United States Merchant Marine Academy - Midships Yearbook (Kings Point, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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United States Merchant Marine Academy - Midships Yearbook (Kings Point, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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.....,,-,fr Q! , ffff- 559 ,466 ,f .-ALL gf? MJ' Af .I if Q ., . , ,, S . . , ' if if ' .fi ' V! W A A if gf-I .' Q 'rr aw! 1-' 'V C , , - Q ,J "l . J 1 A .4 1 4 M? ,Auf ' C' 6 , -fy 'A if 6, 'A' Q if 'fg"fff?TfcAwlf- 'gl - f . ,f,, ' v7.55 F jf' Ln 8 ' fi: If , A ' yflyf.-fw' M49b w 14' ff af ,fi-'I f'1, miff,v'ff?Lo X v Q ,- J, fl- ff ,ff .Q X f , 'F ,U,vf'r r 4- , .-if" . I V ji., vltr X fi!! 1 I K , ,"- It 1.4.-X My V .- .r .- , , I , sl ,. ,sh T ,L ,L Y. X 4 K . ...- ly' 73 . 'I .4 ' I .r 1 5 r S i Q R 1 1 V 3 K f E f 5 x A lie, ,. l Y 1 . A f- - W ,. Q 1x,..a..u1l.,.. ,:...x..,.,......-.... .1 ,..,. , , , . ' A. G. GUILIANO Editor-in-Chief R. J. FORST Managing Editor R. R. HADFIELD Assistant to the Editor D. ROBERTSON Business Manager J. M. SHERMAN Advertising Manager J. R. LANGLOIS Art Editor J. P. DUNWORTH Photo Editor LCDR. VICTOR E. TYSON. USMS Officer-Adviser Printed at fluvcrnrmrnt Expense y..-.W .,,,..,....., .....1.......m.-F......... .,.. .N-...,.L.,.-.s.,....,.,m.,..,.,.-...,.-w....,....f---A..-.U-.....w-n-1.. .. .. ...Nu f-fs..-mih-hnrifuiiikv lnnu'1""""PPl!"ill'!l1r'0'l ' W W Y 7 , L ..,,,,,,..,., Mn ,,. ,Y Y, . .ni VVVY Y .. L Y' 1 W ,W .., '14 .ll Y -, 1 , ' , ' . L, , f , .LV . I ' . r , L.. .A I , J , . . K . I i A .1 -' , . 1 5 W Wg f',.U 'N I . t , g. , ' ... ' G , Q , -in vu , V . .. ' I 3 .' Ihr? f . - V- f . I 1 ' , ' 1 - . . H '-V' . if bv .- , ' ' 74' V5 , 1 W. . , , I . . v- ,H l ' fp , A 5 ' .1 . A ... ,,,, , AL., 1 S i . '- ,, 4 4....., H ww..---no-wulL6c.aiui.i1bndnuuanana.saa,g,,y..3,:gg.m,Qu,,,,2 , , , 1 Y . H K V f " X..- . iYllIlnurll1" ,ilu .H Q -- - - .. -. .... .-1.......... e 1 If ,xx x. The Lo of Graduates I ,qrw , , 6 E-..5':ruM.k,l-xgrw, c ,Mtv ' x' vf 1 Pr 'xv mv. , KVX if ffff 01 f ,-Q..-' 9 rH,f.,J"-4 ., U 1A,ff,,H-9 --1 A 1. WWW f"-"-ffvr11-f'f:.:e4-'fagwQ4w4G,pg,L.:,,,,,,, , F, ,ff 4' 71' QPU' X Gs-"DESC x ,- A if , -f.,,. . L1 AL, , ,gli f ,yr A g f JM z,,,.-q - ,,n...1,-,o.pA .r-xiidxi. nurse-9' Z E 5 x rv-v4:.,Q4 HMA 'K " NNAVN . .4 I 5'-mmwne nmcreuvxmmms, ,,. ,.T'.:P"'-'.-., it -N, , Ns M ., . X 1 , v. ,I-112 Al I V A N I flingif . Qif fm 'Auf -wi' Mfzaq A 2 . fwffwfegk ,. if , " Wx A , if KI' Sf if ' -'qv .- ff 'A 31 V W 5 'X ilk .' 3991. f WL.-, f ., e- x Ny X4 ,N . , . G fd, Q 'Ly bv w, X31 Q 1 "H:-an, ,Q ,Hr f' ..........,g ...MN f 1. ,VMI 1958 IVIIDSI-IIPS 'X 1. fd f -VUJX fir, M lv H f -1 . W 57'--s' ,?"'i7 , , 3.5 'X 1.3. A-ag - ,T ,j 1."'!-ff -v 1,-Q1 I I '?D5Q"44' ,' Ygf. ' A 2, N 5 N315 .Jil N., + '-Ywfk +-' W - ,' . , N -vu-1 , h :lr-1:-.1xg,h9o-ww AS.S.AvwvKuvv-N'4.xo4+4u.w-x-4avvn4Mv"'f14-4 'K,.,.. ,, f Z 1 f W .--Q. , X f i ' Ju-my-T, ...u..L:'::-4-.ne.':!:v-eAr,. ,if af W, .W W, 45.4 ' Y! 5: 31? ,ff ...- 525 SE?-1?Eff51'5!'4 '5rg::3::'5flf':l:7? i'1iQb52:A+bHf-lg 5 15-wear.:-::,5faf ""Mw.,,,, -6L2'763if'.5',- 3 ,, ,w,, V...-.F .1.n,.,f,. Th 1.1 .ff 3 f 5 ' Z f 4, M,- x ',, fj if-' A : 3 -!,+,71. Ti I ,tit-, if:---,I -5.-i ,1 - , A, I, I ,ffm H ,ly f ' J H ,,-1 F! X M, , ,, 7 I 11, P x , ,. f w-x'.1!-A011-D' e Log of Graduates 5 2 ,qc ""?"""Z, .sk 1 Y y1,H,,fL- per im 'Wm fm X. . 1 ,f .r',' ' AW- .bi fu '. 5 f 4 X t jv- 'fgfgs ,P X H- ' , A . ff, 1, gyg., ., , .lv - 54 T, ,. .N , . , u,'N',u--,F vw. ,. I My sq ff . X f u ,' P 1, xx X I ' 1 ivxk,-., xv x X. ., IS I f L! i f if if A 32- I g iii? FJ ' 1958 IVIIDSHIPS in -1 -af'-.,.: - f N -,ri - Eifww ,X x 5, ylg, 7 4 Af Yi 74 A five 73? 46, ' . if ' 1. Tx' """""k,,,,,Q g,NovvvQr.if-fb' --4. 'f gl ..,.,,,.,,,1 -04'-1-nv . ,M-.qu 7"Q'Z?""'w-. ,"' -1, ,s 1 LM 5 , E faaailffe I A, .-,.,., ..,,-. .,-...Q g UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY Kungs Polnt, New York MARITIME ADMINISTRATION United States Department of Commerce 'Xyvu 'w..,,KuN M "MN-f... J s U Q M N Kilt -a k"' J L '1 'I' W ' A U f :air ' Q -1 1 gf ' 2' ' ,A u . ' Q wx . - K' ,- ' -4, 3 '- vo N 1 I 1 , -. , s ' ' I un . , UW4, 'J -I A ' ' . ..f-' 5 my K Q "' ,. ,L-1 - -' , o Q, , Wg., Q .f -1 . t ,L -.'- N ' ' o , 4 .JL x 4.53 f rw a '4 X- " R x Q , ,ag in Q , vk K . nn QU ui a v I Wu' , v --- sfgzfQrhwQ,4,:,zv ' ' 4 .f lr ,Qi f L axngglg '34 A '- . A4 V ,,. 3 I 5 3. , 3 I as ' . , . nv, JJ?" .1 ,I rf 1 , 4 .. W Y- y, W M-.gg-+..,. ,M F ,-. .-.MM ,.,, ,,.A .f....,1.,.. . .,,,,,,, ,VZ-.11-,f.. iw sins mi- f .2-U fy + ' ,Ji h Q A , ' ,,, K .. ' 54,453 , , Q .. .. Y .- , ., E ww, ,Mil 41 .V X .5 DEDICATED TO THE MEIVIGRY WWE M Captain Emery Rice, whose ship fired the first shot at an enemy submarine in World War I, graduated from the Massachusetts Nautical School in 1897 and started to sea with the International Navigation Company. When the Spanish-American War broke out Rice was a quarter- master aboard the S.S. New York. He remained with that vessel when she was taken over by the Navy and renamed the U.S.S. Harvard. From her bridge he signalled to Admiral Sampson the approach of the Spanish fleet. After the war Rice served in the American Line until 1901 when he Went around Cape Horn to San Francisco. Three years later he was certified as a master and came to command the Zaliro, the China and the Mongolia. His record in Pacific waters included the rescue of fourteen fishermen during a typhoon. In 1916 Captain Rice brought the Mongolia around the Horn to enter the hazardous Trans-Atlantic run carrying munitions. After our entrance into the war the following year his ship was armed and on April 19, 1917, in the English Channel, scored our first hit on a submarine. Captain Rice continued to sail his vessel across the submarine-infested waters of the Atlantic making eighty-two crossings. His untimely death in 1919 closed a -brilliant career. The Navy Cross, awarded posthumously, is among his decorations, which include medals for service in the Spanish-American War and one for distinguished service while commanding the Mongolia. 0F CAPTAIN EMERY RICE 11 .A Vx XA not A QQ I If ' 'fi 'W -X -. Q , . ,', v ..f I Zn Hut tu authnrizt tht Qinnstruttiun nf tight Stzam Emails uf war, and fur uthtr purpusts. BE IT ENACTED BY THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IN CONGRESS ASSEMBLED, That the Secretary of the Navy be authorized to construct eight steam vessels of war with auxiliary saiipower, and of such class or classes as, in his judgment will best subserve the demands of the service, each carrying six or more guns of large caliber, the hulls to he built of iron or wood, as the Secretary may determine: PROVIDED, That the aggregate tonnage of the whole number shall not exceed eight thousand tons, and that the cost of building' the same shall not exceed three million two hundred thousand dollars: AND PROVIDED, That four of said vessels shall he built in whole or in part, in private yards, upon contract with the lowest responsible bidder therefor, upon public competition and proposals, due notice thereof being given hy advertisement, upon models, specifications, and drawings furnished by the Navy Department and under its direction and super- vision, if, upon full examination and consideration, the same shall he deemed practicable, by the Secretary of the Navyg or the hulls of any portion of said vessels may he Built upon private contract in the government yards upon like proposals, models, specifications, drawings, and supervision, and upon like examination and consideration the government in either case furnishing such materials as may he deemed practicable hy the Secretary of the Navy. SEC. 2. That neither of said vessels shall he commenced until full and complete models, specifications, and drawings shalt he made for its con- struction in all parts and after such models and drawings are approved by the proper authority, they shalt not he changed in any respect when the cost will exceed one hundred dollars, except upon the recommenda- tion of a board of survey composed of not less than five officers of the navy, and approved hy the Secretary of the Navyg and if changes are thus made, the actual cost of, and damage caused hy, such change shall he estimated hy such hoard of survey, and the terms of the contract shall provide that the contractors shalt be bound by the estimate of said hoard as to the amount of increased of diminished compensation they are to receive, if any, in consequence of any such damages. APPROVED, FEBRUARY 10, 1873. 0 3 g , FURENAYT mfr! DWIW.. - Fl yfzvd JIB 00aJAl6'IOL. , A BYGONE ERA 1 Jlb JOAJIVIJIIIL X Tied up alongside of Mallory Pier at the United States Merchant Marine Academy was a ship which to the casual observer might appear as somewhat of an anachronism in its modern surroundings. This ship, this gallant and noble lady of the past was the Museum Ship Emery Rice. The Emery Rice was termed a museum ship, but to all who have ever known her, to all who have ever sailed on her, to all who have ever been afflicted, by the ancient lure of the sea, she may be more accurately termed a "memory shipv. Constructed in 1873, the Emery Rice has had a glorious history both as a naval vessel and as a training ship for prospective merchant mariners. She had become a symbol of the development of Merchant Marine Officer training and a reminder of the necessarily close relationship between the Merchant Marine and the Navy. Although she was no longer an active ship, the Emery Price, an integral part of the most efficient Merchant Marine oflicer training program in the world, continued to influence this training through her graduates, who serve on the Academy staff. By her very presence, the Emery Rice had always been an inspiration, not only to those who have served aboard her, but to all who have mastered their nautical skills within the shadow of her mainmast. F025 Tffcx - Q g Q Q PE 7,4044 S L N' S as in 'Q S Q :Z VJ gg Q 53 SQ rv is wi s ,n W S l B0 ERE REEF TIOKLE - . lj R lk Og . fake' REEF 740115 lllfPlW7Z'? ififlflff- a ' X 4 lV1VER'JOV7'ER LfZ'HlllYEJ rofmfr faeff neue - - TOPJWIL REEF nan 5 ram-am afwuffvs- - Q il . Tafzrwfc eamvzffve ramwfi summon . ai Q ,Y . 7vP,r,9f.c awvrwfp rJc.4zz4wr 045111116 . Q Y Q X . 7'ZwzL.0Al7' C2 EW: IME rzuumur awffafrf . 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'3 , , 3' s:li,,.7fA , Qgffl' A r gg' , 1 J Q " A WOZOE mmmZHIQHwwG 4HFb4Ow THE U.S.S. RANGER if wifi if . I' 5 I ,wi 'wars-?Q ' Q A N 5 1 x ? 4 is I 1 K. "us M. C J' Ag QM-, k 2 s ine I f 4 5 Q K M-A . A, 4 ,, , ,Q , Qt Q 4 ,V -- a ..- - Y., 45 , G 3.51, 4 if if s vi Q 9 9 , L J VV ary, in fn . E V W W Q! ig if .1 .am 1 1 we 4' A Q 4, M v ,WW nry ,L 4 1 K f ' i 4 fl A f 6 4 P N 1 ,'.L'xx ,,' u A asv L , wif. I g. . , ,! fi .21 if DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER M5 , iff . E iam E MW N 3 E MW PRESIDENT OF THE UNWED 5TATES QEJIZNL if 1 E1 W: -QQ JW 3Q255'CU?f3?Q'i'fff JW i Q THE HONORABLE SINCLAIR WEEKS SECRETARY OF COMMERCE iff" ' N! THE HONORABLE LOUIS S. ROTI-ISCHILD UNDER SECRETARY OF COMMERCE FOR TRANSPORTATION '12 Z , XXXA 1, THE HONORABLE CLARENCE G. MORSE MARITIME ADMINISTRATOR, MARITIME ADMINISTRATION AND CHAIRMAN, FEDERAL MARITIME BOARD IJIIITED QTATES DEPARTMENT OE COMMERCE Rear Admiral Walter C. Ford, USN IRet.I DEPUTY MARITIME ADMINISTRATOR The Honorable James S. Pimper The Honorable Ben M. Guill SECRETARY VICE CHAIRMAN FEDERAL V' " ,-A r C 5 The Honorable Clarence G. Morse The Honorable Thomas E. Stakem all Lx CHF.lRMAl-J MEMBER 1 MARITIME BCARD QE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Arthur J. Williams EW LATE SECRETARY FEDERAL MARITIME BOARD UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF CDMMERCE 722 A ' , REAR ADMIRAL GORDON MCLINTOCK, USMS SUPERINTENDENT UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARTNE ACADEMY CAPTAIN HAROLD V. NERNEY, USMS EXECUTIVE OFFICER 23 3 GUY W. TRUMP, B.B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D DEAN 0 LIEUTENANT COMMANDER RALPH O. HARPOLE, USMS SENIOR CHAPLAIN 31 COMMANDER L. F. DIEDRICKS, USMS HEAD, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS ..,,,,N.W COMMANDER v. R. REILLY, usPHs CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER R2 at LIEUTENANT COMMANDER K. A. GEARY, USMS LIEUTENANT COMMANDER N. C. NILSEN, USMS REGISTRAR AND EDUCATIONAL SERVICES OFFICER I-IEAD, DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE AND SUPPLY LIEUTENANT H. J. LEICHT, USMS LIEUTENANT COMMANDER A. B. VAN BUREN, PUBLISHING OFFICER USMS ASSISTANT HEAD, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS LIEUTENANT G. F. McGUIRE, USMS SHlP'S SERVICE OFFICER Za f ' '4y"'41'4Z""', LIEUTENANT IjgI E. W. MacCRISKEN, USMS PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND HYGIENE OFFICER LIEUTENANT L. F. URSCHEL, USMS ASSISTANT TO THE DEAN LIEUTENANT H. GREEN, USPHS CHIEF DENTAL OFFICER jj-wal I . :Lg , I Q 1 If " S -Quang LIEUTENANT Ijgl D. L. SCASSERRA, USMS ASSISTANT I-IEAD, DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE AND SUPPLY LIEUTENANT IggI E. W. FALK, USMS ASSISTANT REGISTRAR AND EDUCATIONAL SERVICES OFFICER . '?'1:'iJ! ,Wf- ,ff , WARRANT OFFICER H. G. LASHER, USMS ASSISTANT TO THE REGISTRAR 1 IE? tx' E . , I Dwi. , L at -1 I I .I I 'Z'-'GX mf ENSIGN J. KISZENIK, USMS ASSISTANT TO THE SUPERINTENDENT ,-""' N.. 232 s sas asa 1 '42 " ss 513 ' '- 454 545 59 372 ea? sas ' 5. ss 65 94 2 sas 1 474 '1 'L' 1 sea 59" 508 E 53 29I I 379 '-xx 61+ 51 57 xxx E555 589 1 '1 sa I 555 ' . 530 5l9 '1' fly 0 Whialle . -, ' A ' zu. 432 229 so f"'2'4' SIA 56 H :av sas E 1 B48 ' 49 326 ' 5'l0 s e sae ' 414 , 425 '- - 2 SI7 7 1 606 ',' "--.5 " .N 4 ggfz' 2 111111111 so 1111 UNSW' 1111 1. , . 2 SQ2 ,374 60' NXXN1111 350 0 I! ffffwffw X 69 1,67 A V XXXYXX 20 fly!!! g 1 45, Qgsb gp Q1 5Qg7' 11.89 QX X111 1, W '62 Q .ps 1111 f 1 , fo Q 11 , Q 11 1 f I , 91 266 1 f 297 SNS, 21so XXX V . ff ,M 365 Y A X X A 25l A 1 S X ff '- Z - X0 as X f, 22 1 , S 2160 ff 2 636 ' x ,.f' sos 1 3 Q -52 -'iss' 1 asa 3 5 ,MON 'S ' f 2 295 532 2 .or Q0 Ss- 2 : ,g ig X 224-O 47' 0 2 3,5 1 f 1, , : N X - X E IIO 1 ' 22 E l + i 1 as :A , ' '4I0": - f S : 294 :' -""' 2 N l 1 L ,-Q: N I 'P s E 1 Z 01 -K X gl 266 'V Q 1 5 f -9 V ' : 75 ai 1 if I WC 1 ANVNFV Q S y'9'i . 590 f I ' Z xv -11 W wi vi Y 2 'ifvf A1113 Qs 235QN wb Q QP g Q2 1 2 Q11 60 5 65 X 33 N . 080 1 224 A vas 11' 40 R1 u 6 1 FE. ? '2A1 I 1331, -' .,'. . lm 2lI0 36 2075 mvo 'Q 20:42 ,,, NE? 'DL I' . .753 ff 'QV' gb ll, If hi i 510 f -.. -....-....'....,. -.. ..,1,.... .: I lm. .. .... 4. 1.-.1 .mann ninur.-U., 1-.1, uni v-nv n ..v.,,.w.n.... U.. .,l,a.,,. 4at'uu,l....,.,.,.. 3 ,, ., ,,. , -Hr' 142' I A Q I f .J . 3' 40 I L' ,J lf, ,g t, jp ffl' C". f ' ,V a 'f .', 1 , 'J hi a in X .' -I. ' 1: 1 M ' f 5 "Q A 5 i f 1 . 9 rn., 1 fry Q X 4 vi' Th vm.. Qi . , 4,1 fn H , xv, X 5 in O U S 9 'il I 1 ,V ff! if L' fa 's 1 ol ' ,Q H , v 1 ,,, , ,HY ,...,.lLTg, 'uv -vm' Y. l snl' 'tg fr, 'ff , CJ? l R. France, Regimental Bandmasterg I. Grace, Regimental Aideg H. Higgins Regimental Commissary and Berthingg B. Rodda, Regimental Adjutantg W. Morgan, Regimental Com- manderg R. Kardos, Regimental Securityg S. Mills, Regimental Communicationsg R. Gearing Regimental Welfare and Recreationg T. Taylor, Regimental Drilhnaster. ' , COMMANDER RICHARD H. OCONNELL USMS Regimental Officer REGIIVIEN TAL STAFF S 'S +-we-as-as wa ,. ' l ,K Winter C. Mullaney, Battalion Com- missary and Berthingg W. Howard, Battalion Adjutant R. Farman, Battalion Com: manclerg N. Hanissian, Bat- talion Securityg W. Price, Battalion Communications and Aide. 42 all H. Sullivan, Battalion Corn- missary and Berthingg R. Lcnney, Battalion Adjutantg I. Owen, Battalion Com- mander, I. Sousa, Battalion Securityg C. Cary, Editor- in-Chief, Hear This. S , .,.., M t t. ,ttt ..,.,......-...X ...V-Q. -. 25 W, ., J 4 gg. gf' a N Y if ali- 'J J-"' an 'V . 99' UL. iii BM s, ,Q , 5 i..,53kg,. - -4-,-.,-?i'.1g2 iw QW Mx my '11 if W 254 i 1 - 2 L ws N . 1 , sf . N..-s 'sffxw sa if i ff? C. Mullaney, Battalion Commissary and Berthingg L. McCreary, Battalion Acljutantg J. Owen, Battalion Commanderg I. Sousa, Battalion Securityg S u W. Schneider, Battalion Communications and Aide. BATTALION ONE LCDR. F. A. LITCHFIELD USMS First Battalion Officer L. Staebler, First Platoon Commander, R. Raguso, Sub Company Command- er, R. Evans, Company Commander, S. Himmel, Cuidon Petty Officer, I. Quinn, Second Platoon Commander Summer J Fall Engl S ' ' .5 f v.. .,g1Qyi5Q,fl7 I .1 dyvjf,-, . , .. ,- 'Z n4l.f.'f ",f, ' . ,1,'.,.r- ' V ,ICQ 1.f"2 f' ff ' ,,fwwfgp.Q ,vp-1, ,- ,, , Winter -q,,,y..,.w.,...... W. Price, First Platoon Commander, B. McCarthy, Sub Company Com- mander, C. Rosemere, Company Commander, E. VValker, Second Pla- toon Commanderg I. Quinn, Guidon Petty Officer. R. Evans, First Platoon Commander, mmm... B AlCC'1l'tllV Sub Com mv Com ... .c7"",,,.., ""f " if ...sf , - Z Q.. nuff Nw 1- , ,,., . -r'f,'e..' . . . I , pg 1 , - H mandcrg C. Roscmcre, Company Com- manclcrg H. Sullivan, Cuidon Petty Oficerg R. Lenncy, Second Platoon Commander. 4-l 1' Q Win P-Ik Q 5 FIRST CLASSMEN Front Row: Ruhano, Falborn, Staohler, Pace. Second Row: Evans, Barbato, McCarthy, Raguso, Ryan. Back Row: Ciaccio, Crommie, Rojas, Quinn, Croly, Lenney, Sullivan, VValker, Guglielmo. Company Front Row: R. Comes, R. Smith, F. Haggerty, C-. Rosenthal, R. Cosentino, R. Richard, C. Boston, VV. Claire. Second Row: I. Davis. VV. Szeezil, T. Sloan, I. Hass, T. Clark, VV. Hollon, D. Dean, P. Fellmarl, BI. Stone. Back Row: B. Maidansky, F. Castaneda, L. Hernandez, F. Verona, W. Phelps, C. Leonard, G. Romeo, R. Mullon. 3 'T FOURTH CLASSMEN Front Row: I. Wylie, D. Ochinero, M Renick, VV. Vlfebber, M. Brush, VV. Her- manau, B. McLoughlin, M. Denham, V Kelly, VV. Shannon. Second Row: M O'Connor, I. Cookro, I. Nussbaum, D. Paul C. Oster, R. Pollock, T. Kirtland, C. Dyer J. Donaldson. Third Row: K. Luehning B. Bishop, VV. McCuen. F. Rico. D. Mauter J. Lane, I. Bonner, T. Oughton. P. Rogers Back Row: R. Loclwvood. VV. George. R O'Boyle. F. Tuenneoke, A. Smith, C. Petchel D. McCue, P. Mt-Tigue. B. Key. 45 1 -,....,... J. Sousa, First Platoon Commanderg I. O'Brien, Sub Company Commanderg A. Nigro, Company Commanderg I. Cecowets, Guidon Petty Officerg I. Warren, Second Platoon Commander. Summer f...-. na...-.-...,.... dv-vs Fall 2' 5,1 417 'h'U,'f'?fPfLi.j , , 'f""3176ff"'ff' rrvvxfff ,Q f , l ' : 'y','L,H. Mibglfffl WIHQLQL fp. - 5 ,'f,f, Q, f f , , rpfvfo' f JZVX-4az:M41?4f47'zfyigkfwffaQ r gy? , .,,,,,4,,a ,afyggfgjjgjf X v f 1' I . zfffff . fluff! , fffyf, . , , 'JQ4 ' . y ..f fi? ' JE? I BTL" '44 V 'fl ' , aff' J i if ,4,' 4 V57 '53 ,Ziff , 4 If 'mf " ' 'g:fg.2:. , Z ffazgfz ypf U 2,3114 , J .7,f,j'.ag. 1229251 ' lf ifflyglffd. ' .sz-' bdi., 175,17-C , ,'CL5'F ,fici -I-:'liffi'r ' .,ff1f ,5"""' ' ' f " 1 ''5,-...H-fb-f','f14-fj0fgfeffxgf!,, -p,.'. ' ' f' Winter in T. 5 gi I 'r I W. Peterson, First Platoon Commanderg I. Cecowets, Sub Company Commanderg S. Himmel, Company Commanderg R. Lenny, Guidon Petty Oflicerg G. Moran, Second Platoon Commander. x S. Himmel, First Platoon Commanderg A. Nigro, Sub Company Commanderg R. Farman, Company Connnanderg XV. Peterson, Cuidon Petty Officerg I. O'Brien, Second Platoon Commander. 46 U I F' FIRST CLASSMEN Front Row S Driver N Hanissian F Orvietto W Petersen W How r I - , - " , . , . , . ad. Second Row: A. Guiliano, I. Warren, S. Himmel, T. Danese. Third Row: W. Healy, A. Nigro, M. Lusick, I. Gecowets, W. Moran, R. I. Forst, R. Elliot, D. Wilcheck. Back Row: W. Price, I. Sousa, E. Rapacki, R. Stockhoff, I. Owen. Company Two SECOND CLASSMEN Front How: G. Ursitti, H. Gilmore, R. Tschida, N. Slcarvelis, P. Kelley, I Barron, D. Dobler, W. Holyoak, I. Moran. C. Clark. Second Row: I Gossner, D. Baldick, R. Young, I Ginna, E. Bryan, V. Lafranchi, I Leeper, D. Greaves, W. Siegel Back Row: NV. Lovas, W. Seeney, R Mugavin, D. McMaster, E. Swanson I. Ogle, R. Fairfield, S. Banyacski. lo FOURTH CLASSMEN Front How: I. Keider, T. Burchill R. Masi, M. Landas, I. Campo, J Pafias, C. Smith, L. Gill, R. Anderson Second Row: F. Danni, I. Egbert, V Lacey, T. Kosty, A. Tesoriero, I Spanier, S. VVelsl1, I. Frew. Back Row I. Hallock, E. Earl, VV. Sloan, V Brooks, T. Skowronski, J. Crowley G. Olsen, A. Dudes, I. Ullrich. A sf n 4 ll! Winter D. Surrette, Battalion Commissary and Berthingg B. Mealins, Battalion Adjutantg H. Fleischer, Battalion Commanderg J. Matthews, Battalion Communications and Aicleg D. Whalen, Battalion Security. Fall B. Kardos, Battalion Securityg I. Ramirez, Battalion Arljutantg B. Fer- guson, Battalion Commanrlerg I. Robertson, Battalion Commissary and Berthingg W. Clegg, Battalion Communications and Aide. .gi " ge.. g 1 . ,,,, .. , , . Y . . f . V , - tw- ,:p ' 4, ' Fm he f ta '-. fn iw-H in X faq . -:M-fxr im S r W. Clegg, Battalion Communications and Aideg J. Ramirez, Battalion S Adjutantg R. Ferguson, Battalion Commanderg D. VVhalen, Battalion Securityg D. Surrette, Battalion Commissary and Berthing. ATTALICJN TWC 'Q 3 5 LCDR. H. C. FISH USMS Second Battalion Officer G. Flanagan, First Platoon Command- er, L. Iacobs, Sub Company Commander, C. Scharar, Company Commander, B. Mealins, Cuidon Petty Offlcerg D. Robertson, Second Platoon Commander. Summer y....,,....,...... W?" 1... 8. 42' G W4 ffffff f ', 1 15' 1' A f fn, . .V V Q ",: 'k'l7 iffiiffff - SA1' Vi., ':jZf ,L -'Jill fa - vig' if Qi, , .,- S1 .aff 4 ., A 1 ' 218. , 5, a's9 fy f 'it lg ' ff 'ld 22,57 V 'Q '-Wifi? 5QQ.Y7',C2g "w H1157 ff-jfzfit . :,,,,yf'f' . ., . ... ,fLffWg,kfgw Q11 . V f,.','v,7,,i , 'gif' 1"2',7'fi"1' f' ffffarffrfffifffggj vf ,, .V ' , -I ffrf-, fig? ,r6ff9 fm' I' ' 'T .M 9-fi . C, ,ff fi , -' 2Af'fiff'ff' f , . f -' " 5: I--Hr-fvB ' :" . .Y P' -ivy' ,fa ft- f Winter I. Dunworth, First Platoon Command- er, F. Duque, Sub Company Commander, M. Paine, Company Commander, I. Robertson, Cuidon Petty Olllcerg I. Wells, Second Platoon Commander. I. Matthews, First Platoon Command- erg F. Duque, Sub Company Commander, M. Paine, Company Commanderg S. Knight, Cuidon Petty Officer, C. Flanagan, Second Platoon Commander. 50 's FIRST CLASSMEN Front Row. J. XVells, M. Paine, I. Cook, F. Duque, H. Canther. Second Row: D. Robertson, L. Jacobs. Back Row: R. Connard, I. Dunworth, S. Carlisle, F. Benalcazar. Company Three SECOND CLASSMEN Front Row: C. Plott, R. Oftone, D. Hale, M. Celleo, A. Conzalez, B. Madden, F. Verschuren, M. Holden. Second How: VVoodriClc, M. Murphy, B. Simmons, S. Phin, F. Sergio, O. Karr, KI. Lyon. Back How: P. Kauf- man, L. Peicbarclson, I. johnson, R. MCQuillen, R. Ceorge. l FOURTH CLASSMEN Front How: T. Atkinson, I. Frew, P. Degregorio, B. Corman, P. Rackett, I. Lawler, N. Colburn, I. Loose, E. Brady, XV. Koch. Second Row: j. VVilli:uns, H. Bulow. I. Kurisky, P. Mincb, D. Cullen, C. Hibbert. XV. Cillc-ce, E. Earls, I. Monroe. Third Row: F. Cuivnnic, E. Foster, C. Dam- mzm, I. Johnson. I. VValton, H. Little. Nc-im-lb, A. H. Drn-ilwlvis. I. Hoylm-sion. Hawk Hour R. Lzlffcrty. C. Kcitlu, M. Url:-ll, ll, Snfurili, Slllllll, l'. Spcwlx, N. llzlv, ll. Coyxw. VK . l..i'1uu-y. Sl R. Hadfield, First Platoon Com- manderg R. Stanley, Sub Company Commanderg I. Rininger, Company Commanderg C. Yocum, Cuidon Pet- ty Officerg R. Smith, Second Platoon Commander. Summer . 1 'x al 8. wif , wifi ,l I 1 fig fu ,f 2fZ?Q441-Q . 7 ,gflhy fy 55315 1 f f 1 AQKQJI 1.42 ' . 1' ,Q ,c,f,?Zl'QQ,:fj,l'f, .gf ' f 1 . ff, 1:71 'I' fy! cw,,'if,jf,Qw!ZUj,WQjL,',, 5 ' ,V ' f j'j.,f" , , I 1 f,4z.'f.! ,I ' , ,N 7, P ,5. 'I . , 11, 'V 'Fm' ,Q A yfdf 114- '44 4 551 f' , 9 f 'rf .riff ' 'eff yv-1 l I J xff I f , . ' ' . , I wg igtv fgff, ' Ml V -. Q rf , 49? 514.4 ikfz--2 ' ff! 'Sff 12,19 f -fy P, '1f.?.,11a5 A . - .. 'wf'f .fji1f' 'V ' 'fra 312' V . . ,,,::1f P F ,lffgfi W ,1 ,,.'.,yY,1 H 4 , g- f, 1' I f ., .arf V Am' -,,.,h44L,!,Jr4li"rf,yb: , , , . , . f . . , Winter ..f--'M' I. Lee, First Platoon Commanderg F. Zuccoli, Sub Company Com- manderg D. YVinterich, Company Commanderg D. Jones, Cuidon Petty Officerg XV. Bartholomew, Second Platoon Commander. R. Truex, First Platoon Commanderg B. Mealins, Sub Company Com- manderg H. Flcischcr, Company Commanderg D. Jones, Cnidon Petty Officerg R. Hadfield, Second Platoon Commander. P Q uf fs ,v 'AJ fc. h 'iv lm HE .E 1 J 'J FIRST CLASSMEN Front Row: D. jones, M. Duff, R. Nagle, I. Swanno. Second Row: H. Fleischer, T. Taylor, C. locum, R. Truex, M. XVarren. Third Row: D. NVinterich, S. Xkfatkins, I. Rininger. Back Row: E. Gras, I. Ramirez, B. Rodda, C. Carlton, F. Bell, J. Lee, W. Glass, A. Duddleston, R. Thompson. Company Four - l www 7 TE? SECOND CLASSMEN K, ..,l -H Front Row: H. Jensen, L. Zaleski, J. Cruhiak, I. Marquis, F. Hinchy, C. Hodek, P. Cattini, I. Higgins Second How: L. Paine, R. Zakrzwski, XY. Lewis, H. Prime, R. Homan, H. Iepson, R. Parker, M. Carroll. Third How: VJ. Galbraith, I. Rocchio, R. Pierce, P. Quintus, D. Carbiras, M. Yan Loan, H. Kaminski. Back Row: R. Cleveland, T. Mess, T. Vetter, I. Rinard. FOURTH CLASSMEN 1 . M Front Row: R. Clair, G. Goodman, H. Screen, I. O'Connor, I. Anzalone, L. Byers, E. Schiefer, XV. Cronin, P. Schmeclc, I. Fennel, C. Vargu. Second Row: XV. Hillyard, K. XVilliams, O. VVz1hl, B. Underhill. D. Parsons, I. 6 Puorto, A. Cunningham, T. Cullen, f I. Savage. Third Row: R. Rogaski, H. Zzlngcr, F. Flc-ischmnnn. T. Rich- moncl, P. Palm, Al. Conroy, I. Lf-ddy . lixwsctlmr-l, XV. Slqinm-r. 13111716 Hmr: I rillllllflilll. ll. Rornlmldt, S. Vl'llIl'Ilt'l'. li. Brenna, li llrmilmstf-l. lf. Clmsfils. A. Xl"l1ilr'. l' flop-Ira Al. Reilly VX Nlzllislizl. v i ww, nm... ... 'ha sl Winter C. Bliven, Battalion Commissary and Berthingg I. Chislett, Battalion Adju- tantg T. Kraenzel, Battalion Com- manderg T. Michalski, Battalion Communications and Aicleg K. Brede- horst, Battalion Security. 54 ww, ,Q an-,..,- , N K ,-4, Fall D. Matteo, Battalion Commissary and Berthingg S. Seibert, Battalion Adju- tantg I. Sherman, Battalion Com- manderg C. Banclstra, Battalion Communications and Aideg R. Meurn, Battalion Security. S I l Summer BAT TALION THREE Fall .f f, X ff 2Cf""1'f1U, Zjaf ,f 'njf K fffyf, 'mfr ' Y 1 I ' , f5?f,?i ,W 74 .f , gm- I -bi, fffff, 3 ,Vg gg, ,, ww G.. . ,, ,my , f. 'VH' 1fl1'a,w. . ' '.f,ffw,.', wt-aa .. .1 fwfr? .1 1 f l Vfffiafh we flgf- . ,fmjjy ., ,,,,,. , . rffyf, kr , 'ff L .il fdf. .jg , 4 ,ig,,y," '51, ,, ...c , ifgfiggz V , ' ,,,, , , ,, , J5J99'55 fre75'f"f " ' , , R. Palmer, First Platoon Commander, I. McLaughlin, Sub Company Com- mander, R. Herald, Company Com- manderg B. Strong, Cuidon Petty Officer, R. Pierro, Second Platoon Commander. 2 Summer I 3 4 ff Winter I. Culdner, First Platoon Commander, B. Strong, Sub Company Cornmanderg P. Zahn, Company Commanderg E. Young, Cuidon Petty Officer, C. Munnich, Second Platoon Commander. B. Strong, First Platoon Commander, S. Seibert, Sub Company Commanderg I. Chislett, Company Commanderg I. O'Lea1y, Cuidon Petty Officer, E. Young, Second Platoon Commander. 56 XP' U1 mfg . ss . X FIRST CLASSMEN Front Row: P. Greiger, K. Kai, I. Cole, W. Eldridge, I. Drummond. Second Row: R. Allar, R. Palmer, S. Seibert, S. Paciorek. Back How: K. Brederhorst, I. Guldner, W. Reinhardt, B. Strong. Company Five SECOND CLASSMEN Front Row: H. McKinney, C. Quarles, I. Lowe, R. Rothmann, R. Russell, D. Mihkelsen, I. Shannon, K. Kinstler. Second Row: I. Spence, R. Twilde, B. VVl'1iteside, R. Andraka, G. Leiz, R. Gross, G. Hauer, XV. Holland, I Maushart. Third Row: R. Daniels A. Scotti, D. Bloomfield, I. Clancy C. Boese, D. Kane, I. Kay, C. Roluloff Back How: R. Cook, R. Ronzitti, R Emerick, H. McLaughlin, E. Moran 9 , ., WW. ff ,r an f .f '. ' W 0 ,T M, . Z , Q1 , FOURTH CLASSMEN Front Row: R. Hennequin, H. Kramer, J. Ryan, I. Kropke, M. Morrow, E. Markey, C. Martin, M. Imrich, A. Teatzner, H. Young, R. Breen. Second Row: J. Donahue, j. Bloom, C. Heen 5 'I all 3 Iaeobowitz, D. Hoffmann, I. Kronzer, Z ff 7 . W I. Mangcs, A. Monile, R. Sall, D. Smith. Third How: P. Plrancvenok, D. Colvor, I. Price, R. Scliwondor, D. X,0ill'VVUOCl, j. Mcllridc, J. Sclrulwort, P., Mr'Hz1iv, Cl. Hzlsolrnzm. Book How: J. U'Connor, R. Dion, L. Carr. R. Crulmlu-,, Cl, Fm-cll, D, Mayberry, G. Rowe, B. 11 ' f Q . 1 f IWQFI -1 f- ff 'jr Z1 '13 , , '. I ' ,,, ,,f X 1 fag,v2,f , ,gf --1' 3,gf,.,'f . ,. 4, , ., ,, V Q "fi I 1' TL 7' lf' "f'-f 4 ,.,.c, f'j4f'Q V -' ,fj:2,2K?'?f'1f ' iifry, 4 .3457'.'.:'f1,2i'J4'f L Q. z f- 1- ,. a' -f'4,L4f2'52w2Lf1-' 1 ,, - f 1. V ,,, 4.515-, .ffayrf ,1 ,V f 'f .. ,- ,A ff: 1. 'ey-ywf.,-" M111 'f f 5,.....f!if9,,, J,-. A,,,,. ,. f , Winter T V YV. Maier, First Platoon Commander, E. Young, Sub Company Commander, I E. Karlson, Company Commander, - M. Clarity, Cuidon Petty Officer, P . Bender, Second Platoon Commander. r v i 4 P , ,L 4 Summer W 4. J. Langlois, First Platoon Commanderg F. Flynn, Sub Company Comman er, S. Niemerski, Company Comman er: P. Bender, Cuidon Petty Officerg M. Clarity, Second Platoon Commander, S. N1emcrsk1, F1rst Platoon Command- cx, P. Zahn, Sub Company Command- crg E. Knrlson, Company Ci7l11l1XllI1Lli'1'Q F. Dorint, Cniclon Potty Officvrg NY. Maier, Second Platoon Cl7I111ll2ll1KlLt1'. C 1 F 1 FIRST CLASSMEN ' 'WHRRI Front How: R. Karp, F. Flynn, F. Daria, I. Baldwin, R. France, R. Christianson, R. Pierro. Second Row: C. Bandstra, XY. Meinert, T. Kraenzel, A. Badger, C. Blivin, I. Thomas. Third Row: M. Clarity, P. Bender. Back How: XV. Maier, R. Kuhn, T. Michalski, S.Niemerski, R. Palmer, L. Lanipkin, D. Matteo. Company Six SECOND CLASSMEN Front How: R. Haun, I. Salenjus, H. Schreier, I. Ferrigno, L. Contreras, C. Eustace, A. Pelletreau, D. McBride. 'NV Atkinson, C. Belous Second How: C. Collier, C. O7Hara, B.. Stine, B. Campbell, R. Wirin, R Magna. D. Price. A. Prasciunas, B Zelenlca. Back Hour: B. Klernentz I. Putnam, C. Caliszewslci, D. Iarnes T. F-loffitt. T. Pross. T. Scanlan A I. Seelinger. FOURTH CLASSMEN Front Row: XV. Costello. D. Espey C. Farrenkopf. R. Iakulmowicz, XV? Meade, R. Deliz Alvarez, A. XN'ilson. E. Graham. H. Sofield. Second Hour: A. Salman-ffciz C. Knelil. B. Davidson. Al. Cavalier, D. Clancy. I. Liles. H. Myers. B. Brooks. A. Bnrxvick. Third How: I. Gorman, F. llloocl. Cl. Clmngloly ll. l"ram'is. C. King. K. Brown, R. Slmrilla. NV. llvvnlwor. lirlvlf Ilona: lil. NlL'llIlll'l', C. King, M ffzlppvl. NY. lite-lulmgum, ll. Brown, li, Umm. J. UN.-il. ll limit. BH fit L I 5 s V N 1 2 1 1 i i Y s W' f 'ax vfwfff I 'avid H if we . X , A0- .,,f 4 - 49' 44,7115 Iw Lf mf, f 7 7 ' " f ,ffm vmw, V , , ffdfnx-, ff' f f W, , Z --N. ftp-rfmff' . X . .. X at -ss-s..A . - fi . ' i . ' 51 V . - . .M it 'K .s .. N :S X 'K " . if sr i N A sa, X s , i yi ,ALx Q X X g f X. Qs -. ' is F x X Q xx 5 S Q. vi Y N . X X ' Y 31 'U 1 ' 'N x K X sr A X NY 5 Q' .Q X N X ,y X ss - ig NE. X N X be Qi' f X 'ix x 5 SN ,f , H 5 Q X V ' J E I , X The Academyis crack drill team can be seen performing on Saturday afternoons after each review, and at many of the athletic functions during half ine. 'Under Erie able guidance of Lt. Spurr, this unit has attained a high degree of peioming ability and may be ranked among the best in the nation. For their brilliant precision performance, we salute the members of the team. X 1 vi-V 1 9' L., X ,l. lfalliorn, Assistant Drill Master. 'll Taylor, Regimental Drill Master .lt illllllllliw, Guidant LT. HORTON SPURR Drill Officer Eyeeeee 5 . Right, l',xf,ha.ng1: manuai. 1 M x 3 5 1 2 x E . 1 'Q , 'Vb X 5 ,Jw k XX S x 1 , - Z 4' 'V A X A mf , . - X. 1-pg Y.. f 4 I 'fs Ye r 43 T2 .'-, f , iQ .g , ef"-Trim w . V I - .NVQ 4-If "ii ,gx 4 4 11 ,Iw- 2' ' am, XS f' fp . Q A wk Jxd! 1 .ff 4 l :QQ xml: .-1, 1-on-1,31 H 9 I 5 2 E l 5 5 fs 3 I Q 1 J v 1- '1 5 .1 3 ' '5 4. i ' V' Q I 3 5 i 1 3 5 K 1 I i Y N 3 K yr' . :K gt. , av sf, 'Q 5' 2' 3 4 s Y' ,U ,Q e 9 In K 'ML 2,f H 2- r e I -QQ? 5 "" 1 . K 3 5 n 1 I ' s 4 ww .X X . .rr'... -1 w I' Hb., . ag , , ' 5 . ' ' 'I , .dwg 'M' 3 i . A ,WM 4., ,, "' "' iv 3 'fi , E 1 Q." 4. . L fx, i W5 7 Q 4 i M. 3 . l ' , f 5 li f. 1 1 'IW fm I 4 H 'n A xl W If 4 AQ' ls' A f - x W'--m I 1 I ef-5 1 A 2 4. fy A I , rfffi' F 35" N ff f ' 2 95 Q. 'Ni --K4 vwmn--ww an ,,.u- 1+ E I-quam.-funn-u. nw 1urv-Ivvvv--ln--1-apwnvwcirwnluaulqrwwn- 4 -vw-1numuuovo-yan--4.4:aurupqpuqu-1--1-magna.-r..uc u-anon.-Q Q s ' ' "' ' """ "" ' " "' nsuunn 1 I n x If 5. I A,-p.,,,.. .,A,,,.,.,.--vr- ' V .n Q A may :nf un ' u. viwmniilr-uf L""" .. , --.--.-A. .u.ax0H.s...unaiamEqn.gldai.an-in-,1,..a.fiul-'uihmw-:ima-u.--LQ.umgmi., A -an I U A,..N - - . . hd--. , U.. ... ..1. -, , ,,. 6.0,-N 5 !' ai. W . Y 'APY-fr J w 0 af 2 if l 6 'Elm ' s..- f :W 2, -,.fQC'1,-Q' '?"f'W3. 1 ' f - g -. , . , - .1 v 1 1 I . 1' .A , J' , 'S :- , 41 ...wr I r 5 I 1 v M 1 ff f fir 1' 3 ' 5 o Xwgif. ' f 1 ir 7 K an 'R is D 911 r I' CAPTAIN PEDER GALD head of Department of Nautical Science discussing new ship construction. The training and development of officers to assume the responsibility for the navigation of today's mer- chant vessels and for the care and stowage of cargoes carried is the objective of the Nautical Science Depart- ment. Deck officers of todayis merchant fleet no longer find their field governed by rules of thumb and the importance of a technical background steadily be- comes more apparent. It is the aim of the Nautical Science Department to send into service an officer not only versed in practical affairs but also Well grounded in the theoretical aspects of his profession. This aim is accomplished in such courses as boat handling, cargo, applied marine electronics, seamanship, ship stability and of course, navigation, through hours spent in modern laboratories, and through the associa- tion with experienced instructors, each a specialist in some phase of the deck officeris job. The Kings Pointer takes with him from the classrooms and laboratories of Samuels Hall one of the finest backgrounds available in his field, a background calculated to make him one of the best officers aboard the best ships in the World. FACULTY rrmt Row: Capt. P. Gald, Cdr. Ii. liiscrrbcrg, Lcclr. F. D. Dwycr, lctll C. L. Saurbicr. Sccoml limo: Ircclr. A. -I. l"rascr, Ircdr. O. Thompson Lcclr. I. Il. I..z1Dagc. Third How: NV. O, C. Williamson, Lt. G, N. Stmmcr Lt. W. A. Wiclicrt. Fourth linw: Lt. NV, I. O'llura, Lt. li. li. May, lac r Ill Mui mlt ltl lc A. E. Fiorc, Brick Row: fl. fa g , .. r. Uursou. 70 1 I A h J' 'uw' eff!! 5 ,r. E , , 5 i 4 5 4 4 A 5 1 11 Q 2 i J 2 3 3 1 1. A , , I.. ' M09 x 0 Ln mann.nm-.N-.1-un-...y ,1n..q,. 1 ,, ,,, New 4-or in 1-...Q f1"Q A 1 - ,Sigma ,J H "NQ,,,,. 1 I ! 3 Y ' v 'I i Si 7 4.5, 'Q 4.1.4. la. 44 u.J ASL dp. Nan.,- nt....a'n. au A-11 ? A 1 4 1 X 1 A . ,,,,w-'N ... . .. 2 .,5,,, Q If s-J ' Q H. 1 ,Q P 2 , J Li gg' .5 ' - ' "M ' - al ' i fe-su-rung , V 1-1' f,w,, fx , ... ' as K v. f " 4' ' 11 L" " E 'L i I U Xa. . auf" 41 Fenix' g. l ,Uv V., in K aff: 4 1' --nvncuvvs P1xF"l ,Q-,W f 1 . , 1 , s G Af' 'W fm .. ,""' rw -v ,L ,C Y. r x L Q 55,3161-It lv 41: ! 2 J 'W ina, I Ti ,- ' X f fi fl' sl 1' fi ,,,.. 1 a , , I 1 5: , , 2 igmi 1 n - ' r I 1' -ws' A K hw.. In-A , .Q - g 'ls ' . fl' fi li -151 W CAPT. L. S. MCCREADY, USMS, Head of Department. Front How: Lcdr. H. M. Kirby, Lcdr. S. O. Carlson, Ir., Captain L. S. McCrealy, Cdr C. W. Sandberg, Ledr. A. C. Thieman. Second Row: CWO I. Antell, SK Ifc P. WV. Tripner, CWO L. A. Malinoslci, Lt. G. D. Kingsley Ir. Third How: MMC W. F. Harris, Lt. M, W. Hirsch- kowitz, Lt. I. F. Beatty, CWC H. J. Newman. Fourth Row: Lt. F. X. Schiller, Ledr. W. Armstrong, Lt. C. H. Barnes, Lt. I. B. Travis. Fifth Row: Lt. H. A. Labdon, CWO I. C. Michaelsen, jr., Lt. R. C. Panuska, Lt. Wheatley. Back Row: CVVO I. A. Cia- quinlo, MM lfc ll. Ii. Hof- mann, CVVO li. C. Maloney, CWC F. II. Smith. 76 "To develop Marine Engineers, second to none" - this is the motto which stands as the by-words of the Department of Engineering. In its quest to tulhll its mission the Department ot Engineering acquaints the prospective officer with all the knowledge that he will need in order to go aboard ships as a highly qualified engineering officer. In his plebe year the Cadet is taught the hows and Whys of the marine power plant. In his second year he is placed aboard a merchant ship where he cares for and operates different types of power plants and thereby obtains an opportunity to put into practical application the knowledge he has acquired. In his last two years at the Academy he is taught the ad- vanced theory and practice of Marine Engineering by a select group of instructors who themselves are quali- fied officers in the maritime field. The aim ot the Department of Engineering is not only to train qualified marine officers but also to send out oiticers who will strive to better and further ad- vance the science ot Marine Engineering. ENGINEERING .wo -yu . ..1 'AY ,In x XM is "1 -AJWC nl: V W.. ' A nl' Q I ,, ' 4 -I ,- ,E ' . ll ll WV' 'Q ! !9'!!'?!""' 'fkiskx I' 3 xv W . l Q . 'Wig At work. Understanding the theoretical and practical. so 1. Precision Machinist 1 Let's get inside. Keen interest. Yeah . . . I guess y0u're right. A uri- H,--egg f.4 "P",,.L, CDR. L. C. KENDALL, USMS, Head of Department 4 fa mf ff M 1 f,, M ff f ffif In the days of sail American supremacy on the seas was due in no small measure to proficiency in matters of commerce, and today this knowledge has become a matter of necessity to the oificer. To meet the requirements of the modern maritime industry, the Department of Ship Management pro- vides courses in Law, Insurance, Economics and com- mercial practice as they apply to that industry. Always it is kept in mind that the oHicers of today will he the executives of a few years hence. v r lfronf Rout lmnlr. l,. rlurctt, lmrlr. XY, You Crouau. Ctlr. l U. Kcuu " 131 zrk Roux' licclr. xl, D, Nlalumcx, l.t. NY., NY. Xlunrc, Lt. S. kirscl' ' S2 L , , 1 i i V i ? Y Future diplomats. J""K ,-f"M 1 tw E .fiffr ' , f "3 M .-- 6 N 425 i:.f:Q.h, .,, W.-- W-, . .,. f X , -., f ...tw LCDR. W. VON GRONAU, USMS Assistant Head of Department On Monday morning. w sY9lJ, .Q-QQAKNNXX..-.Y -wwmmm wxwmxwstww 'ixxxssf Nxssx ECONOMIC, Lkg FLM 1 5 SL Sjj i ff Q . ' ,W 9 .X , m y 4, f , if ag., g . X : 8 , V W MA ,,,A,.,.,... W9 A ,. ku CDR I M DITTRICK, USMS, Head of Department The never-ending stream of technical achievements of today's Marine industry makes it necessary that the Merchant Marine Officer be able to comprehend the theories behind these present developments and those which are yet to come. To this end the department of Mathematics and Science is dedicated. The Department thoroughly grounds each Cadet in the physi- cal sciences and the higher mathematics which are so essential for the complete mastery of the many technical courses in the four year curriculum. Supplementary Work in the Departmentis fully-equipped laboratories enables the Cadet to put into practice the theories presented in the classroom lecture. A Front Row: Lcclr. C. J. Obcrist, Cdr. I. M Dittriclc, l.t. C. A. Keyes, Lt. F Riorclun. Second llow: Lt. P. M. Crum Lt. E. NVcsolowski, Lt. A. Stwcrtka Third How: Lt. VV. J. Bay, Lt. A. F. Nickl. i . , Y I V 1 gc .I f" '!'W"7'3m Y 2 I nb 21.7 4 ' if M A 1 ALWMS' V 4-an 9. Y - I 11' I v--4 CDR. C. W. FERRIS, USMS, Head of Department Front How: Cdr. C. W. Ferris, Lcdr. W A. Flint, Lt. O. D'Esopo. Second Row Lt. R. Brady, Lt. D. MacKenzie, Lt. I. P. Walsh, Lt. T. H. Ciddings, Lt. W. Tunnel, Lt. V. I. Lugowslci. Back Row: Lt. A. Davies, Mr. J. Cooper, Lt. M. M. Maya. 90 The present day graduate must gain an under- standing of the fundamental principles of American democratic life and a knowledge of their operation in order to defend and interpret them, both at home and abroad. The Department of History and Lan- guages seeks to accomplish this end by imparting a sound comprehension of the historical and social backgrounds of other nations, for by the very nature of their Work, Cadets are unofficial representatives of American Democracy. In a world Where barriers between nations are ever decreasing, our present day graduate is better equipped to take his place as an intelligent and edective personality, Merchant Marine Officer, and private citizen. NCE I I sa ? HISTORY and LANGUAGES R -V' ,--mul!-g il w l I Vllhl " I1 .U fi f' - if 1 4. 5 f , Q 4 3 I 3 v 4 4 I Sl Y -. 6 A E ' F . .. , MM, V . A ,WW W,..:,7wf'r x. ""'N 12 VXI, Always bcing, icstcd. Q' M. U f V X 1 "WUI, in my opinion ierf: flifi I pu? Haut vrorrl mwy,vnj,? Ms.. 'E zavnsvnnmpxawn-1r.v.vp-QM. "SQ:- ia.. 1 In the advent of World crisis the United States Navy must be able to fall back on a reservoir of ade- quately trained Reserve Officers to fill the necessary billets. To contribute to this supply the Academy pre- sents a curriculum in Naval Science which includes gunnery, naval leadership, sonar, radar, tactics and administrative duties. Under the capable guidance of Naval Line Officers, the cadet graduates' with the necessary knowledge that will enable him to serve his country in the Navy, intelligently and efficiently, should he be called upon. CMDR. A. A. DEKIN, Head of Department, Naval Science NAVAL 3. . 5 Q Q ff 3 fb? Front Row: Cdr. A. A. Dekin, Lt. Cjgj T. E. Jones, Lt. Cjgl D. I. Mahoney, Lt. W. F. Ryan. Second Row: G. Harrison, FTC, Lt. Cjgj L. F. Besio, D. D. Drury, CMC, Lt. Cjgl R. A. Poletti, Lt. Cjgl W. R. Kelly. Back How: G. H. Heimel, CMI, R. L. Wilcoxen, FTI, E. J. Suhay, YN1, W. R. Gill, BMC, E. L. Nelson, YNI, B. A. Tarro, GMC. ni"',,,,pnnl"" 2.-w-1-',f""" T,-,:F-'aww' MX H HH Q 5 11 'Tyra fe -Q. Ist'- LCDR L E. BEIARAN ' Head of Department Aetna! main-i:.i,l for ',pef,ial 21.','.igorherit', and term papers as well as reereatiorial reading are all oilered to Cadets hy the Acaflerriy Lihrarv, One ol the oiitstaridirigg maritime reiercrice libraries in the country, it contains a large col- lcctiori of hooks arid regularly suhscrihes to mi- merous arid varied domestic and foreign peri- odicals, Other features are phonograph records, with facilities for playing them, arid microfilm files of the New York Times' arid the journal of Commerce. in addition to its regular services Cadets receive classroom demonstrations and lectures on the use of Lihrary facilities. LIBBA m S x.- is S t 3 t E Q 1 3 Miss L. Havilzmcl, Miss B. Harriett, Miss M. Gregorio, Mrs. I. Schwartz, Lt. E. H. Northrop, Lcdr. L. E. Bejarurio. 96 K t ip K J T 1 LI- 2... F Q I I li. Staph-ton, Ll. C. lf. Strallxa, frh. liivlir-rtx, Lt-dr. Vll. D. Cariiiody, To cnahlc thc Cadct to hv cqual to the hardships that hc must taco in a cart-cr loaded with physical strain and long hours, thu Department ol Physical Training prclparcfs a well rounded program dodicatcd to physical fitness. Through an intensive instruction and supcrvision of physi- cal training classes, intranuiral cvcnts, and varsity athletics, the department plays a unique role in the Academy training. From the Courses the graduate cinergcs wt-ll fit, hut perhaps even more important, hc emerges with a scnso of PHYSICAL 'FU good sportsmanship, fair play, and co-opcrationg those things which are invaluable assets to an officcr at sea. He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. 'fd-'w U. lt. London, Isl. R. W'hitc-, Lt. NV. U. Zim-linslii, UH I?" 5. .N Wm-ar' TRAINING fl' ,Aw digg---.' f:- -+' f Ji' E . u f " My favorite class. 'i': 1,0011 'Nfn nu hands And after only three lessons -Qlblf WUI' ,133 if AJ' AN tl 'L"": JN . 5 K ff' Y'7l " 4, , .,,,,,,,,,...,......,.,.-.,. ...nm ,-,.,.,,..q...-,,....,,.-Wy ,.,-f.,,.....,...,v.-uh,.,..,.-....,f-qu-',..... .-...M-.-.--4-Innnfmu:mfr-svn' A 1- - - ' YI", -. ix A --I I V 1 il 1 J ! V , , ' 1,qQA4",J' 3 3 1 f 1 5 ' ' - 4 A v f if 2 Y E 2 I E 5 3 If sf K I E ffic .,,, , li L 1 K V 5 , Y ., 1 '. ,. 4 1 2 1 'I , X I 3 A V Wig ' Y ' , j I Q W A N 1 55 I, Ai , I I4 1 . Q 1 E r 1 1 I X lil , , U ! i E I 11 . !L I , IIE 'i f Qu N 'Ili H, .1. nu. .annum .nu u-nn-A-.,, ,K-.-wa upnn! -. -o---.wana ..-pin, uf, vu... QM 1- 1? 51, Q., ' . b H N , . h.3-.wh 9 ' ,,, ,,,, ,A wfmx' I 4 . Q . ---ew A -.- . Nigga . N f 1.1, .1 . I 4, ,gn-f if, 5.5 , 5131: , , -V1' ' -.qw-. V' .',,'1i,f7f-f, -.VH Vg H1m'1,f,,.. Q mx v -- 'A . .,.f'+"- .M,..x, f 5g Q U - Q A: I ,L frgxff :Lf-fifir ggfffvl " ' x f ,7:"'ti.sj" 5' 521. V , f , , '- , x..'l..W . 455. Q: rg, lb' it Q, .A . 5 Q . Q . fail-Qs Q, . , -.sf',,?wSQL'1+iiv21:f4+w:m 4f,,,g,, . , L , Q,1 ,j5f ,Q fgrk. V u f W 'fin-, 51-ig yfJl,,,- if 1 A W , - ,qg , K ,,g .g:'fi: ,Nw Y il,-7 I , .ahf-QV, 3 rv fl .IM . if -M H M4-Am gg,w wL4+f ,f . ' ,, .M-L., ,V -, -X , ,J A, - X -f ' x7....' M f A 0 V. K7 ,,,, ' ,W ,ms f r ,,,. W ,f 3 my , 4 4 Viv ., x lv' nl 2 .J ., , M 1 Q. 1 'I 0 MIDSHIPS Midships has undertaken to bring to the graduate a lasting record of four years at Kings Point. The Book is put together in the hope that in the years to come the alumnus will open his yearbook and remi- nisce with pleasure. Midships staffs have come and gone, and through their cumulative efforts over twenty-five thousand copies of Midships have found their way to the four corners of the earth. A bigger and better Midships has been the constant goal and although each suc- ceeding book has reflected the indivduality of its staff and the personality of the times, one thread links them all together . . . the spirit of giving the graduates the best possible record of his four years at Kings Point. We do so hope that you, the graduate, will forever cherish the memories which are herein recorded. f ' 104 l"'T'T' ' VT, l""'iT V" K' I X VVN I .,---W. --.- G' r-'rs - 1 P' l Mxx james A. Robertson Business Manager sz J 2 rn John M. Sherman Advertising Manager Richard R. Hadfield Assistant to the Editor um:-ek 1. , I Ronald I. Forst Managing Editor Joe Langlois Art Editor Art Staff A-f"" 15 AL Lou McCreary Cartoons 106 'I clon'l like il either, EM Pat Young Acsociate Editor Fred Orvleto Editorial Staff MW Frank Hitc Assistant Business Manager x x '79 Fernando Duque Editorial Editor A ,....- NIcLaug,hlin and Beckett Some of our advertising men. i r... I i I i Q I 2 3 F ,...M,,,,, M. ---L - -W rw .., Q, , -W s ll f s 1 , ,, i L - rw- in ,.-. Thompson, Matteo, Owen, Mielmlski, Rinniger. 1 ulhx .uul Nlll IH him luv fi ' NIH S fwf 1? wp WMI , - H. I 4 I -L. , :vi Dave Surette Office Manager ,..s. . Q ff Ajvi lf: I 1' p Q!-, .im as " Now, wait a minute, Iohn. Um' pinhf-x Looks good here. And when you finish there Sim ai Work' , W Photo Staff: B Another bad one' The "News" was novcr like this. X ffffw f 1' , f ff 7 if ' TWH, Ronzitti, Se 0 Xxx fgiv, Carlisle, C -1 X . N X ,MW ...XX lan-ity. os Ni ,NA-4' fx .,,-, ,. 110 "lo ,dx N-h ff ff F will s iv- A weekly PTO Cedure with Fred- 'T :Wf f,,,, ,N 'Q I W x M Q if I 1 if 7 ,ffnf Jerry Warren Is. xx just 3 lit He confusion 'N I ax li wh , ' W ff? ..,,,fw A Circulation Manager 1 H-u-.Q M . f N ,r ,Q II'-NK J W ww 4 . 1451! x . Ng 'frm X , f x il A X Both Barbaras and Carfmlc at the printeris. K' X sy iii I ,CP X." if 1 M 'W gf-1155 . trygylx f ,A W Y X LCDR. VICTOR TYSON USMS, Officer-Adviser TRACY DANESE Editor-in-Chief 3 3 5 1 f 5' S Sw' 1 .5 A J. S I 1 Q i r 5 '--s--.W ,.,,mM.W-Vh JIM O'BRIEN Managing Editor ?"'v' I IVNYIS NIL-QTIIIVXHY Ninn-ss Niznmgcr -KST 'LW ,af nf"",, STAN HIMMEL Advertising Editor POI LOCK COMES, COOK, HOPFE. Columnists JOE QUINN Editorial Editor The Academy magazine and alumni quarterly, "Polaris',, brings to the regiment and graduates information covering a wide range of topics. Articles of a highly technical nature in the maritime field, reports on present trends in the shipping industry, success stories of former cadets both ashore and afloat, stories depicting the lore of the sea, and descriptions of Academy activities are all featured by "Polaris" and lead to a better informed regiment and alumni. The magazine also contains an alumni news section which is written by representatives of graduated classes and describes the present activities of their classmates. This latter section provides interesting reading for both cadets and alumni alike. TRACY DANESE . LEXYIS BICCREARY IDI O'BRIEN . . DON HOVVARD . JOE OUINN . STAN HIBIINIEL . AL DUDDLESTON DICK FARBIAN . SAM CARLISLE . STL' MILLS . A STAFF . Editor-in-Chief . Business Manager . Managing Editor . Associate Editor . Editorial Editor Advertising Manager Circulation Manager . . Sports Editor . Photo Editor . Office Manager Nw 1- DON IIOXVARD Associate Editor 'T' SERGIO, CARLISLE, RONZETTI Photo Staff M154 El,I,IOTT, GILES, DUDDLESTON c'il'Clli'lIIUll St-iff STU MILLS Office Manager A llfi I Till" INST T! X Q.. DICK FARMAN Sports Editor ,X LQ, 3 K sn",- N Y ,,,f i JI11 I cj? Nl: fr ,fm gl f-4-mug-.,,, Although its publication dates always seem to be a matter of idle speculation, HEAR THIS plays an important role in Academy life in that it provides the only permanent record of the day to day events and activities carried on by the Cadets and Administration. This past year has seen a predominance of eight page editions as well as the establishment of a more sound financial foundation. The paper is not printed at the governrnenfs expense. LT T H GIDDINCS USMS Officer Adviser 118 l , Q i ' 3551-V GEORGE CARY Editor-in-Chief 5 .L iii' an .g, , . 'fx WN gig JACK CHISLETT Business Manager MIKE CLARITY Photo Editor THIS NEYVS STAFF-Young, Knight, Young, Hernandez, Yarashus, Rothke, Dobler, Weiser. 717 '!9""f 1 'X ,, 1 Q5 x "'s.. 'W 'Wi' I YmNf..,m,,,V. Q-mi-'Q .r-an wsu,- L A BILL DAWSON W Managing Editor f.wff',fW ,, Wi ZA, X 1 ,y gr' Wl ! , '25 SPORTS STAFF -Gomes, Dreibelbis, Rubano, Kelley, Stockhoff, Polsenski. 'Vw 'Wu 'KMA' WA .,. I 5 2 i, 1, I k , V Qd' 16 9 0 , xx U' 0 Ta s , C' 5 ' -' I. z P ii -. - 1 1 .- W X161 l 11' 1 I We of J, 6 fx. I a YB f ' 4 ,fl-MJ 06'-A REGIMEN TAL INFORMATIO SERVICE MAURITZ EHIIARD Chief ' F! ' V: L" f . 1 SJ R 34 vi cn., 122 THE STAFF FRANCO ZUCIOLLI Assistant Chicf pm, I '51 5 U wx nvn N1'ixlk'.15U5 IS wnl ont in thc lm , N . V., -Q Him! lx,?.'vn1.ai1.'11 Nvxxnq ' xxx N . an Xrnzi wx PNN in 'xlll'IIx'l v , x , X X ' Xin fmlm Mqdvmx f11IUll'l1l pnwx 1 ll . , , A . I 'um N ,1 thy m.mni11.al 1.MriN Un ox Nici Un' nmnv ul tlw Xu.nh'111x 'nxnx Twins Nw pnlwln' nm x'UIlIlk'LlIUIl ,fL,.itX.1,,..1.. , - 1.A xx X.. N.1x1x.1x1L .n,nu1nnntN. in mmm . L, xl wi Un' Illix'1'l11.1UUXl Bvrxnv wlll lu 7 --'w L .xx MK LA. INXIUHQ Hn' t wn1'3c.n' UUHIEU L1 nnninnnn nw- xx n nsnspnpcl' of L-.n-h nun. In gnhlitilm ' tins. spuml rchxlscs nmy' 110 issnvd fur n mnmnwr of unusual cN'vnt's on lwtll an luminal and an .XCk1L1Cl'l'lf' lmsis. .-A 3 s i Q VT VVhitc, Cronin, Coyle U , -.---.1 AWVT " " Front Ross . Zalesln, Qucgan. Seated: Jones, Paine, Mullon. N1. Duff F. Zqnurlli, .NI Igrfwrrlj I'1uf,f,f: , -gy 'ff 1 l s 3 REGIMENTAL BRCADCAST I ,f ,fifty ,f " fy UNIT The Regimental Broadcast Unit is composed of Cadets with an inclination toward radio broadcasting and recording. Functioning from headquarters secreted on top of Delano Hall, the Regimental Broadcast Unit enlivens meals with request numbers varying from Beethoven to Bop. Other activities consist of broadcasting football games, recording talks of guest speakers and providing music for informal dances. WILLIAM C. STRAND Director ,ft t fi M Staff cocktail hour YVc shall reach thc moon. 1 H1 fi Pwffmrfz -l -is 1 is i 's l - e,..:..rs..u 41 DEBATE CGUNCIL THIS WAS THE FOURTH TOURNAMENT. After a long, hard season of debating the nationis top teams, including the University of Pittsburgh, William and Mary College, Georgetown, Fordham, Harvard, and Dartmouth Uni- versity, the Debate Council, led by John Sherman and Stan Seibert, once again played host to the Service Academies of the Army, Navy, and Air Force, for the 4th Annual Colden Gavel Tournament. Under the firm guidance of LT. V. I. Lugowski, the Council has once more maintained its high position in intercollegiate debate. Front Row: Rohloff, Sherman, Seibert, McKinley. Second Row: Colburn, Doming, Barron. Elias. Boston, Grady, Kesterman, Manges, Renick. Back Row: Herrick, Rothwell, Keaveny, Rogers, Jensen, Ring, Norz, Bess. .Q 0 - Z ' 8 A a xii N5 3, f-5 X q-w-N I 0 f 4' I 0 F. f ...W dirt .ff 1 if U , U ll 45f,l!3'.ff 1 I nv' ' Z 4 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL AND COMPANY REPRESENTATIVES Front Row: Clapsadl, Comes, Gearing, Brannen, Ingersoll. Baclf Rovv: Cary, Cunningham, Whiteside, Woodrick, McBride, Gaiennie, Johnson, Shurilla, Howard, Kelly, WVinterich. PROPELLER CLUB The Academyis Propeller Club is a student chapter of the national organization engaged in maritime activities and dedicated to promote, further and support the American Merchant Marine. The Parent organization was founded thirty-five years ago and currently maintains branches in over one hundred American cities and in nineteen foreign countries. Kings Point's Propeller Club functions very much like a senior chapter. Regularly sched- uled meetings and dinners are held Where guest speakers, usually prominent members of the maritime field, inform the members of the latest developments in the industry. In this manner, the cadet is acquainted with the intricacies of the modern steamship business and is made aware of the many opportunities which await him in his industry. J 1 ? E 5 E , . las i I 2 V ai .v E Q 'XM UL -finer'-"A"' 'S' Front Row: Zaleski, Teatzner, Weiser, Gearing, Robertson, Kardos, Byers. Second Row: Dammann Bulow, Andraka, Elias, Hite, Stevens, Smith, Goodman, Palm, Ekstrom, Hollon, Russell Rothmann, Carroll, Egbert, Mauter. Third Row: Bess, Foster, Gossner, Szzezil, Turner Dean, Mugavin, Pollock, Seeney, Gorman, Lockwood, O'Hara, Bay, Phin, Kirkland, Dyer, Iielly. Rack Row: Roethke, Richardson, Micplchuck, Traut, Smith, Giles, Ronzitti, Bredehorst, Wine, McMaster, Davis. ll liulfcit fairing fmlr-llo Twilrlv Griffith. S4-vonrl Row: Kinstlvr, Davies, lfspey, I from IH-ww Hurflnll Cm 1. A A .-1 fawfrr ljlllllfl' f,ai',awa5, Vlvsils Nlarquis, Rmrlv liorlvlc, fiinnu, Sknrvc-lis, Salt-njus, lolscnski. Third Row: ,jf rf.. Hui, Lim, Sf-,gm lJlIl'i!'1' llsms, fnrlla-y Lulu-1. Wintm-ric-ln, Spark, U'llricn, Press, Ring, Cowhig, HJ fl , L- f f -' fl' N11-l 'nrlln l'Vnirli4'lfl Swanson Yr-nrwoorl l.z1lu'v Kew ' in, liupie., N1.mmnzg liaflf Huw Iolmam, Ilusfh 1, ,. , . ,. . , , , A, 4, l'rn'fH ffwlr l.rmluls, Iiowv, I.m'l., llllllli. 5 2 4 fi 1 3 xl .1 54 Q 4 vi fi 4 1 4 l ,5 A min 1 ,,,.. ,l ll MQ Front Row: Grace, Rosemere, Morgan, Walker. Back Row: F arman, Grafton, Mills, Ryan. Front Row: Davies, Turner, Sloan, Lewis, Sherman. Second Bow: Walker, Mills, Grafton, Farman. Buck Row: Morgan, fCommodorcl, Rosmere, Grace. 7 in f Q Y Q W ie I, 1 ,L 3 f 1 'f , ff! gg , , f F ZA 'W mr , XX r o in if g A 'Q Y xxx The XVindjammers under the guidance of Lt. Slay, officer advisor, and Commodore Mor- gan is composed ofthe racing crews of the XVindjammers fleet. They compete each week- end in the Racing association of Long Island Sound and also in the famous Bermuda Race. 358 has been a prosperous year for the XVind- jammers. Through the help of the alumni the academy has obtained the Minots Light, a 58 foot steel hull kctch, which should provide many years of deep sea racing. Another recent addi- tion to the fleet was the yawl Ice Fire, a NY-32 donated hy lshrandtsen. The sleek 'Sp hoats Tcrn and Meteor fre- quently sccn putting out for liarchmont on Saturday mornings,arc still the hack hone of the organization. They provide the experience in scamanship and yacht racing needed for bigger things to come. 131 -mia... ..w,.ar-auasmf tml l l l l l I 4 l l l l l li Sitting: Winterich, McCreary, Allar. Standing: Scarvelis, Walker, McEwen. The Intramural Athletic Board works closely with Lieutenant Patterson of the Athletic Department to formulate a well- organized round of inter-company com- petitions both in the fall and spring seasons. The membership of the Board consists of one representative from each of the six companies who meet with Lieutenant Patterson to map a schedule for the various intramural activities. The success of the Academyis intramural program is due large- ly to the efforts of this spirited group. Front Row: Young, Clapsadl, Sleavin, Zalcski, Farman, Xvhiteside, Rogers 7 Brannen. Second Row: Carroll, Elias, Woodrick, Quegan, Burr, 0'IIara, Lusiek LaFranehi, Boston, Lockwood, George, Fettke, Bay. Back Row: Klcmentz Richardson, Traut, Giles, Bredehorst, Manning, Rocehio, Ring, Lahey, Press 132 7 9 ,t "1 . L ':, :A FQ ' W -,, ',,i,-Xxx-A,A,',-'--'sg iv-i',, 'if' f'fAc2 fffx' TT-T4 'iw' "M KY L A 2" ' Q, V' zgxa, ' Q, - - - -H - - In response to a demand on the part of the cadets for a collegiate-level scientific society, the Rlichelsen So- ciety was reborn this year with a new. more expanded purpose. This pur- pose is to create an organization in which the cadets actually take Pllfl in the work of the society by prepar- ing scientific papers which are dc'- livered to the group at the bi-monthly meetings. Some of the topics wl1iCl1 were discussed this year were Cos111iC Rays, Nuclear Propulsion, Satellites. and gas turbines. Q . X n .Q E X Q T- if 1 0 A X S vi ' --1 - XX. 3 P xt 'N 1 7 5, ' ' ft 3 fin 1 ,Q Q 4 4ln.. 44 'gs-A401 'V 0 ff ,LW t f, f 0 Q vw ' 4- zrwqg I !.f gm, .f , rf K ,QQ U' H' li' 'av 3 1 X Q, V , ril ws., Q v ' V, .G Y - - 1--Aer.-' cuff, Q17 fy 9, f 'jlxq """."'fm' V .vi J Q , nk ,, , ,gh , ' 1 u 'SQ v 1 Front Row: Cowhig, McCarthy, Fleischer, Farman, Mugavin, Madden. Second Row: Uhlin, Genzales, Celelle, Orvieto, Skarvelis, 4 Dawson, Kelly, Rubano, Pace, Fettke, Dean. Back Row: Roethke, Raguse, llluzzi, Murphy, Strong, Chislett, Gecowets, Brown, Johnson, Flynn, Frown, Lee. The Varsity "NIU club is an organization formed to encourage participation It 5, in varsity athletics at Kings Point. It also functions to instill closer relationships V between graduate and undergraduate athletes of the Academy. Meetings are 5 called at regular intervals during the year and issues are brought up which are Q C pertinent to the smooth operation of the Acadeiny,s athletic functions. Membership to the club is awarded to all athletes who have attained a varsity KM" in a Varsity sport. RING COMMITTEE l S T The process of producing a ring and crest for the class of 1958 was cap- ably handled by the Cadet Counnittec f elected by the class. The connnittees T function was to design the ring and Ai crest and select a manufacturer tor if- i The talents ot the entire class wel? utilized in arriving at a suitable de- sign: however, the final decision . L I if rested with the Conunittee. who e.u'e- S fully scrutinized the products ot each manufacturer before attempting il' choose one of theni on inerit. The final product brilliantly revealed ills' creative efforts ot the Uounuittvc. I e - Hadficld, R., Ryubano, N., Driver, S., Mills, S., Cuiliano, A., Couphld Wllh tlw U'f'l"f'l1t"'N ml lux- f OBrien, J., Karp, R., lliggcus, p0l'it'ilC0 ot flu' l1iL1iii1lgleflli'e1'. Q . 1:34 ,,-. Qt CLUB Front Row: Farman. Cary, Mullaney, Grace, Hadfield. Second Row: VValker, Himmel, Sousa, Evans, Rothwell, Carroll. Back Row: Owen, Elias, Ring. The Naval Club is an organization whose purpose is to increase interest in Naval careers. At its meetings each week movies are shown and discussions are held about Xaval problems. In addition to these activities the Club makes several field trips each year to installations in the area. EAGLE SCOUT SOCIETY Frmd' How- P:ir.iorel4, Nfullonlc, I.t. lf.C,21TF3l"E'lUl'!v Cannon, Seibert. Back Post' lraut. Xfatisoif. liininger, Uljfglf. Turner. Cook. lflias, Crahm. l NAVAL 7 The Eagle Scout Society consists of Cadets who wish to continue participation in the Boy Scouts oi .'hlfll'liif,TJl inoxteineiit while attending Kings Point. Visiting groups and par- ties 'IIT' 'ilili roufluf if rl on toms of the 'Xt-acleiny hy the mernhers of the Society. ln addi- ,,f ,f v tion to retort duly ilu- Society lifJUIN'I'2lll'S with tht- lot-al st-out troops in a guiclaiuw and . 1 , ffl' 'iIlff'liiIAl1l iJlU'Vli'1IlI llit- viiorts oi the Society liavc' sc'i'x'c'cl to vstalilisli n iiirn'u'i' li1'it'llll- a.. lip for flu M .rdf Hit, in tht, suiioundiiig .ur is ., if 1 'it A . X Front Row: Cecowets, Raguso, Mills, McCarthy, Pedersen, Fleischer, Robertson. Second Row: Hodek, Pierce, Marquis, Gilmore Salenjus, Zaleski, Dobler, Comes, Whiteside, Ginna, Skarvelis, Hite, Hillman. Back Row: Walker, Sousa, Pace, Karp, Knight, ' McMaster, Owen, Swanson, Press, Staebler. The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers is the leading pro- fessional society in the fields of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. The Society offers tremendous opportunities to those Cadets who belong. The chance to improve one's knowledge of his chosen profession, to submit papers on technical subjects dealing with the marine field and to meet many prominent members of the marine and related industries are the main opportun- ities which are offered. f s -1 ,. ,,. SNAMI .fi ln, 4-ll' 3 1 'M' 4 ME Front Row: Grace, Higgens, Orvieto, Lusick, Driver, Farman, Sherman. Second Row: Thomas, Cary, Carroll, Brannen, Elias, Kron SVeiser Stevens Bowles Hol oak Kelly Russell Rothmann. Third Row: Hollon, Lovaas, Leeper, Hopfe, Mugavin, Roethke, 7 3 3 7 y 7 5 7 Cook, Fettke, Andraka, Illuzzi, Prasciunas, Ekstron, Richardson, Davis, Kinstler. Back Row: Seeney, Mullon, Baldick, Cossner, Price, Cidley, Johnson, Flynn, Ring, Uhlin, VVine, Rinard, Galbraith, Fairfield. . WATER SKI CLUB The Wfater Ski Club under the guid- ance of Cdr. Diedricks has expanded rapidly in the few years it has been in existence. The club is opened to beginners and experienced skiers alike providing the use of a powered boat and other equipment necessary to make their free summer afternoons more enjoyable. During the Winter months the clubs activities move in- doors where the members see movies and overhaul the boat and motor for the next season of skiing. i SKI CLUB horst, Twilde, Palm. Second Row McMaster, Klementz, Galbraith. 'I Front Row: Slcnvin, Ryan, llinnncl, Cccowcts. Second Row: Ekstrom, Kron. ' 3, ., . 1 ' , f V Cook, Lnsons, bulfxth. Back Row: Langer, kelly, Traut, Goodman. 188 Front Row: Zaleski, Brannen, Brede- Whiteside, Owen, Kron, Byers, Matisoff, Kelly. Back Row: Giles, L52 .Y x . 9' , In if Vw Gal' DANCE COMMITTEE Front Row: Driver, Knight, Gearing, Marquis. Back Row: Cronin, Bernier, Hauer, Holyoak, Owen, Bowles. The continual success of our Regimental Dances can be wholly attributed to the efforts of the Regimental Dance Committee, VVe salute those men who have faithfully devoted their time and talents in making our dances ones to remember. Consisting of one representative from each company and the Regimental Moral Officer, they formulate and direct the individual dance projects, with an eye toward originality, modest cost, and never failing success. These are the men who volunteer their services for the pleasure of others. CHESS CLUB Front Row: Young, YVeiscr, Nickl, Pierce, Skarvelis. Second Row: Castaneda, Bleaklcy, Elias, Rogers, Carroll, Romeo, Maidansky. Back After being in 3 clO1'm31'1t state fOr Row: Dreibelbis, YVilliams, Hoppe, Cidley, Hopfe, Rinard, Seeney. the past six years, the Kings Point Chess club was reactivated under the able direction of Lt. A. F. Nickl. ln their weekly meetings, the club mem- bers received 'valuable instructions on the finer points of this ancient game by Lt. Nicki and also get in a considerable amount of practice. lfsentiiallgg the Chess Club will cntcr intercollegiate competition where they are certain to perform in thc best .Nlarinfrr traflition. e X if r Ii 3 l 1 1 :sg .Q ,. , i l v -rm I v RADIO CLUB Front Row: Griffith, Knight, Emerlck, Burchlll. Back Row: Grace, Elias, Himmel, Ronzitti, Lahey, Cecowets, Yearwood, Lewis, Driver. VVith the acquisition of a complete, new high power station, the club has talked to radio operators all over the world from its operating shack on the top deck of Murphy Hall. The club provides ample training in code and theory to make it possible for any Cadet to obtain an amateur license or raise the one that he presently holds. AUTOMOTIVE INTEREST CLUB In this day of low slung sports cars, im- ported and domestic, it is not too hard to understand the motive for the formation of the Automotive Interest Club. Though small in number, there is plenty of spirit and interest in this group. Rapt discussion of mutual motor interests preside over the meetings. Front Row: Persons, McHalc, Kinstler Flynn. Second Row: Hawkins, Eustacc, Young, Andraka, Hoffman. Back Row: Phanccnck, Mayberry, Friccll, Rowe, Shurilla. 140 li E252 kv- 'W ., M QW, , Q Mu O1 V s-3 5 "'x. w.. I' C.-f,,, Lg, . y-9. h .K i -V --icfi . Q xii . -. ,DL "' ' fu t -4 , . , .5 .I ' 14 ,x,'w 4 4 I 1 li. arf' X I XJ' !ll 1. I ' X ' A CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleader squad is comprised of some high spirited cadets who have had the drive to W lead the regiment in support of our athletic squads. These men have been responsible for organizing groups to follow the teams on the Q road. Their time and effort has borne fruit and has been appreciated by the men on the field. Front Row: Micalchuck, Thomas, Sloan. Back Row Pafias, Spanier, Gearing, Olsen, Rackett, Hopfe. At the game. aus., W ,mv , , if iris, Fitz' QU' - . 'S Mm .-15, . HAWAIIAN CLUB Front Row: Matteo, McEwen, Tunnell, Kelvin Kai fPresidentJ, Kuhn, Karp. Back Row: Wood, Bess, Schaeffer, Quintus, Heen, Garbiras, Wilson, Colburn. lt E! . W. k-1. w sv, " Front Row: Hughes, Boston, McCreary, Jacobs, Hepfe, Grace, Twilde. Second Row: Ingersoll, Driver, Weiser, Palm. Gearing, Burr, Hollon, Bulow, Colver. Back Row: Fettke, O'Neil, Gecowets, Turner, Donaldson, Olsen, CHRISTIAN COUNCIL Banyacski, Traut, Press. One of the the most important phases in the life of a Cadet is his spiritual experience. In the Protestant Chapel much of the Work associated with religious services is entrusted to the members of the Christian Council elected from each section. The opinions expressed by these men are an invaluable aid to Chaplain Harpole in the planning of regular and special services. Results of the excellent Work done by the Council can be seen from the Candlelight service which Wel- comes the plebes to the Baccalaureate service which bids farewell to the graduates. ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY The Astronornical Society is com- posed oi a limited number of cadets who 'sii Ash to take advantage of the iaeilitiea filtered in Samuels Hall. Alfiuough the Astronomy course is er, unliq to Declc Cadets the Society is open to both Deck and Engine C5t'f':"1 ililifff lm'-563 UJTF1plF:'H: 1156 of tile filainetarzurn and telescope on the ref ' l5:fI'ifif:lS llsilli liilcorinal Qazaes et 'fffrfitilimefcifm are given and Soeiefj rzzemliere are ultffn eallcrl Q, ', grae lectures fo xisiling gfrzajis un! How: x'Il,Llillgillll1, J: 1, " , U1 W, , is ' . . l'l'lI1LIll. Si'l'0Ilfl liovsg Dawson, lilihlilfll VVprllu:r. lilias., flarroll, Kelly, Russell, ffoolx. Bac-la Row: Xlliitcsiclc, llnguso. Price. I J C VVini', vlolmson, liimg. llinzlrml, Young. 5. -H: TJ 1 .gr- 1 , Axx , I ,,. -nun- -Q 'vL'iff?'lLM GYM f,.,1VQ7l"'A1""'7V , . 1'-r '-- '7 J' f M W vJ.Qggj5.f?", . MJ, .-f-nH1u4w,wp.v! , f " 1 4 '-' Z iff f 1:--1- , 1 i fri, ' f J I ,jgja fi' fs? ' i C Ay .JZ w 9, u 'ww n"": I 5 NUSE i 1 Q V 'fs -L WN-45. 4.-it-qxisxlf 1' r . i. . E E ' X' E s X: iftwsz museum y , H QP The beginning of 1944 found the Emery Rice a tired and broken ship. She was taken under tow and docked in her berth at Mallory Pier, there to remain for the rest of her days. Her long years of service distinguished her among ships and for this reason it was decided to make her a museum ship, the M.S. Emery Rice. Her Worn Wooden decks were covered with a long deck house, peak roofed and shingled. Though definitely not a seagoing rig, it was suitable to house the numerous exhibits of marine art and lore on display Within. Every ship, even one destined to sail no more, must maintain her appearance. Chief Warrant Officer Charles "Bosun,' Williamsen was assigned the title of Shipkeeper, and under his experienced hand the T.V. Emery Rice became one of the foremost attractions to visitors to the Academy. XM? ww Gif 1 Ol'-O 45. I n-an rl-ui Z- -5655i In 'Q xf5i'.5Eh Q -Q - . X'4' T A, N sh 1' 'f"i, , . ,. gawi Captain Taylor Weeman FooTBALL The 1957 Mariner football team was by no means a national eye catcher, but nevertheless, it was the pre-game favorite of the Regiment before every contest of the season. Despite "bad breaks" every Saturday, the team-and the Regiment-kept looking for their day. On occasions it seemed that the Mariner eleven had arrived only to see costly mistakes and stronger teams take the victory. There was never a moment when every man on the squad was not doing his best and the support received from the Cadets was always a tremendous factor in making even defeats into worthwhile efforts. But there were some bright spots in some games, and there was the consistency of those players who, despite always being the underdog, were outstanding in their ef- forts. Tom Michalski turned in a stellar performance in every game and earned a position on the Long Island MVP team. Along with "Skin, there were others who were also outstanding. Tom Scanlon was one of the most rugged linemen in the league and left his mark on many opponents. In the backfield, Captain Taylor VVeeman and jerry Cole provided the fans with some stirring moments. And there was the "Golden Greek", Nick Scarvaleis, who was always good for a few yards, However, there were the "unknown factorsi' which just seemed to point Lady Luckis face in the other direction on Saturday afternoons. And now that it is all overhevery man on the squad can say without reservation-"XVell, darn it, we triedf, Assistant Coach, Tim Stapleton Head Coach, Clem Stralka Assistant Coach, Dick White Front Row: Lipold, Michalski, Scan- lon, Kelly, Franchek, Barron, Weeman fCapt.J, McCarthy, Cole, Kai, Hamil- ton, Barbato. Second Row: Matthews McTigue, Rothke, Jepson, Cinna, Ne meth, Madden, Dawson, Woodrick, Skarvelis, Pace, Badger. Third Row: Frew, Espey, Rico, Giles, Mccom, Za- leski, Dorning, Comes, Martin, Ryan Fleischman, Scwender. Fourth Row- Kronzer, Robeson, King, Lafferty, Donovan, Rothmann, Harriet, Kauf- man, Savage, Kropke, McCane. Back Row: 0'Leary fMgr.J, Stralka, Staple- f0l1, ROQCFS, Sall, White, Kennedy, Pedersen. 9 . ,7I A 77 M 4h1.y5m':LN M Vx bb' by . , ww ...acc Tom Michalski 11112 'SE We got him stopped. Q7"?'W Mac boxing 'cm in. 151 Jerzy Colo Y u 9' 5 , 1 E U Y , f 2 ,' L ' ' 3 if A ' ' I Q L .I 4 , 'x,. V X W I, K I Joe Pace Q How do you do? , , FF EU H il J IV IE: Qi lv ' Es 3 I 1 r x I I I Stopped. Al Barham Qbumbsl 152 anna: -L. is X ,ff-. l 1 -1 Q "'-.J fl! M I M sl "1 gs -g. -f . - 3 4 :X E.-"4 pl ijffin ,'+.e3x nk ' X X ' ,..-a 'f ,. X5 M , fx ss, xx xf 1 U A x I 5 1 mx- . . af ',s,1,- ':- fp, -f . Q Q f V X my , ss' W-f . 'Q .' uf' . N Q, ' I , , 'f'fV'N'. 'U KN S.. f 'JB-L w Ne x F ,, W. . 1 5 1 1 w X , Q ' , QE x. 1 K? if ' ' 1 5: .x Ex v... MLN' .J ' Vik I I K ' N' X , E Y . , , -W 3 ,QQK N M.. V X 'I Y -, M I I, I in A , i P 5 A ,liy f w at , M, 'A I Coming up fast. Bill Dawson I5-1 A long stretch. Kelvin Kai YVhc1'c did he go? Piling through. ,xg-.. rx I "Rugs" Haguso Manager at f.w.,,X six f 3 WH ,WMM M, WZ: , ff h f ff! 76 X ff 4! W! 4a44W f agerj, Skinner. Back How: Dion Henniequen, Unlin, Coach Cmdr James Liebertz, Strong, Coyne. CROSS COUNTRY Bruce Strong. Startins out together Front Row: Luciano, Murphy Qian- QM 'vi ' . ii X XX X X X .X XX XX :Q XX 4 o 7 , , Z4 f M , V 1 , I N Jf ,Jr Q 4 22 1 W 'W I , 4 M W . 0 I, :W X V u n ai' ,uw f 0 Jw ram W , he f fm , W wh lr MEM' 4 1 ,f , ff Q, ,, 1 w X Q H. X , f Q M ,,. .f x ,V, ,A , A V ff' 1 A s QA 8-fgyf. ms-5 9 A , 53? if XG' ' , if Q ' , A, 4 ,W .X R fs .. li 095, Xgpnf f i 4 X 4- .5 Y A X Ai! -Q' ,V X fc, 2 Y f " f :Fa ,W ' ' X6 T 'NN' X X M 'f-Jw .54 A 'X N ,fmt,,- Q TW4 4 Q Q, , ' ? , , I ' I f K 5, v nv 4 I 4 1. ll SCJCCER On the way to a win. Inexperience due to the loss of ten starters through graduation and the sea year plagued the soccer team throughout the 757 season. Captained by Ray Stockhoff, the team had an unimpres- sive record of 0-8. However, this was not an indication of their ability as they lost five of their games by one goal. A great deal of experience was gained during the season by our second class- men Who will he returning next year, along with the men re- turning from sea. We can safely say that we are looking forward to a highly successful season. A mascot. if I 1-vs f ,ba-F -0. T k f 4. E fi' 'L . 1 pq, 1 i w 4 K -.. . r 1, , ' ,- ug. l M X 'V 5- f wr V,,, fffj if W 751' 1 pw. H! f ,fa ,I if . ,, ,, ,, Mg. fini 'Hu I I 4,-5 -44. 4--l 0 3,44 ,g, . P N if 5' Www' fy , 'I .X .i wi 'uno Y Fncsl ihccl fUlNYLll'kl 3 Take to the air. I A nice block Q13 I ..-J I ,l5I1, '. 150111, if ni 1 frfz ' , I .v J ., I,f,flr. fnryrifirly, f,n,if,Yi, C. lr I I I V r 1 I 1 lr fr 1 4 lr fun, li. Nlmirn, V-X. Hfzinhfir r E liurnholclt, ff. lscurrarfl, L, f. C, Romeo, li. Plant. QW" ' 7'-, f f 1 Coach Tom Carrnody BA SKETB ALL The Kings Point courtmen, during their '57-'58 season, played a tough schedule which included twenty teams closely rated in top college basketball standings. Although the team had constant difficulty throughout the season, their talent and ver- satility made every game an exciting one to the Regiment with nip and tuck scores all the way. Coach Carmodyis five lacked the necessary height but his system of outrunning the opposition with dazzling speed proved to be highly successful. Led by that irreplaceable Bob Plant, the team included Gerry Leonard, Frank Verona, Ron Brown and Buss Brown. The main Mariner quintet was ably supported by such cagers as Cary Romeo, Lee Carr, Bob Barnholdt and George Friedl. To the men of the squad goes a well deserved congratula- tions for performing an excellent job on the court by always playing hard and keeping the Kings Point spirit at its peak. Captain Bob Plant 1.62 sf, " va Nw fm! '..A l Ay. X,-L' . ,o Y If "fa-1' . , 52 ini Q X Q is :SE-Q 41' '--swf" a w B..-1 ix P Q5 The Starting Five: Gerry Leonard, Frank Verona, CCaptain75 Ron Brown, Russ Brown. -...l' Bobby Plant, rjff lg, pn 1 as fw- "11- Brownic's got it. Rebounding. 164 E, xi gg! I ,Q f Uzfjgfu K i ! i i ' . E X l , l 4 V 5, ii 5? l i E li ii I' :Q l 1' ,i ,. 3 I y l 1 1 . Q . i'3' ,L 1 . 'N I! " 2, , lr iii ,. . i I 5 , l -2 1' ..f - lg . f Q . 5 A 5 'I E z il if pf fl sl fp! 'ill El " fl V .N if . Y. ,f V 4 'A f l A' I 3 1. in I . 1 1 V l, 4 lf V? I i Q! ji ir li s l X r , I J i 3 l w 1 , ! Dick White, Head Coach. SWIM!!! Paced by the consistent scoring of Captain Ron Mugavin, Dick O'Boyle, jack Chislett and Larry Gill the Kings Point mermen finished their second consecutive Winning season. Ably coached by Lt. fjgl Dick WVhite the Mariners compiled a 6-5 record equalling that of last year. Edging out Adelphi in the last event, the relay, 44-43 and losing to Fordham by the same margin in home water, provided the highlights of the season. Lack of needed depth was the big factor for not having a more successful sea- Captain Ron Mugavin 5, 1-,. 2' I ii 2'2" E11 'rf' 1, 'ff r 1.--' xi 117, L12 Front How: Kirzl, Gill, O'Boyle, Ochinero, Oughtmen, Roethke. Back Row: O'Leary, Culver, Lenny, Chislett, Egbert, Donahue, Fleischer, Mugavin, Lt. Cjgj R. White, coach. 166 'XF IMMING 1 3. Mx .l.-,..f ., Q --. wr:-5 Tr ,- ar 'af' - M. wa.. M me -F son. Next year with the loss of three graduating seniors. jack Chislett, Bob Lenney, Bob Fleisch- er and I. P. O'Leary manager, there are hopes of replacing them by the incoming class. Other inainstays on the team were Ion Roethke, jack Donahue, Dave Ochinero, Tom Oughton, john Kirzl and Hohn Egbert. The team is looking to make up for the loss of depth with the return of the men from sea. Among the hopefuls are Roger Quigg, Mehrtens, Schultz, F ields, Tighe, Phillips, Brinkerhop and Mason. Bob Fleischer Bob Lenney J. P. O'Leary, Manager n,....1 rf-5-si I xl L A nrd n A-xl They're off. Hifi On your mark. ""'l. ' -Y" '99 X 'Q 3 Q- . Q . X ' Vw , lu A ,, f Q Q '. , 1 4 4 K i - sh . f X ' Q 5 - f I X ' I ' f x Q' Q, , . ' . . l,,QXx ' mx ' 41' . K ..xX.. I 5 g X , 1 KX " U N , ku M 4 is V X .SQ -.-,- W- A . K f ' Q I 4 4' 1 X XXXN ix I 1 , X XXX Q i .r S f X.:x A sf, 1 3 , X ,X V 'lk x , xx A Q XXI N X- XX xx ui Q if y P. fkb nv ,vi , . XxXX X X 'X K 1,Q,',tf4 ' X 'x'. - 1 ' t X' ' , X 1 -X . Xv ' ' -Q ' f 'X X N an X' X , - X by X X Q 5 XX Q ,A fu xy V S ' X ' X k 0 x ' Q SX X X x ' 9 RX , lux, " X ' X3 .XXX X fr Q ' f X , xg X QX NX X, " NE ' ,Y I i 4 L X QX 9 - FNS: Mir Q X kk XX X X X Y x 3 K ML :XXX .x H' ' X ' X ' XSSNSY "X X .- - X X ' XX x A ' X -NX -e X X-Xx X ' ' Xi gg- - -X 1 I -Xa, W X f' - Y -X QA X X . MN X - X pw, X XX ,ff X , 1 X XXSX X v' A fa, K X .fwtcfifww .4 2 ,,,XuM2'7 f 'na XX' xx XX - 'N . ' 1 ? v N. -. XX x 'XXQ XXX X in .54 , - K J f , aaa, ' f ,Q A V1 x K " "M, -sg If 4 ' . X L . Q . X. , x 'av ,, .h -yy Xp- ' s f X X ,, . W we M, f "Winn , 4 ,WW f X 4 ,A 9 vs K , '11 'Q Z Front Hou, NVfrhl Munnrch Hamrlton Loose Cosentrno Second Row: Prime, Skinner, McKane, Mauter, Rojas, Brooks. 'Third How Prrce Cnttrnr OHar'r Klemetz Sall Martrn Zahn. Back Row: Petersen, Kurisky, Siegel, Frew, Matthews, Smrth. WRESTLING Undefeatedl In that wordis the story of this season,s wrest- ling team For the frrst trme 1n the h1sto1y of the school the Krnffs Pornt wrestlers navrgated the route to frme hx xx rnnrnff frll therr matches Wrth the only hlemrsh hernff 1 l7 17 draxx xx 1th Hofstra the grapplers completed therr three month xox lqe xx rth ll Wrns out of 12 starts Gorng 1nto the frrst competrtron ot the xerr Co rch Clem Stralka and Cfrptarn George Munnrch xx ere 1 rther skeptrcrl on the chances of gorng all the xx ax for r lar fre slrce h rd been taken out of the prevrous se rsons squ rd hx Q1 rdurtron rnd the sea year In fact George xx rs the sole surxrx or Strfrlkfrs hullv hovs herded hx Nlunnrch rnd supported hx returnees from the seven seas rnd men tresh from the fum set to Work cuttrng then oppontnts doxx rr lrlxc xx feds Three xrctrrns RPI Brooklyn rnd tht long lslrnd Xcgfrres rnrt thcrr doom before the M umcrs crme to Hofstr r Xfter thrs sloxxdoxxn the Acfrdemv mfrtmtn rolled oxrr Corst Clurrd li rrrlcrsgh Drckrnson he much more thrn rxputrcl hut tlrtx xx err trnrllx oxercorrre n re lrst mrtch ol thc rxerrrrr rrrd tell la ll trr sxx rrrrprrr Unron tht Crcx rnd Blur srt the rr srf hts on the sr rsorrs rnost sought rltrr xrctorx hx trrrrrrrrrnc N X ll lil 9 rx rrrr no xr rrnrrrrlr rrrr on ro rs r r rrsr rr rrrr frr M rttlrr xxs . . . . Q 7 . D . . C E 17 Y. . D L p. . ' ' ' O z L- 2. ' ' " 7 .y ' . v ,ft L v' ' c c l ' ff . '7 ' f 'Z f f . i o CC 37 . rc lr? - k -D f i ' 1 z k 1 r r 7 1 nc c 1 I 2 f 1' Q' l . 4 1' ' J A , 1 r y V N , ' r r ' i, . ' X' . 3 V ' -Y wx - . f' ' r , .. r , , .,.., ,z so k Az :Mba 1 1" J" z 2 r 3 'z. f r' . ' ' N L J . 1 1, 'I' if ,z', +z"Vk' r : , Rutgers of Ncxxfark, CXV. Post, and Ycslrrxu. C.C.N.Y. proved to '- ' X ' NW X X 7 'W ' X -' 1 ' ' X' N H 1 C rx ' , 1 f K Y ltlfzj zt f Q' ,f'-,. :XFVCX Ig ' 7 A h, 1 1 7 Q A xv X i . Q xx tg Lx N 4x fxi ky 'ki Ns L Y L f V .I rx L - 1 - X -X v Crrrclrrzrtirrg xxrillr the Class of '58 xxill he Crrtr' C r rgc M ' r , llarrrl Z1 l , ll l' iz l3'll llft ' , . l jrlr 1 ' S we f 1 Q M, . 7 X 9 W - wh ,f f ff by X ,Q Sz , f f WW I 1 f f , f f f K4 , V, '5 -1 fU9l9bUf W f .awwyu-Mf .ww ff J X, Q 'V 'V f f W 7 X... ff f' Alta-W i' V X .vb i ,5 - S ,Q K S22 M1 U' Y R gs is v- -wav' I , 5 . -,I 1 'Real attention. 1 , V P- 2 j -l'! ,Q I ew 1?-e 1"lf .ig I 2 Eg i i -i ' ia L ' gi 31-.nr . , L4 I if Y I Q f ' Bill Petersen I . as Q ' 'a 1 rwf 5 ' 1. " Ei E I1 I-H Y! 'I M 1. IEMFL nligf s u P Man at work. ri r 1 J 172 gm J Ann ff A .f w i Gr-3 W , , f 4 S ' M Qfgagff f' M' f 1' X 1 xx , 'owwfxxwj f W af., ,,,,, ,gk Q W sf' XX ,, ,, X, ywffx ff X 1 'KLooks good reff' Q-akin The Coach and his mainstays. john Matthews W . 3-an se, Hard on the face. -..S-W "8-ms-m 1 ' F. "V Paul Zahn 'Tickle his ribs." Jil' Jn,-nallwi-R, , ,..,.,., Q L ' f ' ' fl 'V'-,hy , ex: V 2,41 - , .f ' km, .041 . , ,. M13-fl-,M -af. W M - "H K ...f.5,i.-f b M 4, ,Z . 5,1 X.,.,,,, ' I . J.-...Q f, M .th ,I-I if g alls..Akl , 1 f ,F an-"""4"' me Xxx On his way down. Qty: "Q - X L .4 "Come on down and play." "Hold still." A hard working ref. i , .M .Vai Q 1 1 lf +I 1 N...-l fi D l mul I C4 'Q I U , ,,,,A,,:i,,,,, .-,,. L., ,. .pl....,.--., ., . , .Ea . ,n,7 . . ,Q-I. 4 1 H. . , T. .. .. . ,. ,,, , .0-,....f....a..,Qs.q.-l... N U ni N -'Awww4-,A--1-'M-me-'-sgry-Q-n-W V I QA- H iuyw W --'NA V ,Fi vA,L ATU' vwpmnr :M 7 A pw, TWV,-.n.4 l v... . ,,,,, , .,.,..,.-...W..,,,.,.,..,,.,,.v.,,,,, ,,.,..,.T,..n...,ff. 4. A, . ,- . ,. ,W Af!! .,. . ., , A, , .- . H . . .-. ' ' ' it ' '. -'Af ' ,fig-4: N 1 A ' --ft 'i"" . ' '11 l , H V '19, ' ' ' ' AA4, 1. A . gpgi- . Y A. M A A .a , A . I , .. L A ,fm 4' " 4' """T"2ffTif 1 """73'T'1""5""T"''WYITA 'A 1- 1 ' , " . . A A V A -4 ,.......,..1..e ......4..t.M,.......,.......w -III I I . A 1. -- . - . . - - ... . ... f ee -Q - w Q A- M W. .- P , , , f yay f , Q, A as f 'S 1 - 4 nl "' at mm E 1 l Front Row: McCarthy, Smith, Orvieto, Stockhoff, Madden, Stanley, Assistant Coach Stapleton, Matthews, Manager. Second Row: Clark, Kesterman, Rosenthal, Coach Carmody, Christiansen, Smith, Bell, Ryan. Back Row: Cullum, Neuner, Doming, Parker, Sellinger, Underhill, Kaufman, Kramer. I ,iiT.,,Y,i.1,g 3 B A S E BH This yearis Mariner Baseball team boasts experience as well as a considerable amount of depth typical in only a winning squad. Headed by that sure handed Dick Smith at second base, the Kings Point nine are expected to come through with a fine season. The strength of the team lies in the hitting power of such men as Bob Stanley, Parker and Bob Madden. Other first class men, who Will unfortunately be lost to the team and greatly missed include Fred Orvieto, Brian McCarthy, Ray Stockhoff and Frank Bell. Parker, held back from the sea year, Madden, Kramer and Smith are the men Whom coach Tom Carmody is depending on to provide the backbone of the squad next year. The problem facing the "diamond ninew up to this point has been one of pitching. McCarthy, Smith and Cullen have yet to come into their own fully, but with the team depending on them and the esprit de corps as high as it is, the squad will certainly develop a Winning team. Further indications of this is seen in the defeat of top rated Iona and XVagner Colleges by the scores of C3-2D and C6--22 respectively. XVith a sure winning season ahead, the Cadets wish the team good luck and congratu- late them for a fine job. 176 'Q ' H l 5 5 1 -I-,sf . 'U' 4 N 'Q an ,w-W.. 8 'l . .iw Aff' x I Z9 U v f E i , V 1 4 1 12 ., ,lv ,GZ aw I "2 3 MBALL McCarthy, Orvieto, Stockhoff, Smith, Stanley, Bell Swish l ! ! A close call. Xl 'sd--""' .Jv1"Y'x v I f f-Al we 2 ff Q? ' S , P Y: ', ,qw If fx-+ v S W M X, X 4, ,QW 5, f ,- 55,4 .4 on -4' , ' , Y ,,'vi.,,,,.. f X..f l 'fwfllipa 6-',4. EJ xv www ' ,is x t!f,A!,V-.-.. I : ul IL, ,YJ zffz--,H ,H I fqk. "" ,, ' K, f - xw gf xg ,X .Q fy: -- we-N -N ' ' ,f,gr,L.52 vm W it if l F, I I I 5.4 ,pn 1 iii 1 , E I. I I I I I I I I i 2 I I I I I , I I I . I 1 I I I 1 I I. I I if' I in 4-X A .MU XV YVhere is he? 1 my 5- ,, gi, - x A ,f ,f W Afx ix 'f 4' NV? M ,fn 7 ,WM , I ' 4 ' GQWMC , VWQ' -QQ ww. LX f Ahit?? MT 7 aw Meeting the ball. W4 ff 75,4 , ,. 4, . mo ff' '. f nw , . ,-H ,. , 11 , I . Q , WM, 'M A , .Uh ., K W 'mvxi ,,i4Lm'.ini "KL M Q, ' 4 wr 1 fe X f 5 l 1 4 fi 'ii ,2 s-:Mem-A-Q-an 'M-in . I W .... . 4 f. n-----Mfrs" W - -F --v Q wwf: I l 1 l 1 5, 2 2 I Front Row: Hemphill, Baptiste, Combs, Kyriazis, Barron. Back How: Cowhig, Belsan, W.O. Ach, Fleischer, Rubano. RIFLE TEAM The Mariner Rifle Team has once again completed a winning season under coach Ray Ach. The team, which has never had a losing season in the history of the Academy, Wound up with a healthy 15-4 record this year and placed second in the sectional matches of the national rifle tournament. The team will feel the loss of graduating riflemen such as Captain jim Belsan, Bob Fleischer, and Norb Rubano. Fleischer, Belsan, Rubano. 180 "SA T Front Row Walker Barbato Coach VVO Ach Swanno Drixer Brinnen Back Row: Belous, PISTOL TEAM The team, under the leader- ship of VVO. Ray Ach, has finished out the season with twelve victories and four losses. The team placed third in the N.R.A. collegiate tournament with 11,498 points out of a pos- sible 13,000, just 43 points behind Army who took second. Three members of the squad made All-Americang Belous took top honors in the nation with Hemphill taking eighth place and Barron coming in eigh- teenth. The graduating pistol- men include Steve Driver, Earl VValker, Al Barbato, and Captain lack Swanno. l8'l S f ff f 1 ff y f xW 1 fy 9 V4 X f N x ' ' Q 0 'lx , X ,, f M7Wff ,K V9 nf fw 6 V X, ,ww f Af f M if ff 4' , MM, V Z A f , ff Z 6 W1 fc ,I M7 f M f X , jf f w fl 3 x AQ , f we-Ni ' ' V' K: -.-Y , 'Q-xi' Alf? , ,A WIA I K. Vxvn I .W - X hzmfiiwmsv., xx - v ,--.Q-,,,,. Kings Point's record making mile rela team. Y Uhlin, YVinslow, Luciano, Flynn. Their Last Season. Cleared with ease 183 x gl fl Q 3 3 V S 1 1 5 1 f 5 s i i 2 3 1 1 i 1 I w w W 1 w V I , X 6, 4 'x 1 1: T r 1 E! 1, 4 E I Q Q 1 ff ....,- .. ..m-n-vv-- Y A H ixilff V, 52? -' f ., 14 f 2' q f 'L E 3 ' I5 QS' ' 5 ' h , gb V1 A 'ful .. . up X T , -. '-1 f A M if ' I ' I , Q! 3 1 5 ' P' . J R S"""' R il uv- www-Q-'M-tv W W N ,,' . 14 1'-iw f 'www '-Oflw.-v-'fwff N 4-' 'f ' ! i"" , ,Z -1 - ' " A I V I K '51, 'f 4, 's f ' , 1 x ' . .x ' K TF' ,H hy,-in. ' ,rf . ' .J il N f Y: ,.,: -4 2' i ' . , , Q' . - L. 4 wg! " . I 'Q f- """--.-.who A '-U.. I WA is , W, 1. ,N . . ,N V ,A 5,4- - fe, ., 2 ,f-fm , A r .gl H A 11. ,, ' x New , ff? g-D If gg ,x 5 I 511 l- E I xl iff , ,V ,A UZ Q X B ff I4 WNW ml K f ,f f f gm .QQ Wt vm fe Ing in .1 W . , 3 f I W Viv , . ww X 1 " ,, 4 , , ' , f 'uwx .f' hm ' 'A ff W' 'I ff M 1 X X , Q ,1 f V 4 ' I, 4 , V 7 ' in , Z 4 If , ...i Z fi 14' , ' WK! f gy , f Z , ,W , , f I WW' ' f ,ff ' ,2 ff""j,f4Q7 34"""7ff " W , ' ' , , ff ,6 ,NM 5 f 1 ' ,, Z !,WQfi'V ,f 35255 X ,JJ W' X dfffyff 1 f My 7,7 ' If W I , ,, .Www ,,., mfg W, A ff! Vfzfw , , X V, , ,f X ' , If ,W , I f I f If ,j f W, Iffwwj AW, , 435 :rf '?'W' ' " ff , V f ,V I , ,A ,V Awww? UWM f ' wi X X 'W K Front Row Lt McKenzie coach Jones Oster Atkinson Fiacco Back Row Leiz manager Barron Kay Reinhardt Bartholomew Smith TENNIS The 58 netmen under the captamcy of Bill Reinhardt have a new coach this year in the person of Lt McKenzie This years team shows a lot of ability despite the loss of 1 number of regulars to the sea year and graduation. Bill Reinhardt and Jones figure to be the pacemakers this season and have a sufficient amount of depth behind them to develop a cracker jack squad. Coach McKenzie feels con- fident that the boys will make their mark on the courts this year. 186 'QF' 5 , Q I he ' av M4 ' v L ' 4' ' if J W 1. 49 IZ- rf .rn 1 c 2 t 1 7 f 1 W Jack Barron Van Jones -.-digg A tough game. Right on the button. Form Perfect timing. 189 li he 81 ..,--"""" '+int 2 VARSITY Sf".II.i'w'f. 'lin-X'-J l'ron6lfm1 'ilafniirfi l'll71f'l'fll'l lx-ll"m.'i'f, lilfidvf- Y " ' yxjf-il, ', f ,ww 'ufzgonrf fiom. V Iflll' l"1f- lbiuiluf rl yr' 'ff gg, fn-,:, in nn, origami, Plrlt, lliirnrifffk, lirfrlf-lmr-at, ',i,il.f1,r,f' Ifdrfrpgin? jlfjHffIIlfjfIVj? fgilm, lwllll-,, xlllcfflfijllrl SAILING TEAM One of the most consistently dependable teams here at Kings Point, as many know, is the sailing team, Co-Captained last fall and this spring by Dick Farman and Conrad Rosemere, both very able men when it comes to sailing. Skippers are Farman and Rosemere with Zahn and Wlenners as crewmen. In the fall season Kings Point became greater New York champion in intercollegiate sailing and Dick Farman expects to have a good spring season. In the months which will finish the season. our competition will be felt at the Freshman and Middle Atlantic Championship Regattas. and the North American Dinghy Champion- ships. Although the Mariners don't attend this latter meet every year, it is hoped by all that this team, one of Kings Pointls finest, will be able to attend. u-hu-nn 3 '54 ' -i .9 xx'a'gq, X kg X X X . A w IOHX BI. SHERMAN Yarsity Sailing Team Manager L K S 3 i S 5 S Q 'L '55 I r , F' KA? in I Qf'9h 4 Af DICK FARMAN Varsity Sailing Team Co-Captain CONNIE ROSEMERE Varsity Sailing Team Co-Captain 7-'YQ ,M-"""' " ,,,., ,, ..,,l"' , ' ""' ""' ,,,,, ,,,,,k"-""" Top: Niwrgair, Ifarrnsiri, Piiffl iifififjflfltfy f iiffrfifgimrfl Cniifgfrfmri. fifzttofn' fixing 1 f M !Q,.,f,,i.f,. '-J, ,,, ,i, Val iiizmf 4 5 W 7 mf f , P o Time for a good book. , o o 5 Passing close aboard. 3- fx y fuywf 2 in - 5'- 'o'o . '14 x L '1 I 1 X 4 o9NrN Pl XZ S if I x x 'N R ex Usi 4 X RN 'ix -2 Wikiiwf FN? . 'Ah 3 '1 '1 " ' n- ' 'lv-f-if falls. 5 5 ,f ..iN'-'1 ,L Y s 1 T Q . , . , "W S v ig? 'HY Xi I -A 6 A ,Wi hug X 5 i,,,,,NK, Q, msgs U -, 4' 'L ' -- . if fi 3 K f I ' 23J'f4'1i1 ' .. I N i f ,. , , , 'Q Q i Q ' zif .6 4 A , 5 N i ' 'f Q3 . w A ' ' ' N K ' N ' uw , - J f . 5 fa 4 A i N i sz 'ef ' ' ' - , ,N in -A gn if, I , ' - 2 ' ' -Y " ' 1 fi' T K5 5:i..13!1XX -4 , i N ,f,.,-Qjnfl' Q r Q 1 N ' 2 1-N NS " If ii T . ff b 5 .fjfff f' UQ Q- N Y Q 245- A ' N' fi ff .1 ,ffl fffqsvfwx -, gixg, Q i N A X ANN , 1' . W Q Zi um 5 SN v v tif Q W V 2 w f 1 av Q, Si, , N il X if 5 v 'H Q x :X 3 5 'f' , . f Q 1, N 5.1 f if 7: gn QS R ix A , N X XZ, X H 'I s A U3 FP 1 1 'X xi , FY N ' NX P fx X -+ , X so 4 ,MV Q QQ N I E53 ' N I1 ,M as N Q N H- - - O Q 3 is , ww wg --' ar 4 f if : Nr , N Q N f , 3 QW QX Q f , Q, ,if ' f Q y f s X4 SN ' f ' N f gfjxzg 1 s, Sym, f ,Y ,Q Y 'Q Nc 'X' , i' x W wi? 59' Ni Qf'f5iXf Qf K51 2 ' ' -N fi' ix fx 1 1 ,Q Q N iw 3 f Q , i i i X ' ,--A'-W ,. g W fx ,W N , Q px. X lf Q ' avi! 9 5140 X552 A X M 'ff "Q, r 7 N jx A X, 3 X wi Xi 5, Wg Q 1 5 Eifkfgf X mf' p E i vers X , 4 ,N N , N :N Ns My -vi - I XXXN N yy ,Qu 2 N JA' f. 1 - f ' 2 .7 x A V if N N HT , ,, 4 4 +' X 95 . f E Q ,X N1 .. V . , wiv 2 he ,M xmgf, fx Z-X r N XS :vi f Q .14 sw X f ,f l wi, QQ ywvwf .,C' fn, 'L-'U' is 'fe ...M-. Q.-5 M".r, M1211 Light Airs again. Q' SAILING TEAM M 2 2 H 2 Ewa. if K f- if iw, 5 ,, S 6 2 9 , is A w '95 'ia ,ff m,,..y im- f 'M ug, 'weavawu man 0. 1 ' 1, -, 1 x, , H. 7- vi' WLM., 'f S 'S EWJYDEJ "wx ,ni . :ng P 'P 4 1 5 5 -Q .JV Nl ,fs awfl nw-Qrf'fff'W"J""'i'ffHr,-f , ,I , ' 4 -, "U, rv' ",,. .s-M,-Q' 5. vf .3-SILi.Q:q?,,gQgQ,,ii x S' ga r x E f", 334' - N.. Nw A 734252, , MV' t , My 5 5 AMA A nf 4, ,ig r . ., , fp, . 4, My - " W ,L W M wx A , ,V nf-at 01, ,,, .M W 5, 1- P . x , ASE' Q. X QV? W. . . Mfg . . Wff: xii ., . fic. We '45 km .fu , A .5 2 - A M 1.03 . .mv 'T 5 'Ay' ' 1 , 2 1 l e 4qfb,if 4' sniff A Li? W4 , ff fn Q ' "' 'gr QEFFQQ' - 4 ff L :jg W 1 ,. , fn' .l Q - , . 12 , 4 . f ,iw U1 ,7 M, . , M ' , N ,,,. 7 K .gy ,L , fx. .gf 4 ,Q A JP , I V 224. z f,.,. , , f, PM Hi , 'Q 146 A' if W 4. ' 'f . A 'mn ? ,, ff Ay 'R 1 fs , F . , 1 W Q, 3 -. 1. k W 3 4 V1 1' Hfqd " ,,. .- 1. . , C4 , f. .. S . M S J -AW LL , ,N A , -V' ' Y v of , fi V T' . 4 3 -'Q-.Q -'QQ A-rw' I Pj ' 0 . Q nfs 4, 4' '51 n,2Yi.'7 '15f,R4f h. , Nerve '14-2 iv -qs' v 5 . M 'f TTS! .- ,vv A N , af' 9 ll, K" 9 -L.n..:r.u.' m.u.:...s.u ff -H -1:1111 --gnu.,-:':,' 'UQ' -we sf-,i it , 1 A ,,. N.,-1 , V g., i' ,, ' ' ff 5. 11 ,A . J Q f5"'7pgf "5 T f . ...J -x 5' If ' X Us-4 'iw ,'?' , Qi! ,K 'F rf' ' v V, . I .f 1 Xe .,,xh vw 1 .J f - X 9 Msn'-' y.,-'fx ., X 1fgA '. 'I 1 . sary .,r X. xy, 1, - .F s 3 E up h1p hup four, Hup - hip " 5 o Four years ago on Ll hot 11lltC1'llUOll in mid- Angust thcsc words suddenly took on Ll special lllktillllllg. 111- lcariicd to lll1ll'Cll alter ll liLlSlllUll and to wear 11 new typc of clothing called 'lDl1I1gL11'L'L'Sll, which we acquired aftcr spcndi11g anywhere froni tour days to Ll week in that one set of civilian clothing that canie with us through Yickery Cate on that fateful day. Tl11'Ollgl1Ol1t this bricf iiidoctrination pcriod we perspircd under our new caps while OU1' feet ached in 11ew shoes which we spit-shined con- stantly in preparation for tl1e 1'CtU1'11 of those mystical 111en at sea. "Hey Blister, how high is the flag pole?,' "Square that cornerf, "Sound offv, i'Brace.v . . . the plague had descended upon 11s. The de- manding rigors of the Class Rates System be- gan to mold us into "Solid citizen cadets", and gave us something to write home about. The academic endeavors began, and proved to be the greatest challenge for many of us. Studies, regimental routine, and class rates set a kill- ing pace which took a heavy toll from among our numbers. From the time reveille blasted us out of our sacks at 0600 every morning until we were gently swayed into slumber by taps we found that we had to uproducei' to the best of our abilities. Thanksgiving and Christmas gave us our first opportunities to show the outside world how m11ch we had improved and how good we looked in our new uniforms. While we were home during Christmas Leave we could not resist the temptation to impress those ordinary civilians. lt was refreshing to be away from the harsh words of the Second Classmen a11d the aloof disdain of the First Classmen. XVe returned, not eagerly, but full of new life and vitality and sincere determination to tackle the tough job ahead. Those short hours of liberty on Saturday afternoons and Sundays were the saviors of many of us who were able to salvage a few hours after Class Rates pun- ishments and extra duty. XVhen the fourth quarter finally came, the excitement began to run high. XVe no longer feared the Second Classmen, but found them to be a valuable source of knowledge with their experience in the shipping world. They an- swered our questions with vivid descriptions, and told ns sea stories that had us dreaming of that iinattairiable goal. livery man in thc class who had weathererl the storm of the plcbc year was visualizing his gold turning green and hif, l,ff:1,rfl growing ont, Then, one short week ljfjffyffi ,Mrguist l,r-ave, our goal was z1tt:1i11ed. By f,Hifgi:1,l rlffrrr-e wf- wvrr- Third Cll2lSSITlf'lll Xtliaf Yflfgrfg fgonlrl wr- say? XX? went to sea. 7 , X ,. 0? T K, W 'K Q ..,.. , 'x is q .-K ' The finest time of our lives Se amanShip "Mu mp 2 Scotch on the Square '-PJ HW V' - Q61 5152, m , , .5 w K 5 its , 3? 6 v . A ,Qt -ol' A .1 . "' 3 .. ,. in Pi' P Q fy 1 V -nh. .nl 3 QP' Q S Q K X ft ,mx i X 2 QKZXW ' Q W YW ,Q ' H 7 J 7 ff f 1 U -ff , 4 f X f, f 0 1 X Q, M 4 f, 4 aw 12 Ind . out lmhous t one comes E315 The Before After 201 3' sm in m"'+-v-nw. .av S Q it , Happy days Morning Inspection 'f M915 Away from Delano 202 After the inspection Free time , f ', Q , fa X 'e dx The boys W 6 . 'V , E fi 1' Q, , , I , 1 1 , 1 V 1 ! , , 9 .fx VX.-X, ,4 ,Z Q., V 1 1 , ff I w ' A nw' 1 N f X 1 1 1 1 . E -XL-H'-V pf , L.,g,.f' ' 1 ' ' N-.Mfr F ww J. lk,-I A Plebe? just like home 4, Z 1 4 Z ,MM wfmff-144 Hof shofs n.,' Q, Af 3 x V 2 , 3 -if f V v 'f ,. uw M 4 4, gc is J, K if " J 1 'lv r gk gb 4915 qs fm M W -f Z' A ' K , -, A A 1,1- 'R ,Q 'E iff Lf f "" 'IQ 0 H , M 3' . V ff mn' ,E If xi L9 'I wi ,W THIRD CLASS YEAR .....-ai 4 , 1 fa 2, V--t q si T ig' if -.1 V 5 hal 2' 1 ' 1 SEA YEAR NYith the completion of that long, bitter campaign known as the Plebe year, we tin-ned seaward. The realization of the ll1lCl.tllLlt we were finally on the threshold of the glorious sea year filled us with anticipation and delight. At long last we were going to join the ranks of that hearty breed of men who "go down to the sea in ships." After a rather uneasy August leave, we re- ported to 45 Broadway for assignments and a final lecture by the District Supervisor. XVithin a few hours we were climbing the gangway of our first ship with our sea bags slung over our shoulders and our sea projects clutched tightly in our hands. After a last minute check on the condition of our newly-pressed uniforms, we reported to the Chief Mate or the First As- sistant. These gentlemen welcomed us aboard with a warm smile and a friendly hand shake and tactfully told us to get into our working clothes. Somewhat shaken, we reported to our assigned posts and began to delve into the mysteries of the engine room and bridge. The ship and the sea became our labora- tory. XVe were taught how to obtain a four star fix and how to put a generator on the line. Chipping hammers and monkey wrenches be- came familiar tools. The terms Hbulkheadv, uscupperv, and "floor platesv along with a host of others became quite common and anyone of us would answer up to the title of "Gadget, just as surely as we would our own name. In our spare time we wrestled with our sea projects and occasional attacks of mal de mer. VVe all ex- perienced that intangible lure of the sea. just about the time that we became adjusted to shipboard life, the ship hit port. VVho can describe that first shore leave in a foreign port? All the far away places which we had read about all our lives suddenly became a reality. London, Naples, Hamburg, Capetown, Kobe, these and all the other ports of the world became realities. As the sea year progressed we visited many lands, heard strange languages, witnessed weird customs and viewed many an awe-inspiring scene. This all enriched us. XVe lived enough adventures to provide sea story material that would last us until graduation. And then it was over. XVe signed off articles for the last time and prepared to return to the Academy. ln our year at sea, we had learned much. XVe picked up so much professional knowledge that most of us were of the decided opinion that we were worthy of our licenses right then. VW: also felt that we were now men. XVe would never be the same after this year at sea, our boyhood days were lost forever. As W0 wgjlked down the gangway for the last time, if was with mixed emotions. Y . A,,,.v gow px an-Mk WB' ,F r f 4 fl , ll 2 YQ A V I ,.: Q- QQA ' i 4 few M' r Q Q r ff- .,. 4' 'L -Ig -.,, ...Z gfk 'ii t Y7, 1 K f 1 l M .. 3, 11-' ax, 'I I ', K in ' A ,Q -T1 1. -7' n L 1':x M 1 w W 1 :- gr J v 'Yr 'A' s n " w -,f -.1 " 3 --F' K V 2 5 H haf H feeder , x f 44 5 5: fi f 5 z .p v n I A 3 X is .---v-' ' -n-.-Q I HHH HHH mm HIM? Ulm mm riff Y ! 1 I Y ,- mf 'Q ' ,fx 'Mg f., if N . ibm . . mx,, 01 W' Pt A Q 8 X ,gi "" 5"'!'4-1- s u4,.,...- .- III-' J s X22 I ' '- I O 1. :ku W' M'1n.. A x 4 ' Na Q. fyfll- N ga ,pot K,AX.A it ,..---u Shuzauu il I1 Qu ,W gl ,ww if 'ill '-w..,,m- in fi if 53 , ' X114 f gf? jig' ,, wx 5 . . Y 'gill' f " -. 5 " Z V' V 2 ., Qigmf, ' , 'M A 1 A2 N 1 I A ' 1 W Av Hcaufif away M ul. bcamtiful flUDCNl'll1QCI1 East meets VVQ5t 209 Seaman dub On thc' scl .Fl 4' Ph 1 i E I Q ai' 1 -ff AT Q A I i i I Q 1 1 i , ! 1 ? ' . 1 3 I 5 3 , 1 151 2 4 I If lm Sf W v 1 w 6 I . 1 3 L H31 iff W if ig. ' 1 ML... Q v 4 5 1 I F N N-W4 1 if fi Xxx .,aH',Qw v 4 A XTS1 wi 5, 5 E 1 E LMW- ' yi XR .sq N' Qi, , 2 5 a 1 v 5 5' NU' x Q ., , I V Nm? y, X 5 dvr f.pN, :fx , ! 4 5 ' wrt!! 6 , , t I v' ' ' . ,, 1 ,, f ' n r 1 4 va, VA FS gf , , Q 3 iff 'ff "WVee dy, illld friend 'W - f 'x':5!" ,A ,-1 Y .1- 51 ' A. .: , Lf7lxZ A T E XL CAD . 98, The Turkish Eskimo v. + .gafm-1."'iTl Q465 ,Q AW.,-,.4.gt.':J-It : i l ' .-fif'f ,:2s?,. " - ," g Q L1 L f X ' If X XX N7 o , ,f 1 ff , , 5 f way!! ll 'S 1, s 4-. Q 1 Q: 'F 4 W f' Hs- 4 x K Am-"' 7 y if A ,f at A ,pf Q , A , g , 3 Us . P W ,X "Q X xxzy p YP If ,gy M ,4 , Q, ' f f vw, 'fry' f,. .' 124' 4 'f' fl " M f' ,- ' ump . 1.--f-L 'Q ,i ,, rn' Hun Hx ,M YV , .fr 55- ' 1, - , 4, , , , , ' 'gf N ' ..,,. f,',..,Cf.'.'! fi' rymx: 'r' 211 Shore' sidv tulle-1' luv uk ' 1 W1 il- , , X ,QQ .Mes Af Q5 x ,Z Qk-.Eg, QQ x xl ' xg, K1 H nf' E -Yu 'icq ,QEQQK 516551 lffiia figiffg 29222 Tiifgii VW: +554 ggi. . Rig 1 Hi.: in .- I 2, FQ, gi. ig., - L? , - ., if 1:6 '.' 1 VY 'S' . S 5":2 .Ari 3 Q:- , -. M 'Q iff 'n 5 ' . Arab ,mf 'X' . - Amencim W,Q,Kg+fq:f2'f'a155f3f522sEi?75Q5,Qfam. F1 5 A .. , F QL. Hffff A W' SpfvQ:f:zw,ts3?53ifU:QI+ar5m?ff1f5ff ' ,-': wr, .,.,:1MQ. -fn aA1m5,,.f1i-- Prof 6? 6' ' 3: 5810118151 , -If 'Q .--...t r rf., V, , - ' . ,.. " 'eww - 2 ' 1. .1 '-rgs,-.. . gn ' f -" f Q . ,,g , In - Q , ,VI Q ,,.4 MW pg.. V f .V gg 1 f , S E S 575 v .4?,- - . .5545 . f 25 2 , , ' .. Y Z 5, ' f 75 R M4 f 4 wfm z4f,-4, 47?f?'?v 4 41 .funk "Shipmz1ics', V f- w f up ' '-:L "4 - ' f ' f':+xfvf.Wzf S f' fig if V 3:3 Eg-Fw Pl -, 15, 5:53 fu fr if nag: ,, Q, . ,ami ,.g A? 'f fir' vu 5: fi Nadi 'ff IW ,xx xx. gi? F12 A' , ' nf X , ,..4 .Nu -Tfkf' '751f'f7' 'A' V9.0 wi: . , fr,ff'R'4,v f , qagffiiff? -' 213 4. , is QV Q ,ff n it 5 The Continental ,A-. n ix ' 5515 -. .Q fi, ff! If Q X. I 2 .324 . , G 'KY M. n' we . V1 3' lv Q 3' M X k. . ,a . 'u ., s . I . ' i 'Q ,s 4 A, 5 M . " "" "N " A ' 5 RV , Ni Vim -IW X gf 4, Q. 'i Xi X. ,p as ff 1, 4 m . f if , -i 35, fs EM he f -"Xi 'iff 3 a T' A Ti 'Ns n ,X -- 'IX ,T ,LM f f 2 Q!! Z Engineer? , . " . 3 .r . 5- Yi' . ., 5 rx- -gi 'J f :'4' . Qz. ir: . lv' X -fy. ' , vb" . 4.6. .,. fi! -ga. ,.- pls. if g. 'Uh' ,V gm A " .V-Q QQ -X 11 .xg -,4 x 5, r s N. nf 4 . .f " XY Z- M .Y P 5, 2. - 1 91? if 'P-5 gf y bl "' .Ly-Ml: in. A-1 Av. ,1,sR::,'fE,':-u4,vf.f.f,-.'-,LS s mr 5. Q, x f ' -4 V 1-, :,:., -- 4 ,1 ,-Q The shaft 4: ': . 1, .1 fa. I, L lin' .fn ' 3'-L. ..,. 4, Vg - .125 5:1 -' W, 5 . .' ,.. fr? W N i 4 I ' -YQ. ff :X , L YY J 1" K' . I 51 'fr 'T 'wvfru ' " - ' ' 1 A . , , 1 . P Bei 'ff Paisan , . 'B Q N P. l 1 3 , J I N sf, , I 'Z-. Q 521 "Umm . if sw. A.-A , It I N., " v X ' L . 's n nu .- "' mv 1 ,, 'I-., m. .Xi- 5-Q gf. 3? - - iff ,Z 'Q I . ga ,I Fancy! Q' ' x U. A , .V .. ,..s. -...- ,, v' 4 '41 4. 1? 1 'sw M em nga unnn- ' A Q... ff W wx 149103 ,gf 1 ' 4 K gf bm S1 as-X 1 'I 1 3 0 N K A V S ,P XX, x ::1.,.-.-.-... ...pn .. Y-Q .M , , ,,,. 2,356 ' I23".1" ,,gg.u:--:..-n0mnn:::-.:.-e1e- -f-Hurry-f ,.U.,.. . .... - 4 J BACK TO THE ACADEMY lint all good things niust conic to an end. So back we canic. with just a slight swagger and traces ot green on our gold. resigned to our fate, and hound to niakc thc bcstiof it. We wcrc first thrown togcthcr into new sec- tions with just a few of our plebc buddies. It now remained for ns to begin making friends again. Our rooms seemed awfully bare, but gradually we filled them with mattresses, lamps, and window shades which we took from the rooms of the first classinen who had not yet returned. As soon as we were settled, we tried to study for the tests which were deemed abso- lutely necessary for the instructors to find out how little we knew. Alas, though the intentions were there, we found flavored accounts of the previous year much more fascinating than any textbook. Looking about, we became cognizant of many young men with short haircuts affection- ately known as plebes. XVe soon found that they offered no end of amusement. Then too, we realized our responsibility of converting them from school boys to cadets, and set about the task with verve. YVith the return of the first classmen, we set- tled into the regimented life once again. Shoe polish and bugles became the order of the day. Under the new Slater System we found the meals to be quite enjoyable, for a while. Classes began and we were taken up by our busiest year. The academic standards had been raised while we were gone and a goodly num- ber of our class necessarily resigned. XVhen the new fourth class finally gained the lofty heights which had been set by the Kfirstiesu, we were rewarded with our second class liberty. Most of us took full advantage of the oyernights, in fact, life on the outside bc- came so intriguing that additional forays were planned. Our first hint of graduation occurred with the contemplation of our class ring. A design was finally decided upon and the contract signed. XV: really felt as if we were on our way. Frequent purgcs by the upper class kept us pretty much on our toes. Those who slipped np now and then were selected to make periodic aliecks on the COD every weekend. A few of our class began to take things seri- ously, Their rooms were always in tip-top con- flifior, and their personal appearance was out- Qffliifilllff. Une glance from them sent the fourth nlzif-,Q to drinking. Tliis flmngrr of course did not go unnotifcfl in higher crihfrlons. W- Wm ' f Maxx WVho's u Fink? The L. F. F. is Zv- ,J 9 2' X Y The inauguration 2 Learning the cnsy Way fi - A Z' "Now that the yachting season has openedu pf vigf, 1 ,- 5 5-. 3' H ., Y 'S .Ld E' wQ ...Q if 4. TY, I' 75. 'Q 'KN rlciimg llw lrzuiiti I qui' 'W A, E1 M010 fa W AZ Tiki f f-. ilwf VY M, V M" 24 f , fl pw! Mutiny? fn 1 Nw Restricted, Jim? At the hop 219 sry, ,,5i,,,,X Q A Sorry, you win 'WN LWGWY Tourists our D. J. 1 220 ' Ax - ,,4..g- xx "fl 'las' M' mpldg, , . ,,,.,A M. inf? -w --1? -j A A . A ,,v, . Hnkyuwa-V3 Y-Aw" PYT- W Littl MW 2' A trophy? e Effie and , . W E117 friends 4 1 Fire Watch 'WW' Mhappy birthday" il 'L x N I A 5 f 3 6 52 -'Mu U 3 5 w W Q? i Q Q 1 , N 1 lv 1 f W N M -2 iq? Qs . Eli si z 'Q ij Jx 9 23 A IVE ,J Ui 5 4 E l i J ,H rw l wk hl , f 'E Adi yi. NE ww 3 wfh 1 1 I gl: HE? 5 -j lain :rw E12 si! vb' wr Hs iii 1 1, 1.5 r g, n .S,'?uf Q ,, W. 4 u 7 aw af x M .ff -KW m m 1 ' 4M sd ,. Q 5' A Q 1 'Q nu xg? 1 w xg ,eip .f ' V N , 145'-W V 'aw Q 'v' B, 4 1-Q alll .4 Q f,,, ,, " Jax- ' Mfg 'fb' QM , ,Q A .i xie , . 'O . 4 1 ig . f .r,,m!. .,VfA,, X .. , - - X ,Ax ., ., 1 04377, 4 , ' , , A2 'sk V,?L un -, x m Mg xg, FIRST CLASS YEAR x COFFEE POT AND SWORD XYell, we finally made our first class year. At first it was quite a novelty being on top of the heap, but after a few weeks we found out it was the same old grind, only this time with a little more responsibility resting on our shoulders. So we buckled down and prepared for one more long, hard year. It wasnit any easier being a first classman. XVe still had to get up at 0550, eat the same chow, and put up with the rigors of aca- demics and the military discipline. We did have a few more privileges though, and this made it a little less rough. Besides, graduation was in sight and we had that to look forward to. So round and round we went in a busy whirl of activities. Most of our time was taken up with our studies, but we still found time for a little fun. XVe took part in sports and worked on the publications. Then, on weekends, We eased the tension. WVe had parties and dances, or to sum it up, we had ourselves a ball. The Ring Dance was one of our best affairs, more than one ring changed hands that night, indicat- ing that some of the boys were now out of circulation. Christmas leave came and went, and then the second quarter was over and we were on the last lap of our journey. Those first few months flew right by, and we wondered where they went. XVe hoped the next few months would go just as fast, and somehow they did. XVe went to the Sailing Dance, and from that time on our minds were constantly directed toward license week. That week finally came, and we racked our brains trying to sum up in our heads, four years of knowledge. Then, as if waking from a had dream, it was all over and we had finally made it. Graduation day with its pomp and ceremony meant quite a lot to us. WVe had attained our goal and were ready to step out into industry. lt was quite an experience. Four years of hard work, but each one of us were proud of ourselves and our class for the good job we had done. Deep down, we all knew that now we really liarl sornefliing, and in the final analy- sis, it was worth it. I N 1 E is P F E i 1 3 E s 1 P 4 12 ,iN IH' if ei! 115 Em , rf? ' li . s 'i g, if E -FYR' A--11 .A .k W A, , s .-.. A ...w...........--Q .Ji- ,EH 'Vow were E216 Dinner guests "I knew I should have washed my belty' 224 Sound off mistern White glove , 'Y ff' . f' p .4-ffl 1 x.: v --- xx K.:-A 'af-:fi--' N- ' , just wait till next quaricr X, if A I W,- 'Q K 1 w 5 sr! 5 , 12" .w.w..a......4f rs 5 4 1-. ' BA I H qui 6? 9 3 .i 2 3 W s., .2- x 1 1. if s -'-i 4 1 , , ., ,. 4. , H pi, .-, CM, 'U' 1, Q, 3, fy '2..',H:..,"'- f ,',' 'mf ,- ,110 ff I ,J ' ' . ,Q F' 3' 7' ",1H,- x','N V '-'!f,"., H' 11. , . z mf, , Q, ff' 3 - ' Q .-- fn A JL. WH: , A.-:LM-r'p'f 'L , 'A-,-ff-1-W. ' ,am je 2, 3 41 v.-'E Q, rv 5 L , M ' pw I A iv 'ji 'mp .W i'1',,' ! 4' f 7 ' in P l Y 'Q . 1145 ii' 'fl' ' wQf'5.5f'- f f 1 9? N - - Y' - P, f '- - . ,ff 1' fx' wg V ,-ff N l' ' f L, f' x ,N . f :gi if ,- fizfuf- -' " . U V ' , .. . , -, 1 Q .. I . v -J. 3 1" fl. ' ' ,3i? "1 f?.'Yf"'-f .-Z1'if'?f:f'--,. J'r1-4 +7 f a gm .,..... ...L.. ' .Sa ,V q 13',.v'.' why-f,"a .1 - 'iff . pg 1 ' x M ' ' 7,1 X yva-A Y 13 'Q f 1. :, 'ff-. I-f" ' 1.4: .if 'I j' if .L if . V4 1 V , Q ' Y mswr' D . mi nyc, 1, ,A rf-4, ,y I. Q , - F 1 V, . hh vw: A' gm' , XA! ,gi l. I. ',H2:,.1.,2- x ,142 If .A I E 1 U , . I . 7 I A X A K, -W' 4 . . .H 1- ,,iLA-5, . .. . igip- . . .5 fy, 317, g - .f . . ln' . . -b My 'M f 1 ' ' ' . f , ' - - it I I V Y ,N 4.-, W V I V. 3 , . K 3 Q' , Q 1 .W . . , : ff yenvuv' X gi ' f W , '- annul!-,J U- g M if S 'x 2 z ' 'rg -'ew 'X' ,,-,, . Ar., flfx N 1 a ,JQ 1 . .f FE, 1.9.1 1 O .M K ,- ., xr-Oh ,fr Cf ' k,f,f'f w-ff ,,.. ,ff UU 1,-.- 4., QP" N w flixg 5 Nils, ., fs cg Q S Q ? if 'N 'V .lx -V . .. A 'f ,x X Our Romeo Mm f , fyywf 4 ' ,M ,ffwfff Mmm 33 , 1 Tim Hhs-ingolr! ,fwins 47,41 S' Big' 7' x 225 Q A v N, .+ , -if ---.. X, l A v W 'C' Our Chaplain For the Naval Reserve physical 41- f5'l I was only trying to learn a hobby C ff gn--1--f f -.W ff 4 ,,,.-- K 229 For my ro Nav 'LA Ns-k M .xg ommate And I hope you have a very restful weekend 'Ke'-.. I VVhere's the tenderizer? I .V -sf" 47' Dinner at the Club 230 f--.,xl '-u,..,,xK Meet you in the Canteen? 'f we nC "" 'WN , .1-V f'.-Lf'-4i'K 3 ff, hx. A ls' .fisik Qe H1:g4i+' Sq: wha! else is nlfw 231 i Llberty Party n 9 1 E V 1 i 4 1 1 Y 4 E 5 Sold to the man in the blue suit A world of tradition The pause that refreshes Ha I-In Ha! That was a good one 0-30 Mack and Arlene This is my 0 S nt' r.' - r HW rl . xa., - -,.' I lv 4 1 'i I "R-' "":f3F W, f' xw'l ,A 4 X 'Kent-113, W' fri' .4 53. ff ..,, ., . .SQ . A' ,' -5 'VN'-33 3 ,:, M .. -4.1" ' N AL' . 1 A - I , '. Tap ' , ..- 3 N -fn - f' 'nh kg. ' jfs' .bf fc, 0. : 9' . e 'I-1. M ysx W. 4. K, -... as.. X ,: . Q., -Q If A ' jf"".h 'N f SX 1 THE PAST YEAR Looking back we review the year gone by, the hazy shadows of short weekends dispersed among long weekdays come slowly into focus. We see ourselves receiving the new glories, spoils and coffee pots, befitting only the rulers of the first class kingdom. Xvitll untarnished gold glit- tering in the autumn sunlight we took the reigns of the Regimental machine -- inspections, re- views, Policy Boards and Policy Boards. The unknowing, innocent frosh was early whipped into Plebe-like shape by the freshly unsalted second class. The winter came upon us hard and wicked with snow as the predominant order of many days. But we really didnit complain too audi- bly when classes were called, providing sorely needed gratuitous time. Snowball fights were also a welcome relief from winter academics- although an ill-timed battle often cost an Awk- ward Squad. But, itis all in the game. The highlight in the annals of cadet ingenuity was almost ours when the Princess of Lichten- stein was invited to honor us with a visit. We were, however, foiled by a quirk of tradition and thus-No Amnesty. All was not in vain though. The day was saved by the granting of a long weekend in her honor. Nothing ventured-Soma thing gained. And then the inevitable happened. On a cold, winter afternoon the Emery Rice left us to make her last voyage. All the members of the faculty who had sailed her were found on Mallory Pier that day bidding a final good-bye to a fine lady. Holy Smokes! Itis license week! Cram, cram, cram. After one week of Hell and with a little less skin on our teeth we spent a short but happy week relaxing. Next thing you know, you wildly throw your hat into the air-ltis all over. T- .41-1 Monday Morning Murderers Row 236 ,ga Royal Lad C uidancc ipijz F. 3 3 W., E 6 - 4 -2' V--ui ? 'I I 5 nil '5 'li 31. gl a A good sea story. "M Take it off i 5 r The Kitchen Y0ll'u livc fi Y 206 'K ... .-.. ,... .... ..-. ......-.-- ,. ...,.m..,,,,,,, -nf-..-H-..,..... .... .,,.....--........'.. . ..-.,., .,,,, M W.. ,h ,- ,,,,,,, ,M W WH M , 'N N .A 5 Q Wg! G'5 Qu id' Q' i F aV "w F :Nga 'z 0 I fl 5 5 M in A I x ! 1 w 1 'T 1 Z f1L-1'-I '- -'fa-QQ-w1WA'lQfl7f,...,k' 7L!:'?I.Z 'f.?5L?: BARBARA PAULA ANNE MARY LEE LYNNE SUE CAROL JOAN Jo ANN BARBARA AR LENE IRENE L 1, BARBARA CAROL JOAN COOKIE f,f1?'f,I.I'. 1' ELLIE CEIL BARBARA I .XM 0 .- aw ,., h .-4'3,.::-,' M., Mn.. 'f ., .-.-ui.. X f I .1,,.,,,,,,i., nu.. v , , HN ,f-N r-U., ,.. W.: 5 , ,4..n-H E '-m.f....,. " ' 1 f "nw-Z 1 5, ...f-ww:-,h ,,'f,,.,.,,.,,,,,,.,,q,,,, ,, ,Q-2 4 1 .4 -Q ,V I wma 57.5, T P E+., M f '-' 'aw 'Q f :am I jq,,,? 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African Moon, Farreii Lines, S.S. Santa isabeia, Grace Lines. VOYAGES: Puerto Rico, England, Germany, Union oi South Africa, Portuguese East Attica, British East Africa, Coiornbia, Peru, Chiie, Ecuador. ACADEMY RECORD: Footbaii, Track. . R39 JOHN GER 1 ALD BAL SEA DUTY 35 R001 Trail p DWIN A .ff ibut, Pfesjd : S-S, I , alm Beach ,I M0 ent Arrh ndepend , Florida H ws , 0re-M C Ur, Am- .eHce, A , 'N V Llnes' C ormfwk Liflcan Preggencan Ex wif OYA 653 SIS lent L- -P0rt L- I 13551 Iraly p - ' Pl0neefm15?5-1S'S- Nfgffii SS- A A ,'?l'iJ1en2gLppiI12Ies, Afqlq I' United A A CADEM ' ialand' ' 01-Wa ' 'Y, Indo , Y RECO ' Fmnce Y' Swede nesm' Ch' GERALD HENRY RANDSTRA D ' n' Denm Inav Brq ' - fill T ark, F. 11211, mmf Intramural S m and, 198 Fairview Avenue, Yater-son, New Sersey P . Orts' SEA DUTYz S.S. American Scout, S.S. American Scientist, United States Lines, S.S. Santn Mnrgnrita, Graco Linesg S.S. Mor- nmcsngm, Nioore-McCormack Lines. VOYAGES: Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Yoinnd, Yin- innd, iceizmd, Coiombin, Ecuador, Peru, Ctiiie, France, 7 'innri. - Polaris, Christian Councii, Protestant S 2 Lnt, ACADEMY RECORD . Choir, intrnmnrni Sports. . P M, Q: G "'5 A Q L 1 I g?N Z5 f 4 ,il , I A ,z', 5 V , 'X ' jggfr xg I WILLIAM IOHNSTON BARTHOLOMEW 1512 East Duval Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Rosa, Grace Lines, S.S. Exchester, Amer- M ican Export Lines, S.S. President Buchanan, American Pres- SE EDW ll" I idunt Lines. S 124 Drake VOYACES: Netherlands, West Indies, British VVest Indies, Ven- EA DUTY. Avenue, Str ezuela, Colombia, Italy, Yugoslavia, Trieste, France, Japan, S.S. Ai I S.S. SO ougllton M Singapore, Malaya, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippine Export Iripan Dailfilny Vacuum ' assachuseus Islands, Hong Kong. ' 1 s - , HMAGES nw' 1hHN1L5E?myAhwH . ACADEMYIEEORD:SmMU'd Nwm Ammmmsmd Mmme MOTOCEO Ugly, SPH' , S.S. EXUOSII Compan Engineers, Glee Club, Football, Tennis, Intramural Sports. AC Angola, Brirliliian C'S1,g.3'UgOs1aVfa 1 3, America? West Africfrfench Sfael, Turk CORD 3- u3fOria1 ey, C 1 F Afr' Ypru , ootball, Track, Pistol ica, Nlgerigi gn. ,,, if ,Q 7 in 43 1 W4 X' 4+ " IM' ff ffl, f X Ff f , W? if WW A if ff ,z we Rea na ,C RINER BECK SHA Ijfnl U Avenue xv Lir Y: Sys' " ofldbllr VOYA " U 8.8, Halnilffif-r1'r,':,, S S Y, New Jersey 14913.35 prix, .Sll1l1'W!10,jl 'H Ullilml Sat, Ar' ,asf Alrjf "gg, I'fn1,fl:mf1 rv " ohm l,ir:i-5-lining: Uniff-fl . 1 ,A I!PlWY I , - H1111 X1!'AS'vA1lilUH U! ' .SIJUFS Sh f "1ffm1 . I "fm ""'1h Af - ,lub, llllflllllllf fflfrffzjy pl nal, Purlupu I 7 I I i v . 1' ' 1 1 .Sluulsl II, Cluli, jfrnlullhlr Cyl Sf, , nh, Minh.,- 249 "-'lrgnnff U t H 9 FRANK ISAAC BELL, IR. 207 YVarburton Avenue, Yonkers, New York SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Rosa, Graco Lines, S.S. Exchestcr, S.S. Expcditor, American Export Lines. VOYAGE: Iamaica, Nvthcrlancls, Antillcs, Venezuela, Colombia, Italy, Spain, Frvnch Morocco, Israel, Yugoslavia, Trieste. ACADEMY RECORD: Midslzips, Cleo Club, Baseball, Intramural Sports. PETER A 1518 Highland A LAN BENDER venue, New Hyd P e ark, New York IAMES EDWARD BELSAN SEA DU . razor nam Dave, creverana, oriao COWITY- S.s, EX VO , Moore-Mcgress, Amer, SEA DUTY. U.s.N.s. Goraen Eagie, Mnimy sea Transportation YAGE5: Br , Omack Linfjn Expon L. Service, S.S. American Scientist, United States Lines, S.S. Peru, Egylilll, Argent, 1 S-S. Santa lilesi 5.S, M African Lightning., Farreii Lines. ACADEMY R - Leban0n,1'i2Iid.Uruguay C UCS, Gracg Ifililnna- VOYAC-ES: Greeniand, Germany, Engiand, Panama Cafyai, ECORD1 Int, la' Burma. anal Zone, EC es' Hawaii, Yhiiippines, Formosa, Korea, japan, South Africa, amural Sport uador, Portugese East Africa. 5- ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Cathoiic Choir, Ski Club, Rifle. I 2 . fi fl. f CHARLES ROBERT BIJVIN 2531 Eiiworth Road, Richmond, Michigan SEA DUTY: S.S. African Rainbow, Farreii Lines, S.S. Pioneer A Sea, United States Lines, S.S. Exanthia, American Export B Lines. SEA D Home No VOYAGE-S: South Africa, Spain, China, Saipan, Phiiippines, HUUTY: SIS A ' 11 Buffalo L . itaiy, North Africa. E836 SBS: Filgnctgnryicglll Scie Q , Ixssom-i ECORD: Christian Councii, Astronomical Society, VOYACES' illrfary Seaifiin, Unitgglztg S.S. Am Q Irgla Qfvcnla I 'ansponaii2,,atg'S Linesfgcan Liglnuf H A ACAlIghiligPill2sothm3i,pfgizgsixiidollii Clfrrxijzvxcel .S.N.S. Golggn ENIY RE g ' ilwaii ' xyi En 1, CORD. 3 Japan, Kg Andi France . Hear This, Astrononiv Cl orea, Formosa: ' ub. ACADEMY R iniramurai Sports. 250 B1 1 ,... JW ww .Y HS L lx I Hi-'i 1 , 4 ST RICH BREDEHOR Y W' ' Rl 111 F York . NEW . 113: an 'Iver Beach, Bro 'neS3 Sus' Afrlc S -hter P18062 Sl . In EXDOrt L1 7 A C . -Xnleflcl ' ' . a EX1-fn' ' S S. v .I 5.5. . .. . QEX aD1xEx'El11Teu L uf? 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IR AY-LTUN 2124 McKinley Avenue, Bay city, Mienigan BT ARTHUR C k New York er, SEA DUTY: S.S. African Pilot, Farrell Lines, S.S. American ozone Ya! A I es- 5,S.dA?ruit Chief, United States Lines, S.S. Santa Barbara, Grace Lines, th 551265 Export lame 'Uniie S.S. Cliffs Victory, Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company. 10,1-29 105 Amedcans S. Sari los , , VOYAGES: England, Ireland, Scotland, Senegal, Liberia, Angola, S Extlealtsfelres Lines' Germanf Spam, West Africa, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile. A DUTYQ United g Panama, do ACADEMY RECORD: Midehips, Polaris, Dance Committee, ciee SE ican CQQS. .ca Costa 5236, Waei' Mbieric Boa! Club, Radio Club, Drill Team, Intramural Sports. Comp Cuba, lamgirench Mor Xnuaynilfal AG5S1Yug0Slav3a, D Bain Keepefa lta 1 ECORD. My B Orig. ACAQI'fi,a,,,ninx sp M CHXSLETT ROBERT KEITH CHRISTIANSON A . - qs ue, E1 gm, 15,9015 Santa Yann? 709 West Garden, Coeur d,Alere, Idaho thMek05e Allen , Lines? 5.5-t Lines S- l SEA DUTY: S.S. Morinacdale, Moore-McCormack Linesg S.S. EX- 2S00 A Rohm -can EXPO' Chequer, American Export Lines, S.S. American Importer. S Ywbln Egger Amegmes' X mbiq Geg United States Lines. . . - ' s o " . EA DUTY'L3,es, S.S.U,,ited State Venezuela, Sg9.pt,Leban0 VOYAGES: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Egypt, Arabia, Freud! S Gracliican Planteff E451 Mricaimw Crewes H X b Soinnliland, Pakistan, Indiu, Bunna, Gennany. 1 ' l 7 1 U AYBEAS- Southdag-eimce, swam, uve xnterQ5: SSS,-ts. ACADEMY RECORD: Intramural Sports. VOYA 'Englnn ' - Aut0'?"' inxrnmma maifyv 1 ThtSi immmiie SWB' oaD1 lim? cmhi Sw if EEC ,ek M lXCAQlEIifent Club' B 0 252 i P , E E f E 51 img, '-Q L. fs 4 A ssh' X9 BER MICHAEL CERARD CLARITY 18 55 15th Road, Broad Channel, Queens, New York 9 . SEA DUTY New je,-3eyA SEA DUTY: S.S. President Garfield, American President Linesg S.S- xi S.S E Venue, B S.S. Robin Sherwood, Robin Lines, S.S. Extavia, American V .VillelfIg'ni41eI1la4Ef6d1'tor, SS 1'0ok1yn, New Export Lines. XOYAQES. mted Sfeiteiwoqe-llffCgxC91ler A York VOYACES: japan, China, Philippines, Malaya, Ceylon, India, Spain ' NO,-th Lines. 0111113012 nlefican E Spain, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, South Denm' Ffance Africa Lmes, SSXDOM LI- VVest Africa, Portugal, Canada, French Morocco, Spanish ACADEX ark, Polgngelfliunf italy, Yu ' ' Amen-2535 Morocco, Italy, France, Pakistan, Egypt, Panama. . r ' - 11 Comgfi REQOR Englandfnrglgal, Iigfiavla, IS, ACADEMY RECORD: Midslzips, Polaris, Hear This, Eagle scout lttee, Drill!-755 Regnnent Ierlhany, nd, Swediegf Nfjypl-Us Society, Intramural Sports. e , , am, Intrainuizlgfqjgnnation S orway, Ports Grvjoe . 1 Dance We Q'f""'n-v' X. Q e YVILLIANI LOUIS CLECC L . 308 N556 East Comwall Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania SEA DUTY North Iiamlif 1: g On S l' lJ'f'lY:, S S. Arm-r1f,:1n vxfvvlfffilll, SS. Amrcricani Leaflr:r, g.1flVI':i1-,,,?,f' Exncho- beet, Bay C, lxfitffl bluffs l.Jfl"SQ 5.8. Santa Clam, Grace Lines, 5.5. 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Robin Loclcsley, Pobin mes. VOYAGES: Spain, France, England, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Union ot South Africa, Mozambique, Tanganyilca, V Kenya Colony. 2l65 Chatterton Avenue, Bronx, New Xorla ACADEMY RECORD: 'flteSpiMtS, Stag!! CYCW, Soccer, liliiil- SEA DUTY: SS. Exiria, Auicricau Export Liucs, S.S. American Ymlffll SPOWS- Traveler, Uuitccl States Lines, SS. Nloriuachawk, 'Moore- ' lNicCoriuar-in Lines. VOY ACES: North Atrica, ltaly, Franco, Spain, Portugal, Cerruaiiy. Canada, Dutch NVr-st luclivs, llrazii, Uruguay, Argentina. ACADlCNlY llEC,Olil3: Poluris, Society ot Naval Architects mul Niariuo l?.up,iu0r-rs, lutraiuural Sports. 254 I 'Xiu -Q. Q 'Nh Q -'ix LONDON ihw 1 K I xl FRANK JOSEPH DARIA, IR. 7 Robbins Avenue, Elmsford, New York SEA DUTY: African Star, Fzirrvll Linesg U.S.N.S.PCcn10rz1l Patch, Military S4-41 Tmnsportation Svrviccg S.S. rvsicvnt C'Y ANVLIISI1 Iiayvs, Anwriczm Prcsidvnt Links. VOYACES: Izzpan, Fornmsn, Hong Kong, Philippine- Islands, Hmm: fm. 8, Box 376, faq-kwnville, Florida M:1lfu'rl, Cfivlfm, Illfllil, I':fkiSff111, EJJXIJI, Iffllr, 1"r11m'f'. Uw- nmny, Snutlw and East Afnca. ' ' 'Y A "3"" "" """""f """"" """'l4 515' 1""'A"""""' l40.41J1c1wY lflifffllflip 1c.Agf.m-1.181muff, lhzm-v mm, cum- f:1..1,, I nf. l'.Y1,w,l l.n,f'SQ S S II:-rr-flu., Umlrwl I'flll' l,lm's. Wu-mfnml 'Of ' I f,mf,f. of Sf,-All Afflfjly Angola, ,'VlLf1:rin, I,ll,r'r:n, Ivmy f V, Crm! fu: '-.lf lifigmn Runga, .Spfmlxll VVVSI ,'1fll4'ill "' r ffliln lfltnf palm, fvfrlfflflflr llnly, 'lHl'lf1y, Yuffn , l',l':,rl ' ' fl!! 4' I I'.f,0l'li flhfllfli lxflylnr m f,!n'r'l4 Aflwlxlupx, Klum I ,ffl IJ 111 gum: nlzlf Ilan! 1 f.r,1nfru1Ywf l I'u1-Ilmll, ll ',jfU:" 255 I M vi. A ,Q m, , - fy,-f 44' f K A O it i A W 1 S 5 x Y 53 Y 4 f A f L M DAWSON HABLES DELANE GE WTLLXA W York S C rim, Canal 'Lone S S Exnoili d Mbe,q5on,Ne tes Lines, Earl Box 444 Marge Grace Lmjxg Page me . til K, i 1 53 Lynton Boa ,Shippeb Urgxtlirian Crescen Q S Santa Qargagfh Ainciringf N1 orocco S. Americanort LineS3 S' ' bia, Pfdgn' A DUTY: siixilort Lhiiefxited States ador, Ftencis 'auch DUTY1 S' encfm EXP S udi Na Ethlopm' SE Ameflcali 5 States' . peru, Ecu fus. Alot DE SE-A Exmouth, Am Lebanon, di, Bufmihst Africa. S.S. Unite C0tornb1a'TufkeY, Clgory C035 Lines' E-EYPK' ica, in iica, We 's- . Panama? israel' C0355 fel 1 Aff h Aff . Ch!! GES- ravxa, . Gold A Germany, e E225 5 SODY . Somew, VOYPS Yug05 -be,-ia, 5130115 VOY AGE-Stan porggxgxi U mon 0 Astronomical gal? Africa, U m intramural Pakis ,Soma X 3 1 This, Sports. e e lung Tea 1 French D1 H6017 amurill Franc ' BD: S81 COR H XYXU BECO MY REX Fgotba t ADEMY ACADE- Counci , AC nan CHARLES STEPHEN DRIVER 652 Horoate Avenue, Defiance, Ohio SEA DUTY: S.S. American Leader, United States Lines, S.S, Marmacstar, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. African Sun, Far- re Lines. VOYAGES: Germany, France, Scotland, England, Canada, Urn- guay, Argentina, Brazil, Union of South Africa, Mozambique, British East Africa. ACADEMY RECORD: Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Automotive Interest Club, Christian Council, Pistol Team, Drill Team. ,Frida 1. i -. we r if ,-"5 X JOHN JOSEPH DRUMMOND 1037 Alpine Drive, Teaneck, New Jersey SEA DUTY: S.S. Robin Doncaster, Robin Lines, S.S. Monnae- penn, Moore-McCormack Linesg S.S. President Jackson, Amer- ican President Lines, S.S. Keytanker, Key Stone Shipping Company. VOYACES: South Africa, East Africa, Norway, Sweden, Den- mark, Iapan, Okinawa, Korea, Ceylon, Philippine lslancls, China, Formosa, Egypt, Franee, Italy, ACADEMY RECORD: Propeller Club, Cadet Honor Board, So- ZIPKV ol Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Intramural . ports. . - E 1:sm-it22pat2s1'71Q1 --5 ' ' 'A x lik N v. N: 1 ,-'17 V 5. l . fi ,f 3 MICHAEL DUFF 254-19 61st Avenue, Little Neck, New York V SEA DUTY: ss. Pmffll f ci fwid A - q p fd. - ,. ' my Robin Tuxford,cllolniizlrlhiicsg glylcglxliltzlrliluisgf ni-s. VOYACESP Nlf1l1f111, Chinzr, Pnkistzin, Philippines, Malaya, Ceylon, A ' llnclizi, Egypt, lta1ly3 I'rnncc,. Union of South Africa, Mozgm- 1852 Lewis Avenue, Jersey City, New jersey 133511, Colombia' him' Chile' Pmmm' Hong KONE, 311155-1- SEA DUTY: S.S. American Shipper, United States Lines, S.S. ACADEMYYHECOHD: Hcgiincntnl Informati Exmouth, American Export Lines, S.S. African Crescent, 111U1A4115l10FfS- Fnrrell Lines. YOYACES: Germany, Egypt, Arabia, India, Burma, Ethiopia, French Somaliland, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Pakistan, Ceylon. ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Intramural Sports. on S cr vice, In tra - A gin 3-l Qjaft ,, ,,,, g 9 i TE UQL QRE D ISOD V. -York , New York, NNN . Lim'S9 V7 , Avi-nxll's , -I Stull? Bloom--. ,Bl-1011 . Unlllf Blullll, 1952 0 y ystc'1'11'l' 55- ' S S A11lf'1"f3'f-xptirl IJNM 1- ,km ICHXIE: , ,J-Qu Y' Y 'u' i' 5-Ku SEA 1RE1h5'liUTxlilaliu In lv CI1't'ffUf'l-:IB ll1lig1l'lY2"lUS' 1 I V J 1 I -milf" I 5.8 tv. H4 ' 'L 'l'1"'L' v ,- -1-nl - llli'1"'q Q S. K 0-,Irv 5l'4'i','.1-Htl? Swtllml ,I Suvifu' 'HU lt., link! Lnunv J Wlmlt VfJXf?f3Hil-nlnly Al:':If,,tliv1i1' ,WX A5llUIlI7lllli.l 'fh 5"" A , fir,-11' "".-,lm 1' 1 ' Limu11"1" ' y ,wifIw"' l' Sports- 704 3' Ik AIU" ,Xn1""" .-qjtblil ' ,.,,,mlf1 yn. vi SS. 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Exchester, American f Alf Export Lines. f 1' X 4. 1' , VOYAGES: England, Portuguese West Africa, Bepubiic of South Africa, ltaiy, Yugosiavia, ireiand, British West Africa. 1' 1 , - 17 A, . ,I V, ,V ' 1 J ff' wr RECORD: Hwf This, Miasmps, cnmm cxub, Driil , .y f, ,A M ff .5 'f' ' ff' ff' ' 1, , 1 ACADEr Team, Hobby Shop. 9 2 . f S RICH PS?-:ii , fi. A Q ARD VIRBRIC A t , SEA DUTY 6 Summer Aven I ues Ygnk m0l'IIlgcSea,S'Mprcsilleht P ers, New York my .s.s. A,,.C,,ggfe6MCC.,51n, P MAUNT1. BUDOLF Enrrmo AGES. " Hired ,110 Li,,.f, fffSichfm . l1?,hilipi,inE:'b21:,Panumq HMM95 Liniiq, Sb- Arne,-iiffgeii, S-S. 20 East '7-ith Street, New York, New York fflypt, " -'in ya ' 1 nw, ' K Bio - A , x Italy, 17,-ilfigflrpv, Murfslgin Islflndg Iq r SEA DUTY: SS. Sncheni, SoconyVVucuum LEX Company: ' Cllllilda 4 C"Yl0i1 t Iinnl' H0ng K0 Monmicrio, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. hxmitkun, Amvrwzm ' "f'Y1an,y 'D "fill, pjk. "H, Export Lines. ' Pmm .k -1 lStHh, 1 , U ' Norway, VOYAGFS: Cmmdn, icchiuakq Norway, Denmark. SWOJCH. FPLUM Portngui, ituiy, North Atricn. ACAUVYMY RECORU: Hvur This, Ykcgiuwutnt hiiovnnxtion Serv ict-, .Xuloumtivc interest Chih, Swfden I n Ircli md' Englflnd Semi i r und Chnl , 'H H1 Z0119 ACADENI 4 Y RE t Prupvllf, LORD. V Cl ', Alfrl.-I" ull, Cutliulzgzlpiulfollzfix 1311 A mi' , .mic Club C 1 :Ipit C-lul . M I 258 fi H r, r' 'xvxf' Q airy J P vs Xf"f+- digg, RICHARD F RANCIS EVANS 142.16 Cherry Avenue, Flushing, New York SEA DUTY: s.S. African D - - . Lin Si SAS' I d awn, S..S. Afncan Lgghtnmg? F31-fell icaneScout, l?n1'i5sngRa1:gS,Ii4UIZfif1Can Export Lines: SAS' Amer' VOYAGES: France England S ' . , , I , pa , G , S . UHIOH Of South Afnca, MozamE'Que?nFCgg.5a Cgoljgnvliest Africa, ACASIEJEJQZE RECORD: Polgn-s: Astronomical Society, Intramural QYDNEY X f P Jom' ROBERT FALBORN I6 Edward Street, VVhite Plains, New York Ubi DUTY 5 2. Armenian Plyflrf Tfnilrfrl .Slams I,1'nfAsg SS. 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R b' Do , t , Rob' N I.lineS: S.S. l5I?Jnn:cPenn, llmfoore-McCocini2ck Lxircigier m I ' VOYAGES: France, England, Germany, Egypt, India, Bumia, T Callfofma . es. Union of South Africa, Mozambique, East Africa, Iceland, Westminster' adept I-'mtel Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland. Wiuow Lane: American Eiigzigle, Moo ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic sm, Polaris, Windjammers, 143m , tguchanfgs, SS- M0 8 Block "M" Club, Sailing Team. - S S, Presfiff Smeg L1 China, da, 1 ' 1 SEA 'DUTYme,gca, F-ms. U . e 1slandS, Xg3,lYs Uruguay, 55- Afmack Une a Pblllppue F12-'HCe'1,,aaes, MCCO sapail, Fogitdib. West . Spike VOYAGES: india' nv' Brazil, Staff, Maxmgcien CCYXSRZA, Germa 1 . Beafiflgs KS Niicbeliiia Team ?Aii2entinagECOBD1 Mi1iAiipslVlfaEIixgiedua'd' D 1 S06 , gcl 1 AC AER? ASsffg0"8E?iSQa3,,fi3'? afictfaiflernifamufa F00 ' ' J f , hy! A ZW ,,,,, S ROBERT JOSEPH FIACCO FLANAGAN 354 Main Street, Massena, New York A Connecticut SEA DUTY: S.S. Robin Hood, Robin Lines, S.S. Independence, d Wes! Hadiot , Lines, SS- big? S.S. Executor, American Export Lines, S.S. Santa Barbara, oxdale Boa ' , EXQOYK sawn Enlem Grace Lines. 193 Am wt Amerafxzq, SS. -Z' 1 1 rv ' Q . K f, VOYAGES: Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Co- UTY, S-S' Eggjiccofmggga, Gface Lm Brazil. U'uSQiJqgst lomlna, East Africa, Zanzibar, British East Africa, Portugal, SEA D hqwk, M005 gl Svnm Amt-ntiiiih .cw Dulch Spam, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Panama, Chile, Ecuador. XEZIF,-,git Lincsx - occ Turkcylesc East Ain U 1 1 C ' l - 'X' ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Information Service, Propeller ES. LllWaixGAp.tffic2h Yogi? mom: Chow' 1 Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, VOYAG. of Soulbh Vg-nezuc. Society, Ca Catholic Choir, Wrestling, Track. Ytfaiics, Cqlom - v Eqgxe Scout FCORDZ of B ' . ACAYa'E:uxrzxl Sports 260 I I RQTW sl I Y N D FLYN EDWAR FLOYD Iowa Robin I 2 Toledo, , S S R.F.D- Nob' ,f United gfgxtfliellimlsioore MCCOT ' n C 1? , S'1VCl' Y rt Lines 1 DUTY: S-2iJ?,22e'i?3iig,Szih1Q5iCan miefmanv Pogzaii SEA Doncaifieriasg 5.5. Exce Scotlandrnd East Afnca mack land, IriF11?ocC0w South H b Radio ES: Eng French 0 eller Clu Ons VOYAG. Italy, , PrOP 1 SP fviiinhffica' . AueomQtiVeC?ff?Ci1, Inmmum EMY RECOEECSP, christian ' Hobby Club, HANNIBAL ROBERT FLEISCHER 1 149 East 81st Street, New York 28, New York SEA DLTTY: S.S. Monnacpenn, Mo -V C If L' . SS ilgfggcan Pres1'dgf1?fi,i?1egn2'?SQ. Coi1Isa?ia1tiot1,' YOYACES: Iceland, Norway, Sw d , D If F' 1 Gcrtnaoy, Panama, Japan, 1Eof5z?osa,en8Ef1a,wafnFfgggpggggy ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Sta SOM-ty of Naval Archife f Clllb, Rifie and ' Sports. F, -Astronomical Socie cs and .Marine Engineers, Tride Pxstol Team, Swunming, Track, Intramur al fy, Ill' f, Z Z R, ,, J f M s' 1 ,ffl f Z' I t ,n NCW York lun My LCVIHOW 5 .LiL-an PHS 1 bara Lane' l tl- Amflf PNUUI 69B111' V E Murxnf 2 N. 5,84 vkvf Sum ' - :Off LINA , V Y Q S. CIfll5xmcriCi1l1 DI HIM Sb 1171 .,, DUT E f"'gfLQl'f'f wid- l SLA LiltfmglSQ2ttixL1nc'S- 1whilipvinfsfi'1In?5T1!1i111f MAN lout x Lqutvi ' Mqmyil, , , Auqlu H ,sl vlwxl ' ' 2, ' fhlflf -. 1 M191 ULU v V -ZS: C-hm? Lnlil- FIA ,I W1 L,lll7', 54", 5 5 RICHARD EUGENE FORREST vm 1'-HB x,,.,,,,,f,K,lg,-gg,5,,m1I,gg5g1f,t1i1,,,- S141 f Rv ,-JH i '. 'sw v. 414 Edgehill Drive, Alexandria, Virginia K.M,1.3x1HDlufhff Cm11l1l1r'l't,Q',fl,.i,H- l'A"L"'! " " I Hill! 'A 'I 10154 SEA DUTY: .SQSQ Yfniiwl St:4lr's', Unitwl Staffs' Lim-sg SS. FXFPI- Nnvill "XT,illH52w1'l'i5' Siffr, Amvrican Export I,fHf'SQ SHS. lfnlmin lwowhruy, Robin l,,lm1Ill"' Linflsg 3.5. Santa Cnlnlirm, Crmgfg Lim-S. VUYAfJ'fS: Francis, l':Il1fIJlI7f1, fir-rmnny, Iffgypl, lmlzzznrm, Snmli Afiifzl-ii, P11-nfh .Sfnn:1lil:anrl, ljillfl-Xfllfl, Inrlm, lilllklflll, ffvylrm, Adfn, lzgypfinn Surlnn, Union ul .sflllllt Allil-11, ,NfIuznmln'qm', Vfnfzllfflxf, f,ulurnbl:1, liflflllllflli, l'HlHIllI!l. ACAIJHVY lflfflfllfllg Chrielizm CVUIIIHIJ, I nfrzunurxzl .gpm I S. 261 QI fl Af 7 T Qi 'W 4 3 il fav r' . nfs. , ,.. s E A 141aBY FBANC 3 D ' 'af' RON AL ofieans, Lows! s s. M017 i rsic Street, New E-4906 Lfinesllnited Frm! 2426 N ' k Amefivegs. ss. sumo" X I .5 Exbfoo ' ack bm ' , cane SEA Dllgcie Rfioore-Nlccorm Argentina, Umguay . - ' 'l, Tgoxirivfmy' Yugoslavia, Bram OYAGES1 IWW' trarnural Sports' V Zone- CORD: Band, in MY RE ACADE 'f lb, YMON RICH ' ue New jerseY Presi- Averxue, Bile ' Lgness ,S'S' States, 643 Agnes American EgcZltS.S. Umled , iihur, 'dent ' L , EA DUTY? xigg,EgS,:0rican Presi Turkey, Egzgaiavfi S denft lgxxgifites Lines. Wm, Leban0:A China, Emi L Luth- Um 9 . Frame, ' - ' Thu' a , X, Club, VOYAGESZ iiliinds- lndolmlxii council- 1325.6 U Wblil RECORD.. SP - . , .7 at 1 ACADEL cum. UW' erufl 1 if if , ami HOWARD BRADLEY GANTHER WD' 6 Patricia Lane, White Plains, New York A SEA DUTY: U.S.N.S. Golden Eagle, Military Sea Transportation lg, if Service, S.S. American Fanner, United States Lines, S.S. Q wr: Independence, American Export Lines. VOYAGES: Germany, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy. 7,-1. ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Information Service, Dance Committee, Drill Team, Intramural Sports. U7 W" lie- Pi .iw 13' U' New JERRY LEE GECOWVETS 416 Holgate Avenue, Defiance, Ohio SEA DUTY: S.S. America, S.S. American Inventor, United States Lim-sg African Sun, Farrell Lines, S.S. liiormacstur, Moore-McCormuek Lines. VOYACES: lrolnud, France, Germany. Brazil. Uruguay, Arglvllr tina, Southwest Africa, South Africa, Mozambique, Zanzibar, British East Africa. ACADEMY RECORD: Ra-ginicntnl Band, Society of Naval Archi- tvcts and Marine Engineers, Christian Council, Automotive lntvrvst Clulw, Waiter Ski Club, Protestant Choir, Basketball. Intramural Sports. gl A 'L Y X3 'ff , ss -ER WILLIAM GLA XYAL1 ' eY T W JeI'5 , d M . yo0 9 Q Rldgel Dwremus Av0'1"e' A537 K 1 F -mer, Uniitlvd 1415 Sycamore, North Little Roclf, Arkansas , ' 1 1 al f Morma ' S.S. AHMEZESG Mniia, Grace SEA DUTY: S.S. Argentina, S.S. Mormacmail, lkloore-AIcCormaclc V , xi Sfgltixs' xl Fgrfcl Smal CEC Lines, S.S. Exermont, American Export Lines, S.S. American V Q Q. L xilfigriclvm Sb- ' Union hliller, United States Lines. .viii 'T 1 , ' , -, ,, Ny 1. L1U'5fGQC0l'mMk Hand, Belflugzplolllbm' VOYACES: Trinidad, Barbados, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, 'x NIJ"-' uhm., Hotmail ZOHL' Spanish Morocco, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Israel, , Prince- Gen Cubilv C' D lson France, England, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Den- E.x.v1.1Wl' EQ Afrlilh Semce, Mlche mark, Iceland. Y "Tb 'L 1 ' ' X 1 Kj'qx,,,m M11 14311110 B1 XZ ,1I,,fOnnf1UOU ACADEMY RECORD: Christan coimcfi, S ' E011-ld' 'Db Regi1uG'Uta tects and .Marine Engineers, P y WPCOR '1 Sborf5- 'NFXU hflq-amllum A.: -MESA ,lt - ociety of Naval Archi- ropeller Club, X'Vindjammers. GOTIIENBURG ' kfwf 9? EDWVARD WILLIAM GRAS 50 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey if SEA DUTY: S.S. Shabonee, Socony Vacuum Oil Company, S.S. D President Tyler, American President Lines, S.S. Robin Gray, York S presi- Robin Lines. k New 'nesg S' ' cgurfi cxaverac ' Exvoft U5 Mfifma VOYAGES: Trinidad, South Africa, Mozambique, Siam, Philip- Americ210.Lme53 S- ' pine Islands, Vietnam, Malaya, Madagascar, Hong Kong, ineff ideilt anal Ex?-W P195 l C Guam, Indonesia. DUTY, SS- American S Spam yoriaizi going ' , ' 6 - ? . ACADEMY RECORD: Hear This, Michelson society, Asmmomi- SEA dent Tiflggofmack Lm ww, Frafacigesia, Sfamgnafk, Pong cal Society, Tennis, Intramural Sports. M00rC'M hM0,0cC0,xSxgnd5, lnfgnlaild' Den yy Camera ' . 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ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, lntramural Sports. as 1 4' ROBER T EDWIN HERALD 672 17th Avenu e, San Francisco, Calif 01-nia SEA DU TY- Clippelf S-S. M , S,S .et3Pan, U . mont, Ameri'c2SoE:iiLiJa12:fe?I Company S Lilies 6 States L5 -5. Am ' ' 113659 SS eilcan ' ' Xef- VOYAGE S- C I5 ' Osta R- Cixi? Japan, piE?ibgl:llga,1 Germany S s ands Kbr Pain, Yu , ea, Formigslavia, Hal 3, Okinawy, as Y RECO RD. , . Mulships, Intramu 1 ra SPOrt5 5 5 E f HUGH SCOTT HICCTNS 92 Knickerbocker Road, Englewood, New jersey SEA DUTY: S.S. American Builder, United States Lines: S.S. Exchester, American Export Lines, S.S. African Crescent, 'Far- rell Lines. VOYAGES: lreland, England, Scotland, Yugoslavia, ltaly, East Africa, South West Africa, South Africa. CORD: Bing, Committee, Michelson Society, So- ' and Marine Engineers, Sailing.Team. ACADEMY EE ciety oi Naval Architects K' ffm., ii LEO lEBOME HILLMAN 17 Nvhitc House Road, South Hinghani, Massachusetts SEA DUTY: S.S. Exeter, American Export Lines, S.S. Santa Monica, Grace Lines, S.S. United States, S.S. American Packer, United States Lines. VOYAGES: Spain, France, ltaly, Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt. - . Germany, England, lreland, Scotland, Dutch West lntlies, f V en ezuela. D: Trident Cluli, Propeller Club, Society ot ' : Engineers, Xvindiainnxers, lloblwy i ,hi ACADEMY llECOll Naval Architects and Marint Shop Supervisor. WW! env l""" ls LIVERPOGL f , "W"'MM' f fin ff!!! W 4 fspiwygzk' 7 . FREDERICK THEODOR HOPPE 8 WVol'thingfon Avenue, Spring Lake, New Jersey SEA DUTY: S.S. Exceller, American Export Lincfsg SS m noi v Y if Uniterl Stem-S Linesg Mormacticlc-, lkloorc-McCormick Lim-sg Santa Isulwl, Grace Lim-S. 110 Union Sheet, Hudson, New York VOYACES: Portxzgul, Spaint Morocco, Italy, Frqnce, fczmim ' England, Ireland, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Coloinlmm SRA INQY Yr' 3.2 lfxfnouth, Amrfrium lfrpnrf !,im'Sg S'.S'. Argr-ng Ecuziclor, Chile, I'f'1'u. 115-5,3 fvlfmffflflf,f,f,rn,:,Llc Ljnrfgg .SQSQ lll'l7Sl'Ilf'lll Ilnrrling, . 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XC e, lie 3 A gag SEA DUTY: '?o0Y?'M:Cl,..?Y?gi Yx1g0Smv1af35GT:Sgn' SEA Glace Lmesi France, Ifalysgififchfflca' Ma Club Ch!xSU is Nlaringfgn Yresiden naw, Frangfiiy, Netherlgme sxsrands, YAGE5: Svtgghe, Union 0 Band, Giee if Ame F ch Mo,-occgfngxand, Ggxon, YtnliPP V0 bm peru, D Regimental GE: 'en x,EgYpt"' iaya, 6 - 5- ' A ECOB 1 S Ons. v0Y'k,..key,1Sfg,g,, Kong, W ner Club, Wm AcADEMY.,Bimm1-ufel 9 Formosa, Midships, Yroiiifd Sports. Councx , India' . Poldflsf ding, Bikram L ECOFKD' , Wigs ACAl?E'.lg2fff sums Team ya DOUGLAS WALTER JONES 181 New Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey SEA DUTY: S.S. Robin Wcntley, Robin Lines, S.S. Examiner, American Export Lines. VOYAGES: Trinidad, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Spain, France, Turkey, Libya, Greece, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spanish Morocco. ACADEMY RECORD: Society of Naval Architects and Marino Engineers, Christian Council, Band, Intramural Sports. KELVIN LONO KAI Lot 310, Nanakuli, Oahu, Territory of Hawaii SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer XVave, S.S. Pioneer Minx, United States Lines, S.S. Exanthia, American Export Lines, S.S. Keytracler Keystone Shipping Company. VOYAGES: Philippine lslancls, Korea, Formosa, Okinawa, Japan, China, Hawaii, Spain, North Africa, ltnly, Portugal, Panama, ACADEMY RECORD: Radio Club, Trident Club, Block 'M' Clnlm,YChristian Council, Drill Team, Dance Committee, Foot- ball, I'raek, Intramural Sports. y xx, am? , .7 , ,V U ,f M I. RO E BERT EUC DWARD 4-1-59 K 4 K SE i zssena S 2 VVIIH A TY: S Blllllevard V 9 Sfrgef, Qui LfO0r9-3ICC1 ' A1115-fjcq T l ushlng, Ne Ellfleqvgfss- Piunp, ncyr Massa Ih VO me-sg SS ?rf711aQkLj3feSL!gf9d Stqte L W York VOYACES I, lwirrpll Lake, Unit d C usettg YK-KG U ' f1SCa1ul I .S,1 d' S ine. ,A fu P1-1' , CS: S,5 f' Sgt, , Ireliii, gilancf-, HL? S0fOny 510232 nfgfici, i'f1'egiQr1nactide g?,2?:,- X33 Qslandg, H Exeter, S.S. Africl ACADEAVY gland, GeHnaS1f,-ily, BMZII 1 Companyflll Exponf ACADEVY ilnon, EgviicizzlirilgjqgggsKgngy Ia XIJOrf Lintin SDUITSQ RECORD: pro ni' -Spain, Iggmjlfgentina, U Counc-11,RECORDg ' Pam, Fr:i1SRf7!It1iorm, For' Deller Club, E' gal, raguay, lfrzunumf E-lclwinc Star , Jly, Greece- 'lgle Scout ports' i Propellfr F i S, I I -I ntramufal Hb, Christian , Www 5, , ,.,f , , Wg, w - , T . ,,, ff M Wifm M W f ffl, fo iff' ,f , V , , K Q 1 ,ff4W"" W X ,W I g f 1 A T 7 'G 1 s X F 7 1 I ff W' , V Www" MWA hir ' J 'Y T sf W X 1 if -4' 1 5 is RICHARD KARP 1316 Sfcrling Placv, Brooklyn, Nffw York Sjgfg ljIj'1Y SKS, lifllpgf-, y,fg1,y,y-Vpu-iiiim Oil fImnp:my5 SS. l',Y'ff.imr1lpi fmmiuzm 1'iXIJ'Hl l,llllSQ 8.3. 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VOYAC-ES: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazii, Venczneia, Coiombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Erniand, Poianci, Spain, itaiy, Yugosiavia, israei. ' ACADEMY RECORD: Schoiastic Star, intramurai Sports. Wk , f N, x f it 5, ROBERT Shwick A venue, Brooklyn N s Cyv York SEA DU TY- Ann G. S'S. Ex. . S.s.'M'f'C'f Line-flmmef. Am - ormacowlb' 315. Amerifflcan Export . 1 0Or9-MCC Hn Ranger Ulglnes. S S ormack Lihesnlted Stafeg E'if:1Utg1 . CSS VOYA GE5. Colour TriD0l' l', , U C FranceilEC1rI0nqlur5S,LgXI,Turkey S . many, En Y ,e5f Indief Pam., Por ftldnd. 5' Bfuzll Arlflughlr VeneL I ' Cntinn U1 'ue a, , Quguily ACADE . MY 51'01'ts. RECORD: Michl H 05011 Sex ' U lLI'ltlflC Society Int 1 l' Hin U ral V W if ff f , if I LYLE 'LANE LABKYKXN A5-709 Sage Avenue, intiio, Caiiiornia SEA DUTY: S.S. African Crescent, Farreii Lines, S.S. American Bniitier, Unitcd Statcs Lines, S.S. Exmouth, American Export Lines. VOYACES1 South Africa, Iwiozanihiqcc, England, Lvhanon, E-g.5'Pl, Arabia, Stnnaiiiand, Ccyion, Ya 'istan, Enrma, india. ACADEMY RECORD: Miclships, Pronciier Cinh, Christian Conn cii, Drama Cinh, intraxnnrai Sports. NEW YORK il-Y JOSEPH RI CHA 147 RD LANCLOIS -18 - 240th Street, ROS6d8l6, New York SEA DUTY: .S'.S. PFl'Sl'CllJIlf NI - 1 - SDS. EM, d, A 1.41 . ourmz AlllQiF1S'ilI1 Preyjdvnt Lines: United Sfigtes 111 Expolt Lines, 5.6. Amcncan Veteran, VOYACES: YU,QOSlilVl'l1 It-I F gcotlangl, India, M11layclul!,Ph15?1g1SE2QfggZ2l,fnflafldr helanfl, ubzz, Iamznm, Cpyjon, Pakistan' , -, ap.m, Hawany ACADEMY RECORD: 1 ' 1 ' . Football, Society of gear T11 Intramural Sports, 4 '53 POIUHLV, Drill Team, rc-ntpcts and .Marine Er,g1',,Ce,S , swf-v l A Q 1 AW 4 w JOIIN CHHISTEN LEE 268 Schlcy Place, Tczmc-ck, New jersey SEA DUTY. SS, Afrir,:m Dawn, .S'.S'. Afrirnn l,i1gl1I1'n14, l"urr1'll Linrgi SS, lnflr-pfvnlrm,-1-, ,S,.S', l'fxvf'rlIrn', AlVil'Ilf'llll lfxpurl 1.111113 SMS. ,'Wf1rln:n,lmwlf, ,N4fn1r1--McCrmn:1c.-k l,lnr'S. Q VUYJKCIZS t3'HlfllVff",f Afrifn, llrilixl: linsl Afrlf-H, .S'p::in, l"I'1lIlf'I', lfnly, Yll1fVl3lJl'!l'!l, ,Xvl"llfI'l!llNIS, KVM! lnrlirfx, lilnzil, Argvn- Vmn: ffruguny AKAIJILWY lfl'fCUlflJ' ,'W1'flsl11fx, linslfrllmll , lnlrnm urnl Spur IH. xg y wh LENNY BERT ELLSWORTH RO ectfcut don Conn l cr Street, New Lon , 51 C OV . ,.,- . 5.5. 1'1f""' ic'm Export Lmrs, Amvf ' '- Ty , 1 I 19401 UTY, Y SEA D . ' -1 Y I Unltd SS United btalfisv shmvffy ' XNCQITI 1 I Anil 31122 -.-unify: Ill Klllhlxzlyv cli:I1:Vilil' . ,, lllpi ' , Ko!!!-.v . 1,1113-L -. llmllf ff ke-3, I -mnclw GFS- flffhciwlql Il'l:ilipP1'1' ls vA ,,k- rnggrl y VOX I ,C L F,-,mu , 4 Y fl-03111. ,, SwiIl1"'ml' I is' Irrcllwufq Club, . PNN" , rqzolm' r, fm HL fi? in-D, ,X fi ROBERT EARL LIBB Y 20 Wilso H Str . eet, Lincoln, Maine SEA DU TY. Moor -M S'S- Sa t Lines? is qCOYn131gILaLM0niC11, G VOYAGE! Keytankesnfia S.S,rEiieh1ine55 S S M : r ' ygt , Cn ' ' 01-ml ixela, Bm Sweden One Shlppincgcgnrerican Eiork, AC Srael, i ruguay Arlgenmark Fi 1 rnpuny- .port ADEMY ' bvntina, 'S Ii and, P01 SP0rt5, RECORD: Prop 11 pam' 1fa1y,aQ'1igQQfnez- 6 gr ilVia, ub, FO0tbal1, Im f2Hl1ul-al MICHAEL SOHN LUSXCK 211 refuge sneer, Laiiy,YewSY1'm'i2 . ' B 1 , Umed States Linesg 5-S- SEA 1g,?e5i?.l1iie?,'SQkgeKi?e,3icnwExSgx eiiinesgl SS. Santa Catahna, Grace Lines. ' West VQYAGES1 V ,n ia, Coiombm, Honduras, Neibedands . rmiae-5, France, Germany, Egypt, Lebanon, Swfh Arabia, india, Ceyion, Pakistan, French Sornahiand. ECORD: Beglirnentai Band, Society oi Navei Archi- ' ineers, Steiia Maris Gund, Russian Cinb, ACADEMY B tects and Marine Evil Giee Cinb, Cathoiic Choir. JOHN HAYES LYNG S8 East P arkway, Rochester N a ew York SEA DU TY. M00r- ' S'S- Af' Sf QMCC "cfm GI 5. Cl1ffg-y?f::3fJ' LineS2?clg,SFarre11 Lin 1 Clevelan-d.CS:anta Mqesg M0 - llffs Irolflrfglfita, Grigg3ESaga Ompany' ings. 1 x VOYAG ES. Gh'ln1' Sen'3IZ'll I ar Iv g ' Lib ' HQ, A OW C. erm, P polumflllola, Icgflst, French Ortuguese W , Canada alrld- Nm-w,EqU1lt0ri'1l Aist Africq N , :mama C . Swci rica B 1, iger. , Olombitcn, Dcnlrn elgium Cla, 1, Ecuad1Jr,alikruFirgi,:c::1' ' HQ ORD. . Scholastic Strut F L , 0OtbnH. v 0 r Munn WILLXAM HENY1 2152 Schenectady Avenue, Br-ookiyn, New York SEA DUTY: S.S. Siivcr Mariner, Moore-McCormnck Lines: SS. Pioneer Lund, United Stakes Lina-sg U.S.N.S. Goidcn Engie, Miiitnry Sen 'frnnsporlntion Scwicc. VOYAGES: Enginnd, Gcrninny, France, Ynnninn, Hnwnii, Yhiiip pines, Formosa, Snpnn, Chinn, Korn-n. ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Christian Conncii, Biock "N Cinii, Driii 'YL-ann, Dnnco Cmnrnittcv, 'Ycnnis iwinnng' inlrnnnnni Sporis. if 'QI-5. 'Vs X QQ l3'x,.,r'-' . 4? 0 DON l ALD AND 68-43 SEA W Dai-tnioufh JPL Ti.: S S X sneer, Forest EO Dei- W . - - . ' VOY-tCE ji SKS' Allierizinmodflve, S Hills' New York fniyligd Brazil A '11 Banker, Ijlrazjj MO N' ,F,' r . 0 Sf, Ora- XCAEEMY RECEJT-ite, rufluay tics LingSivCC0nnack 11,Qi119e,,x I l D: S U liiny. : finidad mural Spgrgllc-hojson of Nlwdl A , Barbados . yy - 1 . , A . r utomotive and Mg,- s lub - mg , Inga, f QWW W M fo I I , ,,,.,, MY' M ...Sf ff 1' ' , we l 'fa f BRI , I.: . l - V S 1 'Hu . cf, f v LA qlllyl Y. S wr W l'l:u,-,. pn ,1,,,,,m- 1 ,gl 1 , f 'at A,',,f,k 'loaf'-.. -,. V' 'M' f1'Arl:::nI:'7'i', Plillllpr I I Ntw Yflfk H01 1,1418 I' Jin-Q' 1,1-,HSS , S! Qlllllyf SMI N !3'1:'l:n,fl, -Cin lfflym ., . .Vul':1l,,fl!f -1,lIll'Sf S 9 if faflaflzi I "Way, IJWIITI' lliflllznnl S, 4 Hkv Mr11iF,A.s' ffllllg V1 mr .1 'Su 1, ,pail If 1 13 gllgllfffilfjj, J X' 'l"ll, lf'ril:4l1cl,:'X""l fivrm' 1j,f,,,, W:i,,',H,' ,'Ul,,.H' k I ' lllry, J, "ny, ' l'.r,,,,',H,,,," filuf, S, 1 , nlnml 5 li',t ,yi ' 'W lrly , . .1 HH 'W ,,f N: H ' I Uflllmlly fllvhhih Jlllllnul M JOHN FRANCIS MATTHEWS 8 Lipton Lane, VVilliston Park, New York SEA DUTY: African Enterprise, Farrell Lines, S.S. President jackson, American President Lines, Mormacpenn, Moore-McCormack Lines. VOYAGES: Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Japan, Nationalist China, Philippines, Malaya, Ceylon, India, Paki- stan, Egypt, Italy, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Fin- land, Poland, Iceland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Football, YVrcstling. G-lu..., RAYMOND LEWVIS MCCREARY Toledo, Iowa SEA DUTY: S.S. Ameriean Inventor, S.S. America, United States Lines, S.S. Morinacstar, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Afri- can Sun, Farrell Lines. VOYACES: lreland, England. France, Germany, Union of South Africa, Mozzunlxique, Tanganika, Southwest Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay. ACADEMY HECURD: Scholastic Star, Polaris, Ileur Tliix, Glee Club, Russian Club, vVllllljtllllllN'l'S, Christian Council, Intra- mural Sports. 5 : .l 1, w Q v if 5 fi ', 1 Fyl mai 'Fl . .A gl l wt 'I 73 I Q -9 ARTHUR LEE BKCEWEN 8410 Nentra Street, La Mesa, Cauiomia 1 . Ji., U 'x a Fruit Lines, s.s. Bragii, M0012- SEA 'EifQ,qs.siu american Banifer, United States Lines, S.S. Examiner, American Export Lines. l , A ' YL , L, B itish West Indies, Bmzlxv V0Y'ii?.?S'raf0ii?ge52?2s., Egifnq, Spa-ny Geffmv' Tripoii, Greece, TUWCY, Simmsh Morocco' ' - Michelson Scientific Society, Automotive 1 Sports. ACADEMY RECORD. interest Ciub, Track, lmmmum BBU CE LLOYD ME Anms 147 Mmon, Wesg Haftiord, Connecticut . - L' 3 SS. Moore Mccgnilgxigricannir aveier, DUTY: SS. Afgeixtmav . SEA Exceiicncy, American EXPOW Lines? Ss tes Lines. ' ' Bygzii, UIUQUGY, Afgenhnaf cce, CYPYUS kmex' United Sta ' ' West Indies, ' Turkey, G10 tra- VOYQQGESL Btxtishco Spun oroc , 1 , . ACADEMY RECORD: sn Ciub, Cross Cwwvf Tmk,-1' rnuroi Sports. Ific 'ffl os I EPH MARTIN MCLAUGHLIN A 1820 La urel Terrace, South Velma: Ne I , W 91'Sey SEA DUTY M 3 S.S, Ind peormljxcmoon, Mooigehrjldance, American , mted States Line? Ofmack Lines, gigpif Lines. ss ' ' ' - mericalfclipl VOYAGES. P ' Aww 1. . ortugal, Gennanalnlcligrwgjbrggtar, Greece S 1 weden Derfrn It 1 , ark, Ifnglglgr ACADEMY . RECORD clety, C . : Schl . athohc Choir, ijnatigiiixi-E,2ir,S5c?g1riS, Astronomicl S S. 3- 0- 'Q 1 'i, Q ' it . if a WILLIAM PAUL MEI TQEHYT Avenue, Ridgewood, New Yo k r TY- S Im 1 'S' ESpz 1- . icugogff-,United gba, United Fruit C ' csldenf Lil T es Lines' S S ,0mP11hv- S Q - les, , . . 1resideni'M6211 Amgricun 1 'oe, mer, VOYAGE S5 Cub , 21 Pan-hum 1 ' Costi ' 1 Rica, Hawaii, Japm C ' Q 't'l'l11any' Frincg r ' N H0 7 , ng hong, Malaya, Pqkish I s EH, ndiq E " SYPY, ltalv, Cliylon, ACADEMY RECORD 3 Drill Tt. tdlilr Intrmum-al Spode Q no-1 ,. --4-r y,,. 'H i"'l ,fit 3-1,51 f, W, ,air s 15' sm 3a- CTX B K a e if E E! I 1 NWX egg' fx 7 it - RN XNIIESON MEF wk JA A Roosevelt, New wich Avenue, 45 East Cree" N x , . S.S. . L11195' -Se r A teh ferpfl ' -,1 bfal., E11 'IUILKW 153111 an Pre55"1t1' Sb- Ah' K , Q Q AmGY1Ci3w1DU1't LU ,- ' e -' 'RHI ' Aznbfln , wit ,AF- f ,gm m, 'iff I 11212 THOMAS' ANTHONY MICHALSKI 626 East 14th Street, New York, New York Trini- SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacsaga, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S ,1mbiqUe', ti American Inventor, United States Lines, S.S. African Glen th .yfrifklr ?-1551110113 Egyp , e Farrell Lines, S.S. Exton, American Export Lines. - 1 - ,. , -. K n , fnitfll Ofgiice. bww, .tectg and Tsxall VOYACES: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Eng- , F,igl.iYW',S lmlb ,Q H11 Arvhl than, Inff' land, France, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Liberia, French WVest bv, F1-dm ls 'ietv of Baske Africa, Nigeria' .:"' , , LW ' ' ' X ,EttOh?'.-519 Club' ACADEMY RECORD: ll1z'dsl1171.s', Block "M" Club, Foozimii, EIN-'R Intramural Sports. fi 1 f W W ! , ,Z W fd Cr , M li ix" xv QQQIQ, eo., Vf i i Us Q 4 2 if me ,ff . Zi STUART KARL MILLS 25 Reed Street, Tiverton, Rhode Island CK SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Ana, Grace Lines, S.S. Mormacsurf, Ohig A Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. American Ranger, United t,T0led01 mer, Pfifxeis States Lines, S.S. African Pilot, Farrell Lines. B genxan Stree S S S. Exgfgtates Line . a , Q . . VOYAGES: Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Netherlands, West 1728 3 GIQCC Lgilss, Unite e 'fuikey' Indies, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Liberia, Belgian Santa Clm American 6.65 Gfeec ' Congo, Angola, French West Africa, French Cameroons, UTY: Ssimesg 5-S' West In lsgogand- hitects Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cold Coast, France, Germany, England. SEA Pan Export X Dutcli nd kelarxdo i Navar Arc c a, a v , ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, codot Honor Board, wiodjom- 1 ES, vepe1gi,,,,oe,Ef'g . Socrew 0 mers, Glee Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine V0YAGb,,, Spam' Hear ff,hw'1ear0- Engineers, Christian Council, Sailing Team, Intramural L, yi ECOYXD: ers Sallmg Sports. DEMY ne Englne , ACA and Marr 9 Q wt J' ALLE . - -o ue Nori0lk'Vxrglm S S Afagata Aveil ' - 5, '.1 t 9 2.904 Porovne ata, Grace Mmmy S Ut MatggrN S. Bxue S -befii! . S.S. auf es. U. ' ' Chile, Lx Wgsi UTY' fell Ln? , Peru, cSC V SEA D -m WH' Servlce' aor, . 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Q ACADEMY RECORD: Saiiing Team, lntramurai Sports. M 9 ,, N it WA my v wg, MJ ll' CHARLES PRICE 12 Gard en Ce ntre, Huntington N 1 ew York SEA D UTY. Pioneer' S-S, NI . , M. - Qrmf Mllltary M00r0-MCC L'f1hporrafi0nSSLmCS, Uslfzfnglaik Lineg S vrvice ' ' Gvnqffs -S . , 1 .1 Rose. VOYAG ES- A'gL'nr'Canadf1 N Japan,1?cz:5 Gcrrilanfthlgrlzllids We' rea' H0ng'KJ:lU21rna, Hqifmlfldicg, Emil LZ. K '11, Philip , 'lv Uru pines Funiluay, ' Hosa, ' Y REF0 A RD: Intramural Sponq x Ri Fi 5 JOSEPH MICHAEL QUXNN A 2894 Grand Concourse, Bromc, New York SEA DUTY1 S.S. Eciipsc, Socony-Vacuum Oii Companyg SS. Exochordn, American Export Linesg S.S. Am9riCaxX HxkIN'0Si?Y- United Slntvs Limos. VOY ACES: Engimid, irviniid, Scothind, Germany, France, Spain, itaiy, Crux-0, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt. X, ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Cadet Honor Board, NYindimn- f mms, Dmwr- Conuixittvv, intrmiiurzxi Sports. 'art' .RS 282 Bl FN., 'Huw 5 I K HONG KONG ROBERT ARNOLD 565 XVe ag T M to RAQUSO ' st 188th Street, New York 40, New York SEA DUTY! 'SSI Anjerican Packer, S.S. American Press United .Statcs Lmesg Robin Afowbray, Robin Linggg fj,5.N'Sl HCI-211 Rose, Afilitary Sea Transportation Service, VOYACES Emzlancl, Irel. d S tl. d U ' - ozambique, Madagagcizir, Giilhhglglg. mon of South Afncap ACADEMY RECORD: Society of Naval EUQQIHFGTS, Block "MU Club Architects and ,Marine , Football, Intramural Sports. WE ,Vw ff v , M, if HENRY RAPACR , York W, , A V - WCW' ., f EDXVA ,t NCW iurk, 1 . Q Ame-r1C-IH 13th Sffff , 111155. 515 1' Fm-ni ft -Q 1. ' Ur ' . EAS -f 1301, G1-JS' fXfY'1L71ul 4, x , "' f f I fl Y V X U ISA, A-S 5.5 A . S I TTY. SUS- 5Q'gMC5 1411115 'MINI' 1,lA111L4 'A 'FA IN . ' Ullitfxd L 1 clcllw WF A 414 - Sth Avrnuf-, San l'r:mu'xr'u, Cnlilnrnin 5 " Hgnlkixl' V I,L,l-H, ILl'U",l-muQ11xN1l'Hl' Lim-s. Nfl 1fl111V'1NKl,,.l11fl"'f I ' ' '. 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Scot1,lQldUnion of ' , P S 0l'tUgucsc0ilFL1tAf1'iCil B , ' Africa, mzll, Franc . . C1 England Y R Marin ECORD. Camel? EnHine,' Millsh' 4 C hrs, ' I IPS, S ,-i 1 lub, Cnrh0gl0ahC!ub,0c1gmgYkof Naval A 01r, 0 Club, Prolslqgtects ,md K0 01- Ciub 2 SPARE-S ALBERT BCBE-BTSON 850 Merrick Road, Rockvme Cemcr, New York SEA DUTY: S.S. Kvylnnkor, Kcyskono Shippijxg Companyig S.S. Robin Trout, Robin Lim-sg S.S. Santa Sokia, Grace 121005- VOY AGES: Ycuo'1.m-Xu, 'YvinidaQ, Aruba, South Aiden, Mozam- bique, 'Yungimxyikan Kenya Cokmny, 'Z.nwz.ibm'. ' TCOHD: Midships, YvopcXh'v Chxb. Society of Nami ' 1 F.xxg,ixwo.-rs, Aslvoumnkcaxk Society, Knits ACMUEMX RL Avchih-cts and Nnruu xxxxxrzd Sports. 1 'il I 4 X 1 W 7 W I 11.2 CEOR , 7 L- O SEA RDUTY. S S lsbon Avenue, Buffal e ' - . Sf , o, Liii-Sitter, Uniteddgfd Catalina New York VOYAGES. tates LineSi'Sg1'2lE6.LineS. S S 51001. 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American Ranger, United States Lines, SS Eicbrook, American Export Lines, S.S. African Glade, Farrell Lines. VOYAC-ES: England, France, Germany, Italy, Yugoslavia Liberia Cold Coast, British West Africa, French West Africa. ACADEMY RECORD: Intramural Sports, Wrestling. 8 I if A CONRAD JOSEPH ROSEMERE, IR. 13 William Street, Cambridge, Maryland SEA DUTY: S.S. American Reporter, Unitedistates Lines, Argentina, Moore-McCormack Lmesg S.S. EIHIOH, United Fruit Company, S.S. African Dawn, Farrell Lmes. VOYAGES: Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, British West Indies, Liberia, Nigeria, French VVcst Africa, Portuguese Wvst Africa, Cold Coast, Ivory Coast, Belgium Congo. ACADEMY RECORD: Sailing, Intramural Sports. Tv .ik . 5- vt 'E X NORB E 493 HRT ANTHONY RUBA . ' ' h - A T GEORGE CARTER ROTHWELL SEAPDUTY, S S 'g SU-fee, s,,,,,,n Pe N0 , ,wg ,resid ' -- M0 , , mlsylv ' ' I l44-81 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing, New York tlOn, X212 Hawes, QTLPCHH, Moor amz Q L p . VOYAG - Hman Exvorteifan Presidfwccomiack E 'g"'i"i' SEA DUTY: U.S.N.S. General A.M. Patch, Military Sea Trans- C,E5f Iceland , mei 'nt Line-55 S SI-megs SS portation Service, S.S. Exochorda, American Export Lines. Ctiilriniz India iagkqrway Swed ' ' Cf-lnstifu' 'V 'J' , a . A ' e . ' F4 g, VOYAGES: Germany, England, Puerto Rico, Panama, lapan, Malaya Ogle, Gemragffll? Egypnngigxiland, Poland Hong Kong, Malaya, Ceylon, lndia, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon, ACADEM 1 ummm, Plaili aphan, Formosk Italy, FF 1 Denmark ., Syria, Greece, ltaly, France Spain. Pmbgl RECORD. 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Constitution, Amar ican Export Lines. VOYACES: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Polan Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Panama, Hawaii, japan, Hong Kong, Formosa, Korea, Philippine Islands. ACADEMY RECORD: Eagle Scout Society, Band, Swin Intramural Sports. io DE JANEIRO R zming, fy lf. f N J' f N 4, ,f TIOWARD EARL SU 2 09 West 119th Street, S MLLIVAN ea e Washington SEA DUT Y- S pany. C01-na L2 D . . E yagu eader, Unitefllfgtafggn 51025 Esgismma Unit d mes Ort Lines e Fruxt S5 Am Com encan BRUCE WALTER STRONG 20 Nash Street, Watewille, Maine SEA DUTY: S.S. African Endeavor, Farrell Lines: S.S. American VQYAGESZ C Shipper, United States Lines, S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Lines. ma, Italy 05221 Rlca Colo b . ' Hn rn VOYAGES: Union oi South Africa, Mozambique, Germany, ACADEMY REC any Englandlalr Hondmas G Colombia, Venezuela. ORD Hear Th rance Portugalfatemala Pa - Track Team, Cross-Country, Regimental 'S Intramural sp Afnca 513:13 offs ACADEMY RECORD. 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EXPTXIIODI American Export Lines, S.S. Heredia, United Fruit Lines. VOYACES: Spain, Yugoslavia, French Morocco, Trieste, East South, and NVest Africa, Pananui, Costa Rica, Israel. ACADICMY RECORD: lliclsllips, Color Guard, Intramural Sports h I E 5 ! I 3 1 il 1, I Q ww .. , ' SHERMAN ARCHIE WATKINS Winzfield, Alab SEA DUTY- SS P. .XIAXU'ELL IOSEPH YVARREN 46 Powell Court, Babvlon Q Q 31113 . . . Silver lil ' ioneer Land VH. , , New York ..,. American I . -.i:z Plinet R ariner, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S , United States Lines, U.S.N.S. Golden Eagle, I i itary Sea Trensportation Service. VOYAGE-S: Germany, England, France, Iapan, China, Philippine Islands, Hawaii, Panama. ACADEMY RECORD: J41'ds11zj2s, Polaris, Intramural Sports. t mentor, United States Lines, S.S. .t .. rarrell Lines, S.S. Keytrader, Keystone Ship- C.'mp.in5'q S.S. Examiner, American Export Lines, S.S. Teresa, Grace Lines. 11iE5q Ezigland. France. Germany, Italy, Libya, Panama, "...ea:.e5.:. Colombia. Honduras, Greece, Turkey, South Lf.1c,:. Portiigruese East Africa, British East Africa. RECORD: Propeller Club, ll' ,. intramural Sports. ichelson Scientific So- ALEXANDRIA 6 10,50 MVT ,Wig .. 'MY 4 y , fl ti lit! mg hangs. Q, M JOHN BARRY WELLS 62 Beech Avenue, Aldan, Delaware County, Pennsylvania TAYLOR WEEMAN 5 Myrtle Street, Middleboro, Massachusetts SEA DUTY: S.S. American Iurist, United States Lines, S.S. Santa Ines, Grace Lines, S.S. African Planet, Farrell Lines, S.S. Exporter, American Export Lines. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Merchant, United States Lines, S.S. President Harding, American President Lines, S.S. Argentina, Moore-McConnack Lines, S.S. Eclipse, Socony-Mobile Oil Company' VOYAGES: Panama, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Holland, Belgium, Germany, South West Africa, South Africa, British East Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Italy, Yugoslavia. ACADEMY RECORD: Naval Club, Amateur Radio Club, Band. VOYAGES: Germany, Philippines, Sumatra, Indonesia, Malaya, Viet Nam, Thailand, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. ACADEMY RECORD: Football. f K E. ,sixties I as-mf I if DONALD RICHARD WILCHECK V 1 LEN S9 Riale Avenue, Johnson City, New York 0 1. .JK H 3, an ,miflf I .Sal 1 A SEA DUTY: 'S.S. American jurist, S.S. American Press, United Fxodda SS States Lines, S.S.. Santa Ines, Grace Lines, S.S. African Manor, Stuart, ck LmC5gLmleS' Planter, l'arrell Lines. . 3 ' Pme . Mom-C-Nlcgogarm, Gwce VOYAGES: Belgium, Holland. Germany, Canal Zone, Ecuador. M0Yl03ClSlCa, . S.S. S099 fuk Norway' Colombia, Peru, Mozambique, Kenya Colony, Union of South A DUTY: Ssicd States Lines, X Kcehnfli Dfn??,,,d,G0l'maRi,' Africa, Tanganyika, England, Ireland, Scotland. , 1 I , ' YQ ' xi v V Q N SE America, Un da Nfwioungigfand,Rraniigcngina, Umg ' ACADEMY RECORD: Intramural Sports. VOY AGESQH itsxatlixxhicahisgragjllllax Zone' i iwgimcllm Swe ' ds, qdof, ' . Qki Clum, Netllclllln yeru, Ecu' . Council, ' Colornlna, . Christian RECORD- Simms- 294 ACAEEIYQY lntr almlml A 7 W' W juni' -,747 w ".' 21 ' ,WWZW4 1 A A CHARL ES WINTERICH 29643 C ent . er Ridge Road, yvesuak ea NF. igrx DUTY. f'3X"11.,Q9,S-5- Ci' . , Lilitrsiqwf Aincricgrfrs Ewictofy C xpoft Ilmeievgland Cliff 3 Sant S 3 hffoniczfsg S,S , Grace 'YQYAC stgiygsiw India L 5 t'l'1g-Zueflll iflrlggny Aden ., ru 3 , Saudi ' Arabia , Egypt f Paki- ,ALSADEXIY .N N 2 HECO .JQUQS C1 b RD: P U v 1I1tra1xiu:-Zfeuer Club , SPONS. ' Mldlelson S ociefy Dr 1 a- A A 4 f uf 4 f 4' EOBEET THOMAS YAEASHUS 126 North 3rd Stxeet, Saint CTair, Yerinsyivarxia SEA DUTY: S.S. American Packer, United Suites Liucsg S.S. Argcutiria, Moore-McCormack Liucsg S.S. Eohirx Mowbray, Eobirx Lirxcsg S.S. Expiorcr, American Export Lirics. VOYAGES: Erighnd, Trchmd, Scotkmd, Urxiorx oi South Africa, Brazih Portuguese East Africa, Madagascar, British 'West Tridics, Uruguay, Argcritirxa, Turkey, Grcccc. ED: Midships, Hear This, Yropchcr CTub M Sports. ACADEMY EECO Michdsori Society, Tritmmur ALGIER5 ""'N'-fl' "l'll'!"-em-un.-4-'-wxnun.-nun:-1-ua-4..-.vacuum-.-.fm-....--r--. ,...,... ...-.N--.... ., -.., . N. ,,.. N-M 4' ,. . , 2 i 5 51 , i li 1 V , io E A L . , ,Jw F :ll A rf asf, , ' 'M 1 V7 . gr-ff' f , , 1- 31' A-,Q-fw QW , f A ' X 1 , , Kp ., . .1 " -. 2 - A, wa., 1, J .W ' '.,..f? 2 -, , ' A X0 May 1' ' mx wx .-:W ff " ,3'2f'v' X ' . L n 5 uliihfgiw W qfjxf 1- 2 A , . ,W M.. , B V f Q -fiwivvfa ln " H 1, ,- 1 :' " I4 ffl K' . 4. ,, -jf: f 5 1' f, 'fn .-.' ' , ' in ff i 'L - . A ,. 3 iw , -1-7 wa 3 6 'uv . W, 41" . ,, . Golf, f '- I ., gf-e , p . W K .V E JAMES l47Ag,ffg,7 ' ' . .1 f 5 " A 4 . in ,fx LQ- ' ' 5 ' A N, ax . tl .-.FIKXA -4' - x'.' Q A- -"TX ,,.,.,4, .J . ,-in -u -x .W 1 , , f 4' 'KL x ""--MM v j 4 -..'gZ,,:-L ' 'H -3- :- 4 ---.- vu .- ... -- - ..h - A -...w-gg. 2. Qr-r-- . 'Q'4---v . 21 . -' 6,4f1Hm, -- ... , ' -' - - ,-If-. .- ,-G+ x .Ll-f. - ,-.zg-- - if 1 1. I' , I A ,.. ,,,, . . . , v ' tw. 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ADVERTISING MANAGER of -1959 59-879 Brannen, Richard David Buscher, Robert Thomas Cowhig, Daniel Jerome Doran, John David Kron, Robert Arvid Lowe, James Thomas Lowe, John Frederick McKinley, Harold Hammond, Jr. Mikkelsen, Donald Costello Quarles, Clifford Ellis Roethke, Jon Harvey 4 Rohloff, George Joseph ' Rothmann, Robert Raymond Russell, Robert James Salenjus, John Richard Scotti, Anthony Twilde, Richard Wayne Uhlin, Ronald Carlton Whiteside, Bobbie Edwin , 59-82 Andraka, Romuald Kazimeriz Bloomfield, David Peter Boese, Carl Arend Clancy, George Joseph, Jr. Collier, George William Daniels, Roger William Emerick, Robert Hardeik James, David Warren Kane, Daniel Kay, John Pilkington Kinstler, Kelvin Joseph Leiz, George Robert Maushart, John Albert Prasciunas, Augustine Todd, Gerald Edward Pelletreau, Alvin Leroy Belous, Charles Robert 59-380 Atkinson, William Paul Campbell, Ray Arthur, Jr. Contreras, Luis Eugenio Eustrace, Gerald Francis F errigno, John Charles Klementz, Robert William Magna, Russell Farley Manning, John Edward McBride, Donald Joseph Moffitt, Thomas Andrew, Jr. Persons, Roger MacMillan Price, Daniel James Putnam, John Farnum Ronzitti, Richard Donato Scanlan, Thomas Moore, Jr. Stine, Richard Arnold Wirin, Richard Alexander Zelenka, Bernard Thomas, Jr. O'Hara, Charles Worth 59-173 Baldick, David Kenneth Barron, James William Dobler, Daniel Smith Ekstrom, John Daniel Fairfield, Robert Leon Gilmore, Hubert John, Jr. Ginna, John William Gossner, John Hamilton, Robert Bruce Hite, Frank Bernard Hopkins, James Thomas Kelly, Paul William McMaster, David Samuel Mugavin, Ronald Terrence Ogle, Joseph Lincoln, Jr. Polsenski, James Joseph Seeney, William LeRoy Skarvelis, Nicholas Theodore Swanson, Ernest Kenneth Tschida, Robert Matthew Wine, David Frank 59-171 Aloisio, Lawrence Philip Bowles, Lawrence James, Jr. Clark, Thomas Edward Consentino, Richard Nicholas Gasaway, Nicholas Gordon, J Gidley, William Joseph Gomes, Richard David Grafton, Paul Michael Haas, Jonathan Louis Haggerty, Francis Samuel Hollon, William Ray Mullon, Ronald Phillip Pierce, Terry Theodore Price, Lorne Herbert Reuther, George Carl Richard, Rene Alphonse, III Rosenthal, Gerald Bertram Sloan, Thomas William Smith, Roland Leach, Jr. Stone, Malcolm John Weiser, Charles Hans 59-170 Barron, William Craig V Bleakly, Andrew, Jr. Boston, Glenn Robert Cannon, Harry Daniel Castaneda-Arias, Fabio Claire, William Andrew Davis, John James III Dean, Dennis Vale Dorning, John Joseph, Jr. Fellman, Paul Rene Hernandez, Luis Alonso Leonard, Gerald Dennis Luciano, Frank Lee Maidansky, Boris, Jr. McCarthy, Paul Justin Phelps, Walter Rickey Romeo, Garet Martin Szeezil, Walter Theriault, Albert Joseph Turner, Joseph Liddell, Jr. 59-276 Edwardson, John Herbert George, Robert Bruce Gonzalez, Alfred Joseph Hale, Richard I'. Illuzzi, Francis, Jr. Karr, Orval Ferman Kaufman, Paul Morton Lyon, Murton Waterman, Jr. Madden, Robert Thomas McCoy, Daniel Eugene McQuillen, Francis Roland, Murphy, Michael John Neuner, George Gerard Phin, Sydney Neill . Plott, Carroll Dean Sergio, Frederick Angelo Simmons, Robert John Sosin, Victor Einard, Jr. Sullivan, George Edward, II Smith, Ward Francis Dennin er Robert Grant Jr g 1 7 Landrie, Joseph Hubert 59-172 Banyacski, Stephen Albert Bryan, Eugene Francis Clark, William Davis, Charles Edward F abber, Edgar Charles Greaves, Daniel Joseph Holyoak, William Harding Hopfe, Manfred Eslyrt Jensen, Norman Christian Lafranchi, Vincent Edward Leeper, James Reed Lovaas, Wesley LeRoy Moran, John Joseph Siegel, William Herbert Ursitti, Gerald Francis Woessner, Bernard ' Wylie, Warren William Young, Roy Allen Ziegler, Frederick William 59-275 ' Bassett, James Anthony Combs, David Wallace Elias, Cyril James r Franchek, John Hodek, Charles Joseph Holden, Robert Lord Jensen, Harris Mallitz Keaveny, Dennis Alexander Kirzl, John Edward Kline, Roger Wightman Norz, Charles Henry Pierce, Robert Lee Quegan, Richard Joseph, Jr. Ring, John Francis, Jr. Sanborn, James Harvey Silvestri, Errol Thomas Verschuereh, Ferdinand Hendrick Weeks, Herbert Eldridge Coffin, Jr. Wenners, John Dorey Woodrick, Clifford Patrick 59-378 Bernier, Raymond Gerald Brooks, Michael Henry Brown, Ronald Santin Jr. I Brown, Russell Clifford Christensen, Kenneth Arthur Galiszewski, Charles Robert Andrew Gross, Ronald Carl Cunn, Walter Joseph Hauer, George Irwin Haun, Robert' David Holland, William James McKinney, VVilliam Ellsworth McLaughlin, Harold Byrnes Moran, Edward Joseph, Jr. Pross, Thomas William, Jr. Rogers, Henry Fred Schreier, Harold Seelinger, Joseph Harold Shannon, John Patrick Siebeking, Paul Frederick Spence,lJames Anthony, Jr. 59-274 Albino, Michael Louis Amador, Albert Anthony, Jr. Farrell, John Joseph Fettke, John Michael Flynn, Thomas Lawrence Gattini, Paul Anthony Grubiak, James Frank Hinchy, Frank Thomas Lewis, VVhitney Phelps Liggett, Stephan William Prime, Henry Stephen, Jr. Quintus, Paul Joseph Richardson, Larry Wallace Rocchio, John Philip, Jr. Van Loan, Melvin VVilliam Zakrzwski, Robert John Zaleski, Lester John, Jr. Celello, Michael Anthony Rausch, Andre Heath Sabbiras, David Ralph, Jr. Sharar, Chris Mess, Thomas Raymond Ottone, Richard Michael Paine, Larry VVilliam 3 59-277 I Carroll, Michael Dale 1 Cleveland, Richard Kenneth ' 1 Cook, Richard Allan l Galbraith, VVilliam Roy 1 Grady, W'illiam George Higgins, James Patrick Homan, Richard Martin Jepson, Harry Richard Johnson, Gerald Alfred Jones, Allison Van Lopik . Kaminski, Henry Stanislaus, Jr. f Kesterman, Francis Raymond Knight, Robert Paul 7. F . Marquis, John Edward r . McDonough, John Joseph, Jr. . Q , . Parker. Robert Charles 8 ' Rinard, Jack Coleman Stevens. Kenneth Milo Vetter, Thomas Earl NVilliams, John Robert Young. Pasquale f 1 . . .,-..1:-'-ga - ' - -',g5:f'5iz-9.-1zjrffsff- . ' Q 1 rr?" ,, , . . ,. 3, H fl wa", ' .fa , W F: 2 , . Q ii in 2VV . 5 E ,f if is s 5 3 I 5 Q5 u If Y . 's arf fz,. EW ECI M.. . - - n tw .v -1 Age d Q ff, 5. He directs ca million dollar show This oflicer sails the Caribbean with Alcoa. Whether his job is supervising the handling of millions of dollars Worth of cargo, or directing the operations of the ship's huge power plant, he finds it interesting, challenging Work. The job of an Alcoa officer is not only interest- ing from day to day-it has bright prospects as Well. With Alcoa he has opportunities to ad- vance, commensurate with his ability and effort. ln time, he will become eligible for more respon- sible positions on ship and ashore. With the Warm Caribbean beneath him, and a promising future with a good company in store, this man's course is set for smooth sailing. ALC CDA ALCOA STEAMSHIP COM PANY,lNC. 17 BATTERY PLACE, NEW YORK 4, N.Y. ie.: 1 Class of 1960 60-101 Bowerman, Emil F. Davis, Douglas L. Duquemin,, Francis D. Fields, Eugene E. Gallagher, Joseph P. Koehler, William R. Kutscher, David C. Larson, Frederick R. Lipold, Anthony L. Lund, Paul A. Matthews, Vincent J., Jr. McAbee, John T. McDonald, Alexander A.- McNeil, Robert Miller, Wayne C. Mullin, Thomas A. Osborne, James W. Reneau, James A. Schick, Frederick H. Schultz, Roy S. Stafford, Vernon E. Tender, William J. 60-103 Armstrong, Robert D. Barrie, Donald J. Collins, James F. Drago, Louis Gregory, William H. Hallett, Richard H. Jemberg, lrVillard R. Johansson, Ronald A. Mazanec, Arthur L., II, Oman, Charles L. Peat, Ralph A. Rawlins, Philip J. T., Jr. Rudzitis, Lotar T. Talbot, Nicholas L. . Troike, Robert L. Von Schrader, Francis O. Wagner, John H., Jr. Wanzong, Gary F. Weiss, Edwin. K. A Wolke, Ronald P. 60-205 Bemard, Robert D. Bland, Charles P. Boughton, Rowland F. Crook, William D. Csemelabics, Richard C. Cullen, Stephen J. Deaton, Coy B. Flanders, James A. Glickman, Robert H. Halvorsen, Norman F. Moller, Donald A. Morse, Joseph C., III Nelson, Roger E. Oyafuso, Tetsuo J. Proios, Michael G. Ranck, Thomas E. Rener, Richard H. Richardson, Ernest E. Solinski, Robert W. Stauff, John H. Thomas, Redding W. Walsh, John P. 60-207 Adams, Richard W. Bryant, George J. Dziak, John J. Fenandez, Reynaldo DeJesus Fitzgerald, Edmond J., Jr, Graham, Robert B. Hanson, David C. Harris, David A. Hayden, Reginald M., Jr. Kaiser, Theodore J., III Kavanagh, Brian O. Klinedinst, Gary M. McElligott, Thomas J. Muller, Richard J. Nicholson, Gordon C. Robinson, James J. Rodgers, Frederick T. Suter, Edward M. Tighe, Mark A. Varley, David A. Williams, Hugh K. 50-309. Adanaa' William R. Bradbury, Joseph A., Jr. Cano, Joseph A. Chretien, Peter C. Q' Crean, Raymond J., Jr. Gaber, David F. Geist, Walter R. Griffin, Sydney S. Judd, Theodore P. Knutsen, Edward W. Lacher, Ralph A. Morrissey, Joseph A. Moyer, Dwight L., Jr. Muller, Robert J., Jr. Rakosky, Michael A. Reiter, Keith C. Schiebel, Matthew J., Jr. Sfnyder, Michael A. Thornal, Richard A. Toner, John T. Warner, Donald J. 60-311 Baker, Patrick J. Brown, Raymond G. Burgin, Cecil C. Ceely, Henry G. Constantine, Thomas A. Curran, Richard J. De Santis, John F. Gorman, Jeremiah D. Hartnett, Martin K. Hassi, David G. Jane, Edmond J., III Kirby, Daniel P. Knight, Larry E. Libretta, Donald F. Martin, Patrick V. McQuoid, Lauriston R. Miller, James R. Phillips, Robert A. Seeley, Howard G. Thomas, Charles R., III Tollefsen, Thomas S. Way, Jonathan L. Dougan, John P. 60-102 Baroni, Anthony E. Bourdon, William H. Carroll, Thomas G., Jr. Conklin, William J. Doyle, Thomas G. Fears, Charles C. Haldeman, Williard W., Jr. Halka, Joseph R. - Ingoglia, Ignatius W. Klopp, Robert R. Leyendccker, Herbert P. Macllae, John H. Morton, Arthur F. Namahoe, Edwin C. O,Brien, Thomas F. Pivko, Frederick E. Villalba-Gomez, Jorge E. White, WVillard C. Widberg, Arthur A. 60-104 Amason, Francis W. Baier, John M. Banister, John E. Bellaff, Leslie M. Cahill, John A. Eichin, Donald P. Foster, Robert LuVerne Hayes, Arthur W. Holbrook, Emory L. Jones, Robert W. Kolcharno, Edward J. Lawless, John J., Jr. Linden, Arnold Ernest C. Mahr, Raymond, Jr. Mason, Ronald S. Mokuau, Ernest M. Parker, George L. Parr, Paul E. - Plotnikiewicz, Edward R. Quigg, Roger J. Quinn, Eugene A. Voege, Gerard L. 69-206 Anderson, James C. De Lucia, Amedeo L. Duffy, John J. Ficken, David A. GaNun, James V. Henderson, William D. Herring, Stephen A. Kelly, Elton A. Krinsky, Joel L. LeBlanc, Robert J. Lindsay, Maurice P. Mason, Gordon C. Mavretish, Lawrence P. Mehrtens, George H. Moffett, Roy R. Morse, Carl S. Mulder, Hindrik J. Mulhern, Charles Henry Piscitello, Robert A. Reiber, George R., Jr. Stehle, Glenn P. Walker, David B. 60-208 Bricken, William E. Brinckerhoff, James S. Clark, Robert M. Connors, James D., Jr. Deeks, Charles R., Jr. Dempsey, David E. Erlandson, David P. Evans, Thomas Albert J Fitzsimmons, James H. Kinzer, Gary W. Madsen, Trygve T. Newman, George R. Pearl, Raymond J. Pl1lllipS, John F, Priore, Henry J. Rozwat, Jolm J. A. Schmidt, Henry C. Valderrama, James Ward, James C., Jr. Yankanich, John Zuritis, John S. 60-310 Ambrose, Edward V. Bimberg, Harvey T. Caffrey, Robert Fahrendorf, Joseph B. Foelster, Alfred F. Forster, Donald W. Hirsch, Martin L. Kyriakakis, Thomas Leffler, George G. Riso, Raymond A. Rudnick, Richard C. Schroeder, Donald J. Sexton, James T. Shaffner, Philip W. Shelko, Arthur Short, David C. Tomlinson, Edward B. Tschida, Martin R. Ullrich, Robert A. VVarren, John G. Williams, Thomas A., III 60-312 Bendorf, Charles J. Carlin, Peter P. Cunniff, John M. Davis, Jolm T. Dennis, Edward J. Dunn, Robert G. Engels, Dennis VV. Fleming, Arthur A. Ford, Michael E. Griffiths, Charles R. Hedley, Peter F. Mahnen, Paul L. Metz, 'Bruce Edmund R. Nurenberg, David Puga, George B. Slater, James M. Suleski, Peter F. Sweeney, VVilliam J. Truss, David G. Whalen, Edward V ., Jr. Wloodward, James R. Zimnisky, Dennis F. 60-14 Boyd, John S., III D'Ambra, Alfred Domas, Peter L. Dowler, Allan M. Grossman, Thomas Holden, John J. Jamile, Clifford S. Johnson, Glen H. Lehn, Keith J. Marsh, John W. Mayo, Lewis D. McArthur, Donald R. McQuaid, Peter J. Monro, Robert W., Jr. Morrisey, lVilliam P. Nicholl, Anthony Nyberg. Eric Gustav W. Scheiber, Glen D., Jr. Sentillcs, Daniel J. Totrault, Roger L, Todd, Jolm C. Zeile, Henriks J. . -. .. -eiis.-arty., - X. ,, ,. , 1 'gh , ,,,,,, ,I L , vvlli 4 A iz 55 United States Lines Ships give you the fastest direct service from U. S. Atlantic Coast ports to Europe and the Far East. YNHEN YOU SHIP by United States Lines, rec- ord breaklng ships speed your cargo to its des- tination. The s.s. United States, world's fastest ship, sails regularly between New York, Havre, South- ampton. Her popular running mate, the s.s. America, sails between New York and Cobh Havre, Southampton and Bremerhaven. 7 And new Mariner type cargo vessels operated by United States Lines in its American Pioneer Far East service are breaking the records for running time between New York and Manila. All-in-all there are 55 great ships in the United States Lines fleet ready to serve you with the speed, skill and efiiciency born of over a half century of shipping experience. ONE IIROADWA Y, NEW YORK 4, NEW YORK i fi fi- .1 M- s- r ,., N , i 'R1fQ,vw+ zWh x H - r c-. N s -- .v .. -,-......M,,,.,A,.x I- was OFFICES IN PRINCIPAL CITIES THROUGHOUT TIIE WORLD 303 Class of 1961 61-123 Baptiste, Alfred J., Jr. Bess, Henry D. Boyd, John S., 111 Brooks, Vincent S. Conn, Raymond C., III Davies, Clarence T. Fitzgerald, James R. Herrick, Peter S. Hughes, George C., III Kosty, Thomas M. Lacey, Virgil K. McGourthy, Jerome F. O'Brien, William C. Olsen, George L., III Pafias, James E. Poling, Howard E., Jr. Powell, James M. Reagan, Daniel A. Sloan, William B. Spanier, James Sweeney, David J., III Ullrich, John G. Welch, Stuart H. 61-225 Beuschel, Jack E. Bornholdt, Robert A. Braun, Bernhard A. Byers, Larry J. Callan, Thomas P. Coyle, Philip C., Jr. Cronin, William G. Every, William F., Jr. Fleischmann, Frank J. Goodman, George P., II Grosfils, Eric F. Hillyard, William F. Kaufman, James R. Kronz, James C. Leddy, James G. Lewis, Julian W. Maliska, Wayne Z. O'Connor, Joseph O., Jr. Savage, John E. Screen, Harold W., Jr. Underhill, Bruce E. Varga, George Zanger, Hugh O. 61-227 Anzalone, Jerome J. Boylston, John W., III Clair, Randall T. Colburn, Newton S. Conroy, John T. Cunningham, Albert R. DeGregorio, Paul V. Dreibelbis, Allan H. F ennell, John Flynn, David E., III Gaiennie, Frank W. Keith, Charles P. Lafferty, William M. Lawlor, James J. Lenney, Wayne B. McCane, Steven E. Minch, Paul L. Odell, Marshall S. Palm, Peter E. Rackett, Peter J. Safarik, Robert L. Schneider, Michael J. Smith, Jan P. Williams, John S., Jr. Williams, Kenneth H. 61-226 Atkinson, Thomas C. Bartle, Larry LeRoy Bulow, Harland C. Dammann, Charles N. Earls, Edward J. Frew, John A. Giles, John B., Jr. Gorman, Brian M. Hemphill, Joe W. Johnson, Jerome S. Little, Raymond Q. Massi, Saverio J. Mertian, Charles J. Monroe, Charles McCantlas, Parsons, David E. Puorto, John W. Rogaski, Robert E. Schiefer, Edward A., Jr. Skinner, William J. Spock, Richard P. Walton, John F. Winslow, Richard G. 61-224 Bay, Norman H. Brady, Edward J. Coyne, Robert A. Cullen, Dermott E. Foster, Ellwood R., Jr. Gillece, William F . Hibbard, George A. Innecken, Ronald Koch, Wayne W. Krippene, Brett C. Kurisky, John J. Lefkowitz, Richard A. Loose, James A. Nemeth, Stephan J., III O'Neil, David A. Owen, Lee C. Reilly, John B. Richmond, Thomas R. Schmeck, Paul R. Spellman, James P. Tompkins, Robert G. Turner, Steven L., Jr. Wahl, Otto A. White, Arlyn R. 61-328 Donahue, John L., Jr. Espey, David L. Fiacco, Stephen F. Francis, Jere L. Gengler, Gabriel J., Jr. Griffith, David G. Heen, Clifford A. Hennequin, Richard B. Hoyt, Larry R. Kramer, Herbert J. Lucs, John Manges, John B. Markey, Edward J., Jr. Matisoff, Jack D. McGuire, Edward D. Meade, William P. Myers, Harry M., Jr. Otten, Raymond E. Pratt, Richard L. Reynheer, William C. Yearwood, Donald R. 61-330 Brown, Billy J. Brown, Kenneth A. I Carroll, James E. Clancy, Daniel E. Dichlmann, William C. Durfee, Gerald A. F arrenkopf, Charles L. Jakubowicz, Raymond Mack, Judson C. Mancheno, Carlos E. McHale, Patrick M. Miller, David S. Purdy, Eben P., Jr. Robeson, James Rowe, Gary L. Schwender, Richard K. Smith, Larry Sofield, Harold JW. Walker, David A. Wilson, Arthur B., Jr. Wood, Flynn H. Young, -Harry J. Shurilla Kistler 61-329 Beverage, Albion P. Bloom, Johnwilliam L. Brooks, Richard E. Cappell, Mark D. Carr, Louis J., Jr. Colver, Dean R. Donovan, Arthur P. Fitzsimons, Richard J. Gorman, Jeremiah D. Graham, Edmund C., Jr. Grubbe, Richard E. Imrich, Michael J., Jr. King, Charles A., Jr. King, Chris W. Kronzer, James E. Kropke, John F. Martin, George S. Monile, Albert J. O'Neill, James J. Sall, Rodney E. Schaeffer, Anthony Schubert, John E. Smith, Dennis H. I Touli, Charles R. 61-331 Barwick, Allen J. Breen, Robert P. Cavalier, John A., Jr. Davidson, Richard J. Deliz-Alvarez, Ramon Dion, Richard G. Felton, Emmett W. Friedl, George R. Haselman, Eugene A. Hoffmann, Donald LeRoy Jones, Gene H. Kuehl, Chester L., Jr. Kyriazis, John P. Mayberry, Darryl L. McBride, James, III McClure, James A. Michalchuck, David P. Morrow, Michael YV. Phancenek, Paul L. Ryan, Joseph XV. Teatzner, Arthur M. Price, Jere G. 61-120 Bishop, Boyd NV. Blackburn, Douglas G. Burr, Lawrence R. Dyer, Colby R. George, William D., Jr. Kramer, Stephen Lahey, Richard T., Jr. Luehning, Klaus V. Mauter, David J. McLoughlin, Brendan A. McTigue, Paul F. Nussbaum, Joel H. O'Boyle, Richard F. Ochinero, David A. O,Connor, Michael F. Oster, George F. Paul, John D. Petchel, Charles T., Jr. Rico, Frank, Jr. Sleavin, Frank R., Jr. Traut, Jules E. Webber, William P. Withers, Daniel D. NVylie, Joseph E. 61-122 Anderson, Robert G. Burchill, Thomas J. Campo, John McGowan Clapsadl, Paul C. Crowley, John J., Jr. Danni, Frank R. Dudes, Anthony L., Jr. Earl, Eugene O. Egbert, John C. Frew, James E. Gill, Laurance E. Green, Daniel L. Hallock, John L. Harriot, William E. Hawkins, David M. Johnert, Roy W. Keider, John T. Landau, Michael Masi, Richard J. Rogers, John Skowronski, Thomas P. Smith, Clifton L. Tesoriero, Albert Welch, Declan F. Zadnik, Thomas J. 61-121 Bonner, James M., Jr. Brush, Michael K. Cookro, James A. Denham, Merlin O. Donaldson, John R. Hermenau, XValdemar, Jr. Ingersoll, Albert Converse III Jensen, Charles D. Juris, Harry L. Kelly, Vincent H. Key, Barrett L. Kirtland, Theodore R. Lane, Joseph F . Lockwood, Robert N. McCue, David D. McCuen, YVilliam T. Oughton, Thomas NV. Pollock, Ross E. Renick, Myron R. Rogers, Paul D. Shannon, William J. Smith, Alden W. Stout, Thomas McBride Tueunecke, Frederick Carl A PAUL sry L Maxam , NEW ORLEANS f""""'-vw-m..,,,,W LOOK to the fast-growing MISSISSIPPI VALLEY for a solid career. . . FEDERAL BARGE LINES For further information, write Captain D. L. Steele. 6II E. MARCEAU ST. LOUIS II, MO. A PRIVATELY OWNED CORPORATIUN Leading the Way y 's leadership on the high seas I h like officers I andf' on men the ESSO THQY Here is a new synthetic fiber rope of extraordinary strength and endurance-and, at the same time, a rope of luxurious beauty! PLYMOUTH GOLDLINE. higher tensile strength, wet or dry, than conventional nylon. more durable than conventional nylon . . . higher abrasion and flexing resistance when dry and better chafing resistance when wet. priced the same as conventional nylon. rite for the complete story on new PLYMOUTH GOLDLINE today, to: Plymouth Cordage Company, Plymouth, Massachusetts. T 2 ig 'E .I E +I Q 'I Z 1 Z' 4' WI 'I 'I G9 Q I 'I 'I E I' 1 I- IF L I Q 1 'I 'I 2 I' 1 'I IE ' . 1 I 'I P+ 1 Z' ' CD 1 'I E f 9, 1 M " Z: - VI 'I 'I ffl- 'I ? 'I C: 'I : 'I 'FS i' va ,I P+ II -I i Q .I 1: "'.'?.. Z ..- ll. 2535521333223 511313 B-T553 H ll PlYM0llIH...the first name in cordage and the last word in synthetics E Vqqqqqqqqq I 'P KPQHQQQHHAQMHQQHDQDQQZEEEQ 806 -0 .. s- r-ww' 'Y' +':. :-z-.- . A Wifi' W erm?-'r': M A- - 5 5 , 13 fi' i f 4 F ev af. ez-af-r -i f 2 F 'f A. 'S ' i 'li 1 I 2 , Q 9 1.-.W--4 , . .av Aff 5 O Exploring the Universe: Basic Forces . . . General Dynamics today is the product not only of its own particular history but of the scientific and industrial history of the Western world. As such, Dynamics declares its corporate purpose to he: The comprehensive exploration of the basic forces of the universe and their translation into useful work under the sea, on the sea, on land, z'n the air, and in space beyond the eartlfs atmosphere. GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPORATION '445 PARK AVENUE.NEW YORK 307 O - V. mkihe ewes 'ILDY Q .......,.. lTEO NVDQ E' fd Lo Z7 91, Q37 3 bv 0 GOAT ,EZ 9 QOL? '94 L P5 P 9 " S 02- Y' 'Po 049 GV 0 Ct O O fvvp' 512 335 7'e6R 6,6 Q U 2 5 X C CAV0 I'f"'x ' BATH IRON WORKS Shipbuilders 84 Engineers BATH, MAINE Builders of Guided Missile Destroyers For the United States Navy f e,.,..... A 444444-V--V-444-V--V-44-Y-44 Q . SEALOL is now a nautical term meaning OUTSTANDING MARINE SEALING! Keep up with the latest developments in marine seal design through your free subscription to the MARINE SEAL NEWS!! Engineers in Sealol's laboratory are constantly testing new seal designs and materials . . . under extreme conditions . . . to develop the superior mechanical seals that can make the operation of your ship safer and more efficient. Many exacting tests were conducted right here at Kings Point under the supervision of Captain L. S. McCready, USMS, Head of the SIGN ON TODAY! Add your name to those who want to know the latest in Marine Seal News! Department of Engineering. The Marine Seal News describes important new seal developments as they occur, describes actual applications, and shows the progress Sealol engineers are making in broadening sealing limits . . . in pressure, temperature, and speed. Keep pace with marine seal progress! SEALOL CORP 320 Post Road, Providence 5, R. I. 4 4 K Q Q nw I I W, ,df 4: Mail We es' 55, il 4" s lift! if East Africa West Africa South Africa The only Steamship Company Linking the United States with All Three Ocean Coasts of AFRIC 0 Regular sailings to South, East, and West Africa- 14 Cargo and 2 first class Passenger Cargo Liners ofer you the widest range of sailing schedules and fastest transit times between continents. ,AHRLLLIES - INCORPORATED 26 Beaver Street New York 4, N. Y. Loading Berth: Pier foot of 33rd Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. u 309 I N! K ii X I I 's In l l l G ! .-..-.,-...,.....- .......,...-...Nm-....h..... -gp!! -MM ,N ,v 4' Q 'ir a M 5 QL h w in E -Q- XX U 1 !l 1 aw I nr SPERRY ANNOUNCES New Dual Gyropilot Steering Stand Two Complete, Independent Steering Systems Housed in a Single Stand Now at sea aboard many tankers, the new Sperry Dual Gyropilot? Steering System combines two independent electro-hydraulic con- trol systems operated from a single stand. Light, compact and self-contained, the Dual Gyropilot consists of the Steering Stand plus the N on-Follow-Up Controller and two Hydraulic Power Units installed aft. The Gyropilot Stand is the main electrical control, while the Non-Follow-Up Controller mounted on the Stand supplies an auxiliary means of electrical control. System includes double cabling from the wheelhouse to the two power units on the steering gear. With the Dual Gyropilot aboard, you can count on fast, posi- tive, efficient steering in any of three control modes: automatic, and hand-electric with or without follow-up. Like the thousands of Sperry Gyropilots now in service, this new system features simple design and rugged construction which pays oil in long periods of operation without attention. What's more, it can be easily adapted to the special requirements of your vessel. Write for detailed information to our Marine Division. akTI'l1dC1lIf1l'li BROOKLYN ' CLEVELAND - NEW ORLEANS - LOS IN CANADA:SPERRY GYROSCOPE COMPANY OF 311 GIVES CHOICE OF: Automatic steering Hand steering with full follow-up control Hand steering with non-follow-up control Eliminates telemotor troubles Reduces installation costs Frees extra space in wheelhouse MARINE DIVISION gpmgy ,, ,,,,,,, Garden Cfty,YNew York DIVISXON OF SPERRY RAND CORPORATION ANGELES - SAN FRANCISCO ' SEATTLE CANADA, LIMITED, MONTREAL, QUEBEC X f , American Flag 1? X , Trade Routes u. KQLINE D AFRICA LINE CONTINENT LINE MEDITERRANEAN LINE ORIENT LINE CARIBBEAN LINE Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., Inc. Offices at: NEW ORLEANS, HOUSTON, GALVESTONH NEW YORK, Beaumont, Brownsville, Chicago, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Gulfport, Kansas City, Lake Charles, Memphis, Mobile, Port Arthur, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington, D. C. OFFICES AND AGENTS IN PRINCIPAL WORLD PORTS . fm f , . C Nlainsail clewed, Training Ship STATSRAAD 'LEHMKUHL enters New York. This ship is symbolic of all that is traditional in ships 153 is ,.,a- , ,Ml T' F Or and ship handling. DALZELLERA is all that is new-from latest radar to pilot-house controlled reversable-pitch propeller. Tradi- tional or modern, in both vessels the same time-honored, sound principles of searnan- ship are handed down master to man, generation after generation. At Dalzell, for over ai century. A L D LZELL G' CCD. ' New vom: - ...a x..- .vm A gy, I ti I ae' NL I ' Q . P f. 1 rm- -.Q s as L... . 4 1 K' I ' ' r"'a.. i.,..n.-,L 812 ' r- L iE's',' Irs' l . ' y s. -. 1 t. -fr i sf 1 gb f it 1. 3 at .2 ". ue 2f'9i"1" fx 'if 74-A A-If-91" fi ' gi-.u w if .T 1 bil Mobllubricafwn Mobilius Mobilgas Sp cial chosen to power the 58 Ford in grueling round- the - world test ! Over high, cold mountains . . . across scorching deserts . . . through city streets and steaming jungles . . . these were some of the conditions encountered in the 'round-the-world test of the new 58 Ford. And to power and protect it, Ford used Mobil products and service exclusively! Mobllgas Special-the super-special for today's high-compression carsewas the fuel chosen. This is the famous Mobilgas Economy Run gasoline that gives your car a big power boost-improved, year- 'round, knock-free performance that means more miles per gallon, too! Mobiloil Special-the amazing all-season motor oil-was chosen for its proved ability to protect engines against wear under all driving conditions . . . to keep them running like new-even after a trip around the world! Mobilgrease MP and Mobilube GX gear lubricant were the choice for smooth, quiet, safe driving over some of the world's roughest, toughest terrain. -D9 -JG il- What better proof that the wise choice of products and service for your car is M0bz'l.P Below are scenes from some of the 'I7 countries lhrough which the 58 Ford passed on ils 'round-the-world lrip EIHHIEI it M W A- r s .L 3-ffffyw. ..,, S l lliiill - "" -I Q i t if ".L.?U"' i'i' f2.,!1"'f: w ill l"":- ,Q Q ff r. ....,,,, , ,.,. .V,' ,,g. Q 1 P li .M 2 l .ff-'wife-, fa - ' ' s is rf-gif .4 A fi 3 ,L ,,.,.. , mp: i ,S 2 in sl vac. I if E 1 1. . ,., . . AFGHANISTAN ' l ' E 4... See your friendly Mobil dealer for Mobilgas Special- Mobiloil Special "You're Miles Ahead with Mobil" Tune rn 7ItAf,KIm'AZ'-" wary vlzffnlf, f Iii-I 7 V. Sw: your lrffwl pfrpwr fur llrm: :md slulion. SOCONY MOBIL OIL COMPANY, INC. 75 l 33 Q I I I I I I , , I I II .I i I -I ,I I , , I I l f I ii ll , . fig 1 Q mes PMN' TUG "KINGS POINT" Newest addition to "THE BLUE DIAMOND Long Island, New York, was Commissioned FLEET", named after the United States December II, l9S6, The "KINGS POINT", Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, is the most powerful harbor tug in the United States. Superior Service . . . By Superior Tugs THE CURTIS BAY TIIWING COMPANY Mercantile Trust Building BALTIMORE 2, MARYLAND I2 South I2th Street Roanoke Dock PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNA. NORFOLK IO, VIRGINIA Cable-Radio "CURTISBACO" H5 MAINLY THROUGH RESEARCH '7' 4 36.523 4L D4 1 , I Man has learned fo cruise undersea on nu- clear power, fly af supersonic speeds and conjure up fhousands of new producfs-mainly fhrough research. Much of 'l'oday's research is inspired and sup- porfed by lndusfry buf ifs benefifs accrue fo 'lhe enfire free world. The scienfisfs and engi- neers who perform fhis vifal worlr have fhe broad purpose of charfing fomorrow's course foday. General Dynamics, of which Elecfric Boaf is fhe founding division, is pursuing a vigorous program of research and developmenf, a pro- gram whose arferies flow info such imporfanf fields as afomic energy, hydrodynamics, elec- fronics, asfronaufics and aerodynamics. This corporafe-wide invesfmenf islypical of Ameri- can indus'lry's confidence in fhe abilify fo Y ' I meef fufure needs fhrough,crea'l'ivify. E3 GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPORATIQN 0 ELECTRIC BOAT DIVISION GROTONv connecticut Womhhbnmh J A. H. BULL ea ea. ww. .Bw GENERAL AGENTS 115 BROAD STREET . New Yomc 4 - so 9-2900 316 - be x New The Italians say... and west meets east in the pause that refreshes KAQQZZQ, d3HHUi A "Buvez C ca-Cola" Wm ' 1 Af? rf as - ' ""'f1Q 5-10 A' W 79+ V . , I .V In thx J- l nav! . ici! lj vs . xx 1 4 'A f V. , 1 h. . 4h,,FTa ,,' is H a f-.4 ,E 4 A., A n e e 4- 1 ,.' ' f ' ' .-L - - A , nil ' . .. .. - A A .i...mx.-...N-.imamu:H mmm.. "3 ---H. I A f, g1 1gfgrQ, Hun I A' 55-2 , V .x-L... 4- ' , V 1, I ' A if .. , ..' - I :K-Sgfhfg t. - l V V , W va- , V. A i .. . A fl ' . - -- - Q '5 'T 7"f'v-v,--., .-- , '1'-'P --' . ' -"-r 4. -, A -A A s , ., ..,, . sggwg 17- A- vf"'-1Sge-2fn:'si, 1 A "' - A N f ' -- "Q4 e IN ANY LANGUAGE IS REFRESHMENT thirsty Bedouins call for The Chinese call it RSEIIZIEI Hill! H7 4. , 'L -rj, ,I N "A g' EJ ji-A .. ' ' .pit 1 ' -, Iii' -if-1 'Ei 1. T M., - 55, E F 'K :QF rt ii 3 .fl , 453' , 4,7 gl' - J . Q Ag. - "- -2- " :S -. ., :i QQ? , 125 ' 3:-. ' -. ' GN-'sf its '- 1f.4'i.,iS '-. ,Q- 'XT1 ' 'I -,212 A '-L , ", t, '-'iE'f?f N A greek.. A I - -: .CQDQEQQQ x A , - V. A. L - Jim ,1 1 SAFE NAVIGATION FOR YOUR SAVINGS Discover Our Convenient Banking Services TODAY qN1'fXJ,X-XS-X x-.L, - NX x 'fr'-J Aj .ff Y..1 I F I ,-lY'L . N- :V .,f ,f -Zgpf kififa-,D 'Y ' -,f , - 'l ,. 'I' 'Q'5:'5"3:"f?9i' 5iiiffff'f , 'fff f--'Z' I' , '- .,,.: i1 2z" ' Ne 4' ues M: an-,- ? ,.e,.3,.,,, - .-'E' " S .1 - ' fa"7!4 - " " "' ' 'Y ' , .. sag.. , - a - - - 7' 1' '7. Vila? , - "-' ' . --- ..-...-:-'T N" 'L - ' .- -'4L'Q'g5fi 4115 ,- - - 11221 E L'f1"11:-'-'- 1' 'tw' - ':f.,-Qf-IE,4.-.':-t,- s.,.:-.g.ig1::ijg-2-'.ia:':f:i' - Tr - --L - P -'--- - -i -i - - ' " ' ' ,rg-B - .. .-,-. ., . gl. - - - 44l,.f.,.ff..-...'-L-2. ...-L-,.-. brat-cb1',4d'.'...'..4 .:-.- .tf0'1ua2.sZ'.a t .1 ' - L - ..-- --xg ',E:-v1,-:..fsLc,w-- L--- -,,-..- .. -'a- ----,,- N L-:.,,,.e.- BANK BY MAIL-You deposit or withdraw with simple forms and use convenient, free postage-paid envelopes. ALLOTMENT SAVINGS ACCOUNTS-Simply allot part of your pay to a savings account at The Seamen's. Donit take chances on spending or losing the money. You specify the amount and each month the allotment is mailed direct to your savings ac- count here. FOREIGN REMITTANCES-Promptly and easily arranged by Seamen's depositors who wish to send money abroad. Now's the time to make your arrangements with us. A call, a card or a visit will do the trick! Put Your Money To Work Now! DIVIDENDS FROM DAY OF DEPOSIT THE SEAMEN'S BANK for SAVINGS Chartered 1829 Main Office: 30 Wall Street, New York 5, N. Y. Fifth Avenue Oliice: 546 Fifth Ave., New York 36, N. Y. CABLE ADDRESS: SEASAVE NEW YORK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 'A' 'k 'A' 'k ul' 'A' 'k 'k 'k 'lr 'lr 'A' 'lr 'k R View of Balfour maivn fac- tory in Attleboro, Mass., showing new additions for increased service. BALFOUR SERVICE .... Worthy of Your Trust The name of Balfour has become the symbol of highest quality, fine craftsmanship and friendly service. We pledge To you our sincere desire to please. CLASS RINGS DIPLOMAS AWARDS L.GQ3aIfo1u'c0MPAN-Y W' G' PFORR ATTLEBORO. MASSACHUSETTS NEW YORK CITY 17 318 As a fellow seagoer... We congratulate the Cadet Midshipmen at Kings Point who are graduating to become oflicers in the United States Merchant Marine. With your strength, your imagination, your enthusiasm, may each of you help add lustre to its already glorious history. 39 Broadway, New York 6, N. Y. 319 3 E some as .---:X '-vf1:1f1a s BSYYHCICS Ships ' "NCOSh0" Class Navy Fleet Oilers 0 Auxiliaries - Seaplane Tenders CAux. Boilers? ov Motor Vessel CAux. Boilersb - Truck Trans ort - A T v N Privately Built Tugs - Ferx C4-S-Al Cargo Ships 0 C-4- P2-Sl-DN Cargo Ships ' I Porter" 'Class Destroyers 0 Gleavesn Class Destroyers Forrest Sherman" Class D ' owan Class Battleships - " 'Atlantan Class Cruisers p s rmy ugs avy Tugs - V3-S-AH2 Seagoing Tugs 5 C-2 Ships ' C2-S-E1 Ships 0 C3-S-A2 Ships C-4-SA-3 Cargo Ships ' C4-S-1-a Cargo Ships DL Cargo Ships v P6-S4-DS 0 Ore Carriers ' J Destroyers ' 'fSampson" Class Destroyers Q -Escort Vessels 0 "Benson" Class Destroyersi hips -I "North Carolina" Class Battleships or " Class Cruisers o "Brooklyn" Class Cruisers ' Class Cruisers - "Worcester" Class Cruisers Salem? ,ir "Essex" Class Aircraft Carriers C5888 W05Cl'ieiC18SSgAifQf 'lfMidway"iClass Aircraft Carriersiii Forrestalf' Class Aircraft v i r'r24sE:A2y'rankerS 4 T3-SE-A1 Pr1vately1eBuiltiTar1kersfji A saw Smg'e'Pass' Heademype Bowers? 'Canadian Icebreaker 0 AP-2 Victory AP 3 -Victory Ships 0 Frigates fiviECf2'iLiberty Ships Q Ferryboats ' C-lf cefbesief-ficsias asgeaieyesseis - Seaplaney,Tsaae,fsigALaQ'3raoilersy vs-s-A1-12 sagging C 4 SBQ1 Cargogglshipsi ,,ss,, ,,eersre, e,,e H v,,s ,lll.il,,, ,.,,e,slr. , ie,,s,., -e.,,,.n-,,.,..e, as P2 S1-DN cargo ships C4-S-li P3-S2fDL Cargo Ships on Porter" Class Destroyers I or 'fl Fletcher" Class De stroyers YOU'lL FIND B8lW MARINE BOILERS IN ALMOST EVERY TYPE OF SHIP YOU CAN NAME L: :seg C1ssSlDeSffQrsrS"'S M .AA rorfi The standard of excellence set by B8cW H ilt Marine Boilers in both naval and merchant . 'H . H "Q, ' A 'Z , n 2. cereal-1 in 1, 5433 lzivi go vessels IS a standard that has existed f ' l for more than three-quarters of a century. ries 1 I 4 , f ' ,.lo , A 1 5 ulsei Llnps i ' T ' I' i , 'T 6 5 fi! Cr ' uisei 0 asers saw single-Upfqke Ci I BONE! 'rs Q Controlled-5UPefheUl Boder zzvs ,.s, ga-.crlilfwzzss Qzsl zsamsamaa "f' "'- ' eazssaseiazcfw ' ""' V7 T911 ers . lvatey U1 t ankeri Woler-Tube Marine Boilers ' Superheolers ' Refroclories ' Airheolers ' Economizers .rips , AP 3 VlCtOfy Ships 0 Victor.-1 Oil Burners ' Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Seamless and Welded Tubing and Pipe ' C b ' E V ' Welding Fillings and Flanges or CSICYU ass scort essel Tenders QAM, rBoi1erSJ , Moto, we me sAacocK a wn.cox coMPANY, sousn olvlslon ips , S4 sz-BB-3 ' S4-SE2-BD1 - canadian Icebreaker - APf2 Yictory ships 4gAP-3 victory ships - C3 S-A4 Ships v C4-S-Al Cargo Ships ' C-4-SB-1 Cargo Sh ...,.. J 'Q C3'S'A2 311195 T AK-269 Vehicle cargo ship - P2-si-DN cargo ships - iiii me ' C2-S-E1 Sh1pS T2 SE-Al Tankers 0 "Porter" Class Destroyers ' "Mahan' "'.'1 ' OTS Cafflefs ' Brenham" Class Destroyers - "G1eaves" Class Destroyers f f : Sony, Class De stroyers v "Forrest Sherman" Class Destroyers 0 "Fletche 3' Navy 'fuss ' T2 SE-A2 Tankers - "South Dakota" Class Battleships 0 I q g Q' :QV 1 Hips ' C'1vSh1PS Alaska" Class Cruisers - "Baltimore" Class Cruisers - 5 ' FC1'1'yb0-Hts ' Clevelandn Class Cruisers 0 "Norfolk" Cruiser . "Salem ts ' Army Tugs Saipan" Class Aircraft Carriers - "Midway" Class Aircr ' iiii Ships 0 FTIQQFCS Yorktown" Class Aircraft Carriers 0 "Forrestal" Class ' Alfcfaft Caffleff B8.W Two-Drum Boiler Belleau Woodu Class Aircraft Carriers - "Essex" Class A Ferryboats - C-1 Ships - C-2 Ships - "Reuben James" ass scort GSSCS ' 'i2l Barracks Ships -SE-A1 Tankers Regular Weekly Sailings from U.S. Gulf Ports to BRAZIL o URUGUAY o ARGENTINA Direct Service Regular Sailmgs U. S. Gulf Ports to WEST AFRICA For Sailing information Consult Our Offices NEW ORLEANS ST. LOUIS B Hibernia Building 411 N Seventh Street A ' New YORK CHICAGO X 17 Battery Place 140 So Clark Street IISSISSIPPI SHIPPING C0., INC., NEW ORIEAIIS D C . 1625 K Street N W sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooo: world wide service TODD OIL BURNERS Firing the boilers of thousands of passenger liners, merchant ships and naval vessels . . . TODD BURNERS set a world standard for peak efficiency and rugged performance. PRODUCTS DIVISION TODD SHIPYARDS CORPORATION PLANT: Greerfs Bayou, Houston 15, Texas , . . 322 N In r- 2 i safe with NACO .wi I sf 1 V 1 3 2 I V ig , 5 X bf?- H X. Y W V' Q V, , ,L ., ,, ,I V , , A my i J' ,, 'siege 7 v , 4Q' V 1. rl f I ' t ,, i' ' Waals f 1- L ,F f Stringent quality control throughout its manufacture-thatis Naco Chain. Exacting patterns . . . experienced casting . . . careful inspection . . . the entire shot of chain uniformly heat treated--gives uniformity of link in both size and structure. That means Naco Chain pays out faster when anchoring . . . has extra strength for safe anchorages. Always specify the chain with the name-NACO ANCHOR CHAIN. AA-263.7 NATIO NAL Tfdfffakf CASTINGS COMPANY Cleveland 6, Ohio anchorage HAI N Compliments Of 32-1 K 6 N SG SIGNODE manufactures ten- sional steel strapping, tools and accessories for securing cargo on deck, in 'tween decks and in lower holds, and for securing centerline bulkheads in grain ships. V For , complete information and descriptive folder write SIGNUDE STEEL STRAPPING CUMPANY 2600 N. WCStC1'H Ave., Dept. MS. Chicago 47, Illinois V 360 Furman Street Brooklyn 1, New York V 341 Bienville Street New Orleans 16, La. V Lovcridge Road Pittsburgh, Calif, K J fi i at S , gp' ,, , I. e ' Wire .K 0 Q More than 22 ml lonfmlles from 1946 lo loss f fi' x if 5 T' 1 y if gg, k,,. ., , 5' . AN'-aa SQ A P t I, This was theimpressive mileage logged , Il ll by Grace Line s dependable Santa fleet Between mid-1946 and the end of 1957 Grace Line Santa ships steamed a grand total of 22,330,219 miles in inter-American freight and passenger service, In a concrete and dramatic way, this significant statistic sums up the vast extent of Grace Lineis year-round service to importers, exporters and travelers of all the Americas. The next eleven years will bring an even more impressive mileage record by the Santas, as our Nationls trade with Latin America continues to grow. Backed by more than a century of experience in inter-American trade and shipping, Grace Line now serves Hemi- sphere shipping and travel needs with a fleet of 33 Santa ships. To meet the trade,s increasing requirements, Grace Line has acquired six modern C-2 type freighters, and the year 1958 will see two of the worldls most modern express liners, the new Santa Rosa and the new Santa Paula flying the famous house flag of the Santa fleet. More than ever, Grace Line stands ready to provide you with the best in fast, frequent transportation to and from the Caribbean and South America. ,ata GRACE LINE Serving 'he Americas 3 Hanover Square, New York 4, N. Y. for 'HDFC than U Cenfllfy .4gr2nl,s mul Offices in all Principal Cities X325 K 3 - -f-':- 'fif 2 'lfi' --'- A NEW YORK ' ' 5 CHICAGO 3 JAI SAN FRANCISCO 2 .h::'i:'57-I-.g.g ,-,-. ,.:,,.,.-.ff2-':'::'?:: '..- , ,... 1:1 . 411.5-1.:-:1x4:f:+:f:g-:,:1.:g .:.. . Q - - " Q w..t..wIni"'::f1gg5: DETROIT Q 5 'A" "f"""" ' " f PHILADELPHIA v 3 PITTSBURGH . 3 BUFFALO 3 X SEATTLE f'I 0 2 S WILMINGTON 3 OI-INsoN s. IGGIN 5 2 ESTABLISHED IB45 ATLANTA g Q VANCOUVER 2 6 . WINNIPEG Q MONTREAL 9 5 TORONTO g A '.-, 3 INSURANCE BROKERS eu. . 102,323 I 'A' 6 RIO DEJANEIRO 2 Q , SAO PAULO 5 4 CURITIBA 3 3 CARACAS Q 3 63 WALL STREET, NEW YORK 5, NEW YORK MARACAIBO 5 5 PHONE: WHITEHALL 4-3160 ' CABLE ADDRESS HKERODENU 3 'xxx.'x,-x.-x.'x,-xx.,-x..-N..-x.'x.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-x,xxxx.'x,-x. C! 'A 'fa C M- LLISTER ,.g SCRS COMPLIMENTS ixgvwwgnz - - ...fi ,ll '2 1 l AX V if OF 2711: -gym .I f www " .fel 44AAL5 .. I un noun- " o 51 S, nav vnu X., f'f h g ----g.,L, 1 --Q - TOWING -UGHTERAGE CHELSEA , Doing "the unusual" in towing and lighter- age is usual for McAllister-any point- any time. McAllister facilities encompass a Q 3 wide range of service to keep ships and car- 5 , gos moving. McAllister experience covers q over eighty years of towing and transporta- tion. Every assignment is expertly handled V by splendidly conditioned equipment and eminently-qualified masters and crews. S. M' 15.75 , rz 400 WEST 23rd STREET K ,711-O--, VX rowmc UGHTERAGE NEW YORK, N. Y. -M 'AL McAlllSTER BRUTHERS INC. 19 Rscron STREET - New Yomc env 'I 326 - J. A. I I 'Y 2 i .I R E S, . Na E Lu. if If R59 'S 'S 5 2 5 'Q 33 f v A s ' I e I I 'iv J If 4 1 i 2 me IW' I!! in I 'Q X 3 5. I if Q J "M A V XI Q I HQ It is P, ,rtrzgfl K 7 ,Ni f N r-ff!!! FE A 5-5? . Q xt, QW - N - 4:5 - Q L -9' If If f - I H , Ili ' P, - I --I if I 1 5 H" Hifi. 'S E71 gli X "f 1' J, Q31-f " I X J gh? 1 j s afe f e f fe is if rf A I , XX X qi 'v y -vi O . 'I I - RQ Wh' E 0 f I . -'ig J f --Q' , I fy I I I I I ' x G' ' I 4 J my ,i ,K 54g , M v wp I XX IX It MA A- -A K..-X - , X ' " 0 I A I Q I I I - C45 X9 fo: ' fi It :e r ffrlrv 1111352 H115 LLIJW N as If E3 " 'J ?' T- ' T' 'rj-'ih?'-",'7"""f'L.!f 3 f 5 7 Q NX Xi - - l ii fi: CEL --adn . V, f.- I A R A, 1-:L Y A' 'V . ux - A f was -H-ff? 'I I1 -5 C11 SJ sz! I Q C. X ED' -'-Jiri fx A Vid I Q W" JIM! N X I Q i --H.. .. JZ, Gai Q, 5 ar" or f P 1 X . 6-'E AMERICAN Rsrusucs LINE Freight and Passenger Serv- ice between the East Coast of the United States and the countries of ARGENTINA 1 BRAZIL URUGUAY ,-- I! f o I 29 ' Q 56 AMERICAN SCANTIC LINE Freight and Passenger Serv- ice between the East Coast of the United States and the countries of DENMARK v FINLAND NORWAY 0 FAQ, PACIFIC REPUBLICS LINE Freight and Passenger Serv- ice between the West Coast of the United States and the countries of ARGENTINA 0 BRAZIL URUGUAY 0 M0 UREMGCURMACK F ive Broadway, New York 4, N. Y. -3?"'Xx . - XXX X 5 O X ROBIN LINE Freight and Passenger Serv- ice between East Coast Ports of the United States and Ports of South and East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. 327 S OFFICES IN PRINCIPAL CITIES OF 'IHI WORLD 5 WICIIWIRE WIRE RUPE WISSCOLAY PREFQRMED 171 All 512495 and fonsfracflbns WIEKWIRE WIRE RUPE SLINGS ARE ALSU MAIlE AND ASSEMBLED AT UUR PLANT IN PALMER, MASS. New York District Sales Office 575 Madison Avenue New York 22, N. Y. ll PRODUCT 0F WICKWIRE SPENCER 5755! DIVISION 0F CF6-l CUSIIIUPUIIIHII SHIPPIIIB AMERICAN LINE LTD. GENERAL CARGO TO THE FAR weekly sailings from Pacific Northwest Ports to I P E JAPAN - ronmosA - oKmAwA - nous nous AN D rmurmnzs - MALAYA - moouzsm Icom OWN ERS R RATES--SPACE-FURTHE c J c J I 7 I J ' f J 4 I 42. BROADWAY NEW YORK 4, NEW YORK :"MAIl.INE" All Codes Phone Dlgby 4-6363 il: LEAK M Y ' 1 v 1: sq In '-I 'S 1f'g',Qi.s QI ' 41. if 9 , A,. - .. -ec X MQ i M -P wr: . at iN'4.NX E - I n ' v KA, . O lf' pf ji .X Y: E. T- . af 4 - 'E l . . If 5, K K5 g - . In is 5 T ...lf xt T .. Y 4. What do both have in common THE PRESS GAVE UNRESERVED ATTENTION to Newport News Hull Number 506. . . the mighty 1039-foot air- craft carrier Forrestal. . . world's greatest fighting ship and forerunner of a new class of fighting ladies for the U. S. Navy. But take a look at Newport News Hull Number One, built in 1890. Originally christened the Dorothy, this hull is now the j. Alvah Clark. And, today, 65 years after Newport News built it, Hull Number One is still in Engineers . . . Desirable posi1iriris available :it Newport Twewi for Deeigrmrs and Engirierfrs in many r-ategories. Addrees inquiries fo Employrnrfrit Maiirigflr. operation . . . serving regularly in the fleet of the Curtis Bay Towing Co. You could place 145 vessels the size of the j. Alvah Clark on the flight deck of the Forrestal. Yet both Hull Number One and Hull Number 506 have one characteristic in common: the quality built into every vessel ever constructed at Newport News. In fulfill: nt of the pledge of the founder that . . .Uwe shall build good ships." ewporl ews Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company Newport News, Virginia ? 9 I S, 'Yeo Q 55 ALL CLASSES OF OCEAN AND INLAND MARINE INSURANCE HOME OFFICE: 123 WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK 38, NEW YORK OFFICES THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES - CLAIMS AND SETTLING AGENTS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD Complsments UNH WO- Q f O P E R0 LI N soucl-IARD FUEL on- TREATME NT TRANSPORTATION . Co., INC. Pero-Klean Marine Cleaner Represenlciives and siocks in Molor Porfs Ihroughoui The world CXQQZB 330 We PEROLIN COMPANY C9520 MARINE DIVISION 350 Fifth Avenue ' New Yo k I N Y Tnere's a F UT U E ferlfea in Freight ' V for international v traole will be active for years to come. e Services between the 3 coasts of the U. S. to THE FAR EAST ' INDIA ' MEDITERRANEAN ' NORTH EUROPE SOUTH AND EAST AFRICA ' UNITED KINGDOM alS0 Pacific Coast-Havana Service INTERCOASTAL SERVICES Between Gulf and Pacific Ports From Pacific Lumber Ports to Atlantic Ports 90 BROAD STREET o NEW YORK 4, N. Y. Agents in principal cities and world ports WORLD WIDE FULL CARGO SERVICES 3:31 STEIIEIISUII LINES T. J. STEVEIISIIII 81 00., IIIO. 80 Broad Street, N. Y. Tel. Whitehall 3-2977 I GENOA - NAPLES - VENICE I TRIESTE - PIRAEUS - ISTANBUL and WORLDWIDE TRAMP SERVICE f . I I Regular sallmg from ll. S. ports to - l Mediterranean 81 Levant Servlee Norfolk Savannah, G Washington, D C HINKINS s.s AGENCY INC SMITH ec KELLY sTEvENsoN LINES ISQIINZICIIEOGERS Sc Co r1IIfgI2e'aaA?bNEs IIYILNICLNEVS s AGENCY INC Charleston PALMETTO SHIPPING CO INC ' TUGS, BARGES .And All Types Of I Hull Insurance 1'A1.Bor, emo s. co., 1 1 INC. fmmfwfwe 'HMZJMIJUWLZM I 111 :oem srnssar - New vomc 1. N. Y. , Baltimore HINKINS SS AGENCY INC .il Lg? MORAN has the specialized equipment and experience for every type of towing problem- harbor, inland water, coastwise or deep sea. Modern diesel-electric tugs are available to handle assign- ments anywhere in the world. TOWING 81 TRANSPORTATION NEW YORK 332 THE NIARCHGS GROUP NEW YORK AGENTS TRANSOCEANIC MARINE Inc 39 EAST 5IST STREET NEW YORK 22 N Y TELEPHONE MURRAY HILL 8-7070 LONDON AGENTS: NIARCHOS Clondonb LimiIed 41743 PARK STREET L O N D O N, W. 1 TELEPHONE: MAY FAIR 8.400 PIRAEUS REPRESENTATIVES: NIARCH03 CHeIIcasD MARITIME Co. LId. TANPY BUILDINGS P I R A E U S TELEPI-IONES : 44-219, 470-651 8c 470-652 IIIQIHIIIIllIllllllldlllllllllllillll -IIIllIllllIIllIll-lllllllllllllllll-Illllllllllillll - I .mfs Luxury in Everylhinq but Price ' ATE ' 3 'Phi Bates Amerzca's only shoes CZQIMSP 1 Style endorsed by the SHQES FOR MEN College Advisory Board ' . HSLIPPER-FREE WHERE fOUl FOOT IENDSH Most Styles 310.95 to 318-95 WEBSTER B ATES SH U E CUMPANY, MASSACHUSETTS INGALLS-BU I LT SHIPS help preserve world peace K , . ., ., , , '-SfS 1'Z t.' V-V, Vsvy ,:'V 'V'vAv' Sfl :,.'Vf ,,.', ,,V:V'V"V :'1.V, Slzyy Ti' Tl, 3 'f if coReonA1'uoN offices: Birmirrghdni, Alobanid S fl fiff lASll Q12 Slrrl 5l'?!?Yf'f?'S?fS?95C,990vlQ, Miiifsfiepi Q2 vefdsh SS.S Me Whaler Bar AT Midsfon House Madison Ave. at 38th St. New York City, N.Y. . l ,l if .i ll li 'i ii R i , .i ii 5 5 I 2 I 2 I E i S S l n-A 'f I VJJJOQWQVx's?v's'XQA'Q3?x'4.'4's'1'4'8 ' ' S N N N v 5 v v s vi vs vv Ex K xxx Rs Q R R Qc.xicficceQ2'fX' rv -Afsnnxvbn -AA!-Afqhnnfvx X X X X X X X 2 Z X X X ' 2 Y K K X 3 X X X S X X X S X 2 , l l Q K X ' X S X X cordially invites you to join its 48,000 members. Founded in TS73, the Institute is a rivate, X p Q Q non-profit association devoted to the promotion of literary and scientific knowledge among X - - . ' Q professional mariners. Annual membership dues are 53.00 C5400 for overseas addresseesl Q ' . . X Q and no other fees or assessments are involved. Members receive, each month, the T60-page Q S magazine, Naval Institute Proceedings, one of the most widely quoted and reprinted nautical X X publications in the world. As publishers of professional maritime books, the Institute offers Q discounts of from ZOCZJ to 40fXp to members and a TOWQ discount on books by most other X X publishers. Q Among its many publications are: X X X Q X 2 DUTTON'S NAVIGATION AND PILOTING Q - X Q THE BLUEJACKETS' MANUAL X X X THE COAST GUARDSMAN'S MANUAL Q 3 FARWELL'S RULES OF THE NAUTICAL ROAD S Q BRITTIN'S INTERNATIONAL LAW FOR SEAGOING OFFICERS X ' X CRENSHAW'S NAVAL SHIPHANDLING X 4,009 vvvwnnfvnnnnfbnf HOW T0 SURVIVE ON LAND AND SEA 5+ X gf COMPLETE Book i.iST SENT ON REQUEST. ADDRESS MEMBERSHIP X 0 N X gg APPucATioNS TO Q' X if SEcRETARY-TREASURER "'0xX'0JJ?00Q6t4?s?06 E Z 1' E 'U I I... 1. CID 3 E 1 -4 F E Z Z vwnnnnnnfvvv wnn U. S. NAVAL INSTITUTE X 6 R Pi X I "' ' 'Afff' W ffhhhhhfhhhf' VFWWWAAWAIVWZAWW ' AA, 4444 A, 'Q V X , 335 MARINE TRANSPQRT LINES specraltze rn LIQUID CARGOES aIso bulk dry retght transportation transporting chemicals, petroleum and other f . . STANDARD TERMINAL STEVEDORI NG 80 Broad Street New York 4 New Y C bI Add STANSTEVE NY C tracting Steved G Marine Carp t INC. Ork HA 2 2245 TWX NYI 4962 Ftt St d d Terminal SI' d g I P I' f N Y I4 P I' N k St d d St d g C I P I' f N O I L S th St d g G' C t HI' dGII' T Sb dsfd gcpr Pt fS F o sfkf at Agar MARINE IRANSPURT LINES, Inc. Ship Management and Agency: Charter Brokers II BROADWAY 0 NEW YORK 4, N. Y. Hulls, cargoes and all types of marine insurance - CIIUBB 8 SON Qbzafeaewxileecd 90 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 7, N. Y. fgC I O dl l nd Marine T p F e and Automobxl A I h h A ' d A ' ' ki d R h d gi socxate v N Q B h e If U d 13 'Q I I lfllf LD VJ OD liiiff' rim u' sw...-Q B It P I' X 1 3 - are now the fashion in y BANANA TRANSPORTATION -J ff World's first banana carrier to be fitted with anti- !!! roll stabilizers is the "Calamares," one of three ,--1 Lg' new sister ships which will sail with United Fruit ! I ,Q Company's Great White Fleet. The same organiza- y -7 "-".' tion that puts modern science and engineering to ' FJ' work increasing Latin American crop production, IJ uf' has pinpointed a problem never previously solved 5 'I . . . "How best to reduce fruit damage caused by : plplgl , ef-W heavy rolling at sea?" W If The installation of stabilizing fins represents f V KX ,I another "First" in banana sea transportation, pio- WW .. ,--"' neered by United Fruit Company. Results are im- f' f "4 V' C YV? U f XM ff ., 4, gf' fi, Q! ,rl iff ff f V fi ! I A I A g..v 2 7 7 7 e 7 f C, , , ff KYVV Vffff , f ' fe 1, M ,K f 7 "W Z 'Denny-Brown Ship Stabilizer in operation . . . two retractable fins, port and starboard, are located above the bilge . . . hydraulically controlled, each fin is raised or lowered, exerting counter pressure to the roll of the ship. pressive. On a recent trip the "Calamares" reduced a free roll of 250 to 280 to a residual roll of 30 or less. Stems stacked or suspended no longer shift or swing violently at the end of a roll, bruising in transit is eliminated. Once again forward thinking pays off . . . in the tonnage of finest bananas reach- ing the fruit bowls of the world, every day through- out the year. United Fruit Company Compl n The Interlake Steamship Cnmpang Y CLEVELAND, OHIO ompliments of MARITIME REPORTER TREET I Q. 33 i IX e l 5 fl! W is Q X i 5 For Business . . . For Pleasure For a World of Service Q YOU CAN COUNT ON AMERICAN EXPRESS Here are the world-wide, world-wise services offered by American Express . . . 377 offices in 35 nations always ready to serve you completely, expertly, whatever your needs for business or pleasure. TRAVELERS CHEQUES . Q0 ,229-X ii' The best-known, most widely Jg r 'Vj K4 accepted cheques in the world! 'W' 'QA' American Express Travelers f Cheques are 100'Z: safe-immediate J refund if lost or stolen. You can buy them at BANKS, Railway Express and Western Union offices. TRAVEL SERVICES The trained and experienced staff of American Express will provide air or stearnship tickets . . . hotel reservations . . . uniformed interpreters, and L plan independent trips or escorted tours. X-J ll MONEY ORDERS ,f Pay bills and transmit funds , b with convenient, economical lf American Express Money Orders . . . available through- out the U. S. at neighborhood stores, Railway Express and Western Union offices. 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Toothed cutting wheels, loose pinioned on rotating head chip away accumulations at high speed. Positive depth shoe prevents cutting into permanent surface and assures uniform cleaning of entire area. FOR FULL DETAILS, WRITE DEPT. S IIARPINIER 81 BAKER Marine Underwriters Since 1365 99 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 38, N. Y. 309 WEST JACKSON BLVD., CHICAGO 6, ILL. BARRY-CARPINTER 81 BAKER, INC. 404 ST. CHARLES ST., NEW ORLEANS IZ, LA. - WIINIIIIIIx IIII l . in I lllli, OCEAN MARINE 81 YACHT INSURANCE Ocean Marine Manargers GREAT AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY THE CONNECTICUT FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY SPRINGFIELD FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY OLD COLONY INSURANCE COMPANY DETROIT FIRE 8 MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY AMERICAN NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY MASSACHUSETTS FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE CO. MICHIGAN FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY NEW ENGLAND INSURANCE COMPANY ROCHESTER AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY AIIIIAIIIII MFG. IIII IP. CII. IZIO ELLIS STREET CINCINNATI 23, OHIO 340 '-US It ll J- ga ' .YF --li, lil 2' ff "2 I -,Q 2 mlSlTllEIIlMllIIMlSll W-pirsliileisr , World Wide Cargo Services.. can mean World Wide career Opportunities for yy Undia, Pakistan, Ceylon Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq Thailand, Burma, Formosa, Okinawa Hlawaiian Islands, Japan, Korea Malaya, Singapore, Philippines Elndonesia, Viet-Nam, Cambodia, Laos Alexandria, Lebanon, Red Sea Near and Middle East '71 BROADWAY 0 NEW YORK 4. N. Y. Agents in principal cities and world ports COMPLIMENTS OF Urinn Shipping gl Trading Co., Inc. SO BROAD STREET NEW YORK 4, NEW YORK Best Wzshes UNIVERSAL TERMINAL AND STEVEDORING CORP 24 STATE STREET NEW YORK 4 NEW YORK Marine Insurance Representatives 1 Eve y Major Po I The World 'Union Max-me 8z Cen Ins Co Ltd Phoe x Assurance C0 of N Y Eagle Fx e Co of N Y London Guarantee 81 Accident Co Ltd E RAWLING Vice President and U S Marine Manager 2 PLATT STREET NEW YORK 38 NEW YORK ' 'n r ' rt n L . . O U I O . ni . . . Norwich Union Fire Ins. Soc. Ltd. 'r . . . . I, I Jo 0 9 - 342 f 4. X X X X X X X X? Q 4 if fi If Xe Xi Y X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X - X X X X X X X X X X f X X X - X X X . X X . X X X X X X X X I I I I X X X X X X X X X X X X X E manages dlnlng halls and food services 3 . X X , X X in 179 cities and 28 states. X X X- X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X . X X X X X X ' X X X X X X X X X X 2 'I , 0' V f - X -1' soon seavlcf MANAGEMENT -- X X X X X X X X 475 FIFTH AVENUE X X X X New York Clty X- X X X XX PHILADELPHIA - BALTIMORE - ATLANTA E X X 'B o X DETROIT - BUFFALO X X X X- X X X Miffflfffff 141117 7 7 lf! 7 1454! Sf ff!! 7 7 iff VV VV WA!! f4A!5A!7!A!'44A46f!i! 7 iff!! if 7 7 if M45 5. 1 ww'--avr-4 --u--nm:-annum na-uw..--.vunlrl -Awnqmuu-q'.wgsuvnn9u.mnun .puumpmg11.9.1-.-.mm-...-.-....,.-.. .f.-.--.-.-U-m . -f 1 ,., ' ' " ' 1' 1'l1llh lu-:lu " ni-r gy. ,V .. 144-f .Q-I 0n..u.suina1.lzHIb' .150-nvibnd -GI-angvf-A-anno-1-nmufiwsrvwrdhvilvnn-itll-4111.1uw,-ew-nu .11 .4-. ...lf P all ,L 3 2 Q l 1 O K C F' 4 Q . j-nf' his lv E-sr.. F , ..s3s5sqqssfaxs,,s9s,ss.Q,g,-fhfs -+.,A- . H. For all the shlps at sea Cleaver Brooks 225 Grand Avenue Waukesha Wisconsin ,,N- N-- Ilash evaporalors p , . T 1 1 4 ,LN 1 ' prmdmciei abundant i .1 ' . AR 't J f' V igil sssppisies mi wash water ., Vi. an bastard . .. .. I y hgh - HQ ' '1 ' if The flashing principle produces continuous ' ,, Qigg Lizfgli' Vf sg uninterrupted supply of high purity water 4 1 i without scaling problems. l l ,l if Ag, Q No feed treatment or cold shocking is neces- W, fg W sary with Cleaver-Brooks flash evaporators. V t Sizes for all shipboard requirements. if i I 'Q N For more information write . CLEAVER-BROOKS COMPANY I I 0 ational Bulk Carriers, Inc. SIEATRAIIN ILIINIES, ING. 711 THIRD AVENUE NEW YORK 17, N. Y. wr V '-X Y f coMF-LIMENTS I 1 I OF 0,50 Trinidad Corporation 'I'1II1 IIIIIIALIIIIY IIF MIIIIIT The above trademark has earned the right to be considered as such. It signifies a de- pendable STANDARD of QUALITY that has always been distinctive and recognized. I We are proud of this, as you men are of YOIII' Career. ABT CAP CIDMPANY, INC. 729 BROADWAY, NEW YORK 3, N. Y. I WHAT'S YOUR COURSE? Looking for information on ship operation . . . building . . . design . . . machinery . . . maintenance . . . or news of the marine industry? Then look no further than the nearest copy of MARINE ENGINEERING LOG. Subscribe to . . . and read every issue of this authoritative marine magazine. Enter your subscrip- tion through your Ship's Service today. Marine El1gil1eel'il'lgfL0g Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corp., 30 Church St.. New York 7, N. Y. 348 X Y Q M 6 ff r I lf' X GECDRGE ca. SHARP, Inc. Sh jp Design NEWYORK INA is always among the first to brave the hazards of new and untried fields. But our achievements are anchored in experience, for we are one of America's oldest insurance organizations. As we insured this nation's sailing ships of the past, it is natural that we have gone into 'aspacei' to provide protection for three major firms building jet-age missiles and planes. Through various types of protection, INA covers Convair, builder of the "Atlas", Ryan, which developed the X-13 Vertijet, and Boeing, builder of the 707 Boeing Intercontinental Jet Stratoliner, in the development of the marvelous devices they produce to maintain America's leadership in defense and space travel. In this way, the past and the present join forces to shape the future. There, for graduates, is a landborne example of seamanship, stability, and progress. INSURANCE BY NORTH AMERICA Insurance Company of North America Companies Indemnity Insurance Company of North America Philadelphia Fire and Marine Insurance Company Life Insurance Company of North America Albert Ullmann Mauna 0 ce ma 5xvvUllllllV1x.1 A . 84 WILLIAM STREET NEW YORK 38, N. Y. 349 aqpni' EATRADERS I C. 3 I7 BATTERY PLACE I New YORK, N. Y. I I I I I I I I Avellehle Everywhere In the llnlteal States and throughout the World I ternorional Dist 'b 1' Id nly be bu ll I I M ' P In that oITord the sh p th maximum' p I I cl blty nd ,ec y It I I1 be to specify Internation I II EIIII IIIII3 ZIII IIIIIIIBIIII. IIB. 21 Wat Street, New York 0 S. Linden Ave. S. San Frlnclsoo v'6Z8 Pleosant Street: New Orleans A WORLD-WIDE PAINT ORG'ANIZATION MARITIME UVERSEAS CURPIIRATIUN Steamshnp Agents and Brokers 6I BROADWAY NEW YORK 6 NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF 'vu rf' ,Y ik QA If 1 1 was X 1 I I I I MA URICEUS 0 L. 2 V :P If Hg ' ZH : V TG F Q MAAIFAIAXIXIXXXXffffffffffffffaffffffafsffffffffffffffaffffffffffffffffsffafefffffsf! sfffsfff THE DEADLY HAND COMPLIMENTS RUST The invisible hand of rust lurks in every ocean and port constantly attacking every ship Though the hand of rust can not be shackled the bitter effects of rust can be removed conquers the costly ever-present problem ot rust decay. Precision engineered for the lob forceful chipping fingers hammer away rust Cand paintb from hulls decks and from hard-to-get-at corners seams anchors chains fittings and other gear Powered by a sturdy heavy duty motor .. it is eight times faster and more elticient than other costlier outmoded methods. Eighteen distributors through- out the world carry complete units and spare parts and offer write for details and pnces' ii-, immediate service to any des- ignated port or address in the U.S. or abroad. Telephone: ULster 2-5701 AAAAAAAAXffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffffsffffnfeffffffffffffififffffafhfafsfsff . X Q .xv v o o o ' 0 o ' OF o ' o ' 4 DF ' ' o O . , . 0 o ' o s...:f -ave - eh- - ' - -- Luvig- 7' ' o 0 0 . . . . . , O X ' o , n I . 0 . 0 , , ,,,, , . W o o X . O ' o o 0 o 0 0 0 o 'HWD' rv' o 0 o o U . ' 1 1 1 ' ' 0 o I 1 I 1 g 9 - , . O Q ' . 0 Q 1 ' ' 4 o o 0 0 0 0 0 0 Q Q O . 1 0 . Q 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 Q o o 1 o o o o o o o o 4 0 9 0 9 0 0 9 0 4 o o s o o o o o o o o o o I ,f vdfffjg ff, OD UI P- AA W, 3 Q Q Q X t Q Q S Q S t Q S Q Q 5 Q gfXfgfgZgfgfgfXf3fXfXZiXZXZfXZ' COMPLIMENTS OF MARTIN, MERCHANT, and MARINER . COMPLIMENTS Sir Josfaph W. Isherwnudg XL Cn., Ltd. 77, , Z: Naval Architects :Ya Engineers CQ? A I7 BATTERY PLACE NEW YORK 4, NEW YORK 26 WATER STREET NEW YORK 4, N. Y. -1 Compl'men'rs 1' COMPLIMENTS Your SuppI'er of HU N111 70 N murmur Mr M 8. I TRACY INC 'WD IWHWZ 729-31 BROADWAY NEW YORK N. Y. ALQO qu'r1 4-2770 352 I o I OF Naval Uniform Shirts 1 ' W 0 n 1 wm ?' ' ' --"- .-.. . '-.Z-XJST.-ex 1-1 Jr Lift , 'X is PAST PRESIDENTS Jimmy Powers, 1953-54 John W. Scherger, 1954-55 1955-56 PRESIDENT Henry J. V. Werner, 1956 FIRST VICE PRESIDENT Mrs. Howard R. Driggs SECOND VICE PRESIDENT Harry P. Hart THIRD VICE PRESIDENT James P. Walsh FINANCIAL SECRETARY Guy Bittner CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Mrs. Frank Verona ASSISTANT Michael Linden ASSOCIATION of PARENTS ANU FRIENDS of KINGS POINT U. S. MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY KINGS POINT, NEW YORK A 48 state organization founded in 1953 to foster the best interests of the Academy and the Regiment of Cadet-Midshipmen through local public information ac tivity throughout the United States and through sponsor ship of various incentive and welfare programs within the Academy. Membership is open to anyone interested in the American merchant marine and its Academy at Kings Point. Membership meetings are held semi-annually and the Board of Governors meets monthly. Annual dues are three dollars. harles R. Weber ompan I I I I I Tank Ship Brokers NEW YORK, N. Y. 853 -Awami so HAGEN INC- MARINE EQUIPMENT DECK - ENGINE - BOILER ROOM PARTS AND SERVICE 429 WEST 17th STREET, NEVV YORK NVAtkins 4-5959 AMERICAN SIIEIETY IIE NANAI ENGINEERS, INE SUITE IOO4, CONTINENTAL BLDG. lOl2 l4th STREET NORTHWEST WASHINGTON 5, D. C. FOUNDED IN I888 Its quarterly Technical Journal can not fail materially to benefit every person interested in Engineering. f All regular and reserve, U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard Officers are eligible for Naval Membership. Other memberships are avail- able to civilian engineers. Annual dues Sl0.00. No initiation fee, No extra charge for Journal. ' Members of the Class of i958 of U. S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, N. Y. are eligible for Junior membership for two years at one-half regular dues. A .. ra'1t"!t"1t 1'r'f"n:"x . L P"l'N'lWl"!Q"'i'l""'!Q"'!!"1Q1""h Y"'ll'A3 l""'lf"9Q'11f""!Q'1'1U"ii!"'i U""'l l'?""lf""'Qi" 1 l"NR"""lQ'11, ' fit. "Y ,Qu iff' li' - -H.-if A V ,-f' 155.3 , F1101 Il. 'ewton Whittelsey, Inc. Naval Architects Marine Engineers Ship Brokers I7 BATTERY PLACE NEW YORK 4, N. Y. l0HN T. CLARK and SUN TERMINAL OPERATORS and GENERAL STEVEDORES 17 STATE STREET NEW YORK CITY 5' CL'jCLWCLEG HW!S !5G5P ' j I j 4 1 4 I ' 0 ' ' ' I I ai M Alurnni Association ' I I I O ' 1 L I I' Kinqs Point 1, "0- IVQ 'I R A mfs 3 1 5 I Ap if X ,LGR I 8, O09 I MQJLJENXXKX x U PX II I4 U X Q 'Q ' im.. IIHI. iii? I 53 3 HD iimciwiff fe 1 X 'L' g 1 . 4 . XVI x 4, X x 474, if X09 I . "5.,'4SsocIP-'fx 'I' ' If I I I X I N 'Y + 0 ' I I ""I11ll1, 1 I L I 4 L L I f' 355 I L I I KHMQ QW infill K iran Q VVA, . ' . '--141 M k ,.-J W L4 9-4 p-4 I 13 l ig " ,Iggy Ar F M 5 . "' I , I! ' Q HW 3 M ia. 414' 41'-4, , 1, Q eg, -.24 ' 'f ,fr ,f 4' , af ' fl'-1 .2-'S .55 jr wx,., ,.f , 44 zfffff fe Y f ' Sfitfii fl ' I ,pl , ". -gl -L' .W . if uv . ' '- ,. - .' 1 Ll f f. Vg! WA F , .wwf MM' .F--"""" 4-if f NEW IJIIY PHINIING IIUMPANY UNION CITY. NEW JERSEY UNion 7-2400 New York Phone: L0ngaQ:re 4-9161 . E 6 I Z v K Vg-I .ww ,gf 4' 4' 4 F -as nf' in f 4, " ff nfl

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