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m i n Q i P £5 1 » , MM M- I 5% ' 1 : i 9 m © 7 wJ ; 1 I H I Midships 1987 CONTENTS: Opening 2 Faculty And Administration 16 Rotations And Underclass 32 Midshipmen Life 70 Special Events 96 June Weekend 1987 tlO Sea Year 128 Clubs And Activities 177 Sports 210 The Year In Review 264 Seniors 272 Advertisements 508 • THE CLASS OF 1987 PROUDLY PRESENTS MIDSHIPS 1987 THE UNITED STATES MERCHANTS MARINE ACADEMY KINGS POINT, LONG ISLAND. NEW YORK ■■■ £■ ftk OLDED THAN OUD NATION . . . • ■ .■ a mm Jul jn Opposite Page: The War Me- morial at sunset. This page, top: The Quarter- deck in Wiley Hall. Bottom: Jimmy Cluxton, Ken Ford, and Chris Kalafut on the way to class. A TRADITION CONTINUES Opening BH I 1 1 Opening Clockwise from left: Amphitrite Pool in the Spring; one of O ' Hara Hall ' s ea- gles; the Creston the War Memo- Wiley Hail in the dead of Win- ter; the schooner Spirit of Massa- chusetts; a Fall scene of the flag- and Amphitrite. ' wm Opening BJBCB Opening ■i • As long as there continue to be men who follow the sea, there will always be acts of courage and strength that lesser men will admire. Despite how contemporary the ship or how sophisticated the equipment, sailors will always stand in jeopardy of losing their lives. Undoubtedly they are aware of this, and of the immense depths and unknown creatures that roam the cold, bitter darkness of the great deeps. He is also alert to the dangers of storm and wreck and ruin that await all who persist in following the sea. For ages he has tried ways and means to guide his ship, to live in unison in close wet headquarters with his fellow man, to read and control the weather. He has tried to preserve the memory of the sea- sometimes to commemorate a great hero, sometimes to remember comic moments. Shipboard life was respectably suited to all forms of folklore and songs in particular. Voyages lasted for months, even years. Opening. IL During the long voyages, crews were isolated and de- pended upon themselves for entertainment. Because they often came from different backgrounds, sailors tended to mix their folklore into a common body. Ultimately, their work called for gang la- bor, where a high degree of coordination was required. Opening ■H 1 l „ 1 hr. Opening - , iu . 14 Opening Clockwise fn dock Frank Tej lent, the lore oi the sea is frequently violent. Where normal acts are heroic, heroii are beyoncfthe pale of credibility. When the light is dim, thunder mutters and th growls, it is difficult not to believe .is an old man tells these- traditions. The life of mariner folklore is like the life of a breaker. The sea gathers together, swells, crests , nd rushes ashore to break, withdraw and reform. So folklore stems from little incidents to which others accrete for a while and then the mass breaks apart, but the pie es reform again in another shape and the a t is repeate ■■ Opening 15 The Faculty and Administration section is placed here to acknowledge those people who have dedicated themselves to the Academy and the education of Midshipmen. The section also provides the Graduates with an opportuni- ty to remember the people who have made the passage of their time at the Academy a little more interesting than it might have been, To thse whose names and faces appear on the fol- lowing pages a hearty thank you and Godspeed. FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION President 1 Vice President Secretary of Transportation Maritime Administrator Superintendent Deputy Superintendent Assistant Superintendent for Administration Offices of Academic Dean and Admissions Offices of the Commandant and the Registrar ' . Offices of External Affairs and Academy Administrators 26 Departments of Humanities, and Math and Science 27 Department of Marine Engineering 29 Departments of Naval Science Physical Education and Athletics 30 Chaplins, Librarians, and Hospital Staff 31 Full Speed Ahead by Griff Foxley This dramatic rendition of convoy action during World War II shows the undauted sprit of the American Mer- chant Sailor. Secure in the knowledge that his cargo must be delivered the Captain sees his chance and orders " Full Speed Ahead " , disite the dangers posed by the enemy. THE PRESIDENT Ronald Reagan THE WHITE HOUSE • WASHINGTON January 21, 1987 To the Class of 1987 United States Merchant Marine Academy I warmly congratulate each of you as you prepare to embark on your professional careers. Having successfully completed four years of arduous academic and shipboard training, you are now ready to assume the responsibilities of officers in the American merchant marine. Of that you can be justly proud. In addition to the knowledge and maritime skills acquired at the Academy and at sea, you will take with you the important qualities of self-reliance and leadership which will serve you well in all your future endeavors. My Administration is continuing to restructure Federal maritime policies to create an environment in which American-flag shipping companies can become more self- sufficient and less dependent on government assistance. This is key to honing the competitive edge of the American merchant marine and restoring it to a proud position of i leadership on the world ' s trade routes. The newly commissioned officers of the Class of 1987 will be called on to play a major role in meeting America ' s maritime challenges and opportunities. Nancy and I wish you great success and personal fulfillment. God bless you all. n J S m 18 THE VICE PRESIDENT George Bush THE VICE PRESIDENT WASH IN GTON June 22, 1987 1987 Graduating Class United States Merchant Marine Academy Kings Point, New York 11024-1699 Dear Graduates: Congratulations to each of you on the occasion of your graduation from the Merchant Marine Academy. As you move on to the challenges that lay ahead, you can be assured that the foundation of knowledge, leadership and expertise gained during your four years at the Academy will hold you in good stead. I wish each of you a most successful career in the Merchant Marine. With best wishes, S incerely , 19 THE SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTATION Elisabeth Dole THE SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTATION WASHINGTON, DC 20590 Congratulations to the 1987 graduating class of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. In your four years of training, you have met more challenges, achieved more successes, and seen more of the world than many people can expect to experience in a lifetime. By virtue of your Kings Point education and your personal attributes, you are well prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. As alumni of the Academy, you already are part of this Nation ' s proud maritime heritage. I assure you this Administration remains mindful of that heritage, and fully aware of both the commercial and national security importance of a strong American merchant marine. I also remain fully committed to maintaining and improving safety for all modes of transportation, including shipping; you deserve no less. You have my profound admiration for what you have already accomplished, and sincere best wishes for health and happiness in your future ena a prs. ElizabetWHanford Dole (J 20 MARITIME ADMINISTRATOR John Gaughan As members of the class of 1987 of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, you have completed four years of rigorous training which included a unique combination of classroom instruction and at-sea experience. To each of you, I offer my sin- cere congratulations. Other challenges lie ahead of you. We live in complex times, and complex prob- lems do not lend themselves to simple solutions. However, there is much we can do to assure the future of a viable U.S. -flag merchant marine. Above all, we are determined that our ships must have an equal opportunity to compete for the vast international trade generated by our great nation. Given the opportunity to compete fairly, our industry must have the ability to compete effec- tively. By virtue of your training your skills and abilities, and your enthusiasm, the class of 1987 has much to contribute to this effort. I wish you every success in meeting your per- sonal and professional goals. Sincerely, John Gaughan Maritime Administrator 21 I congratulate you for the hard work, forbearance and discipline which have resulted in your new — and selective — designation: U.S. Merchant Marine Academy graduates! You have taken a place alongside the more than 17,000 Kings Pointers who, since 1938, have mastered the rigorous program of the Academy and its prede- cessor, the Cadet Corps. They have contributed to our nation during peace and during conflict. The time to prove your mettle lies immediately ahead. It will be a time of doubtless difficulty as the hard-pressed maritime industry fights to regain its proper place as a vital stanchion supporting America ' s economy and defense needs. The industry requires new talent to innovatively tackle its many problems and to push it again into commerce ' s forefront. I can think of no better group to whom I would assign this challenging task than the young Kings Pointers of the Class of ' 87. Your class is the last I have the opportunity of addressing in the capacity of Superintendent. I believe I recognize your vast potential, and I will certainly keep a close watch on your progress. I remain confident of your success! My personal best wishes for the future. THOMAS A " : XING ■-. Rear AdmiraV, tfSMS ' Faculty And Administration HE ACADEMIC DEAN Warren F. Mazek of the Academic D » .low: Margaret O. C— patrick. Back Row: Captain William T. McMulli Warren F. Mazek; Ensign David Arsenault. A. p W — E OFFICE OF MISSIONS X-3 ' fice of Admissions. Front Row: Captain Em- anuel L. Jenkins; Lcdr Francis G. Ferguson; Lcdr Keeve E. Schecter. Back Row: Mr. William I. Kirk; Lt Harold G. Lasher (Ret.). Not Pictured: lr Joseph A. Gebhard. 24 Faculty And Administration HE OFFICE OF THE EGISTRAR Office of The Registrar. Left to Right: Lt William Rowen; Mrs. Al- freda Dunham; Mrs. Mary Hurak; Mrs. Miriam Gregg; Captain Don- ald J. Ferguson, Registrar Faculty And Administration 25 OFFICE OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS Office of External Affairs: Front Row: Mrs. Elizabeth Varian; Ms. Fran Hardy; Mrs. Florence Finklestein; Mrs. Mar- celle Schermerhorn. Back Row: Mr. Martin Skrocki; Captain Charles Ren- ick; Cdr. Kenneth Cohen; Lcdr Dave McPheeters 26 Faculty And Administration DEPARTMENT OF HUMANITIES font Row: ' an Hardy; s. Mar- Row: M r i ' les Ren- cdr Dave Left to Right: Professors Magnus, Citman, East- wood, Bardot, Brickman, Silverman (Secretary), Ar- nold, Davies (Dept. Head), Szaluta, Gardella. Not Pic- tured: Professor Omelt- chenko. s DEPARTMENT OF MATH AND SCIENCE Front Row: Professors Web- ber, Stwertka (Dept. Head), Lebensohn, Ceasar. Back Row: Professors Bellow, Cas- sar, Drago, Beim. Not Pic- tured: Professors Dellwo, Jaffe, Lazara, Shurpik, Ratay, Weiss, Goetz, Pickett (Secretary). Faculty And Administration 27 DEPARTMENT OF NAUTICAL SCIENCE Division Of Mari- time Business Ad- ministration: Capt. Hershey, Capt. Jarett, Capt. Katz, Lcdr. Cohn, Cdr. Peck, Capt. Abrahamsson, Dept. Head. Not Pictured: Lcdr. Eggen. DIVISION OF MARITIME BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DE 28 Faculty And Administration DEPARTMENT OF MARINE ENGINEERING WUiiMik . MtML iJmx. Sitting: Professors Mad- den, Charnews, Miller, Impelluso. Standing: Pro- fessors Kolbe, Hubert, Ferenczy, Wiggins (Dept. Head), Butman, Darcan- gelo, Hennings, Hirsch- kowitz. Not Pictured: Professors Mer- chant, Baham, Jannone, Pa- quette, McDonald, Malinowski, Pfafflin, Zimmer, Kass, Cohn, Aasya-Bey, Brew, Secretaries; Brazeil, Alvarez. Faculty And Administration 29 IS til»UlwrIJAJIWiliiMrJanE« ee, tuept. nea Lt. Billy A. Kunz, Lt. Curtis McKenzie, YNC David LaGraves, SSCT Danny Kommer, USMC. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ai giftf: f mtll E J M mSJ i ysical Educatio d Athletic. ick row: Coach Buckley, Mey- , Sussi, Lyonr sinski, O ' Don i (Sports Infor- lation Director). j-ont: Coaches aterno, Gras- erger (Secretary), rown, (Dept. lead), Petersen, eglane. 10 55 n Faculty And Administration CHAPLIl Chaplains: Father Bevins, Chaplin Allc HOSPITAL STAFF Left To Right: Florence Bernard, Nurse-Coun- selor, Warren Strauss P.A., Ann Mastellone, Dental Assistant, Dr. David Fix, Chief Dental Officer, Robert leva P. A., Robin Deissler, Compensation Special- ist, Dr. Daniel Kalash, Chief Medical Officer, Edith Berthen Nurse. Not Pictured: Beryl Trim, Dental Assistant, Sandy Cavell, Nurse, Irene Krysko, Nurse, Regina Ebner, Nurse, Ann Camizzi, Nurse, Annette Fox, Nurse. ,ANS Library Staff. Left to Right: S. Wiist, Mrs. B. Peyser, Dr. G. Billy, Mrs. T. ogner, Mrs. E. Bovarick, lartin Goldberg 1 Faculty And Administration 31 1 Contents: ■BK ' ' ■■ ' " ■ ■ ' • ■■ ' •■ filBnigffiBnwWwrwifr , f i Regimental Staffs First Battalion 3 3 4 6 First Company Second Company Second Battalion 3 4 4 8 2 6 Third Company Fourth Company Third Battalion 48 52 56 Fifth Company Sixth Company Seventh Company 58 62 66 This watercolor, hanging in Bowditch Hall, depicts regimental life at the training facility at Pass Christian, Mississippi. REGIMENTAL STAFFS FIRST ROTATION Joseph J. Rella, RC David C. Calley, RX Tobin Richmond, RTO Morgan Dailey, RDTC 34 Underclass And Rotations Chris Keane, RIO Beth Wilson, RPO Greg Severino, RCGC Standing, Brian DeLamar, RHBDVC Andres Morales, RCOMM J.P. Ward, RHC Nicholas Zsoka, RSWO Michael Antonellis, RHGC SECOND ROTATION Becky Stewart, RPO Greg Severino, RCGC Michelle Moreland, RWO Standing, Dave Argauer, RHBVC John Zucal, RHGC Rick Cunningham, RIO John Knight, RComm Fran Calton, RSWO J.P. Ward, RHBC Brian DeLamo, RHBDVC Timothy Langdon, RC John Henderson, RX Tom Wille, ROPS Todd Ryder, RFL Tobin Richmond, RTO Underclass And Rotations 35 FIRST BATTALION OFF t 1 FIRST ROTATION B.C. 1 Peter Petrulis B.X. 1 Timothy Langdon BOPS 1 Dave Anderson Standing left to right; Ken Anderson, BComm 1, Shawn O ' Keefe, BFL 1, Mike Koppenhaver, BTO 1, Roger Hilligoss, RHBVC 1 36 Underclass And Rotations OFFERS J SECOND ROTATION B.C. 1 Brian Quinn B.X. 1 Tony Pang BOPS 1 Curtis Hanson Roger Hilligoss, RHBVC 1, Kurt Suleski, BComm 1 Underclass And Rotations 37 FIRST COMPANY CC, CX First rotation CC Rus- sell McGarvey, CX Ste- phen Torres. Second Rotation CC Jim Ward, CX James Strohman Shaw 88-A F. Batista, E. Clark, D. Daniels, K. Dempster, E. Dipaolo D. Fauth, S. Fra- zier, A. Frey, J. Hillin, B. Holcomb, D. Jones M. Kondracki, S. Martino, V. Reck, J. Sweeney, J. Wieliczko, B. Yearick 88-B C. Brown, M. Cipolla, J. Fernandes, T. Gallagher, S. Liptai C. McDermott, T. McKenzie, ). McMillen, J. Mercier, T. Olson A. Oropeza, C. Phelan, J. Rei- ter, D. Schend, G. Schule, D. Solt. 18 Underclass And Rotation 1 89-A W. Alley, M. Butkus, J. Caple, E. Car- ney, C. Church, J. Celhaus, C. Grooms Jr G. Horvath, V. Jones, R. Leinbach Jr., E. Liu, L. Major III, N. Marler, P. Nichols, N. Petrucci, G. Plouffe, M. Shaw, M. Smith, P. Tomazic lels, K. ,5. to- mb, D. ino, V. k B. 89-B Callum, P. Diephaus, M. Grefenson, A. Kallgren, W. Nixon, P. Paddack, N. Regan, P. Zerr, D. Sage CLASS OF 1990 J. Beck, M. Belko, C. Crawford, M. Dioguardi, J. Dudo, D. Fine, S. Fogle, D. Gardner, M. Golden, V. Gostevs- kyh, C. Hamann, A. Hernandez, S. Ka- lachman, P. Kirk, C. Knight, K. Matt- son, G. McCloy, A. Melomo, C. Minton, D. O ' Donnell, P. O ' Rourke, R. Padilla, T. Palmer, J. Porter, A. Sar- angay, W. Schmidl, J. Schupp, D. Stewart, J. Trimble, R. Veiga, L. Wal- lace, G. Wells, T. Reed Underclass Rotations 39 1ST COMPANY Mixer Queens Come on Dave, its not that bad! 40 Skippy takes it all! Underclass And Rotations Dualie Systems Being RX is a dirty job, Psychedelic Christmas %?Z1B If you ' re gonna do it, do it right! r a Underclass And Rotations -X» 41 SECOND COMPANY Dri Har Km 5wi ). Hepp, S. Leming, K. McCarthy, P Owenson, E. Strand, J. Wallace Underclass And Rotations CLASS OF 1990 B. Ackerman, D. Balok, C. Biagi, E. Brown, J. Burke, K. Campeau, A. Co- lucci, H. Cook, P. Corkery, D. Davi- son, J. DeStefano, R. Desroiers, J. Do- herty, D. Domingue, V. Gerbasio, S. Giammona, R. Gibson, ). Heinsohn, C. Hughes, S. Karas, T. Kott, J. Mitchell, M. Mizuno, R. Murphy, M. Perry, O. Prada, G. Reed, G. Schabert, M. Schmitt, R. Stephenson, T. Sweet, P. Teska, C. Tino, G. Vaughn, T. Worster Underclass And Rotations 2ND COMPANY R 7 |PRI 9 ft 1990-B Karen goes civilian Harry ' s Beginnings 1990-A Show off your Becky! Rugby animals 44 _X- C Underclass And Rotations mm Chuck you stud!! Happy Plebes Underclass And Rotations 45 SECOND BATTALION OFF! fl FIRST ROTATION 1 f II wPs 1 1 1 ILIiil ' 1 f i 1 V V ■ AMI 1 ' u I Mm . . . Li ■ l : 1 i I ' 1 _ ] ? i f « me Bgfc »«; • ' Bl life • A s.H± ■y- ■ ■ {H-H a2U " » -» .•• 1 B.C. 2 Stephen Merkel B.X. 2 Kathy Harkins BOPS 2 John McGillis BHBVC 2 James Kelly BTO Jorge Sanidas 46 Underclass And Rotations OFICERS SECOND ROTATION B.C. 2 Robert Jones B.X. 2 Curtis king BOPS 2 Chuck Rozhon Soren Spring, BFL 2, James Kelly, BHBVC 2, Marie Hunkhe, BSWO 2, Stephen Bossotti BTO 2, Doug Helmer BComm 2 Underclass And Rotations 47 ■■■ THIRD COMPANY cc, cx First Rotation CC Pat- rick Thomas CX _aw- rence Chicc nelly Sec- ond Rotatior CC John Dilliot CX Cr ris Barhet ]. Bate S.[ Lucas trosm 88-A G. Annino, H. Barsallo, T. Brereton, J. Burleigh, S. Dalton, D. Davidson, M. Delage, M. Frankel, G. Glova, R. Gom- bos B. Helm, F. Hornyak, F. Keyes, J. Klena, P. Kronzer, W. Lopez, S. Okun K. Rooney, M. Singleton, F. Zelenka 88-B P. Gibney, T. Henriksen, K. Hidu, R. Lee, D. McDonald, M. Merricks, S. Rao, D. Sisk, B. Snyder, H. Sunkler, ). Trummel 48 Underclass And Rotations u h Cj Co 89-A J. Bates, E. Becher, W. Carr, M. Clarity, S. Dowling, J. Gresham, G. Hebert, R. Lucas, M. Medina, J. Onksken, R. Pe- trosino, P. Rankin, B. Theriault, T. Walkowiak, D. Wilburn eionj, son, M. 1. Gom- eyes, |. i. Okun ebb 89-B J. Biles, J. Burns, T. Duddleston, T. Dunne, J. Grant, S. Herman, L. John- son, A. Kanyo, C. Kline, J. McGarvill, J. Quigley, ). Ramos, P. Reising, V. Ro- domista, D. Rongo, R. Sherman, M. Silva, K. Southard, G. Toles CLASS OF 1990 J. Arrington, B. Blondeau, R. Bohn, M. Braucher, A. Carpenter, T. Carson, S. Cavanagh, G. Chisholm, R. Chufar, C. Conlen, T. Gartner, M. Herlihy, R. Hudson, G. Lawrence, S. Lesky, D. MacElrevey, P. McGroggan, J. Mor- gan, M. Murphy, W. Paneral, J. Pater- son, P. Pedersen, W. Pfingsten, R. Sa- las, K. Schmiegel, T. Whalen, J. Whittel, C. Williams, R. Zaharek i Underclass And Rotations THIRD COMPANY Are we having fun yet! 50 . - _ Underclass And Rotations Plebes will be plebes. Nothing like happy rommates. Third Co. at their best The 3rd Co. Social Club. Underclass And Rotations -X-X. 51 FOURTH COMPANY cc, ex First Rotation CC David Larimer CX George Kerst. Second Rotation CC Jeff Williams CX Kent Williams For Sou 88-A C. Anderson, J. Blaschko, D. Brown, R. Carballo, B. Cody, C. De Fonce, D. Ellis, L. Gagliano, C. Gerad, J. Hanus, C. Harris, D. Huck, G. Hull, H. Kim, A. Kryska, C. Lowrie, R. Maclellan, ]. Mata, J. Mitchell, C. Olaes, S. Porter, D. Poucel, B. Rhoades, E. Sangvic, T. Sweeney, D. Townsend 88-B P. Bellamy, J. Bowerman, E. lacobo, C. King, J.ahon, M. Murphy, M. Nowak, C. Parker, R. Peterson, L. Ross, P. Rowe, ). Spears, G. Vogel T. Woodstock. 52 Underclass And Rotations 89-A J. Boren, E. Candanedo, K. Darcy, D. Fordc, A. Heintz, T. Hite, P. Huleatt, E. Lyons, R. Malanik, R. Martin, M. Mer- kel, R. Pento, M. Reardon, ). Ribar, G. Sosa, M. Van Stratcn, D. Vigliotti, T. Weisberg, B. Wise, R. Yeager CLASS OF 1990 S. Attardo, C. Beers, J. Bell, R. Carr, W. Ellis, D. Erck, G. Gabel, E. Goutink, M. Grogan, S. Hall, C. Hamlin, B. Hazzard, M. )ones, K. Kalsi, K. Kovalcik, M. Markwosky, ). McCarthy, P. McGov- ern, J. Morgan, K. Olsen, E. Osen, B. Pecherek, E. Perry, D. Riehm, A. Schober, M. Seif, D. Sheehy, E. Shine, J. Stokley, G. Tyranski, W. Veazey, C. Velie, R. Villa-Lobos, T. West Underclass And Rotations 53 4TH CO. Booms away 54 _X- C Underclass And Rotations I Ltft THAN THE The BEST?? OFF my toot I ' m with stupid Underclass And Rotations 3t- C 55 THIRD BA FIRST ROTATION B.C. 3 Deborah Hennen B.X. 3 Todd Emery BOPS 3 Keith Gillette Standing left to right; John Henderson, BHBVC 3, Todd Ryder, BFL 3, Marvin Lee, BTO 3, Libia Ayon, BSWO 3. 56 -X- C Underclass And Rotations )l fTALION OFFICERS SECOND ROTATION B.C. 3 Greg Wellstead B.X. 3 Marc Pfingst BOPS 3 George Demarinis BHBVC 3 Deborah Hennen Underclass And Rotations 57 ■i FIFTH COMPANY j cc, CX First Rotat ion CC Christopher Roberts CX David Mackay Sec- ond Rotation CC Chris Carmante CX Leo Taylor cc Hitii 88-A F. Azzarita, B. Burns, J. Desantis, A. Elder, M. Frankaloss, W. Harris M. Heatfield, C. Lahaye, L. Loftis, B. Mc- Donald, J. McLoughlin, P. Stewart, T. Theriault, P. Thurlow, C. Tweedel, A. Williams, M. Wong 88-B ]. Ayres, R. Ciola, R. Cochran, T. Dai- ley, J. Drogalis, S. Eidman, C. Faurot, P. Fenney, ]. Gallaher, J. Gambino, E. Kleve, K. Kromer, K. Long, D. Mcln- erney, C. Miller, J. Reitmeier, S. Sealby A. shames, J. Van Beverhoudt, S. Vettel, F. Zink 58 Underclass And Rotations I 89-B 89-B OUT TO SEA S. Anderson, T. Broccoli, T. Brown, J. Burch, T. Busk, D. Cortes, ). German, V. Harkins, M. Mattson, M. Parsons, E. Picard «T CLASS OF 1990 R. Allan, M. Arcy, T. Beaty, K. Butrick, J. Castineira, L. Coogan, F. Curti, K. Darnell, R. Davis, S. Dayu, W. Dorri- cott, ). Eckert, J. Elmore, B. Eustice, M. Formel, P. Gallagher, ]. Gerrity, D. Goetz, G. Gould, C. Harrell, K. Hig- gins, R. Landsman, M. Lowry, P. Moore, D. Morrow, C. Newton, D. Olson, A. Pozniak, E. Real, K. RIDER, D. Sackman, M. Shibley, T. Soper, D. Steele, B. Sullivan, P. Tetrault, D. Turnbull, K. Williams, ]. Wilson ST; © t u i r — ' i a.. nV I - Underclass And Rotations 59 FIFTH COMPANY I I What is that in my seat? Don ' t let his head fall off!!! 60 _X-X_ Underclass And Rotations Nice shades, Eddie. Underclass And Rotations - -X_ 61 SIXTH COMPANY cc, ex First Rotation CC Ge- rard Largo CX Marc Piekos Second Rota- tion CC Dave Car- mante CX Sean Eaglton fi.t nidi 19, 88-A C. Abbott, K. Benham, T. Bridges, K. Christensen, T. Cole, R. Conley, T. Dolim, N. Fabian, S. Fitzgerald, T. Hin- kel, K. Hoover P. Leahy, J. Massey, W. McCarthy, N. McDonald, M. Rich- ards, J. Roberts T. Schmidt, G. Shee- han, M. Tomazic, J. Wilkinson, C. Zachrich 88-B J. Aird, V Campos, K. Caraher, . Ficken, M. Jablonski, W KNk ' rim, A. Kruger, C. Kurzenhauser, J. McCIa in, R. Plansker, R. Tansey, P. Waugh S. WHitecar «m Underclass And Rotations |W -v " -V ; r m IA 1 m 1 : : • t f i- f £ : 1 P 1 £p - 7 %♦ T " 1 s y i { 3l 89-A K. Ahearn, A. Chau, A. CLark, M. De- Pasquale, C. Frye, L. Leher, I. Leskino- vitch, A. McCauley, D. Meyer, R. Wal- ter, M. whalen ley, I. 89-B CLASS OF 1990 C. Amrhein, F. Bernaldo, J. Bruen, Burdick, A. Clinch, O. D ' HAiti, I. De- laguardia, M. Dimauro, E. Fether, D. Fontana, P. Gavin, S. Harris, M. Kerst, B. Leach, A. Leoni, J. Levitt, R. Lisec, P. Loughlin, W. Moran, S. Mortgu, M. Mullahey, J. Orton, M. Ruppert, G. Saenz, G. Sheahan, S. Smith, D. Spano, S. Spears, P. Sternisha, G. Suth, L. Webb, J. Webb, M. Wrong Underclass And Rotations 6TH CO. The Deadheads 64 JOC Underclass And Rotations i Undercldss And Rotations 65 SEVENTH COMPANY ! ). Brashear, V. Favors, J. Graces, D Nelson, ). Siragusa, T. Trace, G. Troy, J Wolfe Underclass And Rotations 89-A D. Kane, |. Kozbiel, M. Peoples, J. Stemwedel, N. Vass, P. Wilson, S. Witter D.lwa- 89-B M. Abbott, P. Allen, T. Carr, D. Dia- mond, S. Dohring, ). Kuijper, L. Mem- mer, C. Rasmussen, T. Roberts, M. Sarisky, M. Schwender, ). Sharp, M. Tracy. CLASS OF 1990 L. Dana, J. Dolan, J. Gaitley, B. Hayworth, K. Kallaway, B. Kilkenny, K. Latham, J. Louxer, T. Macdonald, T. Mann, B. Matthews, L. Nguyen, J. Parker, J. Petros, D. Rich, M. Rodas, F. Routh, A. Sarver, K. Sercey, M. Slim- mer, R. Stogner, N. Stuber, C. Thom- as, ). Tremblay, R. White, A. Wright. Underclass And Rotations BAND LAND i , " " v l 7. v They do Bar Mitzvahs too! ft Wild and Crazy B.J. ' s 68 -X- C Underclass And Rotations . jf!f Which ones are really playing? t V Band going for a trip Steph and Vanicha touring a tanker Underclass And Rotations 69 I This wartime watercolor, showing plebes running to class, can be found hanging in Bowditch Hall. This page, clockwise from the right: -Prelude to Terror -Face to face with your worst nightmare -Nervous perspiration . . I guess? The Indoctrination Program at the Academy is designed to help each plebe candidate deal with intense pres- sure. It attempts to strip away every- thing you have (dignity, individuality, . . . hair), and progressively give it all back to you. THE UPPER CLASS HAVIN ' FUN II- l tf M j e ISCi " ?i« 300 k m Ocxxnd noLn ' e a.s£u rie.s k. t - Vty " Ov and lA)«dch . All -D fi Jfix ni S7 rt of btf uft I330 WffiO) OFFICER IS OOTif,6£ " Bo, A Sudlocm " piz u ttJOnO Fat " PejesoO Tn r " THtee Aee. O. -C (_ " ' clerked - t locLt. ' jc ObjG. nsJ i(v) tv e. " boi. As eO £ jsh£ LO s THK CA XS£ OF S«cW Oej(JUS, 3C P ULS.fi JaeU) LOitH A -O fcfi WF " iW y ■Sue A UAJ Alf ttO F JO tT ' tJC. 06 jC7X,. { f M )aJo ' ' ) 6h V400 M W (..-z a N ss " vMCiUd C xr jO oiO Lvaa traoHi. " piAoio. watch ofF ' cejz vaas, 1UZ0 sw ' youMa UMAf j | UE - Afp x 17, EMrg s " pool v KPPftee»jr e H Cioop o oejJ • UMf£H Few n ps -n H£U . .jyte TStcHittipwi .TH.CL.tle is w-. x t yi Niie-ifr 6FFfcj2. (Sots -70 Ccoujty Vettoiioti ?=£r f£.«£wO A8?AilO WATCH OFF C£d K XLW S fl S«ti » f I WO Ml a Dfiifly lefMlMl Lm iu ) -Coil i -« 7 £- ' -l 6 Giunai IaJ 7c - HAl-i ?Jf k1 Ml P ot)gpni N ' c flutes g SWj -Qic, b o6£0 uoRTH s iaA, ftfi-PlH 6M7 »(( OlO ryitd THlSs-TlL Of fi St ' Wt- ' l OIL0UlNlNC f tr ClM ir fllte C PAtiJ Ihtfir tt i Ca A,Al£, TO C- " To tha 7uM fcttJKL Oucjve fss. foir I til H tl koftimtfftfJ ' A ' 5 ftOM ' n O 1NI6 lAlfciM C £Jt D 1 1T foL Ofj iicnetcusiM ciiTic ity u u $££ uf Z. Moortorif ii i fle 7» ty lQ 7fl -jDc Aidtiia i ' c ' Uxj - Oc j t 1 »- £ t7uA ( o W «( re h -t J " K£ ? }3 ' ° " ! N ' W W - M OMT-i . _U . FS C.UWAD V At CH. -r f A i i ftu l. Arj c g Tisa w ) iX PO M E P A) r is-i PCjol 2.5. 3»- S6CON O . K " . SgroN PS tJMDC CHAir- A S MOTJ l ' t! O. Of ,CtAIM J iAK " H _PJb£.V ip " i ENTn-S. (_ __7t SH lisT . Ii-« v 5 mc, (f L o tviJ " ' Move " Cx tucD F tor poo t, rci ye fe " fui ' «(. To 5H= - ;p . . V. M. A " Ve o . fctfp Lift fiaftZO (ji i-rcM U-Jws-Wc ■S30 c usiy g 20t4_ rd K£; f 9r £Sch) jC dT fVJ___ vZl££ FdA. -rMC yn t % " (, } 0 ttfettuJ tort 72 £0 is T T i. W I7 WnnCi£ S CM7£ )?Afs+I U-fS tv frcH o cez Titles $ ur?jc 3,ea A a udok . jz_. T 6 SCeoty OeVnlfyt c, Av ?SoAJ f T l tf£_yz _£ (s£Lf-- TffoT THIS PttSerf s ftZcst y ? £ ? ID6« !4._T aJ_. K fbilT rft£% ' nltaMeiA.-To £CT our of t» ' S SLtCMrty Pcvl -ro sretve. Fee- rut, (Jmoha to trzit Wotus tAk»TH M " Ul a RiiCtAO, Jslttftg 1600 I faw AA % f USe-duAM evsfrtj, 6f ? £ j,£ faflD an -rV i, £rTT0 4 of foot Ay 7 e A 6uu)4jai SQll tfl. OPTICAL 77H6 (MIO G. tiHtiX-H ' J ' cJ " ? tJ,fl £3 . ' Ik Sec. A H vJ ifCA fitcoio ' .lfi- c ji lCf PAr PiAsoAl u »»,7t 60 6 1 Wie-UlAiJCtc SQuftO 7f T THiLeA Ae. st,u, u, v f mftWueut Uiost t tfaH v-w h ' M n c to -rite f i. u,th. Tht. Ctyi w, fi r y humicOjAtuu Oee, rs 70 fuxr bjW tyru cy 6 UKy A.00M4 fl ' ltfutAAjc£.sc u u ' 1 14,% ?. idoS MguLAMA. SljoriO M.C1MIAS Pool HoO florif ' M), M li ho U » % ' S Cmo i ads fSsttt " 1 rfotru cU M, s pt ft " uu ricd sq o uwetiL „n C.0-J -ro fi 6 jkn e, lid IWH l L W5-XI3D_ J l re 6 o- iD U Tc» 1 _ June- 9ji 1 7 h A ito s ' - l suA-f A-TCM ALU IN AfPAIhEHT r-,COfi O AVHsk. A ASOO A rM i+£ r U f sr,e zi s uid c- l V iTH A tZrv , ' fP-OM mariT Vo 5 :-- £ VTEivs Pcoi AiuAii3i. A r y»;?oo7- )3£ih l 5TAa ppeo onvo A jT rrcnfA a h o mmc-T TAKcTrt AOVAHT ICs£ OF Yi A G r . J¥H AQjc? Guil, Giftt. yiEHTiopitlO vaovt is AMEO " te. LEr £- (t«t Q V; CrO ' frO D t: w 3 . iT l ' i ' i i ' 1 1 run ii . i », i A V- ExtiSEme O ui n A3 To H£r 5 1— - ' m t-w jm c, Arj LiT . ' S+i-( v -v A 1 ilCjjii ' iS 6im. LErtviT5 om UMOti 1 ' «t? CoMOiTiati yt- AT 5«fi t _ O ' ViTN T ' VC LOc Tio of T l.u r ooi) loohinc Lirf c. who unn " TM ' MiNr,. 31-OND V l; IWD yA VjL w 3 1 -t- H Bt-oE fonpu lM, l " ori 7 vir StrcNO Tvo DE5C ft I Pt V£T Po mTs. ' i AS ' ioMefc 5HC MEANS « BoAftD lAM. ! ' ? PCOH IN l |o vTHV ' toAe ' ! G ' l fS ' A . 2- " Al utyivtrs LjiInowT F t y H £ { apCi P£mt- Hcck r»ticgr ?,u F° s , 7 fic £ v TH IX iK IZOO 1 200 8» hi: A • _s t M . N 501 c 1 Ou 2. l C? iK£ M. eu?,E (A00- JOO LiFfGOAROvJArcH IJlOD % .cl -c» NFC rc D ( (i ) rjtve MWDiwt in NCT SoJ U£D BV Omtos, Juix.£s «w » ' 0 £ , j - 1 k 0 A 6£X, Btc, |30or)£p HPAafc— ' — — k£ |3J0 Sue. Werson Lnkrv ) x ( STta i pdtlfol h ' fii iror L {e M cwvl osk ; ,-f avatl lU -for tnjnfcu men " }, ■ 3 1 5 " •» fc )CflSsr j ' C. ' ? t)W eyr[ f; !ra ajp n -1 300 nut A,lsO S eA cjiips {ro l.kauart . i " gei nd r fiixJ. future Hi e tti. no " t «r Ki « W Sfcry t Ortti ' iues 30 Ayj 9sr |V r3t, H VJ ps m, iqqf - v Co i ' Jy a ' c assume w»ftK " ' h «pf ' V. IZOO - |30 3 . fEOOAZL Wt$ Zs AfeiL i 12: iz o OeweAcz. A 6o J tF£ouA£b Fecal vi rre - f°o c roU ' S hzc_ [?■= • Mo Fe Au fl ATT££ ?.?C_ Zou JOO 1100-130D Llf C- W ii lA-VlfTCtt tAhtJ { J l 2(Z.c, . 1 A V?i L cf r £ [Z P PlCMeof - 5cc t5 pool (Ajojfcn A b He£ Trtc Millions of PtFoPle a-T© T c UDCKadL Eioo e5. M.V O ' O ■ 1500 -i.fe o«.5ci vrcH 1 Wc« 83 I2 6t -J fs- Ve. [ V o de Vso-j _Vo ie c c Tw Vac ( oof S n W o u e - v _ t,to . rife 3d d I9S0 3l?S ?? ' ' ? 3J 1200 - JOQ IM i}i r IJ O ?3d l-b r 3 sr J idr»d V rn-i r J 7° ' i Pr l c A C+r rt- rt Roc Aem RrGvnr?«Jz- ft s ,- » J fab m ua F " ' " " " " fc . r - " 3 0n Oi l (srn far futsrO C+r fr " rr j)utr r , : oS Pott. rc« ?eD itJiLiPJi y Djfsti) L. t D p.u. " Arc tst.itfZ . Uidt«r cc«,3 P ?-i r ■ ■ I 1 H row KP1-39 (iy-39) UHITED STATES MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY KINGS POINT, NEW YORK REPORT ON DAILY INSPECTION OF ROOMS ROOM MONTH JAvoA ?y 23 29 31 Permission is granted to bring a car aboard and drive to one of the following points for purposes of loading personal gear only; [ | {•) First Battalion, rear of Regimental Row, Entrance next to Canteen. I I (b) Second Battalion, Fairell Road and CLEVELAND Hall. □ (c) Third Battalion, Fanell Road and JONES or BARRY Hall. Cars will oot be loaded, driven or parked on oval of Barney Square. All Cars will use the outside entrances via Farrcll Road. U ICOUU-Mt ' K »■- lk»-T.«0 SIGNATURE AMD HANK U5COMM-M A-KP-3M- 10 -89 FORM KP1-60 (1-«0 UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY KINGS POINT, N.Y. DISCIPLINARY STATEMENT TOi Commandant of Midshipmen PROMi LAjT name VIA! Company Officer INITIAL HICTION erriNti OATB SUBJECT: " „ REPERENCEi 1. THE POL USMMA DISC. SYSTEM REGULATIONS, PAP " • . , „ ,„ ' LOWINO If A T» ' » D ACCOUNT OP PACTS DIRECTLY r ,, a ? ' ' V % C ,. ° ' f, ' ' f X TO i i . IS: : " " v v X. %►: • " ' ,. L N. %s " ' N! i ' ° , % in i il N I TO ; T m ■■i Section Editor: STEVE HUBSCHEN Contents: Ring Dance 98 Homecoming 100 Acceptance Day 102 Christmas Dinner 104 Christmas Ball 105 One Hundred Nights 106 Battle Standard Dinner 108 June Weekend no Awards Ceremony 112 Friday Night Dance 114 Change of Command 116 Formal Ball 120 Baccalaureate 122 Dinner Cruise 123 Commencement 124 This watercolor, which can be found hanging in Bowditch Auditorium, depicts Midshipmen at Pass Christian, Mississippi standing a Formal Inspection. a DANCE The 1987 class ring design was began in the Spring of 1984 by a committee of representatives from each company, as well as a representative from Dieges and Clust Herff Jones. With class- wide participation, the final ring design, drawn by Mark Piekos, was decide upon. The indoctrina- tion theme " Honor, Discipline, Unity " eminates from the crest; much symbology involving Nep- tune, Atlas, mermiads, and a sailing vessel is also present, along with several other more subtle but significant items to be found. The dipping of the ring in the water from the Seven Seas is an important rite of passage. It signi- fies the hard work of the past three years, and the importance of the year to come. It is regarded as an event of importance second only to graduation. Special Events .X- C 99 HOMECOMING 1986 The ber 25 weeki friend old id looibi Unive iteyi excep tos)» each and t we Homeroming 1986 The ritual of Homecoming was again repeated on Octo- ber 25, 1986, as mobs of dis- tinguished alumni descend- ed upon the grounds for a weekend of meeting old friends, checking up on the old room, and watching the football team beat Catholic University. The highlight of this year ' s weekend was the exceptional floats (see pho- tos) which were created by each of the three battalions, and the festivities which were played out on various tailgates in the lower field. % Some sixty-odd days after the Class of 1990 walked through Vickery Gate, they were once again able to pass through those gates on Sunday liberties. Septem- ber 6, 1986 was a special day in the lives of the Class of ' 90, as it was this day they took the Oath of Midshipmen, USNR, and the Merchant Marine Oath before joining the Regiment of Midshipmen. Admiral Car- lisle A.H. Trost, Chief of Naval Operations, administered the Naval Reserve Oath, fol- lowed by Rear Admiral Thomas King, USMS, administering the Merchant Ma- rine Oath. The two months of sweat and aching pain over countless " ground arms " on Barney Square culminated before countless proud parents and anxious sweethearts. CHRISTMAS BALL ' 86 O ' Hara Hall underwent a magnifi- cent metamorphosis the day of De- cember 6, 1986 as it changed to re- semble a grand ballroom for the annual Christmas Ball. " A New York Christmas " was the theme of this year ' s dance; the walls of the gymna- sium were changed to resemble the New York City skyline, complete with several graffitti-covered subway cars, thanks to dozens of hardwork- ing plebes. $ Having a good time Date, Rich, Date, Terri Santa himself As evening drew near, midship- men and their anxious dates began to flock to the converted gym for an enjoyable evening of dancing to big- band sounds. Each couple brought with them a small gift for the needy, which was placed under a huge fresh-cut fir tree, and after passing through the receiving line, was greeted by Santa himself. Keith, Bow-Tie, Denise 104 Christmas Ball THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS DINNERS With all of the leftover stuff from the Christmas Ball moved from O ' Hara to Delano Hall, preparations were made for the regiment ' s Christmas Dinner. The tra- ditional dinner of shrimp cocktail and prime rib, served by white-shirted plebes who often sat down for a second meal themselves, was part of a long-running episode in regimental life here at the Academy. The succulent meal, followed by the pall of cigar smoke as the smoking lamp was lit, was enjoyed by everyone who attended. liTT TF " ' " 1 " 1 ONE HUNDRED NIGHTS This year ' s celebration of One Hundred Nights ' til graduation started for many Saturday afternoon in the various rooms which were rented around the area. After a long and arduous search by Todd Maf- fucci, class president, the Sons of Italy in Rosedale was decided upon as the place to have " the bash. " With a cash bar and a great band, the entertainment started as soon as the doors were opened at 8 pm. About two-thirds of the class attended, looking dap- per in their ties and showing off their dates. The class of ' 87 danced well into the night, celebrating the beginning of the end of their days as midshipmen. V 106 XX. 100 Nights TOP: Murph, Paul, and Nancy. RIGHT: Bren Wade and Keith Hajus. 100 Nights .XX. 107 BATTLE STANDARD DINNER One of the most unique events of the year occured on the eve of January 13, 1987, when Malcom Forbes was the guest of honor at the first Battle Standard Dinner. The evening, es- tablished to commemorate the loss of 142 mid- shipmen-in-training during World War Two, was attended by approximately one-half of the First Class, as well as several distinguished alumni. After the invocation by Father Bevins and a meal of prime rib, Mr. Forbes took to the podi- um to address the topics of success, capitalism, as well as the country ' s economic future. He later fielded questions concerning economics, fiscal policies, his hobbies of ballooning and motorcycle riding, and his favorite to win the super bowl. As the evening drew to a close, Todd Maf- fucci, the class president, presented Mr. Forbes with a sword and a declaration citing him as an honorary member of the Regiment of Midshipmen. 108 • CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: a bagpipe ensem- ble precede the guest of honor; Todd Maf- fucci presents Mr. Forbes with a citation from the Regiment; Adm. King and Mr. Forbes getting ac- quainted; Malcom Forbes at the dais. Special Events SUPERINTENDENT ' S RETIREMENT CEREMONY Rear Admiral Thomas A. King, USMS, re- tired from his position as Superintendent in a retirement ceremony on June 17, 1987, ending a seven year span as Superin- tendent of the Academy. Present was the Assistant Secretary of Transportation, who in his address to the Regiment praised Admiral King for his " leadership at the helm " of the Academy. At the conclusion of the ceremony, Tim Langdon, the Regi- mental Commander, presented the Ad- miral with a banner of appreciation. - CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Admiral King ac- knowledges Timothy Langdon ' s salute and presentation; the Color Guard at " present arms; " Admiral King with the Assistant Secre- tary of Transportation and Father Bevins. Special Events 109 Those members of the class of 1987 receiving awards included: David Anderson Robert Beaubien David Calley Sean Eagleton Keith Gillette Deborah Hennen Roger Hilligoss Christopher Keane Timothy Langdon Todd Maffucci Jon Mcgillis Mark Piekos Joseph Rella Tobin Richmond Soren Spring Leo Taylor Morgan Turrell Gregory Wellstead Michael Antonellis Brian Brewer Stephen Donnelly Todd Emery John Henderson Wesley Hill Marie Huhnke John Knight David Larimer James Mandato Kevin Mulholland Brian Quinn Peter Renehan Steven Smith Gregory Sutton Lawrence Trace Paul Jason Ward John Zucal Presentations of awards were also made to: Lt. Mike Holmes, USN Capt. Edwin Wiggins, USMS I987 AWARDS 112 Awards Convocation PRESENTATION CEREMONY June Weekend -X- C 113 r FRIDAY NIGHT As the sun began to set across Long Island Sound, blessing the New York skyline with a beautiful sun- set, throngs of parents, midshipmen and their dates began to drift down toward Elderidge Pool to enjoy a casual evening of good rock -n- roll. Despite enor- mous rumors of possible rock stars such as John Cafferty or Squeeze being " the Band " for the night, the audience found themselves listening to the great sounds of " Full House " , and were pleasantly sur- prised at the great dance music. Although the eve- ning ended early on the waterfront, the fun contin- ued well into the night at the local hang-outs. 114 Friday Night June Weekend 3 -X. 115 CHANGE OF COMMAND After a night of serious fun, many midshipmen awoke with serious hangovers and little sleep as reveille was called for one last Saturday. Falling out for colors in tropical whites proved to be an arduous task for many, on what promised to be a hot and humid day. At 0930, the Regi- ment began to muster in their formal " C ' " s for the one last trip around Tomb Field. During the review, several midshipmen and several spectators were overcome by the heat (and perhaps the effects of too much fun the night before) as the class of 1988 assumed command. s J.»? ■■ru: ■■-v " — ■ - I k THE POOL PARTY SittiJ n ( One of the long-standing traditions associated with the June Change of Command ceremony is the pool party ritual. No one seems to know when it started, or where it came from; howev- er, the practice of bolting from the end of the march-off to dive into Eldridge Pool has been around seemingly for decades. First Class midshipmen, who no longer have any apparent need for their " monkey suits " give these uniforms a fitting send-off as the sweat soaked midshipmen jump fully clothed into the pool. 118 Pool Party SATURDAY NIGHT BALL i ,7 1 ]une Weekend TOP: Dancin ' the night away. Above: Pausing for a bit of refreshment. i, 120 X. Formal Ball BACCALAUREATE SERVICES fc : After an enyoyable evening of fine dining and dancing, the Memorial chapel began to fill Sunday morning with midship- men and parents attending Baccalaureate services. The non-denominational service was addressed by both Father Bevins and Chaplain Alloway; the presence of the chapel choir and a brass ensomble rounded out a simple but sig- nificant service. vf-m ■ June Weekend -X- - 123 COMMENCEMENT, 1987 As the sun began to rise on Monday, June 22, 1987, the Class of 1987 ' s final chapter was unfolding. The weather was overcast and muggy. The excitement and apprehension, which commanded every graduates ' emotions, was electric and seemed to infect every parent, brother, sister, or girlfriend who came to witness perhaps the greatest moment of ' 87 ' s story. Soon-to-be graduates raced about their rooms, searching for buttons, shaving, greeting loves ones, and trying to down- play the fact that the moment they had waited over 1,400 days for was finally here. The class begun pouring out to form up underneath Truxton Arcade, as count- less classes had done before, to check their order in rank and to wait the order to march-on. Greetings were exchanged, jokes and ribbings abounded as small groups of friends gathered together to wait. Parents, some with cameras, others with VCR ' s, filtered through to say hello and to offer congratulations. Herb Payan strolled out wearing a Burger King crown instead of a high-pressure cap; excited shouts of hello and laughter could be heard above the din. At 1045, the order was given to march-on; according to one late arrival, the deafening cheers could be heard from several miles away as the band began to play the processional. Father Bevins said the invocation, followed by the band playing the National Anthem. Admiral King made his opening greetings, welcoming everyone who came and extending his congratula- tions to the 219 members who made up the graduating class. Deputy Maritime Administrator Elaine Chao, in her introduc- tory speech, described the commencement speaker, James Webb, Jr., as a " man of great talents and character, " and briefly described his combat experiences in Viet Nam and his accom- plishments as an author. ? I n 124 Commencement TOP: The Secretary of the Navy, James Webb, Jr., swearing in newly commissioned officers of the U.S. Navy. ABOVE: An ex- tremely exhausted class president seeks advice for his speech from Gerry Largo. ABOVE LEFT: Waiting for the march-on. J A is speech The Honorable James H. Webb, Jr., Secretary of the Navy, had entered into his position only several months previously. A year before, in his visit to the Academy, Secretary Webb spoke on several issues of great in- terest to the Regiment; many won- dered what he would discuss in his address this day. He appeared ex- tremely reserved during his intro- duction and address, and would apologize in his opening remarks for missing one shoe due to an injury. During his speech, he spoke of lead- ership, and of the necessity for a strong maritime. He would also em- phasize the role of Kings ' Pointers in the leadership of the maritime in- dustry as well as the military. Commencement 125 Dr. Warren Mazek presented the Class of 1987 for the Con- ferring of Degrees- the mo- ment that each would receive his own to have and to hold. It is fulfilling to reflect upon the elation one feels when it is handed to him, and to be con- gratulated by the Admiral for a job well done. The various oaths to be taken were then administered. Cap- tain Robert North, USCG, administered the Merchant Marine License Oath. Secretary Webb then took to the podium to administer the U.S. Naval Reserve Commissioning Oath. Fol- lowing this, he then swore in Chuck Martin, Todd Ryder, Pat Donavan, and John Rochford as Marine Corps officers. Steve Torres was the only member of the class to accept a commis- sion from the Army, which was administered by Colonel Dane Starling, USA. After the administration of oaths, Admiral King then made the presentation of graduates to the Deputy Maritime Admin- istrator Elaine Chao. The Alma Mater was played, followed by Chaplain Alloway giving the Benediction. Todd Maffucci, in his address to the graduating class, praised the Academy for the opportunities it had given each member of the class, and then introduced the anchor man, John Olsen. John accepted the 219 dollars in pennies (one hundred from each classmate) as the " gift " for graduating at the bottom of the class. The class presi- dent then led the class in a cheer to those we were leaving behind, followed by a somewhat befuddled tossing of the hats. Immediately after the tossing, the sky, which had been threat- ening the morning ceremonies, opened up up on the mass of spectators who had descended from the stands to greet the new graduates. The downpour cut short the celebrations which had just began, and it seems that many farewells were not said as families rushed for their cars or back to the rooms. As the class of ' 87 cleared out that afternoon, they passed through Vickery Gate one last time not as a visitor, plebe candidate, or midshipman, but as something very unique in this world: graduates. 128 Commencement The seayear section was written and put together to provide insight into what it is that midshipmen are and do when they be- come cadets for one year of their educa- tion. The section is also to help us, the ca- dets, remember what it was like to sail the sea. We give you seayear- enjoy! Andres Morales Section Editor Dan Shilliday Copy Editor James Chedister Assistant Editor Andrew Kirschbaum Assistant Editor SEAYEAR Four Old Sailorsby the French painter M. L. Goubert. These four old men were caught on canvas as they engaged in the age old recounting of sea stories. So long as men have sailed the seas, they have re- counted their adventures to any who would listen, at any opportunity available. The oil painting hangs in Wiley Hall. The seayear section was written and put together to provide insight into what it is that midshipmen are and do when they be- come cadets for one year of their educa- tion. The section is also to help us, the ca- dets, remember what it was like to sail the sea. We give you seayear- enjoy! Andres Morales Section Editor Dan Shilliday Copy Editor lames Chedister Assistant Editor Andrew Kirschbaum Assistant Editor SEAYEAR Introduction 129 Children 140 Women 142 Far East 146 South America 150 States 152 Australia 154 Europe Med 156 158 Africa 162 Antarctica 164 Navy Mid East 168 170 A Look Back 171 •-.U-i Four Old Sailorsby the French painter M. L. Goubert. These four old men were caught on canvas as they engaged in the age old recounting of sea stories. So long as men have sailed the seas, they have re- counted their adventures to any who would listen, at any opportunity available. The oil painting hangs in Wiley Hall. While looking out my window at-dusk, I sjw the chapel wejth- ervane and pondered those fallen heroes to which it ' s dedicated. OUR BRAVE 142 A spirit ship of pewter rides high a golden swell. Her bow shifts quick in the tell-tale winds as they fill her sails. She ' s kept on course by mariners who always steer her true. On her bill her compliment, our brave One Forty-Two. Her prow plies through the waters of time not too long past, And on our mind ' s horizons we spot her glinting masts. She bears to us a message sent by her valiant crew, We, our nation ' s mariners, as they did must stand It warns all nearby mariners where shallow waters lie. It also sparks our memory: we ponder fallen braves Whose sacrifice allows our course through blue, pacific waves. Remember, men, when looking toward the Western sky. Remember those who sailed ahead and for our country died. Remember, also, as you sail, that they sail with you too. Remember, all Kings Pointers, our brave One Forty-Two. -Brian Ray Brewer ' 87 [One hundred forty-two mid- shipmen died as cadets while sailing during World War Two.] ¥ The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. -St.Augustine II sit here, in a heated room, on a padded chair, typ- ing on the key- board of a new computer. From this vantage point, it is difficult to convey the essence of a sea- faring life to those unfamiliar; just as it is ditticuit to empnamize wun me inigei - numbing, lip-splitting cold of a spray taken over the bow off the Alaskan coast in January while sitting on a sofa in a comfortable den. Sea Year is an experience at Kings Point, the gut- wrenching spirit of which cannot be fully conveyed by mere words or pic- tures. How does one explain what it is to awake sprawled on the deck of your stateroom because a 30-foot wave, in good humor, tossed the ship about like a cork and threw you from your bunk? Or even more difficult, how does one convey the sights, sounds, and smells of a crowded Egyptian market street, dodging of beggars because you just gave your change to a sad-eyed little boy with crooked teeth? The sea year that a cadet experiences in his Kings Point years is one of the most valuable training tools a student of the sea can be given. It is one of the most attractive aspects of the school and one of the students ' most market- able assets upon graduation. It is more than that, though. It is a sort of " rite of passage " for many - a way of proving to themselves that their capabilities have only just been scratched. Perhaps the best way to get the flavor of what a cadet ' s sea year is about is to listen to some sea stories, and, with the aid of some photos (to ensure credibility which so rarely accompanies a good sea tale) make the journey yourself. The sea year for a Kings Pointer is comprised of one semester of sailing in the third-class year and one semester in the second-class year. Cadets sail on many different types of ships which carry cargoes varying from crude oil to liquid natural gas, from South American bananas to Japanese businessmen on pleasure cruises. The ships sail to every continent on the face of the earth (yes, even Antartica and Australia), and the cadets assume such varied tasks as kelly girl (purser), line handler, messman, safety apparatus instructor, wiper, de- mac, mate (no lie!), coffee maker, signal man, and a million other jobs that an keep a " gadget " busy. ( " Gadget " is a term used for cadets because, as one captain explained to me, " You must be good for something, but we haven ' t figured out what yet. " ) For many this is a time to discover what life is about, to live, to taste the salt in the air, and to smile. It is impossi- ble to tell how many hours a sailor spends on the fan tail at sunset, leaning on the rail, staring at the foamy, aqua- white prop wash and wondering how he would ever be able to re-adjust to the hectic life of a city dweller - shop- Dins, sittine thrnnph ruch hour traffic and forgotten, however; no one can downplay the danger of boiler explosions, being washed across deck by a rogue wave or losing consciousness in the bottom of a ninety-foot tank, except perhaps the company, as they are sitting as and well within the loving arms of Mother Earth. There are also those Kings Point- ers out there who have not returned to recount their tales of daring do and brushes with death. They are those who came too close and were brushed un- der the inexorable waves. Cadets have been lost in war, in sinkings, i collisions, foolish accidents, and mysterious cir- cumstances after a crew member takes a dislike to them. The sailing life is certainly not for everyone, as f all the regular I rules do not apply I on the balmy blue, but those of us who have got- I ten a taste of the spray and the salt in our blood are i spoiled forever by | the memories of Seayear. It is an idyllic life to some, being paid to babysit a big, steel boat out on open water, and to make sure she follows the years, and he learns to appreciate a and a cold gin and tonic. The boredom n r rn ' errki a , t n ,t e « " nCe I " " " " ' ectiouf, and the monotony is ines ifeanddeah " betWee " «P» " e. When in the turbulent, relent- L " l„„ ' .■ _... L less darkness of the North Atlantic in l»t ' [»i-4-iii»m-uiid ff ' il ' llffl W ff disaster and great threat to life and ; only tor a warm out the storm ' s j water broad of the beam for the entire voyage, j and when the attorneys made their appearance at Christmas tree would envy. Everyone in the dining hall simply grinned and exchanged amused glances. Perhaps that is what it ' s all about: tackling a job that requires a taste for adventure and a free spirit. It is that difference which makes one man II II l_ . ..!__» l I J II I ■• ■ uu winuut: wndi diiuuiti wuuru i_dii luneiiiiebb. r j few discover that sailing isn ' t all it ' s cracked up to j be. Others find that it is more than a job; more, [ even, than a way of life. Why would anyone want i to subject themselves to the long hours, unpre- I dictable environment, and inevitable risk of the ! sea? Perhaps Joseph Conrad said it best. " There is such magnificent vagueness in the ' expectations that had driven each of us to sea, such a glorious indefiniteness, such a beautiful greed of adventure that are their own and only reward. What we get - well, we won ' t talk of that; I but can one of us restrain a smile? " o explain the sea is a feat that many writers more an I have attempted with varying degrees of success, the essence of the great gray mother continues to elude t. The smell of the spray and taste of the salt upon the air ies closer to our lives when the stories are told by those id with the degree of speech and imagination, but it is the ted medium with which we are presently dealing. I will try - " : be small fractions of what this page is trying to capture our imagination and experiences fill in the rest. is an anomaly to those creatures such as man who since chosen to live on the land. Those who have o the sea to ply the ancient trade of seafaring are reflection of the alien moods of the sea, for they are ke no other people on the face of the earth. an and the people who dare her are moody and n in their emotions and beliefs. A happy and content is cheerful and open as only a child can be, while a ger becomes a towering force of rage, best avoided ersonal tempest blows itself out. The people at sea their emotions, but are only scattered reflections of s and unnoticing sea. otions of the oceans are things to be guaged and jut never understood. The ocean may be a sheet of iss one moment and pitching void yielding shatter- f terror lit by occasional flashes of lightning. Men of e loved the sea and groveled in terror to its might, » only lent a few scant hints of its moods. Sailors have ed their own language to speak with and of the sea, for ; not tolerate the careless for long. In the photo to the ilor might find the heartening message, " red sky at llor ' s delight. " The next morning, the same sky might - ominous message, " red sky at morning, sailors take jence across the bottom shows a sequence as the bow wave when the sea decided to test our mettle, id been forced up into the sky by the previous wave came down heavily. The bow was still buried when y feet of green water broke over the bulwark. The ered as thousands of tons of water crashed across i deck. Spray completely covered the forward mast, i over seventy feet in hight. The seas continued to Jong the decks claiming rigging and cargo piping as r allowing her aboard. The mast was bent back 10 Dm perpendicular during this episode. The large le right shows the forward deck equipment before pletely engulfed. The two deck machines seen are r windlasses, each one being about ten feet in ere taken with a fifty r er, Andres Morales, WJ ighty feet above the w MV Paul Buck.) I d ■n lens from the ship ' s bridge. The about 500 feet back from the bow ter level. Gulf of Alaska in January OCEANS OF THE WORLD Any Old Salt, when asked of his days at sea, will lean back with a contented grin, get a sort of distant gleam in his eyes, and begin with the first thing that comes to mind; for, from the moment a ship is freed of her restraining hawsers until she has again been tethered to a berth and denied her freedom to roam on that briny playground, it is, truly, an adventure. HEAVE-HO Heave-ho! my Lads, Heave-ho! It ' s a long, long way to go. It ' s a long, long pull with our hat-ches full, Bra-ving the wind, bra-ving the sea, Fighting the treacherous foe. Heave-ho! my Lads, Heave-ho! Let the sea roll high or low. We can cross any o-cean, sail any-y river, give us the goods and we ' ll de-li-ver, Damn the sub- mar-ine! We ' re the men of the Mer-chant Ma-rine! It was a strange quirk of fate that brought me face to face with my maker on that dark morning off of the coast of Genoa in mid-blizzard . . We had been ashore the night be- fore, and having been at sea for a week prior to our arrival, we imme- diately sought relief for our parched throats at one of the local drinking establishments that had, it its vast re- serve, a bottle of my own special __ ' H — 1 ' S B — ; - " OOPS! " " It didn ' t happen on my watch. AND THE SHIPS WE SAILED ON. ■ ' Maybe if we all stood on the other side. ' Ah, Captain? Do you think you could come to the bridge for a minute? " ' It was one of those days that started out bad . . . " " . . . and kept getting worse. " Seayear 129 When ships are no more than ships to me, And there ' s no place left I ' d like to see; When funs all flat, and jokes all stale, There ' s no taste left in the cakes and ale, Stitch me up as soon as you like, In a corner of worn out sail; With oily stones at my heels and head, Toss me overboard, and I ' ll be dead - Unknown ' Iff ■ v m € ; % ' :- 42b ' •€ nysi - 3 a; ' r ' - ■ t Why are all these people smiling? (clockwise from top) Becky Stewart doin ' lines in .. boiler. Cadet lost in the reaches of a hold, Jim Chediste. sporting a " gumby suit, " bottle of J.D. and a cigar (actual gumby in pocket for reference) Christmas at sea (above). (opp. page, top to bottom) Party on the bridge, Chief ' s buying! John Scott in a homemade whirlpool. Steve Smith with the catch of the day. 130 Seayear Continued from panel H kryptonite - Tan- queray Gin. When we arrived back at the berth several drunken hours later, we were sobered to find that our ship had been sent to an anchorage just off- shore, and that a launch would soon return us to the old rustbucket. A launch trip in a fifteen-foot boat, nego- tiating ten-foot seas is not something one savors having just set a personal record in alcohol consumption, and we will omit the details of that trip back to the ship for those who aren ' t interested in the color of my innards. I was roused two hours later (about 7 a.m.) to report to the bow for weighing anchor. I was still intoxicated enough that a hangover hadn ' t taken its full im- pact, and I was already accustomed to the lack of sleep, so I cheerfully stum- bled to the bow, unknowingly drop- ping one of my gloves on the way down, and laughing as the icy wind whipped off of the Italian Alps and froze my eyelashes together. I arrived on the bow to find the chief mate (a huge man with an admirable ability to consume alcohol and a gruffy tempera- ment) bellowing orders to the bridge, trying to make use of the ship ' s bow thrusters to free the anchor more easi- ly. The anchor, apparently, wasn ' t ready to let go of the bottom yet, so while we waited for it to chan ge it ' s mind, we all progressed into various stages of frostbite. Finally, the winch, with much moan- ing and groaning, dragged enough of the chain up (under tremendous strain) for the mate to realize that our anchor had found for itself another anchor, to which it clung with all the tenacity of a mother to her newborn babe. The dumbfounded expression on the mate ' s face forced a burst of laughter out of me, after which he told me to " keep an eye on the damned thing " while he discussed with the captain how to get free of the new anchor, which, for all we knew, was still at- tached to a ship down there. We tried dropping and raising the anchor several times, to no avail, and finally, as the asbestos brake lining wore thin and I considered the possibilities of lung cancer and hypothermia, I sug- gested to the mate that someone run a bight of hawser beneath the unwanted anchor chain, which would support the weight of the unwanted anchor until we were able to drop our anchor from Cont. p. 134 Seayear 131 THE PEOPLE WE WERE . . . 132 Seayear 1 1 • . lit l A -u Ll % (clockwise from upper left) Jim Mandato and Rick Cunningham tool hunting and cleaning bilges, again. Descent into Hell. The multiple levels of a Ro Ro ship. Tom Kintz catching some rays on deck during the lunch hour, before he has to return to the hole. Kathy Harkins and Beth Wilson aboard the Sabado, a Venezuelan submarine. Room not secured! ■■ ■H UN i ----- . . . AND CONTINUE TO BE. . -i. Seayear 133 Cont. from p. 131 under it. Once free of the other anchor, we could cut the line and trip merrily on our way and go about thawing our now numb appendages. It was a jolly good idea, a great idea . . . but I forgot to specify who should undertake the unsavory task of running the lead beneath the unwanted chain. The mate, I suspect, was miffed about not having thought of the idea himself. And so I found myself dangling from a jury-rigged pilot ladder, in the midst of an Italian ice storm, negotiating the considerable sway and play of our an- chor chain, trying with numb fingers to slide a wire lead beneath a sixty-pound link of rusty chain. My hangover had gone into overdrive by this time, and I could feel what must have been a half gallon of spare bile churning unhappily in my stomach. Though both of my hands were frozen, I cursed myself for losing that glove, which probably would have spared me the cuts and scratches on my clammy skin. I had looped my elbow around one of the rungs of the ladder, and suddenly Con. p. 139 134 _ 0 . Seayear (clockwise from upper left corner) A junk in Hong Kong Bay with the sun setting behind it. A fisheye view off the ship in Homer, Alaska. ON STRIKE! A situation that can be a cadet ' s living dream or worst nightmare, depending on the port the ship gets stuck in. This particular nightmare happened in Egypt. Happy Birthday to me. A mink whale surfacing to breathe before diving out under the ice in search of krill (small shrimp-like creatures which make up the diet of most other antarctic animals). ;s- •■• w tfvW« E0Hi Seayear 135 After a couple months _ of sailing, one becomes accustomed to the con- tinual, monotonous drone of the ship ' s turbines fill- ing the blankness of the night. It was because of this that I awoke uneasy in my rack at about three in the morning, realizing that that comforting sound had stopped. I dressed quickly and rushed to the engine room to see if I could be of any assistance. The chief engineer, a portly southern gentleman with an eighth-grade edu- cation and bushy eyebrows simply frowned at me as I eased my way down the ladder. " What ' s up, Chief? " " Gawdamned thang aint runnin ' . Whudtha- hell does it look layk, dipstick? " Never one to be daunted by mere words, I pursued the issue. " Not runnin ' , huh? " " Boy, you don ' t git outa mah sight real quick layk, an I ' m gonna ' pull yer gawdamned teeth out with this wrench heah. " While the chief busied himself with " that wrench thayah, " I decided to find out what the scoop was elsewhere. I found a demac who spoke enough Spanglish to get the point across - we had water in our fuel line. I was elated. This would mean huge amounts of work, and I had heard stories of the overtime money an enterprising cadet could earn. I returned to the chief to find him thrusting a torch into the boiler cavity, trying in vain to reset the boiler tips and burn off whatever water was in the line. This process gets a little dangerous, as you can well imagine. The vapors from the tips ac- cumulate in the boiler cavity with each vain attempt, increasing the explosive potential proportionally. The chief with the eighth- grade education obviously wasn ' t aware of the potential, because when the sucker finally blew, all he could do was sit there with his mouth agape, hair and eyebrows singed clean off. " You all right, Chief? " Being banished from the engine room turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I fin- ished a lot of my sea project, and while I hung out most of the time on the bridge wing, ab- sorbing the sea air, I realized that being a deckie might not be so bad after all. Typical console room for engine room (note beer tap on throttle). r- » J I T„ ?■■., 3= •i 11 1 fcl I_fl -M ■ i Mt?IMMl H " 1 M __ B 1 JPtw fOL r 9k " Mbl_ j a 9£ 9 ffiBjJ Pii — -+ ' £ " i W »Li!fc P r _ J m 136 Seayear lllfe Drunks are out. People magazine says so; empty- headed TV stars say so; the Commandants ' staff says so. It must be true. But who has returned from sea without seeing one? Of all the drunks I met though, there was no- body like Red, the 2nd mate. Nobody knew if he was called " Red " for his hair, his nose, or Johny Walker. Red was a scab 2nd mate on a VLCC sailing from Val- dez to Panama and back. Per- the bottle before, after, or during his watch. There was the time leaving Panama. Red had gotten plowed (as per usual) in port, even though he never left the ship. Coming up to the bridge he remarked to the cadet " I doawn no ith you know ith, buth thu captain ith drunk " . (You know the syntax if you ever had the Kolbe beast.) " Doawn lithen to thu captain, I ' ll tell youh wha toodoo. " It was the cadet ' s first watch on his own. Of course, the most memorable watches were those he stood in the early morning hours. Perhaps nobody would have found out if the ship had not occasionally rolled. Red would come up to the bridge and immediately plot the satnav fixes that we would get in the next four hours on the hour (he must have been psychic or something.) Then if he had forgotten his bottle below, he would retrieve it and share it with the helmsman. If it was low, he would go down and get a coffee mug full of it. He would then hop into the captain ' s chair, prop his legs up on the window ledge, and pickle his brain. This was a fairly safe procedure, as the tanker never but never rolled . . . until we hit the Tehaunapecker. As the cadet had taken an EMT course, the chief mate woke him that morning at 0300. He needed help putting stitches in Red ' s scalp. Talking to Red, the cadet found he had had a mishap, " tripping " when a large wave struck the ship. It happened over two hours ago, but Red did not want to waken the chief mate that early, feeling compassionate for the mate ' s slumber. After putting stitches in the 2nd ' s head, the cadet went up to the bridge to play Sherlock Holmes. There, certain details were noticeable. Piecing the events together from the abundant evidence and the Greek AB ' s broken testimony, the story emerged: it seems that Red was perched in the cap- tain ' s chair when the ship took a roll. The chair tipped and pivoted around Red ' s raised feet. He followed this arc until the lashing securing the chair jerked the chair from under him. Red ' s brief experi- ence with flight ended when he found the ARPA in the dark. Two hours later, after he ' d sobered a bit, he woke the Mate. Red was a Fort Schuyler grad, just like CO Sluggo and Johnny " Wad " Holmes. Seayear 137 - Wff ■■gm and treated me like I was Mohammed himself. Once we had weighed anchor, the chief mate noticed that I had gone to a whiter shade of pale, so he let me sleep off the rest of the day. At about five that evening I heard a knock on the door. It was the engine cadet - a short, stocky guy with a detestable work eth- ic. He had finished his project (the same that I hadn ' t started yet) and won- dered if I wanted to go out and cele- brate with him; he was buying. I told him I would be ready in five minutes. Before leaving, I wrote a reminder to myself to fill out those law school appli- cations that had been sitting in my drawer. found it the only thing keeping me from taking the icy plunge, as a sudden roll pulled the ladder out from under me. It ' s amazing how alert a life-and- death situation can make a guy. I though about my mother, how sad she ' d be to hear I had died with a ten percent alcohol content in my blood, about how I should have gone into law school or the priesthood. My legs were kicking like crazy, like going downhill on a ten-speed in first gear. Finally, my foot caught a rung, and I gained some control, then vomited a pukey-green paste into the cold, dark water. After that everything went without a hitch. I was hauled back on board, cold, shivering, and grinning from ear to ear. The deck hands, who spoke some Mid- dle East gibberish, patted me happily Seayear 139 I .Wei ■I V ft The optomism of youth as displayed by these children living in a beachfront slu I No matter where one travels in this world, there seems to exist in every cul- ture a sort of amused reverence for the in- nocence and hon- estly of a child. It is their energy and optomism in the face of adversity which gives us our truest glimpse into the concept behind the word angelic. They are, in a special way, living proof that ignorance is bliss. In their cases, it is ignorance of the bias bigotry which leads man to need- lessly hate. It is their ignorance of the bitterness of the world in which they live, their ability to find contentment in playing on a pile of rocks and thei r abil- ity to love on a whim which make the children of the world our most valuable natural resource. I recall the first time I landed in Taiwan, and, browsing in a Kao Hsiung shop, caught the eye of a tiny little oriental girl. She was using her thumb and forefinger of each hand to make circles and putting them to her eyes, laughing her little head off. When I smiled at her, wondering what was so funny, I realized that I was probably the first person she ever seen with round eyes, and couldn ' t help but laugh at the thought of it myself. It is a good sort of joke when the person making it can ' t possibly mean any harm. I personally believe that we would live in a far better world if we could only see it through the eyes of children. tiM ■ .« ' • 140 Sea year Il Ah, what would the world be to us If the children were no more ? We should dread the desert behind us Worse than the dark before. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (left) stray child on the beach, (below) A photo which sums up the child. A toddler wandering his own way despite all restric- tions of symmetry. Taken at Old Seaman ' s Home in Copenhagen, Denmark. n A powerful photo showing the child and the final product. (below) Who can resist a smiling kid? A father sharing a special moment with his daughter in Athens, Greece. Seayear 141 142 3 Jv. Seayear • ' 1 Seayear 143 (clockwise from upper left) " Korean specials. " A couple of the working girls of I Green Street, Pusan, S. Korea. " Hello, may I help you? " The Mama-san in ai Kobe bar. (right) The reason we sail and continue to sail- the photo says it all. , The three happy girls in the lower corner just came in off the street corner for coffee in the " red light " district in Holland, (left) Miss January 1986, Barbara i Edwards. Sailors in general have two weak- nesses - the inability to pass a bar without tipping a bottle, and an in- ability to pass a cathouse without tip- ping his hat to the ladies. The old adage that a sailor has a woman in every port is slightly skewed. Most of the sailors I asked had a cou- ple women in every port. Everybody has his (or her) own opinion as to what country possesses the most beautiful women in the world (regardless of their occu- pations). There are those who claim that the grace and mystique of the oriental women (Jap- anese, preferably) makes them the most covet- ed woman in the world. One Japanese customs agent was proudly telling me that Japanese women are the most beautiful in the world - until his eyes became glued to a poster of Heather Locklear in a hot tub that one of the A.B. ' s had taped to his bulkhead. I personally thought that the most beautiful women in the world were in India, where smooth, dark skin and aquiline faces, with wide brown eyes are the norm. Some say South American girls are the most beautiful in their youth, with hourglass figures and sexy smiles, but I don ' t think any of ' em hold a candle to a California blonde who drinks Corona. " I ' ve been all around th is great big world And I ' ve seen all kinds of girls, But I couldn ' t wait to get back to the States Back to the cutest girls in the world ... " The Beach Boys 144 25 Seayear If OTMlQfl « J3 V X " My first sailing job took me to Lon- don. That was during The War and Jerry was pounding the hell out of the city. I managed to find a bar, and in it a young woman named Linda who responded in a kindly manner to my moral lapses. We were getting along quite well when I asked her back to her place, having no place of my own. She replied that that would be impossible as she lived at home and her parents preferred her visitors to remain on the porch. The suggestion of a hotel was hopeless, as the bombing and the war had filled all living space with soldiers and refugees. Seeing the crushed look on my face, she told me she had a place in mind and led me out of the darkened building by the hand. We walked a measure down the street and proceeded into an alley. About fifty feet down the alley, she smiled and bent over. ' Right then, mate, second ' ole from the top and I ' ll watch for bobbies. ' And so began my career at sea. " E PINK PANTHER 1 T INVITES Y « Seayear 145 For nearly any cadet I sailing out of the West Coast, the Far East is his destination. Ports such as HaoHsiung, Yokoha- ma, Kobe, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Pusan, and Singapore have been host to U.S. flag ships since the good old days of gunboat diplo- macy. They are ports in which to buy exotic trinkets: a samurai sword, a silk nightgown, or fine jewelry of jade and pearls. Those of us who had the good fortune to spend a week or so there, learned all of the local nightclubs and discotheques where the orientals dance and sing to English tunes, though they don ' t understand the words. The women here are shy but friend- ly, and always willing to let someone buy them a drink. Gone, though, are the days of the samurai and women in bound feet. Western influence has brought the 3-piece suit and the high school letter jacket into vogue. One can visit a local McDonalds, and IT ' A rr +. FAR EAST 5S " H. i % ..:.. . - i T 1 ■$ •i ' £§ f ' A U V SB! I " - ' I ' ? ' ?Ftt .-»t.- fc» aside from a few who use their straws as chopsticks to eat french fries, it ' s the same old stuff. » " wfc - 146 Seayear H MB B Seayear 3 - C 147 148 Seayear l iBMlHi Ten Hong Kong dollars, worth about $2.50 in greenbacks. (clockwise from right) Hong Kong funny money. The low rent district in manilla, Philippines. The canals served as a community laundry, water supply, bathing area, trash dump, and sewer. As far as slums went, though, this was the upper class area. Mark Piekos and Andy Kirschbaum in front of the royal palace in Tokyo, Japan. The " Golden Tower " in Hong Kong ' s financial district. This edifice was built as a tribute to capitalism to be left when Red China regains control of the area in 1999. . HONfiKCtNGANDSHANGKviaVNKlNGCORPOR I! " Jn iMSrxti pit V° -|562997 . I. " , " 562997 JUi rn ( i demand ttl its (JffiCi • n TENr DOLLARS i rt tt i if in nili ' nt in t ii Cum tin r I In ( li ityMiliu rn ' intil HONG KONG 31 U MARCH. 1982. BY OROCft OP THE BOH.H0 OP kintCTORS r S fe 4 _v § .■- V fw Seayear VS. 149 (clockwise from upper left corner) Beth Wilson posing for a postcard in Freeport, Bahamas. A monument to the people who died in the con- struction of the Panama Canal. The monument is placed at the point where the United States re- sumed digging after foreign powers had failed. South American " roach. " The insects of South America are numerous, huge, and troublesome. One time, small beetles covered the deck to such a degree that cargo operations had to wait while they were blasted off the ship with fire hoses. Juan Valdez, selling the less than the " finest " cof- fee beans that Folger ' s rejects. Above: Going through the canal at night. (opp. page) Side stream to the Panama canal showing the jungle of South America. Woman, Kathy Harkins, actually, holding two colorful pinatas. 150 m. Seayear ■ ,.« . For those who are fortunate enough to sail to South America during their sea years, sailing is mere- ly time to rest be- tween ports. The ex- otic images called to nind by such ports as Rio de Janiero; antos, Brazil; and Cristobal, Panama ren ' t able to come close to the true ay of life. There is a way of looking at ife in these countries which is addic- ive. Beaches, beautiful women, cold seer, and a tropical climate account for quite a few sailors jumping ship, and at least a few more being unable to make it back in time. Because of the backwards adminis- tration of their governments, their money is usually unstable, and a dollar can buy you a lot more than anywhere in the States. Perhaps the only people to be wary of are those slimy cab driv- ers who are all smiles and " yokes " as they drive you around the block a few times on the meter, or bum a pack of cigarettes off you (Marlboro hard pack are their favorites). If you are able to speak any of the language (i.e. " dos cer- vesas, por favor . . . " ) you ' re virtually guaranteed to have the time of your life. One of the most interesting parts of a South American run is the chance to go through the locks of the Panama Canal. The waterway is cut through the lush jungle of Panama, and the sights and sounds of the jungle from aboard the ship always reminded me of passages from Conrad ' s Heart of Darkness or the movie African Queen. The locks themselves are marvels of modern engineering, utilizing the difference in levels between the Atlantic and the Pacific to transfer the ships with- out pumps. There is only one regret that I have about South America, and that is the possibility that I will never be able to return there. Some of my best experiences must come from the Brazil steakhouses. You must realize that Brazilians pride themselves on the quality of their beef and their ability to serve it properly. The place that I went to served three inch steaks, whole chickens, sausage by the rope, and roast by the pound. Sea yea M™ " George " Cracia on Bourbon Street, New " Paramount Pictures presents . . . " Nikiski, Ak. Orleans. The beast within- Diamondhead, Hawaii. 152 Seayear ■; ' .• — ■- » :»m ft, 1 QUALITY SEAL AMPHITHEATRE v « i _ 1 « 1 r 7 -! ■ Seayear - -X» 153 THE LAND DOWN UNDER m - When one arrives in Australia, there I is almost a foreboding that the actual country is much more ordinary than the stories that are told about it, as is so often true in sea travel. As the ship pulls in, the ports have much the same look about them as any other ports in the world. It is almost painful to want a place to be so much like the stories one has heard. The first person to speak starts to solidify the stories as they speak in the warm and friendly Aussie style. There are many fables to be proved ashore, though, and with the change of the watch the off-duty crew leaves the ship to those less lucky. Those cadets of sound mind proceed to the beaches if it is at all sunny. The beaches are clean and fresh, and prop- erly populated. Saying as much to a pretty young lass brought an encouraging response: " That ' s the truth, mate, an ' they run right round the ' ole bloody island. " She continued on down the beach, presumably in search of the swimsuit she seemed to have lost. Fantastic country. The second greatest feature of Australia must be the countryside. Lush eucalyptus jungles populated by parrots and koalas, grassy rolling hills stalked by emus and kanga- roos, endless outback full of boisterous Aussies and ab- origines. The setting provides material enough to fill sev- eral books, no matter how short the actual stay. wP ' f i . r- ' •3 _ form upper left) Jimmy Walkabout- Central Australia Aborigine of the Pitjantjara Tribe, Cockatoo, Kangeroos, Steve Mosser learn- ing reverse stickshift driving, Emu. k r Seayear 155 156 -Xjc. Seayear ■ ■ ■■■1 The streets of Bremen, W. Germany, reflecting the ancient splendor of Europe. PHOTO: |. GARCIA Seayear 157 158 j -j£. Seayear : " uS v» 3f a 3 - " L 3pffi 9WW — v r» pj lw „. ilv ' «? The Coliseum of Rome, (below) K-bomb at Pompeii, Italy Mosque on the Bosphurus between Romania and the Black Sea. The Rock of Cibralter, " Prudential Life " sign on opp. side. i tin ■ft " to III I 1 1 12 II. I The Vatican, (below) Pisa, the leaning tower of, Italy. 160 Seayear . ' V Seayear 161 Africa is perhaps one of the most beautiful and depressing places to go to over your seayear. Alongside modern buildings, cars and the rest of the twentieth century you have people living in legalized racial discrimination. My sailing partner even had trouble getting in some places because he was swarthy and of " in- distinguishable origin. " The countryside of South Africa is incred- ibly beautiful. There are safari tours to go on and jeeps to rent, touch a " real, live ele- phant " and all that sort of thing. Take pic- tures of animals you have only seen in the wild on Mutual of Omaha and see how much more they seem to like being free than in a zoo. It ' s an experience, but one I don ' t want to repeat in the near future. ;; 4 162 Seayear Seayear 163 164 Antarctica is the last true, unspoiled wilderness on the face of this planet that we make our home. " So what? " I asked before I went down there. Now there is no reason I can accept for its exploitation. Anyone who believes the antarctic should be plundered like the rest of our poor Earth should take a trip to the region first. The ocean is blue as can only be cap- tured in our imaginations and on can- vas in any other lar d. It has such depth that looking down into the dark blue oceans is much like looking into the endless sky. When the ship ' s prow cracked the virgin white ice the waters were black and endless between the retreating sheets. Yet life teems within this private universe: whales, seals, penguins, skua, and endless varieties of fish. The great amount of whales that thrive in these frigid seas give a slight hint as to what it must of once been like to sail the seas before the whaling fleets emptied the other oceans of the world. Along the ice shelf, not ten minutes passed without a whale coming by the ship. Killer whales traveling in packs of three to nine swam by with their great mouths open, feeding on the krill (small shrimp-like creatures) and any other unlucky and slow moving aquatic life. Mink whales would surface along- side the ship for a final breath of air before diving under the ice shelf in search of food. Penguins would swim and feed along the ice edge until a whale came along, Seayear ■ ■M ANTARCTICA - w mm s - ( 1 when they would all jet vertically from the water to land, running, on the ice. This action would usually lead to great pile-ups along the ice edge as penguins are neither dexterous or swift on land. A penguins has two speeds while walk- ing: slow- which is the abling gait used to take five or less steps, and fast- when they careen along at the break-neck speed of three to five miles an hour. Picture, if you will, a great herd of chubby infants running along as fast as they can over a patch of ice, for their is no more apt despription of " pengies. " They run along with their wings thrown out for balance and bodies thrown for- ward for speed. When they have their full head of steam up, they usually get it into their minds that they are going the wrong way. They backpeddle, slide, fall and knock each other over. Ik • (clockwise from above) 0300 AM (local, believe us?), following the Polar Star up the ice channel, the great life-boat expidition, (opp. page) saying hello to the sled dogs, a curious Adeli, Steve (again, I know) hamming it up on ice watch, full life boat drill in twenty degree weather, the big- gest iceburg we saw (six miles long, from the side). 1 , Seayear 165 An Emperor- lords of the antarctic. Mount Erebus- volcano and prefered skiing location. 166 Seayear Adeli penguins, clowns of the antarctic. The MV Paul Buck running through the pack ice of Antarctica. A Crab-eating seal sunning on the ice shelf while the summer sun lasts. Seayear 167 third classmen going out naval vessels. Though the program has met with mixed reviews, among the midshipmen, it offers an exciting alter- native to those midshipmen so inclined. .aaeis spending a puiuun ayear with the Navy may ei y of a broad spectrum of ve? jties and responsibilities v ship to ship. This time with the Na boring or intensely exciting as the ca t, ship, crew, and area of movei ike it- much like any other shi gram of sailing with the rsavy Oosma Prefer 169 170 Seayear A LOOK BACK . . . Seayear 171 172 173 • 174 Seayear Seayear 175 Section Editor: BECKY STEWART CLUB S ACTIVITIES £2s BkSS •:■•:. Wm ■■■•-•. ' . MDA Glee Club CFC Band Fanfare Trumpets Sportsmen Club Color Guard Midships Karate Trident Club SWE • The painting depicts the Regimental Color Guard on the Academy parade field (Tomb Field). The regiment is at " present arms " in the background. The painting is one of many such watercolors that hang in Bowditch Hall. C tr. The Glee Cub at Lady Liberty ' s 100th birthday Fanfare Trumpets Can ' t keep your eyes off the camera, can you, Vince? Becky Stewart, Clubs and Activities Section Editor 178 review scam Linette and Julie peeking at everyone ' s senior page pictures 179 4 f. Chris working on the Emery Rice Honor Guard tours - what a way to test your plebe knowledge! I I i I •I Mr. RBU, Morgan Yes, we all love Zimmer 180 The Color Guard Greg Severino at the Fourth of July 181 MDA The members of the MDA club joined efforts to prepare for the 1986 Labor Day Telethon. Car washes, boards auction, raffles, soda can returns, T-shirts, candy sales and Love Runs were a few of the projects that the club members worked on throughout the year to raise money for Jerry ' s kids. And raise money they did!!! On behalf of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, the MDA club presented a check for 17,500 dollars at the New York Telethon. Some of the social activities included: meeting with Nassau County MDA representatives, a formal review and luncheon cruise with the 1986 Nassau County poster child, as well as attending both the New York and Las Vegas telethons. Approximately one-hundred midshipmen were went to various studios in New York for the telethon, and fourteen first classmen traveled to Las Vegas for the National Telethon. At the telethons, midshipmen answered phones, took pledges, and stood crowd control and security watches. The combined efforts of all midshipmen were recognized by Jerry Lewis, MDA staff members, and also by other telethon volunteers. This year ' s campaign was a successful Kings Point team effort to aid in the fight against muscular distrophy. The following members worked with Mr. DeFillipi, the Club Adivsor, towards their goal: Marc Piekos Beth Wilson Kathy Harkins Tom Waller Chris Roberts Fred Gordon Scott Brown Raymond Scott Brown Rob Donohue Scott Lemon Steve Hubchen Craig Calley Pat Donovan Kraig Wallace Mark Pfingst Todd Maffucci Stan Dismuke Bob Pinter Andy Kirschbaum Jimmy Worfolk Andres Morales Brian Rhoades John Mitchell Randy Disharoon Jeff King 182 77 lA The 1986 Nassau County Poster Child taking pledges over the phone Craig with his new doo 183 IP GLEE CLUB The Glee Club started its season this year on the Fourth of July when it was featured worldwide on the Americana Music Festival for the One-Hundreth Birthday of the Statue of Liberty. The club finished off the first half of the year with six other concerts continuing the tradi- tion of bringing the songs of the sea to the public. The club officers for the 1986-87 season are as follows: President - John Knight Vice-President - Julie Maggart Secretary - Chris Sheehan Doug Diamond Librarian - Neal Stuber V 9ffl VF £ 1 »■ ' • ■ 11 5V j H fl| . % |0 " r ■d The morni 184 HM HOE CHAPEL CHOIR I The Chapel Choir serves to enhance the services in the chapel on Sunday mornings. Presently, they sing at the Protestant service but have in the past sung at both Protestant and Catholic services. For the last several years, the choir (with some additional help) has participated in the Massing of the Colors ceremony held annually in various grand Manhattan houses of worship. The ceremony honors the dead of both world wars. No other choir, including those from USMA and USNA, has had the honor I 185 CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP CLUB CFC is a multidenominational organization that strives to enhance the spiritual atmosphere and knowl- edge of those involved midshipmen and the world in which they reside. The CFC supports Chaplain Alloway in services with scripture readings, ushering, etc. They also hold an evening service of fifteen minutes every night. There, those present bring up prayer concerns, joys of the day, disappointments, and receive a short but highly relevant message, reading, thought, or Bible passage. The CFC also has weekly studies of the Bible and various subjects shedding light on those subjects as seen from a Christian prospective. Twice a year the CFC retreats from the hustkes and bustles of KP and travels to a retreat center a few hours up-state. Here, one can " draw near to God " and gain knowledge from the material presented. Every so often the CFC will attend a Christian oriented concert. The artists offer a different outlook on life through the role of the Lord in one ' s life. The members enjoy each other ' s company, to say the least, but always have an extra arm extended to anyone who desires to enrich their own spiritual life. The olic StL interes laith their f capabi movies handic i k v jl ■ fl ftL m Wy m ' 2m ML J f m « 1 K " i k.- - ' .flk 9fl Ih9 t £ r $ 186 NEWMAN CLUB 1 The Newman Club is a member of the National Cath- olic Student Coalition. It was established to provide interested midshipmen to be active in the Catholic faith. Midshipmen in the club are encouraged to enrich their faith and to aid others in obtaining the same capabilities. Such activities include: homemade meals, movies, TEC retreats, wheelchair soccer with the handicapped, and religious services and teachings. 4 L Newman Club Members (A-split) Newman Club Members (B-split) ' 187 BAND The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Regimental Band performs for morning colors and all Regimental Reviews as well as for local and national events. In doing so, it serves as the major Public Relations tool for the Academy and the Maritime Industry. Each year the band performs for events such as Opening Day for the New York Mets at Shea Stadium, the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden, George Washington ' s Inaugural Reinactment on the steps of the Federal Building on Wall Street, and the Memorial Day Parade in Great Neck. In the past, the Regimental Band has represented the Academy in events such as the parade for the Hundredth Anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Lady Liberty Centennial on Wall Street, the Veterans Day Parade through New York City, and the Presidental Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C. Most recently, the band performed for the christening of the America II, hulls 42, 44, and 45, and later performed in the America ' s Cup Parade in New York City. ' The Regimental Band, Fall 1986 Capt. Force, USMS ' F G scam " 188 $ I T M at Mystic Sea Port, Connecticut i ' tf ' i m » ' WT- U J t ¥■ j| Annual Band Dinner Lt. Holmes, looking like a fool as usual CANNON SQUAD 189 RBU r and f Crew Th( tergr pizza obvic eld At work the e FANFARE TRUMPETS The Fanfare Trumpets, under the direction of John Knight and Greg Sutton, c ontinued the tradition of opening our reviews and extending the academy ' s diplomatic hand. Some of these famous individuals in- clude the French Ambassador to the United States, the Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. James Baker III, and Mr. Malcolm Forbes. 190 1 EMERY RICE I The Emery Rice engine is shown in its building, Berger Hall. The major work was the installation of a three-ton gantry and the subsequent " freeing up " of the main crank shaft so that it turned freely. For heavy lifting we used the Varsity Crew (they lifted the gantry in place.) Those on E.D. were the reluctant heroes of the major work. The engine received landmark status from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers on May 17, 1986. Then, af- ter graduation and the new term, we actually had a working club with M n Reynolds as president with the rest of his pizza-eating cohorts. By 1987 the team members were all at sea and we started work with E.D. Now progress was very obvious. The " team " left its mark in that all the running gear was in place (i.e. piston rods, crossheads, connencting rod, etc.) The valve gear was also positioned. At the writing, the missing nuts for the valve gear have been machined. M n Abbott has taken over the day-to-day work and actuall turned the engine over two full revolutions - the first time in over thirty years!! By graduation of 1987, the engine will be turning by a jacking gear and next year by steam. The Emery Rice Engine Club Berger Hall - home to the engine 191 AUTO INTEREST Due to a lack of tools and facilities, the Automotive Interst Club is limited in its functions. However, club members have the benefit of finding out who the car buffs are in our regiment. This common interest makes for great story-tell- ing and pooling of automotive knowledge. Thus, members find out how easy it is to locate and borrow tools and to solve car behavior problems when there is a friend to ask. For you I make special deal - one dollar SPORTSMAN CLUB The Sportsman Club is a chartered USMMA organization that allows its members to participate in such recreational outdoor activities as skiing, camping, canoeing, white-water rafting, hiking, marksmanship, and rappelling. It also offers .45 caliber pistol qualifications as per U.S. Navy Regulations to the entire regiment. The Sportsman Club gives interested midshipmen the opportunity to attend team movements that provide instruction and promote safety in the various events introduced by its members. 192 DEBATE TEAM -muers ry-tell- and to Q e dollar The Debate Team with their fearless leader - Morgan Turrell COMPUTER CLUB alional i gives in the I Are these people considered normal? 193 4 REGIMENTAL COLOR GUARD The Color Guard this year, as always, allowed any and everyone interested in participating to do so. This year the Col- or Guard made few trips outside of the academy. Of those places visited, we were proud and very much complimented after our presentation. The various functions performed took us to places such as Leonard ' s of Great Neck and the Wal- dorf-Astoria in New York City. We also look forward to once again being present for the New York Mets opening day game. Many thanks to all of those who decided to get involved. 9 jJL Color Guard members - B-split Color Guard Marching Under Colors »v m Greg Severino - RCGC TO v-.-V ■ : i ..- v. ■-? v ■ " » ■ ft • » • »• ' ■ ' -. " it • ' fcii iti -d i It II I morning colors with the 1 Ensign 194 D Col- REGIMENTAL HONOR GUARD The function of the Honor Guard is to provide security and support services at public functions which the academy holds. During formal reviews, they guard the Admiral ' s box, direct traffic, and other numerous tasks which make reviews run smoothly. Other collateral duties include giving tours to prospective candidates, outside groups, or visiting dignitaries. At times their services are also required as escorts at Miss Polonia contests or as sword bearers at weddings. In all, it is the job of the Honor Guard to give a good impression of the Academy, for it is the Honor Guard members who are typically seen first. Giving a Tour ' 195 The voice of the Regiment ... HEAR THIS ■ ■ U.SMMA. KINGS POINT. NEW YORK DECEMBER, 1986 NUMBER 2 VOLUME XXXVIII The philosophy of Hear This for the 1986-87 school year was one of quality before quantity. It is rare that so few people can combine efforts to create such work as was seen as in those issues. Andres Morales, a.k.a. Raver, created such controversy with his brutally sharp articles that the normal criticisms of the regimental system appeared mild by comparison. The cartoons and Meister commentaries by Mark Piekos were al- ways good for a laugh, and " Rumor Has It, " the gossip column of Karen Fuller, was one of the favorite attractions of the paper. Caramante ' s Corner spoke for itself, and trying to describe it would be silly. The sport section was a culmination of the efforts of many, Rick Cunningham in particular. For most humans, the Kings Point Ex- perience is one of such uncomparable pain and suffering that they see no rea- son to focus attention on anything but survival. But for these few, these proud, there is more. There is the chance to see their ideas on paper, the hope that these ideas will influence others, and the chance to see scoundrels squirm in the face of undeniable truth (just kid- ding). With the proofing help of Laurie Magnus, a burning light of liberalism in the dark night of militaristic conserva- tives, the staff of Hear This was able to produce a readable, intelligent, and en- tertaining tabloid. Though the paper is commonly known to represent the more radical voices of the regiment, there were brave attempts at journal- ism by some of those in the regimental mainstream which were tolerated in the name of fair play. Most of all, the paper serves as a diversion from the humdrum and allowed everyone to laugh a little. members of the Hear This staff tea „ 6 $£ - i— i MIDSHIPS STAFF j PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB JUDO CLUB SNAM E | f This year the Midshipman Pho- tography Association participated in schedule field trips and classes in order to promote color and black-and-white processing and printing. With the use of the dark- room facility located in Jones Hall, an outside instructor was asked to teach a few sessions in basic print- ing and processing allowing the midshipmen to experiment and gain an increased awareness for the potentials of photography. Judo was derived from the vari- ous forms of jujutsu in Japan to- wards the end of the 19th century by Jigoro Kano, a faculty member of the Peer ' s School in Tokyo. It was developed as a system of mental, physical, and spiritual training based on the principal of maximum efficiency, using an op- posing force to one ' s own advan- tage. Judo has developed into an internationally practiced all sea- son sport which has been includ- ed in the Olympics for men since the Tokyo Games in 1964. The judo team here at the academy is coached by Ryohei Kanokogi a sixth degree black belt who is world famous for his judo. This year ' s co-captains are M N Tobin K. Richmond 1 C, a first degree black belt, and M N Tom Herrity 1 C, a green belt. Assisting the co-captains in training the team was M N Brian Brewer 1 C, also a first degree black belt. This year the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers welcomed a new faculty advisor, Proffesor Steve Miller. The offi- cers of the section included Tim- mothy Brennan, Timothy McKen- na, John Murphy and Patrick Owers. The Chairman Adjutants were Brian Yearick and Kevin Car- raher. Matthew Doyle was the Chairman. This year, student membership swelled up to over 100, and many of the members attended the monthly dinner meetings of the parent section. The student sec- tion gained recognition from the national organization as a separate section and was presented with a plaque and banner. 197 MDA Las Vegas Trip k= One of the highlights of the MDA club activities is the yearly trip to Las Vegas by a dozen first classmen. During their three- day stay, the group serves as escorts to VIP ' s, presents the club ' s donation, and generally has a good time in this town famous for its gambling and entertainment. ESC PUB i A . -4- JUDO KARATE Co Sta 200 DRILL TEAM RESERVED OFFICERS ASSOCIATION The Reserve Officers Association (ROA) of the United States is a voluntary organization, chartered by the U.S. Congress, comprised of members (active or retired) of the reserve components of the Armed Forces of the United States. Its mission is to assist in the formation of policies and programs to enhance the defense posture of the United States, especially from the prospective of the " citizen soldier " - the reservist. The organization has three levels: national, state or departmental, and local chapters. The Kings Point chapter of the Department of New York has a junior chapter, which Kings Points can join prior to commissioning, which is known as the ROA Club. ' k. f VLB m u 1 £ wX w ml a? ■ 1 9 IrSw P l Ik8 HW R 1 201 NAVY FLIGHT seasc fi seen lamil 01 actio trips close were Th Club i The purpose of the Navy Flight T M is to familiarize interested midshipmen with the Navy ' s flight program. During their four-day stay, our " prospective " naval avi- ators witnessed an air show to demon- strate the various capabilities of naval air- craft, had an opportunity to discuss naval aviation with genuine U.S. Navy pilots and naval flight officers, got to ride in a helo, and finally actually got a few minutes of flight time in a jet. Agai was to bike h formal er ten of the the s and o bikes 1 miles week. iodepi cling have I where winne mood Anthony Pang on the Pensacola trip 202 TRIDENT CLUB The Trident Club, led by new faculty advisor Anthony Impelluso and club president Paul Coan, had an active 1986-87 season. The club only certified two open water classes due to the unexpected but pleasant surprise of Donna Edgar ' s pregnancy. Bob and Donna Edgar have been the instructors for the Trident Club since the late seventies, and they have seen its ups and downs. We, the members of the present Trident Club would like to welcome another Edgar to our family. Other than certifying the open water classes, which in total were about 35 midshipmen, the club went on numerous action-packed dive trips. Most of the dives were in the fall before the weather turned too cold. Two such memorable trips were the treasure hunt where Jon McGillis and Scott Brown discovered most of the loot and were followed closely by the real " Treasure Salvor " Cal Hayden. The other exceptionable dive trip was on the Old Wood Schooner were we took the dive boat Terry out of Sheepshead Bay in the clear clean Atlantic. The club feels that the year was a fun filled successful one. Paul Coan is proud to graduate leaving an active Trident Club in the capable hands of Gary Vogel. BIKE CLUB Again in 1986-87 the Bicycle Club was compossed of anyone who had a bike here at the zoo. Although not formally organized, the warm weath- er tended to bring out the majority of the riders who enjoyed touring the surrounding areas. However, there was a hub of hard core riders who rode straight through winter and owned outrageously expensive bikes that they would subject to 150 miles of abusive N.Y roads each week. Most of these guys have raced independently in United States Cy- cling Foundation races and some have hopes of training in Colorado where this year ' s Tour de France winner (America ' s first) Greg Le- mond lives. 203 S.W.E. The Kings Point Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a fairly new one. We obtained our charter the latter half of the 1985-86 school year. SWE maintains both professional and student sections. Their major objective is to serve as a center of information on women in engineering. As a student section we try to utilize all aspects of the Soci- ety. Our foremost concern is to organize our Kings Point SWE Chapter so as to benefit all of the midshipmen while also building a strong foundation for the years to come. Speakers, workshops, plant tours, and SWE Conferences are amoung the activities of our chapter. " " " Ta ■ m ■ TMt mM «1 — - ■■H i •Ml l-JJ • w % w« ■ -»% nhh SOCIAL COMMITTEE J fie ikeqln-Jini o| t lluLttfunm«n t«ouc lA the hanxvt ox iicuix pteAwtce at trie Saiu tdxuj, $u« . 20, 1987 •nine aaLaJvk. in tnc e, lenina at lb. G Luied blateA rJIlcicivant J iaA.ine. LTccutc-friU _F vwnat IXtfi t 204 PLAYBILL PLAYHOUSE 91 _ 205 SPORTS 212 218 222 224 234 j 238 j 246 248 250 254 256 M 260 ' H J| M £fl PNv FOOTBALL As the years pass, athletic teams tend to gain identification for one aspect of their season: The most powerful offense ever, the best defense, the most aggressive, the best hitting team. At times, the list can be end- less. Using that formula, it is easy to identify the 1986 football team . . . They knew how to win. On eight separate fall Saturdays, the Mari- ners lined up and defeated the opposition. They faltered just twice. An 8-2 overall re- cord, 4-1 in the Liberty Conference, they won a second straight conference champi- onship. Only three teams in Academy histo- ry have won as many as eight games (1968, 8- 1; 1976, 8-1; 1985, 8-3). Football is 42 years old at Kings Point. While it was a total team effort, single out the offensive line for many of the plaudits. That sextet opened large holes for the run- ning backs, provided pass protection when it was needed and most importantly, allowed the Mariners to control the football and the game clock. In a 34-6 victory over Norwich University, Hussey tied a ten-year-old school record by catching three touchdown passes. His sec- ond was a 75-yard gallop down the left side- line after Norwich refused a penalty against the Mariners. For the day, Hussey caught seven balls for 174 yards and was named to the ECAC Honor Roll in Division III South for his efforts. The Mariners left the alumni smiling on two straight weekends. The offense over- powered Catholic University 38-20 on Homecoming with Sommese sparking the rushing attack. One week later, the Kings Pointers kept control of the Secretary ' s Cup by shutting out Coast Guard 28-0. The Coas- ties came to Long Island with a varied attack. Their best option of the day sent 50 Cadets towards the flagpole to steal the Academy flag. As USMMA ' s plebes thundered out of the stands to chase away the burglars, the remainder of the Cadets made tracks for the opposite end zone where they grabbed the Academy ' s salute cannon and ran down Steamboat road with it. It was one of their few successful carries. Post season accolades included four play- ers making Ail-American teams. Offensive Guard Bill Kirker and Back Tiefenthaller made three All-American squads (AP, Pizza Hut, and Football News) while Wagner was named to the Pizza Hut team, and Whalen to the AP squad. There were a total of twelve players named to the All-Conference team, the seniors being Bill Kirker, Kevin Whalen, Ralph Smith, Rich Sommese, Scotty Walsack, Mike Hussey, and Bobby Wagner. 212 Sports The Mariners start another outstanding season. Bobby Wagner opens it up for Rich Sommese. I POINT ' S The boys in the trenches. Rich looks for six. Team Captains, Ralph Smith, Bill Kirker, Lew Riess, Kevin wnaien sur- round Coach " B " . At right, The Team: Front Row: Sommese, Zucal, Walsack, Camou, Wagner, Smith, Riess, Coach Barrett Kirker, Whalen, Hussey, Wade, Ward, Rice, Olson, Wendorf; Second Row: Hanley, Giammona, Murphy, Stokley, Cerbasio, Tolento, Martino, Chufar, McCovern, Hite, Even, Lein- bach, Chau, Gallagher, Gavin; Third Row: Koshmerl, Burns, Hinkel, Wilkin- son, Minton, Petrocino, Dalton, Hopkins, Kelly, Frye, Hamann, Sheehan, Hueatt, Battafarano, O ' Malley; Fourth Row: Mitchell, Burke, Brown, Jones, Ba- lok, Harhart, Mattson, Kovalchik, Major, Carr, Karas, Simon, D ' Haiti, Bloudeau, Teska; Fifth Row; Petrucci, Walkowiak, Colucci, Eckert, Massey, Rankin, Bro- mante, Heinsohn, Gelhaus, Leahy, Bridges, Azzarita, DeStefano, M. Whalen, McGrogan; Top Row: Jack, VonLeer, Cav- anaugh, Lasinski, Altamirano, Argast, Pra- vata, Schmitt, Bonkowski, Salvo, Burdick, Lesky, Tiefenthaler, Emelianchik, Gre- zinsky, Crawford, Walter, Hilligoss, Dudo, Callahan Mariners reap the fruits of their labor Top: Coach Omeltchenko, Christopher Keane (C), Ken Anderson, Larry Trace (C), Tim Thereault, Chris Deeley, Jeff Blasko, Dan Shilliday (C), Bottom: Brad Pecherel, Don Wilburn, E.D. Clark, Pat O ' Rourke, Jennifer Beck s Kings Point cross country team attained great success - both in actual victories and in finding the dedication necessary to attain that success. Un- der the continually optimistic prodding of Capt. S.W. Omeltchenko, an institution in himself here at the Academy, the harriers performed well, placing highly in several meets. Perhaps the most instrumen- tal runner in this success was freshman Pat O ' Rourke, who finished first for the team in every meet this year, much to the chagrin of sophomore Don Wilburn, who was hot on his trail nearly every race. His quiet dedication to the sport, which re- quires hours of strenuous training and hundreds of miles logged in workouts, served as a goal for his teammates. The freshmen in general were the back- bone of this year ' s team; Bob Veiga and Brad Pe- cherek also were among the top runners of the pack. Seniors Chris Keane, Dan Shilli- day, Larry Trace, and Christopher Deeley also contributed in their own special ways. Keane, an Ail- American in track, lent strength and leadership to an otherwise young team. Shilliday began, the season late and neatly filled in a painful gap left by the injured Veiga. Trace also began late, hav- ing recuperated from an injury, but went to Fredonia for the NCAA ' s and ran very well. Chris- topher was badly injured mid-sea- son while attempting a very diffi- cult toe-tip in a frisbee match, and was forced to resign himself to a managerial position, the duties of which he carried out like a true Kings Pointer. Senior Dan Shilliday and his classic hat TEAM STA TS: Place Kings Point 5-mile Fairfield Invit. 1 4 Wagner Invitational Stony Brook Invit. Kings College Invit. New York Tech Invit. 9 3 2 2 Hunter College Invit. Public Athletic Confer. 1 3 Collegiate Track Conf. ECAC divisional 9 5 The long and winding road over the snow at Fredonia. 216 Sports IRON POINT ' S Pat O ' Rourke moves through the pack. KINGS SOCCER The 1986 Soccer team had an excel- lent year. The Mariners proved that they could win on the road, they could win when they were down and they could win against some of the best competition around. The final regular season record was 13-4-2. By the time the season was four games old, the Mariners had a 2-2 re- cord. They lost a tough decision to Ot- terbien College in their home opener, but bounced back for wins over King ' s (Pa.), 3-0 and Albany State (2-0) on the road. Later in the season, Union Col- lege, one of the nation ' s Top 20 teams, came to Lower Roosevelt Field and jumped off to a 2-0 lead in the first half. The Mariners cut the deficite in half when Kent ' s long pass down the center of the field was knocked in by freshman Bill Ellis. Scott scored the last and tying goal in the last 10 minutes on an assist by Dan Finnerty. The University of Scranton came to the Academy unde- feated later in the season, and was put away nicely by outstanding team coop- eration, on the part of the Mariners. Victory over the Nations best team somehow didn ' t convince the NCAA to give them a playoff bid, and they ac- cepted instead a bid to the ECAC ' s; The sixth such honor in seven years under Coach Dick Hogan. Kent led the team in scoring with 11 goals and 5 assists for 27 points. Scott was second with seven goals and 10 as- sists for 24 points. David (6-5-17) was third. Gene Tyranski inly allowed 18 goals in 1549 minutes for a 1.05 goals- against average. Seniors plus two-Clu Tyranski. .»$5 Sports Mariners get ready for a corner kick POINT ' S iSa»i«BMi, ' 1 Mariners fight to put it in the net. Matty midas going up strong. Kent lining up the hea Davis, Kent, Midas, and Cluxton Discuss strategy. Mariner " D " at work against Coasties. 219 Sports POINT ' S Top Left: Young Tyranski follows in the steps of Big brother, Top Right. Left: Mariners box out the oppo- nents. Below: Top Row; Murphy, Clausner, Finnerty, Scott, Gene and Gary Tyranski, Midas, Cluxton, Davis, McCarthy; Middle Row: Coach Hogan, McCauley, Weisberg, DeSantis, Kent, Ford, Kirschbaum, Malanik, Fogel, VonLeer; Bottom Row: Veazey, Kerst, O ' Donnel, Leoni, Ellis, Orton, Stuart, Webb. KINGS RUGBY The hard practice and team spirit that the Kings Point Ruggers set as their goals have paid off. Over seventy-five people came out for the team, including many returning vet- erans. With the help of newly acquired Coa- ch O ' Reilly (who volunteered much of his free time for the cause), the team posted a winning season by putting points on the board once again. After a dreadful 1985 sea- son, the KP Ruggers resumed their intimi- dating ways on and off the field. The scrum, led by Captains Steve Bossotti and Tom Connor played a rugged game all year long. With aggressive play by senoirs Dave Ledoux, Nick Caruso and Tim Brennan, KP opponents scored few points. Junoirs Tad Cole, Mike Tomazik, and Tony Shibley also had outstanding seasons. The B side scrum was just as fierce and displayed out- standing skills during the season. The backs also played well throughout the season. Led by Captains Steve Mosser and Dan Dugan, they accumulated over 140 points during the 8-and-4 season. Through the combination of speed and agility, they have once again proven that KP Rugby is a force to be reckoned with. Outstanding play by se noirs Fred Gordon, Kevin Mulholland, Scott Hamilton, Chris Roberts, and sopho- more Chris Coney provided seasoned talent to the squad. In all, the Ruggers were pleased with the 1986 turnaround season and are sure they have re-established their winning ways. K P Opponent 7 West Point 24 20 Stony Brook 14 Long Is!. RFC 44 Drew Univ. 6 Seton Hall 8 25 Fairfeild 13 4 Fort Schuyler 12 Hofstra 16 12 Coast Guard 2nd Maritime Place Tourney Ruggers gettin ' down and dirty Phil Tomazik starts the wave. Chris Roberts breaking through. 222 5 Sports Upended Top: Kevin Hoover, Tom " Killer " Conner, Fred " F.A. " gordon, Tim Brennan, Tad Cole, Jim Klenna, Kneeling: Jeff Young, Chris Roberts, Tony Shibley, Scott Hamilton, Sitting: Dave Ledoux, Dan Dugan, Stove Mosser, Steve Bossotti, Phil Tomazik, Chris Coney " Come Together. " 4 € fe . ■ i t MHI , ' ' " »» m BF DpVii _J dr i B ri l«WI nf % •; " mm m w l HI bHH HHHHHHHHHH1HIBH HHN KINGS Pete and Doug (6) roll tack to first place. Renehan and Medina demonstrate winning TECHnique. The fall season got off to a great start with a second place finish at the Harry Anderson Trophy regatta at Yale Uni- versity. The fall season progressed with Kings Point continually remaining in the top four at all the major regattas. One of the many bright spots of the season was a victory at the War Memo- rial Regatta hosted at Kings Point. The season came to a close with a third place finish at the Atlantic Coast Cham- pionships. Based on their performance, the dinghy sailors finished the season ranked third in the nation. The Fall Off-Shore Sailing season was one of the most exiting and productive in recent history. With the acquisition of three new boats: Flamin ' , a Schock 41 ' , Seventh Son, a New York 40 ' , and Connecticut Yankee, a Farr 37 ' , the Off-Shore sailing produced an impres- sive record by winning the Old Green- wich Yacht Club Moonlighter race, the Huntington overnighter race, and the Manhasset Bay Yacht club race week. The Fall team also posted strong fin- ished in the Captain ' s Island race, the Martha ' s Vinyard race, and the Gover- nor ' s Cup race. LeHaye and Moreland show wing and wing. POINT ' S Sailing a reach before a following sea Connecticut Yankee with her chute popped. John Hanus ' Flamin ' close hauled. Connecticut Yankee prepares to come about Flamin ' trimmed for speed J Dinghy Sailors hiked and haulin ' v T IP WRESTLING The 1986-87 Wrestling team was led to a 12-3 record by the last two Slater recruits (Captains Dan Dugan and George Kerst). The team placed second at the Lasalle Tournament with 4 cham- pions, Kabir " Ghandi " Kalsi, Danny Du- gan, Brian Rhodes and Grant " Dan " Ga- ble, and George Kerst placing second. After winning the first 8 matches the Mariners took a month off for the Christmas break. After the break, the team came back on one day of practice and took fourth place at the Hunter Tournament. Later on in January the team took a road trip in a Greyhound up to Massachusetts to take on Am- herst and MIT. They destroyed Am- herst 50-6. MIT saw this and fled the mat. On this trip, in a spur of the mo- ment pick-up match against Mt. Hol- yoke, two Mariners really showed their best stuff. At the Metropolitan Confer- ence Championships, the Mariners took seventh place. In mid-January, although the team was faring well, the team suffered a devastating blow when Senior Captain Gerrard " yup " Largo sufferred a career ending injury. At about the same time, Senior John " -Boy " Olsen, a walk on, decided to walk off again to prepare for the up and coming baseball seaon. Coa- ch Mike " Slater " Cigala is proving to live up to his predecessor ' s reputation by looking high and low in search of a clue. Other members of the team includ- ed Tim " Eggroll " Young, Chris " Bear Biagi, Dale " Brainsurgeon " Goetz, Conrad " Too Cool Harrel, Dean " I- roc " Erck, Tony Hernandez, Guy " Shoot " Chism, " Son of " Sam Lesky, and of course the never forgetable, in- jury prone, maniac conversationalist John, " The Roach " Rochford. One shining star, Grant Gable, won the national Qualifiers allowing him to compete in the Division III Nationals. From Dan and George, we wish hold- over sensation Brian Rhodes and the rest of the team the best of luck in the upcomming season and always. Mariners on the mat get psyched. I ' ld rathei be having dinner with Dad A victorious Polar Bear 226 Sports IRON Son Of Sam Kerst anxious to pin a WN 227 Sports ill in Hi ill 111 minium or in ill hi m hiihhbS Kill the ON Dan George Eats Mat 228 Sports POINT ' S ! MEN 229 Sports KINGS BASKETBALL For some members of the 1986-87 Mariner Hoop team sea year came ear- lier than expected. At the beginning of the Season it looked as though the Mariners would have one of its deepest teams in years. First came the loss of Gilliam, a promising sophomore. At Christmas break Coach Gleason re- ceived the bad news that co-capt. John Willis as well as Chuck Harris, Shane Dowling, and Pete Thurlow would be assigned to Sea for the remainder of the season. The team suffered another loss when a pre-season injury to Kevin D ' Arcy kept him out of the line-up for the first few games of the year. Senior co-capt. Derrick Shirley, Pat Rice, and Don McDonald were left to lead a very young team comprised mostly of soph- omores and freshmen. Because of the loss of the upperclass- men, the freshmen were called upon to fill a major roll on this year ' s team. Jim Trimble received his call while the team was at a tournament in Vermont. The freshman from Rockville Md. re- sponded averaging 10.3 points per game in his 19 games as a starter. Dave Morgan recorded 7 assists in 7 minutes during a 96-66 rout of SUNY Purchase. He went on to become the Mariner ' s starting Point Guard until he sufferred a broken finger which sidelined him for the rest of the season. In his first start- ing game, freshman Kurt Schaniegal scored 18 points leading the Mariners to win over Lehman. He developed into an offensive threat when he scored 27 and 25 points against Man- hattanville and Catholic University. After returning from his injury, soph- more Kevin D ' Arcy displayed his scor ing brilliance with a 30 point effor against North Adam St. College. H went on to score at a 22 point per game clip until academic difficulties caused Kevin to miss the rest of the season. John Doherty proved to be very con- sistant for the Mariners. With deadly accuracy from the three point line, John averaged 14.2 points per game with 5.7 rebound, and 6.2 assists. One of the most improved players from last years squad was sophmore Jim Leskino- vitch. Les lead the team with 23 points against Rochester Institute of Technol- ogy. By pulling down 11 rebounds against Catholic Univ., Les showed signs of becoming a dominant big man for next years team. Dan MacDonald and Pat Rice provided strong support from the bench. 230 Sports . ' 232 Sports POINT ' S HOCKEY The USMMA Hockey team had a re- building season this year. With the loss of hockey legend George Boudreau and a very small team, the Mariners had a tough time getting under way. Due to many dissappointing games the season highlights occurred off the ice-with the exception of the Alumni game. Despite the brutal games, the team managed to keep going. Under the leadership of Coach Mike Holmes and Captains Hussey and Pinter, the team managed to compete with only two lines in the tough Garden and Metro- politan hockey divisions. With strong defensive play by Mike Hussey and Heads up offensive play by Lynn Bell, Bob " Plan-Man " Plansker, and Dirk Smith, the team was able to pull out some close ones. Next year promises to be a better season with the return of Bob Conley, Bob Plansker, Kevin McArthy, Chris King, and a steady goalie, Tim Olsen. The Mariners are also looking forward to The return of Lynn Bell and Doug Rongo. However, the team will miss the sup- port of Michael Hussey along with Bob Pinter. Dirk Smith ' s Passing ability will also be lost at graduation. Another big loss will happen in the coaching staff. Lt. Mike Holmes is being transferred. He has been the Mariners coach for three years running and the team will miss his spirited and dedicat- ed coaching. The team extends its ut- most appreciation to Coach Mike for his support and interest in the players and the team. Kenny Mattson with the check. 234 Sports ! in, Mike Hussey POINT ' S l MEN 235 Sports LVi la la 1KB The swim team this year went through a growing period, yet man- aged to have a winning season. Sue Pe- terson along with captains David MacKay and Paul Cohen lead the Team to a 7-3 record with an overall 3rd Place finish at the Metropolitain Champion- ships. Graduating seniors were Paul Co- hen, Morgan Daily, Jeff Geise, Chris Ka- lafut, John Little, John Gardner, Tom Kintz, Bernie Keger, Mike Gartland, David MacKay, John McGillis, Chuck Rozhon, and Kyle Romanat whom will be missed. This year Sue Peterson had her first asst. Coach with Jerry Watts who helped with the practices and team re- creation. One of the major factors that lead to the team ' s success this year were the Divers, Kyle Romanat, Bill Nixon, Roy Bleiberg, Matt Golden, who were coached by Kevin Ryam and Ha- zel Barr. The 1987 Metropolitan Champion- ships were the culmination of the sea- son ' s competition. The team placed 3rd overall, behind a Division I team, lona College and Stoneybrook University. Outstanding performances were ac- complished by everyone. Dave MacKay set a school record in the 200 Breast. John McGillis, Matt Arcy, Paul Michols, Chris Phelan, Bernie Keger, and Jeff Geise also had outstanding perfor- mances. Bill Nixon Took 1st in the 3 meter Diving Competition and won the Diving High Point Award. Kyle Ro- manat and Roy Bleiberg also dove their way to conference titles. Special Congratulations should be given to the National Qualifiers Bill Nix- on, Kyle Romanat, Roy Bleiberg and Paul Cohen. Sports 236 IRON I POINT ' S m - : I . I Flying off the block Coaches 1 and 2 Sports Sports POINT ' S SWIMMING ..«! Kathy Harkins, Coach Peterson, and Sue Leddy. they lost many strong swimmers to graduation and sea- year. However the enthusiasm and hard work of the girls pulled up the slack. During the 1986 competition outstanding third classman Rhonda Hart won the team many points in all her events. The 2nd classman Marcey Wong pull the team to victory with her breast stroke. The rookie swimmers from the A splits included Lin- ette Lehr and Annemarie Elder. Their improvement was consistent and they both look very promising for the years to come. As the girls went out to sea and the team faced a difficult half of the year. Massive recruiting from the ranks of the female M N brought about a few enthusi- astic underclassmen. There girls included 2nd classman Sue Sealby, 3rd classman Racheal Wright, and 4th class- man Karen Searay and Martha Rhodas. The dedicated 1 c included co-captains Sue Leddy and Kathy Harkins, Beth Edwards, Jennifer King and Becky Stewart. Becky and Jennifer helped out in any event that was needed, and Beth filled Rhonda Hart ' shoes in the distance events. Sue Leddy the strongest swimmer of the team was the key to teams success in that she swam any event. Sue always managed to scored in the events she competed in and she especially ex- celled in the short distance races. KINGS AT THE NET This year ' s season got off to a slow start for womens volley but with hard work, effort, and more experience, the Lady Mari- ners had a strong finish. The team was pleased to finish the 1986 season with 12 wins and 12 losses. Returning this year as co-captains were Beth Wilson and Donna Poucel. The remaining court positions were filled by plebes. Kris- tine Buttrick, Martha Rodas, Karen Sercey, and Rebecca Stogner. All had to fill big shoes. If you attended the games, you probably noticed the frequent guest appearances from seniors Michelle Moreland and Kathy Harkins. Due to the injury of Karen Sercey, sustained early in the season, both Michelle and Kathy were important and very help- ful in keeping the team afloat. If you passed through the gym during one of the teams prac- tices, you probably no- ticed a member of the men ' s soccer team on the volley ball court. By sup- plementing the coaching of Tom Harrigan, Brett Davis was very significant in assisting this year ' s team. Last but not least, we want to thank, the fans, those devoted vol- leyball fanatics who cheered at each home game; the fan factor cer- Women ' s volleyball schedule tainly helped. Donna at the net y Lady Mariners volleyball. IRON POINTS 111 W !!? MEN Sports 241 KINGS LACROSSE The Mens varsity lacrosse team had a very tough start to their season- they had no coach. But thanks to the dedication and perserverance of the captains Kevin Fay, Marc Pfingst, and Jim Worfolk, along with the cooperation of the team they managed to keep things going. Coach Jim Godfry was hired a day before the first game and the team, despite a rough start, finished 9-7. The schedule this year was one of the tough Most of the games were won or lost by onl couple of goals. The team was also hit with injuries to key players which really hurt their offense. Yet despite these difficulties the team ended with a winning record for the third year in a row as a varsity sport. The team finished fourth in the Knickerbocker Conference. The team would like to thank former coach Steve Jacobs, who had to step aside this season for personal reasons. Steve coached the team for six years starting with only a club and building it up to a varsity sport. This time and effort will always be 242 Sports ■H POINT ' S I 1 MENS LACROSSE K.P. vs Queens College W K.P. vs Stockton State W K.P. vs Fairfield University L K.P. vs Montclair State College L K.P. vs Oneonta State College L K.P. vs Kean College W K.P. vs Fordham University W K.P. vs Pace University W K.P. vs Manhanttanville College W K.P. vs SUNY Maritime L K.P. vs SUNY Stony Brook L K.P. vs Southhampton College L K.P. vs Stevens Tech. W K.P. vs F.D.U. Teaneck W K.P. vs Marist College L K.P. vs Dowling W Kevin Long .ge Dematinis MEN 243 Sports KINGS Wcrfolk going for an iso. Yacavone all alone Sommese on attack Looking good Hollywood. 244 Sports IRON POINT ' S Captains looiing concerned Defense in action ■ Sommese Big 10 , Johnny Mac Takes the Face MEN 245 Sports TRACK AND FIELD RUN TO SUCCESS WITH " FUN GAMES " The track and field season produced a bumper crop of outstanding perfor- mances, harvested under the enthusi- astic coaching of Captain S. W. Omelt- chenko. The coach ' s " Fun Games " philosophy of training produced some fine athletes, headed by senior Chris " Siney " Keane. Chris set a new school record in the 400 meters (50.0 seconds), in the 1500 meters (3:54.2), and qualified for NCAA III championships with an 800 metre time of 1:52. Joe Rella, a former Ail- American, did a fine job as the track team table captain, but was unable to achieve his last season ' s success in jumping events due to pained ham- strings. Seniors contributed elsewhere on the team, with Todd Emery placing in the P.A.C. declathon and high hur- dles. Seniors Dan Shilliday and Chris Deeley, though focusing on frisbee, managed to place in several meets - ' Dan in the 1500 and Chris in the 800. Senior Bill Kirker lent his strength to the weight team, frequently placing in the shot put. Several underclassmen turned in key performances, allowing K.P. to score highly at many meets. Junior Tom Trace set a new school record in the steeple- chase with a time of 9:42.6, with fresh- man Pat O ' Rourke hot on his heels. Ju- nior Sandor Liptai placed highly in the 200 meters, with a P.B. time of 22.4 seconds, also a school record. The un- derclass weight men contributed great- ly to team scoring, with the likes of Manny Silva ' s first place hammer throw of 144 ft. Rick Cochran placed consis- tently in the javelin throw, and also showed his stuff in the discus and shot put. Freshmen Chris " Guppy " Williams and Pat Mc Groggan were impressive in several meets this year, despite their frequent trips to the van, foraging for food. This season made other teams take notice and show their respect to USMMA track and field, and with the young talent still being develop by coach Omeltchenko, there is good rea- son to believe the trend will be continued. •246 Sports KINGS POINT ' S Sports 247 mH ■■■■ Holy muscles Chuck. : .: i Wd J. Gallaher earning his box lunch. " " 1 I. Specialist S. Vettel, base-stealing. The bench is a critical component of the team. ■ jf, i 248 I. V £ £ ' ! ' • F I 2 - «=v :■« ■ A Mike " O for life " Kerst. George ' s lady-friend Sports IRON POINT ' S h- r . IPI i Perry " smokes " another hit. .y » t- U George Kerst, a legend. DR. Miller with a textbook delivery. kl I £[C1 OFFSHORE: The 1986-1987 offshore season saw the acquisition of three new boats. Donated to the program were: Flamin ' , a Shock 41 ' ; Seventh Son, a New York 40 ' ; and Connecticut Yankee, a Farr 37 ' . With these three new hulls, the Offshore Sailing Team began to exert its influence over Long Island Sound. Flamin ' ed the way with an unprecedented four first place victories in the prestigious Block Island Race Week Regatta, as well as impressive finishes at both Edul and Around Block Island distance races. Seventh Son had strong finishes in all of her races, ending the season with a third place finish in the New York Yacht Club Invitational Spring Regatta. Connecticut Yankee also had a third place finish in the same regatta, despite being added to the roster late in the Fall. This season saw the emergence of young tal- ent in the offshore team. Marvin Lee, skipper of the Seventh Son, was the only senior at the helm on a full-time basrs. Flamin ' was skippered by both Gary Vogel and Keith Hajus, while Connecticut Y an- kee was captained by two third classmen, Billy Carr and Matt Mattson. Next season promises to be one of the greatest ever, with an abundance of talent and strong lead- ership. The offshore team is planning to attend s eral prestigious ra_. around the Northeast, and hopes to continue a win- ning tradition. 250 Sports Sports I POINT ' S OFFSHORE: i t % K.P. Rugby Team had a comeback year. Strong performances by seniors Dan Dugan, Steve Bosotti, Steve Moss- er, Tim Brennan and Tom Conner helped make a 8-4 season in the fall, just missing the Divisional Champion- ships in the Metropolitan Rugby Union. Next year promises to be even bet- ter, with a strong set of juniors taking over the team as well as several juniors and sophomores from previous I TENNIS After losing six players to graduation from the 1986 team, the 1987 team was expected to undergo a rebuilding year. Freshman Paul Corkery, named the team MVP, played the mast exciting, intense tennis matches, and provided strong competition at 1 singles. Cor- kery also sported 1 doubles with his classmate Matt Lowery. Tim McKenna, 3 singles, and Dirk Smith, 4 singles, both had brilliant seasons, and played well together as 2 doubles. Andy Cairns Filled the 2 singles position as the only returning starter and four-year letter man. Andy Kirschbaum, in his tennis debut, had a fine season as 5 singles. Greg Sutton and Erik Jensen re- turned from alternate positions in the ' 86 season to share the 6 singles posi- tion. Cairns and Jensen provided much-needed depth as the 3 doubles squad. A team with little experience, the Mariner netmen pulle together and finished off the season with a record of 8-3,.and were very close to earning first place in the division. Moreover, the Kings Point Tennis Team did not lose a match to a division III school. Derek Smith, Tim McKenna, and Andy Cairns Show Fine form. KINGS ■ r r -.- » ■ ' - - ' -ar- %s rfci 256 This year ' s crew season marked a changing point for the team. Although the team was smaller in numbers, a strong turn out by the class of ' 87 made up for a lack in numbers with an abundance in size. Most notably was the accomplishments of John Dilliot and Art Major, with honorable mention to Scott Brown. These three rounded out the senior class with co-captain Kent Williams. John and Kent supplied the power behind the oar in the varsity heavyweight four, while Art and Scott added enthusiasm to a smoking lightweight eight. Junior co-captain Mike Nowak and sophmore Mike O ' Donell pro- vided the experience and leadership neces- sary in the lightweight division, but it was not enough to medal in Philadelphia at the Dad Vail Regatta. Dan McDonald and John Dil- liot, rowing for the first time in a premier varsity event, did all they could to make this year ' s varsity four a contender, but without powerhouse Chuck Martin returning in the spring season with Kent and sophmore Matt Mayberry, our most formidable boat was not up to the expected speed. Dan and John ' s " magic circle " amazed oarsmen from around the country at the N ationals, along with most of us here at KP. Two freshmen on the team, Kevin Olsen and local favorite Andy Schober, have everyone excited about the MET Championship ' s next year. Their size and athletic ability should prove to be the difference in the varsity heavyweight four, with a very deep lightweight squad rounding out the field. If all else fails, the team is always at home with the grill, and our competitors, however formidable on the water, were always there after the race for a good time. SPRING CREW fa - . 1987 DAD MIL fA - For Minnesota, It ' s Miller Time! See what the city of Brotherly Love can do to you? KINGS The Admiral Stedman Trophy Was Presented To Paul Coan (Right) As The Athlete Of The Year By Rear Admiral King. United States Merchant Marine Academy Athletic Association Kings Point. NY. 11024 1986-87 ALL-AMERICANS BY FOOTBALL: Tom Tiefenthaler (3) Bill Kirker (3) Kevin Whalen (1) Bob Wagner (1) SWIMMING: Associated Press Third Team Football News Honorable Mention Pizza Hut COSIDA Honorable Mention Associated Press Honorable Mention Football News Second Team Pizza Hut COSIDA Second Team Associated Press Honorable Mention Pizza Hut COSIDA Honorable Mention Bill Nixon Paul Coan (3) INDOOR TRACK: Chris Keane (1) SAILING: Peter Renehan (1) Allen Lindsey (1) Ine Meter Dive Three Meter Dive One Meter Dive 50 Yard Freestyle 100 Yard Freestyle 100 Yard Butterfly 800 Meter Run POINT ' S Chris Keane (right) received the Steven Wickboldt Memorial Award for a cdr. Allen Ceasar, chairman of the Athletic combination of dedication, leadership and sportsmanship to the track team. Board, presented the Coach of the Year tro- The presentation was made by coach Bill Omeltchenko (left) along with Mr. p hy to wrestling coach Mike Cigala (right). and Mrs. Richard Wickboldt (center). I JM.II ' i.UH. l . ] I f J 1 11 VI -M ' i I r " l i M ] I ■ I ll-i 1 11 ball team, received the Andrew Gibson Award as the Most Valuable Offensive Player. The award was presented by Captain Robert Madden, a member of the Athletic Board and a former win- ner of the Admiral Stedman Trophy. Kent Williams took home the Captain Bill Omeltchenko (second, left) was awarded -• - - ' he Mark ). Paradiso Service Award. It is given to th= » uiember of the Academy family who contributes t. as the Most Valuable Oarsman on most to the athletic program. The trophy is in memo. , the Crew team. The award was pre- Q f Mark Paradiso, Class of ' 83, who competed in three sented by Captain Bob Safarik (right). sports at the Academy. The presentation was made by Dan Dugan (left), president of the Varsity Club, along with Miss Laurie Paradiso (second, right) and Mr. Gerald Paradiso (right), Mark ' s sister and brother. Beth Wilson (right) received the Julie A. Krinsky. It is given to recognize exception ithletics. Trophy from Rea nance in the fiel ' The Hanley-Naegele Awards -given to a football play and a wrestler- were presented to Grant Gabel (left) the wrestling team and Kevin Whalen (right) of the football team. The awards are donated by the " Point Maritime Association. The presentation wa: ' y Charles Gib ice-President. POINT ' S ■1 fe-tf •-»■ ..- %? - THE YEAR IN REVIEW . -»%, BY DENISE CATALFAMO Superpower Summit President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev met in Reyk- javik, Iceland, for a two-day summit in October to discuss arms control. The two leaders reached an impasse on testing of the U.S. Star Wars weaponry. Phillipine Coup After 20 years of ruling without seri- ous challenge, Phillipine president Fer- dinand E. Marcos was forced from of- fice amid charges of corruption and scandal. The new president, Corazon Aquino, was faced with political and economic turmoil. Libyan Strike U.S. Air Force and Navy jets attacked five targets inside Libya under cover of darkness in April, delivering a response to what President Reagan called the " monstrous brutality " of Libyan- backed terrorism. (Among the targets was the Libyan Naval Academy, located in a suburb of Tripoli.) Drought A drought spread throughout the Southeast during 1986. It was the worst dry spell on record. At the peak of the drought, crops wilted from southern Pennsylvania all the way into northern Florida. Even after some rain, many farmers in the Carolinas, Georgia Ten- nessee and Virginia were on the brink of ruin. 1986-87 STATISTICS -New AIDS cases: More than 12, 195. -Average time spent viewing T.V. by American households: More than 7 hours per day. -Press conferences Reagan has given: Six. -Personal computers purchased for home use: About 5.9 million units. -M.B.A. degrees awarded: About 68,000. (Photo credit: Dan Shilliday) The Year In Review 267 Terrorism Two Arab terrorists stormed Istanbul ' s main synagogue on September 6, killing more than 20 worshippers with sub-machine gun fire. When police arrived, the terrorists detonated hand grenades and killed themselves. Aristocratic Wedding Caroline Kennedy, who captured America ' s heart as a little girl romping through the White House, married Edwin Schlossberg, a New York businessman and artist in Hyannis Port, Mass., on July 19, 1986. Royal Wedding Britain ' s Prince Andrew married red-haired, English commoner Sarah Ferguson in July at Westminster Abbey in a spectacle that mustered the pomp and glory of England ' s 920- year old monarchy. Andrew is the Queen ' s second son and fourth in line to the throne. Crack They call it " crack " on the East Coast and " rock " on the West Coast. Whatever the name, this refined, smokable form of cocaine may be the most addictive narcotic ever sold on the streets of America. A New Tax Law The President signed into law in October the broadest tax overhaul in a generation. The bill cut taxes for most workers while paring some prized deductions and boosting the tax burden on corporations. Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, and Illinois Democrat, headed the tax overhaul delegation and Sen. Robert Packwood, a Oregon Republican, headed the delegation from the Senate. Spy Swap Gennadiy Zakharov, a Soviet U.N. employee was arrested on a subway playform in New York City and charged with spying. A week later American journalist Nicholas Daniloff was arrested on the streets of Moscow and accused of spying on the Soviet Union. Both men were released within weeks, and the entire affair set the stage for the superpower Summit meeting in October of 1986. i ' i The Year In Review te fed lie. e the j on julin : or the 3. Dan (tat, ion reeor J on re entire The Year In Review 269 Ik THI PEI who for r- Tom the t domi make Belle actre !WO( Dr.S " We Stree Cree toch Sam- twen more Mets Giants Victory: The glory of being number one graced New York athletic teams twice in 1986. In a suspenseful World Series, the Mets came from behind to snatch a victory from the Boston Red Sox in the seventh game. The Giants also basked in the glory of victory and paraded through the New York City limelight after crushing the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXI. In Memoriam: Kate Smith Benny Goodman James Cagney Ted Knight Ricky Nelson Desi Arnaz 270 The Year In Review THE MOST MEMORABLE PERSONS OF 1986-1987: Vanna White- who earns an estimated $100,000-plus for twelve days of work a month for turning letters on television ' s Wheel of Fortune. Tom Cruise- the twenty-four year old smash who dominated the year ' s biggest money maker- Top Gun- as a cocky jet jock. Bette Midler- actress comedienne won audiences in two of this year ' s film hits - Down and Out in Beverly Hills and Ruthless People. Dr. Seuss- " We started as Seuss did, on Mulberry Street . . . then came the Grinches, the Greeches, a Who The Gussets and Go- toches from the New McGrew Zoo . . . Sam-I-Am turned up next, transporting a dish of green eggs and ham . . . " Whitney Houston- twenty-three year old singer whose debut L.P. has sold more than 7 million copies in the U.S. hit 1 on Bill- board ' s pop charts on March 8, 1986. The Year In Review 271 L L A ' fm I This Hunter Wood oil painting, of a brig- antine sailing vessel, can be found hanging in Wiley Hall. Hon. Ted Stevens, U.S.S. Alaska Hon. Barry Goldwater, U.S.S. Arizona Hon. Alan Cranston, U.S.S. California Hon. Tony Coelho, M.C. California Hon. William E. Dannemeyer, M.C. California Hon. Don Edwards, M.C. California Hon Duncan L. Hunter, M.C. California Hon. Daniel Lungren, M.C. California Hon. Robert T. Matsui, M.C. California Hon. George Miller, M.C. California Hon. Norman Y. Mineta, M.C. California Hon. Ron Packard, M.C. California Hon. Norman Shumway, M.C. California ms g- Mm - ' •: ' V W t Hon. William L. Armstrong, U.S.S. Colorado Hon. Gary Hart, U.S.S. Colorado Hon. Christopher J. Dodd, U.S.S. Connecticut ■ ' JV Hon. Joseph R. Biden Jr., U.S.S. Deleware Hon. Walter E. Fauntroy, M.C. D.C. (Washington) Hon. Paula Hawkins, U.S.S. Florida tm Hon. Early Hutto, M.C. Florida Hon. William Lehman, M.C. Florida Hon. Bill Nelson, M.C. Florida Hon. Mack Mattingly, U.S.S. Georgia Hon. Sam Nunn, U.S.S. Georgia Hon. Daniel K. Inouye, U.S.S. Hawaii Hon. James A. McClure, U.S.S. Idaho Hon. Frank Annunzio, M.C. Illinois Hon. Robert McClory, M.C. Illinois Hon. Robert H. Michel, M.C. Illinois Hon. Lee H. Hamilton, M.C. Indiana Hon. Dan Quayle, U.S.S. Indiana Hon. Philip Sharp, M.C. Indiana Hon. Roger W. Jepsen, U.S.S. Iowa Hon. Berkley Bedell, M.C. Iowa Hon. Jim Leach, M.C. Iowa Hon. Billy Tauzin, M.C. Louisiana Hon. William S. Cohen, U.S.S. Maine Hon. Charles McC. Mathias Jr. U.S.S. Maryland Hon. Michael D. Barnes, M.C. Maryland Hon. Beverlyey B. Byron, M.C. Maryland Hon. Edward Kennedy, f.5.5. Massachusettes Hon. Brian Donnelly, M.C. Massachusettes Hon. Nicholas Mavroules, M.C. Massachusettes Hon. Gerry E. Studds, M.C. Massaschusettes Hon. David E. Bonior, M.C. Michigan m) im Hon. William S. Broomfield, M.C. Michigan Hon. William D. Ford, M.C. Michigan Hon. Thad Cochran, U.S.S. . ., Mississippi ' . ' Hon. Paul S. Sarbanes, U.S.S. Mississippi Hon. Max Baucus, U.S.S. Montana Hon. Pat Williams, M.C. Montana Hon. J. James Exon, U.S.S. Nebraska Hon. Doug Bereuter, M.C. Nebraska Hon. Harry Reid, U.S.S. Nevada Hon. Warren B. Rudman, f.5.5. New Hampshire Hon. Bill Bradley, U.S.S. New Jersey Hon. James A. Courter, M.C. New Jersey Hon. James J. Howard, M.C. New Jersey Hon. William J. Hughes, M.C. New Jersey Hon. Matthew J. Rinaldo, M.C. New Jersey Hon. Robert A. Roe, M.C. New Jersey " B 1 EF ££jM fi Av9y w F- i h Wm jJS i BHhBi ijlEfl Hon. Marge Roukema, Vf.C. New Jersey Hon. Alfonse M. D ' Amato, U5.S. New York Hon. Mario Biaggi, M.C. New York Hon. Nicholas F. Brads, U.S.S. New York Hon. William Carney, M.C. New York Hon. Thomas J. Downey, M.C. New York ' M)j Hon. Geraldine Ferraro, M.C. New York Hon. Ben Gilman, M.C. New York Hon. Norman F. Lent, M.C. New York Hon. Raymond J.Mcgrath, M.C. New York Hon. Matthew F. McHugh, M.C. New York 1 ' ' " ■ ttj UrwaVn Hon. Richard Ottinger, M.C. New York Hon. James H. Scheuer, M.C. New York Hon. Charles E. Schumer New York -X P " (■F fl ££a ■ W. 1 % £ ra Hon. Stephen J. Solarz, M.C. New York Hon Samuel S. Stratton, M.C. New York Hon. Ed Towns, M.C. New York Hon. Jesse A. Helms, U.S.S. North Carolina Hon. Charles O. Whitley, M.C. North Carolina Hon. Thomas N. Kindness, M.C. Ohio Hon. Clarence E. Miller, M.C. Ohio Hon. Ralph S. Regula, M.C. Ohio Hon. Les Aucoin, M.C. Oregon Hon. Denny Smith, M.C. Oregon Hon. James Weaver, M.C. Oregon Hon. Ron Wyden, M.C. Oregon Hon. M. John Heinz III, U.S.S. Pennsylvania Hon. Lawrence Coughlin, M.C. Pennsylvania Hon. William F. Coodling, M.C. Pennsylvania Hon. Joe Kilter, M.C. Pennsylvania BSK m Hon. E. Clay Shaw Jr., M.C. Pennsylvania Hon. Bud Shuster, M.C. Pennsylvania Hon. Clairborne Pell, U.S.S. Rhode Island Hon. Ferdinano J. St. Germain, M.C. Rhode Island Hon. Claudine Schneider, M.C. Rhode Island Hon. Jim Sassser, U.S.S. Tennessee Hon. Lloyd Bentsen, U.S.S. Texas Hon. Bill Archer, M.C. Texas Hon. Robert T. Stafford, U.S.S. Vermont Hon. John W. Warner, U.S.S. Virginia Hon. Dan Daniel, M.C. Virginia Hon. William Whitehurst, M.C. Virginia Hon. Frank R. Wolf, M.C. Virginia Hon. Norm Dicks, M.C. Washington Hon. Mike Lowry, M.C. Washington Hon. Robert C. Byrd, U.S.S. West Virginia aae ! 5 fe} ■ ■-■: - ' -v. Hon. Jenning Randolph, M.C. West Virginia Hon. Robert W. Kasten Jr., U.S.S. Wisconsin ' •■ ' •■ ' ' ' . ' ■ ' ■ ' Hon. Malcolm Wallop, U.S.S. Wyoming We would like to acknowledge the following senators and con- gressmen that h ave nominated our classmates , that were unable to provide us with photographs. Hon. Donald J. Albosta Hon. Benjamin A. Gilman Hon. Charles H. Percy Hon. Ike F. Andrews Hon. Tom Hagedorn Hon. Joel Pritchard Hon. Harry F. Byrd Hon. George Hansen Hon. William Ratchford Hon. Harrison A. Williams Hon. Thomas F. Hartnett Hon. Benjamin S. Hon. Eugene Chappie Hon. Cecil Heftel Rosenthal Hon. Barber B. Conable Hon. James E. Jeffries Hon. W.B. Rudini Hon. Lawrence J. Denardis Hon. Abraham Kazen Hon. Gladys M. Speallman Hon. Edward J. Derwinski Hon. John Le Boutillier Hon. J. William Stanton Hon. Robert W. Edgar Hon. Clarence D. Long Hon. John G. Tower Hon. Jack Edwards Hon. Marc Lincoln Marks Hon. Lowell P. Weicker Hon. John N. Erlenborn Hon. James C. Martin Hon. Harrison A. Williams Hon. Alan E. Ertel Hon. Joe Moakley Hon. Lyle Williams Hon. Floyde J. Fithian Hon. Antonio Borja Won Hon. Robert Young Hon. Edwin B. Forsythe Pat Hon. Leo C. Zeferetti ms m LIBIA ACRIPINA AYON RAUL OTTO BROTELLA ROBERT RICHARD KENNEDY ROBERT CHANDLER KESSLER DAVID FERNANDO MACKAY PATRICK FRANCIS RICE JORGE SANIDAS FRANCISCO JAVIER TEJADA ROCELIO ANTONIO TOLEDANO ROBERTO RUFINO DANIELS EDWIL LATORRE ANTOLIN MICHAEL PATRICK KOPPENHAVER BRIAN SCOTT DELAMER MATTHEW SEAN DOYLE ANDREW RUSSELL KIRSCHBAUM PAUL HOWARD SLANEY STEPHEN FELIX TORRES MICHAEL KENNETH JONES SEAN EDWIN MARSHALL DANIEL BRADY SHILLIDAY MARC EDWARD PFINCST JOSEPH JOHN RELLA STEVEN JOSEPH BOSSOTTI THOMAS GEORGE WALLER RICHARD FRANCIS MCMULLEN MATTHEW JOHN MIDAS LOUIS JOHN METZGER GREGORY STUART CHARLES KENNOCH MARTIN WILLIAM BRENDEL WADE MICHAEL HUSSEY HENRY M S DISMUKE II SEAN EAGLETON JAMES STEPHEN CHEDISTER BERNARD WILLIAM KAGER WILLIAM CALHOUN HAYDEN SCOTT ALEXANDER LEMON RICHARD IAY NEUMANN STEPHEN JOHN DONNELLY ROBERT JOSEPH PINTER JR DAVID WILLIAM ANDERSON RICHARD ELWOOD CUNNINGHAM JULIE ANN MAGGART MICHAEL GARTLAND WILLIAM EDWARD KIRKER ARTHUR KYLE ROMANAT DERRICK ALTON SHIRLEY TIMOTHY DWIGHT NOTESTEIN MARVIN JOONG LEE BRETT WENDELL DAVIS GEORGE DAVID KIGER TODD WILLIAM RYDER SOREN KENNETH SPRING DAVID MURLEY LARIMER ANDRES ABELARDO MORALES PAUL KEVIN BERGEY JOHN RALPH OLSON DOUGLAS EDWARD HELMER PAUL EDWARD COAN IOHN STARK LITTLE GREGORY JAMES SUTTON CHRISTINA DOLORFS CORDERO CHARLES ANTHONY ROZHON TODD BRUCE EMERY JOSEPH EDWARD REYNOLDS JEFFREY MICHAEL DISTEFANO KEITH RANDALL GILLETTE DAVID ALLAN LEDOUX SCOTT DARRIN HAMILTON IOHN ANTHONY MCPARLAND DAVID CHARLES IACKSON HERBERT MONK PAYAN PETER ALBERT PETRULIS DEBORAH |EAN HENNEN PATRICK MATTHEW THOMAS TIMOTHY KENNETH LANGDON TOBIN KYLE RICHMOND SUSAN ELLEN LEDDY THOMAS FRANCIS CONNOR MARIE HELEN HUHNKE PAUL DAVID SANTAMAURO THOMAS JAMES HERRITY DANIEL IOHN FINNERTY RICHARD PAUL HELCHOWSKI JENNIFER MARION KING CHRISTOPHER DANIEL ROBERTS CHRISTOPHER GERARD TRAINOR VINCENT JAMES DISTEFANO PATRICK GEORGE W OWER5 LAWRENCE CHARLES TRACE RAYMOND SCOTT BROWN JAMES LAURENCE KELLY DARRIN WILLIAM KOLBET IEFFREY STEVEN KLAUSNER KIRK MICHAEL BARRETT NICHOLAS CERARD CARUSO STEVEN LAWRENCE MOSSER SHAWN PATRICK OKEEFE MARK ANTHONY COBBLE |AMES RAYMOND STROHM-VN IOHN BARR1 ROCHFORD IOSEPH CRANE HEATH KATHLEEN HARKINS IOHN IOSEPH MNNEAR1 DAVID SCOTT WALSACK MICHAEL KRMG WALLACE IASON CHRISTOPHER HLLTI |A IOSEPH DROSIEKO FRED ALBERT GORDON MICHAEL ANTONEUIS PANAMA CANAL COMMISSION PANAMA CANAL COMMISSION PANAMA CANAL COMMISSION PANAMA CANAL COMMISSION PANAMA CANAL COMMISSION PANAMA CANAL COMMISSION PANAMA CANAL COMMISSION PANAMA CANAL COMMISSION HON ABRAHAM KAZEN HON ALAN CRANSTON HON ALAN E ERTEL HON ALFONSE M D ' AMATO HON ALFONSE M D ' AMATO HON ALFONSE M D ' AMATO HON ALFONSE M D ' AMATO HON ANTONIO BORJA WON PAT HON BARBER B CONABLE HON BARRY GOLDWATER HON BARRY GOLDWATER HON BENJAMIN A GILMAN HON BENIAMIN A GILMAN HON BENJAMIN S ROSENTHAL HON BERKLEY BEDELL HON BEVERLEY B BYRON HON BILL ARCHER HON BILL BRADLEY HON BILL BRADLEY HON BILL NELSON HON BILL NELSON HON BRIAN J DONNELLY HON CECIL HEFTEL HON CHARLES E SCHUMER HON CHARLES H PERCY HON CHARLES H PERCY HON CHARLES O WHITLEY HON CHARLES O WHITLEY HON CHAS M MATHIAS JR HON CHRISTOPHER J DODD HON CHRISTOPHER I DODD HON CLAIBORNE PELL HON CLARENCE D LONG HON CLARENCE E MILLER HON CLAUDINE SCHNEIDER HON CLAUDINE SCHNEIDER HON CLAUDINE SCHNEIDER HON CLAUDINE SCHNEIDER HON DAN DANIEL HON DANIEL K INOUYE HON DANIEL LUNGREN HON DANIEL QUAYLE HON DANIEL QUAYLE HON DAVID E BONIOR DENNY SMITH HON DON EDWARDS HON DONALD J ALBOSTA HON DOUGLAS BEREUTER HON DUNCAN L HUNTER HON E CLAY SHAW JR HON E G SHUSTER HON EARL DEWITT HUTTO HON EDOLPHUS TOWNS HON EDWARD J DERWINSKI HON EDWARD M KENNEDY HON EDWARD M KENNEDY HON EDWIN B FORSYTHE HON EUGENE CHAPPIE HON F I ST GERMAIN HON FLOYD J EITHIAN HON FRANK ANNUNZIO HON FRANK R WOLF HON FRANK R WOLF HON G WM WH1TEHURST HON GARY M HART HON GARY W HART HON GEORGE HANSEN HON CEORGE MILLER HON GERALDINE FERRARO HON GERRY E STUDDS HON GERRY E STUDDS HON GERRY E STUDDS HON GLADYS M SPEALLMAN HON GREGORY W CARMAN HON GREGORY W CARMAN HON GREGORY W CARMAN HON GREGORY W CARMAN HON GREGORY W CARMAN HON HARRISON A WILLIAMS HON HARRY F BYRD HON HARRY F BYRD HON HARRY REID HON IKE F ANDREWS HON J JAMES EXON HON | WILLIAM STANTON HON |ACK EDWARDS HON JAMES A COURTER HON JAMES A COURTER HON IAMES A COURTER HON IAMES A MCCLURE HON JAMES A S LEACH HON JAMES E JEFFRIES HON JAMES G MARTIN HON IAMES H SCHEUER HON IAMES H SCHEUER HON JAMES J HOWARD HON IAMES R SASSER HON IAMES WEAVER HON JENNINGS RANDOLPH HON IESSE A HELMS HON |OE MOAKLEY KAREN MARY MILCETICH L1NETTE CRACE DURHAM JOHN ARTHUR KNIGHT ANTHONY FRANK LOSQUADRO MARK WILLIAM PIEKOS KURT ARNOLD TIMMEL EDWARD JOHN ZOISS ROBERT CHARLES BEAUBIEN LEONARD LEE CAMOU CURTIS JOHN KING JEROME PATRICK WATTS JOHN ANDREW CAIRNS ROBERT KEVIN WAGNER JOHN KEITH HAJUS ROGER DALE HILLIGOSS JAMES MICHAEL MANDATO LEO FRANK TAYLOR II MORGAN JAMES TURRELL BRIAN RAY BREWER RALPH ANTHONY SMITH DAVID JOSEPH CARAMANTE PETER DREW RENEHAN KEVIN C MULHOLLAND WESLEY JAMES HILL STEPHEN HOWARD MERKEL LEWIS FREDERICK RIESS KAREN LORRAINE FULLER KENNETH MATTHEW ANDERSON THOMAS PAUL MAYR FRANCIS JAMES CALTON ROBERT JOSEPH DONOHUE KENNETH FORD JOHN JOSEPH MURPHY III CHRISTOPHER SINEY KEANE DIRK PATRICK SMITH RICHARD CHARLES SOMMESE TIMOTHY PATRICK BRENNAN JEFFREY CHARLES GIESE DAVID MICHAEL ARGAUER STEVEN LOY SMITH GERALD VINCENT LODGE CHRISTOPHER JOHN DEELEY CURTIS MAXWELL HANSON JON JOSEPH MCGILLIS PAUL HENRY SALTZEN TODD DAVID MAFFUCCI JOHN MATTHEW TARPEY GENE ANDREW TYRANSKI NICHOLAS ANDREW ZSOKA FREDERICK WADE SALMONSEN ELIZABETH ALLYSON EDWARDS JOSEPH WILLIAM WEST JAMES ANDREW LAGDON JEFFREY ALLEN WILLIAMS MICHELLE MARIE MORELAND JOHN ANTHONY ZUCAL JAMES MATTHEW CLUXTON DANIEL JOHN DUGAN GERARD ALFRED LARGO KEVIN JOSEPH FAY DAVID CRAIG CALLEY WALTER CHARLES III IOHN WILLIAM GARDNER MICHAEL JAMES WUEBBEN KARL THOMAS HABENICHT JAMES KENNETH WARD JOHN CARL DILLIOTT GREGORY RICHARD SEVERINO MICHAEL ROBERT GALECKI JOHN RICHARD SCOTT CERALD FRANCIS GORDON LAWRENCE PAUL CHICCHELLY CHRISTOPHER EDWARD KALAFUT KEVIN FRANCIS WHALEN ROBERT JAMES MCKINNON CHRIS BRYAN KAPSAROFF THOMAS HAROLD WILLE ROBERT LEE IONES GEORGE IOSEPH DEMARINIS REBECCA LEWIS STEWART ROBERT JOHN BARBER SCOTT DAVID BROWN TERRENCE PATRICK CASSIDY |R BRIAN WALLACE QUINN COURTNEY PARMLY BROWN KURT ANTHONY SULESKI MORGAN PAUL DAILEY KENT FOWLER WILLIAMS STEPHEN KARL HUBCFJEN PETER HEY WEBSTER ANTHONY LINN PANG PATRICK MICHAEL DONOVAN GEORGE RICHARD KERST PAUL GREGORY LAMBERT - JAMES FRANCIS WORFOLK BETH ANN WILSON BRIAN ANDREW BIRO THOMAS GERARD KINTZ PERRY LEE PLUNKETT CHRISTOPHER BAHRET JEFFREY MICHAEL DEVILBISS RUSSELL MICHAEL MCGARVEY ARTHUR HIRAM MAJOR GREGORY KEMP WELLSTEAD IORCE ENRIQUE GRACIA TIMOTHY EDWARD MCKENNA JOHN JOSEPH HENDERSON CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM MARTIN PAUL IASON WARD THANE GILMAN HON JOE MOAKLEY HON JOEL PRITCHARD HON JOHN G TOWER HON JOHN LE BOUTILLIER HON JOHN N ERLENBORN HON JOHN N ERLENBORN HON JOHN N ERLENBORN HON JOHN WARNER HON JOHN WARNER HON JOSEPH P KOLTER HON JOSEPH P KOLTER HON JOSEPH R BIDEN JR HON LAWRENCE COUCHLIN HON LAWRENCE I DENARDIS HON LEE M HAMILTON HON LEO C ZEFERETTI HON LES AUCOIN HON LES AUCOIN HON LLOYD M BENTSEN HON LLOYD M BENTSEN HON LOWELL P WEICKER HON LOWELL P WEICKER HON LYLE WILLIAMS HON M JOHN HEINZ III HON M JOHN HEINZ III HON M JOHN HEINZ III HON MACK MATTINGLY HON MALCOLM WALLOP HON MARC LINCOLN MARKS HON MARGE ROUKEMA HON MARIO BIAGGI HON MARIO BIAGGI HON MARIO BIAGGI HON MATTHEW F MCHUGH HON MATTHEW F MCHUGH HON MATTHEW F MCHUGH HON MATTHEW J RINALDO HON MAX BAUCUS HON MICHAEL D BARNES HON MICHAEL E LOWRY HON NICHOLAS F BRADY HON NICHOLAS MAVROULES HON NORMAN D DICKS HON NORMAN D DICKS HON NORMAN D SCHUMWAY HON NORMAN F LENT HON NORMAN F LENT HON NORMAN F LENT HON NORMAN F MINETA HON PAT WILLIAMS HON PAUL S SARBANES HON PAUL S SARBANES HON PAULA HAWKINS HON PHILIP SHARP HON RALPH S RECULA HON RALPH S REGULA HON RAYMOND J MCGRATH HON RAYMOND J MCGRATH HON RAYMOND I MCGRATH HON RICHARD L OTTINGER HON ROBERT A ROE HON ROBERT A BYRD HON ROBERT H MICHEL HON ROBERT H MICHEL HON ROBERT MCCLORY HON ROBERT MCCLORY HON ROBERT T MATSUI HON ROBERT W EDGAR HON ROBERT W KASTEN JR HON ROBERT YOUNG HON ROBT T STAFFORD HON ROGER W IEPSEN HON RONALD C PACKARD HON RONALD C PACKARD HON RONNALD WYDEN HON SAM NUNN HON SAM NUNN HON SAMUEL S STRATTON HON STEPHEN J SOLARZ HON THAD COCHRAN HON THEODORE F STEVENS HON THOMAS F HARTNETT HON THOMAS J DOWNEY HON THOMAS J DOWNEY HON THOMAS N KINDNESS HON TOM HACEDORN HON TONY COELHO HON W B RUDINI HON W J BILLY TAUZIN HON W S BROOMFIELD HON WALTER E FAUNTROY HON WARREN RUDMAN HON WILLIAM CARNEY HON WILLIAM CARNEY HON WILLIAM CARNEY HON WILLIAM D FORD HON WILLIAM E DANNEMEYER HON WILLIAM E DANNEMEYER HON WILLIAM E DANNEMEYER HON WILLIAM F GOODLING HON WILLIAM F GOODLING HON WILLIAM F GOODLING HON WILLIAM ) HUGHES HON WILLIAM L ARMSTRONG HON WILLIAM LEHMAN HON WILLIAM LEHMAN HON WILLIAM RATCHFORD HON WILLIAM RATCHFORD HON WILLIAM RATCHFORD HON WILLIAM S COHEN ( % DAVID WILLIAM ANDERSON Andy " Barrington, Rl Clubs and Activities Sailing Team, Regimental Band, Jazz Band, Regimental Glee Club, Honor Guard, M N Officer- BOPS, Guitar Club, Social Committee, Trident Club, Karate Club, Diego Garcia Alumni Association. Places Visited England, Holland, Germany, France, Scotland, Panama, Philippines, Guam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, japan, Diego Garcia. Ships and Companies ss American Envoy U.S. Lines ss American Lancer usns VEGA mv PFC W.B. Baugh ss Lash Atlantico ss Lash Pacifico ss Doctor Lykes U.S. Lines MSC Maersk Lines Ltd. Prudential Lines Prudential Lines Lykes Bros. I want to thank my family and friends for all the support, laughter, and good times necessary to make it through this place. Special thanks to Dana for good times at Conn. College and those unforgettable road trips. B.Q.-thanx for putting up with me . . . you stud! Andy, The Gu, BQ, Clark Kent, Greggy-friends forever. Guys this is the end of the DSB ' s. Timmee S.F. smooth sailing and I ' ll c-ya at the beach Internship Yacht Construction Division, Williams Manchester Shipyards. Aspirations A small Bungalow on a Tropical beach, a Hobiecat, endless supply of G T ' s, Jimmy Buffet on the radio and Christie Brinkley by my side. What else is there? B - L 1 S ' ■ i C L_A fevV kl 1 h " ■» lUisMig r If l KENNETH MATTHEW ANDERSON Kenbob, KB, Kilo Bravo " Thornton, CO Clubs and Activities Regimental Band, Varsity Studying Club, M N Officer (BComm), Cross-country, racewalker, Ex-systems jock. Places Visited Mexico, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, United States, I X tKsrXtKin } A a U $ I This place was not college. College is supposed to be fun, you can pick your instructors, you can drop a class when the going gets tough, and you only take as many credits as you can handle. I ' ll be walking out that gate with my degree in hand . . . Hawaii, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Texas. Ships and Companies ss Manulani Matson Nav. ss Santa Maria Delta Lines usns Meteor MSC ss Exxon Gettysburg Exxon mv Seabulk MagnachemHvide Shipping Aspirations MONEY! flirt Kore; Anderson, K EDWIN LATORRE ANTOLIN " Eddie " Sacramento, CA Clubs and Activities Drill Team, Honor Guard, Color Guard, SNAME. Places Visited Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan Hawaii. MICHAEL ANTONELLIS " Antman, Piglet " Westwood, MA Clubs and Activities Honor Guard-Commander, Rugby Club, SNAME, Movie Club Vice-Chairman, Rack Club Commander, MDA. Places Visited Taiwan, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Guam, Panama, England, France, Holland, Germany, Brazil, Diego Garcia. Ships and Companies ss American Astronaut U.S. Lines ss American Puritan U.S. Lines Energy Independence Keystone mv Pfc. William B. Baugh Maersk Lines Internship Airborne Training - Fort Benning, Georgia. Asperations To find a job!! jL .lAimMtbk — -Si Krov gMPn wzd). i«2 flllfoi Regime Affair Newmi Club, t- ArtsCl Flaces Panami Okinav DAVID MICHAEL ARGAUER Gue " Clubs and Activities Regimental Band, Arts and World Affairs Committee, Social Club, Newman Club, Glee Club, Trident Club, Hear This, Ski Club, Fine Arts Club, Christmas Ball Committee, Honor Guard, ROA, M N Officer-RHBVC. Places Visited Panama, El Salvador, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Philippines, Honduras, Holland, West Germany, Italy, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Mexico, Guam. Kensington, MD 1) Mediocrity breeds decay 2) Thanks Mom, Dad, family and friends. Your support and understanding helped make it worthwhile. I love you dearly. 3) A sense of Honor, a sense of Pride - the ingredients to a life of discipline. Ships and Companies ss Elizabeth Lykes ss Sealand Consumer ss Almeria Lykes mv Falcon Princess tv Mermaid Lykes Bros. Sealand Lykes Bros. Seahawk Management A W Seaborne Systems Internship Pacific Cargoes, Inc. Aspirations To attain patience - life ' s panacea. ;||»IMii (| |U»««I ;- III " ..,,,. .. 1 r i»- 1 - - 4KLX LIBIA AGRIPINA AYON Tibby " Clubs and Activities Christian Fellowship Club, Chapel Choir, Society of Women Engineers, SNAME, M N Officer. Places Visited Holland, Germany, France, England, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Venezuela. Panama City, Panama e c c O-s jdyttYi " But thanks be to God! He give us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. " (1 co 15:57) Ships and Companies ss American Pioneer U.S. Lines ss American Draco U.S. Lines mv usns Sealift Arctic MTL ss Export Freedom Farrell Lines Internship Panama Canal Commission. Cli fw Footba Secom New n Propel Varsity Fan CI fixes Japan, Greee Colon- Peru, CHRISTOPHER JOHN BAHRET •Chris " Mechanicsburg, PA Clubs and Activities Football, SNAME, Honor Guard, Second and Third Class President, Newman Club, Intramurals, ROA, Propeller Club, Thursday Club, Varsity Club, BRODAH, Joe West Fan Club. Places Visited Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Colombia, Chile, El Salvador, Peru, Equador, Panama. I C JtAcdtyad t. X-5nJ tS Now that the costume party ' s over, I hope we can all take off our masks and recognize ourselves. A special thanks to Mom and Dad for helping me through! Ships and Companies ss Charles Lykes Lykes Bros ss Independence ss Kauai mv Falcon Champion ss lames Lykes Amer. Hawaii Cruises Matson Nav. Titan Nav. Lykes Bros. Internship Trionic Industries, Inc.; Harrisburg, PA Aspirations Open up an ethnic deli in South Central Pennsylvania. MjLJi ROBERT JOHN BARBER F.P.O. New York, NY Clubs and Activities Chemistry, Physics, Tug Boat Ted Fan Club, Thursday Club. Places Visited Egypt, Italy, Canada, Djibouti, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Equador, Malaysia, Chile, Peru, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Ships and Companies ss Shirley Lykes Lykes Bros. ss Stonewall Jackson Waterman Stmship mv Falcon Champion Titan Nav. ss lames Lykes Lykes Bros. Internship Port Services, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Aspirations To own my own Abolone ranch. KIRK JVL BARRETT " Kirk Michael " Mobile, AL Clubs and Activities Honor Guard, Salute Cannon Squad, Radio Club. Places Visited British Indian Ocean Territory, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Egypt, Morocco. ZSZI SlEi I had good times North of the line, I got a lot of good friends too, But if it ain ' t Dixie, It won ' t do. Alabama Ships and Companies ss Mallory Lykes Lykes Bros ss Brinton Lykes mv Pride of Texas ss Exxon Gettysburg Internship C.L. Hamilton Surveying. Lykes Bros. Seahawk Management Exxon Co. Marine 1 — -— ! 1 1 1 A Bi ' 1 1 ROBERT C BEAUBIEN " Bobo t Arlington, VA Clubs and Activities Crew Team, Ski Club, SNAME. Places Visited Egypt, Israel, Malta, England, Netherlands, France, W. Germany, Panama, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Alaska. MmJC £ ur - - -«--t w r I ' d like to thank the three most important people in my life my Mother, my Father, and most of all Donna, without whom I don ' t think I would have made it. I love you all! Ships and Companies mv Pride of Texas Titan Nav. ss Howell Lykes Lyks Bros, ss American Envoy U.S. Lines mv Laust Maersk Maersk Lines usns Sealif t Pacific MTL Internship David Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center, Hydrodynamics Department; Bethesda, MD. Aspirations To be a Kings Point CO. ••nrL 1 fl B ' PAUL K. BERGEY " Bungy ' Williamsburg, VA Clubs and Activities Soccer Team, Varsity Club, Hear This, SNAME, Friday Afternoon in the Paark Club, Century Club, Weekend Foyer Society for the Distraught, Trident Club. Places Visited Greece, England, Egypt, Iceland, Lebanon, Israel, Italy, Romania, USSR, Scotland, Spain, Turkey, Venezuela. There are places I remember all my life, Though some have changed, Some forever, not for better, Some have gone, and some remain. All these places have their moments with lovers and friends I still can recall, Some are dead and some are living. In my life I ' ve loved them all. Ships and Companies ss Lash Pacifico Prudential Lines usns Vega MSC mv Julius Hammer Hvide Shipping usns Sealift Atlantic MTL Internship Newport News Shipbuilding, Steel Fabrication Department. Aspirations To sail . . . sail . . away. BRIAN BIRO Fullerton, CA Clubs and Activities Hear This, Propeller Club, Automotive Interest Club, Third Class Honor Representative. Places Visited Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Panama. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Tyler APL ss Keystone Canyon Keystone ss Tonsina Keystone ss Exxon Benicia Exxon I have not much good to say, so I will say nothing at all 4- Internship Ground Systems Division, Hughes Aircraft Company. Aspirations To climb as far up the ladder of success and achieve half the intelect of my Father. Find a woman half as good as my Mother and pursue the ever elusive intangible known as Happiness. (Hope I live a long, long time.) =isr v SNAN Cuarc fkt Spain, Croix. f o r 3 " " 11 ' ■■ ■■ i ■ • • ■ ■ i STEVEN J. BOSSOTTI Bo, Bones " Bayside, NY Clubs and Activities Rugby Team-Capt., M N Officer, SNAME, Varsity Club, Honor Guard, ROA. Places Visited Peru, Chile, Colombia, S. Africa, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Spain, Italy, England, Bahamas, St. Croix. -■ I d , ■ O riA tt " The record shows I took the blows and did it my way. " Thanks Mom, Dad, the rest of the family and Jennifer for putting up with me for these four years. Ships and Companies ss Solon Turman Lykes Bros. ss Leslie Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Sealift Med. MTL ss Mormacstar Moore-McCormack Internship Farrell Lines, Inc.; New York, NY. Aspirations Fame, Fortune, Fun A Family to enjoy it with. TIMOTHY PATRICK BRENNAN " Bimble " Elizabeth, NJ Clubs and Activities Rugby-Football Club, Senior Class-Treasurer, Third Class- Vice President, SNAME, RBU, CIO. Places Visited Africa, Jordan, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Diego Garcia. Ships and Companies ss Export Challenger Farrell Lines ss Stonewall Jackson Waterman Stmship mv Cpl. Hauge Maersk Lines mv Pvt. Fisher Maersk Lines Internship Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Aspirations To come back to Kings Point and be a CO. 1 Mom, Dad, Joe and Pete- Thanks for everything ... I have become comfortably numb. BRIAN RAY BREWER Clubs and Activities Judo Club-Co Capt., Hear This- Associate Editor, Class Vice President, Honor Guard, Indoc. ' 88, ' 89, M N Council, MDA, SNAME, Trident Club, Fine Arts, Bagpipe Club, CFC, Abmulance Squad. Places Visited S. Africa, Angola, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Gibraltar, Italy, Israel, Panama. 1 ajZZ2££bujLs£i I " Rum-tum-tiddle-um-tum. Tittle-iddle, tiddle-iddle, Tiddle-iddle, tiddle-iddle, Rum-tum-tum-tiddle-um. " Winnie-the-Pooh ■ VJ Arlington, TX Ships and Companies ss Solon Turman Lykes Bros, ss Marjorie Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Exxon Gettysburg Exxon ss Exxon San Francisco Exxon usns Algol MSC Internship Marine Safety Office, U.S. Coast Guard; Boston, MA. Aspirations To find the Hundred Acre wood with my little friend and to live there together. a m RAUL OTTO BROSTELLA " Raul ' Clubs and Activities Water Polo, Sailing Team, Century Club, Rugby Club, Intramurals. Places Visited Netherlands, W. Germany, England, Egypt, Jordan, Djibouti, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Tunisia. , ' W- TTj ? J. 2 $5 I Panama, Panama " If you begin to believe in yourself, you are sentenced to become a joke. Have some more wine. It ' s more important . . Jacques-Yves Cousteau Ships and Companies ss Almeria Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Spirit of Texas Titan Nav. ss Robert E. Lee Waterman Stmship ss Genevieve Lykes Lykes Bros. Internship Panama Canal Commission. ' «. S F ' ? ■ X Brostella, COURTNEY P. BROWN Mount Kisco, NY Hrnshk Clubs and Activities Sailing Team, Third Class President, Pub Club, Trident Club. Places Visited USSR, Panama, Singapore, Egypt, Equador, England, Tunisia, Chile, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Colombia, Taiwan, Greece, Peru, Hong Kong, Spain. Ships and Companies ss Nancy Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Almeria Lykes Lykes Bros, mv Frances Hammer Hvide Shipping mv Luna Maersk Maersk Lines (jfrua i P, nn-jv " If we once start thinking no one can guarantee what will be the outcome, except that many objects, ends and institutions will be surely doomed. " John Dewey RAYMOND S. BROWN ' Scotty ' Clubs and Activities MDA, Trident Club, Midships, Crew, Tugboat Ted Fan Club, Fine Arts Club, T V Neried. Places Visited Diego Garcia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Equador. m i c Rsuf J J[ J). 3t «s _ I We Came, We Saw, We Acted Immature, We Left!!! Las Vegas, NV Ships and Companies mv Spirit of Texas Titan Nav. ss Frederick Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Marjorie Lykes Lykes Bros. Z) ss BT Alaska MTL Internship U.S. Coast Guard, Marine Safety Office. Aspirations To live happily ever after! Ya- Hoo!! CI ColfT ffces Saudi Djiboi Maly Sins ■ r Brown, R. SCOTT D. BROWN " Knute Sullivans Island, SC Clubs and Activities Golf Team, Crew, Pub Club, MDA, Propeller Club, 333 Club. Places Visited England, Holland, Germany, Panama, Puerto Rico, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Pakistan, India, Malysia, Indonesia, Oman, Singapore, California (definitely foreign). 1 J £f -(7. r -v I Thanks Mom Dad, friends Chubs, I couldn ' t have done it without ya ' ll; and if there ' s one thing I ' ve learned from this ' experience " , there are definitely no free lunches . . . except mayby salads. Ships and Companies ss Sam Houston Waterman Stmship ss Doctor Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Chesapeake Trader Amer. Trade Trans Internship Marine Inspection Office, USCG; Charleston, SC. Aspirations To live Happily ever after! M JOHN ANDREW CAIRNS Dover, DE Ships and Companies usns Vega MSCLANT ss Ashley Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Exxon San Francisco Exxon mv Rainbow Hope Rainbow Nav. Aspirations To do a " Lite Beer " Commercial with my good buddies Karl H., Dave T., and the Class of ' 87 from K.P. (kin Honor Auiom Detail Pbces Domir GermJ Greec Home m m H ■♦. H m L | . 4 He c . " f " ' ■ r siW • - ■ ! nw m :1 ' DAVID CRAIG CALLEY DC " Paterson, NJ Clubs and Activities Honor Guard, ROA, MDA, Automotive Interest Club, Ino Detail (Dl), M N Officer-RX, Intramurals. Places Visited Dominican Republic, Spain, Italy, Germany, Canada, W. Germany, Greece, Israel, Egypt. 1 )os +ACuu$ LoJlSlsLyf I When I walked through the Academy gates for the first time as a plebe candidate, I swore there were only two ways I would leave Kings Point, one if I failed out academically, and the other because I graduated. No one is more surprised than I am about the way things turned out. v % • Ships and Companies mv Voyager Sealand ss St. Louis Sealand ss Argonaut Farrell Lines ss Chemical Pioneer MTL Col. Energy Indepen- dence Keystone Internship Marine Transport Lines, Shipping Dept. Aspirations To make Kings Point as proud of me as I am of it. mm mm mm •■ ItiTfTVPli m FRANCIS JAMES CALTON " Fran, Slush " Hasbrouck Heights, NJ Clubs and Activities Football Team, Weightlifting Club, Fine Arts Club, ROA, Century Club, THE CITY COMMITTEE. Places Visited Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, S. Africa, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong. Ships and Companies ss Solon Turman Lykes Bros, ss Leslie Lykes Lykes Bros, bt San Diego MTL ss Pres. Monroe APL Aspirations A small house on a lonely stretch of coastline, a fishing pole, a surfboard, and a beautiful woman. There should be laughter after pain. There should be sunshine after rain. These things have always been the same so why worry now. Mark Knopfler LEONARD LEE CAMOU " Moo »» Dumfries, VA Clubs and Activities Hear This Staff, Honor Guard, ROA, Intramurals, Cdr. Richards Analogy Club, McGinty ' s Club. Places Visited Panama, Hawaii, Guam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Spain, Italy, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Okinawa, Singapore, Bahrain, Kwajalein. 1 i rwn- cr? C« I If we spent nearly as much time and money trying to create ways of prolonging life as we do trying to create ways of destroying it, this world would be a much better place to live. Give us peace of mind. -To all my friends, Lenny. Ships and Companies ss American Liberty U.S. Lines ss Export Freedom Farrell Lines usns Sealift Antarctic MTL Internship Energy Transportation Company. Aspirations To make enough money to own a professional football team and a brewery. DAVID J. CARAMANTE " Frank Stallone " Tolland, CI Clubs and Activities Jogging with Mark Piekos, Racquetball with Python, Color Guard with Merkel, Movie Club at Bowditch, Intramurals, Soccer, Fill-in CC for Parade, Kings Pointer T M with Karen Fuller. Places Visited United States, West Africa, Diego Garcia (Thanks Finley). i-» Ships and Companies ss American Pioneer U.S. Lines mv Louis Hauge Maersk Lines mv Harry Fisher Maersk Lines ss Export Champion Farrell Lines Internship Port of Providence, Rl. Aspirations Dee Jay at Rock 102 WAQY, Springfield, MA. CI Cdr. I Comp fixe Kore; Vene; K(Hno jjb- [fyia++ rjpZ I To my Southern Dream at KP: " You could be mine, tonight and everynight. I will be your knight in shining armor. Coming to your emotional rescue. Riding across the desert on a fine Arab Charger. " - Mick Jagger Keith Richards ramante, D. NICHOLAS GERARD CARUSO TERRENCE PATRICK CASSIDY, JR. Terry " Clubs and Activities Ambulance Squad, Swimming, Color Guard, Honor Guard, RBU, Weightlifting Club, Hear This Staff, Mi dships Staff, SNAME, ROA, CCRC, M N Officer-BComm3, Sportsman Club. Places Visited Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, S. Africa, Panama, Guam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, England, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Ascension Islands. North Babylon, NY Ships and Companies ss American Rigel U.S. Lines ss American Lancer U.S. Lines ss Ameican Envoy U.S. Line mv Rainbow Hope American Management Internship Accounting Department of Energy Transportation Corporation; NY, NY. Aspirations To go where no man has gone before and leave my mark. fjufc }0 Propel Color Club, F Cultu ' 1 Midshi I O f w cc Z The trials and tribulations that I have experienced at K.P. should not be wished on anyone, however, I wouldn ' t have missed the challenge! Thanks to all those who helped me to fight the constant battles I encountered to be a Kings Pointer. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and support! As for everyone else- BEWARE!! " I ' ll be back! " WALTER CHARLES " Waif Houston, TX Clubs and Activities SNAME, Computer Club, Propeller Club, Honor Guard, Color Guard, Judo Club Pub Club, Fine Arts Club, RBU, Ethnic Culture Club-Vice Pres., Midships, M N Council, Indoc. ' 88 89. Places Visited Italy, Israel, USSR, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Africa, Singapore, Bangladesh. 1 LjcUJtoi L aJUo I sS 3 I would like to thank those who stood beside me through my life ' s many vicissitudes. Among these people are my Mother, Beverly M.M. Charles, Father, Walter Charles Jr., Grandparents Dorothy Smith, Raymond McQueary, Grace McQueary, Essie Charles and Walter Charles Sr. Ships and Companies mv Julius Hammer Hvide Shipping ss Almeria Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Golden Endeavor AMT Inter nship Port Authority of Houston, TX. i JAMES S. CHEDISTER " Ched " DeKalb, IL Zlubs and Activities Vater Polo, Bagpipe association of Kings Point, IFL1 Adjutant, CFL1. Vaces Visited )iego Garcia, Japan, Korea, -long Kong, Taiwan. hips and Companies ; Keystone Canyon Keystone Tyson Lykes Lykes Bros. nv First Lt. Bonnyman Maersk Line Internship Circle Chemical Company, Inc. Aspirations Find a very well endowed, very wealthy redhead and put her jnder my thumb. f i b. Sleep. Ship Chedister, to LAWRENCE P. CHICCHELLY, JR. " Rack Slut ' Des Moines, IA Int. very ler Clubs and Activities Sleep. Places Visited Morocco, Egypt, Italy, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina. Ships and Companies ss Jean Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Exxon Wilmington Exxon ss American Reservist U.S. Lines usns Beelatrix MSC mStep- if fJBJL, J JAMES CLUXTON " Jim " Clubs and Activities Varsity Soccer, Offshore Sailing Team-Captive, SNAME, Propeller Club, Varsity Club, M N Officer-PC. Places Visited Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Guam, Panama, England, Germany, Holland. r PAUL EDWARD COAN Plantation, FL Clubs and Activities Swim Team-Capt., Trident Club- Pres., Water Polo, Sailing Team, M N Council, Honor Guard, SNAME, Life Guard Squad- Coordinator. Places Visited Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, England. I " Face piles of trials with smiles It riles them to believe that you Pe rceive the web they weave, And keep on thinking Free! " Justin Hayward : T . Ships and Companies ss Tiflie Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Exxon Gettysburg Exxon ss Marjorie Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Sealand Consumer Sealand Internship Eller and Co. Port Everglades, FL. Treasure-Salvors, Keywest. Aspirations I don ' t want to swim in a roped off sea and I want to have tan feet! MARK A. COBBLE ' Smiley " Jerome, ID Clubs and Activities SNAME, ROA, Regimental Glee Club, Debate Team, Christian Fellowship Club, Ski Club, Golf Team, Wrestling Team, Crew, Intramurals. Places Visited Hong Kong, Japan, Panama, Taiwan. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Johnson ss Pres. Tyler ss Exxon Houston uss Joseph Hewes ss Baltimore Trader APL APL Exxon USN Am. Trade Trans. Internship Dillingham Ship Repair Company, Contracts and Estimates. Aspirations Learn from mistakes and to live a happy life. SNAME Team, 5 THOMAS CONNOR " Killer ' Weymouth, MA npany. Clubs and Activities Rugby, Trident Club, Pub Club, Automotive Interest Club, SNAME, Propeller Club, Sailing Team, Ski Club. Places Visited Panama, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Bahrain, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Romania, % «w r ! 7w»vrt I Thanks to all my family and friends for the support and good times we shared. England, Holland, W. Germany, Azore Islands, Marshall Islands, Guam, Philippines, Hawaii. Ships and Companies ss American Merchant U.S. Lines ss Lash Atlantico Prudential Lines ss American Liberty U.S. Lines ss Export Challenger Farrell Lines mv S ealift Pacific MTL ss American Pioneer U.S. Lines CHRISTINA D. CORDERO RICHARD E. CUNNINGHAM " Rick " Kerens, WV t tines to Clubs and Activities Christian Fellowship Club, Hear This, Baseball Team, Regimental Narrator, Intramurals, SNAME. Places Visited Republic of Tanzania, Madagascar, S. Africa, Belgium, Germany, USSR, Greece, Italy, Guam, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan. 7QuA» d f. tfuA ujijlvm I I would like to thank my entire family but especially my parents for helping me get through school. I love you and I wouldn ' t have made it without you! Ships and Companies ss Velma tykes tykes Bros, mv Cygnus tykes Bros, mv Frances Hammer Hvide Shipping ss American Apollo U.S. Lines Internship Monongohela Power Company; Elking, WV. S Br ' ' " — ' p JH 1 M QU • . up ff k 1 _ yVV J P w:MM r) ! rJ " JU r b 1 1 S jP tf . -Ji MORGAN PAUL DAILEY " Rockhound " Fresno, CA Clubs and Activities M IM Officer-Drill Team Commander, Swim Team, O ' club Worker, Computer Club, Automotive Interest Club. Places Visited Panama, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Guam. Ships and Companies ss BT San Diego MTL ss Louise Lykes Lykes Bros. ss Tyson Lykes Lykes Bros. ss Brooks Range Interocean Management ss Pres. Madison APL Internship Port Authority; Oakland, CA. Aspirations Seek masters degree in Geology and Oceanography. Dailey, M. ROBERTO R. DANIELS San Antonio, TX Hei CA, Clubs and Activities Band, Judo Club, Honor Guard, Ambulance Squad, Trident Club, MDA, SNAME, Glee Club, ROA. Places Visited Angola, Egypt, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Rock of Gibraltar, S. Africa, Taiwan, Tunisia. 1 a I 6t6 ?. 0»™e i r I wish there were strong enough words in the English dictionary to adequately describe my feelings about this place. I do, however, wish to thank my parents, my sister, my friends, and my dear Marie for all their support and foresight. Without them I never would have made it. Ships and Companies ss Solon Turman Lykes Bros, ss Golden Gate Keystone mv Pres. F.D. RooseveltAPL Aspirations To become independently wealthy, marry a beautiful blond French girl, and live happily ever after on a Carribean island. BRETT WENDELL DAVIS Slugger, B " Clubs and Activities Soccer, Volleyball. Places Visited Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Panama. 1 Kj rUJ Qc Huntington Beach, CA Z Let ' s do it again sometime real soon. Ships and Companies ss Tyson Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Golden Gate Keystone ss Pres. Wilson APL ss Keystone Canyon Keystone Internship USCG Marine Inspection Station; Long Beach, Ca. I jl jKWlH, Davis, B. CHRISTOPHER J. DEELEY Chris ' Beverly Farms, MA BRIAN SCOTT DELAMER Hauppauge, NY Clubs and Activities Varsity Swim Team, Varsity Lacrosse, Hear This, Yearbook Staff Editor, SNAME, Propeller Club, Varsity Club. Places Visited Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Israel, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Holland, Germany, England, France, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia. L« V v " N I I hope that by reading this, others will not make the same mistake I made in taking the game too seriously early on. The most important things are Family, Friends and grades. Reality lies with Family and Friends. Thanks Mom, Dad, Kevin, Michael and " the Guys " from Fourth Co. Ships and Companies ss Export Challenger Farrell Lines ss Export Patriot uss Von Steuben ss American Puritan uss Yorktown ss LNC Virgo Farrell Lines USN U.S. Lines USN Energy Trans. Corp. Cluis Varsitj yaisit) ffacfl Venez Internship Nuclear Engineering Dept. U.S. Naval Submarine Base; Groton, CT. Delamer, B. GEORGE JOSEPH DE MARINIS ' Demo " North Merrick, NY Clubs and Activities Varsity Lacross, M N Officer, Varsity Club, SNAME, Rack Team Places Visited Venezuela, Columbia, Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Scotland, England, Wales, Holland. Jtf fl £.Qi.7ZaJuriM J If I had another ten pages, it still would not be enough room to express the love and admiration I have for my Mom and Dad, for without their constant support and guidance these four years would not have been possible. WE ' RE OUTTA HERE! Ships and Companies ss Santa Paula Crowley Trailer Mar. Trans, ss American Regal U.S. Lines ss Mormac Sky Moore-McCormack usns Cappela MSC Aspirations With the coming of time, to fulfill all my dreams and ambitions. JEFFREY MICHAEL DEVILBISS ' Devilhappy " Fawn Grove, PA Clubs and Activities Glee Club, Christian Fellowship Club, Chapel Choir, Cross Country, SNAME. Places Visited Germany, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Canada, Italy. Ships and Companies ss Dolly Turman Lykes Bros, ss Thompson Lykes Lyk es Bros, mv Falcon Lady Titan Nav. 1 l£L 1i8 HHi 1 J « ML™. V-4- I I asked Jesus, " How much do you love me? " " This much, " He answered, and stretched out His arms - and died. (But not for long!). fSmmm ss Ashley Lykes ss Exxon Baltimore Lykes Bros. Exxon Internship Curtis Bay Towing Company; Baltimore, MD. Aspirations Well, at this point in my life I wouldn ' t mind being a field engineer of some type. God hasn ' t showed me . . . yet. JOHN CARL DILLIOTT " Quasi-man, J.D. ' Orangevale, CA Clubs and Activities Crew, Cross Country, Ski Club, SNAME, Intramurals, Quasi-stellar- radioscope Club-Pres. Places Visited Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, USSR, Greece, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea. 0 -JU 2 a C . Z There ' s just too much to see waiting in from of me and know that I just can ' t go wrong. -J. Buffett Ships and Companies ss Brinton Lykes Lykes Bros, mv Frances Hammer Hvide Shipping ss Arco Alaska Atlantic Rich, ss Pres. Grant APL Internship Westinghouse Electric Corp. Marine Division; Sunnyvale, CA. Aspirations XFZ MBCW W- - ■■- HENRY MORTON STANLEY DISMUKE II JEFFREY MICHAEL DiSTEFANO " Jeff " Cinnaminson, NJ Clubs and Activities Rugby, Regimental Band, SNAME, Glee Club, Fine Arts Club, ROA, Systems Drinking Team. Places Visited England, France, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Spanish Morocco, Morocco, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Guam, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Panama. Ships and Companies mv Cygnus Lykes Bros, ss Louise Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Falcon Champion Titan Nav. ss Thompson Lykes Lykes Bros. Internship Army Corps of Engineers; Philadelphia, PA. Aspirations To always weight my happiness more than my salary. I want to thank my family and friends whose support made this four year endeavor possible. My deepest appreciation to Mom and Dad who were always there then I needed them. The road the success is always under construction. VINCENT I DISTEFANO, JR. Vince ' Cinnaminson, NJ Club and Activities Regimental Band, Stage Band, SNAME, Christian Fellowship Club, Indoctrination Detail, M N Officer-CC7. Places Visited Alaska, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Iceland, England. Ships and Companies ss Exxon Benicia Exxon ss BT San Diego MTL ss Santa Mariana Delta Lines ss Pres. Madison APL uss Comte de Grasse USN ss Export Freedom Farrell Lines usns Sealift Arctic MTL Internship Naval Ship Syst ems Engineering Station (NAVSSES), Machinery Systems Dept.; Philadelphia, PA I This, 1 Place Pbilipi Korea Aspirations Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Those who go down to the sea in ships, Who do business on great waters; They have seen the works of the Lord, And His wonders in the deep. Psalm 107:23,24 STEPHEN JOHN DONNELLY " Steve ' Southington, CT Clubs and Activities Intramurals, Regimental Broadcast Unit, T V Nereid, SNAME, Hear This, Fine Arts Club. Places Visited Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Panama, Costa Rica. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Wilson APL ss Pres. Grant APL ss Golden Gate Keystone ss Keystone Canyon Keystone ss Thompson Pass Interocean Management H jSU sw Life is what happens to you while you ' re busy making other plans. - John Lennon ROBERT JOSEPH DONOHUE " Rob " Pearl River, NY Clubs and Activities SNAME, M N Council, Honor Guard, Ambulance Squad, Newmann Club, MDA Club, Intramurals, Propeller Club. Places Visited Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Hawaii, Guam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan. Atrkijf y J!y doa, 2 Thanks Mom Dad for caring and loving me so much. We made it! Cape Cod with Pablo, 92?, Halloween ' 85, Carousel! For all that has been THANKS; For all that will be YES. " S7 na —L Ships and Companies ss American Altair U.S. Lines ss Santa Paula Delta Lines mv Baltimore Apex Marine ss American Aquarius U.S. Lines Internship Smit International (Americas) Inc. Aspirations Graduation PATRICK MICHAEL DONOVAN Tuftonboro, NH MATTHEW SEAN DOYLE Clubs and Activities Pub Club-Operations Officer, SNAME-Chairman, Honor Board Rep., RBU. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Egypt, S. Africa, Brazil, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, France, Gulf of Oman. West Islip, NY 4- r y : A " Schools are for training people how to listen to other people. People will remember better if you always wear the same outfit. " -David Byrne Ships and Companies ss Export Freedom Farrell Lines ss American Rigel U.S. Lines mv Sealift Indian OceanMTL ss Energy IndependenceKeystone Internship Facilities Engineering Dept., Grumman Corporation. Honor Indoc J " 7 JA ill. -is " t II ' : . ' ' — I t f. i. JAY JOSEPH DROSIEKO Wheeling, WV Clubs and Activities Honor Guard, ROA, Indoctrination ' 86, Intramurals, Photography Club, FAC. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Romania, Iceland, England, Panama, Malaysia, Sumatra, India, Canada, Jordan, I ijejg U 5u) - I seek the ultimate in all things and strive for it in all ways for I am convinced that the only race a man can run is what he did compared to what he could have done. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Dijibouti, Venezuela. Ships and Companies mv Exxon Bangor mv Exxon Baytown ss Robert E. Lee usns Sealrft Arctic Exxon Exxon Waterman Steamship MTL Internship Westinghouse, Nuclear Center; Pittsburg, PA. DANIEL J.P. DUGAN Virginia Beach. VA Panama, Guam. Ships and Companies ss American Legion U.S. Lines ss American Envoy U.S. Lines usns Sealift Atlantic MTL Aspirations Marrying Rich Swim Club, ESC, S ffees 1 -j Be- ■••• ■W ' — •JBBfc-( . f -.■, jfc SBvTJli raSlSsi LjiJl IBs ,: 1 h LINETTE DURHAM Seattle, WA Clubs and Activities Swim Team, Christian Fellowship Club, Glee Club, Fine Arts Club, ESC, Sailing Team. Places Visited Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Holland, Valdez, Panama, Hawaii, Okinawa, Korea. Ships and Companies mv Sealand Liberator Sealand mv Spirit of Texas Titan Nav. ss Sealand Consumer Sealand , jj . DuvU+r Unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it . . . Psalm 127:1 For Julie: " Be Casual " thanks for putting up. ss Attgun Pass Keystone ss Manulani Matson Nav. mv Sheldon Lykes Lykes Bros. Internship Evans-Hamilton Oceanographers URS Engineers; Seattle, WA. Aspirations " My soul, wait only upon God and silently submit to Him; for my hope and expectation are from Him. " -Psalm 62:5. SEAN T. EAGLETON " Ralph ' Brooklyn, NY Clubs and Activities Varsity Volleyball, M N Officer-RFL, Newmann Club, Amateur Radio Club. Places Visited Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, Holland, England, Israel, Egypt, Japan, Indonesia. Ships and Companies usns Saturn MSC ss American Pioneer U.S. Lines ss Argonaut Farrell Lines ss LNC Aries Energy Trans. Internship U.S. Army, Airborne. Aspirations I want to take this nation to the stars. C ute Swim Guard fliffi Germ; Brazil, Kong, Spain, $X+sr I £+fA-tA r z If the flames of war consume my flesh, I shall not perish and from the dust of my grave will rise a nation eternally free. ■} . ■• :. r ■ •-• » ELIZABETH ALLYSON EDWARDS " Beth " Wingate, MD Clubs and Activities Swim Team, Soccer Team, Honor Guard, Band, Chapel Choir, SWE, M N Officer-BSWO, Judo Club, ROA, Gene Tyranski Fan Club. Places Visited Germany, Holland, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Guam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Spain, Italy. 1 SJU Qjbckh (X Cdcjo cu If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with . . . success. - Thoreau Thanks Mom and Dad for all the love, support and the phonebill. Ships and Companies mv Cygnus Lykes Bros, ss Texaco MassachusettsTexaco ss American Vega U.S. Lines ss American Astronaut U.S. Lines ss Lash Italia Prudential Lines Internship Association of Maryland Pilots. Aspirations To be rich and live on an exotic island. W Edwards, TODD BRUCE EMERY Swampscott, MA Clubs and Activities Track, Class Vice Pres.- ' 85, Honor Board Rep., M N Council, M N Officer-BX3. Places Visited Scotland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Panama, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea. Thank you Mom and Dad for all your support and encouragment during these past four years. I love you both very much! PI9 ' M HE 1 BAllK, jM Ships and Companies usns Vega MSC ss American Entente U.S. Lines ss American Astronaut U.S. Lines mv Luna Maersk Maersk Lines Internship General Ship Corporation, Engineering Management Dept.; Boston, MA. Lacro Piopf fkt Philip Singa Afric Taiw; KEVIN FAY Bedford, NY Clubs and Activities Lacrosse, Crew, Varsity Club, Propeller Club. Places Visited Philippines, Diego Garcia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, S Africa, Holland, Germany, Japan, Taiwan. 1 ? Had good times and bad but will never forget the four years spent with friends studying, partying, and complaining. Thanks Mom and Pop. Ships and Companies ss Stella Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Thomson Lykes Lykes Bros. mv American Condor Pacific-Gulf ss Edgar M. Queeny Keystone Internship New York City Fire Department- Marine Division. Aspirations No idea but will try to think of one before graduation. DANIEL JOHN FINNERTY Clubs and Activities Varsity Soccer, Varsity Club, SNAME, M N Officer, Intramurals, Ski Club, Absent Prescribed Academy Limits Club. Places Visited S. Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Holland, England, France, Panama, Cuba, St. Croix, Puerto Rico. KENNETH FORD ' Crusher " Bethpage, NY Clubs and Activities Sportsman ' s Club, SNAME, Machinist ' s Club, Weightlifting Club. Places Visited Diego Garcia, England, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Israel. Ships and Companies ss American Pioneer U.S. Lines mv Paul Bunyan American Heavy Lift ss Export Freedom Farrell Lines mv Put. H. Fisher Maersk Lines Internship M. Rosenblatt and Son Inc., Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Mechanical Engineering Department. KAREN LORRAINE FULLER Jonesboro, GA Clubs and Activities Hear This- Assistant Editor, Honor Guard, SWE, Aerobics Club, ROA, Class II Club, Gene Tyranski Fan Club. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Romania, Egypt, England, Iceland, Venezuela, Panama, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Normandy Beach T jt JlM+J Take a good look at my face, You see my smile looks out of place. If you look closer, it ' s easy to trace The tracks of my tears. Ships and Companies ss Argonaut Farrell Lines ss Lash Italia Prudential Lines ss American Trader U.S. Lines usns Sealift Arctic MTL Internship Marsh and McLennan - Marine Dept.; Atlanta, GA. Ski CI fta Aspirations To conquer Corporate America. nifrft MICHAEL R. GALECKI " Mongo, Monster ' Stevens Point, Wl Clubs and Activities Ski Club, SNAME, Intramurals, ROA. Places Visited Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guam, Panama, USA. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Madison APL mv Pres. Washington APL i Mi Jp wL m % 1 . ss Exxon Philadelphia Exxon ss Maui Matson Nav. mv Sugar Islander Pacific-Gulf Marine Internship Physical Plant for University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. Aspirations Brew Master at Point Brewery Stevens Point, Wl. mum ?p [ VifBH ■J ' - t«..M-- JOHN W. GARDNER " Johnny ' Pekin, IL Clubs and Activities Restriction. Places Visited Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Japan, Panama, Indonesia. Ships and Companies ss Kauai Matson Nav. ss Pres. Jackson APL mv Pres. Lincoln APL ss Keystone Canyon Keystone ss Exxon Benicia Exxon Internship Capitol Machinery Co. v. — Xa Aspirations To experience life to the fullest. ,■ MICHAEL GARTLAND Mike ' Medford, NJ Clubs and Activities Varsity Swim Team, Varsity Club, SNAME, Propeller Club. Places Visited Buenos Aires, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea. VL 1 njicu f e y It has not been easy, but without two special people it would have been impossible- thanks Mom and especially my Father, whom I so deeply admire and to whom I dedicate these four years at Kings Point. Ships and Companies ss American Argo U.S. Lines ss American Liberty U.S. Lines mv Croton Apex Marine ss Cape Bon APL ss Brooks Range Keystone JEFFREY C GIESE Billings, MT Clubs and Activities Swimming, Rugby, ROA, Propeller Club, Honor Guard, Intramurals. Places Visited Guam, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirites. I } f C, bitM I And they say college is the best time of your life. • — _ . Ships and Companies ss Pres. Van Buren APL ss Pres. Madison APL ss Penn. Trader Am. Trade Trans. mv Margaret Lykes Lykes Bros. ss Maui Matson Nav. internship Conoco Oil Refinery, Engineering ( Dep ' t. KEITH R. GILLETTE Geemo Marysville, CA Clubs and Activities Rugby Football Club; Weight Lifting club; Editor-in-Chief, Midships 1987; Battalion Operations officer; Chris Roberts Fan Club (President). Places Visited Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan, Okinawa, Guam, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Egypt, Jordan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia. Ships and Companies SS Pres. Pierce APL SS Charles Lykes Lykes SS Robert E. Lee Waterman MV Dock Express Texas Sealift Services Internship USN Light Attack Wing One, Cecil Field, Fla. Aspirations Marry rich and blonde THANE GILMAN " Gil " Waterville, ME Clubs and Activities Basketball, ROA, Intramurals. Places Visited Brazil, S. Africa, Italy, Greece, Spain, Israel, Egypt, England. I 4 u, 1Ik)»0 2 KP PROFILE Employment: no job as such, but sold two Bowie tickets f or | $150. Military Service: saw " Stripes " . Last Major Purchase: two ten pound bags of ice. P.S. Thanks to family and friends. Ships and Companies ss American Reservist U.S. Lines ss Export Patriot mv Sealift Mediterranean mv Baltimore Farrell Lines tlict . f Oilman, T. FRED A. GORDON Clubs and Activities Rugby Club, SNAME, Honor Guard, Propeller Club, Gabe Fan Club. Places Visited Diego Garcia, INdonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Norway, England, Holland, Germany. Raleigh, NC I If a man does not keep pace with his companion, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears. Henry David Thoreau Ships and Companies mv Spirit of Texas ss Frederick Lykes ss Ruth Lykes usns Algol Titan Nav. Lyke Bros. Lykes Bros. MSC Internship North Carolina Office of Marine Affairs. Aspirations To be a roadie for Bruce Springsteen. GERALD F. GORDON Jericho, VT JORGE ENRIQUE GRACIA Is and •ry day. Clubs and Activities M N Officer-RDM, Regimental Band, Honor Board Representative, SNAME, Emery Rice Engine Project, Midships, Glee Club, Fine Arts Club, Re- tread Club 85 87. Places Visited Greenland, Spain, Italy, Panama, Alaska, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, W. Germany, Holland, Wingate. s I I Hialeah, FL The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy; what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly. - Thomas Bach. The wonder is always new that any sane man can be a sailor - R.W. Emerson. Do not deny yourself the world that lies beyond the sun. Ships and Companies usns Southern Cross MSC usns Rigel MSC mv Exxon North Slope Exxon mv Pres. Lincoln APL ss Sealand Producer Sealand Internship Port of Miami- Operations Office; Miami, FL. Aspirations To live and learn. - M » Jl " 6 ' ' 1 ! Km KARL THOMAS HABENICHT Clubs and Activities Soccer, Tennis, Automotive Interest Club, ROA. Places Visited Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, India, Iceland, Spain, Virgin Islands, Sri Lanka, Taiwan. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Jackson APL Winthrop Harbor, IL mv Margaret Lykes mv Rainbow Hope uss Scott ss Fredericksburg Lykes Bros. Rainbow Nav. USN Keystone Internship Manufacturing - Johnson Motors. Aspirations To do a " Lite " beer commercial with my good buddies Andy C, Tommy T., and the class of ' 87 from K.P. (Ink Crew Auton Places Englar Hollar Spanis " Makes sense to me, see talkin ' full moon, Sea of faces Oceans of beer, have no fear Heard you missed me - I ' m back! " -David Lee Roth JOHN KEITH HAJUS " Keith " Clubs and Activities Crew Team, Power Squadron, Automotive Interest Club, ROA, SNAME. Places Visited England, Germany, France, Holland, USSR, Turkey, Greece, Spanish Morocco. _l k Lady Maris. WOODBRIDSE. CT. Woodbridge, CT tw-» 1 g£ e£»L Jty I It ' s these changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes, Nothing remains quite the same. Through all of the islands and all of the highlands, if we couldn ' t laugh we would all go insane. - Jimmy Buffet fy Ships and Companies ss Texaco California Texaco Oil mv Francis Hammer Hvide Shipping ss American Puritan U.S. Lines uss John Hancock USN ss Chilbar Keystone Aspirations Earning the Chief ' s Steam License. W53 « WST 4 i - « Hajus, J. m SCOTT DARRIN HAMILTON « Hamlet " West Lafayette, IN Clubs and Activities Rugby, M N Officer-CX2, Color Guard, Honor Guard, Judo Club, Bowling Club, Golf Team, Christian Fellowship Club, ROA. Places Visited Guam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, United States. ISHl X Thanks Mom, Dad, and Joey for all your support; Without your gentle pushes this would never have been possible. This is for all of us, I Love You!!!! Blood, Sweat and Beers!!!! KPRFC. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Madison APL mv Pres. Washington APL uss Joseph Hewes USN ss Baltimore Trader Am. Trade Trans. Internship Halsema Insurance Agency, Home and Car Insurance. Aspirations To fly the F-14D with L. Chicchelly as my wingman and to retire peacefully to my 5000 acre horse farm. Com CURTIS MAXWELL HANSON " Skip " Silverdale, WA Clubs and Activities Honor Guard, ROA, Indoctrination Detail ' 88, ' 90, Indoctrination Planning Committee 1990, Photography Club, Radio Controlled Model Club, SNAME, ASNE. Places Visited St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Room 1112, San Francisco. 0 cb) }l1.$A»A - ' Ships and Companies ss Pres. Grant API mv Pres. Roosevelt APL uss Portland USN ss Golden Gate Keystone Internship Code 2212, Facilities Group, Naval U ndersea Warfare Engineering Station, USN. Aspirations To be happy and able to do al things I love to do! In their own image, their world is fashioned - no wonder they don ' t understand. -N. Peart ■u, " JHA a V ,_ - I ' . ' V ! ■ ■ ■m KATHLEEN HARKINS " Kathy " Rockaway Point, NY Clubs and Activities Swim Team- Co Capt., SNAME, M IM Officer-BX2, SWE- Secretary, MDA-Treas., Honor Guard. Places Visited S. Africa, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Venezuela, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, England, France. Ships and Companies ss American Resolute U.S. Lines ss Export Freedon Farrell Lines ss Mormacsky Moore-McCormack Internship C.R. Cushings Co., Inc.; Naval Architecture and Engineering Dept. Clufr Tride m: Friday Club x: J cMu J Jk h + ' We are not primarily put on this earth to see through one another but to see one another through. — To the best parents in the world, thanks for always being there, I Love You. Vin, Chrissy, Tim and Kelly you have the rest of your lives ahead of you, do your best and it ' ll be the best. Beth, we ' ve been through alot and did it together. Harkins, K. WILLIAM C. HAYDEN " Cal " Hampstead, NC Clubs and Activities Trident Club, M N Officer, Intramurals, Anti-Funk Club, Friday Afternoon in the Park Club. Places Visited Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Morocco, Italy, Honduras, Panama, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan. " So many nights I just dream of the ocean, God I wish I was sailing again. " - Jimmy Buffet S _ ■ 1 V k-Jti m Ships and Companies ss Delta Sud Delta Lines ss Shirly Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Elizabeth Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Petersburg Keystone mv Pres. Eisenhower APL Internship Treasurer Salvors, Inc.; Keywest, FL. Hayden, W. JOSEPH CRANE HEATH ' Hometown ' Charlotte, NC Clubs and Activities Rugby Football Club, Trident Club, Century Club, Friday Afternoon in the Park Club, Intramurals, SNAME, Weekend Foyer Society for the Distraught. Places Visited S. Africa, Holland, W. Germany, Belgium, Norway, Egypt, Guinea, Kenya. Ships and Companies ss Del Oro Delta Lines ss Zoella Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Stella Lykes Lykes Bros, mv Lyra Lyk es Bros, usns Algol MSC Internship Wilmington Towing Co.; Wilmington, NC. Aspirations Turn off your mind, relax, and float down stream. 6 v r- m - (}x»tf C- i} r You ' ve gone to the finest school all right, miss lonely But you know you only used to get juiced in it. Nobody ' s ever taught you how to live out on the street And now you ' re gonna have to get used to it . . . -Bob Dylan Cluk Lacros eT im, Team. Team, lid 7 RICHARD P. HELCHOWSKI Massep equa, NY Clubs and Activities Lacrosse Team, Propeller Club, Blue Team, OTW Club, Sailing Team, Rack Team, Volleyball Team. Class I Club, 50 and 6 Team, Automotive Interest Club, Ski Club, Limbo Team, Varsity Club. and 1 1 All my love and thanks to Mom, Dad, and Diane, not only for carrying me through the rough times, but for being my best friends. And to Colleen who made summer Restriction seem like weekends at the country club. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Brazil, S. Africa, Holland, England, Germany. Ships and Companies ss Export Patriot ss American Reservist ss American Puritan ss Lash Atlantico ss Export Challenger Farrell Lines U.S. Lines U.S. Lines Prudential Lines Farrell Lines DOUGLAS EDWARD HELMER " Gremlin ' Clubs and Activities Dinghy Sailing Team, Ski Club, UPSOA, Mardi Gras Wanderer. Places Visited Hong Kong, Guam, Taiwan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, S. Korea, Japan, S. Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Angola, St. Croix, Virgin Islands. ¥%■ mg. ■ 1 I found that a great deal of patience was helpful, a creative imagination useful, and a good sense of humor a requirement, but an unshakable sanity was absolutely essential. To my family and friends, thank you for helping smooth out a rough, winding road. Chula Vista, CA Ships and Companies mv Pres. Lincoln APL ss Pres. Van Buren APL ss John Lykes Lykes Bros. usns Antares MSC mv Philadelphia Apex Marine Internship Abalone Farms, Inc., Marine Division; La Jolla, CA. L_3l Aspirations A casual career at sea sailing on my license. I s- ' Army Officer Repres, to r x Mfl Helmer, D. JOHN JOSEPH HENDERSON Hype ' Wilton, CT Clubs and Activities Army Airborne Training, M N Officer, Honor Board Representative and Officer, Varsity Volleyball, Regimental Broadcast Unit, Color Guard, Honor Guard. Places Visited Panama, Guam, Taiwan, Hong JL- V l U-« -. " Veni, Vidi, Vici " - Julius Caesar Kong, Singapore, Japan, S. Korea, England, W. Germany, Netherlands, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Puerto Rico. Ships and Companies ss American Trader ss American Draco ss American Entente mv Laust Maersk uss Conolly U.S. Lines U.S. Lines U.S. Lines Maersk Lines USN DEBORAH JEAN HENNEN " Debbie ' Littleton, CO Clubs and Activities Ice Hockey Club, M N Officer BC3, ROA, Women ' s Soccer Club, Intramurals. Places Visited Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Bangladesh, Singapore, Bahamas. Ships and Companies mv Sealand Endurance Sealand ss M. inul, mi Matson Nav. ss Independence American Hawaii Cruises ss Manukai Matson Nav. st Golden Endeavor Amer. Mar. Trans. I Internship Sonat Marine Inc.; Philadelphia, PA. Aspirations To live happily ever after as an Admiralty Lawyer. . turn. . WINK.. W7WrTT il -|-4,.iJ-.1 III f 3 | i • ■ WP 1 ;i ia™ jjfft. r S ' f 9 1 V i ' ennen, D. THOMAS JAMES HERRITY Greenbelt, MD Clubs and Activities Color Guard, Judo Club, Photography Club, Sailing Team, SNAME, ESC and O ' Club Worker, Automotive Interest Club, Computer Club, Honor Guard. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Portugal, Turkey, Romania, Egypt, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Panama, Alaska. z; _ «— y t u . 2 2170 days, than Cod it ' s over! Thanks to everyone who ' s helped along the way, but mostly Mom, Jamie, Anne, Hugh, and Jennifer. FareweN classmates! I ' ll miss you. Ships and Companies ss Export Freedom Farrell Lines ss Export Champion ss Lash Pacifico mv Pres. Monroe ss Thompson Pass Farrell Lines Prudential Lines APL Interocean Management Internship World Logistics Corporation. Aspirations Earn my Masters in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering and make some money. Herrity, T WESLEY JAMES HILL Wes " Bedford, PA Clubs and Activities Regimental Band, Glee Club, Swim Team, Dragoon, Fine Arts Club, The ' I Love Handel Show ' Club. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Israel, Greece, Canada, Turkey, Egypt, Panama, Puerto Rico, Haiti. - • 4fc2 1 C U AyiJ M f What am I lying here for ? . . . we are lying here as though we had a chance of enjoying a quiet time . . . And I waiting until I become a little older? - Xenophon, The Anabasis •- J- Ships and Companies ss Argonaut Farrell Lines ss American Pioneer U.S. Lines ss Ashley Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Exxon San Francisco Exxon ss Oakland Sealand Internship Curtis Bay Towing. Aspirations To be obnoxious just a little bit longer. Ckk footbi Stiff s cw« a Indepi ■25 ym JS ■«■ V ROGER DALE HILLIGOSS ' Roger the Dodger " Florence, IN bit Clubs and Activities Football Manager, Christian Fellowship Club, ROA, Honor Board Representative, M N Officer-BHBVC. Places Visited Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea. Ships and Companies ss Charles Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Independence American Cruises Hawaii x f ss Kauai uss Julius A. Furer ss King mv Pride of Texas ss Maui Matson Nav. USN American Heavy Lift Titan Navigation Matson Nav. Internship Locks and Dam Section, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District. I o-ft £r. c H SjU o x " a. I " For I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. " - Philippians 4:13 STEPHEN KARL HUBCHEN " Hubby ' Clubs and Activities Lacrosse Team, Crew Team, MDA Club, Photography Club, Yearbook, Trident Club, Century Club. Places Visited Diego Garcia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Panama, S. Africa, Germany, Holland, England, Norway, Iceland. I S-4rt - UJ- — I " I would like to thank my parents for not practicing birth control. " -Dustin Hoffman " Demerits provide the oil for the Regimental gear box. " - Original Kenner, LA Ships and Companies ss Stella Lykes Lykes Bros ss Thompson Lykes ss Ruth Lykes usns Algol mv Rainbow Hope ss Remedial Lykes Bros. Lykes Bros. Sealand Rainbow Nav. Dept. of Nav. Sci. Internship New Orleans Port Authority Aspirations West Coast Lawyer. flob Gleet Volley fta Englai 1 Germ 1 L jj MARIE HELEN HUHNKE " Hunk " Wichita, KA to. to.ki. Clubs and Activities Glee Club, Women ' s Varsity Volleyball, Women ' s Soccer, Regimental Debate Team. Places Visited England, The Netherlands, W. Germany, Spain, Panama. y Ships and Companies mv Sealand AdventurerSealand ss Exxon San Francisco Exxon mv Exxon Princeton Exxon ss Sealand Consumer Sealand ss Exxon Baltimore Exxon Internship Koch Carbon, Inte rnational; Koch Shipping, Inc.; Chartering Division; London, England. frv i All of my deepest love and sincerest gratitude to my family who gave me their love and support throughout these last long years. Up into the cherry tree Who should climb but little me? I held the trunk with both my hands And looked abroad on foreign lands. I saw the next door garden lie, Adorned with flowers, before my eye, And many pleasant places more That I had never seen before. ■ JASON C HULTI " Holt ' Springfield, OR Clubs and Activities Rugby, Sailing Team, ROA, Machinist Club, Cdr. Richards Analogy Club, Class II Self Defense Alcohol Related Club. Places Visited Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Panama, Valdez. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Hoover mv Thompson Pass ss Exxon Philadelphia ss Sealand Innovator API. Interocean Management Exxon Sealand Internship Crowley Maritime Corporation. Aspirations New York is not my favorite place; and I never want to live or work here again. Clubs Footb and E Plate Africa C M A Chinese fortune cookie said, " If you want to get it done, you can only rely on yourself. " But I believe Mom and Dad still deserve a lot of credit and so I say thank you and in ten years we will see if I ' m living where I want to or under the Willamette Street Bridge. Also the name is pronounced Hull- Tee not Hewll-Tie. .1 fi 1 M fel ED IN TOMORROW FOR T. II NG FROM HIS DEYIfS LOR ;HING FOR THE STARS, LOSING ALLTH E ALONG THE WAY. BUT IF THIS WORLD OR THE WORSE ALL HE EVER GETS IS OLDER AND AROUND. FROM THE ROCKING OF THE CRADLE TO THE ROLLING OF THE HURST, THE GOING UP WAS WORTH COMING MICHAEL FRANCIS HUSSEY Quincy, MA w DAVID CHARLES JACKSON Dust Buster " Annapolis, MD Clubs and Activities Sailing Team, Power Squadron, Skipper-Captive, Offshore Racing, Kings Point Radio Control Club-President and Founder. Places Visited Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Japan, Virgin Islands, Indonesia, Sumatra, Borneo, East Kalimantan. Ships and Companies ss Mormac Vega uss Portland ss LNG Virgo Moore-McCormack USN Energy Trans. Internship USN, Search and Rescue Helicopter Squadron, Patuxant Naval Air Station; Patuxant, MD. Aspirations Success!!!! Pan. MICHAEL KENNETH JONES Jonesy ' Clubs and Activities SNAME, Honor Guard, Machinist Club, Weight-Lifting Club, Varsity Golf Team, Pub Club. Places Visited W. Germany, France, England, Holland, Japan, China, Malaysia, Panama, Ivory Coast, Monrovia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Taiwan. 1 ' A uJrvutf % flor o- 1 " Good Times, Bad Times, you know we ' ve had our share. " Led Zepplin Sayville, NY Ships and Companies ss American Pioneer U.S. Lines ss Export Champion Farrell Lines usns Wright MSC mv Laust Maersk Maersk Lines mv Delaware Trader Am. Trade Trans. Internship Farrell Lines Main Office; New York, NY. Aspirations To be a head Monga the Bologna. - ' m Tlw-jmm , k v ' - ROBERT L. JONES Jonesy " Schenectady, NY Clubs and Activities Varsity Football, Varsity Track, SNAME, Honor Guard, Color Guard, Varsity Club,, Impeller Club, Social Committee, Joe West Fan Club, Ethnic Culture Club (President), M N Officer. - BCZ. Places Visited Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Taiwan, BERNARD WILLIAM KAGER Naperville, IL Clubs and Activities Water Polo, Swim Team, Club 333, Integrating By Roots Committee. Places Visited Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Panama, Saco, Canada. This gives me no fear. It is a sharp medicine to cure me of al my diseases. - Sir Walter Raleigh at his beheadin] Ships and Companies ss Pres. Wilson APL mv Star of Texas Titan Navigation usns Meteor MSC mv Sealand Freedom Sealand ss Tonsina Keystone Internship The Valley Line Company Aspirations I ' ll know when I get there. CHRISTOPHER E. KALAFUT " Dude » Oceanside, CA Clubs and Activities Sailing Team, Swim Team, Crew Team, SNAME, Propeller Club, Sportsman Club, Water Polo. Places Visited Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Tuftonboro, Antigua, Saco. Ships and Companies ss Tyson Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Golden Gate Keystone uss Kittiwake USN mv Cape Ducato MSC ss Pres. Grant APL Internship Scrippts Institute of Oceanography; La Jolla, CA. Aspirations To love, live, be healthy, be happy, smile, feel, enjoy, communicate, . . . Play Right! Tsup Dude . . . Beeers . . . Work . . . Swim . . . Buson . . . sv Captive . . . Sweetthing . . . Playright ... Oh my! . . . Pisser . . . Friends . . . KPS . . . Pub . . . Saco Bound . . . Met ' s, Babe! . . . Pssst . . . Oh, Well! . . . Bonus . . . Stepping Stone Bar . . . This is your Captain . . . FLID . . . Letters . . . Humbida! Humbida! . . . Yeah, Bra! . . . Priest ' 84 ' . . . Pony . . . flute footb Coun fta Pakist Carci Kalafut, C. CHRIS BRYAN KAPSAROFF 1 " Peckerhead " Stone Mountain, GA Clubs and Activities Football, Track, Tennis, M N Council Representative, Honor Board Representative. Places Visited Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Yugoslavia, Spain, Kenya, Sicily, Philippines, Japan, Diego Garcia, BIOT. J TJC sr .. Ships and Companies nw Spirit of Texas Titan Navigation ss Joseph Lykes Lykes Bros, mv Pvt. Harry Fisher Maesrk Lines Internship U.S. Navy Light Attack Squadron, VA-205. Aspirations To Kayak the Nile Naked. Qy r j l jpj Vno£ cw ) They that go down to the Sea in Ships, and occupy their business in the great waters; These men see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep. -Psalm 107 — " " ' CHRISTOPHER SINEY KEANE " Siney ' Clubs and Activities Cross Country-Capt., Indoor Track-Capt., Outdoor Track- Capt., M N Officer-RIO. Places Visited Greenland, Spain, Italy. Ships and Companies usns Southern Cross MSC usns Rrgel MSC ss Edgar M. Queeny Keystone m bvneQ feq rtg With love and support one may not only survive a difficult situation, but excel through it . . . We ' ve made it through these last four years, we ' ve had good times and bad times, but we ' ve made it! I wish I could express my gratitude to all the people, inside and outside of the Academy- Selden, NY usns Sealift Indian Ocean MTL Internship Law Offices of Burlingham, Underwood, Lord; Deck Department. Aspirations To Be Happy!!! f ub Sailing SNAM Color JAMES L KELLY Jim " Knightdale, NC Clubs and Activities Sailing Team, c c Liberator, SNAME, M N Officer-BHBVC2, Color Guard. Places Visited USSR, Romania, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Great Britain, Sicily, Bahamas, Venezuela, Panama, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan. Wg- X- o " Instead of our drab slogging forth and back . . ., there ' s a reason to life! We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. " - Jonathan Livingston Seagull To Dad, Mom, and Dorothy: Thanks for all of your support. _r " 9H —■ - Vfc-.-f " - Ships and Companies mv Julius Hammer Hvite Shipping ss Lash Pacifico Prudential Lines ss Mormac Sun Moore-McCormack mv Laust Maersk Maersk Lines ss Export Patriot Farrell Lines usns Sealift Mediterra- nean MTL Internship Office of Marine Affairs; State of North Carolina. v ROBERT R. KENNEDY Altantic Beach, NY Ships and Companies ss American Draco U.S. Lines ss American Trader U.S. Lins ss Lash Pacifico Prudential Lines ss Baltimore Trader Am. Trade Trans. ss Edgar M. Queeny Keystone Internship Exxon Shipping Company. Aspirations To be President of a third world country. Hi WW " " jtfv HS fl W % m sk ' 1 JE1294 ,! 1 m GEORGE RICHARD KERST St. James, NY Clubs and Activities Baseball-Capt., Wrestling, M N Officer-CX4, Varsity Club, Weight Club, SNAME, ROA, Yearbook, Honor Guard, Intramurals. Places Visited Panama, Taiwan, China, S. Korea, " 1 I Thanks for the support Dad, Mom, Mike and of course Stacy A special thanks to my K.P. buddies and Fourth company. As for me, it ' s Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3 ... I ' M OUT!!! V i V Japan, Spanish Morocco, USSR, Greece, Italy, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, England, Guam, Bermuda. Ships and Companies ss American Lark mv Julius Hammer usns Sealift Arctic U.S. Lines Hvide Shipping MTL GEORGE D. KIGER v . " Gianlorenzo Bernini Crown Point, IN Clubs and Activities Rugby Club, SNAME, Honor Guard, Propeller Club, Gabe Fan Club-Pres., ROA. Places Visited Diego Garcia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Bankok, Japan, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, S. Africa, Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Korea, Hong Kong. I 1 v . Ships and Companies ss Mallory Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Brinton Lykes Lykes Bros, ss John Lykes Lykes Bros, usns Antares Sealand Internship Burns International Harbor; Port of Indiana. Aspirations To get my picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone. L L. 1 . ?f l I The wonder is always new that any sane man can be a sailor. -R.W. Emerson MC H HW§ v £ Kiger, G. » ' CURTIS JOHN KING Beaver Falls, PA he cover Clubs and Activities Honor Guard, SNAME, Propeller Club. Places Visited England, Holland, Germany, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, S. Africa, Diego Garcia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, El Salvador. Ships and Companies ss Doctor Lykes Lykes Bros. ss Marjorie Lykes Lykes Bros usns Capella MSC mv Exxon Charleston Exxon ss Solon Turman Lykes Bros. Internship Barber Transworld Shipping, San Felipe, Baja. ( _ IAA Z- - " t=3L ' Goodbye yellow brick road. " - Elton John JENNIFER MARION KING Massapequa, NY y Clubs and Activities Ambulance Squad-Pres., Newmann Club, Swim Team, SWE, ESC Waitress, Volleyball, Chairman June Weekend ' 86. Places Visited Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Holland, Spain, Japan, Republic of China, Taiwan, Guam. . .« f J vw , TKosu n, Kyn» X Thanks Dad, Mom, Patty, and Joey, I never would have made it through if it weren ' t for you. I Jove you, Foofy. Ships and Comanies ss American Vega U.S. Lines mv Sealand Leader Sealand mv PFC ). Anderson Jr. MSC ss American Lancer U.S. Lines Internship Moran Towing, Inc. JOHN JOSEPH KINNEARY Jay " Clubs and Activities Crew, SNAME, Honor Guard, Brodah, Propeller Club. Places Visited Egypt, Italy, Canada, Djiboutti, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USSR, Romania, California. _ J? J izz ? I " Think I ' ll pack it in and bag a pickup take it down to L.A. Find a place to call my own and try to fix up Start a brand new day. " -Neil Young Rosedale, NY Ships and Companies ss Shirley Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Stonewall Jackson Waterman Steamship mv Julius Hammer Hvide Shipping mv Sealift Arabian Sea MTL Internship Water Cooling Corp., Engineering Department. Aspirations Either to work on Bob ' s abalone ranch or in Chris ' ethnic deli. II £ 3fiSft «• • ' •: ' J l $ M THOMAS G. KINTZ Fullerton, CA f Clubs and Activities Water Polo Club, Swim Team, Empire State Games - Capt. L.I. Water Polo Team, Educational Enlightenment Group, SNAME, Propeller Club, Trident Club. Places Visited Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Singapore, United Arabic Emirates, Panama. Ships and Companies mv Pres. Washington APL ss Pres. Madison APL ss B.T. San Diego MTL mv Pres. Monroe APL Internship Hughes Aircraft-Ground Systems Group, ADCAP Torpedo Project. Aspirations To marry a beautiful woman and to use what I have learned in my career. ciuii fixe Kintz, T. WILLIAM EDWARD KIRKER E. Greenwich, Rl ■ ANDREW RUSSELL KIRSCHBAUM K-Bomb " Clubs and Activities Soccer, Rugby, Cross Country, Offshore Sailing Team, Honor Guard, Gabe Fan Club, Black Mac ' s Perpetual Student Club, Gene Tyranski Fan Club, COPS2. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Romania, S. Africa, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Okinawa. Huntington, NY i Q Jm A - s a-eX+ - I Every man is the painter and sculptor of his own life. - Alfred Tennyson - " ••; mil j Kirschbaum, A. Ships and Companies ss Lash Atlantico Prudential Lines ss American Resolute U.S. Lines mv Charlotte Lykes Lykes Bros, mv Pres. Washington APL Internship Naval Air Station, Alameda Aspirations Graduate from Naval Flight School, fly a bit then get back to the sea. JEFFREY STEVEN KLAUSNER K Care " Milford, CT Clubs and Activities Varsity Soccer, Judo, Honor Guard, Guitar Club, Volleyball. Places Visited England, W. Germany, Holland, Scotland, Guam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Panama, Diego Garcia, Brooklyn, La Guardia Airport. Ships and Companies ss American Lancer U.S. Lines I A?y J. k® " " i Kings Point: A little bit of everything and a lot of nothing. Written, conceived and recorded in various bars of the world. ss American Envoy U.S. Lines usns Vega MSC mv W B Baugh Maersk Lines ss Lash Atlantico Prudential Lines ss Lash Pacifico Prudential Lines ss Doctor Lykes Lykes Bros. Internship America ' s Cup II. Aspirations To graduate in five years. JOHN ARTHUR KNIGHT " John Dallas, TX Clubs and Activities Glee Club-Pres., Barbershop Quartet, Ring Committee- Chairman, Regimental Band, Regimental Fanfare Trumpet Commander, M N Council- Pres., Honor Guard, Sailing Team, ROA, Stage Band, Fine Arts Club, M N Officer- RCOMM, Brass Choir. Places Visited Holland, England, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Tunisia, Alaska, Japan, Okinawa, Taiwan, Hong Kong. Ships and Companies ss Almeria Lykes Lykes Bros ss Zoella Lykes ss Tillie Lykes ss Exxon Philadelphia mv Adabelle Lykes ss Baltimore Trader Lykes Bros. Lykes Bros. Exxon Lykes Bros. Am. Trade Trans. Internship The I.C.E. Company International Customs Broker. S.W. Marketing Association, Inc. - Shipping and Re- ceiving Department. Aspirations Are we having Fun yet? Pin- DARRIN W. KOLBET " Dork " Hastings, NE Clubs and Activities Regimental Band, Regimental Glee Club, M N Officer-CX7, ROA, Honor Guard, M N Council, Fine Arts Club, ICHCA, Newmann Club-Pres., lndoctrination-89, 90. Places Visited S. Africa, Tanzania, Madagascar, Belgium, W. Germany, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Oman, Pakistan, India, iSzyq ion Cu- A t I Life is a test of Morals and Standards where one must stand up for what he believes. It is this test that allows one to discover his real friends, for a real friend would never put a friend in a position to defend his beliefs. Kings Point is the first question of Life ' s test. Bangledesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore. Ships and Companies ss Velma Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Cygnus Lykes Bros. ss Sgt. Matej Kocak Waterman Sleamship ss Sam Houston Waterman Steamship Aspirations To accomplish all that I can, succeed in all my efforts, and to give life my best. MICHAEL PATRICK KOPPENHAVER " Beebs, Koppenslabba " Riverside, PA Clubs and Activities M N Officer-BTOI, Regimental Band, Varsity Crew- CoCapt., O ' Club Work, Intramurals. Places Visited New Jersey, Virginia, Federal Republic of Germany, Canada, California, Alaska, Panama, Washington, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Great Neck. Ships and Companies mv Sealand Voyager Sealand ss Kenai Keystone ss Pres. Taylor APL Internship Paulsen Wirerope Corporation; Sunbury, PA. Aspirations Successful career in U.S. Navy, raise a family, never lose my sense of humor, stay in shape. Club RBL. Ocear Germ Israel, Pakist jj ck4 tyjy tftiPeJuaS The river is within us, the sea is all around us It tosses up our losses, the torn seine The shattered lobsterpot, the broken oar And gear of foreign dead men. The sea has many voices the whine in the rigging The menace and caress of waves that break on water The distant rote in the granite teeth And the wailing warning from the approaching headland All are voices of the sea. «ft£r 1 1 ©. f! m ' m±M Cs w l a.M»H MlgcAPT ZS - GAME 5 - Kings j t ) O SAiuBOAr i PAIUOE 12 JO f M Cimt to -j|P NOV ' UNITED STATES M t-w » 1 MARINE ACAC WUJ i vs S " JL I U.S. COAST GUARD ACME! " 19 86 j MOID VOUR OWN Ticmi. |j 3 AHL HOCKEV IaRT2 VS I9P ADMIT SHERBROOK E 1 1 AT HERSWEYP«RK ARENA 1 SA1 JAN 3j 1937 7:30 P ' JAMES ANDREW LAGDON Clubs and Activities RBU, SNAME, Waterpolo, t v Oceanid, O ' Club Worker, Century Club. Places Visited Germany, Holland, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Ethiopia, Oman, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, raspaqmg r " " -1 , est: Jacksonville, FL y T 1 2 " We are the people our parents warned us about. " - Jimmy Buffett t AiA 4 Malaysia, Singapore, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. Ships and Companies ss Ashley Lykes Lykes Bros. ss John Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Lyra Lykes Bros. usns Capella MSC ss Sam Houston Waterman Steamship m PAUL G. LAMBERT ' K Virginia Beach, VA Clubs and Activities Crew, M N Council, Honor Guard, Blue Crew, Foyer Club. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Israel, Greece, Azores, W. Africa, Brazil, Argentina. ' . l l One should not squander time, for that is the very stuff that life is made of, I think. Ships and Companies ss Export Patriot Farrell Lines ss American Argo U.S. Lines ss Export Challenger Farrell Line mv Falcon Princess Titan Navigation mv Falcon Dutchess Titan Navigation Internship I.T.O. Stevadore Corp of Virginia. TIMOTHY KENNETH LANGDON Spud, Timmy " Twin Falls, ID Clubs and Activities Regimental Band, Regimental Glee Club, ROA, M N Offic er- BX1, RC Honor Guard, Christian Fellowship Club, Indoctrination Detail, Honor Plebe, Chapel Choir, Breakfast Club. Places Visited Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Panama, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Italy, Canada, Okinawa, Fawn Grove. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Johnson APL ss Exxon Houston ss Pres. Tyler uss Trippe mv Falcon Lady ss Ashley Lykes Exxon APL USN Titan Navigation Lykes Bros. Internship Exxon Shipping Company; West Coast Fleet Office. Aspirations Wings of Gold. ( JTi J2( y C . p a I " have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. " -2Ti. 4:7. Thanks Guys, We Made It. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you. Thank you Lord. GERARD A. LARGO Lynbrook, NY Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Turkey, USSR, Romania. Ships and Companies ss Santa Paula Delta Lines ss Argonaut Farrell Lines mv Chesapeake Trader Am. Trade Trans. mv Frances Hammer Hvide Shipping 4 . R .. ft %■ ■ MtU-.: 2hHb ■ DAVID M. LARIMER Axe " Scio, OR ma. Clubs and Activities Hear This, SNAME, M N Officer, Sailing Team. Places Visited Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, India, Panama, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Okinawa, Alaska. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Hoover API mv Pres. Eisenhower APL ss Brooks Range Interocean Management ss Baltimore Trader Am. Trade Trans ss Pres. Pierce APL Aspirations To have a quiet little cottage along a deserted beach where I can live my life in peace. MuAHv- 4o _ i " . . . some of it ' s tragic, and some of it ' s magic, but I ' ve had a good life all the way. " - Jimmy Buffett SUSAN E. LEDDY ' Sue " Forest Hills, NY Clubs and Activities Swim Team-CoCapt., M N Officer-BSW02, SWE, SNAME, Track Team, Soccer Club, Varsity Club. Places Visited W. Germany, Holland, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea. usLd ) F. p leldf I May your joys be as deep as the ocean and your sorrows as light as its foam. Thanks Mom and Dad! Ships and Companies mv Cygnus Lykes Bros, ss American Vega U.S. Lines ss Texaco MassachusettsTexaco Oil ss American Astronaut U.S. Lines ss Lash Italia Prudential Lines Internship Spolter, McDonald Mannion Attorneys at Law, Admiralty Division. Aspirations Always endeavor to be content and live within my means even if I must borrow to do so. ] DAVID A. LEDOUX Doo " Tiverton, Rl Clubs and Activities Rugby-Capt. Treas., Karate Club, Weight Lifting Club, Pub Club, SNAME, Coke Man, ROA, Rack Team, M N Officer. Places Visited S. Africa, Brazil, Holland, Spain, Egypt, Said, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Italy, Turkey, Germany. Q»n 3 S£j» S 3 I ' m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you ' re not here to live up to mine. You do your thing, I ' ll do my thing and together we can do anything. Later on folks!!! Ships and Companies ss American Reservist U.S. Lines mv Sealand Pacer Seatand mv American Eagle Pacific Gulf Internship Research and Development Dept., Naval Underwater Systems Center. Aspirations Sail the ocean blue; Pat and Dave ' s World Gym, Tiverton, R.I. ft ! ■ Hi V i i W ' s j 1 MARVIN JOONG YEE LEE " Pineapple ' Pearl City, HA Clubs and Activities Sailing Offshore Team, Bowling Team, SNAME, Pep Club, S.S. Remedial, Century Club, Big Blue Team, RBU, Indoc. Planning Committee, M N Council, M N Officer, MDA Club, Frisbee Club, ROA, Indoc. Detail, Trident Club, D.O. Club. Places Visited Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Canada. I M , ¥ - I Here today, gone to Maui - Much mahalo Mom, Dad, Ross, Family and Friends. Aloha Everyone! o Ships and Companies ss Golden Gate Keystone ss Pres. Hoover ss Argonaut ss B.T. San Diego ss Baltimore Trader ss Kauai APL Farrell Lines Marine Transport Lines American Trade and Trans. Matson Nav. flub ' MDA( Guard, Internship Matson Navigation Terminals - Honolulu. Aspirations To find the perfect beach. SCOTT A. LEMON Raleigh, NC JOHN STARK LITTLE Scotland, PA Clubs and Activities Swim Team, Water Polo, Crew Team, Fine Arts Club, Honor Guard, Bleeker Steet Pub. Places Visited S. Africa, Germany, England, Holland, Iceland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Israel, Egypt, Venezuela. A M m J Ships and Companies ss American Reservist U.S. Lines ss Export Patriot Farrell Lines ss American Envoy U.S. Lines usns Sealift Atlantic MTL Internship Energy Transport Corporation, Personnel Dept. Aspirations Nirvana jdi J Long promised road Trail starts at dawn Carries on to the season ' s ending Flows to the source, gentle force, never ending. - Brian Wilson GERALD VINCENT LODGE " Lamo, Ski, HCL " Mt. Holly, NJ Clubs and Activities Computer Club, Intramurals, SNAME, Machinists ' Club, Propeller Club, M N Officer, Dumb Dualie Club, Circuits II Retaker, Stand-in DEMAC at sea, Exxon Tankerman. • _. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Panama, Honduras, Hong Kong, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Guam, Puerto Rico, Long Island. Ships and Companies mv Exxon Galveston mv Cape Decision ss American Marketer ss Export Freedom ss Chilbar ss Pittsburgh Exxon MSC U.S. Lines Farrell Lines Keystone Sealand Internship Law Firm of Demko, Gambino, and Lodge, PC. Aspirations Law, Engineering, Business, Wild Women, Fast Cars, and Big Bucks (Not necessarily in that order). W 1 )■% % - S 2 Thanks Mom, Dad, and family for the help and support required to survive this place called Kings Point. However, 1 must say that I did it my way. No, I am not being arrogant- just realistic! To my fellow classmates, I want to say that you all are alright. I hope to see some of you in the future. ANTHONY LOSQUADRO ' Tony ' Clubs and Activities Rifle Team, Regimental Cannon Squad-Cdr., Machinist Club- Pres., Noble Order of Bridge Simulation, Lee Malinowski Fan Club, 4-Year Calc Club. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Israel, Egypt, Greece, S. Africa, Brazil, W. Germany, Netherlands, Panama, Guam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, S. Korea, Japan, England. it ' DAVID FERNANDO MACKAY " Raul, Monkey Man ' Panama City, Panama Clubs and Activities Newman Club, Waterpolo Team, M N Officer-CX5, Hecklers Club for Volleyball, Swimming Team. Places Visited Panama, Egypt, Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong. Ships and Companies mv Star of Texas Titan Navigation ss Atigun Pass Keystone TODD D. MAFFUCCI " Fooch " Merrick, NY Clubs and Activities Class President-1987, SNAME, MDA, Golf Team-Captain, Pub Club. Places Visited France, England, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Panama. I SUVSXPUtffa I Ships and Companies ss American Puritan U.S. Lines ss American Merchant U.S. Lines ss Mormacsun Moore-McCormack Internship Long Island Lighting Company- Systems and Controls Dept. Aspirations To be chairman of the board of an international corporation. Comi Fine Com Thank you Dad, Mom, and Mike for always being very s upportive of me. Words cannot describe how much I love you all. Maffucci, T. JULIE A. MAGGART Jules " Lancaster, OH Clubs and Activities Glee Club-V. Pres., Midships Senior Section Editor, Regimental Band, Indoctrination Detail ' 89, ' 90, Indoctrination Planning Committee 1990, SNAME, ROA, Fine Arts Club, Ring dance Committee, Big Sister Recruiting Program, Combined Military Chorus (Statue of Liberty), O ' Club Worker. .VJ J Places Visited Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, S.Africa, Howland Hook, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong. Ships and Companies 3 If it ' s not worth suffering for, it ' s not worth getting. My heart goes out to the crutches of my past and future successes-Family and Friends. Linette, I ' ll always remember to " Be Casual-It just . . . doesn ' t . . . matter. " Corinne-Finally outta here! To the whole Maggart crowd-Here ' s to keepin ' a stiff upper!! ss American Vega ss Argonaut ss Independence ss Maui mv Pres. Roosevelt U.S. Lines Farrcll Lines American Hawaii Matson Nav. A PL Aspirations To be what I want to be, do the best that I can and TO BE CASUAL! 10 ttti® T= . -JS 1 ARTHUR H. MAJOR ' Art " Clubs and Activities Crew Team, Sailing Team, Tug Boat Ted Fan Club. Places Visited England, France, Holland, Germany, Panama, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan. 1 t Somers Point, NJ Ships and Companies ss American Puritan U.S. Lines ss American Merchant U.S. Lines ss Arco Alaska Arco ss President Grant APL Internship Maloney ' s Tavern Aspirations To be half the man Commander Harry Richards is. 1 {jij - M- Sjotf - I Feel as I might, a sailor I might have to be, and to command a merchant vessel might be the limit of my ambition. Richard Henry Dana ,s ■ ' ■ ' ' + flute Powei Team Cuarc Club, Presic Place Taiwi J n »»» oixr «f UoRq-q ic £ m V JAMES MICHAEL MANDATO Jim ' Oceanside, NY Clubs and Activities Power Squadron-Liberator, SNAME, Varsity Club, Crew Team, Wrestling, ROA, Honor Guard, CDR. Richards ' Analogy Club, Computer Geek Club President, Indoctrination Detail-Waterfront. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Russia, France, Germany, Holland, Great Britian, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Sicily, New Jersey. gynuu. ftl fcevYudatgr I One ' s life is but a quarter mile trip in the eternity of time, the trick is not to break out. Thanks everyone for your help and support, especially you, Mom, for typing my sea project. Ships and Companies ss Export Patriot ss American Puritan mv Francis Hammer mv Leise Maersk Farrell Lines U.S. Lines Hvide Shipping Maersk Lines Internship Maersk Lines-Engineering Dept. Mandate Marine Inc. -Surveying Dept. Aspirations A boat, A beer, A broad. mm, i ases SEAN E. MARSHALL " Master Leprechaun " Canoga Park, CA Clubs and Activities Sailing Team-Power Squardron, Debate Team, ROA, Honor Guard, Computer Club, Spock Society. Places Visited Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Chile, W k ' Jfl -Ifefi Jp ly K k - .« - . fJMWI t 1 V 111 CHARLES KENNOCH MARTIN Indialantic, FL Clubs and Activities Crew Team, Newman Club, Trident Club. Places Visited Holland, Germany, England, Kenya, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia. TTj m f 9 Q2_fecM fe They that go down to the sea in ships These see the works of the Lord And his wonders in the deep. Ships and Companies ss Delta Norte Delta Lines ss Jean Lykes ss Panama ss San Pedro usns Algol ss Mallory Lykes ss American Lynx Lykes Bros. Sealand Sealand Sealand Lykes Bros. U.S. Lines Aspirations I want to go back to the islands CHRISTOPHER W. MARTIN Marty " Easton, CT Hi Clubs and Activities Sailing Team, Lacrosse Team, Honor Guard, SNAME, Gabe Fan Club (Chief of Council). Places Visited Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain, Red Sea And Most Raghead Countries, Holland, France, ISRAEL POLICE FRONTIER CONTR w durmion ol Ship in port. HAIFA, ISRAEL 3. S. ARGON A AME OF SHIP a " Christopher " • AME. I tZJfrb+ J ' 2 6 ' Work hard and play hard because life is too short to ration your candy. Germany, Englan Ships and Companies ss Argonaut Farrell Lines ss American Pioneer U.S. Lines mv American Eagle Pacific Gulf Marine mv Fredericksburg Keystone Internship Stolt-Nielson, Operations. flute Sailing Pkes Panam Korea, Englan Portuf Croix, THOMAS PAUL MAYR " Tom " Clubs and Activities Sailing Team, Crew Team. Places Visited Panama, Guam, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, France, England, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Saint Croix, Venezuela, Antigua. J ,» « vo „ ■6 - (a) 0 IJ X 7 7tM ' S - What shadows we are, and what shadows we pursue. -Burke Erie, PA Ships and Companies ss American Astronaut U.S. Lines ss American Envoy U.S. Lines mv Sealift Arabian Sea MTL Internship U.S. Department of Justice- Admiralty Office; New York, NY. Aspirations My aspiration is to re-capture the peace of mind that I came here with. S ■llllllll ■-■» I Em RUSSELL M. McGARVEY JR. •Russ " Lemoyne, PA » Clubs and Activities M N Officer-CCI, Honor Board Representative, Automotive Interest Club, Honor Guard, ROA, M 3 . Places Visited Panama, Peru, Chile, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Italy, Tunisia, South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan. Ships and Companies ss James Lykes ss Joseph Lykes ss Baltimore Trader ss Shirley Lykes mv Falcon Lady Lykes Bros. Lykes Bros. Am. Trade Trans. Lykes Bros. Seahawk Management Internship Three Mile Island - GPU Nuclear Corp. Dept. of Plant Engineering. Aspirations To experience everything possible in life. 1 M e rrt2j HA t ty 9 i. " Say, is it time to get out of the rack and leave yet? " " Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? " " That depends a good deal on where you want to go to, " said the cat. Alice in Wonderland HMftM gfeg McCarvey, R. JON J. McGILLIS Bremerton, WA ' •!-: leeriop Clubs and Activities Swim Team, Trident Club, Power Squadron, M N Officer - BOPS, Nereid - Skipper. Places Visited Bangladesh, China, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan. I f S 7 UjLU I just want to wish everyone good luck. Kings Point is great because of the people that attend it. Remember, you can do anything with your life, GO FOR IT!! Ships and Companies ss Pres. Cram APL ss Pres. Wilson APL ss Thompson Pass Inter Ocean Management ss Keystone Canyon Keystone Internship Crowley Maritime Corporation, Engineering and Operations Departments. Aspirations Do my own thing! TIMOTHY E. McKENNA Mac " Miami Shores, FL Clubs and Activities Cross Country, Tennis, SNAME, M N Officer - R Pub O, Indoctrination Detail, Tugboat Ted Fan Club, Varsity Tanning Coach, Friday Afternoon Club. Places Visited Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, I C A, £. . ' - " My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute. " -Ayn Rand r El Salvador. Ships and Companies ss Howell Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Falcon Champion Seahawk Management ss lames Lykes Lykes Bros. ss Texaco Mass. Texaco Oil Internship United States Coast Guard Miami, Fl. s ■■ ■ 9j ROBERT JAMES McKINNON Happy Bob " Portland, OR Clubs and Activities Bagpipe Ass ' n of Kings Point, SNAME, Photography Club, Hear This, Debate Team, Automotive Interest Club, Charter Member Snow ' s Club, Starlight Seamans Club, Winston Club, APL V.D. Prevention Officer, Pipeline Club, Pyramid Club of America, Hat Club, Stockholder George ' s Bookstore, M N Officer-ROPS (acting). Places Visited Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, U.A.E., Anacortes, Great Neck; Asahi, Sapporo, Tiger, Anchor, Taiwan, Five Coins, Kirin, San Miguel, Molson, and Labatts Breweries. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Hoover APL mv Pres. Eisenhower API ss Manukai Matson Nav. ss Baltimore Trader Am. Trade Trans. ss Pres. Pierce APL Internship Dillingham Ship Repair, Swan Island; Portland, OR Henry Weinhard Brewery of Portland, OR. Aspirations To Promulgate, Proclamate, Appropriate, Accommodate, Acclimate, Assimilate, Formulate, and Copulate. RICHARD F. MCMULLEN Cumberland, MD i " l Clubs and Activities Football, SNAME, Automotive Interest Club, Weightlifting Club. Places Visited Germany, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Honduras, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, England. A 6-V ot (psyJ ' lJluy Everyone needs something to believe in, and right now believe I ' ll have another beer. ■ III !•;.! Ships and Companies ss Shirley Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Cygnus Lykes Bros. ss E.A. Obregon Waterman Steamship ss Joseph Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Star of Texas Seahawk Internship Power and Recovery Dept., Westvaco; Luke, MD. McMullen, R. JOHN ANTHONY MCPARLAND Chicago, IL STEPHEN H. MERKEL " Merk " Clubs and Activities M N Officer -BC 2, Debate Team, Color Guard, Indoctrination Detail. Places Visited Greenland, Spain, Italy, Iceland, The Netherlands, England, West Germany. McMurray, PA Ships and Companies usns Southern Cross MSC usns Rigel MSC mv Rainbow Hope Rainbow Nav. ss Am. Entente U.S. Lines Internship John P. Colletti and Associates, Inc. 1 J pA - 2 , aU _ I " If a man keeps his trap shut, the world beats a path to his door " -Franklin P. Adams -Acta Non Verba- V LOUIS JOHN METZGER long ' Toms River, NJ Clubs and Activities Football, Baseball, SNAME, M N Officer, R.O.A., Greater Society For The Appreciation Of Tanning, Intramurals, Tugboat Ted Fan Club, Indoctrination Detail. Places Visited South Africa, Panama, Mexico, West Germany, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, France, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Dominican Republic. Ships and Companies ss Fredrick Lykes Lykes Bros. ss Exxon Lexington Exxon ss Sealand Consumer Sealand usns Sealifl Indian Ocean MTL ss St. Louis Sealand Internship United States Coast Guard Manasquan Inlet, NJ. Aspirations To excel in salvage consultation while dabbling in liquor wholesaling. MATTHEW J. MIDAS New Hartford, NY Clubs and Activities Varsity Soccer, Propeller Club. Places Visited Germany, Holland, France, England, Azores, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Panama, Hawaii, Guam, Japan, Korea, Taiwan. Ships and Companies ss American Lynx U.S. Lines mv American Eagle Pacific Gulf Marine mv usns Arabian Sea MTL Internship Newport Naval Base, Newport, Rl. f jtUj % mj, " Devotion - The heart can think of no devotion greater than being shole to an ocean holding the curve at one position, counting an endless repetition. " -R.F. Thanks Mom and Dad, wake me up for dinner! Midas, M. KAREN MARY MILCETICH " Milly " Dover, MA Clubs and Activities Tennis, SNAME, ROA, SWE, Aerobics, Fine Arts Club, Newman Club. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Israel, Egypt, Rumania Turkey, Greece, England, Germany, Holland. w - — v " yr5 1 V--% m M • ■ JBBI ' tB T c SSI ' .! 1 s Wfc 1 V ANDRES ABELARDO MORALES M Mex ' San Jose, CA Clubs and Activities Midships Photo Editor, Hear This Asst. Editor, Bagpipe Assn. of Kings Point, CCRC, KPVS, Nomad (Delano), M N Officer- RComm, EMT, Auto Interest Club, 53 Club, MDA, Kolbe Fan Club, Honor Guard, ROA, SNAME, M (cubed), Raver, Dualie Lower Half Club. Places Visited Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, S. Korea, Alaska, Taiwan, Panama, Hawaii, Hong Kong. Ships and Companies ss Tyson Lykes Lykes Bros. ss Keystone Canyon Keystone mv Paul Buck Ocean Shipping ss Jeremiah O ' Brian Liberty Lines tv Kings Point KPS pc Little Toot Sandcastle Ship. Internship MSO, Coast Guard Alemeda, CA. Aspirations To pick up where I left off, four years ago. France U.S. c ■■ MICHELLE MARIE MORELAND " Mich " Canton, OH Clubs and Activities ROA, SWF-Pres., SNAME, Ski Club, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Sailing, Chapel Choir, CFC, MDA, Propeller Club, Ring Dance Committee. Places Visited Holland, England, Germany, France, S. Africa, Alaska, Panama, U.S. Coast. mM ■MBBHHI! STEVEN L MOSSER " Moss " Branchville, NJ Clubs and Activities Rugby- Capt., Friday Afternoon Club, Honor Guard, Road Trip Club, Pub Supporter, Blender Team Member, etc., etc., Places Visited Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Romania, Brazil, S. Africa, Italy. Ships and Companies ss Lash Atlantico Prudential Lines ss American Resolute U.S. Lines mv Paul Buck Ocean Ships ss Texaco Montana Texaco Oil Internship Texaco Shipping, Inc. Aspirations Admiralty Lawyer?? kC (fees Venez Turkey 2 L ' ftlyU S I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by, And the wheel ' s kick and the wind ' s song and the white sail ' s shaking, And a gray mist on the sea ' s face and a gray dawn breaking. - John Masefield. KEVIN C. MULHOLLAND " Mulhound " Youngstown, OH Clubs and Activities Rugby Football Club, SNAME, Trident Club, Weekend Foyer Society for the Distraught, Century Club, Friday in the Park Club, Intramurals. Places Visited Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Italy, Morocco, Honduras, Panama, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan. I Au -c.y j i 1 I was like a cow in a pen with a bunch of other cows, only I got out somehow. Well, they came and got me and put me in another pen by myself. I looked around and seen the fences were so high I ' d never get out. So I said, " All right, I ' graze. " - Elvis Presley Ships and Companies mv Delta Sud Delta Lines ss Shirley Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Elizabeth Lykes lykes Bros. mv Petersburg Keystone mv Pres. Eisenhower APL Internship American International Undewriters- Marine Dept.; Chicago, IL. JOHN JOSEPH MURPHY " Murph " Greenlawn, NY Clubs and Activities Soccer Team, Baseball Team, Pub Club, SNAME, Varsity Club, Newman Club. Places Visited Azores, England, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Holland, Panama, Guam, St. Croix. M ? — ' A rim ifl K j4m I T ■rik Hi I TTf Ships and Companies ss American Puritan U.S. Lines ss American Merchant U.S. Lines mv Sealift Arabian Sea MTL mv Laust Maersk Maersk Lines Internship Maersk Lines, Ltd. - Engineering Dept.; Port Engineer. Aspirations Happiness, Success, and a round of 76. iling foyer Extend SNAMI •fares Coast, Panam Japan. I sZ prnZj f I The sea, like life itself, is a stern taskmaster. The best way to get along with either is to learn all you can, then do your best and don ' t worry, especially about things over which you have no contr ol. - Admiral C.VV. Nimitz It ' s finally over! Special thanks to Mom and Dad for always being there. 1 neerim RICHARD J. NEUMANN Rich " Rockville, MD Clubs and Activities Sailing Team, Barry-Rogers Foyer Weekend Social Club- Extended Membership, SNAME, ROA, Honor Board. Places Visited England, France, Germany, Holland, The Azores, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, Panama, Hawaii, Taiwan, Korea, Japan. rk a... : 1- • j 6. 1 I V - • You ' ve got to roll with the punches, Learn to play out all your hunches, Making the best of whatever comes your way. What we lack in intuition, We make up for with ambition, Plowing straight ahead come what may. -Jimmy Buffet Ships and Companies ss American Puritan U.S. Lines ss Export Challenger Farrell Lines rv Sperry Star II Sperry Corp. mv Cpl. Hauge Maersk Lines ss American Merchant U.S. Lines Internship David Taylor Naval Research Center- Surface Effects Dept. SHAWN PATRICK O ' KEEFE " Okee ' Butler, NJ .iW Clubs and Activities Football, Rugby, M N Officer- BFL 1, Weightlifting Club, Color Guard, ROA, Cdr. Richards Analogy Club. Places Visited S. Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Panama. Ships and Companies ss American Vega U.S. Lines usns Southern Cross Interocean Management mv PFC Williams AOM ss Edgar M. Queeny Keystone Aspirations Live to be 99 and then get shot by a jealous husband. Two roads diverge in a woods, and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference. - " The Road Not Taken " by Robert Frost The road has been long and hard, but it has been worth it. Thanks for all the love and support to my family and friends. JOHN R. OLSON Ceresco, NE Clubs and Activities Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Varsity Club, SNAME, Weightlifting Club, Automotive Interest Club. Places Visited Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, China, Singapore, El Salvador, Panama, S. Africa, 1 ' 1 H K jBrvXfl W: 1. la - I.V " PATRICK GEORGE WINSTON OWERS " Mooki " Clubs and Activities Senior Class Secretary, SNAME- Secretary, Treasurer, Weightlifting Club, Rugby, Designer-Illustrator extraordinare, Automotive Interest Club, Pub Club, ROA, Rack Team- Capt. Places Visited Egypt, Jordan, Djibouti, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, England, Holland, Germany, Chile, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, a s 2 7! cL ? ■ IV- QufC4A— Thanks Mom, Dad, Charles, Beverly, and Bridget, Forger, Fruitcake and Patricia - I love you all. Old goats never die! « Owers, P. Richmond, VA Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sudan. Ships and Companies ss Sam Houston Waterman Steamship ss Doctor Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Seabulk Challenger Hvide Shipping ss Mallory Lykes Lykes Bros. Internship Port of Richmond, VA; Deepwater Terminal. Aspirations Pat Dave ' s World Gym; Tiverton, Rl. C i is ' Honor Machin Weight CoW Places Egypt- Africa, India, f Lanka, Kenya, Jordan ANTHONY LINN PANG Tony " Takoma Park, MD Clubs and Activities Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Club, Honor Guard, Color Guard, SNAME, M N Officer, ROA, Machinist ' s Club, Propeller Club, Weightlifting Club, Judo, M N Council, Scuba Club. Places Visited Egypt, India, China, Japan, S. Africa, Korea, Taiwan, Panama, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Yemen, Kenya, Angola, Hong Kong, Jordan, Sudan, Malaysia, Asab. CtJc ffi n- fanfr I I Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. - Sir Winston Spencer Churchill -A Ships and Companies ss Robert E. Lee Waterm an Steamship ss Zoella Lykes Lykes Bros, ss American Liberty U.S. Lines uss Julius A. Purer USN uss Trippe USN Internship Main Propulsion Engineering, Designers Planners; Crystal City, VA. Aspirations Graduate from Naval Flight School, obtain a masters degree in Mech. Eng., Professional Engineers License. HERBERT MONK PAYAN " Herbo, Herbicide, Tsombo " Vienna, VA :tM Clubs and Activities Newman Club, S.I.D. - Filming, SNAME, Christian Fellowship Club, M N Officer, Flying Zucchini (II). Places Visited Morocco, Turkey, USSR, Italy. Ships and Companies ss Joseph Lykes Lykes Bros, mv Exxon Wilmington Exxon mv Exxon Baytown Exxon ss Exxon Baltimore Exxon ■ mv Julius Hammer mv Pride of Texas Hvide Shipping Titan Navigation Internship Division of Engineering, Office of Naval Architecture and Engineering, MARAD. Aspirations To be a damn good family man and to always be able to make people laugh and to make it to heaven on time! J SJc - . r% S 2 " It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times " - Herbert Payan " When it rains, it pours! " - Morton Salt " 1 worked like a horse, ate like a hog, and slept like a dead man. " - Captains Courageous " I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race " - II Timothy 4:7 r PETER ALBERT PETRULIS " Pete » Clubs and Activities M N Officer - BC 1, Newman Club- Treasurer, Intramurals, Honor Guard. Places Visited Germany, Korea, Japan, Egypt, Italy , Spain, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Romania. ft Pj cdJUdMJ r Virginia Beach, VA ZZ God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference. Ships and Companies ss Dolly Turman Lykes Bros, ss Thompson Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Lash Atlantico Prudential Lines mv Exxon Wilmington Exxon Internship Virginia Pilot Association. Aspirations Eternal Life. • » ■«i ;a§s£: Si T Pelrulis, P. MARC EDWARD PFINGST ' Fingster " Suffern, NY ,.v Clubs and Activities LaCrosse-Capt., ICHCA-Pres., Rugby, MDA Club, Pub Club, M N Officer. Places Visited England, Scotland, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, Holland, Germany, Iceland. Ships and Companies ss Nancy Lykes Lykes Bros. ss Almeria Lykes Lykes Bros. ss Mormac Sky Moore-McCormack mv Rainbow Hope Rainbow Nav. Aspirations To live every moment and love everyday. Clubs w nior E laOo«e Guard. I Guitarist Words cannot express the love and gratitude I have for my family and friends for their support and their smiles. You only live once but if you live it right once is enough. fingst, M. MARK WILLIAM PIEKOS " P " Bloomingdale, IL ormid Clubs and Activities M N Officer - CX6, Hear This- Senior Editor Artist, MDA Club, LaCrosse, Newman Club, Honor Guard, Ring Design Committee, Guitarists ' Guild of the Poor, Starving Artists ' Club, " Dualies are people too " Club. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong. Ships and Companies ss Lash Italia Prudential Lines ss Energy Independence Keystone mv Charlotte Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Pres. Washington APL Internship Westinghouse Nuclear Training Center. 4 Zcj J.y l dj , 2 Yesterday is Gone . . . Tomorrow never Arrives . . . Yet an instant of infinity lies wrapped within our hearts . . . Treasure the good and learn from the bad . . . Always strive to be the best you can in all that you undertake . . . You can do it . . . You can make the difference . . . We will find Eternity. Aspirations To be happy Always. ■S II 9 El P " " ' pi! HjSf F l H 1 1 1 J ROBERT J. PINTER, JR. " Bob " East Haven, CT Clubs and Activities Ice Hockey-Capt., Hear This, SNAME, MDA. Places Visited Holland, Germany, France, England, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Panama, St. Croix. PERRY LEE PLUNKETT Santa Ana, CA Clubs and Activities Baseball. Places Visited Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Italy, Morocco. U« v4 I I am grateful for the support my parents have given me all the way through. Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right. What a long strange trip it ' s been . . . Ships and Companies ss Sealand Developer Sealand ss Santa Magdalena Delta Lines mv Atigun Pass Keystone ss Manukai Matson Nav. ss James Lykes Lykes Bros, ss American Vega U.S. Lines Internship Marine Inspection Dept., U.S. Coast Guard. Aspirations Fishing forever Baseball fit- E) I - lunkett, P. m Mmnm BRIAN W. QUINN " B.Q. " Hauppauge, NY Clubs and Activities Regimental Band, Intramurals, Glee Club, Honor Guard Places Visited England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Romania, Puerto Rico, Guam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea. Ships and Companies ss Pittsburg Sealand ss Lash Italia Prudential Lines ss American Entente U.S. Lines ss Edgar M. Queeny Keystone ss American Lark U.S. Lines Internship Robert Moses Beach Bum Association. Aspirations To look back at the years I have spent at the Academy, and say they were worth it. f iibi nC Captain Waterb Call Eternal Midship Places Panama HongK France, JOSEPH J. RELLA ►I Clubs and Activities Room Captain, Reg. Table Captain, Honorary Member of the Waterbuffalo Lodge, Track-Capt., Cat Litter Changers of America, Eternal Fraternity of Married Midshipmen, SNAME. Places Visited Panama, Hawaii, Guam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, England, France, Germany, The JU -A - I Suffern, NY Don ' t ever look so far to the future that you forget about today, because today may bring about changes that will forever distort your future. I will always remember you both and what you taught me; And to my entire family, but most importantly you, Nancy, I love you. We ' ve finally made it! Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Romania, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Puerto Rico. Ships and Companies ss American Astronaut U.S. Lines ss American Envoy U.S. Lines ss Lash Pacifico Prudential Lines mv Indian Ocean MTL Aspirations To be able to share my life with my wife Nancy, forever. m tl HH H PETER DREW RENEHAN Madison, CT Clubs and Activities Sailing Team, Ski Club. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Diego Garcia, Portugal, Norway, England, Israel, Africa. ' ' J . ' J rw S •»«. 1 E% i; I kX ;i 1 ; ! OH l 1 3 •• ' J Ships and Companies ss Export Patriot Farrell Lines ss Export Challenger Farrell Lines ss American Argo U.S. Lines usns Pawcatuck MSC mv James Anderson Maersk Lines Internship America II Twelve Meter Campaign. Regime Midstii Places Green Panam 3 £). HwJuvk. ' I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. " -Mark Twain JOSEPH E. REYNOLDS " Joe " North Andover, MA line to Clubs and Activities Regimental Band, Hear This, Midshipman Council, Company Intramurals Officer, Emery Rice Club. Places Visited Greenland, Spain, Italy, Alaska, Panama, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong. Lighten up while you still can, Don ' t even try to understand, Take it easy. - Eagles Ships and Companies usns Southern Cross MSC usns Rigel MSC Exxon North Slope Exxon mv Pres. Lincoln API. usns Bellatrix Scalane) Internship General Electric, Medium Steam Turbine Division; Lynn, MA. Aspirations To work as little as possible. PATRICK F. RICE " Pat ' ;■ " ■ Clubs and Activities Varsity Club, Basketball Team, SNAME, ROA, Weight Club, Honor Guard, Propeller Club. Places Visited Panama, Honduras, Benin, Republic of the Ivory Coast, Liberia, Portugal, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Guam. I -U-W f. H x Thank you Mom and Cathy for all your love, support, and for standing by me through the good as well as the bad. Bogota, NJ Ships and Companies usns Comet MSC ss Export Champion Farrell Lines mv Leise Maersk Maersk Lines ss American Astronaut U.S. Lines Internship Maersk Line Ltd. - Operations Dept. Aspirations To make a difference. TOBIN K. RICHMOND " Toby-Wan ' Richmond Annex, CA Clubs and Activities M N Officer-RTO, Judo Club- Capt., Color Guard, Honor Guard Computer Club, Pub Club, Ethnic Culture Club-V. Pres., SNAME, Weightlifting Club, M N Council. Places Visited Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Panama, Alaska. J m i Zz ■■ f eZ -jO I would like to thank Mom, Dad, Tiffany, and Sandy for their never ending love, guidance, and support. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Hoover APL mv Pres. Washington APL mv Pres. Eisenhower APL ss Kenai Keystone ss Petersburg Keystone uss Cook USN Internship Maritime Administration, Marine Surveying Dept. Aspirations Create a comfortable life for my family and myself. J Richmond, T. Lew »» Clubs and Activities Football-CoCapt., Rugby, Varsity Club-Secretary, SNAME, Senior Class V. Pres., M N Officer, Weightlifting Club. Places Visited Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, USSR, Sicily, Spain, Canary Islands, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Italy, Romania. LEWIS F. RIESS Wallingford, PA Jk Ships and Companies ss Nancy Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Delaware Trader Am. Trade Trans. ss Exxon Gettysburg Exxon mv Julius Hammer Hvide Shipping ss Argonaut Farrell Lines Aspirations M.B.A. Eventually. 1 c jsL+t+- e fi l i+t-J S 2 Bang that head that doesn ' t bang. Rugbv ( Secoi M NO Club. tkn S. Afric e Holland Korea, ■» ■ " Vis. 1 a| M mKS lp- Mn t ■ a N - ' l CHRISTOPHER DANIEL ROBERTS " Barney " East Northport, NY Clubs and Activities Rugby Club, Crew, MDA, ICHCA, Second Class Vice-President, M N Officer-CC5, Pop Man, 333 Club. Places Visited S. Africa, Brazil, W. Germany, Holland, spain, Bermuda, Panama, Korea, Japan, Okinawa, C S L X 7Zrf I want to thank my Mom and Dad for their love and support throughout my 22 years. I couldn ' t have made it without you Thanks for not only being great parents but also great friends. Also, a special thanks to Lynn and Jen, I love you both. Philippines, United Arab Emirates. Ships and Companies ss American Resolute U.S. Lines mv Sealand Adventurer Sealand mv Sealfit Arctic MTL Internship Law Offices of Leonard and Kenney, New York, NY. 1 mm X ML -J ;■■■• ' B dr fc,:S 4 L «. JOHN B. ROCHFORD Roach " Clubs and Activities Wrestling, SNAME, Officer ' s Club Worker, Company Operations Officer, Rugby. Places Visited Canada, Egypt, Greece, Italy, USSR, Romania, Morocco, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Brazil, rfc-wv ' H rcJ y $ y-zL Numna, heel yourself lamo. I Topeka, KS Argentina. Ships and Companies ss Ashley Lykes Lykes Bros, mv Sheldon Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Tonsina Keystone ss American Draco U.S. Lines mv Trances Hammer Hvide Shipping Aspirations U.S.M.C. In 4. Rochford, 1 ARTHUR K. ROMANAT Kyle " North Kingstown, Rl Clubs and Activities Soccer Team, Swimming Team, Track Team, Ski Club, Fine Arts Club, Sailing Team. Places Visited Scotland, Germany, Holland, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Panama, Hong Kong. KJ -X-: I I want to thank my family and friends for making life at Kings Point bearable and even enjoyable at times. Looking back, it seems that complaining about the K.P. system was one of my favorite hobbies, but I really believe that being forced to deal with the system helped prepare me for life in the real world. Ships and Companies usns Marshfield MSC ss American Marketer U.S. Lines mv American Condor Pacific Gulf ss Edgar M. Queeny Keystone Internship Port of Providence, Rl. Aspirations To have peace of mind and good health, rich or poor. J CHARLES A. ROZHON Razor " Clubs and Activities Swimming Team, Sailing Team, Honor Board Representative, Ambulance Squad, Sportsman ' s Club, Hear This, Regimental Bowling Officer. Places Visited Brazil, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Spain, Italy, Kenya, Hong Kong, m R?t H i-j ' jJ LSb Ht iT Pp TODD WILLIAM RYDER " Goober " LaFontaine, IN Clubs and Activities Color Guard, Honor Guard, SNAME, Rugby, Sportsman ' s Club, Pub Club, ROA, M N Officer - BFL3, RFL, Table Captain Adjutant, Vietnam Veteran. Places Visited England, Holland, W. Germany, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Angola, S. Africa, Tanzania, Kenya. ftOii»- . Yesterday ' s over my shoulder, so I can ' t look back for too long, there ' s just too much to see waiting in front of me and I know that I just can ' t go wrong. Ships and Companies ss Doctor Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Marjorie Lykes Lykes Bros. mv American Eagle Pacific Gulf ss Thompson Lykes Lykes Bros. Internship U.S. Coast Guard Station; Miami Beach, FL. Aspirations U.S. Marine Corps FREDERICK WADE SALMONSEN " Wade, Salmy ' Missoula, MT Clubs and Activities Regimental Band, SNAME, Intramurals. Places Visited Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan. . I J cJu stf JjUn I 1 am Lost. Ships and Companies mv Pres. Roosevelt APL ss Pres. Grant APL mv Pres. Washington APL mv Charlotte Lykes Lykes Bros. Internship Stone Container Corp., Frenchtown Mill. Aspirations Master Brewer Salmonsen, F PAUL H. SALTZEN Placerville, CA Clubs and Activities Club 333, Pub Club, MDA. Places Visited Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan Panama, Brazil, Diego Garcia (BIOT), Canada. Ship and Companies ss Pres. Taylor APL ss Portland Sealand PAUL D. SANTAMAURO r r Clubs and Activities Regimental Honor Guard, ROA, Indoc. ' 88, Power Squadron, Boston Brigade, DPC. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Romania, Iceland, England, Holland, West East Dennis, MA You only live once; but if you do it right, once is enough. %} Germany Ships and Companies ss Lash Italia Prudential Lines ss Energy IndependenceKeystone mv Rainbow Hope Rainbow Nav. ss American Entente U.S. Lines Aspirations To lead the good life! Clufc Varsit Footfc Team OKio fta Panai Turkt JOHN RICHARD SCOTT Florissant, MO Clubs and Activities Varsity Soccer Team, Varsity Football Team, Varsity Volleybal Team, Regimental Tailgate Officer. Places Visited Panama, Egypt, Italy, Israel, Turkey. 1% Ships and Companies ss Tillie Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Exxon Yorktown Exxon mv Exxon Princeton Exxon mv Exxon Wilmington Exxon mv Exxon Gettysburg Exxon Internship Engineering Design Section, Murphy Engineering Co. Aspirations To be anywhere but New York. GREGORY R. SEVERINO " Buzz Head " :. ■ Newtown Square, PA Clubs and Activities Color Guard, M N Officer- RCGC, Honor Guard, ROA, ESC Waiter, Fine Arts Club. Places Visited England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Romania, Mexico. Everyone says, " Don ' t do it, don ' t come here " , but they stay - it ' s not all bad. Thank you Mom and Dad for all of the love, support, and understanding you gave to me. Jill, thank you for staying by me, no matter what. Ships and Companies ss American Puritan U.S. Lines ss Lash Pacifico Prudential Lines ss Mormac Sun Moore-McCormack mv Sperry Star II Sperry Internship Sonat Marine, Inc. Aspirations To be happy, with a good job and family. DANIEL B. SHILLIDAY Danny " Litchfield Park, AZ Clubs and Activities Cross Country, Track, Tennis, Honor Guard, Class Secretary, Hear This-Editor in Chief, Midships Staff, Double Century Club, Fine Arts Club. Places Visited Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Panama, Virgin Islands, Hong Kong. Daruzt . JJu C ' cJa Haven ' t we, together and upon the immortal sea, wrung out a meaning from our sinful lives? Good-bye, brothers! You were a good crowd. - Joseph Conrad, " The Nigger of the Narcissus ' Ships and Companies mv Pres. Washington APL ss Pres. Madison APL ss Argonaut Farrell Lines usns Sealift Caribbean MTL Internship Lewis and Roca, Attorneys-at- Law. Aspirations To become a Company Officer at Kings Point. ■■ ■■■■i a DERRICK ALTON SHIRLEY PAUL HOWARD SLANEY Bellerose, NY Clubs and Activities Varsity LaCrosse, Sports Information Department Photographer. Places Visited England, France, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, USSR, Greece, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan. Ships and Companies ss American Envoy U.S. Lines ss American Vega U.S. Lines mv Frances Hammer Hvide Shipping mv Luna Maersk Maersk Lines Internship Energy Transport Corp.; Accounting and Finance Depts. Aspirations To be my own boss. DIRK PATRICK SMITH Deer Park, NY Clubs and Activities Ice Hockey-CoCapt., Crew Team, Varsity Tennis Team, SNAME, Varsity Club, Ski Club, ROA. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Romania, Panama, Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. I § ;k 9 UL I Thanks Mom and Dad . . . For Everything! I guess I ' ll never forget my time spent here at Kings Point . But then again, I ' ll never forget the time I got my tooth pulled either! Ships and Companies ss Lash Atlantico Prudential Lines mv Exxon Princeton Exxon ss James Lykes Lykes Bros. ss Texaco Massachusetts Texaco Oil Internship U.S.C.G. Marine Safety Department; Miami, FL. PPPUPW IMM i , . U ' uuj m ■ !» ■ » ■ Mk BBioi ico 0) : ei RALPH ANTHONY SMITH " Rufus " Severn, MD Clubs and Activities Football Team-Capt., Wrestling Team, Weightlifting Club. Places Visited Pakistan, Italy, Egypt, France, Yugoslavia. J m iii 1 jf X tf kj CJ Ships and Companies mv Spirit of Texas Titan Navigation ss Joseph Lykes Lykes Bros, usns Sealift Indian Ocean MTL Internship Advanced Marine Enterprises; Engineering and Managerial Depts. STEVEN L SMITH " Smitty, P-Wood " Plans Germ. RICHARD C. SOMMESE Smithtown, NY Clubs and Activities Varsity Football, Glee Club. Places Visited Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Germany, Holland, England, Israel, Egypt, Italy, Alaska. Ships and Companies ss Nancy Lykes Lykes Bros. ss Sealand Consumer Sealand mv Delaware Trader Am. Trade Trans. IUUaA G.£ m MoC_ zz Thanks Mom and Dad for always being there when I needed you; You ' re the greatest!! Also, thanks to Robert, John, Diane and Laura for being the greatest football fans during these past four years! ss American Pioneer U.S. Lines Internship Marine Operations Division, United States Lines; Cranford, Nj. Aspirations I ' ll always remember those Saturday Mariner Football Games!!!! SOREN L SPRING Boing " Clubs and Activities Midships Staff, Photography Club-Pres., M V Liberator-C E, M V Neried-C E, SNAME, ROA, Honor Guard, M N Council, Propeller Club, Automotive Interest Club. Places Visited Germany, Holland, England, France, Denmark, USSR, Honduras, Alaska, Panama, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore. MIHI ' 4 j B -_-L REBECCA LEWIS STEWART Beck " Pass Christian, MS Wft Clubs and Activities Swim Team, Glee Club, Color Guard, Honor Guard, ROA, SNAME, Propeller Club, Midships Section Editor, Volleyball, Ring Dance Co- Chairman, Bell Book, Indoc ' 89, M N Officer-RPO, SWE, Hear This. Places Visited Panama, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Germany, Holland, England. Ships and Companies ss Solon Turman Lykes Bros, ss Almeria Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Argonaut Farrell Lines ss Energy IndependenteKeystone Internship Naval Sea Systems Command, Replenishing Dept.; Washington, DC. Aspirations Aspirations-I have no intensions to roughen anything; Aspirations-I hope to be happy and successful; Inspirations- CLR, RMH. JAMES R. STROHMAN " Stroh ' s " Blue Grass, IA Clubs and Activities Honor Guard, Judo Team, MDA Club, Rugby Team, M N Officer, SNAME. Places Visited Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Jamaica, Ecuador, Uruguay, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan. I A ' V-S V - « Aw v Ships and Companies ss Thompson Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Delta Norte Delia Lines ss Tonsina Keystone ss Pres. Hoover APL Internship Fort Benning - Army Airborne Training. Aspirations To be successful, healthy, and happy. Club ' Power " TatKK MacNf (A-side Places Nether Fiance, Nigeria There are some things I would risk life, liberty, and career for - my friends, the people I love, and the things I believe in. OUTTA HERE! Strohman, U GREGORY STUART " StiT Red Bank, NJ ■rborq iM Clubs and Activities Power Squadron-Dragoon, " Tattoo " ' 83, SNAME, Machinist ' s Club, Tailgate Team (A-side). Places Visited Netherlands, W. Gemany, France, England, Azores, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Benin, Togo, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Port Elizabeth. I ' u t L jfc-o r I I would like to thank my best friends: Mom, Dad, Jeff and Ann, without whom this page would not be appearing. Thanks to John for keeping me sane all these years. If you think you can-you most certainly will. Ships and Companies ss American Puritan U.S. Lines ss Export Champion Farrell Lines mv Liese Maersk Maersk Lines usns Sealift Med. MTL Internship Energy Transportation Corporation, Accounting. Aspirations 150 Ft. L.O.A. cruisin ' the Med. " " l 1 if. IJ 1 ' :, ' . y ' T P i1i l -? H k IS « T fcflRJk ; kg- PlPk w W$L X: la,- " ■ ,JJ . v» NIK iM$ w : 91 M 2 -— Stuart, G. KURT ANTHONY SULESKI ' Scooter ' Eagan, MN Clubs and Activities Color Guard, Karate, Wargames, Trident Club, Honor Guard, ROA, Computer Club. Places Visited India, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Bangladesh, Panama, Indonesia, Okinawa. ' J r ' a ■A Ships and Companies ss Exxon Houston ss fcxxon Benicia ss Pres. Cleveland mv Sheldon Lykes ss Arco Alaska Exxon Exxon APL Lykes Bros. Atlantic Rich. Internship Naval Sea Systems Command, Combat Craft Aquisition Foreign Military Sales; Washington, D.C. Aspirations Become a successful Engineer and : still have time left for the finer things in life. Club Regim Trumi Capi. Place! Englar Japan. Philip Turke GREGORY J. SUTTON " Sully " Panama City, FL i Foreij m. D.C Clubs and activities Regimental Band, Fanfare Trumpets, Tennis Team-Co Capt. Places Visited England, Holland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Philippines, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Sicily, Spain, France. ) £ »+? f? ydtcflc 0+t J Thank you Mom and Dad for all your love and support and thanks Mike, Jeff, and Sue for helping me enjoy myself while I was here. Ships and Companies ms Cygnus tykes Bros, ss Louise Lykes lykes Bros, mv Falcon Champion Titan Nav. usns Capella MSC Internship Amphibious Warfare and Strategic Sealift Command Division, Naval Coastal Systems Center; Panama City, FL. ■■■■■■ ■i JOHN MATTHEW TARPEY " Tarps, J.T. " Massapequa, NY Clubs and Activities Rugby, M N Council, Sportsman Club, Intramurals, SNAME, Fraternal Order of Flids, L W Club, Beachcombing. Places Visited United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Italy, Azore Islands, W. Germany, Hawaii, Mexico. Ships and Companies ss American Pioneer U.S. Lines ss Export Challenger Farrell Lines uss Kittiwake USN ss King Amer. Heavylift mv Pride of Texas Titan Nav. ss Kauai Matson Nav. Internship Bay Constable, Dept. of Conservation Waterways, Town of Oyster Bay, NY. Aspirations " I ' m pulling out of here to win " Bruce Springsteen CX5, Super 1 Squad Places St. Th Whatever I lost here in sweat I gained in wisdom - Thanks to my family friends for without their help I never would have made it. 25 V llll IP ■ ' ■ ■ -VS ' ' v SURFING IN PROTECTED AREA -ONLY. % m Tarpey, J. LEO F. TAYLOR II Tom ) win " " Radioactive ' Clubs and Activities Christian Fellowship Club, Judo Club, Wrestling, M N Officer- CX5, SNAME, Museum Supervisor, Glee Club, Power Squadron. Places Visited Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Panama, Vieques Island, St. Thomas, U. S.V.I. J - 1 L«_o T vUsv I Newberg, OR Success is not a measure of how well you do compared to others, but how well you do compared to yourself. " No matter which direction a tree falls, it will lie where it fell. If you wait until the wind and weather are just right, you will never plant anything and never harvest anything. " Ecclesiastes 11:3- Ships and Companies ss Tyson Lykes ss M. mill. mi ss Independence ss Brooks Range mv Sealand Innovator uss Portland ss American Marketer Lykes Bros Matson Nav. Amer. Hawaii Interocean Mngmt Sealand USN U.S. Lines Aspirations To live life to its ful est potential 1 V ' EM FRANCISCO JAVIER TEJADA " Frank " Panama City, Panama Clubs and Activities Trident Club, Weightlifting Club, ROA, Sportsman Club, Propeller Club, ITCHA, ESC waiter, Cannon Squadron, Intramurals. Places Visited Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Romania, Egypt, India, Turkey, Djibouti, Jordan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico. 7 » fJ o j£ C v (J. , ' ■ r I " The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for. " Joseph Addison Ships and Companies ss Lash Pacifico Prudential Lines ss Pittsburgh Sealand ss Robert E. Lee Waterman Stmship mv Dock Express Texas Sealift Services Internship Panama Canal Commission. Aspirations Be a Panama Canal Pilot. flub Sailing Chief E Squadr r- n eigh flices PATRICK M. THOMAS Lake wood, CO • Clubs and Activities Sailing Team, mv Dragoon- Chief Engineer, Power Squadron, Newman Club, Honor Board Representative, Yearbook Photographer, Weightlifting Club, M N Officer-CC3. Places Visited Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina. 1 - sj y. - o- i Ships and Companies mv Pres. Monroe APL ss Kenai Keystone ss American Reservist U.S. Lines usns Bellatrix Sealand Aspirations To lead a simple life surrounding myself with those who accept me as I am and yet challenge me to be fully myself. " I must go down to the sea again to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by. " - John Masefield To my entire family and especially my parents for their loving support. Thank you. KURT ARNOLD TIMMEL " G-Force " Clubs and Activities Varsity Lacrosse, Judo Team, MDA, M N Council, Honor Guard, Yearbook Staff, Bike Club, Trident Club, Indoc Instructor, M N Officer-BFL1, Intramurals. Places Visited Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Canada, Germany, Korea, Holland, Panama. ROGELIO A. TOLEDANO Roge, Toletito " Ships and Companies ss Manulani mv s l Endurance Matson Nav. Scalane) ss American Entente U.S. Lines usns Capella ss Leslie Lykes ss s l Oakland MSC Lykes Bros. Sealand Internship Panama Canal Commission. This Song ' s for Steve He lived for his dreams And what he believed The wind at his back His best friend the sea A lover of life Inspiration for all Proud of himself A man standing tall Striving for freedom Despite all the odds Never afraid To shoot for the stars Don ' t blame the devil Don ' t blame the Lord Remember the love And the things he adored Sailing and reading A concert a beer A walk on the beach With nothing to fear Sports with the guys His best friend the sea This song ' s for Steve Robert Rutherford 480 Steven Tollman • STEPHEN F. TORRES Slidell, LA Clubs and Activities M N Officer-CXI, SNAME, Karate Club, Automotive Interest Club, Fine Arts Club, Hear This Staff, Honor Guard. Places Visited Panama, Jamaica, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Alaska. Ships and Companies ss Thompson Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Delta None Delta Linos ss Tonsina Keystone mv Charlotte Lykes Lykes Bros. Internship The Port of New Orleans, Port Management Training Program. Aspirations To attain the greatest measures of success — health and happiness. y fo - r- J I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. - Stephen Leacock Thank you from the heart: Mom and Dad, for the care and advice; Mark and Chris, for the hugs and smiles; Annie, for the love and sincerity; All my friends, for good times past, and those yet to come. LAWRENCE CHARLES TRACE Larry " Gaithersburg, MD CHRISTOPHER G. TRAINOR " Bean ' Oyster Bay, NY Clubs and Activities Rugby, Honor Guard, Color Guard, Yearbook Staff, MDA, Movie Club Chairman, Rack Club Executive Officer, Blue Crew, COPS. Places Visited Scotland, Panama, Hawaii, Guam, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, England, Germany, Rottardam, Braz Diago Garcia. MORGAN JAMES TURRELL ' r " The Master Debater ' Clubs and Activities Debate Team-Capt., Propeller Club, mv Sitzmark, Color Guard, Honor Guard, Honor Board Advisor, Radio Club, Newman Club, National Eagle Scout Association Chapter, Snow ' s Club ROA, Computer Club, Artesian Benevolent Society. Places Visited Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Canada, Panama, Alaska. Beaverton, OR Ships and Companies ms s l Liberator Sealand ss Pres. Jackson ss Tonsina mv Pres. Monroe ss Thompson Pass APL Keystone APL Interocean Mngmnt. Internship Investigation Dept., Wood, Tatum Mosser, Brooke, and Landis, Attorneys at Law; Portland, OR. Aspirations To be an Admiralty lawyer and a satisifed customer. CM Soo R0 Spit m. ;-:ol Gifl U.S, ! TtQf fA Q tA4 Z?UAA4jgj£ " Prisoners, exiles hear my tale You don ' t need bars to build a jail Which way, which turn should I take You can run but you can ' t escape. " U.K. Subs GENE A. TYRANSKI Geno ' Hicksville, NY Clubs and Activities Soccer Team, Varsity Club, ROA, Honor Guard, Marlin Spike Club, Tailgating. Places Visited England, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Israel, Greece, Panama, St. Croix, U.S.V.I., Puerto Rico, Cuba. Ships and Companies ss Export Patriot Farrell Lines ss American Puritan U.S. Lines ss Energy IndependenceKeystone mv Sealift Caribbean MTL Aspirations To fulfill all my dreams. y - ' J lefne aS . ' r Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and support; you ' re the greatest. WILLIAM BREN WADE Bren ' Cocoa Beach, FL Clubs and Activities Football, ROA, Crew, Automotive Interest Club. Places Visited Egypt, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Germany, Holland, Tampico. Ships and Companies ss Ashley Lykes Lykes Bros. ss John Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Lyra Lykes Bros, usns Capella MSC ss Exxon Gettysburg Exxon Internship Canaveral Port Authority, Port Planning Dept. Aspirations Become owner and Master of a two-hatch freighter and haul Heineken back from Holland. 1 I This old hotel ' s got a lot of stuff, But I do believe that I ' ve had enough! -Jimmy Buffett ROBERT KEVIN WAGNER " Wags ' Oreland, PA Clubs and Activities Football, LaCrosse, Weightlifting Club, SNAME. Places Visited S. Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Japan, Philippines, Spain, Greece. ■■HUB MICHAEL KRAIG WALLACE Wally ' Honolulu, HI Clubs and Activities Power Squadron-Captive, Tugboat Ted Fan Club, Propeller Club, MDA, Fine Arts Club, Class Officer. Places Visited Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Panama, Gibraltar, Mexico. Ships and Companies ss Brinton Lykes Lykes Bros, ss s l Oakland Sealand ss Independence Amer. Hawaii ss Constitution Amer. Hawaii ss Manukai Matson Nav. ss Keystone Canyon Keystone Internship Davies Marine Agencies; Honolulu, HI. Ckfe Ski CIl Tennis ffces Egypi Ossipe 1 Aspirations Marry Rich! Mti THOMAS GEORGE WALLER T.W.V Sioux City, IA M Bros. « Hiti )o „ one cies Clubs and Activities Ski Club, Sailing Team, MDA, Tennis Team, 333 Club. Places Visited Egypt, Israel, Smithland, Malta, Ossipee, Canada. ?r -•tfUfc nm Ijfrfitr i v «i ti ' .M j M W ' ti I 1 ) . _ I, — ' a% --■- Ships and Companies ss Howell Lykes Lykes Bros mv Pride of Texas Titan Nav ss Kauai Matson Nav. ss Baltimore Trader Am. Trade Trans. Internship Big Soo Terminal; Sioux City, IA. Aspirations The answer is moot. Well, the music is playin ' , And my spirits are high, Tomorrow might be painful But tonight I ' m gonna fly! Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad. For Everything. DAVID SCOTT WALSACK ' Scott, Sack " Oceanport, NJ Clubs and Activities Football, Ski Club, Blue Crew, Funken Fan Club. Places Visited Brazil, S. Africa, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, England, Holland, Germany, Foyer Between Fourth and Fifth Co. " In the battle of life it is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deed could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly. " Ships and Companies ss American Argo ss American Puritan mv Star of Texas ss King ss Sealand St. Louis U.S. Lines U.S. Lines Titan Nav. Amer. Heavylift Sealand Internship Interport Pilots Association. Aspirations On the beach by summer, on the Mountain by winter. Commi Extraor JAMES K. WARD Jim " South Elgin, IL Clubs and Activities Varsity Football, Automotive Interest Club, Social Committee, Road Tripper Extraordinaire. Places Visited Japan, Taiwan, Alaska, Panama, Virgin Islands, Canada. I J g s J lruz£¥ Tv s ] I Follow men ' s eyes as they look to the skies for achievement is only limited by one ' s own mind. It ' s all down hill from here. Thanks Mom and Dad, I will never forget your constant love and support. Long live roadtrips and good times. Farwell. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Jefferson API. ss Arco Anchorage Atlantic Richfield uss Portland USN ss Marine Chemist MTL Internship Flight, United States Navy. Marine Insurance, Marine Office of America Corp. Aspirations Fly jets, live a life of leisure. PAUL JASON WARD r " Jay " Clubs and Activities Varsity Swimming Team, Trident Club, Water Polo Club, M N Officer-RHBC. Places Visited Japan, Singapore, Bahrain, Philippines, Kwajalien, Hawaii, Bahamas, Morocco, Egypt, Italy, Israel, Greece, Turkey. Ships and Companies ss Joseph Lykes Lykes Bros. Rudyard Kipling If you can keep your head when al Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men d But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting. Or being lied about, don ' t deal in lies, Or, being hated, don ' t give way to hating, And yet don ' t look too good, not talk too If you can dream-and not make dreams yo master If you can think-and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with triumph and disaster And treat those two impostors just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you ' ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to. broken, And stoop and build ' em up with womout tools; If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss; If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your tum long after they are gone. And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: " Hold on ' If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with kings--nor lose the common touch; If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you; If all men count with you, but none too much; If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty-seconds ' worth of distance run-- Yours is the Earth and everything that ' s in it. And -which is more-you ' ll be a Man, my son! Trumbull, CT " Men may be inexact, or even untruthful in ordinary matters and suffer as a consequence. Only the disesteem of their associate or the inconvenience of litigation, but the inexact or untruthful sailor trifles with the live of his fellow men . . . " Newton D. Baker To my Mother, Dad, and my friends thanks, It was the best of times: Alfa, Tango, Delta, Oscar; Cu, Dave, BQ, Greg. I mv Exxon Wilmington Exxon mv Tug Johnash Florida Fuels usns Sealift Pacific MTL ss Argonaut Farrell Lines tv Mermaid A W Seabourne Internship Wyatt Energy, Inc. Aspirations Definitely!! (W LP. Su ' Greece, Canada, ! JEROME P. WATTS Jerry Watts Pittsburgh, PA PETER HEY WEBSTER Birmingham, Ml Clubs and Activities Varsity Swimming Team, Water Polo, Crew, Sailing Team, ROA, SNAME, Extreme Vector Analysis Club. Places Visited Jamaica, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Brazil, Argentina. fk Ships and Companies ss Delta Sud Delta Lines mv Potomac Trader Am. Trade Trans. ss Golden Gate Keystone ss Marine Chemist MTL Internship David Taylor Naval Research and Design Test Center, Surface Effects Dept. I -?£ , r 4z jz i " Let us stand in celebration of life ' s boundless mystery. Then in peace, with love and courage, may our hearts and minds be free. " -A Unitarian verse to be sung with Beethoven ' s chorus of " Ode to Joy " Cluis Sports Office fkes Egypt, Turkey Lakes, Webster, P GREGORY KEMP WELLSTEAD Englewood, CO JOSEPH WILLIAM WEST JR. Joe " Clubs and Activities Midships Business Editor, Propeller Club, Honor Guard, M N Council, Ambulance Squad, Fine Arts Club, Debate Club, Press Box Manager, Power Squadron-Captive. Places Visited S. Africa, Madagascar, Pakistan, Italy, Egypt, Panama. I Saf sf-Z . ile y I You can ' t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need. Potomac, MD Ships and Companies ss Ruth Lykes Lykes Bros, mv Paul Bunyan Am. Heavylift ss Matej Kocak Waterman Stmship ss Exxon Baltimore Exxon Internship United States Senate- Senator Sarbanes; Washington, D.C. Clubs- footbal Club, F 52 ' s Mi The Cl fixes Nether Panama Hone ► KEVIN FRANCIS WHALEN Kevin " Fredericksburg, VA Kllll n Slmit D.C. Clubs and Activities Football-Capt., Weightlifting Club, Fine Arts Club, The B- 52 ' s Musical Appreciation Club, The Cumby and Pokey Fan Club. Places Visited Netherlands, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan. ;SU _- £ - 2 Thanks to my family and friends. You made the trip bearable. The future ' s so bright, I gotta wear shades. Ships and Companies ss Pres. Tyler APL ss Keystone Canyon Keystone ss PFC Obregon Waterman Stmship ss Joseph Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Star ol Texas Titan Nav. Internship Century Shipping Inc.; New York, NY. Aspirations Happiness and Success. THOMAS RONALD WILLE " Thorn " Otto foolM Ambula Color C Mercha M NC JEFFREY A. WILLIAMS " Howdy " New Castle, IN Clubs and Activities Football, Cheerleading-Capt., Ambulance Squad, SNAME, Color Guard, Honor Guard, Indoctrination Detail (4 Years), Bearings Book, American Merchant Marine Museum, M N Council. Places Visited England, Holland, Germany, El Salvador, Panama, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, S. Africa, Tanzania, Kenya. KENT FOWLER WILLIAMS " Mutley " Clubs and Activities Varsity Baseball, Varsity Crew- Capt., SNAME, Honor Guard, Photography Club. Places Visited Guinea, S. Africa, Kenya, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Egypt, United States, Puerto Rico. 1 M S ?tQ % . I Grafton, NH The last four years have been full of some of the best times and some of the worst. To those who helped me through the bad times I thank. To those I shared the good times with I have to thank you also. Take care all and have fun. Ships and Companies ss Del Oro Delta Lines ss Zoella Lykes Lykes Bros, ss Lash Pacifico Prudential Lines mv Indian Ocean MTL Aspirations To go back to Grafton where I can relax. C uis Volley Officer Chairrr Varsit) Newm. fkes Japan, Kong, Costa ■ H 1 1 1 BETH ANN WILSON Woodhaven, Ml Clubs and Activities Volleyball-Capt., Track, M N Officer-RPO, MDA-Co Chairman, Fine Arts Club, Varsity Club, Color Guard, Newman Club, Honor Guard Places Visited Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Venezuela, JAMES F. WORFOLK Kings Park, NY Clubs and Activities LaCrosse-Capt., Second Class President, MDA, Varsity Club, Honor Guard. Places Visited Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, USSR, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, Diego Garcia. I a 5 fMiiite k k .-« . ) Thanks to all my family especially my friends for helping me get through these past four years. Through all the hardships we still managed to have a little fun. Hr - fffc Ships and Companies ss Brinton Lykes Lykes Bros. mv Francis Hammer Hvide Shipping mv Pres. Roosevelt APL mv CPL Hauge Maersk Lines ss Chemical Pioneer MTL MICHAEL J. WUEBBEN " Mike " Bismarck, ND Clubs and Activities Photography Club, Hear This, SNAME, O ' Club Worker, Midships Photographer, Remote Control Modeler ' s Club. Places Visited Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Philippines, Panama, Taiwan, Guam, Alaska. Ships and Companies ss BT San Diego MTL ss Louise Lykes ss Tyson Lykes ss Atigun Pass ss Golden Gate Lykes Bros. Lykes Bros. Keystone Keystone ] w A s 2 7% yCt Q. " JJudUv Many thanks to Mom, Dad, the rest of the family, and especially Kim. You stood behind me all the way and I love you for it. Thank you. Keep in touch guys, you ' re a great bunch of friends. Internship Westinghouse Nuclear Training Center, Nuclear Training Reactor Div.; Zion, IL. Aspirations Would like to further my engineering education, stay active, and most of all, stay happy. n ■ fcL .„ L ItfcJH Wuebben, M EDWARD JOHN ZOISS Warrenville, IL Clubs and Activities Track, Crew Team, Trident Club, SNAME, The Bud Ganj Places Visited Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Jamaica, Bahamas, Holland, Sicily. Ships and Companies mv Pres. Washington APL ss Pres. Tyler APL ss Golden Gate Keystone mv William Baugh Maersk Lines ss MormacSky Moore-McCormack | Internship Fermi National Accelerator Lab; Tevatron Division. z. $£vx- o jJc» »c 3 - I Conformity is one of the most fundamental dishonesties of all. When we reject our specialness, water down our God given individuality and uniqueness, we begin to lose our freedom. The conformist is in no way a free man. He has to follow the herd. - Norman Vincent Peale Clubs Region RSWO Sharp Honor NICHOLAS ANDREW ZSOKA " Nickster ' Clubs and Activi ties Regimental Band, M N Officer- RSWO, Honor Guard, ROA, Sharp Shooter, Fine Arts Club, Honor Representative, Sailing. Places Visited Panama, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, India, United States. O r £- I Cupertino, CA My gratitude and wrath respectively to those who merit either. Ships and Companies mv s l Patriot Scil.uid ss Pres. Taylor mv Margaret Lykes mv BT Alaska ss Penn. Trader API tykes Bros. MTL Am. Trade Trans. Internship International Audio. Aspirations Start an American Flag Dry Bulk Shipping Company. ■j JOHN ANTHONY ZUCAL 7uke " North Canton, OH Clubs and Activities Football Team, SNAME. Places Visited Japan, Okinawa, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Panama, St. Croix, Alaska. jJM Ships and Companies ss Pres. lefferson APL ss Arco Anchorage Arco Marine ss Argonaut Farrell Lines mv Sealift Caribbean MTL Internship Ohio Power Company; Canton, OH. Aspirations To be deliriously happy the rest of my life. :i3S£ £S2 AS THEY ENTERED THE GATES . . . Somehow it doesn ' t seem quite complete to tell only of the graduated Class of 1987. So many more contributions were made by those who started with us but for some reason or another did not finish among us, as well as those who began with other classes and did finish with us. Whether it was by personal choice or by separation from the Academy, each of these individuals gave part of themselves to the Class of 1987 mold. We honor each of these Midshipmen and thank them for their special contributions. Maybe by reading this list you will be reminded of someone who gave a piece of themself to you. I Ehsa C Albert David W Anderson Kenneth M. Anderson Michael B. Andric Edwil L. Antolin Michael Antonellis Christopher J Arabio David M. Argauer Lucia E. Avitable Libia A. Ayon William L. Etadgett Christopher Bahret Bradley K. Baker Robert |. Barber Kirk M Barrett Robert C Beaubien Paul J Benevento Paul K. Bergey Brian A Biro Steven f. Bossotti lohn R. Bradley Timothy P. Brennan Brian R. Brewer David I Britton Raul O Brostella Courtney P Brown Daryck H. Brown Raymond S. Brown Scott D Brown Domintck A Buzzeo John A Cairns David C. Calley Francis J. Calton Leonard L. Camou David J Caramante Lawrence D Carlin Nicholas C- Caruso Laura R. Cary Terrence P Cassidy Gabriel Castaner Juan C Cazorla Darin M Cates Walter Charles III Harley E Chase III James S. Chedister Adam L Cherubini Lawrence P. Chicchelly Kenneth A. Christensen James M. Cluxton Mark A Cobble Paul E Coan Larry W Cochran Jr Carl f. Colhluori Thomas F Connor Christina D Cordero Anthony E. Corso Richard E Cunningham Morgan P Dailey Roberto R. Daniels Brett W Davis Eric B. Davis Keith C Davis Jr Christopher Deeley Brian S. Delamer George I DeMarinis Jeffrey M Devilbiss Peter T Diemer John C Dilliot Kevin J. Dintino Henry M. Dismuke III Jettrey M. DiStefano Vincent DiStefano Jr Thomas C Dolim Michael L. Dombrowski Stephen J. Donnelly Robert J Donohue Patrick M Donovan Matthew S. Doyle Jay Drosieko Edward H. Dougherty Dean A Duan Daniel J. Dugan Jeffrey T. Dunn Linette G. Durham Sean Eagleton Elziabeth A. Edwards Todd B. Emery Gregory M. Engel Laurence H Engelhardi Norman M. Fabian James P Fagan Kevin J. Fay Daniel J. Finnerty Kenneth B. Florence Boris J. Foguel Kenneth Ford Maurizio K. Frakaloss Karen L. Fuller Michael R Galecki John W. Gardner Michael Gartland Kathryn A. Gauit Jeffrey C. Giese Keith R Gillette Thane Gilman Gregory T. Glova Fred A. Gordon Gerald F Gordon Frederick J. Gove Jorge E- Gracia Patrick G. Grass Christopher G Grieder Jeffrey G. Haas Karl T. Habenicht John K. Hajus Scott D. Hamilton Curtis M Hanson Kathleen Harkins Gary P. Harris Ten A. Haugen William C Hayden Gregory M. Heatfield Joseph C. Heath Karsten S. Heckl Richard P. Helchowski Douglas Helmer Robert S. Hendren John J Henderson Deborah J. Hennen Theodore D Heritage Thomas M. Hernty Wesley J. Hill Roger D. Hilligoss Deborah A Hitchcock Kevin F. Hogan Michael B Hogan Stephen K Hubchen Marie H Huhnke Jason C Hulti Michael Hussey Bobby W Jackson David C. Jackson Alex A. Jean-Francois Delph L. Johnson Michael K. Jones Robert L. Jones Walston C. Jones Bernard W. Kager Christopher E. Kalafut Chrts B. Kapsaroff Debra A Kay Christopher S. Keane James L Kelly Robert R Kennedy George R. Kerst Robert C. Kessler George D. Kiger Brian P. Killory Curtis ). King Jennifer M. King John J. Kinneary Thomas G Kintz William E. Kirker Andrew R. Kirschbaum Jeffrey S Klausner John A- Knight Damn W. Kolbet Michael P. Koppenhaver James A Lagdon Christopher P Laired Paul G Lambert Timothy K Langdon Gerard A Largo David M Larimer James M Lawson Susan E Leddy David A Ledoux Marvin J. Lee Scott A. Lemon John S. Little Gerald V, Lodge Brain W. Long Walter L Lopez Anthony F Losquadro James P. Lynch David F Mackay Todd D Maffucci Julie A Maggart Arthur H. Major James M Mandato Sean E Marshall Charles K Martin Christopher Martin Edward P Martin Scott R. Martini John P. Massey Alan D Mattioni Thomas P Mayr Daniel M. McDonald Russell M. McCarvey Daniel J. Mclnerney Anne L Mclntyre Timothy E. McKenna Robert L. McKmnon James C McLoughlin Robert J McMonagle Richard F. McMullen John A McParland Richard A. Mealey Jr Scott P Mendenhah Stephen H. Merkel Louis J. Metzger Philip I Metzler Matthew J. Midas Karen M. Milcetich John F. Mitchell III Andres A. Morales Kevin D Morash Michelle M. Moreland Oliver H Morgan Lawrence M. Mori Steven L Mosser Kevin C Mulholland John J. Murphy Patrick G Murphy Richard J Neumann Timothy D. Notestein Karen A O ' Connell Shawn P O ' Keefe John R Olson Patrick G Owers Anthony L Pang Thomas J. Papp Deron V Patterson Thomas R Patton Ajay Paul Herbert M. Payan Brian R Peters Peter A. Petrulis Marc E. Pfingst Mark W. Piekos Michael S Pina Rober J. Pinter Jr Matthew A. Piper Perry L Plunkett Brian W Quinn Jonathan A. Race Joseph J. Rella Peter D. Renenhan Joseph E. Reynolds Brian K. Rhoades Patrick F. Rice Tobin K. Richmond Lewis F Riess Christopher D Roberts Malcolm A. Robinson John B. Rochford Scott F. Rogler Arthur K. Romanat Ana E. Ronda Matthew D Rosenboom Christine L Rouse Charles A Rozhon Steven R Rutherford Todd W. Ryder Frederick W Salmonsen Paul H. Saltzen Christine M. Samuelson Eric E. Sangvic forge Samdas Paul D. Santamauro Theodore E. Schmidt Steven W Schule Peter ] Schultz John R Scott Gregory R Severino Glenn A Sharp Daniel B Shilliday Derrick A. Shirley Donald K. Schoemaker Jeffrey N. Siragusa Paul H. Slaney Dirk P. Smith Pamela S. Smith Ralph A Smith Steven L Smith Richard C. Sommese Soren K. Spring Mark G Steeves Rebecca L. Stewart Gary A. Stolo James R. Strohman Gregory Stuart Kurt A. Suleski Gregory J. Sutton John P. Tarpey Leo F. Taylor II Francisco J. Tejada Dana A. Thomas Jeffrey A- Thomas Kenneth J. Thomas Patrick M. Thomas Kurt A. Timmel Rogelio A. Toledano Stephen A. Tollman Stephen F. Torres Lawrence F. Trace Christopher G Trainor Armand R Turcotte Morgan J. Turrell Gene A. Tyranski Michael V. Utecht Scott T Valente Jose R Vanbeverhoudt Louis V Verloop William B. Wade Roland G. Wadge Robert K. Wagner John N. Wallace Jr. Michael K. Wallace Thomas G. Waller David S. Walsack James K. Ward Paul J. Ward Jerome P. Watts Peter D Waugh Peter H Webster Michael R. Wells Gregory K. Wellstead Todd R Wendorf Joseph W. West Kevin F Whalen David B. Whipple Jon F Whirlow Mark A. Wilder John J. Wilhelmy Thomas H. Wille Jeffrey A. Williams Kent F. Williams Sean C. Williams Mark A. 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Charles, Atty. at Law Mr. Mrs. James Cluxton and Family The Phillip Dearborn Family The Di Stefano Family Mrs. Donna Eads Mr. Mrs. Angelo Gerbasio Mark Hedi Grefenson Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Henriksen Rev. and Mrs. Carl E. Hill Mr. De Jean-Francois Mr. and Mrs. Jean Francois Jawahar Kalsi Florence Ann Kalsi Lt. Col. Ronald D. and Capt. Joanne M. Kaufmann USAF Kinneary Family Richard Gail Kirsch Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Knight Suzanne and Chew Hoy Lee Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Martin Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McKenna Captain ad Mrs. Larry R Mosser and Family Dr. and Mrs. James Newton Billy and Georgial Peeples Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Picard Mr. and Mrs. Robert Plansker Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Phil Rongo Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Santamauro In memory of Joan E. Schule Mr. and Mrs. Loy D. Smith Capt. and Mrs. Paul D. Stephenson, USN (Ret.) Phillip and Nancy Sullivan John and Marianne Twomey Mr. and Mrs. Hugh S. Wagner Capt. and Mrs. Frank X. Assarita USN (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Brashear Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Burke David C. Calley Frank and Geraldine Chufar Bob and Pam Day Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. DioGuardi Jow and Marilou Drosieko Mr. and Mrs. James J. Gallagher ' 63 James and Joyce Gerrity Mr. and Mrs. Archie Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Helchowski Harry and Linda Hubchen Jane and Frank Kager Dr. and Mrs. Spyros Karas and Family Rose, Bill, and Lisa Keane John and Jeanne Kirk Mr. and Mrs. Walter Klimowich Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Largo Mr. and Mrs. Bernard P. Maffucci Frank H. and Elaine K. Mayr Mrs. J. Parick McMullen and Famimly Ralph and Anita Mustello Noel and Betty Owers Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Pento Maureen and Dieter Pfingst Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Prada John and Dorothy Renehan Mr. Mrs. Mortimer Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ruppert Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Schmitt Charles and Helen Sherman Mr. and Mrs. William R. Smith Mr. Mrs. Eivind H. Strand and Family Bob and Sue Tiefenthaler Tyranski Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wiegman 514 Sponsors Page Candids IP September, 1987 As I reflect upon the last four years of my life- the unique experiences, the friends made, the places visited- it is hard to imagine it is truly over. In a blur, I remember walking through Vickery Gate one humid morning in July, 1983; in another, standing among my classmates at graduation. The memories in between are a great source of satisfaction and pride. I sincerely hope that as you read this book, it will bring to you these same thoughts. To my 218 clas smates, I wish you good luck and Godspeed. In the printing and publishing of this book, special thanks are in order for several who repeatedly saved me from drowning: Julie Maggart, Becky Stewart, Terri Cassidy, and Denise Catalfamo of St. John ' s University (my girlfriend). Despite all of the gener- ous help from others, this was the (rue staff of this book, and their help is sincerely appreciated. A special thanks is also in order to Carl Miller, that great publishing rep and true friend that he is. His devotion to the success of this book cannot be measured. I would like to dedicate my efforts in the making of this book to my family, especially my sister Jennifer, and my mother, who has always been my biggest supporter. I would also like to dedicate those efforts to the Moore ' s of south Jersey, my " adopted " family. The memories of golf with Jim and dinner at Chi-Chi ' s will remain with me forever. Thanks for being such great friends. As Always, Carl giving one of his motivationing and moving lectures. Editor ' s Page 517 ■ iiiiIfL,|ili fcg Dl I r - Ink V f DEDICATION CAPT. CHARLES A. " JOE " PROSSER 1918-1986 The editors and staff of Midships 1987 would like to dedicate this annual to the memory of Captain " Joe " Prosser. His leadership, wisdom, and dedication has given Kings Point a waterfront program that stands in tribute. His visions and ideals remain as a challenge for those who follow. Dedication 519 MIDSHIPS 1987 uiW Editor-in-Chief: Keith Gillette Business Editor: Joseph West Jostens ' Representative: Carl Miller Advisor: Cdr. Ken Cohen, USMS Section Editors Opening Faculty and Administration Midshipman Life Rotations and Underclass Special Events June Weekend Sea Year Clubs and Activities The Year in Review Congressional Section Seniors Keith Gillette Debra Sage Terri Cassidy Walter Charles Pat McGroggan Steve Hubschen Keith Gillette Andrew Morales Becky Stewart Staff Terri Cassidy Julie Maggart Paul Bellamy John Bowerman Mike Delage Paul Gibney Staff Tom Herrity Nancy Regan Amy Shames Mark Schwender Soren Spring m Special thanks to Debbie Concepcion of Jostens for such an exceptional cover design, and to Steve Slutzger of Lorstan-Thomas Studios for his division page photograph on page 260-261, as well as his studio ' s assistance of color photography develop- ment. Also, special thanks to Fred Towne for his shooting of the division page photographs, and to Dennis O ' Donnell of the Sports Information Depart- ment for all of his help. The 1987 Edition of the United States Merchant Marine Academy ' s yearbook, midships, was printed by Jostens Printing and Publishing in State College, Pa. All printing was done using the offset lithography process. Paper stock is 80 matte 195. Endsheet stock is snow white 280 with brown 469 ink, printed different front and back. Trim size is 9 x 12 inclusive with a copy run of 1225. Supplement of opening section and congressional section consists of 500 copies. Cover design represents Sea Lore theme for the class of 1987. Grand Canyon cover material with French straight grain and copper foil application to enhance blind embossed frigate. The book consists of 520 pages with 17 multiples of full color and 12 multiples of second color. Plant design consultant, Deb Concepcion, State College, Pa., production consultant, Lenny Young, State College, Pa., publishing consultant, Carl Miller, Stony Brook, N.Y. Senior portraits were taken by Lorstan Studios. The majority of the photography is done by student staff photographers under the direction of Keith Gilette, Editor-in-Chief. 520 Parting Shot -J —« M if iJr w» M»» ' — J

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