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. 5hr; , . . 1917 Qinmitzpr + Eh? 132m Ennk w nf the Huitvh $513125 .. Cinrpa nf Olahvta! . - Ema unlump i5 rmpprtfullg hphitatph In Claptain Eprman SJ. ZKUPhIPr, 33. $7. Armg, in gratpful appreriaiinn nf ljia mang gpara'nf nntiring Pffurt fur the mrlfqrp nf the 01mm. EHnremnrh Uhe magnet; nf Nineteen Ihmthreh anh gmxenteeu anh Eighteen preaent thia "ihamitger" a5 a regult of rum- hineh effurt- Me rlaim far it nu aperial literary merit; its pagea are nut arintillating with the wit mhirh amazes; it ahnma, perhaps, the rrnhitg nf haatg preparatinn- We only truat that intn the hunk have rrept same at our high hupez fur the future-the hnpe thattthe atanh- arha of the Gama may he maintaineh thrnugh all thia perinh nf upheaval anh thange; that me. the rlaases tn mhum haa tame the ummrtunitg fm- earlg aerate, why be true 5mm nf Meat Iinint anh glarinuslyeuphnlh tht ihealz mhirh have euer heen yet hefnre 1w. ' Eheae are the thinga me mnulh haue uur reahers nee in this memnrial of nut atuhent haya. 10 13mph $713525 militarg Arahvmy S'uperintmhmt anh anmmanhant COLONEL JOHN RIDDLE, Corps of Engineers military g?taif MAJOR CLIFTON C. CARTER, Coast Artillery Corps, Adjutant of the Military Academy and of the Past; Secretary of the Academic Board. ' . LIEUTENANT COLONEL HENRY A. SHAW, Medical Corps, Surgeon. LIEUTENANT COLONEL EDWARD J . TIMBERLAKE, Quartermaster Corps, Quartermaster of the Military Academy and 0f the Post; Disbursing Officer; in charge of construction. I" MAJOR GEORGE H. ESTES, Infantry, .1 raasurcr of the Alilitary Academy, and Quartermaster and Commissary for the Battalion of Cadets. Qfotrpra nu Eutg at Eeahquarikra 3H. 23?. 15111. A. MAJOR WALTER M. WHITMAN, Quartermaster C orps, Assistant to the Quartermaster. MAJOR HARRY F. RETHERS, Quartermaster Corps, .Assistant to thy Constructing Quartermaster. CAPTAIN HENRY C. COBURN, JR., Medical Corps. CAPTAIN DANIEL P. CARD, Medical Corps. CAPTAIN CHARLES W . HAVERKAMPF, MedicaIVCorps. CAPTAIN W. COLE DAVIS, Medical Corps. CAPTAIN WALTER D. SMITH, Cavalry; Assistant to Adjutant. IST LIEUTENANT RAYMOND E. LEE, Coast Artillery Corps, Assistant. to Quartermaster. JAMES E. RUNCIE, lst Lieutenant, U. S. A., retired, Librarian. H. PERCY SILVER, Chaplain. PHILIP EGNER, Teacher of M umTc. FREDERICK C. MAYER, Organist and Choirmaster. 11 . MAJOR'QARTER j ' 3qu NTS N m R m D TA CTI CS N ' ' 2" . XTi; Wm; mSTQR-w ' . 7.511211129111111 01111111121 152mg Eepartmpnt nf 5911;111:141 LIEUTENANT COLONEL GUY V HENRY 1Captain,Caval130, Commandant of Cadets and Instructor of Artillery, Cavalry, and I nfanh J Tactws. CAPTAIN HUGH L. VVALTHALL Infantry, Assistant 111911 uctor of Tactz'cs. Commanding Company of Cadets. Ass1'st- ant to the Commandant of Cadets. CAPTAIN GEORGE S. SIMONDS, Infantry mommanding 1st Battaliom, Se111'or-Ass1'stant Instructor of Infantry T aches Commanding Company of Cadets. CAPTAIN EPHRAIM G PEYTON,Iniant1V Mommanding 2nd Battaliom, A.991'.9tamf I nstructor of Tact1'.c.9 CAPTAIN WILLIAM P. ENNIS, F 1eld Art1lle1ySc111'or Assistant I 119111111101 of F1eld Artillery -Tact1'.c.9 IST LIEUTENANT ADNA R. CHAFFEE, C 21131111, 18011101- A.9..91'9iant I1.19i1uctor of Cavalry Tactics. CAPTAIN HERMAN J. KOEHLER, U. S. A1m31,Mrzstcr of tile 8110111; Instmt-tor of M1l1'ta1y G Jn111asi1c9 and Physical Culture CAPTAIN EDVIUND L. GRUBER, Field A1t111e1v A.991'91a11fI11slr11ctor of Tactics. . CAPTAIN MATTHE11 H. THOMLINSON, Infant1y, Assistant I 119tr1wfor of Tach'L-s 00111mand1'1zg Company of Cadets. IST LIEUTENANT EDWARD L. KELLY, Coast Artillery Corps, Assistant I nstructor of Tactics. Commanding Com- pany of Cadets IST LIEUTENANT BLAINE A. DIXON, Infantry, A9.91'.91a111 I 11.9fructo1 of T actzcs Cmnmanding Company of Cadets. ls'r LIEUTENANT JOHN K. BR0111130111113, A991 9101111 I n9trucfm of Tactics Commanding Company of Cadets. IST LIEUTENANT HARRY D. CHAMBERLIN, Cavalry, Assistant I 119151110101 of Tactics. lsT LIEUTENANT FREDERICK E. UHL, Infanhy, -1.9.91'91a11t1111911110101 o, Tac-ntic9. , Commanding Company of Cadets. 1S1: LIEUTENANT WILLIAM H. WILBUR Infant11,y A991'.9tunt Inst'ruciar of Taciics.16101117121111111'119 Company of Cadets Asswtant I1zstf1zcto1 of 1U1'l1tary Gymnashw and Physical 011111.111; 2 17 G ENGINEERLN xii ES . i $33: .; F . anlmwl ZHiPHPger Eepartmpnt nf Qlinil anti militarg Enginegring COLONEL GUSTAV J. FIEBEGER, Professor. ' CAPTAIN J AMES G. STEESE, Corps of Engineers, Assistant Professor. CAPTAIN GEORGE R. GOETHALS, Corps of Engineers;Instructor. . CAPTAIN RICHARD T. COINER; C orps of Engineers, Instructor. CAPTAIN WILLIAM H. SAGE, JR., Corps of Engineers, Instructqr. CAPTAIN EDWIN H. MARKS, C orps of Engineers, Instructor. CAPTAIN FREDERICK S. STRONG, JIL, Corps of Engineers, Instructor. CAPTAIN OSCAR N. SOHLBERG, Corps of Engineers, Insiructor. 19 PHILOSOPHY Olnlunpl Gnrhnn Eeparimmt nf Natural anh Experimhntalighilnanphg COLONEL WILLIAM B. GORDON, Professor. CAPTAIN HALSEY DUNWOODY, Coast Artillery Corps, Assistant Professor. CAPTAIN JAY L. BENEDICT, Infantry, Instrucfor. , 1ST LIEUTENANT WALTER K. DUNN, Coast Artillery Corps, Instructor.- ls'T -LIEUTENANT THOMPSON LAWRENCE, Infantry, Instructor. 15T LIEUTENANT HARRY J . KEELEY, Infantry, Instructor. lsT LIEUTENANT ALFRED B. JOHNSON, Cavalry, Instructor. IST LIEUTENANT JUNIUS W. JONES, Coast Artillery Corps, Instructor. QInIuneI Ethniz Eeparimpnt 11f mathematim COLONEL CHARLES P. ECHOLS, Professor. CAPTAIN STUART C. GODI'REY, C01ps of Engineers, Associaie Professor. CAPTAIN FRANCIS C. HARRINGTON, Co1ps of Engineers Asszstrmt Professor. CAPTAIN CLEVELAND C. GEE, Co1ps of Engineelbs, Instructor. CAPTAIN EARL NORTH, Corps of Engineers, Instructor. CAPTAIN HAROLD W. HUNTLEY, Field Artillery, Instructor. IST LIEUTENANT ELMORE B.GR1Y,CoastA1tille1y Co1-,ps Instructor. IST LIEUTENANT IVENs J0 11:5,FieldA1tille1y, Instructor. ls'r LIEUTENANT GUSTAV H. FRANKIE, Coast Artillery Co1ps, I Instructor. IST LIEUTENANT HUBERT G. STANTON, Ordnance Department; Instructor. lsT LIEUTENANT JOHN E. HATCH, Field Artillery, I nstructor. IST LIEUTENANT HAROLD F. NICHOLS, Coast Artillery Corps, I nst'rm'tor, IST LIEUTENANT CHARLES Pf HALL, Infantry, Instructor. 1ST LIEUTENANT ALFRED J. BETCHER, Infantry, Instructor. lsT LIEUTENANT JAMES B. CRAWFORD, Coast Artillery Corps, I nstrucim'. lsT LIEUTENANT ARTHUR B. CONARD, Cavalry, Instrucfor. lsT LIEUTENANT WILLIAM H. W. YOUNGS, Cavalry, Instructor. 1ST LIEUTENANT RAYMOND V. CRAMER, Coast Artillery Corps, Insirur-Ior. ls'r LIEUTENANT WILLIAM C; CRANE, JR., Field Artillery, Instructor. 1ST LIEUTENANT CARLOS BREWER. Field Artillery, Instructor. ls'r LIEUTENANT JOHN E. NICIVIAHON, JR., Field Artillery. Instructor. 1ST LIEUTENANT FRANCIS A, ENGLEHART, Coast Artillery Corps. InEIrucfor. Is'r LIEUTENANT GEORGE W . SLINEY, Cavalry, I nsfructor. IST LIEUTENANT EUGENE T. SPENCER, Cavalry. Insfrucfor. . ls'r LIEUTENANT THQBURN K. BROWN. Cavalry, Instructor. 23 . 2,71. .q .4 x s: . e ...u..u.m.wk6xxs w$Va$ewxx$ . : $30.93 QVQKOQ 5.x. :1 S: 2:: ; .v gaxsxwa. s , :1.$.$ .. p h Ishpo. v. o . $101.3 .2? Wm T1 B M E H C 0111111an Enhin'ami Ewartmmt 11f Q'Lhemiatrg, mineralngg anh $12ulngg COLONEL WIRT ROBINSON, Professor CAPTAIN PHILIP H. WORCESTER, Coast A1ti11 ery Corps, Assistant Proqusor. CAPTAIN WALTER SINGLES, Coast ArtilIe1y Corps, Inshuctor. ls'r LIEUTENANT FREDERICK A. HOLMER, Coast Artille1y Co1-ps,' Instructor. 15:1: LIEUTENANT J OHN S. WOOD, Ordnance Department, I nstructor. 1ST LIEUTENANT DAVID McL. CRAWFORD, Coast Artillery Corps,'lnstructor. 25 ., Mi??? '1, ya I - W ' ., JMM. , .1me Wu W VXO 1 I MW Eiwtnnant anlnnrl Stuart Eppartmmi nf Eraming LIEUTENANT COLONEL EDWIN R4 STUART, Prbfcssor. CAPTAIN OSCAR WESTOVER, Infantry, Assistanf Peressor. 1ST LIEUTENANT CHARLES S. FLOYD, Infantry, Instr'ucfor. 1ST LIEUTENANT GREGORY HOISINGTON, Infantry, Instructor 1ST LIEUTENANT CYRIL A. PI-IELAN, Coast Artillery Corps, I nstz-ucfor. lsT LIEUTENANT CARL P. DICK, Cavalry, Instructor. 1ST LIEUTENANT WILLIAM A. COPTHORNE, Coast Artillery Corps, Instructor. IST LIEUTENANT WILLIS D. CRITTENBERGER, Cavalry, Instructor. IANGUA GES Olnlunpl Milking Eepartmmt nf mnhprn Eartguagea COLONEL CORNELIS DEW. WILLCOX, Professor. MAJOR ORA E. HUNT, Infantry, Associate Professor. CAPTAIN CHARLES F. MARTIN, Cavalry, Assisiant Pv'qfcssor 0f the F ranch Language. CAPTAIN E. LLEWELLYN BULL, Infantry, Assistant Professor of the Spanish Language. CAPTAIN GEORGE M. RUSSELL, Cavalry, Instructor in French. CAPTAIN JOSEPH W. STILWELL, Infantry, Instructor in Spanish, CAPTAIN.MARTIN C. WISE, Infantry, Instructor in SpaniSh. CAPTAIN WILLIAM E. MORRISON, Infantry, I nstructor in Spanish. ls'r LIEUTENANT PARKER C. KALLOCH, JR., Infantry, I nstrucfor in French. IST LIEUTENANT HERBERT E. MARSHBURN, Infantry, Instructor in Spanish. 1ST LIEUTENANT KARL S. BRADFORD, Cavalry, I nstructor in F rcnclz. IST LIEUTENANT GEOFFREY KEYES', Cavalry, Instructor irrFrzhzch. LOUIS VAUTHIER. JOSE M. ASENSIO. RAMdN JAEN. 29 Eimttpnant Gnlunnl Kregrr Eepartmizitt nf 15mm LIEUTENANT COLONEL EDWARD A. KREGER, Professor. CAPTAIN BASIL D. EDWARDS Ost Lieutenant, Infantry. lsT LIEUTENANT DANIEL H. TORREY, Infantry, Assistant Professor ls'r LIEUTENANT BENJAMIN C. LocKwoon, JR, Infantry, Instrucior. lsT LIEUTENANT LEWIS K. UNDERHILL, Infantry, I nslructor. 31 TI EE L I I Einutmant Gulnmel markham Ewartmmt nf Hrartiml militarg Engineering miliiargSignaling ant! Gplggruphg LIEUTENANT COLONEL EDWARD M. MARKHAM, Professor. CAPTAIN CRESWELL GARLINGTON, Corps of Engineers, Assistani Professor. CAPTAIN DANIEL D. PULLEN, Corps of Engineers, I ustructor. 33 N5. $?xas i x M x U: . UH. . . - u'Vh ; pr-Wmuuw . -' f"u-. l mqmngru ' v , H,,.1x $UN um. ..M 'K 1 N.ny, L, ' . , . ' f. mmwftfw .' . want, i. c R KWf Y. 1 'j- -- K . . . HVUKV .' 7 k... ,.- ".mwm WEQWWWWW? 3:3 M W i334 yxfoWPMd' wow Oriffx'fh: a u u . m minutmant mulnnpl Ezrhappat Emartment nf $rflnanwanh $unntry LIEUTENANT COLONEL WILLIAM H. TSCHAPPAT, Ordngince Department, Professor. 1ST LIEUTENANT LEWIS A. NIC'KERSON, Ordnance Department, Assistant Professor. 1ST LIEUTENANT JOHN G. BOOTON, Coast Artillery Corps, Instructor. lsT LIEUTENANT THOMAS J. HAYES, Infantry, Instrucior. HYGIENE Eieutextant Olulnnvi $112111: Eepartmmi nf Military; Eygiene ' .. LIEUTENANT COLONEIpHENRY A. SHAW, Professor. MAJOR SANFORD H. VVADH'AMS, Medical Corps, Instructor. CAPTAIN ARTHUR N. TASKER, Medical Corps, Instructor. CAPTAIN HENRY C. COBURN, .13., Medical Corps, Instructor. CAPTAIN CHARLES W. HAVERKAMPE, Medical Corps, Instructor. 37 a g : ? ., 1w" w J . ,M ,;84rnl .',',,,, , Vilnuv L-K V uuuk vt ... . 1 k . 4lxm- ll'NlHAMN'IW lilz: Vl 1- .-vT:' :- L '1 . , ,w . . l ix K I. ! W . . Jumllllxv H , -lv -... Kn.... mxmg-Qvo vlueu ,' '- .' . .x wltrwxxh! . xlmulntlw HLWUttL-rwkX . y x . illimtvnant Gulnnvl 331111 Eppartmmt'nf Engliah anh Emmy LIEUTENANT COLONEL LUCIUS H. HOLT, Professor. CAPTAIN ROBERT C. RICHARDSON, JR., Ihfantry, Assistant Professor of English. CAPTAIN FREDERICK W . MANLEY, Infantry, Assistant Prqfessor of History. CAPTAIN ALEXANDER W. CHILTON,vInfantry, Instructor in English. ' CAPTAIN VVILLIAM A. GANOE, Infantry, Instructor in English. IST LIEUTENANT EDWIN F. HARDING, Infantry, Instructor in History. lsT LiE'UTENANT FRANK L. PURDON, Infantry, Instructor in History. lsT LIEUTENANT ALVAN C. SANDEFORD, Infantry, Instructor in English. In LIEUTENANT ROBERT H. LEE, Coast Artillery Corps, Instructor in English. IST LIEUTENANT SIDNEY V. BINGHAM, Cavalry, Instructor in History. 15V: LIEUTENANT CHARLES A. KING, JR., Infantry, Instructor in English ls'r LIEUTENANT CLARENCE C. BENSON, 13th Cavalry,Jnstrm-tor in History. 39 The 191g HOWIT i 1917 Mama Eiatnrg J UNE 13, 1913. Surely a sinister date. And yet, such is the blindness of human na- ture and the profoundness 0f the bliss produced by abject ignorance that we saun- tered into the unknown that balmy June day with all the nonchalance that only- the honor of having had our picture in last weeks Podunk Could inspire. , But alas for human hopes, tithe paths of glory lead but to the gravel; and our hopes of a brilliant military future soon met an untimely death at the hands of Tubby Doe 8: Co. In short, the glamour disappeared and the grind commenced in earnest. ' After three weeks in the melting pot we emerged as regular honest-to-goodness cadets; we werenit even "newll any more. Sullivan had his dagger shined and even Eddie Pope could drape himself in shoulder belts without getting hung in the process. , And then, for the first time, we went to P-rade with the Bat. While the band played the ltStar Spangled Banvnerb, and Old Glory, with Crd N est for a background, came flutter- ing down among the trees on Trophy Point, a thrill traveled through us from the soles of our kaydet store iibrogiesly to the tip of our diabolical Pompom, and we thought for a few seconds at least that perhaps after all it was worth while, butetlHeave your neck backbe some unsentimental file closer without a spark of patriotism in his makeup, crashed in upon our dreams and brought us rudely back to the cold, cruel fact of life in the present. After an endless period, our equipment-cleaning, question-answering summer was over and we returned to barracks where three flights of stairs gave at least partial protection from sudden inroads by upper classmen. Studies commenced and pretty soon we wished we were back in camp, for many a Podunk high school star saw visions of a permanent Christmas leave staring him in the face. Football relieved the monotony; tlour Macl, cinched a place on the first team and soon we caught the fire that was raging among the upper classes. Lick the Navy we must and lick the Navy we did! Then the whole corps went wild. Who will forget that day, when the pent-up feelings of four bitter years of heartbreaking defeat burst forth at once andturned the Polo Grounds into a pandemonium 0f kaydets. That Navy Day of Navy Days! Surely an event to live in our minds forever, marked indelibly with the mystic symbol which to the initiated means tlnot to be erased? The great day came to a close and we returned, tired indeed, but ready to face the worst. With an Army Victory behind us no outlook could be very gloomy. And the outlook wasnlt particularly cheerful for us poor plebes j ustithen; the dreaded writs were upon us and we all knew that we were going ' to be found. But at last they were over and Christmas with its brief respite from study received a hearty welcome, although memories of previous seasons rather dimmed our joy in the present. Thus passed the long cold winter; and spring with its drills and P-rades arrived. About that time we started our course in P. M. E., and who will forget the sight of lVIike Brennan, Esq., chasing a P. M. E. map and the tenths of a whole section right out into the- placid Hudson? However, most of us survived all - the trials and tribulations of the plebe Iaiping Enugnitiuu 43 The191aHOWl J , year, even as others had done before us and still others will do after us, but we were mighty glad when it was over and Yearling Camp with its joys and illusions was ushered in. After duly spigotting the brand new makes and thereby nipping in the bud any tendencies adverse to the in- clinations of the rabble we settled down to .a more or less peaceful summer. If there ever was a period in the exis- tence of a kaydet that is absolutely without a care or worry in the world it is Yearling Camp. At least that was what we thought at hrst. But alas, we soon found that the ghost of - the hlilitary lVIonarch had remained in ?gparling 012mm the vicinity and the Demon Discipline still lurked like the proverbial wolf at .our door. However, we were blissfully happy on the Whole, although we didnt know it then, and'entered whole-heartedly into all corps activities from P. S.-ing to Boodle Fights. Then the First Class went to Fort lVright and for one week we were Lords of Creation. The period was brief, but it gave us ample opportunity to demonstrate llbeyond a reason- able doubtll that we were just like Yearlings had always been. It was about this time Brother Kunz learned that it wasnlt sufficient to bone tlnuisance." in order to get the coveted job; he discovered that it was also necessary to "throw up" to the adjutant. And the memory of many hours of labor lost still burns within his soul. Back to barracks we came again with the light of the Furlough lVIoon strong in our eyes, for were we not THE furlough class? Yes, we were, and furthermore we were 'the only ones impressed by the fact. Another Navy victory! Things were surelycoming our way now. Christmas leave came and went, its brightness dimmed by the glare of a furlough seemingly just beyond. And then the balmy spring days when we gathered according to custom around Battle lVIonument and gave vent to our furlough-sick sentiments while gazing longingly 0n the bright lights of Newburgh. At last the long-looked-for time came round. As we donned our cits once more, shoved our hands in our pockets, looked backward on a vanishing Wlest Point and forward to a summer of pleasure we realized in the fullness of our spirits that life in all its gilded glory lay before us. We wouldnit have Changed places then with the Duke of the Sanjac of Noviwbazar or the King of the Cadet Store. Not much! For there is not a potentate in all the universal system who ranks the same section as a Furlough Man. You betcha! The summer passed rapidly. Just how rapidly no one but a Furlough Man will ever know. We played for a while on the silver lining, but one day we slipped ' down into the gloomy cloud beneath and never stopped "iLiuah" M. h u 44 The 191a HOWTZ -+. till we bumped into the sharp edge of August 30th and peacefully went to sleep over a Mechanics book. . . However, we were not seriously injured tat least most of us werenltl and within a few weeks we had so far recovered that we spoke almost civilly to our room mate and quit cussing the mail dragger just because he artlessly yelled: ltNo mail for the 3rd floor, sirltl Then were we disappointed in our Second Class course. We foresaw pre-historic mon- sters waiting to grab our precious tenths, and endless labor without intermission for a skag, in short we expected an Academic Beast Barracks. But theibluiic soon wore off and the fair treatment we received made up for the extra hours of toil. We lived the life of a llcarefree second classman with nothing on our mind? V , Christmas leave was a welcome break, and we solemnly swore, to the horror of the Year- lings, that it was worth a month of Furlough. ' ' .r - Our days of ctChemistry, Rocks and Mid Night Rides, Spanish and Drawing and Gym" at last came to a closee1916 was about to leave us. We could scarcely realize that soon we would add , ' , another and the final ' one to the stripes on our sleeve; that we would attain the goal of our endeavors; that we would be First Classmen. But the days went on just the same and the sun didntt even blink when we took the burden from 1916 and started to do our duty as we thought it should be done. At first it was a little lonesome and we felt our importance and responsibility, but we soon became . izatixsgfesagghe W m W Then came that glorious season of rumors. If a day passed without bringing with it an infallible sign that we would graduate within the week, that day we counted wasted, Time and again our hopes rose to the highest pitch and just as often they fell to earth with a dull, sickening thud. Oh, the pleasant afternoons when, beneath the shade of the trees around Kosciuskds Monument, we puzzled our brains with tactical problems instead of whiling away the summer hours in more agreeable occupations. Even tlburshinglt by the numbers didntt quell our spirits and we lived on serenely in our fooFs paradise. Then Quarantine came as a sort of damper to our enthusiasm, and a couple of monthst isolation brought us gently back to earth. The F ort Wright trip was a welcome relief and was just as good as a vacation; the weather was ideal Gor everything except shooting? and we made the most of the oppor- tunity. Even Cupe Yuill busted into society. . ' - But all things come to an end, and thatls what happened to our First Class Camp. One hne morning we carefully piled four hats on our head, slung the mirror over our shoulder and with a bucket in one hand and our best dresscut in the other we set out bravely fo'i' 45 Th g H ' W Ii T A n . .i 2191 O J barracks. The last leg of the journey had commenced. We took a new interest in studies now and even drills appeared to have some value, for the end was almost in sight. The Navy game rolled round again and we held Our breath in awful suspense while we hoped and yelled for a glorious Four Straight. And while we snake-daneed around the field after the game and light-heartedly threw our best cap across the goal posts, our cup of happiness seemed about filled. Other classes may have been bigger, better or brainier, but durned few of them have witnessed four Navy games and felt happy after each. Christmas leave came, welcome as always, and this time, contrary to all tradition, even those who stayed behind got a little enjoyment out of life. Instead of camping wearily on the radiator and piping the return of the more fortunate ones, a regular schedule of events served to make the time pass more quickly and tolessen that lonesome feeling. And then the magic year that for so long had seemed like a myth was upon us, and as we wrote 19 17 at the top of our B-aches we almost forgot the Tlskinh below. The days went by tranquilly enough, but there was always tor nearly alwaysl the ring on our hnger that told us our year had come at last. And as we gathered in the First Class Club we almost got reminiscent about the good old days when we were underclassmen. After we captured the Indoor NIeet we settled down to wait for June. Rumors were thicker than ever now. but we were sophisticated and refused to bite. And then the impossible happened, the thunderbolt struck square in our midst. It is unbelievable that the dream of kaydets year after year is about to come true for us. We pinch ourselves and each other to make sure we are awake and that it isnit a pre-reveille dream. And it isnlt; after months of expectant waiting we are to graduate early. But mixed with our rejoicing there is a more serious note, for graduation brings re- sponsibilities, too. This is a critical time, Our Country has need of us, and What the future may have in store is hidden in mystery. But as we say llGood-byel, to our Alma Mater, and start on our separate ways, it is the fervent wish of every member of the Class of 1917 that every other member will be tried and not found wanting, but will do his Duty, with Honor, for his Country. ttNruvr Again " 46 Qllarp ?gihhg Armztrnng ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA Appointed from First District 1 MINNESOTA iiARMYh Acting Corporal,Se1geant,Expert Rifle- man, Football Squad Oi, Outdom Meet lQl, Hockey Squad t3,Q,D, ' Monogram, Cullum Hall 1D. F IRST came into prominence in plebe camp when as the first man in the class talphabetically Speakingj he drove a section every time there was a section to be driven. As a result of his early show of efficiency: he blossomed out the following summer as a regular, honest-to-goodness acting-corporal with all kinds of brilliant prospects. But alas for his hopes! He was led astray one night out at Lake Mahopae by one J immy Green and never recovered his former prestige. However, Amy is a hard, conscientious wmker who believes in doing his share, - and little disappointments don t bothel him; witness his work on Cullum Hall and then on the hockey team Like most other mere mortals he 1s fond of hops, and it is even said that he believes, for a time at least, everything that any femme may tell him. . I In one respect C is 21 Max; he will always take a hint. For once, upon finding a gentle, tactfully worded remark 011 his Spanish notebook to the effect that his composition would look better written in ink, he ve1y obligingly rewrote it and turned it in; . 4'7 iHHaruil Gimme: Armatmng WASHINGTON, D. C. Senatorial Appointee e ' DELAWA RE ttVENUSt, lVIarksman, Football Squad OD, Polo Squad Oi. 00K at it! Did you ever see anything like it before? I Will guarantee that you never did. Some of the fellows call him Venus, but the name does not seem to gain much of a. foothold. Marvil has kept to himself most of the time he has been here, and is not so very well known throughout the class, but those of us Who do know him, know him as a hard worker. Last spring he decided to become a polo player. They say he used to straddle his radiator and practice the strokes With his polo mallet. However that may be, he is now one of our best players. He has been the cause of many of Asa Pope,s outbursts along poetical lines, and he was also once sentenced by a, court martial convened by the same runtly gentle- man. He has always been a staunch supporter of the bucks, and even the unusually large plebe class did not. afford the Com ample opportunity to give him a make. However, the area is practically unknown to him. He is going to take the cavalry, and we guess that is as good a branch as any for a married man. 48 mama Kemp Igarrnll, 3h: FT. MOULTRIE, SOUTH CARO- LINA ' Appointed from First District of MARYLAND ttKEGSh . Acting Corporal; Corporal, Company Quartei mastei Sei geant V1211 Lsman Hundredth Night 01, Camp 11- iumination 1D. and yea1ling camp found him one of those few of the Com s o'wn Who for a short week wow the red sash 0f authOIity MORRIS being an 211 my boy came to West Point determined to wear chevrons, But a disirIclination to wield the quill goeth not with sth rank, so later lists found him fallen from his erstwhile place of preference. However, he has by his unfailing good humor, and earnest Wqu for the suc- cess of Hundredth Night, won a place in the hearts'of his classmates. And in our memories of W'est Point and of our Classmates none Will be more pleasant than those of this chee1fu1, energetic 1316 from South Carolina, and we all. join in Wishing him the success VShiCh We know 11 111 be his. 4 49 iRnhprt 133. Eathhumt WILLIAMSPORT, PEN N SYLVANIA Appointed from Fifteenth District PENNSYLVANIA i - scBan Acting Corporal 630, Corporal Qt, Lieu- tenant and Quartermaster tD, Sharp- shooter, Football Squad M,3,2,D, In- door lVIeet 014,2L Furlough ShOW and Banquet Committee, HOWITZER Board, Business NIanager H andbook, Hundredth Night Staff. pushing on all of our class enterprises, so now its his turn to get out in front and lead When we'get our sheepskins. He is a natural born engineer, domi- ciled in the upper sections. Early in plebedom he gave evidence of these tenden- cies. Out at surveying he discovered that if a telescope gave an inverted image, all that should be done to bring the image upside down would be to turn the telescope upside down. The hotel porch has oft echoed to his passing footsteps, and mail draggers have been known to stop and recuperate after delivering Bob,s letters. Yes! he is versatile, although he never did hook with the consistent tea-hounds. BOB is our Class President. During the past years he has been behind and He has evinced a strong leaning towards a mounted branch, but may, how- ever, take the engineers. Whatever the choice. we know that Bob will deliver the goods. 182x Mehh Ewalvg LINDEN, TENNESSEE Appointed from Eighth Distribt TENNESSEE . ttREXii . Acting Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Marksman, Basketball Squad ML Class Sabre Team t3, 2L Polo Squad, Plebe Detail, leough Banquet Committee AVE you got Dir. Beasley in that squad? Well, make sound off? Thus it was that Rex first thrust himself upon us When the Yearling Corps in dear old Camp Larned found amusement in his sweet, girlish warble; and now, Witness the change, for who would suspect that the adjutant of the first bat once chirped like a Vassarine cheering the chess team to Victory His voice, however, was the. only effeminate thing about him texcept perhaps his looksi, as his activities in Corps athletics soon showed. As a plebe he turned out for basketball and baseball, but fencing has alWays been his long suit and he has held down a place on the class team for three years. Occasionally he indulges in a little ealamity-howling like the rest of us, and it,s as good as the movies to ' see him getting ready for a hop. Honest-to-goodness he makes as muchtfuss as if he were going to be married. Even three months of tibmshingb by the numbers didnt kill his love for h015es and he 5 still strong for the mounted se1vice 51 Gtwrgp $7. 13213th HONESDALE, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from F ourteenth District PENNSYLVANIA HPOPU Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Marksman, Indoor Nleet t4,3,2,D, Outdoor Meet tQJL Numerals, Base- ball Squad tQJL Manager of Base- ball Team, Plebe Detail. platoon of poor plebes? itOh, that,s Pop Beurketf, iiVVell, dear, you must never put his name on my card, for I refuse to meet him. He is the most brutal man With those poor plebes, I ever saw? 3 FEBHVIE said last July "Who is that bald-headed man in front of that Does that give a poor impression? Well, it need not, for Pop is far from being brutal, as that femme found out later on. His actions with the plebes were just a lot of noise in order to keep up his iibhlft'fi One thing we can say about Popehe is efiicient. N 0t eflicient in that small, lonesome way, but he has aeshall we say large eEiciency? What has to be done-he does it, and it is done to the best of his ability. However, just so you won't think Pop is a paragon of virtue-for he is notenever start an argument with him. If you do, you will lose, or die arguing. In regard to Pop,s ttaffairs de coeuri, they are as the sands of the sea. He has fallen in love and out again so many times, that it is like sleeping to him. His motto is, iiYou see, it is better to have loved and lostP-e- Pop is going to be of the C. A. C. and we can congratulate, or so we think, the C. A. C., for Pop Will live up to its traditions. 152mg $amhlp Elark WASHINGTON, D. C. Appointee at Large llPERCYll Acting Corporal, Corporal, First Ser- geant, Expert Rifleman, Cullum Hall till, Numerals, Managers Monogram, Indoor Meet. l3l, Editor Y. M. C. A. Handbook ill, Stage Manager VHun- dredthl Night ill, Manager Basketball ill, Camp Illumination ill. Times? one would almost swear that Percy Black and deadbeat were syn- onymous, and that mattress-drill was his one and only diversion. Buteif you jump at conclusions you areusually tripped up-and that is exactly what happens here! 'For, among the pile of ochial papers on his..desk you could find letterheads marked iiY. DI. C. AJ' iiHOWITZERf ilBugle N otesf'l llAthletic Coun- CIII, besides the usual conglomeration of morning reports, B-aohes and dining per- mitSeand Percy used them all, and used them well, And in spite of all the many things that filled up Percyis days, never did a yearling or a plebe tie things up but that their top-sergeant was ready to drop everything and help them out of their troubles. When liP. G? joins his regiment, we suppose thatlpeople will jump at a conclusions there as they did here, but there as here they'will change andPercy Will come into his own again. For there are few men who left more friends behind than did this iiblushing young soldierll when ,he tookihis diploma and bid West Point farewell, and all of them join ineliPercy, here,s how? ON FIRST acquaintance with this llblushing young soldierh ta la New York EHramiz $ranpa Ennham LIBERTY MILLS, VIRGINIA , Appointed by Special Act Congress ttPETEtt Corporal, First Sergeant, Captain, Expert Riheman, Baseball Squads 01,3,2,D, Boxing Qt, Monogram, Board of Governors F irst Class Club. Captain. Rather varied accomplishments those and truly typical of the man Who has them. For, at the bottom of success in each of them, lies the conscientious effort that Bonham has put into them all. 5 CLEVER boxer, the best shot in the Corps, a good ball player and a Cadet Pete came to us from the Class of 1916. He had a truly terrible afEiiity for demerits in his iirst yearling year, and fell by the wayside in stDisW But the strength of character that is his is shown by the spirit of ttcome-back't Which he has exhibited since his re-installment. How successfully he has done this is mani- fested by the large amount of gold that he wears on his sleeves. Have you ever seen a man Who indulged in ttmattress-drillW and still loved to work? That is Bonham. W'hatever he does, he does thoroughly whether it be sleeping, or ttworking out" at the gym. The eagerness With Which he tackles the hardest sort of work rather makes one feel that it isn'tt going to last. But it is, for if there is one predominant trait in old Pete it is his ttstickability? 54 Eng 'iflinhzag Enmlin TULSA, OKLAHOMA Appointed from First District OKLAHOMA h I ccANNs; Sergeant, Sharpshooter, Choir t4,3,2,D,I - Hundredth Night tD t ' S HE himself has said, being of a generous nature, Roy Lindsay Bowlin, Esq., offered himself to his country at the age of nineteen, and after being duly searched and uniformed became an inmate of this, our academy.' Former associates failed to recognize in the demure cadet the Don Juan of former" days, for ttis said that in his podunk town the name of Roy Bowlin-is the signal for calling out the reserves. After a varied career in sections both high and low, Cadet Bow- lin at last emerges as a F irst Class Sergeant. e As for the man himself he dislikes to attend reveille, has fixed opinions about the Tactical Department, and it is really musieal to hear his thoughts on the Corps of Engineers. Roy never Will write essays on the literatureof ancient Greece, nor will he Win prizes for works in Theology. These are not in his line, but for an all- around, commonsense guy he is hard to beat. He likes t6 be theatrical at times, but has a sense of humor that cuts down the encores, and althot he likes Bowlin- we all deehe Will admit whentBowlin ties it up; And he lets you have your own opinions: . ' H $amupl Einkmnn Erahhnrg, 3112 VVAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS Appointee at Large ILLINOIS CSBRAD35 Acting Corporal, Corporal, Company Quartermaster - Sergeant, Li e ute n an t , Sharpshooter, Basketball Squad t4,3t, Numerals in Basketball, Cullum Hall Squad, Numerals HQ, Interclass Cham- pionship Fencing Team Bat, Monogram in Fencing, Choir 01,3,2,D, Camp Illumi- nation Committee. ERE he comes, the inevitable gloom-destroyer. In our inmost heart we have often cherished the fond desire of killing tor otherwise less severely punishing the man who exhibits signs of enjoyment in that tragic period of sleep-be- fogged obscurity that comes between reveille and breakfast, but then, maybe hes not to blameeheis still' got a strong post-furloughy look in his eyes, and is boning the Coast. If we were a lawyer we would call this a ttpreponderanee of evidence." but not being said lawyer we merely conclude that the boy is in love and let it go at that. For years, Brad has been the backbone of our fencing team, and twice tor maybe thricet has been a big factor in bringing the championship to our Class. If you want a little uplift-the kind doesnt matterejust start an argument With him; he,11 gladly explain the intricacies of the universal system, the proper way to do a Russian dance, or the beautiful things that are to be seen in this, our highland home. Was our above conclusion correct? 56 Aarnn Erahaham 3Jr. WASHINGTON, D. C. Appointee at Large I ttBRAD,i Sergeant;- Marksman; Boxing Squad, P010 Squad. femmes take notice. Even Billy Redfield and ttLov? Mullins watch their step When Brad is in the limelight, for as all femmes know, 01' soon learn to know on reaching the Point, he 15 the star fox- trotter of the Corps. To see him in his glory supremeb Cyo over to Cullum any hop Iiight BRADSHAVVeyes, Bradshaw, Brad, 01' Hawk, jiist mention either, and the This gentleman from the City is reserved, too. Sleep is an essential scarcely reverenced by anyone so much as by him. Eight P. M., an elevation of feet, a close union of facial elements, swishw e e, swish, and. the day is done. In the above we have a man, independentyquick of thought andt action, never worrying about tenths, but always able to produce When that is necessary; esteemed by his 001ps mates, stliVing ever to attain higher ideals4a man ready to meet difficulties When they come, and battle for the right Eranria mirhapl Erpnnan O1NEILL, NEBRASKA Appointed from Sixth District NEBRASKA 1tMIKE, Sergeant, 'Sharpshooter, Hundredth Night Staff. - IKE, the infallibleeif Brennan says His so, don,t believe it. You have before you now, gentle reader, a compendium of universal information; a human encyclopedia. If you want to know who will win the war, what the score of the N avy game will be, Who invented reveille 01' why Washington crossed the Rubiconeask Mike-and 11e111 tell you. He may not know, but hell tell you j ust the same. The amazing point about this hard-looking Irishman is the ability he displays in concealing a boundless good humor and a. wealth of human sympathy behind a would-be grouch. His two chief delights in life are boning muck and picking an argument. No, there is no connection between the two and 1165 really not half as fierce as he looks. In fact, he,s quite docile at times and twice has he dragged to hops. Rumor says that somebody calls him 111ny little Michaud.n but of course we WOHUE vouch for that. 58 1511mm Qlaffep iEnmm CARTHAGE, MISSOURI Appointed from First District OKLAHOMA ttBROWNIEh Company Quarterrhaster-Sergeant, EX- pert Rifleman, Baseball Squad' 01,2,D, I Numerals, Choir t4,3,Q,D. i UST the right size, the bluest of eyes, light hair that was forever wanting to curl, a perfect complexion, even teeth, and a smile that would always help you over a bluish moment. No ,tis not the latest Follies, beauty of Whom we speak. It is our one and only Brownie. I It is queoer, sometimes, how large a portion of her blessings F ate will bestow upon one individual. Brownie, it seems, was present for every distribution of good things. His name on her hop-card always insured her a perfect evening, for in the words of a Tennessee beauty, ttHe shot can dantef, Then he can sing. His ex- pertis badge proclaims his marksmanhship, and only early graduation kept him from a baseball ttAiH line drives to the outheld were his specialty. , Best of all, though, Brownie is a man, a'real man, and a friend you wont re- place though you journey far and Wide. i Brownie, we are thankful 'that you were one of us. 59 Elgaul iganmrk ?Emmn SEATTLE; WASHINGTON Appointee at Large WASHINGTON VBROWNIEY tT. H.," ttMARY" Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Sharpshooter. N YONE desiring information concerning any doughboy formation, from the A execution of right face to the proper tactical employment of an Infantry Division, has only to ask, and ninety-nine times out of ninety-nine the 0f- ficial facts Will be forthcoming. Secure in the knowledge that nothing could pre- vent him from entering his chosen branch he has scorned tenth-grabbing in par- ticular and engineers in general. Given the proper inventive to bone he can do as much real work as anyone, but ordinarily a heavy correspondence or a mattress- drill is more to his liking, and he spends many a delightful hour specking an arm- ful 0f timetables that he has spread on the table before him, With the idea of cross- ing the continent for the n-th time and as soon after his graduation as possible. His ability to maintain and his enthusiasm for a conversational marathon are sec- ond only to the same qualities possessed by Jack Nygaard, but these character- istics manifested in his delight and efficiency in all things military Will go far toward making his work worth While Wherever he may be. 60 Militant Qbrmnnh Eutlpr MARIETTA, OHIO Appointed from FifteenthiDistrict i OHIO ' sBRUCEji sBENh Sergeant; Marksman, Football Squad M,3,D', iiAii Football, Football Team GLD, Basketball Squad 013$, Indoor iMeet M,3,QJ, Outdoor hieet M,3,QL Vigilance Committee. ii HERE ainit no one got much on Bruce? He has the size, weight, pep and T initiative. Whether he is playing football or arguingoa point'in engineering his ability is never questioned. A little hard luck came his way during the Second Class Year, and because of this, he walked from September till June. Still, outside of cussing everyone out in general, he was never heard to complain during this period of stress. He has. an interesting and. fluent line of talk When once started. He is openuhearted and Will give you anything heis got. Perhaps his most distinguishing characteristic is that he says and does just- What he thinks at all times. ' 's ' . 61 Alexanhpr Eumkiua Olamphpll AUSTIN, MINNESOTA Senatorial Appointee MINNESOTA ttALECKtt Sergeant, Sharpshooter, Cullum Squad tQi. tt MAN, it was one big hopeshe certainly is some Baby, believe meWe Thus speaks this young man after each hop, and, kind reader, pause but a moment to consider that there are fiftyesix hops per annum. Further- more, he is President of the ttNever-Miss-a-Hop-Club,i-can you conceive of it? Hincky Dink is a great old boy both with the femines and the hles. For the student of melancholia, gloom, or dejection he is a hard nut to crack. Aleck has never been able to get a neutral conception of depression. He is always on the crest and always insists that his friends join him there. ? To close is but to repeat, Aleck, old man, you have been a true friend, and when we all go our separate ways, we are going to miss you. Here,s how! 62 091mm 715mm Q'Larhmpll PORTLAND, OREGON Appointee at Large OREGON Toy F encing squad, Secretary 1916 Dialectic, Choir C4,3,2,D', Hundre'dth ah OX is the real A.B. 0f the class. Statistics show that he has walked from West Point to St. Paul in a little over 400 hours. Not many of us Will forget how a dragging formation disturbed his shimbers during Christmas Week, 1913. With a bucket of' water in hand he attempted a pursuit, unsystematically organized, and forgot to halt at Monk Gallagheris command. This resulted in a six months walk on the area. Again, as the result of a quiet siesta during a Spanish lecture, Where someone slipped him a de'merit too many, he slid back 1800-0n the circle, Which accounts for his being With us. If Rip Van Winkle only knew, he would look at him With envy. FOX has a love for statistics and figures, also for water and , motorboats. For this reason he is swinging like a pendulum between the Engineers and the Coast; But Whatever be his choice he' Will prove a'tvaluable acquisition , and is destined to be one mighty fine officer. . ' 63 ?mttrg 752mm Olhapman PACIFIC i GROVE, CALIFORNIA Appointee at Large UTAH t KHAA-NK91 hIarksman, Basketball Squad 00, P010 i Squad Oi. there the golden poppies Whisper To the lilies 0n the hill, And the roses join the laughter Of each passing stream and rill; Where the sun-kissed blue Pacific Breaks with gladness 0n the shore, Thatis the land of Henlefs birthplace And his home forevermoref, ANK is a son of the army, but don,t hold that against him. He is also jolly, gOQd-natured, With a well developed sense of humor, always happy and carefree. From this you might surmise that he is fat, but he isnt, although he is slightly inclined to excessive plumpness, and furthermore, he isn3t lazy; he simply doesnit know very much about Blechanics and hes afraid that if he works too hard heill bust one or two of the laws so lucidly set forth in that little book, and thereby render himself liable to be skinned. tiAnd why not the course. of least resistance? he argued once, uif it gets you there just the same?" So Hank is going in the Cavalry where the horse does the work. tThis is a joke, for everybody in the Cavalry knows the horse is merely a companion for the soldierJ 64 iEhmin. Enmarh Gllark FORT DES MOINES, IOWA Senatorial Appointee IOWA : hEGOn Sharpshooter. V S A quiet, solemn man With a purpose-Which cantt suppress- an occasional attempt at a bum grindeE. H. is a regular undertaker. He has anatural way of -soireeing a plebe Without hazing himevforuhe has also a firmly seated fear of that dread inquisition termed a hazing investigation. He hasntt been over-adorned with gold lace and the other things that the more fortunate of the pampered pets use to dazzle the fair ones, but we all cant be makes, and Egots philosophy prevents him from losing any of his sleep over chevrons. When that ttmorn of blue, dawns and our buck wakes up to hnd himself an officer he Will look back over four years of conscientious laboi that has at last found its reward. V t mark magnp Ollark CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Appointed from Third District NEW YORK ttOPIEl, Corporal, Sergeant, Lietltenant, Marks- man. PIE has all the characteristics that go to make a versatile kaydet, including a long string of ttOpiell and a typical ttAll Co. walk or rather gaiteit being a well-known fact that only the runts know how to walk. He is also an ex- cellent purveyor of BS. and of more or less interesting rumors. By the way, no rumor ever suffered the diminution of its pristine splendor from having passed through Opie,s hands tor mouthl. . He is always careful to give out said rumor at least as good as it was When he got it. Occasionally he delves into hop life; then again he sallies forth from around the goats, and soars up into the sacred precincts of the first section, but hes so tall naturally that added height makes him dizzy and he slides right back again. On a hike during F irst Class Camp, Opie managed to get tangled up in an artillery chariot which tried to climb a stone wall on two wheels, and as a result he missed the Fort Wright trip. His optimistic viewpoint of life in general remained unchanged, however,f0r Opie is bound for the Doughboys, and ltWhold go in the Coast, anyway?" Furthermore, Opie is one of the class twins, for after a long and indecisive battle with Collins to determine Which is' the younger, it was decided' to split the honors. 66 g?nlnmnn ZHnntP Qllark DALLAS, TEXAS L Appointed from Thirteenth District TEXAS :tSEFaaay ccsOLn . Acting Corporal BL Expert Rifleman. EFS childhood toys were prairie-dogs and transits. But when he grew up, Texas became too small for him and West Point found another hopeful clam- - oring at her gates. Sef has changed. Jimmie is his idol because he advocates selective promotion. With Jimmie as Chief of Engineers, and Solomon next in line, affairs would ever be tranquil t0. In the meantime he amuses himself with the bored, blase' air of Reginald Van Ten Eyck; uttering Berhard Shaw cynicisms with a Faversham accent. His only desire for heaven is a smooth cloud, Bern- steints orchestra, Frances White 011 a straight hop-card, a magnum of gold-seal, and a dinner-coat. Here on earth, existence is measured by the supply of silver spurs, cordovan boots, and thorobreds. Showing fortitude in times of stress, i. e., When driving the bucks; spooniness, though ignored by the tacs tthe pipe-Iine trailA leads not to gloryh knowledge enough 'under the iron-hand of the Engineering pests; a democratic spirit unto the extent of those same pests;;w0uld we had more like - ttMe, Jeff Steiner, and Robert EDLeef 67 3161111125 Arthur anhe SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA Appointed from Fourth District CALIFORNIA itJACKh Sharpshooter, Indoor Meet MQL Tennis Squad tQL Cullum Hall Squad, N um- erals MO, Choir t4,3,Q,D, Hundredth Night H30, Camp Illumination ML Camp Illumination Com- mittee UL Color Line t4,3,D. ACK is a man of genius, a man of strange, almost unearthly ideas, and Who always is firmly convinced that they are practical. Occasionally one does materialize and he comes across with something good. For this reason he has been a strong factor'in the color line and Hundredth Night ever since his ad- vent to West Point. And when it comes to argument, say-he can make most any of tern set up and take notice. iTis said that he sold an agent of Young Bros. one of their own hats With his convincing line and received an offer of a job as salesman in consequence. And we who have heard him talk can readily believe it. At times he is blase, but he always gets away with it, and any J13rst classman that has studied law properly will tell you that anything is all right if you can get away With it. As an afhcionado of athletics, Jack is in a class by himself, and his lusty warble from the bleachers forms the backbone of the Cheering section: itSome pep, you betcha, boy, 68 dJnhrt 51mm Glnlp CHARLOTTESVILLE, V IRGINIA Appointed at Large 1 iiTUPPERb Corporalh Shaipshodt'er, Football Squad tQJL fAii UL Basketball Squad t4,3,2,- D, Captain tD, Monogram w, In- ,door 'Meet 61$, Outdoor Meet tQL Choir t4,3,2,D,rClass Cheer Leader, Camp Illumination tD. i BIG voice, a cheerful disposition and a rare judgment of women and horses have made Tupper one of the most popular men of the class since, his advent into the Academy. Tupper has always had a position of leadership among us, Whether it be in athletics, spooning, or academic work. He was picked early for a make, but frequent and distressing altercations With the T. D. have decided otherwise. All his slugs Tupper has taken like a man, and his natural cheerfulness has never been' dampened in the least by his many leaguesrdf walking. The only part that really hurt him was the amount of shoe leather expended. But it is in athletics that Tupper comes most in prominence. Ever since his plebe days he has been playing basketball, ending With the captaincy 0f the team. In football after two hard years on the scrubs he won the A, and 1n both the indoor and outdoor meets the class has always been well represented by him. His Vitality 15 amazing. T upper is in for a mounted branch, for there is noth- ing on four legs that has eve1 mastered him, and Whether it be the Field or Cavalry he 1s sure to hold as firm a place 1n the hearts of his comrades as he has won in those of 17 69 3111521311 Eamtnn Glnllitta NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Appointed from Second District LO UISIANA ttJOEh Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Marks- man, V.C., Class Baby, P010. PTIMIST Supreme, Apostle of the Joy of Living iexcept at reveillei is Joe 0 of New Orleans With a slight inflection on the itor? He and Opie Clark have not settled the question as to Who is the classebaby. Joe claims the honor as the result of an exhaustive struggle with a Phil Dept. time sheet and a six place 10g table. His hobbies are few, brieflyeitthe search for the best plebe in the Corpsf, fresh air, and highbrow literature. He also played Polo once, but iiby gorryH it took up too much time. First Call! Sonny emerges from a volume of Browning, claps his hands Vio- lently once or twice, and proceeds to smash, knock, rip, 'and tear anything in a. direct line between himself and the washstand. The same Violent action accom- panies the sputtering, birdlike washing process. This little incident is thoroughly typical of Joe,s cadet lifeehrst, concen- tration and decision, second, rapid and hearty action. When it comes to firing data, the Prussian Hussar never had a more faithful follower, for the F ield is the branch of our herds choice. 70 maltvr $311.25 Glnmptnn ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI. Senatorial Appointee from , MISSOURI uBATEsa, Corporal; Expert Rifleman, Polo Squad, Indoor Meet 01,3,2L Outdoor Meet GLQL Polo Representative. ' OME are born into iteothers acquire iteand still others have it thrust upon themi, meaning of course, the Cayahy Bates was born intoit-has spent a lifetime acquiring it, and 111 June Will probably round things out by being thrust into it. W hen he has been able to tear himself away from horses and p010 he has done a bit more than his share in the swimming, indoor and outdoor meets. The usual line about tea-hghting, etc., applies to Bates, and he possesses all the symptoms of the species snakus. In studieslheifloats about in the happy me- dium, neither basking in the light of Academic stars nor stubbing his toe on the brink.Furtherm01-,e he believes that the only proper way of beginning, continu- ing, 01 ending anything 1s by means of iskagii Bates goat is of the stay- -at- home variety, but if. you d like to take it out to lunch, ask him something about the Signal Corps and tying telegraph lines to the side of the road. '71 3Jnhn mtzleg Glunfpr, 3Jr. HOLLIDAYSBURG, PENNSYL- VANIA Appointed from Nineteenth District PENNSYLVANIA ttTUBBYf ttHERPQt ttOlVIAR,, Sharpshooter, Football Squad H,?Q, In- door NIeet t4,3,Q,D, Outdoor Meet t4,3,2,D, Numerals,- Wrestling $JL Coach, Cullum t2,D. HE Falstaff of 1917ebut no, gentle reader, do not form a mental picture of a great tttubh of human flesh Whose only attribute is his fund of good nature and interesting taleSefor John is one of our ttreal men? Until Fate aihicted him with a bum knee he was making himself known on the gridiron, and even the flat tire didntt stop our Tubby from doing a few things in Tom Jenkins, beauty parlors. A few of the heavyweights can tell you Whether they want to meet ttJawn,, in a rough and ready tumble. You ask for his weakness? Ah-ttis not well known, but the thoughts recorded in a Senior 0. G. book one Christmas Eve hint of a feminine influence. We wonder! ! 7Q Nnrman Eunipll anta CHELSEA, MASSACHUSETTS Appointed from Ninth District MASSACHUSETTS ttDUTCHh Corporal; Sergeant, Lieutenant, Sharp- shooter, Cullum, t4,3,2,D, Captain Cullum, Outdoor Meet 00, Num-' erals, Wrestling QJ.- AT, as his llwifell named him tnot inappropriatelyl, is a regular guy. From the start he impresses you as being a fellow Who is shrewd and capable-broad- minded and on the square. Oh! and how the ladies like him! It has always been a wonder to llBl, Company how Cota gets away With it. Dutch is some ef- y hcient cuss, too, ask Duro if he isnt, but he never advertises it. He is one of the thomls own? but that never hurt him a miter As for his rank, Why he takes it all With the bashfulness of a J une bride. And say, talking about your June brides. Ah yes! The llCoasW is a line life? . As the four-year bride of a notorious roommate, Dutch showed that the heroes of martyrdom are not all dead yet, but he vows that from now on he,ll rule With an iron mitt. But then What can you expect, When such a pair of bean-eaters ase Cota and Mahoney team up together. As a baseball fan, Fat has them stopped before they begin to compete, and he knows more facts about baseball than there are points Vin an Engineering lesson. His'Worst and most terrible experienceellGee, I dreamed 1-was ranked into the Cavalry? 73 Qlarlptnn anultpr, Er. BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Senatorial Appointee MARYLAND ttCOLOR CORPtt Sergeant, Expert Rifleman. N THE far-off days of plebe year he would have been offended by any other title than Cadet Color Corporal Carleton Coulter, J12, sir! In the first days of Yearling Camp a certain buck was bemoaning the fact that the Com had gummed his poop sheet and left him off the list of lance corporals. Those who really know Carleton, know that he is too young to be a real hard guy, but they also know he always gets the thing he starts out after. Just ask him how he foxed the Spanish Department out of a Christmas leave, Whether the fam- ous trigger squeeze had anything to do With his expert badge or Whether constant attendance at hops makes one a real snake. The way he can get out of triple drag- ging formations is quite remarkable. Although he has always declined the tactical walk given under the super- vision of the T. D. on XVednesdays and Saturdays he insists on taking the dough- boys Where he will walk forever. He has never boned files, but his capacity is well shown by his high standing in Drill Regs. In the language of the vernacular hes a cute child, but youtll always find him a hard worker. 74 William Marmirk anwgill LINCOLN, NEBRASKA ' Appointed from First District NEBRASKA . ttWEE WILLIE," VtCLAWHAMMERF ttBILLYh Marksman, Cullum Hall Squad t4,3,VQ,D, Numerals, Polo Squad, Fencing Squad ' tD, Camp Illumination tD. OESNtT he seem sour and downcast. Well, you cantttalk to him before break- fast, that is you carft get him to talk. He arrived With the rest of us in Beast Barracks. We soon learned that we hada Lieutenantpf the Nebraska Na- tional Guard in'our midst. He is a cavalryman, at least he intends to join the cav- alry. He gained fame for himself at Popolopen by trying to ride Dynamite, a gentle government mule. Instead he rode in the ambulance. At another time he rode P. Miche, a most docile animal, and succeeded in'. dead-beating ih the hospital for two weeks. He played football on Cullum for four years. Plays golf a little and spoons a I great deal. e " ' He has kept the bottom in the class in Spanish and French, always being the goat. t - ' ' V 75 . Elm Aham Olmmp NIANGUA, MISSOURI Appointed from Sixteenth District MISSOURI itCRUMPYtt Sergeant, Color Sergeant, Sharpshooter, Basketball Squad 010, Numerals, Middleweight Wrestling Champione ship tQi, NIonogram. N DER a calm, sedate and dignified exterior is hidden a strong character With a fixed and definite purpose in life, all this we find in our hardy friend from Niagarael mean Niangua-hiissouri. He will always go out of his way to argue With you on any subject from the pronunciation of a simple English word to.the reason why the Supreme Court of the United States erred in their decision on the case of U. S. vs. Heinrich. In the gym he Will be found hanging around the wrestling room waiting to initiate some person, his size or smaller, into the mys- teries of the wrestling game. To the other sex he appears bored and indifferent and rarely graces the hops with his presence, but it is said that his letters are many and they come from the same town in Missouri, written in handwriting distinctly feminine. The field is his choice and he carries With him the best wishes of his classmates for his success Wherever he may go. 76 313111111111 Elierria Ennipla BURLINGTON, VERMON T Appointed from First District VERMONT ' sJOExf .eLINKii Acting Corpo1al,Sergeant,A..,B Marks- man, First Class Pistol Shot, Ind001 Meet 00. i EHOLD, gentlemeneat real New England Yankee! Link is proud of his native State and often holds forth With astounding arguments about the life- producing, man-making qualities of the frozen forts 6f the Green Mountains. Nevertheless, When on FurlouOh he once blistei ed his hands and wea1ied his back by rowing acros's Lake Champlain In a small boat just to make a landing on the New York sh01e. His Bull Durham and his fiddle both make his house popular; but both get him into trouble. He walked two months on account of the finding of the fatal papers, and his 1everence for Tchaikowski and Dvorak puts hi1n beyond the apple- ciation of the Yearling hopoid. , Above all, ' don t compliment him on his chevrons, for his title of siub- div 0f the upper floors of the seventh division 18 but an empty honor to one Whose com- pany is domiciled In N 01th Barracks. , 7'7 William Emmet Enughprtg. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Appointee at Large ttBILL,t Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Sharpshooter. HIS quiet individual came to us as a plebe With a determination to be a make, and he began by landing an acting corp. Itts very nearly the bottom of the ladder, but Bill says that we have to begin somewhere, and to show his real intentions he began as soon as he could. Since then-well just look at. those hand- some ttloottst, chevrons that grace his upper arm. W'e d01ft know whether his ambition was of this nature because of the power of ehevrons with the ladies, 01' Whether his was the thirst for glory. Anyway, he got what he wanted. Not a specoid, Bill has never had any trouble sticking tiup With the boys? and more than the average store of tenths have been his. Hereis luck, Bill! 78 SJH-hn 11138111112111 Ermine PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND Appointed from Second District K RHODE ISLAND sJOHN'NY" Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Expert Rifieman, First Class Pistol Shot, Baseball Squad, Numerals in Baseball, HQ, F encing Squad GD, Wrestling Squad 00," HOWITZER Board, Cheer Leader, Hundredth Night Staff tD. , APPINESS was a stranger to J ohnny until the day he discovered that he was H at least, a centimeter taller than Ducky Foltz; since then his stature has never bothered him despite'the fact'that he has to resort to Fatty Grub,s tactics in climbing aboard his caballo. But-hei has still another alibi, for is not his domicile in the State he calls-n0t Rhode Islandebut Rho Dyland? He takes life quite seriously and has always been a hustler While among us. He has taken part in our many activities, besides his successful pursuit of the tenth, as the short story after his name will testify. But even that Will not do justice to his ability in that king of sports, P. Swing! nor to his aptitude for writing verse that V rivals that of Eddie Popee-how can I praise itvmore? And,..more0ver, we have it that his spec in Ordnance made Spec Irwin register envy! Such versatility is cer- tainly his most valuable asset. 79 EHramia Eugene Enughprtg GLENWOOD, MINNESOTA Appointed from Seventh District MINNESOTA eSWEDEe Sharpshooter, Indoor Meet t3,Q,D, Choir mew. QUIET, efficient, independent sort of a chap is Swedeehrst captain of the bucks. You,ve got to know him to like him, and after youive known him for awhile you wonder why it took you so long to realize What a fine fellow he is. For the last three years he has been active on the gym squad and generally manages to add a point or two to our total. Unlike most of us, tenths never bother him, he gets them When he wants them and Without half trying. Ever ready to help a goat, heill sacrifice his own interests to show some less hivey classmate how it's done, and hell do it in that whole- hearted, unselhsh manner that shows him at his true worth. One thing is lacking in his nature, he doesnit know how to curry favor, and boning bootlick is beyond his ken. Consequently, the T. D. overlooked him dur- ing most of his career, but at last he received his reward and was chosen to march with itCi, C0. and show them how they do it in the millionaire squad, thereby winning for himself a unique honorethe first busted buck. 80 William mung Eagles ALBION, INDIANA Appointed from Twelfth District , INDIANA tiBIRDIEii Acting Corporal, Corporal, SergeantgLieua tenant, Sharpshooter, Indoor Meet tQ,D, Outdoor Meet t2,D. AY back in the reign of King Tubby Doe; Birdie Eagles gained beast bar- racks, fame. It all came about in this way: Birdie sat on some marking ink. It was only a pin head at first, but with the ingenuity of a beast he managed to scrub it nicely over the seat of his trousers. The cadet store was then called upon to complete the dirty work, but that discreet establishment refused to destroy the trou until Honus should ofiicially condemn them. Birdie scratched his head, smoothed out the wrinkles in his plebe skin, drew his chin gently in and received the inspiration invariably produced by such a process. Honus and the Monk from the poop d'eck were watching with fiendishsatisfaction the antics of Tubby,s awkward squad, when our beastie drew up to a smart attention in the area below. Then displaying the tail of his trou on his extended right arm, Birdie struck a pose that would rival Liberty. iiSir, I report for inspection of trousers, SirW he declared in the confiding tone of one who has maxed it. Honus took a single glance at him, and even lVIonk cracked a smile. iiMister Doe! Dek gare of dis manil was the ver- 4 dict, and Tubby took care of him. Kidded about this b1illiant formation, Eagles declared Vengeance on all the world It determined his future profession of kidding Andeoe' befall the man who once comes within the Eagles grasp. But B11d1e s grinds have always at least a tinge of humor, In Which most cadet grinds a1e sadly lacking. They are as spontaneous as the man himself. F01 Bi1die I is a happy sort of Eagleethe kind that live on a mountain top and fly in any weather, Fly on, Birdie, and may the goblins miss ye. 1 milliam $hmrt E111 SUFFOLK, VIRGINIA Appointed from Second District VIRGINIA eBILLe Corporal, Lieutenant, Expert Rifleman, Numerals, Cullum t5,4,3,2,D. HERE are men to be found everywhere Who never startle the community by a comet-like career, and yet, by persistent endeavor, always manage to at- tain their goal. .And such a one is Bill. He can discriminate between work and play, and does his share of both. Throughout his entire kaydet career he has been one of the mainstays of Cullum, and that means football Without the glamour. When it comes to mattress-drill, Bill is no slouch, either, and it is even said that he wore out his first issue and had to reinvest. His roommate has wasted much energy in waking Bill to go to class. This is just another sample of how thoroughly he does everything he puts his hand to. Quiet and reserved until you know him. When you know him youire sure to like him, and heill take a whole-souled interest in any plan or plot that. you may propose. 82 1111211 313mm Erlpr TERRA HAUTE, INDIANA Appointed from Fifth District INDIANA chEOn Corporal; Sergeant, Company Quarter- maSter-Sergeant, First Sergeant, Plebe Detail. ' HIN, back, chin back, shoulders back, shoulders beck? ad infinitum goes our sweet, pink complected Leo. What a terribly stern drill master he was! Gracious, we shudder at the thought, and then smile reminiscently When we think of the good hearty old-fashio'ned West Point welcomes that Leo dealt out so indiscriminatelyf in the balmy month of June; And Leo did tip that Beast Detail job just as he does up everything he puts his hand to, for When he starts doing some- thing his one idea is to hnish it properly, Whether it be sweeping the room or administering a midnight drag. ' He used to be conside1ed hckle and larely returned from leave Without show- ing the usual symptoms, but alas, tis said he met his Wateiloo the last time, and - now he doesn t believe itthey re all fickle, sir. Leo IS a sober, conscientious fellow, and even When he dissipates he believes that halfa glass is enough. 83 Glharlw Kent E3195 HONOLULU, OAHU Appointed from New Third District SOUTH DAKOTA itFOLLIESh Acting Corporal GD, Sharpshooter. OLLIES, the pride of 'the bucks, and we may still further add, the joy of the F female of the species who frequent the Point over week ends. He hails from Hawaii, and his tales of iWondrous Moons and enchanting sirens on the beach at Waikiki are as breezy as the beach itself. If you ever want to imagine yourself in the enchanted land of lotus eaters, just ask him about his furlough in Honolulu. The tacs were at once struck by this handsome lad and decided to make him one of their own, much to the joy of the plebes in Yearling Camp. But his genial disposition just would crop out at the wrong time, so he was released by the T. D. and returned to his friends. As a friend indeed, one need go no further, for his ever unrufHed and genial personality stamp him as a true prince. He aspires to be a doughboy and highflier; whether he goes ttwithf or not, remains to be seen. Go to it, F ollies! W eire pulling for you. 84 Olhriatian $ingrirh ZHHItz PALMYRA, PENNSYLVANIA Appointee at Large PENNSYLVANIA VDUCKYf ttFLOATS" Sharpshooter. 0 MARCH, yea even to double time, for four years alongside 0f Nuncle Eddie Pope, and still be calm, free from nervous breakdown, etc., is some accom- plishmentJ but Ducky has come through Without even a gray hair. His patience and perseverance have saved Eddie from rambling off the plain at dough- boy drill and also from rambling 0n the area; still our ungrateful Asa refers to him as the ttgross Dutchman? For entertainment in the gym, Ducky can furnish ttmore than the Turkf, as our estimable Tom de Jenk testified. He is our only walri, and When Torn slacks off on the swimming harness, poor Ducky scorns the Phil Departments presenta- ' tion of the laws of floating bodies and starts for the bottom 'with the sole idea of reducing the level of Lusk Reservoir as promptly as possible. I 85 Elbert 111mm Zliurh, 3Jr. MILFORD, CONNECTICUT Appointed from Third District CONNECTICUT tiLOUIEt Acting F irst Corporal, F irst Captain, Marksman, Football t4,3,2,D, ttAh in Football, Baseball mm, Hockey i4,3,2,D, Monogram, Captain Hockey Team, Out- door Meet t4,3,2i, Indoor Meet t4,3,2i, Northfield, New Yeafs Toastmaster, Pres- ident Board of Governors First Class Club. pair of bow legs, aNectorian countenance and aYankee disposition certainly equal it. And this is our Louie. Always congenial and a trifle reserved he has W011 his way, not by brilliance or by bootlick, but by the consistency of his ef- forts. As first captain he has solved the seemingly impossible problem of being satisfactory to the kaydets and the T. D. at the same time, and weHre got to give him credit for it. Louie smiles furtively at the mere mention of ndesert shores? and ttis said that at F ort Wright the smile lost most of its furtiveness. Q RED-HEADED cavalryman has been held to be a rare combination, but a But it is not as first captain we will remember him; rather will it be as a foot- ball player. Weill remember his long, high ttbootf his consistent work in the back- field, and the fact that for four years, in spite of injuries, he did his ttbitb to make it a glorious ttF our Straight? 86 Slams igmlmg Erin, EJr. FAIRFIELDi, CONNECTICUT Appointee at Large. V i eSHOAFe. Sergeant, Company QuartermasterSer- geant, Sharpshooter, Outdoor Meet ML Wrestling tQL Cullum Squad QL 'Foot- ball Squad tD, Numerals, President Dialectic Society, Author Hundredth N ight Book, Manager Hundredth N ight, Manager Camp Illumination, Fourth of July Oration. HOAF, the grand old philosopher, is the hardest working man in the Corps and, as is usual in such cases, the man Who gets the least credit for his labors. In his management oficolor- lines last summer he was a huge success; his movies have a rep even down into the heart of Highland Falls; and his Hundredth Night show was proclaimed a max even by the ttEii C0. critics. Whenever there,s any work to be done, it generally comes to Shoaf, and he does it quite as a matter of course. In spite of this he finds time to do his share on the football held and even fights a little tea occasionally. . We confidently predict that some day he Will be Chief of Staff, or Sup, or at. least, President. Did you ever hear What a certain femme said of Shoaf after his Fourth of July Oration? You didnit? It,s toe good to miss. gOh, isntt that Min Frier perfectly wonderful! I didnt know such genius existed in the Corps outside of the cadet officers? ' i ' ' And in some States women vote. Olharlpa 3311mm Gbnharht iWASHINGTON, D. C. Appointee at Large ttCHUCKt, Sergeant, Lieutenant, S h a r p s h o o t e r , Baseball t4,3,Q,D, Captain Baseball Team, Football GLD, Basketball tQJL Basketball Squad t4,3,2,1i, Indoor Meet HBL iiAi, in Football, ttAi, in Baseball, Monogram in Basketball, Outdoor lVIeet BL F urlough Banquet Committee, Y. M. C. A., H andbook Committee, Plebe Detail. would have thought that he would one day rise to such heights? Did you ask What heights? Well, just take a glimpse at that list of accomplishments above, and don,t show your ignorance of present-day history, for Charlie surely has been making history-for the last few years; and its the kind of history that a kaydet will remember a long time. Four navy games in baseball and two in foot- ball, not to mention basketball andindoor and outdoor meets, is a record that anyone might well be proud of. Even the T. D. took notice of it, and seeing Chuckas success at everything he put his hand to, decided to entrust iitheir pampered petsx' to his loving care. And Charlie forthwith added another to his string of achievements, and was made 3. Lieutenant as a reward. His list, howevert is faulty in one respecte it fails to show his prowess as a spoonoid. This is just a. sample of What furlough Will do to a man who is perfectly sound and sane. Before furlough, Charlie was immune, but HOWewell, theres something radically wrong if his string contains less than four. But never mind, Chuck, for there is safety in numbers, and we've seen you ticome across, far too often to doubt your ability in anything. WHEN little Charlie was in Shadis, trying to hive English Grammar, Who 88 31611111221 69mm $118211, 3h: WHITEWATER, WISCONSIN Appointed from First District IWISCOBIISIN sJIMMY? Sergeant; First Sergeant, Marksman, Fii'st Class Pistol Shot, Cullum GD, , Football Squad t2,1l, Ring Com-' mittee, Plebe Detail.' IMMY was the first of us to arrive in West Point; in fact, he got in at 6 A. M. so as to be sure to get a good room, and he has been Jimmy on- -the spot ever since. A popula1 fellow that anyone can get along With, even a few. bumps by the T. D. failed to affect his good nature In athletics youill always fll'ld him ready to do his share, although it certainly seems that'fate'is strong against him. For three successive years Jimmy has held a place on the football team and shown promise of developing into a star iibackfi but then, just When he was going best and the coveted llAii Was almost Within his grasp, something would happen, and unfortunate Jimmy would be out of the game for the season With injuries. But he never lost his sunny smile, and only those Who know What an llAii means to a kaydet can realize Jimmyis disappointment. V For awhile he was an ardent worshipper at the shrine of Terpsichore, but now, alas, he only goes on the llgreatli occasions. lTis rumored, indeed, that Jimmy is not fickle. Musical Numberellci, Compan'eeeeee-Fall iei-iei-n. 89 , Slantw illnum Genimt KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Appointed from Fifth District MISSOURI tlTUBBY,, Acting Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Expert Rifleman, Outdoor Meet th, Cullum Squad GD, Numerals, Polo Squad. EAR little pink-ch'eeked Tubby! How the girls have let this sweet child live in peace so long is more than we can understand. Still Tubby claims to be heart and fancy free, and believes teither yet or againl that lltheylre all fickle or fat? Tubby is a Wiz at the manly art of breaking other peoples necks, and When it comes to throwing the hammeresay hels little, but-oh my! He also has rare goodenature, and even three tenth-grabbing, quill-dodging years have failed to eliminate his pretty little girlish giggle. Hels one of that happy, buoyant type and though he may get a knock that Will send him to the bottom of the deep sea of kaydet troubles, you can bank on it that he,ll come up smiling. It is rumored that along With his other attractions he also has a. most entranc- ing lisp, but then-not having been in New York last Christmas we cant say for sure. 90 Augnahm miltnn 0911mm ONEONTA, NEW YORK Appointed from.New Thirty-fourth Dis- ' trict'of . ' NEW YORK ttPENNY,IJ eIGUSSI Sergeant, Sharpshooter; Wrestling 015$. ' ERE we have the original tenth-hound. If there are only a fewextra decimos on the German trenches Gurneyls company or troop, whichever it is to be, Will be the hrst to begin the advance, audits gallant commander will be the first to arrive, uhless all accounts are wrong. I He has a hne record behind him, also, and only too often have we heard about tlThe lovelorn swain from Oneontafl It was said that he was in the same frame of mind when he graduated that he was in when he left Fort Slocum. Quien sabe? So says Looie Perrine. When we were plebes Gurney thought he would turn out for wrestling, and after throwing a few huskies like Bradshaw and Asa Pope, thought that he Would mucker up the Grand Old Man from Tennessee, but no one knows any more about it than the fact that he eventually gave up llmuckering' the fellows? 91 itlliltnn Ealhrihge Ealwg HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA Appointed from Eighth District ALABAMA teWILT!, Acting Corporal, Corporal, Company QuartermastereSergeant, Lieutenant, Sharpshooter, Cullum Hall 013,3,2L Football Squad tD, Numerals, Wrestling Squad t4,3,2,D, Indoor Meet tD , Delta Kappa Epsilon tAKEL University of Ala- bama. HERE are a very few men Who go through the Academy who do not undergo some change, and in Milt we have one of these feWethe same today as his first day in Beast Barracks. Not a man of ready tongue, but when he does use it, he does not take the joy out of life and never brings a laugh at you but always with you. Never say Milt and boning in the same breathethey dontt mix, thaws all. The Academic Board has him down as a good goat-help itself to his tenths in time of peace and gives him the elusive pro for his efforts in the writ room. But we who know Milt, hope that wherever he goes it will be known that he is a 17 man, for we feel that if earnest effort and a desire to do the right thing al- ways, count for anything, NIilt is assured of a successful future. 92 . Emmi Namm Earmnn WEST NEWBURY, VERMONT Appointed from Second District VERMONT i YSHORT C'AKEh Acting Corporal, Corporalg Sergeant, Expert Rifieman, Football Squad tQJL Cullum Hall H,?Q, iiAi, in Football Oi, Hockey Squad t4,3,2,D, Box- ring Squad t2,D, Indoor Meet i3,2,D, Outdoor Meet M,3,Q,D. HORTY is one of the hardest workers in our class. He only weighs 159 pounds and is a runt, but oh my! Last fall he proved himself siich a demon in football togs that he won the much prized iiAii in a position new to him- that of halfback.' He made up twofold in speed What he so sadly lacked in weight. In other branches of sport he is no dub. Hockey, boxing and track are just a few of his pastimes. Always busy, the Cavalry iibreshingi, has no terrors in store for him. ' Generous and kind, to a fault, his ready smile asserts a good nature. We like him for his quaint New England mannerisms and speech. Shorty will make good Wherever he goes. His classmates will always remember him 'as a man of sterling worth; but above all else, he is a true friend. 93 Arthur erKinlvg ?Earppr FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA Appointed from First District NORTH DAKOTA ttMOOSEt, Marksman, Boxing Squad Bl, Wrestling Squad t4,3,2l, Polo Oi. T IS very seldom that we get a man here from faraway North Dakota, but judging from the few welve seen, we,d mighty well like to have more. Harp, as he is called, has been rather retiring since coming here and it is only those Who know him best that can half appreciate him. He is a profound reader, a deep thinker and a man who keeps abreast of current events-in short, an educated man. Should one but scan the titles of the many books Harp reads, and ever so lightly peruse their contents, he would come away with the thought: siHere is a man Who thinks? However, we who know him best realize that his is not a one- sided nature, for of all the tiHop-oidsh we have seen, he is one of the most ardent. He talks with the girls of the most frivolous things and there is a twinkle in his eye that tells one that despite his dignity the iiold manii is deeply interested and enjoying himself as much as any giddy young Yearling on the iloor. 94 mag Earriann WASHINGTON, D: c; Appointee at Large 11CUPIE1 Acting Corporal, Corp01al, Lieutenant, Shargpshootei Baseball Squad 141, ' Numeials, Tennis Team 121, Wrestling Squad 121, Hop Manager-13,2,11, Cheer Leader, New Yearis Toast. AY has many aliases all of Which are more or less applicable, but as he isn1t fond of any of them except Cupie W611 let it go at that, although the Greek God IS good, too He Is an Army boy, and proud of it !4fu1'the1'more he is one of those Who lives up to his teachings and has invariably made the most of hisuopportunities for be- coming an adept in the art of 11informal entertainingi so prevalent in the Service. Cupie was disqualified for the 1iAll-American Cheer-Leaders Squadi, because the Army refused to number its cheer leaders. .It 'Was too bad, because everyone says that he looked perfectly adorable out there in front of the Corps. Duiing the winter months he occasionally forsakes the 11511211 titwo lumps With, 11' for those vulgar sports, wrestling and boxing, and he hides his beaming smile and sunny disposition behind a really te1rible scowl. Ray. was born In the Coast and still thinks it s the only branch Here s hoping he may some day be a rocking- chair admiral 95 milliam iKpllg ?Earriann, 311'. SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA Senatorial Appointee TEXAS i ttDOPEYt Sergeant, Sharpshooter, Polo Squad. E HAV E with 'us this evening, ladies and gentlemen, the prize woman-hater 0f the CorpSethe man who hasnit time for hops or other frivolous social functions-whose mature mind is too engrossed with polo and boning the Cavalry to be ensnared by the charms of the fair ones. At least, this is Dopeyls version of the matter, but we have a vague but well-founded suspicion that his heart is not nearly so armour-plated as he would have us believe, and that, when he does fall, he will fall so hard that he will be hors de combat for all time. Kelly, as far as we know, has two great ambitions: to make the polo team While he is here and get the Cavalry when he goes out. To hear him talk lovingly of his favorite branch, one would conclude that his llhossl, would at least share his pillow if not his rations. But for this insane yearning for the mounted service, his character would be irreproachable. NSenor, las cosas que son buenas no son malasf, 96 3111111211 411111111 anhpn SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Appointee at Large WASHINGTON 1111M? eJAIMEe Acting ,Corporal; .Corporal, Company Quartermastel- Sergeant, Fiist Se1- geant, Expert Rifleman,Ch011 011,32,- D, Hundredth N1ght,,Camp Illumi- . nation tD. V i O WRITE anything exciting or thrilling about Jim would be doing him a great injustice, because such is not his nature. He is far from being lazy, but possesses the happy faculty of always having himself under perfect con- trol. This alone has kept him out of the many ludicrous and unhappy positions that befall so many cadets, and consequently his stay with us has been marked only by his great friendship, influence, and his Own accomplishments. When he entered the Academy he was surrounded by a heavy veil of innocence Which is common to many men while in their tender years, and was with us some time before we knew the person therein concealed, but when the veil was dismantled and torn away by the many blows received here in our iiUniVersity of Hard Knocks? we discovered the makings of a strong man. Ever since, we have watched him grow and develop until now he stands upon the threshold, :1 well rounded and. developed manea man Whose unselfls'hness, sympathy and spirit have won the friendship not only of his classmates but of all those who have known him; and if he is guided thiough his future by the high ideals and principles which he has Shown while here, success must be his 1ewald William Eranria $231121; WASHINGTON, D. C. Appointee at Large I WYOMING sBILLe Acting Corporal, Corporal, Captain, Expert Rifleman, P010 Squad, V C., Secretary Dialectic Society, Star GL3,- 2,D, Camp Illumination Committee. Comis ttownest own? and he wouldn,t 100k natural without those stars on his collar. Ordinarily he is efficiency personified, but twe hesitate to thus expose a classmate and lay bare the secrets of his inmost soul to the cold scrutiny of a cruel world, but it is our painful dutyi once in his career eHSciency failed and he tied it up cold, shehold your breath for the startling news Bill once used the sine instead of the cosine! ! Thus have the mighty fallen. I 'AVORED of the gods is Billecute little Bill-he always has been among the In spite of this, Bill stayed in the first section and his stars never even twinkled. Be it said of him, too, that he combines in his diminutive frame all the qualities Which go to make up that rarest of rare beastSetta popular make? iiCi, Co. is proud of its captain. tt1 may not be pretty, but Iim darni cute? 98 malrnlm Ennrh Eplm GRAYVILLE, ILLINOIS Appointed from Twenty-fourth District ILLINOIS ' sKTYh I Marksman, .First Class Pistol Shot, Cul-l lum tQL Indoor Meet QED. ROM the sandy banks of the Wabash came our Augustine Helm, and we have ever thanked the prairie Wind that wafted him to us, for Male; besides being a keen flle, is'also a boon artist, as a casual glance through this book Will show. His big heart and broad mind has ever proved to be one of our most valuable assets. In spite of his numerous narrow escapes in Math, IVIechanics, conduct, Spanish, etc., etc., Malcolm is still With us to relate how, When captain of his N ormzil School team, he saved the day by the application of his superhuman muck; how he counted off tifiveii in the buck formation; hOW he marched on guard in camp With his plume triumphantly leading the way, and how all the fe'mmes fall for him. ' ' Cullum Hall will miss him When graduation calls him to new worlds to con- quer because he was their fastest, brawniest and headiest quarterback; the tacs Will miss him because they Will be obliged to look around .for someone else to skin When he is gone; the instructors Will miss him because there Will be nobody from whom they can steal tenths; and his classmates Will ,miss him because hes a "good kid ahdewe like him? - 99 Eranriz Zlnhn Emmy CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Appointed from Seventh District ILLINOIS ttMIKEt Sharpshooter, Outdoor Meet MO, Indoor lVIeet tilt, Boxing Squad 8,2,D, Captain Boxing Squad, Entertain- ment Committee Y. NI. C. A., Song Leader, New Yeafs Toast tD, Camp Illumination tD. ITTLE did we think when Nlike came to the Point that we were adding to L our roster a man of so many accomplishments. Can he make Fritz Kreisler look like a tyro? Can he emulate Freddy XVelsh in the left to the jaw with the quick getaway ? Is he an adept at balancing the tea cup and trading gay re- partee? ttYou bet yer," as Tubby Confer says. The violin and the boxing gloves were hiikestbosom companions for four years, but it was not until First Class camp that he blossomed forth as a bona fide social lion a la Dlullins, Redfleld and 'Harrison. Herein hlike brought forth his predominant characteristic of going wholeheartedly into everything he tries. No half-way measure would do our Chicago Irishman. Anyone who knows Mike, realizes that he very seldom failed to answer the roll call when the tea was brewing or the hop was on. 100 - 152mm Olharlw ?hnlhrihgp PONTIAC, MICHIGAN Appointed from Sixth District MICHIGAN ttHICKt: Corpoi'al, Lieutenant, Sharpshoeter, Wrestling Squad t4,3i, Polo Squad tD, Broadsword Squad tD. ' ERB is an energetic fellow, generally getting What he strives for. That he is a. good spec is proved by the fact that he gave a tenthoid like Palmer a close race for hrst place in Infantry Drill Regs. However,He1'b is by nomeans of doughboy inclinations, but a dashing cavalier is he. The yellow stripe, . shiny boots and a Lively mount have won his heart. Besides, he realizes that these are sterling attributes of a sterling P. S-er Who stands in high esteem among the fair sex. To be a cold max in the art of P. S-ing is no mean aim to aspire to and no one can say that Herb is not ambitious! Holdridge is a p010 enthusiast and handy With the broadsword, too. Of course, sometimes When he draws a rough. nag and English Without, he temporarily aspires to higher things, such as aviation and the En- gineers; but satisfying himself in aerial feats right in the Riding Hall, and despising continual battles over tenths, he is a Sworn devotee of the inost dashing and spec- tacular branch of the Armyethe Cavalry! Herb is a cheerful, congenial file, Will be an enthusiastic, efficient officer and cannot fail to make good out in the Service. 101 SJUPI 05mm Emma FORKED RIVER, NEW JERSEY Appointed from Third District NEW JERSEY ' ttJAKEtt Marksman, Football Squad t4,3,2,D, itAt, in Football tQJL Indoor Meet W3; it N BATTERYtiettTriph! Lt. Holmes of the grand old C. A. C.! Joe has I been waiting four long years to hear these welcome words issuing from his own mouth and, now that his dream is practically realized, can contain him- self no longer. However, Hohnesy is not going into his favorite branch to loaf; his purpose is utterly different, as has been evidenced by his oft-repeated query: ttSir, dontt you believe that the chance of obtaining quarters would be greatest in the Coast? That can have only one significance. We used to wonder Why J oe ttcut loosett so hard in those N avy games, but now we linOWeshe was in the stands. And, believe me, it gave the Whole Corps a mighty comfortable feeling to know that Holmes and his 190 pounds were out on the field fighting for the Army, for he certainly has been a tower of strength in our line. A good, reliable fellow is Joe, and one on Whom we know we can depend. 102 g?tvmart whiting iguana BLACKPOOT, IDAHO Appointee at Large IDAHO t eSTEWe Sharpshootef, Wrestling Squad",t3,2,D. ' was our hrst introduction to this compleX-natured, enigmatical product of the West. Entering with a determination to take life seriously, he accepts drills, parades and other soirees Without a grumble. From such a congeriiality between nature and duty we would expect the Tactical Dept. to shower favors upon him, but alas, such is not the case! His disputes with them have been many, and he peacefully takes up his tours through which his mind wanders to and dwells upon the intricacies of life and the theories yet to be evolved. For of these he is a fond and sympathetic dreamer. Such fantasies,- however, do not prevent him from boning muck and he is now one of the best wrestlers in the class. I IAIL t0 the wild andwoolly Westheso proclaimeth the youth above. Such He has other serious diversions, too, in which, strange to say, the fairer sex take a part. Recently we have seen him blossom out into aufervent hopoid, such a one in fact that bids fair to rival those of considerable experience. Despite this recently acquired veneer of friVolity we still detect the same serious-minded indi- vidual that-we knew of yore. 103 tharlw Eunrpti Emilia NORTH PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND Appointee at Large RHODE ISLAND ttHURDIEf ttKITTRELL,t Acting Corporal, Corporal, Color Ser- geant, Company Quartermaster-Ser- geant, Expert Riheman, Wrestling Squad t4,Q,D, Cullum Hall Squad tQL Outdoor NIeet tQL URDY hails from New England, but there, you know we all have to be born somewhere. All of us Who know him think hets about as fine a boy as we have up here, so you can take our word for it arid try to know him. He never has wandered far from the top of the class, but he always has plenty of time for the other things, too. He,s always been a mighty good friend to have, and we dorft believe he has any enemies. He has always gotten What he wants so far and 1,111 sure he wont stop now, ,cause he sticks to Whatever he tries and always comes out on top. He,s always quite modest, too, about such things and that is a very good and rare quality in anyone, especially in a. cadet. Hets not much of a ladies, man, but I think itts because of a certain young woman who addresses about six letters every week to W'est Point from wsomewhere in Rhode Island? I think that all Will join in Wishing him a long and happy life in the Army. 104 13mm; igutrhinga, 3Jr. AUSTIN, TEXAS Appointee at Large TEXAS "HEINIEL' ttHUTCHt, Corporal, Company Quartermaster-Ser- 'geant, First Sergeant, Sharpshooter, Baseball Squad MO, Numerals in 'Baseball,Choi1 M3,,2D Camp Illumination Committee m, Hundredth Night Staff tn, Bugle Leader tD. tt ELL, fellows, I don,t know, but ..... '. l, The skags are lighted, the electric toaster is in full blast, the thermos bottle is serving hot. coffee, and Heinie iscommencing his evening disser- tation that bids fair to rival lVafElesl llFirst N ight in Honolulu? We settle back in our red comforters, watch a bank of smoke fall on Heinie,s sparsely timbered head, and have a feeling of comfort as it avalanches off to the front, down the central valley of his raving locks. XVe listen with a sense of secrecy as the speaker gives the latest dope 0n graduation, or unfolds a brand new rumor. Then we catch a softer note as he speaks of the choice of quarters, and the inducements in the engineers for neWIy-marrietl couples. For know you that Heinie is an engineer and has ranked that choice, not so much by specking as by a characteristic tendency for doing things, and doing them right Talking is not the only accomplishment of our hero, however. Outside of baseball and golf, singing is his fav orite exercise We Will always remember with relish the injured, but proud note with which Heinie stood forth as the cham- pion of music against b1 awn, when he uttered to the Princeton oarsman that sten- torian defiance: ttVVe re the choii'. 3 They had taken our gentle songbirds f01 rude football players But tattoo breaks in on us', and Cupe has eaten hall the toast, so that we may as well go .homeeHeinie will Clean up the mess. He dearly lb'ves these nightly parties, and we do likewise. They are typical of the man. It is his Bull we are smoking, his thermos bottle, his toaster, and he supplies the main entertainment, to wit, the kaydet argument. And beyond this is an even deeper accomplishment which, after all, is the keynote of true friendship. , 105 flirphprirk Auguahm Eruing TAUNTON, MASSACHUSETTS Appointed from Fifteenth District MASSACHUSETTS ttFAYt Sergeant, Expert Rifleman, First Class Pistol Shot, Boxing Squad t3,2,D, Indoor NIeet tQi. OU wouldn,t think from a casual glance at this ttgenti, that he can ttput on the gloves? but he can, and at the Indoor NIeet last year he surprised us all. In explanation he said it was only for his Wind, muck, etc., that he ever per- formed on the mat; he at the time being too modest to say that he was really itbon- ing tour? But we will not kid him any on this score, for the Army wants fighters and we know Fay is one of the right sort. iiVVell, now, if I kun jist git the F ield Artillery, Itll be doini purty well, I think? This is his aim, and to attain it he just soaks tnot ttspecsiU all the Engineering, Law and Ordnance ever turned out to the admiring kaydets. Is he in the First Section? Well, he hangs around up there in that rarefied atmosphere, never yet ' having been scorched or even singed by any aggregation of goats. We say Ordnance is soaked up by him. but he says ttnof and adds that it'is a subject of questionable character. He bewails the fact that he harvested one or two 0.5is before Xmas and had to take the writs in consequence. iVe will console him by the statement that it was best that events take their natural course and that he take his 0.5. But lets pull for him and hope he gets his F ieId Artillery Where he wont have to worry about writs, but can always max his horse, light on itJaclS, battery tand stable callsi. We know he will, for when you analyze his face, the only reactions you get are itgriti, and iifig'htii of the bulldog type. Hereis luck to add to your pluck, Old Boy. 106 $am1nzl iKai 31min CHERRY TREE, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Twenty-sevehth District t PENNSYLVANIA. ttSPECt, I Acting Corporal, Corporal, First Ser- geant, Lieutenant, Interclass Champion- ship' Fencing Team 61$, Monogram Fencing, Manager Fencing and Broad- sword Squads, Star tQL Expert Riheman. ERE,S the kind you tead about ; one of those fellows Who get there on hard work and individual merit. A tenth hasrft a chance When he?s around. His ' favorite diversion is calling Nisley 5tSpec? Can you beat it? Sam is a strong arm on our fencing team and is'one of the chief causes of our Winning the championship for,the past two years. In fact, he seems to be pretty good at anything he puts his mind on. Incidentally, if you ever want anything done, and want it done on time, just turn it over to Spec. Wetll guarantee that if application and ttbeaucoup d8 ridesh Will get it done, the job is as good as finished. In Yearling Camp he deadbeat tfor. a day or twoh the customary corp-spigote ting, and if you don,t think thatts a big thing to his credit ask any Yearling Corp about the fourteenth of June. 107 Earnlh lRufna ilarkzmn DANVILLE, ILLINOIS Appointed from Eighth District ILLINOIS HACK, Sergeant, Expert RiHeman, Boxing Squad Ol. P. Holt awakened Jack by this question. And this last year it is some- thing unusual for him to be awake at taps to make his sub-div inspection. When it comes to mattress-drill he is certainly a cold max. HMR. JACKSON, were you dozing?,, It was in our plebe English class that But we donlt mean to insinuate that he'sleeps all the time, for such is by no means the case. At any rate he has managed to gather in the tenths pretty con- sistently and his name has always graced the class rolls of the upper sections. Andy also had success in other helds. It doesnlt matter what hop you happen to attend, you will generally 13nd him there, and of course he is dragging. Above all he is a gentlemen. This is the chief reason he is so popular not only with the femmes but also with the chaperones as well. N o wonder they are so disap- pointed to learn that he cannot attend their Senior Prom. Don,t hesitate to ask any favor of Jack, for he is always ready to do all in his power to help anyone and everyone. Whatever branch of the service may claim him we are sure he will be a credit to himself, his class and the Corps. 108 tharlm Eahrliffp Jlnhmmn, 3112 WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Appoiuted from First District ' DELAWARE 1'D0C3', sMEDI'CO," i'NAILse Marksman, F ootball Squad QJL Cullum ' Hall tD, Football N umerals, Hun- dredth Night Detail OD, Hundredth Night Staff i3, 2, D, Camp Illumi- nation Staff 0;, Banquet Menu Design. ONIE hereli, What! N o, Medico isnit talking to a frightened Philippino,bu most likely to some member of the fair sex or possibly to such an insignificant member of society as the Chief of Staff. Is he hard? Well, judge for your- self. Bumpy ground is too soft and comfortable to sleep on, so Doc chooses a seat on, an artillery caisson as'his mattress. If you have ever sat on such a seat you will realize the unbending Spartan manhood of this budding cavah'yman. But there is one weak point in Doc s a11nor. That IS the atmosphere of his room. This rare product of the tropics refuses to exist in a temperature below th1 ee figures Fahren- heit, and if you fail to iishut the doo1", behind you, stand prepaied to be forever shut out f1om the J ohnsonlan favor. Yes, Doc is hard, but he is also blessed With an active brain and an abundant good nature. His daily readings of Espafml have spelt Christmas leave for many of his c1assmates.To his friends he is a real friend and we predict a happy futule' for him,p1'ovided he 1s given a good horse to ride, a roughneck outfit to command, and an air- tight 100m to live 1n. 109 igarria 311mm CLAYVILLE, NEW YORK Appointed from Thirty-third District NEW YORK ttPROF? ttMAESTROtt Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, lVIarksman, V.C., Star t4,3,QL Y. 1V1. C. A. Advisory Committee tU, Choir t4,3,2,D, Editor-in-Chief HOWITZER, Board of Gov- ernors First Class Club tD. OR two years the gentle sons of Harvard bore with patient fortitude the exec- rable and inexorable grinds forced upon them by the Professor on every occasion and on the slightest provocation, but at last they rose in revolt and the Prof reached West Point about half a. march ahead of the leading element of the pursuit. This narrow escape so impressed him with the advantages of extreme mobility that before the end of Y earling summer, he could, and did, nego- tiate three laps around the riding hall while the rest of the class was doing one. His knowledge of military demolitions is profound; he has never missed a feed hop, and the workmanlike and professional manner in Which he accomplishes the de- struction of the provisions collected at Culhlm has never failed to evoke the highest praise from all present. Besides collecting an undue proportion of tenths, stars, chevrons and such trifles, the Prof has managed to take part in all Corpts activities from extracting the latest rumor from Mike, to producing THE HOVVITZER. 110 Eaurpnw Enltnn iKBiapr PHILADELPHIA; PEN N SYLVAN'IA Senatorial Appointee t PENNSYLVANIA. UDUCHESS, 3': c'tKTEIn NIarksman, P010 Squad GL Q T FIRST they called him Dutch, for P. D. he most certainly is. However, his graceful ease and blase manner soon earned him the title of Duchess, more htting because he lacks the characteristic cautionland the serious nature of the average Pennsylvanian. In the old days, a trifling deficiency in studies never caused him worry, but now he demands and gets a minimum of two point zero. What cares he if his max is a 2.3? He is said to have dragged to a hop once when a Yearling. At any rate he never misses a feed hop, usually joining the main body of the ttE,, Co. bucket bri- gade in its periodical advances en masse- On Cullum Hall. 111 Glharlw $. iKiIhnrn EL PASO, TEXAS Appointed from the Sixteenth District TEXAS ttPETEh Sharpshooter, Football Squad tQJL Bas- ketball Squad t4,3,Q,D, lVIonogram Basketball, Polo Squad, Indoor Meet 01,2L Northfield. ERE he iSeBoxCar Peteethe only originalrattlesnake killer. Did you ever hear him getting 01f some of his XVild West Tales? He has killed more In- dians and Wild cats than you can shake astiek at ; and DIexicanSehe knows how to hold a. revolver so you dont miss one of em. The femmes swallow it all and get the idea that he used to be a regular d in his natural state. Pete is an ardent cavalryman and has most of the requisite characteristics, including a strong right arm and murder in his heart, but he lacks one-his favorite drink is a good stiff milk. In basketball, Pete is a shining light and 110W shoots baskets instead of Alexi- cans. However, Mexican athletics isntt the only kind that he excels in; hets right at home playing football or polo, and when you get to know him hets really not so terrible, but talks decidedly like a civilized person. 112 Gllark Kittrvll DANSBORO, GEORGIA. Appointed from Tenth District GEORGIA iiTVVEEKSi, Acting Corporal, First Sergeant, . Lieu- tenant, Expert Rifieman, Indoor Meet 015$, Middleweight Wrestling Cham- . ' pion 0L,3D, Monogram, PoloSquad m, Publication Committee Y. M. C. A. m. 0 SEE himself as others see him, Tweeks has only tolook at his twin brother Hurdis. The resemblance is striking, to say the least, but to class them as the same species would be to iigum it? Theyire just as deceptive in appear- ance as the rocks in mineralogy. t - ' . Although Tweeks is in iiAi, Co., he is not a flanker, and is really far too short for the company. Then, too, it seems a shame that an ex-captain of a Ga. tin school should stop at the grade of Lieutenant. Kit is a confirmed engineer texcept at reveillei and has played the part of Santa Claus to many a needy goat, around Christmas time. Besides being a clever manipulator of the slip stick he is also one of Tom,simost accomplished pupils, and carries away first place in his weight quite as a matter of course. To the female contingency that serves to make our existence a little less mo- notonous, Tweeks is far from being a stranger, and nary a hop goes by Without ' the sound of his Ga. drawl. - 1 V ' Speaking about sound-did you ever hear him sing? Truly wonderful, deed but the choir has not suffeled by his absence 8 113 iRnhprt Npmtnn 3191112 BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Appointed New Tenth District NEW YORK a HBOBn Sergeant GL Marksman, P010. H, LADIES, there you have it! A cute little boy With large dark eyes and a sergeanVs chevrons adorning his manly tthough runtyt figger. Bob doesntt say much, but the very way he looks at you is a challenge, and anyway you know it isntt always the fluent line that counts, however much Jack Nygaard may say. You could tell from his cute little banty legs that we have another of that troop 0f brave cavaliers that spend their spare moments driving a ball and gallop- ing a handsome steed. But no more will he bite the tan-barkeat least at West Pointebut Wherever he is you will find Bob among the horses ; such was the inten- sive farm training he brought into the Army. Good luck, Bob. 114 Ehnmrh imil'liam Etnuarh GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Appointed from Fifth District MICHIGAN feED,J 'Marksman, Boxing Squad t3,2,D. NE minute past assembly! Gee! gMr. Leonard absent, sirfi reports the p1ebe.iiLe0nard,,, iiHoii yells Ed as he rounds the corner. Enter Ed the scholar, excellent millionaire buck and a goodjudge 0f Tacs, but ieoh well, can t a Kaydet run a late once in awhile? Ed 15 an athletic young man, referred to by some as that good- looking Jfile Some say his never-get- -excited, easy- going disposition is due to the advice Which the Tacs give him in their frequent inter Views. He has very little regard for money or the price of mange blossoms as was shown by the way he t01e up a $160 check on furlough. Academic work presents very few dihieulties for Ed; he hovers around the middle of the, class With ease and always has time to develop himself in lines other than the military. His hobbies are boxing On which he has gained some prom- inencei and Browning. A strange combination indeed, but in all other respects Ed is normal. 115 Glharlw Eauih 7112mm LAKEWOOD, OHIO Appointed from Twenty-fu'st District OHIO ttSCRUBll Marksman. CRUB,S dominantcharacteristic is his quietness. By this we mean that, un- S like the average Kaydet, he never speaks unless he has something to say. It may be that long observation has convinced him that some people talk too much, and consequently he has decided to leave the flowery stuff to others. Anyway, they say tlactions speak louder than words? and if that is so welve all heard Scrub yelling pretty loudly in the old days before the war tbefore Kaydet lives grew preciousl, when we twined our bodies gracefully about our war steeds in What were commonly known as ltstuntsf, F or Scrub is there on the circus stuff. His hours of recreation he spends in the hand-ball courts, and Dlarty himself would have a hard time putting one over on Scrub. Apparently he is indifferent to the ladies, but then'we all know that appear- ances are deceptive and we have our suspicions even of Scrub. VVelll say this for him, though, he doesn't fall in love as many times a year as he drags a new femme. 116 19mg 11361111111211 1112mm HOUGHTON, MICHIGAN Appointee at Large i x . MICHIGAN ttADJIEt I Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Expert Rifleman, Hockey MO, Plebe Detail. ' - . CENE: Cullum Hall. Time: 9.00 P. M." A femme tto her escorU: llWho is that good looking man out there in the stag line? That one with the nice eyes and the pompadour and all the gold things on his sleeve? I Kaydet: l10h, thatls Ray Lewis? Femme: 111 Wish I had a dance with him? tThis last with a touch of longing in her voiceJ v i Yes, they all fall for him, and do you want to know Why? Well, over in B Coebut theylre all his friends over there and wont tell on him. But the femmes aren,t the only ones who love him. Ask any members of the Class of 1920 and they will tell you that they will all carry fond memories of him with them for life. He was in the llreceivingll line when they came in here, you know. - 1 And evenvthe Com smiled on him. When he came baek- to barracks, in Sep- tember, Lewis was a lieutenant, and his name graced the muster roll of 11G? Troop. Here we found him, as always, eliicient without boning it and a good fellow among Iirst-elassmen and yearlings alike, and true to the idealsiof all Who seek V true success: llif you would have friends, be onef, 117 , Marfwlh murmur: Ermia Presidio of SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA Appointee at Large itSTATUSh Sergeant, Marksman. UBBY is young and fat tcomparatively speaking and, as was to be expected under the circumstances, is also extremely good-natured. Incidentally, he is iihiveyh in spite of his age, and ever Willing to devote his time to the assist- ance of a goaty classmate. His quiet, easy-going manner might lead one to believe that he lacks energy, butedon,t you think it-e-Tubby is one of those Who get things done without showing signs of working hard, and Who doesn,t believe in wasting effort for the sole purpose of impressing others. As a hopoid he is in Class A, and is just as much at home in Cullum Hall as in the first section. Tubby entered with the idea of going in theedoughboys, and although ranking the F ield, and having the ability to make the Engineers, has held firmly to his original plan. iiThe Infantry is the backbone of the Army? 118 Nirhnlaa mm 15111112 PARIS, KENTUCKY Appointed from Seventh District KENTUCKY t iFSILKX, iiBRACHf itNICKi, Marksman, Hockey Squad OD, t'Indoor' Meet M, ED, Outdoor Meet 62L P010 Squad. nicknames, and the 01, sly F ox has had plenty ever since he was a candidate. The reasons are apparent; quiet, easyegoing, lots of experiences'told in a Kentucky drawl, good solid horse sense, never starting a scuffle, but always ending one by policing the obstreperous into the hall of barracks, owner Of an enexhaus- tible supply of good nature and Bull Durham. He owns a Whole family of rotten pipes, and has to smoke most of the time to keep from being partial to any one of them; and skags the 1est of the time to keep from bootlicking his iichildrenii too much. One day When he was a plebe he made a whole bunch of hard yearling area birds fall out When he fed them N atural Twist out of his Window. Apparently he s quiet, but here 3 a secretedraw y0u1 own conclusionSeDaine Rumor has it that he put McEWan on the train for Washington after a whole night 1n Gotham With McEwan. Our Winn exemplihes a curious paradox and sure puts it across With the ladies. 7 . I Q S A candidate, Nick, from then on, Pa, Brach. One measure of popularity is 119 Eviang ?ery Enhmann STURGIS, SOUTH DAKOTA Senatorial Appointee SOUTH DAKOTA eeBIG,1 Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Football Squad ML Outdoor NIeet t4,3,2,D, Indoor Meet M,3,Q,D. ADDY is a qualified bombeslinger direct from the ranch in the wild and woolly West. However,contrary to the commonimpression of the dashing iVestern caballero, he is not a cowboy. One glance at his lanky frame caressing the carcass of a fiery p010 pony is sufficient iito establishii this fact in evidence? Primarily, Dad is a housekeeper, and this fact might lead one to believe that he is a womanshater, but give him time; the tenderness of some sweet dame Will melt his icy heart and dissolve into thin air his fixed opinion of the hckle fair. Any- way, he,s boning the Coast; circumstantial evidence, but damning nevertheless. He achieved his chief aim in life When he annexed a lieutenancy; his lust for the glitter of gold was satisfied and now he,s happy. Hereis to you, Daddy, and may you never have to ride a horse after June 12th. 120 Elnhn 313mm mriEman ALEXANDRIA, MINNESOTA Appointed from Sixth Distiict MINNESOTA . ttMACKi, Acting Color Corporal, Corporal, First Sergeant, Lieutenant, Sharpshooter, Foot- ball iiAll t4,3,Q,D, TennislTeam, Base- ball Squad 00, Captain FootballvTeam, - AlI-American Center t3,2,1l, HOWITZER Board, Athletic Representative Board of Governors, Vice-President First Class Club, Toastmaster Furlough Banquet, New Yearls Toast 02,11, Indoor Meet 013,211. HE United Press Association introduced this Cadet to you back yonder in the fall of 1913. llThe Giant from Minnesota? ltThe RovingCenterf, iiMcEwan plays miraculous defensive gamef and a hundred other similar ilowing head- lines that told you something had happened to West Point football that year. To be exact, it continued happening, and for four years no name has sounded more terrible to midshipmen than ilMcEwanf, We all knew that he would be the captain of our team, and to quote from the annual report'of the Football Representative 5iThe Blilitary Academy never had a better football captain? His athletic prowess is second only to his diplomatic ability. He gets results Without Visible effort-a sure sign of ability to handle men. ' Heis a born leader of men, and whether it is; a'territlc smash at the N avyis line, an expedition to the boodlers or a discussion on ethics or the high cost of tomb- stones on the engineering section, he is always. in the lead. .- If youive ever seen a football game Where the Army team was being thrown back, fighting desperately every step, but unable to stop the tide, then appear 200 lbs. of MAN With a dirty yellow headguard go dashing out' across the field; seen the Cerps stand and burst out yelling like madethen you know Why it is that our Mac is first in the hearts of his classmates. 121 'EEBntnn Earriann mrtfelarhlin STEVENS POINT, WISCONSIN Appointed from Eighth District WISCONSIN ttMACf ttSUSIEJ, ttFENt, Acting Corporal $0, Color Corporal tQi, Captain Oi, Expert Riheman, Baseball Squad 010, Indoor NIeet, Tennis T ourna- ment t3,2i, Numerals tBasebalD, Hop Manager tD, Board of Governors First Class Club, Publication Committee Y. M. C. A. Handbook, Star 09. HIS canny, long-headed Scotchman is one of those fortunate individuals that seem to haVe greatness thrust upon them, for no one could ever accuse him of boning bootlick publicity or tenths, but like the famous bedbug 0f the song he ttgets there just the same? Although 1VIa.c has always occupied the rare- fied atmosphere with the favored few at the top it has failed to swell his level head and made him high ranking toward no one. His is a case of inherent ability and the natural knack of doing the right thing at the right time, whether it be at a spooning formation or running the battery for ttBig Bull? These qualities com- bined with his unassuming friendliness which has carried him so far into the hearts of the Corps of cadets will, we are certain, win for him approbation rank and wel- come wherever he may go, be it with the F ield or even With the Engineers. 122 William 01. mailman ' BUFFALO, NEW YORK t Appointed from F ortieth District I NEW YORK. Is6MAC5, I Sergeant, Marksman, Baseballkve4,3,2,D, 53A,, in Baseball, Boxing 6,2L Indoor Meet Qi. C IS far too serious-minded to be a P. Seer, but the time he has taken away from the gentle art of snaking he has put to better use. i Whether boxing, playing baseball, or delivering an intellectual harangue with the Cavalry as a subject, he is equally at home. ' i For three years he varnished his cartridge box with the rest of the iiFi, C0. bucks, but then the T. D. sat up and took notice. Now he in in itAtt Co. and a sergeant, too. But still hes "the same unassuming Mac, and. his new found honors didrft turn his head a bit. Heis going in the Infantry with the usual igbackbone-of-theI-Armyii stuff as a reason, and we opine that heill be putting some shoots on the bombs thatql have the enemy sidestepping. i , ' 4 ' Under' such a name youid hardly expect to fll'ld Hebrewistic tendencies, and yet we have it 011 the best authority that Mac once scavenged a piece of pie and sold it for an- ice cream. i . But hes a keen file as we'll as a keen business man, and hell give you his Last skag paper or lend you his Sunday pants without an instants hesitation. 1Q3 . Fliramia Athertnn mama, 3r. HENDERSON, NORTH CAROLINA Appointed from Fourth District NORTH CAROLINA t :YaALLa 9 Expert Riheman, Wrestling Squad tin. ' iALL is the artillery typee-built for strength and moderate speed. Academic- ally speaking, he might have been a greater success, but his marked ability in mattress-drill twhich like good Wine has improved With agei has more than made up for his deficiency in this respect. At first glance you wbuld think he is slow, but this is deceptive, he merely cherishes a profound regard for the law of Conservation of Energy, and woulan risk Violating it for the world. How- ever, strange to say, he always gets things done in a. manner that rather peeves us poor guys Who have to work toget results. When hes not attending Tom Jenkins, finishing school he can generally be found at the hotel. He admits that he started snaking at the age of two, and hes still going strong; this in spite of the fact that he has now reached the age of dis- cretion. 124 Flimmia- Anthnny markup ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA ' Appointee at Large i MINNESOTA ttMAJORtt Acting Corporal, Co1p0ral, Captain, Marksman, Wrestling Squad t4, 3,92 ,D, Indoor Meet 033,11, Welterweight Wrest- ling Champion,lVIonog1am, Champion Unde1water Swimmer, Advisory Com- mittee Y. M. C. A., Manager of Wrest- ' ling, Beast Detail. HE Major made his debut in Y earling Camp When ttThe Great Humiliation,, was inaugurated in his honor, and hes been flying around among the famous men ever since. ' TWO championships, King of the Beasts, and 3rd Captain, and we like him in spite of all. In the Indoor Meet he always represents us in two or three things, and is never stingy about contributing points. His quiet, easy grace was so prepossessing that even the Tacs had to respond When he invited them to his boodle iight in commemoration of the end of the beast detail It even broke th1ough the 1eserve of The Boy Tac, , and that, indeed, is, a unique accomplishment Frank, at one time, had ce1tain ambitions in an Academic way, but the second class course had not been counted 1n at the first reckoning, and now it s the dough- boys for Frank. 125 Emma 31112ng martin GIBSLAND, LOUISIANA Appointed from Fourth District LOUISIANA ttOPHELIA,, Sergeant, Company QuartermasteluSer- geant, Sharpshooter, Cullum Hall tD, Numerals, Camp Illumination Com- mittee, Entertainment Committee Dialectic, Hundredth Night Gl. ARTlS best quality is his ability to stick to a thing until he gets it, and When he bones a thing, Whether it be hles, check-book or class pinochle, he does it With all that is in him. Knowledge comes easy to him, and While he is not among the engineers he has never had any difficulties With his studies, and if his ambition to stand high had been roused sooner there would have been a decided difference in his class rank. The addition of Chevrons during summer camp should not be held against him, for he has never been among those Who strive for these distinguishing marks of the Confs favor. Formerly, femmes had but little attrac- tion for this staid individual and P. S-ers were looked upon With scorn by him, but of late there has been a decided change in his attitude toward the fair sex, as the mail carriers can testify. 126 iEaurmufB manna mvarham CLINTON, OKLAHOMA Appointeeat Large ' s e6MEACH5, ' Acting Corporal, Corporal, Captain? EX- pert Rifieman, First Class Pistol Shot, Football 'Team t4,3,2,D, Indoor Meet t3,2k P010 Squad, Librarian of Y. M. C. A. GZJ, Vice-Presi- dent of Y. M. C. A. tD. E HAVE all heard ,of Meach, and most of us have heard him, too. ,Way back in the dark ages When we were plebes we remember him as winning a position on the football team by a hne showing of that hght and spirit for Which an army team is famous. Ask a scrub, if you donit believe it. Due to injuries he did not get.into his first Navy game, but since then as you may know he has become one of the best players in the country and one of whom the Army is proud. It is not in football alone, however, that we know Meach. He seems to have the knack of being in the front rank Wherever he is, whether it be in the drawing room or on the polo field; in Cullum Hall or on its balcony; in class or on a Cavalry hike. Secretary of the Y M C. A., and then Vice- President, shows What the Corps think of his charactel and principles, and from Plebe to Captain shows that the T. D. heartily concur in this opinion 127 t'd'garriz many melaakg MACON, GEORGIA Appointee at Large FLORIDA ttCOUNTtt Sergeant, Sharpshooter, Cullum Hall t4,3,2L N umerals, Polo Squad. you meet him? Always the answer is, ttIn the far alcove, between blankets enot sheet8msafe in the arms of NIorpheusf, OF COURSE, you know The Count! Everybody knows him. But Where did There did he ever long to dwell, free from care and the turmoil of tenth-grab- hing. Concerning files, he worried not; what mattered a skin or tWOwit was all a part of the routine; he even was happy with unexpected and uninvited visitors over an entire weekend. tThis is a secretJ On the other hand, our Count Nlelask was a beaver for work; he was never an accessory in halfewaty measures. Give him a polo pony and a. mallet or set him opposite the biggest man in an opponentts line with Cullumts I'ive-yard line under the ball-well, things happened! The Count was no slouch 0n the "bean work,,, either, even it he did betimes Visit the goats. If he had so determined, some engineer must needs have vacated. We shall miss you, Count, you and your little speech, ttSay, Milt, sound off at five minutes before hrst call? 128 Eamrpnrg Glnllamnrp mitrhpll . WEST MEDFORD, MASSA- CHUSETTS Appoirited from Eighth District MASSACHUSETTS ttMITCHX, ttMERMAID? ttLUEii Acting Corporal, Corporal, Makaman, - Outdoor Meet t4,3,2,D, Numerals, Choir t4,3,2,D. UT from the environs of the Bean City came Wolf, and even four years of the cosmopolitan life in West Point have failed to subdue his Bostonian ac- cent, and he still doesnit believe that the English alphabet contains an tir." In First Class Camp he waltzed into the glare of thetcalcium and took his place alongside 0f Hendrick Hudson and other passe explorers When he discovered that, contrary to present day belief, mermaids do not belong entirely to the mytholog- ical age, but still thrive in the waters of our own Hudson. Consequently, LVIitch might be seen any old afternoon paddling up the river With Tubby Olmstead for company on his way to pay a Visit to these mystic inhabitants of our classic stream. Whether Mitch took Tubby 0r Tubby took Mitch it is hard to say; at any rate, neither acted under duress and it is probable that both are still in the romantic age and can hear the call of the Wild. N one of the branches seem to appeal par- ticularly to Wolf, but youtll never find mermaids in an Arizona desert or along the Mexican border, so guess for yourself. In his more serious moments, Mitch bones track and. if mid-distance races entered into our outdoor meet he probably would be wearing an ttA,t for a track record. , N ething seems to disturb his equilibrium and he passes off all troubles with a little short-Winded giggle that betokens a carefree mind. One day the Hub ought to be proud of this particular spoke. 9 129 3111mm ZHurmzm iJIHnrfnrh MCNIINNVILLE, TENNESSEE Appointed from Third District TENNESSEE tSTRAWBERRY t Sergeant, Expert Rifleman, Fencing Squad t3,2,D, P010 Squad tD. ES, this is heejust a red-headed lad from Tennessee. Some call him Red, some Strawberry, and to a very select and highly scientific few he is better known as Dr. Brashear II, for indeed, none doth delight more than he in tinkering With the musty instruments in our once famous observatory on the hill. ,Tis as easy for him to make the necessary observations and calculate the elements of an asteroidts orbit as for Jimmie Steese to steal tenths from the Engi- neers. Strawberry is one of the best swordsmen in the class, and to you who have seen him carrying the ball on the polo flats it is at once apparent Why he rides the best ponies in the string. But he has distinguished himself otherwise, also, for did he not promote and bear a large part of the expense of one of the most famous handcar companies that ever operated the Forest-of-Dean, Limited? Verily did the Com so recognize the ability he displayed that S. O. No. 54 was dedicated exclusively to him, and for eighty-eight consecutive days did he ttfluctuate? He once told Senor J aen that ttHoy es marianaf, but we dont believe he meant it. 130 iEntranh martian: ZIONSVILLE, INDIANA Appointed from N inth District ' INDIANA iiHANDSOMEs Sergeant, Sharpshooter. ERE we see another case of unappreeiated worth. How it was. that the T. D. failed to discover Bert for three years is beyond our comprehension. But you cafft keep a good. man down, and Bert joined the ranks of the elite in Summer Camp. Since then, efEciency has been his aim, but efEciency without quill. Judging from the sunny smile and appearance which has justly earned for him the nickname of Handsome, one would select him foi: an ardent P. S.-er. In this case, however, appearances are deceiving and the femmes have been denied the pleasure of much of his society because of his desire to give the other fellows a chance. His chief hobbies-are horses and the Field Artillery, and we arezcertain hiscareer Will be a successful one. It is certain that his pleasant disposition, manliness and good fellowship Will be his passport wherever he goes. 131 Olharlw E11119 mulling, 3Jr. BROKEN BOW, NEBRASKA Senatorial Appointee NEBRASKA hB. Jf hLOVEh Corporal, Sergeant, Sharpshooter, Foot- ball Squad M,3,2,D, Fencing Squad QLQL Class Foil Team CE, Indoor Meet 01:3,- 2,D, Numerals, Monogram, hhAh, in Foot ball ML Choir M,3,QL Hundredth Night OLD, Ring Committee, Camp Illumina- tion, F urlough Song Leader. i6 IRLS may come and girls may go, but I go on foreverf, And he says: hTm not fickle, either. One man ean love more than one woman at the same time, canhc he? Anybody knows that. I canht help it if I fascinate hem, can I? Bless his sweet heart!-For he is j ust that sort of a boy and man besides. The women simply adore himebut he is a manhs man for all that, combining a rare disposition With a character of steely quality. To blossom forth as a first string end after three years a hardworking scrub is proof of the depth of purpose in those bluest of eyes. So herehs to Love Dlullins, a wonderful friend, a wonderful lover eand With all he is still very democratic. 132 Zilnlm Emit iEHurrag MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Appointee from Fifth District i MISSISSIPPI ' soNIG3, ' Sergeant, Sharpshooter." E NEVER knew before that the blarneystone had been transplanted to Mississippi, but you just ought to hear this man,s line with the ladies! On Saturday, three minutes after inspection, we see the Hon. John Trott speeding hotelward, clad in' his comfortable iiP. Sringii full dresscut, and we know that our fusser tipar excellenceh will soon be in his glory. Whether its one femme or a platoon of ten our hero handles the situation with an easy grace that would shame Lord Chesterfield. Sunday evenings he is wont to exclaim tiThe end of a perfect dayf and iitake out afteri, the tenths for the ensuing week in a leisurely fashion while his thoughts are mainly of the fair ones. He is a devoted worshipper at the shrine of Morpheus, and if evening study hour and slumber were not synonymous terms with him he would doubtless be jostling Prof. Jones somewheie up in the ralefled atmospheie of the intellectual Alps. V Though Trott has never boned make, the Com concluded that along with his other efficient qualities one so adept at mattress drill could not be suffered to march with the bucks. While fond of golf, the scene of his most eminently successful athletic operations is in and around Cullum Hall. - Heard from one of the charmers: iiI do love to hear N ig talk. If he ever runs down, I ask him any kind of question just to keep him going? 133 iRnhBrt Emia Npmtnn PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND Appointed from First District RHODE ISLAND ttNEWTll Expert Rifleman, Broadsword Squad t3,2,1l, Indoor Meet th. ERE he is, girls, step right up and take a look-Handsome Bob. To look at him yould never suspect what a terrible man he is, but, really, hes a dan- gerous character, and all the girls say that he is perfectly irresistible. When Bob didnlt get a tiCorpf, he promptly reversed his tactics and began boning hard guy-and he has succeeded. Be it said of him, he is there When it comes to a strong line of talk and, furthermore, he never stutters When he cusses. If you donlt believe it, try him out. s He insists With unwonted tenacity that iltheylre all fickle? but somehow his tone lacks sincerity. Anyway, welll gamble that the little pebbles on the shores of the mighty Hudson Where it flows past ilFlirtationll would have something to say in the matter. It is probably due to his lilovely, strong arms" that Bob has been a shining light on the Fencing Team. The rest of his exercise he gets turning the pages of the Cosmo, Red Book, etc., and it is said that he is trying to read all the hction in the library. 134 ?Qarnl-h Albert Nialeg WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE, OHIO Appointed from Seventh District OHIO iiSPECv Sergeant, Marksman, Outdoor Meet t4,- 3,2i, Y. M. C. A. Committee t3,2,D; E IS not exactly a giant in size, but When it comes to delivering the goods Spec is right there. He has always lived in a runt company, but long ago he beat the hankers'at their own game in athletics, teaching them how to throw the hammer besides scoring other points. When first he encountered and overcame Plebe Math With colors flying, the Engineers picked him for their own. At the same time, due to the fact that the rest of us coul'dnit see how anyone could really hive conics, he became Spec, and Spec he has been to the Whole Corps ever since. Dame Rumor says that our man from Ohio is something of a teaehound. Spec is silent on this point, but reliable evidence tells us of a misdirected Ch1istmas cake, sent, we doubt not, by some fair damsel Which cake traveled all over the Post before reaching its destination. Spec has an unlimited supply of good natUre and commbn sense and is always ready to dispense both, and to lend a hand Whe1eve1 needed These qualities have made him one of the best liked men in the C01ps, and the good will of all Will fol- low him Wherever he goes. Eauiel Nun: DENVER, COLORADO Appointed from First District COLORADO 6iDAN19 Sergeant, Expert Rifleman, Boxing Squad tQL Star tQL In Charge of Football Squadts Tenths. selfft said the fair one, and now so say we. For to get things done without fuss and flurry and to dodge the calcium beams of self-advertisement, Dan holds as cardinal virtues. Highly successful as the gatherer 0f the elusive tenth himself, even more successful has he been as a propagator of light in the lower strata, and many an athletic ttgoattt has stayed on the football squad, thanks to Darfs tireless endeavors. Though ordinarily dissy in the extreme, the T. D. has twice presented ttour herott With degree of ttA.Bft as a plebe because of injudicious hazing 0f upperclassmen and as a Yearling for similar operations on the usual material. But thus seemingly destined as the first chief of the buckSealas! at the eleventh hour the Com claimed him for his own. ttI THINK NIr. Noce is so modest; you know he hardly ever talks about him- Whatever Dan has achieved here is the result of hard work, and this in spite of his resemblance to Rameses II. 136 IiJnhn ?Rirharh Nggaarh EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN Appointed from Seventh District WISCONSIN HACK; s'COLONELe Corporal OD, Sherpshooter; Indoor Meet Kw, Football Squad i3, Choir MAO, OST fellows get away With it once in a while, a few can bull by the hour, M biit Jack has a line With a iiNo Stop,, sign that puts everyone'into his power. He has seen more of life'than have most of us, and he and the world have both gained. Between the two ends of the list of his friends you will find a success that but few have attained. It is true that in studies heis goaty; there are some, as a rule, every year. But he turns out his bestettwhen its done I can i'est,i-th2itis the kind of man enemies fear. Till the day When the bullets are Whining and the foe shout their word meaning fiChargefi I am ready to bet the reception they get will be tiQue tal, Generalmente? Guidag, Guidag, youire looking hne today, regular wampus kittens. Letjs sit down and talkithis over. I heard a good story. .v ..... You want to surrender? Au reservoir, 0h tank. Orderly, C01. N guards compliments to Gen. Sullivan, and the war is over? 3311mm Ealph QBImatvh WASHINGTON, D. C. Appointed from Thirteenth District PENNSYLVANIA ttTUBBYt Corporal. UBBY is his name and very aptly so. He is not unlike those other ttTubbiestt one reads about in college stories-ea round, chubby fellow, always serene, good-natured, never depressed. What institution could get along Without the type? . He started out along the road to glory by sporting a pair of corp chevrons, but later let them go, too unconcerned to campaign for further decorations. Isn,t this precisely What one would expect of a man named Tubby? To be sure, there have been occasional attempts on his part to belie his innate equanimity. Bursts of righteous indignation are to expected when he discusses cit appointees. These displays are short-lived, however, under the merciless chaff of his devoted friends. ' Tubby has developed a barbed Wit, the result of conscientious training. For weeks before the N avy Game he boned the art of conversation With special em- phasis on epigram, repartee and apt quotation. It must have been a grand oc- casion for the "fair Pittsburgh? Stimulating, too, for he still retains this new brilliancy undimmed. Two more points before youtre dismissed, Tubby! F avorite sport, handball; favorite branch, the coast. May you soon be aill-American in the one and a mine- planter captain in the other. 138 Eranria 7,1111th igalmpr DEVILS LAKE; NORTH DAKOTA Senatorial Appointee NORTH DAKOTA . hDADDY; hBALDYh Acting. Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Sharpshooter, HOWITZER Board 0L ' Star 0;,th 0 BE both Witty and conscientious seems an impossibility. If so, Daddy achieved the impossible. That same dry Wit and Puritan conscience,halong With a,razor-edge mind, helped not a little in shaping the destines of this volume. They say that nobody loves a fat man. Well, What about a bald one? HOW- ever, Daddy is shy, and we have no fear for him. T he long list of his many Virtues we omit; his acquaintances cannot but know them; and strangers have no necessity for such knowledge. hBesides he is bashfulj Herds lookinf Dad. 139 Egman 7112mm imam LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Appointed from Eleventh District KENTUCKY ttPARSONt, Acting Corporal, Marksman, Football Squad t4,3,2,D, Indoor Meet 01,3,2L Numerals, Wrestling, Heavy Weight Champion, Monogram tQL Choir ' 01,33; NIAN Who can sing continually from reveille to breakfast With all good will and evident enjoyment commands our admiration even in the midst of our suffering. He may stop an occasional shoe as a token of neighborly appre- ciation, but still we must admit that hes got more pep and good nature than the average. And such a man is our Parson, who is equally at home Whether perpetrat- ing a hymn or rendering an excerpt from the Midnight Frolic. Gold lace and bootlick hold no fascination for him, and he shuns a itmakeh like the plague; still he has consented to march the F irst Class Bucks, Which in itself is no small honor as any buck Will admit. Never boning tenths and appaiL ently indifferent to tifiles? Parson has always managed to float up among the Nslide rulesh and has always been found ready to help a less able classmate. He has been a hard and conscientious worker on the football squad for four years, and as heavyweight wrestling champion is a sure point-winner in the indoor meet. And he is not unknown at the hops. Far from it, in fact. He flits around ' among the femmes With an indifference born of confidence that any regular snake might envy. Anyway, as he himself says, itHops were made to go to? 140 4112mm . imam? TRENTON, NEW JERSEY Appointed at Large l 'ePRUNEse ' Marksman, Indoor Meet t2; I HEN P-rine joined us in September he was at once the cynosure of all eyes, but under Brigadier Blissl careful training he soon grew to look like an ordinary plebe and lost his carefree ilcitil habits. For three years he lived the quiet life tPl of an E. Co. buck, and then he became a writ With Gurney, fer home ties are hard to break. When swimming was introduced into the indoor meet, Louie at once came into prominence, for he surely is there When it comes to this Annette Kellerman stuH. hlore than most of us he has always managed to steer clear of the T. D., and has passed four years without a slug or any similar tor dissimilarl present from the powers that be. As to his future it is about as much of a guessing gameas 'Rockology. , He pulls for the cavalry, but if he takes it he Will upset all precedent in regard to'the Coast, for the absence of a Class ring is generally considered as unquestionable evidence of libreakers aheadii Uiterally, not iiguratively, speakingl. 141 715m Earriann larrrg WEST HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Senatorial Appointee RHODE ISLAND eBAZEe Corporal, Sergeant, Company Quarter- master-Sergeant, Sharpshooter, Indoor Meet GD, Choir t4,3,2x Hundredth Night tD. minded enough to select the branch they really want. Basil is such an one. He finds a strange fascination in the Whistle of shrapnel, and reduces his god to a formula by means of mils. ttIs there anything one cannot do With mils, ehPt, IN EVERY class there are to be found one or two engineers Who are strong- But worse is to come. A Puritan conscience, wedded to gifts histrionic, does not appear to make for unity, yet he seems to survive. That he possesses the hrst is apparent from the strictness With Which he rules, not only the plebes, but him- self; that he rejoices in the second is part of the history of our color lines and Hun- dredth N ight. Let no one be surprised to find the Indian profile and the square-cut chin of our Q.,M. Sergeant inthe forefront in days to come. Basil is not the sort of chap Who is apt to tie up his deflections. Earn; 3311551211 metre PORTLAND, MAINE- i Appointee at Large i MAINE ilALKALI IKE, Sharpshooter, Broadsword Squad Cl. 5: HIS is the house that Jack builttea relic of nursery days, it is true, but serves to introduce our J ack of all trades. In anything from dolling up a hop card to designing an aeroplane, Ike is your hombremhe does not prostitute his genius for mercenary purposes, but does all of these things out of sheer enjoyment in creating. ' ,. When Moose came to Unele Sanfs Kindergarten he was so thoroughly Yankee that he will emerge from the melting pot still a Yankee. He possesses a goodly portion of grey matter Which transforms his studies into a mere pastime. A sunny disposition and a just consideration for others make Ike a man worth knowing. He believes that iiman wants but little here below? and enjoys the simple things of life 1 ' l The call of the fog hom at F t lVright has been so st1 ong that we feel safe 1n I signing him up for the Coastewith. M3 Amt 131111112111 Ignpe NEXV Y ORK CITY, NEW YORK Appointed Eighth Congressional District TEXAS ttEDDIE? ttNUNCLEh NIarksman, Outdoor Meet GO, Hun- dredth Night tD. ILLY Sunday himself could never have slung the uplift as did our own N uncle when he finally saw the light. Until then he was all modesty and reticence and moved the shades of Flirtavtion and like inconspicuous back-alleys till one day the uplift element saw the Y . 1W. C. A. as it really was. Eddy rode high on the crest of the reform wave, finding himself with the power to pick his own little spot in the sun, but did he work the spoils of the system? No, his natural modesty overcame him and he felt himself unworthy to lead the brethren in prayer. We Who knew his worth, knew better, but Eddy remained obdurate. t Thanks to Saint Nuncletines Wit, we survived till furlough. W'hen Eddy takes up his pencil, Sackettheimer undt W'ahlberg slink to their holes. Sackett says, "Sweet slum, Eddy donlt write about me any more? Nuncle likes the girls and the girls like N uncle, but is he a snake? He is not. And does he ever trouble his head over the fickle clan? W'atch him try to hush up the Deac. 144 Enhprt 11-31mm $1 Gllairp 183111511111 , WASHINGTON, D. C. Appointed from Sixth District INDIANA chOBn C01p01al, Seigeant, Lieutenant, Expert Rifleman, Choir 01:, 3 2,L-Y .31. C. A. , Committee 00. BUNDY is something of a sportsman, something of a beau. He can ride a R bit, and shoot a bit and sometimes swim a bit ta perfect education; In . keeping With these accomplishments our gallant Hussar is exceedingly sus- ceptible t0 feminine blandishments; exceedingly so, in fact HFinding himself in t the fryingpan tw'ice, he somehow avoided the fire, each time. Love and war have ever gone together, but not all'soldiers have so happily 0r gallantly upheld the sacred tradition. To one of this romantic and dashing temperament it is not surprising that equations appear as sordid things. Yes, it must be frankly admitted, Bob was never destined to adorn the higher rankseof the Ordnance Department. It took the T. D some time to pick him out, but once stiuted he made rapid advances He never got his makeii by luck or iibooklick, ,i but by cOnsistent ibon- ingii and hand work. 10 145 William Zliranria Ephtielh NIONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY Appointed from Thirteenth District NEW YORK iiREDit ALIAS tiBILLh Acting Corporal t3i, Corporal GD, First Sergeant 0L Lieutenant UL Expert Rifleman, F ootball Squad t3,2,D, iiAit in Football, Cullum Hall Squad OD, Num- erals, Hockey Squad H,3,2,D, Mono- gram, Indoor Meet M,3,Q,D, Outdoor Meet t4,3,Q,D, Choir, Hundredth Night GhD, Hop Manager 8,2,D, Senior Camp Illumination Committee, Sunday School Teacher Oi. OWN through the pages of history, men and supermen have been called Bill. D ,Tis a great name and carries With it suggestions of such lights of history as William the Conquerer, William J . Bryan, Billy Sunday. Though you, dear reader, cannot see the connection between these great stars and that innocent, pleas- ant face there in the picture, to us, Who have been reared in the military world With Billy, this connection is very plain. He is a conqueror 0f NIOVies, Feminine Hearts and Visiting Hockey Teams, and, as far as the boys Who were With him on Xmas leave can learn, he has always been an exponent of the grape joice theory. For real persuasive power he makes Billy Sunday 100k sick. You should have seen the band of workers he persuaded to help him decorate the gym for 16s last whirl. Heis peaceable, refuses to argue about anything or become more than passingly vexed at any act of omission or commission perpetrated against him. Heis big and strong and different and lovable Ovith emphasis on the itandW as they say in clas- sics. The girls say his indifference is fascinating and his hgure reminds them of Michael Angelds best. If he didn,t bone too much hction last Winter the Cavalry Will get iisome boy? 146 mallam djamw iRPhnpr FOREST OF. DEAN, FORT MONT- GOMERY, NEW YORK . Appointed from Fourth District NEW YORK - . ,uP'OTJn HWALLYM Marksmah, Cullum Hall Squad K451i, Numerals, Indoor Meet ,t3,2,D, Wrest- ling Squad 63,2,D. , I ' ALLACE James Redner, better known in the' vicinity of West Point as Wally and The Native Chief of the Highlands. tHighland Falls and Fort Montgomery papers please copyJ Although he has acted as guide to the tactical department in its wanderings through the hills ever since he came, he has never been decorated for service With any form of chevrons. I Wally,s amusements are various. Every fall he poses as the all-star tackle of Cullum Hall. He wrestles a little and attends all of the feed hops, but his all- year sport is privilege riding. N0 day is ever too cold or rainy for a trip around the loop. Maybe there is a cause. ' . A goat in studies, nothing ever worries him. Even a six months, invitation - to walk the area for hazing a plebe, Which he received on returning from furlough, failed to banish his smile. Redthinks that the yellow stripe is the only colors 147 Earnlh Eager Qirharha INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Appointed from Seventh District INDIANA ecDICK,9 Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Sharpshooter, V. C. t3,2,D, Choir GL3,- 2,D, Ring Committee G90, Plebe Detail Swimming Meet tD, Star 01,2; HERE are, in every class, a few select ones Who never worry about choice of branch, but simply buy their castles as a matter of course. Needless to say, Dick is in this group, as one glance at the last three registers Will show that he is removed from the ordinary mortals and is up among ttThe Prof? ttBadeh and the rest of the Tenth Trust. However, no one ever says gSpeck Richards," for there was a time When our Harold drove the goats in F rench, and although it was easy to dope out plate girder bridges it was too much to speck the number of generals in a Cossack troop 01' the number of rounds of ttB-food,, in an Abyssinian pack-train, and the ttC. NI. EV course had cracked one more grind. In the 01d yearling days many of the goats found that Dickts methods were good ones to fol- low if they did not desire a perpetual furlough Via the Dlath Department, and the knowledge-seekers came early and late. It is only in the social line that our hero falls down, for Who ever saw Dick at any but ttfeed" hops? There,s a reason, how- ever, as the 18th div. mail-dragger can assure you. 148 matthpm Eunkpr ?.Pxihgmag FORT WARREN, MASSACHUSETTS Appointee at Large tHMIATT,, . Acting Corporal, Color Corporal, Lieu- tenant and Adjutant, Sharpshooter, Cullum Hall '00, Hockey Squad aw, Inddor Bleet t3,2l, Advisory Committee Y. M. C. A. tD, Choirvt3,2l, Manager GD, Hop Manager Bl , Board of Governors First Class Club, New Years Toast the iiCorpsll tD, Superintendent Sunday School, HOWITZER Board. ATT is a man whose memory will fofever live in the , lives of all of us. Though the chevrons were temporarily delayed, when they did come they cost a lot of money and we are agreed that he has been the most grace- fully efficient adjutant that we have ever seen. He got them like a man and like a man. he has worn them. But not for his sound off will he be remembered-for it was incidental in the list! of his daily works. Beyond doubt, the busiest man in the place, handling Well the jobs of sevei'al men. He has, through it all, by his devotion to the Corps and cheerful friendliness won for himself a hrm respect and just popularity. As chair- man of the V.C. he has fostered and reflected the spirit of the Corps, and his stead- fast personal record has been a worthy standard for others to emulate. His wonderful work in making a fourth Victory possible was praised by the greatest coach on earth in the following words; llThat fellow Ridgway there is . the best football manager Iive seen at W; P. in the last ten years? We have taken much for granted from Matt-eno matter the worth of the work eit was expected. In everything he has undertaken he has done wellethe highest verdict accordable here--a11d when in the dim and distaht future our minds wander back to our- Kaydet days we Will'always remember him as he looked when he en- , tered the dressing room of the team after the game last fall and with tears in his eyes shook hands with us all saying tiWell, fellows, we did it againli, 149 $mtt Erwin Eitrhip GENOA, VIRGINIA Appointed from Seventh District VIRGINIA NRIXH Corporal, First Sergeant, Lieutenant, Sharpshooter, Polo Squad, Wrestling Squad t4,3,2,U. HE aboveis a fine type of a real Southern gentleman, calm, reserved, and 211- Ways unassuming. A man with a real purpose in life. His great aim is to be a real friend to everyone and to do well everything that is worth While attempting. His success is measured by the number of his friends and the high esteem in which they hold him. The pluck that this light haired symbol of good nature has carried into his workeathletic and scholastic workegoes further than his popularity as a man to show the stuff he is made of. You Will never see Rix pulling the loud heroic stuff, but when it comes to doing a. real deed he Will be on hand to do it in a quiet, unostentatious manner. , Emma 121155211 NEW BRIGHTON, NEW YORK Appointee at Large i- sSAVVYV Acting "Corporal, 'Corporai, Sergeant, Quartermaster-Sergeant, Expert Rifle- ' man, Outdoor Meet w. tt PROPOSE to fight it out 011 this line if it takes all summer? I Youtll probably run into Savvyts entanglements and entrenched lines some morning after breakfast, for then he is at his best, and When you pick your line of resistance, just remember that he is a great admirer of the above quo- tation. If you meet him, dontt attempt to run by, nor Will a guise of neutrality protect you, but raise your colors and at least begin the argument, for we assure you, you Will never end it. . ' Passing One in our competitive entrance examination, and coming from the aristocracy of the army, gave a'reputation to live up to, and the consequent strain was great. Occasionally he slipped from his lofty eminence, but a little gum judi- ciously applied stopped these falls before he got far, and When the fight became too hot, a swim in the Hudson in February or a ride down the Hotel hill in a coal bucket in the cool, dewy dawn made life really worth While again, and brought back the realization of his high calling. o , V 7 So possibly he may wear the castles aftef all, but, more probably, well find him in one of those combination motor boat and pushcarts Which run loose here, and hell be arguing points of international law with Some U-boat captain. But beware, Mr. Skipper, for if .you are wrong, thereil be a scrap, and peace Without. victory is not in this mans code. Eanih $hprihan Qumhnugh WARRENTON, VIRGINIA Appointed from Eighth District WISCONSIN tiDAVEt, Acting Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Marksman, Basketball Squad QLQL Numerals tQL P010 tD, Choir M3,- 2,D, Hundredth Night 014,3,D, Hop lVIanager t3,Q,D, Camp Illumination t3; found even in such a hot bed of human prodigies as WTest Pointea social lion, and a good fellow. Incidentally when he is not kidding the itDii C0. roughnecks 0r prying his way into some select pantry on the post you will find him in the riding hall indulging his athletic inclinations in the ttking of sports, tthatts what the enthusiasts call it, but we donit ask you to believe i0. As a polo player and horseman in general, Davy is some bear, quite a Whole zoo full of bears in fact and sometimes he insists that an afternoon on a pony is almost tbut not quitei as pleasant as an afternoon on the polished floor of Cullum. In either place he is equally at home and we guarantee that heill be the same no matter Where you put him. CHARMING little Davy Rumbough is one of those rare combinations seldom What branch? Cavalry, of course! 152 Gimme milhur $arkptt OAK PARK, ILLINOIS Appointed from First District SOUTH DAKOTA ttPINKEYl, Expert Riflem'an, Gymnasium Squad t4,3,2,1l, Class Numerals, Class Swim- ming Squad QlD. INKEY is a true itsea-going wave, as they say in the N avy. One, might P even call him a breaker, to judge from the number of feminine; hearts Which follow in his wake. In fact, as it is writ in history, the fair possessor of one of these hearts is responsible for the cognomen Which he now 56 proudly bears. The victim doesnit mention in his P. C S that he is a hopoid. He is one of the loveliest 0f the lovely snakes. If it wasn t for Pinkey and the band the hops would lose all their attraction for the femmes. George twe call him that because he likes itj is not always fiivolous, howevei. He can be really eHScient when he wants to be and When he 15, all the plebes stand V by to take 1n three reefs. - 153 ' militant gmrkuillp ALTURAS, CALIFORNIA Appointed from Second District CALIFORNIA ttSACKh Acting Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Expert Rifleman, Football ML Indoor Meet t4,3,2,1l, Outdoor NLeet, N um- erals, Plebe Detail, Hundredth Night tD. ACK is one of the most genial, pleasant and affable men in the Corps. Always good-natured, ever ready to do a kindness for a friend, he has won and held a most estimable place in the affections of the Corps. An athlete, a horseman, a spoonoid of the fairest femmes, Sack is equally at. home in any of the various branches of Kaydet activities, be it breaking a bronco or pouring tea. Entering as a goat, he graduated among those who go into the field and his rise has been consistent and steady. Sack is an able and conscientious worker and tho he occasionally wanders into the wrong room at the Astor at 4: A. M., to de- mand 0f the sleeping occupant: HW'here are the keys to my trunk?"i his faults are few and far between and we readily forgive him for his infrequent falls from grace. So Sack, in passing, your classmates will miss you, we will miss your advice, your sunny smiles, but mostly we will miss your own original self, for you have ever been a brightening factor in the trials and tribulations of this martial existence. $111115 181S7alnnza LUCENA, TAYABAS, ,P. 1. Appointed from Philippine islands 11SAL71 Marksman. OSOTROS que no tienen ninguna concepcibn de distancis y que no han nave- gado aldredor del mundo entero para. probar 1a teoria de C016n sobre la rotun- didad del mundo pueden u a Salvosa y nos dira', que el discubridor de 1492 tuvo razc'm Embarcando en NIanila en un vapor franws, se encontr6 en Paris despu1$s de un mes tempestuoso, y cinco dias mas en West Point donde se ha per- manicido hasta boy. Pero, mira cuatro mil leguas para ser yplebef: I La cortesia militar de la Academia le so1'prendi6 sin duda pero no por mucho tiempo porque Salvosa es un hombre que accepta todo lo que pasa sin 1'egaf10. N0 tiene remordimiento o compuncifm cualquiera porque 12de lo que hace, 10 hace de buena fey de conviccion Es muy dificil penetrar e1 espiritu de este hombre me quieto y diminutivo pero Segundo dice que si j amsis hoy hombre tan leal y verda- dero a si mismo, tal hombre se encuentra eh la persona de Salyosa. N0 ha violado . ninguna promesa, su palabra se ha quedado siempre intacto, y si en el future como esperamos. Salvosa mantuviese la misma modestia sin disimulaci6n y Iealtad a1 deber, nosotros de 1917tend11amos razon de vanaglorialnos que este 01 ganlzador futuro del eje1cit0 filipino ha venido de nosot1os. william igarriann g?tnmhpm SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA Senatorial Appointee SOUTH CAROLINA ttDEACONl, Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Marksman, Indoor Meet t4,3,2,1l, Publi- cation Committee Y.M.C.A. BL N orth- field Cb, HOWITZER Board, Hop Manager t3,Q,D, Camp Illumina- tion, Plebe Detail, Star 010. SMOOTH and silvery line of talk that makes even Nygaard and Swanton sit around and listen is Deaconls chief characteristic. It matters not What lan- guage he is using, and it flows just as fluently Whether the medium be English, French or Spanish. Deac came to us from the N avy, and if Uncle Sam gave medals for long and faithful service he would be sure to draw first prize. His first choice of headgear was unfortunate, and thitter Saundersll cap was a constant source of amusement for the ttL. C03, file closers, during the first few months of plebe year. But the trials and vicissitudes of a servant of the people have failed to spoil his good nature. or even to take the edge off his efficiency, and Deac is equally at home Whether drilling a company, herding a Bunch of Beasts or parading Eddy Popels goat for the edification of the rabble. In his serious moments Deac is an Engineer, and hobnobs With Prof. Jones and the rest of the elite, but he doeSIYt stay awake nights boning tenths, rather does he spend his time hguring how far it is from the Coast to the Marines, for Deac still hears the call of the deep blue sea. His activities are varied and include femmes, boodle fights, athletics, North- field, and boning check book, but his specialty is hops. These wouldnht be complete Without him, and yet strange to say he is still tor at least so he claimsD heart and fancy free. llTheyEe all hckle, thank God? 156 E21111; 31111111 $?phrnvhpr PORTLAND, OREGON . Appointed from Third District OREGON KiJACKSS Acting Corporal, CorporaL Sergeant, Company Quartermaster-Sergeant, Expert Riheman. MAN of many Virtues and little glamour 1s J acke-none more capable and less ostentatious. Self- sufficient, he treads his ascending way to his inevit- able goalethe EngineerSeand velily, that s his natural berth, f01-never was there a man Who studied less, and knew more about his work. Heis just naturally hivey grid efficient. He has a subtle Wit and at times appears almost facetious, and even the great T. D. have felt the sting of his biting sarcasm, remarking as they squirmed that they objected to the lltonell of his B-aehe and not to what he said.. But all is in good Will, and 0ft only the endeavor to instigate reform provokes his cynicism. As a BS. artist, though, is Where his inspirations find truest expression. There V is no subject 011 Which he is not only conversant but learned, and his Velubility of expression lenders his learning in the most aeceptable and' fantastic form pos-' sible. F1om spontaneous Iomantic poetry to a thesis on the fourth dimension his line is. always interesting. - 157 Walter 15211113111 $rhulg2 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS l Appointed from Third D'istfict ILLINOIS ltDUTCH,, Sergeant, Expert Riiieman, Basketball Squad M30, Indoor Meet tD, HOWITZER Board, Plebe Detail. F THERE is any sudden Violent commotion in or near the 12th Division, its a safe bet that Dutch is in it, for hes just about as noisy as they come and Rough-House is his middle name; otherwise hels perfectly harmless. As an underclassnian, Dutch was the ltbete noirll of all makes, but since at- taining his own chevrons, and having assisted the Com in beast barracks, he has been quite a different character. In fact, there may be some tbut we doubt itl Who make more trouble for the llpowers that bell than Schulze. As a yearling, Dutch was the life of the basketball squad, but hnally gave it up and turned to handball, still later he took his exercise in Alls F ield Artillery class, for Dutch is determined to give the Field a Whirl before taking up aviation. He firmly believes that all successful men are married, and inasmuch as he doesnt want to be an exception he is determined to go over the brink. As a photographer, Schulze is in a class by himself and makes even Jimmy Hare look to his laurels, as a glance through this book will show. 158 igpfhert Nnrman g?thmarzknpf NEWARK, NEW JERSEY , Appointed from Ninth District NEW JERsEY tiSCHWARZIEi, ' Sharpshooter, Football t4,3,2,D, Basket- ball Gs,2i, Indoor Meet 015,3,Q,D, Out- dodr Meet CD, Polo, Boxing t4,3,2,D,. -Swimming iQJL Handball Cham- pionship Oi, Y.M.C.A. Commit- tees tQJL Choir t4,3,2i, Man- ager 0f Handball Squad tD. - IS name is enough to cause the Secret Service to sit up and take notice, his shape is like a beer keg, and altogether heis a dangerouseustomer. No one would suspect from his anatomy that our genial German gink is built for speed, and he isnitebut, oh my, 'what a wallop When he lands! .He bones football and boxing as a means to an end. The end is an appetite. To see Schwarzie at- tack 'a iifootball table, supper is to sit with mouth' open in wonderinent and go starved. The one redeeming feature is that he puts this' Vim and vigor into all his actions, and as soon as he gets an opportunity he Will take the ttbbodleh out of iiboodle fighter? 159 g?tmhm Enntting $h2rri11 EAST HAMPTON, NEW YORK Appointed from First District NEW YORK ttSTEVE,, . Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Marksman, Cullum Hall, w, Wrest- ling Squad 01,3,2l, Polo. ROBABLY no one in the class is more generally liked by everyone than Steve. The above applies equally well to kaydets and to femmes. Behind Steve,s friendly, careless manner lies the priceless gift of being able to tell the right from the wrong, and he stuck by the right If you donlt believe it, look at that chin. In his second class year he turned out for Cullum Hall and proved to be one of the best men on the team, missing the squad only through lack of weight. This last year he left football to ttfollow the poniesll on the polo iiats. His ability in wrestling has put him on the squad for three years. Probably the one thing a first classman regrets about early graduation is the parting from such men as Steve and the temporary loss of such friendships. Herels hoping we meet him again! Brought up on Long Island, With wind and wave, Steve has leaned heavily towards the C. A. C. with its big guns and its Barbette and baby carriages, and where life is a beautiful dream and all the troubles are little ones. 160 Ehnmaa $imnn5 gmtkltr, 3Jr. CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLIN A - Appointed from First District 4 SOUTH CAROLINA . uTOMH Corporal; Captain, Fencing Squad, Bfoadsword Squad tD, Delegate'to .Northiield Conference, Choir 00, F urlough Banquet Committee. HE T. D. never selected a truer man or more conscientious worker to hold down a position of trust. His make came to him naturally because he is ellicient and gives attention to details. In all his work, his calm good'nature has been uppermost and-his Southern hospitality and kindness have Won him a firm place in the hearts of all of us. His chief concern this last year has been the llRedh Book, not the one that comes once a month, but the one that rides all of us from September until June. But soon that Will all be forgotten in the sunny fields of the old Southland, and Who wouldnlt work hard for a three-months leave in Charleston? He has always been a consistent spoonoid, but has scattered his at- tentions among the femmes generally. The infantry is the only branch in the serv- e ice, Tom says, and it will be a lucky doughboy company'that receives itEll Cofs present captain. t " ' - 11 161 mam Qirharhaun $laughipr LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Appointed from Sixth District VIRGINIA e EBILL,3 9 e CHON, 3 Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Expert Rifleman, Wrestling Squad t4,3,2,1l, Polo Squad, Indoor Meet, GLQQ, Hundredth Night GD, NIanager Hockey Team. spirit, thought and deed, and among the foremost of such men in 1917 is Willis. In the gym, on the wrestling mat, on the polo held, on the target range, in the class room, on the dance floor, and as hockey manager, Willis is, as they say, slright therefi. 1V illis started as a. plebe to learn wrestling twhich to quote a famous authority, iiainlt no game for a gentlll, and the manner in which he can handle himself in this art manifests itself by the fact that he has never been thrown during his four-years career on the mat, which is indeed an enviable record. At polo tthe gentlemanls gamei, W'illis again shows up as a shining light which proves his adaptability to all classes of sports. I :VERY class has its efficient men who are really the makers of the class in a As a social lion, Willis is a llbearf To the ladies he is known as H011, and the one who gets him will certainly be fortunate. Good-looking, good-natured and courteouSethe very embodiment of true manhoodmwhat lady would not be glad to get him? From a mental, moral, physical and professional standpoint, Willis is an all- around man of whom we of old 1917 are justly proud. With him go our best wishes. 162 Albert annippr $111M; WARRENTON, VIRGINIA, Senatorial Appointee 1 x VIRGINIA RA. Cf; Sergeant UL Corporal $1, Arcting Cor- poral $1, 'Expert Rifleman, First Class; Pistol Shot, 'Cullum Hall Football M331, N uinerals, Polo Squad, Wrestling Squad,. 00, Numerals, Choir 01,8521. ERE is a man that claims to have spent ninety per, cent of his working hours on the back of a ithuntini hossii before he came here and yet has failed to explain Why there is such a comfortable distance between him and the col- umii down in our equestrian parlor. He hails from iiole Virginnyahi, Where'he must have contracted the habit of letting someone else do his work. At least this is the decision Stewart comes to every Sunday morning When the room needs clean- ing for inspection. Oh! 110, doriit misunderstand, he,s not lazy, but just tteasy- going? He can play a snappy game of p010, shoot a rifle and pistol, and last, but most cultivated, he can balance. the teacups weighted down With two lumps of sugar better than the man Who inventeditea parties. Corp has a fund of good humor and is the best f1 iend a man can have-until he is asked to ttdragy for that V man. The Cavalry and the lonely bor'dei call him since these pink letteis quit coming. It s a lonely life, but he loves h01ses. 163 1 Alhvrt Olharlw g?tanfnrh ISPENNING, MICHIGAN Appointed from Twelfth District MICHIGAN sA. CF Acting Corporal BL Corporal QL Ser- geant tD, Expert Rifleman, Indoor Meet t4,3L Camp Illumination 0L Hundredth Night tD, Art Editor HOWITZER, Entertainment Com- mittee Y. M. C. A. UL Christ- mas Poster tD, Choir MB,- 2D- LGY claims Ispenning as his stamping ground, but though we know nothing about the place, and the name is rather suspicious, we have never held that against him. He has been a dutiful and constant member of the Stanford- VVhite household during his cadet career, and a happy, well satisfied house it has been. ' lVIany blue Diondays have been brightened by his perpetual smile, good humor and careful manners, not to forget the piercing laugh that rang through the divi- sion at periodic intervals. Algy had all the essentials of a good fileeunselfish, open- hearted, frank and congenial at all times. Bioreover, he was an apt subject upon Whom the femmes could ply their captivating arts. A. Cfs heart was always set 011 the Coast. until the time to buy equipment came, then the love for boots was too strong and he switched to the mounted serv- ice. And we know he will be the same likable chap there that he has always been during his kaydet days. 164: SJth .Slpffpmntt Elnmtra g?n?inpr MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA . Appointed from Seeond District ALABAMA ' iUEFFv Acting Corporal, Corporal, Battalion, Qharter-Master Sergeant, Expert Rifleman, Wrestling GD, Fencing Glam, HOWITZER Board, Hop Manager tQJl , Ring Commit- tee, Choir 01,3,2l. over which he had no control and therefore not to be held against him. In addition he looked interesting. He still does, and rarer far, is. This is not a crime itself, but there are frequently criminal consequences. This being interesting is a bit hard to understand, for most men, that is, it appeals to women, though, romance and all that sort of thing, you know. However, as Jeff modestly admits, he understand women and that helps him out a lot. A philosopher at all times, an idealist in actions only, a romanticist from choice, and efficient Withalethatls the paradoxical part of him. As far as worldly things are concerned Jeff has util- ized his ability to look ornamental and think clearly by accepting an appointment v on the staff and graduating in the engineers. Herels hopingit falls to my lot to. cross the pontoon bridge he builds! CURLY-HAIRED and handsome he was When he entered-b0th misfortunes 165 3Jnhn 31an g?thari WASHINGTON, D. C. Appointed from Seventh District TAT, First Sergeant 0L Sergeant UL Acting Corporal BL Expert Rifleman, Cullum M,3,Q,D, Numerals Football, Wrest- ling Squad GD, Indoor Meet b3,2,D 0 ONE knows why we call him F at, unless it is because he is as sunny, as good natured and as downright big hearted as no one else but a real bonaflde fat man could be. He is our class beauty, but after you have known him for five minutes you forget his good looks. They are like a show Window in a shop, attracting your attention at first, but being forgotten the moment you go behind it and glimpse at the real things inside, and believe us the man behind those rosy cheeks is a real one. Someone sent F at a book for Christmas bearing the alluring title Tifty Wyays to Win a XVifef, It was a. good enough grind, but it would have been far more ac- ceptable had it read thifty W'ays to Remain a Bachelor? for if there ever was a man intended by nature to set dainty hearts skipping it is Fat. But he had rather be With men any day-that's F at some more. If you want to know who has a, heart of gold and a big one; a share of good sense and a bigger one; and a bootlick on everybody and the biggest oneeiths Fat. 166 3111591111 imam: gmlliuan SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA Appointed from Fifth District CALIFORNIA i cPEsHA: 3 Sergeant; Expert Rifleman, Football Squad 010, Wrestling Squad 02,40, -Class Numerals, Hundredth Night . t4,2,1l, New Yeafs T cast to Drills. 0 meet him is to like him; it is impossible to resist his contagious smile and cheering word. You Will lind him ever letting loose his fluent line. No sub- ject is too deep, none too delicate for him to handle With all the appeirent ease and knowledge of a specialist in that line. Sully is a firm believer that llthere aixft n0 hell? for he claims it would be impossible to have any such rival of the subject of Ordnance and Gunnery. He never bones anything on his classmates, but takes all the ups and downs of his career With the same good ease and gracious- ness With Which he has taken numerous examinatidns here below. In Sully the class has a man Whom they will ever be proud to hail as a class-l mate; generous in everything, an optimist, fair minded, .a pleasant word and a grin for all, and a true friend in the deepest meaning of thatlword. A 167 e Ennnnan $manfnn NEW YORK, NEW YORK Appointed from Tenth District NEW YORK tiDUKElt EHOLD, ladies and gentlemen, the champion All-American deadbeat. When it comes to dragging out the old red comforter for a quiet afternoon, Don takes the blue ribbon. He deadbeat his way through three consecutive years of war With P. Echols, so he feels now that he needs a rest. Duke enjoys only one sport in our varied existence more than mattress-drill. Give him a skag, an easy chair and an audience, and he,ll hold you spellbound with a line that would chase Shakespeare and the other old masters of B. S. under the table. N0 rocking chair brigade that ever rocked could hold a candle to our own little hiexican athlete When he gets in an intellectual atmosphere with none to interrupt. As was to be expected he is an enthusiast over high-brow literature, and his daily exercise consists mostly of a round trip to the library and endless hours of patiently turning the leaves of volume after volume. It is fortunate indeed that our library is pretty extensive, for otherwise Duke must long since have read every- thing in it and then died of ennui. However, the appearance of the Red Book, the Cosmo, etc., on the scene always serves to relieve slightly the pressure on the library, so that the outlook is still favorable. Duke ought to go in the Coast, for there tso they tell usl time is generally the only thing available. 168 Enapph-Svrmntnn Gait FORT SHERIDAN, ILLINOIS Appointed from Tenth District ILLINOIS , HJOEa: Acting Corporal, Corporal, .Color lSer- geant, Sharpshooter, Indoor Meet MB,- QLJL, Outidoor' Meet tQJL' Basketball 01,33,11, Baseball Squad m, Foetball Squad t4,3,D, Tennis Team tQi, H1111; . dredth Night UL Choir t4,3,2;D, Camp Illumination, Hop Manager tD. OOTBALL? Yes. Basketball? Yes. In fact, Jee has tried a little bit of everything during his varied career amongst us, even to lending his mellow voice in hymns as oHicial leadel in song at the Y. M. C. A And aIWays an ever present spirit to be up and doingewhether the legulations be willing or not-v has marked his 'upward path 1 Joe 18 always occupied in 1a tireless search for amusement, no matter Where it is to be found or What the consequences. Anything from a feed hop to a cleaning box is a suitable subject, and When seen from his viewpoint can be 'made food for amusement or even for a grind on the T. D. I I Why Joe slipped in Corps rank we shall never understandeso'military ande- b tiMr. Tate, you have such a wonderful back? but such are the ways of adversity and we mere creatures cannot understand. 169 Milka Ehmarh Grab MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA Appointed from Thirteenth District INDIANA ttVENUSXt ttEDDIEtt Acting Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant-Mae jor, lVIarksman, Football Squad t2,D, Numerals, Indoor Meet t4,3,Q,D, Out- door Meet t4,3,2,D, Record 100 yds. dash and 220 yd. dash, WY, Track, Second Vice-President and Chairman Enter- tainment Committee Y. M. C. A. UL Northfield, Choir t4,3,Q,D, Hundredth Night HBL Hop Manager GLQJL Fur- lough Banquet Committee, Board of Governors First Class Club, Star 00. I r1 DDIES record speaks for itself, and tells better than words can, how he has made his way through the Academy. By working himself and making others work he was the means of winning the outdoor meet for 1917 last year and not a few of the points were gathered by Venus himself. W76 firmly believe hes the fleetest biped extant, and if there were any more speed records to be lowered, we,d trust to Eddie to do it. His home is in the f1rst section, ordinarily, but the ttspect, course in the last half of the F irst Class Y ear proved so little to his liking that he decided to take one of the numerous exams in Engineering, and be it known that in these hard times, exams are as difhcult to avoid as ttTacsh at inspection and they are just as dis- agreeable. Remark from the gallery in the riding hall during yearling camp: "Oh, isnt that tall blonde good looking cadet just the loveliest rider! He bounces up and down so beautifully V, 170 Jlamw Kama Eullg ST. LOUIS; MISSOURI Senatorial Appointee NEW MEXICO l s UIMMIEh . Acting COrporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Football Squad Ma,3,EZ,D, Marksman, Hundredth Night Staff tall, Camp Illumination, Business Manager . HOWITZER. AKE! For the guy who hived the gyroscope And dressed himself by clockwork at the dawn Is here before you. Know ye all that we Are even now about to sing his Odyssey. Now the new dawn, reviving new ideas, This thoughtful soul brings forth a wondrous plan VVheI-eby a file may deadbeat reveille, And thus achieve the perfect dream of man. A sack of llBulP, upon the'table lies, -A book of papers, and some matches, too, A curl of smokeecontentinent there for him, And dreams Olympus gives to mortals few. And if he never husbanded the Eckle Tenth, But flung it to the winds like the Autumn rains, He,ll likely wear the castles when he leaves, For some there are who hive the use of brains; Yon hotel porch that looks for him in vain, How oft hereafter will she creak, and think of days This many-sided kaydet spentsthereon, And know the arts of kaydets on the wane. And when, like her, 011 reader, you have known Through four long years a friend and comrade true, You,ll know of whom Welre thinking when we say, ilThumbs up! An hombre goes to don the blue? 1'71 Walter Eranria Hanhrr 151mm MENASHA, WISCONSIN Senatorial Appointee NEVA DA ttVANtt Corporal, Lieutenant, Expert Rifleman, Wrestling 09. HIS handsome, though rough youth, came to us from the W'ilds of Wisconsin along With Jack Nygaard, N o-don,t jump at conclusions, for the silence of Van almost makes up, if possible, for the extreme garrulity of his State-mate. Van brought the same handsome visage and Apollo-like form that blesses our Jack. And the poor ladies-well they just suffer, for Van modestly admits that he hasnt met Hereyet. we wonder What he means by that last word. Nothing effeminate about Van. He naturally hasn't it in him and he doesn5t take many chances of acquiring it. However, wetve been told that ttwhen they fall they fall hard," and we are expecting any day to hear that Cupid is better than an expert rifleman, and herets to the lucky femme. 172 . Flierhinanh- $115131: 131m Kummpr, 3h: JAMAICA, NEW YORK Appointed from Twenty-firSt District ' NEW .YORK esGUS,SS ieVONi! Marksman, Baseball Squad 00, Columbia University, Zeta Psi F raternity. ON arrived later than most of us, but it didnit take long for his, itSay, fellows I know a good one? .to become a well known rallying cry. He soon decided not to become a grind so he stayed down with the goats until writ times came around, then he did his semi-annual boning and went up a section or two to escape the exams, and he always escaped them, too. He develdped an early propensity for walking, Which he considered one of the best forms of exer- cise, but in First Class camp he gave it up to win the summer tennis championship. The only hops Von missed were due to absences enforced by acquiring his A.B. degree, and one he missed while on his post furlough. He believes in having the best of everything in life, whether it be gooditimes, uniforms or friends. A good indication of his character occurred When all of us were first stampeded - by the fact that sixteen hundred iicitsii Were going to rank us1 and there was much wild talk of resigning. Von said, til am going to stay and graduate. A diploma from West Point means more to me than sixteen hundred files? 173 $2nrg2 Enuglw Wahl WASHINGTON, D. C. Appointed from Third District LOUISIANA itDoUGn Acting Corporal t3i, Corporal tQL Lieu- tenant tD, Expert Rifleman, Cullum Hall Squad t4,3,Q,D, Fencing Squad M,3,2,D, 1917 Interclass Cham- pion Fencing Team t3,2i, Mono- gram Fencing. ti AM hereV, Really, Doug, thatis an unnecessary bit of information,for we knew that you were on the road long before you arrived. Between Togois affectionate gurgles and frequent healthy but raucous outbursts we Who live in the central divisions know When and Who is around. Doug commenced his Kadet life in the characteristically unpleasant West Point surroundings and managed to exist somehow in spite of his blaseity. He made an unusual record in scholarship his Plebe year. Hotvever, during Yearling summer camp 21 certain fair one whispered honeyed words of wisdom into his ear and since then our Douglas has taken a permanent. plan with the Engineers. Togo deserves his rank, for he is a hivy chap who is quite able to negotiate his work Without the slightest worry. Some blessing! For sincere expression on this subject see Nygaard. Although handicapped by being a ttTin," Douglas is one of our most efiicient cadet officers. He is always on the job and if it waisnit for his bracing presence ttE,i Company would be hard put to give its Plebes a proper start. This natural but unobtrusive efficiency is what the Army needs, and we all know that Doug Will make a magnificent record for himself in the serviceeexcuse ineein the Engineers. 174 133mm 133., warmer WATERTOWN, NEW YORK Appointed from Thirty-second District 1NEW YORK ' , CECORP,3 Acting Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, First Sergeant, Expert Rifleman, Ring Committee. - HE Corp is not, and never has been, one of the C'omis own, for the simple reason that as soon as he blossomed forth from Beast Barracks he took the Corn and the Whole T. D. under his own Wing and has tenderly sheltered thefn there ever since. During his plebe year he consented to let them hand him seven demerits, and has submitted to a similar number each-year since, just to keep his wards from fretting. To see him gazing from his Window about 7 :30 any morning and raving about the sick book you would think heid been a kaydet top sergeant all his life, but from the sultry days of Camp Larned he has been the Corp. His work here, however, has not been confined to making ttdisi, records; in fact, these records are but a secondary result of the fact that he has been making . good The Corp gives his best efforts to everything he undertakes and he s not afraid to bone up anything he doesn t know. I Gapnrgp ?Eaitnn mama WAVERLY, TENNESSEE Appointed from Seventh District TENNESSEE ttDADDY,t Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant. Captain, Expert Rifleman, Football Squad t1,Q,3AL Captain Wrestling Squad, Light -Heavyweight Champion Indoor lVIeet GLQL Monogram tWrestlingL Pres- ident Y. 1V1. C. A. tD, Secretary tQi, Assistant Secretary C9, Northheld. F EVV wavy locks rapidly approaching zero as a limit, a set countenance that only changes When he has given vent to his emotions With a ttDad burn it? this is Daddy. As to why he ever left the sunny and easy going hamlet of Waverly, no one knows. But a few years ago he came to us, a simple lad, knowing little of the ways of the world. But, Ilon'eask him anything from Nthe latest styles in notes from Tommy" t0 "the correct fashions in cit clothesfi Daddy has worked hard and consistently since he came to West Point and has succeeded in all of his desires except oneehe wanted an "A" in football. For four years he gave his best on the squad and just as he was about to earn it, the game With Notre Dame came and left him in the hospital. As a regular tea-hound there are few that can equal him and no fennne has been able to resist his spooning. In him tiFh Company has an efficient. captain and one that does not carry the quill book in his pocket. In wrestling he is in a class by himself and has been untiring in his efforts to promote this sport. But as President of the Y. M. C. A. is he best known. Here it is that he has put forth his best efforts and he has given us new ideas of What can be done by this organization. 176 31mm Ahhiann mpiahamppl ALLENTOWN, PEN N SYLVANIA Appointee at Large ' ' PENNSYLVANIA T. D? Sharpshooter, Wrestling Gail, Boxing ill: Hundredth Night Oh Choir t4,3,2,1l. I ARTIAL- music, a flurry of trumpets, sweet strains and stresses from the Hell-catSethen the P. D. enters With his band. Watch him as he gravely wields his baton and you have a true pictureof the man. Wooden at a dis- tance, When you don,t know him, but a real comedy on closer View and acquaint- ance. Could you imagine him as a hnancier? P. D. has played high finahce With the Kaydet Store for four years and is still on top. It is rumored, too, that Johnny intends to dye his Kaydet trou sky-blue, convert foot pants to olive-drab, and use smoke glasses for binoculars to sight across the Rio Grande. And would you pick him out as a model of caution? tlJoe, be cautious above all thihgsli is one of his favorite maxims When instructing his Wife in the gentle art of holding hands With ladies by counting the number of mosquito bites on their tapering hngers tdid you ever hear of such an amateur method beforeb. This sense of caution is lost, how- ' ever, at the very mention of a motorcycle Or aeroplane. P. D. would go into the cavalry if he could ride a motorcycle. ' i i ' In conclusion, welll gamble that When P. D. dies. Quay that be ages hencel, the band Will bust tradition, and play KlThe Cod F ish BalP, in ragtime, for WhO ' could imagine anything sad or solemn connected With J ohnny. 12 177 Slnlm Ollvmpnt whittnmh i MAINE Appointee at Large eWHITe Sergeant, Sharpshooter, Entertainment Committee Y. M. C. A. Oi, Vice-Presi- dent Dialectic, Co-Author H undredth Night Oi, Tennis Manager Oi, Hop Manager UL Camp Illumi- nation Committee UL Fur- lough Show Committee t3i, Song Leader tD. HITiS middle name is versatility, and if there is anything he hasnit taken a hand in itts because he didIft know about it. First he came into prominence in the good old Battle Blonument days when we didntt have a. thought or a care in the world except furlough. Whit put our lone thought into words so that We might bellow our lungs out and thereby show our ignorance and unsophistication t0 the more learned second classmen. Then he picked ciChin-Chint, for a furlough show for Which we unhesitatingly give him a 3.0, for was there ever another furlough show like ttChin-Chin?" Course not! As author and song leader he has done more than his share to make our First Class Year a success, but his long suit is hopping. Never a. hop does Whit miss, and if you want the latest dope 0n ithow itts done? just ask him for it, for if there is anything Whit hives, it,s hops and all that pertains thereto. 178 7133111121 erlIane white BUFFALO, MONTANA Appointee at Large 1 i MONTANA 11H. MK 11WHITEY3 11BLANCHE11 Expert Rifleman, Boxing Squad 12,11, Indoor Me'et 01D, Light Weight Box- ing Champion 1916, Monogram, Choir 140 ' F 'you have never heard a real Wild west story get H. McClave to tell you his 11Badgerii stony. 11Everybody- upf, and away would go his arms; motionin'g toward the refreshment booth. The traveling man left town the- next day, but he left Harold a remembrance that never ceased to bring a. smile. Friendly and deep; a good word for everybody; keeping his own way quietly: Never said What he didnit mean; old as his Montana hills in his seriousness; never believed that With his going West Point Would go to ruins. Didnit give him aimake; didrft need to; for there are some Who are already made. Here,s to you, Harold, in your home in the world-land! ' 179 ?Rirharh mam mightmam ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Appointed from Tenth District MISSOURI 6CMARS!$ Acting Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Sharpshooter, Cullum Squad QLQL Outdoor Meet M,8,Q,D, Hundredth Night Staff, Class Ring Committee, Plebe Detail. ARS is a fellowwho Will try most anything once, and probably not gum very many. W hatever he puts his hands to is sure to be a success, except railway ventures. Give him any task from fixing our electric toaster to solving a battle at Popolopen and he will soon give you a solution that Will make you take notice. While he could be an engineer, he realizes how short life is and believes in enjoying it as it passes. For two years he worked hard on Cullum, and those Who have been there know that although Cullum is a breeding place for stars, those that stay there get mighty little glory. In the outdoor meet, Blars is always a point-getter, and did his share toward bringing us the Victory last year. He avoids the hops, more or less, for he is unable to keep the fair ones away, and rumor has it that he is not fickle. It seems he was so satisfied With Blis- sourfs femmes that he doeSIft even give ours a chance. 180 g?twling Alpxanhbf mnnh, 311'. BIRMINGHAM, ALAIAMA Appointed xfrom Ninth District ' ALABAMA ' ' iiWOODY? iiBRIGHT EYESh F irst Class Rifle Shot, Wrestling Squad m, Boxing Squad UL Hundredth Night- M,3,Q,D, NorthfieldTrip i3,D, Chairman Advisory Committee Y. M. C. A., Bible Study Com- mittee 65,2L Hall and Tent Committee. AKE a dark-haired youth, with pretty eyes and a pair of dimples, and an Alabama sway, put a Kaydet uniform on himethough it has no ChevronSeand you have a spoony file. Put a femme,s uniform on him and you haVe a iikeenif femme. He excels especially in the femmeis uniform. As a fusser hand ahopoidv there is not a more persistent specimen in West Point. Woody always has a sys- tem of his own. Who would ever think of tabulating the names of the fems he has known, and grading them as to their looks, wealth, dancing abilities, etc.? And that is one of Sterlingis hobbies. One fair damsel of Birmingham has a record of a total max in each of his subjects. He has taken to Wrestling lately and makes it subservient to everything excepting eating two desserts at dinnern He is a member of the Millionaire Squadebut there is not a make in the corps more eicient or more military. ' L I ' 181 $211132 Zliramia 15311111121; OMAHA, NEBRASKA Appointed from Second District NEBRASKA ttFUZZYh Corporal, Sergeant, First Sergeant, Sharp- shooter, Baseball Squad tQL Num- erals. ERE'S a product of the ttwooley west? If you donit believe it just look at his name or White towhead. Fuzzy is not notorious as a P. S.-er or quill, and he takes pride in the fact that he has never bootlicked anyone during his Kaydet career. Ever since he came in with us four years ago he has been known as one of the quiet substantial sort of feHOWSethe kind you like for a close friend and who is ever ready to give of their store of good and humor. It was a long While before the T. D. recognized his true merit, because to publish his good qualities from the housetops is not Fuzzyis style. Yet true worth always comes to light, and Who Will say there is a spoonier and a more ehicient first sergeant than old Fuzzy. He has worked hard on the baseball squad for three years and upheld the honor of the class in the tennis tournaments of last year. No matter Whether his muster roll is gummed or some indifferent sick marcher forgets to get his sick book back on time, Fuzzy still smiles and treats you like a gentlemanehe cant help it, for itis born in him. The doughboys Will get a true gentleman and efEcient soldier When Fuzzy joins the blue. 182 13:1qu mining Hark GREENVILLE, OHIO Appointed from Fourth District t OHIO ' $6NAILSn t Sharpshooter, Polo Squad Oi. HERE are men and men and also men, and Nails is one of them, as those who know him Will attest. He has the awful disadvantage of being anAugus- tine, but that has now been forgiven him and to look at him no one would ever guess it. To see him walking across the area in dress uniform one would class him solely as a Kaydet, but wait until you see him all dolled up in riding togs with a polo mallet over his shoulder. Then no one would think of classing him simply as a tKaydet, for he has a distinctive air of his own or, perhaps we should say, of the cavalry. Because thatis his all pervading hobby, polo and horseszland you can for-l give a man most sill other faults if he loves animals and particularly horses, for, contrary to popular opinion, a hors'e'is about the woodenest thing that ambulates on four legs. In Spanish our Pablo excels next to polo. Heeven goes so far as to have a Spanish waiter in the Bless Hall, and When they llhablar espafzol'l, they sound like a frosty morning on the East side. We dorft know, but we'surr'nise that itis all right, and let it go at that. I ' So in whatever branch of the service we hnd him in years to come, we know that Nails will make a place for himself, for a mantwho- can' make a wooden thing like a horse do what he wants him to-or Whoean get three rounds of bacon out of a Spanish waiter is sure to get on in this world. 183 $611121; Emmet 13mm; SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH Senatorial Appointee UTAH ttBRIGt, Sergeant, A.B., Marksman, Indoor Meet 01,3,2,D, Outdoor Meet t3,D, Foot- ball Squad tU, Choir MgSi , H undredth Night Cast tD, Staff 015$. RIG is a man of strong character, strong likes and strong dislikes, but youtve got to know him to appreciate him at his full worth. His thinning locks would seem to indicate that he has passed the age When lighter things amuse, but it is not so. Brig is in the first section in P.S.-ing, can sip a nip of tea With ease and grace that would put Joe Tate or Love NIullins to shame, and no hop is complete Without his presence. But you shouldnit hold it against him j ust because hes a snake, nor even because he's one of the best dancers in the Corps, for our Brig does other things as well. Ever since we were plebes he has represented the class both in indoor and outdoor meets. He has worked hard in the face of tough luck on the football squad, and he's one of the best riders we can show. And now that the T. D. has recognized his work and made him a. sergeant, surely, Brig, your cup of happiness must be filled. 184 tharlw malirr 1311111 VANDERBILT; lVIICHIGAN ' Appointed from Tenth District MICHIGAN oCUPEi, Sergeaht, Expert Rilleman, Hockey Squad 010. ' OR a common sense all around good scout, Cupe would be hard to beat, and his everlasting smile and ready repartee are welcome wherever lithe makinsh are being passed. Although he isn,t exactly a star man in academic work, hels a pretty good sized asteroid, to say the least. Contrary to the popular conception of a kaydet, Cupe isnlt always looking for a deadbeat and at times will even admit that he likes to work. His favorite diversions are riding andshooting andjf there was ever a ride 01' a shoot that Cupe missed we would like to hear of it. For the lirst year or two of his kaydet existence he would have nothing to do with the ladies, and the rest of his poor deluded classmates put him down for a iicute but bashful boy? However, they were doomed to disappointment, for Cupe was only waiting for the psychological moment in which to make his debut. Then he blossomed out in all his youthful 0101y and tis said that he had the regulai ' snakes going sOme on the Fo1t Wright trip. But he lsn t all snake, by any means. Hels the kind best described by the word lllikeablef, and itls a safe bet that his llblarneyh will get him by, anywhere. 185y William 31115124111 Garter Eiph $Pptrmher B, 1915 186 . xxx 7"" . 1.. j MEMORIAM k WILLIAMJOSEPH . CARTERJR 4 191,7 , ' JOSEPH EDWARD CUSACKJR 1918 ' ' q JOHN CASSIDY u FRANCIS ' 192.0 ' uvsomammal;9249249199! The19lkgHOWITZ- Arrnuntph JH-nr- LAURENCE JOHN INGRAM BARRETT JOHN BELLINGER BELLINGER, JR. ROBERT AMEDEE BRINGHAM ARTHUR EDWIN BURNAP ALBERT BARNITZ BYRNE GEORGE HILL CARRUTH DOUGLAS TILFORD CAMERON WILLIAM JOSEPH CARTER, JR. JAMES JAY CECIL GUY RUSSELL CHAMBERLAIN JAMES DEARING CHRISTAIN' BERTRAM TRACY CLAYTON, JR. WILLIAM JOHN MCMANIGAL COOLEY COURTNAY CHARLES CROZIER RAYMOND EARL CUSTER LEON DESSEZ FRANK WILLIAM DOYLE ROBERT EMMET DUFFY CHARLES BENJAMIN DUNCAN GEORGE WHARTON EbWARDs VVILBUR STORN ELLIOTT BEVERLY PRICE EVANS CHAILLE HEAD EVANS ERSKINE ASHBY FRANKLIN ALFRED MYNDERSE GOLDMAN BENJAMIN FEANKLIN GRONINGER THOMAS JAMES HANLEY, JR. MORGAN BULKELEY HAVEN JOSEPH DALE HERRON WILLIAM HAROLD KEHOE JOHN VVILLIAM KELLEY THOBURN WRIGHT KINNEAR THOMAS FRANCIS KOHIN' SPEED STEPHENS LEONARD JAMES ROBERT LOWRY, JR. CHARLES ALOYSIUS MAHONEY. JOHN STEPHENSON MALLORY JOSEPH NIXON MARKS CHARLES LEE MASON CHARLES CAMPBELL NICCALL' GEORGE FERGUSON MILLER LEROY .WESLEY MOAN KENNETH MASON MOORE HENRY EPHRAIM MOSHER STANLEY BERNHARDT N EANDER CHARLES HENRY PARKER, JR. WILLIAM PRICE CRAIGHILL PERRY JAMES CUYLER PETERMAN CHARLES MCCALL PORTIS FREDERICK DENT SHARP, JR. JOHN CORNELIUS SHYNE SAMUEL ALLEN SMITH JOSEPH EARL TAKKEN PINKNEY VARBLE, JR. SANFdRD ELIHU VEDDER TZELAN TING FEN WANG IEDWARD TANNAHILL WHITE RUDOLPH. FRANCIS WHITELEGG WILLIAM INNES WILSON GODFREY NEIL W YKE 189 - ' mrimths 4 11121913 HOW a 7, 4 1913 011mm ?giatnry uMORITORI te salutamosV, This cheerful beginning, or rather the sentiment for it, was suggested by the right honorable William Reeder one hot Saturday afternoon while strolling about the area to the tune of the old Y. M. C. A. Victrola. Wood, H. T., who was next in line, dug down into his vast store of accumulated knowledge and supplied the necessary words and the matter was duly settled then and there. A history is a hard thing to write and unless it is well written it is harder still to read. Realizing this we tried to get Sehor Mooman for the task, but he was busy revising Cor- neliusi new Spanish Dictionary and really hadnlt the time. It was in June, 1914, that most of us arrived, and as is usually the case, itwas a motley crew. The beast detail worked wonders, and we ourselves helped after we had time to look around and get oriented. There wasnlt much knowledge of a military nature con- tained in that crowdeone man recently confessed that the first time he saw the Corps march to dinner headed by the Hell-cats he felt sorry for the poor cadets who had to play in the band. However, time went on and we learned. When we reached the advanced stage of Yearlinghood there was nothing weld admit we didnt know. The Second Class course weakened these ideas somewhat, and now that we are about to go forth from these protect- ing walls, some of us are frankly nervous. A detailed account of our Plebe and Y earling years, both as a class and as individuals, is too great a task, and to those desirous of seeing their names in print. we recommend such hles of the West Point Daily News as the sympa- thetic Tactical Department will throw open to the individual seeker after knowledge. There are few Second Classmen who can remember farther back than that beautiful August day when we were collected in various 115mm marmdm trains and ferries over to Camp Quarantine to foil the polyomeilitis germ, and so protect the tlcadets and other children of the post? However, what promised to be a slug of the hrst magnitude turned out to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the year. It was some- thing new, to be dubbed immediately Second Class Camp and to go along with the rest of the dreaded Second Class Year. The class really began to find itself then and there, and those three weeks brought us closer together as a class than the two previous years had done. And how the bull did flOijust back from furlough, you know-and sympathetic audiences ready to listen to any tale, and romantic weather to go with itea full moon every night for two weeks. N aturally, Fort Clinton parapet was crowded nightly after the O. G. had inspected. It is one of the brightest spots in the memory of our Second Class Year. Even quarantine had to end some time and we moved back to barracks on the fifteenth of September to riotously greet and be greeted by the rest of the Corps. This was right in the midst of the football season, and what a season it turned out to be! The Army-Notre Dame game will go down in history as the cleanest, hardest fought and the most spec- tacular game ever played at West Point, and was only eclipsed when Ollie took the kick-of'f at the Polo Grounds and ran it back eighty-seven yards. Four straight games from the N avy-that was a happy day for all Kaydets. 192 J . la! tlmrlinga There has always 'been an im- pression in the Corps that the Second Class Year is greatly to be dreaded, that you study night and daygand that it is Only by the grace of God and the Chemistry Department that you survive. We had this dread at first, but it soon wore off and, now that we areall graduated chemists and electri- -cians,and astronomers, we can look back on some of the pleasantest even- ings of our West Point careers when the crowd gathered in any old div, a fresh package of bull was opened, and tliose with literary tendencies supplied with the latest magazine from the Dia- lectic 01' the First Class Club. Alas, 'how perverse is human nature, for the tasks of one generation are the pas-r times of another and now that we are confionted with the problem of deducing the num- be1 of cooks 1n an Italian delicatessen company Which may be called out by the President in . time of war, how we do yearn for a little of the old-fashioned Chemistry spec. And then the incredible happenedeHun- ch'edth Night had come and gone and we were just beginning to remember that-June was on the road, when suddenly one night at supper the Com appeared in the mess halleand the rest is too Vivid in our minds to need putting down as history. Suliice it to say that Seventeen gradu- ated on the twentieth of April and left us here as the Senior Class. Hopes ran high and rumors hew around the Corps like electric waves Fi1st it was that Ast1onomy was going to be abolished immediatelyewhich it wasn t; then that we would graduate In September. Clamp Quarantine 13 193 Eh? Eeturn The optimists put it up as eaily as June, and the pes- siments and scoffe1s agieed that it would be June, only the latterlsl June was in a difTerent year: It was in this highly dis- rupted state of mind that the Corps went to dinner on the ninth of Mauve and the Com again-appeared in the mess hall, and we learned that we, too, were to he graduated early. Supe was read us and we reproduce it here, for it states more clearly than can we the' responsibilities With Which we were confronted, and it should always be an integral part of our class history. A letter from the t The 191g HOWI 7; iiiwhquartm Huiiph g?tatpz wilimrg Afahemy Meat Huini, N211: igurk May 9, 1917. The Superintendent; U. S. M. A. i The Corps of Cadets, through the Commandant of cadets. Early Graduation of the Class of 1918. i 1. Under instructions from the Secretary'oi1War, received this day, the Class of 1918 will he graduated on August 50, 1917. The reason for graduation at this time lies in the paramount necessity of trained officers for the large army being raised.. V 2. The instruction of the Class of 1918 is not com- pleted according to the standards of the Military Academy. In order to derive the greatest possible benefit from the three and one half months remaining, and to graduate the Class as fully prepared as possible, it will be necessary to adopt intensive training, both in academic and practical subjects. This instruction may have to be carried on with a smaller number of officers. It can be successful only through hard, continuous and willing work on the part of the cadets. It becomes, therefore, the duty more than ever for all cadets to apply all the strength Of their minds and bodies to make such instruction effective, and to follow out both literally and in spirit the regulations of the Military Academy. ' 3. The Corps of Cadets has'never, it is believed, failed t9 answer to any call, and I know that this time as well they will respond to the highest degree to the Motto of the Academy--DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY. Colonel, Corps of Engineers. This letter put it up to us in a personal way. Play time was over, and work, some of it of a most disagreeable nature, was ahead of us. There was naught to' do but grin and pitch in, which the whole class enthusiasticlaly did and Will continue to do. Graduation over and the Class of Nineteen EighteeneSeventeen primeegone, might seem to indicate the end of the class history. We calft go any farther than that together, anyway, but to our star may each man be a ray, and let each man take with him a part of the class history and be responsible for that particular part and see to it 'that it never fades, but continues to grow brighter and clearer as the years go by. 1 , a I By order of the Class of Nineteen Eighteen. 195 The191AgHOWF7 HEIIP, 133251 iEnint. Fall in! the last time together, For the last march, side, by side, Through our Alma NIatefs portals T hat today stand open Wide. Halt a moment on the threshold; Side by side W611 pause, and hark T0 the distant, rumbling thunder Of the war-clouds thick and dark. West Point! you send us forth untimely, Answering our Alliesh call; Here we VOW to show us worthy Of your trust, whateher befall. During three long years as Classmates W'e yve been tried and proven true; Side by side today wehre marching To our place in ranks of blue. Let us look once more, ere parting. At the glorious Corps in gray; At yon shelthring, gr'ay-walled barracks W'hich were leaving now for aye. Farewell, comrades! XVest Point, vale! NOWebeyond that gray-stone arch DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY, wait us. Men of Eighteen! F orward march! 196 Elmer E11941 Almquim WAHOO, NEBRASKA Appointed from Fourth District mmm i gtPETEV Sergeant. ETE has always been a model cadet in spite of his arduous eHorts to assume the air of a devil-m'ay-care youth. Hard and bitter are his tirades against the methods that are used to get the ehevrons, but he has always had his cuffs pinned in and wears his best blouse to breakfast! Frankly, Pete, we donit understand how the T. D. overlooked ydu, but it surely would have been a severe loss to the bu'cks if they had put you among the makes, foi' the bucks are proud of Pete and his nimble Wit. Those of us Who have seen the budget of mail the lad receives daily know that he is dear to some hearts besides our own, and We have no doubt that each highly scented letter has a tale to tell. However, since he has been in our midst he has given the fair ones a Wide berth, consenting to tigo out amongst iemii only in the case of a feed hop or something of the kind. . ' A stack of fun is Pete, and he Who has not heard him declaim his favorite piece-ttBuy 3 False Mustacheiiehas missed a treat. Yes, if there are any more in N ebraska 01- Sweden like him, we say, ttBring them on W i 197 tam imam Anhpmnn BEDFORD, IOWA Appointed from Eighth District IOWA eANDYa First Sergeant tD, Lieutenant, Choir 00. NDY landed at West Point, June 15, 1914, with a small black traveling bag stuffed with VV No. 1, gilt-edge, copper mining stocks, and he has been trying to pawn his delusions off on his friends these many months. One of Andyts first acts was to sign up a four-year contract With the Cadet Choir. How we have marvelled at his quavering falsetto, when he was wont to fioat his voluminous tones over the otherwise peaceful valley of the Hudson, to be heard and enjoyed by alleyes, even by the townspeople 0f Newburgh. Jealousy and malicious intriguing of his fellow songsters finally led to his undoing and suc- ceeded in driving him from the Choir. tTurn out the Guardf remarked Andy one sultry afternoon in camp, in an easy conversational tone. And, behold, the tent foundations shook, and the heated air quivered and beat Violently against the ear drums of startled slumberers in camp. Andy was commissioned as ofhcial announcer that same hour. Time works wonders and, though professing scorn for gaudy chevrons, Andy succumbed to a flattering offer from the T. D., and he became ctThe Great Sergeant? Thus, "Tum out the Guardit became ttTurn out the Guard Detail? 198 Entry iRirharh Anhvrann DETROIT, I MINNESOTA Appointed from N inth District MINNESOTA eSWEDE? e Acting. Corporal, Corporal, Company Quartermaster-Sergeant, First Sergeant, Baseball squad t3, 2L Vice-Pres'sid'ent Y . M. C. A., leough Banquet Committee, Northfield ta. HE name, the State, the ttpredf and appearances do not always determine- He is not really a foreigner, but the accuracy of the deSignation ttSWedeh Will never be challenged. Hi's flaxen hair, his rosy cheeks and his Winning smile have made him so dangerously popular With the femmes that he is one of our real and true snakes. I Following the method of description often encountered in our highly prized textbooks, we may say that Swede is too complicated for accurate depicting in this brief treatment, but some idea of the extreme range of his activities may be in- ferred from the fact that he was at one and the same time a membei' of the F urlough Banquet Committee and a Y. M. C. A. ofEcer. tConsider this combination care- filllyJ t, , , We all like to turn jokes on Swede because he has the ability of taking them With the same smile and good grace that he shows When giving them. We can best show our regard in a few words by saying that we are mighty glad he is one of us. 199 Enhprt 113mm ann TIFFIN, OHIO Appointed from Fourteenth District OHIO ttROGERQ, tiBAKEii Boxing Squad CE . OGER is one of those men who are always combatting their subconscious selves and steadfastly denying the fair ones. iTm through with themii is his motto. But, steady as you were, you can count on our prize pedestrian to turn out a mail dragger on the first note of ttmail calli, and to greet said mail- dragger With a ciDid I ?ii Then to test his motto just watch the plebets chin if he didnit. His latest happened on the hotel porch. While alternately gazing up the river and into the eyes of the fair one he gently questioned, iiDo you paint? The ttSir! What do you mean tpaint, ?tt nearly withered him, but he coupled the face value of those blue eyes of his With his powers of exposition and handed out a line that would have drawn a 3.0 out of the Chem Department if it treated of BS. Roger has pulled for the doughboys ever since the days When he was under the careful instruction of Doug WTeart and he still can see nothing but the White stripe. Bake is always there whether it comes to strike duty as a corporal of the N a- tional Guard or getting up parties to Highjland Falls, but our only Wish is that he may succeed better in the future than he did on his little trip last Xmas. 200 152mg AHEHII Ember CAMBRIDGE, MARYLAND eHALa , Appointee at Large 'Acting Corporal m Corporal m, Lieu- tenant UL. Hundredth N ight IOLQL ' Camp Illumination CB!" HEN Kaydet Barber struck West Point he was imbued With every desirable ambition. But some kind classmate whispered in his ear that Caesarls eX- ample was a wonderful one, all right, but a man who became-too ambi- tious always ended in defeat, so after standing very high for one whole plebe year, he decided that little golden stars were nowhere near as attractive as pretty little femmes and possibly not quite as hard to win. Particularly when one is so mili- tary and can sing so soulfully about llFurlough Moon? llLovinl Ahmsfl and all that. So ever since he reached said decision ta long time agol hels been one of our worst snakes. But this i'snlt his only ambition.' Who was the batt adjutant at Plum Island? Really one would never think ittof our little lieutenant, but one hears that he had the whole camp bluffed! And if he could only have dodged the infernal O. D. a few more times he would have been way up the ladder here. But you earned the chevrons, Hal, and we all know we can depend upon you to execute a snappy lleyes rightll to Dame Futureu 201 7531er 011111th Earnw. 3sz FT. WARREN, MASSACHUSETTS Senatorial Appointee OKLAHOMA iiCOOPERt, Corporal, Lieutenant, Swimming Meet 6,90, Indoor Meet iQL Boxing Squad m, Dialectic Board, Plebe Detail. OOPER came to us from the Army and, needless to say, he has taken the military side of this place rather seriously, knowing What he would be up against when his four years were over. The T. D. entirely overlooked him for two years but finally he came into his own as goat corporal in Quarantine Camp. That was all he needed, a chance to show iem What he could do. So when 17 left, his Kaydet Store account took a big slump, for you know that kind With the three gold stripes comes high. H. C. is always boning something, if not a mandolin Ccurn out the sub-dlivJ: boxing or swimming. He has splashed water in several aspiring faces during the swimming meets and has won a place in the indoor meet With his fisty work. However, he doesnit take life quite as seriously as you wouid suppose, in spite of his record. Any old night during the Second Class course if you had stepped around to 1133 you would have found Cooper with a beautiful smile spread all over his face. For why? Only the Parisienne. Cooperis right there When it comes to a boodle fight or a midnight party of any kind, but donit ever offer him a tailor- made. itJust trot out the Bull, boys, and Iiill make out? 202 militant Sighnvg 41-32mm NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Appointed from First District VIRGINIA ttSID9, i ' Sergeant, Boxing QLFootball Squad $0, . , Indoor Meet CARL ' our eyes, and you may be assured that it Was more than fame, for none other than the Inspector-General gave his high and' mighty stamp of approval to the oak- like frame and knob of this near-Apollo. However, this must have earned the jealousy of the gods, for, try as he has, Sid has never been able to quite catch the elusive chevron. ii gH, there is a well built young manV, It was thus that Sid first won fame in This manly frame that has won such notoriety earned'distinction along other lines, and it hasn t been a mere passing fancy, for a femme who 18 Willing to supply home- made candy to a Barrett type cannot be fickle. As a musicker Sid IS a won- der. His cornet and man'dolin accomplishments have been almost the death of him, for that bunch in the twentynthird div just wonit listen to reason or to true mus1c. When it comes to working, he makes the hero of anzAlger book look like a street corner loafer. A grim determination to get through West Point has kept him from falling into the list of ttaccounted for? and if your determination to suce ceed is as great as your resolve to wear the blue, you wonit be stopped, Sid. Q03 tharlw 0111412 Zlatartlmg TIPTON, IOWA Senatorial Appointee IOWA chlzn Corporal, Choir t4,3i, Hundredth Night OD. HIS human prodigy blew in along J uly, 1914, and, shortly after, was taken in hand by Eddie Martin along With J 0e Gish and Ignots Deeble. However, it did not spoil him as he was pigeonedtoed already. Baclig started out bravely and nearly graduated before his class. Since then he has bucked up so that this year he became Daddy Singleis favorite pupil. This about ends a recital of Lizis ambitions, because he was just naturally born tired. Many a time we have heard the famous ttGo twayeIRn sicl? if someone attempted to disturb the artistic distribution of his person for repose on the radiator. Still, dimples and kinky hair Will help, so Liz is there With the ladies-espeeially the chaperones. But he finally met his conqueror on furlough and he still raves about the fair Rebecca. We predict a brilliant future for our Tiptonzhero, because they say tnowi that the life of an infantry-ocher is something under twenty-four days after his arrival on. the front. 204: 31111111 51111111815 71-31211 lVILBURN, VIRGINIA Appointed from Fourth District 17111011le o EPOOPY, , I Corporal tQDb Sergeant 01. Cullum Hall. Squad 01,31, Basketball Squad Ml, Class N umerals, Choir. OHN Thomas does occasionally get a trifle mixed up in his sis When his tongue trips over a Wisdom tooth, but this, along With a delicate intonation of voice and a chivalrous manner, seems to be an asset in his practice of that good old game at Vyhich he is a past master. In fact, its a rather well;f0unded rumor that Poopy on a New Years Day not far remote, passed out his famous soft line to five different femmes in five consecutive half-hours, all the While holding his Victims captive, each in her turn, in a hotel Window-seat. But John T. overlooked one point. The five were of one party, and What we already knew, they all knew very soon. We must mention that c1owning gloryethat pompadoul so stiff and accu- rately cropped. The1e s only one othe1 1n the Co1ps like it;othe1s have imitated, but those two remain the 0110111211 Pompadour Twins. Elnhn Epllingpr Erllingpr, 3Jr. FLUSHING, NEW YORK Appointee at Large tiJACK? ttTINYm Acting Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Tennis Squad tQi. IN Y once heard of a fellow named Boswell Who became famous by singing the praises of a. great man. It impressed him so much that he decided to follow in the worthy biographeris footsteps and since then, at all times of the day and night, .he breaks forth into eloquent eulogies of the immortal N apoleon. His efforts have been successful, for Tiny is known among us as the itLittle Napoleonf, martial, military and militant. His only regret is that Bonaparte was not a bold 'Cavah'y man, for no color is so pleasing to Jack as the equestrian yellow. He will tell you ofteneand at lengtheof his F rench ancestry, and perhaps it is from them that he has inherited an excellent sense of humor Which makes him enjoy a grind even When it is on himself. In fact, those are the kind which he en- joys mosteand most often. But from some source he has acquired the British bull-dog tenacity which makes him stick to a thing until he comes out on top. If you think a runt is doomed to remain at the bottom of the proverbial ladder just watch the climbing of J ohn Bellinger ------ Bellinger ------ Bellinger, and let him tell you of the diminutiveNapoleon. 206 EHrank Ehmiunh 7151311111121 PASCO, WASHINGTON Appointed from Third District 1 WASHINGTON 11WINDYe Sergeant, INDY came to us fresh from the Pacific, and we are glad of it, for he has shown us a revised form of good fellowship. Of course it would be inap- propriate not to mention his spooning abilities, but those are small mat- ters comparedgwith the man of strong convictions Who is behind them. As all human beings, Windy has had his little bit of hard luck When, in Yearling, Camp, he hap- pened to walk too close to la crawling formation and consequently won his A.B. But he kept his good temper through it all and emerged a man true to his friends and ready to execute any task placed before him. There 15 one thing he has always boned and we hope. he attains the desired yellow stripe. x Earle Atlanta Eillinga PORTLAND, MAINE Appointed from First District MAINE ttZEKEt, Sergeant. N the first place dont let his nickname mislead you. When one hears the word, Zeke, quiet pastoral scenes of the old farm and a ruddy-cheeked coun- try boy are more thzin apt to force themselves upon the imagination. HOW- ever, Zeke does not hail from the country but from Portland, Blaine, Which every- one knows is a large and. wondrous city, and besides one canit somehow think of Zeke without in some way connecting him with such scenes as the F mlough Ban- quet or the Midnight Frolic. He has never been the least bit piggish over tenths, and the goats have always had in him a loyal and steadfast member. But why worry over such trivial details as tenths? Either Zeke has a loyal friend in Dame Fortune or possesses a lucky star which has never descended below the horizon. Could a man who has gone on Christmas leave one tenth pro for two successive years be anything but lucky? No doubt you have already guessed from his picture that Zeke is really spoony, but perhaps his most prominent characteristic is his ability to make friends, of whom he has 153 staunch ones in the Class of 1918 who will always be glad to see him coming. 208 13311131111 $111111ng Eingham WASHINGTON, D. C Appointee at Large OHio eBlNGYe Acting Corporal, Corporal, Company Quartermaster- Sergeant, First Lieu- tenant, Choir 011,3,2,D, Huh-' dredth N ight tED, Hop Manager. UL Ring Committee. 1t AS anyone seen BiHX?,, This utterance Came from the galaxy of feminine beauty gathered on the steps of the foremost hotel of West Point. It was evident that Kewpie was missed, and why not? No pa1ty of whatever nature in which the fair sex p1edom1nates was eve1 complete without him. His ap- pearance would cause you to believe that he 1s of ve1y staid and dignified disposition. for he has the'noble brow and high fo1ehead characteristic of this type, but alas! coming from the social centerof Americas gayest city he was early imbued with the frivolity of its environment While still young he was generally recognized as one of the elite, 01 of the Class commonly known as parlor snakes, or in vulgar terms, lounge liza1ds. He has a temperamental nature which is shown by the fact that he is a mem- ber of the Choir, doesnit blow in his soup or drink out of his finger bowl It IS mmored that he has negotiations pending for a berth in the Coast, but we can only conjecture in spite of our desire to bet on the outcome 14 209 Elnhn flier Emil; Eizarll PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Thirtieth District PENNSYLVANIA thUSHt, Corporal, Sergeant. N E of these thinkewellhbeforeespeaking individuals Who thoroughly believes in the referendum and recall of the muslin sack. In spite of the five years of intensive Teutonic training in Which he bearded Kultur in its native lair J 01111 somehow managed to escape the Kaisefs army and come to our happy home. Quiet and peacefully disposed in his native habitat he has been known to rise nobly and ably to great heights of indignation at the folly of that ttgosh awful Astrology course? Since the hrst day of Beast, his makins box has been Wide open, much to the approval and profit of numerous cohortSebut little did they wot that Bush had a dark, deep pasteand what is a past Without a femme? The only prayer he has ever had answered is gootl hard work, and When the Assembly of Hawkins and the other immortals is sounded and they swing down Milk and Honey Avenue, Bush will be only a half beat behind and coming strong. 210 Lgpnrg maria 17:31am WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Seventh District PENNSYLVANIA ttBLACKIEt? CorpOIal, Sergeant, Hundredth Night CD, Ring Committee that Whispered by some fluffy little Vassarine as he slipped through Cul- lum,s crowds, and how often have we wept to see him, Who came to us in the fair promise of being a credit to his brother P. D.,'S, broken by the lure of West Pointts most insidious viceq-the teapot. Until furlough he was a. gregular guytt- took nothing stronger than Fox Piperts Sterling Brew and scorned the seekers of the golden sleeve, but the T. D. pushed him oh his downward path With a Quarantine Corp, and now he stands before us a. slave to the teapot and chevrons. Nevertheless, we all hate to see him leave the Army, for broken in spirit the Coast has called him for its own, and we strongly suspect thbugh he denies it that he goeth not alone. More might be said, but ttGrentlemen, Tve lived in Spain ten days, and they just dontt say it, Que lastima! Que lastima! ttWHO is that dark man With the romantic eyes?W How often have we heard 211 752nm William Enhriuk LAWRENCEBURG, INDIANA Appointed from Fourth District INDIANA ttJOE GISH" Corporal, Sergeant, Choir t4,3,2l. IGGED againettLaughing in a loud manner after taps? Did you ever hear Joe,s giggle? You have something coming to you if you haverft. They say that the human being is the only animal with a sense of humor. Joels is not a sense of mirth; it is a ruling passion. Gish has that itman of the world airn that ttsavoir faireu that immediately stamps him as a favorite with the femmes, and since the acquisition of his sergeantts chevrons it is with difEculty that we keep them away from him. As an immediate consequence we might add that all the nooks and crannies of Flirtation are well known to him and it is a mighty disagreeable day when we dont see him ambling along With a femme on his arm. t Joe was one of the tnutsh 0f the Cocoanut Grove. That stamps him mug pronto as one of the elite of West Point society. But at that whenever we wanted to be cheered up all we had to do was drop around to Joeis houseeno matter What had happened he could do it. 212 1111111211 Annette? Eringham RENO, NEVADA Senatorial Appointee NEVADA KiBOB,,A Corporal, Lieutenant, Baseball Squad t5,4,3,2l, Baseball Team 6,21, llAl, in Baseball, Football Squad 6,4331, In-i door Meet 6,41,53,91, Outdoor Meet 65,4,- 3l, Champion Light Heavyweight Boxer Bl, Champion Heavyweight Boker w, Class Athletic Representative t2,D, Board of Governors, First Class Club tll. our keepers expressed a faint-hearted hope that there would be some material in our class Which would fill the holes in the teams that the Math Depart- ment had made by declaring him llDli in Conics. However, 1917 was the pnly loser, for Bob joined us in September and; excepting the weeks When the Psv in- sisted that all spare minutes be put in lVIath or'Phil, Bob has never missed a day on the diamond 0r gridiron with an Army Team. The above Indoor Meet record indicates how Bob spends his Winters and Who has been the unexcelled exponent of the llmanly art? QLTHOUGH Bob wasnlt With us, we heard about him in Beast Barracks When On every hop night he seriously makes the folloviring excuse: gSay, do you know it makes a man feel more like boning next week if he gets it all off his mind on Sat- urday night? . ' ' Bob has been downhearted twice in the last three yearSethe two detys his letter didnlt come. This cheery evenness 0f temper has won him the respect and admiration of a legion of friends in 1918. ' 213 Envrptt Ehuratnn Erwin GLOUCESTER, NIASSACHUSETTS Appointed from Sixth District MASSACHUSETTS liTOMMYt Acting Corporal, Corporal, Captain, In- door Meet 64,290, Outdoor Meet H,?O, Plebe Detail. OMMYlS career as one of the ilWest Pointsll began way back in June, 1914. We did not know then what we were receiving, for unfortunately we did not get to read any clippings of the Gloucester Times for that date. However, we now see that the confidence that they must have had in him was not misplaced. Since then he has advanced from buck to captain in spite of his militia training. But of course this is just another case of iiG. H. S. to the fore againf, During his Yearling year all femmes looked alike to him, that is to say, he liked them all. He has changed since then'and of late, at all times, he appears to be seriously preoccupied. - In spite of these numerous faults, Tommy is one of those men who, when they get a hunch they are 011 the right track, nothing on earth can keep them from seeing it through. His good natured disposition and his faculty for applying himself to any kind of hard work will prove a blessing to the organization that is lucky enough to get him. 214: CC Ehmhnre Earl Eumhlpr GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA , Appointed from F ifth District NEBRASKA : sTEDn- Acting' Corporal,'Corp01'al, Lieutenant, Football Squad t4,3,2i, Basketball . 'Squad t4,3,QL Indoor Meet t4,3,2i, Outdoor Meet BL Choir t4, 3L Ad- visory Committee Y M C. A., Boaid of Govern01s of First Class Club. . A! Ha! Haliiejust three of them, three 'big hearty ones, the laugh that made this curly haired pink cheeked N ebraskan famous even While he was still a plebe. Most any old time you can Ihear'itein chapel, after taps, in the section roomeyou can never tell When to expect it, but somehow or another it never seems to be out of place. They say he laughed once while the tac was in- specting. No, he didn t get skinned-far from it the tac could be heard chuckling about it the rest of the day! Ted professes to be Willing to try anything once, and one after another he has made football, basketball, indoor and outdoor meet teams. The choir 10ft 1n the chapel still has dents Where his high notes struck, and the Y. M. C. A. claims him as a ttpillar? And yet he still finds time to shame Apollo and all the rest of the snakes Whenever there is a rumor of a dance or tea on the schedule. The Field is his choice, and there is a suspicion that when General Buechler goes to war, and the enemy is licked; here,s What Will happen: iiOh, you want to surrtende1, do you? Say, thatts a good one. Ha! Ha! Hap, And in the days to come, there Will be 110 pleasanter memory for us Who know him well than to see him as we see him IlOWmhead thrown back, eyes sparkling With the fun of livingeand to hear once 11101e that full Whole- souled ttlaugh that made Ted Bueehler famous 215 frank Emlip Olarr SAVANNAH, MISSOURI Appointed from Fourth District MISSOURI ttFRANKIE,, Sergeant, Company Quartermaster-Ser- geant, F urlough Show Committee t3l, Hundredth N ight OD. 4 RANKIE has but one fault to 13nd with West Point; the authorities wonlt let him make his residence at the hotel. In other words he is the worst snake in the class, and we have a number of prize ones at that. And on those days When by some strangechance he is not dragging, he wanders about Cullum, the hotel, and the station, like a lost soul whose only hope of salvation lies in a glimpse of some familiar feminine face. Then he goes home and reads his daily missives from different sections of the country. Wle defy you to catch him when he hasn't a wound, sprain, or the like tthat elicits sympathy from the femmes, you knowl. Herels a hint; Frank is unsurpassed in generosity, and if ever you want to make a touch, Frankie is the easiest mark in creation and will hesitate only at giving you the trousers he happens to be wearing at the time. 216 marina Olarann GUYMON, OKLAHOMA Appointed from Eighth District T , OKLAHOMA ttKITt, N April 4, 1897, the three F ates held solemn conelave as a result of Which they wafted to Blue Springs, Mo., a portion of their choicest fleece. The Sisters spun at a merry rate and in a short time their primitive effort matured and? the bud blossomed, the petals unfolded and 10! the infant Kit beamed upon the world. Kit 50011 conquered Blue, Springs and later shifted to Guyman, Okla., Which suffered 54L similar fate. And then, oh! day of days in the annals of West Point, he entered the Academy. After arriving at the Point, because of his calm and serene manner, he received the appellation TTNoble Oneii which has stood the test of time. The next year one of those tthghter-than-ilir-more-deadly-than-the-maleh articles loomed 0n the horizon and though the mail-dragger grew round shouldered, Kit sipped nectar. Kitts propensities are somewhat martial, and frequently the div. was alarmed by loud-Voiced appeals for assistance, due to the Noble One having playfully dislocated a compatriotis jaw or to his having gently brushed him with a water-bucket. The N oble One,s ambition is a berth in the Cavalry, a pair of boots and a Thome and all that it-means? May he succeed inachieving it all. 217 William Etgga Clarampll, 3h: WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Senatorial Appointee DELAWARE ttBILIf Fencing Squad 014,3,QL Class Fencing Team t3,2x Broadsword Cham- pion Qt tt EYebutter please? It haan; been long since Spooney was giving those H siren yells as an introduction to a request for the small milk or some such. They never worried Bill a bit and that is an acid test of his disposition. In , fact, he hasn,t worried two minutes in the last three years-except during his struggle With Langue Francaise. ttSay, Johnny, What does ttrays bean, meanVe Whew ! Bill never worried the femmes any for a long time, but one night in our Year- ling November he strayed into Cullum by mistake and he hasntt missed a hop since. It took some patience to master the cut and glide art and the other things neces- sary to the success of a teacup artist, but Bill got there. Our hero of the sword is headed for the Coast withoutehonest Injuneand his tales of the joys of the salty branch are enough to make even Daddy Singles envious of his flow of Bull. 218 William iiurOlaZkvg thapman PACIFIC GROVE, CALIFORNIA Appointed from Eighth District CALIFORNIA i "BI'LLt? Acting, Corporal GEL Corporal tQL Cadet Lieutenant and Adjutant tD, Captain, Football Squad t4,3,2L Basketball Squad t4,2i, Wrestling Squad 019,3,2L Captain Wrestling tn, . Swimming Team CLQL Indoor Meet t4,3,2i, Plebe Detail. ILL is a product of California, the Golden State. Nor is he reluctant in ad- mitting this fact. And if he is free in claiming his native State, fellow Cali- fornians Who know Bill as we know him are even less reticent in the matter. Bill Chapman isnit an Engineer by any means. He has preferred to. waive a few tenths in favor of other interests in life; and yet always stored a sufficient reserve of ttdecimosii to tide him through all attacks of the Academic Board. For under that rouge crown of his lies a bunch of the 01d and tried brand of tthorse sense? And With that level head, an unerring sehse of right and wrong, and a dispo- sition both cheerful and lasting, he holds the makins of Whatever he chooses to be. Right now he chooses the doughlioys. When he came to West Point, h,is ttofficer ideali, wore the light-blue, and thats his hue today. So, heresto you, Bill, may you hnd a path to glory in the doughboys. 9319 Elnhn mill Olnffm - NEW YORK, NEW YORK Appointed from Twenty-third District NEW YORK ttJACKLt Acting Corporal, Corporal, Captain and Quartermaster, Baseball Squad 01',- 3,Ql, "A,, in Baseball, Indoor Meet m, Assistant Secretary, Secretary, President Y. M. C. A., V. C., Choir GD, Hundredth Night Ml, Class Secretary. ERE he is! Isn,t he just too sweet for anything With his auburn locks and his pink cheeks tof course, the picture doesnlt show all that, but its there just the samel, and you should see him blush! Yes sir, he had to have eight pic- tures taken before .he was satisfied. But then he has a right to be particular, for just regard that sleeve-so covered Withigold braid that you can hardly see the gray. Jacks activities have been numerous and varied. Besides boning dis he is prime Helldodger and an ttAll baseball pitcher. Y es, it is quite some combination, but you don,t know Jack. Itls all perfectly natural With him. As we part With you, J ack, we feel sure of your pitching the remainder of your g ame of life as easily and as successfully as you have these first innings. 220 Enszh-Elmhnrp 0111th COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA i Senatorial Aippointee SOUTH CAROLINA' e5JOE,,h 5eJOAN,,V Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant. OU have noticed, of course, that he is a lieutenant, but thefs a mere trifle. A11 honor of that sort is as nothing compared With his official capacity ofe steady in the front rank, boySeSecretary of the Tigers, the most dreaded organization tdreaded by the Boodleri in this institution. When Joe Ocame back from furlough he brought With him a ring tnewly ac- quiredi and ten dollars, wo1th of stamps. Te '0' latter dwindled in a few short weeks, ' but the mail draggers still strain under the huge loads of letters Which reach him daily His classmates in his own Company realize best What a good fiiend Joe has been. Without his tireless help 1n the days When we were Lighting the Math Dept, ' the ranks of the Tigers would have been sorely depleted. The branch that gets J 0e, With his brains and energy, Will indeed be f01.tunate ' 221 - 1am Mallaw 011112 LUDLOW, ILLINOIS Appointed from Nineteenth District ILLINOIS iiPABLOt, Acting Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant- lVIajor, Indoor Lleet 010. ti HAT is that terrible noise I hear? asked a. femme one day on the Hotel steps, ttAre they trying out a new fog-horn?" The kaydet didntt know, but some of us did. It was only the SergeanteMajor at his favorite occupation. Yes, he sings Oi from reveille t0 tapSefree and easy going, happy as a lark, but lacking the larkis full th-roated melody, our Pablo eases through his daily chores and when night time comes cocks his feet up on the table and With plenty of makins handy dashes off fifteen or twenty folders to the only girl and then he seeks his downy red comforter. Even if he did divide the guard into three platoons tthere was a reasoneat the visitors, seatsi, Pablo is a man, we would say, Without a care in the world, gifted With a sunny disposition and an extraordinary ability to make friends, and always living up to his motto "Never let anyone be more generous than yourself? 222 manna? Eunmn anllitm GRAN D J UNCTION , COLORADO Senatorial Appointee COLORADO ' iiSLATsx, aF'ATn Sergeant, Football Squad t4,3i,.1ndoor Meet M,3,2L'Outdoor Meet OD, Num- erals, Class Swimming Team OD.- . , ERE he is! The only living specimen of panzudo. If you donit believe it, just gaze a moment upon the evidences of rotundity pictured herewith. - You should see him trying to ttreduce? Nobody loves la fat man, but+Fati has been roped: thrown and tied. Having always been a. firm supporter of that in- dustrious and hard-working Bunch of Bachelors, the C. A. C., he is more than ever inclined to cast his lot among them. Fat is a buck, and his one thorn is the fact that there is no longer a millionaire squad in Whose conspicuous ranks he may show his new clothes to the admiring crowds 0n the way to the mess hall. But, Fat says, it,s a small matter, and, Mr. Dumguard, how many days till THEN. ' 223 711211 TEnffingtnn 0111mm NIT. PLEASANT, OHIO Appointed from First District OHIO iiPATf tiPIPERh Editor H andbook. ARK! Is this the music of the spheres? No, these sounds are produced by our handsome hero and clarinetist extraordinary. Is Leo a finished musician? Not yet, though. many threats have been made. Leo has often wondered how the T. D. could overlook, in the chevron distri- bution, a man of his military ability ta cheap Wit might say, hone so addicted to soldieringW. The facts are here revealed for the first time. Some erroneously supposed that his musical propensities lost him the itrecomm'ends"; on the con- trary he was recommended for a thigh omcethat 0f heH-cat, in Which unfortunately no vacancy has yet occurred. Leo insists on having two mirrors on hand so that his wife may use one even when he is present. But is not vanity sometimes pardonable? Vide supra, ladies and decide. Q24 Eatnlh Allum thnnpg x SAN DIEGo, CALIFORNIA Appointed from Eleventh District ' CALIFORNIA ' C KBUD 9; - Acting! Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, ' Camp Illumination CD, Hundredth Night t3,2y AROLD came to us as a child, and even yet he has not entirely put aside childish things. Look at his picture and you Will see this statement veriiied. If you ever want to hear about the greatest, most wonderful State in the Union, drop in on Harold and hear him sing the praises of California. Before you know it you are agreeing and listening With open-mouthed amazement to his stories- Bud, as the ladies call him, has had so much experience with the femmes that he just naturally dropped into a dress and made them all jealous, as well as making a real show out of Hundred'th Night. Except for a brief period he has stood well in the opinion of the T. D. and as a result has been one of the prominent members of the Com,'s own. In a short time we expect to see him with the Field, Which he ranks from hard, consistent boning. - - 15 225 tEPth Alfnrh lemm LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA Appointed from Ninth District CALIFORNIA ttJERRYt, Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Hop NIanager t3,Q,D, Star ML Furlough Banquet Committee, Choir t4,3,2t. TRUE native son of the Golden W'est is Jerry, with a cheerfulword and a happy smile for everyone. Itts peculiar, too, how his mind works, never even has to thinkejust naturally seems to do things. If you want a record of anybodyts voice or manner, just get J erry to look him over and you,ll have your record in hve minutes. Ever hear him give ttDaddth famous soliloquyettOOff, Goff, 003, Mr. Counts, wrong, wrong, wrong? Then his eyes Will twinkle and hell tell you how the Sefmr gave his dictation that day or why California produces the best athletes in the world. But on the level hes a genius at anything, and through everything he is always the true and helpful friend. 226 ngril Gllnuiz Olnuriure SIOUX CITY, IOWA Appointed from Eleventh District IOXVA I 'llCOTSTICK,l . Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Cullum Hall M330, Indoor Meet 090, Star M,3,QL Plebe Detail. TOP ! When it comes to gathering in tenths, Why not give this man a chance? Who would have thought after watching Poopy double-time across the area in Beast Barracks that he was destined to become one of our most renowned specs? But 10! and behold! Kind fate smiled on him, and not many men have , been better harvesters of those units we all cherish so much. Being a lover of music, release from quarters always found him in the Y. M. C. A. 01' the F irst Class Club absorbing music GU fromlthe llVicP Cotstick tried Wrestling and Cullum for diversions, for you know that even the best of ushave to stop spec-ing at times. Women had no claim on him until our Second Class Christmas leave, When he joined the ranks and became a regular member of our organization of snakes. and spoonoids, We cannot help but admire a man Who, With unfailing determina- , tion, has earned the right to rank first in our class. We are expecting big things of you, Poopie. ' Q27 1311in Anhrpm Olmnlw STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Appointed from Eighth District NORTH CAROLINA ttMILESjl ttKOWLES,t Acting Corporal, Corporal, Cullum Hall Squad Ch, F urlougk Banquet Com- mittee, Plebe Detail. S a plebe, Miles received from an industrious hle-closer the title of the best bracer in WV C0. As a boodle runner he reached the climax of his glory when he fell down chapel hill and dropped under his two laundry bags of jam, etc., in the darkness just back of North Guard house. Miles was an ideal corporal till danger overtook him and he found himself totally eclipsed. At a certain wmean timell he landed squarely ttin oppositionit with the T. D., with the result that his orbit was confined to a restricted area and his rate was twenty-two hours per month. Academically speaking, hliles has lots of gray matter and can distinguish between a sea lion and :1 Newport dowager. A slow start kept him out of the Engineers. A glance at his picture, and you would say he would be some day a chaplain, but did you ever hear of this man on Christmas leaves? Despite such departures from the straight and narrow, we recognize in him all that is symbolical of truth and nobility of spirit. 228 Arthur 71511111111 Qluatia CARTHAGE; MISSOURI Appointed from Fifteenth District MISSOURI itOISEAUti Corporal; Company QuartermastebSer- geant, Boxing H,?Q, Hockey C30, Business Manager HOWITZER. E came to us from Colorado to join our outfit of beasts way back in 1914. These were the days When Hodgson, P. A., of ,15 usedto fall on his neck and weep because he was so ugly. However, you may think differently upon looking at his picture In our Y earling Camp he company clerked it so well that Second Class Corp chevrons appeared on his sleeve to reappear farther up When 1917 p1ematurely left us. Standing one in riding, and figuring out a hmse s gait by the Calculus, one is not surprised to see iiCavalry, Cavalry, Cavahy as his choice of branches 299 HEiItmt Mirkpra Baum N EW LONDON, CONNECTICUT Senatorial Appointee CONNECTICUT ttMILTtt Sergeant, Fencing Squad t4,3,2i, Captain and Manager F oil Championship GD, Baseball Squad OD, NIonogram BL Wrrestling Squad tQi. morning in J uly. Like all ttJulietsii he was determined to reform West Point. He put his intentions into execution at the first opportunityehis initial guard turn. First call for dinner sounded While Milt was walking No. 5, and he decided that sentinels as well as superintendents should eat a mid-day meal. Leav- ing his post in the custody of the femmes he rushed to his tent, threw off his equip- ment and reported to his corporal for orders. After marching to the mess hall and completing his meal, he calmly announced to the astonished corporal that he was once more ready to assume the responsibilities of a sentinel. MILT, the pride of New L0ndon,b1ew into W'est Point on an east Wind one bright Milt is not only our premier fencer, but an orator as well, and should you ever feel downhearted and dead-sure that titheyire all hcklef, just drop in and see him and youill come away convinced that there,s at least one Who is not fickle. 230 gamma g?ttupwa Bag CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE Senatorial Appointee NEW HAMPSHIRE iiPHILit Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Hockey Squad 01,3,Qi, Business NIan- ager H cmdbook. ' HIS quiet, unobtrusive lad from New Englandeyes he sounds like iteis one of the kind Who seem to be treading water all the time but Who reach the'end of the course in time to beat out most of the guys. When Phil throws his cool eyes on someone 01' something and decides to tido itii he usually does. Phil once had a rep for dragg ing keen femmes and then he d1agged one blinde With the usual fatal result. He has been bewailing his fate ever since and he even loses tenths trying to figure out the most beautiful femme he can drag to the next hop. From his handsome face and curly hair we surmise that Phil Will be forever . a man of the femmes-Whethe1 at the Follies 01' in gay Paree. 231 Enmarh Alatnn E12315 ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Appointed from Fourth District CALIFORNIA ttBILL STOOTZt, Corporal, First Sergeant, Lieutenant. h X 7 ELL, well, never heard of that flower of American chivalry, Bill WIarmalade Stootz. Yes, he has another name, but half of the Corps and all of the femmes are unacquainted With it. If you have ever attended a Kaydet hop, you must' have seen. him. In fact, you can,t miss him; he is as regular as the reveille gun. Bill is quite pugilistic and holds the unofficial class record for number of frays. At times he has been a hell-dodger, but that status is really so foreign to his nature that he has been unable to maintain the pose. The Com decided that ttE,, Co. needed a decoration, so Stootz was made tttapft He and Pat lVIahoney have joined hands and hearts in a vain attempt to tame the Tigers. They both think that they have been successful, but they have been deceived. ' If ever you want to get any ofEcial dope on the prescribed conduct at tea- flghts, let me refer you to our modern Chesterfield. 232 Elnhn Eaglnr E12 Gianna BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA, Appointed from Second District K NORTH DAKOTA V NHANKn Corporal, Sergeant. ROM the advance dope we got on Hank, from his Wife, there must have been a fight in the family recently, for his little homelike character-sketch sounded like a Scotland Yard criminal record. The cute picture With the curls and the smile doesnit go With the record of murders and heart-breaks that was turned in to us, so, we just wonit print the record. Hank is one of those Swedes Who in- fest the mining regions of the Dakotas and sometimes come to West Point. Since arrival here he has changed a loteparticularly around the heartebut then anyone like Hank couldnit remain cold-hearted very long. i Though the femmes are crazy about him, it doesnt affect his head, and we are quick to claim that Hank is a mighty good hie and his success as an ofEcer is sure. ' ' .. ' ' 233 William Eilpy Epphlp, Elr. WASHINGTON, D. 0. Appointed from Sixth District MARYLAFD ttBILLii Acting Corporal, Corporal, Captain, Lieutenant, Swimming Bleet t3,2i, Advisory Committee Y. NI. C. A., Choir, MO, Hundredth Night MBL Hop lVIanager GD, Senior Hop 1VIan ager, F urlough Banquet Committee. HO would think that Bill, the pride Corp of '"Bi, Co. is a tin! Yes, folks, he came from V. DI. I. While there he held the high ofhce 0f sergeant, but was busted, we hear, for inefficiency. Lucky the T. D. didnit find it out! One day, Bill tried to bone indifference and allowed his section to remain in a motor truck stuck in the mud. What happened when the section later arrived at the drill ground is a secret, but it is rumored that he has never recovered from the shock. Since those days Bill has changed into a model of efEcienc-y With a combined title of Captain, King of Snakes, and Prime Hop hianager. Much is told in the few words, tiWhy, I know Bill Deeble is not that kind of a boy? Don,t worry, Bill, the snakes always get there, and your snaking days went over when that call to join the blue comes. 234s iRuhnlphi- Eautel 3211211511111; SOUTH N ORWOOD, OHIO Appointed from F irst' District ' . OHIO iiRUDYJi MDEL,H H-PAWNEEH Cullum Hall Squad tSL Class Numerals. ARK! With the clatter 0f hoofs and hying tufts 0f the sodded earth we behold our Paul Revere dashing madly across the Plain in an exhibition of dare- devil riding. That story has gone down among the tales of Yearling privilege rides ' D111 111g his plebedom we hea1d little f1 0m Del, but we all knew that he held a warm spot in'the heart of iiTeX,, Avent, than whom a more consistent crawloid never existed. As a Yearling he gained prominence in iiAi, C0. boodle fights. And before those days, hops held no attraction for him; he spurned femmes in general. But, alas, the hordes from Vassar bore down upon us and, in the onrush, swept his heart away. Today we find him a daring and cold-blooded hopoid. The Coast has always been the favorite with Rudy and as we leave our high- land home, we feel assured that should we be fortunate enough 1n our wanderings to chance upon a certain cottage on the sea we would su1e1y find Del the1e,and we would find a box of makins, a warm heat, and a big cheery Irish smile to welcome us 152mg Glnrnplina Bemuth LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Ninth District PENNSYLVANIA ttDE MUTi, Corporal, Sergeant, Choir 010. cc H, isnit he cuteV, Yes, heis our baby, but he ian in a cradle any more. He is just down in the riding hall giving the femmes a treat to some spec- tacular policings; Henry once heard an instructor say that it is necessary to taste the tan bark at least fifty times before you can expect to be a good rider. Judging by the stand- ard he Will be one of the best riders in the Cavalry When he joins his regiment. But our baby,s physical aetivities are far overshadowed by his philosophical researches. Problems far too diHicuIt for Sir Isaac have been solved by our young genius. His most recent discovery, soon to be announced to the world, is a. method for telling time by the sundial at night. Ah! could such a. brain as this come from anywhere but Pa.? . ' Hard work has never yet failed to be successful in the Army and it certainly Will not with Henry C. Demuth. Gram Qlamphpll Birkann. JJr. WATERTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS , Appointed from'Twelfth District I v TEXAS tiDICKh Cerporal QL Sergeant UL Hockey Squad V Qt, Flankers, Cheer Leader 00. Flanker game on our first Thanksgiving Day. And though Smoke Segundo led his legions of runts to Victory, Dick showed his true mettle 0n the field of battle that day. ' ' Dick is a'n Engineer in one sense of the Word. What Other boodle Corp than Dick could so successfully run in the goods under the very nose of the Dutchman? I IOVV can we ever forget that heroic leader of the flankers in the great Runt- Al Sharpe says Tracy is the hardest of the hard-guys. He,s very severe with Y earlings. He almost lost his own self-respect because he had'to pass through that stage in his career at the Point. But Y earlings certainly bring out the Ralph I. Sasse stuff in Tracy, Whenrthey venture to peep over the barrier that he has set up. i V x . I . Dick believes in other things just as stronglyehe has convictions all his own, and doesn,t hesitate to act on them. i 237 Slnhn iRirharh wilmut Eirhl PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Sixth District PENNSYLVANIA ttSQUAREt Sergeant, Boxing Squad GD. QUARE? Just look at his face! If there ever was a map of the Vaterland and Pennsylvania combined it has a perfect reproduction in the physiognomy of this son of them both. He has a hard looking face that would scare the hair from the head of even our famous hairless wonder, Bill. But once ever so often a cataclysm occurs, the map opens up and Square smiles. It is enough to make all the children run, but it is a smile just the same and it is a smile wot is a smile. This good natured Dutchman has become a regular and silent fixture and we shall miss his stolid form When he leaves to take his place in the ranks of the wearers of the blue. ' Q38 William ?gpnfy Ennalhaun JOLIET, ILLINOIS Appointed from Eleventh District ILLINOIS KeDONQ, Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, . Battalion Adjutant, Wrestling Squad m, Plebe Detail. ' OOK carefully at the gentleman before you. This is Don, as he has natu- rally been dubbed. Don early made a hit with the T. D. and has been a ttmakell from the very first. One of Donls assets is his ready line of B. S. for any and all occasions. Linked With this is a careful and cautious forethought onr the future which Will help greatly to stee1 him past all the pitfalls of later life. for P. S- -1ng, Don. IS a wonder at that. As soon as he gets going, the fair lady can do nothing but listen With awe and admiration, and many are the letters he re- ceives from his feminine captives. Speaking from the viewpoint of one Who has lived With him since our plebe Xmas, be it said that Don has shown himself to be a true and unselfish friend. The pleasant word and smile he has for all conceals a whole lot of efliciency of the kind our country needs now that we are at war. You Will hear more of D011 in the future. Q39 Engh 153m 'Qinrmz iBurfpv CHARDON, OHIO Appointee at Large iiREDf iiDURFi, Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Baseball Squad t4,3,2J, iiA,, tQD, Hockey Squad 01,3,QL Choir t4,3,2i, Plebe Detail. URFEE is one of those fellows Who stand out in a crowdeby Virtue of his hair. itNo fair Auburn he, but just plain Redf, He is as clever at baseball as he is at balancing a cup at a tea-fight. He also has had a good deal to do With putting the Corps in Terpsichorean. True ability will out, so how could the T. D. keep from recognizing it in Red? You see When Red went fishing tin a. fishing seai, he came back with his sleeves sprinkled with golden chevrons. One day, however, Redis hair became redder and he became hot-headed. He used rude and contemptuous language to a member of the Fourth Class, and for a short time he fell from grace: With his education improved by solitary thought for about twenty-two hours, he set to work again and once again rose high in the official estimation. ' May his future in the service follow the same path that his course here has. 240 ZFrPhprirk 3Jnhn Eurrzrhmiht DERBY, CONNECTICUT Appointed from FourthiDistrict CONNECTICUT . ,tiDURRSCHf, ttDUKE? cthQh HE Cadet Store mattress has long been famed for its restful qualities, and has lured into our midst no less a man than Dallemand, The Duke V011 Durr- schmidt, the peerless leader of the sleepy-head hussars. Peaceful and quietly came the Duke and peaceful and quiet he has ever remained. He holds today all recoras for long distance, short distance, standing, walking, prone, kneeling, and sitting position, sleeping. . - Between naps Durrsch has found time for social activities. He even dragged to a hop once, and almost did on another occasion; The Duke has' been known to ttpipei, the Cavalry, but his enthusiasm has been declining since he barely cleared various ditches and two stone walls 111 a grand change up the steep slopes to Cro. Nest, With Bill Reeder at his heels urging him 0.11 The Clown P1ince likes the Violent outdoor life, notwithstanding, and has bought a good bedding- roll for the infantry, and 1s hoping still that he may land in the Aviation Corps. 16 241 1113111112an Emight BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Senatorial Appointee MASSACHUSETTS ccPUssn Sergeant. HEN the Count arrived here some three years ago, he came hrm in the belief that life is just What you make it. He promptly started the habit of accepting our many soirees With a smile, and I Will let his record show how well he has succeeded. Besides landing in a comfortable place in class standing himself, he has taught French goats from the time he entered, and his ability to throw a line in two lan- guages has helped many a less fortunate one over the rocky places. In spite of consistent boning on his part, however, the Com has failed to recog- nize his ability to set off a pair of chevrons, and as a result Puss was condemned to the ranks of the Aristocracy. He is bound for the Field and, if he' gets it, that branch Will get a conscientious and hardworking officer 242 Eiram Ealhmin E111 RUTHERFORD, NEW7 JERSEY Appointed from NEW JERSEY s KHI9, Choir 011,3,2,D, Star 09. I was shunted to us via the University of Michigan. Just What he did up H there is a mattei of speculation, but he came to West Point an Enginee1,and has remained an Engineer to the end. Like alltrue- blue Engineels, 3.0 s are his passioneand he gets them. Hiram- amassed 3.0 5 his Plebe year. His Yearling year was the same, ,and even lately history has repeated itself. NOW, Hi impresses one as having a Rule of Life. Whatever that rule may be he lives by it religiously and has followed it With. success in his years With us. On any subject of discussion, Hiram is frem lVIissouri. He listens carefully to all expoundings, then gathers in all available data, connects the Whole mass in series, and short circuits to the salient point. x It 1s rumored that Cupid has not shot his arrows ai1nlessly-welll watch him closely for a time after graduation. 243 3Jnhn manna Erwin SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA Appointee at Large llJACKf ttALh Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Class Swimming Team th; Hun- dredth Night t4,3,2l, Camp Illumi- nation Cb, Ring Committee, Song Committee, Dialectic Board. ERE we have the reason Why all the young ladies go to church on Sundays at West Point. One glance at the above'picture Will show Why no femme can stay at home When there is a chance of being escorted to a pew by that hand- some usher, lVIr. Erwin, The fact is that Jack carft help being popular With the ladies and he has long since been accounted for. Like all other Californians he is quite a linguist and he speaks the English language as fluently as Kaydet slang. His talents along this lllinell have brought us all much pleasure and many a laugh, for he is always ready With a grind, story or song to enliven any occasion from a funeral formation to a Night Before Navy Game Show. For two years he was well known as the bouncer of gloom of the 10th Div, but now he is sole proprietor of the famous llCocoanut Groven on top of the 8th Division. These faculties for amusement early made us select him as the author of our Hundredth Night play, and if early graduation had not inter- vened we are all sure that we would have had the best. play ever presented at Cul- lum Hall. 9244 $211111? $1315an Ember CHARLESTOWN; WEST VIRGINIA Appointed from Second District WEST VIRGINIA ttGEORGEV Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Librarian Y. MJCJA., Vice-President Y. MI. C. A., Dialectic Board, Assist- , ant Stage Manager Hundr'edth' ' Night, HOWITZER Board, Assists ant Baseball Manager, CHair-' man Hall and Tent Com- mittee. EORGE was lucky enough to postpone his arrival at West Point until late in August. What he missed is all right to discuss now, but We hardly classed s it as a picnic then. His previous eXperience as a tttirf, came to his assistance, so he and Major Markoe soon disbanded their third battalion. As he had less time and opportunity to exhibit his woodenness than' the rest of us, he drew the first ranking Corp in his company. Due to a difference of opinion between the Senior and Junior 0. Gfs George lost his chevrons 3nd 3. little of his bootlick, but a second crop came the following. June. He has been one of our steadiest and most respected hell-dodgers as his record shows. t 245 Enmarh igattprann ZHauat WESTFIELD, NEW YORK Appointed from Forty-third District NEW YORK HDOCH Wrestling Squad 01,3,2L Light Weight Championship tQi, Indoor Meet t4,3,2i HOWITZER Board, Golf Represent- ative. ERES the only and original happy-go-lucky guy for you. He goes through - his life here never letting anything worry him and likewise never worrying anybody. In stUdies, and in practically everything except ttdisf he has a horseshoe with him, for the tenths just seem to flow in with little effort on his part. Just for a little example: His French instructor admitted that he was the hardest worker in the section and 'he used to crack his book at least once a week. His pro- ficiency in lVIexican athletics carried him through his sections as they do in his Visits on the post, for he can talk anything from the latest war rumor to the finest quality grand opera. Doc has boned wrestling consistently and this year came through with a mon- ogram and points for 1918. Hereis hoping he lands success With as little trouble as he has had landing his championship. Q46 William iKirharh 1H 115111ng PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Twenty-ninth District PENNSYLVANIA itBILLi, Ae ting Corporal, Sergeant, Football Squad t 01,2L Baseball Squad 01,2; TEADY there, don,t call him Dutch, or this vehement soh of Ireland will pounce upon you With a fury such as only the followers of the green can muster. The paths to glory are thickly strewn Withiboning for writs, tours, cans, slugs and femmes; Bill reached this conclusion long ago, and as time rolls along he is realizing that the most dangerous of all are the femmes. But in the Winds of changing desires there is safety, so when the roll of good fellows is called; he is among the first on hand. He is undeniably one of the regulars. Those Who have penetrated into Billls real self are indeed fortunate, for Within himis stored up a wealth of good fellowship and true friendships If he is your friend, then he is your friend for good, thatls Bill. 9247 Emma Armiatwh Zlirppman SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA Appointed from Fourth District SOUTH CAROLINA ttLOUISii Sergeant. NDEED, South Carolina is truly famed as a land of much good milk and honey. It sent a native son to us Whose every chin proclaimed the fold of the epicure and Who, in the smooth parabola of his itembon-pointf roundly evidenced rich feeding. HOW many long, steep hills have seemed shorter and less steep to us after hearing Ophie 0n the march. The time-honored porpoise wouldn,t have had a chance. And now see What three years at West Point have done to him! They have made him lissome, yes, but they have shorn him of ten years of dignity and, alas, his knees are far apart today, Where once they snuggled close. If, however, the cruel curriculum has fashioned anew his exterior, the sweet sentiment Within him remains unsoured. With the coming of every Sunday he removes a certain picture from his locker and places it before him on the table, then sets him down to write to her With Whom tithe podunk boys have not a show? And there is reason in his madness, for we can easily understand how he draws inspiration from that picture. Each of us has come to recognize and appreciate that kindly humor and that desire to help the other fellow along the road which are distinctly his, and Which have all contributed to make his classmates glad and proud to greet him as acom- rade in the Corps. 248 611121111an 1525M 1311111111 MONROE, NORTH CAROLINA Appointed from Seventh'District ' , NORTH CAROLINA ttFITCHtt Sergeant. , HEN Futch was a' youngster down in iiNorth Carolina, suh, ii his father had hopes that he would become a sailor, so he was sent to Washington to p1 ep for Annapolis. T. Leslie thought better of it after awhile and took the West Point exams. Thus it was that June 15,1914,f0und him 1n the line which was being entertained by the iireceptio'n committee? while waiting to make its first official report to the VKing? ' He is an engineer by nature, but used to take more pleasure in getting up before reveille and working Math problems for the goats than in boning tenths for him- self. Leslieis main ambition as a Kaydet was to drive the itMillionaire Squad? but as we never had one he was doomed to disappointment. He will be satished, however, when he gets the chance to direct his battery of Field Artillery at a Gel- man trench, and it s a safe bet that that trench won t last long. Q49 ?gmrg iHBrkinz $21M WINGINA, VIRGINIA Senatorial Appointee VIRGINIA ttHENRI t t Sergeant, Indoor lVIeet 01,3,QL Outdoor hieet GLBL Tennis Squad CD, Boxing Squad GD, Wrestling Squad Qt ORNIALLY, Henri is a quiet, hard working file who earns.what he gets, but Who usually gets What he goes after. A bonoid in the Gym as well as in the section room, Henri has always worked hard for the class, and to him our thanks are due. Masking behind a serious mien a true Kaydet love of grinds, 1:6 has been known to join in a 90 Div water fight in a manner that would shock the folks in Virginia. hIany a shoe brush going rattling down the chimney into the room below, bringing With it a cloud of dust and soot, has been started off on its voyage by friend Gavntt. Henri is a hopoid of two years standing and is a per- former on the courts, of 110 mean ability. A sincere Christian, a loyal friend, and altogether a man. We know that' he Will make good as an officer as he has as a classmate, and what could be a better test? 20 Q! C Enszittr 331m $arritg LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS Senatorial Appointee MASSACHUSETTS EcROSS,, 'VVrestling c1432; HE idiosyncrasies of friend Ross are not appreciated by all. In fact, they have caused trouble and irritableness at times. Witty he is but too much so. He violates the first principles of Wit in one respectequantity. He springs so many poor grinds and puns that the good ones are not appreciated. Systematic? Ay! ay! in everythingefrom having a set of brasses for every formation packed in three yards of grey cloth to his correspondence list With.its itinii and ttouth C01- umns. By the way, that list is so long that he has to paste two B-ache blanks to- gether to get them all on. , His system seems to be meant for training him for his one ambition in lifeea Q. M. job behind the lines so that he can deal out pup tents to his less fortunate classmates in the trenches. V Heartbreaker? Well, that,s hard to answer. When you look at the top shelf of his locker and see it strewn With photo- graphs representing every femmets school in the country 'you are tempted to 'ex- claimettHow do they do itEw But its all-an indication of his one-hest traitea true friend. He is one if there ever Was one and beneath the bantering exterior is a good big heart With no lack of thermal units. TheCavalry has claimed him for its owneanother case of like father like son. william Ephprt $vrharht NIARTINSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA Appointee at Large iiDUTCHh Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Basketball Squad M,3,2L Captain Bas- ketball Team, Monogram, Indoor Meet 014,3,QL Outdoor Meet t4,3i, Y. 1V1. C. A. Handbook Com- mittee. "iVER since Beast Barracks, Dutch has been one of the most consistent and J-i hardest workers in our class. He came to us from XVest Virginia, famous for goats and men, and With this handicap he has worked himself into the nrst sections. He is always Willing and glad to help anyone Who even looks as if they needed help-and many a classmate is indebted to him for a Christmas leave or for passing the ttPisi, exams. But dont let this lead you into believing that Dutch has been prominent in academic work only, for at athletics, Dutch,s determination has more than once put him in the limelight. For two years he has been one of our mainstays 0n the basketball team, and the ttF" C0. captaincy was a natural reward. Quiet and easy going, Dutch is the kind men are proud to call their friend, and our heartiest ttgood luckii goes With him into the service. 252 Haul Egan Gbnnhv BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Appointed from Eleventh District I e MASSACHUSETTS ccPOP, 7-9 :cTURKN Class Numerals, Cullum Hall QLeBoxing - Squad 02L Wrestling w, Indoor Meet 01,3,2l. ' , tion by saying ttLook at my picture. Thatls the answer? . . Pop has been a firm believer in area exercise. As an area bird he ranks With Cameron. As a crawloid he has out-sassed Sasse. He has been the inspira- tion of many a Kaydet grindeand no one conld submit mere smilingly. He is a man Without peers at a boodle fightehe has a Charles 85 C0. catalogue'thumb- indexed. ' I lVVENTY-FIV E and never been kissed! He parries all demands for explana- He proudly professes to having been, in remote years, a Coast Artillery Militia- man in the State of Massachusetts. And since he isn,t geared for the quick-time 0f the Infantry he still leans towards the Coast Where the cadence conforms to the periodicity of the rocking chair. Having entered this arm of the service we have hopes that, in spite of his social prejudices, he will uphold its traditions. T 0 say that he Will do it would be pure speculation. 253 iRnhprt llehnnalh tEmham GRAHAM, VIRGINIA Appointed from N inth District VIRGINIA ttMACll Hundredth Night 010 . that implies. Mac is one of those fortunate few to Whom the necessary tenths flow by the road of least resistance. ' N ot being cursed With the conviction that a tenth is only surpassed in magnitude by the earth, he has done little to accumulate more than the necessary quantity. His radical ideas are not bounded by llTenth Avenue? I 'IRST of all he is from Virginia and there are few who do not know all that A thomantic Customerll is our little Mac in spite of his firm conviction that ttThe more you learn about others, The less youill stick to one." He is in nowise averse to learning about those others. He knows them well and at once puts them at ease. , His delightful Southern nature has much the flavor of fine old Scotchemellow, pleasing and lingering. Above all he is a true friend and as becomes a rebel gentle- man a good judge of horses tcenso'redl and ladies. Q54: Elewpllgn magma $riffith . BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Appoirited from Fourth District MARYLAND . itPOOPYh Coiporal, Sergeant, Wrestling Squad ' 015,3,2L Camp Illumination BL Indoor Meet QT, HOWITZER Board. i OUNDS of Brass and T inkling CymbalsH The coat of arms of the old Vir- ginia family is above the doorway. Enter trumpeter announcing the ap- proach 0f Seflor Griffith, the direct descendant of the PrinCe of Wales. The chief tea server is on the left. Llewellyn discusses the philosophy of Aristotle with the fair femme. This is a cubist pieture-a post impresionist daub. The truth is less imposing. As a matter of fact, the Corps could not share Llewellynis ziristo- cratic notions, so we sum Llewellyn Mason Brooks up into this comprehensive diminutive-Poopie. . Poopie came to us from Lehigh University. Besides being the chief tea and cake juggler at Mrs. Colonel Major Captain and Lieutenantis fwe dclock he is the artist of the elass and as a side him has shoWn some of the boys a few things on the mat over in the gym. His greatest attraction at the preSent timee-and he hag; many, so he says-is very near home, just a few miles over the mountains from West Point, but ttNevertheless we wish him luck, . 4 When he calmly shows such pluck As to.take a royal lady fair From English and Militiamanis snaref , 5255 e Millarh merrill $58111 PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY Appointed from Ninth District NEW JERSEY llWILLARDt Choir t4,3,2l, Indoor Meet w, Manager Tennis Team. H HERE is that man who sings?,, ltHere, sirf'l lWVho are youI-W lllVIr. Hall, W. M., sir? lWVell, what do you sing?,l llI only know one thing, sir, and 7 thafs tDonlt Blame It All on Broadway; but I donlt know the words to that, sir V, That was our first real acquaintance With Willard, and hes been the same ever sinceehappy-go-lucky, good-natured, and the envy of many a goat because of the ease with which he got along without the aid of llboning? Blany a time he has sworn he would buckle down and gain a few files, but soon the new magazines would come outeand away would ily W7illard,s high ambitions, for to him perfect content was to be found only in the covers of the latest books of fiction! Always full of life, we know he Will draw friends to him in the service as he has drawn them here. . ,klEDITORE NOTE: He tries to make us think he is a typical bachelor, but reports from Princeton are strongly to the contraryl Q56 Emmi: igarhing BALBOA HEIGHTS, CANAL ZONE Senatorial Appointee ALABAMA t ,tiJOHN BUNNY, UNNY hasalways publicly given evidence-of his belief that plenty of sleep is B the proper requisite of a hard days work. Ever has sleep healed him from all the cares and annoyances caused by Math 01' Phil, and has made him the envy of many another poor, toiling Kaydet. After the Tao has inspected in the evening he never could bevinduced to remain awake By any oiler short of a boodle fight. Even amidst the appalling circumstances of being turned out for a final exam, on the next morning Bunny could always be found peacefully slumbering in his little white cot. He held the record in the final exam contest and said that by taking the final was the only way for a man to get the full beneht from any course. He always stuck to the last and took all that every department had to oHer. Bunny believed that a plebe was a plebe. While making a practical assertion of that fact in the Co. street during Yearling Camp he was suddenly confronted by one of the T. Dfs, and as a consequence was set to work for three months at crushing graxrel in our back yard; Yes, he was an early member of the Century Club and it owes much to him for his continued and loyal Support. We Will miSs Bunnyls grinds, because they were always rather singular: After havingthought up a good one, he would bring it around and attempt to spring it, but he would always either get it gummed up or would get it off-backwards. However, Bunny always thought for himself, forming his own opinions and never relying upon a spec. Fol; three and more years we have truly enjoyed his companionship as a classmate and will always cherish it. 17 957 'Eartlvg 133. 1551111112 BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Appointed from Sixth District NEW YORK ttBARTll Tennis Tournament t3l, Y. M. C. A. Hall Committee HQ. HIS young man hails from Brooklyn-Flatbush, to be more exactecoming to us straight from Erasmus Hall High School, of Which he is one of the most distinguished graduates. We had all heard of F latbush before, but it rose in our estimation considerably When we found that it turned out such men as Bartley. I i Like most of the Brooklynites, he is an engineer, because he is hivey and not because he ever boned hles on his classmates. A goat never came to him and asked for help Without getting it willingly. Generous and amiable and never known to lose his temper, Harloe is one of the easiest men to get along With that we have ever known. Not too much of a snake, nevertheless he can make a. good spoonoid When he wants to try his hand at it. i The engineers are the only branch according to him. He even goes so far as to argue that they are a part of the army! 258 Olharlw Eaahiell Eartha CEDARTOWN, GEORGIA i Appointed from Seventh District GEORGIA 7 ; :SHORTYM Acting , Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, , Class Swimming Team G330, President Dialectic Society, Cheer Leader, F We laugh Show Committee, Hundredth' Night M,3,QL New Year Toast to Class of 1917, Camp Illumi- nation C9, Plebe Detail. HE smallest man with the biggest job in 'West Point on his hands; he was sub-div of the ninth. division. It took a man to nurse that crowd, too. When it comes to taking life easy, no one ever labored less. Perhaps his love of ease is the reason for his doing so much in the swimming line; the water held him up, and whenever he gets anything to hold him up, he is there. HoWever. nothing has ever happened while we graced West Point Without Shorty. One night last winter he boned steadily for one hour. During that time his ukelele lay in a corner absolutely quiet. Yes, he is a musician of parts. It was a rare event when one passed his house without hearing the latest Hula iioating out of his window. - - Famous in many branches of endeavor is our hero, Honorary Member of the Radiator Club, actor and hopoid par excellence. But none objected to his snak- ing to his heart s content as long as he brought home the usual ration of boodle. There IS only one thing we have against him; he 1s an engineer. What would you do with a man like that? 9259 Enhprt milann ?Qaahrnutk KINGSTON, NEW YORK Appointed from Twenty-seventh District NEW YORK t ecBoBan CKIKEH Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, First Sergeant, Wrestling Squad Gigi PEN for business from six A. M. till 10 P. M. Deals in anything from Sun- dayts ice cream to Saturdays movie tickets, and is agent, we think, for the Gillette Safetthazor C0., for Bob has a shrewd eye for trade-but thafs neither here nor there, as we all have to make a living! If you want a good politi- cal argument drop in any old time at QOQ3, and if he carft tell you facts he can give you the latest rumors of lVIexican revolutions or riots in Paris-and if you want more he can be persuaded to talk of the doings of Dovuna, the great Russian Diplomat. Bob came to us after reading a book entitled uSink or Swim? With the one idea not to sinkeand he has more than fulfilled his desire and our expec- tations. His Winning smile and good fellowship have won their way deep into our hearts, and never will he want for friends and brothers as long as any of ,18 is Within call. 260 Jlnhn Qllatntt hawking EL PASO, TEXAS , Senatorial Appointee NEW MEXICO - HACK, Cullum Hall t3, 2L Hockey Squad 01,3,2L Baseball Squad ML Outdoor Meet tSL ' HOWITZER Board. HERE are some men born to chevrons, a few acquire them, but this ca1efree son of Texas was bo1n to be a member of that privileged class-the mil- lionaire squad. From that day-some time in July, 1914-ttLate, Why of course,hbut I donit see Why he should be so peeved over a little 'matter of twd weeksi,ewhen Jack reported by making a call on the Supe and then having a friendly chat With Cadet Richards, G. J., Which chat was abruptly telminated by the ilattel s discovery of the hue nature of his nonchalant Visitor, Jack has been the same cheerful, indif- ferent gene1ous file He Will tell you, or anyone Who will- listen, just how West Point could be put upon a friendly and unenergetic basis if the tacs would Only follow the spirit in- stead of the letter of the regulations, but so far the T. D. has refused to consider Jacks recommendations. 261 313111-125 Elarkann 7512a FREEPORT, ILLINOIS Appointed from Thirteenth District ILLINOIS , "JIMMYtt T HAS been stated that environment has nothing to do in the making of a man. Jimmy refutes this statement. Living, When a Plebe, in Gus Elangank 11div'11 and being frequently inflicted with Visits from Jack Nygaard, always in quest of knowledge, our hero has developed to the nth degree the art of calamity howling tparticularly howling? proclivities of his entourage. It makes the Kadet Store weep to see Jeems1 bloated account, for he has never given them any real chance to reduce it. VVe111 tell you a secret, however. He is not truly as sad as he looks. Ask him how the Winter Garden Chorus treated him, and hell blush and grin from ear to ear. We expect. him to leave his mark wherever he goes if Fritz gives him time. 262 Ghnmaa Earkann Eeaug WASHINGTON, D. c. - Appointee at Large ' eJAC'KW I scorporai w, Lieutensnt m; Indoor Meet $03,2L Outdoor Meet M,2L Wrestling Squad M,3,QL Hundredth Night H,3L Y. 1V1. C. A. ML Plebe Detail. ' S OUR short story writers sayeScene: Post No.110, in Camp Geo. B. Davis along about P-rade time. Our J ack is walking post, clad in his best full dress, in a thoroughly military manner. Enter one keen femme who approaches our hero and demands in timorous tones, tiTell me truly, lVlister Cadet, do you really wear corsets? I Of course, the joke is on J ack, but no one can deny that his chest measurements and set up are the kind an ideal Kaydet should have. And they are the result of hard and consistent musk boning carried on in the gym and in his own room. oAlso, heis still at it. J ack went after the chevrons With a Will, and grabbed a nlieu- tenant? Which he surely deserved. We are here to state that, he handles authority in a fair and square manner, and out inithe service his bucks xvill'lnoxre'vrhe11 he speaks. i W7hen you add that Jack is Irish, With a capital iiIfi and wears a Which along With his soft line of blarney is a reason tiwhy girls leave home? you have a rough fieldssketch of a fellow worthy the epithet of hall around man? 263 $urhnn OEraham 752mm: 3Jr. BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Senatorial Appointee MARYLAND llGORDONlt Sergeant, Swimming Team BEL T ISNT that I couldrft say and, With conscience clear at that, all this soft chaff about the way our Gordonls more than that which is required of anyone to be classed a perfect gentlemen. A man Whose ideals are high and who,ll practice What he preaches, but only requires of you and me the things our standard teacheS; a sense of black and white, and an inclination to do right. But Why this sentimental stuff about his great repute, When only to know him is enough to put it past dispute. we know hels been a real cadet, and a man on Whom itls safe to bet, and thatls enough. 264: $211132 maltpr ?girarh MEDFORD, WISCONSIN i Appointed from Eleventh Congressional WISCONSIN t ttSOLOMONt. First Sefgeant, Color Sergeant, Basketball ' Squad 09, Cullum Hall CS, Football . Squad tQi. ttAtt in Football, IndoOre Meet Qt ' ' IVIILING, congenial Solomon has been a great surprise to us. When George came into our midst to be titamed as a beaSt? he was large, awkward-look- ing, fresh from the Wisconsin timberlands, but he was young. Solomon decided to roam around on the Cullum Hall football field during his Yearling year. Even then, many of us couldnit see What his idea was. But When he was put on the Big Squad during his last year, and We saw him in action, we began to uhder- stand. We Who followed the men on the Football Squad certainly must hand it to our George. Nobody Who saw him this last season Will forget his long run in the Maine game, and how he fought in our last Navy game; Holy Smoke made himself that day. . The T. D. also began to notice our big bionde youth, and chose to appoint him as the bearer of the Corps Colors. Indeed, we are proud of him. We love his congenial disposition and admire his clever manner of flattering the ladies and kidding the boys. Anyone Who can hive Math and Phil'as George does-Who can make the football coaches take notice in one season as .HirSch haSw-and Who has made himself as well likedias George iSeWiH ceitainly be a.pride and credit to our class in the service. i ' 265 Enhert 3Jnhn huffman SANDUSKY, MICHIGAN Appointed from Seventh District ' MICHIGAN KhGUS3! F urlough Show Committee. LOOlVIY GuSeentirely wrong, but a branding during plebedom is irreparable thereafter. This fair German came to us out of the peaceful country of N orthern NIich- igan, with high expectations of four years of enjoyable college life. But the light of his starry hopes was extinguished soon after his arrival, not to shine again for a Whole year, but When it did, it was brighter than ever. Entranced by the wild tales of hunting German planes in the clouds, he has thrown all his enthusiasm into the Aviation Corps. Gus thinks that he can climb higher in the shortest time in this branch than in any other. Blessed With a, disposition indisposed to be ruffled by the quill of any tac, it has carried him through with the same cheerful and good natured attitude all the way. We shall watch With keen interest for his successes, and shall Win and lose with our friend and classmate, itBob Hoffman? 266 iEhwin 31amh $111152 SYRACUSE, NEW YORK Appointed from Thirtyefifth District i NEW YORK ttEDDIEt, 'Baseball'Squad t4,3,2i, ttA,, in Baseball, Football Squad Gigi, ttA,, in Football, Hockey Team 01,3,2L' Monogram in 4 Hockey, Captain Hockey - Team, Class Swimming Team BL Indoor Meet 01,331 Outdoor Meet Qt. t X 7 HEN you gaze upon his slender frame you donit pick Eddie for an athlete, but appearances are deceiving, and s0 is Eddie tto judge from the number of diffeI ent pink notes he getsy. iWe cannot begin to enumerate his deeds, for you know this 1sn t the athletic section, and besides, f1oi11 the list above, you can see that he 1sn t a physical weakling. Besides helping to lighten our path With Victories over the-Navy, Eddie,s cheerful countenance is enough to make even GIOomy Hoffman forget his cares for a momentaand Duke Milan say a word 01'1tW0yand all this, While one of the goats With a goats miseries and a goatfs-troubles. If you iiflxh your troubles out in the service as you have banished your cares, here, Eddie, you,ll soon be heading the league of success. Q67 EC Svargent imputiw Enff WOODVILLE, MISSISSIPPI ' Senatorial Appointee MISSISSIPPI ltNIGGEPW F ootball Squad t4,3,2y, Wrestling Squad team, Tug-of-War t4,3,2y ET you a monthls ice cream I made more than you did last week? When Nigger is in a sporting frame of mind, beware, because hels probably seen his tenths in the section room, and has, therefore, the inside dope. That is his Saturday noon conversation. But bear with him awhile, for Sunday or NIonday he is going back to the hospital to deadbeat another orderly tour on his wife. But if you would see Sargent at his best, watch him at a hop. He Will sit out several straight dances With his femme,s mother, telling her how much more attractive she is than her daughter. The worst of it is that it is true! With ideal conditions, such as an informal country-Club dance or a canoe ride by moonlight, he can Win the stoniest of hearts. Why, in Wlashington on furlough-but I donlt dare tell except that he still gets his daily letter, so it must be serious. Nigger is a Southerner through and througheadmired by the ladies, loved by his friends, respected by his enemies, and regarded as a friend and benefactor of all dumb animals. Do you know, he actually decided on the Infantry instead of the Cavalry, because he will be too heavy to ride when he is a major. tHe must have overlooked the fact that a major of doughboys is mountedJ 268 CC thtn max Elank HYDE PARK, MASSACHUSETTS Appointed from Fourteenth District ' l MASSACHUSETTS a ttYOTO," aJUNKe Sergeant, Baseball Squad 03,90, Marlager Hockey, Choir.t4,3,2l. -A-N-K, Mr. lYunkf SirV It was to this that our attention was hrch at- tracted When Otto was thrown among us in the summer of 1914. Surely one never carried around four letters in the form of a cogndmen that have received worse use by the public in general, and the Corps ih'particular, as far as pronunciation goes, than our friend Yoto. Jovial and good-hearted, he meets all our attempts and misattempts at correct inflection With a broad smile. Too much cannot be said of his j oviality and good-heartedness, for With the former he has won many lasting friends and, by virtue of the latterghe has given his time unreservedly in hopes of helping goats mastereon a llQl, basis-the fine points of Math, lVIechanics and French. Destined to do 'big things in an unassuming way, we Will all watch with keen interest the progress of our friend and classmate, ler. Yank, SirW 269 Erank Olharlw lehlirka NEW YORK, NEW YORK Appointed from Second District NEW YORK NJEDn Corporal, Sergeant, F 6110ng Squad 015,3,2h Indoor Meet H,?D. grind and float on his merry way leaving a dazed audience to find the point of his joke. He treats us with Bohemian folk-lore, the songs of hope of a smouldering race, on rare occasions. Oh, joy! 3 BOHEMIAN in name, disposition and instinctSeJed Will spring his bum Jed is a smooth strategist in the making. How many calamities in the second div might be traced to his fertile imagination and craftiness! Ask Simp, and Pop, and Bits, and other Victims. He holds the letter-a-day endurance record, and with it all he pretends to have only a casual interest in the house-furnishings catalogue Which Pop Goode has so thoughtfully provided him With. We could scarcely call him sophisticated. Hets worldly Wise; an ex-war-cor- respondent, having ttcoveredh everything in the way of ttgangt, activities in Brook- lyn to Central American revolutions, and stands ready to furnish you the dope on just any old subjectewhether he knows it or not. These are minor things, though. Jed is square and true as steel, and there was never a bigger heart. Q70 williamIEHalIarp 312mm LEOMINSTER, MASSACHUSETTS Appointed from Third District MASSACHUSETTS uBILLs, Sergeant, First, Sergeant, Entertainment Committee Y. 1V1. C. A. Cb, Dialectic Board, Choir Ms,3,2L Hundredth N ight M330, Camp Illumination. GLSL , Cheer Leader. Plebe Detail. HE lights hash 0n, the orchestra plays, the curtain rises, and before us amidst that same historic West Point scenery, stands Willie the matinee idol. Here he is in his element. His Whistling, singing and dancing have made a Hun- dredth Night show synonymous With a Max, and ifs said thatvhe is already making arrangements to present ours in the Imperial Opera of Berlin. . He has been conscientious and energetic in all his undertakings, and it has been a mystery Why the T. D. did not appreciate. him sooner. u'I like to see it shine When the Tac comes in the room? says Bill. . If he has any luck, the Cavalry Will. gain an ofEcer Who would be.a credit to any branch. V ' Q71 31111111 mirhapl Slnhnmm WETUMPKA, ALABAMA Appointed from Fifth District ALABAMA ttJACK" Acting Corporal, Color Corporal, Captain Boxing Squad t3,Ql, Y. M. C. A. Ad- visory Committee, HOWITZER Board, V. C., Basketball Manager, Hop Manager, Star 09, Board of GOV- ernors of First Class Club, Plebe Detail. ROM the sun-kissed stretches of Alabama came this wonderful combination. Jack is versatile, and if his energy were as great as talent we would not put anything above him. His quiet conhdence and few well spoken words are sufEcient to pull down the 2.9 or the 3.0. His smile and soft words charm the femmes. His dignity and diplomacy Win all the chaperons. His force, sincerity and virility Win all the boys. That he is efEeient is attested by all the gold lace that he has cornered. Our faith in Jackls innocence and high mindedness was a little shaken by the two Xmas leaves spent on Bellingers Isle with Stamps, hiallory and Tiny. At least, it is shaken if we believe the tales of the quartet. Jack has a strong leaning towards the lield, and if he handles his guns as he handles his opportunities heree-gangway, Germany! 272 Eamrem $13:lent 311mm WASHINGTON, D. C. Appointee at Large t eBIFF" Acting Corporal, Corporal, Captain, Foot- ball Squad t4,3,2L ttAtt in Football, Football Captain, Indoor Meet. t4,3,2L Boxing Squad tQL Wrest- . ling Squad7t3,QL Outdoor NIeet t4,3,2LStartM,Boa1-dofG0'v- ernors, First Class Club. HE Class of 1918was not yet twenty-four hours old WhenBiff became a marked man among us. In the shivering dawn of our hrst reveille, he was set before the beasts as a model for those of us Who aspired to perfect ourselves in the manly art of bracing. Yes, he wore a most magnificent constraint! This man J ones has been doing things ever since. Yearling Camp found him doing things at boodle fights and hops and hikes. His was the unique distinction of wearing stars on both collar and sleeve. He has taught us howschevrons could be gracefully, and yet efficiently, worn. Quietly, he has constantly driven home a lesson in character into the hearts of his fellows. V And With What joy we have seen him do things to the Navy at the Polo , Grounds! The middies must rejoice in-his early graduation. But footballts loss is the Armyts gain. He takes that staunchnessgenergy and ldve 0f the game into the countryts service. Incidentally, he carries With him the sincere admiration of us all. s ' 18 273 iRmannh iJlramia 1K2rnan, Elr. BLOOMFIELD, NEW JERSEY Appointed from Eighth District NEW JERSEY ttMICKEYt Acting Corporal, Corporal, Company Quartermaster-Sergeant, Cullum Hall w, Baseball Squad w, Hundredth N ight GD. HE diagrammatic representation on the accompanying hectograph interpola- tion is entitled: tlA little child shall lead them? When our little grown-up first astonished old ttCtl Co., he was a bouncing baby boy, all a-grin even in the most serious moments of Richards, G. J . Mickey bunked With Dodson Stamps, the sturdy Texan barrister and connoisseur 0f cigars. Mick made many friends among the upper classmen, Whose pestiferous and frequent visits drove Dodson to the F ourth Class Club with his stogie every afternoon. Redmondk familiarity with and worshipful attitude toward the makes cannot be called bootlick, for he is the same congenial spirit to everyone. As a hivoid 0f the Langue Francais, and stopper of sizzling liners, lVIick is a combined Puss Dwight and Eddie House, and in addition he has acquired that training in salesmanship that only a company Q. DI. can master. His duties on the French Front Will no doubt be selling loaded Cigars to the innocent Germans. , 31111111 Ehnrnmn Knight, 3Jr. FT. MASON, SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA - Appointed from Third District VIRGINIA V eJACKe Acting Corporal, Color Corporal, First Captain, hIajor, Football Squad 01,3,2L Indoor Meet 0153,2L Outdoor Meet 01,32; Wrestling Squad t4,3,2L . - Hop Manager t3,QL Furlough Show Committee, Board of Governors Plebe Detail, t Class President. ACK is our leaderechosen by the T. D. and seconded by the class. He has been one of our moving spirits ever since his cheery smile first greeted us in Beast Barracks. F rom the list of his activities one would judge that his life is one long grind, With never a thought for anything save duty, but once upon a time, J aekewell, you knovvean'd its only a few days till tgraduation and beyond? Jack has been ever Watchful in upholding the spirit and traditions of West Point, and it Will be in this role that we shall always remember him. His generous ways, splendid ideals and Winning personality Will carry him far; . and With himewhether in F ield or Doughboysfwill go the esteem of his classmates. Q75 Earl ZHraIIk 1Knnnh NEW ALBANY, INDIANA Senatorial Appointee INDLANA , KENOOBH Acting Corporal BL Corporal QL Lieu- tenant tD, Lieutenant and Bat- talion Adjutant. tt N THE spring a young marfs fancy ....... et ceterafi It was in the spring of 1914, even as we were about to enter West Point, that the fancies of Earl Frank were so diverted from their normal course. Cruel destiny dragged him away to cold, stolid, unrelenting walls and a discipline Which leaves but little time for pretty thoughts and musings. But ever have the letters come and always has he opened them With fingers a-tremble. Itis no use to believe these rumors that itlndianeiy is any less than a big bright Broadway. Earl Will prove it to you. Hey ranks his native domain among the Engineer States every time. NIany long Winter evenings he has developed that theme for Bill Kolb, Which latter was forced to hear W'isconsin relegated to the goats. There are other interests for ttNoobfi though; he sticks to any job in hand just as he does to an argument. It has marked his WVest Point career with the stamp of success. 276 milliam Karl Knlh APPLETON, WISCONSIN Appointed from N inth DiStrict e WISCONSIN ttBILLf ttKNUCKtt Acting Corporal BL Corporal tQL Lieue tenant tD, Captain, Cullum Hall Squad Bit, Hundredth Night $30, Plebe Detail. . - ROM out of the wilds of the great hyphenated State came ttKaiser Billtt into the humanizing light of Eastern civilization. Need we mention the name of ttKnucktsh native State? ' From the first day in Beast Barracks, the-belief grew that this man was essentially a military machine. Some Will recall that he did a one-step in the hall after taps, solely to be prepared for the command, ttchange steph, next day. But, was it there that Bill acquired the habit of putting himself through a process of applying complexion cream, massaging, manicuring and otherwise grooming his person before alliormations? Hets a marvel! As a member of the Comts aristocracy, he has from Yearling days down worn t his chevrons With an admirable dignity. Bill is that Wholeesouled, eI'ECient and' conscientious type that we admire; With it he has a saving vein of humor. t 277 Emil Krauat LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN Appointed from Seventh Congressional WISCONSIN iiEMILIEit Corporal tQi, Sergeant 02L Football Squad t4,3i, Cullum Hall tQi, Bas- ketball Squad 01,3,2L Numerals, Indoor Meet GD, Outdoor lVIeet 010. a AS the mailli, has always had a special significance to Emil. NIail call rouses him to a higher pitch of enthusiasm than anything except golf. That is perhaps why heiis so contented a member of the goats. that are tenths, and even units, When one has that supreme and pleasing confidence that there Will be one letter, and perhaps some others awaiting his return from the thrice daily sojourn With the goats. He actually seems to enjoy his golf, and calls it exercise. His greatest hobby is to amass golf clubs. His philosophy may be summed up in these words: to have a big bag of clubSethat constitutes the greatest pleasure of the golfoid. And 110W he can play the 19th hole! The iiexploits of Emil" are varied indeed. Everyone realizes that Emil and hops are inseparable. In fact, he would enjoy hops as much as golf if he could have as many femmes as golf clubs. A clipping from his podunk, Which caused him considerable torment When he was a plebe, contained the following interview. tilt was this experience that gave me my ambition to go to YVest Point? said Krause, ttI have always wanted to get the training offered there? We of 1918 who have seen him itget the training offered there," and have got ours by his side, Will always follow his career with the keen interest born of the pleasant friendship of our Kaydet days. 278 iEhmnnh igarriann 152111; TEXARKANA, TEXAS Appointed f10111 Thiid Disti 1ct TEXAS 'thDn Acting Corporal,Corpora'l,Captai11, Plebe Basketball Squad HQ Base- ball Squad i2, D, Ma11age1 of Base.- ball,H0W1TZERBoard, Advisory ' CommitteeY. M C. A. ,Board of Governors Fiist. Class Club, Plebe Detail. HERE may be some doubt as to Whether Ed was born With a silver spoon in his mouth or a shiny sword in his Chubby right hand, but it is a strawberry ice-cream to a fish eye pudding that he could execute a right hand salute before he could walk or talk. Whether he appeared on the scene With little or much of born ability, the success with Which he has fostered and cultivated his military ambitions and inclinations is immediately apparent to all Who kriow his record. When in futule years we read of this classmate from Texas, a tlue son of the South, it Will not be Without pleasant me11101ies that are bound to follow his asso- ciation With us in ou1 kaydet days ' For us Who know him, it is all-suchient to say that he is, individually and exclusively, Ed Levy. Q79 1 lawn; Mpanpr 152mm IRONTON, OHIO Appointed from Tenth District OHIO KFATS, Choir 015,3,Q,D. AT dropped in on us from Ohio, and in spite of a close call plebe year, and a strong attraction near home, he has managed to stick it out for the Coast. Having a flankerAtl-aining he soon developed into the man we know jolly, noisy, and ever ready to eat, having never missed a boodle fight in old Camp Davis. Being a little inexperienced P.S.-ing it took him some time to develop, but with three stripes he,ll take a chance snaking now and then, although he,ll say that old letters and movies are much more interesting. ttVVhen 1,111 a makeh has never come about for Fat as yet, but when tried he has always come across with the goods, now and then even venturing into the Boodler,s. Wch a high sense of duty, and plenty of ability, we know the Coast will receive a man who will do his duty as a man, who is efEcient and yet human, Q80 frank gammy illnng HULL, MASSACHUSETTS Appointee at Large i i sSIDe ' Hundredth Night 010, IDNEY has-not very rhuch bootlick With the tacs, as is evidenced by the cleanliness of his sleeve, but if his bootlick With his classmates was measured in terms of gold lace, he would have much of it. ' He is a carefree fellow and doesnt care much about tenths, but the has the ability to get them When he Wants to, and he has, at critical stages,- Won decisive Victories over P. Echols. Of late, Sidney has come into prominence among the fair sex and is often seen decorating the floor and balcony of Cullum Hall. Now, nearly every day he gets a letter in a blue envelope, and it is hard. to say Whether his desire for adventure. and to tight for his country Will draw him into the doughboys, or his love in another direction Will draw him into the Coast. ' 281 Emma Gbrpgnr mr$r2gnr DENVER, COLORADO Appointee at Large ttMACt, Acting Corporal, Corporal, Company Quartermaster - Sergeant, Class Foil and Saber Teams 013,3,QL Publication Committee, Y. M. C. A. Hand- book, Choir 01,3,2L Hundredth Night GLQL Plebe Detail. e COLIPANY. DamagesW ttAW sound off up there, Mr. Dumguard? Hard? N ot a bitejust talk from a low-ranking company Q. M. sergeant, the worst soireed man in the Corps, to hear him tell it. That is Mac the lVIexican Athlete, good With the talk and With the femmeSeWhic-h of course is a natural conse- quence. Ask him how they are and he Will give you the well-Worn answer ttThey are all fickle? but if you keep your eyes open While around Duncan you Will soon note that he isnt letting any of the dear young things slip anything over on him in that line. 'Whoever saw a. snake that wasnit fickle, though, and above the entire list of accomplishments that heads this history, 31:10 is pre-eminently a snake. Engineer is no word for him, that is, if you listen to him telling how he hives Astronomy, Drawing and Drill Regs. So far, ttBritish Sciencei, and an inborn dis- like of boning have kept him down Where the boys call themselves respectable. From the way hIac has handled everything here, from a teacup to dummy pro- jectile of the six-inch battery, it is useless to Wish him luck. Hetlljust naturally go out and get it. Nnrmmjt iHEIENeiII FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Appointed from Ninth District NORTH CAROLINA chACn Sergeant, Company Quartermaster - Ser- geant, Football Squad w, Baseball ' Squad t4,3,2L WY, in Baseball, Base- ball Captain, Indoor Meet 63,2L Outdoor Meet GkBL HAT handsome, slightly m bald man Who so carelesslyebut. surely-Whips the ball around the diamond has been one of our mainstays ever since he left his hot Southern diamonds, to toss the sphere on .our fair green. hiac throws the B. S. in quite as interesting a manner as he tosses the horse hide. His string of captures among feminine hearts is proof of this. He has even convinced Schlenker that he tMaCy has more hair on his noodle than Pat. Never mind, Normie, you dorft need hair in the Coast, and when you toss all of those hearts, except one, to the Winds, and begin to watch the evolution of a shot truck into a baby cmwiage, W611 watch you succeed there as you have with us. 9283 tharlw Alumina mahnnpg LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS Appointed from Seventh District MASSACHUSETTS CKPATD, Acting Corporal, Corporal, Captain, Football Squad t5,4,3,2x Assistant Manager, Manager Outdoor Meet GAL Boxing QAL Plebe Detail. :4 AY felluz, herets a corker? Really, the above stern Kadyet isn,t half as hard as he looks or thinks he is. Though one of the Comts own, long years at H-on-H have taught the noted Irish baritone to weigh lightly such trivial matters as chevrons, for Pat has had much experience as an area bird during his varied career. A well-grounded dislike of ctAh-mee Boys? led Pat t0 deeds of valor at Plum Island, Where he wielded a heavy club of discipline and showed tthe boys the proper way to go out and bring home the bacon? Pat used to hate runts, but say a word against the little fellows now and you have the pride of Lawrence QiassJ to reckon with. It is said that he has devel- oped writer,s cramp from frequent visits to the quill-book. ttNail the lates the first time, boys, and theytll never run another? 284: Ehmint Qllark maling SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA Senatorial Appointee CALIFORNIA , ' ttSPIDERh PIDER was one of the first to arrive at West Point way back in 14:. 'It was rumored that he came early to have first choice of rooms. Whether this be true, is still in doubt, but it is known that he has always been early in some things. When a man leceives ten letters In one mail tsaid letters being all 1n his own writing lsn t it a good sign that he spoke eally? He 15 also the king of easy-goers, for no matter what is about to happen, exam, inspection 01- a tea-fight, he is always there With his familiar expression, ttIt hasnht any bluff on mefv, He has the right to say it, too, for he has the ability to dispense With such things, Without the worry theylcause most of us. He Will dispense With the worry of our future troubles, also, and its a long shot that the battlehelds of France have no bluff on him. 285 Elnhn g?twpnann mallnrg CAMP GAILLARD, CANAL ZONE Appointed from Sixteenth District NEW YORK ttJACIC, Acting Corporal, Corporal, First Ser- geant, Lieutenant, Boxing Squad t3,2L Hop Manager t3, 2, D, Hundredth N ight $0 , F urlough Show Commit- tee, Board of Governors First Class Club, Plebe Detail. Thatts Lou every time they see him. They all fall-but once in Panama- however. we wontt growley Jack up by going any further, that episode is famous in song. J ack is a prince of files even the little colored boy on Governeufs Island Will testify to it. He works hard at everything he undertakes, Witness his success in politics tpassing around the skags, etcj, and his landing of a Top. Jack claims to be a tennis player and a Bob Fitzsimmons, but he really stars in Cullum and on tea-hounding expeditions. A11 bootlicking aside, Lou, we are proud of youefor you have stood for the best that is in a man. t t OH, THERESthat good looking Mr. hiallory! How I love those pink cheeks? 286 3112552. Ernnkp matlnrk BRYN MAWR, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Eighth District PENNSYLVANIA 621-1388;: iiMAT-n ' , Cullum Hall $1 ' AY, Jess, will you drag for me Saturday, IiL- iiSure, what time will she be up? a ' To us who know, nothing more need be said, itGreatei' love hath no man than he should drag a possible L. P. for his friend? and if you are in a scrape and need a friend-whyeyou may be sure that Jesse B. will help you out, always cheerfully and willingly, as though he considered it a favor to aid a friend. But just presume to say something against the Cavalry and you will speedily discover that you have iisomeb argument on hand, for the Cavalry is Jesseis first and only love. Indeed, the only great disappointment Jes has ever'suffered was the stopping of P010. Of course, there were such'1natters as French and Spanish, but they were merely passing trifles which signally failed to ripple the calm serenity of J esse s mind, but no PoloEwell, that was a calamity. All we ask 13 that some day we may have the oppOItunity of repaying the many favms we have received f1 0111 Jess, and we all hope that we may meet others as generous, as t1ue, as this son of Pennsylvania. 1 287 iFramk lelwtinv 133mb? PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Fifth District PENNSYLVANIA ttCELESTEt Basketball Squad 010, Sergeant tD. tt AM here to bury Caesar, not to praise him? said Antony to his susceptible audienceeand the play was on. Caesar undoubtedly had his good pointSe and so has Frank, but in the latter case they are a bit hard to pick out. Pos- sessed of moderate intelligence, and Hawkins as a wife, he never had much trouble sticking around the first couple of sections-this at W7est Point, and in spite of his inordinate capacity for sleep, boodle and fiction. There was at one time hope for him, but his Quarantine Corp and goat sergeantcy turned his head. Celesteis best point is that he never lets anything worry him, although the twentieth div Will testify that he worries everyone else, but he,s so young and such a tisweet boy,, that we make more than the usual allowances. 288 331155211 muff Mprphith WASHINGTON, D. C. Appointed from Fourth District ILLINOIS NLUFFH' Acting Corporal, Corporal, Company iQuartermastereSergeant, Sergeant, Indoor Meet 0130. INCE the edition has failed to break up the Biiechler-Levy and numerous other mutual bootlicking combinations, here goes on the fittest subject that ever shined his shoes before reporting to a Tac tsince P. Dfs arrivaDJ Xmas leave t3,2i, Blonde, one of same t3,2,1,0i, Throwing shoes over alcove partition t2 A. XJ, Hundredth Night Hop tand all others t3,2,D, Languages tout 0f seasoni, Vassar Representative at West. Point t3,2i, Snob list H7 green starsi, Position and Aiming 013$ HOWITZER G-Boughti, Furlough Banquet tabsenti. While he is not quite everything that Ollie claimed for B. J., just a coup dioeil over the supplement to his moods and tenses Will show that he is no slouch at any part of the game. His modesty forbade his putting this noble accomplishment beside his lovely physiog, to wit: Plebe 010 Not only this, but he is the only kaydet 1n captivity virho ever possessed an aviation cap and goggles before graduation. 19 289 Earnlh 1112mm milan BANGOR, MAINE Appointed from Fourth District MAINE itDUKEXi iiSILENCEt, ' HE iiSilent Dukeh is a man of few words. In fact, he is famous for his silence and his Maine Wit. He is one of the quietest men in our class, and few really knowhim outside the Checker Club. But for all that, he has had a unique career here. Silent has been an awful hoodoo for his Wives. He lost five through the ofhcial channels in his plebe year, and has come near losing his last one on sev- eral occasions. He is an expert cartoonisteetwo of our big departments have taken official notice of his art! As a chess player, he has few equals. NIany a long Win- ter evening has he whiled away with this noble game When there was nothing else to do but study. Instructor after instructor have given him up for lost in BIath, Phil, or What not, but when the writs come around he always get by somehow with that famous New England gray matter. When it comes to playing a mouth organ, M. Hohner has nothing on Duke. The way he can squeeze itRed VVingh "Codfish Ballfror other choice selections, from that old lungtester is simply marvelous. Yes, Duke is a handy man With everything except his tongue. He has been a. Simon Pure buck straight through, and always Will be. He is the kind that despise bootlick and quill; the kind you are proud to know. IO '45 O Ehgar Elm? mammal: LEWISBURG, WEST VIRGINIA SenatorialIAppointee WEST VIRGINIA ttBRUCEV Acting Corporal, Color Sergeant,cLieuten-' ant, Basketball Squad M,3,QL Indoor Meet 0153,2L Cuilum Hall M,3,QL HE Bible teaches us that there is a Providence detailed to 100k afterfools and children, but Sefior Don Juan Moomauis neither a child nor is he unduly foolish, and anyway, it is extremely'doubtful whethei' Providence is awake that early in the morning, so we would like to know who it is that dresses him and sends him down to reveille with that cheerful smile on his face. Enter Seflbr Moo- mau. If he lived in Russia he would emigrate t0 Siberia and not entirely from choice. His many years of military service have given him a sarigfroid and cool- ness in critical moments that nothing can shake. While a plebe he was several times heard to speak, but of late his becoming taciturnity has given place to a verbosity Which also becomes him, as'most things do. I 291 e Ergant Ehmarh 111311an ELLSWORTH, MAINE Senatorial Appointee MAINE ttWEASELh Choir t4,3,2,D. HE ttlittle neighborU first saw the light of XVestern civilization, When in the summer of 1914 he left his lonely cabin in the Rhine woods and titook the carsi, down to West Point. Although formerly accustomed to the uncouth habiliments 0f the trapper and backwoodsman he speedily became distinguished as one of 191819 dressy men, and recently performed the feat of wearing one blouse continually for three years. tiThereis a lot of wear left in that blouse yet? For two long years the iilittle brotherH walked on his toes to stay in ttA'" C0n but as he grew older he became shorter, so that the last days of his cadet privacy were on the extreme left of "B" CO. Along With profound reading in philosophy, and a knowledge of how to rest scientifically, Bryant likes to play. So he is going into the Coast and play soldier; he is a good player, so the C. A. C. Will receive an iiincrement in him? lennpth mason mum? WASHINGTON, D. C . i Appointee at Large Co'rporalt first sergeant, iLieutenant, Entertainment Committee, Dialectic, Star Qi, Plebe Detail. K. M? . HAT a look of innocence adorns Kenneth,s beaming countenance! But even With all his attractions he does not care to dispense them upon the fair sex. 011 the other hand, With his classmates he is a favorites Who alway has some- thing worth while to say. This habit, coupled with his hivey disposition, has won him a place in the upper ranks of the class, and he is headed on a B-line for the Engineers. Above all, Kenneth is a boner, not only for himself but for the'beneht 0f the Corps as well. It is to him primarily our thanks are now due for the excel- lent line of movies Which are shown on Saturday evenings in the Gym. He has worked hard trying to get good pictures for the Corps. When yoii see him, youill probably be struck With that air of busy importance Which surrounds him, but yoxfll realize that he is puzzling overthe next movie star to place before his ttpublicf, the Corps. , A ' To those Who know him best, he is a friend Whose fidelity cannot be shaken and Who is always ready to help Where he can. 293 Gllyht ?Enhart marganthalpr CLEVELAND, OHIO Senatorial Appointee OHIO ttDOOGANf ttHEIMEIV HEN hlorgan first struck W'est Point he was a veritable infant in arms; however, since that time he has developed into an almost gianteat least according to the standards of his own cE" Co. The possibility of having to leave his beloved runt company to join loftier companions has been a huge strain, but he has escaped such a calamity. , Dugan is most susceptible to the wiles 0f the fairer sex, and many have been the times that he has fallen an easy prey, sworn 0r resworn that same old tiNever Again? He is on the aetis see, you could hardly call it the Hwater wagonW-on the ttmale train" now, but this cannot continue, for he is going into the Coast. 294 mam Banih 913111111113 LAWRENCE, KANSAS Appointed from Second District h KANSAS ttMIKEtt Sergeant, Color Sergeant, FootbaHSquad ' CD, Cullum Hall 01:,QJ, Indoor hleet 913$, V. C. ' - HARGE: Violation of ttNtht, Article of War. Specification 1: In that one, Willard lVIurphy, alias Mike, by virtue of his innocent and peaceful face, did gain entry into the society of femmes, and then did take advantage of his appearance. Specification 2: That the above defendant has snaked the femmes of Kay- dets, frequented the balcony of Cullum, and fallen in love-many times, in spite of the fact that he was a member of the V. C. and should have known better. Extracts from the evidence of the trial: 1. That he did return from Christmas leave very much in love, and cause his wife much discomfort when it was learned that she preferred dogs. 2. ttOh, lVIr. Blurphyl'we arentt out on the balcony 3, now. tObjected to as hearsayj Plea of counsel for defendant: That he. is a good-nqtured, likable sort of Irishman, and intends to reform and ttsettle down? Verdict: Guilty. Sentence: T0 the trenches and n0 leave, in Paris. 295 $16211th $21111 murmg MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK Appointed from Twenty-f'ourth District NEW YORK ttK. PP Sergeant, Hockey Squad t4,3,2l, Mono- gram. ltW'lzen t0 the sessions of sweet, silent sleep, I lay me down till reveille? tApologies t0 Shakespearel OOKeeevery one of youehere is K. P., as we all know him! As we knew him When on the 15th of June, way back in 1914, he blew into West Point along with the rest of Us, he was a runt in iiCl, Co., but now, thanks to the rest GU cure, he is tall and boasts of being the pride of llBli Co. A buck for two years, the Com at last claimed him for his own, and now Ken is a. slave of the golden stripes. For another of the same good nature, Willingness to argue, and seriousness, we would have to look far. In his early days among us he was always With the boys, but of late, having become glprogi in dancing, he has developed into something of a hopoid. As a hockey player he has earned a reputationeand at sleeping he is still more proficient. Gaze on his shining countenance. Does he not look it? He is the champion sleepoid of the Corps! The doughboys is the branch of his choice, and we are all sure that they Will proflt by having him among them. 296 31mm 33mm antnn SPRINGFIELD, hIASSACHUSETTS Appointed from Second District bMASSACHUSETTs HACK? ttBILI-J DRIBBLEii Acting Corporal 60, Corporal tQi, :Bate talion Quartermaster- Sergeant tD, Choir 01,33. ONG, lean and lanky, and for all his six feet two inches, every inch :1 man. Away back in plebe camp the glamour of chevrons caught his eye, and being both industrious and ftspooneyf, we found him Well up among the Yearling makes, and Corporal 0f the Grenadier Squad 0f tiAh C0. Sorrow followed close on . his elevation and he suffered a brief lapse in favor. But as real merit does not ai- Ways lie dormant, he came back stronger' yet into the ranks of itregular Co'rpsfi and lately we have seen him on the regimental "staff. ' Although not an ardent P. S.-er, neither is he a woman-hater, and we' might hint at the existence of ttOnei, Who ranks them all. Ask him about Washington. It would be unpardonable t0 eulogize J ack and not mention his p1 oficiency in mattress drill. tHe has been a factor 1n keeping alive 1n the C01ps that rare art inaugurated by iiDaddyi, Freeland. e ' Dougthys 15 his first, second and third choice. May he wear the light-blue stripe! We have no fears of the manner in Which he Will wear it. His career here justifies a rosy prophecy. 297 Ewmnnh GBiKBPfB LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS Senatorial Appointee KANSAS ttDESPERATEh Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Outdoor NIeet M30, Banquet Committee Hune dredth Night tQL Choir t4,3,2t. ONIE four years ago the people of Kansas were thrilled by the headline- ttYoung NIan Blakes Desperate Dash Across State to Secure an Appointment to WVest Point? XVhence the name; and other dashes have added fame to it, notably the one about camp With a wheelbarrow while still fresh from furlough. Desperate realized, soon after his arrival, the value of strategy in deadbeating, and the last three writs of each term have found him safely in the hospital. By watching him in action, one can easily see Why Saint Peter drove him from Ireland, and the fact that he has an extra class ring places him in the sW'ou can get away With ith, class. By means of continual practice With calf rope he was able to snare a corp which by careful nursing turned into a top. There is no doubt but that he will discover the easiest way to drive the Ger- mans out of the trenches, providing they are so indiscreet as to wait till he arrives. 29$ 'Milliam minrhwtpr 13am OIL CITY, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Twenty-eighth District V PENNSYLVANIA t :cAL,H u-SPHINXn ' Acting Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, ' .Choir 018$: Ring Committed ' 0 YOU see that olive complexion and sphinX-like smile drawing near? He looks innocent, but there is nothing to Which he wontt stoop When he-is try- ing to snake the next dance. Thatts A1. Yes, hets ahopeless ctspec? Once upon a time he was on our ring committee and actually knew. the name of every stone sent up in the sample collection. You might at any time hear him solemnly and owlishly declare that an amethyst, With buff top set in a special rose finish, was absolutely passe. A1 prides hirpself upon being quite a favorite With .the femmes, and states that he would prefer attending a hop to receiving an unexpected legacy. . He also states , that dancing ability is the prime requisite for a successfulwife. He is a ttgoath at heart and a firm supporter of the clan, but his work does nbt justify his stand. t 5299 Olmmril Ergan iHalmer TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Senatorial Appointee FLORIDA iiFtXTs, 66AL,:, ecc- B'v Acting, Corporal GD, Corporal Qt, Ser- geant, Football Squad tQi, Cullum Hall Squad L90, W'restling Squad t3,2i. L IS one of those Southern gents hailing from the land of Cypress Swamps, A Coral Reefs, and Alligators. He came to WVest Point While yet a mere shaver seeing the bright lights of New York for the first time, Where since he has become well known. He is a believer in ttBright Lights and High Lights? and as for skylights, ttNo se' senor? but if you don,t believe it just ask any kaydet about the ttHigh Lights." The old boy is completely out of luck as Ogden Utah, is at present thrilled by her daring stunts and presence tion the screen.u He is a getter of the obtainable! He came to get "some book learning in his haidft he has gotten plenty. He has also gotten one Bull neck, size 17, in fact he gets whatever he goes after. He once had the crust to get the Chevrons of the one with Whom he has since cast his lot. Even in the mess hall he gets your goat and most of the beefsteak! He almost got his once When a young lady of some fifty odd summers and a few moons was about to take him under her Wing, but by skillful manipulation of the pen we brought him back to the Milk and Honey! The Com also got his stripes, slugged him a month, telling him to think it over tion the area? From all we can learn about the way he spent his Furlough, only the "Light from Liars, could have possibly kept pace With him. He is bound for the Coast. 300 Eran Engpranll lgimr MYRTLE CREEK, OREGON Appointed from First District OREGON ' uFOXU , Boxing m, Hundredth Night; ELL! W'ell! W'ell! Here is Dean, the Dauntless Don, perhaps better known as the Old FOX, the Curly W'olf, 0r Pipey Pooper the Hermit of ttHii Com- panyft Fore for boodle, boys, here comes Dean V is a well known formula heard often in the good old days of Yearling Camp when Dean first shoxyed us how. he could make the grub disappear. He is a marvel with the ladies, and may be seen at the feed hops, having long ago approved Scottts motto that ttThe stag at eve should drink his fill? When asked if he would like to meet a queen, he is prone to reply curtly iiVVeightier matters are awaiting my attention,n and wend his way gravely towards the library. There perchance he digs up some ancient Spanish lore that may help him to increase his tenth-Winning knowledge. The iiPipographi, is only one of Dearfs instruments for solving the problems of daily life by means of lVIath and Mechanics. NVhen he ge'tsito hold hisposition in the service and meets one of the great things that must be decided, such as the advisability of putting on his shoes When he goes to ,put the cat out, Dean Will surely turn to his poop sheet on the subject and decide the questionin great style. 301 Engal 7mm; imam, MARINETTE, WISCONSIN Senatorial Appointee WISCONSIN ttSTEVE,, Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Lieutenant and Battalion Adjutant, Foot- ball Squad 011,3,Ql, ltA,, in Football, Base- ball Squad m, llAll in Baseball, Indoor Meet t3, 2L Heavyweight Wrestling Champion w, Wrestling Squad t3,2l, Outdoor Meet GD, V. C. t3,2,1l, Choir 01,333. comes to men like Steve, it is doubly hard. To do him j usticeh-you have so much to pick from that, strange as it may seem, you do him the injlistice of neglect, no matter what you pick! But to get a start-K-dets judge another K-det by What he does among them; and for that reason, Steve stands high among us all. What if his class rank doesnlt amount to muchefor he would probably stand first if the class were reversedeeveryone knows that a lack of lispedl is no disgrace! But when it comes to the real things, in all K-det activities Steve has a. hand. Studies, only, kept him off the big team for two years, but how he did go up the list When once a few tenths to the good! And showed us Navy Game playing that ranked With any we have had the fortune to see. In baseball, for two years he held down a berth with the scrubs when those same old tenths would let him have a few days on the squad. Then in his third year fortune smiled and he made the team, losing the coveted llpar" for his TV by only a few innings. For Class Ath- letics he has done his besteindoor and outdoor. As to the man himselfeweld never worry With more like him around. Bigehearted, generous, a manls man- the ladies are partial to him, tOOeand a sincere friend, we are lucky to have words to describe him, and those words are, "a. max? WRITING up some meneunless it be their epitapheis not easy, and when it 302 752tman 332mg ithl ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Appointed from Eighth District VIRGINIA s cHERM; I I Acting , Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, , Captain, Star 013$, Editor-in-Chief of THE HOWITZER, Boxing Squad GD, Wrestling Squad t3,2i,' Indoor Meet Qt, Advisory Committee 'Y. M. C. A., Plebe Detail. IGHTEEN needed an Editor-in-Chief for its HOWITZER. itKingii John T. Jr. J outlined the qualihcations 0f the man as follows: VHe must be an engineer, must have good judgment, a good business head, and must be a hard and conscientious worker? Hard to find did you say? N 0t at all, sir. N 0t at all! Hereis our man on this very page. Have a look at him now, for you Will hear of him doing the big jobs for Uncle Sam just as thoroughly as he has the taskrof pulling many a goat to the right side of the fence. 4 Certainly he is human, even though he has such a funny cerebellum and talks in his sleep. His boodle capacity is of the hrst rank, he growleys .prettily 0n the slightest provocation, he has tried to catch a falling transit by grabbing the plumb- bob, and insists on turning on the lights as he goes to dinner. Herm is a P. S.-er and a hopoid, and his only hard day is Monday after a hop 'When he has to look up to see bottom. But he always recovers and comes back for more tVassar pre- ferredi. ' i Herm was meant for an Engineer, he is taking the Engineers, and-Well, we think more- Qf the Engineers since Herm is going to be one of them. 303 Arthur Olharlpa iguruiz ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NEW J ERSEY Appointed from Seventeenth District NEW YORK $ePETE,I F YOU will just let your eyes wander t0 the masterpiece above, you will see Why White has made such a wonderful reputation. Anyone that can do a piece of work like that is going some. Pete is not a ladies, man tso we thought When he went on furloughl. However, When he came back we were forced to change our opinion for awhile. llVVhereis my letter? What! No letter? N OW that femme promised to write to me every single day and here it has been a Whole day and a half and no letter. Do you sup- pose she has thrown me downiw But we are glad to be able to say that Pete has again calmed down consid- erably. A mattress and three square meals are all that he cares for now. They are all fickle tso he saysl. But for all of that, we see in Pete at future hardworking and efficient Ocher. Fond of fun and practical jokes, not a single fault as a good fellow, and full of good nature, Pete is sure to be a favorite Wherever he goes. 304 Erank FHBntnn 13212131 PAUL3S VALLEY, OKLAHOMA Appointed from Fifth District 1 OKLAHOMA HFRQGn Cullum Hall 0113,23 Basketball Squad t4 3 ,21. 3 IME Problem Pete-Frog? Were cave men still in fashion this tangIe-haired denizen 0f the WildSWGOd,S country, he calls itewould be a-star 01' comet, but that doesn,t mean he would be a heavenly body. Phrogue is known for his nocturnal vocal accomplishment53to say nothing of a dark pasteinvohiing blighted romances and a desire. to tour every podunk 0n the railroad from Pitch Fork, Okla., to West Point on the Hudson. Several charges and speciiications against said Pete, alias Phlogue, to Wit: PROTOZOAN Tendencie53 1. Not getting wife 5 laundry at all times . 2 Wanting to sleep when Wife wants to bone, and Vice Versa. 3. Tendency to gamble With long oddSedragging blind one of Wife 5 3queensf, 20 305 S ROM the banks of Allegheny, marshes of NIonongahela, Came the long and noble Willie, Willie Reeder, long and mighty. Left, the laughing Minnehaha, And the gods of all his fathers. Forth became in all his splendor Hands drawn back and eyes up-flashing, Fixed he in the land of lVest Point. Shove he lgainst the tyrants Vigor, Cared he not for gleam of feather, Nor the chevrons of the Chieftain When he first came into West Point. Burnished William all his weapons, Shined his breast-plate, cut his scalp-lock, Rubbed the bear-grease in his rifle. William leinpr Eeehvr BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Twenty-second District PENNSYLVANIA- ttBILLil Hundredth Night MG, Song Committee. But the warriors of the T. D. Forth took up his doughty challenge, Took the quill-book from the oak-tree And the quill from off the duckling, Goosie Cameron, the duckling. And the war raged long and hercely; Fierce did W'illiam strive against them. Smoked his Willow in the hotel, Danced the sun-dance in the ball room, Glided oft to sleep in chapel. Hove the light bulbs at the O. G., Coastac Geode, the mighty O. G. Ceased he not to toil in trouble Till the 30th day of August, then the turbid Hudson, roaring, Bore him on to fields of glory- Fields of bloodshed across the Waters. Breathed the T. D. then more freely, And the robin resumed his singing; Resumed his singing did the robin, Susie Simp, the little robin. 306 Him. 152mg whiting ?Kpinhurg - , LA UNION, NEW MEXICO . Appointee at Large eBILLYx, eRHINW Corporal, Sergeant. . HINY entered With ahandicap; that of a dangerous man from a bad country. Often on those dreary nights of Plebe Camp did he entertain idle upper- classmen With tales of horse and gun, of chasing the treacherous grease: and foiling him With dazzling gun play. HOW much of this is-facts, we have never found out, but we do know that-if it is trueeVVest Point has had a very taming and quieting effect on him hho'w strangeD. ' Billy doesnht believe in over-exerting himself. He has always been content to take "his 2.5 Or perhaps 2.0 Without worry of much work; has never bootlicked anyone; and had never until recently fallen in love. What he-can do When he starts, he has left us to dream about, but it does not require a very great imagina- tion to realize that it Will be something big arid worth While. I 307 e $ahmhnr Enrmnza IKBQM SANTA MARIA, ILOCOS SUR, PHILIPPIN E ISLANDS Appointed from PHILIPPINE ISLANDS c tSENORn O BECOME a soldier from a tiny and puny man is some transformation. It generally succeeds with will power, and our Seflor does not prove to be an exception. If you had ever chanced to Visit him, you might have imagined that his house was not of that Doric simplicity of Which we often hear, but rather a musical club With lots of Philippine cigars to smoke Of the Kaydet Store lacks the BulD and lots of oriental music; for Whether release from quarters or call to quarters, if that musical instinct is awakened, you may well say itHe fiddles upe he J'iddles up, he fiddles up for evermoref, He joined us With the determination to get through. He leaves us now With fond memories of that elusive descrip, and perhaps ready to teach his people the mysteries and beauties of Shades and Shadows Which almost proved fatal to his West Point career. 308 11111111211 mevkpr 71mm DOVER, NEW JERSEY Appointed from Fifth District NEW JERSEY nDADn Hockey Squad t3,2l, Boxing Squad QELQL Hop Manager QJL Class Ring Com- omittee, Choir 013,3,Ql, Hundredth 4 Night OLQL Song Leader, F ur- lough Song Committee. AD, how you made the feminine hearts flutter! As you wended your heart- crushing path, how the bright eyes demurely fell; but oh, how they watched you! And When you started laying your young life story at their feet, and offered them all that was left of it, let the wedding bells ring out! What more could you expecteRiley is an Irish name! , ' Between hops, Lowell Meeker lands a little time to bone,-play tennis and talk about the next femme he is dragging. He is not afraid of his studiesein fact, he goes to sleep right beside them. He has been seen to sit, hours at a time, With some beloved text-book in his hand and never turn a page! Dreaming, just dreaminge that,s all! i Athletics and be are friendSeto a certain extent, hockey being his forte, but we fear he excels more in parlor athletics. A songbird of no mean ability is Riley, one of the principal supports of all Kaydet stunts. Dad, With his ever-ready cheer- fulness to help a fellow, his entertaining line, his ability to make dull hours brighter With the aid of his songs-the girl who gets him is to be congratulated. liHereis to you, Dad, old boylll . - 309 Svamupl Euranh Eingahnrf WILKESBARRE, PEN N SYLVAN IA Appointed from Eleventh District PENNSYLVANIA Sergeant, First Sergeant, Choir M,3,Q,D. makeeand a Will-be Field Artillerymanethere you have our Samuel. W7hen Sam first landed at this little point in his career, his ambition was to get into Roaring Bilhs branch, and to wear those dainty gold things on his arm. He has finally achieved the latter and we are sure that the former is on the road. Q VVOULD-be V ernon Castleea substitute for El Seflor AscensiOea halfmray Sam is very sensitive about his ttrankf, and he would much rather be a file- closer at drill than a squad leader, so he Will invariably flash his chevrons on a less blessed mortal Who has usurped our herds true place. As a spoonoid he is a reg- ular hard guy. He doesntt stop anywhere, and as for taking fair ones out on the balcony and gazing at the stars, there are many rumOI'Seand many that he doeSIft deny. If Sam goes after the real things of life as he goes after the femmes, and after his place in the fileeclosers, itis a dead sure thing he Will get them. 310 ?jarrg Nilw Ewing BATH, NEW YORK h Appointed from Thirty-seventh District . NEW YORK nHANK? Choir t4,3,2,D, Wrestling Squad Qt. HE' only time on record that Hank ever got mad, was that sad day in Beast Barracks When Carl Hooker told him that it was a shame to have to disturb the general tranquility, but it had alwaysbeen the custom for new cadets to take up an increased gait while on shopping expeditions to the cadet store, and that he, being a new cadet," it would hardly be proper to break a tradition by ex- tending walking privileges to him. It was a hard blow to Hankisherves, but he stuck it out till those cruel plebe days were over. Then he settled back in the old armchair, put his feet on the table, rolled a skag, forgave Hooker, and once more established that old time serenity about his throne which ever since has been a balm to wondering classmates who were inclined to get fussed up over things origi- nating from the PS and the T. D. N either of these institutions ever bothered him, and although no one ever sees him knocking elbows in the scufHeifor the goal he always gets there as soon as anyone and looks around With that benevolent smile to see What the rest are perspiring over. Bootlick and chevrons never have apv pealed to him evidently for he is the original subject matter of that kaydet melody: itF or he,s the man with a cheerful smile and a conscience as clean as his Sleeve? If the favor of the T . D. had been his ambition we dare say he would have gotten it, for he has a habit of getting what he goes afteri But Hankis chief fault is wants ing to divide up with someone else after he gets it. tiAny mail today,Harry?ti itYes, a letter for me, thatis a113, Smiles and confessions of romance in Harryis face. 311 09115111111 $herhurne iRnIfe PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Second District NEW HAMPSHIRE tiPINKEYt Sergeant tD, Indoor Meet M,3,2i. picked him for one of their bearers of the double chevron 011 the upper arm. How could they help it after Viewing his nether extremities? The femmes would call him cute. Kaydets say just plain bow-legged. Anyway, Pink has a nice shock of brilliant red hair, and the modest photo shown above does not do justice to his striking appearance. ONSLOW' didnt want to be a sergeant. Oh, no! But the T. D. just naturally If you,re ever down in the mouth, go around and start a roughhouse With this doughnut-shaped Apollo, and in two shakes of the Inspectork mustache you Will have forgotten Who it was who stepped on your big toe. Pinkey is one of the type Who, on hionday morning, try to make you feel like a Sunday dinner in the mess hall, and Who get a small milk pitcher thrown at. them for their trouble. W'eql need more like him to keep us in fighting trim When we are ttover there,'" thinking of our WTest Point days. 312 E11 mama; 1am KINGSTON, ITENNESSEE ' Appointed from Second District TENNESSEE aJACKn t . Sergeant. i WAS a bold stroke that Bald J ack made When he relinquished the plough and decided to serve his ceuntry. We really believe he bit off more than he in- tended, because a Kaydet life of drills, studies and other soirees, With Which he found himself surrounded, is rather opposed to the insouciant temperament of this itsun of the South? However, he has always managed toustay in the running, and With skags and fiction for the present, and a prospect of the Coast and some- body back in Tennessee for the future, he has indeed led an unrufHed career: Jack is everybody,s friend and everybody is glad to acknowledge it. Buck and goat from the beginning, chevrons and tenths have never appealed to hirh, and his Kay- det life has been made happier thereby, and some day When we see him chief in command of some coast post let us hope that we can persuade him to give us an- exhibition drill. Itis dollars to doughnuts it .Would be: iiEire one round-nOe steadyeas you wereeRESTf, ' 313 mallaw EHranriz $affnrh BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Appointed from Twelfth District MASSACHUSETTS HFATM Acting Corporal, Corporal, Company Quartermaster-Sergeant, Cullum Hall CD, Boxing Squad t4,3,2k Editor Y. M. C. A. Handbook, Plebe Detail. st AY, mister, What place is noted for having been visited by youlw ttBah Hahbah, sir? ttCome again? ttBah Hahbah, sir? ttOh-h, you mean Bar Harborhe that was one of Fat's daily repartees as a plebe. He came to us direct from the home of the beans and has never lost his distinctive dialect. Fafs main ambition has been to acquire a. championship With the gloves, but he has been unfortunate. He has never been much of a tea-hound because of his fear of demolishing all the fancy china 0n the post, but he often sighs ttTheyEe all Eckle but one, and she's indifferent? We wonder. If Fat canht hive the great unknown Which we are approaching he Will spec iteand get there. Here,s to his luck When he slips that Bosche a left jab to the jaw and repeats with his right! 3141 Earl? Entrptt Smtrka PROCTOR, tVERMONT Senatorial Appointee VERMONT ltSWEDEt Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Baseball Squad M,3,QL Hockey Squad t4,3,2l, Indoor Meet l4:3:9l: llAl, - in Baseball. t: T a boy SwedeP, Isnit that enough to bring into the eyes of any Kaydet a perfect picture? Sark and that left arm of his ar'rived a few days later than the rest of us. Beasts we were then, and we little realized in those hot days that he could pitch ball, for Swede doesnlt talk till after he has done his job. We all know Swede 0n the ball field, and we know him off. He can do more than pitch. Sark, in the old slang, is an tlimmortaltl 0r, inithe new, a goat. But never has he let up, no matter how impossible the task may seem. If given a duty he does it -does it with all he has. Such work produces two results-determination and skill in any profession. Courage, authority and luck he has, too. These fine fac- tors make a soldier, so we need- not fear When SWede goes into the big Box. His left arm can swing a colt automatic as well as a baseball. Soon his opportunity A comes to serve his nation with the best enrves he has, and when the game is done may we yell again, mAt a boy SwedeP, Zlnhn Enema: gamuthpra CIN CIN N ATI, OHIO Appointed from Fourth District MINNESOTA 6eB' J.,J Acting Corporal, Corporal, Company Quartermaster-Sergeant, First Sergeant, Cullum Hall 8,93, Plebe Detail. B. CAME to us from the wilds of the Northwest with a calm, confident manner that marked him for a high-ranking Corp. However, before long something . ewhether his fluent line of B. S. which sprung up from nobody knows where, or a reverse with the T. D., we know noteruined John and landed him With a company Q. M. Whenever life becomes tiresome and you ask yourself why it isn,t, then is the time to look up B. J . and listen to some of his bum stories told in that slow drawl that makes the girls capitulate. Goaty forever, he has fought his battle With the 13:5 even as you and I, and several narrow escapes have brought him closer into the fold. Soon the strains of the ttDashing White Sergeanth will bring us relief, and With John W611 utter an extremely thankful ttnever again? 316 31111qu Earl EJmanPr HOUSTON; TEXAS Appointed from Eighth District KANSAS ' eJULEsxi eDUTCHe Baseball Squad t3, 2L Outdoor Meet; GD; Y. M. C. A. Entertainment Com- mittee, Dialectic Board. AS there not a slight misapprehension when the name ttJules,, was attached to this fair-haired Kaydet? Certainly, ttJewelst, would be by far' more appropriate. He fulfills all the cOnditions and requirements of one and then some. On how many occasions has a dull period been made to shine by the sparkling attributes of his ever-ready bits of humor. It is true that the ex- pression, ttSWallowing the Dictionary, is a metaphorical phrase, but anyone Who has had the pleasure of hearing Julius must come to the conclusion that though the dictionary was not imbibed in the above manner, it has at least been hrmly established in that mass of gray matter of his, commonly known as the brain. Good-natured, jovial and kind-hearted. What more need be said? 317 Eanih Glharlw $211111? gulilpnkpr GERMANTOWN, OHIO Appointed from Third District OHIO ttDAVEh Sergeant, Baseball Squad t4,3,2i, ttAh in Baseball GLQL Football Squad t4,3,2i, Indoor lVIeet t4,8,2i, Outdoor Meet tQ. HEN Dave, in his wide wanderings in the realm of literature, struck upon Macbeth,s soliloquy on sleep he decided that old Bill Shakespeare had the right idea, and he proceeded to make Rip Van Winkle look like a set of twins about three A. NI. ttWhen a man works as hard as I do, he needssleeptt saith Dave as at nine chlock he rouses himself long enough to make down his bed. You can hardly expect one of Captain Graves, star henchman to sit up nights with the delights of P. Gordorfs ttTales of the Gyroscope? and a warm afternoon on the ball lot takes all the romance out of a spring night. Dave has had only two troubles in his cheerful kaydet lifev-missing the gold bars on his ttAi, by a single football game, andesh-h! getting an ttAh that he didntt want-ebut with him they rank very little higher than getting four accept- ances to the invitations to the same hop, and anyway, helping to force a 13-3 dose down the Navy,s throat makes up for a lot. It is needless to wish Dave happiness, for he Will be happy even though the files he has sacrificed to Army athletics should lose him the branch he wants. You cant down his good nature and you cant down him. ttCome on, Dave, itis time for first call? 318 E 31121121111? Ewmhnh $rhmiht PORTSMOUTH, N EW HAMPSHIRE Appointed from First District ' NEW HAMPSHIRE HTEDM . Basketball Squad 013$, Numerals, i 0U need a hair cut, IVIr. Schmidt, When did you get the last oneiw ttThis morning, Sir? Schmid-Vs war lock certainly brought him into prominence as soon as we hit camp. However, he managed to get through plebe and yearling years Without being taken for a South Sea Islander in disguise, and after a big fall on furlough he decided it was time for a change in style. Hence the high price of petroleum jelly. ' ' It usually takes a feed hop to entice him to Cullum, but judging from the amount of mail postmarked Portsmouth, N. H., after furlough and Xmas leave the podunk files have not a. showf He was a strong advocate of the Coast Artillery until last January, but since then the big guns 'and cozy homes have lost their attraction. , i ' Even though his initials may be T. D: and he cantt see the Cavalry as a good branch, Ted is all there and we expect toi hear big things of him and his company of doughboys itsomewhere in France? V O. D. in camp iiTWO special delivery letters. for Schmidt? 319 ZHihPl Hrntura Swgunhn LAOAG ILOCOS NORTE, PHILIPPINES ttSMOKEh Wrestling, Indoor NIeet w. LTHOUGH Smoke doesntt go around asking plebes the name of the best State in the Union, hets as proud as apeacock of that island home of his where the hardest work consists of lying in the shade of a bamboo tree and watch- ing the hula girISestea'dy thereewe forgot that there arent any such animals in the Philippines. Anyway, Spec didntt bring any of the sunshiny laziness When he rolled into Beast Barracks several days behind time, for When it comes to hiving such things as Army Organization and Drill Regs he makes Poopy Cotstick look like a grammar school pupil. Occasionally he misses the number of the page, but you and I know that when you remember the number and nature of the extra nail- brushes carried by a horse battery of the Swiss Navy, such small things as the page doesntt make any difference. Now that it is almost time for our puff of smoke to become a real soldier, his earnest study of military affairs Will begin to show its effects and it will be a mat- ter of only a few years before he is the von Hindenburg 0f the Scouts. 320 IHnrrpat Olliffnrh $haffpr JOHNSTOWN, IPENNSYLVANIA Appointee at Large h PENNSYLVANIA thED 5 3 Corporal,, Sergeant, First Sergeant, ,In- door Meet OD, Dialectic Board, Choir 0153,2L Camp Illumination H,?Q, . ED is a romanticist and a serious one-at that. He is stillsinging on furlough songs, Which explains a good many things. There is nothing he prefers to going out on a clear, starry night and haying at the moon. Between songs he quotes poetry-Browning, Wilde and the like. He is very ambitious and doesnht mind working hard to get there. In closing we might add that his red hair does not belie his nature. ' ' v 91 321 iHrvhprirk Ema $131111. DENVER, COLORADO Senatorial Appointee MONTANA eeAL?! Acting Corporal GD, Sergeant tn, Indoor Meet t3,2i, Class Cheef Leader GL3L Hop Manager 090, Ring Committee Q90, Choir 0153i. LiS career has been a long and eventful one. F mm the very first he has been a great favorite of the PS and the T. D. In fact, the former became so fond of him that they gave him two furloughs, and the latter handed him 60 days. Is he a P. S.-er? ttYou have the sweetest face I ever saVW tthe poor soul must have been blindi. til simply calft forget your bewitching smile? He can drink boiling hot tea and balance the cups like a Japanese juggler. During Yearling Camp, While vested with the boundless authority of an Acting Corp, he took it upon himself to hood the W'ater Battery, and even now his walk has that long, slow, endless stride which is typical of an Area Bird. We donit know exactly What he is headed for, but he sure is going strong. From all indications there must be a great incentive on the outside. But just wait till after September, then we will see. Eranria ignrtpr g?tnipann STEVENSVILLE, MONTANA Senatorial Appointee MONTANA sSIMPe Sergeant? Wrestling Squad 010, Tenhis Tournament C90. ' INIP is a native of the Wild State of Montana. He not only admits it but, by a curious logic, is proud of it. If you should everlwant Montanak claims to greatness expounded to you, go to Simp and hetll pour out facts, fiction and figures till you gasp for breath. To see Simp perform, lends color to' the prevailing idea that everyone out there is a cow puncher by birth and training, for until. you have watched him astride a horse, your education in the fine'points 0f equitation isntt complete. His correspondence is voluminous, but that may mean ahythingor nothing, and does in his case. He also takes a podunk paper, ,tis thought. t Simp,s breezy western manner and trusting nature haVe carried him far into the liking of his fellows, and When the Cavalry has taken him' for its own. we shall- carry memories of him as a line file, a good man to have along in a tight place and, above all, a friend worth having. 323 Ehumaa Enhann S'tampa SEGUIN, TEXAS Appointed from Fourteenth District TEXAS ttDODDYt Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant Hundredth Night ML Star 00. , ODDY is one of that rare type of man Who is naturally gifted in many ways and yet believes in going through life without placing his good qualities con- stantly on parade. Though his marked ability has earned the recognition of both the Academic Board and the Tactical Department, he,s nevertheless so mod- est that if anyone should wish to learn of his accomplishments, P . Dodson would be the last man to come to in search of such information. If any needy goat comes around for help on the writs, he is always on hand to untie the knots of whatever battling problem that may be brought up. With his cheerful and willing disposition to back up his natural abilities, Doddy bids fair not only to gain success in whatever venture he undertakes but also to smooth the path of many of his less gifted fellow men. 324: 31115111151 Aahlpg Svmttapll ELKO, SOUTH CAROLINA Appointed from Second District SOUTH CAROLINA. : KJOSH: a F YOU see a plump cadet, With a grin that sticks and a Whatis-the-difference look in his eye, approaching at an easy, a very easy gait, just say ttHello Josh? and you may be sure you wont be wrong. Also, if you get .a very faint answer, remember that any unusual exertion is foreign to his nature. T here is, however, one exception, for once started on his South Carolina yarns he is un- beatable. Josh is the best-natured man in the Army and has never been known even to crawl a Plebe. He has' drifted through his course here, putting less work per tenth on his studies than any other man in the class. To tell the t1uth, Josh came to West Point by mistake, but whatis the use of worrying, anyhOWethere s the farm of farms down In Elko always awaiting the return of the prodigal. ' til 11 tell you, boys, somebody s holdin back on me and not a- playin this here game right. ngpr maltpr 5712mhrihgv MILLEDGEVILLE, GEORGIA Senatorial Appointee GEORGIA ttROGERt, Corporal, Cullum Hall Squad $0, Box- ing Squad OLQi. ii EACE be unto thee, Brother Roger? P This is he, our sturdy Georgia Cracker, WhO after spending most of his life i as a buck, actually wore chevrons for a year. Corp chevrons they were, and With them he became a most distinguished member of the Comis own. Ever see him at parade? Heis a wonder. In fact, he is the only one Who is ever in step and he always has hisigun wrapped around his neck like a hay rake. Small matter that. He took Academic work, somewhat as a sideline, and spent the Second Class year boning a biography of General Stonewall Jackson. The boots and yellow stripe look good to Stein and that carefree way of his is bound to make of him a dashing cavalry man. tThe kind you read about and see pictures om Distinguished he was in one branch of Academic endeavor, namely, Drawing. Although after two years of hard work he did not succeed in drawing astraight line With a ruler, he has drawn continuously on the gig list and occasionally a pink sweet scented epistle in the mornings mail. i With all his faults, it xvouldrft hurt anyone to become acquainted With him. A typical southerner Who came to us a dignified gentlen1a11,a11d Who leaves, not With his troubles packed in a kit bag and smiling, but with them stuck in a trunk and roaring. 326 EnhBrt Earl $gmmnnha LAUREL, MARYLAND, Appointee at Large 9 ttBOB9 . ' Fencing squad t4,3,2i. htOh, it s the Cavalry thw and the Cavalfy that, But it s Centams d JVIazeppa when the Krags begin to spat 6K AY, men, I see where they re holding a million Cavalry in reserve over in France waiting for the Big Drive. Mark my words, When that line breaks, the Cavalry 1s going to Win this war. Yes, its Bob Symmonds, the only and original one in existence. A right merry knight or a bloody buccaneer of the Spanish NIain are r61e's well fitted to Bobis broad shoulders. Doddy Stamps says that Old Sim has too many red-flag notions, but itno es verdadfi Such men are much in demand in' this torpid world. Bob put the ttu i, in undissy. Por ejemplo: 4 Scene: His boudoir at S. lVI. LeLeading man: Our dashing Cavalree man- Another leading man: A TaeeAudience: The other occupantsiof the room and the men across the hall. Tao: htCome here, NIr Symmonds, see that dirt behind. the radiatm 9 , S; - :Yes sir . ttSee that dirt under the bed? Looks like Bull Durham to me? ' ?ctnon-mmmittallyi ttYes sir. 9, . Tac: 9 The room looks like you gave it a hasty glance this morning 0h, re port, Mr. Symmonds Here 5 t0 the Cavalry and hoping it keeps its yellow stripe. 327 Hinwnt Nirhnlaa Eaglnr BELLEFONTE, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Twenty-first District PENNSYLVANIA ttVINCEh Wrestling Squad Qt . INCE just slid through West Point on ahorseshoe. The amount of boning V he has done during his entire course here woulan; bring a 1.5 to a goat on a Mechanics writ; and any Wednesday or Saturday afternoon Which passes without hnding him patrolling the area is a failure. Vince made his debut as a snake along about furlough time. Though too lazy to drag a femme except under compulsion he is always ready and Willing to accept or snake a dance. Did you ever hear Vince pay a compliment to a femme? He has a small stock of these compliments, and at the most inopportune moments he pro- duces one. A1 Paca froths at the mouth at the very thought of them. In some Strange manner, Vince can get away with almost anything. He even fooled the Cavalry instructors into ranking him first in riding. If you ever need anyone to make a party a. succeSSea real succesnget Vince; if there is nothing else to do just watch him laugh or listen to him sing ttBy the Light of the NIoonf and you cant help enjoying yourself. 328 ZHrPhPrirk Ehmin Elihhptta, 311'. HELENA, MONTANA - Senatorial Appointee MONTANA eFREDDIEe Corporal th, Sergeant tD, Company .Quartermaster-Sergeant, Basketball - Squad 011,3,2l, Monogram, Class Numerals. ERE he is, simply thousin Williels Cousin Freddie? Famous? Oh, his skyblue eyes, winning smile and cheerful disposition would ever make him a favorite at any sewing-circle or pink tea. Say, did you ever notice one of his Kaydet lids? His SlAEE Stetson brand has kept the PS guessing these three years and three months, and he has foxed them in the end. Tenths? Yes, sometimes, but they haverft beenuhis chief end in life; there are other interests. You' should watch him in action on a basketball floor. Those weird left hand passes have brought scores and sc01es to the Army. His style 1s practically the same on the floor at Cullum, too F reddle started Kaydet life as a buck, but that was not for long. The T. D. soon discovered their error and sewed chevrons upon him. .That didnlt break him,- though, for therels never a midnight boodle party or roughhouse party that he isn,t in on. To tell the truth about him, he doesnit let anything interfere With his- being a good file at all times. 329 Ehmarh 135mm? Elimhprlakp WEST POINT, NEW YORK Appointee at Large EsTIM39 Acting Corporal, Corporal, Lieutenant, Football Squad t4,3,2l, ttA" in Foot- ball, Outdoor NIeet t4,3l, Indoor NIeet M30, Boxing Squad t4,3l, Baseball Squad. AZE upon the Apollo-like figure! His fair face and noble form have been the drawing card for many damsels since the days of Yearling Camp, and for one femme in particular since nobody knows When. As a plebe he won his llAii on the gridiron and as an upperclassman his parlor accomplishments have gained the ascendancy. His success has been attributed to his skill in manipulat- ing the ukelele, but a Saturday evening con showed him to us in his true light: llone finger, one string, one tune? Tim is the only platoon commander that got away with an ttEyes Rightll While marching to dinner, and it d06811,t require a sage to know what was on the right. On Christmas leave he paralyzed the inhabitants of lther" podunk by attend- ing a dinner-dance arrayed as the OfEcer of the Day, With silk sashes, sword, and tarbucket! Tim has a, big heart and is always ready to help anyone out of a scrape, and we Wish all success and happiness to a real man in his Chosen branch, the 'lCoast with? 330 $irarh Elakw 12g Ernlanh NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT Appointed from Third District e CONNECTICUT eGRANDPA'e , Corporal; Sergeant, First Sergeant, Indoor Meet- C1593, V. C. His is a convincing line of bull that would make you buy wooden nutmegs, five Christmas posters, a can of pomade, or anything else you didntt'hap- pen to want. ' .. ' I 'HIS specimen came to us from up the Sound and he is a true son of his State. His early training in the art of wiggling around on the bars and things, or, more likely, his ability to bone a thing consistently, has placed Girard on the gym team. And while we are talking of grabbing and holding onto. little things, we might mention tenths. Whether engendered by an intimate acquaintance with Daddy Singles, we know not, but we do know that Girard has a tendency toward the Baby-Carriage Branchenext t0 the Engineers, and from the indications the Coast is going to lose something. i a ' ' 331 imrmm 1am magma PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Appointed from Fourth District PENNSYLVANIA iiHONUSt, Acting Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant. T CANNOT be said that Honus is pedantic, for his amusements are surely diver- sified. Although a champion mattress-driller, there is no more accomplished spoonoid in the Corps When he decides to cast off his lethargy and go forth to cause the hearts of the fair ones to flutter. A true son of rest, he is a swimmer of no mean repute. tPersonaHy, we think that his reputation was made in other climesJ BUT it is in the riding hall that this son of the Hohenzollerns may be seen at his best. He once caused an estimable instructor to remark that he looked like a British Grenadier, and his fond paternal way of addressing his caballo, "W'hoa, Holden, Whoa, When I say Whoa, I mean Whoa? is a model for all aspiring cavalry- men. His natural woodenness would seem to indicate that Honus is bound for the branch of the castles and spurs, but the rumors of the existence of plenty of work there will probably cause him to choose a branch where he Will have more time for his skags and his niattress-drills. 332 57km .Q'Lliftn-n Marhrnp SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH Appointed from First District i i , UTAH, ttWARDIEf" iFDEWDROPtt Acting COrpor'al, Corporal, Company Quartermaster-Sergeant, First Sergeant, Hockey CLQL Wrestling Squad t3,2i,' " Y. M. C. A. Hall and Tent Commit- tee UL V. C., Choir t4, 3L ' HOWITZER Board. high being the runtiest of runts is naturally the most energetic of beings. After classes, meals and other formations he may always be seen tand is quite noticeableh scurrying away and up the steps as fast as his legs Will carry him. However, his speed is rather limited as he cannot reach more than one step at a time, While longer limbed individuals are easily taking two and even three at a , stretch. Wardie is athard workeriand has studied himself into a pair of eyeglasses and the first section! The Runt has boned Wrestling and the rest of the gym list in an endeavor to gain a few inches. He did-+but it was in Width, riot in height. V Think of Napoleon, Wardie, and cheer up. 'We,ll be proxid of you. I :VERY Kaydet knows that the runts are the men With the pep, and Knee- 333 7111211 Hinrmt 1358mm LODA, ILLINOIS Appointed from Seventeenth District ILLINOIS ECREDQ, Baseball Squad t3j. HE Redis auburn head for the first two years was one of the shining lights of Hi", C0,, and it was during those years that he stored up enough tenths to justify his buying a pair of boots. Since then he has been rapidly retro- grading, for on return from furlough, iiW'ormt, Cameron sought out Red as a good steady Wife, in his hopes of restoring lost. prestige, and induced Red to move to itAh Co. But Worm dragged Red down so that now it is a toss-up With the T. D. as to Which is guilty. And with that breaking down of moral tone came the desire for the cavalry. Red has the true cavalrymank utter disregard for doughboy- drill, and its cadence. Then, too, the cavalry stands for the minimum of labor for the man. Red believes in letting the horse do the work. He has sailed serenely through his kaydet years. escaping slug after slug as if by miracle, undisturbed whether the next day brought writ. or lecture. Red will continue to grin, and carry his wonderful disposition into the serv- ice. We will not have to remember him by what he has done; we remember him because he iSeRed. 334s $2nrgPErappr main: INDIANOLA, MISSISSIPPI Appointed from Third District s MISSISSIPPI ttOLE MISS? eNIGGERt Hundredth N ight GB . HIS youth of much serious countenance came tolus direct from the sunny South. He brought with him and still retains those characteristics which typify the tltrue suthen gemlmany His tWas sahll and his itno sahlt are just as fine in their tone as when he first entered the portals of West Point three years ago. l. But he is not always so serious as we see him here. In'the presence of the fairer sex where he always is, by the way, on such occasions as hops, etc., a' very Wide smile usually envelops his features. His alTairs dhmour have been numerous and very Violent while they lasted, but we are gladlto say that he has weathered them all safely and is not now among those who are llopen to congratulationsP Ole lVIiss is an ardent supporter and prospective member of the Aviation , Corps, and we wish him all kinds of luck in the realization othis ambition. May his rise be rapid and his descent slow! 335 walker Ohhmm white WASHINGTON, D. C. Appointed from Third District SOUTH CAROLINA 6 cKAT'yrs 7 Basketball Squad 01,3,2L Hop Manager to H, WALKER! Is Walker up there? No, he,s out P. S-ing! Is Kate going to be married? VVelhwe gueSSethey sayEit took himthree days to map ahundred yards of road in front of a certain house this spring! Yes, his sentence has already been published and there seems to be no chance for a reprieve. Kate says he isntt fickle, but just the same you,ll always see him sporting a silk sash over at Cullum and tripping the lightest fantastic of them all. He never got along With the T. D. or the Academic Board as well as some, but What is a little friction in that direction, compared to a warm spot in the classs heart? If it were not for the war we could Wish him a nice little house by the sea- shore in the Coast, but as it is we hope-well, Kate, we hope that some day you Will be as well liked in your company of doughboys as you now are by your class- and thatts going some! 336 iRuhnlph IZHrsmria mhitpbegg TROY, N EW- YORK Appointed from Twenty-eighth District , NEW YORK " eWHI'TEYe First Sergeant, Lieutenant, Baseball Squad Q153L Outdoor Meet, Hundredth Night , BL F urlough Banquet Committee, Plebe Detail. tune. For almost three years he was the spooniest buck in the company, but the Com Iinally got wise to himself and took Rudolph t0 his'bosom. ' The femmes say that he got the chevrons to set off the growley in his Cheeks, but we know that the only thing he lacked to be adjutant Was room for the chev- rons that go With the job. He'.is at his best With a full dress coat on and a'cup of tea on his knee, but he doesntt allow that to interfere With the company books. His smile would thaw a barracks radiator just as it thaws many a cold tenth-steal- ing heart. t i WHITEY came to us from 17, and we have certaihly profited by ,17ts misfor- Upon first sight of this fair-haired youth one is inspired to take him by the- hand and pat his curly head. The feeling increases With each succeeding View. A hard-Working, efficient little cuss, With a great big warm heartfthatis Whitey. 22 337 militant Ehmarh A Whittingtnn SAINT ANTHONY, IDAHO Senatorial Appointee IDAHO eKBILL, 9 3 t KDICK! 3 Boxing Squad t4,3,2i, Hundredth Night 00. c: URN aagain, Dick W hitt-inguton, Thrice Lord NIayor of London? so chimed the Bow Bells in their nasal Cockney accent, when long ago an illustrious ancestor shouldered his well-known cat and, like a hopeless New Cadet in Beast Barracks, started to return home. nStick to it, Bill VVhittington, Second Loot of Doughboysf, thus shrilled the clarion notes of iiCall to Quartersi, while a certain goaty plebe boned for the dreaded hiath exams and studied the time tables of trains going XVest. But as of yore, grit and determination have brought success and we still have Bill with us, in body if not in spirit. It is true that at Inspections of Camp he has been known to stand in front of an empty tent, for his itHeartis in the Hielandsh of his far off Idaho, Where his P. C. S. was herding sheep in the mountains and singing in that mellow boiler-factory voice to scare off the howling coyotes. It is true that Bill has not cut a very Wide swath through the academic courses of qur mighty institution. 'One might even venture to wager that he could not Without considerable hesitation give the expression for the secular acceleration of the moon,s mean motion. Y et in these chaotic times When Pershing receives more attention than Newton, we must make allowanceSe N o theorem that P. Gordon wrote No formulae the text books know Can turn that bullet from your coat, Nor ward the sabefs downward blow. For every ounce of iispec'i not present in Bill's carefree dome, thereis a ton of good hard iihoss sense? If there is an aching void of glitter and sparkle on his sleeve, thereis a glow of enthusiasm and courage in his heart. So When the- next great Drive is started along the Somme you can bet a years dessert that one of the first allied Doughboys to hop across the Teuton trench will be our good old Bill Whittington. 338 ZRnhert Alstnn Millarh i CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS i Appointed from Twenty-flfth District i ILLINOIS itEMMAii Acting iCorporal, Corporal, Captain, Choir t3i, Camp Illumination GD, HOWITZER Board, Plebe VDetaili that of his namesake J ess. He spent a large part of his early life in the sunny land of Old Mexico, Where he succeeded in learning, so he says, all the ways and wiles of the bonitas serioritas. He brought a lot of the sunniness back to'this frozen Wilderness With him, and as for his knowledge of the fair sex, Whyjust ask any kaydet femme if she knows that handsome Mr. Willard. ' I IHE girls all call him' Emma, but believe me he, has a punch that resembles Emma has had as a diversion during his second class year the gentle game of standing first in Spanish and of beating the Philippinos at their own language. We have a suspicion that his specializing in Spanish was caused by the inability of the English language to furnish a carrier for all the B. S. Emma desires to cast upon the world. i I Emma has taken a few things and done them well. Such is the way to achieve success, and we feel sure that success Will be the result in this case. 339 anmnnh E. g. williamnnn WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK Appointed from Eighteenth District NEW YORK uRAYH Corporal, Lieutenant, Captain, Boxing Squad t4,3,QL Indoor Meet tQL Hun- dredth Night 69, HOWITZER Board, Plebe Detail. PRODUCT 0f the Empire State and the Village of White Plains, Raymond A Eccleston Serveira W7illiamson brought With him that quaint old New York dialect which, strange to say, has caused him much distress and others much amusement, especially in those far Off plebe days When he was requested to recite: tiW'ound and wound the wagged wock The wagged wascal wan a wace." But Ray brought with him other things besides a dialect, among them an ambition for chevrons, a quiet perseverance, and as clean straightforward character Which has gained him respect and admiration throughout the Corps. His desire for a make has been fuhSlled and he now runs a roster to enable him to decide each hop Which of the podunk shall bask beneath the glitter of his chevrons. Ray fell long ago for the shiny boots and yellow stripe, and is determined to stick to his choice as long as there is a regiment of Cavalry left. XVith always a will to put his shoulder to the wheel, no matter how great the task, he has done valuable service for the class and much toward making of him- self an efEcient Ocher. Courteous and reliable by nature and with a congenial dis- position he has made many friends and has proven himself to be a friend werth while. 340 Olarliale ,Erittania milann GREENVILLE, N ORTH CAROLINA Appointed from Third District NORTH CAROLINA ttC. B? I EP, some handle! Youtd think that he is one of these slender reeds With a monocle and a ttmy 'WOhd,,, but he isntt. He is one of our most enticing ttsuthenh gentlemen-and military? You should read whatthe Punkville Crossroads Podunk says about Willie and his military family! We think they fed him on hardtack and beans before he could walk, and we,renquite sure he knew the S. F. R. by heart before he was ten. ' His way hasntt been streWn With roses in the form of extra tenths .and chev- rons, but his natural good nature hasntt suffered from his long battlewith the "PS? Only once has C. B. been ruffled and that was When the ttlowest ranking pri- vate, alphabetfcallyf, was called upon to drill the company. ' He hasn,t gotten his. color back yet. . Willie Will be cracking a grind on the sound of the shells when we go up over the trench and it,s a sure thing his men Will want him to come back. 341 3111521111115 Erniamin Wilma ATHENS, TENNESSEE Senatorial Appointee TENNESSEE itWOODROth Basketball Squad tQi . N ACADEJMIC work we place Woodrow at the head of that famous class known as iihivey goats? Always early to bed, and lots of fiction on top of the old locker, but when the end of the year rolls around and the show-down is at hand, there he is with a smile on his face, two whole tenths itpro? and no exam. However, his ignorance of 3v; and the laws of centrifugal forces came near having dire results last winter when he swerved a bob-sled into an automobile down at the railroad station, thus bestowing a hne tidead-beatii in the hospital upon himself and one other of the joy-riders. After that he used to sneak over to the other battalion where his reputation as a steersman was not known, and take plebes out coasting. The Woodrow of the above picture is not as we know him. His classmates would all recognize him more easily if he had a black eye, a bump on his head or a new cut on his chin. XVhatever game he plays, he goes into it with all his might and comes out of it always with a smile but. sometimes plus a sprained ankle or a new bump. His latest escapade, the only one he says in which he was not caught, will be described in his new handbooks, entitled uThe iVIanual of the Dumb-bellfi and iWIoving as a Punishment." 3412 minivan 3'me minim DES MOINES, IOWA . Appointed from Third District IOWA ttWILLIEt, Acting Corporal, Color Sergeant, Outdoor - Meet ML Hundredth Night 00, Camp Illumination CS. ' . ILLIAM I. Wilson, noted tenth-hound of the 01d tTm Co. brigadiers, cer- xxt tainly has shown that the old saying tta goafsagoat for all th'attis far from being true. Far back in the dark'ages of 1913, along with such notables as ttSkinnayt Sharp, ttLout lVIallory, ttPattt Mahoney and'JtRudy the Runtf Woodrow landed at W. P. to take up an illustrious career. His cherubiC'smile and nonchalant manner soongained for him the devoted attention of a host of upper class buzzards, but the nCzar 0f the Horse ,Listtt feared them not. This recipient of many high honors won the Iron Cross from the Math Dept. ttAltt and ttRoaring Bil? are eagerly awaiting the Scotchmants advent into the Field. . But leave it to Woodrow to continue to 'fox the boys intthe regular, prescribed manner. V t V ' u ' 343 e t C$ iEhmai'h Elnapph Mnlff, 3h: POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK 'Appointed from Twenty-sixth District NEW YORK ttEDDIEh Corporal, First Sergeant, Lieutenant, In- door Meet 0133,2L Hundredth Night tQi, Camp Illumination GD, Catholic Choir t4,3,2,D. AND we are sure that he Will be both popular and efficient at XVest Point? Even the plebes would stop work When they heard Ed telling in these few choice words What his podunk thought of him. 'The little article proceeded to make ttMrf, Wolff popular fair sooner than its author could possibly have dreamed, but the popularity has stayed while the article itself has faded into the memories of that hot plebe summer. The T. D., not having the advantage of reading the podunk, were alittle slower in recognizing his efliciency. But after listening to his ttHere sir, all right sirh for three months, they knew he was the man for the job, and now he,s one of our tttopsf, Asa result of spending part of his furlough at F ort W'right, where a Wiley Coast Artillery officer acted as a real estate agent, Ed came back stronger than ever for the ttCoast With? and a nice quiet home by the seat. 344 iharrg ,Errmainp mnnh LEBANON, OHIO Appointed from Sixth District OHIO ' sWOODIEe Corporal, Basketball Squad t4,3,2i,: Cul- lum Hall Squad t4,3,2i, Choir H,?O'. ' h X 7 OODIE, the shining light and ring-leader 0f the cleansleeves. He migrated here from the wilds of Lebanon, Ohio, fresh frdm his successes as a corporal 0f the National Guard. Hungering for knowledge, and fiiied by ambition, this youth threw himself into our midst. For one year he was a consistent worker for the chevrons. At this point, however, White and Co. converted him to the Bucks Where he has since proved a dynamo of-Villainy, a generator of trouble and an incubator of mischief. Nothing causes Harry much worry, although the ladies come in for quite a little consideration. t The two subjects that have most consistently held Harry 3 interest are the cavah y and p010 1n both of Which he 1s ultla- prohcient. When H. T. goes out to play the p010 of life we Wish him a good pony, a handy mallet, a fair field and a sincle- minded, one- -eyed umpi1e. May them be no goose eggs On his score card. . 345 Ehurainn Elmer 133mm NEW YORK CITY Appointed from Second District NEW YORK nT. E3, NE of the few men Who has found lVest Point life a deadbeat, Woody early became famous for his unparalleled rendition of tlHoratio at the Bridge? and llThe Pretty Little Rabbitf: and no supper party was complete Without his marvelous interpretations of Oriental dances. He is an Engineer, too, though the only branch he can see is the 'itFieldfl Itls a baniing mystery as to when he gets his lessons, for no one has ever yet caught him in the act of boning. When most Kaydets are hard at work, he has crawled over the roof to some boodlegor bullefight and he can hold his own at either of them! Yet in the mornings, to hear him in the classroom one would think he had spent hours on the lesson; T. E. would find West Point a pleasant place but for two thing'Sedoughboy-drill, Which he could never hive, and the annoying way the hellcats have of sounding assembly for breakfast While he is still taking his bath. He has failed in but one thing heree he could not get a regular llslqu To offset this he has the satisfaction of knowing that hes succeeded in keeping a number of men in the class Who, but for him, might never have been graduated this August. 346 Ghragamt Glnnpzr mnnhhurg UNION CITY, INDIANA Appointed from Eighth District INDIIANA eWOODYe COLD Winteris evening, comforter in chair, feet on table, cob filled With iicubeh and up to his ears in the latest iiCosinof, Isnft he the picture of blissful ease? w Studies are the least of his troubles. His motto: "If tenths interfere With fic- tion or femmes, cut out the tenths. i, In spite of this, Woody has'managed to bag enough during his sojourn heie to give hiin the branch of the yellow cape and shiny boots and spurs As a kaydet he merely exists. J ust wait until he blows into Onion City. Wonit he dazzle the Hoosier femmes? And then see him mounted on his dashing charger, leading his troop down the Champs Elysees. - Although Grayson is something of ahopoid, the ladies dorft seem to under- stand him The femme Who said: iiOh, V he really thinks weyre sillyi, has misjudged him. He just bones that air, and after August 30th it Will be only a few weeks until the usual meeting on the diagonal walk 347 Ollarp t manure mnnhmarh DAYTON, OHIO Senatorial Appointee SOUTH DAKOTA ttWOODIEt Acting Corporal GD, Corporal W, Ser- geant Coll. and, unlike many of the Corps, unrestrained by thought of a little girl back home. ORIGINALLY from the wilds of South Dakota he came keen for conquest His plan of attack Iconsists in first obtaining a terrible "bootlickli on the chap- erone and then in rushing the femme off her feeteso to speak. In the former he is always successful, and in the latterewell, we all know. Woodie cares not for tenths except at writ times, and then only for enough to keep him from being turned out. He has always succeeded in collecting that many, although at times his calamity cries have been known to move his friends to tears. So he drifts along like the kaydet Who when asked for What branch he was trying, said "Fm not trying. I want the Doughboysf, Let us hope that the favored branch will be his even as is early graduation Which he so desired. 348 The W HOWI5 7 . Arrnuntph Eur, 11:11.3 ' LOUIS ADELMAN JACOB WOOD ALLEN DAVID FINNEY AKERS ROBERT FRANCIS ARNOLD LOUIS CHESTERFIELD ARTHUR, JR. JOHN MAGRUDER BETHEL JOHN WILLLAM CARROLL JOHN DUNBAR CHAMBLISS GEORGE WILLLAM CHAMPLIN FRANCISCO CINTRO Y RAMOS HORACE CRANE COOPER WILLLAM WAYNE COURTWRIGHT JOSEPH EDWARD CUSACK, JR. FLOYD BRADFORD DAVIS GEORGE HOSKINSON DAVIS KARL ENGLEDINGER JAMES PAUL ERWIN WARREN HARVEY FLENNIKEN, JR. JOHN HARVEY FYE WILLIAM JAMES GALLAGHER ALLAN HUNTINGTON GEDDES RICHARD HUNT HALLSTED WILLIAM WALTER HARVEY GEORGE FRYEV HERBERT JOSEPH GEORGE HERMANN CLAUDE RENICK HILL BELDON S. HoWELL STANLEY HIGGASON JONES HARVEY CECIL KEARNEY HAROLD STRONG KELLEY JAMES PATRICK KELLY PAUL DARLINGTON KERN CHARLES CAMPBELL MCCALL FRANK ELLSWORTH NICCOBKLE JOSEPH EDWIN MCGILL ARTHUR W. MCLEAN ROBERT COMER MARSH STEWART MILLER THOMAS EDWARD Moss ROBERT LUTION MYERS ' ALEXANDER VERNON OELAND ELMER QUILLEN OLIPHANT HENRY BURR PARKER VVILLIAM PERRY RICE DEFOREST RICH WILLIAM AUGUST ROCHESTER BERTRAM VVILLIAM-ROCK HOWARD WILLIAM ROLSTON WALTER ARCHIBALD SAGUE PARIS ALEXANDER SHOAFF HUGH JUSTIS SMITH LEO ALPHONSUS SMITH NEWCOMB SMITH .LEVVIS EUGENE SNELL . LEON FRANKLIN SULLIVAN ALBERT TATE EWING M. TAYLOR JOHN ARTHUR WEEKS DONALD ANDREW WILSON JARED IRWIN WOOD ANDREW J ACKSON WYNNE 349 0M 7lf? ' 352 11161915 HOWI .- 7, 1 The 191s HOWF 74 1E 19 0115155 ?,iaiatnryi Tc IKEST dreams, sweet pensioners of Morpheusi Train? quoth me old friend John Milton, to the which I replied I17 ea B0,,7 as I slowly tossed back my mattress and languorously slipped between the folds of my old red quilt, prepared to snatch a few minutes, peace from quills, drills and such-other mirror vicissitudes of Kaydet life as are always causing one untold annoyance and soiree, .to drift into that fair Elysium of dreamland where there are no worries, and the cares of the day are quickly'forgotten. In this generation of wonders there are many creeds, ocultists and, new thoughtists, milk fed buddies, who strap a pistol to their sides, let their hair grow long and attend queer revivals, and it is claimed by some of these that we have a subconscious mind. . I dont know but maybe it was some subconscious influence that was working on me that day for strange to relate I dreamed not of Utopian lands, sunkissed and bright in their resplendent sweetness, but, horrors, of everyday commonplace Kaydet life, of the things that had hap- pened since that pleasant day in June when I had jumped blithely off the train at the sta- tion, full of ambition for all that life held in store, to quickly become a disillusioned youth; through the cruel workings of a military machine. . The Itsob sistertt column of the M orning J oumal could have drifted along for months on the material that we might have supplied it after the first few brief days of our incar- ceration. The bespectacled old hunchback charged With scribbling out his advice to the lovelorn and homesick might have racked his brain to'eternity trying to answer the queries we could have poured upon him, for there is nothing in the world like about twenty-four hours of Beast Barracks to give one that longing feeling for home and mother that almost eats the heart away. The first entries in the Cadet store handicap race were up, and I . moved restlessly in sleep, kicked out wildly in- a sprint across area, clutched blindly at my covers, and almost fell out of bed as great beads of.sweat startedout upon my forehead. With a slow and sloth-like motion I managed to turn over upon my other side. I was breathing easier now, ltplebeil year was almost over, and as I joyously grasped the hand of my company captain on recognition day I could imagine. for an instant that I had really floated into that beautiful Fairy- . land of which dreams are made. i This was indeed the ttgood old summer time, of which we had heard 'so often, golf, tennis, hops, femmes, there is no use enumerating all these untold joys of life which were so sud- denly thrust upori us, but let it suffice to say that the :IYearlingsl, were well 355 The 191a HOWI 7, + represented at every turn, including boodle fights, mattress-drills and the area, and that nothing which came within the scope of this apparent paradise was lost upon us. Some of the young Alexanders who sauntered forth bedecked like an Italian holi- day, in the added adornment of one pair of gold chevrons, were soon weeping be- cause there were no more hearts to conquer, and their evening baths of Putz Pomade and shoeblacking were soon forgotten, as they proudly brushed some imaginary fleck of dust from their arms, in the hope that the glitter of gold might attract the admiring glance of some female. Despite the fact that the T. D., impersonating the long arm of the law, reached out and fastened its clutches upon several installments of boodle we managed to eke out a bare existence, and were never to be caught living in a frugal manner. It was now that we were hrst drilled in llspeckingtl the nomenclature of a pack saddle, and allowed for the first time the privilege of mounting those fiery dragons of the riding hall, commonly called horses which, if they were not in intrigue with Satan, certainly should have been, considering the many times that they must have been condemned to the care of Pluto and his consorts. With the second influx of llPlebes,, into an otherwise peaceful camp, many a picture of true connubial felicity was ruthlessly broken up by the stern mandates of llpowers that be? that all among us who were not able to boast of stars on the collar or a most wonderful bootlick would be forced to live three in a tent, and a great trek was immediately started in the search for new roommates. A floor space of about eight square feet by three lockers and a clothespress, with sev- eral yards of that area covered by golf clubs, Enable tennis racquets, musical instruments and three A boisterous yearlings, cannot be conceived even by the highly imaginative as the most commodious 0f quarters, and many welcomed with outstretched arms the dog tents of our short but most thoroughly quarantined hike. The sands in the hour glass of old Father Time were falling quickly, however and, almost before we knew it, Camp Illumination was upon us, and we awakened the next morn- ing to find ourselves masters of all we surveyed, including some three hundred and twenty llplebes? llYearling Campfl the long piped, the much dreamed of, had at last arrived, and there was much lamentation by the poor llplebe" who was so unfortunate as to go on guard that week and test out the echiency of our yearling guard detail. The days flew by on golden Wings and, despite the strictest quarantine, every one seemed to enjoy himself to the utmost, when suddenly there came a break in the proceedings and we were forced to abdicate our positions of high authorityethe hrst class had burst back in upon our blissful existence. As the bards might put it lleverything was over but the shouting? and we were very soon hustled back to our old year of academic work. 356 The 191g HOWITF It must have been a surprise to some suddenly intruding ittach to see a yearling wrapped around his alcove partition, projecting his bed upon the plane of the gun rack, but every- thing. is fair in descriptive geometry, and it was all in the Seasonis work which continued uninterruptedly until the N avy Game, when With the rapidity of the machine gun which we kept upon our side lines we managed to sweep the Navy once more off the sea. of battle and emerge once again the victor in that mighty coniiict. After that brief draught from the cup of pleasure we were kept straining at the leash for another month before being turned loose on our Hrst grand Christmas Leave. Some of the less itdisiii members and a few of the tigoatsi, were kept back to hold down the radiators in old West Point, that merry yule- tide season, but the majority ventured forth into that promised land fidwing with milk and honey, where they no doubt acquired some slightidea of what was coming to them 011 Furlo. t It is usually the long drift from Christmas to June that wears out the patience. and makes one wonder if Furlo is going to be indefinitely iton the roadf but this year an Inaug- uration served to break the monotony of life, and the days were slippingquickly by, the hours were indeed going, going, gone! Furlo sixty-nine days just reduced from seventy, the greatest bargain in the halls of time. I sat up with a start as the voice of the O. G. . suddenly burst in upon my reveries, imparting to my befuddled brain the tender bit of information that I had just slept through supper fermation. iiPiping Furlo again?,, said some wit at table as I took my seat. tiYou bet? said I, as a smile suddenly came upon my face. iiEvery cloud has a silver lining, but willowy dreams of F urlo are indeed lined with gold? Earl: 11: Earrarka 357 The 191g HOWI J 1919 011mm 131111 FRANCIS JOSEPH ACHATZ CLARENCE LIONEL ADCOCK GEORGE BICKER AIGELTINGER HENRY MILTON ALEXANDER OSCAR ALFRED AXELSON ROBERT EDWIN BAGBY CHARLES FRANCIS BAISH MILO BENSON BARRAGAN WILLIAM LILLARD BARRIGER GEORGE BITTMANN BARTH CLYDE BEAUCHAMP BELL EDMUND BELLINGER BELLINGER JOHN MAGRUDER BETHEL HOEL SMITH BISHOP, JR. CHARLES CLIFTON BLANCHARD LEON CALHOUN BOINEAU EUGENE MEAD CAFFEY HUGH JOHN CASEY MEYER LOSHIE CASMAN JOSEPH PERRY CATTE Y RAMOS FRANCISCO CINTRON LUCIUS DU BIGNON CLAY ELTON THOMAS COBB WILLIAM CROSBY COOGAN DONALD CORAY MAXWELL MICHAUX CORPENING EDWIN HUNTER CROUCH RALPH EDWARD CRUSE EDWIN DAVIS DANDO WILLIAM NIMMONS DAVIS JOHN PAUL DEAN PAUL LUDWIG DEYLITZ THOMAS QUINTON DONALDSON, J R. PETER LEE ATHERTON DYE ROBERT HABERSHAM ELLIOTT FREDERICK WILLIAMS FENN ROBERT TRUEHEART FOSTER DWIGHT TERRY FRANCIS PHILIP EDWARD GALLAGHER PAUL WILLIAM GEORGE FRED WILLIAM GERHARD, JR. JAMES MILLIGAN GILLESPIE VVILLIAM FREDERICK HOLFORD GODSON, JR. ALBERT BROWNFIELD GOODIN HAROLD WILBERT GOULD ROBERT MACDONALD GRAHAM JOHN LOUGHLIN GRANT MICHAEL CHARLES GRENATA EARNEST W ILLIAM GRUHN EDWIN ALVIN GRUPE HENRY WINSTON HOLT GEORGE BAIRD HUDSON JOHN HALESTON ROBERT EARL HAMILTON JOHN LAWRENCE HANLEY Donn HAZLEHURST LELAND HAZELTON HEWITT DUNCAN HODGES CHARLES ELLICOTT HOFFMAN JONATHAN LANE HOLMAN ROBERT JOHNSON HORR PAUL ELEANOR HURT WYNOT RUSH IRISH CORNELIUS COMEGYS JADWIN: 2nd. EDWARD NATHANIEL JONES, 3rd. O'FERRALL KNIGHT JAMES ARTHUR KEHOE LEO MYRON KREBER JAMES LAWRENCE KEASLER FREDERICK VON HARTEN KIMBLE HAROLD STRONG KELLEY THOMAS FRANCIS KERN HAROLD BERKELEY LEWIS CHARLES QI'ILLIAN LIFSEY CARROLL KIMBALL LEEPER WALTER EARNEST LORENCE BENJAMIN RANSOM MCBRIDE RICHARD GRAY MCKEE ALFRED ARMSTRONG MCNAMEE ROYAL ADAM MACHLE PAUL BERNARD MALONE, JR. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN MANXING ALBERT EDWIN MARKS JAMES CREEL NIARSHALL ALBERT GORDON MATTHEWS JOHN MESICK HARRY CLAY MEWSHAW LLOYD ERNST MIELENS WILLIAM NIAYNADIER MILEY JULIEN KITCHEN MILLER CLARK HAZEN MITCHELL ANDERSON THOMAS WILLIAM MOORE HUGH AMBROSE MURRILL, JR. J ULIUS J OSEPH MUSSIL LEONARD RANDALL NACHMAN ALEXANDER MURRAY NEILSON J OHN TEMPLETON NEWLAND HOWARD HARVEY NEWMAN, JR. JAMES BRYAN NEWMAN, J R. THOMAS HAY NIXON RIGHT WAINWRIGHT ODOR ROBERT HILTON OFFLEY ELMER QUILLAN OLIPHANT ROY DOUGLAS PATERSON JAMES RICHEL KERYN AP RICE HOWARD PARRILL RICHARDSON J OSEPH STUBBS ROBINSON J AMES HUBERT ROEMER LEWIS TENNEY Ross F RANCIS EARLE RUNDELL AMOS BLANCHARD SHATTUCK, JR. HARRY BENHAM SHERMAN PRESTON WOOD SMITH ROLAND STENZEL EARNEST LEONARD STEPHENS. JR. SAMUEL DAVIS STURGIS, JR. JACOB GUNN SUCHER PATRICK HENRY TANSEY PATRICK HENRY TmOTHY, JR. FRANCIS PARKER TOMPKINS CLARENCE PAGE TOWNSLEY, JR. FRANK THORPE TURNER CARROLL TYE HENRY MOREHEAD IfanRWooD KEN XVAXG ALBERT FRANCIS WARD C HARLES STUART WARD JOHN ARTHUR WEEKS WAYNE WALLACE WELLS REGINALD WHITAKER HERBERT BENJAMIN WILLIAMS HUGH MCCALLA WILsox, JR. JAMES MARSHALL YOUNG NEVINS DORSEY YOUNG JOHN PAUL ZACHMAN a a : The 19kt HOWI 7, -4 13211 0112155 1515mm ' N June 15, 1916, our clan came trooping in to sign away their cherished dreams of liberty, fraternity, and equality. From East, West, North, and South, we came one hundred and fifty-nine strong, the hrst half of the Class of Nineteen Twenty. A reception commonly called the Beast Detail tend perhaps worse name51 ,' long noted for its love of our kind, greeted our arrival at the sally port with a show of emotion that far surpassed the worst nightmares of our most hardened tiIi-school graduate. Much we learned from our new masters ere we passed on to engage in ourflrst struggle with the n t+l l arti4 cles of a cadetis outiit. Thus we made our debut. I . For an eternity of fifteen days we toiled, sWeated, and double-timed. Some got along better than others, but all of us, yes all of us, envied the good times the boys at Sing-Sing must have. One of our number, since distinguished forboning dis, shone gloriously. Labori- ously did he shave himself every morning, with no apparent results. He had, alas, for- 1 gotten to put a blade in'his safety razor. When, at last, the beginning of the end was in sight we were actually piping plebe camp. ' So on the third of July we packed our duds and, in a procession resembling the flight of the plunder-laden Grand Army from Moscow, we advanced on Camp Story. There we were soon initiated into the round of drills, doughboy, artillery, wars between the Whites and Grays, dancing tby the numbersy, and marking targets. We shall not soon forget our sojourns in the guard tent or our moon- ' light encounters with frolicking patrols. On July tenth, hearing from afar 0f the arrival of the annual contingent of J uli- ettes, we longed to share with them our joyful lot. Two weeks later they made their presence felt 'in camp. Felt indeed, for we forthwith were compelled to lodge three in a tent. Proudly we initiated them into the mysteries of the Plebe Club and secretly showed them the tricks of the fine art of deadbeating. This latter, especially, they were not slow in learning. Before long they had learned to make wrinkles in the shoulders of a plebeskin with a safety pin, to ply the gray rag and pomade while 361 The 19ft HOWI . Z 4 ' on to Plebe boning fiction, and in short all the tricks of i the trade. In . :32; A C6. p Then came the hike, a sadly curtailed expedition, but still a hike. Far distant from plague-stricken civilization lay our route, out through the lair 0f the poison ivy, through the valleys of Bog Meadow and Popolopen. One of our brethren was worried when we started; he had not been assigned to a table for the hike. Another, later on, gravely explained to the T. D. that he had not dis- obeyed orders, that he had not emptied all of the water out of his canteen, because the water on the bottom was pureethat he had duly poured out the contaminated part on top. Back we came, almost glad to see the mess hall slum after our experiences with breadlines before the cook tent. Shortly. yearling week arrived. ,Nuff said. we dis- covered by experience what an efficient yearling corp can do when he really enters on a competitive race for quill. As a result, over a third of our class followed the line of least resistance that leads over the area. XVerejoic-ed over the prospects of a return to barracks. . We entered with high hope on our handicap race Wlth the Math department. With varying success we plunged boldly into the fight for tenths. Meanwhile, having learned that anticipation furnishes nine tenths of the joy of cadet life, we piped N avy Game. The day arrived and away we went to make the most of this hrst respite from the daily grind. Did we enjoy it? Such a question! We voted unanimously that it was the most joyous occasion that ever happened. But, alas, we had to return to inten- sified warfare with the threatening forces of the Academic departments. Though the fate of many was sealed in the hnal conflict all hands turned out for a joyful Christmas week. Wle took part with zest in the freak contests that made a wel- come substitute for the accustomed gym. At length, on the return from leave of the sourest lot of upperelassmen that we had ever yet endured, we entered on the home stretch. There was nothing left to pipe but I June. The departure of three score as a result of academic casualties deepened the gloom momentarily, but was soon forgotten in the old fight for tenths and the contem- plation of the joys that awaited us in the Jim coming June. The Fight for TCITthS 362 The 191g: HOWT 7n iglphw i5 131mm We are very slightly changed From the former plebes Who ranged XVest Point in years gone byf For he Who had the highest make, Quilled our preds just for quillts sake, As he quills you and I. Ducrot, the flrst of all our race, Met the detail face to face, And in barracks or in camp, Laughed at upper classmene grinds, Speeked the regulations blind,e Rose to be a yearling corp. And so the artless song Lsing Does not deal With anything New, or never said before. As it was in the beginning, Bootlick is the guard for skinning, ' And shall be forevermore. NOTE:-The authors of the above claim every benefit of poetic license. 363 The 191g HOWI 4 19211 612155 131111 THOMAS ROSWELL AARON CLAUDE DESHA ANDERSON, JR. ROGER WILLIAMS AUTRY RICHARD CARRICK BABBITT JOSEPH KITTREDGE BAKER ELLIS BERNARD 'BABCOCK EUSTAQUIO Y SABIO BACLIG GEORGE NIAURICE BADGER WILLIAM CONSTABLE BANISTER WILLIAM HENRY BARLOW ELMER ELLSWORTH BARNES CHARLES RICHARD BATHHURST DAVID BAZAR VERE ALFRED BEERS WILLIAM CLARENCE BENNETT. JR WILLIAM COVINGTON BENTON ALFRED NATHAN BERGMAN STUART MILIKEN BEVANS JOHN LEO BINDER LAWRENCE BRADFORD BIXBY HOMER WILLIAM BLAIR WILLIAM POWELL BLAIR MARK MAYO BOATNER, JR. MINER WELSH BONWELL FRANK OTTO BOWMAN JOHN JOSEPH BREEN HOWARD WAITE BRIMMER THOMAS MARKHAM BRINKLEE VICTOR CREPPEN BROOME JOHN TRITES BROWN LUCIEN SEYMOUR BROWN IVINS LA RUE BROWNE JOHN KENNEDY BUCHANAN FREDERICK BATES BUTLER WILLIAM AYLETT CALLAWAY JEROME DAVID CAMBRE HOWARD Voonms CANAN DONALD FREDERICK CARROLL JAMES YINCEXT CARROLL WILLIAM BEGGS CARSWELL, JR. WILEY VINCENT CARTER BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CHADWICK CLAUDE HENRY CHORPENING JAMES GEORGE CHRISTIANSEX JOEL WYLIE CLAYTON WILLIAM HOWELL COCKE CHARLES FREDERICK COLSON ARCHIE FREscoTT COLWELL GEORGE BRYAN CONRAD VINCENT JOHN CONRAD ROBERT BLAKE COOLIDGE FRANK MATTHEWS CoanLIENs WADE RUSHTON COTIIRAN, J12. HARRY CRAWFORD JAMES COACHMAN CULLEN. JR. FRANK JOHNSTON? CUNNINGHAM THOMAS HOUSTON DAMERON HARVEY DREXLER DANA Roy JOINER DANIEL DONALD MILLER DAVIDSON THOMAS REYNOLDS DENNY WELSEY COLLINS DEVER DEAN RICHARD DICKEY BENJAMIN ABBOTT DICKSON JOHN PETER DIETRICH EDWARD ARTHUR DOLPH WILBUR EUGENE DUNKELBERY LAWRENCE HERSCHEL DUNN FRANCIS MORRIS DURFEE GEORGE GAGE EDDY JOHN HAWKINS ELLEMAN WILLIAM JAMES EPES RICHARD AUGUST ERICSON BRYAN EVANS JOHN FRANKLIN FARLEY BONNER FRANK FELLERS JOHN HADLEY FONVEILLE JAMES WENTWORTH FREEMAN CHARLES ROLLAND GILDART MORRIS WILLIAM GILLAND FRANCIS JAMES GILLESPIE JAMES MILLIGEN GILLESPIE JOSEPH MAGOFFIN GLASGOW PETER PAUL GOERZ JOSEPH SHIRLEY GORLINSKI CHARLES LLEWELLEN GORMAN JESSE ELLIS GRAHAM LEE EARL GRAY DAVID WOOD GRIFFITHS LESLIE RICHARD GROVES, JR. DOSWELL GULLATT Conmmx LOUIS HAHN DAVID WARD HALE JOHN CREEL HAMILTON CHESTER KRUNE HARDING KESTER LOVEJOY HASTINGS MILTOX ADAMS HATCH NEWELL Lyoxs HEMINWAY EDXVARD WARD HEXDRICK WILLIAM VICTOR HES? DEWITT HICKS RONALD ADAMS HICKS JAMES HICKS CARNEY HILL FARRIN ALLEN HILLARD JOHN HAMILTON HINDS JOHN HIXTOX CHARLES EDWARD I'IIXOX EDWIN LESLIE HOGAN WILLIAM AMES HOLBROOK JOSEPH ANDREW HOLLY REGINALD WORTH HUBBELL JOHN BELL I'IUGHES ORA LELAND HUXT BRETT BURGETT HURFF ELMER MIKE JENKINS JAMES POSTELL JERVEY, JR. CHARLES DICKSON JERVELL ALBERT WALKER JOHNSON T112 191g HOW. 44 4 PAUL BOYLE KELLY PAUL W ILKINS KENDALL GEORGE VERNON KEYSER JOSEPH COOLIDGE KILBOURNE, JR. ALBERT BENJAMIN KURTZ RICHARD LEE CHARLES WILLIAM LEVY, JR. KENNETH WILEY LESLIE GEORGE WASHINGTON LEWIS JOHN I'IIRAM LEWIS, JR. EDWIN POTTER LOCK, JR. HENRY GRAY LODGE ROBERT GILBERT LOVETT ALEXANDER THOMAS MCCONE RUTHERFORD DENT MCGIFFERT ALEXANDER JOHN MACKENZIE GEORGE BROOKE MCREYNOLDS RICHARD BROBST MADIGAN FRANCIS ANDREW MARCH, 3RD WILLIAM J ESSEREL MASON CLARENCE MILES MENDENHALL, JR. ARTHUR EMIL MICKELSON JOHN WILLIAM MIDDLETON ALLISON MILLER EUGENE GERMANUS MILLER MYEL MILTON MILLER WILLIAM BOBBS MILLER , HAMMOND MCDOUGAL MONROE HARRY ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY CHARLES HENRY MOORE, JR. JOHN MARKS MOORE ALBERT CARROLL MORGAN CHARLES EDWARD MORRISON. JOE DAVID Moss WALTER JOSEPH MULLER THOMAS WILLIAM MUNFORD VVILLIAM STEPHEN MURRAY I'IENRY BALDWIN NICHOLS JOHN SOUTHWORTH NILES THOMAS HAY NIXON JOSEPH CONRAD O,DELL DAVID AYRE DEPUE OGDON GERALD BURNETT OCRADY GERALD ALEXANDER URONARK HUGH ARCHER PALMER JOSEPH CHARLES PANZARELLA LEO CLEMENT PAQUET FREDERICK PEARSON HOWARD LEWIS PECKHAM ARTHUR WILLIAM PENCE JOHN PERRY PENCE JULIUS LYNCH PILAND, JR. RENE WENTWORTH PINTO FREDERICK ADOLPH PLATTE LEMUEL POPE, 3RD WILLIAM THEODORE POWERS OTTO PRAEGER, JR. ARTHUR PULSIFER THOMAS HARRY RAMSEY CARTER SAUNDERS RANSON GEORGE MADISON REAVES JAMES LOGAN RHOADS 365 MARK RHOADS ALBERT RIANI - HARRY LOVEJQY ROGERS, JR. CLARENCE ARTHUR ROSENDAHL WILSON GORDON SAYILLE DONALD WILLIAM SAWTELLE KARL BROWN SCHILLING ROBERT ALVIN SCHON BROOKS SCOTT EDMIEND WILSON, SEARBY WILLIAM AMBERSON SEXTON HARRISON SHALER ARTHUR JOSEPH SHERIDAN JOHN BARTLETT SHERMAN FRED GLOVER SHERRILL EDWIN GONSOLUS SHRADER HOWARD LESLIE SIMERAL BERNARD W ELLINGTON SLIFER CHARLES WILMER SMITH, JR. EDWARD WARD SMITH BEVERLY CARRADINE SNOW DELBERT DEAN SPANGLER ELMER VAUGHN STANSBURY EDWIN MELVIN STARR BERNARD SHINNER STEARNS BURROWS GOLDWAITHE STEVENS FREDERICK ATHERTON STEVENS JOHN HARRISON STOKES, JR. CLYDE BASSETT STURTZ SPRING JOHN MAY TATUM DAVID ADAMS TAYLOR FREDERICK DE PEYSTER TOWNSEND THOMAS TIPTON THORNBURGH GEORGE WILLIAM TRICHEL WENDELL PHILIPS TROWER BEVERLY ST. GEORGE TUCKER HEATH TWICHELL JOSEPH JONES TURITZ MARION VAN VOORST ROBERT HALE VESEY EUGENE LUTHEN VIDAL HUGH BROWNING VVADDALL JOHN EARNEST WAIDLICH SAMUEL POWELL VVALKER, JR. ORVILLE EARNEST VVALSH WILLIAM VVESLEY VVANAMAKER ELLIOTT WATKms WILLIAM WASHINGTON WEBSTER JAMES CLYDE JNELCH CHARLES MASON WELLS RICHARD BRYAN WHEELER JAMES LONGSTREET WELCHEL ROGER MANNING WIcKs RANDOLPH PIERSOL -WILLIAMs GEORGE MCKNIGHT VVILLIAMSON, JR. AUSTIN MONROE WILSON, JR. JOHN SHERIDAN WINN GEORGE SACKETT WITTERS JOHN MORRIS WORKS HOBERT REED YAEGER LEVERETT GRIGGS YODER . The 191g HOWITZ-i 7L4 Glnrpa QDrganizatinn Qlahet 57mif ADJUTA NT Ridgway QUARTERALASTER Bathurst ADJUTANT ChaInnan, W. M. QUARTERMASTER-Coffey 1917 SERGEA NT-MAJOR Teale QL'ARTERMASTER-SERGEANThSteiner 1913 SERGEANT-MAJOIi C01e, P. XV. QCARTERMASTER-SERGEANT Norton 366 Themg HOWI Z 4 ' COMPANY Gamain 052mm g7. $imnnha Zlnfantrg Gnmmanhing '1g17A CAPTA IN-Ford. LIEUTENANTs Lohmann, E1637, W. 8., Clark, 1V1. W7., and Harrison, R. FIRST SERGEANT-Kittrell. CO. Q.-1VI. SERGEANTFROSSCH, D. SERGEANTs McMahon, Noce, Martin, . L. L., Coulter, C., and Tate, J. S. C0RP0RALS9J011es, L. M., Johnson, J . M., Cowles, Norton, Kolb, Knoob, Dick- son, T. C., Jedlicka, Tibbetts, Bell, J. T. 1 El 1 B CAPTAIN Knight, J . T . LIEUTENANTs Ko1bf, Heavey, T. J . . and Knoob. FIRST SERGEANT-Anderson, G. H. CO. Q.-M. SERGEANTvByinghaIn. SERGEANTs Tibbetts, Dickson, T. C., Bell, J. T., and Jedlicka. CORPORALs Knight, 0., Townsley, Jad- Win, Ross, L. T., Diatthews, Under- wood. . 369 The 191g HOWITZ 'COMPANY IFirEt Eiputpnani Elaine A. Eirkann Enfantrg Gummanhing 1 H 1 7 CAPTA INHBonham. ' LIEUTENANTSMCOta, Beurket, Eagles, and Collins, J. L. FIRST SERGEANT Hutchings. C0. Q.-M. SERGEANT Erler. SERGEANTs Lewis, W. M., Armstrong, C. H., Yuill, and Murray, J. T. CORPORALS Deeb1e, Willard, Bingham, Williamson, R. E. S., Mallory, Ma- honey, Cole, P. W., Palmer, Custis. 1313 CAPTAIN Johnson, J . M. LIEUTENANTSHWiHiaInSOII, R. E. 8., Bring- ham, Barber. , ' FIRST SERGEANTHVVOlH. C0. Q.-M. SERGEANT Custis. SERGEANTsaHeiner, Sharp, Rolfe, and NIurray, K. P. ' . CORPORALs Barth, Horr, Hewitt, Caffey, Deylitz, Stephens, E. L. . swnxxgiwi x 371 The 191g Howz "COMPANY Gapiain Eugh 31". lEHalIhzdl Enfantrg Gummanhing 1 E11 7 . CAPTAIN HeaVey, W. F. LIEUTENANTs Saunde rs, W. H., Irwin, B. R., Devine, Bradbury. FIRST SERGEANT G1-een. C0. Q.-M. SERGEANT SERGEANTS GuiOn, Bowlin, Brennan, Har- rison, W. K. . CORPORALs BroWn, E. T., Eri-vin, J. M., Bobrink, Hasbrouck, de Camp, Wolff, Demuth, Stembridge, Bartley. Frier. 1913 CAPTAINHBI'OWH, 'E. T. LIEUTENANTs-Stamps, Erwin, J . M., Har- ris, C. D. FIRST SERGEANT Moore, K. M. CO'. Q.-M. SERGEANT-Saunders, J . B. SERGEANTSr-McNeill, Gantt, Bobrink, Bel- linger, J . B. CORPORALs-Oliphant, Stenzel, Axelsoh, Hamilton, R. E., Alexander, Agnew. 3 73 The 191g HOWl .- 7: 'COMPANY EHirEt Eiputvnant EFrphprirk $.1th infantry Gummanhiug 1 H l 7 CA PTA IN Markoe. LIEUTENANTs Beasley, Ransom, R. B., Gerhardt, C. H., Wightman. V FIRST SERGEANT Warner, W. W. C0. Q.-M. SERGEANT Per'ry. . SERGEA NTs Rumbough, Gurney, Morford, Schulze. CORPORALs Stamps, Sarcka, Harris, C. D., Bellinger, J . B., Kernan, Grifiith, L. 31., Troland, Reinburg, Barnes, H. C. 1 H 1 H CAPTAIN -Wi11ard. LIEUTENANTS-Sarciia, Cohen, Barne$, H. C. F IRST SERGEANT White1egg. Co. Q.-M. SERGEANT Kernan. SERGEANTs Tro1and, Griffith, L. M., Rein- burg, J ank. CORPORALS-Adcock, Cruse, Kreber, Bel- linger, E. B., Bethel, Casman. The 191g HOWZa C 0 M PA N Y JHirat 11321112113111 31111111 1K. 716:an Ganalry Glnmmmthing 191? CAPTAIN Sink1er. ,, LIEUTENANTs Jones, H., Palmer, F. L., Slaughter, VVahl. FIRST SERGEANT Woo1ey: C0. Q.-M. SERGEANT-Brown, H. C. SERGEANTs Harmon, E. N .,Jackson, Nis- ley, Daniels, L. F. CORPORALS-Cohen, Cooney, Eyster, Bar- ber, Donaldson, W . H., Wardrop, Shaf- fer, F. C., Deas, Paca. 1 H 1 H CAPTA IN Mah0ney. LIEUTENANTs Dona1dson, W. H., Cooney, Eyster. FIRST SERGEANT Deas; C0. Q.-VI. SERGEANT Wardrop. SERGEANTSv-Jenna, Carr, F. L., Paca, Shaffer. CORPORALs Tim0thy, Casey, Leeper, Tan- sey, Elliott, R. H., Aigletinger. 377 The191AgHOWl' 7: COMPANY Olaptain watthpm 1g. Ehumliuann - Enfantrg mummanhing . . 1 H 1 7 CAPTA IN-Weems. LIEUTENANTs Richards-, H. R., Daugherty. W. F, Sherrill, Redfleld, FIRST SERGEANT SteWart. C0. Q.-M. SERGEANT Schroeder. SERGEANTs-Morrow, Irving; F. A., Smith, A. C., Stanford. CORPORALs-CoHey, Day, Durfee, L. V., Riley, Woodward, C. W., Counts, Safford, Saunders, J . 13., Heavey, T. J . IHIB CAPTAIN DeebIe. LIEUTENANTs-Durfee, L. V., Day, Counts. FIRST SERGEANT Ma1l0ry. C0. erVI. SERGEANT-Safford. SERGEANTkRiley, Black, H. M., Wood- ward, C. W.,de Camp. CORPORALs Mi11er, J. K., Coogan, Whit- aker, R., Kimble, F. V., Foster, Tye. 379 T112191Ag HOW g, COMPAN Y Qlaptain iEhmarh 7F. ZKpllg Olnaai Artillprg'mnrpz . Gnmmanhing' v 1H1?! CAPTA1N McG1ach1in. ' LIEUTENANTs McEWan, Ritchie, Vander Hyden, Lewis, R. H. FIRST SERGEANT Black, P. G. CO. Q.-M. SERGEANT Barr-011. SERGEANTs-Sackville, Whitcomb, Brad- shaw, Mullins. C0RP0RALS+Courture, Levy, E. H., Place, Gerhardt, McGregor, Meredith, Ander- son, H. R., Krause, lVIeade. 1318 CAPTA IN Levy. LIEUTENANTs P1ace; Courture, Gerhardt. FIRST SERGEANT-Hasbrouck. C0. Q.-M. SERGEAN'lL-Anderson, H. R. SERGEANTs Meredith, Hirsch, Krause, Demuth, Meade. CORPORALS'RundeH, Richardson, Mem- shaw, Blarshall, J . C., McKee, R. G., Haleston. 381 The 191g HOWI 7r COMPANY EEimt lilieutenant Milliam 3E. mum Enfantrg Glummanhing . 1 H 1 7 CAPTAIN h1eaChELm. LIEUTENANTs BroWn, P. H., Holdridge, Tully, Halsey. FIRST SERGEANT Hayden. Co. Q.-M. SERGEANT-Hurdis. SERGEANTs Crump, Butler, W. 0., Melas- key, Campbell, Sullivan. CORPORALs Knight, J . T., Timberlake, Buechler, Chapman, W. M.,' Pohl, Bringham, Wagner, O Keefe, Bissell, Black, H. M. 1313 CAPTAIN Jones, L. M. LIEUTENANTs Pohl , Timberlake, Buechler. FIRST SERGEANT-0Keefe. C0. Q.-M. SERGEAINT-Mchregor. SERGEANTs Moomau, Wagner, Ringsdorf, Murphy, B isse1l. CORPORALs ML1i-ri11, Donaldson, T. I., Shattuck, Kelley, H. 8., Sturgis, Kovw rik, Mesick, Kern. 383 1 The 191g HOWITZ Aihlptiw 011mm Athlptir Epprvmntaiiuw 1917 JOHN JAMES MCEWAN 1918, ROBERT AMEDEE BRINGHAM 1919 HFGH AMBROSE MURRILL JR. 1521:! EUGENE LUTHER VIDAL 384: Q5 The191AgHOXXiI74 iHnnI-hall ' $Pamm nf 19113 CAPTAIN: McEwan, T7 MANAGER: Ridgway, t17t ASST NIANAGERZ Nlahoney; ,18 gammin nf 19.17 1. CAPTAIN: Jones, L. M., 18 Q. CAPTAIN: Oliphant, ,19 MANAGER: Mahoney, ,18 ASng MANAGER: Sibert, ,19 was mediocre. September, with its drills, parades and hot weather, does not give an opportunity for much team practice and this hrst game found us weak in that particular. Lebanon Valley was fortunate in holding us to 3-0, for by the following Satur- day the stamp of the Army T eam was plainly evident. During the week preceding the arrival of thhington 85 Lee we got down to hard practice and longer working hours; and the best coaching, staff we have ever had, began to get results. V ague rumors drifted up to us from the Sunny South of the prowess of the boys from Lexington, Va., and we knew there was a good fight on hand. Excite- ment and anticipation mounted high in the Corps, and the 01d spirit of ttFight, Fight, Fighth was radiating from the team and the stands that afternoon. The game came up to our expecta- tions of a hard, clean fight and an Army Victory. With the' 'first big game on the schedule behind us and With a comfortable feeling. aris- ing from having a Whole' skin, the team was slowly built up and prepared for the Notre Dame game, four weeks away. ' First, Holy Cross, then Trinity, then Villa Nova were ' taken in our quickening' . waptam gamum TO AN observer of the Lebanon Valley game of September 30th, the team at best Gawain Ealy 387 1 The 191g HOWI 7,4 stride, the scoring power of the team increasing each week as we approached the mid-season climax. Twice, since the sea- son of 1912, we have experienced defeat by a better, stronger machine and the mem- ory of those games was still fresh in our minds. But stronger still was the determination to Wineto Win a decisive victory and thus even up our score With two games each. N o t r e D a m e brought with them as fast and as strong a 5mm team as theEast had ' seen. Thelr attack was powerful and their Wide-end runs admirably executed, but their training had neglected one Vital pointethe passing game. Against the passes of Gerhardt and Oliphant, With Vidal and House on the receiving ends, Notre Dame was utterly helpless, and we ad- ministered a crushing defeat to the Western- ers. The game was the best West Point has seen in years. The play throughout was of the hardest, cleanest and best football, and seldom has a game offered more thrills t0 the casual spectator. The passing 0f01i- phant and Vidal was as perfect as clock- work and we pay our respects to Notre DameTs playing. 11121:. 711m? UMlir 388 Theimg HQWI- J 4 . f3, Nam; $amp iHimt iHPrinh ,EWAN won the choice and chose to defend the west goal. Perry built up a mound of earth to kick-off from the Navyis 40-yard line. The ball sailed high and directly down the field to Oliphanfs outstretched hands, 11 yards from his goal. Clutching the pigskin under his left elbow, he started out behind a perfect interference built up of the entire team, With V idal, Gerhardt and Place directly in front. Thus began Ollieis wonderful run. One by one the 5-ya1'd chalk marks slipped by as he dodged the Navy tacklers with the aid of splendid interference. On the 15-yard line MCEwan knocked GBnPninQ the Attark 389 T112913 HOWT 7 4 over the last man in sight and it looked as though a score was certain, but somehow Ingram caught him and it 'was Army ball on the Navy 7-yard line. Oliphantys run had been for 82 yards, and through the entire N avy team. Gerhardt lined the team up and took the ball himself 5 yards forward , to within 3 feet of the sailors goal. It was a simple matter for Oliphant to plunge forward the short distance required on the next play and in less than a minute from the open- ing whistle the Army had scored a touchdown. Oliphantis try for goal missed by inches and the score was Army 6, N any 0. . Perry kicked off again, this time to Gerhardt who found the going easy from the 14-yard line where he caught the ball to the 47-yard line. Navy tacklers seemed at sea. Oliphant was called and contributed 22 yards, but there was off-side play and the pigskin was taken back. Place found a hole through Ward for 7 yards, and in two successive plays Oliphant made it first down. Place went a yard and a half and was stopped by Fisher. Vidal went through for two more. Gerhardt called for a forward pass the hrst 0f the game, and Oliphant tossed the ball towards Shrader, but J ackson was on the alert, and intercepted the pass. How- ever, there was an off-side play, the Army receiving 5 yards and a iirst down. Vidal made 5 yards through the line and Oliphant hit the same hole for 4- more. This left side of the N avy line was already showing weakness, and Gerhardt began to aim his plays there with great precision. Oliphant made it first down and then Vidal plowed through for a 6-yard advance made possible by Knight and BIC- Ewan. This brought the ball to the Navyts-13 yard line. Oliphant was again prepared to push the sailors back but could make no gain on the line plunge. The husky full- back again answered Gerhardtis call, but this time it was for a place kick. Oliphant paced the distance back to the 21-yard line. Gerhardt crouched just in front of him for the catch, and the ball was snapped. With the quarter- back holding it, Oliphant lifted it cleanly over the Middiesi crossbar for a field goal.- W'ith less than half the quarter completed the score stood Army, 9, N avy, O. The Army now took the defensive and Vidal kicked off to Jackson on the Navyts 18-yard line. The ball was returned to the 31-yard line. Perry advanced it '2 yards before being downed by House, but Roberts was set back gum! 390 1Kirking 0511211 011nm: The 191g HOWII. Z 4 8 yards on a fake kick formation which ' I he fumbled but recovered. VVhelchel thought better than to try to pierce the W7est Point fortifications and called upon Perry t0 punt t0 Oliphant, who caught the ball on his own 33-yard line and advanced it only 3 yards. Behind excellent interference Oliphant plowed his way through center for a 15-yard gain. Vidal punted t0 VVhelchel on his 14-yard line, who returned the ball 5 yards. N avy immediately returned the punt t0 Gerhardt in the center of the held. Oliphant made no gain. Vidal punted to VVhelchel who was downed in his tracks on the 13-yard line. Navy again refused to rush the ball and kick- ed to Oliphant who went down on his 57 yard line. This kicking duel had result- ed 111 putting the ball within the Navy s terriito1y. Vida1,Place and Oliphant carried the ball 21 yards on three plays, and Vidal was asked to try a d10p kick. The attempt was a failure and the ball was recovered by Perry whoreached the Army,s 46-yard line before being tackled. Perry tried to circle Houseis end, but only gained a yard. Roberts made 7 yards on a fake kick formation. N avy was penalized 5 yards for off-side play. Roberts punted t0 Oliphant 0n the Armyis 22-yard line. In two plays Oliphant gained a scant yard and Vidal kicked. Roberts dropped it on his own 45-yard line and J ones recovered for the Army. Vidal again punted, this time to Whelchel who was downed in his tracks. Roberts punted t0 Oliphant who returned it 5 yards. The whistle blew With the ball on the Navyis 41-yard line. Score: Army, 9, Navy, 0 $Pmnh IHprinh Oliphant t01e though for 7 yalds followed by Place who added enough to make it first down. Next play Oli- phant made another first down and Place tallied three. Oli- phant made a yard and the linesmen brought out their lines to measure for a first down, but the tape said No. This aroused Ollie who started off as thoughtshot out of a gun and he wound up at thetNavy 16-yard line. V idal and Oliphant each gained a yard. Then Gerhardt tried something new. Oliphant was sent back to the 21-yard line and made ready. as though to kick, but instead oi the ball going to him it was passed to Gerhardt who executed a perfect pass 'to Vidal way out on the right flank. There was a Navy end there to stop Vidal, but the latter fell'over the line for a touchdown. 01i- phant kicked out to Gerhardt who made a fair catch almost in front of the goal, but Oliphant,s subsequent try for goal was a failure by a few inches. Score: Army, 15, Navy, 0 Oliphant kicked off to Perry Who carried the ball to the N avyis 24-yard line. Roberts was thrown for a loss by House. Ingram made 2 yards. Roberts punted t0 Oliphant who was dropped in his tracks on his own 39-yard line. Vidal Erurr kicked t0 Roberts who fell oh the ball which had rolled to his Gheering $52rtinn 391 T112 191g HOWITZ- 11-yard line. Perry punted at once. Oliphant signaled for a fair chance but fumbled and the Navy recovered. Ingram gained 3 yards through House and Jones. A for- ward pass by Perry was incomplete, and a second had no better success, due to Jacksons muHSng the ball. Perry kicked to Oliphant who ran it back to the Army 24- yard line. Here Orr took VVhelcheYS place. Fisher threw Vidal for a 7-yard loss on a wide end run. Oliphant was unable to gain. Vidal punted to Orr, who was dropped without gain by House. Dashiell replaced Perry. A for- ward pass, Roberts to F isher, netted 8 yards. Ingram made Navy1s hrst first-down, bringing the ball to the 42-yard line. Another forward pass was tried, Army interfered, was penalized, and the ball went to the Navy on the 35- yard line. Ingram added 4 and Dashiell a single yard. Gerhardt took time out to rest his team, NIeacham having been hurt. Orr selected the forward pass as the Navy,s best hope, and passed to Jackson who was not downed until he had reached the Army 19-yard line. Ingram made three on a delayed pass and Dashiell added two more. Roberts took the ball to within 12 yards of the Army goal and things began to look very much like a 6m: Navy score. Three shots at the line failed and on the fourth down Orr passed, but it was incomplete, and the ball went over to the Army. Gerhardt chose to hold on to the ball and not to kick, but Oliphant made no gain. Vidal punted to Orr, Ingram passed to Fisher who made a pretty broken field run to the Army 23-yard line. Twice more Navy passed, but both were unsuccessful, and the whistle ended the half. Score, Army, 15, Navy, 0. Ghirh iatriuh V idal kicked out of bounds and on a second try the 1 ball was caught by Roberts who ran from his 6-yard line for a 30-yard gain. He carried the ball on the next play but was thrown for a 5-yard loss and was forced to punt to Oliphant. Oliphant ran out of bounds on the 45-yard line. He then gained 3 yards through the Navy line, but the team was penalized 15 yards for holding. Navy threw Vidal back two feet on next play. Oliphant failed to gain and the Army punted. Vidals kick was blocked by Goodstein, the N avy scoring a touchdown, their hrst score since 1913 and their first touchdown since 1907. Reifel kicked goal. Score: Army 15, Navy, 7. Vidal punted to Fisher who was downed on his own 34-yard line. Butler replaced Dashiell and made 6 yards against Shrader. Ingram took the ball to Navfs 46-yard line for a first down. Ingram made 5 and Roberts 1 yard against the Armyts left. NICEWEIH threw Ingram for a 3-yard loss on the following play. Army was penalized half the distance to its goal for roughness and it was Navy,s fall on Armyts 25-yard line. Army here held against N avy rushes, and Ingram passed twice. The second to Orr Enuizi was completed for a 9-yard gain and the ball was on 392 The 19a HOW 7- Army,s 16-yard line. 1 On the fourth down Ingram failed to gain and the ball 'went pver. Oliphant and Place made 8 yards. Vidal punted t0 Orr Who made a fair catch in midfield. Roberts made 4: yards around House. Ward was injured and Scaffe took his place. Navyls strength increased and Orr and Ingram made a first down .in two plays. Ingram made two more, .but Navy .Was penalized 5yards for delaying the game. A pass, Ingram to Jackson, netted 8 yardsr Gerhardt intercepted the next pass on his own 15-yard line and carried the. ball 6 Give 732mm - yards. In three plays Oliphant and , Place made 3 yards. Navy received a 5-yard penalty for off-side play. Vidal iand Oliphant together made first down. Ger- hardt made 2 yards. Army passed Oliphant to Place who gained 13 yards. The next play was a pass, but was incomplete. Oliphant was knocked out, but recdvered. Vidal made 5 yards. Whistle ended quarter. Score: Army, 15, Navy, 7. 311111311; QWarter . Hoitman took Gihuans, place and Oliphant made a first down through him. Place made 2 yards. Ingram intercepted Oliphanfs pass on N avyis 27-yard line and ran 17yards. An exchange of kicks and an Army fumbled followed by an end run with Roberts carrying the bail brought it to Army,s 33-yard line. Ford was injured. 'Navy failed to gain through line and their pass was incomplete. Army was penalized 15 yards. Ingram and Roberts made slight gains on the next three plays. 011 the fourth down Ingram took the ball but was thrown for a loss by House, and the Army got the ball on their 19-yard line. 'Oliphant was called upon and responded With a gain of 37 yards, Orr catching him on Navyis 44-yard line. Orr was hurt and VVhelchel took his place. Oliphant, Vidal and Place made 6 yards in three doWns. Vidal tried a drop kick from midfield, but the ball went low and out of bounds 6 yards from Navyis goal. Von Heinri- burg had his punt'partly blocked and Gerhardt made a fair catch on N avy,s 30-yard line. Vidal made a small gain. Oiiphantis pass was intercepted by Ingram. He then failed to gain. Roberts also made no gain. Martin advanced the ball 3 yards. Von Heim- burg punted; Gerhardt making a fair catch on Navy,s 48-yard line. Vidal and Oiiphant failed to gain. Vidal punted and the whistle ended the game. Score: Army, 15, Navy, '7. 61121 Hitting 393 Gia$ 3:; A s ,! - :uginygiulll zen: Ya . - 11...? :-: VX : xxu-f 1 . -..xu.xg T116191; HOWITZ Eamhall gamma nf 1.915 CAPTAIN: Neyland, i16 MANAGER: Snow, 16 ASS,T NIANAGER: Beurket, ,17 $Bazmn nlel? l 1. CAPTAIN? Gerhardt, 517 MANAGER: Beurket, ,17 ASST MANAGER: Levy, E. H., 18 Q. CAPTAIN: lVIcNeill, ,18 I MANAGER: Levy, E. H., 18 Axelson, l19 ASS,T LIANAGERS: Jadwin, ,19 Mewshaw, ,19 t through another eminently successful baseball season, and immediately after Hundredth Night a call for candidates for the squad was issued. Seventy-six men turned out and indoor work was begun at once. An unusually late season kept us in the cages until April 5th and we were forced to cancel our first two games. We were not able to appear on the field until the day of the Amherst game: A Victory was scarcely expected, but the team showed up in surprisingly good form. The scOre: 6-2, Amherst. Once more we were tied-up by snow and had to cancel the Rutgers game. On April 12th we unmasked our batteries again, this time trimming Williams 3-2. Sarcka allowed only three hits and struck out twelve men. Gerhardt and Bonham hit well and the latter accepted nine chances 0n firsteseveral very hard oneSewithout an error. At the begin- ning of the seventh the score stood 2-0, Williams. We made one run each in the seventh and eighth and an extra inning was necessary for us to win. Our infield played a clean, fast game. . - We faced Harvard on the 15th. The Weather was unsettled and decidedly cold for Neyland. Despite unfavorable conditions, he pitched excellent ball. Sarcka relieved him in the seventh and held the Visitors down for the remainder of the game. The game was closely contested throughout, but all the breaks went for Harvard and they won, 2-1. Tufts was our next opponent. Sarcka opened the game in the box. Some opportune swats by the collegians and loose fielding by kaydets piled up nve runs against us before we got a start. Gerhardt and McNeill were the star batters of the game. Score: 5-1, Tufts. On the 92nd the diamond was a quagmire and we played Springfield 0n the parade ground. Our batters did not connect until the ninth when a rally yielded us two runs. Springfield won, 5-2. , We caught our stride again in the Seton Hall game. Coffin had his hitting eye with him. Sarckais wonderful slab work permitted the Visitorsvto get away with only one hit while we rolled up eleven. NIcBride relieved Bringham in center field and pulled 397 ON February 92nd, Sam Strang reported to pilot us The 191g HOWITZ + 03 a highly sensational catch that brought the stands to their feet. . The last game in April was against Lehighls strong aggregation. Neyland pitched high class ball and allowed only three singles. CoHin pounded the horsehide mightily and Army won 5-1 in a fast game. Our team work was especially good throughout the contest. When we went up against Penn State, our forces were divided, the first class being engaged in defeating Gettysburg down in the ttP. D3, country. Loose playing combined with a couple of passes from Sarcka gave Penn a lead which our subsequent revival could not overcome. The F inn stuck to his habit of striking out nine or ten men per game. The score: 7-4, Penn State. On May 6th we began operations against Georgetown by sending our batting order around in the first inning, piling up seven tallies for us. Army stickmen were in the best of form, Georgetown using three twirlers in an ineffectual effort to check our triumphant march. House played a clever game at short. Bringham hit well. Georgetownls fielding was below par and contributed to our 15-6 victory. . Next we faced Pittsburgh, who were strangers on th local diamond. Our heavy artillery was still working and we rolled up thirteen hits. Sarcka pitched air tight ball, allOwing only three singles. Battery Sarcka-hIcNeill was effective on the offensive as well, and hit splendidlyeSarcka .750 and hIcNeill .500. Another team of newcomers, the University of Buffalo, gave us the longest game of the season, the score stood 2-62 from the fourth to the eleventh when Eddie House came across with a hit that brought CofEn home. This gameewhich was finished while the battalion was at supper was characterized by good pitching and excellent fielding. On lVIay 17th, we won from Lafayette, 4-3, in a seven-inning contest, the game being called early for the Visitors to catch a train. Coffey pitched W611, the Maroon and White batters only obtaining two hits. Extra base hits by Bringham, Gerhardt and Mitchell were materially responsible for our scoring. In this game Patterson sprained his ankle and Schlenker made his debut in left field, which proved to be a permanent berth for him. Our hitters were all wielding the wagon tongue with good results, the batteries were developing well and withonly ten days until the Navy game things were looking pretty rosy. Our next enemy was Fordham. This time they were with- out their brass band but they didnt forget to bring 1500 chesty rooters with them, all of whom had their pockets filled with horseshoes. We scored first and thefielding and hitting were about even, but the luck broke for the Long Islanders. We met Swarthmore on the twenty-fourth with only three days remaining before we were to face the N avy. The team took it easy and we used three pitchers, Coffey, Murrill and Sarcka. In the ninth we scored twice, but the final issue was 3-2 against us. On hleinorial Day, our ancient Army rivals, Seventh Regiment, found us too strongly intrenched, and we maintained fire superiority throughout the engagement. The rencontre 01!;qu 398 Enh 11121919 HOWI 7n lasted two and one half hours and netted us sixteen hits and seventeen runs. 'Homer Brown substituted in the outfield and batted one thousand. On hIay 3lst, we tied Holy Cross, our superior hitting being. offset by untimely errors. The team showed a general relaxation after the encounter with the IVIiddies. Syracuse sent up the same invincible aggregation as in 1915. This was Bob N eylamfs last game and he kept an edge on Tournure, although the latter twirled well, in a pitcheris duel. In the sixth, a single, two sacrihces and an error permitted Syracuse to make the only run of the game. . , . . On June 7th, we wound up our schedule by shutting out Colgate in a five-inning con- test played in a. downpour. . , 1V e began the season with our reliable 1915 outfield lost threugh graduation and With Oliphant removed from the squad on account of studies. Sammy Strangis thorough and scientific knowledge of the fine points of the game, his ability to develop hitters and his enthusiastic spirit were to a great degree responsible for another successful season and eight straight. . . I Neyland and Gerhardt played their usual gilt-edged game throughout the season. NICNeiII did some splendid work behind the bat. House developed well at short, and Bring- ham proved himself to be a speedy outfielder. Coffin and hiitchell played in their cus- tomary dependable style. McMahon did steady hard work on the diamond and gave the, second team some valuable coaching. This, coupled with Murrile and Coffy,s pitching, was largely responsible for our second strings six straight Victories. The batting honors for 1916 were carried off by Gerhardt, Mitchell and House. We lost seven men off the squad by graduation, including Neyland, victor of four Army-Navy games; but we have confided our 1917 destinies t0 the hands of Strung and Ger- hardt and feel most hopeful for another championship team and another Navy game vicv toryenine straight! . 19 1 E garhphulp W. P. . ' Opp. Mar. 29, St. Johnis College tBrooklyni - Snow SnOw April 1, Dlanhattan College . Snow Snow April 5, Amherst College 2 6 April 8, Rutgers College , Snow Snow April 12, Williams College April 15, Harvard University April 19, Tufts College April 22, Springfield Y . M. C. A. College April 26, Seton Hall College April 29, Lehigh University lVIay 3, Penn State College May 6, Georgetown University May 10, University of Pittsburgh lVIay 13, University of Buffalo 01 innings,3 hIay 17, Lafayette College lVIay 20, Fordham University May 24:, Swarthmore College ' May 27, U. S. Naval Academy tat Annapolisy May 30, 7th Regiment, N. G. N. Y. . May 31, Holy Cross College C7 inningsi . June 3, Syracuse University J une '7, Colgate University t5 inningsy 399 Hy-l UIOCEKICDIQIQkQOOUYAEyileQHp-lw Ht-l OHCDHLOQDbQGlQWGDxIr-IHUYUIIQIQ A The 191a HOWI 7 + N T h u r s d a y, t h e 2 5 th 0 f M a y , t h e squad hastily swallowed a supper of beans and ice cream and pulled out for the West Shore station, followed by a ringing Long Corps yell. Aye, aye, lads! ! HereTs the tren rapido and we are off for a hne trip and a big ' game. Three hours in New York, during Which most of us joined the theatre goers, but others, notably Bob N eyland and Chuck, showed much speed in getting away for an evening of P. S-ing. Eleven P. M. at 23d Street ferry saw Charlie there on time tsurprise No. D, then as the ferry shoved off Who but the General and our sparsely thatched patriarch, Father Beurket, should lead a forlorn hope of a half dozen lates in a squad column through one of the upper Windows of the waiting room. True second story form, but a minion 0f the law headed'them OH on the last lap and prevented their pulling 03 a Steve Brodie over seven feet of water interval from dock to deck. By midnight even the last of us was prepared for some Pullman mattress-drill, but Chuck and Pop were in too close proximity for silence to prevail until their small talk was checked by stern words from Captain Bob. Em $1321:nt T Six forty-five ushered us into Balti- more and the Sunny South. Great dope! Three more hours in a real city! A fine breakfast, then an auto ride. The parks in the Maryland me- tropolis have some class and the femmes are very good to 100k u p o n ; S a m my,s approval of them was most hearty. N othing left now of our journey but forty-flve minutes on the Short Line, then Crabtown. The Navyts cor- diality began at the 4:00 T1121915H0Wi 7i 4 .' Tia! Annapolis depotea bunch of big cars for us to glide down to the yard in.. At Samson Gateesay! Thatls some reception! ' Company after company of mid- shipmen, a rank on either side of the road, and they stretch all the way from the gate 'to Bancroft Hall. That formation is a corker. A cold llthreeh and then some. As we rolled through each of the twelve companies, they came up to the hand salute, and when we passedvup the'ramp t0 the entrance, the Regiment fell out and gave us a rousing Win Ni, yell. Uncover fellows, for a 'Long Corps yell, one Army and three llNavyee-NayveeeNayveef, This Bancroft Hall closely approachethfthe llstone palacesl, which Solons and erudite editors usually credit us with inhabiting. ' , - At lunch we could look out on the mighty Chesapeake where three big battle wagons loomed up grimly beyond. the lighthouse. On them will our col- leagues of the sea take single altitudes on the lower limb of the sun llwhile we go marching into camp? Two P. M., all Kaydets out for practice. Bill Coflin and Chuck walloped the pellet mightily, but our fielding showed the slowing down effect of our night on the ilwagon lits? , Later in the afternoon we saw, many of us for the first time, a regimental p-rade; four battalions with their staEs and the five striper with his retinue 0f attendants. The marine band sounded OH with as much life on tTArmy Blueii as on ilAnchors Aweigh? and the Super- intendent himself, Captain Eberle, occupied the reviewing stand. During the evening many Kaydets attended the several enjoyable informal hops Tlout in town? The Navyis June week was already under way, and tiYe oldeiAnnapolis,, was given over to festivities. ' ' Saturday dawned, bright and sunny, despite our prayers for a flood of rain and a two-day postponement of the game. . r. The midshipmen had a big sham battle after breakfast with thousands of. rounds of blanks fired and many casualties. ' , lVIost of the Kaydets not on the hrst team took a sail in one of the lively llhalf- ratersh 0n the placid Severn. , - When the fateful hour drew nigh the sun was on the job helping his utmost to give us true baseball weather. This didn,t daunt the Serv- ice fans though, nor prevent their be- ing on hand early. The beauty and chivalry of the Army and Navy, the lVIogul and potentates of Washing- tonis official upper crust, all were there and, best of all, the Army stands were jammed. We had no occasion to feel lonesome, even if the Corps were several hundred miles away. Sammy, like an old fox, pounded - out some grounders t0 the infield that am iEiz-ing mm 401 i 6112 Guptaina The 191g HOWI 7, a Hans Wagner couldntt have handled, but we were optimistic, even before some of our ttofEcers of the postii threw some intense barber shop into a ttgood night, Navy? That concluded, we were further cheered by these sturdy words from the Squire, ttNow that the shouting is over, letis begin to hght!u t Champ m Ertatl ZiTimt Enning ArmyeGerhardt, first up, drove a slow grounder to Fisher and beat it out to hrst. Britton sacrificed Gerhardt to second by a bunt. Mitchell went out, Blodgett to Rodgers, advancing Gerhardt to third. N eyland, next up, was struck on the head by one of Blodgetfs fast ones and had to be carried from the field. After being unconscious for several minutes he pluckily returned to the game. Schlenker, running for Neyland, was out trying to steal second. No runs, one hit. . Na'vy-Fisher hit a slow one to N eylahd, who threw wild to first, Fisher sliding to second. Calhoun iiied out to NIitchell, sending Fisher to third. Rodgers got a pretty single over short, scoring Fisher. Rodgers then stole second. V on Heimburg fanned. Rodger went down to third on a passed strike. Con- nolly struck out. One run, one hit. i $2mnh inning ArmyeMcNeill struck out. Coffin drew a pass, House singled on a Texas Leaguer to left field, advanc- ing Coffin to second. Bringham sent a pop fiy up in front of the plate which Connolly forwarded to third, cutting Coan off. Bringham safe on first. Schlenker struck out. N 0 runs, one hit. Nazry-Neyland came back to his old form. Moran fanned. iVIcFall went out on a hot one to short which House handled prettily. Blodgett struck out. N 0 runs, no hits. $262 Ehirh Eluning A-rnm eGerhardt hit a fast grounder and was out, Calhoun to Rodgers. Britton flied out to Hamilton, who made a clever catch. Mitchell hit between first and second. Ney- land Hied t0 Rodgers. N0 runs, one hit. NavyeNeyland retired the first three batters again this inning. Hamilton struck out. Fisher flied to Neyland. Calhoun hit a hard grounder which Neyland neatly gathered in and forwarded to Britton. No runs, no hits. EHnurth Enning AwnyeMcNeill hit safely over second. Coffin walked again, putting LIcNeill on second. House drove a slow one towards third which Blodgett fielded. The N avy twirler tossed the ball over Fisher7s head trying tocateh McNeill at third, and the latter scored, Coffin going to third, and House to second. Bringham hit a. hot one to Rodgers which the latter dropped, then threw wide to home, Coffin scoring, House going to third. Bringham stole second. Schlenker walked, filling the bases. House was forced out at the plate when Gerhardt hit to Fisher, and the latter threw home. Bringham and Schlenker were on third and second and both scored when Britten hit hard to center, Ger- hardt reaching third and Britton second on the throw in. Gerhardt came home and Britton went to third on it passed ball by Connolly. McFall relieved Blodgett in the box. 402 The 1911 HOWI Z ' Mitchell drove one between first and second which Hamilton failed to handle, scoring Britt011.DIitchell at first, Nayland went out Hamilton to Rodgers BIcNeiII struck out. Six runs, three hits. NavyeRodgers fiied out to Britton. V on Heirnburg fanned. Connolly went out, Neyland to Bi'itton. N 0 runs, 110 hits. . ZHiftl'g Jnning Ar myeCoffin d1ove a fast one to Hamilton, but was out at first House hit safely over second, then stole second,Han1i1ton making a beautiful catch of Connolly 5 high throw. Bringham walked. Schlenkefs long 13y to right was neatly captured by lVIoran. UGerhardt hit safely to left, and House came home f1om second on Von Heimburgis throw over Con- nolly 5 head McFall, who was covering the p1ate,jugog1ed,then dropped the ball, Ger- hardt scoring, having sped aiound the circuit on a. single, helped by two errors Britten struck out.Tl1ree runs, two hits NavyeNIoran led off With the longest hit of the game, a three bagger to center Mc- F all s single to left scored Moran.- Blodgett s sacrifice, Neyland to Britton, sent McFall to second. Hamilton was passed to first, but forced out at second by Fishers grounder to House, McFall going to third N eyland tried to catch Fisher OPE fi1st but the throw went through Britton, and McF all scored. F ishei was out trying to reach third on the play. Two 1',uns two hits. $13611 Zinning ArmyeMitchell fouled out to Connolly. Neyland was out, Calhoun to Rodgers. Mc- Neillis Texas Leaguei' to right was dropped by Moran after a flne effort. Fisher caught Cofiinis foul fly. No runs, no hits. NavyeCalhoun struck out. Rodgers went out, 'Neyland t0 Britton. Von Heimburg got to first on a close play, House to Britton. Connolly grounded to House who forwarded it to second, cutting Von Heimburg off. Sease relieved Blodgett. No runs, one hit. Svmxmth inning AymyEHouse went out, Hamilton to Rodgers Bringham was out, McFall to Rodgers. Schlenker struck out. No runs, no hits. N avyelVIoran hit safely to center field McFall fouled out to Gerha1dt .Sease flied out to Mitchell. Hamilton was out, Neyland t0 B1itton. N 0 runs, one hit. Eighth Elnning ArmyeGerhardt walked. Brit- ton beat one out to second, Rodgers letting the ball go through him and Gerhardt going to third on the play. Britton stole second. The throw to third went through Fisher and Ger.- hardt scored. Neyland went out, one two three. . McNeill hit safely to right, and Britton scored, McNeill going to third When Connolly let. the throw in go past him. Coffin was out, Calhoun to Rodgers. Two runs, two hits. Navy-Fisher flied out to House. Calhoun struck out. Coan, making Manning .3111 26 403 111219111 HOWT7 1 a good stop of Rodgefs hit, threw to Britton, retiring Rodgers. N0 runs, no hits. Ninth Enning ArmyeHouse made first on Fishefs delayed throw. Bringham got an infield hit, and House went to second. Schlenkefs infield hit filled the bases. Gerhardt hit over second, scoring House and Bringham, Schlenker and Gerhardt going to third and second on the throw in. Britton struck out'. NIitchell flied out to Moran. Neyland went out, Hamilton to Rodgers. Two runs, three hits. Substitutes: Krayenbuhl went in for hiitchell, McBride for Bringham, Patterson 1 for Schlenker. Naveron Heimburg struck out. Connolly fouled out to McNeill. Nioran walked. NICFall struck out. N 0 runs, no hits. 61hr $1an 1 Army A. B. R. H. P. O. A. Gerhardt ................................... 3b. 5 3 3 Q 0 Britton ..................................... 1b. 5 Q Q 9 1 lVIitchell .................................... 111. 6 0 1 Q 0 N eyland ..................................... p. 5 0 0 1 6 hlcNeill ..................................... . 5 1 2 10 '1 CofEn ...................................... 2b. 3 1 O 1 1 House ...................................... ss. 5 2 3 Q Q Bringham ................................... cf. 2 3 1 0 0 Schlenker .................................... l1. 1 1 1 0 O Krayenbuhl...........................L ..... 111. 0 0 0 0 0 IVIcBride .................................... cf. 0 0 0 0 0 Patterson .................................... 11'. 0 0 0 0 0 Totals .................................. 410 13 13 Q7 11 Navy A. B. R. H. P. O. A. F isher ....................................... 3b. 1 1 0 1 1 Calhoun .................................... ss. 4: 0 0 0 3 Rodgers .................................... 1b. -1 0 1 13 1 Von He1mbu1g ............................... lf. 4: 0 1 0 O Connolly ..................................... . -1 0 0 9 Q Moran ...................................... If. 3 1 Q Q 0 McFall .................................. c1., p. 1 1 1 0 2 Blodgett ................................. p., C1. 1 0 0 0 Q Sease ...................................... cf. 1 0 0 0 0 Hamilton ................................... 2b. 9, 0 0 2 4: Totals ......................... 1 ......... 31 3 5 27 15 The team and the midshipmen exchanoed yells and 11e had hung up eiOht straight. That evening we all celeb1ated, some by goino to shows but most 01 us by nipping mound the big Navy gym duling a most enjoy able midshipman s hop, 10110111110 Which we blissfully escorted the divine damsels home, obli110us to hop 111th," 101 he1e it was all extra extended. Home again! And the Corps eXpIessino thei1 vocife10us appreciation of the con- queiing heroes of the horsehide sphere and the wagon tongue. The jubilee wound up in the meat With these apt sentiments uttered by Captain Ger- ha1 dt of Army 5 1917 team.11The1e 3 just one way to oet back 110111 an Army- NaVV came, Wha1d1y0u say we never let the Navy come home this way, hel1?l1 4041 The 191g HOWI 7, e Igaakpthall 5Payann nf 191E191? CAPTAIN: Cole, J. T., 117 MANAGER: Black, P. G., 117' ASSISTANT lVIANAGER: Johnson, J . M., ,18 gnmmn nf 1917-1913 ' CAPTAIN: Gerhardt, W. R., 118 lVIANAGER: Johnson, J. M., 118 ASSISTANT MANAGER: Kramer, ,19 HE past basketball season, compared to those of former years and those to which we are looking forward, was not as successful as we would have hoped. Although the majority of the games were closely Contested and hard played we failed to make the number of victories equal the number of defeats. By the graduation of 1917 and ,18 we lose all but two of the team of the past season. Kreber has been elected captain of the team for the next year. ' - The fourth class team was more successful than the Varsity, and from it we hope to obtain good men for the teams of the next years. . $IhPhHIP 1916 1 Army ' Opponents- Dec. 9th St. Johnls College 1 15 26 Dec. 16th Crescent A. C. 24:. 33 1917 - e .. V Jan. 6th Manhattan College V 26 20 Jan. 13th Amherst College 27 26 Jan. 90th Swarthmore College 1 11 L 25 . Jan. 27th Springfield Y. lVI. C. A. 30 l 38 Feb. 3rd Brooklyn Poly. Institute 21 26 F eb. 10th University of Pittsburgh 31 Q8 Feb. 17th Cornell University 26 30 Feb. 22nd Union College 1 21 22 Feb. 24th Colgate University ' l v 15 415 407 The 191g HOWI ; 7n 113111:ku ' OCKEY took a decided rise at the Academy this year, due in large part to the construction of Stuart rink behind the gymnasium. This has been a long-felt need, and improvement in play became mahifest When the men were given a chance to practice regularly. F 0rd has worked hard and consistently XVith- his team, and under the ablebcoaching of Lt. Purdon it developed wonderfully. House and Rediield, particularly, starred during the entire season. By graduation the team loses Ford, Redfleld, and Armstrong, C. H., but a strong nucleus remains, notablyeHouse, Sarcka, lVIurray, K. P., Durfee, L. V., and Nichols. - $ummarg Jan. 13th N ewman School ............... OeW. P. 9 Jan. 17th N. Y. State College ............ 142V. Pjv Jan. 20th 7th Reg. N. G. N. Y ........... IeW. P. 92 Jan. 24th Colgate .................... y . .5-W. P. 2 Jan. 26th Springfield Y. NI. C. A. College .3eVV. P. 4 Feb. 2nd Mass. Ins. of Tech. .. ........... IeW. P. 2 F eb. 3rd Nlass. Agri. College ............ Q-W. P. 1 Feb. 6th Dartmouth ................... 3-W. P. 0 Feb. 10th Repsselaer Poly. Inst. . J ....... O-VV. P. 2 Feb. 12th New Rochelle Skating Club.. . . .Q-W. P. 0 Feb. 17th Verona Skating Club. . . . . .' ..... 3+W. P. 2 Never before has a hockey team been able to play its en- tire schedule, arid the splendid showing made, justifies the ix? work of the authorities to give the sport a chance. 409 The 191g HOWITZ 4 331mm; HE ancient and honorable art of self defense has by no means been neglected in the curriculum of our Alma Mater and we are all sincerely glad of this fact. We have been instructed in it since the days of plebe-dom and our only regret is that the class in general has not taken the interest in it that it might have done. However, there have been many persistent followers of the gentle Ga art a la Jenkins, and their perseverance has certainly repaid themeand the claSSethrough the number of points they gathered unto themselves in the recent Indoor Meet. Between thirty-five and forty men have iibonedh it religiously this year, and their work in the ring has been of the highest Class. The boxing laws of the State of New York have never been needed here and it is with extreme gratification that we witness the spirit of fairness and good-fellowship that has grown up among our iipugsf, N ot a foul has been called and no man has taken an unfair advantage of his opponent even in the heat and excitement of a championship bout. It must have been with pleasure that the'audiences have witnessed this display of so general a camaraderie. Boxing has become one of the sport features of all the larger schools of our country, as it rightly should, for the co-ordination developed between the mind and muscles is alone payment enough for the work expended in liboningf, it. And when one ltbeats the other fellow to the punchl, he experiences a thrill whichvis missing in other sports, clue to lack of personal contact. The advantages derived are seen to be manifold, and not the least of those is that of being able to instruct and train the enlisted man. Nowhere will one find a greater enthusiast than he, for boxing serves as an outlet for his excess itsteamii and comprises one of his chief diversions in the field. Each regiment has its chani- pion, and in the inter-regimental match is found one of the sources of the excellent esprit de corps Which forms the backbone of the regiment. Because of these reasons we regret that more men of the Corps do not iibonell boxing, and our advice to the coming classes is to take it up as iiplebesh and follow it throughout their course, for here they have an opportunity for instruction which they never will have again. 4:10 The 191g HOWF 7,4 19 1 7 Schwarzkopf Butler ' . Irving Leonard, E. Harmon, E. N . Weishampel Jackson Heraty W hite, HuM. Bradshaw v 1 H 13 Barrett Bringham ' Jones . Goode Blaloney Stem'brid'ge Safford , Diehl Riley Whittington Johnson, J; ' Williamson Gantt Barnes , Bacon 191a Murrill Pichel , V Blanchard Dando 192B Hendrick Monroe Blair Gray, L. E. Powers . Hatch Panzarella 411 Them HOWFT Wreatling h X ?RESTLING is proving more popular every day. Where a few years ago we could count some dozen men in the wrestling room of the gymnasium, we can now count them up as high as seventy at a time. Men are realizing more and more that time on a Winter afternoon can be put in to a lot better advantage on a wrestling mat than it can sitting on a radiator ttboning fiction? T here are few sports that can compare with this one for developing a good physique. It is to this sport that Captain Daly attributes a great deal of the fine footballmaterial West Point has been able to find among; a comparatively small body of men. I The great enthusiasm shown for wrestling this year made it necessary to introduce two new weights in order to handle the crowd. As usual, the preliminaries afforded the Corps considerable entertainment, and the final bouts in the meet were followed With great interest. A strong hght was made this year to introduce intercollegiate wrestling at the Academy, but it was not favored by the Athletic Council. However, we hope a start has been made that Will one day help us to see this in vogue at the Academy. 1917 1918 1913 ' lEEH WOOD, S. SEGUNDO BELLINGER, E. BOATNER SLAUGHTER FAUST GANTT LOCKE MARKOE HEAVY, T. J . WEEKS KENDALL HURDIS COURTURE TYE LIPMAN HALSEY POHL HALESTON WICKS WEEMS ' PLACE KERN GROVES PARKS J ONES, L. M. MITCHELL, C. H. WATKINS CONFER . KNIGHT, O. 412 The 191s HOWF "7, -+ EEPnring QLTHOUGH the Academy no longer adds to her athletic laurels the fencing cham- pionships that once came to her so easily, the art of handling the foil and sabre is not a dead one with us. The cessation, by order, of Arlny,s participation in the inter- collegiate championship contests was a blow to the sport in a way, and in another way it was not. When a man is offered the opportunity of Winning an tiAK of representing the Army in a contest Where everything depends on him alone, and even of becoming an inter- collegiate champion, it is not remarkable that many men turn out for the sport. But When these hopes are taken away, When the highest honors the aspirant can hope for are the In- door Meet and a monogram, it is the acid test of the game. At first, it was natural that the interest should fall slightly, but the way in which it has grown in the last few years shows that there are many men in the Corps Who are willing to go through the hard daily grind for the love of the game. The purpose of Armyis elimination from the intercollegiates was to give more men in the Corps the advantage of our expert instruction, and this aim thoroughly coincides With the ideals of the Academy. It is the aim of our physical education, not to make a few highly trained athletes, thereby ignoring the great majority, but to give each man the particular instruction that he needs, and to increase in this way the physical eHiciency of the entire body of men. From the increasing number of men turning out for fencing it is evident that this sport is doing its share towards rounding out our physical education. It is to be hoped that the prospects become still brighter and that the well-directed efforts of NI. Vauthier and NI. Gelas be received With still more enthusiasm and response. 414 T112916 HOWVZ' Elnhnnr meet QFTER a lapse of a year, the Gym once again shook With lusty class yells as the test for supremacy between the four classes began. For many weeks the class teams had worked With micht and main to perfect themselves, and a meet full of sterling per- f01mances was the result. All the events were keenly contested from start to finish, and kept the crowd on their toes the whole time. Big men little men, ordinary sized menethey were all the1',e down on the Gym floor, turning flips 011 the apparatus, boxing, w1 estling, running, and gathe1ing 111 the points for their respective Classes. One rec01d was bioken when OfHei, Knight,19,put his mighty muck hehind the 16- lb. shot and sent it Iiying through the air for 40 feet, 8 inches. This same indomitable Knight assisted our "Tubby Confei in battling for a d1am decision in the unlimited-weight wrestling class, and excitement ran high during the contest The most impressive event of the whole evening occurred at the end It was then that the men who had won heir WA" for the first time received the reward for which they had - worked AIembers 0f the g1aduati11g class, who had won their 6A6 in either football 01' baseball, were presented With gold footballs or baseballs. For the first time in the history of the Academy, gold footballs with the scores of four Navy victories engraved on them were presentedelVIcEwan and Ford being the proud recipients of the honor. 415 The 19E HOW; 7E The bPierce Currier Foster Memorial Prizesb, were awarded to Miley, W., 19, and Dougherty, F . E,, T7, for being the best all-around gymnasts. Both men surpassed all expectations, and showed What can be accomplished along these lines. Charlie Gerhardt, our masterful baseball captain, was awarded the bbArmy Athletic Council Sabreb for excellence in general athletics. The bEdgerton Sabre? awarded to the outgoing football captain, was presented to John McEwan. The hnal result: First Class, 125e points; Second-Class, 69 points; Third Class, 77h points; Fourth Class, 34h points. 182511115 Standing Broad Jump Side Horse Won by BEURKET, 17, distance 9' 10". Won by SACKETT, ,17- Putting 16elb. Shot Horizgntal Bar , Won by KNIGHT, 0., 19, distance 40' 8C WOH by iVIILEYs WA, 19- neW record. Long Horse Fence Vault Won by JADVVIN, 19. Won by DEYLITZ, 19, height 6' 9". Parallel Bars Fifty-17ard Dash WIOH by MILEY, VV., 319. Won by NILES, 90, time 5?; seconds. Flying Rings Pole Climb XVon by Dougherty, F. 13., T7. Won by LEEPER, ,19, time 5 sec., I ndividual F oil Competition equalled record. Won by IRWIN, T7. I ndividual Sabre Competition W on by CARSWELL, 18. I nterclass T eam F oil Competition Won by 1917e25 bouts. Won by 1918e 9 bouts. Won by 1919e13 bouts. When by 1920e 3 bouts. I nterclass T eam Sabre Competition v Won by 1917e23 bouts. W'on by 1919e12 bouts. Won by 1918e13 bouts. Won by 1920e 9. bouts. Wrestling Boxing Unlimited WeighteWon by KNIGHT, 0., 19. Heavy WeighteWon by BRINGHAM, 18. Heavy WeighteXVon by PLACE, ,18. Light Heavy W'eighteW'on by IRVING, F. Light Heavy VVeighteWVon by XVEEMS, 1'7. A., T7. Middle WeighteVVon by LIPMAN, ,20. Middle VVeighteWon by HARMON, E. N., Welter WVeightveon by HURDIS, T7. ,17. Light VVeight-VVon by FAUST, b18. Welter XVeighteWhn by BLANCHARD, b19. Feather WeighteW on by BELLINGER, EJIQ. Light W eighteWon by HERATY, 17. Bantam XVeight-WTQH by SLAUGHTER, h17 . Bantam W eighteWVon by BRADSHAW, ,17A Tug of War Swimming 1116a H andball Won by 1920. Firste1918 Firste-1917 , , Secondh191'7 Seconde1918 M edwme Ball Race ThiI-demm Third-1919 Won by 1917. Fourthe19Q0 Fourth-IQQO 416 T11e191AgHOWll 1 1 $1? IkP HE great est excite- m e 11 t prevailed on that mem- orable sum- mer morning when at last We receiVed the long ex- pected. news t h a t t h e G 1' a y s a n d Whites were at warewith the H u d s o 11 River for the boundary line eand that w e . w e r e shortly to see active service. , The early re- serve was hastily mobilized and,-under the leadership of that able commander Mike, was or- dered to remain in the zone of the line of communication, taking over the defense of camp. For weeks, indeed ever since the certainty of hostilities was foreseen, preparations for the - campaign had been going forward, quietly butrsteadily. Vast stores of supplies and ammu- nition had been collected, transportation assembled, and equipment made ready for service. The T. D. brought out the hfteen Tactical principles, knocked the rust off them, and got them into working order again. Unfortunately, in the confusion of our departure, these principles were overlooked and left behind, but this was not found out until after our return. Shortly after breakfast, the Corps fell in under arms and so carefully had all the plans been laid and all the details of V the scheme worked out, that be- for e one P. M., the entire column was ready to move, horse, foot, guns, and an imposing wagon train loaded down with one ration for each squad and two million rounds of blank ammunition per man. 1 . ' N ight found the First Bat- talion encamped at Bog Meadow, and their aeri a1 reconnoissance soon developed the fact that the Second Battalion, the enemy, was in force at Round Pound, but a few leagues away. The tacs $112 QInIhrz considered the situa- tion all day, and at nightfall p 1' o m p t l y reached a decision. which was to: sit tight and see what the enemy would do about it. About three A. M. an attack on the Bog Meadow outposts was scornfully repulsed, and the defeated First Battalion fell back to Popolopen, Where they took up a strong posi- tion, the right flank resting on a mountain , and the left on an apple tree. Their jubilant pursuers, having once tasted Victory, and fired by Napoleonic ambitions, came up With them at noon. ' The cavalry got into action first. It was a beautiful sight as the troopers clattered down the road, each horse accompanied by a kaydet, who acted as his orderly and camp servant. As soon as they came under hre ttRight into line, HowV, chanted the Senior Assistant Instructors of Cavalry Tactics. llDismount on foot? then," said he, llwe are the elite of all the services, were beam: sabreurs, we are, and itls up to us to set an example of sangfroid to the doughboys who follow in that Cloud of dust, llCommence breshing? And so with bullets spattering all about them and with shrapnel shrieking up to burst almost in their very faces they coolly stood and groomed their horses, showing a careless disregard for danger that shamed the doughboys into going ahead and winning the battle. Cindi Ellyn Effielh Ammunitinn 4 1 8 The 191s HOWI 7,4 authoritatively upon this much discussed topicxas follows: HOPSeTo move by short leaps, especially on one leg; to walk lame. Evidently the escritorio had just attended one of the big hops and had confused cause and effect. But we always recover during the two weeks, interim and are fit for duty once more for the next baile. Tom Jenkins highly recommends this form of training for the habitues of his Emporium of Horrors. After a course of a few hops, Tom says, any wrestler can combine ttA holt what cant be brokeh with a hardness that cant be scratched. But this is only the view of him who drags his wife,s chaperone, and-follow's the exhor- tations of Memo. N 0. Q6, Par. 1, 1916 tManual- of the Chaperonel. To the initiated, hops are as indispensable as supernumerary brass buttons. For ratification, see any hopoid about those dark, dismal days of Col. Quarantinels despotic rule. One more element of the versatile hop, which must not be omittedEthe F EED HOP. At no other time is Confefs smile so consuming as after the tenth dance on such an event- ful evening. He awaits lVIess Call with the same rising hopes that hover o,er the sandy beaches of Annapolis each fall; but J ohn is never doomed to a fate like that fed to the Bri- gade after their long ride to the Polo Grounds. What would we do without the soothing influence of the Femmes whOehaVing tiheard of West Point all their livesllecome up on saturdays to endure the B. S. and the Stetson brogans of us Pampered Pets. Ah, those momentous occasions when we slip hurriedly and unobserved down the stairS, wait breathlessly while she gets her wrap, and wander out into the pale, intoxicating moonlight! All recollections of Double Saps, Fire Trench ttAfi and Cuadernos dash madly from our surging thoughts. We curse softly as we see two vague shadows in our favorite corner. Nothing daunted, we murmur something about last weeks tenths and drift on to occupy the favorite corner of another, and mOre delinquent, spoonoidi Hops are, next to athletics, our truest and most reliable diversion. Philosophically, they are essential to the existence of those few sparks in our brains which link us to the dear dead days When we, too, were human beings, living freely in the great world beyond. Hops bring Femmes, and Femmes bring Enthusiasm; we absorb what we can, and silently, gratefully, thank them from the depths of our hearts. 421 ' I 'HE welledusted dictionary which adorns the abused top of every kaydet locker speaks 4 11121913 HOW Z t bk W mx . h wxwm GthirPrH, 191545117 Presicleni-WEEMS, 17 First Vice-PresidenteMEACHAM, ,17 Second Vice-PresidenteTEALE, t17 SBCTdCLTyMCOFFEY, ,18 Librarian-EYSTER, ,18 Assistant SecretaryeSUCHER, 19 Assistant LibrarianeHORR, ,19 kt t Xxw 5 , h N . thiprt . T IS the object of the Association to be an influence for good in the lives of the men in the Corps; to stand for high ideals and noble purposes; to send men into the Army a little better fitted for their influential and responsible pOSitions of leadership; to cul- tivate and foster Corps fellowship and to pass on Academy ideals. t mrptings Meetings are held on Sunday evenings after the return of the Corps from supper. Nearly all of the meetings have been addressed by speakers from the outside or by ofhcers stationed here. During the past year we have been ttvery fortunate in having With ust, several foreign officers. These men have brought to us unique messages, and the large at- tendances Which some of these meetings have had proves how deeply interestedt the mem- bers of the Corps are in the great European conflict. Nearly the Whole Corps heard the talks given by Lieut. Zinoni Pechkoff 0f the French Army, and Lieut. Lloyd Faulkner of the Royal Flying Corps, and Mr. James H. Hare, WYar Photographer of Leslie,s WVeekly. In camp the meetings are held in front of the Y. M. C. A. tent. The best talks heard through the summer were made by cadets. They were talks on subjects of Corps Honor and Ideals, and how to pass on those principles to the large classes Who follow us. QBthm' Artiuitira Through the Winter months Bible Study Classes are organized. This year, under the effective leadership of NIeacham, Sinkler, and WVOOd, S. A., the enrollment has surpassed that of any previous year. The plebe groups are led by upper classmen after chapel on Sun- day mornings. The upper class groups are led by officers of the post. Each class meets on Sunday morning from 9:30 to 10:30 in one of the halls about barracks. To Chaplain Silver, Capt. Godfrey, Capt, XVestover, Capt. Sage, and Lieut. Hoisington is due the credit for the success Which this yearts work has had. 422 11619111101112 a Through the efforts of Harrison, W. K., and N isley, nearly every plebe attended Miss VVarnefs Bible Class 011 Constitution Island during summer camp. This class is a. heritage of the Corps and, like Corps Honor, comes from time immemorial. The class is conducted 011 Constitution Island in the summer and at the Chaplainls quarters in the Winter. The Y. M. C. A tent in camp is always filled with men leading, writing, and playing the Vic- trola. In banacks the music of the Victrola and piano lighten many a weary hou1 for the Birds on the Area 13 The Post Sunday School,unde1 the supe1intendence of Matt Ridgway, is a fine example of a Big B10ther undertaking.Ma11y new features have been added by the ingenuity of Ridgway and Oliphant. The teachers f01 the past year we1e: Ridgway, lVIcEwan,Meachan1,Ford,VVhitcon1b,Redfield,Schwa1tzk0pf,Ween1s, Knight, J . T., J011es,L.M.,Oliphaht anda Vidal. The Y M C. A sent ten delegates to the N orthfield Conference last summe1. Besides enabling us to get a numbei of good speake1s for the ensuing year, our men met, personally, some of the well- known leaders of the International Association, and had the oppo1tunity of meeting With about eight hundred rep1esentative men f1om nearly every college and university in the East. Men see at N01thfield every type of Christian man, the brilliant student the athlete, the rich man, the p001 man-all young, all enthusiastic and sympa- thetic, ready and anxious to do anything for any othe1 man a1id,ab0ve all, striving to leam t0 malce their lives most useful t0 the W011d. The 191s HOWl ; Z + 5112 Bialmttt 5711mm i 1 El 1 7 - 1 H 13 PresidenteJ. H. FRIER PresidenteC. D. HARRIS the supply of entertainment for our few and, therefore, very valuable hours of free- dom. The activities under its direction range from an elaborate theatrical attempte and succeSSeto furnishing the daily newspapers. Great progress has been made during the past year in every part of its work. In fact, the society has been removed from a state of financial embarrassment to one of plutocratic omnipotence. It has broadened its sphere of influence and assumed an importance in kaydet life of which it never before dreamed. Its chief endeavor is the production of the Hundredth Night Show, and, in this, the Corps votes it success of the highest degree. Throughout the summer it conducted a series of Sunday night Color-Line shows that placed Sunday on the kaydet map. These enter- tainments consisted of movies, local talent music, and a number of one-act sketches, per- petrated by the pen of J . Henley Frier. Another valuable feature afforded by the Dialectic during the summer was a series of talks on the Great War, given by Col. F iebeger, upon its invitation; these lectures offered us a splendid opportunity and we benefited greatly by them. The Corps desires to express here its thanks to C01. Fiebeger. Despite the Quarantine, which was so efficiently con- ducted that not one of us died, though all of us wished to do so, Camp Illumination was an event which we shall not forget. Jack Codels ability as Conductor of a Cabaret and F ood lVIuseum rivals any along Broadway and we freely confess that it is due not only to Jacks inherent ability but to his limitless experience. It was here that the T actical De- partment once condescended to smile on a plebe, for NIL Evans, the Flirtatious Flower Femme, pierced even the time-hardened armor of our Roaring Captain of Field Artillery. In barracks the Dialectic Hall tempts both the lazy and those who have to work. tEX- cept in those infernal moments when Eddie Teale, returning from a. Hash Breakfast, vents what is left of his rage on the pianoJ Throughout the year the Dialectic Society has fur- nished us amusement each Saturday evening. For the success of this department, large credit is due to lVIai-tin. The thiseauxll of ttbarracks, area of barracks, and gymnasiumh have learned to thank the inadvertent thoughtlessness which included in their sentence the last-named resort, for the movies and music in the gym on Saturday night afford a pleasant. sequel to a three-hour hike beneath the Poop Deck. It is hoped that in the future the good work of the present administration will be car- ried on with the same degree of efEciency, and that the old system of throwing all the work on one man will not be resumed. No amount of thanks can express our indebtedness to Mr. Egner, who eompOsed the score and assisted in the direction of the Hundredth Night Show. Our life demands some easily accessible entertainment for the rare occasions When we are free to indulge; and the society should continue to regard its duty as a serious business, and to handle its opportunities with responsible ehiciency. 424 IN this organization we encounter one of the most comprehensive endeavors toward The 191g HOW ; Z "4f Eh? Emil tn Hag . A muairal Gumehg in Glynn; Aria . 331ml: anh Egriw hg 31. 732mg EHriPr anh Zlnlm 0312mm: Whitrnmh muzir by 13111: mam Egner, Evarhpr nf maxinlil. 5. milifary'Amhrmy Ehe His Satanic Majesty ............... J . L. Binder, 290 His Assistant ................... M . 111. Boamcr, CQO The God of War hHonorary Field Marshal of Engineersi. ........o. ... . .P. E. Gallagher, 79 His Assistanto..... .. .. o. .. o....o..C.D.Ha1'ris, h18 SadleJ G.Suchcr,:19 Duberry. .W. F. Redjield, ,17 BlubL 31. Riley, 18 Captain Snitz ...................... W. K. Kalb, 78 Commandant. .. ...........o....I'V. L. Ba'rrigcr, h19 Colonel Quarantine . . .. .....o.. . . NB. H. Perry, '17 Charlotte L. Charming ........... W. C. Coogan, 79 Chaperone, Mrs. Roanoke. . . . . . . J. P. Sullivan, ,17 Orderly ........................... IV. TV. Jenna, ,18 Captain Killer. . . . . . .. .... o. . . . .E. J. IVolff, Jr., ,18 Foreign Officer. .. o. .. .. .o . .J. A. W'eishampel, ,1'7 Captain Bill ..................... L. B . 1W eacham. :17 thear Mr. Frier: After seeing your most adorable leading man in the show last Saturday after- noon I cannot resist taking advantage of those tempt- ing lines in the program. You know what I mean. I want a picture of that deals Cadet Redfield for which K'free pictureh I am inclosing ten cents in stamps. Surely you cannot refuse to comply With my request. My cousin Miss . .. . . . . . is also sending for one. From now 0111 shall be patiently and anxiously waiting for hI-Ias The Mail., h Sincerely, Grace E. New York City. Q1215: Captain Polo Ball .................. C'. L. JIuIZins, ,17 Cadet OEicer of the Day .............. J. C. Tate; T7 - Lieutenant Nelly ................... P. B. Kelly, 170 FatherTime........H...o...........Asa Pope, 77 His Assistant ..................... B. A. Dickson, hQO Captain Shingles .................... A. P. Pope, T7 Cadet Notacrease .................. R. L.-Bowlin, ,17 Theodora.........................H. A.Barber,h18 Alice .......................... D. S. Rumbough, 77 T. Houn'd ........................ W. IV. Jenna, 78 Lieutenant Walford ................. S. H . Young, ;1 7 Professor Spec'. . . . . .. .o .. .o o . . . .J. L. Hayden, ,17 Professor Hiveit .. .. .. o. . . .. . .0. B. Cardwell, hl'f Captain Quilloid. . o .o .o .o ..... . , .R. L. Bowlin, T7 Irene ............................ H. A. 0001161,, '18 Colonel Pillbox'. . . 1.. .. .. . . .. H JV. Sarkville, 7'7 The191eHOWT Yes, dear reader, you can easily see that our dear Cadet Redfield was what is vulgarly known as a llhitfl He rode roughshod over all the female hearts; pardon me, not over all, for I did hear a young lady, doubtless one that owned some movable property in the cast, remark: llI think that he has got his nerve advertising his picture. I think there were lots up there just as good looking as he was? Ah, but you should see the H undredth Night staff. However, the editor worft like my rambling, so I will have to get back to work and brass tacks. The play was all written, at least we thought so, before Christmas. W'hitcomb was able to give the songs to Mr. Egner early enough so that Mr. Egnerx by working like a Tro- jan, could have the entire play orchestrated before Christmas leave. Before going on with the play itself a few words are necessary concerning the staff. lVIiss Evelyn W'oolston originated all the dances, and Shaffer, F. C., taught them to the chorus. T 0 these hard working individuals belongs the entire credit of the success the dances achieved. Both of them with Miller, the pianist, were present every day and if any of them later in life work as hard for Spanish doubloons and pieces of eight as they did for kindnessl sake to help the Hundredth Night Show along they will die Carnegies. Percy Black was stage manager. T 00 much praise cannot be given him. He did his job thoroughly and well, and his systematic handling of the stage was directly responsible for the smooth running performance we were able to give. Barroll, as property man, not only collected enough costumes to make the Court of Solomon look like a side show com- pared With our production, but managed to get a lawsuit. also. T ully and lVaddell, working with Johnson and Miller and assisted by a score of carpenters and painters. produced the scenery; and if you have ever had to produce any scenery you can understand all that the word implies. All of their work was excellent. ' The electrical effects were by Bathurst and Steiner. They likewise deserved honorable mention in the dispatches, and were so men- tioned in that most esteemed periodical, llThe Army and N avy Journal? from whose august pages we will now quote a few extracts. Before doing that there is one important fact that escaped mention; the fact that at both performances the curtain rose exactly on time. Stand and Wlonder! 428 The 191g HO W i 4 The curtain rose' on a scene in intermediate spacee you know the placeethe place where parallel lines meet, and asymptotes, but pardon me, perhaps you have not memorized C. Smith,s "Book of Conundrums? Anyhow, here in space, The God of War who is also Field Marshal of Engineers and His Satanic lVIajesty, 110eno tactical officer, just His Satanic Majesty. You think I am joking. Well then here is the synopsis and you can read the plot for yourself, and I will return to the ttArmy and Navy, for my description. $gnnpaia wk 2': t t t Cadet Gallagher,as Field Marshalof Engineers, was a most laughable figure throughout the evening. at t x The second scene was at The B o 0 d1 e r s f Beautiful girls roam in and out. tThey represented the girls the cadets drag. WVhafs that? Y es, you are right. The play was a comedyy. t A 4 t gCaptain Snitz sings, accompanied by a chorus of German Maidens Who dance blithely in wooden shoes. Makes and Snakes are much in evidence, and the act closes With Colonel Quarantine announcing that West Point is quar- antined. The second act finds every one still in. quarantine. The song of the mail 01'- derly was most tuneful. and Tolo Slavesf sung by Captain Polo Ball, was very cleverly done. The chorus were mounted on pasteboard horses and were armed With small polo mallets. Cadet Riley,s ren- dering of tChevronsf a tenor solo, was one of the hits of the evening. The Yearling writ came as an entfaczfe and was brewed in a huge kettle by the Devil and his assistants, some of whom bore a strange resemblance to some of the Academyts professors, who ever and anon made suggestions towards making the compound more deadly. 499 t m. f The 191g HOWITZ i- tsThe third act opened on an elaborate setting, really beautifully painted, the back drop representing the view of the chapel and the hills as seen from the river. A solid reproduc- tion of Battle lVIonument was very properly surrounded by Y earlings who sang a furlough chorus; laughable dialogue with the chaperone introduced some excellent fancy dancing by different couples; the light effects in this act skillfully pictured sunset and dusk, and were charming; the whole cast returned to the stage for the closing chorus when old Father Time drove on in his armored car to announce that it was just one hundred days till June. Yea F urlough, and then Never AgainV So now you see What the ttArmy and Navy J ournalh thought of our Hundredth Night Show. Lots more could be said about the individual excellence of the different characters. What a splendid chaperone Sully made for that charming Miss Charming; what an ideal heroine Cooney made; how Weishampel and Kolb brought down the house, or how Galla- gher had to be removed from the stage so the audience would stop' laughing long enough to understand what the plot was about. Space prohibits what would otherwise be a pleasure to tell. Let it be sufficient to say that every one did his level best, from the top to the bot- tom, from those that ran the thing, to Cadet Harrison Shaler who acted as general Mes- senger Boy, and all deserve congratulations, not only for the way they worked but also for the excellent spirit that predominated. Also one more pOint, last but by no means least, the end the author of the play had in mind all along was accomplished; the plays raison dletre was achievedenamely, we did tlget the goatl, of that highly exalted, aristocratic and elevated body of Supermen, The Royal Corps of Engineers. Then you know SHE said she was tlthrilled? and so every- body was rewarded. P. SeVVe Wish to thank the tactical department for their free proofreading, and cor- recting of our rough copy. 430 The 191g HOWF "7, 4 LE MARECHAL J OFFRE Mon Cher Colonel, Dana le cadre magnifique de West-Point lee cadets. dont vous dirigez la formation avec tent is comp tenoe. se sontJmagnifiquement prdsent s. Je vous prie de leur transmettre, ainai qu'a leurs inatruoteura, l'expression de ma profonde satisfaction. J'ai 1n dane leurs yeux leur ardent d6sir de combattre pour 13 cause qui nous eat commune; lee officiers francais aeront fiers at heureux de lea accueillir comme des :reres. A Monsieur le Colonel John BIDDLE. Superintendent of the U.S.Military Academy WEST-POINT 439 g'1 The 191g HOWITZ 1917 CA? 11mm ZHnnIhalI BUTLER NIEACHAM REUFIELD FORD MCEWAN GERHARDT, C. H. HOLMES COLE, J . T. MULLINS HARMON Euaphall GERHARDT. C. H. MCMAHON 3321:ch TEALE 434 JONES, L.' M. TIMBERLAKE SCHLENKER COFFEY FLEMING The 191g HOW z IHIE A mm Ennthail HIRSCH Eamhall HOUSE SARCKA 4.35 PLACE HOUSE , MCNEILL DURFEE J ANK The191AgHOWITZ+ ignmitz-zrr 1Q17 Editor-in-Clzief, JONES, H. Associate Editors, RICHARDS, H. R, and DEVINE Business M anagm', TULLY, J. K. Assistant Business M anager, BATHURST Art Editor, STANFORD Assistant Art Editors, BLACK, P. G., and HELM Litermy Editors, .WHITCOMB, BONHAM, PALMER, F. L., and STEINER Athletic Editors, RIDGWAY, and SAUNDERS, W. H. Photography, SCHULYE 436 4 The191AgHOW1' : 7mm?! 1913 Editor-in-Chief, POHL ' Associate Editors, WILLIAMSON, R.' E. S., and FAUST Business M anager, CUSTIS Assistant Business M anager, VVARDROP Art Editor, GRIFFITH Literary Editors, JOHNSON, J. M., LEVY,.HAWKINS, and VVILLARD Photography, EYSTER 1 a . M $nlg1h2 mum reliable tirma' ahueritap in 55hr Qnmitgef; tnihpnw ynur apprentatinn nf 1112 aaaiatanrp 1112;; have ginm 1m in make thin puhlimtinn pnaaihle, hy armrhing them gnur patrnnage. 1 Elnhpx tn Ahnprtimm ALEXANDER, ANDREW ALLIEN, HENRY V. N C0. ALSPAUGH, E. 5.8; Co. ARMOUR AND COMPANY ARMSTRONG, E. A. MFG. Co. ARMY MUTUAL AID ASSOCIATION ARMY AND N AVY CO-OPERATIVE Co. ARMY AND N AVY J OURNAL BAILEY, BANKS N BIDDLE BANNISTER, JAMES A. C0. BAUSCH N LOMB BETHLEHEM STEEL COMPANY BIANCHI, W. N CO. BORSUM BROS. BRIDGES, A. T. N C0. BROOKS BROS. CAMMEYER CHARLOTTESVILLE WOOLEN MILLS CIPOLARI JOSEPH CLAFLIN H. B. CORP. COLDWELL LUVN MOWER CO COLT s PATENT FIRE ARMS MFG. C0.' CORBY COMPANY CROSS, MARK COMPANY CURTISS AEROPLANE C0. DOWLING, GEO W. T. DUNHAM. THou xs C. DU PONT, E. I. POWDER Co. ELECTRIC CITY ENGRAVING C0. ELLIOTT CH xs. H. CO. . FIRST NATIONAL B xNK OF IIIGHL xND F xLL FOSTER, CHARLES T. GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY HALSEY, C. D. N C0 HAUSAUER-JONES PRINTING C0. HAYT, PETER B. N Co. HOE, CHAS. R. HOPPE, FRANK A. . A HORSTMAN, WM. H. COMPANY . HOTEL ASTOR HOTEL WEST POINT INTERNATIONAL HEATER CQ. JENKINS BROS. KEEN, GEORGE T. PAGE 50 40 20 4G 16 30 4L9 50 42 40 47 KEUFEEL N ESSER C0. KNOX HAT Co. LEMCKE N BUECHNER LEOPOLD, MORSE N C0. LILLEY, M. C. N C0. MALT DIASTASE COMPANY MATTHEWS MCCUTCHEON, JAMES N C0. MERRIAM, G. N C. CO.. MORRISON, J. M. NATIONAL PREPAR XTORY ACKDEMY NELSON, EDWARD A. NEWARK TRUNK CO. O'KEEFE, MAURICE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE Co. REEDNS SONS, JACOB RICE N DUVAL . ROGERS, CHAS. P. N Co. ROGERS PEET Co SECOND NATIONAL BANK SHIPMANNS SONS, ASA L. SIGMUND EISNER C0. SMITH N WESSON SPALDING, A. G. N BROS. STAPLES, JAMES A. STETSON SHOPS SUDBURY, E. B. N Co. TAYLOR, ALEX N Co. TEITZEL, JONES N DEHNER TIFFANY N Co. TOWER BROS. E . . E TRAVELERS INSURANCE COMPANY UNITED SHIRT N COLLAR Co. UNITED STATES RUBBER Co. WALLACH BROS. . E WALLEN, GEORGE S. N Co WARNOCK I'NIEORM Co. . WASHINGTON LOAN N TRUST C0. WEBER N HEILBRONER WHITE STUDIO . , . WHITMAN, STEPHEN F. N SON WHITTEMORE SHOE POLISHES WITTE, FRANCIS T. HARDWARE Co. YOUNG BROS. PAGE 12 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER T1 FFANY 8; C0. JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS STATIONERS J EWE LRY, WATCH ES, RINGS FOBS,EMBLEM PINSJTROPHIES SILVER CUPS, STATIONERY WITH MONOGRAMS IN COLOR,INVITATIONS OFALL KINDS, DIPLOMASMEDALS AND DIES FOR STAMPING SEALS PROMPT ATTENTION QIVEN TO INQUIRIES BY MAIL FIFTH AVENUE 8K 37 TESTREET NEW YORK When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER '. OFFICERS IN THE UNITED STATES ARMY recognize The merit cf The OIticles produced ky hand honor with their poironoge -this Home Bar Pins gr Military Designs-Closs Crests f the U. S. Military Academy mounted on o Sabre Rfle or Cannon, - fitted With strong Sgtem 0nd scyregv clasp h S TAT I o N E RY Samples OjrpOIpGTS and prices for die stomp- ing, embossing or illummomg for Class Crests or the Academy Seals sent upon applic otion BAILEY, BANKS c3 BIDDLE Cc; Diamond Merchants, jewelers, Silversmiths, Hero 1disfs, Sfohoners philo delphio When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER PRESTIGE Great honor has been conferred upon this house for the pro- duction of jewels and decorations of the finest qualit37-fhe reputation of which for clistinctiveness, elegance anti originality has been acknowledgecl in every city and state,vand all' parts of the worlci, and is attested to by the fact that this house has 'bu PHILADELPHIA heen appointecl the official jewelers to Society of the Cincinnati Medal of Honor of the United States Society of Sons of the Revolution General Society of War of 1812 Aztec Club of 1847 Order of Indian Wars of the United States Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States Naval Order of the United States Society Army of the Potomac Order of Runnemede tMagna ChartEQ Hereditary Order of the Descendants of Colonial Governors Naval and Military Order of the Spanish- American War The Veteran Corps of Artillery of New York The Military Society of the War of 1812 Medal Commemorative of the Centennial Anniversary, 7th Regiment, National Guard, State of New York Order of the Founders and Patriots of America, Centennial and Memorial Association of Valley Forge United States Military Academy, Classes 1909-16 Inclusive National Society of the Colonial Dames of America 1 Society of Daughters oftthe Cincinnati ' The Daughters of Holland Dames Charter Members' and Officerst Insignia, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Descendants of Signers National Society of Patriotic Women of America . Order of the Crown Order of Colonial Lords of hdanors in America 1' Society of Americans of Royal Descent The Huguenot Society of America Society of the Ark and the Dove United States Naval Academy, Numerous Classes , Navy League of the United States Order of Washington Celonial Society of'Pennsylvania Pennsylvania German Society Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Militatv Order of the Dragon Military Order of the Carabao Military Order of Moro Campaigns Society Army of Santiago de Cuba Order of St. George of the Holy Roman Empire Union. Society of the Civil War The Hand Book, l9l7. illustrates and prices about 300 Distinctive Gifts. Mailed free to any part of the world. Bailey, Banks 5' Biclcue Co. Jewelers since 1832 Hmmm PHILADELPHIA ' Emit? Diamond Merchants When writing toladver'tisers, please mention THE HdWITZER $.71 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Telephone 9 Madison Square J. H. STRAHAN RICE 8c DUVAL TAILORS ARMY UNIFORMS A F E A T U R E 258 - 260 FIFTH AVEN UE Between 28th and 29th Sts. NEW YO RK 6 When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER WWNW .CAMMEYER NEW YORK Headquarters for Complete Ottfits of Foot- wear for the Army MERCHANDISE SENT TO ANY PART OF THE WORLD Catalogue of Mews, Women1s and Childrenis , Shoes on Request U. S. A. Puttee 1 Regulation V Army U. S. A. W; .7 1 g, I Blucher Boot Ou riidng boo t5 31611051111;er a This is a shoe which is specially con 1111315211 Sb? nihyasslgm es N 1 1:1 structed to stand the hardest kind of wear. Lu ma :kin 11g this c1115 5511 Made ofstrong Lan leather. oak tan sole, "aC aermmey 'cbu kle- with a low, 11a: heel, patented English back- a 61111 utLee leggiu 115g, . 1 ' rm 0 a me ntel fin est 1111 andilack wh 18d lea the Sat a? to. stand :fgylgm21e . V1111 ahaend.;wevel1f1,t;1t 1:501 an Had genuine imported pignskin at;111p1cesw111c11 A le de fy 0 1 Ca 1 I C - 5313 ----------- 5:21 :3 tio11.e a is ac 61011; 5112:: Lo sa ait sfye ermy1e. Mahogatiy Colored Horse- GenuilnekPigskin 1Tan Oiss 00 Style 1325, Tan Norweg l a 11 Cal hid .................. 30 00 B Speci al Calf Measur ements $7.50 on Boots,add1tional 2 00 HE So ft Legr ridin 11g boot. which SrEsti111Loduced by Ca avmme " has viath aryve la ccess. Its use bv c1211 11111 of the Ar rainy nd ac constanstly go ving pu ubli 1c has demone 511 61121 le Nile ecr; rrce mess of mg: :del. The boot tits rrce tlyu .1ind 1tsa aeapp aran ce ise Cclle1 . Black From 1011 Calf Fine Russia Galfski A Full Line of White Buck and Canvas Shoes and Oxfords for Tropical Wear, also Patent Leather and Dull Leather Pumps for Dress and Street Wear. .11. Cammeye Ma-nsm d 47-51 an Siamged on a West 34th St. 20th St' Sh 06 means New York StandardfMerit Branch De Luxe, 381 Fifth Ave., New York When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HoiVITZER 7 .0 Z 1. 1; N1 1: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER THE TEST OF SERVICE FACTS PROVEN BY THE EUROPEAN WAR Shortly after the outbreak of the present war in Europe our Revolvers were adopted by the English Government as their regulation side arm, and since then the Canadian Government have done likewise, and now the U. S. Govern- ment has adopted our arm, realizing from exhaustive tests and the actual experience of Great Britain that no arm manufactured today is the equal of the "Old Reliable" SMITH 8c WESSON : REVOLVER: For Military Purposes We make all kinds, write us for Booklet and Particulars When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER BEST Roseas cus-rom FEET . TAILOES COMPANY' All other things being equal, why pay, high prices to tailors? Besides, With us, there's always " your money back, if you want it". Everything you wear-Clothing, furnish- ings, hats and shoes. M ail Orders Filled ROGERS PEET COMPANY Broadway Broadway at 13th St "The at34th St. . Four . V Broadway Corner? . Fifth Ave. at Warren at 413': St.. NEW YORK CITY . When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HowITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER ESTABLISHED 1816 . INCORPORATED 18 9 s OVER A CENTURY OF EXPERIENCE UNIFORMS cma' EQUIPMENTS WM. H. HORSTMANN COMPANY PHILADELPHIA NEW YORK 10 When writing to advertisers, please'mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER WM.C.MUSCHENHEIM 7215 RENDEZ V0 US FOR THE OFFICERS 0F THE.ARMY l-r r When writing to advertisers, please mention TH E HOWITZER 11 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER ' Wallach Bros. Hats, Haberdashery and Hart Schaffner 85 Marx Clothing x3! Four New York City Stores Broadway at 29th St. Broadway below Chambers St. Third Ave., corner 122nd St. Open. 246-248 West 125th St. Evenings 19 When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Henry V. Allien 18C C0. Successors to HORS-TMANNJBRO-S. 8c ALLIEN Make-rs of+ Army Eq uip'mEnts THAT HAVE STOOD THE TEST SINCE 1815 7, WWII! 0x g, 0 D 734 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER 13 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER JACOB REED4S SONS M anufacturers 0f FINEST UNIFORMS and STANDARD EQUIPMENT for ARMY OFFICERS CIVI LIAN CLOTHING Custom Tailored and Rmdyfor Service Haberdashery, Hats and Dress Accessories 1424-1426 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia NEW YORK WASHINGTON Marbridge Building, Broadway at Herald Square 734 Fifteenth Street, N. XV. ATLANTIC CITY ANNAPOLIS Garden Pier 82 Maryland Avenue 14 When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER THE .4 , Second National. Bank OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK Fifth Avenue and Twenty-Eighth Street Capital and Surplus $ 4,626,996.25 Total Resources - - 23,177,157.11 THIS BANK GIVES SPECIAL CARE TO THE BANKING REQUIRE- MENTS 'OF THE OFFICERS OF THE ARMY AND THE NAVY. DEPOSITS RECEIVED BY MAIL OR THROUGH THE ARMY AND NAVY PAYMASTERS. When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER e0 N D dcTUAl MAKij, The WOTICFS Greatest Leather Stores Gloves purses e Sadclles Bricues Wallets Leggings Bill Folds Card Cases Suit Cases portfolios Toilet Cases Travelling Bags Equestrian Goods Tobacco pouches Cigar and Cigarette Cases Steamer ancl Dress Trunks purchases can be made from the Mark Cross Company, either in person or by mail. 5: 5r- . 9. ' 9- 5n Hundred Page Illum'ated Catalogue Upon Request MARK CROSS COMPANY 253 Broaclway e New York e 404 5th Ave. eopp. City Ham 01$ 37th StretD Boston, 145 Tremont St. London, 89 Regent Stg 16 When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER I THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Bethlehem Steel Company III Broadway, ' .25 Victoria St. New York City ' . London, S. W. Manufacturers of Guns and Projectiles - Steel Forgings and Castings Armor Plate Structural Steel' Fuses, Cartridge Cases Rails, Machinery Field Gun E'quipment Proving Gmund: a2: Redington, Pm, and Cape May, N. j. We am continuously manufacturing Ordnance Matmiczl for the U. S. Army U. S. Navy, and for Foreign Govm'nmmw. ' 4.5-inch Field Howitzer, Manufactured by thveBethlehem Steel Company W'hen writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER 17 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER DU FONT M I L I T A R Y EXPLOSIVES THE STANDARD OF THE WORLD Rifle Smokeless Division E. I. Du Pont De Nemours 8? C0. Wilmington, Delaware When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Pay Cheeks lof- Army Officers Will be drawn in favor of and deposited in the banking institution designated by endorsement on their monthly pay vouchers. You can have your check deposited in'. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HIGHLAND FALLS, N . Y., and thereby Inconvenience and Delay may be Avoided as the checks Will then be sent direct to us, and the amount immediately placed td yoUr credit, making your funds readily available through your own Cheeks. Q Remittances made to any part of the world. Q Letters of Credit and Travelers, Checks issued avail- able the world over. Q Drafts issued on the principal countries of the world, . including South America and the Orient. .Correrpondmce Invited The F irst N ational Bank of Highland F 21115 Highland Falls, N. Y. UNITED S TA TES DEPOSITAR Y When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER 19 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER i COLT FIREARMS! The Proven Best by Government Test COLT REVOLVERS: Made in all desirable calibers weights and sizes, for Protection, Target Shooting and ali- around use. U. S. Government standard for more than half a century, and the choice of IVIilitary Organizations, Police Departments and Expert Shooters the world over. They hold world,s records for Accuracy and are famed for their Safety and Durability. COLT AUTOM ATIC PISTOLS: Adopted by the U. S. Government for its Army and Navy after exhaustive com- petitive tests because of their marked superiority to any other known pistol. Made in a variety of sizeshiiVest Pocket" to heavy cTorty-fives." Catalog and thcial folder; illwtrate and demribe the complete COLT line. Your special requirements can be met With a COLT. COLTiS PATENT FIRE ARMS MFG. CO. HARTFORD, CONN. 20 When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER CHARLOTTESVILLE WOOLEN MILLS CHARLOTTESVILLE, . VIRGINIA MANUFACTURERS OF High-Grade Uniform Cloths IN Sky and Dark Blue Shades FOR Army, Navy, and Other Uniform Purposes AND The largest assortment and best quality CADET GRAYS I Including those used at the U.IS. Military Academy at West Point and other leadinglVIilitary-Schools of the country When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER 21 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER A T H L E T E S Make Best Soldiers We Equip Both ALEX. TAYLOR 8 CO., Inc. MILITARY ATHLETIC SPECIALISTS 26 East 42nd Street New York OPP. HOTEL MANHATTAN SEND FOR MILITARY CATALOG 22 When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER e-"Do It'ElectricallyL Iths the Modern way. because it's the Efficient way, the Clean Way, the Safe way and often the Only way. IN the development and imprbvement 0f the limitless applications of electricity it has been the distinction of the General Electric Company to have a leading part. Through its great Research Laboratories,engineering organization and extensive factories, ALL that has 'been learned in each held of electrical endeavor has been applied to the furtherance of every other held. . -. - When you have any problem of Light, Heat, Power or Transportation to solve, .or when you buy or specify any piece of electrical apparatuSefrom a Mazda Lamp to a large generatoreremember the experience and knowledge behind the G-E Monogram, the Trade Mark that means tO'you and to the worldehThe Guarantee of Excellence on Goods Electrical? GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY general Offices, Schencta d-yr, N. Y SALESOFFICES 1N PRINCIPALCITIES t When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER 23 THE HOVVITZER ADVERTISER ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE FOR OFFICERS OF THE ARMY Accident Life H arse H with F ire Theft Automobile Jewelry Floaters You have the benefit of my personal service When any claim is presented. There is no charge for this. CHARLES R. HOE, JR., Insurance Specialist for the Service New A4dd7'65$ 84 William Street, New York Phone, 5500 John. When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER The Chas; H. Elliott C0. THE LARGEST COLLEGE ENGRAVING HOUSE IN THE WrOR'LD Commencement Invitations Class Day Programs, Class Pins Dance Programs RRRRRRRRR Fraternity and .C H E C O v and ' PHILADELPHIA Invitations Class Inserts Menus 'for Annuals Leather Dance Fraternity Cases and and Class Covers ' Stationery Wedding Invitations and Callingv'Cards WORKS-17th STREET and LEH-IGH AVE. PHILADELPHIA, PA. When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER 25 $g $$$$$$$$$ $ g5. x x x Xx w x QX Ex x $$x Nxxxxxx THE HOWITZER ADVERTISERK $x wa X w X Q ing 01:0. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX B X c gitg Engtab ENGRAVINGS FOR THIS BOOK Y BUFFALO ?Iectri me XWM x N xxxxxkkxxx lxiiaixQ$ag$$sgggx$$ kk$$x$x When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER 26 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Beautiful forms and compositions are not made by chance, nor can they ever, in any material, be made at small expense. A composition for cheapness, and not for excellence of workmanship. is the most frequent and certain cause of the rapid decay and entire destruc- tion of arts and manufactures. -Ruskin URclaim to your considera- tion lies in. the fact that we have applied to our own business the thought contained in this quotation from one of the world's greatest thinkers and practical workersr e If there is anything attractiVe beyond the ordinary, in the page' arrangement, cover decoration, presswork'..and general harmony which distinguish our work,- be assured'it has not been due to chance. We leave nothing to chance. Every line, page, volume, as it comes from, our establishment, is the result of a carefully laid, conscientiously executed plan. The thought and the super- vision which our system provides is your guarantee of excellence. If you have anything to be printed, write us; if we under- take it, we will do it well. Haus'auer-Jones Printing Co. 45-51 Carroll Street Buffalo, N. Y. i When writing to advertisers, please mention THE I-IOWITZER 27 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER 1546-48 Broadway, New York eBetween 45th and 46th Sts. in Times Squard 557 Fifth Avenue Photographers to This Book and many other Colleges for :: :: the Season :: 2: The School and College Department makes available the best skilled artists and modern methods, and also assures promptness and :: accuracy in completion of work- muurmnuuHIIwmwmxnwwmwInwmuumMnummminunuwmunxuwmwuHInmmulmmmmnnn S mdio J- 51150 in InuwmHummnmmwIwwmIi!xnnumumwmmmummmMu1mmummummuwmmmnmmn Northampton, Mass. South Hadley, Mass. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Princet-on, N. J. Lawrenceville, N, j. West Point, N. Y. Cornwall, N. Y. Hanover, N. H. Ithaca, N. Y. Lafayette, Ind. When writing to advertisers, please mention T HE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Nine Years, Experience in Writing Insurance I for Officers of the United States Army has qualified me to give the Best Information Obtainable on this subject 1II refer to a long list of officers, in all branches of the service, among whom are a large number of Instructors and recent Graduates of West Point, Who haVe purchased InsurancE: through this office. JAMES . REYNOLDS POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. Army Reprwmmtive of The Prudmtialr Insurance Company of 14711871ch When Writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZEB, 29 INTERIOR VIEWS OF ONE OF THE FIVE CURTISS FACTORIES Such photographs as these show better than words the manufacturing capabilities of THE CURTISS AEROPLANE COMPANY, Buffalo, U. S. A. Established Training Schools at Buffalo, N. Y. Newport News, Va. Miami, Fla. 30 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER EIXabli'Ilzrd half a century ' Trade 111471: R Kgiyterm' James MCCutCheon 8e Company The Greatest Treasure House of Linens in America Importers and Retailers of Fine Table Linens, Bed Linens, Towels, Bed Coverings, Menjs Hosiery, Neckwear, Shirts, Pajamas Bath Robes, Sweaters, Gloves. Our Custom Shirt Department is espe- Cially worthy of inspection. Fit and workmanship are guaranteed. We offer the largest range of shirtings in New York. Pure Linen Handkerchiefs a Specialty. ' Mail Order; receive our prompt avtfention Fifth Avenue, 34th and 33d Streets, New York QM Zfow 5W3 W5uW? How many unfamiliar names, new words, and puzzling war terms did you skip over as blank space in this morningis paper because of ignorance? If 1 011 are asked the value of a 1371, the location Do technical terms in an 'automohile catalogue of Nigerza, the capital of xlbyJ- - convey a meaning to'you? Do Wxima 01 the ptonunciation of you know that the familiar Prmmysl, do brou hesitate or Word Khaki is derived from the become embarrassed? Persian word meaning dust? Is How many business letters HngCWg a city 01' an ISIand? have come to your attention to-day containing poor choice of words, careless punctuation. incorrect spelling? If you are seeking efficiency and ad- I vancement- DICTIONARY provides the means to 400 000 Vocabulary Terms Hundreds of NEW Words not given in any other dictionary win success. It is an all- knowing 12 000 Biographical Entries teacher, a universal Question answerer, made 151;;g:a:tg?e;'tf;a:gggnggg subjeds by specialists to meet your needs 6000111ustration5 2700 Pages WRITE for specimen pages of Regular and India-Paper Editions. FREE Pocket Maps if you name The Howitzer G. 8: C. .MERRIAM CO. SPRINGFIELD, MASS., U. S. A. When writing to advertisers, please mention T HE HOWITZER 31 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Fifty -J'ECO71d Yam Ejmblixlztd 1865 THE M. C. LILLEY 5k CO. M aleers of H igh - Grade Equ1pme n ts for Army Officers .. . THE FAMOUS LILLEY CAPS Built on beautiful and -T . ; pleasing lines. IIIlllllII1iIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIiiiiiIiIIIIH FCZCZO7'165l Immmnmummmmmlmnmlm Extremely light, com- C O L U M B U S , 0 H10 fortable and durable. ESTABLISHED1857 ANDREW ALEXANDER. HE newest models as well as' a complete line of con- servative shoes for dress or service wear. I HI Mail orders intelligently 7 filled by competent salesmen. Sixth Avenue Fifth Avenue at 19th Street at 45th Street N E W Y O R K Correspondence Invited 32 When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER ESTABLISHED IBIS vm ?umigh'fftg 00b5, MADISON AVENUE COR. FORTY-FOURTH STREET NEW YORK Telephone IWW'my Hill 8800 The making to measure of Uniforms for thcers of the United States Army has been an important feature of our business from its foundation through the Nlexican War; the Civil VVar' h the Spanish War and up to the present time We have always taken especial pains to keep abreast of the changes in regulatibns and the requirements occasioned by new conditions in the service We use the best grade of materials and our prices are moderate Civilian Clothing Ready made and to Measure Furnishings, Hats, Shoes, Trunks, Bags and Leather Goods Our va Illusiratml Catalogue Containing mare lhan. One Hundred Photographic Plates wiil be scnl on rcquesl BOSTON SALES-OFFICES NEWPORT SALES-OFFICES TREMONT. con. BOYLSTON STREET 220 B ELLEVUE AVENUE Used by Uncle Sam's Expert Rijgemm Hoppeg Nitro Powder Solvent NO. 9 F07 Cleaning High Power tSibringjigldh Rifl'w, Shot Gum", Revolver; ' and Fire Arm: of all kind; ' A compound that will remove the residue of any high power powder, including Black Powder. It Will prevent Rusting and Fitting in any climate. ?f This compound will neutralize any residue, loosen metal fouling and leading that may be left in the h barrel after cleaning. The only solvent that Willhremove Rust, lVIetal Fouling and Leading. For cleaning .22 cal. RiHes and Revolvers, and keeping them in good.con- dition, it has no'equal. vWT'No. 9 is endorsed by the most prominent riHemen of America. Used by U. S. Rifie Teams, and at Buenos Ayres, Argentine. Samples will be sent on receipt of 5c in stamps. No rifleme or Quartermastefs Dept. shouldtba without it. Sold by Harri- ware and Sporting Goods Dealers, and at Post Ewhanges. TradeMark FRANK A. HOPPE, Sole .Mcmufacturer Regwlm 1741 NORTH DARIEN- STREET PHILADELPHIA l When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER a 33 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER W Smart Clothes are famous at every important College and 1Trepw School in the East and South. New York Agent; for , g?naptg Email 01111111125 Made in Chicago by Alfred Decker 8: Cth Quality considered, our prices are very moderate $ 20-384 5 . M01771 ezw 1 Custom Clothes, $35-$65 7 Flannel Trousers Silk Suits Haberdasheries Broadway and 27th Street New York Established 1855 CHAS. P. ROGERS 8i CO. 14-16 East 33rd Street New York Mamzfaclmerf of FINE BEDDING, SPRING BEDS, COUCHES AND DAVENPORTS, BRASS AND IRON BEDSTEADS DOWN QUILTS CUSHIONS, ETC. Factory, 517-523 West 29th Street New York 34: When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER K 8:. E Surveying Instruments RANSITS, Levels, Tapes, Rods, are the recognized standard in a11 branches of the' Engineering Profession. The excellence of their design and construction insures accu- racy and reliability under all conditions of use. Consult Our Catalog. KEUFFEL ESSER CQ'A NEWYORICRZFquOn St. GeneraIOche mafidorics, HUBOMMN cf. CHICAG 0 ST. LOUIS SAN FRAN C1500 MONTREAL 516 ' 20 S.Dearborn St. 817 Locust St. 18'50 Second St. 5NotreDameStW. NO. 5085 C Jawthgjqaiem'als Aafiemalzlal analurzzqyz'rzodvfmfrumenls Mmsurz;gZaives Where QUALITY, STYLE 472d WORKMANSHIP Count Q We solicit Your order fbr BOOTS and BOOT TREES. Twenty-flve years7 6011- tinuous business, making BOOTS for the U. S. ARMY OFFICERS, we believe is a recommendation worthy of your consider- ation. 'A square deal is assured you. TEITZEL, JONES 8-DEHNER MAKERS OF QUALITY BOOTS. WICHITA KANSAS When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER 35 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Nlanufacturers of TRUNKS and LEATHER GOODS for Military Officery Use MMML, NEWARK TRUNK COMPANY II WEST 42d STREET NEW YORK CITY Standard F abrics for United States Army, Navy and Marine Corps Officers, Uniforms Fine Woolen: W. BIANCHI 8: CO. 225 FIFTH AVENUE, corner TVVENTY-SEVENTH STREET NEW YORK 36 When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER THE STETSON SHOE For Service Wear, Civilian Dress, and Dress Occasions T HE 'STETSONQ SHOEK Look for The Red Diamond The High Sign of Shoe Quality SOLD BY . v THE STETSON SHOPS 5 East 42nd St. New York 143 Broadway . , Springfleld, Mass.; Hartford, Ct; Pittsburgh; Washington; Cleveland; Chicago; and all other principal Cities. Factory at South Weymouth, Mam. Tower Bros. Stationery C0. Wholesale, Retail and Manufacturing STATIONERS LOOSE LEAF DEVICES A SPECIALTY PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING ENGRAVING Blank Books to Order, OHice, Railroad and Bank Supplies Mail Order; given prompt attention Tzltphone; 2323432442325 Gramm'cy 23 West 23rd Street . New York When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER AMERICAN-MADE HATS FOR AMERICANS ttYoungts Hats are as good as they looktt 10 Stores in Greater New York Agencies Everywhere The reputation of Spaldingk Athletic Goods for Quality, Which has been made in over forty years of successful business, has been acquired only by manufacturing With the utmost care and giving to the public Athletic Goods of the very best grade that can be produced. Catalogue on request W. 124 Nassau Street NEW YORK CITY 523 Fifth Avenue 38 When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER The Officerts Rain Coat. Adapted to mounted and unmounted service as well as to civilian wear. It is of double texture material Which matches the service uniform, has the regu- lation collar, sword slit, and is absolutely Wind and waterproof. The Officerts Rain Cape NIade of double texture ma- terial same as oihcerts coat. It is lightweight and cool, : having a Wide sweep, equipped With straps run- ning from the shoulders un- der the arms and fastening in back, so it will not drop off When worn unbuttoned. h Booklgt and Samplw 0f Cloth Smut bn Requwl We make Cadet Rain Coats for Military Schools and Colleges, also the celebrated KhCandee" extension toe and UNITED STATES RUBBER C0,, BOSTON BRANCH 280-284 Summer St., Boston, Mass. Succtmor: t0 ENTERPRISE RUBBER CO, Bayton, Mam. GEORGE S. WALLEN 81 CO. FINE COFFEES 90 Water Street New York City When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER 39 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER High Pressure is being used more and more-demanding higher service standards. As With other equipmentithe valves must be designed to Withstand the heavier duty and ex- JenkinsBIosValves Extra Heavy Pattern are specially designed for modern high pressure power plant installation. Valve economy and safety are assured wherever they form part of the equipment. pansion stresses. They are guaranteed to remain tight under the follow- ing working pressurCSe Brass e300 pounds Iron Bodyezso pounds Cast Steele'jso pounds, total temperature, 8000 F. Catalogue mailed 0n requwt JENKINS BROS., New York. Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago NIodeI gUh Motor Lawn Mower and Roller Hand, Horse, and Motor, Lawn Mowers Write for Litti'alure ColdWell Lawn Mower Company Newburgh, N. Y. When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Pm OnhMy Way from a thoughtful main to -a thankful h maid, With Candies that carry a message of good Will, in exquisite good taste. Clzocolafei Favorites in thz Service for Savantthi-Ive Year: STEPHEN F. WHITMAN 8c SON, INC, PHILADELPHIA, U. S. A. h THAT hBANISTERh LO'OK' Be sure this stamp is on the sole ' h ESTABUSHWS and you-Will secure the same per- fection that you demand in your other apparel. James A. "Banister Co. A E 1.1 . GOTZIAM kITAirlf h d k h 370-386 Orange Street n ng1s1 cut 1mporte p1gs 1n uc er, ar ma og- any color, with shield tip. The very newest; Newark, N- J-; U. S' A- When writihg to advertisers, please mention TiiEHOWITZER 41 THE HOVVITZER ADVERTISER 2-11-a4e42'rh3" e We manufacture Steam and Hot Water Cast Iron Boilers, Hot . - - - w- .. Water Supply Boilers, Steam and Air or Water and Air Combina- i i l l I ' '1' tion Heaters, Warm Air Furnaces, Onefire Heaters7 One Room : ' l": 1 I Illkl'li t Heaters and Auxiliary Water Heaters in a Wide range of sizes. IHTERHA'I'IOHA L HEATING APPARATUS EMPRESS BOILERS ARE MADE IN 33 SIZESeCAPACITIES, 7oo FEET TO 6500 FEET DIRECT STEAM RADIATION, AND CORRESPONDING SIZES FOR HOT WATER. Notice the openings between the sectiOHSeat the crown sheet. These allow the flames to wrap around the lower water-fllled surfaces and mix With the gases in the first flue passage, thus pro- moting complete combustion. . This is an exclusive feature of the EMPRESS boiler and am of the reasons for its high elhciency. INTERNATIONAL HEATER COQPAHY General Offices, UTICA, N. Y. NEW YORK: 601 W. 27th St. CHICAGO: 1933 Wentworth Ave. More than 6000 Officers of the United States Army and Navy have already joined this Organization These ofhcers'have thus organized for the purpose of reducing their high cost of living. This is accomplished through the medium of a IOWO Discount given all members 0H any purchases they may make from any of our stores. Arrangements have also been made With over 250 leading retail stores, scattered throughout the United States, Where savings can also be made on purchases. Write for particular; as to membership. ' We Will be pleased to send you a copy of our Army Catalogue, also a list of the Stores Where you can Buy at 21 Saving, if you request them ARMY AND NAVY CO-OPERATIVE COMPANY 16 East'42nd Street near 5th Avenue, New York, N. Y. Also 721e7 Seventeenth St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 1123-5 So. Broad St, Philadelphia, Pa. When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER IVE W YORK. Tl26re is a KNOX Hat for Every. Occasz'0n , Officers, Campaign. Hats 21 Specialty Apparel for Mufti and Sporting Wear KNOX HAT COMPANY- INCORPORATED ' 161 Broadway Singer Building 452 Fifth Avenue At 40th Street . Algmtx Throughout the United State: and Territorial P055555i0m JOSEPH CIPOLARI . W J; G. Haas TELEPHONE. MAIN 2202 Umformsand Civilian Dray 826 Connecticut 14122., -Washington, D. C. . When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER 43 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER THE WASHINGTON LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY Washington, D. C. CAPITAL, SURPLUS and UNDIVIIDED PROFITS $2,237,359.16 Interest paid oxi Checking Accounts Trusts ExecutedeSafe Deposit VaultseEstates Managed Headquarters for Service Accounts Fiscal Agents, Army and Navy Club Booklet, itBanking-by-Mail," sent on request by Charging extra premiums, or rating the applicant up from six to eight years7 THE TRAVELERS INSURANCE CONIPANY of Hartford, Con- necticut, issues contracts to ofhcers of the Navy Without restrictions or conditions as to residence, travel and occupation from date of issue. After the contract is issued no extra premium can ever be charged for military or naval service either in peace or war. At age 22 a policy for $10,000 on the zo-Payment Life Premium Reduction plan, Will cost $297.70 the first year and $219.30 for the remaining nineteen years. Total premiums paid in 20 years, $4,464.40; an ayerage of $22.33 per $1,000 per annum. New Disability Clause Without additional charge. About ZSCZ; 0f the commissioned ofhcers of the United States Navy are already covered by the Travelers contracts written through this Bureau, and are now enjoy- ing the benefit of the protection at the low guaranteed rates of this Company. Before deciding on your insurance, write to me for full particulars. Special a'rrangements made With NIidshiprnen in payment of premiums. Address: ALTHOUGH most life insurance companies discriminate against the Service, D. J KANE, Special Agent Army and Navy Bureau THE TRAVELERS INSURANCE COMPANY Suite 601-606 Woodward Building WASHINGTON, D. C. 44:. When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER .THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER There is a Dealer in Your Neighborhood Who Sells .zirmotlrs W Package Foods No matter Where you buy these famous p1'oducts, Armour s nation- Wide system of quick distribution assures that they reach you in perfect condition: 101 va1ieties of Canned Maats,inc1uding: Pork and Beans, Mince Meat, Ketchup, Chili Sauce, and Evaporated NIilk Look for the Oval Label on Dealers? Windows UALITY1 Are All Made With Sliding Space for Ties Give Good Service . For $41514: . A11 Ments Furnishing Stores Makers UNITED SHIRT 86 COLLAR CO. Troy, N. Y. When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOW'ITZER 45 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Corby. Yeast is of standard strength and uniform purity. Therefore, bread baked With Corby Yeast is purest and bat. 34" The Corby Company Washington, D. C. . YOU LIKED YOUR 22WEST POINTER" CIVILIAN OVERCOAT Why not choose your civilian summer suit from CADEMY CLOTHES Urrom the same makerw $15 $20 $25 $30 $35 2smart 2thoroughly well made -dependable 2unusually good values LEOPOLD, MORSE 8: CO. Adams Square Boston , MaSS. Exclusive Designs in Woolens for Spring ' Evening Dress Suits and the Tuxedo or Dinner Coat 21 Specialty. CHARLES T. FOSTER Merchant Tailor 268 Main Street Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Tel. 224-225 Chelsea E. S. Alpaugh 8: C0. Established 1864 Incorporated 1910 Wholesale Distributors Dressed Meats, Provisions Poultry, Eggs, Butter Canned Goods, Etc. Steamship: and Hotelx Supplied 16 to 24 Bloomfield Street West Washington Market New York Always get our prices before placing your order. When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Edward . A. Nelson Merchant Ta 2' I 0 r Special Diycoum 2:0 Cadet; 35 Nlarket Street Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Geo. T. Keen Incorporated T 017074? 1310 F Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllIllHlllIlIllllIllHllllllllllIlI1lIlIilIIIllIII1lIIllIIIllllIllllIllIlIllIlIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllI UNIFORMS For U. S. ARMY and . NATIONAL GUARD Officers and Enlisted Men UNIFORMS Independent Military Organizations UNIFORMS ' Military Training Camps UNIFORMS Boys Military and Society Clubs UNIFORMS ' Official National Outfitter Boy Scouts of America SIGMUND EISNER CO. V Red Bank, NXJ; New York Office, 103 Fifth Avenue IlfllllllllHl l Ill Hll UH1Ill Illlllll illHIl IIIIHII IIIHIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHIIHIIIHIIIHIIIIIIIIIll!IlllllllllllHllllllllllllllllllllllllllll When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER +7 THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Army Mutual Aid Association Organized 1879 An association of more than 1700 Army Officers furmsh- ing life insurance to 1ts members at lowest rates consistent With security. TOTAL AMOUNT PAID BENEFI- CIARIES ..... $2,475,000 RESERVE hpar value of bondsh . 470,000 For information, addrem The Secretary, War Department Washington, D. C. Established 1894 C. D. HALSEY 6? CO. iWembers 0f the N. Y. Stock Exchange Mills Building New York Investment Securities 3!" BRANCH OFFICE 62 hJ'Iarket St, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. PETER H. TROY, Resident Partner QUINNIIHIHIHHMIIHIIHIHHIHINMINIHIIHIMHIHIHIIHIIHIHHIHIIHWIIHIWIHIHIIHIIHIHIIHIIUIIHIHIIHIIHIHIIHIHHWHIHIHXI1HNIWIWIHIWIHHHHmXHhXllhIllHIWHWHHIHHLE E IUWIWIIHIWIHIINIHIIHIIHIH"NHHIHIUIIJHIHIIJHIHIIHIHIWNIIHIHIIWIHIIUIWIHIIHIHIHHIMHIIHHNIHIINIIWIIHI ' HIINIHWHIHIIWIIhhl1hmhINHllHWINIHIWIHIHIIHIWIHIIHIIHIIHIMIHIIHIJHIHIHIIWIHINIHI Ext 512111.511 Ed 1863 HHMIIHIIHINIUHIHIWIHHIHWHHINIHEINIXXIIHIMIMWIWWHHIMWIH THE Army and Navy Journal 20 VESEY ST., NEW YORK HIhIllhllhhINmhIllHImlhmhIIHIllmHIHIIWIIHIIH'NI The 37th and ean'ejt mean; for an intelli- gent :oldier or Iailor to keep in touch with his profeuion and what i: going 07L in the military and naval world. - - - - - - - - The JOURNAL for over HALF A CEN- TURY has advocated every cause serving to promote the welfare and improvement of the Regular and Volunteer Services. It is universally acknowledged by military and naval authorities, the general public and the press, to be the leading publication of its kind in the United States - - - - - Club Rate Subscription Prices to Cadets U. S. M. A. and Their Relatives $3.00 PER YEAR HINmlH1hIllhIllhllhH1hII!h"HmH1hIllII!XllXhIIHIIHIhWhIllHIHIWMIIHIHIIHI "g E E a g E? g E E E E E i g E E g g E a a JhIllhIllHI!hIIHIIJHIhHIhHIhmhmWhIIHIHHIJHIhmhIIIhmWhllNIHHMIllXmHIhHIhHIhIl1HINUHIMMInmHIhWIIHIHh"MNMmWHIhIHMlhMIMIHINIhLINNhmHIXWHI!HIHIIUIWINIMI P ublir 11 ed Sam rday IIIJIIIJH!hlllJIlhIIIJIllhIIhXIIXIllXIIJUllHhhIllHHHihmhIllH1hIllHMIllhIIJHHmHIXXIHH1WIIHIIHIIHIHIIJIE l1ill"HNHHIHIllIllXIIIHIhHIXIIHIllIIIJUHlliIIHHIHIIhIIHIIJHmllhIllHIJIIUIllhINHHIIMI!hll!IIIXmhIIIhIIHIMH1HIHIMIHIIHIMIHE aINhIIhhllhhIIJHIhIllhIllhKIHIIhhIIhhIHhIllHIhhIIhIllhIllhII!HIHIIHIIUHHI!hIIXhIIhhllHIM"hIIhhllhmHIhhllHI!hIIhhIIhtllhHIHllhIIXIIIhIIJXIIhHINHhFlhHIhmhIIhHIHIXhIIhhllNUhHhhllhmHIHIIUINIWIIE TRADE MARK Export and Domestic The Francis T. Witte Hardware Company New York Phone, 6015 Barclay 106 Chambers Street, 48 When writing to advertiserS, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Sanitary Fruit GROWN 1N PAPER BAGS gg JAMES A. STAPLES Marlborough-on-Hudson, N. Y. Geo. VV. T. Dowling CIVILIAN' DRESS ' w I 8 West 45th Street New York City MADE ON HONOR E. A. Armstrong Manufacturing Co. 434-440 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago Opposite the AuditoriLIm NIAKERS OF THE Finest Uniforms 4 and Equipments For Ojicers 0f the Alrmy Catalogue Free E. B. SUDBURY 599 CO. ENGLISH WOOL AND FABRIC Hosiery and 4 Gloves M anujafturmv 0f the Celebrated 4CASTLE GATE? and 4VULCAN HEEL and TOP? HOSIERYE GLOVES A250 Ukited Stalk; 11077232 and N cwy Contractor; 343 Broadway New York FACTORY4ILKESTON, DERBYSHIRE WAREHOUSE4N OTTI N GHAM, ENG. When writing to advertisers, please mention THEHOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER N ational Preparatory Academy TBRADENBT Established 1883 West Point h00mmissi0n- Annapolis Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y. The only Preparatory School conducted by a graduate of West Point. Accommodations limited. 'Make reservation early. Loose Leaf Binders and Stationery 3! Asa L. ShipmanTs Sons . IOO Chambers Street, New York The H. B. Claflin Cor poratlon Worth and Church Sts., New York City IMPORTERS, Exporters, Converters and hlanu- facturers of Dry Goods and Fancy Goods of all kinds. Sole Owners and Wholesale Distributors of The Defender Manu- facturing Companyk Sheets and Pillow Cases Thom as C. Dunham Established 1852 Incorporated 1897 Paints and Glass 68 Murray Street When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER LOTHES Which are made to meet the preferences of metropolitan young men Who are active in their participation in social life, motoring and country wear. Weber ach Heil broner Clothiers. Harberdashers and Hatters Eleven Stores 241 Broadway 44th and Broadway 20 Cortlandt 775 Broadway 58 Nassau 345 Broadway 1363 Broadway 30 Broad 1185 Broadway 42nd and Fifth Ave. 150 Nassau Maurice OKeefe M en,3 Tailor Samples and. Measure Blanks Upon Application Manor House Square Y ON KERS NEW YORK Peter B. Hayt 8: C0. Merchant Tailors Scotch and English Suitings J! Main and Garden Streets Poughkeepsie New York J ., M; Morrison Tailor Special Attention Given to MailOrders Samples on Request White Studio Building ITHACA, N. Y. meefly Morm'xon E9: Mitchgll, Inc. When writing to advertisers, please mention THE-HOWITZER THE HOWITZER ADVERTISER Best Facilities for Supplying BOOKS AMERICAN, GERMAN ENGLISH, ITALIAN FRENCH, SPANISH AGENTS FOR THE COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS Catalogue F R E E. Correspondence Solicited. Established over 60 years. Lemcke 85 Buechner 30-32 W. 27th Street New York Absolutely PURE PRESERVES tFresh Fruits and Granulated Sugar onlyw In Stone Jars Order Direct MADE BY US FROM HOME RECIPES Especially Adapted for HOTEL, SCHOOL and INSTITUTION TRADE Jellies, Relishes and Marmalades SWEET PICKLE WATERMELON HOME-MADE PIGGALILLI CRANBERRY SAUCE A. T. BRIDGES C0. 78 PORTLAND STREET, BOSTON Send For Price List and Samples MALT EXTRACT A BODY BUILDER Naturally, Breadethe Staff of Lifeeshould contain in- gredients that help build the body. One of the most essen- tial ingredients in the manu- facture of bread is MALT EXTRACT. Every house wife is anxious to serve the most nutritious and health giving loaf possible. MALT EXTRACT is famed for these body building properties. Send for Booklet Malt Diastase-Company 79 Wall Street New York, N. Y. Laboratories, Brooklyn, N. Y. BORSUMtS hPutz - Liquid,, The Original and Gnly Genuine BORSUMtS hPutz-Soaph ': j For all fine Cleaning Scouring, Polishing "Wonderfulh Liquid Polish BORSUM BROS. New York City New York WHITE When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER THE HOWITZE-R ADVERTISER ' Bauschndlgmlr Stereo Prism Binoculars . Unexcelled in. size of field, illumination, compactness and adaptability, backed by more than 60 years of scientific experience as represented also in Range Finders and Gun Sights, Searchlight RhHectors and other high- grade optical instruments widely used 111 the service. ' Other Bausch 8c Lomb products include Photo- graphic Lenses and Shutters, Engineering InstrUments, Searchlight Mirrors of every description, Telescopes, Projection Apparatus tBalopUconsL Photomicrographic Ap- paratus, Microtomes, Ophthalmic Lenses and Instruments,Readir1g Glasses Magniflers and General Laboratory Equipment Bausch 8 Lomb Optical Co. NEW YORK WASHINGTON CHICAGO SAN FRANCISCO LONDON ROCHESTERqNY FRANKF'ORT Cable Addrwxs Tgltphon! lVflRNUNICO Connection N 520 York maniEock The .WCSt Unggfm ' . Point Hotel Established 183 8 CAPS UNIFORMS EQUIPMENT 4 1 . Highest Standard in the Open U. S. Army U. S. Navy U. 5'. Marine Corps . , Th roughout the Over Seventy- 2505 Year: I Prompt attention to ordels y mail and goods safely sent by Parcels Post or Ex- press anywhere. .Quality and correctness in regulation guaranteed Correspond- ence solicited Catalogue mailed upon request. 16- 18 West 46th Street, near Fifth Ave. NEWYORK Terms $4.00 Per Day Immediate Vicinity of the ARMY AND NAVY CLUB, PROMINENT HOTELS and the Grand Central R. R. Terminal Year ' 1 When writing to advertisers, please mention THE HOWITZER

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