United States Coast Guard Academy - Tide Rips Yearbook (New London, CT)

 - Class of 1977

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United States Coast Guard Academy - Tide Rips Yearbook (New London, CT) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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-. . .....74, ffm- I-.r nur- u 4. -4. p ' 1 fwx if 1 3 x I 1 I s,.t',:,gfa, , xr: ' IQX 3 A-FS 555 80 1 jx xv .f'f..i ,- 1 .nf , , , ,N ' ea' wg'-unix.:-. .-...,f..,f.. ,W ,.....-- .. 11" " T...-9.g.,4gy,g-wp,-'ga-v-,.mn::ar-an .xgs-'Q-5. Lag.-1 A .,-, . .4 ......,..,-...,..,15.-av--5-3-fggg--4',vas-.tt-:zu'?"ff?"'-"1 , . ..: . V 1, - f v H ,Q W , . X . -LL 1 ' ,, . . ' - ' 'Ei -,,' A , ' ' . 1 : ., , X , , X .- .Q K ,.,,, . X , -f I S.. 1 F , . I f 1 . I ' Q A 'K '- - 'fJ"':1Z,gQ" .4 Q 0 ' , qim 1.55 .Q N' ' x ., 'wg' 'Q ,. ' H -ga ,gn 5 .Q- ' V' , YQ W . E",' 1 , 'A , 'QQ "" ., ' , , ' . Ties Q.. Jw-"Y vw' ' . .,g':'v- ' . .. - 3- I , M 5 - u 'uf' .,,. Q yn L v ' a, .wc . 3' 'V , 190' Y '.' X 'K . I , . . L yy, i. ,yr .z v, . l ,' "'::' '-r-ins!-" ,fav J. J ,iv ,, '!,,v my ,gr-vs. ' K ' .94 A ' , " 5 .. 1- . ,g -41 K xx' . 4 ... E. . , v. ,, - W' ' '-:..5.-H, '. I pu " ' ' fx -- U' .navy - -8, N. -rp, u , 4, , v ,, ' '. ' Q ' 0 k ' 4-Uv. ""5- -'M at . r " - '- . . A , - ol ' .Sy 'xv 0 ' Qs ' hi , . . ., X -9 . I . Q ' - ' . X 1 . -" O Q ' "' ,ga M + ,. x j .. gy- - 1 f 4 .. ,f.',,,, -Q -5 'aw . .V , v .. 1 . v ' 1 r , ' ' . ' ' ' ' 9 be O ' f 1 'Qs . " ' 1 " , 1 ' . 4, ' ' .. 0-if-C" - ' ' f ' . " ' or Y' " - z v , . ' 5 . , T' O f' I K , , .. Q . . U' Q, , . . A . I it , - - . - . ul 9, . a V -Q +. 4 . . Q ,- 1 - - Q . ar . "" b . - . . . . 0 - 0. I ' Q". " G. 3 - C ' v '-Q I . Q . 1 , " ' U D A pw- if . 1' M 5 fu ' -.H ., ,P b I A 3' .5 ' " ' ' ' " 0 TOW ., I .Q O 'Q' ' - Y p .i gd- f C - Q 'O' ' 1- ' , I ' gs .. .-.. . ' i , - ' r P 1' Q. ' -. " 4. .,. B 1 f ' an , w Q , . -U' ' 4 i' . , 1 , "A - . ,sy . i A V N ,AA 4 A . , ,oar Q 'V 7 ' av , QA g- ' --- LL .-Q:-A..-L 4-..,... -r...:.'-':w........... -........, .N ......-- . n 4 a r 1 -1:1 .-f,.,L..'-,L-an -L :naar 1.-r.aa1.a.'.T-. -5'4-'i'-T1 -1-1'--JL: gg-' :- 'Q-iv Through Swnmen 3 Winter, 6 ,p -ilL..d- . ' ., . .A And Spring 4 -,,r'sQ ,Juv-gy-1 Nw, 1,.54.A 5 ., 'su u Q1 v 'QV ex' "t.'tl4f'A'hfg"'lF NL ' ia ' , X Q-r. X , '.,,, Q2 ,'pfvf'w, - 'W gf fl' vb , rf 'X 1 , u v 5, f,,.. V- ,ff 7X 'ai rx kd' ' A' x ' y ti' sq Q A NY by Yr , K Q QJ Mini Q53 lit 1 ,f Q-'C "K f J qv 4' ' l A ' 35 NS. All --qi 1'1" - 1: 1.1 . 1.4-1.1 'O ,'Y'A if 3'f From Morning Till Night Change ls An Endless Process The Past Four Years I N Huw at 2: Have Exempllfled Change And In So Doing Hue Allowed Us To Live Life. f4.41+g' ,g ,+- Y fi 5 Q ,,. 2 MF , li ,, 5 1 ? f ,A 5 it A Y if H? ' 'ff' f ' -f ,N " A-' vifi' . 5' Q ' f 2 , ' ' t 4 A 1 .1 A V i . if iv I 5. ,,,i4sIuA " ,....Ln- 5 ,M ,,,,,33,,,W.,,'. V, -Aszfmmvl ' .av L. .... qua-uf , K ., Aw M ,iq I at l YQ ' 53 4' ' T' I if .i Q52 .,.-VW" E 5 V wa A gif gfkyww. AW Y We Have Grown X b,..a" From Boyhood Into Manhcmd fl-f I, . ' 1 .1 1, A Q"-1 While At The Academy W, K ' X E Q V ff 9 1 'Y i gf Q K' i 96 - ,Q lk 2 f V A hh J . 1 S S 1, ff. 'Q , i fl fi - rs, L - K' if - it: 1 ,Ag ,. , , '-"' if .nm .Malay fy fr MM, 1, X7 A 1 V A .., And Now Before Moving On It Is Time To Pause For A Moment I x Z And Reflect f lk 4 ' , 4 I 'uv ' 7 ' 1 Y AWE 'Yi s. ,pn A L QAM 5' 4 ipsum-K Il .wr I , -vq-as-43 i . 4 I 1 U A U X it i 1 ix 1 T QL LARWS fw , ' , ""-f-1, U E M ' -1. Y ff A A 'np' AW, fm I ,,4f'fqs4,,,,WM,, I I If Y .1 i,,.m.,,,,f-new " "' And Where N 3 X 3 1 , ,,,,, Nm. ...- 4.. J l 4 ! :illmm as r QE 5.54 F fi lv 13 X, . V. X X Si' 5' Q 1 M W" X : f' in Q m Y fu f' - W X a X 'Li Y' 4 twig, 'swf Q' -Q' 'fi N L, ,fw- P +1 ef .Q .- W mi Q o 'ill-U? 'C' .7 ,- . , ' 4....-u'......x--. .,., ....,..--...-Q.-.. ,V-..... -W ..-,.Y,...x.-. - , -:-W4 - ...uw-ps Y , , , , A , , M f V nf Z!! M ,ff gf X MMM ff!! ' K , f C Q Wm ff f f fbi W4 ,..,, A .,,.,... ,.,.-.. .. v,- -v V f-. , -.-. .-. .-,-r-.....,-.....,.7.,.-.fr-1 Y .U L--mmf - f,.k,, -'LQ 1' ,, . , , , - W. 4 , , , . . .,. in v. 5 in 3 05, -FJ My ff, 7? 094 - -,,.. . .. bb--.-.., -.,.-.,4fyv-'1- ,1-:gpg P-'.-'fr'-::r-.Nz:' ff- If 'r' J--'-1, , fr!91.9:"-'F-'!""1'vf':q:xfr"m-y1-7-a-11-.m:1,':.a'1-.x'..5.f.' 14.-, :nf ,gl-P Main. .- .1 C V .,-.r nr. dv ,M-n 1, lisp .af an svuqqw' nw ww n ,K f .4 4 5. L 4 pr 'A ,-4 , .., , --...a..-..-J-.-,.v-.,. -14.4-:,.,,, , ,, , www.-...X L. 1 A I 1L,VL,:?:,i:Gi?i,2w1, , G W 151:59 ' ' 23725. f , f VA f ' -g , , , The Honorable Brock Adams Seciretlry Oi hlrmspmmticm Q' uh I 1 s gm 5 3 f 455' Sf' ky i1 O 4 U i . : ,A . A l Vice Admiral Ellis L. Perry, U.S.C.G. Vice Commandant Of The U.S. Coast Guard 71 viivf ' 1' if F v fl 5' 3 3 X 1 8 ,f , 5' " 35, A lf -'lm g e 4,- ,L . gs, if Y ag 'W SAEHR f Q Rear Admiral Wllllam A jenkins, U S C G Superintendent Of The U S Coast Guard Academy 3 'rv 11: , . 37"-"?."'T""f1': t'f?'1'r.. cl!" '3'4?J -- '??9'1!1W "I'99'fAK.3'QE,.laE ll ':..':-e1,c,.v-,gif .94a,,,i,.a. ..1s.rrA .ar , ii ' I i in Captain T. T. Wetmore III, U.S.C.C-. Assistant Superintendent Of The U.S. Coast Guard Academy L V Com mandant Chief, Cadet Trng Admin 84 Activities BrfAsst Comdt Chief, Admin Sec Comdt Cadet Yoeman Cadet Records Yeoman Planning Officer Senior Trng Officer Asst Trng Officer ' Military Section: Tst Battalion Off . fCompanies' A4 8+ Bl f 'W Fifrst"Regimenta.l Officer 2nd Battalion Officer - L lCompanies C 84 DJ L 3rd Battalion officer' if A A 1fC.ompanies E 84 FJ g,tc 4th Battalion Officer liCompanies G8z.HJ 'g Zncl' Regimental Officer . ltll L A 5th Battalion Officer . lICompanies I 84 Ili T 6th Battalion Officer lfCompanies K 84 ,Llp ? Social Director Musical Directors a Musical Activities CadetfBands Director Of Cadets Staff CDR R. S. Tuneski CWO D. U. Davis A YNC W. M. Bombery YNZLR. G. Bateman LTIOB. McGhee LT Ct. Ci. Kokos LT A. F. Sganga LT l. H. jones, lr. T . 1 f tr R. M.. Bush A A L TLT Gl.llCQoodwin tcoRR,r. Ruhe LT W. H. Wissman t LT AQ Mink A Mrs. R. R. Pope Assoc Prof D. L. lanse R. G. Newton MUC R. l. Brule . 52 'f' Q, PB, . t t sf' A mi L P 2 it 5. J I1 if I 2 .... -'F f Qfigwkr ,- 'Qffii' C A 511' 1. L et f -...greg gl 1 .2 Brigade Executive Officer 209 j 71479 Lloyd Daniel B Brigade Operations Officer 309 E 71962 Pekoske David P Operations Staff Officers Band 308 C 70905 Griffith I D Activities 308 K 70450 Carroll Edward S Comptroller 310 G 72641 White Brian S Athletics - h 310 C 70849 Goetchius Stephe Watches ' 307 H 72151 Robison Eldon I fl Brigade Commander Ext 336 209 C 72298 Settimo Scott R Brigade Adjutant 309 E 72284 Selavlca Michael P Adjutant Staff Officers Protocol 307 B 70282 Branham Robert S Public Information 311 D 71451 Levesque David T Conduct 376 l 72046 Rails Martin I Training f 311 A 72536 veley Malcolm C Academics A 376 D 71154 i5i'owejGeo.rge E 207 -70317 Brock Randall H Brigade Logistics Officer 210 B 72494 Trone Donald B Logistics Staff Officers Transportation 210 G 71150 Houghton Denn Supply 275 K 70842 Glenn David T Maintenance 275 I 71003 Hass james H Property 207 K 72228 Schott john A. Services Security First Regiment 2 7 .Second Regiment Regimenta. Commander Ext 650 1 Regimental Commandei 3 0256 A 71521 Lynch john AR. ' D116 I 70940 Halvorson Arthur Lf ' Regimenta Executive Officer Regimenta. Executive Officer N 0256 E 70716 Fiedler Stephen A. D116 H 70422 Campbell Mark 1. Regime-nta Operations Officer 0 Regimental,OQQBT8fi00SQQffiFBI.-A 257 r 71374 Lachance Gregory A. D113 H 7068.1 Falkeytilioftiild R Regimenta Adjutant Reglmema Adiufam A 257 C 72102 Rice Thomas R. Regimenta Logistics Officer D113 I 71080 Hiltibrand David L. Regimenta. 'Logistics Officeri D118 K 2102 A 71808 Nelson john C 70800 Gamble jeffrey Q. W.. D. -V,-...... .,,,.,. 4 " A7 .J ,.'. 7'-'.' . 1"?"'1 51 ,:'f't'r'?':':9'.'Jf f 'A' 'Q fx A ll ' -S y "'.-Q. . ' Qi ag,f,1,4 'Q - 1 fs, 4 ' x' J m,,, Ag, IQ. ,., 14 up i mug . Dv R in we . !' "!": in 2 A 4 ' . V. 0 0 ,' E I ' .. - l K x X 5 , f 1. . 4' "! ' ' A A ff- . ' '- aa! .b v , 1 . r in 4 ,M V ,K , .Y 0 A un ,AVL-N I . 3 C Qvil - -.... - W" ---A - . ....Q.-Q...,.-v11 feta.:-A - ...fg.. , 1-.. .. ' . . F. . m - '59 ,, wr in R' gg. is rr- K is 5 . if 5 il' i -in A if Q ,,, ma fp fx. Q W " 'ff 5 my I., saw Q -A uk V 4 ,Y 5 X ,E N ,I ,GU f . , if 1 X psf' M ft my 5 M M ia. A ami., U' lx, 'fjgf . ,dx X ' 1 ,. lk 'P .was my .Q , 'k " ' x- Q . xl - S f 1 S .ar 554 F ii' 774 ,...,- in ' ,sw i-ly,ff:L:f,'Q 93 " Z? 7, , V 7, f f. X X f ffj Mf ,J Q, 1-5, V if Mix W ,B vw f ff ' 'ff giver! ,lima 1 if ,ff I 1 ga -. Y 1 'Mm- -1 -mmm-1.-5 's -445,-V ' - naw" 3' ,. 1.1.1, '51 Q ,Y . , 1-+' H kg. 1 . .ggi ,L .L K+ 5 vw' 1 TSR , 'SWS LL x- mf. H' ' ...- .. 4 -X-wk-' mm ,, . A N i 'Q -il--r!""" M439 3 4an fKr.. JI. Q ,,,.. " .fins-I 4151- 44' 3 Que YH X 9+ ff , 'N 4- :- 74-75 in kf X-,.- Qu- Wm nf' S 3 5 ,r 5 3 5 i 1 4 5 i 1 1 r w Q59-2 sf' 951' 554,52 HYUU pn ,Q ULATIUN ix , fn QU X ':f"w s X is XX. .X ,Xp . wi: x X X- ff-QQ! Au A X XX.i X, gag X X .w?:x- . -JXAXQ-3, Q X A ,WN,u X51 b yi X X AX. Q43 QX was s V . .X . XZ- ' X W X X XXX x X . X X k QQ X . .X .4 A L :deny X . i T! if ? - vi i i? .. Q 3 W3 412 " M X! in X W gf 3 if X X gc A , 135' X x Q gg E AN if fin if B XQXSWX y if gwxk if a K X, 0 , if ,. ,, Xa 5 f 52,2 X 1 X X gg, x ,? 5 X FR 7 K 5 M, X Y ' Sat'-4 Xmtf' V: x D XUXX, ..,.. X V x V .f x 4? J ' f if 5, 1 ,P , 5 X 3 1 1 ,ww F' 353-ai 84 QQ, X ! f K gy K x S' :sm 2-2 v e 96 0 ww? V M iw MZ. fl... w ,ii 3 I , r' I f , ff ,,fff'f,f ,f if ,f ,f, ,,f"X I 1 X X U S i ,l Na l Illlllllllll !fllllllIlliI v"'ll""" uil R w ,X xr. VI ar V1 V vs f ,A i af' .4l- L Q 'ey V' 1 ' 4232 L V' fQ" F X -1: y E N1 X Xi N x XXMK ,A- "'Qfg,. - f , Wi 4, Nm f-fix fmmh . Q 53 76-77 , if f 2, , ,of 3 Q ' 10? V ff 44,3 " , .A :wg , ,,,f Wig? P lb A, ? w' .1 If ,Q I -9-A W Q4 Q x -':.' ff A5 ' 1 in, RW-M, ,V ,,., MU., 54, 4, A if V , f .fy X, f .f, ,V,. .i XP- '-'Q "5 .""""T:' fftflt 7? 1 ' ' 43:1 11:4 'ILT ::2"?i"t:'fr:1"?Pr'1'?:a'.'2z ""e'!!'!"": '.-r.!'1:L4'-"1'.."!"L-':'l"'.42z.157"m1 J... .ln .1 aw- -. ep- Ag' if .Wim -jawn . --4 . .L a.: --7.-4:: Q.: .--. zz. :L--,.,,:- .: -, V ,Yi -135. , :,, , W . , -- - ' Y, . V- ,- ,,,,- ,,Y':a-'-nails. uf 1. 4-.2 ,:-. ,,.-:.4. ::.'.......-.-.-.....f.. w f fits , Q ,f 1 7 f Q W 32 fx , V , 4. 44 , ,V V f , X f 4 U 4 X , y ff 1 , V w My gf XZ I ffww, 2 fwvf WW M6 F V XXX i 9 an 1 P: 5. ' xv f?ii2i?f'c , f 'V f fl Vw 1, K fl? Qiwfiff sf Wisjyiffff ,A , , V L 1 , f,?yfMf'i4:f?5r 1, wi: fn V412-M' iw, , , , 'De f ,V 24, f 'W L- V,,VfaC,LVfffwzf.E mf . V' 1"f4 fi ' V mx , V f 1, rw f A Mfg., ,,ig1kV'f,Qf,w ' -, Vf f .fm V fv f f whiff V V f 1' -f , , Q, ' V ' iff' ' L? ,, ,, we Q V, 4 i V' , L V VZ:'gV,."4v ,' y '5'+Q2,' 7711 ff wii 'Z' ggfgj, ,f -,Q , fJ:!45- f "Q ,4,-"I '. fr' V' . ,, ,r,,.w A 54,1 J J: ,v, I 4,71 2 1 A. V, ,,,gAg,v,,,-Hg? ,MQ 1 V - 3 554 w za' f Mf- H f- an -4, D fm, 1 2:-2V,':f'- 5 .7 ,, ,-,2f,2".f5": ':-' ff! 4' 5,1 - ,, - , 4 fa -, VV .V 'f ' " V f ' , , , ,V 'f f ,. : , f V , 1Qg,5'v- .gf .fag M4 f: M 1, V J , wwf , 3-,. . x aw ' 1 J 4 M-3 3' f'!g., f-,QV V- , ' 'if 2-:w if ,' .V ir, ' " ,V Q K b Q 5 , NY . ' Q5 Q an """, 4 "ins,-, YS 5 an Q Q I QI 4 2"'P'! .4 ,I :1L1l.:':f.'2lP'i'-m.'A '1'-': 'Q Z-1:2111 ,, ,, , .5 , .igflef ,if f:'jvv.s?:'m:y1f3-1-rg,mg.3l'Qn 4:12 'Eg -ufrhsa :- , xr. ,.,. ,A 1 52? 4' I Q 1 ., ,ff A 5 , ff " U V' gr 'Q ., x .' , I Q ,, ,f 4y,.,, , 45' 'vi 5 z. f U + , P 3 Q 5 ., ' ,Q , , Po f ' - 1 5' X V' J, . Vw, '4 M. Q .g W J A A' ' . ' if ,t I 4 X I , if .Tw Vt ,A Q , Q I 1 ' Q! ' ' an A . 0 u . 5 . .Q . 0 X ' 1 . . . . , -. Q X 9 Q ' . f - 0 I, 0 ' ' . ' I ,, P7 - .X 1 3 Q 1 L T L A 'l.- '. K9 ' "' M ,. 1 ' ' ew" 'L ' 'im' - -4 'Z V ' , I --lp-1 - , 0 , . I , Q 9 LM. , P' 4 UI! K if 'Q avi? df? a 5 A O I I Lg.-9 4- , , . ..Y-. . , ,, ... n.: :A-.:.:a.-.:-...:..::v,,,,,,, - -- - H- V - L4 ' --.4-..,.L1.:.. -r,.- ff- ..,..--...-.a.....,,.-...-...,..., ,:...,,. . ,,, W if Q," X 1 Q E 5' V 'V' in ' ' 8' ' I' J 6. 4- I' ' i :ag :F mr' W Q 5 A '. .1 , 'J' A 4 ' Q 1 gd ' 5 I V , L 6 nz, L,,.fM' l 9'1- w Zlri p ,frm M 2,2 ' f 4 i . . 0 I O ' 0 0 ' 0 . ,wg ,mv V W v 1, Q V 3 ul NIJ V g f 'I i xp Trey Addington Lancaster, California It is a miracle that I ever saw even a glimmer of the light about "sloth", I owe it all to the harried, hi h pressure, ulcer prone individuals that abound here. These are the people who have accepted the general ethic that for six days o work one puny day of this ethic is not for me. I can't that long. It seems infinitely everything, everyday in a is slothful - way. I'm to discriminate between that have to be done and can slide until it's too about them f '6?Wf f, f ,I 2, ff frwffffwf ff i Q-nun to down, someti stop. If I find myself working work, I drop it almost is 'st I once talked to you be. She was J ,V , . Q at if. i v ,Q is .N 11 7 I 64 J vkl' ' ' '95 ai john 1. Allen Sevierville, Tennessee H. came to the Academy from his beloved state of New jersey in the summer of 1973. During his time here he has provided us with man laughs and made the Acaclemy a much more enjoyable place in which to live. But while being a fun loving person, the serious side of 1.1. shows is real self. He is a man who is really dedicated to the Coast Guard and should rove as much of an asset to the rea Guard as he has here at the Academy Having john as a friend is a real advantage for all of us in the Class of 77 Having him as a fellow Coast Guard officer will surely be a plus for all of us and for the Coast Guard james S Angert Malvern, Pennsylvania The state of Pennsylvania ' known for the Constitution the Liber- ty Bell and championship hockey and football teams. However, it has also produced coal dust steel mills, and jim Angert. lim descended upon the Academy and proceeded to be a true asset to our pistol and baseball teams. However, jim found that his desire to sleep and study history Cin that orderl outweighed his desire to shoot and play shortstop. As time progressed he found that he could employ his ability to skate through classes to skating for the hockey team. Due to a seeming lack of effort, lim has managed to incur the rath of those of lesser academic proficiency by consistently making Dean's List. As graduation approaches, lim's aspirations direct him towards a career as an "airdale". Whichever direction his career takes, the service will have an able officer and a fine individual. I we i - . ,fi' ciiyr Q gy is y t 'fn- Az , , - 7 , - .N , I, , 41 i V Y, Z 4' 4 W ' 4'fvf?1Q Z' i l 1 r :fl i i Q l i I i Q F l l l l l i i i i l l 5 a 1 l 3 i i I I i i X jun I I fffu f f f pf .1 A .9 , -Livfssww 1 x' tw W, A f . ,LX VQ - 'UW en Armstrong Tawas City, Michigan Ken fluttered into New London from the back woods of Michigan. Despite his commitment to the Coast Ciuard he insists on being called Army or with regard to his auditory appendages Flaps. . An avid fan of the outdoors Army can usually be found vamping the beaches ski slo es or zipping out to Devil s Hopyar in his Z-car. At times taste of the indoors as well which accounts for Armys diverse talents such as shooting pool liftin weights and choosing 4 out of 5 osers on Sunday football games. Studying isn't on the top of his list but Army has established himself academically earning him the title of sweat. His other interests .include hockey and he excelled on the ice, as well as off the ice - during the many epoch journeys from Enfield Twin Rinks. Arm leaves the Academy as a friend of al and an enlightenment to the Officer Corps and the West Coast I I I ll II I I I 5 I I I the Administration has given him a I I I I 5 I I I ll ll I K l 5 I 2 l . 1 l if N., N 'QF W z, it.: i WV , iff ' ,fi ffiff, I off MMM Lee Barco Shalimar, Florida After spending a number of years living in the Heart of the South Lee decided to get a good Yankee education at a ty :cal New En land College where t e people tal funny and the sun never shines U on arrival at ood old CGA old A bacor was tol that he could only go out on weekends and then only if he was a good boy iam t that just like those Yankeesl AWell this just didn t' sit' well with him so he prom tly joined the olf team to get t e benefits of aily liberty excusal from classes and other goodies Well Lee and the golf team got along so well that after two years when they offeredtihim a seven year scholarship he quickly accepted it. The rest is history. G14 QQ, ,.i,i HP" - K l E Tony john Barrett Kalispell Montana The Academy has seen a number of personality types in its long history ranging from the meek to the bizarre However it is quite likely that Tony Barrett provides a unique personality type a combination of quiet rational: ty and unbridled depravity Hauling from the great state of Montana with its rich maritime tradi tion Tony readil ada ted to life in the Coast Guar twt the help of dramaminei He put together an enviable academic record and became a mainstay on the Academy pistol team. In addition Tony holds the present land speed record between New London and Niantic. Despite these visions of normalcy Tony also provides one with an insight into the world of the insane. To those who live near him it is not unusual to find strange messages scrawled on ones car doors styrofoam pellets decorating medicine cabinets or cold water flyin mysteriously into the showers. T ese little capers have earned him the title of Montana Munchkin as well as a number of unsettled vendettas. In all seriousness, the Coast Guard can look forward to receiving a good natured and capable officer. As graduation approaches, it is hoped gony and his future bride have all the est. ra as Fredrick Bartlett Rockville, Maryland Rick came north from Maryland with a determination to do well and excel in academics. He was side- tracked the first weekend by a party at Conn. College, Rick proceeded to spend most of his free time his first two years at Conn. as a art time student of the finer arts o part ing and chasing women. During the a ter- noons Fred could be found pumping iron in the wei ht room getting in shape for the gir s. When Rick wasnt chasing girls he was scuba diving and fishing. Rick became more and more active his second class year and left his mark on Europe while on cruise. Rick truly came into his own though when he decided to find out what Rugby was all about and joined the team. The Ru gers have benefited ever since an Rick is in his element when the game ends and the partyin begins. Rick has studied hard pla ed ard and made many friends an we can all expect him to be an asset to the officer corps. 1 1 Wg -pw ,,, 4, . M , '. fx if " ' 'X M ,. M L Q 1 i l Q i 5 1 i 5 , 1 l 2 Z W 2 5 l l i i 2 3 l E l i i l l 2 t l E e l l k Charles John Bernardini jr. ill ll1llS Vd 1 ll K rl slti C tooflti su ti tome txt e n wht rc t W ts tccs cifcc stay wir imma dntcly established imself as i scini pfrmanent mt mhcr of the Dcan s good list Ol course his succc ss in it idt mics was only one of thc rtasons for st iying Tht otht r reason can be found in the fact that sintt february of swab year Charlie can only bc found in Gales Ferry during libo with a certain irl name d lane. line has had a definitc affect on Char ie s lifc and will certainly be an important factor in his futurc. After tryin his hand at JV baseball Charlie decidcd that hc wantc more laying time and proceeded to become the standout s ortstop on his team. He rovcd his competitiveness on the field by starting trip c plays even against his best friends. Truly a well rounded person, Charlie has all it needs to become an excellent and well-liked officer in the Coast C.uard. Robertl Bernstein New Britain Connecticut Bac in the summer of 73 Berny left his home in far off New Britain Connecticut and headed for the U S Naval Academy Fortunately U7 his navigational skills at the time were even worse than his driving and he ended up at good old CGA Granted, a simple mistake, but most of us would have become suspicious sometime during the first month or so. But not Berny. He s still trying to get his first bullet on a submarine. I m not saying that Berny makes a lot of mistakes, but he does say 'oops ' more than any person I know, working out with the Trick Drill Team toopsl, taking plictures of the admirals toopsl, was it t e lee rail or the windward rail foopsl?, stud ing for finals Christmas of his seconclclass year loops, oopsll Seriously, Bob has proven himself as a capable seasman and will devote long hours to make himself a worthy officer, except at 4:30, when "Star Trek" comes on. 'lil it ,HW f guru" 'Qi K A M Richard F Beseler Arbor Vitae Wisconsin Rick adjusted quickly to the short hair late hours and lousy food of cadet life Spending most of his first two years at the Academy just trying to get by he donated some of his talents to the CGA golf team Golf practices every day provided a welcome break from the pressures of the Academy and a chance to slip in a cold beer before evenin meal formation. IB clawball flickerbal and Varsity Rack replaced Rick s golfing urge for his last twodyears. Feeling more at home with a calcula- tor and a set of equations in his hand rather than a book on Comparative Government Rick chose Civil Engineer- ing as his major This resulted in many days being spent buried in the bilges of Mac Hall, only emergin for formations and libert . Rick shoul be an asset to any unit t at he is assigned to with his quick smile, hard working attitude, and his ability to tell a good joke isometimesl. MP Mark Richard Beskeen Sacramento, California Our quiet but steadfast friend from Sacramento was alwa s the first to defend his native land. With the accuracy of a travel agency, Mark would help anyone wanting to know about California. Back in New London, Mark had a hand in Cadet Musical Activities with his work on set crew. As a member of the Windjammer Band, Mark was amazing to watch at football games. The friendly piccolo would waste no time meeting his pretty counterpart across the field. On Sundays Mark was usually found meeting new friends at a local church. No doubt wherever he oes Mark s quiet and friendly manner wil reward him hand- somely. m' or-w.M,M,,,,-fc f, Edward A. Blackadar lr. Ailiiiggtoisi, Virgiiiiti -Y 1 , Never ont- to lt-t tht- rigors ol Ai adeiny lilit get him downs lfdwaid Blackadar is .i tonstant reniindei ol what a wt-ll-rounded ollicei' should bu Corning from Arlington, Virginia, td has hroufht with him an easy going lite style and a djetermination to excel in all he pursuifs. He has helped the L lass out in many aspects with his individualistic ideas. While maintaining an excellent scholastic average he also possesses the best shot in clawball. Ed is often seen getting the wind blown look racing his TR-6 over the Connecticut roads on the way to Donna's house, where he can almost alwa s be found. Alwa s one to hel out a buddlf, Ed rarely asks tyor favors for liimself and this unselfish reaction can best be seen in the fact that he has no enemies. This part of Ed along with his keen sense to surpass his own expectations will carry him to an excellent future as a Coast Guard officer. 9 if 5 H .i 3 :js V isi s - k , if--qi W 'Vmfw 9 mf 'f i AMNSW' 'i I , ji U fm f I Marc A Blanchard Marc arrived at CGA took a look around and decided he d found home As the years rolled on he had cause to regret that decision, but the good times seemed to outweigh the bad and when decision time came along we found him still here Never one to be overl concerned with academics ldont let is gold star fool youli, Marc set out for the extra curricular scene. As an underclass, athletics dominated his time with varsity soccer and tennis filling 'his afternoons. But Zfc year found him testing his vocal chords Kas well as the ears of most of usb and he could be found down at Leam Hall every night singing with Glee Clula, ldlers, musicals, an anything else he could get into as well as captaining the soccer team his Vc year. lt's a wonder he ever had time to even open a book, much less read it! Upon graduation, Marc will in- doubtably seek the sun, sand and a good engineering billet. We wish him well and know the Coast Guard has gained a competent and fun loving officer. f ' I 4274 4 i i 1' X' f, ., I, ,ff fy xl f ' 4 if f ai. tr li ' li .rl K ..-1 , V .- f 'r-- 6 s gil .. 1 5 ff fi- - pw- ' r if I Wig, t PS . my my ,K - x. .X ,si s m A D. rs: at ' I s "" f as-V X LS: A Mkbxxt L J . . lg L Lg-xg, 1 ,sk-tstgf-t, i l l xl 'i i 'Km it-M 1 fl William M Bocchino Longmeadow, Mass When Bill left that quiet village of Lon meadow and traveled down sout on 91 he was destined to return many times lt started with rented cars Hertz and National go rich because of him He always figured with all the money he spent on rented cars he could buy one of his own He ended up using his thumb borrowing cars using government transporta tion everything but walking but he always got up to Hartford or Spring fiedd for the weekend Getting back was another thing He always made sure he didnt waste even a second and sometimes would sign in with no time to spare. lt was exciting besides un. Spring leave in Florida was something Daytona won t ever forget. Bill was at one of his peak ood times to be had his own rente wheels a little beer, and time to enjoy it. "Bo ey" did his work at he academy, too, whether it was part of the civil engineering option, social committee or hockey team. Bill was the best oalie the academy will see for a whi e, besides hel ing to brin the team from a bunch o unorganize guys to a regular club with a spot in a eague in Enfield. Well, even the best have to settle down sooner or later, and Bill met his "march" his Zfc year. Sue-'s not easy to get to know, but once you do you realize why Bill has been lucky all his life. The "Bocchino luck" is always around and we all hope it continues when he graduates and gets married . . . to a great friend. .... ave... ...Q :..: Q: -4: ar.: ,-I'-- -sf. .-f-,4--.---Q-.32:.L1h...A ,i,,,w,,.,.,,..,....,,,,,,.,,..,.,,,,,..--,Lowa lf-...,..,..,,---..-e-.aqigf -na.-.-v.pf.p,-ya-w-.y-u eq ,gg .5-1.5 g, 3 ,, x 1- ...H- -as Craig E. Bone lt is hard to find any individual with more athletic prowess than Crai . Craig has firmly established the act that men from the Buckeye State make the best wrestlers and football players. But Craigs true talents were not his athletic en- deavors. From the muck farm back home the farmbo brought his expertise to the fie ds of frivolit dancing with one le shooting wi d turkeys race car riving female endeavors elephant hunting, trick - or -treatin and SHARING . The lac of mention of Craigs expertise in the field of academics is not an oversight! After establishing his Gold Star mark freshman year Bone Rabbit learned how o properly allocate his study time. Between Happy Da s the Gong Show NFL action and ong weekends at Eastern Craig realized he could no longer afford to squeeze time in for his courses. By no means a small part of his character are Craig s warm ualities of friendship integrity loya ty and leadership. Craig was a friend to all and it was a large measure of the esteem everyone held in Craig when they chose him Captain of both the Football and Wrestling teams. When the Guard gains this starry eyed ' Ensign, Chase Hall will seem desolate without a familiar TEE-HEE echoing down its cor- ridors. 'i WS- , -ff ' . i l u --v-u------s-.-- as------L...L-rw.::-...:..'.::-..............-..,..Ns.. -., .-..... . .. .. . , .. . .- L E l i i l J h fi S i l i -wtf: A-mms, ,vnnlnw Q--Q-v. nllmv-'Ilan i i RW.. Mes i l l l l l i a 1 r . i A l 4 l l l . i l i 1 i l 1 i 1 X 1 2 Art Bnnneau lielliel l'.ti k Pennsylvania I , Mt carrie to CLLA in'73 not really knowing what to expect but firm in the convit tion that "Where there was water, there was a way". While the transition from pure Western Pennsylvania water to Thames River water was traumatic, Art overcame, quickly showing his versatility in anything that floated and had a sail. As a member ofthe "terrible trio" of the sailin team Art demonstrated his leagershi abilities by "controlling" both coaches and sailors for a year and a half as team captain. When he is not at jacob's Rock you'll find Art either catching "z's" or tinkering with his second love, his "z-car". He really flipped withlit. Art is a multiple star man ofthe kind that gets to pick his first job, so look for him in june deep in the hallowed engineerin spaces of a 210. Watch out Guar , here comes another sailor! R. Greg Bloothe Emerging from the deep South, the "Georgia Peach" switched his residency from the Library of Georgia State to Mr. G's of New London. Reared in the skills of Southern hospitality by Chief and Queeny, "Chico" has entertained many a friend at his Uncle Walt's in Saybrook and given many a driving lesson to his classmates in the Blue Beast. Learning to compete as an under- dog in his large family, Remer brought his superior "survival skills" to the Academy. His "defensive techniques" have brought a tearfsl to man a person's eye. He has also used his skills to aid him on the wrestling mats, football field and ski slopes. A man of many talents, Greg's dancing skills have replaced the Hus- tle with the "Chicken" and the "Crab". Admirers of his "skills" and "talents" have sent many a "passion- ate letter" to express their love! A true and loyal friend, Greg's presence at CGA has been a bonus to those who know him. We bet 51.39 that the Coast Guard will find what a bonus he'll be to the service. 1 - Q " i wx qi? ' 7 , "1 Ct 1' . ,N N 'lg' . ',f.M,1?" A if . 'ima' as r C' I 15 Q 4,4 1595? ,tt W ' 551 ff T3 3 f Q 925' 1,,fl!,,gE'- . , , ,ya 1.1, . V - Q- ji" T f' j -Q V, Y .j l 3 .f f A l -wav A if ., , , , It ,Zig at gf. , i, f ff X 5 l I W, i af Z 5 4 VM is I vw M , , U1 U ' f , Q, v f , 1 X , H -'2 ,, ,, ,, , , G 0,7 56 'f if--Q , , fe 7 ' If X , lr! f,v:,,fcf,f,ffv1,.rI , I , W ay 9 ,,, xg I ,af Cv , H M ff, , g X , 2' r, . 77,, ff X X t ,Q 1 ' ff f f f 1, ,f f 4 17 71 f . f 'ef . f V 42, , . V , ,, - ff lk X john S Bowers Cooperstown, New York lune 197 the arriv d at e Academy,a man john Spotty Bowers who was to leave his mark in many areas of endeavor. The first and probably the least of these areas of acclaim vias acadcmics. Axoiding the realm of the basket vweavers he plunged into among other things Civil Engineering a plunge he was later to regret. Being an outstanding athlete in Cooper- stown N.Y. Spotty decided to display his talents on the gridiron freshman year. lt soon became apparent to Spotty that Academy football would not proxide the opportunities he had hoped for. Well as we all know, Spotty's athletic activities did not end here. He was soon to be seen playin Rugby. It did not take Spotty and the rest oft e Rug ers too long to realize that e had ound ' p 'c are expertise-the game for ruffians played by gentlemen and of course leading in the traditional revelr that follows each game. Our story oes not end here thou h, folks. Soon, after being released from t e bonds of Fourth Class year, Spotty began to become a familiar face at many New England girls colleges-some of which included: Wheaton, Mt. Holyoke and the Pine Manor, t7-Brothers U.l. As it came time to go on First Class cruise, Spotty and three of his cohorts, who shall go unmentioned, decided to voyage forth on t te Ea le in 'Op-Sail 76'. john put forth his best eftgorts at sea and in port and we all got a glimpse of what all will agree from 77, are the makings ofa fine officer. The Coast Guard will rf-rtainly make a valuable addition to its Offlttfi I otitis rin the 25ll't of Nltlv, Kenneth M Bradford Portland, Oregon Emerging from the torrential down- pours of Oregon, Kenny came to CGA with the high hopes of one who had aspired to a Coast Guard career since the tender age of eight. After making it through Swab Summer as a member of Section Four he turned his attention to the hill and dale sport. Ken immediately grabbed the number one spot from the awe struck veterans and went on to collect three letters in Cross-Country and two in Track. However, the loneliness of the long distance runner eventually took its toll as "Speed" abandoned his long training jaunts in favor of frequent sprints to Conn. College. In choosing Government as a major, Kenny truly found a home. A gifted writer with an intense interest in politics, he also displayed a unique ability to learn osmosis. His friends never could quite understand how crossword puzzles and novels could possibly help one to consistently write "A" papers. Ken always put his best effort into the study and practice of leadership. Third class year saw him instruct the swabs in the doctrine of the M-'l rifle. A year later he was selected for the prestigious position of Guidon Bearer. Later that same year he attained a placement on the Superinten- dent's List. With knowledge of these fine credentials as well as Ken's outstanding personality, we can confidently say that Kin will continue to uphold the best traditions of the Officer Cor s. We can only hope that the units to which Kenny an company travel realize how lucky they really are. l f , i. 1 E' if if 1, . l i i Q. lf S , K Pi li ' , it t , t - l l .l l f . 3 i E 2 i Q - K Z 3 . l fl l fl l 5 5 ,i 1. Robert Stephen Branham Fairfax, Virginia Since the day Steve fell out of the crib his life-long ambition has been to be a Coast Ctuard aviator. After an outstanding cadet career he is well on his wa to achieving his goal. Known to is closer friends as Ham Steve has been very active during h's stay at the Academy. Taking part in a favorite pastime he sailed on the yacht squadron during his fourth and third class years. While ade tly overcoming the many stumbling blocks ont e road to being a marine en ineer, Steve found time to head the Cadet Socia Committee and be the advertising editor for the Howling Gale during his first class year. In spite of all the time s ent on numerous weekends memorizing the ighways between New London and Hartford, Steve found his name on the Superintendent s List senior year. Without a doubt Steve will become an outstandin officer and gentleman. As Steve sets course for igger and better things the class of 1977 wishes him every success in all that he undertakes. I I f 'X X l X 1 3 A 1 J 9 1 I I If ll xl 1 I i E X 1 I me 1 1 1 fix tiff 151' 3 .133 str -ag jim Brewster A Albany, New York ' lim ulled in from Albany, New York looking for a little wind and salt spray in his ace. He liked what he saw and is now a supporter of the saying, "Underwa is the only way." After trying his hand at icebreaking on the Mackinaw Zfc year, jim has decided to head for the Poles where the real ice is. His quick humor and friendly personality will make him a great icebreaker ashore as well as afloat. To keep busy during the academic year, lim played halfback on the soccer team and helped the Coast Guard's image through his many church and community activities. His many friends in the area helped keep him from ever being seen without a young lady in tow. jim carries with him a high sense of duty and professionalism. Any- where he oes his abilities will be valued. Wei soon see him out on the pack ice helping Nanook muscle his dog sled over an ice ridge. 6-,115 l 1 maxi MMIII rants.. aux -VY fa 511 :mint al fa A ,1 , ' ,W Randall H. Brock Mt. Harmony, Tenn. ln june of 1973 the town of Mt. Harmony, Tennessee had its popula- tion nearly cut in half. . . Randy left the farm and headed for the colder climates, and the School for Select Men fand now, Womenl on the Thames. He did not know then what he was in for, but then again neither did the rest of them. Randy excelled during that first summer and has done so ever since. During 4fc year "Hooper" became a regular on the varsity basketball team, and he was never removed from the starting team. Although never known as a strict militarist, Randy showed his excellent leadership ability as a cadre, Lima Compan C O and as captain of the Basketbal team for two years Many of us will never forget the job he did as the leader of Whiskey 1 as cadre and some of us will continue to nominate him for an Oscar for his performance Hoops will marry G Red for is that Kay Green: during june of 77 and then pursue his career as a C G officer We are all proud to know Randy and we know the Guard will be too Alan Lewis Brown Ellington, Connecticut It is commonly accepted that Al Brown beamed into the Academy on june 25, 1973 although there are some eople who firmly be ieve that he never left outer space. Al survived swab sum- mer pretty well, except for a brush with one of the poles outside Mac Hall. Al found school pretty easy swab year, though he later found that the principle of entropy could apply to academics. Swab year saw him as anchor man on the cross-country team and his performance here encouraged him to stick to lB's. Some might say that music was his first love with much of his time devoted to Nitecaps and the band. Although he was 'most often seen with a trum et, he later took up guitar and tried his hand at arran ing. Tiwird class year found Al in love with a young red-head from Long Island but as his friends soon found out in painful detail, this didn't work out. After a period of time, Al found that grieving over a lost love was no fun at all, and first class year saw him spending most wee- kends with a piano-playing Baypath girl. Al keipt out of trouble during most of his ca et career, although there is a certain ex-captain of the Active who will testify of his ability to decorate gunnery target balloons. Always ready to discuss philosophy or contemporary jazz, Al looks forward to leaving the Academy. Although his first billet choice, the starshi Enterprise, is not available at this time, he feels sure that he will find someplace in the Coast Guard where he fits in. Lf, A 1 . -, f Q fav-s N I 'z , 2 t Dan Brown Canby, Oregon Dan came to CGA by way of the Oregon with a quick one year stop at West Pornt Prep School where he sharpened his mllrtary skulls and brought up his college boards From the flrst day he set foot rnsrde the gates Dan has been work :ng If rt wasnt In Crvrl Englneernng then It was on the rrdlron where Bug Guy anchored t e Bear s offen save llne for three years Dan wrll also be remembered for hrs conservatrve handling of finances in e chea J except wrth regard to telephone bll s One wall never forget a certarn after noon at Bonanza where Dan ate a salad for two hours and strll got change back from a quarter When talking about Dan one cant help but mention his better half Pam She has kept htm lookrn forward to the next trap home an graduation for the last frve years After Dan graduates ln lune the Academy wlll be losrng a great guy but the Offrcer Corps will be gaming a dedicated and hard workrng Ensugn Hs- ' 1 if at E Anthony Buancore Kings Park, New York Tony walked down the Primrose Lane, in the Schaeffer State of New York, to the Academy, immediately following high school graduation. The transition from graduation clothes to the uniform of a cadet was not an easyone for "Fat City" or Arnold, at least not as easy as his transition from Schaeffer to Schlitz. Due to a broken "hoof" 3fc year, Tony was bequeathed the name "cow". An adherent to the 2.0 con- cept, Cow found himself on the Dean's list C?i on several occasions, jingling change from his two dollars. Not one to be taken lightly, however, Cow was adept at history, that is, of the New York Yankees, which led to the demise of the trivia-asking swabs at his table. Although New London does not offer the variety of hotspots as Long Island, Tony found his home away from home at such distinguished establishments as Capitol Restaurant and Mr. G's. True to his name, the Cow bought himself a Fiat, and has taken to t e open pastures, in pursuit of wine, women, and song, from the Gulf Coast of Alabama to the briny shores of the Thames. Determined to remain a bachelor, Tony's other out- side interests include macaroni, man- icotti, and lasagna, that is, when he doesn't have a wa er with one of his weight-watching cqassmates. Destined for a life in the city, the Cow is highly prolific to the nth degree when it comes to making friends, and we will surely miss our bovine buddy, With his "silver lining," begemouth proportions, and good- hearted nature, Tony is sure to stand out among the Officer Corps. p Earl A. Burns, jr. Cape May New jersey Four years ago the President declared a National State of Emergency and Earl Burns came to CGA though not on the same day Following the family tradition started by his father Earl came with high ideas and a desire to do his best Four years three Presidents and two Superin tendents later CGA has surxixed and certainly benefited from Earl s presence You can always see him with a smile on his face His wit humor and sarcasm will bri hten up your day when you re down an cut you down when you re up Earl s a real go getter playing three years of inter-collegiate football, a sure winner in l.B.'s and most valuable player inthe wardroom. You could always find him with those nice, young waitresses tryin to get more food by enticing them wit a ride in his bad machine. The ole Monte Carlo Kid is always a big hit with the ladies. l guess that's why they call the seat next to the driver the hot seat. -So, if you ever see a buckskin beauty coming down the raod, you had better move cause 'ole Earl is coming through. Unlike his dealings with the fairer sex, academics never came easy for him, but he has always put forth his best as he will continue to do in the Guard. With an ambition of going to flight school, Earl will be a credit to any unit and the Coast Guard. Richard S. Burns Quaker Hill, Connecticut BILBO 5 LAST SONG Day is ended dim my eyes but journey long before me lies Farewell friends' l hear the call The ship s beside the stormy wall Foam is salt the wind is free l hear the rising of the sea Farewell friends' The sails are s thewind is east the moorings fret Shadows long before me lie beneath the ever bending sky but islands lie behind the Sun that l shall raise are all is done lands there are to west of West where night is quiet and sleep is rest Guided by the Lonely Star beyond the utmost harbour bar Ill find the havens fair and free and beaches of the Starlit Sea Sh my ship' l seek the West an fields and mountains ever blest Farewell to Middle earth at last I see the Star above your mast' Tolkien Michael Lee Butler Butts came to CGA from that great state of sunshine, Florida. He came to Bouy Tender Tech with wondrous ambi- tions in sports, partying, and academics tin that orderl. After a three season circuit which included soccer and track and infinite Saturday night parties, Butts abandoned all hopes for academic achievement. Then it happened. Along came his OAO and Butts finally became a serious person, it was tragic. He dropped from the athletic scene and began lifting books in place of weights. The weekend parties became popcorn breaks between homework assignments and the night out with the boys ended as Butts directed most of his time off with SAM Butts spent much of his time in the books ending up as one of the nine EE majors in the class. lt was rough going but most of the tension was released in the IB clawball and soccer games. As the four years came to an end Butts emer ed from his room and started his social ife oing again. lt was time to pick up where e left off when he entered CGA. The stagnation period was over and life could continue on' the only difference now being hed have someone to share it with. Roger K. Butturini Oak Ridge, Tennessee Butter came to CGA in 1973 with nothinfg but a smile and a beat up old pair o football spikes. He still gets plenty of use out of both of them and always has a friendly word for you in a dire moment. After a few untimely Class ll's during Swab year, the full- back from Tennessee established him- self on the comm's list and has stayed there since. After much searching thru the local populous for a sweetie, Roger found himself the prettiest irl in No. Stonington. Herb, Keeis, Moose, and Chow will always remember Butter for his quick smile, intestinal fortitude, and smelly cigars. A brilliant career is in the future for this man, and the Guard is damn lucky to have him. g g it .ws W' X Q L...... P--,. ' , , .fl ,lj- S--5 ,Q 1 'ie , ,gd i 4. . C h e - 1 , ,. - 'W 5 ,V 1 . ,lm at -nf Mark W. Byruum, jr.-j Seaford, VA. Banjo, Fingers, Digitals. . .came to the Academy with one prime objective: to sit under a tree and pick the banjo. In the process of becoming involved with Cadet Musical Activities and Crew, he found picking better for him than rowing lespecially grade- wisel and dro ped the latter. He always prided himself with jugglin eight or nine chicks at once, untig star-struck, he dropped them all to hang on to one lwell, Dolly seems quite apropos for an entertainerb. He leaves the "Mickey Mouse Club" to experience the "real Guard" with an ardent love for Mercedes-Benzes, the banjo and guitar, dance, theater, and fine women-not necessarily in that order. So if you see a man in ballet tights and tap shoes, being chauf- feured about in a Mercedes, smoking Ji 'i ind playing the banjo all with a a j pu L A sn1ieeyoii'll know Fingers is here! Qi -w A -v---t,t--n -rr a H' 1r"-'--"M 'P -1-"I-'U '-'r':f51":-.ffm-2-m e..nze..:!:'1-.m,i., .11-sas..-.-.yew .vw af.-U-, .. ..,-ff Long Island For this campus hero the pain may linger long after the glory is forgotten. His name is Caino. He went to DuVal High School in Maryland and later moved to Long island. He played tight end on Capt. Otto Graham s 1975 8-2 team. Caino was a rugger, too. As an lB basketball jock, he collected more technical fouls and fouled out of more games than anyone in CGA history. As a firstie, he was always out terrorizing the countryside in his '63 Chevy. They called him Caino. . .They called him alot of other things, too! But they never called him late for chow. William Raymond Cairns f 'ff Q f is l 'Wk ii J "'s'!2G..w I l m. -.......,,,g.p.2:.'.-ag..-:..n. ::-'....'..Q..-.....i.........:-5-' ...J--.-.-....-Q-4...sf4..11.g.v.:..':g,:::....................,.. Y.. ... ...,.,. . ,, , . 1 Keith D. Cameron Buffalo, New Yorls A ter a year of CCA prep school at the US. Coast Guard Acadeinv, which allowed him to validate a second Swab Summer, KID joined '77 and was ready to again start on his four-year career as a cadet, Those next four years were to bring things KID didnlt like: demerits, restriction and speeding tickets, but more often they brought t ings KID did like, company parties, Capitol Restaurant, Cenny Cream in Connecticut, Beech-Nut, a couple Army-Navy games, Clint Eastwood, the Blue Tang a Christmas cruise in the Bahamas skiing hockey and lots of rack time The thin s KID liked most though, were the people an friends he met and made at the farm and it s probably a safe assumption that those peoplc enjoyed KID s company just as much. Wherever KID ends up in the years to comc we re sure hc II be having a good time doing a good job or probably both. M9 s,wW' , v 2 75 , , Ei x t Q I I M. I. Campbell Pawcatuck, Rhode Island Being from the nearby Mme- tropolis" of Pawcatuck, Sou should have known what he was in For when he Came to CCA. Actually, he was just as lost as everyone else on that fateful day in Iune of '73 and fit right in. Swab year found him inthe much feared Charlie Co. and after a year of hazing, Soup was one of the tops in the Company making Comm's List both semesters Comm s List seemed to come easy for him making it five out of seven times in his career at CCA Hrs first two years he participated in both varsity basketball and cross country As more Irbo was earned each succeedin year Mark changed his interests to t e less time demand in sports such as IB s skiing four w eeling and partying w h a dynamite irl from Mystic twhose address an phone number he refuses to reveall Whatever the endeavor if Soup is doing it you can count on it bein done right a trait the Coast Guard wi appreciate in future years WH I 2 X I i I I I I ' :gi It- I tlkl' 'YY' it I t If ,Y ifgik I X 1 l 2 l l l i l i l ,gui 1 y K ' Y Q 5 It l fi J I if +3 if 5 5 3 f Zlfi ff M 5- QM: gmybifs ag pmmf f Zia . We iff? -fr if t .a rj 7' ! ,ll 'NI' 4 will t f 1, lfiy if 4 Cranston, Rhode Island Y' Steve who? Oh you mean Carpy' The Ciuard surc got its money s worth when he signed on the dotted line Coming South from Cranston R l Steve has really been an asset to the Corps and to anyone who knovxs him for that matter Some of us will later reflect back on these last four years and kick ourselves for not putting forth 10006-not so with Steve. Not only are old stars a common place but Steve gives of is efforts, his time and of himself to others. His organizational ability and leadership have been venry instrumental in running the Christian Fellowship. He's a man who knows where he is and knows where he's going. Steve's real strength comes from within, in his deep committment to jesus Christ. It is a living faith that he shares with others. To you, Steve, we can only say thanks and wish you the best in your career. Michael W. Carr Washington, D.C. "This day before dawn I ascended a hill and looked at the crowded heaven, And I said to my spirit - When we become the enfolders of those orbs and the pleasure and knowledge of ever thing in them shall we be fill and satisfied then? And my spirit said - No we but level that lift to ass and Continue beyon Walt Whitman 1' 4 4 4 A 9 r 1 l if l 5 i l il l i 4 3 E E l 4 l l z Q ! i 1 S Edward S. Carroll Fairfield, Connecticut Ned has many alter egos that he is well-noted for, a few being, Nast Dudley, Uncle Neddy, B.B., and his "stancllout". . . Tits. He can really get the wheels turning and things accom lished if he has an interest, ie. special? libo for car repairs, dance floor maneuvers that are unparalled in CGA history ts ecial recognition to the macgnificent use ollhis handsl, ski weekends, an doing well on his C.E. tests using the unusual "Osmosis" studying technique. All core required courses appeared no threat as Ned mastered them obtaining Dean's List recognition frequently. These honors should be well noted considering that Ned, alias jean "Clod" Killy, took to the slopes from November to March when many a ski bunny went into hiding. Ned tired of the Collegiate scene after being run off the UCONN campus. His decision to come to CCA was founded on humanitarian ideals desire to serve his country butmoreimportantl . .to avoid the UCONN police and Unc e Sam s draft board. His Ultra-Bright smile and thoughtful- ness will be remembered by many. Special thanks should go for Ned s sharing the use of his car t4fc 3fc Zfc yearsl the hospitalit of his summer cottage and many a fis cau ht or water-skier tossed at the Lake. Wit out these necessary distractions none of us might have made it through. Thanks Ne Ai Phil Coletti Syracuse, New York Phil is lookin forward to a billet anywhere south o Syracuse, preferalbly New York an four years in New London, I would head south too. He said his father gave him a golf club when he was seven years old. Maybe when he hangs up his football spikes this fall he will learn how to use it. The tennis racket that has been sitting in his Closet could use a little, abuse too. f Somebody should have told him earlier to beat on tennis balls and golf balls and not his body. Hopefully he will get his southern billet and some spare time to play a little tennis and golf Florida. After eighteen years in Cientral l l , I Wi f if s X Q13 I rg Harald Bearald Creech Qrlando Fla Giving u an exciting career at Disney Worl piloting the monorails Hal came to C C. A looking for a chance to escape Mickey and make it on his own in Yankee Land As for escaping from Mickey well never quite be sure but he has managed to endure four years in this harsh envir- onment Northerners call home. In accomplishments h Academy Hal ranked high. He saw snow for the first time rowed lightweight crew and always managed to have a full mailbox. Despite these accom lishments he did well enough in aca emics to become a rare com- modity in 77 as a double E man. As for the future, Hal hopes to get back down south as an Ensign and never leave again. Those who know him well are sure he will do well wherever he goes. 'Nun Alvin Mike Crickard Westminster, Maryland The summer of "73" saw Mike give up his long hair, civilian clothes, and Albert his pet monkey twho has a sur rising resemblance to his ownerl. Mikpe quickly entered into cadet life with participation in Protestant Choit, playing piano carving and an interest in Physics During the winter months you could find Mike in the Sauna sweating out those fantastic chow boxes from home to become a lean and mean wrestler for Coach Eldridge Mike is also interested in spirit during his VC ear he was head of the cadet cheer eaders By the way Mike did you ever get those Mat Maids organized? 2fC summer brought a change to Mikes full tfool?J social life It seems that one wench named Ruth snagged our poor boy Now it seems that his Honda Civic is either heading for Baltimore or to the train station Dreams of Alaska have melted and now a billet on the East Coast and a June wedding is our man s plan F l l l David A. Davidson Lompoc, California Hailing from the only hick town in California Dave adapted to the East fairly quickly. Taking only a year and a half before he had found a local lovel it was not long afterwards that Lin a for was it Mayl 1977. Dave showed his athletic prowess on the IB softball field bein well known as the fifth battalion left ielder who always ot a hit with the bases loaded' usual y a double or triple play hit at a certain wop. Dave also tried a year at crew and while doing quite well had to sacrifice this venture for his remaining three years to pursue academics and Linda Dave will best be remembered as a true friend who was always there when help was needed. The Coast Guard has done well in accepting Dave to its ranks and I am sure that he will give as much and more to the Guard in return. had him making 'other' plans for june l i l T T 1 i l i l xi . B I y 1 , l V gl Q 1 1 l 'Je l l T .QQ l l 'YDS ,ci QT g 1 l Q P' T or 5? ls l Q3 William Thomas Davis ll 'fl' sl' 1 s 3 ru The Land Of The Free gf Y . And Home Cf The Brave "The waves echo behind me. T Patience, faith openness, is what y T the sea has to teach. Simplicit - solitude - intermittency. But thlere j are other beaches to explore. There are more shells to find. This is only T a beginning." I 2 Anne Morrow Lindbergh A l "Candy is dandy, but liquor is r quieter." . Ogden Nash l ' l T04 img, if. I I Q l l E -,Qual 'Fu Henry C. Deens Ill High School Hank came here about four years ago with his skin tight trousers, sunglasses, and short hair - he'll leave the same. He fit well into Academy life, always a strict military man. As a new Second Classman, Mr. Means set out on his two year mission to conquer the system Coming to the Academy from the streets of Philadelphia, Deno has always had a lure for the sea. Many a day, he could be spotted canoeing across Long Island Sound, despite small craft warnings and urgings from the Coast Ctuard. His other interests lie in the defunct Cadet Forum, Star Trek, and beauty queens Hank has always held high ideals and a sense of honor His social life is no different Hc is always a perfect gentleman but a rock when it comes to mere women Hank has proven himself to be a fine lt ads r and a good friend Wt wish him well in his navy carttr Vincent 1. Dicecco III Roselle Park, New jersey Since graduation from a High School which boasted of graduating professional Basketball star Rick Barry, "Buzzy" has been a living example of his proverb: "Anyone accepted to CGA can make Dean's List if they set such a goal for themselves." This youn New jersey'er has met this goal of aciiievement throughout his four ears at the Academy. As Sports Edlltor of the Howling Ciale, Chairman of the Catholic Chapel Committee and in qualifying as Un- derway OOD during his VC Pacific Coast Summer Cruise' Buzzy has shown his leadership ability and dedication to work. However Buzzy s achievements in the academic and professional area will never match his dedication and leadership on the Baseball Diamond. Acting as the j.V. Baseball Co-ca tain for two years, Buzzy has been nown to make diving catches in the outfield to start rallies with his quick bat as well as to steal anything which wasnt nailed down. Fortunately Buzzys ambitious nature has not onl been established on the playing fiel . His quick wit and smile has melted many-a-heart within the halls of Chase Hall Conn College and Mobile Alabama but has yet to is dedication is sure to overcome his single status. The Academys loss will be the Coast Guard s gain of an officer who will continue to strive towards the highest goals of the Nations 7641 Ser- vice. BUZZY here s to the METS Hawaiian Beaches Sasebo jails and many years to the Guard. I I I I I I I I I produce permanent results. However, Il ll I I I I I I i 'l l ,Q Y' Ex -H. l me 2 sbt Sv Q B ' Mg, I K X as X Xfna w U ltxqthk X .L K XA X A 2 A ll X g xk i f s tscsig -QQ. 1' S sf N' M S N- wx x B' , xk X ggi I X img C if 5 X X E513 Q s N s Q X Y X Q Qt ' 1 3 X i kt is 2 X it Esttism J ii x Q X X sg S 1 X if ki X w X X X 53 5 X E K X xt 5 X 3 X l x Q, X Ns xv , :X -it 5 I l l F .l 1 M ia, 1 5 x i l r l E M . sw N. J., ,, 'X ts-si' 1 FX.. ftrjriff' Randolph A. Dodge Webberyille, Michigan Three and a half years ago Randy Dodge came to the big city . . . and became a coastie. You see, Rod is from Webberville, Michigan Qpop. 1247Q where the opulation explosion hasnt reache yet. During his tour as a cadet he made his mark in academics C2 times on Deans Listl s orts C2 years of soccer 4 years IB asketballl singing lGlee Club ProtestantChoirJ seaman- ship C4 years on the Eagle crew Chief of Yacht Shearwaterl and women tall his lifellll. Randy is an ocean engineer who constantly calculates the measur- ements of any waves that might pass by. He holds a firm belief that there are many fish in the sea . . .and he s not through fishing yet. The six-foot Gandalf of the Academy wishes for a billet in M'- chigan. . .his one true love. There he can ride the Lakes in a tender and ride the land in his Chevy Pickup Truck. He saw he came he conquered! 9, ,fm we . 107 E Y, rl l f i Y ,J r Q David Amos DuPont Bristol, Rhode Island just a short ho away from God s country Bristol Rl t e Academy seemed hke an lnteremlng place mnth a few challenges so Dave better known to most as Dupes, decided to try rt out Swab year went preu ynoothw and mudwthe excepnon of mem ershrp ln the Fllthy Four Dupes kept hunseH clean FaH through spruwg of each year was made up of academlcs twrth his ma or of Marine SCIENCE, Intramurals the basketball team as a manager for 4 ears, and lastly with the After Lunch Bunc as The Flst at whichever ool table and whatever lounge was avallab e Shall we ever forget legs' and conohs Butthe mJnunersturned outto be dwe most Interesting part of cadet lnfe, where a person s seaworthmess rs truely tested Thrrd class summer crnse IS where he got hrs first taste of travelm , somethrng he wnll never regret Second c ass summer susted Dave just fme, wlth a wldely varred program and a new place to check out every 2 weeks or so The rand fmale though, was a flrst class, where etween the prevrous sprung leave and the summer he made traps to Puerto Rnco Europe, Greenland and Hawau Travelmg has been the thrng to do, and be at Uncle Sam twlth MAC fllghtsl during the summer or fnends atlJRl dunng the acadenuc yeah Dupes always seems to mooch off whoever rs available Dave ns looking forward to graduatnon and a ship somewhere warm Best f 1 '-alvw-,WM .,,. ,A ,f www" 51 , l l l 4 1 1 l 5 S of luck ,nf 961,11 Qin ,Q Robert M Elsener iz Q5 W' l l if ' ll f l ff, X Vf' D erPark Ll NY Bob came from the obscurity of Deer Park Long Island makin he trek to the Coast Guard Aca emy Upon arriving Witt quickly set the pace that would carry him through his cadetship Alter becoming a member of the Academy s crew team he set higher goals to achieve a position in the Varsity shell and as a member of the Elite Four . Bob decided that taking the easy way out was not for him and suc- cumbed to the engineering major with the combination of Coach Nick s en inecring projects Hank Kimball an Academy food taking their toll. While early in his swab year young "Wiff" displayed an affinity for upperclass when he decorated P.l.'s and Moose's room with T.P. And with a desire to share with others, he sent a good portion of his insect collection to a "former loved one" at Bay ath. Upon graduation, Bob willy join the Officer Corps, giving them a vast resourcr- of knowledge, ability and that :renal rlesiic- of his to give nothing but lit-s, lu-et. l I, Stev en Edward Fabian Westminster, Maryland Steve came to the academy in june, 1973 with a goal of graduating from the finest Academy in the country. Now his goal is a successful career in the nation's finest service. Steve's athletic interests at the academy have been with lntra-Battalion bowling, volleyball and table tennis, though he has also helped out as a crew manager occasionally. Music has been and always will be one of Steve's favorite pastimes, whether he is playing drums and singing at an informal dance marching in the Mac 's parade or just listening to the stereo in is room. Music along with a sense of humor have helped pull him throu h all the academic crises associated with a civi en inecring major. Steve wou d like to aim his career toward marine inspection. Make room in the ranks of the Coast Guard for another well-rounded enthusiastic young officer. GH .y . X f .X K r l ll 1 2 l ll 4 l l il l ll l l my l l 5 l l l l l l 3 l li li f ? li 3 4 Q 1 rm ,' ,x I 1, li 'I g 4 Ron R Falkey Michael David Farrell Vicksburg Mississippi Mike a loyal Mississippian came tothe Hatchery on the Thames not only with asprrations of becoming a fine Coast Guard officer but also with the idea of setting the record straight the South won the Civil War After walking throu h the gate Lou s Little Brother as he was affectionatel nown by the u perc ass began to set the pace which e was to follow t roughout his Cadet ears Mike selected history - government as his aca emrc major, and then he romptly hit the rack. After that "swa summer" cruise on the "Eagle", which included his infamous "hot foot" experience, Mike decided the sea and its lore was for him. By the time First Class Year rolled around, Mike was a Golden Dragon and, by virtue of his fifteen weeks on the Duane and the Campbell, a member of the "327" Club. l l l l 5 t l I - -we--.-s-.-M L f. I l l H i :I l xl k William Kirby Farrell Suffern, New York Captain's Log Supplemental, Stardate 5-25-77. This entr , to welcome to the fleet William K. Farrell, who better known at the academy from Suffern, New York a small colony on planet earth. He spent his first year as a comms list star but his determination to develop an ex ertise with fire warning systems not only retired is silver star but it also helped him lead the corps in class ll s He was caught with his pants down while partying with some friends in Bermuda and he liked it so well he got caught again while trying to change into civles in the trashroom in an attempt to take Thursday night liberty A month of thinking ended these antics however the lowered interest in obtaining conduct records led to academic pursuits such as contests with his roommate to see who could achieve the most by doing the least and ofcourse he was the winner He is highly qualified as a shuttlecraft pilot whose talents include flyin blindfolded between New London and Cobleskll New York He has set new shuttle speed records as verified by the New York sky troopers who have clocked him at better than warp one more than once My hi hest commendations to Kirby Farrell hes a high qualified officer and an excellent addition to t c flect Stephen Allen Fiedler Edwardsville, lllinois When "S.A." took that flight from southern Illinois and landed in New London, he figured there must be a mistake. When he entered "Those Hallowed Halls" he knew his mistake and joined Spotty and Wally in Section 10 to suffer together. "Fieds" made it through that first year with Europe and the Eagle ending Swab year lthanks to a lot of help from Cactus, Spotty, and Gordiel. Third class ear he became "Foods" due to Hooper anclJl.B. Foods began to enjoy the finer thin s of life like that lovely lad he met on his birtiday. Second class ear with Duke and the Echo Boys broadened his horizons with First class year being the ultimate after surviving a bad case of tall ships. Even though Steve hasn't spent a sin le Saturday night at CGA due to Denise, ie managed to receive eight letters in Indoor and Dutdoor Track, Dean's and Comm's list regularly, and easily spent every dollar earned at CGA. Steve and Denise will be part of the Officer Corps on the East Coast, hopefully with the Black Fleet. Best of Luck to them both in their challenging careers. in 'fs 1 if E . 2 i l Ll l 5 'i l 1, ii i Q Z" i 3 l l -l 3 3 l l i t X i Y N my N? c 'tr :sf as I Wayne A. Fisher lialtiinoie, Maryland Wayne did not ln ing .1 great coinniand of the li nglish language to CCA. In fact, everyone- in the class had free lessons in Bawlmerese. What he did luring was idealism and naiveti-. The idealism soon was felt around the fXc'ademy. Wayne has been a big Brother for four years, and any weekend you could see him with liiankie or later Charlie, lfc year he spent hours working to get other cadets interested in the program. On another front, "l would like to come back here as a recruiting officerff was the battle cry for his part time job with admissions, working on recruiting programs for cadets. The naivete wore off. Wayne's goal in life is to be married and to have his own squad of Fishers. Kind, "innocent" Wayne had a way with the women. Whether on cruise or summer programs Wayneycould be spotted by the girl on his arm. Athletically . . . soccer . . . maybe not the star but a true asset who was always giving 10096. ln the winter he kept the wrestling team on the mat as head manager. lf you ever went into the quadrangle after lunch you could see Wayne attempting suicide with his rifle by practicing trick dril . However, he was inured to the loss of blood by donating frequently to the Red Cross. Even with his activities Wayne managed to find spare time for academics once in a while. The only erson who could take notes while sleeping, lie made Dean's List consistently. Wayne will be one of the best additions to the guard from '77, Richard Fornaseri La Mirada, California Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence You are a child of he universe no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God whatever you conceive him to be, and whatever your labors-and as irations, in the noisy confusion of ife keep peace with our soul. With al its sham, drud ery and broken dreams, it is still a eautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. Anonymous Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad. 'NN ' WY V, Wy, ' Q! f' .QF vii ,neu-Pe., ,,c. ng, ,N. " --niggas!!! ss4.,,tn,,.W,.,aw , n- sf' gd! 45' ww Ernest W. Fox Chapel Hill, North Carolina Betng a Southern gentleman by birth Big Ern brought some unique Tarheel qualttles with htm that flrst day of swab summer along wth a crew cut suitcase and Crrnffan shoeshtne kat From that day he has come all the way to being the edttor of the Howl Ing Ctale Drxll Down jock head of the Chapel Worshr Committee and one of the Treac erous Trno on the Football Cannon Crew lthat were also known to possess some Norwlch U hnghway stgnsmh Bug Ern has also managed to fund the time to start and coach the Academy s new tntercolleglate volley ball team during the week and crutse around tn his C B equrpped Cutlass on the weekends It wasn t all fun and games for Ern as he worked hard rn his quest for a B S ID Ocean Engrneertng He decld ed to place the emphasrs on the military slde of thmgs here at CGU rather than the academrcs and tt payed off by his consrstent showmg on the Comm s lrst Well whale the Academ wlll be losm a good cadet the rea Guard wlll e gaming a fme officer land future aviator! Here s to Big Ern and hrs mitral snrpe bullet an San Fran on a bug Whtte One May tt be clean and green we gone bye bye' Michael Franchini its-Ili Albany, New York When Mike came here from the capital of the Empire State he suffered a disappointment. He found out his elevator shoes weren t regulation. But he soon got over it and has been making his mark ever since. One look at his perpetually high class standin and those two stars on his pocket tel you what he has been up to. Mike, alias Frank or Nic-Nack is an ocean science major and an ap- preciator of fine Scotch. He may just turn out to be the next jacques Cousteau 'udging by the way he works. He as also been a terror on the l.B. circuit concentrating h's efforts on the softball field and the bowling lanes. Mike also enjo s a game or two of pickup basketba l. When Mike gets into the real Guard he is sure to continue his success. There aren't man guys as squared away and as am itious as Mike. Wherever Mike goes he will take with him the quality and class of a fine officer, and play a big part in the action. Best wishes Mike and Terry. f f s Q . 4 i V V . f',. A W-,' f .df 5 1 ,s 'I W Wi 1 I 2 x D4 Zachary A. Frangos Canoga Park, California On a hot lune day, the Golden Greek arrived at the footsteps of Chase Hall with his violin, man- dolin, harmonica, and other reminders of his Southern Califor- nia home. His musical ability was soon discovered when he led his swab summer section on the man- dolin in a chorus of "Semper Paratusf' During his first two years at the Academy, Zach lettered Varsity in swimming and helped bring the team to an undefeated season in '74-'75. His third class year was not only filled with swimmin achievements and school recordsiut he also met the irl of his dreams. A blind date weeiend eventually led to a diamond ring and plans for a june 78 wedding. Zach now began studyin and performing for two instead o one and the added effort placed h's name on the Dean s and Comman- dant of Cadet s List. With his brown eyed girl at his side Zachs future hopes in the Coast Guard include high aspira- tions as a deck officer and a career in Law. He will truly devote all his time and effort in making a sig- W fx nificant contribution to the Coast Guard s Officer Corps. William L Fry Saint Cloud Florida june 25 1973 Teresa Section 3 Newburyport Mass 77Crew Beat Navy Frostblte Pe atta Peggy 1?l Fi thy Four ofD Co South Kent Time is Money Check it Down? Worchestershire Mass Das Vails 74 The Morg Ocean Station Bravo . .Understand X New- foundland . . . Glacier Woman - I Once Knewa Girl Named Alicia. . . Manasquan NJ. Mari .Gina La -- T. . E.L A. Cruise . . . Nickles. . Turtle . . Homestead AFB Miami .. . .Dad Vails 75 Vanessa. . . CGA Active . . . Gov. Island - Nevada State University tN.S.U.l? . Donna . . Head ofthe Charles 75 . .s. ois Musicale Americana . Modle United Nations - Boston and New York . . Thailand - Land of Smiles .New Zealand- Allo Bruce . . Ingham '76 - "Dart Board Landing" lax MSO . a . . . luggling C ub . . . "ODD BALLS" . . . George Carrie May '77 GRADUATION!!! ww ,Q rr W4 7 qw. l I l l l I 3 3 liz' 'T 1' 7 r Aw. 1 f'-'-m 1 ,I ,gf M I , -ww ' ' f fi P VM ' '3 " if fa, if " ' ex ,. y , V' ,f ' 14 " f' ,, of jeffrey Q. Gamble Sterling Park, VA. Fresh from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains jeff came to New London rather unaware of what to expect from CCA. However one major haircut and several "issues" later he had a pretty good notion. After his initial stay in summer section six, he moved on to B-Co becoming part of the Terrible Trio, famed for their habitual Sat Nite Treks to Pizza Hut as well as their marathon bike rides north on Rte 32. With 3fc year came the F-Co H.T.B.8fG. and an incredibly popular fad known as f'testing" of which Jeff was a pioneer, Zfc year saw jeff become "l.Q." as he rejoined some of his old Bravo buddies in K-Co for an uproarious year of academia, assorted "pointlessness," and gener- ally not much sleep. lfc year found LQ. in pursuit of such activities as vanning, scuba, and the ever elusive gusto Throughout his cadet career some what may TQ has always main tained that no matter how bad things look laughs will eventually balance out gaffs n the end With this positive attitude we see continued success in storc for him in the near future as he heads for the Great Northwest into snipeland Norwalk Connecticut How Pete ever arrived at CGA after setting out for as unlikely a place as Notre Dame well never know. But, as l guess we all know, he didn t let it affect him too much. Once he ot his 'Din y Permit' , chances were t at he coul be found either on the river, in the river, or in the rack. lt didn t take long for Pete to fall into the military way of life, and with the help of the likes of Elkie, Ron, and Loose, he found some loopholes which brought many a smile to his ace. Pete will be remembered by some of us as a guy who could never turn down a dessert, by others as a man who was nearly a toll collector but by all of us who have come to know him during our four years at the academy as a good friend, Smooth sailing Pete . . . and don't forget the beer, cheese, and crackers. ,gy ff in fm, f ,f f',,f Z ,,,ff,, V' ','f'f f if, I ,aff !,,, 5107 , 2 r ,ii, f , 'f 2 X W Nz f ,f ,X ,fa Am X . ? N ts ic gg-X-X115 5,5 j 1 , ,gc 9 Zi '4 x5 If 21 714 Gif at if .s , , 4 , V ffl. V : , 2, Z f Z f, ' 4 .Q , i ,,,, ff WWW! 'u f"'ii s i l , i i 5 I l Q F l i i i i l l jl E 5 ie i l 2 5 i i i i 1 7 i S l Qi il L i 3 l Z 1 1 ' 'f - 3 'X rm-1, , , env' Guy R. Gerard Mt l'lit-isori, lsaiisas "llowtly" arrivr-fl at the Aradt-in lit-sh from the Kansas wheat fields-stih wriiirlt-ring what the sf-.t had in store for him. Ht- spent his first two years as "one of the boys." It was during tlicise earl years that he ht.-came known as a man wit a positive outlook hc-re at the Ac adv-my iof course, positive being somewhat of a subecgtive terml. Some thought Guy might need some external inducement to stay. His close friends, however, knew it was his love of the sea and sailing, not the near perfection of an "eye-whipping" lassie which prompted Guy to stay. His attitude over the last couple years has changed somewhat, with the acquisition of a compact purple limousine, a home away from home, and a wardrobe which would turn any "lvy Leaguerf' green with envy. Guy has always been ready to lend a helping hand to a friend or even an occasional pitcher of beer with the boys. His close friends know that his heart lies in the wilderness-and with his talent and generosity, he will someday be able to return to the mountains, as only a man "stuck with wanderlust" should. 'ig'-of if , K 4 an r.l.i s ana' M15 WC ,, Af M 4 Roger D. Gibson Back in june of 1973, the western Pennsylvania town of Monroeville gave one of its finest to CGA. Roger "Hoot" Gibson left this smog infested suburb of Pittsburg to become a member of the Corps of Cadets and roam the hallowed halls of CGA. Swab Summer was not happy for any of us, but Rog' met a young lady to help him throug those dif icult times, and they've been together ever since. Roger's accomplishments range from two years of varsity track and numerous IB sports championships in both team and individual sports to being a member of the Comm s list every semester and adding to that, many semesters on the Deans list From the day Rog met that young lady he always had something to do and somewhere to go on libo and rarely missed any of his libo time As a Firstie Rog could always be seen leaving the Academ in his pride and joy Ca gold 1976 Ce ica GT Liftbackl no more than five minutes after the granting of Liberty Roger had four great years here at CGA and will hive m my morc fine years as a member of the Officer Corps Best of luck Rogcr and Sue X ff! fm ,V f ,WWA ,,f, 'ig , ,f w, fl' N, 4, fa I wfag 5 gig 2 'WI'-un-......s. l S i E l 4 I 5 E i ' I: tt I. it it 2 David T. Glenn Rockville, Maryland Dave migrated north to New London out of a small town Gaithersbur High, but played it smart and took a year ofgfirst. A fierce Competitor on the wrestling team, Dave found out after two years at CGA as a lightweight grappler that he could sacrifice all those starvation meals and shoulder injuries for some of the finer pursuits of upperclass libo. Despite his absence from the varsity scene he could always be found pumpin' iron and keepin' the old bod in shape fort e chicks. Conn. College provided many an enjoyable weekend for him despite one friendly young thing who insisted on addressin him as David Thomas. D.T. ias that cool, calmness about him that makes him an equally ood diving buddy as well as a Saturday nigizwt companion on Beaver Patrol. If there's ever a problem to solve, send it to Dave, because if he can't reason it out in his careful, logical manner, it ain't worth solving. Again the Corps loses one industrious young man but, of course, the Guard gains one hell of an Ensign. l Steven C-oetchius Union, New jersey l shot a moose once . . . From the great state of New jersey, township of Union, home of the world's tallest waters- phere. Number 85, famous for never having playing high school foot- ball. Member of Bird Watching Club. "Standing on a corner, suitcase in my hand . . ." Lou Reed "Take it easy . . ." Eagles Thanks to Mom and Dad and ever one else who's made the whole thing work. lt's been real. Happy trails to you . . . until we meet . . . again. ,At '5l""'l- Q, Q--P+ f 'Eat NIH xv 'V' uzsscnsmfml i g ,ask t i W l 4-"" ,MN ,,.,,,,, far-'rt Q- , .v' f' J f?"ra6i ! l l Q , t g l F S in-ffm ,, 'Y Robert Goetz lihi- toast Guard, in its long .intl pioiiil history, has always had people of Ilhll abilities and strong personal cliaracter. When discuss- ing Bob Govt? one readily sees these qualities, as well as a bit of unadulterated moderation. Bob made the long and per- ilous trek across his home state of Connecticut in order to reach the Academy. Se arated from hisfamily and girlfriendjby a vast distance U00 milesl Bob's spirit was undaunted as he consistently made Commandant of Cadets list. Always good natured, Bob found as a cadre that a pleasant demeanor consistent encour- agement and a slight flavor of demerits and push-ups could make the least motivatec swab get his work done. Even when Bob wasnt snoring he still was able to make his presence known in class. All of us who know Bob realize that the service is receiving a dedicated and well rounded of- ficer. lt is hoped that Bob and his future wife have the best of everything. Q63 ,Fwd If--ff l www sm-'Y mv? in A i g y Ranuro Gonzales San Antoni Texas l 2, l if l 19' ,ef L , :4 A wr mf ff Q., W C1- X, 'x . VH ,f 4715, 7 if .. ,..., A PSALM OF LIFE. What the heart of the young man said to the psalmist. Tell me not, in mournful numbers, "Life is but an empty dream!" For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem. Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal, 'Dust thou art, to dust returnest," Was not spoken of the soul. Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, ls our destined end or way, y But to act, that each to-morrow L Find us farther than to-day. Art is long, and Time is fleeting, And our hearts, though stout and brave, Still, like muffled drums, are beating lfunc-ral marches to the grave. ln the world's broad field of battle, In the bivouac of Life, X ' Be not like dumb, driven Cattle, y L Be a hero in the strife!! Trust no Future, howe'er , pleasant! i W ' L Let the dead Past bury its dead! L . Act,-act in the living Present! Heart within, and God o'erhead! I is Lives of great men all i remind us ' We can make our lives sublime, L J And, departing, leave behind US , . Footprints on the saws, of time, y A Footprints, that perhaps anot er, 4 g Sailing o'er life'sisol main, s . A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, A Seeing,!shall take heart again. Let us, then, be up and doing, L With a heart for any fate, , Still achieving, still puriilipng. Learn to labor and R3 wait. lirnvrson Gary Francis Greene Liverpool New York After deciding that there were too many pleasant distractions at a coed colle e Gary decided to join the rest o us here at CGA. The transition from college life to Academyflife came a little hard for Gary but he soon found his niche and fit into the system. Third Class year found h'm as our c s Vice--President and Second Class year he tried his hand at Ring Dance Chairman. Never one to lose sight of his priorities Gary virtually never for eited a night of Libo for academic endeavors. The true mark ofa good future officer is to be able to party and still pull good marks, which Gary did, leading the class for the first two years in academics. With the dawning of Second Class year, Gary traded in his soccer ball for a rugby ball and discovered an ,entire new realm of activity at CC-A. Perhaps not excelling on the field, he never let CGA down at the party afterwards. Never to be for- gotten will be the blue bucket in the back of Skippy's van or singing Rugby songs with the boys at Capitol. Gary's dedication and persis- tence combined with his partying ways should result in a fine addition to the Officers' rank. 'inf john David Griffith l3.tltiinrirt', Marylaiitl tn grtw up w' h visions if ' ending ntarav Anniaois u North. Not wasting, timc considering his wrong turn hc immediately burrowcd into thc books. The shiny gold star faded with time and finally disap- pt arcd when he discovered civil engin- cering and girls. With a liking for music JD worlccd his way up through the Windjammer Band to be Drum Major as a Zfc and a Band Commander as a Firstie. john is always willing to s eak up for his Christian belief. That aith has nurtured and grown and now will sustain him through his career. As he heads out into the service of his country john leaves with his priorities straight- with his loving the Lord first. lol f f it of all X ' l Ll l , b l somehow ended up a little further J J J I I J c A f I I I if , . Q 5 ' sy, l Q , is s fer, ijt.:- l - . I Q el . it Q .fi .vw I . N 'Wh-Q SSGUI England all the to this typical a Coast steam from of hockey y club ning A ff 7 yr' iw ,QM gf an-4. l 1 y Fig ,, 4 2, ffl Ja r 4 43,.,, Mfg! Richard vv. Habib Neptune, New ler Rich graduated high in school class. Getting ad the schools of his choice was a financin wasn't."Abdul" la derived from his roots reaching to the dark hills o ds a l ed the offer of a f'full scholarsh Coast Guard University and four later the country gained an c ing officer. did it in al top fifty of ma nag present studies into fo work, the nights year, and still fKur itnac ln the years that-int Abdul set a number of prec that few will surpass. He managed to cram each U , mos his c every ed o t I' nights of oreieach ich ww devious pr This combined his q make him a valuable friends and the Coast james B Hall New Hartford, N.Y. l. B. came out of upstate N.Y. to come to this New England college. Here he decided to study Mathema- tics and some computer program- ming, and must have done rather well since he always seemed to be wearing a gold star. Athletically, lim started out on the freshman crew team, but soon decided to join the ranks of the rest of us in the IB profession. Here he was a steady softball, basketball, and flicker- ball man. He also deserves credit for his contributions to the swim meet every year. . On weekends, jim always seemed to slide off to N.Y. However, he hardly ever seemed to 0 north of Long Island, where good old Debbie lives. jim demonstrated his sailing abili- ty aboard the Stormy Petrel Zfc summer and did so well that he figured he would go for bigger and better things and tried the Eagle lfc summer on Operation Sail On the Eagle in port lim always took charge of the forecastle bits. Everyone always got along with l B He worked hard with others and it seemed to pay off since he was a B.C. Zfc summer a member of the Stan- dards of Conduct Board and usually on the Superintendent s list lim always gets the job done no matter what it is and should make a fine officer out in the fleet. That is providing he stays in Virginia and out of jacksonville. Kiwlsw 4 i- 14-'i5ssi.g 'M ' x s Q 5 Q 'Bikes 1 ,. if Q. 4 5 ll 'N S Art L. Halvorson North lxingstown, Rhode Island small town was an easy transition for Art who has always becn friendly and easy going. The fact that he has been consistcntly on thc Commandant s of Cadets List shows that Art is a likable and very capable young man. Art s love for his fellowman shown by his concern and interest in those around him is easy to under- stand because of his love for his God. Whether he is running on the cross- country course or studying an econ- omics problem, Art does it well because he is doing it for his Lord and Savior, jesus Christ. We, his friends and classmates at the Academy wish him great success out in the fleet and will remember him in our hearts as a friend and a leader. Corning to the Academy from a l 1 I , I I ,W .s t ,K fs ,gfe- 'ffiay is A . 1 QW! ' Q iff: r, f Q' 5 t . . I ' s . . 11 , ,J V S if ' . f , ' ,Jaw 'jf " 'w'-' Q-."6f7!, Q f,,'f'w4, fa '41 L . s .,.,W,.WM-nf s if ' ' i ' A wmv' AQ'-Q, ,,., 4,1 I V K r 1 J, ,J i 3 A' ,wgfj f f ' I ,fr A . I i john E. Harrington Statesville, North Carolina e to the Aca tropolitan Trou just a stone's C. Hes not your no 4.0 whiz or 2.0 case, but he made Dean's on several occasions and ranks in his c'ss. And iikv the rest of his tes, he loo is hiding his time and hc eagerly awaits thc day that he and Ianni ifilfklfx the "real Guard" fa in I I if a 5 i i i I R X 1 1 i i i i i H 1 i ii fi il q if S U5 together. Dick Hartnett Winston Salem, North Carolina Dick is a proud and outstanding individual from North Carolina. A man of many virtues Dick has been and will always be a success. During his first two years at the Academy Dick could normally be found in any of three places. These were: studying his way toward the top ten percent bowling his teammates to victory or skillfully winging his way over the Connecticut countryside. Second class year found Dick caught in Mac Hall wrapped to his chin in the wires of his major. Through the storm and strife of studyin Dick managed to keep up the fig t but alas this tower of strength met someone special in the fall of '75. As first class year unw- rap ed, no longer could anyone find Dic at the Academy. Only begrudg- ingly did he lead his teammates to victory on weekends, and it even seemed as though he had had his skilled wings clipped a little. "What happened?" we all asked. When we met Laurie we all knew and under- stood what had trimmed Dick's wings, filled each liberty second, and filled study hour and we were all nearly as happy as Dick when she said "yes" to that fateful question his first class year. in Nwuhy fi! 'Q if' v ' .Q .sf If Mike Hazel San Antonio, Texas f "The Faze" as those of US who know hum and those who don't call hum, can be seen ID these lctures somewhere The boy starte out has feeble career IH San Antonio Texas complete wrth underwear and frnends From there he beamed unto good old CGA and nnters aced between h and Charlie and :nelly orbuted IU ld set Company Once on stzmon he qulckl learned that large speakers, roasxfbee and lost underwear were many of the obstacles of interplanetary travel However, wsth all has strange systems stabzlazed he found that a green Space Jeep , a sweet 'TR ,a few months restrnctaon, and a co le of equally spaced frrends could ma e the weeks of CGA seem almost luke thc moon The Fare may be one bun hus plrlnc lcs wull remam Int e mmds of a ff w Ronald B Hoffmann Lemay, Missouri Smiley Mr Coughman Half man and Speedy are probably in themselves an accurate description of this Missouri boy Ron s first accomplishment as a cadet was to become one of the few men in the class of 1977 that could remain squared away at all times and still maintain an ear to ear grin His second accomplishment was the development of what was later called the "Hoffmann Hustle." Ron was the only swab that you could recognize when you simply heard him walking down the cor- ridor. Never without a note pad, Ron can easily be spotted zoomin around the Academy, Chase Half and out on libo with Marie--his wife in nearly everything but name. Ron's other interests include tennis, a decrepit tan VW, keeping the "hurtin' scooters" of the Corps in line, and needling the other half of what has come to be known as the "Dynamic Duo." ' Probably destined to be an admiral through both temperament and abiltiy, the Coast Guard is without .1 doubt gaining a fine olllt ra-r Blaine D Horrocks Ionia, Michigan Blaine Hot Rocks Horrocks is one of the guys from Michigan who never was one to waste time. The day after he got here he started going out and ended up dating quite a few interesting girls in the area Knot to mention the one that was into the MOHO Discontinuityl. Hungry? Lemonade Surprises and lobster dinners were just a few of the gourmet delights that one could find at Blaine 84 jeffs Hot Turkey Bar and Grill. ' When Blaine wasn't eatin ,you could probably find him paying one of his many instruments. Whether it was the Windjammers, Nite Caps or the Long Island Sound, he was playing, conducting, singing or partying. Never one to be discouraged, Blaine always had a smile on his face. Who else Could reduce the tension of an "All Nighter" but Rocks by having a 'test' or fixing clam chowder at three in the morning. Anyway, wherever the winds of Coast Guard duty may send him, you can bet Rocks will do a shipshape job and still have time to enjoy ife the way he always has. E Q ii ff' l" i "-ia.. Dennis Houghton New lfivtlfortl, Massacltttstwts timt from c whtllng port of Ntw Bcdford M issa chust Its It could bt sand that ht ncvcr actually left hrs homt town bccause hc always scemcd to bc golng there most every weekend cspectally has lastyears Dennus who wasaperpetual member of the Commandant of Cadets lrst would spend most of has free time ltfttn welghts drrnkrng proteln and stu yung Certain people complained he overstudled When not partnclpatlng rn these endeavors he could usually be found blaring his stereo at only srx tenths volume but to the dtsdatn of a few select Lreutenants or having another mixed drunk at the bar Dennls has been a leadtng shooter on the pistol team for four years This :sn t hrs only talent as he set the class record with M 16 rlfle at the rtfle range qualrflcatlons He only qualified as shar shooter rn the 45 callber pistol t ough he has been a member of Varsity Prstol team For several months he talked about a three quarter ton four wheel drive pickup but when February came he owned a 1976 Camero Rally Sport quite a difference For anyone looktn for htm you may fund htm at the loca pub or crulsung down the htghway as a yellow streak answering to the handle of D J g .v"" George E Howe Littleton, Massachusetts Shunning Northeastern U Mass and other top colle es Gordie chose the socially fulfil ing party time atmosphere of the Coast Guard Academy The kid from the Hoar House in the bustling town of Little ton knew he had made tne right choice after a fun filled year in infamous Charlie Company The fes tive atmosphere of Charlie Company caused Gordie to have a slow start academically but he eventually set- tled down to become one of the top scholars in his class. By second class year Gordle set out beyond the serene s lendor of New London and ma e himself known at Cooperstown, Wheaton College, and Geneseo State. When the Four Brothers invaded Hobart College, the girls were thoroughly amazed at Gordie's navigational prowess that one lost night. He will never for et VC summer on the Eagle, especially the unknown girl in Baltimore, Claire in New York, and the guys from the Denmark. All in all, the rugby team will lose a tough unconscious fullback, the Coast Guard will gain a fine officer, and someday Gordie will find the right gir. ,M af' wma, Q2 'l E s l 2 E l a...... ..x c t. .pw . XX X R. X45 'Nxt Barron M Hudiburgh Billings, Montana Four years ago, when the Montana menace arrived at the! Academy, we weren't exactly sure what we were in for. Those golden locks and that "sheepish" smile warned us to be wary of this sly devil. For his first two years he was quiet and reserved in a most sheepish way. But in his second class year, after spending two years on the yacht squadron, Barron decided to switch to the pistol team, where he quickly excelled to become one of the to shooters learningthefiner pointso shooting at such establishments as the Claypot lnn and the Holiday Inn Lounges in Newark and Philadelphia ln all ser iousness however with his keen awareness of others and persevering determination Barron will prove to bc an excellent officer as he has been an cxu llc nt cadet Good Luck Barron Dennis jay Hughey San Angelo, Texas Dennis strutted into section four from Texas that fine summer back in '73, and proceeded to make his first mark on the academy. Easily adaptin to the military lifest le presentedg to him, Dennis excemed in aptitude and soon looked for more of a challenge. . .Finding it in the water, Dennis picked up an oar one day and has been pulling ever since. Questionin his efforts at times, they finally paid ogf this year as Dennis rowed to a Gold Medal finish at the famous, world known "Head of the Charles" regatta in the lightweight four event. When asked where he gets his strength Dennis usual reply with a smile is jesus . Ever since a special 3fc summer on the Eagle Dennis has been an active member in the Of- ficers Christian Fellowship and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Excited about his first ship Dennis looks forward to the Real Guard. l m sure his sharpness and his joyful spirit will be welcomed anywhere. .., 'Wm iff' NNE. i i i i l l i A l l 3 l l l y i if 'wx f Q jerome A. lltis Castroyille, Texas Turtle is a man of many talents. Ilis life could have led down many paths, one of the least likely being the Coast Guard. But by some freak of nature, he showed up here. During four years, he strove to make sure that the name, "Turtle" would be remem- bered and sometimes feared at CGA long after he had departed. And he has accomplished that feat. For at least three more years he will be remem- bered here as the lanky Texan who pulled baseball games out of the fire with well-placed hits painted tanks and aircraft with Coast Guard seals at Norwich and Philadelphia demon- strated the danger of fireworks in the quadrangle and first class lounge and snuck into Boston College vs. Texas football games behind his southern drawl ancl Stetson. The Coast Guard needs men like Turtle and he will do an excellent job in the real guard. ci C C ,tti 5 C s s C is i , 49 F, L me X- I REQ- - X 1-5 4 T x 4 I 5 -if 1 T15 W.,.,,,...-. V ..v .k..V ..,. xp .' . " , , , , . ...... , ,...,, ,. ,. . .4 .. WA ink r-r F3 -r-. -QCL ! ma 1 s B q 1 ug J P+ S312 '14 9 ealuaag FDU' w m ' EK :rj-m V5 3 FD Q-O.. 0 3 S99 54 3' F4 IT' P+ P+' UO SSSQUJD 1.10 F9 D' FD od1u9 og-Q' -nfl"-., UQ. 7i'C3:1O' :NPD S6 leuop .Q. -- Q. cm 9: : 5: Q.: "' IS DJ m m :F '- m N4 "N 0'3" m .... EAAIJAQN L7-5.3 0 2-crow: DJ CQ 5' N4 :r -gc P+ 3 Q-c m n m m 3 m palua 21 pue xas S U! Q J"U FF -4,4 5.6. Q. C' OU9 Q. - U., A 3 m ELC m 3.33 3501: "W,-r rn CQ. ..,,,-f-. Q-'U f-r'U 1 .."5' -1 'J' N4 CLFD -YN 'Vx E 5055 T2 E55 V7 n El - -U SIUSI lenxse r-P El VFD O' Doo -+1 I-P Cl. 'J' 3' CD FD -an puno VD an C-5' D' 3-5-- lm m CL 3' f-1- OFD -4-u ""DJ ,.,,'U QC TOFD -hr-P DJ'-1 mK57 QC 2 ..,.Q .QC 3357 OO -r-1 -fx CLN -fu 'U CD SUOSE SLJAQN 3' r-P .... 3': FD :US 3m 1U T: Um Bcooq 3 34 3 SSS .191 FTSE' mm muwmo. BJ Cl. cabo Q LD . . 1 I 'MW W' f- iS mmwm pi I 4' 'va X ,fy 41. '7 Ja.. 4 4 A' W Q, W, , f4n4ef ""W X age, V at wg, V' ZfVViLfQff,z, if I .musk Keith johnson Camberra A.C.T. Australia Winter Park Colorado l Few people can say they came from Germany commute to Australia and claim Colorado as their home state to the IRS. Keith known as the whale in red factions but to those who knew him best Boo-Boo was a good friend wherever he came from. Never known for his military strategies he fooled the multitudes by making Comm's list his last three ears at the zoo. He was a welcome addition to the "New London trio" and often toured such "hot-spots" as the "O"- Club, VFW, the "Bit" and the "Birds- Eye." Always one to dabble in sport, Keith exhibited a passion for sailing that was surpassed only by his flair for women. CCurrent score 24-17. Deter- mined to really "get in shape," C"Russ, these love-handles have got to go"l Boo and "Marathon-Blurb" set out on a stint that only fell short because ofa certain airline-stewardess. Camden, South Carolina Whoever said Southcrners were lazy obviously didn t know Greg jones ver well. He worked and played hard wit heavy emphasis on the latter. Greg is just an innocent South Car- olina Boy from that fine town of Camden where the girls first caught his eye. Why he came to a girl-less Academy will probably be the enigma of his life! Dont worry though h didn t even let CGA interfere with his No. 1 priority. He has always been ready- Semper Paratus - for the good times and lining up for the weekends. Never allowing the Academy to cramp his style has been his motto and he proved that when he spent one weekend restricted while h's cohorts spent a month. Gre enjoyed the summer the most. W ether it was the beach, the lake, or the swimming pool, Greg was there with drink in hand and girl in the other. He was one of the guys who was consistently on the Dean's "Good" list, and could've and probably should've one to bed early on billet picking nigiit. All that studying though didn't keep him from playing some mean B-Ball or improving his tennis game. He finally joined a rock group and found that Lead Singer for the "Long Island Sound" fit his style perfectly. Through it all, "jones, Good" has found a very happy com- promise between professionalism, weekends, and studying. Gregory Thomas jones I E . , ' , , e l in it Q i' ' '.'. -. Lfsfiv, , 4 . - jet.. .- ng V Q is f"'t Q. la . . if It A, yn , .1-Qfl' J "gif Q i a ' ".. . . ' ' w i v .S ' A - aw- ? t ar, Q S X? ' x , .4 2 l Quai l l 'M i 3 -if Mark Edward jones Sm tm All iight towns pc oplc listt n and listtn good e iusf lm only going to s ty it once We re all here tonight with one purpose in mind to find the one ind only M irk Edward Jones He came to New London from Camden South Carolina and fooled Academy instruc tors two semesters in a row by making Dean s list. Then they caught on and decided to ty his u k a swimming ool installer - again he was caught. T en he delved into the phone business and made numerous illegal calls - again he was caught. He goes by many aliasesg jonesy, T- Weller, "Bad" jones, Smokey the Bear and Cracker-'ack, to name a few. He drives a van illed with empty Schlitz beer bottles and has been known to do anything for a friend. If anyone of you men find this tryant, this desper- ado, this Holligan, do mankind a favor and call the U.S. Coast Guard - we all know he has the potential to become an excellent officer. t Q. T f it E , l E 3 3. L ' In 5 T5 Q. i 6 X 3? is 9. ,iw-1--g 1 lr , vp 4, O9 K Robert C. jones Our everlaughing Bob hails from deep in the cornbelt, not geographicall , but humorwise. Throughout his lon four-year Academy career, he irought his zany style of humor into our lives without the need of compensa- tion. But seriously, Bob calls Gar- den Grove his home, the land of the Surfers, blondes, and Disney- land. He had many nicknames: LBJ flaughing Bob jonesl, haha Bob, the Root Beer Kid, and many that can't be repeated in mixed com- pany. Many firsts were accom- plished by him such as single- andedly rocuring Objee XX against the Administration's wishes, and being the first one man band in the Coast Guard History. He is an incurable Romantic in nature, once almost being arrested for serenading a sweet young girl that he still as yet hasn't managed to meet. He will be remembered by all of us for his smile, his philosophy on life lwhy not lau h and enjoyl, and for his accompishments. mf, l 1 if - l Z V Q it V ,fa WW I, X -I I ky I' gt , G, Bl 3 Staten Island, New York A four year desire fulfilled Staten Island sent Wayne due to his Senior Prom four days late to the Academy oot. just then began to run the gauntlet of experiences from a Class I to Sups List. In between Dick spent four falls with varying degrees of success on the gridiron usually scoring better after the games at G s with the boys. Winter and Spring s ent at basketball and flickerball on t e IB circuit still left time for Sunda afternoons, watching the N.Y. footba Giants trounce opponents and attendence to occasional mixers. "Easy" was occasionally seen studying, especially the night before a term paper was due, but this was debatable. Summers on the EAGLE were simply a carry-over of the year long parties, as "Guses" same roup of friends mana ed to wrec havoc worldwide. 1 c year culminated the experience with 1000!0 participation of the finer things in life "well grounding" the "Duke" with high expectations and a super-positive attitude toward his future in the Coast Guard. gettirfg iyfislcadeihaod off onltlle rigiii f 1 swf Gary Kahn Camp Springs, Maryland Hailing from Camp Springs Maryland Gary is a veteran of Swab Summer Section 8 Kilo juliet and Foxtrot Companies. Familiarly known by his classmates as Gen his Gary majored in Marine Science and as been involved in the Glee Club and the Guide Committee. When he wasnt tagging fish singin or showing visitors around the Aca emy Genghis was recruiting cadets shooting on the pistol team or riding his bike' and in his spare time you could always find Gary studying. Despite all these time-consuming activities Gary always had time to help anyone who asked. Gary is the kind of guy who likes to play chess with the computerg but he is also the kind of uy who lives the humanitarian ideals oft e Coast Guard by putting others before himself. He is careful and competent in all things professional and is truly dedicated to the Coast Guard. There is no doubt that wherever Gary is sent he will be welcomed. f, 5 if ,,,,.. 9 .D""" Q www ,, ,-Mill' 4 '49 fJ?5"" 'fx ,MW ff- ' 'f nw f f f ,W ww Ron VV. Kaye HJ 1, , l ,, hr. St. lltul, Minnesota mn- F-ni x 'Q rv vw ku, , ,..,, H O' gy, , , ,sip ,fel r -Q 1, llte suinnivi ol 73 found Ron in Set tion One, .mtl tlif' Acatleiny has never been quite tht- sarne since An organiyer, Ron has almost single handerlly kept the Wind lammers sup flied with instruments. Always working behind the scenes, places like the furniture room would be in chaos were it not for Ron's efforts. Ron's handiwork and dedication wasn't all channeled into brigade activities however. A civil engineer, Ron was consistently on the Superintendents List. A very logical thinker, and quick to grasp ideas, he was always the one to go to for help in any academic area. The ver best of listerners he was also one to consu t on any problems outside of Academy life. Although quiet and modest at most times he can bc persuaded to open up and enjoy thc finer things in life. tRemcmber the Zfc Rin Dance?D For Ho bies Ron cnjoys his model trains and toy soldiers not to mention hazing Swabs. In sports he is without a doubt the Academy s greatest diver ever. All seriousness aside, Ron is a true professional whose love for the sca and dedication to duty will stand him well in the Officer Corps. Bart Kolb New Hartford New York Who was that masked man in the blue corvette I asked as he sped away into the sunset Him the old sailor replied That was Bart Kolb from New Hartford N Y Pretty good athlete in his day, played football and basketball, had to quit though, grades were catching up with him. Management major, I think, don't know for sure. Pla s a lot of pool though. Good too. Use to hang out with a guy named Ziggy, said he had some wild times with him, till he left the Academy to go to Med School. Bart almost left too, but he said he stayed around because he wanted a Vette and a class ring. He got 'em too, just like he said he would. Good man. He'll go far, make a good officer." And off in the distance l could hear the cry "Hi Yo- Breaker 19- You got that Midnight Rider!" - L A-52+ y, 1. 56 , N. i l i r l -if '. ia Isl ' :ISI 'yr' Kettering, Ohio Mike Kraman, more widely known as "K-man", is one of the most colorful characters at the Academy. lt is often said that he could easily adapt to almost any atmosphere. The most irrevokable proof of this is his former existence in Kettering, Ohio in a famil with five sisters. You can be certain that K-man adapted to the Academy, or has it been the other way around? On what has been looked on as a fateful day, four years a o K-man made his decision to come to tEe Academy. The selling point, he likes the indoor tennis courts. K-man's interests have broadened in his four years, however. He has balanced his time between Dean's .list in the Civil Engineering option, the varsity gymnastics team, the olf course, and testing the road hugging Sbility of his Porsche. Not to mention his card-playing prowess in the "after lunch club". K-man has the rare quality of having a good time in nearly every situation. lt is his good sense of humor and ability to brighten an otherwise dull existence which will carry him on to success in the Coast Guard and beyond. Pierre S. Krouse Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania If Webster's dictionary had a definition in it for Krouse it would probably say a lon skinny object that sleeps a lot Pete owever is a lover at heart and devoted his time not solely to the rack Some of his favorite past times include cadet cruises partying basketball partying collect ing demerits more partying and Z car acrobatics It wasnt long after Pete arrived at the Academy in 1973 from the booming bustling metropolis known as Punxsutawney Penn familiar to most as the Groundhog ca ital of the World that he learned t e large blue areas on maps were really water So for the love of the sea he said goodbye to his family and the groundhogs to take on whatever CGA and Capitol could dish out Pete's realibility and good nature will stand him in good stead as an of icer in the real Guard as his associates will soon find out Raise Hell Pete' W gl 'i 1 l Kim Ll -lzrzyvy-Eki il Cocoa, Florida I His name was Krzywicki, but most of us called him "Kri7o" for short. Krizo came from the beautiful Sunshine State in the northern winterland of Connecticut to answer the call of the Guard. Being a restless young man, he jumped into just about ever activity and sport that CGA had, starting with football his freshman year. This restlessness carried into his personal life too as we saw each year a new girlfriend clingin to his arm. The only area where we actually saw him remain stationary was in the Cadet rock bands. His guitar pickin' could be heard every year as the rock bands grew from several minor groups to four years later the best rock group CGA ever had: Long island Sound. His travels with LIS took him to such exotic places as West Point and Leamy Hall Coliseum. Ever where he went the crowds would go wilt? with Gctasy as his electric fingers screamed out the musical tunes. On the weekends when his guitar was silent, Krizo could be found out riding the mountain trails or just takin' it easy bombing about in his Rally Nova. Come first class year not too many people saw Krizo hanging around on the weekends. Rumor has it that he's been seeing a certain female vocalist from a local rock band. But in any case, he will alwa s be remembered as a man on the moveg alllin all he was one helluva dude! , .. - ..,.,-....-..-.,.,....-.-,1.................,-..-...-g-..-. --p-..e:n'1-as 1 1 T, 1 L-n-. Michael S Kushla Lyndhurst, New jersey Here s a man who has followed in the footsteps of Rembrandt Van Gogh and Picasso. With spray can in one hand and masking tape in the other, no job is too big or too daring for Kush Cask Norwichi. As a four-time veteran of the Coast Guard Stripe Force, Mike s jobs have ranged from Navy fighters in Philadelphia to Army tanks in Vermont, If you can take him away from his recreation ou can find him singing in the Glee Cllub lservin as President his senior yearll or being iiead manager of the basketball team for three years. In between all this he still manages to squeeze in enough studying to keep his head above water. Never one to turn away from an empty rack, a free beer, or more libo, Mike will be missing a lot of these when, after Graduation Day passes, he'll be heading south towards penguins and ice on an icebreaker. V - ... ..... ..-. ' '1- at 5 I ltisit I H' A ' w J.. ........, L.- -...-..-..........x..z...a-......-.,..,1..-,., .. ,.-,....-1 -.. - 1 1 P 1 x l 5 l i l v i l l i I lr- F l 4 be K G Q i kx Q l l i W Q- l gl K ,wx I,- ri 1 5 A ,S 4 .il i ,N Q 152 ii - 'S Robin Kutz T The summer of '73 saw the manufacture of one cadet out of s the likes of El Pajaro. His bgd-lige ability was soon i N I 7 recognize an it wasn't too ong ' before the ldlers made him a permanent fixture. , During his four year visit at CGA Uvlonday to Friday onlyl, Rob if showed his interests in sailing, ff trading Order of the Arrow I , Eatches, and his excellence in if owling. ge? I Who knows when he found ' W timeto study. Strange,he was never at a loss for time to have fun. 5, Really, he did put in a lot of at I hours for his dual major, Marine S Science and chasing women. ag ' Q l The future? Who cares right . now! The van and the little woman I will keep him busy for quite a while! sg. ti ,u ., fi' Q, Gregory A. LaChance Vandenburg Air Force Base, California Coming from California, it took awhile for Greg to get used to the east. After awhile thin s started to go his way and its been like that ever since. Studying was never any problem, he hardly did any, but he managed to stay on top of things. After a stint at crew fourth class year, he started sailing and has continued doing that most of the time. His real reason for making it through here was weekends. Always one for a party, if he couldn't find one, he would make one. After getting on the wron ship in Philadelphia getting a first han view of how the Shore Patrol works in japan, and playing games at the Park, Greg has decided that it is time to rally once more and head back west. Though a fun loving guy he is a serious competent worker. Greg will do well in the years to come NSW. I iffy? 4, 1 ,..-..,...- ...W- am, Robert L. Lachowsky lt will be a long time before the Academy sees the likes of "Chow", for as far as anyone knows he's truly a one- of- a - kind person. The shy kid from Texarkana, Texas, came with one goal in mind. That was to be the best cadet in the class of 1977. But soon he fell in with a bunch of mavericks and found out it was more fun to try and get away with as much as possible than to keep a clean nose. No one will ever forget the bird calls at the most appropriate times, the Norwick football game egg toss, or the fireworks display in the first class loun e. Yes, Chow's name will go down in the boois with some of the other infamous pranksters, but he'll also be remembered as a dedicated oarsman, as the guy with the southcrn drawl and as a friend who would give you the shirt off his back. The fellow cadets who have come to know respect and admire Chow will miss him the administation will breathe a sigh of relief and the ship which receives his services will be darn lucky. For the will have gotten a m n with a liking for ard work and challenge a knack for engineering and the ability to get along with anyone--snipe or decky seaman or admiral. 'Um f , - ,pf Scottsdale, Arizona From the arid dry deserts of the West the least likely home for a Coast Guard officer where cactus is Km , k own and loved as Cactus jack john has distinguished himself well since coming to the Academy both academically as well as athletically A familiar name on both the Dean s and Commandant's Lists, john has estab lished himself as a fn ure to follow at the Academy On t e athletic field john has suffered the hardships of injuries, but has rallied to the cause of the Rugby team by establishing him- self as a solid aggressive player and feared by the op ositron as the 'Atomic Tackler. jo nsromanticlrfe has been on rough seas since coming to the Academy, from Sally to Mar- ianne through Linda, Buck and the NAPA office, leaving a trail of broken hearts. But john is sure to find his true love. The sailin for "Cactus jack" will undoubtedly ie smoother as he graduates from the Academy by estab- ishing himself as an excellent leader and officer and finding a successful future in our nation's finest service. john Patrick Lanigan, jr. comes john fanigan, more familiarfy n ll 'll I ll E I h .' f""""'7"a If Wjwffj 7 'fm WWW, 41 f.. 17 ' f ,. H",--1 A' .M A X , Z' X , f Aw ff ff? 3,1 ' f f fi 5, ,ff- 1614 V l'f-6 1,5 if- vi' qs F7 Y K A in . W I, N ,Q :N , 2 T 'X' james G Law Gales Ferry Connecticut Its rarely the case that this ape shaped fullback from across the river is seen without his Eastern Illinois Panther shirt on and with that nice little Italian girl Terry Throughout his four cadet years lim Law has made his presence quite well known form the football field where the majority of yard grinding power was obtained through a diet of fireballs' to the drill field where he wanted to plant his sword in front of the Reviewing Officials at the first fall drill of 1976. Flaw has broadened his academic brilliance with Monte Python Cheech and Chong Dr. Demento and multi-issues of the Poon thus makin his name a household word aroun the Dean s office. These are just incidental epi- sodes in the how and why of jimmy thou h, he will be most remem- bere for his friendly ability to help anyone in need His quick smile and understanding nature will take him far in this Coast Guard. We'd like to wish lim and Terry many happy years together. Look out Coast Guard 'cause here comes lim Law of Ledyard. '73 ' 1 , '74 , , ' Cup, Australia's Women: pretty faces and ll be . ll '75 , '76 , f:,, f if y J j Mark Layne l gl " Q 15, .' . lf Lake City, Pennsylvania g 1: l Passing Revue Welcome to Hooligan s Navy! Section 8 Saturday nights, Quirk. To Tell the Truth ' Misquamicutt Red Men: Mike n Mark Newfies and Reds 59N-47W Americas cutest smilesg Varsity Rack, Academic Hack Third Class Crisis: To be or not to 47 days f 46 nights northwest to Mani- T toulin bound! To the east: Block Island Vineyard and Nantucket Sound' hiberna- tion conformation revelations. Bermuda beaches and bikinis Great Lakes sailors X Midwest bikers Montreal Fourth. X J! Citi! Southoltl Ll, New York Jn only eade o gr teluttt from the CCA who was never a cadet tt the CCA c tme from the infamous although small town of Southold john crossed the sound carrytng with htm the respect of such legendary greats as Bull ll C x e Beverage and TOB john excelled rn mrlttary prowess as he recerved the treasured srlver star for his efforts durlng his rnrtral stay It wasnt long however before john started to ltve up to the expectatrons of the afore menttoned legendarres and nncndentally had a few run ms wrth Chapter 5 Cadet 71437 academic endeavors were concentrated an the Ocean Science freld as perservance nnght after nrght led john boy to the library where he continued to strnve for the coveted 3 O Wtth such dull ence d d he pursue this oal that he ad a reserved desk on thet rrd level of Waesche whnch no one dared or had a chance to use john however enjoyed has free time immensely as he was always ready to battle a blaze rn 309 wtth Znggy and Bart or help rn the construction of an automated breakfast machtne Speaking of breakfast machines the only thing faster than john eatun a bowl of Lucky Charms rs has Porsc e IH frfth gear johns athlettc rnterests were drver stfred however has strongest was hockey and many trmes did the bowlegged hulk go unto the corners wtth three oppoqgnts to be the only one who emerged One of john's greatest assets, however, rs has abrlrty to keep thmgs tn therr proper rospectrve and create Instantaneous laughter wrth has endless tmpersonatnons He wull be a deftntte moral booster to any shlp or station on whrch he serves ln the future f f ,Q il' W l l QSM. W. 'jf - ,.x- 1 fx Y 62 . T N5 ww? , 'Y M j is f X 4 ,Q 5 , is 1 'N 5 Thomas Leveille Nicknamed the Great White Rab bit, Tom had a busy four years at the Academy An alleged Chemist, Thomas quickly discovered the roper formula for success alanced mixture of work and play Consequently if he could not be found in Smith Hall working on a lab in the Video Arts club room or down in Roland working out with a team tthe type of which varied from year to yearl chances are he would be in his room writing a speech for debate or in the rack Consistently on the Dean s List, Tom s greatest asset academically was his abilit to gras ideas quickly, and ability w ich ma e him the master of the academic blitzkrieg Despite his major in Chemistry and the sciences, Thomas did make frequent and profitable forays in Satterlee Hall Humanities and the field of music Besides laying the glacken spiel in the Win jammers, Tom also playled thegtrombone and piano. The ig point of his musical career was playing piano in the Nitecaps during Op-Sail. An individualistt in' the truest sense, Thomas hoped to leave the Academcy a little different than when he foun it. That he accomplished this there can be no argument. Always a dedicated erson and true friend, Tom should, o far in a world where these are in Ehort supply. if I f ffm PQWAYQW l in l wt., 'ff t ' 5 V brr 'fm X X fm! R . SQUE came from a small town in Florida and soon became one of the most active members ofthe class of 77 Along with being involved in many cadet musical roductions he has also found time to e a member of the crew team, Commander of the drill team and charter member ofthe jugglers .Never one to pass u a good time, hes managed to ma e friends easily Cboth male and femalel and add a little happiness to everyone whose life he's touched. His sharp sense of humor and intense dedication to a career in the Coast Guard will make him a welcome addition to any wardroom and will insure him immeasurable success in the future. David Thomas Levesque Indian Rocks Beach, Florida E I Daniel B. Lloyd Silversprings, Maryland Dan came to us from Silverspr- ings, Maryland with a joy and a hope that l've seen in few other men. From the first day in summer Section 4 through first class year as Bri ade Commander, Dan contin- ue to excel in everything he did whether it be in academics, athle- tics or in just being a friend to someone in need. Dan's major interest, outside the academic relm, have lead him into activities such as crew and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, but everything he does is directed toward one end that being the glorification of his creator and Lord jesus Christ Dan is looking forward to a first billet on board the Steadfast in St. Pete and after that flight school Wherever he goes there is no doubt that Dan will exemplify a man with a high callin and a sincere devotion to the jo he does. Dan came to the Academy with a ood friend back in 73 and will be eaving with his best friend as he and Susan join their lives together under a common bond. May the Lord be with you both. ummm? Wt, M X X My 'G' W X B ,V Na v K? J--.... ,, 2 l If A ,,,.,,,-fr-f 'Q-...AQ mins Q '1 A- i no if i I li 2 i i a i S 'ik I l 4 l KQV W' if Z Wayne Lundy Ft. Collins, Colorado Wayne known to his friends as Ozark Ike descended the altitudinous Ozarks of Colorado to join the ranks of CCA. The denser air of Connecticut afforded him enough extra to force and still jog daily. The rest of his spare time was spent involved with Demolay buried under an engineer- ing project or playing clawball on the lower field. First class year Wayne bou ht something that weighed more than is John Denver collection. A new Volare will take him westward upon radua- tion. The Coast Guard shoud look forward to having him as much as his friends will miss him. Wayne will be an asset to any unit or department of which he is a part. through the windings of a baritone Nhat, We 2' .-Q f X Na Q. 1 rfv f L, -,, A ,,A, ,. N new in ig v N .1 ' 'lvxwv P --,,, 4 I .f john R. Lynch Donora, Pennsylvania Rich, alais "the Rookie of Donora, PA lyou in our Chem is family of 13 to population, to in this small New atmosphere of OUIS ,ci he sports, or Bran ora overafew always be ofthe most guys around. The is not only gettin a good fun-loving person, ,ut someone who can make the best of any situation. tured from the small mining SC8l"lE."lf. 9' if' YY .' , si tive.-.,,,,, ,Wm W 91' ., ,' K -4- Jr' Q J,R x, ' A , F 7 I f I f VV , Wan, n 'f ffw,,4ffw,,...fff- f W fd? , .7 7 ' ' find ' 4, l I ' aff" 4 1 l C Q 2 ft Z . ff" st ,,,W V' ,f W. . , . V K X Y , " i' 4- 3? if ei--A t as , ' ' ' ' 'v f 1' ,, . 5 f "gf ' . ' -sa' 9 -many leadership positions ? 7 lx Reynoldsburg, Ohio We feel fortunate to have known jay these past four years. -His 'Consistantly high rank on th,eSuperintendant's List attest toour deep respect for lay as an outstanding friend and scholar. Hailing from Reynoldsburg, Ohio, there was never a more avid Reds Rooter than HA. jay Squaredawayf' lay will always hold dear to his heart his many Cadet experiences, but con- siders among his best to have been the ten-week Pacific Cruise Che's now one of the brave men in the 327' Club who got his haircut and is now a golden dragoni, during which e learned how to climb a mountain in Alaska and "fly" back down. Of course, lay and Art will never forget the noc- turnal visit of their friend the vampire bat during Third Class year. lay's stay at CGA wasfnot all fun and games. He was forever busy with Honer training committees, and Ijay Douglas Maha e gg, 0, gg f,.1-.iw .gasri 3 ,,-4umrfp.? 4-. 5255191 - f Q sez. " ,:,., . , rfi' .QF rang' fi M. 5225: . CW g ap IW'- v.,-A Q.: trusted to him. As Gui Bearer learned the value parties at However, .hs - Edmund Marmol Hopewell, Va. june 1973 saw the arrival of Ed Marmol to good old CGA. Hailing from the little town of Hopewell, Va. fPop. 25,0003 and the Chemical Capi- tol of the World fRemember Kepone?i, Ed, better known as the Moose, fall 120 lbs. of himl slipped into cadet life. This didn t last long' however as he soon found he had amazing drink- ing capabilities. He could actually down a glass of beer at G s and not pass out! r Being the studious type our Ed managed to find time for a gold star or two and even a couple of silver Third Class year brought a stereo-l think it s been turned on ever since and the firm conviction that he really liked the convemencesof the Academy C Back home we had to carve our own s oons! l - Even though the weather idn t suit his tastes pf Heck it wast72 on Christmas Day down home' D' Second Classy ,year this civies became le al He also found out the hard way t at he couldn twearihigh school gym trunks when running-they were inappropriate! Around thisttime Ed also discovered cribba e and he mana ed to infect more t an a few' peope with his madness T lg . ,Q i Finally came First Class year extra libo and a car. Now the Moose could be found driving the backroads in his 69 Spitfire. After a few problems were ironed out he was on his way. Now he is ready to speed on to reener fields fand warmer hopeful i as a CC. ensi n. I don t know if t e Academy will e the same without him but it s loss is the real Guard s gain. ,ws t .fl w lm, , ic' .L nt g.. A 4 A A I' WN " xc H. V at A , i 65' A i it 8 I -I-am., ww joseph B Martin Roslyn long Island, N Y Cla Bel Hty what s oln down? Check ths out S eeshl JB operates on impulse deals cash and digs third hand mer chandise Likes to check out Led e pelin the Kinks C int Eastwood james Cagney good tca and sweet wine He rides his bike built a skate sail and maybe a balloon Lets onabout Morgans and other British sports cars but buysa 49 jeepster He went with the clarinet with the yWind lam mers for four years rowed a crew for two and then departed the intercollegiate sports scene. Did Dean s list one semester and then lost the urge but not the skill! Ibranchedout man! llust loves having a good time with tight buddies after a day s work because you can put up with an' tlhing if you know how long I I. When you re down and 'out you d be Content if you were just getting by. When you're just getting by you'd be happy if you were making it. t r When you'reyimaking it you'd love to be onto of- the heapg When on top oprthei heap . . thatfs what it is allaboutia Whadl-s dyaisay? ' ' r . 1 a ,. -,.,,,.1f' it ,, Wd, ,ijt ' .-4 ' 1,1 if-xr ,gg ...-, . . .,.... Y-., -,.....,---vm.. ,...-.4 ,. b if .4 4 if f 5 sm ' '- . 58 ef , -if F ' in i Fl V L, ,, P K' at 5 3 ?s.p fp., .Q , f fn 'Tw 1,32 N1 5 - f YQgugWWy,."ff" 1 K " "'4'-ffzfzw xg z 'W V MQW! W 'ff il' ,,,. ,, f' W. ,-VJ I ll, 1 llllam lbert Mathus F i ncord, California 4 ' 1 ,asf-, L -J' I 1-1 .P if Timothy M. McDonald Yakima, Washington Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace, Where there is hatred, Let me sow Love, Where there is injury, pardon, Where there is doubt, faith, Where there is despair, hope, Where there is darkness, light, and Where there is sadness, joy. Divine Master. Grant that I may not so much seek to be T , W Consoled as to console, To be understood as to understand, T y , To be loved as to love, For it is in giving that we receive, Itis in pardoning that we are pardoned, f . , And it' is in dying o That we are born toeternal life. W QSt.tFrancis of Assisi- N A T 5 f A f 2 . sift qgiittiviuiiiif A ilf HB3 T225 1 rt! if? Wi? twig ' Terrance 1. McHugh Lexington, Kentucky As a chrld rn ocean s arms, We strrve against the stream Each moment farther from the shore Each moment fainter wave the relds And wllder rolls the sea, The must grows dark the sun goes down Day breaks and where are we? O W Holmes 84 T 1 McHugh . . , Where life's young fountains Fleamg xi LL? L' xt g was . 1 M annie -' 'CN 5 Q41 puguu un seq sq smrxespus smmg Aue un Ham op plnoqs qog qslqnon 40 mo Kem sgq :Hex 1sesgs Je Joy sgdosd spens Jsd 03 Axqlqe pue um sgq q1gM 'spom looqss usq1 pue Mou AJSAS pue snug wel suq :ssl qi 03 sgq sqmq qslqfvx sseq sq1Jo58ug qsg ggaunog ssgxgmxfzy qnlg ssusgag lesgzqod sql q1gM Asnq sem sq sum snq 40 1ssJ sql s1usLueu1n01 sleqsp sgq le ssgqdon 10 SJsded JQJSLUGP J I J Ll q suoqd s IJQS e Jsqe 1useM qog 41 'sLug1 swes sq1 1E ssuoqd luslsggp u0 91112 olvu O1 BHEI O1 Bugfiu usss s plnoo qog ssuo ueq1 s10Lu 103 'spy sq1q1gM Kqexssdss-Jelndod os nugq spew 1eq1 ssuqenb sJsM sssql sqfiew 'Jswumg qemg Sugmp sdnqsnd Buyop sggqfvx USAS Sumo! 10 Suqgws .xsqlgs usss sq SAEMIE? plnos qog 'psqseu Mous sql Jsqe s1e1s 1ss8Sgq puosss sq1 eqsegv up uJ0q sem sq 1eq1 dgnb O15lDll'1b sem ssqof uexsl 40 psm 108 sq Jsfxsusqm pue sexsl osed 13 Luoq slgeq new sql Sexsl 'osed lg uqqBne13W '1 usqog I 5 f Af lah: xl-, I ,g 2 f-6' 4 -A ,- f rx-'Y . X, ,Ai 1 3 , e 'ixfanwf-gtgwx 0 0 A 4, ,,, -kkk A .xe. ev , it gfe, cadet life. He was R ok a Randy Meintz Eldorado, California Randy breezed into New London in 1973 along with the rest of us and from then on knew that he liked what he saw. A West Coast boy at heart, he carries with him that classical coolness and free spirit we all admire, Academics were always the biggest battle for Randy but he put up a fierce and determined fi ht des ite more than one close cjl on the Dean's "other" list. For awhile there he even aspired to be anchor man but luckily for MPA's, he onl made.the200 Cl b. Y t rut Who knows how he ever ac quired a nickname like f'Zoid" certainlyehe one down-to-earth meet. Always artist at making, looklhumorotusfhe hours on end storiesg i , Like Randy is Even an hasn his his soon country Randcy comgarey brot ers at he certainly ones and to school 'before No doubt this guy f'he'll interstatelin his shades, bandanay and of c .nurse a cute blond A to him. ave all know he'll do great job out in the Guard and of course we wish him the best at it. ,Edwin Russell Midgett jr l Elizabeth City, North Carolina Afloat on the ocean, my days aily fly No monarch on earth is more appy than I, Like a bright brilliant star my skim-bark seems me, As sparkling in glory she skims o er the sea, The wave is my kingdom, all bend to my will and fate seems ambitious, my ho es to fulfill. Afloat on the ocean, my days gai y fly No monarch on earth is more happy than l. lAfloat on the Ocean-an old Sea Chantyl .Wa .44-4 ' 1 wwf? 'ff 1 1 Shamokin, Pennsylvania "Pork Loaf" left the coal mines of Sharnokin to be cultured in this fine New England school. His re ore at the dinner table was only outcfbne by his loud outbursts and his sterling military appearance. Football occupied Vic's after- noons while ice packs on his knees occupied his evenings. But it didnt sto him from develo ing a blocking tec nique known ast e vice-grip . Then there was Rose. Vic was always known for his deep and pene- trating conversations with the fairer sex. His perseverance to babes was exemplified by his early morning dashes from Hartford, Always out to have a good time Pork was only concerned with a purely basic rela- tionship. The chemistry de artment referred to Vic as the wizar and they will surely miss him. And so will ali his classmates who knew him as a crazy sensitive and trusting friend. TRUELY AMAZING ,.. ff-fr - L bij-sm, fr A l V' r I 456 .41 is -1-1 Na! 5.1 4 A A 4 , 1 , fy . ,M Wade A. Mitchell Q these hallowed halls A Hdevote cnvrlran at heart, he always southt th Government major s solution to prob-or lems Lucklly hrs membershup rn Foxtrot his swab year as well asfhlsfrrst and second class ears made his tas easter As a mem er of theldlers fo four years, WANA was always qminck t join In a rowdy song and lxft a glxs skill acquired as a member Off th Q retrred crew jocks asspcnatron member of the Wiffdiammers fo tw and a half years, he could whrstle an Souza march Always refer ported women to the umestr ar ge ty, rhnrd class year Wadegbrougm husk, hugh school sweetheart, 0 my 5339 Conn For three ywrs, lib -t san Conn College became syn ' r Givmg up the New London 0 san almxng eventually at law school, Wade anld Carol are bound for the Great La cs Q, lune 25, 1973 saw Wade-report to ' J' we Grail Theodore P. Montgomery KXL l I We Monty came to C.G.A. under the impression that it was C.G.U. The summer Cadre tried to tell him other- wise, but he just laughed and did push ups and "braced up" at their discre- tion. Those push ups sure payed off though when the "Bear" mauled Stonington Lodge single handedly, and you would never forget it if you had seen him "brace up" for "Colors" at Newport. ,jTed will also be remembered for his' hard work with the Windjammers and his powerful trombone leadywith Long Island Sound"iand '.'Nite Capsf'. has always amazed Us how iMonty . through .the week . and to be yt1e sofcompetent weekends with never laugh along 9 made morale. that PCfS0F'?3l'fY+ 4 172, has ani Michael Ray Moore ,X Mike, following his older brother Bobqclown-'from the mountains, proceeded to show that he was just as mudhof a jolili as Bob. A i tDuring the ti,me ,wl1eri "Bears" was not carrying aifodtball or shattering track records, on the way to his All-American status, he found plenty of time for the ladies, as well as getting into trouble. ' Miraculously, Bears was still able to maintain over a 3.0 grade averageias well as prove his theory thathe could make it from the Hartfor Civic Center to the A Middletown in 29 minutes his Z-car. A i unique persofn I in the 4 "Kat 6 I ...ffm ggi X . L 4, 'G , . Q I ft ,V ' qu, " ,va fx . za-Rf.: Vvwsaw ' .K 1,-, Pfffif f 1, V1y',,.,f:,-55.-g,lj 4 I Jfalfu, ,, F5 U1 . ff, , ef., " fE"1".- 4 fig! V' 'l15"-fj3,Qff- " - 5.5 A' 15' 1, jgl if-V' Vega- , 1 irq" 1:31 , bf ,.., , . WT'-g'L nw - '-K A . AL., , -,lizfitik .1 55122: . , .i"fTi,1feN:iQ:-f 'gd '4 -I-3 -5.-, ' fl K fi gl," VJ MVP . V ' PJ V JT: mg- 211 'Lqf,.2, - .ghyf , V9.1 3-V,,.-'iw' .,V"'V -V. . :f5R'7!.V, 'mi A-: f-. 4 .JI - gr. fxfgf-11 . MEX. Q- -,'f if ,'-THE -. V --VS11'i'2- mf ' 6, . 4 , , ,, r. ,gm 1. " , ,1 ,, IH X 4 4 t s . I V. iff". Ti .Jae 4. 1. 1 Q.-' " " ' 1V1-,wg -:mf . ,.,..,. '-f ' '5L,jf.'Q, gif, 1 ' 2 ' f wlflif, , A VV V.,,,, - ,gy-iw, '.. in . N1 s . Y ge , 4, , , . if 1 f,: V, , 1 . , x.'- ,Mg .yay .V V K . .. ., 4, A 1 ,vp VV,Vf V A- VV V 1 V fgjf. g Moukawsher ' 1 X ,K any I i VV'5'u:'4a 3 , .,.. V, X , B ,- ,I f my Andrew T. Moynahan Boston, Massachusetts Andy came to us from Boston- town, where bored with his job at the garage and the young Bostonite ladies, e accepted the offer of a four year all - expenses - paid trip to old CGA. Andy brou ht to us an intense devotion towargs etting a job done, and getting it gone better than anyone expected it could be. It is because of this desire that Andy could always be found at 3:00 A.M. scowling out at you from under his headphones while throwing you out of his room so he could study his Double E type books However let it be said that Andy s studies never got inthe way of his weekends Hts weekend habits include drinking beers and working on vans tlegal and otherwisel Andy made quite the sight during the winter of ZXC year driving his doorless van around beautiful downtown New London with a beer in his left hand Panda Bear turned his energies toward liberalizing the Academy and after two years of being restricted much of the time, Andy admitted that the problem was too big for him How ever Andy still enjoys a friendly discussion with the Barbers every once in a while As Andy toms the brotherhood of Coast Guard officers he brings with him a high level of competence and an insistence of quality tn both his work and play riff. 6 1 ffl we at Wit? gt, Wt H' -m,mg..iL,, ,., , Ere-s.i , K 1, X Q, an gl s . , J , Y Q ,N . so he s , r A ' e i ',Hf:..'-mi? H .-,, ' , 1 5 sy, W X uw X, Hi V K 'f-if'X-1 f-N yo -ess-sf' .ps ,yd f f ' 'sv , Y sf W if 2 'Q5Av'?JI3Ti ' Y I L , kmivdk X ,is X. ,. -,L ,. f 'T X 'Q X. 'f iff- s ss , f'7"'f".'w'f'fV4,yJ, ffl", H N ff. Q h'1'21v1LJ:4x':fJf M11 :W 243 - i 'wx f 1-2 "wifi-1 1: 1, "W" J, , i,'yff-'-Uxf'H mf:-'yifk -P F17 'rffgitgi fri Li 3 my :ww 1l,"iwri.1 iw U my if if ,- ::',ww-arg-1 ,,:11-iii,-ivfi w:si,,,ag,f 'Q in ,.,:-,.,,sn .Mau e - ...wu..,.1'- ' M- 1sL,'.-.-.us Qsemsii Tr- 4 w .. ',,'a"'v.'E A WE 5 ,"?-W' , i , .mf r'i'f3qKLi . 13 l5,fi3Wf??5f?51,fi , 'vm':"""'f?"fwr1"77"r'fU71""vrzwrwffr1-m'n:v1r:"7fvi'. mvwww-emu-new V ., , , 1, 11- :J w,,.:-' i ,w,L:,,' ww' W Q "U 'ww 'Ji , , ' 1" 1- s ' i , -1 f, e , ' ,M 4. " fwffg-f1,'Q"'1l. N 4, ',:q,'w1i:,' if.-,, fvfmflwzel ', 2' r fi, 'if "KM, fiifs ir' L swaww.-ik'-im-'r.ps"i'fi-A:'qVwyw'e.'E" igvgwgf '21-gf'f3f,.i A 'wp -.mf sffzfx1:"'f?xi,mM-H ii9B.4,1.iE.M:5' rw- mi-rf'f9:f' . , , ,- 1 L, ,, , ,mv f, ,. .,,+,,vv,.irq.,f. R ,.W,-1-,s,.m I ,sw ' r 33- 1535 L1 lv, ' i fx-11 ,p.vuw. ' A' 0 "' i ' 'L' fi'f,iif35fbf,"53i3r Wold? . , , ,-F I . 1 L . Jilin' ,V . ,YQ--,-,1G,14,u+,p,i:-.,ug,1 5.4: ,.-.g.,g.s.gs--.,: yxcfifpbnilil-f pig-.wi L A,,, . . , , ,FV ., 1. , K .1 X A A L , A in .:w:mJxQr1n.ma,.f.Qf335,w.efx,iifiuseiifi.iff,K ,kr ',,n.,.. 3,5 5r,',i,,.M,i.3W,,,y .s.,ni,,.,,fJ,,.' ,U .. ,n .4 f.,3,1,gg ,M qg ,, ' if ff iff i ,:3,,'.fg ':l.'-',g2i1.EV'7,fi,', , ff,lJ'fD ?ii4,1i.Ea.1,5?,u' 3,if.7i5321g13,53 " 5 5 aj A 4 9 .ii 121' il 1,2 ii mi' an wig 53gglf5i?efs5f35giT'C5Z9i55?1 ,-J ' 'su 1g'1?','l."i.fJ' ,,f"j,',.q s3,!:,uj,u7',f,i-.'..1f1,..5gf,,fi,p,Q-,1J.L.i1ui3Agf3A.,9,.-lgfkinqg '1 .. i f H, Y' L15-' J-24 1 2 -1 1 Zfi ii ii 'QL is T ' iifiyifil.-f135i,fJ,?iggj.fQf .1151 MQ! ,ffdffiij gtgigiyirlgff Lgxlfifiw,Lzkglfigqhrfifffi if .5 . ,L 'fig 'f1f,i.f, 1: fig K qgj, ,i -Q-Hg-971: 1 ff. 1 .li 'i 'z i w - 1f,.','."v'.-im.-'.' 1 n-'I is i . 19 ' in 5 4 A ,qi L.-H ,5,,,,'.'A':-51:1 :Q gp s: L-cgi : 'if N . :13l.',z,i.HfJLi1'f3ffiy ' M45-Lf 1 QQ33I-Jd.x1fwl'331QKc3,? , - -i ., ' , v 1:31,fL"f''L,v1i,rf.R'kT'7""fZi wi , . V ,r- , Y ,'.-,--my, r W ws .f fr ':,M1'Ewi,. g ,j 3 214 'f"-fgf"3,ag xiiriafiiv ili'?4fi,?3fY3?:if'J, H ww, ' '. 1 'J f- " ' Q ', v. ' 'C , 3,. ' 'V-57, ful'-3 ,' f,g- 1. , nf, 'Yip h,:',,.si,- ' L-1,g:"Jw.'vt-iry,2f.- v.jJi..1.1-.1.1'-- ,bi wv,:',i. on m't,12L,Uv L15 Nxil wii. fn , , io . W ,, 'v 'M L' someone gav S ,V :V ',k,. . Q ' a silver iece and enabled i' the kni e with which he com te the murder, or because someone saw him do lt, or because nobody stopped him?" wx- -- ff 1 Q1 xiii.. kr ,.,. 5 , ' X-f:Q2f'11 ,-, rs- 'fa vm-'ff' X., N wi f . fw ag ' " VA51 s3 ' v z. - . . 11 'kk .' L , gl: 0. . -lar' 1 . fi ,,,..2e Q2 4' ,sr .2 gli.. . Ni if -,, 1 V. Qs., aw. Q. sw qi " P' , Sq AQ. , f ,.4i.,s- john Charles Nelson After four years at CGA, it seems that the administration has seen fit to let one john C. Nelson loose in the officer corps. l believe it was third class year that john earned himself the label of "subversive". D'on't get me wrong. Our fellow has always upheld the system and the right to privi eges. In fact, he felt so stron ly about upperclass privileges that ie began exercising his car privilege a few years in advance, just for practice, of course. lohn has always been pretty good at using the system. Who else could get a week of special libo out of Quiggs? john has changed his ways though. How could he keep from changing with the influence of a young lady at Conn College weekly for the last two years. Here we have a man of indepen- dence. What is good for the Guard is good for the Guard. What is good for john is a different story. What's in store for the future? Who knows. Maybe law school, maybe a lobster boat in Maine, maybe grad school at Conn College, maybe . . . l Y F X l Y 1 3 7 i l l i i joe Nimmich Asheville, North Carolina joe came to the Academy from the North Shore of Long Island and found the change a shock. Surviving the first two months of Academy Life, commonly known as Swab Summer, and the first year of academic en- deavors joe settled in for a long stay. joe used the rational that the best way to tolerate the Academy was to be awa from it. With this in mind, one cou d usually see joe waiting for 1535 and to sign out on a weekend. joe s journeys usually led back to Long Island and to the young lady he left behind. Hi Senior year saw an extention of these short hops as his dreams of a car came true. Despite joe s reluctance to s end too many weekends at the Aca emy he managed to make his stay here a success. He has managed several gold stars been involved in IB s and spent a great deal of time in putting out the yearbook. We know joe will be an asset to any job the Coast Guard gives him and we wish him and Mary much happi- ness and success in the future I 'S l ap , f I t s s st st? rg ,.N. Txmtir P ei 1 5 A f 1 it fs., S f x V it Q i 4 vs Robert B Olson Oriiitt Califorala W iatl Wrong! and Than s at! 'irc thrtc txprcssions that rc synonomous with Bob Olson, In his years at the Acadt my hc has pickcd up many nicknamcs from Brooks t rt to Honda Bob to Litt e Donny Osmond CLDOD . Bob hails from Orange County California arca famed to have reat beaches. Master of the ouble meaning Bob is always one for a lively evening as he proved one ni ht at Steak and Brew. It was not unti his senior year that Little Donny came into his own as girls mobbed him for his auto raph. He will undoubtedly be remem ered as the man with the 17 year old face. Bob was always a member of the Superintendent's List. No matter what the courses, he was never around during finals. When he wasn't hitting the books, Bob could usually be found running, lifting weights, or swallowing his large assortment of vitamins. In-five years, if Bob isn't Captain he'll probably own the Coast Guard. As he heads back to Southern Cal. we wish him good luck. t ' ' 1 f 465' if vw U' A3 'sl Q 0 Q , Q5 NA AGN' x N N X v Xi T Q-QRNN ,'. --, X b Robert Onorato l 4 l 4 l l l -l Robert 1. Palko Bridgeport Connecticut n O.K. l want you to stop whatever you re doing right now and take a look at the picture of the guy on this page. No seriously take a good long look because he s one of the strangest most outlandish exotic beings at the United States Coast Guard Academy. You say why well l m lad you asked. Robert james Palko, ot erwise known as Lahooge is a legend in his own time. He has been known to complete an entire semester of work in a period of fort - three hours - the last forty - three ours. He has been known to eat handkerchiefs to the delight of his somewhat amazed onlookers. He s a pool shark head controller of the channel selector in the first class lounge and the first class vice- resident and owner of a yellow and lack 240-Z a constant dietician a master of austere invectives and a wizard with a basketball. You say that all this is hard to believe - well I agree. However as sure as the autumn frost caresses the outer skin of the wellf ripened pumpkin on bleak October mornin s - it is true. l think the Coast Guard ad better secure allf lines because ready or not here comes Lahooge. Oh yeah just for the record bitterness is a many - splendoredthing - believe me - I know. Y f .R f Dave Pekoske Meriden, Connecticut Dave descended upon the Academy from Meriden, Ct. ready to attack the challenge of CCA with all the wit and humor he could muster. Active in all phases of Academy life, especially the weekend life Peacock distinguished himself as a fine cadet throughout his stay at CGA He enjoyed most sports including card playing but was most involved with the Yacht Squadron and that damn red boat It was no problem for Dave to handle the heavy social calendar during sailing season This is not to say he never hit the books because he was always close to making Dean s list His motive for academic prowess was greatly influenced by the expensive car insurance of his one true love in the 1fc arking lot When he leaves here well all remember him for his quick sense of wit which should carry him well in his future endeavors lm Ns u 1-"P ,,,k , , .... . . M.,-......... XX' gp. 4-I 0 x ! ar I 1, . A -.v.-....-- 4 Q flu f fer, 1 w X and f ff WWMWW iff, 1 1.4,.M-W X If 111 pt itat!!! Ill' "" Q1 10: nf Y.: 1 vm, W md, my 1 4' X A I frixfgw W 'V vm in u 4, ., " 'f'X:f235,2', 3'1" F f Mil,-v UH! Ill! Q. EE! , H225 '-aqg,,- t Qq Q?-an 3. 'W ,wfu W 'HSI -..,-v ggi. 2 1 Paul C. Potvin jr. Thompson, Connecticut Paul Potvin has led a career as a cadet that presents an individual with a startling duality. While being a student and chemist with a high degree of achievement, he also has a more glamorous side. Starting with his infamous escapades with the "hole in the wall" gang during third class year, Paul has never let his desire for self indulgence be hindered by such trivialities as authorized liberty. lndeecl, when many of his coharts left the Academy for greener pastures, "Pot" remained and maintained a high academic performance without cramp- ing his style Finding outlets for his misguided hy eractwity Paul turned to Kung Fu, an soon became the Bruce Lee of the slide rule set ln short Paul is a truly unique individual, both in an academic sense and in terms of notorie As graduation nears Paul hopes to head south to Florida Once he gets there his unit will have a professionally compc tc nt and personable individual who will hc 1 dt sired addition to any Off,3HIl ition wt 'it 1 Ken 5. Prime Thosc of us who haxt ncycr been to West Islip have a dcsirc to do so out of curiosity. This is becausc it is hard to imagine what sort of town could produce Kenny Prime Asidc from being a constant feature on the Superintendent s list Primo has also been the founder and organi7er of the Wayne Gronlund tan club It is in this capacity that his biting sarcasm has earned him the admiration of all who encounter him at the Academy or in local restaurants In addition Kenny has proven that one can still excell in Mathematics while waging a one man war on the Natick computer terminal As graduation approaches Ken will no doubt be traveling south to his g rl in Branford or to relive d memories at Free Beer Night at the Steak and Brew But all who know him realize the Coast Guard is gaining a fine officer and a great person o iz' 'V ri -Q L' nf.: ,iz K, xiii in WW Thomas R Rice West lslip New York What unknown force carried Riceman from the serene south shore of Long Island to the rugged shore of Connecticut on the summer of 73 we might never know but to those of us who knew Tommy Cwho didn t7l we can only thank it. Our class ained a proven winner and ent- eman and the Guard received a inely tuned sailor four years later. Whether he be kicking a soccer ball aimlessly up and down a field or pounding a Hobie through the surf on the Thames, Tommy would always be willing to stick his head out to help you. Also known for a devilish desire to grab a couple of Frosties and head for the beach or for yellin his favorite "make some tracks for Suiwayn, Tom always seemed to grab the Silver Star, which goes to show you, good guys win too. r The future should fair well for this Hedging salt on the boundless seasg, Paul Richardson Penfield, New York l The Rochester, New York area v has sent many fine thin s to CGA, like I Genesse Beer, Kodag film, those L invaluable Xerox machines and none ' other than Paul Richardson, or, as he was more commonly known, Prairie if Chicken Holes. During the week PCH could be found with one of three thin s in his 5 hand, a Louis L' Amour, a poo? cue or , l his guitar. The weekend was a differ- ent story because he usually couldn't , 1 L be found at the farm. You had to in ' follow that red BMW out to East Lyme 0 and the Ciuyoons lnn. ,,, ,W it -s. Q , Always ready to apply knowledge " gained from the smilin instructor in Mac Hall, PCH designed and built the f . infamous flettner rotor ship that will ' grace Mac Hall with its resence for , , years to come. He was also rewarded A ' with a 9th place in the National Wind V i , A '5 N Harnessing Contest for his work done f V. Aff- P'- there. ' ' ' , ' Like Mac Hall, the rest of CGA will V W' t"i , Ti. , L ,w,.,:w5.,,,,-I W 1 miss PCH when he Dicks up to roost "U ' - ?f4!'2'i3., rf' on a new prairie, but we're sure he will "- , , continue his fine work and be wel- L V, w - comed as a valuable asset anywhere in , 1 l A the Real Guard. 'C 'fl' 2 Y Q A ii r ff f s If if l 0' ' gf ' 551 :sy Y K- ...,l f' Lv- mv 5 l f i i vi' ll!! X L' 5 , ii-M -AW KP W is .J I. ffk ,Q- JV I' MQ'-e Mike Riley tx Juni llolly Nl Alter soon outgrowing tht life in cc in Nl and getting sic those damn rookies KEEBS decided that the lift ofa coast guardsman was for him By coming into the land of thc giants and seeing life as a cadet he realized he was getting the SHORT end of the stick Soon he found other mcn of great stature like Wally and Gordy They got together on vteekends to down a few at G s Ca itals or an where else they could wa k or crawl ack from. Summers he decided were times that a cadet was to try and get as much fun in in the amount of time allotted. KEEBS always liked to be around friends unfortunately B-1 and the Parakeet Hotel werent ready to oblige. His athletic ability was tested on the rugby field. KEEBS felt that no matter how ainful thc game the party woul soothe everything. Hc won t be forgotten by those who came in contact with him. He left the Academy a dirty sock, beer cans and a black lite mural on the 3rd deck. Mike will make it Big in the real guard. He's got the sense of humor to handle anything from Alaska to the Azores, I hope. ,B ,ft tv' Dave Rlmer North Caroli Academy 41 a preciate many of servecsjtalents, those who k have nothing less than the highest respect. f""'1 'll Boston, Massachusetts Being born and bred in Boston's North End, Rich lived only a few blocks from District One Head- quarters for 17 years yet he never heard ofthe Coast Guard, much less a Coast Guard Academy, until his junior ear in high school. Sensing an excel- ent opportunity to make something out of his life he decided to come to the Academ Althoug often dismayed over Academy methods of doing things Rich showed that he saw the need of the Guard and wanted to become art of that organizations outstan ing officer corps ln the meanttme he managed to make a lot of frrends and leave a small mark at the Academy Rich a government major was centc r for the hockey team s number one lint He hopes to be able to keep up his lint of study and possibly come buck to CCA to teach Eldon l. Robison Sunburst, Montana Anyone knowing jim has seen workings of the inner mind that many would consisder insurmountable. Who else can come up with such endearing insights while contemplating an empty bottle of Black Velvet as "canoes have wheels, but only if my sister's Army boots can hold ice cream." Hailing from the reat maritime province of the Northern Montana oilfields we knew that lim was out to set a Coast Guard tradition. Beneath that endearing country boy smirk we found a storehouse of worldly knowledge that belied his tender years. His reign at the top of the drinking team was unchal- lenged but he was forced into early retirement by affairs of the heart. We were soon rewarded thou h by his commentary on Route 85 eing the best race course in the state of Connec- ticut. lim s battle with the books seemed never ending but in the end he emerged triumphant. For this Titanic endeavor and many others which we have the good taste not to rint, we ho e that jim may enjoy the ite he so ric ly deserves. On the serious however may he and Mary have a long and prosperous life because no person has ever worked harder to earn it. ,l fd' R Garry Bernard Rolsma Albuquerque, New Mexico Garry rs known for getting the hrghest grades wrth the least amount of effort He attended every Wednes day nrght flrck second class year an undrsputed record The Rolz man aged to earn a gold star every semes ter but never came close to gettrng a here at CGA rs that he never got restricted Well rf he never studied you ma wonder what he dad besides sleep al day Garry partxcnpated rn the yacht squadron Indoor and outdoor track cross country crew sanlmg and the pistol team ' I ll ' ll - l 1 - I 1 n . snlver one. Another mrracle of hrs stay I ' - n I' I I r l i l 1 l 1 i l l i l l l I i .Ja L 1 4 it ...5.... 2 -ef '- L are 1 Burton Scott Russell Topstield Mass When mild mannered Burt Rus Ea J i I Xt it I I sell reported to CGA in 13 he vtas disturbed with the way things were being managed Which to our aston ishment he transtormed into the infamous Regs Russell spreading his path ot lawlessness Regs managed to total up quite a score receiving numerous awards for his etforts Who could forget midrats at Burt s Bar and Grill where he continuously ted the tired and the hungry? This concern tor humanity was matched by brilliant performances on the Academy hockey team, Burt led his team to victory in 76 on the return trips after the game. tHe wasnt too bad at hockey either!!!J Aside from seeking good times his past 4 years Burt has taken the Coast Guard Summer Programs uite seriously. He inspired the B-1 Ba Boys to astound- ing achievements conducting numer-if ous-"Seminars in' the art of damage control I couldfgo .on and on citing. 'ii, Reg's ' accorriplishrnen 's. - A 1 Let me close with ayfeminder that Burt's easy ' doing manner and periion alityhave rrlarly in 'ii spirits. Her has 'lent .imany f ayfyitrigend 1' 4 1 -'.',:1-if "even the .shirts off his,b.ack.fTf ii,, Whem .it-::'yi1f,' 5. .N Q ' II' 5:15. Father Time 'records ithe5ffirnf5l.1Tlisf.i off: Super Heroes, "Regs" fyvill head the list, an asset to this men, his country, and the package store! 5 br 0. ,-.af '.-al. , :L M f,,. .4,., yd V ,v l,,,,, 1, V., is ,Y .N i Iliff' Qi' 'f"'?Yf'L'?'- ' , ' .Hr if Y 35 1.3524-fx 1 L ' "ft -i fi-1535. ' 1 " 'f 'wwyt 1 3 1 - . 9. 1 v F1312 4, 4: L 3 xv. ' M 'ff' va... -' . , , Atl.. ' ,Jl3g,'fi,,. ng, .4 V F., , , .jigs .ya la. fawdi' -Orrin 'l mf.. , A ' lf? r 5 I 7 i 4 l l l gi E-F lllii. reg., ,sc 5.1 .4 Txy- . N-,gy 4: 1 yf ggi I' . -' .ff sfgtlg, .- -yr., 'fr-'yr . l ! .N joseph H. Schuck Albuquerque, New Mexico joe was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico because he wanted to be close to his mother but he calls Santa Barbara his home. joe came to the Academ and started as a SWAB. From this lowy start joe has progressed to one of the most powerful people in Connecticut in CISL. "ShuCker'l is a lifer and his big ambition is to be deep selected as President of the U.S. He also wants to fly. Besides joe's political invol- vement, he spends a great deal of time with his hobbies: Chalene, Charlene, and his second love his "Audi Fox." Actuall joe has a hard time . . . mean ecidin whether to spend his hard time wit Charlene or with his favorite pastime doing nothing but waiting by a small stream waiting for the Trout that ate Massachusetts. After an unsuccessful first year at intercollegiate sports joe turned to lBs where he excelled in football' track ping pong rifle soccer, etc joe we all wish you the best. Q i . - .Q :.QR,,,,- . . "iv-V' - n 'ff :fi f K Qjffi iaaggjggf ' ,Q iffy . .s AS- a 'wifi -Q f aa a Fort Wayne, lndlana beginning God W nd the earth Ge IS more to hfe th W 4 W, mrfamggaij JM ES. U d Gandhi 3553- 1 'J' 'ff -.w.,.:2 ,,. ' F. '1'.vJ- ?k'w,.?f' ? 'Mil' V .wif U' 1Ma'gA5" , A A f gm WUC. Q fr' 1.2 4 , J rm, , ,. A,x. U 'nhl 435159: Raw N34 , . fn Www Ng 1 RQ nffril mira un X Q 'Um 'uso an an ,wfffaf xf5f5KK,,,Txw'vim,,,., fe-A fic -.1111 sa' Q" e a ,. Aff 21,,uEg,m. H - 'Y :aa wi-f 1,,L'.L1"1wf,a?cif35N,fv a x uw M 'M " " GQ: vw pw mia wx 'Nf- , , Jgwma 'aka-5 xx L lv 4 ,,,.. A , ' ' q ' -,1:x,.W'2 FQNAJEAS OFEEIU W r Wm L ww J H- ri ld 0 WNW at ou mnght hve and h 've more abundant! jesus C Q a Michael Phillip Selavka From the far reaches of Middle Haddam, Connecticut, this crew-cut Russian came to New London with a Pennsylvania Dutch sparkle in his eyes and a New York Yankee cap on his head. CCA will sorely miss one of the most energetic, determined, and un- derstanding leaders ever to enter the Officer Corps. From the baseball diamond to Chase Hall, Mike Selavka never let a friend in need down, or let anything gwet in the way of treating everyone umanely. Mike could find happiness anywhere, as long as there was a baseball stadium or civic center nearby. His travels to lapan, Hawaii, San Francisco and Florida this past year proved that. But above all, Mike will most be remembered for his desire, a Ciod- given trait that few can claim. Mike may not have had the athletic talent of some of his idols like lohnny Bench and ludy Fontaine but he never gave any team any less than 110 ' . l everything he does that same drive for perfection prevails. He is well deserving of the underway OOD qualification IV baseball co-captain and Commandant of Cadets silver stars he has received as a cadet. Through it all the praises Mike received were merely fringe benefits. The performance of duty and feelings of eople came first. That s why Mike wil be one of the top officers in the nation s top service We-an-. 1 2'- Randall john Sharshan Campbell, Ohio Affectronately known as Sharsh to hrs classmates Randy has spent most of hrs trme eather playmg ba seball or seeking female companion shxp when hrs cwrl engmeerm studaes allowed htm some tame off Oghls two mayor actrvltres he excelled rn one whrle the other has remamed has arch nemesas Hrs adventurous sprrrt once took hum to a certarn ROTC school ln Vermont as a key member of the Coast Guard Strike Force and most of the mme ke t ham a step ahead of trouble As t e Sun of Tame pulls away from the pier and our boat smks slowly m the west and wnth the battle cry of we re all through an 82 upon has laps Sharsh sarls on to a successful career an the Coast Guard Bull Shultz necticut ,ist 2 if 'ff Q ', as LA'-, ' Q fA C E S L xV': 'E V' its w' ",L ,Q -P ,-. iq. H' I 'V V , V' ,", M 1 .,, , he f rsfsrri ag f ' " 7 ieffrey S! with N Nassapequa, N Y Good and you?? jeff talias HERB! is the old man of the Academy and he has good reason to be After graduating from Farming dale High School in 1970 lmost of us graduated in 733 he took off for quiet and serene Hobart College After leaving SIG CH! Fraternity under a huge pile of empty GENESEE cans, Herb came to old CGA and the Class of 77 Herb is definitely one of the finest ruggers CGA has seen since the start of the Rugby Club. He has always shown his partying spirit after rugb matches and during several visits bac to Hobart. Herb also takes a liking to the EAGLE! He decided to enhance his professionalism by taking thc OP SAIL 76 cruise during his lfc summcr. To find out how much he learned, ask him about the DANMARK and the Crease in Baltimore! ln all seriousness, jeff is one of the Mi f:. T3 1 FW ev--f -P ' iw ' in an rl- at ,sw My Q ,ft 1 , ,uf M 55 3 in 0 -i si fl Q-w i 4 i i I if 'E Q.--5 , gf R i i - fs! t t finest cadets to ardently stick out four ears of vivacious activities and he will be one of the finest officers the real Guard has seen in a long time. Eine and myself!! ww gFui"""""?? 0 4 'WF' l'T A B e j a r S 0 I 1 d u m mas, La Union, Phlllpplnesff acade my -fsecre 1 RK"SQV"' . Q I Q ,Y ,X xx ., XXFT XXF X, . X Em Xxx i l i E i l it ri' 1 519 N isi- s, I or 2 , g ,ff V K '5i.l'i A ' viva Thomas W. Sparks Albuquerque, New Mexico Tom left his home between the mountains and the plains in search of a little adventure on the high seas. Hearing rumors that CGA was a fine institution for such endeavors he soon arrived in New London. His photo album shows backpack- ing trips in the hills ofthe Northeast and yacht races around Block island. The crew of the Kialoa remember his cries of "Come about, we're going aground, as he tried to navigate the K Il during Zfc summer Mobile and those lfc cruise lectures about being a safety observer convinced Tom that flight was the only way to go Heading back west where the real mountains are, Tom takes with him a wide range of interests which should kecp him busy wherever he goes joseph W St Mar in Cherry Valley, Massachusetts From a vine-covered convales- cent home in Cherry Valley, Massa- chusetts, the Academy received a truly unique character. Yes, joe "Grandma" St. Martin will never be a forgotten personage to those of us who know him. After a ear in NROTC, joe came to the Acacfemy, where he began to construct a fine record of academic achievement. ln fact, his lust for knowledge almost went to the ex- gf if 54 ,s,g,,, f.. tremes when he nearly killed a first class while drop-testing a sign from rth floor. Indeed, joe proved elderly have ,rof tlfat joe li- ll ,r S EI 3ki 95. 1 Qt ,ao Q rl john K. Stout New York, New York A Born and rarsed rn Nlevw York New York that wonderful town lohn left the Bug Apple to come to the Academy 1 few dns followrng has high school graduatron After hrs arrrval and havrng survrved Swab Summer rn Section 12 he qurckly became rnvolved rn Inter Battalron sports Durrng hrs stay at New London he played IB Clawball, Basketball, and Flrckerball ln 7 c ear hrs vrtal mterest rn sports took tm rnto IV Football where Number 77 was no teddy bear Bestdes sports Johns mterests took hum unto many other endeax ors He was on the Howlrng Gale Staff the Trcket and Usherm detarl, and the Stonrngton Lodge ommrttee john also drd his own study of the nrght lrfe of New London Socrety and took an occasronal trap to New York to make sure rt drdn t default Wrth all that, he strll found trme to rcmarn rn the top half of hrs class john wrll graduate wrth a Ba chelor of Scrence degree wrth a Government mayor, however he wrll soon no longer be a bachelor -... --5-13. 45-fg-A-r X sg 5 x nm 1 M ag 1 Urd S Station, New ork deep in the corniggi ,u ised on the road p:55j1a,g1,,gQ:g,. even Robert hQQfQQf,Wfron1 the t Hv WEE 1 Station, N.Y. Q t- 4 911: ttt.,t 1, 111,ai l t V,xi. 1 ,g',4t ,t'f', 111 111 'il iixfiu ,,,,,,,,1: ,.-1a.fa1,1,!-3,1 Q' , ,a W, , ,, ,, , or 1a11-1111.11A1,,1a,.1p?fi1221i1Q1t??i11111?ME"i2.i.Siii1:er4iE11iiin,lbw1 11 fig 51-1115 F5 1 1 1111 - 1 3 af'-3' ' 'w"':': f1:,-1 .TWSQ.,Cf"1,f1'.-11 xi 1, ' ,. , 11 1 H11 . 11 ,.,, .C Q '11te:1g 'rw 11f1'f'23"1'.',.111f-1 1.115-111SifzF1,g11' g'ff'I+3?.1.w:111v111-119111111-rr11'1 .f'iy'T'1: ww X ' Q1 ,f ?12emg::arLi1:3E11i1 111iav:Jp1'1gz1te1.r,111.1Litafga1.2212-1Q15i14lf1Q-1.M 311A ,, 1 'X' '- 31 11 1'1 rf 1 1 'JN'-J1,1'X? xw .'2"vi"- nr 1 12' 1' H ,,1,N, , ,,.,-11 41,,,q,, 1,, 3,11LY1,,n1!,Wq,, ,,,1,,,U,..1.1,1111 wwe 11 1 ,1 "1.f11w111 F. 411.2 U 1MMa,t..f .1. ii 71,7011 1 1 1. 114 5,f15q1A31-,M1f11.11 4' 111+1'1 if-1, 11' 1 ,1 1 1 1m1111t5g. 111513121-1.1i1ii111g1j.131:32:t11P.11e'45,i1ii5,U,Si2i111553iQM?i1giwt3Pr11?r5?3l"M3fS25511,1. 1 , 'sa J , 1 1 1 W-11 ' '11.1'71"r11' ',,"I-.l'.','1'J' wQ1,.1Ji1:T' Q'1wf',H1e1?'fi, ,J 1,11'14-',,:1i'J 1, 1.1 ,111 4 111 fat. .,,, 1 1-g,f1a1.1, 111:m,1-111. gf11111,,.11.1' . 1r1.i1,11fp,1:.1.1, 1.-1 1. -vi 11 ,.1. 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W 1 W 11. 11111111:1:1.1z'g, 1'11g5,,21i,+1L12,111 ,s111ia1.1.ffS-1,-1511.-M 1 1 1, 1' pkg? 1. Q,-Q.. 1 I-.,:' 'y2Q'g,,fJ 1zl.jj 9 1 13 ,i'111: 1g,r'11 1f1' :,1Q:,fE:gr11:3yT1 1i1+:1ii 1112.11.1ji-Q-M1221-zip, iF:1i"'-'1'1. 111, -1 +11 1w1111z1z1::111'i111411--1:-151111141111111111.f111fw 1 .11 -.11 . 1,1 , , ' , 111 Vi - of a military fav Steven ooks forward to a Coast career, leaving behind him, four y e rs of hard work and play and the Swan n Smash Hn 1 1 i 1 I . ' I 41' 4 sf 11 I rf! 1 31 . 1 1 1 ' I ' 4" '-f' .as Q, A Mark P Thomas Yorktown Heights New York Cuddles as he is known to 76 but the Giant Moose as he is known today came to the Academy as a mountain of a man from the swamps of New York. Mark has been known not to let trivial matters tmilitary procedures, studies, etc.D get in his way of having a good time. The net result was an extra year at CGA however, there was no noticeable change in Cuddles. Mark, 'the iron man of Coast Guard football the ast four seasons, took on a new roe this season as president of the tub club. His fate would almost have been predicted from the first day of practice when one looks back at his unbelievable twelve minute run. Could the Moose's man academic difficulties been the resut of his passionate love for babes? '77 thinks so, but lngrid knows so. Ever- one will enjoy serving with Mark ecause of his easy going nature and true sense of professionalism. tl f A 5 t t 'F Nl 'l , 2 fr-77' jerry Thorusen Thor came from the sunny beaches of Santa Barbera California. with a lovin of machinery, jerry took to the grave yard com uter center in Satterlee Hall eventual y graduating to cadets and some instructors in the field. Claiming to be a math major Thor vvhizzed through electronics courses along with those of the major ruining curves and again necoming the man to go to if you dont understand. ln the fall of his first class year his attention was diverted some what to a small lonely two wheeled no-no. Some people claim that it is his first ste to a space ship but his good frien s know differently - he s already been there and returned. ll ll I I , ll ' become the "general consultant" to f I l ll I l , if jf i if I il tl . H if av tl .YN l, ,li If , s , t 1 , I iilligtl: .ty Fi iiiilig 5 fjlgliji, M .ti ,QQ all ,. ' , .P' TFML, l ' 1 1 lilssfl V ' ' ,Ex if-fl ' 'ifil-li zziiijjt, - , ' .Eli a2:?,, ,, qgklzl' " 't '?Qlj'D'. , iw i"'li tg V gufglzfti , K wt. . Q iffgij , 1H'. ...ig S -U ll-l fletfl' V-iflffiiiigt l .:' Sqft' V' 32 silt . l I t. fl T-' tj: ,l 1 tt jf:-,Y : 51 5, ldlt X if xiii , W N lllptv l PW! -fl X? ig' fi'n.'11l-4 Qtffiajllz ' '., ,, -.A N2 ' X' 'i ' --vi, " - ,5- ' -J't 'Z' jiatigl vi gt , tt i ti e in It ' it s 1 we ll, in Q 1 tt Q 1 at s QS it E' 59 - ,gin t tfftitvf il 1 1 yvtttzjz 1 ' 1:1l'1 l 1 ,gifgfltt l l l l X 11 I A l '. XM H :Q 119, E .elf ' fffjgt .mx YL -,g irfvlqj: 1 QLQ 5:55 l '- ":5'i"?4" 1 u f 35 fl ag? Qfliipq 1 f ' -zz--t 3 ' lljlzgj . 'J-lltlvx : ,ljiffl 2 lfllisitgi t 1 zlzjiizll z 5 131:12 1' A i Qziigilll l l 3Lfiil'll 1 vjjs tl fiieill 1": :ij - if za mg , ,, , 1 i gmllifif ' Q "1 I' 5 fftltl Z iii'ttg ,zjzjbzz - i zta 1 I ti 2 -Ein A ff5i' lf iii ' ' '3 , .ssQ1 5 I l i 5 1 l ' li 4 Mike VanHouten It is not surprising that the city of Grand Rapids, unknown except for its furniture and Gerald R, Ford, has produced a personality such as Mike VanHouten. Believin that the best policy is to "speak sofgy but carry a big stick", Mike slipped into CGA without a word and has been displa ing several talents ever since. "Truck" has run cross-country and participated in IB volleyball, soccer, tennis, and bowl,- ing, while compiling a respectable grade point average along the way. He demonstrated his determina- tion to succeed soon after his arrival by surviving swab summer in section nine and swab year in Charlie Com- pany. He had a great time on summer cruise in Bermuda until he left something behind in the harbor which made it difficult for him to manage a toothy grin for awhile. In his free time Mike has enjoyed playing basketball and just laying in the sun. Now, as graduation ap- roaches he is looking forward to aving time for wine, women, and song and being able to apply his management major someday as he prepares to enter the fleet Linux ,W 4 I I f, , '17, 'fl gif.. X- 3. ti j j l s X 5 b . lt i t l i l l 'St 41' it Craig Veley Vvavnt-, Pennsylvania 'tie as '1 prettf ac' fellow these l'15t four years. Even way hack in 73 vxhen he was among the lovvliest of the low he had quite a few inte rests. Among them were ice hock- ey clawball, yachting car racing and He 5 done well too. We xe seen him rise from mere peon to Co- Commander of the Trick Drill Team. Academics? Well everybody knows that s one of the minor formali- ties you have to go through t graduate from this place. Never forget the summer of 76 party time on the Eagle' Qualified underway OOD tool Good job, Crai . After graduation and a 'coupe ears he wants to be a flyboy. Whether e gets it or not we don t know but he 5 sure to do vvell at whatever he does. f ' lfffgilwi -V ,Jim rv. ,Q J -m .f Qi. 1 h liven . y tive , , , L ,L I 1 A I I J fl 1 L X I J I l ' I f trick drill. JI l f 13 X . I f Q 8 f ,. A 0 N, xy 1 . 1 f l 1 , l l I I f H af di? L3 1 l La 5 ,px ' F 1-, ev ' 'Q " , .f-f - f :f.I.:,-. S',3: ' 'I ', ff: -:Wi -gg-' V, Q .NVQ 4 ,. -+4 -1 , 1 1 '.,:,g- . as , w.., --.f Milt,-.,f'? 4,- lk '?Q,g5's iii T V' a :tag-1 rr A 'MSU DU' ,EH 'I--12.1 v -i'..- . .. ,gm ,-,L S 'z jf? ,ilhiniinrff f: :fy E Q , . N ,gf .N I ,H K' it .. v .K cv . ,K -,fx Aa -v t... Q, L 1 ,Lv:.3:,,- ., , Q ts ferr: T' .' jffjflflggil F rl 5911?-aid 'IJ ',?-.ffl '95 Wg QA 1'.ffifL1l 4..z1i9.g'Sv?: Jv ,E ,A Wg: ' -Tru wi F Ts. +1 'Z'-:gli I Jaw umm- .,.pf. 1 .. ,ml iw 74 f ,255 V, m M' wg . .43 .M 7 1 I ,Rx-:L ,Q :Q fkgxb. sf Gi Q' l - 4 X 1 Y? ' 'l , is 5:- -5 ' .443-1. ,ML .,- .M -uve. .. V' "1Z'ii7f-I 1 "'59Ii1A'T' t2i5"mg.-2 4 if xg? . . F ,Qi l . i . t , t l i l i l l i l 9 J l 3 H t t r'f:fZ,f, l :'-EUS, l l E Q S ll .GZ t E t l l r L ? f i t Q T l 31 Dale E. Walker Camp Hill, Pennsylvania One can hardly think of anything more far-fetched than "shooting the rapid" in a canoe made of concrete. There are very few people who would be capable of designing and build- ing such a project and even fewer that would ride in it. It is no surprise that a challenge of this type would be met by one person in particular Dale Walker. After finding his niche in Civil Engineering Dale has become involved with several community projects. The numerous ro'ects include a Boy Scout 'ri ge and the re- construction of a partially des- troyed stone wall. C ' lt is his readiness to accept a challenge which-enabled Dale to excell in alllthat he puthis mined to Dale began his Fourth Class 'year as Class President, and had remainedactive in class olitics since then Adding to ' ' accomplishments 4' g academics and class activities Dale accepted the challenge of athletics and again excelledg -After, only two years of football Dale was named Nlost 'elm- iproved Defensive Playertgi tl lnter-Battalion sports hefmade himselfiwell known r competing in clawball flrckerball and bas- ketball. f p A positive asset to the Class of 77 Dale will no doubt continue with the same enthu- siasm and success that he has demonstrated in the past. ml Av ,tar 4 1' al. ,ff i : sf V J' l l H i 1 si al Q ,EY ,. sq 1 5 l Q1 i , Q ti, Gregory G Warth Fairfield California Greg had three loves at the Academy, Sharon, crew, and a little blue sports car No one ever attempted to tell which one was his first, but his car sure got waxed a lot which is a typical sign of a California boy with a few morales When asked what his most memorable time at the Academy was, he replied Delta company, fourth class year when we took all the bolts out of Bill Fry s rack and r placed them with pencils. Greg spent most of his vaca- tion time in New London with Sharon waiting for his parents to get back from overseas and most of his free time with the crew team where he coached the Freshman light weight crew in his lunior year. xW Wf 452 ii. i if if it ,V fa, D-qi., ss ii -Jig -an ff" l jefferey Peter Watry YW, a , s ., ,.,, ,'.L W Fredonia, Wisconsin l f it leff came from the snowmobil- e ing state of Wisconsin, bringing 'ti E with him his nickname "Frigger'. Watts managed to stop off at the barber shop long enou gh to get rid of his Afro, enabling him to Step into "cadet" life. Spending most of his time slipping in and out of the cadet regulations unscathed, jeff managed to find enough time to compete on the track team, earnigg eight track letters along with the Indoor high jump record. lf jeff wasn't Hopping on the 5th level of Roland Fieldhouse on the wee- kends,he could be foundtunin his MG up for it's routine weeklysf ight twith Cow George I to the women s dorm at Southern Conn Even though Coast Guard ships don't carry high yum ing facilities, jeff will attain great eights in his career as a Coast Guard officer Robert 1. Watson Watts just dropped into CGA by chance and decided to stay for the ride. But he doesn't regret it. lt was a good four years at CGA and Ivory, as e somehow got named, made many friends. The good doctor took advan- tage of the excellent facilities and gained much knowled e. However, Dr. I also realized tllat this was supposed to be college and there was much knowledge to be gained other than from books. Needless to say this lead to many recreational activities that could only be described as egg salad Now its over and its just what the doctor ordered. Goodbye CGA. I ..t. ' . 1 1 if in L 1 in U i I 5 N 1.8 'rf In lune of 1973 the New London area donated one of it s finest native sons to CGA. Ol Russ joined the Guard and changed the course of history. The Blurb has proven to be a friend to all of us but he has often been referred to as pig on the basketball courts. tNot hog mind you' pigll Always one to share his good fortune Russ was constantly taking homesick cadets home with him for some of Mother W's fine food. Russ pursued the math option with much vigor over his four year stint at CGA and he seems to have found the solution to the success equation. Russ was constantly a leader in the IB basketball circuit, and his senior year found him doing well in marathon races throughout New England. A "pig" in a marathon race is a unique circumstance, but Russ is a unique guy, very adept at hiding his good qualities! A true friend, an asset to the "Guard", we will all miss "de Blurb". William Russell Webster I' U ' 4:4 4.3 tvs4'f- S.,,,,,, Wav' 4'1" ?5'7W+f.-N435 7 'pn------- ., 4 ,f WWW s A..en Wenzel llwaukee,W1sconsln el descended the fervor a brewery. In h I has been a very valuable asset, Brian Scott White Lancaster, Ohio Brian White is the kind of guy every mother loves, because only a mother could like his semi-curly hair. Seriously though, Brian has distin- guished himself in every aspect of Academy life. From the Superinten- dent's List to being chosen as captain of the football team in his Vc year, Whitey has always shown great dedication. Anyone who would be a big time colle e football guard at his size would either have a lot of desire or be crazy. Guess which one? From being the heart-throb of millions of blondes in Norway on 3fc cruise, to reignin as the mo-ped maniac in Bermuda during Op-Sail, Brian has displayed his talents around the world. But even though Whitey has had many temptations during his visit to New London, he always manages to call his favorite Buckeye when he has a guilty conscience. And he must feel guilty a lot judgingifrom the phone bill e and Snake W eatleystein ring up some months. Good luck to Brian and Christy as they become a welcome addition to the Coast Guard Family. X 5 '- .f Qf 'JW4 f 2 . li it . .,.. l is F - , f L f- 'rfeiagy V' I I , K . 3 Q X5 2 f 'af i ,U gs' H sefi , re, , , , , Vg, .1 , Pig? 5 ' E 'ft ff, V M at 1? fif ' , ., 2, ,ji F D-1 fi ' 4 ff ,A f ,ss 2 lm g V 1v,4-was , , , t ' ,. gyzigi Wig ' -i5"l ?' ,g V f ,-4 1" , in-L, w .Z ""-Q -V ,K . .,,., I can WW, I ' . ' '- 3 ' s...:. 5' m tl, l 1' 'iv ""lt Douglas D Whitmer Wintcr Havcn Florida Doug came to thc Academy from the sunshine state ready to classroom shown in all the CGA advertisements. However after discovering that you can t live upon masts and sails, Whit booked a four year stay in Chase Hall. After a summer of settling in Whit quickly turned his mind to the furthering of his knowledge After the first semester he came to realize he was supposed to be getting it from the classrooms not the sports fields and down at G s. Discovering the tou h ruel- ing game of Rugby his t ir class year kept Whit quite busy. Cn the practice field during the week and frolicking in the post-game festivi- ties on weekends, Whit was al- most in heaven. It was not until he found the sport of snow skiing that he reached Niverna. In May, the Academy will be losing a good guy but the Guard will just be getting one. Whit will be remembered b many for his ready greeting and friendship to all. l i I I I take up residence in that fancy I I I 4 F I f ff? i 1 1 2 :I ni l E i l t l v ,aff 1' . gf ., v , ' ',,,.,,. , , 5 IOL, Vg. ...N kk 5 2. ' Q V .M i if e ,. 4 ts Fiji' i t ii' . Qt l 1 5. .A wifi: l i 1 l tl it r . l lilfff r H r tsl ' , , ., ,zz ff 3 2 l l l I Q l grim- Jf QW Wgfwnifff If ,ff C... Jgyh, eph E. Wiggins 5, . -101 New York and Were grounds loe round the four' at the Academy a challenge, and some episodes on board the GC Ingham, is definitely looking forward to the Coast Guard. RPNFSYS' W . X A X N N it ' fr ! i i if S L Michael Lawrence Williams Goldsboro, N.C. Flash FS Man or just plain Mike. Mike came to CGA with utterly no idea of what he was getting himself into Woe to those days of Mr. Kosty and his famous Down for 25 Mr. Williams! Always struggling with academics and fre uent bouts of sea- sickness Mike suf ered a continuous string of ill fated romances as well. Flash will always be remembered for his energetic dance style and his relentless pursuit of the Babes . Never having settled in any particular niche at the Academy Mike made the best of tratin imself on the bowing alleys while owling on the Academy bowling team chasin more girls in the Connec- ticut lnterco legiate Student Legislature and heading up the Speakers Bureau during First Class year As Mike heads off after graduation he ll be seeking three things in life' thevglrl of his dreams la billet in the country and a parking space for his Monte. g, fi dabblingl in poetry, chasing girls, frus- - in f t it-if Wk' NF. l il t 0 ,tt l i i M i I I Z l L. it f . l t5 l F' v .V 1 """'-I L orge W Wood IH -X geles, Callform Richard P. Yatto Whallonburg, N.Y. Rrck came to the academ rn june 1973 almost marrred, wrth a motorcyc e and a home address rn New York Well folks rn the last four years that all has changed After two and a half years of berng at CGA Rrck decrded rt was trme to do some lrvrng Wrth a lrttle help from hrs parents lthey moved to Florrdal Rrck became a le al resident of the Sunshrne State Durrng t e sprrng of 1976 he made hrs frrst trap to hrs new home, and the week ended too soon for hrm But rn that one week Rrck made qurte a few new frrends fall female! rn hrs new hometown Oh yeah all of hrs frrends parents lrke hrm too, especrally therr mothers, who thought he was the perfect entleman After a week rn Florrda Rrck started ack to CGA lrke a flame or better stxll a red frre ball The red frre ball made a sudden stop rn New lersey and Rrck had to take Amtrack back to the Academy Qrt was a lrttle slower, but saferl It took Rrck a semester to recover from hrs explorts rn Florrda but wrth the begrnnrn of the new school year he was at rt agarn Most of rs trme durmg the Fall semester was spent at Connectrcut College where he found a reat uplrft to hrs socral lrfe Other trmes Rrck coul be seen at the Ramada lnn Restaurant where a certarn young lady works as a wartress or on the skr slopes wrth another certarn young lady And thrs rs not half the story of Don juan Rrck frt would take a book to wrxte the whole storyl but rt rs representatrve of a unrque talent that he has of berng rn the rrght place at the rrght trme After all of these explorts you would thrnk Rrck would have lrttle trme for the academy, but somewhere he takes out trme to do thrngs Rrck has been on Sup s lrst twrce and comm s lrst all but one semester Wrth a record lrke thrs you have to be an extraordrnary erson and that rs what Rrck rs After graduatron t e Coast Guard wrll arn one of the greatest persons rn the world lan a great offrcer tool Rrck wrll be dearly mrssed by good ole CGA and the many frrends that he has made here, but New York wrll have rt s number one motorcy cle rrder back wrth a brand new Honda avr ,,s l l r r if u-,, gt s R rr at sf f A t A s g g D g g g s Z 1 , ,gb ""' r. ,trr i ff Q-A fy . A - g et ,g,! V 1 ., I J-' V -g 'Y , l- + 1 y if , 'Fai 'Tl .,. f , 93: .ai f Q ' v 4 at ' I - an ,. ,, ,, ,, by ,Q ' , 4' . J , . rr 'Q Y 4 2 . s . : Q . Q lf . ,i f , mv 4 L ,Z Y 1 ' , if A ' 'A F J cl ' JV is fn . f f ul" tg 'Ur f', K Q ' 1 . ,Af , f -? LJ , 1 . .r V rx ,I A " ,M 3 , A I f 5 1 k 1 ' ,sf 1 ' w- f 1 ' W C 3 f l w M ,' h , A ' x 5 ' if 1- ' uf if f -' 9 v 'C ff, f 5 f A 1 Ag' W 1, r , . Y Q yd ' xr , f Q , ly If u 5 X tn' , f 4. f ,ff f ' ' f '- . fn., pf F5 ,Q . 1+ rv f kt' r r J, , ' ,B V H VT - egg A l , ...Q 1 A ' ff F' it 41 A 41: r Q ft A t4'f,f,tf,' ,,ff,-y'f:' v i . A A 5 , V-'fire-7+ ,tY..,, :,, 1 - A , A 1 ,J V it-lexfqkv: A, . I if xv-',Z7.lflf5'tif3rQ2-, ' - - il". ' t"-' ' -4 , .. , 3 W ,kgs Q ms , 5 rw f M at 4 lb " A' K' V W4 rg yy' " ..f-4 , wif 4 4 af" nv , E fs 1 as s I . Again l' i S - l v x 1 t H Q 3, l it l l l l t. V l? ,, l rl il 1 Q if john B. Young Windsor Locks, Ct. From the hollowed holes of Windsor Locks, Ct. came the Quan- tico Kid john Young john demon- strated his true talents his Swab year when he showed, after two Lampoon hours and three hours of, Blinky that he had little time for normal cadet i e As time progressed john became an overt prankster. None of us will ever forget his phone imitation of never will. But lohn gained his rea- test fame for infamyl in Law I w ere he became synonymous with the Buttistre case a notoriet he has tried to avoid. ln addition, lo n proved to be one for paradoxes: from changing the name of the Hockey club on the bulletin board to hockey club man ll , . I ll ' ll 1 I I lf . l Adm. Zumwalt. Certainly "Tuna" I I I - I II lf - 5. : W- Lak A .,. tit. SFF' agerg fromia speeding ticket to Bat- p talion Transportation and from corn A was pany conduct to a Class ll Buttglespiteit this, the pilots in Mobile canyrestimorep F easily knowing that their choppers are cleaner due to john s effortsy I Y V ,.,,,1 i'rfi alum Thus ends the four prankgfilled tis' ears ot john Boy Young Bob 'Hope ti g eware: you may soon lose your fob of entertaining the troops. f Ag-ff , Y 1 " if -1,i"2r.LAt " jg ' " gy, U -A if-f tr'M'c'i 1 viffiatf i -fsi Ilillil Y ' " "f iVri3,. ' 2Pai4'ff?Ktm i J? Q Q1 ,ff'L2','I ',',giQI'g,X"w,. 1 5,-, .L 1. '.,.s 'lap' . it twig, ,W M, -L ,QM ,a tv .. .. t s',,+..,.,g9 ,yi .- tt 3 'f tr S We SHE ts xg wb: :Ie,'..,V,lw,1 li, ,'g'i",3'3 ,. V QL 1.21 , , 'tiiw ' f my 'mf' i - 't.fH,-'V I 4' fmt- iv. wal.. ff. - ,w't.i:f K rv Y L, iam: .f ' -1 la w. - :Sgt t ,wt Q 1 rf 40 'ii V ,LL,snsg,g.A J, 1 .,, -t . 'axis , V Kwai? ,Q ,J1,,Q-.jk Z 'St' i v Paul Zukunft orth Branford, C Zukunft Came long visit with h around on his st there s no doubt that he will fine Addition to the officivr corps of the Coast Gi1.1r'd. lr s l lf I Q X .I The 1977 Class Officers Class President - Donald Trone Class Vice-President - Robert Palko Class Secretary - josephino Solidum Class Treasurer - Crlenn Herrmann x LCDR M 1 Smuth 1977 Lldss Admwr X X X X , A A 1 xg W 1 .tilt 'WH .A , ph. .- .. if I . 3 Q.. J: -N.. 't Richard W. Schneider CONGRATULATIONS It has been a long four years since I first saw you enter the academy as an idealistic and apprehensive 4th classman and now look at you! You grew these four years at the academy into a confident, optimistic and compotent First Class cadet. Now you stand at the brink of that portion of your life for which you have prepared so hard and you discover many of the same feelings you experienced as you entered the academy are returning. This time, however, you know that no matter what difficulties confront you, what moral or professional personal test may be present, you can respond in a very postitive way for the benefit of the American people, whom you serve, and the service you represent. If this is the case all your effort, all the effort of the faculty and staff and all my effort as your class advisor has been well spent. I must confess that I have obtained more satisfaction and personal pleasure from being your class advisor than from any other professional responsibility I have had. I will miss you all and think of you often. Xi Sn, R.. Xi .. 1 ws--0" J, ff, f , ,f ' , .,: YQ! S18 it Q x piil wQ E V , A . nl' .1 'Q 1 E 1 5 1 B ' THU! . k I li N 1 lm, , I x Qs1sii fWu 1 li ' , ,QA I S ' ! . 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Third Row: Rick Gaines, Keith Gadway, jack Smith, joe Rodriguez, Larry Mercier. Second Row: LCDR Dick Ruhe, Captain jim Loadholt, Luis Wyche, Dave Flesher. Moukawsher, Mgr. john Long, Bob Durfey, Brian Ford, Rob Sindle, Coach :aw r 1 ', " '-' 'W '- vw - - x -.. '-X- 51... Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports SportS ..., I I r 4 3 'EEE S .....L,.., L I Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sportsrttlt I 1 lit? LLAPIFY K ,, Rugby Club Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sports Sport 'H' .-gp- .. - -e .,, "5 1 QM-tpx I , r-. 4. tw.. ' Aglji 'u., j' , ':'rd1"1',".' " Ur, - snmtf "i,ff'fe1j, p Ng .iftptrjgitugg aff 4+ 1 I. ft, - A ?'g""'r' ' lb- . 'J kJ':' lgqf "' 452-4"f".' ?"9-Y 39' -, W v.. X03 ,. 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Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Acadia! I L 1' 3 mmqwi 4 5 Y 4 4 fm' ' . X x , . X Q . jg, I U mics ,Ar,adcemifi e Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics ACM 1- 1 ? t, 5 ef 1 1 V ,Q '3 V! . 'Q it ' is ff an , 6 , A A g, 4 t Qufw , ' ,,,. ,. i""fi f R Department Of Marine And Dcean Engineering 1 A, - - , ,A . , , 43 Left To Right: MCKS Brelig, MK3 Sather, CDR Vance, LCDR Simpson, Prof Cathy, CDR Skinner, LCDR Becker, T Marcolini. Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Acadenfs Y ff I N N 1.'i"9 t? we In ,. 1 W, if , , 0 1 1 "' ,,L f--. 'iii a 'NCS Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Acadwh 9' I w. Department Civil Engineering K ., .,.. ., . ...,,,.......,.......,,.,,.M.., M-fy J M Back Row:LT Stramandi, LCDR Beck, LT Gerber, Mr. Beckwith, Assoc Prof Hegenberger. Front Row:MK3 Auchmoody, LDCR Saniai, Prof Boggs, Mr. Barnard. Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Acade ff? 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Wo W Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Acadci' A 912 s i My i Q 1 X L If I .,: 'XXX 1 V. g '-U X V it i' fi KS Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Acad ., . ,. . , -....-. . , .... t:..,,...... V... .... - - -...-.f...,.v-1--a-,-Q--v -,,.,, , "' f 1""" 5 -it 1 15' alg-:fill-LA Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Actit W M. ., fy, , "" , ' , ,, ? f . Q 'Q , " ff--1' is +- '3 . 1 'E'? .ff , Nw. fi af ,Q V .Q , M, ,Q wi . Q A , ,f ' ff , ,, 'BX I' . . U f 1 o N Q. Rf'-wk M , , l '1 , gg I V X. 4- , K 5' li .N ff . A ' " I V Qbm, . V. 1 ,L E M ,K Sf , A , X . i X if , ' 5 fa . 5 x .., bag .gf 'l A ",. ' , X Q I X Y . ' ' L in 3 k : 1' . K, ' ' ' f 'I .' ' fx! ' , , 'sv' ,, -- h Q X 3 . t : , N - . 1 xii .j P ,X s " .5 VfUg,5, ' x . . 'H ' V P Q ,A X? V 5 x:-g " Q' '. QQ' ,. '. " A' I' '- 4 421-1-, ' iq, , ' QM X K Q . ff ' f Q, . , -Q . f 'lf ' , 3i: f75 ' . 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Wg , 1 ' .-aezzi-3 T447 xt:-1.41 f,...1,.' :.:'- ' ' S'--U -. M, Nga ' 4 ji ff K 1? P' ix john R. Lynch john C. Nelson Richard S. Burns Dennis 1. Hugey Robert 1. Palko Robert 1. Watson Malcolm C. Veley Alan L. Peek Edmundo Marmol Kennith Armstrong Robert L. Lachowsky Max M. Woodcock Louis Nash john K. Stout john P. Lanigan joseph L. Nimmich Alvin M. Crickard Michael Hanratty Kenneth D. Sheek George A. Cassis William F. Meyn Kerry Watterson David G. Maylum Bruce W. Black Mark 1. Sikorski john D. Dejung Alfred Ducharme Stuart Overton Robert Deletto james A. Watson Paul S. Dalsanto Richard Cusson Rex 1. Blake Robert Reynolds Charles Dickerson .- x xy 12' 1 A is 'V Corps Of CadetS Corps Of Cadets Corps Cf Cadets Corps Of Cadets Cv, at J. are if ' for r- -..qu 1 :-Lai: 'J' rtf'-'fgfr . ax' 3- . .Y ' Q , 'S S-J- nj' .,3,,,t .al YW- 4...-'2g,,,,:-fjfdla ' 24- 7:-'jii."s"1 . . ,. ,u ,- . L 'MD l ,"' it ' .' -A:'w'H"'i,lx.s Q- v' u. B " fl 'r A L' . eq-5' . nz.. .Q ,. Q75-is 'I' -I 4.-H," T QT'-F' .'-Q: 3 I . 1 james I. Crowley Rodney D. Raines Patrick H. Stadt Steven W. Ellis Frank H. Leidy Charles Dickerson Wieliczkiewicz Keith C. Gross Noli Lasala Rodrick Ansley Evan V. Hensley Gilbert Fonger Charles Rice Steven A. Nelson Michaelie Swegles Leland L. jones Ed Suckstorff William Polhemus Paul K. Larson Kevin S. Cook jamen M. joy joseph T. Ahern P. W. Barnes D. E. Flesher T. Kimbrell C. A. Williams R. Walker P. I. Schindler C. 1. Woolheater W. E. Ryan M. I. East M. S. Eijalka 1. M. Eidalee M. P. Nerine S. W. Carman B. R. Weaver K. W. Wilson A. D. Sukura 1. K. Gunther P. I. Reid T. G. McClellan D. S. Starring L. S. Beynon I. I. Sikora K. A. Ciadway 'DS Of Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps Df Cadets Corps Of' '-- ! ak it W X Q 7 K , ., ' , W , , , gi? Y ,V 1 .I X ' gt , .4 , , ' 1f ff' ' 'Q X Corps Cf Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corp P' N56 ..-4. v ,.!pll-R' L"Fl ,-'wb 'Qu Qgwm n-"" 1 ll' ' P1 I I : . 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Meyers Scot T. Tripp Robert F. Corbin G. Ciianopoulos Cilen A. Robbins Charles jenkins T. Viglienzone R. C. Weil R. A. Rhoades V B. s. Ritter "' 'V R. I. Lokites 74" up M. I. Ihnat ,B Q , T. L Rydell I . .Q s. N. Hall D. G. Ciosselin Q 1-Q T Q A ii 'R E. Okholm E ggwa, 1 .Q . . U 'ffl TQ. F- f A C. N. juckniess . '2"'lfFg5 LL L'7"f"'R R. l. Wilson . . fir A if .i7"f"' If,iQ'm"" 'W' S. P. How A +4 3 sf, s - . 9 1 if 3 E. C. Semonite g, 1. C. Lichamer X . . Vi ik! ' S. H. Brown 7 W. L. Zack at F. D. Pendleton L. 1. Dolny H M. T. Bright i W. Kurihara A. S. Sanchez O. Y. Hlems K. Spiegel , M. Fitzpatrick f M. P. Flemming l M. j. Daugherty A. R. Taylor I. G. Cordes l DS Ut Ciddffts Corps Of Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps ClZ5'l , l l Rx ji r , s s E' C., Corps Of Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps Cf Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corpy ' Fl' Q, 75 : .g . I 9 C C 4. 1 js X if 5 I 9 if , 4 III 1 . , i lr l Scott R. Settimo lohn D. Griffith Stephen H. Gootchius Thomas R. Rice Robert l. 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Crowder M. j. Reese K. R. Landman S. l. Kummerfeldt P. H. Liu 1. L. Boldon j. W. Brubaker D. M. Riehm T. M. Kelaher P. M. White S. K. Donner 1. R. Lusk I. A. Sartucci G. L. Shelton l. C. Preisig 1. 1. Drewniany H. E. Haynes 1. H. Bullis l. McCaffrey M. A. jablonski R. D. Wright SDf Cam ts f up Of Caflrt C orps Of Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps Of X 'i xx jf if if 'Q Xv"? gd Q S Q' hl s ',' 44 A M S' S.: C i, 1 is Jw Qi --. Q 4 ' .i. ? ' s C f' X Q J' 4 J , W as 5 ' X , C Q X f Q Q K iii Corps Of Cadets Corps Cf Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps Cf Cadets Corpg 5 X E 1 1 1 1 1 1 i I n 1 ,. E 1, , R a Y 5 X l 6 1 Y W I , w fl 1 I Of fggrlffta furps Of f, m if'TS C' OrpS Of C N.?1dPIS COHDS Of Cadets COVDS Of C3051 -af ,.A""', 4 ,I A I 5, . x 1 . ' ,, . fr , , ' A , . , W .G , . It I I s f , C, W- , ,s , W. vw 4 . - . , . J ,. 1 '4 . . ' N ki , I V tl , fx X .. . A- u S Q1 ' f ' A ' I V rf 1 - 4 , V ,' ' ' . f . . 'f I " ' ' V 551- xt. Hg. .. 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Christnmn . . W. R. Lutz, Lt. A. Malcnki, Lt. B. B. Pctvrson, Lt, R. W. Schnvidvr, Lt C, L. Shaw, Lt. R D. Sirois Academics Academics Academics Acaderwtifs Acftdemics Academics Mmzdert - ,. :V-,, If ,,....,,,,,.,, Y ics Acgadfemics Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Acac' fi Department Of Physical Education Director of Athletics Capt O. Graham, Asst -Nth Dir CDR F. Kapral, Head of Dept CAPT C. W. Seiin. Asst Head Mr. N. Nitchman, Mr. W. Hickey, Mr. P. Broaca, Mr. R. Ciepiik. Ntr. . C. Dennis Mr. S. Eldridge, Mr. Ci. Cardinali Xtr. E. Tucker C Mr. D. Pinhey, Mr. B. Campiglia, Mr. XX. Stowe Mr. Q. Currie, Mr. H. Cregorv, Mr. L, Rutledge. Head Trainer Ntr. R. Guyas. Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Academics Acade u-'ruwg-Q.. p.....,.-.,.,-. ,-v.. .-.,.. ---. , , ,, ,,..' - -.- - -- -'v:'f'-1 21... x --..1-....-.,....-.,.-f-1-fx --:... - ,A 1. v - - Y . r".5Af!,- Xb! +4 J 1 I 5 -f..,,- .., vw-..-f......-....,.f--.-5.-.. gn Tw , 4 ,or-:,,5,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,-, ,,. QV... ,-. , .,.., W - l 1, , . N.. , ., H W ., --Y fb' LW-f-,-Y .-.,y.,f-a...,......fqffff1 ::.... . --..:.....4-..............:--fn ..f-- - , - 1 -.fr A -- . . 1111:-rssssud-1-'i-""""'Ii"m ""' ' WW' 1 ' -- f I i .ak 4- li , ,, f ., .,.. , , me -'K' ' f '- an-nnnml"'F""""" W , Z M MNgW?M,,f ,W ,4k, ik,Tt,Vf! M.. .,l,...j Z,4t! V ,i,.f.5wfm K hlll A U N ,,.,L 1 V , ,.2, ,,L,,, , .,,v! 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Fields S Of Cadets Corps Gt Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps Df Ci ,ff ,mdk Corps Of Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corps Of Cadets Corp aj M- .....- ---v .. , . -1 H gf., ,. 4- U- - ' 'W " ' ,.,.,N..v ...4,-...F ,J- f.,m,L A, , ,., V--In 4 Y ,, ,W ,..a....-.. ,....,-f HL .:...... -...:........-.....,.-,...,q-- .- f V Awards Ceremony L Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Gradiiation Liza 'T 'Sify lunar ,-vffy' fv- Wm, hx- sm. 5 L iff I I ,, Aw. 3 ,,, . ...l-.,,.. ..4. -f,..- .......--...1--..-. ..-Tin-1 J, ,1agr'14.::.-.f... ,...... ..- . ,--. .,.----, b -- , . . 1 ,v ' 3,5 2 NNE V, Vx NN xx XX- 'P Xi X , ?fXQ , 3 E Commencement ' Ball i 4 Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Grac --t ,,,.x.-fi.. . XW k1nuxa Q F' lk ash . V . t J Q ax' K X v"' ml? -ilx 1 , fx .. S LX ,RPA , ,wi 13- .W gg. xi? I r I 1 In ,r, 'Y' , I i' A sf KJ ,I , l4,. A Q ,gg 'fr ,,..- I! 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A - 1 I . 4-, - 3' f-of NLIWM. .,, gina-:.k:a3,k magna- .Elf ' L 3-.-.1-L. . .,Q'x.'-"-C"gu:..5 Y -T-'17 .Iii 'K - 'sig 2113 Q , ,I iff X Q ration Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation - ,l V5 6 E 1 ! 9 . - ' , 5 i A EW1l"i A 1 I 'iii' I "" - -i 1 - I Q L f" , ' . " ' 1 If ' Y i , ,W If ' ' G I W E 5 , iff fl, D -. ml J I F. , 1 , ., :A m , FU 5 ' 1 4 , 1 , , is i . iq l 1 , S 'f ' wx f' i I , ,.. : - , . 19 V Q, x 'f . J U A . 1 , , D . -. K Y X i ' . 1 , 4 A - , Y I I - a , G I I 'A M A' f W I K , i V G 1 'AVI I I AX Asfhukrv I A I G i X -xi 'L ' fm -M-. .J,,,, ,...s,,.....-f-m- . .,.,.. .ff ,f.---0-f"'x""' if ' k , ,,,,.1.i.e--""' ' V ., ' 5 ' 1.1. X f . ' - ,, , - ' 5 - t MC -A . 1. '- ' , P -. - -1. ' '11 U. t ' ' i 'f , wg ,- : -w . A , .,.' 'M A it I s 1 tg 2- "-'ff' ,w..,,Lat a U.: 5 ,, , 'J Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Gi i x mngnai . be ' , . J' HJ ' -f ' e Qaf' ' ' a v iz F .. ,fish N f A n -H- Q I 43, I ft ' 'G ' if iuation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduatic vw' KX SG A 1..- Y . 1 F ' 3 . . I . V, 3. c ,Q n F , F gr g' Commencement Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Gra A I 1 in li X, ala' 1 I "M rt S' To gxx WWW: lation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation N. . , x Q gl xv It aaa, w,-1' -f....'Lr.,.--wg 1 I .I 9 Qi N- Q a 9 ' ' A . , W I I V I K xl N x ik 4 y ' N-' i, I Y i 1 N. f iL- wewrlkk . ' 7' A T-' A .! i 5 1' 'Bi 'an i .5 ' ,N Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Gradiiation Graduation xl: , e 4 I .-5' . Ji' yi , i ' . -, ,'i'i" i., 'A-K. i f 1' - -..Ax -1 uation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduatio "lil",-f '-1 4,-Rf fr. 4 wub- " - ,,Q. V fm ?" '.v-.'f': 7 "' 'ls " .. ' - . Efgfi' J A f i fi' my L A 33511, i, .I 1 1 145 "jam LI A A . 'f ' " ,- :H i ' "fn -7 'V .- , ,I-5 ' 54 A .M ' - yi ' .f G 1 A ,L aff tm, -rx it G 'rf - r r it i f 9 ,, ,ll H I "Lg lx . Q 1, It 4.4551 ,. 8 4',2Ll,:vv ,. ' F pQ.k if xqwrf ,Ai AA Y 1,1 ,fin , In ,V I 4 , V, ,ki ,V , , , 'f al 'F 3'1" V "ta - -i av.. AA'-Q Rs -. i.v"5f. r 'U K l Q A , 5-ff rwiuijjx ., 31 - nrfmk G Y- 'Aki H, in Liu, -f 'I r A .Q it 'A . W' , rr 4+ f '- y .M - 1 f X -1 4 12 . - f - - sr f M ' ' , 0, 1 G. -in .- .. , it fwfh ,,... ggi? ff.. +"""'-t-,-'-if ,, 4, In 1 vu, .,5?E,2' 1--1 1, v:,i:,w '- .Li - 5, 4 - qxglk he V an ,a.W,.1.a,ff, a..11a..a.nu.i'i'a" . Lgf' H 'L' N FF' W1 ' '- ' - -' G 9 g .1 L. - o ' ., - r G J: n , f - 1 A N . I S' 1, ' I Q at ' A.-. , -vw.. , -Q r' ' . wr, ' Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graf iuation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduatig X I XX G If X- f 9 'faiY4N Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Gia 371 wi- 'bryan -. if apt a Y A .I -1 , ' A ic' Z.: ,tv 5 luation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduation Graduatior There comes a time when every yearbook staff must put a close on their book. The 1977 staff has reached this point and would like to take a few moments to reflect upon our stay at the Academy and thank the many people who helped us to bring this book to you. lt's hard to find a place to start saying thanks but for openers we would like to thank Richard Schneider. Our original class advisor he started the push to begin work on the yearbook and kept in close contact with us to insure success. We would also like to thank LCDR Neal Smith who took up the slack when Rich Schneider left. A major key that the book was able to be printed at all was CWO jerry Smith, Mr. Smith managed to keep our heads above water and took a deep interest in providing the staff with all the help he possibly could. Thank you is not enough for all Mr. Smith has done. We would also like to thank his staff for their help, especially Sandi Damiccki who did most of our bookkeeping. Another important part of the book was the contracting aspect and here we owe our thanks to Mrs. Carol Hass who made sure that we keep the book underway through some tight situations. We would also like to thank our Representative Mr. Bud Dick for all his help and time. Also a thanks to those at Walsworth Publishing and Stevens Studios for their skills in producing this book. Finally I would like to thank all those numbers of people I can't mention by name, the administration, parents and friends who stood by us and gave us every imaginable means of support during the trying times we had producing this book. I joseph L. Nimmich Editor, 1977 Tide Rips Mr. S Nlr. 8 Nlr. S Dax id Mrs. Ray E. Stout, Ir. Mrs. C. L. Wilson Mrs. Donald A. Wright E. Wisniewski Ax ako U. Smith :XIII Mrs. Narh Smialek Mr. 84 Mrs. W. E. Smyth T. L. Sharpe Iohn I. Rigley Mr. 8. Mrs. Iustin H. Randall, Ir. Col. Floyd R. Waltz, USA Ret. Lawrence A. Woodcock Mr. 84 Mrs. Pere Wickes Mr. 81 Mrs. Iames B. Stricker, Ir. SCM lretl 81 Mrs. Robert S. Spears Lt. Col 81 Mrs. Vladimir W. Skuby Robert 84 Beverly Schaefer Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Leidy Mr. 84 Mrs. Iohnson Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Henry L. Murphy Ioseph R. Lichamer Kenneth C. Lace james M. Ihnat joseph R. Hejduk Michael CJ. Hall Marianne Goldstick Fred I. Eisert Iohn I. Dietrich Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Myriam D. Fvlr. 84 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 84 Mrs. I Henry C. Deens Walter E. Nimmich Edward A. Dahl Richard I. Culver Cognet Richard B. Crawley Thomas I. Chuba Sr. Edward I. Campos Miles Burke Richard Brager Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8f Mrs. fvlr. 81 Mrs. R. M. Blackwell S. Andriejewski Normen R. White Sponsors Betty 84 jim Watson Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward O. Wellingten Lawrence T. Worth Mr. 81 Mrs. Kelly T. Veley Mr. 84 Mrs. Raymond E. Trump Mr. 81 Mrs. Keith H. Shriver Mr. 84 Mrs. Carl Selauka Mr. 84 Mrs. Irving F. Ross B. Rolsma 84 Co. Thomas T. Reininger Frank I. Rojk Mr. 84 Mrs. Eugene I. Prime Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles W. Poston Mr. 84 Mrs. Arthur V. Penn Nutting William C. Mr. 84 Mrs. Gus Napert Mr. 84 Mrs. George G. Miller Mr. 84 Mrs. james W. Mahaffey Iohn Lynch Mr. 81 Mrs. C. Luckenbach Richard C. Lokites Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert C. Kutz Mr. 84 Mrs. E. I. Korn Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert H. jones Mr. 84 Mrs. I. S. johnson Mr. 84 Mr. David A. Howe Mr. 8f Mrs. George B. Hoffmann Mr. 84 Mrs. D. A. Holmes LCDR USN lRetJ 84 Mrs. Donald M. I. I. Hebert Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert O. Hanson Mr. 81 Mrs. Boyd Ford 84 Mrs Frank Doln Mr. . y Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert I. Ditto Mr. 84 Mrs. H. Nelson Collins Mr. 84 Mrs. james M. Cannon Pat 81 Bob Bright Mr. 84 Mrs. P. Blace Wm. Belmondo Walter E. Bechtle Mr. 84 Mrs. S. L. Andersen Holland nj 521' Mig, , ,rt :fa F 1-, in J - 'QV' th- ttf Sikorsky's S-7 SRR. Building it to handle your toughest mission makes all the others that much easien Sikorsky combined state-of-the-art technology with 33 years of Coast Guard experience to develop the S-76lSFtFt, The helicopter that meets or exceeds all SAR requirements and provides the unpeataple all- vveather, multi-mission versatility needed by today's Coast Guard. No matter vvhat mission it's initially assigned, the S-76!SRR can pe diverted to perform its critical litea saving function, lt extends the mission effectiveness of shipfhelicopterteams, lt's shipboard compatible vvith all existing and planned Coast Guard cutters and lceapreakers, and provides a full 400 nautical mile mission range. Add 200 cupic feet of capin volume and a 155 Knot maximum cruise speed to outstanding operational suitability, and you get the helicopter than can handle all yourmissions.All the timer We knovv hovv demanding the Coast Guard mission can pe.That's vvhy the S-YSXSRR is more than mission ready For further information, vvrite Jim Thach, Sikorsltxi Aircraft, Stratford, Conn. 06002. QIXZ Division of AIRCRAFT i'E'5iii?omaues Marsleller lnc.!3031t1!Pnge B8.W BIeed!Appearing in: Aviation Week, January 33 USNI Proceedings, January 1977 A-1 '33 X , , -.,,,, 5 7 3- 1-1 rv 5-if-70 ,sg .l ,ect , vu, - sf .2 .SYN - ' ,Q ziliir- rom sea to shining Plying the glistening Atlantic and the sparkling Pacific vvith thirty modern cargoliners plus an aux- iliary fleet of feeder vessels. United States Lines brings superior service to thousands of shippers throughout Europe, the United States. Hawaii. Guam and the Far East. We provide frequent sailings on regular, de- pendable schedules to and from major distribution centers on three continents. And our highly efficient ships are matched by our facilities and services ashore: spacious terminalsg tens of thousands of con- tainers and wheeled chassis: hundreds of offices and agents throughout the vvorldg innovative management and over 3.000 dedicated people using up-to-the- minute procedures, advanced electronics and com- puterized equipment. lt all adds up to a total transportation system that is totally dependable-the reason so many im- porters and exporters in so many places have come to rely so firmly on United States Lines. ur wr rm, wirrtiz ri'i4f,uf,Hoiii mr wfiniri UNE ririmioww NEW vonx N v ioooa - wi 144 sauti We go further to serve you better. Sea E 'Vik XXX 'i.Xi'2XlXQiK"kXXEX,XYX'1 'XX' XHYRXXXX .K KX. xxxx i-,XYENQLX A N. fx XX .YYY XX "LXR Yi-.K"i."QKR3Q'i.KN.N5e'x'X .,,-,w f,-vi.. xx-...xxx xxx' xx r xvw. fx xivnx . HH vm . v-.x-,xl When you watch a ship put to sea, chances are you're seeing Sperry marine systems in action. These sophisticated systems help guide countless ships over the waters of the world. Among Sperry engineers there is never- ending research and development in both internal automation oflships and in auto- mation which concerns sea transport as a whole-the conduct and tracking of ships in relation to each other. Sperry technical personnel, using the most modern facili- ties, daily broaden their understanding of electronics, servomechanics, hydraulics, gyroscopics, radar, and total marine sys- tems. The ship operator profits from this through his investment in Sperry equip- ments. Reliability and quality control is an in- tegral part of design and production at Sperry. Fiigidly adhered-to quality pro- cedures go far to insure that every com- ponent in every piece of Sperry equipment will perform its function as required. Sperry marine service is available around the world. -Sperry representatives are on hand around the clock to attend to marine sys- tems problems. lt's the same old ocean. But Sperry's marine capabilities have made sailing on it easier, faster and safer. FIADARS STEERING SYSTEMS COLLISION AVOIDANCE AUTOMATIC STEERING CONTROLS if GYROCOIVIPASSES ENGINE ROOM MONITORS POSITION FIXING- AND CONTROLS OMEGA! LORAN STABILIZATION-GYROFINQ DOPPLER SPEED LOG DOPPLER DOCKING s 'sfim -:Tiff f i.if.'s 4 Worldwide Headquarters Great Neck, New York 11020, U.S.A. World Sales o World Service o and a World of Experience SPEFIFIY IS A DIVISION OF SPERRY RAND CORPORATION kwa. 1. x 1. vs R X xx x.-.xxx xxxxxasxx xxx xxx .X xxxxv-.xx xxxxxx xxxx xx '-5' ff ,I an wwf it Q K.. -nv 5 1 I i 2 l fl li ii I: il E ii ik S Typ ST-2 Tp STI Dpsabl drbanalre ""f"' fs. 1 E D ' y 0 fm IG Batteries ffp- 15: dui! Lsuu egg , 'lla Hhg ll. Typo ST 30t0 0 png D u able Buoy Pack 0 Bu l ' mm Serving the ands to navlgatuon fleld smce 1918 lm ' mmm 8 IVICGFQAVV EDISON CIOIVIPANY Edison Battery Dnvusaon Bloomfueld NJ 07003 th 75 600 d 1 The Exxon USA Fleet Salutes You 001 4 fi. X ff! In Thorngate s Coast Guard Uniforms hidden hand stitching makes the difference And that difference means lasting character in your clothing For these hand stitches though hidden are carefully placed by master craftsmen to mold the shape of your uniform into trim lines and hold this shape firmly for a long smart life. WWE 77724 725' A' D1WSlOAf0flZ4.RTJX'fZ4Ff!1M'7Z GMAKX 42 DeKalb Street, Norristown, Pa. 19404 Americas OLDEST and FOREMOST Makers of U.S. Officers' Uniforms of Fine Quality, founded 1824 'Originators and Pioneers of Marine Sound Powered Telephones' R ...vE..... .,.v...... -...fV..,, , HOSE McCANN TELEPHONE co.,lNr: "PlONEERlNG MARINE PRODUCTS FOR OVER 35 YEARS" IH- l 4 lf' .,4-L-n , -33.33 N--J 2?- ' 43.-,F-s..-n - - .-14" '-' HOSE NICCANN TELEPHONE co., mc. 524 wssr zara s'rREE'r, New vonx, N. v. 1oo11 rn. 1212! sas-mo mam cvssrmerlc NEWYORK M he , eamens 1 easy way. fi S to save - r Automatic ally-and at the hzqhest mtc s Our Allotment Savings Account- use it as your personal payroll savings plan to build a fund for your future career and family needs. lt s easy to start. And once started it works automatically. Write us at 30 Wall Street New York N.Y. 10005 and give us the name and address of your payroll department. Tell us how much you want deducted each pay period. We handle all the details. Withdrawals and additional deposits can be made anywhere in the world through our Bank by Mail service. Dividends are paid from day of deposit on balances of S25 or more. Allotment Savings-your hedge against the future. Write us today, 71,6 SEAME s BANK r AVING Chartered 1829 0 Assets over S1 8 Billion 4. CABLE ADDRESS: sEAsAve Your eankbook may be used at any of our offices: Meme' FD'C f -""""' -- . -' ' NEW YORK CITY OFFICES: Main Office: 30 Wall Street 25 Pine Street Beaver Street at New Street 546 Fifth Ave at 45th Steel 666 Fifth Avenue on 52nd Street 127 West 50th Street in Time 8. Life Building NASSAU COUNTY OFFICES: 2469 Hempstead Tnn like and Newbridge Road. East Meadow N.Y. 4276 Hempstead Turnpike at Randal Drive. Bethpage. NY SUFFOLK COUNTY OFFICE: 10 Smith Haven Mall Lake Grove N.Y. WESTCHESTER COUNTY OFFICE: 101OCentral Park Avenue. Yonkers. N.Y. i -.i-il i vi N 'W ,A fr " - ' --cv- Q .1 1. 1, , 1 0 ' J ' u f . . . 4 Pg! 'Wm X i 1 i l 7 r - .-1 7+ -v- v 9 rf' T' vi 1 1, -N I " x . . 4 -59 . I f "' " a 1 4, -. N L o 9 0 A f is I O of C V a . 1 1 . Y0ll'l'B 3 IBBIIBI' . . . alll' S0 IIIIIGII IIBIIBIIIIS 0ll y0ll' f Officers are highly trained, highly skilled professionals. They didn't get their positions of responsibility by accident. They work hard to become better officers, better leaders. But we have found that many of them just haven't taken the time to plan for the future of their loved ones, when they are no longer there. Thatis where we come in. The only reason we're in business is to make the future a little more secure for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Officers and their families. Navy Mutual Aid offers insurance protection for all active duty officers in the amount of 317,000 Whole Life Protection and 315,000 Term Option protection at a premium comparable to and, in most cases, lower than any other insurance plan available. COUNT ON US! Learn what our 57,000 members already know . . . that Navy Mutual Aid can answer your questions about estate planning and retirement benefits. We can keep your personal documents safe and readily available for you. And then, most of all, we can help to fill the gap and assist your family when they need it most. We will file all claims for l government benefits and keep an active follow-up to see that they are handled quickly. We will notify all service organizations and commercial insurance companies and monitor these claims for your widow. If you are an ofH'Cer on active duty, ri'e'd like to send you more detailed information on the benehts of membership in the Naijv lllutual A id Association. Write and give us your name, rank. duty station address and date ot' birth. iiPlease indicate whether or not you are engaged in operational or protidezirjl' N AYX tliffht activitv.l 0""Aw' ' . " i f' ixiur u 3. 1. Ain E Q ASSOQI.-Xl'lUN Nan' lim 29:93 lN'.ishiiii.1ton li ti .iilifti l'liom' iftifi OX 4 loih i... " f they ean to have a ar l t it b gin here? Capt. john Parker April IQ I7 75 Lexington, Mass. Shortly before midnight, 700 British redcoots, the e ire of the Boston gorrison, emborlsed on their his- 'o'ic morch to Concord, They were ossigned to se3ze ond destroy the rebels' coche of munitions. feng George of Englond vvos determined to snuff 'be fermenting revolt in the Colonies, Before the British hod even left their borroclss, ffo'd of their secretw mission hod begun to spreod ncfnss the lond thonlss to two hord ridin couriers, we dau , ' Q ff 'om Dowes ond Poul Revere, Coptoin lohn Porlser vvos one of the people oiened by Poul Revere in his mod midnight gollop, Dover summoned his drummer boy ond ordered ' N fo sound the olorm to his brove bond of militio- "ec foresfforn to morch ot o minutes ff-'fel Sefenty Minutemen come running the surprise of the Crown, the Huncouth, undiscl- plined peosonrs' finolly vvon. On Februory 4, 1788, Britoin formolly onnounced cessotion of hostilities, Throughout the 200 yeors since the birth of our notion, the United Stotes militory hos hod to foce mony formidoble ond seemingly impossible chollenges. Their heroism is history, For 541 of those QOO yeors, USAA hos been privileged to serve the insuronce needs of the militory officers who serve our country so well. To- doy, seven out of eight officers insure with USAA. lf you ore o Midshipmon or on octive or Reserve officer, youre eligible toioin this elite group. Mem- bership in USAA vvill entitle you to preferentiol sovings ond service on olmost oll the personol insuronce youll ever need. On everything from your cor to your house- , C formed into mo rggged lines beside X N hold goods to your personol liobility, 're 'ood to Concord to ovvoit the redcoots, Q For more informotion on the world of Zfxfe' faced his potriotic hornets in home N USAA insuronce ovoiloble exclusively to f gnc ggfifed Dont fire unless fired you, write USAA, USAA Building, Son An- ,yf 3 3 ' 'hey freon to hofe o wot, let tonio, Texos 78288. Noturolly, youre under A' 392 r R99 K Aworlclol'insurance no O'bl'QOl'Om' "fry 566 'bel' :fOr Arid, much TO illy0lII'L0lTll11?ll1Kl. We ll be very proud TO Serve yOu. X Commumty SGFVICQ G'ed1tUn10n Inc Your Full Service Family Frnaneral Center i 00 Regular Savings COMPOUNDED MONTHL mam T0 73A0f0 Term Share Accounts COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY COMPOUNDED MONTHLY 520 b I NCUA INSURANCE TO 540 000 U S Coast Guard Academy Branch MUNRO HALL M d yF d y9AM2PM 23OPM33OPM dMrryPydy9AM5 M 446 8200 OTHER oFFrcEs IN NORWICHTOWN Q GROTON e MONTVILLE ' - 0 0 I C I I I I I onnum Y f per - OUUUTTY 5M Eigum Share Draft Accounts providinga 0 aance is maintained. I I on a - ri a - , 2 - 1 Civilian an iiar a a s - P ANISQN 18 JOINS THE FLEET A nevv generatnon of Ross edulpments nas been accepted after typlcally rlgor ous U S Coast Guard testlng and prov Ing We are pleased and honored that our ANXSQN 18 nas brought us tnls op portunlty to re enlist for anotner tour of duty vvltn your justly proud Servlce Q59 LABORATORIES :Nc 3138 Falnflevv Avenue East Seattle WA 98102 Pluimm nmunes ' 'WW fin I50 Boston Hartford! Springfield Main Office: New London 63 Eugene O Neill Drive New London!Groton Branch Offices: New London-New London Shopping Ctr. Montville-Route 32 Waterford-Waterfall Shopping Ctr. Niantio-43 Pennsylvania Ave. Gales Ferry-Route 12 Stonington-Route 1 New York Boston Montreal 446 l2l2 Ne ' York!JFKfLaGuardla : 12031 442-0301 b may 388-9600 MEMBER Poli ' qzoap 599-1684 A-10 A-11 :f ALLIS-GHALMERS-KGHLER-LISTER-DEUTZ ENGINES AND GENERATOR SETS , ,JP Complete Parts o Sales 0 Prompt SLFVICL Full Shop Faclllttes for Engtne Repalr and Generator Set Testlng Equipped to Bulld Pumptng Unlts Generattng Sets anc Swltchgear to Speclflcatlons RUDGX ENGINE 84 EQUIPMENT G0 Nj UN,0n 5 6833 Route 3 Secaucus New jersey N Y CIFCIG 5 5344 Code Code E You'll 0 places on our newcontamershl s Flnd a growlng company and you ll have found a growlng opportunlty That s Farrell Lanes One of the oldest most stable shtpptng compantes Farrell ts also one of the most progresslve Wlth an exclttng career opportunity for you Farrell has long been a leader tn the trade from the East and Gulf Coast to Afrtca and AUSIl'3lI3f New Zealand Now our operatlon also Includes the PHCIIIC Coast to South Paclflc and Australasta route ln short Farrell lsthe kind of company that can offer you a most reward Ing career as a seaman We offer the most tnterestlng and exottc routes the newest equtpment and a tradltlon of growth and stablllty What s more Farrell IS an Amerlcan flag llne Thus means that our shlps are Amerlcan bullt and supplied our crews are Amerlcan and they re pald IU dollars If you re thlnklng ahead thunk about Farrell We can offer you qulte a future For more lnformatlon wrlte us Farrell Llnes One Whttehall Street NewYork NewYork10004 at X f ll W IIIIIIIIILL Ll S Suppllers of Marlne Lights Fog Slgnals Buoys and Power Supplles 201 746 4224 I to the Unlted States Coast Guard PENNWAL1' Compllments of MONITOR ELECTRONICS CO Antenna Coupllng Systems Custom Engtneeted Test Equtpment I P O BOX 18738 89 Walnut St eet 213 Hutcheson Street Montclalr New letsey 07042 ' Houston Texas 77023 Telex 76 2853 713 228 5208 PORT L' ' N 4 EP Will' Smooth Sailing 611101910 L I Ini vxhtrx to the XNTIKITOUSLS Opa n stOI Tgl are TS Indusliitl situ with and without xxttnrtront gn Florlda U S A Class Of 1977 s DART Sr BOCUE FOR INFORMATION Everything ID building mate rial CONTACT GEORGEI KING, PORT MANAGER 44 Richard Crovc Rd P O Box 261 PHONE 783 7831 Quake' H'l' Com PORT CANAVERAL STATION 06375 CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA Watchful eyes ovfgf. SHIPPING LIMITED years ANGLO NORDIC 1133 Avenue ofthe Americas New York N.Y. 10036 'F J I McAllister Brothers, Inc Towing and transportation 17 Battery Place. NENYOW N Y10004 '212l269-3200 0 . Serving the Dons of New York, c , Ngrfqlk Philadelphiaiand San Juan .L WE WISH THE UNITED STATES COAST GUARD ACADEMY AND THE CLASS OF 1977 SAILMAKERS GOOD SAILING! New London, Conn. Established 1857 361 COUNTRY CLUB ROAD CHESHIRE CONN. O6410 Mechanical Engineering Product and Process Development BAILEY 81 STAUB, INC. ALDEN ENGINEERING CO., INC. A-12 A-13 BEST WISHES from THE HANNA MINING COMPANY 100 Erieview Plozo - 36111 Floor Cleveland, Ohio 44114 1353? Q 4 1 ' 1 21 wg? E 1 FLAGSIIIP 0F A Two Famous Landmarks of New York Harbor A f:o11l1nuo11s1y Qx1xur1d1n'g Moran Neel has kepl pure w1l11 1119 suurinfl skylme ol New York lor 111019 Ihcm fx Century By plovxdlnq 1110 puwer, exponence, 1111f1 vw'-r:1v111111y lo e1l11:1e1111y cmd 017G11On11fI111y me11?l 11111 11111 mnqv of 1119 polfs lfu111s1,urlu11c1n 1101115 Moran 11f1s 11e'I1,ef1 11101411 the Por! 111 NL-W York C1 1cN'1dPr 111 1vor11'1 c,1111111v1cv, 1 tradition ftr st Moran Towing In Transportation Co., Inc. . 1 The Best in M Bumess., A THE INTERLAKE STEAMSHHD co - 1 . - f 1 1 1 ' 11 W , rv ,, ' , ' CQV19VVOl'1C1TI'Gf,10CG?I11GI' 'SJL1116b335' NewYO1'k, New Y111'k1OU48 111"'111'11' 1 1 '1 R'1'1'1' V-1291 N - 1' 44" R 1 I H CARL SHERMAN Congratulatuons PONTIAC VGLVO CIEISS of 1977 FRANCHISE DEALER FOR PONTIAC VOLVO THE NEW LONDON NEWS COMPANY FULL SERVICE BODY SHOP SALES and SERVICE SELECT FROM OVER 374 Broad Street 250 NEW an USED CARS New London Conn 06320 Boston Post Road Waterford Conn 0 385 PHONE 203 442 0621 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1977 J OSTEN S CREATOR OF THE 1976 CLASS RINGS James M- Dwyer one Pickwick Lane C2035 3996877 Old Saybrook, Conn. 260 SHENNECOSSETT Send FISHER FLOWERS A Ll ' cowwzm. Mmm on Ccas , ,Q LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE "AN APARTMENT COMPLEX WITH COUNTRY ' U - I ATMQSPHERE 3, CITY CQNVENENCEH FIOTIST TI'anSWOTld Dellvery ASSOCIGIIOD 2Bedroom CUnfurnishedJApartments Flowers by Wwe to AH the World Brzck Colonial - Hot Point Appliances In All Kitchens About 20 Minutes From Academy 87 Broad Street ,. GROTON CONN. 445-8519 J HENNECOSSW 442 9456 442 9457 A-'14 A-15 Servmg And Sans ying, Southeastern fxonnecfcul For More Than 50 Years The regions s most complete Trophy and Award Departments Credit Terms or Master Charge 442 4391 74 STATE ST. NEW LONDON OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS FREE PARKING ON GOLDEN ST. LOT AT REAR ENTRANCE TO STORE I I It Purvevor of IIIFPCIIQ'-IllllI0fH'll rlmmomls 1 I Q I Compllments of Vonguord Mlllfory Monufocturers of UNIFORM TRIMMINGS AND ACCESSORIES 460 Pork Avenue South New York NY IOOI6 'k COMPLIMENTS SAFT CORPORATION OF AMERICA INDUSTRIAL BATTERY DIVISION BOONTON NEW JERSEY -k i' t iriirttttttiif SILVERWARE - CHINA - GLASSWARE - WATCHES - GIFTS Portable Electrrcal Submersrble Pumps lf' P341 5 HP damage control Pumps ID Bronze or Alumrnum for115 208 220 440 or 550V AC and 115 or 230V DC Per Mal P 174548 Also Pumps for en eral dewaterlng appll catrons around the shipyard Flow rates to 1300 gpm Flatrngs from 3A to 40 HP the thlrshest pumps un the world Prosser Industries dl Pure Co poralo P O Box 3818 'Um Anahelm Callfornla 92803 JCI IILIIITY UU me Moorestown NJ Cohasset Mass New York Portsmo th V H C6099 234 3880 C6171 383 9200 Cable Henrycolnc C8045 392 4092 C350itjtS9!yge4gAS3 Two World Trade Center Suite 9528 New York N Y 10043 212 938 2100 ' ' f 4 I if we ar 1 1 if 1 ir if 1 1 1 5 7 I- eff - 1 -4 . gf f 'I ,......l.I L.: 2335535221 ' 5 : git : :ii-13.31 3 I 5-za., - .Q-..g: - - 2-sk z ez-1-ef - - 52:3 i I - E . T C XM qulpmen orp. H-A--f 1 , 1 Q 1. T I T 3 ' :::..g . I ' " 'v. x r r n ECT S01 A -- A-. --:zeefzvfiflzl-ff, -:,:'ffF.iNl'.fiQ7?Q:fF1 f31'lff'?.f f 2' 5' ' --f faq ' -'gi x:','-,1:,-2 ' ' , Er 1' -pf I I 4 I I Is. THE COAST GUARD ACADEMY PARENTS ASSOCIATION extends it s best wishes to all cadets past present and future in their stay at the academy 81 in their careers support your cadets through the parents association Congratulations Class of 1977 Zfffi Qreighliiii Q-iiaramrt i X, - MEN IN THE COAST GUARD RECOGNIZE THE FINEST UNIFORM SHIRTS 8. TROUSERS 'i This certificate on every Creighton ' , Shirt and Trouser unconditionally guarantees your complete satisfaction. Available ., throughout the world at Military Exchanges and Uniform dealers. A CIIEIGHTUN 1 U'omSitsl.Trous CPEIGHTON SHIRT CO., INC. REIDSVILLE, NO. CAROLINA 27320 -sl"'f TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1977 May you always have Fa1r Wmds and Following Seas COCA COLA BOTTLING WORKS New London Conn AUTOMOBILE DEALERS NEW CARS- 222651 NEW LONDON-057I T N M LATHROP 'I' A Lathrop Family Enterprise Since 1910 AUTHORIZED SALES 6. SERVICE l Mercedes Benz Honda C.,-f Overseas Deliveries Arranged Qttdlrty Foreign 81 Domestic USED CARS 447-3361 Sales Service Parts 545 Broad Street, New London BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1977 -A Graduate- A-I6 AAAAAAAAAAAAAA MARINE nooks, HATCHES, SIDEPORTS, scumis Water-Tight ir Weather-Tight Ik Bulkhead To Coast Guard and Commercial Specifications! Ilverheke Kumr 20905 Aurora Road Bedford Ohio A A A if COOL WELD Co Inc 5 44 50th Avenue Long Island Cnty N Y 11101 C2125 EXeter 2 4545 REBUILDERS OF CYLINDER HEADS AND CRACKED CASTINGS Comphments of SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO New London Shopprng Center Congratulatmons to the Class Of 1977 BRRRYS HOUR LAUN ERERS 740144 ou an goal L d Gales Ferry New on on Harold Wemer N wlgh OI' IIIIC Nm Owner Congra+uIa'rIons To The Gradua+Ing CIass of fhe U.S. Coasf Guard Academy! MARINE SAFETY EQUIPMENT CORPORATION PI Pleasanf an FarmIngdaIe New Jersey 07727 Manufacfurers of Lafeboafs DavI+s and WInches Best W1shes to the Class of 1977 STEINMAN BROS INC WHOLESALE FRUIT PRODUCE AINDGROCERIES 314 Bank Street New London Conn Phones GI 2 4384 GI 2 4380 IIII63 S STEAK HOUSE CONN NEW YORK MASS FLORIDA CALIF HAWAII 250 Pequot Ave New London 12 Water St Mystuc Best of Luck to the Class of 1977 PAUL INI KRI ANI CadetT.1IIor Shop N company d A A A A A A A A A A . I 'dr I I IIII II? ., 7-'I F e . .. . g n OF HAWAII I I 9 I . O6 I ik 4 I Y I A-17 S Q 3+-'t If Success and Smooth Salllng to the Graduatmg Class of P W US Coast Guard Academy '1"3"' if lan s GALBRAITH-PILOT MARINE CORP NIV! I NOON ROTON NORWICH Rza Req M 'Z 8 545 B501 8891353 NEW LONDON WISYERLY R I HARYFORD M ku FOX CO 442 0681 596 2801 549-0400 MARINE ELECTRIC R P D INC 600 Fourth Avenue Brooklyn N Y 11215 TELEX 125201 TEL 12121768 83 CABLE GALPILOT IN OLNIN KAPLAN ROSS 230 PARK AVE 212 5326560 JOHN J MCMULLEN ASSGCIATES INC 1598 Wax al ArC1'11 tects Marme Engmeers 11 eapons Sv stems Transportatzon Consultants Arlington. . C7035 521-6500 New York, N.Y. C2121 466-2200 Oxnard, CA 6055 487-3893 WAESCHE HALL DESHON STREET AT NAMEAUG AVENUE THREE sToRv LIBRARY WITH MusEuM MEMORIAL READING RooM, TV srumo, SEMINAR London. England Madrid, Spain a. MICROFILM READING Room 283-3331 233-3700 Hyattville. MD C3011 927-2740 CE NIAGUIRE INC. I ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS-DLANNEQS ENC: wAI:rI-IAM New BRITAIN 4 Keene - MIAMI A Fine Jewelry PHOIO COf1gfaful8f'0f1S TI-IE PERFECT GIFT to the Malces The Perfecf Day . . . Class of 1977 Bir+l1day or Anniversary from I We Sell HappIness GIRARD TOYOTA THE VARIETY HOUSE New England Variefy Disfribufors lnc. 043 C'olem.m St. N il Syst? Ave-06320 C on 0 , on . y 443-3325 old Saybrook Con , 06475 Small C df Sp6,CldllSlS FOV 40 Years Apphances 700 Long I-I'11 Road G oton, Conn. A-18 A-T9 T IDE RIPS - Congratulations And Best Wishes To The Graduating Class Of 1977, May You Always Have Fair Winds And Following Seas. - A Coast Guard Academy Graduate TAILORED ESPECIALLY FOR THE ILITARY PERSONAL PROPERTY HOMEOWNER PACKAGE PERSONAL LIABILITY flnoludlng New Million Dollar MOBILEHOME PACKAGE Liability Pollcyl Write To day Af F6033 mates co ovlammvf msumuc Assn FCFIT LEAVENVVURTH KANSAS 66027 O O O I l I . . . . 1 n an f .- P O "xx . 3'-Ra j ' Y W4 "12u'... 3 " r V' o a o I . I Hg' .. W.-n-u , xl all Advertising Index Of Alden Corporation, john Anglo Nordic ............................... Armed Forces Co-Operative lns. ..... .... . Bailey 84 Staub, Inc. ........ . Barry's Cleaners 81 Dyers Chuck's Steak House ...... Coca-Cola Bottling Wks. Colonial Manor ............... Cool Weld Co., lnc. ....... . Creighton Shirt Company Exxon Company ............... Dart 81 Bogue ..... Farrell Lines ..... Fisher Flowers ............., . Galbraith-Pilot Marine Corp. and Marine Electric Corp. ...... ..... . Girard Toyota ...................... ...... Hanna Mining Company ...... Henry Co., lnc., Ll. ............................ .... . Hose McCann Telephone Company lnterlake Steamship Co. ..... losten's Inc. ................. . Kaplan's Travel ....... Lathrop, lnc. Maguire, C. E. ....................... . Mariani Taylor Shop, Paul Mallove's .............................. Marine Safety Equipment McAllister ............................ McGraw Edison Company McMullen Assoc., lnc., 1.1. 1977 Tide Rips Monitor Electronics Company ...... Moran Towing 84 Transportation .... Navy Mutual Aid Association ..... New London News Company ....... Overbeke-Kain Company ........ Parents Association, Coast Guard Academy ............. Pennwald Automatic Power ....... Pickands Mather 81 Company ....... Pilgrim Airlines ............................. Pontiac-Volvo, Carl Sherman's ...... Port Canaveral . .......... ......... ...... . Prosser, Inc. ....... . Ross Laboratories ...................................... Rudox Engine 81 Equipment Company ..... Saft Corporation of America ................ Savings Bank of New London ....... Seamen's Bank for Savings ...... Sears Roebuck 84 Company ..... Sikorsky Aircraft ............................................. ...... Sperry Marine SystemsfSperry Rand Corp. ............ . Steinman 81 Sons, Inc. ................ . Submarine Base Credit Union ....... Toyota ........................................ Thorngate Uniforms, Inc. .... . U.S.A.A. Insurance Company ..... U.S. Lines ................................... Vanguard Military Equipment ........ Variety House ............................... Volvo City East, Carl Shermans ...... A A A A A A A 11 13 -7 14 17 16 -11 A-13 A A A A A A A A A 10 14 12 15 10 11 15 10 7 A-17 A-1 A-3 A- 17 A-9 A A A A A A A 18 5 -8 -2 15 18 14

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