United States Merchant Marine Academy - Midships Yearbook (Kings Point, NY)

 - Class of 1965

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United States Merchant Marine Academy - Midships Yearbook (Kings Point, NY) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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i t i i i t iiiiiiititi iitittiiiii i' i i i i ' i'iiiti'itt 'A R i i' i i ' l KOBE SAN F DSTDN BORDEAUX is KYD ALEXANDRIA 1 C LIVERPOOL SYON NI FRANCISCO PORT C a.a.u...LONOON BRIS OTTAVVA CAPE TO f x v w, fl 1 i 1 1 5 l I i E 3 I I 5 5 . i 5 3 3 2 I i i X i i u 1 5 1 l s 1 3 s I 'N 1, W 5 THE FIEGINIENT DF CADETS PROUDLY PRESENTS I ? rf I 4 L F'l L . H a ff 'N X ,I ., Lv 3 'IL-:lt HIP ENGR-N-CHIEF BMS NESS fw.AxA6ER MANAGING EDITOR Paid: :L Mama f-.Q-.ff .if wcfm- wamm 5, Sworn Jr. ADVQTBIFB MA.N.A-.sea OFFICER ADVISER PIR A. Fecha' Lcd! Harry P, Hart. USMS 1 ,. Q .- ,xi .-fi, 9? 5? Q ' 0' he Hn 11 rex 1exx DEDICATIDN W- ff. .Q Y if-I 'Irma nf .swims Hman. ....,. nk 2 1 lll"lZll" ' I II - 1 4- Q '1!'1r"lr'r' if M514 J. M I I W J X X , r 455' l ,.AA, J V H 'xw Q , V 5fif+jgglA "ffQ?lLL,W iff , rf ,gbQ::rf ! Wx N X '! f X " XX X X X, - X Y' -T7 J, . . 2 , f X x X, : A 7 5. w K -XXX I xx fc, ' , .ff X ,luv V ,X xx , ' X 1 ' X X J f fxffy, A fm" X I f ff X AX. v 2 5 'ivf in i 1 -fi wk X' ji , .Zf. R . , H ff ,171 X l.. ,-. V. mf ff- ag... ,fff 'E -' f -- ,X X f ff A ' X I , Y f ' f 'l -ff, fr ' ,W , fi '4f Af i f .4d X' R If Tx f' X ,VX f X I 1 ,gf ffr N , r X .1 f ,fl Y L XM vakdylx i 4: XI- K , --sa f fm hs, if ,x 3, , . 5 . xx T . V e X.- xx ' ,xx F14-1 X-.r X, it -17 X -.Qing V X X ms 6--'f""frs , , , Xt Q! , . .5 if l w , 1 ' kv!! unrll!f'ff"fi' LIFE LINE DF THE VVDRLD Peoples differ in their native cultures and skills, and, nations differ in their stages of develop- ment, available resources, and cli- matic conditions. These differences result in the production and cul- tivation of various products which dictate the wants and needs of one nation for another, necessitating the need for international trade. Almost all of the international trade is carried by ocean going vessels. Not very many years ago passen- gers, liquid and dry cargoes were all carried in the same ship. But the coming of the more advanced machine age has demanded special- ized vessels for particular cargoes and trade routes. The old multi-purpose merchant ship has given way to the modern high speed passenger liner, tanker, dry cargo freighter, refrigerated ship, ore carrier, and container ves- sel. These vessels meet the require- ments of a diversified international growth and character. While the agricultural nations have need for machine goods of the industrial nations, the many in- dustrial nations lack sufficient H1011 ,,.,0.-al" g as staples, thus providing two gent forces which are balanced by In- ternational Trade. 1 fTHEi6Ni+ E b 9S?ATES QIVIEFICHANT MARINE SERVING THE NATION 'AND 'THE VVDPLD .4-fx 5? ' k Q - I' Qi V fr", - Sky' , ai: A Q QI 1 ...fig -ff ,-T Q, A a -.R ,1 .1- 2 5 .Q X ' QW' P 'Yr' 's NF in L THE MISSION OF THE UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY To attract a high type of young American with a definite ambition to become an officer in the United States Merchant Marine, To impart to him the necessary academic background and the fundamentals of a prac- tical nautical education essential to a successful career at sea, To develop in him a high sense of honor, uprightness, and loyalty, To instill in him a pride in his profession, and a determination to uphold the traditions of the Merchant Marine, and By effective teaching, training, and guidance, to send him forth to his calling with a deep respect and affection for the United States Merchant Marine Academy. W HBNIQBI.. NBngana H lin SEQ NSR Bm' S , ,tt,, X, ' 5592: XSS - 53 7- Q I M F737 I f Wfwfiag, as Z Q 1 1 4 Jiblggi ,EW f'fi env ilk Q 5 ,MM A , , ,,,k 5 I 1 5 If ,,,- ,Q ,,,,4,..z...nefVNm'w WX "' 3 ,. 3 4. g - .,g,-ffrff 1f.?'-- ' -swan , ,. f :gait xfxea--,,, v .. 'V - ' -.. f I '------ 544, ,.2f..:'p,'L -4" ' f" sz.-fvrf 4, A-:vm -My -f .M -1 N , . ,. 1- ,,.g,y " , N- . ,N -.-if 4f' jg? MV'-ji"v'jW ,f'1j? . .rj ,L ,ng f -- wi gi T- -1"-.. 'I- -gg. ..--V . JS- ., . . 1 . -- 3, Q,,, 9:15, ,I L., . . , -. f- Z", ' '.-"', V' 64' V, . , , ,.-.,',, - -QM-Q -,gd A ,- R ,,h ,.-4, .. . . , ... L ,J - M , nf ...- -f -, lg. THE FUTURE KO Q Ga ' s 0 0 .1 't . , 1 ,,,.s. S 5 rim O , 0 ,Q 5 n' -o . 4 " ' 0554 g run: vi. -1 ,pw ,T :, '1 KT - mga.. . D x , C1 ,fb L1 S MARSYXME ADNLNISTRM Qi "1U' "Surface EHect Shipf' This ship rides on downward thrusting jets of air causing the ship to rise above the surface of the water or land on a cushion of air, enabling it to travel at high speeds. "Barge Carrierf, Designed to shorten the turnaround timc, this vessel would moor at a specially designed terminal where it would submerge so that barges could be floated OH and others on. And now, all eyes must look to the future. For therein lies the key to manis greatness. With ever expanding tech- nological achievements showing the way, mankind has been brought to the threshold of the second great age of discov- ery and exploration. Already giant rockets have blazed trails through, the fantasyland of outer space in a determined effort to learn more of the universe about us. Here on earth, where the great continents lie conquered and exploited, this thirst for knowledge has turned manis thoughts to the sea. Here is the Frontier, the last great uncharted and unexplorml wgion lfnfnvn to man ,Arllxl grae-at it iS. Covering mow: than ilmfai'Afgfim!-'tY" "fi ill-' i-Uiltfi "N" face, the oceans cfrrstznn .fu Q?"fff:-lil f I if ff ' "Wi"""i so vast they are beyond comprehension. And what is this challenge for the, future of the seas? Soon great civilizations will turn to the sea, to live in underwater cities free from the wrath of the elements. Here new avenues of farming, industry and trade will develop. Huge atomic submarines will take the place of our liners and bulk carriers and curious looking sea trains will replace railroads as main arteries of commerce. Yes, this is the challenge ahead. Already it is being met. Deep diving bathyscaphes are currently engaged in under- water exploration and the mapping ot the unknown areas of occ-an bottoms Atomic snlmiarines are here now and arc eonsimrtlxf being iiiiprovcrl upon .Nlniari lies adventure 2 4,--,sn-,s,v .1-. .if ,-war,-se-Lit a, - , . -Y W WW V-W in - 2 Y 'lik I 1 ,,..qvw-"""'k" Q' 4 'Tl " Af' +3 if' X , 1" . Q i X Q ff ff , , SM X f ff . A4 4' f ,i fi X 1 Q ,f YY x iiv X Q5 1, Q , Q, 5 is , ki. X V- - Q wg. R5 7 ' ff 'S A 5- 11 k 4 x fl Q W f f f . :Q , S f 7' y f 15 x 'F 2 1 U I Y X4 .XJ in f-4-Y fx.. ,gy . .N 4 , Q f am Q U 9 A..2,v, A -1 5 in-at k---. PM-! " 31 K' ii'--.' x... I T lv' A 2 2 l ,Z . inf! ..1,, Q- R A x x h.. x hu -, f fn.-.MW , My www- , ' R 3? NV fx Q-WN N ..m.i-fm Q' M J-,BUF X f W' Xvvfgmd vwwidwqg K AL U..- Li"4w,,.a-'W ww - M... W X ..A......,,...... ...- -MQ m 1 L- X- W is-im New OST YA fag gps X, iw' Jw if .. 1? vfis . ,ff ,. f il U K K ,, , . pw: ,- 'A V" f ki 1' 'fi' Sf ff W if 4' A' W ff' is ' as ,n"'N . 1 Wg Qr. f 4' 7 f . '- . -X-me "1 X XR W mu -dum., 4, N K x .W-N , W ' -..W X. . . x , x gn- N xy-W, -Q W x """"'-' 'X Vx: ...- m- ai? Q95 A Q V .sew- ,-,qv-F"'. vu. Hum- L- . 'x , G 4 ,Lv I Mgr, mf ..-1, YK X. wg . X A S mm M 1 'HU' mf THE HONORABLE LeRoy Collins UNDER SECRETARY OF COMMERCE THE HONORABLE Alan S. Boyd UNDER SECRETARY OF COMMERCE FOR TRANSPORTATION THE HONORABLE Nicholas Johnson MARITIME ADMINISTRATQRV 2 THE HONORABLE James VV. Gulick DEPUTY MARITIME ADM NISTRATOR I,-1' REAR ADM I RAL Gordon Nlc Lintock USMS, SUPERINTENDENT If I1 WA... W., ,. 1 wi... , Wim MSS 'S S S' A + CAPTAIN S I USMS, ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT victor S E Tvson, Jr. any ' 3 ,9511 ,g ,Y,,,,'r- 1 ' " -. 3- .QQ -x.,,VL,,,,.,.- Q H 4 "Q:',"" H5-531 2"f' '- .mv-v'-'. L: .. f......h , ,1 Y f " V . 5' , r-- ,X X Xb u- ' x ffxg,:,3, X' ' - ., ,,....r, N,V. g -4., M,- a5a?f-1"amv-fw' --' ,ima-ffffbf.4J2? , ,N H' :Vg f " 3:3-?'1f-fag?-L .. ' x 'L ,1, .1-:gf ny , ' - xf , :fur -Q-:-2:ffI,' ff frifigzjifbi' .M Q, u ., ,, JY , . ., ,..., f R1"5f-fi'I'3x ...a ff wfiaevfgzflg,-5 ga :dp , f 4- f V' . ,w V. -'PF-ff 1 ff. :'1l'?:m4f ff-znli,-ww-affiif 5 " ff f.Q15"2fEfi?i1'- .5L"ifi4 A - ,if 4' A A :il 1.. L..,... I" VW.,, Ewnv, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 ,,, 7,5 1, ,,.. A , X 1512, ' " m1',1,f,yf,f ffff XXX, ,VJ,,Y,,E, ,. , M, ,- , ,, - ff' . 1, ' ,. ,-f' f, f, I ,I ixL Ll... .h..---.,..-,..... , ,.,..A., 7 ,,,, , , , 511 mini! xwwunn 1 1 1 l. Jfvv Captain Slzerman VV. Reed, USMS .11cADEx1Y TRMNING REP11EsExT.1'111'1: NEW YORK 'nib Lieutenant Commanclar' Richarcl D. O,Leary, USMS SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO THE SUPERINTENDENT C 01n1nancle1' Louis F. Diechicks, USMS ,S HEAD, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC 1101111 11111 11111 C11 Si11111111: ' 1111113111 I Earl. ,4 L1 , 11011111 10111111 51 551511 , 11911 116111111111 UI' A 1 l VE S I I-HKS Captain Captain C ommancler Pecler Gald, USMS Rioliarfl H. O,Connell, USMS M eloin I. Koppelson, USMS ACADEMY TRAINING REPRESENTATIVE ACADEMY TRAINING REPRESENTATIVE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER NEWV ORLEANS SAN FRANCISCO C Ommam-lgr C ommancler Commander john G, Stein, USMS Charles M. Reniok, USMS Norman C. Nilsen, USMS ASSISTANT DEAN DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI AFFAIRS HEAD, AND PLACEMENT DIRECTOR DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE AND SUPPLY dqhvvwdww Ligugeemmi C,,mm,,WiW ll,lUFl'fUHc'IHl' CFJIIIIJZQIIYKZCIW Kenneth A, rgamf, Iiffmfrfs HWII if lllfllif- 'Twig REGISTRAR ANU IufgIJfIfg1A'Iu If I SICIV-fl! EIC", HI"l"lfjl',f 'Eiliiglfi ENIVUIIKRA ill PN Ul"P"LQYF'?. ..C,,-- p. f- -A 4. .,.1..-svrb.'-o-s1-ravlK+f'f'4'FHi'4'lf"l'f"H"'i rm., ...msmv-fav:-nfl-.-if . agvssonxnm -am ' LZlCHlf'7!fIHf C0271 7?Tll71dC1' Jxluffll B. Van Buren, USMS .ASSISTANT IRIEAD :II13z'II:':'xaIIN'II OF' PIIRI .IC VVORKS - 'Iv S, iff fem. -4' Commander Lieutenant Comimzmler Rabbi George M. Ilerslzberger, Roch M. Laurenzcmo, Samuel Teifelbaum CHC, USN CHC, USN JEWISH CHAPLAIN PROTESTANT CIIAPLAJN CA'1'11oL1C C1-MPLAIN A 'Bm " - -"Nh ' nf' A . 6 -1 . 'Y gi is .X LM' lohn AQSTAXT T0 5 Lieutm Conzmrzmlcv' Commander Lieutenant AICrnc'sf Y. Nun. l'SI'IIS George B. Spruce, USPHS james N Bggdgn USPHS ' 2 C1111-il-' x1li1J1C.x1, OVIPICER SENIOR DENTAL SURGEON SENIQR ASSISTANT DENTAL SURGEON Harold L LAC . X X A , X 1 Lieutenant Lieutenant john Kiszenik, USMS Ernest W. F alk, USMS ASSISTANT TO THE DEAN ASSISTANT REGISTRAR AND EDUCATIONAL SERVICES OFFICER Lieutenant Warrant Officer PH S Harold I. Leicht, USMS H arolcl G. Lasher, USMS RGEON PUBLISHING OFFICER ASSISTANT TO THE REGISTRAR Q, I df .maxi Sv W Nj Q , '. N.. , .III Lieutenant Donald L. Scasserra, USMS ASSISTANT HEAD DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE AND SUPPLY ' it I I Mr. George F. McGuire SHIP'S SERVICES OFFICER ENGINEERING ,fn CIT' .. . . unoski Lf. D. 5ffHif:Cdf.m F R : L-l . ll. lx lj, L -l . J. H -. tty. Clr. C. Sanrllwrg, Cdr. C.VV.O. M. Newman. Fourth How.. C.W.O.. L. .Ma , H W,nI Cl0lll1l14?::lLc'llrlNl. lllhsllukmlxiilv. Snljllllll Ilmr: Lcclr. XV. AUD- PSQUCUC, MT- E- FCTCUCZY, Lt- CIS-l Claqumto' Back flow. strong. Lcclr. C. Ilnrmw, Lt. R. I'.musk.n, I.t. C. Kingsley. Third C.VV.O. I. Antell, C.VV.O. N. Maroney, C.W.O. L. Sferazo, IN Y- l- " Row: Lt. W. Mi-Donnlrl, Lt. R. Wells, Lt. L. Kam-, I.t. F. Reynolds, Shelley, Lt. D. Kane, Lcdr. F. Schuler. if 11" Capt. Lorcn S. McCrc'ady, USMS HEAD OF DEPARTMENT The Department of Engineering has for its mis- sion the development of "Marine Engineers Second to Nonef' The success of the department is clearly evidenced each year by the great demand for engi- neers from Kings Point. The department has some of the best equipped laboratories in the marine Held and its graduates rise quickly to the top positions in their profession. The courses offered are many and varied with a fair emphasis on practical engineering work. The departmentis desire to keep ahead of the rapidly changing times is noted in the ever growing liSt Of electives being offered. To ddr?-Q P05555 hip. , mmumgb Ni EI E I Sf' ms leslfli 1: . lj. 'lllllj sl., . UN' Sqeuw' lf rv L Oltrg me plflmqwl lhuplle -A le. T WYE J- WEN Consul' nw? seg PH i mmm NAUTICAL SCIENCE if W1 l 1? fl, rw- Front Row: Cdr. A. Fiore, Capt, W. Hurder Cdr R Eisenberg Fourth Row' Lt L Worters Lcdr L Man dt B k R ' CWO Second Row: Lcdr. G. Steiner, Lcdr. P. Kri slcgf L . W' h rt: E. C Lt. ,L d IL' P go 'L ac ow' K MM Third Row: Lcdr. I. LaDage, Lcdr. WV. 3'Hara,C Llcdr. R.1CMZy. Coney, azzaroa C rl ' earsonl Cdr' O' Thompson GTO develop eilicient Merchant Marine oflicers who possess high professional standards, will accept and encourage progress, and are capable of individual growth and successful performance of their duties on the vessels of their nation? This is the Mission of the Department of Nautical Science. To implement this mission, the department offers the deck cadet many varied theoretical and practical courses ranging from boathandling and mar- linspilce seamanship to astronomy and naval archi- tccturc. The proper combination of these and other courses produce dock' oihccrs that arc a credit to the AITlC1'iC1l1'l Merchant Mzniinc. lt Capt. W'ir'fi.'rn1 Harder. US lfklklf- Ui' DETPFAR YMFNT TH. C rrrrrsiuciccact Cdr. 1. Dittrick. Second Row: Lcdr. A. Stweri d. . D -lc' , Lcdr, P. Drum, Cdr. C- 1DaloeliEt.r'll'hirdm?20EZ: Lcdr. W- Bay, Lt. Rausch, Lt. A. Nickel. Back Row: Lt. R. R0 - man Lt. fjg.l H, Lasher, C,W.O- l- Ciancio AKUX Q -A N-A. al""" Cdr. john M. Dittrick. USMS HEAD OF DEPARTMENT i Front Row: Lcdr. G. KCYCS Mrs' Feldmanl 1 The enormous achievements of the marine industry in the fields of technology and automation make it necessary for the modem officer to understand the theories underlying the Opera' tion of a modern ship. To this end the Department of Math 21115 Science is dedicated. From basic trigonometry through Dllclear pli5'sics, this department equips the cadet with the tools nefes' sary to dig behind the hows and into the whys of the Operatmg components of a merchant vessel. 32 ln 3 ll'0llQl w Glmllgl the PWS? in mrigm i ll Pllwii Qiifmmllsh its lim .mmm New nfl tw 4 Em , lit-mm' W li ml lv' lic T3' nfl MU' 4-sf mil HUIVIANITIES In a world Where barriers between nations are ever cle- Cfeasing, the present day graduate must be ahle to take his place as an intelligent and effective personality, Merchant Marine Oflicer, and private citizen. The Department of Humanities se tO accomplish this cnd hy planning its courses to meet the needs of YOUDg men in an interdependent World. The cadet is equipped eks With an Understanding ol: tlw lnntlaincntal principles of the American way ol litre and n lfnowleflggc ol Iglicir operation so that he may lic :slilc Io f.lrtlQ-nfl :incl 'll'Il'1f!'jUl'Kllf tlicm. lmotli at home and alirflilfl. ln mlflilifni Ilw :lv mrlnn-nit 'l"fl'N'lflClS the cadet with , l l a Working lmouflrfllggw :,! llpfw gqwcwil lmvll-gina-nnlfe and social Cl1St0TYlSUl flrrl lgnyarld '. ' . 'Q' w"' r'i:l'lig1C'i', Qront Row: Lt. I. Citman, Cdr. C. Ferris, Lcdr. I+. Poos, Lcdr. O. D'Esopo. Second Row: Lt. R. Bardot, Lcdr. R. Brady, Lt. A. Davies. Back Row: Lt. tjgj H. VVeisz, Cdr. T. Ciddings, Cdr. XV. Flint, Lt. S. Omeltchenko. tlrfr. idlsrJ1'lg's XY. 1-Tyr,-LQ, USMS lllflikli Ol" Dillll.Xli'llfXllQ,.N'll f 4. MARITI Nl E LAW QN D EQggN,Q.M.!.Q5 i 1 L-,,, F t R -f Mrs. E. Walsh, Cdr- L- Iafeffg Lgflri. Csxacsi, Lcdr. J- Mahoney' Back 503' Lcdr. NV. von Cronau, Lcdf- lv' Moore' C r' S. Kirschcn. i -4' 1 I Cdr. Lawrence Iarcft, USMS HEAD OF DEPARTMENT Every shipis oilicer should have a Working knowledge of the problems and complexities of the operation of a steamship company and of World shipping in general. To meet this need, the Department of Maritime Law and Economics offers the cadet studies in Admiralty Law, Marine Insurance, Economics arid Labor Relations. In addition, the department makes it Possfble for Cleck cadets to observe iirsthand the operation of an American . . . . d steamslnp company. This combination of classroom work HU' laboratory work gives the shipis officer the confidence necessali for the execution of his duties. 34 ,T Pllliml W is gfa . mme, ilmllltnt gf F '5U5lS'e ifliqgun 1: 313 sound taut- -aaa ..--A----.-49.-N-...-s- f PHYSICAL TRAINING AND ATHLETICS I? x -nv X, ff ' ' , -ffv , ,, YL 7 fn fl UN K Physical endurance and coordination are vital assets in the life of a mariner. To develop and further these attributes, the Department of Physical Training and Athletics has set up an extensive program. Reguarly scheduled courses in physical education as Well as intramurals and varsity level competition provide the Kings Pointer with the ancient goal of a sound mind in a sound body. Front Row: C.XV.O. R. Scalcione, Miss Barbara Clarke, Lt. Cjgl C. Bertero. Second Row: Lt. R. Patterson, Cdr. I. Liebertz, Lt. C. Strallca. Back Row: C.XV.O. D. Kennedy, Lcdr. T. Car- mody, C.XV.O. A. Zielinski. Cdr. ,lx'a'l7?ilS H" ?'.fa'l1rr't:., USMS lltl. KU' Ulf' ldlllli-ig3,'lCfxlldNT ppp p L SCIENCE s CSL if f A 1 ' Q . s 1 is In the advent of world crisis. the United States Nayy must be able to fall back on a reservoir of adequately trained reserve officers to fill the necessary billcts. To contribute to this supply the Academy presents a curriculum in Naval Science which in- cludes gunnery, Naval leadership. operations. sonar, radar, and tactics. Under the capable guidance of Naval Linc OfBcers, the Cadet graduates with the necessary knowledge that will enable him to serve his country in the Navy intelligently and efficiently, should he be called upon. 4 5 3 Cdr. Zaoen Mukhalzan, USN HEAD OF DEPARTINIENT Front Row: Lt. W. D. Tra e Cdr. z. Mukhauan, UsN5d'fgUflgf Marsh, USNg Lt. P. I. Kaiser Second Row: Lt. S. M. USNg Li. D. A. Fitzpatrick, USQIQ Lt. R. A. Chavez, USN. Third lion'- XV. I. Moran, FTCS, USN- C F' Scheffler, QMC, USNg w. N,'H,,M GMGCS, USN. Back How: Q ' Mcouuien, YNC, USNg . Q, p 31' YN2, USN. I will . ,pr srl' D, Trqd .. USN, will 14 Kaiser, isxi 5. M. Latin -SN. Tlfd CS, rsif gl ix' W' N-Hull at RW: 6 mi l- C-Fri. iF?Dm1Qk, Ur Front Row: Miss L. Haviland, Mrs. I. Schwartz. Back Row: Miss B. Wasoleck, Lcdr. E. North- r rop, Miss I. Rosicki. r N wha" L S if xlflws Lcdr. Everett Northrop, USMS LlBRAli.lAN LIBRARY Probably the most important department in any institution of higher learning is the library. It serves as a supplement to the classroom Work and readily provides reference material as Well as material for purely recreational purposes. The present location of the Academy library is in Bowditch Hall, but work will soon begin on a separate library building which will be equipped with specialized rooms for reading and audio visual instruction and laboratory. K l 55 f,y.'?' ,A 1 af m ly V, 1 X, . 1 4 if b p 'f-, KV! fi' XX . 'ff f'53 'Y f 2 Q A2 .iiiivg X , Q ' Xglifii Q 'rw 5 .ig Q1 51,2 +3 NWN ,3- X 'X X 'ss X Q Sf Q v .1 X- 46 ' XM- ' gn 5 , 4 NM be ny-5 'il Q: A X . Q Q 5 X.. . X X 1 Q f E lg X ,R sw? -S 1 ff X .X .. Ni N. k X Xi '93 XX X L x I. xx ' X A I S : X .Xg K SX :X 1 AX NHXNXSQ x A ' L X x A G NXXX ' X f xiii Q x Q -1. X. . X 'N x, : X XS L Ni S3 x , , X K ,T E -il iw- f' Q .fx XXX 5 R ' N . f fw,.w,,g K , ,. Q KX gk X 1' 4 , X. xx' , 'WX :F-XXXXQ , mr Q Xx Q , X X ye X '4' K W :rw X m ' A Y Y? PN A ., N X ww f V+ 'fu-. , 1. Q ' W-. ws, 4 x X 'I N Q Q X X V kj' nf, XL Q fi f W X Q, M , -Q 217, Q -1 A 4 M f. , if N ' Y V fx A M wif, VA -My I 4 I n I K K s ,-W ' 1, '51 " R 35 KL ' "kf'i5' 'U-Q I fn W .........,, X . A 6 .f'J1x YQLL' si gxmvxx www X X-f f xfxk X 239. 1 cb xl A My , S f x 'X ' 2' , M..-,mwwwv ff Q, x '41 ,,1Sl' -V ,1Z?:au:g,mgxg,w ,f:., ,Z Nw f W' ,. ,,f If if arf' RQ ff' ,X SD UTH AMERICA 1 ,Q ' ' by 1 if w + k , k,:,xi'- S,...,w,, M. ii..- , . - : - Q TM . A .Q-1 ,gif nf . , A Q '?F'XQ3-fYf x 9 ' 4 1 x . , i ,f.':? ,X ,V s xx? XX a I I E k 5 HARRISON O. TRAVIS Captain, USMS Regimental Officer f J.-.E ,gf J f' MZ of n ,M fi f f i , i f f 1,6 N 4' fungagmpa f - u Il r X' UIS W. ALLSTADT SCUIWI' NV. ICOISICSON LO R4'IliITN'I'll2lI fl1JIlIIIlJllll'4'l' Regimental Adjutant L?Q3LgjjjGYi'gQ1?, 1 H 1 1 Eff,'xW!,z'1Fi','E1i.qN ' 1 ' K f X4 X , ' I , 'ig 5 Q 3 4 ,. f A. p Cvfi sf ,' , ., ' . -. S .', -.1 ff? gl x up J L-if 'Q JL: ,L-.,. .4-4 I . v 'fi' nv' VT' .bulnL..f...an-u. f . ,, -Q A F , W- ki .4 E 1 M - """"""A'-Ml' - l--- -X-N xM...,W , ,, - . 9 . Zfffffft f fm , 2 V ' .A Mk . ,K x 'avi 9 . ,. ..,..,.., , A we x , ' w-l-ms-- - , .f'g 'f5?b53l', U- " ' .elm ,. -' ,, -:..,...'g-. , ,L Q1,,.:-,r f 4 -.A,- V M vw, ,bf - M.. :jf--i Rg.1h,,,,,,,,, " ---M-. ,,.,,,ftf'Y.f19"z:vf - if .qfgfgf LX,x, - LL-. Q 4 ? Z a a 2 ! W ft ,Q..L, 'Rf f 3 ' 4 I 4 N , 1 of 54 r fi' 5 Q ? gif Z-',- ,nlqy 5-gms S I 4 9 - X 1+fg'b5'0":e f-235324, ,L I f FRANCIS A. LITCHFIELD Lieutenant Commander, USMS First Battalion Officer Q, . , ,Af ' 1 Vx . , 5 Z 7 - Z. ? ' V , WN X f 7' , , f Z 3 W4 4 Q , Q V, My w I ' , ff' , I 7 Wy ,,,9r,,1y' l'ir'f V' ROGER F DRRHEH ' '.,.c,xx' , 1-. ,., I H X 'YI P 45 Kumi Rnttzrlmn Au111a.1m I ff-54 N kg, X1 if ...gi Z? ' Kyiv, .- , .5 li, 17-331 ef C5537-9'2" QQ, 1 , -as-ess' ,Q as -asf' x :Q Q5 AEG' N! 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J, 3 EM'-W' t':':..::"T TI' 7 ,"' .lv u- 4 I V , 43 M : 1 gr , , 1.1-35 ,, . V , bf., 1 4 , ,. .M TALIUN STAF jf! 5 2 4' 9 5 ws ' . 1? .Ql ' 1 DONALD E. BOYLE Lieutcnant Commander, USMS Second Battalion Officer W- ,im :wa wx-2-L, f 2313, W.. ly ' DONALD li. SRX-'FENRSAHT 51 - ' , ' TQ .' Mm-vin! HLIHLRIIUII f,,1:,,.lgml -V - --,AA-AQ,-,-,-. -- l l-t- F W ' 4 -iff ? 5-. -ia-avg' 35150 v -F -9' 5 I 1 U l I N J v 4 I R W w 1 w 1 l 9 1 V , fwgf1,+m'7 f 1 , V V,f,,0!4f7y5 in I wlqfy-wf,f.s. -. Q 1 f , Q X f f , ,f .. f f Vw n,!Qf"W4- ,f 1 H, ,4 X ,g.N?7qLVf, z if f f. Q , 4 f M 1 x , a. KA' Q 5 Y' A x - ' ' ' V 1 ,,,g,,-,.1. "1 Q '- mi? i L - , . V V W- - - ' gg fg Q5 of Q77 .5,-625-2" 21 652. 3-g 'S CF' 4' G ef "-. JQ' isis , A K P 6 X X 'H B gf B 4 W ff- ' xl -im Q x S f ' F ' . , ' '?x9"K X I J' 1 :c" N Sf ' 7 'f-432 n 1 ,a ,Q X7 ti 5 N uw 1 5 X xv, Z 4 sh- ,, Y i 1 5 3 W, 4 - 5 ,f"'LzW'v "if, 1 V3 l 1 ef ' 'nf 1 3 1 , ,. , f as., 1 ag 2f,fM! g!!,W- .wf V, ,JZ .9 fu I .. ww, 5,5 -' Z xx f K V 4. Q, 5 2 .V ,V ' K' f fe 23 1, Y-ng ' ' 1 ffflw, , f W ,f . 'fm MM 4 QWWQV 444 www ff'4 J7f-Wi'afH'f'- az f GJ' Miy,Wj?wmf22'wmf,19fWW42" gm, 7 I n ,W ' ' ' , gm' X 2 1 , !-,wr:i" 1,1 M 1 f "1 ' " I .Mu .f-,u.. , . ,, ll -. v 5 gn K, 1 11:5 r in 'r Q . 0 V 1 ' V k I 1 - if , 4 ffi . fgfr., 'P f - -,x,.f,. r smug DMN xn'i1'f'AHvun1 wil aff-N -X- ,,.,. 4 1 NX 54 , 5 -. A , Sffwvv- - . QQ- .N MM- ,wana H " ? x I , ,,. A 4 I, 5 l 'f'fl:"'-' ' M- 41.-M t ,. " 1 -. W .W ..M....A... N... X 'itii rr", ., Y' Z7 if 1 QE? E,-i-a x " 4 3.4-3 N fx ii qyuun B 1 ,M ..mX vwQy,.-Aww DOINIINIC DeFILIPPI C.W.O., USMS Third Battalion Officer Czlctingj if ,W ,VQVJJM .Y KKQURUONV lf. INUUYH W!!! YNY, lx H5-"fVHi,Ufi1'1' Hmm! Rniiiniimx Huliiiimu 'iilmvl Siraihl fw are Li My .Q ,X f I"7: if rj- ' fa' 'i 2 L 2 f -V Q ',,i f, 0,1757 I 2 f? 1 Cf ' f ' 'W A 5. A a I ff ? 2 , f ,, V V ,. W A, Y I 4 z G r S I K W? ,.t...,,-..,v,, .,,,,, 3? :J in 1 1 1 2 4 x..---'vm M 5 5 Q 4 , 4 :ff Zyyv ,, f,, W-FM-wffw ,W M Q- 9. l0 -' Z Q. 5 3 W s'4 J 'GZWPGEEEJD iiireibcih 5 'ii 55559 n-ff 4-aifg I s S- s?ea:Q..xXQ 754 5153 ' :QW I 'Bo -Fef- ? -SiEiS5iBmvg,x ! . ,,f4i5'5F7 'Q Q - Q ' 7 x fgk 3 : fm-A, Silk' , 'f ws Q in X1,...k'x - fwqimf-,Q .mc .Xue uwwumn ..-f ax , 2 2 f X ,, , f, , ff' Q 7, Y ,,... N.:-.-WW--,-.-,f Q I xxx ii , .XV I 21 -'11 f i fm 4 X- p- - ,.-fp. , ,, M.. A . . - H W, 0-v104,.,,.v,'vn..,,..,2.3-fq.....,,,,, 4..,..,,..Aw.,.,.- ,. M.. .WLM , 'A 37 ig at L' , f 2- ' ' hx WV? ,Wg ,... ,,-.............-..... ---1 any ' 1 Y -"Na l K M I. if -'Q i. i I is 1 v W 1 1 P I ! 'SS-. Q -ws -fi' We in, '1"E b ', g ' e egg .9 gi' air ' 3 fag' .qi '. , 'J ' Ml? ,,: 4 1 5x-Q z-- VP x. ' Y 6 Q 51- x X X -I 5 5 Q x'197'EA3 141- , W 1. N4 'Q Q5 W: X - H7404-W f' f ,f fnmwwf.-1 -AW Ov ,, fm 7 Z! 2 J awww .W .fm 4. 1- M, ff' f W' ' Q iixff' ffwf, W iff! X Wy H Cf! Wfff ff ff -Qszwi W:-' - QQQWXX T3 ff. 'VU 11' 1,13 7,7 .9 4 , 5 3 F f W Manny? gmx.. MNA' ., f..W,,..fww .www l f if ' , ,,A .- ' s , X J, 1 r 5 h ,, fr 'vmu,. f .............,,d -. N ii -is -if ' ' A531 41l1i3,,ll Qian- , is-.nga-rr l 3 X. I I f Front Row: R. Kothrade, L. Rogers, R, Ohnstgnl, C. Daxis, C. Pryor, D. VanOss, C. Miller, L. Collevechio, T. Parker, I. Lewis, W. Deen, I, llotnling, T. Coolidge, l". Yan lJt-ventlt-r. S. johnson. Second Row: E. Hromada, S. Sivell, R. .Ryalls,.K. Lyons, J. Moore, W. liritz, C. Y.urWt-y, 'lf llr-in.in, XI. Lhirilson, T. Smith, J. Ferguson, D. Roberts, C. Beilstein. Third How: 1. Taylor, j. 'Yeagut-, R. NltAClure, ll. l.t-t-per, QI. Rortlt-lon, R. llellcr, ll, Ellwanger, L. Reimer, I. Tobler, I. Haw, R. Keller, ll. jzuut-s. Buck Hour: l'. ll.unt-s, D. .-Xlleutltr, S. llardin. XY. Breyfogle, C. Connell, F. Calloway, B. Costanzi, M. Collard. BAN D Q. s as 'K un I K , 1 , , X I 11 ui. R. Kothmde. Cadet Bandmaster: Lt. F. V. XleCammon. Bandmaster: F. Van Devendcr, Band CPO: S. Johnson. Drum Major. The U.S.M.M.A. Band was this year, as in the past. one of the most active and representative units at the Academy. The band, under the able leadership of Lt. lf. V. NlcCammon, assisted by Cadet Bandmaster Richard C. Kothrade, started off the season by playing at all the home football games as well as performing lialf-time shows at the Hofstra, P.M.C., and CRV. Post games. The hand remained active during the winter season by play- ing for most of the home basketball games. Nineteen Sixty-five saw the band, with Drum Major Cadet Stephen R. Iohnson at the helm, leading tllv Regiment down Pennsylvania Avenue past the reviewinil stand in the Inaugural Parade. Shortly after the parade the band got down to the serious task of preparing fflf the concert season ahead starting with the annual spring concert. This performance served to show the versatilitll of the band as the selections ranged from the classics 10 modern contemporary compositions featuring every sec- tion of the band. A first in the history of the band WHS made this year with the establishment of an exchange concert program with the New York State Maritime College. The success of these concerts insured the con- tinuation of this program on an annual basis. The parade season saw the band performing fffr numerous events including the Opening of the WO,fld5 Fair, Armed Forces Day, and Maritime Day, in add1t1Ofl to performing at every Academy review. A solid nucleUS of excellent underclass band members will insure the continuation of this year's accomplishments and an SVCD more extensive schedule in the future. l 1 The had 011 P Kings Point llllfliine 44 ne past, at the E Lt. F. Prichard all the all-time es. The JY Plav- 1 Nlajvf ing lll6 viewing r pilfade Img for ll Spflng grsatilill' gssics f0 ,ery Sec' and WHS 3xCl13flge warillme the 009' for ning , or 5 addluon 1 MW GV .5 'ill ' T R. ,N - 13' l bilizisfr 11- K U iii ? .4-llilqtf . -K f'- . - t fl nl "W l'F'.r"'1 'GL f-'f ' , -3' fl, .ffl ..... AJ, .zz ,A ,Y . il LJ . .,1L:'v2i:?Sg, F N :FAQ ' ' 1 .,..-lam I 4 ,--'J' . ' . .. ' I-'X ' - ... f .. . . - . t I ,i g-nr. , I 1 Jn .A nv i ut. ', ,nxt , . , .A-'nt I. 'rv-.,Q1'4'X x f. f -+..- N .tn W, ,J 'N 1 ga-nf-,Y '51 1 3 f '-3 . ' , lc .i.5g: ..S v- B a, L.. gry: X, . ,' 7 . f . - , - Mar1ners Band - ff. Ss' 5' , ,f 5 . 1 ' - ' I - "- -' ' 'T' -J' 'Siu f. r u ul '-"t"- ff Z.: - f- 'ww " ':...f'Np!fl. , 1 1 . H .-A :S N in SA at Convention Hall in Atlantic City lt l l f 4 l l E Z l Q E l f l 3 l tg I 5? 6 The band on pa d t Kings Point ra e a Halftime, Band style 2 0 V D., sr ' , .--.4.ami.,:g,- - 3.5 'F' ..,..M. ,, - 5 . . 4' -Mmm-"f H--'M-.m..,wX - Xxm.M.m.y X N' S - 5 'v- -----n---1' .. , F2 ' i .-1. ,-1-M ,456-n' I . . Z - I l'.".' - . c s , . Q . n n Q I I 3 O . Q 0 , . 0 ' - ' n ' ' c ' M ' o L . I I o ' ,1 -..- o o O I O I 1 I I Y -nzrxm i 9 341- l F aw.. W ,-Wa, i f 14, ii of , , SP ,, . . . C 4 I O f Z O X I 5 N . , . I ,ffm - , KTWWC ff ,wwf sf- X yg,.J,:p.c' MM' f f , ,.,,, , wyr -- 4-ff'-: M, , X' 5 V? ,Y .-fwn .J , . WMA ..,. MM ,g ,BH I ggi I -f -- -3 ,W , a .:-' An. :. nv at m -sd i' 'Qin f f Exchange Arms Blackout mwnkhffvwfw - 3 f f wg..f , ' Ki 1 -. Point 9.Jutc CQMMAND BOARD Front: S. Robeson. Second Row: F. Menser, C. Raymond, L. Allstadt, W. Hamilton. Back How: R. Dreher, D. Sweigart, G. Inouye. The Regimental Command Board, headed by the Regimental Commander, and stalled by the Battalion Commanders and their adjutants, is responsible for the policy administration on the cadet level. This group Works with the Regi- mental and Battalion officers to promote a more efHcient administration of the Regiment. 66 S CADET COUNCIL Front Row: K. Smith, F. Dieterle, V. Garrett, L. Shipley, A. Rohloif. Back Row: I. Keating, D. Fitzgerald, B. Kennedy, T. Jacobson, R, Shingler, NV. jaffee. The Cadet Council serves as a direct communicative link between the Academy Superintendent and the Regiment of Cadets. In meetings with the Superintendent, topics of mutual concern are discussed-from general policies and specific grievances to ideas for the betterment of the Academy and the Corps of Cadets as a Whole. Such communication furthers understanding between the administration and the body of Cadets, and so promotes the cooperation neces- sary for the continual up-grading of our Academy and its Corps of Cadets. G7 ATRAMIQQAQY Will-ITTEE The commissary committee was formed to provide the Regiment with a better understand- ing of the operation of the messhall and a more direct means of voicing its concern in this area. The committee's function is to effectively organ- Front Row: L. Miller, M. Miller B. Nakos, C. Fitzgerald. Back Rowf T. McGrath, R. Bougliton, 1, Hunl dertmark, M. Stewart, J. Parker M. Larson, E. Palmer. ' ize and express the feelings and ideas of the Regiment with relation to the rnesshall. It also serves as a means of communicating to the Regi- ment information on the operation and main- tenance of the messhall. ACTIVITIES STAFF g Delegated with the responsibilities of heading the various organizations which enable the Regii ment to function smoothly tliroughout the vear the activities staff is the end result when all the editors, bandleader, drillmaster, managing edi- tors, presidents, and directors meet. F if Ro f L. Miller, C- Hfllfl Seldtn V garrett. Back Rowf R ' ,h Reed, I. Parker, TUC er?1CPi McAllister, C' Higlliigadli. Vosnick, W. Iaffee, R- 0 Not Pictured: D. Jacobs. As a unit it does little-besides marching iI1f0 the messhall Hrst, but each of these men haS been vested with the responsibility of organizing and running the many groups that appear on the campus and that are so important in maintaining a high "Esprit de Corpsf, Nl. Mill Back Roi? ny 1- Hun. l- Parker, c.Hi1ll' CY, . M. pk nw' zfkffv Tu F, Helder ig. KM. Cabs. 5' W1 5 vi , li '4 1 Q 2 1 F t Q-9 3 Q rs E 1','L I as J,, if ' fu it r -.Q we f, r, B. Acuff. Back Row: WV. Hamann, R. Fox, J. Cox. V l X1 Front Row: G. Smith, T. Tucke an f 4 M . V f ii ly' , 7 ' ,1 5 To OED c-suAr-an Under the command of Cadet En- sign Tommy Tucker the bearers of the 1 national and school colors have once again brought much honor and pres- tige to the Academy. Whatever the occasion might be-morning colors, a formal review, Maritime Day, or the T opening of a yacht club-the men on the color guard have been there to perform their duties in a very admira- . ble manner. l l l . y s 1 , l l I , l f, ew ff 11, ., V ,swf -4 f g , 1-H .4 i iwgp. ,iv ...M-.,,. . . ' 'uh 1 ,,--Q-"4 ' Sv ,+'-.V ' H-"" ,,p-uid' . I ' U 'gn I X , f . ,f f..,!0"a , A v ' V ' 4 ' if W T r'f2:::wf Wliifff' fi . . e ee A as ' ' f ' ' g4w?Q - " if "fwC.'71:X'1 Y , Y, M QAVAWV fig Acuff, T. Tucker, C. Smith, C. Lichvarcik, D. Dent. 'lf 4 an if r vfswf xp WV M ' , '45 if V, 2 ,iw nk, 4 ,L 1, 21 Xw,'f4?'! 1, A f L ffvf 2 716! 5 12 , ' ' f W ,f gf-, !i7V.' YH Wm 3 ,I -Y 6, I G 1 f I 0,109 ' ,- .1 D. , IL!! ,4' G 'L' A 8. L... All til' rr., 5 21 I . . 15,11 ' s .1 'ggi 2 '1 ' A ,f A 9' 3 5' . fi . X f' !'Zp if MH ff ff 'Qu ifg ifgf, nw ,, Z4 1 A " f Z' 'KJ 4 M! " : . I ff, f rv f ,, '52--V f. A 3, s ' , mf MZ P - M, 7,22 A 3 3 in 55, L . ,, QQ , 2 1 J' ' -JJ 12 2 if . U ' " H My L V- L75 v f., 3, , 1 N 1 V - , ,, fb, Q ,Q , 15 R gift! 1 V , ', ,,' lf' kr f Q ' I 2 Q C. X if Q I 'f fi f me 5' Q23 ' 13. z. 2' 1 "' ,- A' 1 V .. X . , if I' 1 ' Q ,ff .f W, .. K? V' N' ,I 2 S W w Q? Q N If ex ff! N.. X fm 3 1 S5-Q5 ff . ,tbl 5' ff - x , X , l iff! K .Q It ,- Piggy 1 fy? 114 A N 'if' if gi? , nz. , s:1, rx i A 1- iz' :vx .tix ,X Q ,n f , . ,iii Q X A E, X ii 15 5 . f 'Y 1 Q R : 4 y 4 1 a Nr F, .3 , x , gs vm 1- ch ov-fi 'A-Rf' iq 5 Q 5 9""'-45,5 .. , .,--gf -. ,f x ,gb r'- Wi ' . I' 'x ,f ' . .x " 4 0 ' ' L' - ' 1 " Ak- N' .. . X N ff , ., 1 . , , I 5' g - - 1 ' E+, ,V X. ' ,' " :Q - M. .u .11 . F . - b in SJ, ' .NAM , . ygli A-.-A: , ,I . f ? k,,J ,Magi-lq i z Q., I xfhgi 4 shim? Lum i fxi SK , , . 1, " - v '- . , A L'- f + 4 f .fl-v' f- H" HJ -u , , 4 Q ,, ., wage ..,x W .3 -4 - .4 'Q s- E? -' 1--A K , .,,-rv' " X -wx -4 X A .-2 X . '-F x xx! h N 5 X A ,sm X , R 1 Y f xx V M- :Y , Q Q. wx: . ff'wf Q X 3 x fy: X- jx X if M ..-ff 9' , . , , , n M-N gf ,f-A X 'fn' if Jim ...-'lf xn,,, 5.64, ,:A'M,,f-M-,S gyilfunnn g A L,,,fl-nv, Lg My L,f,n EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Patrick I. McAllister N n N jg-rf 1 n n n an n.n I .A ' x-J 4-lf"-" QL E 1 Q gn msmsss MANAGER ADVERTISING 'mm' 3- MCCHHI Pbiliv A- Fwbef MIDSI meant to k chronicle 0 the fervem Engineer ' Mni0n'S Balm S n N , , 4 A! ACTIVITIES EDITOR Stephen R. Johnson MANAGING EDITOR William E. Steiger jr. MIDSHIPS is the log-book of the graduating class of the Academy. It is meant to be more than just a yearbook. For within its covers is contained a chronicle of perhaps the four most rewarding years rnost of us will spend. It is the fervent desire of the staff that in years to come, many a Master and Chief K Engineer will gaze upon the pages of this book with fond recollection of the K many joys and tribulations associated with his stay at Kings Point. PHOTOCRAPI-IIC TECHNICIAN Peter F. Vant Hull i I I ,.,, ,W ,W V. ,-...g X ,, X ,fs ,.... ,, SPORTS EDITORS CADET LIFE EDITOR CADET LIFE EDITOR Ralph D. james and joseph F. Keating M1105 WV- Parker Bobby L- Class 15 IVIIDSHIPQ ,, ..,. f w.1e4g.1u-1? mex1.r.J?Y.'f"'K-3 f"'h'5'V Y' Pup P 's wr--lr Front Row: XV. Bova, P. Fecher, P. McAllister, B. Steiger. Second Row: J. Keating, P. Allen, J- Parker, D Frye. Back Row: C. Sandvik, K. XVamer, P. Fredricks, E. Stribling, L. Montag. 76 1-!H,, ISK x ' ll 'T N I f ,I ACTIVITIES STAFF ART DIRECTOR PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Carl N. Sandvik Xvilljam 1, Bova Douglas W. Stuteville .Ng ,I ,,,.. P ' ,,.,..-,na at I 'li l , g , ASSOCIATE EDITOR ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER TYPISTS LeRoy K. Montag Phil F redricks Ken Warner and Paul Allen XA' ffl!! I ll :Ig ,Il J F-- f A fl ly I GENERAL STAFF I-H0557 img Stcm Workmg OVC1-time Yofd tlmlamk all that advertising would Ron Mucllinyg and Jerry Jcfzmc mu G P N bmlkx' 'L '-,,.,- - ,. C S I C I T llf K Sabol P Vant Hull G Dozier Second Row: D. Leighner, C. Williams, I . r , K. , - 9 ' 7 ' ' . I Front Row B Bom 0 e Son K W d, K, Smith, W. Woollacott, E. Stribling, I. Cameron. T. Richardson, D. Gaeta, C. Hill. Back Row: . oo The corps, newspaper had some rough going for a few months early in the year, but an organizational shake-up cured its ills. After january "Hear Thisv climbed to new editorial heights. The format came to include new column material and began to feature more maritime news of benefit to all. Under the new position of Editorial Chairman, Polaris-"Hear This", a writers' pool of the two publications was formed and its reward came to be felt by both. The paper began to gain a more professional appearance, and the content improved to hold the interest of its readers. Covering every phase of cadet life in an interesting manner proved to be a worthwhile chal- lenge to the staff. The paper was changed from a monthly to a triweekly for the remainder of the year. The problems of acting as a voice for the cadet corps were not readily overcome but they did not prove insurmountable to this year's staff-a credit to the enthusiasm of a hard working group. l i la V x i 5 V W V Y V nil l 4 l y x l l 1 R l l l E l l l i .I i .N 1 l x ii 1 l. l ' Al ' il .l 1 il l 4 li LK T if i i l l I' L Q ia EDITOR-IN-CHIEF N Charles I. Hill at i i i MANAGING EDITOR Michael Stewart . X r ,,,, ,V f--' 'W ...4 "" ' .w.,..,E.,A,,.,,, ,, , I , .WWW W W K H W mr K 4 H wi' U WW i 3 I Y l I 3 I EA S l E , l , E an I Z9 g Nwaf' P i l 1 1 3 J l I BUSINESS MANAGER ASSISTANT EDITOR EDITORIAL ASSISTANT f Peter Vant Hull Douglas Stuteville Kurt Tollefgon i I I E f I l I 'ih- I I W... Ag FEATURE EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR William Woollacott David Burghardt jay Hundertmark Pi CIRCULATION MANAGER S3501 J- Wood. B- Cosfanli, David I Piglmm- B, Cilhooly, J. Cameron -4""'T- ,:a- --if .W Polaris is well known to most people associated with Kings Point. This year Polaris has undergone numerous subtle changes in format and style which the editors felt enhanced its appearance. The staffis reward has been the public's considerable praise of the new look of Polaris over the months. After a realignment of the staff responsibilities and the formulation of new operational policy, Polaris began to emerge from its mundane past. The staff of Polaris also undertook the compilation and writing of a complete history of the Academy to offer graduates, friends, parents and cadets. The ambitious editorial siness staffs have pointed the way toward an even better tomorrow for Kings Point's quarterly magazine. Like much else this year, Polaris has been and bu better with ,65. V137 l EDITOR-N-CHIEF EDITQRI Walter Iaffee PoL.m1sg7H3Ix4i?.I1?r!f1ig MANAGHLG EDITOR Brian . ope Vincent VV. Garrett 80 s X e-X Front Row: R. Hagan, XV. Iaffee, V. Garrett, B. Hope. Second How: XV. Bova, R. Kinsey, R. Veldhuis, I. Nclsen. Back How: 1, Lewis, D. Butler, 1. Gabriele. .Wk I , 5 W ,.,, K4 3-w.fwN,vffmu V , ,W Mf- FCM MANAGEMENT Co-ORDINATOP. SPORTS EDITOR James Scott Cummings Tom BOUIWMC H! will H mil ,, -M W 71? i ADVERTISING MANAGER T. G. Wells as C ASSOCIATE EDITOR james T. Shirley ,Q- I D ' Xi., NENVS EDITOR Guy XV. XVolf III 1 1 If pon.Anus 1 11 H, V V 1 1 1: 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 M., 1 in Nw-:geo .A ART DIRECTOR CIRCULATION MANAGER CIRCULATIONS Charles Matchett Roland Hagan Douglas Gaeta ig,-, The proof is in the reading. 943 H11 Plebe at Work "lllllf colleetimc critics U, In facets 15f0IIl5 eafllfe IUSUY' infer' , I . U VN 2:5 'sr 'W 'f EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BUSINESS MANAGER Iohn Self Iohn Blackstock -l 113 I Alma w,,I,wf,..-, .-. ., -- QL not 1-1H'-sushi' ASSOCIATE EDITOR NViIIiam Daniels ,X x--' M -rlx ,.-I ? K., I OFFICER ADVISOR C.YV.O. VVilIiam McCaffery vi' IVorkers? 2 A I 'Qi ' !f"9'? 3 , f if .I QSM? 1 . f REGIIVIENTAL INFORMATION SERVICE ! 4 w 1 r i x X X 1 I f FJ.. -K-,IA EH-M4-W EE-E14-Y -E-E-E-E'E"E'l'JJ'If'WM''IWW' I fm I +I 'T i Q Q A + E E X Q 1 E i 1 1 5 E 4 1 1 I I 1 I 7 I . J ? 1 a Y IIIVI d b f I 1 1 d 1 E d I E K 4 d 1 ' i i E 5 E 3 T 5 l II II I I II III4 IIIIII I IEE, IIEEIIIIIIIIEE IIIII IMIIIII I,,IIE,,II-y,,,,,,-I,,E Front Hour: F. Vnsnick, R. King, j. Wood, D. Jacobs, I. Schwab, R. Smith. Second Row: J. Cameron, A. Ryd- zvwski, IK. Lvlnmum, J. Houghton, R. Drohcr, T. Sumner. Back Row: B. Goddard, E. Stribling, R. Lorusso, 1 Ilvhm, C. Rohvrtson, II. Fircy. Ass 'I fimlw f- , I. I has-.L CHIEF? I?i2E2,'AXT3gfkSERX'1CE ASSISTANT CHIEF BUSINESS MANAGER ' ' ' L Dale XV. Iacobs John Paul Schwab 86 , 54153 wb The Regrmental Informatron Servrce IS an organrzatron dedrcated to the gathermg and drstrrbutron of all news regardmg the Academy and 1tS Cadet Corps An arduous task 1tS ren ards consrst mamlv of that feelmg of satrsfactron derrved from a job Well done ASST. BUSINESS MANAGER LUBBERS LINE EDITOR Richard Lorusso ROSC1' Dfehef ,- ,-,.-i71- v 'Ti' l an-.-A T. Sumner, If Wood PHOTOGRAPHY CORRELATOR Rudiger Lehmann S7 1 f'f'7Z7' -V ,num ART DIRECTOR William Bova I .314 ?,V,?,M,,., My ' MW7' A. Rydzcwski, C. Robertson r. . R .. O' put I M, Kit k, D. Al', K. A. johnson, D. Osborne, D. Stanko, T. Hurd, D. Srhboncl H0113 P. Liifilgilie, T. Ridhardson, I. Iochmans, R. Reeves, I. Self, VV. Daniels, B, Hope. Back Row: C. Wolf, P. McAllister, B. Siregar, P. Smedes, I. Epons, W. Steiger, XV. Monson, I. Cummings, j. Adzema. AIVI E 'DD' D The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers is a nationwide organization composed of leaders in the marine Held. A special chapter here at Kings Point gives the Cadets the opportunity to hear some of the top spokes- men in the industry as well as participate in Society activities in the New York port area. In addition, Cadet members are eligible to receive the many technical joumals and pamphlets published by the Society in its program of maritime improvement. 11.3 i I yall, Qliixiimr - Front Row T Ulrich D Wyman B Kromann C Heliker Back Row D Caeta P Freeman LINSPIKE C One of the basic tools of seamen from ancient times has been the rope. Knowledge of its manv capabilities and uses has saved countless damage and lives down through history. To perpetuate this proiiciencv is the goal of the Mar- linspike Club. Under the able and watchful eye of Boatswain Cooney cadets learn the intricate series of hitches and bends necessarv for a well-rounded merchant oflicer. 3511? wr. l is n 155422 2 , , ' fl . gb wtf? r 89 Q3 1-1-uve' eigf--. .. . . -, W f'w:f-y9'1"'.' s I "?"X QA' Nh' f , gv A , . --."' ',' fu. .,,-4 ,,. , 1.11 4' rg- Q . 2 'I' f iifff:a4'.':gJ 1,1 ff' '-T34 J1E"37" f -M , ff ,gui - 'A' 'Y 'f1:,Qi.L' A: ,-312912251229 ju' , , , ., ' 'Lzrlstfn ' f 7 "Q ,pl ...af-'U . -nv ,ww an 5 ..' I , ! -1- lx: Il . pm n , n mu 4 I -51-'vw-H gi 1 A nf , , , ,K .gf K 'K 'AI Q jg Ja. I 1 .fx ' gf ' N55 - 1 Ki! 1fNlfP !tix4Mxva,fvf4rwn1 0 5 L In-Q ian-g unn msnummfrymmw-mmf. re , , A A , , , ,, , -.PIPTK Q- , -N - - I law, lt, Q q mx . . V .sc a X x xr O u Xa -I ' , N ' XX, Wi - .Q U A 'ii nigh, kuqgr -V ' G, Q EH 1 Q 11 Q W-' w ' ' fi .. - Q 3' I J Q F- F I ... J 1 . , - hx 1 ,guns U- " ,, --- 1 W i Iii A 'I 0 I-Q-l ua.-i ' A iii! E M- y 5 ""' ,I 5 4 an 9 9 " W X , MW W fm. g l ...rf li lakes 5 ale 10 ISC en. iafable. 'Ol' 0m- nii also eV9l1lS repairs lifound Many laughed back in 1961 when it was announced that the Ring Committee of the Class of 1965 would have a meet- ing. Turning the other cheek, this able group set out to bring to Kings Point the most beautifully designed ring in the country. The first year was spent mainly in selecting the company with which to do business. Second Class year saw the culmination of Frank Van Devender's project as the design was completed and the orders sent out. G CCJIVIIVIITTE Front Roux- B. Howie, P. Vant Hull, F. Van Devender, M. Burghardt. Back Row: R. Forsberg, T. Heinan, P. Fecher. 1 I Q' . 'nf I ,NH f.,-Q f t L A ...H 1965 RING DANCE CDIVIIVIITTEE The success of one of the Academy's most splendid social events in years, the 1965 Ring Dance, was due mostly to the untiring ellorts of this committee. Chair- manned by Ioe Keating and Mike Shea, this group provided the planning and execution of that memorable june 6th. Front Row: P. Vrmt Hull, M. Shea, I. Keating, C. HZWHGD. 56607161 H0101 VV. Wool- Iljffflltj D, Cacta, R, Smith, VV. Steiger, P. McAllister. Back Row: K. Smith, VV. Inline, R. Dmocliowski. N , F ! : Y I u 1 I 4 K 3 just abflll laden va5 af all sional out' v I the miwl facing the fsfmllfl tl my ml msd all gates W . fiudwgg with Bn ze- The 1964-1965 season was again a spectacular one. Meets at Harvard, Georgetown, the Military, Naval and Air Force Academies were climaxed by our own Golden Gavel Tournament, when the Federal Service Academies met for the eleventh annual competition. In addition, the debaters enjoyed many encounters with the distall? mem- bers of the debate circuit, including Marymount, Manhattanville, Molloy and Mount Saint Vincent. Two highlights marked the debate year. One was the trip of Cadets Rohlotf and Miller to the Royal Military College at Kingston, Ontario, to debate the topic: The Life At Sea Is The Good Life. To add to the wit of the occasion, the red- coated Canadians took the Allirmative, while the bluecoated mariners argued wittily and vehe- mently for the land life! The other event was the annual International Tournament, at McGill University, Montreal. There the four first class members of the Council met the leading Canadian and American teams on the question of governmental censorship of morals. Four 65-ers-A. M. Rohloff, C. I. Crow, T. I. McGrath and I. I. Miller-all experienced back- bone members of the Council, depart from us. The Academy will miss them. TPI B64-3965 ar'lUMs'f , B, Qi- G., .i,.m,f,.p I I-Tift-f Lf! f 1 -ffza-1:4 , 5-T'-fglffgffzi 1 ' X I . V 5 ff "' f l l Q 'ffl-rwrlrmpi T NATFOHAL DCIATI TOP! RESOLVED That The Fcdcfai Gov ernment Sho'-id Estabish a Natrona! Program of Pubic We-fi For The Uncvvapbypd The goal, that ever elusive symbol of forensic excellencel THE :sea-:ass Hman'-QFQYE mme 3fS0LVEIJg fh 'l Thr Frdem nw. nrnrncnt Shomg gshhmh I N"""a' P"0!Y0m Q1 mn wal FU' The UH'-nnbyea. Gene Guest carries the colors as KP is on the move agam -,y , - .EQWI TEV aura mtsotvcn nw 'Vw F 1 Surrender? never l I mi me-1-1965 NAYIONAL DEBATE TOPIC rdc IG DCIETY 'gf ,l ur, 51,1-L., ,750 fy .,! Front Row: T. Tucker, I. McDonnell, D. Rasmussen. Back Row: E. Seddon, R. Fowler, G. Smith. " I 1 I: ,K ' A-, il? 4: 9' Front Row: I. Nelson, R. Lehmann, . Harb. . Horacek. Second Row: I. Thomas, B51'ne1sihl.RCr13r?dt1if gllsfqllr M' P0P0ViCh, F- Foster, B. Bova, I. Belford, XV. Sclmeicler, I. Aclzema. Third, Rom' ar 3131, RZ Forsbefg, H. erer, Seddon, C. Franklin, I. Dugan, J. Haag, p. Lockwood Ii7 endricks, B. Feath C. Hill, R. Masel. Fourth Row: C. Lichvarcik. H. Firey I L f ,1 ' X Oodfield' P- Livigne, D. Dent, S. XValker, S. Kalman, C. XVong, C. Schyvanz Bvacjc Fgnil' B' Rfdgersw J- Patterson, R Diljbaldi E Hahn H Mott P Alien D Erwin- L Nm1g1u.XF.XlSe1cl1e, C. Robertson, Pillsbury- , . - , . . , . , . , . i r, I . atsong I. Hardy, C 96 The Kings Point Astronomical Society, more commonly known as the Astronomy Club, is a member of the National Astro- nomical Society. The club is composed of members who are interested in star gazing as a hobby, or cadets who want to further their education in space technology. The club has at its disposal a 41!2 inch refracting telescope and a 6 inch reflecting telescope located on the roof of Samuels Hall. The Academy also has a planetarium-thanks to the club,s efforts. The club is able to take Held trips to Hayden Planetarium in the City, as Well as to various space research centers on Long Island such as Sperry and Grum- man. The cadet hobby shop has facilities for grinding telescope mirrors for any cadet who wants to build his own telescope. In keeping with the goal of learning as much about the sea as possible, the Trident Club waS formed for the purpose of learn- ing about the strange World of the undersea. Its members can be seen practicing in Marshall Pool in preparation for their scheduled dives in the S0l1Ud and ocean. Schneider L l 1 s a 0 e 3 S S if so me ld in us 18 n. nas pe its 031 of he sea lb was learn- nrld of .rg Call arshall , their sound fl fi 1 S i If Schneider and Hamilton inspecting the diving apparatus. 345164 'YF '43 ppgdf' ---w'9'f"'2W' is ., - "If you think I'm gonna' put that dirty thing in my mouth , . ." vi' "One step folward, march!" irq, ' -9. I wx '-va. V ,,,, .fx 1 x, x MN' fx, XX-A Frogman or Whale? z i I I 1 1 l Q. gn' i ,A . if L3 v VARSITY CLUB FALL AND XVINTER Front Row C Skowronski XI Bellomo R Lou hlin Belmonte L Smith R Ciusloxx Du an B Nikos L P1 er P Trotta :. ',i. ,. g,I. ,. ',I, g.,.t.,..p,,. , M. Ross, B. Brekke, XV. Tatman, I. Tompkins. Second Row: N. King, R. DiUhaldi, B. Tomh, R. Forsberg, F. Hermann, F. Denkman I. Ellett, M. Purpura, R. Annis, C. Clark. Third Row: L. Shipley, C. Clark, R. Ressel, R. XX"oll, K. Powers, I. Curland, I. Stafsnes, H. Hewlett, D. Doran, D. Dent, S. Sander. Fourth Row: D. Sweigart, XV. Appr-ll, II. Zickwold, I. Hurd, B. Ritsch, T. Jacobson, T. Sheldon, I. Thomson, B. Post, T. Super. Fifth Row: C. Loesch, R. Shingler. R. Bruce, K. Meyer, I. Lavine, T. Witteveen, I. Evermonde, M. Stewart, D. Oprison, C. Schmidt, T. Chandler. Sixth Row: Il. Quinn, B. Ritchie, A. Sama, I. Charest, C. Keitel, D. Kahn, N. XVeld, C. Ceyer, XV. Cregorek, P. Banaszewski, D. Press, L. Lampland, I. Yeamans, J, Kirby. Back Row: C. McKay, I. Klein, D. Pascoe, C. Inouye, F. Menser, D. Basso, M. Pfeiffer, R. Moroncs, XI. McFeeley, B. Tharpe, D. Kroll. 1 'x . : fi .fl wigfilllqlt H. , m of , .. . lax A X -s l I W . Q I . 2 , S f' ' X Z it i i . , . SPRING AND SUMMER Front HOUR B Howie D Frye D XVyman, S. Collins, T. Ulrich, K. Flaks. Second Row: B. Kroinann, P. Barton, H, Lulias, I. Vellella, P. XVojiski Blarry C Hawisv. Third Row: XV. Miller, A. Tahano, D. Russell, R. Ceragity, C. Heitert, R. Appe mans C. Davis, Fourth lime: Cglrtlidgel B, Annis, I. Quinlin, P. Mullen, B. Clark, L. Book, C. Schroeder. Back Row: C. Richardson, S. Westover, J. Snyder, T. Kriz, Pi lunge, I. Nelson, T. Brown. F R -g C. H- pll -g-r, 1. Hotaling, J. Klein, A. Wigton, R. Kopeny, I. Sombati,.I. llbrilli-loriitll Knappfxlldvamccrxrcm. Sccoml Row: j. Masters, E. Hahn, W. Miller, VV. Tumbill, C. llc-ilstt-in, XV. Bunclrvn, J. Nlacplu-rson, R. Boughton, R. Lorusso, T.'Busskohl. Back How: D. Recd, B. Badger, W, Nlarwcdel, D. Walter, R. Cole, A. Pelz, D. Hicks, I. Haw, C. YVolf. LEE CLUB Q just about the most active group here in recent years has been the Clee Club. Starting in September, their concert season extends right to the end of the year. In addition to appearances in the New York Port area, each year the Glee Club takes to the road on a tour which extends through many states. Within the Glee Club are three smaller groups-the Seaferers, a folk singing group cilled the "Buccaneers", and a quartet. These groups give added variety to the V conceit presentations of the Clee Club as well as afford their members an op- Q l portunity to round out their repertoire. SEAFAREFIS I. Masters, J. Hotaling, T. Busskohl, D. Reed, B. Badger, XV. Turnbull, G. Wolf, A. Pelz, NV. Bundren, R. Boughton, VV. Miller, R. Vaccaro. CAt pizmoj I. Haw. BUCCANEERS GUARTET .-,.. .. I ...W T ,,,, . , - A 5 5 ' S . I F1 B 3 i-D ,.,, - B. Badger, T. Busskohl, B, Vaccaro, W. Miller, D. Reed. W. Bundren, B- Badger, R- BOUSNOU, D- Reed 101 BLUVVIIIDNDGLLLDLELACFULEWL L "NW l 1 l VVith the completion of the new bowling alleys early in 1964 the Bowling League came into existence. Devoted mainly to setting up a schedule of com- petition and maintenance of the newly installed equipment, the league spent much time ironing out the first bugs in the alleys. This year saw bowling brought to the in President, and the rest of the Bowling League. tramural level under the supervision of Dale Jacobs, the League R. Mesaris, D. Miles, C. Havnen, D. Osborne D Jacobs 10:2 H l N' Q 'N Adm ' f "'. . N g! ' i 'K 5 iq' t 'Ziff . X ': ' 'J"1 l 1 IGHT LIFTEFIS An organization new to the Academy this year is the XVeightlifters Club. Its members can be found most any afternoon down in the weight room of O,Hara Hall going through their routines. Dedicated to building up the physical strength of its members the club also engages in teaching the proper techniques of the various lifts and exercises. ""':' uunupm, ' 1 , X, wr ,- X X , D X Ji: ' S, l -f as . . T ' 4 ,W .. ,K , f i r fi l L Q 'F' ?f9Qa, W f fy, , M iA7Z"" W I f .f ,f 0 H '. s - - f C Dzilcc N. Partuin, R. Beeson, F t H ': XV, Abczlrn, Krnntilvr- Hlfmmimf Mazza' ' ' . I.mS1bliwlflll. Second Row: P, Smedcs, ls TCHQUC7 .R Bleufmdr R' DHSCOH' B' Badger, Y' Sottilc, A. Swenson, President. Back Row: B. Annis, E. Papp, C. ROl3CffS0I1- AND 5 MALI. Land Hall, the Cadet Club, is main- L tained for the enjoyment and relaxa- L tion of Cadets and their guests. Its L ,Wide range of facilities include such things as billiards, color TV and a Stereo radio-phonograph. In addition, Land Hall is the scene of those infa- mous plebe tea dances and various club mixers. l 1 I D. Lloyd, C. Van YVcy The Hustler ? P ? .4 "Boom-Boom" shows 'em what it's all about. Located in the basement of 6th company is an activity with no schedule of V 1 l events and no planned program. This is the Hobby Shop, which is open to all classes for the pursuit of individual projects. Here the cadet can Work in wood, l metal, or do electrical Work. , ,., I X 7, -.za ...,,v f ' mo..,::,,W,,,M., Q Z, 3 , i l , i 1 Even company commanders get energetic once in awhilel I UD .A ,f F.-3 e ANIEFIA CLUB ,QE .pw it E' k T Ulr'ch P Vant Hull D Stuteville L Paper B Kinsey Second Row: K. Sabol, E. Front Row: P. r1c son, . 1 , . , . , . , . . Katsampes, D. Hamilton, D. Birgenheier, D. Lloyd, R. Muelling. Back Row: P. McAllister, T. Tucker, I. Ross, F. Tryon. Much of the photography used by this and other publications is the work of the Camera Club. XVith their own photo lab complete with the latest in developing equipment, members can analyze and study the results of their search for new picture- taking techniques. Though a year round activity, autumn finds the KP shutterbugs at their busiest with a full schedule of subjects to shoot. pl mor und polit this tion and 1 I ,.,....w DANCE CDIVIIVIITTEEC C C' it n ,,,..,. , ...Z 4 it l I l V.. 1 T I r I '. ' i l n s i f i i . K . , R i ' i L S l 1 I i Front Row: XV. Iaifee, D. Jefferies, M. Shea, P. Vant Hull. Back How: D. Sheetz, P. Fredricks, D. Bortz. , p The success of the Academfs Regimental Dances is largely due to the untiring efforts of this t committee. Composed of the Regimental Welfare Officer, his Battalion counterparts and their aids, the Dance Committee is responsible for setting up, decorating, contracting the musicians, and securing , I after each Reg Dance, ,-....- l l 4 l l 4 1 l I l pm! i l I l l 5 tex.-4 I NCTE Fl NATI D NCKCLEA RELATIONS CLUB .With the World situation growing tenser and more complex day by day, the need for a better understanding of international affairs and world politics has become increasingly acute. To fulfill this need is the lofty goal of the International Rela- tions Club. The Club's format includes discussions and conferences with the students of other institu- tions of higher learning in the area in addition to regularly scheduled lectures and talks by men dis- tinguished in the field of international politics. The Club is a member of the Collegiate Council for the United Nations and the Association of International Relations Clubs. ont Hou f Millfi f, ,fa uf . Burk Rolf- I Vilqxrgql CB, Shgwn, W, lxlillcf, R. KOLl1I'.?1C,l8, D. Frye sc s, Q.. 1, gm vvfffr- 1 " -' " 3 'T Front Row: I. Self, R. Cann, C. Fields, W. Laursen, E. Guest, D. Sivell. Back Row: C. Kennedy, I. Bowman, B. XVoollacott, C. Matchett, VV. Daniels, R. Muelling. In this thc second year of its return to active status, the Drama Club was beset by organiza- tional troubles. Despite this, they were able to put on two one act plays, Submergecl and The Trysling Place, which again demonstrated the Wealth of acting talent in the Cadet Corps. The future looks bright for KP's thespians and suc- ceeding years should see an expanded format in the attainment of still greater successes. g gg JDJ 108 Ffont H4 Simon I 01 has 3 Dun hop From I Row: I I. T ll Ace des mai 3 S SKI CLUB Front Row: E. Seddon, I. Hurd, T. H d D Ll d S . Simon. I. Woodfield, I. Iochmans. Backul-Eoin: R. sffaite, gfJSSef:twC.clKiciiZ5Eso?i One of Americais fastest growing sports, skiing, has found many enthusiasts here at Kings Point. During the winter months these snow bunnies hop around all Week in a "snow dancei' and take to the hills on the weekends. Unfortunately, the lack of snow and the mild Weather this past season quelled much of their activities but it failed to dampen their spirits. EASGSEE p SCOUT SOCIETY Front Hvw' l Gregory W Appell I Parker P. Vant Hull, S. Cummings. Second H0w: K. kVood, B. Shbwn, T. Algxginder, Allee, VV. Prindiville. Third Row. k R : H. XVinstock, D. J' Teague, C. Hyllestad, A. Rosenberg, K. Warner. Bac ow Mozgalil, T. Oliver, N. Kroeger, C. Robertson. When the Warm weather settles down over the Academy, hordes of Cub Scouts and Sea Scouts descend upon its peaceful rolling slopes in a manner that makes llionaparteis retreat look like H Sunday stroll. The jolm of salvaging order out of this chaotic condition falls into the proud lap of the Eagle Scout Society. This group, under the able leadership of its President, jim Parker, also lends a hand with the ushering duties at affairs at Bowditch Auditorium. PRCTESTANT CHOIR Front How: R. Beeson, D, Hill, D. Sullivan, E. Broadhurst, I. Ferguson. Second Row: K. NVard, WV. Laurscn, C. Fields, B. Chapman, R. Pearson, D. Neel. Back Row: L. Montag, R. Skillman, W. MatHn. C. Hershberger, C. Schwanz, K. Rislow. EXECUTIVE CCUNCIL l l l l i l i l l i ! I l i l t l l 1 I i t i t l 1 1 4 l I 1 1 Part of the job of developing an atmosphere of close Contact with God and a means of communicating with Him falls to the Protestant Choir, Composed entirely of Cadets, the Choir can be heard at the various Protestant religious functions. Front Row: F.bC1gestRlRBa1:dhilg1PsEs'B0ml mings, B. Tom , . 'C 5 1, ' hurst Back Row' I W00d, G- S Matfin, R. Cole,. L: Montagf T' C00 7 l, f ,,..-,.-V F! :L Efnff ' J . .iii 4, u Q 3.11 Cod with Ihoir. the rious G, N L ui , . 'iii 'is rs' r t 'jg I , 1 - ' l L l 411.4-46 1 Front Row: B. Phillips, R. Beeson, W. Laursen, D. Hill, D. Sullivan, E. Broadhurst, C. Miller, F. Guest, C. i Richardson. Second Row: S. Cummings, A. Shaw, C. Fields, R. Kothrade, J. Chapman, D. Neel, R. Ohnstad, I. Ferguson, B. Tomb. Back Row: I. XVood, A. Skillman, K. Gromest, XV. Matfin, L. Montag, R. Cole, I. Coolidge, Q G. Hershberger, I. VVare, R. Pearson, K. Rislow. S Assisting the chaplain in the coordinating and each year the group sponsors a retreat which planning of organized Protestant activities is the allows cadets to get away from the daily routine task of the Christian Council. In addition, the and spend a weekend in quiet meditation and group sponsors Bible study sessions where opin- prayer. I V ions and discussions take place freely. Twice 5 I . ggvgf 'S l iii . fi? fi '. .. lll Front How: E. Turchetti, R. Byrnes, D. Van Oss, D. Clark, K. Johnson, R. Forsberg, K. Smith T Hurd I Hurd I Hurd Second Row: R. Smith, C. Kucinshi, R. Duenas, B. Kennedy, W Steiger B Neville F H1ersman A. Ciovenco, I. Gallagher, P. McAllister, VV. Murphy Tlurd Row I Gabriele T Fiedler YV. Prindiville, B. Cilhooly, Rydewski, A. Zaccaria, K Forister I Plrker S Johnson C Bielstein. Back Row: I. Cooper, B. Dunn, R. Fernandez T Corcorln L XV1rner C NVolf M. Hado, T. Somner, I. Quinlin, S. Ford, I. Opet R Ron an N EVVIVIAN The Newman Institute fosters the religious, social, and intellectual needs of the Catholic Cadets at the Academy. The Institute, which is a member of the New York Province of Newman Clubs, helps to cultivate in the Catholic Cadets a Christian Spuit which will enable them to fulfill their role better both as cadets and as Cathol1cs. . ' rr - ph 6- V--T . , . , . . , l l . ' 1 . 7 D lf . L , . ,- , . 2 , . , . . 2. , . c , - , . 71. . . h A N H In 5-1 litfik. " ..,..,a1a..,:i.1.' -sf,-'e"!J',"s-4 5-.-faffrg: Q . , . Q x.'g,r.5fI,: - W .,L,-mmnmlgup V mtg' 3 'Q .1 . 112 7 1 The pnvilel Priest in the ' 5Cl'VlCeS falls Stella Maris C U-usted with H almr for M55 and the we needed at thee With the urfY0fthe f0e is . PM iii into the Well as gui th e express olic beliefs' STELLA IVIARIS GUILD The privilege of assisting the priest in the conduct of Catholic services falls to the men in the Stella Maris Guild. They are en- trusted with the setting up of the altar for Mass and other services, and the care of the accessories needed at these functions. With the new changes in the lit- urgy Of the Mass, a more important role is assumed by the Catholic Choir. They afford a deeper insight mto the meaning of the Mass as well as guide the congregation in the 6Xpression of traditional Cath- 011C beliefs. I S 1 'A 4 V I r 1 3 . F ,. ! T1 E J l Y AFEL IS BUILT TO THE GLORY OF G00 A V H?"ffO5lATI THE SACRIFKILS OF THE OFHCERS ANI! - f .12 bNfYIiD STATES MERCHANT MARINE WHO CML i ' K? SEA. IN ENEMY ACTION, IN WORLD WARS 1 A I V-WVWSZ NAMES ARP. RECORDED IN ITS ROLL QT HC 1 I z Front Bow: T. Fiedler, R. Burns, D. Van Oss, C. Clark, P. McAllister, R. Forsberg, K. Sffilth,-T. Hurd. Second Row: B. Gilhooly, A. Zaccaria, W. Steiger, S. Johnson, C. Beilstein, F. Hermann. Back Row: I. Cooper, I. Rydzewski, B. Prindiville, B. Dunn, K. Warner, M. Hado, T. Corcoran, C. Wolf, S. Ford, I. Gallagher. CATHOLIC CHCIR ,,4,p4 ,if ,f. gy... , , .. 1 K ' ,k', A, R d .ewski, M. Murello, Mr. Cehus, B. Costanzi, I, Ross. Cgl:Z3,Ffgl,',1w ir S. Cialke, A. Melvin, D. Mesaris, P. Longo. Back Row: l'l2lI'IYN'l', lludzilf, Sl- TCUQUQ? R- LOTUSSO, B' Howie' x x ' B' WX I P K X 4 l "1 9 K , 1 ,xl V , -f 5 J. , . , Q f ' ww U 'W' O 1 'r ., -. ,. ,X -my ying ' K-54.3 S . ' C l N L Q W s K. - ' , I ay . ,..,, j ' 'H' -f-v 1 5"'-av' . . 1-vvfffq' ' -,. V -M' Af" PEG' f I I , ,.-gnm,, , Of A. , ' ' H A may X ' 4- fykva -"-'KA , ,M 4' H.. -n W LY. .f if kg why, W 4' , 2 ,. N ' , 1 I K 1 ' K 5 ww - E Jw . "" If -. 'diabff wx' R, .fir A' -. Q WD" '-fl G 4 f 5 '- s X I ,Q cfwQ - 2,699 if ,W , an X 'J ' ' 311, 7 K n M of . R M ' k Q J Z. :YG n f V Wi X U A o WWW f 4 , , 'Q ,f . I ,, , I I i V' , 'I WW' ' ' fx, ,M gy 1, ' , ,V , r A. 'S M X Wi,f7f'4y f.-2 f ' 1, 5 Q2f52f,z' , 'V I J , 1' N 3 , WI 1 k l 'x ' ' 1 ,, A Wx PZWQ P' ' ,X .' , , f L-1 , ng, w!,,,'f -25,fff,f,gf If , L ' '-1 1 fr N, . , , I ff, f f - f f, X f 'T , ,of fy., , '. 3' 2 A E ' L ' f ,, b, , , .V I L A ,X WA wg, ,A , - M Y 1, . , L r , X , T.. li 4 - 5' -L 0 D.. V I ff f' 1 X f X , Q ,gy f' 1 - 5, ,, ke O R. f. c, V u 5 ,dv M 2 f , , , fp 1' f,,'f,A. ., . Q ' xl, Q , . ' 4 ,Q f' I' ' Q I, ,Lx -Tl' A ,,, ban, , V I Y. 17 , ' y .4 ' . , , . ,- -M bf 1 Ja 'r - M I, , i , Q V 1' 1 ' y r - . X I , V K 1. .' n 0 f f 1 , I . ,f , 'is Q' ' - W . 0 4" V , A15 N 4 s ' 5' 1 f , 5 ,V , . I If . 4 4' ,if .xf .I 1-.xl-G Afa, , 4 v 'ir , " ' X? xl Q' A, is , . X' 2 Hg, ' V ' . ff firr"4WW+ ' Q ' -' JN1' ..- .WY X V ,' . , . , :Q Q .2 4 , nf' 4 M 5 x I O w 7 - 1 ' 5 , . .. ' - lr 1 -in , , , 9 A, ,fx 5 4 P Q i' ' - x - - " 5 'gf M' G " ' -' h 5 , ' A ' I , ,X - K . ., ,, ,, -1 Q . I ' x 5, ,i is . U w. f' Mn ' 1 fad, 1 . i 1 1 ' x I 1 , ' f 1 F WMU , I' , 1, a ' ,, f 'Wx Q, W'f"'f' ' 4 . 11 ' I Ahh , 'xr , , X. 1, ,' ,Ml -f ,air , Q -f 4 , . , . VW- , , ff f , . ' , -J w ,x Q' Lf. , M 0' , K.. ., W . M 1 ,, f - 1 ,E .W . 1 , 1- ,, 5,7 , f , f sw' 4 f X 'Q af Y, 5 I- A , 4" 5 ff7f,4 f,, ,V 'Y,'. . 1,3 I M' - ' .C , ' fy-wr "Y ,, f ' V 2 . ,1 . f W f X , -2. 6' y- W ' 9 Q x 1 . . .ff . 1.4. ,' rv ' J, 4.x yr ' ,X . Q X V X ,Wh 4 N s , , x , , ,Q , 1,1 j - f, . 4 if 4 ' ' , ' ,v ,, f . 0 A .., A' A- I ,J iz . . 2 D , 'I . K M . ,. Q, v 3 A ' Q i 5, f 1 , , KA ,, 7 ' 174 , 1 , , f ,, H- V fl ' 1 42" , f'5WY an-mt-mv' 'ii ,aff 9 xx Q1 , , 'gxx 553' ff c Q is 9 x K ,K Q xv XJ aw 1' , xr if j,,V wtxwwd 'A 'W' f W Km It W n43qK"S-,anvvv ,M NN " 'nr 54x55 if I 5 ff! fm 7 A . ,g,f A X? ' , 'M' div X Axvw I1 r a f " 14,1 ,J 'Om vxfw 4-,A ,W X fafngvv 'stil-GH, 9 A 'of ,. wr fly ,ws 'int' 1 1, 3 .vias jr J va' 4-Uni 'S ff ,af 'nv 'W M fs t was ffW"fK'I-YQP' W. 1 kia I' 1 '- Aww If hfffv ,, fwliffi 1' if 'K P Z 'sn ff 4' lv, my ' 1 fy' Ad' ww ' '-55,46 M vt A- bfi? 'lar , va 4-,gf "7"'4' I Al ,af ,fl I 5' fx In it .ff A ,,, 5 'fr Q ' 1 A' by fd- . ' .., Qi 1' 1 ,..' ,',w .. - r' . '9 A 'ff 'hr 5 ' ' 1 L' ' ' nf 1 , I , i. 43 J " ,' fx 'f W , , 4 M, , I kb ' ,. , ,F if ,va ,Q g,,,i , ,. 1 ,, , , ., Mf' m A -,bf , . .sf -Q, f 5 , J ,Af X, 'K f M., ff f , fr V- if f 3 4 . rf gi' , ,br-rw, A ,f be - I 3 ,Q ,..,, ,Q , U 'yg.nff" - 1,-fig: f flu nh , ,mf f, x 'lf il? if '7 ,fv 'Y . w , 4' , ,,, A , 114 . - ,ff , f I , , f , 4, ,fgaih 'f ' M M fi 1 f, " V 2' 1, ' '. ' i", 3" ' ' . N' 'f -' f QV f , . V 14,4 J ff . ,f 7 , g,r,f4,, 9 ,,,,,bg5 H , ,M , 54, g,,,3f, ,W I M .l..u!. .. , , x , ,,f,l I A!,, ,KAW K Aw ', Q 4A I I I X I V in . 4 in , J , ,W Q VM, , V ,J 4 ,.. , 214 " P 1 F 1 A Ji .4 , 'ii '-, 41' ' ff, . - -. :QP ,I E, M 4 31, . ll Qs 'x ...Q 41A ...AAI- ' 4 I f 2 4 A , , f 4, 43: f -Q 1 f,.,- fxlhhvfx ,J ww ,. 03. x ,gxx X ' y ffm -. N ,.: x XX "' K X5 X kv CX W XXX NX X 5 Y 1 .1 B ...f ,I i S+' X 1 .X 1 Q. -X XM X at R X X Q x N , M x xx 4 x N - :Mk "t' 1fT. . N 1, -u MOMBASSA DAR-FS SALAAM ,M V , I I FOOTBALL ,.,,, ,. . .,,, ,. , , V 3, X, V Front Row: M. Purpura, R. Pitre, J. Roberts, F. Menser, W. Nakos, Meyers, M. Alberi, G. Clarke, A. Thompson, S. Koehler, I. Thompson S. WVrona, I. Churcst, M. Nictz, C. Inouye. Second Row: K. Cayce, Fourth Row: A. Kasprik, R. Carter, I. Kleln, T. Pakula, I. Bo1ko,L A. Sauna, J. Schipcs, A. Kc-ish, B. Kohcl, R. Snyder, R. Post, P. Bane- Hendry, D. Kenneally, K. Judd, R. Savidge. Back Row: I. Vander- zuski, S. Sanders. Third Row: T. English, M. Flavcl, R. Evans, P. well, I. Pascoe, R. Taylor, T. Sheldon, I. Hill, N. Pellitier. K Head Coach Chuck Mills I I tQiv LETTER TO SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS You senior football players were few in number this year and if we look at the won-loss record it may seem as though your final season was a dismal one. But down deep I donlt think you really feel that way at all . . . and most of all . . . you shouldrft. I think the season was a great success. Why? Because you seniors never failed to lead. You never let UW' morale sink. Each Monday we started all over again! YOU didnlt look back. Every game saw you do your very best and never stop trying. This is a trait every coach hopes his teanl has. It is a trait many teams fail to have. But you had ii- T0 face defeat and not be defeated is a wonderful measure f0f a man. Each of you measured up to that. lohn Charest and his spirit and loyalty. Frank Mefwefls hard running every game. The good linebacking and evvd morale given us by Stan Wrona. The always reliable play Ol Mike Pufpura and Bob Pitre until sidelined. The hard wvfk and dedication of Mike Nietz. Gordie Inouye's always 'mlm than his best and the very fine captain Bill Nakos who led wil' maturity and strength. Vllith all my heart I think your season was a great SUCC-933' Nothing can change that. You brought your very best to the team: kept if fOr the season and can always know you mea-Yllfed UP to the challenge. If that isn't victory .V . . then it doesrft exist. Thank yOU fOr the opportunity of being associated with yOU- . -Gmdo mg, Mile I if' S 2 i 3. 1 I 9 e S miwiv xvkimixw- FW ,-V A-V-A -wmv,-VV Yi4'v-Quran-A-,..f ,,,,,,.., .,-,.....l.....,,.k Z - E i 1 W, - x I Y l Captain Bill Nakos -f--'4"M""""l l V Y .N ,. I 1-fa f -e 4 + W 1 In Q Q!!!-ll Q 2 X ,AEM A ,A ., i Seniors-Cordon Inouye, John Charest, Bob Pitre, Mike Purpura, Bill Nakos, Frank dgflij! l Menser, Mike Nietz. Not Pictured: Stan XVrona, John Roberts. ' , c rl Line coach Clem Stralka J " "' r' 'MTAMNH'-""i , or oooo , c or l Dy kkkk elif, l f "' ff-1 f-in ,wr -foo 14, t T3 l J'l f'A :son J, L rder- i I l r 1 1 1 T S d 11 k 0 h S. IE d 11. l re, on -Nr - or N Baclcield coach George Patemo l Bill N akos Linebacker coach Charles Bertero l 4 t Y E l I N a 1 Stan Wrona Steve Koehler Joe Eng1iSh p Bacldleld coach Tim Stapleton l l l 1 lfnyp Jim KM K 1 , 1 gfmnk lyk-User Assistant line and Plebe IOS Lamps ill Vll AIIVV ' l -ia cashier- l T What do we domnow, coach? g fKV MI gg, -B as My turn, no it's my turn! This won't hurt a bit. WWI ' ' Y by X ... 4. -X --f --x 1 ' ' 4, -A -as ., w :W T . e X . ..-AWVK1 .-. Y-1 -77-i -Q -. 4 1 xl y y cr... , p -.-- , i. x , , - i 1 , 'Y' ""'l The 1964 football season opened on a hopeful note for the Mariners, in their second offensive series when senior halfback Frank Menser took a handoff, cut through tackle and embarked on a dazzling 91 yard touchdown run. The afternoon was to prove frus- trating for the Mariner fans, however, as two fumbles and the accurate passing of Haines quarterback Bill Shore were to spoil Coach Chuck Mills debut by a 19-1:2 score. A bright note for the Kings Pointers was the outstanding defensiye play of senior Stan VVrona at middle linebacker which earned him the 'iOut- standing Player of the Carney' award. The Mariners cleyen, seriously hampered by several key injuries. gamely recovered from a Temple score in the first 49 seconds to fight their way to a 9-7 lead in the first half of the contest in Philadelphia. The cadets, however, could not contain the Oyyl's three platoon powerhouse in the second half, as Temple rolled to a 34-9 victory. A grimly determined Kings Point team was again to see that elusiye prize, victory, slip from their grasp ff he I T W Sorry pal, but I've got mine. TT Y in a thrilling contest with the Wagner Seahawks at Staten Island. The Mariners Were thWarted.bY 3 fumble which stopped a brilliant 4th quarter drive by quarterback Bob Post as a Kings Point second half rally fell short 13-6. Sophomore tackle Bruce Kobel, junior tailback Steve Koehler and quarterback Stan VVrona were singled out for their fine play- I It Was H jubilant football team that carried their head coach from the field on their shoulders affefla thrill packed 20-6 victory over a stunned and -1112 believing C.VV. Post eleven at Tomb field. An inspire team effort had contained national small college P352 ing leader, Tom Hespos, and knocked heavi1Y favore CRV. Post from the ranks of the unbeaten. Quarter' back Bob Post and halfback Steve Sanders led the offense over, around and through a much larger and more experienced Post team. The cadets' hllstlff all heads up play can best be exemplified by 3 Parucu point after touchdown play on which Steve 1 UP0n seeing that a mix-up in substitution had left Onok 10 men on the field, coolly stepped over Center, to Safldefsv -v--H+ l t l l 1 1 l 1 4 1 N is- ed ss- ed nd md 5-,-'.. 3 The Arkansas Traveler is on his way. 2 EI' .P. lar ns, sh' wi Ho Another tackle another playf the snap and outran the Post defenders to the goal The Mariners were the guests of the Bucknell Bisons at Lewrsburg Pa who proved very rude hosts as their devastating attack hung a 37 0 setback on Chuck Mills pupils A fine team effort was once again offset by the opponents SUPERIORITY in size and ex penence The scene was set for the first collegiate game ever to be played in Long Island s mammoth Shea Stadium as Kings Point was host to Colgate University for their annual Homecoming game. The 21-0 score was no indication of the closeness of the game in that 2 defen- sive mistakes and the interception of a desperation P2158 marred an otherwise evenly matched and well Played gridiron contest. The Red Raiders controlled the ball well in mid Held position but stiff resistance ETOIH a spirited Kings Point defensive unit stopped their drives repeatedly as they neared paydirt. Coach Mills, pi gskin proteges were to feel the effect of a loaded schedule for the third straight lllTlC 215 il1C Too tough to hurt, too small to seeQ too fast to catch Adi tl, Our ready reserves. Huskies of Northeastern hung a 34 13 defeat on them in Boston Although the half time gun saw Kings Point holding a slim 13 11 lead several costly mistakes and a powerful well balanced Huskies attack combined to upend the Cadets The frustrations encountered from the tough middle portion of this years schedule began to pay off in the last portion of the season however as Kings Point fans were to witness three great football games that closed out the 1964 season Senior quarterback Stan Wrona personally scored a 4th quarter touchdown and the two point conversion that climaxed a 15-14 come-from- behind victory over Drexel Tech. The defensive squad again provided most of the heroics by stopping three Hofstra drives inside the ten but costly fumbles and a deflected two point conver- sion pass gave the Flying Dutchmen the nod for a 14-12 victory at Hempstead Stadium. The Mariner defense gave all that could be asked and more but fate continued to smile on our arch-rivals as they again outscored a team they couldn't outplay. IVA. 5,11 i 1 for-A X 1 -iii F r tl A'-w '-' "K ' ,-.af-' X77 WVYJJM-I -4 ...J ls2lfu::i1 1 'Kf' - R Captain Bill Nakos Snake to all his classmates and teammates, was as close to a coachs dream player as they COITIC- Two hundred pounds of all man Bill played 'fullbHCk, and Center and linebacker and gave 10077 all of the time H1 each Of them- AS have, Bill provided spirit and leadership both on and Off the Held- : X J 1 j' Coach Mills stated, "As Hne a captain and leader as a coach could The only player to win the Outstanding Player Trophy twice in the PMC classic, Frank Men- ser, "The Arkansas Traveler" has to go on record as one of the Hnest backs in the Kings Point football annals. Frank always had the ability and blinding speed to make the big plays and he didn't miss a quarter all year, even' though injured on several occasions. 'H- 74" 1 ,I Klif' There are not many athletes in this or any other school like Stan Wrona. He is one of those rare individuals who excels at any- thing he attempts. As a defen- sive player and leader, Stan was indispensable, being involved in over 85721 of the tackles made in better than 3 of the games, as well as injecting the Hre and determination that are his trade- marks into the team when they needed it. The only member of the class of 1965 to letter in football all 4 years, Bob Pitre was and is probably the finest football player Kings Point has ever had. Bob had the unfortunate luck to have been injured much of the last two years but the K.P. fans will tell you an injured Pitre is worth two of anyone else's backs. Giv- ing more of his- all whenever he was on the Held Bob played both offense and defense the only way John Charest, affectionately known as "Lobster" or "Char- test," has to go down as one of the most dependable players the Mariners had this year. Always counted on for 10072, he always delivered. John was noted for the calm and cool manner in which he carried out every assignment handed him by coaches and team- mates alike. l l ' 'T' ..,'. As jovial and nice a guy as they come, the only ones who did not like the "Porpoise" this year were the opposing guards who faced him across the line. Our hats are OH to one of the guys most responsible for those long runs and touchdowns the backs made during the season. To know how valuable Mike Purpura has been, all one has to do is ask the backs who have followed the crushing blocks of this pull- ing guard for four years. he knew how-to the hilt. :-.fl Sharing one of the rough jobs with Coach Mills' other fullbacks, Mike Neitz was always there to do the job when he was needed to get those tough yards or block for the Mariners other Heet-footed backs. One of the nicest and most respected members of the team, Mike delivered when the coaches and team needed him. For four years the scrappiest, most hustling number on Tomb Held or any other visiting Held Kings Point played on, has been No. 64. Spectators often won- dered how the 160 pounds of football player that is Gordon Inouye made the blocks and tackles he did and still walked away. "Pineapple" has to be classified as the hustlers' hustler and it's a good thing for our side that the japs didnit have more "banzai" charges like Gordie's in Steve Koehler the last war. LETTER FROM SENIOR MEMBERS In Cflfly func, 1964 Kinvs Point was int d d ll k i l A , is ' ro uce to its new football coach. Coach C UC 1 amoed OH mf 300770, fllflf ll0f lunc day, with hopes, anxieties, fears, and plans for the beginning 0 new 0ff1.f0f lWl8S.P0f11f football. He gathered together the remnants of a football team, deplete 9 at graduation and crippled by sea-year. He wanted 10 instill in his team a pride in themselves an mom gff4e3f1'1gf1Ff'51f would Carry fllem flU'0Ugl1 the toughest schedule that Kings Point had ever seen. mmtofa Tliigzig an o Hpzgactzce came to an end? it was evident that the K.P. Gridders had a new driving forcte. mn se ball! were SWG Ui Tllgged and well drilled and were ready to take on the best of Eastern college foo ' PWDMUD acconisiglgdgolgildaylgfl lamfflfy, as the dust has long settled on the 1964 season, one what :LIZ ban history -Thisle H138 Point Football Team had weathered one of the worst storms in 'recent fthat 6 had never been eygglgg d 7720711 from Sfllmy California, had instilled o feeling of unity in lirsteimrneli Ulllhe how to I S Tl fl 0 9fOf6. This carried them., 'when all else seemed lost. Kings P01f1f ea d . ' o c. zey also learned how to take a beating and get U and win, In one year he develope something that would take a lesser man ten years 10 accomplishp l l H1185 C0llngZl'CIlEiigl-ing-gig ggljgiii football coach. He is destined to coach some of the best tearrwhifi the Football Team I e proud to have this man represent us. Speaking for myself andi Z , feel honored to have had him t each me., ? i M ills 1 Ol 0 ed by and f' in, Af f0fC6f l00f f 1,505 gl It lovf' fll ,that d aww W 5. N BEAT PIVIC AND VVE DID! The Cadet Corps and crowd attending the nation's mil' indoor football contest were treated to the excite- ment of a seesaw battle in which Kings Point ended their Season On a victorious note with a 20-16 win over 112emiSYlV21Hia Military College in the Annual Boardwalk kow game at Atlantic City. The Kings Point fans were elif On the edges of their scats until the final gun as a galfle Winning goal linc stand held oil a PMC drive mslde the 5 yard linc for the victoryi ,,.uil"11D'J' I It 1 ' D O The Mariners scored on drives of 63, 82 and 80 yards as junior quarterback Bob Post and senior tailback Frank Menser led the offensive thrust with l06tand 104 yards respectively on the ground. Menser in his 'final game won selection as the "Outstanding Offensive Back" of the game as his slashing runs continually picked up the necessary yardage to keep Kings Point drives alive. Quarterback Post was barely edged for top honors as he brought the crowd to its feet with his ball handling and clutch running. Sophomore tackle Norm Pelletier was nominated outstanding defensive player for his aggressive play and alertness which resulted in recovering two PMC fumbles which halted scoring drives. The victory was made even better by the presentation of the Boardwalk Bowl 'Cup to Admiral Cordon Mc- Lintock later at a ceremony at Kings Point. The cup was retired to Kings Point for winning their third straight Boardwalk Bowl game and setting a tradition that will be a goal for future Mariner gridders to shoot for. SOCC I I o I Qo Front Row: L. Shipley, T. Super, D. Sweigart, M. Bellomo, Co-captain, B. Loughlin, Co- captain, K. Ccllcr, S. Levenshus, T. Klenk. Second Row: T, Anis, P. Trenbath, D. Neel, M. Mans, N. Weld, E. Yodkins, D. Crow. Back Row: R. XVoll, H. Firey, E. Woods, B. Rogers, T. Wittevccn, A. Williams, B. Klemm. Not Shown: Dieter Ressel. "Senior members bid us far l1": L Sh' 1 ' Bellomo, Dick Crow, Bob Lledlyifghlm, :r1ijlyDohpS5xeQg:-ite Not Pictured: Lou Allstadt and Dave Thoreson. I The 1964 soccer season again provided one of the bright spots in the Academy fall sports program. Coach Jack Barbour, 'in his sixth successful year as head mentor of the Kings Point booters, felt as the season opened that a strengthened squad could im- prove on a fine 1963 record of 8 wins, 5 losses and the team did just that. After a slow start in which the Mariners dropped 3 of the first 4, they came on strong to hang up a string of 6 straight victories for a fine 7-3 season. The season opened at home with a crowd pl62SCf of a game against a strong Army team. Norm Weld, last year's leading scorer, put K.P. on the scoreboard in the final stanza. A standout defensive perform- ance was turned in by the Mariner goalie, Dieter Bessel, as he made 35 saves during the contest. H The next week saw the cadets splitting H Pau of games when they bowed to a powerful Springfield College team in Massachusetts after upsetting El fa' vored Columbia at Roosevelt Field. Don Swelgarf was the offensive star of the Columbia game 215 be tallied two goals in the fourth period to break a fle- Tony Annis and Roberto Woll also scored for the cadets as well as assisting in other scoring. Woll WHS the only one to score against Coach Barbour's former alma mater, Springfield College. 4 otff fill oem Mo met? foll0W1l WW Aw w Robvfff loo' 5 joined l Km! Hofstra Stoneyl we next plllllsa Don cadets scorer v Lows todo H finishing Bessel v oonsiste C0111 who, oo Ritchie, should l W .v 24... .Q ,,, .. 1 f' J ' j -n sa, f, vnq, ., . EIT 119. . gy, if x . ' 5. uvq' x "W 1.,, an im' iii Q u. so Queens College upended the Mariners in a seesaw 3-2 contest at Queenis College. The cadets put 3 quick stop to their losing ways after a week's layoil due to the rain-soaked fields for the C.W. Post game, As if the rest had pumped new blood into the team, the season's performance did a quick about face in the following week with two runaway victories over Wagner College 8-1 and New York State Maritime Academy 5-1. High scorer for the contests was again Roberto Woll with two goals per game. Don Sweigart, Larry Shipley, Norman Weld, and Don Super also joined in the fun as the team evened its record at 3-3. Kings Point then proceeded to settle accounts with Hofstra 4-1 on Roosevelt Field before defeating Stoneybrook 5-3 and then winding up the season in the next week by crushing the 1963 Metropolitan Cham- pions, Adelphi 6-0 and C.W. Post 8-2. Don Sweigart, who played his final game for the cadets against C.VV. Post, was the team's high scorer with a total of ten goals. Seniors Mike Bellomo, Larry Shipley, Kevin Smith, Bob Loughlin, Lou All- stadt, and Dick Crow all turned in fine seasons in Hnishing their soccer days at K.P. Goalie Dieter Bessel was a mainstay in the Mariner defense as he consistently made outstanding "saves,'. Congratulations are in order for Coach Barbour who, with returning talent such as Bessel, VVoll, Bill Ritchie, Tony Annis, Norman VVeld, and Torn Super, should have the makings for another fine team in 1965. "Coach Barbour shows concemf' K.P. OPP. 1 YVeSt Point . 4 5 Columbia . . 3 2 Springfield . . 5 2 Queens . . . 3 8 Wagner ....... . 1 5 N.Y.S. Maritime Academy . . 1 4 Hofstra . . .... . 1 5 Stoneybrook . 0 6 Adelphi . . . 0 8 C.W. Post . . 2 W, . ,. M, . , ,, Ml., , 1,4 V I, f f f 0 ' ,," , ragga., f ,V ,iff-4VVVy17fxWWWfV7,,W-f If , f M , ,f , Vff A 'r A ,,,., V 5 5' 'A . ff , W-.LT W' ' ' - W, , U gf, Sf' , ., ,- fl, .ax f M7 f4,,f'QW3'l4ffffW' W 9 ,W-W4 77 V ffw Aw f ,CW ,fy V, ,af www MV W ' ' , -WWW, ' V . ,. 4 M. W.. A frkgwyg, fw, ',f,,gWyWV2wff1m! f s',M..,,,' ,y ,VW ,WW ,, , 1 ,, M ,M M f,,,,Al' - W WW WWWWWZZW We-ff I if 'WW " 924 "MV " ' '12La.f'z. f yay.. Q ,mmf Vw .V V V, VV ,5 f 7, M., ,W my f VV aw-.W-V-Va' .Q'W'U, M pw W 'hiv'-fi ,an ,, f ,fV 4 , vm, ff- ,- f We , 'f ,f ,, W 4 ff ,fl w wb? V f V ,Q , f L? ,Www , .. VV V VV- VV 'WL . fr ,V . V ' V V ff ff-"f'?,,n ,, ' V- ,, ,Va ,gm fy ,UC W 4 It h ,f-Zjgwf , rw I fl , , 3, W, VV " f ,NV ,, , f?,r,,..:,7--,f-e' .M ifmfwy f ff VV ff' X f iw' ft wffygjszhwfflfr - W N af nw 4 X A 151, 4 f ,,,A. A 14, , IL' f 5 .V Vey., '05 ,Mg-. , ' VN' 5 jf' , ,M , 'f V, V I - ur, ,ff A wr ' ,gf 4 A 4 'ff 'V , . ,an ,,ww?'7V 4 ' 'X f',:Q""f ' V, 40 'Q 7 , si-QJJVI 5' ' , A 'IVV ,, 4 N 'Y' Z VV fm. 1 7, ,fir V ,A in A V 'yrmffa-', f 'i fu iw' ff I I I .V I if Wm, ' f ,- 4 'W ' ,V VV 7 44 .71 ,fifty , W ,, il,-n f H 1, , ,, 9 ,J ,f , -M? ,,, I, W VZ., , la ,ff 'M W J V 41 1 ' f' mf". '4 we , .1 .Wi fe a ' vp!"'AVV" n A VM. ' , KV my, P2 'L V- 2 , ,. ff Vff -at my -Af ff I r,,0a.,,a,14f mr. mr 4 Boys from up the Hudson invade. V 4 I gg 1069 5 QF? NJ N1 x x X . X A .. .- 1 n N x 4 . 3- v . I Q S . . X - -A 'Q 'Via as 1. I . xl .,, 1.9 16 or -r --pf' " , a ag, ,-v-, ., 15' YP? bf - +, -I .f -- , -..fi N"-My -L ' fggyk-f' :.',,Lg,:--,nas , 4 ' .- . 4' .g at 1 M., 1 M, -Q: , , ,. . , P , 1 :..p.zcs,vH'--fx ,V f' 'W-P91-fr--f ,-'ww -, l, K Q 1 . 144 ,. s' , - -- - Hip- 52--f' pi." ' I '-.., .. .. MK. I " Lv: cgi' -Y' . fn- ,, il-ff' '7 4:,,,! QW f b K fl Q-'N fx . fx N Q 1- -,. ..e.-r-,, V. , -- . , h t , . A I -es:-K,-a-':z',Q5y '- ff Ek' ,., QQ. . ,wr ' '-n ' ,f:,., 3 , M CQ:-gg' :A1v.',,i, k , , . w- . ' .J -. .M h .-'. . X Y ., . L' . .Q-:I , 1- ' Qy X-L-7"-1,,.n,,? .fl -- x' -mx '-r',1s,xfZ'f-'F ff? " ::'f'ffZ'- JP -. NSU' " Hz W, ,av 1 -. .- - ...w .y . :V , v.q,.-1-,fz- ,.-A.-Bra, ,- -,--qw if 1. .vw . .. . -. 1-,: A.. pf E - K Ax, ,xy-Q .. .- . X - , N- ,-- ..-f , .'x.,1g3, 1 x U ' "f',,2g'1'l-e ff' ' mari- ' - .rw :X K x- W .y . 1. P , -V. .. .. .. - .4 .H 4, . ,,,U K, 5 . , ,'.,,, , M ,, S, 1 P - X- wc' an af, Q.,-f. 2-- y 'v Yiwu ,s Q! x' 'in-f 'X w J "4"-Q ' " M .'.' ' . 1 1? N f ' -x Q QQNEZSNVQ-fwfkx'-4-A -J-'2'K"N't'.-"?s4iFE""1i'Q 'xy ' - imp N., -Q. , -" , -rf. .,, - , .- .wwf . .. 5, ,V . .iv nu HQ., -gslgfk ...ig Ric. K fyvngt fi, kfgnhi Z.,-.VTJLYY-Y,,x,.ifQ, , Zf'.3?r,1'?g,f'g-Q,fv.'Q',,, X -wf:,kcy-QQ-+,5,N-.m".v... . W uf. YN . CJK 15 .regiqx .Tn Q -3, J ...wx A h. Q ,QR-I-L, Q.. 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N- W gn rw, N5 e"-X".i -T'f'1'9?"-""7..',.r' fix.: 5'-,gg-.ga-1 . fa v - fr r 1 1, f ..o 'S '-. J':'..- -,- -'.--.if 'ti Way, ' 1- N' , ' Q q -,g Q Wm 3.21 -..'-xml 1 lg 'Qi 1, ---'Lf ,, ' ' ' 'I sa ' H' :T 1 ew? 'CL 0- "K: 572' TC- "5-'F', .' r- ' ll x.'a-In '?Y'z. ffl A Axwiw-9 1 A '1' ix at nt? . TSX Ng, 1 R X J , X: K-Q 1 WN' 'M'-.V Ng Q5 Y? W'-W'-xi. ii 'HP N xdfxfw.-"1-i,f feias-, wifi: J- 'v WX ' Aram. - sth' Xu' hmqy R ffL,.4'7', 'ig' X 3 "'.S2':' fbi. ,. 'X-an Q 'uw-ggi agp "' 5 NKTANXQ SSJW7 K' ,SV A Ak' 'My I X5-4 '2?'NllL' ' . ix' " N "' Rf qarxuhq ' JFS' . AK -K + 1 59 Nh F4 . s 1,A.".-- . . jr A -' ' -- . ., ,., . : Q , KA fb. -.-U .. 1 . 1 - ., V . .- . - -- ' 1211. 2. .:, '24-A - . - ' .:- . 33' ., 'B' " "5 'Sli X .S if I :wry .X .Rl ,.. . I rx. J. K Q- -,.' . 1' E 5 wi ' 5, I N all-Q L.: an ' -M n- X-X, ', 1 x- PA V . .-1, ' ' . .. 'n K. gn. W 4'-'Q ,.,- ?16,QY.l1e.? x- ,K .,:7,',., - .' ' ' , 'V -,,..4r., ., V , wg? 3-3. :Qs T -:X 1, 'f 1- v 1 . "-ff--. ' f X" ' - . gf? 'K - in 9 -.x ,:.,4?,,.-.-5319 M '5bf'7""'k'f'f.-K' ,ffE2si3fq33:, Wm 4., 35, x . ' fn ' .-Q .'.., 1 -jg . .-ag ig, , - ,vin l-.- Alf '. i-.s...,Q ,su A-?"x,-, 'X X u , , x . - H.. 5, -. - X.. . N H . . ,'-- L.--A. ., -. - NN.. . ski-'Xu 1' x Na . .,f' W .fa-'ef 4' 'N ' 'ever'-+ .f fr ff!-in ff' 4 P .if!Ew'?f'5"25 wzi'1vff,gl'rvrs.:mf.Q5f ..J.:?mYi'Af. . fm.:-:.:, vf,-W ,Q-Mm, 1.-. mp: f.,,..., .Qc ax v Lu v x U-g.,,6,,x.. 1 ,QL B WJ' :ark-I - .. N. ,xg T MMA ye-xx 1 I .ll 1?- w l'.A5'Y' 'Y 1 1 x I f .1 f N f . v Lg. na .2 if 7. P11 1, I .3 81.4.- , .- ig!!!-I-'1 qv y .ggx x X Don Sweigart E mother GHC' Lou Allstadr M 1, Clif y W4 ff? Stop th I 1. VV. I .11 ,wVi,3,v, , V! Q.- Trish iis? N s ,,-M f i 'WIC' V l V ..----Ni i. f N f 1 3 Q r 1 - , ,1 , 1 ' N 1 Y f' A X J , 1 l H, V i i x t i , i N X Rf , if x l xl 3 ' 1 X l , i x . CM 'fu 3 lx ' ' l Q - K i X ' A QW-, xt 1 H W, Y V, V , V V , i-V ,,.. l 1 n u I :C C W ,Y W I 1 k ,D , R Ga low R Forsberg P Harmann Second Row I 5f:a.?:a ?i,rs3,fhrf1a.Err?,HE..?.2fm1it 55336 B fflifpe ipcufgang N fgauilog fhgd,ggg,1g .' ' ' , ' D.M h R P itc ens ac ow Pranuhs' J' Haas, R' Flimandfl-gl Skllhlllarlgiebertelufsloll Pzcturgsrsllgl Hendrick I OConnell R Collins Yeamans, I. Nowakons i, B. e aeus Under the capable coaching of Coach Bertero, the aquamen captured their best record ever with 10 wins and 2 losses. The Mariners opened the season by sinking Coast Guard Academy for the fourth successive season. Marshall Pool saw a top flight competition as the home squad downed highly favored New York University. Led by Co-Captains Jim Dugan and Ron Causlow, the squad defeated Columbia University and later regained the highly coveted Long Island Championship Swim- ming Trophy. Twenty-eight varsity and pool records were broken and rebroken by Ray Fernandez, Dave Pranulis, Jeff Haas, John McKee, Frank Herrmann, and Jim Curland, during the season, Senior divers Ron Forsberg and Chris Clark were un- defeated on their own board and did almost as well away from home. Although the loss of four seniors: lim Dugan, Ron Cau- slow, Ron Forsberg, and Chris Clark will be felt, next year,s squad has an excellent outlook. Next season,s schedule is expected to be toughened a bit to keep the competition keen. 128 hm, lim Hope Somebody Filled The Pool. Hold It. False Start. AAAGH. Som f I e Guys Can Relax Anywhere. Maybe TheY Should Try The Limbo. He Flies Through The Air With The 68's Answer To Schollander and Sari? Greatest Of Ease? QQ' '12 ? ll K',"l"" sf' ' vw' ' ' f ,- i, . 4 'l1w'?f5 1 A . , M ,w ' lb 'f l 3 31 ' V' , wwf vj A ' 1154. Gln I 1 ii -so ,fl5f?:3:3'f' ff' ' E A -A Al A A f' , . ,. ' mul 17334 if 1 4 'A - 4 , .Q K.P.'s New Air To Surface Missile This Is The Part I Hate-Cold Water f mow ,,.,,, '- ' ' """"" Ann-- You Swallow 16 Tons And What Do You Get P P P I ' REFCDCHUICI x , J. 4 vu ,F u 'g Z1 ' tt I N I Q 1 --.. .V V- 7: KM?-4. Into The Air junior Birflincn . . 2 I 3 i Q OPP. U.S. Coast Guard Academy .... 20 I Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute . . . 82 1 Manhattan College .... . . 37 Seton Hall University . . . 26 I Adelphi University . . . . 21 Catholic University .... . . 49 St. Bonaventure University . . . 41 City College of New York . . . 28 I New York University . . . . 42 St, john's University . . . 60 I Fordham University . .... 36 Columbia University ...... 47 -fm - - ,- . ' ' -' H Y -V , 1' 1 r-vas w..'s4-smmx.-sz-...L 1 i 1 1 5 l l 1 l l 1 i 1 i l l i l i I l I i rr' - Y E 21,3 I W ti ' 1 . Y l l 4 l l l 1 z l l l 1 l l 1 l l I 4 i 1 i 1 -W -W - l 1 ,..-,C,,,,,,,.. ,,,f.M...- na. Front Row: G. Geyer, P. DeLorenzo, R. Kahn, K. Doyle, K. Cromest. Back Row: Coach Pete Caruso, L. Lamp- land, G. Keitel, M. Stewart, C. Duebel, I, Lavine, j. Tompkins, G. McKay, H. Quinn. Not Pwtured: B. Ritsch, S. Trahan. This year the Kings Point team compiled its best rec- ord in Academy history, with eleven Wins and seven losses. With only threeiiirst classmen, the young team opened the door for what appears to be many more suc- cessful seasons. Coached superbly by the late Mr. Peter Caruso and his assistant, Cadet Mike Stewart, the Mariner live, led by the captain, John Tompkins, were very impressive in many of the games, especially in victories over such outstanding small college teams as: Coast Cuard Academy, Wagner College, and Kings College, Pa. The Hoopsters started the season with four consecu- tive Wins and although they were unable to maintain that pace, the Mariners provided all opponents with still competition. The late Coach Caruso and i Captain Jghn Tompkins K.P. Trade Mark- In Memoriam To AU Outstglzo The biggest game of the year was produced bl' 3 ndillg Athlete The Press In Action PAUL DGLORE B tremr 81-80 point Bill ' the g P cent Mar. the I enti Di i i S if.l, 1 , . I','4?!'f, ,- t as ,,C,.,-.--. C1ufSl21I1tllIlg ny, Wilgllef UI' COUSSCU' to mfiilltalll gtg with still luced bl' 3 Big Tim Goes Over The TOD Stan Spots His Receiver Downcourt. tremendous team effort in the defeat of lfVagner College, 81-80. Captain Iohn Tompkins led the Mariners with 21 points, While Dick Kahn was outstanding on defense, and Bill Ritsch made two clutch foul shots near the end of the game. For the first time in K.P. history, the Mariners hit the century mark while defeating Coast Guard 104-86. The Mariners twice more crashed the century mark during the season. Although hampered with an injured ankle during the entire season, Captain john Tompkins along with Jim McKay Interrupts Tech Plans Lavine led the Mariners in scoring-both averaging 17 points a game. jim Lavine, Scott Trahan-a bright fresh- man prospect, and Iohn Tompkins led in rebounding, pulling down 171, 135, and 104 rebounds respectively. Projecting in the future, the outlook is very bright. Although the Mariners will lose Bill Ritsch, Dick Kahn, and john Tompkins, next season promises to be an excellent one at Kings Point. The Cadet Corps may not see the familiar full court press used continually this year, but they may very well see the tallest and most likely the best team the Academy has ever witnessed. D' ' ' S b cl Take That Pogo Stick Away Wlho Says This Isn't A Contact Sport? lCk Hits With The Patented Jumper ome 0 -Y From Him .I Tell me about this Block "M" y0u'rBP11giving tonight! A i i m K' 5 1 ,ir if f Q MGS POINT PUNT pmiu S v NG , .mag 1 . ,A.fs..f , AV.- X- ,A,fvf.,,4!f , 1 K fffgjiff .. ffsff' x KM' ,.QW,,,,, I V, W W. "W- M I .., Front Row: D. McKrola, Head Manager. Second Row: P. VVorth, Co-Captain, B. Brekke, I. Hurd, I. Stafsnes, P. Phillips, P. Myers, R. Pascoe. Back How: R. Heller, D. Hamilton, Manager, I. Bowman, Manager, VV. Hane- Enck T. Percival, W. Cregorek, R. Morones, B. Costanzi, R. Piehm, R. Rowan, Co-Captain M. Pross. Not Pictured. . emp . Qt f 'N fi The 1965 Mariner wrestling team under the able leadership of Co-Captains Mike Ross and Bill Brekke again brought home H winning record for Coach Clemm Stralka who has never had a losing team in his career at the Academy. Although the seaS0H record of 6-5 is not overly impressive, the team suffered several very close setbacks against very tough competition 21 outclassed. The season was highlighted by a tremendous team effort in a story book come-from-behind victory in the MSW' politan Championships, as Well as a iine showing in the'C015l Guard Tournament. Both of these tournaments resulted H1 L95 Kempf being voted Most Outstanding Wrestler for Peifofgi Brekke makes Wuth th D ances as 123 lb. champion. Other outstandlng llldlvlfluahipsd 1 . e points' formances for the season include: Metropolitan Champions gn! Dick Pascoe, 2nd place, and Pete Worth, john Stafsnesl is Myers, and Russ Rehm all taking 3rd place in their weight C ii Kings Point was also Well represented in SGVGFQ1 malof and tourneys as Les Kempf took 2nd Place in the Jumof hijhilace Mike Boss managed a 3rd place in the Senior Mets Hfld P m. in the Eastern AAU Championships and petition. 1,- Pf0SPGcts continue to be bright for 1966 95 the losldofssdte the Co-Captains leaves a solid nucleus which fhou ding. . twres further brilliant chapters in the history of KIHES Pom nd was new Us Leglon 41 C0 132 2 it dership Ol it homea ver llflda ghe seasvll ed several was Hem 10115 163111 ge NICUU' the Coast ed in L85 petfmm' dual Per' i0nsl1iP5' 1165, Paul ht claSSf5j gj01' Mb Viets, Bfld 4th Plac fl com' C 5 of Onlll ,ld rift ,vreSfllng' I-GFS SCG, Should I make 21 Square kf1Ot Could you lend me a hand? My tights Big Mike throws several things very Or 21 bowlme? seem to be slipping! Wen, LQ aQ'33'.-.",...-"' 'W' -' ,NM V -rs. 1 1 ,l , was V 1 - Is, , M,,M. ,,..-,rf .es-l, ,.:j- -,-- yw L ,gg-L ,M-'H ' .H,.,,.j"',"M f . f ' -W' -,-...,.?T Hey Ref! How about a 10 minute coffee break? Mighty Mouse in action-Les Kempf, one of KP's out- Relaxl This wrnfli hurt A FMT, standing wrestlers. K.P. OPP Coast Guard Invitational Tournament Ninth Place 32 Fairleigh Dickinson University . . 5 34 Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute . . 0 8 Hofstra ....... . . 23 36 Marist . . . 0 26 Seton Hall . . , 6 9 Gettysburg .... , , 19 40 New York University . , , O 12 M.I.T ...... . , 14 14 C. XV. Post . . , , 16 29 C.C.N.Y. .............. 3 10 Coast Cuard ...........,, 17 Metropolitan Intercollegiate hV1'GS1l111g Championships FIRST PLACE . . .. NINASTICS , D. Konopnicki, L. Collevechio, M. Pfeiffer, K. Dubios, H. Hewlett, B. Sammons, G. Parks, E. Mahn, R. Basso, B. Reece, N. Tatman, B. Holy, R. Beeson. Through the superior eiforts of the team and of Coach "Ski" Zielinski our gymnastics team has leaped from non-existence to devastating maturity. Ski in two years, time has received national recogni- tion, being asked to manage a special United States Team that was to travel throughout South America. Dave Knopnicki, the little iron man, Mike Pfieffer, with his unalterable routine, Bill Bova, the free exercise coach, Herb Zickwolf, the mascot, and WVoody Tatman the team captain, clown and point getter, are the men who grew up with gymnastics at the Academy and will be missing for next yearis competition. Woody, who gathered well over 200 points in two years, and Daveis Hrst rate routine on the rings will be greatly missed. However the fu- ture is very bright. For they leave behind a grow- ing inspired nucleus under the leadership of Dick Basso. Tatman says, 'cTliis year We flipped in a seven and three record. Next year, with the men We have, this record can be improved. In two years' competition we have come a long way and I would not be surprised if the Kings Point squad vi6S f0f top national position in the next few yearsf' Seniors-Dave Konopnicki, Bill B OVQ, W00dy Tatman, Coach"'Ski', Zielinski, Mike Pfeiffer. S A A Bw, Q. Lim, Magi? ip0fDi :Haw MW qw ffl :vi IWW' ,J HES 7 A 'K .ffm-, V f c , im. cc if Q 2 . i , J iw , I , X 4 2 ' , QA ,, aw. , H, A Gee-I wonder how he docs it? ,A fi, ,,, , 1? I .c Coaches' Problems-Command Decision In The Making 4 C VVhat NVisc Guy 1,L1tC1l,lli in Tho Rubin i i Coach And Captain-Coach Ziclinski and Woody Tatman Caicicls Do XVcll XYith All Types Of Bars I . rrriijign T ' lj 5 'rim iiifif, . or c c J LE l LJ , i4 w - 'W ' . ,, , L. ..,.,-Y. Front Row: P. Simon, L. Paper, C.W.O. Ach, P. Trotta. Captain: C. Dozier. Back Row: N. Partain, N. Nelson, T. Oliver, T. Eckhart, N. Kroeger, L. Howell, A. Wigton. Not Pictured: I. Lynch. This year, as usual, the rifle team brought home an outstanding season record. The team could not help but have a successful season due to its consistent high scorers-Larry Paper and Pete Trotta, the team captain as well as P. Simon and C. Dozier. The other high supporting scorers were T. Oliver and Lynch, Who usually con- tributed the fifth necessary high score. F53 Captain Pete T tt, C h R A h L Tom Eckhart. ro a Oac ay C , any Paper' The statistics show that the Academy rifle team closed its season with a nine Win and one loss record in the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Rifle League. This record put them in second place overall with a team average of 1414. In the National Biile Association Sectional Tournament, the team Won the third place tro- phy, and at the New York State Callery Cham- pionships, which were open to top competitors all over the nation, the Academy marksmefl Walked away with many top honors. Next year the team can look forward to another successful season as Pete turns over the captaincy to Cary Dozier, who will have a strong team COI1- sisting of P. Simon, N. Partain, and N. Nelson as Well as men returning from sea and new fourth classmen. -1 kr-ram gloss ,Mr riff ,mel grill? Chnl ,mm gh!! di' P' pl' YU' ,H X t X ........i W , ,XX Front Row: H. Firey, M. Gifford, K. Powell, NV. Rogers, I. Einhart, C. Kubach. Back Row: C. Kalman, N. King, N. Nelson, L. Paper, Captain, T, Oliver, XV. Appcll, P. Simon, N. Partain. This year's Pistol Team has brought back to Kings Point quite a few medals and trophies for their sharp shooting. Highlight was the winning of Ist and 2nd place in the NRA Intercollegiate Sectional Championships at Rutgers University. At this match the Mariners beat out eight other teams from Rutgers and PMC. In addition, Ca- dets Einhart and E. King walked off with the Individual lst and 3rd place honors. In the Northeastern Intercollegiate Pistol League the team Won 3rd place, beating MIT, University of Massachusetts and PMC. The graduating lst Classmen Larry Paper, Ed King and Warren Appell are leaving the team in the hands of second classmen I. Einhart, N. Partain, P. Simon, N. Powell, WV. Rogers and N. Nelson. Wins for the Mariners in the Pistol League in- clude F.B.I., University of Alaska, Royal Military College of Canada, University of Oklahoma and Frederick Military Academy. All feel that next year's season will bring home more wins, medals and trophies with the return of split seamen Kalman, Kubach and Firey. XV e salute the Pistol Team for their undaunted effort and wish next year's team the best of luck and "smooth sailingf, I x X 9 0 i 0 ll ' .. Cruesome Threesome-Seniors Norm King, Larry Paper and NVarren Appell. o xi A 0 N' l Front Row: I. Houghton, Manager, S. Griffin, C. Kucinsld, K. Flaks, B. Howie, R. Barry, I. Villella, T. Stapleton, Coach. Back Row: I. Egbert, Manager, A. Parker, P. Wojcicki, R. Appelhans, C. Heitert, I. WVilson, I. DeMar- tino, R. Behm, R. Tinghitella, D. Collar, K. Siegman. Not Pictured: D. Leighner, Manager. Co-captains Bruce Howie and Ken Flaks with Coach Tim Stapleton. The 1965 Kings Point baseball team finished its sea- son in a strong fashion, winning 6 of its 7 gam6S and registering a 6-4 record for the year. Since dropping out of the Knickerbocker Conference in 1963, the team has faced more formidable competition each season and this year was victorious over C.W. Post, Wagner, Fort Schuyler, Queens, Stevens, and Pratt While losing to Fordham, Hofstra, Union, and Columbia. u Offensively the team was led by joe DeMartino Wlth strong support from Bruce Howie, Pete Wojcicld, and John Villella. In the pitching department, Don Collar, 5-3, did an outstanding job and was ably backed bY Bob Behm and Skip Parker. The team will lose Co-captains Bruce Howie and Ken Flaks through graduation but should look forward OP' timistically to next year as there will be a strong nucl6I1S of returning lettermen. E- 'K sea- mes Qing earn and Fort 5 to with and Q Bob Ken 0? pleui u 5 , f- ..,. Lf' Z'ff:"i,,Qf1s5,gg :Viv to ,Q ik, ,NN .A if -6. few' ' H " 'K .wt---f --f"':4 :Inj-,-.r,:7,..T,,o :tp,4h..1?gg.l: 7' A .ww ma, 01' 5 -7, , k"!r'2.L',--T.-E:,,- ' h x A K V.-K, , .J hjf, - .X ?5fz2"'i"'2L 31"'kf,, - ,. P79 -'lil '-' ?7l'2l,.arfx2w .xref--' ,,,v kW'.,,,:fi I A 1 ,j'fi,g,t,34l:,gg:5,..,.,g1.,1, v. ,.i,.:7-p,?u:V I ,I I-fy, . , ::i!ilJf?4.:-.4T,5,l :M .g X 1 , L"'1ll""lk..a.?-i.q,N,. t , .,..,,A'.,qA I o , I , W Q .fnfljs-1, .s,.c,3MH.. , .T 2 ,W w- He: 4 ' ufsun. ,. M NMk,,, , ' ' X 'I , 'W , '- -' W-sv'-1-v'1 1 " '1. "":- ",t.v1-.'-I---i'3o"'i .Q :f -- A l K M ,L ,Q V N,1,zfgetfuagifgfrsoi:ggi-f,,i'9',, V- 4' A' f V. -J ikg, ,, 1 eg-fm I ' :+ "':, ug1f,j"2QAj if -" . ,gg-,tjbH3,g,, tins ' ggi., X ji B thi th hi - h , if 41 - .-M--as -t'3Qf'f.'."'.A-""3C--.I-' " ' las! oy, s ca c ng is not w at it s cracked u t I ' I ' ' i o b . I . . . D 6 Oh. Ohl XVhat do I do IIOXV-1t,S coming right at me! V. 1 :Wu ,Inj ye" . 5, ff-.. V 0 . A - 1 VA vw r ' ' Lfii-I Q. , , Pb,-,,.' V , ' V I ' f X f in ,, ,fffglvsfffgwffftiif-Ji " I " ' Ag.:-gif l L A , 'V . ' , -ff-if :ff-'. -eff'-f-1 fl' f 1 'I' A 1 'MI' I' ' "WH uf If I keep looking, I m sure it will comel Now, Where is that 15,4500 mask! 47 pr Hn- W w .Jg,....r ' "' ' p, U ,ff".y,"', 1 eairn-.. 'f ft-, . , ,..f..,....v NOW Billy Bay said if I hit it right at the center of First they say hit it, then you gotta run like an idiot to Percussion . . . Hrst base-who invented this crazy game? Columbia University . ' . R D R D K.P. OPP. K.P. OPP, 5 9 2 18 2 4 3 v Iv',4 K, Fordham University . . Hofstra University . . 7 Union College . - 5 C.W. Post College . . 2 VVagnm' College , . 3 8 5 5 6 Fort Schuyler . . . Queens College . , Stevens Institute . , Pratt Institute . , -:Tit . ,fa-fr.. 2 an .- 7.307 . we- 4 N . , E"""a' . lf WN Front Row: XV. Tracy, I. Belmonte, Captain, L. Smith, F. Spavins. Back How: T. Chandler, S. Clarke, K. Powers, XV. Dunn, I. Quinlan, C. Havasy, E. Cartilidge. Seniors-L.. Smith, I. Havasy, B. Tracy, and I. Belmgme This year Kings Point had one of its finest cron country teams in the history of the Academy. Hainpcrui from the very start by the loss of veteran letterman 1111? Tracy, the team, under the leadership of Captain ,Iwi Belmonte finished with a 6 and 2 record in dual competi- tion, a second place in their lone triangular meet, tht champions of the Athletic Association of Long lslimrz Colleges, and third place out of seven schools in the lflii annual CTC Cross-Country Championships. Sllflfflllgflll the year with an early season victory against AlO11fel2Uf- the Mariners had not yet started to improve their tunic- when they met their first defeat at the hands of M'-I York University in a 19-37 contest. The following.wct'fi Belmonte, Smith, Cartlidge, Havasy and Sp21ViUS, witliziii improved pace, placed second to Seton Hall in a 2.1--JW' triangular meet. A week later it was Kings Iioint out City College of New York in a 24-40 victory W1fl1'S1T1l?H! Belmonte, Cartlidge, Powers and Schwaher SCfJf11U5 A""'. Kings Point. Next, Fairleigh Dickinson Lniversilin watched Kings Pointys heels as first place was takiillfje Joe Belmonte and Lloyd Smith, followed by Clafl Powers, and Schwaber. The Long Island A325195 1255 the next to fall before our distance HIGH 111 an victory in which joe Belmonte and "L" Smith iustqrfiini the 25:13:25 home course record previously held bi Points Sargeant '61 Marist College xvasilglalflre .hw following Saturday by a perfect score of 10-00 lllgllhopi Lloyd Smith broke our 5 mile Van Coi'tland1P9fl',Emn1g record of 27:11 by crossing the finish line with 21 Vie and time of 26:58.5. Seven days later, led by Belmon - Smith, our runners raced to the Long 1Sl?1Ud . ship hy scoring 24 points over Adelphi 58, Queeug ' CliamP1OnQ 69 HUC 'Y l stint' lflllzft rate were if ol uieel leclllgfior to be ilhllg Sou 301055 will Biafllgllles' Kjx P10115 ll em, J ., ls. l . The SE-3501 , , 5, ' ASW F1 Adi 1 lllli Ki! 11. 26 ST 24 15 18 15 16 28 s linest cross Hampers lettermanli f Captain dual wmpfl' ilar meet llf E Lgng lslaui ols in tht ,s Starllllllf mst llonitlffl we 'Ll10lT hands ol lff E0ll0W1Ug'liif pawini in in a 21523 A Pvill lf' irish St? ,bar Scoring am Wi! 2 Was ra bv Wflg. Hd iii? 1? IB . .1 Sd, just wif lvl' ' lg, biallltg F .wmv Q mschgj. ,stiff Q Mi ,Mli HW nw' Stony Brook 76. Smith's and Belmonte's times in this race were significant in that they broke the Long Island meet record of 27:23.8. Kings Point showed themselves to be superior runners to their nautical brothers from across the Sound as they trounced over New York State Maritime Academy 16-43. In the 12th annual CTC Cham- pionships, Kings Point was third in a Held of seven schools. Jerry Havasy finished 14th while Smith and Belmonte finished 3rd and 5th respectively. The season ended on the Boardwalk of Atlantic City, New Iersey, with a close 27-28 loss to Pennsylvania Military College. A Successful Cross-Country Season-"WELL DONE, MARINERSV, HECIDF-DT I SSSS l I Coach Omeltchenko and Captain I Belmoute .5 Triangular Meet l Kings Point se, Seton Hall 27 l Central Connecticut 60 i Athletic Association of Long Island Colleges l Kings Point 24, Adelphi 24, Queens 69 l Stony Brook 76 l 12th Annual CTC Cross-Country Championships -- ,S Kings Point 62, Central Connecticut State 46 it I A H ' C.C.N.Y. 61, St. Peters 90, Adelphi 117 A Queens 133, Southern Connecticut 138 F R Kr. OPP. . I 26 Montclair .... . 32 1, W 1 -X 37 New York University . . 19 p . gi 24 C.C.N.Y. ..... . . 40 Q v J 1 15 F.D.U ...... . . 45 i . 1. rl 18 Long Island Aggies . . . 45 p ' 15 Marist .... . . 50 I A H ' 16 Fort Schuyler . . . 43 p 0 ,N f: as P.M.c. . . . . 27 . , ik, ll, The hard travellin trio l I 1 WTI joe, you sure you remembered ine way to mau...,c .. '5 SMH? finn- j, Tompkins, S. Day, I. Battista, C. Noonan, R. Collins, C. Cundaldson, R. Heller- This year Kings Point cadets were seen on some of Long Island's exclusive golf courses representing the Cadet Corps in Intercollegiate Colf. Gur home course, the Black Course at Bethpage State Park, was both challenging and a bit difficult. At the beginning of the season we experienced such ideal golf weather as fifty-knot winds While playing St. Iohn,s University, and many April showers on other occasions. As the season pro- gressed, fair Weather prevailed and the team began to show deinite signs of improvement. In the Long Island Championships, Kings Point placed sixth among eleven teams. "Skip,' Day led the team by Winning second place in the overall medalist at the tournament. "Skip" beat the captain of the Hofstra team on the second hole in a sudden death playoff. In our last match We surprised everyone by tying Hofstra, 3-3. Throughout the year Gaylord Gundaldson coni sistently performed well against some of the bei collegiate golfers in the Metropolitan Area. Dflet 0 an injured ankle at the end of the season, vve 05 if line golfer in Cary Noonan, but Ioe Batt1Sf2 Pfot vided an excellent replacement. My partner in H105 of our matches, Bob Heller, is another comer.t am Looking back, I am sure the rest of the Ceri- Will agree that there werellnpny lnemmable exp ences-es eciall the 19th io e. , Overzlll, eval though our record doesnt appezi so, I believe we had a very successful HrSf Yi? be golf at the Academy. l am sure that there Vrhanks even more successful teams in the future' Nlybers of 210 out to coach Barnes and to all the ITICUI on as the team for their efforts in makilig th? 5621116 to successful as it was. I will miss not being a participate with the team neXf Year' nn-H096 IKM! RE ofmklffm all .,. Mfbffi Us xml' me 1 ,.g'Ql. 'tw MMV 7141114 id N11 A-M. or 'l 9' ,..-f-H' , iw! QA P' ,id H ,eu.m3,,wfs--'a - - 4. Nico fox-m-Hopo nobody notioos I missed the ball! I'm gonna give it such a smack! Sure hope it doesn't move agam RECORD K.P. 4 St. Iohn's . . 1 Queens . . 2. Brooklyn College 3 Hofstra . . 2 Queens . OPP 5 8 7 3 4 If ' ' ' N , ' ,ak Illl be read for Nicklaus. If df HTH YOU d0Y1 t S11CC6Cd l I can just drop lt m for a 7. ext we y .59 15 FF tres' g -ir .E i f M X X X 1 Front Row: T. Fiedler, D. Neef, A. Tabanao, G. Brown, T. Brown, P. Barton. Back Row: Lcdr. Schuler, Coach, D. Frye, B. Young, I. Tryon, S. Westover, R. Russell, B. Clarke, T. Hamberger. Co-captains Dave Frye and Art Tabanao with Coach'-'gan Schulm- 146 This yearis graduating seniors have helped cou- tribute to the tennis teamis best season in four ye'arS- Tim Brown joined the squad this year forthe HIS! time and proved to be a very formidable OPPOUGDL racking up an impressive 9-1 season reC0rd- . . - s Returning to earn his fourth varsity letter W2 'S this season Art Tabanao. Art played his best tennl and was a guiding light and inspiration to thi younger men on the team. For his hard work an devotion to the Squad the team selected Aft to receive this year's "Espirit de COTPSH award' tam Another four year letter winner was reamecif sax. Dave Frye. Dave's Style of tennis fumqud. Dave the least? earned him a 10-1 season reccg t in the has the distinction of being the onlY Ca e V the . on history Ot the Academy tennis team YO Elavegznsecu. most individual points each year for Ouf tive years. Seeo sellturi to the 1 and tw Pete B theirs, classm record crmin Ei ,.! li .amihlf ffafji M15 ' ,alfa wid? 4:15 ,RP ,pk sid I ,Av K.P.'s leading winner in action NVho says there s a hole in my racket? Second classmen George Brown and Dick Bus- sell turned in a line performance and will give depth to the netmen next year. The difficult number one and two spots were held down by third classmen Pete Barton and Leo Clarke while a classmate of theirs, Dennis Neef, Was team manager. Fourth classman Stan Westover turned in an exceptional record and will be a big asset to the team in the coming years. K.P. BQ XVebb . . L.I.U. . Queens . . Hofstra . . Brooklyn Poly Pratt .... - Adelphi . . . Iona. . . Pace . . Nlanhattan . . Yeshiva . OPP. . .1 .112 y 2 4 0 Could if be "Timmy" TrabertP Nice backh-and' 1 1 l I . I I l E X, X1 ,f A 5 ,Nia gmki 1 A1 4, ,Lf b fvjfiw 50523 ,Q ,wif M 2 Q 1 so g ' -4 N f 3 ' Q f 44.66, fwwey ' JMX im! 7 g,745fV?'f'X'Cviif? , ., V ' f x. ff.f'jwy 79.4 -, wff5'fM6'27 ' f ' ifw , My A if Wf Qfffzff g 2 '15 1 fm 'ifikf ',SffAz5Zfx2 :fa ' 4955 f QQ Milf , x ' i ' L. 9 , me! i 7' llfl X? :A 1-rfiifiv , f' ' N"'Q f 7, 10:2 Kpjhzjlg 4 v f 'W 3jg,1',,. , f' w fx w v 'vf 1 ,4 f J! f 4 xf 4 1 w ' fu 0, fi N f Y , f ff, Q4 177 fl! if fffff f Zz ,X ,ff f' X ff fm ff ,Q 1 fv X A , ,W f ,1 ,f fg A51 !fV ff jf' f jyffyfyvy XXX 0 ff K 1 f f Q f, M f xfy !9ff!ff!, wg! , xlyj' 5 , , 'fm ,f Q A !'! ff! f 'A ff f f M Wf f 41 X f w fx 4 WX? f f i f fffff if iff 4 if w f W W.: 5 15, , fy Qi ff 12 gp. ff 'ff , ff fff Z f, an f, 52 4 s ,,' X 1 ,v ff P7 Q gifzfff, MQ4. 25 f 1, 1 1 YQ sm 'V 1 f f 545 f , , 4 v 7 J W 'CLA mf I 43 4 Q M . ,W ,f.,1x.-Q N.: 4 i .A Y. 1 454.5 , . xv ',,,1,.., N ,, Z" . . Jn, vi..-A, f. 11- . - , af 1 "ill ,NK-2?1.ff.s.'..' 1 ' gm, A. - H ,L fa.-Ar" K,-'fivfp ' -. -iff? '14 -H' 'iy.--.- . ' H , lux ' -TM' X v ' X 5 X Xxx Qs . x. xx - . NQX K: x - gy :N X . X X' WQQNW XX w u i f Z, , 5,1 ' . ,-,VV I I -'E ,m1fm,,., .M ' Y , ff.: wwf- f -f ' l, 'wp f Q u o n A ,Z wry, , ,V,V XI It-.9 Q 1?,g?'fv', .Y n 1. ,s asia" r ., ,H - Jwa ' f- u LK wx.: 1 431 L v .1 15 3 ' gif ff ,X wi- f '."gxf2f L x,gfhiLff'1'- TW. "7 " L V ' - Lv-L.f':'--1r?'ff' , SFU J h w , 'iq - A Q Ning. 1 im-'.L3'g.f-,x ,A by 'I x .QMK - " li-9 fsfi?',.5,Lsaj5'7Q'f3-'1-4-f " ' L ' ' - A 'fVXf25T2j'b:-'I V. ..- .,.,, , ,- 'CZ fb J ' N ' 'df '-",'f11'f?'?f:l35Afi.C2'ff " 4 1 K 3-9 K. 11'-1.:fi4Q2ff5"w iff' ' i,3' 4-5'f7f-P-"4"'Z -55" ' ff .,,.,, 'ru -f -'W-fl f ,,.,,.41.,w,e ,- 1. . lwg,'1'5 Zig? I 0 ,. ffv' . we ,ww .L vp ,.,1.'-',-- -. ph my in . ,N 5.3, If A ,KH ,,,1,,gh, ,M F . 4 f. 11 gf f 1 2-ez-f,Qff fA w',ff.f l'-"I3'I':2:? -2 rua " V ,h:,,X.- A. Vw 55" mfwsmi-waAfwzff-A.,-ff-f '-T '1' '-J' X Q' Z. - 5 '.9'f,a"" sf fflfi ff 'E7' ' :W ,1.'f'.EM1:,'35-?'fi',',.9aV' Aijlzl?-1'ff . .M xg . .R If V2 ,, ,Axim K Front Row: C. Heliker, F. Carroll, T. Ulrich, I. O'Connor, Coach, D. Murphy, C. Pearson. Second Row: P. Park, S. Loughlin, P, Lockwood, I. johnson, S. Collins, I. Maco, R. Wasson, M. Rollins, T. Wilkens. Third Row: R. Losch, S. Smith, C. Pillsbury, W. Leggat, H. Lukas, R. Kromann. Fourth Row: T. VValker, I. Donley, I. Woodfield, F. Von Recklinghausen, C. Gill, I. Walkes, L. Johnson. Back Row: L. Bock, W. Skinner, R. Kihm. T. Earle, D. WVyman, I. Eggers. SAILING The summer of the year is the time for changing of the command at Kings Point and as with all other activities the Sailing Team must change also. Looking back over the last year it can easily be seen that this sailing team has had a good year and also a winning record. Difficulties were present with no coach for the fall season, but the team with its tremendous spirit and drive carried through to produce a Winning team' During the winter months the sailing tapered OE and the team turned to its annual job of repairing boats. Rudders were varnished, running rigging fe' newed, and so on with an especially good job being done on the Shields' boats. The highlight of the winfef Season Was the trip to the sail loft at City Island-2 trip never to be forgotten by the sailors on the team. The spring season under the direc coach Mr. O'Connor, ran to a very successful CQI1' e Service the tion of our 110W With "salts" like these, how could we lose? Coach OConnor, D. XVyman, S. Collins. Chlsion with the U13-lOl' victories b6iI1g th Academy Regatta at Navy, and placing second in the MAISA finals to qualify for the Nationals. The seas0I1 and the team was successful in its effort and we the Class of 1965 only regret that we will no longer be active members of our sailing team. 150 N I if --..... is 3 1 All ...Q-eq ing of other lokillg it 5115 inning lor the spifil twin' -ed UH ng the ,ng W being Winffi iand'l 5 twin uf 11017 H1 W we l ill V W W ,x i I 1 : Z i 6 f i E 1 E E 9 . X X 1 . tl' ' f .,,,, ,4V5f.4,m5gQ' -N3 - v. r was 3 w E,-g"" ' ff ft- V . - , , , . f ,I 4. f Aw -5 - ' ,-41 Wk ,,VM4'.,.,,,,, . 3 A 1 5 V, ... ,cg n,i,um.W.-W,.,,.vM. 1,4-S A ka- ,, 1- Pa' -r V Iust a little bit more . . .I 3-4 Oct. 1964 Inter-Academy Sloop Championships . . 4th 17-18 Oct. 1964 Greater New York Area Championships . lst 30-31 Oct. 1964 MAISA Team Race Championships . . 2nd 7-8 Nov. 1964 MAISA Fall Freshman Championships . 5th 27-28 Mar. 1965 MAISA Octagonal Regatta ..... lst 10 April 1965 Greater New York Novice Championships 1st 1-2 May 1965 Service Academy Championships . . . 1st 8-9 May 1965 MAISA Spring Freshman Championships 2nd 8-9 May 1965 MAISA Spring Championships .... 2nd Off we go into the wild blue yonder . . . hard life! D wfllle erbf HS You wonlt believe this but KP is winning! The Beet returns home' 15 1 ea V VV Vffff f' V., , , , ff ,W ff 44 K S f f Va fe'g,,'zV.5-s7'2wffl ' I' . ,., Q .ff VV V V I VV V M, ,X I , V -- V Q f VV V V Vmfygif VX ,if Vf my V'Vfj,VV'y V V Vit, ,I V .1-V ',,,,..VV V If Z ,MV QW 2? " f-'3 ' V V M I' V Vfffw M.. V ' V. - V f ww , V V VV. . ,, V ,V VV , V V VV V, ' -r 'W VH" z., V . ,, Q V r VfzVw,f,f MV ,gm 43 V V ,V V, . f - ,,Q,,V- f Vf Ve I ,V 'VV ff' If I V' fl! I Vf I V. f" W ,VVVVV V f V 'r V ,f f f V V'-H V, N1 ', f 1 Av .ff f' ' V if VV .I f f r VV . ,M ,L 0 WV,2VyfjVif 'V 2, V ' Vw , V , VV .Vox , f V ' Lf' 3 ,V M ff ' i ' ' V ' HV ' V V " ' S' , , ' ' 'Ll X 4 C I V 'V Vf 7 V , i V f , V V V , , V p T. . '14, 4 V , f, 7,71 , f 2 ' f X f CV V:' f v ,V , , ' r f ' -' f f 5 Vp ' ' ' f , V K ,nv Vi' ,. , " -P f V ...MW V . -, e f ,aff f 1 V V Vf . M"V.Vv V ,V J' V VV q I 4 KK! , A V . V f .4 , 7 I he Z! f f' V Vf, if 4 H I .V ,VV.ff If I I W 1 7,1 V V -Ma if J X ' W VZ Vf f V f VA V, ff, fi V v f ,L HV ' VV AV V 43 7 ,JV V 5 V. ef TV , f if i ,V in VV lu, J A A Q., 1 5 2 ' 'alll' f V 5 3 gr y th l ff' 1 5 i IJ ...f MTX. X V Jlnriu, VV L ' V S' f 1 VV r 4 VVVV V V V ,V,V V f VVVVVVVVV ij'VIfVff VVVV Y VVV VV V T B. Hall, L. Becicka, I. Ferguson, L. Rogers, W. Breyfogle, R. Hickey, C. Fitzgerald, M. Cummings, Commodore, G. Harter, J. Maco, R. Shakeshaft, I. Pigott, M. Stuhlsatz, S. Vosloh, D. Sanders. X V ' 4 I I TQ' T4 4- xl bi v I. - 4 S .AW fl-fl V, i 2 'N Windjammers' Seniors-C. Fitzgerald, I. Bowman, M. Cummings C. Harter. V' I . 152 .V 'V if ,,,,M,W,MmM, K, M The Windjamrners Yacht Club began its racing season this year with the Inter-Academy Yi1Wl Regatta at Annapolis after a long Winter of W0IlC getting the boats in shape. Races that followed included the Edlu Trophy Race, the Storm TTY' sail Block Island Race, and Stratford Shoal RaceS- The main event this year Was the Annapolis-New port Race. This year the yawl Iceiire, skippefed by Commodore Mike Cummings, and the sloop dore Curt etition with Islandia, skippered by Vice-Commo Fitzgerald, placed Well in tough comp private yachtsmen. The fine sail handling of loe Maco, Gerry Harter, Skip Breyfogle, and IGTITY Bowman accounted for much of the success this year. ' ,i.,?iL4 , k 4. - , V,-.V 1. ,K Nose, H . gf ,i Q. as N N his .-5 . lf! its dem Yam M of wolk aa! f0H0Wed Storm TW' Shoal WS' 1HP0h5'Mwl HPPW ,eq S ,ld the 5100? qs ydme peti60n mu ndliflgom ie. and suwdfw .2 Hey! My feet are getting wet! ,f I r o .-1 Msg ,, ""'gf'1 ,, How,s that for Sl Ianni Wy,-3 11 4 x " Lefs see, Liberty Ed said we do it like this x C. Davis, I. Nelson, T. Kriz, P. Iunge, C. Havnen, I. Snyder, D. Grady, W. Mullen, C. Shroeder. VARSITY FICIVVING TEAIVI Keep pulling boys, the Throggs Neck bridge is only six miles away! 154 It has been a great privilege and a wonderful opportunity to be captain of the Kings Point Rowing Team. Indeed, it is a tremendous challenge for any cadet who is elected to lead his team, and with the drawbacks that faced our squad of nine, many problems had to be resolved prior to entering a tough schedule. We have experienced our victories and our de- feats, each was a hard fought battle. Not at any time did our spirit decline, nor our persistence to Win succumb. The team has been a part of three boats, eaeh divided without respect to class, and each man 'CYY' ing hard to move up to the Erst boat. My thanks go out to these men, for little did they realize h0W much it meant to their Captain to Watch them rowing harder each day so that we might defeat anyone with Whom We were matched. My heartfelt thanks go out to each man on the team, and also to the Regiment for making our year H good One' I should like to feel that something has been left behind to Work With, whether it be techniqueg lm' . . . ' I proved training procedure, or increased Splflt' hope the Captain of next year's team CXPCIEGECEZ the same spirit, challenge and gratitude that kato been privileged to receive and the best Of 1110 him for a great year ahead. ,,, 'L ' ww' ' 'ZW-Dir' M 4 'V"'t, , Ml! N' -fm ,WZ J-5"" - In Au Mmwf-, Jaffa , gf 0, WWW Llttle Napoleon drlves the boys ll3L'IIF-T! URALS . i f r 51 ,Avis F,-Ong Rgw: S, Leggat, T. Brown, L. Miller, B. Pitre, G. Schmidt, A. Smith. Back Row: 1. Kranzler, W. Langley, A. Zaccaria, R. Mesaris, VV. Hessman. IEWHIZLI f2ii2f?iEi ww Iwvhyw, f MN, uf V -f',,., FIRST HALF POCKET BILLIARDS R. HAGAN, GO. 45 WRESTLING ....... - ............... GO. .IIS TEAM GRADED REVIEWS ............. ........... G O. 44 TOUCH BALL ................. ---.GO. 42 TEAM SAILING ............. ........ G O. .III TEAM BASKETBALL. ....... ....... G O. 44 TEAM BOWLING: HIGH SINGLESWG. NOONAN, CO. 43 HIGH STRING ...... G. NOONAN, CO. 9653 ROWING ...........................,.... CO. 9545 TEAM FIRST HALF CHAMPIONS . . . CO. 9943 SECOND HALF RIFLE .......,.. - ...........,, J. EINHART, CO. 42 PISTOL ........ ......... T . OLIVER, CO. 43 SAILING ......... ............ G O. 41 TEAM HANDBALL: SINGLES .........,........ W . EAGAN, CO. E6 DOUBLES ........,..... J. KEATING, CO. 44 M. REICH, CO. -7554 BOWLING: HIGH SINCLESLVV. HESSMAN, CO. 9992 HIGH STRING ...,.... S. VVRONA, CO. 42 VOLLEYBALL ....... ............ C O. 9464 TEAM ROWING ........................,....... CO. W4 TEAM SECOND HALF CHAMPIONS ........ CO. IH -H--"-' I! 'Q 1 ga , N L x f . 0 W R' QKA v L 5. as fp' an-65 -' 'Z ,14L A . '6 . , .X X., v A 'Q ,U 1 f? .M X ,Q v,A W 5 , , Q 1 INTRAMURAL BOARD i93'X Q ,..., 3,5 w O X L Sgkf 'I 7 , L . ' mm' . 125532: I 1 A V ,...u'75, L iw ' W ff L I ' 'Z 4'3" ' b5 si, L -rw -'- 4 - H . L X f ' Q L 0" 7 41? LW li 'pf g f .W-65" L, ,,,, LLLL L. LLLL X f' f 5 L qi 'lv 5 WN fa, L ac B' 5 L I - 1 mann F W + W W W Y , H W, H - - , 'I -'- T. Brown, Lt. Patterson, L. Miller ,sf . ?47"Wl5'45 , O 4 ,kg -y 3-Ag., i I . 1 ,N 1 A Q V .E 5 fy . ' 3 1 'V M ' 575' w xxx Kg' lilfiul ll ! Q Sketchns by 9' BILL BOVA 65 'W F x V eu 1, 'Rn 17' 5 ' R ,Jl X Lx K X ' x xxxxX x 1 W s . I If 7. A I ' 5 ke x A ' 1 Q n" ef X v """-ef' 1 , 'V W - .. 165' ' ' ' W L N, xl V' -A - 1 W s 4 , , 11 , i 5-955' ' V 5 bf' i O y 4 fur' ,o Q! R naw yn 33 ,wwf un' 15' I 4 . ,,, x xi N 11 il- rv4??.2w x N Q3 WT . " f - .6 ,,,-B-Wf.:, e, ,V A. V V., .M ' ,..n . . f ..- ,W '.' k - . ,,,, .. ,,a-1. ,, 45,fV,,,- 4 K: , . . .,.,,. -, . ', fr?-M-'f"'.1 " g x:'Q',n Qi' W 1 A ,ff I E i W g 1 s, l m 41 4 5 i -f i A '4ff.j'K,-Qf's'-gg, QQ-,.rQ::J" ggi-"-,Tg,:' , 553'-'5.:g1"-A,'., .u ,-P, '-3, 9. 4 . -L: ,-1 '.. j -t.,:'-'. 1-A-" , 4. 5--rf: '.,,, L , ' 1.- ..1.-,'.,, fff 4 , . , -,..yj-,A 9 4.3--., ,N-,A ,Q Y' fs , .1--,, . V ,. Aug-, 5,5-pl'-, ,qw '- f , wifi' A f'5Tf'-:xt5"'7'i7.':?f- fzfsgl :ffl :ST 5 .av E01-n'fjw' -A Ka,-' ,gg-T '--75-af' ,.,--,,.:fwq. Pkfgign f: Q-g,i:f,,:. 'f ,.- ., K L?'iiT,:1',? 4. 'g'..f:,-1, A ,f"- Af,"-' " 225.151'1AjE-fz1r4:rf"fg':.-:y':'ftLrr,-f3F-x,- " "-1.9 ' ' N 'A' 3"f1':1'.3 TW1 4, fi: riff' ' -, vff -- fi.-,if?.:,fL5w ' 2'-!...:'1:i4-1-K-H .?f'ffQ.if'lf'pr1j,.'-5:15-' 1'-Q-J"..' - . , " -fx J 7-Q-. J ' ' , 'ff V 'H ,.1'-f.QA,T?4."'f,2T-"''sf-?igf':".T!''f5'1!i3'r1 ' ' "3-. ' ' fl 553' L36?"'lf7 '-E W ',,,g: . , -2 5 '--,Z-.+L ffli., gf. -ef f-- - J- ' --z.:,1.,, P- ,gl--in k -- " pg, W .L , gg - - .W ,KN-L'f'f1'ZT' :1 ,1.,zL-Af. '-1,-.'A'.LE",-",,'f-4'1:3?a1'z:. A 'Ca 51,,,:i'x W - - -9' W-'W"" "" ' ' f . .1 N..-L....:..." mfr- pt' ,.-- - -' 'g,',:'Lf'.'.' 1,,.-..f. -V - . -- - f f V -' A " ' , X X ,...,-A4 N 'f Q :tvs z, , , af, 1 Y x nw 0-1,-f"f bn-, . ,, 7 .Nl '47 5 'fyff' y cf' Q' 1 fqf I f I 1 , 5: -.ff,f,-Q, . V, " . 1 .' ' PV' 'Q ,Q " 1 J v I I 1 1 1 I f' S 1,1 3 ' ' i k Il 1 i R v 5 1 N P W 1 5 I X, vt. nu P M ,, --f,.,- ,.,,,, ,---,,,,,, uw - KW '--qw ' ' , 1 fx 1 K , YEAR . -4 1 1z1m,4:z.6 H xo - -W - 2- 2' ' I- .D , v 0 6 P bf lb -.- nl X' I QW' ' fifq 5 I ,ff 5 -wwf? x,wQg,.-2 gvyilz. ,. i11?4fiv55ffLl4v X' . .,M4.n 'X V ,Mi W c 'ost' 9 . 5 f . ,,,Q.,,Q,uw lc V A.. .- 5 3 . an l , - ' 'J -'a'gf"' A ' , 3.13 1 Mm L, P-"' -' Q , . . V .tn 4, f, V f .ut - ,,- .,...--f J., 3, r . ., ., W, Y .A V..,,, Z QL-. .!,,. rn, M., K Q ,- '4f' jj,j-5,Q,'j P ' iff 11? .,:T,.4j-'.112" , f:.r."-.- ,, wg- fm' 4: ,, ,1f"." -iii' A f -.wr 3 My-,,a'gf":J:.n" rg? N., ,. J H--:Q , 'TQ-:lb A ggfufg. ,H f-.,,',:, 12,9 ' 1 3-,f ,nw W a vu-,,zr':' :.-w ww- -f - '- - 3. ffm., ,,.' v I--1 H' '- K ' Ky., ',.:g,.- , ,, Vw ,. - Y A.3gf3'j,,fA,g'sj5,.f-.pix f fx F w Q LOOK BACK A FIEIVIENIBER 1 i 5 1 As High Type Young Americans We Became Iudoctrinated To The Customs And Traditions Established By Those Before Us. 1 1 i M, Dahl Relaxing Make Sure You Get That Corner ' 2 Colors Wfith Blue Cloves A h k not er Dec Check 164 f- A Yxv, 4 1 1 -x S K-Helga.. ha Marching To Class One Year, And Then To Sea 51' fi 15s. EAT Fxeld Trmp .4 D---I Study Lads, Study Visitor From Hudson High 13131, QUT W .,., , , 4 w This Was A Year Of Transformation. Before It Was Over, NVe Learned WVhat It Meant To Be A Plebe And Now We Hold Fond Memories Of The Year In Which We Established Our Identity As A "Cadet", lfcct Apart, llalnds By The Side .,w,w ',j,','V7f' I, , ff '7 Wed' 'yf ,,,g",ff Q gill, 1 .4 , V 4 A--N ,. ,tWk6,,,5,.f,, ' p ' rfkffsi-fraigzp ' Er, V " 9 L 1 5 - W V34 ,E1 ,g,.:,,aV 1 , , qfi5??A?Qgi:iM.m,iiJ7,6 I April lst w""""" I . ff I - ,ff ' ui lunfl Ol DLIQH' lxlijfrlnli wg , ani, l i '-If I, 4' , .... .- u 'lin , vqpu-nllms i mfgiznna . 1 ku" -' .BS . , QI . 'H iff x 1 , f ll'-ff n Q.-gf , "f-nl it M jj' if", 5 ' I X. 1 Q ,. f,.,cfk I vr.. -V,. H ' A R Q XQ' Y 11 if E fu .fr X 5 5 ::Lg1nqwrMUiSk 1 I - i 1 - 1 f27.i'9E?3f3'ili ,, l ii,-W4 . I I A .-,,. -f- 'A' ' -1, A N -- .,.,., .Hia .- 44 -, . ,. . 4 l 3. 1 59" 1 I Q - . ii, ' Q NI ip--"DA U . , ' ,,. . " ' ' v".,., -07" 1 l' -- --.,,.1q- ., Fx? , , .1 g 0 ' , .' ,QQ 'I X -NNSXB 1 Q 'N - f-bg. 'f H1 3254: 'f f ' ' L . 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Q' X' i x V. , fir, Cfylul ff J 'M' , , f 5551 V X . , -W , rw X RfX'xEv,ji it WV bfi Q Q Q' QV! 1 ' , I .M QA ' R X V W' QI o If If 1 q.dR X - Q 1,4 2 so K Of oommmon op Gmini u . 'L .fp NX X 4 1 UN Q 1 4 JV., ' lax mx SX f 9 ifltv H lxbvmwm V f : ' X f 'gN"""'-----,,3 ff? 5 3 - X mlyugauvyii htm- A ,Ya F C Q00 ' 1 A -x - 1 5 ' .fn 65: :M f '.,Affff'! ,- r' 4 . f If .Q ,I I l.,l,.E ' 1 ', 'nf ,,4"" ' 'A Q17 1, 1-jf Wf' . , wx i !iz W. 3 I 5 R Q 'NA Shipmates All .A , ' :aw-:,:" 5 K 'N X N Xi ag: J 5 Xxx Q I +1 -X X 'zf A Grub Deckie R On Coffee Break W -, f,,:A"'j:ne: i V- X X 1 i Taking A Noon Sight SOUT My-.., 1.1: V YZ-'Fl ' mu In-was kara i 1 Znzivh 551' W 'inn-wh 3 ,. I f I 'f X 7 ,FL SXS Sea Aviator 172 joe In Jamaica ,...,- rm-:::::::: I 1 n 54,1 A V4 ' xl v 2 NF CAI Y ink, , 54 t P , ,. X 6 . .1 1, -Sf. . 1. if .V S I t ' A v 5. 1 tts I 1 x gif L ' X ,-K-, , fi " XXX? THE FUNS VVAS GETTING X' "4 -f S ,f X ,f ,.1f' ,V-A' jg 2" 5' . TH EFIE ,ar W 6 . tix f il' 4, , . K .-1 7' . I I .1 l . i I K y .eaan4 "' .f ,,,,,.....-.--av -2 Q . it 'fl 5 ,1-A - -f. ffir :f IS If - -KJV' I X 1, " """'f' 4 A1 Qljivlr- A f' f M11 .. 5 f 3 Modern Day "Salt" Channel Fever Steady As She Goes XVinter North Atlantic Gates On The Repeater w 3 I P i i e L l l w f i l Fire Drill l S A + I , Q' l 3 ' , 1 e.ee , q i i l I ' l V V ik L - - ' r - . ' 1 , Q X - , ' I V 'ff M ' 'll I A, . ' I , r ii ' , , ', . . V V W ' "f 541553, f E K, 2117- i jf" 5 Only 49 Hours To Go, Phil Heavy Roll 'fw ,, l ...W W. M., ..,,A -,.,,., -.,, ,. ., f.i.-,,..L,,. ,, aww., 4K - Y ITIS A GREAT LIFE, LAD-9 lf- e .1255 , :TIFF 5 qi, 1 -,Z w V fx: 3 Z We Heard You Got Bit, Tom The Typical Cargo Mate Wrong Church Key, Monty Just I-035113 . nj .1 v No Comment Day Third? 176 l , -.1 if The B-M-E-R Two Days Out just Like School Finished At Last 77 .1 Q 1 1 'f u x u lg ' W ix' L Ready To G0 Over 'H , e is , ,I 1 ' A 1, ggfh' F31-XIINI VVITH A PURPOSE HEIS GQIXIE ASHDFIE, IVIATE 52 , . 1 ff ,. . ff! ' 1 di? Zim ' ' 1' 'ix ff f W, ,X fx ,,,,7Q" 4 ' ffffff 72761 "fy ffyf?,4f,!,,1 f f I f f 'Dfw W V I V Zizmal X f,.,f.L,,f.f4A,. The Mighty Mike x, ' - xg.: ? ! ' 1 e Our Man In Hong Kong Tower Bridge I 1 E E 178 fe I r Wrong Place, Newt. Bobby and Friend Venice XVatch The Animals, Steve gl' 41 gk QFV . Qve L e' l , W Jnpf, 27. 1 ' If 4' 'fn English Rczows India 01' TGXZIS? Deck Maintenance x The City Of Love The Life 180 9' 556 ,- . ' pw' I. I S S J ,G ' 'J 'if ., i e , .1 " x ,W- , X Q: 'fn' 1 Not THE James Bond -I-.V Y. 'q's,1.,'!',- , PE: f"5f'f - 5. Q. 1 e " -' -',, ' W" - . .i x -: 4. -. . . . ,y-1, .' ',- ., 1,1 r-.-, WM". , ,Hi -x , - . Q 1,321 ,z-- .TN l gqfq' .'.2j:.. ,, . '..J.Y..4',.,..1":" . D 1.54 hgrl .'-in, F ,if A' -J '.'-' , Ill , Tom In The Saddle XVho Are You Kidding, Ross? 1 Steve At The Tea House OOPS AND PEOPLE .X X Sf 'I-M111 , f gig A4 1 f'N',w3i.'ggx 1 V ,111 "mq.7,f. E 'T -47 1 I .. 2 , xn in r ff' . 1 ' L ! X A, , .. ,..,.fu. ,,, W1 , If X , 1: X, N. y ,. X A1 1' x Ky, xv x --X- x , ' ,X ,f.., .XJ x fr-D 'N x - - Y , J ll M -f X'-5 2. An Interesting Date Paris, The Loure, And A Friend ' ' V ' ff ,fi X X f .., Pete At The Acropolis Doug And Taxi 2 o ' , f A ,f 1 Qs ' 1 I fr E s E 5 Q 5-,iv-,,.,. .., """""-nvg - 5 Not So At schoouf I DOM Want T0 G0 1 1 i 4- in , Back To K P. The Life At Sea 183 SECOND CLAS i , ,li YEAR 4.1-1- i 5 Back to classes again Cadet Officer Material gf Q Y 1. 'ei V Fast Moving Crowd ' P tl ld Bin Z1 y zu fl ir: .4-Q--" .:QQlf?'fE if .1 ' "QL-'gr L- QQQQ P W 2 rrn f FHM.. f- ' ' 2 W s vwifi U Q gibf' -a 1 1 y , R. 2 ".', 2, 25227 2 N Tl' t - X ,wg ,X ,A A 4 -IV? ' xt ,, 5 Q ff L f'a Coffee Time Saturday Inspection Somebody,s Motto? That Great Fraternity Y Y T Shower time ee e Q ' 185 .3 4 . ,t.,, . ..,r,t, in , Q. i. , I 2 4 i V 3 l a R, N X. EN 5 F. X1 w w P N F w V .ik ff, 1 N Y , , . x 1 2 w Q 1 F w w I l i 1 r O w T., l I 5 W 1 , v V T 'HF sEcoN CLASS YEAR Homecoming W f' Headed West . 'X ff f' a ,f I x x Yo Bounty in from sea Ruddcr in Command 186 xy i 4 'iff Commodore NVitt .A 6 1 31 , 4 XVhere's the playmate, Larry? 1 fl N fm iw N," i , a . 5 o fi, ,gg N A fast Buck H110 docs it again." H aving 21 party lor I F I 9'-'V 1--0 1-V Ill take dat one. fi? F-IING DANCE The big night we 1 ,W N Hard Workers Jim and Barbara The cocktail hour At last S 1- 5. 'Q gg dx yu ll if o i w ,, i 'Q W M T? i 51! T 4 5 i 1 v 5 E+ 1 4 1 , v N 1 +1 I I W ' X I . , X w W 'T . N W U P , N W , , , Z I 5 H H : , , W , W , M 4 ' x ig I , W K , ' u N i 4 e sl , , '1 L? , f' - . 1 3 ,X x E ' ' If 1. L '1 5 Q v" - .! Ai' I il A H 'x . I 3 . ia 6 .A -V , I i:,TF1 X 3 The Big Seven The New Breed x 1 1 A Good Number F?" E ' n . 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NA., . 45:31:22- fy,-zu. f , 23,11-an ...T 'Q ,., mfg, ww. .. f,u, Q,,::4:,' - N 's - 1 I :E -- 9 filling JOHN THOMAS ADZEMA Dumont, New Jersey ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Newman Club, Touring Club, Trident Club, Windjam- mers, Sailing. SEA DUTY: S.S. Export Builder, American Ex- port Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormaccove, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. President Garfield, American President Lines, Inc., S.S. Santa Rita, Grace Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Belgium, Ceylon, Chile, Denmark, Ec- uador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaya, Netherlands, Norway, Okinawa, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Po- land, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Viet Nam, Yugoslavia. I , 1 ll K i tt LOUIS WILLIAM ALLSTADT Malverne, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Class Executive Committee, Honor Cadet, Soccer, Wrestling, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. African Crescent, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. Export Ambassador, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. American Charger, United States Lines Company, Inc., U.S.N.S. General S. B. Buckner, Military Sea Transporta- tion Service. VOYAGES: Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Libya, Mozambique, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Republic of South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Tanganyika, Turkey, Zanzibar. FRANK ROBERT ANDERSON Trenton, New Jersey ACADEMY RECORD: Glee Club. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Hayes, American Presi- dent Lines, Inc., S.S. African Pilgrim, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormacmail, Moore-McCom1acl Inc., S.S. American Charger, S.S. American Scil entist, United States Lines Co., Inc. VOYAGES: Ceylon, France, French Cameroons, Ghana, Great Britain, Guinea, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Liberia, Ma- laya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Okinawa, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Republic of Ivory Coast, Republic of South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Tri- wan, Tanganyika, Trinidad, Viet Nam, Zanzibar. 206 ...K JACK r 1 ,N ri? WARREN Cl rf,lDElil wrllindwl HECORD1 ard .xC511DCll,E eScm1i5 iii DUTY: S.S. ltr., SS. A919399 Chrmpian, Urrrlbfl Sl 53.Afriw1 Dm, FI France Nether Ahicr, S l Great Brit: YOYAGES: Belgium, l ' lands, Panama outh Wesrhi DERSON Y , American P:- Pilgrim, Far' Gore-lvlcCorr S. American? nc. each Camera' long Kong, irp urea, Liberia, if kinawa, Pak-it, of Ivory Cf: ipore, Spain, E at Nam, Zin: ' -'rrrzf .J ,lv E2 WARREN GENE APPELL Wallingford, Connecticut fADl'NlY RECORD' Varsity Club, Christian A.. z. . . ' ' S 't Pistol, Intramurals. Liinncii, Eagle Scout ocie y, wilt DUTY: S.S. Santa Catalina, Grace Lines, lac., S.S. American Guide, S.S. American lhiiiipion, United States Lines Company, Inc., 5.5. African Dawn, Farrell Lines, Inc. '.'iJY.-tGliS: Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, irinu-, Great Britain, Kenya, Mozambique, Xe-tlivrlanils, Panama, Peru, Republic of South Africa, South West Africa, Tanganyika. 'YP '-5-Q. 'is- 1 ' x ALDEN BRUCE BADGER Manchester, Connecticut ACADEMY RECORD: Band, Christian Council, Glee Club, Honor Cadet, Protestant Choir. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacsaga, Moore-Nicifurmack Lines, Inc., U.S.N.S. General Maurice Rose, Mili- tary Sea Transportation Service, S.S. l- ,xort Buyer, American Export lsbraridtscn Linus, lnc., S.S. American Crusader, Lfnitetl Status Luus Company, Inc. VOYAGES: Belgium, Denmark, Erancv, Ci-rriirriy reece Iceland Italy Libya Netherlands, Nor- C , ' , , L, way, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey. LOU ANDY BRUCE 1 ' , STEVE STEVEN LAWRENCE BARKEN New York, New York A T.-XDEBIY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Society ol' L X.n.il .-hcliili-cts and Marino lziigiuvi-rs, Gymnas- tics, lluuiug, liitramurals. Sli.-X DUTY: S.S. llrcsitlt-ut Coolidge, American llrt-sith-nt Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormaclakc, Moorc- NlciToriuack lam-s, lnc., S.S. Export Baum-r, .-Xuu'rit'.iii lixpiut lslmraucltwii Lines, Inc., S.S. b.iut.i l'.iula, Gram' Liuvs, Inv. VOY.-KCI-IS: Argentina, Azores, Brazil, Ceylon, lmulvia, llmiiinicau llvpulxlic, Dutcli Vilcst lncics, liizypt, Franco, llaiti, llong Kong, India, Italy, j.iiii.mwi, japan, Kon-ii, Okinawa, Pakistain, Pana- ma, Singapore, Spain, Trinidad, Vcnczucla, Viet Nam. Co- l fi i f 'E if v s viii P I v .ee mel , ,- p- ,f ij, I 'gf l'. I l A E ,JI if 1 i . ,.., il fa lil E, , l i i E i L , 1 a l l i l a i I i i i i I s 5 . l i F Y , ff . wmv, ...A , " W i f ,Z , , ,, ar 5, ,, ',-", , f fg,7ff,,f A V, , H - , ,tg 3 R ,',,,,. ,am ,, ' - 5 ,hon wr- . -Q VZ' F, I in ,gg-ff.., iz , VAL v V "-via-.M,,a.. M, , ., ,v 13- f Q, ,A f ' ,, , ,.,+xi:,,,., I 445,- , :N 111471, . .. f FRED EL'-. 9116!- lava "W ll FREDERICK PETER BARTON Quincy, Massachusetts ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Information Service, Chess Club, Pistol, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Teresa, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. Export Ambassador, American Export Is- brandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. American Shipper, United States Lines Company, Inc., R.N. Atlantis II, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. VOYAGES: Australia, Azores, Bermuda, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Ger- man Greece Haiti Inrlia Ital' apkm New Y, , , ', Y, J' - , ' Zealand, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Ta- hiti, Turkey, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Seychelles Islands. A' 208 " u 1. MIKE 9 Y 1 ,535 LEONARD JOHN BECICKA Warba, Minnesota ACADEMY RECORD: W' d' k - ' ' Club, Gymnastics. In Jammers' S y Dwmg SEA DUTY: S.S. Jesse Lykes, S.S. R th L k S-S- John LYICBS, Lykes Brothers Steanghip Cloiiil Pallyi S.S. Del Oro, Delta Steamship Company, VOSAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, emmlfki FYSHCS, Germany, Indonesia, japan, Malaya, Netherlands, Okinawa, Panama Pgland Singapore, Thailand, Uruguay, Viet Nam: , JAMES MARTIN BELFORD Springfield, Virginia ' Neuman ACADEMY RECORD: canhqlic QgQQQg,,,,,,1,. Club, Class Executive Committee, Llnes Im SEA DUTY: s.s. African.G1en,dFa2fjge,,i 53,3- S.S. Exminster, S.S. Fllqng In epbrandtsen Lum' port Aide, American Exp01'i ls 1 n Cuba Clvmi' Inc. VOYAGES: Angoia, Azores, Cevv f iuiiwm Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germflgaclgegherlwbj India, Israel, Italy, Lebanon,. 1 Rgpublic gflllj Pakistan Portugal, P06110 Rico, Tunisia, Tm Congo, Somaliland, Spam, Sudan' key. Ml l Club, Hur SFA Dk , 'll Wit Isbn at A my li has 0, llgfmgg. Offs i Snug, M , A ll r MIKE IOE N BELFOBD virsinif' W Clair. ' I atholic Inmmuyr mittee, I I m ell Wh' Gl Ui Farr lrsj l e1rideve1"l'f,'Qfr t iigort liblan Cult Ceylon, Great isbeflmuyf re" Lib! 3' hc ' ri, ll, 120 we ,Ellie ixflf buda l 11 at X 5 MICHAEL BELLOMO .icuniaxry Pon Washington, New York qilub,Allonol3ICgiC?5PS0cCSg-glolastic Star, Varsity ' f DUT '- pon ISbga'ndg5S-3 Export Banner, American Ex- Cury, Farrell Lin Lines, Inc., S.S. African Mer- Lineg I , mesf IHC-5 S.S.'Santa Elisa, Grace Lines'Coliririanislngloneer Ming, United States YOIACES, ROWS. SI Ecuador' Hong KOUS, Italy, japan, OZI l South AfncQnsifHf,fi Panama. Peru, Republic of C ln mmjxri ' ' ii, BELF 7. J . 'Q ' 53157 N ,ffm . Q. wg , f' x 5: ,gf 1 2 if xg, .. X672 af: iw X- V- V. , Q , 'f If uf, 4 N I lr Q15 f N F aft ABOO 'AF fnqvx 1 4 JOSEPH ANTHONY BELMONTE Harriman, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Automotive Interest Club, Cross Country, Track- SEA DUTY: S.S. Monnaehay, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. President Polk, American Presi- dent Lines, Inc., S.S. American Pilot,NLmted States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Santa Catalina, Grace Lines, Inc. OYAGES: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Ceylon, Chile, Colombia, ECUHCIOY, EZYPL France, Ger- many, Hong Kona. India, Italy, japan, Malaya, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Smg21DOf9, UIU- guay, Viet Nam. X7 2 f 4 'af JOHN FRANKLIN BLACKSTOCK Pymble, New South YVales, Australia ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Christian Council, Radio Club, Honor Cadet, Society of Naval Architects and.Marine Engineers, Drill Team. SEA DUTY: Mariposa, Matson Navigation Company, S.S. President Hoover, American Pres- iflent Lines, Inc., M. M. Dant, States Steamship Company. VOYAGES: Australia, Fiji Islands, Hone, Kong, japan, Korea, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Okinawa, Philippines, Samoa, Tahiti, Taiwan, Viet Nam. 209 S rl l, 1 ROLAND HENRY BOUGHTON Naugatuck, Connecticut ACADEMY RECORD: Christian Council, Glee Club, Cargo Club, Protestant Choir, Basketball, Football, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Flying Endeavor, American Ex- port Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormacpride, Moore-McCorrnack Lines, Inc., S.S. President Buchanan, American President Lines, Inc., S.S. Pioneer Mill, United States Lines Company, Inc. VOYAGES: Belgium, Ceylon, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Ia- pan, Korea, Malaya, Netherlands, Norway, Okin- awa, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Viet Nam. WILLOUGHBY THOMAS BOULWARE, III Houston, Texas ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Polaris, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engin- eers, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. John Lykes, S.S. Helen Lykes, S.S. Zoella Lykes, S.S. Ruben Tipton, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, S.S. Gulf Shipper, Gulf 81 South American Steamship Company. VOYAGES: Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Dutch West Indies, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, Italy, Libya, Mex- ico, Morocco, Mozambique, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Republic of South Africa, South West Africa, Spain, Trinidad, Tu- nisia, Yugoslavia. WILLIAM JOSEPH BovA,1n. Norwalk, Connecticut ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Polaris Hear This, Varsity Club, Catholic Choir, C1352 Executive Committee, Gymnastics, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Manufacturer, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. African Sun, Farrell Lines, Inc., SLS. Export Adventurer, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, lnc. VOYAGES: Azores, Cyprus, France, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Mozambique, Portugal, Republic ol South Africa, South West Africa, Spain, Tangan- yika, Turkey, Zanzibar. 1 fs-G5 BUNKY JERRY nf, num ACADEMY Bl Christian Co lrclliteds a onmmirrfe, ' SEA DUTY: Y S.S. loella Bmllrers Ste Gull ir Soul OYAGES: l Dominican Great Dritai m, llczan Poland, Pu South We Yugoslavia. alllhen 'WS 'll is0vA, iii. cut tic Star, Pull. holic Choir, C, ics, Intramurals. nufacturer, Ur.: S.S. African S lxport Adventu- rines, lnc. ince, Great Brltq frugal, Repiihlt ica, Spain, Tang' in 'MQ W. .r,, Jr 9. l JERRY RALPH BOWMAN Nevada, Missouri ri Mltlll-IMY RECORD: Automotive Interest Club, llmitiari Council, Drama Club, Society of Naval lrt-liitec-ts and Marine Engineers, Ring Dance tmrirriittee, Wincljammers, lntramurals. Nl-I.-X DL"l'Y: S.S. john Lykes, S.S, Helen Lykes, SS. Zrwlla Lykes, S.S. Reuben Tipton, Lykes llmtlrers Steamship Company, S.S. Gulf Shipper, Cult R South American Steamship Company. l'Ol'.XCES: Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, llwiiirriuiri Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, tin-,it Britain, Haiti, Italy, Libya, Mexico, Moroc- ir-. Nlovainhique. Netherlands, Panama, Peru, l'ol.mtl, Puerto Rico, Republic of South Africa, 5,-nitli West Africa, Spain, Trinidad, Tunisia Yugoslavia. n W ilk ' ff ROBERT LEE BOYER Decatur, Georgia ACADENIY RECORD: liitrziiiiirml .Xtlilrtic lloartl Bowling League, Basketball, lntriiiuurals. SEA DUTY: SS. Del Oro, Delta Stinirrislirp ifoni pany, S.S. C-ibbes Lykes, 5.5. William Lykes, Lykes Brothers Stearnship Cionipariy, VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, l"r.inct Germany, GlL'tlt Britain, lxenui. Xlumiiiluqiri Netherlands Puerto Rico Re urlrlie of South Afri- , r l ca, South XVest Africa, 'l'riiu1.inyik.i, Lfrirurrav. -sf 6, PHILLIP IOHN BRACKENBURY Mouritain Horne, Idaho .MfAl5liMY RICCIORD: Catholic Choir, Newman iflnli, Ring Cloniimttve, Trrtlerit Club, Intramur- als. SLA lil li: 3.5. Santa l'lax'ia, Cyraee Lines, Inc., 8.5. llresitlent Arthur, American President Lines, ine., 8.5. llamairarr Motorist, Matson Navigation lfonipariy. YOYAKIIQS: ffanarlai, Ceylon, Chile, cltllllllllllll, Costa Rica, lienaclor, Egypt, El Salvador, France, tlirirlvmala, llonu Kong, Imlia, Italy, japan, Korea, Malaya, Nicaragua, Okinawa, Pakistan, l'aii:rnia, l'eru, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Viet Nam. XZ' BUNKY if 9' . ,R-g.xl:2,iffN,x x f .- , If TOM .aft D BOV'S JERRY BOB BRACR 'J fffy, Lf,V!,,, .fp , 1 " U V' 1... ' f fm. ii,- BILL 7 V OLE X gs, WILLIAM OLE BREKKE Kasson, Minnesota ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Polaris, Band, Varsity Club, Christian Council, Wrestling. SEA DUTY: S.S. James McKay, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, S.S. Del Rio, Delta Steam- ship Company, S.S. Independence, S.S. Export Champion, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc. GES Ar entina Bel ium Brazil France VOYA 2 S , I E ,, , , Germany, Italy, Madeira, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Uruguay. 212 gl-TJ Udtfl WU sa D' is is as -.Z PUC? E1 5 cn '1 ul o P Z ra 2 -4 0 'Y fn rv '4 L5 BQps 5:27 RSF Yin! ' K: Elm Fi? EO 'FU QU C.. U- 'sf 755 2...- 22 RYE Q3 5, Fo H? 2.51 ii SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Margarita, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. Pioneer Isle, United States Lincs Com- pany, Inc., U.S.N.S. General Darby, Military Sea Transportation Service. VOYAGES: Australia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Tahiti. Q TIMOTHY ANDREW BP-OWN Hollywood, Flodda Informatiod Y RECORDL. Regimental lb IW' l ' . CU! , ACStrvice, Cf-tli01iC'Ch01ff .Nelvstllrilce Committee' mural Athletic Board, Rmiicecutive comming? Stella Maris Guild. Classlg Bowling Leap' International Relations Cuals Drill Team, Track, Intfmnur ' hip goin- . . Sfealns 4 SEA DUTY: S.S. Del oroiKe1?elQS Gibbs Lila ,. .s. William LY r lllllflcles Igrothers Steainsh1P Compzlllhzil Colombial VOYAGES: A1-anim?" Beiglilxl Gennmf K Dominican Republic, llnlfliiihilluer NfetherS0Utl1 Britain, Haiti, Kenya" Ii Of' South Af1'lfa'e,luglL Puerto Rico, Republic' 0 Urugllafs len NVcst Africa, Tanllllllylka' A fi! WILI ACADEM M3501 SEA DU Lines .S, V Emba MGE gan, I Wat 1 39311 X. gn leg N f at , paw .A if i 3 I :fi 1' M I K f .4 1 BRUWW la ,, inform tal b 211 ly mHl'l Cglurhmf' jaflce Commit' cuilve. Lrlf Bowling gzeamsmlrk' SSI CilJlJ5 ' aan' al' . B' 31131 GerH1v,herEf', ,iqdev ,Cay 'V utll nyellfzi' uilm' Y CGW, il Gr' ,am I Q I hwy, My 5? rw 'HP' i , o-a I , , 1. -.- ' 'ifla V Q' . f I ED BARON 'al X , ww I. 'ff X' Gi! TIM x A- if 693 BUZZ it C 2,1 , Wm I W ui WILLIAM ALBERT BUNDREN Tazewell, Tennessee Af ' LRHZIEMI RECORD: Clee Club, International Ions Club, Protestant Choir, Intramurals. SEA ' -. . Limglggl- S.S. United States, United States Anwrih OIIIPHTQY, IHC., S.S. President Coolidge, SS ivdlf President Lines, Inc., S.S. jean Lykes, Comljllriffla LYICQS, Lykes Brothers Steamship YOY. . ESRESF IBahf1mHS, Ceylon, Dutch XXX-Qt Indies, Crt3M'B.tljflUCC. Freneh Yl'e5t lnflim-Q, Germany, Japan Thr HOU! KODIL, India, Indonesia, Italy, Okinaxvfl 313011, Martinique, Netlierliincls Antillei, vietxalh' kllustun, Panama, Singapore, Taiwan, 4. 11 MARSHALL DAVID BURGHARDT Groton, Conneetie ut AC.-XDESIY RECORD: Scholastic Star. Rin: Com- mittee. XYiml1.unmr-rs, lntf-niritimml helatioris Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: American Fcm'.'arde-r, S.S. L'nit+'fl States, Ifnitecl States Lines Company, Inc., 5.5. Xlr rniaelalie Nlfiriiw--NIef.orrime lc Lintrl, lm-43 Conte, Military Sea Traneportation Serv- iqeg 5.5. Preiitlvnt jackson, .-Xmerieari IJl",'wldK,'Ilf Lines, Inc. vOy,xtCE5l Bylgirini. Cf-xlmw. Dc-rizrhtrk. Ifmnw, ' f ' Y ' . . ' - ' ,i . Germany, Great Iiritam, Ilurig hong, Il,-CIM, UHF, Iapfin. lxmini. Nl,il,ij'i. Xi-tlir-ri.iiirlN. X1-tlzf-ilariclx A-.Ami11Q5, Xmxxgij. Okinqaxa, llgric1st.in,, Pinziinfi, Polfmcl. yiigfirmre. Spain. 5'-'4lC,l4,'fl. N11-t X 'im ' I fe A, rin if TERRY ALLEN BUSSKOHL Omaha, Nebraska ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Information 5f'FYiLI', Clee Club, Eagle Scout Society, Intra- murals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Shirley Lykes, S.S. Stella Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, S.S. Gulf Mr-rehant, Gulf 6: South American Steamship Company. VOYAC-ES: Belgium, Chile, Ecuador, France, Cer- riiany, Italy, Korea, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Tamun, Yiet Nam, Yugoslavia, 213 U I . , Q., RICHARD JOHN CARDULLA Victor, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Hear This, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Cove, S.S. Pioneer Mart United States Lines Company, Inc.g S.S. Mor: macglen, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. At- lantic, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Brazil, France, Great Brit- ain, Hong Kong, Italy, japan, korea, Madeira, Morocco, Okinawa, Panama, Philippines, Portu- gal, Spain, Taiwan, Uruguay. IOHN LEANDRE CHAREST Saco, Maine ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Marlinspike Club, Ski Club, Football, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Catalina, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. American Guide, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. African Dawn, Farrell Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Kenya, Mozambique, Netherlands, Pana- ma, Peru, Republic of South Africa, South West Africa, Tanganyika. CHRISTOPHER PIERSON CLARK Alameda, California ACADEMY RECORD: V ' Cl b ' Choir, Newman Club, Ch2gjstyClub,uEagEamil Society, Stella Maris Guild, Trident Club Swim- ming, Intramurals. ' SEA DUTY: S.S. Iapan Bear, S.S. China Bear Pacific Far East Lines, S.S. Hawaii, Smal Steamship Company, S.S. Moormac1and,M00I9. McCormack'Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Iapan, Korea, Midway, Okinawa, Panama, Pens, Philippines, Taiwan, Trinidad, Venezuela. THOMM ACADEMY HE' ll'1nflj1U1l11fT514 national llelah SEA DUTY: l Company, 5.5 Liles Bmthen Hlmmiield, B' YOYAGES: Bel many, Ghana Rom, Liber Panama, Rep vial Siem 1 slam. RICH TOM LSON lub, Callml , Eagle Sa., t Club, Sm: . Br. Iawaii Sw' icland,' llociv a, Hong Koi.. Panama, Par. ezuela. OM f Q -,, :' .A it Xx .ju-of i 1 A I Cf? THOMAS ARTHUR CLARKE Prcmont, Texas Fiinwood, New jersey RICHARD FREDERIC COLE STEPHEN RICHARD COLLINS Rainiwy. Ni-w jvrsvy .'tf'ftDliNiY RECORD: Ring Dance Committee, ACADEBIY RECORD: Schulastu- Stir, Ii- grmo, ,tif-XIUIQMY RIQFORD: Scholastic Stair, Varsity lliliftl-IIIIIIWYS. C1159 EXPCIIUVS Cflmmitfeff, Imef- Band, Christian Council, Clwe- flluli, tll'4Jtt'wI.lllI t'lul-, .Kill-viiuilixv lnlvir-st Club, 'l'i'imlvnt Club, ri.iuuri.il Relations Club, Intramurals. Choir, intrauuiruls. NN uuli.iuuiu-is, Sailing. Nl'X lJt"I'Y: NLV. Dc-l Monte, Delta Steamship SEA DUTY: S.S. African Star, llirrf-ll l,uu-V, luv., Slit lll"l'Y' SS. Su-vl Cflu-mist, Slim-s Marino- lmupnnyg S.S. Kendal Fish, S.S. Solon Turrnan, SS. Mciruiuclaay, Nlmiri--Nli't.iuiuuk Ilufs, li. lsiliuunu Lim-S: 55- i5XD0l'il'l'. AIlH'l'iC11Il Export lik--N lirotlwrs Steamship Company, 5.5. Lucile S.S. Prcsidvrit iluyus, .Xlll1'I'll.lH l'r'-uilmr lun. Isl-mmltwu liiiu-N. luruz 5.5. Aim'i'iv:iii Com- Iiluiimfivltl, Bloomfield Steamship Company. Inc. immlir, 8.8. l'imiw-r Mart, SS. United Status, YOYKCZICS: Bt-liiium, France, French Gambia, Cer- VOYACES: Arflentinii, Ilruil, tfipf- Yvnlv ld uuls, l mud Mimi linux ciumlmm' Im' mmy,Gh1ina, Crt-at Britain, Greece, Israel, Italy, Ceylon, Egypt, Fr.uiQi-, lluug hung, lr .1-., lip U, YOYMZI-IS: Ai-iiliiu, lliilinmns, Ili-lizium, British kim-.i, l,ili4-rin. Ne-the-rliimls, Nigeria, Okinawa, Kenya, Korea, M.il.iy.i, Nluhuuluqiu-. Ukuii-,t,i llfuiufi. V-llisiflsl. ffvvlwili. llillvli WON! lmlivs liilflfllllil,Ri'PlltJiiC of Dahomey, Republic of Sen- Pakistan, l'4inam.i, Hvpulilu- ul wurli Xfriii l'r.uirf-, lfiviivli We-st lmlii-Q, Gvrnuiny, Grout wil. Swim Leone, V -iezucla, Viet Nam, Yugo- Singapore, South YVt'st .Writ-,i, Qpun, Tix-imri lt"t'llll- i3f1'1'f'f'. HUM! ROHM. lllllill, ilHlUm'Si1l il.u'izi. Ttmgunyikn' Umllll-'Y' Viftt X.uu, 7 mr-Mir. italy. Izipnii, Kun-ii, Mzilnyn, Mzirtiniquv, Moro!! N eu, X'1llu'rl.imlx, l'iui:uu:i, I,tliiiI3I1lIlt'S, Siliilai Qum:ilil:uul, Spain, Tliziilaiiicl, Turkey, Vivt Nam SIIVI. uv 45 "- P- . JOHN CARROT pv- 'Nr 'I-:..,7', DICK CLAM 215 porv nun: un COOKY DICK 'Q---"I Wx CLIFFORD PAUL COOK New York City, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Track, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. African Sun, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormaccove, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Exeter, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Pioneer Moon, S.S. American Con- tractor, United States Lines Company, lnc., S.S. Santa Magdalena, Grace Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, Ecua- dor, Egypt Finland, France, Ghana, Greece Hong Kong: Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon,.L1.ber: ia Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Philippines Republic of Ivory Coast, Republic of Senegal: Sierra Leone, Spain, Sweden. L? Q TIMOTHY IOSEPH CORCORAN Collinsville, Illinois ACADEMY RECORD: N f - Guild, Basketball. enman Club, Stella Maris SEA DUTY1 ISS- Jesse Lykes S.S. Ruth L k S-S- Eugene LYRGS, Lykes Brothers Steanilslfiii COIUPHHYQ S.S. Del Oro, Delta Steamship Com- PRHYQ M.V. Tamara Guilden Tran cial Corporation. , sport Commer- VOYAGES: Argentina Belgium B '1 F Germany, Great Britain, Indoriesial,a?reland?nIs?l rael, Netherlands, Uruguay, I f ROBERT HARRY COSKY Woodbury, New Iersev It ACADEMY RECORD: Bearings, Dance Comm' tee, Intramurals. Inc, ' 65 SEA DUTY: s.s. African Glen, Faneg I1ms.s.E,. S.S. Exminster, S.S. Flying Indepen 312525, Lines. port Aide, American ENTJ011 Isbran Inc. Cuba. VOYAGES: Algeria, Anggnla, Azores: Equa- Cyprus, Egypt, Etluopiil, france, Libya, torial Africa, Germany, India, Israel,tR:5' puerw Morocco, Netherlands, Pakistan, P? udi 'Arabia Rico, Republic of the- .C0ng0' agepublic of Somaliland, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, the Middle Congo. CC BI .NADH all l ' gl Min W, SEA 033 ggi i Sal V0 ' 'ill gill laiqf 2 5 216 CU C R-gk CORK RED ROVER lf- COMSK SENATOR CUMMINGS I i U l ,7 ,G , of ix tit' ii ,X W COSKY erS0Y ,37 Dance Co? 5 Farrell li dependisgii lgbrflfl C gYl0n' L, K, yoftfs, ' Ch . ' Ffffl iii-2 l, Y " . il5'a50"Ui?l'tf . SBU iz lilfiifeiv W RICHARD JAMES CROW BHHUES-Roberts, Montana .XCXDEX ' , . Cmmi-P RECORD3 Ylarsity, Club. Christian I-h,nU:,1i.HEl'ib?gQ Council, Michaelsen Society, Lil Morale El t mg Dance Committee, Regiment- Soccer'Intrmg-Eligliislnternatronal Relations Club, SEA DUTY. Company.. SSQS. ltiaraposia, Matson Navigation East Liries' uaglllllffvn Bear. Pacific Far limmhbm Lim,-S. President Hoover, American Steamship Conilsaf-S,c'l Sb' M' M' Dum' States VOYAGE . . ' I51undSSH0il19tI23l1F1, Canada, Cook Islands, Fiji C-iledoiqiq NR, ,ongr IHPHH, Korea, Mexico, New Sflmm T' ' UW Zealzind, Okinziwzt Pliilippinei hind t, llhiti, Taiwan, Viet Nmvii Itflidwqy igl , B . Ora Bom Island, Tin Can lslzmcl. JAMES BIICHAEL CUMISKEY Arlington, Virginia ACADEMY RECORD: Ring Dance Committee, Trident Club, Class Executixe Committee, Soccer, Rotting. SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Mill, SS, American Archer, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Mormacdove, Moore-5lcCormaclc Lines, lne., ' Ev ort Agent, American Export Ishrant- S.S. .p sen Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Belgium, Brazil, VFrance,. Germany, Hmm Home ltalx, ltipan, lxorea, Nvtheriiinds, J A Pl-'-l' Jirtrs -Soain, Trinidad, Yugoslavia. lanama, nipi 'i:, L JAMES SCOTT CUMMINGS Houston, Texas ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Regimental Infor- mation Service, Christian Council, Debate Coun- cil, Eagle Scout Society, Society of Naval Archi- tects and Marine Engineers, Drill Team, Inter- national Relations Club. SEA DUTY: S.S. Solon Tunnan, S.S. Frederick Lykes, Lykcs Brothers Steamship Companyg S.S. Gulf Shipper, Gulf ISI South American Steam- ship Company, S.S. Keytanker, Keystone Tank- ship Corporation. VOYAGES: Algeria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colom- hia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands. 217 Wbnv , Qu, IOHN MICHAEL CUMMINGS Milford, Connecticut ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Windjam- mers, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Ana, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. President Coolidge, American President Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormactide, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Bermuda, Canada, Ceylon, Chile, Co- lombia, Ecuador, France, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaya, Okinawa, gakistan, Panama, Peru, Singapore, Spain, Viet am. MICHAEL BEDDOW CURLEY Allentown, Pennsylvania ACADEMY RECORD: Automotive Interest Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engin- eers, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Archer, S.S. Pioneer Surf, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Santa Monica, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. Export Aide, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, ritain Israel Mexico Morocco Cyprus, Great B' , , , , Netherlands, Panama, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Venezuela, Tasmania. WILLIAM ROBERT DANIELS Bethel Park, Pennsylvania ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Christian Council, Cargo Club, Drama Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Mart, S.S. Pioneer Cove United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Excali: bur, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. African Planet, Farrell Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Ascension Islands, Egypt, France, Cer. many, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Mozambique, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Republic oi South Africa, St. Hellena, Spain, Taiwan, Tan- ganyika. S 218 s N .. .,., MIKE i DENKER w i l g WILLW Dl H S ' ACADEMY BBW i Gimnlililillm l SE' WY? -N I lmllL,55- Sl innsl1mCn1P l0lAGES: A1551 Republic Franc pnlurea, Mex 1 Pi::1lallioo,'la l Nun. l l z i l 1 l l 1 l ANIELS Star, Christ. lib, Society ieers. . Pioneer Cunt c., S.S. Em. in Lines, li: Inc. it, France,C1' ag Kong, ltr! Mozambiq s, Republic , Taiwan, li 'Qwf-an X WILLIAM FREDERICK DENKMAN Skokie, Illinois ACADEMY RECORD: Christian Council, Football, Gymnastics, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Del Rio, Delta Lines Steamship tlompanyg S.S. Iames McKay, S.S. Harry Cul- brcnth, S.S. Sheldon Lykes, Lykes Brothers Stviiiriship Company. YOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Dominican Ilvpublic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ia- pnn, Korea, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Qicrtu Rico, Taiwan, Uruguay, Venezuela, Viet . am. wi FREDERICK CARL DIETERLE Feasterville, Pennsylvania ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Cliristiari Council, Intramural Athletic Board, llonor Cadet, Ring Dance Committee, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Corsair, S.S. Pioneer Mist, United States Lines Coiiipariy, inc., S.S. Santa Anna, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. Atriuan Comet, Farrell Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, limit: Kung, ja- pan, Kenya, Korea, Mozambique, l'.in.mi,i, Pi-rii. Philippines, Republic of South Africa, South NVest Africa, Tanganyika, Zanzibar. CURLY BILL N1 X ROCCO ANTHONY DI UBALDI Newark, New jersey ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Varsity Club, Ni-unian Club, 'liridcnt Club, Swimming, lntmmurals. Sl-1,-X lDl"liY: S.S. Morinacrio, ltloorc-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Flying Clipper, American Export lsliraiiiltsi-n l.ini-Q, lnc, YOYAGICS: lfpzypt, llong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, 1.ip.m, tu-nya, Knrva, Lebanon, Malaya, Miuarnlrirm- Pakistan Panmnri, Puerto Rico, l . i Riptililrc mit South Africa, Siligapirrc, Spain, Tun- garryika, Trinidad, Viet Nam. NKEI i STRAIGHT ARROW .4 ,wlqr-f,f'ffw,4 K, X V - A I 'i.-,r'-f1a-- A '-'..g,, . ' j ROCK 219 VT' FF nil A new ' RICHARD STANLEY DMOCHOWSKI Stamford, Connecticut ACADEMY RECORD: Automotive Interest Club, Dance Committee, Ring Dance Committee, In- tramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Archer, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. African Dawn, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormacteal, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Exilona, American Export Is- brandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Santa Elena, Grace Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Angola, Argentina, Azores, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Great Britain, Haiti, Israel, Liberia, Morocco, Netherlands, Pan- ama, Peru, Portugal, Republic of the Congo, Spain, Uruguay. . K, DAVID WALLACE DRAGOO Indianapolis, Indiana ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormactide, Moore-McComiack Lines, Inc., S.S. African Rainbow, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. Pioneer Isle, United States Lines Com- pany, Inc. VOYAGES: Angola, Argentina, Ascension Islands, Australia, Azores, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ii'1nland,.Fernando Poo, Germany, Ghana, Liber- ia, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Republic of the Congo, Republic of Ivory Coast, Sweden, Uru- guay. - Il MOE DUG'S R ROGER -FRANCIS DBEHE Tonawanda, New York - gnhl 11 1 stic Star musin- ACADEMY RECORD: Sc cas ut gbciew, I f ton Serv1ce, Eagle co ls. liiislgllzg Club, Honor Cadet, Inuamura lcconnld V vren Moore-l girl! SEA DUTY: S.S. Momacl lbassador, Am Lines, Inc., S.S. EXPQW ATM.. 5,S. Ammlgg Export Isbrandtsen Lines, lines' C0mpa11Y1Lin6, Challenger, United states .1 an President be S.S. President AdamS, Amerie Grace Lines' Inc., S.S. Santa Magdalena' 'l llurmlv Argentina Bmzh' in ll' OYAGES- Algeria, bm' Dominlf Emi Cambodia, Ceylon, C01011? ' cuador, public, Dutch Yvqst Indlgg' Haiti, HODEISK France, Great Brltilllli Cree Aiea, Iapaq, Pom India, Indonesia, Italy? JamPaanma,51ng'vid Malaya, Okinawa, P?lf1Stf'?, ,key Uruguay' Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia' u l Nam. taml' iw-HKD vellum wa, W-:R ,lm R 20 it i 1, ,S DAVE ...de ROC DUNC BILL DREHFR , Yorll X atic Sw' W' Slip llllfamur EC-T 1 Ni00leM-ls? fibassagogf inf lx! Cvftplfll .l an Pregldiulx V WGIHCC L ' , " . ii. 9 Bill in3- 'g1ti', . Dorlllf 5, hilly dnt - vs, 1-Iovif i , jffr jawn' , .,,3nf.i1' ma SIL:- pair' Cfugiiar' i . urlffl' 2 if i 'itll IAMES PAUL DUGAN N Classhoro, Neyv Jersey M XDEXIY Wini1,..m,,i1?f?,RDE Varsity Club, Trident Ciiib, sei in-13. ' om au' Swlmming, Intramurals. A,I00re-RIcCor?nS'kM0FmuCCf'DG, S.S. Momiacrio, quomiry Umtelac Line-S, IHC-5 S.S. American Export Ambasgaclciitori Lin-Q5 Company, IHC-1 S.S. HWS. lnc, r merican Export Isbrandtsen VOYAGE ' S1 A ' . great Bmninrgintinla, Brazil, Cyprus, France, ggnflgfil, Reliumiiedf Igaly, Kcnlfil, Mozambique, , nlika, Trinidad, Turkgxflgireglig, Spain, Tun- autff V l 4 JAMES WVALTER DUNCAN Ashland, Ohio ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Team, Bridge Club, Bowling League, Basketball, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Luisa, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. African Grove, Farrell Lines. Int.: S.S. Ex- port Arnbassador, American Export Ishrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. American Charger, United States Lines Company, Inc. VOYAGES: Aleeria, AnrZ,ola. Colombia, Ecuador, French Equatorial Africa. Ghana, Creece,-.Hong Kong, japan, Korea. Liberia. Libya, Niierra, Panama. Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Republic R llic of Dahomev Republic of of the Congo, opus . , ,. lvory Coast, Republic of Senegal, Sierra Leone, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey. VVILLIANI THOMAS EACAN Bronx, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Swimming, Intramrimlg, SEA DUTY: S.S. African Moon, Farrell Lincg lnc.g S.S. Pioneer Ming, S.S. American Scientist, United States Lin:-Q Company, Incbg Svsr Mormacl pride, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc.' S.S. Santa Rita, Grace ines, Inc. y VOYAGES: Ascension Islands, Belgium, Denmark Dominican Republic, France, Great Britain Hnngi KONE, lflpan, Korea, Martinique, Mozambique Netherlands. Norway, Panama, Philippines Po: rand, Republic of south Africa, South VVest,Afri- CCI, SWK-lCfl, Taiwan, Venezuela, 22 I I I Us E R . A ii is as Ll fi li i is is I 1 ii Q If f ss THOMAS GEORGE ECKHART Portland, Oregon ACADEMY RECORD: Band, Chess Club, Dance Band, Protestant Choir, Pistol, Rifle, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Washington Mail, American Mail Lines- S.S. Mormacrey, S.S. Mormacisle, Moore- McCol-mack Lines, Inc., S.S. Iunior, United Fruit Company, S.S. President Lincoln, American President Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Hong Kong, japan, Kenya, Korea, Malta, Nicaragua, Okinawa, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, Trinidad, Uruguay, Venezuela, Viet Nam. ,Y .3 JAMES ARTHUR EGBERT Lebanon, Pennsylvania ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Regimental Infomation Service, Baseball. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Chief, S.S. Pioneer Moon, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Independence, American Export Isbrantsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Robin Goodfellow, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Ascension Island, Azores, Balearic Islands, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, japan, Kenya, Korea, Madagascar, Morocco. Mo- zambique, Okinawa, Panama, Philippines, Portu- gal, Republic of South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Tanganyika, Madeira Island, Sicily. LARRY GLENN EGGLESTON Orange City, Florida ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Cargo Club Bowlifng League, Basketball, Soccer, Track, lntmf mura s. SEA DUTY: S.S. Barbara Lykes, S.S. Eugene Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, S,S, Del Oro, Delta Steamship Company. VOYAGES: Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France, French Equatorial Africa, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Guinea, Ireland, Netherlands, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo, Republic of Ivory Coast. IOHN VIUN me us BBOQRDZ I mfgirmuu. asus: ss. Puur uf, ss. ou, Sum YUTAGES: Okinawa, l7llil1PPl!l51 I TOM LIL' JOHN 222 ...Ts 1 JOHN ZLESTON da ilub, Cargo Cz: :cer, Track, lm ces, S.S. Eugen ip Company, 5,- many. ,, Brazil, C9- French E ua! fl t Britain, Guin Republic ul lf? I JOHN VICTOR ELLETT Portland, Oregon ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, NVrestling, llrtramiirals. ill,-X DUTY: S.S. Philippine Mail, American Mail lam-3 S.S. Ohio, States Steamship Company. VOYACES: Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Philippines, Taiwan, Viet Nam. JAMES ELLERY EVERMONDE, JR. Baytown, Missouri ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Basketball, Track, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Iesse Lykes, S.S. Marjorie Lykes, S.S. Letitia Lykes, Lykes lirothers btearrrsliip Company, S.S. Gulf Banker, Gulf 8: South Amer- ican Steamship Lines. VOYAGES: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, Nloraur- bique, Okinawa, Panama, Philippines, Republic of South Africa, South XVest Africa, 'I4arw.irr, Tanganyika, Thailand, Trinidad, Viet Nam. PHILIP AUGUSTUS FECHEP., JR. New llern, North Carolina ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Midships, Propeller Clulm, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Eriinrreers, Ring Lforninittee, Class Execu- tive Comrnittce, Pistol. SEA DUTY: S.S. Export Builder, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. President Coolidge, American Pri-siderrl Lines, Inc., S.S. Mornructidc, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc. YOYACES: Argerrtiria, Azores, Brazil, Canada, Ceylon, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, India, Indo- nesia, Italy, japan, Korea, Malaya, Okinawa, Pakistan, Pnnarna, Singaporcn Spain, Taiwan, Trinidad, Uruguay, Viet Nam, Yugoslavia. rf, CG. JIM EGGIE ,YR F C H' 3:-f.s!ElX':.qw.wniIlll 223 , J CURT N Ns' N A FUZZY 1' 1 , N CURTIS THOMAS FITZGERALD Balboa, Canal Zone ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Newman Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Honor Cadet, Stella Maris Guild, Windjammers, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Flavia, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. C. E. Dant, States Steamship Company. VOYAGES: Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Japan, Nicaragua, Okinawa, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, Viet Nam, Midway. 224 DAVID FRANCIS FITZGERALD Holyoke, Massachusetts ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Bearings, International Relations Club. SEA DUTY: S.S. Atlantic, S.S. Brooklyn Heights, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Santa Teresa, Grace Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Balearic Islands, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaya, Madeira, Morocco, Pakistan, Panama, Peru 511930 Rico, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Viet am. KENNETH PETER FLAKS Ingleside, Illinois . Vamv ' SCM, ACADEMY RECORD: SCl10l3St1C Club, Baseball, Basketball, IUU'amu'aLs'L kes SS, ' Rut Y ", SEA DUTY: s.s. Jean Lykesi 55- hip com Velma Lykes, Lykes Bffithefs gsgllgiuort Com' pany, M.V. Tainara C-uildexif, cile Bloomflelfl mercial Corporations' S-S' any. M.V. Blu Bloomfield Steamship C0mpLines Inc. Hougliland, New Orleans Bafge , Indone- yv . VOYAGES: Belgium, France, GCITUQU INF?-by Sin, japan, Kenya, Malaya,wl?lo5aIXg2:fTmww1 lands, Singapore, 501131 Nesm TanganYika. Trinidad, Viet 3 ' ROLAND , lil: T33 RECOR Cufllmm' Canltlli IAM .91 Dram as Guild B Su DUTY: g , Timm' Eagglsiig Gaining, WYAGES: 'hc im Mfffifi mma'Pfw,i rp- ' FITZ KEN ni FLAK5 in0lS , ,C sail , uI8l5' 0l21Sl lntraffl LD. S.SfW1'hLiiiiil K hers dem . Ljjll? lit'- gteaillf Wit? ,QIUP fl' 1136 urge Lines! . Inf' ,, Gfff"f7m',Nf'3 .1 Swzarzdyiilgi TL. West ' I T NW' Qs, L... 4.4 FROG RON 5 5 'Wu....,..... .QQ I E I if if 1 XX RULAND ALAN FORSBERG Idledale, Colorado -XCADEN . IY RECORD' Polaris Vareit Club, Cam- mclub, Cath 1' ' 4 " ' V Loniuiittee Dr? 1? Cbolfi Nlewman Club, Dance l-lllaris Ciuilddgd Club, Run: Committee, Stel- ' aseball, Swimming, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S . 5.0014 . Y - . , 'L Fur E . en B0-ir, 5.5. Contest, Pu - f- .lmerii-an Lllsrteskllsnets' Inc-s 5.5. President Tyler, G' ' Lmesi IUC-5 S.S. banta Iuana, , ace Lmes, Inc. l0Y.-XCES: C lapan M hi1C,Co10mim, Ecuador Hung Kring l ilrshal - ' Panama I, l islands, fljlicamgua, Okinawa' i eru P , hilippineg, lwwzmy Guam. HOVVARD WVILLIAM FOSTER Brockton, Blassacliusctts ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Newman Club, Ski Club, Trident Club, Swimming, Intru- murals. SEA DUTY: SS. Santa Ines. Grace S.S. Mormacwren, Moore-NIcCorniackILineS, IUC-9 Linns, Inc., t H vc-5, American Pre-sitlnnt Lint, 5.5. Presiclen. a, inc. ' Y-XGE9 Colon Chilc Colombia. Denmark. NO , 2 2 - -i , 1 ,. Dominic-un Rc-public, Ecuador, Egypt, lrinlanrl, Frzinec, Greenland, Haiti, Hong kong, lf.f1lklI'lfl, India, Italy, japan, Norway, Okinawa, Pak1StHU, " - ' V' " vi- len. Tai- Panzivua. P4-rii, Singapore, Spain, DN .L . wan, Viet Yam. ROLAND JACK FOWLER Houston, Texas AC.-XDENIY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Chess Club, lit-lmte Cnuricil, Society of Naval Arcliitec-iQ nml Marine Ilngirirers, Bridge Club, Drill Team, Iritf-rrintiorial ltr-latiriris Cluli. SEA DUTY: 5.8. Lriuisf- I,ykf'Q, Nancy Iiykr-9, S.S. Sylvia Lykrts, Zoella Lykcs, Lykc-Q Bl'Oll'lf'Tx Slrviinship Coiiipuriy, Inc., M.V. Del Campo, Delta Strfarnship Company. YOYACES: Rf-luium, Brazil, Driminiczin Ri-public, France, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, lsracl, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Republic of South Africa, South XX'cst Africa, TanLg:1nyik:i, Turkey. Siu 226 DAVID ALLEN FRYE Mesa, Arizona ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Varsity Club, Camera Club, Dance Committee, Ski Club, Intemational Relations Club, Bowling League, Tennis, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. China Bear, Pacific Far East Lines, S.S. Monnacisle, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Comayagua, United Fruit Company, S.S. Santa Anita, Grace Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Okinawa, Panama, Philippines, Trinidad, Venezuela. DOUGLAS VINCENT GAETA Port Washington, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Hear This, Dance Commit- tee, Eagle Scout Society, Marlinspike Club, Ring Dance Committee, Bowling League, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormaccape, Moore-McCom1ack Lines, Inc., S.S. African Glade, Farrell Lines, Inc.: S.S. Pioneer Moon, S.S. American Con- tractor, United States Lines, Inc., S.S. Santa Magdalana, Grace Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Netherlands, ,Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Republic of the Congo, Republic of Ivory Coast, Taiwan, Uru- guay, Venezuela. RICHARD EDWARD GAISER Bethpage, New York ACADEMY RECORD: International Relation, Club, Football, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Argentina, S.S. Momiacbny, Moore-McCorrnack Lines, Inc., S.S. President Adams, American President Lines, Inc., S.S. American Contender, United States Lines Com- pany, Inc., S.S. Santa Rosa, Grace Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Ceylon, Denmark, Dutch West Indies, Egypt, Finland, France, Great britain, Hong Kong, ice- land, India, Italy, Jamaica, japan, Malaya, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Norway, Pakis- tan, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Swe- den, Uruguay, Venezuela, Viet Nam. .4-1 ppp HUNTEI New 05' . Elll llEmRDf .lCul:m1sl Mmm SHDUTY: S.S. Helm S.S.l.ipsnnnl1 l-li! Company, Inn: 55' Company. VOYAGES: Brwl In Greece, Italy, lnpnn A INDIAN POGO Philippines, Spain, l' In ., r k .nh LD CAISER York mational Halal, , S.S. Momml nc.g S.S. Presid- Lines, lnc.g 5 States Lines 0 , Grace Lines, lr as, Belgium, Br.. Vest Indies, Eg' in, Hong lionv. 'a, Iapan, Mil. illes, Norwny,l'.1 ipore, Spain. 51 et Nam. ,R X 3 Q., -s--N-...T fvfx 9.4 9-tl-Q Xu . 4 r W y W Q K" V' FRIED HUNTER GALLOWAY, IR. VINCENT YVILLIANI GARRETT RONALD YVAYNE CAUSLOW New Orleans, Louisiana Hcuvcr F'.1lls, P1'r111wylw.111i4 l'l.ll'110. North Dakota X! '1lJl.XlY lllifitlltllz Band, Bowling Langue, In- ACADEMY RECORD: Ss.l11ll.1.r1t- hrlr, 151.11 .M'XDl-IMY HICCTOIID: Sclxolustic Star, Varsity 1r11r111r.1lx, l'rU!t'sl.1nt Clwir. givlrilzglx, N1-1x1r1.1r1 Illuli, lr1Vf'rr11V:1ir11. lit . it K'l11l1, 311111111111111. ' b Football wl 1 lJlf'lY: 8.8. llvlt-r1 Lykc-S, S.S. DollyTrl1IUHH. U l V 5l.X lil IX. NS. XY11wl1ir1r1to11 Mull, Anrcricam NN. l.ll1xl'OlHll Lykfw, Lyke-S Brothers Steurnship SEA DUTY: 5.5. Expurt llrririr-r, X-111-ri. in lxg'-r X'.lll l,111v, 5.5. 5.111141 .Mlm-ln, flI'llCl' I.i11vs, lr1r:.g I1imr1,1r1y, IllC.Q SS. Del Sol, Delta. Steamship Isbrumltsffri Linvs, lncg 5.8. .Xtr1r1r1 Xlirtiir 5.8. Diilltllllil, f,lll'All!iL' Slm'.1111sl1ip Co111p1111y. tl . ', Put 'll L' ', l . .w, iii- . . .. . . . . . ""l""l Ingllwg Sml,um1tfr Glwxi' Llmlhll :fm X03 'itll-.51 f.111.11l.1, Clirlv, Ltllllllllllil, I'.c11a1clu1', '.l1Y.XtLlCS. liriuil,Fr.1r1cu,Cs'rr11i1ny, Crea1tBritz1ir1, - ,f 1 " if' , ' " 'l ' Illini: KUIILI, jr1p11r1, Kurvrr, c,klllLlXVll, Pillilllllfl, lm ft 1-, lt.1l5'. li1p.1r1, l.il1y'.1. Morocco, Ptxnunm, Lmw Clompimll Im' 1'-HI. l'lHl'I'l'll'l'M 'li1liW-IH, Viv! Nillll- lillillllllllllw, Sp.11r1, Viet Num. VOYACES: EL'tl1lQlOl', I-'r.1r1L'e-, ll-'ir ' lxia: 1 l' C1 jL1p.1r1, Kurt-.1, NlUl.lllll7ltllIK', I'11x1:111. lf rw, l lr .- ippinm, Rcpulilic ot South .Xtr1c.1, Sp.11r1, l'.1r'-x.1r1 Y11gosl.1vi.1, ll.1w.11i. 1-.Q E JDIAN GATE GAZE f -f I1 F9 9--I Q.. , 'H' l Q.:-f . , P050 VINCE GAUS .Ai 227 E 1 ROBERT EDWARD GIANI WVestbury, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Dance' Committee, Bowling League, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Cove, S.S. Pioneer Mart, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. M01-macglen, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Atlantic, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Balearic Islands, Brazil, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Okinawa, Panama, Philippines, Portugal,ASpain, Taiwan, Uruguay. 228 , f,,ff .,.wfffwfwaa BOB l l BOB 101 ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Drill Team, Intra- murals. SEA DUTY: S.S. William Lykes, S.S. Genevieve Lykes, S.S. Zoella Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steam.. ship Company, S.S. Del Oro, Delta Steamship Company, M.V. Bayon Barateria, Universal Ma- rine Company. VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, France, GSUHRHY, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, IHIHU1, Korea, Llbya, Mexico, Morocco, Nether- 1al1dS, Panama, Philippines, Spain, Taiwan, Tur- key, Uruguay, Venezuela. BOBBY LEE GLASS JAMES RANDALL GLOVER Pasadena, Texas Independence, Missouri ch lead - er ' ACADEMY RECORD? Scholastic Stale de: mm. ers, Chess Club, Drill Team, H0H0f 3 ls. - mu.ra lk American prey. SEA DUTY: S.S. President PO. i Gulf 6:Souf-ll V d tL' ine- s.s. Gu1fSh1PP.e', t L-wah A?1h1erid:r?S,Stean1ship C0mPagYg 3i:i1da1iPFisl1. Lykes, S.S. Solon Trulffan' "anY 1110-iss' Lykes Brothers Steamshll? Comp ' Del Rio, Delta St63mSh1P Cvmriix Brazil, Cey. OYAGES: Algeria, Af1e01a,Beg1 ' t Franca lon, Chile, Colombia, E:Cuado6'enE??3,,' Ghallav French Equatorial Africa, Kong India, mly' Great Britain, Greece, H0119 6kinawa, Pak' Japan, Malaya, Mexico, M0f0C?o' of the Congo, istan, Panama, Peru, Repubbirabia SiIlS3Po'e' Republic of Ivory Coast, Saudi ' Spain, Taiwan, Viet Nam- -i ROBERT E mfmbmr s Ling Comnm Lines' at-5 l vllfgndtsenilijil WHS: A Hmla Colm ef FSE, Pam. Turkez S it . 5 u fit 1 if 5, X W1 DB BOBBY LOVER sz ,fat -J 1- - . 14 pf' I N ' N ahh i xi s JOHN ROLLIE 4 7-5 m- uri' l X L GLUVER viissollfi Star, Chew asgc r Cadfflv hiv' 0110 Alflerifan if pai. ,,1fab1?' Shipplifyail Lip-Ei 01 ohlpgllyv in i .oE:npaDY' C, Belgium' Bi, FF? EW ow' uadoll mari li . Q Ge' lllfm' lin a. , ' in! K0Dg0l0YW"ig'1 Q.. I UCQO' tll? igabhc Ufva SHIKI? ,audi I ,xrabl ' ROBERT ANTHONY CRACZYK N East Newark, New jersey 'l9ADENIYRECORD1 inimmiimis. SE ' r . anglgli 5.5. American Archer, United States Lines lomlmny' Inffi 5.5. African Dawn. Farrell Umm- IPAQ-,V S.S. Mormacteal, Moore-McCorrnack br.incltsenCLinigqlnilllonai American Export IS- YOY- . . Briglniq I AWQOIH- Artcntina. Azorcs, Bzllfliiim Um, ' 'U Omhm. CYDriis, Ecuador, Great Britain ' - lifalcl l ilivria Nlfirncr 0 Nttln rl in i L K Y A r. . ' . . ff ? 1 di. Pan- gmq-' Peru' P0l't1UJ.f1l, Republic of the Congo, 9-lm. Turkey, Umguny. i 'l gf' JOHN FRANCIS HADLEY Beverly, Massachusetts ACADEMY RECORD: Band, Iritramurnli SEA. DUTY: SS. Brazil. Xlrirbrif-Xlcflfirriiaclc Lint-S, Inc., S.S. President Monroe. American Presi- dent Lines, lne., SS. African Dfiwn, Farr!-ll Lines. Inc., S.S. American Producer, United States Lines Company, Inc. VOYACES: Argentina. Brazil, Ezypt, France, Great Britain. Hontl Konfz. India. lapan. Kr-njua, Malava, Mexico, Mnzarnliiqiie, Okinawa, Pakis- tan, Panama. Pllflflfl Rica, Rep-ililic nf Smith Africa. Sinfzapnrc. Tanqanyil-ca, Trinidad, Uri:- giiajx. Viet Nam, Zanriliar. Ji ROLAND KENNETH HACAN Colonia, New Jersey ACAIJERIY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Polaris, Darien Lfurirriittee, Drill Team Cadet, Intra- rnurali. SE.-X Dl."l'Y: Pr1'sitl1'rit Polk, American Presi- drrnt Lines, Inc., Santa Olivia, Grace Lines, lm., 5.5. African Mercury, Farrell Lines, Inc., 5.5, American Chieftan, United States Lines Cmripariy, Inc., 5.5. Export .Mgt-rut, American Export hlirandtsen Lines, Inc. YOY!-.CES: Chilli, Colmnliia, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Crrfat Britain, Greece, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Italy, japan, lxenya, Malaya, Mexico, Mozarnliiqiie, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Republic nf Smith Airica, Singapnrt-, hpain, Taiwan, Tan- gariyika, Turkey, 'Viet Narrb-Zanzibar. 229 g 230 PETER HENRY HAMES Kalamazoo, Michigan ACADEMY RECORD: Band, Christian Council, Protestant Choir, Bowling League. SEA DUTY: S.S. Export Adventurer, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Santa Cecil- ia, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. Pioneer Mart, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. African Dawn, Farrell Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Azores, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Greece, Haiti, Hong Kong, Italy, japan, Korea, Liberia, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Republic of Dahomey, Repub- lic of Ivor Coast, Sierra Leone, Spain, Taiwan, Y Turkey, Togo. DOUGLAS ANDREW HAMILTON Oradell, New Iersey ACADEMY RECORD: Sky-Diving Club, Wres- tling, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Luisa, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. African Grove, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormaccape, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. President Polk, American President Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Angola, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador Egypt, France, Ghana, Guinea, Hong Kong India Italy, japan, Liberia, Malaya, Mexico Nigeria, Okinawa, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Re: public of Dahomey, Republic of Ivory Coast, Republic of Senegal, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Viet Nam. 1 9 Q 'N WAYNE KINNIE HAMILTGN Waltham, Massachusetts ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Christian Council, Dance Committee, Drama Club, Societv of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Ti-ll dent Club, Class Executive Committee, Football Intramurals. ' SEA DUTY: S.S. African Crescent, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormacscan, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Constitution, American Export Is- brandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. President Coolidge, American President Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Angola, Belgium, Ceylon, Denmark, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, japan, Malaya, Netherlands, Norway, Okinawa, Pakis- tan Panama Poland, Republic of the Congo, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Viet Nam. PETE 'O GERRY - 442 A GERALD ll ACADEMY BECI lry,lntramuml SEA DUTY: S Buyer, Amerie: S,S.l-lonnacwi VOYAGES: Heli Iceland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, - D0 le VIILTON 'tts Star, Chriw- na Club, Sm -A Engineers, lr, mittee, Four! it, Farrell lirr. 1cCormack Li' ,can Exporl ' :sident Coolrdg leylon, Denmgl iia, ltaly, lim Okinawa. lj-l c of thg lij. iwan, Viet N. ffgs .5-ans-Q ,cv-51, hunuf 4' K CERALD MERICLE HARTER Holmes, Pennsylvania Pittsfield, Nlnsmchliwth F E RICHARD JOSEPH HASKELL CERARD FRANCIS IIAVASY Fnlrnonllr, Yirginiu .-XHYXIJICMY RECORD: YVindjumrne-rs, Cross Conn- ACADEMY RECORD: Salrirllsrrf s' rr, V. Ins, Xl' XDINH Rl-1l'ORl3: Yrusitx' Clnlx, N1-wrnnn lry,In!rnnnrmls. Igfilll glgeiirn, Hlonor Chili-I, fllrr-ss lllulr, llrrrlqrr Vlnlr, lirglr- Si-out Such-iy, Touring Clnlr, Ring NIA DLUYY: SIS. Export Banner, SS. Export uw, owing .m.i,,m, liltrimirr :Lrxrlrtl idrlrrxrtrssjrltliiikilmzllivmxi:rsciimlrlilrllgk lllijrixlzi llrryf-r, .-lim-ricun Export Isbmndtsen Lines, Inc.g SEA DUTY: S.S. Exvtvr, Armrrgrrr lx rr l ' ' A ' ' ' " ' " SS, Morrrrircwincl, Bioore-McCormack Lines, Inc. brnncltsen Line-s, Im-.g 5.5. Rr r,f.l, Xl! wiki 1 :Y l'm'lmm'ilN' . , . , mack Lines, lnc.5 SS. Ami-rru,rrr Xirrrrzrriirrrrr SIN l3l"l'Y: 8.8. l'iNVll4'4llll'l', Arncricain Export Wn'u'li's' H"l?i'l'l'?r Dtinmnrk' Finland' France, Uflilvcl Sliitvs l.1IN'S ffuvxrpiiry, Irv. l N N. Nr r l-l-Lrirrllsru l,rms. lln,g 5.5. Szinlzi ln4'S, Crnvt 3:-vlrnrrclg rlgxly,YNz'tlH0rlflI1ClS, NOYWHY, Poland, Mz1riana,Cruce Linvs, Inc. l,rms. lm-.5 5.8. l'rmru-r Mari, Unilml Slnlvs .p.nn, wc LH, ULZOS 21V1H. VOYACEQ xml mul B H 1 N V 4 , l,rrrrs 4imr11m.rrrx', lms.. SS. Alrivaur llalinlmw . ' A1 A -'il , " ll,l'll"N' ,""l" """' lirrrcll l.rm-s, lm-.5 ll.S.N.S. Cc-m-rail XVilli:nn O lE,1?JuFClEH0:l'l nhgigllir l'f-l'1j"'- tfrfigll ULN 'll' llrrlrx. Nirlrmry Sui 'l rgmspmlnlimi S4'i'vir1'. 1 -n. 0 , .rr.rm.r, rri-r rr xr. 1. -rr r Uruguay. I YKJYXCQICS: Anrlolxi, Amlmin, Anorvs, Cliilv, Cnlonl- lrr.u. lzrrmrlur. lirupl. 121-rurmrrv, Clrvanl llritnin Sf ll.rr1i llmrr' Rfrruz, lrrcliri, japan. Korvzi, Lclrnnon r r ' l" . - : -'lr Plrilir l,rlry.r. Ukrrr.rn.i, lrIlxISl.lll. l lll.lIlll, lu , 1 prnrfs. Rqmlrlic of ilu- ffmrgu, Sandi Arnliiu JlllrllIl?lllKl, l .rlu.ir1. PETE GEBBY DOUG XVAYNIE '9 -,Q 1 H SHMOO JERRY 231 ,,.......u.unn.f fy ja l' W AW, l f 1 DWARF CHARLIE CHARLES RANSOM HAVNEN Minneapolis, Minnesota ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Chess Club, Drill Team, Trident Club, Bowling League, Gymnas- tics, Wrestling, Rowing, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Del Sol, Delta Steamship Com- pany, S.S. Dick Lykes, S.S. Leslie Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, M.V. Chippgwa, Universal Marine, M.V. Broadfoot, M.V. Arthur B. Dyre, Ingram Barge Lines. VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Korea, Libya, Morocco, Netherlands, Panama, Spain, Uruguay, Viet Nam. 232 JOHN PENN HAY, JE. New York City, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Intramural Athletic Board, Trident Club, Wrestling. SEA DUTY: S.S. America, S.S. Pioneer Reef, United States Lines Comapny, Inc., S.S. Mor- macwind, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S President Coolidge, American President Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Australia, Canada, Ceylon, Cyprus Denmark E t Finland France German A, I EYP , , , y, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, I2-PHD, K0rea, Malaya, Mexico, New Zea- land, NOFWHY, Okinawa, Pakistan, Panama, Po- land, SlI1g21POre, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan. 1 3 si THOMAS FRANKLIN HEINAN Hales Corners, Wisconsin I Eagle ACADEMY RECORD: Band, cawglic 31222, Scout Society, Radio Club, H1112 Om Inc, ' es sEA DUTY: s.s. African star, Farrell Llnesj lncli s.s. M b , M 0 e-MCC0fm?Ck Lm rt 15- orrnac ay oer H, American Egpocmce S.S. Flying EnterP1'15 , brandtsen Lines, Inc., S-S- Santa Paula rde . ' Cape Ve. VOYAGES: Arabia, Arg0f1UHa,B'aZll' nares. Islands, Dominican Reprrblic, Dvfch gong, Egypt, French Equatorial Afflcavmaical japan, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Igique Netlqff' Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Mozam Puerto Blog, lands Antilles, Pakistani: glilxilgfgljilmxey South 2553 Republic of South nc , - Uru Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Tallganym' Venezuela, Viet Num, Zanzibar. 1, r. HESE m'lllliES EK a. WAN :hm L. Lkfli.,llik,lE,gl?hRD: ll n S ' Silllfllli 8.5.3 ul Q-. WEE: s""l'r.vM1"1-S. 5. Iuka ,Lal'5??Biw,SX lllcig. gqmlllyl Chill C 1' I ' Q 1 1 ARF .RLIE J. P. 5 . . '5 AF- Y ICU. l' 1 rg., f I TOM H IIESE CHARLIE '55, I 3 5 Qtr N 4 1 ' ' CH IN BED!-l ARLES ERNEST HELIKER A sin KC KDE walled Lake' Michigan 'On - f ' ' MY . . iimggglrigriifi. RETJgmSPiklgECCiEJb1?1gimigglsllIPS, Polaris, Bearings, ng eu Linffvlg , ggglgersilsanto Cecilia, Grace Lines, Inc., ,Fwd Linfiinh. I Crusader U . mx- 5-S. American fraveler, S.S. Quffflflan EXP'lG,,, , 5-5. Expbrt lated States 'Lines Company, Inc., xgillilli Paula. 4' Linexlucn UYCY, American Export Isbrandtsen A cvfliff VOYAC - P ,l3l'3Zg'Wl:Sf Cermiif Ggglle' Colofnbifl, Ecuador, France, ,DMC H0ngI1l5 MP, Koiea Ijlae' Ham' Hong KORS, IUUY, .la- jiilciimilfxfif PhmppineifSpaiilaTuIili.ie?fr1andS' Panama' Peru' iogagbieueda 1 u ?:gap0?Ea?0CIllgv anllan DHT' i i J KENNETH ENIERY HESELTON Andover, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Team, Intramurals SEA DUTY: S.S. African Glade, Farrell Lines, Inc,g S.S. Mormaccape, S.S. Monnucsnzai MUQYQ' McCormack Lines, lnc,, S.S. Pioneer Myth, Lni- ted States Lines Company, lne. VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Bruzil. Canada Denmark, Finland, French Cameroons, Ghana Hong Kong, 1C9I?lDCl,- lalmn, IKOYCU, I-lbfffl? Ni-tlierluncli, Niuerin, korHHY, Okinawa- Ihffmim Philippines, Poland, Republic of the Congo luiwun, ljfllilllay- i m 1 Qs'-p.. ! l CHARLES JOSEPH HILL Mineola, New York .-'iCADIiNIY RECORD: Seholzistie Star, Midships, Ileur This, Protestant Choir, Honor Cadet, Bear- ingv, Ski Club, 'I'ridc-nr Club, VVindjammcrs Sxnirniriirizg, lntrnmurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Cecilia, Grace Lines, Inc., 8.5. l'iom'f'r Nlinx, 5.5. Americinn Forester, Uni- tf-rl Stzitr-s l,lI'll'S fQompuny, Inc., 5.5. Export liuildf-r, Arm-rieun Export lsbmnrltsen Lines, Inc., SS. Mormzieport, Moore-McCormack Lines, lnc. YOYAGES: li:-lgium, Czinzidn, Chile, Colombia, IDQ-nmurk, Ecuador, Fmnce, Gemmny, Great Hritziin, Hong Kong, ltzily, Iupan, Korea, Nether- lzinds, lkimiimi, Peru, Pliilippiries, Poland, Spain, Sur-dlfn, Tziiwun, Yugoslavia. 233 ss? BRIAN HALLIDAY HOPE Tewksbury, Massachusetts ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Polaris, Bearings, Drama Club, Society of Naval Archi- tects and Marine Engineers, Cargo Club, Trident Club, Windjammers, Rowing, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormactrade, S.S. Morrnacpenn, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., U.S.N.S. General Simon B. Buckner, Military Sea Transporation Service, S.S. African Meteor, S.S. African Mer- cury, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. American Chief- tain, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Export Agent, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, nc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Kenya, Mozambique, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tan- ganyika, Turkey, Uruguav. Zanzibar. JAMES ADAM HOUGHTON Norwich, Connecticut ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Regimental Information Service, Baseball. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Reporter, S.S. Pioneer Main, United States Lines Company, Inc., U.S.N.S. Geiger, Military Sea Transportation Service, S.S. Exeter, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Santa Elena, Grace Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Taiwan. BRUCE CARROLL HOWIE Bismarck, North Dakota ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Varsity Club, Catholic Choir, Newman Club, Ring Com. mittee, Baseball, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Steel Artisan, States Marine-lstb- mian Lines' S.S. Santa uana Grace Lines lnc , I , , .g S.S. Mormacmar, Moore-MeCorrnack Lines, Inc., S.S. President Lincoln, American President Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Ceylon Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iapan, Korea Malaya, Okinawa, Panama, Philippines, Singn: pore, Somaliland, Trinidad, Uruguay, Venezuela, Viet Nam. i 234 ,W BRIAN i WHITE WHALE ROBERT EDI Said 11500591 imiYrid1.Kf- SEADLVTY: SS- All' mtiilimiifi il can Exwrt Uliiia, Gm! Lms. E YUYAGES: Chile, Olillllmw I Gm! liiiilin, Hifi, Pau, Umguny. I .l.,, 7 N FW I HOWIE iota tic Star, Vi: Club, ning States Marine-l Grace Linea, I rmack Lines, lrx in President L, Canada, Co' esia, japan. ll' Philippines. Sw mguay, Veni-z.. BRIAN b-. ROBERT EDWARD HOWLEY Seaford, New York .ti'.llJiiNlY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Polaris, iiiiholic Choir, Newman Club. silt DUTY: S.S. American Scientist, United States Inn-s ifninpany, Inc., Mormacteal, Moore- Siili-iniiziclc Lines, Inc., S.S. Exchequer, Ameri- .nr lnxpirrt lshrantltsen Lines, Inc., S,S. Santa Olivia, Grace Lines, Inc. l'lll'lilliS: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ceylony Hrilv, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ln-ii llriiinn, Haiti, India, Pakistan, Panama, l'rrn, Uruguay. 5 i l' ,, Q: 'Q- IAY LINS HUNDERTMARK Union, New jersey ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Stir, Ilwir l'liit, Christian Council, lntrarnuriil Athletic lioartl, Drill Team, Bowling League, liiir,nniir.il-, lliml- ing. SEA DUTY: S.S. Steel filiciiiist, lstliiiiiiii I,-ni-X, Inc., S.S. Exporter, Aincrit-.in Export ldirirnlt- Sen Lines, Inc., S.S. ixl1ll'flL'.lIl Xlvirliiiit, l : :tml States Lines Company, lnc. VOYACES: Algeria, Azores, C'T.in.irl.i, tlwiim, ill r- many, Greece, India, lnrloncsia. Isr.n'l, lt.iIy, Malaya, Morocco, Pliilippincs, l'nrtii:il. Ninui pore, Somaliland, Spain, Th.iil.iml, Tiirlwy, Viet Nam. 4 -qi J If A. r- Cv 13 'fiqwt gr va M JIM B. C. ' . W ' icq . I ,gg i P R A -' ' M + .53 'i 4 5 Q- ' 'Ltfnf' . Q, A ' 'i'l'?b' .. . 1 -2 ff- "' ""f g"f3f,"-1, alt' KW f w JAMES MICHAEL HURD Springfield, Vennont ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Newman Clnlm, Nl'rcstliiig, lnlrrnnurnls. Sli.-X DL"l'Y: l-Ixport Buyer, S.S. Independence, Aiiirricirii luxpoit lslimxnlimeii Lilies, inc., S.S. Santa Rosa, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. Pioneer Moon, lfiiitr-cl Stair-s Lines Cuinpiiiiy, Inc. YUYAGES: Algeria, Cuba, Dominican Republic, llnith Hirst lniln-s, ligypt, lfraiice, l"i'cncli Equa- torial Africa Greece llonf Kon' Israel Ital 1 n L P-1 i yn jaiiriiicn, jxipzin, jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Mader- ia, NL-tlierlnncls Antilles, Okinawa, Panama, Phil- ippines, l'intiii::il, Spain, lzriwan, Trinidad, Tu- nisia, Turkey, Venezuela, Yugoslavia. ITE WHALE JAY iiiiiiosici' 2 35 'Nl THOMAS EDMUND HURD Springfield, Vermont ACADEMY RECORD: Arts or World Affairs Com- mittee, Astronomy Club, Cargo Club, Catholic Choir, Newman Club, Debate Council, Radio Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Honor Cadet, Ski Club, Stella Maris Guild, Cross County. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exchequer, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Pioneer Mist, S.S. American Corsair, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. African Comet, Farrell Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Algeria, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Libya, Mozambique, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Re- public of South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Somaliland, South West Africa, Taiwan, Tanganyika, Zanzi- bar. 236 GORDON EARL INOUYE Hilo, Hawaii ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Protestant Choir, Honor Cadet, Varsity Club, Christian Council, Bowling League, Baseball, Football. SEA DUTY: S.S. Philippine Mail, American Mail Line, S.S. Hawaiian Motorist, Matson Navigation Company, S.S. Parismina, United Fruit Company, S.S. American Courier, United States Lines Com- pany, lnc.g S.S. President Roosevelt, American President Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Canada, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Nicaragua, Okinawa, Pana- ma, Philippines, Taiwan, Viet Nam. , lil TOM A BORQUE WCHWG DALE WILLIAM JACOBS Massillon, Ohio ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Sta League, Intramurals. ry Bgwlilli . . ' S! ies SEA DUTY' S S. American Scientist, Umiedhiogrf- Lines Com an y Inc., 5.5, Mormactea, Amery McCormackpLil16S, IUC-5 Sis' Exfhsgugk. Santa can Export lsbrandtsen LIHGS- n " Olivia, Grace Lines, Inc. Chile CO- VOYAGES: Argentina, Brazil, Cef'g',h0p,,,Giei1 lombia, Ecuador, EgYPfi.Ef1tres'k' tan Panama' Bi-iiaiii, Haiti, india, Llbyff, Pi' 'S' ' Paraguay, Peru, UrugUHY- x is . xml is THEODQRE l 'md ,,'Aflli'iiSi1,,C0! liianlip Ssili SS' Blltlley Una si' Hai ioiicig' ' Slirii C : A Kzzzdai Frassgn Ohiiiiapai- it llailiiff iillaii i lm 4 CORDIE JAKE , in-1...-., V it il lil, , ' S , 1 I .' , 'I I 1 . " 1 f' - 1 L 1 9 .' .. 1 llal 9 l ' fi i . . E 1 . gl , .t 'O' X C3 v ,. f ,- .raw ik.. fr' IN i 3 IE FV CHING 'Q 4 T COBS HEODORE LEE JACOBSON IA WXDE lvoodwarcl, Oklahoma ' ' NY .V . .. i - . ', . . 4 V QW mnyhgg-BS.Sk Illinois, States Steamship Com- ti5t,UH1l9d,f Lines, EIC eye State, States Marine-Isthrnian n ctfffli' 'M Lines' S.S. S-Ong IRON! Bear, P:ic.fic Far East lririflfl C 3, CRW' . E Glgiiklstgili hw?" i- Exlm 55. 1 if n. Cllllggrf tl1l0pl?,1,n,i" GY . . . ierra, Matson Navigation Company. ACES. , Q Canada FAuStmlmi Belllllllll, Britisl1,l3oi'i'ieo, kong i mme, German Get I3 I V , in K I Y, ina ritain, long OklnqitiaypqlggnfnirellipNvulhelrlands, New Z:-ulzinrl, Thailand, VietlN5?,fn, fF:l2g1I5l:i'i, Samoa, Taiwan, LUFF if-1 i I 1117 . le . L , C WALTER WVILLIAM IAFFEE Escalon, California ACADEMY RECORD: Poiafis, ,Hear This, Aww- notive Interest Club, Chess Club, Dance Hom I ' Drama Club, Ring Dance Committee, mittee, Intramurals. UTY1 S.S. Santa Juana, Grace Lines. lm- SEX DP s'lent Txler -Xmeriein President Lines ,S, ' . ' ,' - - f . . iw.. 55? Arizona, States Steamship Qompfml' ' 'A ,ES: C, gli, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica. lol C mil .ii Honn Kong, japan, Mexico, Ecuador Guattma G, f" . Nmfii-iiif tikiiiiiwa, Pumma, 1'vfH. l'h'l'PP'm5 Thailand, Viet Nam. RALPH DOUGLAS IAMES Vlhshington, D.C. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Midships. Band, Christian Council, Dance Band, Society of Naval AlClllli'LlS and Marine Engineers, Protest- ant Choir, Bowling League, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: Morrnacdove, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc.. 5.5, Pirinef-r Mill, S.S. American Archer, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Export Agent, American Export lslirandtsen Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Iapan, Korea, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Spain, Taiwan, Trinidad, Uruguay, Yugoslavia. 237 238 4F4W'1S .WWW 6,f DeW1LToN BENDER JEFFRIES, Jn. Houston, Texas ACADEMY RECORD: Dance Committee, Ring Committee. SEA DUTY: S.S. Ruth Lykes, S.S. Fredrick Lykes, S.S. Marjorie Lykes, S.S. John Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, S.S. Gulf Shipper, Gulf 6: South American Steamship Company. VOYAGES: Algeria, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hon Kon Ital a an Korea Lib a Mexico g g, y,Jp , . y,H A , Morocco, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, Viet Nam. Z' 4 KENNETH ARNOLD JOHNSON Orlando, Florida ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Newman Club, Dance Committee, Windjammers, Bowling League. SEA DUTY: S.S. Gulf Merchant, Gulf 8: South American Lines, S.S. Thomson Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, S.S. Lucille Bloomfield, Bloomfield Steamship Company, M.V. E. B. Ingram, M.V. Hortense B. Ingram, Ingram Barge Company. VOYAGES: Algeria, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Great Britain, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaya, Morocco, Neth- erlands, Panama, Peru, Singapore, Taiwan, Tur- key, Viet Nam. STEPHEN ROGER JOHNSON Massapequa, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Band, Catholic Choir, Newman Club, Stella Maris Guild, Bowl. ing League, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. African Glade, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormaccape, S.S. Mormacsage, Moore- McCormack Lines, lnc.g S.S. Pioneer,Myth, Uni- ted States Lines Company, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, French Cameroons, Ghana, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Okinawa, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Republic of the Congo, Taiwan, Uruguay, Sao Tome Principality. RONALD BRUCI Hhim' nm ss. W' W piggy, Inf., S.S. Aint f:c:55.llorm1dTWr 5 W,MkLm5.la. X' ililiiz lngtuwi 5-if Smit Emil Em Cinema. Gmc 125, Iam Kem liar' lfiiinfk. Yxgml 'iii' pa llfpubic of Dain! M1 lrpubhc of Sanz Fgii, Swedni, Tzinn, l BEAR IOHNSON York ps, Band, Crt? Maris Guild,E ade, Farrell l, Siormacsage, ll,-' Pioneerllyth, l Y c. m, Brazil, Cir. Cameroons, lil in, Korea, li' 1, Okinawa, Pin ,lic of the C Principality, RONALD BRUCE JOHNSTON Fallmulh, Massachusetts i lbl"fY1 S.S. Pioneer Mist, United States Lines .piii'., Im-.g 5.5. African Star, Farrell Lines, - , xx. Nlarinactraclv, S.S. Argentina, Moore- '.!1 ,mink Lint-s, Inc., 5.8. Constitution, Ameri- -:i l rpvirt Islirandtsen Lines, Inc. ':Xf,lN: Artie-iitiii.i, Balearic Islands, Belgium, i-wi-ali, llmfil, Denmark, Finland, France, :auth K iimrmrfiiis, Ghana, Ilonu Kong, Iceland, lipin, Korea, Lilac-ria, Maderia, Morocco, 'ri-mls, Xiu:-rm, Norway, Panama, Philip- llipulilic of Dahorncy, Republic of Ivory A llipnlilic of Senegal, Russia, Sierra Leone, HI. Hiuilm-n, Taiwan, Uruguay. f a fi, Vo .. L... v 'QW gk ' 4 J -... - .J ff 1 elf A PETER ADOLPH IUNGE Elmhurst, New York I W , . G IllCfIIqXIII7 jOSlil'II KAIIN l .ilw lli-uma. NN iwnnsiir ACADEMY RECOIII7: Stliulaslil- Stir, I ' M XllllNlN Ill lllllll. Srlmlmlic Slzir. Varsity Ilwir This, Varsity illiilw, Ni-uirriii Llih, ll r 1 it li, llriislmii Kliuiir-il, lloimi' ihulvl, llaskcl- Intranrurals. li ..i, I --.-ilaill, Iiili.imui.rls. SE.-X DUTY: CS. Long I.iries,'I'r.iri-fa-, ui,-I w- Nl X lil lY NA. ilull ll.iiil4vr, Gull R South ship Corporation, 5.5, Ilcilmi lan-lvl s s Xl Nxt liiisliiiv KR-uiimiix, 5.5. Nliiilip Lxlws, 5.8. Sum' TIILICCOVC, Moore-McCoriu.itk I,ini s, lin N N l lr- s, NN. llrulnu 'liipluu, Lykvs Ilmllivls Inde-pcmli'm'e', Ai1ivi'ic.iri lfxpoir I-'H Lines, Inc., SS. Airwrioiri Ililrn. l':.i:f.l Lines Cloiupauv, Inc., 5.5, ll in iz. iz. l Matson Navigation Company. VOY.-XCES: Asccnsiniri Islamls, li ii ri. lol mil, lui ilu lluu, Iliailaiirl, Xl1'lNnlil. Belgium, Canada, I3cniu.irk, Ifririlm Cl Italy, Iicriya, Nlitlwax Islaiul, Nli.l.::i. Nl Mozambique, Netlwrlamls, kNorw.iy, Ifiu i-ui. I' fb land, Portiiilal, Republic ul Smith .Xlrici, Sweden, Tanganyika. r 4 ., fl ,t A Vm,,l.r- J'-"J, ,QQ if KEN STEVE ff wi 'E diss:-14 'A '1-J! fl - -- s-sr: , l K 11 1 i 4 X ,, PETE I ,gl DICK ie 1' Nlf4iivslil1iliilii1b.illN. ' NUI XI.l.S' lllliiium, ffliilm-, ffulmiilmia, Iluiuinivnn li' iailili-, lm iiarlin, I- iam 1-, CCvniri.ixiy. llmul lmiuiv, ,I.ip.m, hmiui, Olun.iu.i, I'.uiaiun, Peru, l 4 239 KEATS JOHN gs 1-- JOSEPH FRANCIS KEATING Miami, Florida ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Automotive In- terest Club, Catholic Choir, Newman Club, Bowl- ing League, Ring Dance Committee, International Relations Club, Baseball, Basketball, Intra- murals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Margarett Brown, Bloomfield Steamship Company, S.S. Norman Lykes, S.S. Shirley Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Com- pany, S.S. Del Oro, Delta Steamship Company. VOYAGES: Angola, Azores, Bahamas, Belgium, Cape Verde Islands, Dutch Guiana, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Guinea, Italy, japan, Korea, Lebanon, Netherlands, Panama, Republic of the Congo, Republic of Ivory Coast, Republic of Senegal, Sierra Leone, Spain, Yugo- slavia. 240 BRENDAN JOHN KENNEDY Worcester, Massachusetts ACADEMY RECORD: C h at olic Choir, Newman Club, Glee Club, Windjammers, International Relations Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: Executor, American E' t I xpor S- brandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. President Monroe, American President Lines, Inc.g S.S. Mormac- cape, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina Bra"l C E ' t France Hong K0 I dll Ll , yI7l'llS, , y l ng, n 1'1 Israel Italy japan Malaya, Mexico, Morocco: Okinawa. Pakistan, Pana . P ' - mi, Ortugal, Singapore, Spam, Turkey, Ur: uguay, Viet Nam. HENRY VINCENT KENNEDYJR . Y k Com svrmg Harm' New oi 'gmail Cl10lfv ie ACADEMY RECORD: C11fiCiiiiinlirree,Gl9eGinii Club, Dance Ba11Cl,'.DimCe Naval Archiifcwsteu, Drama, Club, Someiy of ce Committee-u,,1, Marino Elltlilwms- BM Dan Track, Illffam l Maris Guild, lfvindjmnmel-S, EXPOrter,Amml SEA DUTY: S.S. EXfiCl'ti,i11i'sinc.QS-5-Plesk can Export IsbrandtSf1fl ,zienf Lines, Inc" Mnnrov, AllWl'lcan.'ircSl hip ComP3ny' Aslitlotl, Zim Israeli Stenms us Egypt. vox'ACEs: Arabia, A101-es.1CigQ,,' Jnpanbmt llonx! Kong, India' Imie' Morovco' SPM' Lt-lmnon. iN'l1ll11Yil' Mcmcoal Singapore' Pakistan, Punmnfh Portug ' Syria, 'l'ill4kl'Y. VIP! Nan!- IMA IOHN mu imnwmmi' C 'il DLHIRECOHD1 R nm, it Pity, IDS: Ming, . CES. K - Az 1333512 ima, Stu 'WIEJ PM 6 HATS BREN CHIP gb ? I i ti QT KE r ii A I -t i 'rl NNW" IOHN WILLIAM KIMBLE . ' W h' . arbor, Wwk mnexiriegghm Croshng' New Jersey . WI, " ' O . fQ4th0hcmi2giCltf'i ffl IZYTXV S RD' BHHd,1nimmumis. 'I ' I . ,nw fglval AfCi1:'igf: their Lines' Rrgun Arowhray, Moore-McCor- rgiiaainw Colfgimfnmw- gYworfJIl3lir1lnts9,Q Li.rSgSEic5ort SBgniEer, American 'J' C, "" l0n , I C., fl ' J? L ,,,iiie1S,g'1:ip0d,,Pg: YP.in,.' Inger Mint-Z, United States lliiiiesr gjiihijl Si- ' S. Y Oli .wh -5- x .ACES- ' IDC-I .gr - A yi.irl1fhipCOmpaU, 'VA we 1DDln95, Repumlenya, Nitjlillllilifllllx pjlmmm i"3f"i gqrvfiff '1'uStAfrlC3, Spain 319 - of South Africa, Soutli fgrr'lUs'1ipa111,i9T 20212-Us t Hum' f1"114211Wika, Ugiim. ' V, 1 I l'fH"i' niliifodiniiiie SF' . Ut ' ' a ' aw Sr: AIU, KICKER l,, 5 I 1...-45' I . U ' NORMAN EDWARD KING Findlay, Ohio ACADEMY RECORD: Christian Council,'Drill Team, Bowling League, Ski Club, Trident Club, Baseball, Pistol, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Elizabeth Lykes, S.S. Solon Turman, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, M.V. Del Monte, Mississippi Steamship Com- pany, S.S. Gulf Banker, Gulf or South American Steamship Company. YOYAGES: Angola, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, v ' ' 'H Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, ong ' ' R b- Rong, lxorm-ri, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, epu lic of the Congo, Taiwan, Viet Nam. .Qt DAVID HERBERT KONOPNICKI Newport News, Virginia ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Varsity Club, Gymnastics, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. United States, S.S. Pioneer Ming, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Mormacowl, Mormacbay, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., U.S.N.S. General Maurice Rose, Military Sea Transportation Service. VOYAGES: Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, japan, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Sweden, Taiwan, Trinidad. 241 242 'Pick RICHARD CLARENCE KOTHRADE Milwaukee, Wisconsin ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Band, Christian Council, Dance Band, Glee Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engin- eers, Protestant Choir. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exilona, American Export Is- brandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Monnacglen, Moore- McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Solon Turman, S.S. Frederick Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Com- pany, S.S. Gulf Shipper, Gulf :Sr South American Steamship Company. VOYAGES: Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, Ecuador, France, Ger- many, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Italy, Moroc- co, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Uruguay. i, ROBERT NEIL KROMANN Seattle, Washington ACADEMY RECORD: Marlinspike Club, Regi- mental Unit, Windjammers, Sailing. SEA DUTY: S.S. Washington, States Steamship Company, S.S, Santa Juana, Grace Lines, lnc., S.S. Gaines Mill, Keystone Shipping Company, S.S. Mormacmar, Moore-McCormack Lines, lnc., S.S. President Lincoln, American President Lines, nc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cb- lombia, Hong Kong, japan, Korea, Okinawa, Panama, Philippines, Thailand, Trinidad, Uru- guay, Venezuela-, Viet Nam. Z3 iw TRAVIS HUGH LaCROIX Trout, Louisiana ACADEMY RECORD: Christian Council Prolat ant Council. ' ' SEA DUTY: S.S. Brinton Lykes, S.S. S lf' 1, k-, S.S. Iames McKay, Lykes Brothersy COYUDQHYS S.S. Del Rio, Delta Steamship Com. pany. VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Frame Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Mozambique Poland, Republic of South Africa, South Wm Africa, Spain, Tunisia, Uruguay. K MERGU KOTH AL p MERSWN CHI vm. it anim RECORD Emi Gm W Gub,Bowlm5Uf6+" ' mm, ss. Qtr. 1 S3,li1HPN55ii' img, ss, Em- aiu Line. is it line Gzmpauy, lm, 1 0.Darhy,M1htz1 if ss. an maria, it l'0llGES: Aumlgi C my, Hung Kai: 1:1 Zeakand. Ohm ima, spill, libil. A una, MET' fu? W, ff 1 .I .4 -x 11 -' 5 ul rf I LaCROLll .iana tian Council, lx ces, S.S. Sylml 1 1 B1'0tl191'S SIE3 lelta Steamshlp ium, Brazil, l' Italy, Mom-l Africa, South nay. KOT H NIICRWYN GEORGE LARSON WVALTER SCO'l"ll I.I'fCfl,X'l' lllllllfllill KARL ICRNST V1-rricv, f:illlflll'11lll NIL Ycrmm, N1-xx lurk K1 Xlll KIY lllfffOlll7: Sf lmgqlxtic crtixr, FIIKEUOI' .XCBXIBICNIXL lllfklbllll I' H rf. 1 l: -' 1 1 N,.,,-,,I,,,,.lM lw,.,,myh,,ni., livrrll, fflurutmn lfounci , Ice In 1, ' ric cnt rum.1 Ilulm, Sm-my-r-, lr N ll 11 X- l. '- ,!- ' , , V 1 lzl., ll,-ullr1L1l.1'.rL1ll1', lluwlmll, Iutr.rmur.xli. Nlurlm' lhlgum 1-I., N11lxr1', lv'-l 1 K USU' xml lllllllrlllllli I :l"l""4"fl"l l"l""'l-lll"" llXl1r, Iltill ll !, ll lllllllllil N. xl XlJl'lY. S.S.fllll1l, Smtcw Steamship Company, SHA l7l,7'l'Y: SN. Xmwxu r, w S l lr- -r lif 2 l :. , , . , , V , xx, Klrrlpwrr, 5.8. Ya-n!ur.u, Nldlsuru X.lviLi.ut1Lm tvcl 5t.1t1-N l.mw llmrpmv, 111, N x X! - Nl l lllxllr ws- fl"""""' l""lVll'flf"'- 5-5' ANN' 1 -'ng-.rny, 5.8. ICH-rurm-cn State, States Murine- wind, NIUOFQ'-XlL'fl1Jl'lll,Hlk I 11.1, l:., , xx N .mr EL" x"""' "lima MMM l".""' l"""l'Z"ll' lm' l.'lmnm l,llll's, 5.5, l'rum'1'r l-.lr-, Uruitml States M.u'n.m.r, lluxlu- l.m1'., luv , X N lv v' 1 gg l?l""'l"'l"k"- '1""""M'f"""'1'f'k If'll"'4- Im llm-1 C11mp.u1y, Inc., U.S.N.S. General YVillium lclL:L', .Xrlwru-.m Prmlllwrvt lm. 1, lsr., I ' "Sl" "Nl H"l'l' l,""'l"""', l"""l""' l"'l4'x 17 llul-1, Nlnlxtnry S1-.1 'I'rnmpurt.ltion Svrvrnwg Vcn.V,Fg' X V , . , 1 , , h U' " 5' ' A "Mm Sm" I44""4H l"m"" Im" S N. lklmrt .xlIllMlSMlLl1ll', .'XIIlt'l"lCLlI1 Export ls- F ff ' DIAL. 1' HT' Rf' "1 1-1 ,,x ,b Y A V l X Ill 'r1.l,N M154 nlml, l1,,.,,I, ffl ylmuvl lljur' ll rl 'Hx' H bmw' IHC' lllml1lrl't'K11lll'Mllll11l1lmllnl.llll1l' L , ly! ,A l mmf , 1L1rm.my, llum: Kumi, lmlizl, qllally, In X1ll.llll"9. .lllwll'.lllrl, lf.rn.xcl.l. Flji Islnmlrl, CH- Korxxlv NI,1l.u.x, Nlvwru, X111 Y' .' -ml. X' r-- 1 l:""Ill'L,"l1"' kiQ""' x"'Iiil"" lN:.'l'l"flhl'l""' Ugllm "-ww, llvng lxcmu, lt.uly', j.rp.1n, Korman, XIl'YlCO, Uklrmxnx, l7.llxlNflH, llqurm 1. ll mv' N .1 3 x"'-VI " -lr -HL. '.il1.1rlIc.1.. lal'll :lu 0 S'fHlll!.1xlli' N--1 7"ll.lllkl, Okinmvu, P.1n.1mu, Philippines, Sxvunlsu, 'I'.1iv.rr1,Ywt Nam. ""'l'l"" "" ,'. fl' '. ""l' 5"""" Il"'l5"" Nwmx. Spun, 'l'.rluln, 'l'.rixw.un, Yin-t Nam, Yugu- 5lk"' l "'u"l'll' l"'M"'1 f11"f"H'f- '1' l ll fi' -P"'7 -Li BIRD M l TRAVIS SCOTT R UDY 243 DAVID LAURENCE LEIGHNER Rockford, Ohio ACADEMY RECORD: Hear This, Bowling League, Baseball, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Banker, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Mormactrade, Moore- McCormack Lines, Inc., U.S.N.S. General Alex- ander M. Patch, Military Sea Transportation Service, S.S. Exporter, American Export Is- brandtsen Lines, Inc. ' VOYAGES: Argentina, Azores, Brazil, France, Ger- many, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Uruguay. 244 DAVID CHRISTIAN LENTZ Clyde, Ohio ACADEMY RECORD: Bowling League, Football, Track, Wrestling, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Reporter, S.S. Pioneer Main, United States Lines Company, Inc., U.S,N.S. Geiger, Military Sea Transportation Service, S.S. Africa Meteor, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormacglen, S.S. Argentina, Moore-McCor- mack Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Brit- ZISIH, HOU!! Kong, Iceland, japan, Kenya, Korea. C!Zf1lTllJ1f1LIC, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Puerto. Rico, Republic of South Af1'1C11, RUSSUI, South West Africa, Sweden, Tai- wan, Tanganyika, Uruguay. DAVE 1 , ' ,V 1 KW! 2 I LARRY , ti. K X, DARRYL GRANT LLOYD Glenwood, Washington St r Debate J ' RECORD: scholastlc ada Marin' AC6t,13I1ig'i?SOCiety of Naval Architects a Engineers, Ski Club. ' American Mall SEA DUTY: S.S. washington Mmliarine Isfllmlal Line- S.S. Steel Afffttm' States sfeamshiv Com Linesg S.S. Califorrllfl, States pa ll y . Efhiuplii , E tv f VQYAGES, Canada, Cerfoggsimgigprn, EIS. lhmfl KWH: Indm' Iiifncfi PhiliPPiDF5'd via Malaya, Okinawa, PQ110 Taiwan, Thallan ' pore, Somalllallcly Slmm' Nam. UAW ?""- K .mmm . mu dioqgl gigilhi Sig, DUTY' mir smlicxpir 55' i YM Lines. EMI at Canada N -l , SL-X4pq,,?lGfl::,NE DAVE "' ,lin1.CR,-Alix DAVE DARRYL. LARRY DICK i.. BOB A I val -'fr ,gr lll 7' f X LAWRENCE STURGIS LOOMER 511' LL0 V v r lxentficld, Califomm 'E f RICHARD A,xNTHONxv LORUSSO ROBERT NIICIIAEL LOUGHLIN Xen' Yurli CNY, New 1-'Wk XVhil1'svillc-, New York ' 011 E Y f - . , - , ,w -' Q, CN ' fl I: .-holaslic Star, Varsit ashinll wr, 113111313 RILLORD: Scholastic sm, Blind, Ri- acgimiixig Rncgoiau. 5.hr,i1,1,rLQ C2ur,vEg.gi7ti:,2 Html QW.f113EOfI1I,?h lfgskmmll, Soccer, mmf Vhomqc U andy, Q ui, Protestant Choir, Intramurals. Choir, New-iurrri Clumlglee C u , .AS5 E. , A . nmmksn , ,Archlfff N 55-?wl?L'T1g'g 5.5. Crolden Bear, S,S. China Bear. V Loumllmilll lnirulhhld-A XI, ,'. t 5 5 Pynenr SEA Dlf'IiY: S.S, African Crf-sc:-nt, Farrell Lines, , Ameficq Nl-ul fini! Em Lmesi 55- lava Mail, Aml31'iC3U 5E-1 ,Dblli f'5Q,'ff'lUfC,i:,lf '1Qr.,J:f2. Inc., 5.5. Nfrirriizrcwrn, Mormactradc, Moore- Un Mallairineli' Y U ' MIM' Llnfug dsffmal P51131 Giga!! ll.iUCS, ILCHQ X1f,f,rJiiri.if,k Linvs, lnr:,, U.S.N,S. Silt. Iflrmh E. gqatei Uamghiiw OXAGES5 Canada Hong Kon Inrlx I1 in salma .RMlV,u's,' fi U Ljvirrz Illirguidtmn l.ir.f-f, Kr-llrvjw, Nlilitriry S1-ri TiQinspox1:ition Service, S.S. 'tales Ste ljUiL5l. Nlulasiri Ol-cinmwi 1" k gl, Pllwl' Epi, 5.5, AJMIJLE Y, mum' I it A 4 lixlirirt lSuyf'r, Ann.-riczin Export lSlH'ZlY'lIlfSSIl 5 ti 5111!.ipore,VietlNam t K' d15'1l1i 111111111101 Inc. Y Lima, Inc., Pioneer Mist, United Skates EZWL Elf I YfJYXClfS: B.1li.ui1,15. Chili,-, Lgilfriiil,-i,i, Drrtxlx WMI Lin' s flfiiiipiiiy, Inc. ' if, f - - ' f' on! V "i , . . 'l0nesi2,,l55jiy.I' 11101011 l9'3"H"l'llQ!clflmmil'J3fl',ll,3-fwllx YOYAGES: Angola, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, dOuPhillPP'1gn4liA .l11l1111" h'l,1'A'l' ',l'f?fl'lllxi'Q' fiu'f,QfrAiS,U, fcnczul f,rn.irI'r, lilnniiirlc, l"r:inu1, Gabon Rvpublic, malwaui 1111 Pilmllm' lltm' 11'11'11"1'J1 L H H M Fri-mir Eqnrrlorizrl Africa, Hong Kong, Italy, T11 Fld- Inprrri. Korwr. Nc-Ili:-rlirmls, Norway, Panama, Iliilippims, Spam, Sweden, Taiwan, Uruguay, Yvigifixifixirl. I 245 246 JAMES EARL MASON Plaza, Okinawa ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Hear This, Auto- motive Interest Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Califomia, States Steamship Company, S.S. Philippine Bear, S.S. Korean Bear, Pacific Far East Lines, S.S. Contest, Mili- tary Sea Transportation Service, S.S. Limon, Uni- ted Fruit Company. VOYAGES: Costa Rica, Ecuador, Hong Kong, japan, Korea, Nicaragua, Okinawa, Panama, Philippines, Viet Nam. CHARLES WILLIAM MATCHETT Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Varsity Club, Dra- ma Club, Swimming, Rowing, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Moon, S.S. American Challenger, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Santa Isabel, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. Inde- pendence, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Balearic Islands, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Maderia, Martinique, Morocco, Okinawa, Panama, Philip- pinesgs Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Venez- uela, Yugoslavia. f-7" ,, MARK ANDRE MATHIS Paris, France ACADEMY RECORD: Catholic Choir, Glee Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Farmer, S.S. American Courier, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Mormacpride, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Keystoner, Keystone Tankship Corpora- tion, S.S. Export Ambassador, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Libya, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, Uruguay. 4.- Jordan J B ph - cr: I A HAWS PATRICK IM St. Pu rcrnnn' RECOFD V Xernuau Club, 559 Marine Ellimfml Guild, Clair EW League. SEX DUTY: SS. I Lyla, Lykes Bmthe Del llonte, llusissp YOYAGES: Belgium, many, Great Bnrrm lures, Morocco. N pines, Taiwan, lug.: X MATHIS WP J LA-v4 l fy I'A'I'lIICK IANIES MCALLISTER LOREN AIIICN NIL-CIONNI-fI,I. DIOIIN RIISSICIJ. ML-DONNELL Ice Sl. PRIIII, NIinm'xula I itthtun. C'Ulnr.ulv Ilullimlnyslmrg. l'4-nmylvnuin ,Lic Chgiryclfer' U UJIXIY IIICIIOIID: Hizlvlzips, Cuth0Iic Choir, .'Xff.XI3ENIY IIICCXJIIIJ MII. 'I ' N ' I' '- Xl 'xI7l'X1Y III-'l'0IIDg Pnlnriv, Glu- Club, Sociuly X--.-umff lub, Smniix ok iqvixl .-Xr5I1Hf'L'tiIz1rNI KIIIIIJ, IIUUIIIIQ I4-.ngw-, Im I 1 Ut Nu .I Xulnlulx .-ml NI.uim- I-fmlulwcmx, Pm- Xlufnf- 'mum-4-rs, onor 2.14 ct, Qtr' .I B axis , , , . , , 11-mm Klum, Fafmef, S181 Ai' In .I I, Klum I'IKl'lIIIlXC fIl7lllIlllIII'Q', Ilowlimg SEA DU YI: , 55' I"II'II"r Nt "" V I X' ' l I , .Ines Company, l,..,,l.,,-, lxtInm.m I.umw,. NA, NI-v1 X' 1. I I ' NI X IN IN NN. lxlnuuk, .XIIIVIIIJIII I-.xpml Is- re-MCC0nmLkI 4 Y r Irlc,g SS. cI.IIII'll'IIl.I, NIM- . V- I -' Q I 1' ' IIy,m.Ilw v1 I IIH x, Imxg 5.5. Mm'llmm'lilI4', Mrlorv- one Tankshipf, NE X III IH HS. Ixe-nburtlx NIIQRLW, 3.8, Ivan VOYXf,FS- K, I H I , I I Y R XII! Hmmm-L I nnw. Inv.. 5.5. .Mluam lI.uinh'uw, ldory Amerimj Ink-xl Ixkm Ilmthz-rs Stnzxrwuhlp Compunyg M.V. XVI 'V I 'wilt IQ im ' ' I ' -I ' I ' I,m. Il I,nm-., Im .1 SX, I'iom-vr Islv, Umtvcl lr-1 Xlwnsf-, Xlnmwnppn SIKA-IHINIIID IIOmp.my. fl, 'IXIVR XIN II? - -IVYIHN UN' I '- I" I. ' x:,.1. V. C lvmlyuw, lm, .11 .1 u ' In vium BraziI,C, IUYXIZIZNN- lhvlgmm, Bmnl, Egypt, France, Cer- NJN If I S AmmI.n, Amunlmn, Axu-union Islnndw, Holland Gmzf- L' -Il'-. lm-ut IIIlI.IlI1,, Clrvvu-, IIOMLZ Kung, Inpnn, XII Yv.1I11, 'wmv IIn.nf1l, I'.u.n.uI:I, flllzmu, fII'I'l'l'l', YH PaBIm2l,P:': ev-1-1, Xlnmuvw. Xl'IIII'fIIlIllIS, Punzulm, Philip- IlIuvri.n, I.1In:n, 'xI4xun, NILIVYIII, Ililllillllllx IIC- .' Turkey LQ LH.-w, Imam, XugmI,u'l.1. 1 IIIIN 1.1 III: fnmifv, IIIIHIIIIIC of Ivulv Lrmwl, mm' " I ul I'rny11my, Spnnixh Cuim-ax, Portugese XVI-11 ."II1if.x. I 101033 " b . x yi- .. .,., 'I -V ,., ., vue: '-1.9' ' CHARLIE hw- LAMMIE ,M-"W FRENCHIE JOHN HAWS 247 ,L-...i-.gl 9 N THOMAS JAMES McGRATH Youngstown, Ohio ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Chess Club, De- bate Council, Honor Cadet, Bowling League, Sailing, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Scout, S.S. Pioneer Surf, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Export Aide, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Australia, Azores, Bahamas, Cyprus, Dutch West Indies, Gemiany, Israel, Italy, Ia- maica, Morocco, Panama, Portugal, Spain, Trini- dad, Turkey, Venezuela. 248 if 'Y DANIEL JOSEPH MCKROLA john Day, Oregon ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Class Execu- 'llve Committee, Bowling League, Football, W1-eg- tling, Rowing, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Washington, States Steamship Comapnyg S.S.' American Mail, American Mail Line, S.S. President Lincoln, American President Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Canada, Hong Kong, India japan KPTCFI, Malaya, Okinawa. Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Viet Nam. , 24' 7 if TOM FRANK W PHIL ALBERT MEDDERS New Orleans, Louisiana V , . ' Hell ACADEMY RECORD: zmdmws, Poms' This, Radio Club, Intramurals. I C0 hip ' SEA DUTY: s.s. Del Sol, Dem Steamsik pf-nys S.S. Dick Lvkes, S-S' ChM1e1iipLi306:1pana'- Leslie Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steams rl Chun VOYAGES: Argentina, Belglifm? Blish? Kvleai France, Germany, Great Bntalfly. vig Nam- Libya, Morocco, Netherlands, spam' IWKIAYN WAY V- 1 an 'Wm vfQ?gILhR51C0lqU S 1-2lF4f"'iii A . ---1 gfiliitkgtmmi. ffm, Um. w. ,Ah TOM FRANK ' I MEDDEBS Louisififla W. . I PM 1, Hidghlpgy T1uruISf e,m5hIrI . SIA Delia 1e5L2fg. - S' Char , cg.: in Stedmtjdq Ii BI1zi'1I"f 1wI!':,xI If WSER. lands, R' BEAR l 1:33 142' mczx K, K' PIIIL IRI- FRANKLYN YVAYNE MENSER N Jonesboro, Arkansas Hdggxgg-HFECQRIUI Scholnitic Star. Varsity ' 'F - . o0tbaII,Track,Intramurals. ETffl?F',E?fQ, SR?R,,Z,IlIRQR,:sr,, 54,?,o35,1ffgfal SIM"-,Sfvkigfi-ffe'PJI3fffffi 153125 ISrf1'Q1'Tm9n' "3fN1n1,Yug05laVia' L' m ylll Lb' ' lxxx km' fs .gp-Q'--J KA. A, ,' I I 9' 2 RICHARD PETER x1Es,xR1s JOHN JACOB MILLER Pittsmnu Pvnmylwmill Pomona, California - 4 - - - R ' V ' .-HIJIQNIY IIIQCUIIIJL Hand, Ibf-halo Council, ACADEFQ, VRIE?QhIg',,,.vff NI, , . I3 ,NI r Dmrna Club, Ming IJnm,1: Clormnitlrw, Internation- gubf fir '1'ffi',, df" ' ' I I 411111-Ivmorx, colon,mmm-m.1S. f,1:m'. ng .am ,:. - 4 -- H ,fm X51 L' 1 ' v SEA IJL'T'1': 5.8. Santa Adcla, Grace Line: Inca SEA. ,DLg,,X,', --RTL , Q fx ,K 5.5. I.m.f,1n, I,IIIII'fI I'ro1t Company, SS., Stu-I Lum? i'lfIf"IE's ,XIH-:IIIR'Q.f1,. XIf,n'Q-P-1cCor- N11"5f'1f"fw 55- E""'fUf'f"n SUNG Stfltcs Marine' Lmffg, Iffff IQI' kffgyf .',l.,',,,. -gA1,l,.,,i,,,,A IRtIm.i.IrI Lim-Q, 55. I'rr-siclvnt jackson, American milf ffEl,5Q,1fQ,f,,'LLQQ I,,,f I Pr:-fidf-nt I.inr-Q, Inc., lf.S.N.S. Ccncral Darby, Expmt j"J""L" Jw" W NIfIII.1ry Sf'-QI 'I mnsportxlron 51-rvigu. 1 - 1. . 4. Q, 5 Ii'-Taxiif. , , XCnAC3i51g,:f',lf 'gQ!,.iQ,,?,,,,,:irabjn .U 31,331 KMA, YOYACLS: Canada, Ceylon, hcuador, Egypt, Brin 'Tw lift Al,-',,fff, .. T3 ,. I. Ifr,mf.". CQI-rmany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, uf' X',.g'iP1?j'l,Q, Ii5i.,fg.,,fqI': YIIf'i1IlI,:1I or DLI- Italy, Japan, Kon-a, Malaya, Mc-Xico, NcthCrIandS 3mUf,l"' B 1,f,Wf,I,,.A, Y ,, VII- IHQ, ,.,,-L ,lf .fXr.l1II-1. UI-cxzlfuma. l'.nk1st.un, Ihmama, binguporu, gum"-'I ff, 'qygfn 'T W., U. Ay -Un.. ,,- Swain, Taiwan, Tlmilanzl, Vin! Nam. K'-MSHA, 5,1 fv Q-471, ', , no . L. . I I, -I -yn - - 24? 50 LANCE ALAN MILLER Donora, Pennsylvania ACADEMY RECORD: Dance Committee, Trident Club, Track. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacglen, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. American Builder, S.S. Pioneer Mart, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. African Dawn, Farrell Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Neth- erlands, Nigeria, Panama, Philippines, Republic of Dahomey, Republic of Ivory Coast, Taiwan, Uruguay. Y MARTIN I. MILLER, III Piqua, Ohio ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Internation- al Relations Club, Rowing, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exeter, S.S. Brooklyn Heights American Ex ort Isbrandtsen Lines Inc- SS P , -, . . Brasil, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Amer- ican Courier, United States Lines Company, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Egypt, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, India Italy, japan, Korea, Lebanon, Pakistan, Panama Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Uruguay, Viet Nam. WALTER McNAB MILLER, IH San Antonio, Texas ACADEMY RECORD: Bearings, Varsity Club, Glee Club, Track, Protestant Choir. SEA DUTY: S.S. Joseph Lykes, S.S. Sue Lykes, S.S. Kenneth McKay, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company. VOYAGES: Bermuda, Egypt, France, Great Brit- ain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaya, Panama, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Viet Nam. .4 LAN CEB BILL Il f im-LIAM Hill, l In 9 wi V' tam If V' QUT: 55, ll --P lair W' 101 ij, Ir. RX lf" 53 H l1::ia3.S:. llama-v are gs. ug LZfi1v!,rZ.ff ill. I E 4655: .lsr-su. he 1 Iliff, Far T x gm up Mm lata. xa.-ae. if 'Y- N311 W iliiiir Serif., Q 'sf e as- -SW1 Alla 7, ,.v la-L i ,..a,.4 523 1 .v K 7 XB MILLER ii mio, Texas Bearings, Yarifr estant Choir, nh Lylces. 5.5.5 Lylces Brothers 1' Egypt, France, Cf' nesia, Ireland, llrl rlayn, Panama. Su' sia, Turkey, Viell i wal 455 1 41 ,X 5 ll l Tir WILLIANI PAUL MONSON Tucson, Arizona l' XDIW1' lll'1C1OIlD: SL-lrolnstic Star, Society of ' ,I Xrilurti-ltr .xml Ninrime Enrgirrscri, Drill 2rr1r,xv.rrrrrrrir1L1, Intmrrrrrrrrls. X: X Ill ll' SS. llvrtlr Lykw, SS. Lipscorrrlx !.k--X, lwkm Bruthr-ri Stczrrrruhip Company, SS. i Um, NA. ll'-l llrfv, Dr-lt.1 Strnrrrrslrrp Cmn- , xx lm-niingr, SS, Robin Shvrwoocl, S.S. Ml rr r Urn, SA. Xlmrrmczlr-rr, Nlrmre--NldfmxrrrrLick l lm-., SS. l'riwule-rrt llrryvs, Anre-ricnn Presi- 1' lm-., Inv., SN. S.mt.r llrrrlu, Crime' Lines, w"- Xf.l x Xugful r, .-Xruvrrtirm, lluhmrmi, llrzrlil, ' y lifrnmrk, Dutch Xlkwt lnrlivs, Egypt, ' 'r l, V l r lm", Ifre-rrclr liqrmtornrl Africa, l' I lrrmlrr C'l mr Cuimr llfm - lr -.-N. -N, ,ri ., , 2 Kong, ' Wil, ltnlv, lrrurnin-Li, Igrpnrr, Koran, Libya, Nl Ilflw rr, Nl.rlu.r, xl.lYllIllfllll'. Nlurvwcco. Nlo- """"1"'-, Yvtlrr-rlnmlw, Niue-rin, Norway, Okin- lr, l'rkwt.m, l'.m.rnr.1, Plrrlippinvv, Pfxlnrrcl, ""sll'L'r', llvplrlvlic of tlrc Corrqo, llcplrblic Of 'M ll-pull-llc of Sfllllll xlfllkl, Srngnprrrr, '- Nllflllll. Tirixmrr, Triniulncl, Tunisia, Um- l wi fru'l.1, N rut Nam, X imuslarvru. ll xl ZEKE 1 -'1 'K Vi L N Q LW , 0-K ,UQ ,X 'X v ALLEN EDYVARU NIO'I'lllfllSll. Klrluxmul, Xiu-mrrrr L 4 4727 -1 W. r. wrr.r,r,m c:rrrus'r'oPrrr21x xrxraos, Ju. ACI.-XIUEKIY lllfilfillll s lr l ' ' Urr'.nisirll'. Nvw York ll'f ffl l !1l.,lCrr:rt f f, J , , N A E.fi,:.fm. llI:itl,l'l'lL,xiyK H 'll Xlll NH' lll l'0lll7g X .lrsrty Llulr, lwmllmll, 5 l A Q l-' ,rrrrrimln S C X DUTY. 9.5, l, l X' r l . , . . . is S MMI, lxkxljm N N I- N N I Nl X Ill ll NN, lrnl1p1rIrl1'rnr', hh. I-,xporl Lour- B',QH'H,,i,m giM,,,,',N1,,,,' fn, ,,,,, xi! 1. rv, Xin- rr. in l qu-rl Islmirrrltwrr l.rrwx, luv., Xllwuxlpvl5it,,,,,,,xl,,I,1 ,', , , N N. 'N rrrl.r llrrvl, f'r.rr1' I,llIl'N, luv., SS. l'i0llt'Ul' ' i A 'ill L l rrrl-rl NIA' X I rn-r, K'.mrp.rrry, luv. ' ' l'l.': .,' l, llmw' r U1 li f- ' . . , X ilgrillrrl Sll rrllrlllr xfl lr M 5 N Nl ,Xf.l 2 ll.ilr,rm,u, lhmrlr XX ul lmlu-S, l'rnncv, x4,.tiV.ri,ml4 'pm,,f,,' H P, lg , N fir' I 1 1, llwlr-' Imam.. lmlx, I.mr.uc'ar, jrrpzrrr, Kun-ar, ilwrwk Ksmlfh VM, Xrm, 5- ,,. I lx , K1.r1l1vr.r, Hurrrrarr, lkirrruurrn, l,lllll171JlIll'S, rr ' vi lrrrk-x Xvrrnfrrlln. MAC BlLL T s MIKE DAVE 6 7 IU MICHAEL NEITZ Rockville Centre, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Camera Club, Honor Cadet, Football, Track, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Adams, American President Lines, Inc., S.S. Argentina, S.S. Mor- macbay, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. American Contender, United States Lines Com- pany, Inc.g S.S. Keytrader, Keystone Shipping Company. VOYAGES: Argentina, Brazil, Ceylon, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaya, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Viet Nam. 252 DEAN FRANKLIN NELSEN Oconto, Nebraska ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Chess Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engin- eel'S,.C211'go Club, Drill Team, International Relations Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. james Lykes, S.S. Zoella Lykes, S.S. Harry Culbreath, S.S. Doctor Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, S.S. Gulf Farmer, Gulf or South American Steamship Company. VOYAGES: Algeria, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, EEYDL France, Germany, Great Britain Hong KONE, Indonesia, Korea Mexico Nether: lands, Panama, Peru, Ph'l' , ' Taiwan, Turkey, Viet Nam. 1 lppmes, mgaporey 3 JOHN GILLION NELSON, 111 Batesville, MississipPi ACADEMY RECORD: Rowing, Intramurals' . , -- k , SEA DUTY: s.s. Kendall Fish, s.s. Leu2aSLb.iif L kes Brothers Steamship C0mPany5 3' om- Ti-Iader, Gulf 6: South American Steaugtshdgrmgmer- pany, M.V. Tamara Guilden, Tffmspo cial Corporation. , - cuador, VOYAGES: Bahamas, Chile, Cvloflfg Eriemq, Great Britain, Israel, Jillian, .19 nies Thal- Netherlands, Panama, P01111 Ph11PP ' land, Viet Nam. .ni DAVID In an s""'1 js-'EQ Q: , ,I Ugg: mm, , -L." .1 a",-vu MIKE DEAN REBEL f" N141 -1 fix DAVE 021115 SPRING l z f Q fi I J g t, l l D 1 INELSONFIH , AX ID LEE NEWTON ' pi l ACXDEXIY San Manuel, Arizona ilisiiiilpmmuralsl I lrlfoniimOSESg2'RD: Scholastic Star, Regimental -.iingiln Leziml. i mlusils. Ce' lamll' Club, Tfllffki Intra- . IS, :L SEQ Y , Fsl1.S,Q5.--.. . DLTI, will l'Omp5llllD15hl?.l C9mPlU1!'a SSSSSMI M' Dam' States Ste3m5l1iP irnericgfianspongy l mi.in Lines. l Gomer SING, States Marine-Isth- ilflvflf l'0Y.iGEs. .tri P- v H0 K . V Colomblayfili 3 hilrppmg-5,1'BEvan?QEEtIgl33:'1., Korea, Okinawa, hlliliin. ltllleiileii ll' l lgeilli Phlllpp l E l l l l I I -fihy il? 'Fin ,4 ,if DAVID OSBORNE Ashland, Kentucky CORD Scholastic St1r Xutomotivr- ACADEMY RE V : L , . , Interest Club, Society of Xu Arr,liitf:z.ts and Marine Engineers, Bowling League, Intra- murals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Helen Lykes, S.S. Howell Lylces, S,S. joseph Lykes, S.S. .Xulriht-llc Lykvs. Lykes Brothers Steamship Companyg SS. Del Sol, Delta Steamship Compnnyg XIX. Tamara Transport Commertizil Corporation. Guilden, YOYAGES: Bahamas. Beltgimn, Brazil, Erance, Germany. Cmnt Britain, Israel, Italy, Nether- lands, Turkey. M EDVVIN ANDREW PALMER Vtbodmcrr-, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Xliridjzirnmcrs, Color Guard, Soccer. DI,"I"1': Pifml-:rr Rf-1-f, SS, Pionf-Cr 5105, Lnitcd Stair-s Lines Company, Inc,g S.S. Brazil, xifififf-.xrdzftmmck I.inr-s, im, ss. EXCI1lll7Ul', American Export Islirancltscn Lines, Inc. l VOYAGES: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Eggvpr lfriince, Gre?cc, Hong Kong, Italy, japan Korea' J- JIIYVJH, N cfxicgn, Parzr 2, I'h'l' ' l P ' Rico, Spain, Tahiti. H nl I lppmesl umm 25 254 W ll 5 V if LAWRENCE PHILLIP PAPER JAMES WALTER PARKER ALLAN CARL PELZ lllllllllmm, Washington, D.C. ACADEMY RECORD: Band, Varsity Club, Chess Club, Ski Club, Pistol, Rifle, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Catalina, S.S. Santa Rita, Grace Lines, Inc.g S.S. African Comet, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. Exilona, American Export Is- brandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormacpride, Moore- McCormack Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Israel, Italy, jordan, Kenya, Martinique, Morocco, Mo- zambique, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Republic of South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tanganyika, Turkey, Venezuela, Zanzibar. Savannah, Georgia ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Newman Club, Chess Club, Eagle Scout Society, Cargo Club, Drill Team, Trident Club, Class Executive Com- mittee, International Relations Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Sylvia Lykes, S.S. Brinton Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, S.S. Del Oro, Delta Steamship Company, S.S. Gulf Ship- per, Gulf :Sz South American Steamship Company. VOYAGES: Angola, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, French Equatorial Africa, Ger- many, Great Britain, Guinea, Italy, Japan, Liber- ia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Okinawa, Panama, Peru, Republic of the Congo, Republic of Ivory Coast, Republic of South Africa, Spain, Tunisia. Racine, Wisconsin ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Glee Cluh, Protestant Choir, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. joseph Lykes, S.S. William Lykes, S.S. Sue Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, S.S. Del Rio, Delta Steamship Com- pany. VOYAGES: Angola, Bermuda, Dominican Repub- lic, France, French Equatorial Africa, Ghana, Great Britain, Greece, Guinea, Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Liberia, Malaya, Morocco, Nigeria, Panama, Puerto Rico, Republic of the Congo, Republic of Ivory Coast, Republic of Senegal, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Viet Nam, Republic of Gabon. LARR I PIFF L44 . raw" 5' if lgalll W" 'l ,DHL lil V Lib 'W' ffl if td? 5' , ...' gg t- Lk 3 n lfil Emil elf Q'- Vuhxiuijnf in 't I i f A l 1 L PELZ MICIIIAEL JEFFREY PFEIFFER NORNI AN ABRAH -XXI PIIXN Xl X lllllll Rl VNDRI V5 I I'l Rf' 0nSin Fond du Lac, NVisconsin Honolulu ll i mu i 1 i tt ul Nui M astic Star, Glu ' ls. Lykes, S.S. it Delta Steamship la, Dominican E atorial Africa, t' iinea, Haiti, lrfv ilaya, Morocml ?public of Iliff Republic ol 5 Thailand, luilw E' ces Brothers Ste: it t Dl"I'Y- S 9 ' I ul- . llruthi-rs X RD: Band, Ynmity Club, Dance g Committee, Protestant Choir, ttwmi ulllx, lntm murtilS. Kvntlzill Fish, S.S. Stella Lykes, Sleuiiiiship Kfoutpzinyg 5.5. Gull 6: South American Steamship Str. lid. li. Grct-nc, Cleveland ompxiny. cl.i, Chile-, Cnlonibiu, Ecuador, itgiln, Greece, Italy, Libya, Pana- Dwff P. W. 'LARRY L51 PIFF K " f 41 T r- 'iw JH F' P u. P' wit' K l M t --f K N x ' PI - ,,.......--nz FRIAR , ? I CHUCK e ,gs x N, S s IONATHAN BURT POTTEIGER Wheaton, Illinois ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Glee Club, Eagle Scout Society, Ski Club, Trident Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Lucile Bloomfield, Bloomfield Steamship Company, S.S. Tillie Lykes, S.S. Brinton Lykes, S.S. Letitia Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship CompaHY- VOYAGES: Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Panama, Spaifl, Tunisia, Viet Nam, Yugoslavia. 256 5' MICHAEL THOMAS PURPURA New Kensington, Pennsylvania ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Varsity Club, Football. SEA DUTY: S.S. Independence, American Export lsbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. American Archer, S.S. America, S.S. Pioneer Mist, United States Lines Company, nc. VOYAGES: Bahamas, Balearic Islands, Dutch XVest Indies, Egypt, France, French West Indies, Gemiany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Madeira, Martinique, Morocco Netherlands Antilles, Panama, Philippines Portui gal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey,,Venez- uela, Yugoslavia. CARROLL DEAN RASMUSSEN Honolulu, Hawaii l , f Hear CADEMY RECORD: imdshms, Polariiiirisuin This, Varsit Club, Camera Club, road' Council, Eagle Scout Soclety' RQfi1nTe12iiiiBCroSS cast Unit, Hawaiian Club, Dnltamurgis, COLlIItl'l', Honor Cadet, Track, In' Est Pacific Fa' 3 SEA DUTY' S.S. Golden Bear, C rmack Lines' L' 4 s.s1 M c's1e, MOOWMC P 'deaf Iliidis S.S. Pregidqeiiitl Lincoln, Ameflcan Pres! Lines, Inc. . Co. . Chile, , VOYAGES: Argentina, Brazil, Caniciiika Wm lombia, Hong KOIIQ, lapghlippinesi Tgiwillii Okinawa, Panama, Penh 1 Trinidad, Venczuelkl- HOME? E V l 1 R GHRLES Sfmt '?'DHii lithium" gqmufils. CORD 5 -Li :S-5 ha Wim" Ii? "Amin Gai L Gmlhnv can Vans' mmctilnql in 'Q 51. Qgabxiim-hBaiP,, in-inmclt Q ll?- idi at Bililw, ,firm -italy, i"' ga pmiladeif, in iam' lQhiii,,,,,,j 1 ulhglnlj C Nl . 111161111211 1 IN F RIAR PORPOISE CHUCK IIONIER fi. wif- -,A H 1 1-A . 1 '- V W .:. N O, 9 , t'.f,1,f 3'-5-74 , . f 1 'A , ,V X inf 'Y W. . . ,, , A Wfgtkvfx A-ff""f 5 ' '-' H H ' ' 1 Qinfvgf '-, 'ff , 'LV' zf1N"?f', 1 1 ,.- . xl N j-,Q-Vfff'+f,.,'f 'J' -l x .f,7,? AL.w,g!,A3,, -5: 3: s. ann, 4- I W, '-,z .-,x-,,- , 4,11 --, , 1'.,fF'Q.jfqq N fl, --' I ' Wm., A4:g,'f'1g,'3 DEAN THE OLD MAN 7""'2 'Wh -if 'shun V , 1 XX 2 1i1As11USFV CHARLES GORDON RAYMOND Provident- , Rh d 1Li11JEN11, RECO 0 0 elslnnd Hawaii f l:11r.111111r.1lS, RDI SCl'10laStiC Star, B21Seball, , 41 ffdS"'Vl'C1ii,W'. ,. iw' ameiiff W-i111t'r1x ss 1 1 .kziitirimn Exbgmnclepcndence, 55, Flying Fish, Wi C-301111 O Sbmpdtscn Lines' Inc.. s.s. ,E Anwriciiii Once Lines, IDC-5 S.S. America, If Umpnnv Ontractor, United States Lin Y .1 Inq, es OYACES ' :A-Xl, . q fiiloiiiliid 15tlT6hB1lOar1cIIslands, Belgium, Chile, 1 ig, Rig f if Drill gi, Track, Inn F. Bean PM 1-1 1, Fniriw' drum Br. 1.4-st ndit-S, Ecimrlgr, Egypt, 1 l G 1 ada, if incl. IA i , mlm, Greece, H ziliagauggrffi I Lelw.1nOxri.Riia3xg:li Iirnnipy Ju1Jan,O?cjirtlIiiJLlfOiSi- japphilippiuei, Qisila, lfvru, phmfjbigqinrtinique, Netherlands, Pan: J' it Kam' Yugoslavia, Portugal' Spain, Tllflwyi ' E l I DONALD HOMER REED Sidney, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Band, Glef Club, Drama Club, Prott-sttint Choir. SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneacr Klart. S.S. American Fownrtlcr, United States Lines Company, Inc.: S.S. Santa Blrinicfi, Grace Line-S. Inc.: SS. African Motnor, Frirrell Linvs. lnc.: SLS. Argvn- tina, S.S. Blormacglen, BIOOFG-NICCOI'T!l.lCl'C Lines, Inc. VOYACES: Argnntinn, Brazil, Colnmliin, Denmark, Dominican Ropiililic. Finland. Cm-innny, Ctr-at Britain. Hong Kona. lcffliind, japan. Kr-nya, KO1011, Nluznnilniqm-, Nsftlicrlnnrls Antillf-s. Xfir- wiiy, Pzinnnm, Philippine'-G, Rvpiililic of Smith Africzi, Russia, South XVI-St Africa. Swc-rlf-ni FI-lllNVZlll, Tangaiiyikrl, Uriigutiy, Yvneziiclai. ROBERT FRANKLIN REEVES Oglvthmpf-, Ct-orgizi .-XC.-XDENIY llliflflltll XVimlj:1rmnr'rS, Bziskf-tlmzill, lr.tr,1r1i11r,1ls. SLA DLTS: 5.5, f,r-m-vi:-vw I,ykf-9, Frank l.j..kf-Q, SS. llrinlrin l.5k1-5, Ilykpg gmthwg Swmn, ahip fnirvipziriyg RLY, T:1m:1r:n Cuildt-n, Trans- part Clmninf-rLi:1l Corpnmtion. VOYACIQS: lifihrirnsis, Belgium, Egvpq' Fm,-mf. Gm., rnany Cn-:it Britain, Hom: Kniiiz Israel ,Italy Iiipiin. Kflflfl, Philippines, Spg' Ti' Q 'i' k . i Vivt Num, Yiigoslfii,-ja. lm' Jw' ln' ur ly' 751 , ., , fit , X .. MONTY FRED REICH West Hollywood, Florida CADEMY RECORD Scholastic Star Hear This A : C , , Dance Committee, Marlinspike Club, Society of S Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Ski Club, Class Executive Committee, Drill Team, Football, Rowing, Intramurals. EA DUTY: S.S. Constitution, S.S. Export Am- bassador, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc.g S.S. African Patriot, Farrell Lines, In-c., S.S. President Jackson, American President Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormacpride, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Keystoner, S.S. Keytanker, Keystone Shipping Lines. VOYAGES: Argentina, Azores, Brazil, Cambodia, 258 Canada, Ceylon, Egypt, France, French' Cam- eroons, French Equatorial Africa, Ghana, Greece, Guinea, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Libya, Malaya, Madeira, Morocco, Ni- geria, Okinawa, Pakistan, Panama, Portugal, Republic of the Congo, Republic of Dahomey, Republic of Ivory Coast, Republic of Senegal, Sleffa Leone, Singapore, South West Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay, Viet Nam. f u CHARLES EDWARD RICHARDSON Tulare, California ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Varsity Club, Christian Council, Drill Team, Inte.mati0Ha.l Rf?- lations Club, Protestant Choir, Sailing, Tennis, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Oregon, States Steamship Com- pany, C.S. Long Lines, Transoceanic Cable Ship Corporation, S.S. China Bear, Pacific Far East Lines. VOYAGES: Bermuda, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Philippines. WILLIAM JAMES RITSCH West Hempstead, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Varsity Club Baseball, Basketball, Intramurals. ' SEA DUTY: S.S. American Traveler, S.S. American Challenger, S.S. Pioneer Minx, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Momiacisle, Moore- McCoi-mack Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Brazil, France, Gennany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Iapan, Korea, Pana- ma, Philippines, Taiwan, Uruguay. Q 'A sz -s U Syst? MONTY i BIG JOHN 5 ioiiiuwfftlll , WM S5 firmer mst ww " igilmiflil 5' i Li ku g1.l:i'i1if-F' M" Euan: 312, Crea: Eflifi in :Ill Stir. llama fiii Vein, Yan i 5 RITSGI ew York c Star, Varsx, rals. veler, S.S. A" linx, Unllrd Mormacislw, ' France, G Iapan, Kem, guay. 7 Q, ",::f,-qw.-5, -A -- , 4' 4 V- l , f Hz, t . 1, Jlgv? , 1, uf- Wy. L, ,, Q, 'F - , ., . .f . , if 1... f-f ab.: w fig'-1 D J .l 5 f' 1 .f-QQ. 1 t lg Qw-w -'7 1 l 1. IOHN II.-KNINIOND ROBERTS SCOTT W'Il,I.IANI HOBIQSON Xl..-KN Nllffll.-UCI, HUIILOFF Ilmm-,lg-glgl, Fluridgl I.0nL.1 lhnuh, f'.1l1I-nruu lhxxulr. Xrxs lurk Xlll'-ll' llliffflllllz Clhrixtlgxn Council, Drama :XC,XIJl'IXIY lililllllill ml. ... xl XlllXlX lxlklllill. Mlllxlnpv, I'ulllrlx, Ilvur 4. H. l'mlf-wt.m! illmir, lfootlmll, YVH-stllnq. l.lIllIIl!'l'S, llnmur C. llllt. W- N K ww w.: 4 lwlul Hylllll-IH fvglqll. NPHIHAIIE I 1 I lil 1 1 , ' KT ,S -ly 1 X Ill ll' 5.5. :lIIll'l'lC.lIl ffhallcniivr, UIllft'Ll SEX l5l'll' 5.5, l'rw-wllllul Ilwl.l ' K : C 4 y,,l,,1,,gljm,llyl,l Nlllllylnlq-Ill-ilmlllxll-4-AllHlnlnlr- l.:Ivw l,mnp.my, IHC., 5.5. Santa Isulmc-l, l're's1rlwnt l.1mw, lm,, w N ,Xrw ' 1, vw N' . U will, ,Hx llulh HHH '1-umly Houm- s,f, .- I,,,,l,' Img 5.5. Imll-pg-nth-nu-x 55. EK- xlup ffclnlxpqllx, NH. Su-all Xlnk ll X. 1 .le wr, Xml-m.m lixport lslmmndtsvn Lincs, Inc. ffulvllmrly' V V X , V VOYXVIVS X I I K! I I I Q H xl 'l lvl IH xx. Xmfvu..um lhulwr, lmh-ml Slallvs .'.,, .l1xFlll, mn. l, ' X , -.i I 4 , I I 4- 5-N4 ll 1,1 ILM.-' 1"llf1lN .-Xlgq-ri.n, ljllllllllllklfl Republic, Egypt, lvvllil, lllllllll RUN' I, Nl 'X I' ' U , l,,,. ,V ll,llll.lI.,,1 ull ml X. lm .,llSl.IL.'llixrulxllnll, " ' -, Clrfmll V llI'lf.lIH, lQre'e'cr', lxmol, Italy. Pllllllllflllfm Sllllvl x fl.. ,.l. l xlllnl l-xlnmnllxfn l,lll1'N, Inv. V ' lu, xlllll'lI'.l, Nlutiniquv, Portugal, Spain, Q I Q , , y,,,,,,,l,.IA,, Yugwsldymi X111 lf.l N Xl,-1 ul 1, ."x,'r1l1'-N1 1,1-xlnn, Lrllrqrllllmlal, l lf l 1 lull' 1.1 1m.mx, 1,14-.nl lllxlallll, f.H'1'L'c', llv' ' hw ' lmlm, lmlnmxm, lnl.nml. lxrzwl, l' l Ill!-xl lmnl, l'l:.nImrl, l.1lmr'lm, Nfsllzxyzl, WONTY CHUCK s A,'l-if Q. 5 Q AU' N 'Y RINK HG JOHN '-"C V, lit: asus wif? , .. '- U ' i ., , ..., ' xg . 'fy Y , v ' X-X 4 . . ' ,N A ,,.,,,.y 1 -rf Ir, H Y if - .1 I -' x::':L:-Q, , SCOTT 1 A L ' Q '.1l- ll ill lv,,.f.-..., l'.lklxt,m, lim,-m.u, Plnlippim-S, 1 . Klum. 'luyl:f'., YH! Nam. 259 ,,,,, A MQ, MIKE i ' -il SAM kwlf, JAMES MICHAEL ROSS Seaford, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Catholic Choir, Wrestling, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Export Buyer, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Santa Rosa, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. American Corsiar, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Mormaccape, Moore- McCormack Lines, Inc. VOYAC-ES: Algeria, Argentina, Azores, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Dutch West In- dies, France, Great Britain, Greece, Haiti, Italy, jamaica, Morocco, Netherlands, Antilles, Para- quay, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay, Venez- uela. Yugoslavia. 260 KENNETH PETER SABOL Medina, Ohio ACADEMY RECORD: Hear This, International Relations Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. America, S.S. Pioneer Mill, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Exporter, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Santa Catalina, Grace Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Bermuda, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Ia n K p , orea, Mo- robcco, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Virgin Islands. CARL NORMAN SANDVIK Edgewater, 1W"yland MidshiP5 ACADEMY RECORDZL Scholatff gfih, Bowlivl Regimental Information SGFVIC 1 League. ye - , M rmacco 1 SEA DUTY: S.S. Argenxinlfh -Sis. Eriporf Pm Moore-McCormack Lines, nC'isbfandtsen Uni bassador, American IQXPOIF der United Sm Inc.g S.S. American Comman y Lines Company, IHC- B91- , Barbados, VOYAGES: Argentina., Bnlmmsr G Amy, Gffa' t Ce' er I. glum, Brazil, ljlflllllillli, Fran Netlierlancls, ,Eiga Britain, Cl'60K'9. Maff1mS1l"f' Sweden, Tflm' ' way, Poland. P11910 mco' Tunisia, Turkey, Urllgll-15' -1 ...fi ,f-' Wm I Wi , RN gk lu ffi3T..- 4 xl Niikf 5 wx .i s X'-If N5 ht .N ,R Y 5 V4 SABE5 fgxf SCIHNIIDTY 50' xx W A ,ix 1 CARL xl, WAYNE 9-'Q -'xii V if N SANDlll Niariland W, holaillc lillff Servlcef rv M-F, tina. 4555 EI?- S' ' -fi, i rJl:tlC-iSby3l5lg5iLi gnmander. Bafl iahavlasi Gent-'ff wanteketherlghff SESS' swfdfi O1 13? K-4, STEPHEN JOHN SAPOL NUDE ' Nanticokel P9'm5ylv11nia wt D Ml RECORD: Intramurals. 'LL YTY: SS gi 55. M - - . ormiichawk, S.S. Mommcscan, 55- .eggifpoffy .Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., imiilmiiiv lciiltil' gogestgrl United States Lines ' -' -V .. xport B tldi- A 'g WPort1:brzinc.ltsenLines,Inc, ul U' -xmencqn l'OY.iQ W. 4 lhlliiiliili lrrxrligelmna' Belgium, Brazil, Cilnildfii Xethvrl.iiids luke' Qlfrlnany, Great Britiiin, Italy, Tniiidid, L" if irlldlf' Poland, 519311, SWQCIQH, ruff-UAF, l ugoslnvia. ii, - I GARY MANNINC SCHMIDT Seattle, 'Washington ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Information Servce, Varsity' Club. Chefirlegiclfsri, Intrgimiiml Athletic Board, XYinclj.iinniur5, Swimniinlv ln- trtimuinls, SEA. DUTY: S.S. Xilisliington Mail. American Mtiil Lino, S.S. Santii Adeln, Grace Lines, Inc. YOYAC-ES: Ctintidti, Chile, Cfllfllnlfifi, EU-lf1d0fy Hun: hong, j.iptin, Korea, Okiiigiwa, Panama, Peru, Phllippines, Taiwan, Viet Nam. a 'X VVAYNE COTTLIEB SCHNEIDER Chic-zign, Illinois AC.-'iDEM'1' RIZCUIRIJ: Scholastic Star, llfznr This, lii..1.f lJ:i.iUf fi0I!lHIllll'fl, Tridf:nt Club, Sky- Diwmg Club, lntrnniurzils. SEA DLTY: SS. X'K'illizirn Lyl-ms, Ccncvicvc Lykt-X, Lyl-cf-s limthfzrs Stffzirriship Company, S.S. Del Oro, Delta Stczimship Comapny, S.S. Key 'f:mk1:r, Kvystonc Shipping Clornpziny, 5.5. XVult- cr A. Sterling, Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company. VOYACILS: Argeritinzi, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Crt-1,-gi , Lzily, jzipzin, Korea, Liliy rl, Morocco, Pgimirnzi, l'l'iilippincs, Spain, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, Lmgiiziy. 2 . ' 1 l E LARRY LEE SCHUMACHER Lorain, Ohio SEA DUTY: S.S. Brazil, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. American Hunter, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. President Hayes, American President Lines, inc., S.S. Excalibur, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Belgium, Ceylon, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, ltaiy. Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaya, Netherlands, Norway, Okinawa, Pakistan, Pan- irma, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Viet am. JOHN PAUL SCHWAB Buffalo, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Regimental Infomxatioi- Service, Newman Club, Radio Club, Sailing, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Merchant, United States Lines Company Inc., S.S. Santa Rita, Santa Paula. Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. Flying Enterprise II, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Bahamas, Chile, Colombia, Dutch West Indies, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea. Lebanon, Netherlands Antilles, Pakistan, Pan- ama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Tai- wan, Venezuela, Viet Nam. ' ,f JOHN FRANKLIN SELF Miami, Florida ACADEMY RECORD: Bearings, Dance Committee Drama Club, Eagle Scout Society, Society oi Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Drill Team, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Kendall Fish, S.S. Letitia Lykes, S.S. Brinton Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, S.S. Gulf Trader, Gulf South Ameri- can Steamship Company. VOYAGES: Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Neth- erlands, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Viet Nam, Yugoslavia. 'au is FV, 4 ,iii 'f, , . my xp: use ,,- use 7.7 4. A, gr., , l 1 J A 1 LARRY -1 .15 li l s- 1LIN SELF lorida ings, Dame C1 but Society, 3 . viarine Enginflrr Fish, S.S. Lent.. kes Brothers r lder, Gulf Sw nbia, Ecuador. rn, Korea, llera u, Philippinfs. Jam, Yugoslasi. 3' 491 i fx 't'1P 3 I x f r 1 S I , I E J SIDNEY BENARD SHAPIRO NIICHAEL DAVID SHE.-X RON.-Xl.D l,Yl.l'f SIIINCLER Miami, Florida Furl Whrth Tex.: jrrlrmhmrl. v4'lHlNXlXZllliil .Xf.XlJlfNl'1' RHCORD1 Ilcur This, Ring Daljce ACADE-MY lllifflblill Nil. Qrv N 'f Y -,L Url xlx lilrlllill Srlml.rxliv Slur, Varsity 1 r.rrmillr'z', time lixvcutivc Committee, Bowling Polaris, xllwar Hur, IJm.l- 1 ' , IT . tlrmlr, iilrrrxxrrn tl-umrl, llmmr llulvls, Ring l.r.gw-, 'l'r.rL-lc, Imr.rmur.1ls. filulm, lmrqll- Nwrrn mir-I , N '. f N .. , lmr... 1.r.r.rrlr11.., 4 LN livwrlrxr- iknrmrim-v, . , . . A- r--r . IN! .f-14' -. liz' av. 1,..r,xx.x1.-.I . .l. xl l lJl IH. Nl.X. Delta C,.xmop, Delta Steamship C,r,l,,:,l,,l,fh1.' mfr,,l,.,,lIm4 1 MH ll r N I I 1 Nl ml mm' I X lr'r.prrrl.g 5.8. Ke-rim-th Nlcliay, S,S. Iames 13i,.iI,,,Cl,l,, ,w,,,,,,!,,, ' NI X lil IN xx N.rr1l.x Nl,ui:.url.i, Gram- Lim-s, l-JH, N.N. ll.rrry f:llllll'L'dll'l, Gibbs-S Lykw, ' ' 5 lvl. , N N Ii-flrrn 'xl4mln.rw, 5.5. biUl'lllillSLlKAl, Iak-X llmtln-rw Stlurrmhip Curnrmnyg 5.5. Gulf SEA DUTY 5.5. lang--rr-' Ink ., N N l, ' 'xlmrvr Xlll .rrlrmrk l.nrrx. luv. llmkfr, Gull Stl-.nmhip Cfomprrnv' S.S. Lucile 8.8 ll.irrx will r ull. N N. X lr' E Nm , . ,. V, .X . 'V V . ' ' V , , , , - iK.l N 1..rr..rl.., Klnlr. tulrmrlun, Dr-mn.uk, l"'wl"'ll' mmlmhlm 5lf1'mNh'P Company' Bmthiri M' U' lim .-l-lr lml..ml. ll.nl1, lr.l.mcl, lx4'm.r, Murrin- qshl U43 jmgold, Ilprninigtyn RQ-public, Egypt, YOY.-XCICS: llt'l"llllIl l'1g'.r". l"H' K. ' l 'rw 'Mlm-.,rx. l'.r1r.mr.i. llrru, l'1il.m4l. llvprllrlic lr-ri lr l'fr1lr.rlori.rl Alrirzl. lnburr, Korva, Morocco. Qfvllt llrilivrr, Llrwwif-, lrml 'v X l " .' 7 - -l Nr ml. Um .r. Mwulill. 'li-HMI-lHNIl4-1. ilililllililily l'rvrr-un, llllIlll7IllIlt'N1, Plll'l'lU Rico, Rvpulmlic of lxrlmxil, Lilian, Xlrllrfr, Xl vi, N' , X " flwllmv. 'M IN I 14, llvpul lic f Iv r' Cozrt, Taiwan, UV JW 4- -l'l""1 Y "lll""'1' N N I-VL,-,i'X'l,,-Q Xdmi U Oy 5 'I'.rixx.m, Turk x Nut N im, Y-Ag 1 JOHN JOHN -- V . N...-.:f34r 1 BUFORD ,- SHON ' 1..::i4,mL 2 LARDO FLASH W 1 'S LARRY EDWARD SHIPLEY Baltimore, Maryland ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Varsity Club, Class Executive Committee, Basketball, Soccer, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Robin Locksey, S.S. Monnacisle, S.S. Monnaccove, Moore-McConnack Lines, Inc.g S.S. Export Ambassador, American Export and Isbrandtsen Lines, lnc.g S.S. American Cham- pion, United States Lines Company, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Ascension Islands, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Italy, Madagascar, Mozam- bique, Netherlands, Paraguay, Poland, Republic or South Atrica, Spain, Sweden, Tanganyika, Tnnidad, Yugoslavia. 264 JAMES THEO SHIRLEY, IR. Colonial Heights, Virginia ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, International Relations Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. African Grove, S.S. African Meteor, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. Export Builder, American Export and Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. American Courier, United States Lines ?0mP21Hy, Inc., S.S. Santa Rosa, Grace Lines, nc. VOY-AGES: VADEOIH, Azores, Bahamas, Dutch West Incues, hrance, Great Britain, Greece, -Italy, Iamfl CH, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Mozambique, Netherlands Antilles, Nigeria, Republic of Da- homcy, Republic of Ivory Coast, Republic of Senegal, Republic of South Africa Sierra Leone South West Africa, Spain, Tanganyika: Venez: ueia. CHESTER sKoWRoNsK1, IR- Bayside, New York I B . A mee ACADEMY RECORD: Somew Of Naval 'f,,,b,u, and Marine Engineers, Color Guard' Bas Track, Intramurals. A C, F ellL1I195 In " SEA DUTY: s.s. African Sim- an k L-nes'1nc-: V . . rmaccove, Moore-McCorm8C . I Lines giiesident Polk, American.P395giS?gs Lines Inc.: s.s. American Puot, Uni? Gmc, Lines. Company, Inc., S.S. Santa Cata ma, Inc. . d Finlilf v OYAGES1 Belgium, Denmafk- Egylggg, India' France, Germany, Gluma. Honiiexicoy Nei-ber' Italy, japan, Liberia, Malaya, ubuc of Ivofl' lands, Norway. Panama, Rep Leone, Singa' Coast. Rnpublic of Senegal: Sierra pore, Sweden, Viet Nam- iiiilufngi TW. A 'V Q, si' if Ji'-'N 1 faiisitlxs QE'-re .5s.1's s-ET, Nikki FLASH A . ia, Fl Q. New York al Ui ocieti' of Nall iw V Color GW ' Farfdl 1 Sufi. ack l' 'eww swf 5. ffl United Gnd 1 Pilo!,CZtauiia, amid I l' girl! Egllgplxii Wm ,foul ,Q li have , i1f?'ff , sialafggptiiifoniv iarflai Siena Le nvlla' Jam' x. e Mcconnpfesidfng ' BARF G. E, QQ M girl I l ALBERT WILLIAM SMITH BOSIOH, Massachusetts maui' . l RECORD: naar This Cathouc Choa, Xt- 4 , umm Club, Ring DHHCQ Committee. l DVTY. S Sly ,Q ' -5- Argentina, S.S. M lmfftllilcggmiack Lines, Inc., S,S. Egcrgogifcglnii lac. linciln EXPOIT and Isbrandtsen Lines, :41HrsConipAunlSr1f:3 Forwafder, United States Witicssr . Hum, ljrtilfgentlnaf Bahamas, Barbados, Bel- Cvrn.m,. W' ' Denmark French NV I , . J G , , f t l est ndies, Netherlands raise, Liliya, Nim-tmlque, Morocco, Sllfdrn, T,,i,1idf1Sl'WHY,- 'Polnnd, Puerto Rico, L ' T'-mlsla, Turkey, Uruguay. tif 5 ,N 1 . In , V . i I V ns,-.t 4, 'Q ' , f P- , 2 V F, , I . H M313 CHET NVADDLES 'S H--4-sig """"'v ' -...x f K, GLEN EDYVARD SMITH, JR. Kansas City, Missouri ACADEMY RECORDS: Scholastic Star, Regimental Broadcast Unit, Bowling League, Color Guard, Intramurals. k L k S S Zoella Lvl-ces SEA DUTY: S.S. Dic y es, . . , ,- S,S. Elizabeth Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, MN. Del Campo, Delta Steamship Company, Inc. VOYAGES: Belgium, Brazil, FYHHCE, G91'm3UYf Great Britain, Gre-ece,'HOng Kong, Israel, 3321 japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Viet ,ii P KEVIN PATRICK SMITH Bronx, New York -XC.-'xlJEH'i' RECORIJ: Ilrfar This, Newman Club, Cl'-ff Llnli, Drill Team, Ring Dance Committee, Str-la Maris Giiilrl, Class Executive Committcc, Ifofitliall, Soccer, Intramurals. SFA DUTY: Arncrir-an Traveler, S.S. Pioneer Minx. lfnilr-fl States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. lfxpnrt Banner, Arm-riean Export and Islzrandtscn Linrs, Inc., S.S. Santa Isabel, Grace Lines, Inc. YOYAGES: flnlornlmia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, japan, Korea, Panama, Philip- pines, Spain, Taiwan, Yugoslavia. 265 266 f We A .W Inj LLOYD LOUIS SMITH Elmira, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Regimental Information Service, Varsity Club, Newman Club, Honor Cadet, Ski Club, Class Executive Commit- tee, Cross Country, Track, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exilona, American Export and Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Pioneer Minx, United States Lines Company, Inc.g S.S. President Cool- idge, American President Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Canada, Ceylon, Egypt, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Malaya, Morocco, Okinawa, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Viet Nam. RONALD ALLISSON SMITH North Weymouth, Massachusetts ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Information Service, Honor Cadet, Ring Dance Committee, Trident Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Sofia, Grace Lines, Inc., S.S. Export Buyer, American Export and Isbrandt- sen Lines, Inc., S.S. America, S.S. Pioneer Moon, United States Lines Company, Inc. VOYAGES: Bermuda, Colombia, Dominican Re- public, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Tai- wan, Venezuela, Yugoslavia. Il , ? 26 K4 THOMAS FRANCIS SMITH Orange, Connecticut ACADEMY RECORD: Band, Catholic Choir New- man Club, Dance Band, Dance Confmittee Michrelsen Society, Ring Dance Committee, ' SEA DUTY: S.S. Amexican Veteran, S,S, Uniqed States, United States Lines, Company, Inca S.S. Mormacglen, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Santa Luisa, Grace Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ire- lanu. Martinique, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela. Iosirn an Gd Sai mm nicoau P lCfm1zree.l41Hfl1"5 mm mi VF' nmrz.hh1m'Wf QDUTY: S.S. Anmc lim, United Sure L llmllr, S.S. EXW? rl khmndtsm Lmn Gare lines, Inc, TOYAGFS: Arora, Bah Ealwia, Chile, Crm ties, Banda, Frm Germany, Great Erma lfaicl Izpm In Perl Pm lim, Trinidad lm ..L,, 5 , .1 gr i f 2 , 5 5 Q 5 ' f TEX 7 'I' 1 8 if 'CIS SMITH iecticut , Catholic Clio.: 1, Dance Cv- Dance Commir' i Veteran, S,S, Qiries, Company, vlcCorrnack Lirfi ines, Inc, gium, Brazil, C ny, Great Briip , Paraguay, Pm.- ,A , ,Q 'mi IOSEPH BARRY SNYDER Crea! Neck, New York U tIJtrNlY RECORD: Polaris, Varsity Club, Dance I ,iiaritni-, Nlarlinspike Club, Society of Naval Xr.lri!-'tix and Marine Engineers, Honor Cadet, lil..-milf, lirtrainiirals. it t IDl'l'Y: S.S. American Merchnt, S.S. Pioneer tim, l'nitr-il Stiitc-S Lines: Company, Inc., S.S' tmiriii-, 's,S. Export Builder, American Export ir-1 IJ-rrrriillwn Lim-Q, Inc.g S.S. Santa Cecilia, l.rr1:- Linus, lIiC. '.4ll'tCll'IS' Alon-4, Baharnas, Barbados, Bermuda, llrixri, ffliile, Crvlornbia, Cuba, Dutch YVe5t liiliiw, liirrirrlur, France. French XVest Indies, li-v-viiiiv, Cn-.rt Britain, Haiti, Hong Kong, Italy, I r--1 air, Iapan, Korea, Martinique, Panama, i-'ii l'lrrI.ppim-4, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, 5 ii in, 'l'riiiidiicl, Yugoslavia. V . DAVID MICHAEL STANKO Endicott, New lurk ACADEMY lll2CIOltD. Drill IU wi, N I W: X .lrcliitectr and Nl irirri- lfi 4' iw, ll ' 3 K mittee, llnirur Cfiiilf-t, 'lrai it, lii',i ' .K SEA DUTY: S.S. l'fKiliiii.r, Xiu 'L ia' lslwrancltvrri Lim-s, lm-., N5 l' ii, f Xi ' x American llllllclvr, L'niti-il St Ui I l r' - 4 ' Inu., 5.5. Santa lilliwi, Clriw- iw Y- VOYACES: llith.iiii.i'4, lfliilf, 1 ' 1 ' r l Great Britain, Cu-we-, lli-ng kung, lui Y. T Korea, Muruccu, l'.iuiiii,i, ll'f'i- ll?" 1" Portugal, Spain, 'l'iirkr'y. C- XVII .l ,l AM ICDNVARD s'1'1iic:i2ii. iii. lax! XX illixlun. Ni-xx Yurk Xt' Xlll XIY lil l Ullli Hiililiiprv, Ni-xxrniiii Chili, A lirfili...liu Nirifiitx ui N.u.il Airliitmir mid Xl iiiri- l iihiuiix, limi: lhirii- l-0llllllllll'l', Stvllil Xian- Luilil, llrmliim lmrgiii-, liiti.uiiuriilQ. Rl X lil ll' NN. 'Kluriii.lill.lil4'. S.S. hI0lllliH'lN'llll, Kimura-e'x1iK'uriri.iik lam-N, luring S.S. Pioiivvr Mill. liiiilml Malia l,illi'x f:UllllHlllV, llIC.Q l ,N 'X N. l.iiiriiN, lxiililarx Svzi 'l'liilispili'iilli0ll N-ix,u, X'UY.XfllC5 Ari'iiitili.i, Aiixiialia, llillltilllllk Clllll- iili, llrwuark, lliiiili XXV-st lllilifui, Finlzind, lrivai t.fim,im', lwlarirl, Nw-ilu-rlrimlw, Nor- way l',.ii,iriirr, Sur-ilrn, 'l'riiiiil.iil, Uriigguriy. 'L ax ' I o -' - ,f K -KR" A SMITTY '2 F wb , Q 2 6. kr: I l 3 , C I U Q ' ' I ,-I ' ' M- DAVE 1 vi ' ' 354, 3 "NL-' - ,expr ff I , X 42 '- , ff Stiff" , BILL Q'T"lI'KI7 DON .N as Q, X, r MICHAEL JOSEPH STEWART Fort Lee, Virginia ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Varsity Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Traveler, S.S. American Challenger, S.S. American Shipper, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Export Commerce, American Export and Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. African Neptune, Farrell Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Kenya, Mozambique, Republic of South Africa, South West Africa, Tanganyika, Yugoslavia. 268 MICHAEL DAVID STUHLSATZ Long Beach, California ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Windjammers, Tennis, Intramurals. SEA DIJTY:. S.S. Sooner State, States Marine Isthmlan Lines, S.S. Leomon, United Fruit Com- pany, S.S. California, States Steamship Com- pany, S.S. Philippine Bear, Pacific Far East Lines. VOYAGES: Costa 'Rica, Ecuador, Hong Kong Japan. Korea, Nicaragua, Panama, Philippines? Taiwan, Viet Nam. l . DOUGLAS WILBURN STUTEVILLE Quincy, Massachusetts Thx , 1 . ACADEMY RECORD: schoiaspc lSLaf1nff3flQ,i0,,1 Camera Club, Drill Team, Ski Cu 1 Relations Club, Intramurals- ' - InC-5 SEA DUTY: S.S. santa Sofia' Graceurhllgsisfafes S.S. America, S.S.' Pioneer Moon' Bu er Amari' Lines Company, Inc-5 S-S-, EXPOH Ing. l can Export and Isbrandtsen Lines: I . an Re- VOYAGES: Bermuda, Colon1b1a,tDgl:::fg, Hon! public, France, Ge1'I112mY, Gfea Japan, KOY93' Kong, Iceland, Italy, 1a"m'cfii'1i pines,Pl19fl0 Netherlands Antilles, Panama, ll yllugoslavia- Rico, Spain, Taiwalh Venezuela, l T ' Amw- mllm EVGEX1 Flair CUM' lnm mn' Ski: i 5-S 'lr lull 1, in Tlllllt Adm 'lm Ria ' Qiltrilm IWW, FIN. I I th img: FEW ' 7 MAX 'bw x as .h i., f .Y ft 7 ,Q , ,X ., 9, 1 Vf., .' X , 'X lx -X339 i va ri s f ,XX,,,,, It-:iv Xi, , DOUG I I ANIMAL uv Wi WILBUPLN VILLE issacllusem H, cholastic Swine in SIU Club' als. , .. uf , LU' . L9 . - Sofiax Gm, United, . won river I It Buff 1 E po SS' fines, Ina dtsefl Damiuiif. mill? Byitilllli Quill Grgai N alll' ', ,iz ianiaialilippig' ' ignzlflm' , Yu! Wnewela, 'Y .r ,,. a in' f :lst D V ONALD EUGENE SWEIGART D'-WWCY, Pennsylvania WXDEXIY R - ' E . . rrilmiiiionor CggiliDSoeiEii.O1aSUC Star' Vi'-fSity ILC U-If SS A . if-lfior, L- meflcu, S.S. A ', C , 5.5. lmlepggsg xslates Lines Corrzlieii-aiiqylj 138. Elppll and lsliiiiidtsis' Flying Fish, American Y ic1l1.1.Graee Likes,-T11 Lines, Inc., S.S. Santa oug ' ES: Aden . iiiikf Ecuador: Ezlgllsmi Chile' Colombia, Den- im-Ilrl, Creece, Ibign, France, Germany, Great ilhlllmziiqg, J, ,I I-l KONE, Ireland, Israel gh-fffllriique, Ilgorell, Lebanon, Madeira: . . ue,-to Rico Stu. eru, Philippinpsy portu- i pam' TUIISCY, ViCt Nam. Yfl SAMMY S If , lg-'B ALLEN IRVING SVVENSON, IR. Aurora, Illinois ACADEMY RECORD: Dance Committee, Drama Club, Regimental Morale Board, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: M.V. Del Monte, Delta Steamship Company, S.S. Thompson Lyl-ces, S.S. Kendall Fish, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, S.S. Lucile Bloomfield, Bloomlield Steamship Com- pany. Frince French Equatorial VOYACES: Belgium, 1 , Africa, French Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Liberia, Mexico, Nether- lands Nigeria, Republic of Dahomey, Republic of Ivory Coast, Republic of Senegal, Sierra Leone, Venezuela, Yugoslavia. Q--1' ARTHUR TABANAO San Gabriel, California ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Varsity Club, Touring Club, Tennis. SEA DUTY: Sierra, Ventura, S.S. Hawai- ian Motorist, Matson Navigation Company, California, M. M. Dant, States Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Australia, Ilong Kong, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Okinawa, Philippines, Samoa, Taiwan. 26 9 NORWOOD GEORGE TATMAN Wilmington, Delaware ACADEMY RECORD: Cargo Club, Varsity Club, Christian Council, Honor Cadet, Gymnastics, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Manufacturer, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. African Sun, Farrell Lines, Inc.: S.S. Morrnaccowl, S.S. Mor- macbay, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., U.S.N.S. General Maurice Rose, Military Sea Transporta- tion Service. VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Kenya, Mar- tinique, Mozambique, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Republic of South Africa, South West Africa, Sweden, Trinidad. ff JOEL RALPH THORE SEN Riverside, Connecticut ACADEMY RECORD: Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Windjammers, Soccer. SEA DUTY: S.S. Robin Locksley, S.S. Mormacisle, S.S. Mormaccove, Moore-McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Independence, American Export Isbrandtsen Ifines, Inc., S.S. African Comet, Farrell Lines, nc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Ascension Islands, Bel- gium, Bermuda, Brazil, Denmark, France, Italy, Madagascar, Mozambique, Netherlands, Poland, Republic of South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Trini- dad, Uruguay. CHARLES GARY TINNELL Fairmont, West Virginia ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Drill Team, Honor Cadet, Ring Dance Committee, Interna- tional Relations Club, Bowling League, Intra- murals. SEA DUTY: S.S. United States, S.S. Pioneer Moor, S.S. American Builder, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Monnactide, Moore-McCor- mack Lines, Inc. ' VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, japan, Korea, Netherlands, Okinawa, Panama, Philip- pines, Taiwan, Trinidad, Uruguay. mmm! will :TW l - :vMl""t" 3155.11-up H- ,,.1,., at lf ff ifsiuu us- gllii is if :CIF Qlhviiun PM -hidlmm in WOODY TOLLY FINNELL rginia c Star, Drill Ta Qornmittee, Inav ing League, l-1. , S.S. Pioneer ll uited States l' rtide, Moore-lla m, Brazil, Fri iong Kong, lx ra, Panama, li: ruguay. I f I li' V KURT TOLLEFSON Novato, Califomia xf,tDENll' RECORD: Scholastic Star, Hear This, t.'..-rghtlifting Club, Astronomy Club, Camera trait, International Relations Club, Intramurals. -Ft DUTY: S.S. President Buchanan, American lnail.-nr Lines, Inc., S.S. California Bear, ltrcrirc Far East Lines, S.S. Mormacland, Moore- Nlttmritick Lines, Inc., S.S. Ventura, Matson P-iwlftrtion Comparly. '.m'tl2tiS: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Ani, Okinaiva, Panama, Peru, Taiwan, Thai- Qtntl, Trinidad, Venezuela, Viet Nam. our """'--'fr 'Q ,- 9 A fa BENIAMIN AUBREY TOMB, IR. Ulysses, Pennsylvania ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Team, Protestant Choir, Honor Cadeti Christian Council, Inter- national Relations Club, Bowling League, Soccer Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Flying Endeavor, S.S. Export Buyer, American Export Isbrancltsc-n Lim-5, Inc., S.S. Pioneer Mist, S.S. American Chix-tt.iin, L ni- -I Q JOHN ARTIIUR TOMPKINS Ninn! gnrm-ry. N vw York ted States Lmes Company' ina: U'5'N'S' SLT- YON UZIIS. litlviiiiii, 131-mnark, l-fuxpl. l"r'ancv geant Jonah L. Kelly, Military Sea 'l'r.rrrwport,r- tion Service. VOYAGES: Canada, Egypt, France, Great Britain Hong Kong, India, Italy, Iapan, Korsui, Lt-banorr ' Prnami Phili mints Puerto Rico Pakistan, 1 1 1. PI r i . Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Viet Nam, Yug0sl.xvi.r. WOODY TOLLY DIRTY or: MAN BEN F CHUCK THE BEAK Xtlrtlll-'NIY lllflilllillz Srlrttl.rstic Star, llllllll, VAN'- sitx Vlirli, l'mtr-sl.rttl Vlnrir, Cflrrraliatt lfolllwil, larlur lliiartl, llmlti-tls.rll, Coll. Nl-fl lJl"l'Y: XS. lixi-tvr, Aim-ricarr lixport Is liraritltstu l.uii-s, lm.. S.S. Murirtarwirrr, Moon' XlmC'urrri.rtk l,llltN, Ima., 5.8, l'mrr4'rr Mill, 5.5 laiitiil Stairs, laiitrfrl Mala-s lam-s lfornpririy, lrrc C31-riiiarry, llirurl llriiarrt, Uri-vi-m', llom: Kong lt.tlx, I.r1r,iri, lurua. l.:-lmruirr, Nt'llll'll2lllllS, Nor' u.ix, l'.rri.iui.i, l'liilrppiriz-s, Spain, Swulvrt, Tal nan. 1 l 1 2 3-- WILLIAM WINSLOW TRACY Marblehead, Massachusetts ACADEMY RECORD: Band, Varsity Club, Catho- lic Choir, Newman Club, Glee Club, Ring Dance Committee, Cross Country, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Trapper, United States Lines Company, Inc., S.S. Independence, S.S. Export Adventurer, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc.: S.S. Mormacbay, Moore-McConnack Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Bermuda, Brazil, Burma, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Somaliland, Spain, Sudan, Uruguay. 272 I4 ' ' ' RICHARD RAY TREMAYNE Cripple Creek, Colorado ACADEMY RECORD: Protestant Choir, Band, Chrlstian Council, Intramural Athletic Board, Ski Club, Bowling League, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Tyler, S.S. President Taylor, American President Lines, Inc., S.S. Exeter, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc.: S.S. Santa Elena, Grace Lines, Inc. Y VOYAGES: Cambodia, Ceylon, Chile, Colombia, EC'-I21d01', Egypt, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaya Marshall Islands, Okinawa, Pakistan, Panama, gig, 51HgHP0re, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet s TRACE 11, CLIFF Y l if PETER ANTHONY TROTTA East Meadow, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Sgklglgffg Club, Camera Club, Honor Cadet, Committee, Riflei SEA DUTY: S.S. American Trappeff m I, Lines Company, Inc.: 555- Exportrt Alslmlixlitqllrsin S.S. Independence, American EXPO McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormacbayy Moore' Lines, Inc. U 'ted States . . B lil, VOYAGES: Argentina, Belgium: Bermuda, Cleat . - Germany: . Burma, Egypt, Ethloplil, France' Pak1S' Britain, India, Italy, MOTOCCO, Negleflalzgi' stan, Somaliland, Spam, Sudan' ngu 'Fa s Ei'Q::, 2, Wifi tiibfi ku la flax "W 3 .5- r RACE DICK PETE CT ILIFF TILT T. A. Y TROTIA W York V l, astic Swltr Cadet, Rm, 7 limi? er Lndv r PP ' ei-5 5: aExP0'ln ?5b1',U3A. X EXPO 0 T' Moorealc iff , BeffH"43k.iY. :Ce Germs, fri Nkihefli JI' all, Uruguay "'0l'ACE5. .691 Q 1 C CLIFFORD FRANCIS TROWBRIDCE KCIDEXIY Wauingf0l'd, Connecticut !5i9I9SiC?E1IlECQRD: Camera Club, Automotive :Xl-lftlls, ' A ewmarl Club, Ski Club, Intra- -KDU1-y. , , RUB' Sea Coneral Maurice Rose, Mili- iiimfffn, cIaSp0m?"0n Service, S.S. santa 'I'3'Ci1Hnt,Un-tce Lmss, IHC-5 S.S. American iis' EX9mplaiedAStat?S Limos Company, IHC-9 U95-Inc, ' mencan EXD0rt Isbrandtsen - Al ' bu' ECuad0,-gega' Bummg CEYIOH, Chile, Colorn- great B,-Haig EIYIQY, Ethiopia, France, Germany, imma, peru' Sglthlplndia, Morocco, Pakistan i ma iland, Sudan, Tunisia. TOMMY LeROY TUCKER St. joseph, Missouri ACADEMY RECORD: Camera Club, Eagle SCOUI Society, Regimental Broadcast Unit, IHtCmai1Oflf1l Relations Club, Color Guard, Inffamufak- SEA DUTY: S.S. Kenneth McKay, S.S. Dick Lykei S.S. Thompson Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steam- ship Compar1Y- VOYAGES: Belgium, Egypt, France, Gffmfim- G e , Hong Kong, Italy, Jai321,f1,,K0feff, LCE' anrgn?eNetherlands, Panama, Phil1PDlD9S, Turkey- THEODORE ALBERT ULRICH Boulder, Colorado ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Midships, Polaris, Hear This, Bearings, Band, Varsity Cluli, Camera Club, Society of Naval Architvcts and Marine Engineers, Drill Team, XVindjammers, Sailing, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: C.S, Long Lines, Transocrranic Cable Ship Corporation, Orczon, Statvs Steam- ship Company, S.S. China Bear, Pacific Far East Lincs. VOYACESz Bermuda, Canada, Crcat Britain, Hong Kong, Indonvsia, japan, Korr-a, Midway, Okin- awa, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet Nam. 27 274 RALPH ANTHONY VACCARO, IR. New Haven, Connecticut ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Catholic Choir, Glee Club, Ring Committee, Class Exec- utive Committee, Football, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exford, American Export Is- brandtsen Lines, Inc., S.S. Mormacsaga, Moore- McCormack Lines, Inc., S.S. African Comet Farrell Lines, Inc.: S.S. American Pilot, United States Lines Company, Inc. VOYAGES: Ascension Islands, Azores, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Kenya, Mozambique, Norway, Poland, Republic of South Africa, Russia, South West Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tanganyika, Yugoslavia, Zanzibar. FRANK MONROE VAN DEVENDER Shamokin, Pennsylvania ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Information Service, Band, Dance Band, Ring Committee, Bowling League, Track, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Merchant, S.S. Ameri- can Champion, United States Lines Company, Inc.: S.S. Exemplar, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc., U.S.N.S. General Maurice Rose, Military Sea Transportation Service. VOYAGES: Algeria, Burma, Ceylon, Chile, Colom- bia, Ecuador, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, India, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Somaliland, Sudan, Tunisia. PETER FREDERICK VANT HULL Hopkins, Minnesota ACADEMY RECORD: Automotive Interest Club, Catholic Choir, Newman Club, Dance Com- mittee, Eagle Scout Society, Ring Committee, Honor Cadet, Ring Dance Committee, Ski Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. James Lykes, S.S.,Han'y Cul- breath, S.S. Eugene Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, M.V. Harry Dyer, M.V. Ioey Chotin, Chotin Transportation Company, M.V. Bayou Barathria, Universal Marine Com- pany. VOYAGES: Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, japan, Korea, Libya, Malaya, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Singa- riore, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Viet Nam, Yugo- s avra. VAC CARL :Mm 3' :ali fT'if'h.l' W3 ,,P',, .f A ag -1 5f,,,:au :ky Q 2 U I ,lf if x ey. an H ,Jalal ' vat 'iggla 10:0 6 V K VANT HU nesota motive Inlem Club, Dancf ety, Ring Cm- Commitiee, Sk. ykes, SS. Hur! ykes, Lykcs E- V. Harry Dyz, msporlation F Iniversal Ham' pt, France, O' y, japan, Kenai ima, Philippineu - rkey, Viet Nw, '. I CARL CRAIG VAN YVEY 'R' - is xx? Y' gi, FR.-XNK GEORGE YOSNICK XXX-sl Niillin. l'rlunylx'unial MADISON STICPHHN YOSLOII Hnlwlnn, 5:l'hl'll5kZl f.rn'1'lulmru, N-nth K',x!1f,.,.x M Xl'lX1Y lil QUNU Ma.I,xIupv, lh'gimvlxl.xl In- V MJF NH' IHNIUHUJ Mholmlic Shir, Hand, Rxrlio ,XV XlJl',Xl'r' IH I illlfi 1 ' X' I Imllnt Club, lrxte-rrmtiorml Rc'l.xt1rm5 Club, I MM., H , twg, I M "' " 1'1"" NUM," N-Nix-H1 Vlulf. lHll'ul1I1xx'nl ku 1,,,,,,,,,,,-,1,- , X Mlmul. IRM:-!, Dull lauun, 'lruh-nt Llub, WV X 'JI IV N E I L lv ulmy 11.1,-m, llllI.lIllUl.IlN. s X IN l'1' SS. Gulf Hvrc-h.unt, CMH' K Suuth X1-fx I my w N 1. ' ' x I I N Q N V X ru. H, Stmxmluip tlmnpwrxyg SS. Luuilf: Imvyf! vu , 1. , n Nl X IN IX NN. hm-mmm 1l.PNl'll'l', 5.5. lll0llf'l"l' 1' .-lm'-f.l NM-unwhip Kfmnpmyg SS. ,lhhlllllviflll XIH1-" 'Xl 4 WH 1 5 NLM" lmlul Mfhs Lmm cUmp'my'. hwf bb' I . xx, Ruth lake-4, Lyk.-4 15,-f,th..,-, Shaun, mf, y,,,,.,-,, ,,, 1 K... .f N..m,. l4..rlw.u.n, C.n.5n- l.nnww, Im-.g Lxporl ky, 1, 1 Hmpuw' A N I ...yu u, ,X1mm.m lzxpml lsluumllwn 1,llll'N, lnc.g ' ' X473 WWF N' i " I X K N N, X114-.ml,1m11,l.u1:lll.1ms,lm'. on . Z- .' ' - ' " '- ' ' . vw . ' , . X. . E, Nlnlu x, xlf'l.UlllWIllllf', N'e'th+'rlmmls, P.m- Vmww n. Nw" 1' - 4 ',"' i""""m' c'!""m' .t""'f"" Hmm ,lfomh x , I5-rw, IM-pu!-luv nf Smuth Xfflkl, Slrnqxgmure, VIN lfl. l v":1 xv, X 1 I' 'M' 1"v""' k'W"',' l"l"'m' 'Alva' Ni""""!"1'g x 'h Wmt .-Xfmxn, T.li'vV4lfl, T.mg'1nyik.1, Trini- X"""" l"""""" """1'1"'1' v,1"fv"'f"C of Ifmy .L VM Nun' 1...-1Xv lhlmlygu, ul Swmgnl, bn-rm 1.1-um-, Tur- f-,' :mlm .x. K "'.. , s VAN XX OODCHLCR VOS EARS 275 RICHIE GERRY Q RICHARD MICHAEL WANAT Port Jefferson, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Catholic Choir, Newman Club, Propeller Club, Bowling League, Football. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Traveler, S.S. Pioneer Ming, United States Lines Company, Inc.g S.S. African Glen, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. Export Courier, American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, Inc.g S.S. Santa Barbara, Grace Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Dominican Republic, French Camer- oons, French Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Libya, Martinique, Nigeria, Panama, Philippines, Re- public of Ivory Coast, Republic of Senegal, Sierra Leone, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Venezuela. 276 MICHAEL ROBERT WATSON Falls Church, Virginia ACADEMY Sky Diving Club, Gymnastics. SEI12blElELTSZi1S-iinEg4D01'g Agent, American Export Moore-MCCO K k , nc., Mormaccape, UMC Lines, I ., S.S. P 'd t Polk, American President Line? Inc. resl en RECORD: Cargo Club, Trident Club, VOYAGES, .Brazil, Egypt, France G , reecel Hong Kong' Indlal hilly, Japan, Libya, Malaya, Mexico, Oklnawa,' Pakistan, Panama, Portugal, Singa- POW, SDHIH, Tunisia, Turkey, Viet Nam, RUSSELL ARCHER WEADE, IH- Balboa, Canal ZOIIC ACADEBIY RECORD: SChOlaSfic, 7 'EW of Christian Council, Dance Q0mfEiii1?g,gflH9nor Naval Architects and Marine Ski Club, Wmd' Cutler, Trident Club, WWE 'ling Intramurak' jzlllllllcrs, Sky-Diving Club, al ' Ship Com. SEA DUTY: s.s. Del Rio, De1fQ,ifQHnLykes,S-5' IHUIVL S.S. Solon Tlmnanl SS' Steamship cfm' Joseph Lvkes, Lvkes Brothegsk South Ame,-,can pany, s.s1 Gulf Shipper' Gul St02llIlSlllp COIHPHHY- Sta, Polarity ' Cz6Ch0' VOYAGES: Belgium, Chile' Cgzgjnnilflfi, Ghana' slovakin, Ecuador, France, Imel Italy, Nlffh' Great Britain, Greece, Ham, S tse,We5t Africa' vrlallcls, Pilflillllfl, Peru, Portuggfic of Dahonley. Republic of the Congo' Repu th West Afnclv llvlmllllc of Ivory Coast, So" Spnill, Turkey. NN 57 X ts? Q.. ,-: X4 R 5 at Z.: ibilkl ,GN ,EXP : Qt'--:E X 1 BERRY l 5 x W an WWE' ll nal Zone . I lchlllastic' SSMSWT.. 8 c0rnff11f'?,,Q.ff.,Q jarine Qgglciiiifz wer 5, lnlfl' by Salhflgv l .,,. u Slflmsmli 4' Y Dghli4ow'0l1 ffl' 'v S' 'S Sffims we'-' a Wh' wif . 5.14, Colombfi, cf: 'lle' GW 'ill l ance! mel, I, ,K L' Hain, se iw my I rfllgue- D nf. Pragplxlilif xggl 'l list, Soul W! 2 I MIKE A 1 .Af AQ. fi - v N. 1 RUSS xx cy, v x Q1 Xl " ,J f. N 4.1 f ' rw' ,X ...A S 'Q 'l'ANlNlO CLACE -- Y I THOMAS GERALD YVELLS, IR. Natick. Mzissnclmsetts Wlllllil' RECORD: Chess Cluh, Intramurals. Sli Dl"l'Y1 SS. Siinm Rosa. S.S. S.mta'Luis:1, l,lf'1" I-UWM luv., 3.5. Ami-rin-.in Producer, S.S. irfmfli-'ll Cllllflllf. United States Linfs CompnH5', hi.. ..S. Export Buildur, American Export Is- . Lmuiltson Lines, Inc, Vo ll q 4 Britt, llllllw. l.:cu.idnr, El Salvador. France, Great ml- CFEWCP. Italy, Inmnicu, Lihxxi. Nether- llfnlli. Nuthurlnnds Antilles, Punanm, Peru, Spain, vnezucla. YACES1 Azores. Bahamas. Colombia, Dutch 12 .i ll TANINIO THOMAS XYILKIZNS I OIIN CAGE VVINTERTON Lorain, Ohio Brooklyn. New York ' ' ' -- - -Rf -'ilJI,Xl'x' Iififlflllllz li'm1rir1Lfs-, Sfmiciy of Naval . - ' 'A QCVU .1 . Nt .1 Jar. . .. H Q , 'xc XDEXH IE-LAC. I?3i..,4xqL1 Ii.,---N i.ilQr.:, intra .-'-.rclmf-'fs :irrfl Nifmmr hmgincrvrs, Intramurals. l3ro.irlL.x-t "' ' RFYX lJl'T'1" SS, ,'xflI"fifllU Pifmrrcr, Pioneer mur.il5. V H V SEX UL'-I-Y. 5-QA xx,-,.,lm:-A pg,--. 1.1.7, gig, plgif-f-y Ni1.I, 8.8. Ami'-rifgriri flvhiffmiri, Unitlril Statc9 Xliin L'mrF.l amz... Lp.. KL..-:r.ir.g.', Im., 5.5. Im'-X ffffffrlfffli- ,lfffffa-5-S. Sdfgfhu ldllw. Crncff Q Q uf, LLL 31, 7.-.Hgh r- l,,rw2, Img., L,S.N.S. f,1'n1'r1il xxlllllllfl O. Darby, ',N',gil.mLL,',A,Q Mig.. C,.f,,'7-.l Sl-fqy, B, H,l.',1:j.' Sffi Trzirrpurtzilmri Sf-rvicl-. Buckner, Nllliilfi-' 931 T117-9Z'ffff'15l'3n Sffmw' X'Oli',-'-.fLl'.S. llnhfirnzia, fj:m:irl:i, Colornlmin, Ecuador, - - :-. -, W, UW- 5,-,gl f'f.ff,-,r,3,r, Pmnff-, Cf-rrr.:iiij.-, Crm! Britain, Hung Kong, XlP.flgLBS,v+,liqi-jfifnl ilggifllv jrmaflv 1.Qf,f.-175,'f.ghQ,- jmprm, Kar'-fi, Nr-vliffrlurirls, Puriznna, Peru, Philip- lli-,-Llg, lingzlxj. Fhxl.pj1.Yf:r, PGI 17111, pzrrfge, 'I:i1'.-uri. Swvclun, T.1iW.1n, 27" 1 5 278 Y IAMES MCLESTER WITT Birmingham, Alabama ACADEMY RECORD: Wrestling, Rowing, Intra- murals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Del Oro, Delta Steamship Com- pany, S.S. Margaret Lykes, S.S. James Lykes Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, M.V Tamara Guilden, Zim Lines, Inc., S.S. Ticon- deroga, Keystone Tanker Lines, Inc. VOYAGES: Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Philippines, Taiwanl Uruguay, Viet Nam. CURTIS JACOB WOLF Eldon, Iowa ACADEMY RECORD: Catholic Choir, Newman Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Stella Mans Guild, Bowling League, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Dick Lykes, S.S. Zoella Lykes, S.S. Elizabeth Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, M.V. Del Campo, Delta Steamship Company. VOYAGES: Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, japan, Korea, Panama, Philippines, Taiwan, Viet Nam. GUY WALKER WOLF, III Manteca, California ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Polaris, Protestant Choir, Glee Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Cargo Club, International Relations Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Iapan Bear, Pacific Far East Lines, S.S. President Adams, American President Lines, .Inc. VOYAGES:'Bermuda, Ceylon, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaya, Okin- awa, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet Nam. JIM BILL 0 . nwlll' H10 ,vagina fm0""""' Emlnlvu bi. Yun ximian 'lam A rv. W Ll "' ff f., I 3 5 1 WOLF W'II,LI.-XXI OSEPH STANLEY PETER YYHONA IIXYID Bl.0lXIlf'l"l' NVYNIAN 9 Y Hfomia North f,hl1.1.Qw, IU:-. ,U XIHIIVINL Nl.us.whnwlls 1013.359 Sm, E Xlglplg- Hg-ighlq, Ohio .fXff.Xl7f'1NiY Hffflfllill X- J L UW WX lil 1 UIKU X .AINIIN iilulv, Nialllillxpikm' ' V' If UNI. X IMJ4, Klub ,xl '. fbQ,e20m'E" xr mum' nriciormi ffhf-.-fif-mf-fi, mm- mm- U" " A ' " N "W lbgllnfrs' I7r.un.1 Club, Rm: Darius' ffmrnunttm-Q-. SEX IDI IX x N I , f I X1 X Nl IN N N Ixlwul Mix.:-lun'1, kXnu-lu-':u1 ' Emma" A IIUIY gg I. t H I gg F t 5.5, I.--Mmm I, R , I ,X ix, 'E l-'v..u.1l-.11 lun'-, lm-., 55. h.ml.x Cr- gear Pacificl-1' wX 7 1 ,. . zxpor uyvr, . 'fi-PW' fklmpnl-Y. N x 1,.. luv- lu. , N N, ,,Xutv11-.urn hi um- ' . ,- Eiwmvfl ,Xm1'r1c.un lxxpmt lxPmr.uv1Lltv-11 I.lm'x, I X N x l',.,..- V. I. 9.5, 1 rl Mal", ms' Amenmz' Iv , NA. NIl7FIll.lL'NViflCl, Moore--MCCforumck I,im's, Xfrg' Nfll'NXlf'-'W1" '- lu '- A '- 1. X I ,mlk Xml.,-i:1lx. lm-. m M lu 1, urvn, 1u.'u1w7- 1 KM , .Nl INV-mv ll- , 1 X I Vw 'xl ,I 'X X,-L 4 H.1h.un,u, Hn lvium, ffllilv, nvKEg5'pt'xlI5f'T' '.flYXC.I's IM-iqimn, 171-nrlmrk, Finlimcl, I"r.mcz-, Slim yy .,, XM, ,Q X, K 3 1 1 . l,..,:. 4,.4 .1 lupmm, ilnfu-, ll.uln, ' Orggfl Jfk S lml, Itnlv, Nlwrmcrm, N'4'fh4'l'lglYlQli, Norway, 1,,,N14'14,-l,,,ky,A1. Q 1, I,' X. - x II ' km." ll,ulx4 l,.p.m. kmhl, l,lbx.q, Mm- 1651 mgapok' i'Vm.l NPIIYI, Svc-ch-n, YllLfONl.lVifl. ' N X, V X1- nw . M X-lhf nldmix, l'.m.m1.n, l's-lu, iam. I ll. 11 w',N1v,uxl1, lulkex. Q BILL .NQE CURT EL LOBO 1 I STO 'X SH XX 7 279 1 IOHN RICHARD YANOSKY Ebensburg, Pennsylvania ACADEMY RECORD Catholic Choir Newman Club Drill Team Baseball SEA DUTY SS Mormacsaga SS Mormacglen Moore McCormack Lines Inc USNS General Maurice Rose Military Sea Transportation Serv ice' S.S. Export Banner S.S. Independence American Export Isbrandtsen Lines Inc: S S. Santa Ines Grace Lines Inc. VOYAGES: Barbados Belgium Canada Denmark Dutch West Indies Ecuador Finland France French West Indies Germany Greece Iceland Libya Martinique Netherlands Norway Pan- ama Peru Poland Puerto Rico Sweden Trini- dad Tunisia Turkey Venezuela. DICK HERBERT CHARLES ZICKWOLF Meriden, Connecticut ACADEMY RECORD Band Dance Band Regi mental Broadcast Unit Gymnastics SEA DUTY S S Mormaccove Moore McCormack Lines Inc SS African Dawn Farrell Lines Inc SS President Buchanan American Presi dent Lines Inc.- S.S. Pioneer Mill United States Lines Company Inc. VOYAGES: Azores Belgium Canada Ceylon Denmark Egypt France Gennany Ghana Hong Kong India Italy Japan Korea Liberia Malaya Netherlands Nigeria Norway Okinawa Pakis- tan Panama Philippines Poland Republic of Ivory Coast Republic of Senegal Sierra Leone Singapore Sweden Taiwan Togo Viet Nam. HEWLON ZIMMER Chicago, Illinois ACADEMY RECORD Scholastic Star Drill Team Honor Cadet Intramurals SEA DUTY S S Almeria Lykes S S Doctor Lykes S S Kendall Fish S S Shirley Lykes Lykes Brothers Steamship Company S S Gulf Banker Gulf 5: South American Steamship Company- S.S. Bayou Barataria Universal Marine Lines. VOYAGES: Algeria Azores Belgium Chile Col- ombia Ecuador France Germany Greece Hong Kong Japan Korea Mexico Panama Peru Philippines Poland Spain Taiwan, Turkey Viet Nam Yugoslavia E 1 ,Y-1' - 'if ZIG CASPER f1MER his ic Star, Drill Tm s, S.S. Docior H+ mirley Lykes, Lv V3 SS. Gu1IBmf Lteamship Compu 'ersal Marine Lx' Belgium, ChJ!z,f nnany, Greefe,H ico, Panama, Taiwan, Turkey. M' SPLIT SEA -553 W1 f' We PFS. 'Q ,.,,. ,ma , , M 5...-.....,-, Fr0nt Row: L. Bock, C. Hevitvrt, YV, xI4llIllt'Il, XI, lin-Ymrslwrn Swmul Run, ll .'Xmwlln.l11N. I. Shioman, T. Harrelson, I. Muco. Huck Roux W. 'l'umlmll, 1, IL-xulfy, XI. fiullux, S. Smith, A. jasiciemy. . X V2 Er . 'f-. f ex JV .,, 1.-..--rg! ' ' ' h ' if' ZFX rf Q 'lub 4 , 'gg by 4' . ., ,Dig gh X-4' ?-' 'a ' I '- I ' ", v , . ai .-if-,-was M-,iffy-ff,1. w. 7 Q' A I I g F , , - '- 'L , P ' , R. NI ll b rg, Second Row: C. grant Rgwiwllufpxgyelg, Iilussjngltlkgfiexgyilllgniluittergafg Back alggluj. Bchm, 1. EQQCIS, rown, . fu , - , - f T. Pace. SPLIT SEA 'E7B Front Row I Havasy L Kxllpack I Ward C Magnamo,I Lacher P WO1C1k1 Second Row F Ryan M Wxlson S Cnffm R Tmgltella I Colhns D. Kehoe Third Row F Toedtemeler I Cox B Clarke I D1Ck1SOD K S1egman Back Row M. N1ChOlS B Knott M T16SCV1Ch fl' YQA, V , X N 1 x Ayr' FW, J il X X Q as V A-1' '53 .2 ls. X sai 2 Front Row W D1ckerson W Wh1te C Summers P Barton I Hoey Second Row P Park M Mmhaelsen S Loughlm D Neef Back Row I WVilson WV Mulhch D Collar F '4 IN ACICNDVVLEDGIVIENT In the preparation of the theme for this year's Midships, I have received encouragement, assistance and suggestions from many individuals, stearnship companies and port authorities to whom I wish to acknowledge my indebtedness. Past years have seen the theme unfold in a short story form. This year I have deviated from the past trend by using more pictures, and fewer words with the hope of creating a travelogue effect. I owe the pursuit of this idea to the encouragements of my classmate Patrick Mc.-Xllister and our printer Mr. Al Ballabio. For his ideas in the layout of several pages, and editing much of my written work, I am in debt to my roommate Stephen R. johnson. For the many photographs of world harbors and ships which l have received I am grateful for the responses of over one hundred port authorities and twenty- five steamship companiesg especially, Ellerman tv Bueknall Associated Lines, Port Newark, New Iersey, for their enthusiasm in supplying many of the pictures used in our theme. I am also thankful to the Maritime Administration for their photograph and information on the "surface effect" vessel. For the tedious work in helping me type and mail hundreds of letters requesting photographs of ships and harbors I am forever indebted for the energy and devotion of Kathryn Waraby. fa I , I V ' I - !!zaaza7f65 William E. Steiger, Ir. Managing Editor , , 'f'J2,ff"-'Q 5475+ fl ' F, l Q - ,Sf 4, S 'Vis x I gi .. ,rpg What's y-QL-Lr choice for fast service? If you want the world's fastest superliner, choose the SS United States for dependable, regular passenger sailings to Europe. l3ut for record-breaking cargo service to Great Britain and the Continent, look at the new 'Challeng- ers" in the United States Lines' fleet, Speeds of twenty- OUC knots or better. Throttle control from the bridge. Two-minute automatic opening for all hatch covers. For Hawaii and the Far East, there are twenty-knot Mariner type vessels. And, of course, United States Lines' offices in major cities abroad are ready to work for you there. When if comes 10 slzippizzg service, lhink fast. Cul! us. Qllliiiliiiiili 5TfliIii5..EHD.Ei.E.i ROADWAY, New YORK, NY. 10004 DIGBY 4 5800 A1 4 4 'I- 4 4 , 1' Z 2 A gnaAA.A ns Isla Petroleum products for whatever work there is to be done...wherever it is to be done...on land, In the air or on the seven seas. GULF OIL CORPORATION pi? Gulf A3 i T th ' Cciasseof Our heartfelt congratulations and best trains the wishes on your graduation . . . and Marine Reactor Engineers through the years to come. We invite you to join the thousands of on the oHicers who are served exclusively by A A Federal Services. N f S S V 0 Founded by former servicemen ' 4 In 192 in water chemistry 0 Serving oflicers of the U. S. Armed Forces wherever sta- tioned 0 Pioneers in world-wide automo- a bile financing ' 0 Signature loans by airmail Established 1903 n clam' wwe ll7 LIBERTY sr., NEW YORK, N. Y. 10006 Federal Services bl NG ,FINANCE CORPORATION Chemical and Mechanical Systems NANGI w0Ri.D WIDE sERvicE 1701 Penn. Ave., N.W. Washington 6, D.C. worIcI wide service TODD OIL BURNERS Firing the boilers of thousands of passenger liners, merchant ships and naval vessels . . . TODD BURNERS set a world standard for peak efficiency and rugged performance. TIIDD PROD CT DIVISION OF TODD SHIPYARD CORPORATION Halleck Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. ll23l 1,1 Highly engineered marine equipment, a Kings Pointer can appreciate K" 1 X p Waukesha-electronic thrust in Ninwx ...J i measurement r i Waukesha-self-leveling main . f thrust bearings Waukesha-Simplex stern tube . , f"'?z seals and . . . '37 Gi , gi annum i Waukesha-oil lubricated babbmed bearings fun QMMMM5 leaafhzy J WWEKUKESUQR BEARINGS C o R P 0 R A T I O N WAUKESHA, WIS. COMPLIMENTS T. Ho g ll ll Sons I nc Trinidad Corporation 9 Stevedores 531 WEST 19th STREET NEW YORK 11 N. Y. H i Id QFICE so agp 9-an g I 4f12a:f,2fQr 0fRwRN'X?' H AI.I. CLASSES OF OCEAN AND INLAND MARINE INSURANCE HOME OFFICE I23 WILLIAM STREET NEW YORK 10038 NEW YORK OFFICES THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES CLAIMS AND SETTLING AGENTS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD li ff'ff'f E93 D N 'ts For first-class service the world around the U.S. flag fleet of American Export lsbrandtsen Lines. American style comfort and expert service-the crew speaks your language-plus a congenial group of fellow passengers-these are the things that will make your vacation unique, and morethan just a vacation. Take a Sunlane cruise to the Mediterranean and plan to stop over if you have time. Catch a return cruise later. Or head for the West Indies. The ss Independence, Constitution and Atlantic are your floating resorts on these trips. Or take one of A.E.l.L.'s comfortable freighters and spend an exciting time travelling to Europe, Africa, the Near East or all the way around the world! And where freight is part of your business-near or far-you can be confident of fast, dependable on-time delivery. A.E.l.L. sees to it! Am-:mcim Exronr lsnmmnrsss LINES 24 Broadway, N.Y. 10004 Telephone: 797-7222 fN.Y. Area Code 2123 I ' , . ," Q11 ' I I f MAIN CABLE ADDRESS: I Q I' 'S QL so--sox X, I , , 14, iwjyyg X ki I V A 4. ,V ' J wfs faf ,AA. .,,, , ,,,.., , ,.,,, I ,,V , T im , A, n Q I- My I K 7, f f H o o PE R L u M B E R I Photo Courtesy U.S.C.G. COMPANY, INC. ' LUMBER, DUNNAGE SHIP CEILING 36 FERRIS STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y, II23I OFSEALS with oil Iubricated bearing system, per- mitting disassembly tor servicing and inspection without disturbing the pro- peller or tail shaft. MARINE PRODUCTS Cr ENGINEERING CO. 20 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK IOOO7 L1l1l A10 WRU an mlb: 'lun M Nur, Win Lib. 'NUM FWF-I 1 hcl -'ll 1 ! 'll Hll ls it fish or foul play? Sorting out real target information Soon the whole range of ASW from the rest of its watery environ- problems-detection,classification, ment is one of the most complex pinpointing and destruction-will problems ofantisubmarine warfare. be examined in a controlled, yet authentic, marine environment. This year ITT was named systems In 1957, after solving the problem of high density storage of multi- channel analog information, ITT developed equipment to record underwater acoustical environ- ments. Now, ITT sonar simulators managerforthe new Atlantic AUTEC will be 100 miles long, 20 , Undersea Test and Evaluation miles wide and 6,000 feet deep. ITT USHI9 F3995 of actual COVIUIIIOVIS CenterfAUTECJ that will bethe will Ieee this ocean area with Caftffam UDIOI0SOfIfHfmefI HIOIICG- principal U.S. Navy facility for hydrophones and other sensitive Currently, ITT is developing DINAH, checking out ASW weapons sys- instruments, erect tracking gear to an advanced underwater detection tems. AUTEC will be an "inner permit thorough underwater eval- system based on electro-magnetic Space" range, the first capable of uation of such advanced ASW principles, precision tracking in an underwater weapons as SUBROC and ASROC. International Telephone and atmosphere Of Qfeat dlSf3I'IC9 ASW is not new to ITT. World War ll's Telegraph Corporation. World and depth. HUFF-DUFF system that pin- Headquarters: 320 Park Avenue, pointed U-boat radio transmissions, New York, New York 10022. no matter how brief, was an ITT development. THESE ITT COMPANIES ARE ACTIVELY SERVING U.S. DEFENSE AND SPACE PROGRAMS: rzczmi. ELECTRIC CORPORATION s ITT ARKANSAS DIVISION 0 :Tr cANNoN ELECTRIC DIVISION c ITT DATA AIID mronmriou svstzns DIVISION ITT ELECTRON TUBE DIVISION 0 ITT FEDERAL LABORATORIES 0 ITT GENERAL CONTROLS I ITT GILFILLAH INC. 0 ITT INDUSTRIAL LABORATORIES DIVISION ITT INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS DIVISION 0 ITT KELLOGG COM UNICATIONS SYSTEMS I ITT SEMICOHLUCTCRS JENNINGS RADIO MA UFACTURING CORPORATION ITT WIRE AND CABLE DIVISION o ITT WORLD COMMUNICATIONS INC A Available Everywhere in the United States and ' :hm-ghouf the World I so S I 'l'Q A :ga ,Q t "N ,lf -'N- I Xli- ' I e a X ,QQ -- nt ., wg ,- - 1 ' -I -. :Jw . xx- if vw 'W ":'r:- '.,'gf::-iw, 1, ' -vu .1 li, ' Q . . 'J ,. - it-t,,.-I., ..,., .,,,, , ,4 N, g ,- ,f I I 5' , 'f .1 Sw.-I 1 ig, Age, .J 'wary'-:army r 1 f ff 1' as f,,.fQ5-eff -,J f- X 1- sw ,af , , -' 1 ' i.,..,..f I I ,' K ,,. rx :31Send for list of Agents International Distribution could only be built on a line of Marine Paints that afford the shipowner the maximum in protection, durability and economy. lt's a safe habit to specify International. International Paint Enmpang. Inc. ZI West Street, New York 0 S. Linden Ave. S. San Francisco 3915 'Louisa St., New OrIeans A WORLD-WIDE PAINT ORGANIZATION CITIES SERVICE nlnssnnvlnn ni IIIIII nnnvnnnno wfwfw 540 lIIIIl'llIlI TIITII MEIICIIA I' MIIIII II IIIIIIIIIIMY Telephone: Dlgby 4-0291 C50 WITI-I Tl-IE BIG ONES Transeastern Associates, Inc. I Chase Manhattan Plaza New York 5, New York Cables: SHIPTRAMP A12 I-.. Ss,"- xr" x In Q-- 'sr l in 4 1 I i - WORLD WIDE il CARGO SERVICES i From All Coasts of the United States 1 l i i India ' Pakistan ' Ceylon ' Saudi Arabia ' Iran ' Iraq ' Thailand ' Burma i , l Formosa ' Okinawa ' Hawaiian Islands ' Japan ' Korea ' Malaysia + 3 w Philippines ' Indonesia ' Viet-Nam ' Cambodia ' Alexandria ' Lebanon Red Sea ' Near and Middle East ,ef 'A lx R"ff3?7 f i 5 l fl ff' 1? ' i f' 1 if l E l .0 BERT:-4 Acswrs A M Baltimore e Beam-nenf . Boston 0 Brownsville 0 Buffalo Chicago 1 Cleveland a Dallas Q Detroit ' GalV95T0n 2 ' Houston v Long Beaen Q Leg Angeles 1 M6fT1Dl'll5 ' Mobile New Orleans v New York . Norfolk ' Philadelphia My Y k N Y 10004 . DI 4,8840 Poffland, Ore. o San Francisco o Seattle . Washington, D. C. 90 Broad Street, New or , , . 4 V ' AP" H - ,giesff ' A13 Z'.. ll' aliljme 'lllll llllllllLllllY llll Mllllll' The above trademark has earned the right to be considered as such. It signifies a de- pendable STAINDARD of QUALITY that has always been distinctive and recognized We are proud of this as you men are of vour career ABT CAP CQIMPANY , INC 729 BROADWAY NEW YORK 3 N Y Compliments of Vanguard Militarg Equipment Corp. Manufacturers of UNIFORM ACCESSORIES 36 EAST 3lst STREET NEW YORK NEW YORK SAFE NAVIGATION FOR YOUR SAVINGS Dzscover Our Convenzent Bankmg Servzces TODAY QJJTXNEQ MM I . 9 . .f v 0 1 Y 7 7 ' ' I l l I 1 K, ..f- X X - .- ' .qgrivfzr -154.4-E?-' f-fx YE' 'J-N,-X' 'JLD .f' ,E-'25 ,ge - ' - '2- V, fi o I .-P -. .-.,- .' -::f75:3' - , , f f-C- .,, - , .- :-- - , s - fa , -, ,,, ..: -,T -g x- , -4 g K Xf A-. .Q - ,.-:-,,, ,, i ,. ,ig-l -'-b' W' g...4 - Q5 , , ' ' A sex?-T' - v- ,.,,i..-I-1 'L 5 1 yfqqm , . .. -. . , l" ':2g7'ET .. 1 N - '- '. - ,, - .- - ' '- x 1.1 L 2,-.A-is -4:1-'F ' '.-ff V? ,,,f ,- h 1 ' -1 3 . -1 1. gi.: , - -- " --.grams 'Y " -' ...-:- 7--5-'-'L'-' " ' ' ' " ' ' -1 , 5. 'f '-f-,S'1.:-""'u:l'v-'k'2"a'Amz.x, - - 1 - ..- :T :Z - ' T i - ..-'- --La. --a:-...T--A ----,, , t,, BANK BY MAIL-You deposit or withdraw with simple forms and use convenient, free postage-paid envelopes. ALLOTMENT SAVINGS ACCOUNTS-Simply allot part of your pay to a savings account at The Seamen's. Don't take chances on spending or losing the money. You specify the amount and each month the allotment is mailed direct to your savings ac- count here. FOREIGN REMITTANCES-Promptly and easily arranged by Seamen's depositors who wish to send money abroad. Now's the time to make your arrangements with us. A call, a card or a visit will do the trick! Put Your Money To Work Now! DIVIDENDS FROM DAY OF DEPOSIT THE SEAMEN'S BANK for SAVINGS Chartered 1829 Main Office: 30 Wall Street, New York S, N. Y. Fifth Avenue Ollice: S46 Fifth Ave., New York 36, N.Y. Bowling Green Office: Beaver St. at New St., New York 4 CABLE ADDRESS: SEASAVE NEW YORK M embzr Federal Dzposit Insurance Corporation it 1- at Jr if -Af 1- 1- 1- 4. f ,, ,k 4 4 A14 Friendliest drink on earth I' ,Mfg -.wxxx Bhilfi go 6 CI' Wlth OKC fffx-V51 X552 unmsiommn J. Foswn OF UNIVERSAL TERMINAL 8: FLOATING DRY DOCKS . GRAWNG DOCKS STEVEDORING Come. MARINE STRUCTURES PORT FACILITIES SHIPYARD EXPANSIONS OFFSHORE PLATFORMS OFFSHORE MOORINGS SURVEYS, CONSULTATIONS, DESIGNS 6' SUPERVISION I7 BATTERY PLACE, New Yomc, N. Y. 10004 TEL. Digby 4-ol 25 NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10004 CABLE Aomuass "ceFosTA" East Wont Africa , South Africa One OU Disc AML.. Whitehall Street New York 4, N. Y. ONE BROADWAY The only Steamship Company Linking the United States with All Three Ocean Coasts of FIIIIIA 0 Regular sailings to South, East and West Africa. Offering you a Wldb range of sailing schedules and fast transit service between continents. L fling Berth: Pier foot of 35th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. I harging Berth: Pier foot of 33rd Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. A6 -:huh Rubin fi . :IIML H 'MTIO4 IMFUI ,,,.'u Hn. mg,- Wi 5. TW, 'vn- It it m.u' Hn. R '--1 .M V T ., T v N.. as s r ,, V' K ' ' 'M' , ' .. 1 A N .X 1 s Y V I J, , , - M, , . . V, It " ,. . ..- I 1""" but there is only one non-hockling, plaited marine rope made in America ! Pli-moor does not kink . . . will never hockle . . . is the most flexible and easy to handle rope ever produced . . . is rugged Qbreaking strengths up to 335,000 lbsj . . .does not turn and distort itself as 3-strand ropes will do . . . has the ability to relax between jobs and keep its original, perfect bal- ance . . . splices easily . . . is available in manila or your choice of synthetics. Naturally, Pli-moor's sensational entry into the marine field murdered many a normal 3-strand rope sale. And since nobody but Columbian was Cquipped to make it, others had to try to imitate it. Consequently, there are now a couple of so- called no kink multi-strand ropes on the market that are desperately C trying to follow in the wake of Pli- moor's spectacular success. They C blance stops there. 'lhree lelt turn I4-strand ropes have been twisted together into one right turn 9- strand rope. Rather iinpressive looking. we zidinit. YVe've been producing something finite like il for over 50 years as rigid drilling cable lor the oil fields. Flexible? Not vervf Torque-free? No! Never hockles? Nonsense! .X strong lelt turn and you've got three 3-strand ropes again. Any 55-strand rope will hockle. Three will give you three times the kinks, hockles. Charlie Horses, A H's. call them what you will. End result? .-Xny 0-strand twisted rope is a pretty sad substitute for plaited Pli-moor. Prove Pli-moor to yourself. It won't take long. If you haven't already ordered Pli-moor, see or call your nearest Columbian dealer or distributor, ' "D' "" o r contact us direct. COLUMBIAN ROPE COMPANY look remarkably like Pli-moor. Rope But don t be fooled. The resem- Auburn "The Cordage City," N.Y. i 5 . s. it A 17 lcounlinl to -Ships on Order- 1 supplement ln the Motor Slug published Avm X965 mdfffmrf-lwvnnuuzoocumsuausq every Hfth slujz on order will be sel 1 14 7 1 ships C 90-42 0103 ' ding S 8.1111 .ps K - M at 1st April s eam powered main en - - - U I - DRIVEN WWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWQFWWQIW awwwamwqqqq wmwmwwwww 1965 there were 1627 merchant ships on order throughout the world. 156 of them wlll be W . 1471, or diesel driven W and of thes ' e wiv gines . 6 D A19 'Wai Sig X I X ' I Many hundreds of Kings E- - -TTTTI i T X . - T OEET' I T X. A HE -in El ,- 5' - . 2 fe ' ' - 2 -' if- x' 9 f '- - - A 3 , A - - .. A V --Q ' 4' E f if ie- 2.-Z1 f f Point Graduates, over the years, have traded uniform caps to serveaboard our world-wide fleet of luxury liners and modern icargovessels. Their skills and diligence help to make ours a f respectedhouse flag in ports from Boston to Bombay. Our R sincere congratulations. R AMIIERICAVN TP-RESIDENT LINES if ulls, cargoes and all types of marine Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 90 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 38, N. Y. insurance - CHUBB 8: SON Inc. Carrier Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have served all classes of FEDERAL INSURANCE COMPANY ' f clcimmjigcial and naval vessels or more VIGILANT INSURANCE COMPANY t an Years- THE sEA INSURANCE Co., LTD. Carrier Marine Service is AMERICAN SEA INSURANCE COMPANY THE LONDON ASSURANCE located at all deep-water ports zilong the ALLIANCE ASSURANCE CO., LTD. principal trade routes of the wor d. GREAT NORTHERN INSURANCE COMPANY AIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATION Ocean and Inland Marine Tl'3nSP0l'f3ti011 ' Fire and Automobile MARINE DEPARTMENTS Aviation Insurance through Associated Aviation ass Madison Ave., New York 17, N. Y. PLazu 9-sooo U'1de'Wn'e's 695 S. Van Ness Ave., San Francisco 10, Calif. MArket 6-0550 A20 ixxllllari S - r ne ervlcen, gee ff' 4'1" When you approach a landmark of any key port, re- ' ' Service is member: All around the world, Mobil Marine fast and smooth-for lubes, bunker fuels, or both. Marine specialists are "on deck" to supply the top- quality lubricants and fuels you need, when you need ' ineers will also them. This network of Mobil marine eng provide you with the skilled technical service that vessel owners around the world depend upon. So reme ' ' ' t around. 'Hy it and see. mber Mob1l's Marine Service for fast urn- A21 At every lnqalor port, Mobll's world-famous is ' 'L fast turn-around ,. if wift tatesliner ervices ...from Pacific Coast Ports to Japan-Korea-Hong Kong- Ukinawa-Taiwan-Philippines-Vietnam -Thailand-Hawaii . . I .. - . -. -. ' '-"" ' f ""+ . -Wig? ,:,.,:3f,::g,215.-.f' , : ,. , ,.-:.:f-:--r-r'r- '-1-'f+ - - -2-1:2:1:r -' -kgwezsq :k3,1.1.,.- ,g.g,.-I - . .f:-:- -' .-1':-155:-'-,:g:-'-H:-'A' , .,.::,.t 4 r .gf rar, -vc, , I 4 V 44- ,. ,. 1 ,. ,ff 45" zf55g.:.Q,.:f5'Z .-4,-.-.'.-4.11, . 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I-..,.:,,,.: -W., -- VA ,,,,, . . W.: -V ,,,- . .-,:3::Q5:E,5.:3E:E53 - ' - f . .... 4- .g.333535,5:g:5qs3z:5:::::i:ggg:g:55523gQ,g55-gf' .. ,. .. '2f'f?ff r . r -'f::r::.:1-" 1 :, f.' -: " . .. . .-1-R "" - .' ' ' ,.:.:rESrE1tErfrErEr11f 2 1 1 15 ' 91 AT 'ff S , xii: ' FASTER SERVICE . . . more efficient cargo handling . . . more luxurious passenger accommodations. . .these are some of the advantages States Line's 20-knot Advanced Mariners have brought to transpacific trade. But most important of all, States Line's fleet of sleek, white modern vessels is adding prestige and enhancing the strength of America's Merchant'Marine. ,-. i.i.i11 F LOW Q SINCE 1914 QD Manufacturers of FLOW CONTROL DEVICES - VALVES - DRIERS STRAINERS - INDICATORS - FITTINGS and ACCESSORIES FOR REFRIGERATION - AIR CONDITIONING - INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS Approved for Use by Army, Navy and Maritime Commission HENRY VALVE CQ. 32l5 NORTH AVENOE STKYES LXNE STATES STEAMSHH, COMPANY MELROSE PARK, ILLINOIS 60160, u. s. A. V35 came: HEVALCO, Meme Park, Illinois Winn , , - - - AC3I2 Phones: 344-I IOO 320 CaIIfOrnIa Street, San FTBYICISCO, CaIIfornIa Chicagozzm-3668 YU 2-6221 Los Angeles ' Vancouver, B.C. ' Seattle Portland ' Long Beach ' San Diego A22 QR AC- lar est fleet serving the Americas exclusively ROM sailing ships to cruise liners, Grace ships have forged a proud tradition of service to the Americas for more than a century. Through the years this maritime pioneer has grown with the countries it serves. Today the Grace Line fleet is the largest operating exclusively between the Americas. The magnificent Santa Rosa and Santa Paula are the only two ships designed and built specifically for Caribbean cruising. Four all-new ships, the Santa illagdalena, Santa Mariana, Santa Maria and Santa Mercedes, are setting a new standard for f:'lJ",'1,i'irl fri 1 I trade and trayf-l lJi'l'-'.'f'f'll thv- l'ort of Nm-. York. the Caribbt-:iii :iiirl thf- l':it ifif- f'f,gt,4t, of South .-'imc-rir':i. 'lvllffs' arf- the largest. ships ew-r to sf-rye the :ire-fi. Popular c':irgri-pgissviiger "S:riit:t!' sail regularly to the- t':iril1hf-:iii :incl the l':irrilir: Coast ot South .-Xinf-rim. Sf-fi-:nr r'omhiu:i- tions are also ayailzihlt-. YYheneyer you traflf- lir't,v.'c-:fn the Americas, whenever you travel li:-twr-ext the Americas, you can rely on Grain: Line, the unique all-American merfrhmit. fleet. Agents and offices in principal cities in the llfestern Hemisphere. GR CE LI THE A23 MOST FAMOUS NAME IN INTER-AM-'5Rl CAN SERVICE tmies anne I likes Serving all ceaete of the U.S. with 25 Services between QS C:OuntrieS and ISS ports AT YOUR SIERVICI: 0 BETWEEN U. S. PORTS. AND FAR EAST ' EUROPE IVIEDITERRANEAN UNITED KINGDOM Q TRI-CONTINENT SERVICE BETWEEN EUROPE ' U. S. ATLANTIC- GUIJ:-PACIFIC ' FAR EAST - GREAT LAKES- EUROPE SERVICE 'MT'-he 0 GREAT LAKES-FAR EAST SERVICE o INTERCOASTAL SERVICES BETWEEN GULF AND PACIFIC PORTS AND FROM PACIFIC LUMBER PORTS TO ATLANTIC PORTS BERTH AGENTS FX E E, AI In I 4 90 Broad Street, New York, N. Y. IOOO4 ' DI 4-8840 WORLD WIDE FULL CARGO SERVICES Baltimore 0 Beaumont ' Beaton 0 Brownavxllc I Buffalo Chicafo 0 CIeveIand Dailas Dctroi - Galveston Houst L g B L A Q I M his - Mobile New Orleans Y V N f IV Philadelphia A25 I I 3 I-3-I-I-I-3-3'3-I-I-I-X-3"3-I-I-3'5-I-Y 1 KEYSTUNE a Ship Owners, Operators and Agents 1000 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 19107 Area Code 215-WA1nut 3-1300 I' '- SHIPPING co. We The Whaler Bar Madison Ave. at 38th St. New York 16, N. Y. Smooth Sailing, Graduates . . . We're proud to have been aboard to serve you. Slater School and College Services has been serving wholesome meals at United States Merchant Marine Academy since 1956. Each year at graduation time, we think back on many pleasant times and the fine students we have known. The Academy realizes that classroom per- formance starts With planned nutrition. Through the Slater organization, they have wisely invested in quality foods, prepared and served in a friendly manner. We hope you have enjoyed Slater meals and service. From all of us, smooth sailing and good health in the years ahead! simn scuuoi Ann nomar sfnvncfs PHILADELPHIA 46, PA. NOW SERVING MORE THAN 160 SCHOOLS IN 32 STATES AND PUERTO RICO A26 4. 1' Ai 'qv 'M,:": V 1 fv lghl If this is your year to graduate, your gold braid has been tarnished from enough salt water service for you to know that a career at sea offers responsibility and opportunity which never existed when square riggers sailed through the Gate. You also know that a tankerman is a breed apart. ln fact, there's not much we can add to a Third Mate's or Third Assistant's knowledge, except to say that Standard, too, knows the ropes. Our ocean-going years date back to the days when topsails showed above the horizon and the course from east to west was around the boisterous Horn. Kings Point graduates, we're proud to say, have shipped with us since the earliest days of the Academy. We're just as proud that many of our officers and shoreside management today are Academy men. Congratulations to this year's graduates. . . bon voyage in your careers. CALIFORNIA SHIPPING COMPANY A Standard Oil Company of California subsidiary A -54-.dp Mltchell 2-2464 COMPLIMENTS OF ATLAS VALVE COMPANY PRESSURE REDUCING VALVES FOR WATER AND STEAM OIL RELIEF VALVES TEMPERATURE REGULATORS Iron, Bronze or Steel Valves for All Pressure and Mediums 280 SOUTH STREET PUMP GOVERNORS NEWARK 14, NEW JERSEY JOHN J. McMULLEN , ASSOCIATES, INC. NAVAL ARCHITECTS MARINE ENGINEERS CONSULTANTS I7 BATTERY PLACE NEW YORK 4, NEW YORK IO5 MARKET STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA SING! IUO4 Q PEROLIN FUEL OIL TREATMENT Pero-Klean Marine Cleaner Representatives and stocks in Maior Ports throughout the world S7112 PEROLIN COMPANY.g1zc. MARINE DIVISION 350 Fifth Avenue ' New York I, N. Y I 1 1 I NEW YORK, N. Y. C'roAAocean Slupping Co., jnc. 7 Bmw mCE WHitehaII 4- I I 84 GENERAL AGENTS 1 Y i 1 A2 E' -i L l rl! I. Y. f l HERFF JQNES Official Class Jewelers CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1965 CREST PWS AND MXNXA TUQES GERALD MURCHISON 26 Ahnette Drive Port Washington, N. Y. A29 MARSH 81 QLENNAN INCORPORATED Insurance Brokers CONSULTING ACTUARIES On the lob ll wherevera X eIlenl's Interest X ls atstake " , X ' JIAIKNHQQ A E-Eli-KLA .sgnpunuru YQ-Q-M S31 AVERAGE ADJUSTERS 70 PINE STREET, NEW YORK 5 Chicago New York San Francisco Minneapolis Detroit Los Angeles Boston St. Louis Philadelphia Pittsburgh Seattle Indianapolis St. Paul Portland Bufalo Duluth Tulsa Atlanta Miami New Orleans Syracuse Rochester Tampa Milwaukee Phoenix Cleveland Kalamazoo Charleston Oakland San Diego Richmond Montreal Toronto Vancouver Calgary Edmonton Winnipeg Caracas London LOCAL BROKERAGE FACILITIES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD Compliments of XAAAXVWAAAAAAWAXOXVWWXQ Compliments of STATE LAUNDRY CU INC MATHIASEN TANKER INDUSTRIES Inc Pubhc Ledger Bu1ld1ng Ph11ade1ph1a Pennsylvama 19106 ff ffffffffffffffffffffffXXV!!! X X X X X Q X X X 2 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X HEMPSTEAD NEW YORK The Cadet Laundry A X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X fffffffxxxffnnfonnnnf-nfv-nnfv-fvff-A ' ff ffffffffffffffffff A30 5 . . . . . . - MAWAXWXVVW fwwf'fwnfwnfwwf-nnnnnnwfvwfwffffffffffAf' gf f F1 x I 1 IU ' 'W X 'XSAf!'!'X'X'X'!7'X'X'X'Z'4X7'X7'fX7'X7'X'X'X7'X7'f'f7'fXY'f'X'4X'4X'f'!'X'X'X'X'l'f7'f'f'Z7'!'X7'X'Z's!Wf'X'fHf5!'X'f' X' if Af X X E X X E S X X X X 'Ai 0 K A X a- x Q N S E Q F Z S "' N lug X g f 2 Q 3 S -4 X 2 'Q 3 2 2 Li is rv rn X 4 N X. X is 7 3' X 0 X je C 3 - Q N , :E 0 'O 2 X 9 x Q I Q X , ' Q 2 3- Z fn XB fs -. x N I, R U1 li gg af Q W 5 if Q X -4 gg 5 Q f X ' ' E wx 7: 2 N X I , Q: x N , ig X L- :, S 0 S 4 Q I 75 3 ' L- jf X 4 :J ' I 5 S' X 1' Q 4 . 1, X I, X 1, B 1 E 5 2 3 if'f'f '!'!'!'f'f'!'f'X9f'f5X7'f'fV'Sf'f Sf'V5!"!5f5!5f .f'fHfSf' f'sfHfSf5!"'r' f5X'f5!Kf"f9X'f"f'!5f5V'SfHf'f5 sf5f'f5f'f'XV'fSf5fSf'hf1f'X977'f'X'fSf'f'Af1f'lSf'f'f'f'f'f'f'4f'f'fSf5f7'f'f'f'f'!, A31 fx, ' " A strong, experien weapons. and pleasure cruising. PREPAREDN ESS ced, ready merchant marine is one of our nation's key r world trade routes in world trade Moore-McCormack Lines plies four majo At the same time it is maintaining the training, dis- s of its ships. This ' l' d alertness of its ofiicers and the readines gf !, 57 il c1p ine an makes for a strong Naval Reserve. FIRST IN AMERICA SINCE 1754 5, t... i i A , i i 5 , M A R I N E Zilirokrbgvvibs PAINT sskvlosl DEVRAN0 o Exterior Shell-Above or Under water o For fouling or non-fouling service o For Decks - Smooth or non-skid o For Tanks - Cargo!Bollast or Potable Water DEVOE Xi RAYNULDS C0 INC. NeW3fk, New Jersey 07105 Riverside, CaIlforni:,92507 Service Abroad through: The Lily Brand Companies n of PIETER SCHOEN 81 ZOUN, LTD. A32 MOORE-MCCDRMAC K LINES 35 . . ,.,, - Cha rvoz-Ca rsen Corporation ARISTO Slide Rules CHARVOZ Drawing Instruments Drafting Supplies LO COLFAX AVENUE CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY A 532, '92 l fs' .5 'L L 1 :Mgt - A 1- .L N LINES Lt.-' nf " """' "' '- - ------ - I , CHICAGO tsffiwmwzpblzfb 214 g gf SAN FRANCISCO , 5 jg LOS ANGELES I ,. ,. . ,. .... I PH"-ADS'-'HM I ELSJLXOJB l lg. IACIUTIII I " ,,.q.AV.,,,..,.V.., A SEATTLE I " "'A'A ' PORTLAND , ATLANTA g NEW ORLEANS I BOSTON surrALo I OHNSON 8. IGGINS M"""A"0L'S I Pufrssuucu WILMINGTON ESTABLISHED l845 MONTREAL Q TORONTO I : INSURANCE BROKERS V,2L'2o"JS22 g Q BUENOS AIREs E Employee Benefit Plan Consultants mo Zic:A:lAEGtg , ' CURITIBA I AVERAGE ADJUSTERS 'no HONIONTE , CAMPINAS I ' CARACAS I MARACAIao I 63 WALL STREET, NEW YORK 5, NEW YORK Puznro LA CRuz ' SANTIAGO PHONE: WI-IITEHALL 4-3160 - CABLE ADDRESS "KERODEN" Lmgg: Nkoqaxn-Rmxxxxxqafqwxwsxxxxxwq-1QQQsKKWx SM LIUJ L3 FJ I Q63 ,. ,-5 SSSQSS 5 IMI -f 'Eu' . .,-we ,, -ff? . H .- A P g 2,, ,, .- , In ,, - H., - If ..-,Lao ..- ,. 5? -ff, , J,- T' A. E. A ,Are-Ilfiiibiw f,i3:y.l if ,iJ I ,ff-+5 ,,,.e-1-92 A A :-4? " """ - , .9 4 L."""4rs-' - -r ' ?f'T2'f'.N'?:'f 'E U , L 'N we-f'f A-my ' 5-f"1ff":iQ'.'2fg-Y ful'-'-Q' "I-"A '11 ll, ' ""'9"" - f 5,53 Egg,Q.-:1LL.,.g..."siTs3fY fX-1-,.-w ff' E 4'lm--gal-' TO THE CLASS OF 1965! . Owners and personnel of the largest prlvafely Operated 'tanker fleet flying 'Che U. S. flag WelCOme You to thedmgh HUMBLE oIL a. REEINING COMPANY ' ' to uty. MARINE DIVISION seas and commend you fOr YOUV 5k'HS and devotlon The Esso Houston, one of the largest IU a 20 shup fleet A3 112 Wfiicreffkg " '- i' I W if hffek I I xx ' l eq I" f Q xoelll 'Q A ssgcir-1,111 'b'I11llll 9 T " 1 x H19 -tts: x 6 0 ",Qet'ilYC QR Q w , emi? I .. as Q 'Q ' u.0iii, , 2 S I ff. ' if S 'U Ui' X1 04' b x , ws N f' U.S. Nlerchoint Nlcirine Acciolemu Alumni Association Serving the Academy, the Regiment of Cadets and the graduate body . . . and through all-the American Merchant Marine and the Nation ihe limeiiean Soeielii ei ilaial Engineers, Inc. A bonafide non-profit organization founded 5 in 'I888 by Naval Officers for the advancement 5 of Naval Engineering. MEMBERSHIPS NOW AVAILABLE ,E Student: E 53.00 annually-to undergraduates 2 E Junior: : ' 56.00 annually--to all graduates 5 to age 30 IThese members not qualified to vote or hold officel : Naval: : : Sl0.00 annually-to all Merchant 5 Marine Officers 5 -Applications upon request- - No initiation fees--no additional charge to E E members for bi-monthly Technical journal, a ' recognized authority in Engineering. SECRETARY-TREASU RER The American Society of Naval Engineers, Inc. SUITE 403, lOl2 l4th STREET, N. W. WASHINGTON, D. C. 20005 lllllll III IllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIlIllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' KINGS POINT MARITIME ASSOCIATION, INC. KINGS POINT, NEW YORK PRESIDENT HON. HAROLD J. McLAUGHLIN FIRST VICE PRESIDENT R. ADM. WILLIAM S. MAXWELL USN CRet.l SECOND VICE PRESIDENT CAPT. E. M. PAULSEN THIRD VICE PRESIDENT JOSEPH T. BORZELL TREASURER RICHARD McNEILL SECRETARY fCorrespondingJ MRS. FRANK VERONA Ulecordingl MRS. FRANK STURZENBERGER A nation wide organization founded in 1953 as the Association of Parents and Friends of Kings Point to foster the best interests of the Academy and the Regi- mentyof Cadets, In 1959 our Association changed its name to-KINGS POINT MARITIME ASSOCIATION, INC., but continued its dedicated purpose-To foster the best interests of the United States Merchant Marine Academy and the American Merchant Marine. Member- ship is open to anyone interested in the American merchant marine and its Academy at Kings Point. Mem- bership meeting held annually and Board of Governors meets monthly. Annual dues, three dollars. A34 'dam Hbhant "SHO a lllllllllllllllll --11 Shlpbolrd CJ Th1N1N 1111 511111111 111111111111 121111115 V.1lv1N U1JOL1bICl9lSL C1 111. 11r 11111111111 f11,I1 11111111 s1.rv1C1 L 1rry1n1, my l11r11l11111r1g11 1111 11111 V' 1,11 N111 glz, Clfbli Ncrvnu. C1 171111115 N IIVLS LINL 111111 111111111 cargo hnndlnng, 1h11rcN 1111111 111111 1.111111 1111111111111 more clI1L11.nl CJ lor HI my 11. 1N1111N Easy Servmng M IIIIILD mu. r1p11r IN 1 11 1 1IwLl as ll d111I1N1111. N1l11 DIFIN 1. 111 111 r1111111.11l11111111u1 lllunt, 1 111.1 1111111 1111111 11111 Wade MuNnoISeIechv19y N our 11111111 1111 111111 111111 rIngVlI1LN1r1 1 N rv 1lNtNu 1lu1t1I1 111111 br111111 1.1111 Nt 1I11ILNN Nt1.1l Parh lnterchongeabulny R1pI1111111111 111111 1 prob 1 J r 11, N 1 1 1 N 1111 pr1NN11r1 1.1 1NN 111 FL IQIIIN 111111111 11111 11WlL A Type For Every Need NLLK1 N11111 11 lr1111 L11N1111111 N Lld 111 1111 N1r1111 11111 1 1 lIl1X,N 511111 1NN N1LL I11r11u1l11r N1r111.1 121Flll1L Y 1l11N11111tu1rw mud 1111111111111 or u1111Nu 11 r 1115 C1 111. 11111 11111111111 X 1kLN 11I1bl1 111 1 N111pb111r11 11111111 1111111 N 1 11 1111 N111r11 or pr11du11I1111N 111 111 1111 tky Nl 111111111 X11m1111N1r 111011 .111 L 11 1N1 C111 1r11 bllI1k1II'k.1N .J Put 1711111111 N 1111s 1n1o lhur n11ur1I 111151111 N our N111p 1.. L1-.111111 L11-L13 11r1 1.1150 PINNLTTLLI' NNr1t1 1111 111111111111 1n111rn1111on Or dblx 1111 D1rl1n1 111.111 to M111 YOU CAN DEPEND ON Dil 11.0.9 .AFLN od I gary ll gTn.:!1 DARLING VALVE 81 MANUFACTURING COMPANY NNILLIAMSPORT 33 PENNSYLVANIA 66 I SIGNCDE 111 lllllf lllllft N tum 111111 Nt111 tr1 1 Dlll 1111 N .11111 All 1 1 NN11r11 N 11r N1 1 urxn-1 1 .1rg11 1111 11111x 111 txfl 1 ll 1111k 11111 Ill 111111 r 111111 N 11111 f11r ll 1 urmg 11t1rI1111 1111111111 .11 N ,:r1111 N 11p 1 Illflllllllll 1 1 f111r wsrlla SIGNODE CORPORATION STEEL STRAPPING DIVISION ' XXII ll ll 1 1lI1n111N 61 1 P11 Box 6116 B11t1n1r1r1 Xl1r111n11 21219 360F11rn1nn QITPPI Bronklwn N111 1ork112l11 2 Y 1 ar Strcft f'am11r111f 1 111 z11I111-1111110 9 193 1 Qt 1011111 Strfct N111 Orlf an-1 L0u1N1z1na 70112 L01 1-rxdffc Road Pltt burf' Callforma 94.369 SIGNODE N130 -J'J'llEllll'I00'InQI TIFIVRL HRCHITECTS ' ITTHRIFIE EIIGIIIEERS ' ITIFIRITIE SURVEYORSY' NEW YORK PHILADELPHIA 5 4Ol North Broad Street NEIII' I,IlDElit6,tIjEtY. Philadelphia, Pa. wHIIehaII 3-2870 WAIIM 5-1755 Cable: I-Ienrycoinc F O R T H AT CRISP, CLEAN, NEA T L O O K WEAR WMAURAND CLEANING TOOLS Clean off accumulations of scale, paint, rust or any foreign matter from any hard surface with Aurand Cleaning Tools. Toothed cutting wheels, loose pinioned on rotating head chip away accumulations at high speed. Positive depth shoe prevents cutting into permanent surface and assures uniform cleaning of entire area. FOR FULL DETAILS, WRITE DEPT. S ,460 AT LOW COST... inene COLLARS They're always new, clean, smart look- ing and comfortable . . . best of all, laundry expense is eliminated. Linene Collars are faced with fine white cotton cloth, paper filler. Wear them until soiled - then throw them away, they're disposable. ask about famous Lion of Troy Neckband Shirts. At uniform shops and ship's service stores.. If they can't supply you, write direct to our mail order department. Address communications to: 9 Q IIIIIIIINII MFG. Sz IIIIUIP. CII. Rfvfkittisiitiltco. 95 BINNEY STREET 0 CAMBRIDGE, MASS. 1210 ELLIS STREET CINCINNATI 23, OHIO - , l-K- l-l- K- K- l- l- - I- 9'1- 1 NITED TATES ALVAGE SSOCIATION,1Nc:. In U s s A I I L I Sf --xl L 1 fffffifki I I A ' I 5 I I M I 'I AN ORGANIZATION OF MARINE SURVEYORS SERVING THE NEEDS OF UNDERWRITERS Q 1 AND THE MARINE INDUSTRY ON A WORLD-WIDE BASIS. i' 'I-I-I-I -I ' -I -I-I-I-'I-I-I-I-I-I-I- -'I-'I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I -I-I -I -I -I- -I-If A36 X meme XXXXXXXX X XXXXX XXXX, XXXXX X. BROOKLYN BX, N, Y. 766. CO U RT ST REU' BATH ,RON W smpbu,-,dem 4 E ORKS ngineers Bat hu Maine ,-,,.-...-.-- Tel, Mitchell 3-l404-5 BArclay 7-6567 PORT NEWARK MARINE REPAIR CORP. MARINE and INDUSTRIAL REPAIRS FRANK MAXWELL I 49 MARSH STR EET PORT NEWARK, NEW JERSEY O7l I4 Retails ,EE 4, About 7 Sb 'B 57429 - y 14, A from Buenaventura to Houston W and New Orleans. Our regularly - II 11 scheduled sailings, efficient car- solve some of your green coffee inventory Problem- rfs f3,.x ' The Randy Boatshu with "Perimeter Traction Action" 3' I I grips the slipperiest decks: specially designed sole does -It ,- not pick up sandg uppers of finest duckg womens styled in Needle Toe Fashiong Randy Boatshus selected for the U.S. Olympic Sailing Team. Slipon and Oxford styling. Randy Boatshus are beautifully gift packaged in' a 4 color g I "SAFETY AT SEA" Shoe Box. Gift Certificates are available. RANDOLPH SHOE co S'EAMS""' Co" 'NC' ' 821 Gravier St. ln other cities call RANDOLPH, MASS. New Orleans 12, La. Lykes or Grace PUMP IT DRY WITH Deck Educfors Bilgemafe Eductors f i: Portable Educfors Call - ORegon A 5-2265 VITA MOTIVATOR CO. 200 WEST 20 ST., NEW YORK I I, N. Y. A88 -V-4444444444-4444444-444444444444-4444 fgffifififififf55353ff32123fifififififIfififif12521512I2322232ISI2222222ZS2212:Q:2:2225zfzfzfzf:izfzfzfzfzfcfzfzizfi PACKAGED BOILERS FOR INDUSTRY 12: ,N X 0 America's largest producer of packaged ' "' li -, boilers, 15-600 H.P. . ' Springfield water tube boilers l ' ' High temperature heaters . . . R' S", e Ni , Q' . ' Cleaver Brooks' E my CLIAVII-IIOOKI COIPAHY IILUAUKIIII, IIICONIIN ,tr , AldElICA'l LARGIST PRODUCER OF PACKAGID Q. soiclns ron i-reafmc Ano Pnoczssiuq -.-,- :+I PURE, FRESH WATER FOR CITIES, INDUSTRY AND SHIPS AT SEA .3 Pure fresh water from the sea or other T, source. Designers and builders of evapo- 5: rators, heat exchangers and electrodialysis gg units for industry, cities and the military, 5: AqUa'Chem, Inc. wauxzsmn. vnscorrsm iff Arriuarlo warn cclavzn-snooucouvanv 444444444444Y4lllll!l0535551444444 SS MORMACARGO first automated flag cargo liner built entirely in the U S Eczeenfl, printing the way into the pushbutton era New Star ot Ar'-rica' 'a' 'me history is the new, steam turbo-driven, 'n the Mar't'n1e e'ec'ra' ta ', ccnnzlfed SS MORMACARGO. One ol a stellar - c-:mean it sir Cznsteflatron Class ships being built for Moore- c0l1SteIlatl0l'l VcCc'r'a:- Lnes, Inc this highly advanced vessel introduces rata U S sr as ng a new order of speed, economy, efficiency and ve'saTrrf, r' fte handling and transportation of all cargo. ,f. , L':l.E':51 Automated teatfes include bridge console for instant- ' -""i 43.-"'--.,. 1 . N A ,. ft fc! if -- is , response snip canfrc and management by deck otficersg engine 'ff " , - Xa room cons: e td' femve startup, operation and monitoring of ' .7 f .. ,, -' ' Hy ' , , . . .f ' X T-Q .- X., a.N e t X- matar p':oasr:n csmoonentsr automatic tensioning mooring X .wa I ,QM-fgxff X-. -V'l"Q1k. winch to provide constant tension under changing conditionsg 5. ff. I "- A x H A . . - ' 'Q and bel 'ogge' and temperature scanner to record critical time- it: 2' ' , E' 2 :Q 1 temperatareafunctron sequences automatically. '-"Q, r. -lr '- .. A ' X -f ' -'fkrf' - - . ' - " . ' . : .' '. X' 'D A , , J A' x- SS MORMACARGU rr jg , , N ,N .yifz Xe- I Q- ,snr 1' X ' ,,-K. 1 4 ffin f' ff,-" K K ., . ,. ,l . 1 .N 562, -4 ,:.'!f ,M-. . -. L I.. . .Af FIX 1 -. 7 1 'TRN - , '- 13 Qjaf? X . lf. ,h 1' rye I -in X! ,. if ingaiis - ouiiaer of me pacesetting ss MoRMAcAnso and ' her five sister ships - also designs and builds: Nuclear 8- Con- ventional Submarines - Naval Vessels 8 Auxiliaries - Passenger Liners - Tanlrers - Barges - Service Boats - Offshore Drilling Rigs. INGALLS SHIPBUILDING CORPORATION EH A Division of Litton IndustrieslPascagoula, Mississippi A39 PITTSTON STEVEDORING CORPORATION 17 Battery Place New York 4, New York Telephone: CEnter 6-3010 Cable: CIMTELMACH And All Types Gimpel Machine VVorks, Inc. Hull Izumnce MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS Valves H- P- STEAM TALBOT, BIRD 8s CO., TURBINE TRIP BLEEDER CHECK SPECIAL MARINE VALVES 1 Steam Strainer LJMWQNCG W7Zde9'H,40f6'!L69f5 Desuperheaters I56 wn.uAMs sneer - New Yoiuc ss, N. Y. Heat Exchangers Special Machinery O 2335-45 N. SEVENTH STREET PHILADELPHIA 33, PA. Serving the Philippines - Hung Kong - -lallall . nkinawa . Korea - Thailand - inet Nam - Guam I I I I I A40 COMPLIMENTS OF CANTEEN AUTOMATIC CANTEEN CO. OF AMERICA XQAN Success to the graduates from American Mail Line, 246 BROADWAY the fast ilag to the Far East. GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK AMERICAN MAIL LINE SULZER MARINE DIESEL ENGINES are advanced de'i n 1r0pul'ion units with power reliahility through long serum .s g I a . constructed to provide utmost eeonomy of operation. There is a Sulzer engine for every requirement. SULZER : MINIMUM maintenance and space MAXIMUM reliability 129 engines in ships eomplete in 1964 lvessels of 2.000 tons rI.w. and ahovel Licensee for USA: Nordberg Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee Authorized spares and service facilities by Todd Shipyard Corp. a on or 1.362.910 BHP Sulzer Bros. Inc. 19 Rector Street New York Q65 N.Y. P30111 .WEE l q the U.S. coastline and Hudson Engineering Ca.. Hoboken, N.J. ' l A41 MARITIME OVERSEAS CORPORATION SHIP MANAGERS AND BROKERS 5ll FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK l7, NEW YORK Cable: Shipscont, New York TelePl"0Vle3 TN 73500 NOW READY Completely Revised and Enlarged 1965 Editions of Two "Standards" MERCHANT MARINE OFFICERS HANDBOOK By E. A. Turpin and W. A. McEwen 896 Pages 6x 8 Format 3510.00 E CD Hydrodynamicx Division FMC CORPORATION South Dean Street ' Englewood, New Jersey and MODERN MARINE ENGINEERS MANUAL VOLUME ONE Edited by Alan Osbourne Revision Editor, A. B. Neild 1152 Pages 6x9 Format 315.00 General Sales Manager Raymond A. Bocksel Order from your bookseller, or CORNELL MARITIME PRESS, INC. Cambridge, Maryland 21613 5 COFFIN TURBO PUMP AWWA!!! sniff!! M615 vfffhlfhhhfffffffhf QA!!! 77' ' 'Wf'f'!f77' VVS! S X ff? X Q n 515, 3 Q O -4 x Q Qi'-fffr S X 04 Q 4TloN 3 i - X K PE? 2 E2 s Q mn R ET g S mr l Q 3' l Q 'gi' Q DE E is yi :- Z0 X Om 0' aa . 2 Fig FP 20 3 2 gig X ' wr aw E11 l if ,E rw W is Sain I: 20 E 2 99, 1, -P1 E53 E 5 216' 3 5,9 E X F :UZ LQ D-C5 K is in I' I1 To X C Fw rr' Z U 'R Q5 yr rn cn 55 i c: UE! Tl 3 ITI 3 no r-- c 'U X 4 -U3 Z 5 Q' IO rn O gg S22 2 me IE-7:1 M " 2 X 'En 6 T-'lx' W Q il? 70 'D H X 'QC 7E 751--1 W X CE UQ .g Q 5 55 90 0 EB Q 1' Z Z ' 'I' E 3 32 K E 12 2 50 E E? 5 55, X . I 3 S x S VMXQAXWXVWAXWXW 'AAAAXVW A42 WORLDS LARGEST BUILDER OF NUCLEAR VESSELS NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING and DRY DOCK COMPANY NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA C 4 'f ff 4? 'f 'f 'c 'v I 'r v ti 0 'v ffnnnnnfvwnnnAnnnnnfwnnnnnfsnfvvsfys l T 3 ra 99 '9 tv Cv ta tc ta 'v 'e ta it 1 'v 'f 'f sf' f9AAAf'fV'f5AfV9A 5yx- wx xlvx--t at.. 1' THE Remember you have a friend Little Neck Office: . Northern Blvd. at Little Neck Pkwy. JOHN L. MITCHELL, Manager 1' CHASE gg MANHATTAN gg BANK proudly We salute . .. DELTA LINE is proud to recognize the following men who are part of the growing list of Academy-trained personnel ashore and aboard its American Flag fleet that pro- vides U.S. Gulf ports with regular scheduled service to the East coast of South America and the Westcoast of Africa: FRED BOER '64 JOHN BOSEMAN '64 JOHN F. BROWN '64 ROBERT D. BRYAN '63 DONALD BURNHAM '56 Capt. LeVERE COOLEY '41 Capt. JAMES L. COX '46 RONALD CRANDALL '64 Capt. DONALD J. DeMETZ '47 JOHN F. DeSANTIS '60 HARRY D. HUNTER '45 DANIEL P. KIRBY '60 RICHARD KRIZ '64 Capt. JOHN H. LANG '44 ERNEST J. LGRUTH '46 L. A. MANOLIADES '51 in B. A. MUIR '64 JAMES C. ORR '63 GEORGE E. PEREIRA '45 Capt. JOHN M. PLATT '44 E. J. POE '64 CHARLES E. SCROGGINS '63 Capt. EDGAR R. SEAMEN '41 Capt. CARL V. STEINHAUSER '54 L. F. STINGO '64 H. J. WINKLER '64 Capt. JOHN W. CLARK '40 President 5-IT. 1- .fss M2 DELTA STEAMSHIP LINES, INC. ,,,, P.O. Box 50250, New Orleans, La. 70150 WYORK 0 CHICAGO 0 HOUSTON 0 WASHINGTO A43 Compliments of BENDONE MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Arlny and Air Force Uniforms 450 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS, NEW YORK ll, N. Y. SPring 7-2213-4-5 NEW YORK NAUTICAL INSTRUMENT 6' SERVICE CORPORATION D str butors DanforthfWh te Products Dealers of Gove ment Cha ts C1 Publ cat ons Chelsea Mar'ne Clocks New and Reconditioned Navigational Instruments Compass Adjusting Servicing and Repairs to Navigational- Instruments Telephone: WH 4-9l9l, 2, 3 3 STATE STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK lOOO4 I ' Traditionally. . . . it's lil nv . ff lm gphlgxllflk fl ,jx SHOES EDP. MEN Phi-Bates - the Hallmark of H Classic Footwear 'R BATES SHOE COMPANY in I 1 I k 1 l ' I I I A g g Y lllill ,l ll . ill A l l A44 Long Island Trust COM A REU Great Neck Ogice 675 MIDDLE NECK ROAD GREAT NECK. N.Y. 11023 516 HU 2-6800 xi L ,,ii3i, A A ..' -'F- .F . 1 f?V k -.5 vm :iii 58 Y 5 " ' . I ' ACTA L-Qvtlugs u . NOK X .fffiafakqa Qlflfifed .WLM .fdwfofmfnf .fffcwfdne Daryl' .yoind JVM mmf GRADUATIOA .jirfldenzy 1 DAY, l965 TO OUR ADVERTISERS: MyservingasAdvertisinghwnagerforthis,THEl965 EDITIONoftUDSHIPS,hasbeenoneofthefinestexperiences of my career here at the UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY! In carrying out my duties I have had the opportunity to be in direct contact with many key figures in the Shipping World. Not every contact produced an advertisement for this edition. But every person learned more about USMMA and the fact that it educates well tested and trained young men for service in the shipping industry of our nation. Without the direct help of our contacts who did join with us, it would not have been possible to produce this annual review of the Graduating Class and USMMA. It is true that our School is one of the Federal Academies. However, no monetary support whatsoever is given to ther Student Publication. The major ' borne directly by this or any o duction cost is portion of our pro each of you good folks. We the Class of l965 individually thank you for your generous patronage. As the years roll along this book will remind us of the gratitude we owe to you. Whether we become your employees or your customers we hope to repay these efforts on our behalf. In so doing ' to the ultimate success of our mutual chant Marine-- we will contribute ' life--The United States Mer ce of our Nation all big love in carrying the Flag and the Commer around the World. fm s very cordially, Your Ahafvffv Philip A. Fecher, Advertising Manager if Q l -,.yL f I Q' af B NEW CITY PRINTING E50 UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY I ' E una... 1-z4ooE ' 1 New- Y-wk P1-mb?-1919" +9791 -'Hi .Iv THE CLASS OF 1965 GRADUATION DAY 2 AUGUST l965 EXTENDS Its Compliments and Buds a Farr Wind To Those Who Have Gone Before AND EXTENDS The Hope of Calm Seas and a Prosperous Future To Those Who Follow AND EXTENDS To Itself the Hope of Strength of Purpose And Resolve for Each of lts Members A Produced by . 6 Z r.dI""" In U, cn' X NEW YORK L ..-:"."-..... KDBE SAN F DSTDN BDFIDEAUX Kvo ALEXANDFIIA DI LONOON BRIS I Overil L 9 IQ qv United States Hvrrhanf Marine Awademy. Midships NAVY DEPARTMENT LIBRARY BLDG. 44, WASHINGTON NAVY YARD WASHINGTON, D.C. 20374-0571 LIVERPOOL SYON FRANCISCO PORT oT'rAwA c PE TQ

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