United States Merchant Marine Academy - Midships Yearbook (Kings Point, NY)

 - Class of 1951

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United States Merchant Marine Academy - Midships Yearbook (Kings Point, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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fy, .R ., .5 Q i I 3 I 5 y . xx EX S Lui. .LLL hi' 5.5, -U'-I1 4-1-1- AMBASSADOR ODW ?Q?'i3' Q--Q, - :gppfpgc-,-, , V. ig-.nsnfu F ,, nuns'-1-wan-Q-f-1' ffm-1 1-.gi-fx: .ic-:e:1fg-ngvffasr-Pu ' . A .A ' ,-1-uw-A, ,.. -,f--.pf .-uw..-........,,,, ,,. , . , - - - V - - ' S523 Felff' . -.. '.'?9!E-'IJ 'O 1 D '-:L ." 419 JW' 4 I ' jd X- Q4, I 'sw-I fe E-gf fr .l'v' 4 E nhij. lil 1' W s ' ' ' . .QQ A f 1 1 5 X Q 3 -I-I 1 19' if 5 QQQZA 5 I 1 I .-- ,3fwxR - A as Fx? ,.,,,,S'f XR . Q f"'W3 f 9 c, , 5 3' 2 I L " . K -1 l ' fi L I !,',::i.vAil ' tv 'W--Y .Luz I -: X A . - A if 3 , 5-,Q .,,' -In nf !,,', , A '--v :ffl Q I K 6,3 WIN' Mmmmrq T 0 --..,k -""'X ' r 5 2 T - r .5 liimtittiii ,,.-f ' 4,4 ff R c J:--is ---1 151-615 -J Q8 .Xr'+i+- ' i1g'?+'A"' " I. iw I f 1 J- UI fl-0" -,Av,.v -4..' V - .-uf, -. , -.,,,,.w- , L- '.,f'L..r Z " -5. ..... 4',v,-.'..lJ- ",.,.,.41r4 ff , .-Y-, 441.- 231' 'fx In '-1 G., , -ww , .xvv ,.4 l3ort,., WH 111 I N f rw, nv.-, T- Midshipmen U. S. MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY KINGS POINT NEW YORK -wx! "-x 2 'N ,I 1951 THE Los soon or THE GRAouATlNG CLASSES . 'H f I I . if 'Br Y fi .... 1- .K 'N A i .ii 1, -- :,..4.., --,V 'I , is . ALWMZWNI "'ilf""" N.. A K' - , ., . ' . . -' -ov-1-nflk wh' -rw-N 4 V ,,,,f.4gm1sa+ -A ,, . M V 1 an MM W sr' I 6 1 I , - ..,, I -.U q"""l9v 'tel' " 4 ni ah" "XM -'-up Y , . f kv. " J -. '-Win. 'ufgX" ,H+ su., K -.k, 5 7 Ti D 53 x- .Mg f ftg 4 . . 5-. I i , 1., I The acts and achievements of the United States Merchant Marine have stood out since the time of its inception. Wlhat would be more fitting and proper than to choose a motto for the Cadet Corps that would help us to follow the traditions of the Merchant Marine? Such a motto is Acta Non Verha . . . Deeds Not Words. The record that has been blazed hy Cadet-Midshipmen, and graduates, during the short life of the Cadet Corps, clearly shows that Kings Pointers intend to, and do, live up to this motto. I ll.-l M lil I , Q fir e 1 Q l f Q vi jf l E 7 my f-J 4:5 .fl S AMBASSADORS OF GOOD WILL Many opportunities are presented to Cadet-Midshipmen to observe the Ways of life of different nationalities, races, and religions. By the same token, they are being observed, and the manner in which they conduct themselves will not only reflect on them as members of the Cadet Corps, but as Americans as well. By making an effort to understand the customs and social niores of different countries, no matter how strange they may seem, and trying to conform to them, Cadet-Midshipmen help to create a bond of friendship, understanding, and good will between the countries of the World and the United States. li 2' ' Oo XX qi. ,fy X 'PN ta ij' ,A N xi-,W YQ f' ,ls- v DQ 75 S3 33 f Administration Departments Tnird Class Year Sports Activities Graduates Advertisements ' 411 If mx g "sm SCHUYLER OTIS BLAN 1872-1950 is 3 2 1 D 6 '9"Qwf. X, M X 'N M k h M- ln eclicotion This century will take note that one man above all others stands most nearly alone for the distinction of having instilled the American citizenry with the con- fidence and conviction that an adequate merchant marine is imperative for the strength of this nation, both in peacetime and in time of war. It has been a fortunate privilege of the United States Merchant Marine Academy to have gained from the vision and the wisdom of the late Schuyler Otis Bland. The Congressional Board of Visitors to the Academy was established in 1944 and from that date until his untimely death in February 1950, Schuyler Otis Bland was a member of that Board. This association of Judge Bland with the Cadet Corps has been an inspiration, an opportunity offered by the most respected Congressional authority on maritime affairs for over thirty years. For his relentless spirit as a scholar, for his sympathetic interest as a counsellor, for his eminent service as a congressman, for his outstanding ,accomplishments as a champion of the merchant marine, for his profound sincerity, his wide and Wise infiuence as a friend of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, this, MIDSHIPS 1951, is presented in the memory of Schuyler Otis Bland. Congressman Schuyler Otis Bland was born in Gloucester County, Virginia, 4 May 1872. The son of Schuyler and Olivia Anderson Bland, he attended William and Mary College and studied law during the summer at the University of Vir- ginia, being admitted to the Virginia bar in 1900. He was elected to the 65th Congress in July, 1918, and served continuously as a representative of the First Virginia District until his death in 1950. He was a member of the Virginia State Bar As- sociation, the Newport News Bar Association, Phi Beta Kappa, and Kappa Alpha CSouthernl. His wife was the former Mary Crawford Putzel. INO. 551 lacvlsedl MERCHANT MARINE ACT, 1936 Revised to August 15, 1946 0 MERCHANT SHIP SALES ACT OF 1946 and SUPPLEMENTARY ENACTMENTS OF THE SEVENTY-NINTH CONGRESS Unnuary 3, 1945 to August 2, 19467 UNITED ST TES GOVER Eh P NG OFFICE WS L-ON "?"""l' x fx x 'ax' .A---., 0-Q...., 4 . ,.--,,,,...A If N Q A I 5 W MN xx kiln. ,V-Wvix R 'Ng-7 x I :awww i I www '1 fi 5? S! i. ,, .., .,,,, . .k,,.,,,,,, MM, Am,-v. gww -424.121 W My gwfe I X KQJXN - Q 1,5 V Q ,431 , mlb" , v , 4' ' I '.5 , .. il . x W K 1 . . 1 1 . . . ,. ' , , , r t' . 5 if as 2 "V, 'ff' x 6 , ,. .+- 0 ' -.9 U? B k 5,1 1 5- U W gf A Xu ., ,uf ,fa g, u' , 3 7 wi" 5121 ' ...f . , x v s K is 'L Jn W gg . , D ' f. .a 9. ' x a'5 ti- f 1 - , ,n 4 ., 3- 1 fi. Q .. W 'gg 'px ' 1 " L '32 n 1 77 fm mf" M w , W 'V f, f f lim' ' NA frfffimgf ff K' 1 wi 4+ .v..mgg,w,,d - A, Q Qlllln f , M, A .mu "sf.fl. KW A A .aim L A V gf fl :.axL,,,7 X' ukwutg I -rnjjni w U 5 ,- in f :I J' " . ' ' X IIE?" V ' -ua, -' --L -' -1 Kxp. 32. v ,--K1 fi wwf y , W W w 1 1 HJ - uf, 1. Wig, f , ff M , QW 4. 'f ef x M 7 55? 0- " W' ,7 ur'AN!.--. mam , , -5 24? un , , MW4, 1 X 1. ,N if 'R X A . Y N i . , 9' S .rw X . 5 v ails. ,xx 'N Q y S E 'QV J ,Y ' Q ,X ,, wi . X 9.47-I x' 6 , 3 X m fx x I, N 'r X 'K L .X Wxr. A x X X 2 F 5 X tw Qefmw .760 4 v ww-. wk NW fair: In Ziiwfff . f xk49iA.XXW f' W4 4' "W I A Responsibility rests heavy on the Administrative oflicers for it is their task to be certain that Kings Point is living up to its mission. An undramatic task, yet of the utmost importance to the continued suc- cess of the graduateg a complex task, for it concerns the supervision of the lives of approximately one thousand Cadet-Midshipmen, as well as the smooth operation of the many services rendered the Acad- emy by its two hundred officers and enlisted men. j Q, 3 kits ti 2 Lp, ,gxixx x A , X, l faq' Di ' r ll LX l ' ' k tl UlsWN Ui, f 7 I ' f x NMA.--IME? ' ww' uma..-.... 5 1 x IJ w 1 , , 'k' 1 A f r ' 1 A V ' n , af . 0 f' 'Z L -1 Ma: If in qv, ll annul' ,,x-' 4. Lg, Vw ,..- .v Q . s v -.AP AMi2i,!,,,:,,,3 3: W if ,4uv I! 5 1 A 4 Md- of ,K M. Ni- , ,V ' ' , ,.,. 'V w ' 'fs-M , ,. 'mn' , pr V Vw., V - 1 -M V V V 1 4, ,l?'V V V V A 31 W., 1- . , N 1n,,,..V, VM , . V wmv-Q f. H Mm' VV VVVTVVVVVVSVVVrMV!VVVVAVVV V , ' ,h . 'f- """"' - 'f 4, W., , , ' vu., . . - V V 1 , -""f"':yw4ni9:bY V ,ww ', ." .- ,V f1,,,,q!ll"1'? ' V V ,, in ,f ' VV -,.,,g.V:f 4 I VVVVVV . , , , ,VV M ,. ' nf, , , .W V H ,,,..y.,xf. . N , A "DFW -H" 1 QV. .-1,,,f . . if 4901, ef V V , , . ,Z ,L..,,.A. . , M, .L ,,g,,,,,.r . 1- M .-.Q-W: , V 5 nf' ,, i A -mu U H- -f-, ,L . , Y V W , A ,.-.' , 4 , . vimwwgtll, , N,,.-N. . , W, .. ,. x-. X M lr... , ' H' V4 .V I - - "'k' ' ,. wrffy V -""T .MAMA - .W .ww , ' ' QV A Q .V ,,...ap- wwf , V .-an ' 'Vw'-.W , 5 1 ev H -oc, . ffl" . E ga ,4 ,Qs pri!!! fi , ,.,v,,.f-1,-.017 Q y,L-4-r,.-,-1,93-,.,.,..11-wr..M.-.r,.w-4:,.,:.r.,!-n..--wq-n-gf-2-f-1-e---vw-nv--1-v--.Me---v:-1-f5-5-H-1' ' --- .Q-J-M - 1 "Hwy ---WA 0. .- 0' - I ff' 4 f , 1 I ..,,f..a-nv-'11-M"'W QI I 1 4, 'V Xi. . ' W af '- ff ! 0' 1 A . A ,,1',.1 , A- ,.. ' no .L 1- 0 . by .-A ' :dui ., ,nM I ,I if I ,. 1 I S U' -- 2 3 ...G . - I . '. .- lg 1 ,-if ,L ga Q., ,, '-I -. ' ' . ,, "s,J.-'UL 5 1 - . . ' 7 'Q ' 5 n ,u 3 4'., . l , Q - . f Q, ' ' 4 . 'f f'- A .f fur . is is-vf I V A A - ' r ,r :Q n W . 'L . D . u, cv. 'SKA -0-l gi if 4: If ,ff I 1 --if A ,gg f, Q. - ' w V .. . - .. --f .- ., . uf- mg . ..., s 1 u u 4-L1 mu---if-"umia.4Jf..x'xxlxsv.v'n I rn Ax I an sw 1 I s a i 3 2 i 4 L, n an . V, Q, Q asm-+ P' In a four year span, the civilian becomes an un- official envoy of America. Meticulous administrative attention to detail insures the proper assemblage of each minute portion of his training. A , From the nationis capitol through the classrooms of Kings Point, these parts smoothly follow their prescribed route. Over all, the Administration care- fully and competently watches, guides, and plans. The end product of their labors may be found the world over - either on the ships or amongst the people. Throughout the entire world are our gradu- ates - those envoys of America, ambassadors of good will. ' V r r r L I i l, J rl s 1 ,,. E Q 1 P I I 9 - s I , . , Q Ill Q QWRIBVI VN M X f-I f V X 3 ,J V .Im r . ffl ' ' ..,'f - . . K., Af .ff XPQ5 1 '. wx' ', K Y lk ,f 'Q' fnaizg V L 1, gh A , Hg, ,L 1 . ....- 1 nm-....' Jun!-'1' -A K 'KR' -'in' Q P x C 5 'P egfl' OF Co if UT' e 'fa -0' , 4'4r wg' ' ' 'Q 4 . 3' 0 g 'Fifa - XI' Y ii 5 Q -X Q' Q xx 0 I "'N. fl-.V 'Q 'F n I lgziii iii f Y i 1 5 ff, ,jlf fn I 5? 9 if I., 'ff 1 w 1 M, ii" 35 M151 - X ' v ,V . I 4 .- V L' Qa 1 3. w i ' Q rf ,. 4, 1 ge . , -yr -.4 fy . N. ,, ef'1.f-X gif 'T ,2 'aff' H Q, f . , 5 ks: 5 G. ,J 1 2 1' 1 . fx. 1.1 Y xl V! A 1' f A -V If J' J' ,f 2-' f , .K . . ,. e y ' 1 Q V fid.": ' - 1 V, ,H lx ilu' . ,J y Xu., r I, 1 ff ,y 6 1 1 V 5 xx I F 3 v E f: i ff? L , W, ucv.-.Q pm:f:,:-f-en,u.::'-mama-Q-manner-g":n-' , , .' sv-r f..-...fp 1 f,:mu.-w4.fLggu-Hfv-41qopvmv11eu,vNe-1ovc:msv:cwv11 --Wm-w-vm' W Y Y Y. -Y H ,A ,w,q,M,,,,,,.,,,,,.,WA.......,,,,.,..,.-.-..i,.,.,.. A.....,,: 4 'Q w 1 ' 1 v . A .V ' ' N 1 ' 1 ! ' ' . A. ....... -Mmm . , A-n-... i-ws....,,k my I GQUQAFV W w.,,1,.HNNk V .baxehxl " I 4' 4' 'Q I 135 1 ef .N , 1.-,'.,z,,, 4 . 1Jx"v"5 'af M J ,511 1 i,a"YlFlx'r'N1 Op! wp .I ' ,A - ' 1 L sU'f.x,,.',.',s,' - ' . 1 'f , . , Q.. ., W., :.,, ,.,H-4,A,,,w,.2..g---- MAJ., G v ' sv s 'N 2 xg M , N wx w 'x 1 V iii K w x, L xg :x Y ggi 1 ,W M f ,C ,?, Q2 , J -51 M -.4 Y. .,, ...n x.,,,.,,..-.,v., .N ,... ... --... . ,,,,,-,ffw .Y...,u4,-...,,,.,. Y ii l i 1 1 I I 1 I 3 I i ? i v n 1 W 1 5 . 1 i i 1 H .5 w V 1 .S 1 I - ' i S 5 ,Q 3 Qi ' f I hz L. 0. i I x 1 I I 1 if lf! ffl, : A I is I ,n 5 vv 1 If :Q sn X .K , K lf.-Q nik? .. . m in I j , N Y 1- V . . - ., rf . ,. . g .-Z .4. ., v....-.-...if-N...f-.L.f,.-J1-.,i.-uw.ir.-nw.-a k,b,,.,.,.. ..f.-.H-,.......,.. .. 1, ., My ' Wx f 'im-. fy ,WA-4 " f W' .,,,. ,,..., , ,,,,.,,., . ,, ,,, ,W .. ,,.3.h...,, - ..-.,..,. . r -iurirn h-u.f.u:.-.vu' QW . Lg: 4 in -- - 1 um., , Q M.. J... am... Alvin!-'f-A,.uNoi.-.161 y p q cu '.-+v - , ,f. X x - . , v eg.: 32: Q + Y ' 5 If :X ytfldvb I I H W SU . :O , , 'W 'N J"i 1, M ,i 'izfffi' , 'FW-' 1 2 REAR ADMIRAL TELFAIR KNIGHT, USMS Acting Chief, Office of Maritime Operations Chief, Division of Maritime Training Commandant, United States Maritime Service PTAIN JOHN T. EVERETT, USMS Chiet, Cadet Corps Training Branch Supervisor, United States Merchant Marine Cadet Corps rf' M llfl A REAR ADMIRAL GORDON McLlNTOCK, USMS Superintendent, United States Merchant Marine Academy CAPTAIN HAROLD V. NERNEY, USMS Executive Officer CAPTAIN WILLIAM M. RANDALL, USMS Academic Dean 'gf CAPTAIN JOHN K. GALLEHER, USMS Administrative Officer COMMANDER RAYMOND S. MECKLEM, USMS Head, Finance and Supply Department ,4 ', ywwwfil M45 nf LIEUTENANT CCMMANDER L F DIEDRICKS Head, Department of Publ USMS ' 4, 7 ic Works 'Q COMMANDER FRANCIS S. KIRK, USMS Educational Services Officer LIEUTENANT HAROLD J. LEICHT, USMS u sh g O l,. LIEUTENANT COMMANDER RAYMOND W. KANA, USMS Registrar WARRANT OFFICER LEONARD F. URSCHELL, USMS LIEUTENANT G. F. McGUIRE Ships Service Officer ' ' we X , 5 f 2 2 1 5: , N 2 ,..,., -115. ff I N ' 23: , W ' mi W fi .4 Wir f f X, 1 ffwfffxwswm LIEUTENANT J. A. LINEBARGER Head, Commissary Department LIEUTENANT COMMANDER K. A. GEARY Assistant to the Academic Dean LIEUTENANT MAURICE W. PRICE. USMS Assistant to the Executive Officer and Aide to the Superintendent fi COMMANDER RICHARD H O CONNELL USMS tal Off C C I C li C C Left to Right: C. Kraus, Welfare and Recreation Oflicerg NV. Creelman, Intelligence Officerg L. Goduco, Communications Oilicer, P. Stroup, Intelligence Officerg P. R Krinsky, Adjutantg I. Tucker, Commanderg F. Tucker, Security Oilicerg R. Kagaoan, Aide T. Redal, Commissary and Berthing Oificer, N Baumann, Intelligence Oifcerg VV. Ramsey, Intelligence Officer. I. S. TUCKER, Regimental Commander P. L. KRINSKY, Regimental Adjutant LEE NV. STANTON, Regimental Commander EDNVIN I. SVVIIENEY, Reglmcntal Adyutant xx YQ SUMMER W- xx..k W.. , l ,,,,.,, ,,m,f.-.....-.Q ,X ,. .xx I www? Left to Higlzl: NI. Mclmlok, Intelligence Ofllcorg I. Hcpko, Communicutious Olfiffrfrg ll. X"Yl'T1Il, llC'Cl'l52lllOI1 zmcl Morale Oflicclg V. Cl1vc'l1z1nm'v1'. lIllClllQl'IlL'C Olfifrcrg E. Swrfcmfy, Acljutzmtg L. Stanton, Commzmclcrg lllml, Aiclvg D. Mvllor, Sfxcurity Uflifrrfrg NV, Orr, Drill Oflicfc-1'g XV. Czlrclinvr, Colmnissnry amcl llixfllllllg Oflicycrg L. Stine, lxltclligcnccr Ufliccr. Ea B". 1 N4 SUMMER f 1 . A S' f f 'M AX Signing log. , . , ...M ' 4 ka A ra 7 O Proud couple. fx T ev A , if .11 ,., f r 1 :UM ,, ,, X' 5 4 A r VVIIOI1 I Saflvflf' Paw ...Q I Sw Nf- -xp, 'UV-52-:i s '-T521 .2-. E K 'f' 4, ffj J'9' -, Congresswnal xnspectlon Plottmg pohtxcal course Wwywwwf if WWW X ff' ' My wwmg 5, 1? - X i N Mmm 2 1 .Wu f if ' -. x ngressl Onal lu ncheo U Informal chat. 1.1 Dry docking exhibit 'I I iij E QV QxY X CM. x M" 'X af, ,ps X 5 ss. rx 'sh 3? 'I' if f A 145 zf ffm! -f, as .Q -,.. 'Q , .gf 'X I , ,f 1 7 H , " Q ' 5 'gs f , , X X AX 9' Zi I 4 I 1 , f Q "f ,,f' H 3 , I 'Q 5 72' W U f ' ,f 1 - , ' 4 , 4 ff , W ' 5 Z! , , s ua an .Q I 4' 1 1 ,f,, , M4 , 0, I 9 f f gi M I ? 4 ff ' 1 ' X f 1 4 " ' , MH - NW!! W, ' ii 9 ZW XQmc1WW7f7" W f Y'374fffwCfZ f f 'M' ff Iwi? f , f wwf',ffww,ffffffiwfff' f f ff, Q W f fag? 4' ,V f f ff 1' Q f W y , W I 1 f 'f , fbfff Off , ' 'f ffc ff! , M f f r,,T,...,, I Q. X.. 1 fl U wi...- X. ff, u fm Y f.nT""' I ,,. V.. M f 4 f---' xl 'V 1 ' ' q.,,, r Sn" X -wi ' n lf, tina! ' V f , I 1 X M . l L n 3' N J. ,L Qs.--f , , X ' 3 f l 9,1 ll 1 Q ' Q g m ' h ' 51735, 'C x X i x s 5 . K...-W X Q ' ,, ., ,B N Q --if . I v 5 Q V - W w Q sk f X , "7--S M K 11 PM wg gi "'M I C R 1 . mv , '--.fl K 14 '-f"" A ""04 fw' k ,fe , X, Y . . , v f.,,, n l 0 Q x Q y J s i Z 5' I 7 ,W '- 4 y f Q Q 1 , 1 W iff? Q. , If mv L, , ,-A ,Q ,?Mxf,,r ,'s,'i,4 5 X wax!! V, L , ,ff ,. QM!! VI V, ,bgffifygi , xx V V wif, X V '1 f Q gy.-Ag,X.ii,,,Uf fyfayfm J i ' A 1 54 ,' f f, Z , , f ,ifzwf w ff. ' " if L ' f A1 ' , win ' , , pg"f'Z'fW4P1 " f' ,Lui X if X fy'292fZ CC Q f,"1,,',1" V Msgs L - ,f , ,Q "uf ff' A .J y . -- X X ff , ,x . In . .,', L ', V , ,f ,fm f?gxX1 g f ff A - . . f , 6 'f4,f7,f, f f f5f,,, ,471 ,f f , 'gf ' ,1 1 if YQ ' f L. ff ,L ,A ' k x. ,.,' ,cyyyg , , W If ' 'f f' ,' we f fff 'f.,f,vaf,j2ff!x 6 f, ' ' , .f uf f ,f 'Tv Q' , " 1 ,, 4 , ax 4 --'- X , ' 51546 if Tig' ' ' ,v5,Ng5-ff:- Af A f X . , Myy V ,, , ' ,f3,,gQ'r,,g,' qv, fy. ,, " w -gy , , fgij A . fx fi A , IL , D , ,, X ff, i my XJ: 5 x rj. fy,-klxwi KM, ,gsvgw , -A 5, ,-.fx ,V , Yikxggxkigx I ,X ir i N ,ff , , af ,iw X.--. fix,-,,.,f.ff if Mr- ,L p x 4 V K 1- W 1 X isis- ,W 'X , ,,, QU. 44' gf' ffvff , 'C ,r M fum ' 'U M ff "Xl ,H fffw' f ,wi , . , 1 ' ,zz , , ,dwf I w. Q- 1 ' 1 I Q 1. X f fr ,Affw "5 'aafg F f .X k f ff" 1 ,. M .fl ' ' - xi fffyff x .- ,Lj'fi. f X 'Xa A x H x N 1 iw N1- is 41 wr 'M 1 . 9 ,:..f 'S la Y ,Y ' ,' 1 A 9 pA WQNTER , X X X-.-1 W X . Q ' Q , A 'N f " - " 4? I , W '11 "' Q A . .gig ws' s"f'3 r +V' af A"- I' 4- 'Q-P" "" --gi'-s.":- '-ff" ' 4.3.:--id-4'5n-:".,1-I 'gf "'-f!::'5 X D fy and ,,,,g X.. 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SALVADOR, Sub-Company Commander FIRST CLASS Front Row: Coclispoti, Caines, Iohnston, I., Barrow, Sullivan, Rudolph, Mahanna, YVaring, Martin, Leon, Peters, Birt, Pillinger, Prieto, McBrien, Subijano, Skurka, Nonga, Romanelli. Back Row: Abbot, Manoliades, Clark, XVinne, Mann, Chechanover, Shirley, Blair, Phelan, Lambeth, Stanton, Quick, Sehierloh, Bateman, Davenport. ,yn 1 if l N' H r QQ 3 3 Q-6 .4'f7""1 0 nu 'I Qi ' 1 I .QM .. 'ff 5 I 4 0 Xi Q- , U! Q 4 A I o 5 X X , A j ' ' - "3--f s ' Y . ' ' Q. s I ,L 5 ., , . .,....-.. 1. 5. A s . It r Q. 4 4 k s . 0 iq S . . I, s . C I' A ' E C - -, - v - . - '.. . -. f D' ' V -5 . X 1 4 x 1 W, X . 1- S 4 lay fx X X W I U I 'I' "' 0. ' . f - fl ' K ,j.f"'g. 'fyfh 'Qf. h ' ',M t g' . ? 9 .0 1 W wxq 1 lxwpiix f 4 X - . . . . . ak... we f ., fi. fx. fx . ...W W V fxw' vw 4.-'ll'2ll 1 at 5 V M 722 "' n- f A nf. - 1 f 1'zG X4 W. ' ' c I lu ii" ' f 1 1 vi iili .Nw " .gi Q A 9 Q 1 8 A-li 4751 K .Q O fig.. lf ga I V X f lllIll'lll lllG Q .,' vga? i. 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L. . 1, J EJ- , if 'f v I m f ' W K ws" Q , 1. fi W I , :yqfi ,. 5 ff i -. Rf"-1 if A ! , rag ,. , J gf,-L ig' S, A J , W4 . . Musa! 5-QW 5, " 'Q 4. b 4 G ff. s, 1,-Q . '.- .Q 9 ' . Q wll-iran 4' .al ' 5 'Z if rv ln! g , U4 pw li N atlonal Anthem. 2 E f E ,x I i 1 E , MR- M, , , Next Stop Hg Green, . 1 ,, 75 ,4.L'.W..x A M ,, M ,..'i,... , L.. a The T bird gets the wofd' Y. -X W' 1 x X ,. H I1 sf" IK.. ' s Y' xx M sl SDL Xxx L X llum m hu, 1 pl un ihumum 41" Cross my Paxm ' ' Look both ways before u-fu 'M 1.515 Army Day special. Down the line on Maritime Da Up m Central Park." 73 Y. Fifth Company A I ' S f l X ,W T. KEDZIERSKI, Company Commander I. STAPLETON, Company Company Crightj . 1 R. CENTERT, Sub-Company Commander G. NAWVOICZYK, Sub-Company Commander FIRST CLASS Front Row: Ferraro, Pfelferkorn, Stapleton, Clark, R., Thibault, Prager, Cabrera. Second Row: Stine, Kedzierski, Nawojczyk, Fiorelli. Third Row: Thorsen, Wiman, Gentert, Evans, Bresley, Abril, VVestcott. Back How: Solterer, O'Rourke, Engel, Todt, Czuszak, Cosaro, Bacich, Bashore, VVilcox, Ervin. K .ws l as. W6 S SN 'O K x mf' Q 0.N"' y, X V x X A x hx Q ,ij 'Si 'su l 5 as-4?F"' lf'-if 1'- f 4: L ' f A Q H7 B I 5 I- ., tiff - ni, 111g S FJIS ' S "Q lj ' ? 5 ,...i.. , 1 X f ,shun-.. 2 inf an sum.. , V. . 4' pw al ' 5 R. Tx 0q E It W.. ., 9 if :- S ,ww-Hu-.,,xQ 's --" 4 f ' Ol Q! , 5 4 MV, ' 'f ,,, , 4 1 M ' 3 ' x Iii T15 "L, ' 4 A n , Zvi uf' , ' . ., ,fu Z, , v f W 5 jf J V ax t A avi ' 'Q 'Z' , f g , 7 2 f U8 'Q M, ,fyjf , ' ' , , I ,M 6 ,, V my , If , ,HN,I:j?y X K 17, ,fy , f f I ,, 1 , ,QMQQ f f Q, r an an M 1, Q U V 1 "' N, 533' , f Q Q ' ' H W , W I .Q ,, 1 -f f N A ' M, n f, v vk VJ , ff x V ' ,f ' I f ,, - Z-in 5. I I I a f I A ".'- . "i- W fail, 'A Q ,,. eifffg 1. il if f , twat N! jaw 5 'Q ' , fx A ,M if 'av 3 0 Y , , wi.. 4, 'Q Q56 yr if '5 fy Fun A K -A bg '19 f S 9.x 5 X i x f "x x -xx ,. .fi ..,v.I1i .,,, . mu. 1m..,,.,1..,,5.-q..,.,v1,--.:4f..v-..-.cn -M. ,mf-H - ..,. .n qw- iid' f? .F if mp .B . Um ,KW H 1' f 'Y A Pass m revue. Admiral Knight addrcssmg Rcgxmcnt Coming in daily contact with the Cadet-Midship- men of the Regiment, our Academic Departments probably exert more influence than any other division at the Academy in the "molding of men's minds". It is in the classrooms and laboratories of Kings Point that the "know-how" of a Ship's Oflicer is accumulated. It is here, in the lecture hall, that the processes of logical thought and critical analysis are developed. It is here that the unschooled Plebe eventually becomes a qualified Ship's Gflicer, furn- ished with the technical skill and academic back- ground equalled by none in its field. Y 4 X ,, x fi 1 I Wx u'4ngww: G App QYUV S Q s , km M' 4 W it ,, Q -x M? 1' ab , as .f- Q 1 's K , fly' 3 1 .I"""'P'9'1"h'wsI,wf 5 ' ,, , 'cmfn f ..M.,,...N, , 4 f.. w dwg., ix 4 f k 33, K x. , 5 ' ' f,.' xg. 1. 9 ' 'f 31 7 . Iv ,. ,. 6' . fx 1 5' ' is ' C' ' 1 Q- , sk - Y ,, N va ,, ' 4 , x, f - 4 M l ,W . W M A L 'A W 7 ."?z?l'eZ.ww , W' x . N - A MMV 3 lk , '. M ww an My W , .1-2583 V - y ,M , . A ,V Q in La' G ' -W fff -4. ,,', ,, H-" , ' ggi, T V, , my., . , Lg!! 9 fff'f.x,, X If Q if QV' , , ,f z k 5 H , y P IZA.. f, Mfg Jawa , Xu V 0 W f W X x I Wpfg YW f - X ,, gr. f Nfw J , , if ,,f if ' ..,ff'WlX'1 , Zh fm, 04, if wk , M ' W , fi www X ' Mm. , ,. g The classroom plays a large part in making a Kings Pointer a man of international outlook. In furnishing each Cadet-Midshipman with a well- rounded education, the Academic Departments pre- pare our graduates for the world in which they will live . . . a world bounded only by the unlimited vast- ness of the seas. Within the halls of the Academic Departments, the Cadet-Midshipman gains one of his most invaluable assets, an understanding of the world, of peoples few Americans meet. It is this understanding which is the key to amicable re- lations between the people of the United States and the peoples of the world . . . equipment vital to an unoflicial envoy of America. f 1' G COMMANDER R. EISENKERC, USMS Assistant Head of Department Q , 0, UN? Q 37,16 LAT 1 '5'lf-2"54 GAT 'illtldll iulnnilln'in'vtws.i1N .lx'.lllm'Hllt' I1,nlX,,1,K,,,,,41 ,N .X i , . N Y , intl ilu ?iinll.innnl.ils of .1 pi.n1n.il ll.llllll'.ll twlnl-iiilon vssviittsl to .1 siivrvssliil txiivvi .it sci is Hn- IsJ,3,,m,,,,,g Ulllullllf 'l ill-N ll'l'illl'11VI1l ol Y.1nln'.il Sk'lVIlk'l', loullvsl in Nxvnnvls ll.ill lnivli K .nlvt Xlnlslnpinxin, iipml Um, plvting ilu' conistw ollcied ln'i'v. is not Olllf'1lNVL'llM ' 1 .niiililivtl XlQ'I't'll.l.1ll Xl.n'nni olliuci' lint also :in ollicvr exe pc1'ivm'ml ni lmtli Pl'llUllkXll and lllUOl'ltllCLll aspects of niodvrii seaintnisliip, DEPARTMENT OF NAUTICAL SCIENCE The Nautical Science Department is excellently equipped to carry out its mission. Upon an -inspection of Samuels Hall it will be noted that the twenty-three foot sliip model: "Bliss Calculationv, is only one of tlie many training aids of tlic department. Filled Witli inclining apparatus, liallasting tanks, adjustable weights, and re- corfling efiuipmenti tlic essentials of stability and trim are flernonstratefl lay tlwr: dcpartmentls alile mentors. A lnrtliffr aid to instruction is the complete modern elec- frfiincs l:ifllior:si,torj.' lonzitccl on tlir: top deck of llowditcli llall. i , . . . fnwifftNliflsliipinflii 'flfmlfy will continue to fill tlio l,fAft,HQ l"t'llliTH1Qf tliftir slwill :ind lliLUlffTSlllIJ zllmility so firfzrfi, Irfififlfifl flnrirui llirasfn liinrzs wlirfn tlw Arncericzni Vlf1rf2,:f:.1 ls.l:1rinffninQl play it-C, grunt pant lIlfiSl21lJllSlllIIjl uf-1:f,f'li,l fr:iflf1:infl 'f,inn.fArf,f' in Li Iionlilr-rl woilfl. fl' COMMANDER PEDER CALD, USMS Head of Department 85 Xin' 1 K . , " if In .-"""'.'-P 351. ., fi" I Q ...M .- ,.4 J, .-,:,...4..W44 4.4..L. 11.1, fll' ff . ,aid 5 nw X' .52 LT. c. N. STEINER, USMS LCDR. I. H. LaDACE, USMS Navigation made easy. C able splicing. LT W I O'HARA UQNIS I 1 1 U .rzftill Qhfis 51 1 if ww Tools of a sailor. ,Ki 7 L. 'N ,AN N , LT. VV. A. YVICIIICRT, USMS LT. ll. ll. MAY, US I , i LT. I. NI. CII.-XNlBl'fRlAlN. YSNIS Sl I 11 :W- , EQ. x Q S ' A ax, x 3 2 S 5 2 I 1 il .Tv lui if f . S li.. MSP' , , F 0 , f , Q , f, f i 1 hunk? 1 ' 42' K mp, 'W , X 5944, 4 f f- x , W, S., 5. ,fx ,,V, I '1 ,912 ' i 11 i .ll A 2 j P' . ee 1 , i 1 Qh,A l O I Q I 4 ,ff ff ni ' ,fill ffi M ,mv rdf, I 'ns S . ' -f- Q " ,gg ., I 1 1 5 Z 3 ' 1 X f QQ f T7 1 f' M: x if 'J isa ,, ,. H! 71 lr, If X .NY KX, N. 3 . fi Q 5 Fl 1,11 Y ,.' V sg " f 3 1 n Q yr J: S , f W ., ,,A w-N.-W I L n ft IJ,-,fLfQ.f9ifh,fA X .l 1 -N- Y .J K , I . x K -I . Ai- ' A Q. ,4 f '- 7?! f1'- bf x pu mf' M, ,Q .1 X N I' I 3 5326 ,' ,.n', ' - ' ' nf' ' n if A ' l 4' Radar screens. A KV -1 KID! WELL 1 :A -Y N -QQ '-5 X p 1 f 4' f if ' Vx ,ff f , If PM fda jf Installing new unit. 'a . , FH M 4 ,M 1 Vijfxi 551, 9? 5, . ' al Q? A ,E J N .nf ib -flnxdf-6" W F' VLICIQR IL.- 54250739253-EUHEQ TU ,S' If , 5 - P f Y W w 1 f K X ' fa ff, M, , ' ,f 42 ' mv A U l5U"x'4V'lF'1?-' wufsw Y ,A ., , ,HAM ,- -- A, ,,' , 7.1 ," .iq ,1q.., Vai' lilly LQ Lfwfjx .IL-Vf,'f5Uf,'Lf: 'Q w'Yf'Lf3, Q L.'-t 3.15, -1 - .VLQLEL--'::, -., 11545 ,4, W rv- u or --vu:-'s1.-- e-,-n f " 1 ,ao -.Vx ,ir .V ' 1 'X I f i 's E ,, 51 L4 .21 'lf v .n-,su-N 11111' 111111111 111 lNK111111lNQ 11111 11111s1 1111111I1111i11 1111111111111xp111111111111.11 1.111111411111115 .11111 N1111,K111l1113lx 111 11111111111 lx11!111KXKx1'1111l 1X1111Xxi 111111 15 111 111111 111111 1111g11111111'111g 11111111111g, 14111111111 1111111 1111111111 1111' 1111111 1C111k1l11AS11111 111 11111 1111.111 111 11111 111111111111111111 111111 1115 1111111111 111 .15511111.11115. 01111111-X11115111111111111 11i11g111111 .1111 11111111111 111 1111 l11111SllS 111- 11111111111 1111- gl11KxK11l111g. 1111111 1111111111111 11111111.11111'v 1111115 111111 cl115511111111 111111111115. 11111111 51111111111 11115 1111111111 1111111 111 5111111111 1111 11111150111 11111 11111111551111' p111111i1111l 111111 1l1eore111111l 111111c11111111 1155111111111 for L1 51111318 1111111111 111111 111p-11111111 11111111110 1111g11111111. The D11p111111111111 111 lf11gi1111111'111g bases its training 1111 11111 p111111i511 t11l1t 111 11111111 to produce 11111111111111 1111111 111 5111111 LIS 1111gi1111111'111g 11111111115 ab1111111 our mo11e111 11111111111111 111111 navy-type ves- 5e15. these men 1111151 have the ability. l11a1111rsl1ip and f11r115ig11t to 11Q1111St l11bo1a1orv practice to actual OpC1'L11111g co1111iti11ns in the Held. The Dep11rtme11t boasts excellent facilities to buttress 1l1e courses of instruction. There is a complete steam poxver plant with two 24,000 pounds per hour. header tvpe, B and YV steam generators. a diesel laboratory housing several large engines used for main propulsion and aux- iliary drives. and a metal analysis laboratory with tensile, compressive and torsional testing machines. Thus it is no wonder that Academy graduates are becoming tl1e most sought after marine engi- neers in the field. Graduates who have entered the merchant service or Navy are holding high the name of Kings Point, bringing to their alma mater the accolade of being nsecond to none." '13, 'g Msuivf' ,,,,, .1 , COMMANDER L. S. MCCREADX, USMS f , ,ff fy Head of Department i .,x 1 V P Nwhuk-'10 ,, , ,LJ ,. ,V-V- ,v,-,-4-an -V ...,,-,-..,,,-., , V V V--v V-- 1 -4 - H , M, VV 1"v7j'f7'igjff'Tf,"- '-HV' , I 5 'VM-, J' .V ,. nc' - 'f ' 5 V, 'x'-"TI if ,LV v I , , V 3 , 4 VV ' 'A L V: J' ' , , 914 V11 .5 , V 5 5 fi I I Q .1 V , x " 5 Q .. 3 2: , 1? 5 35 f 1, , :V 1 ' , ' .1 2 5' Vg gi A: ' 52 A I ! If 1 Q ,Z 'V Q! zz Ll V . V 1 ,V 13 L5 1 V , ,, 3 V 5, z V- , 5 V, rl S V ' , ? V- V - ., V +fVgV-. ,QQ V C 9 ' u 'X' ,,' -. ii L P ' V 1 1 4 7 V I 1 S V V , Z, 5 4 5 i 5 1 F V 3 - J 4 s V- ,lj-Q, I if 1 ,A V 1 2 ' J' 3 Vx 2 1 ' V ff 1 , F, V lx, I Y--X54 3V5 2 f i 5, f 1- I . 3 x ,,..,q , -QW. V n '- VI' 5 k' , ' ' V V' X V5 - I Tn, a V I V ,V , 1 Qt., ,.. 'f, 5V .- C ,ig , ' ,X J Q V . V V ,L V V V: , ,-,V H, if , V 7 :V I V 7.-V . W: 'V , .- 1 , VV VVVV , V t 4.--A, I,,,,V. A N'--i".". . -JV., 1 V- , if -, , ff- - ,VL VV W: - -, V V VV 'V , W,...,.:, MV. V .,.. VV, . V My - VV , V V JGMQJZ, ' ' ' ,f,.,,,,:2,,g,,-?i2:5'VVf'V ,V ,..,.,,,,af1'1VV,,:,ALh :V H J., I lgj!....V,...,g , . ' V' " -V 'i V:,V.V-.VV 1, V ,f"Zq:-,3,V 1 VV V J 1 4' 5 V 'fl ' "' V' V" V4"'l""' H75 AQWJ' :la?fVz1-V. 1' f ' ,, ,. ,,- bi, ,L XV, L ,, V uV,,, fi If., .7,M..M,,,,N, 4 -- .t IM, A , V M---V .-- V-. .,. V., .JV V V ,V f- - -- V V V:--'V . , V. W, N E M.: I 1 ry 1 3 5 at -,,,Lu4V .v,...,, ,W , ,-.,A,i 1, iz V WJ? 2 ,,q,mx I VV V VV . , V fa-:Wm ,ff V 'j,v-'V'V!-f-VQf,,.g4., fri-V :Af VK V V 'V V- ,7 H21 '5"f'V,fi "Vw -'V 1-VV ,nv VV' II V ' -:ak-1-f:',1','l L X.,...MW WV gfz .V,:V,z"+- v-V,Vj,V,V -. ,V V- :i:4:?kE':','.j.?i?.1'LfiL?,f'f M 55V5"'A3'-7 ""?' 5 f ., - :' 1 ' ' ,.V,q..A,V, .Q, ,, .,,VM,VVV . V , '1mV,-.,,,,,,,. 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Q ww: ,V Vw n Q E .ff t K .4 W X ,., V A i K ,X .V mf, Y x - V v Q - 1 , ,, , -.. .V,. .. . ., . ......mV.i1n -V... uw.....m-.ViVV'.m.1'I,-H,-V-H -uk.u..v-V,,f.----'----- - .VV 4--V-f--I' HV -V f AN 1 f W' 1 , , f "ff W 1 . f I' 7 -1 ','-.,g',,11zQ,1 f, -jg Q Q 343 -,w . n F, ,Ly 1 1 4 . . Q .vm , ff 1, .45 i A wi .m. :M . I ,, YNY, f. 1 0 fl' 5' x 'I X2 ww, if I.. qw, 4 ,,,V f nun... " 1 , 4 5 x ,rX.M.g,,hf 'Vg ., ri , 1 L ,mi Q , Yan M MOR QQ, 9 I l I I 1 -in K JQQQV.. - is-'Q Q W, . I . , u . i 3 if Q, A f li ' 7-J lvl W, ., lar 4 1 V' Z I Hunan aww... w 2 ., I wl- ,A 4. .'Z 5. ' , X V I +, 5 fi XX! , M, 2 ,.,yx"' lx J ggi- G r . 2 ' SH Q. M in ' r ..s'E'9f Sb' 41 .. -gn-s1- ,if mc- Q1 N hwy, 1, . V ., . 5 4' N-' Y. ' x K., f.. X Mm, AW- ,, ,,y,,f,. .V -A . , , ,, Wu, 4.- ""9"y f ,- Q o, K' z.-...N -SN-5 an' DEPARTM ENT OF NAVAL sciENC E LCDR. P. C. MCMENAMY, USN Head of Department ri. N1r,kl'.l',,'N, Assistant Head ol U4 s ll' I, SN Ai Ill D4 The courses provided by the Department of Naval Science afford every Cadet-Nlidsliipman the opportunity of familiarizing himself with Naval procedure and operations. As a Cadet, every member of the Regiment is trained in the wavs of the Merchant Marine. As a Midshipman, USNH, the needs of National Defense are served, should active service in the Navy ensue. as in fact it did for twenty-one mem- bers of the class graduating a year ago. Aside from the basic courses taught in the classroom. approximately fifty Cfadet-NIidsliipmen enjoyed a two weeks summer cruise aboard two Navy Destroyer Escorts. Enroute to Bermuda and return, the CIadet-XIidsliipnieu participated in all the shipboard drills and exer- cises, gaining first hand observations as to how the Navv operates. Under tlie expert tutelage ot' the instructors of this department, all qualified bv vears of' service, every Kings Pointer learns to appreciate the traditions, duties, and obligations of the men oi' the Navy. itll RUISE M ww ,Www .wauw up-'fm ' .WW ,, ,W Ms , W, I , ,ff ' 0 Lnovfike ,,..-in , .uv ff.. 1 A! iff I w W, -fu. . X 49 " ' 4, Ur v X 71,3-fn1f,'X-.,4..4. fn-.mf 1' f,vn1vn.xw f , fam, A NL LX f ,ww , A f wf A Q X-X.-nf-'W . W, . f' ' V" -W , f' f 7' 'I KV ' ff ,, , " X ,M V ' , ' ' , f f . : - .. C. ,, , A ,,,,.,...-MQW, . f , , . , ,,,. . wwf , . , . , ,,X,: ,,,W,. , A . 3 fl, rf, ,:,. , gm, I A ' , I ,MW I , MVW4 M My Q 1 ,fm X, W 1 f W , Nfk' W V wwf fwg? ' A 1, ' V M-'f"W'f .,,9g4,,yws f ' ,, , , WAHKQQM A , F ,fzwQj'ef' ' S V af K Mm F k A ' "WMA " Qfmewaw m A f,.y , , I I I ,,,,..4Wgg,,fNff4' - M-VAN iflf' f 1 Z' , ,MW ,MQW W, L i' muwrw , ,M ,. , , , ' f A 'W x ' .,.. uWKiQw .,,.--, -wt-fm: fww.wyf,,., 5 K . wlfaww , :nm -Xe A' M,,,w,yW..- ,M ,W firm.. 4 W. A .. 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A A A ....lx 5, " f M-'S --..'-w-..-..f-f 4, ,,.-4-...ww 5 11" Ill IV Reserve training ship. i ff ,ff Q i' I I 17:9 V 'Qffpwff-v- 7 4 V' ! .J ,M A ' A Q K.. in ww.. .- 'v..-,-v,v-..,:-,,,,.- -nn-vm---,4-1. fm. 1. kb z , MAE ew' ' ff I 1 V ,uf Allin . if .vw if fa .iffy 5' , nb " ' ofa N 3 f 'n'V ' f I' v, v.f,' vi X 'L 5 P I X I' QE' N V - ,wfxxr--1 FL., i- u A' ", 'wiififi' 3'i'w! V' Q 1iiN?P?N , .X , . ,M ,.,, .. gigiggwsif ' 7? M' " A , H W '27 5 f""1?:: . iq AA M A ' -Q. 'T' f f x . 5' ,- X V 'Q' It va Q' A , .sf N J. f ,Z A ,Q .:, ,. n .f X . , Aw. I . 1 V . . , .. , z,,'3 , , ,K 5, M X X f ' xxx , " 9, "" P., '4 YV 3 -f if X in 1 r4 , - I A f-vw. , .. ,,v,. A. 4 - M ' - f , V X' ' T"X"N-1-af-LL. A.e'f'a' ' ' " , ,A 'jfvfi' x, Win ',"""Nv:.,., ,wwff Wi' " 'Q . "J ' vvfw'-w,.xf,.. , M A--1, m.,wwe , --N"g.M.g tif A '- ' n ' uf' " AW' x '4F"1v1 rv-, 'vim '.,-, if-," m w f' V, iv ' T541 rg-'f2?i52ffeQy,.ursr , 1 "Y' 1 'g1,g, A A I' 'Lf-:A ' H - A ,R Gfifs g5xkb,.Y,5J: W . . .- :nh ml 5? 23' 'Img X s-qw, A, ff-in W 55,1 ,pw fry ,,'fggL13?,Q4vf1i3h, ig? A f , I 1w252iWisQ. ' 4 - ,, lf gg,j.,4:7, . .,,. I ki at i ., ,, - , , :. 4.:Z1 ,p V Qzaqgj ke' ip' ' J ' ' , qb ,, + vxkl Nf l Y " M ,ff l :MKS , 1.4, ,, T-33 ,L,f-M we ' 1' rw a innin- . 1 A f "XXX .4 x 31' f iektkl ,. Maneuvering board drill. 'J-7-"" ai ...T LT. P. BOTH, USN LT. Cjgj O. POPKO, USN FF' 14.--Q +5 5. l.'l'. fm Il. w. lnfxlnllilz, USN LT. Kim C. T. WALKER, USN 'Q H W3 1 'f 9 fx-v u.m-.nn-r-4'-ax--ru-sv-f' K K. A I i MW: Mmeflsyggyflp-N,-an-wuvwv 1 4 X ' 5 4. 1" wr, ' '13, Cfgf A 7'-1 'iff ' xr 4 V -, L, V W-. , . Sw XV Qi SJ' Qg' ,eg 4 .f V, nw 5' S " xx azggkfg www 25:3 29225 QW 'f , K 1 ,,, ' .3 - frvf vw 4. .V , , . .r...,.-,f 1 H A ,n N- -,.5v.:E"fL.-.4-N:-"L-, 'gn-.ij S ,NA I, -' ,, ,gg-51s-A A'-'AQ-.Q--.A .mi-linimn-lnwrann -z-5ui6dll!.unihxi'Sks:na-rv hziw- ----amid.. and - 4 u mw- lioiiiitlltws is the scope ol' ltiiowlcdgc i'miiiii'ctl ot .1 coinpvteiit Ships Ollii-er today '... hoiiiitllcss .is the ln'o.id expanse of the sci en seas lie sails. .Ks tresli principles and methods are introduced within nniritiine science. it becomes evident that the piofessioiial aeliievcnients of one connected with the industry will depend on his ability to keep up with the advent of the new. The aca- demic background received while in training as a Cadet-fsIidshipman. therefore, prepares and de- velops sullicient fundamental knowledge to meet the contingency of change. Of foremost importance to his education, the Cadet-Midshipman finds the subjects of Mathe- matics. Physics. and Chemistry, sure stepping stones to progress. The basis of such important marine operations as navigation, ship construc- tion. stowage. and engineering are initiated in the slide rules and text books with which each Cadet-Midshipman is familiarized. It is through these instruments he meets with confidence the challenge of an ever-changing profession. Paar' COMMANDER C. D. INCERSOLL, USMS Head of Department mt l'1"1 l,znlrorulol'y ll1'lllUllSlI'illIUll. 9: COMDR. C. D. INGERSOLL, USMS LT. Cjgl T. R. ROSZKOWSKI, USMS LT. Cjgl R. I. MARTIN, USMS LT. I. P. CONTE, USMS LCDR. C. I. OBERIST, USMS Chem Lab Storeroom 5492 in A ,K-e -N., I . LT. P. M. CRUM, USMS WVhat's the temperature? la . . X 1 LT. I. H. DRUCKER, USMS LT. A. F. NICKL, USMS CH. I. CIANCIO, USMS Rapid calculation. 41.131513 COMDR. J. M. DITTRICK, USMS LT. G. A. KEYES, USMS sr H'f 5?-2?'AS f'-Q AhlfIS,.L.6-ds 7-Z 4 pu 50 ml. HQNO3 + 'F I A N 5 , , 'I N. .,., xx 2, 1 an ex M 4 VL-96 iwttn, , 'Wuxi 1 "Q-FB' 1 'W -aw' ,- '-In 4 I ,V ,X 4, ,Av 14, 2-f , A 'g e 1 . w ' 'V' . E "Affil- yggm, hu. 4, , f K, , , ,'f's ' ,-'ax . - ,- , if . , kv L J 4 I ,Q ...va V -. -.,,- , 'M A V iv 1 ,B YH 4 A zf fi fi R f"2w5 'N A ws' :XC Ziyi, jr 1 5,5723-,riggglid .ki ' , A ' V Vi.v' 1i.4inLfFx.Al ,, :M J ' . .x . '- ' . A y?,t,1L:lf?Rv,:1, K, .1 ,.- - 5- 1 T191-L., Min. . w . ,V -1-59,11 Y 5 : 'fx-Vi: . in Y- Q ,. it - V 5 av N T V v W . ' -, . I' 1' ' ' H , ., , xr . - V ,,. ,V ,U ,lt n , H I A, , r -u- '- gf-.,.w,,-.3 A -m1m.Q-.-wagiamhaulisfihli-w ihmw'ksi:mrnwnv"--+---risw.a1n-.-nwvv---was-.q.4.m.1annum- -1--4.f.-.-m-hwh1.-ar-- , ll HH ilil ill HH Ml .lil HH m nn s an ma m mn ua lu an n ii T 'KJV s at BJILA 19.0,-. 2--I on D Nfl' ..,.. v, C1 up if xo. nn H-1. J Za 4 on O L v' 14.4 ' f-Q 54 ,, F5 1 If Y NA' E., V Jig N-Ld on , ,zz A514 Ha 3' f 1 ff? I f f -ff I5 'g"1H,g"jfii 'fin ,ww f wr . 5 ,- x 1. Q-A v R vi , f4'.4L4w., , f... -xugv IQWV'-xg... .. , H' 1 ,Www J A "N" - J .An I IK.. - ' f J 1 , X U lp fx ' .M 5 V . ,I rf" , f f' J 1 N ,L -'WN C' ?i'6i"' 1 351131. . " ' ,-fx' ".,wmN Y X X Hn W "'?z1,w',' uri 4 T, 1, U - 'Y t . "1 ry! ",,'f .MAT . '1 fm 'wi--H 2.1 :Q 't,.1Tf"3",. " D . f 1 'H-E H :wal 215,11 'iii a U3 :kiln M 'ff , 'V H 4 Vw., ,nl M 3,5 ff' fxmfii' ' 1 -ydf:?1:"g,hv!-K .,,-1 Y, . . , , , ., .,,,,, f,.f, .. 3.-, Nz, ,, ,W ., , 'ir' f'WHK3r" 1 af- .Lf fsfa--T-"LZ: -?'Z:1F WHEiE5'5" " -' 'x f f wgf f PM - ' A -' "mi g'f4'g'f?xfAT5f.l-'MAL in 7 if , m'?f'1x' 1 H F" ctqfhlfj ,B 1 's,,,fE'J1 rims' +1 'ij ,"'2'Vf' 'Q H- wH ,lf.e Rm lz w f -- ' 2 gk 5'-'Kris "' if .A . .maxi fy: gr. .gil ,av dy-N," .ivy IW Y ,ffl-.L"fJ' 5'f"g76?, 5,5 Eh! .' l' 15,'5A-5 U' -1-4,,, ff" .ffff'f1,5-7fw "ff 1 1 MNAQ nfkfwz-' 4 " 'mis' AW BML' 'T ' A 1' " m..1.,,N ..,,.f,e1 V, .. .4 ,, ' ' W" ' "Ei fm T W-M r' w a. A-'few'- 1' w.,4,,,, , '.7-5 Y ,. - 1., H -.5-1 ,,fiQf"fh f' B- -- '41:"+ f- M, - 'pQ7.'J2f-f:',59"x?!' '-L'f' f1F3 ?f1'4: fl ff QP 5412- if ' :,zw,,4mg2jg,A, Fix wmf!TZm L,Ja 1' 1 ' Sw ,F 'gt' T7 'siQ:y! .H 1Wif'9ff'i5HQg.'N'- 1 -my X' , " J' fu- 1 J. ,. 5 Y :A wi'gQ?f ME' - gi- 215 A A It A ,V ' vw 'fl' 3 - -," V- R . J E, , I R .L Us 3f'?I ff-Q: 'y :W , zrhiyi - wifi5:fn.hjMw,, ,QLf2Mgmi3L,4,,,AMWH, ,W M ,, 7 K I 1 'S -if . I 1 5 i' .L x, , x .5 ,f ZX? X ,M 2 P 'S 2 Q X , :Q fff 7 Y T? ff.-9 ff X X If f- fx 6 MW, WW, , ,,f.,lQWff.,Wf, X E WW ., 1 M1 wmv. fhA ,,f f V, 'f fi S Z f X X S 1 1 Y i 2 WX, Q 5 E 6 if' "'!"' 'uf X up X Class in American History. , . , W , 3, .X .A .,,1.. ng- ,,.....f..-YU.. .f,,,.,y1,f..-,1..x'K,g,..wav. ,, v..--4......., ..,.11 'Q ,. , ,. , ,... -. --- . . . X S X X '-.r.f'f1 1 A lj 'Mr X , . , U, x 1 f - T 'hx X iv,J,, 1 J W,-.nw A I, , I A? , LCDR. T. H. GIDDINCS, USMS LT. G. ALEXANDER, USMS ...MW vi L, ......,..,,f LCDR. I. P. WALSH, USMS LCDR. M. M. MAYA, USMS LT. V. I. LUCOWSKI, USMS LT. O. D'ESOP0, USMS IIFJ w I E ms fi w ti Aan' LT. E. H. NORTHROP, USMS Currenrperiodicals- Assistant Librarian sa gNIlm1s,,f- Z z 2 , + i 5 ? f s 2 3 iilriw A uni fi llll! r ,,,A. r-L 4,1- laj gs. uv. ,Q-I s j"'r' Q. -- - -f -5- .f " . " N4-4, , .,,,,,. 51 , ,..:.. . -- iii ff' 'i'2'l." Ci! I . Tis T7T'iY Z ...Admin 372442: vp- . . HG.. M . ..'.L., .fini f.. .- A, v 152 assay Y, , . V ..1It?T.iTg' 0255, Lx 35,13 Finn, '- 9.3 i A' ' i "-T .lfff 57. U his :Sag-LKLQ T". , --LC il :JPN gfgx-W, 1. 'N s i I Ill 'J' in 1 BaClC Stage W0l'k6l'S- May I be of assistance? During the past four years, the Academy Library, a full academic department occupying the entire first deck and part of the zero deck of Bowditch Hall, has developed from a collection of books in a single room to one of the country's outstanding reference libraries in the maritime field. In addition to a thirty thousand volume book collection, the Library subscribes to more than four hundred maritime and general periodicals, both American and foreign, it houses also an extensive pamphlet collection including the unique Port Informa- tion File, and possesses a phonograph record collection covering the Helds of literature, language, history, and music. A special room equipped with phonographs is available to library users for study and recreation. As part of its services, the library also boasts a microfilm projector with a 35mm. film file of the New York Times from 1936 and the journal of Commerce from 1948. In addition to its regular services, the Library staff is developing an important Index to Maritime Periodical Literature and publishes a semi-monthly organ, Nauti- cana. As part of the regular course of instruction, Cadet- Midshipmen receive classroom lectures and demonstra- tions by the Library staff on the services and use of the library facilities for preparation of term papers and reports, for research in special assignments and for rec- reational reading. The most important need of the Academy Library at the present time is a new building to house its continually growing collections. L I B R A K R , LCDP. L E BEJARANO USMS DEPARTMENT 71 V , u I e' X X S A X N .., f-4-.1 , . hu' O' SLOYALK. I SPH5 'Q Sri.. uw - . -v.: ,- ,. or fyvsji f V' Efffgf'-I , .ry Mfr ii, pl-5' ' . .Fm , V. AW' M., v Nv- .,xv 4' 4,,.l,.- Ti? In I-'Q LVL.. During the year at sea, every Cadet-Midshipman sees the necessity for trained oflicers with a practil cal working knowledge of the prevention and cure of common diseases and ailments among ships' crews. Since almost all merchant ships are without licensed physicians, the Department of Ships Medi- cine oitsets the handicap by training the men of the Academy in medical diagnosis and procedure. The course includes lectures, films, and discussions on anatomy, followed by first aid, ship sanitation, and use of various medicinal compounds and remedies The Department is also responsible for the health of the Regiment. At Patten Hospital doctors of the U. S. Public Health Service, aided by efficient nurses, hospital corpsmen, and technicians, keep a twenty-four hour vigil. The hospital is equipped to handle all cases, including those. involving opera- tions, and maintains an excellent staff of dentists who are constantly keeping check on the condition of each Cadet-Midshipman. fr'-'fx COMMANDER VV. FORD, USPHS Head of Department LCDR. M. CUTLER, USPHS Senior Dental Officer ..1-- - .A . W 1 pu- awk 61 cXav3Cax' e Nuw lcclh in the making. Semi-annual check-up 111 1 ,W E. , CHAPLAIN lly day and by night chaplains are available at all hours. not only for the frequent religious services but lor all ministrations which range from crises at home to any need of a Cadet-BIidshipman at the Academy. Their services do not end at the gates of the Academy, but continue with the Third Class at sea and with the graduates, A Roman Catholic and a Protestant Chap- lain are in residence and gladly respond at all hours. A Rabbi from Temple Beth El, appointed by the Jew- ish Welfare Board, is likewise on call. The frequent Church Call, the pennant flying above the National Emblem during divine services, the bless- ing at each noon meal, invocation at the Memorial and other special services, and prayer at the beginning of many convocations such as Graduation, bear Witness to the Academyis emphasis that continuous religious observance as well as eternal vigilance is the price of spiritual freedom. The chaplains, by conduct of public Worship, through personal counseling, by spoken and printed words of admonition, take seriously the task of guid- ance in character building. They constantly endeavor to hold high the sovereign personalities, the heroes proved in liberating strife who enrich our maritime heritage. But even greater than their glorilication of the past is their effort to inspire Cadet-Midshipmen with aspiration to add their own new spiritual dimen- sions of loyalty, integrity, and courageous consecration as those who see the Works of the Lord on the face of the deep. ya s. COMMANDER R. O. HARPOLE, USMS Senior Chaplain Q bf ' l,f,Dli. f. iwfcKl',NfNA, LSNIS Associaic Chaplain RABBI M. I. ZION .wa HWXM ,r j. .A.. " vi 1 W! ' ' A iv,-Eff - . 0 fn '- "-ifvm gy Q ' --if k . ,aw iv ffi -, , ,S A E212 QL, if J . ,M .. A if DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL TRAININ, ATHLETIC? LCDR. J. D. BAKER, USMS Assistant Head of Department Of might and muscle. Q -wr' fi , 7 S 7' 0 W.. x , 1 1 "1-Sf. , ' if A S I N - xx , ' . v -gn -f-----.-. NL4 - 1 'Y b 1 C.Sp. R. SCALCIONE, USMS MR. JAMES CAMARATA LT. C. F. STRALKA, USMS 130 21 gl' ibuiir V9 W' Q E 'hu 3 55,0 -' A in Q .W as Q, 2 ,. 'inf' K" . 7"' A 3 93 , W I x M N. IQ'-fi, 1 K ' O 'ye 4 4 f 243 A -' ' x' I F 1 'f 5 ' Q 5 4 P P' A P i I i I4 I I y , J , 1 fi '1 vm...- ' - 'aaQ:...,. 5 QQ r E S fix! 'UNK Hariette Peterson of St. Albans, N. Y. , .fx 4 w Rose Popp of New York City Janet Yvells of Old Greenwich, Conn A ward ing of houq uct by P-egirncrnzil Conirnsmflcrff ,V B Lhrislinas Queen and Ladies in Waiting A EJB-wg Saturday formal inspections. :Qs ft ' ' YV . , f f ,X -ft HW n ,4 .-,,,, .,,,, F' N off h, l f gi- J 'khwaf Locker stowage 68 Q Ls. stations. Rigid bruce. gurl! a-""' ' films.. Cindet-Biidshipxnan Mate of the Deck. W., O. D. Night Security. WATCHES Quartermaster Assistant Cadet-Midshipman O. 'G' i I Battalion OfHcer of the YVatch. Cadet in charge of Battalion office Cadet in c-lmrge uf Rcglnmcntal Ufhcc. H 'E S 'l E.A TE 8' 1 Y 0 0' 3 i A , .V f i I 1 ' ma 1 Q Q' X , at ,L fx, 1 , WW s 0 ' 55 I. 1,- f A Qu: its 4 fl' -All -. , -ww .,.-a-N E an 1. , . Q S :kurt Q . it gf 5 ' ', is Kin S 5 A 2 ,If " sw. if , qff Q5 4 ,... x g In 4' ' ,Aff-5 2 ' yff f ,. V Neff in S V 1 f d.. - -x m La 6 -1 ' if., ffym, a 'ffl if ,,. 1 ,V .M .F Those who started basic training at Pass Christian zuzd zvere evacuated after a h1U7iCUH8. H Il 'Sify' W Arrival of the Httest. s . f q f "x N ,A-7, V xl Custatory dehght '-'-5'-Q., ,. f'f xg- if Zz' 4 Qt . 'E' W HX W at f Q 4 6' tj xi First impressions, .HGV Ykusum ' civnu 01' pLEBE5 ENT ENN G Flrst paper work. wr' ICLCUI IIUIDCTI ,Ut X x Wm" The MW Man of iron. ji gy '55 f 'Q' .wax .. , .. - 3. ,xx an nf" ...N TX it .4 if ,1- X ,.,fs.U , , Guided tour. ,Q Q F ,Y Y - M , , - Y 4, E, MW" 7 lmsf' uflm slnrlffrl IHISH' IIYIIHIIIQ rl! 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PF f ,,. 3 ' 1 2 ff I A aff :QP 9' wv ', ,, K. .1 ,V Q 1 5 1 A 1 V v W 41 f wgv, ,Wffw W 1? nu In Q V ,2C?7:'f as 4 f ' V Sf' Q if' vs I. , 5 5 Y' K . ,, Ha. -5 " lvl .. n. 'o 4 1, - 4 an -Q -o v',g,,. Q 2 , s ,M-ff J' 4 f ,ff ,, v . -4 x , ng, ' f 4 '., , M 6 1 -s , . -., ,x Q V .. fieh A-4 ' . , I J , .J ' 1 1 11 f , .,, J f ,fi ff' 94 5 , n ',, . ,, J 0 ' N gif NA, 0 ,, , , 1 A , M. A 0 Q., .. ff ' , . f .MV , ,h , Ntw A N ., L,,f C ',,". M V , 3. . f ' . . ,M,, , ' .4 V ....,. ' V fm , 3 ' Z' . 1 4, r " I K 0, W, A .wa ' I I H I . ,M ,. ,- , . 34, W D. "' fxbp . , .N . v. f ff ., AL.. Today we are living in a world in which relations between the nations have taken on a fresh impor- tance. Our nation watches the actions of the rest of the globe carefully, and we in turn are scrutinized by the peoples of other lands. No matter of what class or status an American may be, each and every time his foot touches the soil of a foreign nation, an impression is cast. The foot impresses the soil, but this impression is trivial when compared to that impression made by the American personality on foreign populations. The man of the Third Class who visits the many ports of the world also makes an impression. Per- haps his impression is not upon the class that an American ambassador would contact, but rather on the abourgeoisiei' of a nation. The Kings Point cadet does not attend any treaty conferences nor meetings of the "great powersvg his meeting of foreign peoples is an informal one. He may chat with juan Midence over a glass of wine, promenade with Alphonse LeBlanc, visit the Vatican with Giuseppi Mariano, or direct longshoreman Jonathon Wren in stowing cargo in Number One Hold. No matter what nation he might be in, or what nationality he may be addressing, it would be as one man visiting with his neighbor. Could we as Americans ask for a better parley than this? IY45, 3 , QW, WW.. , ffl? AQ? Qfwf Wm X x w f X E 4P"1Upb 'K K 4' W X ff M Jungle Jitncy. 7 ff X S X Q D x Y A L i f wa' '- Y' 4 -.-.4 M 55: A52 WZ, X X X Lnttle Ol New York 2 I y W! 7 I X , ' ' X Af iw, gf , V ffm' V723 XS ffl 3 x , ,,, A s wt Q-,ff 1, cg , xxx-,W ff W ,flaw f ,SW . awk! nag, 5f4ll9"f?f., Q RA x M 435 mf' , ,,,,, www num iw ,,f, wi iff y . ls, ,H ,H. -ff v 1,1- 'J . JG , 1-gy' Z A , Q , S 5 I if 4 ...pul- goU'Cl""""" 5 K i . K nj F I fx Q.:- 'A 4. Q 411111 1 I wwwi JJW 1 ' k ,wx ' I . 1 ' in " 4.1 95" ' Y f-. 171i--. Some of Ituly's fishing fleet on the canal. Cargo that cuts red tape. 3 Q ff f X, is ' I f "f fi.,- 2 13- 6 Q 31- 5 , N,g,4,f4 ., g n , , Q , . - 1 1 +,.aN f Z mir ,7,l ,L p M ,, ,f V G, - flff k M,.,,. fm 3 7, , 4 K xy? 'iaglw.i ,71wmQ MTW i MM hw? hz ' X Q J 1 I 1 ff ' f 'gif' ' i n..,' f i?ii11' 4 V:,,f-,,i,4f11' Migiixv f ' '51 ' Vw, .,..f,. 4 V I 'HM V l ,i E,..V .4 at A Q Y 13" I , .4- ' "' wffegup "" "'4,' xx' L A I 'ff.f, W Q.. 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I H, W-, X fa' ,M .ad X 'fe Q N .4047 -..,4G' 1 I I 'L ,.,,c P I , s- wh, ,K , B av , 1 f ,V 4 I 1 Q-. w ,W , ,W W, ,, A ' -,px 'gf N , ff WL Z 'li -'Q 1 , 151 4 xx., fl 4 4 K i 1 fx 5, Run for supper od friends stick together .. 1 g . l lllxlfil I! X.. Ns. J , 4 Q 1 . G 1 5 , '4iU'Wm, i f I You stink. 1 k mf Kovalcik takes over. ,y .J X ,, 1 ' N f . , , 1 s oh X .fish ' 4 ,f ,. , - J F erraro and son. JW Such is life without .... Is this our Allen? , in 1 kr ..,. i ...., i, .. . .Li pi-'E Q -,, V X 5 ,, if , P V' l Y ' i we Xxx ,rs 'Q' Ng if G' l Slim ja I P I il W '54 f fi' iw' Lifeboat drill. 42' W Crossing thc Lim Leo at the wincllass, ,ov I-Q . , Abbotfs tollw. ig? fx 5 Q M xv X ,e r-M. -, K S x r,,..QrwQ, iw X XX .w.......-...Q X -N X r. M 'gum ' -Q----v-ns fig e , i AMW! .Nr -ff IN ote bout number. Uk ru,-hw -L. wb. Avast there, lubber. if X 1 A ff 4 ,WW , , , I X Q f X wp, WW 'i , V V , X W Z' fi. f .r fi-?fWHiWf' ' Q Q ff f , , Q f fl? SS, 4 Z , , X ff X 1 1 X X f Sk Kal sailing for France. Section field trip. , - f A 1 - ' V - fl -if YS, if mir wr '- , , , f 0 , wmffnmwm mf, Q Q way, . 5 f ,, , 'wf.,g,j3v-Qnzj 4:19 ' we x ' ""j,j' j MW if mxjjmwff fgfbfffk I WW gow ' WW To develop the physical qualities of the body and to instill lighting team spirit in the hearts of our countryis future leaders is the objective of the Ath- letic Department training. Sports at the Academy are compulsory and on a competitive basis for all Cadet-Midshipmen. Every graduate who leaves his alma mater after the four-year sojourn has at one time or another represented the Academy on the field of sports. Whether he Won or not, he entered the Held With determination. The Department of Physical Training has accomplished its mission when it fosters the will to victory, and the stamina to bounce back after defeat. 176 ,,.1-1 '-1'-'ix "Nt 45, I I w s Q , 'iq 51, Q, , 3.5: ,f-ff" 5 9 1. Q-.A 1 xg Gif? Q . 4 Illllunu in , ' ' 'JL 2::::::::s:!EFii'W n H if ! fX'1:1x I Ill! IM N H up 1hr :"fN" I 11 I6 if VK fi llillllllligl z I .Ili V: I g4!,2L , , , '?f::,w :fff".l 'I ?' '3", V fl X tw, T' ,gaffwf - A 1 if g if V .nf fear gs 3 L I 1 L n J 1 4 I' The United States Merchant Marine Academy paid tribute to one of its sons in attaching the name of Cadet-Midshipman Edwin O'Hara to the building housing the Department of Physical Training and Athletics. Edwin O,Hara was killed serving his country on one of its merchant ships early in 19425 he gave his life so that liberty and justice might triumph. The Regiment of Cadet-Midshipmen are dedicated to those twin principles for which O,Hara Hall was named: fair play and the will to win. 'Y Y' , l fha , 74 as , aa 4 5 Z .i , , 6 E2 ia a.,- y ., - if s ,5 ,, . Wfd X V7 , J f ,N tg V st 4, QM, X ' Q i .4 .-'L uf X f' is ,- f ri -. s ' SN S sw T .fr t at N Vy,,,,,5 x f'i-,"Q-,jfs , 5- ' V 'se' 5,7 ,sv Q5 fjf , grew eff., - 2' ' .- , 1 M if 1 QQQ fe at it e K Wi' ff? K ' f : ft , f Wafifwm 4 faq. Q .fs .x., -. is X .7 A ,Q N tt. - 3, , f f , ,Q 5, A X '-,flfeq JT J fr 7 g, . g ' ,- f A N Zyl if ik X f-?.W'.af5ffZf .2 Y f' A 'A ' s.:'15 'off KV 'MW me J' -. .- . A S ,X 1 451, ff!"-.sf--f .1 at nts, 3 f Q 4 " 'wt' '- 1, m s ,Q s S-vfivfa fy J ,- ,, Q Wa, 7-W, 1, ff f ' " N' ,N .X Q, N, , ff, f f 4 , f .z van, X- A 1 f J. REPKO, Captain Front Row: Castle, Benton, Selander, Xvichard, VVerner, Taylor, Cuscott, Timonv, LaClerc, Repko, Biezup, Olsavsky, Molis, Kropack, Fitzpatrick. Second Row: Turner, Smith, M., Berry, Guest, Fotis, Naples, Shrene, Dowd, Baker, Kinsella, Dow, Kelly, Rebman, Stohbie, Stainken, Stocking, Till. Back Row: Coldenstein, Lundgren, Steir, Forbes, Malinowsky, Malloy, Alexander, Champlain, Hammann, Smith, H., Brooder, Edwards, Jones, Corrigan. FO0TBALL With pre-season expectations below par, the shock of the Metropolitan football World blazed forth when the Mariners held 21-point favorite N. Y. U. to a 6-6 deadlock in the second tussle of the Mariners' 1950 season. Stopping Bill Payne, fleet footed Violet power and speed king fwho, the season before, was the nemesis of the Marinersj, took most of the fight out of the Violets. Head Coach Iohn Baker was officially nominated as the out- standing coach of the week by the Sports VVriters Association for his fine Work against N. Y. U. Tapering off after their spectacular upset against N. Y. U., the Mariners finished out the season with a 3-1-4 record, but a pair of the losses could have been averted had the Kings Pointers been able to marshall a good place kicker. These games were settled by one point apiece. The only real heart-breaker came at the hands of Adelphi, commonly known in the sports world as the Mariners, cousin, who made their own breaks to set back the Kings Pointers 9-6. A good deal of credit must be given to the stalwarts of the Mariner squad who compiled a greater number of points than their opponents. only to bow in proud defeat by extremely narrow margins. f 180 LCDR. II. BAKER, USMS, Coach .5 3,222 1 Elm i?:,ii"g. i Zig' Y " " W' .r , D.-' ' -m., ,, i f V 'fi gm- l - -, ' ' 4 rl ' i, , 1.4.3. .n K 5 : . . , 3 F r il". , : 'zmff Q- -- rf .,. E357 L K' -.- n,v-., ,-... , .,,., O N WQWM 'V 97 im 5 Mc setrxp Z E 2 5 1 Q10 -in ...wx it SPORTS 'IHP NEW YORK TINIFS QL NDAW UCTOBER 8 190 SPORTS N Y U Held fo Deadlock zn Openzng Game by Merchant Marzne A ,,i.....-i--- VIOLETS' FIIIVIBLIIS I LEAD T0 6-6 DRAW N. Y. U. Misses Three Chances in First Half Then.Scores After Mariner Bobble i...........L-- KINGS POINT LINE EXCELS Outcharges Rivals on Defense -Olsavsky, Hammann, Molis and Wiechard Show Way -....-,-.,.,..l.-- By WILLIAM J. BRIORDY Special to Tm: Nzw Yonx Tuwzs. KINGS' POINT, L. I., Oct. 74- Hugh Devore's debut as New York University's head football coach today could hardly be called a smashing success. The United States Merchant Marine Academy eleven, its line outcharging the Violet virtually throughout, held a. favored N. Y. U. outfit to a 6-6 tie before 4,000 spectators at Tomb Field. The Violets, muffing three fine chances to hit pay-dirt in the first' half, had their hands full 'all the way in finishing on even terms with the fighting Mariners. This rugged battle saw both touch- downs recorded in the third quar- ter and both came as a result of fumbles. While the Mariners were no great shakes in the ball-care-"i" departmerf. their ofi' fgrsivn- ' Clmincd down. I .I -Q.-.1 'A' ' "wi ' 1 Short lived glory.i Kmcas POINT 1 5 XJ RiP4- N X lk X Ns if 1? The Mariners had to come from lwhind to nip Rensselaer Poly. 15-1-1, at Troy. The accurate arm ol? llarry Smith en- ahlcd the Blue and Cray to score twice as he hit Piepko and Fitzpatrick with touchdown heaves to give Kings Point its initial victory of the season. Taylor hrought a kick-off to their forty, but the attack stalled. A punt by Edwards rolled dead on the three and two plays later, Poly was downed behind their goal and Kings Point scored the safety which won the game 4 S X N i X X MQ if i- X 'ti 5 st . X X Q Q .t ' s at ' t WJ! X y .- N 7 yn, Nx- 'E' R' K , W ' X K X f 4 2,4 , f ff, in at - 'sa N ' it B ft 5 I , X n X ' if t , sa ,WM M f NN X Y X ,J ' -.. X! f V ff eva..-Q., 4, ,QW gf w s MWWWQW, My 'ff TZ 'If I I f Q H, f' fwfng www rlll X fx M Ulf Q ,L , X X aww, X I Easy punt X ,, fm' , f fy f fm, ' ' " "VZ 1. BAG if s- X t 'X Q iv Qs, X .XM f f SQ, wi' a I ,' ' .t rt', H , ri sf' -W as s 4 - K a - ' 14, ' W A - X ' X It . ,W"""',. ' , - X, 76 '1 W ' A ff W t X A X X 4 1 M Y Nt N i... , f , is ' X --Xu ,X 1' ' ' K f K f f.. - - gall! C if r- ' . ""' A X , Q' f ' . G ' dk f . K M . W' ,, ' f ' N.. " ' A I ' sig M W W.. vi' .XXX E5 End run. '1'hey're off! Kings Point, playing Adelphi away for the first time, lost 9-6. Adelphi scored in the first quarter as they blocked a kick hy Edwards and ran it hack for a touchdown. Vitelli, an ex-Kings Pointer? converted. They racked np two more prgjfytg in the gfgrgrififl fjuartffl' Vvllfifl KHIQS Pfhillf, l121VlI1g lDCCH driven hack to the four-yarrl line, had another kick partially hlocked and the hall rolled through to the find-ZOTIC TFOY a safety ln the early part ol tim sffnorifl half, W'f:rncr irzcoyerrrcl an Adelphi iflfflllifg ami the ,Xlarinrers started :i drive which l ' i nrofiilf their. thffir fliil2",f.f1I'f:'li the Zfiflmif If L. 5 ADELPHI , X Vw , ,hu h i4,y 4 X :ifrtfr p ' YL NR 1 aa X Xt X . wt g xmas Pomr X HOFSTRA up y s .i., , Eager Dead slow. iT Q 455.4 fl ff' if .,, M- Q J., ' if 14 if v wwf ., 'uflwf 'qw aw , N0 place fast. Gathering of the clan the "Homecoming Gamev the NI ' if ariners proudly presented the Alumni and their guests with a victory over Hofstra. Edwards carried and kicked the Dutehmen right out of the game as he crashed his way for one hundred twenty-four yards in seventeen tries. Contrary to the usual Kings Point aerial game, it was on the ground that yardage was picked up, some two hundred ' h eig teen yards of the two hundred seventy-three yards total being so mad- ' L . . e. Hofstrzfs only score came on a pass play that covered eighteen yards. The final play gave Kings Point a victory- by a score of 18-6. In 'Ihe .hfLlI'il1Pl'S tim cled to Arnold College in Connecticut with high hopes but were again plagued with extra-point nemesis and lost 13-12. Kings Point scored first when Stobhie cruslicd off tackle for two yards after Z1 forty-eight yard drive. Late in the second quarter the home team marched sixty-eight yards to a score. Arnold rallied again in the third period for their second score but Kings Point came back for their second tally. Stobbie's conversion h't ' bounded back. 1 the uprights and Adelphi scrimmage Somethingys Cooking' Closed to Arnold! ll. 71 has the ba KINGS POINT re ARNOLD ' 'I' 92' , f mimi 5 li ff I . 0 v Y , Q ! lgjlfv, ff! ' lj' .H f T" it? qi V fl , ,A A frwfff f' A ' ,4 , 4 I ' X A Al V f, ,-37,5 f 9 'fc4f'?'! 7 M , 187 . . , .. VV. a 7. , ,1 rf: A.-5,4 -gf-u-gy-gf:-.-e:,.:k y,-,v:5'-Z-.,,,...f,yv-Q., f---.--.-,T-Q,.,.-,.u-...N-1 BASEBALL LT T. R. STAPLETON, USMS i DON HIRSCHBEBC LOWELL KENNEDY Coach Captain Manager The bright spirit of the baseball team and the eager support of the Regiment were poorly repaid in wins for the Academy on the well-known diamond. This year's squad was able to capture three wins by defeating Brook- lyn College, Adelphi, and the Long Island Aggies. The big men on the team were Don Hirshberg and co-captains joe Palank and Frank Fiore. Al Potente and Sam Blackburn carried their share of the load by filling in at the mound, while Ripa and Shostag shared the other end of the battery positions. The big come-back of the season came about through a victory over Adelphi by a 10-2 score. The Mariners had suffered a defeat by the Panthers, our neighboring college at Garden City, and were all set to win the final contest. Miss Lady Luck smiled on Kings Point as the season ended between the two rival schools and the balance was set with a win for each. The future prospects of the team seem somewhat brighter as the men returning from sea and new fourth- classmen fill the empty positions left by the graduating class. 188 Rtlllllllllli., fu sl i r 'kavqnwe I i- Q" s - ' f 'ann KP 3 2 ' 6 2 3 4 3 5 U 4 8 ,.. I 4 2 1 fl wvwf 4 I' 3 slln Front Row: Pete MaCullagh, George Rack, Jack Dowd, VValt Shostag, John Schmidt, Lou Potente, Horace Miller Second How: Billie Wolff, Clem Timoney, Earl Flynn, Frank Handy, Sam Blackburn, Lou Benton, Howie Gunderman Back Row: Ioe Kosko, George Lewis, Herbie Nickels, Mike Ripa, Lt. Tim Stapleton, Don Hirshberg, Joe Palank, Frank Fiore SCHEDULE 1950 New York University ,,ieeee Adelphi College ...,,.,ee Hofstra College e,.,,e,, Brooklyn College ,e,e,ee VVagner College ,,,s,,,.,,,,, St. Iohnis University .,.. er.,,, City College of New York, , New York University ,,,,, H ,,,,, , Manhattan College ,,,. Fordham University ,, ,,e,, e , Brooklyn College N 7 ,.,, E City College of New York St. johrfs University ,,eee 7 . Hofstra College S Adelphi College Manhattan College Long island Aggies l'ordh:im Uriiyersity rj-lfifffk College l1'fl'1SHffl9A'T1 l'oly1'r clinic Institute Opp. 9 7 14 18 5 15 8 20 10 5 3 12 7 25 4 .9 8 ll 5 6 9 1 , ig V as i -' 'iii7Fff 1 jfi' ,. ,giifiull - ' 24 I .C Qs, .ff . zwfrf, 7, jg rs ' Q ' r' A 1 ' 2--ta ,594 1-Eiga 'Q ,K - 7 Q. . , Q, , Rounding first-going to second. Clean hit, Kosty ' 5, 2 gi Mm V, just put that ball near me. X 3 XS! 1 Q X ' W - 'J Wm, 1 he W W hx' 'i DU Come back here. VVar1na fight? hr--f 'is A hopping gmunder to the pitcher. vii .J ww ' X li!! , M, if x 'ii 1 x f ,Z W +1 1 f fy Q '. g L af, ? ' 'Q -P K? 1 fx- P f, I L 'xr 29 V 5 'f , Y ' -'U' , k X .wv 'X 1 ww, if me ' S f A . ' 5 44 , V , u " it il 1 sl-alta QF lu' K ..7"!2'1 dw ,M Q' ' 1 I K ,L f - f 'N -fr 14-1-r 2 ' f . ,.. . 6- -wg..,,., fn W Q X f 3. H' "z ' 4 ' . W N' 9' X I-idx. 5 nf . .r . f o ' "'Q4-14 XR - 9 QMX4 Q-saggy. v N .. 7' D .x .L Anja, "" ..'f3, ., I . J b " - 'ul' . 'L - ' .., RA! I ifgiifu, ri-, fits? W t, .141 "'--l -...N-,,,,,..-H-f?"f' ' gb,fC,QPq,,, f"' 'W ' ' ' X- T ' -IA" Zz-2' - 9' s 'L . . -1 Q- -?"- ,. pw.-3 '. ,-f.. f+V9.sfQ'Y'J 1 I ,Q -2.-'Q fd.. b L: 4- "" I rg A .,,,., , 5. . ' - ' ,l5.,,. V-.. :wa . ' f. , ,, .f ,,2f1 f ,f 1' ff fb hx to the fans' 1 f 27: ann,,.9,- ,l V ,W . . .auf A figure eight swing. Safe at first. Xwvent Hg :V 4, Q le 'A Lf, g ' The W V , 7 P is N ,, n . Q' f"' .1 'll I R -r- rip! 192 ev-ive.. It went up there some place , -Q .gig , Nl. ' .y , , ,J 4:0 f jimi, I , 42' 'vw . 1' ,,.f f Q X at I vix. W Mya' W ,,'v , , """wu---...,., ' 'J 171 wmffg, ' I .xx ff f jfyfff ' 1 f , F! , 3253 'U " 9' my f be ,, My Viwf ,, ,A J W G A i?3i?2psW fe w ,, - i e ' 1 ' V 1. 2 '1' , -K., H I , N ' I ., L K nf V, i , ,., e V . -f M M ,M ,j 'MH " . T ,ee , . .e - e ' W k-' r ,nh 0 w 7 nl" A 4 ,-. ax L M '- Q?f5. 1 f e ee - " 'W " ' 4 , It's strike three--honest. Iflii . ,4 My wa I, A 4',al 4 "1 Q 4 7- Q77 . 'QS I I QBNWA 1 Lada of height within the 11121111 11111- f1f:re11 the cz1g11m1:11, 11sp11c1z111y ' Ill 11111 91112015 game which was 11151 hy 21 two- p1111111'r111rq111. F.1af,1f h1CC1II1I'1Ilf'SS, 11111 X1z11111w, 1DIL'1f 1111111 211111 1:11415 N111:111 w11r11 11111 11111111 2111111112 1J111'.11r'e 211111 1111151 L'l"f 1111111111 :111f1 111'fJ'1f1f'f1 1111 11111 ff, 11112-.111 1111 1-11111 1111- h111l1- V1 11 11111111111.1111. 1111 11 1 '1 13 ,11111112 1'11'11,111'11 111 1111- P1111 Vx LT. T. CARMODY Coach 511111111 as 11111 1111111 111111 Cray 1111111rg1111 vic- 1o1'i1111s1y with Hirshhvrg 111111 h1C'Cll1l1- ness S1l11l'1IlQ 1111111115 as high sC11r11rs. 1Jl1I'1IlQ 11111 11111111111 11111111111g with 11111 Cl1111111s 11111111 11111 Coast Cll1lI'l1 A1:111111111y. 11111 111111' 11111511111 11.1j2ri! 1111 l'0l'f75 was 11111111 1111l1ll1l', 11111 1111111' 21 24-25 111111 11111 111111- l71JVV1'I'1llQ Nt1XX' 111111111111111's w111'11 11111 11111011 1111 11111 N1QlI'1lll1l' 11111 115 11111 121111111 1111111111 111 .1 G51-1151 S1-11111. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Ian. jan. Ian. Ian. Ian. Jan. Ian. Ian. Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb Mar. . 8 1950 13,1950 15 1950 20,1950 6,1951 10,1951 12,1951 13,1951 19,1951 26 1951 27 1951 31 1951 3 1951 6 1951 7 1951 9 1951 12 1951 14 1951 16 1951 23 1951 3,1951 ff. .. "" x. - ., I M.. M 1 f . 4 , - , - - fe.a,,,af of , aff Qi Tj Q -m X 'WA N he , ' f ' ' f wf. if M X if PV W 5, ' M I ' ' W 2- .. N ,.,s M,,g,, A, I ,,5.N E.. , la-1 .4-441-Q 1 X wwf, g , ' " I A4 Front Row: Dowd, Branstrom, Casscll, Nolan, Lindsay, McCuinness, Nesbitt, Christian. Back Row: Olsavsky, Finlayson, Malloy, Pfeil, Hirshberg CCaptainj, Kreciki, Lasher. THE SCHEDULE New York State Maritime College .......... ........ . away X1Vagner College ,.,............................ home Clarkson College .......... home Hofstra College. ................................ ......,.. a way Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ........ ......... a way Arnold College ,..........,...,....,..........-- home Adelphi College. ...... home Queens College. ..............., .,.,.,.,, a way Fordham University ..........,, New York Athletic Club ......... Cooper Union. ................ -- Pratt Institute .....,... Adelphi College ,,,........,, St. john's University ,....... Fairfield University ....... New Britain ..............,,,,.......,.,,,,,, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute ....,., Rutgers University CNewark7 c,,.,--, ,-,,,,,, , Hofstra College .......,..,..,.,.,,,.,,,--.,,,,.,,,,., H ,,,,,,, M United States Coast Guard Academy -,,--,,-------,, NVagner College ,...,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,--,,,,,,, 196 home --.-----.away --.-----.away -,---....home away away ---,,-..,home --.--.--.home home away home home -- ..... , away GEORGE RASCHER Manager hvery polnt counts. 1 in , MI' 3 , E, E ia "'.,x JOHN NEVINS JAMES WAHL Assistant Manager Assistant Manager 1517 No Coal. Malloy on the boards High tap. Chuck Whitehead Ollie shoots Up and away Going for two points. B111 McLean Christmas tree. Can t reach. Jim Moran ru s ul 54 E K I IJ!! M-1' i i, I ii 1 gl 1 it g :L Q!! '1 ? , 3 vi ! A 3 WEN I I 5 U Ha w , , ! -nu I i E-ter? i 2 -29112. i+ A f , 5 3 E Q 1? f ' 2 : .f H ' ...Z Q5 4 qyft 11' - -W,--ff -.1--v-, rw.-N .... ,..-YN. .:..-.....--f.-,- K.. .-1- N, , 1 Ds -it fl ' 1- as 1 I gr i -6 vf 45' Mm - '. ,eg 'L 4. 5 V A-v -NH., Q fm '.,, -'F . 5 , ,.,, . , ,, V , . . :N -,Jifhf rw. , , A . A '.m.- X Yruunf 201 fwfr bag mm: in 951: wwf' ff,-xl K. .' 'ul . r . . x l . , . " r , 1 , W w IN ti wi I I ....T.:.'fT:.a-.,.., .,...,. . ,Q N......... -.,.,,....-S.1M f . k ,,,, I Front How: Belt, Albertson, Kuser, Cerhard. Middle Row: Melansen, McGrath, Sutton, Carlson, LCDR. LITCHFIELD Coach Popp. Back Row: Fritch, Johnston, Quin, DeVito, Mackcchnie, Hill, Koyen. The Mariner sailing team competed in eight meets during the season. In six of these they took first place. The first meet was held on the Thames River course at New London, Connecticut-the International Invitational Regatta for the Danmark Trophy. M. I. T. and Harvard were strong favor- ites, but Kings Point surprised New England by placing second to M. I. T.'s 176 with 162 points. On Cctober 28, Kings Point again set sail as defending champions of the Greater New York area, this time with better success. The Mariners scored seventy-one points to win over WVebb Institute and Fort Schuyler. This was the fourth consecutive year that Kings Point had won this championship. The first annual Kings Point Invitational for the Nevins Memorial Trophy was held on 11 and 12 November and was the first intersectional meet ever held in New York waters. The Mariners set down the nine other participating teams and chalked up their fifty-seventh consecutive victory on home waters. The last meet of the fall season with the Middle Atlantic Championship, held at Annapolis, with Kings Point the defending champions. It looked like a repeat performance as Kings Point led the field until the middle of the meet, when they fell behind Navy and Princeton. KOYEN, QUIN Captains MAX POPI' LT, FIORE MIUIULICI' Assistant Coach SPRITNK. SLASON FALL SEASCQN 25 MARCH Kings Point George XYaslnngton Ccorgctoix n Princeton 15 APRIL Kings lloint . New York State Maritime College 22 APRIL Kings Point ,77,2, , . . Army ,S 7222 Vt ebb t , 2,2,, S ,.., 272,7,, . ., Cooper Union . New York State Maritime College ,27,,N. Syracuse r.,,,r,. .. .. I ,,,..rr,,.,r,,,. Cornell 7r.r.,. .,.7,,r, ,v,. ,Wr,,, . ,.,r,r,r , . , Lolgate ,,r,7 77,r .,.,,rr7w.v....,r,,...,.,r 29 APRIL Kings Point, ,... Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-, Adel hi ,r....v.,....r,,.v,e,,.e...,..,...r......,,.,.. I3 Colgate .,.....,...,e,,.,.....,................ 6 MAY avy ,,,...,. i ..v,...... ..,................, Kings Point, e,...,....,............,....... . 6-7 MAY Middle Atlantic Dinghy Championships Kings Point I,..,.....e..,.........,.I...............,....,..... George YVashington ..,...,.. .... ...... Princeton ..............,.........v ...... Navy ....,,,.,,............. , ...,, ..,.. - Army ....,,,,, XVebb ,,.......,...r.... Stevens ,.,,...... r......,. - -- Cooper Union ,......................... --- 13 MAY Kings Point .,,..........,...,.......,,............. XVebb ,..........,,...eerr..........................,....,., New York State Maritime College ....... ,- Hofstra .,,.........,....... ..............,............. . -- Cooper Union .vv,........,,........,,......... -- Adelphi ............... Stevens ,........... .....,,...,.....,r..... , -- 13-I4 MAY Massachusetts Institute of Technology ,....i.. Coast Guard ......,,....vv................,,........,v........ Yale .C.............,....,...u..r....,.......................,...,,i... Kings Point i..,i,...,c,u.......,........u,....,u.,. ...... Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ......... ..,... Amherst ,.c....,..................................V.... ...... Holy Cross ............,......... .........,..... .,.... Tufts u...,...........g..,..............,....... VVoreester Tech.-. ...,... .. ............ 27 MAY Kings Point ....u.........c..........tg...... .,.... Navy ....,..v.,.,,... ....g......f,...... .....- Army .r........c.. g..--- 1051 94 86 ti 68 89 127 112 103 86 72 71 67 58 131 82 81 58 90 86 122 117 109 105 77 66 64 59 59 50 38 36 36 32 28 165 156 154 146 118 104 98 97 64 88 79 75 7-8 OCTOBER International Invitation Regatta for Danmark Tropliy. Kings Point ftlefenclingi took Second Place. 14 OCTOBER Pcntagonal Meet with Cooper Union, New York State Maritime College, Syracuse, Catholic University, VVon by Kings Point. 21 OCTOBER Pentagonal Meet with Colgate, University of North Carolina, Haverford, Lafayette, VVon by Kings Point. 28 OCTOBER Greater New York Championships. VVon by Kings Point fdefending charnpionsl. 4 NOVEMBER Triangular Meet with Hofstra and Adelphi. XVon by Kings Point. 11-12 NOVEMBER Nevins Memorial Trophy Clntersectionall. Won by Kings Point. 18-19 NOVEMBER Middle Atlantic Fall Championship, Kings Point defending. Kings Point took Third Place. J I n 1 1 1 1 4 1 ' ,gQfW"' w 1 'X ,N W X- cf ' uf'-: ,rf ,Q f , U 2, 1 1t N ini .wh we , ii:- 'I I., s ?. i f lik, l Sin P 1' 4-. .1 4 4 3 'H-.2 .Mf W, I .- S .. 5, ' 41 ' F l A if Pi. 11 'Wlw ,H Rf., m, 2 '55 1 , Qt A ,Aa ... x , fs. , Nw , - MAE 'Nun ,M M ., .- I 9 fx "T'L,.. '-V 'Claw 'N I .1 Q N N K V 'Y , ' A ,f,...,4..,..u1ghfn 'X fs. .,,-, x 5 l.,f,-fi 5 If V' hx- N W 'I' M ,,,, """!-1.5, A' " , ' in. " -Q. X ,.,,,w W N Y ' JA., Wx wffnhn K - Af Y XM WF wmv- f - ffZ"",,.. ' ,.,,, L. ,, My Wd . A ...- . fffA - ,, ,, - v - ,... U X 1 M Q I . , I, .. W .X g V1 K '-'nm-x vmnwx .N ' ,wwf VVV! 5 ,Q , 5 W x f f W ,Af M XX "Good ships . - ' ' and a S . pankmg br ,Q eeZe." , 'Q xw ,C 4 f ' , - 1 q 1 X 9 , f I I W ffl-FW , 40 7' 3 V ga.. . . H 4 ' V' W .,.,. W, 'W MV'-wg.-.fr n ,W 3... - N Alb, ..' L.. 'WW ' N . ., -- , 'Nx 'N M Vixen, rg -... mg MM ' x , f vw "-in-w in as -1. r Em hawk gh0n' -fm "4 - A - -b . f M up-M V gn 'H . sf, NM QR . km ...x Good Mart " - " ' -zzz.-r in.-. --..,. "' --.. .,,,..f-..,,,4...i.. 1+-..,,f, ,, in M ii F? 3 xvx Vfl Q . .M I xl Y ,S J L .551 le EEXQ. Q' 1 I' ,M Q ' w M E jg , fn ' 42-Q-Y' YW WY , ' Ay X-- ,. M . Q V ,iff ,, M f1..-x Aims? , ,f,fJ" , rx' X sk? X wan the 3 4 W ind 1 1 4 XX 3 , A Q : ,4 Q 'QF 1 vig! 5 'L L 1 M , V A K XA 1,3 ' f 2' S59 R ' my V 4 X 1,-I' "HW ff! J- 1 f , V , i fy. . 5 K V .V,i4r,'g.' Zh. , f f . , 1 , .. --N, A V, , I 4, ,,,, 6 W? -4 ', -zgiljl C' N X f ' - V V V " ,,,a fy ..' IJ ,f f V' 4, X , V , r,,,f: fu. ,f , ff ' -ff" .- 5 -fi' " " -,- " -f ' 5814 5' , 1, V ' ,Y , W, , . - ' ' f 4 'ff ff V, ,W :ZA 0 ,-VV . I , I V 73' , ,,gf,,+ ,W-nr' , A ,g, if f , I V W y am ,A ,,,,, ,,,,,,, I , V J 'V,,, W, ,rf - ,I 11. X ,Q , QW, -.. Q' J - ' V ' f an 1' A Q , , ,,,,, ,W I f If .VV , .-. jiwrwihiqk ,J yy llfl ,f Y k,- In .VW pqwfli' ' "" V' ,, "X, if "H" , "' f' ,f " ' it W2 VV ,ff ,,, If , 40 I V VV V gl' f W V V x MMI' VV W, W f f 1 , I W4 W , , af f ,W -uma' KW Wy " V A he If Q K P ,www ,,,,, I LW V ,,,, 5 I f W . ,, , f, MQ K ,M A, K mglfrxi- K VI I ,,AffL?,w , I f ,,,..-, , I . W 0 ' ' f f'f'f f 1 f' 'Q 'ff x nw X' ,Q 'lf-A-4. W 'y Q ' W ' 'MW' 2 ' 'x if I ,Q .P J' fa 55" t ,, ' I If ZW f W' V, . W MV V G ,V V 'J ' -+-- ,-www. ' f. 'V wus. A if . yMfwfzw.,, WW V V Vw" ,V X vw-f', -I .. , ,V fa V . H V ,V - H1 . - nm K .M vas , np. . 4' V V , ,V he gist xl ' x , 'V' fav 2 -f ..-, ' "ff ,mv X-Xa t A.-i-an ,ww ,,, y""""'-f Q , Im. I - f I X 5 A1011 Q. F AML... I Hague . W V gmywu V I ' """"s4m liz, 7,WWf1Mf,fW,,w4wwWMVWW! --...-f' Ii - - , i "H ...,,, M ,,,,f , my if Hn. N 4 .x ff-A ,WW XM 'M ,H - f. if ..,.,w,, M - I . M ,W V V my :ff mg... ' ' V .... A ..l'iTf""" ,.v.,,,,, ' W, V 'W' 1-9" V M ...Q ""' , ,,, 'ff-V VN ..,- V A... 'f 'ML' ff- - -... .. , V f'f'3, M W'-Q-..., -f M M.x,,- .T . --W M ..,. . -,. : Mgr, L K, 4 ffinx -A' , any M- fr Mfw' M, X Wwiiw. V ' an "ZW " W W y,,,,,, -- ' . L WW, ' l f 1 -,.., ' , V K 1 1, mf Q-"1,'4'x"' f in , "' "' " '-'fwuwwff V W" -M V . ' "'Cw . ' 'L' ...pw-, -gill' V " "M ' ""'-- ma, 4.-,V if ew Wh ,,.,..-' w10zg1 My "'lnn ,, A-In www 'wwf-www :R as V- an-n -1 V f ,, . -,.,, z, .,,,,,l, ..,-,, MH' Aden. ,iv-w V ,937 y, 3 V FN N1 ,,,...,,... W .1 -0 . V ,V .. f - -M., W, ,,,, W, ,C xr I Kham ,sr V", """,.,,.1-nf A J ..,,, 'lm 'Wk-L.. iw' """ ' ' 63,1 "1 ' W fran vi, . ,. al' K - 4-lllll. ' Y ' "7 'M' f . ,w.,,,. A WHY-M ..,,,,,, ' 01-""f'nsv W-+ '79 ' ff V f h WMV -who-nr VV Y-,nu-vvf-vw 'i ' 41, 1. """" ' - V V l'll'C that gun! ' ' ,.,9......C M VV ' V1 My , ww ,,,..,,N , . My 'V VV ,,,,,,..6,,.,, k.,, -f ..,,.,., 'Vf' , "' """"-'if-.y,,, 'W' V mfr -uf H1001 A 1 I V 'x""""x K ins . , 1. . , V .Vw L ' - ,..4...-........ .Y.. x - , U . vi Q s. -5. H 1 1 -Jr'-if 'V "wx 5' bl M F 1, We - " FS. -Q. 1. N A . ,nr .a""" ,f I 1' z z:""""" ' V' A 1,4 f 4 P Lfw, 1 ff- f . . QL- f , I 'Y P X M 5' L in r - .9-PM 'frff f f lax -. ff. - , " M., 5 .. 'W 'Wig'-Q. If ,ew W..,.,,.,,j 'gm my .NMAM Nkwr 1 st 1- - . I ct'5 ml Ins wmd. "N"--vw. ,ns J! Hope the plug: Q lll 'Um-ng' 5 And sux .1 fmc nam. , LIU' 2 i -Q ..-.-.-.M -4.-- -f --vw-an f Mg W' Q W QW , v- D , , V 5 4- -,MAX K f .F p ,f .L xy? 6 J , X ef ' X .wk X 1, X. -Q f f SEQ. X, N :If Q ix Sf RW XX - fi XM! X ig ,, Q, if-H M Q, ,,.?, N A 1 1 fr any ,fi ff 32'- 55" Creclman on the line. All secure. lim Q1 'A EMF Q ' Pu u 4 , U if -ri., A'-. qw O!! aj' , . I , ' 54' 5, , ' 2 335357 Q3 1 'E v A . as ,. 9- " gms: 4 , 'f Y 6- -rw, uw- N I S2 5 'W ' ' 1 ,, Q . o - ' 17 1 Q' 4' " it , Bird man. 23, ,, ,. 4 2 wp es X46 4 . W , , k . - j , f 1 1 1 Q ., 'ga-3 .u is . v V 1 !3 1 mitm M , uunnu uname SEBI!!! 'Z ' , w ' A , W f 1 ,W YM w 2 Dnlpluu :vi Xi ushull Eu "On your mark " -., ,HM K u yr Get set "bm, ...Col 1... X X ,, x f-ni x f-1. , f'2',y-1..v- . . , N""'." "' " X " ' W v,1I,LQ,,"' X A-xg, wx ' .Hd ,l mr " ' fo-if ,, .Mm A .9 avi.-,,,v . f ' 'f' u, -xa- Front Row: Kraus, Hunt, Leitner, Jones, NViechard. Ba ck How: Van Emmerick, Lynch, Bosch, Holtgren, Griilin, Fitzpatrick. Not Pictured: Stewart, Agerter, Bradley, Grant. TRACK The discus Hys. Jones in the lead Dick Bradley scores for Kings Point. CMDR. J. LIEBERTZ Coach Over the top. The 1950 track squad, led by Captain Dick Bradley, turned in a highly creditable season. The Mariners, first victory was in a five-school meet with Iona, Long Island Aggies, VVhite Plains Institute, and Long Island University. The relay team rose to prominence with Iim Kraus, Tom jones, and Dick Bradley carrying the "sticky to a third in the Seton Hall Relays and a first in their class at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia. Although the team lacked experienced field men, Bill Agerter and Wiechard continually placed in the high jump and shot put. After participating in two small-college cham- pionships and taking third place, Dick Bradley re- ceived individual honors for being the outstanding performer in the New York State Championships with his record-making victories in the 100 yard and 200 yard dashes, a second in the broad jump, and anchor position in the second-place mile relay team. Under the direction of Commander lim Liebertz the track and field men finished another successful season. They await the coming year with anxious eyes on the little Three Championship. which was taken by Hofstra by an eleven point margin. 217 g, X f T' X, Jim Kraus. ' -'Rr Q K 'V qi 1 ,xx 7 ' "c, Tom Iones. dw Wally Holtgren. ,MM ilu- ,w lap, M -- "" 1 " A ' -x 4 fx 4 :AY Q-Civ XA W F4 W , U 4. ' f . ef 'Q yy 8 , ,4' xii' . was .X is Q Y s 5 ik s Everett Hunt. wavy f fl' 0 ,af QA WW .Q - ey Will to win. ff-:V 9-'M I ff , ,-,, . ,..,.- l-1-J-'J V, M., TRACK SCHEDULE 1 April 15 April 22 April Rutgers 95, Kings Point 45 Kings Point 10656 Iona 56 Long Island Aggies 50 White Plains Institute 1695 Long Island University 11 Seton Hall Relays Kings Point third in mile relay 28 and 29 April Penn Relays 6 May 13 May 20 May 28 May Kings Point first in mile relay Kings Point 935 Wagner 43 Metropolitan Small College Championships Kings Point took third place N. Y. State Championships Kings Point took third place Little Three Meet Hofstra 6896 Adelphi 60112 Kings Point 49 219 K-ln. 2 Q A "l ' I lx C. 0 L: l l RICHARD GRANT Manager 790' ,M x ff fffnw , ' ,f 1 f ff 1 .f X . 'X f X f' V, f l 'f """ in Y -nk j L. - 'f , -U - . . an S s I 1 T . , . , 1 v Q V .-alan: 1 Q 'Y C1 mn: M -1- 1 , fi, ,Q 0 ' " ... T V' S if s--' x ' -S+ .s " , N..f t .. ,.,, g it ,M ' 5 Hn ffl I J' -. Xa.. ' f' I 'X .,. ,- 41' E 1: f- -f 4- 2 .c X. X , ff . X. J FP. i n ft" ,-"5 f 1 Front Row: Foster, 'Wieser, Miller, Schmidt, Lawson C iptnn Ridley Holzer Carrol Martone, Violanda Buck Row: Zortman, Knudtsen, Kennedy, Hansen, Rack McBr1en Cristie Ortega Lczcano Hamilton, Coach Nelson Under the coaching of Specialist 1-C Alexander Hamil- ton, this yearis soccer team proved its winning ability by taking third place in the Metropolitan League and placing goalie-captain Ed Lawson, Nelson, Rack, and Herb Holzer on the Metropolitan Collegiate All-Star teams. The big thrill of the season came about when the Mariners defeated New York Maritime College by a 7-2 score in a pouring rainstorm. ln general, the squad was plagued by the lack of scoring abilityg however, the booters had one of the strongest backfields in the league. Lowell Kennedy and less Ruiz in the fullback positions supported scrappy Bill MeBrien, George Morgenstern and Herb Holzer at haltback positions. The only men of the graduating class who were linemen were "Short- snortn jack XVareing and Vic Violanda. The team faces a manpower shortage with the loss of all the graduating members but with a little support from the athletic dc- partinent they should enjoy another successful season. Q , at x f f ,' V Q 9 1 1 A ,-.. Long boot C0IT1iUg UP- Ruiz blasts away. 1 W 4' K. P. l R .gas-' .jf 4 nl" ,-r ii' RAW fy' .Y X551 a' 'Lf 1'ff'-ff ,. ." E' aiu fm nf 'li Left Zn Right: Bill Yvnrslrey, Mzmzigr-r' A. llnmilirm, flrmvlig Xlilt Stoll:-xilwrg, Mzirmgvr. SOCCER RECORD Opp City College of New York .....,.... 1 Arnold College .....,..........,.... .... - 1 Panzer College ......,... ...... 4 New York Aggies ......... ...... 3 Brooklyn College .....,.,.................. 4 N. Y. State Maritime College .... 2 Pratt Institute .......................... ...... 1 E. Stroudsburg State T. C.------- 1 Queens College ........ -- .... - ....... -- 1 221 ' 4 '?"1'Q-'Fi rt 'F . , ,...,. - - ck ioixvibo xx- 1110 I W. fc ffcnr Patil 1' 4 I 1 ,,...v4' ' ,. X. I . 1 J 5 if C will ,fa-"' -Of' A X- 1 f , W v , X 'f f . ' I M M if X A f J 1. - , V " ' ' 'wg' ' Q.- " Nix. ' " 5 mfr' " ' , ,if '-1. """ M2 , xy - ' ' f y 'fm ' k , JMX J, V. Q. , t I . v ow. 5 L -'A ., ' " ! X D , N . ., Q ' J ' X ., - , "l 33 f . N rw J, ' 0,131 . , . mwi, 9 H ly- .4 Ax' .. , 1 -P" H P :H ,ffl-03 H., -- It ann, 11- Li. 1 A A Q .h , . , ,vc .- D - A" ',, ,yn - ' ' , g , 3? 2 - , ' k,1'?,n', i v , N, W ' JM ' ' - 'xi ix ,Q . , A ,I -Av, K V F, . A' ,-j"EvgK-'fix l,V V , 3 , , " J' fl- ' ' ' . -100 I"'U'l-I1 . ' V' Q .n ' .1 Eg iw.-' I Vp' I VB! AL., -' D . A.- W' '41 's",."'- 'Y r' XXT' ' 'llc-41. 34-nr"vsf. A g, ' - K 4,129 wdgsa- .'." i' f' e ' W A' " lc' f" ,r "l- -" "2 L-' N K ,Q fi AV- . , V 31' "Y giggb -9.6" P ' I, S X mg ' " 5:2 K X F .1 i V -. mit'--J A X if x AQ. ' x 'K. , ng. 'ilu' 90 . f - . g KK K ,K K KX KK K M ting. N R K , I A' ' ,-,, R Y N .2 X f M ww-fi ., A 2 Ki . , . H X "en, 1 i ,I X 0 as ' lr e vi . Q w tb. in A iii vi I ! .. W W ' 0 , My I w ' " 'fu . 4 ? A g O xi, K 1 A Y "E f O fp' . 4 Q 0 ,-A XY W " ,Q ,M ' f X 5 1 Q A Y .hr ' - I ' "' f , J JV , , X ' , Y ,W are f ' W W, 1 1 ' f 'W' 5 ' f I' .QT " L ' f . , - ' , , ' f - Wa, K ', A ,Q Q 3' - , Q wmv' f 'E 7' f, K. 0 f X W? fm, W ? Q H X Rf , Q' L Q VV 2 f f V 'f ' , . K ,Q 0 my " Q f ,ef 1 X ,, f f f' M ' ' ' ' V ' an I 4 ,- " , fl. KK K f ,K f , K , ,f ,n ,, bf ax .. 0 , find V f K K f in' X K M 2 we fu if , 4, ' x j' I .K I - 2 x',' M mn ' .., K ff 1' M' 'Wi .551 ,, K K ,KQ X tw , x ,gfff ,x gf , jj 'Q kv ff f " . aw 3 My fzigkw ' 1-f q W 'X 1, J KW 4 X- f " fm v'v,,, , yi? ,, ,A ,A .A 9 1 , . Q, w f f ,, f M' ds , 41, X K, ,f ,K in KK ,M .K KV, Q ,yy , .., , Ky -,,,,-, f . ,, 3, X ef QW, 4 ,I 1 ,K,4f:K,9v M' 41 W K W, w v " . 4 f , ff ' 1 1 nf if X ' " . " 'ff' f 1 1, L " '4 . X -,iff 1? 1 V h 1, M ,fry Af-5 '4 kwatexng A ' "'7'ff"',' A" 'YW QQ' ff' we ...ef W"2v' will WA- ., , Capfain :H-'-A-zww,,--U X Law Son -rw , , ,:4.1.f:LL'- wk -sf f -, 1 A ., F ? 3 'R -W as .4 ... 1 3 1' X 1227 M' , J Q., fn gn x ws YR-H1 il-I3 Ce Orge A I01'g-en Stern . A1 Patterson Coach Pattersonis lads completed a rigid tennis schedule with a three won and eight lost record. Inclement weather led to the squad,s downfall, due to the lack of an indoor practice court. jim Reed, number one singles man, added zest late in the season to prevent several shutouts. Reed's well-rounded games and steady play brought praise from his more experienced opponents. Coupled with Jim on the number one doubles was Second Classman Charlie Lowe, whose expert volleying helped tremendously in setting back Q. int Kennedy and Sorensen, Managers quite a few opponents. Captain Richard "Padv Edwards, a veteran from his Plebe year, played number two singles. His fierce and powerful serves earned him the reputation as the Mariners' iireman. Ed Wilcox, Harry Sjolin, Jim Whichard, Cel Reinoso, Heeney Isbrandtsen, and Tom Whichard rounded out the squad. Henry Isbrandtsen Tom Whichard in at f QW!! 'wif ff -vim Q.. 1 ff' rw Whig w.....,,,,m 'CF' 0 Q Dick Edwards -it Front Row: Isbrandtsen, Kovalcik, Sprung, Ritz, T. Whichard. Back Row: Patterson, Reinoso, Sjolin, Wilcox, Edwards, Captaing Reed, Lowe, I. Whichard, Kennedy. KS WMWAVWQ Wu' 'W M,,,Wfff- - ' 'V Mn Q, ' 4f"'u F ' ff Charlie Lowe Q Q Jim Whichard Ed Wilcox A J W A fJsgf1'? W 'L 'X 35 , ,f , Ax. Y -rg' ,ff ig,-'nl-ggi Y. naw div 45' k 'Inq -, ' x ' 'il ' ffzgf., W4 fx, ' sf? ' Q' .W fn XT J rf w , 49 f vwiiw 1 I NJ' W mfg' Q ,Q I, aqyqsgr U f ff, 4 if K ,r-4? :iii 04,3-ff ,Q We s mv. THE RECORD Opp Fordham University ................. ..---..--.,-..-----.. 9 United States Naval Academy-- ..,..,,,....,....,,., 9 Manhattan College ............ - ............ -- ....... ..-.,- 2 St. john's College ...... - ..,............, -,,,-,,,,,,,,-,,, 3 City College of New York---n.----,.u-..-... 9 Adelphi College---,----------.,-,,--...-..-...-,,,-,,,, 4 New York University .... ...M-..,-.M---h.,,-,,. 9 Hofstra College ..... ----,--..----.,.,...,....,,,-- 8 Queens College ........,.. --.---w.--.,,-..-,. ..., ,,,,,,,-,, 8 Seton Hall College .................. .. ..., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,-. 6 Yale University----,---..,-,...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,m,,,,-g- 9 .N 1- Front Row: Nuss, Anderson, Jones, O'Conner. Back Row: McNulty, Fitzpatrick, Marshall, Shipley, Caines. CROSS COUNTRY Oct Oct. Oct Oct NOV. 1 Queens ,7..,i ,7A,,,,,,,w ,.w,, Nov. 4 Adelphi .... .,r,. . 28 Hofstra ..,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,A,- Coached by Comdr. lim Liebertz, managed by Dick Grant, and sparked by the performances of first-classman Tom Jones, the Mariner barriers had a .500 season. One of the highlights was a new course record set by the team captain Iones on the Long Island Aggie course of 21:21 min- utes for four miles, helping to take the sting out of a two point loss to the Aggies. The two-year duel between Iones and Lynch of Hofstra ended with Lynch winning by a small margin, Hofstra finally taking the meet on Lynchls running and Rochfordls record-breaking performance. The team ran well but was outclassed by the Violets of N. Y. U. whose aggregation is one of the strongest in the metropolitan area. Closing the season, the Mariners edged out Adelphi on a slow course muddied by heavy rains. Tom Jones, running in his last meet for the Blue and Gray, took first, Leaird fourth, O,Conner sixth, Anderson seventh and Nuss eighth. 228 ml? 'HR mv, 15:5 af, li, V 4, . V an ' K RIFLE AND PISTOL November 8 December 7 january 20 February 2 17 24 March 17 April 12 1950 - 1951 SCHEDULE Pistol Team life Equitable Life Insurance Co .... ............, A way N. Y. State Maritime Academy ...... U. S. Military Academy ................v......... Away Massachusetts Inst. of Technology ....,... Home ---.----Home X ? x N -pgs! rf, U. S. Naval Academ ......................,...... .Away U University of Massachusetts .................... Horne Princeton University ........... - ..,..... N. Y. State Maritime Academy ,............. Away ---.---.Horne X' X. xi. . .JM Spc. RAY ACH Coach Front Row: I. L. Clark, C. I. Rempe, R. Kraft, C. G. Gaye. Back Row: I. P. Kelly, Korb, R. XV. Ach, Coachg D. L. Mellor, Captaing M. Shafer, R. Knowles. Not Pictured: R. C. Carlson, XV. A. Catto. 230 s bb fn at Front Row. Fishkind, Irving, Lyons, Anzalone. Middle Row: E. Prescop, McDonough, Largin, Schooley, Kapiko. Buck Row: Youngclaus, Rondespierre, Abramson, R. W. Ach, Coach, R. Knowles, Captaing Shortt. Si ff!! U -54. 4-lr! 0 9 I, Q Q November Rifle Team 8 Equitable Life Insurance Co, --,--,,--,,-- I 14 Long Island Aggies ,,,--,-.,,,,,,,,sl-,w 17 Brooklyn P. I. fR.O.T.C.l ........ 30 St. Iohn's University ..-..-..-..-..-..., December 7 Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute ,,I.v,A.,,-,,, 15 Queens College ,,.--.-,--..-.--..-...,..,--,,,,,,,-,.., january 11 Fordham University ........,. 13 Cornell University .,..--..,..-,... 20 U. S. Military Academy .......... .Away Home --------.Away Home Home Home Home ------.Away ---,,-.Away February 10 15 21 24 28 March 9 10 17 April 6 Rutgers University .................,,..., City College of New York ......... Cooper Union ..,.............,.,,,,i.-, University of Massachusetts s...... Brooklyn Poly Ceveningl ,.....,.. Columbia University r...,..........,.,. University of Pennsylvania ....,..., -,----.Away ---------.Away -----,----Home ,-,-------Home -,-----Away ,,----,,-sHome ,-------.Home New York University ......,...........,.,..,,,..,, Home Newark College of Engineering r...,,,,s,,s Home si 0,1 target- Sighting in. Presenting the finest rifle and pistol teams that the Academy has even known, the nimrods com- piled a season's record of twenty-two wins and six losses, While the pistol marksmen posted eleven victories against six defeats. Captained by CXM McNeill, and led all the way by C,flXfI,s Knowles and Ortolano, the riflemen captured third spot in the Metropolitan Intercollegiite League with a league mark of seven and three. The highlight of the campaign was undoubtedly the hard-fought victory over the favored Coast Cuard Academy. Individual recognition was given to Ortolano who shot his way to second place in the Metropolitan area and finished eleventh among the nations leading collegiate marksmen, and to CXM Knowles, who was elected President of the Metropolitan Intercollegiate League for the coming season. "VVhen I get through with you . . . ,K 5 ff 5 , ' m ,J JOHN CODSPOTTI GEORGE SILOS I. KACZMARCZYK Captain Manager Manager A- in , 4 LT. C. STRALKA Couch ,....,..-----g, sf' S n 9' all ram: be r 4 lit-vui- THE RECORD Kings Point Opponent 40 Rutgers of Newark ....... ..... 0 0 Hofstra ............ ..... 3 2 16 Kings College ...........,. ..... 1 6 21 Long Island Aggies ....... ..... 1 1 5 University of Virginia g.,...,.. ..... 2 7 88 Upsala ,.................,...,.... ..... 0 26 Brooklyn Poly ..,...,.....,.r..r.....g..,.....,.., S Sousonis Record: Four wins, two losses and one tie w I w Front Row: Birt, Evanovich, Alrnberg OConner Rathkopf Dickson XX alton kalafatides VV1lcox Second Row: Hartman, Mehalek, Evans Lewis Schumann N1cCla1n Hecker Codispoti CCapta1nJ Third How: Biezup, Holtgren, Purcell Stocking Kinselli Dawson Taylor kaczmarezyk WRESTLIN The re-entry of the Kings Point wrestling team in intercollegiate competition, after a five-year absence, was marked by a total of four wins, one tie, and two losses. The team defeated Rutgers of Newark for the initial meet of the season, taking every match with falls. This record was equalled when the Mariners swamped Upsala by a count of 38-O. Captain john Codispotti was the mainstay in the line-up as he won all except one match dur- ing the season. Iohn Biezup and Gene Schumann handled the 175 pound class while Mike Mehalik wrestled in the lf3O pound class. Lee Austin, a potential winner in the 157 pound class, was un- able to compete because of a knee injury. Under the guidance of Lt. Clem Stralka the Mariners have established for themselves a high record to be equalled or surpassed in future meets. 2.355 "Shake pardnuh Better than rowm -bf QW 1 MlSS6d the boat l . Z".-q""v Nxce rxde xx 2 A x ., x X M M X ' Q 1 Q-Nnwx W Ten sm wansbs., 'Ns G Y Q 4 if W l 5' MUN---T335 ,A a X f ke ' " Muir, . , ., f A '-k.,,,,..h,h - W ,WA 7 M f 2 fy V new . . 'W ,.,- MW UM , ,, 'X -yr ,,,, Y ,W W xm'-'ffm f ln ,ga X, ? pal' xx PM f XY Swing a big stick. nw, IM' ,,,,A,,,. f f ,, 4 L '45 x D... ai 145 ..:,, pf, 'q' .,+i".g f - f L, -- Q A Qw- I px fb W After lmrd pull. S S 2 3 Q A V X x 'NS N xv .fa :X Z , , p K AB is 4' -b sw' pgs- mx: 3 xx 2 - H fiw .4 'WWW Hold that tiller. ' Mya . MQALN N W Q Mk f Qfqw-444 N -N. M f, K 'WW X Y f I .rw W , ,,,, - MW fr fm 0 'Wf f, W WMM W W4 mziwqf 700 Wf'09y26vAas-W, ff " ' x T VW, ' 'X x 5 tw, my H, HHHHA 4, ,f wif' ,fy Vww W . W: Nw, ,mmf , man-eq! f 1 71 .im x WW, V x , x, 1 N 412 0 ww f lg ' f ., My ,, aw, ' f ' Y ilk-Q ,W , " . 4154 ,, ,W Y x My ' ff 'V .. Nik!! Taklng p0Slt1011S LN f .W f ",M,gfi ,V x. , A 2 , . ii My u.. . r.z v W ,xl V ilu, Q M. W' fm N xxwf A K 'K . . . ' .asv-M - w ,, ,,q,,...., ,,,, ,, A A A F1fllShllI1C. ,,- my Rowmg races. QWFW N X X N -, .vw +1 af' " f 4 ,J 4 x ' x Yun, Mmm., '97 K M MM' ,,, f I W NW xl I ,, xg. NN ' I 5 VX 3 Q ' ' v'vw-Q.-M, -' -Q,n.gW, 5 ex X L 1 2. Q Q . ,. fi ' Q . Q "f' Q1f:ff4kQ Q, WW, W A QW S ,F MFT X f""'fWWf'wwm fnmrwmff, A, M, 5 X., XX.xx.. ... V f K ' 'wfwcy MN f 5 x XX X 'M' K' .,- sw, V I W A W XR f .-X L In x "1 LX.. . . X . ' ' , . x ,, " x W' 5 N- ' ,glIAm,.. T '- X 5 M. N 5 QM-'fe ff 4 K ' QW 5 X, 'M ., . ,ip ,, - -naw 'vw W ' ff N fo'-5 "H , " + w 'Z -W,.,s. Mf tx ,W , Q .,' - M ,L ,,,,,,,,M,., 'ff' f-mm M-M . N , , 1 I 1p.,N153, 1-. , .. K - Mar, K W . W I K Z V ' f-h,,'s,. ' "' ' X Mx Q W X-,,,,, " xv. ,N Mwtnng, xv x ' . " -A ""4'kl.fm., ' x , -, q.,,,,,m MW x N., f x 'M any f' VV A -7 .MMR f ' I .wi - Lx ,Jn-W, .4 , -vu N .. X , M , 3 ' ' j' vp, x hx: , em.. f' f Z f ' Z - A .mf www , W X ' ' ,,. L, k X- ' - 4. ..., , .ff xl x A N 0 - , f I M , fr Ng ,f f414W,,.!W Wwxl f ' ,f ' 'W K K .6 ff V ,, , ,W , MW- nu- , X - 0 A "'- ,X .W ' X f, M amfbwfff 'X' Yr ' "WW W, Q wg: , ' 1 S .l. h 1 W fm, , 1 1 ' . , ,f , W .u ID t L cccp. Keen r,nrnp1:hfmn. f N, g f f M wr ,, gd 3' , if , 'K' They're off. skip to My Lou 5 E 288 High jinx. , .n.: W if All Americ ln 'mi 'W 4, I ff F Q- X N frm 1: mu ,'-3-ez-: ...: :-:"' 'N 1 - f 17 ' aa . fwf . , f 'f " if I X 1 , I f f The numerous facilities and activities offered at the Academy for social, recreational, and scientific participation are fully utilized by the Regiment of Cadet-Midshipmen. The many clubs and organi- zations are founded to provide a diversified field of activity from the daily routine of regimentation and academic life. Let us introduce you to the "goings on" during the free time of the Regiment. Q ta M '., 1.1 '. ff 5 K, . 5. rf 4 i . F 6 ,. :ju . 4- Q.- 'Q U ati., . K . , , . ' ! x Mi X 'KQV' 5. I?" N I '. ,,, hr ldbf 413' -lam! KN vv an ,Gu , L'S'f4:, ,' f we . pi L -fky - , 1. 4 , , K - ,1 . . f . f , ff ,. A ff., v fm -,iff wi mt -, ffxffmffx , C gf- 'i24'5f1z7?' DW 'fJ4"'522i'?,f ' 1 f3f,22Af Z. ' '- zfzf i,,Q'm1.3i9'fa?i -i A .J H529 M f"f ff -'wr -sir-if"-4ffi5f" fnH+2'L'f'ffMff,i'F if ,jp-.f k , P M1 'J AW' I ' N fj'gw1gf.ga1- ' ,ff W , " f 5 ? :'.,f,555t1: . 'L Lf? - 1 'A "fn ' ' v 3 :' at V .A ,I . A A 1 ,L 'W f, 5- f11f1wVsfW,. x,I?5i'NW 'i "im-' 'w'4wf75!4sk'i. 4 v w.13ljg911ff.A.. W., ' ' fsgfe. 31' 4' , ,., , ww., ' 'L wf'A'fi5?'4:'ff.Fikvw x'-Lg, , ' ' we , , , 'wiff fc-'. , 'Lf-ewff. " -a- 4- - . X: gsm., V my , .gaawf Q , , if fy WNW ,Nr H Q. .m iff' 4, 4 'A 'iw , I 2' wx, - A i1I7?'f 1 294 jk .,, is ? f N! ff 4 ' g 3. 5 Recreational extra-curricular activities are a vital contributing factor to the developing and "rounding outv of a Cadet-Midshipmanis personality and char- acter. A well-planned activities program is recog- nized in the development of our future Merchant Marine Officers and leaders for the establishment of peaceful trade throughout the world. Through par- ticipation in intramural competition and cooperation with Academy activities, Cadet-Midshipmen are constantly influenced by fellowship and good will policies. 1 v 4 ' 13715. rj, Q+YLQJ?0LiU.Ll935J Q51 , ,- ,f I f-,Y 1, ,--I, A, LU, ' Qfijjjiivi WU-'LLf1?Jff:-rl: 'Ay , , Jr 5' , ,.,.f. . , QU Lf?Jis49-v5 1.42,6. A BUSINESS NAIL!! x X I 3 E "2 I its ' L fnigmefia w ADVERTISING STAFF Scliempf, Rodwancy, Clarke, Ramin, Piloto, Mannion, Mignano, Potts, Rutledge Qseateclj y it f I I ,I , .., 1 5 I I 5 L ffffv Tom Councell, Layout Editor, and I. Platt. The invoice factory. John Bacieh, Art Editor CIRCULATION STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF Haiken, Hunt, Lewis, Keating, Lynch. Zogron, Lawson, Peterson. 2- -all 5 i 55, ,A f lllck Rllflfdgc jim Keating Ed Lawson Advertising Nlalllllgel' Circulation Manager Editorial Manager Gordon Campbell A. V. Phillips Co-Photo Editor Co-Photo Editor 7 by-jf M V ' Q"- 'f,g,,,,, ,5 5 s s , ,Wt M., C fum-M-w""""'j'j ,ir in . PHOTO STAFF Louis Packer Associate Photo Editor Bradshaw, Cirnblctt, Mitchell,Donnelly,Liobuum,Bul1it-k, Taylor, Crnnplacll, Ovcrinun, Santos, Lczcuno. Good workers. Concentration. if dl' ...fm gl W PNN I' A .0 4' 9 , 9 0 - Q 0 0 0 ' ' " ' 0 O V0 . Q Q . ' . . " Q O ' . X . . Q N. Q O . jg, ' A A i -'ifw gy ,e -nf 1 "'-L., A X Il 1M:.4..5fQ , " x 5' 5 .KN i , Q X4 1. I ' A ' , ,nw Y' . Ni. 'sl -W , ,lie a I E Q ' - 1:':q, . ,E51 1i:1,35g33vQg fwtsj ,gggggiggxvgw gtg:-a ,,-,,,,,.,,,.s,,,1,,-,i ,,-Q, ,,,, A WW, .,,.,,,. ,H . .w is-, 2-0-1453: A 'ii .',- P f Cr. -'Tv-ti' n?lvw',w .iw ' 1, f."51," ' ,N vr V . ww 2 'Ulf' M 1 ,. I iff I 'pw in 1- Q fp-ffk I i dw 76 ur U O f S' 4' M Qi? Wx J! 1 I' h '4' X QA " pall' 53 ' Qf.'a'?l 5 , ' O fi " SME I 7 .525 , , .. ry, ff J'- .F3 " 1' ig LT. H. SPURR Officer-Adviser Ah The King's Point Drill Company, begun in 1942, has been continued under the able and willing supervision of Lt. Horton I. Spurr, Drill and Activities Officer. Its best-known activity is the weekly performance on Tomb Field after the Regiment passes in review, at which time the Company goes through its smartly executed routine of intricate platoon maneuvers. This grand display of discipline and precision never ceases to draw admiring attention from the spectators, particularly from staff members of similar collegiate organizations in the metropolitan area. In addition, the Drill Company often takes part in the Memorial Day and Armistice Day observances in some of the neighboring Long Island towns, and marches in parades which are part of these days' activities. ali .W , qi' Salute! J if Field trip? ,Q J: Y 9 Ilyrs right K .L fa, F, mfg? 'KF -M. nyww' fi y...-pu an I i i 5 f i fl 5 'f""i- 'l f I 1 F l E l Honor guard. I I z 3 f iz P F, y. ll ,, 'i i fl Y l fl g, 23 pi ll fl E 5 0 ill' 711 ff f if ' ' 35 4. in LV COND l. JE z'1S-170' 5? 219.3 H Y I .4 . Uh 'gr S I , ' L In A S 1.1 1 "QC Q L.. fy- A-1-W- ' . f w x 5' f W I N f V -5 c M 1. K f f 'is Q, X fi 1 1 1 W1- 1., -1 Hy. 'EIA Isl . 1 x 1 3.134 ' fu ag- I Y 9 q R ll I -5' , KW N... gan di..- A 1 1 -'.,, N10 11- -5 ' Q' 'lui Q ' ol I i V 0 - ml ' 'Y' Wf ff , 'ww Q' li 1 S i 1 1 rf ' ' ff f 97' NV vf - 1 gy A . ' R K Y iig ' L V -1 ,, ,il ,gy ' sb 1 . Q dv- -X mg V1 Q , .1 X Y A I K ,V R - , . .-1 , ,111 1, iii? gill'-Y '1 ' 5 ' X I 11" 4 I 'Zn 9 ' - .1 N1 . v ' Y' ' I h li F' : 1 , 9 7 9 B 1 1 X 1 I VX 1lcox XX F1 11111111 111 'XIII 110111 Buonor fl v 111 151111 Ulm 1111 P1111 Ixlllllll IN1tl1 511111111 11111 lc111sD117 Bllfllll 1111 Crt gurl 1111 ll IX 1 I7 1 Holt S11 1811110 1x1 , 1 , 1 A , ' .liliingz YSN-wart, Mc1rgv11stv1'11, Craig, liloto, IDIlC'1'lll't, Clark, C., Ly011S. .,'l1111rYi11g: iczup, , A ,gf K 151 tl-11, f1llSC'Off, l'c111p, Alf-11111, l71'z1sf'r, Vilfox. "' - '., 'z ', 1' z , 1 Za 1, 21, ' I":11111i11 ,, fxr-H' , Fl: 'z Q4 , . 1 1 " ' , '1 , Yi , ' J '1 .. 2 ', 1 2 xch, Q 1 H11,':1s1 S111itl1411'113 Iilll ' , CYS ll' '11 1, llc-rc-1, Cilsc,-1'1z111, ,fmrsc-,', , Q1 '15 2 , "pp, ,122 1. 0 fl Kneeling: Councell, McCormack, Carlson, Wheeler, Czuszak, WVilcox. Standing, Front Row: Landmann, Holtgren, Stine, McLean, NVylie, Palatini, O'Donnell, Platt, Lynch, Ramirez, Valiente, Thayer, Kraft, Stewart, Paul, Meehan. Back Bow: Stolzenberg, D'Aquilla, Pace, Leitner, Liebman, Montilone. L. Kraft, Vice Commodore, R. Carlson, Commodore, R. Paul, Secretary. Fitting her out. ' x , X. Q-f. .XX X , S, tg, X X X 'w Qs, 5 Xt X N X X X, it x X x x 1 gum ev , WINDJAMMERS The VVindjammers is the Academy's recreational sailing club. These stout-hearted salts under Commodore Dick Carlson may be seen jamming the sailing area whenever there is a fair wind blowing, or repairing their craft when storm warnings fly. Their fleet consists of seven Mariner dinghies, two Duck centerboard sloops, and two "Sv Class sloops, the PANDORA and RETURN. Both of these boats participated in races off Larchmont, N. Y. each weekend during the summer under the skippering of Morgan Koyen and john McKeohnie. The PANDORA won two races and finished well up in the finals as the season ended. N. Y, XYorld Trlvgf 111 H 44 gy i 1 12 --if Wg PROrnu.uf c 00 UFTHE' Ullman smfs 9 V51 965 vw' 'if' 'Gr IW ' ' 0 tl lim: 'fl' Q.. - Vi 7 4 , wg ,S ' Lf 2 V' f l V I P I f Q - 1,2 I 1 A 4' Q' 5 X ff' X f 'F Q ' .x , if ,f V 1. nw ,H V 6 f - , gggf ,, N 1 " X Q 1 W y . M ' f ,Q N- ' ' wff ' , W K al " WW. fx iv Q ,L N' V 6 ,,. X lp? 5.51 X ' 4 Q X f Q , X - an Y 'Rf . nu xx X1 f 4 4' Q 14 W Q fy, fffh? Recuvxnf, Iropdlf r C lub .Awards vnomlfk c OF THE UNITED STATES r"l' -B W? Y Es ng... L 42 f i 1- 6' 'x Will they like it? Q 45 QQETF . Q13 -Abu 4 Ww X X yrvm V5 A ins lieww , ,,,,,,,,, :Ta Gimp ii -s-.....,..,,.,...W.. 11,14 -. opp. V O if -1 5- ' ii: W e X FL L in i ,rv-......., MVP' A fu llli kll , - gp 4' 4' 'Q N U It-, -at I 'I I 6 1 N V vi X Q' 'N v Q Q f i 4 Q. 4 .gf ' mil! 'Z .- A i 'Tk L i ,. if 4 1' I , 154 is 'QTL . A M.. Q V , '- iff . fy- Eli . 1 Il l'l 5 -1 Q1-1 g- ,ju in 411.2 W , x r pw, wiv -.-E. R, Af' KA--X x x " KA' 2 1 If-X If X. f , xl ., ! V, ,f ,f .-Y .D "X 1' - 'I 0522 Y M-' X -413 T5 U iwwiisf 'il r' -QQ -our 'Q ll? Q. G. an O 's 8 2. Y S in A NN 'El' lf N Qld 1 ID v. 5 4- ,eq hr I 'film' 41 Q fi' ' Nl - 11 . 1 V- ga' Y 3 - V W. i I .N .-v - i I r' fv. l Deep thought? f, 25 1, 54435, ax v, 2 Y vim 1, ff , Yxw l , , gg ft mv l 4 W-f B, W 'F fl ff f ,Q X , f L Q ' - 'TSN x x.. SW' -U X 'Tar-.. if Mechanical marvel Bill Schretzman, News Editorg Stan Davenport, Feature Editor. .-q w. TID-, Co-operation .nw-..,, LCDR. T. H. GIDDINGS Officer-Adviser bf Bill Ramsey, Editor-in-Chief L. Santos, Richardson, Stutelberg, Brennan Kseatedj. HEAR THIS HEAR THIS, as a printed publication, has survived its Hrst birthday and has moved from infancy to young boyhood by the grace of late Sunday night deadlines, meandering of all types, and the calm patience of its publishers. The road hasn't been entirely an up-hill climb, but has been liberally sprinkled with situations that would have been extremely hilarious except for an undercurrent of impending tragedy. The position of Editor-in-Chief has experienced a high mortality rate, but HEAR THIS proudly notes that not one of its leaders has been reduced to the laughing but not smiling status. Like the United States Mail, HEAR THIS has come through, and, barring the entry of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse, it will continue to carry "all the news they'll let us printf, Francis Gibson, Editor-in-Chief Look busy, here comes the chief. 5 --ills F79 i W W'Ni1. A i r ! V I lgx i 519 I 4. ,, 5 E ' 4 . Q l.: 4 in F! Av 't A ' X E 5 m WV , f . i B - . 6' . J ' . -, pig 'Q Eff: , Q . lg 54 'Q 4' '-x . X -,-, V " la' o Q ' ,. 151.1 f E5 , .g r ' . . E255 A 1' Q Hi ., 1. fl, A . 132 1 M x Q 53' ' L 45 1- iii i M iii " 'I , X I ' ,EN , 5 f g 1' ' if a X ' Q 'S 4.1! s ,H 7' X nf 1-as 'il If ,K s J f'l 1 Sitting: Sweeney, Brennan, Tucker, Krinsky, Mesina. Standing: Lambeth, Anderson, Kraft, Hammann, Guscott. The Regimental Class Council serves as the voice of the Regiment. Composed of the Presidents and Vice Presidents of each Class, as Well as the Regimental Commander and Adjutant ex-officio, the Council presents a cross-sectional representation of the Regi- ment of Cadet Midshipmen. This representative group of "politicians" devotes much time in organizing and directing in matters of Class Government, Class Rates, and Regimental functions. Under the chairmanship of the upper first class President, the Council acts to further the spirit of harmony and understanding between the Administration and the Regiment. I if 1, Q, f 'YJ gif. K f' 264 My F A S T R 0 , f ' f X35 L C I E TY A was BOB GENTERT, President HARRY BUEHLER, Vice President LT. I. A. CHAMBERLAIN Officer-Adviser The third year of existence of the Astronomical Society of Kings Point, under the guidance of Lt. Chamberlain, saw some major ad- vances made in the work being done by the group. Aside from the usual informal talks and discussions of the interesting bodies to be found in the heavens, the members of the Society have put the new planetarium to a greater use by presenting appropriate seasonal shows for the enjoyment of the Regiment and outsiders alikeg this in addition to giving impressive demonstrations of the practicability of this instru- ment for the benefit of many important guests of the Academy, The past year also saw the launching of a variable star observation project in cooperation with the Harvard Observatory. Front How: Solterer, Gentert, Presidentg Hailcen, Secretary-Trcasurerg Councell, Buehler, Vice Presidentg Lt. Chamberlain, Officer-Adviser. Back Row: Gatof, NVelch, Sosko, Muszynski, Nelson, Montilonc, Pillinger, Fedzer, Caines, Schooley, Fialcowitz. sirius-- 44' W jim Kraus 2 PD- fur K. qi A ie ,l ww ' fkxot iickS- , "1 L. , ,R I D- 9-V Instruction. Q 3 Dinner Music, In ?,, 74 K Q 415 I, wi. 5 1 . ,X I K ,V ,lx 3 5 X , If ,Z x Q g - gf 'Il 3 X' A s, 4 i 5 Ax K , , Kneeling: Moreno, Counccll, Krass. Standing: Fiulkowitz, Solterer, Linder, Huring. 266 '1ouchc. 3--.. Kneeling: Cutler, Prieto. Sitting: VViman, Quin, Kraus, Stutelberg, DeVito, Browne. Standing: Buonora, Jensen, Feltus, Ryan, Flynn, Meehan, Wood, Hickey, Dosher, Muller. Made up entirely of Cadet-Midshipmen who sacrifice their free time, the Dance Committee has as its purpose to make the Regimental F ormals the best dances on the ulslandv. Talents which were formerly hidden find their outlet in the decoration of our various "Ballroomsv. That which had been a mess hall only a day before transforms itself into the Eiffel Tower, that which was a gymnasium in the morning becomes Daxy Iones's Locker at dusk. Our hard-working hearties use skill and imagination to whip up a magic World of enchantment reflecting the far-away places visited their Third-Class Year. Between the regal formals, tea dances of lesser mention but of equal gaiety are sprinkled, filling out the year in a crescendo of splendor. Monumental production. Q Snow job. Them that hills x 4.-ax-W 45 in -52'-"" ,,'-If ia' 0 114' 'D 0 F , ' - mth ...Y 9 ' , Q ll -1119 A - b ., iilslf , 5" l ,P 11 -I' . --11 NY' . g A "K " wa., , , w L 1 Y FMU! Huff: lIAlikl'I'l, 1Nl'm-115111-L, l'1USll'I', NlilI'lU1l4', U1'vpSwrx. l'3vl'Li- 5U'1'f'U11'l'Y?i- Smfu' j Burl: Huw: Sllill-3il4U, l'Alt'li4,'I4, Czllllllllillflfg liulwlnlmm, l'LlllllilIl', lhuuiu' .'f. , NUI'-Ill Wlt5V'N'1- Huwkll- Linh" ,J-f' MA w - rf, , 5 'N- ' L'-V ' -A., an - .1- -1 ,, +9 Q X ,li , 'U 1 9. f ...nf ,, ,ff ' Z I0 TF' f .' 0354 , X 5, ,fi X fi? f f , CLF' Z' lui if mtv X .l 1 Wlf. Qs' Wh fi? , 4 ' . . r 1 X WS x f MICHELSON ' M 5 -ff C Moi- . M5 - W .- Front Hou Strne Clark G., Albertson, Maccione, Leete, Powell Back Row Skurka CDR C INCERSOLL LT I DRUCKER Donaldson Bucska. H111 Johnson, Jones, O'Sullivan, Graham Guscott Kennedy USMS USMS Habekost Plavg Johnston, Dow, Corrigan, Hedley, Deers, McDonald Baker Officer Adviser Officer Advlser M gff f W , LCDR. O. E. THOMPSON, USMS Officer-Adviser 4. ? ,. ,sd 5' S. l f up Af, 9 x " 1' Ql t Hx QH9QM M siaidshi I V I Xl In this class of three hundred twenty-two men are represented our country's Hnest, educated to do their job eiliciently and productively. The class is com- posed of one hundred sixty-four new deck officers and one hundred fifty new engineers to swell the ranks of our modern, essential Merchant Marine. The education and training they have received in their four years as Cadet-Midshipmen of the United States Merchant Marine Cadet Corps cannot be ex- celled in any similar institution. We proudly intro- duce them to you.' -aan. .... . A , .' .--1 - W 4- ff-+ 1--f-.vfq1'n'-..1f-.-.:1-w.LY..g...---4- -.--' -V . w-.'.- -f- - f ' Y lf . 2 2 ' X Z I i 5 5 3 1 3 i Q i 4 x l E I 'E 5 1 1 . Q. 13 gli I i ' 1 1 1 a 2 1 1 . , ' n I i a ! 4 , l ,Vi N3 ? 1 2 F x J 2 L ff- E T Q f 5 : 3 Q 1: Q I 2 . E 2 F 4 ., 1 A , 4 .W lj 1 il? Iii, :el As our graduates sail to foreign ports, they will be in constant contact with peoples of other coun- tries. In these contacts, they are bound to leave impressions upon the people they meet. We want them to leave good impressions! During their third class year, they gained some experience in the method of meeting, talking to, and dealing with people of other lands. Now they have an opportunity to make use of this experience, and the maturity and education to use it to better ad- vantage. Henceforth they will be "wearing two hatsv: first, as officers in our country's Merchant Marine, and second, as unollicial ambassadors of their country's good will. Sa x gfzgml ,Mx 3. U , , f X 1 :Q W f H N ' Z f 'X fi X V W .-xi! , A W ff f Sf, x X-X: ' W , , f ' 52 I xi. fi xff 'www 'KAWWY QW in Z ff f , B., N W? -. YQM , 'M James A. Brennan CLASS PRESIDE T E E arf Godofredo Nleslncz CLASS VICE PRESIDENT CLIFFORD IENNINGS ADAMS Leavenworth, Indiana Plebe Year-Pass Christian. Sea Duty-S.S. Cibbes Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. Gulf Banker, Gulf and South American Steamship Co. Countries Visited-South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Mada- gascar, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Equador. Academy Record-Sailing Team, Cadet Ofiicer-Third Company Commander. X Q NICHOLAS EDWARD ARCENTO 22 Longfellow Road, Worcester, Massachusetts Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Monnacwren, S.S. Mormachawk, Moore-McCom1ack Lines, S.S. America, United States Lines. Co. Countries Visited-Brazil, Trinidad, Ireland, France, England, Curacao. Academy Record-Dance Committee, Polaris, Propeller Club, Latin- Amencan Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine En- glneers. ol' ALFONSO FRANK ALAIMO 1307 Troy Avenue, Brooklyn, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Couer D'Alene Victory, American Export Lines, T.E.S, Brazil, Moore-McCom1ac'k Lines. Countries Vuized-Italy, Spain, Portugal, Algiers, Tunisia, BrazH, Uruguay, Argentina, Trinidad, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Puerto,Ric0. Academy Record-Inform ation Service. f J" JOAQUIN TUASON BANZON Balanga, Bataan, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President McKinley, S.S. General M. C. Meigs, Ailmeri-can President Lines, S.S. Sylvia Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steam- s ip o. Countries Visited-Hawaii, Japan, China, Philippine Islands, Guam, Italy. Academy Record-Rifle and Pistol Club, Polaris. ELLSVVORTH DANIEL BASHORE 111 South Sims Avenue, Columbia, South Carolina Plgbg Y,-.ir-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Syn DutyAS.S. Del Norte, S.S. Del Valle, S.S. Del Sol, Mississippi Shipping Co., S,S. Harry Culbreath, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay. WILLIAM ALBERT BATES 396 VVytlie Avenue, Brooklyn 11, New York Plcbc Your-Sun Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Producer, United States Lines Co., S.S Anchorage Victory, American President Lines, S.S. Mormac- wav e, Moore- McCorm ack Lines. Countries Visited-Italy, France, C-reat Britain, Holland, Belgium Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. Service Ribbons-American Theatre, Victory Medal, Philippine Lib- eration-two stars, Asiatic Pacific-three stars. Academy Record-Cadet Oiiicer-First Battalion Berthing and Com- missary Ofiicer, Propeller Club, Latin American Club. f ,W NELSON PAUL BAUMANN 4135 North Mason Avenue, Chicago 34, Illinois Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Marine Marlin, S.S. American Packer, United States Lines Co., S.S. Mormacdawn, S.S. Mormacoak, Moore-McCor- mack Lines. Countries Visited-England, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Dutch West Indies, British West Indies, Brazil, Uru- guay, Argentina. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, German Club, December Week Committee, Information Service-Chief, Chapel Show, Cadet Officer-Regimental Intelligence Officer. i sg y CARL RAYMOND BECKER 4430 Clydesdale Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point Sea Duty-S.S. Mormacmoon, Moore McCormack Lines S.S. Northfield, Keystone Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Dutch West Indies British VVest Indies, Cuba, Canada. Academy Record-Society of Naval Architects and Marine En- gineers. 4 279 Ja X Y 5 2 PEDRO NANQUIL BELTRAN 408 Cataluna Sampaloc, Manila, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President Pierce, S.S. General M. C. Meigs, Ameri- Ean President Lines, S.S. Jesse Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship o. Countries Visited-China, japan, Korea, Guam, Hawaii, Okinawa, Germany, France. Service Ribbons-Asiatic Pacific Medal, Victory Medal, Philippine Liberation Medal. Academy Record-Midships, Company Softball Team, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. .J 'L it LEONARD GOLEA BUGAYONG Mangaldan, Pangasinan, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President Pierce, S.S. General Meigs, American President Lines, S.S. Jesse Lykes, Lykcs Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Hawaii, Guam, japan, Korea, China, Hongkong, Philippine Islands, Germany. Service Ribbons-Philippine Liberation, Asiatic Campaign, Victory Medal. 2 Q 0, JAMES ASHTON BRENNAN 79 Bartlett Avenue, Arlington, Massachusetts Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mormacmoon, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. North- field, Keystone Shipping Company. Countries Visited-Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Curacao, Trinidad, Uruguay, Canada. Service Ribbons-Asiatic-Pacific, American Theatre, Victory Medal. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Hear This, Polaris, Propeller Club, President of First Class, President of Class Council. 9 MAGNO GONZALES BUNYI Alabang, Mnntinlnpa, Rizal, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sen Duty-S.S. President McKinley, S.S. General M. G. Meigs, American President Lines, S.S. Sylvia Lykes,Lykes Bros. Steam- ship Co. Countries Visirerl-Philippine Islands, China, Japan, Guam, Hawaii, Spain, ltzxly. Acnzlerny Hvcorfl-Scholastic Star. 4 k i if I i I 1 ? i 4, N 1 r x I V ix hui' Q., Q...,.,.. -Q, , Y """'1- - -.i nw- Q., uf w qt, -.F .., li l V 1 1 it T f- rw... I-W ff www- ' s -:ff-... 1: -Q ...-Q. Y-.-fs'-g,E .- - ,E+ wit, -ff-...A-3,1 1' " 5' F' r ,., Z ,Y 1 , i 1 '11 M? ir 2 1 I 1 i J li i I tl i 4 if .I 'l 'C if A 4 it 1 15 ll Ta k Y f.f.X',t6'2w M! g li 5 . it iii! -40 ,xp 49' A -7 .J. fs? N 1 yi K l 5Qr'HA-viii A ' 2' 1 if - G, 'v-Af, ,GY ft.-, A.f ,- -Aviv-Q. f, fl--'dvi - - 1 ' v-1, lrf -,ti A71 -Y .I Z ,xv 4. X Q EDVVIN THOMAS CALLAHAN 345 Thatcher Street, Milton, Massachusetts Plein: Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Ewa Duty--8.5. Arm-rica, lfnitvcl States Linvs, Uruguay, 'wirrnrc-Nic,f,r,rmar,k Lines, 3.5. lloliiii Trent, Sr-as Shipping Cuiripaiijw. f,01lVll7"H'l Viailrffl---Ir:-laml, Eflglflllfl, France, Brazil, Uruguay, Argr:r.tir.a, South Africa, Mfrzaiiiliiqiiff, Southwest Africa. 281 X f X 5 if. CHARLES EDVVARD CHRISTOFFERSEN 1220 Lexington Avenue, Bend, Oregon Plvbc Your-San Mateo and Kings Point. S011 DutyYS.S. Gretna Victory, States Marine Corporation, S.S. Almvria Lykes, Lykcs Bros. Steamship Co., S,S. San Jose, United Fruit Co. Cmmtriws Vi.s'itf'd-Germany, Belgium, France, Japan, Philippine Islands, Netherlands East Indies, Straits S1-ttleiiionts, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Canal Zone. Acmlvrny R!'C0fll-C2lflf'f OH-icer, Rifle and Pistol Club, Pistol Team, Polaris. ' 44 if RICHARD COSARO 12323 YVallace Street, Chicago 28, Illinois Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Dick Lvkes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., M.V. Del Sol, Mississippi Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Italy, England, Mexico, Brazil. Academy Record-Football, Soccer, Propeller Club, Ski Club. STANLEY NORBERT CORDWELL 415 Mansion Avenue, Ogdensburg, New York Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mormacwren, S,S. Mormachawk. Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. America, United States Lines Co., S.S. Executor, American Export Lines. Countries Visited-Brazil, Ireland, England. France, Trinidad. Cura- cao, Spain, Spanish Morocco, French Morocco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Syria. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Propeller Club, Rifle and Pistol Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. WILLIAM ALLEN CREELMAN, IR. 178 Manhasset Woods Road, Manhasset, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-T.E.S. jamaica, United Fmit Co., S.S. Exmouth, Ameri- can Export Lines. Countries Visited-Cuba, Panama, Guatemala, Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Trieste, Yugoslavia, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, French Somaliland, Arabia, Pakistan, India, Burma, Ceylon. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Windjammers, Propeller Club, Ring Committee, Camera Club, Second Class Vice President, December Week Committee Sailing Team Society of Naval IOHN HUGH CROSTHWAITE 714 South Broad Street, Thomasville, Georgia Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Alcoa Runner, Alcoa Steamship Company, S.S. Iun- ior, United Fruit Company, M.V. Del Sol, Mississippi Shipping Company. Countries Visited-Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil, Dutch Guiana, Haiti, Trinidad, Aruba, Curacao. Architects and Marine Engineers, Editor-in-Chief, Midships, Academy ReC0"d"Pf0Peuer Club, Football' P019-'iss Midshivs, Cadet Cadet Officer-Regimental Intelligence OH-icer. 'rr' , 5:3 TNQ, V Q., r Q s Oiiicer. l ALEIANDRO RAROQUE DE LEON Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Merchant, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Canal Zone, Hawaii, Philippine Islands, China, Japan, Korea, France, Spain, Germany. X 72, '5 42 Q DANIEL DILIBERTO 1010 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx 60, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Cherry Valley, Keystone Shipping Co.g S.S. Mor- macdove, Moore-McCorrnack Lines, S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Uru- guay, Cuba, Trinidad, Curacao. UTAH o OREGON o INDIANA NEVADA o PAUL AARON DUPUY 27'Wright Street, Westport, Connecticut Plebe Year-Pass Christian. Sea Duty-S.S. Parkersburg Victory, United States Lines Co., S.S. Veragua, United Fruit Co. Countries Visited-England, Germany, Cuba, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama. Academy Record-Cheerleader, Cadet Officer. CHARLES EDWARD EAGELTON 239 N. Central Avenue, Ramsey, New jersey Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. African Planet, S.S. African Moon, Farrell Lines. Countries Visited-Union of South Africa, Tanganyika, Portuguese East Africa, Kenya. Academy Record-Polaris, Cadet Oflicer-Second Company Sub Commander. 4- a,.aa ,,i, f f' x"9f X 'MW' lui: , 47' ,I N I 9 X . 5 S ..,,,,.g-rf' Xmas . ,, N X X X x N , ,1fs.rws1sf ,, 1-D'-'- Q .A is t L . In WILLIAM EASTMAN EASTMAN 1643 - 45th Street, Brooklyn, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Miller, S.S. America, United States Lines Co.g S.S. Mormackite, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Santa Margarita, Grace Lines, S.S. Marine Carp, American Export Lines. Countries Visited-Belgium, Netherlands, England, Ireland, France, Azores, Sicily, Greece, Palestine, Brazil, Curacao, Canal Zone, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Panama. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Company Rowing Team, Pro- peller Club, Midships-Advertising Manager, Christian Council. HARRY JOHN EGAN 1585 Beacon Street, WVaban, Massachusetts Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Exbrook, American Export Lines, S.S. African Rain- bow, Farrell Lines. Countries Visited-Canada, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, France.. Italv, Lebanon, Palestine. Egypt. Greece, Trini- dad, Tanganyika, Kenya, Mozambique British 'NVest Africa. Academy Record-Class Ring Committee, Society of Naval Archi- tects and Marine Engineers. Zz lf-f' 25? il? 4, Q sf' 1 FLORENTINO BENJAMIN ENCARNACION SIS F. Roxas, Sta. Ana, Manila, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Seo DntyYS.S. YVarwick Victory, S.S. Princeton Victory, United States Lines Co.g M. V. Del Oro, Mississippi Shipping Co., SS. Frederick Lyl-ces, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Aerzrlenzy Rec0rdvScholastic Star, Intramural Regimental Cham- pionship Boxing Team, Propeller Club, Drill Team, Michelson Society, Latin-American Club, Foreign Students Representative to the International Student Cabinet of 1950, Cadet Ollicer- First Battalion Adjutant. INOCENCIO PAGUIRICAN ESTANIEL 1110 Basilio Street, Manila, Philippine Islands Plcbe Year-San lwlateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Petersburg Victory, S.S. Pioneer Tide, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-France, Germany, China, Iapan, Hawaii. ' Service Ribbons - Asiatic-Pacific, Philippine Liberation, Victory Medal. Academy Record-Midships, Propeller Club, Regimental Champion- ship Volleyball Team, Regimental Boxing Champion, Scholastic Star, Cadet Officer-Platoon Commander. ROMULO MERCADER ESPALDCN Kabasalan, Zamboanga, Philippine Islands Plein' Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty - S.S, Executor, American Export Lines, S.S. Marine Snapper, American President Lines. Countries Visited-japan, China, Malaya, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Italy, Sicily, France, Panama. Acodeniy Record - Latin-American Club. Astronomical Society, Regimental Volleyball Championship Team, Scholastic Star, Cadet Officer-Battalion Security Officer. GIL SONCUYA FERNANDEZ 74 - 3rd Street, Espana Ext., Quezon City, Philippine Islands P10110 Year-San Mateo and Kings Point, Sea Duty-S.S. St. Iohn's Victory, States Marine Corporationg S.S. Doctor Lykes, S.S. Cibbcs Lykes, S.S. james Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. Gulf Farmer, Gulf and South America Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Belgium, Holland, Germany, China, Hongkong, Philippine Islands, Trieste, Turkey, France. fxl'!Illl'V7lU Record-Scholastic Star, Michelson Society, Propeller Club, Rifle and Pistol Club, VVindjammers, Drill Team. Z 42 4 RAMON PIMENTEL FERNANDEZ Duet, Caniarines Norte, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Marine Falcon, S.S. Louis McHowc, S.S. President Cleveland, American President Lines. Countries Visited-France, England, Panama, Hawaii, Japan, China. Ireland, Philippine Islands, Academy Record-Propeller Club. CARLO FERRARO, JR. 315 East 12th Street, New York 3, New York Pllflnf Ylfflfwsilll Mateo and Kings Point. Snr: Duty-S.S. jam'-s McKay, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. Del Mar, Mississippi Shipping Co., Alcoa Roamer, Alcoa Steam- ship Co. Countries Visited-japan, Philippine Islands, Dutch East Indies, Siam, Straits Sm-ttleinents, Hawaii, Virgn Islands, Brazil, Uru- guay, Argvritiiiu, Dutch West Indes, Haiti, Venezuela, Dutch Guiana, British WVcst Indies. Academy Rncorci-Football, Christian Council, Propeller Club, Chapel Show, Drill Team, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Cadet Officer. ,440 W K FRANK AUGUST FIORE 41 Belleview Avenue, Ossining, New York Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. African Crescent, Farrell Lines, S.S. Pueblo, Key- stone Shipping Co.g S.S. Washington, United States Lines Countries Visited-South Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Trinidad, England, Ireland, France. Academy Record-Baseball Team. fi 1 6 EDWARD IOHN FORD 2146 Brookside Avenue, Wantagh, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-T.E.S. Antigua, United Fruit Co., S.S. Helen Lykes 1 Lykes Bros. Steamship Cog S,S. Alcoa Runner, Alcoa Steam- ship Co. Countries Visited-Panama, Guatemala, Cuba, Trinidad, East In- dies, Indo China, Siam, japan, West Indies, Venezuela. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Wiudjammers, Propeller Club Latin-American Club, Cadet Oilicer. 9 lit Jlililltl' AUSTIN GAIQI .Al IIQH 1NDA1.Ec10 I.iXNlU'l'A c:,u,,1c'lN fum 'W 'M' W' S"'1""i "'f'0'i'v'1 20, YU-'lf 01-oquictn. Nlisinnis Ur-cidculul. Pliilippim- Islnmls lllwlw Inn' Sim iXl,ala-rr gmcl lxnuifs Point Mfr Umm SNL, 5.11.14 XlillLI.llIlll, Chinn- lima: Fifi l'x11lcvtc1n Vic-- . Y . , , lou l'mlvzl Shit:-s l.1nw,5 M,Y. llrl flm,Ifxl1f,',iv1m1 Sliimin' .lluni Inn 5.111Xlglivoginllxlliygsllmm. 4-mulmmg 5.5. Him, 4-Ultuklllhw Lykm HIM- mlyfmlghilllclfj Sui lluflf S.S. lx'.m Yivlrwx. l'.u'1liv lim' lilgnsl lines, S.S. ,lust-pli l'o11nIrim xll8ll1ll'cl3l!l.ll Zmnf, ffrmlrmxlmln, lQl'll2lClUl', l,CI'l,l, Chile, lgkvs, l.ylx.-s Bros. Stmunsliip Co., SS. liml flkllljtlll, Put-ilic jillhlll. llr.r.c1l, Svxwliall, l.ilwri.1, Clrmltllfkmst, Nigr-rin, French llLlllht'l'S, luv. f,l2lI1I4'I'UUllN, l'.ll'lli'l1 lfqxmluritil .Alil'li'2t, lirlgiiuim flfllljlll, Kziliinozx, ilL7lH1f7'IL'.X Vixitni- lfllllltlllxl, lim-cn. Chinn, lnlmn, Quinn. PO""'g""5' AHLCUIH' Gllllllmmll H"'ll'l'd' B'il'il"I"' England, Azmm' .ALYIKIUIIIQI Iiz'z'm'zI-ljrill frtlllllltllly. 'l!'2lCk learn, Rvgirncntul Infor- Acucicni Hrrorti - licgimcutul Yollcylmll Chumpionsliip Team mation 5L'l'N1L'lx, Propeller Clulz, Cadet Ofiiccr-First Battalion 9 1949-50, Propeller Club, Scholastic Stair, ,X FLORENCIO REUTO GARCIA 1812 M. Hizon Street, Manila, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Forwarder, S.S. Pioneer Bay, S.S. Ameri- can Flyer, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-England, Ireland, Germany, France, China, Iapan, Philippine Islands. Academy Record-Polaris. - -.W-W A Cmnmunicutimis Oi'l'lL'L'l'. ne' WILLIAM HENRY CENEROUS 4324 North Hicks Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. African Moon, S.S. African Planet, Farrell Lines. Countries Visited-South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, British East Africa, Trinidad. Academy Record-Man aging Editor-Polaris. Zfailh f- f' W if as LUISITO SAPINOSO GODUCO A .lk ROBERT DONALD GERHARD 5901 Fitch Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, cfo Mrs. C. E. Fargo Plclze Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Brookfield, Keystone Shipping Company, S.S. Exchange, American Export Lines, S.S. Uruguay, Moore- McCom1ack Lines, S.S. Santa Cecilia, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Italy, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, French Somali- land, Arabia, Pakistan, India, Burma, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Trinidad, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. Academy Record - Cadet Officer-First Company Commander, Sailing Team, Midships, Ring Committee, Windjammers, Dance Committee. ,, Q ROBERT LOGAN GILMORE Park Street, Holland, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo. Sea Duty-S.S. American Forwarder, S.S. American Inventor, S.S. Green Bay Victory, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Cuba. Academy Record-Debating Team, Christian Council, Propeller Club, December Week Committee, Chapel Fund Committee, Cadet Officer. HARRY R. CRAF 4415 Ely Avenue, YVakefield 66, New York Imus, Cavite, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Exchequer, American Export Lines, S.S. Washing- ton, S.S. Courser, S.S. American Ranger, United States Lines Co Countries Visited-England, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Egypt, Arabia, Pakistan, India, Ceylon, Burma, Eritrea, Italian Somali- land, Canal Zone, China, Japan, Philippine Islands. Academy Record-Regimental Championship Volleyball Team- Captain, Propeller Club, Latin-American Club, Cadet Officer- Regimental Communications Officer. Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Lines, S.S. Mormacdawn, S.S. Mormacoak, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. American Packer, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Venezuela, Colombia, Curacao, Trinidad, Argen- tina, Brazil, Uruguay, Greece, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ire- land. Academy Record-Cadet Officer, Art Editor-Polaris, Propeller Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, United States Naval Institute. S J 'iv P45- T r I I 2 2 ,l Ir l l J ir 4 ,o yi 4 t r Q SANTIAGO DARAL HAYO, IR. Oroquieta, Misamis Occidental, Philippine Islands Plcbe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Dutu-S.S. Staghound, S.S. American Builder, S.S. Washing- ton, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Panama, Hawaii, Philippine Islands, China, Japan, England, Ireland, France Germany. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, NVindjammers, Michelson Society. r , ' vi-,f-1 A P' Q Y A-.f,,.,,, 1 ,. 2 4 Z7-ff' ,,,, 'Y 1 Q1 ,fff if f' , ' S Ili ' Z X ju! W 1 V iff I aw , ' FRANCES XAVIER HENRY 104-35 122nd Street, Richmond Hill, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-U.S.N.T. Mission San Gahriel, Pacific Tanlcers, Inc. S.S. Alameda, Matson Steamship Co., S.S. Argentina, Moore: McCormack Lines. Countries Visited-Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Arabia, Hawaii, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil. Academy Record-Cadet Oilicer-First Battalion Commander, De- cember Week Committee. -fi,'v-J-v-Y- A Y -11 - A 1"L'-1. A-- W1 f 5 K Q .w- -ga-:Q if ,I 4 1' l s I V Al 5 5 'anmew-it ' M- - ,I fp QQ, if ', Al if , o tl ' 44: P I f M f-- ,i K 'M M ., , .,,,, ' K ,, .MN pl-il' M-I 1, 5 3 , s I"4w""-x- A1- -A-SV -Q-L J- , W N i' A' A'-'s.1-..:-,L,,Av..wb,g-k,is- A bn X K' "'m'mw"m'A"""f"'f --"v-.ee.a-- I-.. ' 7'-Ja, :V - ,g,,,..,,,e4YJ4:lxVm ik ""k+...,,,....--4-L K, V ., ,Y in ...-...D ,K THADDEUS KEDZIERSKI 308 Bradford Street, Brooklyn, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Cuba Victory, M.V. Del Viento, Mississippi Shipping Co., T.E.S. Chiriqui, United Fruit Co., S.S. Barbara Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Guatemala, Hon- duras, Belgian Congo, Portuguese West Africa, French West Africa, British West Africa, Nigeria, Liberia, France, England, Belgium, Holland. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Regimental Intramural Basketball Championship Team, Cadet Officer-Fifth Company Commander. 1 RICHARD G. KENT 20 Grant Place, Irvington, New Jersey Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mormactide, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. America, United States Lines. Countries Visited-Brazil, England, France, Ireland. Academy Record-Glee Club, Midships, Propeller Club, Ring Corn- mittee, Second Class President, Russian Club, Debate Council, Gennan Club, Chapel Show. W 'Q .. MORGAN FOSTER KOYEN 285 High Street, Perth Amboy, New Jersey Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Sacona, Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, S.S. Ameri- can Veteran, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-England, Ireland, North Ireland, Venezuela, Colombia. Academy Record-Sailing Team, Wimljammers. 92 Q CLARENCE JAMES KRAUS 5701 Grand Avenue, Kansas City 2, Missouri Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty - S.S. Brazil, Moore-McCormack Line, S.S. Courser, United States Lines Company. Countries Visited-China, japan, Philippine Islands, Hawaii, Pan- ama, Dutch Vlest Indies, Bermuda, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Trinidad. Academy Rm-ord f-fe Track, Basketball, Dance Committee. Ring Com- mittee, Dance Baud, Cadet Otllcer-Re 'inlental XVelfxu'e and Rn-creation Officer, Propeller Club, Cglee Club, Ski Club, Mulships. K' 1 l I i I 3 'U' ia I-.f if 1 gil' vi! f l f ! !. I 3 9 Q Qi gt 5 -0-V Qa- :Q -1-1 my he-wQ-1--.. gr,-K ,A ,L .. 4 - 1 ..-s.,-fQ--4.,.,Vv,,4bYM-we v 'vu Y W.. Q is 45 ,f ,N M J a rs, ,... .Env N., . W-.W . .. Y- , ., 'P-xt Q,A5.Q 4 fx. If f'. if Q :Yr . :ul 4 4 ,, NNN 5? 9 1152351 nt' ' W X ,i 7' ' -"W ,. H:-gf , A-A .l gy ' -ff f X1 ,s .15 X , A., X 2, 'ff Vgfjmv fff- 75.-.ff ,ff I ., Q 4-- 4. . f m A '3'imf'.gg- .fif . 4 . ' Asif 5" W' ' ' , . mflefr 'V - 1, W, .fn Mi, G it gi ,eff My ,S 5 I W W I r g ,f .ffvwf 4,-X' L t gf. ,. f-'Y WM-.'4J" F513 ff-V 'J -K ' 'WY-1' ' ., ,,'.,, rj Q .M J, i N-sl A 'J Q .E I . I f " f s l . - A W- . , ,, .N . ,,,,,, - .,.,, .1 what sm.: - , I-If M- may v'Af ii Y-Ai Tal 'mf A-ii' GQ 1 '.aA1-c1- , af -Y -- W YQ -wg-W Q- V A ,vAf Y Av X s 'fi PAUL LEWIS KRINSKY 3018 Avenue R, Brooklyn, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-T.E.S. Chiriqui, United Fruit C0.g S.S. Cape Trinity, SS. james Lylces, Dick Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Belgium, Holland, Italy, Greece, France, Eng- land, Cuba, Guatemala. Academy Hecrrrrlv-Scholastic Star, Swimming Team, Propeller Club, Society of Naval Arclfntfects and Marine Engineers, Cadet Officer -'Regirnental Adjutant. 9 3 all TEODORO APORTADERA LABRADOR Mina, Pototan, Iloilo, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mount Mansfield, American President Lines. Countries Visited - Panama Ialpan, China, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Ara ia, Egypt, Italy, France, Sicily, Philippine Islands. Academy Record-Scholastic Star. 'Q ,, IOSE LEGASPI IOSEPH LEONWICZ Norzagaray, Bulacan, Philippine Islands 508 Vennont Street, Brooklyn, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President Jefferson, American President Lines, S.S. Sea, D1ft!ljM-Y- Del Ri0, Del Malf, S-S- Del Ml11'ld0, Mi5Si5' Lakewood Victory, Pacific Far East Lines. Slppl Shlppmg CO-s S-S- San Jose, Umted Fruit Co. Countries Visited-Philippine Islands, China, Korea, Japan, Mari- Cvfmffies Visited'-Brazil, Argentina, UU-ISUHY, Guatemala, C098 anas Islands, Admiralty Islands, Hawaii. RICH, Honduras, Netherlands West Indies, Cuba. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Latin American Club, Intra- mural Regimental Championship Boxing Team, Cadet Officer. ERNEST0 PAGUU' LUCAS BENEDICTO DIMAYUGA LUISTRO 350 Laguna Ext., Tondo, Manila, Philippine Islands L. C. Phm D I d Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Pl b Y S ma Sty" mime Is an 3 Sea Duty-S.S. Barnard Victory, S.S. American Clipper, e e ear- an Mateo an Kmgs Pomt' S.S. Pioneer Cove, United States Lines Co. Sea Duty-S.S. Pioneer Lake, S.S. Washington, United States Lines Countries Visited-England, Ireland, Iapan, China, For- Company' mosa, Philippine Islands. Cogntfies Visited-France, Germany, England, Ireland, Panama, Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Propeller Club, Christian Coun- hm, Japan' Hawaii' eil, Radio Club. Academy Record-Latin-American Club. Il I I I1 A Z, , Q , 144, .4- t , 4, v , ,f 1. W f JOHN W. MacKECHNIE 10 Lewis Road, Northport, Long Island, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Frederick Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co.g S.S. Gulf Shipper, Gulf-South American Line. Countries Visited-Germany, Iapan, China, Philippine Islands, Co- lombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, British Honduras, Guatemala. Academy Record-Sailing Team, Regimental Volleyball Champion- ship Team l949-50, Midships. My , f ,, M I W X ff RAMON PEREZ MADRID 743 Colorado Street, Paco, Manila, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sen Duty-S.S. President Madison, S.S. General Gordon, American President Line, S.S. China Victory, S.S. Swarthmore Victory, Pacificcj Far East Line, S.S. Dolly Turman, Lykes Bros. Steam- ship o. Countries Visited-China, Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, England, Switzerland, Germany. Academy Record-Latin-American Club, Windjammers. RAMON MARIO MANN 1641 East 123rd Street, Los Angeles, Califomia Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mormacland, Moore-McCormack Lines. IOHN ANDREW MAZZOLINI 274 Maple Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts Plebe Your-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Princeton Victory, United States Lines Co., S.S. Mormactide, Moore-McCormack Lines. Countries Visited-England, France. Belgium, Holland, Germany, Countries Visited-Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Dutch West Canada Bermuda, Dutch VVest Indies, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. Indies, British West Indies, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. Academy Record-Polaris, Hear This, Propeller Club. Academy Record-Photographic Editor-Polaris, Midships, Hear This, Cadet Officer. 2 fsff' f l Ii af f X-1 ?7 kb 98 N I 2 , K I fi?"- ,Jia ARTHUR WALTER MCCARTHY 145-35 17th Avenue, Whitestone, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. San jose, United Fruit Co.- S.S. Norman Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. Del Norte, Mississippi Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Panama, Costa Rica, China, Hawaii, Philippine Islgnds, Hong Kong, Brazil, Uniguay, Argentina, Dutch West In ies. Academy Record-Midships, Drill Team, Debate Team, Polaris, Igligpeller Club, Cadet Officer-Third Battalion Communications cer. MARTIN JOSEPH McMAHON 396 State Street, Brooldyn 17, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo. Sea Duty-S.S. Koloa Victory, United States Lines Co., S.S. Mor- macpenn, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Alma Victory, Ameri- can Export Lines. Countries Visited-England, France, Canal Zone, Philippine Islands, China, Korea, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Fin and, Malta, Greecf, Turkey, Bulgaria, Lipari Islands, Spain, Sicily, Romania, Gibra tar. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Midships, Track, Soccer, Pro- peller Cluh, Roman Catholic Choir, Altar Society, Windjammers, Monitor-American Merchant Marine Conference 1948, Cadet Officer, Drill Company, Glee Club. X Y ,ff ,sg J, X U!-lv is ,ff GODOFREDO MESIN A 760 Magdalena Street, Manila, Philippine Islands Plvbe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mount Davis, American President Lines, S.S. Ameri- can Forwarder, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-japan, Korea, China, Philippine Islands, Pan- ama, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, India, Egypt, Italy, France, Ireland, Scotland, England. Academy Record-Class Vice President, Cadet Oflicer-Sixth Com- pany Sub-company Commander. RALPH VERNON MOORE 64 Woodland Avenue, San Francisco 17, Califomia Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Luxembourg Victory, Pacific Far East Lines. Countries Visited-China, Japan, Philippine Islands. Academy Record-Hear This, Propeller Club, Cadet Ofliccr. Mi S ew' . RICARDO DeCASTRO MONTEMAYOR 620 Kansas Avenue, Paco, Manila, Philippine Islands Plcbc Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Marine Flasher, S.S. Pioneer VVave, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Germany, Canada, Hawaii, China, japan, Panama. Academy Record-Camera Club, Propeller Club. ANTONIO B. MORALES Pasig, Rizal, Philippine Islands Plcbcf Your-Sun Mateo and Kings Point. SCH Duly-S.S. Pioneer VVuve, S.S. Marine Flasher, United States Lines Co. Countrics Visited-Panama, Cuba, Hawaii, Philippine Islands, Chinn, Inpan, Canada, Germany. Acnrlmiiy Record-Scholastic. Star, Polaris. WOW-W, Q JAMES EDWARD MORGAN 37 Willow Road, New Hyde Park, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Cuba Victory, Mississippi Shipping Co., S.S. Bar- bara Lykes, S.S. Margaret Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., T.E.S. Chiriqui, United Fruit Co. Countries Visited--Paraguay, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany, England, Spain. Service Ribbons-Letter of Commendation, Atlantic Theater, Ex- pert Pistol, Victory Medal. Academy Record-Cadet OHicer. EMILIO ABAD NARAVAL Tayug, Pangasinan, Philippine Islands Plehe Year-Sun Mateo and Kings Point. Sea DutyvS.S. Staghound, S.S. American Builder, United States Lines Co. Countries Vis-itedwCanal Zone, Hawaii, Philippine ISl2iTld5, Cuba, japan, Ireland, England. Academy Iivcorcl-Propeller Club, Camera Club. t . as se, ' 7, S . K ,U 7,71 Q is GABRIEL JOSEPH NAWOJCZYK 337 Bradford Street, Brooklyn., New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President Cleveland, American President Lines U.S.N.T. Sebec, Pacific Tankers, Inc., S.S. American Flyer, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-England, France, China, Iapan, India, Ceylon Hong Kong, Philippine Islands, Hawaii, Guam, Arabia. Academy Record-Regimental Class Council, Propeller Club, Mid- ships, Cadet Officer-Fifth Company Sub-Company Commander fa? CEFERINO OPOLENTO NONGA Bani, Pangasinan, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Joplin Victory, Pacific Far East Lines. Countries Visited-Canada, China, Mariana Islands, Okinawa Saudi Arabia, Bahrein Islands, Tanganyika Territory, Mada- gascar, Philippine Islands. il V Q A. ROBERT j. QYDXVYER 85-14 168th Plucc, juniuica 3, New York Plrln' Yrnr- Sun lxlzilvo :mil Kings Point. S411 Duty--HS. Lvtitiii Lykc-S, Lykvs Bros. Steamship Co. Mor1nau'liclc-, lXl00i's--McCormack Lim-5. Cmmfrirxx' xll.S'iil'flYll4'I'l'lll!Llil, Spain, Gibraltar, Italy, Greece, Brazil Argviilimi, Uiwigiiuy, Ciirucuo. AACUIIUIHU Record-Midsliips. QF ew X , -3 w MAIMPOK NEPOMUCENO ON GCHANCCO 1070 G. Tuason, Int. 76, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo und Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Marine Marlin, S.S. Vllashington, United States Lines Co., S.S. President Monroe, American President Lines. Countries VisitcdkEngluncl, Germany, France, Italy, India, Egypt, Hawaii, japan, China. Academy Record-Polaris, Michelson Society, Propeller Club. VICENTE ABAD PEREZ B RELMA DURWOOD ORRELL Wilmington, North Carolina Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Parismina, United Fruit Co., S.S. Exmouth, Ameri- can Export Lines. Countries Visited-Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Canal Zone, Nicaragua, Spain, France, Italy, Trieste, Greece, Yugoslavia, India, Egypt, Lebanon, Aden, Ceylon, Pakistan, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, French Somaliland, Sicily, Syria, Suez, Bumia, Canada. Academy Record-Track, Advertising Manager-Polaris, Dance Com- mittee, Chapel Show, Propeller Club, Rifle and Pistol Club, Camera Club, Astronomy Club, Cadet Officer-Sixth Company Commander. ' Aan", i W' lil .k . Skid 1 BENJAMIN HERMOSA PACIS Santa Lucia, Ilocos Sur, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Niagara Victory, American Export Lines, S.S. Scott E. Land, American President Lines. Countries Visited-Italy, France, Yugoslavia, Sicily, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Portugal, French Morocco, Panama, China, Iapan, British Straits Settlements Ceylon, India. Academy Record-Latin-American Club, Propeller Club, Cadet Officer. BILLY DEAN PARK Pleasanthill, Missouri Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. San Iose, United Fruit Co., S. S. Norman Lykes, I6ykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. Del Norte, Mississippi Shipping o. Countries Visited-Panama, Costa Rica, Canal Zone, Hawaii, China, Philippine Islands, Virgin Islands, Netherlands West Indies Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Advertising Manager-Polaris, Cadet Ofiicer-Third Battalion Aide. 275 Gov. Crisologo Street, Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mount Rogers, American President Lines, S.S. American Traveler, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Ceylon, China, England, Egypt, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Panama, Philippine Islands, Scotland Straits Settlements. Service Ribbons-Asiatic-Pacific, Philippine Liberation, Victory Medal. Academy Record-Regimental Information Service, Propeller Club, Drill Team, Midships, Camera Club, Institute of Navigation, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Regimental Volleyball Championship Team 1949 and 1950, Scholastic Star. 1 f' f gxl ll, S- CLENN ESRA PF EF F ERKORN 3319 NVest Scott Street, Milwaukee 15, Wisconsin Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Cayuse, Keystone Shipping Co., S.S. African Star, Farrell Lines, Inc., S.S. American Veteran, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Venezuela, Colombia, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Scotland, Ireland, England. Academy Record-Sailing Team, Chapel Show, Cadet Ol-Hcer. 1 iw, I FERMIN LIBRES PIEZAS Buindulman, Bohol, Philippine Islands Plebc Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty--S.S. Mount Davis, American President Lines, S.S. American Forwarder, United States Lines CO. Countries Visited-japan, China, India, Egypt, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Panama, Philippine Islands, Korea. Acudem y Record-Michelson Society. i -v Y A v F ji'-5 'L' 'CLAY Y A ' - f -,AL Rv:-gvg 1, ,Z 17 vents-K i I '- 'ffu.-x if- --,i rv I 1 - , not .im Q I I f I I , ,IK 5 i X I I "mmf i I ,wmmnvfe 'WM ,W ' 'W F-'fr Q V I I , sl N . ' f f ff wif, 'M I A , Q M I L Q I , I I -' g""'n-' . '-.--Q"'- .ff ".F.,K-.J 'fy' ' ""'2-"' ' X4---:.,,fx.,....,.,VM1 F ,M . . sxpv y, --- W , - -.J-e,,,,.,- WE - Q, 1.-.ar ., -L ' - 'iivf-,E-1 ,,,.iM-A Wfimy URBANO AGANA PINEDA Tarlac Tarlac Philippine Islands HFRMAN LANE PRAGER 1006 Roanoke Avenue Riverhead New Yorlr b me e year San Mateo and Kmgs Pomt Plcbe Your San Mateo and Kings Point Sea Duty SQ Mount Rogers American President Lmes SS Amerlvan Traveler United States Lmes C0 Str1Dut11 U S N T Sebec U S N T Mission Dolores Pau Countries Visited Japan Canal Zone China Philippine Islands Straits Settlements Ceylon Indra Pakistan Egypt Italy France fic Tmkers Im, SS President Cleveland American President I mes England Scotland Ireland Countries Vmted Ceylon Africa China japan Hawaii Philip Academy Record Scholastic Star Michelson Society Propeller pine Islands Club Catholic Choir Glee Club Polaris Academy Raeoul Cadet Oflicer Regimental Bandmaster AMES ROLAND PRAIRIE 415 Wilcox Court De Pere Wisconsin EDWARD JOSEPH PRESKA IR 412 Upland Avenue Reading, Pennsylvania Plebe Yea"'S9n Mateo and Kings Point- Plcbe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. S611 DU!y1S-S. Mormacmail S.S. Mormacmar Moore-McCormack Sea Duty-S.S. Mormacisle S.S. Argentina Moore-McCormack Sf99-m5h1P CO- Lines, S.S. Santa Luisa, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Sweden, Finland, Russia, Norway, Poland, Den- Countries Visited-Chile, Peru, Colombia, Norway, Poland, Den- mark, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. mark, Sweden, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. 302 s .4 EMILIO SALAZAR PRIETO, IR. 848 Carola Street, Sainpaloc, Manila, Philippine Islands Plein' YearfSan Mateo. Sea Duty--S.S. linrnard Victory, S.S. American Clipper, S.S. Pioneer Cove, United States Lines Co. fmiritries Visi!vdAlrelnnd, Eiiglaml, Canal Zone, Hawaii, China, japan, Philippine lslands. Aeudvniy Record-Scliolnstic Star, Tennis ALFREDO CASCO PROTACIO 2467 R. Fernandez, I. L. Subdivision, Tonclo, Manila, Philippine Islands Plein' Year-Siiii Mateo and Kings Point. Sm Duty-S.S. Margaret Lykes, S.S. Almeria Lykes, S.S. Lipscomb Lykes, S.S. Mallory Lykes, S.S. Zoella Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steam- ship Co. Countries Visitccl-Caiml Zone, japan, China, Philippine Islands, England, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Trieste. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Michelson Society, Propeller Club. , A i NEMESIO ENCARNACION PRUDENTE Rosario, Cavite, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President Jefferson, S.S. President Buchanan, Ameri- can President Linesg S.S. American Farmer, United States Lines Co., S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Japan, China, Korea, Hawaii, Philippine Islandfi, British Malaya, Ceylon, India, Egypt, Italy, France, Great Brit- ain, Gemiany, Venezuela, Colombia. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Propeller Club. DONALD ALBERT PRUE 110 Ivy Street, West Haven, Connecticut Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Planter, United States Lines Co., S.S. Monmouth, Keystone Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal. Academy Record-Drill Team, Midships, Dance Committee, Pro- peller Cluh, Michelson Society, Cadet Oflicer. 1 3 if N. 9 , ,Mu 4-. up TORLEIF THINGNES REDAL 221 East 52nd Street, Tacoma, Washington Plebe Year-San Mateo. Sea Duty-S.S. Sonoma, Matson Lines, S.S. Joplin Victory, Pacific Far East Lines. Countries Visited-Australia, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Madagascar, 2 CELSO MONTEMAYOR REINOSO Alaminos Pangasinan, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mount Mansfield, American President Lines. Countries Visited-japan, China, Malaya, Ceylon, Arabia, Egypt, Sicily, Italy, France, Canal Zone. Pago Pago, Fiji Islands- Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Astronomy Club, Tennis Team, Academy Record-Intramural Regimental Championship Rowing Team, Cadet Officer-Regimental Berthing and Commissary Officer. Cadet Officer. .rf X 1 I A I rs Mi CHARLES EDWARD RICHARDSON 7118 Byron Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mason Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. Alcoa Ranger, Alcoa Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Kenya, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, British West Africa, Virgin Islands, Haiti, jamaica, British Guiana, Dutch Guiana, Venezuela, Dutch XVest Indies. Academy Record-Hear This, Radio Club. X . " 1 1 JOHN RICHARDSON 80 Cold Brook Road, VVarwick, Rhode Island P10110 Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. African Planet, S.S. African Moon, Farrell Lines, S.S. Santa Rosa, Cracv Lines. Countrirs Visirecl-Cerinan Wicst Africa, Union of South Africa, l'ortugiu-se East Africa, British NV:-st Africa, Trinidad, Curacao, Culomliiai, Vx-iicziiela. Swain' Rilrlmrix efe- Aim-rican Theatre, Asiatic-Pacific Theatre, Vic- tory Mt-cl.il, U. S. Army Good Conduct Medal, Amulmny Hi-vuril-Varsity Sailing Team, VVindjaininers, Propeller Club, llca. This'Editor-in-Chief, lntramural Sailing Champion- ship N50, Catlvt Otiiuer-Regimental Intelligence Otiicer. R fa Y if! i 'cryin fn. 'K -,f:YL-fix, Y -- f 2., , i.,..:- - -Q-A-Y e- ,E.-..ff.,,., .75 ...,., Y,,..,,,,,.?- A- -Y ,,,g,L A, A ,W -if it A Y if -1 iii Ama 4 WM' , H ,QR Mk NW , Q, , 1 xii-A4-dwarf, - -'Af-A '- 'QT' -1 gf, ' '11 hx, -, ,Y ,tg---Q, 5-fu.-.-arf f A -W 1 Wi,-Q,-- Vf -V-fa -,1 ROSARIO PETER ROMANELLI 9026 Farragut Road, Brooklyn 12, New York Plrfbe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sm Duty-U.S.N.T. Mission Santa Ana, U.S.N,T. Pecos, U.S.N.T. Mission Dolores, Pacific Tankf-rs, Inc., Santa Leonnr, Grace Lines, Counlriras' Vi4S'ifkdAfQl171lf'lYlHlbl, El Salvarlor, Costa Rica, Panama, Colrirrihia Pr-ru Chile Euiadur Hawaii Guam aian Saudi , 7 A ,V 7 , , , Araliia, India, Persian Cnilf. Academy Rffhllfdrlfi-xfllll Prripeller flluli, Dance Banfl, Organiste Catholic Choir, Cari:-1 0i'liu'r"-l"mirth flrmipzmy Commanrler. ARTHUR THOMAS RUDOLPH 25 Second Place, Brooklyn 31, New York Plwbc Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sm Duty-S.S. Marine Leopard, American President Lines, S.S. Santa Rita, Grace Lines. Countries Visited- a an China, Philippine Islands, Straits Settle l P , , - mi-nts, India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Egypt, France, Italy, Spain, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador. Academy Rerorrlfllrill Company, Dance Committee, Propeller Club, Michelson Society. t ' ,W , ix-an 'fff N, ,gan A JESUS SEGUNDO RUIZ Magalawa Island, Palauig, Zambales, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Exbrook, American Export Lines, S.S. Marine Flier, S.S. President Jefferson, S.S. President Buchanan, American President Lines, S.S. American Farmer, United States Lines Co., S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Canal Zone, Japan, China, Korea, Philippine Islands, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, India, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Greece, Pakistan, Italy, France, Germany, England, Palestine, Venezuela, Hawaii. Academy Record-Soccer Team, Cadet Officer, Propeller Club. FAUSTINO TANGCO SALVADOR, IR. 129 Conchu Street, Singalong Subdivision, Manila, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Miller, S.S. Pioneer Sea, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Holland, Belgium, Japan, Philippine Islands, China, Hawaii, Panama. Academy Record-Intramural Wrestling Championship, Wrestling, Dance Committee, Latin-American Club, Cadet OHicer-Fourth Company Sub-Company Commander. STUART FRASER SAMMIS Ketewomoke Road, Huntington, New York GONZALO M. SANTOS Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippine Islands Plebe Yea'-San Mateo and Kings Point. Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Erremplar, American Export Lines, S.S. America, Sea Duty-S.S. Magnolia State, States Marine Lines, S.S. Doctor United States Lines Co. Lykes, S.S. Kendal Fish, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co. Countries Visited-France, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, England, Countries Visited-java, Straits Settlements, Celebes, Hawaii, China, Ifclfmd- japan, Holland, Belgium, Germany, England, Panama. Academy Record-Sailing Team, Hear This, Propeller Club. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Hear This, Scholastic Star. 1 I' '73 4 4 , PABLO NACION SARE 12 Callejon Del Carmen, Quiapo, Manila, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Seri Duty-S.S. Examiner, American Export Lines, S.S. President Wilson, S.S. Marine Flyer, S.S. Marine Leopard, American President Lines, S.S. Amerie-in Shipper, United States Lines Co., S.S. Santa Rosa, Grace Lines. Countries Visitednltaly, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Rumania, Sardinia, Panama, China, japan, Philippine Islands, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, India, Egypt, France, Germany, Venezuela, Spain Colombia. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Michelson Society, Propeller Club, Latin-American Club, Cadet Oflicer-Second Battalion Communications Officer. up RICHARD RAY SCHICK 15023 Camden Avenue, East Detroit, Michigan Plcbe Year--San Mateo. Sea Duty-S.S. Alameda, Matson Navigation Co., S.S. McKittrick Hills, Pacific Tankers, lnc. Countries Visited-Canada, Panama, Hawaii, Samoan Islands, Fiji Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Guam. Academy Record-Polaris, Hear This, Propeller Club, Cadet Officer -Second Battalion Aide, Society Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. CHARLES THOMAS SHAW 3920 South Highland Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Exhibitor, American Export Lines, S.S. Pueblo, Keystone Shipping Co. Countries' Vis-itczl+Nlexico, Spain, ltaly, Egypt, Dutch Vllest Indies, French Morocco, French Somaliland, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, India, Burma, Ceylon, Pakistan, Arabia. Academy Hc'corclAFootball, XVindjainmers, Cadet Officer-Second Battalion Adjutant. we : Wf Q X FRANCIS IOSEPH SINNOTT, IR. 118 Arlington Avenue, Brooklyn, New York Plelze Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-T.E.S. Antigua, T.E.S. Quiriga, United Fruit Companyg S.S. Helen Lykes, S.S. Mallory Lykesg Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Cuba, Iapan, Philippine lslands, French Indo China, Malay States, Guatemala, Italy, Celebes. .' Acndenzy Record-Rifle Team, Track, Sailing Team, Variety Shows, Rowing Team, Astronomy Club, Cadet Ofiicer-Third Battalion Adjutant. ,, , f 7 47 'fl Y' AY? JACK L. SMART 353 Carrie Street, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Dutu-S.S. Drake Victory, American Export Lines, S.S. Ameri- can Clipper, United States Lines, S.S. Robin Tuxford, Robin Lines. Countries Visited-Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Union iw! ,-ff' of South Africa, South West Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Tanganyika, Kenya. Academy Record-Polaris, Propeller Club. WILLIAM JEROME SMITH Hoyden Hill Road, Fairfield, Connecticut Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mormacisle, S.S. Argentina, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Marine Perch, American Export Lines, S.S. Empire State, States Marine Lines. Countries Visited-Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Dutch YVest Indies, ,vii Sweden. Poland, Finland. Denmark, Norway, Trinidad, Azores, Portugal, Sicily, Italy, Canada, Holland, Gennany, Belgium, Panama, Mexico, Iapan. Service Ribbons-American Theatre, European Theatre, Africa, Middle East with two stars, Good Conduct, Victory. 311 ,1' 4? .afsf 308 t , G S 32' if ARTHUR SOLVANG PAUL V. STROUP 372 McCloud Drive, Fort Lee, New Jersey Pictu' Your-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. America. S.S. American Importer, United States Lines Co., S.S. Robin Trent, Seas Shipping Co. Countries Visit-ed-England, Ireland, France, Germany, German Southwest Africa. Union of South Africa ,Portuguese East Africa, Zanzibar. Madagascar. China, Philippine Islands. Acadeniy Record-Drill Company, Christian Council, Dance Com- mittee. Propeller Club, Ski Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, United States Naval Institute, Cadet Officer-Regimental Drillmaster. XVARREN HARRY STUTELBERG 1253 YVest 227th Street, New York, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Parkersburg Victory, S.S, American Chief, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-England, France, Germany, Spain. Academy Record-Christian Council, Dance Committee, Hear This -Business Manager, Midships-Circulation Manager, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. 10 Rossetter Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts Plein' Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sen Duty-S.S. Devil's Lake Victory, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Excelsior, American Export Lines. Countries Visited - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Anglo- Egyptian Sudan, Arabia, Egypt, India, Ceylon, Burma, Djibouti. Service Rilibons-American Theatre, European Theatre, Victory, Asiatic-Pacific with Five stars, Philippine Liberation, with two stars. Acnrlemy Record-Polaris-Editor-in-Chief, Glee Club, Drill Team, Cadet Officer-Regimental Intelligence Officer. ANTONIO ESPERANZA SUBIIANO Luisiana, Laguna, Philippine Islands Plein' Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea DutyfS.S. President Grant, S.S. Mankato Victory, American President Lines, George Lykes, S.S. Lipscomb Lykes, S.S. Kenneth McKay, Lykes Bros. Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Philippine Islands, China, Iapan, Guam, Cuba, Puerto Rico. Acadvniy Record-Scholastic Star, Latin-American Club, Radio Club, Propeller Club, X W7 'J WILLIAM AUSTIN SULLIVAN 27 Miami Avenue, West Roxbury 32, Massachusetts Plebe Year-liass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Bartlesville Victory, S.S. Examiner, American Export Lines. Countries Visited-MFrance, Italy, India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Tangiers, Algeria, Egypt, French Somaliland, Italian Somaliland, French Morocco, Burma, Spain, Portugal. Service Ribbons-American, European, Victory. Academy Record-Propeller Club. IIUNORIO HAMOS TANABE 36 M. II. del Pilar, Malabon Hizal, Philippine Islands l'lr'ln' Ylfllfr' San Mateo and Kings Point. Sm Duty-'S.S. l'r1-sidvnt Grant, Mankato Victory, Arnerican I'rc-sid:-nt Line-sg S.S. Louise Lykcs, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Vis-itzfflaPhilippine Islands, 'China, japan, Italy, Kwaj- alcin, llawaii, Cunni, Canada, Tangicrs. Acnzlrfmy lir'cord--Scholastic Star, Hear This, Radio Club, Camera Club, Prop:-llc-r Club. 1 t , Q, , . .Q six A sg cas. BENJAMIN MAGLANOC TANEDO Tarlac, Tarlac, Philippine Islands Plebc Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. CLYDE EMERY TEACUE 1504 S. Sierra Vista, Alhambra, Califomia Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. New World Victory, Pacific Far East Lines, S.S. Sen Duty-U.S.N.T. Millicoma, Pacific Tankers, Inc., S.S. Alameda George Lykes, S.S. Lipscomb Lykes, S.S. Kenneth McKay, Lykes Matson Navigation Co., U.S.N.T. Pamansett, American Pacific Bros. Steamship Co. Tankers, Inc. Countries Visited-Philippine Islands, China, Japan, Canada, Cuba, Countries Visited-Canada, Hawaii, Samoan Islands, Fiji Islands Puerto Rico. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Propeller Club. New Zealand, Australia. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Cadet Officer, Wincljammers 'iw 'Www , CHURCH ZEl'll'l,l-f TIIONIAS llll,lil'lll'll ANDRICVV TIIORSEN 4207 - Htl: Au-:num Brooklyn, New York 4501 NYI 't' A ' X. Ball' " tl Nl. li I , H 1 Num l lmml l In ml l'li In' lun Suu Nlutm-ri .xml IXIIILQN Voml. Fir! I ls: ' l'.i.. Cl t . . l lx ' l'- I . X 1 H W HH lm mx Imax ml i Q i Sm: Hulu 5.5. lzxpmlvi, ,'xlIH'l'll'2llI lixpurl Lim-sg S.S. Afrlc ill Mu llufg, IIS X ll. Mission S.uxl.i -Xu.i, ILS N 'l, Nlissum llrulm.-N lluiulnm, l"4u'ri-ll lun-s, lhieitic lliulicis, lm' , 5 S. llivsuli-ut Kllt'Xt'l.lllil, Kun-iuyiu llrcsi , , , . , , Agni Irlmw Crrliinlrifxx li,x1tf'4If-l'i.im'm', ltuly, K,1'cccc, Itilypl, Lvliamon, Pits liuc, Suulli VW-st Allin: Lllllllll ol South Africa, lvlozumhlr Uuzuitrivs Yiuficl---j.ipiiii. l'liiu.i, Plulippluc lsluiuls, ll.ixx.u1. luiiygziiiyilxni, 'li-rrilmy, K1-uy.i, Cl.uuiLl.i, lrinillaicl. ,-X,-mi.-:rig Ri'c.mi---Scliolnstir Shu, Dull lk-.uu, llnsclmll, lliopcllcr Acuflunuf Ilrrurrl-Ski Cluli, Propeller Cluli, Drill Company, Cadet Ululw, Cadet Otflicerf Tluul B.itt.ilion Security Otliccr. Olliccr. . fW Iii OLAF JIM TODT 4910 Underwood Avenue, Detroit 4, Michigan Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-Niagara Victory, American Export Lines, S.S. Mormac- wave, S.S. Mormzichawk, Moore-Mc-Cormiick Lines. Countries Visited-Italy, Greece, French Morocco, Portugal, Vene- zuela, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Dutch XVest Indies. Academy Record-Basketball. 'E nit 1 yi WW " i we ,Q Z, ,ws ff ' f A L, FRANK MAYER TUCKER, IR. 1036 Maple Street, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania Plebc Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S, Marshfield Victory, S.S. Exanthia, American Iixport Lines. Countries Visitzfd-Spanish Morocco, French Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Tripoli, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Cadet Officer-Regi- mental Security Officer. 'Y S i 5 JOHN STEPHEN TUCKER 78 Scott Road, Belmont, Massachusetts Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Dick Lykes, S.S. Elizabeth Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., T.E.S. Antigua, United Fruit Co. Countries Visited-Italy, England, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Spain, Japan, Philippine Islands, China, Puerto Rico, jamaica, Hawaii. . Service Ribbons-Asiatic-Pacific Theatre, American Theatre, Philip- ANTHONY JOHN VACCARINO 1863 - 59th Street, Brooklyn, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-Alamo Victory, Pacific Far East Lines, Mission Puri- simag Pacific Tankers, Inc. Countries Visited-Saudi Arabia, Ceylon, Siam, China, Japan Korea, Saipan, Guam, Canada. Academy Record-Band, Dance Committee, Polaris, Midships Chapel Show, Football, Propeller Club, Catholic Choir, Decem- Pine L-ib0l'3ti0H, IHPHHGSB OCCUP3fi01'1, ViCt0fY- ber Week Committee, Regimental Handball Championship, Cadet Academy Record-Propeller Club, Information Service, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Cadet OHicer-Regi- mental Commander. SALVADOR VITALICIO VILLANUEVA Bagamanoc, Catanduanes, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Merchant, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-France, Germany, Spain, Canal Zone, Hawaii, Philippine Islands, China, Japan, Korea. Olticer-Third Battalion NVelfare and Recreation Officer. VICTORIO T. VIOLANDA Cebu City, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President Polk, American President Linesg S.S. American Ranger, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Cuba, Canal Zone, Hawaii, Japan, China, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Italy, France. Academy Record-Soccer Team, Propeller Club, Cadet OECSI. ff' 4 K 'E DANILO POBLETE VIZMANOS Naic, Cavite, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President Taft, American President Lines, S.S. Britain Victory, Pacific Far East Lines, S.S. Margaret Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Company. Countries Visited-France, Netherlands, Belgium, Philippine IS- 1 Q its V JOHN JOSEPH WAREING 41 Third Avenue, Huntington Station, New York Plebc Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-U.S.N.T. San Diego, Pacific Tankers, Inc.g S.S. New World Victory, Pacific Far East Lines. Countries Visited-Hawaii, Guam, Philippine Islands, Iapan, Arabia. lands, Korea, China, Japan, Formosa, Guam, Acgwzicmgf glecorg E tDg1i-Ee Committee, Soccer, Propeller Club, , rea er, a e cer. Academy Record-Propeller Club. ee F' f f Y - A A ,X if 55.7 E YL-A-5 K C' - .Anas -.L - Q- A- A 5 P Q-V X YYq'A 'Y 'tQY-.Y i il fr 1 .,.. .W ,,,...W,,.,-,,..,...,, . was .p A kk ,X . .,, x , ., -t v j uyxn , at ,,.............. .. ,,....., , . ,.......,.,...,,.:s:w-tm X, ' in I ll 1 rf" H f I ! L 'S 'S 6- if " ' ' '- if EF-1 5 fa na ...L -gjir if ln. --c "4 tj! V xaa, -, v-ir,, Av H-VA-M iii? A V-i -AANLU V ,iff ,-. -A ----'-5 A A ':"'-' Q - 7-,km fy fl. 1 V 1 C A I ,r 4 r 1 w i I 1'-ur .-Gwyn-1-fr ww fi? 4 S-.T aww--r f fm i ws wi if ,,. Q5 , 1+ ' K A, . "1 Q , U O ' 0 I I .-.f w 'wa 'I' -- -,px Q 4.-i bw' - . Edwin J. Sweeneq CLASS PRESIDENT 1 I George Lambeth CLASS NICE PliHSIl'Jl9lNT S if I M ' JAMES THOMAS ABBOTT 20 Swaine Place, WVest Orange, New Jersey Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sen Duty-S.S. Dartmouth Victory. American President Lines, S.S. Cherry Valley, Keystone Shipping So.: S.S. American Scientist, S.S. NVashington, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-England, France, Germany, Ireland. Service Ribbons-American, Asiatic-Pacific, Victory. Academy Record-Drill Company, Softball, Cadet Oflicer. 7 fa X in FRANK ABRIL Sonora, Arizona Plcbe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Marine Phoenix, Matson Navigation Co., U.S.N.T. Schuylkill, American Pacific Steamship Co. Countries Visited - Australia. New Zealand, American Samoa, Hawaii, Japan, Okinawa, Ceylon, Arabia, British Malaya. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Propeller Club, Astronomical Society. Y Moot . MONTANA . Nisw Mexico O. New Jsnsev Q WILLIAM TELL ACERTER, III 973 North Baxter Street, Lima, Ohio Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sen Duty-S.S. Cadillac, Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co., S.S. American Flyer, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Canada, England, France, Germany. Academy Record-Swimming, Track, Band, Rifle Club, Ring Com- mittee, Class Business Committee, Christian Council, Ring Dance Committee, Propeller Club, Intramural Swimming Championship Team, Class Treasurer, Cadet Officer. JOSEPH EMIL ANZALONE 275 Hunterdon Street, Newark, New Jersey Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-M.V. Del Campo, Mississippi Shipping Co.g S.S. Doc- tor Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., SIS. President Van Buren, American President Lines. Countries Visited-China, Japan, India, Brazil, Ceylon, Dutch East Indies, Italy, France, Egypt, Africa, Formosa, Philippine Islands, Malaya. Academy Record-Band, Rifle and Pistol Club, Propeller Club, Rifle Team, Latin American Club. 1 f, f J 6 ,i J, e. sf? 11 fi , .ffifw ,f W 92, 'X 4 ,W ff W4 ff W f J LIONEL EDGAR ARCAND Box 345, Big Spring, Texas Plelw Your-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Gulf Merchant, Gulf and South American Steamship Co., S.S. James McKay, S.S. Barbara Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Vis-ited-Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Panama. Academy Record-Hear This, Debate Council, Latin American Club, Cadet Officer. N 'fr-maori' 'St 1461353-1. LEE CONROW AUSTIN 125 South Great Neck Road, Copiague New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Satucket, Socony Vacuum Oil Co T E S Lruguaw Moore-McCorm ack Lines. Countries Visited-Colombia, Venezuela, Panama Arabia Egypt Germany, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Trinidad Academy Record-Football, VVrestlinQ. Regimtntil Intra mural VVrestling Championship, Cadet Officer JOHN JOSEPH BACICH 438 - 36th sirooi, Brooklyn, New York ANTHONY BADALUCCO Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Montgomery, New York Seaxrgttotgqg.Z.Cil2Iag'it:giogtg 565: Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point, S'S.'Ch1,,.,y y,,11L,,f,'Kcfygmmfxghiphpingi CO. I ', Sea Duty-S.S. Express, S.S. Exchorda, Amcricm Export Lines Countries Visifefl-Irclantl, England, France, Germany, Caiial Zone. C0Um'fli'-9 Vi-?ffC'd-EIJYIUI, F1'CUC'h Sftmlilllflflf-ly Indll P1lN15f U1 BUT ma, Ceylon, Italy, France, Greece, Lebanon Academy Hf'c0rzI-Niiclships, Polaris, Class Ring Committee, Class Bivmm-tg Cnmmimlo, 1'1-Opt-lloy Club, Acndenzy Record-Baseball, Football. 5, 'F -W six, sf if an ROBERT WILLIAM BARROW 517 Slocum Road, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-T.E.S. Argentina, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Ex- porter, American Export Lines. Countries Visited-Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Trinidad, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Rumania, Sicily. Academy Record-Regimental Intramural Rowing Championship Team, Propeller Club, Cadet Officer. HAYWARD RATHBONE BATEMAN, IR. 46 Rhode Avenue, Saint Augustine, Florida Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-M.V. Del Campo, Mississippi Shipping Co., S.S. Doctor Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. President Van Buren, American President Lines. Countries Visited-Brazil, West Coast of Africa, japan, Philippine Islands, Netherlands East Indies, Malaya, China, Ceylon, India, Egypt, Italy, France. Academy Record-Midships, Polaris, Vllindjammers, Cadet Officer. E ff gsm . , l .5 ,I A , In fi, if YVILLIAM TALLMAN BENSON 404 Cedar Street, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Plcbe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point Sea Duty-S.S. Dick Lylces, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. Gulf Banker, Gulf and South American Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Japan, NethcrIands'East Indies, Straits Settle- ments, Hawaii, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Guate- mala, Honduras. Academy Record-Polaris-Sports Editor, Cadet Oflicer. DONALD WESLEY BIRT 1661 East Hoyt Avenue, St. Paul 6, Minnesota Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Ticonderoga, Keystone Shipping Co., U.S.N.T. Cossatot, U.S.N.T. Mission Santa Ana, Pacific Tankers. Countries Visited-Germany, Japan, Canada, Egypt, Philippine Is- lands, Saudi Arabia. Service Ribbons - American, European, Meditcrrancan-African, Victory. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Football, Baseball, VVrcstling, Propeller Club, Polaris, Intramural Regimental Rowing Champ- ionship Team. JOHN THOMAS BIEZUP 84 Center Street, Kingston, Pennsylvania Plcbe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Louise Lykes, S.S. Kenneth Mc-Kay, S.S. Joseph Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co.g S.S. Gulf Farmer, Gulf and South American Steamship Company. Countries Visited--France, Belgium, Holland, Germany. Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Japan, China, Philippine Islands, England, Scotland. Service Ribbons-Merchant Marine Combat Bar with star, Atlantic, Victory Medal. Academy Record-Football, 'Wrestling, Propeller Club, Intramural Regimental Rowing Championship Team, Intramural Regimental Heavyweight VVrestling Champion, Scholastic Star, Cadet Officer. SAMUEL STEWVARD BLACKBURN, JR. Box 1155, Cristobal, Canal Zone Plelzc Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-T.E.S. Talamanca, United Fruit Co., S.S. Pioneer Tide, American Pioneer Line. Countries Visited-Cuba, Panama, Guatemala, Hawaii, Japan, Philippine Islands, lxorca. IACIIIIUIYIU Record-Baseball, Regimental Intramural Softball and Basketball Championship Teams-I9-19, Hear This, Cheerleader, Chapel Show, Cadet Ofhcer, Latin American Orchestra. as RUSSELL MADISON BLAIR, IR. 115 Main Street, Westport, Connecticut Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. African Star, Farrell Lines, S.S. America, United States Lines Co., S.S. Monmouth, Keystone Shipping Co. Countries Visited-South Africa, France, England, Ireland, West Africa, Trinidad. Academy Record-Drill Team, Dance Committee, Soccer Team, Polaris, Windjammers, Cadet Officer. RICHARD DOMENIC BONINO P. O. Box 302, Freeport, Pennsylvania Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Exehester, Exeter, American Export Lines. Countries Visitrfd-Italy, France, Bulgaria, Rumania, YUZUSI9-Via, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, North Africa. Academy Record-Band .W A age JACK HENRY BOSCH Brooks, Oregon Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Bunker Hill, Keystone Shipping Co., S.S. P. or T. Pathfinder, Pope and Talbot, Inc. Coun-tries Visited-Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Barbados Trinidad, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Curacao. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Regimental Side-Boy, Track Volleyball, Regimental Champonship Softball Team, Cadet Of: ficer. ' e Z LLOYD JAMES BRE SLEY Ord, Nebraska Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Santa Flavia, Grace Lines, U.S.N.T. Mission Car- mel, Pacific Tankers, Inc., S.S. President Cleveland, American President Lines. Countries Visited-Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Canal Zone, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Germany, Egypt, Arabia, Philippine Islands, Hawaii, China, Japan. Service Ribbons-Philippine Liberation, Asiatic-Pacific, American Theater, Victory. Academy Record - Propeller Club, Track, Cross Country, Drill Company. A at I ,U ROBERT JOHN BRONYN 419 llainilton Au-nnc, Paterson, New ja-rscy Plrlu' Yrur-liiiigs Point. Sul Durga--S,S. Du-lt 1.31.1-s, Lyltcs lirotlurrs Stt-.unslup Co, SS Cult Banlwr. Cult and South Anicr1c.u1 Stt-ainslnp Vo. Countriws Yixzrwci-l'an.nna, japan, Dutcb East Indies, Straits SL-t 7 tlt-int-nts. 1i.m.1u. tfoloinbia, licuador, Iurn, lllnlv, llonduras, Gnalcinala, Acrzzlcniy Rt,cord-Scliolastic Star. Propcllcr Club, Class Ring Coin- inittue, Rcgunental Intramural Atblt-tic Board, Cadet Orliccr. VS, i f, as ,, f' so VICTOR ONATE CABRERA Davao City, Davao, Philippine Islands Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Pioneer Lake, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Germany, England, Panama, Hawaii, China, japan, Philippine Islands. W ROBERT PETER BUONORA 50 Durst Place, Yonkers, New York l'lf'In' YIHV' lungs l'oiut. S111 Dum-8.8. Dall Nlundo, Dcl Sud, Dcl Mont:-, Mis- slssipin Sliippmu Co. Cfountriw l'i.sitr'rlf-Brpwil, Uruguay, Arilcntina, Virgin Islands, Nr-tlu-rlands Vtkst lnclin-s. Acrzrlmny Rccorcl-Scliolastic Star, Drill Company, Propellvr Club, Manager-Swinnning Ts-ann, Crt-gorian Choir, Debate and Pub- lic Speaking Class, Latin-Aint-rican Club, Dance Committee, Cadet Officer. Wiwlff' Mp X, ' Jw' 'hw , , I ' ,SY 57 ' ff f CHARLES F. CAINES 4101 Aubum Road, Huntington, VVest Virginia Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Leader, United States Lines Co., S.S. Exbrook, American Export Lines. Countries Visited-England, France, Cermany, Italy, Greece, Tur- key, Yugoslavia, Frm-nch Morocco. Service Ribbons-Merchant Marine, Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean, Victory Medal. Academy Record-Track, Propeller Club, Rifle Club, Radio Club. M -. 2 3' Q 6 iz 'As I lilfl 1, W RICHARD PAUL CARLSON ANTONIO CASTRO 17 West Fifth Street, Dunkirk, New York 610 Boada Avenue, Santurce, Puerto Rico Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Plebe Year-Pass Christian, San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea'DutgITS.S.. D2 Monte, S-S- Del Sud, 5-S- Del MUDd0, MiSSiS- Sea Duty-S.S. Mormacland, Moore-McCormack Steamship Co Slppl lppmg omplany' t t Countries Visited-Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina Countries Visited-Virgin Islands, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Dutch Curacao, West Indies. , , l , , Academy Record-Polaris, Latm-American Club, Propeller Club Service Ribbons-Merchant Marine Defense Bar with star, Atlantic, Christian Council, Cadet Qfgcel--Third Battalion Berthmg and V1Ct0fY Medal- Commissary Officer. Academy Record-Sailing, Swimming, Track, Football, Hear This- Circulation Manager, Windjammers-Commodore, Propeller Club. VICTOR HERBERT CHECHANOVER 2471 - 84th Street, Brooklyn, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President Cleveland, American President Linesg U.S.N.T. Mission Santa Ana, Pacific Tankersg S.S. Santa Flavia, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-China, Japan, Philippine Islands, Canada. Mexico, Guatergglzf, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, i e. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Midshipsg Polaris-Editor-im Chiefg Latin-American Club, Hear This, Information Service. HENRY CHUB 5048 - 212th Street, Bayside, New York Plcbe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. James McKay, S.S. Ioseph Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. Gulf Merchant, Gulf and South American Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Italy, iviogiocco, France, Holland, Germany, Poland, England, Scot- an . Academy Record-Cam era Club . 324 I' X ff i L GLENN DENNON CLARK, JR. R.F.D. No. 3, Lake Shore Road, Plattsburgh, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Del Viento, Mississippi Shipping Co., S.S. Sue Lykes, S.S. Harry Culbreath, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Brazil, Senegal, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Cold Coast, Nigeria, Belgian Congo, Angola, England, France, Neth- erlands, Belgium, Italy. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Drill Team, Regimental Broad- cast Unit, Christian Council, Protestant Choir, Midships, Latin- American Club, Ski Club-President, Chapel Show. v QL I' -I ,X arid, 'M f " N X12 'sv 432' . , r if-s..-1 - .. YA Ai W ' -4- AN-WA A - xxx.- -,nav -,t-v4 - '-L-L -L., ROBERT DONALD CLARK 73 Main Street, Goodyear, Connecticut Plebc Year--Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Harry Culbreath, S.S. Norman Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Belgium, France, Holland, Japan, China, Philippine Islands. Academy Record-Drill Company, Band, Windjannners, Propeller Club, Cadet Officer. HOWARD BENJAMIN CLARKE WVest Pembroke, Maine Plclw Year- Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Arm-rican Importer, United States Lines, S.S. Robin Trent, Robin Lim-sg Extarizi, American Export Lines. Countries Visitrfcl-Ccrmany, France, Union of South Afl'iC21, POTW- guf-sf' East Africa, British NVest Africa, French- Morocco, Portu- gal, Tangicrs, Oran, Tunisia, Algeria, italy, Spain. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Midships, Propeller Club, Pistol Team, Astronomical Society, Cadet Office-r. , ,,,, , , WU? if is IOHN CODISPOTI THOMAS STEVENS COUNCELL Post 0500 Box 181, JGHHCYS, PSHHSYIVHIU3 2314 Allendale Road, Baltimore, Maryland Plebe Yew'-Kings Point. Plebc Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea,Dufy-S.S- Exchequer, S-S- Exeelwrda, American President Sea Duty-S.S. WVilliam G. Mather, Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co.g S.S. Linies. American Forwarder, United States Lines Co. Cogntfiels Vigifed-FFHHCB, Italy, GYQGCC, EgYPt, Lebiuwfly Trieste, Countries Visited-Canada, Creat Britan, Ireland. 'b t . I ra ar Academy Record-Propeller Club, Sailing Team, Fencing Club, Academy Record-Wrestling. Cadet Officer, as S26 HARRY DARVVIN COVERT Road No. I, Lodi, New York JOHN LAURANCE CRAIG L . h . , , , . .1 . . P10110 Ymrkxmgs Point. 3.100 I-ith Street lN. YI ., W ashington, District of Columbia ia Duty-S.S. Exceller, Anivrican Export Lines, 'l'.E.S. Uruguay, PML' lun-Pass Christian and Kmgs Point' Moore-McCorinaL-k Lines. Sun Duty-S.S. Tyson Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., T.E.S. . ,, . .. . A 'fi,lit-Fi in Countries l7IS1fL'Ll'l'l'L'IlL'll Morocco, Spanish Morocco, Algeria nmhul Lm Ld run Compml Tunisia, Lygia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay Countries Visited-England, Italy, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama. A "tii,T"lil. . . rgtn ml rmu U Academy Record - Latin-American Club, Band, Propeller Club, Academy Record-Propeller Club. Football-Nlanager. ,. . iyji CHARLES CLYDE CZUSZAK 267 Lincoln Avenue, Vandergrift, Pennsylvania Plebc Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Counselor, United States Lines Co., S.S. Uruguay, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. African Rainbow, Far- rell Linesg S.S. Santa Isabel, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Bel ium Brazil Holland Trini g , , , dad, Uruguay, Argentina, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Co- lombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Windjammers, Propeller Club Drill Company, Cadet Officer. v 'WKQNWF' kgg STANLEY JOSEPH DAVENPORT Fry Boulevard, Canaan Lake, Patchogue, New York Plcbe Your-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Reuben Tipton, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. Del Mar, Mississippi Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Germany, Japan, Philippine Islands, Virgin Is- lands, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Netherlands W'est Indies. Academy Record-Scholastic Star Latin-Amerie , an Club, Christian Council, Chapel Show, Protestant Choir, Polaris-Feature Edi- tor. '?"" 'GH KENNETH BERNARD DAVIES 898 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Ruth Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., T.E.S. Chiriqui, United Fruit Co. Countries Visited-japan, Korea, China, Panama, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Denmark, Norway, England, Cuba, Guate- ma a. Academy Record-Swimming Team, Cadet Officer. .7 'W 70 Cy X 3 to fa! ,4 x, ff JAMES JOSEPH DE PALMA 73 Holt Street, Dumont, New Jersey Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Kenneth McKay, S.S. Tyson Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., T.E.S. Chiriqui, United Fruit Co. Countries Visited-Germany, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama, Iapan, China, Philippine Islands, England, Denmark. Academy Record-Drill Team. as as QP fV?a4'J' M., N. JAMES PARKS DORSEY HORACIO DUCRUET P. O. Box 5013, Cristobal, Canal Zone 8060 - 9th Street, Colon, Republic of Panama Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-T.E.S. Talamanca, United Fruit Co., S.S. Pioneer Tide, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Cuba, Panama, Guatemala, Hawaii, Philippine Islands, Okinawa, japan, Korea, Formosa. Academy Record-Hear This, Drill Company, Cadet Officer. 28 Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Santa Isabel, Grace Lines, S.S. African Rainbow, Farrell Lincs, Inc., S.S. American Clippcr, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Trinidad, Ireland, England, Germany, France. Academy Record-Latin-American Cluh-Vice President, Fencing Club, Propcllcr Club, NVindjamuicrs, Soccer, Cadet Officer. 3 ! 1 1 I i 5 Q i 1 it I S i A f 3 rrls J .1 1' ll , I I 5 r ii r , l W in it QI 5 1 'Q 1 1- H 1 - - Y- N N- ff- fl s-f- 1 4 -M - -A, - N - -V , f -. -f-w.y.........,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,s, .,, ...,,..,f..,,,- -, pp Yu, Lv- ,v.',+L,., X 1 1 1 11 if 1 ,ff 1 , Z ff" P s -Z' 1 J --"" , X n "y,,,,- "ff ff 1 L,f' X1 -A . . 1 . Q w, 1 1 ff 1 ,f 5 1 1 ' f" 1 X ,ff 1 1 1 V I ,, . 1 1 ...e 11 1 , sf e 1 5' . L 1 lim 11 I 11 A N 1 Q , 13 A , A-f..-...M ,V V 11 ws 5 M '12 ' M A ' ' , f ft . "x v ' X H 5 4 i 1 1 , A 1 f , 1,1 Er 1, -wM WY fm 4. 5 , 41 NQ"'i"'m Q X A 1, My 1 H fi f -i-., 1 I-34:-Lfirrig ' f't-A z,"-Y -7-1 - -,Aff f ve- if, -vf -, --vf-1 v ig,-,QVAL f - iv -. i-rf- J fr-,Y A I 1 A fir Q L L RICHARD MOONEY EDWARDS WALTER GEORGE EICHLER 717 VVoodward Avenue, Gulfport, Mississippi Plcbe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Slfaw Duty-M.V. Dol ltio, Del Norte, Mississippi Shipping Company, C0fnIitri1i.s Visited-Argf-ntinzi, Brazil, lfruguziy, West lmlics, Virgin S :inf S. Academy Rl!L01d-l"U0l hull, 'l'l'Tl!llS 1329 2 Chestnut Street, Hicksville, New York Plvbe Year-Kings Point. Sm Duty-T.E.S. Talamanca, United Fruit Co.g S.S. African Pa triot, Farrell Lines, S.S. America, United States Lines Co., S.S Santa Catalina, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-England, France, French VVest Africa, Nigeria French Equatorial Africa, Belgian Congo, Angola, Panama Guatemala, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. Acallvm y Record-Dance Committee. I X li. ALAN WENTWORTH ENGEL 1 Kathryn Place, Bergenfield, New Jersey Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Bowdoin Victory, S.S. William Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., T.E.S. Antiqua, United Fruit Co., S.S. Alcoa Ranger, Alcoa Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Greece, Trieste, Italy, Spain, Cuba, Germany, Holland. Belgium, United Kingdom, Panama, Guatemala, Haiti, Aruba, Curacao, Venezuela, Dutch Guiana, Trinidad. Academy Record-Band, Propeller Club, Regimental Intramural Championship Sailing Team. ,ifffkff ' ' T.. Q 7 '12, X MMA., -0 , ,',, ff ' ,ff .f,- W 4 ai J LoU1s EDGAR ERVIN Cranbury, New Jersey Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Sylvia Lykes, S.S. Almeria Lykes, S.S. Letitia Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-France. Holland, Belgium, Germany, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Philippine Islands. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Cadet Oflicer. LAVERNE ELTON EVANS Delafield, Wisconsin Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Joplin Victory, Pacific Far East Lines. Countries Visited-Philippine Islands, China, Hongkong, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Guam, Okinawa, Bahrein Island. Academy Record-Hear This, Baseball-Manager, Astronomical So- ciety, Chapel Show, Propeller Club, Cadet OHicer. GEORGE EDWARD FANNING 20 Burston Street, Hempstead, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President Tyler. American President Lines, U.S.N.T Mission San Fernando, Pacific Tankers, Inc., S.S. Mormacdawn S.S. Mormacisle, Moore-McCormack Lines. Countries Visited-Philippine Islands, China, Dutch East Indies Hawaii, Japan, Panama, Trinidad, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil Argentina, Straits Settlements, Curacao. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Latin American Club. Q1 , X X tt ? EDYVARD LUKE F AY, IR. 37023 Avenue M, Brooklyn, New York Plcbe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Santa Adela, Grace Line, S.S. Empire State, States Marine Corp. Countries Visited-Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecua- dor, Peru, Chile, China, France, Holland, Germany, Italy. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Swimming Team, Propeller Club, Cadet Officer. 3 .L THOMAS MEREDITH FEDZER 106 Glassboro Road, Woodbury Heights, New jersey Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mason Lykes, S.S. VVi1liam Lykes, Lykes Bros Steamship Co. Coinztries Visited-Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa Tanganyika, Kenya, France, Germany, Holland, Mozambique Bermuda. Academy Record-Hear This, Rifle and Pistol Club, Propeller Club Astronomical Society, Cadet OH-icer. ANTHONY IAMES FIORELLI 26-18 18th Street, Long Island City, New York Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Tyson Lykes, S,S. Harry Culbreath, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-England, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Mexico. Academy Record-Drill Company, Midships-Business Manager, Propeller Club, Cadet Officer, Hear This-Sports Staff, Regimen- tal Intramural Basketball Championship Team. JOHN JAMES FLANAGAN 87 - 76th Street, Brooklyn 9, New York Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-U.S.N.T. Saugatuck, Pacific Tankers, Inc., S.S. Swarth- more Victory, Pacific Far East Lines. Countries Visited-China, Japan, Arabia, Formosa, Guam, Saipan, Kwajalein. Academy Record-Drill Team, Latin-American Club, Propeller Club V ff ii? K, 2 W Jiffy , ,Q D WILLIAM ALEXANDER FRASER, IR. 7 8 Harman Drive, Larchmont, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Santa Catalina, Grace Lines, S.S. America, United States Lines Co., S.S. African Patriot, Farrell Lines, S.S. Tala- manca, United Fruit Company. Countries Visited-Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Eng- land, France, Portuguese Angola, French Equatorial Africa, Belgian Congo, Nigeria, Liberia, Guatemala, Cuba, Gold Coast. Academy Record-Christian Council, Propeller Club, Scholastic Star. ROBERT WVILLIAM FREEMAN 8 Grace Street, Baldwin, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Bowdoin Victory, S.S. lVilliam Lykes, Lykes Steam- ship Co.g S.S. Del Norte, Mississippi Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Greece, Italy, Cuba, England, Germany, Hol- land, Belgium, France, Virgin Islands, Brazil, Argentina, Uru- guay Netherlands VVest Indies. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, XVrcstling Team, Cadet Officer. 'Nun 'lib HUGH MARTIN FRITCH 82 Blake Street, Torrington, Connecticut Plein' Year-Kings Point. Sea DutyAS.S. Howell Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. President johnson, Ameriean President Lines. Countries Visited-Japan, China, Philippine Islands, Dutch East Indies, Straits Settlements. .-truzleniy Record-Sailing Team. VINCENT ANDREW GALDON 70A VVest 27th Street, Bayonne, New Jersey Plebe Yeorflfiings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President Cleveland, American President Lines, L'.S.N.T. Painanset, Pacific Tankers, Inc. Countries' Vi.s'ifedYChina, Philippine Islands, Arabia, Hawaii, Japan. Acrulemy Recorfl-Propeller Club, Broadcast Unit, Rifle and Pistol Club, Radio Club, VVimlj.iminers, l"eneini,5 Club, Drill Company, Society of Naval Architeets and Marine Engineers. X 5 -his 3, LELAND CLAIR FROST Stoneboro, Pennsylvania Plein' Year-Kings Point. Sen Duty-S.S. Adabelle Lykes, S,S. Sue Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steam- ship Co., S.S. Alcoa Roamer, Alcoa Steamship Company. C:0llllfV'lt'.S' Visited-Italy, France, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Trinidad, Dutch Guiana, British Guiana, Aruba, Haiti, Granada, Barbados, Gibraltar, Trieste, Greece. ' Acndem y Record-Propeller Club. VVILLIAM THOMAS GARDINER, IR. 111 Crosswick Street, Bordentown, New Jersey Plein' Ye11rfl'ass Christian and Kings Point. Sen Duty-S.S. Mason Lykes, S.S. VVilliam Lykes, Lyl-ces Bros. Steamship Co., T.V. Keystone State, Pennsylvania Maritime Academy, Countries Visited-France, Germany, Holland, South Africa, Portu- guese East Africa, Tanganyika, Colombia, Martinique, British East Africa. Aeuzlemy Reeorrl-Propeller Club. llear This, Regimental Intra- mural Sottball Championship Team, Reilimental Basketball Cliampionsliip Team, Class Ring Committee, Cadet Officer- liegiuienlal llertliiuil and Coininissary' Otlieer. 1 fi fi 591 il' NORMAN GAT OF 111-09 76th Road, Forest Ilills, New York Plcbc Year-Kings Point. PAUL GATUF lll-09 76th Road, Forest Hills, New York Plclm Yrfur-Kings Point. Sm Duty--S.S. S rlrr 1 mnrnzn, Matson Navigati rprl Co., S.S. C v-r.1- ral NI. C. Mm,-ig-., Am:-rican I'r1-sidc-nt I,inr's, l'. 6: 'II Fon-str-r, Pope and 3 Scu Duty-S.S. Swarthmore Victory, Iacific Far East Lines, U.S.N.T. Saugatuck, Pacific Tankcrs. Countries Visitvzl-Chimi, japan, Marshall Islands, Saudi Arabia, Caroline Islands, Gilbert Islands. Academy Record-Camera Club. Talbot Str-arnship Co. Counlricns' VI-SIff'll--.Allilfilliil, Hawaii, Philippine Islands, China, japan, Guam, Pago Pago, Brazil, Argentina, Trinidad, Venu- zucla, Canada. Academy Record-Drill Team, Camera Club. If 3.3 ,sw , in il V' iz ii? P 4' JOHN IOSEPH GEANY 1840 Hone Avenue, New York, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Cape Trinity, S.S. James Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steam- ship Co., S.S. Del Mar, Mississippi Shipping Co., S.S. Gulf Farmer, Gulf and outh American Steamship Co., T.E.S. Chiri- qui, United Fruit Co. Countries Visited-Mexico, Holland, Belgium, England, Italy, Greece, Gibralter, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Virgin Islands, West Indies, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Chile, Cuba. MW. , ROBERT FRANCIS GENTERT 6 North York Road, Hatboro, Pennsylvania Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Exceller, American Export Lines, T.E.S. Uruguay, Moore-McCormack Lines. Countries Visited - French Morocco, Spanish Morocco, Algeria Tunisia, Libya, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Trinidad. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Propeller Club, Glee Club, Rifle and Pistol Club, Sailing Team, Regimental Intramural Cham- pionship Sailing Team, Honor Guard, Christian Council, Astronomical Society-President, Cadet Officer. .3 1 QIURNICI illlfi 'Wll,l,lAM Clll,Sl'QNAN' JHM1' 2U'!m! Slim-rl, llauulr, New lurk , . , , . X , ' l 1: i ll N 171111 lin: luiiw. lhiiil 1806XortlnunphmMwel,Ilalxolte, Nl.issar'l:usn-tts el Il ,mm tx N lil. NMI, ,ll 'him' MIWIM Km VH Xuivnl Irlmxv l -3 Nl' .r - X Xllxsmli Nui l'nlii.ilurl1l, l'.u!ii- 'l.llnl.1-is lm S S. 'Xl1nlil,111l.WVli "Alix Him klukx luuli 'Xlmvlr-'Xlxllmixl1i.ivlt linux ,,,77':.SS 7-'XIX SSH. llx-.lk-ll Flu . N lhf situ! I- IJ Lulhuilixtslxi l-mlululijllllltX-It X tx lux l Q lm Qtvurlrlntw llxllirl cilllhl, pl-llhlll, 'Xl.il.ua, l'llIllIljlllH lslaiiclx, ljlllill ' Ai X ' 'A R R 4' ' ltasl lmlli-x, llaxxail, ixlitllillltl lslamls, ff.ui.1cl.i, l,.ilmliia, frilmii i'.mHi'f:. v N uu't.I lialx, klxuwr, lfiaiiet-, llelguiin, ilenniany, lfnge Ina, X t'll1'llltl.l, Vlksl lmlim, Hiafll, lwaU....y ,-Num-ntina lainl. liulia, k3u.iiv1n.il.i. ,lrrlrlwlllrf llfrmzl ffilliiilir' Clams, filiarn-I ffmiiiiiitlwz- l,4'illl1'fIlllll lilm At'.J.lm71g' Iht'.w.1 llcai l'li1s, l'ui wllvi Ululv, l"i'eiicli C . . , . ' 1 x til, liopellvi' 1 luli, l,al1n .fX1iivilr'.mfflul+, ffaclet Ufliceih 'Haha-is LEONARD ANTHONY GLIONNA 108 VVaite Street, Malden, Massachusetts Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Lipscomb Lykes, S.S. Velma Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. Gulf Shipper, Gulf and South America Steamship Co. Countries Visitcdfjapan, Philippine Islands,'Dutch East Indies, Malay States, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, France, Belgium, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece. Academy Record-Band, Propeller Club. RICHARD GEORGE GRANT Stanwood Avenue, Plaistow, New Hampshire Plebc Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Press, United States Lines Co., S.S. Santa Luisa, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Pan- ama, France, Germany, England. Academy Recard-Regimental Band, Track, Latin-American Club, Cross Country. Mm J Q , f W , WW? K n O B ALAN GIBSON GRAY 0-131 Bluehill Avenue, Fairlawn, New Iersey Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Fred Morris, S.S. Tyson Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steam- ship Co. Countries Visited-Italy, Greece, Germany, England, Denmark. Academy Record-Christian Council, Propeller Club. HOWARD JAMES GUNDERMAN 91-33 120th Street, Richmond Hill 18, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Examiner, American Export Lines, S.S. American Scout, United States Lines. Countries Visited-Germany, France, Spain, Italy, French Morocco, Turkey, Egyptian Sudan, India, Ceylon, French and Italian Somaliland. Academy Record-Baseball, Cadet Officer. ww ff X 199 ffl J JOSEPH AUGUSTUS GUERRERA 71 Van Anden Street, Aubum, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Iesse Lykes, S.S. Kendall Fish, Lykes Bros. Steam- ship Co., M,V. Del Viento, Mississippi Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Italy, Germany, Holland, Gibraltar, Brazil, Africa Mexico. Academy Record-Ring Committee, Polaris, Cadet Officer. ROBERT ARTHUR HACKETT 88-35 192nd Street, Hollis, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. General W. H. Gordon, American President Linesg S.S. Swarthmore Victory, Pacific Far East Lines, S.S. Empire State, States Marine Lines. Countries Visited-Hawaii, Philippine Islands, China, Japan, For- mosa, Okinawa, Guam, Mexico, Canal Zone, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands. Academy Record-Polaris, Drill Company. at it ,, 5 is , if ROBERT MYRON HAIKEN DERWOOD HALL 1584 Leslie Street, Hillside, New jersey Edwards, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. General VV. H. Gordon, American President Linesg Sea Duty-S.S. Del Mundo, Mississippi Shipping Co.g S.S. Eliza- U.S.N.T. Mission Santa Barbara, Pacific Tankers, Inc. beth Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Academy Record - Astronomical Society, Rifle and Pistol Club, Cvuniries Visited-lltaly, Greece, Japan, Malayan States, Brazil, Infomiation Service, Windjammers. Uruguay, Argentina, Panama, Curacao, Dutch East Indies. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Propeller Club, Cadet Officer. P" ' - -. - , A-.C ' f -Aighgl-T i l - Y'A.'A' if 53- if --s.v..,w- A f I r -re -V a -A at-H- L as S I r-M ' C 'ir it v i rf:-f--.-.-.W 1' if-"' III I 1I I 1 1 I 1 4 1 II 41 1, ,II I 1 ' I II Y I 1 l I I 1 I I III 1 I ,I fy 1 11 I 1 ' I I 1 ,1 1 1 ,I I f I I '-fs.-x1,, -uh Avtiri QL-A-'Y A 1 -,K - , A f v NYY- 11- ,A-K, . 1 W ' " YQ:---, i A , 1' .. -L .s.....,,,,,wf Aw,w,,.vaMN wg ROGER LEE HAMILTON HN HARING 50 Glenwood Street, Dayton, Ohio ' Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. 137-15 1215! Avenue' Saint Albans' New York Sea Duty-S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Lines, S.S. Exchequer, Ameri- Hehe Yffuf-Kms Plum' Carl EXP0rt Lines: S-S- American Hilfiger, United States LiH0S Sea DutyAS.S. Robin Hood, Robin Lines, S.S. Morrnackite, Moore- Co. McCormack Lines, S.S. Santa Luisa, Grace Lines. Countries ViSit0d-England. France, Gewifmy, Venezuela. Colom- Countries- Viiiml-Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, bia, India, Pakistan, Aden, Ceylon, French Somaliland, Eritrea, South West Africa, Canada, Curacao, Brazil, Trinidad, Canal Egypt, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, Netherlands West Indies. Zone, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Academy Record-Football, Basketball, Cadet Officer. Acarlrfmy Rccor1IeFt-ncing Club, Cadet Officer. WMM , ' f , Whiz .Q , Y ,i f, JOHN RICHARD HEALEY R. R. No. 6, Muscatine, Iowa Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. S' sea Duty-S.S. Bunker Hill, Keystone Shipping Co., S.S. P. asf T. 1565 Thedot Avenue, B"'m' 60, New Ymk Pathfinder, Pope and Talbot Steamship Co. P16170 Year.-Kings Point, Counltries Visited' - Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Barbados, Sea Duty-U.S.N.T. Schuylkill, American Pacific Steamship Co., Trinidad, Brazil, UNISURY, Argentina, Dutch West Indies. S.S. Iran Victory, Pacific Far East Line. Aflldemy R6'00fd-SCh0li1StiC Star, Propeller Club, Track, Cadet Countries Visited-japan, Okinawa, Hawaii, Ceylon, Saudi Arabia, Officer. Malaya- ii .338 P , i DON A I ,D IRUDOLPII HIHSHBEHC 5132 Locust 5t!'1'l'l, M1-Rcvsport, Pi-iilisylvaiiiu Pins Brook Road. Lincoln Piirli, Nui jcrsci HV," YU". k"'liN Pulln' Ipy .K . k .. la L 5111 1711111 Sh. Ax11c1'1c'.111'Mz1m1fi1c't111L'r. llnili-ml Stiilvs l,j111's Co., i In I H X 'mio Um N S, Cflimivi-llorsvllla-, lxvyslerm- Sluppiiipg Co., 5.5. liolzin Ilood, M1 1711f1.1-VNS. Elimlwtli lyki-s. SS. .-H1114-1'1.1 Likes, lqkcs llros. llolmi 1,1111-s. Stix s 1 KW.. 5.8. Al' . l' 1 Al' . St 1 :l C , , H mi Hiv Ai E UH xuutuu HH kmunp 0 Cm1r11r'1'1's' Yi.siIr'rl--lLl151lz111cl. lr:-lziiicl, Slllllilllil, South mul hast 111r11':'z.s X 1.v11'r'1!-fll11ll.111il, BA'lQlllll1, lloliiml, l'1l'iiHL'l', Ui'1'111i111y, AillL'll, Z.1111iI111r, lNloA.u11l1if1u1-, 'l'1111i1g111yllt.1, KUIIQWI, Ciiimtlai, l-111l.111il. X iX11c1ui'l.1. llutcli NX csl lmlics. Jzip.111, Cliinii, l"o1'111os.11, S 1',m,,1MQx Dui,-h QQHLHMQ Mcxwua 11m4111111, Plnlippiliu lsli1111l5, fxfHl1i'lIlU li1'1'0rcl--liaisi-l1.1ll, linskviluxll, ll1tra1111ur11l l'ootl1z1ll Champ- ' x p ioxislilp lllkillll, l11t1'.1111ur.1l Soltlmll Chziilipimisliip lcaim, Pro- iiiwrzgy Hivoril-li.1ski'tlmll, bottlnill, Ciiilct Q3iilk'l'l'. Ir .. .f. DONALD SIMON HITCHCOCK S. Main, Continental, Ohio Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Cherry Valley, Keystone Shipping Co., S.S. Exan- thia, American Export Lines. Countries Visited-Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, French Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Spanish Morocco. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Hear This, Christian Council, Business Committee. W Z 1Jl'll4'l' Clulm, lls-111' This., Czlclct Otlicvr. X xl Zu EVERETT JAMES HOOPES Bradford Hills, Downington, Pennsylvania Plcbc Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sun Duty-S.S. Alma Victory, American Export Linesg S.S. Robin Cray, Robin Lines, S.S. Pueblo, Keystone Shipping Co. Countries Visitvcl-Crt-ece, South Africa, Portuguese East Africa. Academy Rcwrorzl-Engle Scout Socicty. if 4 ww ,ti ti., Pe S EVERETT CLAIR HUNT 63 Buena Vista Street, Stamford, Connecticut Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Ghiriqui, United Fruit Co., S.S. Tillie Lykes, S.S. Sue Lykes, S.S. Fred Morris, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Cuba, Guatemala, Japan, Philippine Islands, Celebes, java, Siam, Singapore, Malaya, Italy, Greece, England, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Yugoslavia. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Midships. Propeller Club, Track Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Windjammers: Cadet Officer. 1 'U an A. MARSHALL IRVINC 5602 Wildwood Lane, Baltimore 9, Maryland Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Banker, United States Lines Co., S,S. Eirtonc American Export Lines, S.S. Northfield, Keystone Ship- ping o. Countries Visited-France, Germany, England, Italy, Turkey, Spain, North Africa. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Rifle Team, Regimental Broad- cast Unit-Director. is CHARLES IEDLICKA, IR. 21 North Saxon Avenue, Bay Shore, New York Plcbe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S,S. Exanthia, S.S. Marshfield Victory, American Ex- port Lines. Countries Visited-North Africa, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal. Academy Record-Sailing Team. t Xi a- , i 1 iii JOSEPH FRANCIS JOHNSTON 7 Highland Road, Byram, Connecticut Plcbc' Ycur-Kings Point. S4-u Daly-S,S. Adaln-llc Lykcs, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. itlcoaclioaxucr, Alcoa Steamship Co., S.S. Fra Bcrlanga, United fruit 'o. Cmmtrivs. Visihwlv-Italy, France, Guha, 'Puerto Rico, Dominican llcpulslic, lfloncluras, Panama, Guatemala, Dutch Guiana, British C.uxaua, Bl'lllSlX Hirst luxlics. Af'rH11'1I1l1 Ilvvorrl-f-Sailing Team, Hear This, Glce Club, Propeller Cluls, Caalvt OHic'vr. 'i Uh , v--......,, , , , , ag..-. Q, .., --..-. Q. 4.-.. 5, -ina -rag, fs.. -..... da, ,kr Ann sli 7:4 6 l i V l l l l l l 3 I ll I l ll in I 4? l l 1 ll l Ign- "5.- ' "W - A- 4-15,1 Ewfvl-7-,ii--K A f ,vw -E Q-Y ?i:,-Av'g,f,A Q i .C I as 499. X - E A -Y A W.Qv- - L an Q f 3 , 7 My ' ,f f THONIAS HAROLD JONES SAVA JOHN KALAFATIDES nv,-mr fl, Box 213ii, Birmingham, Alabama 844 Delaware Avenue, Baihlehanr, Pennsylvania Phill: 1'f'fn' 'lisa f,l,r.els:m arvfl Klum lmmt P10170 Yf'U"KinY35 Point' Sfff, Dm. K.: Sb 5' 1 3, ,1 ,fi M , ,' gy , , fj , 5.3, Alcml Sm Duly-S.S. Barlmra Lykvs, S.S. Sue- Lykcs, Lykes Bros. Steam- li ,r,r,.,fA j5j,4f,,, J4ll,.,,,,iiy,iI,'f,,,I I ,HI 'Kring U, ship C04 Dvl Nortv, Mississippi Shipping Co. f,f,,my,,,,5 ',f,51,,,,1 lawns y,H,7,A,lU f'mQ,m.,, fl.,-y,Af,1inu, Dull-h Cnuntrirns' Visitvfl-Eiigluncl, Fruncv, Ilolluncl, Belgium, C1-nnuny, f,'..:,r,,, Ijr,1lgl,I,,,,,,n,i, f,,,,,,,,55, '1r,,,,,j,,',j 'mnmh y,V,i5f j,,,1i,.s, Italy, 'I'ri1-sta-, Yilgusluvizi, Crm-cv, Curacao, Brazil, Uruguay, lfyff,f,, Qf,,., l1',,A,,,I ' ' Ai'gvntinu, Virgin Islands. A,,0,j,,,,,,l l1,,,l,,,,j ,mm HH, l,mWAH,r KIM, flnmi UHNU. AI'Illll'nly Hvrorzl-Cuclc-t Ofliccr, Propcllcr Club. 341 , if-1 iv? '15, QA, f, f -ft.-45,-1' -Q fn, ','lrA, f - -Y -. 'i-v -gr-blrf fvxf A t. NS EW I , JAMES BENEDICT KEATING 41-19 48th Street, Long Island City, New York Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sen Duty-S.S. Magnolia State. States Marine Corporation, S.S. Comayagua, United Fruit Company. Countries Visited-Panama, Gibraltar, Greece, Turkey, Italy. Trieste, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Guatemala, Honduras, japan, China, Philippine Islands, British Columbia, Canal Zone. Academy Record-Midships, Propeller Club. ZX W. 5 , fa f"i UNLLLX IOSEPH EDWARD KELLY 43 Belcher Avenue, Brockton 47, Massachusetts Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Miller, United States Lines Co., S.S. Ex- mouth, American Export Linesg S.S. Santa Margarita, Grace Lines. Countries Visited - England, France, Germany, Italy, French Morocco, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. Academy Record-Propeller Club-President, Hear This. ADO - o MONTANA' 'o NEW MEXICO o NEW JERSEY IOHN PATRICK KELLY 4034 Fairview Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Reuben Tipton, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., M.V. Del Oro, S.S. Del Monte, Mississippi Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Germany, japan, Philippine Islands, Canal Zone, Brazil, Liberia, Belgian Congo, Nigeria, Gold Coast, French West Africa. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Football, Rifle and Pistol Team, Intramural Championship Rifle Team, Propeller Club, Latin- American Club. 5, U LOWELL DAVIS KENNEDY 73 Edgemoor Road, Belmont, Massachusetts Plebe Year-Kings Point Sea Duty-S.S. American Packer, S.S. Rattler, United States Lines Co., T.E.S. Brazil, Moore-McCormack Lines. Countries Visited-England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Bermuda, Trinidad, Barbadoes, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. Academy Record-Ski Club, Soccer, Basketball-Manager. 5 31? N ' I 5 ELMER WILLIAM KISS 15 Brickstone Court, Hempstead, Long Island, New York Piebc Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Iesse Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., M.V. Del Yiento, S.S. Del Mar, Mississippi Shipping Company. Countries Visited-Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina. Virgin Islands, Netherlands VVest Indies, French Wk-st Africa, Gold Coast, Nigeria, Belgian Congo, Portuguese XVest Africa, Liberia. Acadeniy Record-Band, Cadet Officer. 4 X y ALLAN STEVEN KOVALCIK 193 Lakeview Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey Plcbc Your-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Gulf Shipper, Gulf South American Steamship Co., l1N!I.V. lgel Oro, Mississippi Shipping Co., T.E.S. Chiriqui, United ruit o. Countries Visited-Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecua- dor, Peru, Chile, Panama, French VVest Africa, Equatorial Africa, Belgian Congo, Portuguese Angola, Liberia. Academy Record-Tennis, Propeller Club, Radio Club, Astronomi- cal Society, Cadet Oflicer. JOHN AUGUST KROPACK Climax, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Robin Kettering, Robin Lines, S.S. American Pro- ducer. United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Union of South Africa, VVest Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Mozambique, Canada, France, Tanganyika, Kenya. Academy Record-Drill Team, Football, Track, Intramural Regi- mental Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Intramural Regimental Rowing Championship Team, Cadet Oflicer. f JOHN KUCZKO 1245 McMahon Avenue, Monessen, Pennsylvania Plcbc Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mormacwave, S.S. Mormachawlc, Moore-lwlcCorrnack Steamship Co., S,S. African Star, Farrell Lines, S.S. Iuttanning, Keystone Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Aruba, Curacao, Brazil, Argentina, -Venezuela, Canada, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Kenya, Zanzibar, Tanganyika, Trinidad. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Football, Baseball, Cadet Of- ficer. N an IA GEORGE F ELIX LAMBETH 2215 Avenue I, Binningham, Alabama Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Genevieve Lykes, S.S. Zoella Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co.g S.S. Gulf Farmer, Gulf and South American Steamship Co. Countries Visited-South, East and VVest Africa, Canal Zone, Ecua- dor, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Germany, England, Mexico. Aacde my Record-Propeller Club. RICHARD STUART LAURENCE 5747 Colfax Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President Cleveland, American President Linesg U.S.N.T. Mission Purisima, Pacific Tankers, Inc. Countries Visited - Panama, Hawaii, japan, Philippine Islands China, Saudi Arabia. Academy Record-Drill Company, Vice President Second Class Year if ki EDYVARD FRANCIS LAWSON, III 2328 South Rosewood Street, Philadelphia 45, Pennsylvania Plcbe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Sylvia Lvkes S.S. Almeria Lvkes L kes Bros. if if, if BILLIE JACK LEETE 610 East Hereford Street, Gladstone, Oregon Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings'Point. , , , , y Sea Duty-S.S. Ticonderoga, Keystone Shipping Co., S.S. Santa Steamship Co. Flavia, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Panama, Countries Visited-Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Pan- Canal Zone, japan, China, Taiwan, Philippine Islands, Hong- ama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Hawaii. kong' Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Drill Company, Fencing Club, Academy Record-Captain-Soccer Team, Propeller Club, Christian Michelson Society-President, Cadet Oflicer. Council. BRICE LEON 49 Avondale Street, Boston, Massachusetts Plcbe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Counselor, S.S. American Banker, United States Lines, T.E.S. Uruguay, Moore-McCormack Lines. Countries Visited-Belgium, Holland, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Trinidad, France, Germany. Academy Record-Pistol Team, Football, Debating Society, French Club, Cadet Ofhcer. f MARTIN IRVING LIEBMAN 3038 Brighton Fourth Street, Brooklyn, New York Plcbc Ycnr-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Exporter. American Export Lines, T.F..S. Argen- tina, ltioore-McCormack Steamship Co. Countries Visitedfltaly, Greece. France, Turkey, Yugo- slavia, French Morocco, Egypt, Cyprus, Syria, Malta, Brazil, Argentina, Bermuda, Trinidad, Uruguay. Acnrlcmy Rc'crorcI4Scholastic Star, Polaris, Propeller Club, Drill Company, VVindjammers. 45 951 if oiee X7 I , V fs A7 I V , t f' 1 X ' f 4, S ,,j-at CHARLES LOWE 62 Hille Place, Ridgefield Park, New jersey Plebe Year-Kings Point. Seri Duty-S.S. Satucket, Socony Vacuum Oil Co., S.S. Uruguay, Moore-McCormack Lines. Countries Visited-Germany, Egypt, Arabia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Uruguay, Trinidad, Curacao, Colombia. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Tennis, Midships, Christian Council, Class Ring Committee, Cadet Officer. HICIIARD VVALTER LUNDCREN 54 Montrose Avenue, jersey City, New ICYSCY l'lel1r: Yum'-Kings Point. Sea lliily--S.S. Dolly Tiirinari, Lykr-s Bros, Steamship C0-L D1-l Campo, Mississippi Shipping Co., 8.5, fra Berlanga, United Fruit Co. Countries' Visitefl-Fraricc, Belgilirn, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Pan- ama, Brazil, Trieste, VVest Africa. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Football, Basketball, Christian Council. . ez: n 'ffl ii DONALD EUGENE ANTHONY LYONS 284 Valentine Avenue, Bronx, New York Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Eugene Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. Gulf Merchant, Gulf South America Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Philippine Islands, China, Iapan, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Trieste, Panama. Academy Record-Midships, Latin-American Club, Rilie and Pistol Team, Propeller Club, Cadet OH'-icer. .194 ' -e-. 7 J. DONALD ONLEY MAHANNA, IR. 633 North Franklin Street, Washington, Pennsylvania Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Traveler, United States Lines Co., S.S. Exminster, S.S. Scagway Victory, American Export Lines. Countries Visited - England, Ireland, Scotland, Egypt, Anglo- Egyptian Sudan, Eritrea, French Somaliland, Arabia, Pakistan, India, Ceylon, Burma, Trieste, Israel. Service Ribbons-American Theatre, Asiatic-Pacific Theatre with two stars, Good Conduct, World YVar Two Victory, Japanese Occupation. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Band, Football Manager, Camera Club. 'rf N' like if 2 LOUIS Al,15X,XXl7l5lI M.XNOl.lXD1it-C I JA Y l D FAU lr, MARK ll. ll I Box 82, Dvlhi, Calliiurniu lllf' NN ost 20-lil! Stxcol. Nun Xnrl-. Li-1, You Inrlt V11 lu' lla: lhw, lflnxsilim ruml kings Point, Sl-11 1711141 5.5. Santa juium, Gmc-is Lines, U.S.N.'l'. Parnurisct, fkmnlril x Yixilrcln llllllllllltl, lic-umlur, Coloml-lu, T,C'Tll,Cl1lll',j1lPHU, l'f.'l'. Ilan l'.lss IlllllNll.lll .mtl lungs lhnul. Nu Pink 5 S Xmvxuxx. I uuvtl Nmivs l lm-s Vu., S S. l'.X1llUllll. l'.xL-ilia' 'l.mLm-ls, lm: Xmux,.u1 lf xpml l Huw. 5 N. lxlihnmmu, hwy slum Slilppxug ilu. llcnrxfm x Iam. ff lzvlaml. lriulvv. l' m1l.uul, Dutch Nlbsl lmlu-s ll.1wuii, .Xmlyin l'l1ili mlm' lxlalntls. X K N W k . Y Il Amlll. my Iiifurrf 'lllOl'4'llx'l' Lflulu. Chulvt Ulllrcl. N 'llm'illOl.l, K wlvvulw., lfgx wt. X 'l -ltgx HU. S la , A .l 1 , . . , , 1.-,lvmh N,,,,J11lllllIlJ. El-lkuunlh lmhlljIffu,,,,'.,1' cjl,l,l1,,,1ll W mul' Armlmrzgl Il4'c'u1'rl'-l5.x1ul, f.l1r1st1'un Council, Propcllvr Club, Socic-ty ' ul Naval ,'Xl'C.'lllll'K'l5 .incl Marxmf Ellg11lL'L'fS, Rifle Club, Football, lxlislslnips. X, , I ,V If M f THOMAS PATRICK MARTIN GEORGE AKIRA MARUYAMA 56-1 - 82nd Street, Brooklyn 9, New York I I N o '- Plcbe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. v '700 E4B?0th Hoag' Hone U, Hawaii Sea Duty-S.S. Elizabeth Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., T.E.S. Pmlge lem!-Pass Chllstmn and lugs Point. . . Antigua, United Fruit Co. Sou Duty - S.S. Prgfside-Bt VViliJor1,HAnIler1lcan Iiresident Lines, 1 '1,a"'. ,, . Countries Visited-Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Poland,, U'S'X T 11551011 in Mgo M1 L rm ers nc Finland, Cuba, Canal Zone, Guatemala, Mexico. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Soccer Team. f Wrlff f ,fzjx 4 f mg ff 3' 1 V f27 4l ff I ,, , ,H - ' 4 ' 1 ' ' ff' ,y7" w ks , I t if X, ,,,, , ,- 'V , MJ, , I , fffyvfiyf f f A 95, 1' .T ,V , f M 5,42 2, 17 ,551 f 4: 33 : I 4, , ff , ff K ' 1 ,M , :X WX , f X 1 , , X ff , Z ZZ f ' Q, W x Q my f ,, , ,,,,,,. Ay! Z fi? lj ' fl -1 11 , ff Countries Visited-japan, China, Philippine Islands, Bermuda. Acndclny Record-Propeller Club, Cadet Officer. "QU wa, 5 'S47 DAVIS GLEASON MELLOR. Q54 EDWARD ROBERT MATTSON 26 Corbet Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Dutu-S.S. Santa Maria. Gr'-ve Line, S.S. American Packer United States Lines Co., S.S. Exhibitor, American Export Lines Countries Visited-Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Arabia Chile, Egvpt, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, French Somaliland, India: Ceylon, Bunna, Pakistan. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Propeller Club, Windjammcrs Track Team. MICHAEL HAROLD MEHALEK 2 Maltbie Avenue, Suifem, New York 1 xx fi WILLIAM FELTON McBRIEN 8 Maple Avenue, Nahant, Massachusetts Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Santa Rosa, Grace Lines, S.S. Robin Trent, Robin Lines, S.S. Extavia, American Export Lines. Countries Visited-Holland, West Indies, Colombia, Venezuela, Union of South Africa, South VVest Africa, Portuguese East Africa, French Morocco, Spain, Algeria, Tunisia, Portugal, Italy. Academy Record-Polaris, Hear This, Soccer Team. Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Samoset, Socony Vacuum Oil Co., S.S. African Grove, Farrell Lines, S.S. Santa Olivia, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Venezuela, Colombia, Belgian Congo, Portuguese West Africa, French West Africa, Nigeria, French Equatorial Africa, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Cape Verde Islands, Canal Zone, Peru, Chile, Ecuador. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Information Service, French Club, Sailing Team, Wrestling Team, Intramural Track Cham- pionship, Cadet Officer. 507 South Clifton Terrace, N. W., Washington, D. C. Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Lines, S.S. Exchequer, American Export Lines, S.S. American Ranger, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Venezuela, Colombia, Egypt, Arabia, India, Ceylon, French Somaliland, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, France, Germany, England, Pakistan. Academy Record-Pistol Team-Captain, Cadet OHicer. 5 51 N fhg, A, r A xg g , F 'K iv nn., 1 'il D 54 4 if 5 Kliliililll LOUIS HENRY MENSEN ANTONY OWEN MIGNANO 1309 Clinton Street, Algonac, Michigan Plcbe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Doctor Lykes, S.S. Kendall Fish, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Japan, Philippine Islands, Java, Malaya, Eng- land, Germany, Poland, Finland, Italy, Canal Zone. Academy Record-Regimental Band, Dance Band, Propeller Club, Cadet Officer. 270 - 61st Street, Brooklyn, New York Plcbe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mormacowl, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Robin Sherwood, Seas Shipping Co., S.S. American Merchant, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited - Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, British East Africa, Great Britain, France, Germany. Service Ribbons-Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean, Eastem, Asiatic, Victory. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Polaris, Drill Team, Propeller Club, VVindjammers, Midships, Camera Club, Christian Council, Protestant Choir, Radio Club, Regimental Lightweight Boxing Championship '50, Chapel Show, Cadet Officer. -L-5-var,-U 4 1 w P it-' - i Y ' f - f Q7-gg f. K ' A F-L 3 f 1.--1-v-,. A A Y ' -fl: -5,4 - - P 2 i 1-f --Ye, L S i ' F 'A+' ' v ' f , ,,..., M... ,W ff, fa, .ff , . f f , , mm L , W awww I, WV I Af , , I ' L r A, fr 13 1 1 x Qjigw, fl ' ,, . , 2229 ,ef Qiflg his ,aw ,f.,MWWW,Wy4 ' ' , liffiif It ""' mf V I f , 1 y Q J C ' , ,f . V , aff ii -gage, ' ' r 5, i. , .41 we franc: , Mft f J, Zhi 6 L, y . :ni .f. W, rgghzygke tg I f M 027, ww,ww,,,f,,NwM, ,,,f:,f2V3yWi'1'i,vYAw"H'e,1'01nbmm4 rf g , Mau 'atm ,u !s"W?lh4 ,ff ,,f ,, U 7,7 X V ,hw 4 s Q, ,M frm , A! , . Q Q A 'A'-cr 21 71 fee- W .- A V 1 Y vm' 4-V 5 'AY -1f.f---,.:....V-AV- iA Y- 'A 'A"' -6-,verb ,- L - Avlxv ,,,,-., 1 5 i i i V 3 i . 1 i 1 l 1 w I l 1 5 V I E i l w l 1 I CHARLES B MILLER Route No 2 Box 105 Bothell Washington Plebe Year-San Mateo. Sea Duty-S.S. New World Victory, Pacific Far East Lines, U.S.N.T. Mission Santa Ana, Pacific Tankers, Inc. RICARDO MORENO ARIONA Calle 43 No 45 15 Barranquilla Colombia Plebe Year Kings Point Sea Duty-S.S. Santa Rosa, S.S. Santa Elisa, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Curacao, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru Chile, Panama. Countries Visited-China, Japan, Philippine Islands, Korea, Hawaii. Academy Record-Soccer, Fencing Team-Coach, French Club YN f , ' 26 EVERIT SADLER MORGAN 24 Morris Lane, Scarsdale, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Howell Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., S.S. President Johnson, American President Lines. Countries Visited-Iapan, China, Philippine Islands, Panama, Malay States, Dutch East Indies, India. Academy Record-Sailing Team, Propeller Club, Cadet Officer. 4497, 2 f 6 ,jlggnw IORGE RGDOLFO MORGENSTERN Casilla No. 35, San Jose De La Mariquina, Chile Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Santa Rita, Grace Lines, S.S. African Planet, Far- rell Linesg S.S. American Miller, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Union of South Africa, British East Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Trinidad, Germany, England. Academy Record-Latin American Club,.Propeller Club, Soccer, Track, Drill Team, Intramural Regimental Championship Rowing Team. 5 . 'S ROBERT GEORGE MURRIS forey Avenue. Blue Point, New York ' leur'--Rings Point, N 7utg,fS,S. Exclicsier, SS. Exeter, Aint-riczin Export Lines. L miitrns Yixitt'ci-Fraiice. lt.il5, 'l'iu'lwy, Blllgllflkl,RkJIl1tlIllil,Egy'I7t, goslgix Li. -X timmy Record-Baiitl. Z if W ,, DONALD WELDON MURATA 1943 Pennsylvania Avenue, Los Angeles, Califomia Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President VVilson, American President Lines, S.S Santa Juana, S.S. Santa Leonor, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Canada, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Hawaii, Philippine Islands, China, japan. Academy Record-Propeller Club. LANVRENCE JOHN MULLIGAN, JR. til? - Xlst Street, Brooklyn 9, New York Plehi' l'4'z1r--liiiigs Point. Sea Duty-S.S. African Lightning, Farrell Lines, S.S. Scott E. Land, American President Lines. Countries lr'l.S'lfVII-Ptllllllllfl, Iapan, China, Philippine Islands, Malay States, Ceylon, lnclia, Egypt. ltaly, Sicily, France, Spain, French xVL'St Africa, South Africa, Trinidad, Portuguese East Africa. Academy Record-Drill Team, Propeller Club. BERNARD CASPER MUSZYNSKI 240 Crystal Lake Drive, Orlando, Florida Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Gibbes Lykes, S.S. Sue Lylces, Lykes Bros. Steam- ship Co., S.S. Alcoa Roamer, Alcoa Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Union of South Africa, Madagascar, Portuguese East Africa, South VVest Africa, Venezuela, Aruba, Dutch Guiana, Trinidad, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Barbados, Gibraltar, Italy, Greece. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Astronomical Society, Propeller Club. A . A 1 Q, l Q ff, .U PETER NARUTA 103 Throop Avenue, Brooldyn 6, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Nomian Lykes, S.S. Harry Culbreath, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited - Mexico, France, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Philippine Islands, China. Service Ribbons-Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Polaris. xi P ,, MSW JOHN HERBERT NICCOLLS 3126 Fenton Avenue, Bronx, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Louis Mch. Howe, American President Lines, .S.S. Monmouth, Keystone Shipping Co., S.S. Excelsior, American Export Lines. Countries Visited-China, Philippine Islands, Straits Settlements, Burma, India, Ccgflon, Pakistan, French Somaliland, Anglo- Egyptian Sudan, ritrea, Arabia, Egypt, France, Italy. Academy Record-Drill Company, Propeller Club, Windjammcrs. GEORGE EVERET NELSON 365 Hope Street, Glenbrook, Connecticut Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Robin Kirk, Seas Shipping Co., S.S. Excalibur, American Export Lines. Countries Visited-Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, Tanganyika, Kenya, Zanzibar, South West Africa, Canada, France, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Syria, Azores, Cape Verde Islands. Acaderqcy Record-Eagle Scout Society, Propeller Club, Intramural Trac . LELAND OSCAR NYMAN 76 Grant Street, Gardner, Massachusetts Plebe Year-Kings Point. Scar Duty-S.S. Santa Elisa, Grace Lines, S.S. African Moon, Far- rell Lines. Countries Visited-Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, British East Africa, South West Africa, Trinidad, Curacao, Canal Zone. Academy Rccorclmllropcllvr Club, XVindjamniers. fx' z e l l I 1 l i i l I i i 1 I . Q Z l 5 l i I 1 l l i 1 ., YQ 'R 'E .Y .:,.- ...., ,M ' 1 1, Q, .E TL ,,.-if--L L54-fv W W---fu., n.nf is ,... me-, -wif-V - Jw "r+.pf-nr -o.,W,.f-1,1-q...-.w-ff-.,,,f-2--"'-Ain..-i..f, , K--.,, ,-,,.-i,-...F f-ffx, wig. ,P . om, E E31 'fin P+.- ' 'Marr .-.- ,f-15" ml 'V ff 'wx ag ' "4 z , ii Q' '1 'f A ,f 3 .fd I X, 17155. 4 rf, , ,.4.,, .J . x Z1 V ,4 -K , V f . as X ff' 4 uf, rv I f 3 W , , A f H4 K ff? EK , 'xg , ,W ,iw fff ,ww W I I Q -V . P, Y, .1 ,, If lx, if ,V ,,, W f ,iffif ,Z-,,,,,,, E, ,MW ,,,' MAWM A W ,. W ' I mg ,gif 2 I, ,, - gal- Q 1 1 ,M Mil. P f , . f fy X ff S f , X ,fu fm . f -A ,,,,, '5iQ1y,, W, K , Ki W, fx. . I - "4 . 'ry 'V 470 4,, ,f,, ,f S4 f W MMM ,.,,mx f V , V,, H, K' f X' ,MW X P ,,,g.,,,,..-..-wgfr,W X fs gwei , W xqy, V. PM 3., 'gi . , ,, M W ,I I E r ,Z uf P f Zyl Iv" , , L-,4n.'-eq,qY-i ' f-A1-' '- A14-,'n, ',f4 , ,151 T, ,' ,r -A+ vi, '1a'l-'v1'A- ' - A- ' NM wx 1 W f f ff f -A, f. .P fme ' f ,J X ' f N f , ' f 5 f PAUL JOSEPH OLSAVSKY Fairbanlc, Pennsylvania Flake Ycarwliings Point. Eva Duty'-S,S, Santa lsalmrfl, Cram: Lin:-4 S.S. Excurnbion, lzxlrm, Armfruzm Export l,1nr:a, Ccuntfiffs Vihtnd-Colornlliag liumrlur, Porn, Chilv, Fr:-nczh Mor- f,f.f.f1, Targlfvrx, Algrrxa, Egypt, l,,1'Imnon, Crm-auf, Italy, Spain, Przmnfg l'nrt,wlg:ll. Academy Hffcnrd-Foulball, liaxkr-llzanll, l3z1scb:1ll. 3 5 3 EUGENE PAUL O'ROURKE 8908 Colonial Road, Brooklyn 9, New York Plcbc Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Suu Duty-S.S. Frcdf-rick Lykc-s, Lykes Bros. Steamshi Ann-rica, Unitcd Stun-S Lines CO. Countrizfs Visitvd-Japan, France, Ireland, England. Acazlvmy Rvvord-Midships, Ram Squad, Propeller Club flil' 'lv l i p Co.g S.S .5 fx X WALTER CHARLES ORR 1900 East 30th Street, Cleveland, Ohio Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President NVilson, American President Lines. Countries Visited-Hawaii, Philippine Islands, China, japan. Academy Record-Drill Company, Christian Council, Propeller Club. COLORADO MONTANA A! LOUIS LEONARD PACKER 1847 East 7th Street, Brooklyn, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Dutu-S.S. Stella Lykes, S.S. Velma Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steam- ship Co. Countries Visited-Korea, Netherlands East Indies, Philippine Is- lands, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece Academy Record-Propeller Club, Polaris, Camera Club-President Information Service-Photo Editor. NEW MEXICO NEW JERSEY A 1 HERBERT RAPHAEL PAGANO 233 Ridgewood Avenue, Brooklyn 8, New York Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Importer, United States Lines, S.S. Satucket, Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., S.S. Mormacmar, Moore- McCormack Lines. Countries Visited-England, France, Germany, Colombia, Vene- RICHARD PALK Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty - S.S. President Wilson, American President Lines zuela. U.S.N.T. Mission Solecled, Pacific Tankers, Inc. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Rifle and Pistol Team, Drill . . . . . . . , Team, Intramural Regimental Championship Rifle Team, Presi- Visited-Japan' China' Korea' Phlhppme Islands' Alaska dent-Debate and Public Speaking Society, Altar Boy Society, Propeller Club, Cadet OHicer. Academy Record-Propeller Club. or , 1 . HENRY H. PETERS 83 Yllalker Street, Falmouth, Massachusetts Plcbc Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Miller, United States Lines Co., S.S. Exmouth, American Export Lines. Countries Visited-England, France. Germany, Italy, Greece, Tur- key, Bulgaria, Ruxnania, French Morocco. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Class Business Committee. ' 'M 'V UTAH OREGON EDWARD FRANCIS PFLEGING, JR. 350 Edisln Street, Staten Island 6, New York Plcbc Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Sonoma, Matson Navigation Co., S.S. General McMeigs, American President Lines, S.S. P. 6: T Forester, Pope and Talbot Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Australia, Canada, Fiji Islands, Samoa, Hayvaii, China, japan, Philippine Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela. Academy Record-Propeller Club. 0 ANTHONY B. PETTI 427 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey Plcbe Year-Kings Point. Sea .Duty-S.S.-Ventura, Matson Navigation Company, S.S. Alamo Victory, Pacific Far East Lines, U.S.N.T. Mission Soledad, Pacific Tankers Incorporated. Service Ribbons-American Theatre,Asiatic-Pacific Theatre, Victory. Countries Visited-Samoa, Australia, Tasmania, Fiji Is- lands, Hawaii, japan, China, Formosa, Philippine Islands, Guam Marshall Islands, Wake Island, Korea. WILLIAM IOSEPH PHELAN 50 Calumet Street, Vllaterbury, Connecticut Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Fra Berlanga, United Fruit Company, S.S. Ex- brookc American Export Lines, S.S. Tulahoma, Keystone Ship- ping o. Countries Visited-Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mo- rocco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Venezuela, Nicaragua. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Soccer Team. if 5 Y 2 J BARRY WHYTE PILLINGER 116 College Street, Elgin, Illinois Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. joseph Lykes, S.S. Stella Lykes, Lylces Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-England, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Mexico, Belgium, France, Panama, Japan, China, Philippine Islands. Academy Record-Basketball, Propeller Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Astronomical Society, Cadet Officer. JORGE HERNANDEZ PILOTO Residencial Marazul, Matanzas, Cuba Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Producer, United States Lines, S.S. Mor- macwave, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Sylvia Lykes, S.S. Nancy Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Countries Visited-Germany, England, Italy, Greece, Spain, Argen- tina, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Dutch West Indies, Cuba. Academy Record-Latin American Club-President, Spanish Debate Team-Captain, Midships, Christian Council. Sf K 'X MAXIMILLIAN IOSEPH POPP 4182 North 16th Street, Milwaukee 9, VVisconsin Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duiy-S.S. Cherry Valley, Keystone Shipping Company, S.S. Exanthia, American Export Lines. Countries Visited-French Morocco, Spanish Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal. Academy Record-Sailing, Catholic Choir, EDWIN HAROLD PREFER, IR. 1875 Ryder Street, Brooklyn 34, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S, Marine Jumper, S.S. Mormacsun, S.S. Mormacport, Moore-McCorm ack Lines. Countries Visited-Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad, Nether- lands XVest Indies, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Finland. Scrcice Ribbons-Asiatic, Pacific, Philippine Liberation, American Theatre, japanese Occupation, Victory. Academy Record-Fourth Class President, Dance Committee, Mid- ships, Propeller Club, December XVeck Committee. 'Q 4' f rf f , mi , JoHN JOSEPH POWELL 162-06 77th Avenue, Flushing, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Bennington, Keystone Shipping Co., S.S. American Merchant, United States Lines Co. Countricns' Visited-Panama, France, Germany, England, Belgium. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Michelson Society-Vice Presi dent, Altar Boys' Society-Head Altar Boy, Aiding Chaplain: Propeller Club, Cadet Officer. GEORGE ARTHUR QUICK M. D. No. 14, Newburgh, New York Plebc Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Exporter, American Export Lines, S.S. Argentina, Moore-McCormack Lines. Countries Visited-Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, Egypt, French Morocco, British VVest Indies, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, France. Academ y Record-Propeller Club. 'mb 1 .2 ,Y GEORGE JOHN HASCHER 1817 Beech Street, Mclieesport. Pennsylvania . . Plflf Y: -K .' P ' t. 217 North Pearl Street, Spencerville, Ohio I H lar ings Um I u , f , . . . , . Sea Duty--'S.S. Marine Marlin, United States Lines, S.S. Argen- PIUDU YU""'P4155 Chnstlim and Kmgs Iomt' tina, Moore-McCormack Steamship Co, S,S. Izxporter, American Sea Duty-S.S. Tullahoma, Keystone Shipping Co., S.S. Mormac- EXPON LNCS- lllilily M00f6'MCC0m'L'Ck Lines- Countries Visited-Englarid, Ireland, France, Germany, Noyra ico- Countrics Visited-Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Finland. vtlil, Brazil, Uruguay, Afgfffltmfir T'U"dadf Greece, ur ey, , , Cyprus, Sicily, Italy. Academy Record-Camera Club, Hear This, Cadet Officer-Regh 1 mental Intelligence Officer, Academy Record-Polaris, Basketball, Propeller Club. s .in JOHN JOSEPH REPKO 8 Grace Street, Swoyerville, Pennsylvania Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Clipper, S.S. America, United States Lines Co.g S.S. Cherry Valley, Keystone Tankers. Countries Visited-England, France, Scotland, Ireland. Academy Record-Football, Basketball, Fencing Team, Rowing Team, Propeller Club, Class Business Committee, Cadet Ollicer. Z, s il 'N Je we f W, W 7, , 2 X ,I s ,W . DAVID MALCOLM ROSS 20 Albion Street, Melrose, Massachusetts Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Comayaqua, S.S. Limon, United Fruit Co., S.S America, United States Lines Co., S.S. President Harding American President Lines. Countries Visited-Honduras, Costa Rica, Canal Zone, Japan, China Philippine Islands, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, India, Pakistan Egypt, Italy, France, England, Ireland. Academy Record-Drill Company, Class Ring Committee. J psi 353 , J 9 J f JOHN ROBICRT llll'lil,.l4l5iJl4I, lllil. lliiu' Bi-arch l' UM Pine llcncll. New lm'-.ci lliuiri' l 4'm'-- Kings lhnni, Sim Elnflg--SS, .'X11lUl'ls'1lll 1l.ii'lxm, NS. .'X1ne1ii'.ui ll.i1m-sim, 1 mimi bmim lines Ln., l,l1,.h, lxmxil, Klum,--Nlvl muniirlx l.mrs. ximnareqxi lzuiixl 'l'll3ll.lllxl, hvnil.uiil. 1wl.mil, xl.-iuninye lfinnen- lii-mil, Lilllgllldj, Xl'g1Q'llllllLl, vlxl'1lllkl.lkl- Acuiiunzy R.'cord---Srlioliistie Sling Drill Conipziny. Class Ring Com- mittee, Propeller Chili, Miilsliips--Adivrtlsing Nlamiger, Cadet Oi'lieei'. ROBERT XAVIER RYAN Exeter Road, Harbour Green, Massapequa, Long Island, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Washington, United States Lines, S.S. Pueblo, Key- stone Shipping Co., S.S. Santa Paula, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Ireland, England, France, Mexico, Netherlands YVest Indies, Colombia, Venezuela. Academy Record-Football, Information Service, Propeller Club, Midships. DONALD CORNIQIJIUS RYAN 59 Sin-lllmnli Plame, Rockville Centre, New York Melia' Year-luiigs lminl, Sm: IDllll1"s,b. Netlwilniicls Victory, American Export Lines, S.S Mount Dzivis, Alllkfliilll ljl'C5lllt'I'lt Lines. Cfmmtrizns Visilwzlwltaily, France, Yugoslzivizl, Greece, Turkey , Fri-ncli Morocco, Iran, Hawaii, Philippine lxlzmds, japan, China, Straits Settlements, lmliu, Egypt, Ceylon, Pakistan, Malta, Cyprus Academy Record-Polaris, Hear This, Propeller Club, Band. M 0 THOMAS FORTUNE RYAN 241-26 Caney Road, Rosedale 10, Long Island, New York Plebe Year-San Mateo and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Alamo Victory, Paciiic Far East Lines, U.S.N.T. Mission Purisima, Pacific Tankers, Inc., S.S. American Press, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-China, Korea, Japan, Siam, Arabia, Germany. Academy Record-Drill Team. K 3 9 S Y ff 2 .0 9 it WILLIAM EARL RYDER RICHARD G. SCHIERLOH Eastport, New York State Line, Massachusetts Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Plebc Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Siwanoy, Socony Vacuum Oil Co., S.S. Exford, Sea Duty-S.S. Mormacteal, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. American Export Lines. Chancellorsville, Keystone Shipping Co. Countries Visited-French Morocco. Arabia, Spanish Morocco, Countries Visited-Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Dutch West Indies. Portugal' Azmp- Islands-' Rummiia' Bulgaria' Turkey' Spain' Academy Record-Baseball, Drill Company, Cadet Officer. Greece, Italy, Libia, Trieste, Sicily, Cyprus. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Intramural Softball. EUGENE RONALD SCHUMANN 1142 North Spaulding Avenue, Chicago, Illinois L. Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Box 181 Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania Ifihztsntloilxmerican Export Lines? S'S' Pioneer' Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Santa Elisa, Grace Lines, S.S. African Moon, Countries Visited-Greece, Turkey, Sicily, Bulgaria, India, Burma, Farrell Lines- Rumania, Pakistan, Algeria, Australia, Arabia, Egypt, Ceylon, Malta, Sardinia, Canal Zone, jamaica, French Somaliland, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. Countries Visited-Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Dutch VVest Indies, Trinidad, VVest Africa, Union Academy Record-Wrestling, Fencing Team, Swimming Team, of South Africa' East Africa' Latin American Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Club, Cadet Officer. Academy Record-Band, Pistol Team, Polaris, Radio Club, Propeller 9: -uf Q x E. N-4 i I I I 1 i B v ! L K M . BMW, lr JAMES CRAMER SHIPLEY 416 North Market Street, Frederick, Maryland Plcbc Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sen Duty-S.S. Parismina, United Fruit Company, S.S. Santa Mar- garita, Grace Lines, S.S. America, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-Cuba, Honduras, Canal Zone, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ireland, England, France. Academy Record-Track, Dance Committee, Propeller Club, Cross Country, Regimental Touch Football Championship Team. EA "it-r .QL GEORGE FREDERICK SHIRLEY 130 Devonshire, Dearbom, Michigan Plcbe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. President Monroe, American President Lines, S.S. Santa Barbara, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Hawaii. Japan, China, Philippine Islands, Malay States, Ceylon, India, Egypt, Italy, France, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. Academy Record-Drill Company, Eagle Scout Society, Rifle and Pistol Club, Band, Propeller Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Cadet Officer. Lff -fi,if A f ' L '-fc vt-...WA Ak i v""'s. 1 - " ' fx- if-ef, " "' -"' 4' --M + zfvw...-4-vnursgfrlfls, f. .P 5 1. 2 rg-W s A Y' f K A vf'g,,- V - ',a,-figud-pk 'A'-'I N,-.rn--+ - - - v Sag.- I I l P ll l l tl L l I l X V I ff I H P I P it ish llli ,"'-1-ww.: f A ..... V D it - - -in-n.,A, ,.,Y ,,,, iAi A2 Y FRANCIS JOSEPH SKURKA 45-09 Ditmars Boulevard, Astoria, New York Plcbc Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Suu DutyAS.S. General WV. H. Cordon, American Pre-sidc-nt Lines, U.S.N.T. Mission Santa Barbara, Pacific Tankors, Inu. Countries Visited-Hawaii, Philippine Islands, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Hongkong, Bahrein Island. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Drill Company, Camera Club, Feature Editor-Hear This, Cadet Officer. 5 if ,fi 7 A ,,l,f,, H f ,zf X ww CARL FREDERICK SOLTERER 518 Meridian Avenue, Falls Church, Virginia Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Alma Victory, American Export Linesg S.S. Robin Cray, Seas Shipping Co., S.S. Pueblo, Keystone Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Greece, Union of South Africa, Portuguese East Africa. Acarlcmy Record-Scholastic Star, Drill Company, French Club, Regimental Intramural Championship Sailing Team, Fencing Club, Cadet Officer. FRANK WESTON SNELL Tiverton Four Corners, Tiverton, Rhode Island Plwlu' Your--'l'ass Christian and Kings Point. San Duty'-S.S. Aim-rican Planter, Arnrfrican Vfftf-ran, United States Lines Co., S.S. Pm,-bio, Kr-ystono Shipping Co. Coiinlrirs Vi.s'itc'1I-Frarice, Germany, Cu-at Britain, Northern Ire land, Curacao. Acfizlrniy liffcoril-Drill Company, Propeller Club. BRUCE GRANDSEN SONGDAHL 520 South West 11th Avenue, Miami 36, Florida Plcbe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Tullahoma, Keystone Shipping Co., S.S. Mormac- mail, Moore-McCormack Lines. Countries Visited-Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Canada. Academy Record-Scholastic Star, Camera Club, VVindjan1mers, Propeller Club, Cadet Officer. 'T MICHAEL SOSKO I6 Vest llth Street. Bayonne, New jersey Plein' Yun' -Pass Christian and Rings Point. Sea I7u1y-S.S. .-Xiuerieau Press, S.S. Ami-riean Leader, United Statis lines Co., S.S. Rohiu Tuxlortl, Seas Shipping Co., S.S. Saula liosal. Grace l.,lllL'S. C'oun1rir'.s' Yixitecl-Germany, lfranee, Spain, South Africa, Curacao, Yeuezuela, Colombia. Acriilwvzy Rwvorzl-Scholastic Star, Propeller Cluh, Drill Team, llUlill'iS. LEE XVALL STANTON Fessenden, North Dakota I'l4lu'l'4'111'--Kiiigs Point. Sw: Duty-S.S. Xlusliiiiigtoii, United States Lines Co., S.S. Exhilii- tor, American Export Lines, S.S. Purisiniiia, United Fruit CO. Coznitiius Vixifvrl-Ireland, England, France, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, lfreneh Somaliland, Arahia, India, Pakistan, Italy, Costa Rica. Sercice Rll1lIUIl-SWAlUCl'lCLlIl Theatre, Pacific Theatre, Victory Rih- lion, China Servics--. Academy Record-Polaris, Plehe Year Class President, Intramural Regimental Championship Rowing Team, Propeller Club, Cadet Officer. V I LMK4 IOSEPH RICHARD STAPLETON 45-39 170th Street, Flushing, New York Plebc Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Banker, S.S. YVashington, United States Lines Co., S.S. Frederickeshurg, Keystone Shipping Co. Countries lfi-S'ifCll-Iifljllflflfl, France, Germany, Ireland, Venezuela, Aruha, Curacao, Saudi Arahia, Egypt. Academy Record-Propeller Cluh, Drill Team, VVincljammers, june YVQ-ek Committee, Cadet Officer-Fifth Company Commander. in HOWARD PAUL STARK 919 Excelsior Avenue, Bristol, Pennsylvania Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Fra Berlanga, United Fruit Co., S.S. Robin Locks- ley, Robin Line, S.S. Mormacrio, Moore-McCormack Lines. Countries Vis-iterl-Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Poland, South Africa, Southwest Africa, Denmark, Mozambique, Sweden, Nor- way, Finland, Canal Zone. Academy Record-Christian Council, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Debate Council, Ski Club, Astronomical Society, Cadet Officer. i ales YW in I 5 MARTIN W. STEFFENS North Country Road, Miller Place, New York Plcbe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Robin Mowbray, Seas Shipping Co., S.S. American Forwarder, United States Lines, S.S. Satuckct, Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. Countries Visited-Union of South Africa, Italy, Spanish Morocco, Portuguese Africa, British Africa. Academy Record-Drill Company, Sailing Team, Cadet Ollicer. ,rf My 1 LEON LEROY STINE, IR. Gautier, Mississippi Plcbe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Del Mar, Mississippi Shipping Co., S.S. Louise Lykes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., T.E.S. Chiriqui, United Fruit CO. Countries Visited-Virgin Islands, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Curacao, Germany, Poland, Cuba, Guatemala, Bermuda. Academy Record - Scholastic Star, Midships - Editor-in-Chief, Michelson Society-President, Vllindjammers, Radio Club, Pro- peller Club, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, German Club, Chapel Show, Latin American Club, Regimental Intramural Championship Sailing Team, Cadet OHicer-Regi- mental Intelligence OH'icer. 4 l , 'K-A L er 5 I l LA DEAN STOCKLMEIR 1648 Escohita Avenue, Palo Alto, California Plvluf Yc1lr4l':1ss Christian: and Kings Point. Swn Duty-S.S. l'rt'sidr-nl Wilson, American llresillcnt Lincs. Crmnlrifmv Vixitrwl-llmvaii, Philippim- Islands, China, Iupan. Acnrlr'mg1 1l1'l'fITfl"'l,I'0lN'lll'l' fflnli, Drill Ccnnpnny. 364 EDWIN JOHN SYVEEN EY 71-74 69th Street, Glendale 27, New York Plvbr' Yvar-Kings Point. Sm Duty-S.S. Nlmnnn-star, Nloorc-NlcCorxnack Sta-gnnship Co.: S.S. Alun-x'icn, United States Lines Cn. Cmznlrivx Vixiti'rl--Canznlai, l'4in.nnn, Yvlicfiicla, Dutch Ylbst ln- divs, llncrto llic-o, llmzil, Uruguay, Argcxxtiim, linglinnl, ln-land, l"1'q1m'c. .tcwzllwrngf Ilvr'nrfI--Sm-mul Class l'rcsidcnt. Ring Cmninittcv. Latin- 1xllll'lli'tlll tflnlv, l'rnpl-llvr tflnlw, Si-lwlastn' Star, Cadet Otlivcr. K' 1 ? l E s Q 1 3 f l , l ! 5 5 T i 1 3 7 5 3 5 I l J 7 3 as 2 i -Q.,-sq..,,w ilk' 5 ,,. A-.. f Q - A,-...,,,.,s ,Zz U" 3 r Y Q W R- . ' 1.55. 11 1 K V ' f'..5gQ'2" '. jx? K '1 1. 4 sf ' K ,fpiy g k 'L -1 . f ' 1, . ef x 1 gg, , fx 1 . .. .2 , .af . .ji :fi 511 ' ' . f' ff f ' K., F Q xy S' K ,F N K C - I Q N"s.,,,,,'M., 1'-....-u "iq 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 11 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 41 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -,fAf X: Afigfnfi. ' -iv '--L-v - La- - 'vii-1-1: - W 1-f , ,-- 1 f QL -ve. ,145-Q 1 ' -Av Q W. I Q 4 J ff j0SI'IPII NORNIAN 'l'HIBAULT ROBERT LEYVIS THOINIPSON U0 fQ,l1'llK'Y Lim:-, Ncuinglon, ff0lllZl'Cti1'llf H. F. D. No. 7, Butler, Pennsylvania P11111 1' fff. r klmzfv I' f11v, 1, I'I1In' Yvur-Kilms Point. 2 f'f1 lm!! HS. 1.'1fi11p1fg, XMIM X :11f- 111 111 l'vpr1rl IIIIVNQ SS. Sw: Duty--5.8, Crfqulilluc-, Clcvvlnnd-Cliffs Iron Company 1'f,.1fw 11 .-,.', Siu .X1.f11f ,1r1 M1111 l 1.111-fl Sl..t1w 1,1l1m'w fm. 5.5. .'Xlll4'lIL.lIl Flyvr, United Stutcs Lines CU. fmvfrffr ','f,r1fff1 II.. ,11: l'l 1111 11111 Isl xvfc 14. Chm-1 Iqrm, lfm- ffrmnlrius XvIN1f1I1'f1.lII2XC1.l, Ellllilllkl, Franco, GL'1'lIlfl1lj'. ,Mi I 1,1"L'ffIM!i1'1111'lH!i:llKA"1""I''A IH 'And' Mulhml' X1 mlwmy lim urrl -I'1up1'llv1' Club, Cadet Officer. 1 l 1 1 1 ml In.11l.f,lu11,lJn1,,114 14.1111 f.'ff1,,1l liffnrd 1-,I .muy ,f '-, 41 " 65 K CLEMENT DENNIS TIMONEY 7834 Cheltenham Avenue, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Dutu-S.S. Dolly Turman, S.S. Louise Lvkes, Lykes Bros. Steamship Co,g S.S. Del Campo, Mississippi Shipping Company. Countries Visited-Mexico, Brazil, Liberia, Nigeria, Angola, Belgian Congo. French Equatorial Africa, France, Italy, Germany. Po- land, French West Africa, Belgium, Netherlands, Ivory Coast. Academy Record-Football, Baseball, Cadet Officer. 4 DAVID VIRGIL TURNER 1036 West Wayne Street, Lima, Ohio Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sen Duty-S.S. Mormacteal, Moore-McCormack Lines, S.S. Chancellorsville, Keystone Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Curacao, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay. Acaclemy Record-Band, Football, Cadet Officer. ADO MONTANA NEW MEXICO NEW JERSEY ' 0 I ,o '- to . g V I IOHN GERARD ULRICH 48 Bay Drive, Massapequa, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. American Forwarder, United States Lines Co., S.S. Robin Mowbray, Seas Shipping Co., S.S. Satucket, Socony Vacuum Oil Co. Countries Visited-South Africa, Portuguese East Africa, St. Helena. Spanish Morocco, Italy. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Rifle and Pistol Club. ROBERT WARREN VENN 6596 Onarga Avenue, Chicago, Illinois Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Swathmore Victory, Pacific Far East Lines, S.S. Marine Phoenix, Matson Navigation Company, U.S.N.T. Santa Ana, Pacific Tankers, Incorporated, S.S. Santa Flavia, Grace Lines. Countries Visited-Japan, China, Guam, Okinawa, Australia, New Zealand, Samoan Islands, Canada. Academy Record-Dance Committee, Information Service, Propeller Club, Chapel Committee, Midships, Windjammers, Cadet Officer. 'K X 'awk c s , fy .af GEORGE EDWVARD VVARREN 205 Neptune Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey Plebc Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Exchange, American Export Lines, S.S. Washing- ton, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-England, Ireland, France, Egypt, Lebanon, French Somaliland, Sudan Egypt, Arabia, Pakistan, India, Ceylon, Burma. Academy Record-Swimming Team. ' If sz. 'if BERNARD WILLIAM WELCH Main Street, Fine, New York Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. , Sea Duty-S.S. Marine Marlin, S.S. American Shipper, United States Lines Co., S.S. Northfield, Keystone Shipping Co., S.S. Robin Hood, Seas Shipping Co. Countries Visited-England, Ireland, Germany, France, Canada, Africa, Zanzibar, Portuguese East Africa. Academy Record4Propeller Club, Drill Team, Polaris, Cadet Officer. " UTAH OREGON INDIANA NEVADA ? e P :gdb 5 .L.:. rl . K , ' . Q L ROYAL A. WESTCOTT Hannibal, New York Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Champlain, Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co., S.S. Mormac- isle, Moore-McCormack Lines. JAMES HARDY WHICHARD 1923 - 18th Avenue, Gulfport, Mississippi Plebe Year- Pass Christian and Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Alcoa Runner, Alcoa Steamship Co., S.S, Del Santos, Mississippi Shipping Co. Countries Visited-Nova Scotia, British VVest Indies, Dutch West Indies, French YVest Indies, Trinidad, Venezuela, British Guiana, Countries' Visited-Venezuela, Curacao, Trinidad, Brazil, Uruguay, Dutch Guiana, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bermuda. Argentina, Canada. Academy Record-Band, Dance Band, Propeller Club. f . 'off if Academy Record-Tennis Team, Regimental Color Guard, Pro- peller Club, Cadet Officer. 36 5 4121 WJQSW, if 'L V 'Z M aa. EDGAR GRAY WILCOX 60 North VVilliam Street, Baldwin, Long Island, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mormacisle, S.S. Brazil, Moore-McCormack Lines. Countries Visited-Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Trinidad, Bermuda, Curacao, Panama, Barbados. Academy Record-Tennis, Propeller Club. DONALD STACEY WILSON 103 Jayne Avenue, Port Jefferson, New York Plebe Year-Kings Point. Sea Duty-S.S. Mormacisle, Moore-McCorrnack Lines, S.S. Exford, American Export Lines. Countries Visited-Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Panama, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Italy, French Morocco, Spanish Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Portugal, Azore Islands, Trieste, Netherlands West Indies. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Christian Council, Drill Com- pany, Cadet Oflicer. ,w ! 3 'Z ii!1?X ' , .2 JOHN VANDERVEER WIMAN DONALD ARTHUR WOOD 39 Green Y illage Road Madison New Jersey 2729 Winthrop Aw enue Arcadia, California Pfcbc Yr xr-Pass Christian and Kings Point. Plebe Year-Pass Christian and Kings Point. bca Duty-S.S. Gretna Victory, States Marine Corp., S.S. Drew Sea Duty-S.S. President Cleveland, American President Lines Victory, Pacific Far East Line Co. U.S,N.T. Mission Purisiina, Pacific Tankers, Inc., S S havayo Countries Visited-Gerinany, Belgium, France, Panama, China, Vmtory' PKIHC at ast Lmes japan. Guam, XVake Island, Okinawa. Countries Visited-Iapan, China, Arabia, Formosa, Philippine Is , , lands, Panama. Acrzdeniy Record-Dance Committee, Ski Club, Chapel Fund Show, Dance Band. Class Rates Board, Ring Committee, Cadet Of- Academy Record-Camera Club, Dance Committee, Propeller Club fic-er, Sub Company Commander-Sixth Company. Chapel Fund Committee. 163 FREDERICK ALBERT ZIEGLER 185 Kneeland Road, New Haven, Connecticut Plebe Year-Kings Point., Sea Duty-S.S. Robin Kirk, Robin Lines Co., S.S. American Har- vester, United States Lines Co. Countries Visited-South East and VVest Africa, Canary Islands, Zanzibar, Great Britain, France, Germany. Academy Record-Propeller Club, Drill Company, Class Ring Com- mittee, Class Council. X" V e f f ,. Class of December Adler, W. Anderson, T. Bagnall, W. Beberdick, F. Benton, L. Berg, W. Berry, H. Best, T. Bradshaw, J. Broussard, W. Browne, R. Bruch, D. Buehler, H. Bullick, R. Burt, VV. Butz, H. Caggiano, V. Callery, G. Campbell, G. Cannerot, J. Catto, W. Carlson, R. Christian, H. Corrigan, J. Cradick, H. Creighton, T. Crowe, J. Cutler, D'Aquilla, W. Delle Donne, E. DeVito, V. Dickson, R. Doemer, R. Donnellon, J. Donnelly, J. Dow, C. Durante, A. Ellis, G. Esbensen, P. Faller, T. Fellows, C. Fishkind, M. Fitzpatrick, J. 1951 Fitzpatrick, T. F lately, J. Flynn, E. Force, H. Fry, H. Gaye, C. Gregurech, S. Griffen, J. Grinnell, F. Goodale, E. Hanson, C. Harbst, D. Harzinski, K. Hoare, H. Holtgren, W. Hundt, J. Jimenez-Torres, N. Johanson, J. Johnson, W. Kanellakos, P. Kaz, J. Kennedy, W. Klein, I. Knowles, R. Kraft, L. Landmann, W. Lanzafame, J. Leitner, P. Lewis, G. Lezcano, R. Maccione, R. McBride, J. McCormack, G. McLean, D. McNulty, F. Meehan, D. Melbin, J. Michel, J. Molis, E. Montilone, R. Murray, P. Murray, R. Nelson, E. O'Conner, E. O'Donnel, E. Olimon, C. Onkes, R. Ortega-Ortero, J. O'Sullivan, B. Pace, E. Palatini, G. Paul, R. Phelps, C. Phelps, T. Phillips, A. Platt, J. Plessinger, J. Quin, J. Ramirez, B. Ramm, T. Rebman, J. Rehm, W. Retz, R. Reynolds, GM. Ridley, J. Rogers, W. Rotman, H. Savastano, J. Scarafone, R. Schroeder, A. Seitz, E. Shapiro, E. Sherican, C. Showalter, P.. Silos, G. Stainken, F. St. John, G. Stewart, J. Stobbie, R. Stolzenberg, M Taylor, R. Taylor, T. Terwilliger, H. Tis, E. Vallar, I. Valiente, R. Van Beck, N. Wheeler, J. Wieser, M. Wilcox, W. Willenbrick, G. Willock, R. Wilson, W. Woody, W. Wright, C. Yearsley, W. Young, R. Zortrnan, B. T. ANDERSON, President R. KRAFT, Vice President Class of August 1952 Abramson, D. G. Adams, R. L. Alexander, L. E. Ameika, E. A. Amicone, C. C. Amrhyn, O. C. Anderson, F. B. Andrews, R. G. Andrews, R. M. Antonucci, M. E. Artusa, F. A. Atamian, C. Aubin, D. L. Bajakian, A. A. Bakeeff, A. A. Baker, H. B. Balomenos, R. H. Barr, W. E. Bartoszak, I. B. Bassett, R. W. Beechinor, F. V. Berg, C. A. Berk, L. A. Birknes, I. A. Black, T. I. Blaine, D. D. Branstrom Brennen, W. E. Bziski, I. C. Buchanan, W. Bmun, W. D. Burnham, I. Burt, I. H. Buska, C. D. Butler, R. T. Campbell, T. I. Cassell, H. A. Chamberlain, W. R. Champlain, H. D. Chase, I. L. Christie, I. M. Clark, S. D. Corbett, L. I. Cotugno, P. I. Crane, R. E. Crossley, G. A. Cummings, M. P. Dawson, T. C. Dears, D. D. DeSraga, F. Dickson, R. W. Dilts, H. A. Dodd, R. Dolan, E. F. Donaldson, H. Donohue, I. I. Dosher, E. H. Dunn, R. I. Eggler, R. Y. Erikson, C. H. Evanovich, G. P. Evans, T. P., III Ewers, B. H. Feltus, V. M. Fialcowitz, R. P. Finlayson, L. A. Finnegan, D. S. Fisher, R. F.. Flagg, I. B. Flynn, D. Francino, L. D. Callenstein, L. I. Getty, I. I. Gibbons, F. E. Gillooly, I. I. Gluszczynski, T. Gooclhart, R. A. Gordey, WV. Graham, I. L. Grande, F. I. Green, I. C. Gregory, I. E. Grill, L. G. Guest, W. H. Habekost, W. R. Hackney, W. M. Hajosy, R. C. Hammer, P. M. Hansen, O. A. Hansen, N. T. Hardy, R. A. Harrell, C. Hartman, K. G. Headley, O. H. Hedlund, R. L. Heimbach, I. W. Hennelly, I. A. Hermitt, T. I. Hertzberg, I. M. Herzog, E. I., Ir. Hickey, I. T. Hill, S. Hill, T. E. Hines, R. F. Hines, R .F. Hoagland, I. I. Holt, L. G. lloui, L. E. Iardine, N. A. Iensen, F. G. Iones, I. T. Iones, N. E. Iones, R. C. Iordan, R. A. Kaai, S. W. Kacamarczyk, L. Keefe, H. S. Kelley, I. I. Keneipp, G. D. Kipp, F. M. Klages, R. D. Kramps, W. H. Krass, H. C. Krecicki, V. S. Kurtz, W. Lannon, S. Largin, C. M. Lawrence, K. LeMay, H. A. Lewis, K. A. Linke, F. H. Linden, C. A. Lorden, L. R. Lorren, R. G. MacDonough, G Mannion, W. P. Marion, D. R. Marshall, R. M. Martin, C. P. Martone, A. A. Maucher, N. F. McCullagh, P. A McDaniel, I. L. McGuinness, I. I. Mehler, F. A. Miguel, D. Mitchell, W. E. Morrissey, C. T. Mrlik, M. I. Nath, R. A. O,Brien, T. P. O'Donnell, T. E. O'Toole, C. C. Overhiser, L. E. Patterson, M. H. Perez, E. C. Peterson, D. O. Pfefferkom, E. E. Pfeil, R. A. Pilliod, I. H. Pontone, I. I. Potts, C. I. 'Prathauer, V. F. Purcell, I. P. Rathkopf, S. A. Reidy, S. R. Rempe, C. I. Rendall, W. G. Rich, F. O. Rislone, S. E. B. P. Rivas, R. I. V. Rodgers, H. P. Roderick, I. M. Rodwancy, R. B. Rondepierre, E. Ross, A. T. Ross, G. I. Ryan, G. F. Ryan, W. C. Santos, S. R. Schempf, R. F. Schimansky, I. A. Schmidt, A. R. Schooley, B. A. Schretzmann, W. Schultz, D. I. Sedlach, D. C. Shafer, P. D. Shaw, B. W. Sheetz, R. S. Sheppard, R. W. Shone, R. P. Shreve, G. S. Simpson, P. M. Sleiertin, R., A. Small, R. A. Smith, M. G. Smith, P. G. Smith, R. H. Smith, R. R. Stahle, C. W. Stehr, W. F. Stocking, W. B. Struyk, E. L. Swanson, H. E. Tabor, S. V. ' Tesoriero, E. A. Thager, M. W. Thompson, S. A. Townsley, B. T. T rafton, E. I. Trott, T. Ubarri, G. M. Vamos, R. M. Waltmann, G. C. Warren, W. D. Waterman, C. H. Welch, R. B. Wettler, R. V. VVhalen, G. M. White, R. R. Whitehead, C. P. Wiechard, R. VVilson, P. W. Winters, W. G. Wolle, D. L. Wulff, D. Wynn, B. L. Yenolenage, A. Youngclaus, H. H Zecca, I. L. Class of Februarq Angert, D. F. Anderson, A. O. Bauer, L. H. Beardall, R. V. Benson, R. I. Biggs, R. R. Blenner, G. V. Bley, M. R. Bowersox, R. S. Braida, T. O. Brown, C. K. Bulissa, R. I. Burke, E. P. Camba, R. C. Camp, I. B. Campino, V. A. Carlos, E. R. Carter, R. V. Cawley, M. I. Chaggaris, G. Champlain, H. D. Cherry, R. R. Clark, W. F. Cocjin, D. L. Columbia, C. E., Ir Corduon, K. B. Cregan, I. D. Daley, I. T. DaSilva, A. M. Davidson, F. H. Day, C. W. DeLeon, E. R. Divino, A. V. Domingo, M. B. Donnelly, W. T. Dost, M. C. Doubiago, S. G. Dulk, P. A. Dyer, M. G. 1953 Edwards, D. H. Edwards, R. R. Fate, M. W. Fay, F. E. Fay, D. A. Ferrell, R. F endler, T. P. Fidelman, S. B. Findling, I. W. F irgau, E. I. F isbein, M. I. Francisco, I. V. Frankenfield, R Friedman, P. Garcia, O. D. Gavazzi, R. Pm. Geils, R. E. Gibson, I. T. Giel, I. K. Glynn, J. P. Goforth, W. H., Jr. Golberg, P. Goldberg, J. H. Goldberger, A. E. Goldrich, S. S. Granger, R. A. Green, R. F . Grier, R. W., Jr Groepler, F. Guerin, I. F . Guernsey, L. D. Guia, P. B. Harrington, H. W., Ir. Hayes, J. K. Hayes, I. K. Heath, E. M., Ir. ' Herzog, R. C. Hess, E. K. Hindlc, R. A. I-Iintz, A. J. Hooks, W. N., jr. Hoch, K. A. Hoffman, W. O. Hunt, C. H. Jabo, M., Jr. Jenkins, B., III jonathan, W. R. josepaitis, F. ' John, R. P. Jones, T., Ir. Kay, R. P. Keefe, A. E., Ir. Klei, P. I. Knorr, O. I. Koop, C. F. Kresse, W. M. Kunkel, C. I. Lane, B. S. Lang, T., jr. Lintz, L. A. Lisboa, H. L. Lowen, P. N. Mahr, F. I. Malimban, R. B. Maloney, T. P. Martillano, S. C. Mattioni, D. McCormick, R. I. McCoy, I. I. McCuistion, A. L. McGinn, I. I. McGuinness, I. J. McKnight, P. V. McNulty, I. F . Meusel, I. W. Miller, E. I. Moore, W. D. Nelson, G. N. O'Connor, B. H., jr. O'Donnell, I. M. Olson, N. H. Palm, H. W. Pandich, R. G. Parker, T. ' Pfeil, R. A. Phippen, C. G. Prione, M. A. L. Pooley, D. P. Potosky, F. I. Quackenbush, G. W Quigley, M. I. K Race, M. F. Radcliffe, J. H., Ir. Remallino, B. S. Rodriguez, G. Ross, H. ' Saavedra, I. R. Salisbury, C. E. Salonga, F. G., Ir. Sanidad, R. R. Sapone, -A. D. Scivetti, N. I. Scott, T. I. Scudder, C. H. Smith, M. G. Sise, E. E., Ir. Smith, P. W. Sonnen, P. H. Stearns, C. H. Stephens, R. H. Stevens, R. C., Ir. Stewart, C. . Sutcliffe, J. R. Swanson, A. D. Turnley, G. E., Jr. Vecchione, P. A. Villard, A. E., III Vista, L. S. Walker, I. I. Webb, H. I. Weidner, J. L. Weisberger, R. H. Wescott, W. L., II West, G. D., Jr. White, R. E. W'oods, F . L. NVurzer, M., jr. Wyatt, J. W., Jr. Young, A. W. Ashmore. R. E. Bashaw, R. R. Bvallhes, hi. Beeson, D. D. Benjamin, C. A. Besio, L. F. Bevins, ll. YV., Jr Blzltter, A. Borison, E. B. Bre Miller, R. S. Brown, C. P. Brown, I. J. Bruner, D. C. Bruun, YV. B. Butler, O. D. Cannon, D. P. Capodanno, E. S. Caron, C. P., Ir. Casparius, C. A. E. Cayting, H. F. Chaney, WV. R. Childs, I. R., jr. Chlup, H. F. Christie, C. I., Ir. Clark, D. K. Coakley, V. P., Ir. Cone, M. W. Conlon, L. R. Conway, L. F., Jr. Copeland, T. D. Cox, L. M. C. Crooks, T. H. Crummy, R. J. Cullison, W. L., I Cunniff, J. R. Danciy, T. S. DeVito, S. N. Dillingham, J. W. P. Dorfman, D. Downs, D. L. Duffy, A. L., jr. Duke, R. M. Eckenrode, C. I. Eisenlohr, J. B. Elmore, R. I. Erne, E. C. Evans, R. H. Finger, W. G. Fisbein, S. Fitzgerald, J. M. Fitz Morris, P. E. Fowler, R. D. Fraid, R. R. Froude, D. R. Fryer, C. J. Furrer, H. F. I'. Callagun, R. ll. Cate, J. M. Cladhaeh, R. NV. Cold, hl. Collinger, J. Cmnt, R. B., Jr. Crimes, D. L. Guth, I. YV. Hahn, P. P. Hanks, H. R. Hansen, E., jr. Hartig, R. C. Hartline, B. E. Haser, J. E., jr. Heinemann, F. P. Himmelheber, I. Hinton, R. L. Hoag, D. H. Horne, C. E. Jalbert, D. M. Janvier, C. E., Jr. javello, R. F. Jayne, J. F. jermanok, I. johnson, R. W. Johnstone, C. A. Jones, A. H. Keating, I. D. Kent, I. F., III Kilburn, N. F. Kish, S. E. Krogmann, C. E. Lamb, D. G. Lane, V. J. Langstone, T. I. LaPorte, R. K. Lauriat, T. B. Lehman, P. E. LeVasseur, R. I. Levin, B. L. Lindberg, C. R. Long, J. M. Lowery, C. C. Madden, C. R. Mahoney, D. I. Mahoney, I. E. Malenchek, R. C. Malloy, I. W. Marth, C. D. Martin, F. V., Ir. Masciantonio, D. Matheny, R. A. Matte, R. W. Meflarte, WV. McConnell, D. K. I. F. Class of August 1953 McDonald, F. I. McDonnell, I. I., Ir. McGeechan, F. X. Merrell, I. H. Meyer, R. Miller, W. L., Jr. Miner, I. S. Mirabal, I. A. Moraghan, I. E. Morgan, J. C. Murray, Q. VV. Naples, R. Nelson, C. W., jr. Nesbitt, R. A. Nicholson, K. Ohrin, D. F. Olsen, C. C. Ortolano, R. I. Orton, M. D. Paoline, D. L. Paparone, B. I. Paquette, D. R. Patton, D. K. Patton, S. N. Paulik, R. I. Payne, D. M. Peters, NV. E. Peterson, L. D. Pettyjohn, WV. R. Pillow, I. H. Potente, L. I. Purcell, J. M. Raymond, R. C. Reed, I. H. Rennie, YV. B., Ir. Richardson, R. D. Rivard, M. A. Roes, R. R. Rosskopf, R. E. Rossman, R. H. Sargent, T. K. Savage, W. E. H. Schneider, C. H., Jr. Schwarz, H. R. Seufalos, M. Sheckler, R. M. Shostak, VV. Shrive, C. L. Shufeldt, A. W., Ir. Shuliek, R. Shvodian, R. J. Shvodian, W. M. Silver, H. I. Smith, C. L. Smith, R. E. Srnythe, R. E. Solomon, H. C. Sommers, T. A. Spies, I. J. Sprung, R. A., Jr. Stephens, B. K. Stewart, O. L. Storer, V. T. Stratton, W. M., Jr. Stuebben, R. W., Jr Suriano, R. P. Thomas, D. D. Thomas, F. I., Ir. Thomas, I. F. Toner, E. I., Jr. Trainor, I. W. Travalia, E. I. Trudeau, L. I., jr. Volk, D. B. Walker, F . G. VV ard, I. F. XVeinig, R. E. Werner, T. E. VVhicard, T. Wiechard, R. N. VVills, D. F. Wilson, I. S. Wolfe, W. C. Wood, R. D. Worrall, L. F. VVright, J. B. VVright, W. P. Class of Februolrq 1954 K. CUSCOTT, President H. HAMMANN, Vice President Abad, G. N. Ahrens, A. W. Almberg, F. I. Arreola, D. A. Adelman, I. R Albertson, N. Albright, C. L Alcala, R. T. Beabes, M. W. Bellone, E .A. Bragan, C. N. Brown, F. P. Bashaw, R. R. Buckley, W. Buzy, I. I. ., Ir. Cascon, R. B. Clark, R. B. Corjulo, A. Camangian, I. C. Campbell, H. T. Carroll, I. L. Cox, L. N. Davis, D. D. DeLa Cruz, D. B. Danseco, A.-R. H. DeGuzman, A. C. DeLand, R. E. DiCarlo, A. D. Domingo, H. T. Dowd, I. A. Dudda, R. H. Durnwirth, R. K. Edwards, P. C. Eichinger, I. C. Evora, I. C. Essex, H. L. Ferrer, R. M. Fudge, R. B. Fuller, H. K. Fink, A. N. f Fogt, H. E., Ir. Foster, C. D., Ir. Fotis, C. L. Fowler, R. D. Fox, I. H. Francis, D. M. Garcia, I. R., Ir. Graf, P. L. Crahn, E. L. V. Guscott, K. I. Harshman, I. L. Hartley, L. A. Hecker, R. Holzer, R. M. Hammann, H. B. Hawkes, G. Iacono, V. I., Ir. Knudtsen, E. B. Komstein, D. Kridler, I. R. Kuser, D. P. 1 4 Kaplan, R. I. Kelly, C. V., Ir. Lansangan, I. I., Ir. Lanzillo, M. A. LeClerc, R. P. Luke, I. P. Lynch, R. C. Lamb, D. C. Lim, B. L. Luebbe, R. A. Malia, G. M. Matthews, WV. I. May, W. I. Melhuish, E. Mercanti, I. A. Moody, D. C. Moreland, A. C. Marberblatt, N. M. McLellan, I. L. McNerney, F. X. Miller, C. T. Nesbitt, R. A. Nielson, I. L. B. Olsen, C. E. O. Overman, P. C., Ir. Pascucci, M. Penny, C. A. Petosa, A. A. Price, G. E. Quick, I. D. Rack, F. H. Raya, I. D., Ir. Reyes, I. M. Rossbach, F. H. Raffensperger, D. Ripa, R. I. Rodriguez, I. R. Roes, R. R. Roman, S. D. Rothgaber, D. L. Santoro, D. A. E. Scarsellato, F. Schriber, H. F. Smith, I. C. Smyth, W. R., Ir. Stesney, B. L. Salisbury, T. I. Sargent, T. K. Schweitzer, G. Selmon, M. A. Shanahan, R. I. Storey, W. H., Ir. Torrijos, C. Q. Trillich, C. H. Teodoro, P. P. Tiedemann, H. N. Tomic, R. I. Valentine, V. G. Vanderhooft, I. D Werner, R. A. Wahl, I. H. Wallace, I., Ir. 'Wylie, I. D., Ir. Zogran, R. N. Bartlett, F .E. Bell, C. K. Bier, C. S. Belt, R. H. Bradley, YV. L. Branting, H. B. Bruder, I. P. Baunack, VV. H Chapman, H. E. Corrigan, E. T. Carnes, I. W'. Colvett, H. VV. Cade, I. W. Cox, S. D. Crommie, M. F. Cabot, A. S. Cerchione, I. D Cooke, E. F. DeWolfe, R. O. Depue, I. E. S DeSocio, R. D. Domini, R. G. Dudziak, E. C. Escue, B. I. Eldridge, I. R. Frankle, R. A. Franzman, R. C. Class of August 1954 Cimblctt, I. E. Gunter, T. L. Coldenstein, P. NV. German, A. C. VV. Cilliatt, D. E. Crimmer, B. H. Hagan, G. M. Hormuth, G. A. Hayford, B. F., Ir. Howe, R. T. Iohnson, L. T. Iohnson, W. C. Iohnson, R. A. Kelly, W. R. Kapiko, I. I. Korb, W. C. Killeen, P. E. Kinsella, W. D. Leaird, D. C. Liedel, D. D. Larsen, I. E. Lynch, I. G. Lawrence, M. M. Lazar, H. F. Lubomski, I. F. Mazure, I. E. Meerman, C. I. Mclanson, E. I., Ir. Mclntosh, P. C. McGrath, C. Moran, I. A., Ir. McDade, I. L. Mount, S. McCuin, A. B. Malinowski, F. W. Nelson, F. H. O'Donnell, C. P. Phillips, I. Pullis, H. A., Ir. Precop, E. E. Pietsch, R. T. Ponsdiaz, P. L. Pierce, N. F. Potter, I. L. Quarto, F. P. Ruby, R. A. Rubio, H. Robinson, C. B. Ryder, T. I., Ir. Rausch, E. A. Roesch, D. C. Schweiso, R. I. Smith, I. P. Snell, W. A. Schreiber, D. L. Smith, R. L., Ir. Steinhauser, C. V. Simpson, H. E. Smith, H. B. Shortt, I. H., Ir. Sutton, R. L. Schultz, A. N., Ir. Sealander, E. Till, F. I. W., Ir. Thielhom, G. W. Thompson, E. W., Ir Vanderloan, I. S. Wanbaugh, P. M. Weis, I. F. Wilson, C. T. Wiltshire, I. F. Witsaman, H. L., II Wong, B. W. wigs "'t I Notable Ships of 1950 powered with C IE Boilers World's Largest Tankers The S.S. Atlantic Seaman is one of three such ships built at Camden Yard of New York Shipbuilding Corpora- tion for Philadelphia Tankers, Inc., a subsidiary of the Atlantic Refining Company. These ships are 659 feet long and have a deadweight tonnage of 30,500. There are two C-E Sectional Header Boilers per ship, de- signed for a normal steam output of 65,000 lbs. steam per hr at 650 psi, 1020 F. Largest, Fastest Great Lakes Ship The S.S. Wilfred Sykes, which was built by the American Ship Building Company for the Inland Steel Com- pany, is 678 feet long and has a nominal capacity of 20,000 tons of ore or coal. Steam for the geared turbine drive is supplied by two C-E Bent Tube Boilers, each having a normal steam capacity of 32,000 lbs. per hr. at 450 psi and 750 Fg overload capacity to 48,000 lbs. ' Super Tankers of 1950 The S.S. Caprinus is the latest of five super-tankers launched and placed in service during 1950 at the Quincy Shipyard of Bethlehem Steel Company for Atlas Tankers, Inc. They are 625 feet long and have a deadweight capacity of 28,000 tons. All five of these large modern tankers are powered with C-E Bent Tube Boilers, two boilers per ship. Normal boiler capacity is 47,285 lb. of steam per hr. at 600 psi and 850 Fg overload capacity to 65,000 lbs. B-445 COMBUSTION ENGINEERING - SUPERI-IEATER, INC. 200 Madison Avenue ' New York 16, N. Y ALL TYPES OF STEAM GENERATING, FUEL BURNING AND RELATED EQUIPMENT FOR STATIONARY AND MARINE APPLICATIONS 876 'hvnnm 1., W 141 Ng. i EK 5 3 E R , , M YR -X f . E U, 1 A- ' , X 1. .Q 3 ' J, If 4 V e",R ' X . 1' 1 A s , ,V 5 . xx X1 . 1 1 AE 5 1 N., . 1 Y E J, ,f V, '3 QW " ' iid' U ,, 1 A-7 ,,, gl M?'H"""M1-ww M fu'-wf'-V' . ,ff 1- . 4 ,, -fzmisffwWa-iff5?fffHyfuK515:5ZQA , ", , , .. 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 .1 vm., "TX X N n, N1 , . 11 J' il N 1 1 ya ,, 1 , " ' ,jif 'i'IiiZf'3Q1, m.Qw:wfs llfffwm , 1 f -,,,f1,,,-, W.. X--1,0 fx 'X' N' W H ' 'me BM-N 351: ,W 5 'Pings -.,,m4 . ,, 121 ,H X swag f , ,...,.nw1nMf' 1--annum-Vw, ' IQPUIIIQIVIY. 110lPOl11llllllY"' llll' 11111111 NX 11110 F1001 COIIICQ Calllng Oll . llllx 1121110118 ol Nluldlf- 'X11101'1c11 FH10 1111-a ff V 1 '111' ll'l ff d I I 111111r sl1111 -I IH I 11, fs I is 0 0 tx 1 g 1 - 0 I. l'I'fl'lQPl'ill0l'S. illIlUlll0Ill!l'H. 1-0911111111-s. 41101-11'1f-:xl 0q11111111v111 . . . f'ZlI'I'y vfmffvv. z1l1z11"1. 11'111'111z1s, s11H'z11' ,!T'll'k 10 N111'111f1'11 111z11" 3 S Ilww lll01ll'l'll l111v1's 1111- 1110111 1112111 1'2ll'l'Ilxl'S oi 11z1ss011gv1's and 1-111311. llwx 11111 11v111l1l101's from 1111- 11111011 t'5lillCS 11011111 Illlxll' part 111 lglt' l1111-1'-EX111v1'1c'1111 11111111 wl11f'l1 1101115 1111111 1l11s llI'llllSlDIlCl'1' lugm-II1411' 111 1'1'i1'11Jsl1i31 111141 f'lIlIEIl'iIlQ ll'lI1l1'. GREAT wHITE FLEET UNITED FRUlT COMPANY l',4'llf'1'11f Ufll1'f'N.' W! l'llH'l:1l Si., HUYIUX, Nh-- N 1 Builwo E 'N THE we Rib , : i 2 4 l MODEL Q Q 0 0 it ,,,b .V A' TQ '," f'QQfQ., ,'.,' ' A,,,,, ., . A.A A.A,, Q i I 'f V" ffWf'i'fi'77f'i A,A'1 I I I Flip on crystal CALIBRA- y TlONOSCILLATOR.Test Z ' I .VA AA.. , , 1 . signals appear at ,.,,.f,,, ,,.,4 ,,'.,,.. , , . .,,,, .i, ,.,' ...,.., ,,.. . . . -K 5 500 kc intervals on all Use RESET CONTRQL fo DX Bands. Gdiusf pointer to , . K Q ff 7 M 1 exactfrequency of os- iyduffg 'men Mon fre- J I Cmctor 5'9nGI' quency" with pin-point ,. . , 2 ..V,V ir. ,,,V. lf? V.., ...VV accuracy. desired Sta- if I I if A tf if f"' tion is there to be heard, you'II bring it in! ' gl ,.',,.,, ., ..., . , 0 High-fidelity reception on all wave bands Standard Broadcast, FM and Short Wave. 0 World-wide frequency range, with con- 0 tinuous coverage from 540 kc through 110 Mc, AM or FM! 0 Flexibility of control, with six degrees of selectivity, separate sensitivity and volume controls, plus automatic noise limiter and beat frequency oscillator. Ease of tuning with hair-line accuracy. Six broad scales with over 150 stations marked g calibration oscillator for check- ing frequency as explained above. the hallicraiters cn. 4401 WEST FIFTH AVENUE, CHICAGO 24, ILLINOIS 5378 f . 1 ,xx li i a 5, ... s i li r f li irae. i 'Q ,,, ,gil i fv fp Thirt -Five Year of Shipping Progress Experience is the best teacher. . . in shipping as in any other field of human endeavor. Through thirty-five years of steady progress, Moore-McCormack Lines have mastered the Specialized skills which assure efficient oper- ation. . .Today, our big, fast, modern ships- both cargo and passenger-carry the Amer- ican Hag on trade routes of key importance: between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States, and in South America, Scandinavia and continental Europe. Within the last year, Mooremack ships set four new speed records in reaching foreign ports, impressive evidence not only of the efficiency of our vessels, but also of the ability of ship's personnel and of the management directing operations. The ship- per who entrusts his cargo to Mooremack , . . the passenger who voyages abroad in Mooremaclc comfort . . . both benefit by all that this organization has learned in thirty- five years of growth. rom Pearl Harbor to V-,I Day, M'oore-IllcCormack Lines operated more .X than 150 ships, lost 11 1 j vessels, transported f 754,239 troops and rarriefl 34,410,111 tons I of war cargo. To discharge Momma- clili ACK 5 Broadway New York 4, N. Y. such responsibilities ' in time of crisis, Amerlbifs Merchant Marine must be kept strong in peace -as in war. .... SAVE ll IQACW 1 f "f" 1 :4 ' f 19 K . . fe l, O 4 M K ef if' K 1 f 'V 7 1 if ' X X x , if . fag f f f i4 ,, Send For Free Banking- By-Mail I Forms Now. THE EAMEN' The purpose of this bank has always been to help every deporitor to save with safety and convenience. Start saving here today! Dividends paid from day of deposit. . UBIZM K for SAVI G Main Ofice: 74 Wall St., New York 5, N. Y. 0 Fifth Ave. Ofce: 546 Fifth Ave., New York 19, N. Y. Cable Address: SEASAVE . 'A' Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corparati .4 QR --, A 1' is -" ." 'den ff 'fre 'Z-Sf' ' ' . llfjh 'P xxxx Wx CW""'vf 1 l 4 if .+A Sm-I fl ' Nr it , a t Q 1 .o o 'qv X i NATIONAL OFFICERS Honorary President ARTHUR M. TODE Executive VIce President JOSEPH K. CARSON President LOUIS B. PATE Secretary-Treasurer HAROLD J. HARDING THE PROPELLER CLUB of the United States Extends hearty congratulations to the 1951 graduates of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York. Organized in 1927, the Propeller Club now has more than one hundred Ports located throughout the United States, including eleven foreign countries. Our primary objective is to promote, further, and support a strong American Merchant Marine for our domestic needs, and to carry a substantial portion of our exports and imports, also to serve as a naval auxiliary. Graduates of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, are invited to take up membership in the Propeller Club. For full information, write to-The Propeller Club of the United States, 17 Battery Place, New York 4, New York. ao. -wma, wwf and mam,-va KI Mmehwd ,14W....f 380 plifiiiit iiuiniin Ocean liner. . . Y f f 4121-f' If 'Qt' -E Sperry Radar's "weather eye" saves them hours or days on every trip Talk with the captain of any craft equipped with Sperry Radar. . .ocean liner, cargo ves- sel, tow, ferry, tanker, yacht or fishing boat. Hear from his own lips how much easier it is to operate on schedule in every weather, bfi' Io Fishing Boat visibility or traiiic condition...with Sperry Radar keeping accurate track of everything in the vicinity. In Sperry's tiles are many reports from shipmasters telling of the success- ful on-time operations made possible by Sperry Radar while navigating... . . . dangerous straights, erratically lighted passages...or passing unlighted junks or tied-up boats. . .or proceeding in narrow, crowded, foggy, smoky or rain-lashed rivers or lakes. ..or through blinding snow. For all such sailing situations, Sperry Radar provides this simple solution- Close to shore or nearing port.. .Iarge, clear scope images of all ships, buoys, shoreline detail, and all above-water objects. In open water . . . determines accu- rately the position, course and speed of other vessels. Sperry Radar's success in meeting the hazards of every sailing situation in a wide variety of craft reflects the com- panyis many years of experience in developing, manufacturing and servic- ing precision equipment for the marine field. Our nearest district office will be glad to give you complete information. QQ, 9? gf I ? .' f"5 .' DIVISION OF THE SPERRY CORPORATION, GREAT NECK, NEW YORK I CLEVELAND ' NEW ORLEANS O NEW YORK 0 LOS ANGELES 0 SAN FRANCISCO 0 SEATTLE 38l ' M, ,KMA ff fn , f , ,frgdj I f ff,f: ffm- f I, ,jfff To , C 2 7 ,f , I Q, f , 'WC ffffv' fy 0 ,fjwff ,,f 5147! f , wfwQr'.,f,g, 5 fwfawdff 'ff fc f, JY f J, Y f f f X ,ffffffifff ,X , I, X7 ' fffffffzjfg f 'IV ,MW f," fff " 1,3-,ff ,, , , ,,,,, ,, , ffff f' fffmff fffffryw , f vez, uf W ff w V,, f.,V ,!,,,,,f,, f f2f4,'f,fQ v ,fm ,f , I' C Batl-1153? VESSEL, HE Len f for America:fgELLER.. X 3:-eaiitfh overall , port Lines gona, -"--. ' -- 420f2,, f'Bft...-...Il -.. 6012 U . 131-SD18C9n:lLrIt' . , I I ' - 3914? ' - . ' ' 7' Ou BIIIH IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIS CIIIIPIIIiHIIlIII Cru SHIPBUILDERS AND ENGINEERS B H I N E Owners, officers and crew nssmovsns cARGo cf PASSENGER si-urs like fo 90 T0 Sea in TRAWLERS TUGS COAST GUARD PATROL VESSELS FERRYBOATS LIGHTHOUSE TENDERS YACHTS CONVERSIONS Compositions for Ships' Bottoms Anti-Corrosive - Anti-Fouling - Boottopping MARINE PAINTS IN COLORS Stocks in All Principal Ports FOR High Efficiency Dust Recovery Use BUELL van Tongeran Dust Recovery Systems Write For Buel1's Book 'The van Tongeran System of Industrial Dust Recoveryv I if IIIIII IIANII CIIMPIISITIIIIIIS CII. INCORPORATED I BROADWAY NEW YORK, N, Y, BUELL ENGINEERING CO., INC. Phone Dlsbv 4-mv vo PINE STREET, NEW YORK s, N. Y. ' 'ff ff fa, f , If , , ,, fly, f Q, f ff wff, f :fig ufyf yi, I 4 7 ' K f , , f M, ., f 'wif h' Ii Nlastfi S audhav? th if 1116 GY . ' S Some of you will soon be reporting for sea duty on your first sea assignment. You will be surprised at the number of things you have been taught were important, that your Master and Chief Engineer pass over lightly. All Masters and Chief Engineers have their own idio- syncrasies. You will soon learn the things they stress are important and their wishes should be carried out, but you should not forget the duties or equipment they are inclined to pass over lightly, as the next com and under which you serve may stress these very things as being very important and let slide some of the things your first command stressed as being important. There is nothing on a vessel that is not important. True you may not be called on to use your knowledge for many moons, but when the time comes to use it you must be ready. Don't be lacking because your superiors have not stressed the importance of any particular duty or equipment. Try to absorb the best in each of your superiors, plus your teachings. Those of you who are able to accomplish this feat will make fine officers - a credit to your school and the American Merchant Marine, but most important of all a credit to yourself. Manager, Marine Department Ah 'XG U' ALCOA STEAMSHIP coMPANY, INC. 17 Battery Place, New York 4, N. Y. in BALTIMORE - CHICAGO - MOBILE - MONTREAL - NEW ORLEANS - NORFOLK ' ST. LOUIS - TORONTO 383 I, I X Q fdzgf , ff L' 2.2 ' 0 7:7 3' ,. Wy, JY U f' ' Z "ff: 'few aYonrKa4viN.lYa. . it f , r f ' i g ,N qCAMDENg.N.J. y 'TlzEN'roN, N. J. v r wn.MuNc1roN. msn, BUFFALO. N. Y. r C w iv I. I S R X' 5 4 I0 2 " Ai . x x ' T b 0 un ro: g lilifis' Q .I M 5 Q nn nn: w W' , . .. Q: ...Qu ' -X ..,, 1, Q . 'K' ' ., . . . Q TOWING-llGHTERAGE X, "" i Aft! N 0 1 6 Doing Nthe unusual" in towing and lighter- ', age is usual for McAllister-any point- any time. McAllister facilities encompass a wide range of service to keep ships and car- gos moving. McAllister experience covers over eighty years of towing and transporta- tion. Every assignment is expertly handled by splendidly conditiond equipment and eminently-qualified masters and crews. STEAMSI-IIP CCJMPANY gplllggfi -H BROADWAY TCWING ', UGHTERAGE NEW YORK 6, NEW Yonlc Mt'AlllSTER LIGHTERAGE lINE sf If ' ' mc. I7 STAIE Stun - New Yonx Cnv 384 6 4 W X 0 Q1 SERVING AMERICA'S N A of , ,f VV, 'V OF WORLD TRADE -this modern fleet of 47 merchant ships, including the popular S. s. America-.all under the American flag-speed shipments hetween the United States and Ireland, England, Scotland, Continental Europe . . . Hawaii and the Far East . . . Australia and New Zealand. , 1 we f-,- 1.1 fufn,-,5------.i ....,,,.u.,,..,, S' t N- lsva ,. C cecr gk I i A Vx A I , I , ,f,. NM! Tg,giffV,iV,!!. , 7,5 ,if , ,,,,,V I ii ,iffy ,,r,v, NUC senvicss , E :metric , ttsentvilcsfsft raee 5 s t t E R T t 'gf fi?T':2' 5 Euar ff: lfffdwt at ffl by R s fn- mXv:Y.w.f.wf.,', , - - ,-., y-4fi,ffff.4ff',.f.ff, f,1,'444-.'f,,lV7' . ,f .f,,,,,,.,,,4,,,W, ,,,,,.,,, " ' f' ' fm,J,',fyyf-gyfgmxn f -efreyffzmf is All ay the "Blue Eagle" "'n I One of six modern, Victory-type cargo vessels in the fast New York - Antwerp - Rotterdam- Amsterdam service. The regular, dependable service ojered by these cargo liners is popular with importers and exporters. House Flag This modern C-2 cargo vessel is one of 40 new in service between North Atlantic American ports and Ireland, England, Scotland, Continental Europe, Hawaii, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand. S. S. AMERICA - Largest, fastest, finest Americanflag passenger liner. Sails between New York, Cobh, Havre and Southampton approximately every 3 weeks. The United States Lines Company owns and operates 47 ships. U ITED T TES.LI Q IQQQIPANY Ujfices in principal cities throughout the world 'lf ir 'A' t t It i' i' 'ff K 4: M , gli, ,MM V S 4 By Appointment ., " 'i 1 Naval Outfitters f if L f M I T E D to H.M. the King 0' I Established X fx 41 1785 ff 2' it , lj ,ff Z ', if it ' Belted travelling Ulster- p an ideal general purpose Q Qi coat in Crombie Fleece. l 27 OLD BOND sr. LONDON, w.1 SIGN ODE manufactures ten- sional steel strapping, tools and accessories for securing cargo on deck, in ,tween decks and in lower holds. 6 For complete information and descriptive folder, write 24 North John Street Liverpool 11 North Hill Terrace Plymouth 2, The Hard 135 High Street 120 Princes Street Ak Portsmouth Southampton Edinburgh and Branches at 1 Chatham, Weymouth, Bath, Bournemouth, Londonderry, Malta, Gibraltar. D 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 EllllllIlllllllIlllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllIlllIIIIllllIllllllllllIlllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllll Best Wishes SIGNUIJE STEEL STRAPPING CUMPANY 2600 N. Meseck Towing Lines, Inv. Chicago 47, Ill. 9 360 Furman Street fi' Brooklyn 2, New York 9 One Broadway 453 Bryant Street San Francisco 7, Cal. New Y0l'k 4, N- Y- K J 'I lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I Illllll II Illlllllllllll Illlllllllllll I Ill lllll ll llll ure si V11 it's Frida . XX ooo L ,..,- r. . 'NG N sm W?" lf"'TW nf of NW, M. W, tw ff Vgryjdy ' ka,,kMVf'f,' hwwjrriiwafk in ,,- , w7Qw9"W""fW? X Wili A ' f -V "'fTW9"2f?f'4ff,,2" 'tri ' , Www ' fr ' , s fwxwa 24fv4',,,,,g"jlfMfff ff ff fy, ,r for ,W , f-ff . V .. s me ' ,Manny W X J, wx- 'ahw tl tl I ,'-1. 1 if rm.. K As regularly as Friday comes around, New York harbor sees four Grace "Santas,, heading out to sea, sailing on regular schedules to Caribbean and South American ports. Led by one of the de luxe passenger "Santas", followed by cargo- passenger and freighter "Santas,'-this weekly movement demon- strates the importance of the American Merchant Marine to our national economy. Because Grace Line has the ships-23 modern "Santas"-and because Grace Line has almost a century of experience in providing dependable service, Grace Line contributes a constant encouragement to the development of trade between the Americas. Q GRACE Ll E l0 Hanover Square, New York Agents and offices in all principal cities 387 General Steamship Agents and Operators WORLD WIDE SERVICE 10 POST OFFICE SQUARE BOSTON 9, MASSACHUSETTS SPRHGUE SIEHHISHIP IIUIIIPHIIEI EADS JOHNSON, M. E. Naval rqadulfech luaaine gnginemfi ' ENGINEERING REPORTS ' SURVEYS ' VALUATIONS ' ECONOMICAL DESIGNS FOR COMMERCIAL CRAFT 50 Years' Experience in Shipbuilding, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering MEMBERS OF: Society of Naval Archit cts and Marine Engin -Maritime Exchange f New York II7 Liberty Street - New York City BArcIay 7-9390 Great Neck Diner . Formerly MARTIN 'S DINER Excellent Food Air Conditioned Free Parking Space for Diners Only CUTTER MILL and MIDDLE NECK RD. GREAT NECK, L. I. Tel. GReat Neck 2-2069 Open 24 Hours a Day Including Sunday Compliments of . . The BI. ll. Company, Inc. Makers of Sport Shirts, Sportswear, Beachwear, Basque Shirts and Underwear EMPIRE STATE BUILDING NEW YORK I, N.Y. Y wg, H J iq, E, p H li!!! I mi!! If 1197, 'G ,-if' A-'A ,,. 1" ' THE f STIIOIIGEST I.IIIK between If ! 5 nations is the shipping industry . . . Bringing in power tools, bringing out raw materials, developing trade. Taking people of one country to rneet, visit, and better understand people of all countries. Tr FOR PUERTO RICO AND DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Fasl Modern Freighl Facilities Puerto Rico sailings twice a week from New York.WeekIy sailings from Philadelphia, Baltimore. Every 3 weeks from Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville. Dominican Re- public sailings every weelc from New York to Ciudad Trujillo, Pedro de Macoris and Puerto Plata. II-Day Fun-Filled Cruises Via S. S. Puerto Rico. All our- side sraterooms. Experienced Cruise Director. Superb cui- sine, Cocktail Lounge, sun decks, dancing, first-run movies. Stopovers at San Juan and Ciudad Trujillo. Cruise fare 5270 me plus tax se - X L 115 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK 4, N. Y. ith men who know rope, with men who use it day in, day out, in all types of Work under all conditions COLUMBIAN is a favorite. For COLUMBIAN has all the essential qualities of a good rope-appearance, strength, waterproofing, endur- ance and flexibility. ! COLUMBIAN Tape-Marked Pure Manila Rope is made from fine manila fibres, selected by our own resident buyers in the Philip- pines. Know it by the Red, White and Blue surface markers. We know of no better rope. COLUMBIAN ROPE COMPANY 400-90 GENESEE sr., AUBURN, N. Y. 389 " The only American steamship company serving ALL THREE est Afric 0 Regular sailings to South, East, and West Africa- l South Africa 14 Cargo and 2 first class Passenger Cargo Liners offer you the widest range of sailing schedules and fastest transit times between continents. FAHRELL L1 E E INCORPORATED 26 Beaver Street New York 4, N. Y. Loading Berth: Pier foot of 33rd Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. INSURANCE BROKERS FRANK B. HALL 8: CO. INC. 67 WALL STREET NEW YORK 5, N. Y. WI-litehall 4-3300 AVERAGE ADJUSTERS 390 THE lll'I'lllI 'FATE AVAL I TITUTI if No one knows better than the U. S. Navy, the importance of the American Merchant Marine and the Marine Industries, both in wartime and in peacetime. Hence from its earliest inception, over seventy-tive years ago, the U. S. Naval Institute and its publication, the Naval Institute Proceedings, have fought for a strong U. S. Merchant Marine. Admiral Mahan, the great writer on naval warfare and national power, emphasized the importance of the Merchant Marine in some of his earliest papers in the Proceedings. Since then the Proceedings has published countless articles on the U. S. Merchant Marine and its problems. Many of these articles have been widely reprinted or quoted, not only by magazines and news- papers, but also by nationally syndicated commentators. Recognizing the vital inter-relation between the Navy and the Merchant Marine, the U. S. Naval Institute advocates a better knowledge and understanding by each, of the problems of the other as well as of their common problems. Hence the U. S. Naval Institute extends a cordial invitation to all individuals of the Merchant Marine and the Marine Industries to become associate members of the U. S. Naval Institute. The post office address is Annapolis, Maryland. Annual dues in the Naval Institute are but 83.00, which brings with it without additional cost a full yearis subscription to the Naval Institute Proceedings. The U. S. Naval Institute is non-profit in its purpose, all its financial resources being committed to the advancement of professional, scientific, and literary knowl- edge of the Navy and maritime and national defense matters. 391 THE ARNESSEN ELECTRIC CHIPPING HAMMER DOES THE WORK OF 8 MEN. Rust goes quick and easy with the Arnessen Electric Chip- ping Hammer.Around corners . . . into deep angles and seams . . . no rust or scale is out of reach with this portable machine and its long flexible shaft. F5 Mme ARNESSEN ELECTRIC CIIIPPING HAMMER POWERED BY 32--115 OR 230 VOLT D.C. MOTOR OR REPULSION-lN- DUCTION, SINGLE PHASE 60 CYCLE, l'l0f220 VOLT A.C. MOTOR. A fx ARNESSEN ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. JCE' ns anoAn sneer - New vonx 4. N. Y. RPR TEES H3333 Marine Underwriters 99 IOHN STREET NEW YORK 7, N. Y. BEekman 3-2470 392 THE ARUNDEL CURPORATIUN BALTIMORE 2 MARYLAND Dredging - Construction - Engineering an Distributors of SAND - GRAVEL - STONE an COMMERCIAL SLAG d d MARINE iNnusTiuAi. FIRE PROTECTION 'TKXN All Types and Sizes Portables and Systems Kg. , t C-01110 ' SALES ' INSPECTIONS ' INSTALLATIONS ' REPAIRS ' REFILLING Authorized Representative Fire Hose and Accessories C-0-TWO FIRE EQUIPMENT CO. Hclive Fire Extinguisher Co. E 2 ""-4 silt!! ..J W W Q if -J' i 5 .Q 1 ,eff ri jf KEYSTONE SHIPPING CO. Operators of Tankers Trans- porting Liquid Cargoes to and from all Parts of the world. IOOO WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNSYLVANIA Kingsley 5-2600 'OOOOOlOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000O0000OOOOOOO!0000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O ' 5 2 Q 3 WORLD STANDARD for CCMBUSTION EQUIPMENT Q 9 0 3 3 9 0 3 3 8 Todd Oil Burners today fire the boilers of thousands of passenger Q 0 0 5 liners, merchant ships and naval vessels. Todd Burners increase V 5 g their cruising ranges . . . reduce their operating costs . . . make " - A 5 E their operation trouble-free. For each Todd Burner incorporates Ai Q iv 5 'N g .,,, 1 h . F11 ,, ,i . S all the successful innovations and advances which have kept 5 - rr' - 2 Todd the standard for combustion equipment. , ' g f. 3 8 ' ,. I -.-M -W, 8 COMBUSTION EQUIPMENT DIVISION TOOO SHIPYAROS CORPORATION 81-I6 45th AVENUE, ELMHURST. QUEENS, N. Y. 393 "PACIFIC TRADERS SHORT ROUTE" A M E RI C A MAIL LINE Lia. COMMERCIAL CARGOES TO FAR EAST I ' A f ' is ' . ,e....,. .. ,.. - Y-- Weekly Soilings From Pocific Northwest Ports To JAPAN 0 CHINA ' HONG KONG ' INDIA PHILIPPINES 0 STRAITS 0 INDONESIA For Rates-Space-Further Deiails, phone or write: Seattle 415: Stuart Building ........ Seneca 4400 San Francisco 443: 369 Pine Street .... Exbrook 2-1468 Chicago 413: 353 No. Michigan Ave. . . . Dearborn 2-2257 New York 447: 17 Battery Place ..... Hanover 2-0494 Portland 445: Pacific Building . . . . . Broadway 5447 Los Angeles 4149: 530 W. Sixth Street .... Tucker 8181 Tacoma: 1417 Division Ave. U .. ..... Broadway 9517 Vancouver, B. C.: Marine Building ..... Paciflc 2157 Washington,D. C.: 105.3 Nat'l Press Bldg. . . Executive 5346 Detroit: 1251 Dime Building ....... Cherry 1850 Windsor, Ont.: 220 Douglas Building . . Windsor 2-1740 CAN 4, 4: .r Z 4 :- CABLE ADDRESS 'MAILINE' ALL cones LINY- Marine Insurance -- Representatives Throughout the World Union Marine Sr Gen. Ins. Co. Ltd. Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd. Columbia Ins. Co. of N. Y. United Firemens Ins. Co. Imperial Assurance Co. Norwich Union Fire Ins. Soc. Ltd. Eagle Fire Co. of N. Y. wl. E. IIAWLING, U. S. Rlarine Manager 2 PLATT STREET NEW YORK 7, NEW YORK IIIIIIIIII I III Il Illllllllll IIIIII I ll ll IIIII llll lllllll llllll Illlllllllllll llllll Best Wishes to the Graduating Class John G. Thompson, Inc. i' 70 ATLANTIC AVENUE BROOKLYN, NEW YORK llllllllllllIlllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII - I 'IIIIIIM1-I G. WAT II , IIIG. A 15TH STREET CORNER SECOND AVENUE GOWANUS CANAL AND 13TH STREET BROOKLYN, NEW YORK SOuth 8-2907 l .ix Y Sli lil If wonua -gfhw A 1 J!! TRAVEL :Rs 1 choose Pmurmnf Am lmfs' Qrienl-Lgta P fOr 6 SPEED 0 COMFORT ' DEPENDABILITY i' TRANSPACIFIC between San Francisco and Manila via Honolulu, Wake, Guam. 'A' INTER-ORIENT between Manila and Tokyo via Hong Kong, Taipeh, Okinawa. i' ORIENT-EUROPE between Manila and London via Calcutta, Karachi, Lydda, Rome and Madrid. For dependable, comfortable air travel, fly the Route of the Orient Star with luxurious DC-6 pressurized cabin sleepers and superb service. 'INN QI IB 0, WF' 'Q nanmuui ll tullm llll mu umm umm lnllu MMI Wu! sul rmctscn - f..v"u 'lf Soo your Travel Agent or nearest P.A.L. office, no otutu - sm runcisco-nos ANcziss-cHicAco- NEW vonx-wunmcron, n c. PAL-448-6-M Walther-Boland Associates AMER. FOREIGN SERVICE J. OIBBS ef cox, INC. Naval Architects 599 Murine Engineers 21 WEST STREET ONE BROADWAY NEW YORK, N, Y. 395 Good navigation is essential to dependable schedules and fine SC3ll1E1I1Slllp is essential to good navigation. XVATERBIAN is proud of the loyal and capable officers who command its fast modern ships on the oceans of the world. WORLD-WIDE FREIGHT 8: PASSENGER SERVICE WATERMAN STEAMSHIP CORPORATION General Offices: 61 SAINT JOSEPH STREET, lll0BILE, ALABAMA Agents and branch offices in all principal U. S. cities. Em WMM Marine Electric Corporation 600 FOURTH AVENUE BROOKLYN 15, NEW YORK Omcs 9, sv "e6.,.L......-........ CNRWRO AI..I. CLASSES OF OCEAN AND INLAND MARINE INSURANCE HOME OFFICE: 'l'l6 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 7, NEW YORK OFFICES THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES - CLAIMS AND SETTLING AGENTS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD SOC Y """"-'-mi I-n"""" SlllP"'34 Years "in the service" 5 I tes au M1DS'7LLE,? i UNITED stmes MERCHA SIIIPBUILDING a nav noclc comnnnv ON THE DELAWARE ' CHESTER, PA. 25 BROADWAY - NEW YORK CITY UUSHIUPULITHH SHIPPING -ni""-' CUHIPHHU, IHC. S-I-RIC-I-LY STEAMSHIP AGENTS IU SEA-some AND MANAGERS Actually, this is the Mark 28 binpcular- C I the Navy's standard 7 X, 50 binocular made only by Bausch 8: Lomb. The one you pur- chase will meet the same specifications for maximum optical quality, exactness of each mechanical part and function, and extreme durability. Waterproof, fog-proof, fungus- pixoof. Write for :Binoculars and flow? to 42 BROADWAY C T ," ' bocolosfnd 632102. comp ete inocu ar acts NEW YORK 4, NEW YORK BAU S C H 6, LQMB Phone Digby 4-6363 fJl'lVlf,Al. f.fTf1ETxu' 14or,14l,sA114 z, N. Y. 897 NEW YORK PHILADELPHIA BUFFALO DETROIT CHICAGO V HAVANA PITTSBURGH -1 --.a-----.r JOH 81 HIGGI INSURANCE BROKERS 5 and . AVERAGE ADJUSTERS E . E 63 WALL STREET, NEW YORK 5, NEW YORK E PHONE WHITEHALL 4-3160 ' CABLE ADDRESS "KERODEN" SAN FRANCISCO LOS ANGELES SEATTLE MONTREAL TORONTO WINNIPEG VANCOUVER I .I ASTERN- " A H E A D I ATRAS- , AoEI.ANTEi ELECTRIC TACHOMETER, ACHTERUIT- VOORUITI Q 5 AKTEROVER- FOROVERI If , in EN AVANT! 1? " 3 EN ARRlERE- -1 I ,52f,3'Z'2'.?'.2'J'LO??f27i'.?JA' irfuiffx1:sI.TJ7?2'1'wJrnr propeller revolution and engine speed I indicator and counter systems From the most exacting naval uses to passen- stances, these sturdy systems outlive the C U R A ger liners, cargo vessels, tankers, dredges and vessels on which they are installed. Many 9 xymuIulnug,,,,,,, other vessels, Electric Tachometer .Indicator Original installations are Still in Service. 99 fig and counter systems have been used In count- , I X qbtco . less marine applications for Over 35 years. Standard and special types are available for Wm' Extremely accurate and dependable, they re- every navigation requirement- Write fOr Cate- " JL " quire a minimum of service. ln most in- logue. Let us quote on your next installation. ' ' Etetmlt TntIIomETEn T H E C O R P' MEASUREMENT 2218 VINE STREET ' PHILADELPHIA 3 ' PENNSYLVANIA, U. S. A. SPECIALIZATION 398 K l g, Nik- lr 2 9 nib? , E ,f ' Q mme: 2 ' 4 'MN 1 A A' We V A v v w n m 1 .,,.,,m-,tug ,,,, 9 I , "Sf ABQ, D mm., inf' nf' , avr, COMPLIMENTS OF SUMMER ZEAQ LONG qezmagfizp if S. A. LONG INCORPORATED TANKER CHARTERING SPECIALISTS 21 WEST STREET NEW YORK 6, NEW YORK PRUDENTIAL LINES owners and opemfm of AMERICAN FLAG VESSELS Maintaining Regular Berth Services to PORTUGAL, MEDITERRANEAN, NEAR EAST AND PERSIAN GULF PORTS - PRUDENTIAL STEAMSHIP CORPORATION 17 State Street, New York 4, New York Telephone: WHitehall 8-1040 399 wHEN APPEARANCE anim! YOUR COLLARED BY LINENE CLOTH PACED PAPER COLLARS IMMACUlATE+ ECONOMICAlf On duty or off, looks are im- portant. Be sure your collar has that fresh, clean look. It always will if you are wearing a Linene cotton cloth faced, paper Collar. For Linene is the collar that's snowy white ff ff all the time, never wrinkles or 1 Q., cracks. When they soil, just 1-C f-if I throw them away. For neat- -1- if 1?-K' ness and economy always K CT - wear Linene cloth faced. ff -'lf paper Collars. f I ' . . Compliments of the Pacific Exchange 1 79 2 PRCTECT WHAT YOU H E ' INSURANCE COMPANY OF C o r p o r a tl o n NIIIITII AMERICA MANILPHPHILIPPINES COMPANIES, Philadelphia Insurance Company of North America, founded 1792, oldest stock fire and C marine insurance company in the coun- try, heads the group of North America Companies which write practically all types of Fire, Marine and Casualty Branch Omcegg inSllrflllCe. Tokyo, San Francisco' New York' Insurance Company of North America and London Indemnity Insurance Company of North America Philadelphia Fire and Marine Insurance Company 400 CUMFURTABIE if - -4 -1 If A A 'B SUPER TANKER "ESSO NEW YORK" CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 sso SHIPPING CQMPANY 30 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA ' NEW YORK 20, N Y . 401 f T I Z 0 0 Amencan Flag Trade Routes ff wr- I 1,4 543, u. Ic. LINE I AFRICA LINE coNTINENr LINE S .I ORIENT LINE NIEDITERRANEAN LINE , CARIBBEAN LINE J Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., Inc. Off' at: NEW ORLEANS, HOUSTON, GALVESTON, NEW YORK, Beaumont, Brownsville, Ch g , Corpus Christi, Dallas, Gulfport, Kansas City, Lake Charles, Memphis, Mobile, Port Arthur, St Louis, Tampa, Washington, D. C OFFICES AND AGENTS IN PRINCIPAL WORLD PORTS Compliments of Your Supplier of Naval Uniform Shirts IKU N lll 'ID N SllLl1ll1lllQ,ilV IIULDW MN UU., 729-31 BROAIDWAY NEW YORK, N. Y. Alagonquin 4 27 0 402 K A I 5 ff X in I0 ,s 5 x I rin. if ,. A f I X ffyzwn B9 saw Single-Passg Header-Type Boiler Water-Tube Marine Boilers Superheaters - Refraetories MW Azrheaters - Eeonomzzers Two-Drum 011 Burners Boiler B8-W smgue upfake, Seamless and Welded Tubes Controlled- Superheot Boiler QQ 'Fo - X ' .1v'.Er-1-Xiaqzzozfkf.,,gggggg5,,ffx:,X-,.-m1vwwwf.fs1JX5fM gg I f Y so X! 4:11 S l gif 'TT' 'o"' www -... M 2 ---. if ' v Q e 4 .1 . H ., . - ' .. N Eiifi-WMI- , . XL J ls- , x Q. , 7 5 f 1 f .',- 'ffl' V' -Li ff Xxx-'l i' ',l fry: 4Q.DQ35X ' 4 E' ' f' 5 li: 5 !f f ' 1 7i-,1Z'.6Q21'AffL '- Q W9 S f I 7 -' ', f ii! f 3: , . ,..t 1,115 ,I My b I gc 'X f w k ' .. 11, 4053 Q Q f ,bw f A N ,'. ,ff , so ..:, N. ,..xN,x.Q THE BABCOCK 8. WILCOX CO. as uasnrv smear, New Yokx 5, N.Y. The Cottman Company CONTRACTING STEVEDORES STEAMSHIP AGENTS and BROKERS Operators of Bulk Cargo Pier 2 Canton Railroad Company EQUIPPED WITH TWO ELECTRIC BRIDGE CRANES MATHIESON BUILDING BALTIMORE 3, MARYLAND MARINE EQUIPMENT s . .jA As-112322, DISTIIIING PIANTS FEED WATER HEATERS EVAPORATORS EXHAUST GAS BOIIERS FUEL 0Il HEATERS CONDENSATE COOIERS CONTAMINATED WATER EVAPORATORS EIITERS AND GREASE EXTRACTORS CONDENSERS COOIERS AND RECEIVERS EOR REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS mcxn wma coolsns on coomas msncnon nuns smm mm DAVIS ENGINEERING CORPORATION 1058 EAST GRAND ST 30 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA I Ellldbefh 4, N. J. New York 20, N. Y. 404 QM 35 IM HN GREAT NECK, L. I., N. Y. GREAT NECK'S OLDEST TAVERN Luncheon, Cocktails and Dinner served in warm, friendly atmosphere Your Hosts. John A. Brooks, Sensor and Jumor and Willard Macleary GReat Neck 2-0032 ESTABLISHED T922 s. X. 5, 1 4 I I df' ff 2 k 'K THE GREAT AMERICAN FLEET T0 THE MEDITERRANEAN Modern-American-Living now goes to sea . . . on the finest. fastest and largest liners in regular Mediterranean service! me New s.s. Independence and Constitution Two great new air-conditioned Sun-Liners . . . with fre- quent sailings to Gibraltar, Naples, Cannes and Genoa. THE NEW H4 ACBSH to Marseilles, Naples, Alexandria, Bei- rut, Istanbul, Piraeus, Legborn, Genoa, Barcelona. Gom- pletely air-Conditioned. THE NEW S.S. La Guardia Monthly sailings to Gibraltar Palermo, Naples, Piraeus and Haifa. ALSO, 24 ADDITIONAL Cargo liners to the Mediterranean Black Sea, Red Sea, lndia, Pakistan, Ceylon and Burma See your Travel Agent or AM ERICAN EXPORT LINES 39 Broadway, New York 6, N. Y. NEW YORK ' BALTIMORE ' BOSTON ' CHICAGO ' PHILADELPHIA ' WASHINGTON SAN FRANCISCO ' LOS ANGELES ' PORTLAND ' SEATTLE ' VANCOUVER k ll' 405 xnernaunnal INITIAL PRIMING MARINE PAINTS I wlTH SILVER PRlMOCON WILL AVOID UNNECESSARY RE-WELDING OF SEAMS-RENEWAL OF RIVETS-FILLING IN OF PITS ON BOTTOM PLATING. This folder tells why Send for it today l ' ' ZSRASSIYRA' ntornallonal ami ompang no fffi' . , I NEW YORK 6, N.Y. S. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. NEW ORLEANS, LA. 21 West Street South Linden Avenue i 145 Annunciation Street AGENTSIN EVERYIMPORTANT PORT Judson Sheldon Division Judson Freight Forwarding Division National Carloading Corp. "The Best Way" CUSTOM HOUSE BROKERS FOREIGN FREIGHT FORWARDERS CONSOLIDATED IMPORT EXPORT CARS HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND AUTOMOBILE CAR SERVICE DOMESTIC CAR SERVICE AIR CARGO AGENTS Over 78 Years of Acknowledged Leadership Offices in 110 American Cities Representatives in Principal World Ports General Ogice 19 RECTOR STREET, NEW YORK 6, N. Y. FMB Reg. No. 888 ooo Continued Service . . . to the Service Ill Cadet-Midshipman Laundry S 5 ,.....-. lr-'fr pm .af Nlllilillll LINES X Weekly Freight Service: New York to Havana Fortnightly Freight Service: New York to Pastelillo Fortnightly Freight Service: New York to Nassau, B.W.I. Weekly Freight Service: Baltimore 8: Philadelphia to Havana Owners and Operators of tramp tonnage throughout the world THE CURTIS BAY TUWING UUMPANY l50l Mercantile Trust Building Tel. Mulberry 8700, Day or Night Baltimore 2, Md. '7uq4dlu9az'aff2'zf!w445wafZJtejaA. The Uurtis Bay 'lowing Uompany oi Pennsylvania l2 South l2th Street, Philadelphia 7, Pa. Tel. l-0mb8l'd 3-3977 407 QEATRAKN ZMNEQ., ENC. 15 BROAD STREET New YORK 5, N.Y. THERMIT MARINE REPAIRS Wm. Il. M0600 82 Co., Inv Stern Frames . . . Rudder OCEAN AND INLAND Parts . . . Propeller Struts Tail Shafts . . . Crankshafts MARINE UNDERVVRH-ERS etc. O V METAL C1 THERMIT CORP. I00 EAST 42nd ST., NEW YORK 17, N. Y. HI JOHN STREET CHICAGO - PITTSBURGH - sour:-I sAN FRANCISCO THERMIT WELDING NEW YORK 7, NEW YORK J ESTABLISHED 1904 MAin 4-8400 Marine Life Saving Equipment ATLANTIC-PACIFIC MFG. CGRP. 408 +L J.,- a,4 KX ,N M -Ni :Pj I 3 E I7 I Eight bells has sounded on the final watch of your Academy school years Now you re coming on the bridge trained and ready for duty in the American Merchant Marine in whose vital role in world affairs American President Lines global fleet of fast passenger vessels and Cargoliners is a key factor So we say Congmlulatzom and welcome ezboemz' m y y 1 190112021 0 opjaoftzmzty be cl b106Zd one AMERICAN PRESIDENT LINES GENERAL OEE1cEs: 311 California Street, San Francisco 4, Calif 8 BELLS IIND lILL'S WELL... f 'f Nfl EVENTUALLY HOSE-MCCAN N uses aboard the H O S E - M c C A N N S.S. BRAZIL ' 9 C' Moore-McCormack Lines 25th STREET and 3rd AVENUE BROOKLYN 32, N- Y- 409 YOU TOO WILL USE A SOUND POWERED MARINE TELEPHONE V N BIRCHER Class 44 llllllllllll ll. SHARP Naval Architect lll NEW YORK SAN FRANCISCO NEW ORLEANS gi.,- l -Hg MORAN has the specialized equip- ment and experience for every type of towing problem-harbor, inland water, coastwise or deep sea. Modern Diesel- Electric drive and steam tugs are available to handle assignments anywhere in the vvorld. I TOWING 8: TRANSPORTATION NEW YORK NORFOLK ' NEW ORLEANS Glbraltar 8-0777 A UL C . S TE CK PRECISION SHEETMETAL and EXPERIMENTAL WORK Manufacturer of WAVEGUIDE FORMS, CHASSIS, CABINETS AND OTHER MECHANICAL COMPONENTS FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Aluminum Brazing Aluminum Spotwelding and Heliarc Welding Oxy - Acetylene Welding and Cutting Arc Welding --General Machine Work- I I9 MERSEREAU AVENUE MARINERS HARBOR, STATEN ISLAND 3, N. Y. 410 'N max? ,vpn Fifi", ,-4 I I 2 tiAl'Eft Jffff N E SERVICE New and RscoNomoNEo l I' I' fl' A GYRO COMPASSES I Quality repair work at a fraction of I I H af lowest Original Cost I Cost MA EMF ll!! IE,l!f1l.,l-Ill' f0ME.h,a.N,lZ lf? Profile print of 5.5. CLIFFS VICTORY Formerly Notre Dame Victory CONVERTED TO AN IRON ORE CARRIER AT BETI-lLEHEM'S KEY HIGHWAY YARD. Length 620' Geared Turbine, 8,500 horse power Beam 62' Oil Fired B. C7 W. Boilers Depth 38' Speed I9 M.P.H. THE CLEVELAND - CLIFFS IRON COMPANY l460 Union Commerce Bldg. Cleveland I4, Ohio THE FIRST COMPANY ON THE GREAT LAKES T0 USE UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARINE CADETS. I I Albert Ullmann Marz'ne 0 ca mv. T lII.I. BER VAN4, IRIN 84 WILLIAM STREET NEW YORK 7, N. Y. 411 uk' 6 SHIP MAINTENANCE Maintenance Interior Decorating GENERAL CLEANING DECK CREWS FURNITURE LINENS HATCH CLEANING SCALING DRAPERIES LIGHTING TANK CLEANING TURBINING LINOLEUM GALLEY EQUIPMENT GARBAGE DISPOSAL BOILER BRICK WORK RUGS PAINTING-INSIDE LINE MEN PAINTING-OUTSIDE BEDDING MURALS WALL PAPERING GANG LABOR SUPPLIED FOR ALL NEEDS Steward Work on Passenger Liners, a Specialty ' Cabins Thoroughly Cleaned - Beds Made-Furniture Put in Order ' Linens and Toiletries Arranged ' Rugs and Furniture Cleaned on Location BARBARA B. BROWNE-Interior Decorating Consultant dl.':dlJ!.E..P"A3' UUNTRACILNE, P9,1nr"iEe WOrth 4-3131-5 'A' it " I 'Re ef ulls, cargoes and all types of marine insurance- Manila - Iloilo - Cehu Hong Kong ' Keelung Saigon - Bangkok -f Singapore -Indonesia Shanghai - Japan 'l'RANSAl'lAN'l'lC 'Ef2,E.'2!EZ'rT!I.'?32JIHZ'I5?,I, CHUBB S SON Antwerp - Rotterdam i5fif.UECI?fQL'J2'.Tfn Ports QAMQQCHWIZ-em Amsterdam - Bremerhaven so Bremen - Hamburg leHavre -Rouen FORTNIGHTLY SAILINGS From Atlantic Ports BALTIMORE: li. C. Herd L CO., IHC. PHILADELPHIA: ll. ll. Soltelmdn E CO. HAMPTON ROADS: Dithmann,Wright L Pugh, Inc. BOSTON: Sprague Steamship Co. Cl-IICAGOU. DETROIT: F. C. MacFarlane LOS ANGELES: Burns Steamship Ca. SAN FRANCISCO: Fred Olsen line Agenty,Ltd. MONTREALI The Robert Ralord Co.,ltd GULF PORTS: Texas Transport 8. Terminal Co., Inc. A 4 412 90 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 7, N. Y. - Ocean and Inland Marine Transportation 0 Fire and Automobile Aviation Insurance through Associated Aviati Underwriters g' I l B T1 Q .cw-in-ui-si QW , f A! ORION SHIPPINGIG- TRADING CG., Inc. World Wide Services SO Broad Street, New York 4, N Y Robert W. and Robert U. T' HUHWW MURRELL K Consultin Naval Architects S I g 0 ns, n c. Marine Engineers Surveyors Stevedores 4 if 111 BROADWAY, NEW YORK 6 N Y 531 WEST 1901 STREET W0 th 4-2770 NEW YORK 11 N X OOOOOOOOOIOIOIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 413 Compliments of Brady Marine Repair Co. General Marine Repairs HOboken 3-1703 727 - 733 MONROE STREET HOboken 3-1704 HOBOKEN, N.J. "For Trade, Travel and Defense . . . Support the American Merchant Marine" 460 574 3 A P if o o , 0 0 The only exclusively 04. gl-X . . M American Fla Service to 9 CUBA and MEXICO Weekly Express Sailings New York and Baltimore to HAVANA Fast Weekly Service New York and Baltimore to VERA CRUZ, TAMPICO CUBA .MAIL ang CWARD LINE1 120 WALL STREET NEW YORK 5, N. Y. HAnover 2-8500 Baltimore Agents: HINKINS STEAMSHIP AGENCY ' MUNSEY BLDG. I Marsh 6 Mclemmn Insurance Brokers CONSULTING ACTUARIES AVERAGE ADIUSTERS 70 Pine Street ' New York Chicago New York San Francisco Minneapolis Detroit Boston Los Angeles Pittsburgh Seattle St. Louis St. Paul Duluth Indianapolis Portland Superior Washington Cleveland Buffalo Columbus Phoenix Vancouver Montreal Havana London ikikviirilrikikikilr Friend 44444444 HERES COKE . . .THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES ,.,9 , ,pm 'ffm an -my '-A,,,,.N , 1 ,,,,f..., V . 7 ' M 7 242, 23- TQ f f gf , ,V 4 Q2 ,, , .V ,mffvf , , C,,mQqWf,g4, , f, ,, 4 , 4 Q 4 no 1, 1 W . f, wy -1, 4 1 1 f.. , 7, 1142, ff' f af vi . N., R.. -1- 'wa Ee Z t . .1 i fivlefor zz' ezflzer way . . . both tmde-marks mean the .mme thing S T R A U S S' MARINE SCHOOL Preparatory Courses for Licenses All Grades . . .Steam or Diesel Licensed by The State of New York ji fl . 1 Sederlwollfs li 1, 1.1 Navigation School ,1 5 5 1 Sl li ,. 1 R 1 CAPT. L. SEDQBRHOLT, Principal U. S. Steamboat Inspection Service Master Mariner 9Q?f. Capfainv U. S. N. R. Licensed by the State of New York ii Preparafory courses for ALL GRADES. NAlylGATORS, PILOTS, . if Ow,,edandOpe,a,ed by u. s. STEAMBOAT INSPECTION SERVICE A. A. STRAUSS .. JOHN MITCHELL Rooms 201 - 3 -5 61 WHITEHALL STREET 61 wH11'EHA1.1. STREET NEW YORK 4 Nea' Som' Few NEW YORK 4, N. Y. Te'f. WHitef1ail 4-0742 Phone WI-litehall 4-0742 Q ix. 1 x. l 7375 MAin 56923 BOwling Green 9- 1376 S. l. FARRINGTUN 7377 73 78 "The Blue Fleet" IRUN WORKS, Inc. CEHTUHU THHHSPUHTHTIUH UU., lllll. Established 1979 General Engineering and Marine Contractors 61 COMMERCE STREET BROOKLYN 31, N' Y. 113-115 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK 4 GENERAL TRUCKING AND WAREHOUSING Con mon Ca r'er Cu.tom House L'cense No 490 1 fl s 1 , ,N.Y. 3 We ren I QR ' -1 P45-gy! F-'lu' mug! upssuolUIUlUvQ 0 4 I 1 1 C O 0 6 I - I i'H'if' ' i 4 in , I I I I 4 4 +4 4 I 4 Q 4 4 4 4 fl 6 4 4 4 3 '4 , ri' 9- v re 5 ae 4 I f A Salutes the Builder Builders of of a Great Greater . Merchant Shlps Marine 559 259 Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry linnk Co. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA UNIVE C7 e6em NEW HAVEN RSITY X-ym Serving the Urrent Indra Persian Gulf Straits Settlemen t Mediterranean 417 STEAMSHIP DIVISION OWNERS AND OPERATORS OF DRY cARGo VESSELS UNIIIN ULPIIUII AND IIIL COIII'0lIA'I'I0 N E W Y O R K 33 RECTOR STREET WHitehalI 4-3330 AMERICAN SHIP BROKERAGE CORPORATION sTEAMsHlP AGENTS BROKERS FOR THE SALE, PURCHASE and CHARTER OF CARGO SHIPS, TANKERS, ETC. TELEPHONE 'WHii'ehaII 3 6393 24 STONE STREET CABLE ADDRESS HSHIPBROKER NEW YORK 4, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF A Friend 418 ,XXX ,ww-NN l U -..L nlliK N X, I i , ,, -69' A .- A tlag known round the world as a symbol ot time-tested Experience, Integrity, Reliability ancl Efficiency-indeed the symbol of an ener- getic organization which purposes to meet the challenge of the times. AMERICAN-HAWAIIAN STEAMSHIP BUMPANY 90 Broad Street, New York HAGAN AUTOMATIC COMBUSTION CONTROL for power plants, specifically adapted ta oil-fired marine boilers HAGAN CENTRIFUGAL SEPARATORS for removal of moisture and oil from steam or air Nlr f l umm' WH, Jfm-ky 'llllll llllllllLllll.Y llll Mllll.l'l' The above traclelnark bas earned the right . to be eonsiderefl as sueli. It signifies a de- pendable STANDARD of QUALITY that has always been distinctive and recognized. Vile are proud of this, as you men are of HAGAN CURPURATIUN PITTSBURGH, PA. ABT CAP CUDIPANY, INC. 729 BROADWAY, NEW YORK 3. Y. 419 Af Kings Point Nearly Everyone Reads . . . HERE! 'LFLELILIS The Regimental Weekly Newspaper M 1 g R Merely 82.00 a ye WISHES UNIVERSAL TERMINAL STEVEDURING C0. gf 24 STATE STREET W YORK 4 NEW YORK Y T ..v....,,...-,,, ,pq--nn Compliments of THE INFORMA 7 ION SERVICE STAFF IUHN T. CLARK and SUN TERMINAL OPERATORS and GENERAL STEVEDORES 17 STATE STREET NEW YORK CITY Uniforms for the Cadet-Midshipmen of the United States Merchant Marine Academy uC0ngratulati0ns on the splendid record made by the graduates of this Academy on every part of the globef, JEFF EMJMDSTEHN, HND, 387 FOURTH AVENUE NEW YORK 16, NEW YORK 421 Keesez4e0!d7cw PIIL RIS The Magazine By and For Cadet-Midshipmen 'lr S ll Diamond B ow 11 f LARGE DIAMOND E gagement Rings JohnlU.H1o6rothlIorporoiioo Msn Associates Htlootioand6oIfStovodoros,Ioo. 111 FL XTBUSH A1 ENUE 39 BROA WAY BROORLXN 1 NEW YORK NEW YORK N W YO K NE 8 J OC 1 Q H 4, 1 P l il Es. . if S Q , ie 4 3' if 5 f A 1 "'l ggqgg-q----ui ,Qf" :Jsif Q HERFF-JONES CGMPANY Qfficial Jewelers U.S.M.M.A. CLASSES OF 1943 - 1944 - 1945 - DEC. 1946 - 1947 1948 - 1949 - 1950 - DEC. 1951 al A V 7 final, ,-5, A ,w i fi 5 X ii i rv XJ X Se, ' U -Q, d' is Wlses pulw , - 6 L - Q E? F A.' 5 P' , A . V V ..,Q ia XXX L s fs., P N ia? ,ff xi. ' ' xf' I X - xr 'Q' I 3 f ,I-r , " C' 4.1072 f R M Wg? x X , 1 4 I I i 7 it I vi i. I , mi t 5' 5 - " FOR HER . . . An Ajfeetionate Lasting Gift .... 4 Beautiful Miniature Graduation Ring Set with any stone you desire, with or without a surrounding setting of diamonds O Eastern Division 14 PARK PLACE, NEWARK 2, N. I. MARKET 3-2295 0 Available to All Graduates ACADEMY RINGS AND MINIATURES SPECIAL CURVED WEDDING BANDS JUSTEIVS Ojicial Jewelers for the Class of June 1951 MANUFACTURING IEWELERS and STATIONERS A Class Rings Personal Cards Graduation Announcements and Invitations Representative VERNON R. GATLEY 1737 DeSales Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. 5 5 S 3 Z s MIDSHIPS STAFF Front Row: Keating, Rutledge,Fiore11i, Lawson. Back Row: Taylor, McLean, Hansen, Gunter, Santos, Bullick Catto, Griflln, Lewis, F edzer, Mitchell, Beberdick, Lescano, Hamm, Liebman, Campbell, Lawrence. NVieser, Turnley, Sheetz. K 9494 9495 GEORGE KAQR Presldent GQQD HAnover 2 AND SMOOTH SAILING THE CLASS OF DECEMBER 1950 9496 9497 Mm GEORGE KARR.CU INE THE CLASS OF JUNE 1 eff THE MIDSHIPS STAFF 951 STEAMSHIP AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES SLOPCHEST AND LINEN SUPPLIES 60 STONE STREET NEW YORK 4, N. Y. z l l Al!-l I Q ,Iggy N47'v:". I ,ff-' .xrzfx ll Ill I1 1 ff WT WNI53 , -u.u., ,"ftI l I S S O C 1 El t 1 O I1 33f,gbI'f!-7f'fffj"' Merchant Marme Cadet Corps sh Nl X,-3-1 , ....4 3 S OC ' igspll of the Unlted States 25 SOUTPI STREET IWEW YORK 'L N. Y. HANOVER 2-8955 Dear Graduate: For four years you have been trai to fulfill the mission o ning f the Cadet Corps. That mission you know by heart. But you must shoulder another great responsibility, namely, that of insuring that Kings Point will never be handicapped frdm successfully completing that mission. In your time in the Cadet Corps, you have witnessed first hand your Academy re- adjust itself to its peacetime role. You will recall that four years ago, at the time you were entering the Academy, our Basic School at San Mateo, Calif. was closed. Three years ago you witnessed the officer complement sharply reduced. You remember that two years ago the Cadet-Midshipmen comple ent was cut. Last year there-was much discussion about closing our Basic School at Pass Christian, Miss. In all these re- ductions, we console ourselves in the knowledge that it was only to be expected as Kings Point assumed its peacetime status. Here we draw the line. In all this, no underlying principles that have contributed to the progress of the Academ have been sacrificed. The reason Kings F:4nt has progressed so much in its brief history, and has such an enviable record, is because it was built upon the solid fou dation that it be open to Americans from all walks of life. The requirements asked were that he be intelli- gent, physically fit, trustworthy, and have a desire for a maritime career. These were the only requisites - and they gave us men like Edwin O'Hara and Eugene Walker, Cadet-Midshipmen who believed in America, who believed in the mission of the Cadet Corps, and who were solemnly aware that their school needed and wanted only the best of American youth from any walk of life. Now in 1951, a principle is at stake. Discontinuance of the monthly allotment is the issue. An issue that means closing off one segment of American youth from our school. The Alu ni collectively, and every graduate individually, objects to it. To this end we must all take an active part. This is mainly a problem of the graduates who have gone before. Time may present similar tasks wnedwyou assume the Alumni helm - do not be found wanting. If today, or in the distant future, you read this letter, and are re inded of 1? this duty, and your enthusiasm for your Alumni's purpose is renewed, then these A . thoughts that I offer upon your graduation have not been in vain. g Fraternally yours, ci Joszph M. Mahoney President LOCAL CHAPTERS BALTIMORE . ST LOUIS Q PHILADELPHIA o CHICAGO v SEATTLE 0 BOSTON LOS ANGELES BROOKLYN STATEN ISLAND . NEW YQRK GEQRGETOWN . ATLANTA - COLUMBUS SAN FRANCISCO 0 HOUSTON OVERSEAS REPRESENTATIVES PIRAEUS GREECE - MANILA, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS . BARRANQUILLA, COLOMBIA ff 425 . . II, IIIIAII ' ,, I . r1"f9f .Q J 1 . 1: f ,Q 1 7 :K jp" wg, , 1-xx 'I .nil ,I 'J ' .,.. . X ."x'4,. vw vu ,. 'y-:tl ' . .1-..+ I?-, 1 .l,, ,IQ ..,If , 4 , 1 -,A",',1" . U I Ifk. If na EI JI' ,I-Er: I Iaefffll I, I II, 'f -"f, "' ff I-11.9 H . .- - xg II if IIt'if'ILf,In ',I,1SJf'.III V . ' 'Ii , REM .. 1 ,V - H '. - ' 1 y .V sf..- 13,534 v,I .yt ' QI' .-HX?-I, . . I. .-II '. ,5':..l-f I .' 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'5 . 1 0 v ' ' v"' ' 9 - ' X. . . , ,,- 1- .IW , . Ii 1 1- I , II. . I ' f I, 1--' ,f 1. T 'm ' gin .is ,, . . . . . f -, f - . . v Ixwif 35.3, , ,II.I -.,.,II I .' V.-fp - if '- in . AA." f " 2 wfflfa 'Q , gm- -5, f . . 4.122 1a,"sJ 33 . ,,1.I.i.' ,-1,.II cIr1 ,,-1 -.rw-1 . " 4 '.-,gr '. ri Er uf - "gn-V5-54-4: -,v f 3,ff . Q 11:1 a,, 'tn' ,jr 5gfg5,.. -3: fw-::,-..-5: 1 .7I,I7,'gr QW, 1 ,TQZRU ,- ' f ' f .. . 1. . ,. ' " VZ." ' ' -, - U. 1 1 1.-:fx 45,3 ,, 1 ' :. , W ' . f"'A1.1f".f 1 ,L .-L '-. 'J I ,.,-A .A 1. 1 , :ka ., -. ,I,f,,, I :J FJ' ,, ' r v . . ,., N- f.'v.,y-au fm, A . ,'f23'f'f,yA,' '-,I'.' ' . n 1.--' sf -1 f". W, 'f ,ff 4, V2 'Sgr' , , . 'I I ,f .',-' ,U ,,, I- f - , . A ft-I. -,".I' - .- 1 1 . fe--A ,,-ff - a 1 f- f - .f , ,. , ' -'f-A ' f' I '.f'1g .!,fj71' -N ' ' ,IL ' 3, Q: , ' H: ,gi-Is. .- 1- Lf JI- 'f-ff .-' 1' III IIIIIII , .. , . .. . .I f , n 1 u 1 1 ff, J 'P ff 5.1 A -4- Jm lf'-. 9. . A as f A dx . - 'L ' ' . -I , , 7"II. s -in Ii, . in - J . - v- X , , -A ,- Q. n '-H22-' -. P .4 .- 5 P .-Q.: .f' 1 Y.-P: '-' .-'F r "5 xi:--22 ' a-.1-" fat, , - .LI I: AI., :H I I A I5 I I -III:'I Q' sj- 1. f. I ff,-,lf - -:lj V5 1:4-Q, L'-41 .,, ,,' , " .- " '- - 'A " ,- -' . x . .. " - . ,,.,.n-,IJ . .- .r- . .- Q' f A..- 41?-':..'.' 7.-' K'-W:.' , '. . ' fx." .-I m' Qi, u...'- Q' ' '. , 1 ,. w. . x -. .. II. k. 7" . X . -x v' ' hi. 3. .L-., . '.. '-5 xxi 5-I I II ,,.. 1, , . my.-, 1 x 1 + I .,.., .K P . X If iw "K , III .1 um , Q. . x f .- .4 . N' . 3xx' ' ' 7, f B21 5 l'LIiI1"i a RJ? 'vfg I: 'IJ -X. -II I I . I, . Ar .J- N Q K wx. . '-.Q 2. .-on . 'xi ' arf' ,rx as "" anti, ' ,fs . W. A -- Hi-. ' k.f '1f'.-'- AL . .'3. -Q, .,- . 5 ' .YQ-', f1,t-.Q -, I ' I 1. - . f 4, 'wx 955, . 1 'If .'159?- 'I.wI.IfiIFI I-II: . .15 Tk" A. bn- Q -S if 5 .4 2?" X x - J -'-1 fix: 9" 'niibi 1 1.136 n '. -X.-A-A0 . , I, .Lx gig fy-amwcix - M lx ' fi' 'x , 543 vi -lxwbs. x P- -,' X '-i . .A -5 . .S'?,g.X'...g 3- -'.I.I,I.Ly0: 1- 9- If, . 'X ff ,Q X 5742.-uf ' ' in NRM. ' ... -1. I"-"1 II ,x .. 'ri -."",C. mxi v I.I,-I IIIIIPIQN 1E15It.J fqgfmf 1AII.'.,I A I III I. I ,Q -II. I . ml . 5 I '-y'..-1- xg: , , W , 'K . ' . 'i,. .'w ...5'i', lrldiwdpki nb . A x-g,x..g . Ii.. 'NN . g,.:: xnxx: :vkf a 1-E w ' .fx N. I ,I-IQBI I-1' VQI ,IMI ak ' . 'x ' 1 y .. . 1 M sv . W x- . ,QU ..I.-I, f' .gif ' U . .fl 'EIN I I N. kv . iw-'-.1-:xx-f . an .gf , sm :xp . vwqg N rx! , A 1 a, sh, I - gli E: I, t ,gf 2. -Fr 1, .1 ,Z 'x :'5' fly! 'JI ,ll 2 I 'fi IXISII 1 J .V 113 Q, ld 1 JU' .4 I!" . .L lr' F-,. viii? '.-1-I A I 4 , Q kfyl, XJ J, I . 5 , - ,Il C I 2 N ' ' hi'-'N ,Q it - - in - J, V ,fuel wr., 9 - -, sf X I' .I CINS.- 'HJQY 1 i . , . ,"" if if JIU' EI -es wg-',x f I 9. A a , -.V xi' 1 1 Ellie ,ff , 0. . " ,- ' U0 l,,f,s .. M HIFI' ' 1 'FII I . Me. 4.3 , 9 V ', ,ig ,- .W ,if E, QQ, z 'T' :ff ,. A, l'Y',, 11 I, ?- .si Jeno 2 ' if I 'R E ,gf 5 4, ', I .4 A., K ... :' 4- , , I .V ,wg 5, +R, :YA 6, ,.1 ." N I. we .W .,-c.Y..,.. J I 1 5 1 5 if 9... AMQBASSADCRS or Gooo wlu. I I I A I Crii,,lT" INK X'---v wb - Nw'n"'x,, 'X f I IIIIMXX is I NIIIIWX QL A 5 3 I 'l S' I A! x 12 , ,gf , I , 1 ,wxf.,5.,i 1, I . Xe X, W. I . . I . S.. ' J--I I I f Z' - . Q'- ' A , X ' I ,,.-,A . " L, L I Q f M, 'IX Qi. 1 lx XX ff we The New Citu Printing Companu is proud of the part it plaued as construction engineers in the erection of the 1951 MIDSHIPS. We hope that we have achieved our aim of spreading Kings l3oint's spirit of good fellowship and good will throughout the world wherever this book mau be viewed. A Complete College and School Annual Service NEW CITY PRINTING COMPANY PRODUCED BY A PRACTICAL AND ECONOMICAL 16 fi I ' J 2 4,4 ,, I I ""' ij", METHOD OF PRODUCING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS f A lf i 1 "V ' ir0ff,,:fAl xl ' 1 , 1 f , A I--w"""'rH ..n-1" 'NA I 1 'I " ,' ,ef ' , A Y,,A,,,... ,,,.,- ' P ,fam INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Active Fire Extinguisher Co .... Alcoa Steamship Co ....... Alumni Association of the USMMCC, I American American American American American Arnessen Export Lines ..... Hawaiian Steamship Corp. Mail Line ...... President Lines . Ship Brokerage . Electric Co. . Art Cap Co ....... Arundal Corp., The . . ' . . . . Atlantic Coast Contracting Corp. . Atlantic-Pacific Manufacturing Co. . Babcock 6: Wilcox Co ..... Bath Iron Works Corp .... Bausch 6: Lomb Optical Co. . Brady Marine Repair Corp. . Buell Engineering Co. . . Bull 6: Company, Inc., A. H. . B. V. D. Corp ...... . Carpenter 6: Baker ....... Century Transportation Company, Inc. Chubb 6: Son ........ Clark 6: Sons, Iohn T. . . Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co. . Club Tavern ...... Coca-Cola Co ...... Columbian Rope Co .... Combustion Engineering, Inc. . Cosmopolitan Shipping Co. . Cottman Co. .... . Cuba Mail Line . . . Curtis Bay Towing Co. . . Davis Engineering Corp. . Eads johnson, M.E .... Electric Tachometer Corp. . Esso Shipping Co ..... Farrell Lines ...... Farrington Iron Works, S. I. . Gibbs and Cox, Inc .... Gieves Limited . . Goldstein, Inc., Jeff . Grace Lines . . . Great Neck Diner . . Hagan Corp. . . . . Hall and Co., Frank B. . Hallicrafters Co. . . Herff-Jones Co. .... . Hogan 6: Sons, Inc .... Hose-McCann Telephone Co .... Insurance Company of North America International Paint Co., Inc. . . . Isthmian Steamship Co. . . Iarka Corp ..... Iohnson 6: Higgins . . Iosten's ..... HC. . . . 28 Karr, George C. . . Keystone Shipping Co. . . . Long, S. A ........... Lykes Brothers Steamship Company, Inc. . Marine Electric Corp ....... Marine Instrument Co. . . Marine Otlice of America . Marsh 6: McLennan Co .... McAllister Lighterage Corp. . . McGee 6: Company, Inc., Wm. C. . McGrath Corp., John W .... Merl Associates ..... Meseck Towing Lines, Inc. . . Metal and Thermit Corp .... Moller Steamship Company, Inc. . Moore-McCormack Lines ...... Moran Towing and Transportation Co. . Morrell, Robert VV ....... National Carloading Corp. . New City Printing Company ...... Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Corp. . . North Atlantic and Gulf Steamship Company, Inc. Orion Shipping and Trading Co ........ . . Pacific Exchange Corp ..... Pacific Far East Lines . . Philippine Airlines . . . Phoenix London Group ..... Propeller Club of the United States . . Prudential Steamship Corp ..... Red Hand Compositions Company, Inc. . Reversible Collar Co. ...... '. Routel Studios ...... Saks Fifth Avenue ...... Seamen's Bank for Savings, The . Seatrain Lines, Inc ...... Sederholt's Navigation School . . Sharp, George G ...... Signode ..... Sperry Gyroscope Co. . Sprague Steamship Co. . Steck, Paul C ........ Strauss Marine School ..... Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Co. . Thompson, Inc., Iohn G. . . . Todd Sliipyards Corp ..... Ullmann Marine Oilice, Inc., Albert . Union Shirt Company, Inc .... Union Sulphur Co. . . United Fruit Co ..... United States Lines ..... United States Naval Institute . Universal Stcvcdoring Corp. . Vanity Fair Laundry . . . Waterman Steamship Corp. . NVatson, Inc., Thomas G. . 424 393 399 402 396 41 1 396 414 384 408 422 422 386 408 412 379 410 413 407 427 417 407 413 400 417 395 394 380 399 382 400 426 417 380 408 416 410 386 381 388 410 416 397 394 393 4 1 1 402 418 377 385 391 420 406 395 394 A Finoul Thought As we mop up the last few details concerning the production of MIDSHIPS 1951, it behooves us to give recognition to the individuals and groups who gave of their time and effort-who, in fact, made this yearbook possible. TO THE ADMINISTRATION for easing the way whenever possible, TO LCDR. VICTOR E. TYSON, IR., our oflicer-adviser, for his advice, encouragement, and, most of all, for retaining his sense of humor in the face of our blunders, TO LT. F. E. STEELE, III, for patiently guiding the pens of the editorial department, TO THE MEN OF THE STAFF, of the Regiment of cadet-Midshipmen, and of the graduating classes for their labor and co-operation, TO MR. FRED BALL of the New City Printing Company, whose genuine interest and fund of experience more than once helped us over the many rough spots on the road to completion, TO ROUTEL STUDIOS and Mr. Ceorge Routel for the photography and the assistance given when deadlines were pressing, TO MR. N. W. ALLIS of the S. K. Smith Company for helping design our attractive cover, TO NEW CITY PRINTING COMPANY, of Union City, New Iersey: to Mr. Daniel Daviadofl for his refreshing layouts, to Mr. Henry Fink for his distinctive art work, to Danny Consonni, Charlie Bahr and the rest of the staff, And, to the many other generous people who have furthered our cause, We tender our deepest gratitude and appreciation - without you all we would have been lost. THE EDITORS 429 Class of Februorq Ascherl, I. Atkins, T. Baldwin, F. Bonlow, R. Bernasconi, A. Borgina, I. Borgen, W. Brown, M. Browning, T. Bruder, I. Bryning, H. Bums, R. Butler, R. Campbell, I. Cannon, T. Carlson, D. Causey, C. Chambers, S. Chitty, E. Christopher, N. Clark, R. Clark, R. E. Colligan, I. Cordes, F. Corr, I. Corrigan, E. 1955 Dale, W. Daniels, C. Dean, W. Denison, R. DeVito, V. Detweiler, I. Dragatto, C. Durand, I. Fay, E. F ecko, J. Field, D. Fields, W. Finneran, C. Follett, R. Fuller, C. Carthwaite, A. George, H. Cenety, R. Griflin, W. Cuinee, I. Hamor, I. Hansen, I. Hanson, L. Haucke, D. Healy, R. Hendelman, J. Henderson, NV. llerlierger, A. Hogan, C. Ilubschrnan, W. Ianinda, H. Jantzcn, I. Karninsky, S. Kana, C. Kaplan, S. Kaucher, I. Kelly, D. Kelley, W. Kerby, E. Krantz, L. Lanni, L. MacDonald, B. McHugh, E. McVeigh, W. Mahany, P. Mechling, M. Mollard, W. Morgan, I. Morrow, R. Morton, W. Myers, D. Neumann, R. Norris, F. Ohman, P. O'Regan, C. Parr, L. Perrin, B. Pesce, H. Piacente, R. Pirri, P. Price, J. Panzoni, C. Raffaele, E. Rice, T. Richey, T. Rorison, E. Rossi, L. lRoyce, H. Salie, R. L Schaffner, I. Scheib, I. Schramm, M. Shoughnessy, F Siegel, B. Sneyd, VV. Stahl, I. St. Amand, I. Steen, R. Steinman, B. Stevenson, C. Stone, R. Stojda, D. Stuebben, R. Tabor, I. Taylor, R. Toto, F. Trotz, R. Tutt, I. Timko, I. Van Dien, C. V aske, L. XVa1ker, J. XVeiss, A. NVetzel, VV. Vfhitney, E. NVilm, A. XVilliams, R. W ills, VV. NVoodworth, D A 'Bw-Ib

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