United States Merchant Marine Academy - Midships Yearbook (Kings Point, NY)

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United States Merchant Marine Academy - Midships Yearbook (Kings Point, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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USSSr " " ■ (40 i VBSH i J NO! ' Uri eo f e t t J[ ' o itt, p . December. 1951 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF August, 1952 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OFFICER-ADVISER December. 1951 BUSINESS MANAGER Jyuiicim £ ?. iic 2Jecvn August. 1952 BUSINESS MANAGER Jto iri liicne December. 1951 EDITORIAL MANAGER August. 1952 EDITORIAL MANAGER NOT PRINTED AT GOVERNMENT EXPENSE ( A New Fleet To meet the threat of alien aggression our nation has entered upon a program of def ense mobilization, a mobili- zation which embodies, among other items, the construction of a modern merchant fleet and the training of young, alert officers to man this fleet. The evolution of each, the man and the ship, is a complex process in itself, culminating only with their meeting — a meeting which is creating an ever-increasing chain of strength — the lifeline of the nation, in peace and in war. 2 V ••==r ' l ' ; " . ;j;i 00 •cz V Irr ' J- -J J ?: T Ji iUSi -■i. ;.rrl := ' .V wimifmim |lB8h « I, I I I v-» [ - .■i: " . -; }; y ' ' ■ sviv , » ' 4 , " ' ; ' l.. ' : ' ' 6 . ■•■ . .-TVs ,1 1 ?« - bosn ' s CAPSTAN fAOTORRt A xORt LOUMQE ROOM _ LO U Ni Gi E B05N5 STORES DBC CHAIN FORt PEAK TANK Li ' BALLAST - N KINGS POINT NEW YORK UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARINE CADET CORPS • OFFICE OF MARITIME TRAININ ' MlDgfflPMEN - r IL 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I OINTi i» i Z ° CLASS I I I I I I I I — I I I LOUMC E ly vrv TOURIST CLA55 TRUNK ■ 1 " 17-0 X 24 -O 50CIAL I4ALL presents... MARITIME ADMINISTRATION • UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 3 - :iri ' r%iL - - eii- : r f ■• " • ' - .- i ' t? : --: : ' -S; -: - ' S ' 4 gi " tl£ N.M, ' i ' " GRADUATING CLASSES V, ' ; ■•( ' ' . ' ' .iv ' .: ' ' A ' te-lj ' ■ ' ; i-.yi-i ' I ' fl ? OMBHBMWVtHI _ [ Outward, ever outward, to the farthest corners of tne world sail the vessels of our new fleet— manned, in increasing numbers, by graduates of Kings Point. For these men, sailing marks the end of an era of four ears ' training— a training which has produced, and will contmue to produce, officers second to none. It is to this day that they have looked forward, ever firm in their belief that Kings Point has played an important part in the shaping of their ultimate destinies. DMI R ' FtSl iT .:-t -: J,-r DEDICATION Restless, surging with power, the sea awaits the commanding hand of its master- Man. John Lewis Luckenhach was one of those who rose to its challenge: to it he devoted his life; from it he carved a career studded with achievement, a career worthy of a true Master. To him, for his inspiring leadership and guidance in the field of our chosen endeavor, we respectftdly dedicate this issue of Midships. - ' im 18 8 3 " tflflTewis uckenbach - e». X v ' A. Alv V ' , " . r ' V:. :W .. ' ' Vi ;- : t.. «.•■»-■• ' V...V " V. :» •3. fi ' ? ' ' !- ' J . v, J- - - ■ . ' ; 1—1 » -- :t ME W; { -r--- h. E tfl ■V 1 STATE3 ' A y . J " ' h.V ' - t • .» " ! ■-.c;;.. ' :r.:r, - .:.;; , i £r. ' ' • ' ■ ' h- HAGUE BASIN -. ii §SvS ; HI Hi WAR MEMORIAL }Jk.J ' - ' ■ ' «f -i ; ' •c " »v. y ' ? V 1 O ' v; I,V-- t% :m ■.,,;. ' Wf ' --4»--U ' 5| !;. ' . ' 7i :-H V: - %- • . , ' " " w isg ROGERS and CLEVELAND HALLS BARRY and JONES HALLS t «■ . . i.- m I is taai MB gu J mi 2r ' mi Mm mm m a BOWDITCH HALL O ' HARA HALL " ■-; ' i-- ' ' ,|-■ ' . ;• ' ' ' y!■■ ' ' ■ ' ..m-.Xi ' fy ' yv vs ■ k ' j m M. V. EMERY RICE GUN RAMP ' • ' XV - I v., .. . - ' -% «« IS •HpiF ■p n jjH MMpMp , hIE Ib ' v l MHI ' W The Lines Are Drawn Building a ship requires planning: " preliminary design, development of the lines analysis of stress, computation of deck loads if- design of the power plant, final hull plans i presentation of the artistes conception to the public All are necessary steps in the eflScient designing of the vessel. I ? 1 ... r-h 1 1 , u - -F f • i V " « Bi V - n V .! -- •Nl V ■r i jj,,,, ., - 1 ■ J Sii » ri • ' f - l ■ !i »L " li r, . ' -iA ■ ■ ' " tZ ' k.r ■ _ l ' ' ■ Hff ' 1 V ' fHHnWK - H ■■■■■■■■■iM . - ' HIHL: I ■■■■■■■■■■■ - ' ' iiii =: :; MilHii HK ■■■■■■■■■■ ' B - ' " " " " -—-- ' ' - m HHBBBBHHHB iHBI ■■■■■■■■■■■ |fc II ■■■■■■■■■■■M BKb ... - . .. ■■■■■■■■■■■!■ ■MikAiiB - . ■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■ ■ " M i M 1 -1 — 1 1 — 1 Planning The Future Training men also requires planning: J definition of overall objectives establishment of requirements for appointment Jf development of the curriculum J preparation of regulations and procedures for the administration of the program This is only some of the planning that enters into the education of a capable mariner. ; X 4 TS J; ©i I : ADMINISTRATION «»- United States merchant ships have performed outstandingly in supporting United Nation ' s forces in Korea. This has had a direct bearing on the maintenance of the American way of life at home as well as bulwarking the anti-communist defenses of freedom-loving nations everywhere in the world. Even while many of our merchant ships were engaged in supplying needs of the Korean activities, other vessels carried mountains of foreign aid commodities to our friends overseas. Still other ships were at work transporting abroad export prod- ucts of our farms and industries. These accomplishments add up to a record of which the American merchant marine - including all segments of labor and management - can well be proud. ' AytyOi Ut — ■ Extract from a letter to the Twenty-fifth American Merchant Marine Conference, September 21, 1951 HARRY S. TRUMAN ' y ideTi c the UTtited t tate 33 I THE HONORABLE CHARLES SAWYER 34 VICE ADMIRAL EDWARD L. COCHRANE, USN (Ret.) I United t tcite z )€ ci tme t o£ Joonfmeffce 35 I I FEDERAL MARITIME BOARD United lalei zl e ia tme it o£ %om ' met(ce VICE ADMIRAL EDWARD L. COCHRANE, USN (Ret.) ROBERT W. WILLIAMS 36 ALBERT W. GATOY EARL W. CLARK United t tate z )eh(t ' iffm€ ' nt o£ cmTne ce 37 ARTHUR J. WILLIAMS I ! 38 REAR ADMIRAL H. J. TIEDEMANN, USMS II 39 1 CAPTAIN JOHN T. EVERETT, USMS 40 . REAR ADMIRAL GORDON McLINTOCK, USMS II 41 i CAPTAIN HAROLD V. NERNEY, USMS Oxecuti ' ue UM tce ' if 42 CAPTAIN JOHN K. GALLEHER, USMS S ni i ti ufi ' tone {L ££tce ' )i 43 COMMANDER PEDER GALD, USMS S cadeTnic t e ntc ectTi 44 COMMANDER RAYMOND S. MECKLEM, USMS COMMANDER L. F. DIEDRICKS, USMS Mead, Qje ia.yi ' me ' nt o Sru lic Wof i 45 I COMMANDER FRANCIS S. KIRK, USMS I .1 LIEUTENANT HAROLD J. LEICHT, USMS LIEUTENANT MAURICE W. PRICE, USMS S t ' itatit to fne Gxecittine U t e tS kde to tne t tt ierintenelent 46 LIEUTENANT COMMANDER K. A. GEARY S iiiiant Svcacte ' mic _ ' ! can. LIEUTENANT COMMANDER RAYMOND W. KANA, USMS If iitfui 47 LIEUTENANT COMMANDER J. A. LINEBARGER LIEUTENANT GEORGE F. McGUIRE ntce vyfftce ' ii LIEUTENANT HORTGN J. SPURR m ( and Svcti iieS WARRANT OFFICER LEONARD F. URSCHELL, USMS S iMita-nt io ihe c Leaiit a ii- iceot 48 LIEUTENANT N. C. NILSEN S iifatiC Jrinance and (IC€ ty ' ' ' " - : ' ' ' - " Ce UNITED STATED CADEMY t,«W ' . COMMANDER RICHARD H. O ' CONNELL, USMS REGIMENTAL STAFFS 50 V Vv :- Lejt to Riiiht: J. Coirigun. Regimental Security; R. Browne. Regimental Commissary; J. Ridley, Regimental Drill Master; G. Ellis, Regimental Adjutant; J. Fitzpatrick. Regimental Commander; T. Phelps, Regimental Aide; W. Wilcox, Regimental Bandmaster; H. Rotman. Regimental Communications; D. Meehan, Regimental Welfare. JO ;i N % N ' s» iiy v v -vvi j » ' iv :i ' »k; = i.N ii,i;i535h; i hX S vv Left to Right: P. Hammer, Regimental Bandmaster; G. Ross, Regimental Berthing; P. Shafer, Regimental Security; M. Folsom. Regimental Adjutant; W. Rendall, Regimental Commander; C. Largin, Regimental Aide; D. Flynn, Regimental Welfare; B. Shaw, Communications; S. Clark, Regimental Drillmaster. Arch of swords Captain Alan Villiers Morning colors FIRST BATTALION yiU0 LCDR. F. A. LITCHFIELD, USMS First Battalion Officer 54 Murphy and Palmer Halls. Overlooking the scenic splendor of Long Island Sound. Close to Marshall Pool and boating facilities. Location of Shaft Alley and Athletic Row. Co-proprietors of Delano Hall, the gourmet ' s paradise. Battalion diversions: Heinous plots, E. D., scraping wax and spontaneous mass visitations to the Library. Battalion Motto: " A taut ship is a happy ship. " I L(|i Aij P « ■ .11. . --w I :: v . I ' ••■1 ' ' . Left to Right: D. Cutler, Battalion Welfare; W. Acquilla, Battalion Berthing; H. Force, Battalion Adjutant; H. Batz, Battalion Commander; G. Caye, Battalion Aide; J. Flatley, Battalion Communications; H. Fry, Battalion Security. Left to Right: B. Branstrom. Battalion Communications; T. Black, Battalion Welfare; C. Berg. Battalion Adjutant; W. K. Habekost, Battalion Commander; R. R. Smith, Battalion Aide; J. Graham, Battalion Berthing; J. Burnham, Battalion Security. " ' m. ZTi lr- - ..JBi ta =: r 1 SUMMER herlookio? md JO " " ' ' ' ij (scililif ' ' ilelic Ro» ' BfOll- ' i nu- ' lOO Mott«: Left to Right: J. Griffin, Second Platoon Commander; V. Caggiano, Sub-Company Commander; R. Dickson, Company Commander; R. Smith, First Platoon Commander; T. Faller, Third Platoon Commander. COMPANY -h Front Row: J. Jantzen, J. Morgan, E. Chitty, S. Fidelman, R. Butler. Second Row: J. Cregan, H. Baker, G. Crossley. L. Kratz. J. Graham, R. Balomenos, F. Beechinor. Third Rotv: J. Burt, E. Dolan, V. DeVito, J. Bar- toszak, M. Fishkind, R. Dodd, M. Fate. Fourth Row: T. Campbell, E. Rorison, J. Findling. P. Dulk, E. Chaggaris, C. Salisbury. Fifth Roiv: R. Edwards, W. Donnelly. H. Berry. T. Best, P. Kanellos, C. Dow, E. Goodale. Back Roiv: R. Crane, R. Stevens, L. Lentz, M. Cawley, G. West, T. Richey, W. Stocking. Left to Right: C. Bucska, Second Platoon Commander; D. Aubin, Sub-Company Commander; D. Abramson, Company Commander; E. Flynn. First Platoon Commander; R. W. Dickson, Third Platoon Commander. SUMMER ' Front Row: R. Dickson, W. Morton, S. Doubiago, C. Amicone. C. Atamian, R. Gavazzi, R. Smith. Second Row: E Delle Donne, A. Durante. C. Fullmer. J. Francisco. R. Nath, W. Brennen. Third Roiv: F. Toto, C. Camery, R Andrews, W. Mit chell, J. Price, A. Wilm. Fourth Row: V. Campino, E. Flynn, T. Dawson, L. Alexander, P. Cotugno. J. Kaz. Fifth Row: F. Cordes, M. Cummings. W. Dale. J. Burnham, J. Briski, R. Andrews. Back Row: D. Aubin, J. Hendelman, S. Santos, J. Birknes. W. Barr, E. Molis. Left to Right: C. Berg, Third Platoon M.P.O.; P. Esbensen, Sub-Company Commander; D. Harbst, Company Commander; D. Bruch, First Platoon Commander; H. Cradick, Third Platoon Commander. COMPANY }!■■ V d H WKS5a»e««i»3S?- : Front Row: K. Lawrence, A. Bernasconi, R. Benson, J. Goldberg, L. Francino, F. Anderson, J. Hoagland, G Hoean R Vamos. Second Roiv: V. Krecicki, R. Hajosy. J. Shorit, F. Baldwin, R. Sutton. D. Hansen, K. Hart- man C. Bucska, R. Bassett. Third Row: L. Holt. W. McVeigh, F. Grande, E. Ameika, M. Dost, O. Amrhyn, T Evans F Ablan, F. Almberg. Fourth Row: L. Finlayson, W. Habekost. J. Gillooley, F. Woods, S. Cox, J Walker, T. Hill, R. Jordan, B. Steinman. Fifth Row: I. Vallar. R. Stuebben. P. Goldenstein, J. Smith, L. Bauer, D Abramson, C. Largin, G. Kappes. J. Lynch. Back Row: L. Benton. D. Headley, H. Christian, S. Clark, A. Young, P. Pirri, J. Getty, D. Fay, J. Scheib. PI N. Left to Riiihl: J. Hoagland. Second Platoon Commander; H. Baker. Sub-Company t onimander; W. Brennen. Company Commander; F. Grande. First Platoon Commander; E. Ameika. Third Platoon Commander. Front Row: R. Hines, A. Bajakian, W. Catto, R. Hardy, R. Gerety. E. McHugh. M. Domingo, R. Sanidad, E. Precope, R. Camba. Second Rotv: F. Artusa. K. Cordvan. R. Barlow. H. Dills. R. Fisher. R. Bowersox. S. Kaai, L. Vista, M. Valdez. Third Row: T. Braida. R. Garlhwaite. R. Hindle. R. Barton, J. Hayes, B. Branstrom. B. Escue, G. Turnley. W. Mollard. Fourth Rotv: T. Creighton. N. Jardine. M. Antonucci. J. Cade. L. Hovi. M. Brown, L. Parr. R. Carlson. R. Ajero. Fifth Row: J. Moran. H Bryning. T. Black, D. Carlson. R. Denison, G. Evanovich, C. McGrath, C. Berg, W. Sneyd. Back Roiv: F. Jensen, L. Vaske. E. Dosher, W. Gordey, G. Thielhorn, M. Crommie, L. Berk, J. Kapiko, R. Williams, E. Carlos. w :! " SECOND BATTALION LCDR. H. C. FISH, USMS Second Battalion Officer Cleveland and Rogers Halls. Central loca- tion in the Academy. Close to all Regimental shopping centers. Location of Cleveland Gate emergency exit in case of fire. Co-proprietors of Delano Hall, the gourmet ' s paradise. Bat- talion diversions: E. D., hrewing coffee and a universal fear of " Dress Charlie " , the ghostly spectre of Rogers Hall. Battalion Motto: " Write a statement and we ' ll see what happens. " 62 WINTER Left to Right: E. Shapero, Battalion Security; C. Phelps, Battalion Berthing and Commissary; J. Melbin, Battalion Adjutant; J. Piatt, Battalion Commander; B. Ramirez, Battalion Welfare and Morale; M. Reynolds, Battalion Communications; P. Leitner, Battalion Aide. V wsi3 c ' fcaj -a » ,| , 5 | , i , » i , i i , k , si « e5 Left to Right: J. Fetchko, Battalion Aide; N. Jones, Battalion Welfare; D. Dears, Battalion Adjutant; B. Johansen, Battalion Commander; M. Lawrence, Battalion Security; E. Lithen, Battalion Berthing; W. Meyer, Battalion Communications. SUMMER ffl S " jflfr ffl ' ' V( Front Row: J. McDaniel. R. Klages, L. Lorden, F. Fellner, G. Hagen, S. Rathkopf, S. Chambers, C Morrissey, J. McGarvey. Second Rev: R. Green. R. Follett, H. Palm. W. Hackney, WLandmann. C. Erikson. J. Calligan, K. Lewis, G. ' Hormuth. Third Roiv: W. McLean, M. Folsom, T. McGrath, J. Nev.ns,C Stewart N Jones, F Jose- paitis, G. Lewis, R. Onkes. Fourth Row: J. Purcell, F. Osti, R. Nelson, D. Dears, R. Lasher, H. Janinda, R Fia- cente J. Hertzberg, R. John. Fifth Row: A. Hintz, W. Korb, R. Marshall, S Mount, R- Butler, J. Vanderloan, R. Cherry, J. Mulhall, S. Reidy. Back Row: R. Burns, R. Jones, J. Lewis, E. Herzog, W. Kresse, W. Goforth, R. Steen, W. Stratton, W. Moore. Left to Right: W. Hackney, Second Platoon Commander; R. Harrell, Sub-Company Commander; J. Hertzberg, Company Commander; R. Marshall. First Platoon Commander; E. Lithen, Third Platoon Commander. SUMMER b ' » Front Row: C. Nuss. R. Marry, G. O ' Donnell, F. Linke, P. Ovennan. H. Lazar, W. Griff.n, R. Mahmban, J. Lanzafame. Second Row: J. Giel, C. Steinhauser, G. McKenna W. Kurtz C Lawson, «• oore, W Kel ey, H Pesce Third Row: R. Dunn, G. Meyer, J. Hansen, F. Thomas. R. Herzog. M. Lawrence. J. Nolan, C.VanUien. Fourth Row: H. George, D. Knorr, J. Lubomski, W. Meyer. A. Yenolevage. G Ponzoni E Mazur, R. Scarafone, E Raffaele. Fifth Row: A. Schultz, A. Goldberger, R. Stone. R. Trotz. J. Loughrey. E. Pfefferkorn, D. Schreiber, R Shepoard Back Row: T. Maloney, E. Lithen, J. Lindsay, W. Kennedy, C. Phippen, B. O Connor, P. Ohman, P. McCullagh, A. Schroder. WINTER Left to Right: N. Vanbeck, Second Platoon Commander; R. Paul, Sub-Company Commander; W. Rogers, Company Commander; W. Johnson, First Platoon Commander; G. McCormack, Third Platoon Commander. COMPANY Front Row: R. Murray, A. McQuiston, N. Olson, T. Cannon, L. Kaczmarczyk, E. Kirby, G. Finneran, C. O ' Toole, P. Hammer. Second Row: R. Grier, J. McBride, J. McGinn, J. Meusel, W. Rendall, R. Harrell, L. Overhiser, W. Mannion, F. Mehler. Third Row: R. Howe, J. Oram, J. McNuIty, H. Donaldson, I. Bogina, P. Johanson, E. Trafton, R. McCormick, L. Kraft. Fourth Row: C. Bell. P. Smith, J. Muller, C. Hunt, N. Hooks, R. Franken- field, H. Harrington, R. Taylor, F. Nelson. Fifth Row: E. Corrigan, J. Stewart, C. Meerman, W. Borgen, E. O ' Don- nell, B. Townsley, J. Bruder, H. Keefe, T. O ' Brien. Back Row: A. Herberger, B. Ewers, J. Wiltshire, M. Young, R. Fairbanks, R. Farley, T. O ' Donnell, J. Hickey. Left to Right: E. Trafton. Second Platoon Commander; R. Farley. Sub-Company Commander; C. Nuss, Company Com- mander; R. Moore, First Platoon Commander; G. MacDonough, Third Platoon Commander. IjP i y Front Row: J. Gregory, R. DeSocio, E. Seitz, L. Lanni, P. Friedman. E. DeLeon. A. Martone, F. Almazora. Second Row: G. Keneipp, W. Henderson, W. Hoffman, G. Kunkel, J. Kelley, R. McKnight, W. Johnson, A. Divino. Third Rotv: J. Weiss, H. LeMay, G. Olman, R. Morrow, B. MacDonald, D. Kelley, C. Kana. Fourth Row: J. Corr, M. Schramm, G. Ross, D. Meyers, G. Daniels, W. Wetzel, S. Martillano, A. Cabot. Fifth Row: F. Fay, E. MiUer, E. Whitney, T. Hermitt, N. Maucher, J. Fetehko, B. Wong. Back Row: F. Till, J. Green, J. McCaifery, R. Montilone, E. Pace, R. Domini, J. Cerchione, C. Matthews. LCDR. D. E. BOYLE, USMS Third Battalion Officer Barry and Jones Halls. Gateway of the Regiment. Close to transportation — both legal and otherwise. Location of the Regi- mental Office, the Lazy 8 ranch. Place Pigalle and the Crying Towel. Sole proprietor of the Activities House. Battalion diversions: E. D. and nervous possession of verboten electrical appliances. Battalion Motto: " Too bad. Mis- ter. It looks like you ' ve made the team. " A ir. ■ .v ' Left to Right: W. Ve.ir. ley. Battalion Aide; R. Lezscano, Battalion Security; R. Maccione, Battalion Adjutant; J. Crowe, Battalion Commander; J. Hansen, Battalion Berthing and Commissary; C. Wright, Battalion Communications; W. Woody, Battalion Welfare and Recreation. :Ossi iJ S: iii NSsi 2 ii3»£3C Left to Right: T. Trott, Battalion Aide; R. Sleiertin, Battalion Berthing; T. Wulff, Battalion Adjutant; F. Kipp, Battalion Commander; F. Rich, Battalion Communications; L. Grill, Battalion Security; D. Wolle, Battalion Welfare. Ciif««I piiceP ' f ' l 3. « Front Row: E. Sealander, F. Rich, L. Grill, A. Swanson, R. Bullick, D. Peterson, J. Roderick, R. LeClerc. Second Row: W. Baunack, R. Lowen, S. Rislove, L. Frost, M. Pirone, V. DeVito, J. Hamor, H. Rodgers. Third Row: J. Kaucher, R. Salie, R. Young, J. Schimansky, R. Schempf, J. Ortega-Otero, A. Weiss, J. Wager. Fourth Row: T. Scott, J. Donnelly. M. Dyer, D. Blaine. B. O ' Sullivan, C. Olimon, D. Finnegan, J. Pilliod. Fifth Row: E. Struyk, R. Fialcowitz, F. Mahr, E. Guinea, G. Shreve, D. Liedel, G. Willenbrock. A. German. Back Row: J. Flacke, R. Rodwancy, G. Nelson, D. Schultz, W. Winters, S. Gregurech, W. Kinsella, A. Sapone. r re Left to Right: H. Krass. Second Platoon Commander; H. Rodgers. Sub-Company Commander; J. Pontone, Company Commander; J. Waltmann. First Platoon Commander; S. Thompson, Third Platoon Commander. Front Roiv: J. Waltmann. W. Fields, F. Groepler, S. Thompson, E. Kiss, R. Small, P. Murray, H. Lisboa. Second Row: H. Krass, T. Rice, W. Bradley, E. Burke, D. Edwards, R. Neumann, C. Waterman. Third Row: T. Ramm, M. Patterson, J. Savastano, M. Race, J. O ' Donnell, N. Christopher, E. Tesoriero. W. Warren. Fourth Row: J. Pon- tone, H. Simpson, E. Tis, W. Gardiner. J. Bradshaw, P. Mahaney. R. While. Fifth Row: R. Biggs, D. WoUe, D. Mattioni, L. Hanson, F. Firgau. D. Angert, L. Guernsey. Back Row: C. Rempe, R. Weisberger, A. Schmidt, E. Dudziak, S. Kaminsky, T. Wulff, H. Royce, W. WiUs. Left to Right: W. Adler, Second Platoon Commander; Jimenez-Torez, Sub-Company Commander; R. Willoch, Com- pany Commander; H. Buehler, First Platoon Commander; W. Wilson, Third Platoon Commander. COMPANY 1 ' Front Row: N. Pierce, H. Ross, C. Stable, B. Siegel, S. Kaplan, F. McNulty, K. Hoch, F. Quarto. Second Row: S. Hill, H. Cassell, P. Sonnen, F. Salonga; O. Garcia, E. Nelson, V. Posthauer, A. Ross. Third Row: G. O ' Regan, R. Welch, I. Eldridge. J. Schaffner, D. Stojda, W. Dean, D. Field. R. Healy. Fourth Row: P. Simpson, B. Lane, P. Wanbaugh, R. Pietscb, E. Sise, R. Clark, J. Heimbuch, S. Goldrich. Fifth Rotv: B. Jenkins, J. Saavedra, E. Hess,, J. Walker, G. Stevenson, J. Ascberl, J. Detweiler, W. Hubscbman. Back Row: D. Sedlack, R. Franzman, J. Depue, W. Holtgren, H. Youngclaus, P. Smith, G. Ryan, R. Smith. Lejt to Rig ht: R. H. Siiiilh. Second Platoon Commander; S. Tabor. Sub-Company Commander; W. Stelir. Company Commander; P. J. Smith, First Platoon Commander; H. Youngclaus, Third Platoon Commander. SUMMER Front Row: E. Perez. A. DaSilva. J. Durand. B. Remollino. R. Rilz. T. Anderson. E. O ' Connor. P. Guia. J. Raya. Second Roiv: D. Cocjin. A. McCuin. E. Fay. C. Causev. J. Michel. J. Zecca. F. DeSouza. B. Shaw. Third Row: L. Rossi. F. Shaughnessy. A. Keefe. M. Quigley. R. Belt. C. Day. J. S halen. R. Wettler. Fourth Row: J. Potter, G. Robinson. F. Kipp. G. Silos. E. Rondepierre. P. Shafer. T. Filzpatrick. J. Plessinger. H. Smith. Fifth Rote: M. Wurzer. T. Jones. W. Schretzman. R. Scbooley. V. Feltus, D. Flvnn. S. Tabor. W. Rvan. Back Roiv: J. Stable, W. Guest, R. Sho« alter, F. Beberdick, A. Bakeeff. H. Swanson. R. Kav, C. Linder. W. Stehr. T Uniform-of-the-day A few Iiot licks Plebe Day " You made the team, Mr. Swanson " TZ uZTz u :. Mi The Beginning • • • e ivere sworn in. . . . four long years later . . . Xll© Ellll We were graduated. Of Construction A complex construction task is furthered by delegation of duties: Jf draftsmen produce blueprints a metallurgists determine materials i engineers correlate test data i designers harmonize interior decorations J yardmen outline efficient constructional procedures Thus each group, skilled in its particular field, shares in producing a master vessel. % --. " s Fulfilling The Objectives Education of officers is also forwarded by division of responsibility: ■ engineers and nautical scientists cover the technical courses ' maritime economists analyze the operation of a shipping company " naval architects teach principles of ship design • historians present insights into the past • mathematicians delve into the enigma of the calculus Thus, each Department adds its specialty to the overall education of the future mariner. ; X o . i let H DEPARTMENTS ' r Sny I Xo DKVKi.op efficient Mercliant Marine Officers wlio possess liigli professional stand- ards, will accept and encourage progress, and are capable of individual growtli and success- ful performance of their duties on the vessels of their nation. " To implement the above objectives, every officer in the Department of Nautical Science stands ready to assist the Cadet-Midshipman to achieve a background and perspective in scientific and professional understanding, knowledge, and skill, of sufficient breadth and depth as to encourage him in his growth and development in the profession. Each officer donates of his experience, his understanding, and faith in the Mission of the Academy so that the end product is a graduate fully quali- fied to act efficiently and confidently. The courses in Cargo, Applied Marine Elec- tronics, Gyro, Navigation, and Seamanship, and related subjects, are designed to provide the Cadet-Midshipman with the knowledge and principles which will best serve him through the years. This program is planned and carried out with one goal in mind — the above Mission of the Department of Nautical Science. IMANDER R. EISENBiI Head of Department Department of Nautical Science LT. W. A. WICHERT, USMS LCDR. T. V. TiSON, JR., USMS LCDR. J. H. LaDAGE, USMS . . and above Rigel we find Bellatrix. " tf ' f , • .r ...- = 0 LT. E. MANGODT, USMS Easy does it, Smitty. " 1 Wi 1 IS ,UER81£B. IS LT. G. N. STEINER, USMS LT. J. M. CHAMBERLAIN, USMS 91 II IM| WmWjmM if M The Big Lift H The Department of Engineering has as its objective the instruction of future Marine Engineers in the essential scientific and engi- neering knowledge necessary to the efficient manning of the modern marine power plant. While this is the fundamental purpose, the Department has an equally important second objective, namely, to foster within these men a desire for continued study, thereby pro- ducing engineers who will understand and use the modern innovations coming into being on marine installations. These objectives are accomplished by a two-fold plan. First, a solid foundation of basic engineering principles is laid upon which the advanced theory is built and inter- woven. Second, the engineering theory is re- lated to the practical experience learned during the Third Class Year and during the varied laboratory experiments conducted at the Academy. In this way the engineering ' student gains the well-rounded education nec- essary to meet the responsibilities of his chosen profession. Department of COMMANDER L. S. McCREADY, USMS Head of Department Engineering COMMANDER C. W. SANDBERG, USMS Assistant Head of Department , A n ! " □ a D a LT. H. M. KIRBY , USMS " It will cost you points MMC F. SMITH, USMS Cadet power S 1 ' c i k iJ ll LCDR. J. C. MARTIN, USMS How many coffees? MMl L. MALINOSKI, USMS " Your name? " MB««ii» X«illh« f « ' ' ]fi u ' U " " n 1 o in «- LtL f Who ' s project? LCDR. W. J. ARMSTRONG, USMS Where ' ve you been? The Day the Earth Stood Still SPC E. NEWTON, USMS Chief coin changer SPC H. NEWMAN, USMS Watch the puddle Engineering check-off Engine maintenance LT. C. B. MaoKEEN, USN Assi.- ' tanl Head of Depurtment Courtesy of Liule Sam irloDERN merchant ships are constructed so that they can he used in time of national emergency. Special features to improve tlieir utility in war are incorporated within the original design. The Academy graduate too is capable of transferring from peaceful endeavors to the wartime service of his country. As a Cadet- Midshipman he is thoroughly oriented in the fundamental concepts of Naval Leadership, Tactics, Sonar and Radar, Computer Mecha- nisms and various other subjects with which a Naval Officer must be familiar. Upon gradua- tion he is qualified to serve not only as an officer in the Merchant Marine but also as a Line Officer in the LInited States Navy. i Department of iBmi iw LCDR. P. C. McMENAMY, USP Head of Department Naval Science LT. J. W. DOWNING, USN and LT. K. R. CORCORAN, USN The courses offered by the Department of Ship Management familiarize the student with the varied complexities of steamship company management, admiralty law, marine insur- ance, international trade and labor relations. A sound understanding of this subject matter gives the future ship ' s officer an insight into the vital role that the shoreside and opera- tional aspects play in marine transportation. The Department maintains contacts with the major shipping lines of New York thus making possible the assignment of Cadet- Midshipmen (Deck I to the offices of these companies. The month spent in " on-the-job- training " supplements the courses given at the Academy with a view of the actual workings of the industry. Department of Ship Management COMMANDER L. C. KENDALL, USMS Head of Departniei I ORBRBWB 2Na3P04 + 3CaS04 - " A " Board IMJER J. M. DITTRICK, US i lead of Department LCDR. C. J. OBERIST, USMS LT. J. H. DRUCKER, USM The never-ending stream of technical achievements of today ' s marine industry makes it necessary that the Merchant Marine Officer be able to comprehend fully the theo- ries behind these present developments and those which are yet to come. To this end the Department of Mathematics and Science is dedicated. The Department thoroughly grounds each Cadet-Midshipman in the physical sciences and the higher mathematics which are so es- sential for the complete mastery of the many technical courses in the four year curriculum. Supplementary work in the Department ' s fully-equipped laboratories enables the Cadet- Midshipman to put into practice the theories presented in classroom lectures. Department of COMMANDER C. D. INGERSOLL, USMS Head of Department Mathematics and Science z LT. (jg) F. J. DONAHUE, USMS LCDR. J. P. WALSH, USMS LT. O. D ' ESOPO, USMS 1 I HILE SERVING with their country ' s Mcr- cliant Marine as hoth Cadet-Midshipmen and officer graduates. Kings Pointers meet people of all nations. Often this is the only contact that these people have with the United States. To be capable of representing one ' s country in the best manner requires, among other things, a firm knowledge of this nation ' s democratic principles and way of life in addition to the social and historical backgrounds of other nations. This is included within the Depart- ment of History and Languages curriculum in addition to a comprehensive study of a foreign language and courses in English composition and literature. Department of iuimim COMMANDER C. W. FERRIS, USMS Head of Department History and Languages 4 COMMANDER W. A. FLINT, USMS Assistant Head of Department B a B f-.-f- ' f-.|vt.;-f -f-f CATHOLIC CHOIR Front Row: P. McCallagh, J. Sonnen, R. Butler, R. Malimban, R. Hartig, L. PoteiUe, E. Markey. P. Guia. Second Row: Lt. Victor Lugowski, USMS, J. Brady, J. Bradshafc W. D ' Aquilla, H. Krass, J. Zekauskas, R. Gallagan, R. Shulick, R. Dilauro, M. Domingo BacAc Row: V. Menesales, E. Tis, F. Toto, R. Suriano, L. Treadway, R. Fialcowitz, M. R ard, G. Caron, R. Ortolano, M. Wincek. to... .imn ' 3i ti a mm J " i ■ PROTESTANT CHOIR G. Turnley, D. Finnegan, T. Langslon, D. Cannon, S. Bodder. J. Ford, L. Lentz, M. Race, J. Burnham, Chief Searle, USMS. Jewish Services no k YMBOLic of God ' s supremacy, the church pennant flies above the national ensign during divine services at the Academy. The Eternal God is held in rever- ence even above our country. Each of the three major faiths has a chaplain in service at the Academy. Their leadership in services of worship exemplifies our forefathers ' search for " freedom to worsliip God. " Funds are being raised to erect a Memorial Chapel dedicated to the worshij) of God and to honor the heroic dead of the Mertliant Marine. The national campaign has raised only half the amount necessary to build, but the Academy has set a great example in donating nearly triple the sum it was asked to give. In conduct of worshii). in aiding and counseling Cadet-Midshipmen, in guidance which leads to the divine Source of mental and spiritual strength, and in consecration to their task the chaplains are on call at any hour by day or by night. COMMANDER R. O. HARPOLE, USMS Senior Chaplain Chaplains i UB.MHi M HE academy ' s program of specialized train- ing and general education demands an ade- quate library to supplement laboratory and classroom instruction. The Library shares with the teaching departments in the prepara- tion of the Cadet-Midshipman and in recog- nition of this has the status of a full academic department. The collections of the Library now number over thirty thousand volumes, with emphasis on maritime subjects. More than four hun- dred periodical titles are received regularly. A current collection of pamphlets and other ephemeral materials is maintained, including the Port Information File. Other special col- lections are the Neiv York Times on microfilm from 1936 to date, two hundred and sixty phonograph albums in language, literature, history and music, and the Academy archives. There has been underway since January 1951 the Index to Maritime Periodicals, a sub- ject index on cards to the technical informa- tion in fifty American, British, and Canadian journals. Selected entries are edited and pub- lished quarterly in Polaris. The Library also publishes semi-monthly Nauticana, a classi- fied, annotated list of new acquisitions. Library Department LT. E. H. NORTHROP, USMS Assistant Libruriun ] CSp. R. A, PATTERSON, USMS CSp. R. SCALCIONE, USMS LT. (jg) J. T. COX, USMS LT. T. R. STAPLETON, USMS LCDR. T. D. CARMODY, USMS 1 K»t ' 1 ■ W .kL " I m ij__J Jl fe " ' ii v y 7 B M N y ■Kiw;iL-f ■ L » TfrjjDiis . W O A. ZIELINSKI, USMS LT. C. F. STRALKA, USMS 114 I ' Mn training for a calling that demands the utmost of all who answer this call, the Cadet- Midshipman is made fully cognizant of the long hours, physical strains and hazardous imdertakings that are an integral part of life at sea. To enable him to be equal to the hardships he is to face, the Department of Physical Training and Athletics has a well- rounded program dedicated to development of coordination, speed, muscular endurance and physical fitness. Through the instruction and supervision of physical training classes, intra-mural events and varsity athletics the Department ably performs its part in the Cadet-Midshipman ' s training. It is believed that the Cadet-Midshipman completing this course will gain something more than physical development. Just as im- portant are the sense of fair play and the elements of team cooperation which will aid him as a ship ' s officer. Department of COMMANDER J. W. LIEBERTZ, USMS Head of Department Physical Training and Atlileties MISS CLAIRE E. HECKER Secretary (orllif " lime. I« nosii of 10 lliD il DepiiW olPiii ' insiiKl I i i m ROMPT medical aid is not always available for the merchant seamen aboard ship. Disease or injuries may render him helpless at any time. In anticipation of this the Medical De- partment teaches each Cadet-Midshipman a general knowledge of shipboard medical prac- tice. Anatomy, pharmacy, first aid and diag- nosis of disease are some of the subjects included. Thus every graduate has the ability to handle the duties of the unofficial " Doc ' s " berth aboard ship. Another important function of the Medical Department is the supervision and operation of Patten Hospital. This modern unit is staffed by an efficient group of doctors, nurses, dentists and technicians, all cooperating to insure the health of the Regiment. Medical Department CAPTAIN W. FORD, USPHS Head of Department Uniforms r Her annals rich in the tradition of valorous deeds, the Academy can point with pride to the many heroes who have worn the uniforms of the Cadet Corps. Wearing these uniforms and acting as an unofficial ambassa- dor of good will, the Cadet-Midship- man is more readily recognized in the far corners of the world than in many sections of his own country. Where- ever his path may lead, the Cadet- Midshipman wears his uniform with both honor and pride. 118 : Sit%,:? J 119 4 W ' On the line Color Guard " Fine looking body of men. Admiral " 120 The National Anthem Eyes right Manning the rail Off to the wars Danees Once each quarter of the academic year, the Regiment of Cadet-Midshipmen holds a formal dance. Each dance is built around a particular theme and the beautiful and imaginative props which present this theme are designed and constructed entirely by individual Cadet-Midshipmen. Envied indeed is the young lady who re- ceives an invitation to one of the formal dances. The beautiful setting, the splendor of the full dress uniforms and the soft music of famous orchestras guarantee that the evening will always remain one of her most cherished memories. 1 .1 Pass Christian Penny grabber The Cadet Corps Basic School at Pass Christian, Mis- sissippi, was utilized to teach Fourth Classmen the prin- ciples of a nautical education essential to the Third Class year at sea. Located adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, the setting of clean white stucco buildings and waving palms imparted a semi-tropical atmosphere to the base. The re- current hurricanes, the sometimes intolerable heat, the voracious mosquitoes and seemingly endless work details guaranteed anything but a dull existence. What really made " the Pass " bearable was the liberty. Nearby New Orleans, the famous Gulf Coast resorts, parties at Al ' s and the many close friendships produced at Gulf Park College all did their part towards making Pass Christian the " garden spot of the Cadet Corps. " War Memorial ' A J 1 fli w ,ip., lit prill- irdCla - ii ' o. (he n; palm- Tbe re- hnt, the ■I drtaik 111 reaDy irby New kU d i CoEeje libin the Operators Yacht Club members h. The Keel • ' - i ' . ' r ' . . ' j y ,: : ■ ' Sr. y-rt ' JTm V f " -ti ' bUll.iMiiiik «a..l.»«-i jimf i ■ A .JLiw ■i ' L? ? «T? l-j m Si? --. - ' ,, rf j»« 2 - insit 1 • " » IK E i " ' . = i»- J T.; " s— — J i ' t n. M A Seafaring Life With a year ' s introduction to the ways of the sea, the Cadet sails outward to face the realities of its challenge: " the work — varied or monotonous — presenting an ever-present routine ■ the sea — rejecting the weak — embracing the strong - the ports - providing unusual, bizarre avenues for exploration - the men - each new personality offering a challenge in human relations In every phase the Third Class Year develops within the Cadet a solid foundation of practical knowledge. CAPTAIN S. W. REED, USMS Officer-in-Charge, October 1948 to October 1951 LCDR. G. F. FELTUS, USMS District Instructor (Deck) District " The District Office called up, Cadet . . . " — words that have a familiar rin i to every Cadet- Midsliipinan, Tliird Class. From these offices located around the United States, Tliird Class- men are assigned to merchant vessels of various types and designs for their training afloat. Dis- trict Instructors are despatched to tlie vessels to check the Cadet-Midshipman ' s " Sea Project " and to interview the licensed ship ' s officers re- garding the aptitude and ahility the Third Classman has shown for a seafaring life. The periodic examinations given hy the District Of- fices determine individual academic progress so that any deficiencies noted may be corrected by the District Instructors. The District Offices stand ready to aid the Third Classman in all his problems ranging from a difficult prol)lem in calculus to his personal relations with a hard-bitten " bucko mate. " k COMMANDER A. E. CHAMPEAU. USMS Officer-in-Charge r imm. 132 60 " T ss ' - HS " ■•ir ' - - . 1 I y m H 1 Li .1 The Hull Takes Form Strength is the prime requisite of the vessel ' s structure: ■ frames and longitudinals act as stiffening ribs • plating both absorbs and repels the brunt of the sea ' s force • columns and stanchions transmit vertical stresses ■ decks relieve and support crushing actions The individual components are assembled and fitted until at completion they form a solid barrier of strength — the Hull. IL :- w f 1 " . „ u r- m. ■ T M rt ' W Building The Man The Cadet too must be prepared to meet the exigencies of sea life: - alertness stimulates reflexive actions ■ co-ordination aids and abets professional effectiveness " physical strength inspires a sense of confidence - sportsmanship develops an innate sense of fair play With these attributes, fostered by the Sports program, the Cadet stands ready to put to sea. VARSITY TEAM tr TrontRow: Ragucci, Dowd, Wiechard, LeClerc, Taylor, Naples, Wetzel, Allen, McKeever, Rebman, Reed, Alvarado. ftecondKow;: Berry, Piacente, Woods, Werner, Guscott, Hammann, Bruder, H. Smith, Tredway, Kinsella, Guest, »■ tT ' I? " " • • I ? " ' • ' ■ Corrigan, M. Smith, Gelke, Stratton, Stocking, Champlain, Bruun, Juliano, Robins, Baker, Bertoh, Mattioni. Back Row: Cannon, Carlson, Collins, Pfeil, Benton, Digati, Malloy, Schult, Vitali, Bodnar, Kratz. Lt. MacKeen, HSN; Lt. T. R. Stapleton, USMS I l. (.. F. SliMlka. I SMS: I.t. T. (::uni(Kly, USMS OT BALL liud molioni Kings Point opened the curtain on the 1951 season with a thrilling arc light battle on Tomb Field against heavily favored New York Unive sity. The Cadets played inspired football all the way, only to go down to defeat in the closing minutes. The Mariners struck first as they marched ninety yards for a tally after the opening kickofl. Midway through the second period the Violets tied the score with a nineteen-yard pass and then went ahead 7-6 as the conversion clicked. The visitors added another seven points in the third period, but the final quarter saw the Mariners bounce back as Harry Smith climaxed a sixty-two yard drive by passing to Jack Rebman in the end zone. Ralph Vitale ' s conversion was good and the partisan crowd went wild. The cheers turned to groans, how- ever, for NYU halfback Billy Matthews gathered in the kickoff and sped eighty yards into the end zone to sink the Mariners ' hopes for good. The extra point split the uprights to make the final score NYU 21, Kings Point 13. J. CORRIGAN Head Manager 349 ' ' " ' " " eUieshot? Bitter at dropping their opener to NYU, the Mariners looked like a new team as they played host to a fast veteran squad of Engineers from RPI. An eighty-yard march gave the Cadets an early 6-0 lead, hut tile visitors hounced Ijack and dominated play for the rest of the half as they rolled up thirteen points. The Mariners came onto the field for the second half hreathing fire and the performance they turned in for tlicir wildly cheering rooters was magnificent. The defensive line consistently threw the RPI ball carriers for long losses. Tlie offensive unit opened huge holes for hard-running hacks Jack Rehman and Bill Guest and lilocked doggedly when Harry Smith took to the air. The twenty points tallied by the Cadets in the second half while holding the Engineers scoreless provided the measure of victory for the Academy. 150 Striking like lightning on the opening play of the game, Brooklyn stunned the Mariner supporters by racing seventy-five yards for a score. Recovering from their initial surprise late in the first period, the Mariners knotted the score 6-6 when Bill Guest hulled over from the one-yard line. The second quarter saw the two teams play each other on even terms as each scored seven points to make the score 13-13 as the half ended. 151 The second half opened with the Mariner defensive line ripping huge holes in the Brooklyn forward wall. A blocked punt set up one Kings Point score and a few min- utes later another blocked punt gave the Mariners a safety and a 22-13 lead. Still a third blocked punt on the visitors ' twenty-five yard line permitted the Mariners to steamroU into the end zone in three plays. The final tally was rung up late in the fourth quarter when Harry Smith dove over from the one yard line to climax a forty-yard march. The extra point was good and the final score stood at Kin s Point 35, Brooklyn College 13. Taking the road for the first tim in the sea- son, the Mariners found neighboring Hofstra a very inhospitable host as they were treated to a 13-0 defeat in an after dark affair. In a fierce battle which featured brilliant defensive play, the Mariner offense was stopped cold. Although the defensive unit fought gamely, it could not stop Hofstra from scoring twice. Both tallies were produced in the first half, with one being marked up via a long aerial and the other being punched over on the ground. The second half developed into a seesaw battle of punt exchanges. Though the Mariners threatened several times on Smith ' s passing and Guest ' s running, the Hofstra defense always held and the contest ended with Kings Point on the short end of the 13-0 score. Outstanding for the Mariners was the linebacking of Kraatz and Wiechard, the punting of Benton and the passing of quarterback Smith. Tinok iiiater ' al w b the sea. •raj Holsira a « iKated lo a " ' ■ In a fierce |i- itlmm play, told, . though y. it tould not Mob scene Traveling up to Vermont the Mariners met the new schedule ' s toughest opponent under tlie most adverse conditions possible. With the field swept by a raging blizzard and near zero temperatures prevailing throughout the contest, the substitution of sneakers for cleats proved to be necessary. Several wags were heard to comment that this did not go far enough — they suggested the further substitution of snowshoes! The three hundred hardy souls who braved the elements saw an out-weighed, out-fought Mariner eleven stopped cold while the Saint Michael ' s offense clicked off four scores for the lopsided victory. A Cadet fumble on their own 15-yard line set up the first touchdown. A 59-yard drive provided the second tally. An intercepted aerial was run back for the third score and the final marker of the day was tallied on a series of line plunges. )53 f ' -iE j s ia. Returning to Tomb Field after a two weeks ab- sence, tlie Mariners played bost to an unbeaten, unscored-upon eleven that was ranked as tbe lead- ing defensive football team in tbe nation. Fol- lowing a scoreless first quarter, tbe Mariner rooters saw tbe Cadets take a 6-0 lead early in tbe second period wlien Bill Guest rambled thirty yards for the score. New Haven struck back in tbe third quarter on a 20-yard sprint around right end but missed its cliance to take tbe lead when tbe conversion failed. Late in tiie same period tbe Mariners fired up their game-winning drive after tbe alert Cadet linesmen recovered another Teaclier fumble on tbe visitors ' 22-yard line. A combined passing and running at- tack moved tlie l)all to the 5-yard line from which Tommy Taylor dove into the end zone for the tie- breaking marker. The conversion was good and the score stood at Kings Point 13, Visitors 6, to remain that way till tbe final gun sounded. 154 The First Classmen finished their gridiron careers in a hiaze of glory as they powered the Mariners to a 56-0 rout of Wagner College in the final game of the 1951 season. Backs Tommy Taylor, Jack Rehman and Bill Guest ran ramp- ant all afternoon. Bill Guest was particularly outstanding as he ran 93, 65, and 5 yards from scrimmage for three TD ' s. Jack Rehman notched two scores, Tom Taylor one and second-string hacks produced the other two. With Ralph Vi- tale converting four times and the slashing Mariner defense producing two safeties, the team ran up their highest point total of the year. The completion of the first winning season in over five years was a great tribute to the skill of the Mariners ' popular head coach, Clem Stralka, in his first year of piloting the squad. Also due for their share of the credit in training the team are assistant coaches Tim Stapleton, Charlie MacKeen and Tom Carmody. JACK NOLAN Captain Left to Right: J. Nolan, S. Kaplan. D. Pfeil, R. Biggs, W. Wolfe, J. MoGuinness, J. McNulty, P. Smith, R. Pfeil, A. Herberger, R. Howe, J. Malloy. ' V -ir -- . A BASKET IT - B TlieK; nij?«l«i» Tlie(pii pH sjiii ' ' Ufilnijl, liiiieii .iil, iUfmi. Ih, h I ' k sen lie omiDf If.l.MtCaimeii, J.MiUoT. LCDR. CARMODY, USMS Coach ET BALL The 1951-52 basketball season saw the Mariners play a rugged schedule, and yet come out with their heads high. The quintet led by 5 ' 9 " Captain Jackie Nolan initiated the season with a win over Webb Institute, dropped a hard played game to Rutgers in overtime, and then went on to four straight wins. Then the lack of consistent lieight com- bined with a vigorous schedule and bad breaks became ap- parent. The team continued winless for the remainder of the season, with the majority of tlie games being decided by one or two points. The season ' s biggest highlight featured a thrilling win over the heralded Hofstra quintet. The Mariners win cost Hofstra a winning streak which lasted over two seasons. The game was a hard, fast contest, which saw Kings Point five points behind at the midway mark. However, Kings Point, a spirited team, took the lead early in the second half and held it to the final buzzer. Commendable performances were turned in throughout the season by Jim McGuiness, Jim Malloy, and Dick Pfeil who handled the backboards, while the play makers were Jack Nolan, Bill Wolfe, Bob Biggs, and Don Pfeil. Nov. 30 Dec. 5 12 14 20 Jan. 5 9 12 18 23 25 30 Feb. 1 7 8 9 13 16 19 22 29 SCHEDULE Webb Institute Home Rutgers (Newark) Home New York Aggies Away Fairfield University Away Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. . . . Home Wagner Colle ge Home Hofstra College Home Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute Away Kings College (Pennsylvania) Home U. S. Coast Guard Academy Away Hofstra College Away Pratt Institute Away Cooper Union Home Utica College Away St. Lawrence University Away Clarkson College Away Queens College Home New York Aggies Home St. John ' s University Home New York State Maritime College . . . Home Arnold College Away 157 From ' way outside " Jiggs " pushes one in I On rebound with Zeke and Co. alloy w Front Row: C. Timoney, J. Moran, D. Hirshberg, J. Roderick, T. Cannon, H. Gunderman. Second Row: G. Lewis, H. Smith, J. Nolan, B. Branstrom, H. Cassell. Third Row: J. Bruder, P. MrCullagh, J. Getty, P. Smith, W. Kramps, J. Matthews, R. Adams. Back Row: W. Kinsella, M. Pirone, M. Dost, R. Lasher, R. Clark, A. German, M. Patterson. baseball] LT. T. R. STAPLETON, USMS Coach Faced with the rebuikling of a squad virtually wiped out by graduation. Coach Tim Stapleton welcomed a large turnout of ball players with hope and enthusiasm. Around a nucleus composed of returning veterans Don Hirshberg, the star hurler and captain-elect, first sacker Howie Gun- derman and all-around utility man Clem Timoney, the squad underwent constant shifting throughout the season in a vain attempt to achieve that elusive winning combination. The season ' s end came with Cassell, Brandstrom, Lewis, Dost and Gunderman filling the infield positions; Nolan, Lasher, Timoney, Smith and McCullougli condjining to patrol the outer garden; Cannon backing up the plate, and Hirshl)erg, Pirone, and Smith doing the hurling. Although weak in the win column — only three victories ■ — the team proved itself strong in spirit and potential. With the coming of the 1952 campaign. Jack Nolan, the new captain, will be heading a squad whose prospects for a successful season are very bright indeed. 162 •Urn , Lf»i ' ' lential ' icui« ' April SCHEDULE 9 Queens College Home 21 Hofstra College Away 23 New York University Away 28 Pratt Institute Home May 1 Wagner College Away 3 Hofstra College Home 5 Long Island Aggies Home 9 Brooklyn College Home 12 N. Y. State Maritime College Away 15 Manhattan College Home 17 Long Island Aggies Away ' 19 City College of New York Home 21 St. John ' s University Home 23 Fordham University Away Metropolitan Collegiate Baseball Conference Garties. 163 JACK NOLAN Captain Tally ho RBV SMIW HOWIE CASSELL TOM CANNON ' " ' thhy MIL DOST • ' ♦ ' i. | £S ! tI iHe Viot spot Over in c Dreams of glory " " ' " ■n, h ■ ( ff» ' f5- « ' £3 .S Front i?o«;: R. White, J. McCaffery, C. Nuss. F. Gibbons. R Angert, T Taylor, T. Cre.ghton, R Stobbie. Back Ro.v: C. Martin. R. Vamos, W. Guest. W Barr W. Holtgren, J- Ship ey W Kresse R Sleiertin, R. Marsball. D. Wolle. E. Stainken. J. Rebman, J. Lewis, R. Agitar, C. Stable, W. Rendall, M. Dyer, R. Grant. A Outdoor TRACK The cominji of sprini; found still another Kings Point track team sweating off the excess winter fat and roundin j into shape under the watchful eyes of Coach Jim Liel)ertz. Charlie Nuss and Bill Krcsse hecame consistent winners in the 440, as did Bob Sleiertin in tlie 880. Bob Marshall was the outstanding Mariner performer in the distances and Jim Shipley, " Iron Man " Giblions and Joe Stewart burned up the track in the sprints. In the field events Jack Lewis ffarnercd points in tlic pole vault and Ray Vanios doubled in the broad jump and Tavelin throw. Bill Guest and Ray Wettlcr were the strong-arm boys in the discus tiirow and ' -Wliitey " Holtgren put the shot for an almost clean sweep of his events. Backing up these graduates were a host of under classmen who rounded out the team and made invaluable contributions toward the outcome of the season. R. GRANT, C. MARTIN Managers JOE STEWART Captain f . " Hercules " Holtgren Final i»purt BOB WIECHARD i " I never ran before. " Jan. SCHEDULE 6 Columbus Council and Knights of Columbus 13 Metropolitan AAU Senior Championships 27 Millrose Games Feb. 10 New York A. C. Games 17 National AAU Championships 24 1C4A Championships March 3 Knights of Columbus 9 Pioneer Club Games ' x i RAY VAMOS Millrose Games 170 Go, Joe ' ss«i;iMiit I, RELAY TEAM ' " ' ' ■- in,, ' . ■ ' " ■ ' " ' ■ ' ' .„ With tlie opening; of the ' 51 track season, the cinders of Roose- velts Field pounded under the flying feet of Kings Point ' s fastest mile relay team — " The Four Horsemen. " The three permanent legs of the quartet were Charlie Nuss, Bol) Sleiertin and Bill Kresse with Jim Shipley and Joe Stewart alternating as the fourth man. The regular season saw the " Horsemen " turn in win after win in extremely fast times. The quartet also performed creditahly in the Seton Hall and Penn Relays, finishing a dead-heat second to a top- I seeded lona quartet hoth times. The Four Horsemen TRACK SCORES April K - P- Opp. 7 Adelphi College 60 82 14 Fairleigh Dickinson and Long Island Aggies Won 21 Seton Hall Relays - 2nd in mile relay 27, 28 Penn Relays — 2nd in mile relay May 5 Greater N. Y. Conference Championship 2nd 19 New York State Championship 22 Hofstra College-. 71 ' a 68% 25, 26 1C4A Championships Boy Runner 171 Front Roiv: C. Nuss. H. Ross, F. McNuIty. D. Knorr. L. Broccoli. T. Anderson, J. McCaffery. Back Roiv: A. VanEmerick, W. Ryan. R. Marshall. Coach Liehertz. M. Jabo, M. Dyer, T. Creighton. CROSS COUNTRY I mm C. NUSS Captain This year the Mariners completed their " up hill and down dale " season with a record of four wins and two losses. Credit for the good showing of this small group can he given to Charlie Nuss and Bill Kresse for their one-two finishes in the season ' s meets. Spurring them on to victory were teammates Tom Anderson, Lou Broccoli, George Dyer and Bob Taniaro. SCHEDULE New York University 33 Long Island Aggies 24 Queens College 47) Brooklyn Poly 50) Hofstra College 34 Adelphi College 28 172 K.P. 22 31 24 25 29 I 1 i Sailing Team Front Row: T. Rice, J. Hanior. T. O ' Brien, B. O ' Connor. Second Row: E. Melanson. T. McGrath, R. VanDien, G. Kunkle. Back Row: J. Johnston, T. Hill, R. Sutton, H. Fritch, Lt. A. Fiore, Coach. 1 i AILING ' ' - Kj ' B. O ' CONNOR Captain LT. A. FIORE, USMS Coach Under tlie coaching of Lieutenants A. Fiore and J. Chamberlain, the Mariner sailing team completed a nearly perfect spring sailing sched- ule, winning five out of six meets. The team was invited to represent the Middle Atlantic Dinghy Association in the National Dinghy Champion- ships at Boston, Massachusetts. With Captains Bob O ' Connor and John Hamor at the helm, the Mariners placed fifth in competition with the best teams in the country. During the fall season the sailing team was forced to cancel several meets because of in- clement weather, but did successfully defend its Little Three Championship against Adelphi and Hofstra. The season ended with the Mariners placing sixth in the Navy Fall Invitational at Annapolis. 174 ., - :ii 9 , JE-t: Shoo in Last minute check i i Whistling for a breeze 175 Stealing wind 176 Finishing touch Rounding the mark 11 . April SCHEDULE 7 USMMA 87, Adelphi 68, Hofstra 60 21,22 USMMA 106, Cornell 103, Army 82 28,29 USMMA 90, Wagner 56, Columbia 53, Fordham 52 May 5,6 USMMA 58, Cooper Union 53, Adelpbi 51 12,13 Navy 131, Princeton 129, Georgetown 123, USMMA 119 October 20 Nevins Trophy Invitational Northeastern 45, Princeton 44, NYSMA 41, USMMA 37, Catholic Union 24 Novembei 10 Little Three Championships USMMA 116, Adelphi 94, Hofstra 65 17,18 Navy Fall Invitational: USMMA— 6th place " Two minutes ' ' T !«w Ls- ' -? - i!B " ' Where ' s the mark? -.a Soccer Team Front Row: R. Shulick, E. Nelson, F. Sliaughnessy, D. Sapone, A. Martone. J. Hanson, Captain; S. Fidelman, J. Haser, B. Levin. Second Row: R. Marshall. Manager; V. Campino, J. Durand, E. Miller, W. Savage, J. Oram, G. Seelman, R. Suriano. Back Row: Lt. J. Cox, Coach; R. Stuebben, J. Ortega, S. Rathkopf, G. Nelson, W. Miller, R. Schmidt, W. Yearsley, Manager. SOCCER Back again under Coach " Ciirley " Cox, the soccer team found itself pitted against some of the toughest competition in the Metropolitan area. The Kings Point liootcrs took their opposition in stride and came through with a winning season. The squad fashioned some fine performances as a whole hut two men were outstanding. Emmanuel Nelson of Haiti, who missed AU-American by lack of citizenship, and Ruljen Lezcano of Para- guay, placed on the Metropolitan Collegiate All-Star team, adding a fine bit of the Latin touch to local soccer. The team will undoubtedly feel the loss of nine of its members but still has enough talent remaining for a successful season next year. LT. J. COX, USMS Coach ft: M ■ ' - J. CAMPBELL, W. YEARSLEY R. MARSHALL Managers SOCCER RECORD Opponent K.P. 0pp. Place Brooklyn College 2 home Panzer College 1 4 away Arnold College 3 2 away City College of New York 3 4 home Long Island Aggies 2 1 away New York State Maritime College 1 away Pratt Institute 1 1 home Queens College 3 away " " " day ' s H ork From Row: G. Daniels, T. Dawson, D. Peterson, C. Day, E. Trafton, L. Holt, R. Jones, Manager. Back Row: R. Patterson, Coach; R. Ritz, W. Escue, C. Lowe, J. Whichard, R. Edwards, E. Wilcox, J. O ' Donnell, W. Kennedy, Manager. SCORES L K H Kings Point Opp. H 2 Fordliam University 7 |r»l " " H " HkT I T " ■ " T ■ Queens College 3 ■ H [ 1 I I " N. Y. State Maritime College H H] 1 H I H H B ■ Manhattan College - B- - H.- - - B JH_ k-_ H 4 Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute 5 B 4 Wagner College 5 : H S Pratt Institute 4 4 St. John ' s Lniversity 5 6 Seton Hall College 3 2 Hofstra College 7 Spectators mijtt. J J ' :.7HB K_ • ; • S. ' J tf J t i ' Tlie tipoff Sparked by the hustle of veterans Dick Edwards, Ed Wilcox, Charley Low and Captain Jim Whichard in singles competition, plus Jim O ' Donnell aiding Edwards in the doubles, the squad amassed a record of five wins and five losses. Figures, however, do not indicate the superb showing of the team since three of the defeats were five to four matches. Billy Escue, a new addition to the squad, turned in the season ' s best performance with nine consecutive victories before going down to defeat for the first and only time. Coach Bob Patterson has always fielded a well-trained squad and this year, with the return of an experienced nucleus, the team should do as well — if not better. J iMn m y J, kiw- ' »i - ' u i w •IPWN -v tTt BC. h. ■ s ll j r A - ' V •■ i 1-,. mag « Wi|- -r-j ass W. KENiNEDY, R. JONES Managers Set point 181 R. EDWARDS Wrestling Team Front Row: J. Russell, T. Hayes, R. Rossman, G. Evanovich, K. Hartman, R. Dickson, R. Neumann, G. Thielhorne, D. Stojda, L. Kaczmarczyk, Manager. Back Row: A. Van Emmerick, G. Casparius, W. Miller, R. Corkery, T. Dawson, W. Voigt, D. Fields, R. May, W. Stocking, R. LeClerc, R. Weinig, T. Evans, M. Rivard, R. Bremiller, J. Ascherl, S. Rathkopf, V. DeVito, R. Ferris, G. Zekauskas. WRESTLIX Thirty-five Cadet-Midshipmen turned out for wrestling in the first week of Octoher for an early start on the tough season ahead. From these men a starting team was determined from eliminations held under the shrewd eye of Coach Clem Stralka. The squad was formed around a nucleus of five veterans who were kept on their toes hy their aspiring teammates. With good support from the Regiment, the matmen of Kings Point turned in a creditahle record and showed much promise for tlie ensuing year. LT. C. STRALKA, USMS Coach WRESTLING SCORES Opponent K. P. Opp. Place Rutgers (Newark) 31 5 home City College of New York 24 6 home Hofstra College 3 31 home Kings College (Pennsylvania) 19 9 home New York Aggies 8 23 away New York University 11 14 home Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute 30 away 184 T. DAWSON Captain Front Roiv: H. Solomon. S. Kaminsky. B. Douglas. R. Klages. A. Jones. Second Row: D. Fay, J. Germanok. R. Evans. R. Dosher. R. Duke. W. Sliovdian, T. Wulff. Coach A. Feld. Back Row: C. Grandjean, R. Herzog. J. Cram, A. Goldherger, R. Wettler, D. Froude, R. Shvodian. Ilie T. Deceiiikr ui klore Cliri lie. The i Marine C«r|i Ijntuieil cell LI, I " , leenlorllirf Ailliesf; llie leain m record lor I llie myard HerzojanJl ir llie 3(J(M metlle llroii| yard ij(Ji feller. Tlie stm «m Fordlii ' otced lo ,||, ■t bsu ' Even swimmers crawl D. FAY, R. SHVODIAN Managers The ' 51-52 swimming season got underway early in Decemljer under the alile tutelage of Coach Jim Cox and hefore Cliristmas the record hooks listed two wins and a tie. The New Year hrought liack Coach Al Feld from the Marine Corps in Korea and in tlie next meet the Mariner tankmen celelirated his return I)y dropping the hoys of L. I. U. from the ranks of the undefeated where they had heen for three years and twenty-five straight wins. As the season progressed, names hcgan to stand out on the team roster. Roger Duke took over the Cadet Corps record for tlie 50-yard free style. Bol) Klages dominated the 440-yard free style. The trio of Al Goldberger, Bob Herzog and Captain Tom Wulfl hroke the Academy record for the 300-yard medley relay. Don Froude proved his mettle tliroughout the year as he went undefeated in the 150-yard individual medley and was the team ' s top point getter. The season ended witli the Mariners marking up wins over Fordham, Manhattan and Adelphi without being forced to sliow their full strength. JlOM wulff Captain Flying high December K. P. Opp. 1 Brooklyn College 56 28 15 Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute 60 24 20 New York University 42 42 January 26 Long Island University 45 39 February 6 City College of New York 42 42 9 Fordham University 48 36 23 Manhattan College 54 30 27 Adelphi College 52 32 R. Duke, C. Grandjean, R. Klages, H. Solomon. R. Wettler, R. Dosher, B. Klages, J. Oram. g| . P I S T O L Pistol Team Front Row M Fishkind, W. Catto, M. Schramm, B. Jenkins. Second Roiv: R. Carlson, L Kraft, C. Rempe, Chief Ach, G. Gaye, O. Garcia, R. Ortolano, Back Row: D. Dears, P. Pirri, J. Giroux, R. Knowles V. Storer, C. Lentz, A. Garthwaite, G. Brown. 190 PISTOL SCORES Opponent Equitable Life Insurance New York State Maritime College. . . . Freeport Pistol Club Cornell University United States Military Academy Texas A M Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States Naval Academy University of Washington Cornell University Oregon State College K.P. 1272 0pp. 1123 1141 1231 1296 1317 1336 1248 1319 1298 1296 1372 Place Home Home Home Postal Home Postal Home Home Postal Postal Postal 1228 1234 1330 1266 1329 1279 1268 1312 1345 1319 ■■■■■■ RIFLE RIFLE SCORES Opponent K. P. 0pp. Queens College 1399 1271 Long Island Aggies 1400 1203 St. John ' s University 1397 1419 Trinity College 1399 1280 Cooper Union 1409 1324 Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. . . 1373 1385 Queens College 1414 934 Notre Dame 1409 1409 United States Military Academy . 1397 1423 Georgia Tech 1405 1384 Rutgers University 1413 1333 City College of New York 1383 1380 Newark College of Engineering. . 1390 1329 Cornell University 1409 1401 South Carolina State 1406 1350 New York University 1412 1386 Seton Hall 1420 1340 Place Home Home Home Home Home Away Home Postal Away Postal Home Away Away Home Postal Away Away L Coach Ach giving pointers Completion Of Construction The vessel takes form. Topside, work continues on the yet unfinished superstructure: • the bridge and wheelhouse are added " railings and ladders become realities • stacks and kingposts are fitted and secured " crew ' s and officers ' quarters are finished off As each component is completed the vessel moves one step closer to the realization of the designer ' s dream — a self contained organization. « l fsmm " " ftjii p _ — i. 1, _ L ... -It " W r- ,— I ;i MiM 4 1! .jr :i ■1 1 Broadening The Mind Interests and achievements outside the realm of formal education also contribute to the Cadet ' s training: " publications offer opportunities for creative expression societies present social as well as academic benefits " competitive activities foster sportsmanship In this manner Activities add to the general development of the future officer ' s character. ,1 ♦ ' -IF ' . .® 1 ' " m i Another year, anollicr staff and aiiotlier MIDSHIPS dedicated to anotlier frraduatinf; class. A foinnioii-place tliin ;, j)erliaj)s, l)ut a real exj)erionce to those of us who liave liad the i)U ' asiire — and tlie headaches — of preparing this volume. We hope that our i)resentation of Academy life is true and faitliful so that all may recognize former classmates, friends and instructors when they reminisce ahout " tlie good old days at tlie Point. " For wiiether or not we realize it now, tlu ' sc last four years constitute an unforgetahle ex- perience in our lives. Some will remendter them with gladness, some with sadness, some witii real nostalgia, and a few may rememljer with hitterncss, hut real or imagined hurts all fade with time and only the pleasant ex- periences remain real. We of MIDSHIPS will feel more tlian repaid for our efforts if in the years to come, as the liook is scanned, the phrase " Rememher when . . . " comes to the lips and mind. Advertising Managers T. RAMM R. GREEN Edii II. E, H, Officer-Adviser CMDR. V. E. TYSON, JR., USMS Business Managers M. WIESER W. McLEAN Editorial Adviser LT. E. H. NORTHROP, USMS 197 Editorial ' How about this? ' i MIDSHIPS Art and Layout " What do you think, fink? " DAIV HANSEN " " " d Layout Editor ' Not bad " 199 ' A little darker here. ' MIDSHIPS Photography A. V. PHItLlPS Photography Editor I- and our subscribers wait IDSHIPS Circulation | ,kni«i»l " i ' | MIDSHIPS at the Printers • • • Saturday A. M. arrival WHAT,A AiN? i F MIDSHIPS :0 0 « -;i- ' ' ' »s ' IHB m Wm m m w. iV;.-- f 3 POLICY BOARD Medlund, Macdonald, Schretzman, Landman, Creighton, Adier, Buehler, Zecca, Crossley. For the sixth year Hear This, the paper " l)y and for the Regiment of Cadet-Mid- shipmen " rolled off the presses weekly, supplying the late news about the Acad- Written and produced solely by EDITORIAL STAFF itting: MeCormick, Crossley, and Creighton. Standing: Adler, Macdonald, and Walker. 205 Cadet-Midshipmen, it has taken the pro- gressive course and has grown larger and more effective through the years. Although Hear This is not an official organ of the Administration, it has never been prone to publish rumors or scuttlebutt and thus has gained a reputation of being accurate and reliable. So at Kings Point everyone, yes everyone, reads Hear This. When it first arrived on ' he Academy scene in 1946, in the original mimeograph- ed form, it caused quite a stir and has con- tinued to do so from time to time ever since. Not content with merely getting news to the Regiment, the staff worked diligently and when finally prepared to meet collegiate competition in September 1949, Hear This appeared as a regular printed newspaper. The farsighted Editors so laid out the paper that neither the form nor the general policy had to be materially altered to this day. 1951 saw the paper switch from the con- ventional letter press type of printing and become a pioneer in college newspaper photo offsetting. The result has been a more colorful, better illustrated, more easily produced and more effectively handled publication. Although the way has not always been smooth, as evidenced by the four Editors in the past year, Hear This has generally managed to go to press on time each week, one way or another, and we trust will con- tinue to do so. i t ' lk The sports scoop THE KINGS POINT JOURNAL OF MARITIME AFFA RS Polaris, the Kings Point Journal of Maritime Affairs, is a quarterly magazine published by the Cadet-Midship- men at the Academy. Containing articles written by outstanding leaders in the maritime industry, news of the Academy of its graduates, book reviews, and an ex- tremely useful " Index to Maritime Periodicals " , Polaris presents a wealth of valuable technical and general information to its readers every three months. Dale Fellner, News Editor, checks a scoop. L h iiii I Ujii, K i THE STAFF LT. M. W. PRICE, LSMS Offcer-Adviser Information Service The Regimental Information Service was organized in April of 1948 to publicize and to promote the Academy through press releases on the individual Cadet-Midshipmen. The more often the name of tjie United States Merchant Marine Academy appears hefore the public in connection with outstanding achievements, the sooner the goal of the Information Service will be readied. During the four year course a minimum of six news releases ♦ MILTON D. STOLZENBERG Chief, Class of December 1951 210 JERRY E. GREGORY Chief, Class of August 1952 I S. S. GOLDRICH News Editor Third Class releases NEWS STAFF III liieJ in April My lliroiifli ■o, Tbe more fine Atademy oulitandin; ution Service new releases E. C. PEREZ Associate Editor is sent out to the hometown newspaper of each man. In addition to this, special releases may be issued for any number of unusual events on both an individual and an Academy basis. Our Academy is the youngest of the four Federal Academies, but its name and fame are spreading rapidly, greatly accelerated by the efforts of the Cadet-Midshipmen on the staff of the Regimental Information Service. Policy Board BEFORE DVRIISG AFTER PHOTO STAFF This stuff is jnat " eut ' n dry " Regimental Broadcast Unit BRUCE ZORTMAN, Director Class of December, 1951 The Regimental Broadcast Unit is composed of Cadet- Midshipmen witli an inclination toward radio broadcasting and recording. Functioning from headquarters secreted on top of Delano Hall, the Regimental Broadcast Unit enlivens meals with request numbers varying from Beethoven to Bop. Other activities consist of broadcasting football games, re- cording talks of guest speakers and providing music for informal dances. Though relatively new, the Broadcast Unit ' s record of constant improvement makes it a progressive addition to Academy activities. LT. A. FRASER, USMS Officer-Adviser The Regimental Band, under the direction of W. O. F. V. McCammon, provides music for the Regiment wlien on tlie march and plays various concerts throughout the year. Morn- ing Colors permits the band to show off its repertoire of over one hundred and thirty marches as the sections of book-laden Cadet-Midshipmen stride off to classes. Precision marching is displayed at all formal reviews and the execution of bizarre formations makes the half-time periods at Kings Point football games more enjoyable for all. Sound off! ! Regimental Band .i W. O. F. V. McCAMMON, USMS Bandmaster Saturday morning review P. HAMMER Regimental Bandmaster 216 " D.I,- Danee Band " Sleepy " Chase --i " Gib " Gibbons Bandleader " Lead Foot " Moore m. IS! " Duke " Hammer The Regimental Dance Band, maintained wholly by Cadets, has done much to enliven the hours here at Kings Point J)y playing in Delano Hall at meal times, in O ' Hara Hall during athletic functions, and at numerous other affairs. July 1952 will see many graduates leave the Dance Band. Floyd Gihhons, who formed and led the present band, graduates from the trumpet section, as does Harold LeMay. The trombone section loses Fred Kipp and Willie Meyer. Hardest hit too are saxes, with Bob Hajosy, Bob Fairbanks, and Jim Chase leaving. Paul Hammer consigns his bass to the deep six, while Bob Moore does the same with his drums. It may look like the end of a fine aggregation, but musical Plebes abound at Kings Point. " Hi Ho " Hajosy 217 Tea •w ' LT. H. SPURR, USMS Officer-Adviser Front Roiv: J. Johanson, J. Ridley, T. McGrath. Second Roiv: G. Thielhorn, E. Dudziak, C. Morrissey, S. Reidy. Third Roiv: R. Talyor, K. Hoch, W. Fields, A. Schultz. J. Jantzen, D. Liedel, H. Janinda, D. Fay. Fourth Row: L. Rossi, C. Steinhauser, W. Bradley, C. O ' Toole, J. Potter, G. O ' Reagan, P. Wanbaugh, W. Baunack. Back Roiv: T. O ' Donnel, D. Schreiber, H. Pesce, N. Pierce, F. Quarto, A. Keefe, I. Eldrige, F. Fellner, R. Crane. The Drill Team is the Academy ' s contrihution to precision marching. It is composed of approximately fifty men who, by hard twice-weekly practice, under the guidance of Lt. Horton Spurr, have mastered the manual of arms, precision execution and unit marching. Under the direct command of a Cadet-Officer, the team displays its snap at all Regimental marching functions, from a Saturday morning review to a hoKday parade down Broadway. Finale to an exhibition 218 Si C iiJ msn ..- 9 uiHi i % ■ " j mH WWIpPm ■iiiililftllJiyj i " ' ' ' ' " ' « aull, I To the Suns, March DgdiiiL . liDtun, . Oloolt. xktilitt, Sir, The Drill Company S. CLARK Regimental Drillmaster Queen Anne Salute 219 Front Row: E. Borison, R. Denison, T. Phelps, Lt. Lugowski, L. Grill. M. Scufalos, A. Furlan. Back Rotv: E. Tesoriero, S. Goldrich, A. Weiss, R. Smith, C. Nelson, G. Shreve, J. Baird, E. Hickey, P. FitzMorris. Debate Co ' i G. SHREVE 220 Oxford Debate, 10 December, 1951 ite Council With Cadet-Midshipman T. W. Phelps as President during the first semester, and Cadet-Midshipman L. J. Grill during the second half, the Dehate Council en- tered the field of international competition. In Novemher tlie Council debated Toronto, Queens, Ottowa and McGill, with the high point of the trip at the Royal Military College of Canada at Kingston, Ontario. In December Oxford met the Mariners. Many tournaments were tackled by Kings Point, including the N.Y.U., Johns Hopkins, Hofstra, Boston, Brooklyn, Georgetown meets, and culminating in the Princeton and West Point tourneys. Under the guid- ance of Lt. Victor J. Lugowski, a numerically small but gallant group of debaters has carried this strenu- ous but quite successful season. Left to Right: L. Grill. R. Taverne and W. Rees-Mogg of Oxford Debate Council. T. Phelps, L. GRILL 1 f i " M . K ? • 4 T. PHELPS ' m m Dance Committee Front Row F Ablan, R. Smith, P. Leitner, A. Durante, Second Row: W. Landmann, L. Francino, D. Cutler, D. Meehan, B. Ramirez, W. Woody, A. Herberger, D. Flynn. Back Row: H. Rodgers, S. Clark C E. Causey H. Hertzberg W Hoffman, N. Jones, F Fellner, W. Fath, D. Wolle, W. Berg, V. DeVito, R. Browne, H. Dilts, R. Jordan, W. Clark, E. Goodale, T. Black, V. Feltus, T. Copeland, J. Muller, P. Johansen. Dance Committee Finishing touch Sculptors all 222 I Construction under way onv ent of t ' - 51-B Morale Officers Left to Right: B. Ramirez, W. Woody, D. Cutler, D. Meehan. head 52-B Morale Officers Lejt to Right: T. Black, N. Jones, D. Flynn, D. Wolle. 223 N - Front Row: P. Dulk. R. McKnight. S. Evanovich, C. Nuss, B. Zortman, A. Jones, R. Moore, M. Race. Back Row: G. Turnley, G. Casparius, T. Lang, R. Smith, L. Lenlz, K. Hartmann, N. Olson, R. Dickson, H. Rolnian, M. Mediling. D. Cannon, J. Flagg, G. Madden, R. John, R. Weinig, G. Nelson, J. Purcell. Christian Council ri ' -f ; fr „ C ISuss. - ' ' " ■.» vinroole. A. J " Nelson, Front Row: » - chapla ' " " " ' McLean, G. INei One of the most important phases in the life of a Cadet-Midshipman is his spiritual experience. In the Protestant Chapel much of the work associated with re- ligious services is entrusted to the members of the Chris- tian Council elected from each section. The opinions expressed by these men are an invaluable aid to Chaplain Harpole in the planning of regular and special services. Results of the excellent work done by the Council can be seen from the Candlelight service which welcomes the plebes to the Baccalaureate service which bids farewell to the graduates. i OIDR. I IS " . ' tola b the rith K- tijpliin Front Row: W. Mitchell, P. Guia, R. Butler, R. Nath, R. Rivas, W. Brennen, M. Race, J. Saavedra. Back Row: J. Burnham, J. Brady, R. Ortolano, F. Almazora, J. RoUene. R. Rodriguez, R. Marshall, R. Fialcowitz, E. Perez, D. Cannon, X. Ubarri, W. Barr, G. Largin. M. Pirone. L. Holden, W. Stocking, P. Sonnen, D. Mattioni, S. Martillano, B. Hartline. Latin- American Club CMDR. C. W. FERRIS, USMS Officer-Adviser R. NATH President, 52B R. LEZCANO President, 51 B ' ' •■ofessional i For those interested in Latin-American culture, the Latin-American Chib offers the best opportunity to learn the language, dances and social etiquette of our Southern neighbors. Under the presidency of Cadet- Midshipman Nath and the guidance of Commander Ferris, the Latin-American Club has initiated an active program that includes dancing classes, Spanish classes, tea parties, buffets, and conferences. 225 «nstruc»ion - cu ■-%« - Le « o Right: J. Kindling, N. Jones, P. Leitner, G. McCormack, P. Johansen, J, Fletchko, F. Groepler. N. JONES G. McCORMACK President, 52B President, 51B 7 .. Marlinspike Club LT. E. MANGODT, USMS Officer-Adviser Going fishing? The mission of the Marlinspike Club is to further the dexterity of Cadet-Midshipmen in the various phases of practical seamanship which lie beyond the scope of the courses given in the Seamanship Laboratory. Membership in the club is open to any Deck or Engine Cadet-Midshipman who desires to en- gage in advanced wire splicing, fancy knot work, canvas work, power boat handling and maneu- vering, small boat rigging and repairing and other projects. Instruction in all other types of practical seamanship is given to those members requesting it by the club ' s Officer-Adviser, Lt. Einar Mangodt. Motor Boat Show Exhibit P. JOHANSEN Secretary, 52B T ' I 1 ' M . 1 it ' UNITED STATES front Rou): L. Overhiser, F. Linke. N. Scivetti, S. Doubiago. W. Pettyjohn, C. Waterman, R. Rossman, C. Morrissey. Second Row: J. Camp. W. Scliretzman, J. Zecca, G. Ross, R. McCormick, T. O ' Donnell, W. Wilson. K. Hoch. Back Row: J. Rehleen. R. Greer, D. Cannon, L. Lorden, E. Herzog, J. Hiokey, R. Marshall, H. Buehler, L. Lentz, R. Smith, M. Rivard, S. Reidy, T. Lang. W. Rendall. R. Stevens, R. Orto- lano, T. Sommers, R. Sehooley, R. John, J. Wilson, T. Dawson, R. Crane, C. Fullmer, R. Kay, W. Peters, J. McDaniel. ' ,M Officers — Class of December ' 51 H. Rodgers, Secretary; D. Meehan, President; M. MacDonald. Vice President. Propeller Club Officers — Class of August ' 52 D. Angert, Vice President; F. Mahr, Public Relations Secretary; M. Macdonald, President; J. Loughrey, Secretary. Miehelson CMDR. C. D. INGERSOLL, USMS Officer-Adviser R. Knowles. C. Largin, J. McDaniel. T. Trott, L. Young, R. Jordan, M. Thayer, T. Dawson, R. Stevens, T. Lang, R. McCormick L. Lorden. R. Ortolano, C. Hunt, T. Creighton, C. Linder, P. Johansen. Windjammers This organization, under the guidance of Lt. R. B. May, is devoted to recrea- tional sailing and development of added proficiency in the handling of small boats. At present the club has two " S " class sloops, the Tern and the Pandora, which are raced at yacht clubs in the metropolitan area under the auspices of the Long Island Yacht Racing Asso- ciation. Recreational sailing at the Aca- demy is provided by two Duck class sloops, five Mariner class boats and one monomoy. Boasting a membership of over one hundred men, the club is one of the most active in the Academy. Vice Commodore R. Paul and Commodore L. Kraft. LT. R. B. MAY, USMS Officer-Adviser 228 Commodore M. Thayer, Vice Commodore T. Lang and Secretary R. McCormick i h! rxJ 52B Ring Committee F. DeSouza, E. Tesoriero, M. Thayer, R. Farley, W. Brennen, D. Dears, R. Dickson, G. MacDonough, M. Lawrence, J. Wager, J. Birknes, J. Flagg. Ring and Crest Committee SIB Ring Committee I. B. Zortman, M. Wieser, R. Paul, G. Ellis, R. Dickson, E. Seitz, W. Bagnall. Camera Club jl Left to Right: A. Martone, President; F. Linke. Vice President; J. Merrill, Giroux, P. Fialcowitz, Secretary; L. Holte, F. Gibbons, R. Sanidad. Fine developing -T l S HI CT mt B Ev Lv . - SI H |p ri A. MARTONE President LCDR. J. C. MARTIN Officer- Adviser 229 Front Row: Fetchko, Black, Balomenos. Second Row: Reidy, Wilson, Bassett, Folsoni. Third Row: Hickey, O ' Donnell. Fourth Row: Dyer, Ortolano, Fitzmorris, Tesoriero. Fijth Row: MoUard, Markey, Borison. Back Row: Schneider, Bernasconi, Sheehan. Eagle Scout Society Escort duty The Cadet-Mi tinue pai movenie Point. Vis ably cond iQl Q ' : emy by addition to es cooper, in a gii gram. T served to ship for the rounding areas sists of to con- f Scout g Kings arties are the Acad- ociety. In the Society troops nt pro- lety have rmer friend- ly in the sur- S(di«! R. H. BALOMENOS President LCDR. F. C. SETARO, USMS Officer-Adviser Silting: R. Javello, N. Scivelti, B. Jenkins. D. Paolini. Sitting: W. U ' Aquila, L. Holt, J. Gale, G. Mad- den, R. Grier, R. Lynch, O. Garcia. Practice makes perfect 230 Captain Scivetti checking finer points Fencing Club •i .1 Put F ' or ¥mi Sitting: F. Salonga, H. Krass, D. Mattioni, F. Gibbons, J. Camp. W. Shostakavich. Standing: F. Capodanno, S. Goldrich, D. Wills, M. Jabo, P. Fialcowitz, R. Lowen, W. Rennie, R. Smythe. LT. G. ALEXANDER, USMS Officer-Adviser Russian Club Left to Right: Lt. J. M. Chamberlain, USMS; T. Campbell. E. Rondepierre, R. Fialcowitz, J. Hickey, R. Schooley, B. Hartline. R. Santos, H. Donaldson. Astronomy Club LT. J. M. CHAMBERLALN, USMS R. FIALCOWITZ Officer-Adviser President Intramurals Infield hit Cheesecake Agility plus 1 ' ' ' ' ' • ' ' - JVo, a feather!! " a " - in the hoat 232 I Winning coxswain ' mik _ Ready for the hangman 7 «U 6e one . . . " " iast A,„ . Plebe Tomorrow is another aay With the approach of Plebe Day, hardened upperclassmen blanch with fear while the lowly Fourth Class openly rejoices in anticipation of their long-awaited revenge. On the eve of " the day " however, the Fourth Class goes through one final good-natured purge. All the jibes and indignities attendant to this are suffered with a grin though, for at the crack of dawn the tables turn in a decisive manner. Roused out unceremoniously, the upperclassmen are at the not-so-tender mercies of the newly emancipated Plebes for the day. Cleaning stations, fiendish pranks, inspections, impromptu musters, community sings — all are the unpleasant lot of the upper classes. The day ends with the Plebes tired, but happy in the knowledge that they too, are now upperclassmen and — let those Plebes beware! kj " ' ■ " ' o. 69 ' Dinner is served, m ' Lord ' I „_j " Day i St. J " " " " ' m BETTER HALF -i» CUaV crone Strong gingerale? Outflanked ' " S W ei, k Miss Hope Lange ( r- ak !) : v J Fl 0 - . J -a i i: |:i ' y Commissions And Degrees The years of study finally come to an end. Expectantly the graduate begins his last day as a student: • baccalaureate services are held ■ a luncheon is served to graduates and guests • the regiment salutes the departing graduates with a formal review ■ graduation ceremonies commence With infinite pride the graduate receives the rewards of his new status— degree and commissions. For him this is the beginning of a new era, the beginning of his career. I 1 ' 4 ' GRADUATES I Class Officers THOMAS ANDERSON President LEROY KRAFT Vice President 244 Class of DECEMBER 1951 Class Council 1 1 m Left to Right: W. Catto, R, Murray, T. Creighton, E. Coodale, J. Fitzpatrick, T. Anderson, J. Michel, L. Kraft, W. Berg, J. Piatt, E. Shapiro, J. Donnelly. n T r f 2 J il ■911 1 - ' - r , f ff 1 ( ljLu4 if • j ■ %: ,jB f m ■ r.i • .-1 ' - 1 " ar cmBP -C — .,- i - -.:3%Sir " tr « ' i W WALTER ALFRED ADLER 32-26 33rd Street, Long Island City, New York PLEBE YEAR; Kings Point. SEA DUTY: U.S.N.T. Mission Salono, Pacific Tankers, Inc. COUNTRIES VISITED: Philippine Islands, Saudi Arabia, Guam, Japan, Germany, Egypt, Hawaiian Islands. ACADEMY RECORD: Hear This— Business Editor, Glee Club, Latin-American Club, Propeller Club, Cadet Officer. i . ' " ' ' " ' " ' ' president Unes ' , , Poin - » American n t til En ' r, I WALTER A. BAGNALL Nassau Street, Massapequa, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY- S.5. Samoset, Socony-Vacuum Oil Co.; S.S. African Grove, Farrell Lines, Inc.; S.S. Examiner, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Venezuela, Colombia, South West Africa, Liberia, Angola. French Turkey, Yugoslavia. ACADEMY RECORD: Editor-in-Chief— Polaris, Ring Chairman, Cadet Officer. West Africa, Belgian Congo, Italy, Committee 246 cZf-pt ' n, ' : ° 3 ' C..p„ ' f Pen, ' ' leer. WALTER JOEL BERG 547 Ovington Avenue, Brooklyn, New York PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. New World Victory. Pacific Far East Lines; U.S.N.S. Mission Dolores, Pacific Tankers, Inc. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pan- ama, China, Philippine Islands, Venezuela, Norway, Denmark, England, Canada, Mexico. ACADEMY RECORD: Windjammers, Dance Committee, Class Council, Marlinspike Club. I s fy »g i HERBERT EDWARD BERRY 14 North Gate Road, Great Neck, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Lakeland Victory, Pacific Far East Lines; M.S. Ocean Mail, American Mail Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, China, Formosa, Philippine Islands, Dutch East Indies, Straits Settlements, Canada. ACADEMY RECORD: Football. 247 THEODORE ROOSEVELT BEST, JR. 531 Walnut Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Lines; S.S. President Hard- ing, American President Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Japan. China, Philippine Islands, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, India, Paki- stan, Egypt, Italy, France, Curacao. ACADEMY RECORD: Michaelson Society, Propeller Club. $ HE!E YEAR: iEA Dilll ' . pary: SS COUWIIES lindi, Pn ACADWV « ' ._...,._ Kings P° " -_bLvV ACA° , ub, Po ' " ' Engineers. ROBERT HENRY BROWNE 112 Marine Avenue, Brooklyn, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: U.S.N.T. Mission Dolores, Pacific Tankers, Inc; M.V. China Mail, American Mail Line; S.S. Ticonderoga, Key- stone Tankship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, Korea, China. Philippine Islands, Canada. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Team, Dance Committee. Cadet Of- ficer. f SOBER toa i,,.. •- li JH Jw. O ' lnj, 1M, Pilli- r Ji. DONALD GORDON BRUCH 418 Minnesota Street, Ottumwa, Iowa PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.S. Jesse Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Com- pany; S.S. Del Mar, Mississippi Shipping Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, Formosa, China, Philippine Is- lands, Panama, Virgin Islands, Uruguay, Argentina. Brazil, ACADEMY RECORD: Track, Cadet Officer. 1 nP Harry „ " " r- " ' O cLJ- - Gulf C " ■ ' ' ' 9s p . ' ' " I nd ou- ■ fNE Int; lilan . Odel«- Lea ' »ii ' ROBERT WARREN BULLICK 169 Kalos Street, Philadelphia 28, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Veteran, S.S. Pioneer Bay, United States Lines; S.S. Exchequer, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: England. Ireland. Scotland, Egypt. Saudi Arabia. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. Eritrea, French Somaliland, Italian Somaliland, Pakistan. India, Ceylon, Burma, China. Japan, Formosa, Philippine Islands, Panama, Dutch West Indies, Marshall Islands, Hawaiian Islands. ACADEMY RECORD: Gregorian Choir, Latin-American Club. Michaelson Society, Hear This, Midships, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. ° ' " ' " nc(er. " Or,,, 7-_ ' ' r anna ,3,, 249 J» mm VINCENT CAGGIANO 96-14 42nd Avenue, Corona, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: U.S. NT. Mission San Gabriel, Pacific Tankers, Inc; 5.S. American Mail, American Mail Line. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama, Canada, Japan, China, Philippine Islands, Korea. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Class President, Polaris, Hear This, Latin-American Club, Cadet Officer — Sub-Company Commander. GEORGE f .w.-- ' ACADEMY RE 3 4- ROLF CLARENCE CARLSON 65 Prospect Avenue, Middletown, New York Kings Point. S.S. Samoset, Socony-Vacuum Oil Company; S.S. S.S. Exford, American Export PLEBE YEAR SEA DUTY: America, United States Lines Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED; Venezuela, Colombia, France, England, Ireland, Italy. French Morocco, Egypt. Israel, Iran, Yugo- slavia, Sicily, Dutch West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Rifle and Pistol Club. Pistol Team. 250 howai w WALLACE ARTHUR CATTO, JR. 966 East 28th Street, Brooklyn 10, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. Lakeland Victory. Pacific Far East Lines; M.S. Ocean Mail. American Mail Line. COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada. Japan. China. Philippine Islands, Dutch East Indies. Straits Settlements. Formosa. ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Pistol Team, Rifle and Pistol Club. Band. Class Council. • 4» lliW f .111 miM ■ ■..fS. HOWARD FINN CHRISTIAN Hawthorne Street, West Hempstead, New York f PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY; 5.S. Mormacsaga, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED; Norway. Denmark. Sweden. Poland. Can- ada. British West Indies. Brazil. Uruguay. Argentina. ACADEMY RECORD; Basketball. Windjammers. f Dury. 3 . y Pent. ' " " ' Ne., y„ CAOEMV tr. ' e ' on. t:;;r s,and?p,;-- ' ca; X ' ,-- ' - " f Of ■ ;r ' ' ' ' ae son So. 251 t SPf " ptEBE VEAR ' oe I ' " ; ies, S.S. F ' ' . est |- TERENCE JAMES CREIGHTON, JR. n 175 Pixley Street, San Francisco, California PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Marine Snapper. American President Lines; S.S. Mormacland. Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Hawaiian Islands. Japan. China, Philip- pine Islands, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Italy. France, Formosa. Canada, Panama, Netherlands West Indies, British West Indies, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay. ACADEMY RECORD: Swimming, Track, Sports Editor — Hear This. Windjammers, Astronomical Society. Pfopeller Club, Intramural Regimental Championship Softball Team. Football, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Cadet Officer. I ff 1 1 cs «Y van » - ' -- " ::u.-nrt.eco,p.s.s.-- der- PIE8E YW ' SI Amp CKINTIIIES ' • ACABWV «- OlflCB. 252 .1 (Ok i IN, JR, nCi Pakjst3fi, r N(itBlrt na«li, Biizi!, ;; ' y-te ' Ths, ' ' .£. Ir ' ramgial x ' t j tatjol r C ' te. DICKERSON FROST CUTLER R. F. D. 2, Huntington, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: U.S. NT. Mission San Gabriel, Pacific Tankers, Inc. S.S. American Mail, American Mail Line. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama, Canada, Japan, Philippine Is- lands. Korea. ACADEMY RECORD: Dance Committee, Christian Council, Cadet Officer. «i ii I ' i TR es ' J -Pan, --. Grace Unes. 55 , 3 ' . - Costa .„ ; ' - °-- CADfA,v ' ' - ' ' " ' ands,s:;t° ' ' " -ru r ' n,,,, p " ' ' -■Cade?- ---Cho,r,vv,„, 4 " AROBUr. , . - A amed., ». ' " ' «ion c ' ° " it. ' ' cfory A ° ' Watson nT . ■ ' " fa An „ g ' ' USE VEa . " ■ " " " •-.Ne.y , ' " ' TQ ' ' Dury ' ' ;f ' S Po,r,f. " " HNe.y.,, ' ars fj, . " .fCORD- r, ° ' ' Peru, Ch,t ° ' a R ' ' " ' - -m. o " ?, Comr„, , ' ;; ' ' Canada. " ' ' o Comp ' ' ' formation ; 253 1 ( HI ' J 418 Lovrt Farr ! I 5f DlT, i JOSEPH MARTIN DONNELLY 134-21 232nd Street, Laurelton, Long Island, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mallory Lykes, S.5. Aimee Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Gulf Farmer, Gulf and South Ameri- can Steamship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, China, Japan, Korea, Netherlands East Indies, Panama, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia. ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Polaris, Swimming. X CHARLES FREDERICK DOW 1 1 Center Street, Poughkccpsie, New York PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY; M.V. Del Sol, Mississippi Shipping Company; S.S. Tillie Lykes, S.S. Adabelle Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: West Indies, Straits Settlements, East Indies, Japan, Philippine Islands. ACADEMY RECORD: Football, Cadet Officer. t 254 St ! Kk S« tjfff ' ■ ' ' S ' nfa T - Ural v;;;° ' ° ' " y ■ I I THEODORE LINCOLN FALLER 181 Ocean Avenue, Massapequa. Long Island, New York ifffiNP PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. Navajo Victory, Pacific Far East Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Arabia, Korea, China, Guam, Japan. ACADEMY RECORD: Christian Council, Regimental Intramural Softball Championship Team, Football, Cadet Officer. 255 at 0 ITHOW I Mirtti iiw m. VEM: f i£A DUTY: SS Santa flavia, i FrBiW L« COUNIRIES visr Canada, Cost] Pe«,Chiie,H taudi. [academy RKOi Cli . Prwik ' M. RONALD FISHKIND 86 Lillian Avenue, Freeport, New York jov » U ' ' ' Inc.; PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: U.S.N.T. Mission Santa Ana, Pacific Tankers, S.S. Mormacland, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan. Korea, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Netherlands West Indies, British West Indies, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Canada. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Hear This, Polaris, Rifle and Pistol Club, Rifle Team. V 51 ' poin - cs. 6vo ithe ' 5 nto .nd 5.a ' ' ° ' soO ' ' ' " " can Co ' -Cr panv ES V S :f ,r es ship Ge " ?riKO Hoiia ' ,nd, i .. CV • COU ' : ' J l;uod Me ' dot, Eas Utug ' uaV tra ' (,Ae% nen ' Coloi ,tt b ' a• ' 9 . . eti ' ca " C uti ' Cade 0 icei UaVn 256 e.-- " i T»0 I r eiii Ir THOMAS EDWARD FITZPATRICK 8 Martha Street, Forestville, Maryland, Washington 19, D.C. PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Ventura, Matson Navigation Company; S.S. Santa Flavia. Grace Lines; S.S. President Cleveland, American President Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Samoa, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Hawaiian Islands, Japan, Philippine Islands, China, Bermuda. ACADEMY RECORD: Ski Club, Latin-American Club, Marlinspike Club, Propeller Club, Windjammers Club. 4ffi. " ffif VE ? " " " ' " ' eet B ' ATLPy ' ' " er,ca„ r - ' " ' oneer ». ' " ' ' Point ' l| J? - gm = V£AR. , • ' " ' f Mo,, , ■ " ings D„. ' ' New I ' ■ " fA D,n- ' ' ' " ngs p„. " " ' ■«• Nen- , - ' ° ' -don A,!; ■ ' • - Carh ' 1 Ha:: . ,r, ' ' ' ' 01 " ' " - ' " ' -■ • s s . c ;}.Sro: ?r eX- r- ' - . Ph,„, " " - Mutant. ' ■ f nstian Co. 257 HARVEY COLEMAN FRY 612 Hillsboro Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Cape Possession, S.S. Genevieve Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Alcoa Runner, Alcoa Steam- ship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: France, Holland, Belgium, British South Africa. Portuguese East Africa, Venezuela, British West In- dies, Dutch Guiana, Mexico, Southwest Africa. ACADEMY RECORD: Rifle and Pistol Club, Glee Club, Cadet Officer. ■i GENE GORDON GAY 725 Glenwood Avenue, Johnstown, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR; Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. Frederick Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Com- pany; S.5. Gulf Banker, Gulf and South American Steamship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED; Japan, Philippine Islands, Java, Siam, Straits Settlements, Panama. Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. ACADEMY RECORD; Regimental Band, Pistol Team, Dance Com- mittee, Cadet Officer. m r -- ' : ' .. .r east " ' »0-° " ' ' ■ , P3, East Lf Wa c R; K-.nQ ' ' " ■ ' f Victory. P ' eV,der.t Unes; S-S- COUH ' i Costa R ' " ' ,.,„„ Team. D= " ACAOE%u " ' . ' ndiam-- spll .e Si CO AC- II A. STEVE GREGURECH 1314 Calumet Avenue, Los Angeles 26, California PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Cleveland, American President Lines; S.S. India Mail, American Mail Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan. China. Korea, Philippine Islands, Straits Settlements. Ceylon. India. Hawaiian Islands. Canada. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Wrestling. Rifle and Pistol Club, Latin-American Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Cadet Officer. e 9% ' . . point. . c D.ck V 258 Poit t. c5 D ci af YEAR- ' ■ ' " , possession, o pany. j, )apa " . PV-EBE , cs Cape c,teams ' • " - oolgiuW. " ° ' V,ca, So ' J " ,caOUTV. l Brother ' ce, Bei9 Mr,c " ' cKAV record; J ofti ' - ACA aoOub.Cade • JOHN HFp . ' ' and% V,s,reo: ' " ' " ' PP,- i, ' :i. « ' icr. su DONALD LEON HARBST R. D. 1, McClure, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5. S. Frederick Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Com- pany; S.S. Gulf Banker, Gulf and South American Steamship Company, COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, Philippine Islands, Siam, Nether- lands East Indies, Straits Settlements, Java, Colombia, Ecua- dor, Peru, Chile, Panama. ACADEMY RECORD: Football, Regimental Band, Cadet Officer — Second Company Commander. I . (! « ' I- HAYDN FREDERIC HOARE 670 Glen Avenue, Glendale, California . PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Lakewood Victory, Pacific Far East Lines; S.S. President Cleveland, American President Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: China, Japan, Philippine Islands, French Indo-Chjna, Mariana Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Okinawa. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Executive Committee, Chris- tian Council, Regimental Intramural Athletic Board, Regi- mental Intramural Boxing Championship, Michaelson Society, Propeller Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine En- gineers, Cadet Officer — Fifth Company Commander. 259 kTesj HBlTT) 4 WALLIN DODD HOLTGREN R. D. 1, Box 168, Herbertsville, Lakewood, New Jersey PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Tillie Lykes, S.S. Eugene Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Del Mundo, Mississippi Shipping Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Brazil, Uruguay. Sweden. Finland, Ger- many, Argentina, Japan, Philippine Islands, Sumatra, Java, Straits Settlements, Netherlands East Indies, Curacao. ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Band, Track, Wrestling, Polaris, Windjammers Club. Ski Club. « JOHN t A v. ' i ' r ' - ° ' ' ' 4 ,6,.04C.oche.cnA ,.,. Brothers Corrir a " ' ' - 260 « NICOLAS JIMENEZ " E " Street, 136, Bo Santo Domingo, Caguas, Puerto Rico PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Argentina, S.S. Mormacmail, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bermuda, Swe- den, Norway, Poland, Finland, Denmark. ACADEMY RECORD: Latin-American Club, Propeller Club, Greg- orian Choir, Cadet Officer — Sixth Company Sub-Company Commander. i !£ j,- . N LfUs Broltiers € JAMES GEORGE JOHANSON 61 Keiber Court, Staten Island, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.S. Mormacstar, Moore-McCormack Lines; S.S. Ex- anthia, American Export Lines, COUNTRIES VISITED: Netherlands West Indies, Brazil. Uru- guay, Argentina, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, French Morocco, Spanish Morocco, Tunisia, Tripoltania, Italy. Spain. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Company, Swimming Team, Radio Club. ' ouirzT ' " ■ ' ' ' rsV°- ' . PETER KANELLOS 30-43 ' 33rd Street, Astoria, Long Island City 2, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S,S. Cape Archway, S.S. Doctor Lyices, Lyites Brothers Steamship Company; 5,5. Del Oro, Mississippi Shipping Com- pany. COUNTRIES VISITED: Algiers, Fiume, Trieste, Italy, Greece. Japan. Philippine Islands, Dakar. Belgian Congo. Gold Coast. Ivory Coast. French Equatorial Atrica. Portuguese Angola. Netherlands East Indies. Straits Settlements, Liberia, Java. Sumatra. French West Africa. Korea. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Team. Mascot Keeper, Cadet Officer. ■ JOSEPH rr« --:; a . 261 J WALTER JULIUS KENNEDY 60-14 Gates Avenue, Ridgewood, Brooklyn 27, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.S. America, S.5. American Builder. United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: England. Scotland, Ireland, Eire, France. ACADEMY RECORD: Tennis, Regimental Intramural Tennis Cham- pionship Team, Regimental Intramural Sailing Championship, Polaris, Christian Council. I R.O- ' ' ' • " . 5S P ' ° " Export ,. „. point- ur e ' mer " a " Onited States ,, ,.Co o : ;U fPfJ lr ' ' L- " - VISITED-- " " f Pa est ' " =; J s A straUa. COUHT V f e ' ogosUv- ds East nd e ,,, c-%r : -nsr° - a -- ° " ' ' ' - II J« HorsesVoeR ' .„ Co« P " ■ , a, • ■„♦ ihioP " 3 Cuba 1 " SEA 0UTV: ,. cC0. 3C. ,,genf,na C ; _ , Sa U- ■;:rR ES ViSiTED-. ;;3,n- a- «jropoV.tan ' - COUN " , RECORD- f,esiden - ' R,t e 9 " •I ' LEROY M. KRAFT Route 3, Box 317, Deephaven, Minnesota PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Jesse Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Com- pany: S.S. Del Mar, Mississippi Shipping Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, China, Formosa. Philippine Islands, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Netherlands West Indies, Panama. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Class Vice President, Pistol Team. Vice Commodore — Windjammers, Polaris, Hear This, Propeller Club, Regimental Class Council, Astronomy Club, Dance Committee. 262 t !«iJ£«r ' «! «. I ' e ' W: " act « 4. WALTER OSWALD LANDMANN. JR. 2047 Webb Street, Stockton, California PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. Catawba Ford, Keystone Shipping Company; S.S. P T Pathfinder, Pope and Talbot Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Argen- tina, Uruguay, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Philippine Islands, British West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Cheer Leader, Hear This, Midships, Wind- jammers, Propeller Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Polaris, Camera Club. % i ' c JL JOSEPH PATRICK LANZAFAME 9820 Glenwood Road, Brooitlyn, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Samoset, Socony-Vacuum Oil Company; S.S. America, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: France, Italy, Great Britain, Egypt, Leb- anon, Ireland, Netherlands West Indies, Colombia, Venezuela. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Hear This, Cadet Officer. PUSf y.. " ' ' Road, COuS; -; .e;:-- -,.,,, . ° " ' Greece F ' S ' Tfo- J " " ' Line, ' " ' d st., Ifmn ers s " " " ' O nce - ' " Star r " " " ■ " a y ' Marine fJ . " ' " ' d- 263 (sTi RUBEN DARIO LEZCANO 10 Proiectadas y Tacuary, Asuncion, Paraguay, S.A. r LEVIS. JR- SEA OUTV. ,p,„e, Fa " f.ance, PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point, SEA DUTY: S.S. President Polk, American President Lines; 5,S American Producer. United States Lines, COUNTRIES VISITED: Cuba. Panama. Hawaiian Islands. Japan, China. Philippine Islands. Malaya. Ceylon. India. Pakistan, Egypt. Italy. France. Germany. Spain. Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Cross Country, Soccer, Midships. President — Latin-American Club. Propeller Club, Marlinspike Club. Cadet Officer. f C =» ' DEMV " Rot Tlfit 3« -exSnee., can E.P- ' ' fa , K,ngsPc-t. ,33uard,a, A-- sau Arab-. I I 264 i 1 10 Mix ■a-.-a, iS Ou i, S« . J JOHN JOSEPH McBRIDE 3345 Brighton Street, Philadelphia 24, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: M.V. Del Campo, Mississippi Shipping Company; S.S. Virginia Lykes, S.S. Fred Moriss, Lykes Brothers Steam- ship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan. French Indo China, Philippine Is- lands, Germany, France. Netherlands. Belgium. Belgian Congo. French West Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Cuba, British West Indies, Puerto Rico, Liberia. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star. Propeller Club. Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Cadet Officer. i o " V- . - ° ' So , f ' " Po nf. " ;:-:- c. ' ° ' .. es.,„„ ... ■ ' " ' ' - ' • -.e, C. " ' en ' ° " ' r,c " -. fa„ , 265 ' ' ' 9 " " en,a f atreU - ' " ' ;,,, ed-. Union o e»er uMTRtE » VuQOslav ' ' hAid ' P?;i cadet f ' ' l Eas " - Heat TV ' ' s«,mt " ' " 9- ' ° Officer— = f jOVA» J- ,,.6e..en,HeV %dsK ' P|7gt ' eers. I atine tny i£ svttj -€ ■5; Jl EDWARD WARNER MOLIS 615 Orange Street, Muscatine, Iowa 4r ■, MSri -i RUSSELL MARION MONTILONE 367 James Street, Phillipsburg, New Jersey i THI PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Arcadia Victory, American President Lines; S.S. Mormacyork. Moore-McCormacIc Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, China, Korea, Philippine Islands, French Indo-China, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. ACADEMY RECORD: Football, Track. 266 PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S, Santa Juana, Grace Lines; S.S. Sierra, Matson Navigation Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Samoa Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji Islands, Hawaiian Island., Bermuda. ACADEMY RECORD: Windjammers Club, Astronomy Club, Mar- linspike Club, Propeller Club. I •4 ' MTR c , ' " - I i j-j " THOMAS EMMANUEL NELSON, JR. 58 Rue Capois, Port-au-Prince, Republique D ' Haiti PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Ernie Pyle, S.S. Pioneer Land, S.S. American Merchant, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Curacao, Panama, Hawaiian Islands, China, Japan, Philippine Islands, France, England, Germany, Spain. ACADEMY RECORD: Soccer, French Club, Germany Club, Latin- American Club. 267 St ° J Artie " Re 9»J ' ' , Uruguay. ' ' 4i i di • 4 t ME rEM: i: I SEA DUTY: U ta, » L " [OaNIRIES w mli, Cotoo JCADEMV SECM I I I 4- EUGENE JOSEPH O ' DONNELL 39 East 43rd Street, Bayonne, New Jersey . 60 W ' .t. »•• ' •• ' c « ° :.... ' • ' ••• " OU A° „,. Sitena Ho i5. Laoa jn»e ' PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.S. President Johnson, S. 5. President Harding, Ameri- can President Lines; S.S. American Traveler, United States Lines; S.S. Kittanning, Keystone Shipping Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: England, Ireland. Scotland, Colombia, Vene- zuela, Virgin Islands, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, Canada. ACADEMY RECORD: Windjammers Club, Propeller Club, Foot- ball. Dance Committee, Camera Club. " !;,... S.S. r:r:ruo- pan- CEA O Vs t " Get = " ' ,ne H " ' • wer w ' coow ' s.:.; : r orocco, :; ;.er.c arf a Vugo ' Ha a ,s av ' ' ft en ' ,cH „r ta ' " ' CV a ' ,tT P ' ° ' 268 s, i; I 40 a RONALD EUGENE ONKES 9307 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn, New York PLEBE YEAR; Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Mdler, United States Lines; S.S. Santa Rosa, Grace Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Germany, France, Ireland, England, Vene- zuela. Colombia, Netherlands West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Midstiips, Cadet Officer. 9% , f ,0 " ' » " ' - -cfrf;- : " - ' P.g ,„ . " rl; " - ' .% ' ?■ ' - " P ' -r pr " -.ne „ " ■- " ' tt co rr- " - ' " ' so. - ' --e ' ' ' ' fng,.etT - n Our. Tof- ' U6 So " " ' 4 " ' ■ S : n ' ' an l ' ' - New v ' " ' -fee VF. ' ° ea % ISITED. ' ' ' ' " ' ' P r " Com„, ' I ' EDWARD FORREST PACE 224 " A " Street, Brunswick, Maryland ' PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Flying Independent, Isbrandtsen Steamship Com- pany. COUNTRIES VISITED: Egypt, Arabia, India, Philippine Islands, Karachi, China, Korea, Japan, Straits Settlements. ACADEMY RECORD: Propeller Club, Windjammers Club, Mar- linspike Club, Class Council, Dance Committee, Cadet Officer. 269 II t " CIA I- GLENN LEE PALATINI 31 York Street, Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada PUEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Farmer, United States Lines; S.S. Ex- press, American Export Lines; S.S. Agwiprincess, Cuba Mail Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Germany, France, Spain, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Ceylon. Mexico, Aden, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, Eritrea, French Somaliland. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Polaris, Information Service, Debate Council. Windjammers Club, Propeller Club, Marlin- spike Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Dance Committee, Cadet Officer — Third Company Commander. 3Z00 Oeca.u - " - ■ . , , p.s.Oen. " - c R- t ' " 9 ° T,a Grace U " f ' ashingW " ' " " ' ■ ' VuTC ■ ■ n% ' " - ' ' " " ■ ' . Peru, cue. « ' VISITED ■• Pa ' ava. Sumatra. SU Aar . P ' ' t%rth Cor " Pa " V Officer— 1 ° 1 S COW It 1 CHARLES EDGAR PHELPS p. 0. Box 300, Park Avenue, Corning, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Clipper, United States Lines; S.S. Uruguay, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Ger- many, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, British West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Cadet Officer. Z70 «U S V ARO „.,nsln and fAav " i= I I I mmy : ' jSfci my ' " " ' Bo .o. ' PHILLIPS, n I ' JAMES BLEECKER PLATT 1027 Wendell Avenue, Schenectady, New York ' • " •mj? ' ■ ' ' « " , cc f James . " Po nf PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY; S.5. America, S.S. Pioneer Dale. United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: England, France. Cuba. Netherlands West Indies. Panama, Hawaiian Islands, China, Japan, Philippine Islands, Formosa. ACADEMY RECORD: Windjammers Club, Midships. Propeller Club, Class Council, Dance Committee, Cadet Officer — Second Battalion Commander. .GC- I- JAMES A. PLESSINGER 222 South Street, Fairfield, Connecticut PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exiria, S.S. LaGuardia, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: French Morocco. Spanish Morocco, Al- geria, Tunisia, Libya, Palestine, Greece, Italy, Sicily, France, Spain, Portugal. ACADEMY RECORD: Protestant Choir, Regimental Intramural Rowing Championship, Society of Naval Architects and Mar- rine Engineers, Cadet Officer. 271 I 1 BRIAN PATRICK RAMIREZ 6452 Scimitar Drive, San Diego, California PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Cleveland. American President Lines; S.S. Island Mail, American Mail Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada. Hawaiian Islands. Philippine Is- lands. China, Japan. Korea. Straits Settlements, India, Ceylon. ACADEMY RECORD: Tennis. Midships, Information Service. Greg- orian Choir, Windjammers Club, Propeller Club. Dance Com- mittee, Cadet Officer. A iCI PLiiE m SE m: S Aftioi L4 United » COUNIRIES VI din, Uno " AIna, tiji ACADWV Ml Fenciig Ci, Offiw. II ,1, V.OO-CV.H venu- ,,, states Unes- JACK ARTHUR REBMAN 1 Nassau Boulevard, Malverne, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. African Lightning. S.S. African Crescent, Far- retl Lines; S.S. Mormacelm, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: South Africa, East Africa, Norway, Den- mark, Finland. Poland. ACADEMY RECORD: Football, Track. i DUTy; sj CAD[My tsrr 272 V V i h, Mippine Is- » WlCtjto, ' X. Dni Ccm. McLELLAN REYNOLDS 601 5th Street, Brooklyn 15, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. Northfield, Keystone Shipping Company; S.S. African Lightning, Farrell Lines; S.S. American Merchant, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Uruguay, Curacao. Netherlands West In- dies, Union of South Africa. Mozambique, Portuguese East Africa, England. Germany, Cuba. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Team, Swimming, Midships, Polaris, Fencing Club, Christian Council, Windjammers Club, Cadet Officer. ' - " ' " Paoy r„ Propel I ' ' ' ' ' ■ nce f ' " ai- AN . ROBERT WILLIAM RITZ 313 South Washington Street, Carthage, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacgulf, Moore-McCormack Lines; S.S. Ex- cambion, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina, Curacao. Netherlands West Indies, Canada, France, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt. ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Tennis, Altar Boy, Track, Rifle and Pistol Club, Russian Club, Cadet Officer. • ' " ■ ' ■• ' HAP " tf ' cer— . 13 A HENRY DANA ROTMAN 57 Myron Street, New Haven 13, Connecticut PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5. S. Flying Independent, Isbrandtsen Steamship Com- pany. COUNTRIES VISITED: Nova Scotia, Egypt, Arabia, Pakistan, India, Ceylon, Straits Settlements, Philippine Islands, China, Korea, Japan. ACADEMY RECORD: Cadet Officer — Regimental Communica- tions Officer. « JOSE SAVA ,„30, per ' I OS point. 3 Santa Pau - rW ' - " PUBE V. ' - ' tanta Ba..- pfes.dent Unes, cfA OUTV. ; , pollc, A- ' es. Venex ' l glands, I 9 .O.AU. e !°;! ... street. ' »»■ 3„ Bennington ' ' " ' " cCormacW Une _ o«s Chr ' ' " ' _, hAoore-t A " ,star, Cut ■in»n9 ® " " " ' . . Point. . Lines; ■ pass Cnsf.an. I e- cCo .f t, Cuba 3. unes. £D, No aV, , ,er and COUNT ' . X ' Cuba, C-acao. .,„d,a--- Prope " e ' _ A AUSTIN RICHARDS SCHRODER 389 Wood Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Mail, S.S. American Manufacturer, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Philippine Islands, Japan, Korea, China, Panama, Venezuela, England, Ireland, Scotland. ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Midships, Glee Club, Cadet Officer. liT! p.. ' s» Mfrt, " E y Hits- ■ " s . EDWARD LAMONTE SEITZ, JR. 605 Forrest Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Washington. United States Lines; 5.S. Mormac- dove, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, British West Indies, Dutch Guiana, Ireland, England, France, Germany, British West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Propeller Club, Rifle and Pistol Club, Camera Club, Polaris, Tennis, Track, Regimental Intramural Tennis Championship, Ring Committee, Cadet Officer. SCHRODEI , »»mlni I .««■ Cliii 5c ' °«i ELLIOT JEROME SHAPIRO 4552 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn 35, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Olivia, Grace Lines; S.S. American Planter, United States Lines; S.S. Exford, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, England, France, Germany, Italy, Trieste, Yugoslavia, French West Africa. ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Information Service, Midships, So- ciety of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Cadet Officer. 9 OGER Fjue " ' fa- Cadet 275 I 4r JOSEPH TURNER STEWART, JR. 434 West 163rd Street New York 32, New York cl OU " V - •„Co ' t pa " V. - - cotottibia. da. south z ' " France, " ' portugo , b, west A " " :r„n- P ' OP " ,„tramura ,,Ut «« ' " " " " " as Po. " ' - . . R0b-.n Hood. easSK.PP- ;,0-. Pf . e, VP ,% ' ' do ° " V. ,,. Business a a PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. American Builder Exchester, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: England. Scotland Italy, Yugoslavia. Greece. Turkey Morocco, Portugal. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Track Captain. Polaris. Latin-American Club, Christian Council. Windjammers Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Cadet Officer. United States Lines; S.S. Northern Ireland, Eire, French Morocco, Spanish A " F.ii: SEA Dulr ii W United S COUNTOD Siam, S«i «cT JOH ' J • • GEORGE EDV Af J,,„ac..- , o point- , Brai . ' •l K, 276 s re. L-a: Si lyacco, Spar mney M MILTON DAVID STOLZENBERG 309 East 92nd Street, Brooklyn 12, New York PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mount Mansfield, American President Lines; S.5. Northfield. Keystone Shipping Company; S.S. America, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, China, Philippine Islands, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Italy. France, Siam, Sweden, Arabia. ACADEMY RECORD: Editor-in-Chief — Information Service, Soc- cer Team Manager, Windjammers Club, Football Team Man- ager, Cadet Officer. -■ DUTY -,, " ' 3 ' Point ' ' " " nou ' - ' PueV ' fO C Wa p°c ' " - ' Lines- c. t £ ' or)t y Ofof " ■ ' ersey i.S. c,. Duty. ' , ' " 3 Po.nf ' J r,,y ' erher;. ■ " -hina. p ,, ' fng a„ • ' ra.rs 277 tuGt« ! " ' :.,... ' •••• Je«« ' ' 6oi o cva tas« Hoi tth 8500 ' ° " ' aK, °° ' - hAd CotiT i acW V, ries ' ,tW9 S.S- Aff - ftl t 0 t -ri; " :,S,£= S.» ' .:;S.-5sS.t,.„ SEA car s t°; " a, b ' ' ' i ; SOLI COUJ-J, ' ; d, P° ' : ' or5° ' ' ' " ' ' nob, O ' lX t OH piope " Oob.. ' adet Co " P?.r,er fAichae ACN ;t;v ReCOR°;. e.o.- Cboif Soc ,e V Ri »e C ub. PLE8E VW, iEAOUTT: i Mk, to COUNIRlEi V Sritsk e! Afa. Pyti ACADEMY (f( Id Out, Ci ttB O ' liJ - ' V I ♦ 4r RONALD ANTENOR VALIENTE 336 West 47th Street, New York City, New York Cao . ooe . ■ ' -9 ° 1 S.S ° " " hAoofe .l cCor ro3 ' c PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Flying Cloud. Isbrandtsen Steamship Company; S.S. Mormactide, Moore-McCormacic Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan, India. Straits Settlements. Frencti Indo-Cinina, Ctiina. Japan. Philip- pine Islands, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Netherlands West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Windjammers Club, Propeller Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Regimental Intra- mural Rowing Championship. Cadet Officer. 0t J9 ' Lines. S Ne l " - £C0R0 c o Lr c ub ,uaV. V S(f t° ov acao, era ' - ' oeWet 278 and He3 ' cing Coon ' ne Ur J ' 3 ' c,cot 3 ' out) iuaV tge ' (vjor« ay. ■ De ' ' ,r . po a " ° La in- :; on He . socce ' ' ,eW ° ' £ng leets. ¥ i s 1, V K. S? 1 4 NARD JOHN VANBECK Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan Connecticut PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. African Crescent, Farrell Lines; S.5. Mormac- oak, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, British West Africa, Union of South Africa, British East Africa, Portuguese East Africa, British West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Regimental Band, Propel- ler Club, Cadet Officer, ' IRIES Vic, J ° mer 2, ' - ' ' es n ,. ' - " ' ' .v " ' 0 -ce?4:S ' ' ent ' s?, «-9 ' entif " ; " -Ame.,-c, 3 f eam, I 279 GEORGE MERLE WILLENBROCK 80 LeBrun Avenue, Amityviile, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Sylvia Lykes, S.S. Reuben Tipton, S.S. Shirley Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Del Mar, Mississippi Shipping Company; S.S. Chiriqui. United Fruit Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Italy, Greece, Gibraltar, Virgin Islands, Netherlands, West Indies, Cuba, Brazil, Uruguay. Argentina, Guatemala. ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Band, Polaris, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Propeller Club. h ' ii j RICHARD WILLOCH 369 South Elm Avenue, Webster Groves, St. Louis, Missouri PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Fred Morris, 5.S. James McKay, S.S. Brinton Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Chiriqui, United Fruit Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: England, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Philip- pine Islands, Cuba, Panama, Venezuela, Guatemala, Curacao. ACADEMY RECORD: Soccer, Swimming, Christian Council, Pro- peller Club, Latin-American Club, Astronomy Club, Regimental Intramural Diving Championship, Regimental Intramural Box- ing Championship, Cadet Officer— Sixth Company Commander. . KA RICHARD " ' ......an ...o. Kings Po-.nt. n ACADEf Y j _ Eagle Sc ' c det Officer. iU. cow, I h ' I ' WILLIAM R. WOODY Anthony, Kansas I PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: U.S.N.T. Mission Dolores, Pacific Tankers, Inc.; S.S. China Mail, American Mail Lines; S.S. Catawba Ford, Keystone Tankers Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Korea, Japan, Philippine Islands, China. ACADEMY RECORD: Dance Committee, Information Service, Russian Club, Cadet Officer. 280 JU U6 WYh " " ' point. .„ o«s Christ. " . ' ' " ,, mer.can X» ,16 WyV. " ' ' " " " ' po.nt. ,.,dent Unas; W chri ' " ' ' , Amef " = " COONTRf ,;,on, in a. ' ,,b, Broadc J .-. n " " o.ne islands- i,, Gerrnan ,jg, cioD. ACADE AV fp ,,oi Team. 5 cio ,ctae% ' ' ' - I fA Dury 3 ' " 9 P int " " " ' ■ Ne y„ ■ 0,.,,,°-ce Band, e.,,,, ROY WALLACE YOUNG 947 Hilldale Avenue, Hollywood 46, California PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Luxembourg Victory, Pacific Far East Lines; S.S. Santa Adeia. Grace Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, China, Formosa, Korea, Philippine Islands. Guam. Siam, Arabia, Persia. Canada, Mexico, Guate- mala, El Salvador. Nicaragua. Panama, Colombia. Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Kuwait. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Team, Latin-American Club. Villi ' ' I BRUCE HAROLD ZORTMAN, JR. 825 Barroihiet Avenue, San Mateo, California PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Arcadia Victory, S.S. President Cleveland. American President Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Hawaiian Islands. Japan. Korea, Philip- pine Islands, Guam, Saipan, French Indo-China, China, Oki- nawa. ACADEMY RECORD: Director Regimental Broadcast Unit. Soc- cer. Ring Committee, Propeller Club, Windjammers, Christian Council — President. 281 .•ac ? . ' . -r ' T. ' •i „ iiJSismmBs im Bm ' stmmisa ' mvmsiaK fi ssm mm mmmmm Class Officers FREDERICK KIPP JOHN GRAHAM Vice President President 282 Class of AUGUST 1952 Class Council Left to Right: J. Birknes, C. Rempe, L. Lorclen, M. Thayer, J. Graham, W, Breniien, F. Kipp, H. Rodgers, R. Dickson, J. Heimbuch, J. Hickey. -- ¥ a.- jm- .4t i !rv A DONALD GARDNER ABRAMSON 15 Jacobus Place, New York City PLEBE YEAR. Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Limon. United Fruit Co., S.S. Mormacsaga. Moore- McCormack Lines; S.S. Exchange, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, French Morocco, Spain, Cyprus, Egypt, French Somaliland, Pakistan, India, Ceylon, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. ACADEMY RECORD: Rifle Team, Regimental Band, Cadet Officer. RALPH L. jj: ..un- J 5600 fernP " ' ' 3„cV e LAWRENCE EDGAR ALEXANDER 27 East Second Street, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. Sue Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co.; S.S. Del Norte, Mississippi Shipping Co. COUNTRIES VISITED: Holland, France, Germany, Denmark, Korea, China, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. ACADEMY RECORD; Football, Cadet Officer. anO. ' - 284 1l 4 ' . ' TfR CHAR.,, RECORD. p,„ , • Denmark ■ ' ' ' °Pe er Club. " ' L-ru- ' 1 1 1% is. m H! p w ) OSCAR CHARLES AMRHYN 73 Park Road, Hamden, Connecticut PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Press, S.S. American Chief, United States Lines, COUNTRIES VISITED: France, Germany, England, Spain, Scotland, Ireland. ACDEMY RECORD: Michaelson Society. I i S E-- " FREDERICK BROMLEY ANDERSON 6 Copper Beach Place, Merrick, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. African Dawn. Farrell Lines, Inc.; S.S. American Producer, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED; Japan. Korea. French Indo China, Siam, Straits Settlements, Mozambique, Union of South Africa, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, British West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Christian Council. Dance Committee, Cam- era Club. 285 RALPH GEORGE ANDREWS 91 Summit Cross, Rutherford, New Jersey PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Scientist, United States Lines; S.S. Santa Cecilia, Grace Lines; S.S. Robin Kettering. Robin Lines; COUNTRIES VISITED: France. Germany. England. Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, British East Africa, Panama, Peru, Columbia, Chile. Canada. i FRAN PLIBEYEAii: ««( S[A m. iS El S.S, UruguK « COUNTRIES VISiIE Wal Afra, h .„,rE ANDRE " ' ' " pen. unuea S X i ' ' r -- ' O. ' feund, Sco-t ' c?;- -r Eas( A " ' " ' MICHAEL EMIL ANTONUCCI 598 Winthrop Avenue, Bellmore, Long Island, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacsea, Moore-McCormack Lines;S.S. Amer- ica, United States Lines; S.S. Santa Rita, Grace Lines; S.S. Fredericksburg. Keystone Shipping Co. COUNTRIES VISITED: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. Ireland. France, England, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Aruba. ' iSIEytA,: ipCj ' ; Slewtki, 1 ' « " C;i- dav ■ST« itCc 286 I s Npr WS im Ira: S.S If?. Uwi Una; C ttw of S«j I na. Pwma, A FRANK ANTHONY ARTUSA 1002 East 98th Street, Brooklyn, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Extavia. S.S. Exanthia, American Export Lines; S.S. Uruguay, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia. Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Tunisia, Algeria, Spanish Morocco, French West Africa, British West Indies. nii- .. Kinn, r, . ' 3refs„_ . . " ' Cevio SW P,: ' Co,„ . . On,ted s,, , ' ; mer . o?- V :nc. S° ' - " r p ; ' - " °at ' , -- " nce r " ' d :,,_, " ' ' e, r., • ' ' ' ' - ' ' : tt - ' ' - Pat ' u,. (1 J., i» 1 DAVID LEE AUBIN 93 Barker Street, Hartford, Connecticut PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Gulf Shipper, Gulf and South American Steam- ship Co.; S.S. Tyson Lykes, S.S. Eugene Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co. COUNTRIES VISITED: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, England, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Palestine. ACADEMY RECORD: Debate Team, Astronomy Club, Latin Amer- ican Club, Cadet Officer. 1 « COI NTP; ,f ' - -ntj °: ' " cfea , , r ' " ' or ' mo ' Z ' ' G4e fi--7, Moo 287 1 % •$ ' ' ALEXIS A. BAKEEFF 165 Chestnut Street, Weston, Massachusetts PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Johnson. American President Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, Formosa, China, Philippine Islands. Indonesia, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Italy, France, Straits Settlements. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Team, Rifle and Pistol Team. ' S ' .: ' : rcti " " ' - " - cK.oa, P;- -rce, " st.a.s " ' n ECORD-. F " " ' " ' ' 1 Mfg. ■-■ X| 63 Hanson ne „ f,. AcCor- 288 4 ' WILLIAM EDWARD BARR, JR. 163 Lawrence Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. America, United States Lines: S.S. Mormacowl. Moore-McCormack Lines; S.S. Santa Eiisa, Grace Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. British West Indies, Motherland West Indies, Brazil, Ireland, England, France, Panama. ACADEMY RECORD: Track Team, Polaris, Astronomy Club, Dance Committee, Latin-American Club. fniilCo, " ,1 4 JOHN BENJAMIN BARTOSZAK 420 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Inventor, United States Lines; S.S. Executor. American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Rumania, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Tangier, Morocco, Portugal. ACADEMY RECORD: Marlinspike Club, Astronomy Club. A v iajil.! " ' ' it- ROBERT WALTER BASSETT South Main Street, Interlaken, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mallory Lykes, S.S. Stella Lykes, S.S. Genevieve Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co.; S.S. Sixaola United Fruit Co. COUNTRIES VISITED: France, Germany, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Algeria, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Japan, Chinai Philippine Islands, Panama, Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica! ACADEMY RECORD: Band, Propeller Club, Eagle Scout Society ' ' Df Uv ■ orwa ' Canada c„ , ' ' ' ■ " es; ss ., 289 JOHN ANDREAS BIRKNES, JR. 16 Hathaway Road, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts f) tA " .♦ Rive ' ' " ' " ' " mat ' ' - ' ' — Palestine, v ' PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mount Mansfield, American President Lines; S.S. Uruguay, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, China, Philippine Islands, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Egypt, France. Italy, Brazil. Uruguay, Argen- tina, British West Indies. Straits Settlements. ACADEMY RECORD: Ring Committee, Class Council. J m tebano " - " e- , c R: P - ' ;r Grace ' J;fstatesU■ , s 290 ■wMti ••sant Lim; ' Lf i DUANE DAVID BLAINE Frazee, Minnesota PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. Louise Lykes. S.S. Howell Lykes. Lykes Brothers Steamship Co.; S.S. Alcoa Roamer, Alcoa Steamship Co. COUNTRIES VISITED: Germany, Venezuela, British Guiana, Dutch Guiana, British West Indies, Barbados, Jamaica, Japan, Indo- nisia, Philippine Islands, Straits Settlements. ACADEMY RECORD: Propeller Club. Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Football, Cadet Officer. C ' ■ ' ne?- c i ' ' bof ,„ Block „, fEP COUntrTp - Prank .- Vl.V " | ' 5.S. vv;,, ' and 3 fns,ne..,«fCo«o.. Soc,e ' ' - Con, " :, ' -, of 291 ..• ' h ' an c„r. ' " " Of r " ' Africa ' ' " ' Ala.,-,, v ' .,„ ; OAstS " Br i ■ " :% ' £ ' . :, ' oe ■■ ' " ' ' ' No - V, S- ' pTus, SP-- Wtocco- _„„n-. S ° Choir. " - % THOMAS JOHN CAMPBELL 742-27 Franklin Avenue, Flushing, Long Island, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: T.E.3. Chiriqui, United Fruit Company; S.S. Del Norte, Mississippi Shipping Co.; S.S, Helen Lykes, S.S. Charles Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co. COUNTRIES VISITED: France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Hon- duras, Guatemala. Panama, Japan, Philippine Islands. ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Debate Council, Windjammers, Polaris. HOWARD A. CASSELL 66 Newton Road, Hamburg, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Frank Armstrong, Interlake Steamship Co.; S.S. American Builder. United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: England, Ireland, Scotland. ACADEMY RECORD: Baseball. Football, Basketball. ' irti .:.. 292 i Hff ill inliei. " ' ■ " TO. Off.ce, ■ ° nce Con,. 9ii STANLEY DAVIS CLARK 134 Centre Avenue, Lynbrook, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. Santa Rosa, Grace Lines; S.S. Mormactide, Moore- McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Dutch West Indies, British West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Protestant Choir, Drill Team, Dance Committee, Propeller Club, Latin-American Club, Cadet Officer. 293 I uov3 s y OStP A 68 Buen ' Vista M eooe. CO Ha« RBttT, tho rtie »»eV JeTseV S.S c,arv a o CO. uooi a. ' ' ffoUTV%- -.Ts. Be ' - " - Greece. •;,, s a. n a ' pa ' iWis an. CO " , :n " f °- ' irvd. PAUL JOSEPH COTUGNO 16 Weybridge Road, Mineola, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY; S.S. Tullahoma. Keystone Shipping Co.; S.S. Exporter, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama, Morocco. Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, Syria, Turkey. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal. ACADEMY RECORD: Cadet Officer. 294 A« HEBEYW I Parrel l«« COUNTIIItS H! Itill, Slui PWtLTJJBt Sweden, V ACADW BICl Darce CarwT i ' Oft 4 " " r. ' - t r ' " GORDON ALMY CROSSLEY Center Street, Pembroke, Massachusetts PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Comayagua. United Fruit Co.; S.S. African Dawn, Farrell Lines, Inc.; S.S. Mormacelm, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama. Guatemala. Honduras. Costa Rica, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. Iran, Iraq, British East Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Union of South Africa, Bermuda, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Denmark. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Hear This. Propeller Club, Dance Committee. • Michael p 0m » »• ' y 1 ,1 J w ' V ' ' j»Sv7« ' ' " " ■•Erf " ' fa. Can ' tlino ' ' . (jV ' " s DONN DOUGHERTY DEARS 315 West 97th Street, New York 25, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Reuben Tipton, S.S. George Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co.; S.S. Del Mar. Mississippi Shipping Co. COUNTRIES VISITED: Cuba. Venezuela, Japan. Formosa, China, Philippine Islands, England. Germany. Holland, France, Virgin Islands. Brazil. Uruguay, Argentina. Curacao. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star. President Michaelson So- ciety. Chairman Ring Committee, Cadet Officer. 295 !l FRANK DeSOUZA p. 0. Box 32, Waquoit, Massachusetts PLEBEYEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Uruguay, Moore-McCormack Lines; S.5. Expedi- tor, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: British West Indies, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Italy, Israel, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Turkey. Syria, Portugal, Cyprus, Yugoslavia. ACADEMY RECORD: Ring Committee, Football. , Jersey ,EA dUTV: S5 . , F,u,t ,,occo, f rco- P-- - „aW. E9VP ' ' ' ' ' Cross-Coun» ' V. Export .-j-FO: ta y. Track. ' Otficer. I Set! HENRY AUGUSTUS DILTS Pattenburg, New Jersey PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. Lipscomb Lykes, Lykes Brother Steamship Co.; S.S. Gulf Banker, Gulf and South American Steamship Co. COUNTRIES VISITED: Holland, Norway, France, Germany, Bel- gium, Japan, Korea, Philippine Islands, Indonesia. Siam. Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Equador, Straits Settlements. ACADEMY RECORD: Propeller Club. Dance Committee. V ROBERT 0° , ' ' ,ss3.--- S, osbo ' " . es-, S.3- icings PO ' " ;, ,3 unued Stages pUBE VEf - 3 Uer-,can P- " . ,-,on of SEA OOTr-fa ' reUUnes. , , France, E 9 ' ' " o fS VISITED- Ge; „■,„. 296 K. J tUUt! c •$ ' HAROLD DONALDSON 73 Richard Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacdove, Moore-McCormacl . Lines; S.5. Ex- mouth, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Burma, India. Ceylon, Pakistan, Egypt, North Africa. ACADEMY RECORD: Michaelson Society, Track. iVf JOHN NORBERT DONNELLON 212 West lOSth Street, New York 25, New York PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian, Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Ventura. Matson Navigation Company; U.S.N.T. San Diego, Pacific Tankers, Inc. COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, Fiji Islands, Japan. ACADEMY RECORD: Propeller Club, Information Service, Cadet Officer. 297 r iJiUri 6-BBUT HON NY 6 WEEKS AINT SO LOIMG- ELLIS HARPER DOSHER 4315 9th Street, W. Bradenton, Florida PLEBEYEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. James McKay, S.5. Gibbes Lykes, 5.5, Virginia Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co, COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan. Korea, China, Philippine Islands, Panama, Italy, Yugoslavia, France, Spain, Cuba, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, British Southwest Africa. ACADEMY RECORD: Swimming Team, Band, Dance Committee. U8!VEM: t " ORE DU»A » CHARLES HENRIK ERIKSON, JR. 23 Mountain View Street, West Orange, New Jersey PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Limon, United Fruit Company; S.S. Exhibitor. American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Honduras. Guatemala. Panama. Costa Rica, Egypt, Tangier. Saudi Arabia. Ceylon. Algeria. French Somali I and, Anglo- Egyptian Sudan. French Morocco, India. Pakistan. ACADEMY RECORD: Propeller Club, Christian Council. 4 tEl SS ! ■ ■ cot;-; »C DlM» uca 298 % , Si. rgirtia GEORGE P. EVANOVICH 194 Main Street, Sayreville, New Jersey PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.S. Canada Mail, American Mail Line. COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada, Philippine Islands, Straits Settle- ments, Ceylon, India, Japan, China. ACADEMY RECORD; Wrestling, Michaelson Society, Christian Council. JL " ' B, y,,;-- ' 0. ,„_ Y- EVANS „ wJcwr 4- BERT HOLLOW AY EWERS 36 Gilbert Street, Niles, Ohio . jlortCt " . iu«i. Indii. PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. John Lyl es, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Alcoa Ranger, Alcoa Steamship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy. Span- ish Morocco, Venezuela, British Guiana, Dutch Guiana. ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Cadet Officer. Hob Ear u fJJ.: ,0 ' sou»,„ . " k 23 „ ' ' " Sand, p,„ 299 RICHARD ALAN FARLEY 166 Laurel Place, Bridgeport, Connecticut PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY; 5.S. Exbrook, S.S, Exchester, American Export Lines; S.S. Santa Rita, Grace Lines; S.S. Fredericl .sburg, Keystone Shipping Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Portugal. Spain, Algeria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Netherlands West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris, Midships, Drill Company, Regimen- tal Intramural Softball Championship, Dance Committee, Cadet Officer. I f FR ,.« Road, V. " " " ' " WitcnVfow Vines- - ■- ' . R- King ' ° ' tea UnUed « ' « . ods, ArcVi- ect5 ;U ---- " ,ea.-P-- " ' • CVi " ' " ' ves Bto ' ' , Java, JOSEPH ANDREW FETCHKO )26 West 56th Street, Bayonne, New Jersey |UWIIENC{ PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Lake, United States Lines; S.S. Santa Rosa. S.S. Santa Cecilia, S.S. Santa Maria, Grace Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Philippine Islands. Japan, China, Formosa, Netherland West Indies, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. ACADEMY RECORD: Eagle Scout Society, Dance Committee, Ski Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Cadet Officer. I tOU;: Ufi;. ' 00 IKO 11 1 ire. jjSjnli :. ' i]ll ,« " ■ c 1 »$ ' RONALD PAUL FIALCOWITZ 362 South 12th Street, Newark, New Jersey PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. Robin Kirk, Seas Shipping Company; S.S. Ameri- can Reporter, United States Lines; S.S. Brazil, Moore-Mc- Cormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Union of Soutin Africa, British East Africa, South West Africa, Mozambique, Canada, Panama, Philippine Islands. Japan, China, Korea, British East Indies, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Regimental Band, Gregorian Choir, Camera Club, Fencing, Astronomical Society, Latin- American Club, Dance Committee, Information Service. LAWRENCE ALEXANDER FINLAYSON, JR. 2030 East 39th Street, Ashtabula, Ohio PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. Del Sud, Mississippi Shipping Company; S.S. Louise Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Brazil, Uruguay. Argentina, Virgin Islands, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa. ACADEMY RECORD: Basketball. • S.S „ ° " ' - Wit -O, , ° ' ' -ct:r " s?a c, ' - sfone .. nzib,, fast Afr,c° ' ' °f South Af ' " can -ouoc ;. 301 I COUNTRIES VV corom ' ' ' ' JERRY BRADLEY FLAGG 2314 Forest Street, Easton, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. Mormacfir, Moore-McCormack Lines; S.S. Ex- porter, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Norway. Denmark, Poland, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Sicily, Bermuda. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Tennis Team. Christian Council, Michaelson Society. 1 ■ PLiBEVEAH: I ' StAOirrv-! ' ! 302 ' I Ui k w EARL FRANLIN FLYNN 72 Maple Street. South Hamilton, Massachusetts PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.S. Del Sud. Mississippi Shipping Company; S.S. Cape Saunders, S.S. Jean Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Italy, France, Morocco, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela. Cuba, Curacao, Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico. ACADEMY RECORD: Cadet Officer. S.. o; ; . " - .-ng3 p, - - Lines. - A " ' isc, ' ' OLSOM fO NTRJEs meri Ca ifoi-i • C Df, II My V S; " fCOR, can T, ■nia TED; ' " ave er l-rance ■ - mer,c I ' tec; Sfate 9 e 5couf So. r , " JL Ty. - ' Point. ' " ew Yari, " ECORo- ' ' ' ' . Greece , ' " " ' " Pany; • ' ° ' -.cstar, ' i-. -..a,tar. ' " ' " mittee. S.S. s. J! " " JOSBPH G. " fSf yp .„ ' ' " ' •» Street ;. " Ty ' fCORD. f- ■ ' ■3sf Afr,- , , • " aseba,, 303 o- Pa5 - ' kAatson ' ' ' 7ea a " ° ' rhfvsVian- ,„,er a = . „ stean ' I I. JOHN ROBERT GRAHAM Box 149, Flossmoor, Illinois i PLEBEYEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Mail, S.S. American Farmer, United States Lines; S.S. African Patriot, Farrell Lines; S.S. Joseph Block, Inland Steel Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Hawaiian Islands. Canal Zone, Philippine Islands. Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Formosa, China, Liberia, Angola, Belgian Congo, French Equatorial Africa, Nigeria Gold Coast, England, France. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star. Propeller Club, Michaelson Society, Rifle and Pistol Club, Marlinspike Club, Protestant Choir, Debate Society, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Latin-American Club, Regimental Intermural Rifle Championship Team, Class President, Regimental Class Council, Cadet Officer. FRANK JOSEPH GRANDE 1082 70fh Street, Brooklyn, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Fillmore, American President Lines; S.S. American Forwarder, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Philippine Islands, China, Indonesia, Straits Settlements, Scotland, Ireland, Panama, Java, Erie, England. ACADEMY RECORD: Dance Committee, Cadet Officer. 304 i t ' rn .. ' ' ' and „ w LUDWIG JOHN GRILL 1036 Neill AvenHe, Bronx 61, New York PLEBE YEAR; Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.S. Exchange, American Export Lines; S.S. Mor- macrio, Moore-McCormacl Lines; S.S. Santa Isabel, Grace Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: India, Italy, Egypt, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. ACADEMY RECORD: Debating Team, Drill Team, Windjammers, Cadet Officer. 305 nmXdk.: ' l9 COUf f Poland. O Cross-Co " " ' ' ' f " " t RECORD-. ' WILLIAM HOWARD GUEST 17 Bassett Avenue, Mine Hill, Dover, New Jersey PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Fra Berlanga, United Fruit Company; 5.S. Exo- chorda, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: France, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras. ACADEMY RECORD: Christian Council, Football, Tracl . m Sl c V - ' ,UA vcaR VAA tvcos M S Kin9 ' o nt- enue SpiinS ' , ja»e Com .neet " cut r, VJf t,n n9 ° " S.S. L ' lne ' VEA ' -- . ' ;-Vn-o- ,, Un--. sE _o A°° " = ' ' Eng A and. france Spain BV sWipP ' ; S T£0 - " ,r-c vw ' u ' " STa ' Urug = ' . Stat. ' ti5h ,mets. West Soci ' 306 4r .5 i WILLIAM MORTON HACKNEY Kittery Point, Maine PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. Cibao, United Fruit Company; S.S. America, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama, Guatemala, British Honduras, Ireland. England, France. ACADEMY RECORD; Propeller Club, Marlinspil e Club, Cadet Officer. . ' ROBERT r 0 .n,- ' : --. seas .,. ■ " " " - £ - " tg ::r,- ' s- ' " -.ss «rftf IB i ' y • X v " -,, ,. ■ De; o.„ V " ' e (.vi „. . ' " " ania ■ OUry. i ' ' " Christ- " " ■• " ' Own. p ■a. P J ' VVes, ' 5° ' ' ea. p. ... ' " K ' " " ' " Pany. " " ■ ' ' -4ut pub, Sor-° ' D- a ° ' ' -..--Vo.,, |.m , -t, p- . o .a. " Naval r f . Pm ' ' f " 9 nee.3 ? " DANIEL A. HANSEN 142 Poplar Street, West Hempstead, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY; S.S. Expediter, American Export Lines; S.S. Uruguay, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Italy, Spain. Greece, Turkey, Palestine, Trieste, Tunisia, British West Indies, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. ACADEMY RECORD; Polaris, Midships, Michaelson Society. 307 1 ' I mii NORMAN THOMAS HANSEN Box 492 Versa Place, Mastic, Long Island, New York PLEBEYEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. President Fillmore, American President Lines; S.S. Exchester, American Export Lines; S.S. Fra Berlanga, S.S. Heredia, United Fruit Company. COUNTRIES VISITED; Phillipine Islands, Java, Sumatra, Straits Settlements, China, Algeria, Lybia, Tunisia, Malta. Italy, Greece, Turkey, Costa Rica, Panama. ACADEMY RECORD: Propeller Club. ■ t rican tJ ' H ' " ' Ai ACAD va?- »$ ' RICHARD COLEMAN HARRELL 72 Brinkcrhoff Street, Plaftsburg, New York Lines; S.S. American PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. African Lightning, Farrell Flyer, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Union of South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique. Tanganika, German West Africa, England, Spain, France. Germany. Zanzibar. ACADEMY RECORD: Christian Council, Astronomy Club, Dance Committee, Cadet Officer 308 %3 .oHnson --- ,,nes; S.S. A- -n-g .,;.R- K-QsPo- ,, states Aa -, V oneShPP PUEBE YEAR- En.p re S;f j„es; S.S. P " ,KeY, .f DUTY: S.i . , d Sta« Ger- a " V -reste. ACAOE V RECOP . Counc U LeaQ ' . " ' I ROBERT LEE HEDLUND 83-03 34th Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens, Long Island N. Y. PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.S. Pueblo, Keystone Shipping Company; S.S. Pioneer Lake, United States Lines; S.S. Mormacyork, Moore-McCor- mack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Hawaiian Islands, Panama, China, Korea, Japan, Uruguay, Paraguay, Philippine Islands, Dutch East Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris. y V JOSEPH WILLIAM HEIMBUCH, JR. 26 Mapes Avenue, Springfield, New Jersey PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Producer, United States Lines; S.S. Expeditor. American Export Lines; S.S. Orizaba, Cuba Mail Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Germany, France, Canada, Spain, Trieste, Israel, Cuba, Mexico. ACADEMY RECORD: Football, Regimental Band. 309 ■ =- ' ' I THOMAS JOHN HERMITT 253 West Lincoln Street, Exeter, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Cleveland, American President Lines; S.5. New World Victory, Pacific Far East Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Philippine Islands, Hawaiian Islands, China. Japan. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Drill Company, Regimental Intramural Rowing Championship Team, Cadet Officer. SEA DUTY: Ul AODWYIKOS nilttt ' xfi EigleicixSt KAtS W Ot iRO !, conn- ' - T Cla " " " " p,es der „:„n. Po ' " ' . ...,„„ Ar " " " " .. ,aoar . i.nEM ' r. i company. ,,-, gt. Nt ' EMIL JOHN HERZOG Box 951, c o Schmidt Construction Co., Pueblo, Colorado PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S, Empire State, States Marine Corporation; S.S. American Forwarder, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, England. Scotland, Ireland, Eire, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Trieste. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Company, Marlinspike Club, Cadet Officer. ik mar. ».f,;: : Ho-.,: 310 I- JOHN THOMAS HICKEY 95 Beaumont Street, Springfield, Massachusetts PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. Pueblo, Keystone Shipping Company; S.S. Mor- machawk, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada. Aruba, British West Indies, Brazil, Netherlands West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Debating Team, Propeller Club. Dance Com- mittee, Society ot Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Eagle Scout Society. A COuS:- " ° stf,, -e.e,, ' ICo THOMAS EDWARD HILL Sand Hollow Road R.F.D. No. 1, Northport, Long Island, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Siwanoy, Soconoy Vacuum Oil Company; S.S. Mor- macwave, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Netherlands West Indies, Israel, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland. Finland. ACADEMY RECORD: Sailing Team, Windjammers. Michaelson Society. C0UAV7-«,P,V ' " ' S C„ ' " ' " • ' ■can f ' ' " ° scS- ' " rr- ' " ' -■- .s ee 311 . «dif i!? ' 4 LAWRENCE G. HOLT 309 First Sfreet, Mineola, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. America, S.S. American Miller,, United States Lines; S.S. Mormacisle, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada, Trinidad, Brazil, Uruguay, Argen- tina, England, France, Germany, Ireland. ACADEMY RECORD: Latin-American Club, Camera Club, Tennis Team. f. W.O A, worth ' Denm " ' - Noi ' ' ' : ' jli l " " - ).oui5 ' " " ' Route COtTV ' PUEBE SEA DOTV C ' - " " v es6 ' fco panV Hoi Be gi ' J " ' panV. , and. COOMf! ' ■ °:;sv s Teo oeUer C ub. Or D= " f,l,n. cadet Ott arnU ' -- ' j; ' " " ' FRANK GEORGE JENSEN 2704 Kingsbridge Terrace, New York City, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacpenn, Moore-McCormack Lines; S.S. Cherry Valley, S.S. Tullahoma, Keystone Shipping Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada, Netherlands West Indies, Panama, Brazil, Uruguay. Argentina, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Denmark. ACADEMY RECORD: Officer. Scholastic Star, Dance Committee, Cadet p oi lOsK ' P 312 t PAUL ANSELM JOHANSEN 2549 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY; S.S. Siwanoy, Socony Vacuum Oil Company; 5.S. Mor- macwave, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Netherlands West Indies. Aruba, Israel, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. Poland, Finland. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Company, Propeller Club. Secretary Michaelson Society, Marlinspike Club, Dance Committee, Gregorian Choir, Windjammer Club, Cadet Officer. % s Ifork »$ ' NEIL EDWARD JONES 130 Baker Avenue, Sharon, Pennslyvania !«■ PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. E. G. Grace, Interlake Steamship Company; S.S. Mormacsaga. Moore-McCormack Lines; S.S. Pioneer Wave, United States Lines; S.S. Santa Luisa, Grace Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Aruba, Brazil, Uruguay. Argentina, Canal Zone. Hawaiian Islands, Philippine Islands, China, Korea, Japan, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. ACADEMY RECORD: Dance Committee, Marlinspike Club, Michaelson Society, Windjammers Club, Cadet Officer. 4- ,, ' OfifRT CI y,I 313 «0 Essex «-•• " ,,Unes-.S.S.S-- % afield « " ' ' scout, , i nqdom, 4- 1 LEONARD BERNARD KACZMARCZYK 511 Watt Street, Duryea, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Brazil, S.S. Mormacpenn, Moore-McCormaci Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: British West Indies, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Wrestling Team Manager, Polaris, Michaelson Society, Cadet Officer. r i 314 s J p V. mm ' Mil ' ffwuela, Brazil, ' J ' JOHN JOSEPH KELLEY 136 Woodside Avenue, Waterbury, Connecticut PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. African Star, Parrel! Lines; S.S. American Ranger, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Africa. England, France, Germany. ACADEMY RECORD: Swimming Team. ACADEMY Rf : o occo ' Sj - . Ge. " " " " -ny, ' ° ' 3nd. p,„ ' larna. ;UeE v, ,. ' " ' -ee,. H,„, " ROf ,pp V i " oTe " ' - ' n erTa ' ' °-e-McC .Cana Cot and " ■ ' ° ' --;, S ;- c ' .,«-c,. D .., Officer. " - rin- Franci ' S TED. % ' " ' ■ ' - - ° ' ' n ted sS " «= 5.S " " --.D..,.. " ' " ' --. ' c r;a%- ' " ar,y, 315 PUB. veAa- -, ' ' !t - ' . f ! ■(i l , 4 4- WESLEY KURTZ 6S7 Prairie Avenue, Des Plaines, Illinois PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. Margaret Lykes, S.S. Tillie Lykes. Lykes Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Del Rio, Mississippi Shipping Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: France, Germany, Holland. Belgium, Italy, Spain, Cuba, Liberia. Belgian Congo. Gold Coast, Trieste. ACADEMY RECORD: Polaris Advertising Manager, Camera Club, Propeller Club. 316 CHARLES MILLER LARGIN Route 13, Box 610, Birmingham, Alabama PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. Ruth Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Del Mar. Mississippi Steamship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Korea. China. Netherlands East Indies, Netherlands West Indies, Virgin Islands. Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. Panama. France. Italy, Greece. ACADEMY RECORD: Track Team. Michaelson Society. Photogra- phy Club, Windjammers Club, Latin-American Club, Polaris, Rifle Team. Rifle and Pistol Club. Cadet Officer. 4 i •4 s.s. MAXWELL E. LAWRENCE, JR. 205 Main Street, Concord Massachusetts PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. Exbrook, S.S. Exchester, 5.S. Exford, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Bulgaria, ' Rumania. ACADEMY RECORD: Michelson Soc iety, Midships, Cadet Officer. 317 .KIT FRtOtR , XO.K JJBM ' HARRY ADRIAN LeMAY 2502 Palm Drive, Tampa, Florida PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. James McKay, S.S. Gibbes Lyices, S.S. Virginia Lykes, Lyl es Brothers Steamship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, Korea, China, Philippine Islands, Italy, Yugoslavia, France, Spain, South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Southwest Africa, Cuba, Panama. ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Band, Dance Committee. 318 Th " ' ' .far t KAoore- jndie . ccORO- I. KENNETH ALLAN LEWIS 120 Gaylord Avenue Plymouth, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR; Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacisle, Moore-McCormack Lines; S.S. Agwiprincess, Cuba Mail Lines; S.S. American Planter. United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada. British West Indies, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, England, France, Ger- many, Spain. ACADEMY RECORD: Wrestling. Cadet Officer. " HLBS An ' -JH ' -ii-ies. land c " ' " a Cr,? ' esf , ' " ' a sah ?° " " acfc Band, fJ ' ORd. , ' " den, o ' ' . Chi ' a Y a « ■ CADf Uv ' ' eece r, ' 9 ' and , ' ' ' :an FREDRICK HAROLD LINKE 58 Manalapan Road, Spotswood, New Jersey 319 PLEBE YEAR; Pass Christian. SEA DUTY; S.S. Lipscomb Lyl es. Lyices Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Gulf Banker, Gulf South American Steamship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Netherlands, Norway, Germany, France. Belgium. Japan, Korea, Philippine Islands, Java, Straits Settle- ments, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. ACADEMY RECORD; Camera Club, Information Service. 4 3 X ERIC EDWIN LITHEN 55 Allen Street, New Hyde Park, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Monmouth, Keystone Shipping Company; S.S. Mormacdaie, S.S. Mormacpenn, Moore-McCormacl ; Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland. ACADEMY RECORD: Hear This, Cadet Officer. Ir --- ' ' • : .,.es.S.S. T YEAR-. -- ° " A.er-.can E.po . ' Tan.a ' -s. ' cEA DUTY. = fican P ' « ' Tunisia. ' 9 -,3 " • " =- . viS TEO-. 5P ' ' Vh tp-V:,trPeru, Korea. f- " « COUNTRIES. V ;, , Ch.na. P ,,„bia, Ch.le, P Dortogai. Jsi Ecuadof ' Society JOSEPH ROBERT LOUGHREY 5 Alan Street, West Orange, New Jersey PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Parismina. United Fruit Company; S.S. Exmin- ster, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama. Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece. Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, French Morocco. Pakistan, India, Ceylon. ACADEMY RECORD: Propeller Club, Society of Naval Archi- tects and Marine Engineers. 320 Ml 29 He«P° ' Atnerican JvEAR- --- -;::-ss.. pea- ' si!s c " - ' ° " " ' ' c ' . ' -Ji-;:;, star, Debate CounO, ° ' ° Record-. 5 ° ' ' Russian oub. ACADE : 3, ' ' ' cMb ' dsb.ps. R- ifl l» ' »« " Oi ' £ GEORGE PARKMAN MacDONOUGH 31 Green Avenue, Wjckford, Rhode Island PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Importer, United States Lines; Mormacsaga. Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: France, Germany, England, Brazil guay, Argentina, Canada. ACADEMY RECORD: Rifle Team, Radio Club, Information Serv- ice, Camera Club, Cadet Officer. S.S. Uru- I X WILLIAM PATRICK MANNION 54-60 Wadsworth Terrace, New York 33, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exiria, S.S. Excambion, American Export Lines; S.S. Waslnington, United States Lines; S.S. Robin Doncaster, Seas Shipping Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: England, Germany, Ireland, France. Spain, Italy. Yugoslavia. North Africa, Union of South Africa, British East Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Madagascar. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Company, Gregorian Choir. 321 FISH CAKES RICHARD JOHN MARRY 21 Bartlett Manor, Norwalk, Connecticut PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacelm. S.S. Mormacsaga, Moore-McCor- mack Lines; S.S. Excambion, American Export Lines; S.S. Santa Ines, Grace Lines, COUNTRIES VISITED: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland. Fin- land, France, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, Panama, Col- ombia Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star. Hear This, Propeller Club. f t ANDt HEI£ YW: SEA Dm: ii Liw: U Cd Wm V ' ; Arjmlm, l ii ACADEMY KOi Infomiatwi Si ipike Ciit, y-. ROBERT AA „,.., H.W pLcDt , Mrican ■- Union o ' tian i-s " CHARLES PATRICK MARTIN Burns Avenue, Hicksville, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Forwarder, S.S. American Farmer, United States Lines; S.S. Hibueras. United Fruit Company. COUNTRIES VISITED; Germany. France. Spain, Eire, Ireland. England. Panama, Costa Rica, Scotland. ACADEMY RECORD: Gregorian Choir, Hear This, Propeller Club. Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Track, Rifle and Pistol Club. ifelir NOU IIIU -«» ' ANDREW ALBERT MARTONE 2 Pearl Street, Glen Cove. New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY ; S.S. Expediter, S.S. Excambion, Amet ican Export Lines; S.S. Cibao, United Fruit Company; S.S. Mormacsurf, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Italy, France, Egypt. Israel. Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Netherlands West Indies, Aruba, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay. ACADEMY RECORD: Soccer Co-Captain, Camera Club President, Information Service Photo Editor, Band, Radio Club, Marlin- spike Club, Propeller Club, Midships, Cadet Officer. y 4 C AUtfj p : e. y, , ' .° ' ' ' " " ' o„ «„, ' Trff£Vy, I NORMAN F. MAUCHER 211 Locust Street, Nampa, Idaho PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. Dartmouth Victory, S.S. President Cleveland, American President Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: China, Japan, Korea, Philippine Islands. . ' ' ' ' X t n ' s, ' ctr - -a 1 ' ' " -■ " " ' Lines ■ " " ■ " ---a; aan, ' " ' ' 323 JOHN MARTIN McCAFFERY Youngs Avenue, Southold, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Barbara, S.S. Santa Luisa, Grace Lines; S.S. Exeter. American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, France, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon, Greece. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Track. I S9j3cKsonA- er-,can SCO " ' - ,,„. King- P° " :,3 Grace Unes; ■ • PLEBE VEAR- 3 ,a R ta, b,a, SEA 0UTV;,3 ' es t--- Peru, C . - ' ;?e rTK,s, A■ ' ■ " ' ■ irth Ca " ' - ' " ' ■ " " iTfT VISITED- p ,VeseAng., e. V JAMES JOHN McGARVEY 98 Ward Street, Orange, New Jersey PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Hibueras. United Fruit Company; S.S. America, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guate- mala, Netherlands, England, France, Ireland. ACADEMY RECORD: Football. I SlRAItOi It! ift BIT. ' • ' ft. ■ i THOMAS EDMUND McGRATH 18 Concord Street, Westbury, Long Island, New York PLEBE YEAR; Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exton, American Export Lines; S.S. Pioneer Cove. United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, China, Philippine Islands, Korea, Formosa. Spain, Italy, Greece. Turkey, Portugal, Algeria, Tunisia. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Company, Polaris, Midships. |. ii Ml! " " ' GIRARD WILLIAM McKENNA 178 Asbury Avenue, Westbury, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormackite, Moore-McCormack Lines; S.S. America, S.S. American Veteran, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, France, Germany, England. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Hear This. • " ' " ' s ' -an c„, 325 w% FRANCIS GREGORY McNULTY 89-17 88th Street, Woodhaven 21, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Ruth Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Com- pany; S.S. Antigua, United Fruit Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Belgium, France, Japan, China, Philip- pine Islands, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama. Guatemala, Cuba, Honduras. ACADEMY RECORD: Track, Cross Country. c JL g, sun " " " preside ' .point. Ao eri " " . ' ' ,, -P=» ,M S- " " " " " " president ' " f- puB.v --3r " e " - ' r-- ' " ' ' ' " ' sea OOTV S.. . ,.pao, rrvosa. " • 51-39 «» " . es-, S.i- ,.. Kings P°- ' oore- AcCo ' -- PUBE f , s. A ' ' ' ' " " . , V est indie- 6 ' SEA UTV: ,funes .tish ,„,o-.bia. » ' ' • , viSifE° wi e P ' ' Heat Ti ' - . y RECORD- Sc WILLIAM GEORGE MEYER 1036 Cornell Street, Fresno, California PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTV: S.S. Java Mail, American Mail Lines: S.S. Dart- mouth Victory, S.S. President Cleveland, American President Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Philippine Islands, China, Korea, Japan, Canada, Hawaiian Islands. ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Band, Cadet Officer. 326 K ! DUTY ■ _Sl,:; it!%5 .;;■; t 4r WILLIAM ELBERT MITCHELL 4439 Aldine Avenue, SI. Louis 13, Missouri PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Scout, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: England, Ireland, France, Germany. ACADEMY RECORD: Camera Club, Midships, Christian Coun- cil, Latin-American Club. s !YER ,1 1J« ' 1, D3 ' t- to« j!?a " . 11W». JP ROBERT SMITH MOORE 84 Dry HitI Road, Norwaik, Connecticut PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exermont, American Export Lines; S.S. African Planet, Farrell Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Israel, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Yugoslavia, South Africa, East Africa. ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Band, Christian Council, Serv- icemens Christian League, Protestant Choir, Cadet Officer. " ' ' ' fects 327 £ 4 AC: ' °l. and Aa " " JAMES DAVID MULLER 168 Burns Street, Forest Hills. New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Chief, United States Lines; S.S. Santa Rosa, Grace Lines; S.S. President Harding, American President Lines; S.S. Argentina, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Scotland, England, Eire, Ireland. Nether- lands West Indies, Venezuela. Colombia. Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, British West Indies, Japan, Korea, Philippine Is- lands, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Italy, France. ACADEMY RECORD: Gregorian Choir, Drill Company, Dance Committee. mi VM: " i£A mi: SS ' (.mm- tit.: II • 4r I f 328 3 re Jiil. Un uay, a i:w™ Is- Pwtan, Egypt, A RICHARD DAVID NELSON 6 Oakwood Boulevard, Poughkeepsie, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. P T Forester. Pope and Talbot Steamship Company, COUNTRIES VISITED: Mexico. Panama. Colombia. Brazil. Vene- zuela. Argentina, British West Indies. Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic. Netherlands West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Midships. Cadet Officer. ■ ««, Pquer Arab,, V ' S Tfo. r ' - ' " s; S.S °° ' L, ey " ' " - ' ' °«°. oSrt ' " ° ' °- ' ' - We; ' nes- " " Panv Sasfc, Peru, e ' ba ; ' ndi, Lines. fcui 5. e, ey on " ■az . " ance Chile ' Com. -I t» ' orfc JOHN irkr: ' CADFa v ° ' " a a„5 ° ' ' ta y p„ ■ Korea rh- t • ' ' ' -f RALPH . DUTY- ., ' Point " " ' ' ' . Cad ' ' OPO. 1- ■ ' ' 9 ' ers ;,° ° ' " b ' a, Sra,-, 329 CfiCt P ' f ' , Rhode ' ' Lv ces ,ot- ean ' fuitCo ' t P " ' ' ■ S.S- ■ - ;ued f ' - ' .1 a a. Costa n , Pvje ' ' ° , „n Team. De G r. Africa, roroev- P- ' " ' of CORD- a ;h39e « ' • ' ' ' • ' " " . unes-. ■ • , .BE - E " ' - c r r ormac9; ' ;;3,es ne - ,„d.es, " ' w RECORD- Or sooetV AC DEf X P ' OP " ' ' SooeW. „.,f,eev5. A GARY SELIK OLMAN 2084 Creston Avenue, New York, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Monroe. American President Lines; S.S. Mormachawk. Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Cuba, Panama, Philippine Islands, Taiwan, China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Straits Settlements, France, Italy, Brazil, British West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Hear This, Drill Company, Windjammers Club. JOHN GIBB ORAM Central Valley, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Wilson, American President Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan, China, Philippine Islands. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Soccer Team, Rifle Club, Swimming Team, Information Service. 330 i I " ■jt. ' ' ameers " ' ° ' nc,7, ,„ . ' -society m CM. LEO EDWARD OVERHISER 135 Marvin Avenue, Hempstead, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.S. Santa Paula. S.S. Santa Barbara, Grace Lines; S.S. President Filmore, American President Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Venezuela, Colombia. Netherlands West Indres. Panama. Peru. Ecuador. Chile, Philippine Islands. China. Straits Settlements. Indonesia. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Society of Naval Archi- tects and Marine Engineers, Propeller Club. 331 v.. 0.3. ou co P " ' ' ■ I ELIAS CRUZ P£REZ 258 Diax Avenue, San Benit-o, Texas PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: 5.5. Charles Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, S.S. Del Campo, Mississippi Shipping Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: England. Scotland, Denmark. Brazil. Uru- guay, Argentina. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Company. Information Service. Latin- American Club. f 332 . , kvenu ' " romp ' " ' ' ' mr 61 " - " ' . 5K.PP " 9 ° , oore S( JAMES HERMAN PILLiOD 914 Covington Avenue, Piqua, Ohio PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. Margaret Lyices. S.S. Tiilie Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Del Rio Mississippi Steamship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: France, Belgium. Germany, Holland. Italy, Spain, Cuba, Belgian Congo. French Equatorial Africa. French Camaeroons, Angola, Gold Coast, Nigeria, Liberia, French Sudan. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star. I 0t ' I ' JOHN PHILIP PURCELL 1 1 Lincoln Place, West Newton, Massachusetts 333 PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Robin Wentley. Seas Shipping Company; S.S. America, S.S. American Veteran, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Union of South Africa. Portuguese East Africa, Kenya Colony, British East Africa, Eire, Ireland, Eng- land, France. Germany. ACADEMY RECORD: Football, Wrestling, Ski Club, Propeller Club, Windjammers Club, Mascot Keeper, Midships. - STEPHEN ARDEN RATHKOPF 573 Scranton Avenue, Lynbrook, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Monmouth. Keystone Shipping Company; S.S. Pioneer Lake, United States Lines; S.S. Mormacisle, S.S. Mor- macyork, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Hawaiian Islands, Philippine Islands, China. Japan, Korea, Argentina. Brazil, Venezuela, Panama. ACADEMY RECORD: Soccer, Wrestling, Propeller Club. Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Hear This, Wind- jammers Club, Mascot Keeper. ,. ZZO.. «ree. S . , e.can Reader, pUBe V-- -t:: -- - " " ,,. Ve.e.u.a, Co. I 4. STEPHEN ARTHUR REIDY 1 1 Rawsfon Road, Roslindale, Massachusetts PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Santa Barbara, S.S. Santa Luisa, Grace Lines; S.S. Exceller, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru. Chile, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Company, Propeller Club. 334 J ,9,.34 nZth Road, « . 3,,,Aa-. .-- -■-:. punter, Or,.e. : - S; r- " ; s--; r " -r D a n e raairoHr - Engineers, ' ' UTY s . r Point ' ' - Vc. " " nnt £ ' - - P petrV ' - Rer ' " " - " o ' cl " ? ' " ' -■chytecfs FRANKLIN OVERTON RICH Peconic, Long Island, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.S. LaGuardia, American Export Lines; S.S. African Endeavor, Farrell Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Italy, Sicily. Greece, Israel, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa. ACADEMY RECORD: Dance Committee, Pistol Club, Cadet Of- ficer. A SETH EDWIN RISLOVE Rushford, Minnesota PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. Howell Lykes, S.S. Louise Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Alcoa Roamer, Alcoa Steamship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Germany, Japan, Straits Settlements. British West Indies. 335 ' ' ' " v RECORD- Baseba " . 336 4 ROALDO JOSi RIVAS Puerta de Tierra, San Juan, Puerto Rico PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S S. Mormacelm. Moore-McCormack Lines; S.S. Ex- minster, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Denmark. Egypt. Finland. Greece. India. Italy. French Morocco. Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Swe- den. Turkey, Yugoslavia, ACADEMY RECORD: Latin-American Club. Marlinspike Club. Soccer Team, Cadet Officer. f f. ROBERl 1 PLBE VW: U DUTY- U D Bei;r Fm: ' ACAKMY itu . HARVEY P. RODGERS 90-14 21Sth Street, Queens Vilfage 8. New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mount Davis. American President Lines; S.S. African Endeavor, Farrell Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Japan. Korea. China. Philippine Islands. Straits Settlements, Ceylon, India. Pakistan. Egypt, Italy, France. Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Information Service, Class Council, Propeller Club— Secretary, Society of Naval Archi- tects and Marine Engineers, Cadet Officer. i GEI 1 % Ici S.5. ROBERT BREEM RODWANCY 3826 State Avenue, Astabula, Ohio PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. Del Sol, Mississippi Shipping Company; Almeria Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Cuba, Brazil, Uruguay. Argentina, Japan, Indonesia. Philippine Islands. Straits Settlements, Liberia, Belgian Congo. Angola, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, French West Africa. Panama. ACADEMY RECORD: Midships, Track. Tennis. Pan; f ' S Tfo ' " ' ' ' u ' ? " o ' es s,, ' " ' - Club ■ ' °° ' ball, e _ ,tt -wfLre. ■ H GERALD JOSEPH ROSS 101 Maple Avenue, Altamont, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mason Lykes. S.S. Norman Lykes, S.S. Barbara Lykes, Lykes Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Del Vienfo, Mississippi Shipping Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, British East Africa, British West Africa, Japan, Korea, China, Philippine Islands, Panama, Germany, Holland, France, Brazil. ACADEMY RECORD: Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Propeller Club, Christian Council, Rifle and Pistol Club, Cadet Officer. Oury, ' ' -9 Po,nf. ' " ' ' •■ ' ' Nev y I, " " ' ■ - S ? ° " if- " Vo,fc 337 :: j »! ' ROBERT SAMUEL SANTOS 264 Randall Avenue, Lawrence, Long Island, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Planter, 5.5. America, United States Lines; S.5. Excambion. American Export Lines; 5.5. Mormac- kite, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Ireland, England, France, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands West Indies. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Team, Polaris Photography Editor, Midships Photography Editor, Latin-American Club, Propeller Club. wwS ...I «.LBER ii Ohio Af ,620 Be«e Av . o,« Ch.- ' " - .,„. .cCo.r.acV - LaVeVO " - . -%;,,„ S.OU- - „6.3na-e« ;.meO»n f STcCo ' ac c°ra:-=. - o ' ----- " " ALFRED ROBERT SCHMIDT R. F. D. 1 Route 35, South Amboy, New Jersey PLEBE YEAR; Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.5. Santa Flavia, Grace Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicara- gua, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico. ACADEMY RECORD: Soccer, Propeller Club, Michaelson Society. I WILLIA SfA DUTy. jj Siaiii,. ,, COij;(T: - In ' - . 338 1 I 4- RICHARD ALLEN SCHOOLEY 72-4S 147th Street, Flushing, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: SS. Parismina. United Fruit Company; S.S. Ameri- can Harvester, United States Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, England. ACADEMY RECORD: Rifle Team. Propeller Club, Astronomy Club, Polaris, Camera Club, Midships, Windjammers Club. V IMIOT 4r WILLIAM FRANCIS SCHRETZMAN 55 Glen Street, Brooklyn 8, New York S.S. PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Packer. United States Lines; Excalibur, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: England, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy. Greece, Egypt, Lebanon. ACADEMY RECORD: Propeller Club. Editor-in-Chief — Polaris. Information Service, Cadet Officer. Form ' ' ITED- " ' ' Say ,f - ■ »ac r, 339 c c, Del -rcn Ffa " „ Brai ' ' ' Guaie " - ACADENA- .VEA- -. -- ' t 0.-a -f c?.aCI Une ' 3,,,. 4- PHAON DALE SHAFER Box 181, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.S. Pioneer Cove, United States Lines; S.S. Exton, American Export Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: China. Japan. Korea. Formosa. Philippine Islands, Hawaiian Islands. Spain. Portugal, Italy, Greece, Tur- key, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria. ACADEMY RECORD: Protestant Choir, Christian Council, Pistol and Rifle Club, Cadet Officer. T Ml Ha Pli!E VW: I ' iEA m S! Si Saw a COyNTHIES V ' i lilmli, ;w lli. " AC " ' ' m m ' it, . » " % hi k 340 " ■OH. Philippine " J !. £f«e, Tuf. « Cwul, PsItI ' ■ ! RICHARD STACEY SHEETZ 921 Hamilton Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. President Monroe. American President Lines; S.S. Santa Isabel, Grace Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Cuba, Puerto Rico. Canal Zone, Hawaiian Islands. Japan. Formosa, China, Philippine Islands, Straits Settlements. Ceylon. India. Pakistan, Egypt. Sicily. France, Italy. Ecuador. Colombia, Peru, Chile. ACADEMY RECORD: Propeller Club, Latin-American Club, Edi- tor-in-Chief — Midships. Cadet Officer. V DUTY- ; , ' " ' = r.,,i, " ■ «ape,„3 COL NTr p, ° ' - ' cCorr ? ° arder ,, ' " - fn V ' ' ED- r ' - ' " - ' " ' 5 ' -fes , . ° Nrr,Es ' t ' nV ' - S-S St „ Japan i " " SITED- r ' " " " ' P Co: ' " ' " l-ykes c, - - «SC0... , ■ ' ° " - ' ' °-V, t ,. ,S a,n. ,,, ■ ° " - :ounfry. ' " ' ' ands; °° ' 00N SCOTT c». ■ ' ' C.r,3t,.„ " ' " ' " ' ■ " " ' o » 341 Ti , .hie O " " ' .c Joseph ' °° " .-,..30. , ,,.. Con.panV.J, ,..e,s o. pass C»T ' ,,ed f ' ; V-Y es, ' " ' KAY RECORD- ° ' .-3 4- ROBERT ALEXANDER SMALL 130 East Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut I. PAUL J. SMITH, JR. 246 Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn 7, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Exchequer, American Export Lines; S.S. Santa Paula, S.S. Santa Margarita, Grace Lines; S.S. American Re- porter, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: England, France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, French Somaliland. Arabia, Pakistan. India, Ceylon, Netherlands West Indies, Panama. Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador. Peru, Chile. ACADEMY RECORD: Debate Council, Russian Club, Propeller Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. 342 PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. African Endeavor, Farrell Lines; S.S. American Producer, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, England, France, Germany, Spain. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Team, Regimental Band, Track, Base- ball, Propeller Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Cadet Officer. ' ( » " ' out " ' -°uncil_ ' ' Officer. ' " " ' »! ' CHARLES WILLIAM STAHLE 241-28 241 sf Street, Rosedale, Long Island, New York lit PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: 5.S. Exeter, American Export Lines; S.S. Pioneer Sea, S.S. American Banlcer, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: France, Italy, Egypt, Canal Zone. Leb- anon, Greece, England, Ireland, Scotland, Hawaiian Islands, Philippine Islands, Formosa, China, Japan. ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Band. 343 ■t kY A S- 4 I. WILLIAM BRADFORD STOCKING 2 Climax Heights, Avon, Connecticut PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Pioneer Reef. United States Lines; S.S. Argen- tina, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Australia. British West Indies. Nether- lands West Indies. Canada. Brazil, Argentina. Uruguay. ACADEMY RECORD: Football, Wrestling, Cadet Officer. EV)GE» , Stat- " i ' " ' ' ' , es V-V es D )apar , g -°Y |. atioe 344 r. 4- HERBERT SWANSON 730 esth street, Brooklyn, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Fra Berlanga, United Fruit Company; S.S.Santa Cecilia, Grace Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Peru, Colombia. f 4- SIDNEY ALEXANDER THOMPSON 501 North Virgil Avenue, Los Angeles, California 345 PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Mormacrey, Moore-McCormack Lines; S.S. Santa Eliana. Grace Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Mexico. Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Vene- zuela, Dutch West Indies, British West Indies, Brazil, Uru- guay, Argentina. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Windjammers Club, Marlin- spike Club, Christian Council, Drill Team, Regimental Intra- mural Boxing Champion, Cadet Officer. EARL JAMES TRAFTON 44 Norman Drive, Birmingham, Alabama PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. Velma Lykes, S.S. Ruth Lykes, Tyson Lykes. Lykes Brothers Steamship Company; S.S. Quirigua, United Fruit Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Cuba, Guatemala. Italy, Greece, Algeria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway. ACADEMY RECORD: Tennis. Polaris. Cadet Officer . 4r I Ira, •4 JAVIER UBARRI 671 Monierrate Street, Santurce, Puerto Rico PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point, SEA DUTY: S.S. Exmouth, American Export Lines; American Clipper, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: England, France, Germany, Italy, French Morocco, India, Pakistan. ACADEMY RECORD: Regimental Intramural Boxing Champion. Latin-American Club. Ir , WAGER 1, ntian- k»: i Lines. ? ' r-hristia " - uvaW Lines. raoada- PLESe VeA- Ha ' a., - " - rt::aSo..ers COUNTRIES V p p peUer CADE Vin ' c-- ' " - 346 CADE t :? ' " ' 3 ands ' " " ' -Sua. .. ' ' " ' " " 9 ' RECORD- vv " sent na. On,.. , " ' det Officer, WILLIAM DWIGHT WARREN, JR. 214 South Campus Avenue, Oxford, Ohio PLEBE YEAR: Pass Christian. SEA DUTY: S.S. E. J. Kulas. S.5. James MacNaughton. Wilson Transit Company; S.S. African Moon, Farrell Lines; S.S.Brazil, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: British West Indies, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Union of South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya Colony, Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Southwest Africa, Canada. i ry- 4r CLYDE HAROLD WATERMAN, JR. 33 Riverside Drive, New York City, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY; S.S. Sonoma, Matson Navigation Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: Australia. New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Samoa Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Canada, Tasmania. ACADEMY RECORD: Drill Company, Dance Committee, Propel- ler Club, Cadet Officer. 347 » 4 RICHARD BARRY WELCH 37 Hinckley Road, Waban 68, Massachusetts PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Agwimonte. Cuba Mail Lines; S.S. America, S.S. American Reporter, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Mexico, Cuba. Ireland, England, France. ACADEMY RECORD: Scholastic Star, Drill Company, Hear This; Cadet Officer. .nMO VINCENT " 3. !, • RAYfAOND V ,„,.o.v.H- 3.0 east 59tHSU o - . n icings P° ' " - S Chan P ' . ' ates Lines, i- ' - TuC ea -°-rcosta R-. --=- ?cTdS ' ° ' " - 4 JAMES MICHAEL WHALEN 3206 Third Avenue, New York City, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. American Shipper, United States Lines; Mor- macelm, Moore-McCormack Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: England, France, Germany, Sweden, Nor- way, Denmark, Poland. Finland. ll DUTY ti . WlliB VIS,, ' • " la, Ut. 348 - ' I ' RONALD RICHARD WHITE 61 Vincent Place, Lynbrook, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Argentina. Moore-McCormack Lines; S.S. Ag- wistar, Cuba Mail Lines; S.S. American Merchant. United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: England. Uruguay. Cuba, Germany, British West Indies. Brazil. France, Mexico, Argentina. Belgium. ACADEMY RECORD: Track. Propeller Club. w,. " 4- ' - 1, - z: ' - ■■ ' " " --van.- c3 V S,rfD ° ' " - ' coar " Lines- , . ■ ' " --m, Ten ■ DONALD LAWRENCE WOLLE 600 Country Club Lane, Havertown, Pennsylvania PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. John Lykes. S.S. William Lykes. Lykes Brothers Steamship Company ; S.S. Alcoa Runner, Alcoa Steamship Company; S.S. Gulf Shipper, Gulf and South American Steam- ship Company. COUNTRIES VISITED: England. France. Belgium. Holland. Ger- many, British West Indies. Barbadoes. Jamaica, Aruba. Vene- zuela, British Guiana. Dutch Guiana, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. ACADEMY RECORD: Cross-country, Track, Propeller Club. i ' f . Oury. j " ' 9 Po,„f " ' • " ' New j, ' and , " ' S TFn ' - " les. " non J ' " ' " " .■ s . , = o J ' ' ' d. f ;°-- Sweden „ ' Alaf ' i- 349 --:°cJ::: fleer. I. HOWARD HENRY YOUNGCLAUS, JR. 7617 Smith Avenue, North Bergen. New Jersey PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.5. Ulua, S.5. Cibao, United Fruit Company; S.S. American Miller, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Germany, England, France, Panama, Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala. ACADEMY RECORD: Rifle Team, Cadet Officer. w JOSEPH L. ZECCA 2441 81st Street, Jackson Heights, New York PLEBE YEAR: Kings Point. SEA DUTY: S.S. Robin Goodfellow. Seas Shipping Company, S.S. Pioneer Tide, United States Lines. COUNTRIES VISITED: Panama, Southwest Africa. South Africa. Mozambique, Tanganyika. Zanzibar. Kenya, Canada, British West Indies, Australia. ACADEMY RECORD: Propeller Club. Dance Committee. Editor-in- Chief Hear This. Cadet Officer. 350 . INDEX TO GRADUATES CLASS OF DECEMBER 19 5 1 Adler, W. A 246 Anderson, T. Y. 2-16 Bagnall, W. A 246 Beberdick, F. H 246 Benton, L. G. 247 Berg, W. J 247 Berry, H.E 247 Best, T. R 248 Bradshaw, J. E 248 Browne, R. H 248 Bruch, D. G 249 Buehler, H. J., Jr 249 Bullick, R. W 249 Butz, H. A 249 Caggiano, V. 250 Gallery, G. F 250 Canerot, J. G. 250 Carlson, R. C. 250 Catto, W. A., Jr 251 Christian, H. F. 251 Corrigan, J. W 251 Cradick, H. D 252 Creighton, T. J., Jr. 252 Crowe, J. D. 252 Cutler, D. F 253 D ' Aquilla, W. R 253 Delle Donne, E. E 253 DeVito, V. N 253 Dickson, R. E 254 Doerner, R. F 254 Donnelly, J. M. 254 Dow, C. F 254 ERis, G. D 255 Esbensen, P. J 255 Faller, T. L 255 Fellows, G. A 256 Fishkind, M. R 256 Fitzpatrick, J. J 256 Fitzpatrick, T. E 257 Flatley, J. P 257 Force, H 257 Fry, H. C 257 Gay, G. G 258 Goodale, E. J 258 Gregurech, S 258 Griffin, J. P 258 Hansen, J. H 259 Harbst, D. L 259 Hoare. H. F 259 Holtgren, W. D 260 Hundt, J. E 260 Jimenez, N 260 Johanson, J. G. 261 Johnson, W. T. 261 Kanellos, P 261 Kaz, J. G 261 Kennedy, W.J 262 Klein, I. D 262 Knowles, R. G. 262 Kraft, L. M 262 Kandmann, W. O., Jr 263 Lanzafame, J. P 263 Leitner, P 263 Lewis, G., Jr 264 Lezcano, R. D. 264 Maccione, R. 264 McBride, J. J 265 McCormack, G. L. T. 265 McLean, D. M 265 Meehan, D. E 265 Melbin, J 266 Michel, J. H 266 Molis, E. W 266 Montilone, R. M 266 Murray, P. J 267 Murray, R.J. 267 Nelson, T. E., Jr 267 O ' Connor, E. J 268 O ' Donnell, E. J 268 Olimon, C. G 268 Onkes, R. E 269 Ortega-Otero, J. S 269 O ' Sullivan, B. P 269 Pace, E. F 269 Palatini, G. L. 270 Paul, R. E 270 Phelps, C. E 270 Phelps, T.W 270 Phillips, A. v.. Ill 271 Piatt, J. B 271 Plessinger, J. A. 271 Ramirez, B. P 272 Ramm, T. F 272 Rebman, J. A 272 Reynolds, M. 273 Ridley, J. L., Jr 273 Ritz, R. W 273 Rogers, W. H., Jr 273 Rotman, H. D 274 Steinbach, J. S. 274 Scarafone, R. 274 Schroder, A. R. 274 Seitz, E. L., Jr 275 Shapiro, E. J 275 Showalter, R. E. 275 Silos, G. J 276 Stewart, J. T., Jr. 276 St. Johns, G. E., Jr 276 Stolzenberg, M. D 277 Taylor, R.F 277 Taylor, T.D 277 Terwilliger, H 277 Tis, E. P. 278 Valiente, R. A 278 Vallar, L R. E 278 Vanbeck, N. J 279 Wieser, M. D 279 Wilcox, W. D 279 Willenbrock, G. M 279 Willoch, R 280 Wilson, W. R., Jr 280 Woody, W. R 280 Wright, CM 280 Yearsley, W. E 281 Young, R. W 281 Zortman, B. H., Jr 281 CLASS OF AUGUST 1952 Abramson, D. G 284 Adams, R. L 284 Alexander, L. E 284 Ameika, A. E 284 Amicone, C. C 285 Amrhyn, O. C 285 Anderson, F. B 285 Andrews, R. G. 286 Andrews, R. M 286 Antonucci, M. E 286 Artusa, F. A 287 Atamian, C 287 Aubin, D. L 287 Bajakian, A. A. 287 Bakeeff, A. A 288 Baker, H. B 288 Balomenos, R. H 288 Barr, W. E., Jr 288 Bartoszak, J. B 289 Bassetl, R. W 289 Berg, C. A 289 Berk, L. A 290 Birknes, J. A 290 Black, T. J 290 Blaine, D.D. 291 Branstrom, B. A 291 Brennen, W. E., Jr. 291 Briski, J. C 291 Bucska, CD 292 Burnham, J 292 Campbell, T.J 292 Cassell, H. A 292 Chase, J. L 293 Christie, K. M 293 Clark, S. D 293 Corbett, L. J., Jr 294 Cotugno, P. J 294 Crane, R.E 294 351 INDEX TO GRADUATES CLASS OF AUGUST 1952 Crossley, G. A. 295 Cummings, M. P. 295 Dawson, T. C 295 Dears, D. D 295 DeSouza, F 296 Dickson, R. W 296 Dills, H. A 296 Dodd, R 296 Dolan, E. F 297 Donaldson, H 297 Donnellon, J. N 297 Dosher, E. H 298 Durante, A. S 298 Erikson. C. H., Jr 298 Evanovich, G. P 299 Evans, T. P., II 299 Ewers, B. H 299 Fairbanks, R. K 299 Farley, R. A 300 Fellner, F. D 300 Feltus, V. M., Jr 300 Fetohko, J. A 300 Fialcowilz, R. P 301 Finlayson, L. A., Jr 301 Finnegan, D. S. 301 Fisher, R. E 302 Flagg, J. B 302 Flynn, D 302 Flynn, E. F 303 Folsom, M. G 303 Francino, L. D. 303 Getty, J. J 303 Gibbons, F.E 304 Gordey, W 304 Graham, J. R 304 Grande, F.J 304 Green, J. C 305 Gregory, J. E 305 Grill, L. J 305 Grinnell, F. B., Jr 306 Guest, W. H 306 Habekost, W. K 306 Hackney, W. M 307 Hajosy, R. C 307 Hammer, P. M 307 Hansen, D. A 307 Hansen, N. T 308 Hardy, R. A 308 Harrell, R. C 308 Hartman, K. G 308 Headley, D. H 309 Hedlund, R. L 309 Heimbuch, J. W., Jr 309 Hermitt, T. J 310 Hertzberg, J. M 310 Herzog, E. J 310 Hickey, J. T 311 Hill, S 311 Hill, T. E 311 Hoagland, J. J 311 Holt, L. G 312 Hovi, L. E 312 Jardine, N. A 312 Jensen, F. G 312 Johansen, P. A. 313 Jones, N. E. 313 Jones, R. C 313 Jordan, R. A. 314 Kaczmarczyk, L. B 314 Keefe, H. S 314 Kelley, J. J 315 Keneipp, G. D. 315 Kipp, F. M 315 Klages, R. D 315 Kramps, W. H. 316 Krass, H. C 316 Kurtz, W 316 Largin, C. M 316 Lasher, R. J 317 Lawrence, K. 317 Lawrence, M. E., Jr 317 Lawson, C. F. 318 LeMay, H. A 318 Lewis, J. C 318 Lewis, K. A 319 Linder, C. A 319 Lindsay, J. H 319 Linke, F. H 319 Lithen, E. E 320 Lorden, L. R 320 Loughrey, J. R 320 Lowen, R. J. 320 MacDonald, M. F 321 MacDonough, G. P 321 Mannion, W. P 321 Marry, R. J 322 Marshall, R. M 322 Martin, C.P 322 Martone, A. A 323 Matthews, C. P 323 Maucher, N. F 323 Mazur, E. T 323 McCaffery, J. M 324 McCullagh, P. A 324 McDaniel, J. L 324 McGarvey, J. J 324 McGrath, T. E 325 McKenna, G. W 325 McLean, W. R 325 McNulty, F. G 326 Mehler, F. A 326 Meyer, G. C 326 Meyer, W.G 326 MitcheU, W. E 327 Moore, R. S 327 Morrissey, C. T 327 Mrlik, M. J 328 Muller, J. D 328 Nath, R. A 328 Nelson, R. D 329 Nevins, J. L 329 Nolan, J. J 329 Nuss, C.R 329 O ' Brien, T.P 330 O ' DonnelLT. E 330 Olman. G. S 330 Oram, J. G 330 Osti, F. H 331 O ' Toole, C. C 331 Overhiser, L. E 331 Patterson. M. H. 332 Perez, E. C. 332 Peterson, D. 332 Pilliod, J. H 333 Pontone, J. J 333 Posthauer, V. F., Jr 333 PurceU, J. P 333 Rathkopf, S. A 334 Rehm, W. H 334 Reidy, S. A 334 Rempe, C. J 334 Rendall, W. G 335 Rich, F. 335 Rislove, S. E 335 Rivas, R. J 336 Roderick, J. M 336 Rodgers, H. P. 336 Rodwancy, R. B 337 Rondepierre, E. F 337 Ross, G. J 337 Ryan, W.G 337 Santos, R. S 338 Schempf, R. F 338 Schimansky, J. A 338 Schmidt, A. R. 338 Schooley, R. A 339 Schretzman, W. F 339 Schuhz, D. J 339 Sedlack, D. C 340 Shafer, P. D 340 Shaw, B. W 340 Sheetz, R. S 341 Sheridan, C. H 341 Shone, R. P 341 Shreve, G. S 341 Simpson, P. M 342 Sleiertin, R. A 342 SmaU, R. A 342 Smith, P. J., Jr 342 Smith, R. R 343 Smith, R. H 343 Stable, C. W 343 Stehr, W. F 344 Stocking, W.B 344 Struyk, E. L 344 Swanson, H 345 Tabor, S.V 345 Thayer, M. W., Jr 345 Thompson, S. A. 345 Trafton, E. J 346 Trott, T., Jr 346 Ubarri, J 346 Wager, J. E 346 Wahmann, J. C 347 Warren, W. D., Jr 347 Waterman, C. H., Jr 347 Welch, R. B 348 Wettler, R. V 348 Whalen, J. M 348 White, R. R 349 Winters, W. G 349 Wolle, D. L 349 Wulff, T. D 349 Youngclaus, H. H., Jr 350 Zecca, J. L 350 352 ' Pejkumtf J953 CLASS OF FEBRUARY 1953— DECK Almazora, F. S. Angert, D. F. Beechinor, F. V. Burke, E. P. Burt, J. H. Butler, R. T. Camp, J. B. Campino, V. A. Cawley, M. J. Chaggaris, E. C. Champlain, H. D., Jr. Cregan, J. D. DaSilva, A. M. DeLeon, E. R. Divino, A. V. Donnelly, W. T. Doubiago, S. G. Dulk, P. A. Dunn, R. J. Dyer, M. G. Edwards, D. H. Edwards, R. R. Fate, M. W. Fidelman, S. " B. " Findling, J. W. Firgau, E. J. Francisco, J. V. Frankenfield, R. K. Friedman, P. Garcia, O. D. Gavazzi, R. R. Goforth, W. H., Jr. Goldberger, A. E. Goldrich, S. S. Green, R. J. Grier, R. W., Jr. Groepler, F. Gurnsey, L. D. Harrington, H. W., Jr. Jenkins, B. John, R. P. Kay, R. P. Kunkel, G. J. Lang, T., Jr. Lentz, L. A. Lisboa, H. L. Mahr, F. J., Jr. Maloney, T. P. Martilliano, S. C. Mattioni, D. McCormick, R. J. Nelson, G. N. O ' Donnell, J. M. Pirone, M. A. L. Salisbury, C. E. Scivetti, N. J. Scott, T. J. Smith, M. G. Smith, P. W. Stevens, R. C, Jr. Stewart, C. West, G. D., Jr. CLASS OF FEBRUARY 1953— ENGINE Ablan, F. A. Ajero, R. A. Barton, R. B. Bauer, L. H. Benson, R. J. Biggs, R. R. Bowersox, R. S. Braida, T. O. Brunn, Walter B. Camba, R. C. Carlos, E. R. Cherry, R. R. Clark, W. F. Cocjin, D. L. Corduan, K. B. Day, C. W. Domingo, M. B. Dost, M. C. Fay, David A. Fay, F. E. Flacke, J. L. Giel, J. K. Gillooly, J. J. Goldberg, J. H. Guia, P. B. Hayes, J. K. Herzog. R. C. Hess, E. K. Hindle, R. A. Hines, R. Hiniz, A. J. Hoch, K. A. Hoffmann, W. O. Hooks, W. N., Jr. Hunt, C. H. Jones, I. T. Jones, T., Jr. Josepaitis, F. Kaai. S. W. Keefe, A. E., Jr. Knorr, D. J. Krecicki, V. S. Kresse, W. M. Lane, B. S. Malimban, R. B. McCuistion, A. L. McGinn, J. J. McGuinness, J. J. McKnight, R. V. McNuhy, J. F. Meusel, J. W. Miguel, D. Miller, E. J. Moore, W. D. Mulhall, J. E. O ' Connor, B. H., Jr. Olson, N. H. Palm, H. W. Pfefferkorn, E. E. Pfeil, R. A. Phippen, C. G. Quigley, M. J. Race, M. F " . Remollino, B. S. Rodriguez-Garrastegui, R. S. Ross, A. T. Ross, H. Ryan, G. F. Saavedra, J. R. Salonga, F. G., Jr. Sanidad, R. R. Sapone, A. D. Sheppard, Ray W., Jr. Sise, E. F., Jr. Sonnen, P. H. Stratton, W. M., Jr. Swanson, A. D. Tesoriero, E. A. Thomas, F. J., Jr. Townsley, B. T. Turnley, G. E., Jr. Valdez, M. M. Vamos. E. M. Vista, L. S. F. Walker, J. J. Weisgerber, R. H. Wiechard, R. N. Woods, F. L. Wurzer, M., Jr. Yenolevage, A. Young, A. W. A. YOUNG, President T. JONES, Vice President 353 u 0 4ccfcue f953 CLASS OF AUGUST 1953— DECK Beardall, R. V. Besio, L. F. Blatter, J. A. Brown, G. P. Cannon, D. P. Capodanno, F. S. Cayting, H. F. Childs, J. R., Jr. Duffy, A. L., Jr. Erne, E. G. FitzMorris, P. E. Gallagan, R. H. Gerchman, T. L. Gold, J. M. Guth, J. W. Hanks, H. R. Harlline, B. E. Home, C. E. Isbrandtsen, H. C. Javello, R. F. Jones, A. H. Kilburn, N. F. Levin, B. L. Lindberg, G. R. Lowen, P. N. Lowry, G. C. Mahoney, D. J. Mahoney, J. E. Marshall, J. L. Martin, F. V., Jr. Matheny, R. A. McCoy, J. J. Merrell, J. H. Morgan, J. C. Nelson, C. W., Jr. Paparone, B. J. Payne, D. M. Peters, W. E. Pettyjohn, W. R. Quaekenbush, G. W. Reed, J. H. Richardson, P. D. Schwarz, H. R. Scufalos, M. Smith, R. E. Sommers, T. A. Stephens, B. K. Stephens, R. H. Storer, V. T. Thomas, D. D. Toner. E. J., Jr. Van Emmerick, A. Ward, J. F. Wescott, W. L., II Wilson, J. S. Wood, R. D. Worrall, L. F. Wright, J. D. CLASS OF AUGUST 1953— ENGINE Beeson, D. E. Bivins, H. W., Jr. Borison, E. B. Bremiller, R. S. . Butler, O. D. Caron, G. R., Jr. Casparius, G. A. E. Clark, P. K. Cone, M. W. Conlon, L. R. Conway, L. F., Jr. Copeland, T. D. Crooks, T. H. Crummy, R. J. Cullison, W. L., Jr. Cunniff, J. R. Daley, J. T. Downs, D. L. Duke, R. M. Evans, R. H. Fishbein, S. Fitzgerald, J. M. Froude, D. R. Gate, J. M. Gladbach, R. W. Goldberg, P. Grant, R. B., Jr. Hahn, P. P. Hansen, E., Jr. Hartig, R. C. Haser, J. F., Jr. Heinemann, F. P. Hinton, R. L. Jabo, M., Jr. Jalbert, D. M. Janvier, C. E., Jr. Jayne, J. F. Jermanok, J. Johnstone, G. A, Kent, J. F., HI Kish, S. E. Klei, P. J. Lane, V. J. Langston, T. J. LaPorte, R. K. Lauriat, T. B. Long, J. M. Madden, G. R. Markey, E. J. Matte, R. W. McCarte, J. W. McGeechan, F. X. Meyer, F. Miller, W. L., Jr. Mirabal, J. A. Murray, G. W. Naples, R. Ortolano, R. J. Paolini, D. L. Paquette, D. R. Patton, D. K. Paulik, R. J. Pillow, J. H. Potenle, L. J. Purcell, J. M. Rennie, W. B., Jr. Rivard, M. A. Rossman, R. H. Savage, W. E. H. Schneider, G. A., Jr. Sheckler, R. M. Shostak, W. Shulick, R. hvodian, R. J. Shvodian, W. M. Smythe, R. E. Solomon, H. C. Sprung, R, A., Jr. Stewart, O. L. Suriano, R. P. Trainor, J. W. Trudeau, L. J., Jr. Valk, D. B. Vickers, J. G. Walker, F. G. Weining, R. E. Wills, D. F. Wolfe, W. C. Zager, D. G. Zekauskas, J. R. 354 . CC z 4 dncKvuf, t954 CLASS OF FEBRUARY 1954 — DECK Albertson, N. Albright, C. L., Jr. Beabes, M. W. Bellone, E. A. Brown, F. P. Brown, J. J. Camangian, J. C. Campbell, H. T. Carroll, J. L. Cox, L. N. Davis, D. D. Dela Cruz, D. B. Essex, H. L. Fogt, H. E., Jr. Folis, G. L. Fox, J. H. Francis, D. M. Garcia, J. R., Jr. Graf, P. L. Johnson, W. H. Kaplan. R. I. Lansangan, J. J., Jr. Luke. J. P. Mi-Nerney, F. X. Miller, C. T. Nesbitt, R. A. Nielson, J. L. B. Raffensperger, D. J. Ripa, R. J. Rittenhouse, J. O. Rodriquez, J. R. Rothgaber, D. L. Santoro, D. A. E. Scarsellato, F. Schriber, H. F. Shufeldt, A. W. Smith, T. G. Stesney, B. L. Valentine, V. G. Whichard, T. CLASS OF FEBRUARY 1954 — ENGINE Abad, G. N. Adelman, J. R. Ahrens, A. W. Alcala, R. T. Almberg, F. J. Arreola, A. D. Bashaw, P. R. Bragan, C. N. Buckley, W. Buzy, J. J. Gascon, R. B. Clark, R. B. Corjulo, A. Danseco, A. R. H. DeGuzman, A. C. DeLand, R. E. DiCarlo, A. D. Domingo, H. T. Dowd, J. A. Dudda, R. H. Durnwirth, R. K. Edwards, P. G. Eichinger, J. C. Evora, J. C. Ferrer, R. M. Fink, A. N. Foster, G. D., Jr. Fowler, R. D. Fudge, R. B. Fuller, H. K. Grahn, E. L. V. Guscott, K. I. Hammann, H. B. Harshman, J. L. Hartley, L. A. Hawkes, G. Hecker, R. Holzer, R. M. lacono, V. J., Jr. Kelly, C. v., Jr. Knudtsen, E. B. Kornstein, D. Kridler, J. R. Kuser, D. P. Lamb, D. G. Lira, B. L. Luebbe, R. A. Lynch, R. C. Malia, G. M. Marberblatt, N. M. Matthews, W. J. May, W. J. McLellan, J. L. Melhuish, E. Mercanti, J. A. Moody, D. C. Moreland, A. C. Olsen, C. E. O. Overman, P. C, Jr. Pascucci, M. Penny, G. A. Petosa, A. A. Price, G. E. Quick, J. D. Rack, F. H. Raya, J. D., Jr. Reyes, J. M. Roes, R. R. Rossbach, F. H. Salisbury, T. J. Sargent, T. K. Selmon, M. A. Schweitzer, G. Shanahan, R. J. Smyth, W. R., Jr. Storey, W. H., Jr. Tiedemann, H. N. Tomic, R. J. Torrijos, C. Q. TriUich, C. H. Vanderhooft, J. D. Wallace, J., Jr. Werner, R. A. Wahl, J. H. Wylie, J. D., Jr. Zogran, R. N. % 355 0U o ;4cc cc f954 CLASS OF AUGUST 1954 — DECK Bartlett, F. E. Bell. C. K. Belt, R. H. Bier, C. S. Bradley, W. L. Branting, H. B. Bruder, J. P. Carnes, J. W. Chapman, H. E. Colvelt, H. W. Corrigan, E. T, Depue, J. E. Franznian. R. C. Giniblelt, J. E. Gunter, T. L. Hormuth, G. A. Johnson, L. T. Johnson, W. C. Kelly, W. R. Larsen, J. E. Leaird, D. C. LeClerc, R. P. Liedel, D. D. Mazure, J. E. Mclnlosh, P. C. Meerman, C. J. Melanson, E. J., Jr. Nelson, F. H. Pelosa, A. J. Pietsch, R. T. Precop, E. E. Rubio, H. Robinson, G. B. Smith, J. P. Snell, W. A. Schreiber, D. L. Smith, R. L., Jr. Steinhauser, C. V. Simpson, H. E. Smith, H. B. Till, F. J. W., Jr. Wilson, C. T. Wiltshire, J. F. Witsaman, H. L., II CLASS OF AUGUST 1954 — ENGINE Baunack. W. H. Cabot, A. S. Cade, J. W. Cerchione, J. D. Cox, S. D. Crommie, M. F. DeSocio, R. D. DeWolfe, R. O. Domini, R. G. Dudziak, E. C. Eldridge, I. R. Escue, B. J. Frankle, R. A. Goldenstein, P. W. German, A. C. W. Gillialt, D. E. Hagan, G. M. Hayford, B. F., Jr. Howe, R. T. Johnson, R. A. Kapiko, J. J. Korb, W. C. Kinsella, W. D. Lynch, J. G. Lawrence, M. M. Lazar, H. F. Lubomski, J. F. McGrath, C. Moran, J. A., Jr. McDade, J. L. Mount, S. McCuin, A. B. Malinowski, F. W. O ' Donnell, G. P. Phillips, J. Pullis, H. A., Jr. Pierce, N. F. Potter, J. L. Quarto, F. P. Roesch, D. C. Ruby, R. A. Ryder, T. J., Jr. Schultz, A. N., Jr. Schweiso, R. J. Sealander, E. Shortt, J. H., Jr. Sutton, R. L. Thielhorn, G. W. Thompson, E. W., Jr. Vanderloan, J. S. Wanbaugh, P. M. Weis, J. F. Wong, B. W. 356 CLASS OF FEBRUARY 1955— DECK Baldwin, F. D. Bernasconi, A. J. Bruder, J. P. Bryning, H. L. Burns, R. J . Butler, R. F. Carlson, D. J. Chambers, S. T. Christopher, N. S. Colligan, J. R. Corrigan, E. T. Denison, R. H. DeVito, V. H. Feoko, J. Fields, W. J. Follett, R. C. Gerety, R. A. Griffin, W. G. Hamor, J. C. Henderson, W. S. Herberger, A. J. Hogan, G. C. Kaucher, J. E. Kelley, W. H. Kerby, E. M. MacDonald, B. I. Mahaney, P. D. McHugh, E. A. McVeigh, W. J. Mollard, W. B., Jr. Morow, R. H. Nelson, F. H. Neumann, R. Parr, L. M. Pirri, P. V. Rice. T. F. Robinson, G. B. Salie, R. B. Schaffner, J. J. Schaughnessy, F. N. Sneyd, W. G. Steen, R. L. Steinman, B. Stone, R. A. Stuebben, R. W., Jr. Tabor, J. K. Trolz, R. H. Van Dien, C. R. Weiss, A. J. Whitney, E. R. Williams. R. W. Wills, W. W. Young, M. E. CLASS OF FEBRUARY 1955 — ENGINE Daniels, G. A. Dean, W. J. Delweiler, J. E. Dragoilo, G. Durand, J. L. Fay, E. J. Field, D. M. Finneran, G. T. Fullner, C. R. Garthwaite, A. N. German, A, C. Guinee, J. E., Jr. Hansen, J. G. Hayford, B. F. Healy, R. E. Howe, R. T. Hubschman, W. Janinda, H. M. Jantzen, J. W. Kana, C. H. Kaplan, S. Kelly, K. W. Kralz, L. A. Morgan, J. G. Morton, W. R. Norris, F. J., Jr. Ohman, J. W. Pesce, H. J. Price J. E. Raffaele, E. F. Richey, T. Rossi, L. A. Scheib, J. R. Schramm, M. W., Jr. Siegel, B. Stahl, J. H. St. Amand, J. C. Stevenson, G. L. Stojda, D. W. Taylor, R. N. Thielhorn, G. W. Toto, F. C. Walker, J. G. Wanbaugh, P. M. Wetzel, W. J. Wilm, A. T., Jr. Asherl, J. L. Bogina, I. F. Campbell, J. R. Cannon. T. F. Causey, C. E. Chilty, E. T., Jr. Clark, R. B. Cordes, F. W., Jr Corr, J. V. J. CAMPBELL, President R. STEUBBEN, Vice President 357 giU o ;4u tut t955 CLASS OF AUGUST 1955— DECK Ballabio, A. L. Bara, R. T. Barbu, L. G. Barlow, R. L. Beck, L. B. Berg, I. L. Brauner, B. H. Bright, N. Broccoli, L. V. Campbell, R. L. Carver, H. T. Cochrane, P. V. Dezio, H. Di Lauro, R. P. Digati, P. A. Doskoch, J. Douglas, B. W. Dunn, C. K. Emery, G. A. Evans, H. R. Fahy, M. T. Fish. R. H. Ford, J. W. Furlan, A. W. Gelke, J. J. Giroux, J. L. Golanka, J. H. Guide, C. Hanson, L. K. Hawkins, J. R. Henig, E. R. Hicken, M. R. Hopkins, P. A. Julino, L. G. Kaminsky, S. A. Landy, E. W. Leonard, D. G. Mack, P. H. Malloy, J. F. Marberblatt, N. M. McKee, G. E. Meckling, M. J. Menesale, V. J. Merriam, A. L. Mills, A. L. Myers, C. E. Myers, D. F. Myers, W. K. Nitterous, A. J. Otey, J. S. Piacente, R. B. Ragucci, C. Read, F. M. Rees, E. G. Re ' nde, R. K. Russell, J. R. Schneider, H. J. Sheehan, L. J. Sherman, L. S. Smith, R. C. Snyder, B. E. Sole, A. N. Tuttle, G. G. Vaske, L. G. Vitale, R. R. Watson, F. M. Wicke, J. O. Wilcox, R. H. CLASS OF AUGUST 1955— ENGINE Allen, C. C. Alvarado, R. J. Baird, J. D. Benen, L. Berry, W. L. Sertoli, R. O. Bodder, S. S. Bodnar, J. Boska. S. W. Brady, J. F. Brooks, A. T. Brown, E. J. Brown, R. S. Chimienti, L. N. Collins, R. P. Corkey, R. G. Crawford, W. L. Dawson, H. C. Fath, W. C. Farris, R. O. Fencl, R. G. Frazier, W. C. Gilchrist, C. G. Glassing, E. S. Grandjean, C. A. Hager, K. A. Hayes, T. F. Herzman, G. M. lurillo, A. Janosov, R. D. Koch, J. E. Krug, H. E. P. Kummer, R. W. La France, R. J. Lipset, N. L Lynch, R. B. MacGiU, B. E. Malayter, F. E. May, R. U. McKeever, W. J. Peterson, R. C. Pfeil, D. H. Prokop, C. J. Reid, T. H. Rehrer, D. L. Ringhoff, H. Ritola, A. P. Robbins, D. G. Rohleen, J. T. Rosenberg, J. Russell, H. J. Ryan, A. E. Schillings, P. L. Schlirf, R. P. Schmidt, R. C. Schulick, E. H. Schult, R. L. Schwager, B. B. Seelman, G. J. Sheppard, L. C. Sirch, R. W. F. Sisson, D. B. Soltz, G. C. Tamaro, F. R. Treadway, L. O. Voigt, W. G. Warren, M. J. Wincek, W. J. 358 ( U ( ' PdntMfu t956 CLASS OF FEBRUARY 1956— DECK Alner J. Enders, R. A. Ingham, D. F. Nelson, R. B. Barrett, J. W. Bowden, W. R. Boyer, M. D. Byrne, J. F. Flanagan, J. P. Fogam, R. F. Froehlich, K. R. Kelly, D. F. Lavalette, D. R. Ohm, P. Petry, R. A. Carter, D. L. Chebuske, J. A. Griffing, P. M. Gross, P. Mark, J. E. MarDonald, C. E.. II Pompura, T. J. Proudfil, R. A. Cherrix, C. B. Crooke, T. E. Crowson, R. B., Jr. Harper, J. A. Hartigan. J. J. Hickey, J. K. MacKechnie, B. E. Maley, F. J. Miles, J. R. Miller, H. P., Jr. Schieflbein, G. W Steinberg, E. A. Sweeney, R. A. Ellis, L. J. Hodges, W. D., Jr. Murrary, R. J. Trombley, D. J. Abramson, R. P. Anderson, P. J. Barticco, J. E. Callo, J. A. Chichester, D. A. Chimento, T. M. Cichaczewski, R. J. Connors, R. J. De Marco, D. J. Dloss, R. Dylong, J. Erdei, E. J. Fauske, J. S. Ferrier, B. W. Fleischer, J. Geurdes, W. F. Gorsch, C. Grimm, J. Hackenfort, R. Hartland, S. D. Henery, H. A. CLASS OF FEBRUARY 1956— ENGINE Hus Kendelman, J. C. Kolesar, D. Konopka, F. E. Lahr, G. R., Jr. Lofmark, G. E. Mennie, W. J. Mills, E. S., Jr. Mobins, P. E., Jr. Momm, C. H. Obringer, R. E. Olman, D. D. Planey, W. B., Jr. Reubens, A. Robertson, W. H. Rose, C. D. Rosenthal, R. Sawtell, J. O. Schramm, E. C. Scully, J. Sturm, D. Szakowski, P. Szezepanski, P. Taveniere. W. W. Tis, R. J. Taylor, R. C. Twombly, R. W. Wells, R. F. Wenderoth, A. I. White, W. R. Yee, H. F. 359 LLIST,ER i TOWING-IIGHTERAGE Doing " the unusual " in towing and lighter- age is usual for McAllister — any point — any time. McAllister facilities encompass a wide range of service to keep ships and car- gos moving. McAllister experience covers over eighty years of towing and transporta- tion. Every assignment is expertly handled by splendidly conditiond equipment and eminently-qualified masters and crews. TOWING LIGHTERAGE McAllister brothers 19 RECTOR STREET NEW YORK CITY (guiiiiPiiM iiia Marine Underwriters 99 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 7, N. Y. BEekman 3-2470 i •: COMPLIMENTS OF S. A. LON6 INCORPORATED TANKER CHARTERING SPECIALISTS 21 WEST STREET NEW YORK 6, NEW YORK AG 360 A Good Neighbor Pays a Call Regularly, dependably — the Great White Fleet comes calling on the nations of Middle America. The gleaming wliite ships bring refrigerators, automobiles, cosmetics, electrical equipment . . . carry coffee, abaca, bananas, sugar liack to Nortliern markets. These modern liners are more than carriers of passengers and cargo. They are neigbl)ors from the United States doing their part in tlie Inter-American trade which helps l)ind tliis hemisphere together in friendship and enduring trade. Great UUhite Fleet UNITED FRUIT COMPANY General Offices: 80 FEDERAL St., Boston, Mass. WITH THE MEN WHO SAIL THEM , . -- ' -- KM. , Um ■ — 5 5!F» O ' A } — =-rrZ— — IT IS OUR PRIVILEGE TO SERVE PEBllKL • PAINTS •VARNISHES ENAMELS THE FEDERAL PAINT COMPANY, INC. 33 RECTOR STREET, NEW YORK 6, N. Y. WHITEHALL 4-0655 MAINTAINING AGENCIES AND STOCKS IN ALL THE PRINCIPAL PORTS OF THE UNITED STATES ESTABLISHED IN THE YEAR 1900 lllllllinilllllllllllllllllllllllllMMIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIinillllllllllllllllllK MARINE INDUSTRIAL FIRE PROTECTION All Types and Sizes Portables and Systems • SALES • INSPECTIONS • INSTALLATIONS • REPAIRS • REFILLING Fire Hose and Accessories Authorized Representative C-O-TWO FIRE EQUIPMENT CO. Active fire fxtinguistier Co. 88 Park Place, New York 7, N. Y. • COrtlandt 7-4387 Best Wishes from I Meseek Towing Lines, Inc. | I ik I I One Broadway | I New York 4, N. Y. | fiMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIilllllllllllll IlillllMlllll " 362 This stack insiMia identifies the steamship company that serves 59 ports of the Caribbean out of seven U, S. ports ALCOA ALCOA STEAMSHIP COMPANY, INC. 17 BATTERY PLACE, NEW YORK 4, N. Y. BALTIMORE • CHICAGO • MOBILE • MONTREAL . NEW ORLEANS • NORFOLK • ST. I.OIIS • TORONTO 363 rf« VXVto 8C ' = c»a«s« »= ! !C »! ' ' = xvvv«v««3 America ' s niEMHnnT mnmnE Powerful Weapon of Defense Mighty Implement of Peace! Speeding America ' s vital cargoes between nations . . . exchanging raw materials and implements for finished goods . . . and helping peoples of all countries to better understand each other— is the glorious role of the U.S. Merchant Marine. Modern Freight Services to PUERTO RICO and Dominican Republic This year Go Caribbean... Go S.S. Puerto Rico! n fun and sun-filled doys-lo enchanting islands of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, where the climate is always June! A delightful vacation you ' ll thoroughly enjoy! U4t£ I NEW YORK • BALTIMORE • PHILADELPHIA • CHICAGO • WASHINGTON PITTSBURGH hi I .i[ii»i SECTION 51B-110 Front Row: W. D ' Aquilla; D. Brucli; A. Durante; E. Delledonne; D. Cutler; T. Taylor; M. Fishkind. Second Row: T. Best; E. Molis; J. Rebman; C. Dow; J. Donnellon; V. DeVito; G. Gaye. Back Row: E. Goodale; G. Callery; W. Berg; H. Berry; J. Corrigan; R. Browne; H. Butz. A ' of Picd rerf: R. Dickson; E. Flynn. m m THE BEST . . . aboard the SS UNITED STATES and most other U. S. ships MARINE COOKING EQUIPMENT HOTPOINT INC. A General Electric Affiliate Tne Worlds Best Tug Fleet MORAN has the largest, most efficient fleet of modern com- mercial tugs ever assembled. MORAN TOWING TRANSPOBTATION NEW YORK NORFOLK NEW ORLEANS INITIAL PRIMING SILVER PRIMOCON WILL AVOID UNNECESSARY RE-WELDING OF SEAMS-RENEWAL OF RIVETS-FILLING IN OF PITS ON BOTTOM PLATING. This folder tells why — Send for it today ! International Paint Company, Inc. NEW YORK 6, N. Y. S. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. NEW ORLEANS, LA. 21 West Street South Linden Avenue 1 145 Annunciation Street WORLD ' S LARGEST MARINE PAINT MAKERS 365 Luckeiibach Steamship Company, Inc. Fast Dependable Service Coast to Coast Via Panama Canal LUCKENBACH GULF STEAMSHIP COMPANY, INC. SECTION 51B.111 Front Rotv: H. Force; W. Catto; T. Creighton; G. Fellows; J. Canerot; J. Kaz; Frv. Second Roiv: F. Stain- ken; J. Flatley; G. Ellis; J. Griffin; T. Faller; R. Stobbie; P. Kanellakos; D. Harbst. Back Row: L. Benton; H. Christian; P. Esbensen; V. Caggiano; H. Cradick; I. Vallar. Not Pictured: R. Carlson. IIU lie lANKZR YACHT Sperry Radar serves them all . . . FISHING 80AT • On all types of vessels ... in all k inds of weather . . . Sperry Radar is providing safe passage through crowded harbors, on lakes and rivers and over open seas. • The consistent performance of Sperry Radar in meeting the hazards of every sailing situation reflects the company ' s 40 years ' experience in developing, manufacturing and servicing precision equipment for the marine field. Every equipment is backed by Sperry ' s extensive service department. FERRY i EK , .l.lfiS , RIVER TOW BOAT PILOT BOAT SELF UNLOADER CARGO LUXURY LINER Sperry Radar keeps sharp eye on above-water hazards for Holland-America ' s 900 passenger liner RYtMDAM. GmSCOPF COMPMr DIVISION OF THE SPERRY CORPORATION GREAT NECK, NEW YORK • IN CANADA-SPERRY CLEVELAND • NEW ORLEANS. BROOKLYN • LOS ANGELES • SAN FRANCISCO • SEATTLE GYROSCOPE COMPANY OF CANADA, LIMITED, MONTREAL, QUEBEC 367 NATIONAL OFFICERS Honorary President ARTHUR M. TODE President HUGH GALLAGHER Executive Vice President JOSEPH K. CARSON, JR. Secretary-Treasurer HAROLD J. HARDING THE PROPELLER CLUB of the United States Extends hearty congratulations to the 1952 graduates of the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Organized in 1927, the Propeller Club now has more than one hundred Ports located throughout the United States, including eleven foreign countries. The primary objective is to promote, further, and support a strong American Merchant Marine for our domestic needs, and to carry a substantial portion of our exports and imports ; also to serve as a naval auxiliary. Graduates of the United States Merchant Marine Academy are invited to take up membership in the Propeller Club. For full information, write to: The Propeller Club of the United States, 17 Battery Place, New York 4, N. Y. 7 te AmendcoH. Me cUani M iA4Me— 9i t lUfieH4 Jde % Ou fieedcun. lulls, cargoes and all types of marine insurance — CHIJBB SON tin uen umiten-l 90 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 7, N. Y. Ocean and Inland Marine Transportation • Fire and Automobile Aviation Insurance through Associated Aviation Underwriters Macnus CHEMICAL COMPANY Garwood, N. J. I r 368 i THE ilTED STATES mi iSTITlITE No one knows better than the U. S. Navy, the importance of the American Merchant Marine and the Marine Industries, both in wartime and in peacetime. Hence from its earhest inception, over seventy-five years ago, the U. S. Naval Institute and its pubHcation, the Naval Institute Proceedings, have fought for a strong U. S. Merchant Marine. Admiral Mahan, the great writer on naval warfare and national power, emphasized the importance of the Merchant Marine in some of his earliest papers in the Proceedings. Since then the Proceedings has published countless articles on the U. S. Merchant Marine and its problems. Many of these articles have been widely reprinted or quoted, not only by magazines and news- papers, but also by nationally syndicated commentators. Recognizing the vital inter-relation between the Navy and the Merchant Marine, the U. S. Naval Institute advocates a better knowledge and understanding by each, of the problems of the other as well as of their common problems. Hence the U. S. Naval Institute extends a cordial invitation to all individuals of the Merchant Marine and the Marine Industries to become associate members of the U. S. Naval Institute. The post office address is Annapolis, Maryland. Annual dues in the Naval Institute are but $3.00, which brings with it without additional cost a full year ' s subscription to the Naval Institute Proceedings. The U. S. Naval Institute is non-profit in its purpose, all its financial resources being committed to the advancement of professional, scientific, and literary knowl- edge of the Navy and maritime and national defense matters. 369 American Ship Brokerage Corporation Steamship Agents Brokers for the Sale, Purchase and Charter of Cargo Ships, Tankers, Etc. TELEPHONE: WHitehall 3-6393 • CABLE ADDRESS " SHIPBROKER " 24 STONE STREET NEW YORK 4, N. Y. SECTION 51B.212 Front Row: A. Schroder; R. Onkes; R. Murray; J. Lazafame. Second Roiv: R. Knowles; W. Kennedy; E. Shapiro; C. Phelps; Y. Ridley; Back Row: I. Klein; J. Melbin; G. Lewis; J. McBride; M. Reynolds. Not Pictured: J. Johanson; W. Rogers; A. Seitz. 11 I c;A)r or centuries, men of the sea have thought of ships as women. Beautiful or ugly, each according to her merits. Guardian angel or sea witch, as befits her temperament. Queen or tramp, depending on her position in nautical society. Now, to join her sisters of the sea, comes a mighty liner, a Great Lady in the grand manner and a queen in her own right. With dignity and grace the S. S. United States will carry our nation ' s name, our nation ' s flag throughout the world in peace and, if need be, in war. Designed by Gibbs Cox, she was built by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, under contract from the Maritime Administration, for ownership by the United States Lines. Now fitted out for passenger service, she can be quickly converted for transport duty. Like any great lady, the S. S. United States boasts the finest fittings and equipment. Outstanding products of the nation ' s leading manufacturers contribute to her beauty, speed and sea- worthiness. Among these products are hundreds of Electro Dynamic motors, forming the big majority of auxiliary power installations on board. ELECTRO DYNAMIC DIVISION OF THE ELECTRIC BOAT COMPANY Bayonne, New Jersey Since 1880 M anufacturers of Electric Motors and Generators for Shipboard Use 371 Great Neck Diner Formerly MARTIN ' S DINER Excellent Food Air Conditioned Free Parking Space for Diners Only CUTTER MILL and MIDDLE NECK RD, GREAT NECK, L. I. Tel. GReat Neck 2-2069 Open 24 Hours a Day Including Sunday STRICTLY SEA-GOING Actually, this is the Mark 28 binpcula r — the Navy ' s standard 7 X, 50 binocular made only by Bausch Lomb. The one you pur- chase will meet the same specifications for maximum optical quality, exactness of each mechanical part and function, and extreme durability. Waterproof, fog-proof, fungus- proof. Write for " Binoculars and How to Choose Them, " a complete binocular facts book and catalog. BAUSCH LOMB OPTICAL COMI " , .NV ' KOCHlSTtli i, NY. 5:J(IDW Send For Free Banking- By-Ma Forms Ni 1 The purpose of this bank has always been to help every depositor to save with safety and convenience. Start saving here today! Dividends paid from day of deposit. THE SEAMEN ' S BANK for SAVINGS Chartered 1829 Main Office: 74 Wall Si., New York 5, N. Y. • Fifth Ave. Office: 546 Fifth Ave., New York 36, N. Y. Cable Address: SEASAVE Mtmitr Ftdtr.it Ihposit Imurance C irpor,ilion 312 A typical POSITION DAY of the Moore-McCormack Fleet en route Rio de Janeiro to Trinidad S.S. BRAZIL sailing from Rio de Janeiro S.S. URUGUAY sailing from New York S.S. ARGENTINA en route Jacksonville — Rio de Janeiro S.S. MORMACDALE arriving Vancouver S.S. MORMACDAWN in port Buenos Aires S.S. MORMACDOVE in port Stockholm S.S. MORMACELM In port Copenhagen S.S. MORMACFIR en route Philadelphia— Las Piedras S.S. MORMACFUEL arriving Curacao, N.W.L S.S. MORMACGULF in port Rio de Janeiro S.S. MORMACHAWK en route Santos— Belem S.S. MORMACISLE In port Philadelphia S.S. MORMACKITE arriving Rio de Janeiro S.S. MORMACLAND in port Recife S.S. MORMACLARK en route Buenos Aires— Santos S.S. MORMACMAIL en route Santos— Montevideo S.S. MORMACMAR in port Santos S.S. MORMACMOON en route New York— Oslo S.S. MORMACOAK en route Santos— Baltimore S.S. MORMACOWL sailing from Santos S.S. MORMACPENN MOORE-McCORMACK ' S en route New York— Gothenburg S.S. MORMACPINE in port Lulea, Sweden S.S. MORMACPORT in port Manaos, Brasil S.S. MORMACREED passing Straits of Magellan S.S. MORMACREY I Oti at every day . . . FLEET en route Trinidad— Boston S.S. MORMACRIO sailing from Paranogua, Brasil S.S. MORMACSAGA en route Lulea— Baltimore S.S. MORMACSEA sailing from Aruba, N.W.I. S.S. MORMACSPRUCE in port Montreal S.S. MORMACSTAR arriving San Francisco S.S. MORMACSUN In port Rio de Janeiro S.S. MORMACSURF !n port Rio de Janeiro S.S. MORMACSWAN in port New York S.S. MORMACTEAL n route Copenhagen — Baltimore S.S. MORMACTERN en route Philadelphia— Trinidad S.S. MORMACTIDE en route New York— Bahia S.S. MORMACWAVE en route Philadelphia— Belem S.S. MORMACYORK en route Los Angeles— Cartagena S.S. MORMACWREN From Montreal to Buenos Aires . . . from Jacksonville to Lulea . . . from Vancouver to the Magellan Straits . . . you ' ll spot Moore- mack ships in a score of ports and another score at sea, any day, every day. Experience has trained our hands for service. MOORE-McGORMACK 5 Broadway c:::: ■ ' New York Offices in Principal Cities of the World 373 COMPLIMENTS Coston Supply Co., Inc. Steamship Supplies and Signal Equipment 31 Water Street New York 4, N. Y. HAGAN AUTOMATIC COMBUSTION CONTROL for poiver plants, specifically adapted to oil-fired marine boilers HAGAN CENTRIFUGAL SEPARATORS for removal of moisture and oil from steam or air HAGAN CORPORATION PITTSBURGH, PA. mm I i 1 4 S I £ e ' 41 0 SECTION 51B.213 front Roiv: W. Leitner; W. Wilrox; R. Monlilone; H. Terwilliger; R. Scarafone; E. Pace; L. Kraft; R. Valiente. Second Row: R. Paul; D. McLean; D. Meehan; E. O ' Donnell; G. Palatini; W. Landmann. Back Row: N. Vanbeck; G. McCormack; J. Stewart; B. Ramirez; J. Piatt. I american services From Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Ports to MEDITERRANEAN FAR EAST NORTH EUROPE UNITED KINGDOM Marine l nes 90 BROAD STREET • HAnover 2-2000 • NEW YORK 4, N. Y. OFFICES : Brownsville • Chicago • Dallas • Galveston • Houston Long Beach • Los Angeles • Memphis • New Orleans Norfolk • San Francisco • Washington, D, C, • Tokyo AGENTS : Baltimore . Philadelphia . Pittsburgh Rochester, N.Y. • Cleveland . Detroit 375 U. K. LINE CONTINENT LINE MEDITERRANEAN LINE AFRICA LINE ORIENT LINE CARIBBEAN LINE LYKES LIMES Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., Inc. Offices at: NEW ORLEANS, HOUSTON, GALVESTON, NEW YORK, Beaumont, Brownsville, Chicago, Corpus Christi. Dallas, Gulfport, Kansas City, Lake Charles, Memphis, Mobile, Port Arthur, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington, D. C- OFFICES AND AGENTS IN PRINCIPAL WORLD PORTS T. Hogan Sons Inc. Stevedores 531 WEST 19th STREET NEW YORK II, N. Y. Compositions for Ships ' Bottoms Anti-Corrosive - Anti-Fouling - Boollopping MARINE PAINTS IN COLORS Stocks in All Principal Ports RED HAP COMPOSITIONS CO. INCORPORATED 1 BROADWAY NEW YORK, N. Y. Phone DIgby 4-3297 FWTVVWVVVWW II 376 Superliner " UNITED STATES " America ' s LARGEST FASTEST I SSl ' ' » IL „»oti " " • WITH THE BEST... BALDT ANCHORS AND DI-LOK CHAIN DESIGN AGENTS: Gibbs and Cox. BUILDERS: Newport News Ship- building and Drydock Co. USING: 360 Fafhoms 3% " BALDT DI-LOK Forged Steel Chain. 1— 29050 BALDT Stoekless Bower Anchor. 2 — 24750 BALDT Stoekless Bower Anchors. BALDT DI-LOK Forged Steel Stud Link Anchor Chain — There ' s no equivalent! DI-LOK is rust and corrosion proofed. The super chain for superliners. ) ANCHOR, CHAIN t FORGE DIVISION Of m l oiton frlttali (Zonpanij p. O. BOX 350 — CHESTER, PA. 377 GIBBS COX, INC, NAVAL ARCHITECTS MARINE ENGINEERS NEW YORK Office Phone Olgby 4-4668 AMPAZIS MARINE REPAIR COMPANY 32 FRONT STREET NEW YORK 4, NEW YORK MACHINE SHOP Telephone: STerling 8-9698 k ■CM Regular Fast Freight Service I ' F ' O Between Eastern Canadian — North Atlantic Ports and BRAZIL — URUGUAY — ARGENTINA " - NE International Freighting Corp., Inc. GENERAL OFFICES 17 BATTERY PLACE, NEW YORK 4, N. Y. DIgby 4-2800 LOADING BERTH PIER 2, ERIE BASIN, BROOKLYN 31, N. Y. MAin 5-5158 378 BALDWIN M PROPELLERS 1 Speed America ' s newesK fastest Superliner! Largest and fastest passenger ship ever built in this country, the new Superliner S. S. United States will have speeds in excess of 30 knots . . . may well prove to be the fastest ship of its type in the world. And like so many other vessels with unusual propulsion efficiencies, it is equipped with Baldwin-cast propellers — four of them. No matter what type of propeller you need — special propellers or standard pro- pellers up to 80,000 pounds in weight — remember that the Baldwin foundries have the experience and facilities to handle any size of casting for you with an accuracy that minimizes machining — gives unusual strength. Eddystone Division BALDWIN-LIMA-HAMILTON CORPORATION Philadelphia 42, Pa. Photos courtesy Newport News Shipbuilding ond Dry Dock Company builders of the S. S. UNITED STATES BALDWIN -UMA -HAMILTON 379 Cerecedo Hermanos, Inc. Original business established 1875 1108 LAS PALMAS AVENUE— STOP 18 SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO IMPORTERS - BROKERS DISTRIBUTORS Packing House and Dairy Products Canned and Frozen Foods Rice - Beans BANCO DE PONCE PONCE, PUERTO RICO Branches in Puerto Rico SAN JUAN GUAYAMA CABO ROJO CAYEY SANTURCE CAGUAS UTUADO ARECIBO ARROYO AIBONITO AGUIRHE New York Agencies 51 BROADWAY DIgby 4-1140 153 EAST 116th STREET We cordially invite the Trade and Banks to use our facilities for the prompt and efficient collection of their export bills on Puerto Rico. We specialize in the handling of collections and commercial letters of credit financing. Our New York Agency is fully equipped for the handling of all export, import and interstate banking transactions. CAPITAL AND RESERVES OVER $4,000,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation i SECTION 51B-314 Front Row: P. Murray; T. Anderson; A. Phillips. Second Row: E. O ' Connor; J. Michel; T. Phelps; H. Rotman. Third Row: G. Willenhrock; F. MrNully; C. Olimon; E. Tis; J. Bradshaw. Back Rotv: W. Bagnall; F. Beder- dick; R. Showalter; J. Ortega; R. Young. Not Pictured: R. Doerner; W. Holtgren I e Ti oAd, Marine Electric Corporation 600 FOURTH AVENUE BROOKLYN 15, NEW YORK r )e Curtis Bay Towing Company THE CURTIS BAY TOWING COMPANY OF PENNSYLVANIA THE CURTIS BAY TOWING COMPANY OF VIRGINIA, INC. BAY-RIVER AND HARBOR TOWING MERCANTILE TRUST BUILDING 12 SOUTH TWELFTH STREET BALTIMORE 2, MD. PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNA. Cable-Radio " CURTISBACO " ROANOKE DOCK NORFOLK 10, VIRGINIA 381 Whoever You Are Whatever You Do Refreshed Lunch Refreshed Travel Refreshed Work Refreshed COPYRIGHT 1849, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY 382 Robert W. and Robert C. MORRELL Consulting Naval Architects Marine Engineers Surveyors 111 BROADWAY, NEW YORK 6, N. Y. worth 4-2770 %J»D ISTHMIAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY 71 BROADWAY NEW YORK 6, NEW YORK WORLD STANDARD for COMBUSTiON EQUIPMENT | Todd Oil Burners today fire the boilers of thousands of passenger liners, merchant ships and naval vessels. Todd Burners increase their cruising ranges . . . reduce their operating costs . . . make their operation trouble-free. For each Todd Burner incorporates all the successful innovations and advances which have kept Todd the standard for combustion equipment. COMBUSTION EQUIPMENT DIVISION TODD SHIPYARDS CORPORATION 81-16 45th AVENUE, ELMHURST, QUEENS, N. Y. I 383 Win. H. McGee Co., Inc. OCEAN AND INLAND MARINE UNDERWRITERS 111 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 7, NEW YORK JOHN T. CLARK and SON TERMINAL OPERATORS and GENERAL STEVEDORES 17 STATE STREET NEW YORK CITY |i SECTION 51B.315 From Roiv: T. Fitzpatrick; R. Lezcano; C. Wright; W. Woody; J. Crowe. Second Row: J. Hansen; R. Ritz; R. Bullick; R. Willoch; J. Hundt; W. Wilson. Back Row: W. Adler; H. Hoare; J. Plessinger; E. Nelson; B. Zorlman; N. Jimenez. Not Pictured: H. Buehler. li THE HEyiDfiV OF MERIT The above trademark has earned the right to be considered as sucli. It signifies a de- pendable STANDARD of QUALITY that has always been distinctive and recognized. We are prond of this, as you men are of vour career. ART CAP CO IPANY, I C. 729 BROADWAY, NEW YORK 3, N. Y. IMIIIHIIIMIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIMIMItlltMIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMIIMMinilMlllttlllllllMIIM cosmopoLiTflfi shippihg STEAMSHIP AGENTS AND MANAGERS 42 BROADWAY NEW YORK 4, NEW YORK Phone DIgby 4-6363 MiiniMiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniitiiitiiiiiiitiiititiiiiniiiniiiiiiininiiitiiiiiiiiii Weekly Freight Service: New York to Havana Fortnightly Freight Service: New York to Pastel illo Fortnightly Freight Service: New York to Nassau, B.W.I. Weekly Freight Service: Baltimore Philadelphia to Havana Owners and Operators of tramp tonnage throughout the world NORTH ATLANTIC a GULF STEAMSHIP CO., INC. 120 WALL STREET • NEW YORK 5, N. Y. 385 as a fellow sea-goer . . . we congratulate the Cadet Midshipmen at Kings Point who are graduating to become officers in the United States Merchant Marine. May each of you help add lustre to its already glorious history. AMERICAN EXPORT LINES 39 Broadway, New York 6, N. Y. |i 386 Kuacoil MARINE EQUIPMENT DISTILLING PLANTS • FEED WATER HEATERS EVAPORATORS • EXHAUST GAS BOILERS FUEL OIL HEATERS • CONDENSATE COOLERS CONTAMINATED WATER EVAPORATORS FILTERS AND GREASE EXTRACTORS CONDENSERS, COOLERS AND RECEIVERS FOR REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS JACKET WATER COOLERS • OIL COOLERS INSPECTION TANKS • STEAM TRAPS DAVIS ENGINEERING CORPORATION 1058 EAST GRAND ST. 30 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA Elizabeth 4, N. J. New York 20, N. Y. Gum 35 STATION PLAZA GREAT NECK, L. I.. N. Y. GREAT NECK ' S OLDEST TAVERN Luncheon, Cocktails and Dinner served in warm, friendly atmosphere Your Hosts; John A. Brooks, Senior and Junior and Wiliard Macleary GReat Neck 2-0032 ESTABLISHED 1922 € d m SECTION 51B-316 Front Row: G. Silos; W. Yearsley; T. Ramm; H. Stolzenherg. Second Row: S. Gregurecli; J. Fitzpatrick; C. Sheridan; G. St. John. Back Row: J. Donnelly; R. Maccione; J. Frost. Not Pictured: B. O ' SuUisan; R. Taylor; J. Savastano. I Marij e Office of America -ftr o ALL CLASSES OF OCEAN AND INLAND MARINE INSURANCE HOME OFFICE: 116 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 38, NEW YORK OFFICES THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES - CLAIMS AND SETTLING AGENTS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD 388 •iiiiiiniiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiitiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiinMiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiMiMiiiiiiiMiiiiiiM Coniplitnents of The Perolin Company Inc. I 10 EAST 40th STREET I NEW YORK CITY riMlllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllllllllMlltllllllllllllllMlllllltllMlltllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli: sPiGut sitfldisHip cflnipflny Owners - Operators BULK CARGO VESSELS DRY CARGO VESSELS WORLD-WIDE SERVICE GENERAL STEAMSHIP AGENTS 10 Post Office Square Boston 9, Mass. BEST WISHES UNIVERSAL TERMINAL AND STEVEDORING CO. 24 STATE STREET NEW YORK 4, NEW YORK 389 SUN SHIP 35 y63rS " n the service ' Salutes MIDSHIPS AND THE MEN OF THE UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY I - — uo... ffiffl " " ' o rtfe " " «»«PJFr ' " RK dry r SECTION 52B.100 Front Rom: A. Durante; A. Ameika; R. Dickson; C. Bucska; G. Crossley; E. Dosher; T. Black; L. Berk. Second Roic: L. Corhelt; R. Fisher; R. Bassett; C. Berg; H. Dills; G. Evanovich; T. Evans. Third Row: M. An- lonucci; I. Finlayson; S. Clark; A. Bajakian; H. Baker; R. Adams; F. Arlusa; O. Amrliyn. Back Row: E. Flynn; B. Branstroni; J. Donnellon; F. Anderson. Not Pictured: D. Abramson. The only American steamship company serving ALL THREE ocean coasts of • Regular sailings to South, East, and West Airica — 14 Cargo and 2 first class Passenger Cargo Liners offer you the widest range of sailing schedules and fastest transit times between continents. INCORPORATED 26 Beaver Street New York 4, N. Y. Loading Berth : Pier fool of 33rd Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. ONE OF THE MAJOR FLEETS UNDER THE AMERICAN FLAG INSURANCE BROKERS FRANK B. HALL CO. INC. 67 WALL STREET NEW YORK 5, N. Y. WHitehall 4-3300 AVERAGE ADJUSTERS I 391 r Regular, Dependable American Flag Service WEEKLY IJrS from New York and Baltimore to HAVANA WEEKLY SAILINGS from New York and Baltimore to VERA CRUZ - TAMPICO WARD LINE (CUBA MAIL LINE) New York 1 20 Wall Street, New York 5, N. Y. Baltimore Hinkins S.S. Agency. Munsey BIdg. Over 100 yean of continuotu Service THERMIT MARINE REPAIRS Stern Frames . . . Rudder Parts . . . Propeller Struts Tail Shafts . . . Crankshafts etc. METAL THERMIT CORP. 100 EAST 42nd ST., NEW YORK 17, N. Y. CHICAGO • PITTSBURGH • SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO THERMIT WELDING 392 NEW YORK PHILADELPHIA BUFFALO DETROIT CHICAGO HAVANA PITTSBURGH JOHNSON HIGGINS ESTABLISHED 1845 INSURANCE BROKERS and AVERAGE ADJUSTERS SAN FRANCISCO LOS ANGELES SEATTLE MONTREAL TORONTO WINNIPEG VANCOUVER 63 WALL STREET, NEW YORK 5, NEW YORK PHONE WHITEHALL 4-3160 • CABLE ADDRESS " KERODEN ' ts IP. T. (ISCO BHIH IfiOn UIOflKS COIIPORflllOO SHIPBUILDERS AND ENGINEERS BATH, MAINE DESTROYERS TRAWLERS TUGS FERRYBOATS YACHTS pa CARGO PASSENGER SHIPS COAST GUARD PATROL VESSELS LIGHTHOUSE TENDERS CONVERSIONS Owners, officers and crew like to go to sea in BATH SHIPS 393 KEYSTONE SHIPPING CO Operators of Tankers Trans- porting Liquid Cargoes to and from all Parts of the world. 1000 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNSYLVANIA Klngsley 5-2600 I 1 1 J! 1C ft 1 B B V - " «M« L k H K Bll ■ F V Ki k i H V 1 1 1 Wr SECTION 52B-102 Front Row: D. Hansen; R. Hardy; F. Grande; L. Francino; N. Jardine; C. Largin. Second Roiv: J. Hoagland; K. Lawrence; R. Jordan; L. Hovi; W. Gordey Back Row: L. Holt; K. Hartman; W. Habekost; D. Headley; J. Getty; F. Jensen. Not Pictured: J. Flagg; R. Hajosy; T. Hill. AL U.S. ha ALL AMERICA CAN POINT WITH PRIDE TO THE SUPERLINER S. S. UNITED STATES largest passenger ship ever constructed in this country Ours is an added privilege . . . that of supplying our Sound Powered Telephones for the vesse l ' s oper- ational Intercommunicating Systems. HOSE-McCANN TELEPHONE CO.. INC. 25th St. 3rd Ave., Brooklyn 32, N. Y. Affiliated with HOSE-McCANN CORP. — Marine Electrical Engineers and Contractors Licensed by The State of New York Sederholt ' s Navigation School CAPT. L. SEDERHOLT, Principal Master Mariner — Captain U. S. N. R. Preparatory courses for ALL GRADES, NAVIGATORS, PILOTS, U.S. STEAMBOAT INSPECTION SERVICE Rooms 201-3-5 61 WHITEHALL STREET Near South Ferry NEW YORK 4, N. Y. Tel WHitehall 4-0742 SEATRADERS, INC. 17 BATTERY PLACE NEW YORK, N. Y. DIgby 4-3195 STEAMSHIP OWNERS and OPERATORS 395 Marine Insurance Representatives Throughout the World Union Marine Gen. Ins. Co. Ltd. Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd. Columbia Ins. Co. of N. Y. United Firemens Ins. Co. Imperial Assurance Co. Norwich Union Fire Ins. Soe. Ltd. Eagle Fire Co. of N. Y. 9. E. RAWLIIVG, IT. s. Marine Manager 2 PLATT STREET NEW YORK 7, NEW YORK I STRAUSS ' MARINE SCHOOL Preparatory Courses for Licenses All Grades . . . Steam or Diesel U. S. Steamboat Inspection Service Licensed by the State of New York Owned and Operated by A. A. STRAUSS JOHN MITCHELL 61 WHITEHALL STREET NEW YORK 4 Phone WHitehall 4-0742 SECTIOIV 528-308 Front Rotv: P. McCuUagh; H. Cassell; F. Kipp; J. Ubarri; S. Hill; E. Perez; D. Flynn. Second Row: W. Mannion; J. Heimbuch; D. Dears; V. Poslhauer; C. Sheridan; W. Guest. Back Rotv: E. Trafton; V. Fehus; D. Sedlack; W. Ryan; C. Linder. ! li ' v v v.s vvs -;vry?gv ;s:b.i sssss sssssssssssssssssssijiss S ' ;v SS% - Sv i tv : : ' ;: : :-: T ;; : Congratulations Welcome Aboard! Eight bells has sounded the end of your final Academy watch. You ' re trained and ready for duty in the American Merchant Marine, which is play- ing a more vital role in world affairs every year. American President Lines, whose global fleet of fast passenger vessels and Cargoliners is a key factor in that role, offers you sincere congratulations, and best wishes for a long and successful career at sea. AMERICAN PRESIDENT LINES " TRAVEL WITH sss sssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssss sssa rsvs ' is General Offices: 311 California St., Son Francisco 4 JltMIIHMIMIIIUIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIItllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllt Best Wishes to the Graduating Class John G. Thompson, Inc. I 70 ATLANTIC AVENUE i I BROOKLYN, NEW YORK | - ' iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilnliiiHiiiiiiliil Mliiliiiiiiiniil iiiiiiiii: 397 JLTMJ JW IjII riES, l C 15 Broad Street N Ew York 5. N . Y. PRUDENTIAL LINES Owners and Operators of AMERICAN FLAG VESSELS Maintaining Regular Berth Services to PORTUGAL, MEDITERRANEAN, NEAR EAST AND PERSIAN GULF PORTS PRUDENTIAL STEAMSHIP CORPORATION 17 State Street, New York 4, New York Telephone: WHitehall 3-1040 [| Albert Ullmann Marine Office, mc. 84 WILLIAM STREET NEW YORK 7, N. Y. 398 ' Small Diamond LARGE DIAMOND Engagement Rings Merl Associates 191 FLATBUSH AVENUE BROOKLYN 17, NEW YORK NEvins 8-9300 GEORGE G. SHARP Naval Architect NEW YORK SAN FRANCISCO NEW ORLEANS A Builder of Great Ships Salutes the Builders of a Greater Merchant Marine Newport Sews Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 399 I Compliments of Your Supplier of Naval Uniform Shirts UNKON SHIET CO, B 9 JL 1 1 ' ' L o 729-31 BROADWAY NEW YORK. N. Y. ALgonquin 4-2770 Ele( SECTION 52B-205 Front Row: L. Overliiser; F. I.iiike: C. Morrissey; W. Kurtz; N. Mauolier; J. Kellev; A. Marlone; C. Lawson; T. O ' Donnell. Seron ; ftoic H. Le Mav; L. Lorden; S. Reidy; €. O ' Toole; S. Ratlikopf; G. MaiDonough; K. Lewis; G. Ross. Bark Row: J. McDaniel; R. Marshall; J. Purrell; C. Martin; W. Kranips; W. Rendall; H. Keefe; T. O ' Brien. I ot Pictured: R. Klages. Wessel, Duval Companij, Inc 67 BROAD STREET NEW YORK 4, N. Y. Electric Tachometer ASTERN— AHEAD! ATRAS — ADELANTE! ACHTERUIT— VOORUIT! AKTEROVER — FOROVER! EN ARRIERE — EN AVANT! propeller revolutior) and erigine speed indicator and counter systems From the most exacting naval uses to passen- ger liners, cargo vessels, tankers, dredges and other vessels, Electric Tachometer indicator and counter systems have been used in count- less marine applications for over 35 years. Extremely accurate and dependable, they re- quire a minimum of service. In most in- stances, these sturdy systems outlive the vessels on which they are installed. Many original installations are still in service. Standard and special types are available for every navigation requirement. Write for cata- logue. Let us quote on your next installation. THE Electric TncHomETER CORP. cTetco 2218 VINE STREET • PHILADELPHIA 3 • PENNSYLVANIA, U. S. A. 35 YEARS OF SPEED MEASUREMENT SPECIALIZATION 401 HERFf-JONES COMPANY Official Jewelers U.S.M.M.A. CLASSES OF 1943 1944 - 1945 - DEC. 1946 - 1947 - 1948 - 1949 - 1950 DEC. 1951 1952 FOR HER . . . An Affectionate Lasting Gijt . . . A Beautiful MINIATURE GRADUATION RING Set with any stone you desire, with or without a surrounding setting of diamonds Eastern Division 14 PARK PLACE, NEWARK 2, NEW JERSEY PHONE MARKET 3-2295 Available to All Graduates ACADEMY RINGS AND MINIATURES SPECIAL CURVED WEDDING BANDS 402 Specify to insure THE MULTI STAGE TYPE JBF Capacities To — 1000 GPM Discharge Pressures To — 1000 psi Electric Motor Drive To 3600 RPM Steam Turbine Drive To 5000 RPM THE HIGHEST FACTOR OF AVAILABILITY AT ALL TIMES DEPENDABLE PERFORMANCE AT SEA-IN-PORT IN FAIR WEATHER OR FOUL THE Pacific SINGLE STAGE-UNITIZED STEAM TURBOPUMP Capacities To — 500 GPM Discharge Pressures to 1100 psi STEAM To 900 psi Pressure - 850° F. TT Exhaust Pressures To — 50 psi Speeds To — 10,000 RPM. PACmCPUMPSj PACIFIC Z jX4.uoni Pacific Pumps ini inc. PUMPS HUNTINGTON PARK, CALIFORNIA Exporf Office: Chanin BIdg., 122 E. 42nd St., New York Offices in All Principal Cities M-6 I realiwi ' kit.- hrA. liif.lf " and kit Old onlbtc SECTION 52B-309 Front Row: W. Warren; R. Small; J. Graham; W. Brennen; F. Gibbons; R. Nalh; R. Rivas. Second Row: D. Finnegan; R. Santos; J. Wager; H. Krass; H. Rodgers; D. Schultz; R. Lowen; W. Mitchell. Back Row: D. Blaine; M. Mrlik; W. Stocking; R. Fialcowitz; J. Schimansky. Not Pictured: L. Grill; G. Shreve; R. Smith. g " MES FASTER ' oit t U ARNESSEN I 2,000 SHIPS prove the high efficiency . . . time and cost saving qualities of the ARNESSEN ELECTRIC CHIPPING HAMMER. This eosily operated, portable machine does a quick and thorough job. Plot surfaces . . . corners . . . deep angles ond seams ... no rust or scale is out of reach. AND . . . one man using the ARNESSEN ELECTRIC CHIPPING HAMMER does the work of 8 men employing other rust removal methods. Powered by — 32 115 and 230 volt DC. motor, or re- pulsion-induction, single phose 60 cycle 110 220 volt AC. motor. Write for information to your own application. ARNESSEN ElECTRIC COMPANY 11 IROAO STMET, NEW YOKK 4. N. Y. ° l ' ' ' Underwood -Corporation- Typewriters . . . Accounting Machines Adding Machines . . . Carbon Paper Ribbons One Pork Avenue, New York 16, N. Y. Underwood Limited, Toronto 1, Canada Sa a% and Service Everywhere 404 M this is not advice. You livent to school to get that. But .... .... long after we were out of school we began to realize the miracle that is America. You just name an set your goal and tighten up your belt .... and, despite hell and high water . . . work and give and learn. First, learn the fundamentals of getting along in life, learn how to make the world know you, like you and believe in you. That ' s the biggest must in life. Of course we take it for granted that you lean hard on the common foundation virtues of honesty, courage. fairness, earnestness, integrity, intent, temperance, self-control, and let ' s add unselfishness. Now, in the job you ' ve got. . . love it! lick it! learn it! Know all a])Out it. Know all you can find out about it. Learn all about the jobs immediately al)ove, and on each side, and under you. Then give! Give to your com- pany, give to the fellows around you. Help them. And you ' ll get! That gives you strong sails and a big rudder and a broad keel. You ' ll need ' em. Tlie winds will come. Wave to us when you get up to the top. Congratulations to the Class of 1952 from NORTH PIER TERMINAL CO. 444 LAKE SHORE DRIVE, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Continued Service . . . to the Service Cadet-Midshipman Laundry FOR Higii Efficiency in Dust Recovery Use BUELL van Tongeran Dust Recovery Systenns Write For Buell ' s Book " The van Tongeran System of Industrial Dust Recovery " BUELL ENGINEERING CO., INC. 70 PINE STREET, NEW YORK 5, N. Y. 405 Gibraltar 8-0777 Paul C. Steck PRECISION SHEETMETAL and EXPERIMENTAL WORK Manufacturer of WAVEGUIDE FORMS, CHASSIS, CABINETS AND OTHER MECHANICAL COMPONENTS FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Aluminum Brazing Oxy - Acetylene Welding and Cutting Aluminum Spotwelding and Heliarc Welding Arc Welding — General Machine Work — 119 MERSEREAU AVENUE MARINERS HARBOR. STATEN ISLAND 3. N. Y. Uniforms for the Cadet-Midshipmen of the United States Merchant Marine Academy " Congratulations on the splendid record made by the graduates of this Academy on every part of the globe. " W FF ilTEIi 387 FOURTH AVENUE NEW YORK 16, NEW YORK 406 NORTH AMERICAN SHIPPING AND TRADING CO., INC. ROBERT A. MURPHY Vice President Operations 52 Broadway, New York 4, N. Y. CHARLES E. AUGENTHALER President CAPT. B. E. MURRAY Kings Point ' 43 Port Captain 407 Water-Tube Marine Boilers Superheaters • Hefractories Airheaters • Economizers Oil Burners Seamless and Welded Tubes vJ THE BABCOCK WILCOX COMPANY 161 EAST 42 STREET, NEW YORK 17, N. Y. B W Single-Uptake, Controlled-Superheat Boiler 408 Wt rith men who know rope, with men who use it day in, day out, in all types of work under all conditions, COLUMBIAN is a favorite. For COLUMBIAN has all the essential qualities of a good rope — appearance, strength, waterproofing, endur- ance and flexibility. COLUMBIAN Tape-Marked Pure Manila Rope is made from fine manila fibres, selected by our own resident buyers in the Philip- pines. Know it by the Red, White and Blue surface markers. We know of no better rope. COLUMBIAN ROPE COMPANY 400-90 GENESEE ST., AUBURN, N. Y. TAPE MARKED PURE AAANILA ROPE COMPLIMENTS STEVENSON LINES T. J. STEVENSON CO. INC 409 MIRIIG TRilNSPORT urn. I IM. ELEVEN BROADWAY NEW YORK 4, NEW YORK Ship Operators Tankers Dry Cargo Vessels M f SECTION 528-204 r ' Nn M ?■ ' ' " " ' V ?• i " ' ?• p " " " = " ; E. Mazur; J. McGarvey; G. McKenna; R. Moore. S-cond Rou,: Mpvlr r n. ' " ' ' n ■ ' • ? " y- J- Lindsay; J. Nolan; W. Meyer; J. McCaffery. Third Ro,v: R. Lasher; G. Meyer, G. Olman; F. Osli; E. L.lhen; T. McGrath; J. Muller. Back Row: M. McDonald; W. McLean; J. Lewis; R. Nelson; W. Rehm. Not Pictured: J. Oram; J. Nevins. I A great, modern fleet of 47 American-flag ships — all flying the " Blue Eagle " House Flag — speed cargo and passengers on fast, dependable, regular schedules. Jbrom North Atlantic ports to . . . Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Spain — or, via the Panama Canal, and across the Pacific to . . . Hawaii, the PhiUppines, Japan, Asia, Aus- tralia, New Zealand and Tahiti. You can rely, across two oceans, on the exacting service of this great merchant fleet. These modern cargo vessels serve you and keep America ' s vital supply lines strong. Write or call our Freight Department for sailing dates, rates and complete information. In 1952 the S. S. UNITKD STATKS . . . largest, fastest, most luxurious passenger liner ever built in the U.S.A. will join the S. S. AMERICA to provide an outstanding North Atlantic service. IMwiited States Ijiwtes Cowwipany OIVE IIIlOAWnAY • ] K V YOKK I, . . Y. Offices in prmcipal cities throughout the world. 41 1 OlGNODE manufactures ten- sional steel strapping, tools and accessories for securing cargo on deck, in ' tween decks and in lower holds. For complete information and descriptive folder, write SIGNODE STEEL STRAPPING COMPANY 2600 N. Western Avenue, Chicago 47, III. 360 Furman Street Brooklyn 2, New York 453 Bryant Street San Francisco 7, Cal. Compliments of nm MiiROE Mum CO. HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY Best Wishes of Johnlll. ITIcGratliCorporaton AND fit ante and Ouf Stevedores, nc. 39 BROADWAY NEW YORK, NEW YORK 412 — -:nrr » iioi mmm m oil corporatioi STEAMSHIP DrVISION OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF DRY CARGO VESSELS I N E W YOR K 33 RECTOR STREET WHitehall 4-3330 Compliments of J Brady Marine Repair Co. General Marine Repairs HOboken 3-1703 HOboken 3-1704 727 - 733 MONROE STREET HOBOKEN, N.J. Alfred mmm isC NEW YORK A BALTIMORE For Dependable Marine Replacement Parts and Service Shipped Around the World Sales and Service CAIRNEY ENGINE AND BOILER WORKS COMMERCIAL FILTERS CORP. CYCLONE FILTERS DOUBLE SEAL PISTON RING CO. DURABLA MANUFACTURING CO. INGERSOLL-RAND CO. JOY MANUFACTURING CO. Representatives for J. E. LONERGAN CO. PAXTON-MITCHELL CO. THE ALLPAX CO., INC. THE UNITED STATES METALLIC PKG. CO. TROY ENGINE AND MACHINE CO. WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORP. WORTHINGTON CORP. It and now CARGOCAIRE for tank e r s 413 SECTION 52B-307 Front Rotv: T. Trott; J. Waltmann; B. Shaw; S. Thompson; J. Whalen; R. Schooley; J. Zecca; R. White. Second Row: T. Wuiff; P. Shafer; P. Simpson; W. Sihretzman; E. Rondepierre; R. Welch; C. Stahle. Third Row: H. Youngclaus; A. Bakeeff; H. Swanson; M. Thayer; W. Stehr; S. Tabor; W. Winters. Back Roiv: R. Sleiertin; C. Waterman. Not Pictured: R. Sheetz; P. Smith. COMPLIMENTS OF A Friend i 414 ' WWlte. A flag known round the world as a symbol of time-tested Experience, Integrity, Reliability and Efficiency — indeed the symbol of an ener- getic organization which purposes to meet the challenge of the times. AMERICAN-HAWAIIAN .STEAMSHIP COMPANY 90 Broad Street, New York SECTION 52B-203 Front Row: P. Hammer; J. Gregory; J. Fetchko; P. Barrel; J. Green; N. Hansen. Second Row: R. Fairbanks; J. Hickey; R. Farley; H. Donaldson; W. Hackney. Third Roiv: P. Johansen; B. Ewers; R. Jones; N. Jones. Back Roiv: L. Kaczraarczyk; E. Herzog; J. Hertzberg. Not Pictured: C. Erickson; F. Fellner: M. Folsom; T. Hermitt. Ships of Tomorrow As the need for petroleum and its products in the world market grows, the techniques for ocean oil transport must keep pace. Such are the demands of progress. The Esso supertankers of 26,800 tons deadweight and 230,000 barrels capacity are among the vessels of America ' s modern tanker fleet. ESSO SHIPPING COMPANY See your Trove Agent for complete information. " " PHiiippinE Air Lines SAN FRANCIiCO • lOS ANGEKS • CHICAGO • NEW TOIIK • WASHIMGION. 0. C. • HONOIUIU " PACIFIC TRADERS SHORT ROUTE " AMERICAN MAIL LINE Ltd. COMMERCIAL CARGOES TO FAR EAST Weekly Sailings From Pacific Northwest Ports To JAPAN • CHINA • HONG KONG • INDIA PHILIPPINES • STRAITS • INDONESIA For Rates— Space — Further Oefai s, phone Of write: Seattle (I): Stuart Building Seneca 4400 San Francisco (4): 369 Pine Street .... Exbrook 2-1468 Chicago (1): 335 No. Michigan Ave. . . . Dearborn 2-2257 New York (4): 17 Battery Place Hanover 2-0494 Portland (4): Pacific Building Broadway 5447 Los Angeles (14): 530 W. Sixth Street .... Tucker 8181 Tacoma: 1417 Division Ave Broadway9517 Vancouver. B. C: Marine Building Pacific 2157 Washington. D.C.: 1053 Nat ' lPressBldg. . . Executive 5346 Detroit: 1231 Dime Building Cherry 1850 Windsor. Ont.: 220 Douglas Build ing . . Windsor 2-1740 CABLE ADDRESS V T «« " MAILINE " ALL CODES 416 I built to TME E THE worn! I In 2 Easy Steps... N i Flip on crystal CALIBRA- Use RESET CC TION OSCILLATOR. Con- — ' TPDI („ Hi„.i r tinuous tone signals will be heard at exact 500 kc intervals from 2000 kc quency of this i through 56000 kc. signal. YOU ' RE THEN " ON FREQUENCY " WITH PIN-POINT ACCURACY. IF DESIRED STATION IS THERE TO BE HEARD-YOU ' U BRING IT INI Use RESET CON- TROL to adjust dial pointer. Coincide INDIA NiSiA ntl: a I V.M " Tie emmms " The only Radio with all these features • High-fidelity reception on all wave bands— Standard Broadcast, FM and Short Wave. • World-wide frequency range, with continuous coverage from. 540 kc through 110 Mc, AM or FM! • Flexibility of control, with six degrees of selectivity, separate sensitivity and volume controls, plus automatic noise limiter and beat frequency oscillator. • Ease of tuning with hair-line accuracy. Six broad scales with over 150 stations marked; calibration oscillator for checking frequency as explained above. ' I eotB 417 GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF ' 52 We invite you to consider the advantages of a maritime career in the Great Lakes fleet. THE CLEVELAND-CLIFFS IRON COMPANY CLEVELAND, OHIO THE FIRST OF THE GREAT LAKES FLEET OPERATORS TO UTILIZE THE SERVICES OF CADET MIDSHIPMEN FROM THE ' u. S. M. M. A. J -3 Aloor r je Aloc crn Way- The Johnson-Type Automatic Mooring Winch will hold a constant tension on a line indefinitely, and simplicity of control makes possible its operation by the most inexperienced. It permits the use of long- lived steel mooring lines, with added economy and safety, because the spring is in the winch and not in the line. Modern methods save time and money — time lost in port can never be regained, and time is money! Almon AJOHNSONJnc. 17 BATTERY PLACE N.Y. C. HAnover 2-9494, 9495, 9496, 9497 GEORGE KARR CO., INC. GEORGE KARR, President STEAMSHIP AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SLOPCHEST AND LINEN SUPPLIES 60 Stone Street New York 4, N. Y. THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY Producers of " MOLLOY-MADE " Covers 2857 NORTH WESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO 18 ILLINOIS Designing and planning of the 1952 MIDSHIPS covers executed by our New York Office 52 VANDERBILT AVENUE NEW YORK 17, NEW YORK 418 TEV-tP HOSE 133 mh ,-t£ M-l- ,Vj?41 BfO kev ' a« ,rO aO t e N OBV s lt C. its V. iretv C ' ' t e TO iS i4,N.Y. LNl ' a ide ' atv t e 5ie4 ce iotvs- tri 0 1 f ■ SOU - ' ■ ' - .u ass dl f ce .el are gO ho T " i ' ,tYv i " r oM " " Id jory ta i gla to itv to Toe atvd toM stud:; • de©: t0 i wus go odP° ,rvd re ' to al itnpT " ° ' " w-nt»-»° ' jldeT OT ffiOT« itvd to eg „;i ta e t e t ei _ Vicis« also to di-S cuss eXP .detn t ' . : ou -et ica " •otnP -ogT , adffl %, = to 0 " cal ess- giedgei at -io-o-T dM teres ted roos ca o " ' future °_,.„sWS to stT esS t ese i go t e oT ti .is-.- ' e c - ;;;tegriY3 rece 3Td ' ' , " but ■you, ai« ' r,i -;;,4 ce ; ,,tj itvd tV e to TUtv ,.v or ' " pcords- „ r io s -°tar7e P- ° " ce ' ' " ' iti ' d iS ise !,„; detvt esS .otla ' depe " ' st o-f s ore- ed srpT wor« its e o-te ' %; ' p ° ' itve- depe lA. qua of i° itv tine CO- X15C. ■ e 80 " B oai S ee Pilot Marine cokp. SALINITY INDICATOR SYSTEMS with Automatic Temperature Compensation (Patented) and Automatic Dumping Control PILOT MARINE CORP., 39 Broadway, New York 6, N. Y. SECTION 528-306 Front Row: J. Pilliod; J. Ponlone; D. Peterson; R. Shone; M. Patterson; J. Roderick; A. Schmidt. Second Row: R. Rodwancy; R. Smith; F. Rich; D. Wolle; R. Weltler; R. Schempf. Back Row: E. Struyk; S. Rislove. l ot Pictured: C. Rempe. COMPLIMENTS OF Robin Lines COMPLIMENTS OF Capt. Albert E. Oliver 421 Today ' s Tops in Marine Steam Practice highest pressure highest temperature The highest temperature steam ever used in merchant marine service is presently em - ployed to power 3 notable tankers placed in service during 1950-51 by Philadelphia Tankers, Inc., a subsidiary of the Atlantic Refining Company. These ships— the largest and fastest tankers yet built in this country —are all equipped with C-E Boilers which deliver steam at 1020 F. There are 2 boilers per ship, each designed for a normal output of 65,000 lb of steam per hour at 650 psi. The highest pressure boilers in marine ser- vice today are those on the 8 ocean-going ore carriers of Ore Steamship Company. This famous fleet maintains a regular schedule on an 8000-mile, round-trip voyage between Sparrows Point, Maryland and Cruz Grande, Chile. All of the boilers that power these ships were designed and built by Combustion Engineering— Superheater, Inc. There are 2 boilers per ship, each supplying 50,000 lb of steam per hour at 1450 psi and 750 F. COMBUSTION ENGINEERING- SUPERHEATER, INC. Combustion Engineering Building — 200 Madison Avenue New York 16, N. Y. 422 A practical and economical method of producing college and school annuals Neiv City Printing Company 802-806 Sip Street Union City, New Jersey UNion 7-2400-2401 New York Phone: LOngacre 4-4084 423 ■ v --»J. .»- ' - ■»: -»-.? . .J ,r ' V SENIOR PORTRAITS COMMENCEMENTS CANDIDS T mm ' r ' t " ?r!x - ji fc tJ ' - ■■ -- ■ - ■ ' ' PSM Wflf: - ■ « i ♦ ■ 5 GROUP PICTURES WP SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY .-.. A , .-. »» r mM 1 I »:s%kiiii9 , 1 1 iii|ifif 0 lilt ■ - ? •na m» utB=A yiak. WK m M A SOCIAL AFFAIRS EVENTS OF THE YEAR iiOrmal :ANDID • CLASS PICTURES ' wtJ INSIDE VIEWS LANDSCAPES Li;v Ml 1 .-lV- r VIEWS DRAMATIC PRESENTATIONS lM 1 jMiiy y A ■t ' y ' ?Ag ORMALS ROrTEL STUDIOS 5711 Myrtle Avenue 5935 Myrtle Avenue HEgeman 3-7283 Brooklyn 27, New York OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR 1952 MIDSHIPS IXDEX TO ADVERTISERS Active Fire Extinguisher Co 362 Alcoa Steamship Company, Inc. 363 American Export Lines 386 American Hawaiian Steamship Co 415 American Mail Line 416 American President Lines 397 American Ship Brokerage Corp 370 Ampazis Marine Repair 378 Arnessan Electric Co 404 Art Cap Co., Inc. 385 Arundel Corporation, The 397 Babcock Wilcox Co 408 Baldwin Lima Hamilton Corporation 379 Baldt, Anchor, Chain, Boston Metals Co 377 Banco De Ponce 380 Bath Iron Works Corporation 393 Bausch Lomh Optical Co 372 Brady Marine Repair Co 413 Buell Engineering Co 405 Bull Company. Inc., A. H. 364 Cargocaire Engineering Corporation 413 Carpinter Baker 360 Chubb Son 368 Clarke Sons. John T 384 Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co 418 Club Tavern 387 Coca Cola Company 382 Columbian Rope Co 409 Combustion Engineering-Superheater, Inc. 422 Conhagen Inc.. Alfred ■ . ■ 413 Cosmopolitan Shipping Co., Inc. 385 Coston Supply Co., Inc 374 Curliss Bay Towing Company 381 Davis Engineering Corp 387 Electric Boat Company 371 Electric Tachometer Corp 401 Esso Shipping Company 416 Farrell Lines 391 Federal Paint Co 362 Gibbs Cox, Inc 378 Goldstein. Jeff Inc 406 Great Neck Diner 372 Hagan Corporation 374 Hall Co., Frank B 391 Hallicrafters Co 417 Herff Jones Co 402 Hermanos, Credo Inc. 380 Hogan Sons, Inc. 374 Hose McCann Telephone Co., Inc 395 Hotpoint Inc. 365 International Freighting Corp., Inc 378 International Paint Company, Inc 365 Isthmian Steamship Company 383 Jarka Corporation, The 392 Johnson, Almon A.. Inc. 418 Johnson Higgins 393 Karr, George Co., Inc 418 Keystone Shipping Co 394 Long, S. A. Inc 360 Luckenbarh Gulf Steamship Company, Inc 366 Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., Inc. 376 Magnus Chemical Co 368 McAllister Brothers, Inc 360 McGee Company. Inc., Wm. H. 384 McGralh Corp, John W. 412 Marine Electric Corporation 381 Marine Office of America 388 Marine Transport Lines 410 Master Mates Pilots of America 421 Merl Associates 399 Meseck Towing Lines, Inc. 362 Metal Thermit Corp. 392 Moore-McCormack Lines 373 Moran Towing Transportation 365 Morrell, Robert W 383 New City Printing Co 423 Newport News Shipbuilding Drydock Co 399 North American Shipping Trading Co., Inc 407 North Atlantic and Gulf Steamship Co., Inc 385 North Pier Terminal Co. 405 O ' Kane Marine Repair Co 412 Orion Shipping Trading Co., Inc 419 Pacific Far East Line, Inc 378 Pacific Pumps, Inc 403 Perolin Company, Inc. 389 Philippine Air Lines 416 Pilot Marine Corp 420 Propeller Club of the United States 368 Prudential Steamship Corp 398 Red Hand Compositions Co 376 Robin Lines 421 Routel Studios 424-25 Seaman ' s Bank for Savings, The 372 Sea Traders, Inc. 395 Seatrain Lines, Inc 398 Sederholt ' s Navigation School. . ; 395 Signode Steel Strapping Co 412 Sharp, George C 399 S. K. Smith Co 418 Sperry Gyroscope Co. 367 Sprague Steamship Co. 389 States Marine Lines 375 Steck, Paul C 406 Stevenson Lines 409 Strauss Marine School 396 Sun Shipbuilding Drydock Co 390 Thompson, John G., Inc. 397 Todd Shipyards Corporation 383 Ullmann Marine Office, Inc. 398 Underwood Corporation 404 Union Marine General Ins. Co. Ltd 396 Union Shirt Co., Inc 400 Union Sulfur Oil Corporation 413 LInited Fruit Company 361 United States Lines Company 411 United States Naval Institute 369 LIniversal Stevedoring Corp 420 Vanity Fair Laundry 405 Ward Line 392 Waterman Steamship Corp. 388 Wessel Duval and Co., Inc 401 I I 426 M % » 115 !tl In Passing. We should like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude £or the in- valuable contributions rendered the ' 52 Midships by . . . LCDR. V. E. TYSON, JR., our officer-adviser, who piloted us into port by remembering when we forgot, by correcting our mistakes and by displaying almost unbelievable tact and patience in meeting the problems that beset us. LT. E. H. NORTHROP, our editorial-adviser, whose literary skill guided the pens of our editorial managers. THE ENTIRE STAFF of Midships, who gave so unsparingly of their time and talents towards final publication. MR. FRED BALL of the New City Printing Company, whose great fund of experience more than once saved us from " that fatal mistake. " MR. GEORGE ROUTEL of the Routel Studios, whose fine photography and contribution of many " extras " in time of need enabled us to meet our deadlines. The late MR. N. W. ALLIS of the S. K. Smith Co., whose untimely death did not permit him to be present at the completion of our work; and MR. E. F. STEINER, his successor, for the covers of the ' 52 Midships. THE NEW CITY PRINTING COMPANY: Bill Armstrong, for his cre- ative art work and smiling good-natured ness; Danny Consonni, for the genuine interest he displayed in organizing our production; the entire staff for a job well done. ... To all we give our heartfelt thanks as we complete publication with the hope that the ' 53 Midships will be bigger and better than ever. The Editors 427 Produced by Engrovotonc NEW CITY PRINTING COMPA UNION CITY, N J .» ' " ' 1 " W " " " !

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United States Merchant Marine Academy - Midships Yearbook (Kings Point, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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