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!||«fa;fi ' v ; J ' 1 1 1 ' ' i iklcifc (j ' ? uk- ' ' :pii ■; ,■ . iv S ' ' S:: ' ?i ' ; ' ' ' : :Si ' y?«Kf Si w I ■fM m K(m . ' il ' ' ' ;: ' ™ i " m I 1 United States Merchant Marine Academy 1984 Midships ,f } i ' - ' . Midships Staff Advisor: Cdr. Kenneth Cohen Co-Editors: Anthony Walsh Roy Graham Photography: Stephanie Gregory Business: Mike Hetz Distribution: Dave Parry Advertising: Bob Doran Jostens Publishing Representatives: Mark Stern Carl Miller Neil Reilly Roddy Diotalevi Mary Rieger Paul Corley Jeff Nichols Tony Field Gardner Nealon Doug Jackson Kevin Brogan Tom Liebsch Phil Zubaly Todd Simonse Ed MacAlister Matt Raynes Blair Smith Bob Pregler Gail Hatfield Jerry Foley Anna Honda Charles Adams Colin Ching Teresa Thorsen Bruce Richards Zach Smith Mark Jackson Steve Gozzo Steve Schuette Tom Herity Jeff Robben Ken Mathaias Debbie Hitchcock George Poles John Ennis Lisa Streckfus Karen Kukurugya ■ TABLE OF CONTENTS Faculty and Administration . 16 Sea Year 46 Rotations and Underclass 80 Clubs and Activities 112 Midshipman Life 146 Sports 178 Special Events 246 Seniors 272 Senior Events . 526 Cdr. Charles McCoy, USN, is the visible and vocal Catholic Chaplain at Kings Point. His sup- port of the Midshipmen is evident by his presence at most Academy happenings. He has been a mo- tivating force for the Newman Club and Chapel improvements. The rtonoranie Cla- rence G. Morse, Federal Maritime Board; LCDR. Ralph 0. Harpole, USMS, Senior Chaplain and Rear Admiral Gordon McLin- tock, USMS, Academy Su- perintendent THIS CHAPEL IS BUILT TO THE GLORY OF GOD AND TO COMMEMORATE THE SACRIFICES OF THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF THE UNITED STAltS MERCHANT MARINE WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES AT SEA. IN ENEMY ACTION. IN WORLD WARS I AND II. AND WHOSE NAMES ARE RECORDED IN ITS ROLL OF HONOR TELL AMERICA d ' Dtates Merchant Marine iving memorial to the offl- asn who gave their lives in States Merchant Marine the two World Wars. Chapel was built from ; tion and fund raising, inspiration of Vice Ad- miral McClintock, Superintendent of the Academy from 1948-1970, and his wife. The completed building was dedi- cated on May 1, 1961, three years after construction began. Lt. Richard Fletcher, USNR, has been warmly welcomed by the Regi- ment of Midshipmen as the new Protes- tant Chaplain. Chaplain Fletcher is a graduate of William Carey College, where he was selected as outstanding student in 1977. During his active Navy career, Lt. Fletcher was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for his work on Middle East cruises. The V. S. Merchant Marine Memori- al Chapel is a place for worship, peace, and solitude. The main chapel seats about 5W and has a unique revolving 3- sided altar which may hf " - " ■ " ■ iv- t. estant, Catholic, or Jewish services. Un the lower level there are three separate chapels which are regularly used by the Midshipmen for private prayers or I ' rrinn wnr hiii There are f " " cti. iunt relig -ostions among t ' ship; jse the facilitie.: Chape i ney are the Newman Catholics and the Christian Colv Protestants. Mr. Joseph Renov, a re- tired Rabbi, has been working as part time Chaplain since December, 1983. Interested in work- ing with young people, Chaplain Renov holds study groups and services, and organizes social func- tions, as well as providing counseling. luit. i 1. iiapfi ai foinpietion )rial to the officers and men of are inscribed in a Roll of Honor Book of this Academy who lost their lives in States Merchant Marine, which rests within a glazed gold case on World War II. A bronze plaque with ve their lives at sea in World a marble pedestal. Special tribute is their names is posted on the east wall II, stands in the sanctuary also give to the 210 cadets or graduates near the pulpit. ' Chapel. The names of these men K«fiment of Miosnipman on Academy ' s Kortieth Anniversary September 30, IS ' M FMMFM Mfff f i n1 In the beginning, there was heat and yelling and short hair and heat. And it was not good. " Let there be leg-lifts, " they yelled. And there were leg-lifts and plebe beats and sweating and tatoo checks and sweating find drill downs and gauntlets and plebe knowledge and sweating. During these six days, evil people emerged who called themselves Sattm, and Mr. Moore and Lenny Simons. And on the seventh day they rested. It came to pass; and the leader they called Fields said unto them, " Fear not plebes, for there will come a day when ye losers shall be accepted into the regiment. " Before long, that day had come as it was prophesized and there was happiness and much rejoicing. AMEN. Left- Doogs and Marie Right: Woody Lowe Indoctrination 1987 d Section Editor: Colin Ching V v-}- " ' ■III ill! II II fr u " ■1 HI! II II " II Bl IB 31 II 11 311 01 J. ■■ ■■ s m U.S Merchant Marine Academy Administration Building King Point, New York Ronald Reagan President Of The United States THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON April 17, 1984 To the Class of 1984 United States Merchant Marine Academy: I extend to each of you my congratulations on having met the high standards established for students at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. With the successful completion of your academic training and shipboard assignments, you join a select group of individuals qualified to serve as officers in the United States merchant marine. On March 20 of this year, I had the pleasure of signing into law the Shipping Act of 1984, the most significant maritime legislation in nearly 70 years. The new law streamlines regulatory proceedings and clarifies the applicability of our antitrust laws to ocean liner shipping. It will enable U.S. -flag liner operators to compete more effectively against their foreign counterparts. Much work remains to be done to revitalize the U.S. merchant marine. However, I am confident that, just as today marks a milestone in your Uves, the enactment of the Shipping Act of 1984 will be seen as a turning point for the merchant marine. As today ' s new officers and tomorrow ' s maritime leaders, I know you are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the future. You have my best wishes for success. God bless you. C ' JUM ' . i Gt L». George Bush Vice President Of The United States THE VICE PRESIDENT WAS H I N GTON June 18, 1984 To the Class of 1984 U. S. Merchant Marine Academy King ' s Point, New York I am delighted to be able to wish you Godspeed as you achieve a passage in life so significant that the entire nation joins your family and friends in admiration. You will find a whole new reason for mature humility in the Merchant Marine. As when you entered the Academy, you ' ll be starting over. You ' ll be earning your way every day, building a career in service to a country that is not only very proud of you but also very dananding of you. This is a healthy process which you should anticipate with confidence. The nation ' s highest trust is being put into your hands. You may be surprised by the substantial weight of your trusteeship. But you will see yourself step up and carry responsibility with honor and competence. Honor and duty are in the core of your daily life you know it, and your country knows it. You will find no loss of individuality in upholding the great and proven tradition of the American Merchant Marine indeed you will find tranendous opportunity in being one of those talented few v iose grasp of fact and principle will cause others to invite you to help shape the future of our nation. Leadership is not just something you feel; it is something you are. You stand on the threshold of our nation ' s destiny with the tools to help build a stronger country. Give your best to your country, and the country will reward you with years rich in achievement and satisfaction. You are each the standard by which the world will measure what the words Merchant Marine really mean. I know you ' ll like the standard you set. VJe are very, very proud of you. With hearty best wishes. J eorge Bush Elizabeth H. Dole 1 Secretary Of Transportation THE SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTATION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20590 Among the most rewarding facets of my role as Secretary of Transportation are my relationships with young people, especially those in our service academies. A year ago, for the first time, I had the privilege of speaking at the Commencement and saying bon voyage to the June 1983 graduates of the United States Merchant Marine Academy. I am equally honored and especially pleased to extend best wishes and heartiest congratulations to the Kings Point Class of 1984. This Yearbook records many memorable events and the happiest of occasions for you and the Academy--a major milestone long to be cherished and mutually shared. You have met Kings Point ' s demanding academic, technological and military standards. By instilling in each of you a desire for learning and the need for dedication, excellence, and devotion to duty, this outstanding educational institution has prepared you well. You launch your careers as a new generation of licensed and commissioned officers well equipped to advance maritime technology and management techniques well beyond those of the computer and container revoloutions . This Administration is committed to the promotion and improvement of the U.S. merchant marine. We hope that you, now as Kings Point Alumni, will share in and support our endeavors, which are of such paramount importance to America. Good luck and Godspeed. Sincerely, Harold E. Shear Maritime Administrator mIMP ' ' e U S Department of Transportation Maritime Administration Administrator 400 Seventh Street, S W Washington. DC 20590 TO THE CLASS OF 1984 In 1980, members of Congress nominated 2,892 young men and women for the entering class of the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Of that group, just 347, or 12 percent, received appointments . Four years of demanding training, both at sea and ashore, followed. Not all were able to meet the challenges embodied in the Academy ' s strict regimen and high academic standards. But we at the Maritime Administration are extremely proud of you who succeeded, and that encompasses only 70 percent of those who started out. You have earned our admiration and respect. You deserve the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge you worked so hard to acquire. These are not the best of times for the American merchant marine or, for that matter, the maritime industry worldwide. However, we are working to change that. In the next several years, the American merchant marine will benefit from the infusion of a number of large, efficient new vessels. We need more such ships to restore America to its proper maritime posture. Another advance was made earlier this year when President Reagan signed into law the Shipping Act of 1984. The regulatory reforms it contains will help provide U.S. -flag ships with a fair chance to compete for international cargoes. Just as you in your careers will be building upon your impressive accomplishments at the Academy, so too are we at the Maritime Administration determined to work for a better future. No one can guarantee smooth sailing ahead, but we will persevere until we have reached our goals. You have successfully met the challenges which confronted you during the past four years, and I am confident you will rise to those which lie ahead. I extend to each of you in the Class of 1984 my congratulations and best wishes for the future. Sincerely , h.et: shear Maritime Administrator Rear Admiral Thomas A. King, U.S.M.S. Superintendent Nl - SUPERINTENDENT UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY KINGS POINT, LONG ISLAND, N. Y. II024 June 18, 1984 To the Class of 1984: The American Merchant Marine will need your talents, abilities and dedication in the years ahead if our country is to fulfill its destiny as a great trading nation and world power. My observation of the Class of 1984 leads me to the firm belief that you will make the highest quality of con- tribution and further will bring distinction to the United States Merchant Marine Academy. I am positive that through- out your careers you will repay many fold, the investment " the public has made in your education. The unacceptably low state of our merchant marine will make difficult your career beginning. Be resourceful and determined. You will succeed! You and I have both been here at USMMA for these last four years. In July of 1980 you walked through Vickery Gate for the first time as a member of the Regiment and I, sym- bolically, did so for the second time but now as Superintend- ent. I am proud to have had this identification with the Class of 1984. I shall watch with particular interest as your careers progress as I will have a special sense of sharing in the joy of your success. With the ery best of good wishes for the Class of 1984, ACTA NON VERBA T t)nias Rear Admir Commodore Thomas Patterson, USMS Deputy Superintendent K H.. iil L. I Bl tf 9 r I June 18, 1984 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1984 Congratulations to the Class of 1984 on your graduation. You now join the ranks of a distinguished alumni renowned for their service at sea and ashore. Challenge and adversity are no strangers to Kings Pointers. The Academy was born in the strife of war. You, too, are facing a challenge, a declining number of sea going jobs and the challenge to restore the competitiveness of U.S. Flag shipping. The U.S. Merchant Marine has always been acknowledged as the world leader. You must now go forth to provide the leadership for which you have been trained and educated. To those going on active duty in the Armed Forces, you will find your service rewarding and more than a job, a way of life. Your qualifications as professional mariners will enable you to serve your country with distinction and honor. May you all continue to uphold the tradition of excellence of the Academy and the U.S. Merchant Marine. I am proud to have served with each of you. Fair winds and following seas. Office Of The Superintendent Capt Charles M. Renick Director, Office of External Affairs Mrs Mary Cunningham Midshipman Hostess Cdr Kenneth S. Cohen Placement Officer Lt Richard Fletcher, CHC, USN Protestant Chaplain Lcdr Joseph A. Gebhard Assistant Director of Admissions Capt Emmanuel L. Jenkins Director of Admissions Capt Charles J. McCoy, CHC, USN Catholic Chaplin Capr Charles A. Prosser Director of Waterfront Activities Dr Josep Renov Jewish Chaplin Lcdr France G. Rowe Recruitment Specialist Lt Keeve E. Schecter Director of Candidate Recruiting Mr Martin P. Skrocki Public Information Specialist Office Of The Commandant Of Midshipmen Capt John J. Jochmans Commandant of Midshipment Capt Robert Safarik Assistant Commandant of Midshipmen Cdr Carlton Cox, Lcdr Alfred J. DePaola Capt Kenneth R. Force Lcdr Lee Funken Lcdr Robert Holt Cdr Robert Larsen Ldcr Rita Leignadier Cdr Harry J. Richards Lt Thomas G. Stratton Office Of The Academic Dean Capt Paul L. Krinsky Academic Dean Capt Donald J. Ferguson Registrar Capt William T. McMullen Associate Dean Lt Ernest Rowen Assistant Registrar Mr George Billy Head Librarian Mr Stephen Wiist Technical Services Librarian Mrs Alfreda Dunham Education Specialist Academics The maritime industry is composed of a broad range of professionals at sea and at shore side positions. The Aca- demic program prepares Midshipmen for service in both sectors of the shipping industry, with the overall emphasis on the education of officers for service at sea and commercial vessels of the American Merchant Marine. Through the selection of elective courses in a defined pat- tern, a Midshipman may fufill an intrest in the managerial aspect of the industry, or gain a fuller understanding of the more sophisticated aspects of technology now present on board U.S. flag vessels. A defined specialization is noted on the Midshipman ' s transcript. Four major programs are offered at the Merchant Marine Academy: Marine Transportation for the preperation of deck officers. Marine Engineering for the perperation of engineer- ing officers, a combination of the two, a Dual License pro- gram, which leads to a license in each specialty, and Marine Engineering Systems, which in addition to a Third Engi- neer ' s license, is aaacrdited by the Accrediting Board for Engineering and Technology. I Department Of Engineering The Marine Engineering program has two objectives: to prepare graduates to sail as third assistant engineers, and to give graduates a sound engineering education. It satisfies these objectives through a mix of practical courses such as welding and machine shop and theoretical courses such as strengths of materials and fluid mechanics. The program includes the two sailing periods where the student gains on the job experience to supplement classroom instruction. The Marine Engineering Systems program includes all the features of the Marine Engineering Program, and it adds additional emphasis in the mathematics and engineering de- sign. By virtue of these additions, it is accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology. This is a relatively new program; the first graduates were members of the Class of 1981. Graduates have gone on to achieve success in a wide range of job fields. Many graduates have become chief engineers, and one is the dean of engineering at a major engineering school. •Mi v 1 iHf ) ri ' Capt Edwin G. Wiggins Department Haed Cdr John Brandon Assistant Department Head Lt Paul Baiiam Lt Daniel P. Charnews Cdr Stanley G. Christensen Lt Kevin Craig Mr Ameilo D ' Arcangelo Capt Edward D. Ferenczy Mr W.B. Franklin Lcdr James A. Harbach Capt Moses Hirschkowitz Mr Charles I. Hubert Cdr Everett C. Hunt Cdr Joseph J. Jannone Mr Joseph Kass Mr Wallace McDonald Lt Leon Malinoski Lcdr Steven Miller Capt Robert Madden Lt George Mulligan Cdr Francis X. Reynolds Lcdr Stephen Prigozy Mr Ted Yeager Mr Donald R. Paquette Mre Marion Braziel Department Of Marine Transportation The Marine Transportation Department is composed of two main divisions, the Division of Nautical Science and the Division of Maritime Buisness and Administration. Each division offers a number of tracks for specialization. The Midshipman is encouraged to select a combination of elective courses that are best suited to their career objectives. Competion of the core curriculum in Marine Transporta- tion and a concentration in management in the Division of Maritime Buisness and Administration can provide a Mid- shipman with a foundation in maritime law, statistical meth- ods, finance, enviormental law and regulation, personnel management, industrial psychology, and international trade. Those concentrating in ship operations in the Division of Nautical Science can develop a basic foundation in marine electronics, domestic shipping, advwnced tanker operations, offshore resource recovery, and small vessel operations. Electives may also be drawn from the inventory of courses in the Department of Engineering and the Department of Math and Science, especially in the areas of engineering economics, small engine maintenance and repair, operations research and probability, and the chemistry of hazardous cargos. Capt Lawrence Jarrett Department Head Cdr Robert J. Meurn Division Head, Nautical Science Capt Harold Katz Division Head, Maritime Buisness Administration Cdr Hermann Allen Mr Patrick M. DeCharles Lcdr Robert F. Eggen Capt Albert G. Fialcowitz Lt Dennis J. Gay Lcdr James E. Hall Lt James L. Hamilton Cdr Theodore F. Haendel Lt Ronald Jablonski Cdr Robert Hershey Lt Mark Huber Cdr Justin D. Mahoney Lcdr Chris McMahon Lcdr John M. Nunnenkamp CWO Elroy Potter Mr John J. Daley Mrs Ann Cannizzaro Ms Joanne Baluchinsky Department Of Shipboard Traning As part of the professional training, each midshipman par- ticipates in a cooperative educational program consisting of two quarters of the sophomore year and two quarters of the junior year at sea aboard commercially operated merchant ships. Every effort is made to assign midshipmen to several different vessels during their two periods of traning. They thereby become familiar with the performance and operating characteristics of various classes of ships with the diverse operating requirements of different trade routes while at the same time gaining practical experience in the performance of shipboard duties. The shipboard traning program provides all midshipmen with the opportunity to use a ship as a sea-going laboratory. Midshipmen are given a study guide called a " Sea Project " and in addition to performing shipboard duties, are required to complete written assignments which are submitted to the Academy for evaluation and grading. The assignments are carefully designed to ensure that while aboard ship, midship- men apply the knowledge and skills learned in the Academy classrooms and acquire a firm foundation for advanced study upon their return to the Academy. Department Of Math And Science The Department of Math and Science offers basic courses in the physical sciences, which acts as a foundation for both the Deck and Engineering programs. College Physics, Chem- istry, Calculus, and Differential Equations are at the head of the department ' s offerings. In addition, a wide range of elec- tives are available. They serve to introduce the students to more advanced areas of science and to som,e of their special needs. Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Hazardous Materials, Ocean Chemistry, Solar Energy, Probability and Statistics, Operations Research and Astrophysics are some of the recent electives that have attracted many students. Capt Albert Stwertka, Department Head Cdr Lawrence M. Cassar, Assistant Department Head Cdr Howard J. Beim Cdr Allen E. Ceasar Lcdr David R. Dellwo Cdr Peter J. Drago Mr Leroy Hutson Mr Kenneth Lazara Lcdr Walter Lebensohn Mrs Gabriella Ratay Lcdr Anton Shurpik Lcdr Charles F. Weber Cdr Rdward Weiss Mr Herman Goetz Ms Beatrice Pickett Department Of Naval Science Within a few years, the U.S. Maritime Industry has exper- ienced tramendous change. So too has the U.S. Navy. Yet throughout these tumultous times, one thing has not changed; the mutually supportive relationship between the two. At no time before in the history of of our country, has the importance of this relationship been more pronounced. The need for Merchant Marine officers who are well trainned in naval procedures and operations is paramount to our coun- try ' s national defense and well being. Fulfilling this need is the role of the Academy ' s Depart- ment of Naval Science. Through its comprehensive offering of naval science courses, the department instructs Midship- men in a variety of areas: sea power, naval organization, naval weapon systems, naval communications, naval control of shipping, the role of the Military Sealift Command, con- voy concepts, naval operations and tactics are a few. The material presented in these courses, coupled with the Mid- shipmen ' s other subjects, sufficiently prepares them to fulfill their duties and responsibilities as officers in the U.S. Naval Reserve upon graduation. The Naval Science staff also avails its time and expertise to those Midshipmen that seek careers as commissioned offi- cers on active duty in any of the Armed Forces. In recent years, the Academy has placed dozens of graduates onto active duty in fields as diverse as nuclear power, avaition, submarine duty, and surface warfare. These individuals have consistently proven themselves to be outstanding officers; a direct reflection upon the Academy and the Department of Naval Science as well. courses reqi . toursesi [prof ersof emphasis IS tkrequiM ted in viriui iBstilutions ■ • ' " ■ . 4 - Capt Robert M. Marshall, USN Department Head Lt Rick Kelly, USN Assistant Department Head Lt Dave Edwards, USN Lt Stuart Markey, USN Cheif Jeffrey L. Kohmuench, SKC Chief Donald Sleeman, YNC Ms Kathy Hoffman iwetnasene luielwiDSi I ' ■ ' ' « ' » to [ulfiu i«U.S. Naval Md expertise " Kionedoffi. ■C6S. In recent ' aduales onto " ' ff. avaitinn Department Of Humanities The Department of Humanities iii es to regard itself as the " baccalaureate " department of the Academy. It teaches no courses required for licensing, no professional courses of any kind, and none which are prerequisites for courses in the professional departments. What it offers are the kinds of courses that would be found in any good liberal arts college and which are required for the awarding of an academic degree. Our program in the fourth-class year consists of three quarters of old-fashioned freshman English, literature and composition, with considerable emphasis on the latter. This emphasis is carried toward into the rest of our program with the requirement that some kind of written report be submit- ted in virtually all of our other courses. During the second-and third-class years, the department ' s program consists of three quarters of modern European and American history. Their purpose is to provide some back- ground and explination of the political, economic and social institutions of the modern world. Our first class program permits a student to choose be- tween a series of courses in Humanities or Comparative Cul- ture (or in spoken French or Spanish in the case of Marine Transportation majors). The Humanities track explores in greater depth the development of the Western intellectual tradition in the areas of literature, religion, science, and art. The Comparative Cultures track uses an anthropological ap- proach in an effort to provide some insight into the increas- ingly important societies of the Third World, which can no longer be ignored. Ideally, we would like our students to have access to the courses contained in both these tracks, but limitations of staff, student time, and scheduling require that a choice be made. Similarly with foreign languages, because of staffing and scheduling constraints, the French and Span- ish courses can normally be made available only to Marine Transportation majors. Our free electives, of course are open to everyone. The program of the Department of Humanities is designed to balance the technical and professional emphasis in the rest of the curriculum. As our graduates move on to positions of increasing responsibility in their professional lives, wheth- er aboard ship or ashore, they will discover that it is the world of people and ideas rather than techniques and things upon which their continued success will depend. Our courses, both required and elective, seek to open windows on that world and to provide a basis for continuing personal growth and professional success. Capt A. P. Davies Department Head Lcdr Allen A. Arnold Cdr Richard C. Bardot Dr Jane Brickman Mr Thomas Curran Lcdr David Eastwood Capt Joseph Gitman Ms Laury Magnus Capt Stephen Omeltchenko Cdr Jacques Szaluta 43 » r EBH ■Mf iew««n ' !Mvi Section Editors: Roddy Diotalevi and Neil Reilly I 1:1 Sea Year (se yir) n. [From the Latin Exitus Regimentus] 1 Approximately 300 days broken into two sailing periods; in which, midshipmen are detached from the academy tor practical shipboard training where the ship is used as a floating laboratory. 2. A period of enlightenment where one learns about himself herself, dealing with other people, and escaping from sporadic riots with minor injuries it is a period which lends new meanings to the words: Fun, Love, Trouble, Cherry and Procr astination. It is a period which transforms a boy into a man and a girl into a man. 3. A term improperly used by seamen and southerners to mean bee you ' re " eg I sea year taking them penicillin shots again. Cadet. 4. A terminus usually associated with a light at the end of a tunnel, eg. I hope I can make it to Sea Year. I can ' t wait till Sea Year. If Sea Year doesn t come soon I will cut my legs off. SEE ALSO: Cadet, Mistakes, Fatima, Sylvia ;. Japan And -■ A Japanese beauty Downtown Hong Kong Catch of the day f -- . . . . The Far East f. A iX Japanese Culture Entering Korea .,t £XJi Engineers At Work Looking stupid again Ken I K 3 Filling the American boots Fish and his Chilean Amigo! Vj Looking down on the picturesque Rio South America Ek l ' iL gai. 1 r i Tom and the Valpo Lady AvV-. Hey Sandy, which one ' s Ed McCain Diana, Sugarloaf, and Mark lA li Ja h- l " ■ -- ' r t 1 — — -r rrr - " 55 Alaska And . . . . A Polar Star in a Polar Sea Fading Dream » r • _.MarfMBk I Pete claming new territories for K.P. I| ,1 " The trip ' s all down hill form here Ahh, the girls of the Antartic . . . . Antartica Children Of The World You ' d think they ' ve never seen a camera before! Hong Kong cutie J «. W f flrri ::. One of the old stick ships at sea i -T ' 7 " ' 9km ' WFLO ANIMALS ON THIS TRAIL PLEASE PROCEED QUIETLY AND WITH CAUTION YOU PROCEED AT YOUR OW N RISK THE NATIONAL PARK ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE VOR ANY EVENTUALITY Roy goes to Africa Trading a part of Texas A Topside View Rapidly growing Gold Coast Australia And ft n » %r V ' zixiS ' i hhimu. ■if [ ' jr. The sea takes its toll on this container Super Tanker steams on HH Looking uo at the President Grant ' s bow in drydock ' Stormy seas abeam ' Captian, should I call a launch? " Europe Amsterdam in the fall. a V 0 t r 1 e 4 A i5 5|f W " u o w sfessi -- ' j ' " ' ms - - ■ " " l . f- ' - v ' ' :M ' SSB - le lights 1 Our Editor on the high seas 4 d ss = [|p ' jp ' " " pSi -™i ' JIIIIII|IIIH " 77 - , ■ -r - The Ships The Empire State Building lights up the Big Apple ' s skies ) •i v ■P f Turn on the red light! It happens to the best of us f Glen springs for a night on the town ■ W ' vi imm ij " ' " ' .Nl ■ - .-r-. .-- ■? ii Argentinan Foxes Hippie and Jajah The Girls L Panama Canal A ■r Nearing the Cut 1 Night-Time Passage This BUD ' s for you f Cadet ' s bare necessitites Wes, is that a mustache? A Typical Day At Sea Section Editors: Karen KuKuruyga and Lisa Streckfus First Rotation Regimental pta RC Peter McGonagle RX Michael Friedman ROPS Edward Harrel RFL Gerald Nielson RTO Phillip Eccevarrio RCOMM Shawn Ewen RPUB Donald Hoffman RPUBX Robert Powell RPO Ken Creasy RSWO Robert Pollard RWO Elizabeth Rosen RIO Douglas Fisher RHGC Donna Paskiewicz RCGC Kenneth Bozick RDTC Brian Blower 4i ) I Staff Second Rotation RC Tom Sparks RX Glen Dieleutario ROPS Mark Allison RFL Mark Ceraldi RTO Peter Reichmeider RCOMM Brian Hall RPUB Scott Wilshire RPUBX Eric Beget RPO Graham Bushor RSWO Diana Moreland RWO John Wrasse RIO Steve McCauley RHGC Jim Sloan RCGC Kenneth Bozick RDTC Brian Blower First Rotation 1st Battalion BC Craig Langford BX Kenneth Carlino BFL Ralph Ortolano BSWO Ed McCain BTO Ralph Losch BCOMM David Carmody BAIDE Sheila Merten staff Second Rotation BC John Palmer BX Chris Doyle BFL Miles Ferguson BSWO Mark Coulter BTO Dave Stefan BCOMM Mike Wigmore BAIDE Rick Couch FirstiW 1987 Antonellis Morales Biro Murphy Brewer Pang Galley Piper Chedister Plunkett Cochran Romanat Dailey Rouse Davis Rutherford Deeley Santamauro Dismuke Schule Donohue Shilliday Florence Stewart Gardner Strohman Hanson Timmel Kintz Torres Lemon Trainor Marshall Ward Martin Whipple McGarvey Wilson McKinnon Wuebben Metzler Zucal 1986 - A Anderson Jordan Arsenault Malone Davidson Maslin Delisa McCarthy Dombrowski McMonagle Fiore O ' Brien Fraser Snell Gaffney Thomas Griffen Reilly 1985 - A Armstrong LeDuc Bruckner Magdeburger Caubo Mazzilli Cioni McAuliffe Clarke McDonald Edberg Nixon Holm Rutherford Iwahashi Schloemer Kartel Westphal Knowlton Waidden Kolano Wolff Kunesh Yale IrstCompany Bartozek Laubengayer Bukoski Lindsey Cazorla Lipinski Collins McCauley Dato Murphy Doetsch Newell Drosieko Plumleigh Fischer Powers Flynn Robben Griffin Schattgen Habnicht Samuell Horman Stubblefield Kelley Stull Lansden Woodhouse 1985 - B Barton Overstreet Beardon Roe Cook Ryan Fontana Smith Hatcher Stollenmaier Hatfield Tracy Marston Waller Mooney 1987 A Cunningham Kirschbaum Devilbliss Little Oilman Matrin Gordon Mosser Grass O ' Keefe Helmer Petrulis Hilligoss Smith Hogan Turrell Hulti Watts Kiger Whalen 1987 - B Bossotti Grieder Cairns Habenicht Calton Hajus Camou Hamilton Caruso Mandate Cobble Milcetich Davis Moreland Dombrowski Suleski Fuller Tyranski Gault Wade 1986-A Anderson Jordan Arsenault Malone Davidson Maslin DeLisa McCarthy Dombrowski McMonagle Fiore O ' Brien Fraser Reel Gaffney Reilly Griffin Snell Jones Roman Second Cor n - -» i r -n - - ' : ;C • ; ' lid Company 1985-A Armstrong McDonald Bruckner Nixon Caubo Ru-herford Cioni Smith Clarke Westphal Edberg Whidden Holm Wolff Iwahashi Yale Knowlton LeDuc Kunesh Koland Magdeburger Kartel Mazzilli Oill McAuliffe Strubble 1986 B Bals House Boaz Keenan Boykin Khieu Branin King Chamberlain Kukurugya Christian Peddle Coates Peterson Culver Rein Drabik Santiago Eisele Severino Farrell Sollner Flumignan Streckfus Gajan Tweed Gonzales White Hasley Wilt 1985 - B Borno Lyhus Esaterson MacLean Eden Mclntire Foster Mullahey Galbraith Perry Helmberger Sheehan Lakis St. Clair Lindsey Wichmann First Rotation 2 ' nd Battalion BC Wayne Sirios BX Glen Migneault BFL Phil Brier BSWO Dave Knaur BTO Doug Jackson BCOMM Phil Reed BAIDE Diana Moreland 11 Staff Second Rotation r amerrvzi -.i m BC John Wilbur BX Tom Jacaruso BFL Rob Atkinson BSWO David Hagner BCOMM Terry Stautberg BAIDE John Collins 1987-A Bahret Kinneary Barber Lambert Brown Major Chichelley Mogillis Diemer Patterson Fay Renehan Gordan Severino Heritage Wallace Hubchen West Jones Wilhelmy 1987-B David McDonald Dilliot Mendenhall Donnelly Spring Dugan Thomas Fabian Utecht Galecki Verloop Giese Wendorff Glova Worfolk King Mclntyre Lunch B(i • si. Third Col V i Company 1985- A Alpers Moen Beamish O ' Brien Brudzoski Oka Cox Peters Cully Porteous Davis Shapiro Dear Thoren Hawkins Vanasdale Hren VeriUi Kelly Waterbury Klehr Yount Matteson 1986-B Alber McDonald Badua Moran Bennett Pantelopoulos Biemer Pletcher Biess Raush Carroll Thorton Ching Whalen Craven Gann Dewechter Sutton Helchowski McKeen Jacobs Larson Jutte Smith Leitz Messer Matriseiano Knodell 1985-B Barker Oka Bell Renehan Benedetto Richtmyer Bruce Russell Burns Smith Easterson Symons Ennis Jackson Meininger Crook Mudge Magee Fourth 1987 Antolin Morgan Badgett Mitchell Bergey Finnerty Bartland Mulholland Brostella Nuemann Brown, D Peters Buzzeo Rhodes Dunn Rochford Gove Rozhon Harkins Sangvic Hayden Sanidas Herrity Schoemaker Huhnke Shirley Kelly Smith, S Kerst Tejada Kirker Thomas, K Jean-Francois Toledano Lagdon Walsack Larimer Webster Leddy Wilson, B Merkel Williams, K 1986-A Bozzi Lingiatis Byrd Martini Daily Martino DeJesus Neri Downey Qualman Fogarty Reyff Helfrich Toy Howley Ward Hyppa Whalen Kurtz Williams 1985-A Anderson Jackson Clark King Coward Midas Dacey Margerum DeLeo Plage Desrosiers Reiter Fanning Zawadzki Fugleburg thCompany 1986-B Barnwell Maddock Barr Markey Basler O ' Hara Bennett Schiefer Bruechert Schulbach Ford Shanklin Geiss Vachon Grogan Barton Heiserman Fogarty Hnatovic Edel Jackson Grimison Kelly 1985-B Breen Kimball Cornish Lambright DeHoemer Lederle Deleventhal Newmeyer Driscoll Nickerson Durant Smith Fuchs Viso Golden West Jacobsen Wight pAMHl lARINERS 1 .otoi - First Rotation 3rd Battalion BC Curtis Anderson BX Vance Griffin BFL Steve Collet BSWO Michael Hetz BTO Don Larson BCOMM Mike Burns BAIDE Chris Romieka I Staff Second Rotation BC Dave DeBoer BX Jack Joyce BFL Steve Schultz BSWO Marc Craig BTO Don Toenshoff BCOMM Mark Croce BAIDE Robert Romero Fifth ;oi 1987 Arabic McLoughlin Ayon Payan Beaubien Pfingst Brown, C Riess Cluxton Roberts Donovan Slaney Emery Sommese Foguel Tarpey Frankaloss Tollman Heatfield Van Beverhoudt Hennen Wallace, J Hitchcock Waller Hussey Ward, P Kalafut Wilder Lee Wille Mackay Wells Mclnery Wellstead 1986-A Abbondondolo Martus Barton Matrone Benham McMullen Connor Mylott Cunningham Olson Davila Richmond Desimone Santos Durkin Schwartz Fenzel St. Jeanos Keller Walsh Klausner Zapatka Limpus Zibell Lohmeier Leach 1985-A Bendetti McKeon Birkman Muthig Boardman Oz Dutari-Vlieg Polo Gifford Prol Habenicht Samaritano Hanley Sanderson Joyce Sottack Kaigh Swartz Kessler Wimmer Kipp Berge McCarthy Company 1986-B Blomgren Johnson Chung Joyce Clauhs Notestien Dewolf Parrott Feigh Smith Geraci Toohey Hambach White Holbrook Auslander 1985-B Bingman McMillan Brackett Morton Connors Smith, M Denietolis Strohla Deren Tanner Donohue Williamson Downs Jacobs Gozzo Jones Laubenstein Wolfe Licato 1987 Barrett Brennan Brown Britton Caramante Christensen Heckl Demarinis Kapsaroff Dolim Laisd Eagleton Martin Ford McKenna Henderson Metzger Jones Morash Kager Piekos King Pinter Largo Ryder LeDoux Saltzen Lodge Schmidt Maffucci Waugh Massey Zachrich O ' Connell Zebron Owers Smith Race Turcotte Schultz Wagner 1986-A Buckley Messick Canty Necaise Cassidy Pagels DeMass Reed Dillman Rittweger Doyle Strebinger Drake Suydam Hill Thomas Hunke Webster Jackson White Koshmerl Willow Lawrence Woodrick Ledman 1985-A Adams Moore Blackburn Moreale Bonga Olsen Brogan Pappas Cote Pregler Custer Rathgeber Donovan Smith Hanson Sobeck Kimos Wilson Knight Sixth Co r - — - " r fflP ' i Company 1986-B Baden Maggiora Bianco Reed Claus Ruff Coan Sturm Garcia Toner Hall Wharton Hatfield Forthuber Jones Zaino Kelly 1985-B Brown Moll Davidson Prantis Diaz Reese Dickey Renehan Dion Richtmyer Halliday Russell Hatcher Smith Huff Sullivan Lewis Wayne Martin Win free • ' ? ' i m Seventh Coi 1987 Anderson D. Koppenhaver Anderson K. Langdon Argauer Maggart Cherubini McParland Cordero Mori Daniels Quinn Distefano Reynolds Durham Ronda Edwards Salmonsen Gracia Siragusa Hill Sutton Knight Trace Kolbet Zsoka 1986-A Buschor Distefano Smith Sobralske Uehlinger 1986-B Beving Buck Gannaway Lagoon Medrano Mikes Patterson hi Company 1985 Cubberly Marrs Danko McKay DeJong Pretlow Gillard Schloemer Ingold Thorsen Karoly Wiwczar Marino Sanford ■ »f -f Sj V ! " ' ' i v-w. mi ■W i Section Editors: Tony Gardner Nealon Propeller Club u €% f tJS LC.H.C.A. Judo Karate immgmimsm amssssam Auto Interests EMT Class C.F.F. Bowling Club Frisbee Debate Z Choir vM Honor Guard IKi£LL. Color Guard Drill Team Ambulance Pub Club Hear This Midships ' W Cattle Truck Hi HKJiK Machinest Club i p k ine omps we oaii ... iiie oiiips vve oaii . . . i» " Sail ... The Ships We Sail ... The Ships WeSail- Ships We Sail . . .The Ships We Sail . . . TheShips . . The Ships We Sail ... 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' ' |H| v Hewey, Dewey, and Lewey. A Night On The Town Ocassionally during our stay at Kings Point, someone would come up with the idea, " Hey, lets go out and have a beer. " Although there are plenty of bars in the New York area, people usually ended up in this little place on Hicks Lane. Whether you called it Workingman ' s, Hammerman ' s, Hicks Lane or just plain Hman ' s good times were always had by all. Birthday Boy? Y They Call It a Zoo. Who ' s the Dirtiest Brian ' ; 1m r«r. Would You Trust This Man With Your Stereo? Mike Friedman Being Handled by the Plebes. Iron-man Matt. U ' liH I ■0 ' y 1 i 1 ni m Gardner and Andy- Lord of the Flies. Sixth Co. rednecks on their home turf. The heavyweight eight after a weekend on the Charles River Takin ' It On The Road Every now and then (more now than then) people get the itch, and only one thing will serve to scratch that itch. Get together a bunch of guys and girls, plenty of beer, any car, van or cattle truck and take it to the road. No destina- tion known, all the fun is getting there. If you play your cards right, the school will even be so obliging as to provide the vehicle, gas and food. And if anybody gives you any trouble, just tell them " It ' s a government vehicle. " i. U If Wiley Hall Only Knew What Really Happened on Some T M ' s. Lite . i-:k Mack and Jack go out for " just one ' ii» Aye-Aye Captain. J Little Man, " Is this the stickshift? ' Tex. Another fine shipboard experience. First Trip to the Park. Good Times. s?»«- innm IM I Neil Feels for Roddy ' s Mouthpiece in the Icy O ' Hara. Eddy Mac Suits up for the Open Water Dive. Jim and Mike on the Oceanid. I 1 Ms. Wrasse. vW- imt : ' « Cheers . . . M N ' v i Section Editors: Ed McCallister Matt Raynes Waiting for the Whistle My Knees Are Killing Me I liMar m I Overall, the 1983 football season was a rewarding year in terms of improvement and excitement. The start of the season is always critical and the victory over Franklin and Marshall certainly was a super way to enter the Bucknell game. Bucknell was the last game of lAA competition and although the Mariners lost, much respect was gained for our program. The St. Lawrence victory was the highlight of the ' 83 season as the Mariners pounded the Saints, 33-14, ending their 12 game winning streak. The New York Tech victory (14-0) gave the Mariners their best start (3-1) in seven years. Tough losses to Hofstra (10-6), Wagner (21-0) and Gettysburg (20-8) were very dissappointing as the Mariners did not play great football against three very fine teams. These three teams finished the season with a combined record of 24-5-1 with Hofstra making the play-offs, Gettysburg winning their conference cham- pionship and Wagner winning the ECAC championship. The Mariners visited New London to take on the Coast Guard and won an exciting and emotional game beating Coast Guard 21-14 to win the Secretary ' s Cup for the second consecutive year. Ithaca was the final game of the year and the Mariners lost 12-7 to the former Division III National Champions. It was a hard fought game right down to the final whistle with the Mariners going with a " bomb " that ended the 1983 season. The final Mariner record was 4-5, only 9 points away (Hofstra 10-6 and Ithaca 12-7) from being 6-3. There has been steady improvement in each of the last three years, and, with many returning starters for ' 84 next year should be no different. It has been a long, hard struggle coming from being 0-11 in 1980 to 4-5 in ' 83. There has been a resurgence of morale, enthusiasim, anticipation and the Academy pride in football. Results in recruiting, schedule changes, hard work and committment has caused a reaction among opponents that read: Watch out for the Mariners. USMMA 23 Franklin Marshall 7 USMMA 3 Bucknell 21 USMMA 33 St. Lawrence 14 USMMA 14 New York Tech USMMA Hofstra 14 USMMA Wagner 21 USMMA 8 Gettysburg 20 USMMA 21 Coast Guard 14 USMMA 7 Ithaca 14 i Tom Wiegerink, Marty Kontyko, and John Lehew have all been four year starters demonstrating outstanding leadership quality both off and on the field of play. It was no suprise to anybody that these three were picked to represent the Mariner Football Squad in the 1983 season. Congratulations on a job well done men! 1983 Varsity Soccer Final Record USMMA Binghamton 2 USMMA 4 Oswego 2 USMMA 2 Manhattan 1 USMMA 5 Lehman 2 USMMA 4 C.W. Post 1 USMMA 2 Stevens Tech. 1 USMMA 5 Hunter USMMA 5 John Jay USMMA Adelphi 1 USMMA 8 Westbury 2 USMMA 4 Kings Coll. 3 USMMA Union Coll. 2 USMMA 3 Stonybrook 2 USMMA 5 Queens Coll. USMMA 6 Scupper 2 USMMA 1 Hofstra USMMA 2 West Point 1 USMMA 2 Drew Univ. 1 USMMA 5 Southampton Watch That Hand Top LtoR, Dan Finnerty, Jim Cluxton, George Boudreau, Matt Midas, Steve Midas, Rod Pickens, Rob Matrone, Al Walsh, Jack Richardson, John Manzi, Bot LtoR, Brett Davis, John Murphy, Dave McDougall, Jeff Prol, Jene Tyranski, Carl Habenicht, Kyle Romanat, Steve McCauly Missing; Coach Dick Hogan, Steve Joyce, Pele, Gary Corrado. K.P. Soccer More Than Just A Kick In The Grass The 1983 Kings Point Soccer team had its best year ever by compiling an 18-3-1 record overall. The team captured the ECAC Division III Metro Conference Cham- pionship with an undefeated record and went on to become ranked nationally in devision III in the twentieth slot by seasons end. The squad was composed of seniors Gary Corrado, John Manzi, Steve McCauley, Dave McDougall, and Jack Richardson. Steve Midas and Jeff Prol were the only two juniors, while the sophmore class included George Boudreau, Rob Matrone, Matt Midas, Slim Pickens, John Scott, and Al Walsh. The Strong Showing by the fresh- man class Included Jim Cluxton, Brett Davis, Dan Flannery, Karl Marx, John Murphy, Kyle Romanat, and Gene Tyranski. Steve Midas led all scorers with 26 goal while Steve McCauley had 25 assists. Other double figure goal scorers were McCauly, Bodreau, and Scott. Strong performances throughout the entire season were given by the entire team. Mr. Clean i; itk ' f ' ' " 1 - ' .«-j Gary Winding Up Go Ahead Hit Me . . I Dare You M C ' mon Ref, BLOW That Whistle Coach Omeltchenko and his team co-captains Larry Had- ley and Chris Doyle lead the Kings Point cross-country team to their best season in Kings Point history. Thanks to their dedication and leadership, next years team prom- ises to be a strong contender once again. Bottom row: (L to R) Dan Shilliday, John Motley, Larry Trace, John Wilhelmy, Jeff Devilbiss, Top row: (L to R) Chris Deeley, Larry Hadley, Rich Murphy, Chris Doyle, Capt. Omeltchenko, Bill Mutnig, Mike Herbein ■ ' V Kc V L s A Strong Kings Point Contingent r% s Larry Had- ;ross-coiiitn tor) ' , Thank iteanproDi ' x i iC Collins At The Cross-roads raswi ,;.;« % ' jS •i ' ' bJI -:,.- .1 SI R " Hl i; r - ' ) ' - A LtoRlCt Larry Hadley 1 on NY Cross Country Circuit Words like awesome, unbeleivable, stupendous, and just plain perfect aren ' t enough to tell of Larry Had- ley ' s gold medal season. With record breaking running across the state, Larry lead a very respectable team to victories across the division. His sea- Beauty And The What??? son was capped off by qualifying for the NCAA championship. The Acad- emy is very proud of his performance and we wish him luck at the cham- pionship. We know he has what it takes to go the distance. isr :» Where ' s everybody at? !» 4 I Wigmore For The Score There ' s Sharon V The women of the 1983-84 Varsity Vollyball Team coached by Tom Harringan boasted their best season in the Academy history. Led by team co-captains Joan Allatta and Chris Romeca, the women bumped, set, and spiked their way to a conference record of 9 wins and 2 losses. The overall record was an impressive 18 wins 7 losses. Placing third in the Sixth Annual USMMA Woman ' s Vollyball Tournament, the veteran players displayed the true meaning of endurance by an unforgettable accomplishment. They attended the wed- ding of former women ' s team captain, " Momma Moo " Moomjian (82) and men ' s volleyball team captain, Big Billy ( ' 81), between matches. Much of the team ' s success was due to a strong incoming plebe class who lifted weights daily. Newcom- ers to the " Starting Six " were Michelle Moreland, Beth Wilson, and Cheryl Wilson (no relation). Additional first year players were plebes Marie Hunke, Jennifer King (Shemp ' s Daughter), and Becky Stewart. Beth LeDuc was the only returning non-senior player. The forces of " Devine senior " Briti Devine and " defensive specialist " Audry Phillips, helped Joan and Chrissy to instill in the team " the most important thing " " Now girls don ' t forget; what is the most important thing? " Jump girls . (r Shot on goal! WATERPOLO TEAM JUST MISSES This past season, the waterpolo club had high anticipations for a spot in the NCAA Div. II championships playoffs (Mid Atlantic Conference). Com- ing off an excellent ' 82 season in which they qualified for the first time in their history for post season play, they worked hard in pre-season to achieve their goal. To their advantage, they only lost two seniors from the previous season and picked up four new members. With an average of 10 points a i I game offensively, the team came up one win short of getting the bid for the playoffs. A large turnover of senoirs this year as co-captains ' Clemrod ' Clemence and ' Mr. Freeze ' Munro relieve the helm. Other graduating play- ers are: ' Mr. Ed " Foley, ' Sluggo ' Slimon, ' Limp ' Lempriere, ' PH ' Carmondy and ' Ugly-man ' Seymour. The whole gang Water Polo Final Stats. U.S.M.M.A. Opponent 5 Villanova 16 11 St. Francis 9 4 Indiana of Penn. 8 10 Penn. St. 13 7 Army 16 14 R.P.I. 6 14 Queens 6 8 Cornell 7 12 R.P.I. 14 6 Queens 4 14 John Hopkins 12 13 Millersville 16 Overall 6-10 Conferance 3-7 Battle at the net 3S K.P. receiving the serve Gannaway serves Don Larsen bangs it over What cio we do now ? I s You only play with one ball, guys. High speed ball The Mariner ' s made some major strides this season under the coaching of six year veteran Tom Harrigan. Last year, K.P. was 1-5 in the league and 10-15 overall. By the end of this season the league picture was 4-6 and overall 11-18. Kings Point finished fourth in the six team league battle. Some of the individual highlights included a third place finish in the U.S.M.M.A. Tour- nament behind Lehman and New Paltz and wins in the B-Division Open tournament over Syracuse, Oswego and Concordia. This year also brought about a first ever victory over Springfield an A-Division team. Several years ago, the U.S.M.M.A. was dropped by Springfield as an opponent because of the mismatch. Frank about to capitalize on one of Reilly ' s slappers The Hockey Team finished third in the Eastern Division of the Metropolitan Colle- giate Hockey Conference with a 13-6-1 record. Leading the squad were senior Co-Captains Frank O ' Donnell and Bob Powell, and they were supported by seniors Neil Reilly, Paul Manzi, Mike MacLeod, Rob Atkinson, Roddy Diotalevi, Tony Walsh, and Chaz Adams. In all, the season was long, rewarding, and most successful. Probably the most important aspect of the hockey team this year was the fact that we were a team. We played together, drank to- gether, fought together, won together, hated each other and loved each other, all at the same time. We were a team both on and off the ice. Injuries plagued us, but an injured player never missed a game. Much of this unified spirit revolved around the devotion of our two volunteer coaches, Murray Firestone and Rick Kelly. Their drive inspired us to support each other. Another aspect which separates the hockey team from any other squad is the fact that we must provide our own security at our home games. The security squad this year was head- ed without incident by Rob Dahn. He chose his own crew and never had a prob lem. I thank them and I ' m sure, Parkwood Arena thanks them. Reilly boards another attacker Get your stick on the ice Mac As far as the season went, we were high from day one. Sunday morning practices began in mid-October while the season opener was at Marist on November 9th. We came from a two goal deficit to beat Marist - our first time ever - and knew from then that the sea.son would be a success. At the change of splits, the record was 5-2, highlighted by a 16- trouncing of our favorite rival, Fort Schuyler. Sea-year took 5 and returned 5, providing a much stron- ger defensive team. The first game " B " split showed us where we were headed, as plebe goalie Chuck Zachrich made his debut beating Fordham 4-3. By the end of the regular season we were assured a play-off spot finishing third behind Wagner and Southern Connecticut. The first play-off game was deep in the heart of New Jersey against our old rival Fordham. We won 7-1, and seven different people scored. The game was single elimina- tion, and highlighted when Roddy Diotalevi figured out how to use the public address system and announced, " One minute remaining in the Fordham season, repeat, one min- ute. " He was lucky to make it out of there alive. The next play-off game proved to be our last, as we lost 5- 2 to Morris County Community College. The game was tough physically, as 6 of the 12 who dressed wound up in the hospital. Our season ended, but not a head was held in shame. In summary, of the 12 all-star positions awarded by the league, we were given three. Freshman Mike Hussey was chosen to the first team all-stars, while Rob Atkinson and Bob Powell make the second team. We owe an awful lot to those who supported us and I feel it is only fair to mention them here. Our managers proved to be invaluable, these included Scott Messick, Karen Kukurugya, Lisa Streckfus, and Mary Rieger. My roommate Joe King put up with more grief than anyone, and still managed to make every game. The Diotalevi ' s and the Pinter ' s opened their doors wide to us during our trips to Connecticut and to them we are greatly in debt. The list goes on, but space disallows me to continue. As a final word, I speak for everyone when I say we had a ball. Bobby George puts the moves on Coach knows best Concentration Two of a kind Final 26-Game Cumulative Basketball Statistics U.S.M.M.A. Opponent 53 Virginia St. 86 58 Lehman 55 92 Vassar 64 87 Stony Brook 73 74 Columbia 79 81 Manhattenville 68 69 Upsala 76 64 Army 91 52 New York U. 63 66 Gettysburg 71 86 Pratt 71 69 Colgate 83 75 Queens 58 62 Trinity 77 79 Baruch 57 77 Scupper 60 91 No. Adams St. 67 73 Union 60 64 Manhattenville 63 55 Oneonta St. 57 71 Hartwick 82 83 City Coll. 67 74 R.I. Coll. 102 99 Salva Regina Coll. 77 63 Elmira Coll. 66 60 Adelphi U. 68 Larry at the foul line Olsen set to pass f ' uunu. M rflk. ? f i H rti S , Some of the fans Going over the scores. Athletic Association aft The rifle team gets another award. A distant view of the targets. Z) Coach Markey and Dave Hormon. Bob says, " It ' s the best ball. mm ! it-ffi Discussing the strategy. Ready to serve. j;» VV Rugby Players: A Breed Apart By Perry Richardson I learned last weekend that Rugby players are indeed a unique breed of animal. Sort of a cross between a deer and a wolverine. Fast and mean. And while they are probably best known for their outlandish behavior off the field as well as on it, there is no more dedicated athlete than the rugger. l i S Brian surges for a tackle. The man comes to the ground. Concentration, the key to winning. The Mariner Baseball Squad started the season off knowing that it was going to be a great year . . . they just didn ' t know how great it was going to be. Led by Captain Phil Talamo of Comack, New York, the team posted a 6-15 win- loss record in the competitive, knicker- bocker conference. Second year Coach Bill Zwaan made sure the team would be ready for its tough division II and III schedule by putting the players on a weight lifting program and in the batting cage in early January. Coach Zwaan is fully aware of how difficult it is for the KP baseball team to compete at the college level. All teams play year round baseball with most going to Florida for spring train- ing while Kings Pointers take final ex- ams and seniors sit for the Coast Guard license. The highlight of the season came during a four game winning streak as the Mariners made a strive for first place. The team posted consecutive wins against Stevens Tech, Dowling, Staten Island, and New Paltz. At the close of this banner week. Matt Davis of Gowanda, New York, was named the Division III player of the week for his two pitching victories and near .500 batting average during this streak. The team ' s other two victories came against Stony Brook and city colleges of New York. Although the team did not have the outstanding season in the win-loss col- umn, it was a great year for the team. This was a bunch of guys who never quit and always gave it their best shot until the last out of the game. Any team would have to be this way with ace pitchers like Bob " Bag " Sydlo, " Rocco " Diotalevi and Phil " The Blur " Reed. Still the team had some surprise perfor- mances by freshman power hitter Perry Plunket and " Sweet " George Kerst. Senior short man Chris Walker came through with a late season hitting streak taking Scotty " The Dude " Lam- bright ' s spot at second base. Coach Zwaan was quoted as pulling Scotty out of the line-up since he had already clinched the league ' s triple crown. (Scott y ' s award winning stats: earned run average-26.5, strike-outs- 19, errors- 21.) Ray " The Horse " Bartoszek gave It ' k the team steady fielding at third base. " A " Walsh played an outstanding right field and was a base bandit with 12 sto- len bases. Neil " The Kid " Reilly (com- ing off a broken ankle) became one of the team ' s leading hitters including five doubles. Mike Reed and Matt Hall were on the team but really didn ' t do any- thing worth mentioning. Brian Peters was converted from catcher to pitcher after Bob Sydlo was bagged after the first Bobby Golden managed to break another finger while breaking a possible school RBI record. Pat " The Mouth " Murphy was also sidelined with a knee injury which brought his running speed from slow to stop. Tom Liebsh was used as a utility infielder throughout the sea- son but was truly a pure hitter. The team asked Coach Zwaan, who was the worse hitter, Tom Liebsh or Phil Reed? The Coach said, " Phil Reed is by far the worst, the most pitiful hitter I ' ve ever seen in baseball. " But Phil did manage to get one hit this season (a check swing infield dribbler) and also had a record eight straight strikeouts. Kent " The Gun " Williams was used as a power hit- ter but Phil edged him out by two points for lowest batting average. Rocco Diotalevi also set one record. He was picked off three times in one game and didn ' t know who threw him out, two of these times. Rocco was also blamed for the heartbreaking last inning loss to Fort Schyuler as he walked, balked and wild pitched the game away. Bobby Li- cato was this year ' s sacrificial lamb as he started against all the division II powerhouses. Bobby is still suffering neck problems. The guy who made things so easy for the team has to be John Murphy. Murph (our player-manager) helped everybody with whatever they needed and never complained once. Hey Murph, thank you, we really appreciat- ed you. I just want to say thanks to Coach Zwaan, Phil Talamo and the whole team. You ' re a great bunch of guys. You ' re the people that made KP enjoy- able for me. Take care and remember everything I taught you; if that ' s possi- ble to comprehend. See you in the ma- jors! Neil Reillv Top L R- Perry Plunkett, John Murphy, Marty Kontyko, Brian Peters, Matt Davis, Phil Reed. Middle-Coach Bill Zwaan, Roddy Diotalevi, Mike Reed, Tony Walsh, Phil Talamo, Tom Liebsch, Bob Licato. Bottom- Bob Sydlo, Scott Lambright, Pat Murphy, Bob Golden, George Kerst, Ray Bartosek, Kent Williams, Matt Hall, Chris Walker. Tom Liebsch slaps the tag on. Strappin ' on the armor. Triple crown winner Scotty Dude. t tee- Fireman Bob Licato. 1984 BASEBALL C.W. Post 5 USMMA 2 Lehman 10 USMMA 4 SUNY Maritime 8 USMMA 7 MSMMA 4 CCNY 3 Manhattanville 14 USMMA 3 Adelphi 22 USMMA 1 Mercy USMMA 3 Stevens Tech 8 USMMA 4 USMMA 8 Stevens Tech 2 USMMA 7 Dowling 4 USMMA 8 Staten Island 4 USMMA 15 New Paltz 4 Concordia 25 USMMA 2 Condordia 13 USMMA 4 C.W. Post 20 USMMA 15 USMMA 8 Stony Brook 4 Hofstra 20 USMMA 7 Queens 17 USMMA 4 John Jay 3 USMMA John Jay 4 USMMA Pace 36 USMMA 5 Manhattanville 14 USMMA Coach ' s advice j ;r V Coach looks on. Pete and Chris take a " breather " . The exciting Kings Point Lacrosse team completed another winning sea- son in 1984, finishing with a record of 9-3. In an effort to gain Varsity status, the club competed only against Varsity teams, including 5 Knickerbocker Conference teams. After turning in this fine record the school awarded the club Varsity status. Hopefully, the team will compete in the Knickerbocker Conference next Spring, although some coaches in the league are hesitant to allow the team to join. One reason is Junior midfielder Mike Sullivan who finished in the top 10 in Division 111 scoring with 36 goals. Another stan- dout, whom Mike will surely miss, is Senior attackman Tom Randazzo who had 32 assists to finish among the top 10 in Division III. The team spent 3 days in the early Spring on a road trip to Pennsylvania. It was an enjoyable sojourn to the Amish country, as the team came away 1-1, with one rainout. The most gratifying win of the season for the Mariners was the defeat of arch rival Fort Schuyler, last years Knickerbocker of Conference Champs. K.P. played one of its finest games of the season in the " Pit " and defeated Maritime for the first time ever. Coach Steve Jacobs will be at the helm next year, as he has for thej three seasons, in the Mariners first Varsity season. Special thanks i M tended to Coach, Paul Lasinski trainer and assistant coach in char | external and internal affairs, and to our friend Matt Raynes. B Look out .... Here comes - - , ' • ' muM y| f vi) |L r ,Jr= Jt— ' -M -MfM ImK I • ' , r ■ ■ - ' - lersville St. St Chester St. Manhattanville Queens College CCNY Stockton St. FDU-Teaneck Kean College Fairfield Univ. Stonybrook Univ. Dowling College i .A r Jf%,; ' t6i M.¥ ' ' Mt ' -. • Duff and Ray rig the shell -• r«i? The Kings Point Dinghy Sailing Team, under direction of Coach Tom Kinney, has once again won the North American Intercollegiate Dinghy Cham- pionship. The team has been ranked number one in the country all year long. Victories in numerous major regattas were achieved with KP beating out a variety of schools including Navy, Boston University, Uni- versity of Rhode Island, Tufts, Tulane, Fort Schuyler, Yale and Brown. The tri- umphs this season included (among oth- ers) the Admiral ' s Cup Regatta held here at the KP, the Trux Umsted at Navy and the Admiral Moore at Fort Schuyler. Victory at the America Trophy in An- napolis qualified the team for the Na- tional ' s, which were held in Chicago. KP has now won the Dinghy and Team Rac- ing Championships in both 1983 and 1984. Team members who sailed in the Na- tional ' s this year in Chicago include 1983 Intercollegiate Sailor of the Year-Mor- gan Reeser, Allen Lindsey, Jay Renehan, Bill Petersen, Peter Lindsey, Michele Moreland, Peter Renehan, and Dennis Tracy. A newly organized effort of the dinghy team has been made in the women ' s re- gattas this season. The girls, formerly unranked and unknown, quickly found themselves ranked sixth in the nation. The women ' s team placed well in the Navy Women ' s Invite and Tufts Invite. Later they placed second in the MAISA Women ' s Championship in Chicago. The women ' s team includes Liz Rosen, Laura Schattgen, Ann Mclntyre, Laura Whar- ton, Connie Dato and Heidi Gann. The sailing team worked very hard and travelled all season. Their success would not have been possible without an entire team effort including the work of all those who served on the race commit- tee during the year. Recognition is also due to Captain Prosser, the sailing office and the mem- bers of the Faculty and Administration who have helped make the team number one sailors of the country again this tear. Liz and Morgan Dinghy sailors on the reach ■ -I 1 ii4 Coming straight at you Laser sailors HeadiiiK out tor I I II I Section Editor: Paul Corley Jeff Nichols Homecoming This year ' s Homecoming was a large success for the classes who were reunit- ed. The weekend was highlighted by the football game, a formal dance for the graduates, and many tailgate par- ties. Although the float contest was limited this year, the plebe class did show their spirit by constructing small floats and banners. 249 Man-powered floats? ■I ..j:-Mi Acceptance Day A couple of months after the Class of 1987 entered Vickery Gate and suffered through " In- doc " , they were formally accepted into the regiment. The adminis- tration arranged for Captain War- ren Leback, a former graduate and the Deputy Administrator for The Maritime Administration, to speak at the Acceptance Day cere- monies. This day is an important one for the plebes and their par- ents. It also marks the first day of liberty for the class and that ' s a day to always remember. Recognition ■ . ' Sloshing through the swamp k i«« How come the B.J. ' s aren ' t dirty yet? How do you spell recognition — MUD. Mardi Gras Party j j H ■ PI jj H j| P F 41 | 1 fl i M il 1 The hired help Ziggy Looks like a new dance The Alumni Association Sends The Seniors Off I A Hawaiian Luau Section Editor: Charles Adams ENGINEERS Clubs and Activities Machinist Club President, MIDSHIPS Senior ige Editor, Review Narrator, Honor Guard, itomotive Interests Club, Flying Club Vice- esident, HEAR THIS Art Editor, Sportsman ' s ub, Hockey Security Squad ■ Sea Year rge Wythe — Waterman Steamship Co. . Manukai — Matson Navigation Co. fW Pride of Texas — Titan Navigation Co. S. Exxon Bangor — Exxon Shipping Co. pS Detroit (AOE-4) —U.S. Navy Places anama, Korea, People ' s Republic of China, aiwan. Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Ma- P sia, Sri Lanka, Djibouti, Bataam, Saudi Arabia, |ypt, Israel, Bayonne Foyer between 4th and - ' — npany Internship ilding and iii if ■! ■ iifcfw»yAi ALLATTA .rookside, New Jersey mmm »s and Activities Volleyball Co-Captain, Midshipman Of Blood Drive Chairman, Scuba, Band, Fanl Stage Band, Varsity Club, Swim Team Sea Year S.S. Santa Cruz — Delta Lines S.S. Mormacrigel — Mormac Lines S.S. Austral Envoy — Farrell Lines S.S. American Leader — U.S. Lines S.S. Golden Monarch — Apex Marine .S. Charlston — Apex Marine — Places Visited — Panama, Columbia, Equador, Peru, Chile, Brazil Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, New Zeal " " " ' ' land, France, St Croix | Success is being able to live life in your own Special Thanks to my family, especially M i| Grama, and Claudia for supporting me and help- ing me through it all. X -Af MARK PATRICK ALLISON Las Vegas, Nevada d Activities Sea Year I Lightning — Farrell Lines evron California — Chevron Shippii. _ierican Monarch — U.S. Lines iS. Constitution — American Hawaii Cruis .S, Maui — Matson Navigation Co. " auai— Matson Navigation Co. Places Visited tew Zealand, Tahiti, Hawaii, Alaska, sa, Philippines, Japan Internship .levron Shippin g Company, San Francisco, j le who hesitates is lost. J 277 JBERT HOL TKINSON JR. [attapoisett, Massachusetts " Rack " Clubs and Activities Battalion First Lieutenant, Varsity Sailing, Hock- ey Team, Lacrosse Club, Propeller Club, ROA, lub, Blue Magnet Club . Sea Year S.S. Mormacsun— Moore McCormack Line USNS Sealift Arabian Sea— Marine Transp, Lines s S.S. Mormacwave — Moore McCormack Line LASH Italia— Prudential Lines 1 ■! Places Visited t Bahamas, Greece, Singapore, Diego Garcia, G Philippines, England, Japan, Okinawa, Egyi al Internship A Tow Boat Company, Boston Mass thing ' s gonna be alright! Bermuda Stro BASILE Yonkers, New York Clubs and Activities , - „ es Club, Rugby-Captain, Honor Guar ifi»IAME, Rugby Party Chairman jj Sea Year )ort Challenger — Farrell Lines . _ealift Mediterranean — Marine Trans . iLines S. Mormac Star — Moore-McCormack Lini S. Santa Lucia — Delta Lines " merican Lynx — U.S. Lines W ' Places Visited ' -, Irra Leone, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Zaire, Azores, Inary Islands, Monrovia, Panama, Mexico, Ba- mas, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Guam, Taiwan, )ng Kong, Korea, Japan [| Internship idarine, New York, New Y 279 J MONTWID . BERNHARD Milwaukee, Wisconsin " Bernie " Clubs and Activities . Machinist Club Sea Year S.S. Britton Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi. S.S. Del Rio— Delta Lines S.S. Frances Hammer — Hvide Shipping S.S. Sam Houston — Waterman Steamship Places Visited Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Greece, f Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Oman, Yemen, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka Internship AlHs-Chalmers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin =4 A , PHILLIP DAVID BRIER Hickory, North Carolina it .. ' Clubs and Activities irst Lieutenant, Judo Club-Brown .elt, Bicycle Club- President, Midships Photogra- iher Sea Year elta Lines r— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Ihorse — Offshore Crews (n— Waterman Steamship Prudential Lines i Places Visited )ry Coast, Cameroon, Ghana, Mexico, " Morrocco, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, " louti, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Romania i -i Internship Waterman Steamship Co.. New York, New York .D , Baby! " Burnsy " Clubs and Activities feketball, ROA, SNAME, Machinists Trident Club Sea Year S.S. Frederick Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi Co. S.S. Shirley Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship S.S. Allison Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamships S.S. Julius Hammer — Hvide Shipping Co. f Places Visited !gypt, Algeria, Panama, Japan, Singapt Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Spain, Greece, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, Ker " ° Brazil, Philadelphia Internship Canaveral Port Authority, Port Canaveral, Flor- ly speaking, of no concern from a mathematical point of view. It ' s not how you do it, but why GRAHAM BUSCHOR ■L Oakdale, New York Clubs and Activities ' ;gimental Band, Regimental Fanfares, Auto- ptive Interest Club, SNAME, Editorial Staff, riner, Sleeping, Liberty ' Sea Year S. Del Campo — Delta Lines i.S. Santa Isabel — Delta Lines i.S. Mormac Vega — Moore-McCormack Lines IS Mormac Lynx — Moore-McCormack Lines jSealift Pacific — Marine Transport Lines Places Visited jAmerica, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, D omi- Can Republic, Panama, Colombia, Peru, C " Icuador Internship Lighting Co., Long Beach, New We did It together, all of us. 283 f ■ f I anil LfillTJIMilfcWWI Forest Park, Georgia " Redneck " 3 Clubs and Activities ' R " Ranch Club, 500 Club, Racking J Sea Year S.S. Adabelle Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshij .. Co. .S. Benjamin Harrison — Waterman Steama Co. S.S. Delta Mar— Delta Lines S.S. Letitia Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship j Places Visited Africa, Tanzania, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, dan, Ethiopia, Oman, U.A.E., Pakistan, Ii Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, ■ ezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Egypt, I, Turk ey. Greece, Israel Internship umman Aerospace, Milledgeville, Georgia ; ITEPHEN CARPENTER Mission, Kansas «il 3k Sea Year all Jackson— Waterman Steam f Lines ;.S. Tillie Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship ( IS.S. Velma Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship ' _ S.S. Del Rio— Delta Lines ' ' " " elta Mar- Delta Lines ft. Pierre— SCNO Pushboat Co. Places Visited ._..-!- Argentina, Uruguay, Egypt rmany, Holland, Ireland Internship .id and Gravel Co., N. Kansas JARKDAV CERALDI .alisbury, North Carolina " Rebel Parro Clubs and Activities Computer Club, Honor Guard, ROA, Newman ' " ' bailing Team Sea Year «:o.S. Genevieve Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Mf Co. $.S. Margaret Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship f Co. 1.S. Joseph Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. ' .S. Del Oro— Delta Lines ;S. Delta Mar— Delta Lines S. Texaco Wisconsin— Texaco Places Visited , a, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Venezu- a, Brazil, Egypt, Algeri a, Cameroon, Congo, Bay- Internship tronic Ins hurry, we are all s. Axel Munthe M K91 WI WM in lAVJAl in K CHITTENDEN Madison, Connecticu Thou art my king, O God, command victories for Jacob, through thee we well push back our adversaries; through thy name we well trample down those who rise up against us. For I will not trust in my bow, now will my sword save me. But thou hast saved us from our adversaries, and thou hast put to shame those who hate us. In God we have boasted all day long, and we will give thanks to thy name forever. Psalm 44:4-8 Clubs and Activities Lacrosse Club, Christian Fellowship Club P dent, Chapel Council, Drill Team Sea Year — — ctor Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship . S.S. Del Sol— Delta Lines S.S. Thompson Lvkes — Lykes Bros. Steams Co. " S.S. Solon Turman — Lvkes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Louise Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship ( S.S. Almeria Lvkes — Lvkes Bros. Steamshipk CO. Places Visited Germany, England, Belgium, Holland, IreU Egypt, Italy, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador. Fj El Salvador, Indonesia, Singapore, Tan jan M Manila, Taiwan, Japan Internship i " Tge Lines, Davenport, lo Clubs and Activities iCross-Country, Varsity Indoor and Out- j.ck, A-split Class President 3rd class year, " I Rep. junior year, SNAME Sea Year iS.S. President Hoover — American President , Lines ilS. Santa Mariana — Delta Lines piS. Santa Juana — Delta Lines EfSNS Pawcatuck— Military Sealift Command M V Sealift Caribbean— Marine Transport Places Visited pan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexi- ), Panama, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, ,razil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Italy, " Greece, Crete, Israel, Sardinia, Spain, Greenwich Village . . .— « | ;3 ■ Transpo n, we will be ship- ing wim an mc win m i.ne world. Diving for life, when we could be diving for pearls. CORRADO Sayville, New York 6, ijiubs and Activities i ; Varsity Soccer, Varsity Club I ; . Sea Year I S.S. Del Campo — Delta Lines I S.S American Archer — U.S. Lines j S.S. Ashley Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshifl S.S. Joseph Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamships Places Visited Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic,: land, Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Panam uador, Peru, El Salvador | r " p K I J l fi « H . " Wiley " , " NYC " ' Clubs and Activities rosse, Midshipman Officer, Company Com- inder, SNAME, Reserve Officers ' Association, tty Officer, Automotive Interest Club, Flying lib Sea Year ' lliam Hooper — Waterman Steamship ..S. Gulf Merchant — Lykes Bros. Steamship " Co. g .S. LNG Leo — Energy Transportation Corp. Places Visited , jtan, India, Sri Lanka, , hile, Colombia, Japan, Indonesia Internship Transportation Corp.,r M IJifilW— MHWilMW CRAIG )rt Washington, New York s and Activities Chairman- MDA Club, Midshipman Of Baseball, SNAME, Propeller Club, Hear Honor Guard, Las Vegas Telethon Sea Year stral Entente — Farrell Lines ,j. . Santa Cruz — Delta Lines S.S. Red Jacket — Farrell Lines M.V. Pride of Texas — Titan Navigation Places Visited Australia, New Zealand, Panama, Colombia, Peru Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Is- rael Internship Marine Transport Lines, New York, New Y cannot put out tne lamp, ii ca make the light seem brighter. CROCE asbrouck Heights, New Jersey ] " Monster " Clubs and Activities eight Lifting Club, Vice Pres., Newman Club, " » « Guard, ROA, Midshipman Officer, Auto- |nterest Club, Propeller Club, SNAME Sear Year erican Liberty — U.S. Lines S.S. Export Commerce— Farrell Lines S.S. Argonaut — Farrell Lines ■S. Marmac Lynx— Moore-McCormack Lines I. American Accord — U.S. Lines [ Places Visited yraul Guam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Ko- , Panama, Spain, Italy. Greece, Israel, Brazil, Ifiuay, Argentina, Holland, Great Britain, Internship portation Corporation, New York, ings Point was not always a great place t but it will always be a great place to be fi lo my family and my freinds who have given me so much help and support, I extend my deepest thanks. ICHAEL JOSEP] DE GROOTE Waterloo, Iowa 5 Clubs and Activities ewman Club, Intramurals, ROA, NROTC Bas- itball Sea Year . Del Oro — Delta Lines S. Delta Marr— Delta Lines i S. Fredrick Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship " elma Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship C xaco Connecticut — Texaco I Places Visited » Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana, South Afri- Unya, Venezuela, Panama, Germany Internship , wporation, New York, New Yoi r RICHARD DENNIS . DELPIZZO [ Jellerose, New York Clubs and Activities -.-„___ental Band, Glee Club, Machinists C ui Company Staff, Indoctrination ' 85, 1984 Smoke tack Co-Artist, SNAME, ROA, President Rea — Inaugural Parade ' 81 Sea Year S.S. LNG Libra— Energy Transportation Corporation ? USNS American Explorer— Trinidad . Corporation Places Visited Japan, Indonesia, Sicily, Spain, England, Acores, Bermuda, Aruba ? Internship Energy Transportation Corporation, New New York A person has two legs and one sense of hu and if confronted with a choice, it is betterjtn a leg. Charles! CRAIG STEPHE. DETLEFSEN i. Winter, Wisconsin " Steve " i Clubs and Activities »ioT Team-Captain, Machinists ' Club, Nav e T M, Cannon Squad Sea Year lerican Trojan — U.S. Lines ' S.S. President McKinley — American President Lines " .S. President Johnson — American Presidei jiLines ooks Range — Inter-ocean Managemi s i Places Visited Guam, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Pana- M.O Mjdvvay, Okinawa, Philippines , Peace through superior firepower. 297 RAYMOND ANTHON DIAZ Middle Village, Queens Sea Year S.S. American Marketer — U.S. Lines S.S. Lash Atlantico — Prudential Lines S.S. American Heritage— Apex Marine S.S. Sealift Antarctic — Marine Transport Lines - Places Visited Panama, Guam, Japan, China, Taiwan, Egypt, Is- rael, Rumania, Turkey, St. Croix, Congo, Hawaii Internship lison, Astoria, Queens MARY FRANCES DIEMER Baltimore, Maryland " Mary " Clubs and Activities e Club, Diving Team, Chapel Choir, Glee r Guard, Debate Team ' Sea Year ames Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Tillie Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S s ' Gulf Trader— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. -,President Wilson— American Preside ' BS Irooks Range— lOT (Sohio) r Places Visited " Algeria, Germany, England, Italy, Nethcw«.« ,, .Japan, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, esia ' Internship ' n Systems Center, San Diego, Califor- EVEN MICHA DIETHELM ,Claremont, California ■ Clubs and Activities Manager-Varsity Football, Weight Liftii Uncultural Club, RRXO, HBMM, ROA ; Sea Year resident Jefferson — American Prei Lines S.S. President Taft — American Presiden S.S. Santa Mercedes — Delta Lines ' rco Anchorage — Arco Marine, Inc, I f Places Visited Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapc Malaysia, Guam, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, j gentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador Internship Todd Pacific Shipyards Inc., San Pedro, i 1! ' Kings Point is " Full of kings and queens, whc blind your eyes and steal your dreams, it ' s Heaven and Hell. " m g 3 i Hm Ml OL .jmiWKF KRiiSylfiiM i DIOTALEVI Stratford, Connecticut " Roddy " Clubs and Activities eball, Midships Sea Year - Moore-McCormack Shipping . Santa Clara— Delta Lines R. Tvson Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship ling— Keystone Shipping Co. ' Places Visited juay, Argentina, Panama, Ecuador, , Taiwan, Korea, Scotland, Swe- I iress always involves risks. You can ' t steal on3 base and keep your foot on first. Frederick B. Wilcox RT THEODORE I DORAN North Miami Beach, Florida C Clubs and Activities Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis Cap Newman Club, Midships Advertising Edi- irey Oxburger Look alike ■■ Sea Year I S.S. Austral Moon — Farrell Lines | S.S. Charles Lykes— Lykes Bros. Stead S.S. Button Gwinett — Waterman Steal Co. S.S. Sealift China Sea— Marine Transj Lines i S.S. American Heritage— APEX Places Visited - Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Egypt, Austr -Qix, Taiwan, Sri Lanka ,. Internship Thermo Air Conditioning, Miami, Florii If this is in the ' 84 Midships, I MADE IT! Mi. JHRISTOPHE. DOYLE North Bellmore, New Yo: " Chris " , " CD " " Clubs and Activities Varsity Cross-Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor »r,o i, PioQ= Vice-President (3rd class year), ROA, E Officer Sea Year j — Farrell Lines S. Mormacsea— Moore-McCormack Lines S. Mormacdrago— Moore-McCormack Lines IS. Mormacsun— Moore-McCormack Lines i.V. USNS Sealift Mediterranean— Marine Btr, — port Lines Inc. , Places Visited ain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Republic of South Af- a. Ascension Island, South America, Mexico. as, Guam, Japan, United States [ICHAEL THOMAJ DOYLE klpole, Massachusetts " Mickey " j Clubs and Activities icrosse Club, Automotive Interest Club, ivia- chinists Club, Bike Club, Midshipman Officer MA Oceanid Crew Sea Year — S.S. Austral Envoy — Farrell Lines f S.S. American Astronaut — U.S. Lines USNS Yukon— Trinidad Corp. I USNS Sealift Caribbean— Marine Transpo Lines J Places Visited Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, JapanJ " sxico, Panama, Taiwan, Guam Internship Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine DENNIS DRUMMOND i brest Hills, New York ' «D-Man " I Clubs and Activities w leam, Friday Afternoon Club, Machiniaio p, Varsity Club, Exec Board Club, Self Ap- ■ ' Cadre Club, Oceanrod E.D. Club ] Sea Year i ta Isabel— Delta Lines lius Hammer— Hvide Shipping Lines prican Ace — U.S. Lines j ■ Places Visited ; Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, I jibralta, Russia, Germany, Holland : 4 WM V BkVIlUf li ' U DUFFY Sayville, New York Clubs and Activities Varsity Crew, Honor Guard, Ski Club, Pro Club, Pub Club, Varsity Club, Sportsman C Sea Year S.S. Del Viento— Delta Lines S.S. Button Gwinnett— Waterman SteamsH Co. S.S. Maui — Matson Lines S.S. President Truman — American Preside! Lines S.S. President Roosevelt — American Presidj Lines n S.S. President Hoover — American President Lines Places Visited Colombia, Egypt, India, Singapore, Hong Kong; Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Venezuela, Indonesia,, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, " waii. Great Neck Internsh Clubs and Activities Baseball, Weight Lifting Club, Indoctrination ' 85, 36, ' 87, Regimental Training Officer, Fine Arts Sea Year ia — Prudential Lines •draco — Moore-McCormack Lines Mormacwave — Moore-McCormack Lines .Iiiliiis Hammer — Hvide Shipping b Leader — United States Lines Places Visited ' .ussia, Bermuda, Holland, England, t Internship Astoria, New York Wc ' T?«T»i iAMF..i»a;TJ M;Hii.g;rmiiTcin i ■school here with the guys in 3rd CO and sharing Bb joys and sorrows, have given me the true mean- Kg of frienship. My final years here at K.P. would Wot have been truly happy without Denise. Hgj warm smile, love, and support were there wl EFFREY THOMAS EKER ansas City, Kansas s and Activities SNAME, ROA, Wrestling Team, Ski Club, tography Club, Honor Guard, Fine Arts ' Automotive Interest Club Sea Year S.S. Texaco Georgia — Texaco, Inc. j S.S. Solon Turman — Lykes Bros. Steamshi Co. S.S. Howell Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship ' S.S. John Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship C M.V. Honour Tanker Barge United States Sonat Marine Places Visited ggjj jia, Kcuador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, E j Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan; I Internship Industries (Columbian Steel Tank City, Kansas ALEXANDER THEODORE EUSTIS Summit, New Jei " " - ' , " Captain S " Clubs and Activities in, Mishipman Council, Varsity G ' Sea Year ja — Farrell Lines . — American Atlantic Lines ,Sea — Moore-McCormack Line ' ' ' irctic — Marine Transport - U.S. Lines , Visited , Egypt, Spain, British Virgin Is- da, Guyana, South Africa, Mozam- jrazil, Cuba, Azores, England. Nether- Internship Transport Lines, New Yori , New Y( UNem iWiDUiiMJi FIELD Vacaville, California " Tony " Activities Swimming, Yearbook, Board Sailing, Mi Council, SNAME, ROA, Trident Club Sea Year agdalena — Delta Lines evron California — Chevron Shipping nta Mariana — Delta Lines jj esident Grant — American Presidentl - A , ' S.S. President Jefferson — American Preside Lines Places Visited Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Brazil, Chile, Pen lombia, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, Argeni Internship Chevron Shipping Co., San Francisco, Calfc ? act nor feel Take advantage of this. Leonardo Da OSEP] FOLEY f. Massapequa, New York " Jerry " , " Poles " Clubs and Activities I Polo, Varsity Swimming, Rugby Football iiClub, Bike Club, SNAME Sea Year .. ...ormac Vega— Moore-McCormack !S. Mallory Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamsh f Co. M.V. Antillia— American Atlantic Lines §,S. Manukai— Matson Navigation Co. enai— Keystone Shipping Co. Places Visited ' (razil, Argentina, Surinam, Guyana, various is- mds in the Caribbean Sea, Hawaii, Alask a .T»- an, Guam, Midway, Korea, Philippines Internship Navigation Co., Honolulu, Hawaii X FOLZ III West Islip, New York " Charlie " Clubs and Activities lasketball, Automotive Interest Club, RBU, Power Squadron Sea Year S.S. Delta Norte— Delta Lines S.S. Sam Houston — Waterman Steamship Co. S.S. President Tyler — American President Lines S.S. President Grant — American President Lines M.V. President Lincoln — American President Lines S.S. Exxon Philadelphia— Exxon Shipping Co. Places Visited Egypt, Djibouti, Sudan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Ko- rea, Hong Kong Rbccus lives. T« •.« .- V I iiijm " S 3K i ' ' M ,i , iiiii(Hir;KKiiiai:ii GAFFNEY Jefferson City, Missou w wi Ff mmsiemmmr- " Druglas Gaffzole " ' Clubs and Activities Sa; Glee Club, Stage Band, SNAME, Editoni iff-Submariner Sea Year r-wulf Farmer— Lykes Bros. Steamship ' " .S. Shirley Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamshi ' LS. President Fillmore — American Presid ' Lines j . President Jackson — American Pri Places Visited a, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Israel, yp Morocco, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Singa- re, Djibouti, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, India, Malay- T-donesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, I±»l« Clubs and Activities lub President, Sailing Team - Sea Year S. Mormac Sea — Moore-McCormack Lines S. Stella Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Places Visited lonesia, Japan, Shanghai, Pusan, Egypt, Italy, ndon, Amererdam, Rotterdam, Bremenhaven, " " jw Jersey, Louisianna Internship jd Associates, Annapolis, Maryland i.w.itechs, Marine Engineering Yet, " wfiait we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly. " s ' L-Roy ' Clubs and Activities MIDSHIPS co-editor, Scuba, Propeller Sea Year S.S. Santa Adela— Delta Lines S.S. President Grant— American President Lines S.S. Kenai— Keystone Shipping Co. S.S. American Lancer— U.S. Lines S.S. Aimee Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship : S.S. Tillie Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship C Places Visited West coast of South America, Far East. ' Ali Panama, NOLA, South and East Africa, Nort Europe Internship Maryland Shipbuilding and Drydock Com Baltimore, Maryland Whiskey bottles, brand new cars, oak tree you ' re in my way. GREEN IV ,ummerville, South Carolina Clubs and Activities , ROA, Muscular Dystrop ' I ' rack Sea Year ■;es— Lykes Bros. Steamship d - Lykes Bros. Steamship i - Lykes Bros. Steamship ,- Lykes Bros. Steamship C — Exxon Places Visited 1 Egypt, Italy, Haiti, South A, nama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile Internship ' _ bn Naval Shipward, Charleston, 3 do what they want to; winners do ey have to. . Il-I f f ' STEPHANIE RAE GREGORY , (Riviera Beach, Florida 300ZE BAG " Stephanie " Clubs and Activities Sailing (1, 2), Diving (4), Indoctrination ' 83, Las Vegas ' 83, Midships, Tattoo ' 81 ' 83, C hristian Fellowship Club Sea Year S.S. Delta Mar— Delta Lines S.S. Solon Turman— Lykes Bros. Stea Co. S.S. Brinton Lykes— Lykes Bros. Stean Co. S.S. Letitia Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship S.S. Dolly Turman— Lykes Bros. Steamship: Co. S.S. John Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Coi Places Visited | Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuag South Africa, Kenya, Diego Garcia, China, Jap Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia Internship ] 1 nis IS tne and be glad in it. awijiji. Pslams 118:24 Clubs and Activities jiists Club, SNAME Sea Year irbara — Delta Lines antico — Prudential Lines ift Arctic — Marine Transport irican Legacy — U.S. Lines ! , Places Visited lidor, Colombia, Peru, Chil I, Turkey, Romania, Japa tlippines, Korea, Okinawa, Guai ©lland, Germany, England " Hobby " Clubs and Activities Machinists Club, J.V. Basketball, Honor ( Pub Club, SNAME, Society of Mechanical Engl neers, Sportsmans Club Institute of Marine Engi K Sea Year f S.S. James Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshif S.S. Nancy Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi S.S. Delta Sud— Delta Lines ' - ' ' - exaco Massachuetts— Texaco, Inc. Places Visited Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, Egypt, Venezuela, Brazi Uruguay, Argentina, Panama, Colombia, Pen Chile, Ecuador, Slate Rurj, Penn. Internship .Peterson Builders, Inc., Sturgeon Bay, Wiscon§ ' ire gotta roll with the punches, learn to pi hunches, make the best of whatever come ay. J. Buffe nks for the support Mom and Dad. J . EPHEN GER. HAYNES St. Louis, Missouri USMM w V f ' , A n i •». .., ---. .. ]Extra Duty, Restriction, OTW, Sports- ' lissouri Anglers Assoc. — Sea Year Velma Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship i Abneria Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamshi] Monte — Delta Steamship Co. Places Visited ladagascar. South Africa, Mexico, id, England, West Africa Internship 321 ICHAE] CHRISTOPHER ■| HETZ Fleetwood, Pennsylvania ubs and Activities Midships Business Manager, Sailing Team, Club, Honor Board Representative, Midshif Officer Sea Year S.S. Santa Cruz— Delta Lines i S.S. Red Jacket— Farrell Lines S.S. American Alliance— U.S. Lines USNS Sealift Indian Ocean— Marine Trant Lines S.S. Beaver State — Apex Marine Corporate Places Visited Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, ' Egypt, Greece, Spain, Portugal, United Kint Holland, France, West Germany, Algeria iMPiaaiDi ifiijjai JACKSON Bensalem, Pennsylvania " Action " , " Jack " , " S.H. " Clubs and Activities pkcgiuiental Debate Team 1980-1984, Team 1 dent 1984, Salute Cannon Squad | fe Sea Year _ lormacdraco — Moore-McCormack Lines S. Mormacmoon — Moore-McCormack Lines SNS Sealift Indian Ocean — Marine Transport ' 3 pierican Heritage — Apex Marine Cc t Places Visited •.a, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Gi aly, Panama, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Singa- imself as this little child, he is the greatest in the ■ ' " " ' om of Heaven. ; Matthew ' ' — lbs and Activities Midshipman Officer, Regimental Band, Machirl ists Club, Reagan ' s Inaugural Parade, 1984 Sm4 kestack Co-Artist, Regimental Broadcast Unit, Ihi doctrination ' 85, Rack Attack Victim, Procrp««n tion Sea Year S.S. Del Sol— Delta Lines S.S. President Adams— American Preside Lines ' ' " Pride of Texas— Titan Navigation ' ' Places Visited Togo, Nigeria, The Camerouns, Congo, ZaireJ Ivory Coast, Mexico, Egypt, Malta, Japan, O " - wa, Korea, Philippines, Guam, Greenwich Internship U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Essexville, Michi- gan ' worth, I wonder what would happen to this world. Harry Chapin iWm vi ■ iff»M3iw fci n n ■ I KINNEARY osedale Queens, New York James " Clubs and Activities , Pub Club, Beer Can Sea Year c Rigel — Moore-McCormack Li ' .S. Austral Pioneer— Farrell Lines S. Mormac Sky— Moore-McCormack Lir Places Visited buth America, Mozambique, Namibia, Siena Leone, Nigeria, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, breat Britain, Canary Islands, Bahamas, Trini- dad, Tabago, Mexico, Brzil, Venezuela, Panama, " ' " ivador. New Zealand, Australia, Brazil - Internship ■ine Contracting 1 ugh, no matter y the wind does „ jrill just sit here atchin ' the river flow . . . Clubs and Activities Football, Wrestling, Varsity Club, Machinists Club, Automotive Interest Club « Sea Year S.S. Margaret Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi Co. S.S. Del Oro— Delta Lines S.S. Constitution — American Hawaii Cruises S.S. Canukai — Matson Navigation Co. S.S. At tigun Pass— Keystone Shipping Co. Places Visited outh Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Panama, Ha. Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan And promise you calm sea, auspicious gales, and sail so expeditious, . . . that is they charge; then to the elements, be free and fare thou well! Shakespeare ID KNA, Hackensack, New Jersey bs and Activities .I.C., Honor Guard, RBU, Weight Lifting, Club, acrosse, SNAME, Propeller Club, Quiche- haters Sea Year Del Mundo — Delta Lines S.S. Export Challenger— Farrell Lines USNS Yukon— Trinidad Lines M.V. USNS Sealift Atlantic— Marine k) T " — nsport Lines Places Visited Japan, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Haiti, Colom- ' bia, V enezuela, Senegal, Liberia, Nigeria, Togo . c Coast, Cameroon, Azores i Internship ' each, Florida ,rou touch and all you see is all your life will Pink Floyd I in iAV 41 in wMiw:. vitjr KOPEC iver Vale, New Jersey " Dumbest Man on Earth " Clubs and Activities . areityCrew (Captain), N. Y. Athletic Club Row ing Team, Trident Club, SNAME, Propeller Club, R.O.A., Honor Guard, Automotive Interest Club, Ski Club, Intramurals (Water Polo), Sportsman ...u xr gity Club, K.P. Squeeze Team (Found " ' Sea Year S.S. Export Freedom — Farrell Lines 3 S.S. Santa Elena— Delta Lines j S.S. Export Patriot— Farrell Lines i S.S. LNG Virgo — Energy Transportation ; Corporation S.S. American Alliance — U.S. Lines Places Visited j [ France, Italy, Greece, Israel, Englav. Azores, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Japan, Sin- gapore, Netherlands Energy New Y Internship tion Corp t how you play Sea Year i Hammer — Hvide Shipping Co. lison Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Joctor Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. lA Frances Hammer — Hvide Shipping Co. S. Sam Houston — Waterman Steamship Co. Places Visited Igeria, Egypt, Syria, Italy, Jon , Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, Pakistan, I. Bangladesh, Somalia, Bahrain Internship ivision. General Motors Corpo- I don t want to hear about it. J 331 " Lamdog " Clubs and Activities Midshipman Officer, Honor Board, Color G Honor Guard, ROA, Indoctrination ' 86, Proj Club, Alumni Association, Museum Crew, sis Studying Team, Wrestling Club, Rackmo Sea Year S.S. Aimee Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship ( S.S. Shirley Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship, S.S. Mormacstar— Moore-McCormack Bulk i T — sport Lines ■£iUU2i Ki211itt£I B vn ZJ ' ' I • I iue, lanzania, Kenya, Tanga, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, Italy, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Venezuela, England, Sweden, Holland Internship ' Federal Barge Lines, St. Louis, Missouri Our times were good Our times were bad Our times were times Others never had. Within the halls Friends were made Some we ' ll remember While others fade. Among those friends Is one we knew On which we racked The " Kings Point Blue " Now we ' re gone at last we ' re free! To board a ship and sail the sea. So here ' s to you Friends so true and the Kings Point Blue that helped me through. Good Luck in whatever you do and Where ever your calling takes you! .. " I )HN GREENWOOD LEHEW III _utler, Pennsylvania " Burgler " ] Clubs and Activities r Football, Varsity Track, Vice President Jr. Sr. Class, Honor Guard, Varsity Club, Intramu- 1 Sports. W eight Lifting Club, SNAME Sea Year i. LNG Louisiana — Gastrans, Inc. fi- Delta Mar— Delta Lines " -xon Newark — Exxon Shipping Co. nes Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Places Visited , Panama, Peru, Colombia, Ven- iin, Algeria, Uruguay. Ecuador Internship letti and Assoc, Inc.. Pittsb and Father, family and friends for sharing with me their love throughout the joys and pains of life. You will always remain in my heart and thoughts. May God ' s love he with you till we meet again. EDUARD( .OPEZ Jose, Costa Rica i " Louie " 1 Clubs and Activities Soccer, Karate, Varsity Club, Computer Club, ch ' .nists Club, Automotive Interest Club, Lac; Club, Volleyball Sea Year S.S. James Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship S.S. Elizabeth Lykes— Lvkes Bros. Steamsl Co. S.S. Lash Pacifico— Prudential Lines MA Baltimore— Apex Marine Places Visited South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Italy, Israel, Gi Turkey, Romania ' m , — J HfilJiiDiCMMrA XOJI] LOWE, JR. Petersburg, Virginia " Woodi " s v iubs and Activities Culture Club, Hear This Newspaper Con- r. Regimental Color Guard, Sportsir " » " = ' achinists Club Sea Year ykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. BS. Aimee Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. LS. Jean Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co IS. Sam Houston— Waterman Steamship ( ' S. Del Sol— Delta Lines 1 Places Visited .xiia, Kenya, Liberia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissan, ory Coast, South Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, i.;r,io d China, Diego Garcia, Panama, Ger; England, Holland MICHAEL ANDRE MACLEOD Hanover, Massachusetts Clubs and Activities Soccer, Hockey Club, Pub Club, i Club, Sportsmans Club, Automotive l lub. Machinists Club, Propeller C AME, IME Sea Year . „.jrmacargo — Moore-McCormack Lin . Argonaut— Farrell Lines | Dgl Mundo— Delta Lines ■ ' sealift China Sea— Marine Transport ' _ n Leader— U.S. Lines Places Visited I. Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, " Venezuela, Spain, Italy, Greece, fierto Rico, Cuba Internship r Boat Company, Boston, Massachu- front of me and I know that I just can t " go Jimmy Buffet I ' l ' qnks and love to family and friends for their d support. vyiubs and Activities Soccer Team, Track Team, SNAME, V -Machinists Club Sea Year S.S. Export Champion— Farrell Lines S.S. American Legacy— U.S. Lines USNS Sealift Mediterranean— Marine Transport Lines USNS Yukon— Trinidad Corporation Places Visited Azores, Senegal, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghani geria, Zaire, Cape Verde Islands, NetherL Germany, France, Guam, Kwajalein, Malaysia, Ja- pan, Philippines, Bahrain, Chagos Archipelago Kenya, Italy, Spain, Aruba WILLIAM R0( MARINO Port Chester, New York -i " Clubs and Activities ; Stage Band, Fanfare Detachment, Submar- ler, President Reagan ' s Inaugural Parade, Com- ander-Italian Regiment Sea Year . American Argosy — U.S. Lines l.S. Mormacsaga— Moore-McCormack Lii A Hudson— Trinidad Corporation , (.S. Argonaut— Farrell Lines i fi-American Archer — U.S. Lines I Places Visited ■ Netherlands, Germany, Republic of South Africa, xazil, Houston, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel Thanks Mom, Dad, and all who stuck by me through the ups, downs and inbetweens. I co " ' ' ' - have done it without you. - j MARTIN Security, Colorado Clubs and Activities Power Squadron (Chief Engineer Skipper Jerry Land), Indoctrination Detail Sea Year S.S. Tyson Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship ( S.S. Tonsina — Keystone Shipping Co. S.S. Kauai — Matson Navigation Co. S.S. Santa Magdalena — Delta Lines S.S. Thompson Pass — Interocean Managerai oration ; Places Visited Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Mexico, Republ Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argeni Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Canada Internship Bristol Babcock, Waterbury, Connecticut ; . ' • iti t " Les " , " Silvertongue " Clubs and Activities km (Captain), Pub Club (PLO), Midships Photographer, FAC, Sportsmans Club, Varsity ' ' " ?ki Club, AIC, Machinists Club, Propeller NAME, IME LSea Year _ ykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. . Gulf Trader— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. i.S. Stonewall Jackson— Waterman Steamship Co. J l.S. Atigun Pass— Keystone Shipping Co. .S. President Hoover— American Preside Lines " rco Fairbanks— Arco -•. ' Places Visited igypt, Jordon, Germany, Holland, Saudi Arabia, ' UAR, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pa- nama, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Soma- lia, Republic, Slate Run Penn. Internship ' -1.. -„ ted. Hwith good fortune. I, To my family and friends, thank y ARTHUR JLEY Massapequa Park, New York ; " Steve " Clubs and Activities Soccer, Varsity Club, Ski Club, SNAME Sea Year port Challenger— Farrell Lines S.S. American Ace — U.S. Lines S.S. Sealift Antarctic — Marine Transport L ' S.S. American Legacy— U.S. Lines Places Visited Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Senegac, ] muda, Azores, Aruba, England, West Germ France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Tui Internship Transportation Corporation, New Yor New York You gotta believe ' in life after death DAVID SCOTT MCDOUGALL Boxford, Massachusett " Doooooooogs " Clubs and Activities ing, Automotive Interest Club, Ski ' Club, Machinists Club Sea Year liribe — Delta Lines ;f Trader— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. ilia Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. irit of Texas— Titan Navigation Places Visited Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, Portugal, England, Internship Itric, Lynn, Massachusetts T43 GLEN PHILIP MIGNEAULT Beverly, Massachusetts " Frenchy " Clubs and Activities ower Squadron, Automotive Interest Club, Mjt chinists Club, Honor Guard, Midshipman Officer Bicycle Club, Newman Club Sea Year S.S. Mormactide — Moore-McCormack Lin( S.S. Export Champion — Farrell Lines S.S. LNG Aries— Energy Transportation Corooration Places Visited louth Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique! Azores, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Liberia, Ghana, Ni| ' Cameroon, Congo, Japan, Indonesia Internship Energy Transportation Corporation, New w»«, Vork ' bye " , we say " Auf Wiedersehen " (until we meet again.) -i JOHN PAUL MOTLEY, JR. pring Lake, New Jersey bs and Activities •rack, Cross-Country, Midshipman Council President), Newman Club, Varsity Club, MDA. NAME, Honor Board Sea Year merican Alliance — U.S. Lines ;S. Mormacvega — Moore-McCormack Lines i.S. President Madison— American President Lines I.S. President Polk— American President Lines I.S. President Grant— American Presiden Lines ■ resident Tyler— American President Places Visited _ lolland. West Germany, France, Bel- ium, Ascension Islands, South Africa, Brazil, luam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ma laysia, ndonesia, South Korea, Japan, Republic ' ' ■ ■ Philippines RICHARD JOSEPH L MURPHY Duxbury, Massachusetts Clubs and Activities Midshipman Council, Cross-Country, In Track, Outdoor Track, Hear This, Midsh ' -» i or Guard Sea Year S.S. American Liberty — U.S. Lines S.S. Austral Envoy — Farrell Lines USNS Yukon— Trinidad Corporation : S.S. Sealift Pacific — Marine Transport Places Visited China, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zed land. Greenland, Italy, Spain, Greece f Internship Delaware River Pilots, Philadelphia, P( £|UUUU ' N NIDEVER, JR. Kennesaw, Georgia Clubs and Activities J Automotive Interest Club, Machinists " !lub, Sportsmans Club s Sea Year S. Lee— Waterman Steamship Delta Lines Golden Gate — Keystone Shipping Co. Resident Monroe — American Presidei Places Visited Arabia, Jordon, Sudan, Ethiopia, Ye- Men, Oman, Arab Republic of Emirates, Pakistan, tjigeria, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, " ■ ' ■ J Taiwan, Ivory Coast, Cameroons, Ji hina w Weeee, I found my key: Outta 347 GERALD SCOTT NIELSEN [Ronkonkoma, New York Clubs and Activities MDA- Las Vegas, Pub Club, Lacrosse Team, shipman Officer, SNAME, Honor Guard, Weekends, Papa Smurf, Captain of the Big j Sea Year S.S. Velma Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship S.S. Robert E. Lee — Waterman Steamship ( S.S. Golden Gate — Keystone Shipping Co. g Q P ' iOoks Range — Interocean Transport f ■ Places Visited Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indoni Malaysia, Panama, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jon Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, Oman, Somalia, Bah rain, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh ' ' ' Internship rBros. Steamship Co., Houston, Texas KI satisfai and goi ■ and David, Kathie and the rest of my family and friends (far too many to mention them all.) I love you all. liT:1ili ' »lllTim :ancis cha., o ' donnell . 1 East Northport, New Yorl ' i jf ■ Clubs and Activities eam, SMO, LfW ' s. Afternoon Lynx, Pas- ' amurals Sea Year Jket— Farrell Lines Champion — Farrell Lines -ances Hammer — Hvide Shipping [Stral Puritan — Farrell Lines I Places Visited ' V, Egypt, Spain, Greece, West Africa, nia, Australia, New Zealand Internship i e Success, New York O ' KEEFE, JR. Butler, New Jersey JK " , " Buzz " , " Beefers " , " O ' Beef ' Clubs and Activities Debate Team, Regimental Band, Glee Club, Band, Company Staff, Fanfare Trumpets, Ec aLStaff of the " Submariner " 1 Sea Year S.S. Lash Atlantico — Prudential Lines S.S. American Liberty — U.S. Lines S.S. Santa Cruz— Delta Lines S.S. American Heritage — Apex Marine Places Visited Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Romania, Panama, Gaam Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Domi nican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile Nigeria, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico 4 the hidden paths that run west of the moon, east nf +v, i sun. Frodo Baggins DAVID BRIAN J PARRY Iterling Heights, Michigan Clubs and Activities TRegimental Band, Glee Club, Ring Committee, iMidshipman Officer, SNAME, Midships Distribu- itor ' Sea Year jykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. , . ., .. Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. I.V. Centurion— Crowley Tug Tow I.V. Pioneer — Crowley Tug Tow iS. Charles Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. .S. President Johnson — American President Lines S. Chevron Mississippi — Chevron Shipp Places Visited autft AMca, Kenya, Somalia, Panama, Colombia, cuador, Peru, Chile, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Japan, !ong Kong, Taiwan, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Ko- Internship Life would have been very difficult at Kings oint without the support of my friends and the es that I love. A very warm thanks to you all. r ROBERT MICHAE POWELL Scituate, Massachusetts Wm f " Boo-Boo " r Clubs and Activities y, Pub Club, Midshipman Officer, or Guard, Honor Board, Machinists Club, Oy doorsman ' s Club, Sailing Team s Sea Year S.S. Delta Sud— Delta Lines S.S. Gulf Farmer — Lykes Bros. Steamshij USNS Sealift Arabian Sea— Marine Tra Lines S.S. Mormacsaga — Moore-McCormack Li USNS Sealift Pacific— Marine Transport Places Visited Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Coldmutse Panama Ecuador, Greece, Italy, Sicily, Spain, -Ti J y, Crete, Cuba, Kent N.Y. k Internship ne Transport Lines, Norfolk, Virginia! this 5 year span would have ended in a wee Thanks so much for all you ' ve done . . . I Have R 50iurBLY NOTHING TO $Rr TO RNrOFrOUf JCHAEL ARTHU. PULLMAN Pheonix, Arizona " Mike " , " Mouse-Head " Clubs and Activities ' te Frisbee Team, Varsity Crew Team, Club, Friday Afternoon Club, Self Ap- l Cadre Club, Executive Board Seminar, )Ilment Club, Sportsmans Club, Thermo I, Black Mac Fan Club President s Sea Year . fct Johnson — American Presidei tatson Navigation Co. ge — Arco erican Hawaii Cruises nee — American Hawaii Shipping Co. ' ■ w Places Visited piaui, ituwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong K6iig, ingapore, Japan, Panama, Hawaii, Alaska, West Internshi ' t ' s hard to leave good friends; see you all in Fort auderdale. :.: i4 LM 5 M li ■■Vllililf mn RAMONDETTA Enfield, Connecticut " Duda " , " Richman " , " Noopy " Clubs and Activities Photography Club, Karate, Pub Club, Com] Club, Cross-Country, Machinists Club, Saili Sea Year S.S. Santa Isabel— Delta Lines S.S. American Argosy — U.S. Lines USNS Susquehanna— Trinidad MSC S.S. Mormacdraco — Moore-McCormack Lii S.S. S anta Lucia — Delta Lines Places Visited )ominican Republic, Colombia, France, many, England, Holland, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, South Africa Clubs and Activities BSCTDSse Club, Outdoorsman Club, Newman Club, NAME, Ski Club, Cultural Affairs Committee Sea Year -fianrp — Farrell Lines S. Santa Isabel— Delta Lines £ §. Am erican Archer— U.S. Lines )rmacsun — Moore-McCormack Lines TB Jacksonville— Apex Marine 1 Places Visited ia. ri Lanka, Pakistan, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, jypt, Italy, England, Holland, West Germany, irtugal, Mexico, Panama, St. Croix, Venezuela, )lombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile Internship an Ultramar, Mt. Kisco, New York i Sea Year A.S. American Lark — U.S. Lines | S.S. Export Commerce — Farrell Lines S.S. Argonaut — Farrell Lines U.S.S. Enterprise — Federation Lines S.S. Arabian Sea Marine Transport Linesi S.S. American Resolute — U.S. Lines Places Visited i la, Guam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, KoieaTTfah pan, Spain, Italy, Israel, Greece, Puerto Rico, " ' " ' Netherlands, Germany, England, Aust- " ' Internship Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Plymouth, Mi chusetts REICHMEIDER Huntington, Long Island Clubs and Activities Team, Regimental Training Officer Sea Year jreat Republic — Farrell Lines ..S. Argonaut — Farrell Lines anta Isabel — Delta Lines ( Hudson — Trinidad Lines Places Visited It, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Djibouti, " olombia, Panama, Peru, Chile, Israel, Greece, pain, Italy, West Pakistan ew York Internship msportation Corporation, New ■ REILLY Buffalo, New York Clubs and Activities Hockey Team, Crew Team, Baseball Tj Club, Midships Sea Year S.S. Young America — Farrell Lines S.S. Mormacrigel — Moore-McCormack S.S. Tyson Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steams S.S. Kittanning — Keystone Shipping C M S Scandinavia — Scandinavia World; Z P Caymus— Faust Tug Places Visited Mediterranean, South Africa, South Am East, Northern Europe Sea Year a Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi ' Co. i.S. Nancy Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co I.V. Star of Texas— Titan Navigation ;S. James Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship] J Places Visited Jngland, Holland, Germany, Greece, Turkey, ' li 7, Egypt, Malta, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, " " ; Peru Internship ;e Lines, St. Louis, Missouri My job; It ' s not my job to run the ship, the horn may not blow. It ' s not my place to say how far le ship ' s allowed to go. It ' s not my job to chart ;he course, nor even toll the bell, but let the damn hing start to sink, and see who catches helU JE MICI RICHARDS Shawnee, Kansas Clubs and Activities Regimental Band, Stage Band, Fanfare Truki Lacrosse Club, Midships ! Sea Year Julius Hammer — Hvide Shipping Co. S.S. Allison Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi " S.S. Doctor Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi, S.S. Delta Sud— Delta Lines S.S. Leslie Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Places Visited U.S.S.R., Algeria, Syria, Egypt, Italy, Venezuela Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Diego Garcia, Singa- pore, Sumatra, Philippines, Korea, Japan Lucky Im the same after all Ive been through. Joe Walsh .RY CATHERIN. RIEGER Somers, New York " Mary " Clubs and Activities , SNAME, Bicycle Club, 1 Sea Year S.S. Resolute — Farrell Lines S.S. Marjorie Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Do. I Santa Magdalena— Delta Lines 5. President Madison— American President |jines )oks Range— Interocean Management V Places Visited ranean, Far East, South America Internship ;ation Corporation, New York, If you never have dreams, they ' ll never come J. Geils EltCTDftMsyAill RIOUX New Bedford, Massachuset 6ti» Clubs and Activities Drill Team. Rugby Club, SNAME, Oceanidi Sea Year S.S. American Merchant— U.S. Lines S.S. Mormacdraco— Moore-McCormack Lines USNS Sealift Mediterranean — Marine Transport Lines — merican Lark — U.S. Lines Places Visited Guam, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Panama, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Italy, Greece, Spain, Azores, Netherlands, Virgin Islands I Internship Combustion Engineering, Windsor, Connect i ' ?% d ROBERT RAYMONl ROMERO Fort Worth, Texas .. .ubs and Activities wman Club, Christian Fellowship Club, ' - Guard, SNAME, Yearbook Staf I Sea Year ■S. Doctor Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. ,S. Del Monte— Delta Lines ,S. Delta Sud— Delta Lines ,S. President Jefferson— American President Lines I.V. Sea Swift— Puget Sound Tug and Barge I.V. Pathfinder— Puget Sound Tug and Barge .S. Arco Juneau— Arco Marine Places Visited d Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, West Afri- 1, East Coast South America, Guam, Taiwan, long Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysi a, Ja- Internship lean Bureau of Shipping, Seattle, Wi evealed at length. And it is, " I can do all things, or Christ Jesus is my strength. " Philippia ' " ■ " »ETER PAL ROSASCHI III Clubs and Activities ry Member Regimental Band, Laci Team, Apathy 112 Sea Year S.S. Del Mundo— Delta Lines I S.S. American Leader — U.S. Lines USNS Sealift Atlantic— Marine Transport Lines S.S. B.T. San Diego— Marine Transport Lii Places Visited i Bermuda, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican, public, Germany, Holland, Puerto Rico, Sg v=„=,uela li Internship Mvide Shipping Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida through the tough times and enjoying the good times. A very special thanks and my love to Mom Dad, my family, and all the Echevarrios. And you T.R. SCHUETTE Winfield, Illinois Shooie Clubs and Activities , tal Band, Glee Club, Stage Band, Ina ia» i Q.ade, Company Float Committee Co-Cl man, Bible Study, Machinists Clus, Ring D; Committee, Bicycle Club, Intramurals, Com] Staff, Indoctrination Detail, Yearbook Staff, rotechn ic Enthusiast, Christmas Ball Commi f Sea Year S.S. President Johnson — American Presider Lines S.S. Mallory Lvkes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Manulani — Matson Navigation Compai S.S. President Tyler — American President ; Lines 1 S.S. Texaco New Jersey — Texaco, Inc. I Places Visited Guam, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, S: apore. Wake Islands, Hong Kong, Djakarta, Korea Hawaii, Okinawa, Philippines, Quarters " F " RIC ROBEL SHANNON tjiUDS an Choir, Christian Fellowship Club, Muscu- — hy Labor Day Telethon, ROA, Gl pTeam, Sailing Team I Sea Year 1 t Rainbow — Farrell Lines ' son Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. nta Maria— Delta Lines iT. San Diego— Marine Transport Lines Internship , fehip Repair, Portland, Oregon blessed is the man who finds wisdom, and n who gains understanding. For its profit is tier than the profit of silver, and its gain than ne gold. ' Proverbs 3: ' " [•inasiMHk iiitii i SIMONSE Chester, New Jersey . inbmpson " , " Nocturnal M ' " Odd Man " Clubs and Activities otive Interest Club, Bicycle Club, Mac ists Club, Propeller Club, Trident Club, Hear This, Midships, Honor Board, Photography Cluhi ' M V Oceanid, RCA, SNAME, ED, STD, Fll Sea Year S.S. Santa Barbara — Delta Lines MA Amazonia — American Atlantic Lines ; S.S. American Legend — U.S. Lines j S.S. President McKinley — American Presid Lines S.S. President Tyler — American President Lines Places Visited Colombia. Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, St.j cent, Grenada. Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana, zil, Suriname, Dominica, England, France,- many, Holland, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, United " mirates, Newark Dr. Hunter S. Thompson 372 .7AYN] SIROIS .federal Way, Washington " Hey Booh! " Clubs and Activities Guard, RIS, Inaugural Parade 1981, opeller Club, Battalion Comman ' Sea Year ,.V. President Lincoln — American Preside Lines ,S. President Jefferson — American Preside Lines S. President Johnson — American Presidei Lines S. Santa Adela — Delta Lines S. Santa Maria — Delta Lines S. Hillyer Brown— Chevron ugs Hercules, Crusader, Mercury — Crov Maritime Corp. Places Visited Ijam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, ingapore, Korea, Malaysia, El Salvador, Colom- ia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Pana- , Venezuela, Straits of Magellan Internship j May God grant us the courage to change those things we can, the serenity to accept those which we can not, and the wisdom to know the differ- SLIMON Corpus Christi, Texas " Sly-dog " , " Sluggo " Clubs and Activities Water Polo, Machinists Club, Swimming, Canteen Team Sea Year S.S. Letitia Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Almeria Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Stella Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship S.S. Pride of Texas— Titan Navigation Co. i Places Visited Panama, Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Italy, England, Hol- land, Germany Internship Panama Canal Commission (Navigation Divi- -•■ — Panama An oyster is one of the elements of social tence, a delicacy of no age, sex or condition patent to the universal family. Stewards Handbook- 1890 ' s r» II KARL ERIC SPINNENWEBER Pasadena, Maryland s and Activities resiling Team Captain, Varsity Club President, ■J Jchipman Officer , Sea Year ;;ommerce — Farrell Lines Atlantic — Marine Transport i— Lykes Bros. Steamship 1 — Ly kes Bros. Steamship «olute — U.S. Lines ' Places Visited eece, Italy, Spain, France, Iceland, England, (Hand, Portugal, Colombia, Panama, Hlcuador, hile, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, I ogo, Cameroon, Liberia, Senegal in, no gain. I owe the best of love and t..„..« k- id entire family. STEFAN Uearfield, Pennsylvania " Count Stefula " Clubs and Activities Frisbee Team (Vectors), AIC, Photogra- JAME, Sportsmans Club, Ski Club, lion Battalion Officer I Sea Year abel — Delta Lines Del Mundo — Delta Lines M-Ormacdraco — Moore-McCormack Lines iusquehanna — Trinidad Corporation timore — Apex Marine |j Places Visited " Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Venezu- i Ascension Island, Brazil. St. . s better to Durn out TALAMO II Commack, New York Club and Activities Baseba ll Team, Propeller Club, SNAME, Rt Sea Year ' . Santa Barbara — Delta Lines S.S. Golden Monarch — Apex Marine Corp. i S.S. American Leader — U.S. Lines ■ S.S. Mormaclynx — Moore-McCormack Line Places Visited England, France, West Germany, Holland, I Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Panmma, St. Li Shetland Islands, St. Croix P ' Internship perry Corporation, Lake Success, New Yorl Now that I am finally finished with Kings Point, I would like to thank the people who helped me get through it. To my friends 1 thank you for all the good times. To my brothers John and Gil, 1 thank you both for your love and support. Finally, 1 would like to thank my Mother and Father. They have been giving for the past 22 years and it ' s time for them to start receiving. I ONATHAN PET] VANDINE Bolton, Connecticut and Activities J uca Year S.S. Mormacrigel — Moore-McCormack Lines ffl c l5 ' „, «,♦ Freedom— Farrell Lines Caribbean — Marine Transport hoshone — Trinidad Corp. jide of Texas — Titan Navigation Places Visited ' ruguay, Brazil, Panama, France, Ita- eece, Egypt, Philippines, Korea, Ja- Internship le Corporation, Warrenville, Rhode 379 PAUL VRTIS St. Charles, Illinois ig Bent " , " Varretiz " , " Crooked ' Clubs and Activities _ ug5y, SNAME, Newman Club, ROA, Honor Guard, Sailing, Propeller Club, Weight Lifting Club, Guitar Club Sea Year S.S. Zoella Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship ; S.S. Exxon Houston — Exxon Corporation S.S. President Wilson — American Presiden) g Places Visited Diego Garcia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sin- gapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New York, Alaska, Sri Lanka, South Africa Internship Sun Study, West Coast ■ I p Jf WAGNER Burlington, Vermont I " Moondog " Clubs and Activities Her Club, Vermonster, 500 Club I Sea Year Energy Transportation Resolute — Farrell Lines Mormac Lynx — Moore-McCormack Lines Places Visited Indonesia, Philippines, Israel, Greece, Ita- in, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina Internship 11 Soups, Atlanta, Georgia man neeas a mai Clubs and Activities First Company Commander, Golf Team, MDA Club, Varsity Club, Hear This, Cheerleading, ROA, Propeller Club Sea Year ison Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Del Norte— Delta Lines G.T. Chevron Arizona — Chevron Oil Company S.S. Independence — American Hawaii Cruises S.S. Kauai — Matson Shipping Co. S.S. Maui — Matson Shipping Co. M.V. A .D. Haynes— Valley Line Co. Places Visited Valley Barge Lines, St. Louis, Missouri Now that I am a graduate of Kings Point, I would like to say thank you to all those who made it possible. I know one thank you is not enough but I hope they all know that I could not have made it without every one of them. To my family, thanks for all the support. Especially to Nancy Floyd for a place to escape and enjoy. Also to Ken for all the help. But most of all to my parents who were there whenever I needed them. To my family, I love you all. To Kim, without your shoulder to cry on and all your support, I would not be on this page. To Theresa, thanks for everything and all the fun times. To Jeanne, thanks for the special moments. To Stephanie (Grandma) I can ' t ex- press how much your friendship has meant. Thanks,, partner. To Augie, you turned my life around. You ' re a very special coach. And finally, but not least of all, thanks to all the guys from first company. Thanks for the fun memories. Thanks, I Love You All. ( 1 1 IJ I V " " NTHONY WALS anklin Square, New Y s and Activities Varsity Baseball, Yearbook Editor, Hockey, Auto- sssiA ;™ Interest Club, Soda Machine Officer Sea Year S.S. American Legion — U.S. Lines S.S. Mormacsaga — Moore-McCormack Lines M.V. Frances Hammer — Hvide Shipping S.S. Austral Puritan — Farrell Lines Places Visited fChina, Korea, Hawaii, Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique, Australia, Russia, Greece, Romania, " " " fealand K Internship Lake Success, New York " " ' 1- IMII- s - J ir.t n M( BK? ..„. J LV I B r KS 383 TTHE WEATHERS Corpus Christi, Texas X " The Webbage " r Clubs and Activities „ , ass Officer, Honor Council, RBU, Hear This, Automotive Interest Club, SNAME, Mid- ships, Devo Magnet Club, OTW Club Sea Year S.S. Gulf Banker — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Del Sol— Delta Lines a S.S. Sheldon Lvkes — Lykes Bros. Steamsbi Co. i S.S. Manulani — Matson Lines S.S. President Johnson — American Preside Lines S.S. President Wilson — American Presiden Lines S.S. President Fillmore — American Preside Places Visited :o, Egypt, Senegal, Liberia, Ivory Coas ' anama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, ,, Guam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mali sia, Taiwan, Japan , les are those " who meet failure gods will smile on them later. Activities (unior Class Secretarv. man Steamship ■■. Visited tidia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Sen- ry Coast, Congo, Cameroons, Colombia, Venezuela, Bra il, ieru, P cuador, Canada nternship on ihe road again! Willie Nelson J85 Clubs and Activities Team, SNAME, Trident Club- ; bee Club, 1st Class Secretary, Party An Sea Year S.S. Del Viento— Delta Lines S.S. Export Freedom — Farrell Lines S.S. Mormacargo — Moore-McCormack S.T. Charleston — Apex Marine USNS Sealift Indian Ocean — Marine ' Lines Places Visited ] Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Pi ma, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel Crete. Sardinia, Holland Internship Delta Steamship Lines, New York, New Yoi THOMAS « WIEGERINK Secane, Pennsylvania " Wiggy " Clubs and Activities Bi Football (Captain), Varsity Club, x . by Club, Sailing Team, Weight Lifting ( C, RRO, ROA, HBMM, Honor Guar M al Club Sea Year sident — American President Lii ■. Tyson Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Lash Atlantico — Prudential Lines rmacsun — Moore-McCormack Lines Places Visited Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indon jiuuXic of Korea, Venezuela, Panama, El Sax r, France, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Egy • " •v, Israel, Rumania - I Internship ergy Transportation Corporation, N w York a What lies behind us and what lies before u tiny matters compared to what lies within us Ralph Waldo Erne 387 [ICHAEL BUTLER WIGMORE 1 Alpine, New Jersey " Wigs " Clubs and Activities Rugby Club (Captain), F.A.C., Class II Restri Society, SNAME, Moose Team (Moose Oyl I.F.A., Ultimate, Zenker Harris Competitive! ning Society, Association for the Advanceml Penguin Lust | Sea Year . . ash Italia — Prudential Lines S.S. American Marketer — U.S. Lines M.V. America — Pan Atlantic Lines S.S. Arco Fairbanks — Arco Marine S.S. President Adams — American Presiden Lines Places Visited Egypt, Romania, BVI ' s, Guyana, Panama, ( Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, ; nesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India,- Kong inree leet laii lou ve seen n an lou ve seen it -. all Watched the men who rode you Switch from , sails to steam In your belly you hold a treasure Few have ever seen Most of ' em dreams Most of ' em dreams Mother, Mother Ocean After all the years I ' ve found Occupational hazard being Occupation ' s iust not around Jimmy Buffet OTT WILSHIRE [ Pueblo, Colorado , and Activities r, Propeller Club, Pep in ' s Club, Automotive In- ■Intramurals Year - Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. — Lykes Bros. Steamship Q - Bulkfleet Marine Corp. Jackson — American Presiden m Navigation Co. sy Maritime Corp. Places Visited w., anama, Ecuador, South Africa, l„ auritius, Hong Kong. Singapore, India, •1, Oman, Thailand, Japan, Sri LanJia. Hawaii : Internship : Company of Colo ers, watch more sunsets, laugh more, cry less. Life must be lived as we go along. The station will come soon enough. Robert Hastings 389 CLAY REICHARD -. WINNE xkmpa, Florida " Clay " Clubs and Activities Machinists Club, Automotive Interest Club Arts Club, Bush Club Sea Year S.S. William Hooper- Waterman Steamship S.S. Solon Turman— Lykes Bros. Steamsh Co. S.S. Genevieve Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steam Co. s s Rrinton Lykes— Lykes Bros. SteamshJ Places Visited Middle East, West Coast South America, Fa Internship ipa Shipyards, Inc., Tampa, Florida i Final Words i ledge is good DREV WOLF Stone Mountain, Georgia n " , " Waterbug " Clubs and Activities Varsitv Swim Team, Weight Lifting Club, V Club, SNAME , Sea Year S.S. Charlotte Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steams , Co. S.S. Joseph Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship S.S. Dolly Turman— Lykes Bros Steamship S.S. Ruth Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship C S.S. Louisiana — Gastrans. hic. ' :eedom — Sonat Marine Inc. " ■ Places Visited fibn, Egypt, West Coast of South Am Far East, Algeria liny friends . . . farewell ... I must go my ' way- dreams await. Dualies -■•SS f bs and Activities lar Dystrophy Association Club Chairman, ild, Basketball Team (2 years and 2 nager), Third Battalion Commander Sea Year !nt Jefferson — American President tdams — American Preside s [enai — Keystone Shipping Co. itigun Pass— Keystone Shipping Co. lanta Maria— Delta Lines , Places Visited CO, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile. Peru, Guam, Indonesia, Hong Cong, Singapore, Japan, Philippine Islands CHRISTOPHER DAVID BLACK Clubs and Activities crosse, Rugby, Euchere Team, Christ ihut Sea Year . Sheldon Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steal ' o. . Elizabeth Lykes — Lykes Bros. Ste ' o. . Ashley Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steara Places Visited nama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, El .dor, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, JB Japan, Egypt, Turkey, Italy Internship Exxon Shipping Co., Baytown, Texas .. " here ' s a lot of, ver get through tt %nd friends who helped me get through. I that some more friends had made it throue tRAIN DALE BLOWER J orado Springs, Colorado d Activities itian Fellowship Club, Chapel Choir, Midshipman nor Guard Sea Year — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. - Lykes Bros. Steamship i— Keystone Shipping Co 5.S. President Washington— American J i President Lines | ' atriot — Sealand Places Visited a, Kenya, Samalia, Panama, Colombia, lor, »...nile, Peru, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, where the wind ' s like a whetted knife; And all I ask is a merry yard from a laughing fellow-rover. And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick ' s over. 397 BOGET Richland, Washington " Bog ' s " , " Bojangles " Clubs and Activities nans Club, Ski Club, Trident ( earn, Pub Executive Officer (B le Team, Intramurals Sea Year ' isident Adams — American Pre isident Taft — American Presidij my Corps of Engineers Hopper; e Hegulus — American President 1 ita Mercedes — Delta Lines resident Monroe — American Pr wark — Sealand i Places Visited ' Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, 1 ylalaysia, Mexico, Panama, ColoE i Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Pen tun, PA E Internship , SCOTT EDWARD BRITTON Kings Park, New York Clubs and Activities Team, Christian Fellowship Club, Chapel Choir, Chapel Council, ROA, Midshipman Officer I Sea Year rucia — Delta Lines S.S. Austral Entente — Farrell Lines erican Alliance — U.S. Lines rerseas Vivian — Maritime Overseas Corp. Places Visited I, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Austra- ; New Zealand, Netherlands, England, West imany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Norway, " rgin Islands, Dutch Antilles safe, but that ' s not ships are built fc iCDiiiiTitM ii] CLEMENCE ' North Canton, Ohio A Clubs and Activities wimming, Water Polo President, ROA, SI Honor Guard, Ski Club, War Wagon Club, Analysis Club Co-Capt., Jack Society ' Sea Year S.S. George Wythe— Waterman Steamship Cc S.S. Gulf Shipper— Lykes Bros. Steamship Cc S.S. Joseph Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship S.S. Exxon Newark— Exxon Shipping Co. ' M V Spirit of Texas— Titan Navigation Places Visited Panama, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, ln sia, Malaysia, Egypt, Jamaica, Germany, C bia, Philippines Internship U.S. Coast Guard, Cleveland, Ohio STEVEN PAU COLLET ■ Bangor, Maine " The Weaze " Clubs and Activities Pub Club, Ski Club, Fun Guy Club, Weight Lifting Club, Frat, Stupid Dualie Club, Last Chance Bar- bers, Mono T M, Pooh Bear ' s Cabin (4 Keg Club), D-Board, SNAME, Midshipman Officer, Hear This, Room Captain, 6th Grade Wrestling Champ, Yuk Yuk Yuk! Sea Year n Benicia — Exxon Shipping Company )n Gwinnett — Waterman Steamship S.S. Charles Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Austral Moon — Farrell Lines Places Visited rtiTstralia, Samoa, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, British Columbia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Egypt, Alaska, Yemen Arab Republic, Saudi Arabia, Ha- — " ' " , Slate Run Penn. te Internship Lssociatio tides, ■ I will always remember the good times and soon forget the bad, but I will never forget you guys, because you are the best friends I ever had. Keep in touch- the Weaze! v,, ROBERT BISHOP DAHN Seattle, Washington Clubs and Activities Rugby, Weight Lifting Club, Sportsman ' s Club, Big Blue Team Sea Year S.S. President Adams — American Presiden Lines S.S. President Taft— American President I S.S. President Washington — American President Lines S.S. President Monroe — American Presider Lines S.S. Arco California — Arco Marine S.S. Sealand Newark— Sealand ] Hopper Dredge Biddle — Army Corp of Engineers Places Visited Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Panama, Alaska, Hong Kong, Slate I Penn. GLEN ANTHC . DIELEUTERIO Wilmington, Delaware " Major " Clubs and Activities n Club, Sports Information Club, Hear .is, Weight Lifting Club, SNAME, Automotive terest Club, Honor Guard, Intramurals, Indpc- ination Section Commander, Midshipman Offi- l- X Sea Year irgaret Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi. Seph Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship IV. Antillia — American Atlantic Lines i S. Del Sol— Delta Steamship Co. j S. Exxon Bangor — Exxon Shipping Co. . fW. Frances Hammer — Hvide Shipping ■ I Places Visited inama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Guyjui inidad, Brazil, Tortola, Dominica, St. Vincent, enada, Barbados, Spain, Greece, Turk- " ' — S.S.R. I jint are hereby dedicated to the three most im- »rtant people in my life. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the support you provided me all my life. Thank you, my Kelly, for waiting for me and shar- " g all my joys, fears, and hopes. I love you " k! U 5r lDilB17AV HJgitJ I FRIEDMAN Beverly Hills, California " Mike " Clubs and Activities sitipman Officer, Class Officer, Honor Bor ' Skipper of the Dragoon, Sailing Team, Christi ».-+v. Moe, SNAME, SPM Sea Year S.S. President Washington — American r President Lines ' i S.S. President Jefferson — American President Lines S.S. Santa Maria — Delta Lines ; S.S. Santa Adela— Delta Lines S.S. Atigun Pass — Keystone Shipping Co. Places Visited i Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, CI Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Japan, Koi Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singa- pore r Internship ler, Rauch, Mahoney, Parker, Los i geles, California adventure that are their own and only reward. What we get,-well we won ' t talk of that; but can one of us restrain a smile? Joseph Conrad m lENNI HABIG Cupertino, California J " Pooh Bear " Clubs and Activities resident- Sportsmans Club, Football, Sail- , Treasurer- Midshipman Council, Ski Club, ident Club, Big Blue Team, No-Pub Club, Re- stricted Mans Club, Jerry ' s Kids, Deckie Bullshit Club, Commander Shore Patrol, QMED Boiler Flying Zucchini, Foyer Club t Sea Year S.S. President McKinley — American President Lines 3. President Wilson — American President Lines 3. Tyson Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. " ». Charles Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. i. Maui — Matson Navigation Co. ' . Constitution — America-Hawaii Cruises " KRegulus— Military Sealift Command Places Visited pan, Korea, China, Okinawa, Taiwan, Hong » " " Sri Lanka, Singapore, Guam k Internship ; r BEN ROCKWOOD - HODGES Oak Harbor, Washington " Morocco Mold - Clubs and Activities _ uK Automotive Interest Club, Prope Club, Pistol Team, High Power Rifle Team, Glee Club, Honor Guard, Scale Modelers ' Club, Sports- man ' s Club, Sunday Evening Culture Club, Pooh Bear Cabin Team, Society for the Preventi r " ' Mediocrity I Sea Year S.S. Austral Rainbow — Farrell Lines M.V. Sealand Defender — Sealand Services S.S. Thompson Pass — Interocean Transpo USNS Maumee— Military Sealift Commai S.S. Arco Juneau — Arco Marine Inc. M.V. Jeffrey Foss— Foss Launch Tug S.S. Chestnut Hill— Keystone Inc. ; Places Visited ] Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa, Ji Taiwan, Hong Kong, Panama, Greece, Antarctica Long Island ; Internship ' " ' ' " ellingham, , 3HN FRANCIS ; JOYCE, JR. Highland Mills, New York Clubs and Activities ...i3Siipman Officer, Captain of the Oceanid, Var sity Soccer, Varsity Baseball, Regimental Band,; Varsity Club, Sportsman ' s Club, Christian Fellow- ship Club, Muscular Dystrophy Drive, Indoctrina- tion ' 85 ' 87, Newman Club, Honor Plebe, EaoK Bear ' s Cabin, Mohut Christmas Club Sea Year Ixxon Benicia — Exxon Shipping Co. S.S. Great Republic— Farrell Lines =i S.S. President Wilson— American Presideif Lines ; S.S. Santa Isabel— Delta Lines S.S. Manulani — Matson Lines Places Visited Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Djubouti, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador. Peru, Chile, Alaska, Hawaii, Slate Run Pen Internship Moran Towing and Transportation Conr New York, New York ; f " Ralph " Clubs and Activities SfAME, Sailing Team, Automotive Interest " " ' •ropeiler Club, Flying Club P Sea Year $. Santa Lucia — Delta Lines S. Austral Entente — Farrell Lines S. Exxon Houston — Exxon Shipping Co. S President Wilson — American President I Places Visited |a, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Austra- , i,ew Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, donesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Mainland China I Internship " -cific Railroad, Kansas City, Misf — ' hank God for Roma ' s, calculators, and the ited States of America. WILLIAM ELWOOD LOWE III r i , Lewes, Delaware oody " , " Woodman " , " Lowedown " Clubs and Activities Photography Club, Hear This, Midships, Fooly Dualy, Honor Guard, Pony Appreciation Society, The Mo Who Stole Christmas Club, ROA, Univer- pelaware Exchange Student Sea Year S.S. George Wythe — Waterman Steamship Co. S.S. Gulf Shipper — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Joseph Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. ;xon Bangor — Exxon Shipping Co. ' ances Hammer — Hvide Shipping Places Visited Panama, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philip- pines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Russia, West Germany, Colombia, Spain, Greece, Gibraltar, Turkey Internship Pilot ' s Association of the Bay and River Dela S- There are three Wards of the State: Children, Mental Incompetents and Merchant Sailors. m U.S. Civil Law PETER MARTIN MCGONAGLE . Clubs and Activities i[ Varsity 1-2-3-4) Sea Year Maumee — Military Sealift Command S.S. Mormacaltair — Moore-McCormack Lines S.S. Mormaclynx — Moore-McCormack Lines .S. American Ace — U.S. Lines | ' %ar M. Queeny— Keystone Shipping ( s Places Visited Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Holland, England, France, Greece, Egypt, Australia, Antarctica, New , Panama, Texas r a Internship Js National Antiques d •Those who proceed at dead slow ahead, ma. ere, but it sure takes a long time. j Clubs and Activities icycfe Club, Weight Lifting Club, Trident ( Varsity Basketball, Batt-Com Sea Year S.S. Margaret Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamsh Co. S.S. Joseph Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship S.S. Exxon Newark — Exxon Shipping Co. ' : M.V. Spirit of Texas — Trident Navigation Places Visited Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, BraSiT Guyana, Trinidad Tobago, Barbados, Grenada St. Vincent, Dominica, Tortola, Jamaica, Eg " Internship United States Lines, Charleston, South Care mankind that come upon it to make a livi certain type of person. This type of person s with the ocean and the rest are cast back ashore to deal with the land people. Dr. Wilbert Chapman .TH AGNE ROSEN Trumbull, Connecticut Clubs and Activities ;Team, Sailing Team, Class Officer, " r Guard, Honor Guard, CFC Sea Year Jtair— Moore-McCormack Lines American Ace — U.S. Lines Sealand Patriot — Sealand California — Atlantic Richfiel " Places Visited Jruguay, Argentina, Holland, France, ' n. Hong Kong, Taiwan, " iternship )1 can make a rule and every 413 Deckles ENNETH GERALD BALDWIN Farmingdale, New York " Baldy " Clubs and Activities Officer, Lacrosse, ROA Sea Year - U.S. Lines Moore-McCorniaci Lines Marine Transport Visited jT-Bsi Germany, Brazil, Ar an, Guam, Singapore, Phi - ruba, Italv. Gre- " " " ■ BORLAND Seabrook, Maryland PfSIi ' f P4TA Go ptacidti) amid thz noiiz and thz peace thziz may be in iitzncz. 4uiiendei be on good teimi uiitk ' Spiak tjoul tluth quiittti and c-feai even tkz dull and ianonant; thz joid load and agizaivc peisons, ipiiit. I|$ ijou compaii ; oul4e£ uiith othll bitttl; iol at ' «aif , thfii will b than ujoamtH. tnjou ifoui ac ' i-ceuemen-t-s as wtll as in iioal OMn caitzi, howzMZfi hum in (fie changing ioitunzi oi tim Exeicise caution in yoan baiinzii oi tiickeiy. Rut £e-t thii not thzKZ -is; many pziioni itlivt I li(,e. i6 ull oi h fioiim. p Be ifowiiili. Fip cialltj do not Jh. ethnical about te i; ion in tht diitnchantrnznt) it ii as ptitnni Take, kindlu to tha. counizl of the the thingi of youth. ' uituie you in iudden mii foltune. Sat imaginingfi . Many feaA-i o ie bo Bzyond a ofioffesome discipline, be VoUjf aie a child o( the univeiiCj n the itaAi; yoa (laue a light 0te it ii deal to you, no doubt th it should. Theiefoief be at peace with God, ivh be. n{ Whatevel youi laboii a noiiy confusion of life keeo pe (Dith all it6 iham,. diiudgeiy and fa beau( u ! " ' oild. 6e cheenfut haste, and lemembei mhat As faA as possible without all persons, ly; and listen to otheis, II too have thein stony, they axe vexatioaf, to the s you may become vain and e gieatei and lessei peisons youl plans. Keep int ntsted ble; it is a leal possession af aiKi; fd -the woitd is fall blind yoa to n ' hat vintae 01 high ideals, and cveKynheie ign affection. Neithei be face of alt ' aiidity and al as the glass . yeais , giacefully salAendeiing tizngth of spin.it to shi eld do not distress younself with n of fatigue and lonliness. gentle with younself . less than the tnees and be hene. And whethei on not e anivense is unfolding as ateven you conceive Him to nd aspinations , in the ace with youK soul. oken dxeams , it is still a tn.ive to be happy. Clubs and Activities ailing Team, Color Guard, Fine Arts Club, Varsi- ity Club, Ambulance Squad, Marlin Spike C lub, " HHCA, ROA, Trident Club Sea Year wave — Moore-McCormack Lin nf America — Farrell Lines £ony Vacuum — Mobil Oil Co. Places Visited outh Africa, Mozambizue, Tanzania, Kenya, t, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Spain I f T Internship „.esapeake Bay Biological Lab, Solomons, Mary- md 417 TEVEN GEO: I BOSAN Camp Hill, Pennsylvani " The Bos " , " Bos Man " Clubs and Activities Club, Honor Guard, D.B. Clul lub. Automotive Interest Club Sea Year fico — Prudential Lines ' . Mormacsaga — Moore-McCormack I .«?. Austral Pioneer Farrell Lines JFi.V. Sperry Star — Sperry Corp. S.T. Charleston— Apex Places Visited — Egypt, Israel, Rumania, South Africa, Mozam bique, Brazil, Turkey, Australia, New Zealn " ! nama, St. Croix, Hoboken " BOZICK nt Lebanon, Pennsylvania Clubs and Activities ntal Color Guard Comma io, Ring Dance Chairman, Ski Clu ■ ntramurals, ROA, BFD „J Sea Year " . 1. Del Viento— Delta Lines ' IS. Button Gwinnett— Waterman Steamshi fCo. p. American Lark — U.S. Lines Philadelphia— Exxon Shipping Co. Places Visited lia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirants, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Yemen, Guam, Japan, Valdez, Alaska, South Bronx K; Internship .rant me the serenity to accept the things I piiiut change, courage to change things I can. and isdom to know the difference . . . God steer thee " ■ -.ngs Point! tM Mi wi 91 II ■■ ri r iPii CARLINO Brooklyn, New York " Kennit " Clubs and Activities Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Club, Rugbj motive Interest Club, Ski Club Sea Year S.S. Del Campo — Delta Lines S.S. Austral Envoy — Farrell Lines USNS Yukon— Trinidad Corp. USNS Sealift Caribbean— Marine Trans Lines Places Visited Venezuela, Colombia, Australia, New Aruba, Italy, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Greenland Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Diego Garcia, Dominican Republic Internship Maritime Overseas Corporation, New Yo York oi ope ration ana consiaeranon ror my renew man. But then I realized that just because I ' m leaving Kings Point, it ' s no reason to start lying. Except for some individuals: " YAA " - Good Luck Class of ' 84- Hello boys lets go a AVID JOHN CARMODY Kailua, Hawaii " PH " , " P. Nishead " Clubs and Activities [ " earn, Water Polo Team, Midshipman Offi- r. Moose Club, ICHCA, DBC, Honor, Guard. -— " er Club, Lifeguard, ROA, Competitive g Society Sea Year ition— American Hawaii Cruises . President Truman— American President Lines kS. Keystone Canyon— Keystone Shipping Co. iS. Kenai— Keystone Shipping Co. S. Mallory Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. ' K " auai — Matson Navigation Company inukai— Matson Navigation Company Places Visited Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Honduras, Panama, Philippines, Midway, Guam " Bushman " , " Cazz " Clubs and Activities Football, Track, Varsitv Club, Propeller Hear This, RBO (Regimental Bush Officer), KB Mikes of America Club, Weight Lifting Ck ROA, Ethnic Culture Club Sea Year S.S. Del Campo— Delta Lines S.S. American Archer — U.S. Lines S.S. Sealift China Sea — Marine Transpor Lines S.S. American Leader — U.S. Lines | Places Visited | J.Holland, West Germany, Colombia, Venl iSanto Domingo, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Texas Gramps, Nana and Pop-Pop, and Uncle D. than for all your support in helping me keep my sanil }LEN ST CHIGER Dix Hills, New York Clubs and Activities (Captain), Midshipman Offic er. ROA. iCA, Euker Club Sea Year ito — Delta Lines ' ' reedom — Farrell Lines lealift Atlantic — Marine Trans San Diego — Marine Transport Lines Places Visited ;an Republic, Venezuela, ColombI Italy, Greece, Israel, Puerto Rico, Bermu- ti, Aruba, Panama, Alaska CLIFFORD, JR. ; Watch Hill, Rhode Islani Clubs and Activities Sailing Team, Tennis, Frisbee, DWI School, Mike i Pullman Fan Club, 84 Corp., Ski Club, Par " " " " " Trident Club Sea Year I S.S. Santa Lucia — Delta Lines S.S. American Alliance — U.S. Lines S.S. Sealift Arabian Sea — Marine Trans] Lines S.S. American Astronaut — U.S. Lines S.S. Sealand Independence — Sealand Ser Corp. i Places Visited ; Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Peru West Germany, Holland, France. Guam, 1 ' ■ Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan Internship Energy Transportation Corporation, New Tor J New York ' ' fwaoiir I T Thank you for nothing. PAUL WINSTON CORLEY Macon, Georgia M ' aul Wayne " Clubs and Activities liiVargames Club, Yearbook Sea Year Ider — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. itiiTLykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. If Banker — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. eph Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Ila Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. I.ajiiall Jackson — Waterman Steamsh " - (fiho— Delta Lines Places Visited I, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Israel, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Panama, South Africa, Tanzania, -a, Madagascar RICH. COUCH I Lake City, Florida Clubs and Activities ty Football Team, Sailing Team, Judt , ki Club, Varsity Club, Military Simulations ;;iub, ROA, Honor Guard, Co-Captain Canteen Club J " Sea Year | B.S. Brinton Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamsi Co. 1 S.S. Del Rio— Delta Lines SS.S. Delta Caribe— Delta Lines S.S. Sealand Economy — Sealand Service i S.S. Robert E. Lee — Waterman Steamshi S.S. Doctor Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamsh Places Visited ima, Colombia, Brazil, Israel, Italy, I Netherlands, England, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Ara- bia, Sudan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Republic of D " ' ™ 2 ti, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, M Internship «f MARK DANA COULTER I v lubs and Activities ptain), Crew Team, Judo Team, J, Varsity Club, Moose Team Sea Year ntic Richfield — Arco Sag Rivei ;a Magdalena — Delta Lines ;a Adela — Delta Lines ;ral Moon — Farrell Lines ka — Marine Transport Li " Places Visited dexico, Panama, Colombia, V( gentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, I ' " w Zealand, Australia Internship ichfield Inc., Long Beach, Cal ead. I ' d rather die while I ' m living than je I ' m dead. ble mqqses! d KENNE CREASY II 428 Clubs and Activities Glee Club, ROA, Regimental Protocol 0; doctrination Sea Year S.S. Zoella Lykes— Lykes Bros. SteamsL. , . S.S. Geneviene Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Botruc 25— Cheromie Bros. Inc. ' S.S. Thompson Lykes— Lykes Bros. St Co. Places Visited ' South Africa, Kenya, Somalia, Germany, Pol Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Guatemala, Tex Internship Defense Mapping Agency, Washington 1 ley John, guess what? I met this girl Shelburne, Vermont piubs and Activities ing, Indoctrination ■ Sea Year aga — Moore-McCormack Lines ' uritan — Farrell Lines USNS Maumee— Trinidad iS,S. Legend — U.S. Lines S- Sealand Pittsburgh — Sealand Places Visited rgentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Dominican Re- public, Panama, Australia, New Zealand, France, Holland FREY DAVIS Suffield, Connecticut f? ' ' Clubs and Activities ,Pub Club, Blue Team, Ju ie Team, Competitive Tanning Soci- ' Sea Year Mormacrigel— Moore-McCormack Lines Austral Pioneer— Farrell Lines iky — Moore-McCormack Bulk laces Visited K.buth Africa, Mozambique, Brazil, Panama, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Venezuela, El Salva- dor, Great Britain, Netherlands, Sweden, West Germany, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Trinidad, Baha- Internship into Leadville and have a few beers. Jimmy Buffet Clubs and Activities Ambulance Squad, Honor Guard, Varsii Varsity Basketball, Track, ROA, Muscul trophy Association Sea Year S.S. Mormactide— Moore-McCormack L [ S.S. Santa Isabel— Delta Lines M.V. New York— Apex Marine Places Visited South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambii lombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru. St. Croi; Internship Energy Transportation Corporation, Ne ' New York support through the hard times, I thank y DEVINE Rockville Centre, New York " Brita " Clubs and Activities Manager, Swimming, Girls ' Basketball, .eyball, Honor Guard, Hear This, MDA Tele- On, ROA, Mascot Squad, Varsity Club, Newman - Propeller Club - ' ■ ' Sea Year S.S. Resolute — Farrell Lines S.S. Mariorie Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship ykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Almeria Lykes — Lykes Bros, steamship Co. S.S. Texaco Florida — Texaco, Inc. I Places Visited flsrael, Greece. Egypt , Morocco, Hol- land, Germany, England, Mexico ll Internship au of Shipping, New York, Ngw ROBERT MICHAE DOWNEY Babylon, New York b " , " Flid Ninja " , " Dow nd Activities Trident Club, L W Club, Deckle Bullsh Intramurals, Hockey, Security Squad, man ' s Club, Coffee Achievers, Canteen C Sea Year I S.S. Defiance — Farrell Lines S.S. Santa Isabel— Delta Lines | S.S. Kenai — Keystone | ' S.S. American Archer — U.S. Lines J , S.S. Constitution— American Hawaii Cri S.S. Independence — American Hawaii C Places Visited ' Eg.vpt, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, « Italy, Sri Lanka, Germany, Holland, Pana ; lombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Hawaii | Internship [ Sperry, Lake Success, New York i le aoor s open oui me m Bruce Springsteen can Presidenf ka, India, Pakistan, British Cole ■ " " " Southeast Alaska J 435 . .. FREDERICK EADS Lebanon, Indiana " Skidrow " , " Horsey " Clubs and Activities 1 Automotive Interest Club, Wargames, ■Guard, Ski Club Sea Year S.S. William Hooper — Waterman Steamsl Co. ' S.S. Gulf Merchant — Lykes Bros. Steams ; Co. SS.S. LNG Leo— Energy Transportation ; Corporation S.S. American Heritage — U.S. Lines S American Heritage — Apex Marine Places Visited ■ „gypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, L Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Panama, ColombiL Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Japan, Indonesia, Guam Hong Kong, Taiwan, Nigeria, St. Croix, New Yorli There is but one idea that is dangerous and th ;is the idea that ideas are dangerous. Robert Carver Nort ELLISON Fairfax, Virginia 0 " Pudge " , " Spudman " Clubs and Activities Hear This Staff, Weight Lifting Club, Midst man Officer, Ski Club, Waterpolo Swim Private Idaho Club, Plebegirl Frat Club Sea Year o.o. Gulf Merchant — Lvkes Bros. Steami Co. S.S. Joseph Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steams! S.S. Almeria Lykes — Lvkes Bros. Steams Co. S.S. Del Oro— Delta Lines U.S.S. Lexington— USN S.S. Delta Norte— Delta Lines S.S. Sealand Producer — Sealand Service; Places Visited jToiiama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentin guay, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Irelam +ain, Holland, Germany, Jamaica E Internship ' Command, Wr ' oubt m my mind that I wouldn t even have mad it through my plebe year without the support I got from my Father, who is my role model, my besf friend, and the person I respect most in the worI 438 V AUSTIN GILL ENGLISH Warrenton, Georgia Aw-Eng " Clubs and Activities resident, Second Class Preside hore Sailing, Outdoorsman Cli I Ski Club, Trident Club, Big j arking Lot Representative), ; ing Zucchini Announcer ; Sea Year ' vkes — Lykes Bros. Steamshit kes — Lykes Bros. Steamship C ' Delta Lines . husetts — Texaco Places Visited Jisia, Egypt, Italy, Colombia. V razil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, P« , Panama, Athens Georgia y good memories and friends will while time will take the sting out ot 439 " Ewink of the Wink " Clubs and Activities Judo Club, Sailing Team, Fine Arts Clu man Club Sea Year S.S. Stella Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamsh S.S. Louise Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steams) S.S. Doctor Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamsl S.S. Exxon Newark — Exxon Shipping C( Places Visited Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Balii Malaysia, China, Korea, Japan, Morocco, Italy, Netherlands, England s Internship Nashville Bridge Co., Nashville Tenness) until I have walked a mile in his footsteps and th I may never forget my friends- Semper P i. ? 1 up 1 1 MTH! « i«ie t ZMKtr -jjpi l H ■■ Clubs and Activities " ' earn, ICHCA, Rastafarian Society, Moose J State Artists Guild Sea Year ido — Delta Lines -rrtiuston — Waterman Steamship Co. S.S. Tyson Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Atigun Pass — Keystone Shipping Co. USNS Shoshone— Trinidad S.S. President Hoover — American President Lines S.S. Arco Fairbanks — Arco Marine ■ Places Visited ezuela, Colombia, Panama, Japan, Korea, iwan. Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Ma- ' sia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Great Neck Internship ke Champlain Transportation Co., Burlington, rmont seemed like a good idea at the time. r I UAVID FERGUSON Pittsford, New York m m ssW ' " Fergi " Clubs and Activities Tlee Club- President, Chapel Choir- Prei ' ine Arts Club- President, Cheerleading, Chris ian Fellowship, Ring Dance, " Bloom County ' lesident " — Sea Year vS. Young America— Farrell Lines .S. Mormacrigel — Moore-McCormack Lii .S. Santa Maria— Delta Lines .S. B.T. San Diego— Marine Transport : .8. President Taft— American President Places Visited Ipain, France, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Greec wblic of South Africa, Mexico, Panama, Ve nezl la, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ec - ■ " , Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Idah- — Internship )elta Lines, New York, New York outward form, would love me for the excellen g lities which I was capable of unfolding. !: Mary Godwin Shells ■Hi " Gambo ' % " G " ■ .ubs and Activities Football, President of Trident Club, Varsil Weight Lifting Club, Automotive Interes RBU I r Sea Year ..t Constitution — American Hawaii Crui ■o.S. Margaret Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steam : Co. S.S. Manukai — Matson Navigation Lines ' jM.V. Victory — Bulkfleet Marine Places Visited iwaii, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa M Thank you. ..It ' s a privilege serving you. OP l«i jiirM:MMiiirAV[ii! GREGORY iOng Beach, Washington " Snoopy " Clubs and Activities risbee Club, Ski Club, Wrestling, TM ' s, Sea Year ,t Cleveland — American Presid jines i. President Adams — American President -.ines i. President Fillmore — American Preside: ines I. Philadelphia — Sealand N. Martha Foss— Foss Launch Tug ■ Places Visited Canada, Alaska, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singa- pore, Taiwan, Red China, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri India, Pakistan, Sudan t Internship ; ss Launch Tug, Seattle, Washington J r VANCE CARU GRIFFIN New Bern, North Carolinj lbs and Activities ■ ■ . ' . - lugby, Wrestling, Intramurals, Weight Liftin [uh, Indoctrination ' 86, Midshipman Offi cer ;l Sea Year i.S. Del Monte — Delta Lines .S. Christopher Lykes — Lykes Bros. " ■ iamship Co. Stella Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi] Places Visited ea (West Africa), South Africa, Mozani . j, (enya, Tanzania, Somalia, Algeria, Egypt, Mada Internship ort of Morehead City, Morehead City, Jarolina I ' m a tarheel born, I ' m a tarheel bred, and s I ' m a tarheel dead. .N WEBST] GUIDOBONI Wiscasset, Maine " Guido " v iuBs and Activities lee Club Sea Year ? mer — Lykes Bros. Steanishi|) Co jley Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship ( ' Ita Mar— Delta Lines isident Fillmore — American President at Jackson — American President aces Visited iiiaua, i-auaiJiarColombia, Ecuador, Peru, Jor- n, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Egypt, ' " " Djibouti, Saudi Arabia. India, Malaysia, re, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Red Chi- m. Morocco. Italv. Hong Kong. Israel I won ' t do this again. 447 1 " Milton " ubs and Activities Cross-Country- Captain, Track- Captair shipman Officer, Midshipman Council, Board, Propeller Club, Sea Year S.S. President Hoover — American Presid Lines S.S. Santa Mariana — Delta Lines i S.S. Santa Juana — Delta Lines USNS Pawcatuck (T-AO 108)— Military immand, Atlantic Places Visited Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Panar lombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile Ecuador, Greece, Israel, Spain, Italy. France zerland ■ Internship ' ng, Los Angeles, ' ■■ 1 §j m • p s , i nsistency is the key to success. One m ways be conditioned for the long run. J 1 " Scrodfish " ;lubs and Activities an Officer, Honor Board Chairman, Tri- ), ICHCA Sea Year Jefferson — American Pr , Adela — Delta Lines Maria — Dleta Lines dent Johnson— American President i jLiiNij Aires — Energy Transportation ' orporation Places Visited . a, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong ig, Japan, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, ezuel a. Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador Internship " 1 vigation, Portsmouth, New Hamp- 449 HALL Red Bank, New Jersey Clubs and Activities ' earn, Race Committee Chairmj Officer, Newman Club, Deba Heritage Pub Club Sea Ye ar pfico — Prudential Lines ■Accord — U.S. Lines " n Ocean — Marine T Places Visited ' srael, Turkey, Romania, HoUai rmany, France, Greece, Italy, i ies, Japan, Korea, Singapore ers, and my good friends for all the Ii y ' ve lent the last four vears. ; 450 il Bi7Alg4VJWI [AWKINS Palmetto, Florida " Johnny " Clubs and Activities ' ' ennis Team, Bicycle Club, Sailing,, ICHC Sea Year ean Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship ( .S. Delta Sud— Delta Lines ,.S. LNG Taurus— Energy Transportation! Corporation Places Visited anada, Morocco, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia,: enezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, j ' donesia i Internship FBeck ' s Inc., Bradenton, Florida m HERBEIN Palmyra, Pennsylvania Clubs and Activities .-Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, arsity Club, Trident Club, Color Guard, T-Boat Sea Year ..can Ace — U.S. Lines anta Clara — Delta Lines ormacstar— Moore-McCormack Lir Places Visited lolland, Germany, England, France, Sweden, Pa- ama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Trinidad |bago, U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix . Internship hipping Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylva- ISIHIk inLNk Kent, Ohio " Hungry " ' Clubs and Activities Varsity Basketball- Co-captain, Midshipman d cer, Third Class Secretary, Varsity Club- Treasi er, Fine Arts Club Sea Year S.S. Shirley Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steams S.S. Frederick Lykes — lykes Bros. Steam. Co. S.S. Joseph Lykes — Lykes Bros. SteamsK S.S. Dolly Turman — Lykes Bros. Steamsl Places Visited 3 Italy, Algeria, Egypt, Japan, Singapore, Ind ' Borneo, Taiwan, South Korea, Colombia ' dor, Panama, Chile, Peru, Long Island Internship jland Port Authority, Cleveland, Ohi IZZO ' alley Stream, New York " Steve " Clubs and Activities Regimental Band, Glee Club, Hear This, Honor Board. Jazz Band, Tattoo ' 81 ' 83, Inaugural Pa- Sea Year . Del Mundo — Delta Lines iS. Austral Entente — Farrell Lines S.S. American Alliance — U.S. Lines S.S. Chevron Mississippi — Chevron Shippiij, jsident Johnson — American Preside anes . Charles Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. ■ -co Alaska — Arco Oil — •■ i Places Visited .minican Republic, Venezuela, Germany, ance, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, ' ' " Taiwan, Korea Another stair to climb . . . (t somehow in the darkened sky The Sunlight Finds its way. Find the Hope and Will to try And Face another day . . . hrough chaos, doubt, insanity Through struggles of every form Learned of Life, of Work and Plav s : - [S EDWAR vJARUSO Nanuet, New York Clubs and Activities Varsity Club, Propeller Club, ROA, Tridei Pub Club, Varsity Track, Midshipman Offi MDA Telethon (Las Vegas), Indoctrinatio n ' 8 I ' 87, ICHCA Sea Year S.S. American Accord — U.S. Lines S.S. Mormacaltair — Moore-McCormack I S.S. Arco Juneau — Arco Marine, Inc. i S.S. Santa Maria — Delta Lines M.V. Jeffrey Foss— Foss Tug Barge Co. M.V. Martha Foss— Foss Tug Barge C I Places Visited [ England, France, Holland, Germany, Mexico, nama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, i gentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Alaska Internship Atlantic Richfield, Inc., Long Beach . many lives as I can, it really wouldn ' t matter K long I live, because I will have succeeded in lifei and followed my Fatljer ' s ways. DOUGLAS JACKSO Mill Valley, California he Hammer " , " Doug T. " Clubs and Activities iine Arts Club, Glee Club, Dog Squad (Mascot Squad), Color Guard, Honor Guard, Midships, Hear This, Bicycle Club, Displaced Californians ' Club r Sea Year tient Jackson — American Presid Lines • anta Mercedes — Delta Lines ' resident McKinley — American President les i.S. Arco Prudhoe Bay — Arco Marine ■S. Kauai — Matson Naviaation Co. Places Visited lexico, Canada, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Egypt, New York i _ __ Internship , Marino Safety, San Fransico, C " ' ' romises to keep and miles to go berore i sieep, nd miles to go before I sleep. — ' Robert Frost 4 years and party for the next 40 yaars. It ' s time t start partying! ma Places Visited d beyond )se for which power can be right- ,„j bver any member of a civilized lommunity against his will is to prevent harm to jthers. His own good, either physical or moral, is hot a sufficient warrant. He cannot rightfully be compelled to do or forbear . . . because in the (pinion of others to do so would be wise or even ieht. Vhen I was shown the charts and diagrams, to add, divide, and measure them, S I sitting heard the astronomer when he lec- ed with much applause in the lecture-room, low soon unaccountable I became tired and sick, rill riding and gliding out I wander ' d off by my- self, .n the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time, Look ' d up in perfect silence at the stars. Walt Whitman ■iWttMgfilg li ,NTYKO Flint, Michigan " Marty " r Clubs and Activities - Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Hockey Varsity Club, Trident Club, Propeller Club, Di Club Sea Year S.S. Arco Juneau— Arco Marine S.S. Constitution— American Hawaii Cri; S.S. Manukai— Matson Navigation Co. I ' SS, James Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamsli Delta Mar— Delta Lines Places Visited Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argent! Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Hawaii, A " Internship Century Chartering Co., Inc., New Yoij York i Quelle Salade! Cohasset, Massachusetts " Craig " Clubs and Activities ROA, Midshipman Officer, Propeller Club, Tattoo Sea Year )el Oro— Delta Lines p¥elma Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi " ' " S.S. Delta Mar— Delta Lines S.S President Jackson— American Presid les anta Mariana— Delta Lines Places Visited Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Venezuela, ' , Poland, Holland, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Paki- stan, Oman, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singa- pore, Japan, Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Chile, " .oiMdor, Peru Internship ink W. Winne Co., Boston, Massachusetts DON GREGORY LARSON Berwyn, Illinois ckie Don " | libs and Activities ! RBU, Sailing Team, Hear This-Asst. Editor, Mi shipman Officer, Men ' s Varsity Volleyba ll-Ca , Varsity Club , " Sea Year I S.S. Gulf Banker — Lykes Bros. Steamsh . S.S. Del Sol— Delta Lines S.S. Sheldon Lykes — Lvkes Bros. Steam . Co. ■S.S. Almeria Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steami Co. S.S. LNG Aquarius— Energy Transportai n C orporation ; Places Visited , i Iorocco, Egypt, Senegal, Liberia, Ivory ' v..ue Nigeria, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Panama, Colo • " ■a, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Wef ' - ' Iny, Japan, Indonesia I Internship ■ American Bureau of Shipping, Chicago,] «xisti- " However, repiiea the universe, the t has not created in me, a sense of obligation. ' Stephen Crai 462 w LEACH Glenmont, New York " Leach " i Clubs and Interests I, RBU, F.A.C., Frisbee Club Sea Year S. Argonaut — Farral Lines S. Del Campo —Delta Lines S. American Ace — United States Lines S. Sealift Pacific— Marine trans. merican Heritage Apex Places Visited J, Germany, Federal Republic, Hol- •Britain, Egypt, Philippines, Qua Venezuela, Colombia, Greece Internship iElectric, Buffalo, New York Final Words ledge is good. LEMPRIERE Petaluma, California Clubs and Activities Swim Team, Water Polo Club, Concert Commit- tee, DBC, Pub Club, Sportsmans Club, I CHCA, Ski Club, Flying Zucchini Sea Year S.S. Austral Lightning — Farrell Lines S.S. Chevron California — Chevron Shipj S.S. Kauai — Matsoni Navigation S.S. President Grant — American Preside Lines S.S. Santa Mariana — Delta Lines S.S. G.T. Chevron Louisiana — Chevron ■ Shipping Places Visited ahiti, Australia, New Zealand, Canada; Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico, El Si Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argcm-me Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Alaska, Hawaii Internship Chevron Shipping Co. San Fransico, Calif A man can do what he ought to do; and when he says he cannot, it is because he will not! .5 ilSUMfiUfli JI LIEBSC. Darby, Pennsylvania " Joo Loud " , " Lee-Bosch " Clubs and Activities idships, Judo, Rugby, T V Oceanid, Company trajmurals Officer, Hear This, Dart Club, Ist fball League, Baseball Sea Year S.S. Sealand Consumer — Sealand Service, = = ' ' ■wta Juana— Delta Lines jormaclynx — Moore-McCormack Lin lealand Leader— Sealand Service, In )nsina — Keystone Shipping Co. sesident Tyler— American President Places Visited ; France, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, „_„ — ,, ..laska, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, ong Kong, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Ec- " ' % Chile Internship hipping Company, Philadelphia, R iiJLIMSMIIMIiiSraM LILLY Edmonds, Washington Switlik " , " Decadence " , " Goldfin Clubs and Activities ; RBU, Lacrosse Club, Trident Club, Honor Guard Frisbee, Propeller Club, Hear This, Mike i ica Club ; Sea Year S.S. President Jefferson — American Pre, Lines S.S. President Taft— American Presiderl S.S. Portland— Sealand Service, Inc. S.S. Philadelphia: — Sealand Service, Inc. M.V. Sealand Innovator — Sealand Servi. f S.S. Surveyor— N.O.A.A. f S.S. Manulani— Matson Navigation S.S. Arco Anchorage— Arco Marine S.S. Independence — American Hawaii C ■ Places Visited ' Japan, Panama, Costa Rica, Korea, Taiwa I Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Ii ; Guam, Hawaii, Great Neck, The Village s Internship . LMoriarty, Mikkelborg, Broz, Wells, Frvi Washington ou Mom. Thank you Dad. i,ove y LOPES Island Park, New York OS. Steamship 11 Lines IcCormack Li in les f.S. Lines Places Visited ew Zealand, Canad a, Curacao, ' |n Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, and, France, Germany, Holland, r KMaMg igirfAVi LOUER III Clifton, New Jersey «oisey Bob " Clubs and Activities ' Regimental Band, Honor Board, Midship fice r, Intamurals I Sea Year American Argosy — U.S. Lines J S.S. Mormacsaga— Moore-McCormaclc IJ USNS American Explorer — Trinidad 1 Corporation i Places Visited Netherlands, West Germany, France, Scotland, South Africa, Brazil, Spain,] Azores, Bermuda, Aruba • I 5 ..Ibedo " , " Chimp " Clubs and Activities ockev. Crew, Ski Club, Bicycle Club, Pub Club, tidenti ub, Hear This, MDA, DBC 5 Sea Year - Farrell Lines iipion — Farrell Lines - Marine Transport Lines I— U.S. Lines Places Visited gypt, Greece, Spain. Azores lameroon. Ivory Coast, Senegal, i. England, France, Cuba, P Internship Jew Haven. Connecticut Jn mm i Clubs and Activities ty Club, Varsity Soccer, Karate, Honor Guard, Cross-Country, Automotive Interest Club, ROA, Intramurals, Power Squadron, COARF 7, Machinists Club, Lacrosse Club Sea Year rgonaut — Farrell Lines xport Champion — Farrell Lines ash Pacifico — Prudential Lines Baltimore — Apex Marine Ether Moran — Moran Towing and msportion Places Visited BpaTn, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Israel, TuF Egypt, Rumania, West Africa Baltimore, Maryland bs and Activities ionor Guard, Midshipman Council, Hear Sea Year .S. Sealand Seattle — Sealand Services, I M.V. Sealand Freedom— Sealand Service, S-S. Lake Charles — Sealand Service, Inc. ;M.V. Sealand Express — Gastrans, Inc S.S. Mallory Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steams Co. i Places Visited ' ;gj ' Algeria, Panama, Germany, Holland, Japan Guam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Hni here it is before you- smiling, frowning, invitin grand, mean, insipid, or savage, and always mut with an air of whispering, come and find out. Joseph Conn TODD MICHAEL MCCLEARY Blue Springs, Missouri ubs and Activities Regimental Glee Club, Intramurals, Jogginj nis, Midshipman, Officer, ROA Sea Year S.S. Del Valle— Delta Lines S.S. James Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi M.V. USNS Sealift Indian Ocean— Marij Transport Lines S.S. Beaver State — Apex Marine Corp. Places Visited s Gabon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Guinea, South ; Kenya, England, Spain, Greece, Wales, Scom Portugal, Italy, Algeria, France, Netherlan. ' Internship ealand Services, Inc., Westwood, Kansas Bon Voyage Class of 84. Best of luck future endeavors as the elite of the fleet. bs and Activities fetball, MDA Telethon, Newman Club. Honor .d, Company Intramurals Officer, Competi- Tanning Society, Canteen Club, Moosehead Sea Year ,vz .a Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. jStella Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. ;Almeria Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship i i. Spirit of Texas— Titan Navigation m Places Visited ;, Borneo, Philippines, Hong Kon na, Japan, Panama, Lebanon, Syria. Egypt, Italy, Holland, Germany. Kngland, Jamaica Internship U.S. Coast Ciuard. Miami. Florida Jimmy Buffett lanks for everything;- Mom and Dad. lELA MAE MERTEN East Weymouth, Massachuse V. Clubs and Activities 1 yearn, Varsity Club, Honor Guard. N ' liipman Officer, Tattoo 5 Sea Year Mar — Delta Lines ,an — Lykes Bros, Stennish ■ Places Visited ' anama Canal Zone, Venezuela, Brazil, Arjje eru, Ecuador, Mainland China, Honj; Koc ,an, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Diego Gi Internship 3oston Towboat, Boston, Massachusetts !e who reach, touch •e who dream, travel AVID BRYAN MILLER ialls Church, Pennsylvania " Pappy " Clubs and Activities ,_„_y Club, Midshipman Officer, Propeller Club, Bicycle Club Sea Year ; aulf Farmer— Lykes Bros. Steamship ,.S. Louise Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. 3.S. Almeria Lvkes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Sealand Innovator — Sealand " d Philadelphia — Sealand i Range — Interocean Management Places Visited j _. , Jlcuador, Colombia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, England, Netherlands, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, Puerto Rico ' ■ J I Internship ' . " cksonville, Florida 7 GLENN THOMAS MITCHELL River Ridge, Louisiana Clubs and Activities ailing Team, Propeller Club, Hear This, C I.V. Nereid, Fireman ' s Sunday Culture Dortman ' s Club 1 Sea Year 1. James Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi .S. Elizabeth Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steams Co. .8. Brinton Lykes — Lvkes Bros. Steamsh Co. .S. Lake Charles — Gastrans Inc. SJExxon Bangor — Exxon Shipping Co. Places Visited outh Africa, Keyna, Egypt, Panama, Cole Icuador, Peru, Chile, Great Neck Internship Sara of Commissioners of the Port of New lans, New Orleans, Louisiana ach man a reflection of himself. Frown at it, an( ; will in turn look sourly upon you. Laugh at i ' nd it i.s a jolly companion. ' 478 MOELLER New Orleans, Louisiana Clubs and Activities ' ' ••% Pistol Team, Propeller Club, ■-•- jt Lounge (Co-owner) Sea Year E. Lee — Waterman Steamship Co. iS. Del Sol— Delta Lines .S. Zoella Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Places Visited j xv.cn, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Omant c- len, Arab Republic of Emirates, Pakistan, India, ri Lanka, Bangladesh, Egypt, Italy, Tunisia, Ja- naica, Liberia, Nigeria, Bedrock, Cameroon, Ivory ©ast I r Internship i ' New Orleans Board of Commissi (rleans, Louisiana I i I ' d like to thank all of the people who helped me ;t through KP especially my parents, family, iends, and the man who delivers the beer to the SCOTT THOMAS MUNRO San Jose, California Ir. Freeze " Clubs and Activities Polo, Swimming, Ultimate Frisbee, Varsity L , DBC I - Sea Year S.S. American Corsair — U.S. Lines :, S- S. Se aland Developer — Sealand nta Mariana — Delta Lines lompson Pass — Interocean Management iigun Pass — Keystone Shipping Co. " " esident Tyler — American President Places Visited ]Korea, Okinawa, Philippines, Guam, Hong ,..t,fTaiwan, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Colom- a, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ec- Clubs and Activities Midshipman Officer, Yearbook Staff, SNAME, Propeller Club, ROA, Trident Club, ICHCA, Eth- Bic Culture Club Sea Year ' ormactide — Moore-McCormack Line cport Champion — Farrell Lines larleston — Apex Marine alift Indian Ocean — Marine Transp ' s ■ an Legend — U.S. Lines Places Visited izania, Mozambique, South i tugal, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Gen [olland, Nigeria, Panama, Zaire, Ivory Coast, ' — " — ' ' ■ ' jrra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Came, ' " " " LS. Virgin Islands R. ., ' Internship ic, Washington D.C. Always try to attain what you want But rget what you already have. 483 NICHOLS Bedford, Indiana i Clubs and Activities i gaines. Honor Guard, Yearbook Sea Year ■ " .S. Velma Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamshij .S. Tillie Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship ». .S. Robert E. Lee— Waterman Steamship Coj .S. Aimee Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship- ..S. American Leader — U.S. Lines | Places Visited long Kong, Indonesia, Okinawa, Singapore aysia, England, Germany, Holland, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Jnited Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kenya, Soutl; Internship 2, Steele, and Steele, Bedford, Indian: What you love is your own power What you live is your own history. : Rus " tr ' H KATHLEEN MARY O ' CONNELL — 1- I ' LiaGrange Park, Illinois Clubs and Activities 3 ailing Team, Hockey Club Manager, Dran! Juild-Production Coordinator, Women ' s Crewi Jables, Female Midshipmen ' s Advisory Counci| ear This- Ad Manager, Production Coordinato| Iditor-in-Chief Sea Year .S. Santa Maria — Delta Lines .S. Santa Mercedes — Delta Lines .S. Manulani — Matson Navigation .S. President McKinley — American Presi Lines .S. Austral Envoy — Farrell Lines .S. American Leader — U.S. Lines .S. Golden Monarch — Apex Marine .S. Charleston — Apex Marine Places Visited - — lanada, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico Jrazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Japari [orea. Hong Kong, Okinawa, Australia, New Zea: ind, Holland, France f PHILIP EDWARD _0 ' CONNELL _ inklin Square, New Yorl p ' Uncle Nick-Nack " , " Hogo , Clubs and Activities ■ ' , Smear This, Midships, Circle " R " STD Sea Year irbara — Delta Lines M V Amazonia — American Atlantic Lines S.S. American Legend — U.S. Lines " arine Princess — Marine Transport Lines ;eanid — Haendel Shipping Lines, ed (very limited) fe Places Visited ■nama, Ecuador, Peru, Chili, St. Vin- ,j, Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana, Bra- •lame, Dominica, England, France, Ger- lolland, Sri Lanka, Newark iJ Internship ' Transport Lines, New York, New Yorf — Dr. Hunter S. Thorn Thanks to my family and friends whc ' — 487 O ' DOWD Cincinnati, Ohio ubs and Activities Hear This, Drama Guild, Women ' s Crew Sea Year S.S. Ashley Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamsh S.S. Button Gwinnett — Waterman Stear Co. S.S. Exxon San Francisco — Exxon Shipp Places Visited Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Sudan, Ethiopi Stan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sri Djibouti, Panama, Jordan Internship Fran Lines, Mobile, Alabama j nips inai maxe waves gei ; those that don ' t are quite dead in the water. Origin RICHARD ALOIS OLSON Delavan, Wisconsin " Hippie " .bs and Activities rew, Varsity Club, Sportsman ' s Club, ICHCA, rirlAMf ' lub, Competitive Tanning Society Sea Year .S. Aimee Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. .S. Shirley Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. .V. Gypsy — Gypsy Cruises, Inc. .S. Almeria Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamsh Co. .S. Doctor Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. " olon Turman — Lykes Bros. Steamshi ' Places Visited a, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Mo- 3CC0, Lebanon, Egypt, Italy, Canada, Bahamas, Ingland, Netherlands, West Germany, Colombia, a, Ecuador, Chile, Peru Internship Cruises, Snead ' s Island, Florida out there ' ll never be any doubt that the pleasure was w orth all the pain. s Jimmy Buffett RALPH JOSEPH , ORTOLANOJR. Rancho Palos Verdes, Califori Lex Amerika , Orbit Clubs and Activities ittalion First Lieutenant, Hear This- Features ' fditor, Cheerleading, M-Man, Ancient Mariner " || (mascot), Regimental Broadcast Unit, Ethnic Cul- ■ ture Club ' , Coke Machine Operator, Bi-Coastal Distributions (company owner), " Possessed " (NYC punk band- drummer), Tattoo ' 81, Football ■graining Movie and Still Publicity Photographer, j fcfle Team, Judo Club, Amatuer Radio Club, S.S.I ' institution 2nd Generation Cadet Club, iiami fie M-14 Qualifications | Sea Year .8. Santa Mariana — Delta Lines .8. President Hoover — American Presiden Lines ■ -8. Constitution — American Hawaii Cruise S. Kauai — Matson Navigation Co. S. B.T. San Diego— Marine Transport Li( Places Visited lanada, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezi , razil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Japan, lorea, China, Hong Kong, Hawaiian Islands,, 1 Internship will run its course, but the fact that we existed can never be changed. J " Slayer 5 Clubs and Activk- _eam, Sunday Night Culture Club, Ham- iClub Wood I Sea Year ' ulf Trader — Lykes Bros. Steamship uth Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship elta Caribe — Delta Lines NG Louisiana — Gastrans of Lachmi mship Co. Places Visited ugal, Taiwan, Sicily, England, Korea, many, Japan, Algeria, Singapore, EI v ' when he ' s dead. Cheers to: Moe, Bing, Arnie, Big H " , Wes, Dooogs, Mac, Thunder, and yes, ' ' 3 wool too, Bottoms up! i . V. Clubs and Activities 1 Dnor Guard, ROA, Midshipman Officer, Hear his. Women ' s Basketball Team, Ski Club, Judo Sea Year I.S. Tampa — Sealand Service, Inc. s I.S. Del Viento — Delta Lines i.T. American Heritage — Apex Marine xport Freedom — Farrell Lines Places Visited jlombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, I omingo, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Congoi larae, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica l Internship nergy Transportation Corporation, New iajifeYork HR L5 ' ] l % ' ' fi9 vH B - V. m " Muffin " Clubs and Activities easonal Hear This Contributor, Track, Crew, ■ub Club, Midshipman Council, MDA, DBC, Iceanrod Zoo Crew, Century Club, Trident Club, anteen Club, Flying Zucchini Sea Year xport Challenger — Farrell Lines LS. Santa Lucia— Delta Lines »S. Arco Fairbanks — Arco Marine IS. President Adams — American President brmacstar — Moore-McCormack Line Places Visited y Coast, Liberia, Congo, Zaire, Siera one, Azores, Bahamas, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, ' anama, Peru, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Ihina, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, C-—— da, Bayonne New Jersey, India ' ; Internship lipltji Steamshin Lines, New York, New Yoj These are the times that try mens soi Thomas Pain ROBERT ERIC POLLARD Annapolis, Maryland " Snake " lubs and Activities kipper M S Captive, Offshore Party Squat irwinner-Offshore Racing Team, Karate .vSWO f Sea Year .8. Stella Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship! .S. Howell Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi] .S. Philadelphia — Sealand Service, Inc. .S. LNG Capricorn — Energy Transportati Corporation Places Visited ,ain, Israel, Egypt, Italy, USA, Haiti, J idonesia, R.S.A. Internship IMAH TC, Wahington D.C. I have met many people here. Few I will se again; still fewer, do I wish to see. Clubs and Activities ' ' earn (Captain Manager), Cannon Sq , mbulance Squad (President), Club GUANO, mOh Rack Sea Year IS. Uel Mundo — Delta Lines ' jS. Export Challenger — Farrell Lines i ' " " ' ' " " " ' n — Trinidad Corporation ' it Atlantic — Marine Transport ' _ laces Visited ela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Pana- jan, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy, Azores, iberia, Senegal, Togo, Ivory Coast, Came aten Island ich satisfies us both. They are to say wn ase and I am to do as I please. Frederick the MICHAEL JOHN RANT Marlboro, New York " Mike " , " Joe " , " Rant-Monster " ' Clubs and Activities acrosse Club, Hear This, Honor Guard, ?eam, Ski Club, Newman Club, D.B. Clul CHCA, ROA, Oceanrod Zoo Crew, Sportsman ' Jlub, Concert Committee ' ' Sea Year l.S. American Alliance — U.S. Lines I i.S. Mormacvega — Moore-McCormack Li l.S. Constitution — American Hawaii Cruis l.S. Independence — American Hawaii Cru l.S. Maui — Matson Navigation Co. j.S. President Johnson — American Presid( ; Lines l.V. President Lincoln — American Presid Lines J Places Visited Ingland, Holland, France, Germany, Bel, iscension Island, Republic of South Africa, 111 5 il, Hawaii, Guam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan P hilip pines Internship ck Lines, Inc., f )west of lows . . . and the best of friendships. E " W M ffl i k V ROECKELL j ' Huntington Station, New Yor. r« i " Jack " , " Rock " Clubs and Activities Basketball, RBU, Fine Arts Club . Sea Year bria (T-AK 281)— Military Sealif r Command S.S. American Legend— U.S. Lines |.S. Export Patriot— Farrell Lines IjSNS Sealift Mediterranean (T-AO 173)— ?ine Transport Lines Places Visited sireat Britain, Netherlands, France. ' — ece, Israel mes in the last four ears, too bad most of them have been in my head. Bill Walton Deer Park, New York " Blue Eyes " , " Chrissy " Clubs and Activities : Irsity Volleyball Team- Co-Captain, Midship- lan Officer, Band, Varsity Club, Midships, Hear his, Women ' s Swim Team, Muscular Dystrophy glethon, Women ' s Basketball Team, Scuba Sea Year ,. Santa Cruz — Delta Lines S. Mormacrigel — Moore-McCormack Lim ' Maui — Matson Lines ealand Innovator — Sealand, Inc. institution — American Hawaii Cruis ' ■ Places Visited nama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, suador, Argentina, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, e Tahoe Internship jast Guard, New York, New York « V Thank-you to a wonderful family and very spe- al friends who have given me the strengt h to flke it through. i ATTH. ROBER ' r iiv iMHi Honolulu, Hawaii " Math " Clubs and Activities :ilub, Choir, Glee Club, Sailing Tes Sea Year IS. Charles Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamsh: .8. Kauai — Matson Navigation .S. Independence — American Hawaii Cru l.V. Explorer — Sealand Service, Inc. .S. President Tyler — American President Lines S— California — Chevron Oil Company Places Visited iapan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Hawaiian Is Liaska, California, Washington Internship ifican Hawaii Cruises, Honolulu, Hawa ' Clubs and Activities fropeller Club, ROA, Commandant ' s Notice aGommittee Sea Year ' homas Nelson— Waterman Steamshf )elta Mar— Delta Lines Umeria Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship a Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamshi] Places Visited ny, Holland, Russia, Canada, , Israel, Egypt. Italy, Jamaica, ile, Uruguay, Argen ' internship ' .ounty Oceanographic Research - " lie Beach, North Carolina Thanks Mom Dad tor the support ana en- couragement throughout the ordeal. r Guatemala City, Guatemal " Ryd the Kid " r Clubs and Activities lidshipman Officer, Glee Club, Machinist, t ' ropeller Club, Racking Team Captain Sea Year 3.S. Charlotte Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steami Co. !.S. Adabelle Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steams Co. i.S. Chevron Oregon — Chevron Shipping .S. President Grant — American Presiden Lines I.S. Hillyer Brown — Chevron Shipping C Places Visited Icuador, Peru, Chile, Panama, Jamaica, Mc pain, Israel, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, u Internship Chevron Shipping, San Francisco, Califori ICHARD CLARK SCHULKE Paramus, New Jersey " Rugs " Clubs and Activities ,„,™,ntal Dictator, Propeller Club, ICHCA, hapel Choir, Glee Club, Gulf Stream Society, OA, Company First Lieutenant, Tattoo ' 81 Sea Year erican Leader — U.S. Lines nta Barbara— Delta Lines _ ■ Monarch — Avon Marine Shippi-t, rlynx— Moore-McCormack Lines Places Visited _iand, Shetland Islands, Netherlands, est Germany, St. Croix, St. Lucia, Congo, Lo- in, Ohio, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Internship :;;orporation, New York, New York iwu..al Terminal Operating, New Y ew York I ' I am thankful for the support of my family ana riends, past and present, who have helped me urn what was once my dream into my des ' Clubs and Activities arsity Track, Water Polo, DBC Club, h uard, Warwagon-Master, Karate Club, V nalysis Club- Co-Captain Sea Year KjrSealand Market — Sealand Service, Inc; ;S. American Lark — U.S. Lines Is. Austral Entente — Farrell Lines ?S. Edgar M. Queeny — Keystone Shipping Places Visited anama, Holland, Germany, China, Japan, ;alia, New Zealand, Great Neck Internship rumman Aerospace, Bethpage, New York Is it over yet? Think pink. r- ■ -; :m 1 Clubs and Activities Sailing, President of ICHCA, M.O.O.S.E. Team, Rastafarian Society, Pub Club, Honor Guard, ex Band Jock Sea Year lie Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. S.S. Stella Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. RS. President McKinley— American President " ' .ines . President Tyler— American President Places Visited England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Arab Emirates, Singapore, Panama Internship Captain Jack Roberts Marine Surveyors, Pear- land, Texas Doobie Br 507 Cape Coral, Florida k " Steve " Clubs and Activities 1 I ' rident Club, Propeller Club, Automotive ' St Club, Hear This Staff, Midshipmen Council, legimental Band, Fanfare Trumpets, Stage Band, larate Club, Intramurals, Weightlifting, J ' [ar Dystrophy Association, FAC, Neried, G Sea Year 3fohn Lykes — Lykes Lines | .8. Mason Lykes — Lykes Lines .S. Tillie Lykes — Lykes Lines 1 J.S. Sealand Exchange — Sealand 1 Places Visited U.S.A. (Gulf and Pacific Coasts), Panama, I pines, Guam, Japan, Okinawa, Taiwan, i Kong, Korea, Haiti, South Africa, England, erlands, Germany ] Internship U.S. Coast Guard - Rescue Station, Fort Meyers Beach, Florida l) JUNG SING Columbia, Maryland Clubs and Activities io Team Capt, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Club, hnic Culture Club, AIC, Weightlifting Club, La- ' " npiub, Propeller Club Sea Year iS. Export Commerce— Farrell Lines i.S. Sealand Charlston— Sealand S.S. Sealand Galveston— Sealand SB. President Hoover— American President Lines S. President Grant— American President Lines .V. President Lincoln— American President Places Visited gal, Sierra Leone, Nigera, Togo, Li- iria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Japan, Hong Kong, aiwan, Korea, West Indies i JEFCOAT SMITH reenville, North Carolii P " Blair " Clubs and Activities Sub, Automotive Interest Club, Sportsmans ;iub, Propeller Club, Frisbee Club, Midships, ionor Guard, Vectors Sea Year S.S. George Wythe— Waterman Steamship Ca S.S. American Lynx— U.S. Lines S.S. Charles Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamshin-C S.S. B.T. Alaska— Marine Transport Lines Places Visited la, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Phil- ppines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia. Djibouti, i?a«,en, Saudi Arabia, Suez Canal, Japan i X always feel like somebody ' s watchin Good-bve! | SOLIS El Paso, Texas " Soulbro Clubs and Activities i heerleading Captain, Cross-Country, Fine lub, Glee Club, Intramurals, Regimental Band- eight Lifting Club, Wrestling, Yearbook Staff,; blleyball Team , Sea Year r.S. Exxon New Orleans — Exxon Shipping i.S. Mallory Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamshi Co. J I.S. Jean Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship ( ' .S. President Johnson — American Presides Lines I.V. President Monroe — American Presidi ] Lines Places Visited ' igypt. Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan, IndonesiaJ-tr arta, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Morocco, Panama, hilicpines, Singapore, Turkey, Guam, Wakp " ' Hawaii, Alaska, Flushing j I still want to be a vfetefitiafiali! J J ' !wiM « " alVjiW - .: •HOMAS J A SPARKS mwood, Washington " Sparky Clubs and Activities ._sl«pman Officer, Pub Club. Fine Arts C tramurals, Marlinspike Club, Propeller Club, iiateur Radio Club, Ski Club, ISCHCA, Sports- an ' s Club, Machinist ' s Club, Class Officer, Hon- EBnard Representative I Sea Year _. Newark — Sealand Services, Inc. S. Philadelphia— Sealand Services. Inc. .V. Sealand Freedom — Sealand Services, " iS. President Tyler— American President , SLines ' , ,S. President Grant — American President i Lines S. President Taft — American President Lines ' ' ' Chelan — Washington State Ferris t Places Visited Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Alask " Internship ttle, Seattle, Washington American ' Seattle, Washington Bogl-- ' Madden Poliak Law Of _ earn from your mistakes, respect life and plan ead. The bluest skies you ' ve ever seen ar e in attle. -The J. P. Patches i TERRENC STRONG Olympia, Washington I lbs and Activities egimental Band, Glee Club, Drama. Co. tub. Midshipman Officer Sea Year t.S. President Taylor— American Presidef Lines i.S. President Madison — American Presid Lines i.S. Portland — Sealand Services, Inc. .S. Galveston — Sealand Services, Inc. .8. Kenai — Keystone Shipping Co. S. David Foss— Foss Tug Barge J Places Visited [orea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, ri Lanka, Sumatra, Indonesia, Taiwan, j ruam, Panama, USA Internship f Tacoma, Tacoma, Washington another man as you expect him to protect you And if a man has no honor, do not associate wit! him for he will taint you. There are no exceptions. ROBERT SYDLO Hauppauge, New York v .ufbs and Activities .ntal Honor Guard, Regimental Color ' ., Varsity Baseball, Water Polo, Preside- - ROA, Christian Fellowship Club, CX2 4 I Sea Year _clynx — Moore-McCormack Linu ).S. Resolute — Farrell Lines ' S. E dgar M. Queeny— Keystone Shipping Co. " ormacdraco — Moore-McCormack L ' u " i , Places Visited aitina, Uruguay, Greece, Italy, Spain, Internship nergy Transportation Corporation, New ou have found, a gift into the world for whoever ' ■ " °ccept it. I Jonathan Livingston Seagull TOENSHOFF Jackson, New Jersey " Guano " lubs and Activities Club Guano- Grand Puba, Physics ' Founding Member, D L ' s, Extended D L ' . iL W ' s, and F G Sea Year S.S. Santa Barbara — Delta Lines j S.S. Lash Atlantico — Prudential Lines M.V. USNS Sealift Arctic— Marine Tran Lines S.S. American Legacy — U.S. Lines Places Visited Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, t, , Israel, Turkey, Greece, Rumania, Japan, Sing: pore, Philippines, South Korea, Okinawa, Guai_, Adak Island, Holland, West Germany, England! Staten Island , Internship gy Transportation Corporation, New ' New York " Stoneface " Clubs and Activities vClub, Color Guard, ROA, Varsity Club, .HCA, Propeller Club, Midshipman Officer Sea Year 3. Edward Rutledge — Waterman Steamship p ' Co. .S. Del Valle— Delta Lines S. Delta Caribe — Delta Steamship Lines S. Brinton Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steamship Consumer — Sealand Services, Inc. Places Visited , Agaba, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Saudi la, Oman, Bangladesh, Liberia, Panama, Co- ibia, El Salvador, Holland, West Germany, negal. Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Internship I Transport Co., Cincinnati lere are some I ' d hke to thank, there are oth- I cannot thank enough, there is one I wish I lid thank. p " Salty Dog " Clubs and Activities olor Guard, Honor Guard, Wargames Club, Mid- faipman Officer, Indoctrination ' 85 ' 87, ROA, ■ithout Hats (USCGA Division) Sea Year ,3] Mundo — Delta Lines American Leader — U.S. Lines •S. Mormacsun — Moore-McCormack Lini ( M.V. Sealift Arabian Sea — Marine " sport Lines .abot, Dailey, Walton, Rowe, Mars — on Towboat Co. Places Visited ■ ' 5, Venezuela, Netherlands, Deutsch- •u, united Kingdom, Greece, Nippon, Singa- re, Okinawa, Guam, Diego Garcia, Grand Baha- ' " ' ands . Internship » Towboat Company, East Boston, Massa- Jould be worse May could be raining. Marty Feldman ' J 519 WILLIAM THOMAS WILSON III I » Los Gatos, California 1 Clubs and Activities Ultimate Frisbee Club, Ski Club, Snow Club Ten- nis, Sailing, Mike Pullman Fan Club, The Dewers White Label Club, ' 84 Corp. I Sea Year ' S.S. President Truman — American Presii Lines S.S. Kauai — Matson Navigation Co. S.S. Manowili — Matson Navigation Co. S.S. Oceanic Independence — American Hi Cruises S.S. Sealand Mariner — Sealand Services, ; S.S. Chevron Louisiana — Chevron Shippi S.S. Exxon New Orleans— Exxon Shippii S.S. American Monarch — U.S. Lines S.S. Gotham Neptune — Bruce Wayne Foundation Places Visited Philippines, El Salvador, Japan, Taiwan, USA, Hong Kong Lines, San Fr Hello, I must be going! 520 OHN MARK WRASSE Oshkosh, Wisconsin om " , " Wrassman " , " Old Woman " Clubs and Activities Team, Skipper of No Quarter, Sailing )mmodore, ICHCA, Propeller Club Sea Year S.S. Del Rio— Delta Lines S.S. Delta Norte— Delta Lines S.S. Marjorie Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship t Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship .S. Velma Lykes— Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. i S. Am erican Heritage— Apex Marine ioux — Shickling Towing Inc. I Places Visited pCanada, Israel, Italy, Egypt, Liberia, Guinea Bis- sau, St. Croix, Panama, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sin- gapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Venezuela, Brazil, TTnicni ay, Argentina Internship Inc., Presc s Mom and Dad, I love you. MANEK JR. La Porte, Texas Eddie Munster " Clubs and Activities Vice President, ROA, Crew.l iseball, Rugby ] Sea Year e — Delta Lines ; g- - kes — Lykes Bros. Steamsf prick Lykes — Lykes Bros. Steal. Co Connecticut — Texaco Shippj Places Visited I, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, ingapore, Malaysia, Philippiner »an, South Africa, Kenya, Pana: Internship == eamship Co., Houston, Te, •Ziggy " , " Old Man " , " Yo-Cadet " Clubs and Activities iling, Sailing, Sailing, Four-Wheel Drive ( lebe Get-out-of-Regimental-Stuff Staff Sea Year _. _el Campo — Delta Lines SNS Sealift Pacific— Marine Transport Lines S. M ormacsaga — Moore-McCormack Lines f Places Visited - ,„uth Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Santa |omingo, Guam, Japan, Kwajalein, Philippines, in, Kuwait, Panama, Presque Isle Internship and Sons Fish, Inc., Rockland, Maine I can ' t wait for tomorrow when I can . . . grow tu itDiftfii fSSSSSS ; .8 i a ( i a) »»a i i ) MM «lliiii W ' «»W ' M»« Section Editor: Todd Simonse A Caribbean Experience As the B-splits of the Class of 1984 reached the end of their second class year, there was party after party. These activities were in or- der to celebrate the beginning of senior year at the Academy. The purpose of these parties was to just plain party. The theme was " A Caribbean Experience " . With everyone in their island " get ups " , the party was a huge success. Everyone danced to the sounds of| Reggae music and drank a punch which quick- ly assumed the name of " Bahama Mama " . As| the Class of 1984 prepared to become first classmen, they made a night of it that wouldn ' t forget. Brogs and Roy talk some serious stuff. Marty is startled but Wade continues with his sea story 531 Towards the end of the A-Split Pub-club rotation, advisor CDR Cohen showed his appreciation for a job well done by throwing a party for the Pub-club members and guests. What ensued was a day of Lobsters, steaks, much beer and a good time for all. The 60 or so participants included members of the Com- mondants staff, Pub-club members, and other distinguished guests. Special thanks go out to the Pub-club senior officers: Don Hoffman and Bobby Powell, and advisor CDR Cohen, Junior Pub-club members: Paul Wilson and Joe O ' Brien, as well as Gerry Nielsen for supplying and cooking the lobsters, and the entire Pub-club for a profitable and enjoyable year. Steve with Mike under gruesome cover George the bookworm and cool Bobby D. Cathy and John look like a tough couple L Ring Dance m % John Palmer, toasting the night away I Dave Hunger and date with Ultra-bright smiles Diana Moreland rockin ' and rollin ' 8«a HP v ; 1 i ' A new Club Guano member This year ' s Ring Dance, held at Crest Hollow Country Club, brought the entire class of 1984 together once again. Superintendent Rear Admiral Thomas A. King performed the traditional " Dipping of the Ring. " During the ceremony, each ring of the class of 1984 was dipped in a binnacle of water, representative of the Seven Seas of the World. Following this traditional ceremony, the class of 1984 spent the evening dining, dancing, and socializing. The Crest Hollow Country Club was an ideal location for this special event; and a good time was had by all. A couple of Swedes pull Fish and Jody around the dance floor ' ijpid Get your own date Eddy Christmas Ball The annual Christmas Ball was held on De- cember 10, 1983 in O ' Hara Hall. Midshipmen and their dates were greeted by Admiral King and other members of his staff in the traditional re- ceiving line. The Hal Hoffman Orchestra returned again this year to rock O ' Hara. Midshipman, Faculty mem- bers, and guests danced the night away. While at their tables, the couples were served wine by Plebe volunteers. The Christmas Ball helped everyone enter the Holiday spirit and get psyched for finals. Graham and his date are sitting pretty. It must be early. They look too sober. Joanie and Steve enjoy the evening 100 Nights As the count-down continued and 100 nights finally rolled around, the first-class- men were planning more than just a party. However, Captain Jochman ' s reaction to be- ing hit with pies was not considered. After getting cleaned up a bit, the Commandant had cancelled all liberty until the " crimi- nals " turned themselves in. Well, an emer- gency meeting was called by the RC and the incident was resolved by a rounding up of the troops on the oval and a presentation of a formal apology to the Commandant. So as the restriction was lifted, the first class prepared for their party that evening. The 100 nights bash was held at the Great Neck Elks Club and boy did the booze flow. The almost graduated seniors and their dates danced the night away even enjoyed a special appearance of the flying zucchinis. Despite the Commandant ' s events the party was definitely one for the records. One of the targets. Ed and Mary having a ball Mary C. and Bobby looking good The famous flying zucchinis. Guess who? r License Week j ■ : ' 11 ? - " | ' %1r« • • m. r» • 1 1 M I i T I 1 m 561 F1 1 •Will %! -. t wL i _ji ' ' I t i K , ' 1 f - - ' Jlf Mj f ' i JL.. Onf Of I IW " " " One Last Look At The Places We Have Spent The Last And Most Impressionable Four Years Of Our Lives .... S T ' W ' ,m i. ■ji Vi» ' t?j.a«wsr x agEKanaB ' " r Your fuel dollars go farther with marine diesels from Fairbanks Morse Diesels have repeatedly proved themselves to be far more economical than other types of marine propulsion. And Fairbanks Morse has repeatedly proved its leadership in diesel engines for ships of all sizes. The Colt-Pielstick PC-2 and Fairbanks Morse Opposed Piston diesel engines are recognized the world over for reliability and economy of operation. 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Most are preparing for a |ob Hours from 9 to S There ' s nothing wrong with that But you know there is more That ' s why you ' re here For many of you, your commission will be the first step in a career spanning the next quarter of a century Often, that is followed by another professional career For others, the academy will lead to a shorter military career, with law, medicine, business or other more immediate horizons following one or more tours of duty ' hichever tack you set, you ' re likely to see quite a few changes in the years ahead Changes in the day-to-day technology around you Changes in where you live, here or abroad Changing needs and growing responsibility It may be reassuring to know that there ' s something growing right along with your career That ' s rSAA, serving the insurance needs of more than a million military officers. 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Talano M M James E. Lowe Sr. M M P. Talano Albert Jean DeBoer M M Raymond Delisa Capt. Mrs. R.K. Chambers, The Uehlinger Family USN M M Bernard Magee Mr. Mrs. Robert Mr M Michael Grambrone Kennedy Family M M Norman H. Gaidoboni M M Frank Leetz, JR The Casaburi Family Carl Anne Habig The Grahm Family O ' Briens The Duke Rielly Family M M Raymond Gregory r In that year, colonists built their first ocean-going vessel Christened the Virginia of Sagadahock. it sailed from a little shipyard just twelve miles down river from the present site of the Bath Iron Works yO " p ? g Maine s catalogue of Ql y maritime achievements pM £ flP And through the years, %X€ a fi we ' ve made the hallmark y J " Bath-built " a synonym for ip fy shipbuilding excellence I In the years to come, we will m J J » build ships in Bath and repair others in Fbrtland And each ship will carry a part of Maine ' s proud maritime heritage to the oceans of the world Thanks, Maine, for a great shipbuilding tradition We aim to keep up the good work F C b For the Class of 1984 Congratulations and best wishes for successful careers M©bil Marine Fuels - Marine Lubricants Worldwide Marine Service ABS SUCCESS and SMOOTH SAILING to the graduates of 1984 BEST WISHES Harbor Dist. 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Egee George Houston Thomas J. Simmers Jeffrey P. Hakala Mark W. Isenberg Class ' 43 ' 43 ' 44 ' 45 ' 46 ' 50 ' 53 ' 57 ' 71 ' 72 ' 73 ' 73 ' 73 ' 74 ' 75 ' 78 INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL OPERATING CO. INC. 17 Battery Place, New York, NY 10004 • (212)709-0500 r , v Stolt-Nielsen- the bulk liquid distribution company. Specialists in worldwide ocean-transportation of bulk liquid acids, chemicals, vegetable oils, lubrication oils and petroleum products via sophisticated chemical tankers or stainless steel tank containers. Bulk storage at our terminals around the world. General Agents for: Telex: TWX: Stolf Tankers 96-5944 710-579-2957 Stolt Terminals 96-5970 710-579-2958 Stolt Tank Containers Stolt Transportation Services Stolt-Nielsen Building, 8 Sound Shore Drive, P.O. Box 2300, Greenwich, CT 06836 Telephones: (203) 625-9400 (212)884-9300 (212)585-5600 Compliments of UNION DRY DOCK AND REPAIR COMPANY MCDONOUGH IRON WORKS Marine Repairs Steel-Mechanical -Electrical Serving the Industry Since 1897 2701 New Strand Galveston, Texas 77550 (409) 763-8591 hote Restaurant V» rin Manhoccol Rau On Manhasset Bay Docks I Waterview Dining I Open All Year Lunch Dinner Freshesl Fish Seatood Specialisls Duckling Steaks Pnme Ribs Owned and operated by the Zerlein family for lour generations MaiotCfea.i Caras 397 Main St , Port Washington. Long Island. N Y (516) 883-4242 -I 4 m i What we did for shipping we ' re doing for service. 7i Sea-Land Service, Inc., RO. Box 800, Iselin, New Jersey 08830 J r Index to Advertisers American Bureau of Shipping Page 593 American President Lines Page 590 American Trading Transportation Co. Inc. Page 579 Amoco Marine Page 582 Apex Marine Page 579 Bath Iron Works Page 592 Bayberry - Great Neck Hote Page 588 Bay Refractory Page 593 Bunge Corp. Page 588 Colt Industries Page 578 Crowley Maritime Corp. Page 580 FMC Page 585 Harbor Distributing Page 593 ITO Page 597 J.J. Henry Co. Inc. Page 588 Long Island Trust Page 582 Louie ' s Shore Restaurant Page 598 Magnus Maritec Page 594 Mariners Astubeco Page 585 Mattioni, Mattioni, Mattioini Ltd . Page 587 McDonough Iron Works Page 598 Meehan Seawaj Services Page 582 Index to Advertisers Midships Boosters Page 591 Military Sealift Command Page 584 Mobil Oil Company Page 593 Newport News Shipbuilding Page 589 Norton Lilly Page 579 OMI Corporation Page 587 RCA (Global Communications) Page 586 Seahorse Inc. Page 588 Sea Land Page 599 Stolt-Nielson Page 598 Tanker Management Inc. Page 596 Trans Freight Lines Page 596 USSA Page 583 Union Drydock and Repair Page 598 United States Lines Page 581 Manguard Page 595 Way-Wolf Associates Page 590 World Shipping Inc. Page 587 " a J I ™ I 4 ™ JOSTENS i BIHB mP- .; •■ aBMsagsfeajfc.y.-y F-!

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