United States Merchant Marine Academy - Midships Yearbook (Kings Point, NY)

 - Class of 1964

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United States Merchant Marine Academy - Midships Yearbook (Kings Point, NY) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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r 1 F H V 5 I fi I , , A F r s l!1'.A'561'..r?Sl4'h'f'f,'- "5 ' 'U- " , ' 'YL' - ' ' . ' T '- ' ",. ' -- ' I .2 ' '- r' 'L' f"'1ff2tf1 .1 I g IN THE ACADEMY'S 2'lst YEAR THE REGIMENT OF CADETS PROUDLY PRESENT f N M ff NN' fpcm VERBA V lm!! YM: -1"' Tx I -I . A . N 0 K J NOT PRINTED AT GOVERNMENT EXPENSE v-f lf- 'H . Q'M'11Q'Lif'g1jg,"3 iw' "V.j,,. '1L,ii.,11-1.'fi1 M 14 M H ,, pax.: ,f -:-if ... ,,q....... . A ,f ' .wsu pa- A 1-- w L-.g,., ...--r j' ' ' ' AH " , , g..,,X 1... ..a 1 X . "f'LWf'm"'L' ,,,.,,w. 1' A . ,,,.g. wh- ' ' A A H M I hvfk. - -V K I if ,,,- mn- 1 1 Af ,W i A rf- , - ,. wi ,...,., . . ' ' I ,,,,, ,A s 1 , -4--ww .. 1' . 1 1.7 . ,W-. uf' ,. , , .5 W ,,- f . . ,K ' "fi . K -1 . , -N, Q., ,, Q 1.i,T.I.l-' 1 .. f .11 1' ,V -wi 4- "H ff-Q. 3 ' 1,2--new 1 i 1' -...W-'W , M4 .-M..,....m..,,4.a.:, m,--.v ' 1- A mf-1 K ,. - 1 4, , 1 A , A g Mm " 4 -, A. ,. , -nf -11,5-1. M A 31 -- 1- . I .Q x f-yn .-1 ff -qs-,.,, nf Hx" fa 7M ...fm 'fn 1 - MW, gg-li-1' w-gf-m...., -- s MH ig 'ix' ' g 'Y "-" 'Q' ' 4'-..,'mf, ' 1. , . . '1 1--. L ,,, A- A X , f. V -A H T,2:,51. .3-qigwgkyy.-.x.fM01w D .W , ,K Wh, ff' ' 'M' 1 K ' """'5'w N,..A 7:95-'-' ' """7,.,....i,,il'ff'f2"k""f 1 'Sf?"x"" +4511 111 Q' iff?" . . , ,W 1 - L ,M ,.... , . V. fkiwkm 1,1 , H V VU, Q X, , - ' ' . 'fm ff KX , 4 ,,,.,?A ,, Q 1 , - x , ' .M A.-gswaw. --, . W 'Q' M-' -f, P- 1 -,K J, --1. - 1 - -, , ' ' 1 1 "Ama -. N ' ' .1 ' W-f p 4" 1 Y. ,. 1- W- V V- -gf' q N 35.15 1 of A mz . ,4.v f V, .-,I r 1 , ' -,1j"f' 'x --' N55 - -- X f 5 , f---W A., .,...: 'M A ,. 1. ., 1,,.4-vm W + f , , , 4- ' 1,5 ,.u,.1,. - - y 1 -2 '15, , ww- 1323 ff-'1 -' 1 39- , "f"?""'-'il'-YEZZN-acv K 4 wifw.-,T,,,,g kv-L--5 ."' 1 K 'fX"f-' ' -f ' W, - V k .. 5 W xc N , .fu V U A 1 .,,1.,.y,w- 21, ,A ,1 -4. ,,...., -vi . xx , hgh M. 17X-f-Nw , 1 :,,, G. X 1 , M- . Q.. , ,y,..,1 Wynn 3 N, V -f 1 1 754, -1 , . .. ' L, -' "V" , qw.. , WV..-.4-CIW - A l'f'.f1w""i'f'."'. A .. 1- .Lf if-' ,iff ,V WH -W -A ,Jw ,www ,. xr W. . "A , T1-' ,Ig X1 1 1 1 K, 1 , f' .lagnx 2 1 E 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 .J ' 3 1.17,-.....,...- 11 1 11 1 I W S 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 5 Y 1 M VN, nw, 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , ,,,,f,, , H-, V,..,NA.A.-- . ffr.---'---X zw--f-f'f"""'f" h"'1 5 N 5 R 1 X - 1 V j I 1 I k I ,X X F -. f X 1 ff--, .,.,,f Q...-1 1 1 1 A, H, x 11 i111 L1 LT- , , 1- NN 11. X 1m '- 11, 1 hx 1 w. 1 A W1 1 11, N 1 1 'f .C ""1'F 142 4' 1 !i?'4f'f:3- 'LL - '1-' . DEDICATIO 101111 F. Kennedy PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 1917-1963 As I Sit Here Now As I sit here now in silent thought Upon a cold November day, I think about this day of sadness, A day to mourn, a day to pray. My heart and mind seem almost heavy, My feelings canlt be well expressed, They seem quite numb and almost empty As here I ponder, deep depressed. As I look up from out my window, A sight of sadness meets my eyes, Against the sky, our countryls banner At half-mast, stately flies. Slave of the wind, it whips and ripples And now hangs still-its master rests- To join the world in silent sadness To honor him, our nationls best- A man of honor, a man of courage, A leader in his every way, In dignity, in dedication- Respected and prayed for all this day. We are a country, both .strong and free, With rights for which we proudly stand, Yet, why have we let one so great Meet tragic death in his own land? Now the bugles blow, the cannon shout, The flags are lowered, the bells cry out, The soldiers march, the prayers are said- The leader of our land is dead. DENNIS I. ROC Class of 1967 ' ,,,j',.v " -v-,'.,.jf-4' f ,, -pu I Y , H.. fffpv ...J --4' --1, ---...ul ,J ,g.,,-,g.,,.-,, W. - -,f- - M- -------NYv--- - - '--- "---'- --"'-AH' U "" " " 1' , ,, .- ,. , ,. . y .. Y 1 - H - -M Y - - -- 1--- 4- --'. -.-:-:.-Y- J." W. - ' ' 11. ' 1'-, ' .1--A--' Y- - -, :.v:1-- --Y : "'.i' N f '- -" - .. ,, V ' , - - wx- "gf.--..-.f..-..-,.1-3a- 1'-L ,V+ Q- , --'-1:-.-fu':r:'n':..-a..:.,.......,-..........Q,Z,. L1.-,'?+f..:4..'SLv..,:,,- - Y nt H kk I Y Ae 4 , -V -, W T ., W ,..,.. -saw , :mv ,,,. T., ,, W ,.,, ..... ,.. -, -W .. ...H 1 K , Y M, , ,L K - www JZ-:Q Lis -... F-ra -T120 ul, "3'."L lfl. ..-'R C . - . 1. flk ,gl nt. 9 f I n- 5 . . 'U U . , K? A 'a ia Q1 A , I qu ll 'N- ll . Y X. YH x .. "M" '-1 if ,. hw , lu-q . In N' ,, :QM 1' M - .lk ' sf ' S , , . , 'Uv' i .M 4. v A ,1- ,:""J' W.-at-""'W' wr' ' I . . I is ' ' , , ,. .1,.f- - .. Q- r,,g-ifglfy, '-,, ,A i ,E 4k 54 dll" ' ' 7 V , ' ---- f LN ' ' -' .Q 5.1, ,.-L','f':r2"f' '1I7""'f---"-Li-'VT4':I'l..:-.-.---i.'F..i- :QL-.ng-g.5g3:.:4f:'L ':.-5-1'--,TV -..-'.j.,. -1 t .I.'.'-1:---M -- - 'VL j JA -aL.uc-u ' ' K A M 5 A P Mk' x -I -K kv 1 AV An, ' Y K k , I - - 'K' A ,lflzgg ,il ,wi In " .y'i,A-Q-Cf? may 111155, lu: V' I --A f V . . ji: Q-3',..' -L rxjg- 'iq' 'Q'g'51"g-ww 33- . I, .E AU -1,26 'gp 'V ,..', .2 A 3,-gegffgafggg, 1 V V ' ,M - J ,lil tm?-.x- FS . -vim:'.:SZ1k:..5Yi3':-,.,,ai:.5, :e:"'11w'4- fy'-L15 - ' - 'T?'-YT" st" Aa'EzsC3" -f ' '-'M ' ' .-IL.. 41 :-..fj , - lllli lllll 7 Q rv -an :sq- ., ' 1-1' - 1 'Flnt'.4q.,,, - xr 1 J ' ,Ill ,V 391- --- -nh - - -1 lam "YW---11 'H -.wp Q 4, U.. I Q- ' - " tif! 'N' -gqgaih 1 cr ' X it ,--.-1 1-M-'Q 45. 1-.J 4-,Thy-f wb -"1 1 .-1' jx- avril, N! ,Ma fbuw. ' :M 0-1 '1111-i l'llXllllN 111.11111 1 1- 11. . 1 1- 1 1 11 l1l 1111 111.1111111111111111111111111 1 iw UW' Ut HM ,IM 111 , 1 11, ' 1 11 11 1111 511111 XX11111l1lr 111 HU. XWIVH. xxwiyl 1 , jf.. I 'r ,' 1111 1111111111111 1'1'!1lllIy. ljjvl. 1 Ari.-, 111 11: 11111 1111111 llQl1llll1ll'--13 'lsll1'1ll'l'Vli ,,.. 1 ,Ar 1-1 fl 511.11111 11-1111l111Qll1.1'.i ,., ,11 , l'P 1 :1 -1111111 11111111111 1'1l:11111,":1111l 1111 1111191- 11,,.,1,,1 , 11: 1 111111111 '1- :1 1111111 11111111111 111' llll' f1':1 1111 :1ll Smim' 1 111. 41, 1 X 1 1- 1111 11 1111.111 11111111 11 111 lllf' I-:1I111' 1lJ1llll'11F 1',,Q11--11,- 1 111 1 1 1 1 1111l,:11l11111:1l1lj11-1111-1111111111111'1'1l1111'111:11'l1l1'. ,.X1,,,1 1 -1, '11 1,15 '11111- S11-111111111111'1111l111.:1111111111 1,1 111., 1 ,, 11 1 1 -1111111111111111111-1-:11'1'11'11l111:111111'1'v. UU- 13,11 QN11 111' 1 1 11111111111 1111111111-, l-'1111 :1'- 1111- 1'11:1-1 1111 I-X. ,-,1 1.2 1 f-L" 1' 1 1 111111 11111111111 l1:11l111x1, v.'11l1 l.f'1'lAg N11-1173. 1 1 1 1 1111 1111111111 111111 1"1ll'lllf'llflllk llliilli -11,11,,1, - 13 fl' 11 11 111 111:111111 11:1'11g:11111- Vflllllllg 111 from flxp 113,15 1 1,1 1 1 '1111111111 1111 ll 111111111- 1-11:11-111' 111 1l11f Q'1xjqjj1:1 1'1' ff ll'1 ,Y 111 ' ' ff ff ll1"l1I1Il1f1l,'. 11 1. .111l1uy 11 -- KF 1 - r 1g 1' - 'll 11'11: 111 311:11 l1111gl11,11f1'.'11111l1-r'1'11l1-1111-1r111'- 112' 'law Nzf-1 lfta 1 ' -Q" 1 ' 111 t1'lll'I'l l-jf f.J!"7llx. 1- ltlllllklxlll 111 l1:11'1' l1f'f'll - 'gf , fmr -z 1. , 't1- . in 5 ,.., .5 :gtg-11 M slr-5 x111'111e,1-tx1-' l.lL1ll'l'. 13. 11 11 1.11211 iaghz- 1x,1x1s1:.a'r1i L1c111T11oL'sE1 XYitl1 1111? discovery ofthe new lwxzscs in :las Xlt-11:ii1'rr.z:'.f.zzz 5112, 1315 .u f :r.z'-'i:'1:- lvj-' 1' rl-Q 1111113.11111 1101-.111 COI'1'1IUC1'CC demanded more and better lt-.111 ll.1I11l1l'l!ZU Jvpigts ' - fav---1r:.a:-'c 11: 1 ":-itiixg iizlne :1l1i1r1g il11:- rcacky COastS of England. Ramsgate is lights' to 1:2rlyn1.2ri::1'rs. :.m111:'1: tlzg- mort noted of the early nineteenth century E:',:liff'1 li:l1i1'11'111111s to meet this need. S 11 111 L 1.4 1151 TWG? 11' 131211 52 C .K 111 r -. t E13 lil! 1 A 4 1 1111 1111 E1 l 111 'iii m l Pe 11 11 11 ll 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 in actual use for over fourteen hundred years, for in 1154, the Arabian geographer Edrisi writes: "This structure is singularly remarkable, as much of its height as of its solidity . . . During the night it appears as a star, and during the day it is distinguished by the smoke." So famous was the Pharos of Alexandria that it became one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and so synonymous did the name "Pharos" become for Hlighthousef' that it was adopted by the Romance languages as the word for "lighthouse" During the fourteenth century, the Pharos was found in ruins, its destruction a veiled, dubious mystery. For over three hundred years after the destruction of the Pharos, lighthouse construction and develop- ment remained in an obscure null. With the increase in exploration and trade, the lighthouse Hourished, playing a Vital role in the development of commerce and the world. Shipping spread from the Mediter- ranean Area around the Iberian Peninsula to northern Europe and England, and as it did, the lighthouse followed. The old fragile structures of Messina and Mitylene gave way to the more complex engineered towers of such lights as Ramsgate, Eddystone, Long- ships, and South Stack, each serving the sole purpose of guiding ships and saving lives. It is no small wonder that Boston Lighthouse was established in 1716, early in the history of our country-the importance and need of lighthouses being firmly established by the maritime nations of the world. "Nothing iiirlicetcs thc libcrhlity, prosperity, or in- telligence of ri iiotion more clearly than the facilities which it affords for the .safe approach of thc mcrieer to its shores." The most desirable and iilezil realization of the above quotation lwhicli is of unknown originl would be a continuous line of lights along the coast, so constructed that the arcs of each light overlap. Such a realization is, however, restricted by many limita- tions, for the distribution of lighthouses along a coast depends upon three basic factors: the physical con- ditions of the coastline, the meteorological conditions in the area, and the volume of shipping requiring the aid of a light. Alaska, for example, is in many areas almost void of a large volume of water borne com- merce, leaving long stretches of rocky coastline hidden in the veil of darkness. The northeast coast of the United States, on the other hand, is heavily traversed and well suited for lighthouse construction. No matter where a lighthouse is finally placed, the completed structure will be a masterpiece in engineering skill, often of dignified and simple design, and yet con- structed to withstand the most strenuous rages of the wind and sea. Each lighthouse is constructed to meet the particular conditions of the locality. Some structures are unique. One such edifice is that of Mile Rock Lighthouse. Mile Rock Lighthouse is located approximately one mile west of the Golden Gate Bridge. It serves to usher vessels away from the infamous Mile Rock, which although visible during low water, is hidden from view with each incoming tide. Cylindrical in shape, this masonry tower has been anchored with great labor and pain to the bedrock of the sea. As with the cases of Minots and Eddystone Lights, numerous bores were driven in a circular pattern about a large center perforation on the protruding rock, which was cut to fit such a base. Into these bores, iron stanchions were cemented forming the skeleton of the structure. The framework having risen to its desired height, the thick rigid masonry was added, giving the tower stability and forming a barrier to the sea. SOUTH STACK LIGHT: In use for over one hundred-Hfty years this strikin beautiful light structure on Holyhead still steers mariners g L away from the jagged rocks along the English coast. 9 Sqn- .Liiioz .L N1ll.l-I ROCK LIGHT: cylll' mile west 111 the Colden C1110 l11i111111, Nlllt' 11111-14 l.i11h1111111s11 is typical 111 ll cylinclricatl 111.1s11111'5 lUNNl'l'. Fllllllllllfl 111 lllll 111-111111111 lw 1111111 imn Nt11111'11i1111s. ' 1'1111:11+ 1111- lllK1fl l1111l't'FFlY1' 111 1111- 11'11x'11-swQ11L N 1 l 11g111111111s1-1 11 F1,1i11111'1,111 11111-1, :is 1111111211011 hy G110rg1 X, 1'11111:1111: '1'1111 111111111:1111111 111 llll' 5ll'111'llll'1' is :1 111121, :111 llll'1llll:ll' 111:11 111 11l:111, 1'lLIl1lj'-FlX 1111-1 111 11111111-st lllfilllfllllb, llJ11'1'1l with 11111 11111111111 :1111l 11111-1l with l'1l1W'llll ,1-11111111 llll' s111'1'i1-1- r1111111s. ll111iz11111:1l 11-1- 1:11111-- 1111111 1-111 111 11111 1111111 1111 llltl 111111111g 111 the 111111, :1111l 111 111111-1' 111 11111:1111 s111111-111111 :111':1 101 the Fll111'l1ll'1', 'l'1111 11111 111 11111 1111-1 is F15Vt'lllj' 11:01 :111111'1- 11111 V1'ill1'l', :1111l 111111111 this is :1 511111110 Cl-flllllf' 1111-1'111', 111111 lll'f1.lf'f'llllu stair 1fyli111ler, the 11111 111' 11111 l!1l1lf'l'll 111-11111 11111: 1111111111211 :1111l thirty- 11111r 11-111 :11111x'1- 1111- 11:1s11 111 1111: Illtlf. The light IX 411111111 flllf' llllllfll'f'tl 111111 111111'-six 111111 above 11111 -1.1. 'l'111- f111111- 11:11 1111:11111-1l 11111n granite 1111111111111 111111111 1111 311111 ltiwr111-:11lI111nl111lt Buy, 111:111j1' 11111- l11111fll'l'fl ll1llf'F 1111111 the site, l11 thc 11111111 111 11111 111111111 111111- ll51'fl 13351 1111,-ssed grzinitc l11f11'1z- :11'111:1ui1111 11111 :1111l flllf' 111111 tons cachg 1111 L11 11111- so 111111111111 Zlllfl 11l:11'111l that the last Llflllf' 111 fflflll 1'11111s11 sl111111-1l 111111 111:11-1: with joints 1111 ffifill -ifl1- 11111-1--s1x11-11111112 1111-11, :is required. rl-lzf' l1l111'1:- 11111- l:1111l1-1l 111 r1.1111- Ilf,'lF so that none '1':1'11- 1-11111111-fl. The station was first lighted 111111111111 211, 1912, 11-11 yt-:11s 11111-1 it was begun, :ml 11111 111t:1l 1-11st was STUQDOO, making it one 111 11111 1111191 costly lighthoiisc-s. F1-rf111'1:1f11ly. 11111 :111 lighthouses are as difficult and firiuf' 1'1111s1zn1i11g to 11r1ns1ru1't as St. George Light. 1-'FEC' 111 1111- most interesting lighthouse structures in flpf- 111111111 toclay can be found along the coast of Florifla. He-11' such lights as Arnerican Shoals, Som- 1'Tf'Tf' KW. and Fovrery Rocks consist of an openwork 111111 s1r11c11,11e, the base of which is literally "screwed" 11110 1l1e coral foundation. Time and again these light structures have withstood the violent tropical cyclones 111111-h plagued the area each year. . 1' ,. 1 l af' E114 Q :ff 1,11 511-" aff Lp' W1 1-355' M1155 K . ziggy! 11253 L 1 n Ti ll fi 1111? 1311, , . 1691 1Z"'l' ,,,,, f 11l1"' 11113. '71?'1iiQ WE 111 1111313 'friamw ,1....,.' ,Aikid- ---11.-F., 1.11.11 M1 , .. 1'- , 1.1111 11 11111121 .1 ,EA f51 L, lig- 1. 11 With all the variations in lighthouse structure, the one most familiar to the layman is the land masonry beacon, and it is no wonder that such lights as Mon- muk, Tybee, Cape Hatteras, and the Old Sands Point Light have for years been a subject for artists. Con- structed on a solid foninlation, the walls at the base are often greater than five feet thick, adding weight and strength where it is most needed. Sturdy and bold these lights are often subjected to the ceaseless erosion of the savage sea, resisting its every motion with all their might. 'Safety is only to be found in certainty, and any- thing which does not secure the latter condition is a foe rather than a friend to the 1HftI'i11CI',U is a. slogan of Trinity House, the British Lighthouse Agency. An early report. of the Lighthouse Board mentions: One maxim should ever be observed, namely, perfect regularity of exhibition of every signal from night to night and from year to year. A light, ,for example, which has been regularly visible from a tower, it may be for years, cannot be suffered to fail for a single hour, without danger of casualties of the most serious character. The approach to land is one of the most fascinating aspects of any ocean voyage. Having traversed thou- sands of miles of open seas, guided solely by the movements of the heavens and the wondrous elec- tronic marvels of our times, the navigator feels a sense of accomplishment upon first sighting his destination. As the lights of the land first bob and then finally settle upon the horizon, great care must be taken in selecting the proper lights to determine precisely the vessel's position. The reliance the mariner places in the light demon- strating its own characteristic visual signals is without ST. GEORGE REEF: Taking over ten years to construct, St. George Light is one of the most expensive American l1gl"ltl"l0l,lSf?S in existence. TYBEE LIGHTHOUSE: This masonry land situated structure is symbolic of all such similar lighthouses. Best known to laymen, the land structure is one of the artist's favorite subjects, Tybee Light being no exception. ll Y I equal upon ug- H1 fflflfff pxlff 1 f ' Sihilf' lizin fm Thr: f'urr1-f-ff 1ifhf'fi llf'!I:L.' ilu: 111:1z'1mf:' - ','.':m-1'-. f'w1'f-M lllf' 'f"""'1 1' ll 1" 1 ' ywylfjx-.1-'rf'. 41 HjH'4'1'zf '--" -' Ill'4'l"x L 11'-'Nr-.',," , .X.,1.- . . .. IJ'l'1'1'1h "I ' !!1'lf'Ilz12Q' g lizlf- ilu- ','.U!L-iv' :mi 'LV why, 4-lm, ng Y H .. . 5 1 .NM f vi' 4 Iwz' I rln- huh , . , ,jvd I ' N1'xk Xll l l Il .Ill ll.: It mn nn Ninknpuu Punxl ,Z5GL"m, 'LH' 'H' ' I K. 5.1 lin- ,. A- Hu 1,nlQAl xi lx lv ll: Hu lylxlh al 8l.ltl'N, th-' 'lx-fm: I A I " lnuim-i 1 fha' .- '1'n.-X. .. I Ummm an ?, f-fha l,.-yr.-1' 5, 11 I .- xh"" I -' Alllh Tu MAHINL NAVIGATION UF THE UNITED STATES maui f Q1 ww' 'QT A CHAIIACTERIHTIC LXGHT 'l'llABl'l8 '1,, 4Iv'w v'-. ' ILM! ,lull ?"" ' Qymhoh and manning ' Elm- ' . A W l .W .,...,, ,.,, , .,,,... ..,,.,,.,.,..., QL! k .UH H" " m"""""" umm mmm 1 IA hu umm: """'4""P""' My 'ull 14, y donnriamnp, Juwwnslg MWF , - , .-In 1 W.: Wm - '-- - M - MP3 llulllvl' Y! lion Y-rind ,, Alt,-Aim-n-L Awmmumu-uayluu. f A igfnnl? ', Ing gm-ie, , L , Is lflfuxilv' v I Q , ,,,, lx ra-nun An 1, r1-AL A ana mm vubi u 5 H VX' "' ' nndhuhlng hrnutlutlhad rnftllu lnurvlll :Jul hymn! W, fmdllulng. hlholfnsut I 4L fxfx Y Y Y mu who 1u'rw1' fr- ' 1 QIHQ A NZ -r lip rx - AN r Op rl- A Ind mm uma .1 5 , Hua wa Alivnnxlu rvgulu lr-und: by Mg! 7349: 4 yy ywup huh' hu-d n swaps ol 1 af mar! , 7 Q ing, nvup bushing uhm al paw hd!!! Qi' JC :an gxrv .' 'Fw Nh' ' I' " 1 9 "W" 1 I 'Q mm 1 FW .3, , 2 rx-rmmq An. n.-nur anmunnnafmmns Wx 'H' " 4 ailing nuts' aufulzlooinol-:ffilgk 1: Y 1 um HIL' 1" H1 It van bdngbulhm the duruum ol dark- I1pyj.,.-N 'gyfj-w . .- ' nun. libvflbvili , than I0 Inks pl EX I. XX-Ag :tv mlaula. , 1 o .1n,- Ax,o,n- am-n 'mmm Hd .Xwzfw 12: I' T-' ffmupn.-1.. iufefnmrg amz :fauna aa 1 a "H , ,X 1 , mfnluha. -avszgrr .M 2 'K 1 M fry 535 I +,..,'.,... G11 " " 'Q Ql,7I,- ,. ,., lbvvlnotldlhnlw - g , .,,,, . - , Qulclhub- lluhupumlnula. WH xr .w mg cvzvr hfii PM--3,-V 1. un. n- ....- ..,.. ., arm' wa num au lk - Q luxrcrzuifu-5' mamma lub 'L-.... ul an N GU" ' gm dsbuuuzaeuxbd W the vmvrf Ei Xj, ,., ,.g V, . B-L. YL- --......-.....,,,-. Bbvln 1 phat! If al -Hi-5 H -W f I it-vrt-Snag M1225 lol- U1 this COIIIETTX T- T gatuma'1m am Stziiivn is fwr 1x.,::1. 1 Q1 ifofgiog-nun,l.nzL om-up .nsntgnzuagywpg U . :mnuag ws :uma mann. 1 3 quam, aummauaamfm a -- - Q - -- K- - i 1 ?5'."3L1'Ju"a'4..n.."m"' CH,-XR.'XL,1f:lxI5lIL 5: 'iris' Lt. .. j 4 I all types ot lights cw 3'1" Qmgm' omg: W -"' A,"',,'i',,,,,,""'2,F""1 1 simple lmsic i:um.n.o..x. .!.. K, .n 1 NWN- Q Mvmivwllg-I ., . ., -,ku a-on LQ --iv , Tlix ' dum ilu x..m . k11Lg...5, . ..f .... . :Ui I X E-dumb w"hm-a-M'0- di.1gr.1m coutaizzs tm-ss has k '.c:,i:g 1:1 - - ' W . ' , . 11bbrcx'1.2h0ns as found cn :im ' l ti? ,gint Measuring eight and one-half feet in diameter, it is S' large enough to easily accommodate three men. -ffl S X 'A - , s- ,- is YDS 2? 1 . tffef- sos. -5 old Fresnel lens, imported from Paris and capable of producing a horizontal beam of 200,000 candlepower with a charted visibility of nineteen miles. The largest lens in the United States is of the hyper- radiant type and is located on Makapuu Point, Hawaii. Situated high above the cliffs of Oahu Island, Makapuu Point Light is passed by all commerce from the west coast of North America bound for Honolulu. So elephantine is the lens, having a diameter of eight and one-half feet, that it can easily accommodate three men. Impressive as it is, the lens used at Makapuu Point is obsolete, having been overshadowed by modern advances in optics and smaller lenses, such as those found in the aerial beacon of St. John's Light at Mayport, Florida. Using two vertical mirror re- Hectors, each containing a thousand watt light bulb, St. John's Light can develop a 250,000 candlepower beam visible for fifteen miles. This is certainly an indication of the pace of the times. Every seafaring man knows the importance of adequate protection against the failure of any neces- sary piece of equipment on board his ship. The lack of proper standby equipment could, if the time ever called for it, prove fatal. So is the case with light- houses, A light must continue to burn showing all its proper characteristics under the worst possible conditions if it is to aid the mariner. The lighthouse at Montauk Point, typical of many lighthouses, has a unique device to meet just such an emergency. Montaukls heavy lens rests on a metal disk floating atop a trough of mercury. The great density of mercury makes it suitable to support lenses weighing as much as seven tons, and enables a man to com- pletely rotate the lens by hand with little effort. Located directly below the trough is a small horizon- tal drum of steel cable attached to a. heavy weight suspended along the inner wall of thc structure. The drum is connected through reduction gears to thc rotating disk upon which the lens rests. lf the ,Q iff I i . f 1 3 MONTAUK LENS: A variation of the famed Fresnel Lens, the lens at Montauk Lighthouse is capable of producing 200,000 candlepower using only a thousand watt bulb. , 4 4 l 4 l l ST. jOHN,S LIGHT: Modern technology has made possible the use of small lenses to achieve the same candlepower effectiveness as was once obtained using large, hard to handle lenses. This Coast Cuardsman is inserting a new thousand watt bulb inside the lower mirror compartment of St. john's Light. ' 13 ff 4 t.l,Xlt :!,.!i..r1!:J tlilullkltlltl' llliuu rlrt lltftllf ,ir ,th ,.l l v !..1..f ilu 31 Ls .ultlnxl ll lll'Xl. utility. In flu' li:li'l l.. ll.:- it 'ri lfilulmu '.iLfn.ilw .irv tx ti.-xiiifh l it 2' .ii ii: is l '. if s.ttts1.tt11ig1 nun tlffxittz 'Il.-' tum ls .1-ol to .ititzult tlu- ling siuxml. F ,,,,nr" KEEPER AND KEROSENE LANTERN: In an emer- gency, a kerosene lantern may be substituted for an electric bulb. 1-1 n AUXILIARY GEAR: Ligluliouses must he reauly to luiu-tion in spite of every crncrgcncy. This auxiliary rotating tlt-wit-ti rotates ilu? lens as Il wciglit slowly falls within ilu- tower, unwinding the cables as it does. t'llll'l'jll'llt'l' tJt't'lll'F thu! the lJc:u-on cuiinot he rotntwl lu' the t-lt-1-ti'iv motor provitltul, the wire is wountl upon tlu- clruui misiiigr ilu- wc-iglit to tlue top of tlu- tow:-r. Oiuw i'clc:1sc-tl the ucigzlit tlcsceiuls to- usuwl the Imst- of the tower, turuin,fr the lc-ns :is it lJl'lJQl't'rFt'S tltlWllXYIll'tl on its sustuiuccl four-luuir jour- iuiy. A siusnll lu-rosr-iu' lzuitcrn, suhstitutf-tl for thc c-lr-c1i'ic hulh, is tlu-ii ull that is nccclccl to make the ligrlithousc useful once more. lu rt-cciit yours, thc lighthouse has :issuincrl an even greater rolo thuu it has lu'ltl hcforc. l'llf,'f'll'0lllt'F has created :n iu-xv life for the ligrlithousc. lflz-ctronic ll!lYlKIlllUll is no longer :1 thing of the future, hut :l reality' of the prr-sont. Strzitcgicrxlly' lori':11crl light- stations throughout the coasts of thc frcc world transmit electronic rluta cuzililing vessels to take rurlio flirt-ctionztl hertrings on tluini. Such signals :irc actu- :ttcd at ccrtniii specific-cl iutcrvzils hy u complex tiiuintt flc-vice rf-gulutcfl hy one of three HDI clocks, the otlu-r two acting as ri sparc and a check on the clock in usr-. Tlu- fIf'lll!ll signals trzuisniittcd are produced by a com device vfliosc- :txis rotates as a speed regulated hy' ilu' timing mer-liztnisin. Thus, through the marvels of electronics, continuous overlapping radio signals bc- twecn hefu-ons aid the mfiriner in coastal and offshore navigation. The world has reached ri stage where there is a great deal of einpliftsis placed on automated instruments and lllfiC'l1lllQl'j': much of it performing jobs once held bv men. Xevertheless, it has become apparent that even with all the advantages machines may have over man, they will never replace him. X0 matter how complex or useful a machine may be, there must be a man's skill, ingenuity, and constant care behind its operation. It is for this reason that a vast majority of lighthouses throughout the world still employ the .f"l Eg!! ll if in li Q 3331? ETF' li X 'TJ w - r- -v :ff 1 ff ' . at-T u 'W-., 1 . N.. , i'1 iiiggi xl' , tg. poi: if ' 1. , F it 'lien Lila s,, H lj ia ,N 'A ufqv, t l-'i ig! 'Sq . 's X. wx: . fra 1 I We ith ili' lu Til l' 1 ge A kms! ish . , - llilili. .LQ . ICE COVERED LIGHT: One of the many problems of a Lightkeeperl famed, devoted Lightkeeper. The reliance seafarers place upon the precise functioning of a lighthouse demands this. The life of the Lightkeeper is one of hard work, tireless devotion, just rewards, and often unjust punishments. Confined to a small area for long periods of time, fighting the agonies of loneliness and the wrath of the wind and sea with no more solace than a fleeting prayer, the Lightkeeper copes every day with problems many of us never truly experience. Often one may pick up the papers and read about the heroic and tragic death of the Lightkeepers, perform- ing their duty against overwhelming odds. One such incident is the "Legend of Longstone Light." For years the Longstone Light stood upon the outermost main rock of the Farne Islands, five miles from North Sunderland, England. William Darling, its keeper, had raised nine children within the confiines of the small four-room living quarters of the tower. Grace, his sixth child, had spent her entire life on the tiny island and was well accustomed to the rigors of tending the light. ' It was a choppy day when a small stocky Trinity House supply ship arrived at the island. A man and a boy rowed ashore, careful not to break the new lens they were bringing to Longstone. The boy was .Iohnny Wheldon. The meeting of .Iohnny and Grace was one of affection at Hrst sight, and before he left, Johnny told her, "You know what I rnean to do? I'in QOINQ '00 earn enough money to set. up :L home of my own . . . and there's nobody I'll ever want to share it with lnore than you." Timidly Grace repliell, ihlfllllllly, I like you, a lot, nearly as much as I like anything that really matters in life. But I could never leave here? W'Vf'V lflfwo lim Longstone Light, for it lllf'llIlS everylliing to eveI'Y Ship and every sf-:llll:lll llfll4HllILf the island. Tl1f'Y depend on us, and I Pllllil fall the trust. those men put in the light. Do you know what I mean? Can you possibly know-you, born in a city not knowing what it is to be in a ship, in peril?" He protested, without avail. "I'll wait," Johnny promised. "All my life I'll wait for you, Grace." Time slipped away after Johnny left, and it was on the afternoon tide, Wednesday, September 5, 1838, that the sidewheeler FORFARSHIRE left her pier bound for Dundee. Nearing the Farne Islands, the FORFARSHIRE began to experience bad weather. It was not long before the vessel lay helplessly tattered and torn, wallowing in the storm-tossed sea, bound for destruction. It was just about dawn when Keeper Darling was roused and, dazed, looked into the agonized eyes of his twenty-two year old daughter. She said, "I haven't slept all night. I couldn't. I felt something was wrong out there, so I took your telescope . . . I saw a ship, broken into two parts and people clinging to wreckage . . ." Her voice stifled, the shrieking winds and roaring seas, pounding the rocks, created an inferno of wild nightmare noise. "But there's nothing we can do, Grace," her father told her. "In this weather it would be crazy even to try to help. We can't get our boat away, not in this!" "Can't? We've got to. Can we leave those stricken people out there without help ?" .lam g l -., l Ufflllloll lg ll' IN S ,l AD SHAPE Dlllllgn Il Than S200,0goN,i:' Mm if LIWMWIII Tak! Yq,,s'Palrs li 'HS fo ses' U10 rr Se 1 ,ll batlerlngresfel ot ul, ,'e'lP'isnable.,,,ok th H - o ' I al wlll rake Wednesday., ok -'Heh . omclals of th year, to r hurricane Krieg 4 Sec ebalr t l Rh at chelsea ond Ll8fhhou hem' j C0 od' Island ' Which gov 5' Dis- asts, uw Q and Mas ers the S'-uJerl,, Uday. Savhusetr i Drelimlnafendfnz Gear ' fe light y feborg gf E- E 4 the bu, 200,000 e two S lhages xl house, Lrof the dawg said 91813295 at Hnui,-,K H Rhode kia ge was to IJ fa,- dam lm- ' 'V H isnt. E age today-sonal jnsbectfonwajlconh the Live .j Ir aj ' Also L Asslwg read-V ha on l - ang S b E271 nzlrhalekigizf Itlffflrfogd gf? First - sh 1 ' :le ir: ,755 l::.:'a:a lf , l . . Edwqrd how Mrs, R mu 91' gopmlost hls ke G"-'Nav ' aber! G ed lntf ming' df Sffnasui 'We Hvaustavus ana, . f' . lost olnl - Son of Vlsltcps , fheir live Llxln, P, the and how n the Wfeclf Mons rvlthudence daughfg Seven-.Year of tha! three . L, I' nf th 'Old M . Station: wlgvhtgxogseih Jagegzicer ofirllglalxellisl bug W , 0 er Chud "I, lost h rffiil Jamesfh tmflved 1, ren When fr llle Gust own. .Y the tidal vilaschool e Palnl Elini' bustling ' S in down 3 flfzem V about U, 'MO lhissiehe s'O":nli'::lfD bane: riilims on sh R, but 9, wa Ks ' ' River ore' And Daltlias ivashedsumlshed ' uv ' keeber of 'el slllliva D alive ashefreonly because Thule ROS, of' Fall afar? begiflulil sllppillappaned 15:22 ou d D ' I' 'h ,he wwf: sulcld., rffitlin he desxfedrne L Kms: malaga ' . so he I ....,. 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"Ste:1df:1st, SltI'ltllt', i11111111v:1l1l1,-, tho 5:11110 Year :1t't1'r j'ttIlI', tl11'1111gl1 :ill lllilt silent night, Burns on f111'1w111'111111'1- tl1:1t, 11111111t'l1l1Pss flfime, Shines on that i1111xti11g11isl1:1l1lo light! "The st:11'tl111l w:1v1-S ll'i1I3 111111' itg the storm Smites it with :1ll thu s1:o111'Qg11s of the min, And steadily 11g:1i11st its solid forin Press the ff1'11:1t sl11111l1l111's of the l1111'ric11ne. "The SO:1-bird wl11'111li11g 1'1111111l it, with the din Of wings :1n1l winds :1111l solitary cries, Blinded :1111l n1:11l1l11111-1l lay tl1oligl1twitl1i11, Dashos hiinself :1Q:1i11st tho gl:11'0, :1111l dies. lHSflllOl1l,ll,S1lXS,rS:1ilt111,X'O st:1t1-lysliipsl And with your fl11:1ti11g l1r'i1lge the 000311 31351112 Be mine to f2,'llilI'tl this light, l'I'OI11 filled-1-linac, Be yours to luring 1111111 1111:11'111' llllltl 1n:1nl' " W----I I 4 2---.....,,-, MONTAUK LICHTKEEPERSL Montauk Lightkeepers Coleman and Mason are typical of the highly 'trained Coast Guard personnel who man many 0 our light- houses. I7 1 I -' :im-im Q- as - 53 Q.. .k.k N X 1 XE 1 X N X xx x X NKQ .5 :yi K gxiskx X swims ff 1 Q. W jf :Sq -Q. ,,,, v N, -.Qs ff , F .M wwsp-,,:,mg4gsgQm,yg,,f 39 ,fr ,Miqpwf wr' -f EER jjwfof '- ,051 3 wi' " 4' "'!Z. ' D , . ,Q ., ,F 5 ieszfnz' '- I ' egg? ,, fysf , -I 'A 11:1 2 447.2552 Q 4:7126 -, 'is-1 , :,,f ,, ,,f , -qv., if 22 N-fzfffl-V f9f4.:27? 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T- at Q, f V: ,N Q Y' - f V f xx Xf: N 1, 5 f' ,Vp I is 47, , .MQW 1 , Q. ' V ,f wg yi QC- 425 Q. iffy f , ..f.fg,,6, ,v XQMQX, , if f " W ' if 5? ,, x 741 xk 'S ,wy- M f 's n i x . -Q., X wk fs Q. xi x 5 ki O px Ui 1 X T "0Q,fy R - BI-Q N SSE 1X XA x Ky vxk xxx-Q .X x. S 1 .XX if N X X X N Y X x .X Q x ki Captain . anforcl Limouze, U MS DEAN L W I w, 1 P. I-1-'21 '21 I T s ' 'J .--Q C,'mnm11nrl1'r julm CI. Slrin, ISHS lxbllfrl-'.r':-Y DEAN Y 4 s 'SZ' Livufcnanf Commander Hivluzrfl D. O Lmrgf. FSIIS ASSISTANT TO THE SUPEMNTENDENT AND AIDE N? X. 14 i' , . X 1 Commczncler Mduin 1. Koppelson, USMS ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER t if F 32 5? I Lieutenant Commander Harry P. Hart, USMS PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER .Iwi-Ra I A V I.I-. F' - If ,If I x ' . XL. I .X W' 'www , , Lieutenant Cornmancler Kenneth A. Geary, USMS REGISTRAR AND EDUCATIONAL SERVICES OFFICER Lieutenant Comrnancler Charles M. Rentals, USMS DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI AFFAIRS, AND PLACEMENT DIRECTOR Lieutenant HfIl'OLCI I. Leiclzt, USMS PUBLISHING OFFICER 33 9 5 4 J ,.-f, D , Q I J ar ' 1 1 c r Lic'utcm1nf l Rnclz M. Llllll'l'llZllHU, VSX CATHOUC CHAPLAIN fans I f 'vb in 1 4 V.. rv. 1 ,...... R fa 'Sf 5'-4 Ln 'A by - Rabbi Bernard Honan ' I x 5 JEWISH CHAPLAIN 9,4 ' f A Commander George M. HCl'SlIbCl'g8l', USN PROTESTANT CHAPLAIN 34 we LL--,L 11: -A fSgw,,,r- Af gl I ,wx ' "' X .4 if? Commancler George B. Spruce, USPHS SENIOR DENTAL SURGEON Lreutencmt Commander Ernest V . Nam, USPH S CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER AV Lierzterzant james N. Bogden, USPHS SENIOR ASSISTANT DENTAL SURGEON HIIIIIIIIIIIVI' .yllflllllll Cf .X'il.s1'r1. VQXI9 Ill XD, lJlfl'Xli'lXll'fNl' Ulf i'INXXl'l'f ,XNID NL'l'l'lY Lieutenant Donald' L. Scusscrra. FSM S ASSIST.-XXT HEAD. DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE AND SUPPLY 36 COTIHHIIHIICI' Louis F. Died1'icks, USMS lllifxu. 1J1iPA11'1'x115N'1' OF PUBLIC womcs ' 'Wx Lieutenant Commander Alan B. Van Buren, USMS ASSISTANT HEAD, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC XVORKS Lieutenant john Kiszenik, USMS ASSISTANT TO THE DEAN ff' V x.. I Q Lieutenant Ernest W. Falk, USMS ASSISTANT REGISTRAR AND EDUCATIONAL SERVICES OFFICER A ll y lff A If r ,ggvvf f .1 ,ff X ,I 'V ,A .xg Q ', ,, f Mr. George F. McGuire SHIPS SERVICE OFFICER ,,g,5,e,fw Wa1'1'nnt Ojlicer Harolfl G. Lasfzer, USMS ASSISTANT TO THE REGISTRAR 37 ' ' ' k,,.,.,' ' "-x..,x .ff 1 'P' X' l'u ff asf I he 1 T4 V JUN, fm 1 .WA , if-" C:Xlyl'. XVlI.l.l:XXl li. llL'l1DER, CAPT. LAUREN S. TWCCREADY, USMS USTWS .N'uu!ic'ul Sciwxrv E1Tgi71UCff71Q I H EH DS UF 1 I Y' -"f"A-' M"--""4'1 ' P' , ' 'UN Q ,x Q f' .5 1 Q .-d9W"l'u"'--M" , , ,. - ' 2 fy CDh. jOHX M. DITTRICR. USXIS , Math and Science ---139 CDR. LAVVRENCE IARETT, USMS Ship Management lf Q 4 'V' , ""' , f----f-40, CDR' CHARLES W' FERBIS, CDR. ZAVEN MUKHALIAN USMS USN History and Languages Naval Science DEPHB TMEN TS ,, XJ MN ZKSWNWS , , mf f, f, vxww, , . f f 4 x f , fgimsmxff-. ,, ,, 4Jf,smg'g QA fhmff f-...MMA-vhf LCDP1. EVERETT H. NORTHROP, USMS Lzbrarirzn CDB. JAMES W. LTEBERTZ, USMS Pl1y.s'icf1l Erluculion 39 S 7-1 'W I In l I N I ion . Capt, XY. llurder, Cdr. ll. llisenlierg. Secoml How: Ll. lf. VVt-luster, I 1 S ll 1' II11111' l,t-dr, l,. l'c-nirson. l,edr. O. Thompson. Fourth How: Lcdr. VV. ' X' I Nl I It un, la-Ili. ll, May. lfifllz Row: lst, L. Mlorlers, C.VV.O. lf. Cooney. I I IX HII I II liifil 5 Xlly IL. Iluvs. Nautical Science ' The Nautical Science Department has as its goal the task of developing Merchant Marine Officers skilled in the theoretical knowledge and practical training necessary for the Sl.lCCCS5flll completion of their duties aboard American merchant ships. T0 accomplish this goal, the deck cadets find themselves spending many laborious hours within the confines of Samuels Hall, under the exacting tutelage of instructors, many of whom have years of practical experience. Courses such as Seamanship, Cargo. Naval Architecture, Meteorology, Navigation and Elec- tronics prepare the deck graduate to qualify for a license 35 Third Otlicer in the United States Merchant Marine ready to assume his role as a mariner, 'Ksecond to nonef, -10 Front Row: Cdr. C. Sandberg, Mr. S. Wir' f Lcdr. M. Hirschkowitz. Second Row: LcdgulfFOKiJrb5c3aIEldrl'-Clllcdqibeelifliy Cglrwh? 5rogdmL1f R. Panuska, Lt, C. Kingsley, Lt. D. Kane. Third Row: Lt. R. O'Dwver Mr F Hoffman Mr. E. Ferenczy, Lcdr. C. Barnes, Lcdr. I. Beatty. Fourth Row: Lt. W McDonald CWO L. Sferazo, C.W.O. L. Malinoski, Lcdr. NV. Armstrong, Lt. R. Wells, Lcdr F Schuler Back Row: C.W.O. I. Antell, Lt. L. Kane, Lt, I. Ciaquinto, Mr. P. Cullen Lt F Reynolds 1-I .... s M . ,J 1 a, The education of Marine Engineers is fulfilled within Fulton Hall by the Department of Engineering. Under the capable guidance of Captain L. S. McCready, the staff of the Depart- ment impart to the engine cadets much of the practical skills and basic engineering principles essential for a successful career as a licensed Marine Engineer. Practical skills are obtained through the observation and actual operation of machinery Similar to that found aboard modern merchant ships, While the engineering principles are promulgated by experienced instruc- tors. The recently constructed Nuclear Laboratory, now in full Operation, is evidence that the Marine Engineer graduate from Kings Point has received the most recent and finest knowledge available and is "second to noncf, 41 3 1-1 e. ,il 431 ,il ing- I,-nm, Rm ,Mgr X it . 1, 1 - xx tri, f-Iiilmltc Uh, l,. jnrclt, Mrs. lf, VK':nlsli. Bnrik :ci-fill: if Ht if ' 's 'l ' Ship Management 'B , f 5.4 S -'Q 6 gl 'la- I' AJ. In order for a ships officer to execute the duties of his office cifititntly. he must he able to assume a position of executive rcsponsiliility. To do this. he must have a thorough knowledge of thc economics of his job. The Department of Ship Manage- ment helps the cadet to become aware of the problems that he, as a graduate. will he confronted with through studies in Marine Transportation. Economics, Personnel Relationships, Maritime and lnternational Law, and Marine Insurance. Also. Deck Cadets spend the first two weeks of their First Class Year at various steamship company offices, observing the operation of a steamship company. -12 Front Row: Cdr. I. Dittrick, Mrs. Feldman, Cd . C. Ob ' t L d C K S A. Stwertka, Lt. R. Rodman, Lcdr. XV. Bay, rLcdr. P?rCrlim? r'l'hzrd 12,551 Iffoiig ilicw Lt. A. Nlckl. Back Row: C.W.O. I. Ciancio, Lt. Cjg.J F. Laseher Mr H Yablonsky Lcdr I. Drucker. lf' Math and Sczence In understanding today's modern machinery, the mate and the enginefir must have a thorough knowledge of the applications of math and science in regard to his Held. Commander Dittrick and his staff impart to the cadets Basic Trigonometry, Chemistry, PhYSiC5, Algebra, Calculus, and Spherical Trigonometry. To Satiate the desires of cadets for advanced courses, the department offers elective courses in Advanced Calculus, and Nuclear Physics. To further the cadets, understanding of the physical science courses, there are well equipped laboratories, which enahle him to perform experiments in the various field of his choice. 43 f I A. IV , , U 3,5 , , f -X I, ,U IA. jr q,,1,,,,m, Lulu, N. Lllj.fOXl?lxl. Snconf l-F I! IM- - -I ll "I X r " f X I frliull' lwms. I'lnr'lf llO1lfI Cclr. T. cllflllllll-lsr Lt- 5- wfi . " I ' lliiiwlhlzr- - 5 ' 1' l 5' Y"'7 History and Languages lt is often said that Kings Point's classroom is the W0fld- Tlic-rt-forc-. cacli Cadet and Graduate must be prepared to YCPVC' sc-nt luis country in the best manner possible. It is through 51.0 efforts of the Department of History and Languages that thlS training is :ic-complislied. In its curriculum the department 0fffffS llistory. English, Comparative Culture and several foreign languages. 4-1 i.,.W.,.,. . Front Row: Lt, H. H. McKinley, jr., Cdr. Z. Mukh l Lt A D M h Lt W P Ch Second Row: Lt. Cjgj T. I. Kaiser, CMCI, I. P. Wauidlolacli Lt C1gJEDS A Fitzpatrick C. F. Schelller, Lt. Qjgj VV. D. Trader. Back Bow. FTCS W I Moran CMCC WV N Hughes YN1 G. NV. Davis. ' The Department of Naval Science endeavors to prepare the Kmss Point graduate to operate with the Navy in time of War and peace. The group of officers and enlisted men stationed here at the Academy give the cadets an understanding of the 0P'ff3fi0nS and administration of thc Navy, he it on land, on sea, 01' 111 the air. Courses in Naval Orientation, History, Ordnance and Gunnery, Operations, Leadership and Administration, en- 33:6 the Cadets to gain an insight into the modern-day Navy. If0Ugh thls training, it is liopc-cl that there will he a more lglgqfied effort and undcrstancling laotwvcii tlic Mcrcliant Marine cer and the Naval Oihccr. 45 S s i li it it L? l? 3 if i li l 1 i l C-WD' K,.,,,l,,q,-1 C,W,O. A. Zivlinski. CMYO. Scalcione, Lt. C. Stralka, Cdr. I. Liebertz, WU, lt, Iainiluii. Ltdr, 'lf lluniotly. 1.1. tjgl C. Bcrtcro, Lt. R. Patterson, Lt, T. Stapleton. l 1 3 I 5 lx '1 R tl '3 il I l l ,, Physical Education l 5 I 5 P l 11" I A' . F A 1 . E -T in Z fi Upon graduation a Kings Pointer must leave the Academl' physically able to meet the rigors of his profession. Individual physical endurance and coordination are vital necessities. QU this basis the Department of Physical Education and Athletics has set up programs to develop and further the physical well- being of the cadets. Facilities in O'Hara Hall enable the Cilflfft to pursue his athletic endeavors. Throughout the year extenslve intramural activities draw many participants, and the AcadCIT1Y fields varsity teams in almost every major intercollegiate Sp0ft' In addition, regularly scheduled courses in physical training and marine aquatics aid the department in carrying out its duties' 46 Haviland, LCd1'- E. Northrop, Mrs. I Schwartz Standmb Mfg Keenan 2-L f i Llbrary fm Housed on the first deck of Bowditch Hall is the Academy library which has among its collection of literature one of the HI1GSt marine reference libraries in the world. In addition the AC21Cl6my library contains approximately forty thousand books, Some six thousand pamphlets and receives periodicals from more than four hundred sources. Utlier facilities contained in the llbrary are a microfilm record of the New York Times since 1936, and a music room with a record library and a hi-fidelity phono- graph- lfVith its combination storeliousc ot knowledge and recreational facilities, tlre library olten proves to be a pleasant feffeat for cadets from the tedious daily routine. 47 X' X1 'v f 'F . , . P f E H s M F gx x + ' Q K I Q ,Q 3 535 K S K of xx X xx -4 5 Q af v , f .E 1 -I 1 x 7A QX X:- mwnmqrd REG-IME ,- ff Z .iff ,ff I, ffl? ,f' , 4 l my , -13" . , VTAZXZUKVK Qflvlydfffzwziz.fZfz1yQZ2Zf4ff7J56mrz' , 14,15-1 ,jn.,,,p4f, I, , , Q fi J 1 ' 1, . "' 7' 1 P 7 5051011 Lighthouse 4 11-.1 frfrf 573 Qzrffamff' firm fwfjfffa On September 14, 1716 Ameriea's first lighthouse was established on Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbour. For a meager salery of 1150 per year, George VVorthylake became Boston Light's first keeper. Two years later he, his wife and daughter, and two other men were drowned when their lighthouse boat eapsized as they were returning from Boston. The disaster so, moved Benjamin Franklin, then a young printer, that he wrote a ballad entitled "Lighthouse Tragedyv about the incident. In 177-1 the British took eommand of the lighthouse and the following year blocked the harbour, making Boston Light useless. The strueture was then destroyed when General Xlashington ordered Major Tupper and a complement of three hundred men to prevent its use by British supply shipS. The Massachusetts Legislature erected a new tower in 1783 and in 1790, the Federal Government was ceded control of the light and has maintained it to the present day to guide mariners in and out of roeky Boston Harbour. 50 -owl? 17' K 54,14 1 -f 4 'wr Xa.: - .45 W ,x 'Q ,,, 'funn I ff, 51 V ' ' 'W' - Q' 'Ti ., 1. -is WAHM. bm- L I V Q71 A .Q fe. - ' ' k, an . . fw Y' px N . M sql, .Mg .N - uf.. x... E' I I I i ' i I HARRISON TRAVIS Captain, USMS Regimental Officer ,hm if ii 'Q 4 1 H 'E ta ' f W GU . LAJJ KU' I P K W QL' : fi! : E: in i -.xN 31 i i t 'gd , fd" i 5 Yi T 's+. f' XYILLI.-XM SARCEANT i Regimental Commander au! ?"' IDI XYACHTEL Regimental Adjutant xf g X x wiik x X 4, ff 4 ,Q I Q if 5 'V , , VX , Y gc F X fwfil ,. ,, ng , if lf, . i-'lvl' wmisiwmw iw :vzguw'r1Er1, AD Uflw 3' 2 :E 5 Xillkfiii ,A n REGIMENTAL STAFF T. Goreham, C. Browne, I. Wachtel, B. Sargeant, B. Lawrence, Lewis, P. Devlin 53 FRANK I,I'1'CHFIELD I,ic:utc:11u1'1t Commander, USMS First Battalion OfHccr qu. N 'Q V-G , Q, 5 fic-NP ,- ILE rj ...fxf f-N , ,m K, Q, L, ,R , Q-j Fl .1 -S 'Xt fx X gy It . pl L ul tj ' f f 1 N, v f , 'R' ROBIZRT KOSNIER First Buttzllion CTOININRHCICI' 2 Q 6' ,-,-,-,L l 1 :R --if-' ---"' : W -N 54 i S Q-:av uf' THOMAS LEEPER First Battalion Adjutant ffm ur my Mfg ml FIRST BATTALION STAFF R. Byrnes, R. Hill, R. Caplinger, R. Kosmer, T. Leeper, I. Bassano, L. Avery 55 4 , 3. Q X 1 , ' T 1 - WM-fl Y t M . T . ...f-- 5. . - .. 'i l W-.----g-We --M .I ' 1 Q 5 ' ...za- .-nu, kv First ompany l FIRST COMPANY STAFF Darien, R. Sclxutz, C- P0u1iOt, VV- aw-M--'r M -+7-H XX'm-rm-r, C. Llllyilllil. Buck: R. Crffen. I nz L- 2 "" Q l I!! lu Ill li! lil fi Ill un an 'X iii ea .Q FIRST CLASSBIEN I Front Row: XY. Burbu, R. Blinicucci, RI. Cannizzaro, R, Gilfen, R. Byrnes, R. Flegenhelmig R. Hill, XY. Schultz, T. Obulmnych, R. Chronowski. Second Row: R. Humer, L. Haas, -wk 'xVocrner, I. Cole, K. Center, T. Blair, F. Barton, C, Crossman, C. Pouliot, Pedrlfl Back lilozf: G. La Dana, R. Schutz, I. Kozlowski, I. Barnes, I. Murdoch, S. Scllrmdt, A. R1tZ I. Man e . VY? 1, 4 'nl.:,?if,w : ,, J I -JA 9 9 R 'ni gn li fi .J H ...ig X ,A ,Signs -Q r. Ii x SECOND CLASSMEN Front Row: Cf. Harter, K. Heselton, E. Broadlrurst, I. Belrnonte, C. Havnen, H. Foster, P. XICGHVID, I. Dugan, C. Clark, D. Konopnioki. Second How: I. Duncan, F. Dieterle, T. Corcoran, M. Cummings, R. Howley, C. Matcliett, L. Taylor, D. McKrola, B. Ritch, W. Appell, M. Curley, I. XVitt, P. Brackenbury. Back Row: P. Hames, R. Glover, B. Nakos, M. Ross, R. Cole, R. Class, R. Crow, NV. Eagan, S, Wlronu, R. Dmochowski, W. Boulware. 'Z FOURTH CLASSMEN Front Row: R. Butterworth, M. McKinncy, R. Moore, M. Lyon, M. King, R. Onyx, K Foristvr T Albright, A. Cruvcs, D. Benton. Second How: L. Emerick, R. Phoebus, R, Masel C ll I XIcC1be R Friedman G Gunvaldson J. Ilooyi R. Blumcnstoin, NV. Becker, D, ,o ur, . r 2 , . , . ' ' -A A ' ' 1 - Ca itx W. Bo cl, I. Wilkinson, W. Lorch NV. lim-r-11. Yhzrcl How: -I. ll.11cly, C-. lxulmrlr, L. 11 er, y , B. Cllns, R. Klvin, R. Bc-rcl41l1l. I3ack Row: D. Moore, T. Phillips, J. OConnell, I. Marten. Fx ..', ,... . .Lo Q5 All Q mf .,.,.. Company 1-, KXD COXHAXY 51 X11 1.1.1 , '- D C 11111111 1 C1111111, 15. c.1lI11Ull 1 1l1111r l 1,lXl lmrlxf-1.171111 W, ... ru un ... ... lu ua ll' Il! guru' :rv IVQI '13, FIRST CLKSSXIEN lmnf H011 R 91111112 P 1.q11i11a. I. Ba mo R De L1p1f.:111 T Hanion I Boseman D C11111111 Xl O1l11tLC1 D bll1'1K C. jc-romt Quond Hou E Poe VS XIcLaubhhr1 R Amos 1x H111 C D111 I Currm X C1.l!1i'11OK11 E Hxcrner T Dma E RO53Q1x1 Back Hou, NIIIL I1 Cl1J1lll Lr B Clmton. L. O'Too1L 5 Cohtz 1 11111C111 on H Xhnkler L Stmgo N? KU Q lx sail .. F t R S B k SECOND CLASSMEN - 'On ow-' - HT 311, D- Lloyd, D. Lentz P Medders R G'a L B ' k T Galloway- Back Row: D I S ad - B , - 1 Hay . CCIC as . Clark, F. CoSkY, NV. Jaffe-6, I- Blackstoglgera , I ny er, J' Owman' I' Hundermark' R' Johnston, R- 4 L fn- ,12- fl-N, .Jian FOURTH CLASSMEN Front Row: M. Roe, I. Shannon, C. Peterson, F. Dolan, A. Barry, R, Bievenour, R. Brooks, ' - 4 X fx 'P ci R : NV. Clausen, J, Roach, M. Hughes, H. Holt, M. Mwhoe, L. Hondly, I. Fuur. bacon ow D, Nr-nf, F. Maguire, K. Rape, J. Slaughter, A. Turchetti, D. Kehoe, D. Sax, D. Weyn " ' '- 1 -- X- D. Cf H, 1. Oohllworg, S. Morse, R. Messer, M. Tatch, J. Lamb Hurd Hou.. V.1n Du Vern, m Cl Gallo R. Polwn, M. jc-xnnngs. Buck Row: j. Cox, J. Sexton, A. Foss, I. Keegan, B. Knott R.. Cllvllol, I... Sexton, S. Klc-inbc-rg, E. Stano. ' 9 K' I w . . l A A LIL, ,A 1 l L l cl ,v,c.1-, ,I ,N V., , , , 1'-C' ',' , 1,1 . t, f L fA. X H, V V 1 lf MED! DONALD BOYLE Lieutenant Commander, USMS Second Battalion Officer M. CARL CLEMM Second Battalion Commander - Q G? if .... -- .in -1 i - flq , EUGENE MCCORMICK Second Battalion Adjutant 60 9 A ' rf'-1 471,44 f fyg',7W', ,fl ,ir ,xr x 'x 3 ,N XF? V i x.x, ., Rl 5 A f 5 'VX X 7' 5 A , X X ., XX .vi f ixffi X R if N ' Q we 'Q F ix? 4 K' Q 5 X 4 s i,'!.1...1..'!.XX.. QX.!.,mqk'g.xX1v'1.'g,-gxxqkix ,cr -Qi. f lttxgx tw!!! 3 ky x,.'.-I 'Usb' , ,NIV A T.. A x - 2 gx fx 5 1 X . , . V V L lfxx? X , ,E ,Q.,,y gH,H.fXUD-lfffh, x S L NM 3 X I X it M., X N x X X X' ., , 4 ,ff 4 W! X I" A ' f E , WZ 05 M ff,,,.w,.,,,,X,,,, ,, X , ,.1,,.--- Q-nw-my hw:- ECOND BATTALION STAFF S C ' k C Clemm D. Cidley, H. Quincannon, L. Bergin. Black, T. Anglin, E. Mc ormlc , . , 61 '- g it X V Y iz, 5 w v i ' . -f E l Third ompany 2 I 1 'ff . - . 9 Q "' 'S THIRD COMPANY STAFF V. Schricber, R. Bffiillllt, C- Jail: B' xluif, xi. Johnson. Back: M- M1165- 'WI . I x ' ,'Q"1. ' I 'P-. . ...J n e K xy .w 7, E? -n-fir. fi .,.,, ,,,.,... . .fa ff P C-W 'ff FIRST CLASSMEN Front Row: P. Tomlet, E. McCormick, D. Cidley, G. Owens, R. MCVQV, B. Benn, E- Ebefmfm F B'1nffem'1n R NI Q L B . . O . , . . a-on, . rown, XV. Moran. Second Row: T.'Anglin, S. YVOYCkef 3 Kurpiel, R. Kaufman, V. Riggi, BI. Stemborski, R. McEliece, C. Iasa, R. Dunn, G- H3 Back Row: F. Bo C. Y ' er, 1 utter, D. Torborg, M. RIIIGS, M. johnson, C. Mantegna, I. Chadderdorl- 1 S 'fig' K .e ti. . . . 1 , Ml ' f ' i ,V T , ex, , K., ,f . my Rigs, 'lf . Q., Us- 5.5 Xi-'k,, f XR all in N 91-6 Qi: bsitqi 'ff in S., an XX " e 55,333 i ff, . In :ii - wk ' 'W Bn I i SECOND CLASSMEN Front Row: I. Cummings, R. Shingler, T. McGrath, I. Shirley, F. Vosnick, R. Weade, R Smith, W'. Tracy, S. Sapol, Second Row: A. Rohloff, K. Johnson, S. Robeson, R. Wanat, W Schneider, E. King, XV, Steiger, I. Keating, L. Schumacher, R. James, L. Miller, M. Shea, C Skowronski. Third How: T. Tucker, D. Jacobs, I. Sucher, C. Sandvik, A. Mothersill, D Leighner, M. NVatson, C. Smith, P. McAllister. Back Row: S. Johnson, W. Leggat, C. Wolf L. McConnell, S. Shapiro, T. WVe11s. si 'Q . 697 FOURTH CLASSMEN - . . . . 1 - dricks Front Hom: A. Drcnglcr, R. Bernd, I. H.1mmCf, R- CJISOU, T' Berkelf COX' R' Fre 1. 1, . . . . ill W, H lf, L. DiSmin. Second Row: G. Moken, G. Arm D lxmll I.. 'lclms II. Mgilollllc, Ox? VV L Lqmphnd, J Garlitz, D Ferre E strong, f.ollwHi,7 J. Zlllmlllalflll, U. Nllhbf, X -I CL a N- 2 C ' ' Tlzirfl How: li. "l'ilmlsky, D. Cmssmun, ll. I'-cn1mo1'C, 5-IG1'1fHfW, RF KISHQT, M-Bwggfeni Slmh. IJ. limp, li. Siwglnznn. Burk Row: P. Illichclw, S' Xluhovlchf ' eggersv ' al-er' I S Ci P. Clark, R. Cossom, D. Pope. Sf'hIlllfff'li, IC. Sflwilllillfl, M. 1illll'l'O, Fourth ompany X I FOURTH COMPANY STAFF .i F . , D, H'kes, R. Greenland, giggifrilly Blasong Back: R. Hilmelm- Q 1 T' 17774 ' ?' . 455' . ' . M' ,i Y. ... n fr .' 1 Q .-, . - ,, 'P 'rxlgtrillae' wg- -if .- Mmm -. 4 . F V ff' hi A ' - ' gif-e li, . -ata limi ,B ' 1 ' 1 x -R Q' I ul' l W G n ' l -... .W l P. FIRST CLASSMEN 1 Front Row: L. Korecki, D. Saucedo, R. Crandall, R. Sauerman, R. Greenland, S. KuP1eC,1,P Bilski, VV. Sherwell, H. Greene, R. Costello. Second Row: I. Bergin, G. Browne: R. Hame 1I'1 E. O'Donnell, D, Hikes, C. Clemm, C. Bason, E. Ferguson, D. Crowley, R. Riggi. Back Row M. Mason, E. Ferrero, H. Quincannon, R. Mattingly, P. Curtis, K. Rulinlce, VV. Long- P nl x , hq' 'Q ' ,, I: SECOND CLASSMEN Front Row: K. Sabol, H. Z1mmer,'I. Kirby, R. Graczyk, T. Smith, K. Tollefson, D, Hamilton, P. Trotta, D. Stuteville, I. Lomblno, I. Belford. Second How: R. Doran, F. Belinske, C. Trowbridge, T. Buscemi, R, Cardulla, P. Vant Hull, M. Larson, R. Collins, M. McFeeley D. Fitzgerald, T. Neumann, R. Oprison, C. Hill. Back Row: D. Stanko, I, Hay, M. Burghslrdt, L. Paper, J. Bobb, S. Koehler, R. Post, R. Tharpe, G. Keitel, M. Flavel, C. Lichvarcik, G. Loesch. , .... , , .., L.. z wh V3 wb 5 Maw FOURTH CLASSMEN 7 C ll NV juxtlis L Lfmclie A Schultz F Tirrell T Royal Front Row: M. Vlilson, I. 0 ins, . c 'A S, . 1 -, - , - , - F. Sr-hulr-r M, lJ1llllll'L'2l, R, Kent. Sncoml Row: R. Stephenson, L. Kozak, B. MacNeil, R 1'i,,,L1,H,.yl,,Z Ig' 1gV,,,,q, I, Cirviillgiro, K. Paswuter. Tlzircl Row: T. Tribble, I. Dickison, M lirwltmrrllf-I, fl, fllnrlf, D. 'l'urm1r, tl. Hill, Fourifz Row: NV. Mullen, O, LaDuc, I. Bojko, S jfmlul-mln Ili l.f-onxml, M. Nivlmls, C. llulm, A. Kr-ist-h, L. Simmonds. Back Row: M. Warren ffm, A F R. Roscllini, XV. Walker, R. AMOS, D. Razewski. QI. Wln A' ", Il, liryam, . wbss, fa J! , I f 2 6 . gf' T nf 1 Q 'vi -1. .,-.f jj DOMINIC DE FILIPPI Chief XVarrzuit Officer, USMS Third Brittuliou Officer, Acting fr- -Nl LEONARD ENCSTROM Tliircf Battzilion Commander 1-5 ln.- 7' iifif, 'A ir, L- Li N, Jg LJ A I if fi , +11 xf ...L - GIRTEN ALLEHTON Third Battalion Adjutant S 45- gg -- i 1 -' 11-1- Li..-T Q 3 lx ,Fil -A Qi i i I R 4 4 l"wv- N N , , , N 'lpywhv-11"-W"f' W 2 ,iff ff' lf' , Cm? 17 ,, f 41 .og ui 'K' Y I f-'Q S A 'Q f AQFNAYE , o M233 UUE! OF WE ,Z 5 ,xy 4 ,, THIRD BATTALION STAFF H. Sala, C. Thiel, G. Allerton, L. Engstrom, R. Woelfel, A. Colton, G, Glover. Fifth ,.. ------Y A-H -7-'H'-"' X- ' ' ox Company . . . Y - . Y K.. NATM, C.. bum. X. mlmlvx. lx. l'ulwrm' 'lx XlL7.ul.mcl. lim' L 2 X, - 4 . . w f .L FIRST CLASSNIEN Pgpg, XY, O'Commn, C. Nadig. R. Pokomy, E. Pentimonti, D. Moore. 95 yn 8 . i 1-'rant How: S. Su-Tmcidcr. E. Clmrgin, K. jufgu-rsc-11. NY. Hngcnnan, T. McFarland. Second Row: C, Polgpn, I. O'Bricn. I. Christcusvn. H. S.1l.z. XY. Crouch, T. Sova, R. Laubenhcimer, G. Swan. ' zinl Rolf: C. Clover. A, Colm, B. XX'g1Nu. I. Brown. D. Donati. Back Row: D. Field, I. 3 71 K 'ti S 'Q - Vx! I ll 'W Q' Q . - WJ M, :Q-: g M X-.1 X. . fx xii 1 l 4 V A ' A H T'-.,.wM - D M DR. K K ..:.5,Af . f'..-g, if N1 - .. ,. ..., .,. , ,lkx li, Si ,S Vg N, 9. SECOND CLASSMEEN Front Row: G. Geyer, XV. Daniels I. Hurd P Fecher I S If L' b f i?fs2ii,1Ef'z Lluiliinlgtcfuw Dlmfa Monfoil' MiS5i2e1??'TI?i?K'3ig Morones, Sllnipes. I ow' D if CKay' T' Sheldon, A' Samav B- HOPC, D- Nel50f1, R- 411-W l 3 l l l f lllll Q l FOURTH CLASSMEN l Front Haw: N. Silvvr, R. Ilcironimus, P. Colby, G. Elliott, I. Ward, I. Magnamo, G. Monroe, 1 M. Mystvr, T. Mommy, I. SL-lmwulwr, D. Gregn, F. Stmslmeim. Second Row: P. Park, T. Randles, l Qirmnons P Hormfmn M Ilnrtmfmn, C. Tomat, D, Scellatlfg, M. F D. I V li:-lr-lwr, VV. flrmlmlnmc-ic-r, I. . J, , 1 , . l R VV Nlulliclx VV C'11'twrigl1t, C. Kerlcman, L. in , Mir-lluglm, NV. Divkvrson. Tlzirr ow: . 1 . , . L ' ' 'N ' L ' F. B J va-ll, N. Krovgc-r, R. Quinley. Back Bow: L. Stem, Mm'Nl11lnm, L, f1l'2llN, ll. lJ.lV1llDlJll, on lf. llyzm, ll. llillll, K. Cill, V. Clvllimfr, ll. Cumplwll. 4 'F 9 Q v Sixth g ompany SIXTH N j Dillon D lhlnlllg, Xl. laxmx l C'fvrj.xn, ll. TNI-rxlvrg link: Du. Fic F "5 vi if v 00 41 5:-Q4 "UMM FIRST CLASSMEN Front How: R. Woclfcl. G. Schindlar. I. Dillon, T. Tysseland. Second Row: C. Thiel, D. Cazdik. Third Row: NI. Poynor, D. Field. R. Sanders. Back Row: D. Thomas, I. Moncure '19 'r Wag: . ws. . ui. 5 Q 2- , sl S 3 A 5' 'nails ' -..-kxg-V X . 1 ' "---...W Vkxyk ' ' W I "X""'---we Q...-nf" -..,:'- , . ' -' i Cla - - fi" i' H' S . ' 1- 1 ,,,.... 4, A is SECOND CLASSMEN Front Row: H. Quinn, XV. Denkman, I. Ellett, R. Vaccaro, D. Osborne, V. Garrett, I. Miller, F. ,Anderson-, B. Kennedy, I. Hurd. Second Row: I, Yeamans, H. Smith, W. Hamilton, L. Smith, I. K1mble, R. Dreher, W. Tatrnan, M, Pfeiffer, C. Finnell, I. Potteiger, R. Hagan. Third Row: T. Pakula, I. Larson, D. Press, R. Boughton, A. Swenson, R. Kahn, I. Evermonde, R- Reese, M- Stewart, R. BOyer, F. Herrmann, D. Jeffries, T. La Croix, M. Mathis, R. Mesaris, D. Reed. 'iw ,., 6? '15 7' All FU U H111 LJLADDMILN Front How: E. Sayre, C, Montras, P. Myers, I. Lachcr, A. Parker, I. Moroney, E. Luke, R. ll lc I Hu lsy S Wlliitney Second Row: G. Kalman, L. DaViS, P. Collins, M. King, V. Ki pac , . 2 fzfj, . ' . Wojcicki, D. Kyzcr, D. Kummcr, N. Silver, J. Cray, R. Hickson, R. Snyder, P. Hendrick, D. Baul, M, Malionr-y. Third Row: R. XVulll, 1. Citzen, C. Kirby, I. XVarren, D. Conaton, F. Brousseau, K. Meyer, D. Lawrence, I. Van Dc-r NVel, R. Chapman, WV. Huff, W. Kaiser. A R " L. ' B. Kobel, R. Taylor, R. Betjemann, Back How: I. Flynn, I. Randall, M. Iluclmlx, I. wine, D. Drew, Sinnot, M. Cilliousen, N. Pelletier. YY ,W ,k,, -4 , V H ,V , ,, ., ax. ...- .. t ,. f, f A--..1-..,t .... K , ,.. .,.:'g.,' ,t -or-'lkwsguwwvl . .vg - ..- ' ' ' sf 1 ' f -... 'J sf. xv.-' ,' 5 - .Ct g-1" - me-4 2' ,, M ,. ., 0, f-i iii"t'lw4,?w?l"-f"f7-W f -35334 7? 'L K' f' K nw' . ao 0 W A' ' l"r1fu!llff1l: I7 Yip. rl: li X- Lv I Nl. llimlltl ll lituml li llit-xvnoxir. 1, Cox. St'r'o111I Rout: K, llulmlo l' lln' V- ' NN l. vii l. I7 lumix, ll. lo1tl.m, l', ll.1rlon. ll. l'lJljl1lll,lXl. Sr-'rrrlmrrlti IC. l, .lt u i N" 'Z J I Nrrmltlt ll. lltnlllul. ll, Sill. ll, Xlbxlillllllill, Xl. llvlxll, lXlln.,' X lv " N Ill 4 '-' REGIM TAL DRILL TEAM The Drill team lcd hy llcgimcnhil Drillmastc-r Nlikc Stc-mlvorski had zuiothcr line your and once again prow-cl to luo one of the tim' show picccs of thc lfnitctl Status Nlcrclmnt Nlarinc Ac-aclcmy. This vcufs activities incluclctl tclc-vision mmf-nrnncc-5 at thc- Tem- . l. x plc gllllk' and thc New lurk Giants-Pittslwurgh Steelers football game. Thcv were also sccu at thc St. Patriclis Dm' Paraclo in Hem vsteacl and . . l tho o Jcuinq ot thc New Xork XX orltls Fair on A wril 22. L 1 The team has tlouc a fine job ami should he congratulated on their fiuc 'efforts and timc spent in practice. """f"' -lr -'JL' 'U' J. Self, F. Vosnick, M. Stemborski, K- B E. King, Drill Team Staff. uhnlre, n nAp,puxAA-luv'-IA IUUU' ff ,.- .,... TYR, .ci T' Y , XX X' pw,- I'-. u'.Aa.n.A.-D A,l.a.A-lag, , i - c E4 it f M' 1' K! A gi ' atm-uwvllmwp-,,, I r K' 1 " 'A -' -fr'- " -af Q ' it ,LV Q Q 4 7? RM x Lt. Horton Spurr, Officer Advisor Instruction A pause Practice J, , , Then more practice The result ski hl. oh ' 4,41 I U FH 1 l WS' 1 usted. l'. Tomlr-1, C. Van r 1 lfrtmt limi: lf. U1-11111s, I7 lmnl l- k.'11 1 lx cllIUllLHNK ' il 11 11. M.11111l lieu q 1.1. lf, Nlt'k,.lll1illUll. O. Looney, R ' V A liulley. li. Carson, ua-y, '1'. s1111111. 1 11111. 1 4 1. 'l'1'1-111.15m-, ll. Rant. Nl l- 1 Nl hllllil C. lliyoi, lx. ll1111.111. l li. Kolwl. lll1111f Ii 11 V- ii-f' l l-i 111 N1 'l.1i1'l1. li. l.11111rs, 'lk lDl'Nill4'. liilw, L. lhxis, li. Roll11'11l'-. K' ll.: s l K- fi o X l.1.1ws, l.. llvlios, l,, l.oo111c-13 I"o111'1l1 flow: l.. l..lllllll.lIMl. ll l'i11fn1-X l N- 1' - l X.-11511-11111lf1, ll Nlooiv. Nl. lluglhs. K. liape, C. l'i1'1'k1n.111, XY. l'111'11l1::i', li l'1 X 151- 'hz H111 l. lim: 3 l', llz11111-s. li. Kr'll4'l'. lr. lJc'Sp:1in, -I. X,.llitll'TXL'l'il, S. lf'..1 - lk N fz' 1 I Ysvlilfllfls, li, llll1lIl'l'. li. hlilllillilly. REGIME L AN The Regimental Band is about as diversihed a group of musicians you will ever find. Their selections range from Sousa to Schubert. They play for Cadets and Presidents alike. as well as for many groups in the Long Island area. Besides morning colors. reviews. and dinner music in Delano Hall, the band puts on half-time shows at all the home football games. and they add a bit of spark to niany other athletic events. This year saw the' band participate in the opening day ceremonies at the Xew York Worlds Fair, and greeting President johnson at Mitchell Field. The band played in concert in Bowditch Hall during the winter. their performance was outstanding and enjoyed by all. XVe, the Regiment, thank you for your many hours of hard work that goes into a job well done. Special thanks should go to Lt. Fred Cadet jim O'Brien for the diligence and faithfulness to their duties. McCammon and they have shown 'fi.n' -5? Lt. Fred McCamrnon, Bandmaster., and Iirn O'Brien, Band Ensign ,. ,M- ,1 Armed Forces Day twin ewgff 'I an A U.S.M.M.A. m concert ' , .W I , 1 Y ,, . ..'- I 'x,, .U A... , ,. 19. V A , ,. ,- p Mig .1 1. , , ,, , '-S-if f',Q1'5 ,ft X' A, 'fji 1' 4-11 Q fi f '-:fgv ' A ,lf ' ff' 51" Ef 'zflf tv ff ., 1 ? fm, ti fy Z fl.. 9 i 75 :vi ,V , f. wf-f . 14. "3 Q2 " af'?'1'1f f ' J" 'iff' : T, -0 E 'Tn' ,Tin mf - ' ' u , ,nf A , 3, '. K ,, " , , ,www , ,4 . 5' Q1 ' 9 The Band sounding off That 0800 stimulant .iff ,,,f4ff-" lr V' V aw, l 7 rm! lima XX Xlcl nu lilui, ll. Xllrlsli, . ' .A xx Xl cllllllll j lol Hfnk lion. 'H 4' I olsurir it mini, it lluhult-r, xi. X. .xx lllllillslxl C tit Xkx . 'I P15 l r l J - an-r .1 .. R. Costello, Bowling Alleysg R, Lind. mark, R.B.U.g M. Steniborski, Drill Team. K. Ruhnke, Drill Teamg B. Walsh, Intml niuralsg I. 0,Bricn, Bandg H. Winkler Color Cuardg 1. Cole, R. I. S.g W. Crouch Bearingsg G. Andrews, Midships. Noi lin, Hear This. -110' t ' s'-if ' 'ful' P" p. l . - T TN." N . vnkg .sf a 1 1 5'1- v r ,. I . ,E If F f' --a 't 4' . . r l ACTIVITIES STAFF The Activities staff is composed of the editors of the Academy Cadet publications: Midships. Polaris, Hear This, and Bearings, and the heads of such other activities as Drill Team. Regimental Broadcast Unit, Regimental In- formation Service. Land Hall, Bowling. the Regimental Band, Intramurals, and Color Guard. These Cadets with the assistance of their oHicer advisers are striving toward the betterment of the morale of the Regiment. T6 Shouzn: R. Schulz, Polarisg W. X1cLaur5h. S551 find Valsll Ieafll H. W- nm' 7 llllyl xx. croufg .lSllipK 1 V, xicialfggf 4 i. ' as K . v , 5 . my I.-HQ . ei' lar 1 . . - I! Hwy, Y 'L1 4 , ii' 1, ,i 52 6 Front Row: H. Winkler L. Stingo Second Row' L K k T T k R. Oprison. Third R ': .T kl' ' R X -' . ' 0'Za ' uc er. G- Keitel, C. Skowrgggkill OTHD HIS, . i lesser, G. Smith. Back How. X as . s A Isffi'iM't""""'tr-' or l, -All X 1 6 A 'w XA l M JA i l COLOR GUARD The bearers of our national and school colors have brought much prestige to the Academ . Whenever there is an important event taking place such as the Y Opening of the VVorld's Fair or Maritime Day, the Color Guard represents the l ' ect, it is also their duty to tend the colors Academy. Aside from this g orious asp on board the Academy rain or shine. 77 Clemm, H, IXOSIIICL, G Allerton, E. McCormick, C. L Engstrom, T. Leeper. REGIMENTAL COMMAND BOARD The Regimental Command Board is responsible for the policy administra- tion on the cadet level. This group headed by the Regimental Command- er and started by the Regimental Ad- jutant, Battalion Commanders, and Battalion Adjutants Works closely with the Regimental and Battalion Gilicers, and continuously strives for the better- ment of the Regiment and Academy REGIMENTAL MORALE BOARD The Regimental Morale Board, which .is headed by the Regimental Welfare Officer, and composed of the Battalion WVelfare and Recreation Of- ficers, and the Chiefs of the Recrea- tional Activities, is responsible for the maintenance of the morale of the Reg- iment. This group assists the Dance committee, and other committees to make our four years at the Academy as pleasant as possible. Front Row: A. Colton, C. Browne, l- Dina' Back . -if 'W . ,ff Row. H, Dlluvva - REGIMENTAL OFFICE i., CVVO XV. K. McCaflery . H. gl . ya- 2 1-. M 2 2:-be , H ra - -. ,F ... A "Q uf To the Regimental OHice falls the responsibility of coordinating all reg- imental policies Which include Cadet morale and discipline, team move- ments, selection of cadet otlicers, and uniform changes. Captain H. O. Tra- vis, USMS is the officer responsible for the administration of such duties. 4, 'fx 1 , Q - ffy,,,.,fL. t it ,fi K, ni SKC D. Arbone 'Qu xg 5 Q. 13' V- 'Gif' A. . 'QV' ""-,TT"S " ' 'P' '. '-.ffi . 'Q 5-WA,-M-.Y x w , .1 - if , . H- S, ,Q A if 'sr fx' - f' , im 1- ,Hama fm,-XX ' J wwmfa- ' ,N I Y -V L zip .9 . X, 1 1. 4 , 1-sw .K x 1,1 1 , K X f 21" ig -1, Q ' N V. ' L: uuffagg, -K kk K K wh - lang.. .. .uggikuiiglkv ,, . 5 wail' ,,,,v.1.f3 ..-if:..Q,iXyvf3if,fQgil VT Q - 3 ,Av wwe- if Q k k k . Q ,, - -f ,Jw Q N, Q, ,L K - --QQ Yqx-mm X5 . ' a- kt Fix. x .X x 1.. .Mu L A , ' ' ' :fwge1iQ,fQL.AQ ., M , .. . 1- . ,, V b by fx ' J-XN.1Q,,MnmSgg'q,,xr 'fu f ,Q X - .. k k ' W 1,..-.X.-Ag f ' 'fu-Ma-Qwv--. 'X X x K if - "'k"- as K . il . ' ydfr Y x . f . , Q" f ,fw- V , ,W , xx.. mp- y--- M. be 1 A - - W x M -'-X-.mwg yew K ' ' Jw, . K 8 ' . - SP x , fx -if PWig,N,..?l5X..wvevV K V gf ,. , , WW.. ,..x Mgkawxv-f.x5xx.k. k .- ' , .. X. ' , . A I i, FNWX. ,-wxx.-g-NNW. K 5 x N L Q--.x .W , A , . X S 1 x .i.,.At - ff QRMXW .. - -xx., X x VQXYM9. K X . My . , W QQ. - .. . NN . H-X Q SSVMM-xx X X ff . A RWM., Q 5 N - -QQSNX 1 ! X F .- img- ' .,:.r -' XMS gy-www.. -' '-kv , L 1 X:.qf.k,Q.,y .M X .R5wQ..,X--if tggh -' N Xxxx X , N X , a 'F' A ,, , fn-1 K -'I p . xg, ,Nagy . Q 6-l f . ,X K . . sk , 4 LF '5' V ' VL .f -' , X x x A Q A. ,. , -, .1 .-A-- , -M., T "Q Qu ' -wx-. H . 3 .. ' -, I N A few nf.: , x- , , ' , f .f W - ..-. , L Q .. fe M ., .,,, 4 VL K . Agf,-31419. , . 4+-1 m ,X ,, ,,N-. ,V . mv "W , , 1. A,.',.,, , ,..,-vw-fi x . ...,, ... ' fn, -5 ,., . -, "",.,.,g.... 1 1 ., ,AQ -,x,,,,.: M. 754 fm 3-fs " mv ' 1 ,, , I ,ly , V, I , ,f ,lwrf W N ' N' f ,.."-'5ff1ff9w41QwQ'4v " gig, 5 , -. swam Q 2 my M-Www A . "M 5 1 5315931 . ' .ai . 1 K gxllmg 5 N fp-an Av' J, A N, A W ,Mlm ,TX ,L VN tt, 1 ,, -M4-4,i,,fw,f,,' f. X' " ,p - ' r , 1 3,,r" ,QM - Nm V ' I -3-,xx fi:-2" Wu, .'if?hhQ'1 NL, fkqaiii " . wi 'lf 1 ' - J ,ax 79, vWt,yix.:i Lrkf :x i if M I in , , at Q x , ,, ' K.. W-5 f N " A V k ra EDITOR-IN-CHlEl7 Lcdr H H irt Cordon Pi. Andrews i d hip Blidships is likened to a log book, that is, telling the history of a class in its four years at the Academy. Be- tween the covers of this hook we present to thc graduate, through the medium of pictures, his years here at Kings Point. Nl'e start at the heginning: plebe year with its many trials and tribulations: the captivating experience of sea year: the somher return to the Academy for the Second Class year, and Hnally the First Class year. This logbook is now finished and tells a complete storyg one which has a very valnahle meaning to the men concerned. To all men in the Class of 1964 we salute you and wish Cod speed. Congratulations on a joh well done. 81 NIANAGING EDITOR Philip L. Tomlet IH gm, .. .g...-,... s -gp-......... QGT 's B L 5151285 MANAGER NYillium Lawrence rfg' .f--1: 1 UA X ADVERTISING MANAGER Cl12lI'1CS Nuttcr 11 ,, 1 . ' L if P . I z -,,,,f ,.,,!.- v Q' F- 1 0 XX , Q. fn 'N- if K -1 xl 3 ','EE'fL- , I2 :ff 'N I'-'51 f . W f ,-,r X1 . 3 I '12 tr I . . 5 r 5 , , gg . ' 9 K 'K n QQ! 1 , Y, 1, 0 F K. ww -fxx., wr 0 ear Thi Every college needs a uvoicef and Kings Point's is furnished through Hear This. The appropriately named school paper is compiled hy cadets who find in the paper a means of fulfilling their desires to write. draw, or take pictures. As faculty advisor, the paper has the services ol' Connnander 'l'. ll. Ciddings, one of the Academy's most capahle English teachers. Published on a monthly hasis, Hear This is intended primarily to keep the Regiment aware of what is going on around the Academy. The paper also provides to parents the opportunity to gain more familiarity with the schools' activities. 'l'o these ends the paper contains stories pertaining to sports, academic and regimental life. and maritime affairs. mm EDITORIAL ADVISER OFFICER ADXIISER Cmdr. T. H. Ciddings ICU H P Hut llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 'NMS E J? SSS S, ff' TNS-: . 0 Ni. 6 S . van XS vfgrc .:,XxXNQtN X EQWP141 -S ,KUP P 0110394 T555 ffifgggm , T , . - if Wifi S lyfi wg Kim U! ,. ASSISTANT TO THE EDITOR R, Humer .-My-M-h.nw,wM,,,M ,,,, - ,,.,f.,., V 3 I U, I' M ,S g 'il' -. 314: 3 Qgfffiiiffin V 3 . S' 1 -, I A X N ' il Q V 98m,,,hg 07, Q a -S1 xgzjibifbl-S:Q4"" faa 'f J"-llf fp-1. fvS,,A"' , f,, t lldc H-. , "-mf--f. Q, 1.':v:,Q-ff, , ,,, , kb- A,.4 3.-Q. T ew '99-Yczfelkq' Cgxiif-N-tr M4 . , 0 4' Egg' 1, jk Y K owoediq A, M. , K XX K I ye, 'F' S ' E 1 5213-5??rfff'r2Sf ' Q.. wshe S ' , Q lLf'?:1."k '- "5 4- Q fi? 1554" Reef ' - 5fjff'g:ik ,Q ' S, 'f -iff 0 of me ',,.t,1, . L,1.,.:T.: TL,5N I f' 'wh 500 ffi.ffNFaf-Lfuffiaxfi u, '-,, '-fl ., 54' ' Ing 1 Cl menu, W "' lillfr T xg- 4- + X Jggy Agfa 'IIS . N I' TZ"-5-SQ, "'- f 'WU ' ' ,ip ,g-1. A ., yy' Qfffil Ile lp .r X-.4 X i E ala wig, 151' T ' " ,Ky xx '-' "w X E, . S ,af S 1. 1 --an-ag., 0 S y A, NM K. FEATURE EDITUR jj, Sfllllfl BUSINESS MANAGER C. CILISSIHUIT SPORTS STAFF XV. Schncidcr S. Shapiro -I. IIllIKlCI'fIl1llI'k 31 1 S -.s Q mu, 1,4 ,Abu-I. r N vxlhng R ..v, ,W in 1 l V .. X .-'ily K 4 -fs ,. - . N . Final Preparations 1 it X . ix.. n .4 pd if md-vw .19 s M..-nv' - M,,, POLICY MAKERS D. Sorun, M. Olmstc-d XI. Hamscm, D. Clilllllilll XV. Clc'rm11iu CIRCULATIONS STAFF I , D. Leighner K. 5 42" ,.-f"' All I 0 I a r 1 III!!IIIIIH!IIIIIIIllllllIIIilllHE!EEillillllllllllllllllillll With each of the four seasons comes the culmination of a quarter's bustle and work, Polaris. This magazine gives the members of the Cadet Corps an opportunity to see themselves in print. Prime subject matter is our maritime industry. Polaris has had articles covering this field from automative techniques to a grand old yarn of a famous ship. The magazine devotes a large amount of its space to an Alumni Section wherein graduates may keep in contact with their classmates and friends. Between the minds of the Writers and the black char- acters that line the white pages, lie a host of Workers typing, proofreading and laying out the work. These men compose the editorial staff which handles the magazine in total, while the art department emphasizes the Written Work with illustrations, and supplies the covers. Trying to keep the magazine solvent is the problem of the business and advertising departments, and the circulation department attempts to meet the demand for copy. Last, but not least, is the office staff which is always there to pick up after all else has been done. NIANAGING EDITOR xPeter Devlin 2 r EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Roger M. Schulz ASSOCIATE EDITOR John Murdoch 92 1 rr- --' ALUMNI EDITOR Marcus johnson EEN 'M SPCRTS EDITGR QFFICER ADVISER . I Lcdr. H. Hurt ' Jlm Curum 93 LFET- 51 :Il 17" 13117 --1-. ' g W Q- iii' ff' , Ml . fl' H1 U Xxx -tif 'inf Q-.0-Q 45,5 OFFICE MANAGER STAFF R. Byrnes I nrt, v fi. 7 . fi - X ta..- -' iii ' 43256225 1 , ,. if A l, I. Snyder, T. Boulwure - X C .iv ix 1 53 sr --L, fn,-.. Rf , gw X, F if H, V, --,.,h, 4,0 3 W A ,- f N ' 'Y .' 'VH . ,I CIBC U LATION NIANAGE-R A. Colton 95 12, all-5' ,J 'E Miro i' .40 ART EDITOR C. Xlatdwctt Gaflllg The Bearings Book contains histories of the Acad- emy, the Corps, seafaring, the American Merchant Marine, and the Maritime Administration. It also l cribes the sea vear- explains the depicts cadet life, c es " A C , . , class system, and relates those customs and traditions ' ' the founding of the which have developed since Cadet Corps. The primary aim of the book is to give the new Fourth Classman a thorough introduction to the career ' f l " about to emhark upon, and secondly to in orm ie is the puhlic about the Academy and the American Mer- chant Marine. vp, ...f-"' l lx i ' 'X X , W 1, '- X x . i r --- l 'f'L?ffi ' as , K l. x 'L . N .3 A x -' Yjxv X -,, X , XX, X R, , ,.,,, X, in Yi 3 N - . f . -f. , t " f' X -'z,Yf- , ., - . -wwf, X ' Q D I Y A 'X ' 4-5f:.,..f f"K -',f-'Z W-, ll ffig of - Md' Y -f'f""'iff.eliffw 4'-1,225-ff- X r ' -'fa cf, ' x' fr ' - ,J '1 L74 Ni ' X: k ' . fvj... J - + , V-... N, ,,- :fa ,i ,. ,A a,-.f ,. V, U iff A ' 1 'X 7 , ,rg-'::W..,g1-p ': 'tgg A -fi 31-...f 1:11 X 96 llllllllll1lIillIlIllllilllllllllllllllllllililllllllllllllll ' -' - p-A ,...,..:w 1-'ll fQlQ XI "?'k"'5"' fir! ,fd ...hu pgxww' . A I ADVERTISING STAFF PHOTO EDITOR k I Sitting: Pm. Cole Eugene Churgin I Stfnlflimq: C, Nlcmtrus, B, CIIQIQIDHTI, D. BIIIII, T. Mommy, I. Ford I 5 I I I I. """"' P yup' I -5....-wang? M1 M CIIICIIIIATION MANAGER ACTIVITIES STAFF Stcrvc- SCIIIII-iclor swung: SCM nf"T Sfllllllfllpfl Cl, 'lImIIIt, K. Clill, XV. Dip-kcI'soII, P. II0I'muIIII 97 To stimulate an interest in the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Regimental Information Service sends press releases to the hometown newspapers of each Cadet at Kings Point, noting every milestone of his career at the Academy from appointment to graduation. Thanks to Apeda Studio the program started last year, making photographs of Cadets available to accompany releases. It has been expanded and will continue to grow until all classes are covered. .a f CHIEF John H. Cole I it I is 9 I' V I C eil.,3imiiliMGmilllillllllllllllalanllllll Regimental Information Service also makes person- alized stationery available to the Cadet Corps and edits an address book for the graduating class so that its members can keep in touch after graduation, Under the leadership of its present Chief, John H Cole, and advised by Lcdr. Harry Hart, R.I.S. has conl tinued to publicize the Academy and its Corps in keeping with the awakening of interest in the American Merchankt Marine. OFFICER ADVISER Lcdr. H. Hart 44.1. T I lHHHl t'1'SUH- Q CLINE mt lts 'lm H. lx 0011- repiw' 5 'rflmnt mga? - -Q K -29? :Q 'X H N b if wi' :Sf- iv tk-X 1 If 'fluff 'Nu L x v. Xxx x X M91 I is 2922. 'L - E egg' X y ' I W N- 1- -aw - www .4 if il 1 I Bef" ,UAW . M. . f." 'Q 1-ll K ' .' QM Quik' if ,H ,. 2, J... ...MA-""' 'QM-H' X -in ff' HEAD OF PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Eugene Churgin 5-Tw t Qs' is Al" ' i" P. Medders and D. Stuteville Photography Stall The major function of the Photography Staff is to provide Midships, Polaris, and "Hear This" with the photographic material they may require. The staff also supplies photographs to The Regimental Information Scr- yice, Bea1'ing.s, The Alumni Association, Ofhcers' WivCS 1 uw D. Seellato and XV. Mullich E4 Stribhng Club, and other recognized groups within the Academy. The Staff trains Cadets in all phases of photography, and provides an opportunity for Cadets to worli iI1 3 professional atmosphere, under realistic conditions. Tl1iS includes taking pictures, lab processing, and business operations. Cadets do not have to have any previOUS experience in photography, only an interest. XV. Colclmacker and M. Hartmann i K i if li 1 .,T' W. Ya,-XLLL, ui Stall is ll 'ns ruth Ui The Stall fill mation Sei ltlicers' Wives file .lcaflfmil f pllflitlglilllllv' 'H work iHi -mliti0HS- lk .xml bum my .1 'N 1, 3 6? Front Row: T. McFarland, President, T. Devine, R. Onyx, I. Sombati, V. Belcher, R. Carson, M. Richardson, R. Lorusso. Second Row: F. Anderson, R. Leber, E. Huetteinan, R. Kothrade, J. Potteiger, C. Armstrong. Third Row: C. Kirby, D. Recd, XV. Kaiser, XV. Becker, B. Kennedy, G. NVolf, P. Hangarter, M. Mathis. Back Row: D. Pcdrick, B. Badger, XV. Turnbull, T. Pace, A. Pelz, YV. Bundren, L. Stern, I. Ford, I. Haw. Under the able direction of George V. Rose, the Kings Point Glee Club has grown to be one of the most outstanding representatives of the Academy. With two LP records on the market, and an annual ten day tour to all parts of the United States, their musicianship has become acclaimed across the nation. They also sing for many church and civic organizations throughout the year. For the Cadets in the Clee Club, singing provides a break in the academic and regimental routine of military life. The Glee Club puts in many long hours of practice each week, but the various trips and the satisfaction of a concert well sung more than repays each member for his effort. Z THE SEAFARERS D. Pedrick, R. Kothrade, D. Reed, T. McFarland, R. Leber, W. Becker, L Stern, P. Hangarter, W. Bundren, J. Haw. Sitting: T. Devine. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll The Regimental Broadcast Unit is composed of a group of conservative Cadets charged with the weighty responsibilities of recording and transcribing special oc- casions and guest speakers. Functioning from head- quarters atop Delano Hall, the disc jockeys of Kings Point enliven meals with music ranging from classical to e t . Q. DIRECTOR Rohcrt l". Liudmark gim ntal Broadcast - llltumuumunuuuumiumulumnuuuunumn pop. Most Cadets know of RBU from the music and from those four little lights next to RBU,s "eye in the sky." Other activities consist of supplying the public address system for Academy functions, providing music for dances, and some private repairing of Cadetls radios. Zap vw '1 CSX P 104 -'U he Barton, D. Grega- 1" Sitting: H. Zickwolf R Lindmark, T. Tucker Standing: I. Pape, V Schlotter, D. RagCWSl0 L. Kozak, G. Smlth P aww J' , 'TEAM S X i Q S ic and wi' ' rj iddress K S h SiC for 1 P195 ,kwli hcl!! LP ' '. D W' k 1,,, SMI LTPG3' Not another riotl? x To soothe the troops r C if , l ,M of P 105 I This should work-I hope l 1 l I l 1 l l l l i l Q fs E I l l fe' i l 1 l i l l i l 1 l i l l S . - y va 47' Ifmn! limi: It. C'i.iutl.ill, 1. Nlum-ure. li. liruxvu, C. Tllivl, C. Sit-hindelar. Second Row: D. Cm-:.1. D. Niglrt, I Xlilltii XX. D.umls, XX, Cluldnirrt-lwr, 7111111 How: A. Swenson, B. llupt-, fl, MH. C., llixis. C. lltlvrllhlll, ll, Quint-unison. Bark Row: l,. Kozalc, H. Kennedy, S X 1 Xl Xl l f""i' C l vm, . oullgu-will Cl. Kurpicl, D, Cindy. .. Aga... ,itli l l O EXECUTIVE BOARD C. Davis, C. Kurpiel, L. Stingo, V. Scliisler, C. Xlantegna After three years of inactivity, the L'.S.fXI.M.A. Drama Club is under the spot- light again. It took the efforts of over sixty cadets, the co-operation of all Academy personnel, and outside help from friends of Kings Point. The first production was a successful pre- sentation of Rodgers and Hammerstein's uSouth Paciiicf, The momentum gathered from this production should insure the Ca- det Corps against any further period of inactivity. It seems that the Cadets have something the audiences want, and it looks as if Cadets will be giving them this in- tangible commodity for many years to come. rama Club H ' lllilllilllHillilllilllllllllllIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllll D "Mlm-Q Sw. M vc N1 i."u i the Qpof- f md? MYR? Vid? Ui mi Pre' fmrf9 ,Meri QR Va' Mi wi N BMW f 'NYM ,mi TU ,K 11,881 , f v lf- -gd ,. 2 A , "Now listen here Miss Forbushi' i 'f A Q ,,w"' Q 'KYou do such good work Lutheri' "You Like, Lieutellantn , MX iaskx 'Mm 'l-ff Dites-moi Pourquoi C' Sitting: R., Dunn, R. Kaufman, L. Engstrom. 56001161 Bow: T- Mccfafh, l- Cummings, L' Davis, T. Folan, A, Rohloff. Back Row: L. Oldenhuis, R. Starer, R. Crow, D. McMahon, E. Stribling. ebate Council' From Canada to Kentucky, from the Atlantic coast to the mid-West, the ings Point Debate Council has had a fabulous and useful year The Acidem C C . E Y met many noted opponents in the forensic field: Harvard, Princeton, Georgetown, St. Iohifs, Columbia, to name only a few. The Debate Council also met the whl ' f ' ' ' ' o e 11111 o metropolitan colleges, including many teams on the distaff side. Travelling wider, our debaters went to Torontoas famed Parliamentary tourna- ment, and to the International Tournament at McGill, Montreal. The Council loses bv U1 l ' ' - , , D1 at nation, Cadets Kaufman, Dunn, and Engstrom, their forensic Qand otherj exploits on debate ventures will, however, be long remembered. 108 Acta PGI Vefba l I g""w'A-s'+i.i-,i- Catholic Choir , R. Kucinski, A. Collctti. Back Bow: I. O'Connell, Front Row: F. Neggcrs, I. Carlitz, Mr. Cibas P. Wojcicki, M. Huclzik, NV. Allen, B. Howie, R. Lorusso. ewman Club Front Row: R. Friedman, Fi. Minicucci, R. Taylor, L. Brown XV. Moran Second Row' I Gitzen, L. Unger, E. Darien, XV. Barbn, I. Hava' f. B k R ,: VV. 5 ' ' T ' ' Wolf, J. Kozlowski, R. Polsen. by UC ow telgeri ' Cmcoran' C' The Catholic Choir brings together the Catholic Cadets of the Academy in spiritual unity through music. The choir meets for rehearsals once a week at which time it works on solemn Mass liturgies and music as well as hymns to be sung with the congregation at Sunday Mass and special feasts and seivices. The choir is composed of Cadets of all four classes and is accompanied by the accom- plished organist- clioirmaster, Mr. Michael Cibus. The Newman Club is 3 Catholic Club of Catholic Fel- lowship that attempts to foster the spiritual, intellectual, anfi social interests of the Cafhohc Cadets in the AcademY- The Newman Club is a member of the National Newman Club Federation and of the New Newman York Province of , th -ClubS, and eng-agesuln S work of the Federation 2111 Province. L .if-if? S , ,Q AA I , I 3 If Q .A 1 ,gy is 3, Q fp L -' .M Q , gf if ,I Q f'-ills KH 'W-if , ' 'lun li an Q f"' suv K V o f ,WW A H, 'Chl -C ' 7 fz1Q ji3 Mft' Mr t l tif?- F? h 'slian ouncl i mv-,.f,e:v--.4-.-,.,,, 05 V X. I Front Row: R. Creenland, C. jasa, W. Schultz, L. Stribling, M' POYUOY, L- Engstrom, l- Cummings' G' Hass, R. Cole, Chaplain Hershberger. Back Row: E. lnouye, B. Tomb, L. DEIVIS- Religious Education and Recreation The Christian Council makes up the Academy'S core of Protestant Cadets responsible to the chaplain and God for the Protestant services and activities whether aboard Of ashore. ln particular there are representatives rom c that help plan and take part in Council sp which provide Cadets with an opportunity to study the Bible and have fellowship with one another. are held twice a year, to which D common problems and interests. The bi-annual retreats Offer a chance to get away from the involved Academl' hfe for a weekend of religious study and recreation. . It is the hope of the Christian Council that its Part fn Academy life will provide the Cadets with 21 dynamic program of Christian endeavor. f Ch section onsored functions ConferenCGS Girls are invited to d1scuSS ll2 K Ze? igs, C- Vfjfff of ,. ,J for ,fri or ,i mn .Aa ., . 4 ,- .., mill! ,i. ..f she , iw 'NCES ii,Lll53 K., .Her 'Fir lm 2'4" in lrfiilml The Protestant Choir has been quite active this past year in providing choral arrange- ments to supplement the Protestant Services. In addition tothe Sunday morning services the choir has participated in many special .J w yu ny - .'--f 2 ,fn w --3+ K aj fly," ' ' services both aboard and ashore. Thr nur Choir Director-Organist, Cordon Bush his added a pleasinglv refreshing sound to the services in the Memorial Chapel. 'ST-'..'Q'?'x . . .f' as VI, . , I N A Q ,Q .if he 1'-',5w-,QUQHK All V m ra,s as . +4-fd.. e 1, 7 QAN. if Qi'-.,,-.. ,UQ fs: . .37 'fx.,44.',:k, 4 , ,Qt s ru, V. f.,z",,w.,. ff f , - ,-, - is we fav 'fe .f1."ffu.f.,x ugf'i-2' Qi ' ,X 'E - - N 2 ,,s.f5.,ff? '?,f f,,?., , .1 '. .. ' ' aww r '5."f 5:43 wifi "'t-11 i A i hilt., fm.-ff' M1 Q, 'ff.,-Mfg, ,zm-f.,.'f" 1 gif O, at-:l-1. W , . Za. Cx, ,mlsxfqg!'4m1,ml"f'A,H' UH-f-":.x -xl ' Ji,- , Q., ,. ., ,,., Lb is, ,xii,s,.?iH,zf.,.ji,,.5f,M,f,.,A2f.5,,L.:,VJog.'gif A,,.,.nf.,f QxWZf'7,'Z'1:"':':x1ff'3' zs.l6':-any '31-:"'g:.r5', fivhatfzlfdl' 5 VT'-15' .-A' M- sjg Q4'L1 wx, .,f"f-at mia' .,'f'Lf ,gs -127,5 ' ,'1.'t ' .fx i 4 . 25,345 '4..ry-ff' 1 -N, 'V' Ha' e .hid .A nik -. ?--n- 1-on 4 H N- X A 53" , ig ,ms ,ww Mi igiiwiqi MH: , .mill varifw CML 'IHHP ' ll kUJPl,li WAFS l AND Il ,mo Wilfifl .ire ,wi wervwifiii iw ns ROLL or HONOR Ch an R Kotliridc L Loomer E. Broadhurst Front Row: L. Davis, T. Albright, G. MODUZIS, K- allmc 1. ' L, E ' T 136 R C 1 p Forrister, A. Drengler, F. lump, R. Trernayne. ASec0ncl Rack litdgel P1gcrsIhl2irifggOn-- WCC, 0 9 How: G. Bush, Director, D. Kummer, C. Kirby, R. orenzir , . 6 , - 113 hoir Regimental Dance Committee Front Row: H. Quincannon, A. Colton, C. Browne, n Hull Back Row XV Iaffee, D. I. Dina, P. Va . ' I ' . Jeffries, R. Dmochowski, M. Cullis, M. Shea. --Y ,,..m..,..... .-.F .... . , .1964 Bing ommittee l l r Front Row: C. Mantcgnu, XV. Schultz, R. Minicucci, G. Browne, L. Avery, D. Czlzclik, R, Mutzen. Second Row: C. Allcrton. T. McFarland, C. Kurpicl, C. Pouliot, D. Sorun, I. Xllrclrtcl, B. xY21lSl'l. Bock Row: R. Schutz, M. Cunnizzurro, M. Mason, D. Cidley, C. Crccnc. Bmg .e Committee Front Row: L. Avery, R. Hill, I. Pietmclm, I. XVacl1tel, B. Benn, D. Giclley. Second Row: T. McFarland, C. Allerton, Cf Pouliot, C. Nadig, B. Muir, D. Crowley. Back Row: G. Kurpiel, C. Muntegnu, M. Mason, R. Matzen, C. Greene. A talent with the handling of a hammer and nails, saws, paper maclre, crepe paper, lumber. and the forming of chicken wire into - . A I 34 . . A . d unbelievable structures topped-oft wrtlr a great dcal ot rngcnurty an conscientious hard work are a basic ingredient of each member of the Regimental Dance Committee. The Regimental XYelfare and Recreation Oflicer with the aid of his three Battalion conternporaries and their company project chairmen or- ganize, plan, and develop all facets involved in the make-up of a successful Regimental Dance. . , . - W - edw- sew- - , ., If Q'.W,1Q,l11'.'.llQ,l' , ,iff TQ, Qf ' , , ' ' ' Little did the Cadets who volunteered for the class ring committee l b rlize cxrctlv what the magnitude of their during their pe e year ret 1.1 I . undertaking would be. That first year entailed many hours of personal interviews between the committee and sales representatives of the ma1or ring mamrfacturers of the country. Once past this obstacle and the contract signed, the committee, now Second Classrnen and fresh from their travels about the World, set out to develop and design specifications for a class ring which the class believes to be by far second to none. h h Rin Dance proved to Decorated in an Kunder the sea" t eme, t e g be one of the most memorable events for the class of 1964. Guy Masella provided the music from the huge open clam shell that was only part of ' ' r ' - h bl er the extensive decorations planned and constructed under t e a e sup vision of Bill Pietrucha Described as one ot the best dances held at the Academy, it boasted d led Jlace cards in an orchid setting for all in attendance. The ring remo e l - ' ' f l d effectively at the end of under the guidance of Curt Poulrot w as p ace a long tunnel. The e of attraction. The dance also marked a coup e o no a enchantment of the atlair weekend was granted to the second classmen attending. lla xcellent work on it added to its esteem as the center l f t ble firsts which increased the : Wfhites were Worn at the dance, and a long 4, nn One of the few places where Cadets may relieve themselves of the rigors of Regimental and Academic and Hall Russ Snow, Land Hall Ensign life is the Land Hall Activities building. Here, Cadets can lose themselves in such activities as pool, billiards, and ping pong. Other facilities at Land Hall include a color television set, a stereo record player, dressing rooms for girls who have traveled long distances to attend Academy functions, and facilities for visiting organizations and teams that wish to remain aboard overnight. The purpose of Land Hall is to provide a relaxing, homey atmosphere for those of the Regiment who use it's facilities, a place where visitors can rest their weary feet, and to provide an ideal meeting place for some of the many clubs at Kings Point. jim Brown, Land Hall CPO Cul V '1 . ri i l' :U I . I ' X 4,3- i , ' 1 J M M...--'W' Q' , 1 A Recreation and . . . I , x 116 Relaxation Hobby Shop The Hobby Shop is an activity which is open to Cadets of all classes in pursuance of their personal projects. These projects may take any form, from radio repair work to designing and building a revolu- tionary energy system. Various types of hand and power tools are available from donations made by several organizations, and there is a complete stock of periodicals containing plans for the more popular endeavors. The shop itself is under the supervision of a First Classman, Ted Blair, and he is advised by Commander Diedricks. Facilities are available each day from 4 to 6, and on weekends for any Cadet desiring to use them. V5 Ted Blair, Cadet-in-Charge of Hobby Shop Tools for everyone's needs. Projects of all kinds. .5 -taut -- 11 W-. Q 1, 5 5 ,1 0 l 0 ' 'ii ' tg, ,t .1 1' 'Q '-4 1 r 56 IQ ,+- Q R " 9 -x 5 . K' jf? ' A V Q iffy . QR 1. u 2, ' ' EK 'S .'u ? ,-. ' Qu 'I Q 1 , V Q , il Qi P' I 1 . '13 -is 'E 'lf' '31 ' ' l 'l-I ,Mm '5"!a uni 1 2 f -4-,mu-u - i Y I x if ' ' pa , , A . Q sing, 'ga K: I , Q sis , n 6 is I . lililf ' lil' Qi K 1 x ,, ,, 'Q f :-N ,Ui 2 lf""'x,, N X, ffl' N 1 FB . W ' if 'Q fjz g.gt, gi 43151 QI! Fa 1?- 3' Q. -'.-"-if 35? Il 0 iv, -NX F., ' - M ,- xx. ff- ,.. ., .-x,1. . - ,-..., -.wx V.. Qllllim 'ltitlei ll of ish. fs fl li P0 , ripelled llllliq i nd if il' C lll ll H-Nl Varsity Club g'Tlie Varsity Club of the United States Mort-liaiit Marine Acadciny is an organization torrnctl to cn- couragc participation in varsity atlilctics by t-atlctsg to instill closer rclationsliips bctwceii gratluatc anal un- dergraduate atlilctcs of tlic Acaclcinyg and an associ- ation of, and for tlic benefit of all varsity atlilutcs at the United States Blercliant Marine Acatlcrnyf, -Preamble. Varsity Club Constitution Tlic Varsity Club is tlic inost clyriainit- of all tlrc VT cu fx txulut organizations. Tliis is Cxcinplificd in tlic well ltnown Varsity Club partics1 tlic replacing of tlic blot-lt "NI" witli tlic inorc significant interlocking "KPvg tlic awartlirig of tliu Varsity Club Parltasg tlic institu- tion of tlic "Pliiy0r of tlic NYcOli,': anal otlicr similar projut-ts. .Xiiy catlct who attains a Varsity Lcttcr in any ot tint tliirtvcn x'a1'sity sports is 11 invrnbvr of tlic Yarsity' Club. If ALL-XVINTER lirouglithe iiler, Kill? line bowl- it is located vtll' lxTl0Wll 195.5 stailrl LETTER XVINNERS lfmiit Holt: D. Swcigcrt, D. Kulin, S. Siuitlvr, ll. Quinn, I. Bloncurc, R. Craiiitliill, C. lnouyc. SCCOIICI How: B. lin-kkv, lt. Taylor, J, Bclmonte, B. XYOt'l'llUI', D. Flcgciiliciiiicr, M. Bell- onio. P. Nlt-Ciiviii, F. Dcnknian. Third Rout: Cl. St-lnnitlt, 1. Cliarcst, R. tliiiislow, j. Toinpkiiis, C. Kcitcl, E. l'vi'i'vi'o. j. Cliivvis, D. Moore, N. Stvw41i't, li, lfgglcston, B. Louglilin, l,. Sliiplt-y. Ifourtli Row: I. Ycamans, Pi. 'l'liin'pc. D. Burlccs, F. Mc-nscr, L. O"l'oolv, G. Crossinan, 'l'. Unger, I. Stiilnvs, I. Evcrinoiitlc, I. Dugan. Fiflfi Row: F. llc-i'rrnaii, 1. Curlancl, C, Nlatt-lit-tt, Cl. L:1Dana, T. Tyssclantl, C. C11-viim-, C. llrowiic, D. llasmusscn, M. min ntlcl V C iinclloi Srlnniclt, A. Ritz, Pm, l3.ub.i, Curran, 'Xl Povnoi' P Lange Ross. Huck Row: D. Oprison, I. Bose- ffm W ilif louvif , lf x11leSi Mg, unit! ull SPRING IJCTTER XVINNERS K. lflalts, ll. Sliingllair, V. Ciancllon l lrotti D lrm Frou! Iiozr: I. liiissano, R. Pit-lmontc, D. Nt-wtoii, IQ, Owens. ll. Linclmarlx XY. lliigi-rinan, ll. Xlinicucci. J. Cliiv- xis, ll. Snow. SITUIIII How: 1. Nlatliis, la li. l'll7!'I'ITlilI1, I. Yillclu, Pt. Bvlim, R. XXX-i'iii-r, Tlzirfl Row: ll. fXIcVay, S. Collins, Pm. llowic-, D. Pmurlics, L. O"I'oolt-, L. llc-rgiii, E. Fvrroro. E. Pvntiinonli. l3ur'k Row: ll. Dutlcllc- sion. D. Ptit'liarclsoii, Cliaclclorcloii, Pa. Clinton. K. lvspwsoii, NV. Cratty, 'J a Sk: lub Front Row: E. Pentimonti, B. Muir, T. Tribble, R Breault, P. Vant Hull, D. Lloyd. Second Row: C Mollard, P. Lindmark, C. Tomat, R. Hamelin, P Trenbath, E, Yodkins. Third How: R. lVl8.tZ6!'1, K Ruhnlce, E. Ebennan, M. Stemborski, R. Pokorny, P Hendrick. Back Row: P. Bilski, C. Mantegna, M Mason, G. Browne, H. Quincannon. Trident lub Front Row: R. Schulz, R. Mcliliccc, C. Havncn, XX Schnciclcr, C. Swan, T. Percival, I. Aclzcma. Second Row: A. XVillia1ns, C. Scars, L. Clark, C. Hill, P Iorclan, R. I-Izunclin. Third How: R. Pokorny, I Christensen, I. Strnsheim, XV. Cartwright, E. Stzino L. Haas. Back Row: C. Elliot, L. Flink, R. Messcr I. XVhitencr, P. Hendricks. Parimariners lub M. XVatson, D. Hamilton, R. Hamelin, S. Schmidt G. Browne, XV. Schneider. 7 Front Row: Lt, Mc, Gammon, C. Allerton, L' Brown, D. Kroll P. Vant Hull. Second Row: C. Clemm, 1, Hill, M. Shea, M. Loo- HGY, B. Dreher, B, Oldenhuis. Third Row: I. Barnes, S. Colitz, J. Barnes, S. Colitz, 1, Parker, T. Hiter, T, Tucker. Back Row- D, Gaeta, S. Johnsen D, Grega, W. B d' F Boswell. oy , l The Eagle Scout Society is com- posed of those men of the Regiment who are interested in furthering the scouting movement and its' ideals. The society offers a guide service to those who visit the Academy grounds during the review season, and thereby helps to familiarize the public with the Academy and its mission. It is also called upon to assist in various camporees, regattas, and other scout- ing functions throughout the year. Eagle Scout Society I 5 L,'F:1""gJ?i-J-r"l-Q Q54 'R Ll, M Second fmm, I .liim ther, B llird Row: Coliiz Colitzf 1' Hgs, il K ll Bad. F. i. . 5, - ' gf e f .- TY . .- , widespread L HH" The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers offers many new and horizons to both Engine and Deck broad Cadets. With its national character and affluence, detailed reports d discussions are available to those an interested members of the Society. In addition to its many publications, Cadets, as student members, are openly invited to attend any of the functions and meet- ings which the Society holds. The Society's fields of endeavor cover the broad reaches from structural design and capabilities of present hulls and engines to advanced research for new vessels for commercial and technical work. Captain McCready of Engineering and Lcdr. Steiner of Nautical Science are both enthusiastic members of the Society and actively encourage Cadets to' join. Their guidance and leadership in the matter are both sought after and well rewarding. This second year of existence for the Kings Point Cargo Club linds the main interest within the First' Class Deckmen. This is largely due to the increased em- phasis placed upon the Cargo license questions of the bi-weekly meetings. ln general however, the purpose of the Cargo Club, which is under the ad- vice of Lt. L. E. WVorters, is to keep the Deck Cadets abreast of the present day developments and problems in cargo handling and commodity stowage. The Club has been most fortunate this year in receiving lectures and programs from distinguished representatives of the American Petroleum Institute and United States Steel. SNAKE Y? ag ,- T Lee cr Second Row- R Front Row: C. Thiel, P. Fetcher, D. Lloyd, J. Cummings, . p . . . XVerner, R. Costello, M. Miles, E. Pentinionti, R. Kotlirade. Third Row: R. Sauerman, D. ' ' ' - V D' '-ls. Buck Row: C. Greene, T. Coreliam, B. Hope, I. Cidley, M. Mason, C. Swan, X . .init Self, C. Pouliot. Front Row: I. Murdoch, L. Brown, R. Frcdricks, E. Poe. Second Row: P. Tomlet, W. Daniels ' " A Back Row: T. Hurd, T. Corcham, Pi. Caplinger, T. Anglin. F. Belinski, E. Fcrrero. Cargo lub Radio lub Front How: R. Taylor, T. McFarland, L. Killpack. Back Row: P. Park, M. Lauritsen, E. Churgin, B. Olclenhuis. Bridge lub Front Row: B. Tow, I. Pribila, I. Rloncure, C. Sclrinclelur, C. Hnvncn. Second Row: I. Duncan, P. Lorcnzini, J. McLaughlin, V. Roth. Back Row: I. Pape, K. Jcspcrson, R. Kriz, D. Sorun, B. Kobel. Camera lub Front Row: R. Woefel, L. Brown, E. Clmrgin, D Stuteville, D. Crowley, P. Lange. Back How: T Monroy, R. Snyder, F. Toecltemier, R. Taylor, P Trotta, R. Elliot, H. Reece. - This is the KPBC. A potential grand slam? Practice makes perfect The Kings Point Amateur Radio Club is a group of radio enthusiasts who maintain a radio "ham shack" which boasts of many world-wide contacts. The core of the Club consists of licensed amateur radio men, but welcomes any Cadet who is interested in the hobby. The Club also has a program of instruc- tion for Cadets who are trying to obtain their amateur license from the Federal Communications Commission. One of the highlights of the Bridge Club this year was the undefeated season. Those employing the Kaplan-Sheinwold system did not live up to the ex- pectations, and it appears that the Coren system of bidding will be extensively incorporated for offensive bidding. This year the Club consisted mostly of first classmen with three years experience in competition bridge. Next year, with daily practice and some bold bidding, the Club should have another fine year. The Camera Club is the haven for the photographic enthusiast, The Club is an informal group that is supported by the Ofhcers' YVives Club. Cadets have available to them a fully equipped lab in which they may process their own Work. The member supplies his camera, film, and photographic paper, the Club furnishes the needed facilities. Experimentation to improve results and technique is encouraged, guidance from other Cadets is available upon request, and Cadets are periodically informed of all new develop- ments in the field of photography. The Camera Club offers to all interested Cadets of the Regiment the opportunity to enjoy the "arty of photography. ,,-...- ,,...-.- 4 E121 ff V J Y fn 'Jf f if Lf W W X f , 1 fix ,lr ..,,f X " L' Z x, 7 1 in X ff: 5 , ,1 I ' 'Vw --'-J Xfyjj 'W il G o ! r .y xqgqw, , 4 A X4 1 ,Apu W W7 ' I as, 5,4 as Q Q -""lllt'-if ,M W, ff' - SPORTS -.f -1 .1 www, 1 "... rf' 4 QF' 'Ny .Q A 1 , 5- l ii 1 4 ..,. M Aww W " V4-,.. .ggi A 0' Sb .SXQ ,V.. , -. A ' V 4 x VXLRQQKK kj- jg r,V3Q3X 4 MY N -1.-SQQ-D-. ' , 53? 1 - . , 2 NAS X x id -, k xxx-X fs. 1. T K . 'V'-QQ "ve IV - -1 ' -z V X 1' 1 VV'-f V V Q, m 1 -'JF' ' l I ' N A , 4- f 1 V 6 If - Vw V , Q Q 5... . , - ,W ff' , - V - . ,. , 4 L K 4 V 1 k Il 'I V -ff- "'Q - 1 , , f Q Rf 1 ' X E Qiwal V . . ag't . V- A 'N ' , ' - 1 ' N ' 'F -an - , , ', K . . VV-v-..""' :i . ' , !- ' ,x V 1 .li ' ' ' 1 - , 1 , - W . X WT - . - ., , ,x , . ri' n V- If 1 M 5, 1 N A, ,4 . V VX ' ' qi 5 . I 'XJ yr K' ' , V , ' ,-1, my 'V V., 5 .1 'V . I X -X V , - , , .V U -I, .5-5 , M 4, . ' ,- 'I 0 ., ' A '- N . , V ffi- , 1 . . - 3 - fi. V - kk 3 . - we 9:4 ,-it-Hyip X Y w ' L J, L' ,leivf-A 4-ii.. h x K--.,' Gr 'QV ' , , ., 2 1. W +1 A V' M x ' r, A gh., .V . Q u ., V f Emil F A QU -iz. V 1 ' t 6, ,X-. Aj Q. M- 'W A Q w.. 'N K 'pn ' xl-Yf,,ql"' ' , Livhfyx, L- -- ig, f V f -' hw. 'v1zf9'9jxn:Vf.' ' . - 1 I f , , If ty . , , ."'!,.x, '1 'Y ', "Q xln- W . . . -,Z . , I - - . .,,. ,g g 'P -f - 3 ,, ,V j ,, M. - Y 5 . 4 . -V .. ' ,x ' 'N , in-. I.: . , , 'f - , '+., . s , . - "il'x"S64,., ,. 1 ' ' s X -,.,:'w g i U ff. gr. . I. , 5 LH-.. 1--.1-' K , f , 'v , A , 31 : v my ' - - wp-f ' ' ' .23 1 q.x..:1'P'Vt..h A . -Q V .K 3, t ,vfwx 1" ' - . 3 . 'Y , ,, J '-I. , nk. 'X . 4 h - fg,?V, , l ' A fs- U ni .,. h V -.-,,, . l f H "'. . ' 1 ,Q-, ' . n ' 'V-W' N - . .'-M V+ - V . .. ,, ,V .. VV ---is, . , - gg- .0-in H. ,- ,I . V I .L ,. .- .va 'IP' ' 'W a'x.,, ,Y .5 "'f ' ' gi," ' , V . ., . . 4- M-.. -H . V .. -V -' 9 .. . ,- , . Q V , I - Vx, - , - Y :J V5 U i . - - . -y. - v. . VH. ' 1. "' . '-WH ' g'w'f-QW. 4 Ig. . A Q - V' ,ffl ' - - ,, . . ' . I w- V ' F - . V VV - 'Jr 'ef ' - 1 . ,- 1 " " ' ' , Af3l,i,1t"3:,1K., .'f,4w V -W-.HV-.Q-V"ef!Aj5V:' .'1 , - 'i P V "N 14- ff-'..511-'VVag3iW-,.5ag?f'f.-,,Xf',,::' ' . -,. 3,3 s -. digg' , ,. , 1 ' X V, iV 'HbJ!,Vv'V1.'--v---',. xx 3, .5 W' Q ' F -' , f -J V -. wg. - fgl' . ..', 41- 'sz V ' . SV ' . ,. A ,- - ,Q 1 V ,- , , lf, - ,V - ,f- . , 4-.-,-. V '- 'gt ' ' ":1A--2-f:ifc'2'mi'1, .u Tm . 'V' "'-A' iff? ' ' ' S - V X f f 'W 1. - ' -M -. 1 ' ,Vp 'V Sm xv " . A - wr ' -V ' - 1 'V' , V' - 'f Jef- l . ,v , ff , ,QV 1 5-.X In . , , , .. 1 4 N 'V' ,jf , A .ku-25.7 in If .. K 1 . A DWI, .Y K -Y-1 4 6 ..x , 4- 4.1, 1. . , "' 1' 7 VW' " M ' Q 's 'A 5'fT:'97 ' '5 - .- , V " "W-A' 5" ' M55 -'V Ai , aw' x 11'-X I-1 -ja:-gg' .- ling, 1' Y- 'Q50:q7:'. . .If .-4.3, 42,-, ,li MIM ,V - .2 , A N , .V 1 a ...an-,U UA: I -- V f v' --V ' ' ' , 'x V .Q r, ' .- - -r . " . .4 .una , ,,,. 5 V- . -4 f va 5 I-VA, K 1 ka 1' - A AA I... v N . .il V ' 1 I . ,. K, V . - Z k 4.-.. ,,,-, .1 ,VVV ,, .1 , V. ., i , , 5--xg-,. V A -.. - . 'Hg JV f - ,VV ifff-fx... . A , '15, fl ig.-Q.. - .. V-VQJAK,-3 'ff ' 1 X Q 'gm' dk.: ,.njfV,q - ' v'1"': u,-V e L.. -91' " ' .' " ' ' ' ' ,f , . 1 HVV 1 V , ' List, .A 4 L " . Fa., -gif-.xi , ,wx V V--5,7-1 - Q 3 ,. A , . . x 4 'V-' ,juli A,"-v,,, ,,,, V. 3, - .J .-.1 ', -5: , - .gr-"fl, f - , ,QQ-,.5f, - -ei A f, XV," ,f , , .A , , . ' 1 ' I, ,I-4' ., 49? " 2 'V-5" T-lf. ' ,-1:5 1--:'j if f gif ' '-fi?--'.:i.,s Ahf. , " I -3 . A V 'V 1,40 f A- . , hi. 'W ' .-mg -. , -, - : -. , V K, , 1,1 . ' -3, ,ny , . . ,. nf.. ', - -: Q4 rv.- Q . A-,radar Wg: glam- -A 3... V.a., 04,2 -V..., , .. ,V4 , , f 1, gf - - , Xia '- V Vari if .V -Y - V, '-4 -Lv. .' . w j., . 1 L 'v V xx, Sz-iff M r- V 33:15 -V-'f,. ,' "5 'Q 'F' r i, 'Tv '. - .Q ,f 54,3 . -Y I 3 X ij --1 I 3 4 1 M I X x x X x 3 . jf' .ff V. .ff , ,gbdfk 3 A ff ,f f NX X XJ x., ,lf , W X X A N X Leadership 1" TG'lIHXX'0I'k 75 X if J N r WU- s in lk X, R' f' w "Q!1nl-,vs.w'4'f'1gQ fy 3 tba' A - , A , .,g ,..,,n V ,gn-.Ax ,i-s.y-- . .' M "g:I !i'T4fV A f . huflai d -X - A M W 0' . dfiifg' ,'lf'L..,'.h , . ..I"g".1. , ,J "Tvf'Z", Q ffni... -ao Q9 ,dl And Nuv Tfmlent TONY UNGER Nlwmger a.,r-W - --V---,gf 'ur' s .5 M495 K xx-.-... W Paul Lange, Tackle if , 1, ix Nt, -I' Ron Crandall, Halfback fl sul The 1963 Kings Point football team enjoyed a prestige among Eastern small colleges that has not been felt since the great USMMA teams of the 40's. 1n a pre-season scrimmage against the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, the Mariners dominated play throughout the contest as they showed the Regiment the great potential that the team had. In the official 1963 opener against the Owls of Temple University, a much lighter and underdog Mariner eleven, fought the Owls to a 20-20 tie. It was probably the greatest perform- ance of the season by the Mariners. They moved the ball on the ground for a total of 364 yards while holding the opponent to 80 yards. For his fine defensive performance against Temple, Viv Gianelloni was named to the ECAC Team of the Week, The Mariners then traveled to Connecticut, where after an uneventful first half, they opened up Bridgeport's defense to score an impressive 30-6 victory. Steve Kupiec and Paul Lange sparked the defensive line and held the running efforts of the Purple Knights to 34 yards. C. WV. Post, after starting strong and taking a 7-0 lead, succumbed to the Academy's impregnable defense as the Blue lled to their second victory of the season, 23-7, Steve Koehler highlighted the game by intercepting a pass and returning it 93 yards. For this and many other outstanding plays throughout the game, Koehler was named Sophomore of the and Gray ro Week. Moving into the game with the Academy's most bitter rival, Hofstra, Kings Point had established for itself a very formidable record. In its previous three games the team had allowed each of its opponents an average of 77 yards while our offensive unit moved the ball an average of 264 yards per game. With this record secure in the hold, Kings Point was considered to have its best chance in recent years of overrunning the Flying Dutch- men. The afternoon, even with Steve Sanders, spectacular 87 yard touchdown run of the opening kickoff, proved to be a little more than the Blue and Cray had expected, and plagued by iniuries, the Mariners bowed to Hofstra in their first defeat of the season, 45-19. Homecoming Day brought the Mariners their fifth opponent of the season in VVagner College. Contrary to the Hofstra con- test, the Kings Point-Wagner game was a display of defensive H-fr in mn H! ll' "' H1 Ill iii!!! -- Z ,v 'fff7f"' . Q I 1 xt v--fQ4b Bill Woerner, Fullback 134 0 5 ,f Q9 Air., 4 Viv Gianelloni, Guard strength on the part of both teams. The capacity Homecoming Day crowd saw the Mariners win 14-13, with the margin of victory being a conversion kick by Co-Captain Don Moore. The Mariners again ran into trouble in meeting the formi- dable Huskies of Northeastern University. Moving on to an undefeated season the Huskies held the men of the Blue and Gray to one touchdown which was carried over by sophomore Steve Sander. As the final gun sounded the scoreboard read 39-6. The Mariners' next opponent took them into the deep South where they met the service team from Pensacola. XVith veterans of Oklahoma, Navy, Auburn, Notre Dame, and Georgia Tech football teams in the line up for the Goshawks, the Mariners yielded only A86 yards on the ground but were unable to push the ball over the goal line as the Pensacola eleven won 20-3. The following week the Academyis gridiron men traveled to Upstate New York where they defeated Hobart College, 26-13, in one of their best performances to date. Again the team effort was very evident, and outstanding performances were turned in by Bill Woerner, Ron Crandall, Bob Post and Frank Menser, as well as several up-and-coming plebes. The final game of the 1963 season took the entire Regiment of Cadets to Atlantic City and the Third Annual Boardwalk Bowl game against the Cadets of Pennsylvania Military College. Morale and spirit reached a peak as the men of the two military academies marched onto the field and exchanged salutes before the start of the "Little Army-Navy Gamef, The game proved to be one of the most hard-fought and exciting contests of the season, and the Mariners' spark was provided by Bill WVoerner, Ron Crandall, Don Moore, and Paul Lange. Mariner quarter- back, Bob Post, was named Outstanding Player of the Game. and Paul Lange, playing in his last game for the Mariners, was named Best Defensive Player of the Game. The 27-13 final score put the Kings Point football team only one year away from retiring the coveted XValdecker Trophy. As the season came to a close, thoughts turned to the 1964 football season and speculation is hot and heavy. The up- coming season provides for Kings Point an even tougher sched- ule than that which has passed. Such football powerhouses as Bucknell, Colgate, and Drexel will be met next year along with the return of Temple, Hofstra, Pensacola, and Northeastern. 135 ,Liga Gil La Dana, Quarterback Dave Burkes, Halfback "Ns- Up., Down . . . Art Ritz, Fullback I 5 Steve Kupiec, Tackle Around . . . And Through -eu- 'in ll Q? RECORD KP' oPP. 20 Temple ..,, 1 20 30 Univ. of Bridgeport . , G 23 C. YV. Post . . , I 7 19 Hofstra , '45 14 lVagner . . , - 13 G Northeastern Univ. . QQ 3 Pensacola . . . 20 26 Hobart . , I 13 27 PMC . '13 l ' , , Co-Captain Don Moore, End Co-Captain Larry O'Toole, End Front How: R. Crandall, S. Kupiec, D. Burkes, B. XVoerner, D. Moore, L. O'Toole, G. La Dana, V. C-ianelloni, P. Lange, S. Sander. Second Row: C. Inonye, I. Charest, F. Nlenser, K, Cayce, P. Banaszewski, I. Shnipes, M. Purpura, B. Post, T. Neumann, NI. Flavel. Third Row: R. Morones, A. Sama, C. Butler, B. Pascoe, T. Sheldon, B. Evans, Koehler, D. BIcKrola, T. Harahan. Back Row: B. Savidge, I. Klein, I. Thompson, J. English, D. Keanclly, B. Nakos, B. Pitre, A. Thompson, I. Lombino. LW N Co-Captain Cary Browne Co-Captain Ernie Ferrero The Kings Point Soccer Team completed the 1963-64 schedule as the most successful soccer team in the history of the Academy. The overall record was eight wins and five losses, which is very creditable since the booters played many of the finest teams in the East. ,This yearis squad was led by Co-Captains Cary Browne and Ernie Ferrero. Fine performances were turned in by many of the second and third classmen during the year-notably Mike Bellomo and Bob Loughlin, next yearis Co-Captains, and also by all-conference Don Sweigart. Out- standing third classmen included Bill Ritchie, Norman WVeld, Roberto XVoll, Deeter Ressel, and Tony Annis. The team is looking forward to bigger and better things next year with Co- Captains Browne and Ferrero, and Frenchy Greenland being the only men lost to graduation. The team,s success was due partly to the building and development job done by Coach john Barbour in the past few seasons, and to the unsellish and determined attitude of all the team members. VVell done! M? n :Uri I Frenchy Greenland RECORD K.P. OPP l U.S. Military Academy , . 4 0 Columbia ..... . 1 1 Pratt . . . . . 3 5 Fort Schuyler . . . 2 6 Hofstra . . . 1 l L.l.U. . . . . 6 4 L.I. Aggies . . r 2 3 C.C.N.Y. . . . 2 3 Adelphi . . 6 3 Brooklyn . , O 6 XVagncr . , 2 5 Queens . . , 3 4 C.VV. Post. ....... 0 -lill--1 I . C 1 N 3 D. 5 , gmt, G, Bmw ne, Lo-Captain, E. rcrrcro, Co Captaimh H. llicflwl3elllbrllxqllyn1'T IBS-i1SrelfreSEc01z5gISlZ3' XV ll3cllrlfngame F. jump, A. XVilliams, R. Smith, D. Crcga, L. Flmk, ' ' ' ' p ' ' ' - i -- Y' N ' ' F Xia uire B Ritchie B, Toml , P, T nbgth, L, Clarke, C, Keller, L. Shipley. Buck Row. B. Allen, Manager, . . . g W , . Q N, R. Louglmlin, 'llSNVitteveen, M. Lauritsen, L. Eggleston, D- RGSSCL l- CUm1SkCY, R- WO11, l- Th0f956U, E- Y0dkmS, R Crow vgv. N ,f ,,, f , W QW, ,ff ' Mlfvgw -,Q v f.W,f X w A si 6, QS RQ I V fi ,, 5 P +z1,z7'gf5,,L ' , 'i ,?,f4.6.,f?4:5x f X ,f , I X! 2 1, 2 ,Vx v 1' ff. ,Cl ,,. - X wc, 'L " 'l,j'-f- ,K . N, ' , f'n 4 .'.", f f ,ffwffw X My , ' Tl . ,. f p pl ,wrf,3'f,'fwf fgf A 'rf c , I In ,I wx f - Y, A .a-' ,- '. f. ' rw 'Lf ,I-,Q LA Q TM dr' - , xx ky 4191- '4 h.,f',.i,Z'f., , V, ,W 1 X - 27-,,,f-4 5' Q- A Y, L""-. -'Fish ' i nfer F' NX .. X, . ' pg--' vw M 'cg . X, -- A ,. , ',.p x 2.-A - , 'IW Txif, If N .A A H-.. ,, N . ,, L, , M Q r , , f X ., .. ? 5 4"-sv . , L x f x 'V fm, V A ,4,.,wf .X .. ' ' 8 'A-'nl f, , ' A 5 wL -. 1- if f- ' " ' 'P' ' wwf x If A f L ., fl Q f- L2 ' N an ., ,, L , ,W - 'VH X f fligd, "' 'Jw' . 'W ff wr rw. X ,ap ., Y Y., msg? ark, km .M X "f""TifQ f7"i" ' 4 1 Li If N 2 ' "Y f' f' V M4 6. y, f 1 ,I ,,:7,,,,,J2'Af,-ffyyza. M -, 3' :.3.p:r,a-vwf4! g ,. , f,.,,4.ffJg-ff is - -J 1595, wwe,-5 fx? ff - ,,. ,,,fw.' K , -, A, ,, , , f - 1, , . my , x kd.. ,k x y ,, W ,Mx if Q ,WJ , ,M f ' ' F4,-, , .L -J x x Plipwwx. W., . , -eyw .mf ., x X .NK 5 A l ,.,-- ' ,-flX , A XX -X ' x X 1 XXX Y 'x y X 1 N. X X X Ax X R X. N X, X X x ' x 5 ' X This year under the direction of their new coach, Chuck Bertero, the Mariner aquamen came through with another out- standing season. Led by Co-Captains john Mandel and Terry Tysseland, the Mariners swam to a 6-4 season. Some of the season highlights were seen in the Mariners taking a second place in the Long Island Charn- pionships and a fourth in the Metropolitan Swimming Championships. Again, tradition was upheld by defeating Coast Cuard. Coach Bertero is very hopeful for an out- standing season next year with only the loss of the Co-Captains, Mandel and Tysse- land, Next yearis team will be provided with many experienced men that should lead to a successful season. C0'C3Dtain Terry Tysseland RECORD K.P. Opp. 53 Manhattan ..,,,, 42 44 Lollg Island University . . 51 52 Seton Hall ..... A. 43 5-1 St. Bonaventure . . , 41 52 C.C.N.Y. . . . . 41 40 La Salle ....,,, 70 40 New York University . . . 55 62 U.S. Coast Cuard Acadciny . 33 37 Adelphi ....... 58 58 Brooklyn Poly . . , 37 -.-'-- '- , 1, -l'JbQs 01' Ni' .4 . 'YLJW Q. I 52 -.wc wh.. Co-Captain John Mandel A -vvnfjgg :,,Em,,,,.,L ,N V i s id ' . f ' 2' t ix . . f A ,. Q' V f in 5 I I , X -EN x wo, V . 1 , ,VV 4 V , , I if T ah f Front Row: I. Dugan, R. Causlow, I. Mandel, T. Tysscland, C. Clark, H. Foster. Sec- C 1 -l C11 l ' Bataro, I. Yeamans, R. Collins, R. Tharpc, J. Curland, B Iggligirgollil. NlJcllgdeleylUgZckLH0w: P. Horman, C. Sears, J. OConnel, R. Masel, T Mommy C. Hill. Not Picturecl: R. Forshcrg, P. Hcndrxc, B. Holy, C. Schmidt, F Herman. T Lady Luck certainly didnit shine upon this yearis new basketball coach, Pete Ca- ruso, as the Mariner hoopsters struggled through a disappointing season. The team suffered a serious setback, when early in pre-season play, Captain john Tompkins was sidelined for the season with injuries. This along with a lack of height constantly hurt the cagers during the year. The future holds much hopeful specula- tion as the entire team will be returning. With what we hope will be a sound john Tompkins, and veterans in Mike Stewart, jim Lavine,,Bill Ritsch, and Stan XVrona, the, upcoming season holds much promise for many exciting moments of basketball at Kings Point. ...-,..i..f The Ever Present Cheering Section ,,,,. .W - 4 ,JOM ul' ' f,-f,-..,,,..' -- " ' VM """' 1 T 091' .I ! 5' Captain john Tompkins P0 da ju? ! OA C. Geyer, C. McKay, S. VVrona ' ' I. Tompkins, M. Stewart, I. La: vine, C. Kcitcl, B. Ritsch, L Lampland, H. Quinn, D. Kahn RECORD OPP. Stevens Institute . . 75 U.S.C.G.A. . . . . 63 Northeastern . . 78 Brandeis . . . 67 Queens . . . 70 XVagner . . . 70 Brooklyn . . 72 M.I.T. .... . 70 Springfield . . . . 83 Central Conn. State . . . 92 Yeshiva . . . . 71 Hofstra . . 110 Union . . 90 CRV. Post . . 100 Pratt . . . . 73 Trinity . . . 67 1. x .5 , 1 arf! X, ,lx fgl fri x x X f x .X M, V1 xi R QV -X I- 1 3"'J'7 X ,N XXV V U, x X ,XX X xx yu 'MQ 'X Rx xx X .K X A wx X x X. X X X w 146 xx 1-1,1 C0'Cuptain SteVe Schmidt Co-Captain Bob Nlimcucci Led by two outstanding Co-Captains, Bob Nlinicucci and Steve Schmidt, the Mariner wrest- ling team compiled a season record of 6-1-1. In addition to compiling a winning record, the grap- plers took third place in the Metropolitan Cham- pionships. To conclude the season, Schmidt and Minicucci participated in the -1-I XVrestling Cham- pionships in Cleveland, Ohio, where Schmidt won the 177 lb. weight class championship. Many other men contributed much in making this thc successful season that it was. Most notably was Coach Clem Stralka whose many hours of ard- uous work produced this fine team, and other Mariner wrestlers Nlilce Ross, who was undefeat- ed this season, Les Kempf, Bill Brekkc, XVally Cregorek, and john Moncure. Next year is being eagerly awaited as the team has a powerful core which will be supplemented by many promising plebes from the junior varsity team. K.P. 31 l9 12 40 22 21 l5 2-1 RECORD OPP lfairleigh Dickinson . . 3 Scion llall . . . 9 llolislral . . . . 20 New Y tii' li University . . 0 Xl.l.'l'. . . . . 5 CNY. Post ...... ll LIS. Coast Cluard Academy . 15 C.C.N.Y. . .... . 6 Sfiffingf D. Baul, R. Nlinicucci, L. lwmpf, Coach Clem Stralka, L. Al- stadt, I. Nloncure. Standing: I. Staf- sncs, J. Ross. .--I L 1: I' 3 w 4 1 , 4 A W -FV K, K ,.,,, . , .f 5' 1 , Y x X -. :gl f...-X Y X V' AJ,,,,f,V AX,M,N, X .xx-Z , N- W ffl F . if ig RECORD K.P. OPP' ...U ,sr ., . 48x12 Queens ....,.. rms l i 47 Cortland State Teachers . 49 'M ik' 38 Ithaca ....... 53 55 c.C.N.Y. .... . 38 358 So. Conn. State Teachers . 273 H 408.2 Montclair State Teachers . 350.9 59 Queens ....... 37 ef oo'0'f' Q, in Q g , ,N-J Bill Holy, Norman Piianaia, Captain Frcd Bin tmin Hoods Titmin Duc Prtss Don Nloorc, Dick Oprison, Red XVatson. Htrli lntkxxolf Dirk B1 o Hu l R Bill Bom Xllkc Pfeiffer, Randy Becicka, and Dave Knopmcki It has been said that Kings Point is becoming the ualeccav of gymnastics in the East. Participating in their first year of intercollegiate competition, the team, under the leadership of Captain Fred Bangeman, compiled an amazing 5-2 record, Undoubtedly the hardest working man was Coach 'iSki" Zielinski, whose many hours of conscientious work produced a team with such great depth, that it wasn't an uncommon sight to see a straight sweep of many events. The future holds promises of great things as Fred Bimgelnan is the only man lost to graduation. Forming the nucleus for next yearis team is XVoody Tatman, cap- taills Bill Holy, Dick Oprison, Dave Knopnicki, Holden Hewlett, Dick Basso, and Mike Pfeiffer. To enhance gymnastics here at the Academy even fU1'tllG1', the Senior AAU National Gymnastics Champion- ship and final Olympic trials are to be held here later this year, Q C' 040.091 L. 1 1339111 511.101 Ei wav Front Row: L. Paper, P. Trotta, M. Miles, B. Glas. Back How: P. Clark, M. Poynor, C.W.O. R. Ach, I. Bassano, D. Scellato. Mike Miles, member of All Metropolitan Intercol- legiate Rifle League RECORD K.P. Opp. 1380 Brooklyn . 1401 1376 CCNY . . . 1409 1367 Columbia . . . 1390 1380 Cooper Union . 1280 1380 Fordham . . . 1353 1354 Hofstra .... 1373 1380 Manhattan . . . 1358 1349 Newark C. of Eng. . . . , 1289 1349 CCNY .... 1308 1376 NYSMC . 1376 1396 NYU . . 1300 1396 Pace ..... 1260 1364 Poly. fdayl . . 1373 1380 Poly. Ceve-.J . . 1037 1376 Post .... 1346 1368 Rutgers . . 1337 1367 St. Francis . . 1290 1369 St. JOl1I1,S . 1445 1383 St. Peter's . . 1413 1396 Lehigh . . . 1393 1368 Coast Guard . 1406 .qu Once again our Mariner rifie team, coached by Ray Ach and led by Captain John Bassano, shot their Way to a victorious season. Besides the Winning season, the team captured first place in the Metro- politan Intercollegiate Rifle League Tour- nament. For his outstanding performance in the meet, Mike Miles was awarded a position on the all-tournament team. The future looks Very bright as the team headed by Larry Paper and Pete Trotta will be bolstered by several third classmen. 3 -v-.,.. I . - ch Flfst CIZISSITICII J. Bassano, M. Miles, and M. POYUOU wth Goa R. Ad' 150 1 , f' 4 2, Yi '15 . 71+ 44 , NN , ""'-.if rf Pistol is a rising collegiate sport with competi- tion becoming stronger every year. Under the leadership of Captain Ron Duddleston, the Mariner team posted a record of 10 wins and 9 defeats and placed second in the Intercollegiate Section competition. This coming year Kings Point will participate in a new pistol league along with 8 other colleges in the Northeastern States. The Pistol Teamis coach, C.XV.O. Dominic DeFilippi, was instru- mental in the formation of this new conference. The prospects for the next season are quite bright, Larry Paper, the outstanding shooter with a 269 competition average, Ed King, and three outstanding shooters returning from sea should be able to take up the slack left open by First Classmcn Ron Duddleston, Louis Korecki, Charles Greene, and Mike Poynor. , ,.,,,,,,,, ,. ,, ETL .. A- Aa 1,- ,fif -.'. 1, l -x fx f- t-L L17 .' li' 1 I P l i Yi' x V Ax 1 ,f, X fy! rl if-5 Frou! How: L. Koreeki, G. Greene, R. Dud- dleston, C.XV.O. D. DeFilippi, L. Paper Buck Row: G. Kalman, G. Allerton, E. King, M. Poynor, B. Glas, P. Fecher. atm D Larry Paper practices to keep 269 Average. r ki 1288 1315 1308 1328 1311 1318 1347 1352 1358 1288 1288 1010 1309 1237 1272 1272 p 1278 1071 1008 1302 Captain Ron Duddleston and Coach D. DeFilippi RECORD Bucknell ..... Valley Forge Military . Army ...... Oklahoma . Brown .... Royal Military . FBI ..... Oglctharpe . Fredricks . . Floral Park . . Glenhcad Legion . Sperry ..... Coast Guard. . . University of Massachusetts M .I.T. ...... . Army . . Navy . Sperry . . Rutgers . Villanova . OPP. 1185 1296 1411 1233 1247 1340 1191 1384 1214 1233 1295 . 902 1356 1333 1131 1383 1369 990 1012 1859 ......- --.WY . - - - X N XX X X X I xx X X X .1-f' L.,f ww, X,-A,,,,Mv-1 Y Q LJ 1 3 ,. X f xx x X x L- .. K. L ,il ,-,v. - 152 'S 11, Q. .Mali Front How: I. Villella, E. Ferrero, D. Burkes, C. Eherman, Co-Captaing j. Pribila, Lio-Captain, L i D. Moore. Second Row: K. Flax, B. Howie, C. Carter, P. Wojeicki, S. Criflin. Third Row: C. Heitert, D. Collar, A. Parker, I. Magnamo, K. Sigmund. Back How: B. Tinghitella, B. Behrn, B. Clinton, I. Kucinski, Lt. Tim Stapleton, Coach. WVU? Q 5 '12 Co-Captain John Pribila The Mariner nine posted a very impressive record this year of eight victories against a single defeat. Although the season was short clue to frequent rainouts, it may he looked on as one of the best ever for Kings Point. Cood hitting together with fine defensive play and pitching was the ticket to the tcamis success. There were many hightlights of the 1964 season. The most outstanding was the no-hit game against Pace College turned in by Third Classman Bobby Behm. The team hit its peak in the hard fought St. Francis game: trailing 6-1 in the fourth inning, the Mariners got hot and scored two runs. Three more were tallied in the eighth, and in the ninth with two out and two on Iohn Villella hit a clutch double allowing the Mariners to go on to win 8-6. The next yearis squad will miss the big bats of First Classmen Don Moore, Dave Burkcs, and Co-Captains Chip Eberman and John Pribila, and the pitching of Bruce Clinton and Ernie Ferrero. HOW- ever with six returning lettermen, the 1965 season looks very prom- ising. Coach Stapleton is counting on Don Collar, a very promising pitcher who posted a respectable 6 and 1 record, to continue his good work in the coming season. RECORD K.P. OPP. 7 Hunter . . - 3 8 Stevens . . . 3 0 C. XV. Post . . 6 8 St. Francis . . 6 6 Queens ....... . . 3 8 Adelphi ......... 4 5 N. Y. State Maritime College . . 0 7 Pratt ...' . . . . . 1 1 10 Pace . . - - - X x X 'T X fig fi ,xi --I ff' rl ..4l TW - 4.. . 5. 1 T M 4. ,.,.,. f , ' ' V " T , it-g ,?:"53i's,1ff V X H+. . ., Upliolding the Academy tradition of GActa Non V erba," the Kings Point track team enjoyed one of the most successful seasons that it has ever had. Many records fell as the team won all their meets and also took first place spots in both the CTC and AALIC meets. Records were set by Ray Taylor, two mile run, Iohn Chadderdon, pole vault, Lloyd Smith, 880 run, Rich Keller, hop, skip, and jump, broad jump, and 220 yard dash, and the relay team of Keller, Friedman, Gianelloni, and Shingler in the 440. The team will suffer several great losses through graduation: Bill Sargeant, Ray Taylor, john Chadderdon, Viv Gianclloni, Ric XVerner,- Tom Anglin, Bill Cratty, and Russ Snow, how- cvcr, there will be a strong group of letter win- ners returning to provide Coach Omeltchenko with a good core from which to form next year's team. 'FU Co-Captain Ray Taylor, Coach S. Omcltchcnko, Co-Captain NVilliam Sarg4 "' Q .J "-f Pr Q 'I Our!! Q I-an X A ' au fp. mes.-e 1.-J m If - -,"t,".r f-1 cv 55 "S5"1'5.t f T' ,Q K Geller Coach S Omeltchenko, L. Smith Front Row: A' Couetti' G' Kalman, G' Havagylll. Shin ler, R. XVerrier, R. Snow, R. VVilliams R' Friedman' R' Tayloff Ward' Second Row' lg G' ll ' 'XV St gcant. Back Row F. Van Devender, W. Ieulyfleliii lgrgeljpminegzxlglaixgg, Sigxioglgtiy R. killer, T. Anglin, S C. Cook, W. Dickersong l' QS hell, Shzmely, P, Lange, Shapiro, F. Ryan, I. Cl11VV15, l- UC 7 1 . .-.,.-,..,.,...,,.,--1, I I VA AFWWM i 5 5 5 l Z Heel and toeing 32329 ' .11-ff' H ' Paul Lange letting fly ..-...A-,.Y-- E v fm He pole vaults too gtmining for the finish 156 'W-wi 1 -.4-an in ,....-.V 4 Y ? A S "Nl iF4,,,- Z fw 'N x EJ' 1 I N 1 .J 5 i X 1 1 LJ 2 ww-V' XX li--If-X X - 1 . .4 d XX F12 ..,., X , , X -v-,AA - , 2' X x-5 XX 'Q W-ws. . , ' I x 2 f fw-f 77 V 5, mu , fy,-, 'f -,U - ,, . X , 1 + Q f' . Ls?-,i'?u , fgglfg,-vavg?-Zilj-:f1z,.,S, ' -Y Ks 2 X 2 m 4 iffy w K, 2 x K ' ' .,Jfff F' 1 x P 2 , Q' G-' f- -' ' 'U ' K f-,M W-yy wf1,,:,f,x fw,iw'f14Wr2f ',-f-Q " -, f , I , ,JQVVQ 551 X 3 ff f- I . X ' ' '- - '-'M ' i7 Q'Lc.4Q?'f 7? f J vf--' .,5:1ji,,:Q il5,,f,3,, X xx ,JMX A A F 1-11 1' I SEQ jqgqff :Qy1,ff,fwEjwwggg ' 'W X - V ,- N,MM.1-fqfbsjx f.,?f:..5'f-5,A-jy?e:,,gg,:3ga.: 544 ggbxigqfgff,-. ez: 24-ygfyfgvyyffdggk y . VN ,M ,. .Nf,L,MXff kwa X xy X N K V 1' 'f 'X 1 ,X Q N N . x XX A, X N 4' x , ,., X ,-,.. X xx H1 X N. ,...l ,- '-NN x -fxief' xv' y S ,N3.Qj'Fg ' -' ff X :jc gif i . x A X X ..-.-......- 3 -.41 George Brown, Art Tabanao, Dick Russell, Dave Frvi D Tl 4 - K- .1 . 1 p. , Barton, Beau Clark, Bill Hagerman, Mike Stuhlsatz, lQCDRPIl7. tn Juplrmnl dt Captain Ken Iesperson Though tennis is more of an individual sport than many, the most signiiicant factor in making the ,G4 season successful was the depth with which the teanfs coach, Lcdr. F. X. Schuler had to work. Captain Ken jespcrson molded the teain into one of the strongest and most competitive in the Long Island area. Outstanding performances were turned in hy fourth classnien Pete Barton and Beau Clark, and second class- inan Dave Frye was the NIariner's most consistent winner. Although losing four rnen due to graduation, next year's team will he starting with a strong nucleus and should again bring much prestige to Kings Point. SEASON RECORD K.P. OPP. 8 Brooklyn Poly . . 1 7 Seton Hall . . 2 1 Adelphi . , . 8 5 Iona . . 4 4 CCNY . . 5 8 Pratt . . . 1 7 Manhattan . 2 7 Pace . . . 2 4 llofstra .... . 5 5 Queens College . . 4 ' 160 -wwf v -'--'N " N ,....,w syf:.4 fi -' ' 1 .M X X 4' , ,- 4 X If X :xslt VZ' .f M- wqffjgf ,L ' .X vs A . , X 1 xx N '- - X f x ,ixsw Q XX f XXX ij 'x fm xX N k Ld,-,I xii' N-, 1,,,.J X X N. X ww-wrfm M X, 54 si EAS 'H-1 Tx . X x ,X ,WM V 1"'-'1 im Y i .J 1 N. ""'Mk ...gl -1 if JY V1 VW H 73.0. f ' ,Wy 1. ,, , Q , ' f W 4 df' -' WW, , f ' off X f Jw , Q 4-mfhrf, ' "if ., w ,1 4? ' vs 'f-'s"w,"'JJ'b,?- an Q 1 4554- A Xwivw- f X ,M Y!x X- -Y--Wk , X I .1 , X "L,, 2 f , - X N ' ff, w ' w Qi f- i K k ' . -""' K Q ,QW K N s 4' -is Q' KN-ff' N QQQNQFXX ' .W M. fwgxusg- f X-XS QX J x N:-N X , A' www X .. M-, 3 X 5 V. X XXX X 3. X is X Q1 Xxx li V : ST. -3 v W 5 .N N-4 ,:N da"Q... 'Cn ,...u-f f - jk ' f Kfytfixg all Q K - k 'X e . N V 5 G9 i 'fx f 2 'aww x.xx- g k .x 5 Y A v f I ., x 8 1 ' ' ' 2 I V K M T4 X' 1 A NH K Y' ' Y, A W , I " , i K ' r A . ,rf-fefzwff. is Mlusxxxxw. 1.- di Co-Captain Graham Hall Front Row: I. Donnley, D. Appel- hans, R. Lindmark, C. Hall, Coach W. Chaisson, R. McVay, H. Lukas, lg Murdoch, S. Leggat, V. Schrieber, lx. Thompson, T. Ulrich. Second Row: NI. Wilson S. Smith R. Polsen R. Nlcliliece, YVilkens, A. YVilliams. Ml, Third Row: C. Heliker, S. Collins, D. Wyman, B. Bruce, L. Bock, R. 1 ,, Krornann. Back Row: C. Richardson C. Simmers, A. Schultz, R. Monro. -s-....-,- Q Co-Captain Russ MeVay The Varsity Sailing Team this year had one of the best seasons in its history. A count of major regattas attended over the eight week fall, and seven week spring seasons, show eight firsts, four seeonds, and two thirds. In no meet did the sailors place lower than third while they won the Service Academy Championships and qualified two men for the Olympic quarter final trials in the single-handed division for the first time. XVhile successfully cap- turing the district MAISA Championships for the second year, the Creek Bears have at this writing qualified for the 12 school Held of the North American Dinghy Championships for the third year in a row. lt is noted that after three successful years with the team, Coach Chaisson will no longer be assigned to the Academy. . e y. . 5 L1-sr ffsigrlgzgif f t f gn Y .L ' ,A ll fl Q ni- lg if Q' 9.11 ' he My f fr! r ,ni '-" , s .VW sz Y ,, ,., . ,, Zn' F K X ex Q ,A vi' gvs fr si 6 2- ,5 ,yy X. y . ,, - - ig. ,4 I t +, f 'M C V, 1,4 ...P , fl? AL aging! mf,.X1, ggi' 4 2 fQ.i e I -. A A ' fe ffmstlii A Q 49 A!!! A" f 1- 1. ,Q to l ti ilgl N31 f -1-'f ?l y ' xi . I ft 1,5 xv w ' s 4 If gs N y N -a A . if vu ' sf o .o as 1 Y --- W N '4 'li fir A M4 ' 3. l qfts S " 1 1 F.-. l I V l 1. fl 1 ll Il v w il fl gl ll l i I l l x i E l 2 N r ,,? K. Ruhnke, W. Keels, S. Woycke, R. Reeves, S. Colitz, C. Fitzgerald, U. uerscn, v. Schisler, M. Cummings, I. Barnes, I. Palmer, W, Moran, I. Maco, K. Center, R. Middleton, L. Olden- huis, S. Robeson. iwf 3 EN Dell I I 1? v E! li , l Pre-race rendezvous The Windjammers Sailing Club is 21 h' ldes both year-round activity whic . mcu work and enjoyment. Much of the winter . . h is spent putting the boats in shape fort e coming season. The hard work and long H t hours, however, are well worth the e OI once the sailing season starts. During April the WindjaIrlH19fS fepfe' sented Kings Point at Annapolis in the MC- Millan Cup Regatta, and later outsailedvfwllle - e Middies in the Sh1eld,s Sloop RSICCS' Club's Yawls: Icelire and Mariner sailei? 7 a on the Sound in the Lloyd s, Storm TTYS 'i and other Block Island races. The 11121211 u highlight of the season was the bi-ann 20th. classic Newport to Bermuda race OH lune Commodore Vic Schisler and Vice-C03 modore Steve Woycke headed a success , Shields year in the Yawls as well as the 1 boats. The year was capped when Ollfluai - s 4th the Mariner, along with H fleet 0 ld training ships from all over the WOT i B flfluda sailed into New York Harbor from 9 as a part of "Operation Sailf, 42" 7 XVutch that luff xx N. xx , lQ,hm The first of a new class A v, ., -Y .,-- ' 391,-4 vim k K f, x N 1 lj -ff ,--- , ,Q We gg + - 4 .ff "' 'M 1 my 13-- ,-X X! ' a-. 1, w J1 1 Q ' U f, Ky: 'ff' I UW' ' M 3 .fxw f ' Q X f , 1 'N..w -. J W 93,1 15, QKMXIVV Xf gkw J f F1 M 43? XL-J f 4 Y Q-J 1 'X f , I V F5 A T1 H If-x ff, K, , K I 1, X X X X, . k 1 - 1 w W w 5 L. 474s ' 1 'X' V ,P Q Qbbxs E " L7 E Q N l k, X.. w' A 4 I fiff, if 5 4 Q 1' , ' X ' X se f Z V, 4 ,?, Q A id 8 if ff ' f . 3 , 555 1 . 5 ,Aj Q an jk 5 U? Q fri? ff , Vi , kv? I N ' Q M 5 3 if ,W 2 V , , 1 all ' f ff ' W Q A fi 55 It F 1 ' Ulf 1 v3 "5R1'a4f, ..,.......-M . V 5 ."f .wir A I A T- ,,-1 L' -A , f, 'M V W, I f 1 .,y,,.', , A 5 Jw f A.. l ,uv , 1 . d'W','f5gYl' Q I "'aoi 12. V f f s I 'QW Qs, .- .gg x- 3 'FQ ,Egg up-wir if 5612 5' fig T'f'."".. We .. x ,, V A k A 4? I ,tl I A , : N 4 ' P+ " 'M " x A , ' ' K V ' 1 " ' Q' Q . A " A . . ' iv . II T , .. . 5 A T -1'-L -- ...ef , . ff I III Agxni ... If-.- I p 1. ' ,.. ails. 'f' if . . mv - ' M A 3 5 .f-Q. . vii., ,I i .. . , . V 1 y . 1 .R 1 ,' G .R X Q QP . -1 hx - I 51.1 1 L... i v V' Q Q 5 1 Ogg! I, 6 RQ, A .Xi K I . ,, I . , Q- Q f?, icggs X , , 4 Vg . 5 I si x Q' "I flilgf 'J 0 - lwflifii . .' P-Qgigjfiiii . - -, ' " T . T77 A C 1 ,SJ in I .if Rf'-J . g . . A 35' 1, ii 'Xa T, sf- i ' ' '. .' r- Z 'nj' 1. Y . T l' A it 1 et-l 7 4 .lk t, tra "5'hnn-2-I Front Row: M. Vosloh, C. Havnen, S. Klcinberg, I. Shipman, D. Kehoe, I. Consman, RI. Miller. Second Row: R. Schutz, XV. Mullen, I. Snyder, D. Torborg, D. Crady, B. Knott, C. Davis. S. Barkan. Third How: P. lunge, NV. Cox, V. Black, I. Nelson, Nl. Xlason, K. Center. j. Cumisky. Back Row: NI. Stcmborski, R. Kriz. The Mariner Rowing Team began its workouts Xlarch 2 to regain the Ilague Trophy, symbolic of intercol- legiate lifeboat supremacy. A quick stroking crew from Maine had won the raee in the Narrows in '63. The weather held favorable for daily rowing practices and competition was keen for the 9 spots in the first boat. The men chosen to represent Kings Point were Co-Captains Mike Stemborski and "Fritz'l Kriz, along with Doug Torborg, Vince Black, 'cTexv Snyder, Pete lunge, 'iVosl' Vosloh, Bill Nlnllen. and coxswain Marty Miller. The race was held on the Kings Point course this year in ehoppy weather. The Mariners got off to a good start but Fort Schuyler stayed right with them. The race was not decided until the finish when Schuyler pulled ahead to win by 5 seconds. The Mariners had a strong second boat this year and will be able to fill the thwarts vacated by the 4 gradu- ating iirst classmen. Next year the competition will be more keen as the Coast Cuard Academy will enter a boat. lt is hoped that future races will include crews from all the maritime academies as well as Annapolis and Coast Cuard. Second by five seconds . -Llr. ir! L3 '- I 4,-1'-" .. A. 5' -Im - r - .. ,.,,... M,-... - I 4+-. A-HI -- A xr- A f -IIf-f1'..---H . .- . s " , ' M '-fm' TN "- T45 " A fir - ' -I fun- ' 'v . . I "dow W' ' ' ' ' ' 'N' c' '- ' - . a - f - 1'1" :-- ... r 12,,.3,- li 4g,..,g,g ., 0, W.. 4 'M I .' -45-'f 5' , . bl is -. W, f- 7 ,,,.q-'- ,fzff .1 .ns 5f.:e'3r' ff - -,,, ,L , .x I. "W-Q, "-3,-I :sg I , -if I , - . 'N - . V ' AL. 4,...,1v- 57,1 W .Q ,-ala.. V -yi ,in 7 H- I M..- :Av , - -. - ... ,W r r,'f""JJ,, wp. Wm ,. I ,1 J J p A ,-" -f--S- --W ., A-' . J' ff' ,nv 42- ... . " ' .. ' . f "' M ' ' ' . ' ' ' - . V .lg s 'N-av, , . . ' ' 4- -abr .-. ""' -,v c M W Iaxff, 'L """5" 'X ' -- -Q-"' '42 " 1 "' " A' , --.-- ". " 4 '-M N I '11, " ' 'T' 4 ' 4 - . We M Q- 'fr' ' S' " - e - Af ' -' fs' J .- 1-r"".. - - -N7 -f k' I' - f 4 ' 'f 'W-II -Q", - ' ' wk, uw- gd, M Z- Y M41 ,V fg- ,, 5- m Q' ,Sz I- ' -V - .f-fi. pp- ' 4 J- , -5-5 Q -+5-, , ...A.- B ..,-f f Q -'L ,, ,Z ,- I 7 ,sk A --. xc' U . . .-.L ..- Y Y Agzpz.-M , . p 1 K W , A-,,:.,.,, -N I, . .. , I -xi In W .. ,Wk I ,. . A, " p . A f - .-:il-' m,'ex"",,5S-'f 'n I ' - A Nt - 'X 't . V 9- ' ' ,. .1 V I I 55-.. , I . If W -N M -Nsaf.. .- - .... ,. ff, -4-.Q-' M5 s""",nL-i' - 4' K 1 if I V A fn' W 1-WW M 4--5. - '..,'NftQ-5115.-.f"'1'ii?t,,.L" . - 't' A 5 ' .I 49' he H p - -V .. T V vw VA ' " v W! f14..'t'41fzf.": I ir 'P"T4":U f ., I. I -f - 'ft ft'-A nf-ff f"W2T-f - T I. 'I .-I-I-fx ,Q . . Ti, Lwifff' ...Mil .." 5 - . .D - ' 't ' A-, . A- . s- - - W I- ., ""' "N - Mes- "' ' I I I XTZWMQ - 4.43" 'A . . ., az-.f-..I 5 4... ' -323-ml-S'-' -f W all-55" , I -Y .. , , . rt f- W it a - - ml' - - --:I -I A me "" W2-, 0' -3 3-,W -, A ' A i .- A , ,, i '15-F I 8 -' W li- 9575-f Xe Q N1 c N xx N DT .NV-1 EX l TQ Lb r, , 95 XT f 3 V X X 41 f 'Q ' VT Lin 4. .My X ...Q x-f X j XXX 1...,g IT XW X x X w X xx ,ggi X Q: , SQ XY ,, IX x xf 'TLT' I1 ,H .fu-V 43- p. if' 5'-, ' K I-' .- . ifvwrw-1 wl . 01- ,L ,v . V.-- ,Q K air- , fr!" ,. I im., . V. . I A W I Vafi ufc ., I A, P A --u--- + ..- , .L- kmnr . In 4: I p qi ll :bn .A , ,.f ' fins JD i 141 hx Q Q- fail .5 I.- .4 - l 3 w i I 4 Y I 4 1 v X xx ,fxx 1' FKX 1 , v,f ,. , 1 f P hy I Ax f fl 1' L1 Qfx..-,., C-1 - ffh'J ifgm X 1 A ,X ' K 14 1:7 X fx 'J V LONNIE V. BROVVN Section Editor MJ-..,. A rv' 2 ll X59 .,.,,..-Aff'-h ws, as- V I ,, , an 1 X' 4,3 f m0'W"WWW"!W' 1 CADET LIFE 4 u 1 0 'N ,f-on X s S' S' .nw Wx fp' r as ' "M '- -. ff.f,'f, 'Q -4- wee 7410-710 L TIIE HIDN LIGHT ISKWSE UN I'iliN0'l7S mats Ledge 1qhthouse 77111 lim- ra' rn-1m10u7,l flnluvrb 1 Ynlnvll A1-vr-an BAT The ledge upon which Minots Light rests is one of the "Cohasset Rocksv which have been the scene of countless wrecks and loss of life since earliest time. It was estimated that between 1817 and 1847, 3364000 in property had been lost in shipwrecks and over forty lives taken in the vicinity of Minots Ledge. Need of a lighthouse was realized, and in the spring of 1847 work was begun on the construction of an iron-pile structure which, according to theory, would withstand the rigors of the relentless sea better than any solid structure. Many complaints were made to the authorities by S2180 concemmg 1 Dunham, the first lightkeeper, and his successor, Captain john Bennett, the actual safety of the structure, but with the exception of minor Strength' ening, nothing was done to rectify the situation. On April 8, 1851 a strong easterly wind supplemented with a high midnight tide forced waves through the upper framework of the Weak uctuie At about eleven o clock the central iron piling SUZPP topheavy thirty ton lantern tower supported only by the fl1mSy 0 the ed le8VlUg prlings Approximately two hours later these pilings buckled causmgth at Minots Ledge Lighthouse to slide into the raging sea taklllg W1 the lives of two lightkeepeis f nots Ledge Lighthouse was rebuilt as a masonry structure fe ugust 29 1860 and has withstood the lashes of the sea ever S1009 I aiacteristic one four three flash acquired the symbolism of the wo 8 ove You d today Minots Light has become known up and down coast as the Lover s Light 1' ' n -1. 'i' . .s -- H . --f' . . 2 ' x --f----G -F ,.--.,-- ' , Q ,.. F' ,-a wr , , ,sva X , 1 ,. in , , xc , V . . 5- - ,, v Q 4,4 , ' " if 4' ' . 4' ,..,.',4,,.-px, Q. 1 - . ,N , ., Q 'L V I , r f 'un 0- Q V. "3 ' Q19 , ' M.. .. - ' pu, ' ' . i 0 5' 1 l "' W E ,.,3,'nn1". 0--far A, ., . vA vi' '- gtk -I ' us x' r - ' , K , . if 'uv '- 51 .0 1. , , .f , . fl- . M... 3'0" 4,5134 di' ici Q ".,.- I . 2 , ,m f5Z'-k ' w f ffly W rw Y 1 N! f ' 7, I r' . far -qw. f ' "'3""'1 , ' 4,,, V. , '1 ', ,1 AQ," ., "i2,f. -b f 1 fda - ,w fv- f Vf Q Q Q In! H --I 'A , v arf- ' A A' A ,v-. ". ,A 0' f lf N vw on' I ,. 4 5 n Q. . , , 1 2 5 s,,A, uv ' - 4 .L fy' 1 ' ' J I Q 8 ' ,I h' Af ag - 'fx y A fn' V : J" ' ' 'm us' gt v X 11 3 Q - v - , rf' I 1 IU, Q' I -Av, Q 'fl A- X ' 5 L wfaf v '- .3 Af f, - x.. f ' 6, X I. 13, ,G 1 ,, f I .I 4 4 t , ,-. Q , P 5, E-kv? .1 3.13. 1' s gd! A . " -L ' "W 1 . . 'Q' 73.75 .' 'K ' . I ,. 1 V 5 ' , m L , , , 4..f, V , I I i my if ef: ' ' s - ' - 4, ff, A 1 ,V A . .Sui-4 Tqvfk. . - 5 F. li h '. ,Q "tw , ,- 1 - - V 5 ' 71 ,131 L' Qgd-5115" .9 W " ,- 4,. ' , ,, -'13 - I ,H v Y' f . I ' If 1 L W '51 . V3-ri ff' g ' A ,. Q .V ' it-l H 5' 'z 7 mf' sf 1 Q-fl," ff" 1:9152 Vfi 'z '+V ' vgfsv ' , f ' , A., 5 ' r Q f ' .. T'1,,, "X ' ' 1,13 "Q ' 'if ,5 ' , ' J' ' Q 1 , , X l , , - r , L, - v r' ." . f' ' ' 7 , ,.1K,"' .1 -' Wi A , . 2' " X-71' i" V , 1 '....,' , ' 1' . ' ' f , f"f L lffliif4 -lL-i,,. - -.Q ., f , iar:.j- ,,.,,g3,'.M I zip' M gm - N T I 'E " J ' , .writ 1.-lf' g-- li: F' 'I ' ' -,,f1rL"A ff, . ' , ' f-V, - 4: 'Q -M' ' fwm -,-'1f',g:.: fm Q - y W ' g M43 6 1 ' Q -z,?, g'7.51Qp1? 1 Q A I ' ' 1- -F , seQ .. .Lx .-H '- -"'2 ,"'. -' ' J..-,, '--.. - f L .,..,, ' , - , A 1.1 if-, 1 . ' "- ' -:f"f'jg7'- 1' ' -4 ' -' .1 T ' H- 3:12-'f5?Gw"i,3-a1:"3',4f?4f-'f-riff-f 5 F. ff if X f fi E!! Marching along CLASS The long awaited day Hnally arrived, and the class of 1964 amarchedv from Vickery Gate to each sectionis respective battalion areas. Most of us really didn't know what our future life as plebes would be, but we soon found out. We discovered how early 0550 really is, and that a brace is not necessarily a mechanical device. We discovered that we weren't exactly the same as the other cadets. Perhaps this was because of the blue aprons we wore-or maybe the patch-or even the plebe beats. In any event having so much to do, and so little time to do it in, the first few months of cadet life passed in a blur of activity. Well we,re trying AW, come on, stroke Saturday show :SH , .. - 5 1 3 F M. Q s, , T- Y! i Y ar, Kill ll i i I U .Y , 'Fl l H r V L ,Q A i e 9 .- 1 , ,fs Y: s , I ri Jig! Lui ,Q nui l F if ggi +1 Z ku , 1 Q51 i N' ,-.. 4.-i p 6 iw npr' .Y K-05521, K' 1 1.1, K A, wx, -V it? 1 ui' hiv r pf-1. R39 ,gm f -Lf., f 13,1 3, I X, ., DISCS ERY The Temple game was our iirst re-establishment of com- munications with the Uoutsidef, and we rediscovered the other Sex at the 'Tea Dancev in Philadelphia. The Home-coming, projects brought a different activity and more tea dances. It was sometim 1 x but the aloosersi' were frequent. Much to our reliet, we were es diilicult to determine the pig-pot 'iwinners," finally granted liberty and discovered Mauriceis and the Block M's. The proper Wearing of the uniform became more mean- ingful as we discovered how easily it could attract a passing eye-during, and after Saturday inspections. Spirit, plus ' Feels hard to mt 5 s it ,i 2' X :W 3 - we 4 2230 Possibly radio privilt gts 7 Colors, the morning jaunt around the oval, put us under the scrutinizing eyes of the Cadet Officers, who were always concerned with our welfare and appearance. Wfhile standing on the oval and saluting Old Glory as she was raised, each of us felt a deepening pride in our country and Academy. The Saturday inspections became more trying. There were always heroic and last minute efforts, but somehow we always managed to overlook one thing or another. Sign the mast list! We didn't need all of the time from four to six anyway. Four to six Just getting salty Waiting for the needles un N: I XX i . .XJ , , Y: 1 as t Uv d lish A quiet afternoon 174 Spit an. po y grew and a little elboW Meanwhile, during liberty 'nit So, this is a ship Nuts to you too Although the Regiment was in fifth position of the First Division of the late President Kennedy's Inaugural Parade, we were by no means last in any respect, thanks to the efforts of Lt. Spurr. The Marine-r's Chapel was oflieially dedicated which meant worshipping in the most appropri- ate setting imaginable. to Au! Primping for the long march A long, cold XVinter sf' '22, "e',",' V " 'aftx ,,g, 1 K '- x --. ... L-. , --wr, . -.tg -4. 1 s . s - ,, - "Refi, Q H" I-. - -. "Q lr.-3,115 - ,,,'- f" ,,' ' 4 3 14-. ,-1-if ' "' in 1 " Ag ple! -" -oi, ." 1 , gif.-, - - --wx A I am the sharpest 5 N555 451 , A A visitor V ,, L, gmvmwvfhi WSPX mriv which was 21 prelude of th' i 1 i 4 i 'yliu NS. Savannah Skipper visited their d ca. , - ings to com I T.V. Tnhm' Boy permitted many of us to dictgw at first hand the rigging of a genuine sailier vessel. The term ROC becam H - ng cries on the Mast List be and "awarding" e and d1SCOy. came more plentiful :i .,i ,yr', V gy -. M42 ' ' X f fi-kia? 5 Q' 1 nh ,gy - v f- , , was :, . -- ,mgw 1 , 4, , ,,, .1Be,. . .. if fp f Q ? ' . 4 1171, .,. N, A li 1 LW X i Q X . :Q -'R 4 -wa... Learning to Ste p the mast ' ' f ? Which is the front 176 Acad. - The Scover Sailing liSCOv. Sntiful u Finally, our plebe year was over. Recognition Day Came and we discovered ourselves men of the Regiment. We had an enjoyable Sailing nd took our final exams. After the last cramming, we began packing our seabags with much enthusiasm, and With much gear We would of course. There was a sad note alsog lebe year with 333g but only 241 Dance it never use, we began P. . would be Sh1PP1Ug Out- 'M ' ZH wilt 1 Now how did this get here? Vaqwff Old salts In the making After recognition Maybe they won t hear .-Q PQ ,iv aff 'l S621 URM edited by GENE' . ' g HP A K rx Ja- , V. .L Qy-Sf Fil . an 4 1. if G ' ,,,' , fkf rv W Ulf Q. 5' r nw' 4 if 105 ' S 1' .iw A ' sr M Q 1 1 , 8 ,LD . if ,M X L 5 W' ,Awe A- , H:-1' '? .. 9 1 F 4 L14 ig it li 1-uv K1 flY'LZ.A'.A?1Y'L',.. ?"' The Sea's Wrath Decks awash Pride of Moore-Mac X W, Farrell by night Q L....f Cloud-wise, by da way So begins another day ut sea THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT BIARINER Nfhc Sun now rosa' upon the right: Out of the sm LXIIHC hc, Still hid in mist, and on the lvft XVuut dowii into thu sou." Smnuvl Taylor Coluriclge' i Nofcustcr brcwing SS Pioneer Muse-unscheduled stop Tlu- sun im-nks tlirough To be surrendered to the deep Ruhnke-bird shipped out again Lindy pats a cold one nf .-1f1.f-5.2 Norwegian fjord I 1? P . How can we get this back? 'J S s.. -i 182. What is this, Frenchie? VVho picked up who? DOVER BEACH The sea is calm to-night Thu tide ia full. tin' moon iivs fair Ypon tim simitsg-on the Frcnch const thc light Ch-.uns and is goncg the cliffs of England stand Cliinrnvrinu and vast, out in thi- tranquil buy. Mattlww Arnold Mike in guy Parco XVhat we wrote home about Rogo and Gif? sightseeing I-4 V ' I 4 J" Larry givcs a line . -1-" 1 I l Fleg, Carl, and family Egyptian grandeur , Q Lawrence of Arabia? Well, after two months at sea . 4 ' 14 t I .ix KX X. - f ,i N X I. A. Y' 1 .:. , .:- , I w Rh! M , . . A A I , f" X-.4 - X a , a ' ' A "e:"C.:l ' -.-, i :X X: fp r A i f at . a- a 4 U ff. Z, ,ff NN L ' - a .j',,, fwq, f 'A-X ,AN ,jffn 'iiigx mi l514?1gglsfff1,4f-3 1 ,, gy- ,ibffm.ffggizfififffgfglagf, 3 - f .Vw ,,af,f .-jQ+,5gAL,y,L L 3, f' - K5 ,-,fr I 53.-s x N" ,,- r.,2' fag .MZ'A,:.ig1.Z1f,"- 54'-V-y-.g.1,L'1-,iz '-aim, , V.-rf-iwy' My ' '- vfgalifgn - 51' X fjffy 1 FT-1 XSQSQ , Q" ' .:'3f+1f? f ,ii-up ,Lil ' - 'X .fir FF '- ':: ' I - '- ' ' . f?i'f2 2i',f'4?"N-i. 4 4, aff4.f:'.1"T?:' 7 iv 4 K - 'llll luihinligm N V, '-fi, 1' . .-ff" ' TT- " W - " EYE i ii' 552.-l"ff.ifff,,s2 +. , ' ,1fw,2if Q 'ff - i -"',QQ'i ,j ag.: ' .T X ' ' I ffltgvf' ., 2'.,'Zf'? . i,l',9g!Z?i7,5g 'I'gf'j"',f'v'5li 'J ,' A by ff-21, 1, Y- +-,.:. H ' v i ivf rfgzigff ., -ff4ag',,.f-.2.a 1-alfa. v' . - 1 X f -G-Tr n" P- . if 'V , A i. if - ,R ? La -wi Sl.: in Q :5 :sf 5-Aff: 5552, -P K V 1-r - 5 af I- J. ,. 2 ef ,ml i'7jis,f ,-Q , : fi KZ, fy? ' N J 1: nl' f,, Lf' 1 ' .35-A-Q1 ,T - -si gm . l.: : f Q , . ,.: ,. 4 . arm: W ,JN 4f,i'f?' 'fggixafwvgq I-455-'ligggafgqgigng -... . i..- .nal ' -.LA .'.-..3.:6Z4s 'S - -- Li .. I 1,,ffHH5g'jf Ulf - ,,.4,+r'ff4g.',,,5f-A -- ---'k- 125 47-fy - 4-gixxl ig I 'a . 161 :nf --T' N 'NZ . 'Train - ,U A ' SL, 1-:iw .if 11, ii A . lg -'QQ-iTi"H?5g.,-V fi - , if . 1 a ' - gr, , ., - , , . . K -1-'A-fu -2- , ,fn -y ",- X N' Lf . --' --'-- , 2- 1,4-1,-,'L'+,,,. pl ---' . 5 gl", 205514 Ap ,' 'willy 5 E , ', , . .li .4-gf-,, fy. .x,gi,, 44' -' 'Em ,gf "1-. 5'-'VA 'X I-M126 ,-',"1' f - """"'- -Qi - -.. . , 1 ,, A, Rf 0 1 lvl "'C3'a Va" "'3f " if "U: 'ffl M- " '?'fQ"..9"' "" f' -' ,V ' , ff f7"'f7AWl . I , . , " ' " ,2,- 3951 "1" ' ' QRTL? v 'MQ 1 1 I f' 1lZ1ee4A7"l5f'-.- '- ' fllfff, 14 .4 mjf , .. ,f x' Mn, ,- ,. ,M f . . . 4: '......,:,..- ::.,?- - 1. '-'-'GLSS5 1 ,'- X-.,. , ff--' . . f 13-.si - --Q..-u -15,4 g ani 'K'-y-"H ,- :fl :ri ,,,7:' g:, . x, ' YS E7 1 'I' FQ? W: '-" " ' ' 4' U5 K 'Y' "Q nf - 'Nl -'faff' ' ff. 'i1'nn1?" Q E-vp,,11 -ggi-5 "-,:- - -F U 1-gl -"""' " f ,- Q, --f-:Nix , f. , ' ,HV ,V gf" -rv - -f .-.egg :rid J: f-a -A ..... ca n -f-.af +2 . uw- 1 QQ' -f.a.w'f 'lrficwx 'S Effie? .---' ' 'uf' " ffl- N "1 5 , V 1:91 . pn fi' f - . " " 9' --2-, l I' - Q' N lp ,A 5 v:-3" Av A , , ...Q 9 'f' 'L ' Donlt step back, Gene 184 +A Habla usted Espariol? I 4 l r MY LGST YOUTH I remember the black wlmrves and the slips And the sea-tides tossing free: And the Spanish sailors with hcarclcnl lips. And the beauty and mystery of the ships, And the magic of the sea. Henry u'l1llSlL'OVfIl Longfcllow l 1 l ,,. 5 X Toro, aqui! 4 2 , ' -' .v ' -jf" A fs .ff .w, .. .,V On thc llivic-111 ffm,-ff rrgggfgw wr, :pl St. Marks and those damn pigeODS lr '- O Every your N vk , yy Where have you been Vern R1ck's Wahine IK ll I li '-1 'YI ' li ' f ig 2' 1 5 x it 5 T5 I P X V !',-i E, .1 ll I la 1 Q J y xl! M l " 5 frigqrq- , Q 'Y If ' ' ' I h N M K f' 1 Id Q as x V6 xi Q-I Qi 0 A? -Q WE!!! 5 mllllll '15 53, 'B i " fn: 'mn ' .: A ah . 'ri .xv f'53 ' ' ' Q '-1 U ' ff ' 3 E id-?'4 L5-51,9 .Y 'Ylllllnlllllll - 1 1 4- . ' 3,,- 513-4'1,,,"!e LJ' jig-, us, 'A' - n f, A --L44 9 ..,-QL, k i--s 1-""""' A gldget tuee. an Ollt11ggL1 Touring in style THE SEA Roll on. thou deep and dark blue Ocean,-roll! Ten thousand fin-cts swvvp over thco in vuing Mun marks the earth with ruin,-his control Stops with the shoreg- Lord Byron Beach boy The Bird finds il friend Diamond Head You look at the hands, Tex Iohri as ambassador of good will Symbolic Land of the rising sun Iapanese wrestlers . f T753 - "Rimini ' . 41- HIZIJWIQIIQ 7. . ,-....4 53 A -If I 1 o N ' si' 1 Y' ...-,gj- I by Q Q 1 X U f 4 df ', 7? S fri!-FE , '47 Q. 3 , of f ,tg -.gg N 1 f s ' ill if f' V . V 1 '. - ,X v ' ,. '. 'X id' K . -LM .,., N , f' V V .ff "1 -fx' ,fi ' ff sis: A X - ,, -, ,V . s J, x I . V ' Q .-. :-. ff V X' iv , f 1' , if. "'Y""f yy, 'G' " 1 ff . f - 17,1 , .f f . 1 fl, 5 I -.5 I 1 I ' !f34diQ"?T',i5 '7f':'2l:g-L1'5f I-'J' 'ge ' al, V ' -,, 1 -.L 3 A If f -Y -fi. 5: H..-gasig bqua. .f'.g. v 'Si +1-f -1 '12 'FF-gxz, TJ.: 'foQ'fFr12L-- Lia f gs In 'hy 'I .:. L ' . .dx -- N 5 wk.- K v W, K N A .., . A - 5 . ix -1- , - 7- 7 tx, Agf, d - 1-' 3:-. 11 f -1 - 67 : I ' lllllllllllll M 'J f" 'f' Unnllllllllllllllll nm. 6 ff 57 X' n 1 4 '? 4 .Q-R... ,,'fI1Iy?f4'!'4P 44, 1 1' 1 5' 1 pr I 'K f -4-if ge -, ,,,,.., - X Q5 d Z A , 2? f A - ,d -o ' We rub you Dan-san 188 i 5 E a Home on the sea Oriental splendor MANDALAY sea, By the old Moulmein Pagoda, lookin' eastward to the .B All , I v The-reo a Burma glfl a-scttrn , an, I know she thinks 0' meg For the wind is in the palm-trees, an' the temple-bells tlwy say: ritish solclierg come you back to Mandalay!" 'lCome you back you B " -MFVI1, ,fl fn-1-f j T11 'A W Rudyard Kipling XVl1orc the world mccts Y...- Recl China Border l 189 Tigerbalrn Gardens Q -. y, eX , .I A 5, R ' f.-.Ahh , , 0 fe Y 0 Y ,, v i asf, E Q Ski-the naked Norseman L, "" I il ff. ,fi Gene gives up xifw. YJ'-sb, Chief Dan surveys the scene 0900 Sun Line Ei! 190 But where's the bow Swv d , N ff, Sea Project deadline date wk Let me look, Schribs! SE,-X FEVER I mU5t So down to the sms again, to the lom-ly svn and tlw sky. And all I ask is A1 tall ship and L1 star to stu-cr lxvr Ivy, And thc xx'lwcl's kick .md XYillLl'S song and thu white Sllil-S shaking, And 11 gray miat on thu uxfs fam' and Ll gray dawn l3lAL'Llkillj.f, ,Tolm Jlasvfvlcl Crcuso Nlonkm-y 1 'KO BU on watch ,, ........-. 191 1 I Eight bulls ,l ,., Q 021- I I K Q. 1 I W l ,f e A . ,' ' Lf A Y Thirty tlays at sea Cadet, you look like a . . . Banky gets some salt spray 192 Deckies always work XVhere's the Muse, McVay? Dave-shore bound BREAK, BREAK, BREAK Brculi, lorezlli, br0a1li Ou thy cold grey stoucs, O Seal Anal I would that my tongue could uttvr The thoughts that arise in mc. Alfrccl Lord Tcnnyson My bormic lies ovcr the ocean r f, Christmas Daly '62 Sea lawyer 1923 The luck of the Irish l New York City f ,Y Lv San Francisco YOUTH "Only 21 moment, a moment of strength, of romance, of glamour-of youthl . . . The good, strong sea, the salt, bitter sea, that could whisper to you and roar at you and knock your breath out of you . . . But you there- you all had something out of life: money, love-what ever one gets on shore-and tell me, wasn't the best time, that time when we were young at sea, young and had nothing, on the sea that gives nothing, except hard knocks-and sometimes a chance to feel your strength-i' ' joseph Conrad ACADEMY TRAINING REPRESENTATIVES The Academy Training Representatives are often the unheralded men of the Academy. With the wonder and excitement associated with the Sea Year, cadets often fail to thank the Academy Training Representative who is responsible for giving assignments to every conceivable corner of the world. The Class of 1964 wants to express our appreciation to them for making our Sea Year an educational as well as a world wide experience. IRICIIIAHIJ CYCUNINI I I Captain, USMS 'K' , ,Y , K SHERMAN REED Captain, USMS ATR, New York I ,X'I'Ii. Sun Ifrmicisco I D Y 3 PEDER CALD Captain, USNIS A-XTR. New OrIc-ans I i i TRANSITICD The big ebzmge for all of IIS, liowever, was from being helped to helping, now that we were sqiuuing away plebes. It seemed tlmt tlie prospeet of no liberty inspired rr keen interest in the Class System. After receiving our overuiglits. our lives began to brighten up somewhat. Now we eoiilrl go to parties and not have to leave before the girls got there. Good guys lfiom icross tlir borflt r , r' Q 'Wwfma i 1 w- 4.-WF. ..i. I itil: .uk 'i rH- R559 -- 1 Al., f 1' TWO plus a friend Time for recreation -Y ,Anand The mess routine really had a change. Tables now seated cadets all of the same class. Mess plebes .no longer sat at coffin corners, but stood by awaiting a chance to visit the galley. We became more self- reliant, in that we no longer had to be stood up by "Battalions Rise" and then told when we could leave. Now all We had to do Was watch for the proper light. Iust taking life easy im, 1 4 A visitor from another age has Bus t d h Y S u y all Next door neighbors Fred and Bil l .nirv- , - , Vw- . .....,.,-p..u.-as-.-vw - - "' I ,,,, f-ff""' Y' V ' . . sr 5--,I "'w is im Qu. it X ,fs Bill ity TY 1 . Nt you LlUll,I sllcuvud . . . f " Timilxwminlgc-1's Xhwlwlmd nfl'm'dcd many 1' fmul nnvxmwivs to tlmsc- xxlm ullclulvd. , u ' Smm- ul us xkim-ml, SUIIN' ll'i1'tl.Ullll'l'Sllidl1,l, but .1 gland timv uns had by alll, Bm-ltvl' ' llmrgx xwu- xvt to 4-mmx :xml Hwy did. 'W This now systmn l cllllhn ul lun ilu must during suck- Iimm-xx, gmcl 4-mmllxplvtvly uhm-d Clvvclulld nie' :mul Cary, practicing C, t nl l'. i ' 'P ma 1 Comme: Chip? John, making way KWD Smiling, thx,-y,ll wonder why 199 1 W N 1 L5 'Qi J, .sh Against the slxy, ff our eountiyls banner, 'T' at half must stately' flies l 5 L i r V l i 5 l l i FINALE I l , Many of us attended the Grossingerls weekend. A good ' 3 time was had by all, and this year there were no broken l bones. The bowling alleys were completed and offered op- l portunities to Cadets as well as Academy personnel. The Civil Servants became as commonplace as had the Savnnnnli 'fm Engineers. The untimely death of President Kennedy put the f world into mourning. The services and ceremonies held at the :Xencleiny will always be remembered. i L . . . . 1 1 C.oiistmetiou l',llt1llll'Cl'S 1 r i s gf i Z. w l , 40 if T ll it 'lr rl i . J ga" Wr!3,l:', .. 3 0 K l' 1 I Noon Mess Muster I Round U 5 Time l i n i . awful' ,.- la- bl , , ,,,., ,, 4 Q, .H ,,,- lx, ,W . la' Q, ,'a,f'f' ',,, 1, ., Now the bugles blow The cannon shout 203 F' 7 K .', ,V,,,g,b.M9,,,W,4,,,1 , 0 W 4 ,W .M 4 . ft f. ,X . ,,,.. ,..,,ferWW.w11. ' y, e, I if S The Drama Club produced "South Paciiiei' and later diversified enlightenment for the Regiment. , my . w ff 'V' . f , X, , , f 1, ,M 1-, I W' f 4 Montauk will never be quite the same The Flaming Fourth hy a boat length Mystery balls, harfaronie, or voits? Who said leprechauns Wear green? ---1 - 1 . x Grossmger s-a weekend in January HOW mfmY YOYOS? IriSl1 dancers "Thieves Carnival" for the entertainment of many. The Arts and World Affairs program presented a few evenings of I Aix ,J tx , ,nf 4 K . x' ' - 7 M Q Q. i P-f , fo The Regimental Dances saw not a few Stfl1'1'y-Gy6Cl young ' 'f 1 t r ladies at Club Delano. Intramural competition this year Xe Qs! was very keen with a good number of athletes working for ' the long weekend. 'Wi i ' r Unbelievable! 1 ila..,,-.,A, . 1 l if i f ffl' :g",, i ,ff as-i ff" XL M5411 MI gmt Q 1 , . ,R Q-f"""" - .W Q .W ---., tux. """ ' ' Sonic like 'uni hot, . , sonic like um cold ff: 1 Q Cleveland Cate-H.O. hid the key . . A-5 i 1 rf Flight Deck Command 205 1 ,v Guess wlw? Visitors from up the I'luclSOr1 -1-Y ' 7 5 Q f i l l l i i 3 l no V If 1, l I l l l I 1 I 1 I E 1 ,A,,, Y The Plebes were recognized early in the spring and became Fourth Classmen. The Block Mis were all Well attended. Spring brought formal reviews and 21 jaunt down Fifth Avenue. Time was soon getting short and the deckies took their A.B.'s, sextant, and signaling tests. Little remaining coffee time, first class country or at Nat's 3 A r ,jiwk -Q-T5 X -, ' sssrsir EEN A Q ., . 4 s f'-,"'f are frrr's fl? ' 7 . .. 1 Q T . J X Zi.. :Q . ,, , , 4 so T ,I X ,, T ' :iff nys' K I ,gf ' fi' 7 ' ,ll V X . . ,Z Q ff- f T' X 5 s r , r 'T . ,.. s if . 1 fffirftw ,f J' 5 U s ' -N 1 ' , . , ,gg-,,..ssst,:. N: Q, , 1 , P X . J. X . twffsw we 'Y .1-f - ' . rr., X ,,,r -, 1 ' ' " X 4 T1 t,,' W - Q X s?w.ff'f . f T 3? Q 'filer 1 'tt' Q '51 i it ' 1 '3 X : 1 if 1 ff '4The W1 't h l T 1 Y 1 C Hrget , I thought it was a ROOW.H Block HMM 'fmfg-gsg.g Qkfsrw i.V::,ri..g .. i N-X 1 xy. SQ: 1 gl' A. Q yo X . s s. :f-1. ss: Quik ir. fx .X A XXQSXX .FQSXXQSK Xx xnl X . X X Q . X ' X 1 X Ft me X r iestsg we ti- .X . sf Q Sits 1 s . 5. f ' St Q-RY-is si--YQQQ . T51 XR. YYSQX Rx SX? 1 V1 Nest 45 Sf Aff!-Rss it T 1 K sf E X .- 1 swiss-F4..s.sg1Ywss. me if 1 is tuws s. rx, .Wy . X X f Y :XX 9 N fsf.5Yf!lX 5 sk 5. X . ' .,stst.ss,-.rsw Ms .ws ,'-NN kbs Q- Q sz x YQ , :xxx-lg.-'g,i A X Link . : N . x eff E.. it gsxisfwh Ks , 5 . t f. ' Y S- ' gp... ' is lust fri- lg Cm S 206 Another party or at Nags 100 Nights Tllc flll11Ll1'CLl Xigllls Dgllicc lielnl at tlic Sky Club stuiical tllc couiitnlmxii from 100. All First Classuicu wciit to llnyoiluc quid lCLlI'IlCLl liow to put out lircs. Tlu' Sailing lluicc lirouglit tlic ixuiliziitioii tligit Licciisv Timc was just L11'Ullllll tlw CUl'llCI'. .Xml so it was. -5 f s ff f,,,,w Sv fl Til-s :md belts-no more blu0S Al., lOONis1lits J ip-uveu-fnva ,.,.....-...---1 3 Z' ' Bgivonric-smoke caters Four little boys lvluc 207 .45 A M 15 ,IAQ in-. it M VV 1 . '7Z4fC'04S4?"' , ,f , ff f W. , ' vw ymft 54, Cape Ann Lighthouse On the evening of August 14, 1635, nineteen men, women, and children were lost as their small ship plowed headlong onto the jagged rocks of Thatcheris Island. Once again That- cheris Island proved to be the menace to navigation it was well reputed for by all who plied the waters of Cape Ann. It was not, however, until April 22, 1771 when the Province of Massachusetts Bay Council approved the erection of twin lighthouses on the island. Under the Lighthouse Act of'1789, the Federal Government assumed control of the towers, and seventy years later Congress authorized the rebuilding of the structures with cut granite, each to be one hundred twenty- four feet in height. With the discontinuance of the northern light in 1932, the last set of twin lighthouses in the United States faded into history. 210 7 ,.p. ' - , .L .L ,A A .-.M . . .i.-.::-L,-'. :- . . , . , x H ,Y -. ., .., , Cx . R.. -, - . -1 Q - -me-H PA,-w f -,-- , M .-...5- .1-Aff..-,3',,L-I . -..fm , -,.. X. ,,-, ,A -. my NM., Q Q 'T' ' - .--- ' 5"'-'Ll5f"?fTf1:f-2 144.4-. .11.,sf L., ,,i'-f'j"" A A " ,'f2f'. :'.!r-.5 ily -T51-Z-" ,,,s..'t ' .1 N' , , :vi Z,,:.:-,444k.1,L.::P'f:.f- l-,, A L '- 4' ,Q ,sl ..,.,gv-, My y .--n - , , a , ' v ri ' V Q K 'ff .1 L nr , -14 "'b,,,,- -- 'YQ 9,40-351-go 5 tv .- ' . 1 r- P yi .,... - 1 ' , .4 "'.v"'?' pp .Xp nw- f A -x--v 1- .oc 'hd' I , r' ' ,Q 1 ,u V, .W 1. ,,!,,,,V M , 1 R Mifff1.,1..:.f:-Q3-TAZLT1?--f .., ' , -- A. K! Il..- ,,, - ,. Q: H, -..... V7-3.1571 .tb :Q-f.-+-.H , ,ve ', "f :..r'..71X1.'- Y' fn. , -,D -, -b tg -,--f 1+ -1S,nf... -'. 1 --2 -' ' f " :Lf " ' v X . - f-- 'L,',- F K' I , " M f':'-'v.- - ,:.. gl- --'.1 - ' -A -fa. ' ' M M M 'M , 1 ,, ,,-hr ,. - f. . 'Y' , 4- 'TF Nw - 71.4 -N "V 'f' ,Q Ag- "',.a:r. I Q 0 -f.- -fs, -- ,q H O , , QQ, . .,f,4.,, . ' LU, 4313: " -,,f'f'f?qv, gy- - w 5 9 ' r X Q. . hw.-1vQ was M, Q 'I Q N ' .-' A ' T, 4' mth", I Q 4 rf' H " W? .4 A cf r ., 1, M . 1 g- . K 9 iwhqgi 'Mn w iii '-.- ' AJ, ,'?f "' ff. ,- .b:,, ' I Sgr .14 , ' . SECOND CLASS OFFICERS R. Hill, D. Galman, L. Eng- strom, E. Ferrero, I. Bergin, M. Poynor. FOURTH CLASS OFFICER R. Mason ' lf" 'f , Wifi-S -A ,..,4................. 'fxfj' ' J' iii . g"xf': C I . iff-321 'ff I 'il 'n ' 'Q .. 5, 5" - FIRST CLASS OFFICERS R. Hill, R. Sanders, D. Calman, I. Bergin Xf w 1 A , , ' ,1 ...-.4-1 R. NIASUN l'm11't!1fAl.lm X1-11' l'1w-Wl, f 'r 5. .4 1. 1,l.n.c.1x S I 'iw-'fVVX1:l I Xl'4fVH'. Ill' 1 fx Dmlixlc' Z f A - fIm!XK.11'1'.untf ffu of r X11 r 4, 1. . 1 DI I II WPI DSXI9 fi HQ 1 'XX 7' 1---- ...- I ng 2 -In Lake Arrowhead, California 4 if I I vw wswztzifl SZQVS' ,L ww sq X ' ZX-ff,a,a .fag .Xf,i.v'1y, f-,Wi ,11aa....,f-3. ,1,,- 1 3 x. 1 f My 1,5 ,,,, ,mp K , X.,,, ,sw A -, X .X,f,. V. , . ,4X4,,,,,,s,'fy .. ,4....,' r...,..,.,....,,X,,.. .QM .t,,,,,.,, , X. , . " WW " f 2 3 lx X 4' x X f,,f,fw,,,,,af ff' f , , Z ,yf3.QZQ, f, ,gs , 4 If X f c . Xa as ,', 1X. "!,, 7, VM '3 :et s41Xfsae' fsZZS afwz.-9, ,ywzziy , qi fx, -0 az r f 4 3: Y UV rf ttf ffw ff iff , -7 , , f yfff pw 31,Xa+f, 5 3, to S f K, X l QM 439, Wsgm' 45 X I ff A , -w -.wi 3 A na. 1 , ' kc G Q F q 4 .XX1f2XXigfiiXXi.Xa TTS X s I 53? gf xg, -i XXI! gf s0QQa,X..i.X- ' x TM N Elm "1u X- , X X in U I I 'X . 'Rox ...niafj K it '. A-vw, X X y X,AX.:X X , ii i N V S Q X X DICK X ,M X X X X X sxl XYXXIIX- F . X 3 f -:XX X X X t , XX S X X s X . E X: N XV QQ . . X X . K K Us ge X ,X X ,S sk Xxig 1 X o g X Us t x its :XSXF3 S1 X 1X X ' ' X X s X X RXSSRE s i r X XX s if . X,X.NXXXp,sXo Xt 1 X:-X ' ' X 5-I X 5, i Q-R swnstsgsrw g if 5 IX E A K X X'-ss X X st X X were X5 X 1. X, . X, K ss AX, XX ,F X., .tw W: r GORDI -s1,,,fe'1- ' f .. fi: .mas y, GIRTEN ODDY ALLERTON Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ACADEMY RECORD: Dance Committee, Eagle Scout Society, Ring Committee, Ring Dance Committee, Regimental Morale Board, Cross - Country, Pistol, Wrestling. SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Myth, S.S. American Builder, United States Linesg S.S. Mormacsun, Moore-McCormack Linesg S.S. African Crescent, Farrell Lines, S.S. Gulf Oil, Gulf Oil Co., U.S.N.S. General Simon B, Buckner, Military Sea Transportation Service. COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Bahamas, Bra- zil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Mozambique, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Republic of South Africa, Taiwan, Tanganyika, Uruguay, Zanzibar. GORDON RAYMOND ANDREWS ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Christian Council, Dance Committee, Eagle Scout Society, Intra- mural Athletic Board, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Adela, Grace Line, S.S. Bunkerhill, Keystone Shipping Co., S,S. Flying Dragon, Paclfic Far East Lines, S.S. Parismina, United Fruit Co., S.S. Arizona, States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: British Borneo, Canada., Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, japan Korea, Mexico, Nicaragua, Okinawa, Panama: Peru: Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam, 214 if GIRT RICHARD HOWARD AMOS Gary, Indiana ACADEMY RECORD: Automotive Interest Club, Christian Council, Football, Track, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Forester, S.S. Pioneer Mist, United States Lines, S.S. Santa Rosa, S.S. Santa Monica, Grace Line, S.S. Exeter, American Export-Isbrandtsen Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Bahamas, Colombia, Dutch West Indies, Egypt, France, Greece, Haiti, Hong Kong, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Panama, Philippines, Spain, Taiwan, Venezuela. FZ, X 5.4. ,. J Vi . D AMOS ve Interest Club, Y3Cli. Intramurals. fSf91', S.S. Pioneer . Santa Rosa, S,S. Exeter, American , Colombia, Dutdi reece, Haiti, Hong Korea, Lebanon, aiwan, Venezuela. SHA lJL"l'Y: SS. .bXrnr'ric-un Nl.rnnf.rc'tur1-r, f THOMAS HICKLING ANGLIN III Vlrrwick. Rhode Iflzrnd ACADEMY RECORD: Schiwlisziu Shir. Cliffs Club. C3110 Chili. Cyizzniftiw. Trnek. Intr.imur.rlQ. SEQX Dl.'TY: 5.5. Xloi'zi1.igf,ml, 55. 315-I-Imwgkliklh 5.5. Ar2wx1tirr.1.ANlivurc-KiLC.mrw.uk Lirwsg 5.5. .iff-rcan Qicwrx, Farrell Lint-Q 5.5. Plume-ur Mmm. Lnrtcci bhitcs Linus. O COUNTRIES VISITED: .XT'1i.IltlI1.1. l3.rr?r.11ios. Bm- Zllw Dcflfllllfk, French Yllst .fXfriL.1. Crrm.xrrj.'. I H0142 lxoril, lcv.-lurid. l.ip.m, Korea. Bimini, M! Netherlands, P.in.m1.1. l'liilipp1ziK,-Q. lh-public' of South Africa. Smith NXXNQ ,Xjfie-.r, Swulfrr. Tar- wan, frmiclad, L'ruf3u.iy. ANG PAUL JONES AQUILLA Avon Lake, Ohio AlI.KlH'lMY RICCIORIJ: Polaris, Varsity Club, NVind- j.UlUlllTH, Bnxkz-tlmll, Sailing, lntrzrrrrumlx. Arm-rimpin 'l'r.rvclcr, Uniu-cl States Lim-wg S.S. Q Sant.: l5:irl1.rr.i, ciI'.lL'I' lrirwg 5.5. NlUl'lllkll'lhlNNk, 5 Mmm'-NicCurirmnk Lim-sg S.S. Eclwurci B. Clrcwrre-, '. Kflvxrlnml Cliffs Iron Co. i-' C1OUN'I'iilES VISITED: Bvrririlclzr, Brazil, Carngicln, " 4 Colnlnlim, lloniimcurn Iii-puliliv, Cvrnmny, Grvzrt lirrhiin, Nm-tlwrlzrmlw Antilles, 'I'rinicl.rcl,X'cm'1r11'l.r. 'if-L E-ek. I 7 S . ,1 1, r 'ar - LYNDALL JOHN AVERY, 112. Bixby, Oklahoma .XCADENIY RECORD: llizlrliipf, Ilwnr llris, Km:- imeritnl liitormntmn Svrxiuz Aritcmrotiu- listen-xt Club, Dmiur Cmriiuittr-rf, Emglr- Sc-init Socivty, Smrii-tv of X.i.x.rl .frrnhiu-f.ts .incl Riririnf' Engi- ncvre, Hviimi-112.11 Nlomlf- Bunrrl. BEA DVTY: 5.5. Xl.rllVn'y Lykew, 5.5. Kfnnclli NlcK.iy, 5.5. Thnmpwn Lykw, l.j.kvS Brotlxvri St-urimhip C04 5.5. Dr-l Sol, Delia Limw lm-.5 5.5. '1'iil.rhc'im.r, lie-ywtonc Shipping Cu. COUNTRIES YISITED: llmzil, ltrrly, lapnn, Koran, Lihyn, Nlomccu, XinL.r1rrliiqm-, R4-piilllic: of South Africn, Smith Xllwt Africn, bpgrin. 7 UE I 215 f I ""' 1 -1--1 5 " I 3- nf X X ' PJ. SI Findlay, C Ohio 2 FREDERICK THEODORE BANGEMAN Lake Zurich, Illinois ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Vgfsgy gzlulivg - Newman Club, Chess Club, Drama u , ' g Scout Society, Stella Maris Guild, Gymnastlcs. UTY: S.S. Af' Su , Farrell Lines, S.S. SEQ D '- Packer, Stlzites Lines, S.S. Santa Ba1iS2f:nGrace Line, S.S. Steel Recorder, Isth- mian Lines COUNTRIES VISITED: Azores., Canada, Ceylon, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Entrea, Ethiopia, France, French Carneroons, French Guiana, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, L1- beria, Malaya, Netherlands, Nigeria, Panama, Philippines, Republic of Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sin a ore Somaliland, Thailand, Venezuela, E P i Viet Nam. BOO JIM fi .. JAMES CHARLES BARNES ACADEMY RECORD: Eagle Scout Society, Wind- Jammers, Pistol, Sailing, Intramurals, sm DUTY: s.s, P' M th ss ' 'Builder, United sfaizgegnesf sfs. Ainfiliineiifgsf cent, Farrell Lines' S.S. Morma s M - McCormack Lines, ,U.S.N.S. Genex?almSimo?10rB. Buckner, Milifafb' Sea Transportation Service. COUNTRIES VISITED: A ' ' Germany, Great Britainigegdlizgg Kenya, Korea Mozambique Netherlands Pa Iggsgitfjlgci of South Afrlca,,Taiwan, Tahgaiiglmg 1 l FRED C WILLIAM LELAND BARBA Virginia Beach, Virginia V ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Varsity Club, Newman Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Intramurals. - SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Luisa,,Grace Line,-SiS. Brasil, S,S. Monnaclake, ,Moore-McCormack Iiines, S.S. American Reporter, United States mes. t COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Bahamas, Bar- bados, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Cal- ombia, Denmark, Ecuador, French West Indies, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Uruguay. ' X axe ef 2l6 il G, , D .ND BARBA V. .. xolastir: Star, V ' ball, Track, ll'resllIiri'x, risa, Grace Line, SS. e, Moore-McCormack Fporter, United States gentina, Bahamas, Bu- ., Brazil, Canada, 0:1- r, French West Indra. ids, Norway, Panalm, .en, Uruguay. I 'Gul' fy . .Q CLEMENT DXVIGHT BASON "lL L. CLEM IOHN BASSANO, IR. Valley Cottage, New York lffllll-lil' RECORD: Varsity Club, Automotive Int:-rn-at Club, lliflu, Intrumumls. Slit DUTY: SS. I'ionc'4'r Surf, Unitccl Stutcs Linen, 5.5. Mrmu.rc-lmy, Nluort'-McCorrnuck Lines, S.S. Plxportlunildvr, Amr-rican Export-lsbrnndtsc-n Lincsg 8.5. Suutu 5ufi.x, Graco Line. CUl'K'l'llllfS VlSl'l'ED: flriivntiriu, .Xustruliu, Bu- Invm, lirnnl, Cunzuln, Frzurce, llziiti, ltuly, Pun- amm, Spum, Tahiti, Triniclucl, Uruguay,V1-nczublu. ? '!"'s ,rf 'X .2 3 2, If 4 .. v. -V il - 'CJ 1' .Mn .rt Ati ', '. Euginccrs. lutr.imur.1l5. H RCB md Mxmm SE.-X DUTY: L'.S.N.S. XX'illi.uu O. D.lYl'N', Milihirv S63 TY-m5P1J1'l-Minn Service: 5.5. Xlvirnilcuinrl Dover. Delawgu-0 4 Moore-NIcCOrmuck Linqf- Sig 1,,1..,f 1. 'X American Export-Ifbrzxnclisen Lines. ulcmmce' COUNTRIES .YISl'liED: Arie-utiu.i, ,t7,.,,.,' BU- s"1"5" mudd' Bflml' Fflulfv- ULYYHLHIW. Crt-.rr Britain. 'Y Italy, Nl.l,LlLl'lLliC.ll'. Sluzunilaiquc. lic,-public gf f South fl-ffm-1. bptuu. T.mg.inj.ikgi, llruguziy, If ' I Y J is F ,fn ,. fr -wh , I JOHNNY BRUCE DANIEL BENN Farmingdale, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Ilcnr This, Rim: Dunne 3 Committee, Intcm.itionul RQ-lxitione Club, Busc- liall, Track, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Export Aide, An'-cricnn Export- f Islirundtsvn Lines, S.S. Mormncrio, Moore-Mo Cormucl-c Lines, S.S. African Come-t,' Fnrrf-ll Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Denmark, Fruncw, Cm'- ,Q 9 many, lculnnd, ltuly, K1-nya. 5l0Z.1lI'llDlflllC', Nur- wny, Poland, Republic of South African, Spain, Sweden, Tangnnyika, Yugoslzlvizr, Zanzibar. I 217 SKIPPY 5 Des Plaines, Illinois JAMES SCOTT BENSON Southampton, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Christian Council, Swimming, Intramurals. : .S. E rt Ad nt er, S.S. Brooklyn SEQeg1Ii'iYAn?ericanxrlsxport-lfbrzllrldtsen Lines, S.S. American Veteran, United States Lines. UNTRIES VISITED: Algeria, Egypt, Great CCl3ritain Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, I Korea- Lebanon Malaya Panama, Puerto l813g?,Singariore, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Viet Nam. "?":s':'1m.. K- LARRY L PAUL PAUL LOUIS BILSKI, IR. ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Information Seflflce, S0Cl6tY of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, VVxndjammers, Gymnastics T1-ack Intramurals. ' ' SEA DUTY: S.S. San Jose, S.S. Co a g U 't d llgruit co., s.s. New Yong, stile? aLLi1lEs,n5sfs. Srgsldent Bucbanan, American President Lines, . . Steel Designer, Isthmian Steamship Co, COUNTRIES VISITED: Belgium, Canada, Costa Exile ?532Ce,KCBI'l11a13yih great Britain, Hong , 11, ore , ' , nama, Philippines, qI'aiuEan?r ands, Okinawa' Pa BENSE JOHN LAWRENCE BERGIN, IR. Bricktown, New Jersey ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Class Execu- tive Committee, Track, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacmail, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. President Coolidge, American Presi- dent Lines, U.S.N.S. General Rose, Military Sea Transportation Service, S.S. Keystoner, Keystone Shipping Co. COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Ceylon, Egypt, France, Gennany, Hong Kong. India, Italy, Japan, Malaya, Okinawa, Pakistan, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan,.Trinidad, UIUSUUY, Viet Nam. 5, 218 , s E .-,AL uncut, yn, CY :l:E.Class Emu. loore-McCormack American Prggi. nse, Military Su YSYUUCT, Keystone a, Brazil, Canada, iny, Hong Kong, kinawa, Pnltistm, inidad, Uruguay, o JIM, S ' 3 S , --1' x EQWE g f - . Q 1 ' 'N r 1 fee' . Z .HQ ' T, :iff if A. E . ,T t VINCE TED AURELE BLAIR Klamath Falls, Oregon ACADIQMY RECORD: Regimental Information Service, Automotive Interest Club, Propeller Club, lntmnuirnls. SI-IA DUTY: lava Mail, American Mail Lines, S.S. Santa Adela. Grace Line: S.S. Philippine Ili-iir, Pacific Fur East Lines. COI7N'I'RlI'1S VISITED: Colombia, Costa Rica, lil Snlvzulor, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, lntlonesiii, japan, Malaya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Okinawa, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, 'I'uiwnn, Thailand, Viet Nam. new-1 hi VINCENT ARTHUR BLACK II Cocoa Beach, Florida ACADEMY RECORD: Rezimental Information Service, Varsity Club, Trident Club, Rowing, Intramurals. N SEAVDLTII: S.S. Alice Brotwt, Bluornficld Steam- ship Co.: S.S. Del Rio, Delta Lines, Inc., S.S. james Lykes, S.S. Lipscomb Lykes. S.S. Kenthtll Fish, L3-'kes Brothers Steamship Co. COENTRIES YISITED: Argentina, Bflziutn. Rm- zxl, France, Germany, Great Brit.iin, Hong Kong, IQ-1152 IJPLHQ, lxorea, Xetherlnnds, P:in.ung1, Philip- Dfmfi, 5DJ1U. Taiwan, 'I'urkey, l,'rugu,iv, Yi,-L Ram, Yugosltwiti. I ' fwwnrgat song sw fN:n5?a, S ,?Qbf,q,:,, "wQwNi, 6 K fix ' I 1 E Q-Lg 's t s all T 1 J FREDERICK JAMES BOER Albert Lea, Minnesota ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Dance Committee, Intr.1mur.ils. SEA DUTY: S.S. Ohio, States Lines: S.S. Frank Lykcs, Lykt-s Brothers Steamship Co.: S.S. N1-va XVest, Bloomtit-lcl St--.imship Co.: Gopher State, States Marine Lines, S.S. Mormatsurf, W i v n i i v l1C i x il z i -5 TEDDY t. , O 1 V Moore-McCorinac,l-c Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Arrientinri, Brazil, Canada, , Chile, Colombia, France, Germany. Great Britain, i Hong Kong, japan, Kc-nygi, Korea, Macao, M1-xico, ' , i Mozambique, Netherlands, Okinawa, Pzinzimfi, ' R Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Republic of South 3 , ' Africa, Taiwan, Tanganyika, Tliciilnntl, Trinidad, ,,,., -- F 'Jie Uruguay, Venezuela, Yict Nam. - Y ff W! if I I - W7 . Q i X .' Ada: .if 219 ,,...--- FREDDY - x X ,X .,,, 7 ws , JOHN IOSEPH BOSEMAN Colon, Republic of Panama MY RECORD' Varsity Club, Danc-c Com- ACADE - f - . A mittee, International Relations Club, Soccer, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Robin Coodfcllow, S.S. Mormac- pride, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Atlantic, American Eicport-Ishrancltscn Lines, Presi- dent Coolidge, American President Lim-sg ' American Builder, United States Lines, S.S. Santa Elisa, Grace Line. TRIES VISITED' Argentina Bravil Canada OUN - f 1 , I , . ' ' ' R" Ecuador, Great C Cliilei, Colombia, Costa ma. M W? mmm , I E Q if ,"i o,"'i. i i ' 'i.l r," f .,,. r K C T 5 Q, gk I D, - "5S'.1,rXf ' -. i - tl-'B b 5' fi x tb -5,43 J 'fROL V, ,JI M. Britain, Greece, Ham, Israel, Italy, Kenya, a- 'dagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Panama, Peru, Republic of South Africa, Spain, Tanganyika, Uruguay. ,f W4 , ,fp ,Wo WW ,MK W5 ,, , ,,, ef' W ,W MW, f 'f iff f g , H M3 ' My ' , ' 2 K! ff f ,M Mfg ROLAND ' aBOZEi1!fY1 ,i'l BBEAU1,T,J1i. I AIAMESI NICHOLS BROWN L ' Valparaiso, F191-ida , V ACADEMY RECORD: Debate Council, society of -Naval Architects and Mm-ine Engineers. SEA DUTY: S.S. Harry Gulbreath SS Kenneth gll?Kaz':v S'S- Dick I-YkeS, Lykes Brothers Steam- T.1D, 0.g S.S. Del Sol, Delta Lines, Inc,3 S,S, !C.0HdP1'0Zl11, Keystone Shipping Co, COCETNTRIES VISITED: .Belgium, Brazil, France, ,KSETXHDYM Great Britain, -Greece, Italy, japan, Yugdsiaviffogcof Netherlands' Spam, Turkey, er '- "-4. u 'ia ,H 5, , 220 V5 ,m at 44+ V, A 1.41. V A r . zEAU1.T,1i, msettg Marlinspike CM, Club, lllirzimiiuli, nerican Expgnqg, venn, S.S. Moi-mu. S. . Brazil, Denmark. Y, Hiya, Norway, EY . F. -1 is? V' .5 i.. 1 1 JACK li 1 LONNIE VICK BROWN, IR. 'S Selma, North Carolina ACAIJICMY RECORD: Midxlnips, Polaris, Hun Tlnir, Ynrsily Club, C.mu'r.i Club, Newman Club, ilhmlinn Council, Gln-if Club, Drzuuzx Club, l'1.uL:lv 51 out Smitty, Mzirlinspikf' Club, Socivty of N.iv.il ArcliitvcKQ mul Marino Emzincurs, Camo Llnb, l'r0tL-st.mt Choir, Sovcvr, lntriuuurnle. 'A DUTY: S.S, Santa Im-Q, Crm-v Linvg S.S. AIIlI'l'll'illl Fnrcxtc-r, S.S. Ami-riciiri Coiiiimiriclvr, Unit'-il Shih-S Liu:-sg 5.5. Export Lfmirivr, Ainvri- S lx V can lixpmirt'lwbr.indtxf'n Linvs. COUN'l'lUliS VISITED: Chill: Columbia, Ecuador, France-, C1-nimiiy, Cmnt Britain, Crevcv, Libya, P Morocco. l'.m.rmn, lcru, Tunisia, Turkey. 5 'fr Y M I H K lr: il. f li a bf li S. i. JOHN FRANKLIN BROXVN , NEW Orleans. Louiwi.1ng1 ACAIDEBIY RECORD: Yi fr- Ci .1 fy - I Coungil. Relinienhil Bromlliitl1OiiitfUif1g,.1?,,1Q:.N,:J, Relatiom Club, Soy,-ur. lml-t,.,,.,,,i,. ' " ' SEA DUTY2 5.5. Dnllv 'l'lrr'!v1.1r1. 5.5. Suk- Luk, S.S. Lipscomb Lykgq, Lykfg, g,,,H,C,,. Stmxwl 7 go-5 S-S-.Lllgxllfl l3lu0mHL-ld. liluumlrif-:cl Stvi-x,,i,, 0-2 MW. he-itr.idcr. Kgwiimp g1,im,m.l 4-0- COL'NTRlES VISITED: .Xlm-" B--'--fr-V ' . . Gemmny, Grout Britain, IlimLJlQ..,Q'.ifi11'1i1, BIOTOCCU, Nf'thr:rl,imlQ. T.iiu.iu. Q N 'Q A is l i X 1 -.-.411 V ..- Q ' . ... H I i li j CEHARD XVINSTON BROYYNE Easton. I'vnn:ylw.mi.1 AC.-KDEXIY RECORD: lk-fuiir'Iit.il lrif-muutxon 5.-,wid-, X111-xily' Club. lliuq Ceumiiittwx Triflv-rat Club, Soccur, lHll'.1l'UllI'.1l5. SEA DUTY: SS. Holman Cuoilfvilmrl.. 9.5. Nlru'ru.ir- priclv, BlUOl'ff-blCC:UI'll1.hk I.llif'N1 5.5. K.-Xtl.iutic', ,XllH'l"lL.1l'l lfxporblxbr.imltS--n Liuriz S-5. Prui- 'ir lrc flint limi dunt Cmrliclgfv, .-Xxui-fic. 1 ' ' , -. flOUNTlllE5 VlhlTl'fD1 .-Xl'Qvfllm.i, lla' mil. C1 irmrlgi ' 7 ' -' - - Clrww limi: lion" C..i-ylim, Luupt. lr..ncr. 4 . -.. ' V - Xl lif' nur, India lime-l, Imly. Jnimn. kim-1. . .ii -iw Li tin Pi Nlgiliigxi, Xluzzimbiqiim-, Olciu.1w.i, l':i'x-: , .- rmimi Republic of South .Xfrig.i, finampfiref, 7 . Tqiwgin, Tnnznuyilm, Lruflvriy, Xivt Nun. 2 W . li 1 A 6 I ,F 'F Zll QA, -eqq., B v 3 x ,v .A x Yin ' x fav. X .- fl Q 1 - .- 1! -' L.V. l GARY 4,4 DAVID MELVIN BURKES Belle Vernon Pennsylv mn RECORD Varsity Club Automotive Club B iseb ill Football Intramur ils S S A Producer S S Pronur SE1t1?i1i-iugllirvrted St ltelgeijrilhrl S S S1nt'1 Sofrr S S Pauli Grace Lrnc S S Export Aide Amcrrum x ort lsbr xndtsen Lines C prus Dominican Republic Dutch West In res France Great Britain Greece Hom, hong Isrflel Italy jamaica japan Korea Morocco Panama Philippines Portugal Spain Taiwan Turkey Venezuela. BOB ZORRO i ll 5 . .-L5 MARCO IOSEPH CANNIZZARO Staten Island, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Class Executive Committee, Baseball, Football, Intramurals. SEAL DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Ming, United States Lines, S.S. -Constitution, American Export-Is- hrandtsen Lines, S.S. Argentina, Moore-Mc- Cormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Barbados, Befmudfly B1'2121l,, Denmark, Finland, France, H0951 kong, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Korea, M01-OC- co, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Uruguay. E p - ' - OUNTRIES VISITED: B.'ll'l'll'lYlS Colombia dCy- DAVE ROBERT PETER BYRNES, IR. V Roselle, New Jersey ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Regimental Infor- mation Service, Catholic Choir, Glee Club, Pro- peller Club, Society of Naval' Architects and Marine Engineers, Ring Committee, Cargo Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Steel Executive, Isthmian Lines, S.S. Brasil, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S.-Ameri- can Flyer, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Aden, Arabia, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Dutch West Indies, Egypt, France, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Malaya, Martinique, Mozambique, Okinawa, Panama. Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic 'of South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Somalia, Somaliland, South West Africa, Spain, Thalllnd. Trinidad, Tristan da Cunha, Uruguay, Viet Nam, Zanzibar. 222 1' .. iNES, ii. -eglmflllal lnfoz. Glee Club, Pm. Architects and lee, Cargo Club, ,D Isthmian Liner, .mesg S.S. Ameri- Lrabia, Argemina, anada, Colombin, ice, Great Britain. ', Kenya, Malaya, kinawa, Panama Rico, Republic d ingapore, Somalil. , Spain, Thailand. ruguay, Viet Nam, 4.3 , A CAP IAMES MICHAEL CERIAN Romv, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Scholuslic Star, Varsity Club, llmvimi, lnlnmmrnls. SEA DU'l"l': S.S. Export Airilmwsuclor, Allll'l'lCdKl l-Qxport-luhmncltsf-n Linz-5g 5.5. Morniziccaipv, Mmm--McCormuck Line-xg SS. African Cri-Qc-exit, Furrr-ll Lim-S. COLTNTRIES VlSlTED: Amie-ntin.l, Brazil, Frzim-4-, llilly. Mulnlillxiqiw, RL-public of Smith Africyi, South VV!-xt Africa, Spain, UruL1u.iy, Yuumliwiu. ROXC E LEE C XPLINCER DeQu0en Xrlrun li ACADENIX RECORD: Bxmt. f..lir1iii.m Cwiiiuil Dzmcv Cf'i'nmiP"1 Cy' Cl P Inv ' SE.-X -DLTH: 5.5. burain F1.i'.'zi. Cam: L:m'g 5.5. Q 410. Shiites Linux 5.5. llw-'.iii.m Ifielrqy-mur- 55' MUl?'Jf-1. Bl A5071 Lin-43 SAS, lvl-qligfy Xfilvlf. .-lmrfriinm Pr-sz-flrrrt Lima A Aw A LO? NTRIES YISITED: C.m.u.li. Liiiiic. L1ilrw::lii,i. hU.1l1ClOl'. Gi11t1.m.il.1. Hun: KONI. ,l.lI'.1n. Kurixi Okinzmzi. Pnruwiii, PL-rv. l'h5lippirwQ.A N o T" -if 'X l 'fum E JOHN HENRY CHADDERDON Blrdia, Pc-nnsylx ani.: XC.-XDEHY HEC0llD: Yfiriitjv Cluli. Track. SEA UIQTY. 5.8. Nlnrmursrxn, NlOOl't"-xlCc:Ol'Tl1IlLk 5 l.Lm'fg 5.5. l-lxvtr-r. .ltiicricgin Export-lihmnlltivn I Lmcsg 5.5. S.rvit.i Srilii. Crum' 1.1114-g 5.5. Armori- 5 ruin Cflullrfriivr, lfmlcnl Stair-4 Iainiwg SS. Pri-SF 'k clvnt .Xrl.imQ, .XIlll'l'lC.lll llra-iiclvnt Lim-S. COVNTRILQN YISITED: .-Xrge-ritina. Brazil, llurrrm, ' Cluylnu, fVlOlOllllJ!.l, Dritrh XXIM lmlivs, Ilfflypt, lfrxii.-0. Cr-nil Britfiin, CAlrvL'1f', llxiti, Him: Kring, I:uli.i. ll.ilN, j.ip.m, kiirzgi, lx-li.mr:n, Nfrilziyzi, 0kirm'.x,r, l?ik:Ql.iu. Pxfllllll, Sinwiporc-, Spuin, , ' T.iiu.m, Tuuisiu. lfnifuu-.', Vf,-mvur-l.x, Vim Nam. P X' I 3, ,5- L 19-51. 5' A, . 223 4 5 .pug f Y W , .4 E -'Hm. CEHJ CHAD QW 'S CHRISS E ROCKY JOHN CARLTON CHIVVIS, JR. Norfolk, Virginia RECORD: S holastic Star, Regimental Aclikgngrrlillagon Service, Xfarsity Club, Glee ,ClUl1, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Cross Country, Football, Track- UTY S S African 'Planet Farrell Lines, SEgSPPioneer Mill, S.S. American Scientist., United States Lines, S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Line. COUNTRIES VISITED: Brazil, Dutch West Indies, Great Britain, Haiti, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jamal' Kenya, Korea Mozambique Panama, cai apizigmles Republic of, South AfI1C8: Taiwan, Ph'l , Tanglaliayika, Venezuela, Zanzibar. ROBERT ANTHONY CHRONOWSKI Wyoming, Pennsylvania ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Regimental Infor- mation Service, Band, Intramural Athletic Board, Ski Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exbrook, American Export- Isbrandtsen Lines, S.S. Mormacpenn, S.S. Mor- macwren, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Azores, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Libya, Norway Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey. JOHN ION DEAN CHRISTENSEN V Tekamah, Nebraska ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Mhiships, Drama Club, 'Trident Club, Intramurals, SEA DUTY: S.S. Sue Lykes, S.S. Lipscomb Lykes, S.S. Frederick Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co., S.S. Del Rio, Delta Lines, Inc., M.V. Bayou Lacombe, Universal Marine, Inc. COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay, Viet Nam. i o 224 TENSEN Stal, tramurals LiPScomb Lyla, :others Steamship InC.5 M.V. Bayou lc ina, Brazil, Gl-nl ly, Japan. Km, l, Taiwan, Tuxkty' -" x l ylq f""'f 452' .. , 9,-X 1 THE CHURG CARL CH XRLES CLEMNI Vlilkcs-Barre, Pennsylvania Af ADEMW RECORD: Schollstic St-lr Eagle Scout Socluh Regimental Browdcast Unit, Buse- blll Wrl-ailing, Intrflnluruls. 1 I SFA DUTY: S.S. Stccl Chvllllst Isthlnim Lines . 55. Armin vellum- Farrell Linesg 5.5. Mori ' - I l mucmide, Mnore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES vlsll'ED. Belgium, Ceylon, mu 1 mark, Egypt, lnclin, Indonesia, Kc-nya, Mzlluyu, 'lloznlnlvi ll! Ylillll rlumls YOTVVKI Punflma q f, l - . , l y . . l'hilippilws, Pljlllllfl, Republic of Sulltll Africa: Singapore, Sweden, Tilllillllylkll, Thailand, Viet Nam, Znnzibnr. l i ' l 4 wi F ii-1 1, f lf A 2 1 v ll' ' if-js -If . GENE STUART CHURGIN Jamaica. New York A2t'ZREg?gIri5lgECgRD1 ggilghlpldji Polaris. Ilflll' -. R, amea ' -- - ' club, Drill Team. N U ' N CM" Hmm SEZX DUTY: U.S.X.S. Alemlnder M. Patch, Militnrv 593, TYL1U5Purtutloll Service: 5.5. Plonecr Blcnf UTllfEd States ITIHESQ S.S. Sklflfil xlftlgdfllll, Cmqq: I-'mei Afrlczln Grove, S.S. African Mctwr, Farrell Lines. COIJNTRIES VISITED: .Xngol.x. Alun-Q, Chilg' C:ol0mbl11,' Eclllldur. G9FUlLlIly', Hung Kong' jdptm henlav IXUVUI. I-fibvrill. 5IUZilY'lll?liIl,lL', I Xizerizl' Palnumll. Peru. Philippines, Republic of Dah,-,mlwi Republic Ot-the Ivory Cunt, Hupllllliu lit SL-in-gil, Reimllllc ot South !XIl'lL.l, 5lvrr.l Leong, Tum- gJI'lYlliil. ' DQ 3.5. ,'4 ui BRUCE PALMER CLINTON XVilmingtun, Delaware ACADEMY RECORD: Scllolmlifl Sl.u'. Varsity Club, fIl'lI'lNlI.lII Council, B.m'll.1ll, lntrnllmurllls. J 4 SEA DUTY: .xllll'f'IC.Lll Rana:-l', Iiom-vr Main. 5.5. Pioncir Mill. Unit:-al Stal--Q Linesg Export Aldo, .Xlnrrlcnn Expfrrt-lslzmlldtsf-rl Lirlcsg 5.5. Morlll.lc'rlu. Nlollrc-NILC1lrllmf.k Lim-az W v 5.5. :Xfl'lC.l.l'l Cflmet, Isnrrell I,ln1'm. COIINTRIHS VISITHD: Ill-lgillm, ljflllllllfk, France, Gcnllnny, Crmlt Britlin, Ilona: Kong, Ikdlllllll. Italy. Iapxln, I'il'm.l, KLJTf'.l, Nlu1.'lllllmiqll1', XClllC1'ltIIlLl5, Nol'w.ly, I'.lrl.lm.l, Pllilippirlcs, Pu- lqnd Ile ublic of :Louth Afric-.l, Spain Sweden, I p b Y .r V. 'I'glily.ul, T..lY'lgflllj'llC.l, XLlgONl.'.lVl1L, Llrlzlbzlr. -7575 1 1 7 'A l 1 I xi ' i 3 V J i T11 ,1 -1 Ii ' i l i JOHN HOWARD COLE Pittsburgh, Pennsylwmia EMY RECORD: Regimental Infomiation AQS2?1ice, Automotive Interest Club, Windyammers, Intramurals. . SEA DUTY: S.S. Bennington, Keystone Shiaping Co., S.S. Sierra, Matson Lines, S.S. President Lincoln, American President Lines, S.S. Steel Admiral, Isthrnian Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Australia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaya, New Zga ann, Okinawa, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, oma land, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet Nam. STEVE AL JI! ALAN FRANK COLTON I F ' K Glendale, California - ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Polaris, ,Clmnstian Council, Dance Committee, Radio Club, , Ring Committee, Regimental Morale 'Board Soccer, Intramurals. , . i SEA DUTY: S.S. San Jose, S.S. Comayagua United Fruit Co., S.S. President Buchanan, American ,President Lines, S.S. New York, States Lines' S.S. sfeei Designer, Isthmian Lines, S.S. Mani posa, Matson Lines. I COUNTRIES VISITED: Belgium, Canada, Costa Rlcaf Ff2mCC,'G0l'I'f18Ily, Great Britain, Hong K0l'1g, ililpfln, Korea, Netherlands, Okinawa, Pan- ama, Philippines, Taiwan, JACK ' STEPHEN HENRY COLITZ Newport, Rhode Island I ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Chess Club, Eagle' Scout Society, Ski Club, Windjammers, Intemational Relations Club, Sailing. SEA DUTY: S.S. Steel Executive, Isthmian Lines, S.S. Brasil, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Ameri- can Flyer, United States Lines. ' COUNTRIES VISITED: Aden, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, r Canada, Colombia, Egypt, France, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaya, Mozambique, Okinawa, Panama, Philip- pines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of Soutlz Africa, Singapore, Somaliland, Tanganyilfa,Tha1- land, Trinidad, Uruguay, Venezuela, Viet Nam. ' Zanzibar. SGW ' 226 E COLITZ sland him, chess Club, flub, Winrliammen, Sailing. ive, Istlimian Ling, k Linesg S.S. Amm. es.L Argentina, Bahama, Colombia, Egypt. ia, Indonesia, Italy, wa, Panama, Philip- r, Republic of Sow! rl, Tanganyilia, Thai- enezuela, Viet Nm. , l 3 sg P-., S ,fr--" ' -3 -fi ,l COSMO A RONALD EARL CRANDALL Watertown, New York Amniamx' mgconnl Vnrsity Club, Foonmii. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exe-cutor, American Export- N lshmnrltwn Lincsg S.S. American Reporter, S.S. Piomrvr Moor, S.S. American Builder, United Stull-1 Liner. COUNTRIES VISITED: France, Germany, Qreul Ilrllnin, Croc-ce, Hom! KOHSZ, IHPIU1, Twfwli P.ui:mm, Philippinw, Turkey. A Gulf' RAYMOND MICHAEL COSTELLO Tc-nneLk. New jersey ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star. Societv of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Bowling League. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exceller. American Export- lsbrzindtsen Lines: S.S. President Polk. Arxxwrii-:in President Linesg S.S. Mommctrule. Bloore-Mo Cormack Lines: S.S. Santa Monica. Gmc-e Line. COUNTRIES VISITEDL Arflentirm. Bcmiurlii. Bm- zil, Ceylon, Colonibin, Dominican Republic. Egypt, Franco, H0112 Koni. India. Israel, Italy, japan, Mexico, Nioroccn. P.lll,ll'TlrL Portuml. Sin- gapore, Spain, Turkey, L'l'LllIll1ljv', Venezuela. Viet Num. -'23 1-01.1 , ,, l Ayn, Arizona 'WILLIAM EDYVARD CRATTY AC XDERIY RECORYI SChl'1l.liliC Qllnr. B Hifi A l.".u'sitv Clulz, Trnrk, l:.tr.rmur.:lN. - ' ' Y ' H air i"i'1':I1:ir-ig S.S. Soon SLX DLT : 5.5. UAW- . -- M f Statv, buh-S Niarmvr Line-Q. - f ' L WFITQD1 ii Q Koru,l-IP-'ln-X071 Philippinvi, 'P?iu.in,I Thrriliind. X101 if ' ' l . 1 Q J' 1 P . 'I-I , 'Fins L ' 1 gn RON 'S- I - , Nam. Y, I '4 h VXA A! , CRAFTY v- 2 i -7 U' J' .L fr. if -..A Medford, Massachusetts : 'C 1 A 4,4 ' L1+2',,,f W i J' i ww 5 , ,X ' 5 S '4s4H4, ' , 'Z 2 ' 5, 4 A fi ,g4,fsf,yx ' f f ,.: ' X ,z ,yt A A 'ii , 1 A 5 X AX ,Q A A 1 ms A., Assumes 'X ' 94 .. . ,- -if Qi ' me X 'ii vi? E A ,A-M, , K H2 k nat is , Y' "' -' , , Q A WOODYA Q F ss.-' t . .gi is , , 7 fiiffwf CVE.. bi l it y X. 'leg gig: X f M 'f- DAVE GARY ROBERT CROSSMAN Norfolk, Virginia S hl t Stflr Varsity ACCAl1I?bEM5Chrl?sEg:1?RgoLincil: Ollrltliliniirll Athletic Board Football Wrestling Intramurals 1 T le Isthmian Lines SESASDSJIFLZ1 Liiiw silica lillrllg IS S Pioneer INILIOOH S S American Champion United States 11165 ITED C lon Colombm Eeua Cqltgxlg Vfliisance Greziy Britain Hong KOH! India Indonesia, laPan Kofeq Malaya Iglnqma Philippines Singapore Somaliland Spam, alwfm Thailand Venezuela Viet Nam 'SMAR-BEL, W: if . M,-,A A ooe oo ADCQWIDS JAMES SCRCWLEY A ACADEMY CRECCRDV5 Scholastic sm, camera Club, Newman,C1ub, Chess Club, ,Intramural ' Athletic Board, C Michelsen Society, Propelleri ' Club, Society -of, Naval Architects and Marine ' Engineers, Ring -Dance Committee, Drill Team, Iritrqmurals. S ' ' , ' , SEA DUTY:, S.S. Export' Agent, American Export- Isbrancltsen-Linesg S.S5 Africanfiainbow, Farrell ' Linesg, S.S. ,Pioneer,,'MingI United ' States Lines, USNS Aleiiandex M Pitcll Militfi' e Tm K-.Q., . '.L V crySa .ns- po11:21tiol1'S erVice. ' , A COUNTRIES-, VISITED1, .BermuclaQ France, Ger- Wmany, Great' Britain, Hong -Kong, A Italy, japan, Kenya Kore-1 Mozambi ue Pirnmd P 111 lin s A' X ,' S, V K 4:1 , . . K, h"pp'e,, 'Repiiblic of- South Africa, South West Africa, A Spain, Taiwan, Tzinganyika,,Yugoslavizi, Zanzibar. 228 3 C 3 BERT I i.- R S.S. H 0.11. Lykesarliiotlim 03139, Moore-Mo ide, Farrell Lines. wi, Brazil, Canadi 2, Ireland. Iwi. geria, Republic nl wory Coast, Spain, V.. , rg! in UML , . J' - -f ,f'.4'l."-..s.lQQl- JIM PHILIP CRAIG CURTIS Harrisburg, Pcnnqylvnnia Millllihll' RECORD: Scholastic Stair, Band, Czivgu Club, Intrzuiiixmlr. SEA l3U'I"1': S.S. Rubin Shi-rwood, S.S. Mormzic- Rridv, Mouta--NIL-Corni.ick Lint-sg United ftiitm, S.S. Pionwr Minx, United Staitl-S Linvs. K'OUN'l'RIl'1S VISITED: Argentina, Ascension Is- l.inil Rrxizil, l"mncf', Germany, Crvut Brituiu, lluuif Kong, japan, Kvnyn, Koreu, Moznnibiqiiv, Piinmnii, Philippines, R1-public of South Africa, 'I'uiwun, 'l'.iugnnyikn, U ruguuy. 3 lf' IAMES LOUIS CURRAN Oaklyn. New Jersey ACADEMY RECORD: PI '. Hr T'jq V Q- . Club, Christian CIoiincitli,UEiuss SEA DUTY: S.S. :Xl'llEl'iC.ll SI. f. 'tx - L' i W SIMS Linea: 5.5. .xfficin iiiiilieii S.S. Simtii 5ofi.i. Grace Line: S.S. Export Biiililer, American Export-Islimndtwn Liuosg S.S. Munrur- lllke, Moore-BIcCornmck Lim-5, COUNTRIES X ISITED: Arcentirm, Brazil. Cu- lombui, 'Grunt .Brit11in. Iruluid, It.ily, Kyn'.',i, MO?-mlI'lfl'1Q, Nctlieriunils, Rtpulilic uf Sm-ith flifncn. Spain, Tungnriyiki, Uruqu,iv, X',L-m.Zm,Ll '1 ugosliwin. ' ' ' 1, , il Q. EDXYARD EUGENE DARIEN Muskcgnn. Michigan ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Information Service, Ncwrnan Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Oliva, Cmcc Lim-1, Pioneer Mist, S.S. .-Xmcrnciiii Forwrirder, United Stzitvs Lincfg S.5, Exvtvr, Amcnuin Export- Isbmncitsvn Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Chilf. Ecuador. EEYDI, Fmnce, Germany. Greece, Hong Kona, Italy, japan, Korea, Lchanon, P.in.mm, Peru, Philip- pines, Spain, Tuiwan, Vit-t Nam. -: 'Ili i .- 229 L ff' U ii V Sf! in -, 2 i 4 FLASII I Q sg, Q i Q wig ED ,ff DESERT. RAT A PETE . GARY MAURICE DAVIS Columbia Station, Ohio ACADEMY RECORD: Dance Committee, Drama Club, Ring Committee, Basketball, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Ines, ,Grace 'Lineg S.S. ' American! Forester, United States Lines, S.S. Steel Recorder, Isthmian Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Ceylon, Chile, Colombia, I Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Haiti India, Indonesia, Malaya, Panama, Peru, a Philiripines, Singapore, Somaliland, Thailand, X Viet Nam. ' PETER , THADDEUS ,DEVLIN ' ' 1 Needliam, Massachusetts A ACADEMYEREGORD: 's hl P f S - Catholics Choir, Newmaifisifli, Ssf?Si1aP'i5i'Sl?g Guild, Wxndiammers, Intramuralsp ' ' ' 'LSEA DUTY: U-.S.N.S. GeneralfWilliarn O. Darby, Military Sea' Transportation Service- S S M 'K Wind, Moore-McCormack Lines, Indgggrid- ence, American Export-Isbrandtsen Lines. KCOUNTRIES Vismang Argentina, Ba,-muda, Egg- A izil France, 'Germany, A Gre f B-'t ' 1 lgladagascar, 'I Madeira, I Morogco, lilghambigglbez of South Africa, Spain, Tankganyika, 230 A A GARY.. . I ROSS EUGENE deLIPKAU , Carson City, Neyada SACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Football, Track, Intramurals. , SEA DUTY: S.S. Steel,Navigator, Isthmian Lines, ES. Hawaii, States Lines, S.S. Sonoma, Matson mes. . COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada, Hong Kong. Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet Nam. V 91 3 ' ,nf ', ' 5 Q .- , , . . I LIPKAU da ic Star, Football, ir, khmian Lima, l. Sonoma, Matson ada, Hong Kong. iilippines, Taiwan, MATT JAMES Louis DINA Fairfield, Connecticut ORD Wthoiastic Star Nuwnm Mi.ftDIiMY REC : . - . . , : 2 Club, Sucu-ty of Naval Architects and Marine ElltQiHl'l'Ii, Track, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: SS. African Clcnn, Farrcll Lines, 8.5. Pri-urls-nt Adanw, American President Lines, 5.5. Mormacowl, Moore-NlcCommck Linz-sg S,S. Aimlmaii Pilot, United States Lines. t.Ui'NTltllfS VISITEIJ: Angola, Argentina, Brazil, tluuula, Egypt, France. Ccrmany, Hom: Kong, lnalia, Italy, japan, Korea, Malaya, Mexico, Okmiwu, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay. Republic ut thi- Cmuzu, Sinszaporv, Spain, Taiwan, Uru- guay, Vwt Nam. JOHN BIICHAEL DILLON llinrni. Florida ACADEMY RECORD: Hcfzr This. Varsity Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engi- neers, Gf'lllU,1SflC3. Pistol, Hiller V SEA DUTY: S.S. Charlei Lykes, S.S. Almeria Lylies. S.S. Sue Lyl-uri. SS. Thompson Lykcs, 5.5. Dick Lyl-ces. Lykes Brcithcri Stcanisliip CO.. 5.5. Tullalaonia, Keystone blaippini Co. COUNTRIES VISITED: Frangc, French Ifqvi.ttUrf,il Africa. Great Britain, Hun: Kimi. Ireland, Italy, I-Ipan, Korea. Libya, Nlcxico, Bioriicco. l.7.1l1L1l!t.t, Spain, Taiwan, Viet Num. J .41 fx dal . .4 'S .x ' g' t 'X V: :. ' if 5' . ne g X, X I ' 4 - it A fl. DONALD ROBERT DONATI Everett, Massachusetts ACADEMY RECORD: Schnlagtic Star, Polaris, Hear Tlmg Rmzum-ntal Inmrmatmn Scrum, International Rclatinni Club, Bowlini LC-UIUC, lntmmurals. SEA DUTY: U.S.N.S. Cr-nc-ral .Xlct.uirlc'r Bl. Patch, Military Sca Tranhportation Svrvicc, S.S. PlO'Tll'1'l' Moor, 5.5. Ama,-ric.xn Pilot, Unitccl Si..'lU'4I Lima, ' ' Nlir-'iritl Cru-Q' lam-' 5.5. Rollin 5.5. banta . - -- -- 14 - Y Nlowliray , Nlouri--Xltffnriuatk lamw. XTRIES YISITFD fhilv fi ilombia Ecuador, COE. ' . . ,v : - .. -- r i , V Germany. Hon: lxunl- lllpln- INFUYKL- k0ff'1'- Nlozambiquc, Panmia, Pcru, Phiiippinvs, Hcpulilxc bf South Africa, Truiganyika, Zanzibar. 2-Bl itat? F f ui' aff rd .2 5, . 1 ini 3 DON ' i ,J r Y an ,Q iR6N,AiLD JOHN DUDDLESTON V " ' ' X Jersey City, New Jersey V V t ' fACA15E1VIY RECOl1D: Scholastic' sm, Vai-sny Club, Automotive Interest Club, Chess Club, 'Christian Council, Drama Clixb, Ring Committee, -, 1 Pistol, Intramurals. f ' ' SEA,DUTY:, S4S.'American Traveler, United States 'LinesgVS.S. President' Hayesg American President ' Linesgf S.S.' Mormachawk, Moore-McCormack ' fLinesg, S.S. Export, Adventurer, S.S. Constitution, .American Fncportvlsbrandtsen Lines. 'COUNTIUES t VISITED: Argemina, t Brazil, ceylqn, H Egypt, Franee, Germany, Hong 'Kong, India, it Italy, japan, Melaya, Okinawa, Pakistan, Fanama Portugal, Singapore, Sp'ain,,,Taiwan, Viet Nami ' Yugoslavia.. n ' ' , e w --y ., .. ELMEROEDWARD, EBERMANO O - 1 gf,,5yf,,,A5uiqchgi11lin6ig O O y i, - 5 ACADEMYVRECOBDLV ef 'Clib Ch 1'd O O O 'i e Skia,G111b:,'lnfoemafiqenaxgfiafliiisnlf,emi? eiifibfiil J SEKfDUTY:xfS.VS, fM5ig O it iBl l ',k'B1' ' his or 5 O er.- 3Sremnshine,Co.g s.S. Lfi1u1:LykggYIllykes ' O f Q 1 2'2?s3Zl:tP O XS., -Presigencanapseveit, O s.s., .X N N, jf Len, mencan' f ' -L' - , , , eHfeY?111e1z:MotoriSF,'fMarsQn Lisxtslgnt fnei' SS ,O 1-itCQUNTP4zEs'v1siTEDeFCfwii i ei fi I ':7eIGf0?1f'r,Brif21if11Hongiie,i,Kl:li1lx,lllniisfxieiifergrigiryf X roll- i'K0l?a'f? Mala5f?E:.'Me?dC0i,',MO1'0coo, Netherlands, , A g if ' J-'Qlf1ffff1V3a:blmfliprgxnes,QSingapore,i-Taiwan: ' 'Pi' -. - - O. Q 55.75 :Qs .. O i,,cg1i1?ggf :Ls- DUDDY ROGER iSH,E1iWOODiDUNN ' , ' 7 Denyer,,Coloradol 'ACADEMY RECORD: f lschoigstic sm, A Debate Couneily Trident Club, International Relations ,Club.' ' O SEA DUTY: pS.Sp California Bear, S,S. Flying , Dragon, Pacii-ic-Far East Linesg S.S.'Monmouth, Keystone Shipping Co.g fSiS.- Ohio, States Linesg S.S. Steele Flyer, Isthmian Linesg S.S. Santa Inez, Grace Lineg, ,S.S. Tillie,Lykes, ,Lykes Brothers ' Steamship Co. V' A ,, V COUNTRIES iv1is'1TED: ocolombia, Egypt, Haiti, Indonesia, Japan, Koreag Malaya, Mexico,'0lq- nawa, Panama, Philippines, Singapore, Somali- ,V land, Taivyan, Thailand, Viet Nam. ' V, 3 232 n,, 'v"?"', , .'aj4ab1 ng Pu ' fl -, in mx' i . y. 5, -9. Q, 2 wqq -'Az a.,i, xi 'I --. asa Z P ,-1. l f W 'I it if 4 l H4 I , L, K, A .2 'EI 3 r. DUNN c,Smrg1n.i,.1, Rionallelnima ear, SLS. Pl' , S.S. Mmm bio, States Lineg g'S.S. Santa Ina, 1, Lykes'Bro1hm bin, EEWL HI-lil. wmww w Qingapore, Samh- ,am. A , I I ,. AW. . ' QQ 4 Q ffikf I' , in r 5 R ,R ANTHONY EDYVARD ' R EMBIERLING 4. hf,a'ff'E'4:lfTf C . Albany. wk fa Mfg' ' t'i :g f R ?+ ACADE3UfRECORD: Hhmnik minqaw gun ' A f ll . X " ' Intramurals. ' Y v . . - 3 Z SEA DLTX: 5.5. Morru.iLtu.tl. 5.5. Mur1n,i,m1,, t and - I Moore-SlcCurmaLk Lines: 5.5. Anieriuau Iluntcr, l'9Gff3sf'R. w:..' ! S.S. .jXrner1c.m Trapper. Vnitml Statts Linw, SS. ' . '13 . 1 Excllllllllf, Arnerican Export-lxlmrtmtltsen Lim-N. A Av V' K ' COUNTRIES VISITEDL .Xrtrtntinm Bflgizim, Bra- f ' 5 . . ' Q i11iqEiZI"1VK.xFr,xncF, C-rvagI32t.iin. Crew--, Rf-vita, , . J .1 2 G anon, . OZAYH xiquv. -'ut r:r',u ali. Yeti i Fil ' .""4-. . I South Africa, Spain, 'lfmnqinyihal X N it UI . ,I . - ,pg g - , fx , , , . l .1 . , -l TONY LEONARD ERNEST ENGSTROM Round Lake, Illinois ACADEMY RECORD: Honor Board, Chriatian Council, Dvbnte Council, Ring Dance Commute-e-, Class lin-cutivc Committee, Football, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Dick Lykcs. Lykes Brothers Slvamwhip Cn., SS. Del Sol, Delta Linvi, lnc.g 5.5. Mormacdawn, Moore-McCommck Linea, S.S. japan Mail, American Mail Line, ffOUX'l'Rll'lS VISITED: Argentina, Brazil, Canada. Columbia, Great Britain. Hong Kong, Ireland, japan, Korva. Mvxico, Okinawa. Panama, Pc-ru, Philippiuvs, Trinidad, Uruguay, Venezuela. YQ! 'Ar' ,.-.. ,IF W EDVVARD CHARLES FERGUSON Blilfnrd. Kanias .-XCXDXQMY RECORD: Sc'hnl.15tiC Star, NW-1'rn.'in Club, XYimlj.unrnl-rs, lntt-rnational Rflatlonx Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Dol Om. D4-lta Lima, lnr,.1 SS. Tyson Lyke-S, S.S. Iowph Lykfrs. Lykfw Broth'-rx Steamship Co., SS. Gulf Nlcrthant, Gulf :incl South Arn:-rican Ste-.nncliip Co. COUNTRIES VISITED: .krge-ntin1, R4-ltginrn, Rr.:- zil Chile, Columbia, Ecuaclqr. Frsnnru, Cc-rm.i'ny, Hcin-1 Kond Italv, japan, horua. Liliya, Me-xir-0, X R co irlthf-rlllnds, Panama, Peru, Philippines .ioroc . ' M w . Spain, Taiwan, Lrugufxy, Viet Nam, Yugoslavia. fi I ii! If 3 3 Li KNUCK 1 s ,,. . all' X!-Ai -J U f, .3 FERC 2-J-J I ERNEST IOHN FERRERO Stockton, California Y RECORD Reg mental Information AQS1-eR1E:1::d Varsity Club Cathbhc Choir Newman Club Marlmsprke Club Propeller Club Soc1ety of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Class Executive Committee Cargo Club Soccer Intra murals SEA DUTY SS Gaines Mill Keystone Shippmg C S S Presrdent Tyler S S Presldent Bucha nan American Pres1dent Lines S S San Jose Umted Fruit Co COUNTRIES VISITED Costa Rica Ecuador Japan Korea Okinawa Panama Taiwan Vlef Nam DAVE RICHARD CHARLES FLEGENHEIMER Amityville, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Trident Club, f of Z f X ff! f X!! V ff 7ffQfZ me Zfgffff f MWXW X ffff ffffffff ffjjfffff fffffff fffffff K ffeffff 5 V775 A ff!!! A A !,f ff' Pa-Q,-no gl ERNIE DAVID SUTTON FIELD A ' Baltimore, Maryland . 4 ACADEMY RECORD: Honor Board. Sailing 'SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Ming S.S American Manufacturer United States Lines, S.S. Santa A-Ina Grace Line- S.S. African Lightning Farrell mes S COUNTRIES VISITED: Chile Colombia Ecuador Great Britain Haiti Hong Kong, Ireland Japan Kenya Korea -Mozambique Panama Peru Philippines, Republic of South Africa, Taiwan, Tanganyika Uganda. ' - , A ,J1 W U81 ra 7,11 ifi' it 'Et QQ' l ga Apt-QV' ,gr ft. ,Sw of , v. 5, ,L V, . 'li V, f't L I. 1, A i .Pi FLEG Wrestling, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Monroe, American President Linesg S'.S. Hereclia, United Fruit Co., S.S. Exeter, American Export-Isbrandtsen Lines, S.S. Mormacpride, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. African Neptune, Farrell Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, France, -Greece, Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Po- land Re ublic of South Africa S ain Sweden P P Tanganyika, Zanzibar. , t 7 ' I M , 2 .5 v 3 LD Sailing. 5. American 43.5. Sanln ning, Farrell Jia, Ecuador, eland, japan, xama, Peru, ica, Taiwan 1 i 1 . g. l - DAVE DONALD SIMON CAZDIK Mankato, Minnesota KCADIQMY HECOIIDL Svlmlnstic Star, Rcigirmfnlul Iurmfutiun Scrviu-, Ring Corriniittcc, Cargo In Iflulm, XVIl'5IIIYll.!,. SICA Dl"I'Y: S.S. Iixliilmilor, Ann-rin-fin Export- lxlxmncllwn Limw, 5.5. Piomqvr Mart, Vnitud Stairs Lim-x, SS. .-Xfricgin Dawn, Farrell Lines, 5.8. Mnrmnccnu-, Moore-My-Corinnick Lim-S. I'HlIN'I'IllI'1S VISITICD: Arulwizi, Azores, B+'lLQium, Iluungx, ff.in:ici.i, DQ-nmzirk, Egypt, Iithiopm, l"n-null XVI-1-t Africa, Gwlmixiy, Changi, Hong.: Kung, lmlm, jnp.in, I.ilu-rin, Libya, NL-ilu-rlzimls, Nnuvriu, Nnrwriy, Ilikixlun, Philippines, Poland, 5.lllCIl Ar.ilmi.i, Sivrra Lconv, Sorrmlilzxnd, Sudan, Smwln-n, 'I'.iiwxin. - .vi I. DAVID PAL1 CALM.-KN Boston, Massachusetts ACADEMY RECORD: S-h I -Q' N. - V. gntrarnigal Athletic Baird? giifif ance ommittee, XY' ri 5 j Q ,f Commiltco, Inlr.1niiir3IlsiUkmnMr I CMS' Exmumt SEAVDUTY: L'.S.N.S. Cemlrgl Simon B, B,,L.k,,,.r Mllltllfir' Sell TY-Importation Surviqp- S S Mmm, ,Q covfi Moore:McCorm.ick Linus: ' 1 Pawn,-E., NIMH, 5.5. United Strata, Qngggd 55,6 Lind COLSTRIES VISITED: IJL'IlY!lLlJ'l'C. I7i1,l,mLl Frame, Ccnnnny, Cn-.it Brimirx, Hun-3 Kung' Icclflnd- IJDJYIV KOH'-1. 3QII1K'I'I.IIILlS, Xnrugw Qkil nnwn, PIIIIIDQIDPS, Poland, Siu-Ll,-ny '1',,,,,-,,',,', T'-4b. Q""b- x 175, 4 .4 3.4-'I . 45--f u 3 Q , KENNETH FREDERICK CENTER New Ihrtford, New York XC-XDEXIY RECORD: Avitnn.-,Ljxe Inturvi! Club. A Ski Club, lYincl1.xmin"rQ, Houma, Imm- l...- DON miimls. SEA DIQIY: Exccutvr, .kmvrir in Export- ' lslmmmllsa-n Lim-sg S,5. NIurnxnc:lox'v. xIllOl'l"NIC- 5, 3 Cornmclc Linvs: SS. .'Xll1t'YlC.'il'l Sliipprr, 5.5 ' V Pirrm-1-r Myth, Ifnilf,-Il Slum Linn. it COUNTRIES YISITED: .klufri 1, .'-.r:fm:::l, Bmfil fl Grrm.my, Crmi llrihiiu, flu-cc.:-. I'I0n: Kunz, I , f l.ip.1n, Knrca, Libya, P.m1nn.i, Philippine-S, Spain i f' Taiwan, Turkey, I.Il.'llljll..l1". , I W ix, ,xdgb . gkvf o I I 1 SKIP l ,Y f. 2535 i :fx I fi .3 ff ,a I lr f 4' P+" sr T. n v Schenectady, New York SVEWQQKWWWQ rt' l.YliN5igQari is e L Sy XX.' in ff! is 5 Q K ' ' Q. tfil fi '65 . f5 ,fQ at t r - I , fm. , Rexx, . . ,N ,f Sal 0 XY' ' ur, ,PN I f, -f :...,,- V .gl M f . Q, S. Y Q. ,iff Q lgtfwlfffs-'Vi . if C -- 'QQ A' Q '- Q, . 'es. H. reveaxat ' L Q . wi ,tex if 'f mt- ev, -'rgg,.. yer- :,.,. ,,N. i v CATFISHU ' A A WILLIAM CECIL GERMAIN Arden Hills, Minnesota ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Hear This, Dance Committee, Propeller Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S,S. Bennington, KBYSIOIIC Shipping Co., S.S. Mariposa, S.S. Sierra, Matson Lines, S.S. Korean Bear, Pacific Far East Linesg S.S. Green Mountain State, States Marine Lines, S.S. American Reporter, United States Lines. COUNTRIES. VISITED: Australia, Canada, Fiji Islands, France, French Oceania, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Macao, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Okin- awa, Panama, Philippines, Samoa, Taiwan. 4, WILLY R VIVIAN JOSEPH GIANELLONI III ' Baton Rouge, Louisiana ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Nemnnu Club, International Relations Club, Football, Rifle, Track. SEA DUTY: S.S. Del Oro, Delta Line, Inc., S.S. Dick Lykes, S.S. Helen Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co. i COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Belgium, Bra- zil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Kenya, Mozambique, Netherlands, Republic of South Africa, Tanganyika, Trinidad. lvff n DAVE p DAVID SOMMERS GIDLEY ACADEMY RECORD: Cheerleaders, Drama Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Ring Committee, Ring Dance,Committee, Bowling League, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Atlantic, American Export-Is- brandtsen Lines, S.S. Mormacglen, Moore-Mc- Cormack Lines, S.S. African Gulf, Farrell Lines, S.S. American Chief, S.S., United States, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Brazil, Dutch VVest Indies, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Haiti, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Mozambique, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of the Congo, Republic of South Africa, South West Africa, Syria, Tanganyika, Uruguay. 236 fx :LLoN1 111 IB Club, Nev.-mm Club, Fooibglll Line, Inc., SS, Lykes Broihm a, Belgium, Bn. Britain, Kenya. public of South 5 v f , -f WEASEL GERALD SHERMAN CLASSMAN East Hartford, Connecticut ACADEMY RECORD: Hear This, International Relations Club, Cargo Club, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Olivia, Grace Line, S.S. Pioneer Mist, S.S. American Forwardcr, United States Lim-sg S.S. Exeter, American Export-Is- brandtsrn Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Ccmiany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Panama, Peru, Philip- pines, Spain, Taiwan, Viet Nam. ROBERT EUGENE GIFFEN, JR. Columbus, Ohig ACADEMY RECORD: S'l lc '- ' 5 Council, lntrnrniimls. Lmltu SLU' Lhnxlhm SEA DUTY! 5 S Eu-ililiur Xrniririn IQ , I' ' 5 5 ' v - ' I '. rt-l.j- grandtscn Liineiz vip. Munnachawk, Bliiiiikl-NIL Ofm-wk I-HWS, 5 5. -Xmvripan 'hi 1 lv . i ' - - ' C, . ' ' Pioneer Moor, United States Lin--Q. H pun' 5-5. COUNTRIES YISITED: Brazil. Cilll.lll.l, Egypt, France. Great Britain. Grunge. Nm, 1 Kon , It X . - 4 N ,L L. .il', Japan, IVV?-lv Lf'lJll-DOH. I'l1llippiricS. 1'urtu:,il, Slmln, Trinidad, Uriuziiay, l 153,45 T . 'Q""'i i Y, 1 1 .Aw '35 'fx 2 -x . I! .4 nn fri . V' f,--st r S-4 .., x Q Jsmir X' I hav . E, .2 12 GAY CAIN GLOVE R Lonfvicw, Teams .XCLXIJLLMH RELOIKD: hi-liiilmtii 5L.lr. ..n Cllulm, Dnnci- liaml, Cllr lfliili, Inlr.uiiur.ilw. SEA DUTY: S.S. Solon 'l.urm.in, S.S. Dwctnr Lyki-Q, Likes Brntlivri bln-.iimliip ffm.: S.S. Nlill Spriml. Ki-yilnnv Shipping ffm., S.S. Gulf luirmi-r, Cult and Smith .-Xiiivriraii bn-.iimliip Cu. COUNTRIES YISITED: Clliilv, Cfulmiiliia, l"Irii.iilur, 110314 Kimg, Illi'l0l"lt'3l.l, lxriiul. ltilj-. Karma. Maxig-0, Panarna, Peru, Plillippinvs, Singnpvrff. S gin, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkuy, Viet Nam, .D 4 H uuoslavni. 1 f gf, i ,,f- ef' ,,.' ,fa GAY CAIN -'f . 1 K ' 1 1 237 . Chatham, Newllersey THOMAS IOHN GOREHAM Chesterton, Indiana CORD S h lastic Star, Mascot Aclaggeli-ZY Sogity of Navai Alrchiteots and Marine Engineers, Cargo Club, Intramurals. T : S.S. M Kay, S.S. Dick Lykes, SEgASDLiax?1es Lykie:ineS.S.CZoella LY1495, LYkeS , 1 Q, . :Ky gi Brothers Steamship C0- OUNTRIES VISITED: Algeria, France, Germany, C B't in, Indonesia, Italy, japan, Llilyil, Great TMarocco Netherlands Panama, Philip Malaya, 0 ' is th Africa: Singapore, Spain, pines, Republic 0' I ou Tanganyika, Tunisia. ,,.-gl . Ht.. i QHAS, FRENCHIE 1 E RICHARD LLOYD GREENLAND ACADEMY RECORDE Scllolast' St V ' Club, Christian Council, Soccei? Intiihmurazlslty S.S: G8iHCS Keystone Shipping L94 'S's' President Tyler, American President H1655 S-S- Fra Berlanga, United Fruit Co., S.S. Alilonnaclake, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. merican Reporter, United States Lines. , COUNTRIES VISITED: Arge t' B 1 ' a2,1,,Casa?tuDamsk, Gf12JFa'Bf1SfA?maEa2 , e er an s, , Ok' C ' Sweden, Taiwan, Urug?11gQiY 1 mawfi, Panwmfh i 238 A A GANDH1 CHARLES HORAGES GREENE East Northport, New York' , ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity- Club, Automotive Interest Club,' Dance, Committee, Eagle Scout Society, ,Ring -Committee, ,Regimental Morale Board, Pistol, Intramurals. ' SEA DUTY: S.S.! Monmouth, Keystone Shipping ' Co.g S.S. Heredia, United Fruit Co.3 S.S. MM. Dant, States Linesg S.S.- United States, S.S. American Scientist, United States Lines, S.S. Mormacovgl, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Urug- uay. , V ' Fir! 2: . ,T i i REENE li k J, Automotive Eagle Seoul rental Morale tone Shippin ka: S.S. M.Ml l Statues, 5.8. s Linehg' 5.5. ines. , Krazil, Canada. ermany, Ort-it Iagan, Korn. Eppines, Unil- . i :Dwi , , , 1 R , 1 xx. L DEACON ERIC JOHN HAEMEP. Merrick, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Automotive luten-st Club, Society of Naval Architects and Murine Enginrt-rs, Waiter Ski Club, Drill Team. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Iackson, American Prrsidcnt Lines, S.S. Santa Isabel, Grace Line, 5.5. Export Adventurer, American Export-ls- brundtscn Lines, S.S. American Veteran, United Sttitvs Linus. COUNTRIES VISITED: Cnnnda, Ceylon, Chile, Colombia, lclllypt, France, Great Britain, Greece, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Izipun, Korea, Libvn Ninlii u Mtxito Okinnw-1, Pakistan Pun . - 1 D' - ' ' v 1 - y ' iunn, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Tniwiin, Turkey, Viet Num. YQ! .gunna- f N9 I lc. LARRY EDXVARD HAAS , CPYCS, Califomia ACADEMY RECORD: Hear Tliio Ch '- A ' cil, Michelson Society, T 'd Clmmm LOUD- Track, Nlfrestling, Intr.iruu1rlil:.u ub' Fomb-IH' SEQ-XS DIPXTTXSII Aloha. Stitef -3IMi,,,. Lima S-S' Pefffldf 5.5. Sari Jose. Lriitetl Fruit Cu., LEn.eS resident Bvichiniin, Arriericxiri llrtgiilgm COUNTRIES YISITED: Ct, Ri' , Okinawa, Piinnrim, Tz1iwiirif.1Yi:tJkllfiliull ROMA' 59 9 if I YVILLIABI TYLOR HAGERNIAN Littleton, Colorado ACADEMY RECORD: Stholaitic Stfir, Ilcar Tliiv, Varsity Club, Autnmotivt' interest Club, Danci- Committee, Engle Scout bocioty, Ring Dance Cornrnittee, Il'!tI'.ll'lllll'.llS. SEA DUTY: 3.5. Kurikin Bc-ar, liicitic F.ir Ent Lines, 5.8. H.iw.iii.in Fl5llt'l'lll.ll'i. 5.5. Mfiripma, Matson Lines, SS. President Arthur, American President Lint-5, 5.5. Nlurmacqulf, Moore--NlcCon muck Lines. COUNTRIES YISITEDQ Auftr.'ili.i, C.inncl.i, Fiji Islands, French Occniiia, Hong Kong, Ifipan, Korea, New C.1ludoui.i, New Ziniltiml, Okirinwwzx, Philippines, Samoa. L2 53 9 t Q f X io 0 X -2-""" l X ti QF rn-an ERIC E l. s , - - 5 'ar . c 1 It . , , F if ' Ei O ., '57-fx f LQ"-QQ B I LL XY GRAHAM MIDDLETON HALL Wilmette, Illinois Y RECORD: S -l 1. stic Star, Hear This, ACBltr2f11L,MVarsity Club, Czlglgra Club, Ski Club, Sailing. SEA DUTY: S.S. Brasil, S.S. Robin Goodfellow, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Export Banner, L' es, S.S. Amer- American Export-Isbrzmdtsen 'ln 'ican Traveler, United States Lines. SITED Argentina Brazil, France COCENTRIES X11 K Madaiascar Mozam, y n e yas 2 ' 'ermany a yR' Republic of South Africa, b e Puerto Ico, Siglni Tanganyrka, Trinidad, Yugosuvra. Q ii r I iz, A , QM, ' WILLY I vi WILLIAM CHARLES HAMILTON Jefferson, Wisconsin TACADEMYRECORD: Hear This, Newman Club, Cheerleaders Dance Committee Sk' C1 b C ' Country, Wiestling, Intramurals. I u , ross SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Cccill' G - L' - S Pioneer Mart, S.S. Arnerrcgil Cirgriierjnellnixfgi States Lines, S.S. Constitution, American Export- M Isbrandtsen Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED- A101-eq C'h'le Cl ' , I . , ., , , , b , ?1cuadorkFra'nce, Germany, Great llrituiniolflriia, Ong One, Italy, IHPHIL Korea, Morocco, lglyntliialknama' Peru- Philippines, ,1'0rwsfll Q I CHACKER f- I , , V Q . HOLLAND LSIZEB 1HAMEL1Nl Carlisle, ACADEMY RECORD: -A sd1oiastici,Csrai,1,C,vmir9, Club, Christian Club,.'Marlinspikeg-,Clrib,1,,SkiA Club, Trident Club, iVVindjarnmers,:SkyEDiying Club, Swimming, Trackgli' ,rr . SEA DUTY: sgs. see-ei Cheaper, ,Igmsr15n4,Lm,I R b'n Sherwood, Moore-McCorngacl5'WBQ5, S.S. 0 I ' ' -.-Unxted.,States,,LInesf I S.S. American Courier, C A m X V COUNTRIES VISITED: ,Be1gIrmr,:,Cmbudia,fGm-, ada, Ceylon, Cyprus, 'D8DIXl3IlSQ.1EgYPl5:,,AfFlfkHQ9,, Germany, Great Britain, Greece,fiIndia,,lndog6sm,' Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, "Mal'aya,'fMgXic0sgljl01?m' bique, Netherlands, NorNNW,Tana1I1?A,,l-'lJ11!PP1l139u, Re ublic of South Africa,--.Sihgapore,,Somahlwl' P Sweden, Syria, Tangany1ka,,fIhg1land,, Tqlliflfiv Viet Nam, Yugoslavia., Q, 1 vrl' 1 - :, 1---,'...4! .A -5, vg,V,,f:,,, f .4-3 J. rg -IMI- .-,f, 3.5 ,, MH.. . 1 .,. Y U ' 6 I 240 S f P -fr it-P ' i 1 4 ,. H "w, '.,X - M , ,fs 1-jf 3 J . A. la , . .hi 1 .H '-'fi - Q' 4 ? J , PETE it s JAMES MICHAEL HANSON sm Lake city, Utah ACADEMY RECORD: Hear This, Band, Intra- lllLU'Bl!. SEA DUTY: S.S. Contest, Pacific Far East Lines, S.S. President Hoover, S.S. President Taylor, S.S. President Roosevelt American President Lines, Limon SS gan Jose United Fruit Co,, S.S. , . . , S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Line. COUNTRIES VISITED: Ceylon, Costa Rica, Do- minican Republic, Dutch NVest Indies, Ecuador ltal amaica Iapan Korea Malaya Pan 95511, sul ' , , . ' , - una, Philippines, Taiwan, Trinidad, Venezuela, Vim Num. 5, u 'QV' filgypt, France, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Indo: PETER ANDREW HANGARTER Port wYa5hingf0H, New York ACADEMY RECO . U. . I Service, Glee Clullkulji Reblmemll Intomiution SEA DUTY: S.S. Exche .X gslgra1EtJs5EnerLiQf-S: SSG Elrisil,KCEllaCE,?j?nr,gI PUNK, n't1 5, - - . - ' Robin Hood, hIoore-BlcCol1ii:icl-Fliiiiegluws, SIS' CQgfgTggg2S WSITED1 Argentina, Bolivia, Can- , file, Colombia, Ecuador Egypt Eth' '- Iilong Ixong, India, japan, Korea, Eehzlnou MIKE: Emlir ,lifin-um, Pm- Philippines, Republic of Ou HCA' Spam: Tflllgaflyikal, Venezuela, tm ICQ J 1 l ll G If ,il Chicago, Illinois ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, XVind- l E utivc Cominittce, Intrrxmurals. jammers, C ass xec SEA DUTY: S.S. Reuben Tipton, S.S. Gihbcs Lykes, S.S. Leslie Lykcs, Lykes Brothers Stonin- ghip C04 S,S, Neva NVest, Bloomfield Stczxmship Co.: S.S. Cliffs Victory, Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co COUNTRIES VISITED: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, n Korean' Me-rfico, rocco Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan, Viet Barn, Mo , Yugoslavia. 119 O , W i W V 241 DAVID WILLARD HIKES A . lg X. -3? X i I WWW aff l uv hr' E: 5 J MIKE OLD MAN 'Nor-thi Merrick, New York 'W RICHARD LeROY HILL Dixon California CORD S holastxc Star Polarzs Acfgelgriihelgtalldlgifonnation Siervrce Band Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Ring Dance Committee Class Executive Committee Intramurals 5 M t Matson Lines SS SEfAfor,Rg3gia 2JmtedOEr3iyCo SS Wash1nE'!f0I'1 Bear Pacific Far East Lines COUNTRIES VISITED Australia Costa Rica F h O a Hong Ecuador Fm 1212225 Nef5ncZealas1?ian1Okmawa ggggmalagsnimoa 9I'a1wan Thailand Vlet Nam HUTCH l 41 if JAMES A DONALD HUfI'CHISON ACADEMYNRECORD: Hear This, christian coun- C11,Q Water Ski Club, Cross Country, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Brasil, Moore-McCormack Linesg ' 'SzS. President Monroe, American President Lines, S.S. African Dawn, Farrell Lines, S.S. American Producer, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: A r' , B -1 France, Great Britain, Hoi? lgoang, 1l?dia,EillJ5E: ,Japan Kenya, Malaya Mexi o, M b' Okinnaiava, Pakistan, Panama, iiuerto oiaig-lglqlggl pubhcvof South Africa, Singapore, Tanganyika, ' Trinidad, UYUEUGY, Viet Nam, Zanzibar, LA CUESTA RONALD STEPHEN HUMER Springfield, New Jersey , ACADEMY RECORD: Hear This Band Dance Committee Ring Dance Committee Windjam- mers Intramurals. . SEA DUTY: S.S. Brasil, S.S. Robin Goodfellow, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. American Leader, United States Lines, S.S. Export Ambassador, American Export-Isbrandtsen Lines. A COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Kenya, Madagas- car, Morocco, Mozambique, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Republic of South Africa, Spain, Tangan- yika, Trinidad, Uruguay, Yugoslavia. aa, 242 CHARLES JOHN JASA. Omaxhn. Nebraska Q? ACADEMY RECORD: Sl.lxf,E.zQti: Sur. Rffixrwtexxial , ,4 lnionwlation Soni..-:, Cbriltilxn Council. Gy':m.1s- X tif 'I 1 x 1 .5, mek. I.Zr.L:u vrfy. SEA DUTY: 5.5. 141.111 Hxlr, llwzrzc I' Lx Y ' Linf-ig 5.9. bout'-fr Sine. 5112: Xl.xrLz.L- Lzrff, . 5.5. lI.1I1!omu, bhm.-x Liz.-N. X ll lf' COUNTl'1lES VISITED- ll-:FL XML. jymvz. Rot- lx, K EA Q 5 Okinmux, Philippirsw, 'f:1i'.w.r1, 'l'?1.u1.2t1Ll, Vic! ,L K Nam. K 3 -P3 fi H If -lf' 9 .,,,-wM,j l ' - H .1 G 47' CHUCK K IUMER GARY ROY JEROME lk 4 1 , , V V YVyck0fl', New jersey ' ' , Bandflmhu D ACH!!-TMY RIQCORD: I'rop4'llL-r Club, lling Com- N r S y 5931 Wllllllll- K Q uullm-, hllhlllillfillx. ' ju , I Bl-ZA DU'l"l': 5.5. AllIL'fll'4l!'l Aclvc-more-r, Arm-riclm 5 Q l11.C00dft.ll0I, lt l-Ixpnrl-Ishmndtxc-n Lilwsg S.S. Brasil, Moore- ' , ' 4' , lencan I-Milli, Mclfnnmwk Lin:-ip SJ. .hm-rifrxn Sur-ntist, Unm-Ll l 1 ' ' Y Allllhlmdtll A Sl.m'x lmww. , . 51 l ' l'0l?NTIiII'2S VISITHD: Aclrn, Arnlmln, :Xrgn'ntin,1, ,Bl'3Dl,Fll!K'2. nlllllllIhlS, Bzurlmclow, Brnnl, Colombia, Dutch """' 2Bya,Matll5l- XVPRC Imllvs, Egypt, l"x.ulm', flllill llntnin, Irv- ' fl erlands,Purn V land, Italy, Kl'llj'.l, Martinique, Mozzuuhique, X I u Spain, Tango- lkunnum, yoffllkfill, Pm-no Rico, Hvpublic of South via, 1 Mrncn. Saudi Arabia, Tnuicluml, Trwhm mln Cunha, v 'I'urlu'y', l'rm:uLIy, x'f'Ill"IIlL'lll, Ylll105lLlVl.l, Zqlxmbur. Wx ,v' 5 I Fl f N CERM ,sl ' f 5 Q .2 . 5 21- . f 1 'I W n -Sf . l I oi 1 ' KENNETH B.-XNCROFT lg JESPERSON ,Q Plmcniw, Arizona .Xf'.XDljNlY ljxliclljpklbl Xwlfillf' Cla!-. l:.Ir.m'-nral-. T5 5m l7L'lY: sm. Q. ..... X xox. 5.3-.cfm srmlzng K x Shin .1:...5 ,. . .::.. Q-.2 , .1 tag 'gr uf fl' 4,9 Llnvv. ffolfxllllllfb VlSl'l'l.UL .-Xxmli-12.1, Fai. lxluxdi, .f"'Q 110111, Kring, JJQLD, Nl-xv ZL'.:l.Al::l, OlllIz.'n','Jx Sglznoxl, Taluti. it x is KEN w .f- Q..-i ,J MARCUS JOSEPH JOHNSON Atlanta, Georgm CORD Scholastxc St xr Polafzs Acllllelgglgrllli-IrlLla1RIfrxformauon Servxce Dance COM mxttee Intramural Athlctlc Board Socletyii of Naval Arclutects and Manne Eng1neti'rS IDB' Comnuttee Bowhng League, Inffam'-'fa 5 53 W hmgton Bear SS Korean sEgea?U13g1Z1fic Far Ext Lmes S S Santa I'lav11, Grace Lme COUNTRIES VISITED Canada Chlle Colomb1a W C t R a Ecuador Hong Kong Japan Korea Oljclnaawac Panama Peru Philippines Taiwan :Af TEX Yi Sa',a E f'LQU1Sf'- IOSEPH' KORECKIES E S ' X I' X X ll Oorineutibuf 5 N 'O 1 1 E fACADEMY'l11E2CORDgrsaul01Asiie'sm,lVaksi1y Qcmb, Hawaiianf,C1ubg,l Cargo Club, 'Pisto1,'RiHe,, In- -sEA S S,SfNStQe1N Advbcate, Isfhmian Llnesi ,S S 'American Traveler, ,United 'States Lmes 5 fiS5S. 'E:gtia1iburgl Arnericanr- Export' Lines. V COUNTlEl'IES,lV1S'ITED: Aioresg rcnmda, Ceylon f Egypt,'Frar1cQ, Giermany, Greece, India, Lebanon: - 'xMalaya5 Ma1fa,fNoArth'Q ,Bornebg Okinawa, Panama VPhi11pplrxes,, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Somaliland Tlxailahplgf Viet ,,!v ' ' WJ V , , , u 'I 1, ffl jf L I, fn . 4 l LOU 244 1 .sl v I, QL? 5 . 1 'U 1 .P . 111 5' . TFMAN 1. Classh. mxals. Kendall Fish. . Mnntem-y, Sfalnes Llnag s. slum. Brilit ads, Hnlnml. xtemala, Hung elanrl, Iapm. edoniag Sag l, Philimwinn m, Thailml, all 5 , .- .v 5 vs. .,"'t'? . p 5 W . 9 .m,,. f Fi' '.i REMSOK IOIIN STANLEY KOZLONVSKI Chicago. Illinois AflAlll'IH'1' lllflllllllz N4-wman Clulm, Ill!L'Tll?lll0Yl2ll ll'-lulmnx Club, l"11ull1.nll, llowmg, lllll'-llllllflllxl. Sl-LA lJlI'l"1': 5.5. lllxzln-xtvr. Al0l'l'll'.Ul Export- lshmndmfn Lnm-sg 5.5. Piom-or Minx, 5.5. Ann-man 'l'ruvvlvr, Umlvll Slim-4 I.im-Q. Il0l'Y'l'lllllS VISITEU: Alorrw, Cf'l'lTlLlllj', Grunt lIm.nn, Crvrr-e', Hum! Kona, lsrm-l, j.zp.m. Korvu, Lllljll, Nlnrm-un. Punzlnm, Philippim-Q, I'urtuu.xl Slum. 'l'.mv.m, Tunif:i.x, Turkey. 1 Qu -ver """f . O 1 ,I ROBERT LEON KOSMER Canton, PL-nn9'lv:mj3 ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Tmzu. WY! SEA DUTY: SS. .Xmvg-rif,.Lr1 'ffl'-Ll'fT. Uni! 1 Swim 'vt' Llnex Ff'lV'lln3 lU"'Q. AfmrE'..1'n fidint A Llnwg xbtb. -5l'.r1Kl1UH.U'-K. Nlfkifl'-5lL'QJOTTT'.Hill Lxnwg 5.5. Lglwgrzl ll. Crum, i'lf:vglgm,l C1155 Iron Co. . COQXTRIES YlSlTlfDz A214-!1tin,a. llzuzl. CT'lT'.lLl.l, Ceylon. Colfsrnlwu, lfrwuy, Gmr1Hx:.'., Lllhmrl, S., Hain, Hung Kunz, lmlz 1, izdl-.3 j,qf,m, 311117,-,K L,klYlLlYVl.l. Pxxkxghxn, l.7f1Il.lfll.l. 5iu:.q:nrc, bgxlzu, T.l1wan, Vic! Nam. 4 -, lf P' fvr 1' "' ll Q RICHARD DONALD KRIZ CllCL'l'l7. Illinnis 1 .2 .,l. .Xl',Xlllf5lY lllflf0llD. Salu'-H..4?.c Snr. l1f':.mvmt.ll luI'lwrm.xtxrm ivrxzv , V.1rixlj'fxl::lv. f,...l.v-uc f lm: Xswnmn Clulz, Rm! fX,:v'rn5Kt1-,. llzng lhm. Cnznxmlrrv, bfvllx Xllrzi Clxzilfl. Hun!" ln! mnxmlx. 5l'f.l lJl"l"f: 5.5. Xrm'i'xf.u'. ffixmw-V, lim-,l M.. Llllrs, 5.5. lfxplfr! .XLHIXL .-Y.-ur" "1 l"q. lxbrandr-.f-n Lims: L'.S.N.5. fl-nf-:..l bmuun lillckrx-r, Slxlwblra 5 .1 lr.m 1-.n1..tz11l 5'Tll 5.5. ,.XYYl'l..lll f.l'l'w'f'l.l, I-'.:.+'ll l,1fw-.. l.Ul.'XTlillQS YlSlTlQll. lnrznix. C 'Mnrn f.r llrimiu. ln..ln:l. lmlj: K'-ny... mag Fmpulms .lf Snntll .Xlz'f:.1, Nyl..n Vu.: Y11gml.wi.z, Zinmlzlr. 245 V4 1 .41 -.l vi ffm! I , KOZ 'Hmm' FR ITZ xx. ,x 5 I , STEPHENA PHILLIP KUPIEC, JR. Newbuyyp0rt,' Massachusetts ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity ciub, Footbaii. SEA DUTY: sgs. American Proglucer, S:S. Pioneer i Moonx s.s. American chfdmgion, gtniiilesftgfgj ' Lines, 'S.S. Brasil, M0PYC',, C Ofma ' Santa Soiia, Grace, Line., I A i 'A ISITED: A g nrineynarbaaos, Bra-A C?2HNg5igEiiX',D0m'inicanrRipublic, France, Great, Britain, 1Hong Kong: Iflpaflf KOTCQ, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Fuco,1Ta1wan, Uruguay. .fx xi! it 1 GILBERTJQNDANAD O, i Ciivaltiniore, Msmyianae , , ACADEMY RECORD! Varsity Cmb, iraotbaii -'IntranxuraJs.!5:-. -, - xs', ,5 , - m X' A if SEAIDUTY:1S.Sii"Arnerican Clipper, United stares 11111655 -S-Sf .S11Hta1'Cata1ina, S.S. Santa Rosa Grace Lines' S.SJ Exford, American Export-Isj' A bbrandtsen Lines. 1 f N f f ' ,COUNTRIES VISIIIED: C2 Chile 'ColoinBia, Ecuador, - France, iGreat fBritain Italy. jamaica-. pam 4 ,,-Spain, Wfeneiueia, iVYugos1aVig, A, ' ma, ,GECSRGEC LAWRENCEDAQKURPIELC ' Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey , ACADEMY RECORD: Automotive' Interest Cliib, Catholic- Choir, QNewman f Club, 'Drama Club, Society of Naval! Architects and Marine Engineers, Ring Committee, ,Ring ,Dance Committee, Inter- , national ,Relations Club, Sailing,,Intramurals.' ' SEA DUTY: -S.SQ Morniacbay, Moore7McCormack Lines, S.S.,'Africanf Patriotg, Farrell Lines, 'S.S. Pioneer, Moor,' S.S. . American "Hunter, United - States Lines. V V' g' ' 'N COUNTRIES 'VISITEDQI Argentina, Ascension Is- ' land, Be1gium,' Brazil, ' Cape Verdes Islands, Denmark, Finland, ,Hong,,Kong, Iceland, Japan, Kenya, Korea, 1Mozambique, Netherlands, Norway, Okinawa, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Republic . of South-Africa, 'S'outh.West Africa, Swetien,bTaiwa.u,1Tanganyika, Uruguay. ' K, ' - till! A 246 , A Q- 'A .W 1 I ww 5 li ft: . FZL7: , 2, . -,. f f. 1 Q, Eff fi.-rf. gunrm, 59? lnferesr Cm, Drama Clul.: ing Enginum, mime, Intu- dramurals. 'e-McCommk II LIIIESQ SS, 111921, Umlul Ascension ll- 'erde Islands. Zeland, Inpm ands, Nanny. lpines, Polani West Akin, IMI'- DORPII X. RICHARD IIRNRY l.AUBIiNI'IEINIER Ilurrlngtnn Park, N1-w ja-rwy M AIJIAIY IIIQCUIIIJ: 5Ll'1olnxlic- 5l.lr, Automotiv- lxnfa-rvwt l.lul,, f.hristi.nn Council, IIlII'Ltll'1l.ll'LlI5. PAUL ROBERT LANCE Hamden. Connecticut ACADEMY RECORD. :ch llil Vw X - - - Club, ChriS':i.m CoL1:1..:I. Fgotbafl, Inn? SE.-X DUTY: 5.5. Amsigan Ffreftnr, Ifnnicrl Shim Ltne-sg S.5. Santg NIPYIILJ. 5.5. S3111 Pszzfa. CIJL1. LIDEQ 5.5. Brasil, Blasts-3IcCt:rmgnk Lznesg SS, EXPOIT 3-RIF. .itflkurxcrlrx Export-I-'fr..ndLsf:t Lizzw. COUNTRIES VISITED. .3.T'1:f2lIII.1, B.arb,td.n4, F-1- Z11' Cmnmhil- Cffpms. France, lynn-I, It.1Ij-', Iamauczl, Morucco, Ncthzrhnls .-Xntxllt-S, Slum, Uruguay, Veufzuela. sl'X lil. YY 5.5. Murm.lc:!lclc', 5.5. Rollin Mow- i-mn. Mm-re--Ni:-CIormnck I.mvxg 5.5. I'rvmlf-rlt , y 4-.urtn-lil, Aruz'rlf.m I'n-uclrrxl I,im'eg 5.5. Amvri- J .f mn l'nlnt. l'nm-cl Smtvx I JIIIVW. Kill YIIIIL5 VISITICIV. Aruvntirm, Ilrzwil, Ifmm-v, l.rrm1mm, Ilumj Kumi, lmlm, ltnlv, j.np.m, Xin- l,lx.l, Ntumuu. xIUlilIIlIlltllIk', Okirmxnm, Pukxsttm, l'am.uun, Ne-pulnlut of 5outh Atrm-.n, SlIll.Z2lIWUl'f', M ' lun' f 'l.uu.m, Xu-1 Num, Ztnxi -:if -, R I. ll 3 in,- I lu I 5: fl 1 s 6 XYILLIANI ROBERT LAYVRENCE Drvu-I Hill. Pm-nnsyluunln ACADIQXIY RIZCORIJ. II'.r.f1r-Bfl..n'cl, Mlrlxlllps, Xflrilty Club, IQ.tglv Suwf Smarty. Stuytv LI N'.n.II .Xrc.In'wKx .mrl Bhrim- Ifrlgmrwf-xv, Rmg Ccsmm.tle-:', Ilrull Tw.l.n. RRI". Iz.trm'.ur,1n. Sli.-X DUTY: 5.5. I':XtI1!SIf'l'. Arm-rnt.lrl Ifxpmt- 1tlwr.1mitwn I.1nt xg 5.5. I'l:mr'er Nlmx, 5.5. Amvri- :tu 'I'l'.lxt'lvr, Ijmzfvfl 5t.mw I,ir.v'w, 5.5. 5lr.t. lm-N. 5.5. 5mt.: Nl.Ir..ml'n., Cmfr' I..nf-. CQUL'NTIilI'Q5 VISITICIJ. AE.:--r..I, Affsrw. Cf.lm1-Ml c.:tTZ1l.I!l'-', Ilrtmt Erlmzn. C1't':'L", II.:1ti, Iimng Kumi. Inu:-l, l.xjl.l:1, lim:-.I, Nlurazrfl. I'm.llrl.l Illiilrppim-s, Ifurtl.g.Il. Spmln, 'l':1.w.m, l'u:.mn 'I't.rlt+-5 . 247 1 . x N -5-L I irq DICK ' -. HILI. ,41 1 THOMAS SAMUEL LEEPER I ' ,'N' X Baden,'PennSYlV2Ili2l ,N V " I f CORD: S h 'lastic Starg Automotive AQIigi1gYCii1?11,'ChristianCC?:uncil, Society of Naval 'Architects and Marine Engi1leCfS, Gymnastics-N o ' 1 UTY: os.s. P' o 'r Mingy S-S- American , 3 ,'fSE1C1.afE1facturer, Umtg21?e5tates,,Ligesg QSQS. Santa J - Arina, Giaoe Lineg s,s. AfI'iC3T1'L1ghfU1Ilg, Farrell V oLinesL-f ,- M "COUNTRIES VISITED: ocm1e, c010mbia,Ecuad0f, Great"B1'iCf1i1'1, Haiti, H0115 Kong, Ifelfmdf Ia7?'im" ' Kenya, Korea, Mozambique, P aPa1Ila+1fe1'U,'Ph111P' ' ,pin'es, Republic' of South,Afr1ca, 'Ifa1Wgn,,Tag1- 'gany1'ka,. ' J ' f , ' ur--"' o o ,Jizw f. A .15 ,R 4. -- 'ffxr 'Q fi. l' i ' ' 5 ' 'Sl 1 ' 5-Str ., ,lqi , ,A,, ,9 9 " ,T ., K -,U V f-A ,3 QV V1 A V.N- 5 , . if- ,'.f V f o o o o o 'THOMASNEABL ooo, - o o V AWQ"f1Viufff Alabw-L 5 u,Q ox' :H o ACAUEMY REconD:oonana,ca1goo 'c1Lm1iiaf,A,o435 k , murals. A . f it '1 kA,, , Qiai, 'SEAL DUTY: s.s.V ,F,edQfig1foooLykeggi5o 1s.sqo fV?li1iA,' F A 'Qi -- ' Lykes,,S.S.g'LouiSe Lykes,-Lykes-Btothers.fStegmi,-E-FQ,y ship g:0,,os4s. David-p.+p7wig,o'Puge ooi1VAo0,AAl,l-35515H f o COUNTBIES VVISITED: oB61iiuini, 1n6miuieaa,'R519f'o 34 o o public, France, crem'Brigam,rHaira,-HopgA4KunggQi-.o, Y . V Italy, Iapang Koreag Libyag 'Morocc6,'!,NetI1erla11dSfv,-.21ljf1' X M Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, '17aiwim,.3 ,. 1 L ,o.' ' fVenezue1a, ,Yugotslaviaq i - TV- jg 'i'4T'zQ ,, k . - .X . f - ' . ,Q "Zh fl-.wr MJ, :Y-X! x ,jf 1 - Q., -. iq, lf,-.-LV . A- . 51 N o fm, .f V I -1 X 'iq x fi fvii ' 'sf' Q My FV. Q W' 1 .xii , 1 "Mi , . 1 -. f.: .13 4 o J ,W ,. ,hd 1 f 4 4 i ?1 s 4 1 so 4 i, Q gui i 4 S x - , E 948 x-lla 4 1' ' 4 .s ,, wiigk O'...f4T of,-'u, . 1 rl ..'y11, Z 9 Lwqf' ljiljql NIS Club, nm.. S.S. Velml others Sieam- e Oil Ou. oxninican H+ , Hong Km, , Netherlands. pain, Taiwm, XVILLLLNI OLIVER LONG Hialeah. Florida ACADEMY RECORD: Sclxohiic Star, SC-Jet'-' of Naval Architects 1nd Bhhrxe Enfineers. Ihr-1- murals. " SEA DUTY: 5.5. 13.11 Sol. Du, L- K, 1- . -q Frwdvrick L,-keg, ss. 1JmOfK1lQ14Offl,''s,SfCjLiQIpQ I-Ykfi LYk'4 l3r'2tl1f'rS Stugruihip Cuq 5.5, SMQQ1 Rosa. Grace Lum-. COL'X'l'RlES VISITEIT: .fXr1Lr'tin.x, lhliifnm, Bm- Z1l1'EiT'T'f. Frnncfx. Ccrmxmy, Cyn Britain' Inman, UQ5111, I-ClJfU'IO!'1, Morwcco, Nuihs,-:luxds Fhiji-V.- pmes, Pulzmd, Spain, Yip: Xgm, '1'u.:,:y-1.1-ij' ' ,fX1lu'uC.xn Pilut, l'lllll'Cl Smltw I.imw. .Q-,f lfUl'N'l'llll'lS VlSl'l'llU: fl2IV12lKl.l, fflxilv, Columlmia, ' 3 us' Umm Mira, lil Sulvnnlur, l"r.nncre', Ccirvunrw, Crum! l.uul, lt.ulv, j.1p.m, M1-xivo, Nic-zmrnuvm, Okmhrnnu, 4, f-A 'll l , 'vs 15, 51 4 ,-XCXIH-QNIY Rlif-IOHD1 Yxrwky' f 1 N11-1111 Cflnh, 5"NlX'lT'll'3l. lU9T.lY'll'll'!lN. ra V SEX Ul'I'Y: Nh. llwmer M.. S - Q, I'-UfX's'.lL'LlQl', L'l.ih--l bisiw l.m N N lun .Xv:u'lzc.m lR'vfv'Z-lN'1Y.1I-fl 1 L11 -M-.:,1mHU' Mvnrf--Xl:C'ur:n.mk l , f' LTOl,'NTlilFi X-lilrldllllib .xqwuim P -M O xml, D4-m.x.1rL, l'wl,am:, lmz. f f n A ll V1 it ' ' 541111. l,-lunl, lmfv. I.1g:.1'. K Y NUT H11 X.p.x.ly, l1..I.tl1..l, llmI.p1,.Izf". l ml I 11' 1 1 limit, lim. 1, ll-Swim 517-1111. 5' 1 1 I 1 547 IOIIN Cll.1'kRl,lfS NI XNDEI Quccns. New York l X K K CARL JOSEPH MANTEGNA, IR. Baltimore, Maryland ACADEMY RECORD: Hear This, Catholic Choir, D ' Club Society of Naval Architects and J 1 Mlazlillie Engineers, Ring Committee, Ring Dance Committee, Ski Club, Regimental .Morale Board, International Relations Club, Tennis, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacteal, S.S. Mormactide, S.S. Robin Hood, S.S. Mormacscan, Moore-Mc- Cormack Lines, U.S.N.S. General Darby, Military Sea Transportation Service, S.S. American Leader, United States Lines. ' COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Belgium, Bra- zil, Dutch West Indies, France, Germany, Great Britain, Kenya, Mozambique, Netherlands, Re- public of South Africa, Tanganyika, Uruguay. joi-IN RED f WMWWMMM ,ff J ZW, f we an I, if ff f, fu f ww , ,V Q ,W :az X 2 ,ff 'J ' ,f f "W ,V 'ffxq ff' " ,f mwfQ',f'f fm " ' fffwfyw ,, ,M Hy, f,, 7, ,, , 1, , ff,a,,,, , , 'ff T fain' f by ' if fa jfyffwyf ,' , , T y f MW f 0 If f ,Z-yy? af? 75, , Z A X , df gf 7? X , fi W t X 'Q 77 M 'is W f f ' ' ,CARL , J y JOHN DUEREMARKS I Portland, Oregon ' V ' ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Hear Thiv, Intramurals. ' K L SEA DUTY: S.S. java Mail, American Mail Lines, S.S. Santa Adela, Grace Line, S.S. Philippine Bear, Pacific Far East Lines. A COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, E1 Salvador, Guatemala, Hondu- ras, Hong.Kong, India, Indonesia, Iapsm, Mexico, Nicaragua, Okinawa, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, llzhilippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vie! am. 6253, 4 - v 1-Y ' , I MARTIN EVERARD MASON Chevy Chase, Maryland ACADEMY.R.ECORD: society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Ring Committee, Ring Dance Committee, Wincljainmers, Track, Intra- Xl'll11'3S. W SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacmail, Moore-McCormack Lines, 'S.S. President Coolidge, American Presi- dent Lines, U.S.N.S. General Rose, Military Sea Transportation Service, S.S. Keystoner, Keystone Shipping Co. I ' COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, C'3Y.l0H, EQIYPL France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Iapan, Malaya, Okinawa, Pakistan, Panama, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Trinidad Uruguay, Viet Nam. ' 250 J 1 G 'H QV.,-if ,, 5 , .H A 3 v 'A LRKS Star, Hem TM' -rican Mail Lim Q 9 S.S. Philippm , Colombia, fm iiatemala, Hmrlw ua. Japan. Mm 1. P2'-mm Pm. n, Thailand, Yin - I 9 Q. i Q 1 3 , 1' !.,.N 'hh E 3: Ea 7. 0 , I , 3 , 'a- " I A, it f vii, A ,3 ,I 'J K . I L. 1 l l l r fl 1 I-41 by l x., W s N O-' in ROBERT XYILLIAXI MASON Hyannis. NILiiQ,lcl'1x:4- th ACADEMY RECORD: Cixrzstigzg Cn':i-.i, Fcnii L Track. Intr:im1irJ,l4. SEA DL"l"1'p 5.5. ,Xfrium L'g?:,z:Qze:. Efzrrfli Luv--2. 5.5. I7i13n9f.-7 NIFTOT. lfnit-fl Sflffg If'1" 5.5. Ifx- pifrt . rr plaid ir, Arm ri, lu Expf 51-' 5,1-jggr Lirwfg Si il. ',iY,'f.r,1. lit.-' lin. COUNTRIES VISITEIU, CU! Trf:i:,11 V.. Afrlni. Crrrfnv. II-in: I-Q-rut. 1 lgnzri. K -- i Libya, Nlozfizvliiqixf. Il.: um., Illai'jvgx:l1l4, li'- pulnllc of South .XfriL.i. 5'zax'?i 'llfwt ,Xzynl 'ifi' 'Lu Ttnimyilii, v-rkvw ', iip,1:'. i ff-5 kfyl W.- H' , b f f - A BOB REED CHAIN MATTINCLY Grand Island, Nchragku MIND!-lMY RECORD: Sihrilnstic Star, I3.md, D.mu- llnml, Bnskm-tlmll, lntriunumls. Slil lJl"I'Y: SS. Jon-ph I.yk1-4, S.S. Stclln I.ykc-s, S9 'Ihmnpmn lnkrs, 5.5. II.irry ffullrrf-nth, S S .ljylim-Q llmtluk-rx Ste-.imnlnp Clog Aliu- Ilrown, Iilnmnlix-lrl Slznunxhip Co. 1.Ul'Nl'lllliS Vl5l'l'l'1D: Belgium, Colomlmiii, lmnu-, Ce-rumny, Crml Britain, Italy, I,iliy.i, Moruccn, N4-tlwrlzmrls, I'm'rl0 lliuo, Spam, Vu-m-mu-l.i, YllLflNlllVl.l. Y ,fix .2 4 .S-"' 3.1 I i X H RONALD IYERCEN NI.-XTZEN Clcnvicw. Illinois .XC.XIJENiY IKIICORII Hizlflxrrr. Pfflfifl, inotixv Inifnwl Fiulw. Rm: Cmlwwiltfff'-, Tr 'H N Club, NY1mi1.xz:'.z1ur4, Illilv, li1'r.1:'l'.'xr.il1. X l SEA IICTY: SS. Pmmxr Sl . f v.x il Llnwg Sh. Nl0rm.u'i'1.n. Nifvnn-Ni, ikfrnmn L: l,mf X. ' ' 7 ' f' -Izl ' ncltvzi 5.5. Eqmr: Iluiilllvri Ann r1f.in Lxp nt .i..1 S S 5 inti Salim Cww I an--. Lim-43... , .Ml . . couxrmns YISITEO: ."xl',I'I'll1Tll. ,x,..if..z: .,l . f-l C.mul.., Dmmmc.1:'. Ih'pwil'il1f, IJ1.Yfh NX I llxil'laLII1lllwIiFil Tl"i Tr ' " ' ' ' 1" .il.. . , VxA ii L . lni.i ., . . - . nidgd, l.'m!u.iy, Xi-n--ziivla. I F . 1 CLUNNEII 1 ZERO 251 I Armour, South Dakota , rl ' MAC EUGENE FRANCIS MCCORMICK IR Miami, Florida ECORD: S holastic Stark Polaris, AC19ie135:r1LeIrllalRInformation Service, Catholic Choir, Newman Club, Society of Naval Architects and Mayine Engineers, Stella Maris Guild, Baseball, Basketball, Intramurals. TY S S Norman Lykes S S Frank LykCS, U 1 . . n - ' . SESATSI3 John Lykes, S.S. Reuben Tipton, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co. COUNTRIES VISITED: Belgium, Dutch West Indies, France, Germany, Hong KODE, IHPZUQ, Korea Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, Oki- nawa: Panama, Poland, Republic of South Africa, South West Africa, Trinidad. THOMAS A EDWARD, MCFARLAND ACCADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Christian 01mC11,' Dance,Cpm1nittee, Glee Club, Radio Clubf' Rm!! Commlwie, Ring Dance Committee Intramurals. ' SEA DUTY: S.S. Esparta, United F 't C - 5 S - gong Kong Bear, Pacific Far EasltmLingsi SIS: Lia1'1P0Sf1, S.S.. Hawaiian Fisherman, Matson Ligggg S.S. President Arthur, American President COUNTRIES VISITED: A t l' C ' scissor, it Hontlxslggngl' npiffl? fr a .san s- ew Z,1,d,Ok'c K: nama, Philippines, Sa1noa,e'EI'alEti.. mqway Pu 252 sM1LEsj A ' ROBERT DEVEREUX McELIECE ' Massapequa, New, York ' ACADEMY RECORD: Trident Club, -Windjam- rners, Football, Sailing, Intramurals. V A SEA DUTY: S.S. Del Sol,-S.S. Del Rio,-Delti Line, Inc.g S.S. 'Neva West, Bloomield Steam- ship Co.g S.S. Hawaii, States Lines. V , , , COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Belgium,,Bra- zil France, Germany, Great Britain,'1-long Kong. Iafxan, Netherlands, Okinawa, Paraguay, Philip-. pines, Taiwan, Uruguay,,Venezuela., T 5 G -fa.-fn 4 v 4 1 4 14 . I l 1 4 JZ, . I' ficELlECEi li Il b, Wind' .12 'U' Del Rio, DAQ, oomiield Sleig- es. i, Belgivm. Bn aiu, Hou! Kult. . Paraguay. Mir uela, I mf 2 ,9 YF' V,- 5 JOHN JOSEPH BICLALGHLIN. IR. XVashington. D.C. f ACADEMY RECORD: Hear Thin Cuihullc firm. x NGWTTIJD Club, Dune Conzrtiitwv, Izmt-,mwrxl -,JN Athletic Board, Rini Dance Comtnixtee. Srciij f X. Maris Guild. Bnchaii, Ir1!r1rrux.11S. l 'K-I-J SEA DUTY. 5.5. .xmmm xsrmunr. L21-1,3 sur.-, Lines: SS. Xlorrrmgbrzn. Xlmori-XlLCl1:'1v1.:.k Ifzw S.S. Export Azlnt, .-Xrmzimr. Expirf-lNl:..rz.lt 1 Lines. COUNTRIES YISITED: C.ir1.xLl.i, DL:.':1.1rk, Fm- Q gp.:-' I land, Germany, Greer,-J. lmly. Nf.L3xvrl.ar plc, Nur. ., NVLIY, I'ol.md, Portugal Spanx, S'-wedczi, T.i:ii,p.x, Xi 3,1 MAC WILLIAM FRANCIS MCLAUCHLIN Palmer, Massuchusetls ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Smr, Ilcar This, Dclulf- Council, Cargo Club, Sailing, Soccer, lnlmmumls. st-ZA DUTY: S.S. American Archer, S.S. Piorieer Turkey. , 1 an .'.. Ir- ' f ig 3 V ,Y . , Ag' in X - :,'f .Q- if I J -ld .,. Vw f 'M' .. Surf. Unilc-d Slut:-Q Lines, S.S. Santa Monica, ,, Grace: Line, S.S. Export Aide, American Export- ' , lsbrandtlcn Lines. L A 'xx COUNTRIES VISITED: Austruliu, Belgium, Cu- fr nndn, Colombia, Cyprus, Grunt Britain, Israel, ,V g ,J Mexico, Morocco, NL-the-rlulxds, Pnuaniu, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Venezuela, X , X X I Y MAC x H14 M' 4 A I RUSSELL GEORGE NICYAY Brooklyn. NCW Yflfk 1 ,XC.XDI2NlY RECORD: X-.Il'Nllf-'acillllh XMSVIIR m filulm. Dtxnu, gj,,,1m1,ggy,l. 5I,14r.l: lX:lfllTi, Tflalllll Clnlu. , C,1r1.J Clulu. S ulmi, Int: i-nur ili. r A SEX DUTY: SS., I'mm'Lr Mui, I Iirnlfcl Siahi Lgm.5. 55, Mrxcgirx Cn sunt, .-itrlmn Nulf-if-f-r. 57,11-1-L-L1 Ligue-xg 55. Exrwvurf Airl- , .Xrviv'rnf.1n Iutprirl- Ixilrgzulzwri Lanf-X, 5.5. Pr.-wiclmwt Nlfmrrw. 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COUNTRIES VISITED: Azores, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, Denmark., Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Spam, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey. ,Q , x' ,M-L ,.,sf-f.'. S Rnd ,l Lf ,lv iQ ' ,rl r P' it X 'B I if CHARLES WILLIAM NADIG Greenlawn, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star R ' tl i2f?FRQ3gfg1ufsgiCe, Ring Dance C0I':1II'lliSE,1 ego?- SEA DUTY: S.S. President Arthur A ' P ' gfnf Linesir S.S. Santa Teresa, ,Grzxrzgnlilgeg rgfg, Cocflnaficpelilllv , S.S. Mormactrade, Moore-Mc- Linggflc 111655 S.S. African Patriot, Farrell ' COUNTRIES VI - ' - Chile, DenmariFIEE3do?,rgE6i1rgiJIial?' Igszljxlonl Gernjzany, Ghana, Haiti, Hong Kong ,lcelaxircll fvndm, hilly, Japan, -Korea, Liberia, Malaya, Nor: RU-Y,b?k1nawa, -Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Poland fepu lc of the IVOTY CODSQ Republic of Serie al, Sierra Leone Sin ' . Eapore Sweden ' ' - guay, Viet Nzam- , , Taiwan, ru CHARLIE YISABRY ' ' JOHN CHARLES' MURDOCH Holland, Michigan - I A ' ACADEMY RECORD: ,scholastic fsumrozans, Hear T his, Band, Marlinspike Club,fWindjam- mers, Cargo Club. V ' Q ' Q . SEA DUTY: ,s.s. Mormacpride,'s.s.,'lMormcsun, Moore-McCormack Lines, SQSI President Garfield, Ifiinerican President Lines, S.S. Santa Elisa, Grace me. V , r 1 ' " L. COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Ceylon, Chile, Denmark, Egypt, F inland,,France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Iapan,,Malaya, Netherlands, Norway, Okinawa," ,fPakistan,' Pana- ma, Peru, Poland, Singapore, Sweden,'V1et Nam. ig, 256 K EQ ,Q . .F i iii .URDOCH Q Brie Star .P . cm., 5 5.5. Mormmm President Garidl, . Sgnta Elisa, Gnu im, Brazil, Cmlls, pi, Finland, Fmu, NY. Japan, Wm va, Pahstnn, Pm- Swedelk Wet Nl!- H All vii ' I . Jr n ' n . J. Iii .74 f iff la Y .1-' I, . fl I4 rl A A . F ,Q , 1 -Lglllo-I . 1-4.-4 BABY HUEY IANIES WILLIAM O,BRIEN XVushing!on, D.C. AC.xDI':5I'l' lil-ICOIKD: Braringv, Band, Dance Imncl, bki Club, Intrzimumli. bl-QA DUTY: S.S. Amcricau Scout, S.S. Pioneer Mint, Unitvd Smte-5 Lim-sg 5.5. Santa Cecilia, Umm' Lim-, 5.5. Robin Hood, Moore-NIcC0rmuck Lim-1. COUNTRIES VISITISD: Asccnsion Island, Chile, Culmnluq, Iicimdor, Germany, Hong Kunz, japan, n NrIOlll!llJl un Okinnwl P'lIl'll'TTl Kenya, Kon-., . q ', L 'z, . . ., Pi.-ru. Philippines, RL-public of Souuth Africa, South Wo.-S! Africa, Taiwan, 'I'z1ngnnyika1. 2' 1 Q . 1.: I CHARLES HOUGH XUTTER ' Englewood. New jersey ACADEMY RECORD: llidffiips, Igifgi-1-3,-Us SEA DUTY: 5.5. Iixcflir -'vf,wf- .- r .. .. -. brzindtsffn Lines. SS. E:Ql,',l:.x,!,r President Linesg 5.5. 3I:Jr11'.ji.Qgr.11ii-U lxi -. Cormuck Linh. 5.5. Santzi. Xlfgriigzl-Lfrzzglfr Lliff- COLNTBIES YISITEDI fxl"lfYltlYl.l, Biffikilxld. 13:14 211- CE'YlOn. Colnmlfii. Dnfnitaig iz: H- H- Qutch Xxvffit Inglygc' Eg-,UL 1-'yxm.Y..- Qvkwli' Hlffil hong. Indni. lsmrl. lmlf. jgpm. yi ii, , fax? if Morocco, Pakismn. P.in.un.i. llurt1.::.Q, sig:fff:4-iQ SPHIU, Turkey. L'ruuu.iy. X".-n-.-fzm-1.1, V1.1 ii' ,,.-1 Yew, w XX . . Q v ! ,gf 2 ,Wy i .. . ! - L 3 f l ll xgl NL THOMAS GREGORY OBIIIANYCII Y I X ugh U'll Elmim. New York .XCXDESIY IKIJIORD, X'irNx'j ffnlw. vv'Y"N'li!-Q. SEA UYTY: 5.5. 5..nt.1 Innxz. Crue" l.:iv. 8.5, .'Xfric'.iii llliix, P'..rri'li lgiri, 5.5. l'.m'1-rr P-If' L.IlllL'fl Shih, Lmm. 5.5. Lxehr. .-X.urzf..n Igv purt-Iwlvrmiilts: n Linw. COlfNTlllE5 VISITEID: .Xi'i!f.li. LM fimi",l.i, IE: 13. ilur. Egypt, I-'mnni-, Glnmi, br' w. llfrg hm. lmly, j.1p.ln. Kun-.i. Lf'i,.ii.a.f.. l5.ii.i:.ii, Iii-m Philippims. liipi.l,laI 1-E tlxu f,f.n:-., Spur., Tm wan. 7 e " L -U C A ll 23. J B E 14 r U ., 'VE- ' x vs '4, . 4.54. ' 'MQW fr. A K 9 1 la 5 1' gf! . N 'P 6 4 's s 4 Q 451 .. I E. fl Q mc 0'c0m1,,5 Connecticut J . Makish' , H Glee.. glub, Eendence, Amerim , 5. Santa Paula, Gym M, Amemican Pxesida-:Lg 611, S.S. Ameriwn lgll P: Barbados, Ceylmm ies, Egypt,'Francr,Gq ., Hong Kong, U, lorea, Malaya, ra, Paldstan, Panmm, lil jwan, Venezuela, VIH 1 1 4 y :fl E i iw l , 1 , --f x fs 4 , 1 4 5 Au R 4 4 L.-UYRENCE HENRY OTOOLE Bridge?-JYL Connecticut ACADEXIY RECORD: Vg Vi ' CZ ' . . . Clubf F00fbJl-lv Tmnfx. lrlxuvlturllikov xt -Minn SEA DUTY: 5.5. .kl'r'c.n Rjj- 1r,..,:v , ,- S-S- SHUU P-Ulld. 1Gl.u.:- Anilefy United Stat-:S Lirws. H Q AM COUXTRIES YISITED: Bflgiuml Crwt pnrvn Hum, l.a1r141if..x, K.-113, J, 5.1.3, L:-i3.,,l-M.. N:.UM::u'N.N Rupublxc. of South Africa. T,L:1:.:v.1k.g, X'.VmL..Q1'.' Zllflllllllf. mf' I .,. J.. . 49 ,ff yi? l-.,:f A -1 Ly, F ! X 'ffa J :S-1-A Q- 'ex L..- " , T , H.. - ' TOOLER ge, -' an 11 y- CENE MARCO ONVENS Lufkin, Texas ,UTADEMY IU'lffOlllJ: Sclmlnxhcz Slut, Mlrlslnips, Hwar Huw, Vanity Club, Mascot Kvrpe-rs, lnlrr- usliunul Hclsltumf. Club, Slilimg, '1'e'uni2, Intru- umml-1. ' SHA DUTY: SS. I.:-htm Lyk?-G, SS. Iam Lykz-Q, ! 5.5. lillllllitfll I.yk-w, SS. Shirll-y LXKEWI, Lykx-N fra llmtlwrv. Shuxulilxip CO.: 5.5. Gulf NIl'I'i'llllIll, Gulf ' and South Alum-r1u.xu Sta-nrmhip Coq 5.5. Dfwul ll. lrxvm, Pun- Onl Co. "' j I IQUIVNTNIES VISITEDL Clluilv, Culmulviu, licuuclur, ' Hung Kung. ltnly, jupnu, Korn-.x, Me-xrco, Mmm- fu, l'.mmu.l, Prru, 1'0rtuLi.nl, Spain, 'I'.uw.m, l-uuosl:xvi,u. .P . .J JOHN PETER PALMER Qucvnc. Nvw York .XLZADEMY RECORD. XVll'llll.nV'l1fl1'fS. x nv 1.-7' I I Z3 l. .f-arf!! I 1 GENE PETE ,.f..w., . SEX DUTY: 53. Mlm-nu-g,.:.1, Bffycm--NicCnrruucls 77' ' Lima. 5.5. .-Xf1'n.1n bun. Farrfil l,mcSg ,xmvrihln Famu-r. Unutul Sturm Lmvip 5.5. llfxpgrt ,X:vm, ,Xmunz .ln Exphrt-Iwhmmltiun Lmcs. Q CQI1'N1'11IES X'IS1TljDg Dfzmulrk, Fmlmfl. Frluz 1', , 1:r..n,V.h qj.H,,..fN,nn.. 1-'nmh Ijquglhzrml Alncn, Fr.-nkh fLui.m.l. lfrr-n.h Xklwt Afrirgl, Gblrl-1. Cin-.Lt Bnhun, Greg-w. Guin:-.1, lr:-lnnrl, Inlwrm. Libya. Xrtlu-rl.mdw, Xnqvrm. N'AfY5J3', Pfllimf-l, YQ Sisrta l.u:Jm'. 5W"l1l'n- Tllfkcf- 'K C v f Y 2553 'k.-aww!-A." 5 if Y, fK'2W'1'fV'F7TQ7I'?'W'F'WfX' C1 57. Vi' ff wwf 1 gee, ww Q C 'QV i. . 7 e- 33 gi, gglk Qs-1yM,w5Q f K- ' ' W ,r i i, X ,L . ,VMI 14, , if ' , e M5 v Q e, 'vglefgiez Q i FW X' ' ,Q ' , -Je -.gif ' ff V i gfwe e-Z se ewsyie- i i- fix-fe . , ,ii 5-'Wi I7 - 4,513 5 , E "f.'- ,."',VjX,'i!Xf Abe T07 ee: Sei. A, Q' if ,Q , we K , - e .. ,ee wg-xi? i Z e fi - f My . ii Q.. 1 eg,5,i,,,e,fgegrg5' . .. i gig, ff' ' F A f' 1, ,K , 1- .Q - KM , fi . f We , mrffih' Y, 1? W' i,.si."G Wil GENE E JOHN CARL PAPE Lindenhurst, New York M RECORD B d DWDL8 Band RL!-El ACIQEIEII Erondcast Umt Szgiiety of Naval Architicts and Marine Engineers Intramurals EA DUTY SS A er 'in Challenger SS Amen S can Scout, SS mP1c:1Ler Ming United Stxtes Lines S S Santa Cecilia Grice Lme COUNTRIES VISITED Belgium Chile Colombia, Lcuador France Gcrmany Great Britain Hom, Kong Japan Korea Panama Peru Philippines Taiwan P CEEC E 1 . , 4 we PENTIMCNTI E Qf C I - ,TH6ifm?i,-Wdshington , ' ACADEMY.-i RECOEDQ' Schola ti St V' 'Vx ' ' 1 'Cl'-Bb, Newman 7'C1ub,' Cheer1ga5ers,' zgiee " Ski Club? Cross-"Count'ry,. Track. ' " smi 'DUTY: ,si.s.fc:emeda Meri, A 'S M - E e L'ne4wS:S5 Wicomawigua, eUnifei1,FrEYincCat:T-i S? Mqnnacscafle ,MODIS-McCox'mack!Linesg s.sI. EX- I 1 i F?am5?9ffiAUWGIICBDvExport-Isbrandtsen Lines. , ' ' coUNTarEsQ..v1s1TED5 EA' E B1 e , ' Cost'agfRica, ,'DQ!Iih'lQ1'k, E222-332,r,?E2??Qg1',,g,2ii2' 1Ge1-meny,,ec feeee, Hong,Kohg E1 E1 d 1 ii' ' - in gggiyf gag-nie Lebanon, emaieee, iieiii32nas, 2153: i We yi aW1stQn,iPsinama, Plnhppines, Pglgnd, Sin, ggaP01'?i SP31H, Sweden, Viet Nam. i in in JOHNS v e S 1 Gwynedd ve11ey, Pei1iie,g1venia ' ACADEMYIRECORDQ -Glee Chili, Q E '.,Cn 5. SEA DUTY? s.s. 'Piesideiit SSnC cee1if1ge,'Americeii President Linesgi SQS..j fMorrna61ake, ye.M0QICrMC-1 Cormalcki Linesg , SIS. ,Export ' Banner, D American i -TElg4port-Isbrandtsen 'Line5giS.,S. iSa,rit3,Rq5a, Gxace mee-L - ' 'E COUNTRIES VISITED:JVArgentiiid,f Azqrei, Bragil, E JCey1on', Dutch Wfestfindies, Egypt,','FrancQ,f'ljIQlh,- ,A Hong,AKong, Indiag Italy,-Jamegicaeflagpa-ll, KCDXQQ Malaya, Okinawa,f'?Paki5tan,1P8113'm3g 'SiI!g3P9TCg - Somkalilaind, -Spain, .Taiwmi, -Uniguziyx iyenelllelifi C Viet Nam.-i 7 K 9 60 HCKIV xia ge: ', Moore-Blu xer, Amerim-an Akasa, Gmc Azores. Bmil, France, Hain, Japan, Kwai na, Singapon, ay, 'Venezuelg 4. .V I w,,J',"lQ ' S ' W x ,. YVILLI.-XXI JYDE PIETRYCH.-X Numark. Xiu' Jewry .XC.XDEH'1' RECORD Hfif Tfqaf. Dirt-5 Cn-zu - xxettw. C'-f ff' 7. F -E X 1. .-Xr1E1.i-xr" ,mi f-I1r':'- E711 '.-, Q, F-rg D5-gf, 1' X-l-!fTif1'!2" fra v .-3' I-12: Y--3---52, SEA IUUTY. 4.8. 1"-r.--7 F-lzrr. 5.5. fri:-71:1 Trzuff--r. l.'mf"'.i VH- W Lzrt y. 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Ii-ruff-1. 3iHJ,'P"'f fi Spam, 'lfu'-x..m, l'r1xZf:..5, Yuri Nun. 1 , fy 26X ICDIJICICICE DICK ,V xv X. ,Neff Ji CHARLES GEORGE POLSEN, JR. M Yonkers, New York i S A f onof s h if 'nc swf, Band, Bing ACDAg?'E3nC1grEg1ittee,' Vlligdriiminers, Basketball, Sailing, Track, Intramurals. ' ' V Ig, M' - an, Moore-McCormack SEQHZVEYS, gjxeter,olAnrggi??can Export-Isbrandtsen ,Linesf 53. Santa Sofia, Grace Line, S.S. Presi- dent lvionroe, American President Lines. A A UNTRlES VISITED' Argentina, Brazil, ceynm, COColombia, Dutch 'VVeot 11'1ClieS,,EgYPt, France, ' Greece, Haiti, HonakKOI1g, Ilgllligstlgllyiggsgfrilg, V ' , nawa, a 1 21 , , Lebanon, Mexico X" Venezuela, Viet Nam. i Singapore, Spain, Tunisia, f JA 4 :Q fwi.Q,,,ff-X 'QW . + ' W- aff 1 W 01:-Q"'f' W., fa f ,Q f wi? 1 ' 5 lilf V S if ,S a X S 1 , + f X f , f V f ff it W f IQ fa. f f X if f y 'l Q, ,, ,, M g Q- we f v ,xSQ4.a.,,q4.i , x Q 1: .i MICHAELOWEAN POYNOR l,eeQ f Q W Cqxpui ohllimlrexas S E l o l 'SQACADEMY' Rnooanl, lseholasuc Star, varsity T--Cllibf Christian Council ' Eagle Scout S Regimental Morale Boa' rl ,Cl E, " ocletyl 'fmifteQ,zPiSf01Q mae, 1Dll'ki:I1i1ll?:li.' lecutlvf? cfm SEA DUTY:,, S.S. 'Letitia 'Lykes S.S. Iean Lykeg s2faEZi?5 Arafat STS' John Lykes' LM Bfothefg CQUNTRIES, VISITEDS: 'Belgium Fl S G iB2?ff1Y, Hong 'K.ong,g Italy, xjapan, ',Kor1eEar:cIi:Iozzii:- , jfElg:J1igPR5lVS?S,,t iC?lQl'l,d,l Republic of South A Q insaadfirugpsiaviis u ' nca"Sxp?uf1' Talwav- Tri- 'ik , fn., I ,,ki.,,n A 'fb' CHARLIE, S i CURTIS M1CHAEL.l POULIOT Minneapolis, Minnesota. ,, V ACADEMY RECORD: lClee Club, Propeller Club, Society of Naval Architects' and oMarine,Engi- neers, Ring,Con1mittee, Ring Dance Committee, Intramurals. ' V -, , - SEA DUTY: S.S. Export Ambassador, American Export-Isbrndtseni Lines, S.S. A Mormaccape, Moore-McCormack Linesg S.S. African Crescent, Farrell Lines. ' , Q , V COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, -Brazil, France, Italy, -Mozambique, Paraguay, ,Republic of South Africa, X South' VVestz Africa, Spain, Uruguay, Yugoslavia. Q- , , V ' I 1 g QF kgs? . v l 1 K 1 2 3 xx is Z , ,-1 f ls- 262 i., 1 ,. ,Fi 1 5 3 , . W. .l , . I l ,gi OULIOT P1'0Peller Club, i Marine Em. Y'-395 Commiltu, ?3d0l', Amerim 5. .Momucupg Afncan Cresum., .a, Brazil, Fnnzr, Republic of Smub Spain, Umguny, 4 JOHN STEPHEN P11lBlL'X Linden. News jcrwy ,.....-rf," ,aC.xD5x1'f Fgzvmpm, , Q17 y .N 41115. Citlu ln, ll1:1'Aff 'Y 7152- pf.. , Q- H '?'ff.""' Hifi U Q 5- "1 mf fl Qu 7' Cfzlul. l5.1s"' I' -' ix m'T'f. Qs, 5 v 4, U,, ,. 5 , X PLUG'-F f-l1"w, l-'q,g..: N. i,.,N N-R-'XI ',., ll r-wk, 9.5. Xl- ::" .-- X! .r A154 ff.-771. : Ul'NTllllZN Ylilfllll X '-5-wg: QL' -V - 71- , rl, I .m.!.,. 121. V-2 yr gQ,l... lf, HUR--, lglfli'-. um . u 1.1 elf lgr' fl.,-,Q gf, ' N1Jll1'fl.xI'l FI "- L-.V 1 V' , , N 1 . 141.1 PHIB af 1-. l.nl, 5 ...ll l. . I-"1 'F,s 11'--v N. . I , ll XJ X Q 6' r K N HENRY MICIIIAIEI, QUINCANNON, Ill. K , l'nrll.nnd, Shim: u wxpm' micrcmn. sm.,1..ln.- sm, Y.-w...n -, 5 Lluh, I,l.llll.l Llnll, Ski lllnll, Sll'lI.x Marne Clmlcl, A Hsunnmmg, lu!r.umxr,nls.. 'ix Sl-'X Dl"l Y. 5.5. l'fxz'll.nl1L11', .Xlllt'l'lK.lll lfxpurt- . ,: IJ.:-mllwu I.nmwg 5.8, Morvmxuunn, SS. Slow "V m.xulrn'l', Mtwrr-N11Clnrllmck l,im"-. - ts l'Ul'Nl'llllfN X'lSl'lAl'1D: l'll'lL:llllll, Bllllll, ffvwlnn, 444, ' Dvmmuk, litlunmvphu, ll:-nn.my, lmlm, l,ilw.n, Nxlh- mc full-null, Nwrum, l'.nlcixl.m, l'ul.m4l, Smull .Xl.xlwx.n, NUm.ulnl.lml, N1-wlu-u, 'l'nnlcl.ul. f x , , l C, I . X, HANK "5 RONALD ANTHONY RICCI 5s'hrm'rl.acly'. Xvw N rnrk ,XCXDFXIY Rl-'C'0IiD, Nml1-ll.l1ksf SMH. .'v:'-yn iw lun rvst Kllnlw. llvzll f'fHT'l'1'lll"" . Urn: D an f' ctllllllllfl v sm Dl'l'x sf. wuz. nm, raw. L'r.-, ss. 1 ,H .Xlrwxn Nm, Iixrrrll I.z:V-, 5.3. lfqzr-rt .XZ--nt, N A- in .Xml-r1-ln l'lx1'wrl-lJlr.1wll- xl l,i1'.'s. ' in cgm'xTm11x v1smTLLuf .xp c,..n.,.l.., 1m.....,,.. lx V 1 "U l m lla-pulillk, lmmrn -n. Frrnlll Vim! Aim 1, X Crfvcl, lllm. I. Luc 1, Nl-lmf..'o, Nxgffxm, li 'Q Dllllll ol tlul- lxlvx C10 wr, llfp-alba ff Svmlxl 5lCL'l'.l I.:-.mc-, houtla Vfmt ,-Xfr.. :, hpmx, Tvzrllxnw . Turk:-5 , V1'Z1e.'uxl.l. x ,,- N 1 , QQ Q 9. , fa K J ? 1 1 " K ..4- ' 1:1 X . -. rf D' C ? VINCENT THOMAS RICCI, JR. Svhcnectucly, New York , f 4 QD: 5 -I lytic Star, Chcvrlvaicl- AC22li?sDEIilIighgligOSocietY,L llixiclent Club, Bfvwlmg League, Intramurals. S 'Y Q S Expvditor American Export- SEA S.S. Snntzi Terr-sa, Grace Line. Isbran . C OUNTRIES VISITED: Chile, Colombia, Iyprus, C Ecuador Haiti, Israel, Italy, B4Qf0CC0:.15d'QfffQ:j ' 1 , . 1 V, A, 'Pg-ru, Portugal, spam, 'lufkfvu Y HHLU slavia. 'XVN . '- U 47- X,i.pdl"' U V I . I frr - QE? . ggi V 1 i 4 ff VINCES 'ii il- 1 ' s ,lyk ,R -. .T ARTHUR CHARLES RIffZ Qf?4 Mantoloking, Ndwjersfy -L in ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club,2'flEfQdfliallQ. Track, Intramurals. l T1 2 Cormac-k Lines. . A' Q 1, ' COUNTRIES ' VISITED: lirazilj Dcsgnad5,g2'1g.iljy, Spain, Trinidad, Yugoslav1a.A-V T .X V ., 'xi 1 .V AL. EDWARD HERBERT ROGASKI IR Bayonnc, New jersey ACADEMY RECORD Scholastm Stal Automotnc Interest Club Footlmll SEA DUTY SS Exmlilmr, American lxpmt gbrandtsen Lmefz S S Mormuchfnvlx Mmm M1 Ormwck Lmes SS Amcricm Flmmpion S S Pxoncer Moor, Umtul Shins Imu COTUNTRIFS VISITEDL A.l'l.1l'l'lllIl'l Brazil Cliuwcln , IEYIPY Irwnccf Cmnt Britain Crm-com llrmg Kung, ROGO 'Wil e JR SEA DUTY: s.s. Export Aide, Amlerigan pE,gp0gR Isbrandtsen Linesg S.S. Morrnachawk,NfMoorg-Mes ui!! . ,LG -ltd, " Q un . Y t 5 ' " 5 L. .4 .V a . ll' 4 A RITZ ub, Foum, srican Em. ik, Moomfllv Ianada, lhly, -1,- ,0 f A- H at, si wi.. x INCENT FRANCIS BOTH lhmdnn Cnnmctuul XC-.DENH REFOHD X E .ilu D q kr' bxmn ,, 15 N unrs XI f N l N VOLXTHIEB NINFTL 1 rlx i fl nl M L1 ,un BUDDY KEVIN GILBERT RUIINKI4 Chimgu Illinois 'NH' lll"f'0llD Vlr ilv Fluh Fliristi in ,lCAlJl'.. . . 2 - 2 , , . . lfnuncil, Ski flluli, 'Friclf-nt fflulx, xVlYlLll.lITlITl!'l'N Cargo Club, Drill 'l'i'.un, S.ulinL!, lntrzmuim SEK DUTYL 5.5. I mum Likes llwthi-rs Str-.mishap Cn., 5.5, CY.ilnimn Slnhw Linvc Slvamvhip Co., 8.5. llmxil, N mm Mcffurmnck Lim-" f.0L7N'l'llll'IS VISITISD: lloluium, llvnmzu , ' - ff" lnml, Fr.uicm-, Gvnnnny, Hom: Kuna, lu-l.uul, ' ltuly, ulmn, Koran, Lilmyu, M1-xii-rm, Nlurmfn, Norway, Ukintiwu, Pnnnmn, Philippim--i, llu-..., Spain, Swvfll-n, 'l'.uiw.m, Tunisia. --7 HENRY IOSEPII S.-XI..-X l-Iiirwicw. Nm-xv jcrwy ' .XYNXINCN ' IUQFORU: Sclw lam- Snr, Lui.-". 'af' '-,W .' ::' 1, ntrimrnril-. ...Q- Iiizihllr, Vnmil Nmtfi l.u'-wg 9.5. livwft kkwlv. " .Xmfr:..m lixpuif-lx!-rifxclflv11 lpn X, 8.5. .Mr-r.m Q Cr-wx Luk. lfirr: El Lui- N, N N, Xl 'rm i. . in. l-li'wvf'- "" Nlcll r:u.n lc l,inui. ' .- COL Nlllllfi VlSlTl'?D: ,Kniiwl i. Ar:-'ut.v..i. .llfirfm QM ll.-luxuws, llfllll, I-mn.:-, Civrmm'-, ll.:lw. ,l.lp.m. Yvthcrl..ml4, clllllllllml, ll.m.mii, llvpfilzlic' rf tlw: Fun vw .1f..::, mlm '. Y .. Q65 'fi mix izmx' ww. llllllltif' xp... sx. .xff.if:.,.f. Y RLNK HENRY La Coste, Texas SARGE DEL ,Yi ROBERT IRVIN SANDERS Englewood, Colorado 1 ECORD: S 'holastic Star., Society'of Acigzizgeigrgiiitccts and CMarine Englneefs, Bing Dance Committee, Windjammers, International Relations Club. A DUTY S S Esparta United Fruit Co.g S.S. SEContest, Raciiic' Far East Lines, S.S. Mariposa, Matson Lines, S.S. Steel Navigator, Isthmian Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Australia, COSYH Riqa, Ecuador, Fiji Islands, Formosa, French Oceania, Iapan, Korea, Samoa. New Zealand, Okinawa, Panama, 3 9 DELFINO CUELLAR SAUCEDO ACADEMY RECORD: Newman Club, Drama Club, Intramural Athletic Board, Bowling League, Intramurals. A SEA DUTY: S.S. Thompson Lykes, S.S. Dolly T11fma11,- S.S. Nancy Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co., S.S. Gulf Trader, Gulf and South American Steamship Co, COUNTRIES VISITED: 'Bahamas, North Borneo, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, Indonesia, Korea, Malaya, Mexico, Mozambique, Nether- lands, Oklnayva, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Sing- fmorga Thailand, Trinidad, Union of South 1 . W! ,, ,Z ,42 I ,Yr ay I, 7 HH i ,wx BOB L. WILLIAM I HAROLD SARGEANT I ' Jefferson, New York V ' ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic. sm, varsity Club, Christian Council, Society of 'Naval Ai- ghitelcts and Marine Engineers, 'CrossUCountry, rac . , l p r SEA DUTY: S.S. African G1en,'Farre11 Lines, S.S. President Adams, American President Linesg S.S. Mormacowl, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Amer- ican Pilot, United States Lines. A ' i COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Brazil, Ceylon, Egypt, France, French West Africa, Hong Kong, Italy, Iapan, Korea, Malaya, Okinawa, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Republic ' of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Uruguay, Viet Nam. ' like 266 v, ,. -ve' ff! g f ff 5' rr 1 G Q , 4 I BEANT lar, Vmizy Naval M. rss Country l Linmg S5 t Lines' S.S. sg S.S. Amer- Hiil. 024012. ong Iva, Palnigzln. the Conn. 'an Ummm f . J' 'TE ROBERT STEPHEX SAYERNIAN P.n.m1u1, New jersey .XCADEXIY HECORD: H- RJ: Bnf.1r.i. Fgnl, D.mcL' F3 xi IP' U' ,4'T1Y1 Ehqf-, .-.m'7v:r..x, DEA DUTY. 5.5, E1-,tv-'. 5.9. Exgwrt I?f'71d'.r. Amwrzr, in l1'q"1rt-Ilvrawpftvn Line-g S.S. .-Kfriggtl Nur. lflfrll Ijrvw. 5.5, 5 .rtx S':t:,l. L3'.v,' L':1':g Xlurfu 11l.1kg. NI 'ff' fKkCTr", Lgk L'r1',Q. COIIXTHKES YAIFITEDQE ,Xr:u!.f.m.x. 52111. C'vlw-'x- .,.v-5 hal, IQ,,V,. lrmuf, Ly?-"LL, luv-, rxuxux, Lu"1.1- nmx. 5I+'f.L:rxf'xfgf". R'1!'Lxl.C LE Svtth fnmxa. Spun. 'l.1r1Lmj,1L,1, Lrf':'1,nQx, xa,!!'f."E'ft.',, Ywqv- Qlm. xx. 1 S um - Q lmxmg, C ump mx 7' P X If TOR IOIIN SC IIISI PR xx lm lr C llxfnrm 1 3 r 1 XD N ' tux 7 31" O XTMIIN XI YTPD T x 1 PfH"1ffl p nl rn n Brut: hw ,mx :mx ur P1111 1 kill ' t N STEPHEN FERNALD SCHMIDT ' VVaterford, California ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Trident Club, Sky Diving Club, Track, Wrestling, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: s.s. Steel Traveler, Isthmifm Linesg S.S. Hawaii, States Lines, S.S. Sonoma, Matson Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Cambodia, Canada, Cey- lon, Egypt, French Somaliland, H0113 K0I1g, India Indonesia, Italy, Japan, KOYCPIL Macao, M1 ' , Me ico, Okinawa, Panama, PlT1liPP1116S, Siggaxore, Sipain, Taiwan, Thailand, V1et Nam. ef' 1 PUPPET VERN A mf. ,Q STEVE T ' A STEVEN IRA SCHNEIDER I - Middlesex, New Jersey I ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Bearings, Radio Club, International Relations Club, Wres- tling, Intramurals. - ' SEA DUTY: S.S. Exilona, American Export-Ir brandtsen Lines, S.S. Santa Monica, S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Line, S.S. President Garfield, Ameri- can President Lines. I COUNTRIES VISITED: Bermuda, Ceylon, Colomf bia, Cyprus, Dutch West Indies, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, jamaica, Iapan, Korea, Malaya, Morocco, Okinawa, Pakistan, Panama, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sudan, Tai- wan, Tunisia, Turkey, Venezuela, Viet Nam. VERNON' LEE SCHREIBER Portland, Oregon ACADEMY RECORD: Cargo Club, Sailing, Intra- murals. SEA DUTY: S.S. Hawaiian Fisherman, S.S. Mari- posa, Matson Linesg S.S. Metapan, United Fruit Co., S.S. Philippine Mail, American Mail Line. COUNTRIES VISITED: Australia, Canada, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Fiji Islands, Hong Kong, Iamaica, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Oki- gawa, Panama, Philippines, Samoa, Tahiti, Viet I am. I 3 rl 0 S. . N. ii ,.,, 1: ,Q 'C T B uhlb I EXP0r1I.s- S5 Sm: Held Amen Vlon Colm IYPT. Frame naxca, nm, Sudan, Tsi iet Nam 4. gfsvig .Q 5.5.02 BILL ROC LR XIII TON bf IILI I Crnlul I cdgt Nlulngan A XIII XIX RH ORD Pu arm C html: mn Comm II HL! Ulullll LJIIII III I U ICI IN mx mf' XxlI'KI1lIYlll'1l rx Intrl muml DI II Pm x I Q udmn NI nun I n urm rush Hoon 1 mn.u In Smuunx u Ou mm A IULXIIIIIH NISIIID aulnnx Kwrxu I I 4 Lin mn S Illtll u ux II! llll IVILLLXM ARNOLD SCHULTZ FrnnLSw xlle. II ucomm ACADEBIX RECORD: Schfhstic Six. 31:1-f:5'X-. Christian Cowmil. Hing Crixtnittf,-3. I:1tr,a::111:,1.1. SEA DUTY: 5.5. K-fnwfih 3IcK,zj.-, 55, -f Ty- man, S.S. TI1OTTlFi..Y'I Li-ku. 5.5. II-31,11 L-.k,q, Lykcs Brotlviri blmxrriship Cc. COUNTRIES YISITED: Iif.-rvwzdx, E':I:I.f. C-7- mfl1'11". IU-IV. KL-my-1. BvI'ilEZ'IF'IfQ"',, F.fI::j, ILA public uf South .Xf'ric11, Spin, T..ngv.j.'k,q, Ty.- nidacl. Turkvy, YL1g,5I3yi1, r 1 ff' 0-an-Q 'nw RON XI ID PIIILIP SCIII Il Dumunf Ne s rr w N I. N Ir n ' IIIIII Ir I . N N LUX UII LNIIIIIS N ' ,Ik n KIIII FILI I X llul xl 73 Q YZ? A gi' IOC -'F 1' I--C WILLIAM MARSHALL SHERWELL II St. Petersburg, Florida ACADEMY RECORD: Band, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Windjammers. SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Mist, United States Lines, S.S. Mormacpride, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. ' Santa Cecilia, Grace Line, S.S. Atlantic, S.S. Export Builder, American Export-Isbrandtsen Lines. ' COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina, Bahamas, Bar- bados, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, r France Haiti Hon Kon Italy Jamaica Evuado , ' , , g g, , 1 , Japan, Martinique, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Taiwan, Trinidad, Yugoslavia. . RUSS, - tsli V KURT ia. BILL , RUSSELL, HOWARD SNOW,gijR.l , Burbank, California in I C4 ACADEMY RECORDS, Scholastic Star,.Dance Coin! mittee, Glee Club, International Relations, Club, Track,'Int.ramurals. V 1 if I 1 - 1 SEA DUTY: S.S. President Taylor, S.SQ President Tyler, American President Lines, S.S.1Mon'hac4 surf, Moore-McCormack Lines, , S,S, . Metapan, United Fruit Co., S.S. Contest, 'Pacific Far,East Linesg SQS. Hawaiian Motorist, Matson Lines.- COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina,,Brazi1, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Iaxnaica, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Panama, Peru, Tauyan, Trinidad, Uruguay, Venezuela. ' L , V ' L ,A f ? s fr. A 1,9 'isp I KURT DUANE SOPER Davison, Michigan ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Basketball, Intramurals. ' SEA DUTY: S.S. Export Aide, American Export- Isbrandtsen Lines, S.S. American Guide, S.S. Pioneer Mart, United States Lines, S.S. Santa Rosa, S.S. Santa Isabel, Grace Line. COUNTRIES VISITED: Azores, Belgium, Canada, Dominican Republic, Dutch West Indies, France, Great Britain, Haiti, Hong -Kong, Italy, Jamaica, japan, Korea, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Spain, Taiwan, Venezuela, Yugoslavia. 270 51, . ,- 3 G lip Lwahi. Via. 9-W' f 3 F' f wi Q OW, IR, i Dgnce Cm. Clatxons Club, S.S. Presidrm S.S. Munims S.S. Metapn, acific Far Em atson Lines. Brazil, Canada, iador, Jamalu, Peru, Taiwm, 5 . 1 . . 1 PATRICK DENNIS SORAN Medford. Oregon ACADEMY RECORD: Scholasdc Star. Ha' Tin: MlCh"llL'n 5f-lf'-ffm 'Jil'-U' 'il Xlhxl .Xr.l.1t-'CN and Marine Engiiiwrs, King Civ-7-11,-,gggu-I 15-RQ,-1, murals. D SEA DUTY: 5.5. S.mlJ. Fl.i'.i.x. Crm.: Line, SS. 5'I0lfll'?1':f". Xllllwn Lin-r: 5.5, 1'.rTi5:'iuii. Lkzxziqxl . Ii-fllll LU.: 5.7. ,lipgri MLC. .Xf11:'rig.m Nlxil Lziic, 55- M0YYUllCd.LWY1, Xlwfif-3-XIQQ-3r': .nk lin:-. COP NTRIES VlSlTED: .xVl'.'llll.1. .Xizstrif-,x. Fri- ! zil, C.1ri'ul.1. Chili-. t'qlimilii,1, E1ii,,.,!Jf, El 5,,E- 5 Wfldofv Fill lwlanclg, G'.ig!iu'ii.il.l, llf.vi'Lli:r,1s, Hung K lxoni. Lipm, Kvrui, Ncnv C.il1'l1viyl:i, NLM- Z.,-3- 1-md. Okiri.iww.i, P.in,irii.i, Pcru, Yhi! gifiri-N, 5,1--1, ,L Tnliiti, T.ii'.i.in. Tririiilad, X'.g:i-.rf.::l.i. SONAR I K 1 W! I Q THOMAS EDWARD sow. gd-ar: Toll-do, Iowa K ACADEMY RECURD: Trident Cliilr, U.is+-lmll, Tuck, lnlrzumirzlls. 'R A SEA DUTY: SS, Lipeconilm Lykrs, S.S. Iunvs Lyltti, 5.5. Kvmliill Fish, Lykx-S Brotlif-rs Shaun- slilp Cu.: 5.5. Del Rio, Delta Lim-, BLV. Biiymi ,Q 1 B.iml.in.n, Univm-rsal Mzirinc, Inc. COUNTRIES VISITED: Ariivntinii, Bulqinin, llmzil, 'vs-V ' Fruncc, Cc-nn.iny, Crcxit Brilziin, Home Kung, llmly, I.ip.in, Korn-.i, Ne-tliurlnnds, Pliilippim-Q, xl Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Vic! N.i.m, Yiiqoslnviu. 'WK , Q, Y xx s E TOM I MICHAEL STANLEY . O STENIBORSRI. IR. Branford. Cnnnuliuvk 1 ,xQA1vENl'1' minimum. s.h1.ii.:fC sm, xamig. " , -if Q cm., si. Clliilw. mai 'r..m. f..U+h.ii. Rf.-.w.1. ,P 'W InLr.imur.ils. V .1 515 ,- SEX DUTY: 5.5, Expiirf Cmriir, A115-rifin Ex- . -X, , port-lilwmmllwii Limw, 5.5. XllJl'lll.ll..DTlfll'. Xl1'!',l'f'- - xigfigxg ,',, fi vrfvs--v NlLfi11l'lll.iLl4 Limig 5.5. .'X:mric.'in hcfviil. 5.5. A fnitml 5:.ih-Q. Viiitrd hmri-4 Linis, SS. .-Xfricfm a2':'f,Q Riiiilimi, l-Iirrill Links. I COUXTllllfS YISITIQD: Alla-ri.x, .-Kr1v'min.1. Aiun xioii Iwixiirl. Azorw, Brxizil, Dcmimrk. Frrincv, Cvenn.iiiy, Grunt liramin, c:l"t'L'fC'. Icrlfirirl, Kun'-xi, K by 4 xx: Morocco. Nlnmimlwiqii-i, Xorvxny, I'nl.mcl, Hr- " r ,Vi A public uf South Africa, Swvdrn. T.inq.my:lc i, Tu- - uiii.i, Turkey, Uruguay. A "' .-. , ,fa SKI R .'l'l ...ix Y Franklin Lakes, New Jersey LOOMAN FRANKLIN STINCO an-mont, West Virginia F I ORD: C tholic choir, Newrnan ACQEEMSYQISECCIHD, Stella Maris Guild, Color Guartl, Basketball, Intramurals. . u f ' P'l t, F r ell Lines, S.S. Arserican Merchant, S.S. United States, Umfed States Lines. h D5 E t, France, Frenc COUNTRIES Vlsgglimny, xgiat Britain, India, West A Him' - ' bl' of the Congo, Somali- Libya, Pakistan, Repu XC land. , x 3 - 1 -,Q L00 4 f fi if GARY LEWIS y SWAN A I I Bakersfield, california p if 1 A ACADEMY RECORD: scholasucs. sraf, .spciefy Af Club. V . I - SEA DUTY: s.s. ohio, -States sreamship-c0.g.s'.s2 Co., S.S. Evergreen State, States Marine.Lines.y'T, COUNTRIES VISITED: Australia, LFiii "Islands, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, 'New Zea1and,70kig nawa, Philippines, Samoa, TailY?lUi.1Viet3"Narn. , f ,- s., I A I t -A f 1 f- P . Elms RAY RAYMOND FREDERICK TAYLOR ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Information Service, 'Varsity Club, Newman Club, Radio Club, Ski Club, Cross Country, Track. t ,SEA DUTY: S.S. Export Adventurer, American Export-Isbrandtsen Lines, S.S. Mormacpride, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. United States S.S. Pioneer Minx, United States Lines. A , COUNTRIES VISITEEDS Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, K0l'e21, Panama, Philippines, Spain, Taiwan, Uru- guay, Yugoslavia. ' ,VA lr., diy. ,M . sl 272 Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Trident, Ventura, 'S.S. Mariposa, The 0ceanicfSteanishipQ 41. 51 , -Soci mis, Tm lin C0-a S.S. Steamship nne Lines. F... na eiiiindi , Viet Nam. .. 5 BILLY RAY TEH' Union Springs. AlJb:im.i .XCADEHY RECORD. Ht'-fruit. Dingo C.:rtn'it'tc Protestant Choir, Bgsketkigll. Etvzviizi' Lv!!-,.' Intramiiuls. ' T "'A" SEK DUTY: 55- IU4':2'h L1-iifi, 5.5. NJIT- Catf- breath. 5.5. Stelii 1.3.5-vie, 5.5, 'i'h.5-fpwg AL..k,.3' LHU35 Brothers St.-itriehip Cu.. 5.5. .-Xifge Frou-1 Biooriih-:ici bt'f,iziiN!i.31 CL. I ' COUNTRIES VISIT-ED: B-Jfgiurrz, Clif,-:iH.,,i. Dwi. mftrk. I-'r.iiicu. Ct-rrfiarig,-, Gytig Bfigrlgui lug, I-iblwlv Mflfflunl. Pwrtti Ftif.-A Qikiirr. Yt-m.".,.I'.i' YV1SZO5i.1Vit1. SEX BILLY CYRIL LEO THIEL, IR. XVashinglon, D.C. .-XCADHMY RECORD: Ni-union Ciiih, Dmnifi Club, Mascot Kei-pc-rs, Socif-ty of Niivnl Architects um! Marinc Enslint-crs, Iiite-rnxitionul Rt-l,itiom Cliil, T1-nnh, Inlriiuiurals. I QN- SEA DUTY. S.S. Anwrictin Maixiuif.icturcr, Uiiitvtl States Lim-sg 5.5. Expvditor, S.S. Constitution, American lixport-klimiidticn Line-sg S.S. Santa Q S 'fern-sn, Cniw Line. COUNTRIES VISITED: Ciiiiv, Colombia, Cypriie, Ecuador, Fl'ill1l'l', Cc-riiiuny, Grvzit Britain, H.iiti, ln-hind. lsmvi, Ihily, Morocco, P.in.im.i, Pe-ro, X Portuuai, Spain, Tiirkuy, Yiigosltivin. 3.41 lp Xi DONALD GENE THONI.-XS Roecxiilv. California ,-iciioiixii' iirivoiiot inwi-. cmi.. Xi'ii"i4ii'1 Society, Tcniiw, liitr.i:mir.i14. ' sm DUTY. s.s. x.if.w.m ii.-if. iqtiizt im Liiivsg 5.5. Pri'-Qidvnt Tyivr, .imvricavi I'r:-xitlrrit Ling-53 5.5. Niorm.icil.wii. Nlfrori'-NTtf.of11'I11k Linus. ' Ct'JL'NTRUiS y'151TEDg Arg.-ntiri.i'. Bruin. Chilr, -'O Coiniiilmi. Hon: Ik0I1iI.,i'WlNN- l'V"f"'1' Ok'n'N'-'- P iiiiiii Pe-rii Phiiiiipixw-, T.ii'.i.in. Tflfllil-ILL .i. ., . L'rui:ii.iy, Y i-iirfin-i.i. gif X- ir' S 273 l, fl if 'Ui l XVACOS KID DON Ar PHILIP LOUIS TOMLET III Williston Park New York ACADEMY RECORD Scholastic. Stir Mulshzps Regimental Information Service Band Dance Band Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Cargo Club SEA DUTY SS Executor American Export Is brandtsen Lines SS Mormacdove Moore Mc Cormack Lines SS American Shipper SS Pio neer Myth United States Lines S S Gulf Oil Gulf O11 Co COUNTRIES VISITED Argentina Bahamas Bra 711 Germany Great Britain Greece Hong Kong, japan Korea Libya Morocco Panama Philip pines Spam Taiwan Turkey Uruguay TYSS S TERRY LAWRENCE TYSSELAND o 'N ' , S' '7,!Dallas, Texas - A ,ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Varsity t Club, Trident' C1 b,' W' d' , tive Committee, mem, Class Execu SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Catalina Grace L' - S S Pfesldent Cwlidge, American Presidenimiinesi ' SF- C0n5UFUf!0D, .American Export-Isbrandtseri LIDQSS 55- AYEEDUIHI, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Arentina Baham 151505, Bermuda, Brazil, Cgylon, Chile, Ccizmlhiizxi, Q :He?'?m?I'v Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, " fKamg Ong Kong, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, area, Malaya, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, ' giclgilvggr lilkgfiln, Punmga, Peru, Poland, Puerto ' 1 53111, lngapore, ain, y t L- Uruguay, Venezuela, VietpNan1?vedLn, Tluwan' TUNA DOUGLAS MUHR TORBORC Brooldyn, New York ACADEMY RECORD: Band Windjammers,:fI'rack, Intramurals. S ' ,-., ' 1 A SEA DUTY: S.S. Exeter, American Export-Isbrandt-9 sen Lines- S.S. Mormacscan, Moore-McCormack ,Linesg S.S. United States, SS Pioneer Moor United States Lines' S.S. Comet 'Military'-Sea Transport Service. -' '- COUNTRIES VISITED:, Argentina, Braaill Canada, Egypt France Germany Great Britain Greece Hong Kong Italy, Japan, Korea4Lebanon,-Paf-., nama Philippines Spain" Taiwan ,Uruguay f ? Q s .1 974 734, RBORC mmers, Tmk, :port-Isbrandb we-McCormack Pioneer Moor, , Military Sq Brazil, Canada, Britain, Green, Lebanon, Pa- , Umguay. 9 Q.. TONY JAMES ROGER YV.-XCIITEI. Nlonrouillv, Ohio Af:ADl':N1Y RECORD: Clm- Club, Hula! ffurnulli trv, Him: Duma- flrmumttf-v, XVnmlj,uurnc'rX., Immun mum!-. hl'fN DUTY. 9.5. .xHlQ'I'iL.lH Finn-rlrasl, lfluntml Sl :le- Linvf., 5.5. lfvqmrt lkxnvwr, .Xmwm m l'1'qmrt . , , . lihrnlxmllv-In Lrm-s 5.8. .xfflhlli lfntrmt Lnrrr-ll LOYIS ANTHONY YNGER III Nevin'-'-11. Connecticut .RC.kDEXI't' RECORD. Sf: -EH4f'Q Snr. Vx? Cltli, XG' H1271 C1 T-1,173 Ctff. F:-5" I:'.fr1rT'1r,2.2 TEH DTQTL: CN. X nv' Ev" N9.E1.f:i ' H N N N . r., . 0 x , ,X'x:f"r. f N' Y V NL- ' -Y! 4 1:-f H1 T f.f1f,'Y'TI'fIi4 YISZTEQTD. Y: 'L 1" 1,21 ,V vi., . i,.1,. I C, ,, ,Z C, , Eg, . .Ii C,.,.. Hn if. I-' -1. , Y N V ' N fy, j' 1 H. . , .. 1 .,- fffl' ,. 1' A Q, 4 . F X , Ya A w x ' L , -, Linn. I I 'T lZOL3N'l'IHl'.9 Yl5lTl'.Dt !'ql.lHll', Cxrmnnv, ilrf-.nr ' X "QT NULIIII, Hnlv, Km-mn, Hul.nmbiqlu'. Hx-punlwlu uf I ' Smith pxfruuu, South XY:--vt .Uru.n, Slum, 'Ifnngn 1 liflkll, Xugmlmm. x O I Mv- .Jw '-""1P',f f' J, .3 E I .I 1 'Q I'UN'l'l.'XC 424' B.XR'lWIIOl,0NIFNY -IOIIN NYXLSII F.: I XY vrvv' -" NlLXh1.N1uI4r-nw lx 1 . .M N . 4 ...HA 1 yx. ,XM rx 'Q X Q' T11-'Y N'.:f Y. 3 I,1t1 s. 55. fx.. XI T. Xv Ii 'TW I-'NI' 7" 7--TV .N V711I..-N,N.N"xI.v.,C" I IOI XTHHA Y.5F2sI.I3 '-...J ' 'V ' 'X""'- uf' fm.. 12.-,Q-gen, I3-mf., K 3. U. U :., 11, IEW , fi pm-Lnf. Ibm' 1. : x. ffl'-"' fff- -pig v , 1x1,1'1 l EI ..'1. I I r- !-.1:.1.., l. ,. N"E. Ili Y ' 12451 K N':'..1: ,X7.?.a. X N limi. l .. Q. 1 .YR 3, 1 xv s O, 11.1. J ,.,..., -.3 ,A- RICHARD WILLIAM WERNER Little Silver, New Jersey . ers, Track, Intramurals. can Archer, United States Lines. Burma, Ceylon, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Cer n India a an Korea Nether bia, Somaliland, Spain, Sudan, Taiwan. fv.f r I ROBERT RICHARD WOELFEL N Freeport, New York I X ACADEMY RECORD: S h l ' S X ' Board, Camera Club, Wregtlinzguc tar, Honor ,SEA DUTY: United States, S.S. American Merchant, United States Lines, S.S. African Pilot Farrell Linesg S.S. Express, American Exportl Isbrandtsen Lines. CZUNTISIESI g7ISITED. Angola, Egypt, French oma an , e , G X B' ' , - - Pakistan, Repulorlildnhyf tligaglogggjn India' Llbya' BOB ' 276 ACADEMY RECORD: Varsity Club, Dance Com- mittee, Intramural Athletic Board, Mascot Keep- SEA DUTY: S.S. Express, American Export-Is- brandtsen Lines, S.S. Pioneer Myth, S.S. Ameri- COUNTRIES VISITED: Aden, Arabia, Belgium, many, Hong K0 g, , J P , C, - lands, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Saudi Ara- fa 6 pf BRUTE HENRY JOHN WINKLER K Hamburg, New York ' ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Hear This, Newman Club, Intramural Athletic Board, Color Guard, Basketball, Intramurals. SEA DUTY: s.s. Pioneer Isle, 's.s. Pioneer Man, United States Lines, S.S. Santa Rosa, Grace Line. COUNTRIES VISITED: Australia, Canada, Dutch West Indies, Haiti, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Panama, Philippines, Puerto-Rico, Taiwan, Trinidad, Venezuela. is I f XYILLIABI LEOPOLD WOERXER 3 ' Duriclhn. Yin jlfxgy 4. Q l .:.C.1.i5v.x': L5-'Ori . . f Tryk. fi ' ' , ' ' 5 221. ri 7" . 5, 1 5 ' 5 9 M.. 0 D 1 s K E BXX X , WOERNY ,ER S'l'EPHl'IN IIARYICY WOYCKIC 0.4K Park, Illinois Al XUFNIY IHTUHD' V.nr.xI'f Klub. lflqlv' Sfmlt H env Thiv, ' " ' ' ' , , 3 3531-icolm Snurly, NI.xrlln,plkv Klub, Ska Klub, Smlnmf, ' SKK lllfl'Y. 8.5. l'1mn:iv-nf l'ylz'r, XS. I'rf'.uI'-rl! Q lggiiegan' 'lwlnr, Alm'rlr.m Prmxcln-Inf l.m:--., SS. Vvnnrml Y E' Shuhw, l'lnh'1f Stat'-w lnmw, 5.5. ,Urnr.m Huul ' .1 ,nada,Du!gh bmw, l'nrn-ll I.mf-4, SA. Nf11lln,ucxc.nlu, Nium.-. - Qaifla, 131315, Mxffvlrlmuk l.IUv'M, , 9.11- hcofrmwan' ffUl'Nl4lUl'.Y VlSI'I'l'.I7- .XFtfl'llllIll, Hrnfll, flxm- " Lmim, it-wlmn, lkfxgrt, l'unn1--, ilvrurm hflllllll, llnfng PXUIILI, .. 'E- -urs-R is mon u mx: H ll nm- I Iwnu mln it aj- X K H, SLI. ., M. J II l.l lx, M . I f-, f,kllb,UV.l, l'.nklxt.m, lh'Illl,blll' ui South Xhlcnn, km 'Hxxllxllcl frm: bxllignpurv, Spun, 'lfulnginluyx ., gvuy, Yu-I Nam. r 4 ' ' F N .4 XYONR A., EFL! 'If -V54 I ' K f- 1 I gd.: ., , AX 1- .1 ,.. - 'Q -L-LEA A"'f3f 1 1 - 1 f -' 'sl 12 ' - ' - "'E'ii fr- 'E , Q LW' ' ef, - QE , , fl qj,3f.,gsl51-' Q . g ig 11.3.93-g rl' U - ' I - r . 'I X 'Z 3 - his . . -fx -NJ .ff 1 . .. ,,.x X XX .. .. - . .-.X ,-, 2 r. v- yy! XM .xv fx vx XX xx K f, , . 1 mi W X . " fn' -, 17' - 1' 1 0 Q Xzx Adzema, John Thomas Allstadt, Louis William Anderson, Frank Robert Appell, Warren Gene Badger, Alden Bruce Becicka, Leonard John Belford, James Martin Bellomo, Michael Belmonte, Joseph Anthony, Blackstock, John Franklin Boughton, Roland Henry Boulware, Willoughby Tho Bova, William Joseph, Jr. Bowman, Jerry Ralph Boyer, Robert Lee Brackenbury, Phillip John Brekke, William Ole Brennan, Robert Dixon Jr. mas, III Broadhurst, Edward Irving, Jr. Brown, Timothy Andrew Bundren, VVilliam Albert Burghardt, Marshall David Busskohl, Terry Allan Cardulla, Richard John Carter, Gary Howard Charest, John Leandre Clark, Christopher Pierson Clarke, Thomas Arthur Cole, Richard Frederic Collins, Steven Richard Cook, Clifford Paul Corcoran, Timothy Joseph Cosky, Robert Harry Cox, Edward William Crow, Richard James Cumisky, James Michael Cummings, James Scott Cummings, John Michael Cummins, John Francis Daniels, William Robert Decker, Everett Drummond Denkman, VVilliam Frederick Dieterle, Frederick Carl, Jr. Di Ubaldi, Rocco Anthony, Jr. Dmochowski, Richard Stanley Dragoo, David Wallace Dreher, Roger Francis Dugan, James Paul Duncan, James Walter Eagan, William Thomas Eckhart, Thomas George Egbert, James Arthur Eggleston, Larry Glenn Ellett, John Victor, Jr. Ellis, Robert Forrest Erskine, Ernest Edward Evermonde, James Ellery, Jr. Fecher, Philip Augustus, Jr. Fitzgerald, Curtis Thomas Fitzgerald, David Francis Fitzpatrick, Robert Lee Flaks, Kenneth Peter Forbes, Donald Vincent, Jr. Forsberg, Ronald Alan Foster, Howard William Fowler, Ronald Jack Frye, David Allen Gaeta, Douglas Vincent CLASS OF Gaiser, Richard Edward Galloway, Fred Hunter, Jr, Garrett, Vincent William Gauslow, Ronald Wayne Cedzun, VV illiam John, Jr, Giani, Robert Edward Glass, Bobby Lee Clover, James Randall Graczyk, Robert Anthony Crandpierre, Glenn Robert Gregory, James Norton, Jr. Hagan, Roland Kenneth Hames, Peter Henry Hamilton, Douglas Andrew Hamilton, Wayne Kinnie Harter, Gerald Mericle Haskell, Richard Joseph Havasy, Gerard Francis Havnen, Charles Ransom Hay, John Penn, Jr. Heinan, Thomas Franklin Heliker, Charles Ernest Heselton, Kenneth Emery Hill, Charles Joseph Hoffman, Ralph Gaylord Hope, Brian Halliday Houghton, James Adam Howie, Bruce Carroll Howley, Robert Edward Hundertmark, Jay Lins Hurd, James Michael Hurd, Thomas Edmund Inouye, Gordon Earl Jacobs, Dale William Jacobson, Theodore Lee faffee, Walter William D ames, Ralph Douglas Jeffries, DeW'ilton Bender, J Johnson, Kenneth Arnold ohnson, Stephen Roger Johnston, Ronald Bruce funge, Peter Adolph Kahn, Richard Joseph Keating, Joseph FranCiS Kennedy, Brendan J0hI1 I' Kennedy, Henry Vincent, lf- Kimble, John YVilliam King, Norman Edward Knopnicki, David Herbert Kothrade, Richard Clarence Kromann, Robert Neil La Croix, Travis Hugh Leggat, Walter Scott , If , jr. It nC6 1965 Lehmann, Rudigcr Karl Ernst Lciglincr, David lguircnce Lcntz, David Christian Leonard, Robert john Lloyd, Darryl Crank Loomcr, lgrwrmricc: Sturgis lxirussn, lliclizircl .-Xntliony lmiglrlin, llubcrt Xlicliiic-l xl21flf'VllJllI'2j, llicliarcl Xlzrrl-ciffwicz, lmiii Xllrltvr Nlzison, lzirnlrs lfnrl Xlzitcglif-lr, fllrirrlr-s Xl illirirn Xlzrlliis, Nlnrli .Knflrzr Xlcnlllim-r, llxtricli jrirnr-5 N11-flfiiilwll, l,rirc-ri .Xllvn Xlc-Chu in, l'.rtric-lx Nlic lrrurl Xlc-flmllx, 'lllirmris lnrmw Xlr'KmI.r, lhriil-l lm:-pli Xlf-clflf-rs, lllril ,Xllaf-rt Xlr-nwr, l"rirr1lxlyIiXY.nyi1e- Xlrw.u'is, llif-lmrcl l'1'le-r' Xlillvr, l.11m-c- .Klan XlIlll'l', Xl.ll'llIl lll Xlillifr, Xlfrllc-r Xlr-Nilr, lll Xleillnc-rsill, Xllf-n l'lflxx.u'cl N.llxUs,xxllllrllIl C,lrmtn1ilifr X1-ilf, Xlic'l1.u'l Ni'lwn,l7r'.1l1l"r.111lxli11 Ni-limi, llrnlm cvllllllll, lll Nl'XYlUIl, llilviil l .vn- l,Xl'lll,'l1llllll',1ll!1lf'll,VlI'. 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ZllVlII'lf'l', lim-qlfin CLASS 0F 1966 Annis, Rupert Ellsworth, IH Appelhans, Richard Clinton Banaszewski, Paul Anthony Barbour, George Jeffrey Basso, Richard Edward Battista, Joseph Hohn, Jr. Behm, Robert Joseph Belinske, Frank Michael Bem, Joel Edward Benjamin, William Maxwell Binam, Gary Boyd Birgenheier, David Bernard Bjelland, Ronald Wiggo Blair, Glenn Thomas Blankenship, Teddy Kent Blythe, Robert Allen Bobb, John Karl Bock, Lawrence Ashley Bordelon, James Clinton Bortz, Richard Vaughan Bradley, Francis James, Jr. Breyfogle, Walter Alfred, Jr. Bristoll, Thomas Anthony, Jr. Britz, Wayne Linden Buscemi, Thomas, Jr. Brown, George Turner, Jr. Brown, William Douglas Butler, Orville Corwin Carter, Gary Howard Carter, John Charles Cayce, Kent Anderson Chandler, Thomas Haywood Chrisman, John Calvin Collevecchio, Leonard William Collins, Richard Vincent Combs, Wilburn Lee Connell, Carl Ward Conway, Donald Maxwell Coolidge, Tommy Calvin, Jr. Cooper, Jon Henri Cuccio, Robert James Cullis, Michael Dennis Cunningham, Frank Michael Curland, James William Curtin, John Paul, H Davis, Charles Maurice Dake, Charles Merrit, IH Davies, Ronald Lewis Davis, Charles Maurice Dent, David Alan Donley, John Adams, Jr. Doran, Richard Charles Douglas, Kimo James Dozier, Gary VV arren Driscoll, Ralph Paul Duenas, Roy Paulino Dunham, Robert Hall Earle, Timothy'Hampton Ebertsch, Theodore Andrew Eggers, John Frederic Einhart, James Richard Ellis, James Stark English, Joseph Michael Flavel, Melvin Robert Fredericks, Philip Henry, Jr. Freeman, Patrick Allen Gabriele, Joseph Alberto Geyer, George William Gifford, Michael James Gonsman, James Arnold Greenhut, David George Gregorek, Walter Hohn Gregory, James Norton, Jr. Guest, Frank Eugene Hahn, Edward William Hall, William Barry Harahan, Thomas Proctor Harrelson, Thomas William Haw, John Osborne, Jr. Healey, Kevin Owen Heitert, Gilbert Ross Hernandez, Jaime Manuel Herrmann, Frank Peter Hessman, William Edward Hewlett, Holden Willets Hoyer, Jim Carl Huetteman, Edward William Hurd, John David llenda, Charles Albin Irwin, James Richard Jaskierny, Arthur Karl Jeane, Gerald Louis Jochmans, John Jack Johnson, John Lester, IH Keitel, Gunther Paul Kempf, Leslie Kelly Keneally, Donal Patrick Kennedy, John Carr Kinsey, Robert Duwe Kirby, John Robert Klein, James Vincent Klemm, XVilliam Howard Klip, Jolm Edward Koehler, Stephen Kirk Kopeny, Randall James Kranzler, Jon Allan Kubis, Michael Francis XIII XI XI XIII XI I 'ilAlfIIY'll1IlIl. .-XIIIIIIIIII I' I.I'fIIAI'II K L I III"II'x' XX IIIIQIIII III-It I -I',' I 'I X "I'II' III-tI-r IIIIIII-I 4 -I I I-wis, IIIIIIIN I.1IIIIIII-It I Irwia, 'IIII IIIIIIIIIIII I lI'IlXAlI'l'lIx, I..III XIII-II I II-III-IU, ILIIIIIW IIIIIIIII II1I'sI'Il I.II"fIIlX I'x.Iw I -, 1 MJ I IIIIIIJIIIII' IIIWIIII Iv IIII I III4'Iw IIIIIffI'I' I , 1 XIIIIII, IIIIVIJII IIt'II'l' XILIIIIII II'I'II' XX lI'I'1 Il I INIII' II K I , I XIIIIIIII-II, XX IIIIIIIII I IIIIIIIIII , . 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Bievenour, Raymond L. Biziorek, Raymond J. Blumenstein, Robert K. Bohn, Charles A. Bojko, Joseph L., Jr. Boswell, Frederick M., Jr. Boyd, William R. Brooks, Richard S. Broster, John B. Brousseau, Francis R. Bruce, Robert D., IV Bryan, Robert E., Jr. Burlingame, William J. Burns, Alton, Jr. Burns, William D. Butterworth, Robert M. Campbell, Michael E. Campbell, Richard A. Carson, Robert W. Carter, Lawrence, A., Jr. Cartwright, William R. Cavallaro, James K. Chapman, Roger B. Chellel, Raymond J., Jr. Ciaurro, Michael J., Jr. Clark, George A., Jr. Clark, Peter D. Clarke, Leo G., III Clausen, William R. Colby, Paul I. Collar, Donald J. Colletti, Alan E. Collins, John J. Collins, Richard B. Conaton, Daniel M. Conlan, Gary W. Conway, Thomas W. Cox, James W. Cox, Joseph J. Crossman, David G. Dandrea, Michael A. Davenport, David D. Davis, Lee E. Delo, Donald A. Dennis, Edward S. G. Dersch, Donald R. De Spain, Lawrence A. Dickerson, William R., III Dickison, John D. Diener, Donald W. Dolan, Frederick D. Dorsett, Brent H. Drengler, Alan H. Drew, Dana C. Elliott, Gerald O. Elliott, Roger H., Jr. Emerick, Larry H. Evans, Raymond S., Jr. Fenimore, Harvey C., III Ferrell, Don E. Fewer, John H. Fink, Gregory L. Flink, Lars G. Flynn, Johnny R. Folan, Terence B. Ford, John M. Forister, Kenneth E. Foss, Atle N. Fredricks, Richard E., Jr. Friedman, Ronald J. Gallo, Gregory Garlitz, James C. Gehegan, Joseph P., Jr. Geller, Kenneth L. Gettier, Vogel R. Gilhousen, Michael R. Gill, Kim A. Gitzen, Jerome J. Glas, Bradley J. Goff, David C. Goldmacker, William Gossom, Richard R. Grady, David D. Graves, Alan L. Gray, John S. Grega, David M. Griflin, Stephen Gunvaldson, Gaylord M. Hammer, John T. Hardy, John H. Harkins, John H. Hartmann, Michael D. Havasy, James H. Heironimus, Richard D., Jr. Hendrick, Peter L. Hendry, Larry W. Hickson, Ronald H. Hill, John N. Hitchens, Philip Hoey, James M. Holt, Robert W., Jr. Holy, William G., Jr. Hopperstad, Bruce A. Hormann, Paul M., Jr. Horst, James M. Hudzik, Michael G., Jr Hutt, William B., Jr. Hughes, Michael Hunicke, Wayne J. Ingraham, Kenneth W. Issing, Kevin D. Jennings, Michael J. Jeuvelis, William P. Johnsen, Stephen A. Jordan, Peter S. Judd, Kenneth G. Jump, Frank E. Kaiman, George Kaiser, Walter G. Kasarauskas, Paul M. Kasprik, Andrew J. Keegan,.Joseph T., Jr. Keels, William E., Jr. Kehoe, Dennis R. Keisch, Alex Keller, Richard C. Kent, Richard G. Kerkman, Charles H. Killpack, V. Lewis, Jr. King, Harold M. King, Michael G. Kirby, Charles H., III Klein, Robert A. Kleinberg, Samuel N. 51 Knott, Benjamin P., Ir. Kobel, Bruce P. BI. Kozak, Larry BI. Kroeger, Nicholas B., Ir. Kroll, David L. Kubach, Cary L. Kucinski, Raymond Kummcr, Donald A. Kyzcr, David Ir. I.ac11cr, john I.21TI'l1J, Icffrcy XV. I,z1mp1z1nd, I.cc I.. I.ZlYlC1IS, I.r:on:1rc1 A. I.z111ritsr:11, XIz11'ti11 I.. I.z11'i11ff, 1211008 XI. I.:1w1'r'11c1:, IJL1I'I'f'11 D. I.:-1111, I11111f:rt I'. I.lT1JllC',fJ11Vl'I'11. 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'I'1111111.14 X. I111c1Qdcic11u1. I..111 rv11g1f XI . L 1 N 1 1 1 I. 'Q N I X'X , . 1 1 "ID .. 31. 1, l .1131 15. 1' 1' 111 ...1111NX 11 ...x.., , .g C . -..,.,xx,::h '11 -1 xX 1111111.11 R111111vt11 1 Ii 1 1. 111111111 ..-.,...1k .. 111.11-11 1x '11 K. 1 . ..... K-1114111111 NN .1X111.11111 11' 1 1 11111111Wx 5.11. I '11 1111111111 .X 4 N 1 1 1111111111 ..111.1 111. 111111 1 111 111x111 U II. XY. 111 bl. 15 1 Xkk111.11111l'N.'x. 1111 101111. 111 Q 1 x1111.51111111l11'. 11 1 NXl111.1l111..111 .1111 11.lNI111 .1111 1111111 1-., 11 D .111111 11111111 1 II 11 X1.1lll1kl"x 11111 11.111111 111.1111 H., 111 111 111 '114'S. 11111 1 S1:11111'x X 11111 Il 1:11111'x11. I 111111111 X111 11111. , 1111 111. f1.111.111r11 11.1111 1.111111 1 XX' 11 Il X11Ix111 , . 11 f 1. I11111.1111 IJ 1111 1'f'1f'r II1 1111. 1111111111 1' 1111 ' I'Ir1w: 1111111g.1.,1f1x 1r11 j1. rf 7 1 X K - - ,,,- World s Largest Burlcler of Nuclear Vessels lIeIupnrIIIeu1sSh1phuIIdIng and Dru Dock Cnmpanu NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA I I ' I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I 9 . I ' I I I I I ' I ' I I I I I E I I I I , ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I ' I ' I I 1 ' I ' I ' I I 3 1 3 1 X 3 3 3 QIQYVISOE 917 AI.I. CLASSES OF OCEAN AND INLAND MARINE INSURANCE HOME OFFICE: 'I23 WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK 38, NEW YORK omcfs nmoucnour me ummm smss - cuums AND smuuc AGENTS Iunoucnour THE woRLD 284 if O tutes Manne lfkes Serving all Coasts of the U. S. with QS eervicee between 28 countries and ISS ports AT YOUR SERVICE 0 E3E".'.EEN .J S, PORTS. AND FAR EAST ' EUROPE IVIEDITERRANEAN UNITED KINGDOM 0 ve -EDNQTINENT SERVICE BETWEEN EUROPE ' U.S. ATLANTIC- SULF-PACIFIC ' FAR EAST 0 SREAT LAKES- EUROPE SERVICE ' SREAT LAKES-FAR EAST SERVICE o INTERCOASTAI. SERVICES BETWEEN GULF AND PACIFIC PORTS AND FROM PACIFIC LUMBER PORTS TO ATLANTIC PORTS BERYH AGENTS I ,fi IR X 90 Brood Street, New York 4, N. Y, ' DI 4'884O WORLD WIDE FULL CARGO SERVICES Baltimore ' Beaumont ' Boston ' Brownxville ' Buffalo ' Calexico Chicago ' Cleveland ' Dollox ' Detroit ' Fresno ' Galveston Hous long Beach ' los Angeles ' Memphis ' Mobile New Orleans ' New York ' Norfolk ' Philadelphia ' Portland,Ore. Son Francisco ' Seattle - Washington, D. C. bdjiiiies AMERICAN RIAG TRADE ROUTES "" . . BETWEEN u. s. GULF PORTS AND THE woRLn u K I' E COIl1IIlEul1:u n all' E. on ml! c.AR"""u LIINIES Offices at: NEW ORLEANS, HOUSTON, GALVESTON, NEW YORK, Beaumont, Drownsville, Chicago, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Kansas City, Lake Charles, Memphis, Mobile, Port Arthur, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington, D C LYKES BROS. STEAMSHIP CO., lNC.- OFFICES AND AGENTS IN PRINCIPAL WORLD PORTS Why Not Make 0, Little History? The history of Insurance Company of North America since its founding in 1792 al- most parallels the history of America itself. In the early days of the struggling republic, INA provided vital protection for sailing ships and their cargoes-protection which in- sured progress for the new nation. Then, expanding with the young democracy, INA 'began to protect the homes, businesses and lives of Americans in all parts of the country. Today, after 172 years, INA displays the same initiative and inventiveness which the founding fathers found so valuable. Recently, INA has insured risks incident to the con- struction of nuclear-powered submarines, jet- age missiles, tracking cameras for missiles, and an inertial guidance system for putting men into space. Modern INA policies also cover the operations of giant industries and institutions all over the world. And most important, INA is providing security and happiness for millions of families through the peace of mind that insurance on life and property brings. A career in insurance can make you a part of the continuing history of America and INA. INSURANCE COMPANY OF NORTH AMERICA Life Insurance Company of North America World Headquarters: Philadelphia 288 Precisely what H1118 is No mo rlmlts vvt-r trnlv agrw-.l,X'l1f-n wr- want to talk really precise time wi' must talk milliontlis nl. .1 sr-mml. Wi- must talk Spf-rrv Loran CI. Loran C is the nation's most aczmiratu long-rangv timv tlistriliiition svstvm. lint it miolit not twist at all wore: it not for Sperry creativity. 1 Since NYXY ll, Sperry has vxplorvml iisvs for tliv are-at pre-rpision anrl range anrl the long- term oconomivs ol' Loran, Nianv timvs X.VUTlxlilQ.'tlOIlt',SPPI'l'yDllI'Sllf?flI'f?SG!?lI'f1l'lEll'1ddf2VFZl- opment of the system to oxtvntl its lrontivrs. Loran CI totlav is ahoarcl modern submarines: is vital in air. sea and space navigation: is an important link in our early warning sys- tem. and is itself a time standard at the Naval Observatorv in Washington, DC. If time D'V'5'0NS OF U N ' 'I V v SPERRY RAND is your problem. Sperry Loran may solve it. General Offices. Great Neck. New York. coRPoRAT1oN 259 -.ka-ff.J-, . V. . A -1 V .- '-1' A WE'LL BE PROUD TO MEET YOU ON THE SEA ROUTES OF THE WORLD United Fruit Company Pier 3, North River, New York 6, N. Y. General Offices: 30 St. James Avenue, Boston I6, Mass. 64 years of dependable Steamship service COLOMBIA ' COSTA RICA ' DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ' ECUADOR ' EL SALVADOR GUATEMALA ' HONDURAS ' BRITISH HONDURAS ' JAMAICA ' NASSAU NICARAGUA ' PANAMA ' PANAMA CANAL ZONE world wide service TODD OIL BURNERS Firing the boilers of thousands of passenger liners, merchant ships and naval vessels . . . TODD BURNERS set a world standard for peak efficiency and rugged performance. T 0 D D sl-nPvAnos coRPonATloN PRODUCTS DIVISION SALES AND SERVICE DEPARTMENTS Halleck Street, Brooklyn 3I, N. Y. 290 -v 2 gk. '41 We fi., ix X. Wink 'R lr .ex as. P Nt s,J' J A . "' Y" 5W'7 1 --Aff W W ff ' , x N K v 4 . t Y , s VA' rv Q, 4 ,. Q , ,ig ' N vu .. A, L -K 6 1 avg Q 1 K. 5 5 - A alt? - A 'Q LL.. X K V ,fd - L, , -' . 5 1: ' K ". , 'K A 'xl X 5 ff. as 'X it . Q x A ., 2 if X. . 1 A' j w ay p I A s " " S I , v 5, ' 2 1 A e in Q . is G it f X - f .' A fff to X X , V f,,g'a .f fm ,Q A XX X E I , V bt - 'g X31 ' ' - gl ff V ga I 'W -. E' v 1, , , s X Y ASX X in I X his 1 2. 1 4 1' rv , - r 6 K x :R . X 1 l - il - . MONEY THAT STAYS IN THE COUNTRY RETURNS TO WORK FOR YOU! By specifying American ships. you are investing in your own country. If, on the other hand, American im- porters, exporters and travelers patron- ize foreign ships, strength is taken away from the U.S. Merchant Marine. Dollars leave the country, thus contributing to the deficit in the balance of payments now causing our government great concern. The passenger and freight ships of American Export Isbrandtsen Lines are proud to serve in our nation's Mer- chant Marine. They are equipped with the latest facilities for rapid loading and efficient handling of every type of cargo. They offer dependable service at competitive rates between U.S. Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes ports, the Medi- terranean, U.K.!Continent, Middle East, South Asia and around the world to the Far East, U.S. West Coast ports and Puerto Rico. Supporting your Merchant Marine is good business for all Americans. AMERICAN Exrolrr ISBRANDTSEN Ln-uss 24 BROADWAY,N.Y.,N.Y.10004 -Telephone 797-7222 QN.Y.Area Code 2123 -'91 ., .."' " "'3:' -1- L..'.,'.f . "'T1"' T17':"-f-3-,"V U' -i' - f -fb sz - 1-45-2-Fry:-2'-1-5',' 'Q -Fife ' '- .rf-2" MARsn 84 MCLE NNAN CONSULTING ACTUARIES AVERAGE ADJUSTERS 6 I. I On the job wherever a eIIent's Interest Is at stake ' 1 1 II ' yn.Il'AIv,ggI Q gnmranmmm SXZYESLSIII WFS-QIHUII xx if to the Class Of 1 HUNIBLE OII. 8. REFININO. COlVIPANYf MARINE DIVISION HOUSTON TEXAS X 1 THESE ARE SOMF OF THE '.'.,-'-YE TTT N i FT ' ff" 'mi ffiFi VJ',FTF1f-l,l , NAT'O'13ACL HIGH - ARMYSQSE 1f"ffT2 'f1Ti'i7'T TiT' Ti l l ITF - ?'JFfJ!'5 TT72f+T'lSPORTAHLTg GROUND STATION - ARMYXS E f ?F?ff?'T A'-74 VPU? 7 WTTF 7-' ' lf,-+'1F'SEUR-MED TROPO T486LJ COASTCEL,1AF2D'SLORFTNC-3-'-iT':Uff "T 7f"JTF?'ATl. PF?'7TECT 5115515 ' NAVYS TACAN TARN SQWT - NORAXUS DENY' LINE - F-1.-'V ' '. '7RTfwf ' EYHTTE HULJSH HOT UNE ITT wa 3-rv -7 3.4-1.1 - ?,,!,9.,-g.,.w:... V 1 proudly We salute . . . DELTA LINE is proud to recognize the following men who are part of the growing list ' ' fl t th of Academy-trained personnel ashore and aboard IIS American Flag ee at pro- d l d service to the East coast of South AmerIca vides U.S. Gulf ports with regular sche u e and the West coast of Africa: PETER I. BOURGEOIS ROBERT D. BRYAN Capt. LeVERE CDDLEY GEORGE E. PEREIRA CHARLES E. SCROGGINS Capt. CARL V. STEINHAUSER Capt. E. R. SEAIVIEN Capt. ARCHIBALD E. FRASER HARRIS NI. JENSON DANIEL P. KIRBY JAMES L. COX Capt. DONALD I. DelVlETZ JOHN H- LANG JOHN DISANTOS ERNEST J. I.eRUTH JOHN lVl. PLATT JAMES C- ORR Capt. JOHN W. CLARK, C401 President ' IRA. ' ft. S?-. .f iw D E LTA s T EA NI s H I P LI N E s, I N c. I I I P. O. Box 50250, New Orleans 50, La. EWYORK , CHICAGO o HOUSTON 0 WASHINGTON KINGS POINT MARITIME ASSOCIATION, INC. KINGS POINT, NEW YORK l PRESIDENT HON. HAROLD J. McLAUGHLIN FIRST VICE PRESIDENT JOSEPH T. BORZELL SECOND VICE PRESIDENT CAPT. E. M. PAULSEN THIRD VICE PRESIDENT AL WIND, SR. TREASURER RICHARD McNEILL SECRETARY fCorrespondingI MRS. FRANK VERONA fliecordingl MRS. FRANK STURZENBERGER A nation wide organization founded in 1953 as the Association of Parents and Friends of Kings Point to foster the best interests of the Academy and the Regi- ment of Cadets. In 1959 our Association changed iiS name to-KINGS POINT MARITIME ASSOCIATION, INC., but continued its dedicated purpose--To foster the best interests of the United States Merchant Marine Academy and the American Merchant Marine. Member- ship is open to anyone interested in the American merchant marine and its Academy at Kings Point. Menl- bership meeting held annually and Board of Govern01'B meets monthly. Annual dues three dollars. 294 we Z Petroleum products for whatever work the-re is to be dormemwherever it is to be oormemorm land. in the air or on the seven seas. ..,. . 5- -1- ,,.--..-. - GULF OIL CORPORATION D -Ylzf PREPAREDN ESS A strong, experienced, ready merchant marine is one of our nation's key weapons. Moore-McCormack Lines plies four major world trade routes in World trade and pleasure cruising. At the same time it is maintaining the training, dis- cipline and alertness of its officers and the readiness of its ships. This makes for a strong Naval Reserve. NIOCIRE-IWCGDRNIACK LINES 11--- - 1 1 nn: '1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 19770 . GJ E E Retails ,QE 4, E Ab t . 5295 COFFIN 'ILUIIEBO PUMP 5 FMC conronnm-10N 326 South Dean Street ' Englewood, New JefWY E I , I ' l Keep the Whole Family "SAFE AT SEA" E 5 : l , l , l . , I RANDY BOATSHUS ' ' ' I E : I The Randy Boatshu with "Perimeter Traction Action" : I grips the slipperiest decks: specially designed sole does E RElyl110I1d Bocksel I not pick up sandg uppers of finest duck: womens styled 1 I in Needle Toe Fashiong Randy Boatshus selected for the : General Sales Manager E U.S, Olympic Sailing Team. Slipon and Oxford styling. E g Randy Boatshus are beautifully giit packaged in a 4 color l E "SAFETY AT SEA" Shoe Box. Gift Certificates are available. l : E E I A g 5 RANDOL' 1 l 2 : RAND E ig 296 s 5 QY x, 3- --r - s-qf N-. NN Mb- L 1444 xv-unix .EN ,- .-1. X -Nsvi.-4k , x, , ' rl'-'gvfliv 2-E41 -Q lil- . '-1. S'Q.fL7l9', 'l- 'N R .. ., 'Nz' --X1 A -Q 12,- ff- 'vqfza 4 "S Va' 'Ex , Yftg f-'fo I ' 'iks Q '- .Q 'xv'-3' ff" it fa , E - E, ef- Hx 'E 'x wif- .s X, W P 'rw 5' '- J K K I ,""xQi,..SEg-..,X ' 'x. ' :H ,-,.,. A. , ix 1 ua- Q? . 1 0 X- cf il- .X . 4 ' 7 l E .s.--'cf-' '.p -'fig ' it X Q., .,- . S Q' .. V M -ax .vie . -X Q, H- .rqrfgl -r H r me-Ax N '51 'T -gig E51 pi ,jar ' . ,Q las" 'Heli I" .J .D '-'- .-4 - .. g,,nJ-' ' uwr?"f'iE'-22' . 5,1 . , E-iq.. .--ff .TX X 'X i . 1, ,,., E N N3 jf' , P Y l,. Q1 fi :col iff 1 42 i' L' .- . ,., N.- , jj-va-X . . , N qi xt X- I- s r arm., now providing weekly service to Havre and London The first American Challenger, fore- runner of this group of five, broke all records for Transatlantic cargo ship crossings. She averaged more than 24 knots going and returning. Only four superliners operate faster. That voyage inaugurated U.S. Lines Super Express service to Havre and London. Now 0110 of tliit Hr-ot offix'f'l1r.1ml new hclll.lllt'HQtxI'uL'l.t99 Qlupi Q.ulQ every Fri- dax' from New Ynrlx. .-Xnrl lu' yeark enfl hve more siiter slupQ will have loinerl the t'.S. Linef fleet Serving v.'eQtr-rn European ports. These vessels provide ShipperS with unexcellerl service. Fastest-six and one-half days' transit time to and fr0m Plump:-. Efficient and safe-most mod- ern cargo-handling equipment with lmnms up to seventy tons' capacity. For the fastest, safest cargo moving, specify shipment by United States Line-Q. Contact your freight forwarder or call direct. NITED STATES LINES ONE BROADWAY - NEW Yomc 4, NEW Yom - TELEPHONE oioav 4-2840 3 52 ' "Y"'f -'S,i5,q-Egg' ' 31 29. 9? 5 P EP' 453' gif P P' Q55- ., .f Many hundreds of Kings Point Graduates, over the years, have traded uniform caps to serve aboard our world-wide fleet of luxury liners and modern cargo vessels. Their skills and diligence help to make ours a respected house Hag in ports from Boston to Bombay. Our sincere congratulations. s AMERICAN PRESIDENT LINES 'Y'Hg 'u.'?:: Compliments of T' H0 g a n sa MATHIASEN IANKER Sons, Inc. mnusimis, mi. Stevedores O 'k 531 WEST 19th STREET Public Ledger Building NEW YORK 1 N Y L . . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106 I.IllCllfillllllllllllllfllliffffx' 298 ' 3 AND WDRLD'S M RIN 3 Szm1rM.1L1y1Ll1a-is f wr' M 1: f M fcML1fM.zxss mf' 'M D 'K Yu fl AND THE CADET CORPS DF U.S. MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY l Mnnm u ms, 695 Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Carrier Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have served all classes of commercial and naval vessels for more than 45 years. I Carrier Marine Service is located at all deep-water ports along the principal trade routes of the world. AIR CONDITIONING MARINE DEPARTMENTS 385 Madison Ave., New York I7, N. Y. Plaza 9-5000 S. Van Ness Ave., Sun Francisco 10, Calif. MArke1 6-0550 UIIIIIS'IOPIIIlII J. FUSTEII Consulting Engineers FLOATING DRY DOCKS GRAVING DOCKS MARINE STRUCTURES PORT FACILITIES SHIPYARD EXPANSIONS OFFSHORE PLATFORMS . SURVEYS, CONSULTATIONS, DESIGNS Cr SUPERVISION F'EFB'GEHAT'0N 44 WHITEHALL smear-New Yoruc 4 TEL. Digby 4-orzs CABLE Aonness "CEFOSTA". ' f F ' .. W .af 5. QR AG . l Y -- largest fleet serving the Americas exelusivel 1 RUM4.1iliI1Lf Yup: tw rruii-' litwra tlru'-X 'Y U ' TA ' l fr uf 'M Jlip-T11xv!nr'g+-nl .1 pm-wi rrufmfw- qv' Y F- f' " 1 1 I 1 H fux1 fvrwiw' tn th- .Xmvrivmg fm' rzuu' 77' X- Ll' .' - 'lf T 'ff 'fm' Y vwxrurx.'l'im1L1J1 Ihr' xl xr- Iii'-T1 I - ' I' IViUI1"t'I' hue grw-H vjt' 712- vfm"'r wr'xvN l'm1xx U ' llrxw I,ir'v :TNT T- 4 ' ' ' T "7 ' I Hlflf Llrnlvst wpwl'1I1" " 1-xv1L1X1'.:i'. UZ '.'. 1-W 5' "' N "' Wm: .-Xruvric lx. YL' fi- V ' The ruwguitivsizt SUV: If .xii-i Sf? Vffl- 1' 1 th' 12115:.m-tlwormh' l1x1w4hf2'Nff"9JT'f 3 xr -X-TT' 7.1 r s 11 Hn built SEN-vitiv.1UY t'-mr l'ar2Elm-ni X.. TE'.-'.'x-11- .ww ., H ff H I YH . l'.uL1r.xll-xmgwghizw-, tin- 5" .Yfg Iflf ig' '.1-.'x73.- Tlf I 1 ff T1 :nl HH! Q -eff 5111311 .M'1:1':I:-pu. .uni .Kgzti -riff ff- lf- E' ' H 1' " U' UI' "" ' JIw'un:3s. .Lrv vltizxg :ww rlafifi :T-I V--1-'if YV- HUT' 'BVU'- G RAC E QL I THE MOST FAMOUS NAAAE IN INTER-AVEFHCAN sznv . f 'P'fEERE5L1'f 411 'il--1-Zvi 3-+A V',.. - 1 Effl INSURANCE BROKERS - FRANK B. HALL 8: CO. INC. 67 WALL STREET NEW YORK 5, N. Y. WHitehaII 4-3300 AVERAGE ADJUSTERS COMPLIMENTS OF ",,f:',f2f5 2'7L:-X te "Q - li- E ,wx SQ wig? E5 x N Q cf 3:541 1 Q - Xo liiflv Tile Wfmler Bar "'4ifff2ff"' U.S. Merchant . Marine Accidennq Madison Ave. at 38th St, New York 16, N. Y, 302 Alumni Association Serving the Academy, the Regiment Of Cadets and the graduate body . . . and through all-the American Merchant Marine and the Nation i 11:- "il MODERN MARI E TER I AL ZABE1 UTHOR I THE PORT OF EW YORK Over 5,250,000,000 has been invested by The Port of PORT NEWARK AND New York Authority under a S425,000,000 ee Hoaoxcm-TSSQSAUTHORTW development program to provide modern, efficient facilities at its six marine terminals, three in New York and three in New jersey. These terminals handled 8,600,000 tons of cargo in 1963. They provided employment for 9,300 people who earned SSl,750,000. IKIIISACI M BROOKLYN-PORT AUTHORITY PIERS A ,. 1 N M ion mt of . and Marine 2 Y. "R: ri.. T 4 5 I ' . .f.... k A 'Q W.. S' 71:3 A I I 00290 O lhv J ERIE BASIN-PORT AUTHORITY PIERS 1.11 A, THE PORT OF NEW YORK AUTHORITY we mm 111 Eighth Avenue, New York, N 'nigger Q 1, .Y. 10011 303 TERMIN 3"3-1-X-3-3-3"H-3-3-Y-Y-1-3-3"3 KEYSTUNE 1 SH"'P1NGC"' f CITIESSEIWICE Sh p O d Ag Qalutes the 15:25 UNITED STATES ACADEMY L i wners, 1 Operators an ents f I ' ' 1 X ' MERCHANT MARINE 1ooo WALNUT STREET ELPHIA, P 05 4 IBUI1 i1 World wide ccwgo SQTTQWSCQS. . . can mean world wide career oppcwtzmities for you FROM ALL COASTS OF THE UNITED STATES TO: Indio - Pokisron - Ceylon - Saudi Arabia ' Iran ' Iraq ' Thailand ' Burma ' Formosa ' Okinawa ' Hawaiian Islands Japan ' Korea ' Malaya ' Singapore ' Philippines - lnconeso - Viet-Nom Cambodia ' Laos ' Alexandria ' Lebanon ' Red Sea ' Neorond Middle East QI if ffl. 0fSI"t' OFFI"ES Balt mo e Beaumont - Bosto B o s l G2 Calexico Chicago 1 Cle eland D-BUGS 9 Fresno Galveston 0 Houston L Q 59301 Lcs Angeles 0 Memphis Mob le N9 O le '15 New York - Norfolk - Pl'xlaClelDl'1 a PO land O 9 San Franc sco 0 Seattle we ln not n D C 90 BROAD ST. NEW ASE,-13 ir pre ,al cities ard If fl-5 wff ,.....o-.lo......... --.. V .305 X Available Everywhere in the United States and' throughout the World 1FSend for Inst of Agents International Distribution could only be built on a Iine of Marine Paints that afford the shipowner the maximum in protection, durability and economy. lt's a safe habit to specify International. X nlernaliunal Paint Bumpang. Inc. To the Class of '64 Our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes on your graduation . . , and through the years to come. We invite you to join the thousands of oflicers who are served exclusively by Federal Services. 0 Founded by former servicemen in 1924 0 Serving officers of the U, S, Armed Forces wherever sta- tioned 0 Pioneers in world-wide automo- bile Hnancing 0 Signature loans by airmail around the world EP,QE552o2E53sEf 2I West Street, New .York e S. Linden Ave. S. San Francisco Penn' Ave-, Vvashington 61 3915 'Louisa St., New Orleans A WORLD-WIDE PAINT ORGANIZATION C mpitmeftls' Ol O XXX ' 'twill ll W Kb X1 N. Ni- '5l . X BROOKLYN EET RT STR 76A COO rg ,....-E 306 l W .Ju 1 Z ' 1 v 1 Q EAMAN ee IMON SAYSNIT. IN THE BAG Ice-Cold Coca-Cola. that isf I"-'-1-8-g1:zz.1.rirzrtt " e ' "- bottle of Coke is like 11 ship '.x'iT?'. 21.2 for thmgs go better Like S9LlITll1I1SiH'l0N,N21K'j'ITIr"" -+2 X-iff 2' the bright. b1'L1Cil'lQ'IL1SlCi1I'.Li chu li v T-4 'eee :Lf-, CN' :z ' to stash it in your sen bug. th-w 1 U. ZN1' ics e 15 C0011-C0111 is cz'U'g1z1'!zu'c.b 4 QE-flfflglizn-. f.f4-fi , Vg. , ! Compliments f Equipment Corporation Manufacturers of UNIFORM ACCESSORIES 36 EAST 3lst STREET NEW YORK NEW YORK Vanguard Militarg TO RU-N .THIS SHIP YOU NEED KNOWLEDGE And the World's leading source of maritime information is the U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings. This monthly magazine of the Navy's professional society features timely' articles and photographs of importance to every seagoing officer. The Naval Institute also publishes many books on a Wide range of maritime topics. Yearly dues of 255.00 include a subscription to the Proceedings and entitle members to substantial dis- counts on Naval Institute books. As a Merchant Marine Academy cadet or officer, you are eligible for Associate Membership Apply to the Secretary-Treasurer, ll. S. Naval lnstituie Annapolis, Maryland Long Island Trust com 5' Great Neck Office 675 MIDDLE NECK ROAD GREAT NECK. N.Y. 11023 516 HU 2-6800 Cort!!! ,.,,,,,,, , Q x Q 'vwfsfsvssxsvs KlQ?f97f6 -Zn! J to the Qfcw W X054 Avmu Smno 250 WEST 54th STREET NEW YORK 19. NEW YORK 212 JU 6-5755 Wcfcnf Lizaffiylffffczd fic 7.904 JMJZMLWJ 4 ' ' f sv'w-wwsyfswsxfsfs-f "x'CqYciiT4Awi4w4 5309 O 0 QAAAnnnnnfwwf-A,vwfvff-nnfffwnnfvwfv-nfv' Y Y Y Y Y Q Y Q Y . Y Y Compliments of Y Y Y Q Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Q . Q STATE LAUNDRY EU., INC. Y Q Y X o Y HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK Y Y Y Q Y Y Y Q Y Q Y Y Y Y Y The Cadet Laundry Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y A Y Q Y Q Y Q Y Q Y Q Y Q Y Q Y Y Y ' VeffhffhfVfhhfffhffffvVffbbhhhhfff' ' CONTINUE YOUR EDUCATION AFTER GRADUATION Books of All Publishers Write for Catalog of Maritime Books. 3 PO Box 109 CAMBRIDGE MARYLAND Cornell umm snip Smooth Sailing, Graduates . . . We're proud to have been aboard to serve you. Slater School and College Services has been serving wholesome meals at United States Merchant Marine Academy since 1956. Each year at graduation time, we think back on many pleasant times and the fine students We have known. The Academy realizes that classroom per- formance starts With planned nutrition. Through the Slater organization, they have wisely invested in quality foods, prepared and served in a friendly manner. We hope you have enjoyed Slater meals and service. From all of us, smooth sailing and good health in the years ahead! sum! scnnoi AND course SERVICES PHILADELPHIA 46, PA. NOW SERVING MORE THAN 760 SCHOOLS IN 32 STATES AND PUERTO RICO 41, 4 Q N Q ,, ,, I 1 ...1 1-ix HERFF JCDNES Official Class Jewelers THE CLASS OF 1964 CREST 'T"" "Ms s ,- -1-in CONGRATULATES ,ilyitl LJ., -v v " A7 ' 1 mf?" lfnssvuuf' lo' tx5IT .11 PWS' AND XWXWA IUQES GERALD MURCHISON 26 Annett D Portwashingto N Y 11 Esifazeifrf-I f" Q" 's'- 1 . H s, . 7' 1 A' Ax W , : ' l I ' ?v 41 3 . Y i r i 'I , ,ss V ' I 5 I1 X! 5 go W X l' I 2.8 M 'is if' A Y, ! O lf 'S' , .Asif f,.,. - 1' ' Sl' M l g 'I X , .,, C f l ...,.p-.a-0-0-I-I'4':J'f:1"':-'::' 1, I Compliments of ll ll l BENDONE :E MANUFACTURING CORPORATION :E lr lr Army and Air Force Uniforms :E 450 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS, NEW YORK ii, N. Y. 1 SPring 7-22l3-4-5 , 'r N fii .ii f E ,Z , U., T ,NTI , X X I .I I li .ip ,il ,I ,l5 Q K "lil It y' I' ' I Q-.-Jfl Vl. Traditionally. . . T' g. it's 5, gphi filmtv ,l SHOES FOR MEN , H? V Q A Phi-Bates - the Hallmark of Classic Footwear 1, f 1 BATES SHOE COMPANY lt Webster, Massachusetts gff FOR THAT CRISP, CLEAN, NEAT LOOK AT LOW COST.. WEAR lft 2112 h inene COLLARS They're always new, clean, smart look- ing and comfortable . . . best of all, laundry expense is eliminated. Linene Collars are faced with fine white cotton cloth, paper filler. Wear them until soiled - then throw them away, they're disposable. ask about famous Lion of Troy Neckband Shirts. At uniform shops and ship's service stores., ,450 ey can't supply you, write direct to our mail order department. GIBSUN LEE, IN C. SUCCESSORS TO REVERSIBLE COLLAR CO. 95 BINNEY STREET 0 CAMBRIDGE. MASS. wr' 1 I' - -In run CAQQQO 'l'llIl lllllllllilllll llll lllllllll TIN' nlmvv Il'lltIt'llIIII'IQ has earned tllc fight to lw 4'0llSIlIl'l't'lI us SIIUII. It signifiesvtl de' pvnclulilv S'I'AlYDAI'lD of QUALITY 'that luis always In-vu distinctive and recognized- Wv am- prmul of this, as you men HTC of yftlll' l'llI'l'l'I'. ABT nu' 1f0Ml'ANY. INU' 129 nnOA1nxfM', Nifzw YORK 3, N- Y- A--il -'W-1. .. wi 3- i, l T 1 rt look. of oll, Linene e cotton In until ill'tey're 85. urtment. COMPLIMENTS OF UNIVERSAL TERMINAL AND STEVEDORINC CORP. 1 BROADWVAY NENV YORK 4, NENV YORK U. gi llllll l the fight 6569 3 de' lllil iec0t5Dlzed' Ben arg of LINC' K 5, N, Y. Telephone: CEnter 6-3010 Cable: CIMTELMACH Gimpel Machine VVorks, lnc. MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS Valves H. P. STEAM TURBINE TRIP BLEEDER CHECK SPECIAL MARINE VALVES Steam Strainer Gentlemen: Congratulations are certainly due to each of you upon completion of your tour years at the Academy. We wish you many years of continued success as an officer of the United States maritime service. 4 As you pursue your career in the service ot our country throughout the world, those of you who become electronics and communications otiicers. will have many opportunities to work with and depend upon the equipments manufactured by TMC. Many TMC engineers are on active duty throughout the world in both military and commercial service. They too, went through many years of schooling to quality for their job. We are sure you will find them good members ot your team. lt, in the future, we may be ot help to you. we offer the assistance of our engineering and management group in the furtherance of the state of the art in our chosen tield. Sincerely yours. KWZQ f WNV? W Ray H. dePasquaIe Desuperheaters P d t resi en Heat Exchangers DE S vu Un, Special Machinery gf? .. l"+, THE TECHNICAL gf MATERIEL CORPORATION 2335-45 N. SEVENTH STREET E' " E MAMARONECK' NEW YORK PHILADELPHIA 33 PA ai I T' D 5 Umm' CANADA A' Aclixigllll'v"'GifS'ili'i2t'iiiinlili22' I . ' . - RD, AL ' 1 ' oiovjq ll1o2loA -Og: Luis oeisvo, cniironiim - Luzznn. Coumumoe swirzenumo Efcxrvzv. serving the Philippines - IIIIIIE KUIIE ' -Iiiiliill I , ukinawa . Korea - Thailand - Wet Nam - Guam .,...., Y ulls, cargoes and all types of marine TUGS BARGES 1nsurance-- And All Types . of 8 Inca Hull Insurance Uzfnafeafawfcfeofa 90 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 38, N. Y. FEDERAL INSURANCE COMPANY 8 col, VIGILANT INSURANCE COMPANY THE SEA INSURANCE CO., LTD. . AMERICAN SEA INSURANCE COMPANY LONDON ASSURANCE I I ALLIANCE ASSURANCE Co., LTD. -fgwwwnce Uffndeffwffvfew I Ocean and Inland Marine 0 I Transportation 0 Fire and Automobile Aviation Insurance through Associated Aviation Underwriters - l- l- C l- Q. Q- Q-K-,K,K,,l,,g-g..g.I-i l-an I U S S I I NITED TATES ALVAGE ASSOCIATION, INC. I 1 I A f I f fh if i I A I 1 1q?."?I2.I ' f I I i 1 AN ORGANIZATION OF MARINE SURVEYORS SERVING THE NEEDS OF UNDERWRITERS I 1 AND THE MARINE INDUSTRY ON A WORLD-WIDE BASIS. i L"- - ' --A-- - - - - - - L S E X I 3 ' -. 1 - -. '- 1 - -' 1 1 hy njzyny -3 13-.3-my-1-'N"'3"'V'I,I-I! 314 III JOHN smear - New Yonx as, N. I Shipboard D This is the Natural Habitat of Darling Valves Cl Double Disc Gate or Buttertly Ci On tanker service carrying any kind of cargo any run I3 On sin- gle cargo service Cl Darling Valves ease your liquid cargo-handling chores, make your entire operation more efficient Ei For many reasons: Easy Servicing Maintenance, repair is as easy at sea as at dockside. Valve parts can be removed without taking valve body from line. Wide Material Selectivity Your choice for your need. Darling Valves are available in cast iron, cast steel, ductile iron, bronze, even stainless steel. Parts lnterchangeability Replacement never a prob- lem. Darling Valve parts ot' like size and pressure class are readily interchangeable. A Type For Every Need Need special trim'.' Gasoline instead of oil service? Internal coatings? Stainless steel for nuclear service? Darling Valves meet every need . . .common or unusual. Darling Gate and Butterlly Valves, available for wide shipboard application-sea water, steam or product lines-are made to Maritime Administration and Coast Guard Standards El Put Darling Naltes into their natural habitat. Your ship El liquid cargo . . . dry cargo . . . passenger. Write for complete information. Or, ask the Darling man to call. YOU CAN DEPEND ON - D lln Product Integrity-A Darling Tradition DARLING VALVE 84 MANUFACTURING COMPANY VVILLIAMSPORT 33, PENNSYLVANIA Vnnlws Darling-France, 66. lee dee Civumeg Par I-IV .f 310 IlllllIllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllu lmmmm - Sncielu oi llaval Engineers, Inc. .T-..:J"ar.:e ern-:r:r.r :'gan.:Jt.:-i founded 5 :tr za. Nami O'r.:ers t:r the adsanqement Q If N311 Zrwgnwgfirwg : MEMBERSHIPS NOW AVAILABLE Q Student: , 13 If annuarls-ts umiergraduates 2 E Junior: ' QQ J'v1...if-.--to all graduates ro age 32 ' me "'i'Yi1't":.iQ'YQ..JliYit'JYO sate if 'X ,, ,.' Q: E Naval: ff J"rx.J. -to ai! Merchant .N'l.ir.ne Orticers -Applications upon request- ' Miva 'av ti. .i.!.'i!it'i.il glyiirgr tc rr' leqlwiqal ivoingl, .1 v 1- in .ii ,pi 1 f . L,--Lt lib ill-XETRAW 'TREASK RER . i I . c". .' 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NAVAL ARCHITECTS and MARINE ENGINEERS 'NEW YORK An Equal Opportunity Employer -ur-- --1---- -1 ------ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I C omplimentsf Gear e G. harp, Inc 30 CHURCH STREET NEW YORK 7, NEW YORK a if 'J -J'Hl2HHH"00 - mc' -DFIVRL mac:-mecvs - manane encunesns- mf-wane SIJRVEYORSY- Zrirlf YZRK PHILADELPHIA est treet 401 North Broad Street New York 6. N- Y- Philadelphia, Pa, WHifehalI 3-2870 WAlnut 5,1755 Cable: Henrycoinc 316 W T SIGNODE manufactures ten- sional steel strapping, tools and accessories for securing cargo on deck, in 'tween decks and in lower holds, and for securing centerline 1. bulkheads in grain ships. V For complete information and descriptive folder write 2600 N. Western Ave., Dept. MS. Chicago 47. Illinois -,,J l V "2 A P.0. Bot 6376 Baltimore l9. llarylanal V 360 Furman Street Brooklyn 1, New York V T 257 Vassar Street Cambridge 39. Mass. 7 1935 St. Louis Street New Orleans 16, La. Z v ? l Loveridge Road Pittsburg. Calif. COMPLIMENTS Tnmdad Corporatlon :s's's's's's s s xsssess I ' t t rf- , .. uf ,cv 'N fr ...ir COINIPLIINIENTS OF The Interlake Steamship Company fair ff: h u ,M 2 it ?' AT YOUR sznvrcs xl jg , ., Q X ,A' ' v w- f l -- 44 SE l....,c: ' lg-X A .,,,. Q tsa. C 5 , IN NEW YORK Hanson qc l Agentsf NewYo!k f N.Y. ll-. -....,,,f NEW CLUTCH HANDLE for ARNESSEN ELECTRIC CHIPPING HAMMERS ' The No. lCL "Clutch Handle" is an exclusive feature of the Arnessen Electric Chipping Hammers Only! ' Completely revolutionizes operating control of Chipping Hammers. ' Assures complete safety and protection to operator. ' Gives positive, instant, power control right at the operator's fingertips. ' A slight twist of Handle instantly starts or stops rotation of Heads. Operator need not walk to and from motor to turn power on or off. ' Attaches quickly and easily to both "HUSKY" and "ARNESSEN" Elec- tric Chipping Hammers. No. ICL Clutch Handle llnterchangeable with No. SH1 Standard Handlel l Free Demonstration Ask for details 1 without obligation and Prices MM '-r': .r tla r r r QDFFQSUCOUU 'w i ,,. , . H ' lfffi i 1,-'1tl ll? raw-w"4r i'iW'tili"'l 'if f All O 'w""' i" i' Qlf i Qi taltt T ymeilmues 'rl ,.:,! 'll' l " "" lo' lwlwi. , . f " " 'W 'V 0 J 335 BOND STREET, BROOKLYN 31, N. Y. Subsidiary of ARNESSEN euactmc co.. INC- Telephone: ULster 2-57Ol 318 COMPLIMENTS OF "HEAR THIS" THE CADET NEWSPAPER Charvoz-Roos l1o1'po1'ution ARISTO Slide Rules CHARVOZ Drawing lnstrulnenh Drafting Supplies i. COLPAX ANINUE IUFTON, NEW JLRSEY SAFE NAVIGATION FOR XIOUR SAXIINGS Discover Uur Convenient Banking .Su'u1c4s IUIJAY L i 4 7 7 ' I l . J 1 1 I i - - , ' ' 1 . 1 -X N- r f.,-4, A-f '- x ' Ld, ', K ,N X D - i l 4,4 H--7 Q . ., -s-4. l, it -Fi eii'.'i-' Te ' ,.EI'a'7f'Y.4 I ',g.Ei4...4.-Qu-1-13.43-4-L -..-5-'7 X- 'L . ' , ', 4f-'Wi'-.i DQ if, ,M7 A ' , 'g,,g,s,-,,..fQ,QgQ.f,.,Q' 5 17 JF' A 3:41 I " ' ' ' ' ' I r' ' ' A I BANK BY MAIL-You deposit or withdraw with simple forms and use convenient, frrr postage-p.iid envelopes. ALLOTMENT SAVINGS ACCOUNTS-Simply allot part of your pay to a savings account at The Seamen's. Don't take chances on spending or losing the money. You specify the amount and each month the allotment is mailed direct to your savings ac- count here. FOREIGN REMITTANCES-Promptly and easily arranged by Seamen's depositors who wish to send money abroad. Now's the time to make your arrangements with us. A call, a card or a visit will do the trick! 'A' i at 1 1- ir if 1- ' - . -'2'5?'fl5T"TFf Put Your Nloney To 'Work Nowl DIYIUIQNIPS liliflhl IIXY UI: IHQPUSIT . THE SEAMEN'S BANK for SAVINGS Chartered H29 Slain Office: :fl V-fill itri-rf, New Y-rlt :, N Y. f Fifth .-'venue Ufhce: :lo Fifth fl'-'r , Nr".-. Y-rl 1-,N,Y. Bowling Green Office: Ilrancr St. at Nrxv St , Ni'-'. Xi-rl: 4 CABLE ADDRESS: SEASAYE NEW YORK ,Ifrvvzirr flljffjl Dfffrzi lnrumnrz Cffrfrfrafzfm 'A' -A' 'k -A' 'k 4 4 The ORIGINATORS and PIONEERS of SOUND POWERED TELEPHONES for MARINE use NO BATTERIES REQUIRED-SELECTIVE RINGING COMMON TALKING-MODELS EOR DESK. BULKHEAD AND DECK MOUNTING APPROVED BY u.s.c.e. I I HOSE-MCCANN TELEPHONE CO., INC. 25111 St. 8: 3rd Ave., Brooklyn 32, N.Y. Affiliated with HOSE-MCGANN CORP. Marine Electrical Engineers and Contractors ilygxtlxvr,xx-Av1xv1X,xw1xt1X!gyx-1xt1Xjgyg1xY1x COMPLIMENTS OF CANTEEN Division of AUTOMATIC CANTEEN CO. OF AMERICA 246 BROADWAY GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK QA ou All nm UF vfssfis PASSENGER CARGO CARGO SUEMARINES MINE SWEEPERS TUGS nnsoofg Walz Xt Krenzer All-Steel Doors are contributing to the safety of ships all over the world. As designers and manufacturers of WK Watertite Doors, we have on hand the sizes you want, or will build them to your specitica- tions. Choice of Electro-Mechanical, Electro-Hydraulic, or hand-operated models. - Walz 8. Krenzer, Inc., Industrial and Marine Engineers, and Manufacturers. - WK Marine Products are Approved and Accepted by the U.S. Coast Guard, A.B.S., and Lloyds. WK Electro Hydraulic Steering Gears for Dependability Distributors for Limitorque Walertite Door Operator: Factory: Marine Division: 22 Flint Street 20 Vesey St. - Digby 9-0079 Rochester 8, N. Y. New York 7, N. Y. 8. A l 37 C H A St San Fra c'sco West Coast Rep.: M. J. Gigy ssoc., nc., a r ornia ., n i CANADIAN REP.: C.0. Monat 8 Co., Ltd., 6520 Park Ave., Montreal 8, Que., Canada ' l i Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1964 from the CLASSES OF 1965, 1966, and 1967 2 PlTTsToN s1'EvEDoRlNG coRPonATloN 17 Battery Place Y Y L 1 Y Y k T I ph ez Dlgby 4-0291 GO WITH THE BIG ONES Transeastern Associates, Inc. I Chase Manh.1ttan PI N w York 54 New Yo Cables SHIPTRAMP N O R F O L K SHIPBUILDING fr DRYDOCK CORPORATION Foot of West Liberty Street N f lk V 9 31 Q VW! VV' ' YWWXWXWXVVVWAA 01503 2 is Q 0 lieg- Q Q, r -4 211: E Q ,p47loN Q . X m X -Q E S :- l 'ag X ,-3 2. ' 9512 W9 X Pvt x --+- . Z -. X muon QQ Q m7OfD 5-O.. :m S 55000 F Q .545 QUE-lla QEEEESQ' l Qfoi' lr-130 iggggigam CD gsisg as :Z U3 X-- , E: tw? 5' - O v ic Sim 3:1 Misfits 5521 2" Q39-526953 Qgoilign-:U - 'v-I Q r'lQ7U Q,-lm 3 5 55x 50 o F11 LU Q fgfpogzg s ID' 3 S' Z EE I . -4 2 3' E S 'Q z Q S X 3 l S E 2 OWXVQAAAAAAAAXVQA fkfafshbf' ,jg .2 - . ' I ' 9. . - - I'6'o'.9S'a .- ' -' 5 Q.:.'.'.:.sg.',j.'Q-4.1.1.'.'.' ' '.' ' '.'A'.'4.:.j.:.:.:.:,'4.34oe,:. ,v 03, fn 45 Q' 0 0 1 Y ' ,ff 0, 4 :....-.-s:r:r-1-rf:-2.1-2-1-' ' - .. -'o'o'a'-'Q'-'u'g'.' ' 'o'n'f'l",' 0 0 4 .. .ns .'.'.g.,. ... . . . .,,' ,34- ,.:.:.:,:.:.,.,.:. 2.f.9,:,g,g.,g,: J.-.-.-.-.'.'.'.' -1-,.,f.'.-.-.-sg ,.,,...,. 5. Q , , ,,f,'.'.'. . .,.....,. A .' - g.,.,Q,.,'. . .... . :Z'!'!'Ig Z' .--J -::f -: :-- -: :- -Z-tv. . .g.'.g. ,-:-.-3-, -. .- -.g.g.g.' f'.'.'.'.'.' ' - 6'- v'-'-SL' .'.'.'.'.' . ,' -.-.'.-. .g.g.'.'.'! ., ' f 42,3455 F '-x--- f:I:34f-1 -' I Ikl 6 Ilhlu. rl f'f','.'.-. . 4 1.-,Q-1-:sz-: :-:.::f:- - .Z .-:-as-:-:-: 'ig-.112-74-:': : - -154:-:-:.g-:-r . 2I-140,-Irjvfvjvisfaj-34'j.:.:.'I','.'.',j .' L :.:.:q.g,'.', Gpzjo:-g.f.:.f4:o,-, '.-.-.'.'.'.-,-,.,.,f.'.-,-,.-..'.'.'.'.'.. .. .ili ...,.,.'.'. .. .,.,,...,.,f-Y v ' ' ' 1 M-.-fn.-.' .-,.-wg...--1-,-,-, . - '.-.-.-.-,v.'.---fw,qr4'vp1-avr: . :wav '.'. .'n'.'. 1,-,'g.'.'.1.:. .- 111-:rrz-:-:-xv -,-.-.-:-z.-f:f:-ff-av:-:-A 1'-, Q . .Z :'. , ,- - ' 'V12-I-1+Z-1-'I'f'I'I'.'7-7g1'.'2'I4f'Z'I'l-2-. ' .5I'f'f'24f 1-ffJ'Zv1'f'f'f'Z'Z'I-'-'-1113 . ' .- ,.gf.-,-,-,-g.'.'.'.'.'15-,.g.-.'.'.-.'.','.-. . .',','.'.,-,-,- -,-,,-,.,.,,-,'.'.'.-7. ,,. -1 .-,.'.-.f-,..-.'.'.','....-.'.f.'.-.-.-.'. - - --,-Q... - . H - Success to the graduates from American Mail Line, the fast flag to the Far East. inf. 9 LLISTER 'iv-VY ti' :ZZ ' - A X I A i ' 44,4 59' a Ralf f- un rom: 7 e 5, l lf- nn nan ' Z , "f ,, A Q. " . 7' T- ii 'Y 1 X I X V I 27375 gzufy' 1 lLsjN x . Mat L :Li ' ' ' X:--1 A-f 55 I ,CL . -.--n , Q 24, - - TOWING -LIGHTERAGE Doing "the unusual" in towing and lighter- age is usual for McAllister-any point- any time. McAllister facilities encompass a wide range of service to keep ships and car- gos moving. McAllister experience covers over eighty years of towing and transporta- tion. Every assignment is expertly handled by splendidly conditioned equipment and eminently-qualified masters and crews. gy.l.l.lAS'!'i AMERICAN MAIL LINE I, TOWING :5lMWf!fiAL MCAl.l.lSlER BROTHERS l7 BATTERY PLACIEN-CNEW YORK 4, N. Y. BAYBERRY-GREAT NECK HOTEL This distinctive new hotel welcomes your family and guests. Located across from the railroad station. For reservations phone HU 2-2900 or write to Bayberry-Great Neck Hotel, Great Neck, N. Y. 322. Wont Africa East Africa South Africa The. only Steamship Company Linking the United States with All Three Ocean Coasts of AFRIC 0 Regular sailings to South. East and West Africa. Offering.: you a wide' range of sailing st-ln-dulvs and fast transit sen ice ln-tween continents. ,millil- INCORPORATED One Whitehall Street New York 4, N. t. Loading Berth: Pier foot of 35th Street, Brooklyn, N. X. Discharging Berth: Pier foot of 33rd Street, Brooklyn, N. X. Wi'hAURAND CLEANING roots Clean off accumulations of scale, paint, ruSf or any foreign matter from any hard surface with Aurand Cleaning Tools. Toothed cutting wheels, loose pinioned on rotating head Elfllp away accumulations at high speed. Positive depth shoe prevents cutting into permanent surface and assures uniform cleaning of entire area. FOR FULL DETAILS, WRITE DEPT. S Address communications to: limi ll MFG. si Elvira Q25 Mm' 'li'uilulrla'.'.' THE NEW BEARINGS HANDBOOK OF THE CADET CORPS A:A35.,.v SEGMENT vE2QHax.' 'JAG N SEI- YUW' QDCVS f-Us flT1E3 Act new while supplies last!! 'A ar .tw e New EE!-PYWGS S9021 N37 -111 ,Y-Pte B Y-kb 3 J Wzfef Q'dl-:YS pafabli' to IL eo "BEA-'RN-Cai 5-"C" i3 BEARINGS c 3 Cfrcufawsrw :'f3'B'59' U. S Vigrghant i"fiarfr'.E.' f"CaCf9FY'ff Krogg Pinot, New Yin? 3253 ,-. ill-1l1-1-1 ll,i,i1. l F LOW coNrRoLuNG SINCE 1914 QD Manufacturers of FLOW CONTROL DEVICES - VALVES - DRIERS STRAINERS - INDICATORS - FITTINGS and ACCESSORIES FOR REFRIGERATION - AIR CONDITIONING - INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS Approved for Use by Army, Navy and Maritime Commission HENRY VALVE CO. FIRST IN AMERICA SINCE I754 3215 NORTH AVENUE MELROSE PARK, ILLINOIS eoIeO, LI, s. A. vain Cable: HEVALCO, Mehose Park, Illinois Dugan Ac3Iz Phones: 344-I Ioo Chicago: 2eI-3668 yIvIARINE :WORLD-WIDE PAINT ssnifrols DEVRAN0 o Exterior Shell -Above or Under water o For fouling or non-fouling service o For Decks - Smooth or non-skid o For Tanks - Cc:rgo!BaIlast or Potable Water DEVUE XI RAYNOLDS C0 ING I , O Newark 5, New Jersey Riverside, California Service Abroad through: The Lily Brand Companies n . of PIETER SCHOEN XI ZO0N, LTD. Bon Voyage and Good Luck to Those- We Leave Behind CLASS OF 1964 324 Advertising Index Alcoa Steamship Company, Inc .... --- .........K.,., 2 ,.,,w.,4-4,--- N American Export and Isbrandtsen Lines .... -- ,,,,,,----,,Aw M A,w--- American Mail Line-- .... ------ ............f. - .............d, -,,,,,,--, American President Lines- .....-..-. - .............. - -... --2 ,.,A,.,,,,--A 4 American Society of Naval Engineers, Inc. ....... , Apgda Shld10..---.- ----- - f--------- - ----f-- -- f-f-f------------ - Art Cap Company, Inc. .............- ...... - Atlas Valve Company ......-- - --------------------------...-....-.. ..... ....... Aurand Manufacturing and Equipment Company ...,. ..,,,,,,- Bates Shoe Company --------- Bath Iron Works ............. ---.------- - -------- - -........ Baybeyfy-Great Neck Hotel ,........... BearingS .... .--.----------------4 N ---------------------- Bendone Manufacturing Corporation ......,. Bughey, Ira S., 31 Sons .....--..---.------------ Canteen ............---- -----------4-4----------4ff------------ff------f- 287 291 322 298 315 309 312 316 323 312 300 322 323 312 306 320 Carrier Air Conditioning and Refrigeration .....- 300 Charvoz-Roos C0rp0ratiOf1 .--...-...-.......-.............. 319 Chubb 8: Son, Inc ......... .....-.................. 3 14 Cities Service Tankers Corporation ......... 304 Class of 1964 ............................--..---------- 324 Classes of 1965, 1966 and 1967 ....... 320 Coca-Cola Company ..............-..... 307 Collin Turbo Pump ........- 296 Cornell Book Shop -............. 310 Corrosion Dynamics, Inc ....... 318 Dalzell Towing Company ....................................-- 318 Darling Valve and Manufacturing Company -.-...-.-- - ---. 315 Delta Steamship Lines, Inc. ...........-................... 294 Devoe 81 Raynolds Company, Inc. -.....-. 324 Farrell Lines, Inc .... ......,................-............. 3 23 Federal Services Finance Corporation, 4... --- 306 Foster, C. I., Consulting Engineers ........- 300 Camlen Chemical Company ..,,.......... - ........ 304 Gibbs Br Cox, Inc .-,,,.-,-,,,,,-,,,,,- , -,,,,,,.,, ..--- 3 16 Gibson Lee, Inc ,,,,, ,,-,,--,,-----,,,- .---. 3 1 2 Cimpel Machine Works, Inc ......, .---- 3 13 Grace Line ,,,,,,.. , -,--,--,,,,.--.,...-,, .-...- 3 01 Gulf Oil Corporation ,.,, ..,.., , ......., - - 295 Hall, Frank B., 81 Co., Inc. ,,,,,. - ........ ------ 3 02 Hear This ----------------------.----- ------- - ,,---,, .,,... 3 1 9 HEUTY, 1- I., Co., Inc. ........ - .....-...... --4--- 3 16 HCHYY Valve Company -.,4,,,,- .,,--. M 0, ,-,,-,.., ------ 3 24 He1'E'10I16S Company .,----, - --,,-,,.,.. ------ 3 11 Hogan, T., 61 Sons, Inc. ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. , ............. ---f-- 2 98 Hose-McCann Telephone Company, Inc. ....... . Humble Oil 31 Refining Company ,..i..,...... Insurance Company of North America. ........ Inferlake Steamship Cgmpany ,---,,--,-,..,,, - ,,,.... Intemational Paint Company, Inc. .....-.. En- A.. 320 292 288 . 317 - 306 25 International Telephone 8 Telegraph C0 ,,,, H 293 15111-U11-l!'l Lines ,gvggldp 5 -p,p..-,-,Ag A Qvih -A 4,'vwx4-.i- an Johnson R Higgins , 286 Kt'y51OIlL' Sllippill: Curnp,111y A I 304 Kings Point Nluritiriic A.s5U.,Ai,iQi0n, Ink-A 294 Long Island Trust Comp.iny 308 Lykes Bros. Stixiriisliip Cu., lm: 233 Murine Office of Anieritni 23.1 Marsh or Nlcl-cumin, Inc. , s 292 Nlatliiiiwri Tuul-cer lndustrics, lm: 293 McAllister Brothers, Inc. 322 N1UOI'C-xlCCUffIl.l.L'li Lines 296 New City Pl'lll1lllL1 Cillll11.1lly' 327 Nou port Ni-us Sliiplniililin: N Dryiloi-14 clUlll11.llly 28-I Norfolk Sliiplniilrlinu .mil lirylotlx Coqxomtiun 321 Pacific l".ir l'l.ut 1.1m-, luv, 31-1 1,1111lNt'll'xh'l'll1N'1' ilixrrlngi- cjtlflkylxltiqju Pittston St--t.1l.nnng Corporation 321 1'ol.iris 315 l'ort of N4-is York Autliolity' 303 llamlolpli Slim- Coriipaiiy 296 Sr-.irii.ui's l1.lllli for Saximgs 319 Slmrp, Cvorue- C. Int. 319 Signocli- Stew-l Strapping ffompany 317 Sl.Il1'I' Stiliool .Hill Coll'-uv Sl'TX'1tf'S 310 Socony Nlolmil Oil Company' 299 Sperry llaml Corpomlion 289 State- laiumlry Company, lnc. 310 States Nlarinc Lines 235 Stevenson Lines 280 Tnlliot. Bird S Company. lnc. 314 Technical Nlnterial Corporation 313 Todd Shipynrds Corporation 299 Transeastem Associates, Inc. , 321 Trinidad Corporation, ,. -,,., 317 United Fruit Company- 290 Unitccl States Lines . --.,...1-,, - as P 297 USNINIA Alumni Association, ,.,... 1 302 United States Naval lnstitute, ,.,. i,,,.,.,,. . 308 I-fnitgd States Salvage Association, 1f1C- -,,,----', -- ------ - --rf 314 Universal Terminal and Stcvcdorinii C0fP0ff'110n b--' --4'- 313 Vanguard Nlilitafy Eflllipmcm Corporation 'e-"' ' 308 XValz at Krenzer, IHC. -f-f--f - -----4---e - '---"-'-" "" r " 320 whaief Bar .-... -- ..-.---1--- -- ------- - 302 5 X -if 4 f 1 i f ihii i,-X ff? if' flff -Q X L ':p.CTA wean 4 E, i fffW fv,4r 'f r ik vi I t 0 Qfndfeaf :willed Lfffmfokawf ,jffawme may mmf: Ja an ova Anvnnmisnns A Now that the year has ended and another class M has graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy, we are presented with MIDSHIPS, the picto- rial record and review of the Glass of l964. To produce a yearbook of MlDSHlPS' standards Q and quality requires many hours of planning and Work, of , but moreover, it requires the support of you, our advertisers and friends. 55, pp r l would like to take this opportunity to express A' the gratitude and sincere thanks on behalf of the ffV MIDSHIPS Staff and myself for your loyal and faithful support, not only for MIDSHIPS, but for the United States Merchant Marine Academy and the American Merchant Marine Vickery Gate and into the f Now, as we pass through maritime industry, may We justify your faith.by ' tto nActa non Verba,N Deeds not Words. observing our mo 7+ Charles H. Mutter, ' r Advertising Manage -if 1 '- 326 NEIII CITY PRINTING IIII UNION CITY, NEW -b UN on 1 z-mo I I I New York Phone Lbngacre 4-9l5'lf 1-nb. il ?' af , ,f' IN ACKNOWLEDGMENT: On behalf of the staff of MIDSHIPS, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the following persons and organizations for their kincl assistance in the preparation of our theme for this year: Mrs. Thomas Brabrand, Curator of Prints, Mariners Museum, New- port News, Virginia, for her most gracious time and consideration on our behalf. Lt. I. Coldthorpe, Public Information Oflicer, United States Coast Guard, New York, for his tireless efforts in helping us obtain many of our line pictures. Lightkeepers Mason and Coleman, United States Coast' Guard, Montauk Light Station, for their patience, interest, answers to our questions, and a good hot cup of coffee on a cold night. Mr. H. S. Thorne, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, for his exciting picture "Neptune's Ragev which appears on the front and back Hyleaf of our book. U Cadet Russel McVay for the loan of his family album from which we were able to reproduce some of our pictures. Mr. Barnett of American President Lines, for his enthusiasm in helping us obtain the picture that appears on our title page. World Wide Photos, New York, for their fine pictures of Minots and Eddystone Lights. Ann Spellman, for her tireless energy, devotion, and moral support. QT-Hgh JN Mm? Philip L. Tomlet III Managing Editor, MIDSHIPS mama sv unmu em. NNI mln s . I xi 5 s 1 1 1 I Z 401' ' J ,J, X , f ,ff ff A v ' ,y,,, ff 4 ,, f ' 1 6 ,5. Q X -, 4 1 1 1 ,W xx X A , .ff A ,,f ft-Qzfyf. Ii' A W, . . ,, iw- 'H Q ' - - ' ' 451-:TA 'i 41: 'Tif L'4'?'1Lf-i..v"'3"i1f ' ., ' -' , , , ,,, , 1. ff-. ,.,,Q.x- -LM' J" 'sac 1 ,f ' f M. M " ' V M 4. 41 P""-7 V4 7ui74:L4'Nig "J ,QT - 'fn " Q -aj : " ' JM" H P -- ,. X . gg rg , 3 N: H .,- ,g-,:-f----2g,,' 'f' 'L 1, - - f-s -ay., - sf -, --Y ' '1 3- x -- vs --L --,..f-x:,, -1 , ' ' , -:f1','..?-fu." if W"-1-1, 1-.T , -5-fu,':1'Tf ,.a' sg., .:."lf'-f'-fEf1d,f FIA ,.r.,-VL ,, 1'-fd as-.."' -T"-WT f""' La H X. A , W. .SM ,,,kA,VL.,15Q. AA Q., N .X ij' ,. I ig.: iw., in ,J-J.: Q ll-:.b Q.. 'gl I 1.-1,54 ,, , ,NA . Af, 1 M- Ptiqzfuii. ,. .,., k-.:x:a i, , rv K , as xg.v"r.x 1 ' 'w .---. w 'V K -. . -, HN" '- 1'6" , ' ww' W- Y va 'L' '.."-'- we Wg, - fue-, p.1f'. --4 H-f1wr...vNr,.z.. -4 W? S. NJN . -g v 1 " - -2- ,. --2 - . V .- .- - pf, L, ...L-L,,,j1x...',,gcUi..vM r.x 1.-. ' :1 ' ,vis , X

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