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AAnxA a :d dad 1 .. 1 i HOWITZeR OF 1955 Jan M. Edwards. Atsociot U Henry A. Holl«n»b«. Associate F W. Horn? Photography Edit Advertisinfi M HOWITZeR OF 1955 ■ . ■ ' " «ii V HOWITZeR OF 1955 -i. ' w n: Pro LOGUe We, the 1955 link of the Long Grey Line, proudly present herein the history of our class during its four years at the Military Academy. This history depicts our progressive training which has led to the ultimate goal of devotion to DUTY, HONOR, and COUNTRY while instilling in each of us the ideals of leadership upon which West Point is founded. Our future task is to uphold the prestige of the profession of arms — This we believe. J?. MILITARY ACADEMY O DEVELOP THE V O yr. Jl S OF N A L ' S r ? so THAT T I-T E M I N D : A V REASON TO A LOGICAL (? TO INSTRUCT AND TRAIN T H F CORPS OF CAD E T. S SO THAT EACH GRADUA.Tt HAL L irAVr THE QUALI- •lAL TO Hr? P.UOGRrSSlVT AND CONTINUED D V LOP f Nt THRO U G H O l " T A L I T F. T I M , A • R E E R AS AN OT F 1 C f K I N T IT T REGULAR ARMY mmf mi mm mi Was it yesterday I came or really long ago? it was a hot July, and I a boy, I know; A wide-eyed blundering boy on that first day. Seemingly ready for anything; but much to my dismay, I looked at the First Class and they looked at me. And suddenly we both realized, mutually. Who would teach who — And I learned fast, I had to; a plebe must or he doesn ' t last. Civilian as my argyle socks and my bright bow tie, It took three upper classes to change the die; But they did. From old words came meanings new: Duty, loyalty, honor, to mention only a few. And the boy grew rapidly older and more wise. Gradually understanding things he had never analyzed. June succeeded June; gay bands, gold bars, good-byes; Now I, a boy no more, have commission in my eyes. Commission in my eyes, yet remembrance in my heart; Remembrance of the many men from whom I got my start. God knows where on earth they may have been sent. Places far and near, in castle home or tent; But there among splendor or mud today I ' ll wager their thoughts often tend to stray To the years spent here among us as cadets, Some things in life one never forgets. -fe™ e L0N6 6R€Y LIN Soon the memories of graduates will also be mine, And from my place of tfie end of the line I shall see the silhouetted chapel tower o ' er the Piair), Hear the plebes on Friday night sing for Saturday Look at Newburgh lights reflect on the Hudson at nighf Feel the worth of honor in every small " oil right, " Cheer for two full hours for the Army football team. And swell with pride at graduation, the conclusion of the dream. Graduation parade — " 56, ' 57, ' 58 stride by; Their eyes tell of pride that will never deny To accept with zeal that challenge rare. The challenge of heritage now in their care; The heritage that makes West Point a unique tradition Of leadership and service in preparation for a mission. That through preparation tomorrow rides with me. With confidence I face the task, whate ' er the task may be. The end of a dream, seven classes I ' ve known Three ahead, three behind, and one of my own; Three gave me the heritage, three take it fro m me; All seven shall live always in my memory. A salute, a diploma, white hats in the air, A finale to the Kaydet grey that I wear; But within me always, though I bid it good-by. Is the life that began that hot day in July. — Lovell UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY West Point, New Yorx I. Oath of Allegiance I, do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and bear true allegiance to the National Government; that I will maintain and defend the sovereignty of the United States paramount to any and all allegiance, sovereignty, or fealty I may owe to any State, county, or country whatsoever; and that I will at all times obey the legal orders of my superior officers and the rules and articles governing the armies of the United States. II. Engagement for Service I, having been appointed a cadet of the United States Military Academy, do hereby engage, with the consent of my parents or guardian if lam a minor, unless sooner discharged by competent authority, th% United States Military Academy. sd officer in the Regular Army or Regular jUed States Military Academy, to accept such Pappolntment for not less than three consecutive of gnaduation. To complete the course_ j If tendered an appoinjme Air Force upon graduation appointment and to serve u| years immediately fo. In the event of the ace ;pta ular component of s ich or in the event of cn[app( a commission whid service and not resi Marital Status Further, I certify that I am not marrie Sworn and subscribed to before hundred and fifty-four. on from a commissioned status in the Reg- ior to the sixth anniversary of my graduation, ch Regular service not being tendered, to accept In the Reserve component of such Regular cbmponent prior to such sixth anniversary. ve been married. (Sign your full name) w York, this 6th day of July, nineteen Signaluie ol Witnessing Officer : , ' fe J THE HONORABLE DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER UNITED STATES ((())J. V : 1 H ? " M ■ H THE HONORABLE CHARLES E.WILSON H Secretary of Defense ■■ ■■ H ■ THE HONORABLE ROBERT T. STEVENS Secretary of the Army THE HONORABLE HAROLD E. TALBOTT Secretary of the Air Force H DePTIRTM ENT OF DGFENSe CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION BIOGRAPHY 189 CLASS HISTORY PlebeYear 37 Yearling Year 53 Cow Year 69 First Class Year 97 CORPS 353 SPORTS Spring Fall Winter . 80 112 144 VIEWS 49, 65, 93 13-4 ■ V, The heritage that makes West Point a unique tradition of leadership and service in preparation for o mission. IT. GEN. BLACKSHEAR M. BRYAN • SUPERINTENIENT CO I.. Kl IIKIKKKC l ' ,,,f,-.Mr ..I MrrlKMlic- COL. GR STEPHEN? Professor of English COL. B V BARTLETT Professor of Elect riii IV ACADEMIC MI plebes learn the nine warriors of antiquity verbatim l)iit few members of any class ever see them. Working under these, their prototype Charlemagne and his fighting cohort, these military educators strive to maintain the best acaflemic standards. K Ol. LIVER ; COL. ID .srwii ' s Professor of 1. .i ;E. i;OL. I)H KKNDKICK : fe. sorof Mllilarv llviiiei BOARD COL. VI w ni;ssi;i.i. ju. I ' r..r r..f M.illH ' fi U.raii-..- lliiir .l.-lil.iraliuii- ;m.l .l.( (.■u ..In- ;irr lamiliar uilli llinr u imliidc uranliiii; ili|il )ma-. tiiakiin c«)inini«-i n-. -rlliiiL; -latiilar l- I. (ificnrN. a(la|iliiii: new icxiliniik- rliaiiiro ill iii-lriirlioM. today 220 volis craw led .ml ol a wir boy. that is the uroiij; coiiiiccliorr ' crawled hack pickiiij; iiji its ampcrps have reeeived nian ie[Hnts latcK . . . lee|)iIlg in englisli . . . the department is riding again I hough . . . intend to stamp out the class of ' 55 i think iia e a new mechanics p . . . he is a slave-driver . . . never have i seen a man more whole-heartedlv devoted III the sciences of were-wolvery and plain, fancy, and other t pes of motion said . . . " my hit me. then ACAI liought a new set of colored pencils . . . will In- up uTilil 0200 beautifying my geograpln color hook . . . ihink i ill d o rnssia in a striking; red and irrc ga e a s|)ecial talk in art today . . . reminiscent of plehc c lcm| s|K-ech . . . talked on use of helicopter in ci il war . . . p .louhled authenticity . . . air force ..fTiccr . . . no imafrinatioul Ingiene course consists of lectures and revolting mo ies upon diseases and what the body does to combat them . . . hope my corpuscles do not listen and start taking Ihemsehesserioush !f ill imIiI- «illi law ili|iarliil ' Ml . . . |li nrii-r l lirar III . lll ' K ' llltl ' lll l lll| lion of ilriniirrrr . . . il.i killer in , r iiiiiri.r iiii-irx (;() I 1 ND NT " S ST F¥ l-l ! .„: I.l. C.l. Ill M..,,,,,,-. (,,1. W .) M.-Callnx. Hivs. („■„. :. 1.-Miif;,r. ( .. M Walla.k. Ll. Col. W F Calhra.v I ' u K.-h ; 1aj. IJ Klana an. a. Cc.I. KI, Bn«lin. 1,1. Cul. .)S limnihv. (. ( CK Kormka. Capl. W L Cooper. 3r(l Rtiii: Maj. WO lVrr . C V() JS Sims. Isl 1,1. lO (ire ' orv. DEPARTMENT SECOND KK(;i IKNT l. ST rF Li. C.l. William I, Slariu-s. Col. Julian ,1 E«,.|l. aii.l Maj. Wilson N Bovlps. " ' [ ii !!! l in U m rr jii: - y U 1)1 i ' i( I Ml M Ml i r. , ; I I.I K..M l.,i ll{ IImim, I I t ..I. II (fM.,ll.N. lit ,.1. II (.r.i.K. ( ..I. 1(11 Si.n..nl. I.I. » ..I. It It I 1. ..I. (; r.. i..r. I.I. ..I. w Kiiiii...-. . ' ... K,,,. » ..|... J I l..,. Ml ..,.,.;:. Jr.. t:.i|.i. Jl) J.. I...- t ..,.1. I rni-lr..m. .|.l. JS 1 1..« I....1I. D. I ( J M.Cirk. W «. ' . ' M ' l KM -i,xv..rl. .,,.1. Mil M...l....f.r. M --.Jl K...l........k. M : M .1 1, ,.ur hi-l .■..nl.i.l ...1 . u 1. I ' |-.l. ».i- uilh ll.. ' i;,-..-l D.l.i.l. ,.n, -.■.•.,11,1 «.i- vxilli 111.- I.I). Il u... lli.N. .,11.1 (li.Mi lilii. ' I!,„,k. vxli,. v . ' .. ' 111. ' |.., x, ' r- 1,, ' liiii.l 111. ' , ' i..-an.l 111. ' liii.il «.,.,! ,,ri,iu. II,, ' I.I). ,i-MMi.-.lii. ' .t -,.,.ii-il.ilil r,.r ...11 ,li-.i|,liii. ' .1,1.1 l.,.li. ' ,.l 11,-liu, li,.,i. .. ,,| „,r,„,-„l, ' ,-..l.l, ' |,,l.. Il ,- lll, ' N ul„. I,,, v. ' .„llN.ll, ' ,l .,,1,1 i, l,l, ' ,l ,„i, ' .nt. ' ,, ' -l 111 lliiii::. lllllll.ll . 1 1 ■- l,. ' v,..i,l .un ,„il,l ll,.,l iIm ' v li.ix. ' .I..11. ' lli. ' ir j.,1. |Ii..i. iii:IiIn. Dm .1.1.1 , 111. ' I.I). i r.,1 rn.iii -in.ill. TACTICS i)ii- i;iMiM 111 nn-H i i um u ;w . ' ..,.. i.. im I ' ..i Mr. ill K.,..,.,.. « ..|.,. i.i ii-i.i.-. Mr n. M..l..i.. ' X. Mr. JM Kr.- " . Mr. (.W 1 i.l. k. t ..1.1 . 1 I . ( ir.l.-.uli.r. Mr. I. ,t,.Jmll ..„: l..|. W ( M, ( .I..1 III.... Dr. 1.0 i.|.I.I..... Mr. HI. S..ri;.-. Mr. ( W .riur. 1. 1. ( ..1. I J K..I..-. Jr.. Mr. KM Hni. .-. Mr W I I .».-. M..|. J Mx-li..-k.. C;.!.!. H Br.-..i..l...... ' " 0 . y ■ i - t ( iiTtaiii is the practical aj - l lication of textbook know 1- I ' dge and laboratory pro- cedure to the countless elec- trical devices of the Army Mild Air Force. Capt. DT ard, Maj. 11. Col. J X Green, Jr.; Col. BW Barllelt, Col. RW BallarJ, Maj. FR Garrell, Capl. GO Adkissoii. 2nd Row: Capt. BJ Pankowski. Capt. FJ Kiiauss, Capl. AA Wheal, Capt. DA Pelerson, Capt. RI McFaddeii. Capt. WB DeGraf. 3r,l Rmv: Capt. DC Weaver, Jr.: Capt. DB Diokinsoii, Capt. SE Reinhart, .Jr.: Capt. WC Burns. Capt. KM Lowrv, Jr.: Capt. HE Davis. DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICS s( How: Maj. AG Dancv, Maj. VU Ellis, Col. HR Eraser, Col. ER Heiberg, Ll. Col. RT Baison, Ma RC; .Sellers, Capt. RE McAdoo. 2nd Row: Capt. EW Draper, Capt. S White, Jr.: Capt. RP Babbit Maj. AE Weston, Maj. VK Sanders, Capt. CB Humphrevs, 1st Lt. RE Uhrig. 3rd Row: Capt. Quanbeck, Capt. EF Heesacker, Capl. EC Badger, Capt. TB Cormack, Capt. Et; Brann. Jr.: Cap JC McWborler. Kroiii the dim-lit corner? sec I idii rooms, cliok i Ihrouflh the smoke of will hot slide rules, nvc eni.-r| .onvinced thai K(locs. ' .| Ia. t t Ir Iir I ' .ii.mI..- ImI.I.- III.- »l;i . lill.-.l lal.oral. wf iiiMsli ali-il stcrfis .M-rMliin-: In.... IIOII IflraiiH-llnlin.iliiiiii-. K N.M-.i,. ( ..1, i;( (.,1. KH riM.I.I. I.I. C.l. Fl IVilil. I.I.Cr r«.l.l. .l ' i. K.m. Cai.i. IK M.r-.-. I.i. CN Silll. I.I. lU; |{..rlM„. Maj. I)K (;ulas. »;«|.l. I.l..l.-(:urr.x..iil. (.a|.l. KJ a. k.r. .ir, «.... ».a|.l. Kll 01,..„. I.I. l l..,ra.m.r. Capl. KT Clark. Jr.: Maj. DC ClMi.rr. Ca,.l. Wll Norri-. Cai.l. WS ll.mr. Cai.I. III. II.h.i. Ir llh K..,,: Ca|.l. P. (;r... . jr.; 1.1. J I ' W allMrl. Maj. J Jall .•.l. l.t. r. N.UoM. PHYSICS M) CIIKMISlin DKrvlMMKM (U MILII Vin VKI VM KN .INKKKINi . lU Huh: l.t. Col. TB Millrr. l.t. Col. i.H Sr.ll..rr . Jr.: Col. J KM.oMto. Col. ID Staiiipr.. C..I. Cll Schilling, l.t. Col. Jl ' Hrown. I ' ll. «..» . I.I. Col. VlT S.li.i.i.l.r. 1.1. Col. 1)11 Ki.liar.ls. l.t. Col. KM I..-.-. Cui.i. KK. M.( ..i,i,.ll. Maj. Vl ' Wa.l.-. I.I.C..I.. N C.-k.r. I.I. Col. KM Kni:,r-. .W K.m . Maj. CI- l-arl.- . Maj SW M.rri.k. l..|. IM W ..l.r-. I I ( ..I I W W .ilk.r. M.n IK I), . krr. I I • ..I W I ( ir.-.-iiwalt, 1.1. t ..I JJ lt„ ,,- ' 1 ll.r.- ua- 111.- iii.al ..f ...ir iiiilitarv .•ijii. .ili.m. .• ca- -. ,iv ■.tii.ii. ' .i III. ' iii-i. r ..r ill. ( nat Caiilaiii ' - atiil ih.ir «ar« ati.l aUo l.-aninl I,, 1,1.1.1 l.ri.lfi. Ihal U....I.I -Mi.ii.irl Ihfiii all. r T 1 1 lik mw 3-mm 1st Row: _ laj. JC CckriU. Ll. Col. BIO lluffina.i, Ll. Col. JP Donoliue. Col. PD Calver. Col. WW Bessoll. Jr.: Col. CI ' Nicholas. Lt. Col. DE Buchanan, Maj. ME Nolan. Maj. LG Gamhie. 2iul Row: Capt. LB Geiiehach. Jr.: Lt. Col. JL Pishhack. Capl. LH Cassler, Cai.l. I)L Levy. Jr.: Maj. DM Fowler. Capl. GF Bond. Jr.: Capl. KM Hatch. Capt. RT O ' Brien. Lt. Col. P V Ramee. 3r f Row: Capl. CF. l( cvland. Capt. RT Curtis. Capt. W C Ross. Capl. RH Gushing. Jr.: Maj. DL Knoll, Jr.: Maj. KE Eiler. Capt. RB Griffith. Capl. BS Hanson. Jr.: Lt. Col. RH Detlre. 4lh Ron: Capt. JW Mastin. Capt. FW Crowe, Capt. WR Jarrell. Jr.: Maj. RE W right. Maj. TJ I (;uire. Jr.: Isl Ll. RL Johnson. Capt. RG Weber. 5th Row: Capt. KE Sickafoose. Capt. LP Ravard. Maj. AM Maish. Maj. RE Pletl. Capl. IVi Snvder. fet Kverv normal child is born with an instinct to instill a healthv respect for both. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS d Calculus. It is Point b to thwart natiir DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGLAGES Practical experience, of course, remains the only effective P. but at least well know enough in Berlin and Paris. Tokyo, on the other hand, presents a problem. 1st Row: Lt. CoL JH Utlev. Maj. JA de la Fuente. Lt. Col. GA Bahe. Col. WJ Renfroe. Jr.: Col. CJ Barren. Lt. Col. P Dickson, Col CN Dos Sanlos, Jr.: Maj. GJ Breimlel. Lt. Col. MS Mirski. 2nd Row: Mr. C Viollet. Ll. Col. GG Barlletl. Capt. M Gutierrez. Maj. RJ McCrorv. Ll. Col. P Denisevich. Dr. F Tiller, Maj. H Reiner. Maj. AN Thompson. 3r,l Row: Capt. TE Benson. Mr. J Martinez. Capt. TS Skladzien. 1st Ll. CL — ■- — - ■ ■■ Capl. JC Spence, Capt. BL apl. FW Mclnerney. Maj. Henier. ia|. - i nonipson. Jrrt noic i .apl. i t Denson. »ir. j iariuiez. v..apt. Herman. Capl. EB Pelers. Capl. EF Crowlev. Capt. DT Dunne, ttl, Row: Cap Lan.lis. Mr. P Vils. Capl. K I Home. Capt. JP Burner. Maj. S W illarcl. 5tli Ron: Ca WC Harper. Capt. N Imol.ersteg. Mr. N Mallzoff. Capl. Ji; Paiile-. _ 28 ii. f !l. mivfit I.I l „i, 1 I t ..1 KH l„.rl. 1.1. C.l. JJ H.l-ir. 1 (. I ..I. I Hurli.l.. l..j. Kl- -lil.N. I.I. t ,,l. H.1 C.ii.ll. -■-.. ' .... l., II l.iiHi. Ul I.I. Kll Siniih. l.,j. I,.,,.-. ,1,.; ( .ipl. (.1 Mill.-, t .,|.l. J I ' ri..-. ( .i|.l.( I. ,..l.r-. l..| lit U,.lMrl-. Ir.;( .,|.l. I ' l It Tir-I ( ;Li " I Mi;li-.h; iM,,ii- ol |{,-,,u,,ir ,l.,iir.-,l il,rout;l, ,,nr li. ■,„!-. I!i I I1;:li li I ' .lllir iiU. Ion,.. im:i» immi;m oi i:n(;i.isii Ml. ( ..I. nk i-.|..iiii. t mI. (;n si.|ii. .-..-. i.,|. ( ( i i-.,k.r, i..j. xt. Wi.krrl. ( ipl. IC I lilh. (;.i|.l. I) I. .ill, , l.ij. W I l..l li,j. Inl l ..„: ( , [.i. HJ |,„,iil.. Jr.: t ..|.|. H Nl.irli,,. » .,|.i. W l »ri-«.. I.I. I, ( . K..M 1 .,..1. I I, Sunn. l.i| nit l ' .,M..ii. ( .,-.1 Jl. W I. Ill hKI ' VKIMKM OI S()( l l. S( ii:n( i: M.illN .1 ni ' lil »;i. .|M ' nl In lli.- IkiII l,ii.li:in iIii.mi were « n l« ri ' iili r in i iir I ' ir-I ( iLi-- M-.ir. IM Row: laj. Kf. M.Cu.ina. I.I. (...1. Wi; l.l).,.ial.l. I. Camion. Jr.: I.I. C.l. J(;K Mill.r. Jr. Ml ».|. III.) t.. .IN.lil .1- ». (...I. VI 1 ' iir.h. C.l. (; l.iii.„ln. I.I. (..1. (; l.M ixnil. iaj. l l. ir%.aillia, i.l. . n. w»» ii-i fiMU i. An. w i i iirii . i »• » i.tiii.tiii, i.i. »...i. Camion. Jr.: I.l. C.l. J(;K Mill.r. Jr.: Caj.l. W II ;rlllilli. 2n,l Hm,: ;a|.i. I ' K (inriiian. Ca|.l. W W W li ftoii.Cai.l.CCCarliHl,-. Jr.:(;«|.l. K S ..w.n.fl. laj.SU l..lMi.aii . Cupl. OW Iral-cr. Jr.: Ca|.l. K K Kna| Caiil. (Ij .Sliiimnii-. :tnl Hmr: Cai.l. T ),al... laj. SH H.rr% . Jr.: Capl. WC Burrows. Cal.l. KJ kirmnii Cai.l. J I Carroll III. i;a|.I..S|) Hl.iin. Capl. Ull Nn.-. IiIi «..» . Capl. J K Irra-lwrll. C.apl. W Smil Capl. K I).Ml..M IILCiq.!. 1)1. Mr(;iirk. Capl. KJ H.ixl.ur . Jr. 1st Huh: 1,1. Col. Crimmiii . laj. Welch. Capl. Flaherly. I iitaiigling the in oiveInent of Sgt. Hothead. Iis Lewd. Mr. Fringe Benefits, and Pvt. Ishain hail considerable more attraction than the integral of sin x dx. DEPARTMENT OF LA DEPARTMENT OF IM. T. G. True, it was like climbing Pike " s Peak and our cy were to face as an oflFicer were unra cllfd. Ut Row: Cant. WW -Scolt, Cant. WC Smiili, Ll. C.l. W L Baxter. Col. L1-: Srliick. Col. CR Bn.shou.s. 1,1. Col. WE Heusel. Capt. l)D Litt, Mai. WP Gardiner, Maj. RH HammonU. 2„d Ron: Capt. WE Bartholdt, Maj. PB Toon. Capt. W F Joffrion. Capt. RL Bentlev. Capt. JL Schram. Capt. WB Rogers, 1st Lt. HC Otten, Capt. FC Davies. Capt. SO Edwards. 3rd Row: Maj. WC Fullilove. Maj. JK O-Brien. Capt. CO Eshelman. Capt. LE Walter. Capt. RP Singer. Capt. Rti Berkner. Maj. GE Mason. Maj. JE Glab. Capt. RW Wilson. never the same hut inan of the countless complexit DKPAKTMKM l MIIJIXK in(;iK K 1802 D SPECIAL REGIMENT STAFF Ca.-I. IE Wagoner. CWO DF Jones, l.l. Col. W t Gleason. Capl. WC Parker. Col. RJ ll.rlr. MMh wI - • (1 Ll. Col. WG McLeod, Capl. V (ia.inon. Maj. CK (VDonnell. Capt. DF Slaver. m mim I SAIA BA D STAFF liamlnmsirr: l.l. Col. VV. Ke ia. Stnlf: Capl. Bll l)n«.-. (WU KM Ker-liiiwl. C () TW Bools. -..«k«!S il «5 ' Va w ' yy rn i 1 m J oj £i . • ) 2Kmffr . : " ?-u vV . " .V m .W And the boy grew rapidly older and more wise. Gradually understanding things he had never analyzed. J . iCr . , , t l A WEST POl NT. N- V w-- ri: A r ' : . (jU ' I t ' Srs rf ; : ' - ' ! " .j (x " . nfc. " ' ' j ' »- r a- ' -| " CA ' n " If ll.isi» llu- .lining. I.all It was twenty minutes after nine on the 3rd of July. 1951. wlicii I louiiil myself staring at a list of subversive organiza- ions as long as my arm. The (|nesti(m to be decided was whether I belonged to an or all of llii-in. No! " All right. dun ' l spec ' em. just read ' em. ' " The obliging first ssniaii llicii took me to " meet the boys " who were to guide me during these next two months of what is popu- ly called, " Beast Barracks. " From this point on. events ■ snmc liat liazN . due to a mistiness w hieh formed iti my f i g If m PV V ij I ilo ri ' int ' iiiliiT lli;il lir t hi . Iiii ' i-r. Il« iiii|Kic ' l mi in riTiillrclion. Tli.Tr was a CaiUaslic nmiili. r .il lliiiij;- lo !..• arri ili|ilislii-il. iiirlii lin poiilf. ' I " iIh ' Ip.irlur li(i|i. llii- (:- !.. rr. 111.- M,in.,-imii. llir -ink-, iiiv n.oiii. ill.- ana. ll„- onlrrlN r i. llir .u|.|.ls n.niii. and ihni l ac k In ra. Ii nl ..u«lx ua- nol arrar.;:.-.! 1... mv ronv .ni.n, .-. I,,, ll..- r.-,| ..r III. ' Minmi.r. ll..- ..r.l.-r ..I ll..- .Ia «a- .....r.- .,1 li..- -a...... uilh an in.-i-.-a.iii;: »iii..l .-r ..I |..-i-i. .|. Inr a.l.ial n.ililarN Iraiiiii.L-. II..- - ' Till ..I iii:ii.| ...iil.l ...i.i.- n.xi.- n. I- -||. » nuK ' h f.ir Iriir. 111.- u.rk.l.iN- ....■ l.ik.i, imumU 1 iiU i .uiuir.iU. ar.i.l ' ini ' .. aixl luiirlh rla - .liilir.. N illi a Iru n|.|M»lMiii- Ihr vvr.k.ri.l rnuu-- a |.l.-|.r. Irll I,, hi, uu n .l.xir.-. ran r ij..N all Ihr .Ira in L.r ' , urU hr .an Ini.l Ur lirnr. Il Ihal l nnl rnuwiih. llim- air f.M.lhall ralli,-. lu., I.M.lhall tri|.-.. an,! t,nall . ihr l..nj; auail.-.l. an, I I,.,,;; I,, l.r ,r- nirn.hrrr.l. I ' lrl,.- Ch. i lrna,. cae fc M i«... il,r As General Waters announced from the poop deck, along with his Christmas greeting to the Corps, the fact that there is a tradition for Plebes to remain at West Point for Christmas, there was a certain amount of emptiness which came over our class. For many, it meant the first Christmas to be spent Whatever gloominess we might have had short-lived, how ever, for little did we know that everyone on the Post had been working for months, preparing what was to be one of the most pleasant holiday seasons we were ever to enjoy. There were hops, shows, unlimited use of the Boodlers and Weapons Room, the Winter Carnival, and that extravagant turkey dinner on Christmas Day! EVERYBODY ' S going out. . - I ' lii- darkness at reveille, one morning, was insiifiicient to coneeal the fart that our shoes were not np to the standard expected at that time of day. Relaxed bracing seemed to be evident, also, and before we knew it. Spring Backup was upon us. But so was spring, and that meant we were that much closer to Spring Leave and another fall-out. Over- coats were discarded for davtinic use. e were on the road to Recognition! | W!JJ w AWii,w t uJK i lJ B s«»■at:=«??q! -» ' - « ft 5 » .5ssfe -i6i» « ' ' V : -a , ' ' - . VJ ■ X, t; - - " " " . »| Sun. lax. 1.inl. !(.. I ' l " .: . Ixacllv ...ir IniM.lnil aii.l lill xrar- ap.. ihr I inhd Slal,- Mililarx ,a.lr„iN ua- liiiiii lril. I lie rumor «a -Iruii thai tliiri- wcuild In- an rarK |{r. ' .. iiiti. n. It rrinaiii. ' d a niiiior. M. ' .lallinn. VN.r. ' |.rr-rnl .n .tn « li.-rr. irnliiain;; in j-.k.--. l..un,l.r-- ,lav .lilinrr ill III. ' .lining: hall .uiirludr,! Ih. ' r. ' l. ' hralioi... an. I as Catltl.-. SESQUICENTENNIAL I..H.kii ' .M.I in C. ' inral J P ti-ffJ ' ' ■ !«p « ! »X to sgK ' ■m •«Ci% . i-. i i i ii .jtif WIWlw n ■a ' ' Taa. — ™ a |M|||MIlJiinmr? - ' imniB K| 1 M H y 1 m ' - i RECOGNITION ■ ' The pleasure is all )iimlismaek. or no hanilsliake ■ ' w .la s.- Iiail Imt.i « ailing lor all M-ar lia.l linally atri ( ' il. Tlic noun meal Nas (■oikIucIciI 1) our respective scjiiad lea l ' rs. iisiiif; lio liiiirlies. The allernoon saw us being liraeed lor no apparent reason (as il there e er hail to l)e one). Then, around 1745, the handclasp was made and out po|)ped a chin, supporting a grin which only a (iadi ' t lan descrihe. What more could a man ask fori ' W e were soon to lind out. hut lor the time being e er thing was perfect. Two da s later, at 0800. we departed for twenf -nine da s of well-earned leave. Plebe vear was overl ■ s. ' OOtl feelin •. eh wh. m w ONUMEN UjW f » H BATTLE MONUMENT THE CADET CHAPEL . ' ea irisiar iigSS ' ' f m f c o ' - ' I ' S ,ei P -J ' x. . B U C K N E R Willi li..|.|..i.. l I,, ihal inonlli ..f l.-nv.- ' . ' Ilii- u.i« ih.- .|U.-lin.i li.inf; ;..kr,l ;,. ur r.(urnr.l. ,l.i ,-.l Us tlir -u.l.lrn- lioii xs.i- loMii.l cmIn I.N looking iMlc. Crnlr.il rr.i. u li.-rr ;i n.u .1,,,- «.,- -.Ii.ii.in;; m| In n-.,iv.- In.ni u- «l,.,|,xrr u;.- |M " .-,I In.iM .iIm.nt «|,i- I, xw .li.l n.,1 ..,,•.• I,, i.l.iin. ||,.,l i- .nnn-h -l.iriii;:. Ili.n- ..n- liii.k- h I..- I.m.I.-.I u,i|, .•,,,ii, . 111. 111. riicir i- .1 lilllr li-lill;; In l.r ili.llc. I rfiiw wr llliix I ' III ( !iiiii|i liinkilrr. :m A w • iiiM IflflHif H Vf ' v -551 fi X -. ; • ' « • — . , £ A M P " The shell is ejetlcil heri ,liil L 1 »52. Cainj) Biickner was nl a short distaiue aua . l.ut it soenu ' .l like a worl.l apart from tin- f:ra «alls of West Point. Some of our barracks «ere einii[i|Hil willi showers. Some ol ' us were not so luek as to " let these and liad to use the field shouers pro ided Ijy the Quarter- master demonstration unit. We went to work right awav brightening up our " sum- mer home. " We celebrated the Fourth of .)ul raking leaves, and that night each company had a part) — G.l. The next morning we settled down to the routine of our summer training period. There was the firing of the weapons during the day and the cleaning of them ever night to keep us busy for weeks to come. J %B U C K N E R rm- rii-l |iii i(li-(l li liMiiiirif; liriil-;! ' inn-Ii iicliini. tiiolilion-. and llir iu iuihir l ' ( ) X 1. ol ill.- arm-, irprr- .riilr.l al ISiK ' kn. ' i. niinr Iraiiiiii;: .u.- u a rliaiirr I.. inr aixl Ira. I 1... iiiali. n ..I lank.. M-... on llir liravi.T ».a 1- si.lr. «r u.r,- lanjihl h. .n.i.ia.-.- an.l lln- ailiii.rN I ' oi a uhil.- till- ilav ua lini li. l. an.l s. , r,■ ,■. l. ina- .•ali lli.iii «. lint llial -....n a .- «a l.i lli.- inlia- ...niiMMh- ni -unuMunM. IkuhIImII. l..,-k.ll. an.l .an...- la.nii:. M O R B U C K N E R I k iS SoniPthiiig liad to iri ' soin - here and when it did il va iisualls .... 111.- «.-..k.-nd.. «lir.i «,. l.a.l tin- l.fM .,[,|..,rl..ni- ty ol our Cadet career to ei-eort our best girls and our i ' aini- lies. Many a pleasant hour was spent dancing in Norman- dy Hall at nigh t to the music of the post orchestra. Cool breezes from Lake Popolopen added to the beautv and the | l ' asiirf of the hops. Picnics, swimming, and canoeing were mure ol thi ' liner things of life during the day and each «.-..k.-nd Ns as eased to a. I.-.- «ilh a Coior-Line show. It all liad to eticl soniewiiere. lioHe er. so we selected Camp lllumitiation for llie spot. be ran ' t sin " , either. ((- FIFTY-FIVE ' S DEBUT AMERICAN LEGION PARADE Sllll M..I ,|mh- I.M,I I,. -I.ul ,i.-.mI.„,i,-. u.- Irll ll r ,l,n ,,ll.r u.ii nhi.n I.. W .-I l ' ..inl I.., .« ' l ,„k I,. |..,,,,.|. ' (,., ll,. ' Viii. ' ii. ' .ui I ' .i,„i. v«|m. ' I. u,.- IimMmii: .i c.H.xr„i„ .i 111.-,,-, rlli-. «.,- ..M l.Il|M„l.,Ml .,.,■,,-„.„. In, II «,,-.„,, 1,1-1 , u■.n.uu■.■ ,rU„,- ihr |iuM r. .mImvIn „um. IIou ur;l|.li- u.rr .ii.x i.i,li.-..liu... ur . ..ul.l 1.- ju-liv |.n.M,l. 11, - ■ •■ImI- ll,.- h.u„. !»,, „|, .,,„! ,,„.■ l..„-k. .„|,,v,-.l .,„,-.,-K,- ii.it.l l..h- in ll,.- .-N.-iuni;. «l,.-ii u,- ImmhI.-.I .,lllll l,ii-.-. ..M.l MKi.l.- III.- I.-IUIII nip I.. W .-I l ' ..iiil. ..«. | " i-|.;i|.-. ur r„■ r.-.i.K I.. l..-;;iii .i.-.i.l.-iiii.-. 111.- i; l ' |..i.-..-- j.i.l[:iii.-iii. AND HER REWARD... Academics. For us, they included physics, chemistry, calculus, topography. English, tactics, Language, and (ahem) psychology, to name them ' all. Before we really could get started on academics, we had to take advan- tage of our n( ' N pri ilfgcs. There was Diagonal Vt alk to lake us a a from the area oi barracks while going to and Iroiii classes. The Grant Hall Boodlers and the capons Room, besides adding much to weekend dragging, were providing a place to relax during the week. Flirtation Walk will always speak for itself. Our new class club completed the picture. These new privi- leges were to form the nucleus for our life of " playing it cool. " 60 " T % k.iii; I. Dn.n.I. .-..iri N.Mj -.•■• I ' m (liri-lm... I.r..x. - h li.i.l I " 19Si " . . - - iCTm I-.i. i..-.u1n -,M.i,,nlli-.Mm-,-...irrL.«-h..,ll„T LEAVE iiir iiM-riliiiii- r -l.r. lull (.., Il ' ' ' ' m,,,,,,. ' " " " " m,nm„, L7 in.i|i.iilx ..I U-. 111.- IhII .11 IJIIO .... Ih. ' JiMl, ..I ° ' I ).-. ■•,..l„-,. I " )-,J. I.... I II..- -;.....• .11. ,1 ;.- II,.- I..-II irKr ,1 l .lm...il. «l..n II..- I...r-.- i.r.- i.. ll..- -I;..li..;: I. ' . ii |.I.Im- raii lil i-oinin IN ll..- .lix i-i.... H-ii ill.- ii| |MTi-i;.— •men wrrr poiiiji ll I li;i.l r.-..-n ln..i .-ir l . I ' I.-Im- Chri-lm.i in ll..- -iiil.il. li.il W.I- ill.- uonl. ' Fun-! ( " Let " s " O to breakfast i . U N Yearlitif. ' year a iiol noted for its inaiiv exlra-s|i( ' ( ' ial e t ' nts. lull ulial sf lost in i]iiaiitil . uc inailc ii|t for in mialitx. 1 1 was during this year that the privilege rami- to the ( ;or|ps to march for one of its distinguished alumni. The alumnus was (General Dwight David Eisenhower and the (iccasioii was his inauguration as the President of the I nilcd States of Vmcrica. Parades were a routine thing with the (;or| . normally, hut this was something sperial. To ashington it was. then, to march anil ] n trihiite li graduate. Wrf ARMED FORCES DAY %.Mr«.i-.|...i„l. Il,.-.,nnu,.l Nrriir.l l..n.-|).,x l ' .,,.,.l.- ni . » ..rkCilv «.i. I.. 1..- I,-.I 1,N il,.- (.,,.|,-.,l C.i.l.i-. rin- m.-..nl ••l.r.-.ikin-- -ll..-u liil.- " .•.i,l . I.iil il u.i- ;; I lli.il ». ' .li.l. r..r III.- .I.iv U.I. III. I .111.1 III. ' .i.i ' l.-.i .n. ' .i |.n.x.-.| I.. !»• M.ll u..rll, III. ' .-Mr.i . ' H.-rl. W . ' u.r. ' -..in.- uli.il .l.irll. ' .l uli. ' ii til. ' I.ii.. ' . pull. ' .l ii|. " Ii ' lil " .il.Ml III. ' n .iil jiKl •■iil.i.i. ' ill. ' CilN .111.1 sr s.i. ' lol.l I.I iii.ik)- till- -iMhli frinii firc) I.I «liil. ' . lull i ' . ' ' |ii li.i ill. ' I i» " 111 " il fi ' w I l l iill. ii . uhii ' li mil. I .till Ih ' ili.r. in lli - •:r;i-- uli.r. ' . ill. ' (,.ir|c. arriv. ' .l iiiLi.l f.ir ill. ' |..ir.i li ' . MENTAL THERAPY YEARLING STYLE The end of Yearling Near arrived before we knew it. ami the books were getting dustier. We could have dusted them periia|)s. but e eii that seemed to be beneath the ' ' dignit " of our position as Yearlings. The on!) thing iel ' l to (Id. w hicli was de oid of physical exert ion. a lo reflect on what we had done this past year. Nothing. coniplele blank. Zero. 1 1 a lull while it lasted ami besides, we were now wellM l.d lor th.- a.a.lemi.- ear. Cow year. Red Bon woulii lo e hi laniiliaritN. our trips to the Roodlers wouM be fewer in number, and niagazini ' s would be read forcui- THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING ?s. k Jt: ' % r-r. Jm-m- ' M «l . , te - -- J DELAFIELD POND i:.v " --;5 ' . ac « ' - ' ; ' o . % c.- « " ' . J- £ - Q- ' - «. jj --s ' ' ,. i?- WW " " C l s oJ O Yo , " a " ' CO- •H . o .aV :i 7 ■ iEGLINAfR FORCE BASE 3F i i l.ik - all 111.- i,la.-.-s we vi iUMJ. K-lin Air Fonc Base lia.l iloiii- iiiosl of lii ' i- ()rk helore wi- arii t ' (l. Iiiil anollii ' r laclor- l) ' anii ' involved. Our Vir I ' orce indixtrinalion «as siipposeil lo be siiared between Kgliii and Maxwell ir Force Base, but a sudden quarantine, due to a polio epidemic, placed on the latter base, required that all the training In- a ronipii-hi(l al l!«;lin. This meant thai Nfaxwell I ' B iiad 1.. nd ail her per onnel and equip- rnciil to llgliii. and uilhin llie iiorl span of tliirt -six hour . ' Nci-dlcs lo sa . our training was aiconqilished uilhonl inlerruptiiin in the planned program. Granted, all iIh- liaining was excellent, but one phase will alwa s r-eniain in onr memories. For fort -live minutes, each Cadet jound himseW n ing in a A- . " vsorking " the controls and gazing around lo liis heart ' s content. s cai-li group rclurned. it a nolliing but a maze of hands. diiTionslrating the various allitn lcs of the jets as llii ' w.rc Mown. Now there was a lilli - lliing railed an air siiow ihal was pi-esented while wi ' scrc here. During this llow w.- saw whal ihc Vir Fone had to offer in ihc wa of proti-clion for ihc I niled Slates. |-..llowing liic how. wlii.h was ihe climax of our Irain- ii.g. u,- oi,-crNcd a p.riod of silence brought on h shock and il wa nol nnlil lal.T liial we were able lo gel our monlh lo cd and ihe blank larc oul of c . . l-liii FB had i.fl its impr.-ssion. fc " ■ J FORT BRAGG jj N 111) was poin to imjiress whom ' . ' ' Thai as the (jiies- liiiii tu 1)1 ' an MTfil at Fort Brai;g. One unusual and cnjoxalili ' li-aturr ol our training Nas the fact that we were permitted to participate. We were given the privi- lege ol ' experieneing " Suspended Vgoiiv. " jumping Iroin llir Ihirtv-lour loot touer. an. I [.-•iiig .Iragge.i l,v a l.lovvn parachule in a lulil.- eH.irl lo gel to our feel. W hen it vsas all said and done. Virl.orne had earned our respect, not oidv in llie training, liul in the dining hall as NNell. fe —- W.- iK- l.rt.-.l I.. I.riii;: ...ir li.l - nil.v.. I.iil lill inanci;: ( :l -aii niiirli Iroiii llii- training ' . Ml is not liri l;:i ' s with III.- i:iif. ' iiir.Ts. Tl.rn- an- railrna.l-. an.l n.a.l- I.. I- ImiIIi ami 111.- in.-aM I.. ,l, hnv il.,-r „u,-.t .il-., I.,- I. ■,,,,„■, I. " H.-iii ' hill. ' l.-.i arn... In.iri llir awhil.-. Iia iiij; i. llii.ikii.f; «. ' riii ua-..a-r.l ri,,ri. ..Ill lliuiif: |.a.li.- .,1 III.- l!,., ili,.M l.nn..-. I nu-ual v»a ll..- Il.-lx..ir. il-o I,, ' Ir.niw l.a. ' k al thr l . i , , , ELVOIR, l. |.l.a-afil I J III. ' Ki| liii .r Ni .l lu ImiI llir l.i l 1. ul our trip N a I o, i Moii iih. W r »,,, i-ax ' il iiilo ilii- training ' with .1 wirkiinl wliic h Ix- an 01 arrual. Cam.- Moii.la nioniin . llioii;:li. an.! u.- L.- ai Iwo cla III iiil.-iisi .- Iraiiiiii;: oil Sijiiial . ' .iiiiiiiiiiiira lion . It a- not all loiii:- laii liii : . ' i|iii| iiii-nl wi- -aw FOlT-ftlNMmfH ACADEMICS .He..V - " ' M This was THE year for academics. U e cul.J joke all wanted to about going deficient occasional],. I,,,, ,,|, ■: came time to balance the books, green chalk u .. „ permitted. It was small consolation ,o learn ,1,., Jj,, passed the half-wav mark, chronological . bnt we knc only too well that as far as academics were concern,- we had only scratched ih» ' surface. ' Iher, ' enough studying to be gott,-„ „„( „( th,- ,,,i, ,,1| , ' ' first of two monographs had t„ he uriucu. ■ ua Z Study! f m -: : 1 1st R,m: Mavson. Gruli Koades. Nordlie. 2nil «.,» . Kvker ( lgr.), Hiitche Olmsted. Frier. Higgs. i:oach Nonlli. TENNIS The " .54 team was leil b lour returning letternien. but after many days of practicing and working out in the rink and on the wind-swept courts, the squad shaped up. The squad next spring will be headed by the three returning lettermen, Joe Grubbs, Chuck Roades. and the captain. Roland ordlie. These three will be strongly pushed for their positions by Morgan Mavson and Bill Crum, both Cows, and li .junior (iaspard. Bill Bailey, and Tony Ellison, all Yearlings. Swarthmore Harvard Manhattan Dartmouth Yale Coliunbia New York University Cornell Princeton Pcnnsvlvania illiams Colleg - Fordham Colgate Navv W on 4— Lost 10 Arniv Opponrnls 3 " () H..a.le afler that l all. Captain Nordlie in the forerc l..rvl,ui.l l.a.r. .--..• Clul. II " ' ' inrlll Williams ( lolL-.- j:i 1 Swarllimori- 22 i ai. ' t) :, Kl ' l l(. I I niv.r-ils of ir-liiia I!! ) I nu.i-.ilN ..( Marxian, 1 I( 2 Sxra.-u-.- 1 ) ■ .u :! ' 1 Ml. a l.iiif;l...i Cliil. - 2 LACROSSE Ml.r haNiiij; I, .-I a li.I ..I mal.rial in I ' l ' .t. llir " . " .I I an • I. an. I.H,k.-,l lik.- a | r |.r..-|,r,l. «,ll, m..I Ii ' l-plli anJ a I t n.« plax.-i-. 11..- la. I ll.al «.■ u.nl un.l.l.al,-,l unlM ll,. ' avN an..- .- .|n,l.- a Inl.nl.- I..(:..a.li r..M.h-.I ■. 111.- •■.I l.arn ua- |{ n,n..r-u|. (..r till ' Nali.mal ( !liain|.i.in ln|i. III. ' I. am . ' Iiin. ' .l . nt- Mamlin- in.livi.lual | . ' i Lunian. .- vxilli .n. ' . ' II.iiI l.am- uork. Caplain I ' . ' t. ' I ...n. ' an.l Ski|. Coml.. u.-iv nam.. I 1.. III. ' Ul Miiii;: Ml Nin. ' ii. an f am. NNliiJ. ' .I..I111 ( .i.l.lin :. an.l Itox DiiiKUNaN ma.!. ' iIh- ...on. I I. .1111 an.l I )i. ' k ll..l.l i. ' . ' . ' iv. ' .l li..i. rai l ' ni. ' nli. n. K K..1.. ' l ' ..rroii. o. Krai.i.r. I).im..«.i%. IVi iiifj.r. II. .1.1..-. I ' ..ii. ' , W irtli. i;....il.-. la. .I..1...I.I (Cai.la.i. ' .V.l. (M.l.lii.);,. . ' .1. ..i. . Cathry. I ' lullips. I ' iik.ll. II. .1.1... NiilioU. Slorrk. Auger. Miller I). Miller K. :ir,l Koit: .Steukley. Vmloii;:. Vuleiiec. Ilarlx.l.l. SntMleraf! . Siitlon, Sniilli. 11. in... J. .1111.41111 (Manager), ilh Rmc: Majiir MrCiv (Oflirer-iii-dliarpe). Selirage, Smith S. Iliggiii-. J. Ilis iii- ;. Krev (Tr.ii.i.r ' . Mr. M..rrU T.iiirh-t.mr fCoarliV l • z :ii - f SfeJt- ' " - . ' ■ -. si Jki:- The steady attack of Leone, Hobbs, and Wirth backed up by Combs, Giddings, and Macdonald in the mid- field was more than most teams could contain; while the solid defense of Dunaway, Peisinger, and Kramer allowed opponents few chances for a shot. The goal was ably defended by Torrence who was a close contender for an AU-American berth. Tlie rugged team play was exemplified by the close competition in knock -downs compiled in each game. The great spied of ilic liarn enabled it to run around anyone it coiddn ' l run () er. Next season will see the Army team in tiie same situation that this year found it. Again, the problem w ill be depth. The first team should be very good, and given enough support will go all the way. Thomas takes a wU Capl.llll l..c lnM. M Ulll n ' l.M ' M U. Ilir MIMilK ' M .llc.l- Willi (ii.l.lir.t;,. Ili;:;:iii-.. ni:.r. ,„„l Cilhrv. Dun.iu.iN. IVkilt. Crr.-r. ; ii.l I ' liillip- .in- .A,,r, i.in r.l ,,n llir iL-fi-ns.-. Mi h..|.. Sull..n. ,m,l S.i.„l;:.a- ....• r..i..li.l,ilr- for llu- iillark. I 111- lou ' li M-lKilnlf . |i n willi tlic M..rJ..ii.l l.i.n.... ' Clul. .111.1 r,u . uilh N.ivv. llir ,.iilx l tc ti ' ,iiii lli.il ililialcil ii. ihi- MMI-. ( : ti-.|.iiil Ir.iiii- |i|Mi itiiiii. Kl.llir Mlllrr rh. ' .k- lllill -li.k Let! by the hilling of Rox Shain. Bill Albright, and Gene Procknal, the baseball team compiled a creditable record. However, the loss to Navy made the season a disappointing one. The pitching of Captain Frank Lecates. Dick Regnier, Rod Vitty, and Ed Vallentiny kept us in contention for the championship. Games in which Lecates gave Penn two hits and Princeton four hits were well pitched victories. The infield play of Shain. Mike Conrad. Albright. Richie Cardillo. an.l Rill Cody coupled with the outfield play of Paul Lasley. Ralph Chesnauskas. Pete Manus, Procknal. and Ed Rumsey gave us an adequate defense. The big hit of the season was Ski Ordway ' s homerun in our loss to the New York Giants. 1st Row: Gilpin, Pelosi, Cardillo, Conrad, Munson. 2nd Row: Shain, Procknal, Marcrum, Albright, Lecates, Manus. Weafer. Weaver. 3rd Ron-: Capt. McConnell, Ordway, Regnier, Slapleton, Vitty, Butler, Chesnauskas, Vallentiny, Capt. Crowley. Uli Rmv: Moses (Manager), Diez, Rumsey, Heye. Lasley, Pemberton, Graham, Coach Amen. Chester hits llie lii BASEBALL 1 1.1.1 l % 1 1st Ron: Cremer. Fitzgerald. Richardson. Thomer. MoWilliaras. Olive. Singer. Holmquist. 2nd Row: Major Fullilove (Ass ' t OR Sclmeikert. Hanson. (Jeiger, Bovd. Mealv. Brown. Horv. Krause. Ban!. Sisson. Purdne. Bacon. Wooge. 3rd Roif: Mr. Crowe (Coach). Klein, Ward, Walton, Volkstadt,Hall, Winter, Bossert, Palmer, Patton, Strickland. W ard D, Barlow, Batchman. Ll. C , Baxter (OR). 4llt Row: Brokenshire, Rankin, Alexander, Mendell, Dulk, Bazilwich, Esposito, Chance. Hanim. Sluddard. Thelii .5 i Row: Dougherty, ood, Bauchspies, Shannon, Nicholson, Young, Root, NIartin, Uebel, Lorey. Oil 3— Lost 2 Army Oi pi)U(uts l?(.stoii Lriiversity 91 49 I ' liiii Relays (Ihcrc was no scoring in this meet. ) Manhattan (i8 72 Marine Corp S.Ji.M.l 9:5 1 ?, 28 2 3 lle|.ta-..nal 111. plaee St. Johns anil IM. lon- nioiKli 1(16 U— 23 Na N 19 .-, 12 «l 7 12 TRACK Led by Lew Olive, who went through the season unde- feated in dual competition, the Army thinclads rolled through another winning season. Tremendous improve- ment was noted in all members of the squad, which jumped off to a fast start with a rousing win over Boston University in a pmiring rain. Next on the schedule was the trip to Phiiadelpiiia and the Penn Relays. Although there was no team score kept, the Army left its name in the record books as the team of Gil Batchman. Carl Bossert. IJiU Boyd, and Bill Purdue won the 180 yd. Shuttle Hurdle Relay Championship of America. The team was plagued by bad weather all season but seemed to perform best under adverse con- ditions. During thi- reniaitidcr ol (lie season. Coach Crowelfs charges were e i ' ti more nccessful than in tJK ' ir lirsl meets when they romped o cr four adversaries in two trianpidar meets. 86 |). |.il.- III.- I,.-- ..I rmm.n.u- l,H,-,„,.n i.irlu.ln.n Cuplain ChiMk HrnsMi. ItMl (:... . .|..|„i ii.inl. .iixl I ' .Mil S-lnNrik.rl. TiiM .-.u- -i|ii.i.l .i|i|.r.ii- iiMK li im|.ii. i(l ail.l r.,.. In.,k lo ,.,. .v.M ImII,-,- -,■.,..„.. Cipt-iin l.« Oliv. illl .. III.. ' n-...nl ImIiIikI I, mm. i- , |h,i.-,I l„ ul ,■ his Im-.| M-ax.M. al.lN -M|.iM.r|.,l I,n iarl l?.. " .rl. I{.il|.li St.-%rnM,n. Iik.- 1; |...mI,.. Unl, ,;,n. M 1 IhIIm. .|.rr Jaf, ' n.u«ki. .mhI |)a c I ' atloii in lluir n |»( ii . ' .x.ril-. Will. Ih. ' .A|.r.t lii(.-la;. ' - ..r Coarli Cm .H aM.I tli.- iiiaxiniuMi I ' Murt nf rai-li man on iId- Irani, .i uirMiin iMMx.n in ' . ' : u ill JM ' rMlnMMal. ' .i l.v a iv..,MM liM Mr[„r ov.r NavN. M. .iii l r ofT III u fiKl lart. 1 uraer -u.k, auotlier GOLF -l ost 3— Tied 1 trmv Opponent. Suartlimuiv 7 Harvard 3} 2 ■■ihi Yale 7 Pennsylvania 4 3 Eastern Intercollegiates Manhattan 7 Princeton 2 5 Colgate 7 Navy 3 4 Fordhain 6 1 The Vk est Point linksmen had a good team with lots of good golfers and hard luck this season. Even though we are losing four top flight men in Jerry Van Valkenberg, Roy Muth. ally Carlson, and Ray Allen: next season should prove more successful. The " o5 season will find Captain Dick Auer returning to the fairways along with Jim Stroope, Tom Turner, Jim Howard, Al Renshaw and Fred Pirkey. Diligent attention to the instruction of Coach Browne will pay rich dividends next year. Col. Clase. liilh, (iariieau, Vupr. Pirkey, Van Vaulkeiiberg. Stroope, Carl Kirliir Car.lillo. lKi .l all (. TEAM CAPTAINS 1955 Di.k „.r. ;:..lf ( ' 4 . ' i A. ].._ ji-frN I I t% S . ' Ll ■4 l(..I.Mi.l N..r.lli.-. I.11111. rapiaii I M ' i GHLIGP ■ , ' , f? A r I( was the custom to live from day to day. That way there were no disappointments, but the routine became as monotonous, presumably, as Hell itself. By stepping back o little the so-called " big picture " came into view and things took on a different light. There was always some- thing happening, for better or for worse. Our class was not even two months old when ninety upperclassmen were dismissed for cribbing. We were not to be denied our Honor. It was as simple as that, but its effects were far-reaching. West Point had to go on, so we lowered our heads, not In shame, but in determination and anticipation of a rough road ahead, particularly since, as Plebes, we were at the bottom. There were visitors from other schools, including the Royal Military College, who were shown that West Point was everything they thought it was, and more. The Sesquicentennial brought us many gifts and many objects commemorating the occasion were erected. As Yearlings we listened to General Gruenther moke us realize the seriousness of our Duty. On the lighter side, the Boy Scouts come up [for their day, as they do annually. On that day they usually outnumber us about eight to one. Cow Year had a little mixup with the Navy goat but The-Powers- fhat-Be soon straightened out the situation. The real vent of the year came when we welcomed the King and 3ueen of Greece to the Academy. Without o doubt, we lad never marched for a more gracious lady than Queen redericka. To single out events that occurred during irst Closs year would be impossible. Everything wos quclly important, for we were making final preparations icidenl to graduation and the receiving of our com- ssions. This was the nature of events for ' 55. :W . Where ' s the tngge ,J Mrs. lalier. " THE LONG GREY LINE Tl-T.. .e «er... „. „.. ,., s,u,l . kn,.wi„. ,ha. all .e ha.l to .1,, wa.s look out the window to see Maureen O ' Hara. Besides, what were tenth.sv For a month, it was Holly- wood-on-the-Hudson, as we helped to film, " The Long Grey Line. " Returning from elasses, we usually found Tyrone Power sitting on his chair in the Area, reading the morning paper. Then the afternoon elasses would end and i, uas our ,ur„. Ian of us d.mned ou.dated hats (the unif..r,„s .ere still up-to-date!) and learned the old manual of arms for the (.lmi,,g of the earlier years of Mar,, Maher ' s eareer. It all came to an end ••••■ ■ eni„g a. supper when John Ford bade us farewell and ihings return.-.l i„ „„r„,al. " Try il a-iaiii from line ; Mil i;i i WMiriiiirr r ' ' . " ■JH " IN THE DEAD OF WINTER THAYER MONUMENT 7« S :r ' jz£¥. r f t u tm ' jr- " " WASHINGTON HALL CULLUM HALL • ♦ • • » iips«i . . , 1 W " ' E wFrMKPi Kline j4 ' i MM tJ . " a J 1 S 1 LLai IT hMWni m j 1 . e ' J es, . vC " s y. " 1 - ut " r- ' M t_ -v OUJ " ' - ei r ' ' " ,. ■ - • . ' i =p«- r- ' ..i ' anil thii lliiii): . WRIGHT-PATTERSON T ( ur lti|. I ill.- K.-.Mi. Ii mikI |). .lM|mi.iil ..iil.r f..r ill.- ir Ion-.- «.,- an ,-nlir.-lx r..-« .-vim-, i.n. .-. W -■ -..« ll,.- lal.-M in . ' |ni|.ni -nl. Inini .al.-l .l.- i..- Ic v .a|...ii-. In | la. ' .- . ( ill.- lan lar l liji-a.li.i- ii.Tinallx ii-.-.l in iii.lrii.-- lioii aii.l . an riillv -|i sili. iic.l in llii- -iin. lli.n- w.-n- | li|s|i . ' hail- in air-.-.in.lili .1 i .. ni.. |- ' . r ..iir li.-.- liiii.-. lli.- ir l ' ..r. ' .- |..-iiiiil|.-.l ..III II.. ' . l Ih.- ;: h ' . iir- an.l | .,..l al ill.- Ofli. ' .-i-- Cliili. in a.lclili.iii |i all iilli. ' r r.-. ' r.-atiiiiial farililii-s. ■||i,-N al-.. |.n.xi.l.-.l an .-m-.-II.-iiI Ii .|. f..r l ami ill.- r..ii|. thai .li.l ill.- .l.-.-oialiii;: ..l. i..ii.| u.-nl I., a I..I ..I «..rk I., mak.- n- l.-.-l al I1..111.-. ■ l.,-r.-. il..- H I i. -Si I -. 1 !!..» I., . ' .-I ..»..% fr..... .1 ..II v ' l We have arrived. FORT SILL ' Is this Bertha? " rlillfr luriicd out ils | Next stop. Oklaliu.na. ' Tl.. ' IVI.I i-(|iii|irn( ' iil. iiirliiiliiij; tlu ' aloniir lamioii. ( )iic aricrn i we liad a (Iciuonstralioii of lliis ( ' (|iiipiiu ' itt and « ' n ' con- vinced from tlie licginninj; that llic FV «as prepared for any e fntualit in tticse unset tleil times. Tlic otlier demon- strations u;ave us a perfect picture of lial c would Ite doin- if «e sclc.led this hramh. I f the location of the l.-m- onslrations was an indication of wlicn we would he after firailualiotl. there was no need lo woir ahout elhow room, hut it riu " hl iia e lie. ' ii wi e lo tiiink ahout Indians. S|M-.,kiM;; ,.t l.l,li.,M-. u.- u.rr ;;iv. , ., -,„r..,l l..-.,l I III... I »liil. ' ur M II. ' J I oit Sill. III. ' u.iv il all ' ;,,ll. ' .1I..MI »ii- llir..u;;li lli.- -II.,,!- ..I lli.- .ill iri- ,,i I .iul.,11. )k li..in.i. On.- .v. •Mill-. ..Im.hI ITHd. vm- u.r.- I an.l l.ik.n l » .111 I1..IM ■aii.l-a-li.iH .liiv .u ;...l ...iinlrN. Il iiiiiM luiv. ' I.. ' . ' ii (;.mI ' . ...iiriliN. I.t I no ..n - l..r mil.- .in.iiii.l I., .laiiii il. I ' inallN u. ' arriN.-.l al .Mir .l. ' linali..ii an.l iinl..a.l.Ml. M..111.MII an.l «.■ i.ah .-.l llial «hal «.■ -au u.,- n.. iniia;;.-. lai.M. I, r.H..I I., r. ' . ' .i n..l ..nix ..ni .la-. I... I ill.- .r.lin ' C .i Ca.l.-N. N..I »anlin I.. uaM.- ill. ' I.....I. r nu.x. ' .l in an coiiilu. ' l. ' .l a . ' . n-. ' r ali.iii | ri rani. Ml.i w. ' lini-li. ' .l w wail. II.-. I .-r t. a .l.-ariii;; |. wiln.-— ill.- I.in;:-a ail.- iDMt. n lii.liaii .laii.. ' . I li.- ...liiiii.-. .•i|H-.-liii-iilar a- lli.ir .Ian..-. Ml.r .lark Furl .Sill, ' ral.liil l lli.- .ili .ns . ! I.awlon l.ir lli.-ir iiiii.| • lis|.laN ..I li. .|.ilalilv. I..r II ..f .1 III. 101 ES. " NSrC ' N-. F ' OILlI ■ ' Kifle " I ' ll give you fifteen cents. " The hiKKPr I Ik n . 102 t l.i-l ».■ ha. I -.•■•.. n Ik.I ..ui- I .s.i- .Li-inal.-- ha. I h.-.ii " ni..ulhiiii:-.,ll " ah.xil r. r th.- lUrrr |.r. ' Ni..u. . ' ai . W .11. ' IVxa ua- hi;; al an ralr. Our hi;: iiil.r.-l «a hi ihr at r..rl l?h " . I h.- u,■ s Nik.- «a- ..hi -lull al l ' ..rl HIi-. | | ai. ' iillx all Ih. ' olh. ' i . ' .|ui| ni. ' iil vn.- u.i al- iii.mI. ' .I. hul I., n- il VNa- ih. ' hi;: .lian;:. ' in .I.-I.-iim ' .11. Mh " h.l.l ..u. i,il.r.-l all Ih.- uaN. l-Ar.-pl Inr Ih. ' li a|.|M.iiilni. ' iit ..I ii..t ;:. iii;: I.. W hil.- .- aii.l iM-i-aiiM- .if a chan f Idi- I In- «.)i-.- in I In- w.-alh.-r. ih. ' . ill in- i|i «a- | irl.-.l. Diiriii;: our Ir.-.- linn- - miiI inl l..un ..r 11 I ' a... an.l a ir ,. ' iil a.T..-. ih. ' Imnhr I .liiar.v. I.xi.-... ih.- |..-.,|.l.- «.i.- N.rs iVi.ii.ll . ' . ' 1.1 .am. ' ..n Su.i.laN ari. ' rii ..ii s«h ' M |.ra. li.allv ill. hulll.-hl-.. W.- ha. I r..i r. ' ati.iii l.ir llii- | l ..» I.l... Il .I.H ' - .1.. ' . ..-1. ' The arm of decision decided not to talk our wa into Armor. Instead, they let us drive our way in. The lirst thing Monday morning we were taken out in the country and sliown the tanks. Vfter that the were all ours. We spent the whole da hi ing. ' this was more effective than any number of lectures the) could have given us. Con- tinuing their practical attitude, the cadre took us to a gunnery range and we did some firing. Admittedly, there were some lectures, hut even these were dvnamic and when the training was all said and done we went awa impressed by Fort Knox " s action instead of words. Recreation was an organized program of horseback riding, swimming, and volleyball, to name a few of the activities. 4. nswer lo lectures. ' ---?» - ' ■.r " " " -. " .» ■ .V l.- ir WIk. til. ' IkII ' Mir.-y ,.,,.Mv„|ls ' u.rr 1,1 lur a lull .rh.-.liilr .11 Ihr hil.inlrx S. ' l I. Imt.uim ' th ' ,n-l,l ol nur arrnal ur ha.l a .I. ' imuii- Mr.ili..,, I lal ,la,k,..- ,v,-,|,| I,,, ll,.- I,a--.r- an, I ,x- |.l,Mlin -UrW-. .• urrr ..l.lr h. ;;,1 an .N.-.IIrn I i.Ira ,,l III.- iMir InriM.NNr, llial .an I.. ' |.nl ..iil I.n ll,.- inlanliv. I li. ' I ' ..ll..»in- .lav . ' uiln. ' . ' .l a.l.lil i..nal .1. iii..n li ' al i..n-. ..I ll.. ' alia. k. II.. ' .■l..-i..;; .I, ' .......-I. al ..... Lal,....! ll..- -Nla.l Mil... I. ' . " N.l.i. ' l. I. a. I.. I.. ' M... a... I l.. ' a..i I.. Ix ' a|.|... ' . ' ial. ' .l. 11. i- «a- ll.. ' la-l -|..|,..l ..,..( ;..... I.i.i. ' .l .i..- r.i|.. O.I. ' , hall..! III. ' . ' la- u.nl 1....... ' ...i l.ax. ' l..l. ' lli. ' .inaii..!.-. ' rrlii. ' .i. ' .l h.W. ' .l l ' ..in aii-N ..nl a.-i-n......! - al (:a...|. H.i. ' k.l... i.i H.a-I iJaiia.k-. a.i.l ...i IM I ). W -■ .■.. ' 1.. ' -...- ninC I.. I...I1.. ' ll.. ' .im. ' i. ' .i. ' . ' i.i l.aN...- I....,..., ' I., l . ' la - m.n. N..U ». ' I.a.l lo li. » il. ran B E N It I NK ■:■,:■, s.-nl lu.nlN-.i-hl in.-n I.. F.mI l)i l..r K.-|.la.MMn.-nt Trainiii I )clailinniU iIiiIn. I ' lirsc l M ' nt -cijrlil l.c :aii with llic n)i|i;licsl wcfk of the suiiiincr a liriislni| on l a iii ' t .Irill. pliNskal training, ami (•lo8. ' -..nl.-r .Irill. Following their introdurtion into the ( !hain-oi-( ioni- niand iIk ' V hccanie " jiuiior officers " ami started itistriieting trainees. I ' .agerness ami know-how were e iilenl a !ailets made trainees toe the mark in the life ol a sohher. It wasn ' t all work, for in off-duty time the social life was that of a jnnior officer. When the summer closed each man knew that rmy life could be more than satisfying and as exciliii ' ' as one was willing to ntaki ' it. r, r DETAIL n..lli.r " rn-l " r..i I ' llU-lixr u.i. r.-iM.-r.-.l « h.-n lli a-.i;:nni.-,.l- In, Cui.], Hu k,w, D.lail «.■,.• ;,„n..„r..-.-.l. N,, .MM,.- «..- ll,.- lit.- ..I ., ln t (;l.i-i„..n h. I»- on.- .l al.M.liM- In.m iIm- ' .•.ulin;; . Sm ( „- l..-,ar.ir ( C.riiiii.mil.r-. ..lli.r- wnr I ir-l S.if;.aiil- ..i uii a Slali. |,ul r.-anll. " -.1 llir j.-l.. all ;;aii..-.l r „■n,■,u■,■ i,i l.a.lii.;; inrii. In aiMilioii l - tIii : dial iIk- ncini-ih ' i, pailir. r,,■ lirl.l. ihr rnrn d ll,. ' |), ' |ail t,ai.l. ' .l ll,r ra,li i--. n ll,.. I.a-,. «.a| " .„-.. l I I |.laN.-.l a l.ij; |.a, I li.-.v. II,.- [..a.-h. ail,,, a. I.- ll,.- -„„„„.■,. -t,,, n n pp ' Somebody say something! " ' Iv said somethiu " BEAST BARRACKS DETAIL H.lns: a I ' iiX (.la.-man The big. thoiifrli least -desirable, assignment was Heast Barracks. K en tliougli it uas tlie chanre ever ne lia I wanted, f. gise back uhat had been taken three vears be- fore in the same siluatidii l)ut under dilTereril ciniint- Stances. it was ihlTerent now. Hesides. wh i)|ien ohi wounds ' : ' Still, the job had to be done, so upon return from the (!iiinbined rnis Trip, those assigned the task began a week of orientation in preparation for the new " doolies. " 1 1 had hartlly begun before everyone was beginning to wonder whether Beast Barracks had not already begun, llach day brought back memories of these same barracks some three years previously. Nevertheless, the week passed ([uickly and the Fourth of July weekend was waiting to prnvide u- with the eahu before tlie storm. RING WEEKEND I) I ' i.ar ,-Nr.-ll xg ' . -5 r ' ..nlMI- In 111. ' ...I. ' ImI.u Huvz W rrkriul l..-:..n . || II S.-,,|rMll..r -.-.1: .irl„..llN ,1 ha.l Im-um l.a.k in ll.r cii.nn.-. ..Il ' l.l.r r.if uli.ii Ihr |-l. ' ,.-, |{ in- ( ;..intnil l.r » ..- .1, n. Ihn.nuh III. ' n. ' M llir.. ' N. ' ar- ill. ' Kill;; ( ;..rnniil I. ' . ' ..ik. ' .l. II iiIn l..a. ' lii. ' V. ' .i Cla- U in;: . a|.aM. ' nlli..l.liii;: iI ..nmi l.. ' -i.l. ' aiiN ■■.•la- ma " " . I. ill il-n I,, |,m.m.I. ' i1i.,m ' all-ini- | ..rlaiit it.ni-. lli. ' " " | im aiitl llir l iiiial iii • ' . III. ' ( :la Cr. ' -I «a .lia«n i.|. an. I " " |mi-. «. ' i. ' axailal.l. ' I-.I..! ' . ' I ' I. ' Im ' ( ;iiii-.lma-: rin;: lilliii;:- u.r. ' ina.l. ' -Inrin;; (:..» .ai. lir-l Cla- Miniin.i li,,| |.a ' .| an. I lli. ' I.i- u. ' .-k.ii.l Nva- ii| .in II-.. l III. ' | r. ' . ' nlali..ii .. ' nnioiiN lli.- . n| .-i-inl.n.l. ' iil ' -. I.ilk -.. I..IIM I,, I,, ' ri,,;;. ' ,!. II,, ' ,in;; u.r. ' ..n! |{in;; l!aii.|ii.l .ii- plax. ' .l III. ' 1. ' - Il.iir- I.. ' - nr ;;ii. ' M . Kin;: II. .|. li. ' M .uax lill lli. ' ; ' Mnall li..iir. ..I tli.- nun-. I ' l. ' i,. ' . .|H.iil. ' .i . H lli. ' ir Kin- r .. | . an.l ,■ ..Hi. iaIK I..-, am.- Fir.l Cila.v ' .- W ! ,.„: K.il.-..l.nMk. Sx.l.nlKiiM. U.m.I. ' -. I ' ark. W I. ( » l.uiriiian 1; K.-..iii.T. Dulk. L ' n.l ,.... Ilarri-. W i. ' -an.l. Uak.r. J.,l.ii... i S l. l. ' .ki»..ii. KulU. Pr...%aii. .W 31 24- ., S7 95. «-8B 83 st Koic: Wing. Hagan, C.liaucp. Onlwav. Vaiiii. Farri . Bell. Franklin. Miller. Bliss. 2nd Row: Cvgler. Lash. Murtlanil. Reynolds. Shuff. Bruno. Allen. Smith. SaUerfiel.l. Johnson. 3rd Row: Bishop, Kyasky, Politis, Oppel, Fade!, Meriole, Chcs- nauskas. llarhold. Erickson. fib Roic: Kinzer (Equip. Mgr.). Zeigler, Goodwin, Slelnik, Clock, Szvetecz, Burd, Cody, Shannon. Keid (Mgr.). 5th Rnw: Pelruno. Stephenson, Sullivan. Uehcl. FOOTBALL aptain i, Wins 7 —Losses irmv 2 Opponent S. Can.liiia 20 :n Michigan ■lb 7 Dartmoiitli ()() 6 Duke 2« 1 1 Colt.mhia ()7 1 Virj;iiiia ■2 20 Yale l!i 7 Pennsylvania :5,i Navy 20 27 llii- " . " I -cii:-!!!! ;i laMirili- 111 ii-iaiii il- I .i-l in ii|ir ' inar llic ra-Dii |)riif;ii--..fil Vriiis " - wtakiir— r-. iiii- |M ' rii-ii .,..,1 lark .,r,l.|,ll, Ml 111.- III.. ' , u.rr firral ,.x|..rl . .,a. hum ,.l ( f Ion, I lUaik. .■■■a.l, .p.i.k 1.. Iin.l I C.acli Klaik .li.l net h.-ital.- I « ilrli |iLui-i- jiilii iir » iio-ilion-.. (Ill ruiis.rl- ».n- I ' al I -ImI al IuIIIm, k. I )„ k Sl.-,,|,.ii-,,n am Ski Onluav at ta.kl.-. ami Hill Cliaii.-.- at .•.lU.r. In la.t Clianrr. ..IK ' Ml thr ino-l ini.l. ' iialr.l liallpla N r, -. in tl.r I ,M|(.,|||II„. |,..-iti..ii-.. Hn -.a-.m ' -. ru, tlir .-..a.-liV- tiainiii;; hail l.nni l|. iii.ri.an li..n..,- to I ' .t. ' aim. I mii li.ll. ami I). II N Ih- oN.rl.M.k.-il an til, ' m.n ..I ••}{■• „|iia,l. 111.-.- Iiar.l« ..i kim: n l.aM- ..I ll j.Min.-.l an. I |..i l.,i in..l tli.- .,|.|.,,n.ii|-- |,laN-. I (.. lli. ' ir .liili. ' . .luring |.ra. ' t i.. ' . tli.- -nia.l u..ii all lli.i, i.-iila j:ain.-. W .• .an iiii ' m|p.i .III til. ' ai-it in In (}.. ' -.-a onV r.Ml- n. ..m- .an .. .ii..,,k I5..I. I am-. I vt ' lilcd Irom | ' la in llli-li s 1I1..SCH .aplain. Hi- iii-|.irat i..n ua- a k. la. I mm The season opened at home ilh Vrm host to South Coach Blaik ' s warnings of inexperience and lack of depth Carolina. Not much can be said here except that there were struck home on a strong note as the bigger, faster, and some 2400 surprised and stunned cadets in the stands when much more experienced Southerners outclassed an Vrnn South Carolina left the field here with a decisive victory. team whose ranks had been depleted even more b tin- The underdog Gamecocks showed spectators here why the) absence of Don Holleder who was back on Central Area are called the best South Carolina team ever and estah- paying off a debt to the IM . lished themselves as a strong threat in Southern football. ll.r .1 .■.■k ..I l,.,nl |,r,,rli,-,- |1,.- |,-,,m. .,. . . .M.|..niir,l [,s iIh- I ' ir-I Cla-- i ' i " " .N,-,l I,, „„ ,l,n, I,, |,l;,x Mi.l.i .m. itii " aiiui-riiij: m.i.k Kni-hl- | ul MM .1 •.|»rla.iil.ii .li- |.|.IN ..I ' lirr |M ». ' r .11 III. ' Im.iii. ' d Mirhi an ' - (M. rrlul ,.Urriilr a- iIi.n ,■.■■, i|,I.I,In . ul.la -r,l llir Ii.mmIn laNcr.-.l Ki I .11 t.ain. C.iil i..lliii- ill.- -am. ' Ilmm iIi. ■.lail. Ih. ' {., , r iii. v. ' .l u|. an. I .L.u.i ll,. ' Ii.-M al uill inii. ' li I.. III. ' .I. ' li-lil ..I III. ' ' .nil I II-.I Cla.Mii. ' ii an. I I., ill. ' ..ir|.ri-. ' .,r:n.(i;in-liin.i. ' .l .,iil....k. ' i-.. C.a. ' li lilaik .,.k. ' .l aii..lli. ' i ..I hi-, -ri.lin.n rniia.l.- Ii.r. ' . Willi 1)..M ll..ll. ' .l. ' i -nil al.-.nl. lli.T. ' rn■ l.-iii , rliaii . ' - I III. ' Iiii. ' ii|. llial -lail. ' .l a aiii-l S..11II1 Carolina ! jii-l .•IK- u. ' . ' k Ixl.ii ' . ' . i H il N a- llii ' -| iiil an. I lli. ' will 1. j will dial | ai l ..11. jiii- «a- on.- llial %a-nl ;;..iii:; I.. I.. ' ' l .-al. ' M I.N anN..ii. ' . I ' .l. ' aim xva- lii- ii-nal l.iilliani .l. ' . ' .-| IJM- -clt ' ilirt ' i ' liii " llii- ia-l iiloviii " iiii r-l. riii.ili.iii. Bl 4i-lti ' V — Lebel. Zeigler. and Hell ate up hig ehiinks of yardage all day and each lallieil uitli Bell arross t ice. the last one being after a run of 50 yards through the middle of the Michigan line. Up front the work of Ordway, Stephenson, Goodwin, and Chesnauskas was outstanding. It was a big win lor tin- Vrmy team after their disappointing start. The Black Knights were on their way up again. Returning home the next week. Army eompletely domi- nated Dartmouth and but for a bad pass on a fourth down [Hint could have shut out the Green. Pete Vann directed the team to six touchdowns while Jerry Hagan, Bill Cody, and Russ Mericle each engineered a drive. In the first (|uarter Vann hit Zeigler for 38 yds. and Don Holleder for ()7 )ds. Tommy Bell carried for 33 yds. and a third rm score in the second quarter. The linal talK of the half saw Yann hit Holleder for another long gain and a touchdown. Pat L ebel got into the act in the second half. On a handoff from Vann. I at went r 2 (ls. Two plays later, Pat carried iIk ' hall, this time lor.U ds. and Army ' s fifth score. Vann " s linalc was a 04 yd. heave to Yearling Art Johnson. It was Petc " s third TO pass of the afternoon. Jerry Hagan kept the team on the ground as Dick Murtland carried for the seventh score. Joe Cygler and Glen Allen each added one as the reserves continued to dominate the Green. 116 1 l : V X rm nim[M|. ' i.i- Itl.irk Km.j;IiI- iin.i.l.d th.- Snul I.umI .111.1 .|.oil. ' l Duk.-. lioMirroriiin- .i lli.x r.„n| l. ' l. nnt.l.|... ' .l III. ' lilur D. ' mU. t lll.r..lr.. Dukr ., ir,,; III ..•rnn-l l,;ill. l lln-|M,inl. llir |{..1,M,- « .1- un |,,|, ,,l ,, 12 1 .■...ml. I «..M-,„in ,l.is.--l..ll.-.l .l.-.|. ill Duk,- I. nil. -IN III. ' Iir .| .ju.iM.r I. Ill Ml III. ' ..iiM ' l .,1 III, ' .....n.l ,,.,1, (:...l. ' ll ISI.lik IllM.lll. ' .l hi- .....M.l linil ,111.1 lIl. ' N NV. ' lll u.iik. ii iii|. ' i. ' . ' | l. ' .l |i;i-. .11 mi. III. 1. 1 -l.ii l. ' .l lli. ' iii ..ii ill ».ix ..M.I ,. r. ' N |.I..N- l.il.r. I ' .l. ' I a-h ..,m,,. ' .l I ' , v.i-. II.. ' mi. I. II. ' I.. |..is.lnl. Ilii- inMill. ' .l ..iir hi-l I. ' ..Ill Ml..! ' . ' Ih.iii II .li.l Diik. ' .1 uli. ' ii lli. ' N . ' .im. ' h.i.k ..n th. ' Ii. ' l.l. Ih. ' s m. .%. ' .! I.. I . .ilmin.l. ' .l uh. ' ii 1ik. ' .i;;!. ' . m. ' IiI ihr la-l . ' » NiircU III. ' ■.. ' . ' ..n.l hall h.- aii a- il iiii ua- . ii lirr. I akiiic (In- ki. k..ir. ih.- Uahhif iikimiI iI.ivmi ih. ' I..!.! and niiifr ii|i nnin- h.r III.. ' . ' Ill .|.ii. k ..i.i. ' i. . ' i l.T. li. ' ll. aii.l I . ' l.. ' l all .In.N.- hk. ' .1 |..i.k ..I uil.l Im.I ' -. ' .. arm .... ' ak. ' .! ih. ' I.i-I lu.. an. I ihi- 111. 1. 1. ' il 2 -H. D.ik. ' . ' . ' h... k ..I ihi- | ..iiit ,111.1 -. ' ..ri ' .i lui.i ' ,.ii.l l.n.ii-ht il I.. 21-11. III. ' la-l II) .am. lit lat.r uh. ' ii l|. m. ' ii.an |..iiimx K.ll nn.i.I ill) mI-. .i|. th. ' mi. I. II. ' ...1.1 -.M.ii .ilt. ' i ViiiiN ha. I til . ' ...Im;: I.. mil. I.. UN. Urn. a ain it n ..N. ' i r.ix..r. ' .l D.ik. ' Ihal |.l.i. ' . ' .l rm .iin;: a.i.l -am. ' im| .iri.iMi iii .1 la... I l..m |.lax- .ill. ' . iIi. ' n ..I th. ' h.ill. Ih.- hi;; ih. ' .iali....- h.-t. »a- a I....;: Mrik.- rn.m a...i K. Il. ll. ' .l.-r ami il l...i U I.. I !• • } ' I Tt 11: ( ir: iS£i-; Typical Chesnauskas Block. ll was l.ou l,ittli ' " s 2.Ttli nni iMsar as licml (•i ach at C.luml.ia. «li.M. th.- Kal)l.l.- u. ' nl lo .-u York, hiil «lial Army broiiglil could riid lie Ictint ' d a birtlidav present. Rather it tolled a death knell ti) a once mighty Lion eleven. The Rabble rolled (.532 yards gained on the ground) to an impressive win over the Lions. Pat Uebel exploded for 2 ) ards on the first offensive play. After that it was a st )r of long passes by Vann. fine eatehes by Don HoUeder. and long runs by Bell, Murtlan l. I ehel. and (.ygler lo bring about score after score. W hen the team returned lo IVlichie Stadium, everyone e |)ect ' d a repeat performance, but thirty consecuti hours of rain and a strong Virginia team that was up for rni threw a scare into an rni learn ihal Mnild not b« slo|(|(cd shorl or i lor . liven wilh llic hca rains rni was a lour lou h.lo«n laM.ril. ' . lidua ihrough ihe lirsl perioil I ' al ICbel scored from nine )ards oul. culminating ; si l ard drive. Shorll) al ' lervvards the breaks began t go againsi ihc Black Kniglils. Mter reiei ing a irginia punloT. ilsninc. ihc Kax dels hnnblcl ihe lirsl phu an. I an 118 ;,|. ' rl ir-iiii.i lin. ' in.ui rrroN .r.-.l in ,,,1,1.,,. ..ml . i mI iIi.- ...alliiM villh.Ml tni.h.ip. li.ii.lc ' h.n-iiir n, lin. ' l..,r.d i, |H,.,r ki. k aii.l 111.- -.-..ir nni.nii.-.l T-d. |„ ||„- -.■. ,,ii.l liall _. ir-inia n.a.lr thr .nuiil It-T ,ri„n- .i..x. Ir,l l. I, ...... n JN 4 It.ll. r,.u ,i -la, I MioNinf;. I l„- liiial |.r,i,..l -a« Ni.-iiiia .,,.1. ' CM a u,v jM " . iMit VriMN I, .1,1 ,,„ I,, It. I.a.l uiilil tl.. ' hi.al ' -on. air. mill, r.alc-,1 ami .iil.i lamm;; I li..ii;:lil- ,.r u iiinill ' ; il,.- Ux l.a u.- 111!.-. |,laN..I li..- !,.■ S.-,.,i,.l |{,-j:im,-nl a.i.l an rmv I. am ul.i.l. I. a. I 1..... makii.;: a I. al.il ..I ' -|,..ilinu li.,m.-...inmi:- an. I .iLJin inmn- -li.ak-. Ml.-r |,..l,lin ll,.- I h " - l..r III,,-.- |.la -. ill.- I, am l....k h, ill.- ..n.-n-ix.-. ann lian.l. ' .l ih. ' I.all I.. I!.-II xvl... . nl I.. In- l.ll aii.l N».nl (.1 anl- l.ii an iin -.■.,.■.■ ..n lli.- In -I |.lav r,..m -.Tiinina.:.-. I ' ll. ' n. ' M lim.- n,u lia.l lli. ' I.all il I.M.k ih,..- |.la -: ih.- I.ij: ..n.- I..in;; a I ' , ai.l |ia- ti..in Nairn I.. kxa-kN. With -. ' . ' ..n.UI. ' ll in lli.- liaUl)..!! Il..ll. ' .l. ' i .in.l. ' .l ill. ' a!. ' .I.-I. ' n.l. ' i ' - an.l ami liil liim 1..! ih. ' Imal lallv ..I - 111. ' Iir-I liall. 111. ' -. ' . ' ..n.l liall N»a- a- iiin. Ii ini a- ua- 111. ' Iir-I. I. .minx It.ll -...n.l In- llm.l I..m. Ii.lou n an.l lt..|. Kxa-kx a.l.l. ' .l aii..lli. ' i. Iiank Um.l . liiiiav.i iiiix " .- linal .Irix.-. t i;,ii . h..»- 1 ... w. 119 -Ac— r- N.i ' liil i ' i I i wIk ' II iiii III. I llir I iii r-.i| . l I ' . ' iiii. .xU.i.iia ,11 I r.iiikliii I i.1,1. ,iiix ».i li.-.uilx l.u ,„v,l. I.i.i III, ' K..l,l.l. ' IuiiimI tli.il III. ' I ' .n.i.vK.Mli.iii. . ' l. ' .| iil.l..., ii. In .|„l.-..l ,MIS-..II.11MV.- |M,».,. iIm- ■..■„,;■ »..-.. nl I l-ll .11 III. ' ii.iir. i ' iii;i| . iiii. u... .1.1. ' I,. III. ' r.H ' i ih.ii (:,..„i, jtj.iik «;i- ,,■,■„ ,■nu ' I1...11 | n. ' iiiii. iii.i I,... k ..I W . ' M r..i..l ail. I ».i- iiiial.l. ' I., .lir. ' . ' l lli. ' Lam. II. .». ' %... ,iiin . aii-lil In, ' III III. ' ... . ,11. 1 hall, aii.i ill. ' niniiini: .,1 l. iiinix H.ll. lli. ' ,,a,-iii;;..r I ' . ' l. ' Nanii. an. I ll,. ' i;li.. ' I,iij;, ' i .,1 |)..ii ll.,li. ' ,l. ' i «. ' ■•. ' I.... iim. h r..r III. ' hiMi (.tiiak. ' ! ' -. 111. ' Iii l -Inn-.i- . ' lialk. ' .l i.|. IN .. ' lalli. ' - an. I lli. ' i. ' -.im ' - k ..x.i. |{ii.. M. ' n. ' l. ' .lii. ' .l. ' .l III. ' .. ' . ' ..n.l -.irin- 1.. an..|li. ' r II). an. I llir ;:aMi. ' .•n.l. ' .l uilli imin .liixliii: l. r -.nil an..!!.... |)..ii ll..ll. ' .l. ' r liirn. ' .l in ..n.- ..I In- iiu. ' -l -.|.aikliii- |.. ' il..i- man. ' . " .. I li. ' i i Ml- V.n.ii.aii . ' ..n ' .l Inm.. ' .,11 |.a-. ' - IV-.m aiiii an. I n .i- .il«a - a .l. ' l.n-is . ' ;;iaiil. III.- (,»iiak.i- l. ii;;lil valiaiilU. lull al ill. ' Iiiial ;;ini iin l. ' .l :;. " .-(•. a Miilal.l. ' |M ' ir,.iiiiaii. ' . ' r..r a N»arniiif: I.. a . Inl.ODII fan- iaiiuii. ' .l int.. Miini. ' i|.al Sla.linni in I ' liila- .l. ' l| liia ...I ..x. ' nilM ' , ' _•: I.. ,. ' . ' ll,. ' Ca.l.l. ni. ' .l ll..- Mi. Ml. ' .. III. ' 11 i.. ' r lis. ' an. I .ix Lam. in ill. ' M..h.m i. - .|»-. ' li%. ' l . ViiiiN ua. a -liylil raM.iiL. I.iil Na N ua- ..iil |. uiii. r. r an in ilali.m l.i llic . ii ar t on N ' » i ' ar ' Dax «a- I.. I» ' lli. ' ii i. ' «a..l il lli. ' x u.r. ' I., .I.l.al ..1 li. ' rm%. II.. ' n-.ial |.r. ' -i:ani. ' .Ii-|.lav- «. ' .. ' I.r...i;;lil ..n an. I III.- Ini. ' k l.nnv ' in llaniiil.al ..n lli. ' (..l.l -..I .|.i.k m lli. I.I. I h. ' Min. ' ua- . ' N. ' iN l.il III. ' llii ' ill. ' i il Ma . ' X|.. ' L.l Im ' an. I lli.n m. ' . rni ta. lli. ' nal i. n ' - L | . ir. ' ii-i . ' Lam aii.l Nasx N«a- lli. ' i.ali..i. ' L | .l.l.nMv Mil. iiiin ha. I Ihr. ' . ' ll- n.. ' ii.aii-; I ' .L ' ..in. ,|.ia. L. ha. k: l)...i ll..ll. ' .l.-r. ri :lil -il.l. an.ri..nimx H.ll. i.L ' hl hallha.k. Nax ha. I . n.-: K.m K.-ai:!. ' - llxii l.ll .n.l. n..lli. ' . Naxx man. .r-. ' W. ' Mi. ll.. ' .|iiarl. ' rha.k. »a- .l. ' -lm. ' .l ak. ' rin - av l.i-l..rx vMlli a .la zlin;; .li-.|.la ..( |.a-iii.: aii.l .l. ' .. ' |.|i..n. I 1 ih. ' ..|..ninf. ' ki. ' k..lT I., lli. ' Iinal »lii-ll. ' . 122 Ielnik anil Cyjrler Lead Biird. Navy scored (irst w lit-n nin rmnhled deep in their own territory, and Vi elsh passed lor the touchdown. Army came right hack, moving 70 yards with Pat Uebel, Army ' s lead- ing ground gainer for the day, doing most of the running. Army missed the extra point and trailed 7-6. avy, led by Welsh again, came right hack with still anotlier score, a beautiful pass pla . The sec-sa« game began to pick up speed as rin) came back Nilh another long driNc to cut NavyVlead to 11-1:5. Navy tried to move and uas stopped. Army look over on downs, and I ' ete Vaim. faking excel- lenth . passed lO y anls to Boh K ask for still am)lher ' I ' D. Ii.mI .l.l,-,,t.-,l l,.li.;:,.I1. Diik.-. ..II. I ., r. It, II N;iN l!.. l li..i|.|.. ' .,,in.. .iikI »i|Ii ..nix tu iiiiiiil. ' - Ii ' ll in iIk ' li.ill. W I ' l-li ;i ,ini |..i .11.1 I.. .1 --..r.-. l ill.- Ii..ir. N.ixx l.-.i -•|-- ' (1. III. ' -.-...n.l W ill -.i« ,,n IrM.i- .I.-|..i,,|.In I.. -. ..i.- .i-,.in. I.iiI I..i f il.l.l. ' III. ' .1...., ' Ii.i.l .I..M ' .I. W. ' l.li .i.l.l. ' .l .III.. III. ' . I I) III. ' .U% h.l.ll NMlll .l.l.,lll.l .l.ll.ll. lll.N .In.x. ' I.. III. ' u . " . ,ir.l liii. ' . Iiiit li. ' i. ' lli. ' N ;;..I -lii. ' k in ill. ' mil. I .in. I il.lnl - -..rf. riic ..in.n «;i inilr.il iin iir.il.-. rm l.. l •_ ' • . in .III.- .if llif iii.xl llirillin;; .Miiif- in tin- .•nlin- ' ) " inif -. ' ri.--. R - A - L - L - 1 - E - S loothall st-ason is made up of more than llif actual games. One of the big extra parts of a season is tlie rail which break the usual stillness of the t est Point atni phere. The Rallies show the Big Rabble that the C.orps is reall behind them as the struggle on the " tiehls of Iriendlx strife. " W hellier it was in th.- form of a dis- . organized march through Central rea or of a big fallout , in the Mess Hall, rallies were enjo ed b all. and, what is [ more important, helped backu|» the team for the game that was to follow on Saturday. W hat made the rallies a success? ell. the Corps of course provided the largest | art. but individuals contrib- uted a great deal. Al ordcu and his Cheerleaders were always on hand to lead guttural oices through a ipiick " Ripp.-r. " Ihc Rail) Rand, more or less directed by I ' assaliuuK-. pro idcd the music and noise, mosti) the latter. lan «ere the times that Rupp hot-rod,led around the " |uair " in the jeep to rout the sackoids out to see the Rabl)le onto the busses and on their wa . iis utli.r lallN i- JIIM .Mh.llir, |.||| , „■,l .,,iii| , « lh ll,.- ..vx I{,,I1n. ,.-;„,ll,-,,ril„. ,,,, ,t.u,..-. Il„ N.iNv {A s ua- a l-.n;; luiir mi ||„- making ll.r lull. Tl.ral.-, . H S.-i.ll, ..a lia.l 1m-.„ .Irauii.;; an a.i.li.n.r 1.., iiliifliiilir.ii.-.- ..I il- " h.al a " (li-|.la . - lli.- Im.iiIiii r.Kiml ai«l «ann.-.l lli.- ...iln-.k.-i -. I),-. Ila.i-.ll an. I la- M-N iiii . ' cl lli. ' ir .I.m.IIn aiili-Svsahl.i. ' |...linii. ( :iii i I ' ai. ,K-| f;n.aM.-.l uii.l.r ll..- Ir.a.l ..f .a.l.l-. .Ira;;-. ..(li..!-. an Ih. ' I SM l.an.l. a. Mini: lli.n -iiai.- ni ih. ' .ln . ' I., l.-a tl..- 15, i; l.a.n I.. m.I.-.x m. I ' lnla.l.l|.lna. W hal.x .r lli ..ul...nic ..I ill.- ain.-. lli.i.- u.r.- aKsax- lii.ai-.- ..i.-,- i | r. - llial inoi. ' .n ' int.. I.x.lliall llian vlial i- -i.-n n lli li.-l.l. !ll MH.KS •r.. i r„„ : W .,r-..« -.1 % Hi;. IIht-.-.i HI. ,K. Iii.Imi;: DI). s.,.,m. ..., ..r.i.-.. l. ..l.wr I W . Ml I I IJinili- .. f. M...k.- § J .T p. - T p.. ,,.T ... ► ' T ' ' ' ' ' ♦•M.cT .o ,,.«B «%T Pea .T.„„ ,., p„, tsT PC mm 1st Roiv: TurnbiiU, Thelin, Russell, Oakes, Heinz, Mavrotheris, Summers, Ginler, Turner (Mgr.). 2iid Row: Pozeulo. Ji ni-. Strickland. Bosserl, Adams, Johnson, Black, Wix, Woerner. 3rd Row: Capt. Blum. Cannon, Grant, McGuire, Giza, Schwartz- kopf. Hart, Cline, Matteson, Brown, Coach Palone. 4th Row: Zimmerman, Jacobs, Frederick, Flory, Shannon, Frank. W ins .5 -Losses 2- -Ties 2 Ill iitn OppolK HI 1 : Co iiiecticut 2 L )l Ptnns l N aiiia :? 1 W. stchester eacher 2 2 IV m State 1 5 n Ic 4 |{i( k ' V .T 1 a vv 1 1 SOCCER The Army Soecer Team completed its tliirt -I ' otirtli sea- son of intercollegiate competition with the unprecedented 1 to 1 tie against Navy. Never before in the (ifieen irame history of the service academies ' competition had there been a tied match. And only darkness stopped the teams from breaking the deadlock in the overtime period, as specified by Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference rule Army ' s attack was spearheaded this year by the team captain and inside left. Krank " Scotty " Adams. " Scotty " distinguished himself in the previous season by being named to the second string All-American Soccer Team of J 1953, along with " Wood " Black, the Army left «ing.j What " Woody ' s " style lacks in color is well compensa for by his persistently line playing and accurate passing! Kuii.v K.K.I ..rlv. n iinc (1i ial fsliiiiiilc iiiimcil (.iilrr liirwiiril. Dirk li.liii „„. a 111.- hi-lh .-...rr r..r ll.r •..;,-.... sill, ri;;l,l ,,.,1- 1.. hi iTr.lil. Wl.ilr Carl M..-.-.rrl ua- llir iimnr,-M|. uilli -i ' lalli.v. Hilt i. uril I., nntr llial llirir r,,■ unix llllrrn nal. Morr. agaiil-l llii- liMiii iliiiiii;; llii- iiiliii- -la-iin. Im- (..iiiiinn phiNiii ' in 111.- ,mI. «.M..I l..;:.lh.r a Mi.mi Viinv .I.- frilsiN.- iiiiil. I ' ll. ' -larliri- l.arkli.l.i at tin- ■.. ' a-oii ' -. .m.I ua Boll Siri. ' klan.l at ri l.l l.illl.a.k an. I liru.. ' I ' linil.nl! a ll-fl lull. In III. ' ini.l-li. ' l.l ill. ' halll.a.k. ,■,r. Ir li-lil I. Irfl. " Walh " Surnin.r-. .|..hn Oak.-, .ui.l l!lll W iv. Ml 1.%. ' -. n„ III. ' H..II. J 19 127 .y .s, ■.v, ' ' vl hv i vr j -v J : t h ' I-. l. .r,- Jn,l «.. rill- inn ri - loimlrx Iimiii. -riving iiriili-r ( ' .oacli Crout-ll lor III.- Iii-I lilil. ' ill liir ml.- ..I li.iiii.i-. ..iii| il.-.l a ntliiiiii-ii.l.ilil.- -.-.i- iii 11. -.nil .il llii.-.- will- anil llin-i- li - .- j agaiiisl slilT i ' iiiii|M-lili. ii. In |i.i-I -.-a-mi i ' iiiii| i ' lili n lli.-x jiihowi ' il lliflil (Misilioii ill ihi- iiili-rii.lli-;:ial.- rank- l. |.la.-- inn S.-.-.....I in till- ll.-,.|ai:..nal ( :i.aiii|.i..ii-l.i,. ami iiinlli in a li.-!.! ..I lliirl -.- .n I. -am- in ill.- ICIX (:iiain|.i.,ii-lii|.. Th.- Ihinila.l- u.-r.- I.-.I I.n ( :a|.lani lt.,1, W rax ami 1 larliii Ralph Sl.-|.li.-ii-..n. win, -.■i.ri-ii in i-v.rx iiu-i-l willi ll,.- .-v- i-q.ti..ii ..I III.- Smmi n-i- M.-.l wli.ii Sl.-|,li.-n-..n »a- l.-r.-.-.l III rrtiri- .lin- |. an iiiiiir.-.l !.- ■. l.-ii.UII..- I ' a.k CROSS COUNTRY W iii- 1...- trm I ' riiMili-mi- Jll :{ ' ) Si. .I..lin 22 :» ' » illan..Na 2 » 2( I 2« : Manliallan !■• ' II S ra.-ii-.- v !«. Il.-,.ta ..nal _ ' n. I ' la..- ' ms tSmmimSI . Big Putout INTRAMURAL SPORTS Mi ssed Aga THE SURE RETIRES " ifc from ill.- (..ri.- I ;i ( ..iii|.;in till ' 1 lian;:«- fnmi Miiiiinir Iriiiiiiiic l tin- n.uliiir ,,r ,1. .i.l.iiii,- 111.- ( ;,,r|,- .lUi. «iln.---.-.l ., .Ii.m;;.- in ill.- .linini-li.ili,,ii, l Iturkii.r III.- ' ),-,i,l,,i ' -. |,,ir.i.l.-.l III li..n..i ..r (,.-ii.i,il Ml, li.i.-li-. uli,, I, -II .--i | ' .,i„| I., j,,i„ lli. l.iri..l lO. II..- l ' l.-i..- l..-;;.ni lli.ii iii.ir.liiiif, ' .-ar.-.T in .1 lii ' w;i l. ...inliiiiin Im.-.-- illi lli.- ' -iirliny t -;iliil.- (,.-n.-r;il Irvin;: .i- li.- .-nl.r.-.i ii,...ii In- r.-lir.-.n.-nl. 111.- (:..,|.- »,i- pn.ii.l I., Ikix.- -.-rs.-.l iin.l.-r lli,-„- |«„. an.l THE COMM. LEAVES ■• ;...hI1.v. Sir • l- ' . -. Kiphl! • -ni c i ' i Mm Z4 Hiii I hid m .5 132 Seated: Don ()l (■ . Dan l,inl«i-. i» uf-and. Chairman, Bill Street, Skip Maedonalil, Bob Sherman. Slnniling. Isl Koir: Kod W aler- stral. Bill l.ozier. B il. ShafliT. Stan S (lenham, Carl Bossert, Pres Mavsoii, Cliff Jones. Bob Johnson, Ted Bishop. Howie Whittaker, Llovd (life. M Slulilon. Sldiuliiifi. Jiul Row: Jim Torrance, Dick Prater. Warren Jones, Neil Dorward, Al Raymond, George Monahan, Perrv Boyd. Norm Blaluila. Bill Harris. HONOR COMMITTEE PUBLIC INFORMATION DETAIL Bob I.al-renz. Ja k McCloskey, Clancy DcLong. Carl McNair. Cadel-in-Charge: Bill Wix. Continual change lias marked the Academy ' s regula- tions. cinTiciihiin. and size; but our Honor Code has re- mained a singular, unaltered spirit . . . unaffeeted by the changing scene of history. The Honor Committee has been entrusted with the privilege and the responsibility of guid- ing tlie efforts of the Corps in furthering our coseled tradi- tion of a higli sense of Honor. ■v. I . ' . . Cupl. IIJ Muihar.r. Kol. Sirirklaml. ( lo-Cluiirmaii: D.l Ja- .•..l.«. (:...( ;iiairiii.iiK ISill ..rv,ll. Sliiiiiliiif:: Diiii l ' i.. ,m. I .r Ml. PUBLIC RELATIONS COUNCIL FIRST CLASS COMMITTEE .S ' ,! .-, . K..I. Slri.klan.l. Max.- ( Jill.alri.U. Ir.il Hli-. I ' r.-i.l.i.l ; J..I1M IVadill. Jollil l...».ll. I ..m UIm . l„n,li, g: J..lui Marlli.. . ( Ini. k KKii... (h.nk i;«inK. Ki.l.ir lill.r. (in- Barra . Dan lal..i..-. Jim H.r-.r. I ' aiil 1 -...... ( arl l. Nair. J..i. I )r.i.i.m..„.l. 11.11 Ur.m„. J,„i i D.x.r .v. la.k Karn.«. K,- l ar-..,„. Jin. Il, r. Kax Dax. ( la... % D.l..... . I ' a.il Marli... J..I... Drx.r. J.. I... l. I )....al.l. I ).. k M. - I Mil, . U,..l Daxl.. Ji... H.-r;:.- ()r ;iMi . ' .l uilli ..... ' ,. ' ,.,. ' .. ' ii|;,|ix. ' In.in , ' .„ ' l, ( :,.in| .iMx . |.l,.- 111. ' CI.. " (»ni.-.t-. III.- I ii-l Cl.i-- (;..iniiiill.-.- Unix iii.l 111.- ii.-.-.l-.,l 111.-. 1,1-. Duriiij; il i.-i;;ii. ill.- ( :..iiiiiiil I.-.- .lu.li.-.l .iiit. iii..l.il.-.. iiiijr..iin.. .111.1 iiKiiix ..Ih.-i .|M-.-i.il | r..l l.-iii- ..I ih.- .1.1.. .111.1 C.i ' i.-.. I 11. 1. -r th.- (:ii;iiiiii,in.lii|i ..I |-i. ' .l l!l|... , ' u,n,u- .i.-|i. ii u.i. Lik.-il. ;iii.l ill.- i.-.iill i hav.- Im-.-ii .-Ni.l.-iil llii..imli..iil III.- N.-ar. ' 3 Hops are more than something to fill up space in the " Days, " as all Plebes discover at Christmas. Then, and in the succeeding three years, they become an important part of the social life of any draggoid. It is at Plebe Christmas that the Hop Committee has the most to do. planning not only the hops but the Ice Carnival as well. Their work con- tinues on through the hops at Buckner, into making intro- ductions of Blind Drags on the summer trips, and finally on to arranging for the hop to end all hops — Graduatir)n Hop. The success of all these ventures is creditable to Jim u , CADET DANCE ORCHESTRA HOP COMMITTEE S.K.. . I ' ,,, I W.irn.r. Kil W i-.lrii. Clitirk Martin. Jim I ' irllo. ( lliairman; I r.il l ' irk.%. Bill Siplmun. Sliimling. x K..i. . J. .tin U».iili.. 1» •■ .... I)..k J.. I... Jii.k Jrl.r. Kriix l)..r....., ' li. T-.m I ' liillij.-. J...- Sk..(T. .I...1 Dj.rrah. St,m,linfi. 2n,l K.,u. Jim !..«... I(..x I l...r. ..|..r. II.. I. M, K.K.N. I...- i.,..-..i 4 ' ;mi S44i tii «v,i»i: » ' » ' SPECIAL PROGRAMS TIk- S|HMial Pr ;rain Coinniittcf hail a ver « ' asil - stated assignment in the hig scheme of things — to make lile more pleasant for the Corps during what is alTectionatel known as Gloom Period. Though Plebe Christmas is hardly gloomy, the Committee gave some thought to the Fourth Estate and invited Henry L. Scott to entertain the Plebes and their drags while the Upper Classes were aw ay. High- lights of the vear ' s presentations were Victor Borge, pianist and wit extraordinaire; the Swedish Gym Team. - 186 I ...n.-,i .. |iou|M-; .111(1 n.AAn ll.i.k.ll .111. 1 In- S.M.I |,-. jm. ..I..I .-im-.-hIIn l..r 111.- |.i ,.i.U ,,r III. ' Cra N i.rry l.iii. ' . i(.i-|..i-..l M111..M- III.-.- r.aliin- «.i.- INN.. Naii.-IN -h.-NN.. .•a ilN ,.,..• ..nil.- -1 |..,|.,.la, |,a,l ..f lln- N.a, ' - -.■|..-.hil.-. liill il. ' . |.i.-.i.l. ' .l ..N.r III. ' (:...iiiiiil|. ' . ' an. I NNa- a -i |. ' .l in hi. j.-l. I.N i.-.-(:iiairrnan |{.. lh.,r .n. I)i. k llar-r.. . ' . S. ' .r. ' larx. an. I Jim Klli.. ■j ' r.a-.nr.r. Iian.ll. ' .l iiin. ' li ..I III. ' I ii in. ' - of III. ' ( :..niiinll. ' . ' . an. I ( iliii.k I ' . ii ' . ' n ihal .a. ' li | . ' rr. rinaii. ' . ' nn.iiI a- jilann. ' .l. I.-iin (.i. ' cni ' man- , 11,. ' .ir...l- ..r .a.li ..[ II,.-, ' iM.n NNa- , .nn a, .l. ' .l I.n Hi. ' lan-hl.r llial ...II lli. ' SiM ' .ial I ' GLEE CLUB The Glee ( lub lias a motto that pretty well sums up their philosophy of life: " No music without fun: no Cun without music. " From the lowly halls of the Ann) Tluaitr to such noted places as Carnegie Hall and Arlington Ceme- tery the Club has delighted large audiences with its songs. Each concert has been one that the Club members and the Corps can look back on with pride. The interest and ability in music possessed by the indi- vidual members are naturally a big part of any singing organization: real success depends upon singing as a group and to the (Jlee Club this element was added by the superb l ' a(icrship of Ca[)tain Barry Drewes. The men of " 55 are understandably hesitant to leave the comradeship of song that has marked the past four years: they are conlident that new voices will appear in succee ling classes to main- tain the high .pialily .f the Glee Club. RELIGION SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS— .Seaterf: Pete Hornbarger. Chaplain Gripe. Dirk Haukins. Sii|M.rini.Mi,l,-,ii: I). Maurer, Carl McNair. Bob Sherman, Chuck Domeck. Standing: Bill Haas. Di.k I ' rai.r. ,,.,.lx ,m„I. J, Feagin. Rod Waterstral. CADET CHAPEL The whirl of football and academics is fine in its pi but sooner or later each cadet feels the need to look to llu ' lonilorl ami fruidance that is to be disco erfd onU withit one of our beautiful chapels. large portion of llie Corps found these (pialities within the (ladet Chapel and its re lated organizations, the (Jhoir. tlic Chapel Chiniers. ihi Sunday School Teachers, and the (i(l)tcs. For three years " 55 was served by Chaplain Pulley: Chaj lain Bean then took his position and soon became familiar and welcome sight, not ()nl in Chapel but a many of the Corps ' activities as n ' I1. CADK ' I (11 M ' KI, VCOIiri ' S %arni. Jones. Bill l{oltom . I ' rr.l I ' irk.v. Irrrv (nlpin. a|)|uiri-iil Id ill " ' -i;;lil .iinl liciiiiif;. i | -il ivilx . of ;ill llw Corps. I,. , s,,l|.kn..un |Mrli.,|, «;i-. ll.r j.,1, ..f | hr Sun.l,.x SrIuH.I IVatlHT:.. Til.- IVa.h.T, urn- a.M l,-,l 1,n CI, a,.!;,,.. anil Mrs. (;ri|) -. to uliotn iiiiirli nl llii- mi ( .. l ihiii |ii - uram is .liir. In lli. ' it a.livilir. ihr I ' .-.m h. ' i lo.iii.l a InilN ln-ii -li -ial Miiljel liir |mi .,ii.iI r .lit;!..!!- .■ |)i.- " i(iii. ■jh.- i,i., i.;,l |M,rli..„- .,1 III.- CI,a|M-l ,-,vi,-,- .,,,• ha,„llr,l l.% Ihc Ca.l.l CI,.I|m1 Chul.. H.-i.l.-, ll,r N .rklN |.,.-..nl,,- lioii iliiiinj; ( lia|Ml. llic (!lii ii ' aUu aiiu i ii -cNiial nci-.i- sioii- atvaN In.ni W rM l ..inl. During l ' l ' . ' ill. ' Clinii j.a.lr far - M-ll 1(1 il or-iaiii-l an. I .•li. irma I. r. Mr. la .r. an. I afl.-r lii r..rl -ihr.-.- N.-ar- ..I .t i.-.-. hi- .!.■% ..I i..ii 1.. lli.- Cor|.- uill l,.-..r.lx nn--.-.!. (MIIOI.IG CHAPEL ACXHATKS Kneelinn: Tom McGrevey. Oscar Raynal, Mike Stevenson, Dick Lilly. Jerry Hawkins. Bill Hoik. Boll Cummins. Dan Malone. Stanilin : Joe Dado. Dave !cNernev. Jim Grev. Bob Strati. Tom Weaver. Al ( ini. Jerry Hagen. Ir;iiik Creer Tom West. Cliff Kralen. Ditk Slriiss. Boh Jackson. Rav Kara ' m. Don Hil ' bert, Jack McCloskey, Neil Dorwaril. Bob ' Johnson. Hull Mi-isenl.eimer. Jim lleve. Tom Horsl. Hank kluno;. Dan Troyan. CATHOLIC CHAPEL The spiritual needs of another large segment of the Corps are attended to by the Catholic Chapel. L nder the guidance of Monsignor Moore and Father McCormick the men of the Catholic Squad have experienced many satisfy- ing moments these past years, not the least of wliich was the ele ation of Monsignor Moore to his present rank. Malone and Herman were in charge of the col tes and Choir: »ith their help such events as the Military Ball at the siiir and assisting Cardinal Spellman in a Solemn High Mass at St. Patrick ' s were highly successfid. Each man of the Squad feels confident that the comfort and inspiration of the beloved Padres has equipped him to be a better soldierTof God. JEWISH CHAPEL Hoiindiii;; oiil llir |»(lrii I i.li ' :ii u ;iili il illiiii Ihr (:..,|. «..- 111.- l.-NM-li (:I..i|mI S,|u...I. mn.-,i,allN -IlKlll.T ih.l.l 111.- nth.r l«o (;h.,|»-| M|,|,,.l-,. llii- -I..U|. «;i- IU ' V.Tlll.-l.» ■l.x..l,-,l I.. II- uork. III. ' luMhlif;!,! ,,| ll,.. year ' s arti il «;i |iar lit i|.;ili(.ii in lli.- irniriliiiar ( .l.-- l.r..li..i. ul.l.ui-l, Mltl.ni.nl in ihr I .iil.-,l Slal-. hoi.l,- Ihr MTNir.-, ill i.-.u iiili,,ii nl |l,.-.M-.a i,,n ulii.li «.iv li.-ld ill III.- ( )l,l ( la.l.l ( :ha|Ml. Ilw ,l„,ir imiin.N .-,1 I,, .-u ' l ,,ik In takr |.arl in a .| ' ' ial I .K ' rnl.narN Dinn. ' r. I linr ihr .h..ir -an- U,{.„r iiiaiiv ii..laMr-.. iiK ' hnhn I .v.mI, ' ,iI I ,-.nh..u.r. I.I a,hlili..n lo llii, lri|. ih.- rhuir ma, I,- rN,Tal II. .11-. Ihr .|.-ui |, S,|.ia,l ua. fiiiiilr.l I.n Chaplain H. . Imln.r. an.l ll.r :ii..ir N a-. .Iir.-,l.-,l I.n Sf:l. Kirhanl lliill- inaii. I ' ,. Ihr-r U .. nirn ihr S.|iiacl ..ur- ,,rrial ihaiik- lur 143 lio-l,m I . . . I . I ' rnn. Milil.irx I ' . ' iin. Si. li.lui.r CMliiinl.i.i I ' m W ..-nr, (..■,,ri;.- ..-.li. I II.UlVNi.k M.ml.all;... S .irlliiiiiiri- |.I..N. dial -l,ii!r,l III. ' ..a-..,, «ilh a llnp a;:aiii-l lll.a.a. I Im- -r,,,,.! ainr. a;;ai.i-C nil..r-l. «a- a r.-,.,-. ||,.- In-I. II,.-,- ivvn ». - -||..«r.l ...„• il.in;: I., nnmi llii, ini l.ain «a ..ii.f; 1., I.axr I.. I,;:l.l l„r rx.-rx l.all fi.uxu: an.l li lii ihrx .li.i: ll Nva- all.-, Chri-lma- l.a .- llial tlir l. ' ain -lail.-,l |,, -li..« il--.|iaik. Itci-Inri I .. ihr lii-l iciim. w.n Hi.iifilil .... ll... l.nanU a.„l al ih.- „.i,|.,„„, I . T|„- l„.l r s am.-s C.a.l. Sifil.r I, a. I Im-.„ -In.lllu. ll,r l,,..„|. Ipm,.;; I. liml ll,. l.-.,..p-I .■. .„l,..iali..,.. lU ,„,» It,. I, l.(;,,x |,.,.l lakr.l ,.s.r a II, » ' .. .a... laik IJii.-l.-Mi lia,l I..,.,,,! ll,.- I.a-k.-l. a. 1,1 15, .1.-1, a.xl l),,„ ».-,.- »,„ki„;; ll„- ImmhI-. ( „Ix ..n.- M-.,i,.r-. ,1,..- Ihni,,,-, «l,., Na-..„ |{ ■.,,„a,l ill.- |„-,-m,m,- .-ar. ua- ,.„ III.- Ul liN,-. ,,.,v M.H-k u,-„l a lilll.- hi-l,,-,- ,., I,;;I,I u,||, a 1.,- u,„ ., ,-r 1 I . W ,- «.-,,• j„-| l,.-j:i„„i„f. |„ , ' ..11 »l,. ' „ II..II.-.I. ' , --i.lil l„. I,a„,l a„,l .l.x- ,,1 |.,. -„.„,.,.ia. W l n„: :.„i.-l, AW vniTM ■ M n- Two (|iiick changes in (lie lineup gave Yearling Gene Fisher and Paul Sullivan, successor to Hig Buck Weaver, their chance. The) ste])|)e(l in without even a time out in the light. The final record is a tribute to an uphill hattlc. We luisscil a lot of shots, threw away a lot of passes, but there was nc cr disgrace in defeat. Every game was fought to the linish and there were no easy ones. Inc peri ' nced this vear — but a S(|uad with onl ll I si classmen spells change in " . " 16. m jm II1..U-I, M.n.Tin : nn-.ulv tn.„i il,.- |,,- ,,1 u- " ( »l.l l{. IkiI.I.--. " ..I la .t N. ' .ir. III. ' Kill. ' I . ' .nil | iill. ' l JImII ii| I ih I l-lnii . an. I .l. ' l.-.il. ' .l ill. ' l.. ' M lli. ' I.a l lia.l T.r ■ A. ' . ' l.l Navvl I ' ll. ' I. ' aiii ..u. ' .l iini. ' l. h. il l«.. ...a. ' li. " ( aplaiii D. ' Cirar an.l S. ' rpanl Callniaii. a- «. ' ll a l.ai ( a|.laiii M..I. . ' in. ' r% M.a.lx lian.l an. I Si.l la-..n " . in. |.i. ' .mI I. ' I111111..1. Kill C.HHluiii . ' ii.l. ' .l lli-. lour N.ar- on lli ...iinl lli. ' iiL.M: N«liil. ' .la. ' k iii. ' x r. ' l iirii. ' .l I.. I.a.i ill. ' I.ai I,. xi.l.TN ox.rCCN ..II lli. ' iro«n railgo. Tlu- s.-a ..ii ua |. ' iiiiinali-.l «illi tin- -d ' oml an. I lir l teams taking ' si... 11 an. I loiiilli jilai ' i-s r« ' . ijM ' fli ' l in llii- x-.lional iiiahli.- . I hi ' Nalional liUerrollpgiali ' s. RIFLE C.C.N. ' I . (;. ' ..r . ' l..uii C...n. ' ll . 1. I . Si. .|,,l,ir 1. I. I. |{...lon I . Norwich I . S. Coast (;iiar.l . ' MarNlan.l K. 1. C. KoNalCana. Il. Folic. I ' ( I ' A. (;7„ 0 ,,„ l.i ' )T 1 1 1 lit :wi illo I li). ' 1112 iliu. II::: 1371 III.-. 111(1 :w) 1 122 i:t!« i.n. ' . 1210 i:i2r Fnml Ruir: NLn....;.!.!. Manaf:.Ti KuImt. R..-.ts. Cir SaM.i.i. R.-j. ' .-!. (;.H,.l«ii.. Willi.-r . X-t. Ma.K,;:. ' r. i ' n.l .-(iriif. Ofli. ' .T-in-ChiirL ' .-: W .tii.t. Cuplaiii: K. ' .-. l-aii-. S.li..ll ' -. iii. ' . Ma-..ii. S;:!. (i.ilini.i.i. GYMNASTICS Another successful season for the Gym team produced one of the best records of any winter corps squail. a line tribute to the yery able coach Thomas Maloney. who has been producing winning teams for 25 years. A yigorous spirit, plus important teamwork, made Arni a formidable opponent in every meet. The Navy meet was the high point of the season, with one of their best teams in years going down in resounding defeat. Danny Ludwig in tumbling; Bill Axup on the horse: Don Jellison on the hi-har: Carl Brunstein. Echo Hayes, and John Funkhouser on the rope: and Captain Bob Carpenter on the fl ing rings showed the mettle of the Class of IQSS. Cuplain K. l C In llir I ..-.l.rn-. v .- h..,l mi,- ,l,,,,M|.,on. lolni I n.ik- l...u .r. -Innl.itij: ill.- ...|m- mi ihr uinn,..:: I.. .,- ..I . .h ,,■.- oiuU. I iicUm-. CiriH-iU.-r. .in. I ll. |H „.ki .il o liin.|i. ' ,l in Our uri.l. ' n ' l.i-iih ' ii u.-n- iIm ' l .. ' klmM. ' ol ihr Irani iln- v.ll. «illl |M-,r.„n..-,- likr ll..|M„. ki. (l.llll-.. K.llM.ll. nuill..;;.-!-. ' " HilMx " " ( ...liUl.in. ,i1m. lrs.T i-s ..iir u;iiin Ih.ink.. .M N. ■... " - |.r..-|M-,l- .,rv lui lil. ..lid rn.irh Mal..il,v irniv Oi i iiiii ' Hls K.-.-. Cliil. (,2 : (,.ni-ia Ircli. 71! :57 N..rlli Carolina ( 2 . , SM-arii-.- : 3 i:i |-.in|.ir (il : 2 I ' .nn. Sliil.- l() .i(t av .l- II Dnkr ( (t : .( rPI K einsl.-in sl.i-s il J Captain Don Riin.llr. Army Opponents Catholic I . () 2 Marine dorps S,hool .5 5 CilN Coll.-f;.- of New York 8 Syracuse S} 23 Vir-iiiia 4H 3H 4 4 MarvlaiKl BOXING Five lettermen returned for Army ' s last season of inter- collegiate boxing. With these live and the men from the plebe team. Coach Kroeten produced one of the East ' s best boxing teams and one whose record will be a challenge to any future team should the sport be started here again. Led by Zeke Rundle, Army held CCNY scoreless and tied the National Champion Maryland. The onl loss was to the highpowered Quantico Marines. Best in ilual meets was Skip lassey with a 5-1 record. Rundl.- n. ; ' ,; •..„. |.,lui-...i. Wlul.-. M,%,M-,.i,. ,Hl-l.-.,,. II.Hi.iu.iM. ( uinrr. 2nd l ,,„. . rh.ilri. UnimII, U,r,l. .(;. ' „. .■ KiM.-l,-M. S..l.ra k.-. J.- .i„r. WiU,,,,. lr,Ml,ll. -Ii.u. ...,. h-;;.„i.I. M.ui.i r Mr «..- .l.i.rlN |.n ,r,l I,n I,, .11 W ,in-.|.in. I.-mn Ihui- -.11 ,,n,l I M.i.m Sal.imoM.- uli.. h.nl l-l-l Ml ihr -.,■;.-,,„■ . I... . I ,1 l, ' ,„lrll. I ).... SI,., ....MM. I r ' „. ' .| W iU,„i .,Um .iIcI.mI ll, l.-aill " .-M-aii.-.c l) -.oririf; - .r.il ii l.ni.-. In lli.- I.i-l.iii I h.iiiipioiisliips :il Mai ' l.,[i l. riiis | la , ! third .mil lia,l r..„ - i.i,lixi,l,i.il -.■.■,„„l ,,l.,r.- sMim.-,-, i„ ll.,,i-.ll. S.,l.,.n..ri.-. .s|,.i i„..i,. .,,1.1 W ,U..„. W ,ll, tl,. ' .l,.. ' .M,l,i,,i.,l,..r, ..I l... in;. ' . till- ( !i r|i» i« l.iD-iiif. ' ..,!.• .il 11- l., .irili- |i ain- an. I mii- hi. Ii r.|irr-ciircil ir mt well in iiilrrcolti- iati ' i ' iin|ii-| ilioii. l..-r. „u,i.r ,1 I.I... ' W ri ' Where is that puck? " HOCKEY trmv 0[ [ (incnts llainiltoii :5 1 Princeton 1 () Yale « inherst 10 :i S|ltillt.r|ieM 7 2 titer. Inll. College Mass. Insl. Teeli 1(1 :5 1 New Hampshire :5 2 Boston L . I 7 Mi.klieburv 4 .1 V iiliams 2 Dartmonlh 1 10 Lehigh Clarkson 11 IT St. Lawrence 1 11 R. M. C. - :i f Army ' s Hockey team iip( l ied the w ith some of the bes t h cke seen in The 1955 edition winter sport fans her this section in many years. Coach Jack Riley " s pucksters ended the season with a very respectable 8-8 record: but. as it often is. records do not tell the whole story. Led h) first classmen George Monahan, Tom Vt ilkinson. lotld Graham, and Johnny Schick, this team was one of the hardest lighting and spirited clubs ever to don the black and gold. Isl Hon: Lenders. Graham. Monahan. Schick, Wilkinson, Cline. I ' nrf Ron. Trair nauskas. Bever. Dunn. ( ;oa.li Itilev. Cant. Briand, Officer-in-Charf:e. 3nl Rnir: B.i e, Golden, Sturgis, Boudrean. Ilickc). ( ' .he - Goodson, Tilton, Policikofki. O ' Cmincr. I,arr. Ml.T Niiiiiiii;: llirir . | . ' ii. ' i uilh llaiiiiltoii. (Ii.v r.iii inh a sn.-.r-inn ..I l..u:;li l.r.-.,k- ..ii.l ,ln |.|M-.l lu,, liMnl-luu;:!.! •. ' am.-.. l llii- | ..iiii lUr n.A r ciu-lit III ' . ' ail. I ..iiii. ' ..IT Ihr tl.x.r I.. NMM In. ' in .. n.u. I li.n ih. ' iiijuiN jiiix a|.|M ' .ii. ' l Ih. ' li.ll.l.l ll|.I.IV ' .l . ' .l. ' ll ..|.|M,M. ' Ml. I h. ' -. h. ' .llll. ' Ih. ' ll . .lil. ' .l r.,r .1 lri|. K. Ih. ' ..rlli I., la. ' . ' !«.. niijzhlN lilaii. ..I I a-l.-rii li... ' k. ' aii.l iinx u. ' iU .l..«ii Im-I.,.-. ' I.. lh . I..I.-. lilH ' iallN -i-iinkl.-.l x itli Cana.lian -lar-. I li. ' Iiiial ram. ' ..I ih. ' s.ar Im ' ..i l ' IiI iIi. ' K..Nal Mililarv ( ..ll. ' ;:. ' ..r(:aMa.la .l. vwi I..Siinlli Kink I..1 tli.ii t ra.lil i..iial -am. ' . ..t . ' n..n;:li .an I.. ' -ai.! ..I tli. ' Kal.l.l. ' I .r llii- -. ' a- ih. ' N |.la . ' .l ill. ' I.. ' -I h.M k. ' -..n ar..iin.i li.i. ' in inan k »iil. .1 Ml. ' k. -• J i? IKr J t The first two periods saw rm eiearl dominating play but only owning a 2-0 lead. The third period found Lady Luck across the border ho ve er and RMC pushed two tieing goals into the nets. The game then went into two overtimes and the season ended when RMC beat the l{ahl)le b scoring in the closing seconds of the sec- ond overtime. Mthough thev ended up on the low side of the score, there was not too much doubt to the 3000 spectators in Smith Rink as to who was the Ijctter team. ir,i a IK II SQUASH ilaNiii ' .ln |.|.r l livrk. ' N |.l.iNri. In r;i.luali. ii in .luiir d I ' l. ' .l. ll oiill.M.k r..r III. ' N.-ar uas ralli.T lilrak I..U uikI.t llir al.lr lulrla-.- , C.aih l.i.-l ..r.iliran.l ll..- .apaM.- .aplainrx ..f ■■Sh,„ir- M.Ki.M.. ' ill.- l.-aiii | iill. ' .l .Mil i. ' l ri.- al llii- il.-. ' i i .- iii.iiii.nl . KapLIU i - .-.lining iiili ' r l. I ' .-nii. an. I I )arliii iilli in siii-c.-ssion llir Ir.mi si«;lil .-ri- »-l .Ml .- .-ii f. ' i -al -r .. ' .lals. I iilim.-l s.-llia.ks al lln- liaii. of llai-Nanl. Val.-. Williams, an.l a M|„.-.-k.-r 1.. l ' rin.-.-|..n [.lu- in. ilfiilal will.- .iM-r iin.l.-rinaiiii.-.l I ' .ir.lliain an.l l ill l iir;;li lii iij;lit ll tt-ani I.I ill.- lii;; .ini- a . Tli.- I.aiii iii- .-r .-mii uiuk.-.l ii| a fiix su.-al li.-l. r.- ill.- li.ls .-r.- sliinn.-il «illi a 7-2 lliia-liiii -|Mii lii llu-ir l.-ajiiii- iliaiii|ii..ii-lii|. ilr.-ains. K.-.-..nl- is.- lli.- .-a .Mi u.i- ri( I.M .iiilslaii.liii : lull ill.- a N Nsiii | iil a lii :. lii star cm iIk- lin.i N.)l«-w..rlli |M-rr..rnian.-.-s «.-n- liaii.l.-.l in l) in.-nlor ..i.llii-- -. K..lli.-. I.M- ( ; riil.l.-. ( :iiii.-k K.Ki.l.-s. I ..-s I ' liiil 1. ' ami ( low -( ;a|.lain-.-l.. ( ar Si.ll.-r. ulio li.iast.-.l an iinl .-al -ii si-as.in. Willi nial.-rial silo ill till- iin.l -r. ' lass -s tli - I. -am iiku ui-II nxisl in lli.- win .ciliinin m- M-ar. Ill |M sl-s -us( ii iiUi-n-oll.- ial.- i-.iiii|i -lili.iii l{.illi.- N.udli.- walk. ii(T with lli - i-ims(ilatioii -ii|i to lirin z tin- s.-as.tn to an .-ml. W .--I.-; Xlilll. ' l Darlni r.-.iM Imm-.II,, 1 al.- I ' ill W illiai I ' rnirr a llarxa Ojiltiiiii ' iits {.».. |{;lil. ' %. M WRESTLING ' I ' hc Vrin resiling team, led by Captain Gerry Teb- ben. gave a goo«l account of itself against the best in the East this winter: and went on to place two men in the Eastern Championships. The big winners of the season M " rc rclplicii and Fctf Fikaris with records of 6-1 and Dale Ward who won li c hi ' lore lii-ing to Eichelberger. Lehigh Lni ersit% " s national riinnerup. Tehhen ' s onl loss was to Ed Roonc). also a national riinnerup and Eastern Champ. Ij c lrl,l..-.i Im.-hr.l tliinl in ll..- la-l-rn- an, I War.l I.M.k s.T.Mi.l ..ll.-r l..-inj; .1 ■, rl.-.- ,l,-,l-i,,!i I., K.m.h.n ni ll.r I ' in.iU. Ill,- r.-a.n ua- |.la-nr,i l,v ,unn,n.n- iri|nii.- an. I ua- a= „||,-n r.,n-,-,l In ,.la.-.- in,N|,.M,„,r,l .n.n on ihr mat. W lial - ll.rx la.k.-,Mn knoul.J;;.-. ll,.|.aninia,l,n|,l,v hanlu..,k. ° Hy -.ra-on ' - .n.l il a a| | arvnl llial iIi. ' n had IrarrK ' d ulj a ;:r.-al .l.-al In.m lliri, unl.al l. Mr.-. C.a.h l,i 1- L.-n. ; inil lour ri- ' inlar- ami lia- a ia|«iill im|iiii ni ;;iiin|i i cj Y.-arliiif:s wh., ran 1..- ,x|m, i,- -land onl m,M v,ar. S|„in-I..d,l a. Miiilarx ln l. ColMnd.ia Vale ; «.m. %rl ..-l. (a--, lr(.arlll . I.onyo. llal.ll. W allrr. W .,.„ uu,„ ,;: . ' ml l ,.i,: K.kari-. W .ml. (r..--. Man .M.i. I .M,,-,,. Sa.ll.r. lofioy. 3nl Ron: MeDaiiiel. A»sl. Mgr., Tiii lall. Fralcii. Burns, V. illianis. Mcliiiin. Ni.li .U..ii, C.aili Mil . .S|...,„. 1,,„ ! . ' i] l.l H„„: Inf ger. nk,nl,ran(ll. knight. Uuake.ibush. Ramsey. 2ml R,m: Chickalla, Welter, Poormaii. Roth. Regnier. Robinson. Mr- Carlliy. 3rd Row: Meekison. Manager; Doyle, Coach; Johnson, Smyly. Krilyna. Erb. Judson, Loeffke, Coach Chalmers, Maj. Maxon, Officer-in-Charge. SWIMMING Caplain Kill Roih. As sweep second hands moved around stop watches. Army ' s 400 yard freestyle relay team of Robi nson, Roth, Poorman, and Loeffke churned up the varsity pool in an all-out effort to upset a strong Navy squad. In a sensational race, Navy edged out this fighting . rmy squad to win f t-ffl. More important than the score, however, was the (■rfort (lie team made. Coach Chalmers described it as the iinesi team elfort he ever saw an Army swimming squad make. ,hI Row: Sgl. Benner. Charge: Floyil, Pettet. Irinv ()[ [ in I . S. 1 Marine Xca.l L. S. Coast Guard ca.l. l.U)! 13m Mass. Inst. Terh. I.5 ' ).5 11»H) Navy l:5(): IM). ' , li. M. C. I x :w (;haM.,-|.ass..s,M,. ,:„. PISTOL l vavs a winner since becoming a corps squad, the Pistol mi continued to demonstrate its prowess by finishing her season without a loss. The big win over a and the equally impressive wins over the Royal Military (Col- lege and Canadian Mounted Police in a three a meet were the highlights of the season. Lee Fl d. th ' t ' am captain. John Meyers. Jim Pettet and Jim Barker are the deadeyes who will carry their skill into the service this year but M Sgt Ted Benner has a way of imparting his knowl- edge to his pupils which enables him to turn out champions everv vear iM i SKIING I lii M ' .ii ihr irn Ski Iimiii Iii ' ::;iii ils xa oii illl ;i Iraiiiiil trip lc I );i .)-.-|.l.il- ' . Su il cr l.iiid. ( iir i..ni| .l il ion ran;:.-.! fn-.n llir l|. I., lli.- ,l.rni„I.M k-. W .■ r,..-.-.l .l,, n- hill. Malum. ..n-., ' oi.ritrN. .ind jump.,!: Inn.liiii- ihr N.ar ulii a S.-.MM.I pl.ic- ill III. ' W , i.i II I )iM-.i.,n ol III. ' I :.L-I.in Inl. ' M ' ..ll. ' i:i,il. ' Ski (;iiaiTipi..M-lnp-. ( ul -I .ui.lin- ra.-.-rs llii- MMM.ii iii. ' iM.I. ' .l W In iikn-k. luMip.i- .l.iTN (;r.-.n.-. lli Sl. ' x.ii-. Wall Slau.lali.r. .in i;i..it. and l.am Cap- lain l).l.la.-..l. . Ilij;lilif:lil ..rili.- -.a.on u.r.- lli.- S« il .-r- .-..a.li. Capl. (,.•..,-.• S. W n. -7 y Til.- .-a-i.-r of u i 161 ' Mim WINTER INTRAMURALS now ri ' ZKK HO UI) D.iii n(ln.«s. ri.m Mullan. Paul Kelk... Sid Mas..n. Al K,l«anls. Hank H..ll,-nsl»-. Bill H WT E SKCIION IDIIimS ii .. r.-sl f,,r III.- «i.k.-,l. il,r Mluaxs sax: if this lir In..-, thr in. ' ii nl tlir IK ) I I IK n v« liaxr lirM rlaiin on all ul lia,!.--. Viu.ix- thai horrihlr |M-.|,,r. " I ),aJliM,-. " I,li,„l- iii;; nu, ry.,- ' . lua - llir .lall.r ..I I |m-« ril.T k.-N 1.. li lurl c.inV l.i nrr: " I ii Ini il all. .acli mail who has hail ans part ..I tln N..l..ni.- I..- h.- Iclil.-r ..r l ' l,-h.- Tn pisl i.-lia|.|.N Ihal h. ' ,ii.l hi. part. Kiiouii ari. ii l a- " Si. I. " " Krci. " ..r " SlaN.- Drixir. " Si l Muxm rlaiiiK ' J liilr to lli - | o ition of I ciitor-iti-l :iii 1. Thi-. lMni;:ii .l.-pot ori.M.ii .-.l th.- -tali aiiJ -au lo it that all ru -moolhlx. lir li,l hi- oui, -hanulth.- «ork. ho« - rs.r u-uallN h.tNN.r,, lap- an.l ini.hn-ht. a inar.x OCV uill tr.tilN. M I .luanl- an.l llank ll..ll. ' n-l . ' . ». . ' iat. ' K.litor.. NN.r. ' r. ' .pon.ihi. ' L.r .....nlitiat i. n ..I all th.- .N.- lion i;.lilor- " «..rk. W li.n tli. tliii h.-.i .h.-. kin;: -.m.-thirif: il ua-. r.a.lx L.r ih.- print.r ..r .! .■. I .. t.-n.l I., -n. h nnni- .lanr alTair- a- ni. n. ' N. r. ' . ' ..r.l I k-. an.l th.- hk. ' . th. ' lH) n .i;i{ ha. I Ih.- IriuinNirat.- ..I I ' aul l.tk... j.-rn I)VI:|{TIS1 (; STVII " T..in Mi.lla.i. .K.rliHi„K M. .. -.r: K..I. 1.rri. k. H..I. ,-i,: Mnllan. an.l l)..n n.lr.«-.. I ' anl. a C.tnpanv C.inn.an.l.r _ 1 in hi- -par.- liin.-. inana .-.l Uii-in.---: Sniilin ' loni t.iok r.nr ..I th.- |..h ..I .K.-rti-in- lana-.-r: an.l |)..n .li-- trihiit.-.l .ill th.- I k- in an .- | .-.lit i. ii- in.inii.-r lr. in hi- po-iti..ii ..I Cinulali.-n Mana-.r. Hoiin.hn;; ...it th.- |{..ar.l NM-r.- Rill llarri-an.l Mark Hin-t.-in. I ' ll I .ht..raii.| rt I .lit..r. r.--p.-.-|iv,-l%. uho a.l.l.-.j t.. th.- Ih» ll I l{ lli. IIIO-.I Iroin ihi- na.l.r- p. inl ..1 i.-«. hil. ..ih.r in.-inh.-r- ot tin- ( !orp- w.Ti- 1-11 j.i in:: a -jMirt- .-m-iiI or inil.ihinL: in a FIIOTO STAIl- .« ., . Ki Tom Bmoks. Bill Holla.la . J Mark Binstein. Art E( bit of Morpheus " bliss. Bill and his shutter-bugs were hard at work with camera and chemicals. It " s somewhat of an enigma as to how Mark managed to do the HOWITZER art work and still play basketball, but his success — in the art department, at least — is patently obvious. To manage each of the different sections of the HOW- ITZER there was a Section Editor. Ed Nidever cared for Administration: Zach Hagedorn and Ken Ginter combined talents to assemble the Corps Section. Another combined effort was the Class History Section, where Tom Price and Dave Maurer held sway. Last, but not least. John Sloan, whose second home is in the gym, edited the Sports Section, luate know onlv too MORTAR BOARD— Sealprf: IJon Whalen. i:.lii„r: W . Kvans. Slanding: Dick Huie. Gene Beiniforde. Br .■|| iIk.I ll,f |...Mlu.li..»,,r.. IKtW IT I l; lM-ni l,mj; l»- I, .M- lull.- W.rk. I ' I.Im- n,-.m I- 111.- Iimr tli.,1 lliM.j;---latl oil Ih.-ir u.ix. S,.. jicloin;; l.v llir .x.vllrnl M.ill ol lN,.i-.|- ;.iicl ..llic ' . ' p. ' rM.iMK ' l x«hn s,„kr, .iiicj.r ill. ' al.l. ' (ili. ' .ljon „( ( ' II, r,- l.ui.i;;rr U..f;.r K.-.llii.ii llii- ,■.,,. I K I 1 1 K- .1 lulllir Mr- -ll.MiM l r r. niMI ' ii.Lil l. ' . ii,,|li. ' i ni llir -|.|.|.M, -lo,„- l.,u,,nl 111.- IKtW I I IK ..I 111. ' ruliiiv i ll,.- MOKIMi. 111.- liii.kii.-i v.-.ul k. II,.- i ' r.l i-MH- ..I 111.- M(»l{l l« ua-lian.ll.-.l , l)..n W li.,l.- i .1.1. 1 hi- la . W. M.|| lli.-iii liH-k ill III.- rmiii-.-. S.. ill.- I ' l ' ). ' ) SlalT lak.-- il- l.-a .-. Ii..|iiii;: ..iii llial llii- ,.-a.l.-r- liax.- .•iij., .-.l llii- i -u.- a- mu.li a- r U.is .- .•iij.,vtl | iilliii il oii l. The iinsci-ii .hi. ' John Lovell, Managing Editor; Irv Katenbrink. Kili Chief; and Bob Henry, Business Manager. When one joins the Pointer staff he automatically places his neck on the Academic Department ' s chop block anil his fellow cadets ' gripe sheet. " Didn ' t joii sturly last night? " " Why don ' t you run some stories like . . .? " " Looking back on i ' lebe year, those of us about to grad- uate would still pull down the green e e-sliad ' and hunt- and-pcck awa) at a typewriter if the opportunity again presented itself. The past four ears have passed tpiickiv: every 11 days it was the same cycle — plan, prepare, dis- tribute . . . only to face another deadline. " S5 look over on April Fool ' s day 1954 with the parody issue, the " Daily Snooze, " followed closely by the sponsor- ing of a costume hop. starring Ted Brown and the Red- head. Fall brought football and Ring issues and the Fall Parody, " Lofe. " Irv Katenbrink. editor-in-chief, kept the aspirins and answered for all copy turned in. (Blessed are the censors. CIRCULATION STAFF— Kneeling: Larry Stockett, Ed Cutler, Denny Butler, Bill Crites, Bill MoCulla, Circulation Manager: Bob Easton. Standing: Tom Olson. Bill Thompson. Rod McConnell, Jim McMahon, Dick Bone, Dave Kyle. Chuck Toflov. Andy Foster, Jerry Mier .ejewski, Warren Keinalh. Don Seward. Bruce Stoul, Ron Cox. Jim Edgar, Joe Russo. Rol.in Roller. Fre 1 Freathy. Ted " ' - ' arks Houser. Willie Smich. Chuck Lea. A! Dve. Don Wells. iiihil.il III. ' . ' .ulh. Ol ' lulin l...srll ni,iii;ip ' . 111.- .■.Iil.wi.il -I.ilT Ilk.- a j.-u.-l. Jiiii ll.-.iiin- .■.,%.-.-.-, I C.nry S.|M...I .luili.-- .m.l Ifi.-.i 1.. j;.-! au;.N ..ii ,i Iii|i ...-.a i..nallx. la .N |M-.,|,I.- l,.-li.-N,- ihal I ' OIMI K an u..ik i. .I..n l. |.aral .-.l (lnf;.-r |.aiiil.-r-. Dm f 1. ■.).. nl. ail .-.lil.,r. «a II..I paralN .-.l. I.iil ii .-.l lii l.-.l an ua . il Miill.-r. Mai | li. l. f;ra|ilur. - -.-in.-.l al«a - I.. kri..« «li.-r.- lli.ri- wa- span- iii. nki- . r liarii l -r . . . ii-iiall iii- .iwii. ()xal-l. ii.-.l |{ .l ll.-iirv h.-a. l.-.l tin- l, i.iii.- laH. uhil .. .-r 111.- I k a lr.-a-.ur.-r. Kii.l l).- lari- lia.i.ll.-.l a.lv.-r li-.in : | r .l l. ' n . an.l liill M.-Culla. .-ir.-ulali.»i iiiaiia;:.-! «as r.-|.unsil.l.- l„r I ' OIMKK .l.-liN.ri.v, .illM-r ..ii liin. Ul l „„: (.l...,-k (...l,.-ll. S..... K.-r-. . l..ll.-r. I ' l. K.lil.T. I)i.-k (;..l.l«.-ll. I ' ll. I .,„: j.arrN l ..ll. Di. ' k l-:.l»ur.ls. V.rii VuiiV..ii.l T.-n. I ..l l .-v..i .. I MUDKIM. STAFF Kn,;-linfi: Oi.k M..lli.-..i .-. J. .III. I...%.ll. Muiia :iii ! I..l.l..r; lim I.awK.ii. Tim Miir. ' lii ...i. Slaiulin :: J..I111 Kiillf.-I . I .ii Hiil.-niaii. I)....- J..iiM ' ..ii. Slim «ilk.T. «»r.l l -llar.l . (;.-..r;:.- Hall. Dl.-k F..iilain -. H..I. ( hri.li.......... IV.I t:.,s. II.Mn..r F,.iil..r. ' DEBATE COUNCIL cp«»in I- (;arn. I ' l -l ' rrsi(l..nl ,-i,l.-nl: Dave Burroughs. Vice-President for Debate: Walt Staudaher. for Forum: l Sheldon. Vice-President for Speech. W ill) a inomlMTsliip of TOO cadets the Debate Couiiril ami Forum found ample personnel to support vigorous activities in four different fields: Forum, Speech, Debate, and Administration. During the year tremendous strides were made in expanding Forum activities. The Forum- sponsored lecture program, with the Sunday Evening Lec- ture series, was established on a permanent basis. Speakers on this program included such notables as Hanson Bald- win and W. Bedell Smith. The seminar program experi- enced an increase in both participants and scope, covering such new subjects as " Personal Finance " and " Mobility in Modern arfare. " The largest single acti itv of the Forum was SCLSA VI — the Student Conference on U.S. Affairs. The delegates, from 62 colleges in the U.S. and Canada, investigated the problems of U.S. security policy. During the fall tlic Council s| ( ns()re(l many debates on ihc problem of formulating a sound agricultural program di:bate m onagers— W: Leil, Ben Franklin. k AND FORUM rid on III, ' lM|.ir ..I Irdrr.ll .lid lu Mud.iil. I IIm- d.lKil,- xMM.n u..- .uJT.n.ial.d uilli ih.- I;n W .si lri| and 111.- «id.lv.kii..NMi ali..r..d D.l.al.- I ...ir runn-nl. Will. Ilii- rxiMiiMMii ,d D.li.ili- and Koniin. lli.- S -.■. ti,„i had In in.na-r il u..ik. iiK ' liidr,! u M.u NM-n- n niN ih.- .Mrn.iM,, anr-.n- ,Hr,li a l,,ii,al .-..nlr-l-.. l.iil a nru iMMrlion. a nailin;: rn,.i .- I d r.ad diiinii-.|i ' ali . ' -lalT handled lli,- |m,..| Ii. ' ' |-. i ' arl l I i.-|H n-il.ililN «a- k.T|.ini: ill.- ( :ni|.- inr.nin. ' .l al...nl ll Coiin. ' il tlin.imh III. ' I ..M ' .aM aii.l I li.- C.Min.jl N. ' u M.a| . ' " I.el m - ciiipli t-r4 ; ti l 111 FORL 1— John Sloan. Dave lanrer. Boh Schmidt. I ' liil Ensl.m. Norm Sparks. Joe Dailo. Capt. Jarrell. Kave ilenl. ORDN M 1(11 H Sieve Beehe. Jack Viney. Boh W . ner, ' luni IKrnii. Dcmpsv Davis. Boh Hinrichs, San derson. I ' residenl: Hank Nleelze, Don Buchwald. KH I N (I.I M .„ ,, |-,l,- ll..r,.l,.,r .r. I ' r In y„ . S.r..r.l. Iran S. Iiallrr. I a l)a . I) J.-lli«.M. !)..■. I,.hI«,j;. Um,l,n,l J..l.n K.mU. Jim Hark.r. .a lhiK.Ml..r i. K.n |)..M,.I.U..n. Jnl.,. Ilumill..ii. Join. Mill.-r. X.i ri. ' I ' ollx. Jiiti (.Ml liin. Di.k ll . ' f.Tkaiii| . I ' aiil Smnr. inn J..I,M...M. Nril l ..r».ir.l. M KuMnon.l. MODKL MKIMANK CIA H- Seated: Terry Creighlon. Standing: J.rrv Zal.riskic. Bill Campbell. Cv Cassells. President; George Otrin. Merrill (ireeii. MODEL K ll,li() l) (1,1 H Jim Irvin. H..I1 Stanley. Presi.le iTOI.CI.lB Sii».-. . Dave MiNcrnry. John llanh . Jim Bark siilciil; JdIiii Mmts, h ' raiik Sililollcr. Slaniliiifi: l)a i- I ' rII H..X.1, Tom Turn «;KrrT CI.l U MMI H..1I.. l a«l.if;l. K,.1U. Ilank Mr linn, I. I ' n-i.lrMi: W -■-- W rlU. l).-mi., l)a%i-. 175 W TKK I ' OI.O CI.l B — I rt W.r. Dave Beur- k.M. Dm..- SmiU-v. Charlie F.rl.. Jeff Ahrens. Bill RaN. Russ Ra.niev. Kneelinn: llharlie Trefzfier. ally Lrl.aeh. Steve Canby, B..I. Stein. Jaek Schannep. Staiiiling: Bob Schmidt. Jack Dovle. John Feagin. President; Don Hilbert. Bill Welter. I1 M)H I.I, Cl.l B Knrrlinn: Dick Sleinle. I ' resi.lent: Ray Dax, Frank Robertson. Franz Schaiier. Slaiuling: Al Rnpp. Frank OBrien. Dave Pembcrton, Charlie Johnson. ' Tell us all about il. P, DIALECTIC SOCIETY No) iH ' inff satislii-il uitli nirn- iiiiMiiiM li iiiakr ii| tlir IIIOll, Nil.- SIm.u ll.i r.u■. Ihr Dial.Tli. ' S..ri ' tN .,ill. ' l lurlli the {loilsof ()1mii|hi.- Io .oiiir ' Down lu Karlli " l..r a l H k at (lu- H.H-k r III.- Ilu.ls. n. ( : nrii i..n an.l hilaril Im- .1111.- sop as (:.«)p 111.- Sii.M.p |.nM-.-.-.l. ' .i l. mix Man- (a . .nl.i . l.n- a ;;...l . ill,- CurnmV Uc.anl. an.l ll.r ■|lia .T I)..,ni all in n.- iii.-rrv ni.-.-. 1.. aid ami al.rl lh -. - -li.-- iiaiiifiaii- ill.- I S l (tnli.-.|ra ;:a .- lull ..i..- I., lli.- -ii|..-i 1. miisii- .-..Mi| ....-.l .-.|M- -iallN lor lli.- Ii n . l .--anll. ' - . ( ill. ' Mi| -riialiiral i .iiii|ili ations cii i-ii.l.-r.-.l in . ail.t III. ' . Iru.- ! %)■ u. ii .lilt ill (hi- iH--i( (li -a(ri(-al iiiaiiiKi. an.l w- li. n ' -l- ( - :i oiiiirs-i ca.lrls ami our lirags i-oiilil f. ' ii li..iii.- kn.n iini thai (;iiM in Pi-rioil •l.-linili-l hail Im-i-ii ili |H li, .1. Tin- l)ial.-i-(ir SiM-ii-| has riiini- a liiiif: n Irimi lli,- (ir-l KHKh Ml.- Slum in IKTI lo (hi- linish.-.l |iri ilii li,.n. ..I l ' ». " . Thoiifjli (111- |iriiiri|ial ai(i i( ,if (In- S ri.-( i lli,- wriliii};. siapiiifr. ami |irrs -ii(a(ii ii of (In- l(t(Kh Nid- Sliii«. (Ill- proiip also s|H iisori-il siirli i-n(rrtaiiimrn(s as " la BolwMiip " ami ' " riiird-i ' ii ( " .liM-ks. " Ml ,«f lli - - ailixili,-- h -i|M-.i iinim-asiirahl (o makr (In- | a«l iar a iiion- riij,i - al l,- on, ' r..r tli, ' C.ri . Wl.ai every 2d Lt. n U. Tlie tlius after Christmas Leave were perhaps the most hectic ot our cadet careers. The Acaileinic Department tried to maintain the position that the First Class should devote themselves to study, but somehow there were more important items to occupy one ' s waking hours. Each after- noon a bevy of beauties — shiny products of General Mo- tors or Ford — could be inspected in front of the Mess Hall. More digits went into figuring just which car to buy tiiaii went into the whole of Yearling Math. l)oul tiiis time the temporary chains-of-comniand took o er to give tiie .Sipiad Leaders some - peri ' n e at leading larger unit while llx- file closers look life eas . Fehruar brought the uniroriii display and all liie |i(rple ities of selecting our new " work ACADEMICS ARE OVER When the stoops began to fill with new packing boxes the First Class knew that they had to get to work. Some agonizing reappraisals were necessary •gard lu various and sundry " valuables " ihal liad been filling trunk rooms for four vears. i)ut in general " Operation Scram " came off smoothly. The end of May brought the last Class Trip, the visit to Aberdeen Proving Ground, to see the marvels that the Ordnance Department had been raving about since September. Return from berdecn meant only one thing: Jime Vi eek « as upon us! Tlic la l W(;i u;i oMT. tli«- la«l liook |»til ,iw.i . MtfTilivn tri|. a- (.iii|»lrri(l. nml pmc »li - l.i-l ..I M; JniH- Wcrlv uii- iipiiii n . uilli an i« ' Iy anil j lor all. (.railiiatioii ua- li ' fi ri- us. an ! somi sn iliit %- rail. 18.3 1 pggl ii ifcii ALUMNI SERVICES Vs u.. p ■.•sse.i •aih ' ito the most onlstandiiii; uock ol (nir ire I ' lidless things to be done. The IJacrahiurcalc sci i( - in the chapel, the Alumni service at rhayer Monument, and the Superintendent ' s reception in his garden were all part of the preliminaries to the " big dav. " Our evenings were filled with hops, visiting with our families. an l strolling with our " femnies " on Flirtation alk. Amidst all of these activities there was still the last- minute parking to be completed so tiial uc M)iiid iiol miss a minute of that long awaited graduation l a c. Vet uilii all of liie excitement of .lime Week « • still found time lo rullcct a conglomeration of rni ' tnnrics from W. t Point. Our c p N and would rctuaiu ilh u f HOPS SUPERINTENDENT ' S RECEPTION Before we knew it llie las! 21 hours 1 arrived. With |iri(lf we wal ' Corpsof Cadets " | ass in ri ii (rraduation Parade Thai e eiiiiii; l)ej;aii with the Gradualion |{an |uel and ended wilh our final hop as cadris in (ailhnn Hall. The next inorninf; lo our precious diplomas and shi-d " Cadel Grey. " ' .lune W .ek wa all uvei and our four ' ar dream was rompleled AND EXERCISES W ' r i ' H. ' »i Mi ' t ' ■ Jl- ' mnmtm, CLASS OFFICERS B.I John F.-af;in. Tr.-as,,,,-, : rk. Secretary: Fn CLASS OFFICERS That portion of the history of the Class of No5 that occurred during cadet life has now heen told. As ' 55 leaves West Point there remains the task of keeping the Class organized as the close-knit fellowship that it is. This task falls to the Class Officers. These six have had relativel) httle to do since their election during Second Class year: as of Graduation, however, their job takes on ninch- increased significance. Theirs is the responsihflity of bridging the gap created by the wild flurry of white caps and of keeping the individuals of ' 55 in contact with one anollier as they take llieir place in the Long Grey Line. 7ii " 7T June succeeded June; gay bands, gold bars, good-byes; Now I, a boy no more, have commission in my eyes. CLASSoi-|.i(;i;i{ John IVa ' in. Tn-aM CLAS: . i -. •»»-W: k- 2s Mr j --•«-. 2!: FRANCIS JAMES ADAMS Kearney. New Jersey Regular Air Force -2 . . . Scotty will be rcinenibereil longest as A-2 ' s three-time All-American, as well as captain and four letter man on the Soccer team. Academics came easily, too, as those gold stars attest. His humor and spirit, which helped smooth the bumps of cadet life for his many friends, will serve him well in the service. Soccer 4-3-2-1, Major " V. ai Slur 1-3-2: Sidm- ming Manager 4-3-2-1; Cadet Chapel Choir 4-3-2-1; C.lee Club 4-3-2-1: Ring Committee 4-3-2-1: Stars 3: Corporal 2; Lieutenant 1. EDWIN M. ANDERSON, JR. Columbus, Mississippi Congressional K-1 . . . Andy hails from the Deep South and is proud of it. He came to the Academy after graduating from high school at Marion MiU- tary Institute, Alabama. His favorite sports while at West Point were swimming and the sack. He also had a roving eye when it came to the opposite sex, but he ' d never admit it. Swimming 3. Monogram; French Club 3-2; Golf Club 1; Mathematics Forum 2; Pistol Club 2; Corporal 2; Lieutenant 1. . WIM.I A ! I.KK ANDERSON Im.kiivht. Indian; V Congres! G-1 . . . The boy with the Midas touch is Andy, and we soon found out there was no limit to his talents. Everything he tried, and he tried them all, he accomplished with en- viable ease. With all his plans he still was never loo busy for his friends. A fine friend whom we ' ll watch for as he goes wild blue wandering. Foollmll 4-3-2-1. umrnils. Monogram: Track 1-3. umerah; Camera Club 2-1; Cadet Chapel Choir 4-3- 2-1: Forum 2-1; Ski Club 2-1; Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1. IX tN Ml) |M III i; WDMIWS 1)1 " IIMMII. , U 1,,„K r„„:..,,sM„„„ IM . . . Don -|,.nl .1 litllr liin. ' .ii 1 ||. ih.ii ' ■ ' " " ■ I. ' N .-l | ' .,i, ,,k,. |,„ |),,.| |,|...... ■ " duU„v . ,rs li„... II,.- -I ),•,,„•- I i,| " Ki.l |il-li-.l ,, l.« I,.,-,!,,,!!-, .nni l„- ,«i„., i, . " .an ,l,iN,r. I).,m uiII I.,- ,.„,.•, .,,..1 (.„ hi. Mi.-r .,1 |„,n„„ ;,„,! al.ililN I., k.-.p il,.- ....«.! M.nlin.H |, n..alliMf; ;nir.-.l„l.-, In.ni onr .lini. .lark | aM. (.is. ,,i . (:„ll,„li,(:l,„i„l I s „., , l),l,„„( nnn.il I: V l l.. l .. .l■. .• CulJCIiih.i.i ' .l: ll.miizrr -.M ' - ! iiniliilinn l,iiiii;irr: Ciirpiinil 2: Sit i-)iiiI I. nW.lA . VIMIII |{ iti iii i 1 N. li -i--inM ( „i l.-l . . . WImI.- Mill a ' ».arli,i . liMI ,l,ni,,r.. lral.-,l In- al.ililN in [ u- ail ol plaN in- ,anl- an.! a.ipnr.il llir a| | r. |irial. ' nar .1 " ■■J.—. ' . " Ir. Il.r lirl.l nf -|...,|- I,.- I.arn.-.l (,, - in;: a ui.kr.l rack. I in -.|na-.h. an. I |.il.h.-,l likr a lii;: l.a-u.r ..n ih.- „,lll,all Durin.. I n " 111- III ill.: niai;a .inc and li ' -lniin ' l. llir laili.i. Inncli Cliih -.J-. ' . ; I ).h„tr Cmiiril l-A-J. C.rpural ; Lieutenant I. i:i (;i:m; u. i i i l)i NMU. CoK.nM.n ( oiiiin- inniil II . . . ri..ni ih.- Iar-..n tal.- of (:..l..ra.l .. I)i k ani. ' I.I W. ' .t I ' .iinl a.-.-oinpani.-.l . nl l.x In- -.1 .,1 ;;..ll .Inl,-. Will, .a-.-. I.r I, a. I linn- JMlw.in ni;. ' lii lo D.iu.r l tak - part ill iill iitl -t ii -li iiirs lr. in -a k l lrl aliii ' . Ua s r.ii.l 1.. Ii.l| oiil. his m-..r.l an.l |HT.s4iiiiilil uill iiiiikc him an asst-l in any i:,JJT,tu„ t„i,t,„i, I. i,H,.Mi , I. Minnr " 1 ■ ,(.. ' . . in V.ir .1: IhlKUr C uinril l:1-2: IHalerlir S4xhiv i:t: hrrnrh (Jnh:i.2; (.rrmim (Jub 3-2: Jcuiah Choir l-1-. ' -h •rftmnt I. I ' M THOMAS JOSEPH AUGER Manchester, N. H. Honor Military School -2 . . . ' I ' «)iii " .« daily schedule was really very -iiiiplf: it consisted of two hours on the Lacrosse (ield. two hours in the [)hone hooth. one hour under the red-boy. and lifteen minutes studying if time permitted. By strictly following this tight schedule, he was able to enjoy all five years at the Point. l.mrosii3-2-I, Monogram. Major " A " : Chapel Choir 1-3-2: Spanish Club 3: Corporal 2: Captain I. WILLIAM ANDREWS AXLP U. S. A. ConflrcssiiiiKil E-2 " There will be a meeting of tlie mountain climbers on the left slo|)e of the dining hall roof. " That ' s our boy Vi illie who, being a " brat, " claims no home state, prob- ably because no state will claim him. After five years at West Point he has a good start in his Army career, but at tlie present bis sister still outranks him. Gymnastics 4-3-2-1, Mumerals. Minor " A " ; Fishing Club 3-2-1; Hop Manager 4-3-2-1: Pistol Club 3-2-1: Radio Club 4-3-2-1; Ski Club 2-1; Corporal 2; Ser- MARLIX RICHARD BAkER MiLLEKSBURG, Penna. Congressional . . Bake survived four years at Vt est amid an endless string of boodle boxes I-l Poiii from home. Vi e will always remember Bake for his cheerful disposition, his persistence in academics, his dislike of noise, his loyalty to Pennsylvania, and his deep bass voice with which he announced, " Taps 33-A. " Lacrosse 4: Camera Club 4-3; Ring Committee 4-3-2-1; Corporal 2; Captain 1. 1% .1 wii s I i) i!i) i! kki;k 1. lii N-. IKM..M „ni:n-ssio,„il -2 . . . lirii I- .1 -|H,il- l.. .-r rn.iii uay li;i. k. t )ii M ' rkil.l -. wlirn llir acailriiiii- ilf|iai ' l- |il.i iii : : ir. Iintii- or liooliti;: a | i l( l. lie uas als.) on. ' oi tlir IikIn oii. - (hat nia.l. ' llir .-arl | il :riin -. ' .1..% lanipa. Ilori.la lor III. ' |.i lol Mial. ' li. ' -. lor liiii. .Inn. ' roul.ln ' l •■„„ ,■ ....II. l; l..t l.:i.J.I. Mimir ■■ (••; •i.Wii;. Chih .i-J-l: l„i. ,n,n, Chill l-:i-2-l: l ' isu,l Cliih J-.M ' - , Srcrrlaiv. I ' lr-iilriii: I ' mntir Stuff i:f: Onlimncr CliihS-l: Ski ( liih ..ic ' - : .S, ' (i!. iMi ;. •ityy - : })} (;i{i,(;()i{ ' i iwi w |{ |{|{ s .l . KM.N. ll-.i-.Mn ' i ..nanssionnl IM . . . .1. ' lo I,, ' |,.rllMl.. ' .l I.N 111.- I. ' iilli-I.ik. ' i- ..I 111. ' a.a.l. ' Mii, ' .l. ' |.arliii. ' .il«, r. ' f. ' f:ra.l.ial. ' a- a .|ualili. ' .l r. ' .l-I...N ..|,.t- alc.r. Mi|.|...r|. ' r ..I lli. ' Slai an. I Har.-. II. rr (;.l. ,.,Mi. ' .i..rlli Ma . l.l. an, I r.piin.l lull.- Ill l.ii;;!, ' -. ImIU. or l-r- I,, nilll. ' I.i -oi.lli.rii . ' ..iiii.o-ur. ' . (, I hi.k I,, a " x. ' r- .laniiill. ' ii ;;iil. ' ii rr.un.l. " ( amrni Cliih . ' ; Ihlmir Cniiiiiil iiikI Inrum 2-1: (..- i- rnil Cnnumwri ' .l: Crnmm Cliil, l.:i.2: llni,ilz,-r - ' - ; I ' isinl :iiil):i: Skirl Cliih -.M ' ; SkiC.liih f-i: Sirfiiiinl I. (.11 lU li I Un|) | imciiM I..- ..i I 1 . Cm II . ,iiii iiiil (.iiiird -l . . . ■ ' H.-lav an. I l. ' I il l.ai.|.. ' n " i- a i.i.iNnii (-il kii. ' NN li..u I.. a|.|.lN a- a r. ' -nll ..f 1,1- , ' |..•ri.•n.. ' in ill. ' M. ' .li.al ( ...r|.-. Ili- ill. lli.it -i lN ar.U in a L.n ua li. ' ii il- ii| .111.1 .n.r . ' . ' r llir. ' . ' -I«-| - ..n lli. ' Ira.k. II. ' i. Ih ' .I kiL.un l.x a -lw-. a . ' lin.kl.-. an. I a .1 nk.-. Tmiiif I, NiimiTii . ; Tnirk t-3-2-l, umrmh. Ma- jitr " A " : (jiilrl (. ' lo M ' Choir t-3-2: Crrmmi Cliih .1; f.7 ' « ' r ii i J- 1: (jiriMiriil 2: Si-r ininl I. • ■■ - " ■ ,• VAM: nUENTIN BATES, JR. HoiSK, Idaho Congressional C-1 . . . Quent ' s I ' at.- sas lu U- alphabetically ranking man in (M: lie look the roll calls, worrying for loin- yars if wc ' ii make all his formations. We were with him all the wa). Corps squad basketball, stars, the Glee Clilh — in such activities " V.(,). " " set a record lor the folks in Idaho to look on with pride. Basketball 4-3-2.1, Numerals, Monogram: Track 4-3, Monogram; French Club 4-3-2, Secretary: Debate Council 2-1: Glee Club 2-1: Cadet Chapel Choir 4-3-2- 1: Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1. PAUL BAZIL Si ICH. JR. Belle Vernon, Pa. Congressional A-1 . . . Paul is a man whose talents were not limited to one {)hase of cadet activities. As an athlete he was a year-round participant on the track team, and along with this, an active member of numerous extracurricular activities. He will always be remembered by his many friends for his amiable personality. Rifle 4: Track 4-3-2-1. Monogram: Camera Club 4-3; Debate Council aiul Forum 1; Fishing Club 3-2-1; Howitzer 4-3-2: Mathematics Forum I: Russian Club 4-3-2-1: Skeet Club 4-3: Corporal 2: l.irntenoni 1. Ml -. RICHARD .1 Mi;S MEAN Indianapolis. 1 di Congressioiuit L-1 . . . Coming " home " to W est Point after ten years, Dick was soon to follow his father ' s footste| s. In spile of many extra- curricular ailixilies lie alwa s had time for a round of golf or a ri ' slling nialcli at the gym. His magnetic personality and winning smile assure him a continued successful career. Cadet (Mopel Choir I: C.onu-ra Club 3-2: Dialectic Society 3-2: Fishing Club 3-2: (.,,11 Club 1-3-2: Sun- day School Teachers 3-2: Corporal 2: l.i,-nl,„nnt I. IJICII Mil) l)()I (;i, S HKCKKK ll MI l!l . II. lini(ll V („iiiiirssi„ntll I ' -l . . . Di.k. Ihr ••Suii-liiiH- Ki.l " Iroin Mi;inii Hrarh. i. rrin. ' iriiM ' ,r l lo, u- i.mI h.Uir.l !.„■ n-xrill, ' . -|M-.ikin;; IM-Inn ' l.r.Mk- l.iM. ..II. I Ihr r,,M n..illi uiiicK. In III-. M.;in- ,t-. Ili .X., 11.111 v.., . ;.,i. l,.n„-nini: I Halrrli, S,„irtv l-.i: Ihinil- hall Cluh 1 ' - . „,. U. »,i;!r, ;..M ' -;; ' „i,i ,i ; II lifilil l.i lini: Cluh l-:i.J: l.nriu.ral 2: l.iruirnant I. ' U) S IWIKS HKI.I. IJiioNN. i:u " ouk r-, ,ijn-.vs », « l)-l . . . " Diiif. ' Don;:. " .•..iniii;; In. in Nrw ..ik CilN. u;i n.- .i .-i I ' lr I1..111 li..im-. lioi.l,-. ImIii;: ..ci.i.i.-.l li ii.a.l. ' iiii.-. an. I -• .IN «.-.-k.n.l. Hi. -.11 1 liuiii..r an. I ' a iial nianii.r Nsill l.a.l him far in hi. . ' Ii ». ' n •■.»rf «i l-:i-i ' -l. nn,r, ils. Major " I " : Tra.k l-.i: l ' i- l.,l(.lnh:i. Shi Cluh (-.{. Cnrpnral J: SrrfiranI I. l3 JOHN II NMNCS |{|;(t!)l)V I ' im;ti)n. (•iii.i ((iiiurrxsionnl .2 . . . Il,.n.-I .|..hii |{.-...I.In. u.,rl.l r. ' - 11. iw III.I ;. ' .iiii mil .111.1 ilrvolcii a|M !«tle of Miirphiii-. U.I- .1 111. in III iiinsf ]iirn -« ' in F-2. Ill iii " I ' ii ' -l ( M.i i-ar. lie lircaiiif tlir proud rrri|iirni III till ' i ' iiiii|iain I ' iMilliall, a iliiliioiis lirrrnl tniiili.tv anil i. mm ..rarcliint; for oilier lirliU lo roiH|iiiT. Ciimrni ihih 2-h Ihlmlr Cmuuil l:i-2: ItinlnlU ,S... rirly ».. ; frin. i (Jul, 3: Ski VJub 3-1: If eifhl l.i tinf CJuh 3-1: Ser ttiinl I. JAMES PATRICK BERGEN TowANDA. Pennsylvania Congrcssiomd D-1 . . . Pennsylvania claims Jim as her son. I)iit he is best described as a citizen of the world, . ever without a joke and possessing a winning smile, he will always be remem- bered for his rousing tales of weekend ex- periences. His knack of acquiring friends and impressing the ladies makes him a sure bet for the future. Boxing I, umerals: Catholic Chapel Acolytes t: Class Committee 2-1 : Fishing Club 4-3-2; French Club t-3-2: Onlnance Club 1; Ski Club 4-3-2; IV eight Li t- ing Club 2-1; SiTgrant I. TED EUGENE BISHOP FiNDLAV, Ohio Congressiotial H-2 . . . Ted came to us from Ohio and his sincerity and good natured smile made him a natural for H-2. He led the company to a brigade championship in basketball, and his ability in the academic buildings made his name a constant on the dean ' s list. We wish Ted the best, and we know that that is al- ways what he ' ll get. (;„lf (. umerals; Cadet Chafiel Choir 1-3: Honor ( ' .ominiiire I: Corporal 2; Captain 1. IRA WOODRUFF BLACK, JR. Gibson Island, Maryland Presidential E-2 . . . " Woody " never did like textbooks and always shunned them to go kick a soc- cer spheroid. He was one of the chief expo- nents of relaxation and the red boy. Never dismayed by harsh disciplinary measures, even though he outed with the local hiking club, he emerged as a prime example of " moderation in all things. " r " I " . A no Star; Ski 7V i-2-l. unwrals. Major " f, A. f-.i; Ski Club 4-3-2-U Sergeuni I. Noini w c. iti Mil r (; VIM || i.i;. jixv ( iin rrssiuiiiil I -I . . . ..rin «a ..,.l |;,n.lii. Im.iIi in a.a- cl.rni.- ami alhl.li,-. II,- ua- kiu.vMi |,, all on 111.- Ia.ru ...- Im-I.I aii.l »a ...i.- .■! lli.- k.- |ila .r ..n lli.- I iimJ, „-.-,■ r.,. ||,all I. -am. Coni- iri;; lr..ni r.- a . Ii.- ha. I lii a in all ar n- in.-nls. Durin;: h[ In-.- lim.- Norm ...ul.l I..- r.innil r.-a.iin;; l.).-k an. I li;:uriii a In riiakc an i-as liii.k. y. r,,.ss,- .. . i,„.,-,„ , l„n„fi,mn: CItr.ss (Mil, 2: IMhiU- CiHinril l-.l: ll,m,ll,„ll Cliih 1 ' ; ,. i,.r Cam- mill,;- I: «i(.ssi i;i Cliih I: I ' islnl Cliih .i: Siiniliiv S,l„„.l Timlin :i-2: Curimnil 2: l.i.m.mml I. rim II ' I i i( i{ uiw ' i ' oN TvMi ' v. riouiiiv ( ' itiiuri ' ssionni -2 . . . lr..n- i,.li.-x.-r ihal ill.- S.Milh will ri-i- ajrain. IMiil .aim- lo Yankee land Irom lli- iiali .- Il..riila. During the winters h.-.laim.-.j ll„ra.lial..ia lii-l..- l IVi.-n.l an.l .li.am.-.l ..I Nthil. ' (:hriMma - ..n iiul uliil.- -ami li.-a.li.- uilli man S.mlli.-iii l!.-il.-s. Ml.-r I.M.r v.-ar- in ll..- arm . I ' hil »aia I.. -.. lur ihiriN ni..r.-. I ' fiiriiiji l: ' i-J, iimrnils, li)in) nini, Minnr " .i " I ' iMi, Infnrmdiinii Ihl.iil l-.i-L ' -l: I ' islnl Cliih »-.M ' - ; Stiiuliiv • !.«. Timlur l-:i-2: Srr ir iiil I. CM l l IS I KID IM.ISS. Ill rMlll.,11 Ml. ( »K I MIDM ((in ' j.ri-ssiiiniil |)-l ... In. I |„,--,- .-. a k.-.-n .-n .- ..i ' Ju.l;:- iM. ' Ml ..ml mauN inli.-r.-nl .|nalili.-. I..r his rh ,...-n |ir..l.---i. n. Mi- al.ilil lo a.-.|iiire maiiN Iri.-mU ami hi- .-a ;. ' . in - l.nl ...ii- -. ' i.-nli.m- mann.-r in (i.-i luriniiiu M rk ill ! .- a . ' on-laiit a-.l l. him. Mn.ii ..I In- iin- -i-lieiluieil liiiK- is (le .(|.-.l I I.l.nir a.lisi- lies. esjM-eially lishin.;. f- ' iNil Mi 1-3-J-l. iimrnils, liini, tram; (Vn.i.i Cimi- milltf2-l: CJiim I ' rvuilrni I: l- ' ishiii i CJiib 3-2: Sk,i-l CJiih :i-2-l: If rifihi Lifling Club I: Cnrpiintl 2: Ca i- a k ■. ])) mrs I GEORGK KOIJIHT HI. ITCH Tyler. J ' exas ( ' .oniiri ' ssioruil G-1 . . . Duriii ' ; 111.- pa l L.tir vars Hoi. has sh() Mi ihal liis lalfiils and al)ililies are as varied as liis iiUcrt ' sls. His lime has been occupied h alliletics, on both Corps Squad and intramural teams. I ' or relaxation he en- joyed picking a . ' iiitar. listening to music I ' rom gay Paris, or taking oil to Buckner for a weekend of fislnng. Baseball 4-3. iimcrah: llsliiiifi Cliih 3-2-1, Secretary- Treasurer: I ' rencli Cluh 3-2: ( ' ,i ri iiral 2: Ueiiteiiaiit 1. PETER DEMETRIOS BOORAS WiNTHROP, Massachusetts Regular Arrnv H -2 ... A born hive Pete was able to devote his time to more interesting endeavors. His ability as an organizer set his pace in manag- ing many picnics, and his good humor and fiddle darkened oin- brightest evenings. After taps he could be l ' radio as be brougbl bis earphones. [| hovering over his If the world in over i;,utball 4; Catholi, Chipel Unhles 3-2-1: Camera Club 4-3; DebtUe Council and I ' nrum I: THaleclic Society 3-2; Howitzer 4-3-2-1: Ordnance Club 1; Pointer 3-2; Radio Club 4-3-2-1; Russian Club 4-3-2- 1; Ski Club 2; Sergeant 1. CVHI, HOSSKHT St. I.OTIS, Missorm ( ' .oniircssionnl 15- 1 ... One of Missouri ' s lin -st sons. Carl made . ' N. ' r thing be l. uched turn to gold. Mis due hack and so.-.er re.-ords pn.xed bis albleli. ' pruNNcss. lie mainlained .omplete cunlrol ol Ihe ad..nie and lacli.al l)e- parlmeiils in the fashion of a liiN. ' . His friendlin. ' ss and sineerilx «ill earr) bini far in bis rm care -r. Trmk 1-3-2-1. umrr„l-.. Major " f. «r Star: Soccer 3-2-1. Minor " I " . ary Slor: Honor Com- mittee 2-1; Camera Cluh 3-1: llonilzer I: Hussion Club 3-2-1: Corporal 2: Lieutenant I. 202 lilig I ) l (11 Mil IS iJOSSII K1) MlinMKll. l , ..NMN li, Innr Krsrn -2 . . . SrI.I,,.,, ,■.,.. il l.r .ihi that ., rn.i l,,..-.hMr I? I.il I aim. ..I a. ' lu. ' vr,! |l,i ;;u;,l. nalural I, in,-. I,,- -.I.- lain.-.il ua- " I roul.l luiN. ' I.rrn liiX man in m . ' la» if i .-..ul.l unlN liaN.MaN.d aNNakr. " Ilr, ' . ul.i I..- r.MHKl uti Ihr ,.11 . ' , m r ... ill llir s,u ll iKil rcla iii ! vcrlicall). Ilaskvllmll :i-2: Crass Caiinlrv I: l-nnllmll :i-l. l,mn. ilimn: Triuk I: In Cliih .(-.•; (■..iiiirn, Cliil, .M ' - . („, Cliih .M ' - ; hrrml, CInh .(-: ' - ; Sl.i ilnl, I ' - ; S-r iiii . Willi 1 lli;i{Mi;iM ' MO ' ITOMS Con. oni . (;i;()H,.iv I ..niiirssionnl (Wl . . . VM |,,N,. !,„■ ||„- uiM .,1 (;.-( r ;ia ma.!. ' him an aniriil m.-nil... ol (li.- |-isliiii . ' in-l.Tr. ' ,! I " l| ■ I haN. ' uoii Mai »hlv .,1 ill. lii Mi ilr. ail.l ill n.x.r l„- I,,,::,, II. CliUl Chliirl Irnlvlr ; DrlMilr Ciiinril I: I ' isllin Cliih :i-2-l: (.rrimiii CItili .J; llimilzir 1-2-1: l ' isi.,1 Cliih 1 ' - ; Siiiuliiy Srliiml Tiiulwr :i-2: Si-rfiiiint I. I ' llll ll ' I ' l () 11)1 ItDl (11 itl) I M. l Vs-x, III M I r, nnLirrssi, (;-l . . . riiil ha. I thai iml. ' liiial.lrrliaini. in- ...mi.lrlrlx .I. ' .. ' .||.. ' .I a. ( alli.-. Wh.-.i lir ...iil.hri ...iixin.. ' Ih. ' in XNilh Inuli-li hr M. ' N.r lail. ' .l »illi I r. ' iK ' li. I li. ' ar.lrni a| ..-ll.- ..r " |.,i.- .1.- MM,- «.• aluax- kn.u »h.i.- I.. Iniii uhilli.i ui ' N aMl il a Mm-Ijit | ' arl i r lii.n.r. a.Ki.. ' . W. ' km.u I ' liil uill liv i.,. t„ ■ iir i ' |i ' ' laiiiiii ' . for liiin. (.i«.v«i . (.»i.f.i «: .hA.x ..).;. ' .;. U j i j .T. iin,.r„h. Mniiuinim: li hin CM, I: Inn, I, (Mil. :i: llniiitzi-r i-i ' - ; Si-rfiiiinl I. WILLIAM WILEY BROWN Montgomery, Alabama Congressional 1-2 . . . Golf, automobiles, and the hometown paper were highlights of IJill ' s free time. He was quiet but thoughtful, and his hard study earned him more than his share of tenths. Beast Barracks, a tour of dut with the ■ ' concrete pounders. " and four years of the system failed to dampen his smile anil friendly personality. Class Committvf 2-1: l rli ilr (. Club 3: C.nlJ Clith 3-2-1: I ' urluoi ■il 2-1: Fishinti Club 3-2: Lini- KARL BRUNSTEIN Denver, Colorado Regular Army K-1 . . . Everyone has his idiosyncrasies, but Brun had more than his share. At times he suffered from serious doubts about his sanity due to the constant hazing of his roommates, who also had their doubts; but in the end he graduated a normal second lieutenant, as quite a few others ha-ve managed to do. Gvmnastics 3-2-1, Minor " A " ; Fishing Club 3-2-1; Ski Oub 3-2-1: Spanish Club 3: Corporal 2; Sergeant I. DONALD MONTGOMERY BUCHWALD Marshaixtown, Iow National Guard F-1 . . . Don is a Minnesota born and coini- lr - iclc lireil rin Mral. His ruommates will lonir ri-niiiiilier liis |(assi in for turning on the lights before breakfast. ith a pen- chaiil for posting orange crejie paper on St. I ' all ' l)ii . Ill ii hoiM ' lie ' s iu- i-r stationed in Irrlan.l: l.ul a h. ' re else h.- will be a Ireniendoiis asset to all. Fnnim 2: Onlmuur Club 2-1: l ' i-.t,.l Club 2-1: King CommiUvv I-3-2-I: Corporal 2: l.icutruaiit I. COKKI I I. Oh (M . . . ••hwlian |- UMul.l l„ ,,MN. ....■■- • Ih.irr (,„■ ll.r Ml ..l. ' ,lr.ui Knv. .1 I.Jr ,1 allil.l.- %li.. omhiii. ' .l i..in|..liliw -|.iiil «illi 111.- Ml...-,- .,1 ., rli.,iM|.i..n. Wli.-lh.-r h,- II.- k W.-l I ' .,.. II ill .1 i.-l., .-.l -III. I.- .1- .■a ilx a li.- U..I1 1.1.-11. U uilli h- ,.I.,x.-,I inaiiiii ' i- an. I i-. iii|ili-li ' -iiio-rilN . r imi-Mi Cliih .(.. ' -;. I i-luiifi Chill .M ' - . fuiiiifi,,, . riuh .(; ..-.-( r.luU I: lii liih 21: rV.r .,,,.. . ' : ' - , j, " l.i.„t.n.,nt I. r ' VIA inKII I.I I 151 M)|{|, . ,l|{. Kn.. mii I. ll NM -II ( ,.nun: i„n;l )-l . . . Umii.Ix «a- I. .Ill iiillil. — In an. I iin- Mi-.|M-.-|ii|M| ri-.,iii a lia|.|.N .-.,11.-;:.- Ml.-. I lial .•|-u hinj: I.I..U «a- r. II..VN.-.l l. NM-.-Mliiij: injiii-i.- ami aia.l. ' mi.- .-ia|ii- ulii.li lii- -kimiN liaiiii- liai-i-l iii- i .- Ii..u.-x.-r. ua iinl..-nl. an. I li iinlur .-llal.lx. »illi lii ul.ll (,.VI l .- II l.w .Mi ; Onllliuirr ( Illh I: r,fir„„l I. Ill- M.nil. .1 in- (;i;ni{(;i; m iinx ' lu i;kii mm. ik. I..1-. m.I I I -. (M I1..|;M ( .,( - . •ss(,. ,.l M-:: ...■■(; |{ " - l.. n- li-.m -i.nnv Caliloriiia NJa Ml. W .• ilonl kii..« «l..-lli.r il «as (iaiiriirnia or ir;:iiiia. I.iil ..in- |.l.ii-i- III- (111- iilli.-r ;;aM ' (ir.ir c a iM-r -oiialil .mil an allal.ililN llial mail.- ii rr :ar l liiiii .i .- of ill.- IIII.--I. N.I inalt.-i wliiili liranrli ls liiiii. u. lliiiik lli - °r ' | r ll link) In lia r -.1.1, a -i.n- uinn.r. ... ;. ..i.i. .. .. h.Ihii. (,„„„, I It-.: I...IJ Illh I: I ' l lnl ( hih I; .„i,„i„l J: l.i,iilrn,iiil I. WILLIAM DAVID BURROUGHS Alexandria, Virginia Congressional M-2 . . . After a short stay at Catholic U., where he was a standout at quarterback, Dave found his way to his Hudson home. Here he gave up his athletic calling to take a place at the top of the academic ranks. It will be difficult to forget his helping hand which pulletl many a goat from the grasp of the academic department. Catholic Choir 4-3-2-1: Class Committee I; Debate Council and Forum 2-1, I ice- President; Russian Club 3-2: Ski Club 3-2: Corporal 2: Captain 1; Regimental Commander. WILLIAM S. BURRUS Engelhard. North Carolina Congressiona] E-1 . . . Bill came to West Point after a tour in the arnu : so niilitar discipline came as only a formality to him. Academics were always his big problem, but he never al- lowed the Academic Department to award him b-robe stars. His pleasant smile and eagerness to lend a helping hand will long l)e remembered by the men of E-1. Debate Council 1: French Club , ' {; Ordnance Club I: Radio Club 4-2; Sergeant I. RONALD LEE CAIRNS Wayne, Pennsylvania Congressional I-l . . . Ron can usually be found playing bridge with the boys. When it comes to athletics he will be playing his favorites of basketball or Softball for old I Co. His love for novels, his girl, and bull sessions keeps him from being one of the chosen few, but more often than not his name will be on the Dean ' s list. Cadet Chapel Choir 4-3-2; Debate Council and I ' nrum 2-1: Dialectic StK-iety 4-3-2-1: Handball Club h Skcei Club 4-3-2-1: Spanish Club 3: Special Pro irams Com- mittee 4-3-2-1: Sergeant I. JOHN MCIIOI.VS CM.IIIV. 2 n Jin-i (in. . u ,|i n-, ( ununssiw iiri|.iii. ii,M„i r,„ ..|«ialic.ii :iM l I.Miin,,„k lir ill in.-.| uill, sii.r. sinalll.i .H„it.-.. ( allinli,- Cluiiwl Choir t-:i: IMhiIv Smirls i. Hinn Cnmmilli-i- 4:t-L -l: Urif-hl l.i liiift (.liih J-l : CnrimnU l{( |{| IM 11 1)1 l{ CWII ' MoMioi;. (iiuui.iv ( iiiiiiiissiinuil .l . . . I5..I.. a Irur nl«.| In,,,, llu- l)r.-|. Suulh. H,nv-U a t.uiu.u- .•x|.n " i.,M l W .« I ' .M,. ••S;iN.- xol.f C.nlr.l.T.llr rno.l.N Im, . ih.Sonlli uill ri r.ij;ain. " n-.il " mu.k.ii.l. " ' li. ,,.,u .n.MiN l.n.rr-uv.-, ill lh.-MN,-;,l l.ux " ;.n.l |.n..-.r.l.-,l I., «m a r ' uU- n llin;: ■ ( !liaiii|iiiiii-lii|i. I ' lii- iT i(i- i ;:i||in a llm- olli. ' .T in U., ,. I Ihinilhnll ( Inh .(-J. ' , „ ( liih .(-. ' ; ,i CInh I: .1 MK I ' KI S|n CWII-IU I.I. I ' lrr iii lii.ii. l ' iNN» l M (tiniirrssiiiiifil IM . . . lack liacl.-.j tun aiKJ a liairN.-arsof iirlliNM lirii li r |iltlii ' -kin- ami f rft ' ii «all-. liial. Ill- iiiaili- Inin-i-lr al linmi- in IM r..i lour rai-. Dailx In in- |., aii.l from llllnni- -nil l. ' H him limr L.r inlraniiinlt-r. iIk ' lrair- li-l. an l rv.-n a iillir liin. lull li - still sii s Ih- ' s " |iIiiiiiI) " {ilail to we June ' 5.i. (Uimira (Inh .J.. ' . liMiif CInh .i-L ' -l: Frrnrh CJub .1-1 ' ; Skiti CInh I: Ski I Inh I: s.r .-.iiii . Ol FRANCIS E. Ci:GLOVtSKI Ii OT, NoHTH Dakotv C.onorcssional C-1 ... A man who liked to debate on almost any subject, Frank could eternally be counted on to defend the in.stitutions of his native state and related subjects. A pro- ponent of individualism, he was a firm be- liever in the inherent rights of the First Class. He will be remembered as a Social Science hive. Dialectic Society 4; French Club 3; Golf Club 3-2; Howitzer 4; Pistol Club 3-2; Skeet Club 2; Sergeant i. WILLIAM HANLON CHAMBERS G LLiPOi.is, Ohio Cotifire.ssional H-2 . . . Second only to his persistence when going after something he wanted, Bill w ill be most remembered for running. Besides run- ning from the TD and in circles with the Social Science department, he ran track and cross-country for the company. BilPs most famous runs, however, were those from Flirtic after taps. Clicss Chill I: risl,il Club 2: Spanish Club 3: fl cighl Liflino Club 3.2-I: Srrurant I. BILLY J. CHANCE Mt. Hope. Kansas Congressional B-1 ... A product of the Kansas prairies, Bill soon adjusted himself to life here at est Point. Although he admits that the East has its advantages, he is still an advocate of young men going West. Active in football and track, he has acquired many friends while at the Academy. He plans to make a career of liie rmy. F.mtball 1-3-2-1. umemh. Major " A " : Track 1-3- 2-1. Major ■■ 1-; Canwra Club 2-1; Fishing Club 2-1; Cnrpnral 2: lArulrnant I. I ItDlti i; I |!i;i CI (11 l ' l W II MrNi.ruN. I UM..M Umnlnr Irmv (-.-2 . . . Coinii.;; I. Ml- ir In- l.;i.k«. ....! . r ■■n|,|.- ,« I n;:l.m.l. " x ia lli.- I . S. Viiiiy. UuU «a- a «..rlln an. I «rl.„,„.. ,„,-ii.l,.r ,,1 :=. rla Ml i-ioiialh a( ■y l.l- vsilh Ihr II). a.a.lri.lir. n.-xrr |i .1 i.N |.r..l,l.„, I,, ihi- .n.rrx la, I. W ■• all -in- •i l ui-li him ihi- Im-i of .x .ix lliiii;; in the Ciiili-I Chiipvl Clwir -. ' J; Diahrtir Sativlv l-. ' i: ' ' I ' .t iiii i; Cliih 3.2-1: CIrr :ii,h f.:U2-l: I ' islnl Club 1 ' - ; I ' uUir Infnrnmtum Ihinil -.M ' . ; Sh;-i (Mil, .i-J-l: Ski CInh ;-.{-_■- . Inrp,,,,,! J: l.iriilrniiul I. i{i(:ii i{i) sM.i.s ;iii;i,si{ni{()i cii l I.I -TV. (;ic.ii,.i V ( i,niinssi„n,il l.-l . . . Dhk l.ll .N.iMhin ill (;r,,ri:ia hnl hi- {r ,r -|,iiil. uhi.h «a-a lir.-a .r,innn- iIm ' hai-h ,-l l ' ..inl «inl.r-: andii.T lilr- -ax.T ua- .haji-iii- 1 arik.-r -ill-. Di.k al- vvaN- rnjuNr.l a I lan -h an l Id- nf hill- l.illx iiiii-ir. W r vv i-h I irk -iK ' r.- an. I mail) I.I..U all . ' ar-n.uii.l. (. 7ii(ms i :i: Kijlr I. i(m.7.i s; ( ( Cliih I: Cmlrl Chiiiirl Clwir 2: llmiitztr I: S .. iis i CInh .i-J-l. SircMo ; ( ' iirporal 2: Sergi-iml I. C, { Ml) (,l ()K(,I. (INK l,l Jill. ...Mil 11.. W 1-...NMN Krunhir Innv -2 . . . I .|nallx al h.Mii. ' in ih. ' »al. ' r ..r in th. ' N I-. " Clii. ' k " .liM.I. ' .l hi- Inn. ' am. .11 ihi.ii hl- ..I hnnliii " . hi.- kiiilV. ami llif niiiii- h.T ..I .kiN- lil -ra.liiali..n. II.- uill ahsav- I.. ' r.iii. ' inl . ' i. ' .l r..r ..p.-nin;: ih.- XNin.L.u- v.iN ui.l.- in ...I.I u.alli.raml (..r hi--a iii;;. Mi.l X..II .x.-i II X I.. h..l.l x..ni l.r.alli ihal l.,nj:. ' " f ' mWxi I. iiinrnilfi: Siiimminf t-3-2-1, unuTttls, Mionr " f: liMiifi (Mil, ri,i,J Cduh $.3.2. I: Ciiri iiriil 2: I jriilriuml I. Cs IK WCIS l{. ClILH V St. I,()i [ . Ii »oini (.oiifirrssioiKil [).2 . . . l)i-illu i...i.Ml l.s III. ' riJ: . ..flif.- at Missouri L .. Frank flcil to this haven lii-himl the grev stone walls. X ith a remarkalile aptitude for " staying loose. " he always drove a " small lack with a large hammer. " Big of heart and figure. I)-2 ' s Black Knight will he happy anywhere he can gel a Plebe to go to the hoo.llers. Fuutball 4-3. umvnils. ttiii i«rtini: Cathnlic Cluipel Choir 2: Escort Ctimmitlrc I: Ski Cliili 1-3-1: Spiinish Club 3-2-1; Sergeant I. 1.I HKI) ANTHONY Cl.M St tkn Isivm). Nk« Youk ( ' .oni ressioitiil K-2 . . . (Ur lliree v e:n at Manhattan Cnll.-e. l |.a,MI.-.l ..| llir rr.ek lu W e t Point, line M louiul he iieej.-.l httle altera- tion, ami Ik ' iia dune his full share in sli-enfrlhenin ' ilii- line Kappa Dos tradition. W ilh hi mile! manner and ea-e of friendship. A! M.i.ti won u all. 1 lii i- one uf llii- rea otir- we won ' t forget him. liiifilr ntrs2-l:CMlltoli l,„lvtr 3-2-1: Delmtr Cmii- ril 1-3-2: Fishing Club 3: French Club 4-3-2. 1: Pistol Club 3: Portuguese Club 3: Ski Club 4-2-1; Sergeant I. ffi .lOIIN BKI.I. CLAYTON. Ill l, (.i Nv Bi; (ii. (Im.iformv Coniirrssioiiul II-2 . . . John is a har.l worker wl... knuw how to organize a job and then get it done. His strong sen.se of duty .set him apart from his classmates, but slowly our misumler- standing matured into a healthy respect for a guy who has the altribiile thai reall count in life. These attribute will .-nreiN serve to carry him far. CheerleiuUr 2-1. Minor " f; Cymnastics 4-3: Irt Club 3-2: Cvrman Club 4-3; Golf Club 4-3-2-1: Pistol Club I: Pointer 4: Ski Club 1-3-2-1: IT eight Lifting Club 2: Sergeant I. 211 JOHN ii i)i con S N llUN. I-. ... (Mil. ,ll,.„„ll (.ii.inl (;-i . . . rii. ii;:ii ii.iiu-i iii|.|M ' ,i I.I iiir ImiM I.N III. ' . ' i.l.iiii. l). ' |..irliM. ' iit an. I .. ' . ' .im..ii.iII «il|.-.l l.V III.- 1...... ••| .. i. " " «..-,.. I|....I ..II. ' . Mi- al)ilill.- .iii.-.l.-.j lii .•ii.T;ii.-« iiili. all with .-l.il.lifilii-.l |ira li.-.-. i .r illi..iil a -mil.-. III. ' {„s,-s lMl. an. inl.-. l.-.i all hi- iiiaii) I ' riciKls. rr„v« Ciunlry ..{-. ' - . ,iinrnih. Mniinftnim: Iriirk I. ij».. ' ;.. . Drhiilr Cniin.il - ' - ; .S . j;.i, i Jul, .(: M.ION II. COIIM .) .KS »N. ( KOKI.I V ( .oii rfssiiiiKil I ' M . .. l. a Irii. ' I .l.. ' l. ua-knouii liir. ii ' li- ..III III. ' (:..r|.- I..r hi- -mil. ' an. I .li. ' .rriil NNax-. Ill- l.i;;;i. ' -l .IiIIi.mIiv sa- ih. ' .li-lan.. ' I.. llanlaan,llli. ' -li..rln.— .,l-(.nn-l. ' aN. ' -. l l..iin.l lini. ' . a-i.l. ' (...iii lli.- -a.-k. I., Ii. ' l|. III. ' -..al- 1.. i. ' l..r r..r ■. ' .:, an.l uill I.. ' a liirllH-r .r. ' .lil I., ill. ' -. ' i ' i.c aft.r (. ' ra.liialioii. Ih-lMilr Cmiwil l-l: .■;..;. Cliih l-.l: S,„„ ,,, , „„, TitirhiT 3-2; Srr tiiinl I. I WII S MI.KN CODPKH li ii... Mi--iM III ( ' oiifirifi ioniil I).| . . . Mailing: fn.in ill.- plains ..f lisH..iiri, " Cmij. " laiiii. Ii. ' .I an iiii.M.liii liallli- a :aiiiMl ill. ' a.l. ' iiii. ' |). ' |.arliil. ' lll. allll. ll !ll lir MUB n. ' x.r ill in iTi-ul .iunpfr. Wliil - at the V.a.l. ' iiiN. hi- U.vc fi»r lior»«-« never eeaitod. Mis Miiille ••ense of hiimor anil devotion lo iliiO will niiike him an asuet to the hraneli of lli ehoiee. Ini.k .1: l .-t„,ir (.»tn,il . ' .;. ti%hinf. (Jul, A. Una- ilii-r t: I ' iUiJ I Jul, U I ' lU-liifurnr (Jul, :i: I ' iMir In- l,.rnu,li.,n Ih-iail IJ-I: SunJav SchmJ Trarhrr 3: U ,ifla Liflinn (Juh 3-J-l: SerfftanI I. 21. ' . DENNIS JAMES COSCA San Josk. California Congrt ' ssitinal A- 1 . . . Here ' s Dennis the Menace ol Sail Jose, whose Coney Island Bahies and ( lee Club Quartet have been an enthusiastic part of W.P. for lo these past four years. Versa- tility on the fields of friendly strife and in the halls of Tenth Ave. have been the rule. Come fill your glasses, fellows, and watch him go! Basketball 4-3-2.1, Monogram: Soccer 3-2, Mono- gram: Catholic Choir 4-3: Debate Council 3-2-1: Fish- ing Club 3-2-1; Handball Club 4-1; Special I ' n.fin,,,, Committee 3; Corporal 2; Sergeant 1. ' j M| .. LI() KI, ROBERT COYI.E SiGKi,. Pi: svi,v M ( ' .oniirc: oin I ' ennsN l ania and egions of his class. He D-2 . . . Bud hails I stands in the nether is known to his classmates best by his sly smile, quick wit, and bowed legs, not to men- tion by hotel parties in New York when his account is |)addi ' (l. If being loose correspcnids to a succcssl ' id Inliiri ' . things are looking up for Bud. Cadel Chapel Choir 4-3-2-1; Debate Council 1-3-2-1; Howitzer 4-1; Pointer 3-2: Public Information Detail 3-2-1; Corporal 2: Lieutenant I. JOHN VilELlAM CRANCER Leavknuchth. Kvnsas ConfiressiniKil G-2 ... On llie thir.l oI ' .IuIn. ITil. Jerr en- tered West Point. On tlie llli I lie class was given " At Eas - " " for llie lioli.lay. and j -rry has remaine l in tliat state ever since. In four years of doing battle with life in gen- eral, he has been characterized by his ability to make a Inuph job seem easy to those around him. Hoskeiholl I. i,n,en,ls: liasrholl I. nmcrah: De- bale Council 3-2: Shi Club 4-3; Corporal 2. a |(M»MI I I SI II CUWDM.j. I III! (!ii . li»»iii Ki (.iiiif ' n ' s.sii)iiii ;.;:.iiii l Ihc Im ' ,, |. ||i.,I hr hr.ir.l urn- .1. f.-,,,!,..;; Ilw l.. rra.k-. ilir u|.|.. Mlr -rx j.n.k 1.. I lirlN Iii.I. ' .hI. Itrii. Iiciii Mi.MM.ri. Ii iiKxIr last Iririi.!- uilli lli. ' rriiN Mill... fnirl. I.:t-J. l,.„„unini. iimr,„l.: (am,,,! ( hih I: S,„m,sh (Jul, l-.i-J. Curimral . ' ; I.,.„l.„,ml I. I ii(i i s I i (;i; (:i{ i; W v-mM.iuN. 1). C. ( ,.ni:nssi„n„l IM ... |{.in;:a.liri-hMll.-, IV D.C... r,„n a a iialin.i! al ikiii ' oiil an rxislriitc in llir Crnlial rlill-. Hi- S.l . C-.S. O.K.. ail.l M. . k. ' ,.l Imiii .,iini-.. ' .l iiio.l ,.r Ihr liinr. l.aMiij; lilllr liiiir i,„- ll,.- .|). ,n -rl h.los III- |.la r,l I M;;il,.-.i I l-.ill .umI .IiJ hi- -liar.- in harking ii| llii- I ladilioii. Camrra (Jul, 3.2-1: l-isliiiifi Cliih 3.2-1 : French Uub 3-2: IIuiuIIhiII C.liih 2-1: l ' isl„l Club I: Pointer i: K,„li„ Cluh I: Shrt Cluh 1-3: Ski (luh 1-2: Ihlmir Cnunril 1-2: S.;-;.»;; . M 1)1 |{. (H |()|{|). IK. I) 1 KIN. (tlllo .,IILin si,„l ll IM . . . K ' li.M. Ihr IkiIiIiii- liavarian. r..iii.- nun an ii I i.n. ' falllll .in. I .i lilll.- Lit ..I ' •M-r |.la..-. itx k.-.|.in- l.ii- in a " ..il.-.l i.inal -annt. ' i ..n tli.- ana. Ii. ' niana;:. ' l I a-.- (in- liin. ' -.. lli.il (.mr .ar- h.-n- -.-. in.- k. ' .iiiU r.iin v.-ai-. • ' kni.u tli.it li.- »i .1 ali.a.l in tli. ' -.rxi..-. «... (..J. ii«i.r.i v Cmlel (Jui hI ( hnir 3: Umvilzir 3: I ' i .J (lul, 3.2-I. Skrei (Jul. 2-1: Ski (Juh 3-2-1. Ueiehl I ifline (lul, 3-21: S.rjj. ' .iiH . f WILLIAM TOTTEN CUM MINGS Washi gto , D. C. Coiigreasional l ' -2 . . . Following a sliort sojourn at the University of Wisconsin, Bill entered West Point. Although a little fonder of outside reading than scholastic endeavors, he had no serious tangles with the Academic De- partment. His interests were fairly well di- vided between food and an occasional sweat session at the gymnasium. Golf Club 3-2: Fishing Cluh I: I ' istol Club 3-2-1: I ' nhlic Infnrnmwm Detail I: Ski Cluh t-3-2-I: If eight Lifting Cluh 1-32-1: Sergeant I. ROBERT JOSEPH CUMMINS DeLand, Florida Congressional D-2 . . . Tlic " anderer " came to the grey walls after living in St. Louis, D. C, and DeLand. His mastery of academics left him ample time to pursue his hobbies of debate and stage direction. Possessed with all the social graces. Bob will always be remem- bered as the perfect guest, the ideal host, the organizer of anv group. Cathnlie Icolyte 1-3-2-1: Debate Council 1-3-2-1: Diahvliv Siniety 1-3-2-1: Sergeant 1. JAMES McKENNEY CUTCHIN, IV Whitakers, . C. Confiit ' ssiondl L-2 . . . From the staid old South b wa of Culver M. A. came " Gentleman Jim. " l- though West Point lacked the uarmtii and comfort of North Carolina, Jim k(|il on go- ing. He breezed through acad ' mi(s and look fnciiHiit trips, fier four ears those of us ulio kncu liiin well were jnsl alioni coii- sineed ll.al ill. ' South di.l win llie Civil War. Cliaiirl CMnir 1-3.2-1: l-reneh Club 3: Cernuiu C.lnb 3-2-1: I ' istnl Club 2-1: Sheet Club 2: II eight l.ijiing Club 2-1: Cori aral2: Lieutenant I. losi; i) i)(i itt II M, I ilifln,, .1,1,- IMiv.o. ii, . I-. I. l-l . . ..!..,• l);Ml...a |,, .-l l ..inl .1 lilK ' .- .nil., al III. ' IMnlinni... ' Milii. Ill .u ' (ork CilN. ail.l lia rl.-,l in llii.r .•..nliii.nl-. ,1,11111 III- MiiiiMi.r l.aN.-. Mi. Illlx ' hl ' illllril lilllr NM ' llI III liiM k . llloN jr.. ailij sieslas. Calliolir Chaiirl t.lini, l-.i-J-l; Iniirli Cliih .M ' - . Dilmlr CaiuiuU t: l ial,;li, S,„i,i i. S »i i,.s i (.7,, , .M ' - ; Oim.T.i Cliil, 2-1: I ' l h.l CInh. l,illt,m,ili,s h ' oriim 2-1: Ser itiwl I. KHIN CniroKI) ) l . . {. K-1 . . . lu ll ul i;.|. .Inllll Ulil inrnilMT. ' ,! I. i III- .oiiManl r,„il1i. Ill- »..ik «illi III. ' |{a ii Cliil.. jolin ua- aU ai ' livr in llir W.-M I ' oiiil I ..mm. riii- -Lial. " x»li.. .alU d5 ;i liinj;l..ii. I). C l-.li ' l: Kinli,, ( liih: S.rt ' . i ' i . • r- ..f iVi ( ., . -.(.. ' - . Drtmir „nmil l.:i: ll.milz I VMI S llll i|M)| I) |) Kli Ml. . {. I I. |{|I ..... . ( . ( ..«l . sj» l„ I,-. ' . . . in..n;; In- nianx inl.nX- h.r.-. jini al«a - r..iin.l liim- I.. .Ni.lain ill. ' niN-lcri.-- .,r ll,.- I I.-. In. UN .-..111 -.■ I.. III. ' nn.nliylil.-m-.l. uliili ' III- nalnral arti li - lalt-iil |irf i.lril arl. ..n. ' .l .l.i.ir- al ( ilirisliiiiix ami lirfiirf llii " Na :aiiir.«. Ilii li ' l|iin;: liainl fur all ami hi- Hair fur or anixalion iiiailr him a aliiril a— l ■• ihf r..m|iaii . ( r„.s(.,„nlr I. Ir.i.k I; ( ,1.1,1 ( li,ii»l ( hnir t:i-2l (. ., (I„h If: ll,.i A,mmiil,,- iJI: H,i,li; (liil, 1: II ' III ...r( l,ifl 21: Sfrfniiil I. DKMI ' Sli; ALGL.S1LS DAVIS. JK. KoKBLCK. South Carolina Congressional 1-1 ... Deinpsie took military life at t I ' l.iril ill tri le, having entered the Aca liiii alter liNe ears in liie ir Force. Serial Science occupied ni »t ol n study time, while a broken nose and a broken foot kept his athletic endeavors to a minimum. His willingness to help others will make Dempsie a credit to Vi est Point. Clwss Cliih :i-2: IMxilr Ciiiinril 2-h Russian t.liili 4-3-2-1: Siiilin l Club I: ,SA ( Cluh 1-3-2-1: Svrniant I. f JOSEPH HENRY DAVIS, JR. MuNCiE, Indiana Senatorial F-1 . . . Proud to iiail In.m In.iiana. Joe has proven himself one of the most dependable friends we have. He undertakes every task with a (|niel ilctcrniination that insures suc- cess. His talents are many and include pho- tography and wrestling, plus an amazing command of Spanish. AH ha e been liberally applied in company projects. Mule Rider h Dehale Council t-3-2: Spanish Clnh i-3: Serfieanl I. REGINALD R. DAVIS Kl. lVTll TvLLS. Oregon Congressional 15-2 . . . " Kod " has a high natural ability thai is surpasscl onK b bis banl-wurking attitude. Wc ' xc Iclt slight pangs ol guilt as we watcbcd liini pi-nd bis weekends with a book in one hand and his slide rule in the other. He would drop both, however, at the prospect of a g I basketball game or a general bull cssiori. luHillmll 3-2. Monogrtini: (ivnenil Cimimiltee 2-1: Ciirimral 2: Captain I. liattalian Commander. f( ROBERT EVEREir DEARDORF North Charleston, S. C. Regular Army B-2 . . . Three years of service with the erossed-rifles sharpenetl up Boh " s miUtary instincts and allowed him to take the " sys- tem " with tongue in cheek. Although he is no social Uon, Bob enjoys the company of people just as much as anyone. His sober mien and soldierly bearing will stand him in good stead throughout his career. Dialectic Society 4-3-2.1, I in ' -l ' resiilent; Orilnance Club 2-1; Special I ' rogrtinis ( ' .(iminiwe 4-3-2-1: Sergeant 1. JERRY LINWOOD DENMAN Sardis, Mississippi Congressional M-1 . . . From the shores of Sardis Dam to the walls of the Rock, Jerimy ' s deep drawl and sparkling personality have earned him untold friends. Ready to supply a bright note in life ' s dark moments, Jerry ' s cheer- fulness and willingness to work will make his military career a full and successful one. Soccer 4, Numerals; French Club 4-3-2-1; Pistol Club 3-2-1; Ski Club 4-3-2-1; Sergeant 1. JAMES WrilOW DKVEREAUX Ciii(: (;(). JM.iNois Congressional C- . . . Jim ric ( ' i ' had aii use for Goren. for lie |.la).Ml l.ri(l ;.- Ilk.- lie lived— with coiiiidciicc and liiitssi ' . lie always kept us guessing on everything from his amours to academics, bill when it came to friendship he was slraii;lil and loyal. Because he was alwaxs lr iii ' to improve himself, we know « ■ will hear more of Jim in the intiin-. DiuUclicSocicly 1-3-2: Cviwnil Cimmillrr 2-1 : I„,lrl Kailroail Club 3-2-I: Public Injormati.m Detail 1-3: f eight Lifting Club 2-1; Sergeant 1. Vi 1 KSII l I W III I l DICKSON. IK. ri M . (.1 Mill. IV oiiiiir siontil -2 . . . Itill. a | i...l,i.| ,,r (;,-. i;:ia aii.l ill.- lorioii- . .Milli. i- no -.Iraii .r t aiiiiN lilr. II.- i a l.rat v I.a ..i.aJx.-.I ill.- Iiial- ..I ' .-a.l.-l lit.-. Nxi..... n i.l.-.. n.-ilh.-i lli.- ID n..i III.- .a.l.-nii.- D.-|.ai liii.nl- a- llii.-.il-. .,11. 1 ui... alliilml.- " iMinin iiui.k. " i..- kalin;;. iliafi in ' . an. I lia in a iionA liini- .- .-ii(ial 1.1 ii -i-i- s. Inml, CM, .{- ; ' . (., .. . .(, K i. .. (hit, I: .s .i tluh 3-2-I: .S „ri,i I ' n.i:,,,,,, (,.„i,„iwr .(. I) .■i.. ,( I ifliiifi CJiih I: Si-r iriini I . I) VMM W V l 1)11 Nsr Coi I i;l ll 11. K N- - nnisrrssiunnl D-l ... " Daii .-nMi-. Dan rn.ni ;..ir.- ill.- Kaii " uill Ion;: I " ' ni. ' iiUMiall . ' .l 111 In-. nian IMjania iilu-l r al ion-.. Ill-, k.-.n .il.ililN 1.. ..-.- III.- Iinin..r..ii M.I.-. ...nil.in.-.l uilli la-l ujl. Iia U..11 liini inan 1.1.-11. U an. I lia- ina.i.- Iiiiii a winn.r N illi ill.- Ia.li. ' . Ill-- iiili.r.-nl a li li.• natiir.- and .-a - . iii niaiim-r ;;iiar- anlee a briiihl I ' liliirf. Track 3-2, ..ii.. r i»i; Cimrr.i Cliil, - ' - . Diulr.li, S,H-i,lv : ' . ; Hshinfi (Jul, 2: (.olj Club J. .- W.h . (ir ( (iiic Cliih .■}-- ' ; (tnhuuwr Clult 2-I: I ' isli,! ( ' Jul, 2-1: Huilii, (Juh J-.M ' ; Ski (Jub 13: .Sr {.- m« . ItlCII i;i) W Xl l Dl IDDII, (ill. c..i. liriMii- ( iiiii ri ' ssiiindl IM . . . Di.-k. kiL.NM Ii.-(:..r| -. a- Captain Co in.- anil ill.- .la- lor | arli.- i| ali. n in llliiininali..ii al Itn.kn.-r. »a-. a |.ro.lii. I ..I III.- ir I...... an. I W in.l Cil . T.-r r.-. r.a- li. ii. h-liin;:. l.-a .-. anil liri.i . ' i- w.-rr al ill.- I,,,, ..I III.- .,-.-11. I.I. . 1... ni.-in..ri.-. In- uill I..- ' .-arlin;: ax lii|. an.l u.-.k-. ' ii.l- in .-u ork. (.,,1.1 (l,„,»l (li,„r I-3-2I: H%hiiiit (Jub 3-2-I: ( iir iir i 2: ' ■r tiiinl I. KENNETH A. DION Chicago, Illinois Congressional ll-l ... " Ken " joined the Corps after spend- iii i a Near at the Lniversity of IlHnois. To him. Matli and lingineerinfr caine easy, but no! So ial Science. Man) leisure hours were spent souping up the almighty K E. He found summer training particularly enjoy- able, and that southern hospitality eventu- ally won him over to the rebels. Cerman Club t-:i-: : Sailing Cliih 3-2-1: Ski Cliih 3-2-1; Sergeant 1. ROBERT INGOMAR DOEKR. IR. Wayne, Pennsylvam C.oniin ' ssional L-2 . . . The cry. " Vi hat do ou meany " echoed down the hallways. Everyone knew it was Bob. better known as " Sliarky. " Fiob was always a standout in the company silii his individualistic nature and continual sense of humor. His enthusiasm for sports and for his chosen profession will always stand him in good stead. Swimminf! I. unwrals: (u,l,l C.lmiwl Chnir 1-3-2-1: CHARLES ROBERT DOMECK Wauseon. Ohio Congressional C-1 . . . We still have not discovered how a star man can get so much sack or write a research paper in an aftcrn ) )n. but that ' s our boy. the Dome. " Aciies and Fains " could often be found working out in the gy ni. despite his maladies. He never did convince us that Ohio higii s ho..l iootl.all.Ts arc tin- best in the nation. Foulball 2-1; Wrestling 3, Monogram: Chai il I ' .liiiwr 4-3-2-1: Golf Club 3-2-1: Portuguese Club 3-2-1: Sun- day School Teacher t-3-2-1: Sergeant I. IK K I . I)n M.I). IK. Mil l. rri|.li..n.. ..,.,1 I ' lr l,;,n.U .|i,|,. ,.•!. ' . .•..lll.lMu.l n-if;,,...! Ml|. ,,„„•. I ' Irl..- vr.u vmII aiwax- 111- i.miiiiiIhi.-.I sj||i iiii . ' .| iiiii.li.iii-. I li«- ■ ,.■n,■,u■r ,.{ ll ih.r .ai- uijj ■.iiii| lx l .- rri,.,»,l„ ' rr.l. Hnsk.ilmll I. ,,«,.,„ s: (,» . (I,,,,,.! Mni, -.M ' - ; Ihlmlr ..iinril J. . ,.,■ Clul, I: K,„m„„ „ , . .;. ' ; ki.NMJ II IKi l)( M |)S() !.-_• . . . K.ii ani ..l al llir .a.l.ni s,l a r. iril. Mr . ' uiilill.ul. ' . him niariN IVi.rxU al llir r.uU■,u aii.l uill ai.l liini ll.KMi-l I.i lit.-. .H .r (; (,,i;ti,T.l (7li .(; I ),l,alr (minril -. ' ; r..rH|r; i rV.i i l-M ' - ; VsM (. ll . ; ' ii , i, lnf,.rnmli.,u ». ii7 l- ' .i- ' 2-l: ( ' .iiriiiiriil 2: (. ' (i » iin . I I I l |)( l|{l)l (.11 rmsioCiiv ix. I Inn, ,r l Hilary Srhool I-- ' . . . I I ill.- Soiillilancl |)..i- l.r. ii{. ' lil a rax ,.r-un-liiii.- I,, I - ' . - lie,,, 1 ana ' .-r he ua II,, III III. ' ..,. ' ial NNliirl. aii.l ill.- ». ' ' k.-ii.l M,iil.l II. l ll. ' . . iii,,i. ' l. ' illi. iil -. ' .-iii ' hiiii uiili a ,,i. ' IH r.iiiiii. ' al lii- -i.l. ' . ..l lia inf: ll, -Hi.l I.... Iiar.l 1., -lax in lli. ' ii|(|ht scc- li.-ii-. Ill- fiMiinl ampir limt- In inj |MMlr ami li . ' l sliorl slnrio. Drbnlr (jHinril anil h ' ltriiin I: lui tHfh l.ilrniliirr Seniiniir I: llo i iUmmilln- t- -21: llnuili r t-3-2-1: I ' iU.J (Jill, J- ; I ' liNir Injnrm.il,.,,, ),»,,, ..Ll ' . ; l ' ;iiu,T i: ( ..r xirii 1 ' ; S)-r ftfinl I. ))J NEIL LOLIS DOR WARD Los Angelks. Cvi.ifokm ' ( ongressiontil :-2 . . . Besides adding to liis interest in world activities, discussion, and book col- lecting. " Mr. Continental " has been a strong spark in the intramural program. Otherwise his energies have been displayed in a quiet, unofficious manner, except when they were transformed into a fiery onslaught toward any disparagers of California. Catholic Chapel Acolyte 4-3-2-1: Debate Cuuiuil iiml Forum 2-1, Forum Steering Committee; Dialectic .Si - ciety 2; English Literature Seminar 2: French Club I : German Club 3-2: Honor Committee 2-1: Hoicitzcr 4- 3-2-1: Russian Club 3-2: Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1. JOHN PAUL DOYLE, JR. W ASHI.NGTON, D. C. Congressional K-2 . . . Jack was determined to graduate from WP. Even though the back of his B-robe resembled the ceiling of Hayden Planetarium, he remained loose and emerged victorious in his encounters with the Aca- demic Department. A true member of the " ' gang " in athletic, academic and other en- deavors, Jack was a swell guy and a real buddv. y aiinming 4: French Club 4-3-2: Ordnance Club 4-3- 2: IT ulcr I ' nln Club 4-3-2-1, Secretan,-; Sergeant I. JVMES EVEKMAN DRLMMOND ALBiyiKKyiK. i. I. ( .ungressioiuti F-l . . . Big Bulldog, the red-headed rabble- rouser, is the second generation of Drum- monds at West Point. From the wilds of New Mexico, he quickly adjusted himself to the life here. W ith his ready wit and friemlU manner as well as his academic ability. Jim is sure to distinguish himself in the future. Football 4-3, fonogram: Class Committee 2-1: Forum 2-1; Public Relations Council 2-1; Corporal 2; Cap- nn l.iiixMiN. Imii n iiiiun-ssioitiil -2... Wh.llnril N ,,- Innl. ,|a;:,K.r. l..-i,-a. K..ll.i.nnl. SI„-,.,,„ . ,.r K.nl.m. Jul,.- |.,.- M.l.a ll,.- ,n. III. .nix ll,..l .,11 ,,r n .o),, M.u...-, ..rl.il.r. Il.n- » .,- .m .x,,.-, i «|„.»v.,- i.lu;iv Nxilli..;; I,. i.. ' l| «ilh ...ix ,.,..l,l.in. Ihr W.iIki.Ii (:;,nii. nl..ill Imum.I ii.. .lillirullx Ml ,A,,II,„ uli.lh.i il «.,- Ill llir a.a.lrmir li.ilU .....11 |l„- tr.irk. ....( ..- (. ■ .■,;, I.J-I. l„n„ n,m: .,n,ml Cm,- mill,;- I: Onliianrr llih (-.(-. " - ; Srritranl I. i) Mi I cMn isi I 1)1 (; I I I ' v i). Iixv (ili(iii il (.mini I -I . . . .l.xrn.laiil n( III.- -Iliim.l.Tin;; 1 1.1. 1 " ,(;la-. ..I l " »J| . |).,m,N ua aiiioiif; iiiaiiN lrifiiil Ir loiiii.r r.-iili ' ii.-. rniiii .l..|,aii I,. I.sa- .liiiiii;.. hi- ,la al W .-I aii.i .li ' a--iii- |.r.,. Ih.iIi ,.1 x l,i. ' l. li.- .arri.-.l 4 Mil .M.ii-is.lN. II. ' ha- n., i.al Ii,.iii.|,,nmi liiit tiaiiiis lilt- li i aii hor.ltr. Ciulel Clmprl Choir .J. Ihlmlr Cmiiuil :i: Diiilrrlir SiH-irlv 1 ' ; SA,- Chih .i; ,..(ii i Cliih .!-. ' - ; S .,, i.i l ' ri f riiiii ( ' • iiiiiiilli-i- .(. (.iiiimiiil J: Siriiiiinl I. -l nlii.l |;|)| DM K 1)1 NMH. C.M.KviM. („„::,. -.ional - .. . (;.-,.r;:.-lia-.lia.l ill.- al.ilil n t.. -.|ii.-.- .- in a lillli- liiii - for acaili-iiiii- ln-iw. ' .-n lii - lrai-iirrinilar arli%ilirs of liainiiii-r llir.iu- iiif; an. I in. r|«li.-ii-. lii- ii.- -r Ifis an thing hiilJHT liiiii. i- .i-|ii III-. - in -linii- ri-ni-paili- n.l hair. Willi (his a|i|iroai-h. liTr hus iM-cn iiiii-r - iiiig anil inilirali r of riinliniicii snr- ri ' -s in ihi- fiiliin-. hun. s.- I: Inirk .«..■. M.mnfram: Calh.Ji, (h.-ir l-:i.J: i:,Jf Club L ' -l: hurum I; Ku, iai, CJub 3-2-h liinf Cjmimilirr $.3-2-h Ski CJub 1-3: Slan, 3-2: (jtr ntml 2: lUeulmant I. KOV S. 1)1 NVVtAY Savannah, Geor(;ia Congressional G-1 . . . W hen you take an athlete, a South- ern Geiilleman, a " Hfe of the party hoy. " and put them all in one, oir e got to expect hubbling enthusiasm — and this was ahva s the secret of Roy ' s charm. Yankees and women never bothered Roy, for he left his heart down among those pine trees. Roy is a friend whom we ' re proud to know. Lacrosse t-3-2-]. Major " A " . Ail-American Team: Football 2: Fishing Club I: Hop Committee 4-3-2-1; Sergeant I. WATHA JAMES KDDIXS, IR. Charleston, West Virginia Congressional D-1 . . . From the mountains of West Vir- ginia Jim brought a colloquial manner of ex- pressing himself coupled with an acute in- sight into the profound mysteries of aca- demics. Neither asset prevented him from an avid perusal of the latest western novel during study periods or participation in Corps Squad athletics. Fencing 4-3-2, Monogram. ( ' . ii laiti: C.ailet Chapel Choir 4-3-2-1; Fishing Clnh 2: Clrr Ctuh i-3-2-l: Skeet Club 2; Sergeant 1. ALAN MILLER ED i ARDS Denver, Colorado Congressional F-2 . . . As the words " Hi Smiley " floated across the area, you didn ' t have to turn around to know that it was the kid from Denver. Al took the system and academics right in stride. He was a hive all four years, and his activities and sincere friendliness won him many friends. Al and his smile are an unbeatable combination. Ski Team 4-3-2.1: Debate Council 2-1; German Clnh 3-2: Howitzer 3-2-1, Associate Editor; Ski Clnh 1-3.2- I: If eight Lifting Clnh 2-1: Sergeant I. 1 u. W II. 1. 1 l III Am I l) KI)S. IK. SvN Dri...... Cmiiukm l ' n-.i,l,;,lin! Ml... l ' . ' 1-...n.ll l.liM|,| nil III. ,rr..r l iri- ruir.d l.x ihr I ' arli.Ml I )r|..i. I nirn I urrr ..I lilllr • ' ' .|ii. ' n ' r. Itiil. III. ' I.lirlil on In- -•..unl.n.i.i.r.ii Ihr h..M.I-...l ., lnl.lH.ni l.ai- n.i,lr..n n |- .., rr I , i,, u., .1 l.il niu.h. Ihink .■rij.. ..l .N.lK.n;;.- u.rk-n.l. i.nl r .iin.l III.- .lair-, al Hanrn.ll Mall a Lit liani lo iir ulialr. Iriiil. 1:1. iiiiirriil . Miinii iriini; Croas r ' .i ii r :?; Cinirni Cliil, .(. D.lmir Cniiniil l-:i-2-l: SpuiiiyI, Cliih .M ' ; (:.„i;,n,l L ' : l.imlrnmK I. " l.ici.rir.- Slirk " ill Iii |m-. of rilainin;; ll ia-l n-iiiiuiiil ' - 111 lli fririiil hi|». I-Mfincrr Fih IkiII 2: Oilh,Jic Chaiul Choir 3-2: f,W (Jnh 3.2-1: Knilv Hand Ski (Jub 1.3.2-1: imiiish (III!) 3-2-1: S.r -«»i . I. ] ) CHARLES VINCENT EWING Sioux Falls, South Dakota Congressional E-2 . . . Admitted from the Midwestern Plains and the great wide desert of the Southwest. Ewing never felt at home among the close gray walls of ' est Point. His only solace was in the magical lure of the week- end bus. He graduates among his beloved goats, only a little wiser than the Beast De- tail found him. Class Committee 2-1; Rus 3-2-1: Ski Cluli 3-2-1: Lie Cltih 3: Sailing Team ' int 1. JOHN SEBREE FARRINGTON Bellville, Illinois Congressional M-2 . . . From the nightclubs of i;ast St. Louis came Jack looking for an East Coast booking. Overshooting Broadway by forty miles, he found a spot to play his piano in the capons Room. After this four year en- gagement, " Fingers " leaves this nightspot on the Hudson for higher goals. Jack will alwavs be one of our best friends. Cross CotinlrY 4: Dance Orchestra t-3-2-1. iMsttnlinn: (.lee Club 1-3-2-1: Hop Committee 4-3-2-1: Sailinii Cluh 1-3-2-1. Treasurer: KlOlh Mght Show 3: Ser- fieant I. JLDSON CHARLES FAURER Philadelphia, Pa. Congressional L-2 . . . Jud is the second link in a chain of three Vi est Point brothers. hen he wasn ' t managing the basketball team, he could be found either swinging his golf clul)s or lisicn- ing to the top tunes. F(md of weekends. there never seemed to be enough for " J.C. " His goodnatured ways assure him of a su - cessful army career. Basketlmll 1-3-2-1. Manager " f: Soeeer I: C.olJ Clul) 2-1: llouitzer 1-3-2-1: Jeiiisl, Chajirl Choir 1-3: Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1. JOHN i I in 1 1 (;i S M..Mu. I I v ,„„„ lili„„y ,l,n„l H-2 . . . ••Ki,..- a. III.- ,..,„..• i.. |.li.-. |„Mii " Mirl, .,1 l,i- (i,„r i„ il,.- «.Mk. nil urn- „„| lur till- .111,1 In- lux. •..!,, ;;.„„| liin.-. I,.- nii;;lil l.,,w «..,,. Mar-. WImm ..oI i.xi,,. i., I,.;,, llii ' -lork Miarki ' l. Iir .ouhl he luiincl n-liiiM .11 III. ' I .n. rilir-u„„M.i..- I I. ,.n.xin iM-,l.-.rx.-.l Im-I,ii,-, M. Il„-|„.,,. II.N,;,-a . ' ... .! Iri. ' ihl I., all. SuimminfL i:i.J. um.n,h. M.mnfirw,,; (Mis Tr.a.. iirrr - ' • ; C.vnerul Cummillvf 2-1: Skvvl Club 3-2; Siimliiv SrhiMil Tntrhir I-3-2-I: II (ilvr I ' olo Cliih 3-2- I. Vr.Mi ciil; CorfHinil 2; l.iriilrmiiil I. v [ . rm ' Ko N..M..N. I ' v. Kr. nlar iir hw 1 . . . Mhr lu.. N.ai-,,r ir I ..nr t i( III li.xl .....IJIIirullx a.lai.lin- I., ra.l.-l li v.pliiij; I11..-.I .,1 hi- liiiir lo .Ira- ' ir ikiii Icr III. ' Il. xxj| . ' i. an. I nm. ' -iMii S.Mia.l. " h. ' i.. ' . ' illi.l.-. . ' s.-.H.-.l ill a. Il .liiiiii;: lliat irkaiilr Cm .a II nsiliiip -.I. iim,r,ils: Ciimni Cliih .(-_ ' - . Il„„- ilvr l-:i-2-l, Sifri-larv nj Trmsiirv. I{ii iiii» Miin- nfirr: Kmlio Unit 3-2: Hiissimi l.liih I-3-2I: .S ,i , 1-3: (jirporul 2: (Uiplnin I. ! i ' i;il l{ MCK I IK { KI MKIM ( !l I . • Ikl MI.IM ( iillLlliwidrKll -2 . . . II..- ■•(.. ' .•.k •• .am. ' I.. W.-l I ' .-inl I ' n.m ill.- Iii;: -..iiili«. ' -i . il i. ' :;i..ii wli.-n- Ih- ha.l | i.- ii ii-l all.-ii.l. ' .l ill.- I iii . r-il of (»klali..mi. I ' .-l. ' hi- h. ' .-ii N.rv i.-Mn.- in all.l.-li.- uhil.- al W.-l l ' ...i.l. h.-in;; a .n.-ni- l .-i ..I lu.. hrifiiiilc rliain|ii ii lii|i |i-aiii I I.all an.l Cr..--. Cotinir). ami a l.iT ll . WD-r lItT (III llir -Si|iiii l vr 4tliii iiMin. I.iv »i . „m.r„ly: It rv ling I-3.2-I. i„„.„,ln. Wi»i..r • I-. (jilluJir Chuir 3-21: K.m.i.i " (Jul- »■.»• -•; (...f,...r,. 1 ' . Iir, HERBERT CHARLES FINGER Hustler, Wisconsin Cunnressional G-2 . . . Herl). a jolly halfback from igtoii- sin. display (l his athletic talents on the playing fields of est Point, obtaining monograms in football and track. His run- ning fight with the French Department was a concern to ns all, and Herb was awarded two stars. X e expect to lose Herb to his belter half upon graduation. Football 3-2-1. Monogram; Track t-3. „nwrals. Monogram: Catholic Choir t-3: French Club 3: Pistol Club 4-1: Ski Club 4-3-1: Sergeant I. DAVID DEW EES FINLEY Colorado Springs, Colorado Qitalijieil ( .ortipetitor B-1 . . . Dave proyed to be a fine subversiy e agent for the Colorado Chamber of Com- merce, but leaving the land of enchantment for W. P. did not prevent him from excelling in academics nor from being active in de- bating. Nevertheless he plans to sell his Eshbach upon graduation, claiming that it is untouched by human hands. Hockev 4, Numerals: Camera Club 3-2-1: Debate Council 3-2-1: English Literature Seminar 2-1: Fish- ing Club 3: Forum 2-1: Hussion Club 3-2-1: Spanish Club 3-2: Sergeant I. JAMES E. FISCLS RiDGWAY, Pennsylvania XuiioiKil (iuard 1-2 .. . From soldier to officer via V est Point was Jim ' s motive. Well noted for his dis- tinctive grey hair. Jim shot with the pistol team and ran the gamut of company intra- raurals. In the evenings he studied to keep on the dean ' s list but was more successful keeping up a good conversation — after all. which is more important ' . ' ' Pistol Team 2-1: Pistol CInh I-.!: Radio Club 4; Russian Club 4-3-2-1: Skrei f.lnh 2-1: Ski Club 4-3: Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1. K .1 Wll III loll I I.IKCKK C-l . . . M. ' iili..n I Ir.n.-r an.l ..m ikiIiii.iIIx lliirik l " I l ' ( ' :i-ii ' -lll . " ' -wiiiiiiiiii;:. ;iii l ilr- |.i..n-.lii|, .|,K.lilN. ,.Us;.v- u.l|.|ouf. ' l.l. M.uiN u.n- III.- ■•|M,u|-l,.-.|,- ul.i.l, r.r.ix.-.l lli.il -..-.,1 ..I .,,.,., ..v., I. -.Ill-: ,„a..x ...■„.. «.T,- ,lirn- ,l,,-.-..n,.l.- ulw. ,m|..n.-,I |„- «.,.rn lii. ' iicMii|.. C.mlrl ( ' .hiiftfl l.hiiir l-A-L ' -l: (l(i lommillir L ' -l: Dvlmlv Cnunril mul l-aniw .(-J- . Ilnnilzrr »..(. Ski Cliih l:i- -l: S,Tf!,-iml I. NORWOOD w Ml I I i:mi (; (!(tl.l Mill v. Sol III (ivKollNV ( iinisn . ' .inniil K-l . . . ..r«.H..I ha. I a kna.k at W .•-! I ' ,,iill ..r j;rlliTi;; inix.,1 ,.,, in .• ,rMliiM- ;: ,■ in;: on ii ' ' li i III " lilr 11 snu ' vr on ill. ' D.air- li-l. .., o -.IN 111.- -oal . Ili MM-.- ..|- Innn..! ' an. I .....I inann.-r ha l.n.ii ' lil linn lVi.-n.l-. Ilh r i,i ,.- (,„ %(,■ ;..{; Ci.lrl ChliprI (Mnir I: Dllllcf Orrlwstni t-:i-2-l: IHiilitlir S4icii ' ly t-3-2-1: h ' ixhing Cliih 3-1: llmvitzer I: I ' ninlvr t-3-2-1: Si-rgivnl I. II I |) I). I I Ol II Cmik.ic I ■! ... Ml. ' i aninnni::li;ilil »illilli.- Kn-ian l).-|.arlni nl. 1..-.- I l.. .l (..iin.! llial tli.- a.a- .l.-nii. III. ' al W.-l l ' ..i il ».i- II.. I I.H. Iiar.l. .ill. I .ill. II. ' .I. ' v..l.-.l III..-! ..I hi- tiin.- I.. amat.iir n..li. an. I |.i-t..l -l.....|in;.-. an.l ii-ii- i inana i ' ii li |ic ' ii l jiarl orra.-h uinli-r in I ' lori.la Ml iIk- National l ' isti l Mal li. . ' i «.. Iiiin, l.l-. ' l. Caiilniii. Minnr " l " ; S,HTvr I. SiinirmU: I i hiiifi liih . ' -I: Ihihmnrr (Jul, 3-2I: Hn,lin (Juh I.3.J.I. V.M, ,-.. . I ' isl.J (Jul, 3.2.1. Tmisurrr: CHARLES L. FLYNxN New Orleans, Louisiana Coriun ' ssionnl K- ' 2 . . . " (Jhuck ' s " one aiiihition was to graduate, and. while doinp it. e ' ij est Point a nnieh as jxissibie. ' Phis aniliilion took him to tlie Plebe baseball team and made him its eaptain. His finest trait was to make us laugh, and lliis lie ihd matn limes. He was Chuck when he came, and he was Chuck w hen he left. Baseball 4. . iimerals. " C " Si uad Coach: Debale Council 3-2; General Committee I; Golf Club 3-2-1: Ordnance Club I: Portuguese Club 3-2: Russian Oiih 2: Ski Club 3-2-1: Sergeant 1. ARTHUR GORDON FOLLETT Batavia, Illinois Congressional H-1 . . . llaihng from (lie Prairie State. Art spent two )ears with the lloosiers at Purdue I niversity before starting over again as a freshniaii. Although the Academic Depart- ment required most of his time, he still man- aged to develop a good game of golf and to dabble in the activities of the Fishing and Camera Clubs. .Soccer 3, Monogram: Camera Club 3-2-1: Debate Council t-3-2: Escort and Tichel Committee 2: Fish- ing Club 3-2-1: Ordnance Club 3-2-1: Pistol Club I: N ..V7 CIdl, I: Shi Club t-3-2-1: S, a,iisb Club 1-3: Srnininl I. RICHARD ALFRED FOM I K PiTTSFIELD. . IL (.iiniinssidiiill )-2 . . . Dick lame lo us Irum college and spent his share of Plebe year on the area. As a Yearling, he settled down to earn stars, coach classmates, and bone trips. Dividing his afternoons between Lacrosse and the sack, he crc.lile.l himself in both lields. His was always the philosophv. " work hard am! play hard. " iMcrosse 1-2-1. umerals: Catholic Choir 1.3-2-1: Debate Council and Forum 3-2-1: Engineer Fnolball 2: English Seminar I: French Club 1-3: Pointer I: Ring Committee 1-3-21: Russian Club 1-3: Shi Chih t-2-l: Sergeant I. CI II ln|{|) jnsi I ' ll { l.i: |{unuM . i,N u,iK ( nnisnsslnmil 1-1 ' . . .Il..|....,.,i«.,l l;.n.l..l|{r,„,klNMt:aN.- CliUloW.-l I ' uii.l «li.nhi, a.-,,.lr.,M,|M..u. ».. lli„ ,n;.l M. uxr, Ihr l...uk-. It « ,, .. m.iiii l.i amonj: llir ;:i .i|i|.l.r-. r.a.l «il ami «a,.n (,,r,u s n.a.i.i.-, u ,11 -.„n.-,lax Iraii-t.-,- il,.- -la.- I„- «,.,.•, ,„ u- ,-,.llar I.. I,i» l.- orviii{: slioiil.l.rv. iMcrosav J-.J. » .. l.. .r,iHi. II ;, i;i . ..).. ' . . W„ii..- Yi»i; iMlhnli, :h„i;l I,, .iMr :!■::. h In-n.l, CInh (-.1. II .ifihl l.ifnil (Jul. J. I: Cnrpnral 1 ' ; l.irnl.nan, I. JOSI.I ' II I ' OW i;i, I KWKI.IN ( il Mill HI M . M U IVM ( illliilissiiilUll K-l . . . W.-l l " ,,Mil -,,1,1 l!,,l„.,„, 111,- lla|,|,N l!a.li.l.,r-- 111.-. N,,| ,-|H-,iallN a.l.li.lr,! 1.. I ail. I III.-. Ill ' a|i|ili ' il hi- iiii-rjiio In s|i nls Iml: 1.1 111. ' .lav uli. ' ii iianl- u. iil.l ;:i ' l l ' -. ' ..I-. ' l..u. ' liil..sMi- 1...,. , ' a.l. ' ini. ' -. ' n |iar. ' Iiiii. ' n..l r. ' -i ' iv. ' il l.ir ill. ' -a. ' k va- .lir.-. ' l.-.l th.rr. l.H,ll,„ll .(..■- . l,ij,„ ■■ I ' . (,„ -.(.J. . ,,„i.r.i s. Xtimminii I: is i„i ( ,, , :.■- ; Il.m.llmll (Jul, .(-J; Mallirmalirs luniin i ' : Ski Cliih l-.i-. ' -l: i.iiii i CJiib i-:i-2-l: S,Tfi,-i,nl I. w i I (;i (;i{i I i in WKi i . ii{ I I I - . ( Im MiiiM ( iiiiL ii ' . iiimi M-J . . . " H.n " .am. ' I,..ni lli. ' ..il ...inilrN kM..ul. ' .l;i. ' ..! III. ' Iiri.-r lliin - in III.-. Willi llii- an. I hi- a.la| laliilil . h. ' h. ' .aiiii- .m.- of |.. ' -- r,,. l. ' -l ..,.. ' ral..r-. Ill- inh.r. ' Ml .i. ' l.r- iMiiiali. ii |. .1.. hi- l i-.| imlicali- lliat lir «ill - -l hi- ii.il- lii;:h anil allaiii iiis inliiili.in.. IhlHii.- Cmiuil A.J.t: H.milz.r .■- . «. .,.!,. (Jul, 1:1: S4Tffiinl I. f lUKOl.l) DKW FR[: K I ' m: ti;i,i.(). Idmki (.iitiiin ' ssiinial H-2 . . . Willi a " pool) slu-.l " in lian.l Hal wciil lliroii ;ii liis lour M-ais al West Point. jir .lro|i|..-(l liiis I | sh.-.-l on.- .Ia on the plain and il L.n lli.-n- IV.r all lo n-a.l: «.-.-k- ii.ls lake all: I?. P.s smile at: Academics accept: Drajrs necessar : Tacs — avoid: Trips (if;hl lor: jnne ■•. " •■ roll call lor the strong in lieart. nrestlinii U Ciimcru Cliih I: Drlnnv Cniiuil l-:i-:!-l: Corporal 2: Captain I. 1 m n ■ W to- w. ■ v - A. o H . " ■ ' wk siii;m)() iowthan freed Fiiii. i)i;i,i ' ni V. I ' Ciinnressional A-2 . . . " I JIVs .larkest hour holds no fear lor me. I despise the man who cowers at fate ' s eccentricities. " These words typil) the fight- ing spirit and exuherance which Shelley dis- played as a ra .zle-dazzle memher of Corps Squad Soccer. Best of luck in I lie rm to a peppery little man who surely deserves it. Soccer 4-3-2, Monogram: Dialectic Society 3-2-1: French Club 4-3: Glee Club 3-2-1: Pistol Club 4: Ski JACK WILSON l- ' HOSr Hkaumont. Texas Coiiiiiyssiomil 11-2 . . . Jack l.roughl his honcs|.|o-g.«Mlnc s true Texan stories lo W csl I ' oinI and ihrough il all luanagi ' d lo win his academic hallles with Ihe hel|. of an occasional sink light. He has been well known lor his drag- ging and his stud singing. Ilis conscientious- ness and pcrsonalilN uill stand him hcII ihroughoul his service career. hmlhnll h 11,1, l,rv I: (.„r,„,n,l 2: CiiHiiin I. I« ' ll n. II KII()| Si;i{ WIIIM. |UI.|M ( iiHi:iis ii,lllll l -l • • l " l " ' - " ll " | " " l I I ..( his .,1,,.,- " " ' -A " III. III. •;;m„ n-.n... »,,- U.ll N.ixv. .-,,.l.„,i,-,. I,., .. .•r. .■.,„■..■,! „,.un li " Ni- I.. Im- |„nl l.,.,..if.;i III,- .ii..l..i-l,l ..,1. t; ' " - ' " ' ■ I " ' l -l -inilr .iihl |.l.a-.ml man- II. r li;u.- I . ' .ii .nj.n.d |, .ill ,,r |,i, ..|a, - .smn.i.li,. l-:i.i ' .l. „„„.,„ . li,mr - f; Iniuh z-sy. ' (;i(t ioN. c n I) (; Mil I ' . IK. 1. 1 T r ,»n ■« ■» ,„ -1 . . . ■■ lik.-. " hi, ni.kiiaiii.a iiiv -l.iiuns ■ l.•|■i .,li,,n In.Mi -I l, ha I... " ha- |..-nl ill.- inn. ' h.|u...„ hi- l.-.,N,- hx ...■,a i,,nallN -I. inning ihr I k-. ;;..iii;; | . ||i. ' h ,,,. -,,1,1 thinking .iIm.iiI a l_ ' I.m i ailh...,l. llh..u;;li rm ..i.In to !«■ inar ...n.-.l on •llir Kork. " 7rfi.A :i; l-isliiiif! (Jul, .{.J. I: Onliiiiiur (lull 1 ' ; ' s .. (Jul, .■ -. ' . .• I ' orlufiursc (Jul, :t-J: Ski (Jul, :i.2-l: n viillit l.illin!l(Jul,J-l: ( „rf,„n,l :;: S.riiruut I. MilIN I ll(t | S (, MI!| I (iolrilH. | | lui.lMK ( l,lllin-.sil,lllll ll-l . . . Wh.i, .|..h„ i„,,v...| Inm, W.-l Nil-. iziiii.i I., W.-l l ' ,.ini. h.|.r..ui;hl nmiI, liiin ih.- im.aiiiiN ■■-,i " . ! .1 ii.iliir.il lii .- .in. I ih.- ' |»i. ' l hiiiii..r .111.1 .|ra.l in- inlln. ' ii.. ' uhi.h inak.- hini iiiv .iIm.iI.I.- « li.n lliiii;.- [..-...in.- a l.il i..iii;h. .|..iiii I,, v.- alhl.li.- an. I |.l.ix.-.l ■ " |{-.S,|„a.l f.M.el.all. lhl.l.- .111.1 -.li.,lar. I.t .l..hn llir fnliin- i InilN " a .I.mi.II.— kx. " FrnMlxill 3-2-1, M nun f rum: („rmuu ( lul, .(-_ ' .;.■ I ' mnirr 1-3; Srrfiiuil I. II AKVKV ARLKN GARN L(; l( City. Idaho Couiiressional I-l ... Mike was not oiiIn active in athletics. l)ut lie was also an outstanding debator. It seemed like ever) time a debate was to be won. Mike was on hand to take the honor. Even with all this Mike still managed to win stars from the Academic Department. What makes Mike outstanding to us. however, is liis sincerilN and the bi- smile that he iuis never lost. ISaskclball 3-2-1: Cruss (Minlrx I. ,immil. : I ' „„l- Imll 2-1, Mono ' ram: Cailcl CIki wI I slwr I: Drhalr Coiinril i-3-2-1. President: Ski Club 1-3-2-1: Corporal 2: Captain I. lialtalion Cnnuuamler. FORREST T. GAY. Ill Chica(;o. Illinois Himor Military School K.-2 . . . Ted came to X est Point, took aca- demics by storm and has been on top ever since. His calm manner and friendly disposi- tion in his company and in outside activities have won him many friends. Outstanding ability, dependability, and good nature marked him early as a leader and assure him of success in the service. Rifle 4-3: Debate Council and l-orum 2-1: Dialertir Society 1-3: French CInb 3-2-1. I ' resiilenl: I ' oinler 1-3-2-1: Stars 1-3: Corporal 2: Lieutenant I. DWIEL R. (;ERA Mahion. Ohio (.ontiri ' ssioiml G-1 . . . W hen Dan s]M,k.- yni just nal. .rally listened, for his sinccril and conviction obvious. He alwaxs kept perfect bal- iice his jrood iialiirc. and his desire to II at all he altcniplcl. With the spark that buihis empires an i has won . nr lilVI. iig friendship, he leaves us on the lirsl le|i lo greater things. Wrestling 4: Debate Council I: lisbino Club 2-1: I ' urum 2: Spanish CInb 3: Corporal 2: Captain I. (II i;ii ■ i;i( 11 i;i) (.iijsii I M 1 Him. l ' . •,-„ „ lir I . .2 . . . Cln.rk Mia Mu.In ..I III. ' Ill .1 | llN.|c ' . l xi.,lrM. ' . ' ...1 I -n.MJ l.u..k. .,l . ' iilirrU Ihuiiuh. |,r Un.A 11 i,,k. ' K. k -. ' |. Ihr | . ' ..| l.- hiii llill-. (,„l,( ( Uanrl (l„.i, l-:i-i ' -l: Ihhal,- (..umil .J; .joiiN II h ' in I wii s (;ii)i)i (; III. ' ••ii. ' i, -l- ' l I ' i " ,-. II, ln.,il„ill ;.(. ii,n.i„l-. l„i,„o,„m: (m,I,i (IiiiihI Chnii l.:i.. ' -l: ., ,;„ .• l-.l-J-l. l,lj„l ' I . Ill- tmrriran Tram: S,ri:r„nl I. P -y l II) l)i;i W (.11 I ' M HICK M. I . VN. I.K.IMV rmilnrinl I -I . . . MlliouJ. lir . ' .iMi. ' I.. W. ' -l I ' -inl Irom ir;;inia. (iil «a- alwii s a linn ImIh-mi in till- aliii- III llu- l af. ' |ii|ii-. S(MniliM;; Mi. -I 1.1 hi- linir h.-l|.in ' ..ill.-.-, lir ua- -till al.lr I.. .1.. u.ll liini-i-n. Willi III- IrirnillN Mnil.- an. I xMiinin:: |.. ' r-..iialil x . Ii. ' i- -in.- I. hr a- u.ll lli.HiL ' lil " I in lii- fill nil- iiiiil a In- wa- a- a .a.l.l. r.ii . ' f UmiM-l J , i.r .- Unys Cummilliv .•. ; r iv, .S.i ' f. ' » if» 2-1: • ' .»rn»i :. ' . ; I ' niiiirr l-. ' f: urimrnl 1 ' . Caitliiiii I. Itriptiir Traininf Offirrr. JERRY McCI.KLLWD GII.PFN Allegan. Michigan Congressional C-2 . . . .l.-s(ri|)ti..n ..|- .hrr would be: home town 1m in Vllegan. Ikhigan: Lambda Cbi Aljtha member at X abash Col- lege: quiet, friendly, considerate. an l helpful ill the compan): piliher on the baseball team: guard and captain on the basketball team. Success will always result from his perseverance in his undertakings. liasrlKill 4-3-2-1. iimerals. Major " A " ; Basketball l-:i-2-I. Siimerals. Major " A " : Ctulrl Chapel Acolyte 1-3-2-1: Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1. KENNETH EDW K1) (;iMKR Cleveland. Ohio Congressional G-2 . . . A sudden shock — regimentation — visiting the area — a Dear John — months ol darkness — suddenly light — recognition. Tiie big fall out — time for red boy — soccer — two gold stars. Academics galore — Howitzer — weekend golf. The long sought ring — drag- ging — a new car- at last (Graduation — 2 gold bars — clear sky aiicad. Soccer 3-2-1, Monogram: Cadet Chapel I sher 1: (iolf Club 3-1: Howitzer 2-1, Corps Section Editor: Spanish Club 3: Stars 3-2; Corporal 2; Lieutenant 1. Battalion Ailjtitant. DONAED AM ' llONY ;i A New Britain, Connecticut Consires Dltlll C-1 . . . Don picked up " The Giz " for a nick- name Plebe Year when his broad smile am) friendly manner won him our lasting friend- ship. He soon became a lixture on the soccer team, and this Connecticut Yankee will be remembered by all for his love of Jazz rec- ords, sack, weekends, anil the other banal- ities of cadet life. RiJIe 2: Soccer 1-3-2-1. u,nrral.. l„n„ornm: Coif Club 3-2-1: Catholic Chapel Choir 1-3-2: l-ishini: Chih 3-2-1: Ski Club 1-3-2-1: Spanish Cluh 1-3: Srrfirnnl I. in . Mil Mil. N ( ' .oni:rfssionfil lt-_ ' . . . ,„l - |.nxi,ni IJOIC Irainin al- l.nM-,1 Inii, I,, l.ik.- 111.- - . I. Ml XMlli .iihrrrlul ry: ami «.• all r.ni.nil r, h..v, hi- .■..I.Mrill (.lira-r. ami li lil -airaMii iiiailr ..iir .laN- a lit Mr l.ii lil.i. liar.l UMik.r. Ml al«a - rrailN lur lun. Iii- iiinmrnl iiiaiinn m ' ail hail ,. r.M,l.-,l. I.nl Ih.-.l.xili,!, ,,.aiklrinl.i .■V ;;aM- him axsax. (n,l l CImitrl Cliiiir t-.ij-l: D.hiilr (nun, it ,ii„l I , .Hint i; ' is .. Cliih .(; ( nrpnrul 2: l.i,„i,mml I. .1 (:K (iol.DSIIIN C.IIMil.l lON. S. C. ,mi:rrssi,m il l.-J . . . MliT a -l..|.u .r 1,1 nm- .ar at tin- Cila.l.l. ■■(;.. l.l " " h.i.u hl lu . l I ' l.inl hi- iVii-mlK ;:riii ami uarm |hi -..iialil . I.n- ll III will Hi illi ' ii ki i " ' l ' l ' i " f- ' Ihi- Im.n- nil 111.- - n. •aiiaiil a- inana;:iT. (. ,;iM.is(i.v -■-;. .i;i.i .i; Cmiwi,! i.liilt :i-2-l: Di-i- l.rli. .« , ;..i; V. ir i Cliil, »-. --•; Jniisli (:imi»l ( hnir t-iJI.I ' i -ml CM) 21: 1 ' oiiili- r I -.M ' ; .S.t c i H . w II I I i .1 WHS (,(M»i» IN Svl I I kl. (il l " ». I TVII (iiiiiiirsnioilill .2 . . . Iri.m Ihi-u.-l Ii, .-I I ' l.ii.l «a a Ion- iiilil|.. lull thr -ark k ii| llir -lii.rk. W hllr al Wr-I I ' liilll. Itili ha- hrrii a mrml.ri ,,r " V Si, nail IMIr r..i Ihirr xrai-. Olhir arli itii iiirliiili ' il llir l{iil : Coiiiiiiilli • ' ami Ihr UidrClul.. Mr faM.r.-.l ...i.-illid.- nl.jrr|, ami fiiiiml I ii;:li-h ri ii;:li. Hi- main inlrir-t is in llxiii;:. Hijiv r tim ;..M ' - . Niim.fii v Minnr ' ( •; Hsliin a,ih I: HiJIr (M -ii ' -l: Kin - :„mmillr.- 1.3.2-1: Si-rfifinl I. ) j RICHARD NEIL GOTTRON Canfield, Ohio Congressional D-l . . . Dick came lo the Corps with a bun- dle of enthiisiasin and ambition. liis pleasant personality and wide variety of interests have earned him many lifelong friends. ith excessive ability he mastered the art of aca- demics and his name is not strange to the Dean ' s List. Dick is destined to succeed in any future endeavor. Debate Council and Forum 2-1: t ' i iliing Club 3: Howitzer 4-3-2-1: Pistol Club 3: Hussion Club 3-1: Sergeant I. TODD PORTKK GRAHAM Kalamazoo, Michigan Congressional H-1 . . . Todd took cadet life more seriously than many of us but could never be caught without a smile. Hockey and baseball claimed much of his time, that is, all that academics and duties left free. Easy going and quick to lend a helping hand, Todd never lost sight of the final goal, a pair of gold bars. Baseball 4-3-2-1, Numerals, Monogram: Hmkey 4-3- 2-1, Numerals, Major " A " : Cadet Chapel Vsher 1; Corporal 2: Captain 1, Regimental Supply Officer. " iiiiyj WILLIAM ALEXANDER GRAHAM Aiu.iNGTON, ViRciMA National Guard F-l . . . Vi iliie. as he is known by his friends in the company, is one of those rare mixtures of good natun ' dness and common sense. His easy going way has won him many lasting friends. His taste for good music consists of an excellent collection of jazz records. This is one man who lias found a home in the service. Portuguese Club 3- Ski Club 2: Sergeant I. l) ' » | I) II | | (.|{ WShVCK I ' llii VIM I nilv.l ' i NN M vMv C.nfinssiomit K-l . . . I poll .liu|.|,in;; lii l.a in C.-ntral r.M. •■SI., I. I,- r.Mm,l ;, ...« |„„nr. Mi,-,- r " " llMll iin.l h.Mk.v. ||„- .,.■.,. I.-, „i.-, nil.,1 Im W iilh lii.-n.l .Ml. I -iii.-.n- allilii.l. ' .|i..ul.l . H.r il,.- r.H.lhall I. Il„,l..s I. , ,„„.,., ; (■„, ,■, 7,„,„ I -hr, I: IL.trinr, . ' ; l.,„i,.,ntl 2: Cai.lain I. KrfiimrnKil Kicii i{i) III KiUH r (;i{ v rn( ll IM 1. Kinihl l-l M( liinv lirsrrif I-- ' . . . Dhk ,li.lnl mak.- a inaj-.i " . " I.nt lli.n 111.) .{..n " ! Mix,. " W " t..i a.k. llli..u -li lli.a.a.l.ini.-.l.|.arlin.nl lii.-.l l...au . ' Dick than ill,- ID. itnl ll,. ' iiiall.r ..I uli..in !..• li..ul.l .liaM III,- n.M vs.vk.n.l .-..ul.l I..- us.-.l a a l.v.r |.. |.iv Inin auav tn.in hi r.d !... . . i,T..vs,- : ilirs. (I„l, l.l-U.I: (.rrmuii (liih J: .„lf Cliih. ' : Mall, l„n,m I: Kwli., Clul, 1. Srrftriinl I. IK WCIS l MM | (,|{| IM;. J|{. WiM I ' .MM. .u 1.„ K r,„„n.vs,„,„i -l . . . I.irx ualk. ' .l ,,nt lli.- In.nl .l....r uilii .1 • ..npl.- nf |«,-.-.| .-..al. un.l.r l.i« arm. r.a.JN I.. ...Il,.| al...iil a lix.-..-.-nr trax.j all..uaii.r fur lu!. journo from ll lli.r in. I .■! ili.- |.o-|. ••j.ix. " in Ihin;:- a.a.l.ini.-. I ' .a.liv a!-.. r...in.l lim. ' L.r .lra-t:in .. (Ur (Ma.lua- lion I..- uill |.n.l.al.lN lra%.l l.mar.l JMlfr -kiiiif; ■r.inii.i--. Ijur,„s.- I. Niim.f.i ,; Ijiilrl ChaiH-l Choir 3; (,l,i- (Jul, I: („JJ (J„h I; Sfci a„l, t.3.2.1: S n inl l ' r„. fnim ( nmnulln ' .7-1 ' - . Ili»isr lanaft r. Tran%porl€i- linn llffirrr: r .r i..rii :. ' ; I.ii ' iili-mml I. FRANK UPTON GRFKR. Ill Gainesville, Flohidv Son of Dt ' ceast ' d I eleran K-2 . . . I.ven tlioiigli he caiiie I ' rom Florida. Frank likt-d it so well at the Academy that he decided to sta an extra year. His prowess at Vi resiling and Lacrosse were only sur- passed by his constant battle and final vic- tory over the Academic Department, e shall always remember him as a cheerful friend and good sportsman. iMcrossc 4-3-2-1. Sumerals. Muiiofirain: II rrsllin i 1-3-2-1, Mumerah, Munograiii, Minor " 4 " : CathiiUr Acolyte 4-3-2-1; Corporal 2: Ser irant. ■ " W m JAMES WILIJAM GREY Chica(;o. Illinois Congressional 11-2 . . . " Greybird " ' was a joy to all. Never without a smile for his classmates, he looked with scorn upon Topo and their 1 :2SOI)() " s. Socially there were few that could compare with him. Hardl a weekend passed that Bird was not out " living it u{). " " His easy manner will make him acceptable anywhere and by all. Footlmll 1-3-2, Manager; Callwl,, Irolvlr 1.3-2-1; French Cluh 3-2-1; Pistol Club 3-J-l: Shi CInh 2-1: Weight UJtingClub 1; Sergeant I. JOHN CHARLES (;riggs Gkeen Bay. Wisconsin Con r( sioniil C-1 . . . Hey. Redhead, wake up! Jack might not he the most wide-awake 5oer. but he ' s got the reddest hair in the outfit. You want to hear about the Green Bay Packers? I ' his Chamber of Commerce booster will gladly gi e a dissertation on anything from the dairyland l.. MiKsaukec beer. Oh es. he ' s a " hive " in lacticsl liaskrlhiill 3-2-1. M.miignim: Tennis I. S, ( (is i ;. nni,nils: Ciilholir Chnir 1-3-1: Clnh 3-2-1: Skrri Chili 3-2-1: Srrgeimt I. 244 ' .As; - ; Fishing I i) i;i) I (i (,ui i!i! . .11;. i I5i KOMI II I II. r . (iiiiiinssiiiniil 1)1... Mlli.Mi;;!. .],„■ i, .. v.i,;,|il.- allll.-lr. Ik- Ii.i- liiiiilril hi- (;,ii|i- Si|iia l iirlivilics lo M|U..-h .in. I l.nrn-. W h.n iu, nn ., Iri - li..r.. u- liii.U ;i ii.i|. I..I,,,.- -u|.|..r lirlp- to liiiilcl ii|i ill. ' ;i| |Mlii. ' . Mllioiijili |iosgfS! iii(; iiii .ii-N ;;..iii;: iiiiiiiiur. Iix- liikis all lliiiif;. as lli)- . ' .line uiih an alTirinalivc allilti l)-. .S, ,„„ , .,(._■.;. „mrr,ils. Munaaram. l,n„r " f: i;,rluit,„ .r (hil, t: 7. • ».,, ..(.i . . ,»„,r.i «. Mi„..r " A " ; SrrftrunI I, Jk.. =iA . K 1 |(»M) I KIC (;i M)l KSON I ' M I - ( !iii 11. II. NiiK.iMV (iiiiLinssidniil I -I . . . l!..;ni-.-,,riM ;il.ililN |...-nlix.n ;iiin .■. iu.r-.ili..ii SMlU hi, [ niiiark-.. Kax i. ..M. ' ..I Ih.- Ih ' .I llk. ' .i lll. ' M in III. ' ...IIIIMIIV. n.iNMl iliiJ.M. ' . h. ' lia. Iri. ' .l ln haii.l al mm-. c ' i ' i and lii inn. ( )n. ' . ! lli.- (i iii.n l li lil l.a.kal Ih.r.l).. h.-l.-ain |iii.kl an.llia- Id ' cn .1 nni.icl inmali- in.-.-. II.- i a ;;cm iI nian Crns CiHinlrv I: SiMvrr 2-1. l .,Hi. r im; 7™, . : r.irnum Cliih 3: I ' ninter ..?; I ' lihlir Injormtiliim Ih-- liiil 1-3: StTgnml I. I |) KI) KH III t (,l I itini ( !ii i r N.Mx. . Iknnksski; (onurr siiinnl K-l . . . I .1 v a-.ainaii « h,. « a- al» ax - ..11 ih.- D.Mir- li.| I.. ' ... I... ' Im ' IhIi. ' x. ' .I in »..ikiii:: har.l an. I lli.n r.-laxiii;:. K.-a.lin;: I k.. I.iiil.lin ■n...l. ' |.. an.! lishiiip u.t - his h..l l.i. ' - al ' liT u.irkini: li.nir-. l-aTs ca.ix poinf; T.-n- II.-— -I ' .- iii.iiiiilain. ' .-r | . ' r- iialil% assure, liiin .il -,....-.. in In- liil.ir.-.ar.-.ra- il lia- al W .-I roiiii. nial -,li, orirl 21: Hthin i iJuh . ' - . (.« Cliih . ' - : Sfxinish (Jut) 3: Scr trtml I. --- 21:. WILLIAM EDWARD HAAS (Jhkknmlle. Illinois Congressional M-1 . . . By itu-aiis of formulating his? own method of integration and pretending he was an electnm, L ncle Willy tripped and stiun- bled past the Academic Department. The T.D. decided his casual attitude was not to he tolerated, but oh, hum, off to the rack. hen he discovered week-ends, he finished in a blaze of glory. Debate Council 2-1, f ice-President, Chairman Ao- tiunal Debate Tournament; Pointer 4-3-2; Special Program Committee 3; Sunday School Teacher 3-2-1: Sergeant 1. WILLIAM McKELL HADLY Los Gatos, California Congressional F-1 . . . Bill, a Californiaii and noted for his easy going and good natiired manner, is al- ways read) with a helping hand. He had a skirmish with (lie Tactical Department, and this taught him that all good things must come to an end. A great athlete, sports en- thusiast, and a great guy. he will always be remembered. Lacrosse 4-3-2-1. iimrmls. Monoiiram; Debate Coun- cil 3-2-1: Coif Club 1: Handball Club I: Lieutenant 1. iv JEROME FRANCIS HAGAN Dayto.n, Ohio Congressional H-2 . . . While winning his acclaim on the football field and not in academics, " Fear- less " also won many friends with his easy- going, good-natured wa s. lways a quick man for the sack, he iil be remembered for the place he chose to follow this pursuit, spending all of his free time either in the sack or in the gym. Basketball 4: Football 4-3-2-1. umerals. Monogram. Major ■•(••; Co i» iV Acolytes 4-3-2-1: Golf Club 3-1; Handball Club 1; Sergeant 1. (:ii II (;i DoKN W I -T I ' oiM. (; x. Hum., Mililnrv , „«, H-l . . . I ' laiiiiliii : ii iK-larioii- |ini|i ' ii-.il I n.»i. ' lial.inrr. I la;: - l,.rn an.itlirnial i .-.i. a ii . ' .l. ami .M ' it. I lli.c.i.-li a -..inl.rr ,,,ia nnnialnr;;ra . llil.li,-, «.n- hi, Im.ui ii. I. lHM.k . r. " r.llal.lN. hi- I..,!.-. Wli.lh.r im -I ' ail riiii iiia wliirli lii tiiiiiiolilhic ' -hiaiiiril i ' iin(i-iii|i irari -s lailril l i ' i|ihrr. ;(ii A » «i : Cross :,.iiiili I: Inuk 1 ' ; (Vi.ss C.tiil. (J- ; Ihlmlr Ciun.il _•- ; luriim J- ; (..thi.i i (. ( . f-J-;. Ili,irilzrr:{-L ' l: Ski Cliih::-!: Sirftr.ml I. lU I) ' IIIOMXS II M.I. I .IN Hi.Mii. (Imii ' oum V Con 7-] K- ' . . . Uii.l .(.III.- I,, . l l ' .,inl I..I III. ' four x.ar .•.,.., .■ hill Im- -laN.d an .Mra yar. Irark ua hi- lortr uilh ihr ra.l.-iili. ' I )r- | arliiii ' iil niiitiiii a li u m-ihikI. I li liii ' iiilK iiiaiiiiiT. iiii flri liii -- ami -i-ii c nl hiiiiKir havr ina.lr il a r.al pl.aMir.- lu hr ..iir n MilI " .- iiiaiiN iVi.-inU. Wr ar. ' a»uir.l ul iii- surcfss ill till- -fiN icf. Track t-3-2-l. „m.r,ih. .. i..i™»i. l„j..r " ( ■; Ihip Oimmillrr »-.{-J; I ' islnl Inli .(; I ' miiifiius,- ( liih :f: Spani.sh Cliih li; S -r iriiiii I. |(ill M I;K M WllllON, JU. W x-iii M. ION. I). ( :. Ciinuri ' ssiinutl I -I ... .|..liiiii - a ' iiN «li i i al »a s willin;; In looixrali ' aii l hi assist otlit-rs. l all liiiir- a liani uorkir. In- ili-voti-il iiiiiili t lii liini- ami iHorl l " iiiliTiiiiiniir " aii l t fxlrariirririilar arli ilif«. (iflcii al llir i-x- |Mii-r ..I ;:.M,.I ..Ir a.a.l.iiii.s. His z.-st f.ir Irai k ami hi.- ria l siiiilr liavi- cliarartcri .cil hini. tt• t tl,■ t iiiiiiril unit h ' nnim t-.t- , Si-rn-liir -; French (Jiih »-(-. ' ; ' ..rm.iii ( Jiih .M ' - . .Vr«r«n« . JOHN THOMAS HAMILTON Baltimore, Maryland Congressional 1-2 .. . Despite the fact that John was always several steps ahead of the academic depart- ment during his cadet career, he managed to fmd time to fall behind and poop up the math " P ' s. " An " army brat, " he claims no state as home, and is looking forward to fol- lowing in the footsteps of his father as a career officer. Chess Club 3-2-1. .Spc rwrv, I ' nsidrni: Debalv Council and Forum 4-3-2-1; French Club 3: Golf Club 3-2-1: Mathematics Forum 2-1; Model Railroad Club 1-3: Radio Club 4-3-1: ITPAH Sports Staff 2-1: Corporal 2: Sergeant 1. ( wSst M:- ' — i HAYWOOD SHEPPHARD HANSELL Washin(;ton. D. C. Congressional E-2 . . . Tony early committed himself to the realm of the goats and seldom emerged, en- grossing himself in more profitable pursuits than academics. The boxing coach offered direction for his quick hands and was well rewarded. " Earoy ' s " guitar brightened the dark hours and kept tlie green walls from closing in. Boxing 3-2-1. Major " A ' : Tennis 4.3-2-1, Numerals, Monogram: Art Club 3-2-1: Cadet Chapel Choir 4-3-2: Cheerleader 1; Fishing Club 2-1; Sergeant 1. JOHN SCOTT HARDY Orlando. Florida Congressional L-2 . . . Joiin. coming from a service family, c;)lii(lc(l violently with the system and was considerably shaken up thereby. Ncxcr a real hive, he managed to get by and lind time for his favorite hobbies: dragging, sleep- ing, dragging, eating, dragging, and being in- dividualistic and different. Heaven help the branch he enters! Cadet ISroadrasting Staff 1: Pistol Club 3-1: )) I ' AH Sports Staff 2: II eight Lifting Club 1; Corporal 2; Sergeant I. iv ' icii in) I . II H(,ii(» I, ( ;c)l I Mill -. ( )|ll(i t ,„ii|r,vs „ (, C-- ' . . . Dhk ...in. ' I . I.. In.iii Ohin »i|l, hi. . ' .|.N-;:c.ii.n u.ix. Mr , ' ,.,iM ii.ii.iIIn I.. ' Iciincl in III. ' -...k or rUr NMilin l.ii.r- vvhi.l, rau.r.l a „iii„„ l.alllr IhInx ' .., llir .i. ' a.lrniir I. I anl. ' . »ll.-i. ' ill till ihr l.ill. Mi- ..ill- slaiiiliiif: | " rriirmaii( -. in irark N ill lir niiss.-.l l.v C.-l. Kiufi (nmmitt.v ..J.. ' . ; S,„.,„i fn. nim ( ..mmilirr i-. ' - . (:,„i»,r,il 1 ' . I.irulrmml I. Willi M w HUM i{sii II Kuis. ik. W II Ml 111. liiiMH ( iiiifinssitimil ll-l ... 11. is ll„«ii ,,., kn..ul..,l;:,- nt |.l. u III.- Iruil. ,.r hi. ,-ITo |( .i lra s Mill ' s iiniqii) ' III rr[ r ' S(Mlt8 (•liaraclcri.slic rmiiialii ii an ' knc.vMi 1.. all hi. Irirnd.. Civr Kill a rani.ra. a W inrh.-.lrr. a h..r.r ami a W .•.|,rn iM..,m. lain ran-r in «hi.li I., n.ain ami hr x«ill , on to an nnliinil. ' .l lulur. ' . Cinum (. , . ..{-:. ' . ; Cillioli, tchlr :i.J.l : tnmh (lull .M ' . Ilntinr Cummilliv I: llimilzrr t-3-2-1. I ' ltnii, lulitiir: Miirliir .1: Hiii t Commiwr t.3-2-1: (nrimn.l 2: lirutm.ml I. I ' KI.SKIN SI M)I I I II { III.. ] {. «;vTllMU II.,. Il NN. U„nn, Mllllnrv , ;,«, !-_• . . . I h.- I ' oinl.raml ih.-.a.k « .r.- .S|im onix inain.l.ix. .luriii- ih.- h-lou-lon.. ' .lax l„i. ' . III.- Sim.kir- u.n- aluax. ar ., .. ..ml ll.. ' - u,r »r,r ., hulr I i-l,|. h.il h. ' hol.hlr.l alon hi. inrrrv uav jn.t ihr .anir. Whrn ihr roh ' i. , all. ' .l n| Nomlrr. Ihrrr ran hr no .lonl.l lh.,1 hrll }„■ in ihr lair rank. (Ju-rrhiiiirr J; Ih-lmir Ciunril J. Hshin t (Jiih .1.. ' - . l- ' nnim I: llimilzrr 1-3: I ' ninlrr 3-2-I, Fi-aliim lUlilm : Hailin ( lull i:i-JI: SkrrI (Jiih t-.V. S Huiith (Jul. ) } 1 fi - c, — ■ ao i ROBERT WILSON H ASBROUCK, JR. AS ASHINGTON, D. C. Coiipressionul L-1 . . . Being a coiisciciilions worker. Bob always stood high in his elas.s anil was com- pany academir officer. When not immersed in academics or extra-curricular activities, he could usuall he found listening to his tremendous record collection or plotting re- venge on the laundry for its latest outrages. Soccer 4; Clce Club 2: Hmiiizcr 4-3-2-1; Rifle 4: Spanish Club 3-2-1. Treasurer, I ice-President; Ser- geant 1. JEROME DOUGLAS HAWKINS Maple Lake, Minn. National Guard K-1 . . . Crossword puzzles, coke machines, and his red-bov were Jerr% " s favorite means of entertainment. Iiiit he always managed to spend a little time in the gym. Although practically a fixture on the Dean ' s list, Jerry ' s claim to fame was an " eagle " he made on the 6th hole of the West Point Golf Course. Art Club 3: CalUnlic Unlvlr I: Debate d Dialectic Society 2-1: Coif Club 3-2-1: I Inn 2-1; Sergeant I. cil 3: r 1-3- HICilMU) nil I{l5l,i{ JlVWKIiXS AS ai.i ' oij:, Massachusetts Cottgressional G-2 . . . Along with a tussle or two on the in- tramural w restling mats, Dick devoted much of his initial years to New Englandizing the Russian language. Later, he enthusiastically attacked his job in the Sunday School and inaiiifcstcd great lunlcr tanding and cheer- fulness in ills work. His good-iialun-d iuiuior has helped us all. Camera Club 3-2: Drbnir Connril 2-1: Sln„h, Srbw.l readier 3-2-1: SerfieanI I. ■ M «»i)i I CHOI II WIS C-l . . . I ' .Ih.I Ih- l k.N i„-. Hi, li;ili - li ixiM.-, hi-. Ml In, MNsn NMll (i N (..M ' -;. ii(ii.rri . Minor- f : ( :„ri „r,il :•: .I ' .H .-miiK . KM I ' ll IV i;i i iii:m{ NullMVN. Om VMOMV H, ' ll„l,„ till,,,, (:-_ ' . . . K.,l,.h. «!,..-,■ I „■ i i„ „,„,;.„ Oklalloiiia. .Miiir to W. ' M | .,inl In.iii llir i l ' ..nri.ri.iJ v,;,r--.rxi..-. il.-.|„nl hi In- linir liM.nin 1.. hilll.ilJN iini-ir. I. ' arnin- I. ;;irl. )„ «;,rm -|.riii- .l.i , li. ' sa ,.ll.-.i .•■■! II nsllillfi I; KrrnnI l.rn.lin l.ih ary t-:i: Ku si.m CJiib 3: S Tp ;inl I. KoiniM ItMUil.l I III H1 liiM(.i MM(K N . . ( iiiii ny iiiiiiil l-l . . . !{..!.. III.- D.iin.l W .l. l.T ..I •-,.-,. ,an I..-.I l .- .l.-rrilM-.l a- a Irav.-liiiM .|rl.ar. r. Hi.- lar . ' ,l lri| ua. Iii- prim.- m,,;iI in lilr. I li. ii :h lir aU.. ma.!. ' iioi-.- »illi hi- liiiin|.rl. Iii- iiralorx liail iiiiiili iimri- iiiijiail. Ili «i r-l rrim.wa- lollnlin carriii;;-. I)i| lii- iiialir Ili.xliirN u.i lii. faMiritc .-iilijtrt. Ih-lmir (JHuirU I-.1-2-I: Hop (Mmmitlre I-3-2-I: i ' .rr- nmn (Jul, 3.2.1; l ' „inlrr 4-3.2-h Corporal 2; Lieu- LAWRRNCE CHA. DI,ER HERDMAN ToRO TO, Ohio Congressional -l . . . n all arouml athlete, T arry played r.K.llial! in the fall, haskelhall during the winter, and tiieii lhre the disrns on thi ' Irark team in (lie spring. Being al va s ae- (i e. he e en s](ent nuieh of his spare time in outdoor ai-tivities. His tremendous sense of hinnor has gained iiim nlan friends lln-ough- out the Corps. Foolhall 3-2-1, Monogram: Baskptlxill :i-2-l. l„iio- gram; Track 3; Fishing Club 3-2-1: Coif C.liih I: Russian Club 1-3-2-1: Sergeant 1. LEO wriiow iikr(;enh()KI)er PiTTSiu l{(;ii. l ' . Oiuilified Competitor 1,-1 ... Herg will alua s he remembered for his diligence and interest in an joh li ' under- took. I ' jdueation. his ultimate goal at West Point, did not overshadow his ahilit) in the squash courts or the Camera Clul). His ami- able personality and melodious oice supple- ment an ability to make sound decisions. Camera Club 3-2-1; Debate Council and forum 3-2: Fishing Club 3-2-1: Ordnance Club 2-1: Pistol Clnh 4-3-2-1: Russian Club 1-3: Skeei Club I: Ski Club 4-3: Corporal 2: Lie MILTON JOSEPH HEKMW. ,IR. Las Vegas. ew Mexico Coniiressiomil l)-2 . . . Mill came lo Woo Poo out of the rm and had lo gi c up his function as a sheet and pillow case supply man. He spent much »f his free lime exercising his o •al chonis in ll.c Catholic Choir and the Cailcl (;lec Cluh. He M alwa s he respected for the strange spell he seems lo cast o cr llic fair.-r s.-x. Fencing l-3-2.(:iij lnin C Siininl. Monogram: Cnllio- lie C.hojiel Choir 1-3-2-1. IssiMonl Direclor. Ca,lci-in- Choige: (.lee Clnh 1-3.2-1. Srcrclorv-Treasnrei. Is- si stool Direclor: I ' islol Clnh 1-3: Sergeant I. f I ll »M N l)l III liKI N. .IK. W xMiiM.inN. I). ( . ( .niir, ,si„n„l I.-- . . . (.Illilk I., N.ll il III. ' li hl. U.-.ll .,11 l-lnr.- l„.-,.kl.,M. Im.I ..I«.,v- ..„„,,|,|.. .,„,! I i- " ' ll. . T ' ..,.1.1 umi.iIIn I.. r..u...l I,.- -k.-.l ,.,n .-. ||„. M,,ir .•.„„-.•. .„• i„ ih,- -...k ' lunnj; In- t,.-.- |„„n a«.,x jr...., hi- ar.l, .■...-... N .i.,,.l.„M. . T.„„ |,..n.ll.n.-. ...1.1 I..N.- I..r alhl.li.- uill -..,N.- hi.n n .II in ij... Cam.;,, l„h (. f.J. (,„ r „ , .(.... .. .,„„ , ,„,, ,. .. ' ■• " ' ' -• " " ' - - ' . S„ili„fi (l„t, I: s,„„„ , , „ , ..{.. Cf— ' . ' -, (:i„i, ;..(. i-,,:i,i,;„: s ,,- ( „ , .).... ; s,.,i,„,„ . Wsa ,1 WHS I |{|| III .. Ill N i I V. I ' l v- ,.,ii:i,ssi„n„l l)-J....lirM .■ani.l,. . l l ' .,i,i| r,...n.-..ll.;... " ill. a .l.l.Tniinali,.,! I,, -n, ,.■.■,!. Ili- aiiil.i- iM.n I,, ,1,, 1,1- N.rv 1,.-| |,,r |,,ni-.ll a.i.l Icr III.- n lia- I,.-,-,, rnainr. |.-.l in l,i -.h.-las- li.- laii.liiif. ' . .liin |..i-..nifi.- W .-I l ' ..inl in Ill-ill ' ((.n.crnr.l «illi ••mix il.iail. an. I in l.nrsnin;; .• .T la-k nnlil il i- -.il i-la. |.,ril -. iii[ li|. ' .l. Ii„ ,lmll :t.2. U»i„iir,w,: l.„aii„;r l ' „„lh,ill L ' : (iilh„li, l,nl ii- J-.V-l ' - ; I ' linim I: (IviiitiiI ( ' .iimmiui-r 2-1: K.ilh lt,m,l I: Hussion (Mil, 2: Sfmnish CMih .M ' ; I)( l I) CONSI W I l l IIIIHI.IM H Ki N. Niu ..KK „„ r,s-.i,.n„l I --• . . . Om- -Lin .•uri..r.il l.M.k ••jiill. " ..v.r III.- |{r....kl n Hri.l :.- anil iiil.. ( i.-nlral i.a. In ...nil.al uilli a.a.l.ini.s In- .-in -rf. ' .-.l uilli nian mmi- an.l a (r Mar . I)..n maj....-.l in l-ililip ii| Mil ' " - r..r I -J ■Inl.r r.l.r. ■ l.m »• ' all | r.ilili- l ni.xl rn.ni In- »aini Mn.. ' iilv ami lii ...nii.al r..iilin.-. W . ' II mi.- lli.- " Chal.a. " ttiixinf I. iiiii,TiiU: CjilhiJir Injvlr ; (jiihiJi, Choir I.3.J.I: hrrnrh (Jul, I. (.Ir,- (Jul, 3.2-1 : H «t,r I ' lJn (lull : ' ■ . Sf .-.l I I. r M ROBERT MARBLE HINRICHS I ASADEW, Califokmv Cotifiressiunal E-1 . . . Coining to tlif Hudson Highlands from the catlleiands of California, Bob foinid that the closest he could get to horses in today ' s Army was to become a Mule Rider. Fencing and Choir trips helped keep his morale high. His last minute rushes on themes and research papers were his main pride in the academic field. Fencing 4-3-2, Monogram: Mulerider 4-3-2-1; Cadcl Chapel Choir 4-3-2-1; Debate Council and Forum 4-3- 2-1: French Club I: Ordnance Club 4-3-2-1; Pislul Club 2-1: Sheet Club 1: Ski Club 4-3-2-1: Sergeant I. WILLIAM JOSEPH HOCK Norfolk, Virgima (.(iniiressidnal K-1 . . . From deficient list to Dean ' s list, that was Bill ' s success story while he was at West Point. His favorite sport was Softball, but he was never above spending an after- noon with his red-boy or an evening on Flirtation Walk. Bill ' s soft-spoken manner and ready wit will guarantee his future suc- cess in the service. Art Club 3: Catholic Acolyte 3-2-1: Delmtv Council 1; Forum I: French Club 3: Special I ' nigram Committee I: Sergeant I. RUSSEL BARRY HODGES Modesto. C i.iform Rcoukir Air Force C-2 . . . Russ " cadet career was an interesting and xaricd one. lt hough lie as engaged in a number of extracurricular activities, he still foimd some time to help those that needed it. His excellent spirit, ability, and desire lo succeed made him a success here and promises lo do the same in the fulnn-. Ordnance Club 3-1: rislnl Club 1-3.2-1: Srrgnml I. M II l{()|!) IJICII Mil) llol I I Hk Wll ' ,|..M .MII1. JM.IXNV ( „„l..,.sw,„„ :--2... I)i.k...-li.cnl.-rr.-,l I.. I.r r.iiir.l. Ii.i.l (JMiiii;; 111- r.Hii- ,-;i, ;,| ||„ ' .-,i,l,ni . Mr .lM,l. .-.k»..-l...|.|. In;:..!.,, |I..Im-I llfllr. Mr irnirnil.ri. Im ' ..| tlir Mi I ..nr ln, .uicl (:. nii iliril Villi- lli| . I rr.ill r ..ii lliriii lir hail sonic ■;rriil liiiii-s. r„r;ii.i;i Cliih .M - ; Siimlav S.liiml Irarlirr ,1-1 ' ; Sv-r.! .; . W II l l{l) Wll S llnl MHOdK. Ill W MiiN..iuN. I). C. ( .,„i:rrs.i„n,il -2 . . . llaxiii ' snrrr-sliiJJN run llir an In ..llhr railrnn.- I ).|.a. I inrnl. Will .1 a iilr III. .Ii lr n,l, ' ami rrall rii hi. anihitioii I.N plaxin;: in ihr riiaiik-.;;iN in;; luolhall rla -.i.-. Tin- «a- hi- linr-l li,„ii: Mi- ran- -rn-r ..I hnnior an. I r.,n- ' irnti.Mi- -| ii il niakr Will a •■nalnral " l-.r -n,rr- in ihr-rivirr. I„.,il„ill I: In (lull :i: ijmunt Cliih .(-. ' - . r;ir i Cliih 1 ' ; Snilin i Club :i-2-l: Spanish Cliil, .(-J. I( ri i Li liii Cliih 1 ' - ; (Air Mtral 2; .Scr -ofil I. (,■2 . . . Hank nn.l.Mil.i.-.llx ua- l ..rn .luring urilrr. hir wlirii il rniiu-- 111 - iiiiinin : nr haxin;; | |i-lirrl- lN|iril. Hank .- tin- man In -rr. n iii-ani ri rM, aiinlmarx. Iir n-nl hi- talrni- mainiN in Inruanlini: llir Mow- il rr. Ilrll al»iN- I.r rrnirnil.rnil Inr lii- l.l.|i|iiinr anil all.i lap- .|i.. ir-. r.im.r.i (JiihJ; Ihlmh- J. I nfiiutr hmillmll J: I niiih (lull A: llimilzir .1-1 ' - . Ij.vninlr Kdiliir: Ser n-anl I. PETER HAMPTON HOKNBAKGER Kenmorp;. Nem York C.onfircssion il M-1 . . . Smiling Pete greeted his first Beast Barracks Firsty with " My name ' s Peter, but mv frienrls call me Pete. " But he recovered (juickU and carried this same friendly greet- itii; llirouglioiit his cademy life to gain worlln goals in academics, sports, and ac- tivities, not to mention his classic collection of nicknames. Tennis 4-S-2. umerals. Monogram; Squash 1-3-2. Munwrals, Monogram: (ierman Club 3-2-1, President: Glee Club 2-1: Sunday School Teacher 3-2-1. Depart- ment Suprrintendent: Sergeant I. THOMAS gi:ok(;e horst Cmi.TDN. iscoNSiN ( ' .ongrcssionul (j-2 . . . Finally, taking courage to leave the breweries of Vi isconsin. Tom ventured to the " Rock. " In his quest for lung exercise, he filled the halls and shower with sour notes. When not occupied with time in the squash courts, he found plenty of opportunity to slip into the sack. Tom was a guitar lover to the end. Catholic Chapel Acolyte 3-2-1: Cotlwlic Chup.l Choir 4-3-2: Chess Club 2: Glee Club 2: l-rrn.h CInh l-.i: Corporal 2; Lieutenant I. .iohn farnxeij. HorcHKiss Auburn. Cai.iforma Conan-ssinndl K- ' 2 . . . Farwell was a disciple of the gay. carefree way of life. A veritable fountain of good humor and mirth, John was a walking Chamber of Commerce for California, as well as an outstanding intramuralist for K-2. After graduation John ' s main ambitions arc an M-(; lo race around in and a dog. because he " lulTs " animals. (... Cluh 2-1: Handball Club 3-2: Ordnance Club 2-1: I ' islol Club 2: Russian Club ..J-l " - ; Ski Club 1-3-2: Corporal 2: Lieutenant I. .1 WIKS I.N N now Mil) r V M I- . I 1 V ( .(iiitiirssioniil ll-l . . . Sr .-. Ilin .Mill.- I.. .«| I ' mI,,! «illH.iil ,. «,„,v. I,„| ..H.r |{.M-I It.nr.i.k- l..«., .„u..linj:ll.r.l,,N-. Il. . ,„-.•.. Hun -I .1 III r liiMiiil iImii- cir clrri-||iliii : Ills i-|i;illl|iiiiii- -lii|. ill 111.- . ' iiil Divi-iim Hii.jfr.-Clul.. I!„-.I.,-,I,„II (-,(. „„„,„ ,. Mimoitnim: r;,. ..|._ ' . . iii(iiiiih; S .i ( ( ; i ' .itriMtnil 2; l.iriili-iiiini I. })) i) II) i (;i SI III I (;i;i. I ' ll Mid I Nil I VI. I . K N ollliirssinlllll Ca.l.i ■ 1 (.li ' . ' dull ;iil.l (.In- Cluli ( ii .i|i|il ill- lii ;iili-lii- l;ili ' iil I., -kih liiv- ..I llir ii)unlr .-.iiic or ( ' aiii|iiii : at a iicail lakf. l.itlhitlir Choir -. ' ; Diulrrlir Sm-irlv f: ' i-2: h ' ishin i (liib J.I: i.lvv Cliih 4.3-2-1: Ski Club 3-1: Corporal 2: ii)ii ri ' i in( . III xiriiui. ' CxMsri.o. Ni u ' louK I „u-nssw,ml C-l . . . " Iliiiiiii " .nlin-.l W.-l I ' l.iiil Inmi a -mall N.« nik l..»n. I.iit a-i.l.- Ir....i llir la.l llial III- niaiiau.-,! |., (all ii Ii.- n.ai.-l .ir.k .III liiulil |ii. l l. ' iii . Ii. ' k hi- plarr sMili 111.- I..-I ..I ■ ' .■.. llll..ll-ll III- «a-. M.Mi- . ,,iiil..i l.ilil. ' ill . . lal -. i. ' ii. ' . ' . a. ' a.l. ' iiii.- u.r. ' .i..l.l. ' Mi. an. I III. ' -Mii.laiiii. ' .PX) ' , nllii.. Socrvr 3-2, Mmui inim: ' I ' nuk (-.1. Nii ikth s; b ' ishinn (Jul, 3: l-orum 21: ll ;,ilz.r . .SA.-.-I CJuh 21: Ski CJub 1-3.2 I: S Minish CJuh 3.1: If rifhl l.ifliiit Clnb 3.1: Sr oiiil ;. KENNETH klYOSHI IKEDA Honolulu, Hawaii Congressional M-1 . . . Devotion to est Point has never dampened " Surf Board ' s " passion for beau- tiful Hawaiian Hula Maidens as he went swinging along after taps in pursuit of strav tenths. His slide rule was always warm and pineapples his only consolation in the mess hall. Ken " s big loss was his evesight used to detect I he Owl. Ciinwm Club 3-2-1: rislul Club 2-1: litis :i-2-l: C.ori i)ral 2: Sergeanl I. Club DON ISBELL Warwick, Virgima Qudlified C.onipciitor C-I . . . Although he is still an apprentice in the club. Don seems to be another C-1 con- ert to science fiction. It beats studying, but our boy from Virginia still spends plenty of time studying. You see, he comes from a naval background. He ' s sure he made the right choice, as long as he hears from Virginia. Cartwra Club 2-1: DebaU- Counril 2: (,„IJ Club .M ' ; Sailiii i Club 3-2: Spanish Club 1-3-2-1: Scriieanl I. k ROBKH I KIIIL K .1 VCkSON St. I ' xil.. li N. Honor Miliuirv School G-2 . . . Bob spent most of plelie ear grow- ing, but he alwa s maintained the rest of the conipanv shrunk to under-size. Vi ben not engaged with poring over hi.s stamp collec- tion or dozing in his chair. Bob could usually be found bolstering the sagging spirits of his classmates. For tliis Bob deserves the thanks ofu lluvkcv I. umvmh: Cuthulic Chapvl .tculylr I: Catholic Chapel Choir 4-3-2: Dialectic Society 3-2-1: I ' istol Club 4; Russian Club 4-3-2: Sergeant I. 1)11 HI li I II i{(»i I) .1 (:( i{s SkvuI.I,. W VMIINc.n.N ( unurrssinmil ll-l ...■riHl-arW.-l.Tn.-, -,„nl hi- vv inl.r- .■lia-i.i;; ki- .inMm.l .r.M,,iil. .iii.l -ai.l lir llrxrr roul.l llixl rnou-l l MI N . S» i.iuniii -. -.»■■•.■,. Ir.i.k. .111.1 -kill,:; k.-,,| 1,1- .ill.-,,,,,.,,,, Imi-x. ;ni.l lie ni. ii.i;:. ' ,l In Mull llir VraJrn.jr l).-|.,nlMir„l ,,nl ulllinT ■;., u..ilh ..l -uM -I...-; Km hr uill filacll) .-Mlian r lli.rn L.r lli..-.f;ul.l l.ai-. s ,l .-.iHi ..M ' . , r„ .(,i,M. S,„,. .(.. ' . . 7;,i, . ..(; • iWlr IM,llinn iniimil J- . r7l.llr»l.iM; f, ,r ( lilh (-.(-- ' . .■ SAl (.7ll , -. -:. ' .;. I ' nsi.l.nt. (,„,,nr.,l J: ( ' (ilHiiiii I. liriofiilc Itljiiiniil. I ' M I .1 Mi s .ijiiiini; )-2 . . . ■■} ' . ,l. " i ..nr ..I 111. ' Ju.k.r mm „f 111.- (:..r|.- liir. n.. mall.r ulial lli.- -ilualii.n. I..- aKvav- -•.- |, l.ri lil -i.l.- an.) i- r.a.JN «illi a laiii;li l.-r -mi .H,a-.i.,n. llli..u;;li •■} ' . J. " M.N.r iiia.lc- 111.- D.-au- l.i-l. ii.- l. |. with .-M-i ' N.m.- liii kii. u- him. liiiii l.. ' li.- . ' r ill | ai ' li.--. h.- ' il .-iij. liiiii..-ir uli.i- vwr lit ' fjiH-s. hrriuh :iiil :i: I ' lihli, Inf.inniilinn IhUiil : t-2-l: C.itriHinil J: l.iriilrminl I. CI CM DON M I) II I JIXlN vi . (; lll.iliM iili, ii(il (.mini -J . . . Willi, al Ih.- .a.l.-m . I)..ii l..-.aiii.- Ml. i.-.i-iii;:l " t iir " ill a -ii i Miiirs aii.i in llu- III . ! |»-i-f. riiiiei . ti llic hori .oiital liar. Dm- I.l hi- I..X.- r.ii .Irniii:;. h.- ..miI.I 1..- {.iimii uin-ii. ' N.r I ill!.- h.-hm.l lli.- u li.-.l .,( a Irii.-k. MaiiN ui-r - hi- li.nir- -|n-iil nil llirl uliiili ri ' iiiiii.li-.i him nf hi- hum.- in S.iiilh.-rii Ciilirornia. i. ninii tir -.{-! ' - . iniiTii . Mintir " t " : (hapfl I hnir 1.3-JI: Lrrninn (Jul, I-3-2-1: Orilnanrr Mil I- 1: SiTpiml I. 1 JOHN RANDOLPH JETER, Jf . Umon, South Carolina Cougrrssional 1-2 West Point was the place for this boy. Jack spent the usual call to quarters hours shooting the breeze with his roommates and trying h ard to study. Active on company intramurals, he spent a lot of his time down at the skeet range getting ready for the quail season back home, an l drawing a few pic- tures for the Pointer. German Club 4; Hop Commitlvi- ; I ' liinlrr :i-J: Ski-cl Club 4-3-2-1: Ski Club 2; Serficanl I. CHARLES RODNEY JOHNSON Bruce, Mississippi ConiiressioiKil C-1 . . . Charhe spent most of his cadet life in the gym, finding the boxing room atmosphere more invigorating than the numbers racket (Calculus). Despite one interruption for in- sisting that the world was flat, he outlasted the Academic Department. He used his free time making friends and enjoying the induce- ments of civiUan life to the hilt. Boxing 2-1; Cross Country 3-2; Fishing Club 3-2-1: Handball Club 3-2-1; Public Information Detail 4-3- 2; Ski Club 3-2-1; Spanish Club 3-2-1; Sergeant I. EKEDKICK GKMIAM JOHNSON Salem. Illinois Congressional A-1 . . . Fred ' s years as a cadet leave his friends a memory of a man who could com- bine an easv-going nature with an indus- trious, eflicient manner. Always able to lind humor in a situation, Fred was a constant source of amusement to his associates. Suc- cessful as a cadet. Fred shoidd be equall successful as an officer. lootlmll I: Dialectic Society 4-3-2-1: Forum 2: Ger- man Club 4-3-2: Ski Oub 4-3; Corporal 2; Sergeant I. .) WHS i5i. S(i ,i()ii S() I I.I li-uN. W i i III..IM X nniinssioniil I -I liiM .-..m.- U u- Irn... l.l.-,«..i,. ,-st Nii-i.ii.i. Mi. Iri.n.llv -.ml.- .in. I k.-.-n -.iim- ol huiii.M hax. ' iiia.l. ' liiiM a .i. ' .lil 1.. I- 1 aii.l a |...|.ular •V-iiak. " at l...|.-. .Iim|- rin an. I lalkin in hi- -l. ' i ' |i liaxi- iiia.l. ' iiiaiiv liiiiii.ir- iMi nif lils lor lii- vi . ' -. 1 1 w.miI.I Im- a f.r„NN Cm i M (-.{-J- . ,Hi.f.. v. tin,„ " •; 7V.i. . t-:i- ' J-l. iimrnils, Miiniifinini: (jiili-l Cluipi-l Clinir l-:f: Cwiirra Cliih .i-J-l. I iri-fmitlrnl: (ili-r Cliih l-J-l: Sl.i (Mil, ..M ' ; S,rfi,a„l I. men { ) i) i() JOHNSON NU VI I. N. V Onnlifird ( „mi ,lil„i . . . I ...ikiii l.a.k ..V.I III.- |.a-l r.vs -. u.- -,-.- III. II .„ir -l.iv h.-n- ha- I..-.-. .- . ' ..ii-i.l.-iahlN iiK.n- |.l.-a-anl l.v ..in -iali .ii vvilh {{i.-hi.-. -.l.-iii..n-lral.-.l , 111.--- .III. Ih.- m.-ii vvii.. uill -.-IN.- Mii.l.-i him will in- .l.-.-.l h.- I.Ttunal.-. Ii.,-,h ,ll !■: . i,m,nils. l, m,fir,im: Simct f-.i-J-l. „m,T„h. Major " l " ; liaskvllmll I. „m,r,ih: llni, ( iiiiiinitirr t-:i-2-l: ( ' .i,ri i,rul 2: l.iriilriinnl I. Iliiltiiliini iiljlltimt. i{oi!i i; I rill i; hhinson Ni« oll . Niu uiik (,„rjnssi„n,il -l . .. |{..l.. ih.-r.-.-rx.-.l. I.HI Ih.h.-I l ik.-.l Iri.-n.i. «a- aluav- ih.-i.- I.. Ii.-I|. vwlh .1 »..iil .,ra.Ki.-.-..rauillv «..r.l I., rai-.- ral.-. N., |.n.l.l.-m. ,i.a.l.-mi.- ..r - -l.-m-w i-.-. ha- .-v.-r .i.,mil.-.l him -in.-.- lli.- Iir-I .lav. Mr uill al- «.,x- I..- r.-uar.i.-.l uilh th. hij:h .-l.-.-m uhi.h h.- u..n al W.-l r..inl. II,i.,IhiII .(. » ii,- .i . Mnnnuninii llii knlHill ■.(. i,m,niU. Major " I " : ( alluJi, thii ,l ,,.hl.- . ' ; t ' rriirh Cliih 3-J: lliuuir (jimmillrv . Kiitsiim ( liih .7-1 ' ; fW Mwn 2: (.aptain I. J SI ' WI.KY M()R(; .lOHNSON (iiiKTNV. iR(;iMV Congressional (1-2 . . . Stan, till ' original " cottonpicker, " was converted in Beast Barracks, and after- wards zealously pursued the art of being a cadet with shoe polish and blitz. Exeejit when thinking about someone back home, he spent his time in the squash courts, at the skeet range, and doing pull-ups on the alcove rail. Truck 3: Hin i Omiinittee l-i-J-l: SkrrI Club 1-3-2-1: Ski Club 3; Spanish Club i-3: H right l.ifiino Club 2: iMrporal 2; Lieutenant 1. CLIFFORD lOM.S. IB. jNorckoss. Gkok(;iv ( ' .onun [- ' l . . . Seldom warm enough up on the liud-on. this Rebel always dreamed of an Vcadcm) I ' .xtension in Atlanta. Cliff usually had a reserved box seat on the bench for soccer games but enjoyed those four years out on Chnton anywa an Army Brat, he expe full count. A true flanker and s to stav in for the Lacro-ine How,, C, Cliih 3: 11 Snccrr 4-3-2-1. umrntls. Mnnafinim: inittrr 2-1: I ' istiil Club 3-2-1: Siiauish Uhl l.ifliiifi Club 2-l:Cori „n,l 2:C,ii l,iin I. W VRRI.N ALEXANDKR JONES Clkvki.wd. Tkwksski-; Conjircssiomtl C-2 . . . From the l..-ginning. Warren has been kn.mn to all as " WaW a. " Between reminiscing of home and the [»revi us la- crosse season, and converting Yankees to Dixie wa s. " WaW a " ably represenle.l C-2 as Honor Rcj). Cerlainix n liner frifiid could one ask for. Here ' s wishing the best of everything for the future. H,m„r Cnm-iiiltrr 2-1: ll.mitzvr 3-2: Coi mral 2: Liemnuml I. lioltl IM I IMI I I lOSI.I ' ll. ,l|{. m.imi.. Iiw ( i iii:nssi„i,iil -J . . . Oi.r |.l l .- N.ar «;. n..t .•iin..-li 1.., llii ' ■■(iriik (;.i(l. " Ml. I [ rif;i roiis fiir.s .11 . l.l.. K..K lie. i(l.-,l Im- ...iil.l morf casilN u Ii-- »...n.n uiih ih.ii ,.-l I ' uim l,„,k. MiIioi.mI, |„. uon ' l Ih ' rriii.nil.rn.l I,,, .iii r.-.il iuiilril.iili..ii- I., ill. ' ,l,N.I,,|„n.iil ..I .•l.-.ln.ilx. I,.- mII I..- n-,all,-.l 1... In .y.r (.Miinn li, I: ..,,,■, . ,i,„-rri . Cliiiiirl Choir »-.(- . ' . . (. .■.■ . l-:i-L ' -l. Shi Chih I: llrifih, lifliiifi ( ' .lull I: ..r i..ni . ' ; Srrfiriiiil I. H IO l) M.IA M)i;k K { 1 I O- N..l 11-. C ,; ,„„,, .uanl K-_ ' . . . Kmn ;,niN.-.l al W .-I l ' ..lnl r.a.lN an. nl.i .-.l lV..m MiiiiiN S h.iii Cal. MuaN i.ail with a li.l|.iii liaml i.r a Iri. iHlIx j. kc ••|{ K " " l....-l.-.lu-..x.rlli.a.a.l.-mi.liunll.- ,.-u,ll a-L ' iNinf;ii-.n..ii-li lauj. ' !.- I.. la llr r . ' . -a. ' k arli-l. Ii. ' a.lii.N ..I . ' .lu. ' ali..i uill.. ri..rl a.ul i- a .in.li In. -,..•.•.-. ii I Ik- I ' lilun-. (Mlholir CImiwI Imlvlr .J-:. ' - ; l.rii.nil C.inmiltrv J « isMfi i Cliili (-.M ' . ; Ski (lull ;-.M ' - . Cnriinnil 2 Caiiluin I. lirijiuiU- SuiiplyOffirrr. c II k MiMS (;viioN. Onii I. II .111.1 i-.iii III. ' aH. ' rii.M.M. I I ' illiir oil ill) ' rill. -aN. ' .i|. III.- i.l.a ..I . ' I.. W. ' .l l ' ..iMl. In .1 iiMiallx l . ' I..IIII.I ..r il-i- ill tin- wpipht lifting ro.iiii. Il - aK»a - ii.iiixf.l in wi-arinp a Miiil. ' . an. I al ni-in • ' • ul.l aiua - I.. ' {..iiikI al hi- -lu.ii.- iMiniiii;: tlu- iiii iiii :lil . il. hirrntM- I: Kijir l:1-2: (.7n .« Ommillrr J-l; Frmrh (Ji,h 3-2: U,ri llHill Club 2: Ski (Jub t-:i-J-l: S n ial I ' ntumm (jnnmilirr 3-2: II ••i il l.i lin t (Jub 3-2-I: (jtrpiiral 1 ' ; Srrfiiml I. 263 iRviN (;i.()K(;i: katfxbrink Ati.vntx. (;i; i«;i Congrrssiomil ]-l... rm.-.l «ilh..iil a H.-lM-lflagan.laii iri( ' liaiislil(lc slotc of -ncif!: . irv rasil) look f i-r lliiiij: in liis stridt- in ihf manner of a Iruf Soiilliciii ficntlt-nian. V li ' nding liiunl and a warm smile liave licconic liis trademarks. W h.nver lie travels Irv will never lie at a loss for friends beeause of his pleasant personality. Debate Council 4-3-2; Pointer Staff 4-3-2-1, Ediior-in- Chief; Ring Committee 4-3-2-1; Corporal 2; Lieitteniini mm k 5 - JAMES FRANK KEEGAN Miami Hkuii. Florida Son of Deceased I eteran E-l . . . est Point weather is something that no good Floridian can get used to, and Jim is no exception. However, Christmas leave always saw him home and back again with a suntan. Jim had his troubles though; between nagging wives and blind drags, he never found enough time to expound on the virtues of Florida. ■ ' . " , ,« -.M ' . Um„or„m: Cnnirn, Ctuh 7; I ' lMnl Chih 3-2-1: Kiissian Ctuh 3-2-1: Corporal 2: Licu- (;E0RGE ROBERT KENNEBECK. JR. Silver Spkino. Md. iWntiondl (iiuinl F-l . . . Coming to West Point from the land of liie Krrapins, George always had time for activities other than academic. A veteran Glee Club man, he was also a lacrosse addict and a mainstay on company projects. His winning personality will make him an asset to an iniit and ill assure him a successful iMcrossr 1-3-2, Monogram: Cadet Chapel Choir 3-2-1; (.lev Club 4-3-2-1; Ordnance Club 1; Portuguese Club 3: Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1. li 5 .1 Wll II | IN M l.|{. IK. 1)1 Morul |v. ViMiwiv niiurrssi.inill ll- ' ... " ,,,u.|. .lu- ,■..|.••.l.,.•k-;,i.l.■a.•ll • lii . C iii Iruiii M.ilMfii.i. liiiir a- l iiiin..r if. ' iiilMim.r l.i liiiii. (,„■ .l.i.k |.r.. i.lr.l lliinsi-lr Midi tllr IIIIMII I l -.| ;||l l ' a ■-•M.lill- li..lr. Will, hi. i„„.lt. ' . ' .ll.ll.lr.. ;,n l hi- .li-liii.i al.iiilN I.. 1,11.1 III, ' Mill .hiniii;: ..n 111.- .hllk.-l .,1 il.iN.. ja.k-- liili.ir r.Mil.l iii- IT III- iliiii. •i».( «i l-:t-J-l. Miimifirr: (Minrrii Cliili l.:i-J.I: Ihhiil,- Caiinril l-.i-L ' -l: l.srort iiitil lirkrl nininitlrr I: l.vrimm (lull ,{-J. I ' islol Cliih .M ' ; «,i, ,„ Club i . ; Ai (lull l-.i-i ' -l: S,r :i-iinl I. W IIINK1 M 111 M KM (, ' N }■ n M I -I u. ( ; M 1 1 )u M ( iiniirrssiiiiKil M . . . ilaiik lia.l Mil. I r..r •S li,..-liii; . ' iriN. II. ' kiia. ' k lur han.il.all lalK l„nk,-. an. I .rim.- ua- .lails r..rj:.| liii;; I., lol.l hi- l.,«.l. Hi- lax..ril.-a.a l.iiii.- |.iiiMiil a- Malli. II. ' aii.l lii- li.l.- ml.- iiia.l.-.iiiil.- a pair. Ilaiik i a lni.-:?(l-x.Mriiiaii an. I -h.iul,! .1., u.lj in llii- iiiaii " arim . IH.il.ni, • , i,| ..(.. ' .;. ,;,,l,ir . rr„,l,„ti,.i, l„n •iilrr: ll.m.llmll ( l„l, (-.i-l ' . ,,,si,„i (l„l, .(.. ' . Sr- firtint I, I i;i I) (.1 i; ui) K ii liii.M . .11111 IMiin M.UN. . 1 . ( .inunssional K-l . . . I ri.r- III., ill iii|.r.-.| al lli. ' .a.l.iii ha- h.-.ii .I.N.,|.-.I I,. -|...i|-. (:.,i|.- S.|iia.l I IkiII an. I iiiliaiiiinal ha-k.lhall k all lii-aNailahl.- Ii.. ' Inn. ' uli.iih. ' . ,,.,11 i.n.l. ' , hi- r. ' .|.h..v. |{|. ' . ' in Ihroiifrh Malli nia.l. ' hi- a.ail. ' iiiii- n. |iriiltl)-Mi. iind ln ' .-x.-n inaii- a;:. ' .l l.xoarlia f.-u of hiM ' la-iiial.-. iIi.mi Ii III- was iisiiallv in nri-ii of a i.iarli Inr hiiii-i-ll. IimhImiII 1:1: ' . M.in.ifram: lli k.-v . Trmk f. .i. mrrnU: (.rrnum ( liih .l-J-l: („ilj (Juh .M ' . , I irr. I ' miilvni: Ihiiiillmll (Juh .1-L ' h Ski (lull l-.l-JI. (jislmlinii: S«-rptin( I. - " O 265 k i —m 1 KOhKirr l.l.K l, FRK Z ( i!(ll ui). i:nuvsK C.oniircssidniil L-l . . . B.)l) is a N.-braska h,n ami tli.- (lal prairie land was the butt of many a well meaning joke. He was a good competitor in sports and he was active in man) extra cur- ricular activities. Company l.-l in the coii- (ines of Soiilli rfi as liis " liunie " a a isli 111 l.el.eslollu. ' k I) ;c.s( in ;. umrnils: Cinimi Cliih :i-i ' -l: hrlxitr Council and Forum 2-1: l ' isl.,1 CInh I: I ' nI.lir In- formation Detail 1-3-2-1: SLi ( l„h I: Sponisl, Chil, :i-2-h Corporal 2; Serfii-uni I. WALTER Hovi Rn i. m:)i:rs Arlington, Virginia CongressioiKil L-2 . . . W alt. the song and dance man. could ah a s be counted on for a fast (piip. You must be warned that he was no man to tell troubles to if ou were in the mooil for s m- pathy. He was liable l laugh ou out of them. He ne cr woie a bigger smile than when the opportunity came to hit a few night spots in Greenwich illage. Fencing 4: Camera Club 1-3: C.haprI Choir 1-3-2: Dialectic Society 2-1: Forum 2: Morlor 3: Sbi Cluh 2-1: Special Program Commillrc I: II eiiilii lAftini! Club 2-1: Sergeant J. JOHN srwroN i.mmiam An()K , 1inm;s()t QiKilifwd Coiupetiior K-1 John, whil. ' at West Point, suffered )ni aHliclions of nicknamc-itis but an- swere.l best when called " Silas " or " Chur- ch " . We looked Icrward with dread when- sections. I ' he strain of sa iug. " Sir .ii name is pronounced l.apham. nut I. l ' -han. " neariN proxcl hi. undoing. I)el„itr Council 1-3-2: I ' i lol Cluh 1-3: Hmlio Cluh 1-3-2-1: Ski Cluh 1-3: Corporal 2: Captain I. K I DON I rilljol ' N,.i ...Ih-.I.,--,-,! ,, .i lM..,k. 11. ■ .u. " S " S.inacl «r.-|l.T. ililN ImmI, ' uril liiliii in .un lilr ii II n-:.lliii l :i-J-l: (,7i. .s Cliili .(: Ih-lmlr (iiiiiiril timl I „niiii 2-1: C-rinun Cltih .{; Hndi,, Cliih I: Mtiilw- imiti.s InnimJl. I ' rtsidrnI: l ' „iiurr It-J-l. Tnnsiini. DON Ml) Kill II I I I Mill Ul ' Uli I . l l . ( illlillCSsilllUll K-l . . . I). K. vmII m,v.-, Im- r.,r;:,,||,n L.r In- in.iiiN la!.- In.ni ill,- iii.l n,,M,li-. ,,t l.nniJMr- |H,rl. ilrrnjnv.Ml u n.l jin ami l.ainll.all ami r..nl.l l . ' Inuinl rilh. ' , ni llic -mii or in lii i-nuin -rapplin ; uitli llw acadcinir . I, pari- -..iialilv nia.l.- Inin a iiiark.,1 man in K ( in. II rr ( . i . .. ; Cmlvt ( l,„i„l ( l,„ii ..), I i.hiii- ( liili 2-l:(,tf (:iiilt l:3-2l: nrimml J: l.iri„.„,n,i I. W l I I i; I K Nkl IN I iCMI S. .I|{. I V Dl I v» Mil ( .m-rrs.innnl l-l . . . I rank l-kll., .- all a- lli.ra|.i.l ri . ' lillian.lri ll..cll.l .n inii.li l.,i imis U.i-r- l.iill. ••(aallv- k III.- l.-n:. ' . ..,.,-.- 1..-..- al W.-.t i ' .. nt. an. I .linni- In- .....n.M ..» .-ar III- a| taiii.-.l ill.- I -I. all I. am. Oil ami .ill lli.-| a .-l...ll.l...m..n.ll..-»a-alnl uiliin-all. ami uill n. .l..iil,l ...iilimi.- In- unniin- v«ax. Ill ill.- -.Txi. .-. (.!« »( ..).. ' . . ( i »iiii. NiiHi.r.i ,. l,i).,r I . ( iimrra (Jul, 3: Skm Cliih 3-2: Spanisli I liil, 3: ( .ir Kiro 2: Srr lriinl I. PAUL THOMAS LEMO |{() ii;. Nkw York Honor Military School ' -2 . . . l.tMinv f-aiiie lo West Point straight from hifili school. No job difficult or easy ever took the happy grin off Lenny ' s face. Vt hen he wasn ' t running track or studying ou were sure to lind him chewing the fat with someone. Tlicre weren ' t many things that our friend Lemi would rather do tlian keep the company happy. Cross Country I; Lacrosse 4: Swimming 4-3; Track 2-1: Catholic Choir 4-3-2-1: General Committee 2-1: Spanish Clith 3-2: Sergeant I. JOHN K KLOS LEV E NTIS MrsKi;(;o . Michigan Congressional L-1 ... Academy life has been the only life for John. He attended a military academy before entering West Point and did not find the cluinge of life as disturbing as do most people. Me has managed to sta out of trouble with tiie Vcademic Department but has still looked forward to graduati m with an unhoK desire. If resllin- 1-3. nnun,i.. Mow.gram: C 3-2-1: ll,,,. l„n,i!i,r 1-3-2-1: Corpnn.l 2: I (;EK Ln S. LEWIS Passaic. Nkw Jersey Coniiressional -l . . . W hetlier it was at cards or academies. J rr was ciiuallv at home. W ilh a sharp wit and experience that ranged from the Dean ' s List to the Saturday Afternoon Hiking Club ' s outings in Central Area, Jerry got a maxi- mum of results from a minimum of effort. We believe his success is assured. Ciinirn, (hill 3: French Cluh 3: I niiim 2: .Icnisli C.hiiiirl Chnii 1-3-2: Sergeant I. it it X. Ill mil HI SI IK, IK. II I i, i!i,K(; Carmrii Hub .i-J-l: Cillinii, t,„lMr .M ' - . Ihluil, : iiinril -. ' M ' - ; DialiHlir SiH-icly .M ' - ; I ' isliiii l Cliili .{-J; l- ' iinim J- : I ' nrluiiiivnf Cluh . ' ; )l ' ( Spnrlr. Staff :i: Srr .a„i I. lO ' -l I ' ll I l I 1 (iilltiirssiiillill llli i..i-.. .ui.l .ilirr .|M ' n,li..- .10 M I,, ill III. ' Inl.iiilrs. . ' iilrrr.l W ..l i ..inl Irmii I . M l ' n|..ir,il..i . .li,M,l. Il.-(.ix..ril. -|H,ir-«liil.- h.n- ,11 W.-l l ' ..iiil «.r.- ,n„-..,iinliN ..ii.l ;;..ll. Mr «.i- on.- ,.1 K (...■- -I .mil, I..-I I hi-. Ir.r liiiii ' .KliMli.- c.iii-i-l l .il ilr.i;:;;iii;: .mil -inking. (. «.v» Cniiiilrv .J; (.« Miifi lii . ; In Chih .J; I amrni IJiib .7: IhimlUill (Jul, .}; Ilnuilzrr Li: lml,l Kuil- r.MulCJuh 1-3: l ' i l,J(Jtih3: Ski (Jul, : • ■rs ' -,ini I i DEAN ALBERT L() (;H() IIOM Minneapolis. Miw. Orannizi ' il Hcserre H-1 ... As an f -airmaii anil al iiniitis of St. Thomas ' VcadcniN. Dean was no stranger to the life lie found at W est Point. n ardent admirer of the " pad " and Saturday evening movies, he could most often be found engaged in these activities. His big smile and sense of humor was one of the bright spots in H-l. CvmnasUcs 4-3: Catholic Acolyte 3-2-1; Crnnnii Cliili :i.2-U Handball Club 4; Ski Club 4; Sergeant I. JOHN PHILIP L() i:i.l, Madison, Wisconsin (.oiitiivssiuital C-2 . . . John, when not molding minds, w as plaving Chaucer for the Pointer. He had a driving ambition for phvsical (itness. and some of his more creative literary works came out of the " sweat room " . Despite his famous slogan, " I just can ' t seem to get ad- justed, " John found himself at the lop of the academic world. Class Committee 2-1: Class Hisliirian 2-1: Debate Council 2: Dialectic Society 1-3-1: llonitzer I: I ' lO Sports Detail 4.3-2; Pointer I -3-2- 1. Miinofiiiifi Edi- tor: Sunday School Teacher 3-i ' -h Corixinil 2: Cip- tain 1. SAMUEL NEWLON LOWRY SoMi.usKT. Pknnsyi.v m ( .on ifssional ( ' .-2 . . . To know Sam as a Plebc was to know noiiclialaricc. To kno« him as a Yearling was to know g(iiialil . To know him as a Cow was lo know pfrsc crancf. I$nl lo know him as a Kirstie was lo know Sam. Conlenle(ll breathing in his new l won pri ilcges week- ends, a car. and l ' rida niglil nios ies was Smilin " Sam. Swimmiiiu I: Ciitlinlir Clioiiel tclvie 3-1: I ' istol Club 1-3-2-1: l ,„li„ Club 2-1: Skeei Club 3.2-1: Ser ieanl I. NMI I I M I i; i M I ' M V XM. I ' , N .. I).,,„s.-,l I rlr my Tinnis :i. Mnnniinim: l-nnrh Chil. .(. Mrnhmuiii, loriiw i ' : I ' islnl (lull l-:i.. ' : fniniri ■ lalj :i: I ' lihli, K.luli.m. (..,„,. il _■.;. «,„ ,„ I l„l, ,..(.;.. ,„„,„ . S,-,ii,:,„l I. Will 1)1 II |) !(. Ml .. . Will, l«,.v,-.,,, .,, |||,„..i- I .|H.|,i,„| l»i... D.M. r...in.l n.. Ir.M.l.lr ujil, .,r.„l,-iiii. . II.- -Il..r.«lii|| ...lli.ll|l.l|.-.l MM .NM.Iiiip ::n.inl. |,.„.„l.-. ,,,,.1 .n-|M-, i,..n-. MtJH.uiili no ......I Miilil ..llr, In- innrniii;: ,„ ,;: „- .li- ».iv- |.Ml- 111- .,11 ml., .x.rx x.-nlnr.-. Will. tin- l),..i i ..-n..-.l ., M..r, ,. uh.il.x.r l.i« li. ' l.l. ( l,.r,l,-,„lrr . ' : .,rman (Juh.VJ.I: (.ymnayli, , »..J.. ' . . Ilonnt ( .mimilli;-: Tiiini% 1-3: CjiriHtral J. l.iiiiUn. ROY H. LYNN. JR Riverside. Califorma ( ' .onfircssiiinnl A- 1 is th ord for R( fa rilf li )l)l) is his jazz collection. If not hovering o t liis record player listening to his favorites, lie can be found swimming, placing hasketbali, or out on the intramural Softball Held. His easy going way and method for getting llic job done will iarr liiin far in his career. Sicimminfi l-.l: C.nlJ C.liih I: SixiiiisI, Cltih :S-2: Srr- AI.KXANDER RONALD MACDONALD KoRT Km) . Kemicky ( ' .oitfircssiondl 1-2 .. . The rni is the place for this Scolch- nian. il " s in the Macdonald blood. Thus West Point seemed the logical place to start said career. A well-rounded athlcle, Mac played a lot of lacrosse but did not neglect the sack call or the call to ipiarlcrs chit-chal thai accompanied a night of hard study. Lacrosse 4-3-2-I: Catholic Choir t-3: Honor Commit- tee 2-1: Pointer 4-3: Sheet Club 2-1: Corporal 2: Lieutenant I. BRUCK S. MACDONALD LeETSDALE. PeN SYLV MA Coilfllt ' F-2 . . . Out of the proverbial green hills of Pennsylvania, Mac came to the Point with an array of varied talents. Two of bis major hobbies were cracking codes and vocalizing «ith the choir. .Tune week culminated Mac ' s foremost ambition — to graduate somewhere between the first and last man in his class. Cailet Chapel Choir 4-3-2-1: Mathematics Forum 2-1: I ' islol C.luh 2-1: II ei iltl Liftina Clnh 2-h Seriicmt I. f JJi DWII.I. K Mil l mom; S N I- H N( I s( 1 ), C V I 11 . ( nntinssioniil l-l ... Wli.M.v.r D.m ,.|„,„,-,l f,,„n f In- iiuiii i.niiil- In III. ' Us I..NMI. «r Nv.n- ;:iKirailt ' ril lli.il lir Ii.mI |.i. kr.l ll|. iniirli I I lor talk. I.,nI„- iIm- ,....„,„ ,|,,,, |,.. ,licl ... wrll ill Ku iilll ail.l i;il;:li l, u.„ ||,;,| I,.- Iikr.l III ' |iiiiiii l on iiiiMliiii.:. DiiMl I.ik - Iniiii llli. tllMl ll. ' t;llk.-.l .ill III. ' tJMI. ' . II. ' .|. ' ,.| ' . ' in a lnl. (. i« i., i, Clwir l.:i.2: CalluMc Irolvu-s .i-: ' - . Cnln-in- IJuirgf-, Class Curnmillfr 2-1: lUali-rtir .SiMirH l-:i-L ' - I. Slii ir M(iiian r: I ' wiim 2: Kiissian (Jul, l-H-2-1. S,- r,l,iry: l» .itf iJ l.t liii i Cliih .!-:. ' . Siritranl I. in I)(»l I ' ll SI H(,l I l |(l()|,i;i Tinm II i II. l i i N ( iiiiiiirssiomil 1,-1 . . . Mll ,.u;;l a, ■.MM. .111.- Ii. ' |,laiiis ..I In. liana. Mik. ' Nxa. n..| . ' iain|.. ' .l I.n iIi.- iiLMinlain. ..I N.u ' ..ik uh.n li.- .am.- I.i .-I I ' .iiiil. II.- -.|p.nl ni.»l .il In- liin.- on III. ' (..olliall an. I | i-l. l t. ' aiii an. I an : in (lit- (;l.r C.lnli. Iinl inana ' .-.l to .aM- som,- of il lor 111.- Hi- CilN . . . Mis l.ij; sniil.- i- a Ian. I mark ..I . ' ..nlli r -a. . " rf «i :. ' .• I ' islul 2-1: Camrru Clith .M ' - . CiilliulU Choir 1.3: IMmti- Council 3-2: hishiiifi CInh 3-2-I: C.lri- CJiili 3.2-1: Russian Club 1-3-2: StTftiml I. ;il |{| I S II- Mm. I ' i i; I IN. .11 I ( (IIICII ' SSl -I . . . ( liii. k lufiaii his laili-l carcfr with a nil. ' slni ' li lie iiiaiiitaiii) ' )! throiinhont hi» iiir iars. Mis alliliiilc lowanl tin- ' ail nii - -|iurlllirnl nii lil lie li-riili-il la-nal. uliilc i - Turtiral l))-| urliii -iil proviilrii tin- .s|Mirl his caiiil lifr. His •;n(;ariousnfss iiaturalU ailf him a ;. ' i-ninn. ' -mial lion: }»■ liti ' ralK vr.l lir.-. Ml h. lUII 2: iMcrnssr I: hrrnrh CJuh 2: Hop Cmu- iui-i- I-3-2-I: I ' istiil CJuh I: .Srv iiirrri(rnnia Cjm- ,11.: I: kr,t Cluh I: S,„„„ ;, (Jul, 3.2-1: li.u- wsji -A --r v A i PAUL INCOLN, LAWRENCE MARTIN, JR. Nebraska Congressional M-l . . . Paul, an " Ariny Brat " , (jiiitkly be- came adjusted to cadet life. Being a natural hive, he never had any difficulties with the Academic Department. He w as always a wel- come member on any of the " mighty runts " intramural teams. His determination to ac- complish any given task wilt certainly carry him to the top. Fencing 3-2, Manager, Monogram: Camera Club 3-2- l; Class Committee 2-1; Debate Council and Forum 4-2: Howitzer 4: Pistol Club 3-2-1: Ski Club 4-3-2-1: Spanish Club 3-2-1: ffeight Lifting Club 3-2-1; Sergeant 1. JOHN ELLS MARTLING Tucson, Arizona Son of Deceased f eteran G-2 . . . Armed with his renowned and unfail- ing wit, John was always two steps ahead of the TD, despite what they might offer. Aside from weekends and athletics, his particular interest was in reading, and he did quite a bit of it. His personality, leadership and de- votion to the service will insure him a suc- cessful career. Swimming 4, Numerals: Socct Committee 2-1: (German Club Corporal 2: Captain 1. 2. Monogram: Clas ■3: Ski Club 1.3-2-1 SIDNEY ECHOLS MASON Sarasota, Florid v Congressional A-2 . . . Time for everything except study. Sid ' s academic abilities were sacrificed to a succession of Fenimes and Howitzer poop- sheets. On weekends he could be found either at the Hops or at the ice skating rink, de- pending upon the season. A proud army brat. Sid aspires to a long and full service career. Rifle 4-3-2-1: C.ailrl Chapel Choir 4-3-2-1: French Club 3-2-1: 30-Cal. Rifle Club 3-2-1; Howitzer 4-3-2.1, F,ilitor-in-Chief: Sergeant I. 274 :i 1)1 M vssiv .ii{. Mill. I , Vv • I..V lliilrssii)llill ll-r- lir i r.,lk : ri,.-..nK ,.„.• n n-.-.-|.li,.n an. I i.i.ik.- llimi Ukr ii. , ,U:„ s uiti, 111, ;,.,U., In- v,., 1, • ,.. ;;. our Ski| n.■ .■ l. . .uix .I,.mI.| I Ii.iI - I l.r.. a- .. Mu.n!- Vl In- Im-I ,|„n Ihr .hill- u.rr ,l.,u„. |„. j. " in- lli.il ur «il| ;,|«a i.tn.rniM-, (..nilU. Il„ i,ifi l:l-i ' .l, ,im,r,ils. lini,r " t " ; (Juhnli, (Imir l:i.J.I: Clirr, Irwin I: hisluiig Chil, ,M ' . ; I ' lihlif In iinimtiiin lUliiil -. .:. ' ; Skvfl Club t-li-i; S i l(lls l Clllli :i-L ' : Srl iriilll I. Kicii ui) w II I I i i ssn i» " touK. Ni» ,„i . Di.k r-2... Ml.ra lu.. N.ar ,.I.N linallN Ilia.!. ' ih.- I ' nitil. .a.l.-mi,- u.-n- I, is l.if:;;.-sl i.alll.lirl.l. I, ill |.. rl-. NNr.k.n.i lra-. ?:iii ' anil .-.MIC- aili ilir p.|il.-ni ii.il his rniiral.-. With jii, uii ;,,i(l iinfailin ' s.ris,- of lniin..r Dick lia- jraiti..! a plaic iti ali mir h.-arls. That ,,la.r uijj |„. ..„,|,In „..lil »,■ ni.-tl hill. a :aiii. :,ill„.li, Chuir t-:i-J.I. Ihlmtr Cniin.il aii,l l„n„n I: (Mr (Mil, i .l. H w.llmll Cliih .(.: . . Vw,, i:i„l, ... ; Ski (Mil, I: S mni-s i Ch,!, (-.i. II r . , lifiinf; (I,,!, 2: l irpornl 2: Si-r iriiiii I. .I »ll lUlnDIS M iri.S() KllM.i ».M,i,. ,.» hiisii I ' nsidrnli.d II- ' . . . .„.v..r-au .nu.l, .,|.|a.k,,n .1,.- «.rk.„,l . .a,l.-,n,.-,., ll,. " Sv-l.n|-n.N,T ri sjoucl jiiin ilii M in |iin--uinf. ' llic nicm- inl.T«-siiiip ihiiips in life ! iich us drapfiiiip .r |.la in s.Hiir. Ja.k lias aiHa s inaili- lii.- I " -I f .N.rMlnn-. an. I u .•,■• .-.•rlain In- Inliirt- in llii- sitn in- uill |(n c no ixnplion. ' •rrrr I-3-2-I. umrrnh. l, nofmm: (Mjrl Cbniirl I .A.T ;. Ku%sian Club 3-2: Ski CJub2-l: C r uinil 2: I irulrnmil I. im STEPHEN A. MATISZAK Ekie. Pennsylvania yiuiional (,u(ird F-2 . . . Coining to West Point from the Army. Steve had httle trouble in adapting himself to the rigors of cadet hfe. Steve ' s pleasant nature and wilHngness to lend a hand gained him the friendship and respect of his companymates. His spare time was de- voted to weekend dragging and slumber in the red boy. Fencing 4-3: Art Club 4-3-2: Camera Club 1: Cathuli, Choir 4-3-2: French Club 3-2-1. Treasurer: Englisli Literature Seminar I: Howitzer 4-3: Ski Club 3-2: Pointer 4-3; Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1. DAVID FRANKLIN MALRER Ontario. Calif. Sott of Deceased I eteran C-1 . . . Da e was another who had to spend a inontirs wages to go home, but he was proud of his California heritage. K en an orange had to establish its origin before he ' d touch it. He made short work of all that the Academic Departments offered and enjoyed pointing out the " good deals " atta lied to Forum membership. Debate Council 4-3-2-1: Dialectic Society 4-3: How- itzer 4-3-2-1: Sailing Club 3-2-1; Sunday School Teacher 3-2-1; Sergeant 1. WILLIAM CLIFFORD MAUS New Braunfels. Texas Congressional L-2 . . . One could always find Bill either sur- rounded by " poopsheets " or dumbbells. Run- ning in the hills was his favorite pastime and his greatest thrill was running on the brigade-winning track team. His friendliness will always make him welcome and his nat- ural ability will carry him far in the service. Cadet Chapel I sher 1: Ski Club 3-2-1: Weight Li ting Club 3-2-1: Corporal 2: Captain 1. Battalion I ' .oni- W II I I 1 II I ' lll 1 S N l ' ' i M isio. ( ixi.lK. (.iinfirrssioniil 1.-2 . . . Diiriiif: his Wot Point Camr. Kill Ma " riinxiiiiiin;: iiili-ri- l was inlcriKilional I ' i ' laliciM-- ami |i litii-al pritjfi-l.-. uliicli In- sup- |ilriiii-iiti ' il willi siiiiiiiKT IfaNc •:li lic-lriils. ll T ■jraiiiialiiiii. - ii ' ti i c rnilitarv IraM ' l i l .- a lia|.| N -,. mJ...aliirr «. Kill .l..rin : ar.,nainlaM.-.-s. Irnriii t t-:i; (jidi-l ChaiH-l Choir i:tJI: Inriiin J-l: l ' i)ilii iiirsr Club 3-2: Ser lifinl I. liyy y I ' KISION KKonKS MWSON. .IK. Sl-VKTVMU U... . . C. ( nniirrssil.nill !.._ ' . . . W h.ri " I ' l-.s " ram.- In W .■ ! I ' ..inl. Iii 111.- I.H.;: ,.mlMli...i I., Im- a ..l.li.r «as nali .-,l. II,- |.n-t.-rn-.l -.iirntm-r traini.if: lo h.M.k- ami III. ' a.-a.l.-mi. ' N.-ar. ami hi- ciililii ll..lll•l.l.-l lan.i ll a. a.l.-mi. laM.-.l lim;:. II.- hk. ' .l I.. Iiiinl an. I li-li ami |M-mi hi- liaM- in III.- m..iiiUain . I l.n- Mi..|.ii.;; ;: I I ' lirlunr -laxs with him. (.,,1 hih - ' - ; ll,.i„„ Cnnimiltrr I: „,. .i i« ;.r ; (j,l„r (:..r ...i,i - ' ; i i linii I. K.fiimrnliil li . . l [r,..r. KICII UI) 1)1 M 1.(, IM in Iti i ii M«iii. i. .li:i{si;-» ( ' oniirrssiiimil -I ' .-rii.H.n- r.Min.l Di.k ,.i,l -ailiiii; ..II III.- II11.U...1 ..I |...i-ilin U .aim-ra al ill.- I...al -.-.-n.-rv. .. anl.-iil -ii|.- | i rl -r 111 l.ir|ihi-ii- ami a Inn- -iiinvor- -hi|-|..-r. Di.k alwaN- ha. I thai N .-l|.r.-M.-.l l.,..k. .a.l.-mi.- ii.-x.-r |.r..N.-.l a i.al lianl- hi|.. aiwi his lim--.- a- ma-I.-r ..I lli.- ...ii- .-.■alr.l arli.-l.alua -an.a .-.l .i . (Mim-m (Juh l:l-JI: (jilluJir Ir.Jur .(. Dial.-ni, Stirirlv 3: Sailing CJiih I-3-2-I. SfrrHiirv. I ' rr iiliiil: CJa%% (jMtmillrf I: Ski CJiih f-3-J-l: If rif hi Li liitft (Juh J- ; S4-rff i ' il • ) J THOMAS WELLER McCARTHY Chevy Chase. Maryland Concessional 1-2 . . . Tom. an army brat, came to West Point from Chevy Chase, bringing along hi? sparkUng perso nality and versatile ability as a gymnast. For a professed goat, he coastetl to a high class standing with little study and much sack time. With such a background it is inevitable that Tom will always come out on top. ( , mnastics 4-3-2-1. umerals. Minor " A " : Cathvlic Acolyte 3-2-1: Catholic Choir 4-3-2: Fishing Uub 4- 2-1: Skeet Uub 4-3-1: Ski Oub 4-3-. Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1. ROBERT RIGH McCLELLAXD Maryatlle. Tennessee Concessional C-1 . . . Bob. one of the lethargic southern clan, sleeps on his feet at reveille and defies anvone to speak to him before breakfast. However. Bob is one of those rare persons who would rather be pimished than hiu-t someone ' s feelings and would easily win the award for the best natured man in his com- pany. Basketball 4: Lacrosse 4: Cadet Chapel Choir 4-3; Corporal 2: Lieutenant I. JOHN C. .McCIX)SKKY SwissvALE. Pennsylvania Congressional B-1 . . . " Black Jack. " by his various extra- curricular activities, has shown that he is one of the more versatile men in the class. His record collection demonstrates that he is a good judge of music. He played a hard game for the Engineers with a " McShatko knee " . That kind of spirit won ' t let Jack down any- where he goes. Catholic Chapel Acolyte 3-2-1: CMtholic Choir 4-3-2: German Club 3: Clee Oub 2-1: Public Information Detail 4-3-2-1. Regimental Representative: Sergeant I. I. COKDON M.COini ACk ' I v. I I . Iliiiuir Mililtirv SrIiiKil )-2 . . . Il.n kiKlU II C-J . . . W.ih (;i..ii..ii ( )i.i s..ii(ir ' uh.. iiiiiik ih.it Mini. i.T i n..iiMii, ii- «illi ii«U anil uiiil.r i, | " ri.Hl I,. |„- ,l.-,.t llin.,if:li. Mr i ,alU-.l ..N U lii rla»iii;il. . »li.. f.ar lii - r.-inale ayiif; .il.ililx in .|.ilr ,.1 ln n.miiIi. W .11 ' r . ll. ' i lii I. iiiK-ii. anil ilT-k -N sii ... . --•• . ;.iii i . -. Min„r " (-. Hi lr I. iunrruls, I ' i-lnl Cliih:!: (:„ri . nil J: Svrftrant I. W M.II.K CIII IO M.CUII.I.IS M lliDI I Itoiioi (.11. 1 v-.-. ( ' oiii n ' ssioiKll liiiniiir III a J. ' lj.-lil ,.l all. Iia tiir il. Ilix ' aiMl.llili. ' -.incI rri. ' iKJlx III ' ila an s ..-.( ( » . (-(--•- . I ' l inK liiht.l: ,■, W III I l II W 1 l. CI I I . IK. ( illl.lloKI I . i ( iiiiiirrssiiintll )-2 . . . " Ma..- l..iiiM an Urns l.ral. calls aiiNMliiTi- ill till- conniry hiiiiir oxrrpl the South. Ilrsiilrs riillr ' liiif; lilllr M-atti-n-il hits of iiiforinalioii. Kill s|M-iit iiiiii-h nf hiti iin- srhriinJtMl liiiir lalmrin fur the I ' liintcr. Five years at tin- raili-iii% ilfiiiiiii lr.il ' il tlic ili-. trnninaliiiii wliirh will rarr " Mac " a lung ua in lii- . ' II.....II lirl.l. Irrnrli (Jul, l-.l- ..nil I.h IhiII J: (h.lmiiu, ( hih 3; I ' miUrr t-3-2-1: ' •liiilrr lUmnl I. (.irrulnlitm Man- a trr; Srr litint. .)OH S. McDO ALD Tl :oM)KK()(; . kw York Congressional C-2 . . . Dad came to us after a Plebe year at Maritime College. Lake George was one of his loves, besides skiing and rifle. The dark- est spot of his day was getting up. and the brightest was music on the radio. He rould have worn stars had his wife not been such a goat. Mac ' s a guy we ' ll be happ) to serve with anytime. Rifle Team Manager 3-2-1, Manager ' s " A " : Class Committee 2-1: Sfceet Club t: Ski Club t-3-2-I: 30 Ctil. Rifle Club 3-2-h Corporal 2: Lieutenant I. THOMAS PATRICK McGREVEY Manchester. . H. Confiressional M-1 . . . Thomas Patrick Francis McGrevey Ill ' s favorite song, " ight and Day, " very aptly describes the amount of time he spent thinking of graduation. hen he wasn ' t fighting for a bcrtli on the baseball team, Tom could usually be foiuul either writing letters or spending a bare minimum of time on academics. Baseball 4-3-2. Numerals: Horkev 4-3: Catltolir Chapel Acolyte 4-3-2-1; French Club 3-2-1: Coif Club 2-1: Ski Club 2-1; Sergeant 1. MARTIN C. McGUIRE Sa Diego. California Congn IS lie ' s known •iional B-2 . . . " Atars. Mehserle. has been a boon lo the goals. In spite of a miserable Plebe year directed b Deanne Welsh, he found some time to play hockey and spend hours on the area. When not boning or packing hoarded tenths in bur- lap sacks, he spent his lime gathering muck for the annual PE tests. Hockey 4-3, umerals: Catholic Chapel Acolyte 3-2-1; Catholic Choir 4: Forum 1; Howitzer 4; Russian Club 3-2-1: Sergeant I. ROBERT D. McKELVEY Phoemx. Arizona Regular Air Force H-2 . . . " Mat " has seen the Air Foree and college life both. natural hive, as evidenced b) his Regular ir Foree Appointment, he has the natural ability to excel in every undertaking without too much exertion on his part. " Mac " is perhaps best known for his willingness to bet on anything, provided the o l(is are right. Hop Ciimmittee 1-3-2-I: Corporal 2; Sergeant 1. LEON ELLINGTON McKINNEY Ki.NGSPORT, Tennessee Congressional M-1 . . . Putting on a pair ol ' siioes and grab- bing a tennis racquet. Leon descended from the wilds of Tennessee to make a record at U.S.M.A. in the fields of sports, academics, and command. After a few years of college, Lee has found his calling and can gaze with pride upon his years at West Point. Best of luck. Mac. .S( H«.s i i.3.2-1. Caplain. ,imer„ls. Minor ' 4 " , aiy Star; Cadrl I ' uhlic lielalinns C.onmil L ' -l: Ten. nis ' 4-3-2-1, Nunwrols. Minor ■ f. Coarit: Corporal 2; Captain 1. CARL HERBERT McNAIR Pens (;ola. Florida Congressional E-1 ... To his " i es. " Carlos " nightly sleep talking on cver subject from femmes to nuclear ph sics will alwaxs be remembered. We will always recall his " fourteen-year-old drags " and his profuse cimie-backs on almost any subject. espc(iall Florida. CarFs energy and enthusiasm uill ( arr him far in his coming career. Class C:„mmillee 2-1: Ihlmir l.onneil 1-3-2-1: Dioleelie Smielv 1-3-2-1: Forum 2-1: i.olj Club I: llonilzer t-3-2-1: Onlmmee Club I: I ' islol Club 3: I ' ublie In- formation Detail 1-3-2-1: Suntlav Sehool Teacher I- 3-2-1: Sergeant I. 282 M MM l I I W IS l. N Mi:i: • " kS.m,. I- v. on rrssi..n„l (M .. . ■ A, ■■ i.,ii.,«,i„ ih. r.,ui,i..,„.,r l.i.-.r;ilh.ri., .M-a.l.l .,. .! ;. ., ,M.,iilMr ..i ||,.- (:i.a|..i(:iH,i,. i{. i.i- i„ x..,..,i.Hi.i iiu„ ,„ ll " - -iM-.r. -M.MU • I,,,. I,...„ ,, I;,,,... (■„,.,. ., ill Ih.- ui.iMiii- (,.| u.il.r |.(,l, I, •.,,„. OiIht lll.ir, lllllr -,Mnl M.l.lNillj;. Ilr i, ..Un i ,. .Mr.l III 111.- iiiNM.iir, ,.1 llir ra.lj,,. .1. . (:i,„i„l Chair t.:i.2-l: hnnci, Cliih .(; Il.miizrr )-.(; I ' oinl.r I: H,i,li„ Club 3: Ski C.lnh .■- . .s,„.,„i I ' nifinmis CummiUvv 3; Srrgnml I. I) II) l I I A M. M |{M 1 VUMM.IUN. |I1..IM ,lli,„l„l Ciiunl I - ' . . . I);nr,-.„il.l MMiallv !..■ (,,un,| ,„miii,|. ill ' .lnl .1 Iru l.,|.- n.mii.l llir Hack. 1 1 i- .ri.v. Ill Ih- . Hi- I. |.n. |Mr| ,.l jiiiiii W a-liiii " l.m. DC i;; Miiili- iniilil aiuas I,.- I- m-ar al liaii r.. , (nnnlrv (..(.. ' . ; Inirk »..(.. ' . . h.n„ :r,wr. Cillhnli, Chalwl Irnlvir L ' -l: Cmholi, Clmi rl Choir ;-.(; l).lMitrC.,„nril3.:. ' .l: l ' iM.,1 Chih I.3.2-I: I ' lihlir ln urm„li.,n Ihlnil L ' -l: Skrri Cluh :i.J-l: Ski CInh l-:i-J.I: C„ri „r,il J: l.i.ul.nani I. . I! | l I) W . M. | I N I ' llWMNMI 111. llcllh. N ( nni:nssi„„lll ll-l ... |{,.ll-a -h.■ll.• .■, ,|uil,j..„|,,v,rll,r iniliai -hork. in K.-a-l ISaiia.k. ..I uakiii;: il| l.ra.in . Mr -.till Irrl. ll.al x%a aflrr llir Cm S..li.l ...ur-r. .Iiii.r. Ii.m.v.r. I.a« al- ua « liri-ii a laMirilr ami lir li i| r« In iiiaiii- laiii -..imr i.. III. II I Mlli il allir ;:railiiali iii. Hi-ll.-l Ihnll .11 111. .a.li-m . rm " ,: NMii ., .r Naxx. Il.,„,lz.r l-I.J.I: s( ( ( ).(. s,., ,„„ WILLIAM DA.MEL McWlLLlAMS (;o Wheel Gap, Colo. Congressional k-l . . . Like all his Hassinat.-s. Ma.- Iia.l liUs an.l .iisiikcs. (anils an.l virlii.-s. II.- lik.MJ i.arcl NN..rk. an.l 1..- lik.-.l va.-ations, sii.ONiiif: IK) jir. ' al ilisposilLin lo i-l tired of either, lie graduated «itii ihal attitude. Vi hetlier it is a u;. .).l .)nll().)k or n.)l remains to he s.-.-n. I?nl «.■ ar. ' ..mli.i.-nl ii.- «ili succeetl. Fishing CliihH: i;,r„m I: I ' lihlir Krhin,,,, Cnnnril I: Spnnish Club .}; Cmimml 2: l.irulrtmni I. IVLALCOLM VERNON MEEKISON P i,Mi;no. Ei, )iui Congressional 11 -2 . . . 1 1 ailing irom Flori.la, the annual ligiit lor siir i a! against the cold was Mick ' s pet |). i ' . hi . ' academically, a swimming nianag.r and a k.) man in intramurals, " Mick " was om- .)! the most popular men in li-2. l.ar.l man I., replace. Mick ' s friendly nature anil assur. ' .l manner will carry him far in tli - fulur.-. Snimminfi .J-l. Manao,;. Minor " f; Bngtr otes 3-2-1. ttln-rlisinf: Munu- ' ri: llnwilzei 2-1: Pistol CInhS: I ' nhlir Injormoliun Drloil 1-3.2-1: RinftCom- mini; ' 1-3-2-1: Simiiisli Cliil, 2-1: Coriioml 2: Si-r- »-onl I. IIINin W ITS MIII ' ZE sniN(;T ) . D. C. Coniircssiondl l-l! . . . Mailing from Washington, D. C, llaiik will always be remembered for his cars of 111.- Inlun- an.l ..llier artistic tal.-nls. Karl Y.-arling .-ar h.- lost his l.alllc h.-lw.-en the sai-k ami ih.- gym. Since ih.-n. he has (l.- ole.l hims.-lf lo his sleeping and sk.-el sh.)olirig. Mis .lassn.al.-s uill r.-m.-inh.-r him as a lru - OnlnonrrCliil, 3-2-1. l-.xr.oliif Offir,;: i ' oinirr 1-3-2: SLrri Cloh 1-3-2-1: Siwnisit CInh 3-2: Snunniinfi I: I) riiilil l.iltiitii CInh 3-2: (ori i iiil 2: SrriirnnI I. ivDiii i; I . ii i i Mil i ii K I ' l oiii . Ill INCH- •tiiiiiissiiiniil I)-- ' . . . I5..I,. .,l«.,v-;; l-n..lWI.-,l.ul.l IIM|. •l.l Ihr h.ll.r ,.r l.ini. .a.l.Mii.-- l..iM -.•.•- ..n.l n.iliii. ' I . III. ' ' Mi .-. " u- ua- ull.-ii loiinil in III- i.-.l l i iliiaiiiiii;; ..I llial iii- l lii|. I., ill.- ..iil-i.l. ' NM.il.l. I (..III a -iiiirkiii;: I ' I.Ih- I,, a ,l,a;:;:iM;; lir .i.-. In, na.l uil lia- ■;iMii ihi- I i n iiiaiiN a iaiifih. (.i,. ,,i ;..{. N„H„7.i s; „vi;i i .(; In iiurr 1-,h Ih,II - ' . :,illi„lir :ii„i,,l :l,.,i, »-.M ' . . I rl,„lr (■...iinnt I: Inriiiii .M ' ; I rrn.li Cliih .i-i ' -l: I ' uinlrr .l-J-l: lUlh lt„ii,l I: ,,• hth: S,rff,„iil I. I l) KI) Ml I N Ml |)l I.I. l-.Mil l.l »!-. W MIIN..TUN ( unanssinmil -l . . . u- v.i-alil. ' Im.n Ir Ii.- I ' ar W.-l. uli.M I, ■.■,i|,i.,l l N 1,1- lav.-iil. ' | a-liiii. ' .il -l ' . ' |iiiiM. -ijll Miaiia::. ' .! |. win a liovin IJtIi ' or two ami k. ' . ' |i ii|i uilli iIk- l . .1 in a.a.lrnii. ' -.. W illi lii- Mniiia|. ' li ' .l -.n-. ' idlinm.ir an.l inlill.-.l iial |.ii|.nl iai. " I ' lin.h " -Ik.iiI.I ...nlrilnil. ' miikIi I., lli.- ,rsu;- a- an ..llir.r. Ii„xiiifi (-.(.. ' . . Smmraty. Minnr ' I . Inirli »..{.J- . iimrriils. Mnjiir " t " : I ' imlhiill l-. ' i: ( ' .iimrni Club l-:{-J-h KiisM.ifi f. .i . l-:i-2-l: Ski Cliih h3-2: II rifihl l.i tinjiCliih l-:{-L ' -l: SiTfiiiiiil I. I Itl NCI (.11 Kl i; I MICH l (» I -iii II I I . . ( !. ( iiiiuiissii)iiiil !)-_• . . . ll.r lii-h -..li.M.I. I arix .am.- I.. W. ' -l l ..inl wilh til. ' lar-hll u.l ...i lii- Urr . In-in ••III.- I an.l ..I ill.- Sk . " " Ilaxni;; l..-.-n a.|..iin l. ' .l I.N W.-l l ' ..inl li..-|.ilalil n I ' I.-I..- -ai. h.- .I.-.l. I.-. I I.. -II. k ai..iin.l an.l .-ii|..v il. ' W liil. ' al ■■|ln.l-..ii llaN.-n.- ' Mik. ' wa- aii man m In- ..un wax alhl.li.-. a a- .l.nn.- I a.liMli.-. iMcriKsi- l-:i. W.iiiM r. Niim.-ni .: Hn„iiz.r t-:iJ: Russian CJiih l-ii-J-l: ( ■ »r « r« 1 ' ; l.iriiiriiiml I. I. ]V 285 ROBERT GF:0RGE MILLAHI) Providence. R. I. Reguhir Army K-2 . . . forking on the theory that five minutes of solid sleep every hour is a neces- sity for a sound mind and body. Bob passed his four years at West Point, standing rather high academically it might be added. Napo- leon was a corporal. Hitler was a corporal, and Bob was a corporal. ho knows what the future lu.l.lsy Lacrosse 4. iwwrals: Cadet Chapel C.lu.ir 1-3-2: Fishing Club 2-1: Golf Club 2-1; Ordnance Club 3-2: Pistol Club 3-2: Russian Club 3-2-1; Skeet Club 2: Ski Club 4-3-2; Corporal 2; Sergeant 1. CHRISTOPHER J. MILLER Westminster, Maryland Congressioiial I-l . . . Although Chris comes from the " Old Line State " and not the deep South he is one of the most loyal Confederates. He fuHilled the ambition of many years when he reported in July of 1951. A typical outdoorsman. he enjoys all sports both player and spectator. Hunting and fishing are his favorite hobbies. Wrestling 3; Camera Club 3; French Club 4-3: How- itzer 4: Radio Club 3: Skeet Club 3-2-1; IT eight Lifting Club 2-1; Ski Club 2-1; Sergeant 1. JAMES RICHARD MILLER SiKKSTON. Missouri Pn ' sitli-nlial -2 . . . phrase from Cadet lore «hich UMul.l a|ill .l. ' s.rilM ' Jim is. " Sir. I have found a home in the Arin . " " lie came to esl Point from the Air Force in Germany, and his one goal as a Cadcl has been to pre- paic liitnscll ' fur a life of scr ice in the inili- l;ir . ViiNone uiiu knc N Jim nn as alua s a hlllc iia|(picr for the e i)erien e. Cumen. Cliih 3-2-1: KiivMim Chih 3-2-1: Scrgcinl I. I MI S IJICII l!l) (ONKI IN MII.I.IH M ll . ini( K ( nnan- -iiiiiiil K-l . . . Ki.li W.-i I ' .HMl i.n.l .1.- .MnM,.„(;,„,-S,|u.i,l i.ikiri- W (,U h. |.ilc M| ,1 l..i.kl..- A I. mil-. I.ul l.i, li.-arl «;.- uilh ll.r ;;.mI-. l„„ii „il -.(-. ' -;. »m.T.i v. , , .,ss, ..i.j-;. m. »i.r.i s. iiy,.f ■■ (■•; Ciinrni Cliih l-.l-J-l: (Ins. Cm,- miitrr J- c CulJ Cliili 3-2-1: hislihifi Cliih .M . . .ii7. iii i I ' .liih .1- ; Sr i-»iH« . .I 1|| W M ION Mil I IK (Ank.n. Mi M.i Ki ..ni ns.iuiml (:-2 . . . -Ihr li. ,.ini.m.- uj;h M..I a .oinpln.- ..at. i.iaN.MJ C.al I [.all an. I «..n In-Mai-ln MililaiN llN i.r.. ' . " I .,|- ;;.. In III. ' fZNfM r..i a lilll.- It-Hall.- ua- lii- Uy - Mnv, . an. I .nn i. ' an. I -i.U u.,. ' In- .nai.i .v lavali. n-. ill- al.ililN l. .al . ' Im ' .tv |.i - uas ..nr n.-|.irali..n. W .• nm-I, Inni In.k in ill.- I.ran. ' h ..I hi. . ' Ii. i.v. Inuk I. ,imr„il-: Cul.i (Imiirl Cli.ii, t:t-2-l: Cim.ri, Cliih -.(-J; . ,,;;.■ ( „,in,il I: Dialv.li, S..- .!.• -.{-. ' ; I.,rm,m liih I: (.l,r hil, . S,ri:r„„l I. CI (I! n i;(» MiNKii SXNTV I I. l » Ml M... ( ,.„::,, s.inmil I. -I . . . l Caiiij. lllMiiiiiiali..n ..I ..iilin;: -iiinm.i. Im..ii l.,.iii.l III.- -.-.r.-l I., a lia|.|.N r..iir N.ar- al W .-I l ' ..inl. I li- .|iii.l. tii.ii.IlN iii;inniT :inil n-nilN .inili- lia i- miii lii am la.liii.: fri.-ml-. In a.a.l.mi. ' Iiall- an. I ..n " li.-i.U . r fri.-n.lh -liil. ' .°- li. ' ha- .li-|.la . ' .l a ■ liliriniiialioii (• -ii. . .-.-.I ihal » ill -.rv.- Iiiiii «ill in liis |ir ir -!i!iioii. ( ,1,1,1 (hnfwl riwir 1.3.2-1: HMiik (Jul, 3-2: f.,r- m,m IJuh t-3: CJ (Jiib I: OrHnann- (Jul, 3: I ' i l.J (Jul, 3-2: Ski (Jul, 3-2-1: Srrg,-iiul I. GF:0RGE I.. MOWHW. JR. MiNNKVPoi.is. Minn. Honor Militdiy School D-2 . . . For George the best part of est I ' oint was the large amount oC time spent on the " (ields of friendly strife. " The saek ne%er came lirst. e ce|)l ihirinfr sliuiy hours in the evening, hene er an ( rie wanted George. the first plaee to looi was at the Hooke Rink, the closest he could get to that Min- ne.sota climate. H,Kk -y 1-3-2-1. Co Hoin. laj„r ■ V : Tnirh I: Catholic Clwir t-H: Honor Committrr I: Halls Band I: linssian C.lah :i: Corporal 2: Uvatmant. DA- MOSES L VALDA. Georgia Coniircssiondl I-1 . . . " Mose " came to West Point from L valda. (Georgia, where the Ocnudgee meets the Oconee. He has been a shining examj)le that spirit and determination come in " runt " size packages and a ready witness to the merits of Southern girls. Regardless of w hicli branch " Mose " goes into, he will give it his best. Baseball 2-1, Manager. Major " t " : Camera C.lah 1: French Club 1: Ordnance C.lnb I: Pistol Club 3-2-1: Ski Club 2: It eight Lifting Club 3-2-1: Sergeant 1. THOMAS LAWRENCE MULLAN, JR. Cakle Place, Long Island, New York National Gminl M-2 . . . One of the busier members of the Class of " .55. Tom always had time for extra acti ilies. even if academics had to suffer — and tbe usually did. Always ready for a good time, he told many " war stories " about his trips and leave adventures. His only re- gret as a cadet was that he couldn ' t lake his re l boy home on lea e. .7 3-2: Dialectic So- Camera Club 4-3-2: Debate Co. cielv 3-2.1: French Club 3-2: lertising Manager; Sergeant I. 1-3: Ad- MM in l{ I l) |{|) Ml I I I |{. IK. Si Ml N Ui vM,. . . „li„n il (.n.inl I -I ... Murnii, .■ , ' urkiii l " l.{|. ,| ..;„„.• li.r.lr.-.|ir,,.Mi l ,, .•.„, .,1 ,-..ll.f;r. |{,-,m. .- II.- I...- In.lN l,.-.n Ihr .;„„.•,;. 1,.. of ..ur rl.i v iili hixiuinrii iiiiil -i- liiMiriii %liirc -r III- ;;.M-. W iih his ni|iiill ri-lr -;iliii : liairliiu-. Ik- uill MiK ' lx |aii l out in uli;i|.N. ' r l iaii -|i r.ini.™ Ctnh l-:{-J-l. I ' n-iiUm; Ciilrt l.hiiprl Choir (-.M ' - ; DrlMilr C.niiii.il .. ; lUiiUiti, SihuIv H-L ' -I: ll.milzrr -•{; Murlar Siajf .(. •, „ (Jul, . I ' „inl,r I. I ' lfilnfini ilirr l:ilit„t. Knilin Cliih I: Si-rfiriinl I. (; IO W. Ml M{ t| l ' svi)i; . (iM.ih. iiliiintil (.iimil -l . . . (;..ix h.i-. .M.l.-.m-.l IhiiimII I.. Iii .l,i-.-Mi.il.- l,N iM-in- A uillinf; lo ,lr..|. .■v.iMliin- an. I " ' -.y- " al.oul .■;„• . plioloj;. rapliN. or ;, ' irls. II.- li.iiU Ir-.m Calil ' ornia «h.-iv tli.- " li..|-i...l- ■ ;:n.u. .Ml. I U|. n Ta.lu- ali..n h.- |.laii. I., .riii..- Iki. k in ..n.- ol In- ..NMi. II. -r.- " - »i-lnn;; Inni I., I- .,1 In.k an. I a l.n.a.i lii;;li«ax. r. ii.r.i (.ViW, .M ' . ; I.n iiwvr I-ihiiIkiII 2: liMiiti ( liih . -- ' . r.,JJ Club I: }l„„itzvr i.:i: MorUtr 3. IMilnr-i,,. ChivJ: StTftpant I. .1 wii s .1. Ml ui ' in l{i iK iiil (!iNliil. . V i)iii:ir-,siiimil C-l ... Hi- Ih.-n- aiiN ;;...mI .I.-.,1- an.iin.l. .--|i.-. iallN .1 lri|. n.-ar tli.- " U,i Cilv. " lli.- ■• lnii.li. • uilh hi.- fain.-.l l,.-l, h.-r-.-li.,.-. i- -ur.- I.. Im- lr inf;. lli- foil. I. -l lli..ii;;lil- -li.ill al«aN-lM-..f u.-.-k-.-mlsan.l hi- r.-.l Im.x. II. V Im-.-.i rall.-.l la v. hill his fri.il.l- kiio s llial (juhtiiic i ' .httir l ' ' .l-2 ' l: thAMiw (jnnit-il anti Fiiriim 2- I: (iol CMih ;M ' . . SfHtni.%h (Mih l-l-l ' ; Ser tranl I. i 289 RONALD STEW AR ' I ' MLKKAY Springfield. Mass. Congressional K-2 . . . After spending a year at the L. of Massachusetts. Ron came to West Point. His quiet wit and his adroitness at the act of repartee have won him many lasting friends. Ron is among the few who finds complete enjoyment in a good argument, and his ability to liold his own with the licst of them will help him as an odirer. S,„v,-r 4: Cadet Clmpil Clwir l-:i-2-l: l.lrr Club l-.i- ■2-1: C„l aub2: I ' islul Clnh 2; l ' mnt,-r 1-3-2: Russian Club 2: Ski Club 2; Ser eiml I. JOHN ALLEN MYERS Washington, D. C. " Confiressional L-1 ... In dividing his time between here and Germany, Punch was kept rather busy. Finding academics easy permitted Punch to devote a lot of time to his many extra activ- ities which included the Pistol Team, Glee Club, and last but not least, practicing the manual of the red boy. Good luck and God speed, John Allen. Pistol Club 2-1: Glee Club 2-1: Serjeant 1. JAMES WILEY N F1ER sii ii.i.i:. Tknnesskk Coni ression(il K-l . . . i; «ii though Wiley never stayed more lliaii one slep ahead of the academic di-parlnienl. he always had a ready smile and lots of spirit, lie usually spent his free time placing liis faM rile s])orls. which were football and dragging. Jim ' s friendl manner made him a popular figure around ihe campus of g I ol.l Woo Poo. Soccer I: Drbiilr Council and h ' mnm 2-1: Sfirriol l ' ro«ram Comniincr 4-3: Hiiudbull Clnh I: I) ci il,i Lifting Club 3-2-1: Sergeant I. (;(H{|)() l{ V ' n|! mi; M{|) I C-l . . . Ni.k .Mill.- I,. W.-l I ' .UMl I.V ,. nl llir K. ' Hul.n ViniN. lv|.i .il ,.,|l, D.ikol.. ». ' !. ' . Ur vmII ,r irinr.nlM ' ir.l l.x ,„.ln | " opl.- I.„ l,i-..l.-.,.l-|MM I.MT , • l,n;,kr.. l l.ii.lr. I.ul III-, r ini.lh- uill iirv, ' , l.r .,l,lr I., lui-.l hi- nnMikahlr .-.„ lor inuMr. Mis -Ih.LirlN air i- ji.-t .. lara.lr: hr is a ■lux.-. " ( am.ni ( llih -.M ' - ; IhhalrC.uliril -. ' . Ilnirilzr, I: Kii -ian I Inh .!-. ' - ; ,.(•; . i -.i-J; .• -.•. » . UOIM IM W l I IIKor MAX |() liNM vrnii-. liNN. un-nssionol |)-l . . . Hull- al.ililN v.r.-..mr ailN ..I.- -I.irl,- ululr al .-| I ' uinl , r. .-, Iii .l.-|rr- MMii.ilioM. |H, .-Nrraiir,.. an. I iM|.lli -,.n.r. .sM «ai.l- I.. .1.. NN.II an. I rnak. ' hi- mark ..n Ih.- N . rhl. In.l-iii- Ironi hi- r. ' ' ..r.l h. ' ns ill ;;.l In- ui-h. u .•l|.r.,uii l.-.l li-l .,1 a.lix ili.- Iron. W r. ' -llin;: l.a l al h. inal i.- I ' ..nnn Imlanc.-.l Hoh ' s .ii.i.-l ci.r.-.r. H n-Miin I.3.2I: Ciwwni Cliih :i-2-l. l,ill„;mili,-. t ' nnim i ' .l: Sti Cliil, l- .J-h „•, 1,1 ' „. .,„,„ C,,,,,. mill., ,(.. ' ; ; (,sM„,, I Inh .(._■. : II rif-hl l.iflinf- (luh I: tr ir,i,il I. SI l,|{l l (. li. MCllOl.S I.UKMN. Olll.. r.,(ii;ns ;..»i(( l-l . . . Sl.rlin;:. a .-..l.-rlul -l.-.l l..un h-.x Iroiii l.oraiii. Ohi... hnxi;:! W .-I I ' oiiil -l.iric- loii anil -liorl: Ik- Iimm " - n- »illi «ilil -lorii " -. r.ir hr I.im- Iw.i ihini s. a :i ihI hull -r -iiiii ,iM.I a | a.l. " Ni.k " anil ai ' iiili-tliii liiil ni.l ii.in.i.lr hnt h.- -hpiHil h . la. n.-.r f.inatir. hi- fiijus- i-.ini|i -lili i- -(mrl- (Airpl -u iininin :. -i,;,. w l-l-. ' l. iin„n,l-.. l„n, fti,i,n: Inn,.,,, I Inh I: .r .-,iii» . 1 EDWARD WESLEY .MDEVER Fresno, California Congressional E-l . . . either rain, sleet, nor area forma- tion could stop Eddie from dragging. His winning smile and curly locks seemed to at- tract girls. Being from California, he was al- ways prone to argue with his Florida ' " wife. " With his keen personaHty, he is sure to he a success in any branch of the service. Track 4-1, yumerals. Monogram: Cheerleader 2-1: Debate Council 3-2-I: French Club 3-2-1; Howitzer 3- 2-1; Mortar Staff 3: Photography Club 3-2; Skeet Club 1-2; Ski Club 4-3-2-1; Sunday School Teacher 4-3-2; Sergeant 1. MIGUEL MEVES-RIVERA Saniurce. Puerto Rico Congressional C-2 . . . Ex-sergeant " Iike " came to us from Puerto Rico to make our days a little brighter. His willing help and reassuring manner will not be soon forgotten by us. Academics presented only a small problem to " Chico. " who excelled when it came to handball or the Rhuinba. His loves — music. week-ends, and warm wcalher. Camera Club 3-2: Debate Cimiuil I: Frendt Cliih I: Hoivitzer 1; Ordnance Cliih I: Ski Club 3-2: Spanish Club 1; Sergeant I. ROLAND LEIF NORDLIE West Point. New York Congn-ssiondl E-l . . . ever one to do a thing halfway. Curly enjoyed his three year stay at the Point so much as a carefree civilian, that he decided to sign up for four more. A fast man with the racquet, he has become a top col- legiate squash and tennis player. His " poop " and humor has helped us through many gloom periods. .S,,,;o.s i 4-3-2-1. Xamrrnh. Minor " 4 ' 292 oi ! lar: 4-3-2-1. umerah. Minor " A " . Captain: I Club 3: Cadet CItapel Choir 3-2: Delmte I 3: t ' istol Club 3: I ' ortugnese Club 3: Sergeant I. X w II II M I). ()in I II. I I -I ui . liiiNoiN ( 1)11 till ssioniil (M . . . In. 11 lli.Mi h Kill is n„(,-,| for Iomii ' r Ml, III 111 .1 HiukiHT iiifilit |»iilr )l, siilil- iiiii Hiiiiim;; | i imiI hi- lorli-. Willi iiru- ilriiiic- III! ilir.al .mil In- Ikhih ' in lljiiinis iiliuiil .1 iiiLiilli " -. |.;i .li-l.iiil. wr.k-ril.l- ;il- a - liiiiiiil him m.mliii;: ihr I ' umpaiiN I ' nol- h.ill Irani. K.I..VM. t, all. Kill n.-r ra|.i.llx in r-lrrm 1.. llir top l ihr riass. ,.,iM, (i ( „ . »..(; Skrrt Cliih l: hnnim J-l: I ' nhli,- . (i ii.;is (niimil I: Cnriinnil J: Liriurniml I. ty UOUIU I III CM ()l KSK SvN I liVM r- ). Cm II. „niiirssi,.nal (;-! . . . What a |.lra-aiil -m|..i-,- « hrn ur m.l Ihi- ..■■Jh.a.l «li.. VNa- llir .•M r, ti..n t.. .■ .■|■ nil.-. SliMlNin- mwlrr ill.- Ilvr M-ar plan. Ilmk a.lopK.I (;-l an. I u. ' ....... lomi.l ..m-.K.- 111.- .a;;.!-.!!!!..-,,! hi- |.l.,l-aii.l ill.- ai.M,.,.- r.,ll.,u.-r- .,1 hi- a.a.l.-mi.- |.r..;:r.--s. h.-.l.-.-rx.-.l In.m ll.r ••| ' " . .„.,-, ;..(.. ' . i,m.-™ s; V„,A ..i. h»i.-™ .s; .St- I |{ WCI.s I l) || M) nKKII N W V-II1N..T..N. I). C. oniinssinniil r -J . . . " l. " - " |iii..r i-.illff. ' .- iiliii-alioii at lil ' l all. .». ' .! him r. m .-a-x N.-ar- al W .-1 i ' .iinl a. a.l.-mi. all . Ill- | arli.iilar IoikIik— h.r ih.- " -.i.-k " an. I hi- .l.-iri- to i.M-r.om.- h.-m- I.iIm ' I. ' .I .111 " ..I.I mail. " h.-in- ..l.l.-r than III.- I--. Nv.-n- 111- ..mIn |.r..hl.iii-. Ill- U. r ..I alhl.-ti.- .111.1 .l.-in- 1.. h.-h. ..Ih.-r- ».r.- al- IUi„-iMill I. iim.rnJ,; Itiitki-llmll t. iuni-ml%: (Mlha. lir Cbaf,! thuir l-.V. ll.mHImll (Jul, t-l: S mni-h )» LEWIS CORTEZ OMVK. lU. I ouisvii,LE, Kkntucky ( ' .onfirc sittndl K-1 ... A promising career at the L niversil of California could not keep Lew from a mili- tary career. Exhibiting qualities of line lead- ership. Lew earned many friemis ami at- tained phenomenal success in track ami cross-country. His sincere interest and a(li - participation promises him a success in all his endeavors. Cross Country 1-3-2-1, Major " 1 •; Trn.l; l-.i-J-l. Sumerah, Major " A " , Captain: Ihlmir Cniiii.il 1-3- 2-1; Forum 1: Corporal 2: Li. LEE DONNE OLVEY Himesvillp:, Geokgia ( ' .onfirrssinntil G-2 . . . Vt hen Donne came to Vt est Point he proved himself an able leader, both inside the academic buililings and out. He has im- pressed all of ' 55 with his vast arra) ol capa- bilities and with his quiet, slow on the drawl. manner of a true Southern Gentleman which did and will continue to make life seem eas to ever one around. Cadet Clmi cl I slwr ; (. ( ss 0 i ' -.r . I i r-l ' rrsi,ln,l: Ceneral Committee 7; Cerman Club 4-3: llanilhall 1: Honor Committee I; Sunday School Teacher 3-2: Corporal 2: Captain 1: Brigade Commander. m ALBERT FRANKLIN OPPEL Dm.I-VS, ' Pkws Corifirrssional H-2 . . . W hat l will .lo Nith no one lo pla jokes on remains to be seen, but he hopes that the German Department will never play games with him again. Al was always lms in the fall with football, and the rest of the year he spent asleep or planning a part . May we tin- and rest for ears to come. ac ' ording to M)nr example. Al. I ' oothall 1-3-2-1. umerals. Monogram. M.ij.ir " C " ; Dialectic Society 2: Cerman Club 3: I ' islnl Cluh l-h W eight Lifting Club I: Sergeant I. (;n|) IN oHDW . Ill ClII.X (;il -l. lMniVM) (..niiir ' .-.inlml It-I . . . Ski. li,.- I.,urcli ;:.„.ialh.n I,. I..ll,,u III.- ni.lil.i. ,;„,■.•,. |,n,vi,lr,l ,, «,l,.,Mi.- a.j. .lili.m |,,||,..,l.,-. Il,».,. .„li .•., ..ll |M■,l- .lM,l u,,- ,,11,-n r,.,Mi.l ..I Ihr ;,Mn or „„ il,.- I l.alllMl.l. ,.„l.nnr v,.T.„.-x.r..a N l-r Ski l ul -..„„l„,u l,.-.naria .-,l u,-. :ys oil lo,,. •mlMn.j (orlii .iiiMk -mil.- (; «ill Ulll l.rn ' lllrin aii.l •: I luiinor. Im lmll l-:i-2l. M„noji,,im. Mnjnr - f, lln rlmll l:{-L ' -l. „in.r,ils. laj„r " f: ..u i.i . iiinrn,h: l-i-.hini! Cluh -.(; Srrurinil I. lOl IS IMNON I ' VCJ, S N I U M l-i o. ( : l M , Diiuicssiniiiil K-2 . . . , a. I. nil,- |M. ,n|r,l no |.,ohl.-ni lor N.rn nnlil iIk ' .-,om,I dav ol I ' l.l.r Mall.; atl.r Ihal li.- I.a.l a Mill. ' In.iil.l,-. Ila in.; I..rnia -iin .la.l in a llavNaiian |,..rl liirl. In- n. ' N.-r.|inl.-|H ' . ' aiii. ' a.-. ' uM I I., . ' ilh.r 1 1.. ' W.-l l ' ,.iiil vMii|.r ..r III.- ,lr.-» -ra ...Mar. In (lllh (.(-. ' . Drhiilr (liih ».. -. ' . (. .-,- (Itil, t:i: llmuttmll (lllh .M ' . K ivM.i i Cliil, . ; Cnrnnnil :. ' ; Divi I If .. HiJI. (,l n|{(,| W . | ' (,|, I (.t). ( !iiii I ( ii [iiis iiiiuil . . . i{rinf:iii -onn- of llial l.aliii rliiiriii silli him from South VmiTirji. " Jorf;.- " Ii.-ianu- a Inn- .Ira ' iiiil. |{i-l )-i-ii wi-ck- NNiili Miini-ii iiiKJ uriiTn M)ii! MJlh lii.x II 1..M. llu- |{ii|.|)o . Ik- iiiaiia :iil to rx- n a. a.l.-ini. «. r .j; th T with the Jlsl oioii lM-ooii he i- fii foiiiiil liiiii- to |ila IiH-k iiiiirkct. I. .i«i.r.i ,. S,«..f ;. I),4m,„ (jmmil - ' ■ . n i ' . ; Ordn.mrr (Jul, J- ; ' iw.. tlul. »-.J-- ' ; nA (Jiih l-.f-J: Srrfrtiiil I. X AI rON HKOOKS PAKKKR Faikmont. N. C. Congressional B-2 . . . Out of the South roamed " the Goat, " a most unusual goat — a hard working one! ATs ' Iaim lo fame is his way with women, botli ol ' I hem. His will to sueceed. as evi- denced in aeailemics and athletics, will carry him through a brilliant military career. He ' ll be a man to watcli alter graduation this .lune. Cm,I,i (:imi rl C.lwir J-3-2: OrdnancP Club I; Ser- geaiil 1. PAUL FRANCIS PARKS Meriden. CoNNECTiciT C.oniirpssional K-2 . . . Paul came to the Academy straight from Meriden High and proceeded to make short work of academics, " intermurder, " and Gloom Period. A fluent linguist and a good scholar, a lover of polkas and paradise (New England), he will always be remembered best for his fellowship and inspiring cheerfulness. Dialectic Society 4-3-2-1; English Seminar 3-2-1; Escort and Ticket Committee I: German Club 3-1; Record Lending Library 1-3-2; UP AH Sports Staff 2; Sergeant I. WILLIAM TRKST P RKS Louisville, Mississippi (.i nf ressionnl D-1 . . . Bill is a Yankee. AfK-r gra joined the Regular H.licl uho lalks like a iialion Jroin Culver he Army. He holds one of the class academic records for passing three turnout exams Cow Christmas. A monument to Bill will be our Class Rings which have seen his guiding influence through their three years in the making. Fencing 4; Pointer 4-3; Portuguest- Club 3; Ring Com- mittee 4-3-2-1 , Chairman; Corporal 2; Lieutenant I. i 1 jii DAVID W ILSON I ' M TON San _ 1 kin(). Cmikohm Confircs ional K-2 ... A Calilotiiiaii at licarl. Dave has followfd closely in the l i(tsie|)s of his uncle. General George S. Pal Ion. Da e " s prowess on the track can onl he exceeded by his abilit) to adjnst liiniscH to any situation ami his great personalil). W c kn.m Dave «ill carve a sncccssriil tiolch lor liiniscll ' in the Track l-:i-2-l. l„jw ' f. a,v Stars i; I ,,, . R„ilrm„l (Jul, I: i nli„mr,- Cliih 2: l ' isl„l C.liih t-.i: I ' .irliiiii.srCliil, :i: SLi (Jul, t-:i-2-l: Srnirinit 1. JOHN CRUICKS1IA K PKARSON Albuquerque, N. M. Coniircsxiomil -l lohn. our Old Kcliahl.-. or OM Man. is an old pro al West Point customs. Mis " tin school " hackground caused him to be a PIchc Proilig). Though no natural " hive, " ' his ap[ licalion to the system has enabled him to stand high not only in Academics, but in his classmates ' regard for his ability. Camera Club 3-2-1; Dialectic Society 3: Fishing Club 3-2: French Club 3-2: Golf Club l ' : Pointer Staff 3; Skeet Club 1-3: Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1. DAVID M :i : PKMIJKKTON Neu Orleans. Louisiws Conf n ' ssioiiol K-2 . . . The Louisiana " s«ainp ral. " heller known as " Pcndio. " has sur i ed tiie " after effects " of four successi . rm - av Foot- ball (;amcs. " Pcud)o " has a fondness for |)otalo chips, trips a a from W csl Point. an l .-.-ss for " Pciniio " in llic rm . ISaseball 1-3-2. i,mrrals. l,m„f.n,m: lins-ian Club 3-2-1: Hamllmll Club 2-1: I i-.binfi Club 2-1: (.„ri.„n,l 2: IJeutenant I. 298 ; K ' lA N(. I ' l liMNs Hoi i n. Mis. „„,„.., K-- • . . N I Ihr I.H.MM „„lu„l...,l ,„ In, ' ■ " l«| ' .ll, . lli. " |{,.li .,r IJull.l " , •.,„„. I., ,.,, ' " " " " • ' " ' • ' III ' .-.- v,..„, ,,, Ml. „,„,,■- DruiN «-ll--j:--. M-r., lMrla.l,.. ,„,,|„,,„. ..a.■. li " ;;N.-..r. |{.M,n„.-.l,..,„|,.-, ..,-,uin.-..,,.„. O ark. ulnl,- n. In.n.j; ,„ ,|,.- ,.,„„. .| M..,. «»»,„„ ( „ .. M ' . 7V,« ,„,.,; I i„tii:„m,„iit,r I.I.J.l: ( ' .Dr hinil :. ' ; I.iriiltnnni I. W II I I M (.|{ 1S(» I ' lTKKS IIIVNV (,I,.|„.M ( nnilrrssioiml ' ■ ' ••• Shiriiiiin i-ami- |i mi i,, iiimrizr ..-..,-ia: Rill .■.,„„■ I,, , l | ' ..,nr U, ,■ ,■ ,■u vMli. 111.- No,-.!,. II,- .-L,l,l,.|,..,| ., (:.,„r..,i. ' ■•■ " " I-- ' I " - ,n r.uUu ' - v.v !„.( ,-•- rii-.- 1.. rr.M.Mil..r C.u ,:n. un- I,.- la.M,.u-r,„- . ■..,„, ,l.„.nlu-.,l,„,..,.|,,k.n " -■■• • ' --. l.i-,: Im-II I... ,|,.n-. I„„ l„-ll I,.. • ' .H.I nl.. i,l il all. I -I ... IVl.„|, •iiy.!;...-.! in II I -iil.j.-, I I,.,,,, .,„,r|. |,,|..,ii|i Im.I uImiIht .•v,,„„„.|,„j. I.i. „,„,„.„,.. ,.,. |-l- " ' i " n ' III-- 1.1,1. k iiia;:i. ,.f ••j„i, .■• |., ;, ;;r..ii|. i.l iji.lirlirv .r-. i.r tirrori .in.: Iii riHiiii- IM..I.-. ».ili |„, i.kul.l.-. I,.- aUii H l,„u.-.l an .i;;-r.-.-ix.- ,,.ir.| ||,.,| ni.i.l.- jiim m.,-l.r of ill. ' iliKili .ii. (jimrni Ctiih :i: Itvlmlm (j,uiuil t-t. h horiini . ' . (jirfMM il 2: Uriiirniml I. JOSEPH DAVID PETTF:T Ft. Bi.iss. Texas Confiri ' ssional K-l . . . Vn Arm Hrat. Dave calls Ft. Bliss his home. He spent his olT-duty hours pla - ing his accordion, cliinhing such renowned peaks as Storm King an l Crow ' s Nest, and shociliiif; on the pi lol Icain. goal ' s goal. lie found gunlire and crawling over rock precipi -es relaxing after a week of academies. I ' htnl 2-1. Minur I " . my Star: Rifle 4-3. i,- merals: Camera Cluh 3-2-1: German aub3-2-h Pistol Club 1-3-2-1: Ski Club 4-3-2-1: Russian Cluh 3-2-1. ] irr-Presiitent. Prrsiilrnt: Sergeant 1. ROHl.RT I RANK PHEIFF Bethlehem, Pennsylvama Congressional E-2 . . . Bob had the distinction of entering the Acadenn on his twenl -lirst l(irlhda . Not overcome h the ■li.m of the ippei class. howe er. he turned his mind to the more serious phases of Cadet life, such as dragging, trips, and his faithful sack. His persoiialilN and helping hand have given us one of our closest friends. Football 1-3-2, Manager: Camera Club 4-3-2-1: Hoii- itzer3-2: Pistol Club 4-3-2-1: Public Information De- tail 3-1: Special Program Committee 3-2: Sergeant 1 FRED BR DF()R1) PHIM.IPS West Falmouth. Me. (iiion il (iuanl C-I . . . The lacrosse demon carried the C-1 " goats " through the four years, coaching all four classes simultaneously. This load ne er deterred him from his purpose: Make it pain- less. Vi hether it ' s easier in the pad, at Clinton Field, or at bridge is a matter of sonic di | iili ' . I)ul the three kept him out of trouble. .(;(nl (■ (■{■_ ' ■ . iiincnils. Monogram, Major " A ' ; Didlidir So, M ;. C-rnioii Club 3: Mathematics i;,n„„ ; I ' nhlir lnj„nm,li,.n Drloil t-3-2: Corporal M I ll(t l V- I Wll S I ' llll I ll ' S. II (-_• . . . " I. .i.-r.M...- I.. .-| I ' ,,,., I a .u. ..,.!,■.. I l,-l,.r,...,n. .umI s-UiU- l,n l,mn,lh„..l.,,.U,l,-. .r..l,,rilHl.Mal I..- »Imm iini .•i,;:., .-,li.i..nr..|,rN,ral ilir... iiK ' lii.liii;: thr Ca ra Cliil. an.l -i-laiil Cna.l, ,,r C-J " - VM.Mlii. I.ai NNU.k Ml MM.ll- aiMl -iM.lir. i. I h (. ,1111,1 II (Jill, .(; )7m(. ' (..Hiiuil ,111,1 I ,,runi 21. inn Cliil ' • ' ■-- ' ; ' ' " ' " " ' ' ' • " " • W(i;i« !.r I- ll,min,r l.:i: ' ..iii .r (. I ,;„r,l l.,n,li,ifi l.ihnir L ' i SAi CliihJ: S,„i,ii i hihJ: S.r ' .,i,i . IM I lias s. His Hsll. 1-2-1: .|l ll II » U) I ' ICKI I I (ill. Ml H. Il AX- ( nnnn- II-- ' . . . liiH- l.xan. InliM .am. ' I.. N c-l l ' ..inl all.r a v.-ar al Kil;;..n- ( ;..1I.m,-. Hi, -|M,ilin ' laM.- «a--n...i ,lian .-,l. ami I..- I..- I am.- a m.-iiil-.i ,,( llir iiii la.iu-x- Irani. N.x.r al a l..» li.r unr.l.. Juhn vva- aluax- N«.ll all.-a.l ..r III.- Vra.lrnii. ' I )r, ai Iniml ;.,„ «i .(. W,. i.. . ,im; ,,i,n,s.sr ;..{-:. ' .;. i,m,n,ls. l,„i„ ir,wi. l,ij,T ■ I " ; Ihliiiifi Cliil, t-3-2: Visi,,! I Jill) 1-3-2: Ski ( ' .Iiilt2: ( ' .iiri „riil 2: l.i,-ulfiuml I. I l!l 1)1 KK.K I l) KI) l ' ll{M. ' Uiiiix. li--.oini (imiin-ssiimiil i;-l ... iM.n.lin- lii- laiiiilx-- (inx Mm.-. I r. ' J ram. ' I., lli.- Plain, an.l lii- inann.M ..- Il.-.l.-.l In- -.n-.- ..I lairn.— . lakiiiL ' a.a- .l.nii. in lri.l. ' . Ii.- a| | li. ' .l Inin-.U 1.. a ...iii- |H ' |.-iil -jiiiil ..n ill. ' inliMininal li.l.l an.l a -n. -■.— fill .a.ii.- ..n lli.- ••r.;u . I ' lik " - Iri.n.lK I ' ll! „Jf l.:t-2-l. ,im.r,ih. l.,n..f:r,im. Miiin, ■ f: (, 1,1,1 r iri M- t,.JM, ' l:{-2l: lh,il.,(„ «.«i.n . ' - ; ll.;iilZ4r »..(--■■ ; I ' „riiif,i,- ,- ( liih 3: Ai (liih f-3-2- . Tfiiinl I. Z. PJ JAMES JULIAN PIRTLE. JH. Savannvh, Georgia Con n ' .ssional l)-l ... .lirii hiiltlril uilh lln- iiit-dics lor three yars t(. fiel in aii.l lour uitli liie (a leniic Board lo sla . Vn a(l orate olCNerN reiiiiiie dragging he al a s lost liles rounding up classmates at the h(j[)s on the trips. 11 it wasn ' t extracurricular activities or dragging. he was always ready for a " bull " session. iMcrosse 4-3-2-1, umprals, Munuy mm: Camera Chili 2-1; Cuordinatiiifi Committee 2-1: Debate Cimncil -.i- ; .. ) Cnmmittev Chairman 1-3-2-1: Orilnanrr Cliih h Ki(ss , » C.liili 1-3: Ski Cliih 3-1: (:„ri „n,l 2: Srnirunt I. JOHN THOMAS POIKIKK Rochester, New York ( ' .oniin ' ssioiKtl B-2 . . . With a year at HoIn Cross behind him. Jack came to Vt est Point as a man of man talents. i c(mibining his natu for academics and his versatility in athletics, he made the most of his stay at Woo Poo. Flirty and the red boy claimed much of his time, but he never was too occu|)ied to gise the goats a helping hand. Boxing 4-3, Minor " 1 " " ; Dialrrlir S.nirts 1-3: Calf Cluh 4: Ski Cluh t: Sergeant I. DAVID WAYNE POLLY White.sburg. KKNTl ' CkV Confirrssional F-1 . . . From the ba k hills of Kentnck Wayne gave up his moonshining business onl lo find him.self as a Plebe at West P .int. NcNcrthelcss he ,|ui klN learned liou to «r. slle. integrate. an l s.nilc. His high and.i- tions an l strong sense of dnt are Itoinid to help liin get ahead in his future life in ihe Vru.N. i restlinn 4-3-2-1: l„rnni 2-1: Cerman CInh 3-2-1: Ordnunee Club 3-2-1: l ' i t„l Clah 1-3: H eifiht I.ijiing Club 2-1: Sergeant I. III STI i; nil TON |.()M) U II VI... i u ,„iK ..niir.s.iamil M-J . . . •Cll.l- ranir In .-| | ' ,„„| ||) I- " - " 1 S r II., ,„ T..k ... in-Mn.;:;:!.- »,ll. f ... . ( .,,,.,• Choir l-.i-J-l: (hr... (:i,ih:i: (.IrrCliih (. . Diiilnlir Sorirly l-.l-L ' -l: I ' l.InK Inl, I: l ' .,rl,if:it,-sr Cliil, .{; I ' lihli, liifwiniili,,,, Ihiuil l-l. n li tlil Li liii i Cliih ; S,-r i,-,iiil I. W DON I I) C. I ' ooini w l-l . . . I ' n.... S,|.h»,l.,- In M;„r|,. |)n„ ' ■■• " I ' l ! ' •■ I- ' 1 " ' .I ill III.- -.ui.MiriMIM ,,n„|. jh,. n.nM |.l...,-urr hr nl.l.ur.r.l u;,. I.MiMiri;: up NMll. Dal.- .„.l (n I,., .. Sl.rlin;: Ni.lml,. Dn.i.i.ii...-. Il.al iljl u.r.nni 1.,, lilll I ' .-l.-,-. lh.M,ull,.-,-,iu.n.l,n,..n.,,M,IS„.,|„„ „|,..U In k. -.I. I, i. 11 .liu.klm;:. r.MJ.I 111,- »n,ll.l Ji.iN. ' Ih ' .-ii iimIm Mral.l.-. Si.iHi,,..,..i; -.{.. ' .;, „„„.,„ s. Minn, ■■ (••; Ihlmir :„„••, ih.n.l I „rum I: .r .«,, . UK II ui) II v ' l I • n; ii I! : ll I I l-lll II,.. KlMMK ( •illCll-.-tnnill -2 . . . ■•| ' ..il.-,nl.r.-,l 111,- Mihlarx V.a.l- .nn linii, ||„. „ l.. .• l,.•,,-ll,--,.,■ ...|,„l,. .•.| . ll.-l,a-l»-,-na,i,-Mn-m.-lN a. In .- ,.ar.i- . i|..iiil III .-Mia- lUM, iilar a. lixili... an.l ha- ni...l.- iiiaiix In.-ii.l- l,x -., .Ini,,;:. ral.i.l -{ " III- .iilliii-ia-l. " I ' lal.- " " |.la . ' .l 1. iini- .111.1 S.|iia-li ,v «,|| an, I wa- ..ii.- ..f (:..r|.-. S,ua.l-- 1..-, -,i,.,.n,,..r-. irnmy l.:iJ.I. M..n„ r,im. um.rnl . t,m,ig.r: tri CJnl, t- 2: Ciulrl Chni-I tnjyir I; (.In- (Jul, l-:i-2-l: llimiir f jimmiH.f 1 ' . ; Suiulav SrhmJ Tmrhrr --■- ; l.ir„lr,mnl I. 4 JOHN HENRY PRATT Baldwin. New York Regular Army 1 1-1 ... .lohii. one of the founders of Bridge Cliil) ' niiil -l ' N ., filled hits days with ever) - tiling from working crosswords to hnihiing radios. f will always reniendjer John ' s other slide rule and his sprints across Thayer Road to make assenihh . His natural hahitat was the pad: his pet peeve, the four minute hell at KcN.ille. S, ' ,fi,;,lU I. THOMAS ALl.EN PRICK Bethi.khkm. Pa. Congressional D-1 . . . Perseverance and attention to detail characterized Tom ' s sojourn at est Point. Tom combined these qualities with a deter- mined aggressiveness and genuine affability to win the esteem of all who knew him. Tom ' s high standards and dependabilit) mark him for success in whatever he undertakes. Track 4-3, Mumerals: ff resiling 4; Debate Council and Fonim 4-3-2-1: Dialectic Society 2-1: Ccrman Club 4-3: Howitzer 4-3-2-1: Sergeant 1. LKSLIK DKLBKK ' I ' PRL I ' l ' l ' Carlin. Nevada ( ' Mugressionol M-1 . . . Les joined the class of ' 55 a little later than most of us. hut after prepping in -2 and with the aid of the Social Science Department he gra lual -d to M-1. Although his fre(picnt cry of " McCJrcsey . come save me. " was heard ringing through ihi- division, he managed to graduate without serious injury. Crmnastics 4-3: Squasli 2-1: Cm.IcI Clioi rt Choir 1-3- 2-1: Camera Club 3: Delmle Council I: C.cnmm Club 3: Coif Club I: Skecl Club t-3: Scrgcunl I. i (•I l . Ill l)-J . . . Ilu;:l. Cilx. " ha-aJN ■ lit. " Ill .ill Ihr l„, , »|,., ,MJ.. ., ;:.mhI linir. Mu.ix i.-.icl III li ' l| oiil uilh iiiiMliiii;; Iniiii ii I laii;:li to lalixrlx ...Ki.,-. II. i-:!! Iia- l.inrir.l iiiiirli iniiliiii:lil oil wmkiii;: mil |in l lriii . ■ ihal llii ' lii ' iiiilil I ' lirrk llii ' ii -oliilioir- llii- CiilhiilUCItiiiHl CUni, (: I i,n,li( hil.i-l. Ihmilzr, I: Ski Uub.i: Srrsrnnl I. NoiiM VN. ( )M II l { Ml. lN aN ri-iail ■•|{rn. D.a.r- liM. Iii rn .iKill.t aiii.ul in- (). .(). n.iiif; a " l.r Kail- lalU 11... lair lii.iiir. Iiul iiiak.-. a li ( ..» („iinlrv t:i.2l. iiiiirrals: Tni.k l-.i-l: Dr. hill. ' Caiiniil (-.• -:;; li.hiiif! Cliih .{.. ' ; liiiiit ( " iii- niiiirr »..{.. ' .;. sr7 ( i-:{-i ' .i: Skill ( liih i-:i-j-i. ; in i li Ki CiiM I M ' . ( iiii-nssiimul (;-_• . . . Carl r.iimil llir " lolil. r. «all- " a |.i.i.r -iil.-lilnf l.ir ll..- I.ri;;lil li lil ..f CI. ' Mlan.l. I. .It a 11-......1. ,.lrl..- vrar ......i ililllinr.l Ij.r ::liiu nl ll.r " 1,1;: rilN. " | ..l.- a.illiiii: ..III ii.iliiiaiiiii-Mrin;: llu- lartiral |)r,iarliii. ' ..l vw .. ' Ihr l.i ' lih ' l.l ..I lij. ra.lrl ■ arr.r. a.i.l il «a- in tin- lall.r llial I..- «a | arliriila.lN imhii iou-. t,K4b ill . : 7 ' rfi.A (.. ■! ' ■ . ,imir,ihi Ih-imlr CMMiiiril 2; h ' rrnrh CJiih .J-l ' : H vif hl l.i tinfi CJiih J-l: Srr iitml I. ALLEN DWIGHT RAYMOND. Ill St. Petersburg. Florida Presidential H-2 . . . To Al thf routint- of ca.ift lift- was not new. for he came from tliree generations of Army Brats. After securing his stars Year- ling year, he spent much time in the intra- mural pool for the sake of the H-2 Tigers. When Al leaves West Point, he will leave a vacancy in the Corps which will be hard to (ill. Camera Club 3-2-1: IMmte Omnril ami I Honor Commiuei ' I: PisUil Club :i: Slurs 3: Lifting Club 2.1: Corporal 2: l.iruununl I. OSCAR ALBERTO RAYNAL Chihuahua Chicuahua. Mexico Mexican Covernmenl K-1 . . . Senor Raynal came to us from Mexico, bringing with him an unfailing sense of humor. His tales of the beautiful senoritas never failed to provide a source of amuse- ment for his friends. He usually divided his freetime between dragging and the gvm. Oscar ' s sincere and friendK manner should insure his success in the Mexican A Catholic Chapel Acolyte 4-3-2-1: Handball Club 3-2-1: Spanish Club 3-2-h President: Height Lifting Club 3-2-1; Sergeant I. RICHARD ADRIAN REGNIER Ata.s(; dero, California Congressional H-l ... Cutting loose with his fast ball on Doubleday Field or churning up the waters of the varsity pool, this former Harvard man has proved himself a strong competitor. Al- wa s with a twinkle of the devil in his eye, his winning smile has captured the heart of man a fair lassie 88 liasehall 1-3-2-1. um. uls. Mouogrun, Mujor ■■ (•■; Suimming 1-3-2-1. u ueruls. Minor ' (••; (Mtholie Choir 4-3-2: Debute C .uuril un.l l-on m 2-1: King Committee t-3.2-1: Cor ,on,l 2: Cuptuiu I. I) ) Ml) I All |{S( Mill) I ' l vu..in. l x--. :„„!in .-,i,„„il -2 . . . Il look a liil.li ill ill.- [..iialroops aiiil ,. N.Mi- .11 iiii.i|M.li- ImIoi.- . I I ' oiiil o|m ' II,mI llrr -.llr h, Don. On, r liriv lllr l,ox rn.ni I ' .mI.,mIs ioII.-,I iIii,„im|i |,, I ii i {.hi.. x.-ar ImIoi. ' III. ' iii. ' .li. ' . . ' iii..ll. ' .l liiiii ni lli.- Ilx.- v-ar .-..iiiv. h.iii ro,,|l,all iiianafz.-r uas III- raN. nl. ' |M liiii. ' ami xnJiIi ;:i ' a liialioii o .r III- i i-.-ailx I.. r.- iimi- lii- .-ar.- -r. ,.„ ,,, ..(-.■-;. „;,„ ■• I -. M.umf-rr. ,., ( „n,l lirkit Comiiiitirr J. I: l.nlj (lull .(-. ' -;.- Inn, I, liil, :i.L ' .l: l ' „inlrr -. ; I ' lihli, l,if„rmali„n Ihlail -.M ' - ; Kiissiiin ( ' lull .J.l ' - ; ( . ' or iorii 2: I .ieiUvnaiil I. Ill M) SI M()|{|) KICCS. IK. I ' l I v-M. liic.lMV ( j.iiunssiuniil ).2 . . . Wi.h a ,„..,..-n i.N lo, -!.-.-,, i.„. .-.|iiall.-.l l.x oi.liiiai- liiiinan.. " liii.k " ...ill. I ii iiall Ik- roiinil |ii ' a. ' ill-ill lii iiiollo " an ari.-nioon not in lli - -a.k i an alL-rii i uaM.-.l. " In.liir.-i.-nl |..NNai.l ill.- ■•|.-iilli.|ak- .-la. III i liiil Ni. ' lori. ii . W.- uill iiii . Iii lill luiiulliii.; of till- |.o|..-oiii |.o|i|i.r. r.-m i (lull :i-J-l: l ' i ' ,1,,1 Chili (-.(-J- . Ai (,7ii . . SiT iiml I. CM KI.I S W Ml I IN l (»M)l S Sol III ( .it lMlt . ( .iiNN. ( i. ii;; - ;i) ( l-J. . . •■|)n.|x " »a-.-oiis.-rl.-.l lr..iii a ( iolo- ia.l. v k.-l t. a Con li.-iit ank Iiiiiii;: lii lour . ! " ;:roiinil .liit " lii-f.ui- a.-lii - in;: lii aiiiliilion of making a|Mir (rail- in a j M. II.- xsill lik.l I..- foiinil afli-r ;:ra.lnalion ariiiinil an .lirln-l.l or li-li-iiin;: to " oiii- " iiinsic. " ! .- ■■ ha- l.-ll hi- mark on nian o|i|iunrnl. in lh - -i|iia li riiiirl? . finish t--i-J-t. iiiiirriil . Miuia tntin. Miimr " I " ; ' Vfiiiiis t-3-2-1, iiiiiiTttl , Miiiui irani. Minor " I " ; l.li-r CJiih »..?.J.;. Cjulrl Ihrrrtnr: Hinf (jimmillif l-.IJI: Kiiv.i» i (Jul, l-.i: tjir mral 1 ' . (aptiiin I. Hrftimmlal filjiilanl. ;i(): IJI.NJWllN DOUGI, S ROBERTS CiANTON. i. n M Confin ' fisiimal l-l ... " Frying eggs and l)oiling hammy " — ihals what WmliU liked about the South. Micr coining lo West Point, he was inspired hy the liislorical surrounihngs and proud to be among those lortunate enough to join the Chiss oC " .SS. Me Uked intermurder football so much that he wanted to play it all lour years. C.nwra Cliih I: Innrh C.liih 2: forum I: l( . ; , I.iflinii Cliih I: Srrfirani 1. FRANK J. ROBKRTSON New York City, N. Y. ( ' .ongn-ssional M-1 . . . Straight from the streets of good old New York. " P.J. " discovered a friend in the Corps: " The Sac. " After playing " C " -squad baseball, he fountl himself more at home in the handball courts. Robbie discovered that he liked the academics so well that he decided to take the Point ' s live year course. Baseball k Debate Council i- ' -l: French Club 1-3: Handball Club 4-3-2-1; Pistol Club 3: Sergeant I. WILLARD LUTIIKR ROBINSON Brooklyn, New York Cotifircssional l-l ... Winter snows, or rather the lack of tiuin. were Bill ' s greatest problem. When they came, you could always find him out on the slopes. A true goat, he spent many afternoons at E.I.. but he always managed to squeeze by at (JR-time. If there is ever a book-burning on the I ' lain. look lor Hill. he ' ll be there. CJwcrlrodrr 1 ' . MiiKir " i " ; Gymnastics 4: Coil.i Clmir 1-3-2: Diolnii, S„ririv3: Ski Club 4-3-2-1. Ski I ' atrol l.rniirr: .S ' xz i s i Club 3: SerfieanI I. f{y: 3iUM ' |n|| INCI I |{(I(;k H..MUN. M s. , „, M n (..n-nssiomil 1- ' . . . •Il.rr K.Mk.- .. in..- I!...l..„ .„«- iii | ilj|. ' . -.|p.ii| III... I .,1 lii. li .iil.liin;; ll ' - .■1J:I.I lillMi;: Mi, |.llil,„„,,|,x u;„ I.. ■•k.-.|. .•.»,|- ail. I |. fi.l all Ihal h.- . ..iil.l ...11 ..I ;..;i.l.i.ii,-, ;,- .v i.l.n.-.-.l I.n In. |,ij;|, .1.1 " -1.111. III. . Mi, ...aiiN alliil.iil.-. an- M.rr 1.. I. ' .l.l hilll t. II.V. ' ... f. m ..iW.,s ; 7„„ . (. (,, ( ,, , .(. („,,„■„, ( „ , ,(; l rl„ilr Cmn.il ,). ,,„, , ( „ , .(; („7 .....l ( . , . (. ; II rifiUl l.iflinti thil. •).: ' . . l.,r,,n,„l :•: l.inilrmml I. W II I I l I l) { ) Kojll TVM V l I V I 1 (, )HI i N( . li; i » ( ' iiiiiirrssiiiniil -2 . . . x. ' i alil. ' a... I .lal.iral allil.-l. ' . [{ill a at lii l i " -t uli. ' .i .wi.iiii.i..;: in ll..- ...ila- l. ri..in. ll. ' |.a.l.ll. ' .llii-.NNaN tlii. ii-li ll..- I I ). acaii.Mi.i.-.. ...i.l ll.. ' -. .|.ii. int.. a .ar.-.r in III.- " uil.l I. III.- X..II.I.-,. " lli .inla...|.,n..- n.i :lil (li -r %i..- Ii.. .- Ix-.-.i | r lilal l | nl inlii | lu iii ! piiiorlilc. S mi.s i . iinirrals; Suiwmiiifl . ' -! ' - . Miimr " ( " , Ciilitain: .S h,-.t I: I ' rrnrh Club t-U Shn (liih l-.i-J- I: II ilirr I ' nln Chlh .).■ Srr r,ml I. .jdllN i:. Kl l) KI. IK. I ' l ri-iu U..II. I ' . iiliiitiiil ( ' tiiinl I IM . . . .|. lin -li.- -r.-.l III.- Mi ll.ank-.M.i- Das .la-.-i.- an.l in lii. .|.ar nil... .1.1. 1 Ih-I...i.i.I ... lli. ' (:i..-nii.|rN lal...i-a .., . III. I,..| I.II.-I.-.I «a. .la.i.i..;; N illi T- j .Ii...i ' .•.il.-rin.; lo llir -a. k .in. I |.li..l..f;ra| h . II.- al... I... k.-.l r..ruar.l t.. lli....- uomirrriii r..rl..i.;:l.-. II.- uas a-lis.- in tlir 11-1 la.-ro M- an.l ...... niin;: ralililr ill inlrriiliirilrr. (jimrn, Jul. I: ' h fVi. " (Jill) h Ihalntir SiKirlv t: Hailii) (lull I: H«iii»i CJiih .1-J-l: (jtriM rnl J; RONAI D ELDREDGE RULE P4RIS. Illinois Congressional (;-l . . . Kon cam.- to us will, his own ideas on how to run the place, and if anyone could have changed it — he ' s the boy. The original flexible lad. equally adept with a slipstick as he was at teaching Middies what those fifty two tickets were for. That wr wit ami cool head that Ron possesses will lake liini far. ¥. EDWIN FRANCIS RUMSEY Ithaca. New York Co ngressiomd F-2 . . . Nine days late in reporting to est Point. " Rum " managed to always keep just nine la s behind the rest of his class, lie felt that it was better if the rest of his class paved the way. " Ruin " tried his hand at the things he enjoyed — singing and sports. He excelled in neither but was always happy just trying. Baseball 4-3-2-I. iimrf„ls. Majnr W: Kn.xin U Fnotlmll I: Oidvl C.luiprl C.luiir I: Russian :iiil 2-l: (:, rn,„(il DON PHILIP RLNDLE Nkw En(;i. M). . I). Congressional H-l . . . I ' rom the Black Hills of Dakota to the gray walls of West Point, " Zeke " brought a winning smile and an easygoing manner. An all round athlete, he was at his best in the boxing ring. X hen not looking for boodle, " Zekc " «as tr ing to cat h up with the Aca- demic Department. He is sure to be a " chani]) " throufihuut his Army career. Ii„.xi„ii l.:i-J-l. lin„ :i-2-l: I ' ulili, Infiirma DrKiil t-:i-2-l: l I M)I |{ Kl M Kl IM ' V KIM.InN. I )|- ||(M I Ul ( Mil I Mill lllililllll ( ,11111 il -2 . . . l.-.,ll-. Il..(:;,|,ilal hi, 1....... ' I..«.,. Slu.lir- «,n- .... |,n.l.l.-... 1... l. .....1 ll.i- ...-. N..I- ill.l.l,.- ,...,1 ,h.-.,lr...l.-.;..lixi|i,... 1.1 M alu.iN- h...l li..l. ' I.. ..i.l l „- ...;., Ir.„ir ...-.In. t,-,..S|.a.ta.. al l..a,l. I.,- .irv. I.| a iiiiiiiiciU : i ! • ua,li ' or a jiili i,i iiniloni-. ( lirrrliiiilrr . ' {-:. ' - , Mimir " I " : C.rnss ( ' .iiitntrv l-.J; «B l( r.-.s .;i . .,., ,» (.7.,,,«. (.7i»ir .M ' - ; IIiuuIIhiII Cltih Koinu r loi IS {[ ssKM, 1 1 .(.III ,M I 11. I ' v. Cnniirrssional I)-- ' . . . n, U li.-a.i hi- .a..-.-,- uh... h.- .a....- h.-.v Icmi- .a., a .. t.nn. ( laliluiaiia. .- .-.- . ' .alK lio.ihl. ' .l hv III. ' a i ' .iii ' ...- I ' a. ' ti.al i). ' |.a ' l.n. ' .il.. n.A, hit- al»a ha.l an " inm i. li..- I. ..■.•• I.I hi- Nari..u- a.•li ili■- hr lia- iiiilial.d ii.a.iN l. ' ir.i,l-hi|.- N l irh uill UnU hiMi ill j; I -I. a. I. I ' ,,. I5..I. ll„- v.a.- ail. a. I ran oiil liohl siki.-ss. .SiK-( T f-:i-2-l. Mtinitfinim. Mtijui " { " : 1 ' ir.liil ( liili :i-J-l: ; ' i .. l ' - . liii„i i,r: Ski Tmin -.M ' - ; S mms i Cliih 1:1: S,rur,iiil I. .iwii.s III Ki ' .i I! I in ' i 1 1 ii-m III.. NiiK.iMx ( iiniiii ' U D-i . . . liiii . ' III. I- Ih. ' niililars li.l.l u.-ll- aiiii.-.l. I.I a. Mill. Ill l hir jiracliial kimuliil c III a ui.l.- ran;;.- ..I -iiliji-rl,. hi- ha, an ixlra- iinliiiarN lal.nl l.«i t |irr »in ; liiin-.i-lf. Ili lii li iil)-al-. uliii ' h -li-iii fniiii a Inn- ili-Mtliini I.I ri ' li ' i.iii. li.iM ' Willi him -il. ' iil a.liiiirali.ni fniiii all hi.- la-Mualt-.-.. Tmrk I; CjiiHrt i.hu,n-l Jr.Vv».- ; (W.I (Jm,Hl Choir i:i-i ' : Fn-nrh (Jiih .}. .7r.- (Jul, l-.l-l ' - .- f ' ..rf i iiru- (lul.il; I ' nhli, Infnniiiilinii Ihlnil l:t-2: Hiflr (Jub (. ■ ki ll,l . .- ' - . ,Sijfi, ,n .V l.« Tiilrhrr l-.li H rifhl l.ijiiitf (Jiili 2-1; Srr titinl I. 511 WALTER JOSEPH RYAN S Francisco, CvLiF. Prcsidentinl V- . . . Wall is a Boston Irish Army Brat from San Franoisro. He has spent his lour years here as an ardent defender of the Pointer and the Infantry. Linfortunately. the 1802nd Special Regt. has never recognized Walt as a brother, having hurt his pride on several occasions. It would be a pleasure to soldier with alt anywhere. Fencing 4; Catlwlic Chapel Choir 4: Forum 2: Golf Club 1: Ordnance Club 2-1: pointer 1-3-2-1; Pistol Club 1: Russian Club 3-2-I: Special Program Com- mittee 3: Sergeant 1. GERALD .1. SWIOS Chh. VGO. Illinois ( ' .nnfiressional C-1 . . . Gerry will be long remembered for his races against the clock on Saturday night. Mis skill in electricit was well demonstrated by his after taps li ;liling sxsteni which drained the power house dry. Social Sci- entist at heart, he was always rcad to sup- port his views in gentle conversation. Dialectic Society 3-2-1: Forum 2-1; Sergeant I. IIEXRY LEE SAXDERSOX AiDi ' BON. e Jersey Xaiioiuil ( ' .tiard F-1 . . . " Sandy, " " who hails from Audubon, when not on a Glee Club trip could always be found at the Saturday night hops. He was a friend lo many on Sunday mornings be- cause of bis motiicr " b lie boxes. V bixc. he was always read to help those in need. His fondness for mililarN life is sure lo bene- lit him in the future. Chess Club 1-3: Dialectic Society 1-3-1: Forum 2-1: Clee Club t-3-2-1: Handball 2-1: Uouitzer 1-3-2-1: Ordnance Club 2-1. President: Pistol Club 3-2-1: Pointer 1-3: SCI Si l-l: Ski Club 3-2-1. 1 1{ N n 1 1 i{ •-(II i IK (.11 N(ni. MiNMM.i V I nni:r,:.i,.n ,l -J . . . I I. Ill . .iiiir {•, W . ' .I I ' mIiiI In.iii ihr lio .n Noli III ,.| Mill, i,„, I.I. lu.ix« .1 ;: mhI ■.(iKlnil. ...Milrniir- ii. ' M ' i In.iil.lr.l l,iiii. .inil iii.iiiv .1 - I l..in ll,.ill Mi.il. ' li kr,.l liiin .Hs;n llMKI ihr I k- nil lolIM »„ll. ' , .ill.-,. II. i. ' „,lM ' |. ' .| l „ ll,. ' .1 »,ll l„„ . 11,. ll,. ' , Cwirn, (luU.i.J.I: I hlmt.- ( ..niiiril I: l,,„,h ( l„l, :t: (.rrnmn Chih .M ' - . I i, .■- V.m. .m . IIhiuIIhiII (Mil, (■- ' - ; «, sM,.« (7,; . .(; II rif-hl liflinfi llnl, .1-:. ' ; l l)IS(t ( I l ION SCIII I ' I ' S Mink. I ' mik. (.mim.um v N„„ „ „ Ihrrasrd I rtr. I ._• . . . l,.„ »■■ I,.-.,., I A " -u.-ir- in ll.ill .ix. u.- .,11 kli.u Ih.il ,1 u.i- -NLi ril l,il,- .„ ' ...,„.! .,. II. I,., I. .•!»..%. ..,1 III. ' uilli hi. Ihxiii.II. ' .. . ' .i.r N. Hi. .|i,i. ' k uil ; .|.i,il ..,1 ll,. ' .ilhl. ' li. ' I, .1.1. li.iN. ' .iluas. V lri. ' ii.l..in.ll.i..u;;l,l mkiiin I.im J,. Io all .,( Irnrti t: ( ,i,lri ( l,„i:l hnir l:i-2: fmii, ,,.-..- ( liih |(»ll I lil NCI SCHICK I - I I ' lilNl. N I w .i|iK (niiiirrfisioniil (,.| . . . .I..I111 vv.iiil.l h.iM- 1 11 .li.lin. ' lix.- il ..mIn l . ' ..ni.. ' Im ' .Ii.Im ' i mill. I .liiiiliin liv Ill-Ill. I.. M I A (.. I.„l I. .1,1, I, .1.1 far Mi. r.- 1I1..11 III. II. II. .» iiiaiix ...1,1.1 liaN. ' in. ' l .a.li .ri.i. Mlll Itiiir. „i,i„al.l,al.l. ' -iM.ii ' lair.. ' N. ' N.r .a.ii.il. l,..u. ' N. ' r. uli.rr l.i- IrLrwI- wrri- I ..I,. iriH-il. wi- .i-|..ir.i|. ' uilli lln- ;. ' nal- i-l rrlii.lani.-. I fhrr h i»iiim i (JiiIi I: ( ' jirfHtrnI J; (jiiiliiin I. Hrgiini-iiliil Triiiiiiiif OJJiiiT. Z. J f0 FIL4NK JOSEFMI SCIIIO ' n ' KR Oxford. Mississippi (.on n ' ssional ,-2 . . . Frank, or " hot leads, " is ihe man witli llie wires. His hobbies of radio building and strange doings down in the ordnance shop managed to keep him from becoming loo embroiled with academics. His pleasant manner, conddned with the hot notes he could turn out on his s(|ueeze box won him iiis Nide circle ni Irien.ls. Cimrni Cliili 1-3-2: Cailrl Cluiiicl Choir 4-3-2: Onlmimr Cliih 2-1: limiiv Chih 1.3-2-1: Ski Club 3- 2-1: SiKiiiisli Ciiii,3: Srriicniit I. ROBERT CURTIS HARKIN SCHMHJ ' l New Ulm. Minnesota Congres. ' ionai M-2 . . . Blighted by Social Sciences, blessed by the number subjects, and blinded by both. Bob once nearly made the " D " and tiie Dean ' s Lists simultaneously. In athletics, one day of plebe " intramurder " was enough to sell him on a cool and clean, year ' round swimming program. June. 1955, will surely cheer tills morbid Minnesolan. Sirimmiiifi 1-3-2-1, ' umerals. Mimnfinmt. Miii,,, " " : Mfilhimatics Forum 2-1: Public lufonmiliim DiKiil 1-3: S ianish Club 3; Suirs 4-3: If (ilvr I ' ulii ( ' .lull t-3-2-1. 1 ice-President; Corporal 2: Liculrnont I. ft HOKXCK SCHOW. .IK. ViNCKx i;s. J t)i X V ( ' .onfin-ssional 1-2 .. . couple of steaming, enervating months a( lirsl. then llic long black ear. An c|)cc. drcar e enings within the green rooms, browsing through I ' uniphrcN and Kshbach, a campaign with I ' atlon. rivets and steel iuinl.le.l uilii l-|-s. lanlicd while Iron. and polished I5-phites. WCH or Iwo an.l then it was o ir . . . loo oon ' Fencing 1-3. Summth. Monognim: llnji C„mmin,-r 1-3-2; Pistol Club 2-1: Public lnfarm,ili,m Drinil I- 3-2: S -rgeanl 1. CM KI I S . SCIII II Ih IIM... l » OllK A ' ,. Il-l . . .S,l,uir-r..u. v..,-;.t W.H, l ' .„,urr. |)fnl rii.. ll III iMMiiii;: Mar- i in oid.i I. kr.-|. |.i,, . ,.i,l,iiij.-. hi. ( (). r.ii.iii . hi- () (). III. ' l.i. ' iM ' .il |)r|,ailiii. ' nl. .unl lii- I I (1 I.M.k ll|. IIK.-I nllii. linir. Ml ill .ill. Iir ,ll,li, ' | -axr liiiii .1 Hill. ' In.i.l.l. ' .liuiii;: ll.. ' l.»l Lmi Cluhi-.l: II rinli, l.iflinii (Inh I. S.rumnt I. .1 Wll S I l) KI) SI M iii(ii. Kl ll K (iiii i ' ssii)iii(l i:.2 . . . .liiii . ' .111 lak. ' .r. ' .lil r.M- li.iii ..n. ' ..I 111. ' r. ' U ni. ' ii .liirin;; i.ns . ' ar «li.. ua ..n ill. ' I). .in " - l.i l lliioii ' li n.i ;;n ' .il . ' H.iil oil hi- |,arl. In nil , ainiir.il .illii.l i.-- h. ' uill h.- h.ilh l.,,,lhall an. I l..i-k. ' l hall. Muax- i. ' a.lx h.r a laii;:li. .lini ill h. ' I. .11- 1 . ' ni. ' iiih. ' i. ' .l l.N us. It-I . ■ la- llii- il.r.a nii.l . iir.i.l. ol hi- W.-l ,i()ii h ' niii 1; I -I CliifJSr ON. ,ii::i ssi„„nl . . .I..I111. .1 h iiii. ' i ' il iii.iii. j.iin. ' .l ill. ' .,1 ■. ' ). ' ) a- «. ' «. ' i. ' . ' nl.-iiMf; wailm .-iir. liiiii- til. ' . i.l. ' iiii. I). i.arlMi.nl «a- l.-.i hx Mir " . Ita-k. ' lhall. -«iMimin ' . Ira;: iny nm-i. ' In- ni.i| .i a.l i ili ' -. «ilh •niii ' - rri ' . ' ixin;; .1 i.in-i.hi .ihl.- |ii ili. n liiii. ' . loliii uill l. ii : hi ' r. ' ini ' inh.r. ' .l al r..iiil l. ill..-. ' «h.. kii« » him. ' niiniil I: hi hinf 4 liih . ; Inriim I: I ' -ilii (Jill, .?•:. ' ; K.i. i.. (Jul- 1:1: SiHTiul I ' rn rum (jiriHinil 2: l.iriiirnanl I. RICHARD VERXOX SKCORD Columbus, Ohio C.onfircssiotidl M-1 . . . Dick stepped from back stage in a Loew ' s Theater to straight man in a Beast Barracks review. Firmly convinced that the best would never ccmie again, he settled down to make a farce of academics and drcatn of becoming the Special Ser icis Orticcr. His cold, calculating week-end mannerisms will be with us always. Boxing h German C.lith 1-3-2-1: I ' lihli,- Inf.irmiitinn Detail 4-3-2-1; Sergeant I. JOHN G. SENGER Keytksvii.lk. Missoum ( ' oniin-ssionttl -2 . . . John, a transfer stuilenl from the other half of tlic Corps, came to the " Foreign Legion " with a determination to master the language. er pojjular with e eryone and known as the strong, silent type, he could fre(pienll he found in the iibrar) or in ihc W cajions Room uilh a er y prett) Southern Belle. Siianisli Cliih :i: Ciirpnrul 2: Sergeant I. ROBEUr LEE SHAFFER Jelpkk. Ohio Ctmm D-l . . . Outsitle of the classroom, Bob spciii the greatest amount of his time preparing for the " fields of friendly strife. ' " One of his fa- vorite ways of escaping from the atmosphere of est Point was by taking a weekend (ish- ing trip. When Bob found the time, he al« a s enjoNcd an afl -rno )n uilh llic r - l-lio . (.ymnasliis 1-3. umerals: Sincrr 3. Monogram: Trark 4-3-2, umerals. Monogram; Fishing (Hub 3-2: Sheet Club 3-2; Corporal 2; LieiUenant I. .316 3 1 l ' ) 1 lll I DnN. .IK. " liK i (.oii:iirssiiiniil (;-- ' . . . r- .•a-N-oiii;: «,,x, k.|.i him liMiti 111.- .iM.;il ••-lorm- " nl .-.mI.I 1,1,-. Ill- niiii.l u.i- al .iN- lillr.l NMll, inl.ll.Tlual ih.Hi lil wlii.li ||,.M,-,I liirili III III- urilin anil !) •- lial.Cniin.il ».„k. .1. .Mn »i|li ijil- «.„k :. r.v.- in ll„- all.-, n I,. ,1,, uhal In- .all.-.j -i.M „,x ,x.-.- ' . .„ , (■„„„, 7 ll-L ' -h l,„nm ■ ' . ; (.„ (7,, , .(..-. ; Il„i,.,t ( „,n,nillrr . „ii iu,r J. ; ' .Wi. InJnniMliull Ihliiil It J: Hi, ■.•.inn Inh I: Sriftinnl I. DC)) liolil IM Mill I Ix ' SMI |{ l N. IK. Hoi. laiii.- lo W.-i MMii- ol lliiiiM-. , a. I. Mil,. laiM.- ra- nah ' on.-.. Hi- u.uni -mil, ' . ...ii-lani nii-. ' lli-.|i .ilhln.l. ' . an. I lia| |.N - ,..1,1.1 in, I,- iiia.l. ' hiiii i.l.al Tor K -2 an, I n Ilnfilr .. .s L ' .l: D.hnir CnnnnI . ' ; linn.,, ..mmiilr, 2-1: I ' ninlvr . ' ; I ' mtii liim- Cluh . ' i-L ' : Snniln ilmnl TiilIut 3-2-I: (jir utriil 2: f ji if iiii . i; Vl |nM) |i) I I I - IIIDI I I i; |{| nuiH K. (ailoltMtii r«;i ;c s((((i( i:-- ' . . . I i,.in III. ' I inlaiii. ..1 ' ( ;..l .ra.l . I.. K.a-t Karia.k. ua- a l.iu |iiiii|. I,.| K av. I. lit li.- Ill, I ll.,- II.-..— aix «ill lo -lax. Wlial XX. .III. I I.. ' I.. I..- xxill. ' .l III.- Ciniiil- I al.. Kill -..-in- .1- III.-. fill..- l).-| a. -Ml l.a--lnnni.-.l III.- i.-.|ii.--l. Kax xxill I..- xx.ll -ali-li.-.l xxilh IXX..-..I.I l.a.-. hlrr,. . 11. ii H.-,,i .. ..»., .,.i ii; Kmlln ( lull Jl: Srr litint I. .A i 317 m ii 1 -c9- « ' 1 " ' J i M L mat— .,M KICIIAHI) I). SHIMINKK lma. Ii(:hi(; n Con rpssionnl B-2 . . . I)i k ' s atliUidf toward inililarv lift ' and toward academics shows him to he one ol ' tlie lin ' sl men in our class. Always doing more than liis share of work, always on the alert to help others, and ever ready with his humor to give his classmates a boost in spirit, Dick is sure to go far in his chosen field. Fcncin i 4. um,-rals: Clwss C.luh I: I ' i-lnl CInh 1-3. 2-1: Ski Club 4: Sergmnt I. WILLIAM F. SIETMAN. IH. Brightoin, Michigan RefuiUn liinv C-1 . . . Herman added to our four years that convivial fellowship pecuhar only to the rotund. Each winter saw him working off the extra pounds that those devastating summer trips added to his waistline. Always able to hold his own in the section room. onl his good natured " one of the boys " attitude kept him from Stars. IHali-itir Smivty 3-2-1: Funim 2-1: (U-nnuii C.lul, 3-2-1: Ordmiiuv Club 2-1: Pistol Club 3-2-1: Sumluv Scluiol Teacher 3-2: Corporal 2: Sergeant I. TIIOMVS E. SIMS StvMI ' S. Akk S s ( ' .onfirrssidiltll 1-2 .. . Being liandsouu ' and dasliing. Tom would have been a killer with the ladies, but his natural shyness and an O.A. at home held him back. Preferring the quieter life, he happily spent his days sacking and eating, consoled with thoughts of graduation. Oh yes. it couldn ' t happen to him. but he got a " Dear lolin " Just the same! Camrra Club 1-3-2: l-orum 1: Cerman Club 3-2: M{i v iNciN I ' si (;i:i{ I).. Ml,. ,» h ll.l !• III. ' i.niM.-.il.lr. Mr l.rr.ni.r -lav 1,1 111.- i iiliai.-. l ••(■■; 7V.l,A- l-.i-L ' . ;»lr .i . l.„ lOSII ' ll .1. SK Ml Cimtii si.iN. W. X. ( ,.„L:n-ssi K-l . . . " .I S.|nan-.r- ua- aluax- 1I..-1 ' - ' • " I i | ' " ' ' - • " " ' ' " -■ ' •■il ' - I ' i;;! ' - - a II la ill iiilraiiiiiraU. In- lie. am.- ii.ilc.l I ' .. -..I.l. ' ii I... ' in I.M.ll.all. Mii. ' li ..I hi. lini. ' ■-|Miil |ila iii;; Idi.l;;.- .11 in ill.- -a.-k. .Iiili.-- a- li. |p iiiana .-i- |.r.) i.l.-il K C... ' J. I .ha;:-. Ih.- laii-hin;. ' ial. vmII I. inciiilM-rfil hir his %%ilil (ali-s iinil ha|i|i li ; .• «!.- :.,„mii ..J-:. ' - ; ;v iiii :i„h 2.I: c, Cliih . -. ' ; r... Chih :i-J-l: l.,ml-lM«i„r, ' r Cimr mill,; J: ll„i M,in,if:,r (-.M ' - ; (...rpnriil J: Id IIK i(iii 1 1{ wcis . " row l . (Mil. Ilniini Mililniy Srluxil ;-l ...C.nlraiN I.. |..,|..ilar h.li.-l. all . a.l.-l- il.inl Mi-k ihc ia- «a aroinnl arailiiiiii -. !an an- ihr " l ' " u, ii.hI.I.mI wis.1% a. .I.ihii lohl ihrni llif farls of ihrir Iiiisini-SH. Ili ui- fr. liiMiks ili.in ' l ciaiiii all liU limr. Tor jiihii riiiiii l an ax.Hali.iii in uri- liinn ami I.M.k li.-n.li.h .l.h-lil in -iM.uin;: a lia|.l.-- .•|i|» ii.-nl ihi- ..-ihii;:. .«fiT -. ' M ' - . Miain trnm: tl rrfllinf l-:i-J-l. ii- mrmU. MiMin train: l )4ialr (AHmril i-3-2-1: t ' unim - ' - : Ihmilzi-r »-.1-:. ' - ; Dnlmmrr CJiih ii ' l: I ' iUnI Chih .I.J.I: Kii.M.Ki CJiih hf-J-l. ILifihl l.iflint lliih . -1 ' - ; .Vr d-dn . V DrV K WKNZKI, SMKTAW 1k() " () )1). 1i(:hi(;v Ciiniircssiondl L-2 . . . Along with his broati grin and lirmly- set jaw. Sniittv. an apostle of indirect learn- iiit;. IkiiI as his niullu " slaN loos.-. ' " He worki ' il and [ilased. laufjlied and worried — all in inoileration. I ' Jver willing to lend a hand in some of those near impossible problems, he alwa s fontid linK- lo [ten tiial certain l. ' llcr. IS„sLrll„ill I: iM.rnssr -.J. lom,f!n,m: Umlrmi,- Stars l-.i: (.(ulrt C.lmprl I s i.;; rnnrh Cliih 1-3-2-1. I irr-l ' nsidi ' iil: Sh ' cl Cliili : : Corin.nil J: l.uiiuuani I. DONALD EUGKM ' ; SMITH (;i« M Isi.xND. Nebraska Congressional ll-l ... Although his Army parents traveled far and wi.lc. Don was Irne lo ( and Island. Nebraska. Don was talented in both football and track, but after Yearling year track be- came his mainstay. Kasvgoing and a helping hand alwa s. Don won his place carl and kept his eve on the ultimate goal those gohl bars. Football 4-3-1. ,miv,ah. Mojo,- V : Track 1-3-2-1. iSttmerah. Major " ( " ■; Ski Chili 2-1: CorfHinil 2: LieutenatU I. NORMAN MAYNAKI) SMI 111 Utica. Nk« York ConmcssidiKil K-l . . . Norm is the type of man who is al- wavs near to lend a helping hand. His sense of humor has nuide him famous, or infamous, within the conipanx. read and willing worker, he made life in I ' M a liltle more liv- able during our four vears here. The men who serve un.lcr him will he luckv iml. ' cd. IM.at, ' Counril 3-2-1: Irvmh Clal, 3-2-1: .IcrisI, (.luiprl CUoir 1-3-2-t: I ' ointrr 1-3-2: Srr«vant I. W 1 M. KiCIIMil) IHII I )i;n Kit. ( : il.oi( vi „iifirrssi,„uil K-l ... .Siniit rami- lo u- frrr from wi.rr .111.1 iiKijor r)-s|ii)nsi|iilil . rn.ni ihr cLin ..f lii-.nt.rin;; lli - Corps In- ilii : hi, hi-rU in hikI -lioiililcn-il tlif Mfjvlii of lii, iiftt rc ' itoii ' ti- l ililii-: . I ' Ik- .siiKcrilN and fom-fnlnrs, of SmiU s (liaraclcr iou|ih- l uitli lii aliilit lo gi ' t alon-r with otii.-rs an- landmarks of Koviii h SA,- Tnim .1-2.1: .sWr.r 3.2-1. M.mnfram: Ihlml.- (jmnril ami hnrum 2.1: Hshinfi Cliih 3-2: lliiiullmll (Jul, 3.2-1: Wlii iir.ii- (Juh t-3: I ' liblir ln „rmaii.m Ih-lail 4-3.2.1: Ski (Juh U1-2-I: Srr- ir„„i I. P I ' M I KKII KI) SNKIK OUN. I ' v. ,„„„ Mililnrv rh„nl . ( ' Iioo-ini: niililars hir a a lii " ainl.lr l.ul il |.r. x. l ahi-hl for i aul. I ' ii...- «a---.| " iil ill ihr ' Mii. llii rhih. or on IliilN. lull ai-.iiliiiiii-. wi-vr hi- iaxorcd liiix ' ron- -iiiiK-r. I ' aiil liki ' - i ' i ' r niii- around liiiii. and lor a loii liiiir lo coim- ur uill In- |inind lo liaN.- Iiiiii a.s a ni.iiil..r of tlu- (;la» of : .-.. I! i krilmll 1-3: Track 4-3-2: Oimera (Jul, 3.2-1: ( i,llu4ir CJuiir 4-3-2.1: Cerman (Juh 1-3-2-1: (.hr (Juh 3-2-1: Unnitzvr 1-3-2-1: I ' ninur t-3-2-1: I ' uhli, In ormati.m Ihlail 1-3-2-1: Rmlio (Juh 2-1: H .■i i l.ijtinfi (Juh 2.1: Srrf»tint I. {n IM I (Il IS SOI ' I K IK. |).. Mt I ' l VI N-. N. V (nncrrssinmil l-l . . . rii.r.-- Ihr rifrhl vsav. ill.- ur..n;: ua . anil llii- S..| .r ni.lhod. I ' nr-iiin;; llii- Ixli. 1. ihi ' I, out- l an;; r .arniil hi- ni.knani.- in lour r.ilh.T .a-iial .-ar-. Sii.h in.i.l.-nl- as ill. ' ja l..nk.T M.i iii : (!oni|ian an. I lir»l .-all -hou.-r- uill lo- ri-ni)-inlirrrd rxi-n uh.n oini :l{oi lH-...ni. ' -ol.l l ..h. II.- -Iioi.l.l ;o a Ion;; »a in lln- -.-tn i.-.-. f.xWMiH ». Hr.ulin i 1.3: IMhUv Cmnril 2-i: h;run, 2-1: II.,!, Mannftrr 1-3-2-1: Ski (Juh 3.2-1: l.iru- NOKMAN W. SPARKS Co NERS iLLK. Im)i n Congrpssional F-2 . . . Plebe year found Sparkle in chapel choir and on " C " Squad cross country and track. YearUng year he decided " intermur- der " was more valuable and also took in the Russian Club. Getting this academic stuff, Cow year was busy with academic coaching. Weekends and the gal from home were the highlights of Firstie year. Cross Country 4-3; Track 4-3: Cadet Chapel Clwir 4-3-2-1; Golf Club 3; Mathematics Forum 2-1. Secre- tary; Pistol Club I; Russian Club 4-3-2-1; Skeet Club 2; Corporal 2; Lieutenant I. ALFRED J. SPAULDING Queens, New York Regular Air Force A-2 . . . After three years of reyeille in the Air Force, Al came to est Point. Though a consistent first-section man in academics and a spirited competitor in sports, Al will be remembered by us best for having the most worn out red boy in the class. We are looking forward to seeing him again in the future. Baseball 4; Catholic Choir 4-3-2-1; Forum 2-1; Glee Club 3; Handball Club 3-2-1; Russian Club 4-3; Sergeant 1. NOK L-2 JOHN GILL SPELLMAN AMCH. Connecticut Congressidndl few years ago ed h and found West Point ' s proximity to New York very satisfactory. His knowledge of politics left no one room for argument. His athletic ability was always an asset to any team, and he never failed to do his best in everything he encountered. He ' ll be a credit to the servic ? 1 44 Baring 4; F.mtball 4; Golf Club 3; Spa, 2-1; Sergeant I. 322 inish Club 4-3- I 1 () HolM |{ I SI. Wini H ClMCIM-.M. . II. ( „ ,H,,,Ss,„„„ I. -I . . . Mili..ii;:li iiii.ll !. ' n.-r .iraJniiir ii " iM;i.u,- I.. lii I imi.il.- r..i i.-.i-,,ii- n..t h.n.l h.-M. ' ... S.MIll -nil IuUImI IIIIK ' lol.MI.ll- r..MI-ll..l.l.i -..l.l.l ...... I, , ' ..... ' ., M.ll.l. ' .l.rvvilh ;. I..-- i.i Itc.lM.i. W .11. ,. i ' ...l l.i.i;il. a. 1. 1 l.i;: ..-I ..r •■.■.. Mr ill In- a ...■.•,- i.. I.i- ,l.,„.i. .(-: ' - ; Inrnti l.lnh -(.. ' . » ... .■ I{„iln,a,l Cluh J-.f; Onlium.rlluh I. I ' i lnl ( luh l-l-l. K,.. ... , . .M ' - ; SlT IIIII I. :n : coison sim ri: N V I KIN l ( ;. I . ( VI II OKM » ' ,.;„ ,„ „ Inn- V-2 . . . 11. 1 ' ' iii ' i " rlic ' Mill il a ( ialiliiriii n ' - l S -31 .ri.i lar-W.-I- T5i ,-.,.. -la.. I a... I Nr, alil.- a. a, !.-... i,- Iran ( ' |M-,. a...l-i....r.ll,n,.. l. 1..,.. n .a.- i..lr..M-. II.-- I. ,-.■.. .,..1 t.i.-.i.l i.. , .rN M-.i .-. Il.r.-- 1.. .... . ■....■ u.-ll I.M.k I.,,- s.,.. I..-...-.-. " .Sninmii;i ..{.. ' . , iim,niU. li,„„ - f ; rt Cluh »-. ; Ciilhnlir f.huir -.(; ..i ilv i f. ii . » -.{; II rifiUl Ijjling i ' Jub 3-2. I{()IU IM lOKHI SI SI M,I;Y KlIH M)-. Cm IK. KM nllltlr - inlllll (;-l . . . I n.i.i ..I.I ..I III. ' W.-l .am.- li..).. I. ' lliii;:..! III. ' I.I- 1.. Im ' r..iiii.l ll.. ' .. ' . Ili- ouii fi I iiatiiri ' |i. ' .i . ' il l. Ik ' .III.- .ll llii-in. ilh rhara.l.ri-li. (..r.-i lil. I{..1. I....k lii |M st- ruiliiali- i..iir- ' tarl an. I -. .an..- I. !..(;-! lat.-. I. .It .I..I I..., jal.- 1.. «in ..- a- l.i- lil. ' l..ii Iri. ' M.I-. W III. . ' i.tl.i.-ia-iii aii.l al.ilils I..H .an lir mi--. ' I r,,„l, Cluh » .1. IhrnilzMf (..I; M.mM Hmlr.mul (llih .1-J- ; Ski-rl (Jul) I: t-rnitml I. :i2: .J IK VI r.fKK -f r fMUKH if r .fM . VI »T N V ( unfirf svinrd C-I ... VI im thf -ki -lofi H cUm-fL ail ran Jk- found ■ f»«-ntlin(» lh« " aflf-mfK n «l " bal- in « r participalinjZ in a forum rlLit -it ion in an allrmpl to gel wpfk-endft in «n» Yfffk f il). If - hat Hon fame by hi zeal«u»ne»« in H rankling with all romers on any s«Mbjert. I»f- il the nierit.% of his home ittate or the re- -iilt t of eronomir imfieriali-tm. Ornt (jtunlrv t: .Swcer 3-2. fnnnfram: I i4mtf Oiun- ril t-3 ' 2-1. I in-I ' midmt: (jidet Chap-l (Jmir 1-3-2- ; yimtm 1-3-2-1. (3%airmnn: Vr seam . JOHN UKKV STKXKI.KV .• K N l K(.« -. I K - Confirfssionnl (f- . . . U hen in ( ntral rea one roiild al- vvay-i fin«l hln nay to U ileyV «loor hy follov - ing the .4train. of a .tafl. er H boy ballarl. fc hen no guitar mu »ir roubl lie heard. K iley Ha on the Larrosse field hanrling out tape. On the ffH.tball field he sparked the G-l team to a Briga le Champion--hip l» hi.- determina- tion to win. lxlrro u 3-2-1. fanafyr: Handbail (Juh 1.3-2-1: Modol Hmlrf0ui tjuh 3-2-1: : i K . . H,l STl S STKIWI N F5kn» K)U. . . ( ' .onpTPssional k-l ... Chuek spent his time enjoying life and will always be remembered for hLs sense of humor, big smile, and friendly ways. Ili- abilily to make friends and his sueres» hen- in the Corfjs paint a bright future for K-l " - juiee hive. U ith his eapabilities and person- ality. Chuck is sure to go far in his rhrr -n - (Juh I: HMnfi (Juh Cadft OuMfH-l (Jioir »-.?: Cait 2-1: (Uirpnral 2: lunitenant t W New lji«m. lMMt i t , 1 . . . l m fir»l %r»t al ihr p.Wnl Ihri «.«• a mrmbrr oT l«.o HrifiatU- f Junipi K»4np Iraoto ' f j»tl all in ihr FaU and irmiM in ihr Spring, l. v than thai. (Urn »rar •«« I iri. a mrmbrr «j ihr Ka»l Tn lnlrrrii||r{palir llaiKlball Tram r:tiaai|ii in.. a Hunfitrja- -hip fiur lo a larp - r imt to f iri ' tiill and ' .»,« J« $- l.J.I fjmkJu- ijkmp tr„l,t, t 2-l: I ,uh.Ju- IJ p,! IM J.J v«n«r f mmnt $-3: f - , " m NNK B. STKKN. JR. BBfjrMiti . Nj.w Vo«k {jmfm.uorud f -- - - - " innir Pw, i« Mbal «»e rail him. Mr ramr frnai tlir »lum» rrf BnoAhn anl nrirr . a« a trrr till be ratrmi lr i P.jint I ' 7mj:to,4nginibrJr«i»bChrjirajidtr in ..L- hand at baaM balL hr jsraorNMlt failrd ji brHh. Hr M MrO kno«.n in D-2 a » tbr . ilv man lo hate a plarr mtrrtrd frjr Ihr «.rrLit D fct. t-l. Ski iMA I. , «„M . CII KI.F illRWI STKVKN . 3Kr |{l KU t.TOV KRWOXT (j ner ' - " i " nnl f -- - - - " III " am«r l hrrr grrm ftrmi tMg « • mojL But ih did nr«i Lrrp him frrja riring to thr tnp .rf ihr ria »ir erllin na r»ro p « ihlr i.i-Hub trip. Hi rxn f.,r hi- hi h ara ' lrmtr tandin t a ' that hr liLrd to rrt a .a» in,m it all and rrMjJ»J not Irl aradrmirv inlrHrrr. ||i ». iurr l» po a loo;; «at in thr rm . . CM l-J-. ' -l. I ., .f r «4 w- mSL MICHAEL M)RF: STEVENSON Toledo. Ohio Congressional A-2 . . . " The Punch " raine to us fresh out of civilian life and here quickly gathered a large host of friends. Never one to be baffled by the academic department, he was always ready for a party or a boxing match. In his quiet, unassuming manner. Mike has shown the necessary attributes for a successful career in the Army. Boxing 3-2-1, Monogram. Minor " A " ; Catholic Chapel Acolyte 4-3-2-1; Catholic Chapel Choir 4-3-2; German Club 3-2; Corporal 2; Sergeant 1. LAWRENCE EDWARD STOCKETT Nashville. Tennessee Congressional D-2 . . . Larr came to West Point from Stewart Field and the Army. After earning his star in Plebe French, he went on to prove that it could be spoken itli a Tennessee drawl. During Camid lie fouml bis love — definitely not the a . With bis good na- ture and determination, he ' ll make a success in his chosen field. O " ' Camera Club 4-3: IHalvrtir S„ri 3: Mule Rider 2-1: I ' i tnl CInh Ski Club 2; Sergeant I. , 4-3: French Club rainier Staff 2-1: CHARLES GARY STOECKEL L UREL. Delwvake Congressional C-2 . . . Chuck came to Vi est Point straight from high school. He was a lover of classical music and. after indoctrination in " Cow .Inicc. " became very interested in " Hi-Fi. " ' His free time was spent in the craft shop. in llii- radio rbdi. and liring weapons at the Ordnance (Hub. Nitii lime out for occasional dragging. hishing Club 3-2-1: Cerman Club 3; Handball Club 2-1: ihmitzer I-3-2-I; Ordnance Club 3-2-1; Pistol Cluh I-3-2-I: Radio Club 2.1; Sheet Club 1: Ski Cl ub 1-3-2-1: n right Lifting Cluh I: Sergeant I. 320 llnW K|) |.({ wcis S|() | " M MI..MV Cn. Om MI..MV I. -I . . . I.U.kilN In, W.-l | ' „inl ;....! Ihr. Mr,: llir " ( )kl;.l..,n,., Ki.l " .I..,.,- ,,11 r .anrr. Il.,«ir ni.mx ...liMii.- ,,l ill.- I ' . i::li " III, ,l„- L,.li.. . l..a,l.-,-|„,.. „ ,....„|v ..nil.. .11,(1 a uiiiiiiii |Mi )iiiilit all ri.iil, ilii,i.-.l 1, his s,„v,-ss. t ynumstirs h C.mirt Cha irl Clioii t,:i-L ' -l: Clu.ss Com mill.;- L ' .l: DvIhiu- C.nun.il :i.2.l: hisbin i Club 2-1 (.:IJ Clul, I: l ' isi„l CInh 2-1: I ' orlufiuvse Uuh .1 Cnriuinil 2: I ' liplain I. iJiii) I i; IS siom: IU M ,. |,C, oiiiiirssiomil -lii,i,li„i; ..I (;.i ) If rrstling I: l,„l,l l „iln„„l (Inh .(._ ; ' , CJiib :i.2-l: S,Tfi,-,inl I. 1 |{n|{| IM I ll() SI |{ Ml UiiuNwii,,. i u |,,KK l ' n-.i,l,nli„l 1-1 . . . Will, l,i-.N,i, irii,| ' ,.,inr,ii a.i.l.a.N •. ' Kiiif;. 1)111 niii Ml. inaiinir. Itnli lia« man- afiiil li ki-.|i liiiii.i ' ir tirr iitiili-il l fricmls Ixili, ill ll, ' I i iii| .,ii anil ill liic ( iiir|i! ' . W I,. ,rxrr a l,. ' l,.i„M h.in.l i. nr.-.j.-.l. Itol. has aluav. I.. ' .n ill Ih.- front of ill.- liii.-. I!.- «,il| . rlaiiil In- a |ir inl a.liiiliiiii In aii liraiicii hi- max i-h.M «i-. Ijuru s,- I; r„lh..li, (lmi»l Uolvlr J-: ' - . H.l llr t.mnril .1.2: I ' ninl.r ' sajf f-. ' . «ii,m,,.i (Jul, .(.. ' ; Srr itnl I. M GEORGE A. STRAUS Detroit. Michigw Confin ' ssional B-2 . . . Due to the ease with which he dis- posed of academics, George was able to de- vote some of his time to his hobbies, namely reading Hemingway and pursuing the stock market. Nicknamed " The Prussian " for his military bearing, he was always popular with the troops. We all look forward to see- ing him again in the future. Pointer 4: Skert Club 3: Ski Cliih 4-3-2: Crpfirul 2: Sergeant 1. WILLIAM BERNARD STREETT, JR. LiTTi.K Rock. rk. iili miil (iiinrd l-l . . . S hat a hive! If Bill hadn ' t spent so much time whopping all his pals in handball, he might have been able to spec Esbach. Bill was not content to excel in academics alone, however, as Zippo lighters, pen knives, and such attested to his skill as a marksman. bridge builder, and at being an all around great guy. (. 7ii mv((( s (; liiigle i)tes 3-2-1, Editor; Debate lluun- .,1 I: }l„n,ll,„ll Club 2-1: Honor Committee 2-1. I iic-l ' ri ' siilriii: Corporal 2: Sergeant 1. JAMES RALSTON STRICKLAND CURWENSVILLE, Pa. ( ' .ongiessioiKtl L-l . . . Believing that the most important achievements gained from ' est Point are satisfaction for service done and understand- ing of personnel relationships. Jim combined these with zest for academics and desire to graduate. He attributes all good fortiuie of the four ears to the iirm foundation ac- (juired from his Mother. Chess Club 3-2: Drhnlr CnunnI 3: Kussian Club 3: Sergeant 1. .328 UI IM KllJIto SI inCKI.WI) ION. (.1 UIK.I ( . l!JI. NM. rKl ll-l . . . Ml.r ., .•,lr .il (..•,,.-i.i I .•.I,. |{.,1, l.ll nl..! .■..uiiliN .iihl x.r.liii.-,! i.urti, I,. I»- • oliir .1 |..ir| .,1 Ihr .mkr. ' iiiix. It..l. .piirklx l..r;iilir ..., ... livr ,..n I ..I ll.r -,.,,;■,. r r, .M iii Miil ..I III, ,lull. .111.1 .iUn.in- k.|.l lli rNr...Ml. ' ult.....ll ' .,Ml ||..,.. ' m .I.IIki. . Itil-rlHlll I. „„„„, ; ,„,,. ..(..•- . ,im,l„U. Miiiiir " I " : VVdiA- . -:. ' - . Mniin sratn: U n-w iii »-. ' . NiiHi.Tfi s; ' iM,, f.7,i , ,M . ; SAwi (,7i( . ».,M ' .;; ( ' .iirpitiiil 2: Cjipliiin I. m .M»ll llnw U|) SI HoM W III MM,-. llNM s,,, V onLiirssinnal -l . . . lhi iH-mM kl.k. ImII-. in W illiii.n. ill Ihr I i L ' -I ' " l ' ' ll - ' " .I on,, nl 111.- Im-,( ,1..,. Y V i , E -l " ' l » iM-lx- ' liMli- lnl ' lli ' ' nl. |.. ' i .Tnil.l.- r ' HS I I .. 1 I..- ua r..rli li. (.iv. «, .{.. ' - . ,„mn,ls. li,i.„ ■■ (■■; Hn.hlhnll l-:i-2-l. iim,riih. Mnnapriim: (...If ( l„l, I: l;,riii- •in-sr ( ' .lull l-:i: S T iriilll I. I. ' ICII |{|) l!K l)l,l SIKI SS KIN..M..N. l u 1..HK ; ■ l-orrr I -I . . . It.li.N.- il .,, n..l. Ki.h Ilk.- il h.r.-. Wlix n.,1. ' Il i-.ri ,■ r, .,ur ul... lix.- ju-1 |-. iiiil.-- ..U..S. |{.-i.l.-- I..in;; I .,m,-|, 1.,.-.I in III.- I iii|.ii .- Sl.il.-. U, u-.-.l 1.. III.- ».-.illi.-r. II.- Ilk.-. III. I .iIhm.I .-w-iMhiii-. .-.|..- ' i.illx ...liii;: .III. I - M.iiii.iii;:. .1.111.1- III- i-iiii il.ial ln-- (-it.i-i- " I till- ili-rn-ii-f ill till- |MTill - ;. ' ra%il . IM (Jul. 1. M.hI.I t,ri,l„„r (Jul, .1; Onlimiur (Jul, .(; Huwiun (.lull J; SiTfUiiut I. .{ })) PAUL JAMES SULLIVAN K v York. ew York Congre sioiKil M -2 . . . ' I ' lu ' (inl mail in llie (•laf;s wlio spent three ears on " " sciiiad football and fonr ears on " A " squad basketball, Sully was also a potential hive but the sorrow of losing all of his friends down in the last section blended him more naturally with the goats. Here ' s good luck to one of the finest in the M-2 fraternitv. Baskethall 1-3-2-1. iini -nih. Major " I " . Nary Star: Fimtball 1-3-2-1. iiniinils. Miinogram; Camera Club .J; IWiirh i.lal 2: CnlfCliih I: Ski Club 4; Sergeant I. DON l,n .1. SLTTON FiNUiAY. Ohio ConiircssioiKil IM . . . Don. Nhose im.-n-sls are divided be- tween lacrosse and grand opera, comes from Findlay, Ohio. His television appearances as a soloist with the choir and Glee Club have made iiiui (|iiile well known. Lady I iick seems lo have taken a liking to him. and with her help, he should come out on lo[ wherever he goes. hicra sc 1.3-2-1. niiierals. l„n„on,m: Ciilri :ii„i„-l Choir 1-3-2: Dialcili, Soriris I: l-islii,, : Cliih 3-1: Crrman Clah I: Cli-r Chih 1-3-2-1: lloirilzrr I: Sh ' rl Club 3: Ski Club 2: l.irulmonl I. STANLKY RICIIAKD SM)KM1 1 Ft. It:PifKK.soN, Gkok ;i V Picsidi ' iiiial L-2 . . . Being naturall iaz). Stan III har- moniousK in lh ' .-2 brollicrhood. ( llicr than sleeping, his special intercsls inchidcd dragging. I ' ogo. and posting Mluc Book inlcr- yxilalions. 1 Ic is a nalural for the aiin . being able lo trace iiis anccslr back lo Sir Hum- phrcN S deniiam. a general in William I he (M)ntpieror " s arm . Coif Club 3-2-1: Honor Committ,;- I: llo„il-rr I: Pointer 2: Hin i Commiller 1-3-2-1: Hussion Clnb2-I: Corporal 2: Captain I. 330 (11 Mil IS II. S MMNDS i;-.Ni . cuNM ( II -2 ... Mr I..., I ., lairK ii..|.r. I..I u[ in I r.incr. Mr. " runliinM-.l |1ii,In-n nif (Vii i .M ' - ; ir .i i .( (i ii ( liih _ ' . . .S,.r;;.-.iiff . (;|:K Ml) 1)1 M, II.IMJI.N r«fcl l..» .i I I-. c 1,-.„. nl.„Ml ll I iintirrssiiiiiitl V.-l l.itN h;.- Im-.-ii ail..,il l;,M.li Cull.-ii.l.- 1. Hi- «i.-lliil;; |.in«. . I,;i Imtm in.li.al i r of lii, rx.rv .■n.l..iN,.r m1 W -I I ' uii.l. ..n.l «r kll.m iIk.I hi- .i. ' lii. ' xr.nrnl- uili lirl,. him llir ii :h()iil hi- riii caicrr. Unstlinn l-:i-J-l. Mm.,, " ( . (iiplniii: rnhlir In- fitrmiiliiiii Ihiiiil -.(.• rmiiiui " ' ' ' ' Vii .(; ( iniiniiil J: II VMM. .M.. JM.IVNX ( .„.i;,.ss„„„ I). I ... I.,... r.iiM.l.M.-... aiiaina-iv |.r..v.n iiiraiilrMnaii. Iiaviii;: -itm-iI in Ki nM uilli Ih.- I-I Casalrv l)ivi-i..n. I..mi -|..nl In- In-.- tiiiK- ll I M lo— ■. oil I lirl). aiiil Irlliiif; ii- war -l..li -. ii ...Imm at. ' lor Ihr fool olili.T. Ion l.rlirxr. th. ' ::ioiin.l |.onii lrr uill ii ' ' r I..- iili-oli ' li-. I nl ini-rrl an . ' iii -iil) ' il. ..rf m ;.- irr.M,.- I-3-2: Cwlrl (.hai»l IriJvl,- .»•- ' - ;. I ' lHiiinumrCJiih -.I; (V xirci l ' r( i Mi i . HII.I.Y MONTGOMERY TKNXWT vsmxiTON. P . ( ' .oiiiircssiiiiKil 1)1 . . . The " Black AX ave, " hailing from ashiiifrlon. Peniis Ivaiiia.t ' iilercil the Acad- l■nI all.-r a srar al W . K ,1. Allhoi. ' li iiKhir. erciil lo acailcriiics. he was iicxcr lomKl — on lilt ' tiirnoiil hsi. e pr lacking in liinnor or good nature, he coiih! alwa s he found in his free lime | la ing haskelitall or dragging. Il,ix,li,ill I: Dclmlr (..iiuuil i.:i.2-l: l-ishina Cliih .J; I ' istuI Cluh 3: II riolu lAJiinii CI,,!, 2-1. Willi I KTHLR TERRIO l,o (; I?k (:h. Calif. Coiifiressitinal V-l . . . W illie came to W est F ' oint ironi the state of (lalifornia with onl one purpose in mind, and that was lo graduate. Neverthe- less his keen sense of humor and lo e of jokes and parlies hel|(cd his lour years to go h quickly. His New York celebrations will he rememhcred 1) all his friends for years to i;;„i,i i l-:i. ,i„i,;,ils. Mniiufinii,,: (Aithnf,,- Chiiir 1-3: l-n-nri, Cliih 3-2: (.ulf C.hil, I: l ' isl„l Cliih I: JOSKPII N. TllOMKR l)()Yl.i;sT() . I ' . ( oniii-fssioiKil -i ... Joe ' s eas) going mamicr and humor- ou knack for alwa s coming u|i with the wrong thing al the right linn- has coiilrih- ul. ' .l mucin., the hrighl.Msi.l. ' of life al West I ' oiul. n.l iiis alhlclic j-rowess cn.lcar.-d him to Vru.N ' s l.ask.lhall fans, h--n cr he scr cs. his fri.-ii.lsliip and ahililx will al- ways he rememhcred. Track 1-3-2-1. Mm,„f:nm,. laj„r " f: J. sA. •( „, 1-3-2-1. ,i„„r„ls. l,„„.i ,„n,: ( ,». Cunitrv I. „m, ' ral.: :„„„■,„ CI,,!, 3-2-1: ., » . Cliil, 3-2-1: II .■iflhl l.illi„f:CI„h I: Sr, ,;,„l I. K X Mil t t|)()M II (,| | I JIOMJ ' SON ( ji Mil I -IDS. S. ( :. ( OlHillSsiolllll (•-I . . . r, i.,i,|,-.l II ,,ii,|K lil.ll NM- I... nils kn.u l„«.„l„r.-. Hull r.! k...« llu.l vxl.rn N,,u .- ;:..| II N,,.i .Imii ' i li.ivr I,, Irll | " " |.l-: lli.x-|l Ii.hI II MMl. i,-.,l S li.iii (..nllrni.in ,„ llw oM I,.mIiIm.ii. Iir uill iirsri In v.Hi .Imvmi. mi ..I ii. uIm. .iir .i ' .|ii.unl. ' .i v illl I . ' .I kllnu NM- .„ ' . ' rirlir, l,N ' II Mr Vl,■ ( l„h 1:1: Inn.m J: li.mh (li,l, H.i ' , (-.(: s ,i (till, .(.. ' . ; S,ri!.Hii . -m ll(i|{ n| jSj- S N Due... ; ll-l . . . Wnl, i. 1 iKilixr(;.iliroiiii;in In Diri:... Mr ruin| l. ' l. ' l lu.. x. ' .ii- l .nil.-.- ImL.i.. .Ml.rin;.. , l I ' oiiil. I i.i|.lix l..in;i hi- Ih.I.I.n. Im- u.i- .in in. ' inlM ' i l l ,r ...iii. ' i.i rlul. an. I ,.!-. .a.l.nii.all li.- ua- jn-l aiiKJ. KiJIr 7V,,„i ..}; (Mnirni Chih l.:i.L .l: Coif Cluh I: ft-lnl (lul, J. I: I ' oinlrr .(, . ( Inh -.(; ,rfir,wl I. {() I ii(ii; M llll....kMN. l » 1..I1K I)- ' . . . |{|..a.l«ax " - I liaiii. K..X ..nil. ' I.. D- ..I -l,..« l.n-in.— . Mill. W.-l l ' ..i III. ' I.ii-lil I- ». ' ll kir I..I In- . ' Nliil.iti..ii- ..I l.il.nl III llini.li. ' .llli i;ilil Sli.,u- an. I in. ' - hall lalli.-. h. ' i- I . ' .|iialls ». ' ll kiH.vMi I..I hi- ;: l-ii.itnr. ' .l liinii..r an.l uillin;:n. ' - I.. ImIj. anN ;:. al uh.. " ha- 1.. I.. ' -h.-uii. " (J,.rrl.-,ul,r . ' . . ,H -.r I. „m,r„U: In (Jul, .(.J. StTnliiry: (jimrnt CJuh J- ; lUalniir S mii-I -.(-l ' - : ,. ! ..mmill,f -.ll ' - . Hiis iwi (Jul, IHJ-I: S wvia I ' ru tmm (juiimilln- . ' {-J-l, I iir-Cbn Citr Mtml J; SiT iynnl I. IQ 3.13 Y M JAMES E. TORRENCE (Columbus, Georgia Congressional K-1 . . . Jim ' s extra curriciilar activities in- clude reatling and taking jiictures. Although he claims Cohimbus. Georgia, as his home town, in reality he is an Army Brat. Jim spent eleven months in the Army and entered West Point from the USMA Preparatory School. His favorite sport while at U est Point was lacrosse. Fmtball 4: Lacrosse 4-3-2-1. iinurals. Majnr " A " : Snimminn ; C.li ' o Club 4-3-2: Cnrpiinil 2: Ciiptmn I. JAMES IRVI (; TOWN Parma. Michigan Congrcssionul Il-l . . . Jim arrived from wind Michigan and found West Point ' s frigid winters too hot. as might be expected from a Michigan man. hen Jim was not producing Hun- dredth Night Shows, he was studying or sacking. He is gifted with a keen sense of humor, but his sense of Duty surpasses all. His future will doubtless be a success. Dialectic Society 4-3-2-1, President; Hop Committee 4-3-2-1: Huuitzer 4: S.C.I .S. A. 4-3-2-1: Skeet Club 3-2: Corporal 2: Lieutenant I. RICHARD MORTON IRAUT Oak P I!k. Illinois ( ' .oniiri ' ssiontil K-2 . . . Oiilx !« uccks aflcr leaving Oak I ' ark High. Dick invaded the Highlands of Vi est Point. From that time on he ccmibineil an intense de.sire to learn and a set of high ideals with a keen sense of humor and a warm l ' riciiillini tlial endeared liiin Ici all. I xer read) I.. Icn.l a helping hand, he i .Icsline.l I., be a l.-ader. Dialeclir Soririv 3: l-rrnrli Club 3-2-1: I ' islol Cluh 2: Corporal . I (:k 1)1 i; i;i) 1 1; ick ■ N tn. ' . .in.ln.ilnr.il .il.ililN IX Iri.-inM.., Inni.il llir V. ' .i.l. nihn-..n.l-nni-.. - I u..r.l I.I- lii ' i ' ii III- .i . I ' M-n (liiiii :li lliin :r wrrr n • III. I..U-I.. III. I... l.r.||i|. y.i I n an in- |.ii.ili..n (., .ill. .111.1 III- .Ii..nl.l h.iN.- no i.iiililf in.ikini: .1 ;;.«.iil .-.ii-.-.t lor liini-i ' ll in t—tlHtll I: U„„il-.,i : Ihlmh- Cmnril i ' .l: tA,ri ..tul J. I ,. ,11.11,11,1 I. FRANK DAMEL TROYAN La c ster. Pa. Coniircssional I ' ,-2 . . . Danny, with a complacent manner and a penclianl lor hanl «ork. demonstrated that he was lK rti witli that tenacious fiber which ne ir iil(l lo pressure. Danny ' s forte has been an abilil to discern between a time for work and a time for plav which has been and will be an everlasting asset to his career. Catholic Aculvle 3-2-1; Catholic Choir 4-3-2-1: Debate Council 1: Diulrctic Society 3-2-1: Howitzer 3-2; Pistol Club 1-3-2-1: Public Relations Council 2-1: Ring Com- mittee 4-3-2-1: Russian Club 3-2-1: Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1, Battalion Training Officer. OSCAR GARDNKR TL RNKR. JR. Lk in(;to . Kv. Regular Air Force K-2 . . . From kentuck . Oscar brought us liis sharp wit and sense of humor. A wealth of experience and an intelligent, mature out- look served him well in coping with the Aca- demic and Tactical Departments. No job was ever too big. no assignment e er too trivial: in an) Held he chooses he will be an unipialilied success. Fenciufi 1-3-2. Monogram: Art Club i-3-2. Treasurer; Ordnance Club 4-3-2-1; Pistol Club 4-3-2-1; Public Information Detail 4-3-2-1, .4sst. Ct. in Charge; Sergeant I. THOMAS LLKN Tl RNKR Spi{i (;fiei.d. Missouki ConiiicssiaiKil l-l ... ' l ' om " s disillusion about the reveille bell caused his wives to steer clear of wild punches during the boxing season. tJolf and Spring turned his thoughts to shooting par and throwing lentils to the wind. Mwa s first in line for mail. TomV firm ci.n i(lion is that lo e %ia the postal sers ice can be iin|iro cd. {.,v „ ;-.i. nmrr„l.. Minor " f: (inlf 1-3-2-1. „wcr ily. Minor ■ I ' . N.jin Slur: Socrrr I-3-2-I. nmcrols. M„n„firuni. W,. l«i . " s l«jor " C " ; Cam- era I tub 1-3-2-1: Ski Club 1-3.2-1: Serg,;inl I. t ,|() C. l)l hoSCII (.MI : . |. Ill.iNoi Coniirrssioiiiil i-2 . . . lo.„ N.ar- ,,n,l x l,.r.. ,lj,| il„.y -o. ' li.lri.rmiiMU .i.wl nurii.n.u- ImiII -.-m,,,,.. li.-l l,,r;;,.||.-n |-|,l.,- N,-,u. .-,„Im.:j .|.-.„|. I " Ml .mil .ill IJMl -irk I. 111.-. C,, ,;., uilii niiirli liiM.k (iiiir l i-l on ilii- Doaii ' s l.i- l. Tirslir x.iir uiih |ii i il. •:. . mikI ill la l f;ra l- ( ' (■rlaiiil in l l ' )i;;iillrii. (Aimera (Jul, 2: hhhinn CM, :t; Ihm.llmll (Jul, 2-1: S mnish Club 3; II rinlil Lifliii i Cluh 2: SrrKi ' iint I. nir " " i ii K()i,i) joiiN i)i;ksi; W MiirNMiiii;. lvs-.. (onurrssiniwl I -I . . . ;iri i- wi ' ll kiiiiwii ill lii comiiiiiix r..r u- , , i:ii;;l.,ii,l a.rriil an. I hi- raiii..iis |.r .ii. ' ialinio. Ili Ml.iill iiilciv-l- Nst ' rr ill. ' I -I .illililii- Irani " , lakiiij: ranipinj; leaves, .iiiil liiiililiiii: niiiiii ' l aii ' | laiie-. lie a one ulh.iii.l .1 I liM. ' iiin anil loo .iiiiili lalkiii-. I.iil he aK»a ha. I a r.-a.U -mile lor (amrra Cluh . --•; Ihlmlr Cnumil 2: Hshin l Chih 3- . ' - ; V.vk i Chih 3-2: Mmltl tiriilam- Cluh 1-3: Onlnancr Cluh I: I ' iMul Cluh t-h Ski Cluh t.3.2-1: Si-r iriuil I. InSll ' l! iinSI H MNCIAT rill-Koiil). Ni; ouK (.iiUfirrssiontil -2 . . . ,|.M-. .ill.r iii.ikinL ' a C.M.kV lour of .ex.ral ...ll. ' -.--. Iinallx .l.-.i.l. ' .l I.. roll. u in Ih. I •.|.|.-..riii-lalli.T. .)..euillal»a -.|.. ' I. 111. inh.r.-.l 111 ._ ' lor lii ellerM-eenl Mii-e ol liiiiiior. Willi iii- -iii.erit). aliililv. an.l I..X.- r..r |.arli.-- Ii.- »ill aluas- have a lat-.- rollo tiii : of frieiiii... anion.; his elussinutes. N....er I: Suimmiu t I: Ski CJuh I: Hup I-3-2-I: (.irpurul 2: l.irutmuut I. Z. }V JOHN ALVIN VINKY Pasadknv. Califorma Presidential C-l ... A true " Son of li..- (H.ldcn i est. " Jaek entered with )iith " s golden dreams. In spile of all a ieious German Hepartment could do, both survived, and he even man- aged to (ind the time to spend his after- noons on the cinders of the Fiekl House, or with a rifle to his shoulder, or in some other activity. Rifle Team 1-3-1: Tnuk l-2-l: Chr.-.s Club 1-3-U Debate Council I: (.erimin Club 3: Ordnance Club 2-1; Pistol Club t-3-l: Hin i Cummillee 4-3-2-1; Ski Club 2-1; 30 Caliber Rifle Club 3-2-1; Sergeant I. THEODORE EUGEN Clairto, Pennsylvania viroRi Congressional M-1 . . . Struggling out of the depths of the coal mines of Pittsburgh, Vit joined us after high school. A fiery athlete, he has sparked many company teams to victory. He leaves — but mourns over his long lost electric grill. A good sense of humor plus the will to win will assure Vit of success in his chosen field. Ski Club 3-2-1; Spanish Club 3-2; Serjeant I. RODERIC B. VI 11 Y St. JohnsbURY, Vermont Congressional A-1 . . . Easy going and friendl . Kod was a member of the Glee Club (piarlet and could often be found engaging in barbershop har- mony. Baseball required nuich of his time, but he never allowed athletics to interfen ' with other activities. This fast hall artist possessed a sense of hniiior whi ' li shall nc cr he forgotten. ,; s. l„ l„ liuseball 1-3-2-1. u,. liaskellmll 1-3-2-1. unwr„l.. M„n„fin„n: Cn,!,; Chapel Choir 4-3-2; Clee Club 3-2-1; Coif Club 3-2-1. ' resident; Dialectic Society 2-1; l ussi ,n Club 3-2-1; Sergeant I. l-_ ' . . . Our W 1-. ,..-,,. ■•|{...lf;.r " . .....r I.. W.-l I ' .iiiil id.i -iiMiif: thrii- Miir- «illi llir iiMN. I.N. ' Nr.ir man. |{. l s|h-iiI In. ...I.li- li.Mial Irrr lini. ' -ni ni;: uilll til. ' (.I.r .lnl and iIk- Cailrl ( :ii.i| l Ciioir. in adililion to In- » ..,k «Mll. III. II.A,il ..-r. U.-;:ar.llr s of I 111- Inni ' . Iir N .i- alMa s ri-aii) for ii jjihmI ■:ainf i f liriii r. Irnni, I. Tnuk - ' . (o.l.l lh.i,,.l Chnir l-li- ' -l. t.l,-,- ( liih (.. ' .;. ..iiiu-f »-.M ' ; S «i im i (7h . ; S.t (.-.i i« . FRANK GEORGE WALTON Haddonfield, N. J. National Guard B-1 . . . Due to the distractions of athletics and an innate streak of scholastic laziness, Pete was always far from stars. Consolation for this was sought and found in a wealth of friends throughout the corps. If devotion to duty and recognition of an ideal are adequate measurements of a man ' s progress, he has succeeded. Football 4-3-2-1, y iimerals. Monogram; Track 4-3-2- J. itnwrals. Monogram; Cadet Chapel Choir 4; Forum 2; Russian Club 3-2-1; Corporal 2; Lieutenant 1. BRIEN DALE WARD Ogden. L ' tah ( ' .ongrcssiona] I-l . . . If you ever wanted to locate Dale Ward, you would have to look in only two places: the foothall field in the lull, the wrestUng room in the winter. If lie wasn ' t switching from quarterback to ruilhack. he was making weight. He did a fine job at all. as witnessed by his advancements in the intercoUegiates. Football 4-3-2-1, Monogram; Track 4-3-2-1; )( restlino 4-3-2-1, Minor " A " , J umerats; Chess Club 4-3-2: Russian Club 3-2-1; Skeet Club 4-3-2; Public Informa- tion Detail 2-1: Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1. RICHARD GUST AVE ARGOWSRY Toledo. Ohio Congressiotial M-1 . . . Being an actor, singer, wrestler, and civilian clothes authority, Dick bolstered the reputation of his state, Ohio, and worked hard to make M-1 the best. JNever wanting for a smile, Dick, with a variety of names. made many friends with his efficiency, sense of humor, and activity. How can he fail to succeed ' : Cheerleader 1; Glee Club 4-3.2-1; C.h,i,„l Choir 4-3-2- 1 ; Dialectic Society 4-3-2-1 ; (German Club 4-3: Corporal 2: Sergeant I. 340 Ill: i :i r w n i it S N I ' llWI |N( u. ( :v| II . allUK siiilKll l-l • . ■ Incr ' - ijiiirc m.iiiiiir ami wiiiiiin;: -mil-- 111...!.- Iiiii • ,,r til. ' ri..lMr.iU al ll.r ..mI.,„x. II.- h.,.l lilllr troiil.j.- « ill. I,i liiili.-. ..II . ..iil.j linil liiiii at the iii in all lii- IV. ' . ' ti i.laN iii;: liaixiliall or u.»kin z oiil. Mi. .p.irk Miin.l uill !..■ a l.i a-..| to liiiii ill lii- liidir.- caiccr in llii- mtx ire. I i.l.uif: (M.l, l-.i-h (.„lf (luh :i.J.I; ll.m.llmll Cluh -.l-l ' - . SA, Chlh ..K ; .S,.,i:.-,lll( ;. Z: ]}l ln|{|{lS IIIOMI ' SON W |{M Ix ' . IH. Sim nion. iiii,im ( ' i)nfirrssioniil [-2 . . . I ' . |i w i ..III irjriiiia (J ' nllcman, railing lii I. nir,,.ni lii -nx llann.K. II, ' i.i.is a I ' .m.l rarru. ' ll i.. ili.- ...atli. .L.-niiMrN an.l . .rial Mi. ' n,-, ' .l.|,ail iii.nl- XX hi.ii.li.-ai.l.juM niiiL ' . Ii ' ' xxa- llir ina-lrr. I .x .-ix lliiii loni- li. ' l.l i.n.l.l. ' in. Inirl. I. ( ,1,1.1 :i„ii»l I ■.!„■, I: ll„i ' (..minilt,; I: l ' i-.l„l Cluh J: i;,inl,r I: l ' „rluiiii,s,- ( luh i: Sl.i Cliil, .1-1 ' - . Crnonil . . I.i,;il,i,a„l I. |{(H) I III W I IKSI H I liiNxxxxMix. N I XX i|(K (ili,iniil (iiKinl It-J. ..•■|{..,|-.l.-.i,l.-,l ihal atl.-rllir,-x|).-ri- .111 1- ..I a Ifxx x.-ar- ..I xx. irking ami kn «-kin ! .II..IIIKI .11 ,„U,-.u- Ihal h. ' xxa. . ' iilili. ' .l 1.. a i. ' -.|. Urn..- Ii. ' .-nl.n ' .l W . M IN.inl. Ili tin.- natural aliililx nia li- liglil xxi.rk il ara lrmi ami l)-l ' l liiiii aliiinilant linn- Inr iniporlanl things likr trips, ilraggiiig. anil the sark. .• « .• (iHinril .7-1 ' - ; IHnli-clir S«civl J-h Crrimii, (Jiih .1-J-l: llimor timimillrv 21: Sunday S,b,H,l Trarhrr 3-2-1: Vr -u if . . n THOMAS GKRALD WEAVER ■ 1 I pterun San Antomo. Texas Son of a D II-2 . . . Tom. a triio Texan, has many claims to lame. Among liis chief likes are athletics: his ambition — to spend one winter season off the swimming team. His principal dislike — studying. His irrepressible sense of humor will insure his future success, as it has helped us all to weather the gloom |)eriods of the Football 3-U Monogmm: Catholic Clwprl tn, v 2-1: Handball Club I: Portii iur- r Cliil, .i-l: Cm 2: Linitmant I. GILBERT JOHN WEDEX Butte, Mo ta Coii ressiondl G-2 . . . Tiring of the wilderness of northern Montana, Gil came to Woo Poo for a Coin- year vacation. Here he rapidly achieved the monicker of " Grappler " due to his mat prowess. When not found in tlie gym or teaching Sunday School, Gil was usually oc- cupied with a little sack time or entertaining the local society femmes on Flirty. German Club 3; Skeet Club 2: Sunday Sc ioo Teach,;- 3-2; Sergeant }. RONALD EDWIN WEISSENBORN Naperville, Illinois Cotigrcssioiuil A-2 . . . He hails from Naperville, which he claims is " the furniture center of the world. " " Dragging " his wav through his last three ears al the .a(lcm . Hon ntilizcl this method lo cbh [lu- tidal wave of .ngulling acailcmics. I ' eriiaps a bil unwillitiglx. lie raclicc lo ncNcr miss a parailc or insjx ' clion. Catholic Chaiict Cht.ir l-.i: Dialectic Socielv 2-1: SimnishCluh l-:t.2-l: yinil I. M VCON W ISStiN W III MK. CuNM. IK 1 I UnsM -2 . . . r.l..l ;.l h.a.l. W.- ■all- ( i.Ml- ii.-. ' lM ' iil honir .111.1 i- .III ,ic ' . ' . iii,.li.|ir l -ailnr. Mi.iii. r....,. v i.il. ' M ' M-. Ii.ni.iii.i;:. ' .! t,.|iii.l lilllr lirlvtrrll lirilii- M ' |n|,|, .,11.1 -ll.M.tili -krr lak. ' riirn.U «nJ|Ii ill. ' . a. I. ' iiii. ' I ).-■ |,„l,M.Ml. W.-- uiiMiMi;: |..r-..,..alllN a.i.l .ii- rx.TMlliii.: Ik- .!... . I i-hin i Cliih .1-- ' - . I„niin . ' - . Slmin ! f ..,Hi»ii .r; Skril Cliih ;-.M ' -;; II lifilil l.iflini: Cliih J. I. S,.,- ,:,nt I. W II. 1. 1 I l.l.o 1) W II.IKK ll NMIV l .lll{-l ( iiiiiinssionii 1.1 . . . liviiij: a -li.iil .;il mil.- rr.,i.i W ,- l ' ..iiil. " III.- K...k " ua- ii.illiiiif; n.» I.. ItlH S immi.i;; «a- lii- -|. .rl li.iv. an. I j.ll.ilii, all lliiv. ' N.ar- -liou. ' .l liliii ii.. lunivr in lli ual.-r. - a . a.i.l Kill l.-l lil ll.- all.-.l lii- .-a- -..in- alliln.l.-. W .-I l ' ..int nmII I..-.- a tin J allil. ' t.-an.llin.-r.ll.iu uli.n I.I. W .ll.r l.a .• till- .Vcailfiin. r Swininiin i l-.f-L ' , „in,rat-. lin„r " ( " " . Irniii l-:i. Ni iiLKi s. I, •mill .(.. ' ; I irii.h (lull l-.i: 11 ,ilr fuln Cliil, I: .s,.,;i.,„„ . liolM IM (11 l{l I S WKHNKK . " N Nii Mi .ri v- ( ' .oiiurrssittniil l -J . . . ii lln I.I It lioin uas lia.k. It..l. .am. ' 1.. W. ' -l l ' ..inl l.. ' . ' an-.- " I lik.-.l inn- l..rm- . . . I...« »a- I l.. ki...u. ' " II..- nil.- Iiam claiiiKil m..-l ..I lii ' - In. ' limi-. lli.- k-I •. ' oinf; III arfxiiin;: .«ii iIh- l.i ' -in -iilr " )l i-mt) Milijri ' l iiiiiliT ill)- -nil. Ii - -i-. iiil lii-iili-iiaiil- . an .-arr |Marl-lian.ll.-.l pi-lok li.il. .|i..iil,l Im- lia|.| in III.- rm . Kill. I.iim l..l.. ' l. Nhhi. ' ,., ,. Mimir " I " . N.i. v Viir. (jiiHniii: Onlniinrr (lull H- ' J-t. ( ' .hairnuin, II ifi MiiK Cjimmill ' - ' -: I ' iUnI (Jiili I-3-2-I: I ' ninlrr -.I; HijU- (Jul, I.3-2-1. kt-ct Uub h.1.2: Serfmnl I. THOMAS CATO WEST West Point. k v York Congressional A-2 . . . Tom came to W est Point from West Point. Being a linguist at heart but not in class, he managed to escape the French De- partment after two close calls. Tom made a second home in the gymnasium where he was usually to he found during the afternoon. The Arni life is in his hlood. and in it he will lind a home. Hockey 4-3, umcrals; Catholic Chapel Choir 4.3-2-1: Catholic Chap el Acolyte 4-3-2-1; Camera Club 1 ' : French Club 2: Sergeant 1. ROBERT L. W HEATOX Fort Sill. Oklahoma Presidential H-1 . . . Bob came from an Army family and liked the Army so well that he decided to slay with it. Many things interested him at West Point and he look advantage of as many activities as he could, including tlrag- ging. After four years of work and pleasure, the future looks good for Boh. Chapel Choir 4-3-2-1: Dialectic Society 3-2: French Club 4-3-2: Glee Club 3-2-1; Howitzer 2; Ski Club 3-2-1: Sergeant 1. DAVID EASTWOOD HEELER Orlando, Florida Congressional H-1 . . . Some claim that his main reason for coming to the Point was the proximity to the bright lights of New York City, but Dave claims it isn ' t so. At any rate, he no longer claims all the pro women are from the South. He liked ' ' juice " and hopes to «ork it into his future career in the service. Debate Council 4-3-2-1: Dialectic Socielv 2-1: Forum 2-1: French Club 4-3-2: I ' istol Club 3: SCI S 4 2-1: Ski Club 4: Sergeant I. 344 llnW |{|) CI VK) Willi I XM |{ l ll ..,,, . ,„..,N,v ( ,.„::ns.ional l-l . . . i:a- -;:ui.iM |,i,n. ,|„. ,._,|,„| ,_,„ ,,, Ihr f.(|.|„, . ,;,„„. ,,, ,.,, |.,„„| ,,1, , iii ilin;; .lis|.osi|i.„i an. I an ..ulh.ok tli.il h... .n- i l.l.-.l l.ini to lak.-.N.rMhi,,. i„,,,i.lr. W |nl i- aJNNaN- Ihr ImM lhn.n;;li N i||, a uril l.nl ll " la. I to (. ' .•I u|. at r.-N.ilJ.- an. I -l.ul ll„. uin.l„« . i,|, |,„ .,|„|i, I,.. ,,,|| .■„ la. in ,iim,„infi I. „„„.,„ ,; ,„„„ („„„„i,„.,. _,.,. I ' ninirr Sinjf :i.J: . i„iiii-.li Cliih i. Sni-.anl I. cX, , " t KOI5I |{ I i)t 1)1 I ' I w ii;(; i) I ' oKi Kk II vnrixiN. i k (,,i,iii,ssii,t it (;-l . . . Will, a .,l,li.-r- nam,., il vsa ,.nlN " ■il„,al Ihal -I),,,! " .I„„il,l l,av,- .•,„,„■ I„n-. ;:,iill,-n,a„ I., il,. ' .•..,•,•. |{,,1, ,,,iil,l ,-..n,-,„. Iral. ' Ill, Ill-ill;; an , (Ii,iT: | ,Tl,a|» this , ' . |.lain hi- -11, ■.OS in all ..I ' hi- iiiaii ,ii- . " •.a-ioii il.inan.l.-.l i|. ||„- iii,iii,„ ihal -li,k- Mll l»- ..IIm- -„nn -mil.. I!.ni„n l.:i.J.I. „m,r„ls. „,i„«r„„,; S,„rrr .M ' . Mimn nim: llminr Cmiminrr I. (Imirmim: hisltin ; Cliil, 2-1: M. lvl Haihwnl Chih .i- -l. Tn-.isiin-r: Kinfi Cnmmilirr l-Vi-.h I ' islnl C.hih 1 ' - ; Cnrimnil J: lirnlrnonl I. lua CI . w II iti i{ riiiii W -iii ,. iii . W !-. ( iiniiifssiitiKil K-_ ' . . . W.-l | ' ,,i„| n.-s.-r in.-,| |„ jaz.- Mm. .■ Ii.i II.- k.-|i| ill ,- .nla. ' l uilli tl |-i,|,. »..rl.l Ihroii l. Iii- lam.,,,- ■•n a„k.-. I ' r.— .• .a li-ini«-s [ r« ' sriil.-.l n., |,i,,|,|.iii. |,,,| ,-. I,..N I,.- ua- nnal.l.- I.. .-I,„|.- il,,- alluring ,-all ' r II,.- " Xn-a itinl.- Ill- main li..l.l,i,-- «,-r,- ri-ailiii;; H.mmI Imok- .11). I luring ' hi- riM iii. iiiali- Ir.iiii lli.-ir -tiiili)--. Debate CiHuiril anil f ' „ ■:i-J: f,W (Jul, 1.3: • (Jiih 1.3: Skeel (Jub ; Srr teanl ' ' ?)J 345 AXILLIAM HOWARD WILCOX Troy. N. Y. .Son of a Deceased J eteran 1,-1 . . . Always busily engaged either in atli- leties or extracurrieular aetivities. Bill eoiilil usually be found on the lacrosse field or be- hind a smoking typewriter surrounded by poopsheets. Militarily inclined, he readily accepted an task with a smile and hail a reputation for producing results. How can he fail with such a virtue ' : Fo rum 3-2, Secrelarv: German Club 4-3-2, Secretary. Special Program Committee 4-3-2-1. Chairman: Cor- poral 2; Captain 1. Regimental Commander. WILLIAM C. WILDERMUTH Shamokin, Pe sylvam Coti ressiouiil G-2 . . . " ildy. " the smoke fed Shamokin- ite. spent two years at Penn State and then decided he could better his fortunes by at- tending the academy. He believed in only one femme at a time and holds the respected position of being one of the few, fortunate men of ' 5.5 to stick the four years through with the home town girl. Camera Club 3: Golf Club 3: I ' istol Cluh 1: Russian Club 2: Spanish Club 3-1: Sergeant I. THOMAS CROSSLEY WILKINSON Andovkk. Massachusetts Cotinressional D-2 . . . " The Kid " could usually be found at Smith Rink or on the Plain, weather per- mitting. New England background gave him an insiinci for ontdoor activities (Flirta- t ion Walk), lie will he remembered for his ITcrNCsccnl jirrsonalit v which was e cr pres- ent in his tiighlK visits to the " Rons " in (lie 2: lli and 26lli Divisions. llinkev 1-3-2-1. unirnils. Monogram. Major " f: Corporal 2: l.inilrnanl I. 346 111 . C L K I I III . W 1 1 n Ni.u ..Kk Cin. Ni u ..liK (hiiuiiiu-d Hrsvnv (tups (M . . . " KA. " l..li.N,-,| in a Ns.lj i..iiii.l. ' .l •■liiK ' alion r ulii. ' li til. ' ... I. 11. r ..I r. ' j.ivali.xi a-- an iiil.-ral |.ail. .|..iiiiii;: lli.- ■iiil.rria- lioiial .| " II all. I arrival. K.ii ii.mi- .•,-a-.-.l .M.-llin;: ill.- xiili..- ..I „i.i l.ali.i i..-if:lil...r.. l.,,N «l • alMlili.- Iiav.- n.N.r l .-. ' ii lav ' .l. ». ' kM .» li. ' x I.. ' a lin. ' ..Ili. ' .T. (.ni;.j; . ,im,n,l.: It,,.,!,,,!! -.i; «.;., . (hil, (..(. Cnriminl J: IMi.l.nuul I. |()|| K MOM) W INC ■Wiim.liiu [„ lak. ' Ill IMii.-ras. Slal. ' all.i ,1. lH-m-(ils..rili.-,i.-,-.l.ial.-.l .-l i ' ..iiil.-...ir . ' . iiv..ii. ' l...,kiMu r..r.|nli,i ua a|.I l..liii.l liiiii .ilh.-i inlli.-,la " .liil.«illi.ti.-li.k II, iiaii.i ..r in iIi. ' i:mii. In lli. ' I ' all an. I S|iiiii lll l ..I lli:- lim. ' «a- .i.cii|ii.-.l willi (:.ii|) Sipiail K.H ll ull. liM lmll t-AJ-l. Sumrnils. Major ' ( " . CnriHinil 1 ' ; ■i.o W II I I M Ml la l W l II MII1IN..I.IN. I)|IV» HI ( nlliil s i„tllll I •- ' ... Rill liail-.lr..in ill.- -lal.- ..I I ).la» af. Wliil.- al W.-l l ' .,ii.l h.- Iia- I..-.II a.liN.- in ar-il allili ' li. ' -. iilaviiif; mi ill.- mm-.it l.-ain liii llir.-.- M ' ar . llih.T ai-|i ilirs incliiii - llif I ' ul.li. Inr..rmali. n I )ni -.- D.liiil an.l llir I r.-ii.li Cliil.. Kill rii%. ml sri.-nlili.- .iil.j.-. L. an. I liin main iiili-rol wjij in j;irl . v,,,r ..».. ' . . Wi.K.r ■■ I " , iimrrnh. N.irv Slur: I, •ml, (l„l, .(: ■« . . Infnrmnlum Uriail t .Jh I ..riM,rfll . ' ; I.i.ul.n.inl I. FREDERICK FRANK Vi OERNER. JR. Philadelphia. P . Congressinnal C-il . . . " My only regret is that I have but one miniature to give to my public. " 1- though making long distance phone calls and sending in hotel cancellations occupied much of Fred ' s time, his happiest liours duriii r I lie week were spent hustling up the soccer lield or wielding a wild epee. But on weekends . . . Fencing 4-3-2. umerals. Minor " A " : Snrcor 1-3-2-1 . umprals. Monogram: Golf Cluh 2: Handball Cliih I: Pistol Club 2-1: Sheet Club I: (T eight Lifting Club I: Sergeant 1. l.l.OYD THOMAS WOLFE Iro ton. Ohio ( ' .on iressiontil F-2 . . . Lloyd came to est Point after two years of campus life at Ohio L niversity. His main pastime during the week was keeping his hand on the " intermurder " pulse of F-2. This was how the week days became history, but the weekends always proved to furnish the inspiration necessary to face another MonduN reveille. Culf Club 3; Honor Committet ' 2-1: Mathemat Forum 2-1: Sheet Club 3-2: Spanish Club 3: Corpo 2: CMptain 1. c;kaii m w vynk wood HoLLis. New Hampshire C.ongressioniil (i-2 . . . " oody. " the old man of Gecco, disph, I ' d his athletic abilitv on the lacrosse held. Soccer and squash were his favorite " iiitramnrder " sports. His scr ice to the Compain and willingness to Icml a iicl|)iiii; won him man trademark a; hand to those aroimd hii lasting friends. " )i)(i s his big friendly grin. Lacrosse t-3, Numerals: Cerman Club: Sheet Club 3-2: Shi Club 4-3-2-1: Sunday School Teacher 4-3-2. I: Corporal 2: Lieutenant 1. =i Ml KM) Ml null I iKI)i; Iv. KM.N. M .vN ( .,ncr,ssi„m,l I -- ' M- lilr i- tin- iMTMinificulioii nl .iiii- liitiiiii. IJiiiii III! .1 Mirliiuaii farm lir spiiil .1 Mill il 1 . i ( Ii(liii;iill iM-fori- rilliriiif; llu- i;iilcin . W hill- Ihtc Ik- inaslfml arailfiiiii-s, iIk •■■ i(lr jiiirsf. " till- I ' D. anil aimil iiiaiix lir.-li.iif; Iri.ii.ls. rs r.a.l siiiili- ami |.l.-aH. aiil | rr -iiiialit an- siirr In larmark a fai- I ' carliiiii, ' rariTi-. (. »i .., „N ;..(.. ' .;. „„,,-,,, ,. „„„ ,„.„; (, „.,r. Irmlrrs . -:. ' . , ,•«, Ch,;rl.-iul,r: Inn, I, (Jul, . ; . .•.■ Chih 2-1: n rifihl l.i li„f! (lul, . ' . ; ..r «,r i :. ' ; Oi .. M. i ;. Huttalinn (:„m„mml,-r. IM () KI 1 1 W { Niu 1..KK „n-rrssi„nnl Mil. I ninnin ' .liu... Hnvin ihou hl- an. I . ' .irllilM.iin.l l. ' . ' l. K.M.k- an. I la. ' l- I..1 l.xir l.-iif: M-ar-. Th.-x al l |.a -.. ' .l uilli ..n.- Ii.tI l.a.k«anl filan.r a- llir f;al. .|..M.-.l . . . an i |Mii -k . . . i-iliilil iinliinil. ' il. K.i|« .nu- r.iol .III iIk ' m,,,iiii.I. m. (Ik- i ' . ' I i ii|i l ( .. Cuiinds »..M ' . . um,r„ls. laj„r " l (. -■ Miri: 7 .i.A »-. ■: ' - . , Hi.Tfi ,. Major ■ (■. ( (lul, .(-:.•.;; rViHi.ni Clul, :i-l: C.nlJ (tub ii-l: I ' nhli, In- fiirniiitiiiii Di-liiil I: .Sir imi . II { { Mil ln loliK I I 1 . )kl XnilM V Hranlltl illllV I -_ ' . . . H ' Mi.k " lia.l iM-rii -IMM Ir.r i.i-n «liil.- ..I W.-l l ' .,inl. Iir V,. ,1.1.1 liaNT .nin- |.I.|.In i::ii..n-.l ara.l.iiii.-. 1.. .I.-N..lr liiin-ll .•nli..l I.. riiiiniM;; llir ( ia.l.l Sl..r.- .ml ..I l,u-.M.- llir..ii-li III- «.«iii . i.ia.liin.- an. I .v- .. ' I i.illx (III.- Irallirr ui.rk. I.v.ii vmiIk.iiI Irri- rfipii. In- Mlill rami " iiit wry m-ur llir top. Dinhrli, S.Mi.-ly t-l-J-l. H,l,inn Club 3.2-1 : WiivM.iii f h .. ' ; I ' ixi.JllubJ.I: Hull,.,! lubJI. S,rf,-u„i I. fy .. --- ' Ci M9 BREWER HAMILTON VOL G, JR. Florence, Alabama ( ' .onfircssional |}-1 . . . From Air Force radar .school to est Point, then to the hospital twice with a broken leg. Reb ' s drawl was well known in- deetl. In sports, Reb, somewhat hampered by his leg, took to the open air and the fish- ing club. Knowing him to be a true South- erner, we wondered why he loved the winter and skating. Cerman Club 3: C.lee Cliih 2-1: Fisliiiifi Club 3-2-1. I ice-Presidenl. rcs i ivi ; Skcfl Club 2-1: Cnrpoml 2: Sergeant 1. DAVID CRAWFORD OL (; Campti, Loulsl4 a ( ' .oniircssiiiiKil F-1 . . . Dave came from L.S.U. with quite a football record to which he added until in- juries took him out of action just in time (ov a continual, conscientious effort against the Academic Department. He ' ll always be re- membered as easy going, slow talking, and ever mindful of his loyalty to the South and to his man friends. l-wjtball 1-3, Numerals., Mimugmm: Lacrosse 4: Forum 4.3-2-1; Pistol Club 4-3: Russiun Club 4-3-1: Skeet Club 4-2-1; Corporal 2: Lieutenant I. KDW RD .lOllN ZABOROWSkI Wanamie, Penn.sylvania Congressional D-1 . . . Zab ' s favorite pastimes here at West I ' oinl are sacking and hazing Texans. His corps squad forte is. football, but during the rest of the year he cannot pass a day without a good workout on the weights. He takes life easy here and the s stem has not ciiaugi ' d liis Irish joNialil . liaseball I: lumlball 1-3-2. umrr„ls. Monnfiram: Wrestling t: Cnrpoml 2; l.i ■•Inrfihr my frrivf for nnr rrniorr, . Thy vnalun: ulinn, I fnund so fair. I Inisl hi- livvs in thi ' v. and fhrrr I fill (i him uorlhivr to bv loicd. " - ' ' ■: s THE CLASS OF 1955 Atlam- l),.nalds..n Hotchkiss Monahan Skaff Anderson, E. 1. Dorongh Howard Moses Sloan Anderson. Vt . h. Dorward Hufnagel Humphrev Mullan Smelana Andrews Doyle Muller Smith, D. E. Arthur Drummond Ikeda ■ Munroe Smith, N. M. Auer Dryer Isbell Murphv Smith, W. R. Auger Axup ? :r Jackson Murrav Smor Jacobs Mvers ' Soper Baklr Dunawav Jefferies Napier Sparks Barker Kddins • Jellison Negaard Spaulding Barras Edwards, A. I. Jeur Newton Spellman Batchman Edwards, W. II. Johnson. C. R. Nichols St. Amour Kales Enslow Johnson. F. G. Nidever Staffen Ba .ilwicl. Erminger Johnson. J. B. Nieves-Rivera Stanley Bean Ewing Johnson, R. D. Nordlle Staudaher Berker Farringlon Johnson, R. P. Norvell Steakley Bell Faurer Johnson, S. M. Nourse Steiman Keotl.lv Feagin Jones, C. OBrien Sterale Bergen Fetko Jones, W. A. Olive Stern Bishop Fikaris Joseph Olvey Stevens Black Finfe " Karam ' ., Stevenson Blahula Karnes Stocketl Blanlon Fiscus Katenbrink Pace Stoeckel Bliss Fleeger keegan Page Stone, H. F. Blileh Fleming Kennebeck Parker Stone, R. L. Booras Flov.1 Kinzer Parks, P. F. Strati BoSS.Tl Flynn Klung Parks, W. T. Straus B.isshanI Follell Knieriem Parsons Street Bot.oms Fontaine La Frenz Passafiume Strickland. J. R. Bou.har.l Fralen Landers Patlers.m Strickland, R. K H.nd Franklin, J. P. Lapham Pal ton Strom Brokensl.ir,- Franklin, W. G. Latlirop Pearson Struss Brooks Frear Law Pemberlon Sullivan Brown, G. C. Freed Le Gates Perkins Sutton Brown, J. M. Frost Lenio Peters Sydenham Brown, R. B. Funkhouser Levenlis Peterson Symonds Tebben Brown, W. W. (Jallup Lewis Pellet Brunslein (iamhie Lichtenberg Pheiff Tebodo Bnehwal.l (iarn LiUv Phillips, F. B. Tennanl Buie Gay Livesay Phillips, T. J. Terrio Bundren Geran Longbollom Pickitt Thomer Bnrkharl Gersilz Lovell Pirkey Thompson Burroughs Giddings Lowry Pirlle Thornquisl Burrns Gilpalrick Lozier Poirier Thorsen Cairns Gilpin Lucas Pollv Torrence Galley Ginter Ludwig Pond Town Gamp Giza Lvnn Poorman Tram Campbell, J. I ' . (;iidden NiacDonald. B. S. Prater Trawick Campbell, W . K. (;oldstein Macdonald. . R. Pratt Trentman Cardillo (;o( d vin M.il. Price Trobaugh Garpenler (iotlron L.lool. Pruitt Troyan Carringlon (;raham, T. P. larliii. C. II. Ral " s " Turner, 0. G. Gassells (;raham, W. A. hnlin, 1 ' . 1.. Turner, T. A. (:athe (;ransbatk Marllii. Rankin Vanden Bosch Gegl.mski Gray Ma ' oii Raymond Vandersea GhamlMTs Greene MasscN Ravnal Vincent :haiK-.- Greer NhlSM.M Regnier Viney Chapman Grey Mill ll ' SOII Refd Vitori Cheeshorough Chikalla Grubbs Man.szak Manrcr Roades Vitty Volkstadt Chura Gunderson Mans Roberts Vnlgas Wallis Gini Guthrie Mav Robertson Clay ion Haas Ma%soM Robinson Walton Cohan Uadly M.i.a.ll.N. I{. 1). Rock Ward Coleman Hagan M.CarlliN. 1 ' W . Roth Wargowskv Cooper Hagedorn McClelland Rndzki Warner, L. V. Cosea Hafl M.CIosk.v Rule Warner, M. T. Coyle Hamilton, J. I. MrCor.iKHk Rumsev Waterstrat Grancer Hamilton, J. T. M.Crilli Rundle Weaver Crandall Hansen M.Cuila Rupp Weden Craven Hardy McDonald Rns cll Weissenborn Crawford Hargrove liNan. J. 11. Wells Cummings Harris Mcl ' MilC Kvan. W.J. Welter (aimmins Harvill McliroN Saino Werner CiUchin Hasbrouck Mclnlo.l, Sanderson West Dado Hawkins, J. D. I.J..NMl Schauer Wheaton Dalv Hawkins, R.I. McKcUcN Schepps Wheeler Darrah Haves MrKi„„c Schick Whittaker Davis, I). A. Heiirv, R. 1.. Mc air Schlolter Wiegand Davis, J. H. HenrV, R. B. McNan.ec Schmidt Wilburn Davis, R. R. Herdman McNcincv Schow Wilcox Dax Hergenroeder McMn,,, ' Schuh Wildersmuth De Long M.• illialn Seav Wilkinson D- Maris llcrreli Mccki-on Sechrist Wilson Deardorff llevi- Mccl c Secord Wing Denman llilbert Mci ciilici,nc, Scnger WiK Devereaiix Hinrichs Mcn.lcll Shaffer Woerner Diekson Hock MirJK.Ioxc Sheldon Wolfe Diensl Hodges Millard Sherman Wood Dinwidilir llocferkamp Miller. C. J. Shideler Worden Dion lloll.rouk Miller. J. R. Shinuniek Wrav Doeri llollenslM- Miller. J. R. C. Sielman York llnndiargrr Miller. J. W. Sims Young, B. H. ' •■ llnr l Minich Singer Young, D. C. Zaborowski M; a J n - ' • K — : — ' — pyn ' bii f h rKW ' u ' " ' ' m. i fej ' = " " R — ' ' = — J ' ' H fp nzfiittij I S f ' Ja Cfepi rr 0 ' Ai!Mt u fr-WLiI i-?;r iLUpi ' ' yjii- " m 5% iO ' ' M4 v- L M TY, ( tf VJ Blitch Booras B,,SS.Ml B..ssliar,l H..1IOII1S BoiK-hanl B..V.I Bn.kenslili.- Brooks Brown, (;. ( Brown, J. Brown, R. I Brown. W. Brunstein Buohwal.l Bnie Bnndren Biirkharl Bnrroiifjhs Burrus Cairns Galley Camp Campbell, J Campbell, Cartlillo Carpenler Cassells Cathev Ceglowski Chambers Chance Chapman Cheesboroii Chikalla Chura Cini Clayton Cohan Coleman Cooper Cosca Coyle Crancer Crandall Craven Crawford tjummings Cnmmins Cntchin Dacio Daly Davis, D. A Davis, J. H Davis, R. B Dax De Long D« Maris DeardorlT Denman Devereaux Dirkson Diensi Dinwi.l.li.- Dlon Doi-ri Cheer for two full hours for the Army football team. And swell with pride at graduation, the conclusion of the dream. A f. • ' r;.. .r %.- MMi " m ; kl ,, 4i.4iaLri J..JiA r-r m 1st Row: Doer r RI Young BH Sullivan PJ Staudaher JW 2ii,l Run: llar.lv JS Vmlrews DA Sohou II Domeek CR u ? • r . twttir » r ., • ' K, ' -.■■■ „ ,- YJ Wilcox WH Jolinson CR Gransback DH Schick JC Oraham TP Domeck CR I.. I, ,,.,„, iti) i.j:,„..l |{|) Itiicli .il.l DM uec a a (5 7 " ' a a M. u ig i c5 361 I si Row: Martin CM Mu.irnr (; Nil IV KH 2n,l It.m: l.e«is (; Creenc !■ 1 llonlnian l.( :ir,l linn: .lohns.xi r ; Si roil. .Ill L .iii KM ( . I n„: Br..«n (;(, ■n. ,inrr.lN lol.nH.n K1 ' IVarsonJC " Ml 111.- u..ilil " s a stage anil fviTN man iniisl |.la his |.ail. " W .• .am. ' lo -l in U».il as 27 lal. ilninli. ami lia|.(n Plehes. W i- l.-aM- lour M-ars heme, our niiinl.i-r ilcpU-tiMl lu 16 but slill fat. iliinili. ami happx . Our Irii ' mlsliip ami part) spirit uill n ' l ' r lit- lorgotti-n. There were " Feailn " anil " dun " who tlioiij:ht the nnl aliie of a razor was to iiil tin- striiifr I ' loni their weekl laumliN . There were the morninfr hugles at Kexeille wliieh inaiiN slill helieve were played on the ehoiee probosciiles of " l?uik " ami " Merilie " . There were llie brilliant Spanish lessons conilueted at El Gato Nejrro in Juan li " ( ihuocir ' . " (ihad " . " Kred " ' . and " Hon " . " Mad Man DeLonj: " sold ears at eM-r asailahle monienl lo the real ro.U ol the e pai.N and " I.ew " and " Rod " sold their jret rieh ipiiek s.hemes to the whole Corps. " (;eorge " took stars and relished ihe iiiallress when twilijrht ap| eaieil. " (;ass " ami " .I.C. " were ihe photo bugs with masterjiieies of - er thing whether it be football, girls, or hotel parlies. " Hoi) " as eonipain eoniinander was the piieling inlluenee between the taigel and Ihe Torward Obserser ihal resided in the W esl Veademie Huilding. We ha l lull, we had gl ii. we had goats, we had liixes. w.- hail Irialsaml Iribiilations but we leave ha|ip alter experieneing the shortest long lour ears ol an eternit . . -a - ' ...1 1 1 , I., ,•„, WD. ,l,«.,r k„,,l ■M J . J,,, „„. ( .„ i " l IK . ■ ' pin- IW. ,|. ' •■i: ' - Hl . H..u,lr K. II H. Wnu.r IC. K„„,|. ' 1 IimI. .11 |{ K. I :;irruwa I. M. ( I ». ;,, ,■„„ l.i...ir (I . Il.,rl.,« (,|) 1..- -li. Kr.ilT, (.IK.. ,wn-.„i ,1 . Krl, (.. _•„, «„„ .■ Il " li.r J. (.,.v |{ . ,i„il, I. Hi.n I.I). W l .,„: ,r...n 1.1. i:,l».ir.|. |{. W il,.,i, N. (, , „„, | lamillnn J. .i.l,;:.. 1)1). DaM.M, I l;. •;, , «„„. (rarrr J1-. K.-li.„. ' . . " .i.ik.x ID. Kir. -» |{. D.nr, KM. llii.Tl.m.,11.- JI-; I ' n- DK. Id,,. IK . II..U..1I I) l. III. i l. » I., lin,, l-u-.li.Mk II. |,.|,„k W(.. lil.l..ll( . l.,».r I r. W.iikiM- (,.Mr.«.. WK. ll.-„ JK. -W K..„ Kll..r.l,„r|..- 1)1). Kir- l,„.r !l( . Hak.r W( . WK.,« ll..l„i,-.,„ Kl. ..-.ru.- Jl). W.. Ir J|{. , «..M (..„n-.i DK. M::l.r JM. S JH. mU R.,h: W ;,.|. .1.11 l . W ill....!.. JH. IL„.,..n { . „ih ...... J...ir«T |. D.Jar.lin D. Itx.,„ J |. :, , K.,„ |.,i,|kr. W . „rirk f; . I .l«.ir.l- l)H, B.I. 2iul CLASS .s( Ruu: Jczior AM, Renshaw AB, Sullivan RP. Garvev CJ. Parker JR. Stroope JL, Criim W P. 2,ul Row: Arnol.l RK, Verfiirth JE, Goo.lwvn RT. ! , «,.,(■ Palmer DR. Smith SB, Skidmore WM. 4tli i;.,„: Sewell JH. Hull RL, Nearv EF, Scales DJ, Chase liC. MeGiiin JJ, Root RA, Lorey RW, Harris AM. H-l. :5nl (:i, SS-)s( K m: II. .use J W . Ni.oll WB. Kxan- WD. l- ' il .-eralil BS. M ier .eje« ski .1 . lli ke Kl. Mullin. Wll. i ' i K..M. S.hwel.m P.|. Da ' le K . i;„si-n B. :inl Hi,H: Mslu-imer HII. llvlhert S. Il.lf: CM. ; . K„n: S«in,ll.T WC. Sealoii J. I.ear.l RK. Dunn IW. MeClanaluui JW. .!( . Rnn: Br% an k. ina.k,M .IZ. Hemes KII. M. I),.,ialcl .1. Karri- Ik. Iver- so„ (;i). Chrislenson W M. Wilkinson J.Sheplienl W A. Mckillc.p ,1. Campbell WF. 4h cnl: Merrirk R. Pi-lrniKi M. Stephenson RE. .1. 1th ClASS— i.vf R„u: Nelson OR. Steinman GK. rimm RE. Saunders W . (Griffin TD. katz JJ. Smith F. 2n,l R m: Price RR. Mason R. Issue WD. 3nl . ». Lewis JC. Carlson N. Huhhard HJ. Itii Rmi: oo.lman GL. kirk L Nuffer F. 5th Ron: Farr LB. hoM.pson TM. Oherg 1)S. ( tl, Ron: Bevea RS. Leo W .Cook .IB. Till Ron-: Likins FL. Bushv JM. 8th Row: leuell KM. Sampson J B, Bier R J. Beck AO. Ibseni: rov DJ. Butler L. ©-Q .liCk r.-MI,r. ,.,„ I.-,,. I.-,. «... IN llir -M.k- ,,( III. llkili;; li ji.ck m iL«»k . llir pil ( |..ii ;:li I....| I. cut. ' i.i;;lil ..l|.-i l.i|i AiuU liA - ' .l..ri.. N«h.. mIu;.n ' lll |.. .. jnllll S ' TJiri-t. »lln .M ' . ' M.inlialK .11. 1. ;....! Ski o..l»; ! " • ' ..I. .1.... .10.1 ..l..l..«-. »l... -..I l.,....,-...k ..N.r ... li..- I.„,l . Fiai.k «all..ii «a-.l..-.kinf; I. -a. I,.-. ila ' Fiiil. ' N ua . ' oii. ' .-aliii;: a l iiiii.ll. ' .l I. .....lis. .u A .lirk .llnui.i.li. ' ua- ...akin- lik.- .a, .la... ........... an F..II.II -al -.|,...i..v I.I- .ill.- -I.Mk. »l..l.- lion suTliin -an;; ' ill.- .-...ii-. " " .■-•1. Y......I: ll„...;:l,l alM.,.1 ..i„- li-l...... Fn.l | .rk, ' N ua- I..!.!...;: I...|. .ai.U a.i.l I.IIK . ' liaii. ' .- a- l. ' aini.i ' l... ll.all j.la -.. ul.... I. .Ill . ' .aV.-n »alk ' l in uilli lli.- ;:iii.l. n. nji-laii-. ;;iE liaiia ua- .li.VNin;; ...il ill.- . . .|. jack Cam| li.-ll «a- wi.lin;; a I. -I I.-, an. I ili-nii i-Osca a | la i..;: hi- i.k.-. i.. .an.. ' .ail B ---il I...... Iia.k |.r a.l i..-. I..ll. u. ' .l l.v ll. -. ..- h.- .|i.ill. ' .l .,-. I.I.I 1 ....I ail a ..-.-: II W " ( - 1{ I W ' . Ul, Ui (.l. IM K..I. I ' irkr% IK (.ra%.-i. ri ' l..ll.-lt v ; I! KM Vii.lnM. I) ll,.K.-.l..r.. . Jnil ((111 .■ I i.iirt l)l S.III..M l)J Kurr.i. t;i l.« l..,k. |( :ir,l l(.,„ llr l» % I. «: i. i)J l(. -iiirr l Willi. .i I C ( It..,, H.,...rl (J l)M.»i l.l.. ' I{ (.....nlu ' ll II- C-l. 2ii l CLASS ist Rmv: Brown FJ, Burns TA, Slapleloii G.I. Ilaninionil RD, Turner HB. Sharkey JJ. lIcMcl Mil. I ' i. H„„: Mr „Il% JW. Wa-.-nlieim HM. Si. I.. mI KI ' . ( H,.„: SlM-riih.M U H. K.-inl.ardt TE. l.-lnlk l(. ; . K..H. KM.n,.,i.,.| CD. l,M,n- 1) V. Cremer KI). Sall.Tlicl.l 1) . M,li,,ls.„i .| . Hullor I)L. I W . - ' ;;, Hnu: I ,i , K.,1,: K..II. ( Dnnhk KI.. III. Kiissell .IK. I ' .Mi W. C. Davi.l- isePN. Conlv MR. ( , «.,HV s Kli..|ohn,- .iii . Fro-nui.i KI). W Inner .1 . S ,vele.z K. Bishoii al,- KM. ri , .nps„n ' l(;.k.-al l. r.-n,r Kk. Ka.i-hnian I). (.-1. lll.(.l. SS s «„„; B..n l(; .(;ei|.elEF.Clia.se VC. Collins SI ' . Kin lev IIP. l,.M.nrv IC. ..Iruha VK. I ' m. Km,: K% ans K T. ' W ilson VT. IV,k .1 W . .ir. Rm. .■ (;iaM-s (;i ' . Mil.l.cll (;C. Sif;Mi ki l. Ill, liiiu: Br.mii .IK. J.r.nie W B. M.rrill WC. r,th Hon: Tancr.-il ,|J. I,an.- (; . ■n.-rnev .11 ' . htli Row: Cell K . SelialT.r .1 . M.H.re R.I. 7th ft.-ir: DAmore RE. 1 Umann DT. Clark RK. B..ns I ' M, felott R- . :y w l%tH,.„: t;risK..J : SirliiiHii W I ll.«r. Ml Vsi.ar.1 (.1; Rmr. i. M ilrrr III iVu |) Miir| li% J I Suil.lalirr I W 3rH H„„: Klrrprr Jl I UMI l I Jnlm..... ( It ; Uk K..„ ' iniillii.. IK I Ihinirrk ( l( Sl..«„ Jl Sain.» .J M Hm, Vinr» J Olikm.ki II l «».l........ J I lliini| lirr l ' l irr VI Mr(.lrlla„,l HU Nor»rll r.,ur N.Mi- .U..I llir.r 1.,... I.,l.r ur -.ix ;;, W. ' h.i.l Mui i.nil.lrin.. I li.| ...MliiMnii: I in-.- UHI- ...m.- " Willi.-.- -M.-Imm. " .11 l.iiii.iii. " ' I li.-il il «.i- riii-li.ili..ii: S..I .-.I «Ii.ii •■(;..r;;.-..ii-(,.-..i;;.- " ::..I .■.m;:lil -.i in;: ' T l,.v.- " .iM.I -.-lll.-.l .I..VM1 ..I.Miii illi ••I).,ir-.,i..r i,k.- lli.--|)..ni.- " ;m.|-M.-rrN " .i.l in iiilu.n. I...|.|.ils 1. ' ,-u-liXiir, . r I,,,. I ..,.. 151 ( S .iii.l I ).-,,, .|,.liii--. uilli " I ...I.In " .in. I ■•| !.-.■;;■■ M, - lor l..|. lion...-. " u - -..ii;;lil ..|.|..„ Iniiil n . ik.i ■..■,„n : •It.il.-- I..-. .i i.. . ' .illi.- " |{.i|. ' li.-|..l lt..l. ' - .111.1 .i.- ..l.-.l liiMl..-ll I.. I Illliir.l.-i. " Hi- ( :.-.-- " k .1 l..n;: r.lll .- M.-v ..r .-x.iMlmi;:. .II ' SII jii-l l....k ..II .-.mi|.m . ' C li.u li.- " ' «.-iil I., ill.- I. ...I -li.-.l. " I .k " .111.1 III.- " (.i " " «.-iil I.. 111.- Mii. .111.1 " D.u.- " ' «.-nl -.iiliii . - u.- l.-.iv.- ».- 1.1..- .|u.-Ii..ii. ;;,il..i.-: Will .,. I I5I.1-I (HI ' Will " 1 i.i (.li " l.illill In- .-. ..11..M1.. |.r..iiii-.-. ' Will • " { ' .i- .-x .-r Mi.ik.- II llin.ii-li .1 I....1I..1II lii|.r ii.l u 111. ' " Niii.- " »ill 111- |.i|..- . ' x.-r Im- .iI|.Ii.iI.. ' Ii. .iII LiiikiM . ' Ml I- iM.I lri . lil . Ii..«.- .-i. .111.1 ..III . ..lie. li .- mill. I «..ii.li-r- in il« i|iiiil inoinriil- li..« ill.- .-.ir. uill ir.-iil III.- Iri.ii.l-lii|. ;in i l.-iimuork lli.il 1- C-l .il " . ' .. , iir,li..n . ' . ' .S-. 111. DIt. (g-a D-1. Isi tXASS 1st Row: Dienst D l an .III E,Mi„s W .1 New ion |{ Tebodo i;i Lallirop K I ) 2n,l l „ii: TflllKinl HM ShanVr Kl. Pirllc J J 3rd Row: Parks ii T Grubbs Ish ' Bliss CF 4llt Row: Got iron UN Zaborow?ki Ivl Trawick Jl) r,tli Row: I ' l i. o r Vt av. sd Udck in tlif » ' al• I .tI. on a liot summer ' s (la . 2b oung men came into West Point (Voni all alks of life. Just a lew M-ars later this group, minus se eii unluek) (uies, lieeame an eager group of lirsl elassmen counting the (la s until lhe serc lo put those golden bars on their shoulders. W elded together plebe year, they separated for yearling sum- mer and Camp Buckner. Cow yar. CAM ID, the Air Force trip, and coyv year ' s academics, with a few parties interspersed, were hard ones, but comradeship developed in spite of hard- ships. " Dear John ' s " , " A-Pins " and the " D-T jst " were some of the most important things in ihe world lo us. Then came the dawn on a new horizon, and graduation was just over the liill. few weekends for those who could afford it. those who hadn ' t run afoul of the TD ' s yellow pads, and those who wcren " l on the " Dean ' s other list " livened up iirst class year. We compared our rings, argued over the merits of the cars we intemled to l)u . and some of us showed off that special girl who would pin on our bars. K er one of us knows that D-1 is alwavs the best com|)an in the Corps, and wi- ' ll be looking for each other wherever our duties lake us. for it ' s a small world in the ruied Forces. ©-a Jumr. I(. Ml. 1)1. 11. 1 (;l, SS Ul Hn„: li,n,-li . lli..Ml|i...ii Kl " . l...,.i Jl . t;r..in.k .) 1. llulli-.. VJ.SIiul.T 1 )ll. ( ) " .S|,.-. I» 1. -• .. H.m: (;,H,k J . K.Mlli.i,- KM. W.-rl..l Jll. .inl l „„: ,Ml.r...i. 1)1,. S.li«iirl ; l F. Ilh Kmr. Kuiirrr IM. M.rirl.- I .(:av.-nuugli Ml ' . l)-l..»r.l(:i, SS si ...... Sni h DlMlnff MS. W.H.l- iiow-zh Jl . I.iak..: V . Mra.l Vk I). IVr-.n Jl.. KhinrU JK. ;.H..IiMf: K. 2,ul H,m: l.ii-ti.;: J K. 1 ).Mn KC. K.Ml,l.r III. Kill- W K. W «„i.. r..l.in Kl). H..-M I ' O. Smrr- U. (..ilr i: . tlh H m: J.-lui-..,, SI ' . (J.-n (; ». I ' .irk.r K . Will.ll I W. i:.l;;.ir JS . I rx DK. Iliiiiiiil WW li..l.r .l. ll.ri;;l.l l. IV..I.- S 1. i:».M.ii.. Ml). I )|{ ( I - ' - I.I K.m: l.%..M- J . I ..«.■ JW . U.irk.- n.,, ( . n.|„,rii |{ . Kui.k.r KM.Cjmi- M M.ir.l, lt(..» .,ll.,::l,.,,i W. M..r.il.- M. n- I i:.(..ilri II . .Mi»..rili r. UhK„„: i I I . ( l.irk.- I) . ...I.IimI;:. ' Mil. r,ih Hon: 1 li. J.ni-..., ,l,. W.rk.l i;(;. I.lli K.m: Sli» rr «l.v I H. J,.l.i.«.n UK. Tlh H.m. Sliorfrr J K. K. 11.11 OK Hlh ...... I ' rairr Itll. To l..rTII. K-1. 2ml CLASS 1st Ron: Sorlev LS. Bauchspie JS. Mavson E l. Medley PN, Beebe SG, Keefe JW. Freil- eriek R. 2ml K»». ' Johnslon R, Leonar.l G. Beal ]E. 3rd H„u: Zeigler MG. Barrel! RA, Reilhair R. Illi Huh: Havne P. W eilil W L. 5th Rnw: Baiiiiarens FO. ' I ..,111- (;. Slvnes P. Oevolo W . thsrnt: Crews W F. K-1, 3rd CLASS— ist Ron: Johnstone H, Smith JF, Landry GD. Vuono CE, Bishop JA, ONeil JW. Keelev TW . Smith JD. 2nd Row: McNeil LF, Hurll.art RG. Sinne CB. Brill S. 3nl Ro„: Parker EJ. Rose B . I.MlTke . , R„„: Wilhem E . Oiiill EB. Oilman W . Keecl BK. Dnllek M. Carson MB. Pfeiffer R . I ov Bl ' . Ilenrv IP. Il,s,-nl: Elder J F. Roller RJ. I.i H,j 1 |{ R.nkc |( I lu.i , I Mx r- 1 mil P Rnlll- 1 II , I u| , I I l)K Run,, W I nil Hon , |i Ih N. Ill II 11 on IK, uhRwi RaNnio.id ,l . II ( 1- 1 i-li, , I ' N 0 1 Ron I ' lohl, 1 ( . Gall RP. .N 111 :tl, Ro„ Mdnnm- RK, lw maii PJ 8th Sniherland 1 W . L) )no an RT, I onero 1 Seltzer Lt. Colonel J ■•(;.. I.-I. -n all Ih.- uaN. " In III.- h.nr ..I il„- „n |,ix |,f;|,i „„,;.. v .- |.„„hl .m.-.U.- ImmhhI K.jj.-lh.T a. tlx- ■: :. nl •■|.i. . ,„■.• I In- -I .Milin-- .l.-.i.ll.r.il . ...n.- ..-. .i Ii.h k I.. - •. I.i.l [ IhtiIi- on " V " -.|ii...l-. ••|{mI, - kick., I In- «aN 1,. lam.- uliilr " l..- " aii.l " Mn- ran l,.r it. I " K.-lli.- " ,h.,l.-,l ■nl.r.i.unl.r i,v lii.li.ifi Ih-Imii.I In- hn.M- .ar.,u,-|. ••(;axl..nl Vrlliur " ..ll.-,, |NTkr,l iVnin iin.l.r 111- -i.-.IIm.n . ■ -Si.m.In I ,Mi. " ■hr.rr.l llir Irani- ..n «lnl.- " I Inn I. Ii- " .,1 .allun-.- IrMin lli.- rnnlr-. ■■ ,r ...iilinu.-.l In iiidr l.rliinci In- .ain.ra «li.n •Ml.,,.., " " u.-nl l.inl.,l..;;;;ni . •Kaulri-li " »a- aK ax- ,. iil.nl In lalk nl li-lnii . Mnlni D. ' ha. I In- lli-l i Inr . ' r.l. ' ilanini. ' nl ulnl.- " ISilli. ' H. " ..il.-.l in- -li.l. ' ml. ' . " DainiN " ImII.n. ' .I ni k.-.-pni- ■•j-irikv " " I.. ■•Il..in.r. " " lli.ii I.. -Sila-. " -K.-.-an " aluav- -In, k u| 1... ih.- I.n |..T.-.-nl «li., fi.x.r ;:..l 111. ' »..r.l. ! ' .(». i;a . ' •■ , nii " lli. ' lill. ' .,t •■;:aiiil.l. ' r. " ' .,lliin .an I.. ' -ai.l ..I ■• l. air " " L. ' .an-. ' s»li., .1., ..n lliink w,,l. ' llii-. ' I i..ni .hiai. ' I.. Mi.lii an r -In.k I..- I gfllifr. .iiiK l. Im- -|ilil in I ' . ' ). " ). S.iiii. ' .la . -niii. ' U li.i .• w.- ' ll in. .I ajiaiii. r. ' iiiini-i ' .-nl .)! lli. ' I I l-..r I -I an.l .•%.•■■ inin.ll.il ..1 1)1 11. IJONOK. COl IK 1 . I.I U.,„ ,.l.■ .•r I W 1)1, ,. |( M. A.... ( II III, U..I, l l..i..,i.. M. rll.... U J..I1.1-..M Kl Smg.r . ( ' ..l.-m»n l Captain Y 211.1 CLASS )sf Hnir: Smiili DB. Hamni CK. i.r .| . Joli.iMii .11,. 2,ul l „„: l((;ra(li MJ. (irin- sl.-u l .IB. H„lMTls.,n C.W. Conl.-rmai. l) l. I ' billip CK. Kanim JM. IVars,... Kl,. Bovlan S . .inl Hmi: ■ UK. l C;iiristian l.S. Hetlaiul JS. Alexander nil Row: Vihile ■« A. Grifliii TN. Daniels JE. V J . Absent: Baion RC, Schannep JD. K-1, 3rd CLASS— ist Row: Wells FL. Olson HL. OGradv GL. Scholtes RA. DeSola JR. Winters DL. : n(l Row: Kvne CK. Tribe DS. Stein PA, Harmon K. 3r,l Row: Leone Fl ' . (Uvpliis BK. Barlow DJ. Pore SC. tlh Row: Thompson W K. Kennedy RD. llaupt HF. Varner VJ. Nottinpl.am J 1). I ' rirliard LS. CLASS .St Row: Shepard WJ. Jas lal R. Ballard HC. Charlton DP. Thomi ..■k KB. 2n,l Rm,: ( ' .roshv B(;. Sohonli ,■■- i. - :lnl H:,,: SlamlMML ' ll W 1. Dm li.ni H. Ill, K.ni: U.iliina.i K . Kiil.iak .1 , , H,.„: lt,„„l,.|,„- KK. Hall (;M. I ' la r-M. Rhodes KG. Connell rj.J..hn ..n RS. II R, Harrv WL. 8th Row: Milrl.ell (iB, IVick J A Absent: Cook CG. II -I. Ui I I V--- Hr.krr l( I ) :il| .ilri k |)| I " l,m.ik.. Ill ■ln,l {.... Hiirli»al.l l M John...,, I It Trrri.. W Crahuin W (;,i„.i.r...„ i:i U( ui... w I I ' oll l) Uh Km, Allrr Kl« lla.ll % M l riinin,..„.l J I o,i ii: l ( KrniirlH-.l ).l( X- |.l,l»- s v ,-.,r.i..l I.. I,.- In-I ,!.,„ v.-.n «.,- i„ i;;l,l ::....l u.i- n-;..li.,l. Ml ..I |. .rrinr.l to ll.lN. ' I 1,1. . I„ll HI I -I u.- .,1-., I,...l - «.■ VN.r.- ,„.,nl,i„;: uill, ,i(l.- .« ..,k CilN. Il.c- .1.,- ,, 111.- ..ir,;; u... r.„i-li ..I I -|..nl .11 W I SI l ' (ll I «. lll. ' ll.U Ih.lt U. ' .I. ' .|llil. ' .l 111 111. I iii. ' ii i i:,:, iiii.iIIn .iriu. ' .i .111.1 tii.ii .■.. ' .iiiiii iN iiii|M ' .Hi i. ' ' ..iiiK- tri.il. ;iii.l tni iil.ili. n. tli.il .ilu.i . ' .. al..ii uilli .a.l.-t ll.-lillll A-V. N . ' il.l.l .1 . I.,..-1|. -. lll.ll N .|. UII.N. ' . ' II. ' .I. W li. ' lli.r ... .111.1 .,11.11 III. ' .I.IN. .Ii.i;: . ' .l l,v .K.uIn. I.lll th. ' I.,|ll N. ' .U. . ' 1I1..11 »..llll uhil.-. 111. ' kll.,vsl. ' .l-. ' . ' ;:.ill|. ' .l .111.1 ill. ' I Mll i,. ' ,. ' ni. ' iiil,. ' i. ' .l .ilu.iN . l?-a w ' Jm ' ' Sl.-aklcv ,l D.-M-rcaiix .1 ils„„ k llufnag.-l l) McNamec Ml Schick JL (ii.WingsJII - ' I. «.«. . Nouisc HI I .W KoH.- ( olian J M ' riiompsoii T Slone HI, nil li.m: Slanlev HI ' Hnu. ' liar.l l ( Hi.l - HK }» . »ir. Diinaway H Biiie A Anderson Masse V (, ' " riic report is correct. " Vie were ever thing tlie said we were. " Huck Finn ' s " gang, llie Maiia. and the Texas Rangers all rolled up, but never one. Each of us remained an islanil ol indi idualisin uhile many others were becoming submerged in the sea of grey. Bored willi each olhery li . we were just getting used to each other! " Andy ' s " stories, " John ' s " loves, ntie " s | i(iuri ' . Ole ' Mass ' feet, and those receding hairlines all found a special niche in our hxcs. c had CONN boss and one Indian, a lively Dud. and a " Heed " as slaunch as an oak. W c Icarncil ihal a guitar was music, bridge was an arl. and a rose was not a flower. bunch of pirates, perhaps, but we never lost our sense of values. We might cut our roonunalc out with his drag but sometimes this was like saving a drowning man. This aloofness nalin-ally led lo sonic anxious nioinciils. The halllc for Icnliis raged ihroughoni our sla and as we cnlcrcd into oin- last Near, no less liian 20 stars adorned our " B-Robcs " . laW.c no nvord, l ul an c ccil.-nt as crag. ' al least! W c fought a g I light. pla cd ihc game lo ll nd— and won. lint then, we didn ' t come here lo lose. ■a [.iHin Jam,-, . J,.|„„ 1. I. Ja.K l, S wK.m. ,ll„r-(.K. J..l,n-1..„ 1)J. m.l,,,.,-, I{|;. „.l..r„.„J („.|. TJ. I,K..,.(.J..)A.- .11. Jn,l l{..„: I. I.r- 1)11. Mu-a,, | |,. ( ;r,.f, (.|,. W «.,» . .si„ .|.lar ( ;H. I l.rr.na,,,, ( !( ;. I .„ , I- I )( :. ( , H.„.: W illia.n, ( ; :. I arin.r W V. H,„h l „„ I )„a. k.-nl,,.,!. I K l.irk J.I. Ha:;rKil (W. Hi.rli.u.- ID. S.niil CI " I. I. tr.K I SS ;s rt..ii:Su.lU-r(:i).Smi(h 1)1.. Lull.- .1 . M. ml. N (. . H„rii.T I.. Ju-r»«Hki (il.. Mra.l DC. l.(.arllix J. . ' „, H„„, M,i,.. KV M.D.M.al.l TH. Wi-harl I.. .WK,.i . (Iirl-lni-r., K. Ila»l. (.S I , |„r JV, Cliiimiaii JS. Ill, H.m: Ki.lkol.f I.C. (..nra.l 11. )Bri.-MT..7» . «,.„. H.M,.- . |,S|.a .1 J.Cn..- |- ( ; Huynion.l ( !. Hark K.m: K.-li WW. K,i,l, I ' . Km,..,! K. (;niliii IS. Bari.aiK. I., (iira,..,, J P. B..k..%..% J K. Si.p.1 Jl.. Murrrlla I..S. ( ,„.„,. k.t. Iiiiin K. ' •I- ' -- UlKm,: Da .M|..,rl HU. I ralllor I ' B. i..lr. ,.i, UK. H..l..rl .il •;. ()r.l«a B K. Marl. -.K| D. H.i-.,% (.1. Jml H.m: Morrill Nil.. Salii.a. JK l..l.l M . Ir.l It,.,,: Krllrx WJ. S-.lg Mk D. Uh H.m. Biirr..M Jl.. |)iiiiiiin : Wll.Smiili I W mI, ! ..„: I ' ..p.,rrl.- B. IV.Irr rii l. 6»A «„„ |l.,iil.r H l. lir.llx Jl Mjllrr CA Tf i «,.». (;arli k BD. ( il....k» W ll,„l.l{.,„. I)a»i. :il. :..ri-..rait JI- ' .(;aiiL ' l....i I . Itr. k«.ll I). ( ;ar.l».ll -II. . .lr...ko JS. H-1. 2nd CLASS— Js« Row: McCl.mg WW, Fitzgerald LD. Roll WC, Keulmann JA, Bruno NJ. Kagland JE. 2nd Row: Florv RA. Matt JR, Lindsey RH, Dantos E. 3rd Row: Snavelv CC. Martin GJ, Hewitt RA. 4th Row: Daly EF, Gordon JH. Lansing SM. Absent: Wange LA. 3r(l CLASS ,s lille AE, Manahan K. ll.rilli..ni.-.l. Mrrluiiilll ' . S,.,K W B. llc.Ms.r 11. Carter W. 2nd l{„w: r ;„ ,.rn ( ; . ' W illiain- CI . N,»-nm SJ. .McCrar W MoDonough BB. 3rd Row: Traim.r JL. Allen IIG, Shuff Tk. Dunning JE, Cooper JB. 4th Row: Russell R, Burgdorf CF. Meyerholt WH, Pearsall A, Langworthy RA. H-1. 4th CLASS— isf Rotv: Rudolph GT, Schwarze RE, Kulik FW. Hall HG. Carter DE, Pugh RE. Rodenherg LB. 2ml Ruw: Ilunnak .IE. Barry RM. Mayson S . |{,.lMrl M,i CU. W H,m: Bi l...|. JC. I ' ark.r W 1,. Hire I ' C. , K.iir: c,r liaMl B . Lc.lTerl .1 W . I- inkeiuiur 1((;. W n.Mng.r K. .-,lh l n„: Eclen W II. Marshall W .1. Spong- herg K. I,lh Row: Donnelly II, Dayies TH, Ganey W G, Betts JW . 7th Knir: Munger RL. Rupprecht D. Absent: Deyens JW. . ' I ' ii-lir. h.ur I..-.I1 m.iikinu ' ill.- r.ir-. I.x . ' niiiiliii;: ill. ' I.i.-: Lmi in l..ur :n . " Slri.k " u.i- III.- .■.■.niMiiN Ihi.-.- -ln|..i NNJiil.- -I, ..I, I " .m.l ••,l,.k. " I.ll n l.-r ll,.- |,i;:l,.i .-. I,.l,,n-. " JoliM II.. ■ -W il.l Itill. " ••|{,i--.- .111,1 -M.,. ■ -|Mnl Ih.ii tiMi.- .,,-ui.if; III.- M..-nt-..l ll,.- |,..„,l llio pri.liroii. iiiir-iiif; lli.ii Imii-.--. Vin.m;; lli.- ..lli.-r -.|h iI-. " S.- i lim " " l..ii;;lil W .--l PoinlV tri.-k i.ir ,-..ur-.-: " .k.- " I,m-i.-.I Immi-.H l..itl.-mi mix " - ImMii . ..|.|M,n.-nl .m.l " Charli.- " " llir.-.il.-n.-.l I.. I,.-.. mi.- ,in..lli.-i I ) ' i l.i-n.m. " I!.. I, W li.-.i l...!- ' ,lnl.-.-l l,,i,.-- . ,-a,;; III.- C.i.l.-I .Immi. uIhI.- |..i1 " Di;; .-! " " u..ik. l.,iiiniN " " an. I " liMr li.,ii. ■•!!., I. k,-|,| u- III ,l.,nl,l ,.- I.. Ihr x.ihi.- .,1.. Sli.i.ln.uii.-. ••,!., Il.l I. Ili-x.-i I.I n|. on III.- V. ' .MJ. ' nii. I ). ' |.,irl rn.nl . " D.iv.- " I.ril In. Iiiii.- In lli.- |).-|..il - C.ii " Jim " " Il.l. I a h.in.l ni .- .-,v |0(1||, ,u|,i .s|„,u. ■Kii.j.r- h.nl ..II ill.- I..,n-. «..ii.I.- . .filial i.iiilx. a -.ral.l.l.- .l. HI. Ui C! S- I si Km, Kr.H.k. I J Siri.-kl;.i..l Uk l.mn Jl Jii...l., DM ll.,rri- W W Jm, K..,. K-l, Isi CLASS 1st Ron-: Skaff JJ Kavnal OA Franklin JI Miller JKC Knierieni I ' C Smilh VVK Law DK 2n,l Row: Torrence JE Nap ' ierTw ' Brnnstein K A M.Williams WD :!nl R„„. (iullirie i;i{ llock WJ Livesav TJ PelterJD Anderson EM 4th Row: Hawkins JD Funkhouser JO Tl uas llic 1st ol ' Scptfinlicr. I ' ). " )!, and twenty-seven scared plebes wcic alM) il l i on a four Near lour ofdiilv in llic roujrhest company in the Corps. ()nl l cnl -i remained al llie iiid of lliat lirsl ear. hut ue t«enl -one erc deslined lo mold inlo a eompacl lillle unit nnIucIi was lo sla logetlier lor llie next ihree ears. Sure a eonpli ' ol drill streamers. l)nl we look our greatest pride in raising K-Ts inle standing I ' rom on ' of a dismal Iwent) -third to one ol ' respected standing among the We had other Irinniphs too. sneh as the linal defeat ol c aca.lemi. ' department, lo the usual share of goals in our . ' onipanN. lew of u- also fell [ w sling of th. ' hig the laeli.al deparlmenl. hut ue all e ape.l wilhoul an eriou alter all.Mls. Ml the dail grind. ho e er. ue never lost sight ol liie lart liial the " Hig l)a " was e er nearer. KirsI it was ears. then months, then da -. ihi ' n hour:-, and linallv il w We ' ve said our gooilh i ' " s. recognized the plebes, passed the baton on to ' ad. anil we ' re lea ing. To sou who succeed us — carry on, good luck, and God speedl we won rninrder lop rue. we had sliek of through (iiawing a- iiere! il K-l. till ( l. SS (,c rt„„ M.-km » i;. S;iii.U . (.r..M- |{N. xIlK WW. (.u-iiiu- M. CaiM-llr f.l. Dr.-k.. l Jm. n.,„ J„l,„..„, HI. Il.,.l„.„a„ J«;. Hrl- I..W. Itl . Iiirn.r II 1 1. Ir.l l(.,„ .r. I...k W K. l.il.-.-i KJ. Ir.nnl.nll iill . Km, W ..rr KH. U.;;..! H K. la«Ml I l. J.-.l.rn IK,. -„ . H.n, KrU.x Jl). Bn. .,l DK. l..rlm l». M i «,m I).„m„i W . ' Vl.ra .l I,. Slira.lcr I. Itr..«ii I l. :,l, H„„ Im,,...,,. Jl.. Wnlirr CJ. Ili.l.il;:.. I ' D. I ...M l irkrr l( I . Ill.i. k Jl I. -I. 2n(l CLASS ;sr }„„• i:i„-ri VK. Tucker BK. Kan.lall HI). Hlark«,!l II.. I I ' ml Hoi,: (;;iiii|.i ,l|{. Sisin%ak l,l. ( liri-l Wall Jl ' . Thclin l,. :inl R,m: lim-,v 11 Hoffman N. (ilrnn CV. Uh li.ni: D.-iis,,, JG. Ankeiihraiull (il). l.-l. 3r.l C.LXSS I-l linn: fllseii T . Hilrkr W 1. Mnrloii K. -o„ MB. l.iuli.T H . Curr.-i KM. Hiiil Kan: KuiMiii.ii (;.l. Hall CK. Moiiar., . Kr, I, .11.. :ir,l Hw,: H..,k,M IB. Men- CI). Mnr|)li% W . Cal.l «oll R(;, Scilz DE. Illi liim: Basse B S . Te.leschi .1 Lvn.le NM. Frealhv PC. Davies W A. 5lh Ron: KennecU BT. Powell JD, Beaslev BB, Husser GK. Summers WM ill VK. l.-l, flh CLASS— i,st Roic: Herberger KS, MalMimoio K. Reiilv RF. Tirrc JC. Peler.s JW. Miller RH. liirala KM. 2n,l R,m: B.,lin : CB. Hankee .HL Sclin.e.ler L.I. C.iui T . .W K-.m; Teeler CE. Kirke-aanl M. I.inl- .|uiM K. Ill, Hn„: I ' aes .1 . Mahler M). Shimenla III. uH k BM. .Wi H„„: Cartwrighl T. Tharp LK. Cliap- I..II TD. (,th « -». laxon JC. Young PJ. Gooilrich Mi R. (K.tninn GD. 7th Ron: Haushill PW. Collell WC. :-h.a JA. ihsi-nl: King RM. Salisbury AB. l,.-nl.-i»« " ...r«.„kin .nMl p l..;;.||i.i: ,m.l ill. ' Inn ,• ,„i.l.- ..( Immi- ..ii I. -I null. W . nMMllC.I. MrCMIIlrir-. niulll ,,n.|.lrlll .1 1 Cinij. lill.kll. ' i. llir «sl,l|r ..in.l--..l ll-ltll.l Itr.l.l, illi.l ..... Ii. l i-l li.l.-. I li.-.i li. l X.-... n,v -. ...x ...I-. .111.1 Iii.;iIIn I«., m.,|,| 1,.,.-. II,.-, an ' I..1I ,. 1. s ..I ll.. ' .......... i. ' - 1I..1I Mll ll..i:. ' r vx.lh , - ., 1....- lin..- 1...... ' . I., ,u.u . ll..- I....1 V-a. ' . h.ix. ' ........I .. ::. ' .... I. I -.1 ..I ll-. uill l ...k !.. . k M| I, ...I uill. ' ' U-Al ...l.-l... I....1 W.-.ill l. ..k r..ru.inl I.. i:r...lN.ili. ii uilli ,...1 nil 1. i|.al 1...1. I.ul in. I »illi..iil .1 till-. ' ..f 1 . ' l ' i ' . ' at l.-aNi.i;; .ill ll..- i..-..|.l.- »■■ li.ix.- ■ t.. kiL.u -,. u.ll. :: I iii,,ii ,,1 ,,-. I„,».mi. uiI jilwax- r.-.-l .11. .ill. -Mil..- h. Ih.il .. .111.1 ..! ' .. mil i.M I1..111 uli.ii. -. ' u.- .••111..-. II. Ui t I - i s. 1- v v v m M-1. 2nd C.LASS-isf How: Mackln RE, Brinklev CB. OBrien BJ. Ilanliii " TC. Braiidel GP. Morelli ' DR. MrCahan W L. 2nd Row: Mavrotheris NA. Rail FA. Para.lis,- I. W einsleiii 1.11. Easloii RH. 3rd Row: Le- llanlv W M. Craiii W S. Hall GC, Kolellos H, Villanos K;. Itli Row: I ' rii.i. RL, Goraon CW, Keating RJ. l -«Mf: Raiala I ' W . 1-1. 3nl GLASS -Isl I la.Kusi.k I.. Calver I ' id Koir: jliiir 1{ ' . 1.. I). l " all,T o„ I). .{ «„ |MM(„r.|ll.SaTi n.lr,- Ij W. M.CarllM 11.1. Irwii ;. ( , R., W K. W 1-l. tlliGIASS Isl Row: I ' all.rHin W . •niama ell (). (;rax.s i. Leigev J. McDonough E. Glarv W. llox ,|. 2nd Row: LvnneJ, Smilli F. Healh G, Parsons W . .W Ron: S|, angler A, Sookmak V, Scherffius J. Jf i Row: k(ll( W. Cooprider D. Farrar M, Matt S. Stii Ron: Livingston I), Noga G, Hepner T. ( lli Row: Slinll L. Lager K, Iignano B, Bond J. 7tli Row: Kittelson |{ . Oodd E. Absent: Sehneider J, Villaiies ,1. I. r; vntr- jtsiif v -fsi JK " 4. M-l, I.t CI.VSS 2n,l H,.„: Srr..r.l U Vil..r. II llaa- « I Tiirnrr I Hr..»n Kit 3rd Km, Priiill I.I) OaiKlall II lrj..%,.i | l a lo Jl M, H.,„ ll riiliiir::iT I ' ll Ikr.la Kk UiilHie 1)1) Martin I ' l. SofHT Kl. m ,.|hm I.ii.i I,, rl..- l-l 111.- uf •.■.:,. iii-l ..MM. ' Mi. ' in..ri. ' Urvr. -.,11;:. C.I ' III.- r.iiiiN .l.iN- .11 |{li... n. ' iiniiiL-. I .iiicl..l|.li .,r uh.il h.nr ..u. II. » .,! ii.ii l,.,i- .iNN.iil. ' .l |.I. ' Im ' Cj.rj.liii.i.. ' Il . ' Iir-.|i. ' . |.i. I..n.illx I. .1.1 ,» lli.il lli.x " v.. ' , ' . ' ..n I.. III. ' I.in.l ..I N iii. ' .111.1 ..Ml. ' n I. ill lli.x ' .l 1..- I..i. ' k t.. I ' .i.k ..iii .Inn- in " . I li.x .11.1. 1 1 liii.ilK .■.nil.- r ' .-.i ' nili..ii. ..iil- .-.iiri .xiu.— . «.■ i-.iiri r..iu.I. ' ■ ;:r..ii|..-.l .i- .i .1.1-. ill .. ' iili.il .ir. ' .i. ;:;n. ' .i . ' h. ' .-i (..i M-l .in. I lli.ii .l. ' |..ii h.l I., p.i. ' k. |{. ' in. ' iiil.. ' r ... N ■.iiiiiin.i. ' I v.n N illi I..11 ii.i. I... .nnl.iirii-. lli.- ...Il I..1II . Ii.iin|.i..n.|ii|. .in.l i.-iiii.i n. ' .i.li «. ' ni.in.i-. ' .l I.. -iiiMx. ' . i . ' I ;i Sli.ill.im.i.: N..u ...» x.-.ir u.i-nl -.. I..1.I. ir ..ii r. ' . ' .ill. w. ' iiLiMiif. ' . ' .! t.i .iimi-. ' ..iii-. ' K. ' - I. llii..«iii;; I... k.i- .l. Mi-l.iir-. .1. ' . I .. ' -II. ' ..........r .....I ..n vs. ' XN. ' i.l. I. ' .ili. L. ' . ' i |..iilx! I l.i-h .l .l.all. ' M-. " . .. t.i..k: Mi.. u.ml- u. ' . ' k.n.l. ' lir-li.- ..I l.i-l. l,.. ..n.l Will.. ' -.1 ■■l{.•a l . ' ..V |H.li. ' i. ' - pl. ' l l... ' N.rN- lliiiiL-. III.- l.l (■•riii.iii .11 .i.i il...i. I». ' K. ' Ns. ' . ' k. ' ii.U. I. II.I i. iii« ill. ' r. ' -t ..I tl.. ' | .iii ill .i. ' .i.l. ' i.ii. ... Hon.. ri.i .. li ' . ' , ..I 1... .1 .1 r..r lil.- ' |..ii.l..ii ii ' -. I.i.li.-. . lli. ' I.i-I |.-,.i.l. ' . III. ' I.i-I l..iii.l-l..ik. ' . |..i. kin:: lor ;; I. Ii.il- in ll.. ' air ..n.l li.i.-. 11.. ' ;;.i.i.ill. ' l ..I I.....1. Ii. - .i.. l u. ' ...ax n. ' x.r .....I .i::ain. I..1I u. ' ll ... ' v.-r l.-ri;.!. . ,. 1.,., . V.iW. ■a Burroiijili- W I) M;n-.,n I ' M Oec $ C a ia O ig c5 M.IM- ( It.- 1 .l M.I..I.MI..M lt IVrkin. Ii ira r- A -2. Isi CLASS Isl l „ Jose|.h KK Stevenson MA Fikaris PN Prater Rl I Stemle K 2uil limr: FretMl S,l Vilanis IJ las..ii .- Jellison Seiifjer .K; Camp H I-. Scliaiier !• I ' Mlcr tlircf t ' ai in the First Regiment pastui-e. Con tlie Second Kejiiinenl " . has been sent back to graze wi flock. It seems that the First Regimental sheplierds « pans -2. the so-.alle.l " Orplians of 111 the rest of the Seeoml R.-ginicnIal ' ■r. ' cinharrassed sin.v the small llock of A-2 produced superior stock to the F ' irst Regiment, ami in the latters hen A-2 does something, it goes all out to do it right. Our " lli es " are our " (Joats " are real " (ioats " and ha e their names published weekU on •• ho ' s W ho " " p..sled in each class sallyport. Our " Little Rabble " " can I) own pasliirc et. eal " llixes. " and ic famous lists of ' ■ " i Ir.im ihc hanks ol the llud.son shootuig ske M (not lo metition the lamoiis ' Trailblazers " ! who spiiid ihcir wi-ek-ends exploring " Flirt) " " I to the high ground of the cross-country I course, in between the river and the hills. A-Co (iles can be seen nmning gayly about the] handball courts, swinging like chimps from the high-bar. rolling around the wrestling mat, rtmning bow-legged up and down the soccer lield. and c . cm ' ii Nall iiig with one another at dancing classes in Cullum Hall. nd oiil of lhi -2 fog cloud rings IoikI and clear the crN of (he " Firsties " -•■Tread ualcr lill .lun.. " " mcn. -J. JimI ( I. SS I si l „„: ,[„ W I . ( .l.-lr K. I ill,.4 III.. .hhI-(;.|. W riM-l.rn S I .. ' ■■, «.„. I r.-f . .-r ( i:, ium.-ii iii{. I ..-iImmii ( I . i{..-. i. ii,,|..„,-ki wc. inl «.,.,. n.l.Miil W U. (..He-, ( . .,r I (.W. Ililrrliuni JJ. Ja-p.-r IC. ( , l ,.„: l,r..l.. | ' . .Slr..fa - J K. l ,N.7l . ii.lr.-.- H(.. 1, I ' r.k WC. .2. .»nl CI.VSS Knu: Mark JH. I ' atan. K. Hill- lolia 1.. Siilli.rluii.l C. Kii»».. JS. (a- SI). -Vi. «..» l)«%.r(;T. OUrra JJ. M.CartIn K. l....rr I.H. Mu.- (iillJK. K.lir%arria W . .W «..» »-rii.l 1)1 ' . I...„u,. VJ. W all.r hi:. SIliiiK-k i;j. la-lr.. K. W llaln. 1)1 ' . Illl Hnu: r.lr..,, liC. Miklin.ki Mt. i;.M.- DP U...nl. llaila»aM I l, Ki.,;; W . Km,-Im II .2. Ilii I I .- ; » K..I.. K.Uar.l- W WoiriiJ. l).M.f..r l(:. Kaicii I ' ll. M.t;: W I. . ' llaiiMill " BrI (;i.. KolH-n. DJ. nl R,„ Cullnucli DJ. Ilh H;u: Hr ih;. kIIh (;k. :tih «»ii. .. il..l.-.rk JK. rx i Koii. I ' lii «..ii cii.i.ine. !. ;. T..11.X l.an.a-l.r ;.l aiolaC. Ihs. W . N.iii JH. Mr. Irx J II. Calh DK. (:..iir% IT Nit. Mcinieiinirr Kl(. ., (.K. ( a-«-Ilo H . :ih . Hru .Ka DK. Hlh Km,: lta„.rll .ll ..kalr« HI ti-2. :2iul CLASS— 1st Row: Coats WL. Craii.lall IIW. Allaire CJ. 2nd Ron: Sidler GV. Frank VC. Carr ED. ir( Koii: Wien GE, Pozuelo FJM. Havdon J J. Green 1 . tth Ron: Turnipseed JW , Diez ES, Pierce RB. W a-ner JF. Staniling: Pelosi S, Keinalh WG, Masler- M.ri TJ, Fogh FJ. .4bseiit: Lang KE, Canby SL. B-2, 3rd CLASS— 1st Row: Smith WL. Dubbelde JB, Kovel Ml. Nilsen MH. Olsmith ES. Hill JL. W illiams H(;. I ' m. Row: Leighton PM, Shafer D. Sdu.rr DE, Rumsev TP. 3rd Row: Krueger K. James ,1. rnislr mg J. Campion W. ttli Row: Jones RL. Wheeler C. Hatch HJ, Martina AJ. (Joodson HC, Harris KK. Johnson A. Absent: Freeman GT. Heinze CB. Ulnistead RE. Spragne CR. B-2. nil CLASS -is Row: Forster RA. Manos JP. Bi.sh W . Plane V L Giallourakis B. Mav JC. Davis J 1, I ' m, Row: Childress TE, Johnson DW, ' Gaines RV. 3nl Row: Schonberger RC, Hoblit JN, Brookhart DA. Ith Row: Knllavanijava P, Oelke KE, Vantnre PD. 5th Row: .kerman PW. Dean PD, Dus SE. 6th Row: Riggan RB, Giuliano RW, Recher RR. Tth Row: Pro- chaska J. Lee GC. Spencer FB. Bnchlev J Claflin AB. Vi vatl SW. Abs, I Our lour N.-.ir-. in I?-. ' ..n- r.,|.i,IK ,,,,,.111;; l„ .. ,l,,„-. W .• Ii.ur |„-,n l.,.|.|.v ,.ncl ,.i I I.. 1..- a ' ,,.,.! Mt ..ui .■,..,.|..mv In.in I ' I.Im- |,, I i,-|i.-. I„,.l, s.-.n li.i- I.H,k,-,l 1..,,- I1..11, S.,,!.-,,,!..-, . I.ul iiunl, ,|„i,l.r uh.n l,„,knii: l,.,rk In.,,, I,,,..- W .Tk. S,„„ , I,,,.- .,,,.1 l!.,.k„.-, ..Il.n-.l »..llcl. ' ,ri,l nUri Iro,,, ., -.,. Ir, .„.■.. .n„l llx.r ll,„r. ,ll -I.,.,. I oul ,„ ..,„ „,rl„,„,. ' . I.,,,- .,l|r, W,- h.u.- I..,-,.||.„ ,1 ...I.I .,(l.-,„ .1, ll,. ' .,,.•.,. W -■ li.iN,- «,.,k. .1 li.,i.l. .,,,.1 ».■ Ii.ix.- I, .1.1 ..„, ill •„!-..( I riiim|.l, l.x «..,ki„;; .,„.! , m ' j. ;.- ., .1,,-. S.,„i. ' .,1..,,, ,„..-! .,„s„.,„ „,.,„„„|- riini.- uliil.- H.iili,, 1.., ll,.- Iiim..ul li-l- .111. 1 lli. i.-ull- ..I lii,,i-..iil .v.iii,-. I i,| .■ .n, iMrii.-ll ., ih.il .1 . I.i " iii,,lf ,i- I, IN. -I l. liii,,-.ll ,il ll,. .- liiii.-., ( ti,i r..,,.l.-| ,i,.ii,..il.-. ilK ' 1,,.1. 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Kdi C-2, 2nd CLASS— ist Row: Fox E, Kime EB, Roberts SJ, Swezev C, Saxton BP, Kinsloe RC. 2nd Row: Porler JE. Caldwell KG. Tiii.nia.i KB. 3rd Row: Southerland HP.Comeskev II . I ' arkor I.HB. L piUke EC. Creighton TW. Conra.lMj. ItU l ,.i,: Krecka JC. Knowles KJ, Shirev ]C. thsrnr: llollauax KE. C-2, 3rd CLASS -;.s( Row: Ausman NE. Markham R. Tonda Rn. MrCniuiell HO. Newman E L Rosenberg T l. 2nd Row: Harr.ll . D.-dson JP. Magadien VR. Ilall.mav KK. Kom- BT. Dav HE. Gargan JJ. Bales DE. 3rd Row: Vick.-rs Jll. Murchison J. Cvgler J. l)e- Lanev D. Rav UP. Ilanford JO. tlh K.».. ' Carn.ll W, HindmanC, llanigan F. Ilirklin T. Pocock J . ihs,;U: Adams JE. Beckwilb V . C-2. 4lb C.LASS ;.sj Row: Ciasnilo PK. Wagner MP. Babnsen PF. (iongola VJ. C;reen PJ. Pen iero ]. Flet.lu-r M. 2,,. Row: Benjamin . Corlis JK. M.C.r- mack I.K. CoUn.s KC. 3rd Row: Uilch.ork W . S»ier nj. I.von lie. . Row: Lelowl J. Mas:.,-v Jl,. Ilugli.-s PI). a-knul, V. Ml, Row: IVn.zi-r P . Slinrl Rl). K.. l.r HI.. 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K..,.., Jl) J,„l «»ll. M..,k.m.kl US. I .» Irn- III. l.„.- l. l. ...III KI..WK..., l,ll.r HI. Miil.r H. l,ir|.liv Wl (( , Kxii. ortiani 11. iii.,„i Ki:. ui...„ i{t . r.iMir i.n -,i , W..I.. IVrrra.ih l. Kuii.l I ' U. S,.|,„i, k HI., mh «..» : Sl,n»-.l.r l ' .SI,.,n-- Kll. I .11.-, J N. W.I, 1, |)J. Til, «„„. Will..,.!.. I ». Willi, JS. «» i „„ W.H-lar.l W I " . Urr l»J ' SjJf LM f ' i r E-2. 2na CLASS is( «o. -: Goodman RA, Bullock VT, Larr DR. Daleski RJ. Halev JP, Mayer IR. Lvnch GP. 2nd Row: Baker CH. Holmes FS. Irv:n J, Si ith ME, Vallentiiiv E. 3rd Roiv: Strauh JO. Dewev AE. Duncan RM. Crouter ET, Ahell JL. Mi Row: Griscom RM. (iorlinski CC, Linder WH. Kendall LG. E-2. 3rd CLASS— ist Row: McDaniel J, Chase GW. Miller DL, Shaddock CW, O ' Connor J. Owens BE. Maslerson JL. 2nd Row: Koops HJ, McEvov LD, Bain- l.ri.l-e TS. Scmirkv JE. McCoy RL. Roebuck T. Stein MK. l{,.»man DC. W K.m: Soll.erg A. Useman LL V.H.rl IB. Da .niiorl 11 . Ill, Row: Gadd RF, U.Minicis K.Tofiov C. Fllinplon J. E-2, 4th CLASS— ist Row: Wafer WJ, Puff RW. Phil- lips F, Foster RR. Kusek LJ. Feudale JR. Gietzen RC. 2nd Row: Tun!.- (;. IVarsall MC. I mLau-li 1.1). Moore O.l. ■nL.n.as KK. riM,l„-,lak,- K. .in linu: I{,.II,t WA. ll,iiT.inf;.r k. W ci- Jll. S,n. l.-r 11). Cnm Ml. Fornev ) . Illi Row: Ke in IID, Adair FF, Sclu.rl . (;i ' . (ioleman RT, Hatcher CT, Williams HJ. 5t i Row: I i.licr HM. Richer WN. Isaacson JL, Maliska TP. lallliews EVl . aplain M.iiliii II. Hrry Ka x ( :..„.|..u.x •- rl.MMi i- " N;,, N ., Iiiv ,• in -..V. W .■ I,.u,- I...- .,„ .„„ .nil.,,-., nn -I,.-.,,,,.-,. M.uIn " - l.in-hin ,u..l n„i M.-mm;;- «.■,.• ni.mx. W ■■ l,,,.l.-,l .,v,-, il,.- -,,|.n,li.l .-, l.,li..„ ..I our r...ir .1.1.,, I,.-.I ,l,M-,..„- ll„- ( ;l,,.- ( ;i„l,. ...-ll.,,;; ... ,.,., ,.i„Ui . Ill,- .1,,,;:- i „ ...llx |M..I: Ih.- .|..i.-i. I.N.I ....... .1. I.I... ' ; II..- . l,.M.r .,1 II.. ' 15.;: ir.l.l.l.-- . I.-.,|, ....l-.,i. ' ..... «..,.|..u-. H..I il wa-!! " ! a II-.-.- .i.l.- ..II 111.- «.. . 111.- I ...ih .-ii...- ...,«. I -I... I .. l.-u ..I ..- , ,| ||..- -...|.||.- an.! ,. r.-u I ' . ' .IJM. ...... II.-. I v..Ii.iiI.,iiIn. .i..,I .. |...rl ..I .i- l.-ll u.ll. ..,.1. .,1 ||,.-.... W .- I,,,,,. ...I ili.-....::l. II..- -I .....I II.. ' .I.v .u.. ...II. I ...... .I..N ».- I. ...I 111.- i... . .....I II..- ,.-..... ...l llii «a- II..- X.-...- Ih.- ..-x u.ilU .-l.a.i .-.l. !. .- l.,!. ..i.r .-..II....-.-.! .-x.- I. ...I I,.-m„„ ,,, -.,. ili....... a lilll.- iNx. Slill. «.- !..... 1.1 ......- ll....... .-x. ' .i ...1 II.. ' .l,.x.-. -.-,.1 .....1 «.- ,a.l.-.l ..I 111.- 11... iiiiililN. ll.i- li..|.-. ill.- I.. .1.-1 .....I .. Ii. -l c.r ..ill.-.-. Si...-.- ll..- I.i-t .l.. «.- li.i.k .... .. I. .-.IN.-. ..I.I gri-al.--l .l.--ii.- Ii.i- I..-.-. I I.. -.1 ,,..1. N..U «.- .-...I. .111.1 ...iw lli.il il ' li....- I., l.-ax.- x.- I. ...I Ih.-r.- ' - al..i..M ....ll.i.ii: I., il. » l „„ v..,. W l ..r»ur.l M. I.ill Ml l ' l..i(T HI l.irr«% KS (h.kuil.. (;i; -•ll. K...I . IIUIIM-M IIS (;..ii„,. i-.i. IVml. rl..i. 1)1. lr..%.ii. ID l.»..i (A lll...k IW I . I ..„: I..N ll. ' ..f.-rk...i.|. Il|{ !).. . ..I.l..... Kl ' i. ' i.i..-.. i;i) III, Knn: S.UX JK .S|ii. ' lil.r Kl. ■ I - J, id ( I s ;.( I „„ (,l,a-,..i. II. S,l,„l J( " T W I Kl 1 llol IM, I 1 |S Jn l Hnl, (Hd.ll I SIMM I K i , „( I iMnniMMSl |{|„„l, .1 I Mii,li, IK.W I I l -. ■„, l, m,II I I Un-. IK |{ W ,1,1, ,k Ml II HI, nil l{l K.,l,„ ll III, l „H ( ,Mlkl„, II -„inh • Hiii-,1.,11 1 Ij.I,nI ' L.liwi.Mi W K 1-2. 3rd CLASS— Jst Row: Britton JH. Faulkender RW, Miirlland RC, Wrlghl W. Beimforde G. 2nd R,m-: Carter II M. Mulligan l.ll. (;.,I,I.mi W. (;iick S . K,.m-r. CC. Kxaskv H . Hu.k CI ' . :lnl l nr: Willi,- IM ' . li,-a,l Bl ' . I .i.laii ' nil. I ' rililianl l.. M, I .a,i;;hli,i .]( ». larlin HI ' . Ill, Ron: lan-,im |{. I ,.lilis JN. Il,„, ,-r (;M, |-,i |,alri,k l)K. -2. Illi (I.VSS l-l R„„-: C,,I.Mnaii W B. slmrv l,k. (;.mII„v I . I) ■,-ll,- S. K,-a,ik.-l .IC. l ' alla,liM.. I). l).|-..„,.,-.. I.. ' ,„ , ' „„.■ l, .,,;-,„.. I .S,-u all .lOH.S.nilli HI . " ,..„, - W l. Ila-h.-i- W I). Si.il.naii KM. linl R,.„: Mil.- I W. II,— IIW. I ' ,,mil-.,li Kl " . N,.»ak.l . IVII - iir.,,, 111. 1 ,.|„aM,l,v, C. H,-.m,i (; . Ill, R„„: klcni|m m I ' l . -I„rl,,,,, l.i:. |{„a,l, ll,. Ca-l!,-.IC. ll, ' llln ior O . .1,1,, I,, I I. .-,,1, «„„. I),.„l,ar .Il{. C,a,ld. ,k .1 W . ,- .s.„i. ( .,1I,N HI. Warmalli .It;. |-l,-l,li,-r ' I ' ll. hi .„: Kum..% I.I «;.-hI,,„, W I OKrirn II K.l«.,r.l. l Ma.«.„ l( «..r.l.M M 2»,l l „„ DivMi;:)! I Smii.....!. II l(ill..rl IX «rllrr W I UlIlM l i (ainiiiiiiii:- I Volfr II Malii. ..k W.x « M Uh H..„ Ma.l ..„.,l.l lO Hr..l.U II Slurrni ). " I- .-.,i-. uh.n- .li.l .M. iiiii l..r ' I h.il- III, ' lii-lir ,.,n .in.iiii.l I ' -_ ' ..-.Inn.- W r.k .{..lu- nr.M. M.m (ii.n.on.-. -l.i ..„i r,,,mun.-. ..,„„• ,.l,-..-.ml ,m,l. ..I rnur-.-. ll,.-,,-- .,l«.iv- 1I...I l.n |„r.-.„|. ,1K lu.k -I.H|.-,I „. ,.ll ,,,„l ihrii liirn. ' .l „- ..x.r lo ,v -s Mu.-ll.-, ul..-n Ihiii::. ;:..l 1.,,. Ii,,|. Mu-.x lr,l ,.- ihn.u-l. ...II r.iilin- vr.ii nmiIi .imi|.I. ' .|iiiII .iiicI ,.I. ' m|n ..I |M ,, l.ilk.. Wr .li.ln ' l r.iir uril ill .Irill. I ir .iin.il.ui .illilri.-. ,li.l .1 i.ni.ki-lilx I |mI. Ill iiii. ' iiii.ii.lri. i ilir l.r::iiiniii:i ,.{ C.VN N. ' .ir u.- iiilinilr,! III. ' Iiii.il »..i.l III r.i... ( .i|.i.iiii l)iii::. ' iii.iii. W. ' -Ii.ili .iKn.iv. I1..I.I III lii::h . ' .i. ' .in ili.- I )in ' . ' iii.iii 1 )|)„ i.,| IImji.mi. ' (...I.-. 1.. ' . ll-. ' ., I lil.M,-li.- .l.iiU. W. ' Iin..llx Miii l.-.l llir.Mi-l. I.. I i.-l..- v.-.u. h.uiilc I.. " ! . ' i::lil ..n III. ' K..I.I. (..ml. III. ' . I Villi. I. ' .l II. I.. l..iil .Tiii-.i ()kl;ili..Mi.i .iii.l l..|ii.|« lii.ii. ' nl, ' . W. ' . ' k-. ' ii.l- in III. ' M.iiili.itl.in -.il.ixv. I I..1II lri|.. I.. m.i iI.... .hi. I . ' » ll.n.ii. .in.l III. ' ll ..-hi ..I I ii.lv i.iiMl. ' i:. " . f iM.i.l. ' III. ' .l.iN. IK I.N until iii.i.. l. ' u ..I II ' . .li.ln ' l I..-. ' ..Ill li. ' .i.U. .. ih.r. ' .i. ..iiK .III .iM ' i.i i ' iniiiili. ' i ..I iiri;:- in ii..m " . .11.11111. 1 I -J. W.iHn i.i. ' k. ' .l III. I.i.iiii I..! ' .1 " . ' n.|. " iii.iiiii.il r.irniiiLi I..! ' ii.. I.iil I.. 11. .t .lil. . r n.i. Ii l.n lli.il .Ii. ' . ' |.-.kiii III. ' !. ' i. ..iiK ..n. ' ...n. I11.1..11 I.. I..- .Ini»n: xx. ' in.ix m..| Ii.in. ' I... ' m ..Hi. i.iI. I.m M- hiiil .1 i;iin :: I lini) ' . IF ' ;{ ' ' ) s( Rou: Weden GT Patterson TB Wood GW Marlling.lF. Johnson SM I ' m, H,.„: WiM.Miluill. W Jackson U Hawkins irr Sheldon AK 3nl Rnw: llnll.Ml lM- II ii.„ i ic; MclilrnlMM ' II Hai.kin (; ( . How: MatiN a G-2 plebe cursed his luck (in llial njriisl la in 1051 when Beast Barracks ended and ihc plebes sought out their nc N c()in| anii ' s. Through north area, around the extreme norllicrn corner, in a recess between ihc hill anil i iniiasiuui is the home of G-2. OnK the an h cncin . 11-2. is more distant than C; ( oiupaiiN from the academic buildings and (Jrant l Hall. l?ut the new members of the compan hccanie accustomed, and even fond of their new home. So li(l Major ebel. a nc« tactical odiccr ho was destined to guide the coiupan) lor three ear . Spirit, pride, and aggressiveness developed during earling and cow ' ar. ( ' ,-2 became knoun lor its spirit, its intermural rallies, its gigantic scoreboani and the lainons motto which echoed through the sinks of the 53rd division: " Take Brigadcl " n(l ihcN did take Brigade, in cow car l ' )53-54. Colonel Webel left the company and Captain I ' allon. an rmor officer, became tae. riic lir t class returned from summer assigiuncnts in the fall ol 54 to assume the rcs|)on- sibililies of the company. Now under an ir I ' on-c officer. Major Mason. V,-2 won the lrill streamer, again exhibiting the aggressisc spirit which has become a tradition with the com- pai. . l..j..r i:.l»..i.l .1. i.,. I.-:. Jn.l ( I.VSS I.I l n„: l..«i, l. II.MH.r CM. ......Im,,-- |( , U s|{. |),..|.|..|- ( IIM. J,,, „„, 111. n.. " u .S|,;„ni nil. .h.ii.. Ki:. . .m wi;. ' . Iu,„: l„„l.ill IH. liul.l.i.MM Jl.. I arl..» k . Wil- l;.ilM. W.lll. ( l {.»(. KntwnSW.Orlllrr I . ;il.ilrr KM. ( ,s,M(. ;ri..- .r DC. I,.i-I I ' W. I ' r..,„„-r I.T. I«i.li,ll II. I«%l..r J. i;-:;. :»r.l CI. SS si l{„„: ll.niii,,.,, % l. Wullar.- (;i.. KaM.rw.MHl Jl.. Jaiiirsoi. JJ. I)«m- 1)11. K.mr. I)J. (Ilriii (; . i ' ml Hn„: (iuriyaiiri ' . W . -I.rf.l.ll MC. Ki.l.l WK. I,„i.r l(. Itoij, Ml. M.irh... IIM. .W «... : ( orl. .1.1. Sl,|.li.ii-,„, 1 . ,l,.„f.r IK. M.C.. HI ' . II..II 1 ..N„„il, ( H. ;, , ,■„,, H„.-I.r ( .Call.;. w;. ;K. Il.rrr,, Jl». M.-.rill;: J W . SibroAL- J K. IhunI: l)iv-..„ l{. l. Inlxr.-OO. -. I.I K., IIJ. Jr ; K.i.l„-I J . Ir ' V f - ■ mmW " I..MKl,l„,n.uj:l. I)S. .W K,.„ I ..rman T . (...I JJ. lav •r W ' V m ar ' P l,(;. Il..lla.l.i N. Julian Ull. li.rnr m. .W M..II. IS ilTi kl f M. ....l.-v j .(..„r...M X. Wn,h IM. Ilarri,.,...., I V l V ' r ' V ' V r ' VI » • l |. l-k.- Jl . Wallrr J I.. I .■■..» 1)1!. i ..k . -• . V 1 V V. . V H I. Mil-Ill HI . i)iiiici aii .vt. I.auioii .y.. » i-. w , ' J F y l Xj. . H l ' ..l " -r Jl . - M III . Jr. -. . " " llnfr »,C. Ka-.U lY .11 U r L- T L. • ' W ' ' Ml ' •• " I; I li..t UK. M.T an IIW. l .viif Crafi l)l«. 11-2. 2n,l CLASS ( li„„: MiConnrl M(;. l,i..„ I ' M, Irwlii GL, Pendino 1. Siro .i,-r ,|K. 2iul K„m: Grass- l.erger RE, Johnson IIW. lox K . Barrell KT. Beau- champ lA. 3rd Ron: Kirk .1 1. B, k W 11. B.ver RC. Jr. thscnl: Clonts D . Davliur,!. I.l. jr.: l-r -nrh FJ, Knu.lsen WH, Marlin K . Jr.; l.(;„ir.- IIJ. Si.i.l- .lar.l OP, Wvnn G I. n t if t ' fftsf f % -. II. 1, larh, UJ. .i , K..M-; W. BuL-kaer R, B.ii in AG. i Knir: Seward R. l ' o|.e OR. ...NserCH.KImeAC, Ma.lsen VK. -( ,M i(; KlH.a.l.-r, (,L. 11-2. 111. CLASS J.St Koio: Parks WR, Dev RA. Lumaii JC. Iluss,■ (;E. .Moore RR,3rd: Walker GVi P. Jackson SJ. 2ml Hon: Prvor P . Harrison WO. Sopir J. Jr.: Roosn.a W . Walker 1{J. Rionia]. M W . :inl l „w: Clemeius l{. D.-.liai.l J 1. I ' ri.iH- IJ. Kuosn.a ( ; ;. W all- work UK. Hall JB. Marshall W 1 ' . ■ Hon: Downing Ivl. M, i;ir.. Jl). Slinson RT, Brown CO, Jr.; Sibert (; . l.inkiewi.z K. r,tli Ko,,-: Ruffner FM, Bollinger AG, Ma.li-an JJ. Sharon DP. Baker RE. 1.1. Colonel Jesse L. Lewi: HI ' Till- »illillf. ' ni- -. uilll «lll. Ii ' 11,11. |. ( : r I... ill Ml. 1. 1. Iii. ' ImU .111.1 k .ll.ll;;.- ..I llir -ll ii.i 1 1, .n nnil.l lir-l 1..- -.•.n l..iif; ImI.,,.- u.- .x.-r -,u, ||i.- I.i-I l .. .liv.-i,,..- in ill.- (:..r|.-. Duri.i;: llw Iir l .Lix ..IliraM li.li l ;ic k.. W lllir .rl „. ,,11 ,„. ill, ' il-lil I I.N ., ' |.lNiil;: I,, ill.- ii . ' .- ..!.! ,|ii.-.. n..ii vMlli. " liill. Ml. » ,.,[ ,,ui-. ' " .I;i -k l -a.liii : III.- . ' ..iniiaiix: I .-.I. in lli,- »li, ' ,l I1..11-,- ..1 I- II " |,., l -Ik ' iI " i n r: l ' ,.|.i ' iiMn.liii : (lie l !ilMli..n .hiring ' lli ilhiii 1 iliill |. ' ii .il-: ,,ll I,., v.- ,..iiliini..l ,.111 h.ipi.x I.M,l.i-.lii|,. ,■n s.I.mI |.,l,n ,,1 I ,x.i-: l ' ..i„l,r. ili,. I.,- |..-n,l. ' i: lii- l|.li.i I.K ' k ,.l Mirlii; .i.i: ..n.l Wilni... ,.in l.11 -IikM.,! ...ii. Ii.n .- I..i,I iImmi (irsis r..r .-..- ...r i- llial ' .I. ' . M.-.ki-il,. " - .lu.ii. ,111-1. 1,-. I .I " - inhi iniinl.i I I..1II I. •. l)i.-k- •|- liirl . ;r,-Nl.ii.r- luil.i. .111.1 1.ii-li.il l!iir- hill.- I.l.i.k I k .ill . , r lli. ' iii «li.il HariH-x NN.-ul.l ..ill lli.il iiil.iii-il.l. ' -..i.i. ' ll.ln-. Siiiiliii- l.i. k nmII |. ' .|H iIi.iI I ' . |. i ..n.l In- mat:!.- Ni..lm Ii.im- «..ii .1 |.l,i..- ..(-..n- in ..m I..M,I ii .ii..,ii.-. J.riN «ill .,l .l - I..- i.ni.in- Imt.-.I r..r In- run .i;;.iin-l SC. .I..I111111. ' l.,r..Mi x.miIimi: |.i.mi.-. II.ii D I.t I,i- .l,.,s ,■, I. ill ,,l ililT.-r.-iil |.....|. -h.-.l-. .111.1 N .- .ill kn..u N li.il D.-iini- nmII I., i.ni.inl,.-, .-.1 t..i: . ' i,. lln- 1- " lla|.|. C. " ..(• III.- I...-I l-illi.-. llin.NN 11- I.. 111.- 1 i..ii-: (.111. 1.. kii.,«- I l..x.l ( ..-..rt;.-. MJ. I. w K.-i. I, Kn l i.k...ii MW l(a .n„ i,l |) (:i„ l,.ii Jl( . r,l ,.!;:... !■; M.,11 IK .(„ I(..„ «;r.% J .-..%.r r». l. Ilr..% W I (:iia.nl .-r. MI H.M.r... I ' D » I-::, iri.l CLASS -i., Roic: Brown RE, Mullet WJ. Ka rn.)n(l HJ. Richards ET, Anderson BC, Shaud JA. - ' ,1, Ktm: SchraKe Vi K. Sanders JE. Skidmore HJ. Wallace B l. W Km.. W ,- l K. Miller Tl,. Skal% .ld JH. Council CC. ( . K..M (...U W I ' . Knilz Kl). I. nch ES. Van DerM.rl KL. .uli l{„„: Kollicli CK. Bradford ZB. FJouKherlv J L Clie.-nauskas KJ. i-2. 3rd CLASS s( Km . Neukamm BJ, Beck AL, Ouiros C. Slancv JIL Belieii J A, Enxing DJ. 2nd Ron-: Kilishek G. Malll.e« C. Friend W. Fadcl K . (mkIc WW, Bateman K. Slokc. .III. Williams (;. .inl H,,,,: Prelel . JD. I ' osler W. Ilit: ins l. Verniilli..,i KV. ( . Rmr: Paslore K. I.olierj; JC. O-den LM. .Murphv L, Knu land I ). .-,il, l-t„ir: Burl JC, Robinson NJ, W ells DC. I ' unU IW . (; I»in KG. Absent: Jensen SF. 1-2. (Ill CI.SSS Isl .„.. Bacon S. MicrnalliN JB. Jones MS. Wrnl.el I. llu kiilson K. W cM. KB. Hum LH. I ' m, R„h: Dxkcs J l. Smith TK. IVinklc I ' .L. Mor-an JB. .inl Rn„: Duf-an MJ. K(;rc« I ' . Co.kic 1)S. tlh K.m: (iroh I ' J. (iaincs KO. Card BK. Dalcv JM. .-,lli Rn„: .inuncr (Ml. Warner RE. .Shea J l. w ' i Ron: Kamsden JILSeiler R E, Sch« ar J H. Manges UV,. :th R,m: (;il.hs I ' E. Bnrnn () . (Krie.ler C, Mill- spau h v. Ihsrnt: Clover CIL $ . M rl ' , ' v .S r kv X Hnn: Maril.mal.l Mi Harvill I ' S lra Kl) K„a, r I W »nll„ Kl M ,i„. II II .1.-., H..- Ii J( .» II niiloM J I r Jl( II.I..II W I l-ir-l cIm-- .I.-,mI Ih-.,i ,Ii,I„I |uilc ' |,.in ..ul. Slill |H,l,ril ... ...I.niir- ..luii;: uill, l.ilriii.- -rul.- i in ,[.-. uri.lr, " ll.i| |.N Hank " .in. I .nliorl " llin. " ,1, ' ni.in.lr.l men- lli.in rvi.r.lr.l. M.in- a;;..! h, .liMn| in,.-l ,,1 ihr «..rk ..n la. k llmu;:!). ■•|)... " ami " Du-In " .I. ' mtI.-.I I. llir runls an. I K.-l -lall «lnl.- H..I. W alli- «a- .-.un .n.-.l I.. •-,-, I,, inakr up ll..- .l.li.il. " Skii. " k.|.l IJall -lair -..in ' an. I - .,i.- I.n ai.n... a- " K...;.!- .-nn- " I ' i-.u- an. I l..ni M.Cailliv I.-. I tli. ' ir j.lat.M.n. ..n t. inlanliN ::l. iv. Nollnii;: l.ul lli.- air I..!.. ' L.r Kill {{..ill. (.1 |. I. i l.iiiii-li ni.nl: .l.iiin ll.iinilton .in. I In- I k-. Kill Itioun .li;:. ' -tin | .ii |i-lir. ' l- .in. I W.ill :.ini|.| . ' ir- niu.k. i.l arliviti. ' -. ( l,.,...-. ' .l I., Wall .in. I ni..i. ' iinin. ' n.ii-. vn.K ' ll.. ' -a. k. i.l- »li.. -Ii.ill nriiain an..iiMn..u-. I)i. k ' - C.ina.li.in |.aia.li-. ' .in. I W .-- W .1! ' - tall lal.- ..I j.-av.- «.r.- „nl..■ll.■ al.l.• linl .aii ' l -iir|..i- Hank I.-.I .-- ..-.-..nl: Slax.-.l Ini.- all lli.- uaNl ilill r. ' inain. ' .l a Mr.M.klxn Ian I., ill.- .n.l .in.l I ..ni .Snii- k.pt In- ik.in-a- ..|.ini..n ..I " .I. N .inkrc-. " . .Slaii wa.s tlir lilcrarx ■iciiiii-. an. I ri ' |i.ii ' |i ' .l tin- .viiloil- ..I -iirli rii r- .i- inlir- inunl.-r ' s Mar Juii Vanilrii Hosrli ami K..I. W rax x.li.. I..:;-.. I .ilmiit I ' .i) il.- ..n ...rp- -.pia.l aiKJ gol Hal ;■[ in lln- pn...—. N., ..n.- »ill l..r;:.l D.ix.- W .in.l. ' nr ' - Ir.inrn.l -I..rins. Clnirk K.-r;: ' . -.n f liii r ..r M..nk ' - p.rp.M ii.il ......I u.,i.l. || xs .,- an a» fnllN L.n;: p.irix lull .1 ii.hmI linii ' M.i- ha. I l. .ill. ..u l.l ' - lia .- .i r.-.il p.irls. lakr ill.- In;;li ;;r. im.l K .ll..u Mir. a , 1 1st Run: Turner Ot; Pallon D Slurmaii R l I ' .rki,,.. K 2n,l Ron: Parks PF Millard R(; Mall BT llnUhkiss ,11 :Snl Ron: 4tli Rotv: Gay FT Do vie JP ■Irani U 1 The Corps boasts but one fraternity — Kappa Dos. High attrition left only the best of ' 55: Ray, the sheik from old L C. went to the 8J and Dave, our athlete, to Regt. From Cal. to Staten Isle we came, and from Virginia Beach to Juarez wc arc known. Sustained by our K-2 spirits we conquered all obstacles. Hotch, the man of lew words, and Paul conquered ihc woman problem. Jack circumvented academies cheered on b Frank and Bud. our five car athletes. c tjaincd backirround material from L )gc . who got his second college degree in June. an. I ironi Millard, who gra.iuatcd Ironi " the old rm . " I he Kappa Fun ( AiiU began to roll when we got oiw nHig . courtes of ()(. ' , who wa a fast man in prejiaring a ci Pace remained true to his () (): Ted and Dick spread Kappa Dos knowledge to Kurope; and Rex. the old man from the Ozarks. and Bruce, a oinig man from isk isc. carried! it magnilicciilK lo N (!. l. famous for his operation, helped Sherm. who was the mostj relaxed (!( e ' r. in leading the aggregation. Vi hether on Tl) . to the Cit for a big week- cnil. or on P( !.S after graduation, " the gang " will earr on in true Kappa Dos fashion. f l ' IM4Sd m B StT flNK ' ai HrW i l . J.nl ( I.VSS , „„. 1) nrk Hit. %n lil.iini Kit. " •1 l ' . K.Mkr, K.Snntl, 1 ;. H.lM.r W 1 ■. Jn.l l .,„: -ki .11.. . .iMil.r Ml). l,-.„l ■r .sll. ll,„,k, r W 1 In ..„ i: |. ,„„| S. Si.- .•„..„, .111. J ir:il„ii W l(. II I ' ll. I ' ol.l. ' l N(;.(;.ii.i- : . -.ih H.,„ .,i,T- J ' . CI.Mk IK, Noll CK, .1 1 I SS Ui Km,: M] KK. Ko-MMio J. Ilil- I in.r% UK. M.Hl.nhainrr l K. Ilazrlric. Ml.. ll. -,,Mn, IK. i;ili,.,„ H. . ' ,„ H,.„: Krirk...n ml. H. C.Mi.ai. K. M.II . h.l How: Wirpnrr -.■ J I.. Uuiiiii (J. (hri-liuiiMi. K. Ilh H,m: l ru .r;;i. UH. Mil.-, Kl. %a „m.,i,.r CM. . ' .l i «„„. I.W. K.im.ii W. K-2. lili t I » 1.1 K.,ii Kirlin i I ' . K.-..I 1.1). Iliill .n l Kll. -• .. K.m |,-.,l, U . |.„|„ M..II...II Ml l„l „,. Koiirl.in.l I K . Ilh U.m Hr..il.ll JW . Dunn J » l. Ml, H.m K ' i i CS. 70, K.m SullirrliMil Jli. ( r.i.l.l.- k HI. Dr. ml, K.m I r.iMk- I J. l.i..ir.l (J. J.,l.„ | | Mirr- l Ml . !.».r W. vr.iiii|. Ifl(. Klair N. (.iirnlllrr KJ. Il..».,r.l v. I...lir rilrx Kl.. Ilaxull . r,tl, K.n, K.rkl...lrirk U . H.-,lli JW. Sl.nlrr J I). K.m « l.ifT. 111. W..fr..r.l NIK. lal.l. JW. l..ii«.i, I,-::, ind ClASS I-lH,,,,: Marvin H. Hunter J. Peler- M.n B. SaffTM.iii I ' . I.ink(.nli.. ir V,. Morgan J. 2n(l Km,: Maliii..« ki K. lAn.li J. Bunl K. Farris R. 3r,l Ron: Vann P. ,k..rnian 1). Knflner E. Alward S. kli R,m: Van Vonderen V. Scully K. Kensvold R. Ross T. 5th Ron: Schaumberg R, Parker C. West M. Ouinn M. 6th Row: Dougherty P. Shannon D. L-2, 3rd CLASS— is Row: Webster H, Gordon W. Has- sell D, Salzman J, Jenis D, Bradley M. ONeal M. 2n l Row: Beurket D, Peckham J, Gibson D. Rogers G. 3rH Row: Lohmann C, Thomas D, Gee E. Fisher E. Mh Row: Rawls R. Soyster H. Bogart T. L-2, Uh CLASS- ;.s( Row: Casey E. Johnson H, Hig- gins R. Shellenberger R. Makowski P, Chapman J. Monroe D. 2nd Row: Martin C. Gennaro L. Stanton J. Heuning W. 3r l Roic: Pence J, Ream J. Mellin P. 4th Row: Peck R, Turner D. Moore C. Hudson R. 5th Row: Rector Z. Snipes S, Reynolds Vt . 6th Row: Melloy J. Durkee G. Brooks J. Hale E. 7tb Row: Trabert R. ildey J. Eliot J. Hutton P. 8th Row: Nideyer D. Snllinger C. Captain John C. Reed IL ' |{.-all ri.Ail.l.-. Il,a( I. -J. .-x,M..Mx.-,l ll,.- nw..,, ..I In,.,. .,,,.1 nn .l...,. ll..- hrn.r- , , Hu.k. a.i.l l ni.|ir l ii|. ni llii. ' .„ll,.„r ii iil. ,in. »i|li Sniilini: .|. l,ii. W li.i, ».- |i,.| .,r- I riN. l ill III- ' ' ..ni|MiiN K. ' . ' l. ' I..M | . .iK .n. rrni.iili llrxjl.lr. ts. ' ll N r rrrLiinlv .ll.l. iniM I, I ( IIk ' r..M.|. ' Ml.ill .n ..I lUr W) .iimI W.ui.mu I )r,Mi I lil.llt.. ». ' .|.in ..ui .l llii..„-li !..,,„ j on.- ,iimI -I)- h-l-. W. ' x.- ..-..IIn Ii.iJ ,. lul ..I lull, .l ;l - inim.i;:in I.. ;;.l .. I.u, l, ,..it ,,1 .•x.-iMhiMi; u.- .Ii.l. 111.- I..UI N.-.H- U.I,- ln.lv uilli ,,iir x .iri.-ii. .-..-.i|.,i.l.-- .in. I ..iir ;il.ilil |. ; U.-| Miiiliii all III.- liin.- iii.i.l.- III. ' Inn.- |..i .|ni. klx. - .-.i.l.-K u.- »..iii. ' .l .in. I |.I.in.-.I I... ; u.-lh.-r. r..rMiin : a Im.ii.I ..I 1. i.-n.Ulii|.. -ra.lnal.-- iIk-m- . ' I.» - li.- uill -u.- ii-. lia| |.% I n ' ll ' i-li. ii- anil i ' i-iini. n . M . ■.. (;..l.l.irMi J llar.K J .I.I..M.r I l....r.-r J t ..I.I..,. J l....„l. ' r. W Jn.l II..,. l. . -..,. I " i)..rr..l J ..lk.t...ll « l(iirk.r J :fnl Km,: ll.rr.M r k«r,.. J l ...rr K S.,,,1:,,,., I ( ■ K..I,: l.N.rii.- II la..- W . " IH-lllllUII J .S,lir|.l.» M l-2. 2nd CLASS— ;.sr Row: Amloiig RJ. Holleder DW. W ilson EB, Young RA, Gould RC. Cralle MS, Dent FR. llml Ron: Narus WE, Whims CB, Richards RN. Hattler CF. Man RR. :inl Row: BorloKilti A, Smith PM. Curl KF. CriK W K. Shalluck 1C. Illi Row: Richardson (; . Fi.ka H. Ilampion JA, Judson RP. Absent: Bowman C. I-2. 3rd CLASS- s( Row: S.udd.-r CP. Olson TE. Bailev GW,Veal RF. M.Hrid.- F kecler IIP. Vanphn y . ' 2nd Ro,i: Fimlhohn IF. Irnkins .IK. KuUna D.F H.ukabee WT. Hamm.M.d ( ,( ;. Harp K M . S, ,,| i K ,. .W Row: Fedie NI. Hanlv DF. N.wn.an IM. kilpalri.k K .. 1,1, Row: Wilhrrcnv .1 F 1 airs W I-,. Tool,. }{.. i .Uun-s L). l- s Ro )]■:. Ii. I ' all-n-M l{ . 2n l Ro„: l.( la.k,% HO. Kax. ' ,IS. .Ion .l Maloiir lAF W.l.h PF. Van I ' .lall ID. Ill, Row: Jcnkin. II H NS. llaMlcn FK. r,lli Ron: li (;rrlc KF. htii Row: I Maliirws BF. liardncr HP. B l i;iF Bradsha« .lO. , .F Clark K . KHirnIT C. .J W «„»■: ■ . Baria V. Cran- m (;M, i!liam,.on s KN. Finlcv l). •kar.l BS. 7ti, Row: I FF. t 4f W-Z. Ui ( l. ? Jm H,»i. Siillitun I ' J Ralrliiiiuii ;i R.» liar i K : Miillun II. HI.I11I..II IT K,,i.„i.r„,k n; 3ri K..1I Riirkliarl . Kn l..» I ' ll Karrin;:li ii I Rnrn...-!.. W I ,•.,„ N .- Ii.iv.- ..Il.ii l,.-.,nl Miir -Mi-lilN |).„,-.- nl.rn-.l I., a- .1 lr..|.-, „.| x . .,11. 1. I,...km:; .il llnti;:« ..l.j.rlix. ' lv. u. ' inii-l .mImiiI Ih.il rxi.lrnrr .|n.n;:lN lax.... tin- linr ..I lliinkiii;:. In M -J »•• ha .- .-lal.li-lir.i a ua ..I lilr liir.t -iil In.m llial ..I aii ..lli.r c.mi.anN in llir (;..r|.-. I ' -.r .xa.npl.-. »,• has.- I.ul ..n.- all ,n. ,„n|.a-in;; ,.|.|..r .la-. W h.„ .,n, |.l.l„- linr n|. l..r llir laM hinr ... Innrlh . I.,..nirn. lli.x kn. . nmiIi iIm- Iii-I -Irc. i li.i..,Miak. ' llial iIi.n an- . In.- M.-nilxr- l..r lli.- r.-l ..I lli.ir Inn.- al lli.- ..i.l.in . nil «■■ lia .- a liilli-r.-nl «a ..I l....kn ;: al linn;:. Ir..ni ill.- -ix I -1 1 .il...|,li. ' i ' . W .- Ii x n..l I.. .1.. llHn ill.- Iiur.l »ax uli.-n Ih. ' x inav 1.. ' .I..ri. ' . ' .|uallN A an.l nior. ' pl.-a-anllv l.x an .a-i.-r in. ' lli.. l. S..in. ' liav. ' . all.-.l It in.i.n.r.n..-. In ll M-i.l.- u..rl.l. lli.x .all it .lli. i.n. v . I h. l -_ ' Wax 1- ...1. .1. ul.i.l. Iri. ' n l-ln|. .iikI nit.i.l.-|..ii.l. ' n. .- ai.- hni.-.l l. lak.- ill. . a|.ilal I. from I.muii |H-ri l an.l inak. ' ih. ' .l.iN. . l.v Mii.M.llils an.l .pn.klv. ( ainara.l.ri. ' 1- an ..I.I uonl. hut lii-rr %«.- Iiiim- kiK.un II in II- l.. ' .| ..n-.. ' . « ).n Inin.lr. ' .l man l.n.lh.-rl I lia. In.. I il. W . ' inii.l a.liiiil llial ill.- .M.l.n..- 1- -Iron;;. Il «. irking ' I..:;.lli.i I.iMiinl a ..iiim. n u ' -«l mak « 11- a Iralirmlv. Ili.-n ». ' ar. ' llial Iral.rnilN. ill.- I . ' -I .111. 1 ni..M . .ln-iv. ..I ill.- I. l. rounilalioii lor llu ' IT KK. our ,in,-.r,- lluniks 1„ 1;; Pappas. Ollircr-in-Char. ' e of llie I ' To Caplain William L. Coop.-r, Sp Oflicer. ami liis staff, we extend our i appreciation to llieir efforts lerests in Headquarters, USCC. art work of Mr. Kol.erl 1. I,, the l ).S.i now IT KK «ould lacked li.e professional louc essential to the finished produc THE 1955 HOWITZER ACKNOWLEDGES For llirir pairislakin efforls and utmost i-ooperalion lliroughout nrodunio,,. our inr,■,.• ihanks and -ratilude to Mr. W illiam K. Sloanr. Mi. Dkui.- Ilarri . Mr. (;,-or!;.- I. Ilcff.-rnan. ami llip lions of White Studio - lrs. ' ' (;iiarl W i.lrri Charlie W ielerl. and Miss Hope While oui yearbook would not have mmli of il Iiihsm- especially in the formal graduation pictures Hi- = £ ' a c -0 = L. = . Id ' i Fish in kw tfifek. (I 1 " ■r. RUBB J ROYAL f ' li fy ,_ FLY bi J . €lj| m WEIGHT jB " ▼. JFa . -- - , Ijv U.S. Royal Flyweight Boots keep feet 4 relaxed through hours of casting! n ' • Deep cleated soles r ' -i-i slipping. Shockprocil ! insoles. • Reinforced toe protection. ' j . • Adjustable knee liarnos h holds boots on— can ' t fSI suck off in mud. --m • Side snaps provide for easy walking wiien you •♦ turn boots down. • Crotch cuts to fit leg ■ height, assures no-bind construction. • Elastic, adjustable belt straps. Depend on U. S. Royal for perfect protection. Choose U. S. Waders, Wading Shoes, U. S. InsulAIr Boot Socks, U. S. Raynster waterproof clothing. RUBBER UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY ROCKEFELIER CENTER • NEW YORK Ul ik what this Full -time Power Steering does for me at the wheel! " THE 0 R A Aff£ L00K; » does things for you no other cars can do! For ni.sl.uuv. pow r sU ' orinK tli.it works tlio lUAtaixl wu moi ' e your wheel ' . P ven if you ' ve tried other power steering, you ' ll feel the biR difference nt once! With other kinds, you have to exert .5 pounds of pressure Ix ' fore the power cuts in. Chrysler Corporation ' s exdasive (x)axial power steering reijuires less wheel motion . . . fewer wheel turns . . . and gives you unmatched control over rough roads, soft shoulders, tracks, ruts and sand. .After a full day of driving and parking, you feel frc-sh as a daisy. Only Plymouth, Dodge, Do Soto, Chrysler and Imjx ' rial have this and many other wonderful new features. S«-o and drive THK FOKW.XHD LOOK at vour dealer ' s soon ' PLYMOUTH DE SOTO CHRYSLER CHRYSLER CORPORATION FOR THE SIGNIFICANT FACTS OF TODAY ' S HISTORY-IN-THE-MAKING LEADERS IN EVERY FIELD TURN EVERY WEEK TO NEWSWEEK THE MAGAZINE SERVING AMERICA ' S MOST SIGNIFICANT MILLION I America ' s most smartly different car CHRYSLER™ 1955 WITH THE NEW 100MILLI0ND0LLAR LOOK ll ll.Mi.KNti): ... a ul.ulU u,w direction in automotive stylinij tor all cars to follow. Created 1) (:lir sler: America ' s top porfonner and first in the ne. t generation of motor cars! Come see it. Even -tliini; here is CTimplctely new . . . dramatically dif- ferent. It ' s the car with the new ' l(M)- Million-l illar Look . . . and when you own and drive it yoiill fnl like a hundred million dollars! . .w fiunl end . . . yni ..... s■ ul it a mile away. " New Horizon " Super- Swnic swepthack vind.shield that allows imixiiuiiw vision. New Twin- Ti wer t.iil lights that Siiy " Stop! " witli greatest anilioritv. New sweeping sil- ixiuette - longer and lower than other big cars. New PowerFlite Hange- Selector on (he dash. New lii ur) ' interiors, richer than anything you ' ve ever s ' en Ix-fore! l.uiiii ' .!i.w It: 1. .■( ( w; .;. . ' i. u. ' ii a V-iS - with engmes up to 2.Vt Hi ' .: most powerful ly|H; in the world. Famous Clirysler engineering also l rings you PowerFlite, imtst automatic of all no-clulcli Iran.smissions . . . Chry sler I ' ldl-Time Power Steering . . . Power Drakes . . . and new luln-less tires. Stop in todav and see for vonr- s ' lf why the loner of Icailrrship is i oiir.i in a Clinjsirr! See Your Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer refreshes without filhng Light, dry (not too sweet), reduced in calories. Have a Pepsi. S « W Pepsi-Cola 41H NORTH AMERICAN HAS BUILT MORE AIRPLANES THAN ANY OTH; -ANY IN THE WORLD fy to fly the FlOO Contact your nearest U. S. Air Force Recruiting Center. F 100 isaDESIGNED TO FLY AHEAD OF TIME Once jgdin North American has met the challenge: designed and produced an operational jet fighter that can do what no other fighter has ever done: fight at speeds faster than the speed of sound! The engineenng skill that created the World War 11 Mustang and the Korea-famed Sabre let met today ' s challenge with the history making F-lOO Super Sabre . . . first and only operational jet capable of breaking the sonic barrier in level and climbing flight. Today FIDO ' s are being delivered to the Air Force, and Superionic Squadrons tire being lorIIl : to safeguard the free world ' s security in the skies. This is one more example of the research and develop- ment that keeps North American ahead In aircraft, rx)cket engines, guided missiles, electronics and peaceful uses of atomic energy. EaglnMn North Ani«nc«n otlmn unuiual opportunlhx to qiiall- lt d aogiDv rt i «kmg a chaUanging lutura Plaava wnta Englaavt. lag Paraoanal Oltlca. Loa Aagalaa oi Down Columbua. Ohio ENGINEERING AHEAD FOR A BETTER TOMORROW ORTH American Aviation, inc. 41 j Harvey extrusions . . . 1 how fewer parts ! mean more planes i You could make this wing spar and leading edge from a number of small extrusions, milled alumi- num plate and hundreds of rivets. But you ' d waste hundreds of man-hours unnecessarily . . . because there ' s a belter way to do the same job. - A single Harvey Aluminum extrusion gives you the same shape in one piece . . . needing only drilling and minor machining before installation in the wing. By reducing assembly steps, time is saved. And the production bottleneck caused by bringing hundreds of small parts to the assembly area is eliminated. MAKING THE MOST OF ALUMINUM ... FOR EVERYONE RESEARCH . . . DEVELOPMENT . . . PRODUCTION Harvey docs all three as a leading independent producer of aliimimim " alloys and all sizes, special extrusions, press lorgings, hollow sections, slructurals, rod and bar, forging stock, pipe, lubes, impact minum screw machine products and related products. Also similar products in alloy steel and titanium on application. H RVEY fjLluminum HARVEY ALUMINUM SALES, INC., TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA-BRANCH OFFICES IN PRINCIPAL CITIES 420 MIGHTY SPECIALS from Flying Red Horse Research . . . Mobllgas Special - bmysls rnginr pnirrr up to 2.y ' -: ljilx riit iry controllwl trsLs in |)a.s- ' « ngpr car onRim-s showed irnTrast-s in t-ngine |)ow« ' r output up to 25 ' .. when using New Mohilgas SPECIAL as cum- luired to conventional premium gas. Mobiloil Spec a - hnnsts gas milraK,- riMul t ' !its, u.Hinj; fl( « ' ts of vehicles. New Ntohiloil Six-cial Lfl gas ihnei-onsumption-increas l |KT gallon up to " i;) ' .. -over ri sults ohtained with i-onventitimil high-quality SAE 20 motor oil. This mighty | air is the brat yet from Hying Hed Horso ri ' S« arch-your pmm- iso of still U ' tter pri flurfs when c;ir en gine design flemands them! SOCONY-VACUUM OIL COMPANY, INC and AUilialei MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM CO. GENERAL PETROLEUM CORP. 421 x m Herff Jones knows that your appointment to the United States Military Academy must fill you with pride: it is a high honor that reflects the fine quality of your character, intelligence and patriotism. Herft ' Jones feels proud, too; because it has again i been chosen— for the eleventh time in the past fourteen years— to manufacture your West Point ring. The honor carries with it the responsibility to again justify your choice— through a class ring that excels in beauty and workmanship . . . that becomes the treasured symbol of ideals, traditions and pleasant memories. Everything that can be done, will be done by Herfif Jones to fulfill this responsibility in the ring it proudly fashions for you. HERFF JONES COMPANY World ' s Largest Mciiiufaclnrer of Class Rings Eastern Division: 571 Broad St., Newark 2, New Jersey A-PIN ' S . . . MINI. TURES ...WEDDING B.WDS m Ai ' ]}. VERY l 1 PO R TA ISJ T P R I A TE Not rank, hut function, dctcTmincs a soldier ' s imporiancc. This man is carrying, not jusi a Walkie- I ' alkic, hut perhaps ihe fate of an army or a cause. Through him headquarters and other units keep informed; through him pass the orders that unite the efforts of man men into one resistless force. Hv creating, developing .ind producing a u ide range of electronic ec]uipmenl for all the armed services, KC A scientists and engineers arc helping to provide every soldier, sailor, airman and marine v ' ith everything that modern electronics can con- tribute to military effectiveness, safety and comfort. Recause the fighter of toda must he trained to understand .ind operate this equipment, his status is higher than ever before and his i pportunities correspotidingiN better. liU RADIO CORPORATION of AMCRICM tM iMtgmiM mooucTS oiwisiOM cA»toam.m.j. fy jji i3 JiJ-f: Cjj- J J J J C CJ L OjI co.s,arr,ng ROBERT FRANCIS • DONALD CRISP • WARD BOND • BETSY PALMI k 7J-i - j r H I ijy ' Screen Play by EDWARD HOPE • B sed upon " Bringing Up the Brau ' . by Marly Maher and Nardi Reeder Campion • Produced by ROBUT ARTHUR • Oiiecled by JOHN FORD y G. H. Q. IN PHILADELPHIA • • • • Since the davs when the old Continental Hotel stood on the present site of the Benjamin Franklin . . . when General Grant and President Lincohi made their Philadelphia headquarters there . . . army men have preferred the Benjamin Franklin ... in the center of the business, theatre and historic district . . . 1200 rooms. 1200 baths, modern garage. ICE SHOWS and DANCING nightly. " BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ir.llnut 2.8600 , . liritrf Ko.acrs. Manager Quality Diamonds FOR YOUR MINIATURE OR CLASS RING Easily Selected, Moderate in Price WEDDING BANDS JEWELRY SILVERWARE WATCHES LEATHER GOODS PIPES TELEVISION ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES TROPHIES LADIES FURS GUTS OF ALL KINDS The- Blue Book on display at the Cadet Store or PX CiJcts iirc corJialh invittd to lisit our Show Rooms. I17y« n Niw York or Clmj o, comt in to stc us. BENNETT BROTHERS, INC. Diamomh, Jtucltrs and Silvtrsmiths Ovtr Fifty Ytars. 48 5 Fifth Ave., New York 30 E. Adams St., Chicago, III. Dredging Engineering Construction Sand - Gravel - Stone Commercial Slag The Arundel Corporation Baltimore 2, Maryland Brooklyn 1, N. Y. Miami 6, Fla. Take the A heel— and Overtake Tomorrow! Somf day otln-r car- ni,i} .illaiii llic- . l.-.m.-iii .li-tiiiriion i.l 1 ' miiIi.m -i Iim;: ' r llir ilearcut advantages of Fonliar ' s Siralo-Strcak V ' -8 pcrformaiuc. Hut not mm! ' l uh , i w r tar-i)f-tomorrow features are Ponliac exclusivcs— visual ami thrilliiii: evidence of the long way I ' onliae lias gone lu bring you a joyously new kind of motoring. Just how delightfully different I ' onliai- Mwiiership can be we invite you to prove liy piloting a i ' ontiar on a route of your choosing. .Vnil don ' t Im? afraid to lose your hearll This future-fashioninl (General Motors masterpiece is tagge l with a wonderfully pleasant price. Confirm tixlay the many reasons why it ' s I ' ontiac ' s ear to star! Pontiac (Sr V ITM THE SENSATiONAL STRATO STREAK V-S PONTIAC MOTOI DIVISION OF OINIRAl MOTORS CORPORATION ][ flNIATURE RINGS. Classes 1929 to 1955, U S M. A, exquisitely jeweled with diamonds and precious stones ot hnesi quality. From ?175, tax included. Please send for illustrated folder nilh prices of miniatures and " A " pins. J. E. CALDWELL CO. Chestnut and Juniper Streets • Philadelphia 7, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS we say to the Class of 1955 Good luck wherever your duties may take you. THE GREAT ATLANTIC PACIFIC TEA COMPANY First National Bank HiGHL- ND Falls, N. Y. The Bank Nearest W est Point DIRECTORS Earl H. Blaik Brig. General C. L. Fenton, Retd. Colonel Thomas H. Harvey Abraham Kopald Theodore Michel George S. Nichols Hayden W. Wagner MEMBER FKi)KR I. DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION OFFICIAL MANUFACTURER , OF WEST POINT BUTTONS ' % FOR OYER A CENTURY y LARGE MOLDERS OF PLASTICS AND FIBER GLASS REINFORCED PLASTICS WATERBURY COMPANIES, INC. WATERBURY, CONN. EST. 1812 Around the c lock Sexton £mii turn tlir riorli licks Sr.xlon Foods iirr hi ' inji smrd to pleased (jiH ' sts with ffreaier profit Kilg ore, INC. Kilgore emergency illumi- na±ion and signal devices have been specified and used by ±he U, S. Army for a quarfer cenfury. Inven- tively designed and manu- facfured wi±h scrupulous care, ±hey can be depended upon wi±hou± reservation. , .H.. Research- Engineers and Manuja WESTERVILLE, OHIO Military Pyrotech IIV-TERIN-ATIOIVAL FLARE SIGIVAL DIVISION Hiig tMi coiiinulr at arrih the :l ( ' !) ' by ni vs Like i u. llif I iii »i al Jctp " i nouii}:— willi u l ij fulun- si-rvinp our Arim-d Forces. Ucvi-lopi-cl (luriii " ; World War II. llu- " Jct-p " has pained incrcasinp ro opriilioii in many Itraiuhcs of ihe service heiause of ils rugpedness an l versalilil . Il has also gained acceptance for the whole " Jeep " fainil of l-wheel-drive vehicles. In fact, in distant parts of the world, the " Jeep " fauiilv of vehii les has lie. oitie a s iidioi of American inilitarv prowess and civil leadership. Thanks to l-wheel- lrive. the ' Jeep " famiiv of vehicles poes thmuph siiiid. mud and snow, over had roads and no roads, where ordinary ehii les cant go. It is rendering distinguished ser ice to our armed fori es in man parts of the world . . . and stanils read) as a trusted com|)anion at arms to ou in our career in the Armed Forces. Ill Jeep r iniil illys. . .Horld ' s Itnursl muniijiu lurrr n] 4- lirrl-ilri r irliidrs 431 WE BELIEVE THAT PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE IS BEST MAINTAINED BY BEING TOO TOUGH TO TACKLE SILAS MASON COMPANY INCORPORATED ENGINEERS and CONTRACTORS Builders and Operators of Ordnance Facilities OFFICES: 500 Fifth Avenue Shreveport Lexington New York Louisiana Kentucky L omptb t6 West Publishing Company Law Book Publishers for the Natiof s Lawyers ST. PAUL 2, MINNESOTA LET US POINT OUT THIS FACT Any ball or roller bearing you require for any industrial or automotive replacement purpose— you can get from BEARINGS SPECIALTY CO. 665 BEACON STREET - BOSTON 15, MASS. A complete OEM warehouse stock of Truarc retaining rings and mounting pliers for prompt delivery. Phone COpley 7-5325 Established 1919 At Kenmore Square m Qmd ... A PMILCO POLICY There are many philco I ' Roducts made today in more than 2 ' ) separate factories and for all, the guiding principle through every step of design and manufacture is- Quality First! This is the objective that inspires and directs the work of more than 22,000 Philco men and women. It stands guard over materials, workmanship and engineering. It jwrmits no compromise in the guise of economy, unworthy of Philco ' s high standards. And all with this result: you can choose any Philco product, fully confident that, for the price you pay, it ' s the finest quality your money can buy. l )ng after you forget what your Philco pur- chase cost, you will reap the l)enefits of Philco ' s (Juaiity First P ii y. in Icrrns • ( finer performance and lasting de()endability. P H LCO CORPORATION TELEVISION . RADIO . REFRIGERATION • ELECTRIC RANGES . HOME FREEZERS • AIR CONDITIONERS . ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS FOR INDUSTRY AND THE ARMED SERVICES U. S. ARMY ARMY NATIONAL For Forty-Eight years the business of this Bank has been almost entirely with Army Personnel, stationed in all parts of the World. Our Facilities are especially designed to handle your Checking, or Saving Accounts and your Loan needs, all by mail. Perhaps this Service would be helpful to you. Bank with the Bank Your Father Does THE ARMY NATIONAL BANK FORT LEAVENWORTH. KANSAS EMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION " " " " " m .,„ _ ; «F % k ' " " fi f «=-. l- K MM. lO.S.) The FULLER BRUSH Co. HARTFORD 2, CONNECTICUT PHILADELPHIA GEAR WORKS, inc. manufacturers of: ordnance and speed reducers, marine gearing, LimiTorque valve controls for push-button operation of valves and bulkhead doors, etc. ' gear manufacturers for over 60 years ' ERIE AVE. and G ST., PHILADELPHIA 34, PA. NEW YORK • PITTSBURGH • CHICAGO HOUSTON • LYNCHBURG, VA. ♦ Registered I It ' s Sure 1 Haiii! ALLIGATOR . . . the best name in rainwear The Alllgalor Company • Sf Lour. • - -C: ■t: Army HEADQUARTERS in Boston THE PARKER HOUSE TRKMONT SCHOOL STREETS • GLnSWOOD J. SlIERRARD ' r,„.A„; 1 i Designers and Builders of Defense Materiel Food Machinery and Chemica Corporation Executive Offices SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA 435 MUrray Hill 6-4662 ♦ STOCK CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL NEW YORK 17, N. Y. for large-run stampings call on % Mullins! For over fifty years. Mullins experts have been converting some of the most complex forgings and castings into metal stampings . . . from washing machine tubs to truck assemblies, from tractors to kitchen sinks. The result in every case has been lowered costs, faster produc- tion, lighter-weight products and refinement of product design. Even when it appears that there is no place for stampings in large-run parts . . . even when stampings are already used . . . a talk with Mullins may easily mean a major step forward in production processes. Just phone or write— MUILINS MANUFACTURING CORPORATION SALEM, OHIO Qm uitiBh .eoned RESTAURANT TH STREET • NEW YORK 19 onarutuiation5 and (Jj e5l Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1955 THE MANUFACTURER ' S OUTLET SALES CO., INC. MEN ' S CLOTHING 303 BROADWAY NEWBURGH, N.Y. At the cross- roads of the worlds smart- est shopping RED SEAL ENGINES ARE FOR MORE AND MORE APPLICATIONS Thonkj partly to Continpntol Motori hpovy emphojit on engineering, ond portly to the tteody broodening of its line, there ore more ond better reoiont today than ever before for tlondordizing on equipment with Red Seal power. Continental monufocturet enginei ond power uniti (for all ilondord fuelt, including gotoline, Diesel oil, butone and propone) covering o wide range of tpecioliied jobi in industry, in construction, in the oil field, ond on the farm . . . and it bocks them with ports and s ' fvic - lofi ' i ' - (mm cnost to coast • •• CONGRATULATIONS . .and GOOD LUCK! KLEIN, MULLER 6l NORTON, Inc. Silverware • Watches • Diamonds • Jewelry 21 Maiden Lane, New York 38, N. Y. - COrtlandt 7-4590 ♦ Wherever you may be ... if you have need of our services ... we stand ready to be helpful. WEMBLEY NOR-EAST America ' s Favorite UNIFORM TIE NOT A WRINKLE NEW ORLEANS, LOS ANGELES - Sales Offices, NEW YORK and CHICAGO A BANK GRATEFUL That ' s right, we ' re grateful to the men ot the U. S. Military Academy at West Point who have, down through the years, added so much to our American heritage. To each member ot the graduating class of 1955 we say: " Good luck and God speed. " We are conhdent that each of you in his own way, will add a bright new page to the his- tory of the greatest Army in the world. The FIRST NATIONAL Bank SCRANTON, PA. Est. 1863 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE FLOUR CITY ORNAMENTAL IRON CO. Established 1893 MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA Defense Work for the Armed Forces PUT A Smile IN YOUR 1 1 Smoking LIKE LEO DUROCHER : CHESTERFIELD You-ll smile your approval of ClK-stcrficld ' s Mnootlincss-miiancss-rcfrc-shinR taste. You ' ll smile your approval of Chcstcrficia ' s quality-highest quality-lnu nicotu IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD- NO CIGARETTE LIKE CHESTERFIELD Ova 200,000 Offks jMttoUSAA -fk l nammi at CjmI ! United Services Automobile Association, organized in 1922, is the largest insur- ance company exclusively serving officers of the U.S. Armed Forces with insurance at cost. All selling is by mail. You enjoy protection almost SAVE MORE anywhere in the world THAN 40% ON where U.S. Armed AUTO INSURANCE Forces serve. THAN 25% ON HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS Write today for application blank and details UNITED SERVICES AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION 1400 E. Grayson Street • San Antonio 8, Texas mtr m saltine! Sunshine Biscuits, inc. UNIVERSAL MOULDED PRODUCTS CORPORATION Manufacturers of: • Radio and Television Cabinets • Reinforced Fiberglas Plastics • Prime Contractors to the Department of the Army Plant: BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Executive Offices: 1500 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. I a good reason are heard so often during Graduation Days year after year, good reason is good food. Food prepared by peerless chefs for people who like to eat. Tastes even better for the service is friendly and drinks mixed to order. The pastries Home Baked. So be it Lunch, Dinner or Late Snacks, Everyone heads for... FREDDY ' S RESTAURANT Fort Montgomery, NY., Route 9 W. I • A Supersonic Phone Booth This fellow ' s two-way conversation is vital! For zooming aloni; at the speed of sound, theres no time for delays. His calls WW get through . . . and ihcy ui l bcctiusc the communi- cation equipment he ' s using, like the electronic safeguards built into his plane, are the ultimate in engineering achieve- ment . . . superior to those of any other nation . . . superior to those that were considered the miracles of science only yesterday. Much of the highly perfected and secret equipment now being used by the Air Force and several other Branches of the Service is developed and produced by Hallicraftcrs, a " Primary ProJufer " for the United States Armed Forces. hallicraftcrs I Avrnu . Chicago, IllinoU World ' s leading exclusive monufaclurert of communicolioni rodio HAlllCRAFTERS f ACUITIES ARt NOW BEING USED FOR THE DEVtlOfMENI AND fiOOUCIION Of CUIOfO MISSIll CONTiOl (OUirMfNT • COAMUMCATIONS BOUirMINT • COUNII»Mt SUM lOUIfMENT • COmIaT MFORMATtON CINTft • HIGH FRCOUtNCY EUCTROMC lOUifMINI • MOUll RAOKJ JtATIONS • MOMU RAOK) mmrpE siAiioNS • rotTAiii two way commumcatk ns iouipmint • raoar RictivtRS AND TRANSWiniRS rAlt ERIOU(NC«SI • RADAR lOUI ' MtNT i ( Automatic temperature controls for indus- trial processes and for heating and ventilat- ing systems. Bellows assemblies and special devices for Army, Navy and Air Corps. Manufactured by FULTON SYLPHON DIVISION Robertshaw-Fulton Controls Co. KNOXVILLE,TENN.,U.S.A. A. G. PAPER CO. ♦ 2864 EXTERIOR STREET BRONX, N. Y. C. L ompiimenh of THE IRVIN H. HAHN COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF FINE INSIGNIA since 1898 326 S. Hanover St. • Baltimore 1, Md. I ZI PPO-a beauty that always lights When you buy a Zippo to own or give, you choose from a beautiful variety-models in precious metols, gleoming chrome plate, rich, real leothers, colorful ceramics . . . designs to suit every personality ond taste. And you moy be sure thol every Zippo will ofwoys light under ony conditions— even in wind and driving rain. Eot.. -. r- corries this unqualified guarantee: ever, of ony fime, o Zippo fails to light eonly and perfectly, we ' ll Fix it free! We ' ve backed that guorontee for millions of Zippos for more than 20 years. No one has ever paid us a cent to repair o Zippo. Any wonder that Zippo is a treasured possession ... a perfect gift? o lM II Ir W.W. PLANKINTON COMPANY, INC. 11 NA est 42nd Street, New York 36 LOngacre 3-4240 J 4 NATIONAL BANK OF FORT SAM HOUSTON at San Antonio, Texas — 1422 East Grayson Street — CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES We invite you to open an account witli us and avail yourself of our special services for regular officers of the armed forces. Vi e have heen serving military personnel for more than 30 years and numhered among our many thousands of customers are manv West Point Graduates who have made this bank their permanent banking home for many years — even after retirement. Service bv mail is our specialty — regardless of where vou mav be stationed, we can serve vou. ONCE A CUS- TOMER—ALWAYS A CUSTOMER. Write us for further information. Your inquirv will receive our j)rompt attention. — LOANS — Our loan policy is very liberal. X ' e make loans to regular officers on their own signatures and do not require co-signers. Monthly payment installment loans are available on easy terms and at low rates. We do not require mortgages on automobiles, furniture, etc. If in need of extra funds for anv purpose, we can serve you. Loans can be arranged for by mail without loss of time. W rite us for further details. Members of FedernJ Resene System and federal Deposit Insurance Corpo Sincere Good Wishes to the CL63 of 1955 from The Chas. H. Elliott Co. Philadelphia 32, Pennsylvania BE SURE TO USE THE BEST WEBSTER ' S NEW COLLEGIATE; DICTIONARY The result of more than one hundred years of dictionary- making experience by the famous Merriam-Webster Editorial Staff. Backed by the experience of making five previous editions of Webster ' s Collegiate . . . Each proven to be the " best handy-size dictionary " of its time. 1,196 Pages, 125,000 Entries 2,300 Terms Illustrated. G. C. MERRIAM COMPANY Springfield 2, Mass. 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It has created icralth. and nobody has lo.st any money or i iven up any of his rights. " From an addrrsa by Eugrnr Unlman. Chairman o Ihr Board, Standard Oil Company .Vrir Jrrnryi STANDARD OIL COMPANY (NEW JERSEY) AND A»Mll Tfu COMi-ANIf. (isso) i FEEL THE DIFFEHENCE! SINCLAIR POlflfER-X The. N aj SufiGt Ftid POMfeR UP ' ' ' POi¥£P ' X Power-Primed with ROCKET FUEL Another first for Sinclair! From Sinclair Research comes a new super gasoline power-primed with ROCKET FUEL — the same mighty fuel used in V-2 rockets! Command rocket power at the touch of your toe . . . super getaway . . . high anti-knock . . Power up with Power-X and feel the difference! In Power-X, you also get ANTI-STALLING. PRE-IGNITION CONTROL and ANTI-RUST PROTECTION. Adc buh £ihc ait Deofot y A OFFICIAL with AMERICA The well-kept appearance of U. S. M. A. floors at West Point, reflect the efficiency of PONSELL machines which have contributed in a large measure to their general maintenance for over thirtv vears. PONSELL FLOOR MACHINE CO., Inc. 220 e I ] ' )lli Street NEW YORK 11. N.Y. BRANCHES IN ALL PRINCIPAL CITIES Poiisell Products are backed by over 40 years electrical and manufacturing experience. I DEPENDABLE ROCKET POWER To the men responsible for nnaintaining the defense of our nation, the Aerojet-General Corporation dedicates its as- sembled strength and skill. LIQUID- AND SOLID-PROPELLANT ROCKET ENGINES FOR ASSISTED- TAKEOFF AND MISSILES • AUXILI- ARY POWER UNITS AND GAS GENERATORS • ORDNANCE ROCKETS . GUIDANCE AND CONTROLS . ELECTRONICS AND SPECIALIZED AVIONICS • UNDER- WATER PROPULSION DEVICES • ARCHITECT-ENGINEER SERVICES e ' ( e W ' ac roicroicAno f TMl GENERAL A SUBSIDIARY OF THE GENERAL TIRE RUBBER COMPANY V TIRE AZUSA. CAUfORNlA CINCINNATI. OHIO SACRAMENTO, CAIIFORNI [) D Precision Serving America ' s Defense Program with Efficiency For over 50 years — precision manuiacluring lor American homes and American defense. Whether it ' s a pressure cooker, a vital aircraft part, an electric home appliance or an artillery shell on the assembly line, it takes skill, experience and teamwork to get precision. Presto values its reputation for precision as highly as its efficiently modern facilities. This ability to get the job done right has kept Presto among the leaders in the highly competitive home appliance field for over 50 years. NATIONAL PRESTO INDUSTRIES INC., EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN PARTNERS m DEFENSE Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc., is a self-sustaining, not-for-profit afifiliate of Cornell University dedicated to applied research in the aeronautical sciences. Through advanced re- search and development of guided missiles, air- craft and their components, the Laboratory as- sists the U. S. Army, U. S. Navy and U. S. Air Force in the vital task of defending the nation. Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc., joins in wishing the 1955 graduating class of the United States Military Academy the best of success and pledges the utmost cooperation in the difficult tasks ahead. Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc. of Cornell University 4455 GENESEE STREET, BUFFALO 22. N. Y. L onintuncnh of a Friend 1 i Deadly efficient ore tt»ese fwo defenders of Democracy ...and fht USAF is ready fo " lef go " w,th both barreli should the need arise. - - ■ One of these twins, the F84F THUNDERSTREAK, is now in active service and able on instant notice (o deliver its nuclear wallop in retaliation. - - Its photo-reconnaissance counlerpari, the RF-84F THUNDERFLASH, has power and speed to locate the target, identify it in detail by use of the latest aerial photographic equipment . . . and f necessary, Fighl its way home guarding the secrets it has uncovered. CBUNG UNUMUTD lor Ih, ,ou«9 ambliov, mm . . . m« ,iilaiol»du olion, Iroftl and Mtunlf all Ihtm arm aroil- abh lo carter a,rm„i m lh« USAf tnry dor ro«f» « .r.ngi ,ou gr»oltr laUilacl.on .» I«i« kno ltdgt that foutt ■ ■ilol ortd rtwardmg wrrK lo your eouKlry lo fovrttll » » «• iff ' ' MMtrmr-azr 9f 45 ' LEADERSHIP has been universally recognized in BROACHING JET ENGINE TURBINE DISCS Sixteen years ago — in 1939 — this company took the lead in broach- ing turbine discs and other jet engine components. Through all the phases of development, and experimentation with the various metals progressively tried in those early days, Lapointe engineers actively colloboroted with the prominent jet engine manufacturers. ]|[ P6Wli MACHINE TOOL COM 1 England: WATFORD • HERTS JEFF GOLDSTEIN Inc. Correct Military Uniforms The unfailing adherence of JEFF GOLDSTEIN INC to their traditional standard of QUALITY AND INTEGRITY has been recognized by THE SERVICE through generations. TELEPHONE MURRAY-HILL 5-8866 387-4tfi Avenue at 27th Street New York 16, N. Y. THE KINGSKRAFT SEAL APPEARS ON 16 OF THE LAST 19 HOWITZER YEARBOOK COVERS. THIS MEANS THAT SOME 57,000 HOWITZER YEARBOOKS ARE PROTECTED BY THE SYMBOL WHICH COMBINES THE FINEST IN MATERIALS, SKILLFUL WORKMAN- SHIP, AND ARTISTIC DESIGN TO MEET THE TREND OF THE TIMES. KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. - Kingsport, Tennessee 452 iW ' ' - Portables in non-breakable " Impac " cases announced by RCA Victor At last-a portable whose case will never crack, chip, dent or split! ONIY RCA VICTOR HAS IT - llir |H.rl;il.l.- in tlir uina iii " iMPAc " case — so ninfird il ' - liiiiiriinlrfil for fivt- years ill iiorinal ii-r! Arciilciilally lro|i il. Q] .mil yiii liiijilil jar mUiicIIhii;; |.... i- iiiil il ' s easy to fix things like dial. Till- " iMi ' !- " case itself wouldn ' t In- liaiiiii-il. I ' l-rformance? Excfplionall iiil ilii ' luiii ' alone trlU you ii ' » an KCA iclor. .Si «ee and hear the iiniijiie " jHirlalile in the carefree cst r " llii« week, al your HC.V i, t..i .l.-.il.rv The 0«luii» " Ptnenel. ' Ballervoprraled. Twn T i» 3-way Skyway. I wo- loii-nrm. prieiii.r i ..ry ••Il»l..l,-- .il-r l..,|.| 1-way Spemmon. Twotonr gray or light rn " linpac " ra $33 9S M.MJrl filtXfi. W9.95 ftH H. Th iMw l-wsy " Otafc« rrolf.r ■ I).,.r gray ■•|m|oi " ij.-- !. lrl »4rM hH M Two real economy buys in polystyrene Tli» " Pcrtsnol. " Hallrrv. oprral ' -d. R.d or tn«lrr while. Mmlel6Bl.$34.9S Tht 3-way Way or.r. Smart rnl .a-- MM 6BX.S. $7».« JlCAVfClOll i—. a T " ' 0 Jc;« ' Oii«TiO«iO»»i«l»iC « . " " 7 B %vr» to t— iha Yochitmon end Sl ' oio-Wortd KM I All pflot 1 11 boowlx S«aa« » l (a «n liii »» • iAotm. wb Ki M c » «»9l •rtlluM wtko. 453 Cnngratulattnufi tn ®lj OIlaaH 0f 1955 frnm I|tgl|lau lalla. Npui fork iFor tljp (ElaHH of 1955 ••• i rutng tl|? Ittttpi §tatM JMtUtarij Arairmn g tnrp 1946 M O liiBmnbtb rittr OlpUplinur — ?|i9l|lan iFallH: 6-4515 — 0-2336 O N LY OLDSMOBILE HAS . . rTTia ( -y A.e zoC ( with " Rocket " 202 Pow er to Match! Sl.-l.|.iMr: Hlt ill s| l.-! ' I ' llillV OM-Illnl.il.- I, ,r ■. ' . ' .: )ll.-.- ;l;:.lill n|,|„ii..l.il.- li.i- cnr f.ir fnru.inl vwlli .iii .ill-ii.u ..Mic-.i.t .f III., tor .ar -lam-.r. ll " - ih.- 1m,|,1 " ( ;..- h.-.,.l " l...,k .. ««r.i Ml iirH U-Hkn " IWl liiginr rr«liirr. H ' liiKlirr li ri|iir, nrH hi|;li-lifl ' «ni«liiifl. iirM m| lii)n of " llxiiif; i.ilur " -iNliiif; IIm Orifiinal liiaiil) i- i-N T% « li.n- ami llun to .s|iarf! Without (in.-lioii. l " l. " , " ) ir, aiiolln ar! OIiI-mioImIi ' i nHkrtiiig out aluail s. lo».lrN l I. II.-. •- " K.Kk.t " |...N».r r :r at ( )l.Uiiiol il.- 455 4 n xurchased with Yride . . . reasured hlways ENGAGEMENT AND ' WEDDING RINGS John J. Courtney Co., 452 Fifth Avenue, New York i ongt ' citulations and Eesl Wishes to iL Class of 1955 PETER REISS EDIVSTRUETIDIV ED., Inc. 105 Eourt Si. Rruoklyn, IV. Y, DEPENDABLE AIRBORNE ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT SINCE 1928 Aircraft Radio Corporation BOONTON, NEW JERSEY brand new world As ;i iiiajoi ili ( lopmiiu in its piof rain of ailv.iiutil tltsij ii, M.iilin li.is cxp.iiulcd its )|)iraii()ns iiiio the (itlil ol atdinic |k)wci. I liis nicaiis that a top tiain of s( itiitists. |}|iysirist.s and ciiniiucrs is now ready at Martin to carry on a strati ic long-range jirograin in the application of nuclear cncigy to wcapins systems develo|)inent. Yesterday, Martin took the lead in recogni ing the im|K)rlancc of electrnni s. incc " - grating this new science into its operations with engineering and development facilities secoiul to none in the inilustry. lotlay. the hori onlevs science of nuclear jK)wer has Ix-en added -again ahead of the calendar. And tonn)rrow you ca n ex|K(t Mai tin to ilevelop teihiiupus loi hainissnig the |x tential of ea( h new s«ien c to come. Ydii will hfiir minr ahoul Mat tin! L T I K4 O Ff E APfyLAI IC Blue-ribbon beauty that ' s stealing the thunder from the high-priced cars! Wherever outstanding cars are judged a surprising thing is happening. The spothght is focusing on the new Chev- rolets with Body by Fisher! Surprising — because Chevrolet offers one of America ' s lowest-priced hnes of cars. But not really astonishing when you consider that its designers had just one goal— to shatter all previous ideas about what a low-priced car could be and do. The unparalleled manufacturing efficiency of Chev- rolet an l General Motors provided the means— and that ' s why you have a low-priced car that looks like a custom creation. That ' s why you get the thistledown softness of Glide-Ride front suspension. That ' s why you can choose between a hyper-efficient 162-h.p. V8 engine or two brilliant new 6 ' s. That ' s why Chevrolet ' s array of extra-cost options includes every luxury you might want, from Power Steering to Air Conditioning on V8 models. And that ' s why you should come in and try a Chevrolet for the biggest surprise of your motoring life! A C Chevrolet Company Fort ] Iontgomery, New York Motoramic Drive it at your Chevrolet dealer ' s I A PLOT OF AIR HISTORY I ' he U. S. Navy tracks aircraft on a transparent lK)ard as radar rejxirts their positions. Plot the most famous Navy and Marine fiRhter planes as reportc l hv hisli rv. .iiul ( )riinini.iii .lircr.ifl till llic l ).irfl GRUMMAN AIRCRAFT ENGINEERING CORPORATION • ITHPAOI • lONO ISLAND • NIW TOIK DESIGNERS AND BUIIOCRS ALSO OF THE A18ATI0SS TtlPNItiAM s;f SUR !■. MftAL (OAIS. IIO AEtOIILI IIUCR lOOIIl 459 For Business . . . For Pleasure For a World of Service— 0 YOU CAN COUNT ON AMERICAN EXPRESS Here are the world-wide, world-wise services offered by American Express . . . 342 offices in 36 nations always ready to serve you completely, expertly, whatever your needs for business or pleasure. TRAVELERS CHEQUES The best-known, most widely accepted cheques in the world! American Express Travelers Cheques are 100% safe— immediate refund if lost or stolen. You can buy them at BANKS, Railway Express and Western Union offices. TRAVEL SERVICES The trained and experienced staff of American Express will provide air or steamship tickets . . . hotel reservations . . . uniformed interpreters, and plan independent trips or escorted tours. SHIPPING SERVICES American Express offers complete facilities to handle personal and household effects shipments, also the entire operation of import or export forwarding, including customs clearances and marine insurance. 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In the newest of all industries— guided missiles, more and more of those engaged comparatively uncharted field are calling on AMF ' s hard-won knowledge and skill to hel their design and production problems. If you have a guided missile problem, please write our Contract Division. AMERICAN MACHINE FOUNDRY COMPANY AMF Building • 261 Madison Avenue, New York 16, N. Y. RADAR ANTENNA SYSTEMS • SIIVER-ZINC BATTERIES • AUXIIIARY POWER SUPPLIES • SIMULATORS ELECTRIC MOTORS • RELAYS • INVERTERS • COMPUTERS • ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTATION for its in this p solve _ _ _ _ _ i EGYPT - For more than half a century, ihc Nile ' l giganiic A«wan Dam has been ihc key poini in Egypij va4i irrijjaiion »yiCcm. Now, cntcinccn are insiallint; a puuirlul hydrtKlixirii plane in this dam. C:hiap cicciricily from the plant will aid agri- culture and heavy industry ... will bcncdt all Egypt. ( altex lubricants and fuels are used for all construc- tion equipment in this new project to harnns the pt)wer of the Nile. DENMARK - Motorists in and around Copenhagen — colorful capi- tal of this gracious land — arc fa- miliar with spotless Caltex service stations. Here, as in 67 countries throughout the Eastern Hemisphere, the gleaming Caltex banjo sign stands for the finest automotive products, service that saves mainte- nance costs and the courtesy that every motorist has a right to expect. CALTE X serves the people off 67 lands PHIIIPPINES- Gaily bedecked with pen- nants, the " s.s. Caltex Manila " stands by to deliver the first shipment of crude oil to the new Caltex Philippines refinery at Batangas. OfTicially opened in Decem- ber, I95(, this modern refinery will pro- vide work for many Filipintn and will help answer growing demands for petroleum products for agriculture, iit- iistry .ind automotive iranspon. |N 67 lands, across half the world, throujih such developments as these, Caltex is able to supply better fuels and lubricants for industry, for agriculture, and for motoring millions. These require a continual investment of funds and skills, backed by a faith in a better future for free nations. CALTEX Petroleum Products SfRVINC EUlOPI • AMICA USItAlAilA STETSON IS THE ARMY ' S FAVOR . . . as it has been for more than 70 years If your Army Post Exchange can ' t supply you — Stetson will ship shoes to any officer, anywhere, on an open ac- count basis. Ask for them by number, as indicated below. The Stetson Shoe Co., South Weymouth 90, Mass. 403, Premiiiin ipialily tun ralfskin. ALSO AlAII.AIil.E I : Brown Imported Alliion Grain. 1273 ir Imported Smooth litark Calf, §1274 - Genuine Wine Shell Cordovan, 1295 FOOTWEAR STETSOW fc a ON GUARD FOR AMERICA ' S AIR DEFENSE Tm; F-I02 is a rmm h m the hand of the U.S. Airman. At its controls, he flashes through the skies at supersonic speeds, day or night in any weather. With it. he can seek out the invader . . . strike and destroy him. Built for the U.S. Air Force, Convair ' s F-102 interceptor is dclta-wingcd and jcl- powercd. designed for the men who arc on KiiartI fur America ' s air defense. Advanced aircraft like the F-I()2 arc the result of engineering that aims at the maxi- muni ihc Nth decree ' f air p i»cr... Eneineerine to the Nth power CONVAIR 46S first interpole D.C. motor first submarine commJssioned by United States Navy first electric launch first marine diesel-electric drive in United States first motor torpedo boats in United States —nr " HWlW first twin engine pressurized 1 commercial transport plane first intercontinental bomber first turbo-prop transport planes in United States first delta-wing airplane first delta-wing jet seaplane first all-weather delta-wing supersonic jet interceptor first fighter plane [VTO) to take off and land vertically first atomic powered submarine first airplane manufacturer to construct and operate an atomic reactor in connection with the development of nuclear propulsion for aircraft GENERAL DYNAMICS GD OL EB GA ED CV m m m w m 466 ENEMIES ' MORTARS LOCATED BY RADAR Army Used Device Against Reds in Korea, ny times, dec, 12. 1954 THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: ■ •HiitulrciK of solilicrs now rcliirncd safely from Korea lilcrally owe their lives 10 Ihe extreme accuracy and speed of the new counter-mortar system. " This good news was revealed by the Signal Corps in December when Ihe public first learned of the existence of the MPQ-KI Mortar I ocator. one of the Army ' s best kept secrets. ■ How could a carefully concealed enemy mortar be located and destroyed .iticr just one or two shells had been lired? And how could such devastating .iccuracy be repeated over and over again-no mailer how often the enemy relocated his mortars? These were important questions in Korea. ■ Actually, the uncanny cflicicncy of the MPQIO Mortar I ocator was due to the )Oint efforts of the Army Signal Corps and Sperry engineers. Workin-. ' together, they developed a new port.ibK radar system for use at Ihe front lines How docs it work? An automatic radar tracker detects and " locks on " the path of enemy mortar shells. In effect, it traces each shell back through its traiec- lory and reveals the enemy position. This information is then relayed to an artillery fire direction center which directs a return barrage against the enemy mortar in a mailer of minutes. ■ Delivering this Mortar I ocator to Ihe troops IS another example of Sperry engineering and prtxluetion solving a problem to meet a critical need. Today, in the air. at sea. as well as on land, Sperry is helping extend our nation ' s capabilities with instruments, controls and systems for all branches of the mili- tary as well as (or lmp rlJnt segments of indusirv crfio SCOPE coMP iinr • ■llfBIM 467 COUNTS WITH THE ARMY Regulation Military Academy Cuff Links Milh the name KREMEyiTZ are a symbol of correct style and fine quality. Year after year this quality becomes more and more apparent. Krementz jewelry wears well . . . does not tarnish liECAVSE it is made with an endurinfj overlay of ACTl AL 14 KARAT (;OLD. Cuff Links and Tie Holder made with an overlay of 14 Karat Gold ( luff Links S6.0() Tie Holder g LOO ( plus FINE QUALITY JEWKLHV Evening Jewelry . Cuff Links . Tie Holders • Belt Buckles From $3.00 to $25.00 plus tax Available wherever fine jewelry is sold. KREMENTZ CO. NEWARK 5, NEW JERSEY FLORSHEIM SHOES THK FLOKSHKIM .SHOE COMPANY • CHICAGO Makvn of (me shoes for mm nmi nomrn I I II. H. II. ( oiislriicliiiii ( (irp. 16 Vi ' r l r«.il -Si lli Sirr.l m. llfltAlilltV OF MHIIT III.- ..Ih.x. lr...|.iii..ik I ..ri.r.i III. ri lil I.. U tiiiioiil.T. ' il a iirli. 1 1 -lenilic- a ilr|M-iiilalilr SrAM) KI)..fol M.n tli;.ih«.alH«».|HH-n iliNtiiK ' liM- mill rrr i;:iii«iMl. U • .ir.- |ir.iii.l .if thim AKI (; l» roMI ' KNV INC. :2 ' » Hl{ » l) V M liiUK , V, CLASS OF 55 FSFC MEMBERS OF " THE LONG GREY LINE ' Geo. M. Badger Nov. ' 18 Morris H. Marcus ' 21 Charles F. Colson Nov. ' 18 Ducat McEntee ' 35 Wm. H. Garrison, Jr. ' 08 Charles H. Noble ' 19 Robert W. Hasbrouck Aug. ' 17 Albert Riani Nov. ' 18 W.A. Holbrook, Jr. Nov. ' 18 James F. Torrence, Jr. ' 23 Geo. McK. Williamson, Jr. Nov. ' 18 F ederal %ervic finance orp. AND AFFILIATES -k Washington 6, D. C. 470 DEHNERS America ' s Qiialilv Bool Makers Over Forty Years Kxperience Making Custom Maile Boots for Kvery Purpose THE DEHNER COMPANY, INC. 2059 FAR.NAM OMAHA 2 NEBRASKA umm SINCK 1868 N. S. MEYER ir c. New York 16, N.Y. Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 from I Verson VERSON ALLSTEEL PRESS CO. 1355 E. 93rd ST., CHICAGO 19, ILL. SO. LAMAR at LEDBETTER DR., DALLAS, TEX. |-S-3i The Faircliild-biiilt C-123 Avilnic is (ic«ignc(l for one objcrlivc: to air-hinil Iroops, fi|ui| iii(-iil and Mipplii:) nnywiiorr . . . in liiilinK iinini prowil li.i-r- ill fiirw.iril ari ' im. Kmi liiii of llir riigj; .1 ANilnic is enpineorod for iii.ixiiiiuiii rrrw iiiicl iriitip priili ' clioii .1- mI1 us payload. Short-di tan c takc-ofT and landing; aliilitics OMUrc adaptaliility to llio nio t unpropnn-d liTrnin. Inlr rnl, fnll-widlli ramp ri ' iliici- loadin ' ; and iiiiloadiii;: liiiii- on tin- ;:roiiiiil lo n iiiLninium ill aiKanrcd (onili.il ai.-.i-. Tlic Fairrliild-ldiili C-123 Avilrnc is a perfect military tcain-nialo for tlw rrnownod " Flyinj: Boxcar " . . . tlie iilliiiiatr i ' lir ain a- aiill Iran-pnrl opcralion. Enli$l lojly in lh« V. S. Air Fore Pairchild . -lin- A ' iiJ " H-i.cA|)t« 0., .•.«!« Wji " JllJ« B " C»lit |i fi Unuki DiYBioo. ,» " » " • " » « ' « ' ' " Onow. »•«. To. M vDlrol Oratwwi. SI AuiuiIkw. fU Slf»lM Owtwa. 6 1 S»o»t. • -yy ' ' r. JET ' ta 4 ♦ ♦ . It V V " ktmj 3 H BBS fl k: ,j 1 1 i - 3 iRf ' ' n f 1 . 4 n ART Puhlishtrs ot the HOW I IZKR for the Classes ot 1 9 U,, 1917, 1918, 1919. 1920, 1921. 1934. 1935, 1938. 19 X). 19 11, 19»2. 1943 (January). 1913 June. 194i. 19 6, 19r, 1918, 1919, 1950, 195 1. 1952. 1953, 1951, I955. ENGRAVING LETTERPRESS PRIM ISC Itakes Teamwork! It takes th()iii;lnkil pl.mnini; tor hcaiitv of design and economy of ' production. It takes rit;idit ot pur- pose to stay within a t;i en liudget ami tie i|-)iiit to iii.ike cliani es in stritle. It takes check anil ilouhle check of all the loose eiuls that cannot he .isoiileti. It takes tlu)ughtful typography, careful proofreailing. painstaking presswork and constant attention to all details. It takes complete follow through from the tirst rough iluinnn to the tinal hook. It t.ikes teamwork between printer and editorial StalV. This H( ) I T FK is another reason why the ] imprint appe.irs in so many fine puhlicati»)ns. OFESET UTHOGRAPU) Iii. l)L G A C.oinfilili- Sen ice BAKER. JONES. HAUSAUER. iNC 45 CARROLL STRLLT • BUff-MO 3. NEW YORK supplying the armed forces with producible electronic systems for Combined Aerial Navigation and Fire Control Early Warning Vutcmotic Plotters Vehicular, Landing Craft and Helicopter Navigation Best Wishes from E. Y. CAMP STEEL WORKS ATLANTA. Gi;()K(;iA Manufiiclurers of Cast Armor meeting all requirements Bombs High Alloy Cast Steel Gun Parts such as Breeeh Rings Muzzle Brakes Dredge Dredge Pump Parts Chain Fittings for Anchors Moorings Miscellaneous Cast Steel Products (Carbon, Stainless, Alloy Hadfield) CONE AUTOMATIC MACHINE CO. INC. builders of Conomatic Bar and Chucking Machines WINDSOR, VERMONT 1955 Ljraciuatina GDDD LUCK H. Granitz Cd. Inc. SlJI ER.MOBIIJTK For the Army! ' " f ' H rapullv chan. in,,. concepts „» „,odcr„ Uv. And there .s n., vehicle but the hel.cpter that ' " " ' lis the re.,u,rements of completely unlinnted movement and utility. The L ' nited Stares Army, early to rec..«n. c- tli.s un.ciue capability of the helicopter, has welded . rotarv win.,, aircraft into an inte.ural part of its plans and operations. In less than ten years, the Army has deyelopcd a combination of top . rade helicopter equipment. P ' lots. mechanics and trainin. pro.tjrams which are now providing a new type of Sl ' PER- M()MIIJTV that is both eHicicnt and economical. Hell Aircraft Corporation, one of the Armys l rst rotarv win. suppliers, is proud that Bell H-13 helicopters are makin. continued and significant con- tributions to the mobility of Army corps and the advancement of Army aviation. lfiR£.iAnkiG [1 Z] Q ' l ' O CORPORITION Bt ' ALO. N y .«! R5RT WORTH. TEX L onqratulationA ' 9 to DL CLis of 1955 from Official PliDtDgrapher to tlie U. S. MILITARY ACADEMY Your negatives will be kept on file for your convenience in reordering 2B West 5Bth St New York 19, N.Y. Est. 1875 GOVERNMENT PRODUCTS DIVISION Serving America Rheem is proud to have an important part in building the weapons that keep our country strong and free. . . proud to sen ' e the men who serve America. YOU CAN ON RHEEI RHEEM Manufacturins Company... Govarnmrnit Products Division « .- CalW. . W.«hln«to«, D. C. • PhllMMphta. P«. • atiHInsten, N.J. 479 Telephone WAIker 5-2063-4-5 CHAS. H. BOHN CO., INC Book Manufacturers 200 Hudson Street NEW YORK Lyur ( onaratuiationd to the L aJJ ojr 1955 This Edition of the HOWITZER has been bound to last you through a long, happy and successful career. The Oldest Firm in the United States speeiali ing in the management of Investment Companies CALVIN BULLOCK ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE WALL STREET, NEW YORK 5 linlhnh ' Und Ca)iacH(i}i I ' loid Dividend Sh(ni ' s ISation- ff ide Seenrifies 4AI n lift for the HOWITZER ♦ ARMY H-21C HELICOPTER TRANSPORTS 105mm HOWITZER VI MORTON. PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS TO 0LCLsso(l955 JOHNSON SERVICE COMPANY NEW YORK - MILWAUKEE Manufacturers . . . Engineers . . . Contractors AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE AND AIR CONDITIONING CONTROL SYSTEMS Offices in Principal Cities 482 ' L onaraliiialionS WEST POINT TAXI SERVICE A. Bosch Son, Inc. ESTABLISHED 1889 Phone: 6-4520 6-4588 Highland Falls, N. Y. I Federals A LEADKK lUv MANUFACTl KK , ' COMMIMCATIONS am NWK VTIOWL Eol ii ' Mi: ' r or ,r MiMTvin si:ini(:i I . S. .NavN ' U Air I ' oicc . (!(»ii l (mi.m-.I i " M.il ( ..in- Federal Telephone and Radio (bmpanq Compliments of Amerotron Corporation A Textron American Company 1407 BROADWAY NEW YORK IB N. V. L. s. iiini:i. Til u i:ii H SOUTH OATI INTBANCl WELCOMES THE PUBLIC FOR REUNIONS OF — CLASSMAIT-S m June inj Jinujrt lur Alumni tni Glut Pirlio FRIFNDS in Ftbmjrv inJ Octohrr lor Corjn S ]U«1 merit inJ Fixxhjll Ciamn FAMILIES .n Mjrch iml Scpirmhrr (,n lODlh Nifht Sh..« .r-.i Rr-.g M..p HELPING " NIKE " TO LAUNCH A CAREER Get a bootmaker shine with DRESS PARADE . . . 365 times a year he how and why of a thing to your shoe ' No need to t( polishing shoes. So d care routine except Dress Parade Stain Polish. You ' ll get the finest shine youve ever had in minutes. Dress Parade waxes as it polishes, contains a stain that puts an end to scuff marks. Whether you ' re on or off duty. Dress Parade keeps your shoes at their best. DRESS PARADE STAIN BOOT POLISH in brown, black and 25c • In the air the " Nike " rocket moves in flight with supersonic speed . . . highly maneuverable . . . terribly destructive. On the ground this big, awesome watchdog needs help. Stored below ground, it de- pends on quick, sure action— powerful Wayne elevators to rush it to the surface for firing position. The Wayne Pump Company, its con- ventional lift products only pigmies by comparison to the lifts necessary to handle the " Nike " , retooled in record time to produce the " Nike " elevators. It ' s a story of remarkably close cooperation between Wayne ' s personnel and the Army ' s Corps of Engineers. Just further evidence of Wayne ' s policy of placing its Engineering skill and vast production facilities at the disposal of the U. S. Armed Forces in Peace or War. THE WAYNE PUMP COMPANY Salisbury, Moryland Plonts at Fori Wayne, Ind., Ironlon, Ohio y ona ra fit la tionS to titc CLss of 1955 SpecLalists In Electronics ire ( acir industries (corporation BOX 150 19 DELAWARE AVE. ENDICOTL N. Y. i §recit (Central A r v ' .i mi: C( ) m r . ) PEORIA, ILLINOIS " For gentlemen to uhose career a uniform is an essential. " RAPID SERVICE ENGRAVING CO. INC. lUFFXLO 3. N.Y. In the field of HYDRAULIC DREDGING a leading name for over 50 years . . . GAHAGAN and now also a leader in a brand new field . . . GEOPHYSICAL SURVEYS Write, wire or telephone Gahagan Construction Corporation, 90 Broad St., New York 4, N. Y. Telephone: Whitehall 3-2558. Cable: " Walgahagan " L onn rain tedious, est Wislies, ana tlic 03cst of- oLnch to THE CLASS OF 1955 HOTEL PICCADILLY 45th St.— West of Broadway NEW YORK CITY Kl) W. W MIAM 10 ' , llis. Ihrir fiiir Compiiinents of BLITI POLISHING CLOTH til I I Manufactured By AUBURN SPECIALTIES COMPANY AUBURN, NEW YORK lianli tJjou JACOB REEDS SOUS The 1955 HOWITZER Staff MOHAWK (OACH LINES IN( DAILY BUS SERVICE WEST POINT and NEW YORK CITY Deluxe Buses to Charter for All Occasions irt i.iHKurv siuii.i i.irn.i-; ir.uin. n. j I ' lioiir: Hul.har.l T-HOO 71 M IN SIKKKT 111 M) FAl.l.S. N. V. riK.iir: 6-2923 JOSKIMI l.() 1-. INC. cri :.iti rs of I.() 1-, 1)1 1.SSKS 1 tor c hililrcii Nf s ork. N. V ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Since the ma|or financial burden of the HOWITZER falls upon our advertisers, we feel that it is necessary and appropriate that we take this opportunity to express our appreciation for their generous support. Without Mr. Michael C. Krasner, upon whom we leaned heavily for counsel and technical assistance, this book would have been impossible His many years of ex- perience with the HOWITZER proved to be invaluable For this we are sincerely grateful. To the alumni and the many other people who contributed their time and efforts in our behalf we are especially thankful. THE ADVERTISING STAFF 1955 HOWITZER 487 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS I ' nfip Aerojet-General (loriioralioii U4 A. G. Paper Co U2 Aircraft Radio Corporation 456 Alligator Cotnpany, The 435 American Express Company 460 American Machine Foundry Company. 462 Amerotron Corporation 483 Arma Corporation 476 Army National Bank, The 434 Art Cap Company, Inc 469 Arundel Corporation, The 426 Auburn Specialties Company 486 Baker, Jones, Hausauer. Inc. 474-475 Bearings Specialty Company 432 Bell Aircraft Corporation . . ' . 177 Bennett Brothers, Inc i2( Best Foods, Inc. (Dress Parade) 4H4 Bohn Company, Inc., Chas. H 480 Buick Motor Division 145 Bullock. Calvin 481 Cailillac Motor Car Division 461 (iadre Industries (Corporation 484 Caldwell Company, J. E 428 California-Texas Oil Company. Ltd 463 Camp Steel Works, E. V 176 Chevrolet Motor Division 158 Chrysler Corporation and Subsidiaries U5 Chrysler Corporation, Sales Division 417 Columbia Pictures 424-425 Cone Automatic Machine Co., Inc 476 Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp 165 Continental Can Company, Inc 430 Continental Motors Corporation 137 Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory. Inc. 150 Courtney Company. John J. 456 I )cbner Company. Inc., The 172 Dodge Division. Chrysler Corporation . H3 Douglas ir ' rafl (Company, Inc 12 ' ) Kllioll Compaiiv. The Clias. II 444 I ' airchild Engine and Airplane Corporation 1 7.3 Federal Services Finance Corporalion 170 Federal Telephone Radio Company . . .483 First National Bank of Highland Falls. 428 First National Bank, Scranlon 438 Florsheim Shoe Companv. The 468 Flour Cilv Ornamental Iron C ...The 138 Food Machinery and Chemica Corp. 435 Ford Instrument Company. 146 Franklin. The Benjamin 126 Freddy ' s Restaurant 110 Fuller Brush Companv, The 131 Fulton Sylphon Division 1 12 Gabagan Construction Corporation 186 General Dynamics Corporation 466 Goldstein, Inc., Jeff 452 Granitz Company, Inc., H 476 Great .Atlantic Pacific Tea Co., The. 428 Great Central Insurance Co 185 (irumman Aircraft Engineering .459 Ilahn Company, The Irvin H 142 Hallicrafter Company, The 441 Harvey Aluminum Sales Company 420 Herff-Jones Company 422 Hotel Piccadilly 486 Hotel St. Regis 137 H. R. H. Construction Corporation 469 John,son Service Compan Kilgore, Inc Kingsport Press, Inc Krementz Company Klein, Muller Horton. Inc. Lapointe Machine Tool Company, Inc. . . 152 Leone ' s 436 Liggett .Myers Tobacco Company 439 Lippman, Inc., B 485 Love, Inc.. Joseph 487 Magnavox Company, The 472 Manufacturers Outlet Sales Co.. The . 136 Martin Company. The (;ienn L 157 Mason Company, Inc.. The Silas 132 Merriam (Company, G. (C 444 Meyer, Inc., N. S. ' 472 Mohawk Coach Lines, Inc 487 Mullins Manufacturing Corporation 136 National Bank of Fort Sam Hi National Presto Industries, Inc Newsweek North American Aviation, Inc. Northwestern Fruit ■ Produce Pogf Page Parker House. The 435 Pepsi-Cola Company 418 Philadelphia Gear Works, Inc 434 Phiico Corporation 433 Piasecki Helicopter Corporalion 482 Ponsell Floor Machine Company 448 Ponliac Motor Division 127 Radio (Corporation of America (Engineering Prod. Division) 423 Radio Corporation of America (Victor Division) 153 Rapid Service Engraving Co 485 Reed ' s Sons, Jacob 186 Reiss Construction Company, Inc., Peter 456 Remington Rand, Inc 446 Republic Aviatio n Corporation 151 Rheem Manufacturing Company 479 Riggs National Bank, The 137 Scott Motors, Inc. (Oldsmobile) 454-155 Sextan Company, John 130 Sheraton-Astor Hotel, The 471 Sinclair Refining Company 148 Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, Inc 421 Spalding Bros., A. G 448 Sperry Gyroscope Company 467 Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) .147 Stetson Shoe Company, Inc., The 464 Stock Construction Corporation 136 Sullivan School 116 Sunshine Biscuits, Inc 110 United Services Automobile Association .440 United States Rubber Company 414 Universal Moulded Products Corp 440 U. S. Hotel Thayer 483 Verson .Misled Press Company 172 Waterbury Companies, Inc 428 Wayne Pump Company 484 Wembley, Inc 438 West Point Taxi Service 482 West Publishing Company 432 . 444 While Studio 478 150 Willys Motors, Inc 431 I ! » Zippo (W. W . PlankinloM Company) 443 414 Zodiac Watch Agencv 469 488 EDITORIAL INDEX . M.l.inir |{.Mnl Jll II 1 ( ..iniiiill.. ' i:»2 i ' .iilriiii ' l r|i;iilriii ' iil- 2( II. .|. C.IIIIIIIIII.T X .kfi.,»lr,lfir nl . 1 .lit..ri;il 111- lluuil ,r Stall U l .kii.iNNl.(l;;rm.ril . cU .1 li-mf; 1;:: llw.l.lrr.lll, ,}:l,l Sl,..« ITH .Krrli-..i . III lnau :iiral I ' ara.lr (i2 Mumn. S.TM,-.-- 1 !! 1 III M.MM.ii.nii I ' ll n„-nr,,n I..-1,,,, I ' .u.i.lr . ' ) ' ) lnlraiiiui.il |i..il. rm.-,l I ' .,,.-.- I ' .ir.Ml.- (•:( 1 all I.WI It;l-.l,,lll HI Sjinii;: :• It,,-.k il,.,ll 1 II W iiil.r I«i2 |{.-.iM U.irracks .( ' ) I.«i-li (:ii..ir 1 It hoNiiif: I. ' .n Hu ' Jr ..|.-- Slair IT(i ' • ' " Ml Caini. ISu. ' kiiri .-..-, I ' i-I.il KHI CatlK.li. ' Choir ! l: IM.I..- Chri-lma- II CLir. Ofli.-.r- IKIi l ' ..in|.r Stall IM (:i.. - KuM.r .V ' )2 I ' r.-i.l.iit ..1 th.- 1 iiil.-.l Stat.-. l (;ia» in.l,.«- ik: I r..l..f;,..- 1 CoiiiinaiKlanl ol Cadrl- IK IV..I.-.taiil Clia|Hl Cli..ir III Cr..-- C.unlrN IJ ' » Kill.- 1 IT D.an olCa.lrl. n Kiiiy W.rk.n.l ID) Dfliatr (loiincil ami 1 oriim ITii S.-.iiii. iMl.imial i: l).-tli(alion (1 Sk. 1 .am l( l l)c|iartiiit-iil III Dtlcii-i- Id I2( l)c|iartmtiil ..1 la. li.-- 21 S|..-. iai l ' r..f;rain. M Dial.Tiir S.Mi.iN I7K S.pia-li IV-. iMra.i.rri.ular ( ;ImI.. 1:2 Sii|Hrmt.ii.l.iil ..1 a.l.t- Sii|Mrml.ii.l.iit - |{.-. .i.tl.-ii IT IK " . 1 ....tl.all 112 Sm imimil;: I.-,K (,l.r Cl.il. l:ut 1 .iiiii- K(l Coll Kit Ira.k K(. (;ra.l.iali..n Ivrri,.- ;ru liiali.m I ' ara.lr IHT IK(. 1 ■ | ll.UI.I M M)na tir 1 H 1, v - I ' l. (.-. ami •». li.Hk.X I.i2 Wr.-.llin;: !.-. . I - = M$ - ml - r

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