Point-whether it be as the last class under the Fourth Class System or for killing the Supe's tree. West Point has also left its mark on us-it will be in our hearts forever, the good and bad. Some of us may never come W cu back to West Point again to Q visit USMA, but the memo- E' ries will always be within fi reach. 590 The Way We Were HOWITZE THE FOUR YEAR EX- PERIENCE. The Class of '95 is now a part of the Long Gray Line, after ifrom top rightl eating their first dinner on R-Day, Recognition Day and brass bashing, getting lost at Buckner, donning rings, and leading the 12th Man at the Army-Navy game. if-W W . SHAIHDZIV UHZLIMOH SHAVHDUV UHZLIMOH 1993 "Sir, The Days. There are three and a butt days until Graduation for the Class of l995." Q: What is your most memorable experience of the past four years?. A: "Ring Weekend, when Dave Chiesa said 'Don Rings."'." Dennis Eclarin A: "Reorgi Week plebe year, when I got the hell hazed out of me." Ty Ingo A-3 A: "Watching the Apache helicopters come over the top of Marine Stadium and the Corps standing up and going crazy." Chad Allen I1-2 A: "Partying until we ran out of French francs," Jay Gordan I-5 A: "Jumping out of an airplane." Dave Fivecoat B-2 A: "Being a conspirator to painting Arnold Hall at USAFAJ' Marc Wehmeyer B-2 rn ,- ,- w mf' it-f Y , ,ww-' Q 5 Vx XAA3 IP F 7? W 2 Z 1 04' F I 1 NORM GRANT Q: Describe the four year West Point experience. A: "It made me realize and appreciate the freedom and indepen-dence you'll have as a 2LT," Jeff Anderson D-2 A: "What a long, strange trip it's been lThe Deadl." Todd Tarentelli E- l A: "The days are like an eternity, but the years go so fast." Ashleigh Raney C-4 Q: What is the most valuable lesson West Point has taughtyou in four years? A: "Caring about your people is more important. than a 2-1 Mark Talbot F-2 A: "Doing the right thing makes you a tool." Kip Olmstead G-5 A: "You cant do anything without friends." John Dina G-l A: "Leave when you can." Brian Lincoln l-5 A: "West Point has taught me that laughter is the best medicine--I guess that's why several of my friends didn't make it." Lucas Dodds D-2 f -- - 591 BE ST lt was a hot, muggy, uncomfortable day when 1575 of us reported to Holleder Center on the moming of June 28, I989. The speeches given in Cristl Arena were a blur as we thought about what lay ahead. Finally, the time had come-we had three minutes to say goodbye to our loved ones and exit to the rear, marking the last time many of us would see them for months. Our hands shook as we wrote our name tor John Doe, if we followed directions to the letteri on the yellow card attached to our civilian bag, and made our way to the bus outside. "Toes on the line!" was the first thing we heard off the bus, and it never stopped from that point on. Cadet Basic Training-affectionately known as Beast-had started. For a lot of us, this was the first time we were away from home, in New York, or had even come in contact with the military way of life. All of that was forgotten, however, as in those first weeks we went from issue point to issue point, leamed how to dress right dress, got our beds torn up, were told that you started walking on the left foot, relearned how to eat, and got classes in the Honor Code and cadet way of life. Wow, was this life different from the way we had known!! Other things were learned too: cooperate and graduate, help your classmates, and don't be a dick. When we finally thought we had got the system down, our world changed again-change of detail happened after three weeks. Even if you hated your chain of command, everyone was a little sad and scared to see first detail go. Gnce second detail came in, though, the training started to roll. Road marches, BRM, first aid, and a lot more inspections made the next two weeks go fast. Finally, we packed everything up and took it to our academic year company areas, and marched out to Lake Frederick. While there we showed off everything we had leamed in Squad Stakes, had a little fun in the sun, and finally got to eat nonnal again. We had a talent show to remember, with Ron Richardson tB-23 as the MC, and we unveiled the motto we had voted on- Defenders of the Free. The march back was uneventful and a little exhilarating when the West Point community came out to cheer us on. When we saw all those mean-looking faces in funny blue shirts, however, we knew whatever fun we had had was over-the ratio was now 5 to l. The Class of '95 had already started making its mark, though, before classes even began. When the upperclasses came back to USMA, there was something different-something missing. On a sunny afternoon in early August,right after Mass Athletics fonnation, the Supe's tree-the oldest tree on post-had come down. Our unofficial class motto had been born-We Killed The Tree '95. 592 The Way We Were LEFT,RIGI'lT...l-4 heads off the Plain after taking the Oath on R-Day. -1-1.1 E.. EVEN ON R-DAY DPE is there, measuring new cadets like Landy Dunham. g F "SlR, NEW CADET LYNCH REPORTS..." Mike Lynch has his first run in with the ISC1 of E Co. I DIDN'T NEED IT ANYWAYS. . . Mark Stephens makes the transi- tion from civilian to new ca- det. 1993 "Sir, The Days. Sir, what are The Days?" Q:What was your first thought on R-Day? A:"What in the hell did I do?" Dave Chiesa ' C-2 A: "How many weeks until I can quit?" Teresa Erb C-5 F :E '4 ig 5. o 4 N rf c. ro :s Q as O o U' ID P i .LVCI VM HS'I 528 5.291 339 Sn -H 595 ne, 2.5 is 'AE Q: What is your most vivid memory of Beast? A: "Being ordered to get the autographs of all cadre members in my company Cunsuc cessful missionJ." Eric Achenbach H-5 Advlarchingbackthroughthewest Pointoommunity on the return from Lake Frederick and seeing all those smiling faces and then marching into the cadet area and seeing ALL those not so smiling faces." Ed Jackman G-4 A: "Finding out that one of my first semester roommates was going to be Doug Katz." Elias Ursitti I1-5 QTZAY Q '- - BE ST FINALLY, A FULL AND SUFFICIENT MEAL. George Lopez and Mike Mazzocco use their first privi- lege period wisely. 1, 45, 4 I 4 1 ff: "I AM A TREE." Talent Show MC Ron Richardson interviews one of the acts. DRILL DOWN. H-I shows what they have learned at all those drill sessions at Drill Comp. ROLL OUT THE INHITE CLOTH. '95 cleans weap- ons in the area. 594 The Way We Were PAT WALSH X2 S uf' f l 1 .FF-2 4' HEAVE HO. Delta Com- pany goes for a tug of war win at Lake Frederick. HSIVM .LVd 1- vs I 19 93 "Sir, The Days. Sir, I do not know. Q: Why did you decide to come to West Point? A: I wanted to prove wrong my friends who said that I would get brainwashed by coming here." Elias Ursitti l'I-3 A: I guess I came because I wanted more than just a college education. I can honestly say I got it. I didn't say I liked it, but I got it." Sherri Adams C-5 A: "My brother was given the opportunity to attend USAFA, he declined the acceptance. I thought he made a mistake, so I came here." Chris Jarvis B-2 Q: What was the first thing you said to your parents when you called them during Beast? A: "I didn't say a word because I broke into tears at the sound of their voices." Stephanie Rowand I-l A: "I told my parents that my plan to "Iay low" was already out the window." .Jeremy Nathan H-l A: "Hi, It's me. Ben, your son. I hate it here... This place sucks... factually, this the is same thing I say when I call home this yearJ." Ben Block G-3 MIMIWEM ., f f 1 VW .. -'K ATTACK! The Ironman contest at Lake Frederick started with a quick dip in the water. KEADYANDWAITING. Ron Diehl and Greg Harkins of D-4 await another 45 minute meal. M mum e ' - 595 PLEBE YEAR Looking back to plebe year, we remember 1 things "the way they used to be" in the Old Corps. Our class is very nostalgic, and rightfully so-we have seen many changes. The march back from Frederick was made even longer by thoughts of what was waiting for us back in garrison-5000 upperclassmen we did not know. But after nine days of Reorgy Week, we knew just about everyone in our company- especially if you were the head mail or laundry carrier. At least our Beast platoonmates were in our academic year company, so we already knew our own classmates. Computer issue made us realize that the academic year would cool things offa bit. We even discovered post privileges that first Saturday night at Ike Hall. Things were different in the academic year and the days became routine. Studying, leaming daily and monthly knowledge, shiningshoes, duties, table trivia, AMI, and 4C's were just things that had to be endured. There were stress relievers, though--Ring Weekend rallying and stealing rings, football games, spirit missions, spirit dinners, and intra- murals. Once our first Ciloom Period and lnterfrackl- cession hit Cand a buckupj we had new privileges to enjoy-music and Highway 44-and Plebe Parent Week and Recognition to look forward to. Our classmates began to get bold, and see what they could get away with...streaking down the hall, throwing a classmate's hat into the hall, going to Boodler's after 1950, playing chicken on the wall, and not perfectly squaring those corners. Yes, the taped lines in Eisenhower barracks and in Wash- ington tunnel may have faded, but our being the last class to square corners and ping will forever remain. After a long year of academics and being a smack, the Graduation Parade for the Class of '90 finally came around. Never were we so happy to get our chests caved in by the butt of a rifle, brass scratched, or shoes nicked beyond repair. With the handshakes of the upperclassmen in the area after the parade, our plebe year was finally over. 596 The Way We Were POOL PARTY! D1-lania Hunt, "0I'I MY GOD SIR!" Nicole Yankoupe, Eric Wilson, and Circus Animals get their Sam Calkins join the rest of the first touch of the crass Corps at midnightin Crandall Pool. mass of brass and glass. FAMILY STYLE DIN- I'M TI'IE MAN!! A smack ING. Jeremy Nathan and on CDO? Jake Young and PaulAmhrein partake ofsome Jeremy Slagley must be en- CIO ARMY CAKE! joying Plebe-Parent Week. l. f Q 'I 9 9 3 "Sir, The Days. There are three and a butt days ' until Ring Weekend for the Class of l 990."i X : Q: What was your worst'Reorgi Week experience? A: "Being head mail carrier with Brent Wit-herington. Asaresultfls knew every upperclassman within one day by personally visiting them all, especially Dan l-lodne's room.'fi,Darrion Bowers H- I. 2 . A: "Being told I didnt care about any of my classmates and not being, able to punch the little punk that said itto me."gAdam Silva E-2 A ! A: "Unfortunately, l was a football player and missed that week, however, the worst day of my life was whenl came back from Frederick early to pick up my computer. That day, there were 6000 upperclassmen back along with about l 25 football plebes." RC Obert I1-3 Q: What didsthe rnost interesting 4C you had written on you say? A: "Allowed mustard to explode on Cadet bible when he tried to put iton his hot dog by not unsealing it." Scott Tardinico E- 1 , M . A: "Cadet Erb failed to ensure that there was atortellini in my tortellini vegetable sou . CTh'at is the best part of the soup.J" Teresa Erb C-3 I - J A: 'Cutting cakes pooxny could get my troops killed." Rick Coe A 2 ' H A: "Pinging through the ciompany area pretending he has roller skates on his feet." Joe Napier B-l Z A: 'Somethingalong the lines of me 'drivinga cow crazy, slowly mad, so he had no choice but to turnfnzie into a quivering mass ofjelly."' Jeremy Nathan H-l f Q: What is your most vivid lOOth'l'1ite memory? 5 A:2'Being inside my mattress cover, looking for holes, standing atop a trunk, tied up in shoelaces as upperclassmen spun me around." Paul Campagna A-4 f A: "I remember being hazed for a few weeks and only getting to haze for about an hour or two. Oh joy!" Kris liull B-5 A: "Getting in my CO's face for about 5 minutes and repeating everything he had ever said to me." Pau'I'Darling l'I-4 V M -43 linux ' f 1. if l ' X E 2 I u fr fi PLEBE YEAR BATTALION DRILL. Ci-5 poses for a group photo enroute to Gillis Fieldhouse for the Plebe-Parent Week Parade. THE DAY ARRIVES. KEEP THOSE DRESS- Chuck Montana and John OFFS TIGHT! I-3 plebes Frederick get recognized by do a few pre-100th Nite the Firsties. flutterkicks, "SIR. MY SHOE- LACESI' Tracy Dowling readies herself for a l00th Nite shoelace inspection. 5 SEIAIHDUV ll Z.LlMOH rn 1' V Mt"-ww, .ga N A"-f--.,,..,.,,mmm I L iv 1,1 1 9 9 "Sir,TheDays.'Ihereareiniinity dabuttdays until Graduation forthe Cl ss of l995." 1 .1 Q: What is the first thing you did 'after you were recog- nized? A: "I put on civvies. ..it's an Old Corps thing. " Matt Jennings F-3 ff A: "Slouch. l was able to relax officially," Pat Zoch F-5 ,ff Ay: "I called the first upperclassman l saw 'sir'." Lee GCYOIY D-3 ' if A: "I racked." Tim Hoffner B-2 Q: Givfe one sentence to describ,e,plebe year. ' A: "When I shook hands and exchanged names with the upperclass on the day before' Graduation, it meant a lot because we had actually accomplished something. l don't think it means a lot now." Pat Kinsman B-4 A: "Plebe year was a one year endurance test that I hated and will never forget." Todd Weidow B-5 A: They shouldnt have changed anything. I cant imagine going through anything different." Jamie Fox F-l KERRY CECIL THE FAMOUS NAVY BEAST FORMATION RALLY. C-2 dresses in their best for the historic '95 rally. START THE CORPS! Mike Owens gets his first taste of hazing on 100th Nite. J- ., . ,X A: "The most enlightening, humiliating, loud, pseudofuh, never do again year in my'life." Darrion Bowers H-I A'f'Plebe year was siqhipiyttone hellish experience..." Billy ldlhling H-3 A: Itseemedlike the one time where we Qclassmatesl were all equal and the one time you saw the best and worst in each person." Homer Gonzalez B-2 X A: 'Easierthan people think, tougherthan people admiL"RafeHart B5 I Q: What do you miss most about plebe year? Least? lVlOST-- K A: "l miss thegbonding that occurred after and while you weresmoked the upperclass. I made some great friends plebe year because we lobkediout or one another and took careof one another." JP Green D-2 A: "I miss getting away with 'No excuse, sir' when there really wasn't one and they thought you were being stoicl' Yale Levin B-5 A: "Birthday parties for the upperclassf' Henry Ellison E-4 f M u5AsT-- I, 'Y A: KWalking on the walls--I broke four watches that year." Mark Hewitt G-5 - Q GA' - iisfm 5 A - if it BUCKNER "This will be the best summer ofyour life!" said the Cadre out at Camp Buckner. lt may not have been the best summer, but it sure was a very interesting one. From the diagnostic APFT to the Comm's Address at Barth l-lall, our Camp Buckner experience left each person with some great-and some not so great-memories. lt was great to come back to USMA in civilian clothes after three weeks of leave, with all those new-found yearling privileges. The very next day, though, we took the diagnostic APFT, complete with that great two mile course that they had so inge- niously set up. After tallying up scores, many people found out that they did a little too much partying during the three weeks before Buckner started. We didn't waste anytime getting out into the field. Many companies were in the field sleeping through stand-to three days after we had arrived. Some of us during that first field excursion had not quite gotten used to having to eat lVlRE's again. At least one of our classmates decided to get a pizza at Boodlers while eveiyone else set up their hooches forthe night. Ofcourse, he got caught-big brother is out in the woods too. Ciood job Pizza Man! Training was pretty good overall. We learned a lot about many ofthe different branches atTCCAT, and got to handle many different weapons and explosives. Mostly, though, we learned how to have fun ev en when we thought it would be impossible-like in the pouring down rain of Soldier Fitness Day orwaitng for the trucks to come at 0500 at the Land Nav site. By the time Infantry Week was over, we knew that ourBucknerSummerwasjustaboutover. We were tired of hearing "AirAssault, not my fault, chocolate malt, hey mister halt, hard asphalt, etc." We also knew that the new fnends we made would be lasting. The final part of Buckner was sitting through the new Comm's lecture about the changes that were goingto take place. No big deal, right? Well, BAYONET ASSAULT! Kerry Cecil is victorious against the Bayonet Assault COUTS2. g-11 .XV 1 I t ' " jim?" , J s . asm' in 'ix 3' 7' ,ff 1 , 'if ,. we all know how thatwent. Who could have known that a little boo- ing and hissing at the death of the Fourth Class System could mark a class like it did ours? But who cared then-Buckner was history, we were finally upperclassmen, ready to haze and to tackle Physics and ProbStap. 4 l 4 i l l 400 The Way We Were RACKTIME! Members of A HIGH ZERO. Veronica Fifth Co. utilize their time Robertson, Eve Manske, and wisely, as we all learned to Jason Dempseyjudge the Water do on the trucks at Buckner. Weekend belly flop contest. F HURRY UP AND WAIT! CULINARY DELIGHTS. Members of First Co. line up Plot even lVlom's cooking can for lunch formation. beat those cold and tasty lVlRE's. 1993 "Sir, The Days. There are three and a butt days until Graduation for the Class of l 990." Q: What lesson did you take away from Buckner that is most valuable to you? A: "NEVER waste the time of your troops if you can help it. Lee Gerow D-5 A: "Even afterspendinga week of Infantry Week without showers, etc...l still knew how to laugh!" Lorraine Milutin I-I A: "l definitely do not want to go Infantry." Dave Sadler D- l A: "The woods are a safe place," Tim Hoffner B-2 All-DNV ?lV.LllOW Q: What was your most memorable experience from Buckner? A: "Ahh, there are so many...it would have to be standing in Lake Popolopen after returning from the Bayonet Assault Course, at attention for Retreat." Sarah Woehnnan F-4 r Y -4-Q2 11 M ,. ll-Ol TION. Torrey DiCiro has that per- fect form on the Slide for Life. MAKCHING DOWN THE AVENUE...Acompanymarches to the Parade Field for Buckner Graduation exercises. L- .,.n:a-- ,-. V ..,, l., W- 4 ic- A-5. 351' .K ...,, J. - .,,,..- W Z .Mg ,--vi-"fl", -3451-.. -x A. - P A' W A. .ri , 41,-:fra A "P X -ul 'i-,f"'I- K , 4-0-44, -"', '- S... I c 'SPT . in ,,5 ,H I if X 1 ,,?'X ji - , , - ...f p x Q -if s , - - -A E' - --"- f-Q:-'ug .L-5. u-.....,:'-L' -E 0--' -5,1 -i. iii N P, 1 Ng. I WANT T0 G0 BACK! Doug AIM CENTER MASS. TCCAT let Mclnvale enjoyed Buckner so much he US play with expensive weapons like doesnt want to march back to USMA. this Stinger. 402 The Way We Were ' , I i "OOO, THAT l'IURTS." Chuck "DON'T MESS IIIHTH ME." Eli Armstrong takes a breather from Ursitti is ready to take on any road marching and gets ready to enemy, includingany racoonsthat polish those boots. might come into the barracks. O.LOHcl AWHGVDV 1993 "Sir, The Days. There are two and a butt days until Camp Illumination for the Clas of l 993." Q: What was your reaction to seeing the new CLDS system in action? A A: "After a mild heart attack, slight stroke, and breathing problems, I embraced it as ALL my classmates did." Lee Gerow D-5 A: "I am thoroughly disgusted by the new system. Some changes are good, but most are for the worst." Dave Sadler D-l A: "If plebes were going to be able to walk in the middle of the hall, then I was not going to get out of the way for them!" Katey lioos E-5 A: "We're doomed." Tim Hoffner B-2 Q: Describe the first time you hazed a plebe. A: "It took awhile, I thought it was so funny." Tim Mobley G-4 . A: "I-Iazing is unprofessional." Rick Stuhrke I-l A: "I can't really remember--but I do remember the Fourth Class beinggmore scared of Zach Venegas as a yearling than they were of most of the cows." Jen Jacobs A-l A: "Ig0tar1 8 and 5 for doingless than half of what had happened to me about 5 months earlier." Yale Levin B-5 A: "It felt 'good because it meant that finally I wasn't at the botton o the totem pole." Eric Achenbach I1-5 A: "I was a plebe myself--he failed to clean the sink properly!" Bart Stewart C-l K 5---Q2 ii am I' .,, . N5 i "1 After a long march back from Buckner, we were promoted to the coveted rank of corporal. In all of our wildest dreams we had never even fathomed being a "corporal!" lt sure was good to be wearing something on our uniforms besides a nametag, but we also realized that we had three more long years of this place! That was not a comforting thought. But it was reassuring to know that Firstie year would make up for sucking it down for the first three years. Firstie year we knew that we would a car, a ring, unlimited leaves, OPPS, and rooms arranged however we wanted. But Yearling year w e could be content to wear our civvies in the barracks at night. Afterthe first Physucks loops, I mean Physics! exam we knew we were in for a long semester. Upper- classmen had said that yearling academics were the worst. We were starting to believe them. As the first semester went along all of us became experts in designing bunkers and recoil mechanisms. Wasn't Diffi Q's fun? Economics, Poli Sci, and Prob Stats were other great yearling courses...not! The best part of yearling year was knowing that there was only one yearlingyear. CCQ has to be the worst guard at West Point. We played secretary, delivery person and general punching bag for cows and firsties. To top it off, we were still are responsible forquizzes and exams that were announced, even if you were on the Q. The only thing most of us got accomplished on CCQ was staring at the clock, hoping it would move faster. Having your very own plebe to mold into a duplicate of your squared away self was a plus of Yearling year. Asking all those questions was a lot better than getting asked them yourself. Not having to ping on the walls, square corners, perform most of the table duties before "Brigade Attention," fall in after Plebe Parent Week, and not having a dress-off in our Gym A's anymore really made Yearling year feel good. Of course, all of these things made '94's plebe year feel real good. All in all, Yearling year was just a pretty long year. Most of us were almost as glad to see Yearling year end as we were to see Plebe year end. All of us new that we were halfway done, and ready to take another step up the ladder. 404 The Way We Were vx Lu l- 41 no .1 4 E STUDY BREAK. l-Beamers ANOTHER MILESTONE- Greg Darrion Bowers, 5teVaJOhn5On,JP Hodnett, D'Hania Hunt, and Shannon Green, and Joe Napier partake of Sentell get all decked out for Yearling some brainfood before a test. Winter Weekend- YEAKLING COOKING CLASSES! Lamar Adams, Jon Ellis, Darrion Bowers, and John Zimmerman spice up Yuck life with a FTX LOOKING GOOD. Ciuppies Jeff Thompson, Paul Kwon, and Jeff Chuck try to woo football spectators with their prettyboy haircuts. Iti- NICE AND SIIINY. Mark Iiuleck admires his newly-striped FD coat, ready for parades and A-1 drill. THE PRIVILE E ! Mike Jaskowiec is ecstatic about year- ling year...Physics...CCQ...l-Iis very own plebe...life ingeneral. 1993 "Sir, The Days. There are three and a butt days until Yearling Winter Weekend." Q: How would you sum up Yearling Year? A: "Party, easy classes, area tours! Tim Mobley G-4 I A: "Mostly, I remeber QUATTRO, FCDT, wrestling in the hall- ways in civvies tsighi, and having my gigline inspected by CPT Groft in Pl-IZO-I I" Gingee Guilmartin A-2 A: "Yearling year should be called 'Saunch year'." Bill Bates F-2 , A: "I had a rough day that week." Yale Levin B-5 A: "An academic war of attrition." Henry Ellison E-4 Q: Clive one sentence to describe Physics. A: "It's a great class!" Jen Jacobs A-l A: "Second semester WPRS introduced me to the 'triple slam dunk' experience." Elias Ursitti I1-5 A: "I still couldn't tell you what that class was about," Dave Chiesa C-2 A: "I have never been so confident about knowing so little about one subject." Sherri Adams C-5 A: "Take everything they taught me in one year of high school Physics, and cram it into the first two lessons here!" Liz Smith B-2 ' A: "It was a point in mylife where I realized if I worked my ass off, I could do anything l wanted to academically." Shawn Daniel G- l Q: What is the worst thing that happened to you on CCQ? A: "Nothing--I absolutely loved every single minute of running up and down division stairwells telling Firsties their dates were on the phone, and no, I didnt know which one it was." Dave Sandoval E-5 A: "I was CQ the day ofthe big barracks inspection. COL Siketcame through. I had to clean all four trunkrooms plus organize they filesin the orderly room plus make sure theplebes emptied all thetrash. Then I got written up for having my field jacket unzipped in my room." Ben Block G-5 , r -4-is ll-Wi N -f 405 CCW SUMMER Finally, our first summer that we would do at least part, if not all, of ourtraining away from West Point. There were many things that our class did that summer. We took over as the "backbone" of the Corps. We were the squad leaders of Beast and Buckner, as well as Drill Cadets across the nation. Many of us enriched ourselves with various AEP's. This summer we earned our title as "cows" since we left West Point for a while and then returned back "home." Being called things such as "Genius," "Poindexter," "Crazy," or simply "Airborne" was common for anyone who went to Airborne School. Those first few days at Airborne School seemed like Beast revisited. It had been quite a long time since we had been hazed like that, or even seen hazing like that. Of course, we could laugh about it and imitate the cadre when they weren't looking. Thatwas quite different from Beast. Everyone who went to Airborne now believes the "hurry up and wait" concept was developed by the cadre for the test platoon of paratroopers back in the l94O's, because our cadre had this refined to an art. We stood at parade rest longer each day than we actually trained. Overall, Airborne School taught us many things. It taught us how to exit an aircraft at an altitude of 1250 feet, perform that good two riser slip, do an outstanding parachute landing fall, and pick weeds out of a gravel parking lot. Those of the class that went to Air Assault quickly grew to hate those two words. Every time that left foot hit the ground out belted an"AirAssault!" This course was more challenging than Airborne School. In addition, it was a week shorter. This was key when trying to fulfil the cadet goal of maximizing summer leave. By the end of the summer most of us came back with either enriched minds or little wings on our chest. We felt that we were ready to be the "movers and shakers" of the Corps. Well-at least some of use were. Whatever the case, we were all ready to get on with the year and take another step towards Graduation. 406 The Way We Were GONZALEZ NEY Q O fx Z fi z 4 P H. 5 P- .A DAVE MCCARSON x N .-. vf..,:,, .. n f' ' z -'Yr' s 1 Y A '-la 2' Q iifwiil Ag 11 . ll 1' A :ref 792'--.5 AIRBORNE! Cadetsjump off FUN IN THE SUN. The sum- the towerat cool and beautifulFt. mer wasn't all work, as Bill Bates Benning, CIA. relaxes on the beach. 'I 9 9 3 'fSir, The Days. There are l 95 and a butt days until 500th Night." ' Q: What did you learn from Cow Summer training? u w , .5 ..,. . mf Eff: SOME WELL-DESRVED RACK. Drill Cadet Lorna Hastings catches a few ZZZs out in the field with her platoon. PULL HARDER! Drill Ca- dets Tong Vang and Steve Vanaskie and their Drill SGTS try to beat ther cadre members at Ft. Dix. My ,. 'Q M K vb .Y V K: Q .AVV i I ' tier in T pm Wi'-X lf sis' X 1 - ' 59" v N'ti 'lxyxxx 3. XXXXX. ,PN "5-. V -.1 BACK T0 USMA. Beast squad leaders bring in the New Cadets to the waiting upperclass from Lake Frederick. .Xxx W. A: "Use your NCGS or' you will never make it as an officer." Loma Hastings D-2 f l A: "l learned that Airborne School is highly overrated." Teresa Erb C-3 Q: What is your most memorable experience from Cow summer? A: "Playing volleyball outside at midnight fno lightsi with a glacier in the background and the sound of a raging river faintly away.iAlaska-NorWarJ" Paul Darling H-4 A: "DCLT and trying to cope with 52 female privatesf' Jamie Fox F-I O.l.Ol-ld AW3lGVDV 'x l -Ib O 'xl iw V x CCW DRILL GODS. As Cows our SURFIN'! Ciingee Ciuilmartin class was out atdrill in strength, shows her spirit by surfing to a performing as front rank rifle band song, one ofthe few things bearersand keepingthe Firsties we were allowed to still do at in line. games. "You run the Corps." Our class was told this at every W lecture we had first semester of Cow Year. Although 5 many times we did not beleive it, as NCOS we were g really in the thick of things, making it happen. E We came back from summer training to face a E traumatic event forsome of us-The Scramble. OurBeast 5 I platoonmates were scattered throughout the Corps as we tried to function in our new companies. It seemed like we were back in our Reorgi Week, trying to learn everyone's name again-but Cow Bonding Parties helped out there. There was also a new Supe to figure out. Only time would tell the changes he was going to make. Football season was filled with many memorable events, even though the team didn't do so hot. Spirit wasat an all-time low, but taking off our cuffs, shoes, Dress Gray tops. ..and pants, in a few cases. ..livened things up for awhile. We heard that our exchange cadets at Air Force painted a very lasting show of Army spirit. But the loss to Navy was made even worse when we heard they had captured both our mules and our First Captain. Academics were finally getting a little bit easier. At least we enjoyed the classes in our major, and better time management skills made for more free time to enjoy Cow privileges. We were up to four leaves per semester now, but, more importantly, we could watch the Simpsons in the Dayroom or go to the movies in the middle of the week. Second semester saw us battling through SOSH and Mil Art papers, PL500 write-a-thons, and the dreaded EN502. We survived with minimal cas- ualties, though, with over 1,000 making it to Firstie Year. Spring came, along with our car loans, the car show, and picking out our rings. lt hardly seemed possible that we would be on the top rung, complete with Firstie privi- leges, in a few I c 1 5' I, short months. 3 "I ! Our Cxpecta- 1- -- -- -- tions were dashed, how- ever, when the Comm gave us A our privilege if package-no civvies, seven N leaves, OPPS only after 1800, no Firstie bar- racks, etc. "Leadership through Pres- ence" was the buzzword going into summer training. ARMY SPIRIT. USAFA exchange cadets Ben Block, Mark Wehmeyer, Rob liadaravek, Dano Jukanovich, and Rob Winters get to walk the area after painting Arnold Hall. 408 The Way We Were 1 THE ECSTASY OF GUARD. Eli Ursitti gets the fun job of Ike Hall guard, which is barely beaten out by midnight Cowboy as fun jobs for Cows to have. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Ice-One lives up to it's name and celebrates the winter season in style. TWO MINUTES TO GO!! The SOSH run is now a big social event, but not for those who are running in earnest. U O Z 4 Be Z SSO:I N3 ll2iZ.LI!VXOl-l HDZIV S3fxl 1993 "Sir, The Days. There are three and a butt days until 500th Night." Q: What do you remember most about Cow Year? A: "l'll never forgetlearning what 'havinga design due tomorrow' actaully meant. " Pat Kinsman B-4 A: "lVlon!Tue!Wed!Thu night movies at Mahan l'Iall." Homer Gonzalez B-2 A: "My third Regimental Board." Rafe Hart B-5 A: "l remember 500th night the most. That one event suddenly made it seem like everything our class had been through was worth it. lstarted to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and realized how close we were to getting our rings, and, ofcourse, our cars!" Billy Ruhling B-l A: "EN502. DAYROOIVII' Steve Cram C-2 Q: How did you feel about the scramble before and after it occurred? A: "Before-l thought it was the worst thing they could have done. After--Not too bad of an idea--I'll live with it." Dave Sandoval E-5 A: l was sad to leave my old company, but l love my new company too. " Teresa Erb C-5 A: "Wherever you go, that's where you are. So I went and here I am. you can quote me on this." Ben Block G-5 A: "Before the scramble I really didn't like it at all because I thought I'd miss all my friends. booking back, I still see the ones I give a shoot about, and l've made quite a few new, close friends." Jeremy Nathan li- I ,V f elgg 11553: ' -,, G NVMOZI HINVI-idEl.LS FIRSTIEE SUMMER: Black brass! After three long years, we were finally Firsties. Along with that came new responsibilities- but first, we had one more summer of training to complete. Instead of being the backbone of the Corps at Beast and Buckner, we were running the show this year. From platoon sergeants to regimental com- manders, the Class of 1993 made quite an impact on the Classes of 1995 and 1996. We even had alittle time to test out our new privileges and cars. Oursummer cadre positions, upon reflection, were probably the best learning experience about leadership we had while at USMA. Along with the usual mix ofacademic, physical, and military CAirborne, Air Assault, Northern War- fare, Mountain Warfare and SERE, HUAHIJ enrich- ments that got us out into the "real world" half of the class served as platoon leaders out in the "real Army" while on CTLT. We got a firsthand look at what was expected of us upon Graduation, and some people were thrown right into the thick of good Army training and problem solving, from the jungles of Panana to Special Forces operations somewhere lwe'd tell you, but then of course we'd have to kill youj. After a few months, it was time once again to return to our rockbound highland home, get our rings, and lead the Corps. WERE GONNA GET YA! Regimental DIFFERENT CULTURES. An- Cadre from Buckner ll livened up the yucks thony Walland Stu Furnergo explor- summer with a little OPFOR action. ing On their Middle East AIAD. 410 The Way We Were A"-nun.. STEP UP T0 MY LINE! Jim JUST A LITTLE BLISTER. Bush gets to develop New Cadets Dave Dunphy is a little footsore on R-Day as a cadre member ofl'l. after the 12 mile road march for Co. Air Assault at Ft. Campbell. ""'Wwvn-., NUOTIV LIEVDNID if 19 9 3 "Sir, The Days. There are three and a butt days until King Weekend for the Class of l 995." Q: What was your most memorable experience from Firstie Summer training? r ' A: "After our platoon won Warrior Qbstacle, the New Cadets poured canteens of water all over me." Henry Ellison Elli- A: "Thanks to practice with MSC1 LHRUBYRYIG alittle push from God, this five foot three body made it through the obstacles on Zero Day of Air Assaultlll Gingee Guilmartin A-2 A: "My most memorable experience was being an GPFOR TC of a Sheridan tank at Ft. Chaffee, AK, and kicking the 25th lD's butt!" Bill Bates F-2 A: "After my platoon's Sapper Assault at Buckner, I was asked 'At what point did you lose control l,,'l'?' I replied, 'As soon astheyhitthe boats."' Rick Stuhrke I-l - ' , , It -i r- "0N BELAY!"1yScott 'oerblick practices rappelling at Ft. McCoy'sg Air Assault school .'-t ' 'THE RUGGED PROFES- SIONALIJJ Tlapa, ice axein hand, has quite a view from the top of C1unny'Sack Mountain i6206'J at Norwar in Alaskaj ' V A 5--45 illillil 2 A.. 411 K ZEVIVZNO9 AHNGOII RING WEEKEND As our last summer of training as cadets drew to a close, all of us looked forward to slipping on that crass mass of brass and glass. Our class ring is one of the few items that we can take from this place that symbolizes the hard work that we have all put in over our four years here. When we asked plebes how many days there were until Ring Weekend it didn't seem real that it was our Ring Weekend. After three years and two months of waiting, '95's Ring Weekend was finally here. Forming up in our Beast companies really brought back a lot of memories. lt was the first time most of us had all been together again since Yearling Year. Seeing the people in the other platoons gave you flashbacks of things that you hadn't thought about for a long time. Being back in your old spot on the Apron and being around the old company almost gave that old familiar "Beast" feeling. Except now, it wasn't bad be- cause everyone knew that they were not march- ing down to lke Hall for a motivational lecture, but for the Ring Presentation. Once everyone was situated in the theater, the doors were secured and the ceremony began. lt seemed to take forever. Maybe it was because we were so anxious, or maybe because each speaker gave his version of the ring's significance, which made you want yours even more. At last the rings were passed out to each class member and Dave Chiesa said the magic words "Don Rings." That moment was truly one of those "peaks" that Chaplain Camp always talks about. We were finally true Ringknockers, ready to conquer the world. The only hurdle left was Firstie year...and how bad could that be? 412 The Way We Were "TO THE ARMY!" Circus THE CKASS MASS. THE KINGS. Members of members Steve Cram and Roy Proud owners don and show the Ring and Crest Commit- Donelson enjoy the Ring off their shiny new acquisi- tee hold the ring boxes. Weekend Banquet. tion. Q ONE BIG RING! Mitch 5 Stiedl and his date pose un- I der the ring in Crest Hall at ,lj Ike after the banquet. Q l- -A SEQ: i i i mf , it f J ' i ' , ' i' fr rw 1. i , . , ,,,,., , ,,.,. , ii' 'Li " N N" iw 1,"iBii'W'i"'1"'i" N .,,11!,,.. 1993 "Sir, The Days. There are three and a butt days until Ring Weekend for the Class of l 995." Q: What was your first reaction when you opened the box and put on your ring? A: "Almost there." Paul Darling I1-4 A: "Oh my god sir..." Mike Figliuolo C-3 A: "A pause, a deep breath, and a thought, 'nine months left."' Darrin Batchelor G-5 Q: What is your opinion on the location ofthe Ring Ceremony? A: "Although Trophy Point would have been a better location, the fact that we were finally receiving our rings and the memories that the Beast formation conjured up madeup for it." Homer Gonzalez B-2 os: CO? P' : 22: NCQ! mf. ...Oz SPE -.. 3' SSW PINS 1 -1 :sm mm? R52 :DZ N30 5, : 523 .foo or o 50, 25 U14 30 -'11 o 2,0 ni DJ QE' Or-r :E E ai ME' :W VW HDHOS bill ATTACK!! Jospeh Kopser gets accosted by the plebes in C-4 who want to touch his ring. MARCHING DOWN THE ROAD AGAIN... Members of old E-1 take a stroll down to Ike to get their rings. 415 FIRSTIE YEAR Ahhhh, Firstie Year. We were finally at the top of the mountain. The only things we had to worry about were passing our last couple of classes and getting back from OPPS on time. We had our rings, our cars, our sabres, our black brass, our own club, and our privileges. Well, maybe not so much the privileges. Leadership by Presence was the key concept our Firstie Year, and boy, were we present. With limited leaves, no PMI, restricted OPPS, and no civvies we felt like plebes again. . .almost. There were diversions to pass away our last year in the grey walls. Branch choice in October made those "Grey to Green" classes become a little more significant, and made some people work a little extra to move up a bit in the ranks. Others of us drowned our sorrows at the Firstie Club and wished we hadn't fooled around so much Yuck Year. Our last ARMY-Navy Week came, and we remem- bered our class' infamous Jock Strap Beast Forma- tion. We also remembered losing the game our plebe year in the last 16 seconds, and so when Patmon Malcom finished off our team's comeback with a field goal with 12 seconds left QTWICEU, the Class of 1 995 got sweet revenge on Navy. Spirit was back in the Corps, and none of us could remember sucha pumped up mass of grey in four years of football games as we had in the second half of Army- Navy. After Christmas leave we came back to count down the days to Graduation with a new intensity. Branch Night was the highlight of the Gloom Period, and there was plenty of beer in Ike Hall to celebrate or drown our sorrows. After posting in late February we were ready to let the NCOS run the Corps. But it was not over yet. For awhile it looked like we would be the first class in a decade to graduate over 1 ,O0O, but we lost a few in the last couple months. Soon, capstone projects were turned in, weddings were in the last stages of planning, boxes for pack- ing were passed out, and our last Term End Week was over. Our un- der-graduate academic careers were over, and so would our cadet ca- reers after one more week-our week-the week at West Point espe- cially for the Class of '95-GRAD WEEK. I- 414 The Way We Were if GET OFF ME! Jimmy Veler ALL READY FOR and the other C-2 Firsties led LEAVE. With Mil Art books the C-2 tolllntramural Cham- in hand, civvies on, and car pionships this year. loaded these guys are offl. THE SCORE. Chris Hogan and Mike Blandino know who's il without even look- ing at the scoreboard. I 'S -"'f."ff K P 14 ff. 7? IP 71 E J: Z 'Wiz WI-IERE'S YOUR HAT? LET ME TALK. Bin o'Brien THE NEW CORPS, Mike Bryan and Ryan tells thG GAP how the COYTll'l'l Jaskowiec Squares away 3 Janovick develop a plebe brought spirit back to the plebe during in ranks... De -l I lv Z 2 m rn ,- 3 Iv 71 1 W 2 71 m 'I 9 93 "Sir, The Days. There are three and a butt days until 100th Night for the Class of l993." Q: Give one sentence to describe Firstie Year. A: "Too long.." Mark Snyder A-3 A: "The best of the worst." Adam Young E-l A: "Not as easy as they said it would be." Mandy Banther B-4 A: "Tough, and without the lacrosse team l'd have never made it." Adam Silva E-2 A: "The Brigade Staff Dayroom, aka the Firstie Club." Sean Marshall C-5. Bde CAO PAUL CAMPAGNA ' Q: What do you remember most about lOOth Nite? A: "The lOOth nite Show...the redhead at the end." Blake Stringer A-5 ' V A: "Not taking leave and drinking Sapporo with Lazf' Matt Jennings F-5 3 A: "Getting lost driving to NYC and ending up in the Ski Bar." Beth Garrison D-l A: "Having less than 100 days until Graduation." Don Ollar A-2 their last Reorgi Week. Corps. in K f N AQ My M xi A 415 . I G I S I I I E gave his farewell speech at USMA of the rack to do business "JE SUIS AIVIERICAINJ' Nine Firstie History majors went to France for Spring Break to explore battlefields. THE CRUISE. Tim l-loffner and Jason Ciarkey share a moment together on the lst Bat, 2nd Reg Supe's boat Cruise before our last TEES. 'x "FIRSTIE BONDING. What better place to social- ize with your classmates than the Firstie Club, where the walk home is never far... BLOOD TANKS. Dan Carey gets his Armor insignia put on by a helping hand. 416 The Way We Were FUTURE DOC- TOKS. All our fu- ture doctors gather together on Branch Night. 1993 "Sir, The Days. There are three and a butt days until 100th Nite for the Class of l995." Q: Complete this sentence "The first class is so short..." A: "They have fewer days than the Firstie Club has civilian women. " Shawn Leight F-2 A: "Even Ciingee IC1uilmartinJ would look tall. " Mark Stephens F-5 ' , , A: "We can parachute off a dime." Brian Dudley E-2 Q: What have you learned about leadership at West Point? A: "Dont think you're lmporatnatjust because you have a leadership position, because anyone could fill that position just as well." James Beals D-2 i HOWITZER ARCHLVES Q: Give one sentence on your feelings about leaving West Point. f V ' A: "The best view is in my rearview mirror." Bill Bates F-2 A: "lam goingito miss my dearest and greatest friends." Lisa Nolan E- 1, , g A: "Ill always have my greengirl " John Zin1mermanE-l A ' A: "West Point is like lifting weights--sucks while you're-doing it, but you dont have any regrets that you did it." Chip Krotee E- 1 ' A - Jbfff -l-L42 mein '- - 5 R , if fi if da MARK 418 GRADUATICN VVEEK Term End Exams were over. Term End leave was over on Sunday night, and the Class of 1995 was ready to leave. We had a V couple ofthings to do first, I however. Grad Week started offwith home ship ments finding out our fi nal class ranks, and trying to pack up our rooms and four years of memories. Parents and friends started arriving,andwefinallyhad ,.i. V plenty of OPP's for once. With all the parade practices, ceremonies, and last minute things to do, however, we found the week just sped by, completely exhausting everyone. Finally, it wasjust a butt of a day until the one we had been counting down to for four years. We awarded those who excelled, we almost got drenched in our Graduation Parade, we tried to pack our cars, and we listened to inspiring speeches by the FORSCOIVI Commander and our class officers. Saturday, May 29th dawned a grey, rainy day, but by the time we walked up to lvlichie Stadium the sun was breaking through. We went in the gates, paid our dollar to Phil Fant, the class goat, and learned that we had proved the powers wrong by graduating over a thousand cadets. We marched in, thanked all those who had supported us for so long, and took our final commands from Shawn Daniel, our First Captain. President Bill Clinton delivered a memorable speech, granting the Corps Amnesty, Jerry Hart had some press time after presenting him with a saber, and we walked up to get our diplomas and shake hands with the President. The feeling of walking across the stage and huddling with our company-mates can never be replicated in our lives. We must somehow remember that feeling, that moment, forever. The class was dismissed, the hats were tossed into the breeze, and all that was left to do was to get our ID cards and say goodbye to our Rock-Bound Highland home. Forever we will be Defenders ofthe Free! f-A qw- '-1-42 us ' A sin-M , - fanning: - , ,7, -1 li '-nl, Y 41:1 W, 'iii funn Lu -'JW ac W O 2 14 1: 4 2 ,pr 11 QQ ALAUUVXY PHOTO ACADEMY PHOTO 420 GRADUATION VVEEK ?e,c,-f ifpdwgo fvefya awp alwcfcluzlcfwnl maze ffvnrfv fcr yslafoe, zeoyvwoigilify 607067141 fulnw, anal fer def A131441 kncfcq zffpovf you zfzwof Aim . Nl5ookerT. Washingto .-.1 A if zxsnm g 42 ACADEMY PHOTO 422 GRADUATICJN VVEEK -Cine, wvcrozf Geavwfdfwf ffulwg Jw zffve cqcrtffcd 50, yzefoclbefy, ffve, ocrrfvylcwfvolfclow of fefovifffvclrfvg cwvcl inofdznfdow. NWandaLandowska - -: gmggu ' 4--iw. - - 425 i 3' 1 Vx -Q. 1? MARK BOEKE 424 ACADEMY PHOTO ..., 14.3 GRADUATION VVEEK -6 'ez may zffvovzf Aiwa of Qzavy alwozeaoe fzcrnw 51047 lfcr . . NRS R K ll F. ,ALF zrssm a : 425 uns... KATIE KARWAN 426 M lffsiififkfrg? W KATIE KARWAN MARK BOEKE is Alxi , ,V.., M ML: V f GRADUATION VVEEK T Q Qu.: 1:4 ...J Q M il fi E wkew Gb Iffvclwg do lffvcrifcrwgfvlcf age!! claws, :li crfzfew fwvo like owls, arf Aeclwg ov nfvclzafole . NAmold Bennett Q 41 if mama e ll-27 .,.: - ...A A,,?F-m....,mg 7 , wr CORINA VILLEGAS, PROJECT MANAGER T ik' if 1 cf I Q y . s f Ei- 'K M W, Q Q' A 9 31 Q " .f I if 'viii 0 A " QM- A V E a 4 8 1 lf' i9 . Z .L af . f Q , Q j Wagga 6 5 ' WZ.. ., V Q - 0' - 6 428 yr sim R A D U A T E S I , - ' i '1l'r 7 ' S- 'V ii i 'E .. W . Q., f ag? 1 a 'J 'x,x! NNNN M ww. Mm " vs, in M AJ m kk N 2 mf W YW M Y -,gf K I J 3 MM , 4 kg Q ,' M r 'H M Q.. A ...tk ' , fe , - L "" , , , ' , 29 f. F- v f" f' 5 , x ' ,, - ,V Q 2 , -1 I ' " Q ' av f., E, ig-A 'H 5 gQ-r1'ga?Ws ,. X f 3,51 f l 5 1:52. . lf? , . 4 in .! we x 429 -Y , M - M 3,123-f M V' yvu.mn, ., .V I 1 - ' ' g m my in gf: 1 1 '1 :51iwfJ,. 'A -" 1- , j "w'9' ' P-1 Q ' - V ' sq, .13-:.. ' ' ' ' ' R: 1-'SM' fi-Y, ,, iw- Me' gi-2-'Y ,Q QM Q- Y ,mm gig-fp, ,,, ' vm, iii! 'M wie ,jp ' if pf' 'M"lxT4y' ,K if ' ' + Nw if Sf K '- 5 if gm ,.,. ,' ' " il- Eg 4. ., 'Hn dt N vw ,f .Kb A ,mmmx wi A W dv' H w'H'w'52fl,f'-JIu..a.aQ-.N Mm' --W ' , WJ,w,,,wJ'11-y , 1"'f'T,QJ'm,,Az" ,. ,m,,,,,,,,'zgg-H ,P "J , , ,wx ,,.,, . ,, ,,w,wmM LW! , ' A "P "" 2 ,V ', ,ALL W M ' . ,YI ., ' ' H Q in -F ,W 'wg V V 4- M, -EL " ' QE" 51 :-H1 -W , . . mu: 1- " Y , N .!,, , W. , "rg, , if ,. ' m ' 'W Jig, V V - " " ' - ,L -M, ww Mm, Y ,. ,. 1 ii4MMW,... ---L ' 3 5 5- -i ' " Q , ' ' M ' mf ,w -1--1 -ww Nw-w.f's1'www'c,!:r' ws - , 1- , ' ' ' 1 - - 2 f W wmwbw' ""Y'WN'.f" ' -,Lf - - 'V ' W' we R, - X H-,f X 5 , - " Www, Mwsaqwtswg lf. , -- '- - Y A' , -GD, .-ff' ,M -' - , - W - W"1"'w ,, - A J N ' H , wmv, ,R - ww - , -Q., 1 , -.E '- ' ' ' .. N , " W 1, R " ii- N M V V MV N 1 MW! 5 1 ,, N NVNW 'V J NNWX V N A V E - NUM, '9 ---K S FIRST REGINIENT ozzefaxfcddvvgf 64,6 may 4-.w Q1 gf 115515 5 fm: 56 mgfuf cw ww. COMPANY CAMER0NlVllCI'lAELCANI'L0N I'I4lAl Ettrick, WI Management Coming to West Point from Wisconsin, Cam brought his own ideas and habits. He was surprised to find that there was a world outside of Ettrick but he was always willing to stick up for a friend and help out a buddy. His laid-back determination will take him far in life. Ski Instructor,5,2, I JONATHAN DIKK CAUDILL E2lAl Mansfield, OH Mathematical Sciences When reaching the end of a voyage, never forget that thejourney is to be savored. One can always return to a place, but the way is always different. Wargames Committee,5, 2, I WILLIAM CHARLES CHESS I2lA l Mercer, PA Environmental Engineer JAMES RICHARD CRAIG FSI A l Saint Louis,lVlO Mech Engr. fAutol Not known as a morning person, a strong cup of coffee would always put a smile on Jim's face land keep Grant Hall in businessl. Those smiles stayed all day long: whether he was designing, or at the gym, and especially when Our African connection, Lupis will not soon be for- gotten. Finance Forum,5,2,' Photography Seminar,4,5:ScubaCIub,2:5 AE,2, Ip WKD'L4,5,2, IIAXCICI he was leaving. ROSS STEVEN DOLGOFF l'l4lA l Reston, VA Management "Two roads diverged in a wood, and l- l took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." Although that road often led to FU, Ross made all the difference in our lives, He found humor in the worst situations and made life here a little more bearable for all. God bless. Judo,4,- Special Obfmpics, 2, I PETERALAN DANNENBERG E51 Al lrlollidaysburg, PA Engr Mngr. KMSED Pete has remained unique. Then again, any- one who still disco dances as well as Pete does, must be. We will always remember his chipper morning smile, his knack for humor, and his willingness to speak his mind. As a friend, Pete is a true Lucky Strike... Catholic CadetCatechistS,4,5,2, Ip Catholic Folk Group, I :C ycling, 4: JudO,5,'SandhurSt4,5,2, I KCAPD PHILLIP EUGENE FANT C21 A l Goshen, OH Cleo Studies llinvir. Scil To all my Nubian brothers...The road was tough and not all who started thejourney are here to finish. Some were left behind, others are still on the road. Take each day one at a time and trust in the Lord. IS-9, it's notjust a state of mind...it's a way oflife. Long live the K-9! ll Contempora1yAffairs Seminan 4, I ,- FootbalI,4,5,2 TORREY ALEXANDER DICIROGILI A l Poplar Bluff, MO Civil Engineering Entering the Academy on the heels of his siblings, Torrey knew the West Point system. l'-lot to say that he tried to take advantage of this, but Torrey's reputation as a rugby-play ingftrip-takingffun-ioving cadet is one that will be followed by the "little Torreys" of the future. HI-I UI-I I-I-I-I 'if Finance Forum,4pRugby,4,5,2,l A . H- maint! S3 'Y--"3'I2. VICTORWAYNE FERSON D2lAl Denison, lA Systems Engineering l would like to thank all of my friends and family for the support and understanding that they showed me throughout my stay here. Thanks again to Jim and the Orosz Clan, Jay and the rest of the Dragons flbragons are sooo stupidly, and most importantly, thank you Jenny and l love you very much. Tactics ,' Ring and Crest Commit- tee,4,5: Honor Committee,5,2, I VINCENTJOSEPII FOKIUNATO D4lAl N. Canton, OH Engineering Physics Vino is a man who was always ready to go out and have a good time. Even when physics beckoned, Vinny seemed to always pop up ready to go. Vinny is one who can pick you up with only a few words. He epitomizes what a true friend should be. Good Luck. 150lb Football, 4 MICHAEL HOWARD HUNTER H41 A 1 New Bern, NC Human Factors Psycology "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers: For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother." Mike has always been a lead from the front type of guy who put his all into everything he does. A friend who knew the meaning offriendship. Carpe Diem, Mike- Fortune Favors the Bold! Lacrosse, 4, 5x Ring and Crest Com- mittee,-4,5,2, I JAMESPATIERSONGODDARD l2lAl Morris Plains, NJ Pol. Sci. tlnternationalj Jamie Goddar d has had a cadet experience which would probably bore most cadets. He hopes his next five years will be a bit more stimulating. Model UN I ,' 5CUSA,2, I - :Q xl, P Sq F 6 - JENNIFER ANN JACOBS F41 A l Big Rapids, MI Engineering Physics From Swim Team Captain, to Lacrosse, to helping her Beast roommate survive academ- ics, and not to mention her littlejob - BDE XO -Jen did it all. But, she always had time to talk and she's the best iistener l've ever known. Love ya, Jen!! Ciood Luck!! Lacrosse, 4, 5, Na vkgators, 4, 5, Protestant Choin4,3,'Swimming,4,5,2, IKCAFFAINI TRAVIS DEAN HANSON F21 A l St Petersburg, FL Mgmt. Studies KHPAJ "Don't think it has been a little slice of heaven, because it hasn't." --Bugs Bunny However, the friends l've made and the expe- riences l've had, have made it all worthwhile. parents and all those who supported me. Thanks to my .X A e""X Team HandbaIl,4: Special Olym- pics,4,l P22 Q.: QP CARL RODGERJACQUET B2lA l Mitchell, SD Military ArtfScience CJ came here expecting a little more of a "military" experience from USMA, so he tried to change it through his choice of activities and classes. Mostly known for being a loud, "quiet" kind of guy, he will be remembered for his few outbursts of humor and sarcasm, and imitating "the Comm." Y mm Catholic Chapel Cl1oin4: Tactics Club,5,2, If Armor Tactics . I -fl' 6g Illia., . 13 Club, 5, 2, I RENE LERMA JR E51 A l El Paso, TX. Mgmt. Studies tl-lPAl "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." Rene was not one to let Regs and academic requirements sculpt his life. He got the full West Point experience, and did his best to get a full "college" experience. A laid back guy who would do anything for a friend. Ciod Bless! BasebaIl,4,- Volleyball,5,2, 1 ICO- CAPTAIN1 STEVEN ROSS OVERBY D l I A 1 Billings , MT Literature We often wondered if Steve knew the differ- ence between the sublime and the ridicu- lous-between Legion Commander and the Big Hand Gag, However, somewhere in-be- tween, we found a true and great friend with compassion, understanding, a sense of hu- mor, and no darkness visible. Speech Team, 4,5, 2, l,' Triathlon, 4,51 Sandh urst, 4, 5, 2 SHAWN CHRISTOPHER JURYA4l A l Conneaut, OH Computer Science Whether it was "Red Neck Kadio" or "Rabbie Rousersf' Shawn did his best to keep a grin on his classmates face. Always ready with his self-deprecating humor and dry wit, his four- year stint with the Computer Science folks has assured him a successful career as a Signaler. Band,-44-,3,2y Rabble Rousers,lp Scoutmasters Council,4 tClCl,5 lClCJ,24ClCl, l p WKDT,2,l ADRIAN ROBERTO PRATIJR F21 A l El Paso, TX Pol. Sci. Clntll "The Law of the Land, or the Judgement of My Peers." Unknown 'Xi D KYUNGNANNAPOLI l'DlAl Cornwall, HY American Legal System Lord, grant thatl may not so much seek to be consoled as to console: to be understood, as to understand, to be loved, as to love, for it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life. - St. Francis of Assisi - ? xii, Lacrosse,Z5 . x 44 JAY HOWARD ROBINSON B3 l A l Hacienda Heights, CA Am. Legal Sys. lguess my only piece ofadvice is to leave your term end schedule alone unless you abso- lutely have to have it changed. Thanks to all of my friends who helped me through this experience. You will never be forgotten... Soccer, 4, 5, 2, I MICHAEL EDWARD SCHEUING IllAl Waukesha , WI Leadership Studies What!?, Overl? Oh well...thank-you anyway friends-we made it fun to be "students at the Academy," The work was hard tArmy Wres- tling andthe rigors of my Leadership FOS7 - but so was the play. l'll always be proud to say l was a cadet. As for the future . -BRING lTONl W.l'l.P.H.P.l'i. vt-IS SX: ff 'fx X Wrestling,-1.5.2, I , WAAS STEPHEN FRANCIS TROUINER F2lAl Oceanside, CA History ttluropej Steve came to us as Cdt. JeffSpicolli, and he's done his best to stay that way. Not one to hold back, you can always count on Steve to speak his mind. A loyal and trustworthy friend, Steve has always been there to lend a hand .... "All l need are some tasty waves..." Aloha, Mr. Troutner. , ADDIC, 2, I yRugby,2,'Ringand Crest S,UlNx ' Committee,4fSECRETARY1,5lSEC- RETARYI, ZKSECRETARYJ, I ISEC- ?" ' 5 '-'R RETARY2,'WaterPolo,4,5.1 DARREN D. SORGENFREI G41 A l Seattle, WA Civil Engineering "The race is not always to the swiftest but to the one who keeps on running." r is CARY JOSEPH TUCKER F3lAl Dubuque, lA Management CHPAJ lf we all had a nickle forthe amount of times Tucks said "huh" after he was asked a questionmwell, we'd never work again. He's the only cadet where the less he does the better grades he gets. But most importantly he is a great sport, a hell of a wrestler, and above all... a best friend. GH 4 '52 ' 5 ,N - Fellowship of Christian Athleles,4,5,2, I 5 N Freestyle Wrestling,-4,5,2, I: Wres- ti1ng,4,.5,2,1 N: If MATITIEWIHOIVIE GllAl Elizabethtown, PA Life Science KFOSJ Ted will always be remembered for his quiet demeanor and athletic prowess. Although he often kept to himself, he was always there to offer his friendship and inspire all with his killer smile. See you at the IRONMAN, Thominator! Y fair' cyc1mg,4,5,2, 1,- Triathlon,4,.5 KSECRETARYLZIAXCICI, HCICI ERIC GRAY WALTZ Alll A l Mountain Lakes, NJ Geogttinvironmentall Eric excelled at West Point by day and es- caped to Mountain Lakes by night. But you couldn't catch him on the area or the la- crosse field. His car with no brakes will not be missed, butwe will all miss him! Horsebite! Lacrosse,4,5,2, I ICAPTAIPII gi""'-is--+g:' Mt, MII VN 3 LLVBI NV :PEW Omg Egg 5' HES Q31-P is QW: Q.: 55: 52.0-'ff 1 Eltfv 083 SBU' Eff? U' 3:8 Ogg P55 :UI Michelle Napoli gets a hug from a company-mate after she receives her diploma. X JP 4 F 7? lv Z Z he z A Llano . COMPANY -..-- f- ' ,P me JAMES ROBERT ACOSTA D l IB l Seale, AL Mech Engr. iAeroi lt is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.-Robert H. Goddard UI-I UI-J Fin A' ANDREW PARK BRICKSON C413 l San Antonio, TX Systems Engr. Many will miss Drew's strange sense of humor. Also his intense desire to inflict personal pain and scarring through Army Rugby and Boxing HWT. His love for duty, honor, and country will never steer him wrong and his love for his lady will always keep him strong. Give Blood like hell! ADDIC, 5, 2, I : Big Brothers , I ,- Pla vi- 'ff' 'ffl' gators,4,5,' Rugby,5,2, I: Special Olympics,4,5, l:Theatre Arts Guild, 4,5 2, l,' Wargames Commit- tee,4,5 PHILIP RHEA CLARK A415 1 Clarksville, TN Modern Hist lntl!Strat Hick-Philster-Poke. Phil loved the rack and hated the gym. Always ready with a morning smile- a man of many vices. A wardrobe of tractor hats and flannel shirts accompanied a repertoire of country music. Cynical old "Grandpal was one ofthe few surviving true "rock" Grads of '95. American Culture Seminan 4, 5fAf CICJ ,f Officers Christian Fellow- ship, 4,12 JAMES TYNDALL DILLON A1lBl Albany, NY Electrical Engr. lElec. Sys! JD is an amazing character. He never gets sick, doesn't need sleep, is very acrobatic, and can hold his liquor even better than Stitch. But the Most Amaving thing about JD is that nothing annoys him more than EVERY- THING! Squat deep, heavy and often. Attaboy dude. Powerlifting,5, 2, I ,' IEEE Electrical EngineerS,2, I IVICE-CHAIRMAPD Ex SCOTTGARRISONFAKESTER I'lllBl Miami, AZ Electrical I Com puter Engr. Sccott will always be remembered for his numerous talents. From his dance steps to the perfect haircut, he attacked the other gender with a passion. Woe to him when he meets his match. Put him in charge of spirit and let him work his magic. Just don't take his roller blades. Drew Model UPL2, I DAVID IlIII'IITEI'IlLL DUNPIIY GZIBI Parker, CO Civil Engineering "Do you get a free bowl of soup with that?" RIMM 1 F13 ,ag J " lzlgi CIIKISTOPHERC. GUERRIERO F4151 liinderhook, NY Computer Science Chris' quiet, yet thoughtful manner befriended all who knew him. lf he wasn't at the gym or getting out on the weekends, he was usually able to find a few quality moments to devote to his studies. "THOSE WHO CANNOT SUR- VIVE DISASTER DO NGTDESERVE SUCCESS." - Frederick the Great JOSEF KARL EICIIINGER I I IB l Shelton, WA Mech. Engr. llvlech Sysl Joe's ability to smile under any conditions was the first thing others noticed. The sincer- ity behind that smile went out to all those around him. Never one to pass up a good time, Joe still found a way to bring studying to new levels and achieve excellence in all athletic endeavors. gg ut.: STEVEN BALLARD HEDRICK I'I UBI Cedar Grove, WV Chemical Engr. "The road to success is paved with the skulls of the weak." l will never forget the friends l have made. Roommates for two yearsi-fl? Squat, BENCH, and Pull land if it gets too heavy, pulljust a little bit harderh. PowerIifting,5,2, 1: Strength T eam, 5, 2, I KCAFFAIN2 what 1 gq i-f""'l5l.4.i JEFFREY D. HUDSON Fil-l B l Blanco, TX Military ArtfScience "Let me lie down to bleed awhile, for l shall rise to fight again."-Unknown l am thankful for all ofmy close friends. I wish them the best in their endeavors. God Bless and Take Care. Riding Club,4,.5,' SCUSX-L5 SCOTTTHOMAS LINDBERG A2lBl Akron, OH Systems Engineering Although not as experienced a Diver as Stitch, he can only hope to find a softer target. Certainly no Mario Andretti CSean Penn?l, he is a Puzzling character to say the least. Scott is destined for 2.2 kids, a four cylinder car, a dog named Spot and a wife named June. Attaboy Old Man. HAROLD AUGUSIUSJENKINSIII H4151 Orangeburg, SC Economics tMathl There are not many things in this world that come with guarantees, but my love for the "Nine" is a "fat" guarantee. A shout goes out to all the Nines. "We thick like that, stack like that, down like that, 'cause we are Nines like that!" Long Live the Nine!! l'Say.... ContemporalyAffairs Seminan 4, I 1 Gospel Choir, 4: Fo0tba1l,4,5, 2 JAMES MICHAEL MAKUCCI B2lBl Bergenfield, NJ Engr. Mgmt.iMSEl Maruch-raised as a Bullpuppy, but groomed Barbarically, Jimmy knew exactly how to ridicule the "typical cadet." He always had a practical joke handy, Never forget who you are, where you came from, or the family and friends that helped you along the way- Thank You. "Don't Let me be Lonely Tonight." FOOtbaIl,4 1 Fine Arts Guild,2fAfClCl DOUGLASMICHAELKORNESKI D4lBl Edison, NJ Modern History ClntlfStrat7 Bang! Ouch! ln addition to D0ug's diving ability and trunk full of artwork, his grace and Jersey interpretation of English have pro- vided B-l with a plethora of stories and memories. This honor MP's heroes include: Mickey M, Raquel D, Ollie N, and Ronnie R, Attaboy guy. HonorCommittee,5,2, I ,'Judo,4,5, 2,1 : Law Enforcement Tactics C1ub,I WILLIAM BRIAN MATIEK D l IB l Lynbrook, NY Geography CMCGVGJ Quick with ajoke Sr a bum ofyoursmokes, we called him Fred Flinstone or Debt-Boy. We almost lost Bill to the Dean, or on the parade field, or to his rack. Ever the manager of finances, Bill had an old clunker to show for his S120 car loan, and sold his clothing for gas money. Retorts??? Cycling, 4,5 ga fi Q he we Tx kg gf Hz' Q g, S Q ERIC M. SCHOENNAUER Ill-l B l Happy Camp, CA History ilntlfStratJ Hey Now! Mr. Schoennauer, the consum- mate devil's advocate, has never been caught without an opinion or facial expression. This Happy Camper was so busy visiting his Corps wide connections and coun- selling plebes that he never got to see "Platoon." He's too sexy for his clothes. Attaboy people. ADDICZ, 1: Howilzeh 4: SC U5A,5,2 DALE SUNG SONG l2lB 1 Watseka, IL Economics Clvlathl "De La Song!!!" Dale was the company's undis- puted lady killeriJ!Jl. He was swift on the dance floor and never stressed about ANYTHING. Most admirable, however, was hisstrong faith. Thanks forwaking me upevery Wednesday morningand thanks for the HD hat. Get it up, baby!!! Johnny "Michigan" Finance Forum,4, l,'Korear1AmeriCarl Relations Seminan 41 Mountain Bike Club, 4: 7'EC,4,5,2fClCJ, I ICICI 1 KURT HALL SPARKMAN E2lBl iiincheloe, Ml Computer Science Whether it was writing a computer program or shooting paintballs at other people, Sparky always found a way to put up with this place. He will never be the same after his four years here, but will enjoy himself immensely flying Helos for the Army. Theatre Arts Gui1d,4,' Survival Games,5,2,I MICHAEL ANTHONY YEKKIC G4 I B 1 Wickiiffe, OH Geography iiinvr. Sail "Every dog has it's day. The good dogs sometimes have two." Yerks is the biggest saunch 1 ever met: though, he is a connois- seur of the greatest liquid Known t0 beer. Yes, EV does equal TV, and the Firstie Ciub, and doing absolutely ,mg nothing productive since Yuk year, and . . . . !'2 osx 4-X Lisa Pais and Jim Ruchti prepare to receive their diplomas at Graduation in Michie Stadium. l Phil Clark and other graduating mem- bers of Company Bl await the arrival of President Clinton and the start of the Graduation Ceremony. i , -I l X 2 , U 7 7 if if 5? 1 3-f If 5 91 if M5154 "iv-twigs Q gaming ,e W W HQMF ,Nr ffm A X J M ups as vf wr -. was fl Z 5: fi? 7: -57' 5 R psf : i a pr 5 'Ji w k L: U ,X . : , 'f - Eff i . . A -5- -4 if , f 2 Q . ' gg COMPANY 144160141 S00 LEE DAVIS B41 C l El Paso, TX Mathematical Sciences Thanks to all the "Buffs," "Crusaders!Chip- munksf' and select members of "lce- 1 " - l'll never forget any ofyou. Friends are the most important thing in life, and l had the best of them. Please letour paths cross again, .. Best of luck to yall!! g j Po wer1fffmg,4,5,2, 1fcAPrAlm,- 'ft ADDlc,2,1,'crew,4 JOHN KEITH HARRIS B11-l C l Stafford, VA Operations Research "An Army marches on it's stomach."-Napa leon Whether on the ski slopes, in the books, or running a marathon on a make shift knee, "Johnny F. Utah" has never given less than his best. We will always remember the "DEW" as a friend who is always there and always hungry. We'll miss ya, John. ADDIC, I KVICE-CHAIRMAN2: Ski In- structon 4.5.2, I CARL RAYFEHRENBACHER E2lCl Evansville,lN CieographyCHumanlRegionalJ "It's artistic expression. ..c'mon we'lljust stop for a cold one." Carl was a quiet child, especially in acadernicsmalthough he worked so hard. This bio probably took longer to write than most ofhis papers. "lfyou wait till the last minute...it only takes aminute to do." POP SMOKE!!! I5Olb Football ,4,5,2, HMAN- 6 1 AGERl:ClassRep2,l IX HARRY A. HATZIS A51 C I Cleveland, OH Military History "Thanks to the good friends, here and at home that made everything possible and worthwhile." Here's to your health and your families' good health...Happy Trails!" C Q RICHARD ADAM GREEN A l IC l Willard, OH Management tHPAl "I don't cry over spilled milk. Just pour me another glass." D.C. lwant to thank all of my friends, parents, and the rest of my family for their support through the last four years. I love you all. One more thing, "Don't Worry about it." Basketball,-4,.5,2,' Fellowship of ChristianAthlete5,4,5,2 JOSHUA JAMES HIGGINS A2lCl Auburn, ME Civil Engineering What ever happened to practicality, com- mon sense, understanding, and a sense of humor? I've seen many instances where these essential qualities for dealing with life have not been relied upon as much as they should have. l think it's time to get back to the basics. Football, 4: Rabble R0 users, 2 ERIK KKISTIAN HOVDA E51 C l Corpus Christi , TX Engr. Management CMSEJ Free tfrej adj. l. NOT IMPRISONED or en- slaved: 2. Not controlled by obligation orthe will of another. OUTTA HERE! Football,4,5: Big Brothers 2 : 'a 'lllllllll' PETER ANDREW LUHOWY D l IC l Lima, NY Electrical Engr. tlilec. Systems! Lightning never had difficulty trying to deter- mine what to do with his life. When he wasn't studying forjuice, he was wrecking his bike tetcl, or finding the nearest snow to attack on skis. Never one to back down from a challenge.Pete has found his call in the lnfan- try. A true Cadet and Friend. Crew, 4,5,2,' Cycling, Ipfistronomy CIub,4,'1EEE, I ANDREW PAUL LATHROP l3lC I Tempe, AZ Operations Research Alas it is done for this Arizona boy. Or is he really a Hawkeye? Or maybe a Polar Bear, Crusader, or Chipmunk? Whatever you call this star-man you must not forget great and sincere friend. One Corps bids farewell while another, the engineers, prepares to accept him. Hop Committee,4,5,' OC Ii 2, l,' Prot- 'f'f 'ffl' escanfchapelsundayschool Teach- """' ers,4,5,2,1fRacquerba1l,2,1rclC1,- u TenniS,4 -- v ez: OSCAR LYLE MAGEE ESI C l Franklinton, LA Geographytijnviro. Sci.J BIG "O" they called him. A Class-A act. Whether it was in the company area, the classroom, or the boxing ring, BIG "O" was the man. A true diplomat in the sense of the word, representing West Point at Vassar, Marymount, Mount St. Mary's, as well as LSU. Equestrian Team,4,- Contemporary X I Afk1irs5eminan4,5,2, l,'Karate,5,2 JOHN EVERETTLIVINGSTONE A2lCl Pequannock, NJ French "Stoner" came to us as a Spartan, but left as the true embodiment of the Fighting Chip- munk spirit. Always available for a head rub, our little lnfantry friend from New Jersey would always "treat you like a lady." Thanks for being a friend to all- don't let the fire die, Domestic Affairs Forum, 4, 5: Na vi- gators,5, 2, Ig Pipes and Drurns,2,- Protestant Chapel Choir: 4,5 STANLEY ANTONIO IVIALLOY l'l5lCl Falls Church, VA Systems Engineering Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that "lf a man hasn't discovered somethingthat he will die for, he is not fit to live." While at Woo Poo, l discovered that l am nothing without my family, my friends, and my freedom. Cro Fighting Chipmunks!! GET NUTS!! Contemporary Affairs Semi- naL4,5,2,l TRACY LEE MANN G4lC1 Brewster, KS Electrical Engr. lElec. Sys.l Dad said, "Show 'em what a Kansas farm boy can do!" Well, l've made it through this place and I ain't finished yet!!! Bye to all my buds iC1UPS,Chipmunks, Hometeaml! Thanx to all my friends and family for the support and understanding!!! Pete :Sr Ritafliathy couIdn't have made it without ya!! Catholic Chapel Choin 4, 5: Eta Kappa lYu,2, If IEEE, 2, If Philiappa Phi, 1 WILLIAMTERRENCEOTSRIEN F2lCl Chicago, IL Environmental Engr. "Life moves pretty fast...If you don't stop and look around every once in awhile, you could miss it!" Wrestling,4,5,Z, I ,- 15011: Football,2, I g Freestyle Wres- tling,4,5,2, I l 1 -,asv BRADLEY JAMES MILLER l'I2lCl Rochester Hills, Ml Systems Engineering I started out truly "Happy as Hell" and ended up in the Legion, as a "Fighting Chipmunk". I have learned that everything in life has a purpose and that loyalty to friends is of utmost importance. lts been FUN, but I can't wait until it's finally OVER! God Bless 95 and the GOP! ,. Glee Club, 5: Scoutmasters Coun- 5 2 cil,5,2, l l F li ,gg -I lzkgi JOIiNEDWARDO'DONNELL C5lCl Newcomb, NY Geography lEnviro Sci.J Thanks to all my friends. Without you I wouldn't have made it. Take it easy. Special Ohfmpics,3,2p Theatrefms Guild!! ,X A A " 1 7 L KENNETH SCOTT NOYES F4 I C l Pepperell, MA Systems Engineering The die is cast--Caesar: I 995-it was the year of I came, I saw, I conquered--Caesar "Victory" Time is of the Essence Sr Time is Money. The bullet that will kill me is not yet cast-Napoleon American Culture Seminar,4,5,2: ADDlC,5,2, 1 .- Flying Club,5, 2, 1,- Fi- ? ? g nance Forum.5.2:Ski Patrol,-4,12 MICHAEL PARK OWENS E51 C 1 San Antonio, TX Computer Science Otherwise known as Lurch, Ranger, or most recently IGOR, Mike is never short on laughs. He is always there for his friends, but because of his mischievous nature you can never let your guard down around him. Amazingly he has found a wife to put up with him, Good luck to Mike and Bridgitte! Catholic Cadet Catechists,4,5,- Rugby,4,2: Knights of Columbus, 45,21 VICE-PRESIDENT2, I 1 IEEE, I MELISSA LEE RUCKER C4-l C l Rockville, MD Literature Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize?. ..I do not run like a man running aimIessly...INIo, I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be dis- qualified forthe prize. I Corinthians 9:24-27 Gospel Choir,2, Honor Commit- tee,2, l,' l'lavigators,4,5,2, I, Po werlifting,2: Staff and Ushers, 4,- Sandl1urst,5,2, I BART DOUGLASS STEWART D21 C l Christiansburg, VA Mathematical Sci- ences "The riskiest thing we can do in life is noth- ing!" To all my friends, we finallymade it--Jeff 8: Mike, the C-I Crew, V-Man Sr the Fat Boys '95! Mom Sr Dad...without your patience and support, who knows! Kathy - ditto! Crew,4,.5,' Big Brothers ,5,2f Special OLvmpics,4,5,2, I "'llllIll" WlLSONK.RUTl'lERFOKDIV I'I5lCl Baltimore, MD Geography llinviro. Sci.l Born to play Rugby, Roller, Skinhead, Mush- room Miner, what you called Trey, always kept those around him on their toes as to what would happen next. He'Il always keep those great memories of Bermuda, U.K., the x6, CBT and all the blood he spilled on the pitch. Oh well, things happen! Out! Rugby, 4,.3,2, I: Tactics Club, 4: Footballll GREGORY J. SUCHANEK H51 C l Springfield,OR Chemistry "Suchek" he was dubbed as a Plebe, though when he moved to C-I it was simply Greg. HE could always be found stalking the halls in the late nighttand occasionlly in the early morn- ingy hours. He was ever-willing to help some- one cut, though his room keeping skills leave everything to be desired. Judo .3,2, I ,' Band 4,5,2, I p French Club 4,5, MITCHELL PAUL STEIDL H51 C 1 Rawlins, WY Chemistry I-Ie'II always be Cruiser. lt's amazing that Mitch found time to study with so many extra- curricular activities. I-Ie participated in post- football game socializing, weekend jogging, and long walks with friends in Central Area. 201 hours of character is A enough! Baseball, 4: Band, 4,5, 2, I ,' Bowling Team,2, I ,f Debate Team,5g Ameri- can Chemical Societ-y,4,5,2, I ,' Ski Patrol,4,5,2 M2 ff 3' Nd , On ALBERTBENJAMINTERRELL FllCl San Antonio, TX Political Science tInt'l.J "I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail." My time at West Point has shown me that you can endure anything and, in the end, prevail. Thanks to my family, my friends, and a very special woman from Virginia. I couIdn't have made it without your support. God bless you all. , Rugby,5p Howitzer, 2,- SC USA, 2, I illihi 5 -41?- 6-Q lJ""lil.,R .- 4 HAKOLDHOLBROOKWHIFFEN IZIC 1 Jackson, MS Mechanical Engr. CAerol Baseball, 4: Ha vigators,4,3,2, I p FrotestantChapeISur1- daySchooI Teachers!! The Graduation Parade signified the passing of leadership from the Class of 1995 to the Class of 1994. LLGAA . COMPANY JIMMY DOYLE ANDREWSJR G2lD I Jonesboro, AR European History Jimmy Andrews, the greatest good ol' boy we all ever got to know. Jimmy could always be Counted on for a few southern words of wisdom and a little country common sense, We all count BigJim as a close friend but pray that we'll never have to fly anywhere with him. Pistol,4 BRIAN NICHOLAS ANDRUSIN F4lDl Pompton Lakes, NJ Economicsflvlathl Make discipline your ally and not your en- emy." Juicemar1...Known to all as never missing a meal. Enjoys the gym and fine foods. Always there to help a friend out of trouble and hardly ever at a loss for words. Best remembered for the "all you can eat" buffet and the ,, ,Q BullDog. 1. ArtSeminar,4,5.2.-FhiIosophy5emi- nan4,,'5,2,- Wrestling 4,5,2, I p Fine Food FOTLIITI, 4, 5, ZKVPI, HPRESIDEPITL' CPRC I CHADINICK TODD BAULD l3l D l Burke, SD Chemical Engineering Chad will best be remembered for his many successes. Whether playing football, wres- tling, or leading Co. D-l, Chad always gave it his all. A magician with the young ladies, Chad will long be remembered and admired for his self-discipline and willingness to always help his friends. 150113 FootbalI,.5,2, I KCO-CAl7I'AllY2,' Hop Committee, 4, 5x Special Olym- pics, 4, 5, If Wrestling, 4IMAIYAGERlg C PR C 5, 2 WILLIAM ROBERTBRIGMON F2lDl Texarkana, TX Economics flvlathl The consumate Texan, Billy Bob spent the majority of his time courting his favorite femmes. His caring personality and sense of humor made him one of the most recogniz- able cadets. CI.1SSC0mmilt6C,4fVf7,5!Vl7,2IVD, l NH,- Tennis 4 5 2 IKCAPTAIPIL Chi Al- pna,4,5,i, if cPRc,2, 1 LANDY DONNELL DUNHAM G4lD l Camden, SC Management I 5Olb football player for four years: nice and not. Intramural boxer for three years, Gospel Choir participant during Plebe year, and CAS participation throughout his cadet career. Only his boxing opponents are known to have seen him without a big smile on his face. DONALD MONROE BROWN AILHJ I Lebanon, OR Environmental Engineering The most important things that I will take from here with me are the Friendships I have made and the memories ofall the great times. I feel closer to many of you Ducks than to others l've known for years. Thanks to iviom and Dad and Thu, BB, BG, Jimmy, Chuck, Pat, Eric, Skip,and all the rest. Rugby, 4: Wrestling, 2 ELIZABETHCARROLLGARRISON F2lDl Warrenton, Va American Legal System Few people knew more about fun than Beth. She worked hard and played harder! As she pro- gressed from New Cadet to BeastCO, Beth always looked out for her friends and knew how to put West Point into perspective. The NJ Shore, "C1hostchasers," Zoosters, Ducks Sr Lax Chickens- fond memories!! Baptist Student Union,-4.5: DAF 4.5, 2, I ,'Hop,4,5,2, I ,Lacrosse 4,.3,2, I KCAPTAIPIQ:O1ienteering,4:5WE,4,5,2, I GRETCHEN MARIE CUDABACK C2lD l Bucksport, ME Literature I do the very best I know how, the very best I can, and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won't amount to anything. if the end brings me out wrong, m ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference. - Abraham Lincoln Protestant Chapel Choir,4: Glee Club,2, I IAXCICI SEAN MARTIN GLADIEUX B31 D l Swanton, OH Civil Engineering "Attitude, is more important than facts, more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than fail- ures, than successesmwe cannot change our past...we cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, attitude." C. Swindoll 'fi' '1"1' FO0Ib2Il,4,5,2,l CHARLESEDWARDHANSELL AllDl Columbia, SC Computer Science The second cousin of Jose Cuervo, Charlie has left his mark in such far away places as Bermuda and Wappinger's Falls. While some have trouble identifying with Chuck's abra- sive personality, the women of the local colleges find him irresistible. lf Charlie were a tool, he'd be a HAMMER. Squash Team,4,5,2, 1 TODD ANDREW JUSTMAN D51 D l Sacramento, CA Human Factors Psych "Mine is not to reason why, mine is but to do or die." - N.M.M.l. '89 "Never forget the hard times and the early days. Always remember where you came from." -- D. Liederman "That which does not kill us makes us stron- ger." - Hietsche Pointer, I : Scoutmasters Coun- ., ciI,4,5,2,I,'FMngCIub,5,'Domestic 5,521 ff Affairs Fomm,4,'Russian Club,4 -it BRODIE RICHARD HODGES l5l D l Santa Barbara, CA Systems Engineeri ng After taking a year in the service as enlisted to get here, Brodie quickly realized that WP is not like the "real" Army. However, his mellow attitude, loud music, and computer saw him through even the most stressful Plebe duties, designs, and other extraneous matters. Rugby,5 GEORGEBENJAMINKIIVIESIII D4lD l Siena Vista, AZ Mechanical Engr. iAeroJ "A bachelor never quite gets over the idea that he is a thing of beauty and a boy for- ever."-Rowland. Benji's sparkling eyes and boyish smile coupled with his fondness for blondes made this flyboy gone tanker from "Azarona" a tough one to keep up with, but a great friend. Song 7l i r,- Drill Team 4,.5,2,' PCCH 4g ADDIC I!!! g 1 A Ll""'lgI.,a JASON MICHAEL JOINERS G l ID l Springfield, VA Management Jason i'Rackis Cool' or 'Mr. BS8rL'7 wasagreat guy and we loved him and his big head. Jason never resisted the tractor beam or his green girl. He kept a few 'toys' on hand to liven up barracks life here at USMA. Armor will never be the same after Charlie Brown. BSrSrLSerninar,4,5fPRES2, I, ZIPRESI, HPRESL- Ring :Sr Crest will 55 -KE fag l.I""l5l,,i Comm.,-4,5,2, I ,- Special Obfmipics, 4,5, 2, I: Big Brothers ,4,5,' Rac- , quetball,-4 MASAMIMARIE KUNZ ESID l Central City, NE Individual Psych Everyone who knows Sam loves her. Easy going enough that you can tackle her in the hallways, and yet patient enough to listen to anything, she is a true friend. Her deterrnina- tion has made her a success here, and her intense loyalties and friend- ships have made it worthwhile. Grace. ,MQ Q S f ff i gsa ii alafzfa wi S H .iissss f sf I I PATRICK ANDREW O'l'IARA l5lDl Wappingers Falls, NY Cleo. fl'luman!Regionall "lf l do my full duty, the rest will take care of itself."-George Patton Always one for color- ful commentary, Pat, alias PS, will best be remembered for his monster truck, country music, fishing, an open mind, and his per- sonal power over the opposite sex the brings out their wild sidel. Powerliftingll DAVID ALLAN SADLEK lil-I D l linoxville,TN Mechanical Engr. fAerol "He is no fool who gives up that which he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."-Jim Elliott Thanks to my family and friends for all the help through the years. Fellowship of Christian Athletes, -'lg Ha vigators, 4, 5, 2, l JOHN PAUL RAPISARDA E l ID l La Palma, CA Amer. Legal System Thanks for everything, Mom Sc Dad. I couldn't have done it without you. Once again, Little Raps, l'll see ya later - l'm outta here! JW, thanks for being my best friend. Drink water, you! Tactics Club,4,5: Rugby, 5,2 RICHARD HOKE SNEED A l ID l Hartselle, AL Engr. Management CMSED One of the few real southern gentlemen, Rich never quite adjusted to the New York lifestyle, rather he adjusted the North to his slow pace. While Rich can cut the rug with the best of them, he still has trouble with stairs. We'll miss Sneeddog's smooth ac- cent and guitar riffs. Roll Tide! ChurchofChrist,4,5,2, l ,-HonorCommittee,2, I MICHAEL LLOYD ROBERTSON E4lD l Pueblo, CO Mechanical Engr. fAeroJ Mike came to West Point with the ideal to serve his country proudly. Never wavering from this goal, he has become the most loyal comrade a fellow ll'lFANTRYMAN could ever have. Someday, on some distant battlefield, Mike will fulfill his destiny with his brother-in- arms. Marathon,4,' Mountaineering Club, If C ycling,3 SCO'ITRUSSELLSWAKl'ZWEL'IER E4lDl Plymouth,Ml Mechanical Engr. 'iYou have but one life: live it to the fullest glory and be willing to pay any price." Whether it was a design, taking leave, or being the "Macho Man," Swartz always gave 100010. His competitive spirit, helping hand, and dedica- tion to fun, make Scott one of the last, an officer and a gentleman! EE E? Mechanical Engineering Club, ' I l'l7?EASURERl:OneHundredtl1lY1lqht BRUCE ALLEN VITOR A21 D l Manchester, M0 Portuguese Sr Spanish "lf you want to live in your body, you gotta pay the rent." - Always working out or looking for a good time, Bruce is a smooth talker with a hilarious wit. Squared away - will go far in every endeavor. STAY HARD, BROTHER! Portuguese CIub,4,5,2, I: Squash Team, 4,5,2, I : T en- nis,4 Billy Bob Brigmon, Vice President of the Class of 1995, gives a speech at the Graduation Banquet. 'S' bww KJ -'S S' ' ings . COMPANY . ,., .,1f ' ERIK NEAL ANDERSON C41 E l North Riverside, IL Pol. Sei. fIntl.l Sparky from the beginning, has been a fighter. This has been his most admirable trait, and it will serve hirn and all others he serves well. Always the optimist, quick with a laugh and a smile, Erik helped to take some of the grey away. His heart stolen by Bree, GO INFANTRY 150119 FootbalI,4,5,2,I: Big Brothers ,4,.5: Glee Club,5,2, I PAUL ERNEST AUS CZLHEI Norwich, ND Environmental Engineering ILLEGITIMUS NON CARBORUNDUMII Out from C1od's Country North Dakota, this farm boy always had a smile on his face even when faced with Regimental Boards. A true VIKING from the getgo, AUSSOME PAULIE will pass his partying abilities on as he has decided to settle down. Don't forget 'da-boyz.. ADDlC,2, I: Band,4: Class Com- mittee,-4,5,2, 11 Na vigato1S,4,5: Protestant Choin 4: Rifle. 4: Special Olympics, 5,2, I J DAE4 x JENNIFER M. BEASON F31 E l Xenia, OH Management QMPAJ I-low could you not have fun with Jen around? This tiny, blond bundle of energy could make anyone smile. The queen ofOPP's upheld her title of it 1 flirt by giving everyone in the com- pany Valentine's. l'Iere's to you, here's to me, friends for life, we'lI always be! Jen, you'1'e the BEST! -CFO Lacmsse,5,2, I ICAFl'AIN2:5occen-4,5 www an 34 ,S Q K ,S X i s Q i n ,V Mm, ,, ,N 5 3 2 5 122 2 um 'svmw S SW Qi! f Qi EZ SZ STEPHEN ELLIS GAUTHIER H2lEl Port Allen, LA Foreign Area Cwestern Europej From the backwaters of Baton Rouge came a bogus smack with thigh-length white socks. Alternately driven to excel and screw around, Cioach settled closer towards the Screwball end, and if there's anyone here who hasn't been affected in some positive way by him, l'd like to check their pulse. 1-Iowitzen IIEDITORL-Ringand Crest Commit1ee,4,5,2, I .f.-'- THAD STEWART HAND C5 I E l Rantoul, lL Economics llvlathl Never wanting to break a Reg or stay up late, Thaddeus could always put out the fire with the help of Elvlan. His treks to the Midwest always left him head over heels. Reluctant to leave the field he finally "hung up his cleats" for Lisa. Without a doubt, he AlN'T afraid. I Racquetba1I,4p Ring and Crest 5 rl t l Committee,4,5,2,I Jia FQ JOHNNY DEE HAWKINS G21 E l Mesquite, TX Computer Science Remember to always reach for the sky, while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. A good leader always puts his subordinates ahead of himself. The family should always come first. -things to remember 'THE HAWIV Wargames Committee,4,5,2, I DEREK ALLEN KREAGER I1 l IE 1 Santa Rosa, CA Individual Psychology "All I have to offer is blood, toil, tears and sweat" -Winston Churchill Who is this guy? Best known for tricks of the tongue and eating and sleeping more than humanly pos- sible. The man to see ifyou want to be psychoanalyzed or have a bomb lying around. Long live the mosh. Crew,4 THOMAS MICHAEL MCCARDELL A I I E I Kirkwood, PA Environmental Engineering Sandh urst, 4,5,2, l,' Hun tingand Fishing Club, 4,5 MARCH LEE KROTEE JR F l IE l Plymouth, MN Economics tlvlathi Thanks tomy family and Mom and Dad. "Per- severance is all important. Don't resent criticism: learn to dismiss the useless forms. Laugh a lot, Imagination is paramount. Play Hard. Never Surrender. And by all means, buy low and sell high." Thanks everyone. Finance Forum,2, I l5ECRETARY2g 5occer,4,5,2, I LISA ALICE NOLAN Ill-IE l Fargo, ND Philosophy "Platter me, and I may not believe you. Criti- cize me and l may notlike you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you," -William Arthur Ward Thankyou to my family, Steven, John, and all of you who never thought l'd make it, but encouraged me anyway. Cycling 2, 1,'FCA, 4,5, 2,- Ha vigators, I ,- Photograph y Seminan ZKSEC YJ: Swim- ming, 4,4 Biathlon, I JAMES K. LAUGHLIN Ill I'l5fE l Corinth, MS Engr. Management QMSEJ Jake "Pretty Boy" Laughlin was definitely a lady's man. With his colgate smile and all of his clothes, he was definitely one for the women. A true friend to all, and a hard charger by heart, Jake is sure to go tar. Good luck, Jake, and Tiffany is definitely the one!! IYavigators,2, I ,- Protestant Chapel Choin 4: Special Olympics, 2, I CAROLYN FAYE 0'DONNELL BSIEI Groton, MA Political Sci. tlntl. Relationsb When I first met marathon Carolyn l didn't thinkit was possible for a person to be so nice. But, it's for real. The guys all say she'1l make a perfect wife. We've all been vely fortunate to know her and if we were lucky we even got to partake in her "TREATS." She's 1 in a million...JlVlB Ma1athon,2, I IAXCICI: Orienteering, 4 A METIN OKTAY I2 IE I Antalya, Turkey Systems Engineering West Point has been like a long dream with different colors. I will always remember it with mixed emotions. l learned how to deal with life itself here at the Academy and came to the conclusion that "Life is like a Cup ofTea. lt is howyou make it." l will miss all my friends and my lroc-Z. Farewell 3 Elm -Q Q if ' 6-q - Lhqa WILLIAM DALE SMITH G21 E l Temple Terrace, FL Mechanical Engr. fAeroJ "You don'tlike them, so you say. Try them, try them, and you may. Try them and you may, I say!" - Sam I Am from Green Eggs and Ham"...Never heard of him...That's not ex- actly true...We were like brothers." - CMDR Buck Murdock from Airplane ll Ring and Crest Committee, 4,5,' Pis- ,. toI,4,5 Slim I -QT- gq U " l1l,i RONALD A. PARUNGAO E21 E l Conyers, GA Economics Clvlathl "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things."-Philippians 4:8 Domestic Affairs Forum,2 :Ka- rate,4,5,' Havigalors,2, I: Law En- forcement Tactics Club, IiA!ClCj,- SCUSA2 TODDMICHAELTAKANTELLI ltl2lEl Williamsburg, VA Systems Engineering "Don't kill, don't commit adultery, don't steal, don't lie, honoryour father and mother, and love your neighbor as yourself!"--Mat thew 19: 18-Thanksto all mygreat friends...l'll always remember you! "Happy as Hell" and "Go Vikes", GO ARMY SOCCERWBEAT NAVY!lll Y 1 A ,F 4 HopCommittee,-4,5,-5occen4,5,2,I Q1- Q i, - A 71A MATTHEW JAMES REED HZIE l Houston, TX Mechanical Engr. 4AeroJ Mattie brought to Hudson High a Texas flag full of dreams and leaves with dreams of a certain Texas Rose. Although he defected to Squidville for six months, those of us here lucky enough to call Matt a friend will never forget his love of life or the Academy lyeahl. Happy as Hell, Matt SEG. x din est 150lbfoocba1l,4,5,2,1 fin. FQ '.f"'Igl.,iy SOUITALBERTTARDANICO C2lEl Woonsocket, Rl Mechanical Engr. iAerol Nico, Old Man, the old man never failed to bless everyone with his tid bits of wisdom, ranging from tools to fine wine. All those wanting to touch him would be dealt with, one at a time. Big Brothers , 4,'KllK1l'lL9 of Columbus, 4.5, 2: Lacrosse, 4 ADAM MICHAEL YOUNG B5 IE l Woodstock, NH Computer Science Known for movie quotes and bad jokes, Adam managed to keep his friends enter- tained. Always an individual, four years at "The Rock" have taught him the value of teamwork. Thanks iviom, Dad, Fauiie lSi'iFJ, "Hey Peloquin..." , Hicksy, Lance, and LeAnne. Band,4,f Jewish Chapel Chain-4,5,2, I ICOnductol9: Medieval Studies Group,4,5: Mountaineering Club,2, I: Scoutmasters Council,4,5fProg.Din2, 1 KS I2 JOHN ALLEN ZIMMERMAN Ill! E 1 Henderson, NV Mech. Engr. Clvlech. Sys.J "The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots..."- Thomas Jefferson E I in QQ l xl X: I O I P Mike Bernetti turns to his class- mates and displays the silver dollar presented to him as he became the 50,000 USMA graduate. ""' xxxx ' 2 "W Ron Parungao and Darryl Torres provide comments forthe Graduation Week video while attending the Superintendent's Reception. ' 'E N' MQW, Niifhnff we 4' . 53.29 xx 'Nam M, wr 'Wx if 'X-MK? N Q, x Ywh -gf. Mx QNX' KW rf WQNRL iii:-Q, .gig - ' ini! 'ik 'gif W, W W . ..., , COMPANY to 216 2 H Q, JS Q1 im Mxwffw, 3 S sa as 1 as Q Q' -2 11 1 2.1 5.149 5 .. g ww 1, Q 553522 f. :M 5 W - S' S2 M-352 , g wg: E32 422 uf ig wx. . ,,. 51 sfiszzmgfi we TREVOR LYNN HEILMAN D31 F l Irving, TX Life Science "With the blood of an enemy shall the marks be made upon the missile. Say the prayer of firing and curse the target. Point the eye ofthe weapon so that it may see the object of its wrath. When the weapon has eaten the soul of its victim, then shall you take up the next missile." Rouge Trader Special Obfmpicx, 2,' Wargames Com- g L n1ittee,4,.3,2, I ,' Protestant Choin4 DANNY MACK KELLEY II F4lF l MARTHA ALICE HOUSE G21 F l Liberty, TN Literature The best roommate I ever had. Her wild and wacky personality takes on a slightly different meaningif you really get to know her--for she has one ofthe biggest hearts around. I'll never forget ourgood times. yeah, Yeah, YEAH! See ya around, RO. Baptist StudentUnion, 4, 5, 2: Crew, 4: Cycling, .3,' Lacrosse, 4,5p Protestant Choin4 ADAMCHARLESKOCHERAN c2lF1 DONALD SUNG JOHNSON EIIF l Vienna, VA Management "When bad men combine, the good must associate: otherwise they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."--Edmund Burke,Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents Korean American Relations Seminan 5,2 5 rf Q fax sm Ll TREVOR ANTHONY MISHLER G I IF l Knoxville, TN Management rl-IPA, Columbus, OH Russian St' Spanish Michigan City, IN Engr. ManagementflVISEJ Sun Tzu - N there are me traits that are Trevor, aka-LER, thrived on excellence especially ' when it came to beatin the Dean. He lives his 313255 223,582 ii?55?gO!2?sOWaH,Z igieftagg Volleyball Team,-4,512,'Jud0 Team, I life according to his owngstandards, and as such, living can be Captuted, those who are quick earned the respectand admiration ofthose ofus to anger can be shamed: those who are Sgplglageg-liQigiggogggmbmesmas and always puritanical can be disgraced: those who love ' " people can be troubled." Mountaineering Club, 5, 2: Catholic Karate,4,5,2,1,' Rif7e,4,' Law En- E- HE Cham!!! mtramuml5'4'5'2'1 forcementand Tactics CIub,I an ' -. fr . gf, 5., ., , ,., ... , R Q. sssxs. f I N . .Jax-'vm 3562? "Wifi ,.z:.,,,, ::e:2.2-P. 3775, 1 - 3023322534 igiaaetxxfngi ., .,, I 'f.gr::sss.f2g5fgw' F2223 lzvfv -" 'wx ug:-': wg, u FREDERICK MARK STOREY B41 Fl Kirkland, WA Philosophy Thanks to everyone who helped me "get through!" Cooperate and GRADUATE! Espe- cially to Tom A., Bruce F., Scott M., and Jim A.! l'll never forget you! Catholic Choir, Glee Club, and Grouptones took up much of my time, and l don't regret a second ofit! Thanks Al, Tony, lien, Dave, and Wade! Catholic Chapel Choir,4fAf ClC2,5,2fA!ClCj, 1 CAXCIC1: Glee C1ub,5,2, I: Special Olympics,2 BRENT VAUGHT WITHERINGTON l4lFl Hamburg, AR EnvironmentalScience Through the many years of difficult times, Billy Ray managed to prove that a good old country boy from Arkansas really can sur- vive, just like Bocephus said. All the nights at the Firstie Club will not be forgotten. A ,ri -f ssc. TIMOTHY DARNELL WRIGHT G5lFl Gallatin, TN Foreign Area fLatin America? "A man who knows where he is going knows when he gets there"-Dr. Odell McGlothian, Sr. Baptist Student Union,4,5: Contemporary Affairs Seminar,4,5,2,1: FootbalI,4,5,2,' Gospel Choir,-4 .J Jon Shafer shares conversation with BG Foley and family and friends at the Superintendent's Reception during Graduation Week. ACADEMY PHOTO Martha House chats with COL Campbell and family members dur- ing the Superintendent's Reception held during Graduation Week. Christopher RlCCHI'dl poses for a picture with his family during the Superintendent s Reception held dur ing Graduation Week 5 li! Q il fl K S hei k 5 li Y S gl ass PM 'tw 5555557 COMPANY gum I JOHN MICHAEL BAKER F21 G l GrandJunction,CO ManagementiHPAJ Known more for his forgotten wild streak than for military bearing or duty motivation, Bakes was always ready to lose a pizza in the dayroom or sharpen his pencil in the gym. On those few weekends when he could escape the area, he was usually seen getting hazed by the OC iCpt Morganl. 1166 6. E577 .X -- K , a 5,15 xi.. - f . V i was ' TREAVOK BELLANDI I l IG l Gaithersburg, MD Engineering Physics Some are content to settle for less than what life has to offer...not Treavor. Accepting every chal- lenge and never looking back, teaching that the greatest prize is found along the way, not at the end of the journey. Completely selfless, a true friend in all respects-Good luck Sr God Bless. ADDIC. 2, 1: Fellowship of Christian AthIetes.4,5,' Finance Forum,2,' ln- doofhaclt 4.5: Outdoofhaclt 4g Ring and Crest Committee, 2, IgSociety of PhysicsSludenLs,2, I LIL! UL! Q f vi wt. 1 ,.t JOHN WALTER BITTNER I5lG l Willoughby, OH Civil Engineering From the badlands of Ohio strode "Pa" Bittner into the Grey Realm of the Point. He will always be remembered as a true friend to all and a fanatic lover oflife. To me he will always be remembered as family. Although John branched Engineers, he marches to the beat ofthe lPlFAlNlTRYl T.Mathis HL! I-ll-I I-H-I W 1- freestyle Wrestling,5 lt Qmalt SCDTT DANIEL BOYLE G11-I G 1 Nashua, NH Human Factors Psychology Thanks go to Mom and Dad for all your support and to the Hockey Team. l wish you all the best of luck and hope you remember the good times. I'Iockey,4,.5,2, I .. ,L , f as iw CRAIG PETER CUMMINGS D21 G1 Alexandria, VA Political Science CAmer.J This place never really got to Craig. Maybe the five day boondoggles and constantjourneys to see his lovely fiancee had something to do with it. We were amazed at how well he worked the system, impressed by his fashion sense, and inspired by his compassion for others. Vote Cummings in 2005! Truman I N 2- i' - ' FQ'-""'IiI,i, S-Cholar, 2, I ,-CPRC,4,5, 2041 CIO, I IVI7,'CA5, 5, 2 KSECRETARY1, I ,'SCUSA, 2, I I VFI1 Hop, 4 ISecre- falyl, .5,2, I , fChaim1an2,'DAIf 4, 5,2 PATRICK DAVID BUCKLEY Fl IGI Hattiesburg, MS Economics fMathJ From the backwoods ot' Mississippi to CO, Buck led the way infantry style. Four years of lst Regiment gave him a strac haircut and a drive for excellence. Whether he was in the gynl ur studying Econ, Buch gave West Foint all he had. May there be many light blue skies ahead, my friend. Drill Team,4,5IAfCICl,2fA!ClCl,' Hop Committee,4,5,2, I ,Survival Games, 4: SandhurSt,5, I SHAWN LANCE DANIEL C21 G l Shelbyville, KY Civil Engineering Shawn certainly stands out in a crowd - the only Ranger in the Class, the only cadet ever to appear on "The Price is Right," and one of the best First Captains in the Long Gray Line. He stands out more, however, as a hard worker, a tremendous leader, and a loyal friend. Thanks, Shawn. Orientee1ing,4p Skeetand 7l'ap,2, I KENNETHWAYNEBURKMAN IllGl Glen Burnie, MD French S German Young lien brought culture into our lives by increasing our knowledge of the finer things: Samuel Smith Beer, cappuccino, and plaid blazers. Though a glutton for exercise, he knew iiow to relax, whether iounging in birkenstocks or "touring" in his SAAB. We'll remember your good hu- EE ':":' mor and wit. hi-I-I 'lg CycIing,4,5,2, l:I'lonorCommit- 52 Ei tee,2,1 ANTHONY VINCENT DEMASI B51 G l El Paso, TX Geography QMCSYGD Anthony's biggest feat was "endangering the lives of the entire 5rd Regt," Most ofthe time he did not have too much fun here rest of the time he had NO fun at all. Anthony found Heidi cow year wives were determined by class would have never 07 O5 Q U.. O cn cn 4 4 O u.: I I- 551 U 1 ANTHONY SHANE HALE Gil-IG l Woodbridge, VA Political Science tAmer.i Viri, Veni, Viqi. A blunt, but caring person, Tony would land has!J given you the shirt off his back and the money in his wallet. He came to West Point full of dreams and ideas, but received a heavy dose of reaiity instead iaka Gen. Bramletti. Good Luck and Carpe Diem! Area Birds Rally!!! God 's Gang, 5: Wargames Commit- tee, 4,5, 2, I ,'JudO,5 LUKE ANTHONY IHDE Illl G 1 Flower Mound, TX Systems Engineering "Don't walk when you can ride. Don't ride when you can fly." Swimming,4,5,2g Water Polo,4,5,2,1 RICHARD CHARLES HILL F2l G l Philadelphia, PA History tlvlilitaryi B.C., his feats were many, his exploits endless and his thirst legendary! He often sought development through conversation with the OC and the Man. Rich was well known for dropping eibows and smart a- comments. His mouth started many brawls, but his bloodi- est battles were with the Math Dept. LAURI ELIZABETHJOHNSON H5lGl Conyers, GA Philosophy Lauri has had her share ofstruggles as a cadet. She was the first in our class to receive a first class board. Academics were not her strong point either. However, she is asurvivor so she threw her hat up with the rest of us. She thanks her mom and so do we...great cruises! Big Sisters, 11-,5,' Crew, 2: Mountain- eering Club, 2, I: Portuguese Club, 5: Philosophy Seminan 21 VlCE-PRESl- DENTL' SCUSA, .51 Tennis, 4: WKDT,4, 5 CHRISTOPHERLYNN HOPKINS E41 G1 Ogden, UT Computer Science "Who the heck lives in Utah?" l thank Liod for all ofthe things! have learned and done here and the great friends l have made, l will miss you all. Thanks to everyone who helped me survive Beastiiihipi, piiysicsmii, and coin- Phil 4:15 GO GREEKSI lAll Aboard! - the Conductori puter science. ,MX X X-il' Bowling Team,2, I: Big Brothers its ' ,4,3,2, I g lYavigators,4,5,2, IIA! xl 'N 0 CIC? a 1 g? MICHAEL T. KENNY D41 G l Forked River, NJ Systems Engineering Mike is a true warrior in every sense. Whether he's in the classroom or in the boxing ring, he always seems to be fighting. He had some draws, some wins, and even some knock- outs, but Mike never quit. Sandhurst 4,5,2, I GEORGE MICHAEL LOPEZ I5l G l Bolingbrook, IL Systems Engineering Although lacking in stars and wreaths, George was never short on good laughs and good friends. Always sincere and true, George spoke exactly what was on his mind and was nevera hard man to understand. l'le will make his country proud in the Queen of Battle! -JB Glee Club,5 y OfHcer's Christian FeIIowship,2, I gProtestantChapel Choin4 THOMAS DIAZ LOPEZ D31 G l Kewanee, IL EngineeringManagementlMSEJ Coffee in one hand, a brush in the other, a "GQ" Filipino-boy, that's our Tommy "CxUlNlS" Lopez, For a guy who was continually broke, he always found a way to spend his money. When not working a dance floor, he was enjoying a draught at Jekyll and l'lyde's Beer Emporium. Atrue friend!- Always! UI-I LILJ nu.: gl A 1501bFootbaII,4 mx 'ibn ' :: 11 vs: PHILIP MARSHALL MANDRY A4lGl Montclair, NJ American Legal System It's been a long ride and it's time to go home. MOM and DAD: Without your love and sup- port, nothing would have kept me here. Your continuous support in my lacrosse career was gratefully appreciated. Thanks and l love you! Lacrosse, 4, 5,2, I IVIICHAELJOHNTORKEANO l'I2lGl lron Mountain, Ml Systems Engineering Webster defines "crazy" as "departing from proportion or moderation." Anyone that knows Sticky can testify that this falls way short of labeling his personality. His ability to iive on the edge land often over iti made life at the Point more worth living. See you in hell, Mick.., danny d. Big Brothers ,4,5, 2, I: Special Olym- pics, 4,5, 2, I ,f Squash Team, 51 As- tronomyClub,5 ll t do iiii N ,P i 5.5-.l M fr' li' -I . .. lla? DAKKYLJEROMETOKRES G5lGl Medford, NY Economics lMathl Straight out from "the island," Darryl landed on West Points doorstep with all the tools of a successful cadet: a keen sense of humor, motiva- tion, and ability to rack for long periods. The provider of several dates for his Company-mates. Toe-Raises was a friend of many. Dnven to new heights in powerlifting academics, leave, and Brigade Staff, Darryl setthe pace -' , in all that he did, -713 Class Committee,4,5,2, I,'Band,4,5: Powe11ifting,4,5,2,I.'Ring8rCreSt,5,2: ' A' scusA2,'speci.a1o1ympics,4,5,2,1 '-.Nrdni mmm Wag "Pia PATRICIA LEE WESTBROOK CII G l Grasonville, MD Political Science lIntl.i Although she was the youngest in the Com- pany, Patty was more like a big sister. She was caring enough to be a patient listener, but four years of First Regiment made her strac enough to demand perfection from herself. Maybe that's why she was always attracted to in- fantrymen! Best of luck! Team Handball, 4,5, 2, I fCOCAf'I'AIPl1,' SCU5A,2, I ICIO: Officers Chnstian Fel- lowship, 2, 1 Wu, 1 ,X Darryl Torres and his parents take time out to pose for a picture at the Superintendent's Reception held dur- ing Graduation Week. -173 0 g cfcff 26 on cle. COMPANY sm Ak.-A 'ff'-ff" V .'5Q.s5':Q1 'nfqif 1: s-of if, gifs 1'-1 "3 .eff . A . . f -xg 1.532 Ord, CA is a known him sinc to amaze us. We have watched him transform from one of the most aggresive, ballhawking, scorers in the game into a big- h. We love him like a brother. MAH is my nines!" MAKE IT RUFF! no other. he has never failed Football, 4,1 2, I "' 2 hive ' RJ? 'l1'l0MASLAWRENCEAlLlNGERB4lIil West Point, NY Physics 4AstrophysicsD "To those who fight for it, life has a meaning the protected will never know." To those who didn't know him, Tom was quiet and polite. But, to his friends, his sharp wit and biting, subtle humor were things to remember. Despite his sarcastic nature, Tom was a true and valuable friend. LETC, I : Catholic Rep,.5, 2, I :il-sv'-Q'-4 -,.'f":f 4 :,.L.i. AA.1Z'3ix 'R .x DARRENMICHAEL BARKER Dil-IH l Grayland, WA Aerospace Engineering "They don't make no seat belt for the mind, so I can't fasten up for this ride." ilvluiri First the Dukes then the Hawgs, what a ride it has been. Classes got harder, but grades went up. Firstie year, met Cherri, fell in Love, getting Married!! U Big Brothers ,5,2: Scoutmasters '55 'f 3 CounciI,5,2,- Band,4,'American ln' """" ' stitute offleronauticsmstronautics, I JEFFREY DEREK BLANEY E5lHl Fayetteville, GA Foreign Area tSoviet Unioni When Jeff wasn't battling the Dean or on leave with Emma, the South's favorite son was giving plebes hell, babblingin Russian, or nursing a cold one. Motivated and strac, the signal corps will benefit from the compe- tence of JB, "lt's not the machine, it's the operator." best o'luck. Mule Riders, 4, 5, 2: Russian, 4, 5, 2, I p Scoutmasters Council, 4 MICHAEL HYUN CHOI E41 H 1 Wisconsin Rapids, WI Management Mr. "GQ's" driving skills were a wonder and legend in H-1. Being the TAC's Pettpeavel, Mike could always speak his mind in intelli- gent conversation. And speak, And speak. He was never short on friends and we look forward to his future suc- cess as an officer. If it flies, it dies! Karate,4,' Korean American Rela- tions Semina1c4,5,2, I I 1 , .alll N 'L ,XS N iffy' g g E DARRION LAVOY BOWERS I4l H 1 Salt Lake City, UT Math Sciences To the most sincere guy among us. There is a lucky woman out there who will inherit the care and trust he has given us. We will always remem- ber him as atrue fnend. Zero tolerance, from the .--,.....,.-.....,..,,.........,.....-,- nf. ,An 1-nANf-lAv-A 4--an llldll wi IU IICVCI swccuoi UUtBPCGULl O, hblb LattenDaySaints Studenmssociation, comes D.B.l 4,5,2,l KVPI KURTPATRICKOONNELL Glllfll Charlottesville, IN Engr. Management KMSEJ "Think as I think," said a man "Or you aborninably wicked, you are a toad," after I had thought of it I said, "I will, then a toad." Unknown JOHN JOSEPH CASISA I2l H I Staten Island, NY Geography CPhysicall fii'II never let academics ruin my education H" If you ever need to lower your stress level, just visit 'Cease' He is a great friend and his care-free attitude will be missed in these gray walls "Hard work never killed anyone but why take the chance ?" M ANN CURTIS D31 H l City Q AD EITC HP C311 lives meets. She is the most loyal, caring, honest and GENUINE friend a person could hope for. she of everyone V X.: O X - 4 54 ml i " A jf! Basketball,4,' Big Sisters,4,5: Cy- f cling,4: VoIleyball,5,2 I be 4 RICHARD W, DAROUSE III GSIH I Hammond, LA Political Science tAmer.l Rick isjust a "good-ole boy" from the bayou of Louisiana. He brought his Mardi Gras style attitude to West Point and had great success in having a good time and meeting many good friends from back home. Huntingand Fishing CIub,4,5,2, I,- il DomesticAffairs Forum,5, 2, I -L 4, n . MICHAEL P. GALLAGHER H51 H l Wheaton, lL Mechanical Engr. CAutol Mike'stime here can be summed up in one word: HOOAH! MECH taught him a lot, but not how to quit. Whether battling the dean or blazing past the sewer plant he always gave 100010. Seeing fireworks made him better. A great friend to all who knew him, he will succeed in all he does. ESSAYONSl HI-I IJLJ Class,2,1,- Mountaineering, 4,51 Orienteering, 5: American Military Engineers, I : Special Olympics, 4,5,2, I,- Tactics, 4,5 l JAMES ROBESON DAVIS B2lH l Leavenworth, KS Mechanical Engr. CAutol Rob didn't allow auto to stop his academic success. He lived his cadet experience for his branch and now that he's pinned it on, he'll never take it off. A true friend to those who knew him, he will makeagreat officer. FORGE THE THUNDERBOLT! DHI! Team,4,5,2 A lib v -'lk fa Llrbsliltgs s' Q' KENNETH REESE HATHAWAY EZLIH 1 Baytown, TX Mathematical Sciences "Winners never quit, and quiters never win." Thanks to my girlfriend. family, and friends, I was able to endure the stresses of West Point and graduate. They all contributed greatly to my success and many happy memories, Thanks y'all. GO-BIG-GUNSl!!!!ll! FootbalI,4..3,2, 1 SELINA KAY DEVINEY C21 H l Bay City, TX Economics tMathl Selina is the best friend anyone could ask for, She always puts her friends before her own needs. She loves to dance, to play soccer, Sr most ofall she loves her soon to be husband, Steve. What a pair! A real family girl who loves living in Texas. The last true ,, - .., ll brown eyed girl . gig KB N Ringand Crestfjommittee, 4,5, 2, 1: SoCcer,4,5, 2, I WILLIAM BRADLEY HOLDEN I4lHl Rest, VA Engr. Management QMSEJ What can be said about Ho-Ho that would coveritall! The eternal Breezer, the man who has loved and lost faster than you can say BOOCHACHACALA more times than you can imagine, but he still keeps on trying. It kinda makes you feel for the ladies, What a heart- break! JASON ALAN HOWE C21 H l Chesterton, IN Foreign Area 4Latin Amer.i Jas' calm, cool and collect attitude proved he was an aviator at heart. His antics and prac- tical jokes clearly distinguished him within the company and his shadiness will do him good in the hot Alabama sun. He will be held as a close and loyal friend, forever. ADDlC,2,l, Catholic Chapel Choir,-4-,5,2,'FlyingClub,4,5,2 DAVID BRIAN IVICCARSON E l lI'I l Thomasville, NC Computer Science Dave was H-l 's resident CS god. Although much ofhis time was spentgettingthe gazillion or so designs he had to do, he always had time for his friends. He will be remembered for his easy-going nature, selflessness, and dry sense of humor. Go Signal! LETC,l,' IEEE, I: Staff and Ush- ers,4,5, 2 IKE WHAN KIM JR D5lI'I I Brooklyn, NY Political Science llntl.l Although not quite the Al Unser Jr. at driving, Ike was a true friend. Through the rough times lke's persistence helped him and the rest of us get through here with our heads held high. Thanks and best wishes in your future. Fen cing, 5,- Karate, 2: Korean American Relations Semi' nan 4.5.2, I ,' Officers Christian Fel- lowship, I: Cadet Chapel Ush- ers,4,5,2, 1 ANDREWJAMES MUENCH lllfl l Cincinati, OH Mechanical Engr. lAeroJ Who could ever forget Billy B.A.? Helping tutor, counsel, and calm, his year of "real college life" brought us a lot of experience and even more funny stories to get us through the rough times. Times changed, but Andy didn't. ln the end, he was always there for us. Starman at last! QGJKJ SHARA LYNN KISTNER F41 I1 l Jefferson, SD Life Science From a small town in South Dakota, Pop. 592, with a heart made of gold, she is a friend to all, selfless through and through. Although a Root Hawg at heart, much time was spent in A-25, with Chris, the man she will soon many. Basketball, 4-IMAHA GERJ, 5K MANAGER 2 JEREMY PETER NATHAN B41 I1 l Oak Park, lL Modern History lntl.!STRAT Jeremy showed up for Beast a day early and hasn't letupsince. His masked cnusaderincident and co-writing the 100th Night Show typify how he laughs in the face of danger. His selflessness was unequalled-the infantry gains one of our finest, Que C'era C'era, Jeremy-Fortuna Favet Fortes. Jewish Choin 4, 5, 2, I ,'Of1enteering, 4, 5, 2,-IM Boxing 5, 2, I ICAPTAIHL' 5andhurst,5, l ,' 100th IYQHISHOW, I MATTHEW TODD NILSON A l I H l Hartford, Ml Mechanical Engr. 4AeroJ "Life is hard, but it is harder when you are stupid." MARCO VINICIO KOSITO D2 I H l Topeka, KS Portuguese 8: Spanish Everything is whatever you make it to be. Gymnastics,4,.'5,2, I LEUMAS JAHDUNAMIS SIVIITH E2ll'l l Yuma, AZ American Legal System Root Hawg or DIE!! WKDT,4,5,2, 1 STEPHEN ASHLEY WEBB A l IH l Kettering, OH Political Science CAmer.l Ashley always had a question. First he wanted to know how to get out ofthe l-lot Box, then he wondered if his 40 club membership would ever run out. As a yuk he tried to find cheap pizza. Somewhere between Airborne and Buckner ll he found Emily and God, He's never been the same since! Class,4,5,2, I p Lacrosse,4,' OCF, ,- 2, I: Protestant Sunday School E2 Teachers, 2, 1, ski Club, 4,5, 2,- ski 6, l,l"'H,0m Patrol,5,2g Tactics CIub,5,2,- Ca- -' sl det Chapel UsherS,4,5,2, I K CIC 2 Diplomas raised high, members of the Class of 1995 celebrate their ac- complishment. A -vm Jeremy Nathan escorts family mem- bers to the Class of 1995 Graduation Banquet in the Cadet Mess Hall. l , all J! ,, , in Lad M ae. COMPANY BOBBY JOHN BAKER A'5lI l Hazelwood, MO Electncal Engr. lComputer Engr.l First things first: Bobo loves Vassar women! He showed us the hard work of St. Louis soccer, but lacked the hard hat ethic. Bobo has now internalized this conduct! Wise words: keep your sister close, when Bobo's on the post. Hey dude theres a subway-l used to work there! Long live the Vassar moment! Soccer,4,5,2, I gc T- . sw Q. 'ig' SCOTT THOMAS BEALL B I I I l Mentor, OH Engr. Management QMSEJ Scott, a.k.a. Calvin, wasalways a pleasantsoul at the Academy. He could often be found either working hard to implement the new CLDS system which was near and dear to his heart, in the weight room or working hard in TH544. Scott's defined hair part got him out of many a speeding ticket. Marathon,4,5,2, I ti L .Nw R l ,,f 1' WENDY ANNE BLOUNT I2l I l Lewisville , NC Computer Science Wendy- Would say ANYTHING!-A blast to go out with-An inspiration to the soccer team- When l remember the good times Csinging,dancing, "Strokin,"' Who is Crystal8rC1ayle?J-l'll never stop laughing!-and- to all the men she's loved before-l know she can't wait for her "big re- union" June l2!! Hop,-41 Soccer, 4,5,2, If Team Handball, 4: Theatre Arts Guild, 4,- Alpine Ski Team,5,2KCAPTAlIYl JOHN JOSEPH BONIN Clllll Burrillville, Rl Political Science tlntl.J "ln war there is no second prize for the runner-up."- Bradley. The friends and memo- ries will last forever. l will remain simply THE BONE to ali. fri SC USA,2,' Special Obfmpics,2 JEFFREY MICHAEL ERICKSON Illlll Renton, WA Computer Science When you think oftleff, three things come to mind: tall, hairy, and computer science ma- jor. You could always count on finding this Sasquatch either physically attached to his computer or roaming the halls with a bag of Tostitos in one hand muttering something about a late project. ,- Scoutmasters Council, 4, 5g Special 'X 'W' ogfmpies,-4,2rAfc1c1 x mes Q - . .' CIIAKLESRUSSELLDENIAKDNOGIIII Miramar, FL Civil Engineering lf The Love Muss wasn't leading the Rugby team to victory, he was working at his com- puter until well after TAPS. He was the only guy I knew who would wake up and curse his major with all the fury ofa heiifbounci demon- then defend it with equal vigor in the next breath. A friend till the end. Football,-'lf Rugby,.5, 2, IITREA- SURERL' Fine Arts Guild, 2 THOMAS MICHAEL GILLERAN F2lll Ann Arbor, Ml Management QHPA7 Volleyball, or shooting pool, orat the movies, with a constant stream of Pink Floyd in the background...and never with the Dean. On academics:"Hard work never killed anyone, but why risk it?" - Shine on you crazy dia- mond. W 6 Q ADDlc,2, if wKDT,2, 1 Q A JJ: - JON RILEY DUKANT Eli-I I l Oklahoma City, OK Mech. Engr. iMech. Sys.l The only Mech major in the company, Riley was skilled in the last minute pullout, A master of useless movie trivia, he could al- ways be counted on for an obscure line at an opportune moment, To those of you who helped me with my 2 1 st birthday at the Firstie Club, thanks. UO tSlLi GUNS!! wkDm,2, 1 ABEL JAKAMILLO F5111 Las Cruces, NM Chemistry For with God nothing shall be impossible.- Luke 1:57 Dom esticflffairs F orum. 5: Catholic Cadet Catechi.sts,5,2: lYavigators,5,2, I ,- Portuguese Club, I KFRESIDEIYTL' The- atre Arts Guild,4, 5,2 19 ' 'Q si-2 'S' ,Y 4-r Qi 3 0 .gm .1 42232 IJORRAINEIVIAURINEIVIILUTIN Flfl I Dagsboro, DE Spanish Sr German Lorraine's love of life and dedicated friend- ship have inspired and encouraged us during grey times. She is mature beyond her years, strong of heart, and easyfgoing. "Nothing splendid was achieved except fn by those who believed that something inside them was su- perior to circumstances." Tennis,4,5, 2, I KCAPTAIN2 JOHN EDMOND PIKOG Fl ll l Ballston Spa, NY History tMilitaryl 'Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." John will be well remembered for his actions on the football field and his love of military history. A fierce competitor in every sense of the word, John always gave everything he had. Thanks for your friend- ship and the 25-24 win over Navy! Football, 4,5,2, 11 Tunnel Rats, 2, I DANIEL WILLIAM MOORE Staten island, HY Civil Engineering Dano, aka the dolphin, led a very busy life as a cadet. He could always be heard expound- ing on the virtues of his or how much he favored the changes emy. ifin NYC and in n look for asholt, bald, stocky, the are he'll be to Dan. NIJ I-ILJ ' ' ua ' CivilandMilita1yEngineeringClub,2: H W CadetPubIicRelationsCouncH,5,2, I -- Mm -Q IS 7-"9"--'S-S his sense bu he will well for himself and be an the Army. Good JOSE ANTONIO KOJAS G51 I l Bayamon, PR Electrical Engr. iComputerEngr.l l am you master, you will submit to all of my wishes. l hate you capatalist pigs and I spit on your mother's grave! badges? We don't need no stinking badges! Banditos, 4,5,2, I. KICHARDAUGUSTSIUIIRKEJR Ellll Wilmington, DE Management CHPAJ O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done-Walt Whitman No road's without its stone, No road's without its pain. With aworld that's off its tack, we need MP's to walk the track. STEPHANIE HELEN ROWAND A3lIl Grand Blanc, Ml individual Psychology Stephanie was a kind person who liked to talk to her friends more than she liked working on her school work. She would like to leave one final thought: "Always shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you'll still be among the stars." B58rL 56I71ifI3l12,' Swimming, 4 THANE JOSEPH SYVERSON B311 l Kendrick, ID Civil Engineering "Thane" reminds me of Idaho, design prob- lems, country music, boxing, nice trucks and the best of true friends. I have met no one more considerate-thanks forthat 5-hour Mil Art proofreading. 1 wish you well - the true Airborne will never fail!!! Good luck and it's time to go do your home- ... up work!!! DAVID BRENT STOUFFEK Dllfll I Etters, PA Electrical Engr. CComputer Engr.! "A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission," A true warrior with an unconquer- able spirit, Dave will be remembered for his pure heart, his wisdom, and his relentless pursuitofexcellence. Thanks for keepinglife exciting, and always being there for your friends. Rugby, 4,5, 2, l,- Tunnel Rats, 2, I JEFFEKY BRUCE THOMPSON G-fill l Beaverton, OR Political Science tlntl.J Jeff ran a race at West Point, and he won. tie actually made it to graduation with hair still on his head. Although he occaisionally looked like a white Somalian, Jeff's experiences with wrestlingwill be cherished forever. Even with this seasonal frailness, Jeff still baked a lot of buns. Wrestling, 4,5,2, I: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 4, 5,2, I SARANYU VIKIYAVEJAKUL C411 l BANGKCK, THAILAND Civil Sc Nuclearlingr. Chinese Club, 4,5, 2, lg Civil and Military Engineering Club, 4,5,2, 1 p Drill Team,4,5,' Ring and Crest Commit- tee, 4, 5, 2: Society of Physics Students, 4,.5, 2, 1 :Special Olympics, Z, if Phi Kappa Phi, 2, i uh! I-ll-I Congratulations and a diploma are received from President Clinton by Jose Rojas. wifi' Tex Lorenzetti and other classmates look for family and friends in the crowd at Michie Stadium prior to Graduation. SHELLEY RODRIGO, EDITOR 486 wk SECOND REGINIENT .,:,,.M,4,,.., me auf., 'BMW mm, w . '1i 5,1 ii ww W --.1 n 487 mfowvo . COMPANY 'IHOMASLEOWILLIAMAIELLO I'l2lA2 Huntsville, AL Engr Mngt KMSEJ Humble, yet unassuming, Tom was known as a diligent and hard worker. Tom's sense of humor, although at times difficult to under- stand, was certainly contagious. ln a time of need, you could always count on a smile. HAPPYAS HELL! St' GOTELLTHESPARTANS! Ca1J1OhbCadetCafed1iStS 4,5,2fClO, I 5 'f':' 'I - Catholic Squad,5,2, 1 p FootbaII,4 Liu ' I -- mont TRICIA ELIZABETH BLAKE E3lA2 Kingston, JAMAICA Mech Engr UFIFTY PERCENT MAN". I wish THIS ACAD- EMY wAs ON AN ISLAND IN THE CARIBBEAN OR MAYBE JUST soMEwHERE A LITTLE WARMER! Big Sisters, 4,.5,2, I ,- Navigators,2, I: Protestant Chapel Choir, 4,51 Sport Parachute Team, 4,5, 2 , Tvfw-s?1a ss.Qmers:R-E LINCOLN RYAN CARROLL C llA2 Chattanooga, TN Economics qlvlathb "So ifyou're taking chances, know the chance you take...Foolish ways will make fools ofthe wise, and the best things seldom come along twice." I couldnt have made it through here by myself. l owe it all to God,mom,mybaby brother, Bo, and my great ,N friends. Thank you all. A Big Brothers ,4,5: Finance Fo- rum, I: iYavigators,4,5,2, 1: Scuba 'f'?5 'rf ... 3 TAG!! 's .sf H ,fgzffz Q. --rraxgfi-'iw' -9+ - 'fissgfsf 5222 222: Club, 2: SC USA, 2: Rugby,4,J, 2, I: A 6555552255 'J' DAKREN JOHN CHIAPPINELLIE l lA2 Bedford, NY Life Science Darren is a great friend. He has an apprecia- tion for football, and American cars. I will neverforgetour adventures, leastofall plebe year dammit.-"Read your fate, see what is before you, and walk on into futurity." - Henery David Thoreau 'J il Ski lnstructOr,4,5,2, I DAVID ERNESTCOVOLESKY E5lA2 West Deptford, NJ Engr Mngt UVISEJ Covo, never one to say no to the Rock! The man fueled by coffee and strong emotions, he was affectionately known as Mr. Abrasive. His longjourney to get here has earned him many awards and wings. Always willing to have a good time he was only deterred by his 100+ hours. We'll always remember! ADDlC,4,2: Ring and Crest Com- mittee,4,5, 2, I ,' Rugby, 4,5,' Scuba CIub,2, I: Scuba Inslructoli 2, I KA! CIC? EDDIE OMAK CLAY A5lA2 Yorba Linda, CA Engr Mngt QMSED Eddie enjoyed the finer things in life: song and dance lin his own wayi, sleeping, eating, and other activities that succeeded in draw- ing his attention away from beloved West Point, Known as Eddie, Omar, or "freak of nature," Eddie will be remembered most for his enjoyable eccentricity. Basketballj DAVID HEIVIINGWAY CUKL A5lA2 Wappingers Falls, NY Poly Sci llntlj Dave didn't stop smiling despite having a modest attitude. I-le tried to bring a little happiness to every grey day. When things got out of this world, Curlyman's off-beat com- ments would always bring things back to earth. Honor Committee,2, I: Naviga- tors,4,5,2, If Protestant Chapel Chain 4: Sailing Team,5 CHARLES RICHARD COE G4lA2 Dunwoody, QA History lfluropei "Not believing in force is the same as not believing in gravity." -Leon Trotsky Phi Alpha Theta,2, 1 IPRESJ if ,Q rg? 61 J " I5l.,i .DELOSSANIOSIIIIAZ Charlotte, NC Engineering Physics "One love, one blood, one life, you got to do what you should. One life with each other: Sisters: Brothers. One life, but we're not the same: We get to carry each other, Carry each other. One. One." -U2, "One." "Dojustice, love mercy, and live humbly with the Lord God." --Micah 6.8 Ban d, 4, 5,2, I KTREAS URERL' Na vi- gators, 4,5, 2, I ,- OCR 2, 1 ,- Theatre f Arts Guild,4,5, 2, I ,' One Hundredlh Nigl1tShow, 1 IAXCICI PATRICKIVICNALLY DOWNES I5lA2 Ridgewood, NJ Systems Engineering Downsie,never one to say no to the Rock! Although he did not drill much,he was famil- iar with the Plain. Rugby provided him with the violent outlet he needed. His silliness, trips to BC, family and friends at home helped him keep his sanity, barely. We'll remember you forever,NOW you can be in charge! Rugby, 4, 5, 2, 1 KCAITAIPII PAUL RAYMOND FLOOD E51 A2 Danville, CA Mngt Studies KHPAJ There is a road, no simple highway Between the dawn and the dark of night And if you go, no one may follow That path is for your steps alone Kirateful Deadl Rifle, 4 5 ri H fir. fa -I JAMES KEITH DUNIVAN FSI A2 Cash, AR American Legal System "l have learned that success is to be mea- sured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed." - B.T. Washington. JD was never accused of being a genius but his desire, friends, family, and "blue eyes" got him through. Debate Tearn,l,' WKDT,5,2,l,f Sandhurst,2, I lCAFl'AIlYJ ililni I -1' .A qi v. .ad EUGENIA K. GUILIVIARTIN GZIA2 POOleSville, MD Poly Sci flntll Please continue eating..."We can do no great things-only small things with great love." Cxingee certainly did a lot of small things with great love, but we won't be surprised when she does some great things, too, Dedicated, hard working, and a great friend and role model. Drink water! Debate4,5,2, I KCO-CAPTJ: Ma1garetCorbinSeminar,2, HA! CICQ: Special Olympics, 4, 5,2 SiX'J'l'I'MICHAELHI'KiERALD D4lA2 Wheaton, lL Military Art Sr Science Known around the Corps for hisjovial laugh, Fitz always found humor in the worst and made a conscious effort to cast cheer on the gloom. While appreciating that "an hour of rack is an hour away from West Point", Scott is truly looking foward to getting out into the Army. French Club, 5,-Survival, 4, 5: WKDI 2, I ERIC RICHARD HADLOCK B I l A2 Painted Post, HY Mngt Studies QHPAJ Hads, never one to say no to the rock, willing to go for the easy major and pass when the easy shot was there. Stoic, Hard, Dedicated, a boy from the start an infantryman now, and a great friend we'll never forget. Lacrosse, 4,5 MATIHEWJASON EIIA2 Palmerton, FA Mech Engr qAutoj Harley is a loyal friend who is always up for an adventure. He appreciates the simple things in life: fast cars, football, the out- doors, and Italian food. A real apple pie and Chevrolet guy. Matt has a true zest for life and a great ardor for everything, right with America. Shine on dammit! FEKNANDO DUMLAGMIGUEL DllA2 Port Jefferson Station, NY Civil Engr Nando, the Master of the Hopeless Situation, has gone from carving himself to being the only Firstie we know who misses plebe year. Gave up his stick after two years for an HP- 28S. Learned to seek and take responsibility for his actions, but remembers, don 't put the reservations in your NAME! Lacrosse, 4,5,' Ring and Crest Committee, 4,5 DHANIAJOUITAHUNT B4-lA2 Houston, TX Mathematical Sciences "Forl know the plans l have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."-Jeremiah 29:1 l Debate Team,1p Chinese ni Club,5: Big Sisters.4,5,2,l: ig Baptist Student Union,-4,.5,2, I ICHAIRMAIYJf HopCom- mittee,4,5,2, I:Rabb1eRousens,4,5,2 DONOV Deridder, LA "THE ROAD TO SKULLS OF THE WEAK FALTER AND YOU SHALL PERISHJ' After being shot plebe Donny had a rather smooth fouryears. you JP, ROB, STEVE, CROM, WEEDS ADAM because they made it all worth SQUAT DEEP! OYYYY BROTH ERS!!! 'ff' Powerlifting,2,lgSlrength Team, I: f """' l FootbaIl,4,5,2gADDIC,2,I m Ht .fi F.-LQ'-.352 JEFFREY CLIIYFGNJOHNSON F2lA2 Huntingdon, PA Computer Science QMSCJ "Everybody who is Somebody was once No- body." WC 'Once always JOHN NICHOLAS PISTONE D5lA2 Los Alamos, NM Mech Engr tAerol Pie-stone, never one to say no to the rock, should have picked another major! Wished he was smarter so he didn't have to study. He liked girls a lot, seriously! John kept a killer pace at the Academy through running, cy- cling, skiing, and the weekends. Always remember...PlEVER say NEVER! Class Commiltee,4,5,2, I: Cy- cIing,2,l,- Marathon,4,5,- Ski Club,5,2,' Ski lnstructor,5, 2, 1 STEPHEN BRENT ROYALL H4lA2 Louisville, RY General Mngt There's no sense in wasting this space on some lousy quote when l can use it to thank all those who mean so much to me and helped me get through W.P. Specifically, I want to thank Mom, Dad, Michelle, Melinda, Cam, and Johnny T. Cadet Band, 4,5,Z: Cycling Team,4 CHRISTOPHER S. PREVO I3lA2 Red Oak, TX Engr Mngt CMSEJ "lt was the best of times. It was the worst of times. lt was the times that tried men's souls." That pretty much sums up my "West Point Experience." To all Polar Bears of '90 Sr '91 and Spartans of '92 Sr '95, it's been great and hopefully we'll meet again some- time. Auf wiedersehn. Catholic Cadet Catechists,2, I ,- Handball, 4, 5, 2 JAMES IVICHUGH SHERIDAN G4lA2 South Pasadena, CA Mech Engr tAutob Riding the edge of life's sharp blade, Jim neverwalked away from a challenge. Whether it was studying Mech., mooching rides. orjust being a good friend, Jim will always be re- membered for his high-spirited intensity! Go Tell the Spartans! Football,-4 IRVING STINSON ROGERS III Cf!-l A2 WEYMOUTH, MA Engr Mngr CMSEJ "Great victories are gained by great risks." Thank you Mom Sr Dad, Alena, and all my friends for pushing me through this place. l love you all. To Keith and Pat, the best friends lever had or ever will have, this 0ne's foryou. Good luck '95. Lacrosse, 4 MICHAEL ANDREW SMIT D I l A2 Wheat Ridge, CO Environmental Engr You could always count on BIG SMITTY to brighten your day. His witty and sarcastic sense of humor was only exceeded by his love of WP. A great friend, Smitty was always willing to go to the firstie club, go to Jim's house,orgo South. Friends forever-little Rizzy. First to Fire!! xg , ,f 6 I50Ib F00tball,.3 I i wh, 3 g, st- ., iwwqi. M , mi yy - X KE? Q y 1: :Q-' ff f 'E' f rr O.LOHd AWHGVDV ,. inns .. 45? 4 Ili , e Q 21 At the Superintendent's Gradua- tion Week Reception, Gingee Ciuilmartin observes the festivities. At the Superintendenfs Awards Review, General Graves presents an award to Com pany A2. 57.4, N Q ttii at 2 is lla! 96. COMPANY -W H! my , H i nw vita it 1 'aff V X --Q " x ff? N- 1 ' Q BRENT WILLIAM ALEXANDER I5lB2 Shelby, Ml Political Science llntll I 50Ib FootbaII,475y Domestic Affaiis Forum, 4, 5, 2, I ,- Big Brothers,4,5g Finance Forum, 2, I K" 1 DONALD RAY CATHCART GllB2 San Jose, CA Computer Science Shay, Mom, Dad, and Brian, l would like to thank you for all of your support and under- standing during the last four years. As l leave my Rockbound Highland Home, l look for- ward to not only a successful military career but also a won- derful, happy marriage. Wargames Committee, 4, 5,2, I ICICI: StaffandUshers,4,5:ProteslantChapeI Sun day School Teach ers, 4: Scoutmas- ters Council, 4,.5, 2, I UL' " X ROBERT JAY ELLS F4-IBZ Olympia, WA FAS ihatin Americal A great friend of mine once said, "Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal." Fortunately none of my obstacles were life threatening and I will leave this place with the Class of 1995. To all the guys on the team remember one thought "BLUE SKIES, NO WlPlD!!l' 552' 'ffl' Spon Parachute Team,4,5,2!Af -LL. I CICI, I KAXCICI DOUGLASNORMANFEKRELJR E4IB2 Blue River, W1 Literature Studies As B-2's only Lit., Doug left his mark here as the drummer for the grungefhard rock band Vocal Minority. After "Going Naked" in E-4 for two years, he migrated to Ciub B-2 where he succeeded the presidency ofthe 62 riairCiub For Men-f definitely not leading a life of "quiet desperation." Hop B.ands,2, I p Rifle,-4-,.5p Poetry! Writing Seminar, 4, 5: LETC, I S'I'EPHH'lIlVlICHAELGE0RGIAN IIIB2 Monterey Park, CA Mech Engr CAeroJ Steve was the best friend aguy could have. No matter how busy he was. he always made time for his friends. His meticulous, generous, trusting nature was a blessing and his care- free antics made getting through each day all that much easier. Too bad the Amay will never know him. 1. V H XX DAVID GARY FIVECOAT F I lB2 Delaware, OH History fMilitaryJ "All times I have enjoyedffjreatly, have suf- fered greatly, both with those!That loved me, and alone Yet all experience is an arch where through fC1leams that untraveled world whose margin fadesf'Forever and forever..." - Alfred, Lord Tennyson Scoutmasteis Council,4 GRANT SIDAN GEYEK F2152 Staten Island, NY Computer Science if a faithful friend is the medicine of life, I came here as a sich man and left cured and in love. Amit, Ron, JT, Rider, Jeff, Marshal! - thank you for the cure... Jeanne, thank you for the love. Fencing,4,5,2: Jewish Chapel Choin-'4,5,2 JASON TYLER GARKEY C I lB2 Eureka, IL Mngt Studies QHPA7 The quintessential all American boy, Gark never lacked huahness. Whether partying, competing, studying, hanging out or taking one for the team, he always possessed the ....:..u Ac uv. ..r,.... 0-.,,...,-.. I AHA I- opll IL vi unc. iulanfxyluau. ubau .hc Iuvily! RiH'e,4,5,2, I 1 Tactics CIub,2f German Clubs: Protes' tant Chapel CI1oin4:Staffand Ush- els,4: Sandhurst,2, 1 IIOIVIEK GONZALEZ III B41 B2 McAllen, TX Engl' Mngt QMSEJ if you pursue happiness, it will elude you. But if you focus on your family, the needs of others, your work, meeting new people, and doing the best you can, happiness will find you. Sandhu1st,5,2, 1 ICAFTAIHJ UL! I-llJ .S CI'IARLESS.HAL'l1WANGERIII DSIB2 Columbia, SC Mech Engr tAerol No woman was safe with "the Wanger" around. The babyface boy from South Carolina had a full bench at all times. Charlie was always the easy going type but willing to give all he had when the going got tough. Charles was a great friend and will someday be a great leader of men. Civil and Military Engineering Club, I:M0delUPl14,5f7Rl54lSURERJ,2g Finance Forun1, I: Mountain Bike Club,I JARVISG4lB2 Chemistry QMSCJ Chris came here as a guppy, acted like a ghost, became "The Running Man" and "Lean'N Peppy" while a bulldog, but graduated the "Doc." Taking ayear to catch onto the game, he found his groove chasing Sven through the woods and preparing for ' medical school. Go Gups, Bulldogs, and USUHSI Cross Counby 4,-lndoor!Outdoor Track,4g Marathon,2,l,- K. orienreerin , 5 KCHAIIQ, 2 N fPRESl,Itgf1flC!:FCA, ,2,- CHPS,.3,2,I Ste Genevieve Q if TIMOTHY WILLIAM HOFFNER G l lB2 East Stroudsburg, PA Civil Engr "You may be whatever you resolve to be.".- Stonewall Jackson. Five years is enough! Go Engineers. Be conservative. Thanks to all in C1- l. Love you Lexn. Honor Committee, 5, 2, lg Society of American Military Engineers,2, I UI-I Ill-J DANA MICHELLE JONES E2lB2 Durant, OK Mech Engr tAeroJ This sparkplug from Oklahoma didn't know the meaning of "can't." Even Softball, Aero, and the Century Club couldn't stop her drive and determination. With her Southern drawl, easy smile, and BIG red truck, Dana made more friends than she knew what to do with. "Work it, Own it, Keep it!" SoftbalI,4,5: Society of Women Engineers, 4,5, 2, I KPRESIDEIYTJ ANDREW JAMES HYATT I l IB2 S. Easton, MA Environmental Engr. Not everyone thought Andrew would even go to West Point to begin with and now an extremely short four years later he is prepar- ing to move off into the U.S. lnfantry. At least now he can hopefully collect on that bet he made with his brothers! Class Committee, 4, 5, 2 KTREASURESQ, I KTREASURERJ ROBERT GAYLE KILBORN F3132 North Kingsville, Olrl Elect EngrfSystems ALEXNGANGA MACMASTER E2lB2 Concord, MA Systems Engineering lspent my WP summers taking classes and my bitter cold winters at Michie playing the only true American sport.My teammates were the only ones who stood by my side when all others abandoned me.l'or this l'm eternally grateful. l'd like to thank the home team for making life easier. Lacrosse, 4,5,2, I PATRICK MICHAEL MITCHELL I'IllB2 Wellington, OH Econ ilvlathematicall "lf we weren't all crazy, we'd all go insane." That about sums up my experience here. Ciood Luck to all my friends fall one of themi. See you out in the field Army, HUAI-ll l'll never forget all the hours l spent studying during my four years. They were the hardest 2 hours of my life. EVEMAKIEMANZKE H2152 Randolph, NJ Environmental Engr Eve will always be remembered for her strong willingness to help others, even when there was no one around to help her. Her honesty, openess, and faith in God made her a great friend. 'During your times of trial and suffer- ing. . .it was then that l carried you." -author unknown Protestant Chapel Choir, 4: Swimming,4fMAl'lAGERj CHARLES I. MONTANA III E2lB2 Hicksville, NY Geography KMCSYGJ Chuck the "Buck," is here and doesn't want to leave the Academy. l LOVE IT HERE! l've studied hard for the past 10 days and deserve a diploma right now. I started the Chuck Montana Club and welcome all tojoin...ifyou can. Take everything or nothing! Thanks l"lom,Dad,Mike,liatie,Patti St Jimmy. FLVing CIub,5,2 KSECRETARYJ, If Scuba Club,2 I VPJ, I KPKESIDEPITQ ALEX MCKINDRAJR Fil-lB2 Sringtield, AR Econ llvlathematicall We must work today for a better tomorrow. American Culture Seminar: 4g Hnan ce F orum, 4, 51 l n vest- ment Club, 2: Debate, 5 ' r g Q f ' ' " .w 5' ' o 5' ' . ,, 1, w. Q u : K -Q.. fn if il. n f RONIIIIILLIAMKICHARDSON D4lB2 Foley, AL Individual Psych I think that Shakespeare said, "the whole world is a stage" butl believe that your friends and loved ones are what make the stage important. So to them l would like to say another quote I once heard: "if we meet again then l will smile, and if not then this parting was well made." ADDIC,5,2,l,' Lacrosse,-fNMANAGERJ,5: Model UPL2: WKD712, I : The Hundreclth Nite Show, I :Special OLvmpics,2 Qi-.fb-.. 'S , Ons JAMES MARTIN SHIFFERD G2lB2 Pewaukee, WI ElectricalfComputerEngr Shift' was well known for his As-For-Shiff. He could always be counted on as rack security, though he often fell asleep on thejob. He was constantly battling narcolepsy, mandatory Firstie Club attendances and the forces of JUICE. RANDALL JOEL TI'IORN A41 B2 Vienna, WV Environmental Engr A native of West "By God" Virginia, Randy came to us after a year as a squid! He spread his time over a lot: leave, weightroom, the rack, and even academics. He was never lacking a pretty girl and was a close friend through it all. "Country roads, take me home...to the place l belong..." Ringand CrestCommittee,4,5,2, I ELIZABETH REGINA SlVIlTI'I C3fB2 Salinas, CA French!Russian From Beast to Buckner, Cow to Firstie, Liz was a bullwark for her friends to cling to. Light of spirit yet sincere, she was always there to give you her ear. ln the long list ofacquaintances over the years, Liz goes down as one of those rare and true friends. Big Sisters,4,' Catholic Chapel L Choir,4,5,- Karate,4,5I5ECT2, ZISECTQ, IKSECTL- Sandhurst, 2, 1 ISUPPORTQ 4 K. V sa BRIAN IREDERICKWALTMAN D4lB2 Baltic, OH Civil Engineering Brian came to us from the Dukes professing many things: the Chi hat, the coach's stance and SFC Waltman to name a few. He has been a loyal friend and trusting companymate. The day has come to share his wealth with the troops. The Engineers lost, but the Big Cxuns will never be the same. l50Ib Football, 4,5,2: Amateurlia- dio Seminan 4,5,2 MATTHEWG. THOMPSON G3lB2 Frankenmuth, Ml Engr Physics Matt was most famous for the shape of his head...he was often compared to a canta- loupe and the Bob's Big Boystatue. One thing that will always stand out about Matt is his unquenchable enthusiasm, which he put towards West Point, life, and the nightlife. He'll need it for the Euro- pean weather! AIpineSkiTeam,4lClCl,5, 2lClC2, lKCICJp Navigators, 4,5, 2, I plprotestant Chapel Choln 4,5 JONATHAN KIRKWEAVER G l lB2 New York, NY Math SciencesfArabic Jay brings the Army an unconventional out- look, a complex intellect, an intense person- ality, and an affinity for the direct. He is hard- working, hard to know, and even harder to forget. 'Come, labour on: who dares stand idle on the harvest plain, while all around us waves the golden grain?' Arabic Language Club,4,5,2, l,'Glee Club, 2, I ,'Marathon,5,v Class Commit- lee,.3, 2, lp M W5,5,2, lg Phi Sigma Iota, 2, IKFRESIDEIYTI MARC ALAN WEHMEYEK F l l B2 Woodbridge, VA Economics "Gatsby believed in the green light, the future that year by year recedes before us. lt eluded us then, but that's no matter -tomorrow will run faster, stretch our arms further... And one fine morning - so we beat on, boats against the current, boenr back ceaselessly into the past." F. Scott Fitzgerald. Crew, 4, 5: Finance Forum, 2, I IPRE5lDEIYTJg CPRC,.5,- Air Force Academy Exchange Program,2: SCUSAJ Matt Thompson converses with a family member and enjoys the festivi- ties ofthe Superintendent's Recep- tion. mu iw, , ,-,g. .gh -R-.5 'TQ!,fVa,W'g' ,, Andy Hyatt, Class Treasurer, pro- poses a toast at the Graduation Ban- quet on May 28, 1995 in the Cadet Mess Hall. nv l Q -A in clzocw. COMPANY REYNOLDRIZOARREDONDO l5lC2 Dallas, TX Portuguese,'Spanish The strongest of birds can soar close to the heavens, the mightiest of men can build the temples of worship, but only the humblest of each can see when the end is near and not destroy it. To all those who were a part of my ilightand worshipped by my side, we draw to the end together. F CA, 5, 2, I 1 Freestyle Wrestling, 4, 5,2, l,' Special Olympics!!-,5,2,If Wres- tling,5,2, I: Portuguese Club, 2, I ,' Navi- gators, 4,5p Catholic Cadet Catechists, 4 JAMESEDWARDBENNETT G3lC2 Gaithersburg, MD Economics flvlathl Whether consorting with his "women friends," or driving that Acura at moderately insane speeds. Jim has always been one Brother Weasel that could be counted on. We're sure Ft. Rucker won't cramp his style, though flying Kiowas will probably be SAFER. CCCA: Cross Country,4fMPlGRJ,' De- bate,5,2:FMngC1ub,5,2, I ,-lndoor!Out- door Track,4KMHGR2,'Scoutmasters Council,4,5,2fA!ClCj, HAXCICI CliAKLESl4I.BUH1NGTONllI F5lC2 Atlanta, GA Modern History lU.S.l We will always remember Buff for being the funnest cadet we knew. With his ever present smile, Buff brightened our lives in the bar- racks, on the intramural fields, at the firstie eiub, or on OPP's, or on leave... We know where he won't be in 1998, but we know he will be raging. Contemporaryflffairs Seminar, 4,5,- Baptist Student Union, 4 ng ay as 5 Q32 fem Z K - 5 5 M7 55 5 , ' wm gs v , fisiga , 5 Q EE L ' 3: sa w 5 ?? an 5: 53 ' I f ' SCOTTTIMOTHYGARDINER A3lC2 St Clair Shores, Ml Poly Sci ilntll Scott, aka 'Ciardsy', was a great friend to those who knew him well. When he wasn't at the rink with hockey, he seemed to find the time to enjoy himself. He was known for his relaxed attitude, sense of humor, and for having fun, which is why he . spent many hours in Central ff swf Area. Q-f rsea Fas-3 4:32- Hockey, 4,5, 2, I BRENTALEXANDERKAUFTMAN E3lC2 Denver, PA Computer Science "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains." Brent, serious on the outside, was a great person to learn from. He would help anyone, but go out of his way for a friend. May our twisted paths cross again. BowiingTeam,4,.5,2flRD1Sl, l KSECRU' Scoutmasters CounciI,.5,2, I g Big Brothers ,5,2, If Special Olym- pics,4, If Finance Forum,2, If Fly- ing Club, 5: Goatfzingineer Foot'- balI,2 STEVEN CHARLES HARTMAN C41 C2 Jacksonville, FL Leadership Studies "lt's the first few thousand miles. After that, a man gets limber on his feet." - Killer Angels Mountaineering Club, I : Rifle, 4: Sandhurst, 4,5 2, I ICAITAINI DOUGLAS LESTERKITANI B2lC2 Hayward, CA American Legal System "Time waits for no man." Sensei to the brotherhood, Katana to the KARATE team. For the next millennium, a legacy beckons: Forbes, Wall Street, Corporate America. 'Til then: Cieta label and read a lot. KAJUKENBO FOREVER! Karate,4,5,2 KCOCAPTAIPU, I ICAPTAIIYL' FirIeArtS Forum, 4,5 ABRAHAM YOUNPHO HONG F3lC2 Mission Viejo, CA Engr Mngt CMSEJ "Dream another dream, this dream is over"- SH-Through my four years at West Point, l have gained a fortitude of things, yet nothing as priceless as the friends l have made in the CIRCUS. To the gang, until we meet again "...friends forever"-PEACE and HAPPINESS!! Korean American Relations Seminan 4,5,2lHI5TORIAl'll, I SEAN RICHARD MIKULA C41 C2 Kennesaw, GA Literature Studies "Dare Greatly- The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena -whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood: who strives valiantly: who errs and comes short again and again..." Sean made his markjug- gling it all- crew, honor, friends, and family- always with one eye on the stars. Cre w, 11-,5,2, I ,- HonorCommiltee, 2, I STACY DIANNE TAKATS F41 C2 Portland, IN Systems Engineering Stacy learned the difference between apples and oranges early cow year. Then came juggling, which takes patience: she's still working on this. If you couldn't find her stressing over academics, she was at the track, or in bed Sunday morn- ing. She REALLY isn't spoiled! Q.,-, Just look at her car. Indoor Track,4,.5,2, l KCO-CAP'l'All'lj,' AIP' X. Oul.'d00rTraCk,4,5,2, I lCAFl'Al'lY,l PQ, BENJAMIN SILYERVALENIINE B5lC2 Montesano, WA tiistony CU.S.7 "There is no greater blessing than an under- standing fnend..."lunknown7. I made all of my closest friends at West Point, and I could not have made it through everything without them. Thanks to all of you and good luck in the future, AlAA,425lVl'l2lf7?5l,'Bandliimess,4,.i2,l:Ger man Club, 4,3,2,' Gods Gang, 5,2,lg 6ad1e1s4,i2WClCL IW ClCl:TA Q4,5ll"llYGRl, ZKMNGKI, llClCl,'FIStoL4 JAMES LEROY VELER JK I2lC2 Rohnert Park, CA Economics llvlathl Same song, second verse, it could get better but its gonna get worse! Baseball,5g Football, 4 glib 1 -lk u . ,I so mfg J. my 1 l, ,H ll, l, Www ' 3 if in in ?l Y ,n il an OJ.OHd AWHGVDV Stacy Takats shares a moment with friends and family at the Superintendent's Reception held dur- ing Graduation Week. ' "" Z Jenn Voigtschild receives her aca- demic stars from the Dean, BG Galloway, during the Awards Convocation held during Graduation Week. P 21 K T O m K rn 0146 . COMPANY JEFFKEYFRANKLINANDERSONIIZIDZ King, NC History tlvlilitaryl Jeff survived through academics, physical injury, and fourth class year. He endured the rigors of STAP, PHYSICS, BOXING, EN502. AND A BROKEN ANKLE, but still graduated on time. Congrats Jeff!! Best of Luck!! GO BlC1 GUNSE!!! Big Brothers ,2, I 1 SMH, 2 JAMES IVIARSHALLBEALS EIID2 Hampton, IL Mech Engr lAeroJ "l still haven't found what l'm looking for." Special Olympics, 4: Scoutmasters Council, 5 gg ui.: WILUAMHENKY III C2102 Beaufort, SC Poly Sci ilntli "l can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:15 Managing many late nights, Bill persevered through one challenge to the next. l'le always pushed himself to be the BEST man he could. He owes everything to his parents, friends, and teammates on the Rugby team. Rugby,5,2,I JASON ALAN CHARLAND F2lD2 Chicopee, MA History iivlilitaryi I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned, but time and chance happen to them all. Ecclesiastes 9: l l DomesticflffairsForum,4,.5,2,'Ring A and Crest Committee,4,5,2,1 5 rr x 1 -far- fsq '.l""l:l.,i TONEY ELS FILOSTRAT B2 I D2 New Orleans, LA Economics flvlathi It was a great four years, but I probably wouldn't do it over again. l'll never forget the friends that I've met here--our adventures off post were the most memorable KNYC, D.C., Boston, Philly, and all points in betweeni. lraise my glass to the class of 1995, and l'll see you in the Army. 54'-sf - : AP AR il If - Anseminan4,5,2rPRas1D1:nT2 ' Q JEREMY ALAN CRIST F41 D 2 Harrisburg, PA Environmental Engr Jeremy has always been the "quiet class- mate," but we Dragons know him as a trusted friend. His sense of humor and high personal standards will bring him much success as he tackles the rigors of Ranger School and life in the Infantry. Best ofluck to you and Rhonda! Fencing5,2gPipesandDrums,5,2,' Tactics Club, 4,5,2, I MARCGREGORYFRANKLIN B4lD2 Colorado Springs, CO Economics flvlathj You must believe in yourself first before others will believe in you. Big BrotherS,2, I : Hop Committee,4 LUKE STAN DODDS C21 D2 Belgrade, NB Mech Engr CAuto7 Go Army Rugby!! Larry Luke Stan Vern 'Caveboy' 'Rooster' Docldsie Class Committee,2, I: Genesis,-'+,5,' Mountaineering r'l..L A rxl...,1...-.LA...,. lr . D. .,.k., O 1 , QF! IC A h 2. DYALAA x.1uu,'-nllrzvrygaturo,-1, uu5uj,L, 1 , auuuln-r,u, 1 zui.r..z- tant Chapel 5undaySchool Teachers, 4 JOHN PERRY FREDERICK Wonder Lake, lL Freddy's cadet experience started in As a true friend he has l happiness to many. Along with wooed the hearts of Always ready with a anything, he will GO INFANTR Club, 5,2, Guild,4,5 DENNISJAIVIES GEYER D4lD2 Tallahassee, FL Life Science "May every man's worth not bejudged by his deeds, but rather by the size of his heart." Dennis liked his rack, his weights, and his risque rappeling. Overthe years he went from cleaning his rifle NOT in uniform to mellow- ing out enough to learn how to Cha-Cha. Outdoor Track, 4 : Special Olym- pics, 4,5 JUSTIN RYDER HALL F l l D2 Kennesaw, GA IntlfStrat History Justin's motivation and sense of humor in- spired and encouraged us. He cared for the troops, imparting a humble determination to tight. "The soldier who is called upon to offer and to give his life for his country is the noblest development ofmankindf' -General MacArthur Drill Team, 4: Spon Pafach ute Team, 4 NIMROD M. GOREDEMA A l lD2 Harare, ZIMBABWE Mech Engr CSystemsl The Long Gray Line of us stretches! l will remember the good friends, the cold winters and the DEAN. "And my God will meet all your needs according to l'lis glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Flying CIub,2, I: Rugby,4 HI-I ULJ STEPHEN ROBERT HAROLD A2lD2 Marietta , OH Mech Engr tAeroJ "I can't complain, but sometimes l still do. Life's been good to me so far." -Joe Walsh ADDlC,2, I,- Dialeclic Society 4,5, 1,' Marathon, 4-,2,' Class Hop Committee Rep, 2, I f A ' I -ll X S I J . yy QQ , Q., JEAN-PIERREGREEN llll D2 Bellevue, WA Comp Sci QISOJ "lf the Spirit is willing, the flesh will strengthen." To my family: l thank you for giving me the support and room l needed to grow. To my friends: l thankyou for being with me every step of the way. I love you all. LONG LIVE '95 AND THE INFAN- TRY! Special OUmpics,2 LORNA JANE HASTINGS H l lD2 Doniphan, MO Comp Sci USO! Lorna is a real southern, back-home, down- to-earth, kind ofgal. The song "Redneck Girl" by the Bellamy Brothers is her in a nut shell. She is an excellent athlete iMC Marathon- Owwwli, a hard worker, and the best friend a person could ever ask for - honest, trustwor- thy, and GENUINE. Church of Christ,4,5,2, I: Big Sis- ters,5,' Vo1Ieyball,4,5,2 FRANK PETER INTINI Ill G21 D2 Farmingville, NY Leadership Frank, "Frankie", "ll Duce". Some may con- sider him the ultimate get-over - Corps Squad Pistol, BSaSrL - but his buddies all know that he'll always go the extra mile for a friend. l'le's spent his life striving for the coveted Aviation Wings, and his dream is finally coming true. Good Luck! PistoI,4,5,2, I WENDY FRANCETTE MILLING E4lD2 Murfreesboro, TN LifeScience "There are a lot of people in this world who would need to be beaten to death with a stick, ifonly one had the time!" D-2 Dragons are the best. Go Chemical! Rifle, 5,2, If German, 5, Orienteering, 4: Finance Fo- rum,I 55 3 JAMESDUNCANJOHNSON I'l2lD2 Austin, TX Mech Engr iMech Sys! "Courage is grace under pressure." -Churchill Thanks to God, Mom, Dad, Niki and other family and friends for the courage that you have given me. FoolbaIl,4,5,2, I 5 F: ,E -fam. ,Q l-r""i.u,,,,R JOSHUA IAN KEITZ 151 D2 Roseville, MN MilitaryA1t!Science "Walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increas- ing in the knowledge of God: Strengthened with all might according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfullness." Col 10-1 l. l am forever in His service."To Ciod be the glory." OCR 4,5,2, I ,' Protestant Chapel Sunday5diooITeachers,4,5,2, IW CIC? DANO MJUKANOVICH D51 D2 Snohomish, WA Economics fMathJ MGSSKBFC: Young Life - walk the walk...: plebe to firstie, a change of heart: Tom, Donny, KY, MMJ, L wf2 i's, EC, D.C., Atlanta, Korea, want it all: scuba, rock climb, fly, glide, piano, mountain, AA: "The Painter": "He must become lit greater, l must become less," Right riowmeveiything. YoungLife,5,2, HAXCIQ ROB ALLEN ROLAND H41 D 2 Gresham, OR Mech Engr fAutoJ A dependable friend, Rob was responsible for pulling the numerically challenged through their first two years.l'lis quick wit with friends,faculty, 8: mess hall workers kept us all in good spirits. Rob's intense desire to win sewed as an example for teammates."l'm laughing with you at your- self." il. it 4, an W fi . JASONEDWARD RONOORONIA4-lD2 Coopersburg, PA Mech Engr fAutoJ l spent four years being "trained" to be an officer, but my best teachers are the ones who will neverget any credit, except my thanks for all the good times and bad times - Stan, T- bone, Bobby, the Flick, and Speedo-you guys made it worthwhile fwell, almostl. Big Brothers , 4,55 Honor Commit- tee, 2, l DONALD WILLIAM TIDWELL Ii-'fl-lD2 Richmond l'lill, GA Life Science Lead with unconditional positive regardti.e. loveb. BEASTCSXB, STAP ll Commander, DRAGON SUPPLY and QUALITY OF LIFE GOD, REDNECK RADIO DJ,POINTER photo guytsee dead roommate layoutl, WKDT 89.5 FM WEST POINT "lt's not just about pickup trucks, momma, and tragedy." ACS,4,'l"iln7Semlha134gPhOfDSetrlinaL 4,5,2, I,'Pointer,4,5,2, I IASST- EDl:Scoutma5ter5, 4,.5,' WKDTC 4,5,2, I ICICJ JOHN SCOTT ROSS B5lD2 Upland, CA Management QHPAJ "Be diligent in these matters, give yourself wholly to them so that everyone may see your progress. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Perservere in them, because ifyou do, you will save both yourself and your hearers." Timo- thy 4: 15,16 - W, SOCCer,4,5,2, l P ,fiiit .gigzggzzqtbktat . 4- 40:1 iggne sees? 'act-rs, .' u s" ' MARYANN MIN YEN KU ISI D2 Edison, NJ Environmental Engr When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced, Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. Big Sisters, 4:5581 Seminar,-4: Chinese Club, 4,2, lg Dom estic Affairs Forum, 5, 2: Orienteering,2,' Protestant Chapel Sun- day School Teachers,4,- Special Olvm- ga at pics,-fl "'llIllIl"' PHILIP PAUL SPETH D51 D2 Peru, IN Mech Engr CAeroJ No pain, no gain. l 50lb Football, 4, 5, 2, I: Knights of CoIumbus,4,5 X3-. ,, in - s , .sl-f"""'Wl 'Tw WW 'X ,J Zi iff, W ig Q A !,4l QX General Reimer, FORSCOM Com- mander, delivers the Graduation Ban- quet speech in the Cadet Mess Hall. O.LOHdAWElCIVDV Lorna Hastings stands at attention as the Superintendent, General Graves, presents Company D2 with the Superintenclent's Award. rr Bill Besterman shares a lighter mo- ment with family and friends at the Superintendent's Reception during Graduation Week. gd. COMPANY MICHAELFKANKBLANDINO B3lE2 Staten Island, NY Economics iMathl Mike is famous throughout the Corps for his quiet demeanor - we were proud to have him as ourspokesman. From his first days as a pup in D2 to his tour as the "Battalion Italian," Mike's generosity and friendship have been much appreciated. His thanks to Mom, Dad, Lisa, Dina, and The Beave. Russian Club,4,5,' Special Olym- pics,2, I MICHAEL WAYNE BROUGI1 H2lE2 Kingsville, TX Mech Engr tMech Sys? "Put on the full armor of God, that you may be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil" -Eph. 6: I 1 ...I thank God for the opportunity to spend a small portion of my life at West Point, which I leave with a deep love of country, many friends, and a sense of honor. UL! um DANIEL MARK DAVIS B 1 IE2 Binghamton, NY Management CHPAJ INTENSE! No other word effectively describes BIG D. From his battles in the Cadet Area to his wars on the turf at Michie, Dan was the fiercest competitor we knew. "Ifyou don't take losing personally, you shouldn't play the game." The Home Team knows no more passionate player. 25-24. MAA foozba11,4,5,2, 1 rcAPrA1m BRIAN CHAPMAN DUDLEY G2lE2 Richmond, VA History itiuropei "Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus" Holy Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle...Amen u:..t,.a 1. 1 fu I u:,::..,.r-:Hue fm 1 1 1olui,'f,J,4, 1 1uuuiSL,iuu,A, 1 .. 5 Eh! ' W ' FQ - lalwil REED GARY ERICKSON A21 E2 Deer River, MN Mech Engr iAeroi When we first met Reed, we thought that we had the devil on our hands. But after two years with us, he is wearing thriftshop clothes, smoking pipes, and going by the name SMOOCHIN'-REEDO. His way ofcaring makes him a great friend. His thanks to Mom, Dad, Randy, Denise, and Jace. Hunting and Fishing Club, 4,5, 2, I: Ring and Crest Committee, 4,5, 2: Water Polo, 4 ELLIOTT STEPHEN ELLIOVIT A5lE2 Phenix City, AL Foreign Area ilvliddle Eastl The boy so nice they named him twice quickly earned a reputation as a paper saver and calculus tutor, later expanding his horizons by learning to sip tea in Jordanian Cafes. Hot quite a cosmopoiite, the ESU kept him a Southemer at heart. Ma Salama. BSU4,5,2, I IPRES,l,'ArabicLanguage Club, 4,121 SECKETAR YJ, I ,- Flying Club, 2: Staff and Ushers,4 CHRISTIANIIENRIKFELLOWS ?lE2 Springfield, VA Computer Science "l get by with a little help from my friends" Thanks Mom and Dad for sticking by me during the tough times. lt wasn't easy for any of us. To all my friends: Brian, Jim, Rich, Tom, Dave...lts' been real. See you all out in the World. Computer Users Group 4,5: Big Brothers 4,5,2,'Ini2intiyTaCtics Club I JAMES CRAIG ENGLISH I1 l lE2 West Columbia, TX Systems Engr James,Jim,Jimmy,Stretch,Spanglish or what- ever you called him began cadet life in the HDT. The true southem gent, "The chicks dug his southern draw...among other things...Yeeessssi He aiways put friends ist everything else 2nd making him a true crony. He thanks his Family for support and their calling card. BRYAN ROBERT GIBBY Thousand Oaks, CA History The second time is definitely the best. I my two loves, Desrae and Green Girl Denise. Thanks to my roomdogs, REED-O, Baaaker, and Rodgers. Tarzan's legend will always live in the dark recess of thejungle, and l for will be glad to leave it Defending the Free, JUNGLE. Cross Country, 4 ,' Latter-Day Saints Student Association, 4,5, 2, If Wargames Committee,4,5 NORMAN DEREK GRANT F3 I E2 Gary, IN Sociology l would like to thank GOD. my family, and friends for being by my side through this enduring period of my life-Love You All! l know it's all been worth it, attending the Academy. My mother always told me-Son, things in life worth having aren't easily ob- tainable, if so-everyone would have them. ming Club,5,2,l RYAN MICHAEL JANOVIC I2lE2 Fairlawn, OH Life Science Big Ry was always there to make life more tolerable with his unusual wit and friendship, whether it be through the thrift shop excur- sions ortape recordingsessions. Heisagreat friend and will make even a better doctor. He wants to thank his Mom, Sis, Jen, and Dad. Class Committee,4,5,2, If OCF,2,- Scoutmstrs Council, 4, 5. 2, I 1 Special OUfmpics,2, I ,- HPS,2, l THOMAS A. GREASON HSI E2 Burke, VA Systems Engineering To all my friends here and away, I say, "Thank You!" I will never forget my time here nor will l forget the friends that l have made. Thanks Mumf.,.for everything. For all those who have taught me something...I thank you as well. Mary Beth, lt's time for us to go now! Squash Team, 4,5,2, HCA PTAIIYL' E , 'f':' Tennis,-4 llnlnl , DAVID JAMES KEPPEL G5lE2 Cold Spring, NY Pol Sci flntli Live each day to the fullest, for one day will be your last. As a Gopher turned Dog it has been a long, strange trip that wouldn't have been possible without the love and support of my family and friends. Thank You and Good Luck to all. OUT HERE!! SCUSA2, I CHRISTOPHER E. HOGAN C l lE2 Hicksville, NY Engr Management CMSEJ Hoagy Hoags was nevera hard man to find. He was either on the area l500+hrsJ, "tawkin"' funny on "The Wild Side", showing his cro- nies the STRONG island or sleepin' in Battery Park. He had a rough 4 years at USMA. "Thanks to everyone who believed in me and gave me a chance - especially Mom and Dad." a Hog Band, 2,I,' Lacrosse, 4,- Mn 'ngClub,2: WKDI 2, 1:SpeCialOLvm- pics,5, ,l RONALD ARTHURLEHMANJR FllE2 Pine Grove, PA Life Science l would like to thank my parents for their utter devotion and genuine love because without them I am nothing. Additionally. my support- ing cast of relatives and friends proved in- valuable in reaching this milestone. Lastly, thanks to Denise for giving me a fu- ture. I5OIb Fo0tball,4,5,'ACS, 4,5,' Big Brothers ,4,5: FCA,4,5: French Club, 4,3,' Ring and Crest.4,5,2, I ,- Special OU1mpics,4p CHPS,5,2, I C JAX? KEVIN CHARLESMACKENZIE H2152 Quincy, IL Management CHPAJ "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" U2 ...NOTII l've never heard of a home team playing on the road for 4 straight years.Thanks to all the players who made the ROAD TRIP to the Show fun. 5occer,4,5,2, I KOFO ADEYOSOLA MARTINS BSIE2 Fort Washington, MD Systems Engr Thank God for making me weak enough to lean on Him and strong enough to believe in myself. I would do it all again, but I wouldn't like it any better. Contemporary Affairs Seminar,4,5,2,lg Gospel Choir,4,5,2, I :Judo, 21 Powerlifting, 5: Wrestling, 1 PATMON ARWOOD MALCOM B2lE2 Roswell, GA Management CHPAD Patmon epitomized the home team spirit. Never a bench player, he was always good for ajoke, riddle, PMI card, ora 25-24 victory over NAVY!! Who could expect anything less from a God-fearing, family lovin' SOUTHERN BOY?! Good luck in the big leagues! Football, 4,5, 2, I JASON ANDREW OLSON D11-IE2 St. Charles, IL JOSEPH ARTHUR MARINO F2152 Tampa, FL Management U-Haul, she's engaged? Fed Ex my walletl, Ohio:guardrail8xlIattire8rdelays, Rosebuds- :Dunkin' Donuts and a helpful MP, Ring W Sr 100th Nite dates get sick, and many more, Go Dogs! ADDIC, 2, I,'Drill Team,-4,5,2, 1: KHIS I TORIAHL' Genesis,4,5: Margaret 1 ,W A avg, Corbin Semman2,l l. A g, JAMES MICHAEL OROSZ D2lE2 Pougkeepsie, NY Electrical EngrlPhys Elecl Never known for taking the easy way, Axle turned tojumping from helicopters, building circuits, and partaking in many a toast to break the drag of WP, From the Dungeon to the closet to the Pantheon to the Firstie Club, Axle never let down. He's been through alot and loved it all. Frost! SJV "' 'J Sport Parachute Team,-4,5,2,1 lnhlnl ll JEFFREY ORTOLI B2lE2 Trumbull, CT Military Art!Science "When the smoke cleared away, it was the man with the sword, or the crossbow, or the rifle, who settled the 'FINAL' issue on the field." -George C. Marshall. I will forever remember the family of B2 tand club B25 and all the new friends I made in E2. Mountaineering CIub,5,2,- Rifle,4,- Tactics Club, 4,5,2, I RICHARD MICHAEL RUSSO HZIE2 Bolton, CT Computer Science IVIICHAEL K QUILLINAN H4 I E2 Amawalk, Poli Sci fAmericanJ Go Big Guns!! GINA LOUISE SCARSELLA G2lE2 Mercer, PA Geography flinvironmentalj Gina's will to win is evident by anyone who's ever watched her play basketball. After four long years, one thing is clearly evident-Gina never quits. She is a true and loyal friend who will always be "in the game." C10 HOOPS, CIINAIII Thanks for the Memories and True Companionship. BasKetbaIl,4,5,2, IICAITAIIYQ JENNIFER MICHELLE RADUE I2lE2 Cleneseo, IL Cieographytlinvironmentall "Those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not get tired."Clsiah 40:5 IJ Many thanks to my family fortheirlove and support and to the Crew Team for all of the great memories and friendships' -l'x. A , g . 0 Crew, 5,2, I rcOcAVrAlN1 :Mi P Cs WAS' MARY ELLEN SCHIVIELZER FlIlE2 Lancaster, OH Arabic!German M.E. made her debut on the team handball court as the "Scoring Machine," but later found her true calling singing praises and dancing like a wildwoman at TEC. Many will rememberthe Schmucksteras a true friend - full oflaughter, love, and strength. Catholic Folk Group, 2, I: Team Hand- ball,-4,5,' TEC, 4,5,2, I ICICI: Phi Sigma lota,2, I WPI: Lay Eucharistic Minis- ten2,l ADAM LEIGH SILVA D21 E2 Jacksonville, FL Geo ltlumanfkegionall We will all remember Roni for his good looks and athletic ability.Most of all we will remem- ber him for his dedication and commitment, both to the Lacrosse team and to the Fellas. "Always work - or play - as though everything depends on you," As a Home Team player he PAUL GEKAKD VOGT BAKER G2lE2 Woodland l-lills, CA Philosophy Thanks to my beautiful family and friends. l love you all and could not have done this without your support. "So faith, hope, love remain, these three, but the greatest of these is iovef i:i5 Cor. MARK YANKOPOULOS D21 E2 Peabody, MA Life Science I want to thank all my family and friends who were there for me when l needed them. I would never have made it without you, and l am more grateful for your support than I have words to express. Onward... ie .Qi Y I li 3 5 'U 3 2 as 8 5' s F in Q 3 i E1 0 :- S 3 E 5 Q E' A 5 E' g' -i 3 QQ SBA 52: fi S N N 52 35 rm SM: N5 cs' R SV N E 8 4,.,.,,. iv ...-"?..XJ1,, , . E! a E' vlauwl 3: Sal EU NVMUV Gina Scarsella reflects on her four years as she prepares to receive her diploma and shake hands with President Clinton. SO E AS Cf C Y F 2 ...I o 1 UU! EMMA ANGELA CUEVAS H41 F2 lvluttontown, NY Economicsflvlath Cuevas, why are you always late? Jeff, l thought you were going to meet me at the poop deck? Yes Ann, l have another comment to make. Too many late light nights with Lexa. And the little things in life... Diet Coke... the pencil box... Sunchips... and the night with Where's Waldo. C ycIing2, I ,-liarate,41 Photography Seminar, 5: Theatre Arts Guild, 4: White WaterCanoe Club, 5 MICHAELANDREWKACHURE E2lF2 Lorain, OH Operations Research Whether it was within the gray walls or on the shores of Padre, Kach had always donned the hardhat. The Dog is a home-team hero who could always raise it to the Spring Break level. "Engineers is his name and Construction his game." Boom!! Later-bye!! tiach l50Ib Football,4,.5,2,' Strength ':":' "f':' Team,2,l an , DANE LOIIIIELL HANSON G41 F2 Chardon, CH Civil Engineering "Lite is like arazor, dull everywhere but on the edge." Dano!! Alias "the snake" was always throwing curves on the mound and fast ones at the ladies! Although l'd never leave him alone with my sister, l'd trust him with my life. Undoubtedly his high goals UU will lead him far. OO ZOO! UL! LLL! '5 H Baseball,4,5,2 TERENCE ARNOLD KIMBALL l4lF2 Stratham, NH Management QHPAJ "All Things Are Difficult Before They Get Easy" How do we describe Terry..Tli..Killer?! A hard Sr energetic worker, this tanker found time to indulge in life's simpler pleasures. Road trip- ping, getting crazy at clubs, or hangin' with his buddies, TK could be counted on. l-Beam !Cio ZOO! . SandhulSt,5 S 6955 il M I -1 . ' E 6, iJ"'l5l,,i ICEITHREGINALDHEDGSPETH GIIF2 Montgomery , AL Sociology Keith was an important part of three things: the l5Olb. defense, CAS, and Marymount College. His undying commitment to all his endeavors is seen in the results he achieved in ali three areas. A true friend: you are really lucky to have someone like him watching your back. BOU, forever. Contempora1yAfTairsSeminaL4l'PRESl,5, ZKCICJ,IlPRES:Cl1urchofCl1ri5I,-7,5,2, I SANG KON LEE A ll F2 Piscataway, NJ Systems Engineering Life is too short to waste. So, man gets married. Uanet, wo hen ai ni!J He also branches. BIC1 GUNS! Men 's Soccer, 41 Judo, 5,2,' Koarn, 4, 5 SHAWN JOHN LEIGHT C 1 I F2 New Brighton, MN Environmental Engr Shawn will always be remembered as a good friend. From cross country skiing to having a few drinks at the Fristie Club, he was always having a good time. Whether Shawn chooses to build bridges or blow them up he will always be a successful Engineer. Nordic Ski Team, 5, 2: Ski Instruc- tor,4: ADDlC,5,2, I,- Hop Commit- tee,4,5,2, I: Society offlmerican Military Engineers, If Cannon Spirit Crew,l 5.45.4 UL! ' ual 'qi JEREMY GOODRICH PERKINS BSIF 2 Laurel, MD Life Science "Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin lt Now! "Every exit is an entrance somewhere else." - Tom Stoppard Go Medical! Catholic Cadet Catechists,2,' Catho- Q lic Chapel Choin 5.2, I K VICE-PRESL 5 mm '59 DENTL' Drill Team, 4,5,' Glee Club, l I HQ: P ' 'i'-Oz l CHARLES WINFIELD LEWIS I2H:2 Gettysburg, PA international Relations After spending four years roaming the hal- lowed halls of fourth floor Bradley Barracks, l have many fond memories ofthe Mooselings and Zoosters l have known from the Class of '90 to '96, Thanks! I know all ofyou who know me think l'm crazy-l still love it here!! Cro ARMY!! Beat Navy!! ,L Catholic Chaloel Choir,4,5,2,lg Glee,5,2, I ,-Ra lyCommittee,4,5 IAXCICLZIAXCICQ, IKCIC2 aid DAVID LEE RAUGH E l IF 2 Altoona, PA Geography llinvironmentall Who can forget the Cow Firstie Bash where Dave showed us how the Irish can party Sr moved to the forefront in the quest for the coveted Fatman award. He will be remem- bered for his straightforwardness and bellig- erence which marked him as a tanker from an early age. Cro Zoo! . Special Olympics,4,5,2, I 'SX F' H Fai ig U""'lil.,a MICHAEL SPENCER LYNCH E2lF2 Encampment, WY American Legal Sys Spencer- the only man we know who can do anything, except maybe study for more than four hours at one time. This man is guaran- teed to be a politician because nobody is better at saying so little while saying so much. Nobody is a better friend, especially when a true friend is needed. Class Committee,4,5,2, ly Flying Club,5, I: Navigators,4,5: SCUSA,5: Oiiicers Christian Fellow- ship,2,l DOUGLAS ALLEN SEAWORTH G I IF 2 Naperville, IL Mechanical Engr tAutoD Affectionately known as "Lunchmoney," Doug emerged from cow year design depths to become a vocal member of the Zoo. Doug's academic prowess was surpassed only by his obsession with physical fitness. STRIKE DEEP! Marathon, l A-" X--1 :yn xx vi! to If Q M . : P DREW PATRICK SMITH I5lF2 Farmingdale, NJ Operations Research Motivation!! Drew was always the one to look to for the inspirational words atjust the right moment. The true fly boy at heart, he also knew how to have a good time. Whether dealing bang bangs, smashing cars, or bowl- ing across New England: Drew was always one to count on when needed. BowlingTearn,4,5fTREA5J,2ICAP TAIIYLIKCICL' Class Commit- tee, 4,5,2, I ,' Fmng Club, I: Scout masters,4,5,2, If Law Enforce- ment Tactias Club, l ,' Cadet Public Relations CounciI,5,2, I THOMAS FRANCIS VEALEV HSIF2 Olympia, WA Literature That is VALE!!, not a young calf. "Good morning Tom!" was how the plebes greeted the best "rack-doo" in the Corps! The master of English whose love for the finer things at West Point has got him into a lifetime of trouble! Those who know this clown know there is not a better man of character. Baseball,4,'LutheranStudentMove- ment,4,5,2, If Lutheran Student Movement,4,5,2, 1,-Judo,2, I GEORGE JOSEPH ST ALT ER Fill F 2 Clinton, OH. Environmental Engineers Shamu -- Geeeooorrrggge!!! Better luck next time with the Camp Followers. Have fun playinga human E-tool for all the real branches like Armor, Big Guns, and Infantry. Cieorge spent more time on OPPS chasing various bottom feeders than he did on academics, but who cares: he made it didn't he? I-I UL! ' - nu ' Football, 4, 5,- Powerlifting, 2,' mnn H Strength Team, 2, I. ANN ELIZABETH WILCOX A4lF 2 Moorestown, NJ History iEuropeJ "People are only as happy as they make up their minds to be." -A. Lincoln But we'rejust friends...The Little Engine that Could... I-800- MOM...Sleep, sleep, sleep...Any other com- ments, Emma?.,.No Stephen, l'm sure it's your turn to choose... Washing- ton Monument- the beginning of gag Q W forever. catholiccaaetcatecnists,4,5,2 MARK EDWARD TALBOT B4lF2 Auburn, NY Environmental Engr Grandpa-You would think that one of the Corp's oldest graduates would have known better than to branch infantry. He must have forgotten everything he learned as an en- listed soldier. Also known as T-bone, his status as the ZOO's most dedicated hound is his only claim to fame, C ycling,4 WILLIAM LAP TAK WONG D31 F2 New York, NY Systems Engineering To all those people tand there are many! who pulled me through calc, chem, physics, econ, computers, etc, etc ,.... Thanks!! I owe you all more than I could ever repay. "Rank X LQ. : constant"-Norman Augustine Theatre Arts Gui1d,4,' Chinese Club,4 HI-I UL! i 5 i ' ' O.LOHcl AWHGVDV I C-2 U! 9 941- Kandy Arvay receives a Drill Streamer award for Spring Drill from BC: Foley, Commandant of Cadets, during the Superintendent's Awards Review. Emma Cuevas is joined by COL Giordano, Professor and Head of the Department of Math, at the Superintendent's Reception during Graduation Week. 49 COMPANY fs I lr ,.-.- 1 5 ' .- x' l iii BRIAN CHRISTIAN BECK A21 G2 Rainier, WA Computer Science Brian is one of those rare people who you know you can always Count on. Down-to- earth, Bri the ski burn always had a cool head on his shoulders. Whether he was fooling around on his computer, tinkering with his truck, or sleeping in extra late, the Beckmyster was a true friend. Best wishes! Paintball Team,4,5,2, I ICICI, Moun- taineeringClub,4 9 fave . F4' C. e BRADLEY THOMAS BODI Illl G2 Maumee, Ol-I Engr. Management KMSEJ I-Beam-Go Gators A.S.8CT.K,-David Letterman on diaganol walk? Luke-Are you in this Co? Lamar-Go to sleep 'Ster. Crazy Craft-Nice knees. Pauly-Europe! Mike K.-Kill any flies lately? Bobo-How can a billion Chinese be wrong? KB.-Someone had to pay the rent. Ho-Dude, l'm in love. Peace!! CARLYLEBOWENJRG4lG2 Columbia, SC Economics lMathb He will forever be known as "Blow" to us for obvious reasons. l-Ie always had a kind heart and a level head. His carefree attitude masked his strong ambitions lSandhurst!7. Blow knew how to have a good time, even if it was inside figure 2-2. Good luck with the troops, General C. Carlyle. Baptist5tudent Union,.3,' Hnance Forum, 5, 2: FMng CIub,2,' Hunting and Fishing Club,5,2,- Sandhurst,5 CHAD ARLEN BUFFINGTON I2l G2 Mesa , AZ Economics tiviathb Buff, known far and wide for physical at- tributes urmameci, almost joined the ranks of marriage. But his bad luck was our good luck and he quickly was entertaining the ladies and taking 5PP's. We will always re- member him with neat hair and a big emilo A nvnsuf Prim:-nr! '70 Nlnvic incl' H49 ., ..... .,. . .t,.W..........., ..., . N., .,,J.4-....e start. TX Big Brothers ,4,' Fellowship of Christian Ath- Ietes,4,5,- Indoor Hack, 4,5,' Outdoor7k2Ck, 4,5,- lYavigatols,4 STEPIIAN PAUL FLEMING E21 G2 Elgiin, lL Human Factors Psych A fond "Thank-You" to all acquaintances at the United States Military Academy: some will always remain friends, others will always re- main teachers. GymnasticS,4IMANAGERl DI-I UIJ DAVID RUSSELL GRAYSON B21 G2 Ennis, TX Systems Engineering KARA MICHELEGEISLEK C5lG2 Rice Lake, Wi Arabic!French "GElSLERl" The same word was heard echo- ing through the halls all Beast. By Yuk Year, visions of cheese were gone, filled by the Firstie she loves. Light hearted humor at Kara's expense was the norm. lfyou've come in contact with her you know, . Kara is a great friend who is always true. Catholic Chapel Choin 4, 51 Arabic Lan- N guage CIub,4,5,2, I ANN MARIE JOHNSON B 1 lG2 Moreno Valley, CA Political Science flntli For those who have come and gone in my life and made a difference -thank you. l'll never forget you. For those constants, my family - I love you. Ultimately, l owe everything to you. Dom estic Affairs Forum, 4, 5: Speech Team,4,5,2: 5CUSA,4,5,2, I 1 Class Committee, 2, I g T AG, 4,51 Catholic Choir, 4, Margaret Corbin Seminar, 2 Q13 LJ IVIARKROBERTGOLDSCHMIDI' D5lG2 Scarborough, NY Poly. Sci. tComparitiveJ Looking back, there is no doubt that the friends l have made here will last forever. You, my friends, were there to lift me when I fell. You taught me that there is nothing more important than a person's Honor, integrity, and conceptofjustice. Forthis, lam eternally in your debt. HonolCommiLtee,5,2, 1 fCHAlRMAlYJ,- Water Polo, 4,5,2, I,' Superinten- dents HonorReview Committee, If Hop Committee,4,' Knights of Co- Iumbus,4 RICHARD HEUNG KIM C l I G2 Downey, CA Environmental Engr. Rich's boisterous but easy going manner entertained us all tand even some who didn't want to be entertainedl. The fun always centered around Rich, whether at the Legion, the Firstie Club, or anywhere his expensive tastes took him. Everyone will always remem- ber Rich, and we will never be sorry. UI-I 5-1' 5 vi? MICHAEL ANDREW KONCZEY Bll G2 Memphis, TN Mech Engr fMech Sysl Mike is the one who kept the Boys together after the scramble. Miguelito is a great friend to all who had the privilege of knowing him. How can we mention Mike without mention- ing his lovely bride-to-be, Tiff? Mikefs lJl'll dedication to friends was only bested by his dedication to her. GO AR- MOR!! Catholic Chapel Choin 4: Company Intramurals, 4-,5,2, I ICAPTAIIND CHARLES IIIIILLIAM NOLANII B51 G2 Yorktown, VA Spanish I Portuguese Chip entered the Academy with the Class of 1990. After two years as a Bandit, he left the Academy to serve a two year mission in Argen- tina forthe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints. Returning to graduate with the Class of 1995, Chip will always be remem- bered as "the old guyl" I 50Ib Football,-41 Latter-DaySaints StudentAssociation,4,5,2, 1 IPRESI- DEHTJ1 Phi Sigma Iota,2, I WILLIAM MATTHEW MARTIN Ii I lG2 Longview, WA Civil Engineering Will, always modest, had the star but never wore it. Cautious in his endeavors, he still knew how to have fun, whether carrying the flag, blowing out both shoulders, or manning the Blairstown harpoon. Ever the ladies man, Will laughed at those trapped, but now whose caught in the net? '35 sf? Church of Christ,4,.3,2, I: Water """' ' PoIo,4 MICHAEL GLENN PRATT D21 G2 Brigeport, WV Systems Engl' Who would have guessed this guy from WV who knew nothing about anything military when he got here would end up with over 425 jumps and crossed rifles on his chest. P-ratt was known for his clean rooms, late night face plants, and big boodle boxes with cookies and a muffin. I56 to 618, Bonzai! Sportlfarachute Team,4,5,2, I 'IIIOMASMAYEKDIIGZ Philadelphia, PA Poly Sci CArnericanl Never called Chris, but referred to as "Bobo", even by the Company TAC. After a strong academic showing his first semester, Chris managed to climb in class rank Cthough not muchb. l'le was Crreeted more with "Go Apaches" then "Go Gators". . -3'-1-s Honorcommiztee,2,1fscusA,5 fa: C KENNETH EVAN ROTKOFF D41 G2 Croton, NY Literature Air pollution,sideburns,caffeine,and books. Despite the stress level, Ken always kept his sense of humor Cthough it didn't showl. This prior service REMF saw STAP twice and be- came the guy who kept the plebes on the run. He's a music trivia master with talent to back it up. V.M. rules, Cirampsl Hof Coq1mittee,4,5,2, I : Hop Bands, 2, :Jewish Choir,-41 Poetryfwritigg Seminar,4,5:Spec1aIOLvmp1cs,4,5, f LETC,1:TAQ4,5 , I 1 cy X I in No- dgfi is EQ, SCOTT ALLEN SALMON F l I G2 Blairstown, NJ Life Sciences a.k.a. 'FlSH!" This balding, aquatic quack could air-guitar, lip-sync, and busta move like no one had ever dreamed of doing before. A real lady's man-just ask him. His weekend stories...as Cajun Man would say... HEXAGGERA- at it X Tron!" ne lived by a Wg: .A simple motto, "sPAwn L ' '-', AND DIE!" lcarpe dieml 3 ' J CadethealthProfessionsSoci- N 'f ezy,5, 2 Cl'lRISTOPHERD.SWENSON A2lG2 Petrolia, TX Management CHPAJ He has done it all: from filling Central Area with music and humor, to sledding down Victor Constant on pizza trays, to hanging off the sixth floor of Bradley at 5 AM. ln a word: HUAHl GEORGE AUTEN STEWART lIID5l G2 Dunwoody, GA Computer Science "Anything short of wholehearted determina- tion to crush the enemy is treachery."- Cien- eral Creighton Abrams Pistol, 4,5, 2, l: Military Film Forum, 4, 5,2lClC1, I ICICL' Am1orClub,4 PATRICK ALLEN TERHUNE I5lG2 Miami, FL History fMilitaryl SHUT UP PAT! As a Miami born high school ROTC war hero, Pat's first call home during BEAST was to say how great it is. Since then, "Toolhune" has awaken and lives quite con- trary to his nick name. His humorous antics made him popular amongst all. He will X Ly be missed by many. V 11andba11,2, IICO-CAPTAIPIJQ Pis- tol,-4,5 CliRlSI'0PHERJ.M. SWEENEY I2lG2 Staten island, NY Economics l want to thank all ofmy friends for making life here easier, and perhaps even fun. But most of all, I want to send my love to my parents who always looked after me and cared as only a parent could. To my broth- ers, l wish the best and good luck. "The SweenDog" Big Brothers ,-4,5 S'IEP1'IENJOSEPliVANASKlE D2lG2 Williamsport, PA Civil Engineering After birth in Colorado Springs, Nasty pro- gressed to Cadethood in various locations across these United States. He can be de- scribed as the BMW driving skiier soccer player. He loves a Coke and a laugh almost as much as his wife to be, Adele. See you at the Hippodrome. JMO. Howitzer,4,51ASST-ED1,2fASST- 'f'l' 'fff EDJ, I IEinC2,- Ski lnslructon 4,5, 2, I g "H" ll Class Committee, 4,51 Photography I l n Seminar,4,5,' TE C, 2, I :fi - - 7' il I 1 JOE DAVID WEST JR I'I5lG2 Oklahoma City, OK Literature Joe is the kind of guy you want beside you in any situation. He is the best kind of friend, a true one. For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. -Philippians l :2 l Equestrian Team,4,5,2, IKCO-CAPTAIIYL' Naviga- tors,5,2,l I After a hectic morning, Steve Vanaskie awaits lunch in the Cadet Mess Hall. To ease the stress, Will Martin and a friend enjoy some lighthearted mo- ments at the First Class Club. WW' COMPANY CHAD EDWARD ALLEN B31 H2 Levittown, NY Management CHPAD There were only a few places that this Long Island boy could be found on a given day: at his house nearby, on the lacrosse field, or in my room. Always there to lend an ear, Chad is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Lacrosse, 4,.'5,2, I 070707 LZ. E Tr gas ROBERT KENT ALLISON F5lI'I2 Plano, TX Engr. Management llVlSEi Thank you to the friends l made while at West Point, to Jen, and to my family who provided me with the strength, courage, confidence, and love to make it through four years. Ringand Crest Committee, 4,.5, 2, I J Soccen 4fMAlYAGER2,5IlVIAIYAGERJ,2 1 KMAHA GERQ, IIMANAGERQ ,f Deg if -, -Hn:-uni . WILLIAM NELSONBROWNIII F4lI'l2 Augusta, CIA Human Factors Psychology Will was known for many things throughout his time as a cadet. Skydiving, guitar playing, and his incredible collection of Compact Disks being among the top, but perhaps the most important thing that he is known for is the good humor he shared that made WP more bearable. I LOVE YOU Mom, Dad, JoAnne. Officers Christian Fello wship, 2, I: Sport Parachute Team, 4-,5,2, I ,' Hop Bands, 2, I : Na vggators, 4,5 THOMAS MICHAEL COKBITT l3lH2 Westminster, MD Mech. Engr. fAeroJ 4- Q 'lllllllli' CECILWAYNE CULBRETHJR F2ll'l2 Little Rock, AR Electrical fComputer Engr. Wayne, the sexiest Budro in the company. How can one man epitomize Harry Connick Jr., Van Damme, and John Wayne? Every- thing that a woman wants but never one to forget his friends, Wayne has our respect for his character and our envy for his babes! Good Luck and Scouts Out! Zai Jin! E23 4' Big Brothers,4g Chinese Club,.3: A Lie'-ligw, Domesticflffairs Fomm,5, 2g Honor -' 'Q Committee,2,l JACOBEMANUELCKAWFORDIII EZLIH2 Covina,CA Management QHPA7 Jake is a great guy with a badjump shot. He's the father figure l always wish l had. Although he missed the mark on the court, he scored in life. A great friend who will bring many contributions to this world. AG Rangers lead the way. Best of luck. DT. aa ag Finance Forum,5,2p ORSA, I KVICE f I PRESIDENT? 'lllllllll' DENNISV ECLARIN Fil-lH2 Cagayan,Philippines History flntl!StratJ "Dream for your country." Marathon, 5, 2: Model UN, 5 JOHN DENVER CROSS C l H12 Des Moines, lA Management Upon his arrival from The Legion, John "Crossed Rifles" fit in quite well with the ideas of H-2. However, we never saw him because he was always on a staffsomewhere out in the Corps. And even when he was back we still didn'tsee him because he was always with Liz. Good luck, God loves the IH. FootbaII,4,5,- Tactics Club,4,.'5: Sandhurst,2, I KCAITAIIYJ CHARLESWILLIAMFRITZII Illl12 Harrisburg, PA Management KHPAJ lf at first you don't succeed, suck another seed. Outdoor'Iirack,4,.5,2, IKCO-CAPTAIHJ JZNXQ, xg fA SIMON JAVIER IIERNAEZ G2lH2 Fairfax, VA ElectricalfComputer Engr. After listeningto his Little Mermaid CD, watch- ing his Beauty and the Beast tape, and looking at his Spring Break Disneyworld pictures, you don't have to be a Starman to know that "Nerdez" is just a little kid with big muscles. And the boy-king of "Full Count" always wore a smile! KEOKI PAUL KUSANO A l I H2 Londonderiy, Nl-I Civil Engr. Life is a series of transitions: Al to H25 old corps to new corps: alternative to disco: old friends to new friends C7055 new corps to no corps. See Ya! Nordic Ski Team,.5,2, I: Officers Christian Fellow- ship,4,5,2 DOUGLAS MICHAEL KATZ G5lI12 East Grand Rapids , Ml Management Doug v. past tense of Dig. n. li A narcissist with the body of an adonis and the head of a cubscout. 23 A human torso. C59 Impressive young man with enough skeletons in his closet to preclude any attempts at a political future. 41 All-Around good Dude. 150119 Football, 4,- Rugby,.5, 2, 1 BRENT LEE LECHNER C5lI12 Nemacolin, PA Life Science "Why can't we all just get along" Peace!! 0 :QL-J I cz-Q.. C .3 . ee- an E MICIIAELEUGENE KISNERII DllII2 Charles Town, W V Environmental Engr. Whether it was Kiz, Kizzy, Vorpal or Earl, Mike will be remembered for his laid back ap- proach to West Point and dedication to par- tying and driving hard. But Mike will remem- ber his I 1 month stretch, endless debt, and Morgantown trips. He is a best man to one, friend to all. , Hop Committee, 4,51 Maratl1on,.5 DWIGHT JEROME PETERSJRA I lH2 Dayton, OH Elect1icalEngr. CPhys Eleci "The ends you serve that are selfish will take you no further than yourself, but the ends you serve that are for all, in common, will take you even to eternity. Marcus Garvey ContemporazyAffairs Seminary 45.2, I : Fo0tbalL 4: Team Handball, 2, I J MICHAEL ROSE JR G21 H2 Tacoma, WA Computer Science As a CiatorYUK and in H-2, J has made a lasting impression. Known for his love of sports and for Jennifer, he could always be found hoop- ing, boxing fLet's Get Ready to Rumbleli, or arguing. J always took things in stride, even jokes on rainfall in Washington. We'll miss his great personality! i lim In vit. X Hsfyz fn In -Qi- TIMOTHY JUNGS00 SHIN G4ll'l2 West Memphis, AR Systems Engr. Tim is most famous for his love of women and hatred of Nazis. As a cadet, he could always be found talking on the phone, brushing his hair, or driving to Boston. We'll never forget Tim's famousone-liners and teeth- grinders. Yes, there is only one T. Shin. DoooOOOOooohhhHH!l! Korean American Relations Sem1?12u34,5,2fSECREI'ARl9, I KPRESIDEJFWJ Finance Forum, 4: Pla vigators, 46: Chi- nese CIub,2 llllllll JOANNEELIZABETH SCHELL H5ll'l2 Petaluma, CA Computer Science Jwanne! With an unabashed "hello" for all, Joanne is always the friendliest of friends. As a busy computer guru and team handball enthusiast, she still finds time for "a lift" and a chat with a confidant. With candor and a sense of adventure, Joanne enters the world and prom- W ises benevolence. Team Handball, 4, 5.2, I : Latter-Day Saints StudentAssociation,4,5,2, I ERIC CHRISTOPHER SILVER H I lfI2 Kerryville , TX Management QHPAD There are only three rules to live by. Once you figure them out let me know. Look out world, I am going to go boom at the top of my lungs every thirty seconds. Bam! ADDlC,.5,2, 1 ,'DomesticAffairs Forum,-4: Rugby,4 PAUL DORSEY SHERMANJR A111112 Bedford, VA Literature I came in as an Apache and left Happy As Hell. What more could I ask for? Thanks to all of those who helped me enjoy the good times and withstand the bad, l'll see you all in the Land of the BDU's. 150113 FootbalI,5, 2, l g Protestant Chapel Ushen 4,5 'llllllll' PAUL FRANCIS SUTTER D l lH2 Ionia, MI Economics flvlathematicalb A true Spartan, Paul was never at a loss for words-especially confrontational ones. Be- sides being a good talker, Paul was an espe- cially good listener and an even better friend. Never forget "Sugar Ray"Mammel, Admin. nights, PJ, burnout, or my bad luck. Friends forever- MEK 2. , Class Committee,-f,.5,2, lp Mara- l I9 I in Q. 4 I4i'x thong,ouzaoor1rac1f,4rMAN,4- f - J , oem A541 lg? ROBERT MATITIEW SWISHERC l ll'I2 Pleasant Plain,OH Environmental Engr. Although we've been through hell and back again, Swish is always there for another trip. His B-day parties, small town spirit, and laid- back attitude will always be remembered. Master of animal noises, we always know Swish will take care of us. We'll always love Swish and value his friend- ship. SHANE RIDER WARD D41 H2 Titusville, FL Computer Science Shane never loved West Point. He never thought he would make it to graduation. But with the support of a caring family, great friends, and his high school sweetheart he made it. His best memories are the Navy's B- weekends, and New Year's nights spent with close friends. Indoor Track,4: Outdoor Track, 4 DOUGLAS JEFFREY TAYLOR E4ll'l2 Burke, VA Mathematical Sciences DOUG TAYLOR, need l say more! An awesome athlete, a funny guy, a faithful friend, and my pal. He'll be the perfect father for the ten children he and his fiancee Shall have. My first . impression of Doug was one -J" ' of shock, but in the last four years we have grown to be the best of friends. Pipes and Drums, 2: WKD11 4, 5, 2, I ,- Rite Christian Initiation of Adults, I TIMOTHY ANTON WEBER B41 H2 Cxainsville, FL Life Science Tim has a hard time deciding whether to be a lover or a fighter. tPianist or Rugby player? Ranger school or Med school? Ladies or the Louvre?J Even if he never decides, he'll still be the greatest, and after four years of good Army training he's pretty close to being both. Crew, 4,' Flying Club, .5,- Mountain Bike Club, 1: Rugby,2 JAMESDUANEVICKREYII C2lI'I2 Prattville, AL Military Art!Science Duane came to us as a wide-eyed Army brat with an uncanny knowledge of the military and military history. Since then, he's only accumulated more information useless to most. Just don't dispute him! He knows his stuff and is destined for bigger and better things. Good Luck! Portuguese Club, 5,' Rit7e,4: Skeet and Trap, 2, lfliendo, I TERRI ANN WISE G5lH2 Burke, VA Management QHPAD What can l say? Terri is a very unique person. You can always come to her when something is not going your way. I will always remember her for her laughter, sympathy, and even her stubborness. Cross Country, 4,51 Indoor Track, 4,.5,- Outdoor Track,4,5: Womens La- cmsse,2,I CHRISTINE DIANE ZERANICK B2lH2 Baden, PA Civil Engr. Chris' humility and work ethic won her tre- mendous success and recognition from the tactical department and, more importantly, to her classmates and friends: Through the trials of cadet experience, she showed the courage ofa lion yet the disposition ofa lamb. Essayonsl Racquetball, 2, 1 I VICE PRESIDENDQ 99 -fy Catholic Choin 4f Pep Band, 4,5 W, Members of H2 celebrate after they receive their diplomas on Gradu- ation Day. Nwvxuvvl ml C767 . COMPANY tr ' ml. , EKIK JON AASTERUD F l lI2 Richardson, TX German! Russian Refusing to accept the "Spartan" lifestyle, AST RO never failed to surprise us with his wild antics. Whether this avid nordic skier ends up playing cavalry in Germany or skiing across Canada, he will surely make life alittle more interesting and rewarding for all who encounter him. German CIub,4,.3,2, I: Nordic Ski Team,5,2, I : Survival Games,4,5, 2, I DOUGLASJOHNBOHREKJK A4112 Sea Ciirt, NJ Management lVI,D,J,M, I never could have done it without you. I love you. To my friends still here and those who aren't, thanks for the memories-I will never for get you: Kev!Pete!BulI great roomies. Lance,Rich,PauI,Steve you guys are the best--Anny baseball will never be the same, 1can't believe I did it. Peace! American Culture Seminar,4,5,' Baseball, 4,5,2, I fCAPTAIIY2 , ,. ROBERT ALLEN BOKCHERDING E2ll2 Chino Hills, CA Political Science flntll "I can do all things through Him who strength- ens me." - Philippians 4:15 IYavigator5,4,5,2, I ,' Sandhurst, 4, 5, 2, I ULI I-ll-I PETER JOSEPH CARROLL F5112 Claremont, HH Leadership Ensure that yourjob and your responsibilities are taken with the utmost degree of serious- ness, for the welfare ofothers depends upon your dedication. Do not however, take your- self too seriously: for you are no more impor- tant than those whose trust is placed upon your shoulders. Oflicefs Christian Fellowship, I JAMES JOSEPH DUTHU I5l I2 Harvey, LA Computer Science tlnfo Sysl From Beast to Buckner, from Plebe to Yearling year, from l-5 to H-4 to E-1 to I-2, it has been one long journey. Thank God it's over. l 50lb Football, 4: ADDIC, 2, l g Rugby,.'5p Special Olym- piCS,5 sf' , PETER EUGENE DARGLE Blkl I2 Cazenovia, NY History tlvlilitaryl Goals. Some are realistic. Some aren't. You gotta bust your butt to find out. One things for sure, life preys on one-dimensional play- ers. Thanks to the "boys" on the team that made it all possible. To my friends, both here and gone, take care. To my family, my deepest gratitude. HARD St SMART Class Committee, 495, 2, I ,' Fellow- ship ofChristian Athletes, 2, I z Soc- cer, 4, 5, 2, I JAMES WILLIS JACKSON II I1 1 lI2 Rochester, NY Computer Science JASON KYLE DEMPSEY I 1 l I2 Jefferson, MO Pol. Sci. lAmericanJ "Molded in granite? Or casting the Mold? Such are Questions of Self-Sufficiency and, necessarily, individuality." From Argentina to the Pentagon- and many questions still remain unanswered. And now, without an- swers. off to search for the "overwhelming question..." Big Brothers , 4: Contemporary Affairs Seminar, I,' Domestic AF fairs Forum,5,2, IKCICL' Drill Team,4,' Freestyle Wrestling,4,' ADDlC,2 AMY DAWN JUDD E 1 lI2 Laguna Vista, TX FAS tLatin Americal Amy was a true friend to all in every sense of the word, whether it be helping a pal in need or lending out her car to some poor yearling. She never let any one down. Ifyou need her just go no further than her significant other's room, she can almost always be found there. ,fi JEFKEYJOHN MCCONIHAY C2112 Battle Creek, Ml Individual Psych. Jeff McConihay epitomizes the ideal cadet. Cool and level-headed, a friend to all, Jeff follows in the footsteps of Patton. Few men in history have made as profound effect upon the Academy and Army as this brave young man has. As he departs his legacy will continue forever. Big Brothers ,4,5: Judo,5,' Naviga- tors, 2, I ,- OCE4, 5: Protestant Chapel . L4 SundaySchool Teachers, 4.2, 1: Scout- masters Council, 4,5 KENNETH T. MENO JR B l I I2 Killeen, TX Economics Clvlathi hen, how that Boy could sing! He miracu- lously increased his pitch thanks to Saran Wrap! The man who payed more attention to video games and girls, than to homework or the conversation you were having with him! Ken was a great friend. Here's to plastic balls, Chamorro Spirits, and BIG GUNS! CCC, 4,5: Glee Club,5,2, I :T EC,2,' GRoUPTOHEs,2rCO-CAPTAIIYJ, 1 I C O-CA PT A IN lf Barbarian Order of YoungStuds,4,5,2, I MICHAEL PAUL MCELRATH E2ll2 Lemoyne, PA Mech Engr. tMech Sys! These past four years have come and gone, and together we have made it happen. I would like to thank Mom, Dad, Lar, Jay, Jen, my I5 Senior teammates, and the rest of the boys forall the greattimes. "BOOM!!" Enough of you-back to me!! Later-Bye!!!! MAC Fellowship of C hristian Athletes, 'it' 'ffr' 4,5, 2, 1,-roorba1l,4,5,2, 1 rco 'H' CAWAIHQ CHARLES M. MERRIMONII C5ll2 Ellettsville, IN Civil Engineering An indiana boy, you could always count on CM for a quick smile or a pickup basketball game. Although West Point identified him as an emerging leader, CM never lost perspec- tive, nor took himself too seriously. All his hard work in civil engineering will pay off in the Engineers. Aloyal friend. 'fi' 'fff' Baskerbailn nu.: I JAMES AIDAN MCINERNEY C5H2 Spring Lake Heights, NJ Economics tMath7 "We are not in life to test the waters but to make waves." Good Luck '93 in everything you do. GO COCKS!! GO MOOSE!! Catholic Cadet CatechisLs,5,' finance Forum,5,2, If VICE- PRESlDEIYT2p Honor Committee,5,2, If Staff and Ush- ers,4 ul.l up DAVID MICHAEL MOGA Fl l I2 St Paul, MN Mech Engr. tAutoJ Too numerous to mention are the names of family and friends who have pulled me out ofmy troughs and pushed me up to my peaks over the last four years. l thank you with all my heart, and wish you Joy and peace. Thanks Mom! GO MOOSE!!! German Club,2,l,' Survival GameS,4,5.2, I ERIC ANTHONY NORD C51 I2 Rockledge, FL Geography tlinv Sciencej Friends made these last four years memo- rable, if not always fun. To all the Moosers, old Cocks, and everyone else who helped make this place bearable: Thank you, l'll never forget you! Last but not least, J. Shelby, we finally made it. ,I 5.1! MARKSHANNON PARKER H4112 Fort Lauderdale, FL Economics iMathi If you know Mark you know to be wary when he's around. You can never tell what might happen next. Mild Mannered to most, friends knew the truth behind the man. Older than most Mark was the big brother, known as Pappy. that everyone looked to for friendship and support. Orienteering, 4,'Equesti1an Team,5 lat THOMAS ALLEN RIDER II C l 1I2 Troy, NY History IIntl!Strategicl From the Crusaders to the Moose, EZ Rider was a trusted friend and loyal classmate. He was always there when you needed a friend. After a summer with the Tropical Lightning, he knew the MP's was the place for him. Tom will make the world a better place someday behind the badge. Tactics Club, 4,5 ALDOPHUS S. ROBERTS H5112 Valley, AL Military History An Alabama boy, Shirrell believed in il:'s not where you are at that matters, but where you are going. ROLL TIDE! KEVIN HUGHES REILLY A51 I2 New Rochelle, NY Management QHPAD "Yeapl I said it before and l'll say it again, life moves fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it!"-Ferris "Whoever said it doesn't matter whether you win or lose probably lost!"-JJ Thanks to the home team and my family, I couldn't have done it without you. Basketball, 4, 5: Fellowship ofCh1isf tian Athletes, 4,5 VERONICA R. ROBERTSON A5112 Martinsville, VA Leadership "YOU CAN DO ALL THING THROUGH CHRIST IF YOU ONLY ASK AND BELIEVE. " My last four years have been quite an experience. I have learned many things about myself and what I believe in. All my friends will agree, I have grown to be quite a determined and opinion- ated person. CA5,4,5,21CIC2,I1ClC1: Cross Count1y,4,5,21CAPTAIHJ,' Gospel Choir,4,5,2, IISECRETARYL ln- door Track,4,5,2g Outdoor Track,4,5 KATIIIJEENMICHELLERUIVIELY D4ll2 Granger, IN French Katie came to West Point expecting summer camp on the Hudson. Though dismayed at Hrst, her vibrant personality, biting sense of humor, and sensitivity made her a success. Katie always said what was on her mind lusually chocolatel. Above all, Katie was a true friend. Tennis, 4-,5,2 STEPHEN BARRETT SMITH A2112 Vernonia, OR Env. Engineering "God fights on the side with the best Artil- lery." -Napoleon Marathon,2 ANDREW PETER SMITII I1 l I I2 Plymouth, MA FrenchfSpanish Andy's interests varied from languages and traveling the world, to sports, to dogs, to winning women's hearts. Andy was deter- mined not to let West Point interfere with enjoying life. Quick with a laugh, often at himself, Andy was a splash of color in an otherwise grey place. to Q A true friend. Team Handball, 5, 2, I: Class Commit- tee, 4,5 DAVID ALLEN SPANGLER D ll I2 Mifflinburg, PA Env. Engineering "By nothing do men show their character more than by the things they laugh at." - Goethe...Dave, the strong, silent type, must have had lots of character since he had a knack of making things turn out for the better with a smile on his face Cexcept ifyou were a 'J il plebe boxing opponent.7 Football, 4: Rugby,.5 KEVIN MARTIN SMITH BSII2 Greenwich, CT Env. Engineering "Beaker" was no stranger to Plebes, dictio- naries, and the Area, in that order. When not stressing over a design, WPR, or a 10 point WRIT, he could be found collecting various football trophies. He always saw the lighter side of issues but hisjokes will be missed by none. "Follow Me!" Staff and Ushers, 4 MAREK RAFAL STOBBE F2l I2 Southfield, Ml Mech. Engr. llvlech Sys? After easily overcoming Flebe Year--only 7 4th class boards and Plebe English--Marek began counting the days to this well-deserved Eirstie Year. Along the way, he made a few lifelong friends, and after enjoying a sweet gradua- tion, he vowed to return to the Point NET five years later. French Club,5: Ring and Crest Committee, 2, I BRENT ALAN THOMSEN H3112 Moline, IL Elec. Engr lElec Sysi lt takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man. sf Q sk CHARLOTTE LE ANN TOBIN D21 I2 Buena Park, CA Pol. Sci. flntl Relationsi O.K. M, D Sr S you can breathe now, l'm finished! l Luv U, To all those who believed in me, thankyou from the bottom ofmy heart. Most of all...Thank you God! Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 4,5,2, I:Softball,4,5, I I 117 on i wit , 5 'X' by In lg? JASON JOSEPH YOUNG H4112 Ketchikan, AK Management CHPAJ To his friends, Jake was known as "Sweet Boy". l-low he graduated is a miracle known only by God. But his most intelligent state- ment was "Carry on Troop!": to a Major. If Jake wasn't sleeping, then he was walking- 280hrs worth. You could always count on Jake for a good storyfBear Storyl. Chinese Club,4,5,2,' Judo,4,5 g Graduating members of I2 listen intently to President Clinton's speech and eagerly await receiving their di- plomas. M9 7? 1 if is :4 m 75 he Z 2 he z fi 1 , he fi 1 , Q, AV A 1 SQ. i ELWQ X 'Q ' if Q I ' MMM ff Enya, ' my ' AL""'mWwMff, ' ,SQ at . ,, if Y A 1 I I . s J if-Q K, QA? . r , ,ev :v,V N ig -, if , gf 4 .1 V 9 ff 5- Q . ,fm ' hh -f f 5 , Z K, , K , . if ' m . f f 'fl ' K , 5 W kg Q W W ,, wg V Y el W ' J 5 if 5 - V! V ff. 'L o W 1 It Q35 3' Q3 t N fa: 'M 'fgglgs . g fl R 'y iz Sf X F V F52 gg -r 5 iv p Lg . Q5 gb f 2 -1' 152' 1 'W' 'W' ' . K Mm , 1- -,W , wild' 'E' 1 . ,. is , , g 3 f v we any. , f NV -151355 pn . Via 4, K" figs 11. 4 ' ,xx , , , , . WEEE? V ffbfasf .Q A ffimqse mf Y- A Q 'J 4 iffxwxfx ' Q Q Q . .iw pledge, like Emma! COMPANY - -- A 1 fl F5 PHILLIP JAMES DEVRIESII F3lA5 Ludington, Ml History llvlill "Well, we've had the devil's own day today." - General Sherman at Shiloh "Yep, Lick 'em tomorrow though," General Grant's Response Phil has wanted to be in the military since long before West Point, the costs have been high, but God is finally granting him his wish. Staff and Ushers,4,5: Wargames Committee,-4,.5,2, I DWIGHT ELLIOTT FRASER l'I2lA5 Chesapeake, VA Management fl-lPAl Frase, Flavor, Flav .... lwas called many differ- ent names by many different people, Hope- fully l had a positive effect on the lives of all the people l made contact with. Thanks to everyone who made myjourney fun - one day l'll look back and say it was well done. God Speed- Basketball,4,.5 MARK LEE DOTSON A l I A5 Lakeland, FL Political Science Clntl.l "Compromise and Chicken are both found in the dictionary under 'C'."-James Childress When he was conscious, Blackie was a dedi- cated friend and leader, though he was occa- sionaiiy overly tenacious with his opinions right or wrong. French Club,5,2, l,' Rugby,4 ANNAIVIARIAHABERZEITL F3lA3 Westbury, NY Environmental Engr. "Never let it rest, unless your Good is Better, and your Better is Best." Lacrosse, 5, 2, I Powerlifting,4,' Staffand UsherS,4,5 JAMES MCNEILL EFAW E21 A5 Charleston, WV Psychology gy ULJ GERARDHENNIGAN ESIAS Allison Park, PA Pol. Sci, CIntl.l Well, there are two words that describe Gerry,..lNTlilNlSE MASOCHIST. Gary will be remembered as the guy who truly gave his blood, sweat, and tears to the team lalong with his kneel. Gary epitomizes the meaning of a best friend, as he was always there through the good and the bad. MOLE ' , xg Wrestling 4,5,2, l:Free5lyle Wres- Ns. fling 4,5,2, 1: Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes 4, 5, 2, I X. ,- A 12- ox ,iq 'f' 1 x ?? MATTHEW 0 HENNIGAN A5 Johnsburg, lL Management Always sacrihcing himself for his company and friends, Matt was the ideal team player. He left his marks in athletics and in the memories of his friends who worked and played with him. A true fellow without any enemies, we know 'hamsteri will succeed wherever he goes. JAOQUELINEMARIEKALATA B2lA3 Bethlehem, PA Foreign Area Studies From a Bulldog who didn't know what an M- 14 was that first day of Beast to Animal House CO, Jackie has endured West Point with a constant smile and a Ranger spirit! Here's to life with her infantry man and in the Medical Service Corps! Cross Country,4,- Hop Committee,-4p Model UN, 4, 5,2,' Russian Club, 4,5,2, I TYRONEBENJAMININGOJR lllA3 Lake Geneva, WI Environmental Engr. No matter how bad things were going, Ty could always make you laugh about them. He was always there to lend an ear even if he was having problems of his own t"l swear l'm gonna fail!"J. Although his sense of humor is on the odd side, he'll always make you smile. Hmmi lmouth closed! Fig g g Meaiac1lrb,5,2,-.squashream,4,5 DEANJUN KIM l'I l IAS N. Hollywood, CA Pol. Sci. CAmencanJ Dean will be remembered as a guy whojust got the job done without a lot of talking. When things started to get rough and others were making excuses why they could not help you out or accomplish the mission, Dean was standing next to you ready to help. Korean American Relations Semi- nan4,5g Havigators, 2: Tennis, 4 STEVEN LEE ISENHOUK E I I A3 Groton, CT American Legal System "You must stand by your friend and share your country's danger." lf ever anyone shot off at the mouth without thinking it was Steve, but when it came time to work-he was the go- to man. "Come here you." ADDIC, 4 JEROME X D5lA3 Bryan. TX Leadership Studies Dingo was a BIG football player who cared about all the little people,even while he was sizing them up for the window. He tormented many a roommate with his snore-ation, but left a lasting impression on us all as a Gentle Giant. Q31 JQSEI ffm Iii .2 .fa X SEAN DUNCAN SIMPSON D5lA3 Laguna Hills, CA Management There once was a man named Simpsone, whose area shoes really shone, from the Lengthy Bizarre Trip, where he let his tongue slip, the area could not change his tone. Simpsman, the kid with the smallest melon in the club, could always be counted on foragood laugh. l give all my love. Lacrosse,4,5:Rugby,5,2, I DAVID BLAKE STRINGER D2lA3 Gadsden, AL Mechanical Engr. tAerol As the Brigade Morality Officer during cow and yearling year, through an unstable ex- girlfriend, a couple of swimmers, and S 1000 from Mom, "Shlake" finally found happiness driving 400 miles EVERY weekend to UVA. Crew,4,5 DAVID JOHN SLIVKA JK C l I A5 Nuernberg, Germany Geography "Fear was my catalyst. lt was the desire to get through all those things-I kept saying, Okay, this is hard, but l'm going to make it-that kept me going."-MADONNA. Slik's best friend told him during BEAST," Non llligitimus Carburundumf' and theydidn't. Lincoln, thanks for the premature scramble! 150lb Football, 4: Big Brothers , 4: Judo,5,2, l,'SAIYDHUR5'l12, IKCICQ JEFFERY JAMES TLAPA A21 A5 Phoenix, AZ Geography Studies lMC8rGJ The most dangerous weapon is your mind. . .keep it honed to razor sharpness with positive mental attitude.-LJT Pistol!!-,5,2,' SCUSA,4,5 MARK STEVEN SNY DER B I IAS Olmsted Twp, OH Mechanical Engr. The story begins with the days of Beast and "Flash". Currently, only eight short of a century. Baseball was good, but other activi- ties were calling. Ft. Hood? Virginia Clt's only five hours awayl? Who would have thought. Stranger things have happened! Baseball, 4.5: Staff and Ushers, 4 ZACHAKYLEONARDVENEGAS F4lA5 Waverly, NY Arabic !Portuguese You gotta live hard to be hard. Arabic Language Club, 4,5,2, fVPl, I IPRESIDENT1 DEVIN ARTHUR WEIL G l IAS Gresham, OR Environmental Science There once was a man from Greshamfwho ran but the dean did catch himftle earned the Weaver tabfGave Q.B.ing a stabfand branch- ing Aviation seemed slim. Divine, Wheel, Skinny Fat-kid, these names apply to our fave Oregonian, who kept on truckin' through it all with a knowing smile. Mountaineer1ngClub,.5,2 DAVID GAKTII WILLIAMS F51 A5 Burley, ID Economics CMSED Davejoined the Class of 1995 from the class of 1991 after taking a couple years off to sewe a mission for the LDS Clvlonnonl Church in Taiwan. Between studying Economics and trying his hand at various scholarships, Dave has had fun with friends, especially his lady, Miss Christina Reid. HI-I UI-J , Latter-Day Saints Studentflssocia- ' tion, 4, 5, 2, I: Scoutmasters Coun- cil,4,2, If SCUSA, I,- Chinese Q Club, 2, I ,jf 5 as 'fgxtgk V qw at ', ,Ax is '!'i".1-QW' M 1' A 3 if -army A 1 2 . ' 1 W' 7? ., M" m , - 9 Q, it lg: i. ..., Sean Simpson shares an enlighten- Blake Stringer hugs a company- ing conversation with COL Massey mate after receiving his diploma on and his family at the Superintendentls Graduation Day. Reception during Graduation Week. cwvclclfo . JOSEPH F. BRADLEY JK IlllB5 Rocky Hill, CT Mechanical Engr. 4Aerol Aerorama, the Flying Brick-inator, The Man with no hair who racks a lot. Ten THOUSAND Dollars! Joe - you have always been a great guy and a good friend, don't go changing. "Never tell people how to do things, tell them what todo and they will surprise you with their ingenuity" -Patton Hop Committee,4,.5,2, I :Scout- masters Council,-4,.5, 2, I SCHAWN LAMONT BRANCH F2153 Petersburg, VA Management CHPAJ "l have tasted victory and defeat! From them both I have become a man better than those that have not tasted either." BOU keep it strong. "IO" Out!! 150111 Footba1l,4,5,2,I:Contemporary Affairs Semina1:4,5,2, i iCiCi JEFFREY ALAN DEAN A4153 Circleville, OH Life Science "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart" Psalm 57:4 Thanks to everyone at home and at West Pointwho encouraged me to stick itout. lam glad I stayed! Thanks especially to my par- ents and the Lord for their .153 ' fjdg, love and guidance through W? the years! fl 5ana,4,5,2,1fnavigaz0rs,5,2,iffmr- it estantChape1Choin4f Health Profes- sions Sociely,2, IICICJ JAMES QARSONIII HUB5 Mt Pleasant, SC Engr. Mgmt QMSEJ l'le's wild: he's hip: he's happening! This is totally sarcastic of course. Rusty is a dude known for his calm, serene and shy personal- ity and his inability to get into trouble. Cer- tainly with this personality he will offset the FA officer Corps. Cro Big Guns. Go A-man. Go Rustylll Baseball.4,5 AARON PHILIP GORDON H11-fB5 Washington, DC Management With a firm trust in God and 'a constant smile. Aaron overcame many obstacles to reach graduation. His love for the Gospel choir was only matched by his love for sewing the Lord. A true friend and a fierce competitor, Aaron will do great things -just don't go swimming! FootbaI1,4,.5: Gospel Choin 4,5,2 IVICDPRESIDBN73, IIPRESIDEIYD JAMESWILLIAMCROSSLEY D5lB3 Monticello, AR Elec.Engr. 4Computer7 Aristotle once remarked that the more he knew, the more he realized how little he knew. Having studied electrical engineering, I can truly understand what he meant. With that, l bid farewell my alma mater and my little grey cell. I Crew,4,.5,2 -X ,I , 132. gi U " Ll,-i Court will Pointe GEORGE STEVEN HEGEDUS A l lB5 Arlington Heights, TX Life Science When the going gets toughmlaugh, laugh, and laugh again. This sums up George's per- sonality. He earned the name BOGUS through his continual pursuit of humor here. Never at a loss to make ajoke and always ready to help out a friend. "Thanks Mom, Dad, and G4B!" Go Bandits! ESOBG! Nordic Ski Team,5,2,' Pointen 4,5 KASST EDIT ORL2 IASST -EDITORQ, I IEDITORL- Ring 8r Crest Cmte,4,5,2, I: 100th lYightShow, I 1 0 r . ,Za l Mxli.- 5' v THOMAS ROBERT HUSTEAD G 1 IBS Londonderry, NH Life Science "l have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, l have kept the faith" From start tDevin 8: Steve? to end tR.J. 6: Davey with the support of my bros fDano Br Donnyi, family, friends, and, of course, Cheri 120!oJ I have completed this race and now l continue to press on toward the goal! Young Life,5,2,I KCICI: TEC, 4.5.2, I :Catholic Representative, . 5,2lClC1,1IClC2 ..,-5" ' "-ing I ffl-G" i i" SONKI HONG C5155 San Diego, CA Mathematical Sciences "Work Hard, Play Harder!" -these words show real insight into Sonki's character. While he is an extremely dedicated worker, he is also a super friend who always enjoys a good time. Good luck, buddy! Domesticflffairs Fomm.3,' French Club, 4,- Judo, 5,21 Korean American Relations Seminar,4,5,2, If Media Club,2,' Triathlon,2,I WKD714 RAYMOND TYLER JONES H5185 Gig Harbor, WA Systems Engineering How this place transforms youngimpression- able minds.. Remember your friends and your enemies from here. Remember the good times, and especially the bad times. And remember Raymond. A policy of vio- lence guides him now. ISOIIJ Football,-4,5,2,I: Indoor Track,2, I 1 Outdoor T rack,2, I KRISTEN CHARLES HULL Gil-IB5 Newark, DE Environmental Engr. Kris never lost his personality or individual- ism through this whole ordeal. Even though his heart was elsewhere he stuck it out and kept his friends on their toes and gave us some one to laugh with. Tailgates, Springbreaks , Tri-betas, -the Brotherhood- Road trips. See you when we see you-PEACE. X Ringand Crest Committee, I YALE FITZ LEVIN C21 B5 Livingston, NJ Environmental Engr. "Your success will be made possible through the extremes of your personality-the same extremes that will make for campfire satire and legendary stories." Attila the HunfWess Roberts, Ph.D. ADDlC,5,2, 1 1CHAlRMANlg Hop Committee,4,.3KSEC- RETARY2,ZKVICE-CHAIRMANJ, E mm , I IVICE-CHAIRMAIYI: SCUSA,4,' I-Qi, ArmorTact1cs,4,5,2, IICIC1 6qLI"""Ll,,i TINALORETTAMARIEJOHNSDZIBS Eastlake, OH Pol. Sci. tlntl.l Great times, Great memories, Great friends- l can't say the Academy did nothing for me, A lot of love and thanks to my family and friends, you definitely helped the four years pass more quickly. By the way, what did the grape say when the elephant stepped on it? J' vu geKZ'5,32g Big Brothers ,4,.5,' French Nd? U , , has , Yue PAUL STEPHEN PERRY A21 B5 Mt. Pleasant, PA Human Factors Psych "Learn as if you were to live forever, live as if you were to die tomorrow"-W-J. Wooden. Perry Connick, Jr, doesjust that. Known as a man who drives women crazy, esp. Jennifer or at least he thinks, his life is a technique. Pauly, "A" master, is a great friend to all. Good luck, Ace! BS5rL Seminar, I ,'Baseba1I, 4,5,2 , I p Catholic Squad,4,5,2, I: Brigade Boxing Open, I MICHAEL C. 0'BRIEN G4lB5 Fairfax Station, VA Management QHPAJ Flirty and quick, this agile little fellow made his way around WP most of the time running. Whoah!!! Called O'B on most occassions, he is often kidded about his shortness, But we all know he makes up for it in his heart, Kill 'em all!!! Peace, Love, outta here!!! Lacrosse,4,51 Class Commit- tee,2, I JOSHUA JON POTTER ESIBS Coos Bay, OR History tIntl.fStrategic3 Always remember-W "Who dares, wins." Fellowship of Christian Athletes,4,5: Football,-HMAIYAGERJ: Karate,5,' Strength Team,5: Law Enforcement Tactics Club, I I l -IW-Q L NXQ. I4 . -f 1 9 it JASON JON OTTIVIAN Fl IBS Columbus, OH Operations Research I came to West Point not knowing what to expect: Ohio was never like this. After four years, l found an institution l couldn't stand filled with people who are priceless. l'm gonna miss all of you guys, and i hope to see you someday out in the Army , for maybethe civilian worldli. 't' w 1: ,esyr BS6rL Seminar,2fCatholic Cadet CateChiSLS,4:ORSA TIMS, 2, I ERIC RICHARD Evansville, IH Sealy was usually be out chairs his tances. A true will be a fine bered as a priceless 100th Nite Weekend! live Finance Forum,5,2: Mechani' cal Engineering C1ub,2 JENNIFER LISETTE SNIDER C3153 Westmont, IL Arabic!French Drill Team, 4,.'5,2 SCOTT C. TOMPKINS lil!-IBB Brookfield, CT Spanish,'German To quote Buck and Merchant, "These are the days you might fill with laughter until you break." Yes, l agree that this is one humor- ous place. As I prepare at last to leave my beloved Alma Mater, I finally hear Stipe's words ring true: "Put your hair back f You get to leave." 'llllllll' JAMES WILLIAMTAYLOR All-IB3 Pinellas Park, FL American Legal Sys. A.K.A. 'BULL'. To all my friends from A-4 and B-5 when you read thisjust think of all the good times we had. I want to thank my family and friends for helping me graduate, because everyone knows l needed all the help I could get. See ya, PEACE!! GO BIG GUNS!!! Baseball, 4, .3 TODD MICHAEL WEIDOW F2133 Kane, PA American Legal System The strongest man ever to roam this for- tress, Weeds was also the most loyal friend and brother any man could have. His cool head and composure have saved us all more times than can easily be counted. His strength of body, mind, and spirit will ,AGR make him great. God bless ON him. 4 4x52 PowerIifl:ing,3,2, I ICICI: Strength Team, 2, 1 : Indoor Track, 4 ALLEN'lTi0lVlAS'lTllESSEND2lB3 Panama City, FL Mgmt. Studies CHPAJ They say that it's not over until the fat lady sings, well let me tell you that lady better be singing because it is OVER. Having had the complete cadet experience Big Al was still able to leave these grey walls with his de- mented humor and a little bit of sanity... not bad for an old man huh?! ADDIC, I 1 Big Brothers, 4,5, 2, If Lacrosse,4: Ring and Crest Committee,4,5,2, I ERIC HIAPO WOJTKUN l3lB3 Lebanon, NH History tMilitaryJ Wojo always seemed on the run...to band, to church, to Al or someplace other than the rack. His band nickname "The King of Sax' always turned a few heads. By filling his days with activities and friends he managed to enjoy his time at West Point, but the Army is the real place to be! Huah! Catholic Folk Group, 4 l CICL3, 2, I I CIC I: Band, 4,3 CSECRETARYI: Staff and Ushers, 4,.5,- TEC,2, 1 p I 00th Night' Sho W, I use-2 Els: Wm COMPANY A 1 ICS Civil Engineering Always ready with a cheery smile and a smart fnever tackyll remark, Sherri will be remem- bered most for her true friendship and her cookies from Mom. Her future couldn't be ighter, especially with Steve Cl told youil by her side. Best of luck, Chicken! Airborne! Huah! thahall Catholic Chapel Choin 4: Ring and Crest Committee,2, 1 ' L 'C l-AZ Y F W ISMIL JONATHAN KEITH ALT G4lC5 Crestview, FL Engr. Mgmt. CMSED Jonny Alt, more commonly known as "The Altster", could always be found in one of 2 places-in his room studying or in the gym getting pumped.Known to be a hard worker, Jon always gave his best. His quiet, reserved demeanor, coupled with his native accent, made him a true Southern gentleman. -RCB Big Broth ers ,5, 2: Powerlimng, 4: Protestant Chapel ChoiL4 Cv --L... RICHARD CARL BELLJR H2lC5 Wetumpka, AL Math Sciences HARDCHARGER! That's the word that best describes Rich Bell. Whetherit was "develop- ing" plebes, conducting inspections, study- ing for exams, or pumping iron, Rich did it with intensity and gave l 10010. GO INFANTRY! "1Thanks Mike D.-:lf you're reading this, "Hey Davidson, Lock lt Upl"V JudO,2, I: CPRC,5,2, I JAMES HARRIS BUSH JR E-fl-ICS Blue Springs, MO Environmental Engr. "l'm from Missouri" fWDV 18999 -"Plot Kan- sas!" Ji said often, But in the end it really didn't matter because Jim finally made his point in all our lives over the years. Always with an open ear, empty mug, and eager to lead the way! GO NAKED COCKS!! JOHNCONRAD F4lC5 Decatur, Al Chemistry Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way ofsinners...But his delight is in the law of the Lord tPsalms 1:1-23, A strong Christian who "speaks his mind" in a simple, straight- forward manner, Chris has done the Lord's work while continuing to be a good cadet. CPRC I ,' HonorCommittee .5,2, I ,' Triathalon 4,.5,' Hop Committee 4,5,2, I: ChiAlpha 2, I. DANIEL MILLER CAREY A l I C5 Potsdam, NY Sociology Known to most of his close friends fthe Hockey Teamj as Barney, Dan's one of the best - on and off the ice. Though Plebe Year in A-l QBSOBCU :Sr academics gave him a rough start, Dan excelled in being a great friend, We know Dan has success written in his playbook with Kath by his side. - Hockey,-4,32 MICHAEL L. DAVIDSON II l I C5 Moore Haven, FL Ind. Psychology MIKE D.- Over the past four years the D has stood for Dedicated, Demanding, Deter- mined, Devoted, and Dependable. Mike has served as an example of how to walk with God in the midst ofthe storm. His uncompromis- ing faith in Ciod is always refreshing in this fickle world. Thanks for the things you have given to the Class of 952 lCor 15:58. I 50 Football 4,.3: Na vigators 4,51 Chi Alpha 2, I: Gospel Choirll, 5, 2. KERRY STILES CECIL C21 C5 Bardstown, KY History tU.SD "Rest, Don't Quit: It ls The Rubbing That Brings Out The Shine"-D.L.O, Cecil made it a long way from his home in the Blue Grass of Kentucky to West Point. Never one to dwell on life's shortcomings, he did whatever he could, whenever he could, with whatever he had. LARRYFRANKDILLARDJR BSICS Dublin, CIA Economics QMSEJ When you part from your friend, you grieve not, For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain...And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laugh- ter, and the sharing of pleasures. -- Gibran Scoutmasters Council,-4,5,2, I M itt AKTHURROBEKT DYMOND E5lC3 Hur1t:ingtown,MD ForeignArealSovietUnioni Andrea: heroes. Galileo: No, unhappy is the land that needs heroes. Unhappy is the land that has no "'lllIIIl"' TERESA MARIE ERB G I ICS Bazine, KS Engineering Mgmt. Since plebe year Teresa's last name has brought her more nicknames than anyone in our class- from Erbie the Love Bug to Herb. No matter what we called her, we will always remember her for her fun personality and the fresh Kansas outlook she always had. Best of luck always! e:'4 ' ' ' ADDlC,2, if camouc Chapel Choir,4,5,2: CycIing,5: La- crosse,2,I ,,,5?b3"'as fX MICHAEL LBONFIGLIUOIJUII IIIC5 Moreland Hills, OH Political Science lU.S.J Mike is an extremely dedicated friend who will sacrifice anything to help you out. He is definitely not your typical starfwreath man. He always had fun whether he was banging his head at concerts, writing for the Pointer, or spending time with Amy. Los ojos.,. Hmmi Cmouth closedb. Ty 5.35, ' Pointen5,2, If Wargames Commit- H2' fee 4 5 2 6, , U Ji , , , DAVID CHANIKIM H2lC5 Redmond, WA Life Sciences Dave lm is a true friend who gets along with everyone. His sincerity and personality allow him to be highly trusted. lt is not in his nature to smile a lot: however, his dry sense of humor and quick wit would make it seem otherwise. "2wice the S in 112 the time!" "Hebrews l5:6." ESSAYONS!! 'U U'-' Big Brothers ,3,2f Karate,4,.5,2,' I-H-I ' ProtestantChapel5undaySchool Teachers,4,5,2,- Staff and Ush' ers, 4: IYavigators.4,5,2, 1 SEAN HENRY MARSHALL Ill-ICS Columbia, MD Environmental Engr. Although Sean wasn't always the best design partner lthe words "blue falcon" come to mindl, he was always twell, almost alwaysl the best friend you could have. Leaves were never dull and you could always count on a slap on the back ofthe head with him around. 'i':' 9? ChurchofChrist,4 Lu.: 'l ROBERT RAYMOND KEETER A3lC3 Muskegon, Ml Computer Science "Friend...that is the only word that can truly describe the kind of person Rob Keeter was, wHether it was squaring away a classmate for drill or helping underclassmen with a com- puter project. Rob's friendly nature was contageous and put everyone in a good mood. Good luck in AV" H Mike D. French Club 4,5,2: Karate 2: Pistol 4. MICHAEL BARRY MILLSJR H4lC5 Lapeer, Ml Poi.Sci. CAmericanl Whether he was drilling or playing in the band, "Shorty" always kept his sense of hu- mor. His most celebrated claim to fame was that of being the shortest company com- mander iirst semester. With Mike here, the "West Point experience" was at least toler- able. GO BIG GUNS! Band,4,5,2fSEcRETAR10, Lflass Commrttee,4,5:Specia105fmpic5,4: Sandhurst,4,5,2. I lCAP'l'AlHJ ROBERTJEFFREY KLOPP G5lC5 Haddonfield, NJ Mgmt. Studies CHPAJ Even when times seem grim Rob sheds the necessary spark of hope. His unseliish devo- tion to teammates and friends is what allows them to succeed in difficult times. Success in Roifs life is inevitable because he will persistantly pursue every goal until it is con- quered. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. DENNIS WILLIAM 0'NEILL G21 C5 Ketchum, ID Frenchffiussian Let us endeavor to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sony. - Mark Twain. A ship in harbor is safe- but that is not what ships are for. - John Shedo Everything looks impossible for people who never try anything. - Etienne ,I ' .A Theatre Arts Guild,2,l: French r tg, lyric Club,2,I,' Russian Club,-4,5,2,lp x gl. 0 EisenhowerhalllixecutiveCouncil,I 4 31-' it Mug? OLIVBTEADEZICS Bozeman, MT Civil Engineering Olmy, from Brewdog to Cock--can'tsay either one. The nicest guy you'll ever meet until you teach him how to play racquetball. He's happy with what he's done and what he's going to do. Ready those Tom Cruise glasses 'cause Aviation will never be the same with this fly boy, u Have fun buddyf it si , Band,4,5,2IVP1, IIPRESIDEIYTQ, Sandhurst,4,5. WALTER BEYNON STUREKJR D I ICS Aberdeen, MD Mech. Engr. fAutomotiveJ Golf 4, CAAB Representative-I, Mechanicalflngineering Club,2,I 5 dm v it f-Q 'J"'lil.,. .' Y DEREK ROBERT PHILLIPS IIUC5 Churchville, PA Mech. Engr iAeroJ Derek, with his VMI background and Armor branch future, has definitely excelled in the military portion of cadet life. Along with his Firstie car Cwhite Mustangi, Derek will be remembered for his loyal friendship Qespe- cially through those long Aero designsi!!! Best of luck always!l!! Sailing Team,4,' Church of Chri5l,4,5, 2, if Fbfing C lub, 4,5 DREW MERRILL SYPHUS F4105 Altadena, CA Mechanical Engr. lAeroJ "This is the place: drive on." KB. Young 18475 And that's what Drewphus did! He came here a bit older and wiser than most, but he gained lasting friendships, and stardom with the "Six Pack." A great friend and physics scholar, he will always be remembered for the "ReeePort!" Band, 4, Glee Club, 5, 2, I: Latte11Day Saints Studenmssociation, 4,5,2, lp Six Pack,4,5,2, I JACKTIIEODORESTROTHER Fl ICS Waco, TX Systems Engineering Good old boy that loves the south because of the weather and people. Loves sports of all kinds especially football. Thanks Mom and Dad and Matt for everything. I 50lb Fo0lba1l,5,2,l,' Fellowship of Christian Ath- Iete5,4,5,2, I RANDY EDWYN WHITE E4-ICS Ashaway, Rl Computer Science lfyou're looking for Randy, he is either lifting, playing pool, or sleeping. Known for his ability to pop off a computer program at the last minute, his dare-devel antics, and venge- ful attitude. Not one to mess with ifhe is loud, obnoxious, or taking your food. CIO NAKED I H H Whitewater Canoe,4, 5fAf F ' - '-Ox, c1CJ,2rC1cQ,1rc1c1 COCKS. X ri' 1 . Theatre Arts Guild,4,5,2,' ROBERT REGIS WINTERS GSICS Beale AFB, CA Mech, Engr. tAerol Moving on to Navy Nuclear Power... Thanks go to Mom, Bill, Gr Dad - who watches from Heaven-and mostofall, God. "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righ- teousness and peace for those who have been trained by it." HEB 12:1 1 Band,4,5,- USAFA Exchange! i ri? VA 'iii The Class of 1995 Ring sat proudly on display one last time in Eisenhower I-lall during Graduation Week. Mike Figliuolo and Mike lVlcElrath C125 share a moment dur- ing Graduation Day activities. COMPANY Lf e if PETER NELS BENCHOFF H2lD3 Chambersburg, PA Systems Engr. Everyone saw the official side of Pete: Battal- ion Commander, Water Polo player, and the epitome of STRAC. Few saw the other side: poet, song writer, guitar player, and loyal friend. The combination of these two sides made him an extraordinary cadet and friend. Go infantry!!! Water Polo,4.5,2, I,- Swimming 4,.5, 2. w, , BENW'I1'H3D3 Morehead City, NC Philosophy "Wanna lift?" Whether reading, racking, eating pizza, or going for a 5-mile "warm-up" run, Furry always maintained a good attitude towards West Point. This philosophical guru could even find company in silence. A true devilish hurricane. Sniff! 'X 8 ' ig Cross Counby4,5,-lndoorhaclc 4,5 . X' , LX l g.A os, Q, if 'Z 959 449' J! WILLIAM KENTBRADFOKD lllD3 Prospect, CT Economics QMSEJ Thanx Mom, Dad, and Chrissy. lguessl'mjust perversefobstinate in opposing the accepted norml. Don't ever take personal credit for what the Lord has given. What we aim for is to keep the illusion, however flimsy the basis forit. Goodbye all you unfunny ones. Do svidania moi brati. Ame1ic2nChemiaa1Sociely4,'Domesf Ucflffairs Forum,-4,51 Model U1Y,4,5,2: Navigators, 2, I,- Squash Team,4,.5: X ' Staffand Usners,4 BRANDON KOBEKTCAKIEEN G5lD3 Walnut, CA Law Bran the man, The Fury, Mr. "D" Dancer, a wild one with a susceptibility for the fairer gender. While here, Bran has often been seenjunking opponents on the field orjust plain admiring himseif in the mirror. His spirited ways and dedication will always be remembered. 5oCcer4,3,2, I ICO-Captain, Re' gionalAlI-Americanj. DARKYL LEE GEROW E41 D3 Middletown, NY History flntl.!Strategici This straight shooting Ranger IHAJ avoided being shot by the HJ State Troopers, raped by petty cab drivers, orcaught...well never mind. After four years he only got one doe. . .and one doe tone Mormon, one nut, one orangei caught him-Cuz. See you in my Cabinet...or Belize. GO NAKED DEVILS Catholic Cadet Catechists,5Hunt- ingandfishing CIub,4,5, 2, I KCICQ: PistoI,4,.5,2, I 1 WKD'lZ5,2: Class Committee, 4-,5, 2, I THOMAS JAMES COMBS l'I3lD3 Shady Cove, OR CueographyCEnviro.J For a while, we were all unsure if Tom would graduate with the rest of us. He stands as a symbol for those who were told that they wouldn't make it. As one of the most faithfull tand shortesti members of the Army Crew Team, Tom has proven that he shouldn't be overlooked. C10 ARMY CREW!! Crem 4,5,2, I ,' Big Brothers, I 1 Tac- tics Club,4,' Army Rowing Association, I ISECRETARIO I I ,lggllkxyp ee? IE GRAHAMEILIDS Belrnopan, BELIZE Civil Engineering Grambo, a Renaissance man in the purest sense, was a purveyor of all that is good: Wine. Women and Song. He had a penchant for fine rump Jamaican, Danish and US women fwho occasionally led him astrayig and the bag- pipes. As he ventures off to hisjungle home he'Il always be near in spirit.JS8rJZ Hockey,5fMAHAGERJ,- Pipes and Drums,.5,2ICO- CAPTAIN1, I ICO-CAPTAIN! Ring And Crest4,5,2, I JAMES DAVID DZWONCHYK l'l2lD5 Browndale, PA Engineering Mgt. CMSEJ DZ is the only person I know that used Schades more as a taxi than as the fine eatery it was. DZ was well known at the Academy and also on post, especially by the MP's. While here he discovered some unknown gifts of nature fthe waterfallsi, which helped make cadet life much better. x CHARLESTTIOMASHARDMAN FllD5 Martinez, GA Geography fEnviro.i "lt's not the critic who counts .... The credit belongs to the man who actually is in the arena, who strives violently .... who if he wins, knows the triumph of high achievement, but who if he fails, fails while daring greatly." - Theodore Roosevelt Baptist Student Un ion, 4,5,2, If Ka- rate,5,2 MATIHEWBROCKHARLESS G4lD5 Barranquilla, Colombia Economics QMSEJ From "Beat Army" twice as a plebe, "Clueless" quickly learned what not to say. Matt's reli- gious background helped him to survive the last four years, and will undoubtedly serve him well for the rest of his life. Good luck amigo, you will be missed. Baptist Student Union, 4, 5, 2, l ANTHONY GUSTAVEJUDGE G4lD3 Manhattan Beach, CA Foreign Area KLASJ "Never forget where you came from, How you got where you are and who helped you get there." Thanks Mom for that advice it has taken me far! To the members of the Drill Team, lwill never forget you guys. lwill carry your friendship with me all my days! FIX BAYONETSIII Drill Team,4,5iA!ClCl,2iAf CICQ, I KAXCICQ: Big Brotflers,-4,51 Catholic Chapel Choin-4 GREGORY TODD HODNETI' Bl!-H35 Austin, TX Military Ant Sr Science When this proud Texan enters a room people roll up their pants because the bull usually gets thick. Hod will be known for his humor, love ofthe Longhorns, and relentless pursuit of fun. Never short on opinion or his own cliches, life will be boring without him. Baseball, 4: Hunting and Fishing Club, I ,- Law Enforcement Tactics Club, I ROBIN JANE LINDELL E21 D5 Burlington, Wl Mech. Engineering Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. - Joshua l,9. Robin rediscovered her faith with the help of the lnfantryman with whom she chose to share her life. Band, 4,5,2,- Racquetball,2, lp Society of Women Engineers, 4,52 2, I STEVEN KIRKHAMJOHNSON I4lD5 Springfield, VA Literature "Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught."- Wilde Steve - Man, Soldier, Leader, Poet, Entertainer, Stucco Monkey. The Handiman was a friend to all. Don't forget the fellas in the band. EQ Hop Bands,5,2, I ,- Team Hand- .9 ball, 4, 5, 2 JOSEPH ROBERT LOREN B l IDS Longview, WA Mech. Engineering Always the optimist, Joe will never let you down. Whether it's help with math, physics, or whatever, we could always depend on him. Don'tever forget the good times you had with the boys. Good luck in the Army and whatever else you decide to do. Go Boys, Go Devils, Cro Infantry. Scoutmaste1sCouncil,-4 l I 1 ?l MARSHALL WEBB MANLEY C l IDS Lilbourn, M0 Mech. Engr. tAutomotivel Well, if you've wondered where Rosemary's baby has been, he's been at West Point for 4 years. Our "big" century man deserved many more hours than he got. Hard to believe that he will be an MP. Well, at least he is already familiar with the inside of a police station. DAVID CHRISTIAN MULLIGAN C l IDS Hayes, VA Civil Engineering "A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart."-Ecclesiastes 4: l 2 Astronomy Club,5,- Poetryfwriting Seminar,4,' SAME,5,2, 1,'A5CE,5,2, I HL! VL! TODD ANTHONY MANNINEN I2lD5 Unionville, Ml Chemistry Being one of the eleven chemistry majors in the class meant most of my time was spent in l could be found hanging out with Brandon, Whitey, or any of the old Moose here at the Academy. l am IOOOXO sure that l will he happy with Andrea, the girl I had a 2010 chance of marrying. Basketball, 4: Lacrosse, 41 MAIYA GER 1 the lab. JOHN SONG YONG OH B31 D5 Belstville,lVlD Life Science The "Doc" has come a long way from his days in B-2, where he first made his mark at the Academy. While simply graduating from the good old USMA is an achievement in itself, Johns fondest memories are of his special friends who helped him through the toughest of times. - B ..1- 1 0 r' ff.. ' ' Mountaineering Club, 5, 2, Korean A American Relations Seminan5 DALE EUGENE MICHALK D21 D5 Giddings, TX Computer Science This cadet is happy to have made it through the four years of West Point, especially ifyou consider the fun he had during Beast Bar- racks. He learned to nevergive up, even when times were tough. "Do not take counsel of your fears," - General George S, Patton, Jr. Armor Tactics Club,4.5,2 KCICI, l IAXCICQ CHKlSTOPHEB.A.RECKER FSIDS Jasper, IN Engineering Physics Chris always adhered to the famous Perry Farrell quotation "Everybody has their own opinion." He wasfis a lover ofGod, men, and women! Lookto see himin Fortune orfinding the cure for cancer. He never forgot his roots or u things that really mattered. -. He is the ultimate soldier! ft' gif: Fe. -Qhtvpk 'z -,.sSes.3s?25,,J ' :SETI Zffi' 1' s..:3.,, ,- eg ty,- tw. THOMAS ASHTON RIPPERT G4lD5 San Francisco, CA History tlvlilitaiyi Tom, a two percent cluber, was known for seeing more than his fairshare of Beverly over the weekends. His time here was character- ized by racking and games which required a text and a GRE to understand. Few knew more about history, the military, or being a good friend. We'll miss you. 5 mix I 1 N - Domesticflffairs Forum,5,- Class Q Committee,2, I : Korean American Relations Seminar,5 : Wargames Committee,4,5 JAMES EDWARD WOLFE E l IDS Alabaster, AL Civil Engineering "l asked Jesus, 'How much do You love me?' 'This much,' He answered. Then He stretched out his arms and died." From Just Friends to the "20!o CLUB," we made it: Kimberly, Iwill love you so for Always. To Mom and Dad, thanks for your love and support. DANARUCINSKI D l IDS Peekskill, NY Pol, Sci. tlntemationall After meeting Dana just once, one never forgot her fun-loving, easygoing and joking personality. As the Firstie Club Manager, Dana was often at the club going above and be- yond the call of duty. "Couldn't have done it wfo my flashlight, midnight cokes, car, and Mom's ziti...Yeah, beat 'em." ADDIC,2, l,' Big Sister5,4,51 Team Hande baIl,4,5 THOMAS EUGENE WHITE Ill A2105 The Woodlands, TX Systems Engr. Always working, maintain the ethic. For boys, it is time to go ugly and the night is so,so,so young. From PFW to Padre, the times have been fun. The eastern seaboard roadtrip, PEP boys, the final step, soccer, of course the many ladies. We have touched so many-now its time for the real life! 5 ffm 1 ' . , :al ggi gg:-7m1ttee,4,5, Soc 4, lj lgjsi ,,,, W vp W 1 -4- ill Ill Be FN Je E 3 -4 'U I o -I o Peter Benchoff confers with his mentor during the Superintendent's Reception. l , Dana Rucinski embraces a family member after Graduation. Anthony Judge poses with a friend atthe Superintendent's Reception held during Graduation Week. James Wolfe stares at his diploma and recalls all the efforts which car- ried him to this moment. A6216 6 116. COMPANY DERRIK TYRONNE ALLEN I 1 I E5 Allendale, SC Management D-Nice was a real deep brother. I would like to thank my heavenly Father for all the bless- ings he has bestowed upon me. l would like to give a special shout out to my MOM. And for my KNIPIE BROTHERS ijust want to say it has been real. Thanks for keeping me true to the game. Love,Peace,Soul. Basketball, 4,5,2, I ICAPTAINL' Contemporary Affairs Semi- nar,4,5, I . Q GQ, DE 3 :ig E 1 C' 0 'J img , PAUL MICHAEL AMKHEIN BZLIES Hayward, Wl Chemistry When it comes right down to it, itjust does not matter. ADDlC,2, I Ra1bfCommittee,4,5 llllll ' i DAVID AUGUST BOWLUS E2lE3 Penysburg, OH Human Factors Phych. Whether known as "Bogus," "Dr. Drill," or "Davey B," Dave will always be remembered for his heart for people. His love for Christ shined through in his love for family, friends, and a special girl named Meridee. Easily dis- tracted by doughnuts and M lAls, Dave was a friend to all. Prov. 27:17 Ejixx v A if -.fjht 4,5,2,1,'Prozesranfchapelchoin4,- ' ', Big Brothers ,4,5 Navigators.4,5,2, I: Ski Club, 42 fs JOSEPH PATRICK IACONO ISIES Middlesex, NJ Pol. Sci. llntl.i 'Jersey' Joe was by far one of the most passionate people in the company, whether for his Brigade Champ football team, SCUSA, or the Brigade wrestling tournament his in- tensity was l0O0fo, Joe's whit and humor saved us all from getting E too serious-I know we will 11,4 5 wo all miss itl di? fg E SEAN MICHAELINNES I1 I I E3 Winchester MA Leadershi f P One of the few who survived three summers of STAP. Sean will be remembered for his "realist" views on life, sense of humor, and strong sense of individuality. No matter where Sean gets stationed, Boston and Axis will always be his home. "l did it my way" -Sinatraf J, 1' 4 Ng- Ankafvicious lx l Q? I . xg 5. EDGARJUGETTA C l IES Holbrook, NY Mechanical Engineering Ed fa.k.a. Rube! was surely a true friend if you could ever catch him around. When Ed came to West Point he was under the impression it was a commuter college. No matter how hard things got around here you could count on Ed to find an easy way out. Beit drill, SAMI, or designs, Ed truly practiced leadership through pres- ence. His spirit was always present. JASON ANDREW PATES C2lE5 Brooklyn Center, MN Life Science "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."-Phil. 4: 15 .-1 '5 . 7' 1. r::4Z,, I wg.: 5.1 S 'Il0DDALEXANDERP'L0'lNER H2155 Santa Maria, CA Mech. Engineering The work hasn't always been fun, but the friendships have been. God bless. llove you guys and l'll miss every one of you. "l can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me."- Philippians 4: 15 Class Committee,4,5,2,l,- Karate,4,5,2, I KCICIQ Naviga- tors, 4.5.2, I: Protestant Chapel Sunday School Teachers, 5, 2, I: Tactics Club,4,5 UBI U'-3 TAKAK HASMUKH PATEL AZIE5 Bayport, NY Life Science "There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world."-Kob- ert Louis Stevenson. I want to thank my family and friends for all the memories! Armand Asante wishes you all the best in the future! Baseball, 4-f Hop Committee,4,5g MountaineeringC1ub,2 DAVE SANDOVAL D 1 IES Albuquerque, NM Mech. Engineering "l"lavajo" took beast by storm with his minute calling abilities. Since battling plebe aca- demics, he has conquered the Mech Dept. lAnother design? Up you go green girly. Always ready to have a good time, he keeps the evening in flow. Even if he never becomes a race car driver, he's a friend to trust-best of luck in Aviation. DAVID SCOTT PELKEY l l IES Vancouver, WA Individual Psychology "Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit"-Bern Williams "Strength by Fire!!!!"-Dirty Dave, Plebe Year. I'1avigators,4,5g Protesmnt Chapel Sun da ySchool Teach- ers.4,5: indoor Track,4 JEFFREY ALLEN SEGGI EZIE5 Erie, PA History iIntl.! Strategici Things won are done: joy's soul lies in the doing.-SHAKESPEARE 5igBrothers,.5: Marathon, If Poetryfwriting Seminan 4.5: Riding Club,2: Sailing Team,5: White Water Canoe CIub,2,l 90 I It Q 'fb 94W ,423 f 1? x, l is 'f I in 495 i as DAN STEPHENSON F3 Hampton, VA Systems Engineering Dan has been one of my greatest friends for four years. With his great knowledge and love of basketball, he has always been a great person to talksports with when l'm bored. l'm sure coach K would love to have him as an assistant some day. Sorry about that blonde girl A-N weekend Yuk Year. RENEEMICHELLEUYDERWOOD A2155 Stanwood, Ml Philosophy To laugh is to risk appearing a fool. To weep is to risk appeari ng sentimental. To reach out for another is to risk involvement. To expose your feelings is to risk rejection. To love is to risk not being loved in return. To go forward and risk overwhelming odds is to risk failure. Risk. BS6f'L Seminan 4 CHAKLESHYUKSUH ISIES Tonance, CA Mech.Engr. Clbluclear Energyl I might not have enjoyed the last 4 years, but I certainly learned a lot, and am taking away many great memories. l'll always remember those who eased my burdens, those who encouraged my spirit to move on, and the Lord who did it all for me. Band, 4-,5,' Glee Club, 2,- Korean Ameri- can Relations Seminar,4,5,2,' Naviga- tors, 5,2 KIRK JOSEPH VENABLE H llE5 Portsmouth, VA Systems Engineering Kirk, known as Cool V, is definitely a product ofthe Old Corps. A quiet person, able to keep everything in perspective, Kirk was always there to give a helping hand, a smashed fender, a refreshing sense ofinnocence, or a few verses of poetry to airplane passengers. JAMES EARL THOMPSON BSIES Murfreesboro, TN Literature "Not what we gain, but what we give measures the worth of the life we live."--Anonymous. My parents and friends have given me the help, love, and support to make it through this place. So long, USMA! Church ofCh1ist, 4,5, 2, I ,- Hop Committee, 4,55 Ring and Crest Committee, I S dll X m e 6g 4 lil.,-ix CRAIG ALLEN WILHELM G51 E3 Fremont, CA Management Craig was the epitomy of a civilian wearing Dress Cirey. The master of flying First Class was able to "wheel and deal" his way through the Point. He was a true friend, always there with a helping hand and cynical sense of humor. The "Ernest Hemingway of B.S." Big Brothers ,5, 2 PHILIP LESLIE IMILLIAIVISJR DSIEZ5 San Jose, CA Management Flip will be remembered as sarcastic, athletic, witty,and numerically challenged. During his 4 years he made both Dean's Lists. He went through a metamorphisis from 2 U2 years of recklessness to a final l l X2 years ofcomplete dornestication. Thank You . A Laurie--"Laurie's RAD!" y1-fx S Swimming, 4, 5, 2, I xx.: JASON BRIAN WILLS I l IES Curlew, WA Mechanical Engr. fAeroJ Finally over! Hopefully all the effort ofthe last four years will pay off. Plow it's time for fun. Latter-Da y Saints StudentAssociation,4, 5, 2, 1: IM Soft- ball Bngade Championsjf IM Flickerball Brigade Cham- pi0ns,2 uh! ul-J TarakPatel and his familytake time A proud salute is rendered by the out to pose for a picture at the Class of 1995 to the Commander-in Superintendent's Reception during ChiefatC1raduation. Graduation Week. . F. C767 . COMPANY VIRGINIA JEAN ALCORN ESIFS lVlanassas,VA History 4lntl.fStrategicJ BIG SMIRKER! BUT I think that SPIRIT ofmind and heartdescribe her the best. Whether you saw her in her GO ARMY mobile or just in passing--she always made time for friends and FUN! Don't lose touch or l Thank you for being a good listener and my best friend. Protestant Chapel Choir,4,5,2IA!ClCj, I IA! C!C1f Gods Gang,4,5,2,1fAfC1C2,- Gen- esiS,4,5,2: OCli5,2,l,- Cadet Chapel Chimers, 4,.5fC1C,i, 2, 1,-Theatremts Guild, 4,- SCU5A,2 W ' sm 413 FORCE -J GREGORY A. BREITENFELD D llF.5 Franklin, WI Human Factors Psychology Number one goal while attending USMA was to learn as much as l could while having as much fun as possible in the process. Looking back, it may not have been all that much fun but, if asked to do it again, I would do it in a m i n u te , Power1ifting,4,5,2 TIMOTHY HYUNCHAN CHO C5lF3 Downey, CA Leadership Tim Cho, or Sugar--his C6l'll206 chemical connection-is known for striving to be the All Amercian Male in all endeavors. From gym- nastics to academics he has stressed. sacrificied, and suffered until he reached recognition and achievement in all areas. He is a good and true friend always.. Gymnastics, 4,5,2, l,' Class Com- mittee, 2, I 53 3 LARA ELENA COLTON G5lF5 Smethport, PA French Always entertaining, Lara would talk to any- body anytime...even when she had a design due the next day!! Through it all, Lara was driven by love of God, Country, and Family. Band,4,5,2p French Club,4,5,2,l,' Team Hand- baii,4, 5, 2, I JOHNWAYNE DABERKOW F2lF5 West Point, NE Geography CMCSKD "Those of STAFFDOM and O' know that "D2ibS-Daberfirsitie's" heart truly longs for the woods and O'ing. Thanks to Navs 4Jim T, Back Sheep,8r others! and Choir friends and friends throughout the Corps for everything. Special thanks to l'l.B. and the Borcherding Crew for lstie yr8:lO0th Nite." - JOHN SAGA ACS, 4, Finance Forum,21 Ha vigtors, 4,1 I,-Orienteering, l : PlrotestantChape1 Choir,4, I ,' Spanish Club,5 JOHN JOSEPH CRITELLI l'I2H'3 Niagar Mechanical Engr. "Never Miss a Lift" CIO DIRT FIGS I.50Ib F00tbaII,4,5, 2, I 'igliht Y nil 4g - tal.,-A FRANK M. DURIANCIK Ill All-IFS Apollo, PA Systems Engineering "Winning isn't everything, it is the only thing."- V.Lombardi. Frank worked hard tsometimesl, but knew how to play hard as well, Whether taking the boys to PSU to party with Zubie or just hanging out, Duran will always remember the TROOP, Catholic Chapel Choin 41 American Culture Seminan 4, .Sf Team Hand- balI,.5,: Phi Kappa Phi,2, If CPRC State Representative, 1 THOMAS KEITH CUPIT IZIF3 Houston Texas Computer Science GO MOOSE! MOUNT UP! TO THE WALL! GO WARRIORS! STRIKE DEADLY! ADA ALL the WAY!!!!! Isaiah 40:50-51, l Cor 15:4-7 ns. J 1. UdllU,4 rf 'X 1 -lyk B wx! I ,X 'I' .x Q? CIIRISTOPHEK TODD FABER A5lF3 Las Vegas,NV Economics MSE! Chris Faber is a determined, ambitious man with a plan .... whether it be a personal chain of Subway restaurants, a political career, or a beautiful woman at his side -- he is the master ofhis destiny. Good luck in the Army and with your broker!! Debate Team,4,5,2, I KCO-CAF um TAIIYI ChineseCIub,4,5,2 IMAP!- KRISTINADAVIINFEEMSTER Al IFS Massillon, OH Economics Kristina Feemster combines all of the dedi' cated goodness of a mother with that of an evil mud-pie-making five-year-old. She has a strong will of spirit that can be compared to the passion ofa '70's love child. I would trust her with any blister agent. Go Chemical!! Lacr0sse,4,5,rProresfanfchapelsun- 43 3 day School Teachers, 4,5 SCOTT EAKLE HAYFORD I'l2lF5 Oooperstown,NY HistoryCIntl.!Strategicl This institution has its ups and downs. But thanks to good friends, ARMY Football, and special thanks to my family the future looks bright! Good Luck to the future Army Foot- ball teams and the football managers who support the team! BEAT AIR FORCE!! ADDlC,5,2,' Football, 4 KMAIYAGERJ, 5 K I MA HA GER 2, ZKMAIYAGERJ, I K MA NA GER 2,- j Howitzer,2,l,- Navigators,4,- Survival it z. G- ,P Games, 1: One Hundredth lYightShow, 1: Xtazij' FinanceForum,l JOHN M. GORKOS E4lF5 Tulsa, OK Applied ScifEngr. iComputerl A little eccentric to say the least. But the best friend a guy can have. We've been through some times together. A lot of those "some times" are worth remembering! But l'll not forget a single one. l'm not for a "newer" Army, but I love you, pal. -DTK Amateur Radio Seminar, 4,5 I CIC l, ZICICL I KCICQ: Gymnastics, 41 Rabblc Rousers,2, I: Swimming,5,' Model Airplane Club, 5,2 JOHN HIILLIAM HEATON B2ll'I5 Chula Vista, CA Political Science ul.: I-Il-I JAMESWILLIAMHARTMAN CIIFS Bernville, PA Literature Long live the Tri-Towers! Cool Shoes Pub. Napoleon conquers the world. "Words are like leaves, and when they abound, X Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found." - Alexander Pope "What's the use of being cool if you can't wear your Mickey Mouse pants?" -Hobbes the Tiger Band, 425, 2, I ,- Poetry! Writing Seminalg 5, 2, I g Sport Para' ch ute Team, 4: Protestant Chapel Choir, 4 JASON CHARLESHENNEKE B4lF5 Victoria, T X Environmental Engineering "SOME OF IT WAS MAGIC, SOME OF IT WAS TRAGIC, BUT I HAD A GOOD TIME ALL THE WAY." Jason left TEXAS LI years ago..but TEXAS never left him. May his smile remain forever. "This is where the Cowboy rides away." Catholic Cadet Catechists, 4,5,' ln- door Track, 4,5,' Outdoor Track, 4: Strength Team, 4,- Survival Games, 4, 51 Tactics Club, 5,- SA1YDI'IURS714,5,2, I,'f'CA,4,5 MATTHEW S. JENNINGS C5lF5 Prairie Village, KS Arabic Sc French lfl must die one day, l hope it is for the man who stood by my side and showed me what true friendship really meant. From the heart Matt, you are a man to be admired and who will continue to enhance the lives of people you encounter. From your eternal friend and fellow soldier, Laz. Crew, 4-,5p Arabic Language Club,4,.3,2, I,- Scuba Club,2 JASON ANTHONY KIRK I l I F5 Shreveport, LA Environmental Engr. Captain Kirk, resident French linguist tice cream du jourl, let nothing ruin his "cadet career," not even "da Cow." From the Green Berets to Green Peace, Jason changed his mind and his face, but never altered that Rock-solid loyalty, trust, and friendship. Rock on brother. tJCB,MTC,GJKJ 'f':' 'iff' ADD1c,2,1f catholic cadet cal- """" 1 echists,4,5,' Society of American CR f Mmm heels, 2, 1 fsananwsrs, 1. -- -Li ..-- 'y -.1-. . .--ws: MATTHEW ALAN JURY C l I F5 Nevada, Otl Geo. Qflumanfkegionall Matt, known as Judge by his friends, lived his cadet life much like his personal quote, "I don't believe in pessimism. lf something doesn't come up the way you want, forge ahead. if you think its going to rain, it wiiif' Thanks to the Troop, Family and friends for the good times. Beat Navy! Band,-4,5, 2, I f Rifle 4,5,2, l,- Chapel ChiOl'4,5,2. DEANTADAKKLOPOTOSKI HIIFZ5 Gloucester, MA Geography CEnviro.J Possibly the deepest and most excited per- sonality ever to come through the F-Troop, it usually took Dean a while to warm up to the crowd. But his dry humor and off-the-cuff remarks made him a great roomie. Had the powers that be giving him the credit his military skills deserve, he'd be BDE CO! MICHAELPA WNJR AIIFS Atlanta, GA Management Known to my friends as Keydog, l know that the Troopers and Six Pack are friends for life. l am still not sure if I came to West Point for the right reasons, but I do know that l am graduating for the right ones. Thanks iriom and Dad. Oh, and to those who Football, 4: Glee CluD,5,2, l KCICJ l doubted ........ well .....,.... WILLIE JAMES LACY JK B51 F5 Vicksburg, MS Systems Engineering "Laugh and the world laughs with you: cry- and the world laughs harder." Willie was a guy known for his ability to laugh at just about everything. He was always there to help out his friends, whether it was a ride to the airport or just someone to be the designated driver. PEACE. "Fearless First!" I - 1 gl 1 Q' Contempora1yAffa1rs Seminar,4,5: ' Band,-4 1 i IIX El W , -" 'Z 0 . Nfl' I1 HOWARD D. MCINVALE Il E2lF5 Adamsville, AL Pol. Sci. fAmerican7 Cio War Eagles, Go Brewdogs, Cio Freedom Fighters, and Mount Up! Known as Dougie Mac, he kept busy with Six-Pack, ISG, BDE Spirit, and the 100th Night Show. His bride- to-be, Amy Tripp, the Queen ofBattle-Infantry and the good Lord will guide his days ahead. Thanks for the memories! SIX PACK,4,5,2,I: Theatre Arts GuiId,4,5,' French Club,5,' Glee Club,5,2, I ,f Poetryfwriting Semi- nan 4,5: Protestant Chapel Choir 4: March 0fDimeS, 2 K CI C 1, I MARKANDKEW STEPHENS C4lF5 Honolulu, HI History 1EuropeJ Trust is something that's hard to find. Finding a friend you can trust is even harder. But in Laz l've found a soldier, a friend, and trust. A die-hard and a motivator who never let me down, Laz is the kind ofleadera soldier wants around. 'To Lazy... you know the JDog so well. ., I50lb Football,-4,5,2, I is Gm I Y 5.2 ?q Li lilaiy JAMES PENNELLA JR D51 F5 Old Forge,PA Environmental Engineering Known by his friends as Lou or Lougi, he will be remembered for his sometimes sick sense of humor- sorry about that water balloon, Kat! Thanks to the Heat, Troop, family, friends, April, and God for getting me through.Beat Navy Phi Kappa Phi 2, I . UL! UL! JAMES JOHN THOME JR D4lF5 Stockton, CA Computer Science "lt's far better to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs...then to live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor de- feat" Go Dukes! Mount Up! Bite the Bullet, Take the Pain! Thanks Ron, Heat, Rider, Grant, Key, Maz, Greg, Judge and the Aggies. 25 Years Later, Dad. Thank You -JT. . Ringand Crest Committee, 4,5, 2, I: Team HandbalI,4,5,2 IAXCICI, IKCIO: CPRC,4,5,2, IKVICE-PRESL DEH77 'gihl g 'nr ' 6. 5....ggm DARRYL ANDREW KUPP E4lF5 Philadelphia, PA Engineeringlpsych. "I dunno, it seems like once people grow up, they have no idea what's cool." -Calvin- "Ac- tually, I think real living is sitting by a fire, slurping marshmallows from the bottom of a mug of hot cocoa." -Hobbes- PATRICK DEAN ZOCH l'I2lF3 Las Cruces, NM History Clvlilitaryl Pat's unique past disproves the old saying, "lt don't take no C1.E,D." He accomplished a lot, but wanted to do more. How could anyone so old, pessimistic and cantankerous have been a good friend to those who endured him? Christie brought out the best in him. l'1onorCommittee, 5,2, I KVCL' Lacrosse, 4fMGR2f Medi- eval Studies Group, 4,5fHlSTORIAlYQ, Slim X 2IAfCICj,lfClC2,' Poetlyfwriting -Q7- 6, 1.1--14,3 Seminan 4,5,- Ringzfir Crest, 4 IVCL5 I VC 2,2I VC 1, I: Wargames Commit- tee,4,5 JESSE WILLIAM ZUCK E41 F5 Midlothian, VA Environmental Engr. Sarge came to us with a mean tattoo, a heavy metal body, and a look that spoke volumes. The Wrath of Zuck nearly brought the House down Plebe Year! Now he wears a kilt and carries a big stick. An EV major who truly knows the Greenhouse Effect. Too bad he defected in his last semester. JS6rSG. Genesis,4,5,' Hop Committee,2, I f Lacrosse, 4fMGRQp Havigators,-4,5,' OCF,2, I ,Pipes 8r Drums, 2, I ICO- CAPTAIIY1: Theatre Arts Czuild,4,5 Patrick Zoch en- joys the company of family and friends at the Superintendent's Reception during Graduation Week. Greg Breitenfeld and Joe Critelli, along with Ciregs family, enjoy the festivities of the Superintendent's Reception. I 'nm 9 9 Aw. COMPANY DAKRINJOSEPHBATCHELOR D2lG3 Bryans Road, MD Operations Research The surest sign of intelligence is to have fun no matter what you are doing. -unknown Batch always tried to live up to this thought during his West Point experience. His skill with the books and sense ofhumor made his and his classmates trip a little easier. ORSA,2, I IPRESIDENTI JASON DEREK BEAM I2lG5 Pasadena, TX Geography CPhysicalJ Beamer, acom bat multiplier at tailgates and at 252, Fat.so's, and anywhere else we get together. He will probably two-step his way into the Infantry Hall of Fame or lead the insurrection for a Free Texas. Just watch out forthat chain connecting Scott and MacShort. B and H Council, 2 KCO-CAR TAIIY2, I lCO-CAPTAIN! KRISTINEANNBEARDSLEY CUG3 Warrington, PA Philosophy Kris will always be remembered by her witty personality and her ability to make others laugh. She gave the Dean a match in the classroom and led her teammates enthusias- tically. She learned more about herselffothers than she'd sometimes care to ad- mit. However,she is definitely "Good to Huahl" Soccer, 4, 5, 2: Team Handball, 4, 5,2, I ICIO BENJAMIN CONRAD BLOCK D2lG5 Worthington, OH History Br LAS Ben's biggest regret is that he never appeared on College Jeopardy Week. Those of us who had him as a design partner know that he would have won some Besides brains land good looksi, Ben helped us laugh when we needed to-remem berthe lOOth Night Show? Thanks, Ben. Truman Scholar,2,lf 100th Night Show,liClCjp Air Force Academy Exchange Cadel,2y CFRC,5,2, IKVPL- Falcon Club Big Brothers.2,' Jewish Chapel Choir,4,5,2,1: SCUSA, HVCJ serious bucks. RUSSELL ORVILLE DAVIS III D5lG3 Millville, NJ Life Science Many memories. ..the Soccer Team, asleep on the bus, pinging, Delta Heat, UVA, Cali. Spring Break, Fort Knox, G-5, UCLA, in trouble with Bobby and Brandon, Bartlett Hall, borrowed cars, NYC, Buckner PSG, Walter Reed, Army- Navy 1992, 100th Night Week- IVIARY REBEKAI1 CHEYNE I I IGS Kemblesville, PA Philosophy "Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed." B.T. Washington Mary should reflect proudly upon her years at WP - it was a life of giving to others and challenging new heights. lnd0Or Track,-4,5,2, I lCAFfAll'il,f OutdoorTrack,4,5,2, I ,f Class Com- mittee, 2, I g OCF,2, l,' Margaret Corbin Seminar,2,' Riding Club, 4 .fx 'ff A JEFFERY KIRK DAY A llG3 Centre, AL Military History Being from A-l , Kirk was always a stickler for a complete uniform - even during CTQ! It was a desire to serve that brought him from Alabama and prayer that kepthim here. Even as the world changed, his never-ending loyalty to being an infantry officer was an inspiration to JAY FREDERICK CROOK C2165 Baldwinsville, NY Sys. Engineering Ambitious and aggressive. A hard worker, an even harder hitter, with a soft,fun loving heart. Jay will always be marked by his toughness, tenacity, and intense loyalty to his friends. "He who has no beliefworth dying for is never truly alive." ADDIC,2rAfClC2, l1AfClC1g Gym- nastics,4 ROBERT WAYNE ELDRED I5lG5 Port Angeles, WA C1eographyiEnviro.i "Why bid the wooly world goodbye! To follow far,! Adventures under evil sky! Ancl sullen star?! Let men like Mallory replyzf "Because they are." Rob doesn't quit. He has one of the strongest characters l have known. Would be proud to serve with him, come hell and high .-in i nh-' end, Orlando Spring Break, all-FOLLOW MEI! water. 5occen4,5,2 ren Qing. 4, 5, 2, 1 rcAPrA1m,' In- Rugby,5 'S fanny Tactics Club 5, 2, 1 BRADMICHAELEVANGELIST C2lG3 El Centro, CA Spanish "Show yourself to be a pattern of good works: showing irrtegnty, reverence, incorruptibil- ity" Titus 2:7. Ho other words can better describe Brad's character, and commitment to living for the glory ofCrod. We'll remember your love for Spanish, Sl, WFAH, and the EIB network. Football,-4x Chi Alpha Bible Study, 4, 5, 2, I SCOTT ROBERT HOLSTINE C1lG5 Shelton, WA Mathematical Sciences "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord." Psalms 57:25. Scott's tireless work ethic, genuine selfless service, and faith in Crod set him apart as a man whose steps are ordered by the Lord. He will be remembered his leadership by example and energetic spirit. Truly a great friend. 55 'iff Nordic ski Te.am,5,2,1mfcrc1, """' ' officerscnrisrianrerrowshipa,2,rf rr specfa1o0fmpic5,4,2,r i-T' if -iii ROBERT GORDAN E l I G5 Middletown, NJ Military Art Gr Science Rob, Gordo to those who know him, is more than the military guru that you see. ln order to see him in all his sple ndor you would have to witness him leading rallies in parking lots at local establish- ments. Despite almost 200 hours, he still led pre and post game activities in E lot. Tactics Club 4,.5,2,' Knights of Colombuslr KIIVIHARMON OLMSTEADII E4lG5 Carlisle, PA Mathematical Sciences Kip can best be described as intense. He put an amazing amount of energy towards West Point and, more importantly, partying. Kip is a loyal friend and an achiever. l feel sorry for the enemy soldier who has to face Kip- especially if he has REGS 600-1 and a book of 2-ls in his hands. ft' 'ffl' crew,4, Special orympicszf Phi U: l' KappaPhi,2,l m l 'Hi n I " ::. 1--'S' MARK EDWARD HEUVITT F5163 Rye Beach, NH Pol. Sci. tlntl.i Mark is famous for being a great guy. He never accepts anything less than 100010 effort, and the results reflect. This goes for his friendships, too. You can't ask fora better friend: you'll do any- thingforhim,too. Heisagreatfriend,andl'llnever forget: he's a "friend for life." Crew, 4,.3,- Handball, l:Judo, 2,- Honor Committee,2, 1:HElVlQi3fOl'S,5,2 I mit: i has .P Q. 5 f I. 4-9 :ES fq I I MICHEL VINCENT PEIJOQUIN D l IGS Kendall Park, NJ Mechanical Engr. A hard-working and ambitious cadet, Michel remained active throughout his four years at the Academy. He took full advantage of the oppor- tunities presented in academics, athletics, and extracurricularactivities. He found good friends and good times amidst the trials ofWest Point. MounmineerlngC1ub,2fMCiRl, I IMGRJ: W W Mode1UH,4,5,2 rvm, 1 rPREs.J,-scour - - ' 7 maslersCounC1l4,5,2, l :Special Olym- """" prmazr GREGORY LLOYD ROBERTS F l I G5 Enid, OK Geograhy llinvironmentall Greg is one of those rare people whom you can count on to stand by you no matter how insane it may seem to do so. All I can sayin evaluation ofGreg is that he is worthy ofwhat I believe to be the greatest honorthat can be given to a man: that I would want him fighting next to me. l 50lb F00tball,.5 DESMOND JAMAL SHAW C5165 Detroit Ml Management CHPAD "I can do all things through Christ who strength- ensmef' Philippians 4: I 5. Desmond's Channing personality, strong sense of identity, athletic ability, and strong faith demonstrate that Christ truly is the strength of his life. Agenuine person and friend who made others around him better. Contempora1yAlTai1sSem1han 4,5,2W CIO, l,'G0speICh0il14,52 DENNISSHANNONSENIELLJR B4lG5 Gaffney, SC Mechanical Engr. Shannon, or more Commonly known as "JUNIOR" will go down in Gopher history for his driving prowess and unique 'sportsmanship' on the intramural field. On a more serious side, Junior has been a loyal friend to all. lt is no surprise that this hard chargerwentARMOR!l Mechanical Engineering Club, 2, I: '. Society of A utomoti ve Engineer- S MM 4 ing, 2, I: Theatre Arts Guild,4 fit iq Ll " lilaxl Cl'lADllIllCKllIlAYNESl'llELDS C3lG3 Brandon, MS International Relations "ln this space, nothing needs to be said but he made it and it is now time to go out and do great things. Oh yea, and never forget- 'I amthe finishline."' Skeetand T ra1J,5 BRYAN ROBERT SHAW F4165 Creswell, OR International Relations I would like to thank those people who helped me get through West Point: Mom, Dad, Jennifer, my friends, and Mr. Daniels. "No one ever won a war by dying for his cou ntry. He won it by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his country. "- General George S. Patton Football 4, 5: Kalate5, 2, l :Fellowship X L of ChnstianAthletes4,5,2, I JAMES ERNEST SHUMAN G2lG5 Reidsville, GA Management CHPAJ Jim - a man whose friendship is as strong as his accent. It was a rough four years, but his humor made it pass by more smoothly. Good luck to the Southern gentleman and his Southern belle. GERAKD JOSEPH SULLIVAN A2165 Palisades, NY Management Sport Parachute T eam,4,.5,2, 1 LOUISE WERNER CSIGS Lake Havasau City, AZ Life Science Although Missy was usually holed up in her room studying some obscure medical knowl- edge or throwing weights around in the gym, she never failed to appear when there was fun to be had. The original "Gopher-gal" was always there to drive us home and listen patiently to our babble. Powerlifting, 4,5,2, l tCICl,' OCF,5,2, I: Special Olympics, .5,2,1tAfClCl,' Big Sisters,5,2: Crew,4p Softball,4IMGRJ: 100th A Night Show, I ..,-225 ' Pez... q .- il! 'K x PATRICK R. TOIVILINSONJR I'IlllG5 Syosset, NY Sociology To the man who somewhat carried me through West Point, l am forever grateful. Remember the FAN, the NCAAS, the fantasy leagues, and the many great times we had together. You'll always be the best friend a guy could have, and you'll always have the best seat in the house. Catholic Cadet Catechists,4,5,2,' Soccer,-4: Knights of Colum- bus,5,2lCHAlRI'1AN7,IICICJ TODD DAVID WIELINSKI H4165 Temperance, Ml Geography tEnviro.J Very special thanks to: Jen, Mom Dad St' Mark, family who were always in my thoughts, Mike "Broornstick" Simmering, and the Scancarellos. Remember: "Ifyou wait 'till the last minute, it only takes a minute to do." QUNKJ GO ARMYl...where common sense makes sense. Hunting and Fishing Club, 4,5,2, ly Rifle,4,5,2,' Skeet and ' t- Trap, HTREASURERJ DAVID ALAN WARNICK B I IGS Meyersdale, PA Management CHPAJ When he wasn't breaking every Army wres- tling record, Dave could be found at the Taj Mahal with thelikesofMoeGreene andJimmythe Greek orat Club.'52 with Terry, Henry, Tom, and George, bendingthe elbow. Wrestling 4,.3,2, I fCaplainl JOSH MATIIIEW WILLIAMS Gl IGS Metropolis, IL Systems Engineering "Act As lf lt Were Impossible To Fail, And lt Will Be!" That worked for my four glorious years here, l hope it works at Ranger School. Rangers Lead The Way!!! l50lb FOOtball,4 TODD JOHN WRIGHT A2lG5 Amsterdam, NY Economics CMSEJ TJ, Theopolus the Greek God, has been a standoutsince Prep school days at Ft. Dix and Ft. Monmouth. He is lucky enough to have two career paths: one as a high speed Ml SF Soldier of Fortune and one as a Wall Street corporate raider. Wrestlir7g,4,5,2, IICAPTAIPIJ .1 ,,. at .Q gg Q!,Q,i5i5g'g-sri? 4 'kwa . '-lima we fwgvgw ff' . ,Q S I -Q l rx Desmond Shaw shares his elation with his family after the Graduation Pa- rade on May 28, 1995. Grcgllobertsand his friend join Darrin Batchelor and his family in the Superintendents Garden during the Graduation Week Reception. i COMPANY DAVIDSTANION G-41115 Forks, WA Portuguese Sr Spanish l've won too many fights to stop now, and seen too many fighters struggle on. Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching me to fight. Thanks Billie for being in my corner. Thanks Army Wrestling, I no longer worry about the "little things." A Smile in Hell confounds the Devil. Love conquers all. Go Canes! Class Committee,4,5,2, I : Howit- zer,5,2,- Poelryfwriting Semi- nan 4,5,2, I ,- Portuguese Club, I f'VPJp Wrestling,4,5,2, I ,- Brigade B0xing,2, I: ContempolaryAffairs Sevnmanl vbrlooxfneo . ERIC ROY ACHENBACH C3ll'l5 Granite City, lL Military History Hailtothe Chief. We'llall remembemchasagreat friend whose am bitions were neverlimitecl. From the beginning of Beast to Graduation, Eric al- ways remembered his friends. From the depths ofa depressed steel town in illinois, Erie will come to lead the way. VICTORY, Ach! Ha VIZQHCGIS, I ,'Rugbya.5,2, I :Knights of Columbus, 4,5f5ECRE- TARYy,2,I JASON LUKE AMERINE B2ll15 Honolulu, HA Cetaient des fous, Mais ils avaient cette petite Flamme qui ne seteintpas. Cras ingens iterabimus aequer! Here encleth the lesson. Arabic, 4, ITREASURERQ, 5, KTREASURERJ, 2, ITREA- SURERJ, I , KPRESlDE1YT2:SL3ff8r'USherS, 4, 5, 2, ICICJ, I , fCICj,'Addic, I :QualityofLife, 2, I BRIAN PETER APGAR E5lH5 Jacksonville, FL Military Artfir Science "Those who do not do battle for their country do not know with what ease they accept their citizenship in America." To those I offended, I apologize: to those I never met, I regret: but to those I knew and called friend I will neverforget. BEAT NAVY '95 OUT Bri Rifle, 4: Rally Cornmittee,5, 2lA! -5 fx, , CICQ i-as FQ Ll lalagl STEPHEN MICHAEL BROOKS H 11115 Greenville, SC Philosophy "You want it! That's the highest of all reasons. You can't question it. When you can't ask any questions -then you know you're facing your duty."- Ayn Rand. Domestic Affairs Forum,-4: God's Gang,4,5,2p Plavigators, 4,5.2p Phi- Iosophy5eminar,5,2 IVPJ, 1 KPRESI- DEHTQ YOUNG JOON BANG H11-IHS Cockeysville, MD Leadership Crazy Joe, Banger, or Yo, Youngs BSSYL ad- venture began in l'l-4. From good times at the English's Sr Mend0za's to the most feared yearling in li-4, his persona emerged, "WelI, ya know." H5 began his IX search for greyfriends skiming and Parking was tough, area virgin still, great friend,cya,denied! KEVIN SCOTT BROIIIIN C4lII3 DeSoto, TX Mechanical Engineering Kevin will always be remembered as interest- ing. Whether spending days on designs, wearing heavy trou, orcutting weight for 50's, he can always be counted on to look at things from a very different angle. Proud to be an Engineer, our CO will do as well in the Army as on his -E 'f':' computer. H ilnll li I 150lbfoomall,4,5,2,1:nec,1 at 1:13 I1 CLARKCIIRISTIANBARREIT C2lI'I5 Charlotte, NC Mech. EngineeringlAutol The Five Year Plan, Army Fencing. . . a reper- toire that reads like Patton, and Damn close! Clark "the Shark" Barrett has impressed us all with his dancing antics, wealth of military knowledge, and Old Corps Stories. Armor missed its best officer candidate - See you at Benning Ranger! Cio 'Canesl Fencing,4,5,2,1lClCl,' Howit- zer,4,' Medieval Studies Group, 4,5g lYavigators,5,' Society offlutomotive Engirieering,2, I LORI LEE BROWN A51 H5 Raynham, MA Management tl-IPAI I want to thank everyone who helped me get through this place, especially Mom and Dad we all know it was a rough climb. CPT thanks for being there--life is now "a new world." M.D.F,C,TD,AR,LS,JJ,RR8CJ- you're the best, love you. To great times Sr good friends. Miss you all. Aim High! N Nordic Ski Team,5,2 ROBERT WILLIAM DAVIS E51 H3 Columbia, SC American Legal System "Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much be- cause they live in the gray twilight that knows nor defeat."T,Roosevelt efilrofenin-k BasketbaIl,4,5, 2,' Fellowship of Christian AthIetes,4,5,2, I I VICE- PRESIDENT! neither victory LOUIS ANTHONY FLORENCE F3lI'I5 Cincinnati,Ol-I Engineeringlphysics "lf you treat everything as a life or death matter, you'll die a lot!" Never wfo a sharp tongue, Lou's sarcasm maintained eternal comedy. Wit, confidence, carcenogenic, PHYSICS, what more needs said about a man who answers to Lou-ser. A true friend and a 'Cane forever!!! 'i':' 'fi' H-I-I l Catholic Chapel Choir, mm n , 4,5,2fSECY1, 1 IPRESJ, sociefyof .1 ii Ei Physics Students, 2, I,' Theatre Arts Guild, 4,5p HonorCommittee, I RONALD JOSEPH DIEIIL D4lI'I5 Greensburg, PA Management QHPAJ "The will to win, comes from within." "Never stop fighting til the fight is done." What it's all about: when you can dig down deep inside, and find that little extra when you don'tthinkitisthere, makes allthedifference.ThankslVlom, Dad, Grandma, Lisa, Maz, Veno, Fitz, Chris, Sr Boyz Hop Committee,2, I: Model UN, 5,2, I IPRESIDEHTQ, CPRC,5fA!ClCl,2fVlCE- PRESIDEIYTI, IKPRESIDEIYTI MARCUSANIHONYGACCIONE 041115 Rutherford, NJ Civil Engineering "I firmly believe that any man's finest hour - his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear - is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - VlCTORlOUS. "-Vince Lombardi G0 CANES! C-YA, C-YA, C-YA!!! gg gg BaskelbalI,4,' Special OLvmpics,5,' u.u " Team HandbaIl,5,2, I KAXCICI TRACY ANNE DOWLING I5lI'I3 NewCanaan,CT lVlechanicalEngr.lAeroJ The master ofskepticism, destined to remain wffeet firmly planted, the only of 4 to leave the ground, she chose a future in the clouds. Came in from the cold + never looked back. She demanded and received the best from those she cared for. Keep jumping off cliffs+exploring behind Dangersigns. Catholic Chapel Choir, 4,5,' Ring and Crest Committee,2, I :Special Obfmpics,4,.5,2, I ,- Swimming,5 RALPIIRICIIARDGARCIAJR l'I llI15 Astoria, IL Mechanical Engineering "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rathera lack ofwill." - Vince Lombardi I50lb Football,5p Big Brothers ,4,.5,' Boxing,4,5,2, I JEFFREY MICHAEL GROSSO B I IH5 Rogersville, AL Management "No man's knowledge here can go beyond his experience." iLockeJ Iwas told Plebe Yearthe friends I made here would last forever, and now I know my father was right. Many thanks to everyone who helped me through the tough spots. See ya' Canes and Barbar- ians! Jefe' A m--i.i., 5.53, A I Squash Team,4,5,2, I -Hin 7 5 ERIC CHARLES KRUIVIIN B31 H5 Inverness, lL Mechanical Engr. Scrooby-The Hurricane CO as a Firstiep a model forothers to follow: conservative, hard working, a total natural athlete, set on doingagreatjob militarily, physically and academically: sou nd in the virtues that makeamanamanp atrueclimberl lCor9:2ll-25 gg -gg Mountaineering Club,5,2, I,' Plavi- u.u ', gators,2, l:SurvivalGameS,-4 JOHN CHARLES JACKSON I I IH3 Marion, AL Mechanical Engineering Born and bred in the South, John knew little existed in this world outside of Alabama football. Always looking for a challenge, he chose mech as his major. CSHME may have stolen his mind, but they couldn't steal his heart--the Queen ofBattle was his only choice. l1onorCommittee,2, I :Mountain- eering Club,2, I : Sandhurst,5, I JEITREYWAYNEMADKOWSKI D4IH5 Kirkland, WA Mathematical Sciences "You don't have to like it, you've just gotta love it!" Thanks Ron, John, Greg, James, Shane. Go Dukes! Go 'Canesl "lt is far better to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, than to live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat." lt's our turn, let's make it COUYIU nu u U MARK PAUL KEIVIPF C l I H3 San Antonio, TX Mechanical Engr. iAer0l Oafman, Yoda, Quato or Fattyinot cause he was Fatl did laundry for Rugby Sr was 2-bit dizzy Fairfield whipped Sr no CAR. An agile, graceful genius, he pontificated the myster- ies of life. PhD in Public speaking, his drool can fill a pool, Drowned in the Hudson NJ, Mr Manners "Da pet da wabbit" cya. Rugby,4,5,2, I: Knights of Colum- 1JuS,.5,2, I 'lI'I0lVlASlVllCHAELMURPI'IY JR Fl IH5 Copiague, NY Management Murph, Murray, he ran the gambit of girls, he's not .58, See ya to Jess, hi to ElenOR whoever at Rucker, Poughkeepsie "Aw he's awake now", nooneliked the mess halliladylmORe the 5rd blind mouse, "Damn,llookgood" Fairfield, "Whydidn't you call", Football tailgates, mi casa su casa,zip it,cya,cya! Lacrosse. 4, 5 RALPH CARL OBEKT F41 H5 Union City, PA Civil Engineering RC is a great friend... a large, loud, obstinate friend. Only his willingness to help others ex- ceeded Ogre's volume. Memorable for football games and Email, we hope neverto be involved with him in eitheragain! Born to be an Engineer, no matter what the Dean says! gg -jig Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 4,- uu 'I Band,-4: Foolball,4,5,' Plavigae H lorS,2,l .ii Y r.:- ALEXANDRA MARIA SABOE I'I4lIi3 Minneapolis, MN Literature "O Captain! my Captain! our fearful hip is done, 1' The ship has weather'd every rack, the prize we fsought is won, X The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all fexultingf' - Walt Whitman Thank you family, friends, teachers and Tim. My best to '95 Nordic Ski Team,4,5,21A!ClC2, I fClC1 JON FERGUSON PARVIN D I I H3 Fort Knox, KY History CMilitaryJ Like his hero Jeb Stuart, Parv is still a kid at heart. Nothing better suits our deadhead, neanderthal, single knee, l5Olb fullback than to ride atop 65 tons of steel. We will never forget Caveman's relentless drive, Anthracite Bow! record, 2 TDs vs Navy, hairy back, and solid friendship. X mi. 1501b f0ozbal1,4,5,2,l I I 593' ,sq - Iilgg: JOHN DAVID SAKABIA IIILIHS SanAntonio,TX Mathematical Sciences John, commonly referred to as Chico, was known to "cut up the rug." l-le was always working hard. If not in academics Cstarting a project the hr b4 it was due! then in finding an extra roommate or trying to stay off the area. A good person and great friend-Best of Luck! "One more KISS, Pleeeeasef' ADDIC,4,5,2, I: Drill Team!! EDGAR ALLISON RUSSELL E4ll'I3 Adams Run, SC Engineering Physics ln his quest to be a "simple man", Al has brought down-home honesty to the com- pany. Quiet and reflective, he is a true friend who can be counted on in any situation. He and Sue Ann will be together forever, and will be forever Armor. Cro 'Canesl Scuba Instructor,-4x Society of 4, PhysicsStudents,2,I ELIAS URSITTI G3lI'I3 Cape Coral, FL Economics fMath.b "lt matters not how straight, How charged withpunishment the scroll. I am the master of my fate: lam the Captain of my soulflwilliam Henley UI-I UI-I I i Alexa Saboe TONG CHUMENG VANG B l I H5 Wheaton, ll, Life Science and Louis Flo- rence confer with family and N ERIC LAIRD WALKER B31 H5 Mill Creek, WA Civil Engineering Mountaineering Club,4,5KMAlYAGEKQ,2fVICE- Pmssznmm, 1 KPRESIDENTQ EQ wailigff Clark Barrett and Dave Abrahams enjoy the refreshments and conversa- tions with friends and family at the Superintendent's Reception. .inf ,O was friends at the li H21 OLOA :nm 52: ro-5 Om :sz 'o. rv El va. 59 QW Z M. COMPANY 52 2 2 3 f 1 a ' s as-.xxx mw1f'1qM,!l" KENNETH SCOTT ALLEN D41 I3 North Charleston, SC Civil Engineering Aside from the things l expected to learn tre- spect, military development, leadership, and academicsl, I was always surprised by the things thatl found here like my friendships, my religion, my love for my family and fiance, and feelings of fraternity when the Corps sings the Alma Mater. RingandCrestCommilIee,2,1:Sport Parachute Team, 4,5,2lCIC1, I ICICJ DAVID TERENCE AMBROSE B41 I5 Balch Springs, TX Geography Be true to yourself, The Triumviratep Camp Perry, Ohio, '91 Colorado Springs, Colorado- OlympicTrainingOenter, '92-'95 Go Slugs! '9O: C10 Trojans! '92 ,The Rugged Professionals,'92 Beat Navy! '9 l :The Diamond Willowlnn QDWD Commu- nity Club. German Club,5,'PiS!Ol, 4,5,2, I ICA? TA I N I KEVIN MICHAEL BACKUS B3lI5 Anchorage, AK Engineering Mgmt. Big Daddy was a long shot turned defensive star. He loved the hockey team, the Cowboys, black929's, his Alabama Slammer, phone calls, TV scandals, his friends, and his family. lievin's laid back demeanor helped others cope with the stressful environment of the Academy. Just Cruisin'. Class Committee, 4,5,2, I 1 Hockey 4,5,2, I ,' Lacrosse,4 CKAIGSTEVENBA E2ll5 Baldwinsville, NY Engineering Mgmt. E-2 Brew Dogs-Kach,Hagy,Poco,Spence,me: Spring Break-Bahamas,Panama City: Stadium "kicker fights", Chaaancel: Engineers: Polar iCarel Bears, Mickey Mouse: Army '95 car: Eagle Talon, The Big "H" -S see yalp "Bung"g Tail- gatesg Campbell's Point Weekends -r crap island. EE 'f':' U-U ' i Football,4,5,2 JEREMY STEPHEN CLARK GZIIZ5 Johnson City, TN FAS iLatin America? This easy going Tennessean got along with just about everybody. His humorous outlook on the WP experience inspired us all to not take anything too seriously and almost earned him "goat". We cherish the many memories His gullibility and friendship will be sorely missed. with the guys. Cross Country, 4, 5: Indoor TraCk,4,5: Mountain Bike Club, If Outdoor Track, 4,5,- Chess Club, I SHANE JIYH CHIN E21 I5 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Electrical Engr. Dear brothers and sisters. For the past 4 years l enjoyed my life, l sure have a lot ofstories to tell the folks back home. Anyway, there is much to tell aboutmyself. lf you knowme then, goodpelse too badlll. l am famous for taking ENISO2 5 times and coming home from Christmas a week late. CHCSSCIUIZ I ,'SqLmhTeam,4,5,2, I NATHAN EARL COOK II F2113 Waco, TX Economics Upon his arrival at West Point, Nate's eyes opened to many new worlds. With strength from his dedication, family, and friends he met each challenge the Academy had to offer. Nate was respected by all and lent a caring hand to those in need. Nate was, is, and will always be a friend to all. Baptist Student Union, 4, 5, 2, I,- Special Olympics,-4,3, I : Team HandbalI,.5 MICHAEL TIMOTHY CHONG I l H5 Honolulu, Hl Mathematical Sciences Coming to the Rock with age and wisdom, Mychul managed to keep us from harm's way. Elven still he could not prevent the breaking of beds or the burning of pillows. But in the end, if the socks were down, we could always count on Mychul, The Last Four. UCB, GJK, JAKJ Chess Club,5,2, I fPRE51DElYT1p Racquetball, 1: SCUSA,5, 2x 'lriathlon,5 STEVEN MANUAL DELGADO F 1 ll5 Woodland Hills, CA PEDRO RAIVIOS ESPINOZA II BSII5 Simi Valley, CA Pol. Sci. ilntl. Relationsl "ASK, AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN TO YOU: SEEK, AND YOU SHALL FIND: KNOCK, AND IT SHALL BE OPENED TO YOU. FOR EVERYONE WHO ASKS RECEIVES, AND HE WHO SEEKS FINDS, ANDTO HIM WHO KNOCKS IT SHALL BEOPEN ED. QMAT 7:7-81 MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE IN ALL YOUR EN- DEAVORS. 5OCCBlj4,5 ARI S GOETZ E l ll3 Westford, MA Computer Science "Bernie" took it all in stride while offering his humorous observations. CS forced many a late night, but he always found time for his friends. The many fond memories include: tailgates, Philly, NYC, TJ, Boston, UMASS and SNL. His friendship will always be cherished. We'll miss him sorely. AD1J1c,2,1.5fg5romers,4,5 PRESTONLEEPUNKHOUSERIV B5ll3 Sonora, CA Civil Engineering "Did you enjoy your time at West Point?" Not usually. "Do you thinkit was worth it?" Definitely! Thank you to God, family and friends who all helped me keep focused on the goal and helped me not only to "live on the mountain-tops butalso in the valleys." iChaplain Camp, Beast: July '89l gala gg Mountaineering C lub,2p Naviga- u.u 'N tors,4,' Ski PatroI,5,2, 1: mw D 3 Orienteering5 JOHN JAMES GOKDAN II D21 I5 Joliet, IL Military Art Sr Science The few who can control themselves - who have the necessary insight, education, strength, and training - will impose order on the many.-Thucydides TaCliCSClub,4-,5,2, 1 KCICQ S :ill ffl fq Ll ' Islay- ' qv T O DANIELEDWAKD GALLAGHEK H5115 Wheaton, IL Philosophy Hailing from not particularly anywhere, Dan en- tered the Corps with not much more than a sense of humor. Dan was always good for a laugh or a pat on the back whether you wanted it or not. Maintaining his committment to God, family, and friends, Dan will find no problems in the Real Army, as long as he doesn't play poker at the wrong time ofthe night. SHANNONROXANIWIEJOHNSON C4113 Albequrque, NM Pol. Sci. ilntl.l Shan non has been a great friend for the last four years. Her cheery smile and love for the Lord has always shone through her personality. She has helped manya fellow cadet through depressions and gloom periods. May Ciod bless you always my sister. Contemporary Affairs Seminar, -495, ZIAX CICLHCICJQ Gospel Choir,4,5,2fAf CICQ, IKCICJQ Navigat0rS,4,5,2, I JAMESK. SDOWINSKI E5ll5 Cheektowaga, NY Economics KMSEJ Unlike his beloved Bills, Slow could always be counted on in the clutch, Best known for his physical and mental toughness, Jim was a relentless worker who achieved a great deal of success as a cadet. His many friends respect and admire his strong moral fiber, modesty and love forhis family. Strength Team,.3, 2, l KYLE RUSSELL VOWINKEL E llI5 San Diego, CA German Sr Spanish "Never trust a smiling Vowinkel". We always counted on Kyle's twisted sense of humor and obnoxious attitude to keep things excit- ing. From runs through Boston to TJ, he was always a trustworthy and dependable friend. His legacy, laugh, and driving skills will be long remembered. ADDlC,2,' Survival Games,4,5 PAUL JOSEPH TAYLOR D l IIS Hingham, MA Pol. Sci. CAmericanl Paul could rack and party with the best, but he will be remembered best by his classmates as someone who genuinely cared. Never afraid to let his views be known, he injected life into any discussion, and this frankness and caring will surely take him far. Q CIassCommittee,5ISECRETARYLZ 5 ,gg r l5ECRETARYl,I KSECRETARYI: Q- scUsA,5, 2, 1 : N ' A JILL LOUISE WAGNER C l ll3 Klamath Falls, OR German Sr Russian "To find one's self is the first and noblest of all victories."-Plato Glee Club,5,- God's Gang,lp Judo,5,' Protestant Chapel Choir, 4,5,' Na vigators, 4,5 JOHN THONG l2lI5 Fort Wayne, IN Pol. Sci. llntl.l "Have faith in yourselfand believe that you are traveling on the right road." - Seneca. From a Moose to a Polar Bear, J.T. always believed in what he was doing. Dad, Mom, Peggy, and Nancy - Thanks for the love and support l'lonorCommittee,.5,2, l,' Powerlifting,5,2, I with 4 1 7-ll P ' li ' , -Ui. BRANFALLEN WILSON G4ll5 St. Louis, MO Engineering Mgmt KMSEJ "A penny saved is a penny earned." Brant knows how to temper hard work with a sense of humor to create a fine mess. Known as Wilsonstein, Mumbles and Sweet-Dick, his pranks with his buddies caught up with him: Trouser-Man, 2 Mile run, and his calm and quiet girlfriend tshall. 'Da Bears! Flying ClulJ,4,5,' Phi Kappa Phi,2,I MATITIEW TODD ZACHER A l II5 Mayville, NY Life Science "I feel the need, the need for speed!" Zach is a highly motivated, hardworking guy. The infantry will love him, as long as he leaves the door open and the lights on. From marathon racquetball games, partyfn around WF to clubs in Boston, Zach has always been a dependable friend. Nordic Ski Team,4,5,2, 1: Staff :Sr Ushers,4p Sandhurst, 5,2,1fCAl7l'AlIY7 President Clinton presents a di- ploma to Allen Pepper and congratu- lates him on ajob well done. , E it N N Wilvyiilvl ll., swim 'I' , ,ml Wild in "Wk OlOHd AWHGVDV Brant Wilson poses with family and friends at the Superintendent's Recep- tion. wk W 4 ,,As..LwM. H fff:-3,g,ef5fW,Lf,A My W ..Mw we szv win-xefb"' v-H MH- NWA gif' f, ,, .Wm uw W fi , My-u,,,,,,, . v w .1-wry-r-,M,sx wg qw ' ' ' ny- 5 , dw g wi , fg5f1 'Phila Y S M, QM: 'lk H? M ,, V 4514.-,.,m 4 ,, f 1 ,. .MW .,,., W .ww Ei ,Q 1 1 23" M 1 sa 3351-11 ' NJ -., Aaifiii 'S vie v, ya:-w .Q COMPANY 66. RICHARDPANGANIBANBANEZ l4lA4 Jacksonville, FL Systems Engineering Better known as "RICO," this young man more than lived up to his nickname. Rico was a definite "lady's man." Rico was best known as the flashy 2nd Baseman for the Baseball Team. lie was loyal to all his friends and will miss them dearly. Go Home Team! Go Big Guns! Long Live ARMY BASEBALU!!! BaSeball,4,5,2, I 1" 9 1 JAMES JOSEPH BOYLE E51 A4 Woodside Queens, NY Management LHPAJ "Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on." Always to be counted on, Jimmy's love of partying made him many friends. A perennial schemer, he maintained his own phi- losophies. He's a true friend. Q15 Flor: Jimmy Bi qB.Banner, X' minor m ,QRQ American Cultule5eminaL 4:Finance 4W.v fomm,2,Poeuyfvv1ifingsemman 4, Sailing Team, 4 ca, s xii" A ' l KEVINJOSEPI1 BYRNE IILIA4 Bronx, NY Computer Science An original breezer, K.B. lived his years here on the edge. Although you were the first to fall, at least you got a good one. So what's it like being out of the bubble? From Bo and Ho: You gotta believe in foolish miracles. l- BEAM!! GO Apachees!! CPKC: Special Olympics, 4: C PRC Stafi I : PHI KAPPA PHI, 2, I PAUL FRANCIS CAIVIPAGNA Ill-IA4 Petaluma, CA Environmental Science After climbing, studying, running, stumbling, and stressing, the "Granola" Kid surprised everyone and stuck around for 4 years. Paul will be remembered for his bouncy personal- ity and ability to have fun at ali costs. To aii the friends made over 4 years: thanks for everything--we'll see each other again. Mountaineering 2, I : OfI5RoadBike, 2, I p Jazz Band,4,5,- Howitzer, I p Circle in the Spiral 2, I ,' Rugby,5 MICHAEL DAVID ELLIS C11-IA4 Coarsegold,CA Pol. Sci. fIntl.l Mike hated quotes. He was in lt- companies with 5 TACs.He made history 4 the wrong reason. He talked too much 8: laughed at his ownjokes.Big Influences' Chuck rlallman,Ken Burkman 8 Coffeetalk. Thanks to his l0ve,Paula. EASTER... SOLDIER! NEJWMAN Rules! For Matt R, YES! Likes lralianSausage8rCiuacamoie. Orienteering, 4,121 SC USA,2, 1: Tactics Club.5,2: JUDITH ANN DeBOCK D21 A4 Punta Gorda, FL Economics CMSEJ "Ifyou obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." "Woman must not accept: she must chal- lenge. She must not be awed by that which up around her, she must reverence thatwoman in her which struggles for expres- . sion."- M. Sanger D has been built A1tSeminar, 4, 5: American Culture Seminan 4.5: Equestrian Team,4,' Media CIub,5,2: Russian Club, 4, 5: Phi Kappa Phi I JAMES THOMAS HAGY E21 A4 Wyckoff, NJ History tU.S.l "Ask, and it shall be given you: seek, and ye shall find: knock, and it shall be opened unto you." Thanks to my family, Tara, and friends, I couldn't have made it without you. I50Ib Football, 453: Fellowship of Christian AthIetes,4,5: Phi Alpha The!a,2, I KVICE-PKESL DEIYU JAMES ANDREW DENSMORE BZIA4 West Grove, PA Environmental Engr. "To be agood soldier you must love the Army, but to be a good officer you must be willing to order the death of the thing you love, that is...a very hard thing to do. No other profes- sion requires it. That is one reason why there are so few good officers. Although there are many '-:':' 'ft' good men." R.E..Lee Glee Club, 5, ZCHISTORIAIYI, I KPRE SIDEPlT2f Honor Committee, 2, I 1 Protestant Chapel Choin 4,5,2, I p Genesis,5,2, I:Scoutmasters,4 nu ' JERAD IVANHARPER BZIA4 Gahanna, OH Pol. Sci. flntl.J Jerad endured Firstie Year as the heroic spirit leader while surviving SID. Pulling out a Sosh paper or hanging out eating hot wings at the Firstie Club, he never lost his cool. To some he was Barney and to others Transpo, but he was a friend to all. ' Genesis,2lAfCICj, I ICICI: Glee Club, 5, 2, I ,- Na vggators, 2, I f Prot- estant Chapel Choir,4,5,2, I GERALD JOSEPH HARTJR B l IA4 Westwood, MA Leadership Always the politician, Jerry would exchange a kind word and a pat on the back to his friends everywhere. Unfortunately, Jeriys record with the Dean was not as good as his record in the ring. Regardless, the persis- tence that got him into West . Point iswhatgot him out. We all wish Jerry and Nancy good luck with their future together. S.l. ,UR ' I AoD1c,2,1,Bl Brothers, 5,2, I,-ClassCommit!?ee, .4 KHISTJ, 5rH1S77,2rPREs111PREsl,'speaa1ogfmpn:s, 2, If Brigadelioxing, 4, 5, I ROBERT JAMES LENZ JR E l IA4 Carmel, IN Engineering Mgt. tMSEl Bob was the ultimate Grey Hog as a cadet. He was one of the few people truly at home at West Point. No one will forget his love forT ara, Purdue and his Vette. An avowed lifer, Bob will probably still be flying long after the rest Of us finally turn as grey as him. GO AVIA- TlON!!! Tactics Club, 4,5,' Ski Instmcton 2: Catholic Squad, 5, 2, IIAXCICQ1 Catholic Cadet CatechisLs,2, I JAMES ARTHUR JONES HZIA4 Sultan, WA Engineering Mgt. QMSED "BoBo" was on the two year plan. He slept half the time he was here at the Academy. He made it through the Academy though, whether it was sheer talent CNOTD, hard work, orjust pure luck he still made it and that's all that matters. Glee Club,2: Rifle, 4: Class Com- mittee,4,5, 2, I PATRICIA CHRISTINE LYNN HSIA4 Tampa, FL Mathematical Sciences Softball, Softball, Softball, What else did l do here? Studied, learned to work out, made some friends, and grew up a bit, From the Hurricanes nickname "Sq ueek" to the Apache nickname "Smiles a lot," l've made some good friends. The best friend l won't leave behind is Patrick. 4 SoftbaIl,4,5,2, 1 rCocAPrAl1v1,- Ringand 1, Crest Committee,4tTREA5URER1, 'K X144 ,2mwmm, IURL-LQSLRERQ GEORGEJOSEPH KOPSERJR ll IA-41 Lexington, KY Mechanical Engr. KAERO7 Bluegrass, a man of few words, asked all the right questions. 54-15 at Navy '90, Joseph was always a team player tThe Villanova Gamel. Recovering from a near fatal sneeze as a Yuk, this Beatles freak took the Rock tradition West, where he answered the Call of the Cavalry. tJCB,JAK,MTCJ Alix -QB fq I-""lil,, f x, . TODD CHRISTOPHER MOONEY HKLIA4 Kenosha, WI Leadership The most goal-oriented person you'll ever want to meet, Dogger used his leadership skills tread "brainwashing"J to convince his Japanese girlfriend to marry him. Smoke 'em, Dogger, and Godspeed. "Life is either a daring adventure or noth- ing." Domestic Affairs Forum,2: French Club 5: Hop Committee 2, I Mara- thon 5. DAVID WILSON NAVRATIL CZIIA4 Hagerstown, PA Environmental Engr. "What the mind conceives, the body achieves." Whether pumping iron or just saying "Hi," a grunt from Tiny signified quiet dedication and friendship. The trou didn't always litjust right, and the bus left without him, but all in all, he came out OK. Good luck "Naaav!" Band,4,.5,2, I 1 Sandl1urst5,2, l. DANIEL ROBERT SMITH C21 A4 N. Ridgeville, OH Environmental Engr. From plebe trials and yearling delinquency to cow duality and firstie-itis l've taken more bull, learned more about myself, and had more real friends than most people deserve in a lifetime. To my friends, here and at home, Eileen, and especially to my Mom, Dad, and brother: Thank you, l love you. Football, 4, 5: Fellowship of Chris- tianAthIetes,4,5,' Catholic Chapel Choir, 4, 5,' Society of Am erican Military EngineerS,2, 1 u up DOIJGIASROBERFPEFIDWSISI DIIA4 Sterlinglsleights, Ml Management CHPAJ Peppy came here after partying at CMU for a year and was the last cadet to get in. His love of good times and many theories on life helped us keep things in perspective. A true friend who could always be counted on, he could PL anyone. Stair splits, AX. key games, scon, Yeah, FIGE ff -we II .. Peppy.. 6 BigBrothers,5p HonorCommittee, If 2,9 Law Enforcement Tactics Club, l x . 135 JON DENNIS STEINKE FSIA4 Fall Creek, WI Engineering Mgt. CMSEJ "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."-Philippians 4:15. Jon showed a dedication to his family and his principles that few of us can rival. He was always there in a time of need fespecially if you needed someone to take your sister to a dancel. UI-I ULJ U-U ll Sandhurst,-4,5 ANTONY EDWARD PETERS Charleston, lL For Area Clvliddle If you ever needed to find Tony during academic night, the one place you knew to look was his desk. More than likely you could find him in the rack, on the phone, at the Firstie Club, or smoking in the boys room. There are some people who can grey. CIO APACHES!! Arabic Language Club, KSEC YlgClass Committee, 4 ISEC YL5 KSECW GREGORY KOLB STEPHENS Cedar Hill, MO Electrical 28 June 1989 to 29 May 1995. Time when you're having fun. Not! OK, so Rockbound Highland Home wasn't so bad after all. From "starving" New Cadets being Rockman, life was sure Thanks to all of my family and theirsupport. 'X-.mag ' Survival Games,5,' fp -.7 4,5,2, 1 I3 L I ,gi JILL BENITA THGKKILDSON D41 A4 Waubun, MN Human Factors Psychology He who labors diligently need never despair: for all things are accomplished by diligence and labor.-Menander 1545-292 B.C.l Cyding,4pFellowsh0JofChrisbanAU1leteS,4,.'5,2:Lutl1eran Student Movement,4,5,2: Indoor Track, 4,5g Nordic Ski Team, 2, I : Out- 6 door'Irack,4,5 Q.N,?.xI N sa f e MICHAEL ANTHONY VIERA Fl IA!!- Topeka, KS Management CHPAJ Cruiser came to West Point an Army Brat and aspiring Ranger and he leaves here the same way: a future Ranger BN LT. His devotion to lnfantry,Andrea, Apache Boxing, and party- ing with the boys is unsurpassed. He will make the best kind of INF LT: hooah, yet laid back. Mike's agreat friend! CJ HJ Big Brothers , 4,.3, 2, 1: Nordic Ski Team, 2,- Ring and Crest Comm- ittee, 2, I ,Special Olympics,-4, 5,2, I 1 Tactics Club, 4,5 CORINA PRIETO VILLEGAS A l IA4 Kermit, TX Political Science QCOMPJ nommemisofmesuaigiicoraeooneurcomplerewiwha boxsn,4D's,anddeanoverheadligl1ts7totl1esoundsofuGo "5ui'95,"imgiumin0ncarbomnaum .... anadontevf-:forget Hbigbrotheriswatchingn-whaayear! Ciod,faru'lya1dfrimcbl1elpedCorin1aise it. Thank you, Dad, Mom, Holi and I C8U10llCCh8D61ChOIl14,5:BQSH6IS,-2' Howitzer, IIASSISTANTAEDITORQ1 Smd1wd2 Company A4 celebrates after re- ceiving their diplomas on Graduation Day. fan Paul Campagna is congratulated by LTC Easter after receiving his di- ploma on Graduation Day. Y-.I v I O "1 O Class PresidentJen'y l'lart presents an honorary cadet saber to President Bill Clinton during the Graduation Ceremony. M WWW? 1 : i f , ly il P U66 . COMPANY BERKLEY ADAM BAKER F4lBll- Mitchellville, MD Economics QMSED B', B-Squared, and BAE are the many names that Berkley goes by but one name best typifies the type of person he is-"Christian" Berkley was a brother to all and showed everyone around him that being a Christian is a lifetime commitment that can be both fun and exciting. Isa. 40:51 sox Ya fg Class Committee, 4,5,2, lphonor sw , -fx , l 'Ps Q fax-6 7 X Commiltee,2, I : Havigators,4,5 eff at J! Q JEREMY ALAN BALL EILIB4 Kirksville, MO History iU.S.J Topp-less, J-buh: the man, the myth, the commander. Level-headed and always keep- ing the big picture in sight, he could always come down from the stars and still relate to people, remembering that all cadets are just people, and always being one you could truly trust and rely on. Phi Kappa Phi 2, I : PhiAlpha Theta, 5,2, I 1 Sandh urst,5, 2 MANDY LANE BANTHER A2134 Seymour, IN American Legal System She came with a volleyball in her hand Sr' a full head of hair. Beast temporarily Claimed het' hair but she'll leave with two pom pons and golden locks. She preferred her running shoes and desk to the Firstie Club and we expect to find this babe putting away crimi- nals in the courtroom. Love ya! Big Sisters,4: Rabble Rousers, 2, IfCO'CAP'l'AllYJg VoIleyball,4,5 RiCIIARD KEVIN BERUBE D I IB4 Lisbon, ME Economics iMSEl Thank you Mom and Dad for all the support. B4 classmates and the Hockey Team are the greatest friends a guy could have. Good luck in the future and take care of yourselves. Underclass: The four years go by fast so take time out to look around. See ya! HoCkey,4,.3,2. 1 LANCE KENNETH C-ALVEKT CIIB4 Carver, MA Mechanical Engr. CAEROJ Although Lance wasn't always the most tact- ful, you always knew where you stood with him. His eyes to the sky and his feet on the ground, his friendship is true. When it counts. he is the man to have on your side of the line- or crack. Watch the wires, rotorhead, and enjoy your blue skies. American Institute offleronauticsf Ash0nautic5,2, 1,'f7ylngClub, 5,2, I: Football, 4: Special Olympics, 4, 5, 2, IIAXCICI DENNIS EDWARD BDGDAN Cl!-IB4 Cumberland, Rl Systems Engineering lt's been a long HARD trip! Looking back l've actually learned some stuff. What to blow off. how to arrange my drawers in SAMI, drill, etc. lt's definitely not the place l'll miss, but the people. Thanks to Old Cowboys tBurko, Simmi,Nice,Drew,lrvl and the Buffs CECI. Breeze, Al,Cush,Kins,JBl. Triathlon,4 Z ALLYSON MARIE CHURINS I5lB4 Woolwich, ME American Legal System Original soccer chick. Ally is quick to console + help w! your troubles. Came in from the cold + never looked back. She always gave more than she took: a mom to all + in love wj one. She came out of the water + rose to the top. Keep jumping off cliffs + exploring behind the DANGER signs. . . Y Cre W, 5, 2, I p Hop Committee, 2, I g Special OlympicS,4,5,2, I KEVIN WADE BKEEDLOVE E2lBll- North liingsville, OH Human Factors Psych. lt's been four long years of the Cadet Experi- ence, and every semester has been a struggle! From GO BREWDOGS! to BUH!, my friends and family have pulled me through the tough times. The Grey Walls have at least given me a sense of humor and lasting friendships. Go Engineers! H'-' EE' I-I-I-I 'i Genesis,-4g lYavigators,4,5,2, lp RingandCrestCommittee,4,5,2, I 1 lndoorTrack,5 ROBERTKUSSELLOOCHRAN GIIB4 San Diego, CA Geography llinvironmental Sci.l Built like a Greek God, with looks to match, Rob was the classical Renaissance man. Al- ways armed and dangerous, he frequently left a trail of broken hearts, bones, and faces. Upon leaving West Point, if 2 will be heading home to the swamps, jungles, or anywhere the infantry takes him. Karate,4,5,2,' Rugby,I,' Box' ing, 4, 5, 2, I ,' Football!! DAVID ALAN COLEBANK G l IB-4 Lake Havasu, AZ Management CHPAJ You now have a COMBAT LOADED VEHICLE, Cro Forth and Conquer. Ski Wasted. Dave, you're Cirubbyl No Way, Dude. If you ever go for ajob interview, I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges. Dave, you'll go far on your politeness and charming demeanor, don't change. Party Dude! Rugby,5p Outdoor Track, 4. JOHN MICHAEL CUSHING ISIB4 Rochester, Ml Systems Engineering cush the cadet alwayS seT. cush was a polar beak WE loved him there, cuSh waS a buff the commander and tough. cush when commis- sioned will be top condition. cush going armor the third in a line he will probably make general at 99. cush as a friend always there to the end. GO BUFFALOES! -' Sandhurst, I Lilith! Y 'Ili faq I-lift! A-A INILLIAM WADE GKISWOLD IZIB4 Shreveport, LA Mechanical Engr. CAEROJ l would like to thank God, my family, Eliza- beth, and my friends for all the great times. l look forward to the future and know that the foundations and friendships built here will last a lifetime. Don't fall while answering the phone: Don't adjust the radio while driving: Go Buffs! Bapt1stStudent Union,4,5,2, I:Glee C1ub,5,2, I MICHAEL S. KACZMAREK HIHS4 New Cumberland, WV Political Sci. tU.S.l Kaz knows how to have fun at any cost. He makes the best out of any situation and his Polish lineage taught him the importance of family and friends. His push-the-envelope, risk-takin' attitude only challenged him to become better-HEELS mission-wear-BUI'l- Mike is the Father of BUFF Spirit. Howitzer5,2 MICHAELJAKED IVIAZZOCOO CIIB4 Cresson, PA Civil Engineering Mike is a natural. A standout rugger until mandatory knee surgery. Mike's a tough kid with an outstanding family, a great friend, and a new uncle. Never forget-S. Docks-NYC or dancin' hats. A true Renaissance man and natural leader. Take care my friend-may home be where the Buffaloes 'fi' "!f:' roam. nu.: I HH Basketball, I :Big Brothers,4 ii 7.2-.335 PATRICKVANDYKEKINSMAN A2154 Bellevue, WA Environmental Engineering A hard nose soldier who set and lived up to high standards, always a hard charger, always willing to discuss stories of 8-up yuks and bogus plebes. "Those who have long enjoyed such priveieges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them." Thanks go to Mom, Dad, Mike, and B4 'i':' '1":' 1 995. num I f l E Sandh urst,5, 2, I p Intramural La- fi 7 Ei Crosse!! JOHN ARNOLD IVICAFEE Ill IZIIB4 Atco, NJ Mechanical Engr. CAEROJ "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, Hell no! Besides reflectingJohn's mil art knowledge, this quote was used to keep him going in face of an aero concentration that roughed him up to say the least. ln addition, Aggie takes full responsibility for the Pham incident. Footbal1,4 MARK EDWARD KULECK A l IB4 Wauconda, ll. Economics CMSEJ As an Axeman and a Buff, Kool has blessed us with his "fine" tastes in music, Italian cuisine, cars, Br fashion. Although he took great pride in the hair on his head, the hair on his face did not appear until cow year. lt is A said you can still hear TAPS play from his greengirl at 2530. BSOBG Finance Forum,3: Hop Committee,4,5: Scuba Club,2,- WaterPoIo, 4,5 JENNIFER LYNN MISCHLER D 1 IB4 Huntington Beach, CA Management tl'lPAJ This tanned beauty stepped off the beach :Sr left a volleyball legacy on the courts of WP for a lifetime! Adored St loved by everyone, she saved her luv for one special lax player. Known for her rhythm on the dance floor Br big ears, but remembered for her warm smile. Knock 'em dead l-lon, UR the best!! "xn,c 4 -M-fs. 1. V yay kka . -Q65 Big Sisters,4,5,2,- Fellowship of +5451 Christian Athletes 5 2 1 'Voile , , , . Y' ball,4,5,2,IfCAP'TAllY1 Gif? DARRIN ANDREW MORRIS Il IB4 Santa Ana, CA Environmental Engr. "We All Live Under the Same Sky, but We Don't All Have the Same Horizon." Darrin A. Morris aka D-Moe, learned a lot about himself and life. His ingredients for a successful life are the following: God. Fam- , ily, Friends, Health, and an ' , .fx education. As Darrin always N says, "PEACE TO ALL". 'QV I YQ? FND YJ W 'I' Special O1ympics,4,.5, I ,- Minority StudentConference, I DOUGLAS EVANS PORTREY BSIB4 Bellwood, NE Mechanical Engr. QAEROJ Always there to lend a hand, Doug can be counted on for support, friendship and en- couragement. A truly sincere individual with the heart ofa lion, he puts forth his best effort in all areas and pushed others to do the same-once you got him out of bed!! Catholic Chapel Choin 4,5,' Sport Parachute 'I'eam,4,5,2, I JEROME WADE O'NEAL l2lB4 Asheville, NC Mathematical Sciences Jerry, with his quiet determination, gentle heart, and amazing musical abilities, has been a true friend. Though we'll never forget the mattress cover or his many successes with women, we'll always smile to think of Jer- Bear. His focus on God has brought him success. May it always. '-'I-I 'U Protestant Chapel Choir,4,5 ua It lSECRETARY2,2fClCl, I:Band, 4,5, H 2,I,'GodLsGang,4,5,2,I mfclci, EE 75--g..4-E3 Episcopal Group,4,5, 2,1 ICICI,- N ' 'E Gene5i5,4,5,2, I ROBERT DEAN PRINS F I I B4 Wendell, lD Engineering Physics "Vinni, viddi, vicci." Rob always had some- thing interesting to say to his roommates when they were up latelBuh!!. His grades never reflected how little he took leave. No one has sympathy for him: he chose PHYSICS for a major. Maybe some- day he won't regret it. Just aim for the shoulders! Gods Gang,4,5,2, I KCICL' Navigato1s,5, 2, I ,' Squash Team, 2, I MICHAEL JAMES PECK A5184 North Bend, WA Management KHPAJ DE OPPRESSO LIBER, "That Bungee Crane isn't very high." Go 'head Joe, one rope won't be that fast. DISCO NIGHT Rm 626. Scottfliev 2 SickF, Gary's. ROY. Airborne! Stairdives, Jungle Punch, Track. "l'm an excellent driver." CLET. No Bulbs. Zips in the Wire. 800m. Bronco. I will return. Thanks Dad! Cross Country,-4,5,2,I,' Indoor Track,4,5,2, 1 ICAf'I'AIIY2,- Outdoor Track,4,5,2, I KCO-CAPTAIIY2: Tac- tics CIub,4,5,' Barracks Fast Rope,4, 5,2lCO-CAPFAIIYI, IICO- CAPTAIN1 ALAN MICHAEL SKAGGS DSIB4 Ona, WV Engineering Management CMSE! Alan is an OLD West Virginia man full of adventure, humor, and excitement. But do not botherhim between 1200 and l700track monsteri. World watch out because the Buffalo's oldest man is on the prow! for the next days adventure or I 'Nag woman of his dreams. The ' ' world isyouraudienceAlan. rs' fp GO BUFFS!!! sg 50 Q . . ,qw Ring and Crest Comm1ttee,2, I ,' Scoutmasters Council, 4,5 : Sport Parachute Team, 4,5 EDWARD ALBERTWHATLEYJR F2154 Opelika,AL Foreignllrea Studies lwestem Europel "l'lere's to you and here's to me" to all the original Zoosters from the Rooster! Thanks Gill Sr Bakes for the wildest semester ever. To all the Buffs, the SHOCKERXSIKEEZER thanks ya for the memories."May Every Meal be a Feast," Juice. A final thanks to Buddha for the greatest friendship ever. 'fi' 'ff' HH 'l Hne Foodsfomm, 41 TREASURER1, 3,2, IITREASURERI Ei - ---- E' Ki. Doug Portrey is struck with awe at the monumental accomplishment he and the rest of the Class of 1995 achieved. Mike Kaczmarek and buddies Will lVlartinlC12J and Eric Silver C1125 have some fun at the First Class Club COMPANY KT 6. LAMAR DAVID ADAMS IZLIC4 Santa Barbara, CA Operations Research It is never too late to DREAM, especially for a TEAM player like Lamar. He is extremely nice, almost to a fault, and he will always heed the saying, "Those who stay the course will be Champions." GOIL 4x ORSA TIMS, 2 L4 AUSTIN TIMOTHY APPLETON B4-IC4 l-lockessin, DE Chemical Engr. Austin was always around in support of the Company no matter how much work he had due the next day. He was always willing to help out and often went beyond what was expected ofhim. Austin will best be remem- bered trying to peddle Cowboy coins and patches during forma- ':':' 'it' tions. Lau "gl m l ,m n U Tactics Club, 4,51 West Pointfa 55-, 7.-iii mm,4 RYAN DERRICKAKNE ISIC!!- Albuquerque, NM Civil Engineering Swimming, 4,5,2, I HI-I U53 WILLIAM HOBARTCHAPMAN EZIUL Eagle River, AK Management QHPAB Chapper, the connoisseur of coffee, cigars, motorcycles, and other fine libations, mainly scotch, came to the warmth of West Point from Alaska to play hockey, but after 2 years converted to a full-time gym rat. We'll always remember your deliberate spontaneity. WKDL l BRIAN ANDREW FORN C 1 I C4 Brookings,ORCieographytHumanfRegionaD "God Chose us to spend our lives here...ln return for that, we should pay our dues..." - John Wayne, Four years and all is well. To Jay, PK, CJ, Mr, Bonkers, Fee, The Edge, and the rest of the Cowboys, good luck and Crod Bless. Outta here! gg gg Cycling.4,5.- Lutheran Student nu ', Movement!! EDWIN ALAN COOK D4lCll- Red Springs, NC Russian Ed Chickee-Monkey always kept us laughing wfhis feemin' self, perpetrating Sr escalating wfJersey girlsfesp, 500th Nitei. Even though he gets shot down in the States, he can always go to Russia to find true love. Cook-Fu thanks his friends from BSU, C4, Sr D45 Most of all, Thanks Mom and Danny!!! giibxs H Baptist Student Union,4,5,2, lg 5' ' l 'Ji' Domestic Affairs Forum,2: Rus- ' ' sian c1ub,5,2,1 CHRISTOPHER DAVID JOHNSON C21 C4 Winston Salem, NC Geography Studies CJ!Twig was a guy who listened to weird music, wore ugly shoes, and bought bogus concert tickets. l-le was always there to give his liberal viewpoint on any topic. One of the two true "Cheers Men." lf you "come down" he'll give you 1700. CJ thanks friends Q WP and esp. Mom,Jim, Mike, Sr fM,,,X wg Family. ,t f bm .4 Genesis,4,' OfHcer's Christian 1 1 ' ri- FelIowship,4 DANIEL JOHN ENGEL D21 C4 Little Falls, MN Management KHPAD lt is nevertoo late to DREAM! Odie was aTEAM player who never missed the opportunity to run up the score. He found the dead body on Halloween. I-lis last two years were based on the extremes...work and playmhaze and chill, The Fourth Reich is dead. Orienteering, 4,5IA!ClCJ,- Protes' tant Chapel Choir, 4: AmateurRa- dio Seminanfi STEPHEN SOONWON KOH A41 C4 San Diego, CA American Legal System I-Ie may not be able to "catch fly wi chopstick" but he's a wiz with the oriental kitchenware. Steve, known for his less than towering stat- ure, willingness to argue, and quality time spent with red, will always be remembered as our "Korean Cowboy" and a true friend to everyone. 150lb Footba1l,4g Big Brothers ,4,.'5,- Catholic Cadet Cat- echists,4,5,2,' Karate,5,' Korean A, 1-.f N. S, American Relations Seminar, ' 4.5.2, I ITREA5URERlg finance Forum,I :WX NM 0 ' A 9 PAUL KWON Gil-IC4 Indianapolis, IN Geography lEnvi.SciJ The "weasel" leads a dark, alluring life with intriguing aliases like dali kato, tojo, kwon- bee, and others which would make even Fletchjealous. One ofhis aspirations in life is to shoot the game winning shot in the NCAA championships: another is to "see a World in a grain of sand." CARPE DIEM. 'NJ-. 691, Pk French c1ub,5,-Jud0,5,2,-Hop Com- ' 5 mittee,2, 1,- Oll'iceHsCh1istian Fel- lowship l. XI X Nui CHANCEJAMES MERCURE D4lC4 Kennewick, WA Environmental Engr. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will make straight your paths PROVERBS5:5,6 Thanx MDHJT St WA pals, l ever could have made it wlo U!!REM: "GO DUKES" budsdk, sf, cmlostboysjes, dan, jim. Stadium KICKER fights. BUNGthewhistle LBRday-S"'Tisland. BOaRds8rBoNEs. PUDDLES. Peace 2DP. outta here ....,... bye Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes, !l,5, 2: Football, 4,5,2,' Ha vi- gators, I :Snowboarding Club, ZIAX CICI, I IPRESIDEIYTJ un.: um ROBERT ROY MANSELL I l IC4 Williamsville, NY Environmental Engr. 26,15, and 16 in the hockey program, Bobby is always l to his love - KB. Known to everyone as a social butterfly, BAB lived at the rink and with his favorite blanket. Dressed, fed, and coddled baby bro' Mikey! Great student, ath- lete -Sr love letter writer. MOSTLY, A GREAT FRIEND WE'LL MISS!! ul.: nu Es Hockey,4,5,2, I AARON JUSTIN MERRILL A31 C4 Troutdale, OR Intl. Relations CMiddle EastStudiesl lt's not getting there that's important, it's what you do after you arrive that counts. Sport Parachute Team,-4,5,2: Scuba lnstructor,2, I ,' Tactics Club, 4,'Arabic Language Club, 2 WILLIAM JEFFREY IVIAYO C l I C4 Bloomfield, MO History ilntl.fStrategicl Sapper iterated, Sapper reiterated. As a true friend he could always be counted on. His straight and narrow, Missouri character helped him lead the cowboy family. After six years ofcadethood, Jeffis looking forward to finally switching from grey to green. Marathon, 4,5: Honor Commit- tee,5,2, l,- Class Committee, 4,5 MARSHALL CHARLES MILES CZIC4 Plano, TX American History "There is a fine line between genius Sv insan- ity"-some of us, like Madmarsh, cross that line. Though by no means an academic wonderboy, he will always be remembered for his gifted ability to break into buildings, adopt Sweethearts, move government prop- erty, 'Sr set government property on fire. A X 2- JOHN WALTER PANHORST Al IC4 Greensburg, IN Civil Engineering He has showedyou, O man, whatisgood. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. - Micah 6:8 Cross COUI1fIj64,5,2, I IlI1d0Ol'fOUfdOOfTl'aCk,4,5,2, I: Protestant Chapel SundaySchool Hu ,U Teachers,4,5,2,I Vi. H mrmnl: 7 -"' E5 ASHLEIGHDANIELLERANEY A4104 Comwall on Hudson, NY Individual Psychology "Whose voice is that?" Whether in fon'na- tion, on the River, at Michie or leading Kvhr aerobics, Ash always let others know of her presence. As a friend, her gift is in giving- always willing to give of her time and still able to manage the Dean. Anxious to be a Fl LT, Ash will make her mark. Crew,4,.5,2,' Hop Commit- tee.4,' Protestant Chapel Choin 4, 5:5pecial Olympics, 4 ls ,-5552:-. -7:59215 Eiiife -'gffnizin Nami: -. ' :'ggf'asr::::e:9.-. 'fffvr-:?'33. "YS fssjwzf, 5. ' rg .:.:.,f ,- . fn , ,Q , 5. VIIILLIAM SCOTT PENZEL E 1 IC4 Las Vegas, NV Mechanical Engr. CAEROJ Who's driving this train anyway? I50lb Football,-4: ADDIC, 2, I ANTHONY MORGAN RAY l2lC4 Nashville, TN Mechanical Engr. QAUTOJ Tony will always be famous for biting off more than he can chew. He's had fun singing on the area, going under the surgeon's blade, talk- ing forever on the phone or swimming to victory. Anthony will always be a hit with Army choppers, short beautiful Tennessee women, and everyone he meets. Glee Club, 4,5,2, I ANDREW MICHAEL PHALAN A l ICI!- Killeen, TX Foreign Area Studies CLAT. AM? Fat Phalan spent his four years here as a Yuk. Not happy unless he was complaining or annoying someone, his complete lack of anything resembling modesty or good taste made him hard to tolerate, but he made a few friends land enemies? that he will remember always. BSOBG and Yee-Haw. Crew,4,5,2: Hop Committee,4,5 KRISTINMARIEREISENWEBER IZIC4 Burke, VA German and Russian "There is a destiny that makes us brothers: None goes his way alone..." Whoever wrote this knew that Kris was always there...a true friend. Whether it was running on old QW, tailgating at games, or even daring to show her "wild side", Kris is the A 'xv best friend and roommatel N' , Q I could ve got. f ejy k w Cross Country,4: Mara- umn,4,5,2,1,-RuSSianc1ub,4,'skf 43, lnsnuczon-4,5,2rAfc1c1, IKAXCICIQ CPRC2, I IVICEPRESIDENTJ MICHAEL EDWARD SENN A l IC4 Columbia, SC Geography tPhysicall Gonna sail away, sun lights another day - freedom on my mind, carry me away for the last time -Boston To Spot, Flex, BriGuy, Andy, and the rest ofthe gang in C4-it's been, ...well, it's been!! I pray we all meet again someday. Until then... Media Club,2, llClCl,' Ring and 5 mg, Crest Committee,4,5,2, lf SCU5A,2 . I W h GQ - lrlax GEORGE TROY THAMES E21 Cll- Martinez, GA Military History Troy: Crash,Buddha,lKung Fu Master: The easy going Georgia boy who enjoys the simple things of life: Whether its finding rocks and a fiancee on flirty walk, fishing with the Supe, or imitating his idol, Homer Simpson. Troy, our friend, we will always remember you with a smile. Glee Club, 5,2 6 SEC YJ, I ,- Officers Christian Fel1owship,2, I ,' Rifle, 41 Ski Patrol, 4, 5, 2 BRIAN THOMAS SOLDON B2lCll- Remsenburg, NY Environmental Engr. "Give me golf clubs, the fresh air, and a beautiful partner, and you can keep my golf clubs and the fresh air." Big Brothers ,.'5,' Golrf 4,5 FELIX JAVIER TRINIDAD EZIC4 Guaynabo, PR Mechanical Engr. QAEROJ "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." These few words accu- rately depict what Felix did since yuk year as an AERO Major. Although at times the knot became loose, it was re-tightened by family and friends. THANK YOU! FMng Club, 5, 2: SC USA,5,- Scuba Club,5,2,'SurvivalGames,5,Span- ish Club, 5, I HEIDI RITA STKUBBE CZIC4 Colora, MD Leadership Studies "And for ourselves, the intrinsic purpose is to reach, and to remember, and to declare our commitment to all the living, without deceit, fear and reservation. We do what we can, and by doing it, we keep ourselves trusting, which is to say vulnerable, and more than that, what can anyone ask?" Big Brothersftiig Sisters 4,5, 2,' Chinese Club 4,.5,' Korean Club 4,5,- Lutheran Student Movement 4,5,' Special Olym- pics 4,5: 55851 Club 2, I. 'lllllll' JARED LEE WARE GZIC4 HotSpiings,AR Geographythumanfkegionall Spot, J-S, or whatever, Jared talks more trash than a landfill. Some of his favorite pastimes include listening to the Jerky Tape, Vaca- tions, and Coming Down fand busting on Jeff "Crusty" Mayoh. He graciously spoke of his philosphies on life, but hey, "My heros have always been Cowboys!" 'ft' EE I-I-H 'ii Baptist Student Union, 4,5,2, 1: n Class committee, 4,5 2, lxfellow- 55 -5...-i-L. E2 ship of Christian Athletes, 4,5, 2,' Media Club, 2, 1: Tennis,4,5,2 WIIJLIAM JEFFREY INILSHIRE C51 C4 Pittsburgh, PA Mechanical Engr. QAUTOJ From the first day of Beast Barracks this birthdayi, Dollar Bill Wilshire has shown him- self to be the best of friends and a sure companion when fun was to be had. His fighting spirit and hard work make him a sure success in any career, Good Luck and make waves, Bill! 'it' "f'3 CatholicCadetCateChiStS,4pCatho- U-I-I '1 licChapeIChoiI3-4:Rugby,5,2,rFLy- ingCIub,5,2 AMIT YACOV YORAN F21 C4 Pound Ridge, NY Computer Science Amit got engaged 7 or 8 times, and that's just this semester. His home and family helped make Pound Ridge a home away from home for all of us. With his positive attitude and open mindedness he will always be a hard charger, even in the Air Force. XA Dialectic Society, IIPRESIDEIYTL' Jew- ish Chapel ChOfIZ4,5,2IAfClCl Stephen Koh enjoys the festivities of the Superintendent's Reception dur- ing Graduation Week. glilfulr ..-dm is i 'nmfli Ama' If ff' AWEGVDV President Clinton and LTG Graves salute the flag and sing The National Anthem prior to the Graduation Cer- emony. Ti, ,Q ,,,. . A f r i , I' ,Za-if A fagfffffa E P X g AAIQWJQ fi 7?f,Z37' 5 f rl ?r i A-ff H 55? it is rw-L E KZ K' 7 A 2 2 af 5 t 5 l X :w w w Q H Z ,V .t" ,. 3 I- fm, P 2: -g X ? 4s 6 m f ' , jg? x ra f ' , W : g f i nswf.--,I amwfzvfa' WMM 66 . COMPANY JOHN ALLEN BEST B l I D4 5ummerville,SC Management lHPAi Ranger Best was always the ST RAC troop. Though he was never in danger of getting a gold star, his place in the infantry was never in doubt. Life at West Point would not be the same without John's simple but odd logic. GO Boys, Go Dukesilll JOHN RONALD BIRD F31 D4 Overland Park, KS Political Science QU.S.J Never at a loss for words, John was not known as "The Peanut Gallely' for nothing. Though he couidn't find a niche, he adequately filled the role of Athos- "One for All!" Thanks to everyone who put up with me and remember- always grab for the peanuts on the bottom! Crew, 4,51 Cycling, l:Judo,5 JEFFREY A. BRANDSMA BIIID4 Olympia, WA Economics CMSEl Being a great friend is something that will always come easy to Brama. Over the past four years his carefree attitude has helped to make the darkest times bright. Whether it be together on a walk or at a city club, Jeff has given us many great memories to cherish forever. Hockey, 4 1MANAGERl, 5 KMAPI- AGERL2 rMAHAGERl, I IMAIY- AGERL' Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes,4,5,2,l,- Special Olym- pics,4,5,l ANTHONY T. CAKANGO BZIDZL Laurel Springs, NJ Mech. Engr. QAEROI Whether booming on bass or swinging "Clarence," the Music Man always kept the party going. Tony had great luck with dates, too, especially other people's. He came here as a long-haired punk with an attitude, and he left as a short-haired punk with an attitude tThe Vocal Minority rulesi. . Art Seminar,4,5,2: Hop Bands, 4,.5,2, I: Mountaineering CIuD,5,' Rugby,I: American Institute of Aeronauticsffistronautics, I 1 Ring and Crest Committee, 4,5 xx ri 1 fax 64 l-l"'m.,.z JAMES PATRICK DYKE G21 D4 Ft Lauderdale, FL Management CHFAJ Following family tradition, Jamie has entered West Point and crashed Corvettes. Though constantly pursued by women, he always found time for B-Ball, the Area and the Club. Number one on the "the list" and number one in our heart, Jamie will al- ways be remembered. Portuguese Club,5 Fellowship,-4, 5, 2, I: Officers Christian Fellow- Ship, 4,5,2, 1: Gods Gang,4,5,2, I : Margaret Corbin Seminar,2, I p Genesis, 4,5,2, I , 43? MASON WILLIAM CROW E41 D4 Mclntosh, SD Mech. Engr. CAEROJ Paul's message to the people ofCorinth is the message I give to the Corps: "For what I received I passed on to you as of first impor- tance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures..." il Corinthians lS:5J Honor Committee,5,21VICE- X CHAIRMAIYJ, I IVICDCI-IAIRMAPI1 Fx IQ ERIN JOY GALVIN A21 D4 Crete, IL Management Cl-IPAB l thank everyone that supported me and believed in me. I especially wantto thank COL :Sr Mrs, Grice and Brad for all your love and caring. I finally made it- Praise God!!! Cross Country,4,5,- Indoor Track,4,5,2,- Outdoor Track,4,3 FRANK EDWARD DUIIYER Creston, IA Geography At last, from rock math and rock swimming to graduation. All it takes is to remember to treat each day like it is, the first day of the rest of your life. "Quitters never win, Winners never quit!" Equestrian Team,4g Czlee CIub,5,2: Law Enforce- ment Tactics Club, I Xl,-: , , -as fagk LI'7'I5l..,i DARBEN SCOTT GERBLICK Ventura, CA Mechanical Good Luck to the Boys who have made four-year experience as great as it's been. Remember, the glass is half full, Ring and Crest Committee,-4,5,2,I,r Ski Pa Sandh urst, 4,.5, 2 NICHOLASCLGOUZOULIS HIID4 N Potomac, MD Management QHPAJ The oldest cadet in the Corps, lf he wasn't talking about the motorcycle he just saw, then he was planning his future in the car industry. You can't talk about Nick without mentioning Tammy, and her killer rabbits. Nick never let anyone forget that the most important goal was to graduate. Of1enteering,4gVRifIe,4 .ggixxxr g IVIAURICE HAJJAR D I ID4 Wheaton, IL Leadership From Wheaton, lL, Remi has enjoyed some of the highlights during his time in Dukedom. Cow year brought the Brigade Football Cham- pionship, and Rugby finished 2nd in the Regi- ment. Firstie year brought an engagement, and the high-speed branch of military intelligence. Go May 29l GO DURESl Big Brothers,2, I: Media C1ub,2, I,- Powerlifting,4,.3,2,-Special Olympics,4,5,2,1KClCl DANIEL DAVID GRAHAM B5lDll- Havertown, PA Mathl Sciences One of the most intellectually stimulating cadets, "liurgan" spent most of his day brows- ing in the library. During his free time, he could be found giving etiquette lessons to his ill-refined friends. From his eloquent words to his "on the spot" tips, Dan was never at a loss for words. Thank goodness "there can only be one." Crew, 4,51 Karate, 5 WARREN D. HAMILTON F2lDll- Dilley, TX Management Cl-IPAJ To all of my brothers in strength, may you always be strong and walk the narrow way. l owe everything to you. Though our paths will part after graduation, we will be together as one every time we touch the great iron horse that has carried us all so far. God bless us. Fowerlifting,4,5,2, 1 KCAPTAIHI JOSEPH C. GUERRIERO C2lDlL Braintree, MA Geography CEnviro.J Chris Guerriero will always be remembered as the CDT from Braintree with the Boston ac- cent. l'le was immediately renamed J.C. on R- day. Later that nickname changed affection- ately into Cioo, for which he will always be remembered as a happy go lucky guy and a true friend! Cro Circus, Sir! "' U Oft7cer's Christian Fellowship, 2, I: SCUSA,2fAfCICl,' French Club, 2, I IAfCICjpAITS6rl1ir1ar,4,5,'Com' " 12-'..,""' puter Club,-4,5 ROBERT PAUL KADERAVEK I2lDl1- Merrill, WI Economics tMSEl Choo! Choo! Rob, "the Conductor," always had an engine full ofsteam. For him, every day was a great day to be a man, and it was shown through his thunderous laugh. Although he was a wizard with the books, we often won- dered if he missed the common sense class! 150113 Football,4,- Big Brothers U. ,2, If Art Seminar,-4 M I I -81. 6g Ll"'IgI..'.ai WILLIAM OLEE MANNING B41 D4 Gaffney, SC Math Science Sr Elect Engr. "To whom much is given, much is expected." Olee was a great friend to all. Whether on the field, in the classroom, or in the area, he carried himself with a great deal of honor and pride. His intensity, loyalty, and love will never be forgotten. Thanks 456 - B. Watz Football, 4,5,2, I 5 Special Olym- pics,4,.5,2,l,' Special Olym- pics,4,5,: Baptist Student Union,4 gg ul.J GLENN WILLIAM NOCERITO FZLID4 Little Neck, NY Systems Engineering Glenn was always there for the guys. He was always on the move. Either going to Binghamton for some Frat party or going backstage to see some rock bands. He was the best tour guide to N.Y.C. anyone could want and will definitely have an exciting fu- ture. Friends always, Goose. ORSA, I MARK PAUL MARKOWSKI A l ID4 Darien, CT Political Science tIntl.i Hmmm, what can we say about this ladies' man! Mark always managed to keep himself occupied either at school or away. Unlike most cadets, Mark peaked out during Plebe- Parent Week as a Regimental Cornmander. Mark exemplified "leadership . thru presence" at both Navy O and the infamous parade. 5 Squash Team, 4,5,2, I: Wargames G,-Z Committeeli 96s , 419 WILLIAM G. PORTWOOD JR BSID4 Ft Worth, Texas Management CHPAJ "Never let the fear of striking out get in your way."- George Herman t"Babe"i Ruth "Let us endeavor to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry." - Mark Twain 5wimming,4,5: Water Polo,4,5.2, I JULIE ANN NEYLON DZID4 Leicester, MA Pol. Sci. flntl.7 Boca, as she is commonly known, is one of those people who is everyones friend. Her cordial personality and her permanent smile are trademarks respected by her thousand brothers in arms. ii's always a happy sound when we hear Boca coming. Crew, 4,5,2: Officer's Christian Fel- lowship,2, I: Nordic Ski Team, I RICHARD A. RANDAZZO P34104 Amherst, NY Management tHPAi Rick "The Rocket" Randazzo is an inspiration to all who know him. With his strong work ethic and his never give up attitude Rick has achieved what others dare not even dream. If there is one thing he believes in it's commitment-to himself, to his team, to his friends, and to his country. Hockey,-fl,5,2,I : Fellowship of Christian Athletes,4,5,2, I KVPQ: Special Olympics,5,2,1 MARCUS RAY REINHART C2 I D4 Inverness, FL French I would like to thank God, my family, friends, and all of the people who have helped me to make it through West Point. Il faut se souvenir toutes les experiences francaise! PowerIifting,5: Officers Christian Fellowship,4,5,2, I : WKDT,-4: Catholic Cadet Catechists,-4,5,2IA!CIC1, If French Club, 2, IKPRESIDEHTQ Sakai H -QT- fag Ll""l ,R BRADLEY P. SIIERRILL B51 D4 Suwanee, GA French I would liketo thankthe Kallman's, the I'Iammond's, Ms, Kay Heppes, OCFand the Wooten's, TEC, and the priests at MHT for helping me find God: my friends for inviting me home on weekends the past fouryearsp and my family, for believingwhen I didn't believe in myself. 5 Special OIympics,4,5,2, I : Catholic Cadet Catechisls,4,' Equestrian Team,5,2,- French Club,4,5,2, IKVICD PRESIDEIYTL- God 's Gang, IgOfficer's Christian Fel1owship,2, I: RCIA,1+ 1 TEC,ll,l D 14 ff 5 I f .D Wu! ELIZA MARIE SACCO G I ID4 Sussex, NJ Management CHPAI "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."-Robert Frost Cross Country,4,- Honor Committee,2,1 ul-I uu JOEL ARTHUR SMITH E41 D4 Wodonga, Australia Enviro. Engr. My cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life. And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Much thanks to my family and all my mates. Fair Dinkum! Crew, 4: Lutheran Student Movement, 4,5,2, I : Pipes and Drums, 2, I JACKSON JEB SEIMS HZID4 Destin, FL Management "Buddha" prided himself that all his meals were full and sufficient. Many hearts were broken when Laura finally discovered the true way to his heart, his stomach. "This place is unbelievable... Youjust can't make this stuff up." Remember Ranger," cannibalism is al- ways an option." KEVIN WILLIAM VINA C21 D4 Eureka, CA Civil Engineering Kevin, atrue waffler, finally purchased a car so he could live upto the Duke social standards. Even though an addic rep, Kevin made his share of errors in the evenings, to include companionship, illness, and quarters. De- spite all this he is still well loved by the Dukes, and as Kevin would say, "lt's all for the kids." - .. - - ADDIC, 2, 1 IAXC IC lg Baseball,4,5: Club 4 51 Civil and Military Engl- " ? " ' neering Club, 2, I ul-I UI-I '-H-' catholiccm,-pe1cnoin4,5,2,' oiee mlm' Lu l I . . .. . Q1 irili WILLIAM ROBERT WATSON H4104 Des Moines, IA Sociology To the hoopster that caused my lowest GPA with his midnighttrades, Mariah madness and FANMANIA. Three names sum up the one that kept me from tooling out over the past four years: coach, winner, and most of all-friend. To the man that redefined . friendship, we have reached it that one moment in time. - BasketbaIl,4fMAlYAGER!, 5 IMAP!- AGERL ZIMANAGERI, I KMANAGERL' Baseball, 4,5 -, l f' W . Julie Neylon receives an award for outstanding performance of leader- ship from BG Foley during the Awards Convocation. Bill Manning, llth Regimental Com- mander, leads llth Regiment during the Alumni Parade held at the start of Graduation Week. 7 3 he 2 K T Q K fn l 3 P L 3 3 E K o F nf, vale clues. COMPANY Hy. 55. gpm. i VIERBAKKERAIZIE4 Systems Engineering people knew me as the Latin Lover, others as XLTC1, and still others knew me as Vato: however, there was one that knew me oh so well. She was a well paved beauty, square, and worn down. At times l grew jealous that she was not all mine but shared with so many cadets. For 205hrs. l had her. pn. STEVEN R. BRADDOM DZIE4 Cincinnati, OH Mech. Engr. CAEROB "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly."- Thomas Paine Astronomy Club,4,' Scuba Club,2, I American Insti- tute of Aeronauticsfflstronautics,5,2, I GREGORY C. BRAUNTGN C4154 Aptos, CA Computer Science There are many things in life that are impor- tant. The most important of these, however, is to be happy. Without happiness you are desolate. So, as Louis Kelly says, "The ONLY way to live is to be Happy. That's the way l see it." And that is the way I see it too...live to be happy! I 50Ib FOOfba1l,4,5,2 BROOK WHITNEY CAPPS H5lE4 Post, TX Philosophy The man from Texas always held a kind word and a helping hand. lfyou ever needed him, Central area was a good place to look. With perserverance, Brook came out on top. With good looks, abundant red hair, and Texas charm, he's sure to go far. Equestrian Team, 2, I ,- Hop Com- mittee,2, If Philosophy Semi- nar,4,5,2, I1 Staff and Ushers,4 HENRY PHILLIPS ELLISON AZIE4 Columbia, SC Geography CW. Europe? This proud South Carolinian has a heart of gold complimented with a determination seen by few. Risen from the torment of Plebe year to Battalion Staff, Henry has proven the disbe- lievers wrong. He will be there for the request of HOT STEEL on target. NRE FOR EFFECT, Hank ll!! Class Committee, 2, 1 p Margaret Corbin 5eminar,2, l ICICI KKISTA LAMOINE COOPER ll IE4 Oklahoma City, OK Russian 8: Spanish From Camival to Red Square, Krista spent her 4 years searching for fun beyond the grey walls-and when she couldn't find it, she made her own. Her passion for life could only be matched by her temper! Outspoken sr spirited, Krista is a friend you always want on your side. SPAGAT! Big Sisters,4,5f Class Commit, tee, 4,51 Special Olympics, 4, SSM! CICLI: Team HandbaIl,4,5,- Divlng,2, 1 KCAFTAINQ SAMUEL GANNELLI GIIE4 Lebanon, OH Management QHPAJ I hated every minute ofthe training, but l said, "Don't Quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion." Always remember: Tough times never last, but tough people do! Football 4,5,2, l,' Future Aerospace Engineers Soci- eqf 4,51 'I'reasurer1,2f Vice Presidentj, Hlpresidentl JOSEPH EGBE Bamenda, Cameroon "Acquire the art of detachment, method, and the quality of thoroughness, but above all the grace of humility." - Sir Olser French Ciub,5: iiarate.4,5,2: SCUS1i,ifCiCJf Parachute Team,4,5 RODNEY S. GONZALEZ Riverside, CA AKA the NCiONZ" has left a raw humor, and hair that too standards. He's easy rely on, his weakness is good friend and deserves the best in the future ll 4,1 MOR2, 5, JAMES RANCE HOSKIN JR BSIE4 Windham, OH Civil Engineering "There are only two powers in the world, the sword and the spirit. ln the long run, the sword is always defeated by the spirit." Napo- leon. "Go Bandits" to "Elvis Lives." l won't ever forget the mountain tops Walker. Big D, thanks! "Only the test of fire makes strong steel." '93 'ffr' Mouniaineenngclub,5rvlc13-PREs1- 'H' fi DEIYTJ, 2, 1 A . -- l l 3.1 -- ,..... ,:.. JAMES KENNETH LEE C4lE4 Catskill, NY Geography fHumanfRegionali "Never, if possible, lie down at night without being able to say: l have made one human being, at least,! A little wiser, a little happier, or a little better this day. "-CHARLES KINGSLEY, English Poet Big Brothers ,4,.5iAfClC1,2iClCi,1iClCJp Chinese ' Club,4,5,2,'LutheranStudentMove- EE EE ment,4,.5.'MediaClub,4 I-I-Ll 'I KEVIN WILLIAM KILKELLY A31 Ell- Kalamazoo, Ml Environmental Science To my father and sis...THANX, Crumb, Reilly, Milt, Ade, Mac, Rocco Sr the hometeam Thanx Sr God Bless, Late nites on North Ave-39 Hillcrest, RED 119, Road Trip wfJ. R., Sawgrass. Where the Wild Things Are, Life is 10010 what happens to you: 9O0!o how you react to itl - Funny how things work out. Cross Country,4,5p Indoor Track, 4: Outdoor T rack,4: Elvis Concert, IICICJ THOMAS MATHIS ISIE4 Marysville, CA Environmental Engineering Tom's graduation will be a great deficit to the Academy in the realms of thoughtfulness, responsibility, and friendship. His contribu- tions and dedication to the Academy are unfathomable to even his closest friends. Only the future will reveal this good man's strength and character. JB Korean American Relations Seminan4,5,2, I fClCi ERIC JAMES KINDGKEN I l IE4 Proctor, MN Economics CMSEi Known for his love ofWP, time in the dayroom and bed, Eek is loved by everyone including himself. The only cadet to make it through WP without any of his own stuff. He realized what branch he had by looking at Bugle Notes! Life is short, so is Eek 1 ' ' ' n K5 and we ll all miss him.. ' ass, , Hockey,-4,5,2, I 1 in t i' ' I 5 THOMAS BLAKE MITCHELL CSIE4 Moulton,AL Management CHPAJ A rip-stompin' time was had by all when Blake kicked back at Disco Astro. Blake, better known as Psycho, Munga, or Mr. Cioodwrench always offered wisdom and advice. Always in search of the adrenaline high, Blake found it as well as solace near the fishin' hole. Walk a mile in my shoes. C ontempora1yAffai1s Seminan 2: Huntingand Fishing C1ub,2,' Moun- tain Bike Club,2, 1: Scuba Club, 2, I,'FootbaI1,4 ADD1C,2, 1,- Crew,5,'Judo, I 7 Naviga- tor5,4,5,2, 1 f Tennis!! KRISIYN ROBEKISB4-IE4 Mission Viejo, CA Pol. Sci. Untl.l Phil 4:13. Our "Water Baby," Kristy is best known for her performances in and on the water with Army Swimming and Crew. With fierce determination and ability to overcome adversity, she finds ways to conquer any obstacle or Sosh requirement without losing her ever-present smile. Crew,5,2, 1: FCA,4,5,2, I 2 Naviga- tors, 2, I 1 Protestant Chapel Choir, 4: SCUSA, I: Swimming,-4ll,5,2, I JEREMY MICHAEL SLAGLEY H4154 Galena, lL Environmental Engr. HOWDY! Known as the quiet man of the infamous Elvis company, Slags went out of his way to achieve moderation. Remember, Grasshopper, you must only be smarter than the average bear. With a sarcastic remark for posterity, he heads off to a happily married life in the Air Force. ,fc I French Club, 4,,-Judo, 4: Medieval Studies Group,4,5,I ', fi ... KRISTIAN ANDREW ROGERS E3lE4 Orange Park, FL Portuguese Affectionateiy known as ROCCO, Kris is a bedrock of knowledge since he attended both college and the Prep School. With his relaxed attitude and plethora of catchy phrases he has won the ,.,-L X hearts of many, boys and girls alike. This HUAH sol- dier will forever change the Transpo Corps. I50Ib FootbaIl,4: Portuguese CIub,4,.'5,2, I 'fair-. CHAD RAYMOND SUNDEM A41 E4 Moorhead, MN Geography fEnvr. Sci.l Member of the distinguished "Love Shack." Known to accept collect calls at 4a.m. Only member of the Hockey Team not to get in a fight, Member of the secretive Tigger cult, Has no problem telling you how great he is. Wasn't in the right mind when he chose lnfantry. We'll miss you Butter. BasebalI,4: I'lockey,4,5, 2, IKCAP- TAIN? SAMUEL KYLE SIMPSON!! HSIE4 Newark, DE Spanish Kyle, a. k.a. Gramps, came to us from the 82nd ABN Div by way of the Prep School. Hard core Infantry from beginning to end, he spent his entire time at West Point trying to get back to the "real" Army. Favorite quote: 'Mission first, men always!" Scoutmasters Council,4,.5,21A! CIC I, I IClC1:StaIfand Ushe1s,4,.5,2 fAfClCI,- Class Committee,4IAf CICI,5 IAXCICI: Howitzen 4 KASSIS TANTEDITOR2 JOSEPH LEO WYSZYNSKIJR HZIE4 Philadelphia, PA Pol. Sci. fIntl.i 'Whiskey' certainly had his roots "under yon- der tree." Joe's witty banter, enthusiasm, and love of philanthropy were an inspiration to all who knew the man who opened his own doors. Words can't portray the loyalty he possesses - Joey, you're a true friend. Jud0,4,5,2, I ICICI DANIEL ERIC ZINK A5154 Crawford, NE Literature The sum of 4 years experience: "The flogging will continue until morale improves." Cllee CIub,5,2: G0d's Oang.2, I: l'Iavigators,5,2, 1: iTotesta1o"r'it Ciiapen 'ISanday'SciiooiTeaciieiS,4,3,2, iq'CiCj Krista Cooper prepares to receive her diploma at Graduation. wx www Adam Riddle enjoys the festive at- mosphere ofthe Supenntendent's Re- ception with family members. ini . MWF!!- OiOHd AWSGVDV COMPANY :aussi - - 96. DAVID BRIAN ABSHIRE D I IF4 Riverdale, lL Mechanical Engr. QAEROJ Eddie is always in good humor and is the favorite choice to be on the receiving end of a joke, The frog "dayroom commander" always found time to relax while always choos- ing the tougher way as an aero major and soon to be infantry LT. Never will we forget the "oId man" over lOOth Night. AmateurRadio Seminar,4 STEVEN TODD ALCII I'I l IF4 Baton Rouge, LA Civil Engr. lf a person could only have one friend, T. would be a good choice. His loyalty, honesty, and ability to have a good time are unparal- leled. T. truly had it all, sometimes even too much - for example Ring Weekend saw him receiving not one, but two rings. Go BIG GUNS!!! l 5Olb Football,4,' Big Brothers, 4,5: f Society of American Military Engi- X neers, 2,1 DENNIS G. ALFF E IIF4 Houston , TX Economics KMSEJ Dennis was a true friend. Looked up to by all as a leader in everything from school to sports, he was never satisfied with second best. Although his wild side occasionally slipped out, his serious, hard-charging na- ture never let us down. Mongo likes BigC1uns. FootbaII,4 JOELNATHAN ALLMANDINGER HSIF4 Saugus, CA American Legal System "It is enough for the world to know that I am a soldier." - Gen. Sherman s...and also, that l'd do it all over again in a minute, knowing thatall my friends from F4 were there with me. Cycling, 4,' Honor Committee,2, lf Ha vigators, 4, 5, 2, I GREGG HUGHES BELL A21 F4 Bloomingdale, OH Management 'Yo Cil'-Thanks for the great, never-do-it again years. Excuse me while l go look for some of my life's years I lost while here. Thanks to all for the times, not all goodfnot all bad. Go Bucks! Go Live! Go Figure! Best wishes to every- one. The Future is lfinallyi now... WKD72 2, I p Big Brothers ,5 JOSE SIMON AZCONA G 1 IF4 Tegucigalpa, Honduras Civil Engineering Scholar and Scammer:Comedian,Pick-Up Art- ist and ThinkerpCynic and Believer. The young- est cadet in our class had experienced life beyond his years. His passion for supersoakers and monster feet made everyone laugh, and he was a Clubl regular. But he knew what he wanted and how to get it. Mountaineering Club,5g Wargames Committee, 4.5, 2: Civil and Military Engineering Club,5,2, I ISECRYQ, Catholic Chapel Choin 4: Society of American Military Engineers,5, 2, I KSECRYI Uld UI-I MICHAEL JOSEPH BEST FZIF4 St Petersburg, FL Economics CMSEJ Mike Best was a man of the trenches his four years at the Academy. Hejust made sure that the people above him looked good. After making a strong showing in mass athletics, he stayed in the realm of intramurals. His last two years he was affectionately known as one of the Voices of Army Sports. Catholic CadetCatechistS,4,5,'Class Committee, 4, 5, 2, I : Domestic AF fairs Forum,4, 1 IAXCICI CHRISTOPHER G. BECK G l IF 4 Forest Hill, MD Civil Engineering Chris Beck was highly recruited for three different sports: Lacrosse, Basketball, and Soccer. It was Lacrosse that he decided to start with, wanting to knock a lot of heads in. However, the iove for soccer overwhelmed him and played his last three years as the goalkeeper. gg usa I-H-I li Lacrosse, 4: Soccen 5.2, l JOHN CALE BROWN I l I F4 Eufaula, AL Literature "l wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life."-Thoreau The Quiet One. ..reserving his comments for something profound or someone attractive, the Bama- born soldier, artist, writer, and friend sacri- ficed leather for the ideals ofthe Rock. Rock on Brother! KMTC, GJIS, JAKJ RingandCrestComrnittee,4,5,2, I: SC USA,.5,' Swimrning,5: Theatre Arts Guild, 4,5,2, I beaning golf dudes Burkie was one ofthe most -X, loyal friends l've had. Good luck to you and Deborah! my BasebalI,4,5fI1ockey,4,5,2 4-w as branches. chose infantry. worked hard as our we for that. Cow and Year were Again, clon't ask. Of the two and infantry support, Bill C1855 Committee, 511115 TORIAIYI, ZIHISTORIANQ, NHISTORIAHJ WILLIAM HEATH DUNBAR A l IF4 Shreveport, LA Pol. Sci. CIntl.J Heath went from A'l to F-4 and managed to make good friends in both places. He never did adjust to the cold weather in New York, but he was always good for a creative com- plaint. He managed to set several rack records as a cadet, and pulled all-nighters with the best of them. flax H Baptist Student Union,4: E93 SCUSA,4,5,2,' Sunfival oames,4,- l-I""u,,,t WKD711 6' Q STEVENJOSEPHHELLER BZIF4 Rosemont, PA American Legal System West Point was a struggle from beginning to end, but I learned a lot and feel that I am better for it. To all the fellas on the LAX team, we went through a lot, and I would not have wanted to go through it with anybody else. B.M, P.W.. G.B., C.B., lVI.B., - Great Friends. Lacrosse,4,5,2, I LEONARD ANDRE LEASSEAR C l IF4 Manassas, VA History tlvlilitaryl A good practitioner of strategy and tactics is essential to obtaining the objective. Andre' is very skilled in this area. It doesn't matter whether or not he is on a I50lb football field or at MaryMount's Gailhac hall, he will accom- plish his mission. BQU, forever. l 50111 F00tbalI,4,5,2, IKCO-CAP TAIHJ: Contemporary Affairs Seminan2, llCIClp Wa1gamesCom- mittee,-'3,.5: WKDT,-4,5 LAURA ANNE KOOPMAN B I I Fli- Warwick, New York Pol. Sci. tU.S-.J "Let us hold in our hearts the sure knowledge that past all tears... past all time...past Death itself...we shall meet againmand Embrace!" -- Joan Walsh Anglund SAVA C. MARINKOVICH AZLIF4 Chicago, IL Electrical Engr. tComp.l "Do what you love, love what you do, and deliver more than you promise." Between Juice and Water Polo, Sava was still able to lend a helping hand to friends in need. Always thinking about the bigger picture, Sava never stopped encouraging others to be as suc- cessful as they could be. waernmmz, 1fski1nsuucfur4,5,2,1 ICICJ: IHTLZIKCMAKMAPIL' , lfHiE'SDElYl7' ' f4.5Chess Oub,4kEasien0t'lochxGroc41,4,5,2,l:Pbw1ai1 mm: PATRICK Palm Bay, FL In his four years at the Academy sought to bring humor into every situation he encountered. Pat was a could turn to in hard times you down him. Pat always he believed in and this will serve him well in the future. WKD714: Catholic CadetCatechists,5: Special OIympics,2f Catholic Squad,4,5,2, I always that you 01' In that. way, JOSEPH M. MINASOLA JR FSHJ4 Grand Rapids, Ml American Legal System Joe will best be remembered as the old man of the company. It took him a couple extra years to get in here, but he made it. He did his time with his red beret, now he will be hanging out in the O'Club in his flight suit until his time is done. KENNETH J. SIMURDIAKJR CAIF4 Rochester, MH Intl Politics STUD? SCHOLAR? ATHLETE? Just looking at him, you'd never know that Ken has done it all. One moment he's making the Dean's list, the next, he's at the center of an area hockey bench clear. More importantly, Ken is a great friend. Someone l've counted on for 4 years. l'll miss you Simmy. French CIub,4,- Hop Commit- te6,4,5,2, I: WKDT,5,2, If Kendo, 2,1 NEAL EDWARD PASON ISIF4 Trenton, NJ Management Neal treal deal, astonishing, pipesl always claimed he was from Princeton but we all knew he was from Trenton. He never failed to find time to lift with or without Pat. His free spirit and sense of humor always livened up this dull place. "What a Long Strange Trip" it has been with him! Cya. I1andbaII,.5,2, I ICO-CAFTAIIYL' Ring and Crest Committee,4,5 PAUL VALENTINE WEBBIII AZIF4 Frewsburg, NY American Legal System Everyone please leave this poor BILLS fan alone. Was itreally threein a row? Life atwoo Poo - Mountain Dew and Pizza. Schades should build a statute in honor of their greatest patron. Late night antics, wacky imitations and spending WAY too much money seem to sum it all up. Baseball, 4: scUsA.5 X. BRIAN WAYNE SIEFERING D l IF4 Villisca, lA Mechanical Engr. CAEROJ Sief showed us all that you don't have to study to be a STAR MAN-youjust have to give up sleep.His ideals and friendship are like steel Cgrey nor green could shake thatl.Someday all of the scars will heal. His devious and com- plex nature made him ideal for Ml-thank GOD he's on our side. SARAH E. WOEHRMAN l4lF4 Chagrin Falls, OH Literature "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." -Edgar Allan Poe French Club, 4,'Howitzer,5, ZIASSISTAIYT- EDITORI, I KASSISTAIYT-EDlTORI:PistOl, 4,'POwerIifUng,5,' Circle in the Spiral IEDITORI, 2: Mountaineering Club, 2, 1,- PoetryfWritingSeminan 4,5,2 U UIJ WHGVDV Brian Siefering enjoys the conver- sation with friends and family at the Superintendent's Graduation Week Reception. Sarah Woehrman prepares to re Ceive her diploma and shake hands with the President at Graduation. 9 9 yyclefo. THOMAS JOSEPH ATKINS B51 G4 Painted Post, NY Mechanical Engr. Mero? Life is tough. lt's a lot tougher ifyou're stupid. ADDIC,2, I : Lacro.sse,4,5 I lndoor'hack,4,5 Outdoor'Dack,4 5 Wag kv' .sf i Fig, ge BOBBY HYO BANG ISIG4 Birmingham, AL Systems Engr. Bobby's enduring love for West Point was the force behind the "Bad Crowd." Boogaloo, or Boom-Boom, fought hard in the boxing ring, spent endless hours on the ski slope and golf course and was inseparable for the true love of his life: his green girl. 4 I 1 Baseballdl,-Korean Relations .. ff, 4 ,J - 49 Semmar4,5,2,I as 11:22 1139? SAMUEL LYNN CALKINS B4-IG4 Miami, FL Engineering Physics "J ust because some of us can read and write and do a little math, that doesn't mean we deserve to conquer the Universe."- Kurt Vonnegut WaterPoIo,4,.5,2 ul.: UI-I u.a.n,r MATFHEWLOUISEICHBURG VLIG4 Warren, MI History CMilitaryi "lt's so lonely at the top of OIympus." Matt never found a Plebe that he couldn't de- velop, or a Yearling or Cow,.. The "Gentleman's" exploits will long be remem- bered by the "Bad Crowd" along with the people at Rutgers and Fairfield. Germany will never be the same after this SOLDlER arrives. ' Jud0,5,2, I IVICEPRESIDENTQ 5 lim i i 57.3 faq '-I ' 'Jn' NICOLE JUSTINE CARROLL C4164 Lynn, IN Systems Engr. What can describe Nic except that she is a true friend. She took care of a lot of us, some more than others. A great listener even in her handicapped state in NYC. Take care and we'1l miss you. Crew, 4,.5: Theatre Arts Guild,4,.5 KENNETH EUGENE FABRIS ASIG4 Boulder, CO Foreign Area Qwestem Europe! "Never make your bed." Alas, our beloved Bueller never made it or washed it. His witty sense of humor and extremely colorful array of hats and spittons created a legend. Bueller was one of the original founders of the "Bad Crowd." God Bless him and ,mgewsk his bubble. 45 WILLIAMROSS CURRENCE ll A IIG4 Circlevilie , OH Civil Engineering The best thing l learned from West Point was the value of true friends sticking together through both the good and the bad. l5of the greatest guys in the world will always have my friendship and loyalty. Fella's we went out as CHAMPIONS. Best of wishes to you all. Football, 4.5, 2, I : Baptist Student '1- .- Union, I 'ilflhis Y 1 gq U IJ ,R STUART DOUGLAS HIRNEK E l IG4 Lewiston, NY Pol. Sci. ilntl.J "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters com pared to what lies withi n us." -Oliver Wendell Holmes Onward and Upwarcls, always forward! I remain. 5CUSA,2fA!ClClf Survival GameS,4 DO1'11eStiCAifairs Forum,2,1: Korean American Relations Seminar, 4,5,2, I IVICE-PRESlDEIY'I7:IYa1'a't6,4 WILLIAMKOBERTSONGLASER D1 IG4 Hendersonville, TN Systems Engr. "Groovy is a state of being." We love our friend William for his soft voice and quiet demeanor. This groovy spokesman for the "Bad Crowd" will be remembered for his love of laughter, or maybejust his laugh iCackleJ. Will was always willing to pass up the open shot for an assist. ,. IndoorTrack,4,5:OutdoorTrack,4,5,' Sm", 65' Porcelain Bus,2g Ski Club,2,l na- Fq - fslng lVlATTIiEW'Ili0MASI'lALHiKTY GZIG4 Salem, OR Electrical Engineering "lf dogs could learn how to work doorknobs, they would rule the world." Pemberton phi- losophy never gained much of a following, but it always kept us entertained, There was never a dull moment with Matt around, de- spite his sensitive nature. A great friend whose legend will not be forgotton. 'fi' 'f'I' H.anaba11,2,1 num I MICHAEL VINCENTGRECOJR Bl IG4 Carmel, NY Pol. Sci. KU.S.J Mike, otherwise known as "Vinnie," has earned the respect ofthe boys of Bl and G4. Mike's calming influence has served as a sense of stability for us throughout the 4 years. Never one to miss a good time, Mike also provided us with laughter. l'm not alone when I con- sider Mike my brother. "1'1' 'fi' Hanaba1l,2,1,-r1onorcommitree,2,1 Ill! JUSTIN CRAIG HAWKE D l I G4 Sherman Oaks, CA Foreign Area Cliast Asia! "You have to be part animal, part machine. If you take a good look around you can see what I mean." -ROLLINS RAGE! "Try to restrict our freedoms Sr we will fight even harder to preserve them ,..The world looks at America because we are the beautiful!" -Perry Farrell il V chinese c1ub,5,2rAfc1c2,1ic1c1f SCUSA,2,- Scuba lnstructon 4: K ung F u SanS0O,5fClCl YI-SE GWON GBIG4 Highland, CA Pol. Sci. !AmericanJ "Although important, weapons are not the decisive factor in war: it is man and not material things that decide the issue. The contest of strength is not only a contest of military and economic power but also of human power and morale." -Mao Tse-tung PETER PANELLO HUDSON EIIG4 New York City, NY Pol. Sci. Clntl.D "The person who makes a success ofliving is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication."- Cecil B. Delvlille. lfgetting there is halfthe fun, l've had two and a half years of fun. Thanx - Mom 8 Gabriella, my family. NCQ- ADDIC, 2, I: Powerlifling, 4 EDWARDCAKLTONJACKIVIAN FIIG-4 Hopkinton, MA Geography tEnvir. Sci.l "FAT" Jackman, a true friend. Adventures from Montreal, to A-lot with the "Bad Crowd" can't be beat. Eye Shots, Body shots, and the Porcelain Bus. Although always in the weight room pumping up, he found time to become a Century man K l80+l and a STAP Ranger 127. Take care: X we'll miss you Ed! s Ll Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes, 4,5,2, I ,' Football, 4y Hop Com- mittee, 2, I ,- Lacrosse, 2, I :Strength Team,5,2 1 . VIIEBB EARLE MITCHELL CSIG4 Hurst, TX Operations Research Webb was bright enough to be dangerous but could forget to be at his own funeral. A connoisseur of hard liqour, strange women, and a Buick he never got to use, Webb remained a loyal friend to many and an outright good dude. Stay off that JB Webb. ls he drunk or is he sober? 55 9 Paintball Team,5,2, l STEPHEN MICHAEL LIVEZEY D l IG4 Southlake, TX Computer Science Strangely, Steve's claim to fame since cow year has been his status as a geek due to his being a Computer Science Major. He avidly maintains, however, that being a geek is far better than being a dork with no life. His roommate has con- firmed this by giving him the title of "Dirty Dog." Theatre Arts Guild, ll, Skeetand Wap, 5, 2 KOBEKTTIMOTHY MOBLEY F2164 Maynardville, TN Economics CMSEJ Tim did his best to have fun and live up to the motto of the O.C. "His feats were many, his exploits endless, and his thirst legendary." He was also a friend to be counted on, as long as you never accused him of being wrong. Qi 'af' I . . i THOMASJOHN MANGINE ESIG4 Manalapan, HJ Pol. Sci. ilntl.l "A Salute to All Nations, but mostly AMERICA." Tommy, what can we say about a friend that's so inspirational, so motivat- ing, so full of utter. Oh the nights we spent at the Mangine house in wonderful HJ, will live in West Point folklore for years to come. Keep scratching that itch, Tom. ?i ROBERT SCOTT ROWE B2 I G4 Longwood, FL Engineering Mgt. tMSEl "Live all you can, it is a mistake not to."--Henry James Class Committee,-4,5,2,1,' 5wimming,4,5: Water Polo,-4,5,2, I KCAPTAIHI JEHREYALYNK BZIG4 Okemos, Ml Pol. Sci. tlntl.J "There is only one decisive victory: the last." - Clausewitz. Everybody always knew thatJeff. or Ranger, as he was known, was a little crazy for spending his weekends in the field with the Tactics Club and running Sandhurst for 4 years, but he will always be remembered as a true friend. - Tactics Club,4,.3,2, IIAXCICQ DAVID PATRICKTAMBUKRI GIIG4 Cribsonia, PA Pol. Sci. CU.S.J Dave, or as we know him, Tambo, does every- thing with a special flare. He knows how to have fun, but he also knows when to work. Dave would do anything for his friends, and you would do anything for him. He's like a brother, and I'll never forget: he's a "friend for life." Handball,-4.5, 2fClCI, I ICICP J. CIIG4 Middlebury, CT Economics KMSEJ "Never tip more than a quarter." This philoso- phy characterized our dear Saul. Transporta- tion was Saul's claim to fame in the "Bad Crowd." Saul's intimidating physique and generous disposition found him many admirerstie. Matti in G-4 and -X, will surely facilitate his career 4 as a logistics warrior. W ' Q Mil I 9 . Domestic Affairs Forum,4,5p Moun- As tain Bike Club, l,'Ma1athon,4: Squash Team, 5, 2 ANTHONY JOHN TESTA B l I G4 Roselle Park, NJ Mechanical Engr. CAutol He enjoyed his time as a Guppie and as one of the boys. From broken fingers to window screens, he always made a lastingimpression on those he met. Civil and Militarylingineering Club, l ISECRE- TARYL' Judo,4g Mechanical Engineering Club, I 1SECRE'l'ARYl BRIAN C. SYMONDS BSIG4 South Windsor, CT Management "lt is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill." -Wilbur Wright. l 50lb Football, 4: Handball, 2, l KVICDPRESIDENTI: Ski Club, 4 BENJAMIN H. THOMPSON AZIG4 Zanesville,0H Management tl-IPAJ "l need a miracle, every day." Ben attended West Point in order to avoid the draft. This was the first of many attempts to beat the system. Sniffer's love of wine, women, and song carried the "Bad Crowd" through many a dark time. Ben will be remembered as terminally groovy. I .. .X fl : I 5 . igjy IA EHHKKEHJTYJEJUDFBEWUCKID CHHK34 Colum bus, GA Foreign Area CSoviet Union! 0There's nothing sweeter than an open jumpshotf' Berkeley applied this axiom in life, also: so did the soldier who racked up 40 "points," Always a groovy guy to hang out with whether it be in a Philly stairwell or with the rest ofthe "Bad Crowd." Berkeley will be remembered as a true friend. These Iirsties are thrilled that it's fi- nally all over! In amatter of sec- onds cadets in the Class of 1995 will toss theirwhite hats into the blue sky and begin the chap- ter of Second Lieu- tenant. W1 ww Q K as .K vm ,Q :ww fesagwa Q i " S ig? , 2? Q1 ri 1 -S.. A51 . Q igwenfw Aff. 51 lt. 5453122 ,V w m fxi : I P5 1 W 'm5iSi?3Y i 'if :' 'Q 5 W 7: F - wifi. V' 525 Stl -. ln N, J fi? rw f li-152 K ' .A-Safes--swlf. six--N V my - COMPANY 51,5--11 M--V-1,f ' CHARLES ANDREW COOK F5111-4 Mesquite, TX American Legal System "Only that day dawns to which we are awake. The art ofawareness is the art oflearning how to wake up to the eternal miracle of life with its limitless possibilities." -Thoreau Pla vigatois, 5, 2 ,' National Aeronautical andflerospace Association 1,2 5."1S'l?5"f3 1 35 '4 D W' W J' MATHEW DAVID GUERRIE ISII14 Grand Junction, CO Enviro. Engr. Honor Committee, 5, 2, 1: Hop Committee,2 STEVE CRUMBLISH A2 I H4 Monroe, NY Management Steve came to the Hogs in the midst of a tortuous battle with the Dean, and he leaves the proud victor with an Aviation slot to boot. Along the way, j"Crum" managed to impress us all with his friendship and fun loving spirit. He always showed us a good time whether we were in New York or Mexico and we know he'll leave his mark on Southern Alabama and vicinity. Good luck Mo. Korean Club lg Outdoor Track 4,35 Cross-Country 4,5,2: Indoor Track 4,5 ROGER GARRETI' HENDERSON E2ll'l4 Arlington, WA Human Factors Psych. Roger, Rog, Rogey, or Jake, whatever Rog was called by his friends, it never affected his love of life, which included gourmet coffee, 4x4 Jeeps, and fine foods. Rog's sense of humor was appreciated by all, His love for Christ will be remembered far beyond the man. Proverbs 27:l7 Drill Team 4fAfCICj 5 2 IIAXCICJ: PAUL THOMAS DARLING A l II14 Las Vegas, NV ManagementlHPAJ Paul sure didn't have the easiest four years at USMA, but at least they weren't boring. Whether swimming, playing IM rugby, or ask- ing off the wall questions in class, his sar- casm and humor made life at West Point a little more interesting. Good luck and God help the Engineers! Jewish Chapel Choir,4,5, 2,' Swim- 'f':' nu 'fi' ming,4,5,2,1 Il H- :s -r v ' l CULPEPP'ERF.lNGRAlVI, Ill Alllill Coral Springs, FL Engineering Mgt. QMSEJ From A-l Boodler's runner to H-4 CO, Pepper managed to succeed at West Point and still have time for his friends. Georgia Tech's loss was definitely the Hogg's gain. Good Luck and Be Straight or Be Gone! 'ii' YE . H H Flying Club,2,' r1aifigazbrs,5,2, 1,- War. U. m --1 Officers Christian Fellowship,2,l 44 U " lil-,pi :E f l Vg: 1 .L :pun SHAWN TERELL JENKINS DZIH4 Harrisburg, PA Military Art St Science "ln chaos there is profit. ln extreme chaos there is extreme profit." -Unknown Ranger Thanks forthe memories -you know who you are. TROY LEE LAMBETH 1121114 Hot Springs, SD Mathematical Sciences "Nine stitches!?l...maybe you should keep me here overnight." You could always count on T-roy for a good weekend story, deep thoughts, and asmile. He trulywas a kickstand for all who really knew him. "lllegitimi Non Carborundumu Barry Goldwater Chapel Ushen 4,5 2, If Crew, 4,- S025 Long Strange Tt'ip,2 JAMES W. KAINE Fil-ll'I4 Oak Ridge, TN Management Jay came to West Point a string bean and left a "BIG Daddy." Though often the cynic, Jay always found time to let loose with his buds outside West Point's gray walls. He will be remembered most for his friendship and loyalty as well as his lovely demeanor in the morning. Ruprecht. GO BIG GUNS! Z. I . Korean Club 1: CPRC 5,- Special OLvmpics2,l SCOfl'I'DOMINIC MAXWELL HSIH4 Salem, NH German and Spanish The culmination of four years' stay!Leaves me little, ifany, words to say: I can only sit and think, profound,fOf the steps l've followed on hallowed ground. Catholic Squad,2, I: German Club,4,5,' Ring and Crest Committee, 4,5,2, 1 : Special Olympics, 5, WKD11 45, 2, If Wargames Committee, 5, Teens En- - counter Christ, 5,2, l,' H undredth 3,161 59 lYightShom I 'Qin 6g Ll ' lil.,-A EDWARDANIHONYKOVALESKI HSIH4 San Antonio, TX American Legal System lam glad to have met the people l did, and will always remember the lessons l learned. Dur- ing my four years at the Academy I experi- enced the end ofmy youth, and hopefully the beginning ofmy maturity. West Point, to me, will always be: Something attempted, some- thing done. Follow Me! Football,-4 SUZETTE MYRANDA MCGEE DZIH4 Houston, TX Sociology My thoughts ofthese years are ofmy Mom and Dad who always got me through my "terriblest" days, of my little sister who grew up while l was here, of my FOUR summers at West Point, and to Tina, Charlotte, Katie, Julie, and Chandra -they put up with A LOT. ',-325255. Tennis, 4, 5 .-:ffisisiiii we :sz MCGOWAN Clllill- Ramsey NJ Computer Science Known affectionately by his friends as Dicky. Rich quietly passed his time, usually. The kid from Jersey was not only a friend to all, but a Sapper, ifyou can believe thatone. Hethanks and remembers his parents, family, friends, the Crusaders, and the Hogs. "l LOVE THIS PLACE!!i!" u ul.: JOHNDOUGLASNAWOICHYK IILIH4 Pearl River, NY Military History He got himself a wife, a ring, and ajeep. He was known to go on long runs down by the river, maybe not running the whole time. He was always there when someone needed something, unless he was on the horn with Wendy. ln the absence of further orders .... Scoutmaslers Council 4,5,2iClC,l, I ICICI: Sandhuist 4, 5x Special Olympics 4,3 2, I Ca- detSpeciaI Warfare Group I JOSEPH PHILIP MCNALLY D l IH4 Prescott, AZ Cierman 81 Russian There once was a man named Joe!Who did the "Strange Trip" show!During Flebe-Parent Week!He was the Head Freakfand now he's "rea to go." J-Fat, Round-Boy ll, or Old Salty, was always ready for a trip to NY, ni agame of Racquetball, orgroup carbo'loading. All the Best to you and the family! ADDICJ, 2 W JOHN STIGLER PASSYN Glllliltf Trappe, MD Engineering Mgt. QMSEJ lf you "Talk the Talk, you better Walk the Walk," Follow this in all you do and at least you will be able look at yourself in the mirror every morning, 150lb F ootball, 4, 5: Eastern Orthodox Group, 4, 5, 2, I f Rugby, 5, 2, 1,- Lacrosse, 4,' Boxing,4,5,2, I Elini 59 Q- i ' "L : fi . FQ I-I MARK ANTHONY MOREK DSIH4 Euclid, OH Military History Money-B was our resident paisano. An Italian through and through, Mark made the best of some bad breaks and tip-toed his way through a full bill on the area. He thanks his fiancee for her love and strength and his parents-l love and owe you and Dad. Money, l'll see ya' on the LZ. Mountaineering Club, 2,' SCUSA, 4: Rugby, I ,' Survival GameS,4 JAMES C. KAGAN Bllfl H21- Raleigh, NC Electrical Engineering Clark came to West Point with visions of greatness and left with a receding hairline, much hours, and a happy Kuato. We will never forget the made scientist hairdo in the morning that was the result of countless hours inthe EE lab. PR, S2 and no change. Follow Me! Korean Club I ,Mountaineedng Club 2 BRUCE THOMAS SCHEMPP IIIH4 Springfield, lL Mechanical Engr. lAutol Was a Corps Squad pole vaulter as a Plebe, but then saw the light in life as a sluggo. Played intramural football Yearling and Cow years, coached Firstie year. Boxed Yearling thru Firstie years-also coached as Firstie: Intramural champs Firstie year, Branch: Ordnance!EOD. Claimed to have the longest hair in the Corps. lndoorTtaclt 4,' Mechanical Engineering Club, l,- Outdoor Track,4 CHANDRA MICHELLETOY GSII14 Silver City, NM Geography lHuman!Re- gionall A smile only came from this Toy! Tonka brought strength, desire, and courage from the West. She took the road less travelled, lighted only by the moon, building friends along the way. Never gave up trying, even when it hurt. USVULNAD Chinese Club, 4,5, 2,- Fellowship of Christian Athletes,2, I ,' Lacrosse, 5,2, I ,' Orienteering, CHRIS DOUGLAS SHAW ISIH4 Mesa, AZ French St' Portuguese "We practiced the fake kick this week." 44 Dec '92l Pugilist, scholar, and philanthropist, Cool 'C' will always be remembered for his warm cheer, love of Fishkill comedy, and especially his 5'l l" fiancee from Armenia. "l lay me down to bleed awhile, but l will rise up to fight with you again." .X Football,-4,.5,2, I: Boxing One De- cemberlxlinety Two, l IVICE-PRESL DEIYD fl , BRIAN ALEXANDER URKIEL BSIH4 Redding, cr Systems Engineering ADDlC,2, I 4,5 6qll""' I flfial Y -it . lg ,R ROBERTJOSEPH TISCHJK E4ll'l4 Plainwell, Ml Electrical Engineering Normally silent, Satan's nectar brought forth Jose's voice, ad nauseum. l-le wanted noth- ing more from W,P. than the opportunity to grow a beard and study at U of M. His persis- tence with juice and swimming highlighted his masochistic tendencies. Swimmir1g,4,5,2, l FRANK JAMES WALTON A41 H4 Pine Bush, NY Management For a guy who never did anything wrong, Scoots sure spent a lot of time on the area. Weighing l8Olbs., he gave up a lot for l50's and spent many a late night on academics. His future includes the infantry, a lovely lady and opening a bar called Mclleans. Thanks to Mom, Dad and gang and friends. l50lb Football, 4,5, 2, I ,' Class Committee, 45, 2, I DEAN DAVID INEGNER G51 Hil- Rnoxville,TN EngineeiingManagementtl"lSEl Dean was a Corps Squad Hockey player for 5 years and then became a sluggo where he boxed 180 lbs. A good student who had a rough Cow year. Branch: Aviation. Had 5 Regimental Boards dropped Firstie year- maybe the first time in the history of WP. Favorite quote, "Hello ladies." HoCkey,4,5,2 MARTIN SANTOS YOUNG E41 H4 West Chester, PA Engineering Physics I would like to thank everyone who made my four years at West Point worthwhile. Friends make life worth living. Thank you! Hocke y, 4IMA1YfiGER2,' lYavigators,2, If Society of Phys- ics StudenB,2p Tactics Club, I 5 Cadetficademic Advisory Committee,4,5,2iAfCICi, I KA!ClC2f Sandhurst,5,2, I,- CadetSpecial Warfare Group, IIAXCICQ DERKICK SANG WON LEE F5ll14 Bellevue, WA Economics tlvlathb Derrick came to the Academy with thoughts ofgreatness on his mind. He did achieve this greatness in the classroom, but late-night trysts in North Area as one ofthe Three Amigos only translated into much time on Area. We will never forget the Asian Glow and the A in Cow English. GO HOGS! Korean American Relations Semi- r1ar,4,5,2,l KVICE-PRESIDEIYTL' Ski CIub,4,5,' CPRC,5,2, I JASON LEONARD WOS I l llill- San Diego, CA Chemical Engineering When "Red" wasn't passing time in Central Area 4202 hours worthi, he had a great time swimming, breaking borrowed cars, and sleep- ing on the steps of Boodler's. He helped everyone to have fun. "Red" was a good friend and a great Brother. "Eat the El- ephant." Banc1,4,5,2,lp Church of Christ,4,5,2, I fClCjp Genesis,2, HA! fi t' ies roup, , , , 1 X X Rugby,I 'Q-a"3'. Y, . W, - John Nawoichyk chats with a friend as he waits in the receiving line at the Superintendent's Reception held during Graduation Week. fi " amy COMPANY LYNDA KENEE ARMER I l I I4 Stilwell, KS Evnvironmental Engineering When I look back, I can't believe I actually came here: as I look ahead, I can't imagine doing anything else. lwill miss the good times here, especially those had with the Eques- trian Team, but I look forward to more with the Engineers. ESSAYONS!! Equestrian Team,5,2,1g Cy- ':":' 'f':' c1ing,4,5,' Church of Christ, 4,.5,2, I J E! Special Obfmpics 4,5,2, I LEE JOHNATHAN BARTON HIII4 Glendale, AZ Philosophy Lee was very surprised when the fourth class system extended past R-day, but he stuck it out and achieved every goal he set for him- self. Lee's favorite things ranged from morn- ing practice to CRACKERS! I-le likes to rack, drink wings, and eat beers. Most of all he is a great friend to have. Philosophy Seminar,2, I: Swim- x ming,4,5,2, I: Triathlon,2 ..-5' ' F Z I -ic' 1 -Q Q KURT LEE BEURMANN F2114 Tampa, FL Political Science 4Intl.l "Far better to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat." , -Theodore Roosevelt I BaptistStudentUnion,4,5,'Oflicers is Christian FeIlowship,2,I I tlggif' WILBERT BURTICE III CARTER CZII4 Clinton, NC Military Art Sr Science Stretch, the ultimate rackgod, always had his nose in one of three places: behind the sight of a rifle, in a book, or in a pillow. Despite embodying the words "silent but deadly," Lonnchnl- ic nrnhahlu nnp nf tho Incl' nonnlo ..g.....,. .- ,,..,.,.,.,., one o. ...C ....,. peep., y0u'd expect to go Infantry. One shot, one kill... RifIe,4,5,2, IKCAPTAIIYQ TIMOTHY W. FARMER B51 Ill- Ord, NE Civil Engineering Well, four long years are finally over. Best of luck to all the old Bandits and l-Beamers, Essayonsll DAVID MATTHEW CASCIO F5114 Fallston, MD Engineering Management CMSED Dave's motto at the Academy was "Speak not at all, and carry no sticks? we are all sorry we lost him to Deanna in Cow year, but at least we will see him again when we return for our reunion and he is directing traffic! He fought me in F-Troop and carried me through I-Beam - Thanks! -EJ? Class Committee,4,5,2, I KENT GREGORY GUFFY F2114 Byron, OK Mechanical Engr. CAutol Although his knee seemed to have fully re- covered, the Crimp always used it to avoid a thrashing from his friends. The last of 12 children, more than his high school graduat- ing class, gave Kent great skill in fighting for food at the table and made him a great friend to all. GO , ZOOUI-BEAM! u ll: X54 """' ' f -5 Officers Christian Fellowship,2, I: H t . Society of Automotive Engineer- '1 7.1--"E'.EE'. ing,2,l CHARLES BEYER ENGLE III G31 Ill- Melbourne, FL Operations Research l was his roommate for 2 years. He will always be remembered for his spirit in the band, great sense of humor, and improvement from DPE stap to an A on the lOCT. I will always remember best for his friendship and his constant willingness to help others. Ecclesiasties 4:9-1G Band,4,5,2, I flYavigat0rS,5,2, I g Po N cnapez ushers, 4,5,2, IIAXCICQ X etryfwriting Seminar! : Protestan DOUGLAS DAVID HANSON F2114 Layton, UT Mech Engr. CAutol The Brigade Rack Officer was always there when needed. l'le had more pictures ofhis car than his girlfriend. Dayroom champion pool player and late night movie watcher, his easy- going style made him agreat friend. GO ZOO! l BEAM!! GREGORY SCOVIT HARKINS Dllllll Ftbenning, GA C1eographytHuman!Regional3 Greg's fashion sense told him to come to West Point for the 'trou'. Who can forget CHARLIE MIKE, and the UN peacekeeping force! His days as a poet His friends help with satelites. ALWAYS willing to work. NO STAN- DARDS NO MORALS! But he was always there to help his friends and have fun. JASON ALAN JOERG C4114 Batavia, ll. Modem History flntlj Strategicl Jay was always someone you could count on. He will do well in the Army and in life. His tenacity carried him through challenges and his sense of humor aided others in seeing the bright spots of the long grey line. l50lb Football, 4 JOHN MARTIN HICKS B21 Ill Drummond, Oli Economics tlvlathl Hicksy had a hard time trying to balance his time between his two favorite women: his Cireen Girl and Amy. His love for one got in the way ofclasses a few times too often, resulting in his coveted membership in the Century Club. His love for the other will have him walking down the aisle. Band, 4,5, 2, l,- Protestant Chapel Choin4 MATTHEW BEN KEZAR A4114 Bradentonfl. ' ' GVISED Over the course of the past four years I have learned more than l would ever have thought possible. lthankmy family fortheir unwavering love and my friends for all ofthe great memo- ries. You all have made mylast four years not only tolerable, but fun. Stay in touch. American Culture Seminan 4,5 fill DEANNA MAE l'IOLT DSI!!!- Sapulpa, OK Management CHPAJ Sweet, kind, gentle, caring...A wonderful friend, roommate, Sr sister,..l could go on but there isn't much space and those who know you could finish the list on their own. l pray that the Lord will always shower his blessings on you. You of all people deserve that. ADDIC, 2, I : Big Sisteis,4,5, 2,- Fellow- ship of Christian Ath1ete5,4,5,2, I : 5oliball,4,.3,2, I ICO-CAPTAIN! JOHN FRANCIS LEIDE D41 I4 Auburn, NY History tlvlilitaryl John's eccentricities are only matched by his good humor and extensive library. No one could ever tell for sure what was behind that grin, but who wanted to. Whether taking care ofa show backstage or overzealous partygoers out back, John always took care of things. 'Nuf said! . Band,4,' Rugby,2, 1: Theatre Arts S Eh' Guild,4,5,2,l Q K3 . i I 5 . W . GEORGE C. LEIGHOW G l II4 COldSpringHa.rbor,NY ForeignAreaClVliddleEa5tl Chris was known affectionately as LDK by his friends. He has shown courage and commit- ment in all that he does. We'll never forget snow sculptures, his nose, his car, or his friendship. Thanks Mom, Dad, and friends. Lacrosse,4: Brigade Boxing Champ l ERICJAMES PELTZER E31 Ill- Glastonbury, CT Computer Sci. Clnfo Sys! As with everything else in Eric's cadet career, this was done at the last minute. Even with a "full ruck-sack" of 7 course and most of the sports at West Point, he still managed to fix EVERYOHES' computers. The Queen of Battle awaits him. Thanx: DMC, Gram, Mom, Dad, MB, CLJ, Eagles St l-BEAM!! Crew,5,2, lg ARA,2, I IEDITORI ,: Ski lnstmcton 4, 5, 2: Big 5rothe1S,4,5, 2: Lutheran StudentMovement,4,3, 2, I ,' Special OIympits,3,2 RAYMOND M. MCDONALD Cll-II4 bosAngeles, CA ForeignAreafLatinAmerJ Somewhere way back there the "L.A." in L.A. Ray went from standing for Los Angeles to Latin America. After travelling to Uruguay, Spain and Costa Rica, l found myselfin exotic binghamton, HY, where L.A. again took on new meaning - Lisa Anne. I2 years of Spanish 1 Germany? lf you're Armor. ' Rugby,2 illixl ' F13 ,iq J lilxgil MISCHA ANN PLESHA F3114 Veradale, WA Chemistry Anyone who has ever met Mischa would find that she is a nice, kind. and caring person who would do anything to help you out. Always remember POWDER O! Chocolate Milk. Her email: GO Shlll'lC1!! She was a hard worker, who was always beingworked hard!!! ALWAYS a true friend! Alpine Ski Team, 1: Mountain Bike Club, 5, 2, I ,' Hop Committee,4,5,2, I : Ski Patrol, 4,5,2, 1 IAXCIO: Staff and Ushers,4,5,2: West Point Forum,5,2 IAXCICJ, HAXCICL' Lay Eucharistic MinisteL2, I ICICJ N41 . VT ':,, an CARL Puyallup, Otter put and into the weight room. lt was amazing how he carried Luke through Aero. Mel was prob- ably the best bassist the Stucco's had, did a good job, too. His favorite food beers, wings, and imported CRACKERS from Seattle. He is a great friend. work Hop Bana's,2, I ,' tee,5,2, life Simon epitomizes uniqueness, his relaxed, ever entertaining that he does, Simon's talents only by his modesty. His humor and seriousness will never be forgot- Wrest11ng,4,5,2, 1 LUCAS BARTLETT RICE A4114 North Olmsted , OH Mechanical Engr. fAEROl The general loved every class he had. An excellent athlete, nationally ranked, Division l. His likes: equestrians, wings, beverages, gray CRACKERS, flying. He will always be a great friend. "Ain't no ridin' like this in Disneyland!" Finally, "one FOR all and all FOR one." Soccer, 4,5 2, l RAYMOND YOUNG SHETZLINE lll BSII4 Berwyn, PA Geography QMSSYGJ Ray never liked the core academics here at West Point. However, He met his friends in the company and clubs. He always enjoyed the "lost" patrols with the Infantry Tactics Club. He always tried to please his friends and help them in any situation. Hopefully we will all meet again! Out Here. Orienteering,5,' Tactics Club, 4,5,2, I SCOTT GEORGE RYAN ESII4 Brooklawn, NJ Systems Engineering Scott, the working class kid from Jersey who picked himself up by his boot straps and came to West Point, has grown into a confi- dent leader. Along the way, he encountered TV cameras, calculus, and senior ranking barracks repairmen. Never shaken, his can- do attitude will lead him to success. Theatre Arts Guild, 4 MICHAEL JOHN SIMMERING HILH4 South Webster, OH Engineeringlvlgmt. QMSED From a town ofless than 800 people, Mike did not really know what to expect from West Point. However, in between all of the late nights and long hours he made a lot of true friends. As he would say, "lt's been real, and it's been fun, but it ain't been real fun." Dialectic5ociety lfVlCE-PRESIDEIYDJ PmtmtantChapelCh0fn4 .. f Eh! 1 fl?- S L KURTAUGUSTJOTINSCIIUMACHER Bllllr Hempstead, NY Civil Engineering Hebrews 10:25-25 "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur on another toward love and good deeds." Protestant Chapel Sunday School Teachers,4,5, 2, 1,' IYavigators,4,5,2, l,' Young Life, 2, I ul-I UI-I l BENJAMIN R. SOMMERNESS l2llll- Duluth, MN Civil Engineering "You can love completely without complete understanding." All who have met Ben can say only good things about the man. His charm and compassion are equalled by few his age. Ben's many friends admire his relax- ing sense of humor, moral values, and ability to over- come adversity. ' ' A FellowshipofCh1istiar1AthIete5,4: " FootbalI,4,- lYavigators,5,2,l: Special Olympics,2, I: Navy 2 Hockey2 ,SKB A if Tv ' Q 9 x X, l l Q 'Vi JAMESRGDERICKSOSNICKY F5114 Castle Rock, CO History iIntl.!Strategicl The funniest man in the Corps! Sos is quick on his feet, always supplying friends, ac- quaintances, and audiences with laughter. But for those of us who really know him, memories of Jim are of his sensitive, caring nature. Never lose touch with your dreams: The Long Strange Trip has just begun. Colorline Sho w, 5g The Long Strange Trip, 5, 2,' Goat Engineer Game An- nouncen 2, Parade AnnounceL2, I : Brigade Spirit Officer, I,- One Hundreth Nite Sl1ow,l,' 5andhur5t,5,2, I TODD SOUCY B5ll4 Portland , OR Management QHPAJ If there was something crazy going on, Souce was somehow involved. From headbutts and headlights to roadtrips with cigars, number six was always ready for an assault. Armed with attitude and biceps, Souce feared no man...Michelle will certainly have her hands full! fo0fba11,4,5,2,speCia1ogfmpif52 ROBERT JK C5114 Andover, MN Mechanical Engr. QAEROD Always ready with a smile and a kind word, Rob was one of the people here who actually cared. He was always there for support and an open mind. The Army gains a good man with a gentle heart in his commissioning. Band, 4,5, 2, l,' Protestant Chapel Choir, I,- Wargames Committee,4,5,2fAfClC2, HAXCICJ 6517 .7 '-A , Q fl ier! . .5152 :tml . . "ii -1: i t i f ii if JS ir W fi'-4 if ' illl itil " E .. ' T 2 ' . Y " , ,, if hw? ,Q - 'L' 5 -4 O Mischa Plesha and her family take time out to relax at the Superintendent's Reception during Graduation Week. W5 MATTHEW P BARTLETT F4115 St Charles, IL Management "lt was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." but Matt stuck it hard and rode it Clike the champ he isl. He proved to us all that he has what it takes to make it. He leaves his mark on the Academy as well as the pavementwhich he pounded so diligently. Wrestling,-4,5,2, 1 TODD RANDALL FEEMSTER H2112 Massillon, OH German History ln all countries and at all times there are men so lackingin imagination that they will choose an occupation without realizing what it in- volves. For the man who chooses the career of arms, he realizes that personal courage is by far the most necessary of all professional virtues. Drill Team,2, I,- Football,4. 9 0 lllllllu JOHN THEODORE BAIR E3lC3 Ashland, OK FrenchfSpanish "lt's better to burn out than fade away." J.B. was not your model cadet, but you couldn't find a better friend. H8rH is affectionately known as a one man party, a never ending source of energy. Johny is definitely one of the memories you'll have forever! Look out world, here he comes. Cross Country, 4, 5,- Indoor Track, 4,5,- Hop BandS,5,2, If Outdoor TraCk,4,5,' Mule Riders, 2, I. JOHN STEVENS FROST l4lB5 Mason, Ml Literature "He wanted to forgive everyone and for every- thing, and to ask forgiveness, oh, not for himself! but forall and for everything...He fell to the earth a weak youth and rose up a resolute champion, steadfast for the rest of his life.,.and he knew it and felt it suddenly." Fyodor Dostoevsky, B.K. CHRIS A CASTILLON D I ID4 Cupertino, CA IntlfStrat History "lt don't mean nothing" "No one said it was gonna be easy" Tennis, 4, 5, 2. THOMAS D HANSBAKGER C l IH l Swanton, OH Economics tMSEl "The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on the Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." -Woody Hayes "Those who stay will be champions". Footba1l,4,5,2, I . JOHN DUNN HAYES C l l I l State College, PA Military Studies GIVE BLOOD.. that was my heart here, AREA FORMATION FALL IN was my pastime. l raise mymugin honorofmyteammates, you made all this crap worth it. Here's to Friendship, Cameradery, and "The Scum ofthe Earth", may we all play sick and hard together again out in the green machine. Rugby,4,5,2, I. EDWARD J MCGUIRE JK F2lG5 Oakdale, NY Environmental Science Eddie Mac lived and raged by his quote C10 HARD or GO HOME. He had to CIO HARD in academics or else he really was going home. His non-stop rages to the LAX cage, Boardy Barn and Firstie club is testimonial to his GO HARD, Long Island attitude. Remember the fellas and lax trips. Lacrosse, 4,5, 2, I . DAVID MICHAEL LACY A31 E3 Cattaraugus, NY Management "Life should be lived at just the limit of control." This has been Dia- mond Dave's credo, whether he be flying down a hill on skis, burning up the road on the Hawg, or riding the calculus curve. Dave, with his keen sense of humor Si' adventure, has made the trip thru USMA memorable for many. Rugby,4,5,2: Ski Instruc- tor,4,5. WILLIAM H MCMILLIAN I2lC4 Sierra Vista, AZ Management "Expect nothing, but be prepared for any- thing." Rnown to the R-nine associates as CHILLY-1, on the football field running his version of the Willie-Bone was always able to elicit a smile or a wow from the crowd. f'OOlfbZill,4,5,2, IICAPTAIHI. X53 'X .ai-2. . -43:93 DENNIS MICHAEL MALONE Eli-IE 1 Spirit Lake, IA Applied ScifEngineering "I have only a very small head and must live with it." Dijkstra. Flying Club,4,5,' Glee C1ub,5.2,l: Hockfiv,4KMAl'l-AGER2,.5rMANAGEKJ:Sunfival Games,4,.5, l,- Theatre Arts Ouild,4,5. MATTHEW H0 NUHSE F I I H3 Longview, WA Literature Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici. Matt Came to us from the great mountains of Washington state. While never a favorite with the fourth class, he was always at the ready with his own brand of humor. He was always one to lend an ear, and will be best remembered as a loyal friend. Band,4,.5,' Film 5eminar,2,l fClCjf Iiarate,4, Korean American Relations Seminar,4,5. l l JAY JUNIOR PETTY E4lD I Bucyrus, OH Environmental Science "There are only two things that you must remember to be successful. One, don't sweat the small stuff, and two, it's all small stuff. Well, Money, as he was known to his friends, probably should have sweatedjust a little bit more. l-le hopes to be remembered as some- one who cared for his friends. Orienteering, 4,5. GREGORY KARL SMITH I l lA2 Sherwood, AREngineering Management Football,-41 Gospel Choir,4,5,2,lf Contem- porary Affairs Seminar, 4,5, 2, l . BRADLEY W ROCKOW G51 D2 Iowa City, IA French "Women: you can't live with them: pass the beer nuts."- Norm Peterson The thing that I will remember the most about my years here is the only part ofthe experience that was fun: hanging out with my friends tyou know who you arel. Don't forget who you are or how you got here. 'X JR O 'C 1 ' RODNEY ALLAN TEASLEY G2lA2 Athens, GA Philosophy! Physics "Great spirits have always encountered vio- lent opposition from mediocre minds."- Albert Einstein. An exceptional man for a redhead, Tease can talk his way out of any- thing. But when you need the very best in personal advice, Tease is the best friend a guy could ever have. Cilee Club, 5: Philosophy Semi- r1ar,1,' Protestant Chapel 0. Choir,4,'SKeetandTrap,5:So- kgiv--x ' ciety of Physics Students,2, Ig Phi Kappa Phi Honor Soci- fa ' "ni, ety,2,I. KAREN JANE ROE HILIF l Alexandria, VA Political Science "Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends." Richard Bach. Cross Country,4,- Mara- thon,5,2, l: Na vigators, 4. JODI LEE WIESE I2lD 1 Baxter, IA Management "LIVE THE JOURNEY FOR THE DESTINATION BEGINS ANOTHER."--HEMAN AND THE MAS- TERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Reporting LIVE from the pond- DUCK TALES DO LIVE AND WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE WITH A SMILE!! CON- GRATULATIONS ALL!! REMEMBER JOEL AND ROGER. . A Indoor Track 4' Outdoor X -5 A D Track 4- Special A 'Ti ff 3' I I , , tw 3 Olympics,2KCICl, 1. 4.19, ALL PHOTOS BYACADEMY PHOTO KEVIN PATRICK DKISCOLL EEJD5 Yamhill, OR Computer Science "The longer you live on the edge, the harder it gets to fall off" Kevin will be remembered by his classmates as either famous or infa- mous. Not being one for mediocrity, Richie Rich ciuiig to the extremes in all his endeav- ors. Moreso, he's someone you expect to see again some day, Wax ,X-1' glginesmream 4,1, Cycling ff" QM, I Greg Smith shakes COL Siket's hand after receiving his diploma at the Class of 1992 Decem ber graduation. Todd Feemster smiles in apprecla tion of congratulations after graduat- ing in December. Brad Rockow and Dave Lacy pose for their last picture in grey after the December graduation. f Q 1 5 ,- , , V V + fr - ,Fr , W ' . 1 Q -A Q ' P'L-b ' - L' -., PA . ' LQ ' . ' , M, II. N E359 f , ' V 'sf L xixxggi j ' E: 15 L A , 1 W 4 JLQEQ Q gage if-5? E in'-3 2 ,vw ' wvF'2fff:1 , M :, V ' , T? W A ' '75 '. Yf ' ' -' - A ,' 1' A A 1 x . ww Sw, I A .Q , ,fm-at A ,.M,3g A, M Q 1,4 Q , 5- M k A Q. f waum S, 3 ' M7551 '5?'W!wtIu 45,5 ' QM 6 .Q "iw Um, 41454 - PP gg in 1 f -2 'Www '-my ' "iw , mr" W A, L 'W 1, ar. 33 in W w 'f"" , wx fxykasw,-A f',,,, f - 'Q , - ,Aw M M 63:1 wh A , ff ws f Q25 . f Q MQ wg? -'Q F k- M , zugff , I ,Q gy few, , W, ' 'V X , 4 Qu 3 M 3' k 0 .W W ,Q f .Q 2 K W X'-TL '45 ig 'g 1 52 if 1 QQ ' ' - E1 33-g' Q 2 Q Q " S - 1 'Ag ' Q f ' , ag , 5 , FN ,HGPF 4' ah fee-, g ' if f ,P I 1 ' FW" - f ' 5 ' 2 1 1 if film we 2 w ' f xi, f iQ.. -' Z", Q 3' ,, Sk 'H -M , 1 ' - L 'K 5 rf Q gig , ,Q 4. , ., ,Z x ff , .w WW, K Y , iw? fs-at 1 2 fi' A' f if if at , , 1. Q- I Z ' f fbffsggffg x ,gg 2? 1 , RQ :.,g.f :H'f!JJ-- Q53 gk, H ff , im , hs , , fi xi WWW , g , M 5- L T- - A, an if M, 'Hb gm? sk ' A W- ,gi-1 V R I 4? J M fi SX W ww Q' W Q f 1, WML. . , w Mr fig .-K , 2 W 7,9-gp Y- wf. 4- , My 'A gms- A " ' 'Www ,- A Y 1 , A MMfWfw m W EEK W Am 'W A w Q L A - , .Q wi Q WW , W ff"-Vw - TW if 5 P , 3 M 1 A W .. 'M .E H .W m al .mmf :L .v AW , - , -V '- Ai 1 , ,f ,- 'f '.,i-5. ,f "M ,- , A - w A' 'm-M, ' K fu gf me 'H H E f W V KAW fi Q , 4 1 K , , . .V ,. K - , ,S W Y 15 45 V n,,,,, 6 .pg 1 , A ,,, --1 -A Q J? 162 1 , if Aw if - Nw E 15' V 1 K 21 5 5? ab 'fi 4 x J? 5 W 660 Swann... I DESTINY INTEGRITY 57'-. U GPL! 663 664 4-mf S '-.4 EDICATICDN 'Q p j. -.j,',-, V., ,. Q.. l .--, A ' 'l '. .'.'. . '.' ' A-,'.'. .' 665 666 Cou RAGE I A A as 1 1 AITH 670 , 'Q A4 v H W my vaig My , M- y 1 YA LTY 672 ETERNIINATICDN , ,K em ,. , , -wiv? :Q P We fwfaz, S fsfaw mr , .H aiimxl-'fiffi' " 4. QHNGFES N M ' M31 eg?-fn, ' 2 in 1 f 12. fklfaiixsf ' ,Rx ,iggggwrqkxflf Www Q K.. A 1 .WW F '. W X ,wk .4 ,, Mm ww- wQw,ff1 'hx fe:f-m,A?'.5af?ff+5fs:'H' wa. asf: efxfwifiwif :gwww-V. , V , -- My W ,mw.n71:- wa, Nei 4 ,WWW A mv, it w. ,W gulf? N. M gs mg., .- ry WMU "' W sm. iqfpffhf. ffiwz V WJ, ' if M afwi my M , ,,.:Qzww,,,w., V, f .M , ., . , . -5 ka-V,,f,'Q?,3 . ffiasra, . 1:1'iz?i, '25 W ,,,,a,:w,e.U.e A. X, lv :Veg x. , ,f 1 V. . -?Eg:se:,3,gf.' 'ww ,G N , '5sf'f"1J wi "W 5 gybsifemw u ww ,xnxx 1 ,.,M,,,, W ,,,,W Y ,,,,,,.,, V W. Nm my FTW' :NP wi: V X Q, ,,,, H, ,,,,: A y - . .',. , ,'., ,.. x. ers? 521 1 5 673 DUTY HQNQR CCJUNTRY OL Aarsen, Tom 159 AASTERUD, ERIK Jon 120, 205, 566, 556 Abadie, Andre 95, 169 Abahazy, MAJ Daniel 21 ABRAHAMS, DAVID Stanton 158, 299, 501, 586 Abrams, Derek 99 ABSHIRE, DAVID Brian 154, 650 Acevedo, MAJ Edwin 20 Ach, Kevin 87, 525 ACHENBACH, ERIC Roy 158, 558, 595, 405, 586 Achtzehn, Graig 247 Ackerlind, DR Sheila 27 ACOSTA, JAMES Robert 85, 86, 458 Acosta, Marcus 149 Adamouski, James 159 Adams, Barclay 141, 169 Adams, Brett 76, 105 Adams, CPT William 22 Adams, Geoffrey 571 Adams, James 147 ADAMS, LAMAR David 142, 405, 612 Adams, Lariar 148 Adams, Michael 95 Adams, Shawn 255 ADAMS, SHERRI Rose 128, 595, 405, 556 Adams, Steven 109 Adams, Tim 107 ADDISON, CALVIN Lorenzo JR 98, 247, 474 Adeyemi, Nurudeen 155 Adhvaryn, Nidge 107 Adimey, Ron 285, 285 Adinolfi, Mark 159 Adler, Chris 576 Adler, Eric 151 Admimey, Ronad 85 ADMISSIONS 41 Aello, Tom 104 Aguilar, Enrique 95, 529 Ahern, Robert 105 Ahn, Phil 91 Ahrens, John 141, 569 AIELLO, THOMAS LEO 488 AILINGER, THOMAS Lawrence 98, 474 Aimone, MR Alan 42 Akery, Dorothy 159 Akgul, Soner 99 Albano, Alexis 89 Albrich, Adam 149 Albright, MR Mike 57 ALCH, STEVEN Todd 154, 650 ALCORN, VIRGINIA Jean 125, 197, 574 Alden, Timothy 95 Aldrich, Philip 121 Alewine, MAJ William 27, 212 ALEXANDER, BRENT William 106, 494 Alexander, Daniel 145 Alexopoulous, Evage 1 19, 271 ALFF, DENNIS G 80, 154, 650 Alfred, Greg 151, 169 Alfred-Ockiya, Mary 101, 575 Anderson, MAJ Joel 27 Anderson, Michael 157 Anderson, Robyn 151 Anderson, Sparky 82 Anderson, Trever 151, 547 Anderson, Wayne 145 Andonian, Delyn 151 Andrasek, Stephanie 151, 169 Andresen, Doug 151 Andrews, Christine I 19, 547 ANDREWS, CORT William 94, Ali, MS Theresa 57 Ali, Omar An, Syed 141 168 Alikhan, Shaffir 97 Allbee, COL David 21, 25 ALLEN, CHAD Edward I 18, 529, 551, 550 Allen, Coren 89 Allen, CPT William 24 Allen, Dave 299 ALLEN, DERRIK Tyronne 568 Allen, Eric 84 Allen, James 195 Allen, Jason 91, 145 ALLEN, KENNETH Scott 122, 140, 554, 556, 592 Allen, Kimberly 99, 168 Allen, MAJ Lewis 25 ALLISON, ROBERT Kent I 18, 152, 255, 550 ALLMANDINGER, JOEL Nathan 145, 651 Allmond, Dana 155, 167 Alt, Ion 128 ALT, JONATHAN KEITH 556 Altenburg, Bridget 91, 257 Altenburg, Pat 151 Alty, CPT James 24, 552 462 ANDREWS, JIMMY Doyle JR 90, 450 ANDRUSIN, BRIAN Nicholas 90, 299, 450 Andrzejewski, Paul 155, 247 Angellotti, Michael 147 Annin, LTC Anne 41 Annunziata, MR Joe 45 Anselmi, Rich 91 ANSLEY, STEVEN Roy JR 156, 545, 656 APGAR, ANDREW Scott 158, 642 APCIAR, BRIAN Peter 158, 587 Appleby, Adam 129, 168 APPLETON, AUSTIN Timothy 148, 612 Arata, Kerrie I 17 Arciniaga, Lorenzo 1 17 Ardayfio, David 161 Ardic, Sureyya 95 Argus, Kristen 85 ARMER, LYNDA Renee 142, 160, 576, 577, 648 Armhein, Paul 125 ARMSTRONG, CHARLES Scott I 14, 405, 518 Armstrong, Loren 141 Alty, MAJ 555 Amber, Sam 151 AMBROSE, DAVID Terence 122, 140, 592 AMERINE, JASON Luke 124, 586 AMRHEIN, PAUL Michael 152, 568 ANDEREGG, KIRK Jason 105, I 14, 518 Anders, Mark 155 Andersack, Stephanie 265 Anderson, Cheryl 91 Anderson, COL James 55 Anderson, CPT William 56 Anderson, Devry 161 Anderson, Eric 107 ANDERSON, ERIK Neal 456 ANDERSON, JAMES Edgar 149, 462 Anderson, Jason 155 ANDERSON, JEFFREY Franklin I 10, 506 Anderson, Jim 94 92, 125, Armstrong, LTC James 56 Annstrong, Mike 121 Armstrong ,Paul 161 Armstrong, Robert 1 15 Arndt, SSGT Richard 57 ARNE, RYAN Derrick 148, 612 Arney, LTC Christopher 51, 255 Arnold, Chad 144, 145, 247 Arnold, Stephanie 141, 168 ARREDONDO, REYNOLD RiZo 108, 500 Arriaga, Michael 157 Arterburn, CPT David 24, 562 Arthur, Robert 87 ARVAY, RANDALL John I 14, 518 Ash, Edward 125 Ashe, Arthur 75 Ashworth, Mary 89, 257 Asmann, MRS Linda 27 Aspin, Les 17 Aspland, Pat 159 ATKINS, THOMAS Joseph 156, 656 Auclair, Chris 121, 529 AUS, PAUL Ernest 92, 166, 456 Austin, Christopher 87 Austin, MAJ Michael 50 Austin, Rod 95 Auxter, John 145 Avalle, CPT Robert 24, 255 Averett, David 155, 169 Avery, Matthew 151, 261 AZCONA, JOSE Simon 154, 651 Azcuaga, Georgina 159 Baana, James 149 Babes, Heath 99 Baca, Cornelia 155, 168 Bacastow, MAJ Todd 28 Backes, John 247 BACKUS, KEVIN Michael 140, 282, 285, 284, 592 Backwell, Scott 167 Bacon, Sir Francis 72 Badger, Kevin 255 Baerman, Megan 107, 575 Baes, Archie I 15 Bagley, Chad 99, 522, 525 Bagully, Michael 129 Bagwell, MAJ James 55 Bailey, David 87 Bailey, MS Linda 25 Bailey, Rusty 91 Bailey, Trey 85 Bailey, William 569 Bain, Marshanna 89 Bainarel, Tom 141 Baird, Zoe 50 BAKER, BERKLEY Adam 146, 606 BAKER, BOBBY John 100, 252, 255, 480 Baker, Brent 89 Baker, Christopher 147 Baker, CPT Mary 28 Baker, CPT Peter 28 Baker, Jeffrey 1 17 BAKER, JOHN Michael 96, I 17, 468 Baker, Koo 121 Baker, LTC John 42, 547 Baker, MAJ John 28 Baker, Paul 102, 112, 115 Baker, Scott 1 15 Balch, David 95 Balch, Rocky 519 Baldrate, Brian 1 17 Balfanz, Chad 155 Balkam, Allana JEANNE 1 14, 166, 519 BALL, JEREMY Alan 146, 606 Ballard, Amber 87, 168 Ballard, Aryn I I 1 Balukonis, Adam 247 Bambino, MS Connie 20 BANEZ, RICHARD Panganiban 144, 519, 520, 600 BANG, BOBBY Hyo 156, 656 Bang, Young JOON 158, 587 Banks, MR Elsworth 20 Banner, Joe 99 BANTHER, MANDY Lane 142, 146, 174, 606 Baranik, Coach Joe 299 Barbato, Cullen 125, 522, 525 Barber, COL Paul 25 Barber, Dirk 101 Barbero, CPT Michael 56 Barbosa, Eric 155, 167 Bard, Dan 155 Bardonner, Kevin 87 Barge, CPT Walter 51 Barker, Brad 129 BARKER, DARREN Michael 98, 474 Barlett, Matt 140 Barnes, Ike 97 Barnett, SPC Shane 42 Barnsby, Robert 101, 169 Barone, CPT Laureen 59 Barr, DR Donald 56 Barr, Eric 1 17 BARRERA, GILBERTO Javier 152, 624 Barreta, MR Robert 57 BARRETT, CLARK Christian 158, 552, 555, 587 Barrett, MS Barbara 20 Barrett, MS Jackie 57 Barrie, Jason 156, 157 Barrineau, CPT James 52 Barrow, Jon 100, 101 Barry, Brian 155 Barry, Steven 125 Barse, Sunny 125, 271 Barstow, Craig 157, 561 BARTELME, JAMES Thomas Jr 122, 124, 166, 581, 544 Barten, Aaron 89 Barth, MAJ Frank 59 Barth, MR Joseph 42 Bartholomees, Jay 91 Bartold, Heather 155, 224 BARTON, LEE Johnathan 160, 648 Baseluos, Mike 147 Basil, Coach 265 Bass, MAJ Charles 25 Bass, MRS Sue 51 Bassett, MAJ William 29 BATCHELOR, DARRIN JOSEPH 580 Batchelor, Jason 105 Bates, Bill 405, 407, 41 1 Bates, Chad 125 BATES, WILLIAM Almond IV I 14, 519 1-Iowitzer Yearbook Staff Creative Writing 676 Battaglia, CPT Phillip 27 Battle, MRS Kim 42 Battleson, Steven DENNIS 124, 544 Bauer, David 95 Bauer, John 155 Baughman, Dole 125 BAULD, CHADWICK Todd 90, 450 BAUMGARTNER, CRAIG Steven 140, 595 Bautista, Ricardo 107, 168 Baxter, Dirk 155 Bazil, Coach Ron 261 Beach, LTC Johnston 22 Beaird, Dave 161, 168 BEALL, SCOTT Thomas 100, 480 BEALS, JAMES Marshall 1 10, 506 BEAM, JASON Derek 156, 580 Beaman, Jeff 95 Bean, Chris 127 Beard, Joe 169 BEARDSLEY, KRISTINE Ann 156, 572, 575, 580 BEASON, JENNIFER Mae 85, 92, 578, 579, 456 Beaudoin, Slade 99, 168 Beaver, CPT Philip 51, 271 Beaver, Ryan 147 Bech, Christopher 255 Bechard, Brian 85, 169, 547 BECK, BRIAN Christian 1 16, 186, 524 BECK, CHRISTOPHER Garrecht 154, 651 Beck, Kimberly 105, 577 Beck-Berman, CPT Dennis 59 Becker, CPT Edward 26 Beckham, CPT Clarence 25 Becknel, Damon 155, 247 Beckstrand, Thomas 95 Beckwith, Michael 1 19 Bedard, SFC Michael 45 Beebe, Shawn 129, 168 Beener, LCDR Rebecca 56, 547 Beesley, Barbara 89 Begin, Menachem 72 Behn, Beth 149, 578, 579 Beierlein, Jeff 1 15, 168 Beird, Cary 155 Bell, CPI' Hugh 51 Bell, David 99 BELL, GREGG Hughes 154, 181, 651 Bell, Julia 119 Bell, LTC Bruce 20, 57 BELL, RICHARD Carl 128, 560, 561, 556 Bellack, Mike 159 Bellandi, Treavor 96, 166, 468 Bellomy, Mark 97 BENCHOFF, PETER Nels 122, 125, 150, 562 Bencomo, Michelle 109 Benecke, Jack 141, 247 Benecke, MAJ Glenn 54 Benjamin, Andrew 121, 571 Benko, Brian 151 Benko, Steve 95 Bennett, DR Bonnie 55 Bennett, Edward 169 BENNETT, JAMES Edward 108, 500 BENNETT, JENNIFER Milllcent 122, 150, 562 Bennett, Jim 102 Bennett, Lance 155 Bennett, Todd 159 Benson, Mike 102, 105 Berdy, Erik 142, 155 Berghaus, Paul 161 Berglund, Morgan 95 Berglund, Robbie 151 BERGMAN, CHARLES Kniese 142, 158, 642 Bergmann, Jeffrey 147 Berlin, MAJ Jon 29 Bernal, Joseph 1 17 Berner, Jeanne 159, 169, 265 Berneti, Mark 85, 92, 457 Bernsee, Brian 159 Bernstein, Michael 89, 260, 261 Berry, Chris 1 1 I Berry, CPT Kurt 55 Berry, Ryan 145, 169 Berta, Cary 95 Bertanzetti, Pete 1 19 Bertrand, Joseph 85 BERUBE, RICHARD Kevin 282, 285, 607 Berwanger, Drew 157, 169 BEST, JOHN Allen 150, 618 BEST, MICHAEL Joseph 154, 166, 181, 651 BESTERMANN, WILLIAM Henry III 102, 110, 541, 506 Betts, Eric 155 Beurd, Joseph 87 BEURMANN, KURT Lee 160, 648 Beverly, Tom 147 Bhalla, Jen 101 Biehl, Mark 119 Biehler, CPT Mark 25 Bielawski, Brett 141 Bienin, Jon 100 BIGELMAN, KEVIN Augustus 94, 462 Biggans, Jeffrey 89, 299 Biggs, Brian 149 Bilbery, Chad 95 Bill, LTC IRD Schutsky 40 Bilodeau, CPT Arthur 26 Bindas, Michael 99 Bindon, Philip 85 Binns, Rex 147 Birchard, Christopher 127, 557 BIRD, JOHN RONALD 618 Bird, Larry 54, 55 Bird, Matt 159 Birmingham, Mike 1 17 BISENIEKS, ALAN Dale 126, 550 BITTNER, JOHN Walter 85, 96, 468 Bjornstad, Leanne 95 Black, COL Frederick 55 Black, CPT John 55, 299 Black, Frederick 125 Blackshear, Lynett 157, 271 Blackwell, Scott 91 Blackwell, Todd 161 Blackwood, SFC Roger 58 Blaha, Jack 95 Blake, LTC Thomas 21, 29 Blake, Matthew 85 Blake, Scot 151 BLAKE, TRICIA Elizabeth 104, 488 Blakeslee, Jeff 125 Blanc, Noelle 575 Bland, Tyrone 125 BLANDINO, MICHAEL Frank 102, I 12, 512 BLANEY, JEFFREY Derek 98, 475 Blankenhorn, John 109 Blanton, Paul 95 Blatt, Darin 155 Bledsoe, Brian 159 Bliss, Mark 121 BLOCK, BENJAMIN Conrad 80, 156, 595, 405, 408, 409, 581 Bloodworth, Brad 129, 167 BLOUNT, WENDY Anne 100, 257, 480 Boates, Kevin 159, 169 Boatman, Paul 151 Bobo, Brian 122, 157 Bobo, Matthew 99 Bock, Andrea 151, 566 BODI, BRADLEY Thomas 1 16, 524 Boeke, Marke 151 Boettcher, David 147 Boettner, CPT Brian 56 Boettner, CPT Daisie 24 BOGDAN, DENNIS Edward 146, 607 Bogue, Chris 151 Bohmer, Doug 519 BOHRER, DOUGLAS John JR 120, 556 Boisson, CPT Peter 52, 186, 558 Bolger, COL John 21, 58 Bolin, Ken 97 Bolio, Brian 129, 285 Bolukonis, Adam 99 Bonchard, CPT 261 Bond, Leslie 107 BONIN, JOHN JOSEPH 481 Bonin, Peter 151 BOOK, CADET Sr STORE 45 Bookless, Todd 145 Boone, Gary 109 BOONSTRA, MARY ANN 20 Borcher, Patricia 149, 575 BORCHERDING, ROBERT Allen 120, 556 Borchers, Michael 97 Borden, MS Lizzie 20 Born, Robert 155, 529 Borowitz, Dave 518, 519 Bosley, Tom 159 Bottcher, Christian 149 Bouchard, CPT Amy 52, 262, 265 Bouchet, MR Aclrian 55 Bove, Christopher 99 Bovetski, Tanya 97 BOWEN, CHRISTOPHER Carlyle JR I 16, 524 Bowen, Richard 109 Bowers, CPI' Thomas 59 BOWERS, DARRION Lavoy 51, 98, 597, 599, 404, 405, 475 Bowers, Melanie 155, 579 Bowers, Paul LEWIS 126, 550 Bowler, Matt 1 15 Bowles, MAJ Floyd 52 BOWLUS, DAVID August 122, 152, 568 Bowman, Brad 97 Bowser, Bret 155 Box, Brandon 87 Box, David 89 BOYCE, LANCE Patrick 92, 518, 519, 457 Boyd, Adam 99, 560, 561 Boyd, Christopher 98 Boyer, Alan 155 Boyer, Kory 87 Boylan, Gregory 161 BOYLE, JAMES JOSEPH 600 Boyle, MAJ William 50 BOYLE, SCOTT Daniel 96, 285, 469 Brach, MS Patricia 57 Braddock, Corey 149 BRADDOM, STEVEN Randall 142, 152, 624 BRADFORD, WILLIAM Kent 150, 562 Bradley, Alison 87 BRADLEY, JOSEPH Francis JR 126, 166, 550 Bradshaw, Matthew 151 Brady, Edward 157 Brady, Lisa 99 Brady, Rebecca 125 Brady, Thomas 95 Braggs, Robert 1 19 BRANCH, SCHAWN LAMONT 551 Brandon, Kulik 169 BRANDSMA, JEFFREY Alan 145, 150, 285, 618 Brandt, Jason 87 Brandt, Matthew 155 Brandt, Pete 91 Brannow, Terry 97 Brantner, MSG James 58 Braught, Donald 1 19 BRAUNTON, GREGORY Carl 152, 624 Bray, Hannibal 87, 299 Brazil, CPT Donna 22 Breazeale, Jonathan 151 Bredewater, Casey 151, 271 BREEDLOVE, KEVIN Wade 145, 146, 166, 607 BREITENFELD, GREGORY Allen 122, 154, 574 Brelje, Eric 1 1 1 Brener, Jennifer 575 Brennan, John 157 Brennan, Shannon 157 Bresko, Leslie 125 Bresser, Dave 1 15 Bretney, James 1 1 1 Brewer, Blake 1 1 1, 255 Brewer, Brett 107 Brewer, Jennifer 149, 168 Brewer, Reid 91 Brewster, Nathaniel 149, 545 BRICKSON, ANDREW PARK 458 Bridges, Brandi 101, 169 Briggle, Eric 1 1 1 Briggman, Brian 109 Brigham, LTC Mark 26 BRIGMON, WILLIAM Robert 82, 451 BRINEGAR, MICHAEL David 1 14, 529, 519 Brizek, Jason 155 Brizic, Jason 127, 247 Brock, Herbert 1 17 Broemmel, Jarret 1 19 Brogdon, James 87 Brooks, CPT Paul 29, 554 BROOKS, STEPHEN Michael 80, 158, 587 Brosier, Ann 1 19 Broski, Chad 157 Brostek, Daniel I 17, 528, 529 Brotherton, CPT Timothy 26 Brouard, MS Donna 42 BROUGH, MICHAEL Wayne I 12, 1 15, 512 Brouse, CPI' Steven 52 Brower, COL Charles 29 Brown, Brent 155 Brown, Cale 142, 154 Brown, Chuck 89 Brown, CPT James 27 Brown, Dante 97 BROWN, DONALD Monroe 90, 451 Brown, Geoff 97 Brown, Jason 151 -4 ,J Pointer Staff Media Club Index 677 BROWN, JOHN CALE 651 Brown, Justin 109 Brown, Kelly 95, 168, 547 BROWN, KEVIN SCOTT 587 Brown, Leland 127, 551 BROWN, LORI Lee 158, 587 Brown, Meridith 109, 299 Brown, MR Anthony 41 Brown Peter 109 Brown Robert 149 BROWN, WILLIAM Nelson 111 I 18, 556, 550 Browne, Jeremy 101 Burba, Michael 144, 145 Burbank, Dale 147, 555 Burbank, Rhett 145, 551 Burden, Gary I I 1 Burg, Jeffrey 157 Burger, John 149 Burgess, James 157, 169 BURKE, STEPHEN Patrick 154, 587, 652 Burkeen, Ken 129, 261 Burkhardt, MAJ David 42 BURKMAN, KENNETH Wayne 96, 551, 469 Brownfield, MRS Beverly 42 Browning, CPT Kathleen 20, 58 Bruce, Brad 159 Bruce, MAJ KRD Turnbull 41 Brudzynski, CPT Richard 58 BRUMBACH, BRADLEY Keith 85, 88, 444 Bruner, LTC Ralph 41 Bryan, Brandi 155, 167 Bryan, James 127 Bryant, Charles 127 Bryant, Douglas 87 Bryant, Heather 99, 579 Bryar, CPT Richard 41 Bryson, Peabo 69 Bucci, Jay 129 Buchana, Major 558 Buchanan, CPT Carlton 51 Buchanan, CPT Jeffrey 59 Buchesky, Stanley 99, 542, 545 Buchheit, Michael I I7 Buchly, Shelby 147 Buchner, MAJ Michael 21 BUCKLEY, PATRICK David 96, 469 Buckman, CPT Lindy 40 Buckner, LTC Gerald 56 Buckner, MS Linda 45 Buct, Brandi 161 Budak, Mehmet 147 Buechter, CPT William 25 Buehler, John 155 Buenaflor, Joel 95 Buergler, John 145 Buffaloe, David 169 Buffardi, Joel 101 BUFFINCITON, CHAD Arlen I 16, 525 BUFFINGTON, CHARLES William Ill 105, 108, 500 Buford, Linwood 89 Buhr, Todd 127 Bui, Ahn 91 Buiniskis, Robert 119 Bulfaloe, David 141 Bull, Geoffrey 127 Bullis, CPT Richard 22 Bulseco, Jonathan 147 Bult, Brandi 169 Bunin, Jessica 58, 85, I 15, 169 Burks, COL Ishmon 57 Burnette, MAJ John 50 Burnham, COL Arlie 42 Burns, Barrett 141 Burns, Chris 125, 141, 561 Burns, Erin 1 15 Burns, Scott 159 Burrell, Thomas 105 Burrow, Scott 82 Burt, Derek 145 Bush, Barbara 55 Bush, Curtis 105 BUSH, DOUGLAS Ross 457 Bush, George 52, 55, 62 BUSH, JAMES Harris Jr 41 1, 557 Bush, MAJ Aaron 51 Bush, MS Carol 40 Bussett, Curtis 107 Bustamante, John 149 Bustamonte, Jose 107, 121 Butler, Anthony 129 Butler, MS Deborah 22 BUTLER, TODD Edward 88, 529, 550, 444 Byard, Michael 157 Byers, Joshua 109 Byrne, Frank Joseph 41, 91, 247 Byrne, Kevin JOSEPH 144, 600 Byrom, Jonathan 159, 224 BZDAWKA, BRIAN Edward 1 14, 519 128, G Caallini, Kent 155 Cabacungan, Gerald 141, 224 Cacciola, MR Joe 45 Cadet, James 107 Cadiz, MS Maria 45 Cahak, Brian 129 Cain, Milly 95 Cairns, James 121, 224, 225 Calabro, COL John 26 Calarco, Matt 91 Caldwell, Christy 1 1 1 Caldwell, Diana 295, 294 Caldwell, Eric 97 92, 170, Calender, Gordon 107 CALKINS, SAMUEL Lynn 142, 156, 597, 657 Callahan, Rite 157 Callandrillo, Anthony 95 Calome, Adrian 105 CALVERT, LANCE KENNETH 607 Calvetti, MS Gladys 42 Camacho, Van 95 Cambell, Jonathan 159 Cameron, Jim 141 Camiolo, John 129 Cammack, Decker 107, 165, 570, 571 Camp, CPT Bradley 22 Camp, Marty 141 Camp, REV Richard 20 CAMPAGNA, PAUL Francis 144, 166, 597, 601 Campbell, COL John 54 Campbell, Jay 101 Campfield, Chad 159 Candava, Marion 145 Candler, Anna 147 Canfield, Charles 107 Cangolosi, Mike 155 Cangolosi, Vinnie 169 Cangton, Gwen 161 Cannon, Christian 121 Cantilupe, James 155 CANTLON, CAMERON Michael 84, 452 Capers, Eric 1 1 1 Caplan, MAJ Van 54 Capofari, LTC Paul 50 CAPPS, BROOK Whitney 152, 625 Caprio, Charlene 157 CARANGO, ANTHONY Thomas 150, 619 Carberry, Argot 1 15, 547 Carey, Brian 125 Carey, Daniel MILLER Carey, Thomas 157 Carl, Capt 558 Carlin, MS Peggy 57 Carlisle, Aaron 151, 584, 585 CARLTON, CHRISTOPHER Patrick 102, 1 14, 519 Carnegie, Peter 145 Carney, Shannon 127, 519 Carolan, Karin 121 Carpenter, Charles 129 Carpenter, MAJ Robert 24 Carpenter, Mary-Chapin 69 Carpenter, Shawn 87 Carpenter, Steve 151 Carr, Brad 159 Carr, Daniel 1 11, 167 Carrano, Chris 87, 529 Carrano, MAJ John 25 Carreiro, John 157 Carrigan, Daniel 109 Carroll, Chad 87, 167 128, 557 CARROLL, LINCOLN Ryan 104, 488 CARROLL, NICOLE Justine 156, 657 CARROLL, PETER Joseph 120, 557 CARSON, JAMES Rutledge III 126, 551 CARTEEN, BRANDON Robert 151, 252, 255, 565 Carter, Andrew 109 Carter, Mike 129 Carter, Wilbert Burtice 160, 649 Cartwright, Daniel 115, 169 Caruso, LTC John 42 CASCIO, DAVID Matthew 160, 649 Case, Timothy 95, 168 Casely, Elizabeth 105 142, Casery, Bob 107 Casey, MS Thuy 45 Cashman, Brian 87 Cashman, Peter 577 Cashman, Randi 577 Cashman, Shane 577 Cashman, Sherry 577 Casino, Greg 299 Casino, Ronald 155 CASISA, JOHN Joseph 98, 475 Caso, LTC Peter 42 Castelli, MAJ Michael 56 Castellini, Annah 107, 257, 575 Castillo, Rod 165 Caston, Stu 95 Catello, MW4 Richard 24 CATHCART, DONALD Ray 106, 494 Cato, John I 15 Catron, Kristen 127 CAUDILL, JONATHAN Dirk 82, 84, 452 Cavallini, Kent 561 Cawley, COL Thomas 40, 41 Cayford, Eric 161 Cazzetta, MR Vince 40 Cecil, Andrew 105 CECIL, KERRY Stiles 125, 128, 400, 557 Celeen, Shane 85 Centamore, Vincenzo 107, 169 CERNIAUSKAS, CHRISTOPHER Casimir 108, 501 Cerniauskas, Michael 145 CERNIAUSKAS, PAUL Anthony 114,519 Cestone, Randy 157 Chalfont, Chad 97 Chalfont, Chuck 1 15 Challans, MAJ Timothy 26 Chambers, CPT Christopher 55 Champion, Matt 91 Chance, Scott 91 CHANDLER, DANIEL Lee 158, 642 Chaney, Kevin 155, 247 Chang, Hannah 89 Chang, Mike 140 Chang, Wellington 1 19 Chao, Elizabeth 157, 167 Chapman, Brandyn 1 1 1 CHAPMAN, WILLIAM Hobart 145, 615 Chaprian, Bill 148 CHARLAND, JASON Alan 507 Chase, Young 87 Chavis, SFC Wes 58 Chavis, Timothy 95 Chegwidden, Chad 1 15, 555 Chelf, Shaun 85 Chen, Daniel 87, 569 Chernauskas, Brian 1 15 CHESS, WILLIAM Charles 85, 84, 452 Chewar, Christa 121 CHEYNE, MARY Rebekah 156, 166, 581 CHIAPPINELLI, DARREN JOHN 489 Chiavaro, Joe 255 Chiavaro, Lynn 292 CHIESA, DAVID Brant 108, 166, 595, 405, 501 CHIN, SHANE Jiyh 140, 562, 595 Chinchilla, Gabriel 127 Chmielowski, Josef 85 Cho, Brian 157 Cho, Michael 1 l 1, 555 Cho, Steve 151 110, CHO, TIMOTHY Hyunchan 125 154, 166, 574 Choe, David 95 Choi, Brian 91 CHOI, MICHAEL Hyun 98, 475 Chon, Song 87 Chong, CDT Rich 25 CHONG, MICHAEL Timothy 122, 562, 595 Chong, Min Wook 1 19 Chong, Richard 151 Chong, Steve 154, 155, 167 Chonk, Sook 121 Chrappinelli, Darren 104 Christiansen, Andy 101 Christianson, Paul 125 Christman, Clay 149 Christoff, MS Suzanne 42 Christopher, LTC Paul 26 Christopher, MS Elena 57 Chu, John 1 17 CHUCK, JEFFREY Darren 94, 558, 405, 465 Chun, James 87, 247 Chung, Kevin 159 Chung, William 95 Church, Blake 95 Church, David 155 678 Ski Instructors Paintball Team QClose Combatl CHURINS, ALLYSON Marie 146, 547, 607 Chute, Lloyd 145 Ciabotti, MR John 41 Ciaramella, Michael 91 Cieplinski, Mark 155 Cifuentes, Luis 125, 561 Cima, Tony 245, 247 Cinillo, MS Margaret 42 Clancy, Jon 141, 545 CLANCY, MICHAEL Ne 116, 525 Clapton, Eric 68, 69 Clark, Brian 159 Clark, COL Asa IV 55 CLARK, JEREMY Stephen 140, Cole, Kyler 157 Cole, LTC Mark 41 Cole, Robert 159 Cole, Steven 161, 168 COLEBANK, DAVID Alan 146, 608 Coleman, Brian 157 Coleman, MR Robert 21 Coleman, Sam 89 Coleman, Tausha 141, 169 Coll, Shannon 547 Coller, Lisa 157 COLLIER, CHAD Alan 94, 465 Collins, CPT Steven 29 Collins, LTC Joseph 55 Collins, Ned 101 Collins, Tom 157 595 Clark, John 145 Clark, MAJ Charles 51 Clark, MAJ Kevin 21 Clark, Mary Ellen 57 Clark, MS Jana 40 CLARK, PHILIP Rhea 86, 458 Clark, Rob 151 Clark, Steve 95 Clark, Thomas 155, 167 Clarke, CPT Michael 42 Clarke, MS Chris 45 Clavert, Lance 146 CLAY, EDDIE Omar 104, 489 Clegg, Jennifer 161 Clegg, Max 109, 224, 225 Cleveland, MRS Janet 42 Clinton, Chelsea 51 Clinton, Hillary Rodham 50, 51 Clinton, William J. 16, 50, 51, 52 Clolinger, Dave 129 Clouatre, Spencer 1 19, 542, 545 Cloud, Noah 101 C1ough,Andrew 87 Clough, Mark 91 Clouse, SFC Bob 59 COACHYS, MICHAEL Bryant 88 444 Cochran, MR Al 57 COCHRAN, ROBERT Russell 145, 146, 607 Cockrell, Bo 87 COE, CHARLES Richard 104, 489 Coehlo, MR Jeff 55 Coen, Marco 147 Cofer, Bryan 91 Coffey, Dwayne 161 Coffey, Ross 129 Cogbill, John 161 Cohen, MS Amy 57 Colacicco, Joseph 99 Colaw, MS Cathy 42 Colbert, William 127 Colby, LTC Anthony 56 Cole, Fare 99 Cole, Ken 115, 167, 545 Colon, Michael 89, 529 Colon, SGT Gloria 57 COLTON, LARA Elena 154, 572, 575, 575 Colvin, Kevin 151 Colwell, John 149, 247 COMBS, THOMAS James 150, 547, 565 Combs, Todd 119, 167,575 Comitz, Richard 145 Compton, John 91, 285 Conboy, Pete 157 Conde, William 99 Conklin, MS Margaret 45 Conley, MRS Lin 42 Conley, MS Darlene 45 Conlin, Robert 97, 571 Conn, CPT David 50 Connally, Rickey 247 CONNELL, KURT Patrick 98, 475 Connery, Sean 75 Conniff, Dawn 125, 141,575 Connor, Judith MS 57 Connor, MAJ Arthur 29 Connors, Kristina 102, 107, 167 CONRAD, CHRISTOPHER John 128, 166, 557 Conrad, Jason 91 Conrad, Trisha 89 Conroy, John 95 Conselman, Marc 1 1 1 Constantine, LTC Alfred 54 Contreras, Carlos 99 Conway, Matt 247 COOK, CHARLES Andrew 158, 645 Cook, CPT Jeffrey 55 COOK, EDWIN Alan 148, 615 Cook, Jason 90, 224, 225 Cook, MAJ Jeff 554 COOK, NATHAN Earl II 140, 595 Cook, Paul 1 1 1 Coon, CPT Richard 29 Coon, Jason 95, 167, 271 Cooney, Sean 99, 261 Cooper, Andy 146 COOPER, JIMMY Barnell 108, 501 COOPER, KRISTA Lamoine 152, 625 Cooper, Lenton 125 Cooper, Renee 109, 575 Coperthwait, Michael 95 Coplen, Captain Lorelei 576 Coplen, CPT Richard 55 Coppa, Michael 101 Coppess, Matthew 151, 247 Cora, Jose 129 CORBITT, THOMAS Michael 1 18, 551 Corcoran, MAJ Brian 20 Cornelius, Scott 101, 552, 555 Cornelius, Tom 91 Cornelson, Arthur 161 Cornett, Jason 95 Cornstubble, CPT Brent 54 Cornstubble, CPT Morgan 51 Crane, LTC Conrad 29 Crane, Neavolia 155 Cranford, Richard 155 Crank, Chad 1 17 Crans, William 97, 547 Crawford, Gene 125 CRAWFORD, JACOB Emanuel 111 118,551 Crawford, Crawford, Crawford, Crawford Craycraft Creamer, Jeremy 1 17 Joseph 161 LTC Walter 27 MAJ Wid 51 ,Mark 125 CPTTJ 54 Correa, MRS Charlene 27 Corson, CPT Mark 28 Cortez, Ernesto 155 Corton, Jeffrey 157 Confv, Mason 80 Cosie, Chris 161 COSLIN, DAVID Lee 82, 92, 457 Cosnahan, COL Robert 42 Costa, FR Gabriel 51 Costella, CPT Ronald 25 Costello, Al 95 Costello, Lori 157 Cotham, MSG Jeffrey 58 Cotman, Kevin 105 Cotrell, SFC Eddie 58 Cotter, CPT David 29 Cotto-Rivas, Jose 127 Coughlin, Beth 105, 575 Counts, COL Edward 20 Courreges, Stephen 1 19 Covert, Rich 161 COVOLESKY, DAVID Ernest 104, 489 Cowley, Philip 125 Cox, Bill 154, 166 Cox, Brian 97 Cox, COL Joseph 26 Cox, James 95 Cox, Nate 151 Cox, SGT Gwendolyn 45 COX, WILLIAM HOWARD III 652 Coyle, Ryan 109 Crabtree, CPT 208 CRAFT, PAUL Grant 1 16, 525 CRAIG, JAMES Richard 84, 129, 455 Craig, Paige 147 CRAM, STEVEN Patrick 108, 409, 501 Crandall, Douglas 155 Crandall, Justin 545 Crane, Chris 156, 157, 167 Creason, Troy 151 Cremer, Justin 151 Crenshaw, Mike 85 Crispino, Jesse 1 1 1 Crissey, Scott 99, 261 CRIST, JEREMY Alan 1 10, 507 CRITELLI, JOHN Joseph 154, 575 Crocoll, CPT William 22 Crofford, CPT Clifford 51 Crofoot, Chris 94 Croft, Bob 91 Crombie, John 157 CROOK, JAY Frederick 122, 156, 581 Croslin, Joaquin 95 CROSS, JOHN Denver 102, I 18, 551 Cross, MR Neil 20 Crossland, Garry 85 CROSSLEY, JAMES William 126, 551 Crossley, MR Edmund 55 Crosson, Rich 91 Crouch, Matt 107 Crow, John 155 CROW, MASON William 150, 165, 619 Crowley, James 107 CRUMBLISH, STEVE 645 Crumpler, MS Dawn 42 Cruser, Pat 125 Cruz, MR Jose 41 Csoka, COL Louis 22 Csoka, Nancy 127 Cubacungan, Gerald 224, 225 Cubberley, Sam 91, 552, 555 CUDABACK, GRETCHEN Marie 90, 224, 225, 451 Cuenca, Peter 155 Cuerington, CPT Andre 51 CUEVAS, EMMA Angela 102, 1 14, 551, 520 Cuhowy, Pete 85 CULBRETH, CECIL Wayne JR 1 18, 551 Cummings, CPT Laurie 28 CUMMINCIS, CRAIG Peter 85, 166, 469 Cunningham, Cord 155 Cunningham, Erin 105, 111, 265 Cunningham, Fred 116, 117 Cunningham, Matthew 101 Cunningham, Paul 157, 557 CUPIT, THOMAS Keith 154, 575 CURL, DAVID Hemingway 104, 489 Curl, Jason 155 CURRENCE, WILLIAM Ross II 156, 247, 657 Currey, CPT Craig 29 Currier, Ian 157 Curry, Lewis 95 Curtin, Tyrone 121 CURTIS, KAREN Ann 98, 475 Cushen, David 159, 167 CUSHING, JOHN Michael 146, 608 Cutright, Kevin 151, 582 Cwik, David 155, 224, 225 Cyr, Mike 97 Cyrus, Billy Ray 68 Czarnecki, Kevin 1 1 1, 244, 247 D'Onofri0, MR Kevin 57 Daar, Jonathan 89 Daberkow,Jarvis 558 DABERKOW, JOHN Wayne 122, 154, 558, 575 Dacunto, Phil 155 Daffin, Larry 1 19, 247 Dahl, CPT Kenneth 22 Daigle, CPT David 26 Daley, Lawrence 155 Daley, Stephen 157 Dalton, Harry 125 Daly, Chuck 56 Damare, Rob 155, 519 Damm, Rebecca 155 Danaher, Frances 1 1 1, 168, 558 Daniel, Anthony 1 17 DANIEL, SHAWN Lance 80, 96, 552, 405, 469 Daniel, Tony 247 Daniels, Shawn 51, 62 DANNENBERG, PETER Alan 84, 455 Dare, Glen 105 DARGLE, PETER Eugene 120, 255, 557 DARLING, PAUL Thomas 158, 597, 407, 645 DAROUSE, RICHARD Woodrow III 98, 476 Daughtry, LTC Doyle 51 Daula, LTC Thomas 55 Davenport, Monte 1 19 David, Todd 155 White Water Canoe Flying Club Index 679 David, William 107 Davids, Neil 157 DAVIDSON, MICHAEL LaShane 128, 557 Davidson, Warren 109, 168 Davis, Bob 158 Davis, Carolyn 109, 177 Davis, Chad 129, 254, 256, 242, 247 Davis, CPT Ann 22 Davis, CPT Vernon 54 DAVIS, DANIEL Mark I 12, 255, 242, 245, 244, 247, 512 DAVIS, JAMES Robeson 98, 476 Davis, Kenton 100 Davis, Mike 105, 151 Davis, Neil 155 Davis, Robert 122 DAVIS, RUSSELL Orville Ill 156 581 Davis, Scott 76, 105 Davis, Soo LEE 82, 88, 445 Davis, Wayne 161 Davis, Wesley 99 Davison, Paul 52, 151, 168 Dawson, Brian 101 Dawson, MAJ 579 Dawson, MAJ Denise 26 DAY, JEFFERY Kirk 125, 156, 555, 581 Dean, CPT Paul 29 DEAN, JEFFREY Alan 125, 126, 551 Dean, Mark 95 DeBOCK, JUDITH Ann 80, 144, 601 DeBoer, James 157, 555 Debroux, Dan I I 1 Dedmond, Tony 255 DEERING, SHAD Henry 124, 166, 544 Degen, Dale 95, 224, 225 Degen, MAJ Gregg 25 DeGiacinto, Clayton 109 Degliuomini, Joseph 155 Deguia, Anthony 107 Deimel, Gilbert 107 DeLaar, Mark 89, 569 Delacruz, Derek 129 Delagarza, Carlos 95 Delaney, Dave 1 1 I Delapena, Jim 89 Delbaugh, MS Marjorie 57 DeLeon, Marcus Ponce 151 Delgado, Steven MANUAL 140, 595 Delk, Travis 161 DELLERT, GREGG Michael 92, 457 Deloach, Kieth 109 Delong, Vaughn 159 DELOSSANTOS, CHRISTOPHER D 489 Delp, Douglas 119, 169 Delsignore, John 155 Deluca, Anthony 155 DeLuca, MS Jill 57 Deluca, Robert 157 Demange, CPT Robert 22 Demarest, Brady 155 DEMARTINO, CHARLES Russell 100, 558, 541, 481 DEMASI, ANTHONY Vincent 82, 96, 469 Demasi, MR Ralph 45 Dembowski, Richard 95 Demeule, Sean 157 Demitrovic, Tom 1 19 Demott, Ronald 95, 224 Dempsey, CHAP Terry 59 DEMPSEY, JASON Kyle 102, 120, 401, 557 Dempsey, Michael 1 1 I Dennis, Karl I 15 Dennis, LTC Norman 24 Dennis, Richard 155, 529 Dennison, Dave 151 Denny, Matt 1 15,561 DENSMORE, JAMES Andrew 145, 224, 225, 601 DENTAC 42 DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY INSTRUCTION 52 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION 55 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS 54 DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCES 55 DEPARTMENT OF SYSTEMS ENGINEERING 56 Deponai, Andrew 157 DeRico, MRS Marie 25 Derrick, Gerald 105 DesCamps, Douglas 109 Deser, CPT Jeffrey 58 Destefano, Dale 87, 169 Devine, MR Kenneth 40 DEVINEY, SELINA Kay 85, 98, 256, 257, 476 Devries, Daniel 101 DEVRIES, PHILLIP James II 124, 545 Dew, Coninyah I 19, 561 DeWillie, CPI' Glen 28 Dezaki, Toshi 95 Dezessio, MR Carmen 45 Dhunjishah, Michael 109, 545 Diange, Anthony 529 Diaz, Brett 97 DiCiro, Torrey ALEXANDER 84, 402, 455 Dickenon, James 147 Dickey, Jeff 169 Dickie, Jason 1 15, 285 Dickson, Mike I I5 Dickson, Richard 97, 525 Diedrich, MAJ David 52 Diehl, Ron 158, 595 Dieter, LTC Kenneth 25 DIETRICH, CHARLES Sylvester Ill I 16, 525 Dietrich, Jonathan 95 Dietrick, MAJ Kevin 54 DiGiovanni, CPT Richard 59 DiGovanni, MS Kim 20 DILLARD, LARRY Frank JR 122, 125, 128, 557 Dille, Mark 89, 562 DILLON, JAMES Tyndall 82, 86, 459 Dillon, LTC Robert 24 Dillon, M.C. 97 Dimarco, Abrahm 76, 105 DIMEGLIO, RICHARD Peter 94, 465 Dimeo, Brian 87 Dimmick, DR Timothy 25 DImon,Jed 95 DINA, JOHN Peter ll 96,470 Dineen, MR Joseph 41 Dinerman, Alan 1 17, 299 Dingfelder, MAJ Alan 56 Dinsmore, LTC David 54 Dinsmore, Shawn 1 15, 565 Dion, Celine 69 DIRECTORATE OF ACADEMY RELATIONS 57 DIRECTORATE OF CADET ACTIVITIES 57 DIRECTORATE OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT 40 DIRECTORATE OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS 40 DIRECTORATE OF OPERATIONS, PLANS AND SECURITY 45 Dirks, Aaron 1 17 Dirkse, Jeff 99, 167 Distefano, Marc 141, 545 Dobosh, William 127 Dobson, Reginald 155 Dodd, Chris 91, 255 Dodd, CPT Thomas 56 DODDS, LUKE Stan 105, I 10, 507 Dodge, CW5 Gary 42 Dodge, Spencer 95, 167 Doe, LTC William 28 Doepker, Scott 97 Doering, Robert 97 Doerr, LTC Gunther 41 Doescher, CPT Curt 51 Doheny, Casey 1 15, 247 Dolan, Kevin 161 Doleski, Carol 149 DOLGOFF, ROSS Steven 84, 455 Dombi, CPT Joseph 24 Dombi, MAJ Janice 29, 182 Dominick, MR Dave 50 Donahoe, Nathan 1 19 Donaldson, Al 159 Donaldson, Amy 127, 295, 577 Dondero, Darlene 155 DONELSON, ROY Lee 108, 501 Donin, Peter 169 DONNELLY, CHRISTOPHER Paul I 16, 525 Donnelly, Glen 115,529 Donnithorne, COL Larry 20, 299 Donovan, Brian 101 Donovan, CPT Michael 54 Dooley, Calondra 292, 295 Dooley, Matt 121, 167 Doolittle, Eliza 75 Doran, Dan 125 Dori, James 97 Dorman, CPT Edward 27, 561 Dormire, Jennifer 117, 575 Dorohovich, CPT Michael 59 Dorrer, Marc 151, 285, 284 Dossey, Matt 157 DOTSON, MARK Lee 124, 545 Doty, CPI' Joseph 55 Doucet, PFC Shannon 42 Doughty, COL Robert 21, 29 Doughty, MS Lori 42 DOUGHTY, THOMAS Willard 85 96, 470 Dowling, Tracy 125, 158, 599 DOWNES, PATRICK McNally 102, 104, 558, 490 Downing, Bill 129, 247 Downs, Pat 541 DOYLE, DAVID Scott 108, 277, 501 Doyle, Jonathan 151 Doylel Doyle Doyle Drake, Drake, Drake, Kelly 1 19 Seamus 157 Ted 151 Don 151 Floyd 224, 225 Major Andrew 558 Dresch, Ed 247 Drew, MAJ Marshall 20 Drexel, Chris 161 Driscoll, Charlie 105, 547 DRISCOLL, DANIEL Joseph 96, 299, 501, 470 Droste, Steven 151 Drulis, Michael 129 Duane, Jason 1 I I Dube, John 155 Dubuy, LTC Frank 41,225 Duchai, Daniel 121 Duckworth, Eric 161 Duda, Roger 107 DUDLEY, BRIAN Chapman 515 Dudley, Christopher 89 Duffy, MR Kelly 58 Duffy, MS Jacqueline 59 Dufresne, Ronald 95 Duhe, Chad 107, 167,561 Duhla, LTC 299 Duhon, Glenn 149, 247 Dulisse, Paul 87 112, Dull, COL Andrew 24 Dumas, Guy 159, 551 Dunaway, Richard 107 DUNBAR, WILLIAM Heath 652 Duncan, Dave 255 Duncan, James 155 Duncan, Tye 145 DUNHAM, LANDY Donnell 82, 592, 451 Dunham, MR Artis 57 Dunivan, J.D. 104 DUNIVAN, JAMES KEITH 490 Dunlop, Joe 51 Dunn, Jonathan 105, 169 Dunn, MS Cassandra 45 Dunphy, David 86,411, 459 Duran, Ryan 1 19 Durant,J.J. 104, 174 DURANT, JON Riley 100, 481 Durant, MAJ Brian 22 Durbain, Dan 85 Durham, Ligon 85 DURIANCIK, FRANK Michael III 154, 575 Durkin, Keller 91 Dursi, MRS Patricia 20 DUTHU, JAMES Joseph 120, 557 Duvall, Eric 107 Dwen, Trey 525 DWYER, FRANK Edward 150, 619 Dyer, Mike 105 DYKE, JAMES Patrick 150, 619 Dyke, John 155 Dyke, Marvin 85, 561 154, DYMOND, ARTHUR Robert 128, 558 DZWONCHYK, JAMES David 125, 150, 565 ef Earle, Peter 95 Eason, Ray 151 East, CPT Michael 41 Easter, Jesse 121 Easter, LTC Cornelius 21, 59 Eastwood, Clint 69 Eaton, MAJ George 29 Eaves, Eric 97 EBERLE, MARK Anthony 152, 252, 255, 569 Echevarria, CPT Antulio 29 Eckel, Drew 99 ECLARIN, DENNIS Valenzuela I 18, 551 Eddy, Chris I 19 Edge, Dion 159 Edminston, Dale 155 Edmiston, Rod 299 Edmond, Ryan 261 680 Cadet Band Pipes and Drums Edmonds, Matthew 147 Edson, Emily 147 EDWARDS, ADAM Thomas 105, I 16, 166, 525 Edwards Brent 85 Edwards Dominick 107,551 Edwards Larry 107 Edwards Nathaniel 157, 169, 257 Edwards, Ryan 157 Edwards, Sebastian 107 EFAW, JAMES McNeil 124, 545 Epley, SFC Coy 58 Epstein, Ethen 155 ERB, TERESA Marie 80, 128, 578, 579, 595, 597, 407, 409, 558 ERICKSON, JEFFREY MICHAEL 481 Erickson, Randy 1 17 ERICKSON, REED Gary 1 12, 515 Erickson, Ross 95 Erickson, Stein 169 Effner, Coach Jack 299 Egan, Sean 149 Egan, Steve 105 EGBE, JOSEPH 152, 625 Eich, Matt 560 EICHBURG, MATTHEW Louis 560, 561, 657 EICHINGER, JOSEF Karl 86, 459 Eichinger, Sarah 159, 168 Eidam, MR Americo 42 Eigner, Troy 89, 285 EINFALT, ROBERT Michael Jr 152, 569 Eisle, SGT Chuck 57 Eitnier, Mike 554 Ekholm, Kara I 17 Elbert, Janet 85, 257 ELDRED, ROBERT Wayne 156, 581 Elias, Anthony 155 Elliott, Daniel 105 ELLIOTT, ELLIOTT Stephen 1 12, 515 Elliott, Kyle 77, 547 ELLIOTT, RICHARD SHAWN 470 Ericson, Jeff 100 Erlacher, Matthew 95, 168 Esch, Courtney 1 15 Escobedo, Mark 107, 247 Esh, Todd 155 Eshelman, CPT Jon 25 Esperanza, SFC Amadeo 52 ESPINOZA, PEDRO RAMOS Il 594 Favetti, Mark 155 Federico, MR Lou 40 Fedorchak, CPT Scott 54 Feeley, Michael 151, 169 FEEMSTER, KRISTINA Dawn 154, 576 FEHRENBACHER, CARL Ray 88, 166, 445 Felde, Scott 155, 168 Fellman, Craig 121 Fellows, Christian HENRICK 1 12, 515 Fenoseff, Thomas 155, 560, 561 Fenwick, Millicen 72 Fercell, Doug 106 Ferguson, CPT James 51, 565 Ferguson, CPT Vanice 55 Ferguson, Joel 125 Ferguson, Mark 298 Ferguson, Troy 157 515 657 Elliott, Shawn 96 Ellis, James 109 ELLIS, JON Erickson 154, 405, 652 ELLIS, MICHAEL David 144, 601 Ellis, Patrick 95 Ellis, Robert 557 Ellis, Ron 555 ELLISON, HENRY Phillipps 142, 152, 166, 599, 405, 411, 625 ELLS, ROBERT Jay 105, 554, 494 ELLS, RONALD Lee 96, 470 Ellsworth, CPT Stephen 45 Emblen, Jefferson 109 Emmer, Jack 40, 529 Encarnacao, Anthony 1 17 Endres, Brad 1 17 Engbrecht, CPT Jeffrey 25, ENCIEL, DANIEL John 145, 148,615 ENCILE, CHARLES BEYER 649 ENGLISH, JAMES Craig 112, 569 Enos, Michael 155 Entner, CPT Mark 56 Espinoza, Ponce 140 Esser, Don 99 Esterbrock, SPC John 57 Etchechuiy, James 101, 547 Etheridge, Melissa 69 Etley, Michael 87, 552, 555 EVANGELIST, BRAD Michael 156, 582 Evangelista, Paul 149 Evans, SPC Michael 42 Everett, Daniel 1 1 1 EWALD, SCOTT Anthony 154, 652 Ewers, Robert 1 15 Ewing, James 109 Ewing, Marilyn 1 15 Ewolski, Christopher 107 Ezeagu, Jude 109 FABER, CHRISTOPHER Todd 154, 216, 575 Fairman, Ryan 95 Falcone, MS Ann 45 Fale, Kristoffer 1 19 Faler, Bret 155 Falk, Luke 119, 551 Fall, MS Valerie 57 Fangman, Brian 157 FANT, PHILLIP Eugene 84, 455 Farelli-Barns, MS Nikki 57 FARESTER, SCOTT Garrison 86, 459 Farkas, Eric 151 Farmer, Tim 117, 160 Farr, DR John 56 Farrar, Sean 125 FARRIS, KENNETH Eugene 156, Fasana, CPT Kenton 55 Faulkner, Mark 101 Ferlazzo, Ronald 155 Ferrara, MR Frank 45 FERREL, DOUGLAS Norman JR 166, 495 FERRELL, BRUCE Kevin 142, 154, 652 Ferrigno, Paul I 19 Ferris, Bob 1 I 1 FERSON, VICTOR WAYNE 455 Fessenden, CPT Alan 41 Fettula, John 561 Fezza, Thomas 85 Fickel, Dan 101 Field, Jonathan 125 Fields, MR Toney 45 FIGLIUOLO, MICHAEL Leon I1 80, 128, 205, 558 Figueiredo, Jason 1 15 Filenko, Taras 101 FILOSTRAT, TONEY Els I IO, 507 Finch, Kevin 127 Fine, Jeremy 155 Fine, MR Ron 21 Fiorito, John 99 FIRST RECIIMENT 58 Fischer, Doug 147 Fischer,Jorden 89 FISCHER, SCOT ARTHUR 465 Fishburne, Elliot 155 Fisher, Bradley 105, 525 Fisher, Rob 149 Fisher, Scott 94 FITZGERALD, SCOTT Michael 104, 490 Fitzkee, MAJ David 50 FIVECOAT, DAVID GARY 495 Fix, Matthew 107, 169, 571 F1anagan,John 95 Fleck, Jon 1 15, 169 FLEMINC1, STEPHAN Paul 105, 526 Fletcher, Kerry 147 Flint, Mandy 91 Flogan, Joe 91 FLOOD, PAUL Raymond 104, 490 Florence, Louis 125, 158 Flores, Jesus 149 Flores, Tony 85, 255 Flowers, Jim LTC IRI 40 Floyd, Carlos 99 Flueckinger, MR Edward 40 Fluly, Katherine 155, 280 Flynn, Sean 105, 155 Fogarty, Brian 157 Foglesong, Aaron 109, 247 Foland, Michael 95 Foldenauer, Brian 145 Foley, Dave 95 Foley, LTC James 26 Foley, Robert BG 20, 21, 58 Folsom, Marc 125, 255 Font, Phil 166 Fonyi, Richard 151, 169 Forbes, Lukas 151 Forbes, Micheal 97 Forbes, MR Dennis 55 FORD, BENJAMIN Clinton 128, 558 Ford, Ethan 107 Ford, MS Josephine 45 Forgey, Paul 107, 169 FORN, BRIAN Andrew 148, 615 Forrest, Brian 1 I 1 Forrester, CPT Robert 55 Forsythe, COL George 22 Fortier, Gregory 91, 169 Fortson, David 101 FORTUNATO, VINCENT Joseph 84, 454 Fosmoe, Damien 1 I I Foss, Larry 91 Foster, Chad 87 Foster, Corbett 149 Foster, William 105 FOURTH REGIMENT 59 Fowler, CPT Christopher 51 Fowler, MAJ Chris 225 FOX, JAMISON Landon 85, 94, 599, 407, 465 Fox, LTC William 51 Fox, Todd 87 Frady, MSG Ricky 58 Fraecoat, Dave 106 Fragnito, Joe 91, 247 Francis, Aaron 87 Francis, CPI' William 22, 299 Francomb, Dave 95 FRAnkL1n, MARC Gregory 1 10, 507 FRASER, DWIGHT Elliott 124, 545 FREDERICK, JOHN Perry I 10, 224, 225, 569, 599, 507 Frederiksen, Steven 95 Fredrick, John 85 Freeman, Christopher 141 Freeman, COL Terence 26, 572, 575 Freeman, James 87 Freeman, Josh 247 Freeman, Zeb 1 1 1 Fregosa, Luis 161 Freidt, Jason 151 French, Andrea 1 17, 256, 257 French, MR Darien 22 Fretheim, CPT Erik 25 Freudenberg, CPT Kent 50 Friaiy, Matt 76, 119 Frick, John 159 Friesen, Jeffrey 109 Frisenda, MR Tony 45 Friters, Michael 109 Fritz, Bill 1 19 FRITZ, CHARLES William II I 18 551 Fritz, Lawrence 87 Fritz, SFC Donald 58 Fromme, MAJ Peter 26, 574, 575 Fryer, SPC Desta 42 Fuchs, Eddie 87 Fugua, Robert 99 Fuhriman, Christopher 85 Fuller, Amy 155, 295 Fuller, Everett 101 Fuller, Margaret 1 15 Fullerton, CPT William 55, 299 Fullmer, Missy 168, 579 Fulton, CPT Christopher 55 Funck, Brett 161, 285 Funderburke, Joseph 121 Fung, DR Matthew 55 Funk, CHAP Richard 58 FUNKHOUSER, PRESTON Lee IV 140, 594 FURNER, STUART Douglas 142 156, 410, 657 Furr, LTC Paula 26 Furr, LTC Stephen 20 Gabbert, Tony 151 Gabel, MAJ Douglas 59 Gaccione, Marcus 158, 570, 571 Gade, Patton 141 Gadoury, Armand 1 15 Gaebelein, MAJ Thad 29 Gaffigan, Catherine 101, 265 CIAFFNEY, EDWARD Anthony 92, 457 Gagliano, Ryan 151 CIALLAGHER, DANIEL Edward 140, 562, 594 Gallagher, John 122, 155 Gallagher, MAJ William 58 CIALLAGHER, MICHAEL Patrick 98, 476 Gallagher, PROF Martha 27 Theatre Arts Staff and Ushers Index 681 Galli, Thomas 121 Galloway, Gerald E. BG 19, 21 Galloway, Jeff 547 GALVIN, ERIN Joy 150, 619 Galvin, GEN John LRI 55, 216 Gambardella, Bob 271 GANNELLI, SAMUEL 152, 247, 625 Gannon, Paul 255 Gano, Jonathan 99, 169 Gansen, Dennis 151 Gant, CPT Dean 54 Gantt, Leon 105, 247 Ganzales, Homer 106 Garbarino, Robert 151, 168 Garcia, Ralph 158 Garcia, Robert 155 Garcia Rogelio 109 Garde, Vinaya 109 GARDINER, SCOTT Timothy 108, 282, 285, 502 Gardiner, Whitney 109 Garic, CPI' David 58 Garinger, Carrie I 19, 292, 295, 294 GARKEY, JASON Tyler 106, 495 Garner, Ben 261 599, 401, 405, 565 Gerras, CPT Stephen 22 Gerton, CPT Paul 24 Gerving, Corey 87 GEYER, DENNIS JAMES 102, 1 10, 508 Ghetian, Jason 159 Giacomozzi, Chad 155, 169 Giangreco, MR Jim 57 Giannetti, Tony 89 Giavara, Peter 155 Gibbs, Kirk 89 GIBBY, BRIAN Robert 1 12 Gibson, CPT Robert 26 Gibson, Mike 97 Gibson, Tony 129 Gichburg, Matthew 156 Gick, Daniel 129 Giggey, SFC Stephen 58 Giglio, Tom 129 Gigliotti, Andrew 109 Gilewitch, CPT Daniel 28 Gill, Anthony 77, 97 Gill, Clair 125 Gill, Vince 69 GILLERAN, THOMAS MICHAEL 481 Gillespie, Dizzy 75 Garrard, Joseph 105 Garrett, James 157 Garrett, Steven 1 15 GARRISON, ELIZABETH Carroll 92, 578, 579, 451 Garrison, Greg 155 GARRISON STAFF 41 Gash, Richard 121, 261, 565 Gasparo, Patrick 97 Gatliff, Rob 129 Gatlin, Anthony 1 17 Gatney, Douglas 149 Gauthier, Stephen 92, 458 Gauula, Brian 1 15 Gay, LTC Bob 40 Gaydon, Patrick 159 Gayeski, Tyrone 1 19 Gazzerro, CPT Michael 24 Geary, Liane 97 Geehan, CHAP Robert 29 GEISLER, KARA MICHELE 526 Gels, Dean 85 Gelzer, Randy 149 Gemartineo, Russ 85 Generoso, Vincent 1 1 1 Gengaro, Edward 121 George, Jason 151 GEORGIAN, STEPHEN MICHAEL 495 Geraci, Matthew 97, 224, 225 Gerard, MS Gloria 45 GERBLICK, DARREN SCOTT 619 Gerentine, MS Kristen 21 Germain, Scott St, 129 German, Bryon 145 GEROW, DARRYL LEE 125, Gillespie, Leslie 149 Gillespie, Terry 150, 562 Gilliam, Ken 129, 552, 555 Gilman, Gilman, Gimino, Giordan Giordan Giordan MAJ Jerome 25 Scott 91 MS Janice 45 o, Carl 1 19 0, COL Frank 21, 51 0, John 85 Giorgi, Carl 125, 169 Gist, Nicholas 87 Gitchoff, DR Thomas 22 Gittler, Justin 145 GLADIEUX, SEAN Martin 90, 80, 116, 165, 526 Goldsmith, Ken 125 Golinghorst, Kevin 157, 169 Golley, Eric 109 Gomez, Matthew 147, 169 Gonser, Kent 154, 155 Gonzalez, Homer II 599, 409, 495 Gonzalez, Jesse 147 Gonzalez, MAJ Joe 24, 579 GONZALEZ, RODNEY Shawn 80, 152, 625 Gonzalez, Trinidad 107 Goodland, MAJ Katharine 26 Gordan, Jay 140 GORDAN, JOHN JAMES Il 594 GORDAN, ROBERT 582 GORDON, AARON PHILIP 551 Gordon, Jim 69 Gordon, MAJ 255 Gordon, Rob 156 Gore, AI 16, 52 Gore, MR Larry 57 GOREDEMA, NIMROD Musarurwa 1 10, 508 Gorevin, MAJ Matthew 51 GORKOS, JOHN M 154, 576 Gorshenin, DR Vladimir 27 Gottmeier, Bill 11 1 Goudreau, CPT Denise 21 Gouge, Amy 155, 295 Gould, Aaron 144 Gould, CPT Michael 20 GOUZOULIS, NICHOLAS GEORGE 150, 620 Grady, Matt 95 Graepel, Thomas 145 Graf, MAJ Harvey 56 GRAHAM, ALEXANDER SCOTT C. 565 GRAHAM, DANIEL DAVID 150, 585, 620 247, 451 GLASER, WILLIAM Robertson 156, 658 Gleman, John 1 15 Glidewell, Clay 85 Glockler, Joel 125 Gloroid, Karine 155 Glover, Brandom 157 Glover, Burt 107 Gnagey, Chet 1 19 Gnau, Matt 141 Gocke, Jeremy 157 Godbee, Gary 147 Godchaux, Willie 95 GODDARD, JAMES Patterson 82, 84, 454 Godfrey, Darlene 157, 551 Godinez, Adelaido 159 Godon, Joe 91 GOETZ, ARI S 594 Goetz, CPT William 51 Goggins, Melba 151 GOLDSCHMIDT, MARK Robert Graham, Frank 159 Graham, MAJ Jeff 40 Graham, MRS Sandra 25 Graham, Phil 129 Graham, Scott 150, 182 Graham, Sean 1 17 Grant, David 109 GRANT, NORMAN Derek 1 12, 514 Grant, SFC Colin 20 Gratzer, Steven 155 Graves, Gary 1 1 1, 240, 247 Graves, John 107 Graves, LTG Howard 18, 20, 21, 41, 46 Graves, Phil 151 Gravlin, MAJ Steven 55 Gray, Christopher 125 Gray, MAJ David 29 Gray, Michael 152, 166, 559, 541 Gray, Pat 141 Gray, Thomas 152 Q" Grayson, David 1 16 GREASON, THOMAS Alexander 1 12, 562, 514 Greata, Brian 151 Greaves, PROF Rose 29 GRECO, MICHAEL VINCENT JR 574 Greco, Tom 151, 574, 575 Green, Chris 155, 168 Green, CPT John 51 Green, Jean-Pierre I 10, 599, 404, 508 Green, MAJ David 25 Green, MR Lester 57 GREEN, RICHARD Adam 88, 445 Green, Seth 159, 565 Greenberg, Jen 99, 545 Greenberg, Michael 127 Greene, Brett 101 Greene, Channing 167 GREENE, GAYLORD WAYNE 96, 246, 247, 596, 470 Greene, James 159 Greene, Timothy 121 Greenwald, MAJ Bryon 29 Gregory, Janelle 127 Gregory, John 101 Gregos, John 151, 168 Greig, MS Toni 57 Grein, Tim 117, 260,261 Greiner, Frank 89, 299 Grewatz, CPT Vincent 55 Gribschaw, Jeffrey 1 I7 Grice, COL Kenneth 21 Griffen, COL Robert 41 Griffin, Darin 155 Griffin, Gregory 121, 145 Griffin, MAJ Gilbert 52 Griffin, Marvin 1 15 Griffin, Robert 145, 169 Griffith, Major Harry 20 Grigg, Randall 125 Griggs, CPT Gary 21 Grillo, MR Sal 45 Grimes, Ben 91 Grimstad, MAJ Paul 50 Grissom, Todd 159 GRISWOLD, WILLIAM Wade 146, 608 Grizzle, David 121 Groft, CPT Brian 54 Grogan, Brandon 161 Gronewold, Alan 95 Grose, Christopher 95, 560, 561 Grossman, MAJ David 22 Grosso, Jeff 158, 562 Grove, DR Stephen 45 Grubbs, COL John 21, 28, 255 Gruber, PROF Ira 29 Gruner, MAJ Elliot 26, 205 Gryglas, Phil 95 Gualtieri, Gregory 121 GUERRIE, MATHEW DAVID 158, 645 GUERRIERO, CHRISTOPHER Carter 86, 150, 459 GUERRIERO, JOSEPH CHRISTO- PHER 620 ' GUFFY, KENT GREGORY 160, 649 Guidotti, CPT John 58 GUILMARTIN, EUGENIA K 490 Guilmette, CPT Daniel 21 Guinn, Scott 151 Gujarati, DR Damodar 55 Gulley, CPT Edward 24 Gumm, SGT Rob 42 Guner, Murat 115 Gunning, Michael 95 Gunnison, Paul 89 Gussenhouen, Rich 101 Gusukuma, Danny 105, 155, 552, 560 Gutowski, Chuck 115 Guttormsen, Eric 155 Guy, Mark 149, 224, 225 Guzman, Joseph 105 Gventer, Karin 105, 119, 292 Gwilliam, CPT Bruce 28 Gwon, Chul 97 GWON, Yi Se 145,658 Gyer, Grant 106 Haake, Karsten 117, 177 Haas, Matthew 76, 105 HABERZETTL, ANNA MARIA 545 Hachat, Leon 1 17 Hackenberg, Justen 1 1 1, 247 Hackman, Gene 69 HADLOCK, ERIC RICHARD 104, 490 Hagedorn, Robert 169 Hager, Nathan 87 Hagg, CPT DAVID 58, 299 HAGGARD, MICHAEL LUTHER 569 HAGY, JAMES Thomas 144, 601 Hahn, MAJ Robert Ill 55 Haight, CPI' Catherine 26 Haight, CPT William 24 Haight, Dave 561 Haiiar, Remi 150 Hains, Decker 159 Hair, Kyle 247 HAJJAR, MAURICE 620 Hal, Brian 569 HALE, ANTHONY SHANE 471 Hale, Brian 106 Hale, Darrell 97 Hale, Tony 96 Haley, Alex 75 Haley, Eddie 145, 519 HALFERTY, MATTHEW Thomas 682 Mountaineering War Game Committee 156 574, 575, 658 Hall, Arsenio 51 Hall Charlie 159 Hall CPT Randy 25 Hall David 76, 105 Hall, Derek 101 Hall, James 159 Hall, John 76, 82, 91, 95, 105, 119, 168 HALL, JUSTIN Ryder 1 10, 508 Hall, Matthew I 19 Hall, R.T. 97 Halles, Erik 87 Halley, Micheal 97 HALLIBURTON, RICHARD Hunter 146, 608 Hallock, Jason I 15 Halloran, James I 19 Haloulos, Dimitri 127 HALTIWANGER, CHARLES SUMMER III 496 Halvorson, Eric 155, 169 HAMAN, AKEMI LYNN 94, 465 Hamann, David 109 Hamburger, MS Andrea 57 Hamilton, Scott 125 HAMILTON, WARREN DUNLAP 150, 620 Hamm, Ralph 99, 522, 525 Hammill, CPT John 22 Hammond, Charles 85 166, 458 Hammond , COL Steven 20 Hammond, Thomas 121 Hammons, LT Craig 56 Hamner J 'mmy 159 , 1 Hampton, CPT Scott 22 Hampton, Glen 95 Hampton, John 95 Hance, Jason I 15 Hand, COL Terry 24 HAND, THAD STEWART 92, Hardin, Sean 95, 547 Harding, Ethan 101, 285 HARDMAN, CHARLES Thomas 150, 151, 565 Hardy, Eric 159, 561 Hare, Kevin 97, 159, 299 HARKINS, GREGORY Scott 160, 595, 649 Harkins, Patrick 109 HARLEMAN, MATTHEW Jason 104, 491 HARLESS, MATTHEW BROCK 564 Harmon, Anna 95 Harmon, Lisa 547 Harmon, Tyson 157 Harold, Kelly 127 HAROLD, STEPHEN Robert 1 IO, 508 HARPER, JERAD Ivan 224, 225, 601 Harper, Mikell 91 Harrington, Nathan 95 Harrington, Todd 109 Harris, CPT Guy 24 Harris, CPT William 25 Harris, Emmylou 69 Harris, Jeff 260, 261 HARRIS, JOHN Keith 82, 88, 445 Harris, MAJ Patrick 41 Harris, PFC Denise 42 Harris, Richard 127 Harris, Robert 145, 299 Harris, Waymond 159, 169 Harrison, Bradley 1 15 Harrison, CPT Stuart 25 HART, GERALD JOSEPH JR 602 Halt, Peter 127 HART, RAPHAEL Rawls 126, 166, 205, 599, 409, 551 Hartfield, Devin 95, 247 Hatfield, Josh 159, 247 HATHAWAY, KENNETH Reese 98, 247, 476 HATZIS, HARRY A. 88, 445 Hauf, Suzanne 115, 167, 257 Haufier, Keith 155 Haugo, Gar 95 Hauser, Mark 109 Haustein, CPT Steven 25 Havasy, Tiffany 151 Havery, Jeff 157 HAWKE, JUSTIN Craig 156, 658 Hawkins, Clinton 129 Hawkins, lrvin 147 Hawkins, John 117, 121, 247 Hawkins, Johnny 92 HAWKINS, JOHNNY DEE 458 529, 655 Helm, Matt 101 Helsel, Bryan 167 Helton, Bradley 125 Helton, Eric 157 Hemminger, Glenn 159 Henderson, CPT Darrall 51 Henderson, Dagny 151 Henderson, Gary 157 Henderson, Oliver I 17 HENDERSON, ROGER Garrett 158, 645 Hawkins, Todd 147, 247 Hawkins, Tracel 155 Hawley, CPT Steven 29 Hawthorne, MRS Rebecca 42 Hayes Hayes , Andrew 157 , COL James 20 Hayes, CPT Edward 42 Hayes Ed 89, 155, 555 Hayes,J.D. 100 Hayes MRS Cathy 45 Hayes Paul 155 Hayes, Stewart 89, 261 HAYFORD, SCOTT Earle 154, 576 Hankes, Cadet Theresa 51 Hankes, Theresa 85, 295 Hanna, Darren 161, 556, 557 Hannigan, MRS Vivian 25 Hanover, COL Robert 42 HANSELL, CHARLES Edward 82, 90, 562, 452 Hansen, CPT Robert 24 Hanson, Andrew 159 HANSON, DANE Lowell 1 14, 520 HANSON, DOUGLAS David 160, 649 Hanson, Jeff 147 Hanson, Kim 107, 292, 295 Hanson, Ryan 147 HANSON, TRAVIS Dean 84, 454 Haray, Jeff 151 Harbst, Darren 99, 169 Hardee, Stan I 19, 552, 555 Harder, Jerad 144 Hardesty, Kenneth 155 Harthorn, Brian 125 Hartig, MAJ Gerhard 27 Hartle, COL Anthony 26 HARTMAN, JAMES WILLIAM 576 HARTMAN, STEVEN Charles 102, 108, 502 Hartmann, MR Joseph 25 Harvey, Ezekiel 1 15 Harvey, Frowene 99 HARVEY, MICHAEL Dion 122, 128, 166, 558 Harvie, David 99, 224, 225 Haskin, Robert 95 Hassler, MR Roger 57 HASTINGS, LORNA Jane I 10, 407, 508 Hasty, Christopher 87 Hasty, Derek 1 1 1, 570, 571 Hasz, Ron 1 1 1 Hatcher, Chris 247 Hatcher, Ken I 17 Hatchett, Eric 107 Hatfield, Devon 571 Hayhurst, CPT Mark 58 Hayne, CPT April 26 Haynes, Joe 155 Haynes, Marvin 149 Hays, Nathan 147 HAZELWOOD, DONALD JEAN JR 558 Head, Daniel 155 Head, Kerri 579 Healy, James 1 15, 571 HEATON, JOHN William 154, 576 Heaton, Ralph 1 19 Heckathorne, Bob 155, 247 Hedgpeth, Troy 125 HEDGSPETH, KEITH Reginald 102, I 14, 520 HEDRICK, STEVEN Ballard 86, 459 Hedstrom, John 127 Hefner, Brian 91 Hefner, John 155 HEGEDUS, GEORGE Steven 126, 166, 552 HEILMAN, TREVOR Lynn 94, 464 Heine, Richard 1 15, 570, 571 Heine, Seymour 167 Heiss, Kurt 121, 255 Held, COL William 27 Heldt, Alice 145 Heller, CPT John 55 Heller, MR Michael 41 HELLER, STEVEN Joseph 528, Henderson, Steven 80, 167 Hendrickson, MRS Joelle 42 Hendry, Robert 107 Henkin, Chad 91, 169, 299 Henley, Maj Lonnie 547 HENNEKE, JASON Charles 154, 576 Hennelly, LTC Michael 55 Hennessy, Sean 1 1 1, 285 HENNIGAN, GERARD 124, 298, 299, 545 HENNIGAN, MATTHEW O 99, 124, 546 Henrichs, Jason I 17 Henry, Kendall 98, 99 Hepburn, Audrey 75 Herbert, Garth 149 Herbert, Mark 95 Hergenroeder, MAJ Daniel 22 Herholtz, CPT Matthew 52, 562 HERNAEZ, SIMON Javier 102, 105, 1 18, 552 Hernandez, Armando 145 Hernandez, Manuel I 19 Hernke, David 159 Herson, CPI' James 29, 182 Herson, CPT Laurie 41 Herzog, MAJ Richard 29 Hesford, Pete 159 Hester, Jason 89 Hester, Jesse 1 17 Heupel, Charles 147 HEWITT, MARK Edward 156, 574, 575, 599, 582 Heyman, Ken 91 Hickenbottom,Jennifer 155, 224, 225 Hickman, William 1 17 Hickok, James 157 Hicks, Jason 147 HICKS, JOHN Martin 160, 650 Hicks, Kevin I 15 Hicks, MR Kendall 57 Hicks, Shane 159 Hicks, Tony 151 Hiebert, MAJ Gregory 22, 225 Higgins, Christopher 147 Higgins, Joshua 88, 109 HIGGINS, JOSHUA JAMES 445 Higgins, SFC Peter 59, 565 Highley, Justin 159 Hildebrant, John 159 Hill, CPT John 25 Hill, James 151 HILL, KRAIG Maurice 146, 608 Hill, Mike 151 HILL, RICHARD Charles 96, 471 Hill, SFC Marvin 59 Hills, Sid 151 Hilmes, Andrew 1 17, 167 Hilsman, Max 107 Himes, Gerald 95, 299 Hinshaw, Frederick M, 101 Hinson, Gregory 145, 577 Hiser, James 119 Hittner, Brian 127 Hively, Troy 555 Hixson, John 111, 552, 555 Hoag, Christopher 1 17 Hoang, Francis 1 15, 205 Hobbs, Cindy 271 Hobbs, Tobin 155 Hoberecht, Randall 157 Hobon, Erik 97 Hoch, Timothy 95 Hockaday, Wilton 95 Hockenberry, Ben 1 17 Hockenberry, Chris 149 Hockett, Fred 157, 168 Hocking, Timothy 159 Hodge, CDT Vanessa 26 Hodge, Shaughnessy 115 Hodge, Tanesha 95 Hodge, Vanessa 145, 172 HODGES, BRODIE Richard 90, 452 Hodges, Jennifer 85, 224, 225 Hodman, MR Kenneth 42 HODNETT, GREGORY Todd 150, 404, 564 Hodson, Laura 147, 167 HOEGE, HOWARD 82, 100, 101 Hoes, Katey 125 Hoey, MS Winnie 45 Hoffman, COL Steven 45 Hoffman, CPT David 55 Hoffman, Dan 159 HOFFNER, TIMOTHY William 106, 599, 401, 405, 496 Hoffpauer, CPT Steven 55 HOGAN, CHRISTOPHER Edward 1 12, 514 Hogan, CPT Daniel 51, 271 Hogan, Joe 299 Hoit, Jeremy 127 Holcomb, Emily 85 Holden, Brad 82 Holden, CPT Christopher 58 HOLDEN, WILLIAM Bradley 98, 476 Holderness, Margaret 157, 224, 225 Hollman, Ron 157 Holloway, Matthew 95 Holly, Johnell 95, 247, 559, 540 Contemporary Affairs Seminar Domestic Affairs Forum Index 685 HONG, SONK1 80, 545, 552 Hutchison, CPT Steven 51 Holly, Matt 141 Holm, Christopher 91, 224, 225 Holman, MS Lucy 45 Holoson, Joshua 151 HOLSTINE, SCOTT Robert 156, 566, 582 Holt, CDT Kenneth 24 HOLT, DEANNA Mae 145, 160, 650 HONG, ABRAHAM Younpho 102, 108, 502 Honl, Ryan 99 Honton, Mark 519 Hood, Aaron 149 Hook, Jason 157 HOOS, KATHERINE Ruth 122, 152, 578, 579, 405, 569 Hoover, Michael 159, 299 Hoovestol, Mark 101 Hop, Neil 159 HOPKINS, CHRISTOPHER Lynn 96, 575, 471 Hopkins, John 141 Hoque, Mohamad 109 Horin, Walter 1 19 Horne, DR Thomas 55 Horner, MAJ Donald 22 Hornung, Brian 115 Horrobin, Thomas 1 1 I Horstmann, MR Richard 25 Horton, CPT Steven 51 Hosie, Mike 568 HOSKIN, JAMES RANCE JR 152, 626 Hospodar, Andrew 121 Hossfeld, Chris 155 Hough, MS Susanne 58 HOUSE, MARTHA Alice 94, 464 Houseworth, Dan 155 Huffer, Derek 95 Hugan, Nancy 157 Huggins, SFC Kelvin 59 Hughes, Holly 85, 169, 257 Hughes, John 151 Hughes, LTC Randall 25 Hughes, MAJ Richard 25 HUGHES, TIMOTHY Patrick 152 182, 212, 569 Huh, Fred 150 Huh, Richard 155 Hull CPI' George 56 Hull David 125 Hull, Jason 119 HULL, KRISTEN Charles 126, 166, 597, 552 Hull, Rich 85 Houston, Mark 99 Hulme, David 85, 224, 225 Hulse, MAJ Glenn 52 Hulse, Victoria 129, 224 Hume, PROF Edward 50 Humford, Brent 525 Hummel, CPI' Laurel 28 Hummel, Michael 151 Hummel, Timothy 85, 525 Hunnicutt, Jack I 1 1 Hunt, COL Dennis 21, 50 HUNT, DHANIA Jouita 104, 597, 404, 491 Hunt, DR Alina 27 HUNTER, MICHAEL Howard 84, 454 Hunter-Chester, CPT David 29 Hurley, MAJ Daniel 42 Huron, Kelly 168 Hurst, MS Caroline 45 HUSTEAD, THOMAS Robert 126, 552 HUSTIS, MARK Christopher 152, 569 Hutchison, LTC 562 IHDE, LUKE Anthony 96, 266, 471 Iker, Holly 155 IM, DAVID Chanik 128, 559 Im, Kyu 87 Imoh, James 129 Inch, CPT Mark 28 Ingalls, CPT Steven 24 Ingalls, Gerald 149 Ingebritson, Aaron I 15 INGLIN, KEVIN Charles 92, 558, 458 INGO, TYRONE BENJAMIN JR 124, 546 Ingold, Kirk 109 INGRAM, CULPEPPER Frederick Ill 158, 645 Ingram, MAJ Sterling 27 INNES, SEAN Michael 152, 570 INTINI, FRANK Peter III 110, 509 Iram, Matthew 147 Irick, Jamie 125 Isaacoff, CPT Dana 55 Isaacson, Matthew 95 Isbell, MAJ Donald 58 ISENHOUR, STEVEN Lee 124, 546 Ismail, Reizal 1 17 Ivie, Brian 1 17, 574, 575 O Jackins, Todd 87 JACKMAN, EDWARD Carlton 156, 529, 595, 659 Jackson, Chris 140 Jackson, CPI' Donald 21 Jackson, Demaris 161 JACKSON, JAMES Willis 11 102, JANOVIC, RYAN MICHAEL 514 Janysek, Nate I I I Jaramillo, Abel 85, 100, 481 Jarrard, CPT Stephen 22 JARVIS, CHRISTOPHER Gary 102, 106, 558, 595, 496 Jaskolski, Nicholas 161 JASKOWIEC, MICHAEL Anthony 100, 405, 482 Jason, Mike 154, 155 Jaye, CPT Michael 51 Jeanneret, Carrie 159, 295, 295 Jebb, CPT Cindy 55 Jebb, CPI' Joel 26 Jedrzejowski, Jaroslaw 97, 547 Jefferies, Sharon 1 1 1 Jefferson, Kevin 145 Jeffries, Sharon 575 JENKINS, HAROLD Augustus III 86, 440 Jenkins, Jamal 151 Jenkins, MAJ Richard 24 JENKINS, SHAWN Terell 158, 644 JENNINGS, MATTHEW Shannon 154, 599, 577 Jensen, Joel 87 Jepko, Jon 151 Jerlow, Loren I 1 1, 551 Jesop, Matt I 19 Jette, Jeremiah 159 Jette, Kyle 85 Jiminez, Eduardo 155 JOERG, JASON Alan 160, 650 John, Christine St. 109, 224, 225 Johng, James 121 Johnke, Bart I 15 Johns, Eli 551 Johns, Tina 122, 126 127, 491 Johnson, Jennifer 101 Johnson, Jeremiah 157 Johnson, Jeremy 145 Johnson, Jerry 552 Johnson, JJ 555 Johnson, Kevin 101 JOHNSON, LAURI Elizabeth 96, 471 Johnson, Mark 87, 89 Johnson, Micheal 157 Johnson, Nathan 261 Johnson, Randy 125 JOHNSON, SHANNON ROXANNE 594 JOHNSON, STEVEN Kirkham 150, 404, 564 Johnson, Thomas 155 Johnson, Timothy 159 Johnson, Tory 149 Johnston, Johnston, Johnston Johnston Johnston Christen 121,169 Jennifer 145 LTCJames 26 Paul 155 ,Tige 117 Joiner, COL Thomas 20, 45 Jolly, Dondra 157, 247 Jones, Carolanne 157 Jones, Cassidy I 17 Jones, Clayton 149 Jones, CPT Michael 28, 561 JONES, DANA Michelle 106, 496 Jones, Elliot 155 Jones, Garrett 127 JONES, JAMES Arthur 144, 602 Jones, Juan 161 Jones, MAJ Steven 22 Jones, Margaret 121 Jones, Mark 89 Jones, Michael 85 JONES, RAYMOND Tyler 125, HOVDA ERIK Kristian 88, 446 Hutton, Jason 149, 168 120, 557 JOHNSON, ANN Marie 1 16, 526 552 Howald, Charles 121 Huybers, Peter 85 Jackson, John 125, 158 Johnson, Benjamin 155 Jones, Ryan 155 Howard, Benjamin 147, 169 Hwang, Ben 91, 168 Jacobs, CPT Roland 22, 571 Johnson, Brad 95 JONES, SEAN Casey 82, 92, Howard, Chris 129, 299 Hwang, James 155 JAQ0135, J151s11s111f15R Ann 52, Johnson, Cheri 161, 575 552, 555, 458 Howard, David 87 Hwang, Scott 161 8Q, 34, 231, 595, 405, 405, JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER David Jones, SFC Gerald 59 Howard, Preston 127 Hwang, Wong Jung 155 454 148, 615 Jones, Steve 1 19 Howard Todd 157 Hwangbo, Eugene 105, 167 Jacobs, Ro1and 570, 371 Johnson, COL James 29 Jones, Thomas 224, 225 Howarth, Thomas 155 HYATT, ANDREW James 106, Jaoquot, Can Rodger 34, 454 Johnson, CPT David 58 Jones, Todd 89, 247 HOWE, JASON Alan 98, 477 496 Jaggard, Bruce 157 Johnson, CPT Samuel 55 Jordan, Eusi 149 Howe, MS Marilyn 45 Hynds, Mindy 58, 85, I 15 Jagn-nn, Chao 107 Johnson, Dave 56 Jordan, Michael 57 Howsden, Christopher 157 Hynes, MR Jack 40 Jahng, Gene 95 Johnson, David 121, 157, 169 Jordan, MS Ursula 45 Hoy, SFC Keri 58 Hynes, MS Lisa 22 Jajaok, Jeff 159 JOHNSON, DONALD Sung 94, Jordan, Russ 89 Hoye, SGT 579 Jakowiec, Mike 197 464 JOWERS, JASON Michael 90, Hsu, Joseph 144, 145 Jalufka, Philip 125 JOHNSON, DUNCAN I 10, 247 166, 452 Hubbs, Cindy 141 ' James, Mex 129 Johnson, Earvin "Magic" 54, Joyner, Sam 97 Huber, Nathan 87 cf James, Khadua 97 55, 57 Juarez, Marco 1 1 1, 247 Hudak, Ryan 105 Jarnora, Anthgny 155 Johnson, Eli 157, 551 Jubela, Chad 149 HUDSON, JEFFREY D 86, 440 1AQ01s10, JOSEPH patrick 152, Jamovic, Ryan 1 I2 Johnson, Eric 157 JUDD, AMY Dawn 120, 557 HUDSON, PETER Panello 156, 570 JANCZYK, JOSEPH Edmond Johnson, Harry 59, 151, 179 JUDGE, ANTHONY Gustave 538 Iafeta, Tofalla 271 145, 146, 608 JOHNSON, JAMES DUNCAN 150, 564 Hudson, Samuel I I7 1aSSo, Anthony 109 Janishi, 1-1a1-ry 151 509 Juetten, Thomas 159 Hueman, Matthew 145 1o11ngS, Rob 197 Jannarone, MR Robert 41 Johnson, Jeff 105, 104 Jugueta, Ed 152 Huettemeyer, Chris 99 1ChnSon, Shannon 140 Jannaronno, M5 Linda 42 JOHNSON, JEFFREY Clinton JUGUETA, EDGAR 570 I W A I 1 Q 1 I -Q 684 Speech Club Debate Team Juhasz, Brian 105, 575 JUKANOVICH, DANO M I 10, 408, 509 Jun, Jong 91 Juntunen, MAJ Kim 29 JURY, MATTHEW Alan 154, 577 JURY, SHAWN Christopher 84, 455 Just, Edward 107, 247 Justice, Aaron 145 JUSTMAN, TODD Andrew 90, 205, 452 KACHURE, MICHAEL Andrew 1 14, 520 KACZMAREK, MICHAEL Stanley 146, 609 KADERAVEK, ROBERT Paul 80, 150, 408, 620 Kagel, Lucas 1 17, 561 Kain, Molly 169 KAINE, JAMES W. 158, 644 Kainec, CPT James 25 Kajencki, Tony 99 Kalainoff, Jason 1 15 Kalainoff, Muawiya 1 15 KALATA, JACQUELINE Marie 124, 546 Kamaunu, David 157 Kamfer, Theresa 167 Kaminski, Thomas 85 Kampfer, Theresa 151 Kan, Sam 90, 158, 159 Kanda, COL Richard 20, 41 Kane, John 141 Kane, Kurt 155 Kanis, Cindy '125 Kanzler, Patrick Kao, King 157 Kao, MS Angela 42 Kapcoe, Steven 151 Kappelmann, Mark 125 Karabatsos, Nicholas 157 Karczewski, Andrew 161 Karr, COL Thomas 52 Karth, Matthew 101, 569 Karwan, Katherine 87, 220 Karwatka, Mike 155 Kastner, CPT Thomas 51 KATZ, DOUGLAS Michael 1 18, 558, 552 Katz, MR Ken 57 Katzenmeyer, Damien 129, 169 Katzur, SFC Wayne 58 KAUFFMAN, BRENT Alexander 108, 575, 502 Kaufman, COL Daniel 21, 55 Kaveney, Kevin I I 1 Kawula, MRS Evelyn 20 Kay, Ryan 115 161,169 Kayes, COL James 21, 56 Kays, Mike 155 Kazigo, John 91, 224, 225 Kazigo, Nakizito 125 Kazinski, Kimberly I 1 1, 295 Kearney, MS Jennifer 45 Kearns, Christopher 149 Keast, Jeannine 149 Kechan, Joe 101 Keck, CPT Gary 40, 552 Keebler, Benjamin 1 19, 299 Keefe, Steve 1 15, 168 Keegan, MR Gary 57 Keels, Lamarcus 85 Keels, Mark 247 KEETER, ROBERT Raymond 128, 559 Kehler, Gregory 121 Keiser, LTC Bart 55 Keith, CPT Thomas 27 Keleher, Jack 129 Kelleher, CPT John 22, 261, 262, 265 KELLEY, DANNY MACK I1 464 Kelley, MS Sandy 45 Kelly, Andrew 157 Kelly, CPT Lutie 45 Kelly, Dan 94 Kelly, James 169 Kelly, Jason 107, 247 Kelly, Mike 117 Kelly, PROF Joseph 50 Kelly, Scott 91 Kemmer, Joe 149 Kempf, Mark 158, 558 Kempfe, MAJ Robert 27 Kempkes, Kurt 129 Keneally, Timothy 109, 529 Kennedy, Brian 125 Kennedy, CPT Patrick 26 Kennedy, Jack 99 Kennedy, John 168 Kennedy, Joshua 147 Kennedy, Michael 149 Kennel, Kaylan 127, 247 Kenneway, Matthew 127, 169, 565 Kenny, Michael T. 96, 471 Kent, Stephen 155 Kent, Tom 1 15 KEOWN, MICHAEL Patrick JR 154, 224, 225, 577 KEPPEL, DAVID James 1 12, 514 Keppy, Justin 151 Kerby, Kevin 159 Kercher, Keven 127 Kerr, Jason 85 Kerr, Jon 87, 247 Kersh, Stephen 159 Kerwood, Dennis 149, 552, 555 Kesler, Laura 1 16 Ketchum, Matt I 15 Kettula, John 1 17 Key, CPT David 25 KEZAR, MATTHEW Ben 160, 650 Khiewpakdec, Suthe 157 Khouri, Annabel 1 15, 295, 297 Ki, So Yon 149, 169 Kibon, Heather 575 Kidder, Jason 145 Kiernan, John 117 KILBORN, ROBERT Gayle 106, 496, 497 Kilbride, Katharyn 97 Kilcawley, Sean 95 Kilgallen, Siobhain 1 15, 167, 292, 295, 296 KILKELLY, KEVIN William 152, 626 Kilkenny, Tom 147, 255 Killion, Dave 107 Kilroy, Robert 109, 529 KIRK, JASON Anthony 154, 577 Kirklord, Scott 89 Kirkman, Katrina 1 19 Kirkpatrick, Scott 1 15, 261 Kirman, David 157 Kirschbaum, Paul 115, 168 Kirtthama, Kamthor 107 Kishpaugh, Todd 159 KISNER, MICHAEL Eugene I1 I 18, 552 KISTNER, SHARA Lynn 98, 477 KITANI, DOUGLAS Lester 108, 560, 502 Kitatod, Neil I I5 Kitson, Heather 101 Kittel, Jeffrey 151 Klatt, Brian 89 Klegka, LTC Steve 24 Klingemann, Erie 1 17 Kim, Bill 129, 555 Kim, David 159 KIM, DEAN Jun 124, 546 Kim, Doug 159 Kim, Edison 1 I I Kim, Glenn 155 Kim, Ha Jung 125 KIM, IKE Whan JR 98, 477 Kim, Janel 155, 555 Kim, Jenny 1 17 Kim, Mike 99 Kim, Peter 111, 561 KIM, RICHARD Heung 102, 1 16, 526 Kim, Sophia 159, 281 Kimata, MAJ Norman 24 Kimball, Ray 168, 198 KIMBALL, TERENCE Arnold I 14, 520 Kimbrough, James 127 Kimes, Ben 90 KIMES, GEORGE BENJAMIN III 452 Kinard, MAJ Jeffrey 40 KINDGREN, ERIC James 152, 285, 626 Kinerson, Patricia 1 17 King, King, King, King, King, King, King, Akili 257,241 Chas 85 CPT Chris 55 CPT Curtis 29 CPT Dion 24 Curtis 159 LTC Wendall 28 Kingseed, LTC Cole 29 Kinison, Sam 75 KLOPOTOSKI, DEAN Tadak 122, 154, 577 KLO PP, ROBERT Jeffrey 259, 247, 559 Klouda, MR Edward 40 Klubertanz, Steven 119, 169 Klug, John 157 Knaggs, Knapp, Knapp, Knapp, Knight, Knight, Knight, Knight, Andrew 151 Brian 141, 529 Laura 1 15 MAJ Michael 25 Lara 87 Matisse 107 Peter 149 Scott 121, 169 Knorr, Matt 1 1 1 Knott, Sean 76, 105 Knotts, CPT Lester 26 Knowlton, CPT James 24 Knox, Chris 247 Knox, Devor 101 Kinley, Joshua 127 Kinney, Christopher Kinney, MR Bob 57 Kinslow, Milton 85 KINSMAN, PATRICK Vandyke 142, 146, 599, 409, 609 Kioutas, Nickolas 95 Kirby, CPT Diana 54 Kiriazis, Ioannis 99 95, 169 KNOX, JEROME CHRISTOPHER 546 Ko, Adam 569 KOCHERAN, ADAM Charles 94, 464 Koelling, Jerry 109 Koelsch, Ron 129 Koenig, Matt 109, 518, 519, 521 Koepplinger, Mark 99 Koesterer, MR Tom 55 Koff, Natasha 127 KOH, STEPHEN Soonwon 148, 615 Kohler, Aaron 121 Kohn, DR lngeborg 27 KONCZEY, MICHAEL Andrew I 16, 527 Koning, MAJ Thomas 28 KOOPMAN, LAURA Anne 154, 655 KOPSER, GEORGE Joseph JR 142, 145, 144, 602 Koresh, Cyrus 67 Koresh, David 67 Koresh, Rachel 67 KORNESK1, DOUGLAS Michael 86, 560, 561, 440 Korpella, Chris 121 Korvnka, Kent 99 Kos, Andrew 145 KOSATKA, DONALD Jerome 100, 482 KOSHINSKI, CHRISTIAN Richard 92, 247, 458 KOSTER, PATRICK George 142, 154, 655 Kostick, Danny 145 Kotouc, Eric 108 Kotwis, James 157 Kovach, Robert 85, 87 KOVALESKI, EDWARD ANTHONY 644 Kow, Charlene 161 Kowalter, Al 555 Kowis, Jim 247 Kral, Alan 121 Kramlich, Gary 1 17 Krantz, COL William 41, 42 Kranz, Paula 107 Krasinski, Brendan 89 Kratee, March 92 Krause, DR Jerry 55 Krause, Michael 149, 247 KREAGER, DEREK Allen 92, 459 Krebs, Chris 155 Kreh, Michael 105, 298, 299 Kriesel, Chance 155, 566 Krisak, Ron 91 Kroeten, MR Herbert 55 Kroger, Bridget 149, 169, 575 Krol, MS Yolanta 45 Kromer, Alyssa 1 19, 551 Krommenacker, Kurt 161 Krotce, Robert 85 Krotee, Chip 252, 255 KROTEE, MARCH LEE JR 459 Krown, Michael 224 Krueger, Jay 158, 159 Krueger, Tim 145, 261 Krug, Andrew 87 Krumin, Eric 158 Krupa, Joe 151, 247 Ku, MaryAnn 105, 110 Kuchinski, John 159, 169 Kudurna, Dan 159 Kuehnlein, Todd 95, 299 Kuether, Paul 151 Kugel, Kevin 121 Kugler, Neil 129 Kuhlmann, Geoff 111 Kuhn, Chris 115 KULECK, MARK Edward 146, 405, 609 Kulik, Brandon 161 Kunard, Craig 87 Kunitake, Bryan 561 KUNZ, MASAMI Marie 90, 578, Chinese Language Club Korean-American Club Index 685 579, 452 Kurth, John 125 Kuryla, Mike 145 KUSANO, KEOKI Paul 105, 1 18 552 Kusano, Manu 129 Kustelski, Daniel 147 Kustelski, Mark 105 Kutter, Marc 105 Kuttler, William 1 15, 562 Kuykendall, Roger 121, 167 Kuzara, Michael 109, 547 Kvale, Dirk 1 1 1 Kwon, John 91 Kwon, Paul 148, 405, 614 Kympton, Spencer 155, 571 Kzaigo, Nakazito 547 Laaken, Erik 129 Labeth, Troy 142 Labrache, Cameron 159, 569 Lacey, CPT Brian 55 Lacy, Dave 1 14 LACY, WILLIE James JR 154, 577 Ladage, Alex 1 15 LaFata, Gregory 97, 169 LaGrega, Jay 161 Laguens, Tarra 1 15, 168, 547 Lai, Duc 85, 205 Laird, Jason 89 Lambert, Aaron 159 Lambert, Baron 161 Lambert, CPT Arthur 26 Lambert, Justin 105, 285 LAIVIBETH, TROY Lee 143, 158, 644 Lamke, Mike 129 Lamkin, COL Fletcher 21, 24 Lampack, MS Kathryn 21 Lamphere, Kevin 91 Landers, Mike 89, 285 Landgraf, Theodore 161 LANE, BRIAN Baxter 90, 455 Lane, John 85, 91, 247 Lane, Justin 85 Lane, LTC William 25 Laney, Michael 85 Lang, K. D. 69 Lang, MS Helen 40 Langdon, Lucas 155 Langenegger, Conrad 161 Langford, CPT Gary 59, 255 Langford, LCDR Calvin 24, 547 Langford, Lee 141, 247 Langford, Robert 149 Langford, Scott 212, 571 Lanston, Gwendlynn 265 Lanz, Robert 1 1 1 Laoboonmi, Cindy 1 15, 168, 224, 558 Lapekas, Stephen 145 LAPORTE, GROVER Jake JR. 140, 595 Lardner, David "Joe" 85 Larkin, Duncan 159 Larkworthy, Lyle 155, 247 Larocca, LTC Stephen 27 LaRoche, Marc 125, 169 Laroque, Paul 107 Larson, Kirk 161 Larson, Tod 87, 552, 555 LaRue, MSG Arthur 58 Lash, Rebecca 1 19 Lashbrook, Rob 141 Lastowski, MS Toni 40 LATHROP, ANDREW Paul 82, 88, 89, 562, 446 Lau, Kar 145, 155, 224, 225 Lauchengco, Duane 105 Lauchengco, Lance 1 I5 Lauer, Jonathan 125 Lauer, Zachary 127 LAUGHLIN, JAMES Richard III 92, 459 Laughlin, Ryan 115 Laughlin, Sarah 95 Lauthier, COL Michel 27 Lavelle, Ned 91, 291 Law, Laura 155, 555 Lawler, Wayne 95 Lawrence, Gavin 141, 247 Lawton, Michael 97 Lazzari, Joe 255 beach, COL Lanse 25 Leassear, Andre 154 LEASSEAR, LEONARD Andre 145, 655 Leavell, Greg 155 LeBlanc, Jon 529 LeBlanc, Mark 1 15 Lecakes, CPT George 25 LECHNER, BRENT Lee 1 18, 552 Lechowich, CPT Richard 29 Ledbetter, Adam 155 Ledfors, Fred 97, 169 Ledyard, Arte 87 Ledzinski, Justin 151 Lee, Corey 111, 515 Lee, CPT Michael 40 Lee, CPT Monica 40 Lee, DERRICK Sang 158, 647 Lee, George 1 15 LEE, JAMES Kenneth 95, 1 15, 152, 626 Lee, Joseph 87 Lee, Lou 76, 105 Lee, MS Ana Figueroa 45 bee, Robert 125, 568 Lee, Russell 97 LEE, SANG KON 1 14, 520 Lee, Sonny 1 15 Lee, Spike 75 Lee, Tyson 157, 247 bee, Young 97 Leetch, Eric 145, 247 Legrand, Tacildayu 1 17, 256 Lehman, Joseph 95, 561 Lehman, Reggie I 12 LEHMAN, RONALD Arthur JR 105, 166, 514 LEIDE, JOHN Francis 160, 650 Leigh, Damien 121 LEIGHOW, GEORGE Christopher 160, 650 LEIOHT, SHAWN John 1 14, 521 Leischner, Jeffrey 149 LEMIRE, KENNETH Robert 152, 570 Lemoine, Pat 97 Lemperle, MR John 55 Lemperle, MRS Judith 42 Lennon, Craig 129, 555 Lenoe, DR Edward 24 Lenz, LTC Robert 52 Lenz, Phil 247 LENZ, ROBERT James JR 142, 144, 602 Leonard, Karen 145, 149 Lerma, RENE JR 84, 569, 455 Leroy, MR Alitz 55 Lersch, Kent 105 Leslie, MS Shally 57 Lesnieski, MS Elizabeth 42 Lessar, Stephen 107 Lester, Paul 1 15 LeStrange, MRS Nancy 20 LEVIN, YALE Fitz 80, 126, 166, 599, 405, 405, 552 Levy, Chris 97 Lewallen, Jason 1 17 Lewis, Carl 57 LEWIS, CHARLES Winfield 1 14, 115, 224, 225, 521 Lewis, Eric 95 Lewis, Green 85 Lewis, James 101 Lewis, Michelle 91, 169 Lewis, MRS Suzanne 20, 21 Lewis, MS Wilhelmine 58 LIBRARY 42 Libretta, Paul 89 Lientz, Charles 121 Lilley, Aaron 155, 551 Lilly, Padraic 105 Limbaugh, COL Daniel 50 Limon, Sandra 159 LINCOLN, BRIAN Michael 140, 595 Lincoln, Charlotte 129 Lincon, Arturo 121 LINDBERG, SCOTT Thomas 86, 440 Lindberg, Travis 95, 247 LINDELL, ROBIN Jane 150, 562, 564 Lindner, Kent 157 Lindsay, Bryce 1 19 Linehan, MAJ Michael 27 Linen, Natalie 91 Ling, Eric 147 Linn, Rachael 145, 547 Linnington, CPI' Michael 51 Linnington, MAJ 572 Lintelman, MS Susan 42 Lipps, Paul 158 Lisi, Jennifer 141, 295 Little, LTC John 21, 55 Little, Matt 155, 542, 545, 551 Little, Reed 85 Littlejohn, Erik 91 Litynski, COL Daniel 21, 25 Litynski, Ernest 109 Litynski, Greg 155 Liu, Richard 119, 168 LIVEZEY, STEPHEN Michael 145, 156, 659 L1V1NClSTONE, JOHN Everett 88, 446 Llewellyn, lan 151, 224, 225 Lloyd, Mike 159 Lock, CPT Johnny 56 Loechel, LTC Dieter 27 Loew, MAJ Stephen 20 LoFaro, CPT Guy 29 Loftin, Brian 145, 252, 255, 255 Lomas, Harry 129 Lombardo, MR John 45 Long, Dave 159 Long, JD 151 Long, Loren 105 Long, Mike 85 Longfellow, Tom 101 Loomer, DR Judith 21 Loomer, LTC Scott 28 Looper, MAJ Gary 59 Lopekas, Steve 519 Lopez, Eric I 1 1 LOPEZ, GEORGE Michael 96, 594, 472 LOPEZ, THOMAS Diaz 96, 472 LoPresti, Thomas 127 Lora, A.J. 247 LOREN, JOSEPH Robert 150, 564 LORENZETT1, DARIO Natale 100, 482 LORIA, FRANK Paul 152, 570 Loudon, Aaron 155 Love, Bryan 149 Love, David 224, 225 Love, Stephen 95 Loveland, Tim 157 Loving, Travis 529 Lowe, CPI' Barrett 54 Lowe, Zock 101 Lowry, Patrick 157 Lubarsky, Joshua 51, 161 Lucario, Thomas 157 Lucero, Mike 1 15 Luck, Aaron 1 15, 169 Luckett, LTC Judith 29 Luckett, LTC Larry 54 Lucy, Mike 121 Luebke, CPT Stephen 26 Lueking, Mark 127, 291 LUHOWY, PETER Andrew 88, 446 Luken, MAJ David 52, 257 Lund, Ray 168 Lundahl, Gregory 121, 299 Lundgren, Cass 155 Luyster, Amy 159, 577 Lybeck, Darcy 129, 547 LYNCH, MICHAEL Spencer 1 14, 166, 592, 521 Lynn, Christy 145 Lynn, Dano 91 LYNN, PATRICIA Christine 144, 166, 602 Lynskey, Mark 127 Lynskey, Stephan 101 Lyons, Kory 161 Lyre, Dian 161 1441 Mablonablo, MS Lonnie 57 Macakanja, Peter 1 17 Macalintal, Romeo 159 MacCalman, Alex 147 MacDonald, John 206 MacDonald, Kelly 97 MacDougall, John 121 Mace, Bryon 85 Maceri, Craig 141 Mach, Tara 115, 575 Machlan, Deann 157, 270, 271 Maciag, Don 151 Mack, SPC Jerome 42 MACKENZIE, KEVIN Charles 112, 252, 255, 254,515 Macko, Cy I 17 Maclaughlin, Robie 145, 285 MacLean, Andrew 109 Maclean, Jennifer 1 1 1, 566 MacMaster, Alex 106, 529 MacMillan, Thai 85 MacNeil, CPT James 52 MacPherson, Cecil 157, 581 Madalo, Tom 247 Maddaloni, Gabby 101, 579 Maddaloni, Jon-Paul 1 1 1 Madden, Amy 99, 257 Madden, SPC Kate 42 Maddox, Brian 121 Maddox, Frederic 95 Madigan, MR Ronald 40 Madkins, Michael 155 Madora, Brian 95 Madrinan, Pete 141 Magalne, Michael 147 MAGEE, OSCAR Lyle 88, 446 Magee, Robert E. 89 Maggiano, Paul 89 Magnell, Eric 91, 565 686 German Club French Club Magsig, Tobin 151 Maguire, John 157 Mahoney, CPT Daniel 55 Maier, Denny 157 Maier, Matt 1 I3 Major, Bill 105 Makovec, Michael 109, 247 Makowsky, CPT Alan 25 MALAKOFF, JAMES Mercer 482 Malasmos, Ferdinand 151 MALCOM, PATMON Anvood 1 12, 247, 515 Maliska, Jeff 105 MALLOY, STANLEY Antonio 88, 446 Malorin, David I 15 Malphurs, James 105, 169 Manasan, SGT Bernie 42 Mance, Jeffrey 89 Mancini, MAJ George 41 Mandal, Pete 159, 261 Mandarino, Michael 1 17 MANDRY, PHILIP Marshall 96, 528, 529, 472 Manfredonia, Mark 89 Mangham, CPT Joana 29 MANCIINE, THOMAS JOHN 659 Mangino, Michael 107, 529 MANCIOLINI, JOSEPH Victor 82, 100, 482 Manley, Marshall Webb 150, 565 MANN, TRACY LEE 447 MANNINEN, TODD Anthony 125, 150, 565 Manning, Jeremy 1 15 Manning, Robert 89, 529 MANNINC1, WILLIAM Olee 142, 145, 247, 621 Manous, MAJ Joe 21 Mansell, Michael 101, 285, 284 MANSELL, ROBERT Roy 148, 282, 285, 614 Manske, Christopher 87 Manske, Eve 401 Manson, Rich 161 Mansoor, CPF Peter 29 MANUS, BRIAN Scott 96, 472 MANZKE, EVE Marie 105, 497 Maravich, Craig I 15 Marchant, Steve 255 Marchesani, Steve 157 Marciniak, Matt 151, 299 Marcontiell, Andy 91 Marguardt, CPT George 28 Marhold, Scott 151, 247 Mari, Allan 159 Maria, Rob Santa 585 MARIE, TINA LORETTA JOHNS 555 Marier, Rebecca 121 MARINKOVICH, SAVA Cedomir 154, 267, 655 MARINO, JOSEPH Arthur 515 Marion, Lawrence 155 112, 100, Mark, Dan 125 Mark, Melissa 271 Markats, John 89 MARKOWSKI, MARK Paul 150, 562, 621 Marks, Grant 1 15 Markutsa, Amy 125 Marley, Chad 1 17, 299 Marquardt, CPI' 569 Marquardt, MS Ursula 45 Marquith, Damian 157 Marr, Stephen 1 19 Marro, John 125 Marro, Marsh, Marsh, Marsh, Ryan 159 Andrian 121 Heather 95 Ryan 155,168,551 MARSHALL, SEAN Henry 80, 128, 559 Marshall, Thurgood 74 Marshburn, Todd 95 Martelli, Tony 255 Martin, Bart 95, 571 Martin, CPT Peter 59 Martin, Douglas 155 Martin, Hollie 85, 295, 575 Martin, Jay 127, 247 Martin, Lawrence 155 Martin Marcus 87 Martin Maria 89,555 Martin Patrick 121 Martin Phillip 157 Martin Sam 101 MARTIN, WILLIAM Matthew 102, 527 Martinez, Gabriel 129 MATSUO, MIKI 122, 578, 579, 595 Matsvo, Miki 140 Mattheis, MAJ Bernd 41 Matthews, Chris 100, 101 Matthews, CPT Keith 51 Mattson, Curtis 155 Mattson, Jeff 99 Matula, Cheryl 561 ' Matulka, Ryan 89, 169 Matuszak, Theresa 168 Matwiczak, LTC Kenneth 56 Matwiczak, MRS Barbara 42 Mauer, David 87 Mauldin, MS Alice 42 Mauzke, Eve 106 Maxcoux, Scott I 15 Maxwell, Erie 1 15 Maxwell, Lisa 575 Maxwell, Odessa 1 15 MAXWELL, SCOTT Dominic 158, 166, 644 May, Carmen 91, 527 Maybouer, Matt 141 MAYER, CHRISTOPHER Thomas 1 16, 527 Mayer, COL Edward 25 Mayer, Eric 159 Mayfield, Matt 149 MAYO, Jeffrey William 149, 614 Mazikowski, Jeff 158 Mazur, Melissa 89 Mazzie, Emily 147, 547 MAZZOCCO, MICHAEL Jared 146, 594, 609 MCAFEE, JOHN Arnold III 146, 609 McAlister, CPT James 55 McAllister, Eric 85, 299 Martinez, MS Angelina 57 MARTINS, KOFO Adeyosola 1 12, 515 MARUCCI, JAMES Michael 85, 86, 440 Masiello, CPT Curtis 55 Maslowski, MS Carol 21 Mason, Damien 141 MASON, SCOTT Douglas 124, 547 Massey, COL Ronald 41 Massi, MRS Maria 42 Masson, Scott 157, 169 Masters, Chris 91 Masters, Michael 127 Masterson, Melinda 155 Mathers, John 145 Matheson, Kurt 149 Mathews, Greg 91 MATHIS, THOMAS 142, 152, 205, 561, 626 Mathsen, Diedra 1 15 MATIER, WILLIAM Brian 86, 440 Matison, Michael 145 Matlock, Glenn 1 19 McAllister, Sean 1 15 McAninch, Kevin 95 McAnnen McAnnen ey, Major 558 y, CPT Lawrence 52 McArthur, Sim 1 1 1 McAuliffe, Dan 161 McAuliffe, Kevin 155, 529 McAvoy, Katie 151 McBride, Bret 1 19 McBride, LTC Robert 27 McBride, MRS Sharon 42 McCabe, Joseph 141 McCabe, Pat 141 McCaleb, CPT Robert 56 McCallister, MAJ Larry 24 McCann, MS Dawn 58 MCCARDELL, THOMAS Michael 92, 459 McCarron, Thomas 95 MCCARSON, DAVID Brian 98, 477 McCarter, Rodney 89 McCarthy, Matthew 149, 169 McCarthy, Robert 161 McCarthy, Scott 97 McCarver, Marsella 125 McCauley, Nathan 168 McClintock, Barbara 72 McClintock, Rob 97, 547 McConihay, Jeffrey JOHN 120, 558 McCormack, Mary 576 McCormick, Shon 155 McCoy, K.S. 105 McCoy, Kelly 547 McCray, MS Mira 59 McCrea, Christopher 147 McCue, Shawn 158 McCullough, Aaron 519 McCullough, David 141 McCune, Christopher 109 McDermott, John 141 McDonald, Anthony 87 McDonald, Brian 145 McDonald, John 100, 157 MCDONALD, JOHN DENTON 482 McDonald, Michael 1 1 1, 519 MCDONALD, RAYMOND Mehrdad 160, 651 McDonough, Thomas 155, 169 McDonough, Will 149 McDowell, David 99 McEliece, COL James 21 MCELRATH, MICHAEL Paul 102, 105, 255, 259, 242, 245, 247, 558 McEnery, MR James 42 McFarland, Craig 95 McFar1in, Dexter 105 McGee, Patrick 147 MCGEE, SUZETTE Myranda 158, 644 McGlyn, Paul 151 McGovern, Michael 1 15, 569 MCGOVERN, THEODORE James 90, 455 MCGOWAN, CHRISTOPHER Michael 125, 547 MCGOWAN, RICHARD Kenneth 158, 645 McGrath, Thomas 95 McGraw, Colin 1 15 McGregor, MS Jane 45 McGuckin, Jeff 128 McGuinness, MR Patrick 40 McGuire, MRS Bernadette 42 McGurk, CPT Stephen 20 Mchale, Stephen 157 McHargue, CPI' Mike 55, 545 McHenry, Troy I 15 Mcllvaine, Stephen 124, 125 MCINERNEY, JAMES Aidan 120, 558 Mclntyre, Andrew 1 19, 266 MCINTYRE, CHARLES E 655 Mclntyre, Chip 154 Mclntyre, Greg 161 Mclntyre, Kyle 151 Mclntyre, Steven 159 MCINVALE, HOWARD D. II 80, 154, 224, 225, 402, 578 McKechnie, Kelli 257, 578, 579 McKee, MAJ Walter 52 McKeel, Geoffrey 127 McKeever, LTC Peter 45 McKenna, MAJ Michael 24 McKeon, MAJ Jane 22, 65 McKeon, MAJ Joe 64, 65 MCKINDRA, ALEX Bernard JR 106, 497 McMahon, Brian 1 15, 169 McMillian, William 148 McMullen, DR Ronald 55 McNally, John 85, 547 MCNALLY, JOSEPH Philip 158, 645 McNally, LTC Jeffrey 22 McNally, MS Barbara 20 McNally, Tom 155 MCNAMARA, EVAN Hugh 86, 441 McNear, Jen 1 15 McNeilIy, Brad 155 McNiel, Matt 151 McPherson, James 142, 155 McPherson, Nicole 105, 169 McQuary, Justin 1 1 1 McTigue, Mike 155 Mcwherter, CPT Leonard 58 McWhorter, Rodney 149 Meade, Rich 529 Meadows, MAJ Plaudy 52 Medeiros, Kris 105 Medof, William 157 Meecharon, Yutton 161 Meeks, Amy 125, 167 Mees, Andrew 161 Meese, MAJ Michael 55 Mefford, Todd 85 Mehrten, Joseph 99 Meier, Gretchen 121, 256, 257 Meier, Michelle 99, 257, 259 Meier, MS Patricia 42 Meilleur, Aaron 85 Meinshausen, Brian 107 Meisel, Christian 107 Meisinger, Joe I 15 Melick, MR Clayton 40 Mello, Brian 76, 105 Mello, Eugene 1 15 Mello, Tony 97 Melnyk, Richard 121 Melton, Jim 85 Mendel, Delaina Mendiola, Gustaud I 15 Mengel, William 121 Menjivar, Tony 1 15 Menken, Alan 69 MENO, KENNETH T JR 105, 120, 224, 225, 558 MENSER, DAVID Christopher 124, 547 Meraphfe, O.G. 91 145, 89, 174 , X, Arabic Club Chess Club Index 687 Merchant, Jason 1 19 Mercier, Marvin 107 MERCURE, CHANCE James 148, 614 MERRILL, AARON Justin 148, 614 Merrill, Matthew 151 MERRIMON, CHARLES Mitchell I1 105, 120, 558 Merritt, CPT Paul 25, 299 Mervine, Tom 95 Messervey, Tom 151 Messinger, MAJ Edwin 20 Meszaros, Jeff 155 Meszaros, MS Valerie 59 Metro, MAJ Richard 56 Metzger, Chris 99 Metzler, Russ 101 Meyer, DR Steven 22, 55 Meyer, Eric 95 MEYER, JOHN Richard JR 86, 441 Meyer, Paul 159 Meyer, Terry 161 Meyers, Edward 159, 169 Meyers, Kevin 121 Meyers, Scott 105 Michael, Jon 1 17 Michael, LTC E. Perry 41 MICHALK, DALE Eugene 150, 565 Michard, John 149 Michna, Marty 89, 555 Midberry, Nathaniel 95 Miesner, Kurt 1 15 MIGUEL, FERNANDO Dumlao 105, 104, 491 MIKULA, SEAN Richard 108, 502 Mikul0,Sean 547 Milani, CPI' William 25 Miles, Mark 159 MILES, MARSHALL Charles 148, 614 Millam, Jason 127 Miller, Allison 527 MILLER, BRADLEY James 85, 88, 447 Miller, CPT James 25 Miller, Eric 127, 155 Miller, Hank 141 Miller, Heather 129 Miller, Ian 151 Miller, Jason 247 Miller, Jeffrey 147 Miller, Joel 157 Miller, LTC Ronald 51 Miller, MAJ Kenneth 50, 214 Miller, Mark 155 Miller, Ryan 100, 101 Miller, Shannon 56 MILLING, WENDY Francette 1 10, 509 Mills, Darin 159 MILLS, MICHAEL BARRY JR 559 Mills, Steve 141 Milutin, Lorraine MAUREEN 100, 401, 482, 485 Min, Kyung 145 MINASOLA, JOSEPH Michael JR 154, 654 Minchillo, MRS Allisa 42 Miner, Christian 127, 529 Miner, CPT Michael 51 Mingine, Thomas 156 Minott, Casey 157, 247 Mintz, Oliver 159 Miravalle, MAJ Robert 29 Mireles, PFC Brenda 42 MISCHLER, JENNIFER Lynn 145, 146, 270, 271, 609 Miseli, Jason 95, 206 MISHLER, TREVOR Anthony 94, 464 Mislan, Stephen 1 15 MITCHEL, PATRICK MICHAEL 497 Mitchell, Aaron 247 Mitchell, Chad 155 Mitchell, MAJ Thomas 27 Mitchell, Pat 106 MITCHELL, THOMAS BLAKE 626 Mitchell, Webb EARL 156, 659 Mlakar, Paul 161, 562 MOBLEY, ROBERT Timothy 145, 156, 405, 405, 659 Moe, Todd 109 Moffitt, John 151 MOCIA, DAVID Michael 120, 558 Mohme, Stephen 159 Mohrmann, LTC Kelley 51 Molinari, David 95 Molino, Mike 159 Molnar, Rachel 105 Monaco, Frank 107 Monaco, LTC Francis 21 Monahan, CPT Timothy 27 Mondtt, Tara 1 19 MONTANA, CHARLES Ignatius III 106, 599, 497 Montenari, Jeffrey 151 Montgomery, Aaron 147, 169 MONTGOMERY, MARK Gary 108, 505 Moon, Josh 141 MOONEY, TODD Christopher 144, 602 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Ann 159 Chris 554 CPTJohn 59,148 Crystal 127 MOORE, DANIEL William 100, 482, 485 Moore, lVlOOl'C, Moore Moore Moore David 155 Kevin 151, 261 Paul 145 Ryan 109 , SFC Robert 59 Moos, Adam 157 Morales, Louis 1 16, 1 17 Moran, MAJ Sylvia 27 Morea, Gary 101, 555 Morehead, Matt 155 MOREK, MARK Anthony 158, 558, 645 Morella, TJ 1 15 Morgan, Aaron 97, 168, 571 Morgan, Bryan 109 Morgan, SFC Gary 20 Morgenfeld, Todd 562 Morgida, MAJ Mark 25 Moritz, Eileen 1 1 1 MORITZ, JOHN Richard 82, 85, 94, 465 Morkell, Randy 85 Morrell, Michael 561 Morris, Alexander 155 MORRIS, DARRIN Andrew 146, 610 Morris, Dave 255 Morris, Devon 157, 168, 561, 577 Morris, MAJ Robert 28 Morris, Robert 107 Morris, Scott 149 Morrison, Mike 151 Morrison, MS Linda 59 Morrow, Brent 91 Monfvick, Jason 147 Moschkau, Doug 1 1 I Moseley, Gabriel 155 Moss, MR Michael 45 Moss, Roy 151 Mostajo, Nathaniel 157 Mostella, John 161 Moten, CPI' Matthew 29 Moudy, LTC James 40 Mountford, John 161, 224 Moura, Jason 1 17 Mouton, Dan 101 Movea, Gary 155 Moyer, Lisa 561 Moyers, Rich 1 15 Moynihan, Mandi 147 Mtichell, Samuel 145 Mueller, CPT Edward 26 Mueller, Scott 141, 561 MUENCH, ANDREW James 98, 477 Mugg, David 147 Muhammad, Abdullah 161 Muir, Kevin 121, 245, 247 Mulac, Kawika 95 Mullee, William 101, 519 Mullen, LTC Owen 58 Muller, Chris 141 Muller, Michael 155 MULLIGAN, DAVID Christian 150, 565 MULLIGAN, KATHRYN Marie 124, 547 Mulligan, LTC Arthur 41 MUMFORD, BRENT Thomas 522, 455 MUNDORF, EARL JONATHAN 84, 455 Mundy, Josh 97 Munson, Patrick 127, 168 Munson, Richard 519 Murati, LTC George 21, 59 Nead, Christopher 109 Neal, MAJ James 56 Nealy, CPT Edward 51 Neary, Mike 97 Nebesky, Michael 97, 169 Needham, CPI' Mark 25 Neff, CPI' Casey 27 Murphy, CPT William 56 Murphy, Cynthia 159, 295 Murphy, Dan 159 Murphy, Jeffrey 161 Murphy, John 101 Murphy, LT Brandee 21 Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, MAJ James 52 Richard 107, 557 Steve I 15, 529 Tom 158 Torrey 1 17 Musante, Jason 95 Musgrove, Kendall 159 Myers, MAJ Joseph 51 Myers, Ron 107 Myllykangas, Matt 1 1 1 Mysliwiec, Karen 151 l4f Nabb, Kevin 109 Nace, Mark 108, 505 Nacey, Ralph 91 Neff, Suzanne 151 Neilitz, Michael 89 Neilson, Kurt 257 Neimann, Thomas 151 Neison, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Kris 149 CPT Michael 56 CPT Raymond 54 Eric 95 Nelson,James 85 Nelson,John 155 Nelson, Kenneth 127 Nelson, MAJ 565 Nelson, MAJ Robert 41 Nelson, Ross F. 101 Nelson, Tim 565 Nemeyer, SFC Kenneth 45 Nergelovic, MR Paul 42 Nesseth, Emily 121 Nesti, Leon 157 Nettesheim, Dan 155, 561 Neubauer, Mark 147 Neuenschwander, Ethan 151 247 Neumeyer, Matt 168 Neuremberger, MS Pat 57 Nacliero, MS Stephanie 20 Nadeau, CPT David 51 Naessens, MAJ Edward 54 Nail, John 1 19 Naman, Akemi 82 Nanez, Regin 105 Nanry, MAJ William 51, 570 NAPIER, JOSEPH T 86, 1 15, 597, 404, 441 Naples, Greg 169 Naples, Thomas 1 15 NAPOLI, MICHELLE Kyung 84, 455 Nardi, Gregory 151, 547 NAREL, MICAH Joseph 90, 455 Narramore, Walter 87 Narum, Travis 99 Nash, Benjamin 159 Nash, Cornelious 155 Nash, CPT Mark 42 Nash, Kimberly 85 Natale, Stephanie 145, 147, 167 NATHAN, JEREMY Peter 98, 595, 597, 409, 477 Nauman, Scott Charles 168 Naumann, Scott 89 NAVRATIL, DAVID Wilson 142, 115, 144, 605 NAWOICHYK, JOHN Douglas 141, 158, 645 Naylor, James 127 New, Anthony 99 Newberger, Dustin 87 Newgent, Matt 547 Newman, Chadd 97, 224, 225 NEWMAN, DEAN Scott 122, 152, 570 Newport, SFC Kevin 59 Newsom, Joel 149 Newsome, Sam 121 NEYLON, JULIE Ann 150, 621 Ngo, Lan-Dinh 1 15, 224, 225 Nguyen, Hoang 1 17 Nguyen, Nhiem 101 Nguyen, Thomas 157 NGUYEN, THU Duc 90, 455 Niccolai, SFC Donald 59 Nicholas, Clayton 87, 168 Nickerson, MAJ Eric 55 Nickman, Scott 577 Nicolini, Christopher 95 Nielson, CPT James 27 Nielson, Darby I 15, 547 Nielson, Todd 500 NIEMIEC, JAMES William 90, 166, 194, 455 Niemon, Scott 101 Nigrelli, MS Carmela 59 NILSON, MATTHEW Todd 98, 299, 478 Nixon, Henry 1 15, 169 Nixon, Lane 1 15 NOCERITO, GLENN William 150, 621 Electronic Experimenters Model United Nations 688 Noe, Eric 121 Noel, Mike 89 Noesser, John 159 Nogalski, Mark 155 NOH, JOHN Sungkun 122, 124, 547 O'Neal, Jerry 142, 146 O'Neal, Scott 169 O'Neil, CPT David 22 O'Neil, Dennis 97 O'Neil, Matthew 85 O'Neil, Sean 56 Nolm, Lisa 551 Nohmer, DR Frederick 25, 255 NOLAN, CHARLES William Il 1 16, 527 NOLAN, LISA Alice 85, 92, 542, 545, 459 NORD, ERIC Anthony 120, 558 Noreen, LTC Thomas 25 Noreiga, Quentin 87 Norman, Brodrick 101, 247 Norman ,Geoff 100,101,167 Norman, Kevin 91 Norquist, Griff 169 Norquist, Samuel 97 Norris, Susan 147, 265 North, Taw 155 MICHAEL C. 166, 555 1 Bill 88 Pabon, Alisha 155, 169 Norton, Andrew 127 Norton, Ashley 87 Notch, Joseph 105, 224, 225 Nottcher, Chris 571 Novachek, Marcus 151 Novak, John 161 Novak, Matt 157 Novak, Thomas 157 Novoselich, Brian 145, 169 Novotn, Ron 121 NOYES, KENNETH Scott 88, 447 Nuss, MRS Janet 27 Nygaard, Andrew 157 Nygren, COL Kip 24 Nyka, Melissa 265 PATRICK ANDREW JEROME WADE 610 DENNIS William 167, Chris 157 Michael 126 MS Kelly 45 Seth 89 Robert 97 ier, Tim 529 Shawn 107,121 Romy 299 Buckley 125,169 John 88 MS Eileen 20 Patrick 159 CPTThomas 24 Pat 90 Art 91,519 O'Neill, Dennis 128 O'Rourke, Kevin 529 O'SuIIivan, Colin 115 OBERT, RALPH Carl 158, 597, 590 OBrien, MR Don 57 OBRIEN, WILLIAM TERRENCE 447 Ocana, John 95 Ochs, Michael 149 Odell, Joe 129 Odom, CPI' Richard 22 ODONNELL, CAROLYN Faye 92, 459, 460 ODONNELL, JOHN EDWARD 447 Oery, Thomas 159 Off, Andy 129, 529 Off, Carl 575 Offel, Kevin 121, 299 Offstein, Evan 147, 167 Offstein, Jody 95 Ogasawara, Sensei 560 Ogborn, Eric 159 Ogden, Ben 91 Oh, John 122, 150 Ohara, Colleen 159 Ohl, Bob 247, 529 Ohland, Curt 121 Oktay, Metin 92 Olavanna, MS Maria 45 Oldaker, LTC Bruce 54 Oldham, John 85 Oldham, MR Tom 57 Olds, Shawn 85 Olin, Mark 161 Oliva, Jennifer 95, 169 Olive, Mike 127 Oliver, Eric 155, 247 Oliver, John 107 Ollar, DONOVAN Dwight 104, 491 Olmstead, Dean 155, 168 OLMSTEAD, KIM Harmon Il 80, 582 Olmstead, Kip 156 OLMSTEAD, MICHAEL Gregory 125, 128, 560 Olsen, Jay 141 Olson, Jason 1 12 OLSON, LANCE Robert 105, 108, 505 Olson, Paul 107 Olson, Steve 151, 168 Olson, Tyler 562 OLSON, WILLIAM Thomas 96, 472 Omey, Luke 89 Oneal, Patrick 157 Orabona, Peter 157 Orantes, Humerto 95 Orellana, Frank 99 Orlando, John 85, 529 Orloski, Stephen 157 ORO, CHARINA 152, 560, 561, 627 OROSZ, JAMES Michael 1 12, 515 ORourke, Kevin 89 Orr, Matthew 95, 298, 299 Ortiz, Carlos 161 Ortoli, Chris 1 12 ORTOL1, JEFFREY 1 12, 1 15, 516 Orton, David 147 Orwig, Brian 247 Osborn, Aaron 155 Osborne, James 155 Ostanek, Walter 69 Ostendorf, Larry 149 Otey, SFC Phillip 58 Otsby, Gary 141 OTT, CARL Raymond Ott, Christopher 87, 247 160, 651 OTTMAN, JASON Jon 122, 126, 555 Ousley, Heather 157 Outerroil, Jason 97 OVERBY, STEVEN Ross 82, 85, 84, 455 Owen, Jeff 159 Owen, Ray 121 Owen, Trey 522 Owens, Bartt I 15 Owens, Brett 105, 109, 167 OWENS, DAMON Edmond 152, 627 Owens, LTC Patrick 25 OWENS, MICHAEL Park 88, 599, 447 Owl, Bobby 85 Oxendine, Chris 159 Ozanich, Rob 91 Pace, Jincy I 19, 578, 579 Pacella, MS Rene 45 Pacino, Al 68, 69 Padilla, Jason 1 15 Paine, Jeffrey 109, 547 PAINTER, DAVID Lee 108, 505 PAIS, LISA Michele 86, 104, 257, 258, 441 Pak, Jin 97 Palacios, Raul I 15, 545 Palarios, Carlos 145 Palmer, Benjamin 1 15 Palmer, Noel 1 17 Palodichuk, Chad 1 1 1 Paluti, Doug 118, 119 Pandolfi, MAJ Philip 42 Pangelinan, James 87 PANHORST, JOHN Walter 148 260, 261, 615 Pankala, Joseph 87 Papanastasiov, Bill 141 Paquette, Rich 151 Parabello, Mr 547 Param, Jennifer 107 Parent, Donna 159, 578, 579 Parikka, Hanna 151 Park, Andrew 101 Park, John 95 Park, Steve 155 Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, ILT Steven 41 Angela 149, 169 Bily 168 James 1 19 Jason 129 PARKER, MARK Shannon 120, 558 Parker, William 95 Parnell, Graeme 107, 224, 225, 561 Parrika, Hannah 547 Parshley, MAJ Stephen 26 Partick, Jason 529 PARUNGAO, RONALD Anthony 92, 190, 460 PARVIN, JON FERGUSON 590 Pascal, Daniel 149, 560, 561 Pascal, MS JoAnn 45 PASON, NEAL Edward 154, 574, 575, 654 Passante, Matt 91 Passinault, Rob 89 PASSYN, JOHN Stigler 158, 645 Pasteur, Nicole 155, 295 Patail, MR George 42 PATEL, TARAK Hasmukh 152, 57 1 PATES, JASON Andrew 125, 152, 571 Pease, Angela 121, 579 PECK, MICHAEL James 146, 261, 610 Peckham, David 87 Pecoraro, MR Pete 20 Pedroza, John 156 Peeples, David 109 Pef11ey, Mike 11 1 PELKEY, DAVID SCOTI' 571 Pelkey, Jason 152 Pelkey, Justin 149 PELOQUIN, MICHEL Vincent 156, 582 PELTZER, ERIC James 160, 547, 651 Pelzel, Theodore 125 Pendry, Katherine 99, 257 Pennella, JAMES JR 154, 578 Pennington, Mikael 89, 265 Pensek, Justin 142 PENZEL, WILLIAM Scott 148, 615 PEPLOWSKI, DOUGLAS Robert 144, 605 PEPPER, ALLEN Jeffrey 140, 551, 595 Pepsnik, Jason 159 Perera, Johann 150 Perez, Brian 95 Perez, SFC Ismael 59 Perica, Adrian 1 17, 552, 555 Perkins, Edward 155 PERKINS, JEREMY Goodrich 114, 224, 225, 521 Perot, H. Ross 52 Perrin, Samantha 87, 579 Perrine, James 155 Perry, Clay 151 PERRY, DONALD JAMES 595 Perry, Greg 144 Perry, Jeff 147 Perry, Keye 156, 157, 561 Perry, MR Chris 40 PERRY, PAUL Stephen 126, Patrucelli, Jon 141 PATTERSON, ANDREW Michael 100, 482, 485 Patterson, John 145 Patterson, Keith 97, 551 Patterson, Paul 105 Patteson, Curtis 101 Patton, James 145 PAUDLER, THOMAS Charles 105, 491 Paudlon, Tom 104 Paulick, Brian 105 Paulick, Eric 95 Pavikka, Hanna 565 Payne, MAJ Charles 29 Pearce, Edward 125 Pearson, John 87 Pearson, Rich 1 19 255, 255 Pearson, Rob Pearson, Sam 141 Peart, Abdiel 109 519, 555 Perusek, Justin 147 Peter, Dwight 570 PETERS, ANTONY Edward 144 605 Peters, Becky 182 Peters, COL Michael 20 Peters, CPT Richard 28 PETERS, DWIGHT Jerome JR 1 18, 571, 552 Peters, Lee 1 1 1 Peters, Michael 161, 558 Peters, Nathaniel 151 Peters, Rebecca 107 Petersen MS llse 45 Peterson, Glen 95 Peterson, Jake 161, 299 Peterson, Lee 1 10 Peterson MAJ Leo 20 Peterson, Thomas John 85 Pettet, Kevin 161 7 Finance Forum SCUSA Index 689 Petty, John 115 Petty, Joseph 155 Pflanz, Christopher 122, 127, 545 Pflanz, Mark 89 Pflaury, Pat 145 PHALAN, ANDREW Michael 148, 615 Phariss, Charles 159, 224 Phelan, Brian 121 Phelps, Matt 125 Philips, Erin 560 Phillips, CPT Michael 51 Phillips, CPT Richard 22 Phillips, Dave 151 Phillips, David 155, 555 PHILLIPS, DEREK Robert 128, 560 Phillips, Erin 159, 169, 560 Phillips, James 76, 105 Prehar, Troy 1 15, 247 Phillips, Jeremy 151 Phillips, Layne 161 Phillips, Terry 95 Phipps, CPI' Warren 51 Phipps, Kevin 151 Phoebe, Penny 145 Phoenix, Casey 1 19, 266 Piazze, LTC Thomas 52 Picard, Dave 91 Picart, LTC Jose 22 Piccirilli, Tim 155 Pickens, Cory 128 Pierce, Brandyn 262 Pierce, Joseph 109 Pierce, MRS 27 Pierson, MAJ Phillip 27 Pignetti, MS Susan 45 Pikelis, LCDR Winfred 25 Pilarski, David 159, 285 Pilecki, CPI' Chris 27 Pincott, MS Deborah 42 Pinkerton, Joe 97 Pirner, Steve 159 PIROG, JOHN Edmond 100, 247, 482, 485 PISTONE, JOHN Nicholas 104, 551, 492 Pitney, Adam 157 Pittenger, Patrick 169 Pittman Pittman ,Chad 151 ,Hugh 155 Pittman, Stacey 145, 224, 225 Pittman, Warren 141 Pizzo, DR Joe 54 Placette, Theresa 128, 129 Placke, Derek 145, 247 Plageman, SFC James 59 Plaia, Michael 161, 247 Plaster, Roger 127 Platt, Gretchen 147, 578, 579 PLESHA, MISCHA Ann 142, 160, 651 PLOTNER, TODD Alexander 152, 166, 571 Plumlee, James 159 Poepping, Thomas 151 Pohjola, COL Randall 42 Pokorny, LTC William 21 Polak, CPT Kevin 52 Polanco, Jose 109 Polazzo, David 105 Polk, Scott 570, 571 Pollock, Pat 129 Poniatowski, CPT Edward 56 Pool, James 155 Poole, Robert 155 Pope, Tito 127 Poppe, Carl 141 Porten, Josh 157 Porter, MR George 45 Portis, Quentin 105 PORTREY, DOUGLAS Evans 146, 610 PORTWOOD, WILLIAM Gibbons 150, 621 Posner, Matt 129 Post, CPI' John 25 Post, MS Sharon 42 Pothin, CPI' John 59 POTTER, JOSHUA Jon 126, 555 Potter, LTC Robert 24 Powell, Carey 105 Powell, Colin General 17 Powell, Dan 147 Powell, Elita 155, 270, 271 125, 168 Powell, Jeffrey Powell, Noelle 91 127, 198 Powell, Steven Powers, Lewis 87 Powles, MRS Kathleen 20 Prah, MRS Sally 42 PRATT, ADRIAN Roberto JR 84, 4-55 PRATT, MICHAEL Glenn 554, 556, 527 Prescott, MAJ William 25, 170 Presley, Ed 159 Preston, J. DOUGLAS 140, 595 Prettyman, Brian 85 PREVO, CHRISTOPHER S 104, 492 Price, Brandyn 147, 265 Price, Cameron 97 Price, Howard I I 1 Primost, Avi 151 PRINS, ROBERT Dean 146, 610 Pritchard, Sean 107, 561 Prowell, Kerry 89 Prozik, Peter 129 Prudhomme, John 151 PRYOR, MATTHEW Graham 142, 152, 627 Puckett, Darrin 157 Puett, CPT Joseph 24 Pugh, Jim 1 1 1 Pulwicz, Eric 145 Pung, Hans 121, 247 Purandare, Ajit 1 15 Purcell, Rossel I 15, 277, 280 Purdom, Bryan 97 Purdy, Mark 91 Purdy, Matthew 151 Puskas, Joe 125 Putko, CPT Christopher 22 Putko, CPI' Michelle 24 Putman, Jeremy 159 Putman, Justin 157 Putnam, Dana 529 Quander, Mark 1 19 Quayle, Dan 52, 55 QUILLINAN, MICHAEL K 1 12, I 15, 516 Quimbly, Peter 105 Quinn, Jeff 89, 168 Quinn, Matt 95 Quinn, MS Kelly 55 QUIROS, MILTON Steven 627 152, if Raag, COL Larry 20 Rabatin, Colleen 157, 547 Raburn, Ross 159 Rademacher, Franz 145 Radicic, William 224 Radizic, Niel I 15 Radtke, Theodore 157, 169 RADUE, JENNIFER Michelle 547, 516 RAGAN, JAMES C. 158, 645 Ragsa, Eugene 109 Rainey, MAJ Timothy 29 Rains, Jeff 141 Rainusso, Bill 85 Raker, Tim 145 Ramey, Shane 101 RAMIREZ, GERARDO 485 Ramos, Andrew 91, 169 Ramos, MRS Laura 42 Ramus, MS Jeannette 57 Rand, PV2 Terrie 42 Randall, Anthony 97 RANDAZZO, RICHARD Allen 150, 282, 285, 621 RANEY, ASHLEIGH Danielle 148, 615 Rankin, Adam 161 Ranks, Shabba 69 Rapisarda, Gerard 155, 168 RAPISARDA, JOHN Paul 90, 454 Rase, Ray 151 Rassatt, CPT Greg 25 Ratcliff, Thomas 124, 125 100, 482, Ratcliffe, Robert 115 Rateb, Ayman 89 Rau, MS Cheryl 25 RAUGH, DAVID Lee 105, 114, 1 15, 521 Raup, Joel 105 Rawlings, Leon 145 Rawlings, Tom 157 RAY, ANTHONY Morgan 148, 224, 225, 615 Ray, Mark 1 17 Ray, Steven 109, 267 Raymond, Brendan 157 Raymond, Douglas 85 Raymond, Shelley 109, 169, 547 Reagan, CPT Richard 59 Reagor, CPT Michael 59 Reagor, MS Nancy 57 Reams, Cynthia 109 Reap, Joe 125, 561 Reardanz, Mark I 19 Reck, CPT Keith 25 RECKER, CHRISTOPHER Allen 150, 565 Redmond, Jonathan 99 Redmond, Lenore 147, 526 Redmond, Matt 91, 561 Redue, Jen 1 12 Reed, Heather 159 Reed, John 115 Reed, Kristin 161, 575 REED, MATTHEW James 92, 460 Reed, Otto 95 Reed, Ryland 97, 247 Reed, Shad 101 Reel, Mark 99 Reel, Nathan 1 15 Reese, Leslie 1 17 Reese, MAJ Timothy 29 REESE, SIMON Randolph 160, 298, 299, 651 Reeve, Triston 101 Reeves, Shane I 19 Rehkopf, Dale 161, 168 Reich, CPT Donald 25 REICH, STEPHEN Charles 145, 152, 519, 521, 627 Reichart, Christopher 121, 206 Reid, CPT Carlton 54 Reid, CPT David 55 REILLY, KEVIN Hughes 120, 558 Reilly, MS Jane 21 Reinhard, CPT Karl 25 REINHART, MARCUS Ray 145, 150, 622 REISENWEBER, KRISTIN Marie 148, 149, 615 Reiser, Mojo 100 Reisinger, Aaron I I9 Reiss, John 89 Reisweber, CPT Deborah 22 Reisweber, CPT Mark 22 REITZ, JOSHUA Ian I 10, 509 Releford, Kevin 1 1 1 Remick, Kyle 161 Rempe, Clay 1 1 1 Renard, Laurent 159 Rennard, Craig 107 Rennie, Tony 129 Reno, Janet 50 Resnick, Matt 159 Ressler, MAJ Stephen 24 Reterstorf, Michael 105 Reuss, Philip I 19 Revell, MAJ David 52 Revolinsky, CPT Jonathan 21 Reyburn, Michael 107, 168 Reyes, MR Emilo 45 Reyes, MR Miguel 45 Reyes, Silvestre 97 Reynolds, MR Richard 25 Rheam, Erick 141, 261 Rhodes, Brian 99 RICCARDI, CHRISTOPHER Ciro 82, 465 Rice, Brett I 15, 247 Rice, Jonathan 147 RICE, LUCAS Bartlett 160, 252 255, 651 Rice, Nonnan 129 Rice, Rose I 17 RICHARDSO, J SHELBY 465 Richardson, CPT Bryan 55 Richardson, CPT Janett 41 RICHARDSON, RON William 102, 106, 592, 594, 497 Richardson, Sheldy 94 Richbourg, MAJ Robert 21 Richkowski, David 147, 169 Ricke, Devin 1 1 1 Rickenbaker, Eve 155 Ricks, William 97 RIDDLE, ADAM Alexander 152, 627 RIDER, THOMAS Allen 11 102, 120, 558 Riecardi, Chris 94 Rieger, Andrew 127 Riely, James 85 Riemer, Christopher 95 Riese, CPT Stephen 56 RIESER, FRANK Matthew 482, 485 Rigney, Dr 547 Riley, Brian 285 Riley, Coach Rob 285 Riley, Jawara 1 19 Riley, SFC Duffy 59 Riling, Wendy 157 Rincon, Antonio 117, 224 Ring, Benjamin 151, 560, 561 Ringbloom, Kirk 89 Ringler, Scott 151, 561 Rios, Ana 151 Rios, Jason 105 Ripperger, Rob 151 166, RIPPERT, THOMAS Ashton 150, 690 Glee Club ADDIC 166, 566 RITSICK, JEFFREY Andrew 85, 94, 465 Ritter, John 119, 167 Riva, Nicole 129, 280 Rivas, Librado 101 Rivera, Jose 151 Rizzo, CPT Christopher 55 Roach, Chris 101 Roach, Tim 115 Robbins, Glenn 97 Robbins, Kendric 95 Robbins, Robbin 99, 577 Robershotte, LTC Mark 56 Roberson, Ryan 91 Roberson, Veronica 105 Robert, Brigadier General F. Foley 18 Roberts, Aldolphus 120 Roberts, Alistair 87 Roberts, Coach 519 Roberts, Dean 169, 299 ROBERTS, GREGORY Lloyd 156, 585 ROBERTS, KRISTYN Elizabeth 145, 152, 628 Roberts, Kurt 89 Roberts, Matthew 95 Roberts, MS Shirley 57 Robertson, COL John 28 Robertson, Glenn 149 Robertson, LTC John 51 ROBERTSON, MICHAEL Lloyd 90, 454 Robertson, MR Bill 57 Robertson, Veronica 120, 401 Robertson, Walter 157 Robinson, Daniel 107, 224, 225 Robinson, David 57 ROBINSON, JAY Howard 84, 252, 255, 456 Robinson,Jenai 97 Robinson, SSG Ronnie 42 Robischon, MS Rose 42 Robles, CPI' Jose 52 Robles, MAJ David 27 Roche, DR Edward 25 Rockow, Bradley 1 14 Rodenbech, Kirsten 89 Rodgers, Benjamin 99, 255 Rodgers, Darryl 105, 1 15 Rodgers, Jace 155 Rodgers, Tim 105, 247 Rodrigo, Rochelle 99 Rodriguez, Adrian 151, 227 Rodriguez, Bobby 141 Rodriguez, CPI' Humberto 27 Roehn, David 107, 168 Rogers, Bryant 161 Rogers, Buddy 104 ROGERS, IRVING STINSON Ill 492 ROGERS, KRISTIAN Andrew 152, 628 Rogers, MS Doris 57 ROJAS, JOSE Antonio 82, 85, 100, 484 ROLAND, ROB Allen 105, I 10, 509 Rolling, A J 145 Rollinson, CPT Selby 59 Romero, Francisco 1 19 Romero, SFC Jose 58 RONCORONI, JASON Edward 1 10, 510 Rooker, Bill I 15 Rooney, Brian 89, 547 Rooney, LTC Rebecca 21 Root, Philip 161, 169 Roper, Richard 121, 259, 240, 242, 247 ROSE, J Michael JR 1 18, 555 Rose, Katherine 87 Rose, MR Ed 40 Roseborough, MS Meredith 21 Rosel, Maria 159 Rosenfelder, Eric 129 Rosenthal, Ashley 95, 578, 579 Roser, MS Sharon 58 ROSITO, MARCO Vinicio 98, 478 Ross, CPT David 52 Ross, Jason 157 Ross, Jenn 91, 565 Ross, Joe 159, 258, 247 ROSS, JOHN Scott 1 10, 252, 255, 510 Ross, Major 558 Ross, Sarah 85, 168, 547 Rossi, Mike 111, 141 ROTKOFF, KENNETH Evan 166, 527 Rousseau, Mark 151 ROUSSEAU, SCOTT Alan 108, 505 ROWAND, STEPHANIE Helen 100, 595, 484 Rowe, Jason 127, 547 Rowe, Patrick 99, 577 ROWE, ROBERT SCOTT 659 Rowlette, MAJ Robert 51 Roy, Donald 155, 570, 571 Roy, MRS Carolyn 42 ROYALL, STEPHEN Brent 104, 492 Royle, Paul 159 RUCHT1, JAMES Daw 86, 441 RUCINSKI, DANA 150, 566 Ruck, CPT Robert 55 Rucker, Daniel 147 Rucker, Don 161 RUCKER, MELISSA bee 88, 4-48 Rudd, LTC Gordon 29, 547 Ruf, MS Linda 45 Rufenacht, John 161 Rugenstein, CPT Edgar 51 RUHLING, BILLY Bernard ll 86, 599, 409, 441 Ruiz, Averill 518 Ruiz, Daniel 107 Ruiz, Hernan 159 RUMELY, KATHLEEN Michelle 120, 540 Rumfelt, Aaron 109 Rumirez, Roberto 95 Rupe, Chad 1 11 RUPP, DARRYL Andrew 174, 578 Ruscelli, MS Annie 40 154, Salome, James 147 Salvani, MS Madeline 57 Salvatore, MR Ron 42 Salvers, Bryan 157 Samia, Phil I 15 Samples, Samuels, Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanders, Sanders, COLJerry 24 Bob 56 J.P. 555 Jean 159 Barbara 57, 219 Leona 149 Rusecker, CPT Paul 22 Rush, Anthony 119, 168 Rushton, COL Pierce 21, 41 Rusiecki, CPT Stephen 26 Russel, CPT Hilton 51 RUSSELL, EDGAR Allison 122, 158, 590 Russell, Lisa 129, 292, 295 Russell, LTC Dean 55 Russell, MAJ Rex 58 Russell, MR Ben 40 Russell, Vincent 1 19, 299 RUSSO, RICHARD Michael 1 12, 516 Rum, Amy 155 Ruth, Scott 95 Rutherford, Trey 88, 541 RUTHERFORD, WILSON ROLLER IV 448 Rutler, Scott 1 1 1 Ryan, CPT Robert 20 Ryan, Kevin 105, 169 Ryan, MAJ Maritza 50 Ryan, Paul 157, 261 RYAN, SCOTT George 160, 652 Ryan, William 109 Rykard, Heather 1 15 Sanders, Pat 1 15 SANDOVAL, DAVE 152, 405, 409, 571 Sane, Aaron 99, 247 Sanford, Mark 155 Sansoucie, Curt 151 Santiago, Cristina 157, 555 Santos, Chris DeLos 104 SARABIA, JOHN David 158, 590 Saracco, MS Yolanda 45 Sarff, MS Barbara 57 Saric, Alex 91 Sarmiento, Dennis 151 Sass, Eric 1 19 Sassi, Eric 151 Saufley, CPT John 54 Saulsbury, Ryan 107 Saunders, Charles 85 Saunders, William 145 Savage, CPT David 56 Savage, MR Robert 40 Savel, Paul 159, 169 Savich, Gregory 169 Saxon, Mike 121 Saxon, Tracy 95 Sayles, LTC Andre 25 Rymiszewski, James 85 RYNBRANDT, JEFFREY Alyn 156, 640 6 Saatkamp, Kevin 147 Sabatini, Laura 155 Sabino, John 161 SABOE, ALEXANDRA Maria 158, 590 SACCO, ELIZA Marie 142, 145, 150, 622 Sadat, Anwar 72 SADLER, DAVID Allan 80, 90, 401, 405, 454 SAINE, SAMUEL James 92, 460 Salameh, Mohammed A. 66 Saldivar, DR Samuel 27 Salerno, Jeff 141 Saliba, MRS Faith 20 Salie, Brian 1 17 Salisbury, Daniel 87, 168 Salmon, Paul 157 SALMON, SCOTT ALLEN 528 Scalia, Matthew 1 15 Scalzo, M RAI 4-O Scancarella, Joe 555 Scarboro, CPT Charles 58 SCARSELLA,'GlNA Louise I 12, 292, 295, 295, 296, 516 Scattini, Todd 155, 169 Schaaf, Jason 87 Schaefer, Curt 1 15 Schaefer, Paul 159 Schafer, Jon 94 Schaffer, Dom 85 Schanno, Andrew 109 SCHARNIKOW, SEAN Steven 94, 465 Scheffer, CPT Peter 41 SCHELL, JOANNE Elizabeth 572, 575, 555 Schell, Matt 1 I7 Schempf, Ms. Ruthanne 225 SCHEMPP, BRUCE Thomas Ill-5, 158, 646 Schen, Joanne 118 Schepflin, John 149 Schertel, Lisa 85, 545 SCHEUING, MICHAEL Edward 299, 456 Schiffer, Thomas 121 Schiller, Brian 91 Schino, Joseph 95 Schlatter, CPI' Philip 51 Schleiff, David 155, 169 Schlict, Rob 141 SCHMELZER, MARY Ellen 105, 1 12, 516 Schmidt, Joe 151 Schmitt, Tim 89, 247 Schmitz, Phil 157 Schnack, Troy 58, 85, 151, 169, 547, 582 Schneider, Chris 1 1 I Schneider, CPT Thomas 55 Schneider, Ryan 95 Schnepf, MAJ Henry 41 Schnitzer, Mike 145 Schock, Mike 141 Schoen, CPT John 55 SCHOENNAUER, ERIC Michael 86, 442 Scholma, Tim 125 Schroeder, Jason 145, 571 Schroeder, Jeremy 101 Schroeder, Scott 1 1 1 Schug, James 141 Schuing, Michael 84 Schultz, Todd 157, 561 Schulz, CPI' Joseph 51 Schumacher, KURT AUGUST 652 Schupay, Conrad 1 19 Schwalber, Heather 127, 168 Schwartz, Craig 97 Schwarz, Gregory 121 Schweiker, Sheri 141 Scibelli, CPT Philip 59 Scimeca, Mike 159 Sciotto, Brett 188 Sciotto, Scott 145 Scola, Dom 85 Scott, Andrea 155, 224 Scott, Erik 156, 157 Scott, Jamar 145 Scott, MAJ Brad 22 Scott, MS Eileen 57 Scott, Nathaniel 155, 169 Scott, Sue 127 Scribner, LTC Barry 55 Scudieri, CPT James 29, 182 Scudieri, MRS Yon 42 Scull, COL Kenneth 40 SEAL, ERIC Richard 125, 126, 555 Seawood, Michael 159 SEAWORTH, DOUGLAS Allen 105, 1 14, 521 SECOND REGIMENT 58 Seeger, Charles 159, 247 Seel, LTC Teddy 27 SEGG1, JEFFREY Allen 152, 571 Seguin, Alexander 99 Segura, Dan 161 Teens Encounter Christ Latter Day Saints Index 691 Seidel, LCDR Walter 51 Seidl, MAJ Michael 27 Seifert, Alex 151 Shimek, MR Daniel 42 Shin, Stan 107, 555 SHIN, TIMOTHY Jungsoo 118, 146, 610 Skidmore, Jason 155 Skiles, Samuel 99 SMITH, KEVIN Martin 120, 540 Smith, Kimberly 159 SMITH, LEUMAS Jahdunamis Sowers, Joe 155 Spake, Mike 121 SPANGLER, DAVID Allen 120, SEIMS, JACKSON Jeb 150, 622 555 Skinner, Ryan 1 1 1 98, 478 540 Selle, Jon 1 15 Shipley, Roy 91, 247 Skoog, MS Allison 57 Smith, Liz 106, 405 SPARKMAN, KURT Hall 86, 442 Sellers, Arthur 1 17 Shirley, Brian 157 SLAGLEY, JEREMY Michael Smith, MAJ Eugene 55 Sparks, Joel 97 Senin, Christine 129 SENN, MICHAEL Edward 148, Shirley, David 1 1 I, 169 Shirley, Devin 159 152, 597, 628 Slater, Scott 155 Smith, Smith, MAJ Mark 55, 576, 577 MAJ Sidney 42 Spash, Robert 109, 547 Spaulding, Steve 155, 247 166, 616 Shirley, Matthew 99 Slaughter, Maria 89 Smith, Mark 157 Spear, Jeffrey 125 Senneff, John 89 Shirley, SFC Roland 52 Slawter, John 1 17 Smith, Matt 121 Spearman, Ken 247 SENTELL, DENNIS SHANNON JR Shogren, Mark 105 Sledge, Edward 87 Smith, McOsha 107 Speas, Brian 161 585 Sholeye, Adekunle 129 Sleight, Chris 151 Smith, Mike 127 Spence, Chris 159 Sentell, Gerry 574, 575 Shore, Stephen 157 Slevin, MR William 25 Smith, Milton 161, 285 Spence, Deidre 256 Sentell, Shannon 156, 404 Shulz, George P. 46 Slick, Staci 1 15 Smith, MR Jerome 57 Spencer, Alexander 95 Senzon, Craig 1 15 SHUMAN, JAMES Ernest 156, Slinn, MS Kathy 42 Smith, MR Robert 57 Spencer, MAJ William 24 Series, Mark 89 585 Slinsky, Deb 95 Smith, MR William 57 SPENCER, PHILIP Berj 86, 442 Serrao, MR Ricky 45 Sessa, Mike 522, 525 Shuping, Trenton I 15 Shusta, Jeff 91 SLIVKA, DAVID John JR 124, 560, 561, 548 Smith, Smith, MSG William 20 Richard 141 SPETH, PHILIP Paul I IO, 510 Spicer, Tamara 125 Settles, Corey 159 Sibley, MS Judith 42 Sloan, Jared 155 Smith, Rick 105 Spiker, Spencer 155 Seward, lawrence 1 15 Sicca, MR Ben 27 Slokar, Julie 155, 578, 579 Smith, Rodney 56 Sponsler, Warren 129 Seymour, MS Joyce 42 SIDEL, JASON James 108, 505 Slomka, James 1 15, 247 Smith, Scott 89, 224 Spranger, LTC Donna 20 SHAFER, JON DORIAN 465 Shafer, Marc 129 Sidle, MR Peter 40 SIEFERING, BRIAN Wayne 154, Sloop, CPT Joseph 25 SLOWINSKI, JAMES R 140, 596 Smith, SMITH, Sean 155,168 STEPHEN Barrett 102, Sprengnether, Steven 97 Springer, COL Dwight 25 Shaffer, Encer 159 654 Small, PROF Donald 51 120, 540 Squier, Chris 1 19, 168 Shagena, John 145, 519 Sierakowski, Andrea 159 Small, SFC Stanley 59 Smith, Teresa 91, 257 Squires, Ryan 127 Shaller, Andy 91 SIERAKOWSKI, CHRISTOPHER Smidt, CPT Jonathan 26 Smith, Tracey 151 St.Amand, Eric 149 Shapiro, Stuart 101, 167 John 156, 640 SMIT, MICHAEL Andrew 104, Smith, Travis 127, 159, 299, Stabler, MS Rosemary 20 Shar, Baqar 147 Sikes, Zachary 87, 571 492 519 Stachelski, Mark 157, 285 Sharp, Steve I 15 Siket, COL James 21 Smith, 2LT Katherine 22 Smith, Tucker 141 Stacy, Jason 1 I I Sharpe, Greg 107, 561 Siltman, CPT Frank 29 SMITH, ANDREW Peter I 17, Smith, Tyler 151 Stader, Matt 1 I 1 SHAW, BRYAN Robert 156, 585 SILVA, ADAM Leigh I 12, 529, 120, 571, 540 SMITH, WILLIAM Dale 92, 460 STAFF JUDGE ADVOCATE 42 SHAW, CHRIS Douglas 142, 551, 597, 517 Smith, Andy 570 SNEED, RICHARD Hoke 90, Stajura, Michael 109 158, 242, 247, 646 SILVER, ERIC Christopher 105, Smith, Anthony 141 454 Stall, Luke 149 Shaw, CPI' John 29 1 18, 555 Smith, Brad 101, 1 15 SNIDER, JENNIFER Lisette 126, STALTER, GEORGE Joseph Shaw, Dan 1 15 Simchik, MAJ Richard 25 Smith, Bradley 155 554 1 14, 522 SHAW, DESMOND Jamal 156, 585 Shaw, Robert 119 Shaw, Timothy 99 Shear, Rob 105 Shearer, Christopher 151 Shebalin, David 121 Sheehan, Brendan 1 17, 529 Sheehy, Michael 87 Shekleton, Michael 151, 545 Shepard, Anthony 147, 247 SHEPARD, JASON Kincaid 124, 552, 555, 547 SHERIDAN, JAMES MCHUGH SIMMERING, MICHAEL John 145, 160, 652 Simmons, Alexander 155 Simmons, Ban'y 95 Simmons, Dave 519 Simmons, Heather 552, 555 Simmons, Major 147 SIMONI, JULIE Ann 96, 547, 472 Simons, MS Rae 57 Simpson, Christopher 127 SIMPSON, SAMUEL Kyle II 145, 152, 628 SIMPSON, SEAN Duncan 124, Smith, Brett 151, 167, 585 Smith, Brian 115, 121, 155, 261 Smith, Buck 95 Smith, Camille 145 Smith, Chad 99 Smith, Chip 151 Smith, Chris 159 Smith, Clayton 89, 247 Smith, Clinton 121 Smith, CPT Thomas 29 Smith, CPT Troy 52 Smith, CPT Walter 54 Smith, Dan 105, 144 Snow, CPT Jeffrey 58 Snyder, Bill 89 Snyder, CPT Robert 55 SNYDER, MARK Steven 124, 548 Snyder, Sara 101 SOLDON, BRIAN Thomas 148, 616 Solis, MAJ 299 Solis, Mike 157 Sollami, Dean 124, 125 Sollami, Leonard 184 SOMMERNESS, BENJAMIN Richard 160, 652 Stanfield, Richard 149, 558 Stanley, Alison 101, 257 Stanley, CPT Timothy 55 Stanley, Jennifer 121 Stanton, Dwayne 129, 225 Stanton, Paul 1 19 Starbuck, Nancy 157, 271 Stark, Elisabeth 151 Stark, Liz 547 Stark, Matt 157, 529 Starkenburg, John 91 Stasevich, Steve 147 Stauffer, DR Robert 55 STECKEL, TIMOTHY Michael 85, 102, 104, 492 548 Smith, Dana 149, 198 SONG, DALE Sung 86, 442 98, 260, 261, 478 SHERMAN, PAUL DORSEY JR Sims, Steven 1 I5 SMITH, DANIEL Robert 169, Song, Michael 125 Steed, Peter 157, 169 1 18, 555 SIMURDIAK, KENNETH Joseph 605 Sonne, David 109 Steele, Jen 141 SHERRILL, BRADLEY Phillip JR 154, 206, 654 Smith, Douglas 127 Sorg, William 157 Steele, Scott 125, 125 150, 622 Sinacori, Krissy 157 SMITH, DREW Patrick I 14, SORGENFREI, DARREN Douglas Steelhammer, Adam 1 19 Sherwood, Michelle 159 Shetterly, Jeffry 1 1 I SHETZLINE, RAYMOND Young III 160, 652 Shields, Brian 99 SHIELDS, CHADWICK Wayne 156, 585 Shields, John 107 SHIFFERD, JAMES Martin 106, 498 Sinadinos, Nicole 95, 168, 224, 225 Singleton, CPI' Greg 51 Sire, Sam 559 Siry, Dave 151 Sitki, Eren 1 15 Sivulka, Michael 141 Sizelove, John 1 17, 247 Sizemore, Bryan 145, 519 Sjolinder, William 151, 299 166, 575, 522 Smith, Earnest I 15 SMITH, ELIZABETH Regina 102, 498 Smith, Erik 115, 155 Smith, Henry 125, 167 Smith, James 107, 169 Smith, Jarrad 107 SMITH, JOEL Arthur 142, 150, 622 84, 456 Sosagaston, SPC Felix 42 SOSNICKY, JAMES Roderick 80, 160, 652 Soto, Tracey 155 SOUCY, TODD Christopher 160, 655 Southcott, CPT Joseph 51 Souza, Marissa 161 Sovich, Gregory 87 Stefan, Theodore 99 STEIDL, MITCHELL Paul 88, 448 Steindler, MS Rona 42 Steiner, Christopher 85 Steinhiser, Dave 105 STEINKE, JON Dennis 144, 605 Stellar, LTC Fred 24 Stelling, Peter 147 Stelma, Kyle 149 Shih, Ryan 99 SKAGGS, ALAN Michael 142, Smith, Kenneth 155 Sowell, Steven 89, 224, 225 Stephen, Mark 251 l l 1 1 i 692 Catholic Choir Catholic Folk Group STEPHENS, GREGORY Kolb 144, 605 STEPHENS, MARK Andrew 154, 595, 578 STEPHENSON, DAN 152, 572 Stephenson, Scott 127 Stepien, James 1 15, 167 Stevens, CPT James 58 Stevens, CPT Richard 51 Stevens, Jim 95 1 44, 566, 255, 460 Sutton, Jeff 149 Stevenson, MAJ Samuel 42 Stevenson, Thomas 155 Steward, Robert 85 Stewart, 2LT Margaret 271 STEWART, BART Douglass 88, 405, 448 Stewart, Bill 247 STEWART, GEORGE Auten 111 1 16, 528 Stewart, Jason 127, 260, 261 Stewart, MS Phyllis 42 Stewart, Nicole 159, 169, 579 Stewart, William 95 Stiefel, CPI' Jeff 25 Stiek, Richard 129 Stienwachs, Nathen Stilwell, Daxton 95 Stine, CPT John 25 Stinnett, Mike 155 Stith, COL James 54 STOBBE, MAREK Rafal 120, 540 Stockmaster, Neil 157 Stone, MAJ James 51 Stone, Michael P. 17 Stone, Oliver 109 Stoner, Eric I I 1 STOREY, FREDERICK Mark 85, 94, 224, 225, 466 STOUFFER, DAVID Brent 558, 484 Stouffer, Mark 87 Stover, Edward 89 Stovffer, Dave 100 Stramara, MAJ Kevin 55 Stratton, Scott 155, 545 Straub, Adam 157 Straub, Matthew 109 Streater, Brent 129 Streba, Maria 161, 565 Streets, CPT Kevin 59 Stricker, MAJ David 41 Strickland, CPT Jeffrey 51 Strickler, Matt 99 STRINGER, DAVID Blake 122, 124, 548 Stringer, John 85 Stromberg, COL Peter 21, 26 Strong, Mark 85 STROTHER, JACK THEODORE 560 Strout, Adam 129 115 STRUBBE, HEIDI Rita 142, 148, 616 Struder, MAJ Kurt 57, 577 Stuart, Marty 69 STUHRKE, RICHARD August JR 405, 41 1, 484 Stull, John 141, 247 Stumpf, Diana 155, 575 Sturek, Walt 122, 128 STUREK, WALTER BEYNON JR 560 Sturhke, Rick 100 SUCHANEK, GREGORY J. 88, 561, 448 Suchecki, Slade 157, 544 Sugrue, Frances 155, 575 SUH, CHARLES Hyuk 152, 572 Suh, Mickey 125 Sulewski, Charles 157 Sullivan, Brian 51, 99 Sullivan, GEN Gordon 17, 554 SULLIVAN, GERARD Joseph 156, 584 Sullivan, John 141 Sullivan, Michael 155 Sullivan, MRS Karen 25 Sullivan, Richard 1 1 1 Sullivan, Shane 155 Sullivan, Wardell 155 Sumler, MRS Chana 42 Summels, Christie 85 Summer, CPT Arthur 25 Summers, Christie 174 Summers, Jennifer 1 1 1, 174 Summers, Robert 159 Sumstad, Ryan 151 Sumter, ILT Carol 41 Sumter, CPT Darren 41 Sumutka, Brian 155, 169 SUNDEM, CHAD Raymond 152, 282, 285, 628 Suob, Shawn 97 Surratt, Brian 141 Sutek, Brad 97, 547 Sutek, Ron 149, 547 Sutter, CPT David 29 SUTTER, PAUL Francis l 18, 166, 555 Sutton, Bob 254 Sutton, Jason 159, 244, 247 Sutton, Levi 95 Swift, Rich 141, 255, 254 Swindlehurst, Christy 271 Swinehart, Brian 155 SWISHER, ROBERT Matthew I 18, 554 Sylvia, Brett 155 SYMONDS, BRIAN Christopher 156, 574, 575, 640 Synider, Jenifer 122 SYPHUS, DREW Merrill 122, 128, 224, 225, 560 SYVERSON, THANE Joseph 100, 484 Szczepanski, John 155 Szczesny, Gregory 149 Szymanski, Stephen 119 Tabasco, MR Art 45 Tabor, Brian 99 Tackett, Scott 141, 169 Tacquard, Lance 155 Tahtinen, Keith 125, 285 Tai, Ting 105, 579 Tait, Curtis 126, 127, 167 TAK, WILLIAM LAP WONG 522 TAKATS, STACY Dianne 108, 504 Talbot, Jake 101 TALBOT, MARK Edward 1 14, 522 Talbot, Stephan 87 Taliaferro, Jason I 1 1 Tamasits, Raymond 147 TAMBURR1, DAVID Patrick 80, 156, 574, 575, 640 Tan, Wel 157 Tansey, William 149 TARANTELL1, TODD Michael 92, T arasevitch, lan 147 TARDANICO, SCOTT Albert 92, 597, 461 Tarquinto, Michael I 15 Tauber, Mike 1 15 Taylor, William 151 Taylor-Pearce, Modupe 87, 569 Teague, Edward 121, 545 Teague, MAJ George 22 Tebbe, William Todd 85 Teeter, Dan 1 19 Tegtmeier, Brandon 89 Teixeira, Cristian 149, 255 Teksten, Ryan 151 Telbert, Aaron 124, 125 Telles, Tanya 141 Tendy, MS Susan 55 Teran, Alonso 121 Terese, Thomas 149 Terhune, CPT Jeffrey 59 TERHUNE, PATRICK Allen 1 16, Thompson, Kenneth 121, 169 Thompson, Kurt 1 17 Thompson, Malcolm 1 19 Thompson, Mark 129 THOMPSON, MATTHEW Garfield 80, 106, 565, 498 Thompson, MR Bob 40 Thompson, Travis 102 THOMSEN, BRENT Alan 120, 541 Thomsen, Erik 145, 168 Thomson, Darin 99, 224 Thomson, Derek 547 Thomure, MSG John 52 THONG, JOHN 125, 140, 596 THORKILDSON, JILL Benita 604 574, 575, 528 TERRELL, ALBERT Benjamin 88, 448 Terrell, Rigdon I 15 TESTA, ANTHONY John 1 15, 156, 640 Tezak, COL Edward 21 THAMES, GEORGE Troy 148, 224, 225, 616 Tharp, William 1 1 1 Then, Erich 159 Theobald, Roxanne 87, 169, 265 Thiede, CPT David 51 Thiesse, PROF Nathan 51 THIESSEN, ALLEN Thomas 126, 166, 554 THIRD REGIMENT 59 Thomas, Al 1 15 Thomas, Carla 115, 169 Thomas, COL Edward 21, 27 Thomas, CPI' Marc 56 Thomas, David 149 Thomas, Devon 157, 562 Thomas, LTC David 56 Thomas, LTC Stephen 56 Thomas, Mark 159 Thomas, MS Odette 40 Thomas, Reggie 161, 247 Thomas, Ronald 97 Thomas, Ryan 85 Thomas, Travis 87 THOME, JAMES John JR 154, Svob, Shawn 576, 577 Swan, Shelley 157, 270, 271 Swanson, Mark 147, 299 Swartz, Trevor 127 SWARTZWELTER, SCOTT Russell 90, 454 Sweeney, CHRISTOPHER James I 16, 528 Sweeney, CPT Patrick 22 SWENSON, CHRISTOPHER Douglas 1 16, 528 Swenson, David 1 17 Swenson, Graham 87, 168 Swiecki, Adam 85 Swieki, Joe 151 Swift, Jack 85, 168, 260, 261 Taylor, Bill 154, 155, 565 Taylor, Catherine 129 Taylor, CPT John 22 Taylor, Curtis 141 Taylor, Daniel 161, 570, 571 TAYLOR, DOUGLAS Jeffrey 1 18, 554 570, 571, 578 THOME, THEODORE Matthew 85, 84, 542, 545, 456 Thomen, Michael 99 Thompson, Abigail 141, 224, Taylor, Gregory 169 TAYLOR, JAMES William 126, 554 Taylor, Kathy 565 Taylor, Mike 107 Taylor, MS Brenda 57 TAYLOR, PAUL Joseph 140, 596 Taylor, SFC Jerry 52 Taylor, T G 155, 551 225, 577 THOMPSON, BENJAMIN Herbert 156, 640 Thompson, Brian 89 Thompson, Christopher 107 Thompson, Derek 159 Thompson, Emma 69 Thompson, J.T. 152 THOMPSON, JAMFAS EARL 572 THOMPSON, JEFFERY Bruce 100, 299, 500, 405, 484 Thorley, Stephen 151 THORN, RANDALL Joel 106, 166, 498 Thornberry, Michael 161, 570, 571 Thorne, Brian 99 Thorne, Eric 1 17, 565 Thornfelt, Rob 1 15 Thornton, Steven 127, 165 Thrash, Charles 157 Threate, Kermit 1 17 Tidd, CPT John 21 TIDWELL, DONALD William 1 10, 205, 510 Tierney, Jeanne 125 Tietze, MR Larry 42 Tikalsky, Schott 155 Tillman, CPT Mark 56 Timbario, Matt 141, 529 Timmerman, Alec 1 19, 299 Tipton, LTC Paul 26 Tirona, Juan 129 TISCH, ROBERT Joseph JR 158, 646 Tisson, MAJ John 22 Tito, President 60 TLAPA, JEFFERY James 124, 41 1, 548 Tobey, Mike 159, 168 TOBIN, CHARLOTTE Ann 120, 541 Toce, Allyson 105 Toddy, Derrick 155, 168, 172, 220 Tofller, COL Patrick 20 Toguchi, MAJ Robert 29 Tollefson, Eric 157, 167 Toman, Joshua 125 Tomei, Marisa 69 TOMLINSON, PATRICK R. JR 156, 584 TOMPKINS, SCOTT C. Tomsen, Katrina 145 Toomajian, CPT Martin 25 Toombs, MS Christine 59 Topping, CPT Ken 29 Topping, CPT Kimetha 59 Torgerson, CPI' Scott 51 126, 554 ' Catholic Catechists Officer's Christian Fellowship Index 695 Tornatore, MS Gemma 45 TORREANO, MICHAELJOhn 96, 475 TORRES, DARRYL Jerome 96, 166, 475 Toti, Frederick 121 Toulouse, Marc 1 15 Tousley, CPT Bradford 25 Tousley, MAJ Scott 54 Towns, Kyle 97 Townsend, Wayne 141, 250 TOY, CHANDRA Michelle 578, 579, 646 Tozzi, CPT Kenneth 50 Tracy, Michael 125 Traficano, Thomas 161 Trainor, CPT Timothy 56 Treacy, MS Rita 45 Treharne, MAJ Barbara 21 Trevino, CPT Raymond 41 Trevino, Gerry 129 Trice, MS Clare 57 Trimborn, Stephen 127 TRINIDAD, FELIX Javier 148, 616 Trisler, Steven 155 Tritt, Travis 69 Trott, Mark 85 Trotter, Michael 151, 519 Trout, Heather I 1 1, 169 TROUTNER, STEPHEN Francis 84, 456 Troxel, MAJ Robert 55 Troxell, Grant 147 Trujillo, Carlos 529 Truong, Vu 85, 91 Trush, Heidi 575 Tryon, CPI' Stephen 26 Tubbs, Chris 121 Tubbs, Creighton 87 Tubesing, CPT Margaret 25 Tubridy, MR Paul 21 Tucker, 2LT Scott 299 Tucker, Brian 101 TUCKER, CARY Joseph 84, 299, 456 Tucker, John 107 Tucker, MAJ Michael 52 Tuemler, CSM James 20, 41 Tuite, Jim 159, 529 Tuite, Steve 285 Tumlin, Geoff 101 Tummonds, David 149 Tung, Brian 155 Turbak, Lori 109, 167 Turco, Christopher 95 Turkington, Scott 127 Turner, Bess 1 15 Turner, CPI' Matthew 25 Turner, Frank 151 Turner, John 1 15 Turner, MAJ John 56 Turner, Mike 159 Turner, Sean 122, 151, 529 Turner, Todd 247 158, Turner, Yvette 151 Turregano, CPT Clemson 55 Turturro, Bill 89 Tyler, Stacy 95, 169, 224, 225 Tyquiengco, Jerrol 129 L0 Ubiratan, LTC Silva 27 Uchacz, MR Gene 40 Uken, Doug 1 1 1 UNDERWOOD, RENEE Michelle 152, 572 Underwood, Thaddeus 85, 169 Upperman, MAJ Phillippe 21 Upton, Mike 99 Urban, Paul 159 Uribarri, Ludia 87 URKIEL, BRIAN Alexander 158, 646 URSITTI, ELIAS 122, 125, 158, 595, 595, 405, 405, 409, 590 Usher, Abraham 99 Usino, Jeff 141 V Valdez, Rick 151 VALENTINE, BENJAMIN Silver 105, 108, 504 Valerga, Victor 168, 224, 225 Van, CPT Raymond Pelt 58 Van, CPT Steven Kirk 29 Vanaskie, Stephen JOSEPH 116, 172, 219, 221, 407, 528 Vanatta, James 159 VanBuskirk, Michael 151, 169, 299 Vance, Jeremy 1 15 Vandawater, Todd 144, 145 Vanderbush, Al COL 16, 19, 40 VanEpps, Geoff 141 VANG, TONG Chumeng 125, 158, 255, 407, 591 Vangeertruyden, Peter 127 Vannatta, Jonathan 109, 577 VanSick1e, Todd 91 Vanzandt, Lance 129 Vargas, CPT Douglas 22 Vargo, Michael 99 Varner, CPT James 26 Vastag, Michael 157 Vaughan, Christina 155 Vaughan, Stevie Ray 69 Vaughn, Kevin 257, 247 Vdall, Benjamin 151 VEALE, THOMAS Francis V 105, 1 14, 522 Vedra, Robert 109 Veix, MR Henry 55 Velasquez, Dan 561 Velazauf, Danny 89 VELER, JAMES Leroy JR 108, 580, 504 Velez, MRS Maureen 41 Velloff, Rich 95 VENABLE, KIRK Joseph 152, 572 Vencil, Paul 121 VENEGAS, ZACHARY beonard 124, 548 Ventriglia, Gene 257, 258 Ventriglia, Jimmy 257 Verrill, Todd 95 Vest, John 159 Vetter, Mark I 15 VICKREY, JAMES Duane II 1 18, 554 Vier, SPC Jason 57 VIERA, MICHAEL Anthony 144, 166, 604 Viles, Tim I 15, 299 Villarreal, SFC Manuel 59 Villas, Jason I 17 VILLEGAS, CORINA Prieto 144, 604 Villines, Todd 105 VINA, KEVIN William 565, 622 Vine, Chris 155 Vinn, Kevin 150 Virgil, Jay 155, 169 Virgil, Kevin 107 Viriyavejakul, Saranyu 100, 485 Viscovich, Christopher 85 Visner, Mike 102 VITOR, BRUCE Allen 85, 90, 562, 455 Vogel, Thomas 1 15 Vogeridka, Constantine 147 VOGT, PAUL GERARD BAKER 517 Vogt, Whitney 127, 577 Vohs, Tasha 159 Voigt, CPT Suzann 26 VOIGTSCHILD, JENNIFER Sue 80, 108, 504 Volkman, Sam Volkmann, Tim 1 I 1 147 157, 299 Volpe, Michael Vongsvarnrungruang, Joseph 169 Voris, MR Russell 40 Vorkay, Jason 157 VOWINKEL, KYLE Russell 125, 140, 562, 596 Voyedvidka, Constantine 564, 565 Vranes, Jason 151, 574, 575 Vydareny, Todd 101 Waddell, CPI' Ricky 55 Waddell, MRS Gloria 21 Wade, Baxter 155 Wade, Jake 151 Wadle, Scott 95 Wager, LTC Steven 29 Wagner, COL Anthony 20 Wagner, COL Tony 42 WAGNER, JILL Louise 140, 596 Wagner, Krista 117, 169 Wagner, MAJ Christopher 25 Waits, Wendi 167 Wakefield, Karen 155, 555 Waldron, MAJ Joseph 56 Waldron, Thomas 127 Walenda, Gary 97, 561 Walker, CPT Gerald 28 Walker, Doug 95 WALKER, ERIC Laird 80, 158, 165, 591 Walker, George 169 Walker, Jacob 95 Walker, MS Andrea 57 WALKER, ROBERT William II 85, 98, 552, 555, 478 Walker, Ross 125, 299 WALL, ANTHONY Bowser 98, 410, 478 Wall, Kerr 224 Wall, Michael 109 Wall, Phillip 121 Wallen, Benjamin 89 Walser, Ray 107 Walsh, Drew 145 Walsh, Matt 109 Walter, George 127 Walter, Kimberly 147, 270, 271 Walters, MAJ Wally Jr. 55 Walters, Mark 141, 168 WALTMAN, BRIAN Frederick 106, 498 WALTON, FRANK James 142, 158, 646 Walton, John 155 Walton, Lawrence 159 Walton, Sam 72 WALTZ, ERIC Gray 84, 529, 457 Wambach, Danyelle 157, 224, 225 Wambeke, Dustin Wampler, Richard 89 Wanchick, Mathew wang, Al 161 Wang, DR Fei-Ling 55 158, 159 151,551 115 Wanless, Kenneth Ward, David 115, 169 Ward, Kate 149, 169 Ward, MAJ John 27 Ward, MAJ William 24 Ward, Mary Ms 22 Ward, MS Lisa 42 Ward, Rich 89 WARD, SHANE Rider I 18, 554 Ward, Wendy 101 Warder, James 157 Wardynski, MAJ Casey E. 55 WARE, JARED Lee 148, 166, 616 Warldron, Dave 76 Warn, Daniel 127, 169, 261 Warner, Brian 95 Warner, Christopher 1 15 Warner, Ron 151 WARNICK, DAVID Alan 156, 298, 299, 584 Warren, Eric 125 Warzynski, Kaye 141, 167, 579 WASHINGTON, MICHAEL John 82, 86, 442 Washington, Monica 157 Wassel, MS Adrienne 55 Waterman, Michael 85 Watkins, MR Chuck 57 Watnick, Naomi 115, 169 Watson, Bill 150 WHILSOFI , CPT James 56, 299 Watson, Laura 145, 169, 547 Watson, MS Georgianna 42 Watson, Scott 157 Wattendorf, COL John 21, 22 Watts, Clinton 145 Watts, Steve 95 Waugh, Wayne, Greg 111 James 147 Weart, MAJ Jeffrey 20 Weatherly, David 141 Weaver, Jay 106 WEAVE R, JONATHAN Kirk 166, 224, 225, 498 Webb, Geoff 159 Webb, Jamey 159 WEBB, PAUL Valentine III 154, 654 WEBB, STEPHEN Ashley 98, 479 Webb, Trent 1 15 WEBBER, DAVID E 108, 504 Weber, Charles 1 19, 190, 561 Weber, Eric 161 Weber, Robert 105, 552, 555 Weber, Steve 257, 245, 247 WEBER, TIMOTHY Anton 1 18, 554 Webster, Jeff 85 Webster, MS Leslie 57 Webster, Noah 125 Weekes, Jason 109 WEGNER, DEAN DAVID 647 Weheymeyer, Alex 127 WEHMEYER, MARC Alan 80, 408, 499 Wehrenberg, Aaron 109 Weidenhof, MS Catherine 58 WEIDOW, TODD Michael 126, 599, 554 WEIL, DEVIN Arthur 124, 549 Weiman, Spence 156 Weiss, Danny 129 Weitzel, CPT Douglas 24 13, I N RQ '. It 1 Z I , , , , I 1 3 II -IS-1 I Q 694 Baptist Student Union Gospel Choir 584 Welch, CPT Ronald 24 Weller, Robert 155, 169 Wells, CPT Clarence 54 Wells, Jamie 91 Wells, Michael 95 Welsh, MAJ James 52 Wendel, MR Ted 20 Wendland, Christopher 109 Weng, Chris Lo Wah I 15 Werking, Kyle 95, 169 Werling, Ryan 97 WERNER, MELISSA Louise 122, 156, 584 Wesbrock, Jason I 19, 167, 547 West, J.R. 247 WEST, JOE David JR I 16, 576 577, 529 West, LTC Richard 51 West, SFC Paul 52 West, Steven 155 Westbrook, MAJ John 55 WESTBROOK, PATRICIA Lee 96, 572, 575, 475 Westhusing, CPT Theodore 26 Westlake, David 127 Weygant, MS Val 45 Whalen, Martin 159, 512 WHATLEY, EDWARD Albert JR 146, 61 I Wheeler, COL James 29 Whemeyer, Marc 106 WHIFFEN, HAROLD Holbrook 88, 449 Whitacre, Garth 159 Whitaker, SPC Donald 42 White, Austin 157 White, Chris 129 White, Demetrius 160 White, Jackie 99 White, John 167 White, Justin 157 White, Matthew 109 WHITE, RANDY Edwyn 128, 560 White, Stephanie 145 WHITE, THOMAS Eugene Il 151, 255, 566 Whitman, MAJ Jefferey 26 Whitmark, Christopher 95 Whitner, Glen 101, 169 Whitney, Casey 127 Whittaker, Lisa 109 Whitten, Mike 89 Whitten, Suzin 95 Whyte, John 142, 161 Wickersham, Peter 155 Wicks, Rocco 125, 247 Wideman, James 102, 1 I I Widmar, Eric 125, 169 WIELINSKI, TODD David 156, 552, 555, 584 Wieman, John 157 Wiese, Jody 85 Wiest, Luke 151 WILCOX, ANN Elizabeth 1 14, 522 Wilcox, Justin 1 1 1, 568, 569 Wilder, Baasil 1 1 1 Wildes, LTC David 21, 58 Wile, Brian 95 WILHELM, CRAIG Allen 152, 572 Wilkenson, Lawrence 127 Wilkins, MAJ Stephen 55 Wilkinson, Kenneth 1 1 1, 545 Wilkison, Patrick 568 Wille, Dennis 168 Williams, Barry 121 Williams, Blair 87 Williams, Colin 87, 558 Williams, CPT Danyl 58, 547 Williams, CPT Jonathan 26 Williams, Danny 127 WILLIAMS, DAVID Garth 80, 124, 166, 549 Williams, Dorsey 87 Williams, Flip 152 WILLIAMS, JOSH Matthew 122, Williams, Julie 101 Williams, Kirk 89 Williams, MAJ Garland 55 Williams, Michael 107, 109, 247 WILLIAMS, PHILIP LESLIE JR 575 WILLIAMS, ROBERT SELDEN JR 655 Williams, Sean 155 Williams, Shon 151 Williams, Steve 151 Williams, Tacuma 95, 290 Williams, Tara 256, 257 Williams, Theodore 145, 157 Williams, Tracey 95 Williams, Younga 95, 168 Williamson, Donald 125, 224, 225 Williamson, MS Janice 21 Williamson, Wesley 105 Willie, Dennis 95 Willis, Kathy 1 17 Willis, Michael 125 Willmon, Samuel 107, 547 WILLS, JASON Brian 152, 575 WILSHIRE, WILLIAM Jeffrey 145, 148, 617 WILSON, BRANT Allen 140, 596 Wilson, CPT David 27 WILSON, ERIC Michael 108, 109, 597, 504 Wilson, Gail 97 Wilson, MAJ William 25 Wilson, Mark 1 17 Wilson, Ramey 125 Wimmer, Byron 127, 525 Winchester, Jonathan I 19, 169, 555 Winer, lan 1 15 Wineriter, Matt 95 Winget, David 157 Winkel, COL Raymond 21, 54 Winkle, Meredith 97, 547 Winn, Nathan 109, 562 Winters, Bob 128 Winters, Chris 128 Winters, PROF Duke 28 WINTERS, ROBERT Regis 408, 561 Wise, CPI' James 25 Wise, David 85 Wise, Jeremy 161 Wise, Kevin 155 WISE, TERR1 Ann 102, 118, 578, 579, 554 Witham, James 125 Witherington, Billy Ray 82 WITHERINGTON, BRENT Vaught 94, 466 Withers, MAJ William 58 Witt, Tom 85, 101 Wittpenn, CPI' Glenn 52 WOEHRMAN, SARAH Elizabeth 142, 154, 401, 654 Wohlburg, MAJ Gerardo 27 Wojcik, Kenneth 1 18 Wojczynski, Dave 99, 247 WOJTKUN, ERIC Hiapo 126, 596, 554 Wojtuski, Thaddeus 85 Wolf, Eric 518 WOLFE, JAMES Edward 150, 566 Wolfe, Jonathan 125, 285 Wolfe, Stefan 151, 529 Wolocko, Jamison 1 19, 247 Wolter, Jason 91 Won, Sung 149 Wong, Ernest 151 Wong, MAJ Leonard 22 Wong, William 1 14 WOOD, BERKELEY Jerome 156, 641 Wood, Brian 159, 255 Wood, CPT Emmett Jr. 55 Wood, CPT Mark 59 Wood, Daman 115, 512 Wood, DR Ray 55 Wood, John 149 Wood, LTC David 52 Woodall, John 87 Woodmansey, Alan 145 Woodring, CPT Wada 51 WOODS, CHRISTOPHER Lee 86, 442 Woodworth, CPT Bart 55 Worff, Catherine 151, 565 Work, Pat 149, 247 Workman, Tim 85, 561 Worley, J B 129 Worth, CPI' Daniel 28 Wortinger, Brian 129, 168, 571 WOS, JASON Leonard 158, 558, 647 WOSSmar, Nathaniel I 19 Wray, Brian 105, 547 Wright, Anthony 147 Wright, Benjamin 1 15 Wright, CPT Jerry 56 Wright, Jason 95, 121, 560, 561 Wright, MS Joanne 22 Wright, Stuart 161 WRIGHT, TIMOTHY Darnell 94, 466 WRIGHT, TODD John 156, 298, 299, 501, 585 Wrona, Rick 159 Wyatt, Josh 151 Wyatt, LTC Lee 29 Wyka, Melissa 105 Wynn, Gary 95 Wyrovski, William 95 WYSZYNSK1, JOSEPH Leo JR 145, 152, 560, 561, 628 Wyszynski, Leo 85, 560, 56 Yankopoulos, Mark 1 12, 517 Yankoupe, Nicole 152, 597 Yant, Todd 95 Yap, Gerard 105 Yawsow, MS Rosemary 45 Yeaton, Christopher 157 Yee, Jason 159 YEN, MARYANN MIN KU 510 YERKIC, MICHAEL Anthony 86, 445 YEROVI, KATHERINE Ann 94, 466 Yeungert, MAJ 562 Yi, John 95 Yim, Chong 155 Yonasek, MRS Diane 20 YONG, JOHN SONG OH 565 YORAN, AMIT Yacov 145, 148, 617 York, MR Eben 25 York, Robert 121 Yorke, MR Holbrook 42 Yoshitani, Dunn 168 Yost, MR Bill 57 Youmans, Terrence 87 Young, Abel 151 YOUNG, ADAM Michael 92, 461 Young, Chris 101 Young, Daniel 155 Young, Dillard 147 Young, DR Ivor 42 Young, Jake 597 Young, James 157 YOUNG, JASON Joseph 120, 541 Young, Kenneth 105 YOUNG, MARTIN Santos 142, 158, 647 Young, Robert 159, 165, 167 Young, SFC Eddie 42 Youngberg, MR Bill 57 Yount, SFC John 58 Yu, Kyung 101 Yu, Victor 141 Yuengert, MAJ Louis 51 Yuliano, Andrew 101 Yun, Jonathan 129, 224 ZACHER, MATHEW Todd 597 ZERANICK, CHRISTINE Diane 555 ZIMMERMAN, JOHN Allen 461 ZINK, DANIEL Eric 629 ZOCH, PATRICK Dean 578 ZUCK, JESSE William 579 Cadet Chapel Choir Navigators Index 695 696 5335535 f- Q 1-.zytw Q ,, N1 gw X , --,-. 13. hw fp , 4, , .,,L,.1 'F 3115,- S- ..,74,,,. .3 25 L' wir LJ ggi. N 'af-4. Y Snag.- Q A Wx . I X , . wx- vw: L4 1: ggi, iff was '- :Eff .gf if.. H2 ,-.1 ff 1 'fair ffl 35. 'xg Ili' " 3 'ws W fra?- -'s v., 5 5 7342 mg.. 'l Jr 1 Tfgrf 7' v mx l bwir 5. YL' L 5153243-gg s----as it , 4.52235 'H . k. if a 2 .pf- , 4 - f.. 9-f 115: 'fr ' Q-,gd i 9' . Wa Q J 33 ii- ' 1 I 4, A , Q N .Sis l 1,1 v 1 .I is-'ix 'x X 1-if L' 'arf l ff' -a Q11 fl 5, . ,,.m . if 1 ,f-sa.-. Q-?'1L'3lgif J i'?s.:f7 ,lx 1. 0,3 51. MH sn' 135321 W.. V65 5 ffiiir' .Q-5' bw - rr 12 . 'lg is ,Q-it Y Q w U ,. ,.- 9"7?kY'Q A fir. 4 mfr..-. ifQf.!6'1 Q. Q.-+, ,Jn ?r'vafEZf!'Q -KW-M33 ,rg .L "...For them that honour me I will honour .... " lSa 2:50 iil Always! USMA, C4 Cowboys Sr John Michaud '95 Mom8rDad 417 You Did It All Proud Family of John Ross'95 Love You '95-Anthony Judge-2LT Infrantry"Charlie Mike" Dad8rRathy 2LT Hoskin We Are Proud of You A Wise Son Makes His Parents Glad Thanks Andrew '96 AAA Job, Glenn'96. Go Cowboys Go C4. Aloha To the Class of '96 From Maui Always the proud parents of Shane R. Ward! We Love You Best Wishes - The Janovic Family Best to'95Family of Doug Rorneski'95 Bryan Shaw G5 '95 with pride Sr love congratulations! MSD Buflo SoUr 95, Ski For Gold- Reach For Star! Love Ya Cadet Shane Sullivan E-5 Class of 94 Way to put out fire! Cadet Tony DeLuca, Elvis Lives Class of 95, You Are The Best!!! The Reich Family Congrats Shawn F2 '95 Love Mom Sandy Carla Bob Liz ai1ToUs Congratulations 2LT Patrick Downes The Casucci Family Congratulations 2LT Simurdiak Dad, Mom, Kris: Mike ' Congratulations Chuck Chalfont E2 94 Go Chad Chalfont 95 Congratulations Class of '95! Family of Jason Howe C2-H1 Congratulations Darryl J. Torres '95 From Michna Family Congratulations God Bless Darryl Torres Aunt Delfina Congratulations Kristoffer Fale! Proud family8rfriends'94 Congratulations LT Jackson Jeb Seims Congratulations Nebraska Graduates Congratulations! 2nd Lt. U.R. Proud of our Steve Livezey David Box '95,Forever My "Little Man" Sharon Scaparra Defenders of the Free- C2 Elvis Lives - T Hobbs E4, 96-Mom8rDad Encouraging Parents of Aaron Lindstrom, F5, 1996 Family of Aaron Carlisle, '96 Family of Brian Beck, G2, '95 Family of Chadwich Shields, Cl OF 95 Family!Friends of Griff Norquist III Cl of 96,Gl Greeks.. FirstYearIsBehindYou-5MoreToGoProud Parents Of T Rrueger'96 Go 95-Brodie Hodges Sr Todd Plotner-TriCounties CA WPPC Go 95-Lamar Adams Sr Scott Gerblick-TriCounties CA WPPC Go Fighting Chipmunks...Get Nuts!!! Army Soc- cer 111 God Bless Cadet A. Sabino and Company I-4 God Bless Steve Fleming, Love Jeanie Shelton Sr Family God bless 1995 Sr 2LT Eric C. Krumin Great Going, John Oldham, A1, '94 Halfway to the finish. Good run M.C. Harpers - Proud of CDT Jerad Harper Hawke Family Welcomes Maryann Ru '95 Hoo-Ah Lt. Greg Suchanek! In Memory of "The Man Of Steel" It can be said - "Well Done" Michael Brough E2- 95 Keep Your Eyes on Jesus, E N Gibbens F5 '96 LT Schempp USMA You're The Best From LT Schempp USNA 8rMom Love always Mom 8 Dad Racz Love8rCookies,Drill Team8tMule Riders!Mule- 8iDrillMom8iDude Made in the shade Lt Bates WeLoveYou Matt Zacher, Congratulations We Are Proud!! Mom 8: Dad May God Bless Sr Guide You Jim C2 '95 Love U Proud Grandma May the future be great Best wishes Darryl J. Torres '95 Mr St Mrs David Ray Proud of Cadet Mark Ray Class of 96 Mr 8: Mrs Dennis W Richardson, Cadet Ron Richardson CL 95 Mt. Airy Is Proud of The Louis Boys Matt 91 86 Nick 94 Naples Family Loves and Supports You Greg, Class of '96 Never a doubt- lots of pride8tlove parents of Jeff Burg94 Our"Knight"in Shining Armor LT Brian Soldon Love Mom8rDad Pam Sr Jarrett Hawke Proud Parents of Justin Hawke '95 Parents and Family of Jonathan Alt Parents of Bryan Coleman G5 Cl of 95 Parents of David D. Orton '94 Parents of Rod Teasley Cl of '95 Paul Darling '95 We must be very proud Love Mom 86 Dad Peace, Loyalty 8: Friendship Forever, Proud Mangine Family Proud Dad, Bro Ray, USCGA'95 Bro Ted of LT Ren Wojcik'95 Proud Family 85 Friends of Lt Joe V. Mangolini Cl of 1995 Proud Family of Adam Riddle 95 Proud Family of Allen J . Pepper '95 Proud Family of Allyson Churins '95 Proud Family of Blair Williams Bl 96 Proud Family of Brad Evangelist '95 Proud Family of Cadet Eugene Ragasa Proud Family of Charles Hardman, '95 Proud Family of Christine Zeranick, '95 "Our Gen- eral" Proud Family of Darren Chiappinelli Proud Family of Grant A Troxell '94 Proud Family of Jason Joerg '95 Proud Family of Liane Geary, Gl, '96 Proud Family of Lt. Ken Hathaway '95 Great job Ren! Proud Family of Mandy Bantner Clof95 Proud Family of Marc Distefano, '95 Proud Family of Patrick Terhune '95 We Love You Proud Family of Paul Taylor,l5,'95 Proud Family of Scott Rowe, '95 Proud Family of Tim Block, 96 Proud Family of Tom Paudler Cl of 95 Proud Grandpa of Frank Sr John 95896 Proud Mother of Scott A. Salmon 1995 Proud Parents St Family of Tracy Dowling, 95 We Love You! Proud Parents Steven Hedrick Class95 Proud Parents of Brandi Bridges, '96 Proud Parents of Bryan Helsel '94 Proud Parents of Cadet Jennifer L.Snider Class of 1995 Proud Parents of Cadet Rraig M. Hill Class of 1995 Proud Parents of Charles Engle lll Class of 95, I-4 Proud Parents of Chris Tubbs, '96 Proud Parents of David Abshire '95 David Sr Anna Abshire Proud Parents of Dean Newman '95 Proud Parents of lan Winer F2 '96 Proud Parents of Joe Petty '96 Proud Parents of Manuel Hernandez CChiefJ,Class of '95 Proud Parents of Michael McDonald 96 Proud Parents of Michael Owens,Cl 95 Proud Parents of Scott Tackett Class of 1 996 Made in USA Proud Parents of Steven R. Braddom, '95 Proud Parents of Timothy Hoffner, 95 Proud Parents of Tony Testa Jr F2 94 Proud Parents of Walter B. Sturek, Jr., '95 Proud Parents of William Mills, 1996 Proud family of Abe Usher, 96 Proud family of Cadet Tom Murphy'95 Fl-H5 Good Luck Proud family of Dano Jukanovich '95 Proud family of Darryl J. Torres '95 Born to lead Proud family of Dennis ONeill 95 Proud family of Doug Bohrer "Go Army Baseball" 697 698 -.Lg t 35 : AA R4 : kv ti Q ,fr sniff 3 'lf A ,Q Q 4. fit -1 'x vi ,. QE . ,a., ',, W I J: t . C ,r -a ,1 9, +2 Yi H41 if ,yi 's . . .!,'.'i' . " f ww ' "K Aff ,K x ,,, M ,K , ,Ay 1. li s 1 J' wr 4-, X, 3 ,gl .1 .. A itb' ., , .- T2 1 44 in? F ,ff ,X Proud family of Douglas Hanson '95 Proud family of Douglas Peplowski'95 Proud family of Dwight Peters Jr We love you always!! Proud family of France Hoang, '95 Proud family of Gary Hennigan 95 Proud family of Harold Kelly, '96 Proud family ofJimmy Cox '96 The happy Plebe Go Friers Proud family of Mark Yankopoulos,'95 Proud family of Marshall Miles C4-95 Proud family of Matt Eichburg-G4-'95 Proud family of Matt Maybouer, '95 Proud family of Rob Kilborn B2 '95 Proud family of Scott C.Tompkins,'95 Love, Mom,Dad 81' Mark Proud family of Scott Ewald, '95 Proud family of Shirrell Roberts'95 Proud family of Skip Sorg, cl of '95 Wir Lieben Dich! Proud family of Tony Carango D4, 95 Proud of Kendall Our '95 Eagle Sons Love, The Lemires Proud of You, James Niemiec, '95 Proud Parents and Family of Jenn Voigtschild, '95 Proud parents of Amy Madden, '96 Proud parents of Brian DiMeo, '95 Proud parents of Chris Shaw, '95 Proud parents of Freedog I5 '96 We salute you! Proud parents of Jennifer Helen Greenberg, '94 Proud parents of Josh Kinley 96 Proud parents of Marc Martin 96 R2D2 Proud parents of Michael A. Jaskowiec, 1995 ProudParents8rFamily of Robert Prins, '95 ProudParents8rSister of JamesC Durant II ProudParents of Berkleybaker, Clof95 Remember the Whistle Troy,Mom Sr Dad Rob, you did it your way! Love St cheers, Mom and Dad Ron Diehl, Proud of You, Mom 8: Dad SLC- Two Down,Two To Go! Keep Up The Good Work! Scott R. Swartzwelter '95 Sherri Adams You Made Us Proud MSKL Terry and John Stevenson The Check is in the Mail-Mike, Peter, Brian, and Matthew The Proud Family of Dan Carey, '95 The family of Ann Wilcox '95 To: CL of 95, With Honor, MSG, RET F.H. Strubbe Todd Nilson, The turtle won the race Love, Mom, Dad Sr Tif Todd Plotner,95 LoveMom,Dad8iDerek Very proud family of John Thong,'95! Viking! Apache! Aviator! Fly High! I Wau To Go Rap! Love MSKD Way To Go Denny Albaugh "96"! Love, Mom and Dad We'll Always Be Here For You We Love You Jason Charland We're Proud of You Ryan! Mom Sr Tom Well done Lt. Scot Fischer! Now you relax! Dad, Mom, DC Carl Wendy Milling-You Excelled! We're Proud of You- MomSrDad With a Little Help From His Friends, Christian Fellows Yes, Steve, there is "hoops" after West Point! I-2, '95 You've Made Our Dreams Come True! Greg '95 Mom Sr Dad You've made us proud Kevin Myers,'96 4 N ,S .,.,. ,, ..,. . . , ,,,, .,., .,.. , , , ,,,, ,, ,,.., .,.,.,.,,. . , Congratulations and Love to the Class of 1993 From the Parents Club of West Point Darren J. Chiappinelli David H. Curl Thomas W. Doughty Patrick M. Downes James P. Goddard Michael Greco James T. Hagy Mark C. Hustis David J. Keppel Douglas M. Korneski Yale Levin John E. Livingstone Thomas J. Mangine Miki Matsuo Christopher M. McGowan Richard K. McGowan James A. Mclnerney John D. Nawoichyk Glenn Nocerito James M. Orosz Allen J. Pepper Michael K. Quillinan Matthew J. Reed Eliza M. Sacco Scott A. Salmon Frank J. Walton Jonathan K. Weaver Katherine A. Yerovi xf' 1 , ' 4 ,3 y 1 -wliljwf ,L g,.v'- Fi' " X -it 1232412 gl T- X ' M545 :fi 7' 'W' 5,5 ma K x, v. n E 'i .r f t-.. H I u Q I We Are Proud of You! 3 'EW ,,,,..,m it 4 V '7e'gf2.4., .f1, no , I ,BU::QW,9p: A EWS.. Ti Kristine Beardsley Anthony Carango Mary Cheyne James Durant Stuart Furner Robert Klopp Christopher Mayer John McAfee Raymond Shetzline Ann Wilcox Joseph Wyszynski Martin Young LT We ' 5555 'J I :V U III "I r.ti I 37 II MIIIIIIIIIII H 1174-ft c770Z7Zf The West Point Zfarerzti-' Club gp,-rtafe .New 19111,- Parents Club of Delaware Valley ,gftia E 5 al es 77112 Ckzss 7993 Salutes the :proudly uf 'J Class of 1993 I 1 cnmsromsn Gusnmsno El.aJILFSE',?:,Q'gENJ DANIEL GAREY em esvi e, 5:2:?s:2hIz53 I Zifffsoffwonifftt Ha.dd0'me'.d,NJ JOHN PIRO6 4-+fx?'I" f i, QE EIZIIIZIPELTQQANJ THOMAS RIDER T I-1 WHT 5J'::i'512:':3:,'if3I I SN, Q ' QIAg,,,Q' 0' N. DEFENDERS 07 7715 FREE WTS CLUBQQ- uk WEST POINT PARENTS CLUB OF CONNECTICUT PROUDLY SALUTES "DEFENDERS OF THE FREE" CLASS OF '93 BILL BRADFORD PROSPECT JOE BRADLEY ROCKY HILL CHRIS CERNIAUSKAS E. HARTFORD PAUL CERNIAUSKAS E. HARTFORD TRACY DOWLING NEW CANAAN STEVE ISENHOUR GFUTUXI MARK MARKOWSKI DARIEN CHIP MC INTYRE DANBURY JEFF ORTOLI TRUMBULL ERIC PELTZER GLASTONBURY STEVE REICH WASHINGTON DEPOT KEVIN SMITH GREENWIOH PHIL SPENCER SIMSBURY BRIAN SYMONDS S. WINDSOR PAUL TAYLOR HINGHAM, MA SCOTT TOM PKINS BROOKFIELD BRIAN URKI EL REDDING A W IW mi ' I A f .-.I PQ. I IXIIY S I l 'Il F "fm -QCA WEST POINT PARENTS CLUB OF MASSACHUSETTS Congratulates LORI BROWN J. CHRISTOPHER CUERRIERO ANDREW HYATI' SEAN INNES DEAN KLOPOTOSKI JULIE N EYLON CAROLYN O'DoNNEu. BUDDY ROGERS PAUL TAYLOR MARK YANKOPOULOUS ADAM YOUNG LIEUTENANTS. UNITED STATES ARMY SQA .mi ws X -5 I . Q 1 xx gl :X fx 3. 5 5 ai Q Q N 2 3:22 I N 1 .. ., III' 5... is 5 :-2.4: 55 :'E 1 -.g 5. Aggifgfg x Aggie , , MZ l IDI Y . .EEE 4 gif. ' A f - S 553225 2 ' 252 252 33 i s I J I ' ,93 GRADUATE s i g? Ear. I 'i2i"A SCOTT T. BEALL P TRICK ITCHELL Tii 2fTTT A MICHAEL L. FIGLI OLO II MARK A. MOREK V.:V.: I I 9 1? ..., AMES R. HOSKI LUCAS B. RICE 'AIS 11-f2' .,..... I QE .E . , TINA L. J OH ANIEL R. SMITH Eiif ii Q S AWN C. JURY MARK S. S YDER .3 353 2 iff.. 'I 4 I: SCOTT T. LI DBERG BRIAN F. W LTMAN :-:- E fi SCOTT D. M MICHAEL . YERKIC, Jr. "DEFE DER OF THE FREE" f if J A E 1 , A l L3 . , it z' if :R Z J Q! 1 A E. .,...,.,. 'f" Y A ...... . - ' .,.,.,......,.,.. ' ,,,,., , ,, ...,..,. . ,,., E ..,...........,.,.....,..... ..., ,, ,,...,..... ......,.,.......,.,...,. .,.., T -'ef ...Q......:.,..::.:..-.-.-. W . ..... '.':': I .....,...,....., ...,. . 'E -A YH rl-lllhttne , -, , --rs:-A, ,, L X -XM ,Ef f gli 5 l EFS? . " T235 , e Q A , g2RTYR-:- West P0ll1t -he E- sw- NE'T,POI"T A El Q PHEENTS CLUB OF TL ian Parents Ei AE NRSHIHGTUH srnrs 5 Q? Mimi' cONeRerLJLETrs-:s emo smurss if lmlmmmlml THE cmss or: 1993 gi llV!lllililIlll'i JA? A J ' - R ' Of Southwestern 01110 'age 'OEFENOERS UF THE FREE' E y xf DAVID STANTON ARRARANS RAYNONO TYLER JONES Q 5 We Salute KIRK J. ANOERESO DANU N. JuNANOvTJ:N if our New Lieutenants LQ: OARREN NJORAEL OARNER RATRJOR VANDYKE NJNSNAN EA BRIAN CHRISTIAN BECK DERPIIZK SANS NON LEE Z, S . . . 5 f CHARLES NNJESE BERSNAN JOSEPH RORERT LUFTEN - Steven Braddom Sam Gannelli A PAUL LEWIS BOWERS BRIAN SCOTT NANOS Q 3 . .T JEFFREY ALAN BRANDSHA JEFFREY HAYNE NALTNONSNJ Jeffrey Chuck Ryan Ja110V1Ch J JUSEF RARL EIIZHINGER CHANCE JAMES NEROORE AT , , A ROBERT WAYNE ELDRED OARL RAYMOND DTT SE Ph1111P Fmt Andrew MUCDCT1 I 5 ROBERT JAY ELLS TRONAS ONARLES PAUDLER F , , - ' RONALO LEE ELLS MICHAEL JAMES REEF: In LOUIS Florence Matt Swlshef T JEFFREY MICHAEL ERIIIKSON OANJO SCOTT RELREY gy JEAN PIERRE GREEN MISCHA ANN RLESNA 3? CONGRATULATIONS ' Lg DONALD JEAN HAZELHUUD, .JR J. HICHAEL ROSE, JR . if I 4 J L ROSER OARRETT HENDERSON FREDERICK MARK STOREY Y f C SS OF 1993 H SCOTT ROBERT HULSTIHE BENJAMIN SILVER VALENTINE E,5Q?A:: Ei: Z DAVID CHANIK IM TNONAS FRANCIS VEALE NDEFENDERS OF THE FREE " KEVIN ONARLES INGLIN ERIE LAIRD NALRER -,,-:.-h.,,E, . ::,:E I 3 :,:-,, ,:A,:,,,,,,, ,ii :E-:: : : 3, ':55: . ..,, ., iitti: 5::::::,,-,,:, EZE , I 5,,:,-.5.A-,: .::,:,:,1,,,,,::,.,,,,5 E:: Hi H :,:. :.E,. . E E..-. IEZQL, 5 M i.::,::::E5: E E Fzz: 5 :- -----R-F3:- ,.,,. ,:F,-' ::-:' E ,.,:FE: H -F-.F..Fv-.-F-FFF---FF -F--F.-g gv-gEE:: 5 Li : F-R-F:-, , .F------F------ -' - -F-'F-F'F'f-'F--"-'F LA ESE 21- .ZEEE A ' "" II F E M ii Ffifi i'3:" ' T' W :M ' W-3' ' .,., .,.,.,,. Tm ..,LS:f:-: , ...,.....,..,L... '-W' .... or W L Berkley Baker Christopher Beck Treavor Bellandi James Bennett Michael Brinegar Kenneth Burkman David Cascio Thomas Corbitt Craig Cummings Ross Dolgoff David Doyle Brian Dudley Congratulations to our Second Lieutenants Class of 1993 Scott Ewald Christian Fellows Elizabeth Garrison Donald Johnson Steven Johnson ' VA Leonard Leassear VA VA David Menser MD VA Mark Nace WV VA John Oh MD VA William Olson VA Jeremy Perkins MD VA -YN .Lf M W h Mx? N , V arc e meyer VA X"'1e'J'M Patricia Westbrook MD -'F Eric Wojtkun VA Jesse Zuck VA r l . Paul Sherman -anew? Drew Smlth DC X. K ' C 5, W' ' . ELL-1? l1 E QE 5 L J li l ill S J E il SA A J . J Lis A R55 EA S Y J E , .,L, 5 - -1-1.-,:. ..,.,....,J 2 fir -R---- ' T ,::,,,,:, L,, , ,.,,.,.L.,...L ,LLL,L::,,L,:E,:,qL:q: 3 E,.: J:L.,L :L:.L, .:.L,LE.,: L L E,,: Y.E, A ll ' "'- 3 W, A E g ,im V LLL t V M R :.:1 Www .,.,. .,.,.,,., Q E .:,, , .,.,,.,. lbb I EEE? M W T Y,.. ll , , , N- - -A. E Ea tml O O L E ,LLLE . X Y J JE 1 EA M- ,.EE , - :M S ' M"' W ' V 'X . A is 99 J " - ' i "ing I' as 4 Lt Doug Seaworth LAND OF LINCOLN at WEST POINT We til WW f PARENTS illl 'll' .illlll 'B CLUB l 7 0 f ILLINOIS if ' 1' 7x fi' f , 0 1 fi I if O Q in-.P,f.L.ff1-A mi i lqqi Class of 1993 O We Salute Our New 2nd Lieutenants 5' ,fl B, mi 11 , 7 ! X ' V2 ,Iii 1 Lt Matthew Hennigan Lt Eric Knlmin Lt Sava Marinkovich Lt Frank Rieser Lt Tom Lopez THE WEST POINT PARENTS' CLUB OF PROUDLY SALUTES "DEFENDERS OF THE FREE," CLASS OF 93 aqgw ff ' E1 41 'Q' I N T f MANDY EANTHER on .1 . , 5 251 cruuuss MERRIMO BENJAMIN BLOCK Y 'kf F 'g'-jf rxsvon ursauzk STEVEN amwnou Q , -1 f NNE " JOHN PANHORST NICOLE CARROLL N.-45 I Y Mig il J DOUGLAS PRESTON KURT CONNELL " lx Q x , ,l,g.7j- CHRISTOPHER RECKER BERT EINFAL1' .m fn-I , A fg, THLBEN HUMELY -,, , r KA ERIC SEAL JULIE SIMONI PHILIP SPETH STACY TAKATS JOHN THONG ERIC WILSON "MAY OUR COUNTRY IN THE HOUR OF NEED, BE READY FOR THE FOE." NH E E E E U9 ill N E iii Parenis cfub of Mfhnesofa lmlllllilll! Saluies our New Lfeufenanfs Congfaiulaiione Claes of 7993 Defenders of the Free Daniel Engel Little Falls " ,gf-' "RM Reed Erickson Deer River I,g1,QvET'5- ',,W X! "l9jf591 Eric Kindgren Proctor March Krotee Plymouth Shawn Leight New Brighton it f i- ,, Robin Lmdeii Prior Lake John McDonald Rochester . y.""f David Mega si Paul ii 'fmllafif i f Lance Olson Maple Grove 1 A A5555 If l Jason Pates Brooklyn Center "QE-3, f' I ig Joshua Reitz Roseville 'R' i fgb Alexandra Saboe Minneapolis ii, J . Kenneth Simurdiak Rochester JR" '41-I ' Benjamin Sornmerness Duluth 7 Chad Sundem Moorhead I Jill Thorkildson Waubun Rob maaaw is EZ aa ,. fa E Q .. aaa 2 522 3 a E .-.-. aa sw! E. E - I E I ..-. az 4 Q a 5 1 ESQ E az E 1 S ea-W aaa ...,..,,. ,aa 1-ww aavaaa ,'7...aaaaa Ea'Sx:::iZi22M.aaHf21H5mWeE.K'-2 fa-aw 'mwaamra .aaa 'U '.:'a5m"mf'bW2ka'a'2?i2.?W j, llll gi J . A L ' . lf 225 gas OUR NEW LIEUTENAN TS ggi , K gg? WEST POINT PARENTS CLUB DEFENDERS OF THE aaa A ,, OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA . proudly salutes our 1993 graduates. :: .,: yzmfa g 1 Peter N. Benchoff - ie. jeremy A. Crist .,, ,,, - - 1 B111 Fm jeffrey C. Johnson V . QQ Charles W. Lewis ea ' -2' 1 3. -. Q5 Thomas M. McCardel1 Ron Diehl Z Frank Duriancik Michael P. McElrath I A ll Kim H. Olmstead Greg Harkins A David Mulligan David L. Painter Simon R, Reese Ralph Obert Gina Scarsella E . .f. ': :"' Q X ai Tw David A. Spangler David B- Stouffer David Tamburri Bill Wilshire A . A .1.,.,i I 23 Theodore M. Thome Stephen Vanaskle Christine Zeramck A iiifgiax -:-e:- is 5 ggm giif Sag E "Defenders of the Free' f ' Lf 55322223253 ax? 1 si majam . CONGRATULATIONS. l 3g 1 -i-f- 3 ..,.,,..,.,....... . ...,.... , .... ...., lx fifmmliie-e eeel i Wa H Sai E ei--mmm' , . ...... ........,.................................,....... . . . ..... .. ,..,.. . ,...... .,..,,. . .. . I iff' aaiiz, EST om Hs Q. 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Lynn :E :E-:EEEE - Eig a Tampa - Transnortatron Lt' Jonathan Alf ' 5 ' ' ' 2 5: ' ' WIH1am Dale Smrtb f ee CFCSWICW, F10f1da I Temp e Terrace - Armor Eg E ' Lt. Ronald R1chardson Y Foley, Alabama aaassiiiiizfssz 5? We Love And Appreclate You. I a I Y I Q. S f ,.,, I a A f X f rg 1311 O 111'- XX rimwiwww.mam.i....W......,.Q. . wzfzezfifsziz Ziiifsfzf H K' I :Linn Q fi A zzzzssfizss V WWW?-sE'i3f3S3?Z 5 .2 . ii? Q Msleekoaifiaaiuzvsilw sw C. 1 a Q 7 I E 5 5 ik? waliirswii' West Point Parents Club of INIOl'REI'E'tSIRIRt CEIIIEOIRVIIS ikikikwikikvikvikikiffikikikitfwirikikif WEST POINT PARENTS CLUB A 4 4 ,, JR. Congratulates and Salutes The CI 25155 of I 'QQ3 HDEFENDERS OF THE FREE" Gregg Braunton Paul F. Campagna Donald Ray Cathcart Scot Fischer Terrance John Gillespie Todd A. Justman Douglas L, Kitani Thomas Mathis William S. Penzel Thomas Ashton Rippert Joanne E. Schell Elizabeth R. Smith James J. Thome, Jr. Thomas F. Veale, V. James L. Veler, Jr. Kevin W. Vina Craig Allen Wilhelm Flip Williams Robert Re W' llers ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA E- . SALUTES '93 THE "DEF'ENDERS OF THE FREE" LE. IQ. ,Cliff ? y .Y 1' -' xi S? ref 2 V il ,. a 'T s vs PQ w gff Congratulations 8. Best Wishes to Graduates: Eddie Clay Gaylord Greene Abraham Hong Jennifer Mischler Darrin Morris John Rapisarda Kristyn Roberts Sean Simpson WELL DONE LREIJITIENANTSI ikikiirvfkikikikikikikikikik .i..w..Ms.M...W.fim awww ..a.,..,,mms... ,J .m::,g.,?,,s..V..sE,..sM-5355535513-33553 Us,.,,1,.,,:::g,,. .X .M . me .im se, ,..,,tWW i M iwssssess 'I'1fXS'Z'3'5iZlEV5?ifQ"557!g. t V.. vie eb-em WSH sl E Ts I . s me sg wx sweet , .lst .,,,,...sw.,tV.t,,,,s,.., ...J sw .s.e..5,t.,..,a . W Us . was it R , l.. . . A , g e5ifs:,w.ss,,.,,, . se Ze , y yi ,C 33 if 5 giwxga Drew Syphus WEST POINT PARENTS' CLUB HAWAII SALLITES IIAWAIVS WARRIORS WITH LQVE AND PRIDE JASON AMERINE MICHAEL CHONG JOSEPH JANCZYK MARK ALAN KING x - W. f - Qfzfa 'algae qwm' If 5 7 f. , ' ..f 5 it it "IlIIIIIIIIIlI" KDEFENDERS OF TI-IE FREE" Congratulations and Best Wishes Class of 1993 Dis William Chapman . Kefvin'I Backus fi if Ralnhael I-Iart 6 The West Point Parents Club of Alaska Salutes with Looe and Pride Us ,K E qflg- Jason Young ' gtg 2 33515555353 gs? is Q msgs 'W usi ini O 0 O s a World War Il, B-17 bomber pilot, Super Bowl- Champion Coach Tom Landry learned the risk of military life. He also knows that whether you're flying a mission overseas or planning for your family's financial future, you should learn from the pros sharing their financial knowledge with thousands of military officers and senior NCOs. Today, they continue this tradition by conducting no cost Family Financial Seminars throughout the world. 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You see, vve vvere formed over l I4 years ago as a non-profit organization to see tnat you and your family cget every single benefit you've earned. All funde by lovv montnly dues vvnicn also provide a modest amount of life insurance. Call or send tne ,. ..................,..................................................... EW' coupon for more information, and goin 60,000 otner members. Because members ip does nave its privileges. Army and Air Force Mutual Aid Association ,U Ft. Myer, Arlington, Wginia 222i lf H3003364538 f Please send me more information aboutAAFMAA. ' X My current status as a COMMISSIONED OFFICER is: 23, ljArmy U Air Force U Retired lunder 60l AID AS U Full time active duty " Q 416 A . Q 2 5- Q ' Qi -2. f 5- am sz 53 Q 14 Slscunxfiocyv' S .. F E NG!Reserve Name DOE Rank Soc. Sec. No. Street City s Zip X93 tate Pnonelworkj lHomel HOW ARMY new Foizciz UIUAL Ain SOCIATION Peace of mind for tne nome front l-800-336-4538 TOGETHER. 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Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, andl know it was not that blow that did it- but all that had gone before." - Jacob Riis fl Dillingham X' construction Dillingham is a general contractor with construction management and designlbuild capabilities for a variety of commercial, industrial, heavy civil and maritime projects throughout the United States and the world. We are committed to excellence in project pedormance and to providing the highest level of quality services to our clients. On behaU of Dillingham employees all over the world...We are deeply honored to salute our American Military and to thank you and your families for your dedication, perseverance and countless sacrifices endured during peace keeping missions throughout the world. Like the stonecutter, your steadfastness in the preservation of democratic ideals has enabled more people than ever before to taste freedom, sweet freedom. Thank you for your vigilance in keeping our families...and our family nations...secure. Let freedom ring! We congratulate the Class of 1993 on this auspicious occasion and wish you continued success with your new endeavors! Dillingham Construction - World Headquarters ' Hacienda Business Park - 5 960 Inglewood Drive - Pleasanton, Calyornia 94588 - 15101 463-3300 2 Harbor Capital Management Company Inc. Congratulations SL Salutes The Class of 1993 MLW!! Done Lieutenants.f" 265 Franklin Street 0 Boston, Massachusetts 02110 0 Phone: 617-439-4513 CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE 1993 GRADUATES QE THE UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY IVICDONNE LL DOUGLAS Pefjbrmamce Above and Beyond THE LEADER I FROM ONE LEADER T0 AN OTHER Soon, you'll be making the kinds of decisions that histori- ans write about. That's what you worked so very hard to achieve. Cove Shoe Company wants to be an important nan of your future' Like you, we know that the essenee of half the battle. 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No to The Matterhorn Waterproof Cold Weather Boot, U more need be said. we can. Fully-lined and insulated, 100'Mm waterproof 107 Highland Sf- Martinsburg, PA 16662 C8145 795-3786 "Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit ofthe men who follow and ofthe man who leads that gains the victory." George Smith Patton Congratulations West Point Class of 1993 UK Urbach Kahn SL Werlin PC SUV CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS 25 Market Street, Poughkeepsie, New York 12601 C9l4l454-4105 NEW YORK: P ghk p 'e, New York, Alb y B ffalo, Glens F ll VERMONT: Burlington, Manche C CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles WASHINGTON, DC WORLDWIDE THROUGH URBACI-I HACKER YOUNG INTERNATIONAL 720 iWEST 19141446 47.21 10996 19141446 0338 Facilities Ei 722 It's over, it's finally over! Ican't believe how fast the past fouryears have gone and yet how long I've been here on this rock called West Point. It has been an experience, but well worth the hastle, headaches, and increased levels of stress. I have learned a great deal about a lot of things and have met friends that will last a lifetime. From the "Dungeon," to the "Closet," to the "Gator Vader," to the wonderful surround- ings and gracious accommodations of beautiful Bldg. 720, I have enjoyed C?!J them all. I don't regret my decision to do this at all, and l'd do it again, but it was not always a bundle of laughs. It was my friends that made it bearable and memorable to say the least. Axle, "Prost!" Bull, what a most excellent adventure! P-ratt and Joe, it was my phone. Bonzai Squad, hot sauce on-hot sauce off! To all my roommates CSteve B. , Ben F., Ted M., Jim O., Adam E., Mike P., and Joe WJ, thanks for waking me up and helping me find everything. Idon't think I knew what I was getting into when I asked to be considered for this job, for I was but a simple photogra- pher. Whatever I was thinking, I am glad I did it. It has been the ultimate of pull outs, cranking out over 500 pages in one semester. That is a serious, nice effort! But all I did was hound the staff for pages and sign my name a few hundred times. You, the staff did it all. You guys are amazing and are some ofthe most dedicated, selfless people in the Corps. I could not have asked for a better effort from anyone. I tasked you with the design from hell, and like the top notch cadets you are, you produced. When the stress level increased you only got better. The book looks great and you should be proud to say you had a hand in it. Paul, thanks man, great job. What a pain, but hey we did it. Jenn, thanks for all the support. Tim, best section in the book: when I needed pages I knew I could count on sports producing. You're going to have your hands full next year, good luck. Gauch you appeared out of nowhere to transform the staff and faculty section from boring to amazing, thanks. Mark, you have a long way to go as a photo editor, but another year should be enough. No, actually you have become a great photographer, stay with it, you can only get better. Derrick, you scared me many a time, but in the end you still scared me. Thanks for staying and finishing up, I owe you. Plebes, I have a lot of respect for the outstanding job that you did, you surprised me and I know that you all will go places. I threw a lot of small tedious jobs that you took ownership of and accom- plished. Igor, Schnitzer, Bobby, Ren, and Shelley, stay with it, the future of the I-Iowitzeris riding with you, take it and run. Barb, thanks. Without you I never could have finished this thing. You have been a great friend and teacher. Thanks for standing by me in this crazy adventure. I will never be able to repay you for what you have done for me. But how does Painters sound? Jane, thanks for coming on board and reading all those proof pages. We needed that critical eye! Aster, you have pushed me, but I thankyou for it because it has made me do more than I thought l could. Great minds think alike and I think this book isjust what you and I had in mind. Adele, you have stuck through it with me and that means a lot. I needed your support to take this task on and you provided it. Thank you. It isn't over yet, the Army awaits us and as husband and wife I know we'll dojust fine. To the Corps and the Class of 1995, l hope . Z you like it because it's your Howitzer. COLOPHON The 96th volume ofthe Howitzerwas printed byJostens Printing and Publishing Company at their State College, Pennsylvania Plant. The Howitzeris a 9 x 12 smythe-sewn book, printed on 8041 Gloss paper except for the Opening and Closing which are printed on 90? Reflections paper. The cover is handcrafted embossing, with cop- per foil 582, and several Pantone mixed overlays. Cover material is maroon 490 with Mission grain. Endsheets are printed on Sundance Bright White with Elephant Hide C as a background. The front ensheet utilizes Elephant Hide B as a background in the Table of Contents. Spot Colors used on the endsheets are Gold 876 and Green 526. Copper foil is used on the back endsheet tool line and Class Crest. Cover and endsheets are based on original artwork by Jostens' Designer Rick Brooks from photographs of Washington Hall and Washington Statue. All copy, captions, headlines, raised initials, and graphic elements are created using IBM compatible desktop publishing and the following programs: Adlus PageMaker 4.0, Microsoft Windows 5.1. Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0, and Microsoft Word 5.0. Com- puter equipment used includes five Swan Technologies 586 ma- chines, a QMS PS81O postscript printer, and an Okidata 840 laser printer. The basic type styles are Benquiat ibody copy, captions, page numbers, and foliosb, Copperplate lheadlines Sr opening foliosl, and Charme traised initialsl. The following Pantone spot colors are used: Metallic Gold 871C tChain of Command!Staff Sr Faculty, Sports, and Graduation Weekl, Dark Green 5288C tYear in Reviewl, Brown 478C fCorpsJ, Slate Blue 542C CActivites!, and Maroon 222C iClass Historyl. Academy Photo!Rockland Image Center took Howitzer Group photo- graphs, First Class Formal photographs processed and developed all color film. Most of our black and white photographs were developed and printed by the Howitzer photo staff in our darkroom. Major R.Jeffrey Graham revised a program written by Major Robert Skertic to collect the First Class Biographies via electronic mail over the Academy's UNIX LAN. Mid-Hudson Marketing of Poughkeepsie, New York solicited all com- mercial advertisements forthe 1995 Howitzer. Articles and advertise- ments are not intended to be representative of the official policies of the United States Military Academy, the United States Army, or the Department of Defense. Parent Club and Friends Sr Supporters messages were coordinated with the various West Point Parents' Clubs and subscribers and consolidated by the Directorate of Cadet Activi- ties' Publications Office. The Howitzer was scheduled for an October delivery with a press run of 4500 copies. The contents of this book are the sole responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief and the Brigade Publications Officer. This publication may not be copied, photocopied, or reproduced by any means without the express written permission of the Directorate ofCadet Activities. All inquires should be addressed to the Publications Consultant, Directorate of Cadet Activities, Eisenhower Hall, West Point, New York 10996 1914! 958-2780. The Howitzer is pleased to announce that our 1992 edition was selected First Place for Best College Cover Design by CSPA. HOWITZER ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE CORPS OF CADETS UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY WEST POINT NY 10996 Stephen J. Vanaskie, Editor-in-Chief Paul F. Campagna, Executive Officer Jennifer S. Voigtschild, Brigade Publications Officer Gfeningflcxfzfabi Sarah Woerhman, Editor guiding ine, way Stephen E. Gauthier, Editor Cnc Zilla? if Ctijno Shelley Rodrigo, Editor iq allay arf Life Samuel Kan Matthew T. Walsh Ismael R. Rodriguez the ftljny ide. Cav T716 Derrick W.Toddy, Editor John Petty Stephen Gauthier The winning wavy Timothy Viles, Editor Michael G. Schnitzer Kenneth Wilkinson Derrick W. Toddy U6 AUC, wffbe Jennifer S. Voigtschild, Editor gznciwnzficrn 54.3 ack Aster I-I. Laleman Barbara J. Sanders Jane E. Walton ?7M4ex Matthew T. Walsh, Editor Jane E. Walton Cpffiaei-in-efwvige MAJ R. Jeffrey Graham pndiionficrn Gcrnoiiifnnff em Barbara Sanders pwiiianelo Reyzeoenfniive Aster Laleman eciozfcrwvefi Sezvioe Gcrnaiiizfnnzf Renee Biggans pncifcrgfinysnyf pnvfcr pzvoeooing Academy Photo!Rockland Image Center pnvfogwwany Mark Boeke, Editor Katherine Karwan Mark Guner Don Rucker Scott I'Iayford Nathan Reel Erin Phillips Ismael R. Rodriguez Shawn Olds 4-ejwliffz me 5007 stephen J. vanaskie Corina Villegas, Editor Travis Zimmer David McDowell Cathy Taylor Shelley Rodrigo Karen Mysliewiec Paul Camvagna Timothy Viles Ismael R. Rodriguez Steven Kapcoe Matthew T. Walsh Jon M. Jepko Qlwmgffbwaadaw Christine Andrews Stephen J. Vanaskie, Editor Derrick W.Toddy nw , - QE 'i-Qi 11554 ' 'f 725 W E n JOSTENS

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