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United States Coast Guard Academy - Tide Rips Yearbook (New London, CT) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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( r, im w % ' •N i , V ' m v ■ ' ' ' ' h SS» ' , i ? v-„ X Vi ■ ' ■ •■- Ik 7T 1, i ! i JW - „ wwr- (. R. SwA.Nsox, Editur-iii-CJii R. . Abr Hs, Bnsiuc. s Miuuigt J. B. Joxes-Bateman, .Idvei li i)ig Maintgci THE CLASS OF 1955 PRESENTS THE YEARBOOK OF THE CORPS OF CADETS OF THE inilED STRTES CORST GURRfl RIROGHIV NEW LONVON, CONNECTICUT Ga4n4fvancCe (loLeni Waldn an CDR. Rt)l)LH W ' aldron: " Fighting liol ' , il vou please. Ve of the class of ' 55 walked into the Swab Siminier ban age in jnl . I!)31, expecting the worst. Ve weren ' t disappointed! Tliai suinnier will li i ' with us lor the rest of om ' li es. During iliai ir iug liini ' iuau things were expicied ol us: the setting up ol our tlass lines, the changeoxer hoin l)n lo Swab, the elect- ing of a class athisor lo help us o er the hiniips. There was one 111. Ml whn kcj)! coming beloii ' oin h.tniid e es. one man k 0 seemed the walking, bicalhing e])il(Hiie l ihe sah sea dog e all hoped some d,i lo be. W ' luii il came lime lo elect out adxisor. il was easy— CJDR. W ' aldron b a landslide. hen he accepted the job. he told us he w is lujiujietl. and then laiil out m no uncert.iin terms w hal he. peisonalK . e |)ectecl of us. Nothing but the best, and all that to luriher a Cx)ast (iuaid career. Il we weren ' t willing lo go Coast Ciiiard all the wa . now was the timi ' lo leave, it vas strong medicine, but it vas the stiong core about vhich ' , " ), " ) built its lecord of achievement. With our Hrst long cruise under oui belts, we began shaking doxvn into a realh homogeneous grou]). ' e loimd we wot kid well together, had miuh llu ' same goals in iiw. All that vas needed was ilu ' mi-ans to accomj)lish them. .Again CDR. W ' aldron came to us. this time wiih ilelinite plans and ideas. .Again he deli ered himself viih siiong. unyielding words. The result was a class whic h was able lo set down plans and policies that carried us, in essence, ilnoughoul ihe i tin. under of our Academy years. Now ihat we weie well launched. CDR. Val(lron slovdv let us see that there was a eiy human person undei the haid-boiled exteii(jr he had hereto- fore shown us. The rather awe-inspiring senior ollicer. became a warm- hearied liieiid who alwa s had pleiil ol lime lor am ol us. We leaiiied just how lierceK a man (ould lo e his Service, how (om|)lele happiness could flow Irom giving over lo a lile of duty to others. At the end of out second class year. CDR. Bob was assigned as skipper of the C. (f. . ir Station in San Juan. I ' uerto Rico. W ' e were sorry lo lose him. bill happv ih.il he w.is i, iking .molher siep lorwaid in his career. Although he was gone Irom us our last year, we tried lo live up lo what lu- had insiilled in us. Il seeim-d ihal there was alv a s a lellei posicd on our bulhiiii bo, 11(1 iioiii OUI bcsi liRiid. 1 hanks. ( ' DR.. lor giving so Ini-lv ol voursell. that we will have lo work h.ird lo live u|) to the ideals you ' ve sel lor us. UniTGD STIITGS COHST CUHRD AST GUARD CONTENTS CONTROL HOME PORT STEERAGE BELOW DECKS SPORTS g MORALE PORTS OF CALL OUTWARD BOUND CONmOL -.L M n R-in-IHIE 2bwi ltt jb, oiienUo.WL IIIRETIIRV OF THE Qejo x M. KM-um JiA E TREHSURV MoAiOH li. aUo ft HiSISTRIIT SECRETHRV OP THE TREHSURV M-. GUa fUfta Rode 7 T CUHRD Al d e. HuJt naH,d ncniiGmv iUPERi Kcuf nc ot ff. Afaue na t EnOEHT Jlee, eM. liakeA, commnnDiiiiT of eo-H Jf. Marine .f ' " ■ " ■■ ' ■ •■i M .Is inir oilri.s llic imiiii oiilr to llir Academy, he sees in the distance the Administration buildi)! " ;. Hamilton Hall, in all its Georgian splendor. Dount the road past Hamilton Hall looms Chase Hall, the lioiiir of nian a cadet. Diycclly hcliiiiil Chase Hall is situ- ated the Hospital and Annory build- ing, witli its many arm hands and ping movies. McAllister Hall, the fduiKlaliiin if our intensive Engineering (urritii- luiii . . . located behind is joncs Field, the center of Academy life during the football season. srssssBsssiHiRS ' ' li ' l The Obsewatoiy, though no longer in use. still adds cnjo - metil to a lour of the A( idein with your parents or girl friend. Hi Hind Hall, the renter ol cadet sports, located just off Jones Field. riic Jiasis ( l Cadet Scaman- slilj). the dock area, ivitli it.s many roUaternl activities from rowiiii to siiilin . Moored to tlie dock is the training ship " Eagle, " u ' ith its many memories of cruises to Europe. ]Vho can help but remember the many afternoons spent flying, tooting, or just plain learning on the Eagle? 23 STEERAGE Electronics Lab ..u Hardness Testing Power Lab. , riA a ?4, •-I _ilE J Impact Testing Another of the Physics Lectures Capl. Pli(niiir)uillrr !) ' l)(nt»i( ' iil Hciid ENGINEERING Second class year this ile])arlmeni had iiianv swals al our class, uilli a club coni]K)sed of riicniio. K. E.. Maicrials. Power, and lluid Mechanics. .Sonic Icll under ihe- blows. 1)U1 not all were academic lailures. It is rumored that ihe men who sat in the front ro v in Cdr. Hoiusma ' s lectiues sutlered a high incidence of silicosis cases caused 1) Hying chalk dnsi. Al last npori ilic board had noi ei under- gone cleaning. C lr, Houisma ' s iorcelid per- sonalit ' as gre.nU adunred. i he lew who did iall asleep will iioi soon loigei being awakened i) a hard thrown eraser: mider the Cdr. ' s carelul aim. an earh lorm ol guided missile. In E. E. we came uniler ihe tutelege ol the ama ing cigar smoking professor: electronics brought us into cont.icl with I,t. ( IKiv autl his " you-build-em " radio kits. lO the entire department, goes much credit lor the ' ide knowledge of engineering A ith vhich we depart Irom CGA. B. CK Row: . . Siinlli. It. Lcr. Crnrich. Viveiros. IJ. Sinrr. I.t. Durjey, Ll. Ullery. Lt. Parks— Vv.oy.r Row: C dv. RcrdHill. Cdr. Gerde, Caj l. Pliaiincmiller, Cdr. Lalimer, I.rdr. Rward Are those iun es fair? 29 SCIENCE The Science clepartiiRiii took us in linul with a grip so strong thai noi unlil ihc last term of First Class year coiiUl sc escape. Nuclear Physics (often mis-s]jelle(l ■ ' Unclear Physics " ) was our last contat i wiih ilu- old standby F=M We e en learned anolher one: E = nic- ' . We dexoted main hours, and an a eraye ol one pair ol irou apiece. U) the struggle for knowledge wlien we ran into ilu- elennnis and acids of chemistry. It was an interesting and valuable coinse; where else could a yoiuig man learn how to build a still? They wouldn ' t let us operate them with the proper ingredients and we soon lotnid that distilled ciU(U-oil is hardl palatable. Second and iirst class years we became ac(iuainted xsiih the " Rascals " and " Devils ' h)und in the stud of Meteorology. The grip of this department is no longer on our arms but its lint;ei|)rinls -will lonj; leniain. Prof. Hodg— Depart incut Head Prof. Perry lias a Utile deiiiouslrutiou Lt. Lutz and an extratropical low Back Rdu : Eii. . I-iniliiiiu-. En. ' .. Cfirii.i. 1.1 (jti). C.n.sl Ir—MmuLi Row: , . I)iii. iii(iie. I.I. linsihih. I I. !, J()((-I ' r )nt Row: Lt. Vn.snnt. Ll. Lutz. Lcdr. Perry, Cupt. Hong Smilli 1. 1. l)(nsl: . I.I. (:,iI(Iu ' ,-II- k , Ciij l. Sharj), Lt. Bliihn l.l(li ). I ' iiiil ' ll all slarud Aviili alj cbra and tiii oiioiiKn (luring the first hall ol iourth class vcai . In the second h.ill, an.ihiual i eoincti piccccdcd calculus, which (jccupicd nuu h ol oin time uniil the end ol third class ycai. In calculus wc became- aw ate ol such slariling facts as " A continuous liniction ol a continuous lunction is contiiuious " . Sonic- ol us ha c cl to ligurc that one out. Second class year louiid us wad ing through the marshes ol mechanics. I lire we learned iliat e ' ery couple has its moim nts and many olliei basic concepts ol higher Miallu-niatic s. rinbhiiis oliiii began at the iroiu board and proceeded around the loom lo ihe side and back boards. In ilu- siud ol coriolis we almost had to adjourn to ilu iu i classrfjom in ilu staixh lor space-. W ' c- will never lorget Capi. Siiaip and his this is simple " ap])roach to intricate- problems, lie made (he stud) ' ol malluniai ic s c.is and enjoy- able plus providing us with tin knowledge that most |)rol)lenis. e en those outside ol books, can usually be broken down into simple- components and sohed. MATHEMATICS C.iij)l. Slim j) I)cj)in tinciit Hctid -r GENERAL STUDIES History and Litcralurc ha e lillle to do with engineering or seamanship— the basic courses at the Academy. It is liiis lad wliich makes the General Studies department so iial to us. 1 o Capt. Lawrence and his stall . ' e owe the width of Ota- horizons. Our minds vere broadened and kept from the danger of rtmning do vn the one-way track of a slide-rule. Mr. Btuon interjected, with first hand knowledge, the intricacies and idiosyncracies of European affairs. We spent many enjoyable hotns in studying the history of otns and other coiui- tries, and in reading the words ol famous men both past and present. Our instructors acted as referees in the roiuid-table discussions of everything from politics to poetry. We also became acquainted viih economics and its general law ' — If all the economists in the world were laid end to end. they Avoidd point in all directions. m Capt. Laurence— Depdrlnicnt Head liAi.K Row: Cib. Espclif. I. (dr. Foyc. I.t. Hdllitrauiy. T-nIr. 11 rv ;; — Fro.nt Rdw: Ml. Man ' in. Capt. Ltiu ' icnce, Mr. Huron 33 ORDNANCE. GUNNERY. TACTICS AND LAW From ilif l rilliam and pliilosopliii ,il iiijnd of Capi. Adams uc learned ihc precepts ol laciics and increased our store of the wide general knowledge c ery Coast Guard ollicer should have. F " ew people could successlulh compare cook-ofF with the proper method ol preparing a good southern dish of fritters. The pleasant hypnotic drone of ping mox ies and the niuhipK ' choice (|iiesii()ns thai hej an ■ ' Coast (.uard slii])s ha e ... " will he among our strongest memories of CG. . For those who may wonder, the correct answer lo the abo e c|ucstion is " none ol ihe abo e! " The other oflicers and tin- chiils who exposed om minds lo guiniery and oidnance deserve a great amount of credit lor om- ability to some day give the famous connnand " ' Plol set— SHOOT! " First class year we added !(» ilie nund)ei nl hoins spent in ilie ainiorx. when we under- took the sillily ol Law under the j indance ol Cdr. Earle. Manv thanks lo the Cdr. and lo Jonas Fish loi tinning out well prepared RPCi ' s. (Reasonable |)iu(lfiii i oois) C.njil. Adams— Deparlinciil Hiad 1. 1. Wahli. 1. 1. l. )iih. dull. ColWlllll Cdi. Finli ' . CdjU. Acidins. I.I. Ml ( ' .(mil w M I jc; nuir dctuonstrate the opernlion of the " Ping " projector Mark 5? The York-Safe-And-Lock Poiver Drive Basil. Sfilry. T.rdr. di iu i . (, ). II i: ni . l.njil. .ill, I. (,ili . I Luii iiniiiil . Lcdr. Clark, Lt. Cassidy SEAMANSHIP Capt. Zillc ' l—Depatliiicnl Head The Scamansliij) Dcpailmcnl lias spcnl lour ears Iflliiig us i;cl our hands on ihcir boats and ships. In ilu ' process, thtsf crah hccanic oms. We- pui the dcnis in iluni. W ' l- hecainc crsecl in seamanship and na iL;aii()n. We learned how to dock and how not lo dock. Our j)iers aiicsi to this loi the pdin,L;s ha e .sleadih (hsindUd. As out hands hccaine cal- lotisc ' d. otn minds wcic ' shaipcncil with ihc- kncjwledge ol the sea. Classroom and ciuise were oiu " leacheis. We learnc ' d lioin black boaid and s vaxin;,; masi; Itom still watci and aninr seas. .Seamanship and a ligation have been otn most nn|)oiiam sid)jetls. as our (aiccis ale based more on them than on an olliei one ' held ol leal iiiie.. . We ha e been l.iu ;hl well; we ,i;o do vn to our shii)s grounded in the lundameiilals ol an inexacl seiencc ' . which will picxcnt us lioni becoming ' ' founded in ihe miid ol mexac 1 channels. Another rain day at P. ]] ' oik The Bucket . A m 37 PHYSICAL EDUCATION r ' ruin ihis (Icixuiiiiciu slciii all ol (uii ,ii ii sports, wliich arc bv no means a sniali ii umber. These people can proudly claim ihai iluv ha e made somewhat of an athlete oi each cadet here. Not only will they guarantee thai all cadets are swimmers, it can also be claimed that we lia c been lii:)erall exposed to thai most American ol all eflicacies, competition. .As a matter of fact the competition in P. E. classes boarders on a vicious maximtnn. Coach Nitchman is the bio- oun behind ihc football team ol which we are so jjroiid. Mr. Newton is our jack of all trades. He instigates oiu " P. E. classes, guides our swim- ming classes and coaches om track team. Cdr. Merriman is the lioss. ' e suspect him as the maslei iiiiiid behind the plot to make men oiu ol ha])py us, physical wrecks that vc are. (.ill. Men iiii(iii—Ih ' l (n liiu ' ut Head jVIr. Neu ' lun Cdr. Merriman 38 fhiK Steele Ml. il( limiin Lib r ai Have you ever vondered vhy a sheet is called a sheet, or vho was the Assistant Game Warden of Sherwood Forest dining Robin Hood ' s sadistic criniewavc? Hunting for little gems of s ' isdom like these are vhat ha ' e taught us hoAV to use a library. We might add that this library Ave ' ve been taught to use is no small thing. It contains every form of recorded vord from a complete Military La v library to the latest written fiction. Its maga- zine section is matched in completeness by the ample selection of technical bulletins. Cdr. Espelie and Mr. Dixon arc tlie two gentlemen responsible tor making om library what it is. C(h. EspeUf. My. !) ii I jlmn nnis The Periodical Room Tlie Slarl:. ' S9 Hals oil U) iliL- iiKii wlio qiiieil) i a aboiil ihe task of keeping the academy together. The iiiaiiN l)uilclin " s arc i n iiiiia lis, il)l ood ic ' pair due to llie efforts of tlie men w iili ilir wrciuli in one pocket and the roll of scotch tape in ihc other. It is to this group that the painters arc aiiachcd. f his past year has lound ihciii almost living in Chase Hall as ihc piiisiu ' ihc assignment of changing the color scheme oi cadet rooms ironi bilious hie ic to gentle tirccMi, To the ofTicers and men of the Mainuii- ance Departnicni— iliaiiks lor jjiox iiliiig a will eciuipjicd and smooth running physical plant. Caj)t. 1- ' .,U ' — I))l int DK ' iit llfdd I ' .tij l. (. ' .(lYUcs—Di ' pin tmoit Hiad Medicol 1 he Medical i)c|)arlnHiu is localcd jusi behind ilic mess hall. For j)ulling ])aiiies. annual ( hc( k-ups or lor allexialing ihc ])ains ol the loiiunou cold, sickba) ' has been oiu Iriend in .id crsu . I his deparimeiu has a large work load in li, Midline ilu lualili ol ilu ' base and llu- m.un dcjHiidinis ol our prison ml. Ii is an .nna ing thing ihal ilu (an keep uj at all. ' c ha e helped to a ceruiin cxlent by getting our ailnuuts in ;roups. " Moiuj- nook " ' was po])ul,ii lor .i lew niouilis and iliere is often a a e ol a|)pc iidit ii is. Kxery spring, xvhen roxving si.uis. wi- lia t- the blister parade hxjm nine to ten m ilic moinmi . 1 lu ' Medical staff is always on call and the condoning assurance- ihai our luciN will be- lakcn care ol has been wiili us lluse loui Ncars. •10 CkApel -v •p fmmm,, % Cliaplaiu Hohcnsicni The Intertaidi Meiiiorial Chapel, located on the highest part of the Academy gvoumls, is the locale ol Sunday worship lor many ol the cadets. With services beginning at eight oclock and continuing on through until ten. the cadets have an opportunity to attend either Protestant or Catholic services. Two Chaplains are available to ihe cadets, both as friends and as counselors. Chaplain Hohenstein is stationed at the Academy, while Chaplain Nolan is stationed at the Training Station in Croton. ho e er both ha ' e ample opportunity to attend to the religious needs of the cadets. 41 BELOW DECkS Drill% cftntl Each spring ihc Iciicc along Mohcgan Ave- nue is lined with a group oi people Ironi town, and an occasional girl from the college, as liie C()r])s (hills inienih in preparation lor ihe big parades ol ihe year— May Week. 1 i- corps on the field is a surer harbinger ol sprnig than is tiie grountlhog ' s prognosticalion. Cch . West and die Company oflicers are on lunid lo find the weak, points ol om drill. 1 lu cadets are usually well awaie ol these poiiUs and also correct each other in the ranks. With all ol this correction occurring and drill three times a week, how could wc lose-- When (iraduaiion day rolls ine itably around, the corps presents a picture of mosaic (]ualities. The constant attention placed cjn the Ime points blends iiUo the smooth-stepping mass ol a pioiid organ- ization. Cdr. ]] ' esl—Ass ' t. Com iinnitliinl i l C. idcIs 44 Chocolate has the Honor Platoon Review for Acliniral Hirshficld 46 47 oIIt Routine Reveille thunders ahoui ihe rescrvaiion .ii 6:15 A.M.. seaithin ; iiiio e erv li ing huiuUc on e er rickety rack. No oin- awakens bilorc breakfast at (kI; ' ). e en ilioiinh lu nia h- shaven and faidtlessly dressed. With breakfast over and a lew ol die opened eyes beginning to locus, all hands turn to on their personal gear, in preparaiioii lor per- sonal inspection which occurs at 7:1 " ). 1 hen from 8:00 lo ll:, " )r all cadets allciid ihcir classes, raiii ing Ironi ihc l)rcedin ; habus ol the atom lo the nuisl bank at 1 he nnopylae. i l.isi it ' s IL ' :l i r, M . and chow lornialion. The cor])s makes die most ol it. lor its been the goal ol all since lea ing die breaklast l;dilc. All loo soon it ' s 111:3. " ) lormation lime, and back lo die classrooms. Centuries later 4:00 l ' . I. rolls .iioimd and a two hour Irce pel lod is gracicnisly granted to all. . t (kIO the corps gathers at the evening meal, lor the allernoon ' s cHorts ha e generated good appetites. 1 his is a necessity lor the 7:n() to 1(1:0(1 stud hoiii. when the barracks sprouts western no els. mysteries, and maga- zines, riicii. ai last, it ' s 10: 10 1 M.. lights out. and eight hours to catch uj) on losi sleep. Rise and slihit Xoir •irltcn I ifiis n C.ndrt m If Bi rill m Ur Ri m-Mki ■■1 1 oi o And ■ kor Sludv hour? Pistol Team? FIdpjjy Hour More Drill Yd!, y»!, Yo! moth l)a O OO. iijlrr llir Riti ' Dniirr 7 ) t Billel up yet? Music Depreciation I TIko DciIIt Doiiblo Piiii! I ' liiiL Fool canctnh w the ElizAbetk Cmtj Eli .abcili CiL), Nuiih C.aioluia. luinu ' ol a Coast Ciuard Air Station and some vci pniiN girls. For iwo weeks a c crc down iIric ostensibly to learn a lew things aljoui our aii arm. VVc did to a limited extent, pulling a lew hours in the air in assorted types of air- craft. Getting our hot liiiic hands on llic con- trols A ' as quite a thrill lor iis. 11 ilu- e ents that were packed into ilial slioii period oi southern e. posine did not otiui at the air station. Our professional minds were exposed to a mock auiphihiotis landing at Little Creek. V ' a., oiu " cidtural minds abscnbed the pageants at Roanoke Isle, vhile om social minds whirled with the beauties of Virginia Ikach. 1 o the hardy officers and men who had the shepherding of us dining this happy time, a hats ofl and an hcartv " well done " from us all. 1 1 Movin " lime The Last Cadets 56 «P4 % ilf ' ' ■■■ Cttpo M«i Nestled pleasanily on the Jersey shoi-e lies the small resort town of Cape May, home of the Cape May diamonds and the Coast Guard Training Station for the East coast. After a (luick look at the to vn we found ourselves on tlie station ' s rifle range, shooting the qualifica- tion courses for the M-1. carbine and .45 cal. pistol. After we pulled our first liberty in nearby ' W ikhvood. our battle cry became Pull, paste, and half-mast, he ' s all through " . Those of the more bleary-eyed among us ' ere balanced by the prideful sons -ivho sported the Ijrand ne v ribbon of the expert rifleman and pistolman on their chests. A happy time of learning and excitement, looked back upon pleasantly by all. Tlie l)oys Pull, Paste, and Half-Mast, He ' s all through! Ready (jii the finiig line! | •ssr » I • . ' . «., Rrndx on the left? u i ' . ■ --- ' iJ ' 9 Ciiinninu I ' F ' nhw ' . Tr ' Commence F ' nino ' . 58 • ■» ._ . ' " ' -i -JL -- -.i - t ' - ' 1 K ■ .. . r ;: i zwu ' 1 Kcni ' -tfcdff-- • - " ai Willie, and liis larcrets ] ' lnit a motley lonkiit ' rreu ' 59 $ cib Indoctrination I ' rt ' pardiion for Btitl(ili(j)i Commander tiiOLMi ' ■■BBflHBaH IWn-iAi .Voic Gentlemen, ive have a little icork lu do i 2 S ' auth Summer Drill Gi AcluAfion I9S To the strains of Pomp ami Circiimstaiic -i ' j3j ja -kiA. Danu ' lsi ' ii receiving the Leadership Award SPORTS S MORALE I. I lu- SIX null lull-; ilon l hold liaiuls willi ()ur ,i iii: ami ahoM- all, don ' t look at luT w iili passion in xoni i c-. Wc Wfif told to ohsiixc tlu- aniinitics. and llirii hainsii tini;. It look awhili- to hi ' ai into oiti heads ih.it the aiiicni- lics is .1 tiriii th.it iiuludcs nuich nioif. To li.uc lucn ahlc lo sec oiirscKcs at our Inst lunihlini; .itti ' inpls at the social graces would ha e shown us tlu ' wisdom ol the sccniiiij ly siiingcni rules laid down. It has been lour long- years, liberalh interspersed with ein- i)arrassing slips ol the tongue, ptnuh spilled down the Ironls ol gowns, and the buiiipiiig and jostling of a cro vded dance llooi ' . but now wc can be at ease in an) diawing room in ihe counirw MrxiriDi Hal Ihnuc Cdod Ei ' eiiiii . Ciond Kvrni)ig, (iood l-A ' cning, (iood E ,lClll!l! : . . . 64 Ance Commit t o Some cadets, a long while back, decided the scarcely housebrokcn Swab should carry off his social blunders in a more picturesque set- tins ' , thus oeneratiu " the idea of the dance O O » ' committee. Since that time more and more men ol real talent, not knowina; this original intent. ha e tinned this acti it) ' into one ot the least praised, hardest vorking endeavours on the reservation. Pride of workmanship and resourcefulness often bordering on the super- natmal ha e combinetl to produce beaiUy and an air of la ish vealth Irom a le v stray bits of paper-mache, buckets of paste, and some well-placed chicken wire, 1 he annual ring dances are ahvays the object of vondering ■ ' Oh ' s " antl " . h ' s " from the feminine contin- gent. A sincere ' " well done " lo the cadet dance committee. Thoiit ' ii and lo)shnid. Co-CIkiii men Till ' -,vn)l;incr hoys 65 Itino D«ince The air vas languorous Avitli the scent of iro])ical flowers. Gay colors blentlcd with the music ol the Islands. The eye grew dreamy as it saw the bare feet, flashing smilf. and s ay- ing hi])s ol ilu- I lul.i. Main a nouiij hi. hi held in Ills arms the girl who voiUd oiu- da he- come his wile. The cnchanlmeni ili.ii was Hawaii lay softly on that spring night. Such was the ring dance, 195 I. ihc jjroduci of manv horns of toil on the part ol an in- spireil ring dance connniitee. The efleci souglit was perfect, from the lush Ha vaiian selling to the lei of baby orchids on each girl ' s shoulders. Work had begun on this affair a full nine months before, and the committee ' s reward came in watching its complete success. Ne er before had there been such a ring dance as this or. is it ])ossil)le. we may be prejudiced ' Olson (111(1 ] ' (tll(i)i (it icarl; on the I ' iiiLi The Rl. (r DAXCi-: 1951 t r Tliey even have them here The Hula Bill McPeters and the n " Academy Orchestra k Mcnn-a ' hilr hark at the camp Protestant Chapel Committee Since lilc l)iliiiiil ihcNC hallowed walls al limes assuims tlu- ausuiii ol a loiuciii, whai is iiioic nalinal ilian the lonnalion ol C.iuirch ;i ' ()uijs ikdicaKcl lo a iLli ;i()Us allRiing ol cadets lo c()nic ' iiij)laic GOD ami his workings upon us? 1 hrough ihcsc mcclings cadets strive lo belter understand and liillill the purposes lor which (.Ol) granted us the gilt oi lite. By bringing young people together it is believed that religion will become an accepted part of theii lives, and the social (oiiiact thus engen- dered ill also react in a wholesome way that might otluiwise be missed in the too fast pace of Academy life. The lad that these groups continue to flourish attest lo their worth and the need the lidhll in oni e er da ' life here. Cdtliolic Cliiij) ' ! Coiirmillee 68 $ocIa Fountain Comnaitt o Batcman, Jenkins and Anderson is not a legal Hrni. Jnst three hnngry boys. They formed the soda fonntain committee and have been the mainstay in tinning out those week- end snacks diich are so important to a grow- ing Cadet faced vilh the inevitable Saturday night mess-hall fare of hot dogs and beans. A group of enlisted men pick up a little extra money by doing the cooking and counter hop- ping, although Bateman is often there dining rush hours with his sleeves rolled up dishing out the chow. Fourth Classmen, by sheer good-nature and a desire to help their fellow- man, do the clean-up ' tvork. Did someone say Bull Gang? Enjoying a little snack The Soda Jerks gUtmmmm 69 Glo Club M). Jriiks This vcar tlif AcadcniN lias ilic largest Glee Cilub it luis had in ihc hisi lour years. Sixty mcinljers stron; , ri hl llirout h liic season. The group apijcared in the new proc urcnuiu nio ic " Coast C.uard Cadei. " and pioN idcd i)acks round music lor a good part ol it. Ihc Musical Evenings pro ide a large ouilci lor ihcir cfForls. but a loi ol drive came from the expected IckN ision a])pc uancc in New ork. Satishaction is one way to exj)ress the activi- ties ot ilic Choirs this vcar. I here has been so inuih inipr() cniciu. Siuula) alter Siuida) ' the choirs do their little part to make tlie ser ice a wonhwhile experience. W ' hat an honor to help in such an important part of life. Although ilic reward was materially the coveted spring week-end the real reward grew oiu ol the kind words ol cue oiuagement and appreciation that were so numerous. The Glee Club ' . . . . ■ • • f % % 9 s 70 § w tcstawMt Chnir CaiholM€ Chair 71 1 111. ' I)l;u k lace gang is {IcdicatLd to ilu jiiop- osiiion I lull il somclhing is torny enough. ])C()pk: will laugh and enjoy ihcniselves. It can not all be corn tho ' as people return every year lor another roinul of the same. Good singing and ilu- lond iiope that one of the End- Mrn will ull a new joke is more than enough lo Ijring back the customers. The lirst Nfin- strel show gi en at the Academy was dining our eat 1 da s at CCiA and has become a well established and cherished iiislilulion in tliis institution. II ou think that is redundant you should attend one ol these sho " s where redund.iiue in abuiid.iuce makes numi ' rous humoious moments. j Ir. Liqiior-Locher 72 Cats . 3 73 lido Rip« The I iin Rii ' ssi.ill IrtcIm (k ()Us oiu ' page lo .1 link ' Miblk ' hoi 11 looting. 1 hr hook began ai a class niceiing some four years ago. Swanson raised an unsuspecting hand ak)it and suddenly louiid he had assumed the job ol |)ul:)lishing this loiiie. His insistence that he was iiieith asking a (|uestion was to no .uaih [oil has lost nuich siud time in turning out the history ol our sojotirn at CGA and to him go the orcliids— or the onions, as the case may i)e. 1 ht- iisi ol ihe si, ill are whipping bovs and shnes lo the t pewriter plus an adxertis- iiig genius and a business manager. ! lu last mentioned is also an expert iorger; Haiem.in taiiLiht him. Su iiii.ujii , E(liti)}-in-( liicf Joiu ' s-Bateman, Advertising Manager Diike, Diisclicl mid lii kfdrd, (ojiy cdilors li o lino Oal (.iKunjni nc and IDrshnid Co-editurs The First Class staff Bond and Wuhlxild. the nucleus of next year? Just one of llir Ixjicvritei pounders Two years ago, a couple of enterprising up- perclassmen decided tlie sports-minded mem- bers of the corps should be kept current on the Academy ' s sports event. Conseqtiently. on their o vn initiative, they proceeded to put oiU a veekly thro v-sheet co ering the preceding week ' s vins and losses. Their efforts ' on in- stant appro al and the greatly expanded news- paper that wc knots ' today, soon had nuish- rooined into existence. Coverage of events of Ser ' icc side interest dominate the first page in conjunction Avith any important Academy doings for the ■week. The middle spread is devoted to ariety. sucli things as the Chap- lain ' s ■ veekly message to the corps, inter- company shennanigans, and editorials on any- thing from the art of studying to studying of art. The back page is devoted to sports, and it alone has more space than the entire original throw-sheet. .So hats off to Howling Gale. It renders a aluable service and shows vhat a judiciotis application of that trained initiative can accomplish. The underclass staff • . • . • . • . • • - •l. ' i X I i lU ' Public Educ fefion ontl Procui omont: Biondo and Leddy, The rliicjs at work If vnu ' rc sucUlcnly inlcicstcd in what you ' ve been cioiiig ihc past icw years, check with the Public Information Ollice. Not only will they be glatl to tell you, you ' ll liiul they ' e more than likely sent this info to your hometown newspaper alons; with your piciine. It ' s all part of the plan lo keej) the C ' oast Cuard in ihr puljjic eye. and perha])s induce ()me un- suspecting oung lad to lollow ()u into Ser- ice dress blue. Coupled with the info thus led to the public is a group who concentrates on possible cadet material presently in oiu high schools. I lie I ' loctnemenl ( " onmnttee is compo.sed of cadets who canvas high schools and voulh gioups in the states in the vicinity ol the Academy, showing movies of the life lull ' and giving short talks on their experi- ences as cadets. The work done b these two groups is competent and well vorth the doing. c fact that an e er Asidening circle of the ci ilian population in our area has become aware of us and our nnssion attests to the success of these two acti ities. The Public Infii. Indians t f t t ' 1 The Procurcnunl Indians ig Light Anderson, Campbell, Biondo and Roland Everyone knows that nothing going is more stupid, useless, and botliersome than an ignor- ant and uninitiated Swab. The Academy ' s answer to this delicate problem is Running Light and upperclassmen. Upperclassmen are dealt vith elsewhere, so here we see the work- ine of the " Swab bible " . Dedicated to the proposition that there are s vabs and some- thing must be done about it, this handy pub lays do- vn a tew nasty rules o£ conduct that vould try the patience of Job, throws in a history of the Service and Academy, gives a commentary on all the buildings here, in- cludes some perfectly insane questions and ans vers, adds a few thousand random vords from Webster ' s and ends up sith the admoni- tion to the swab to " memorize verbatim " . The fact that this book is put out by a very fe • men in a very short time every year attests to the success of its own mission. AcaJ mT CAlenJAr Aware that the average cadet reckons time from liberty to liberty and leave to leave, an enterprising group of cadets who felt that time was cheating them of a full life set otu to remedy the situation. Ciathcring together 365 sheets of paper and a pile of old photos, they compiled a calendar such as has never before been seen. Cadets looked at this minor vork of art, snorted with disdain, and continued to li e their lives as before. The calendar staff was crushed. All their w ork for nothing. But we had all failed to reckon -ith the po ver of the parent. They looked them over, liked tliem, and forth vith expected one every year. Thus the corps was laimched on another extra- ciuricular activity; a sleeper that has taken on the aspect of a big business. Roland. Knhpatrick and Haugen SPORTS AT THE ACAVEMY FOR THE YEAR 1954 Football Though falling just short of a winning season for the first time in many years, the Academy football team had no reason lo be abashed for its showing in ilie past year. Led 1) (luarierljack liobby HoUingsworth. whose accurate passing led Coast Guard to its vic- tories, the team compiletl a . ' M record. Nation- ally. Bobby was spolligliied lor the total yard- age gained passing, while iiKim niembers ol the team gained Ijerihs or iiieniions on the Connecticut All-Stale leanis. I he major ]3oi- tion of the insi team will be lost through gi ' aduation. biu biiei iews ol the up mo ing underclassmen ha e gi en indication that this Avill little hurt the Academy ' s prestige in New England football circles. Dan Olson. C ij)liun CGA 13 Norwich 12 CGA (i Wesleyan CGA I, " . Amherst ' i ' i CGA Worcester 6 CGA (i Trinity IL ' CGA 35 RPI 7 CGA 7 Drexel 26 if ' fr !5 Q St Tlie cutuliiii " .shiji Cobiini, Su.shi. Xielsen, Dasovich, Hollingsn ' urtli. Olson Nielsc7i slides through for 5 more yards Kcili It uji -!( ' _; J;i; 7? ((e 1 9 HK»« H i .jO Bfc i • s 1 SA 86 76 7 73 i87|S4f7S|3S U 34 9S « » It . II It i r ' " 1 F 1 1 ' G ' H BnwIB 1 €l«l4 tbA Si;iiliii;4 ilic year wiiliuiu ilic loss ol one iiicmber from last year ' s team, the ( " oasi duard l: e stood a good chaiue ol l)ciuriiig their Kcord. Aiier letting the lirsl three games slip ihrough ihe baskets, the team pnlled lliem- srKes together and began to lallv in ihe ' in (oliinni. W ' nh iht ' rene i ' d spirit ol both ihe nam and the Corps of Cadets, we went on to win. entbng on top four otit of tlie last live games. Thotigh the season record of li e ins and nine losses is nothing spectacular, the end ol the season showed the spii it and dri e that slioidd (an on to an e en beiui utoKJ next ear. frfoj Ercltsdu. l.(if)t(uu Ballet ???? €l«l40tb€ft Siariiui ilic year wiihoiii ilic loss oi one nicinbcr Ironi last year ' s team, the Coast C.tianl li e stood a good ciiance ol bettering their record. Ahii ieiiing ihe lirsi iliree games slip iliroiigli tlie baskets, the team pulled ihem- sehes logiiher and began to tally in the win colmnn. W ' iih ihe renewed spirit of both the uaiii and ihe Corps ot Cadets. A ' e ent on to win. ending on lop loin ' oni ol the last five gauKs. Ihoiigh tiie season record ol ]yc wins and nnie- losses is nothing spectaciilai . ihe end ol ihe st ' ason showed the spirit and diixf that should carr on to an e en bciui reiord next vear. Giny Ereksou . l.(ij)l(uii Bullet???? Dci oboll W ' itli the season jusl beginning, we liaveni had much opporiuniiy lo observe ilie Bastl)all team in action. Hampered by the usual rainy New London spring weather, most ol tlie i)vac- tice lias been confined to the batting cage. Vilh three new Inurih classmen showing oreai jjromise with their pitching arms A e shouUl ha e a good reserxc lo l)a( k up liie returning moimd stall. The big problem lacing the team now is getting back their old liitling eye. With a l)reak in the Matlicr and some good practice tiiiK ' this should be ) ercome. Although it is rather early to say. the opiiuoii ol all concerned is that the Academy should held one ol the most promising base- ball nines in many years. Latham. Capliiin The wind iiji and 86 Bislioj). Dcppennan, Combs, and Rybacki fft Vi e%tlino I- ' inishing up ihc season wiili a line show ini; ill I he New Enoland Championships, the Acadeniv Maulers cenainK lia e no le iels lor the season. Led h ic-ani Captain jiiii Woods ihcy achie ed two h)uiihs and a ihiid in ihe Championships. . n outslandin; ieaune was the undefeated seaM)n in N ' aisiiy compel ii ion of " lUdl " Dnrham. diouj h beins; onh in ihe freshman thiss. Being iniahle lo compete in the ' arsity championsliip. he had to Ik- con- tent Avilii ireshman champ ol die nnlimiled class. Also scoring lor ihe Academy ' was an- other fourth classman. Hammerciuisi. who, though ne er wrestling before in his lile. won a championship in the freshman cla s. with only a few weeks of practice. A ' ith this kind of reser e. we ha e high hopes that the Maulers vill come through with a Aery good season next vear. Woods— C.apt(uii Cdr. F.arle. Lt. Sl irr. Lt. {jg) Paulsen— ( ' oarlies Woods— C,(i pi.. Kaisfr—Mujwgcr 88 Just a jew ideas oil the jiiii-y points Groaii- Tlie Grapplers 89 Starling the season with iluir usu;il high hopes and spirits, the Acatlcni) Mermen fig- ured to linn in a belter record than has been shown ill the ])asi lew years, l- ' ioiii iht ' iiiiiial meet ii was obvious that the team had im- proxed and was finally gaining some of the (lc])ih it has sorely missed in the past. Though the inial statistics showed the team to be short ol .1 winning record, ihcv did garner their mosi siuitsslul season since Svvimming vas ninsiiinied at the Academy. An c en cloijcr look ai the record shows thai in many ol the iiHiis lost ihere vvas a difference of only a few jjoinis. i he team also set two new records for ihe . cadcmy— l)a is in the 15reaststroke event, and the Relay team in the Freestyle e ent. With graduation, the team will lose their point-getting Capiaiii. Iikc ' eilktu-. bin. liappily. sliow enough reserve strength to maintain their im])ro emeni ilnough the com- mg years events. J ' cillctic, Cuptain Ju.sl (uiollicr day ' s pxictice ii lif Oi ' pr u e so T ;e Mermen ' ♦ ■y 1 V V ■jk Cro«% Count I ' T Alter losing lour Idler men lioiii ilic n. ' i squad, ihe Harriers turned oui an (.xctlkni performance in recovery. ith one ol ihe toughest comses in the area, consisting ol many, many hills and dirt paths, the team, led bv Captain Ted Murphv and closelv ioUowed bv Mansfield, an up and coming louiili cl.iss- nian. Imished with a prett lair iicord. (The latest word is that the College girls are out lor C.C.. however it seems they arc using horses.) Chuck Nfoorhead. second class, showed a ri ' m.n k.ii)li- improxeiiuiu ihis ear. and shoidd. as Captain ol next xear ' s team, lead them to a er successlul season. £ di .1 1 i J : ' -■ la m m i- .ailL% Mmpliy, CajjL: Lt. Bnsiuih. Conrli: Allen. M(i)i(ii: r: Till ' Hin ivn f The newest addition to the hing list of Academy teams is the Soccer Team. Though having no regiUar competition scheduled lor the year, the team vhippcd themselves into fine form ilh their exhibition games. The experience gained in those games, against some of the finer soccer teams in the area as well as a bit of international flavor, is vliat the team vill put to good tise in years to come. Let ' s all get behind the team and Avish ihcm the best of luck in their new endea or ami manv vinnina seasons in the fiitme. EiigliDul. dipt. Arnold. Maiiiiger Lt. U)i.si)ni. Cli ' lo M())il()r. i. Coatlies The xvhole team 93 S ilino Kuightj M i. C.arii. ' ,. ( ' .(ij)! Welsli, Commodore—Cliurtcr, Mi ). Comiiii; back oui of winter hibernation, tlie Acailcuiy Sailing Team once again dons their loul weather gear in preparation lor a lougli spring scludulc. Defending ihe liilc ol New Knghmd Champs, earned through their efforts last spring, wc have liigh hopes that the team will sail away wiili ilic trophy again this vear. Since the team is powered, not so much bv iiidixidual stars, but bv a •hole scjuadron ol experts— some of tlie best sailors in Ww Kng- land— e shoidd see otn- s•ay to smooth sailing o er another excellent season. Starboanl! ' . They ' re Off Jacob ' s Rock Slater and crew Kid. From deep in tlic loAvcr bilges of Chase Hall comes a weird cry. Is ii some weird new bird? oI A member oi the rifle team has most likiU shot a swabo. I liis grou|) h,is perliaps the oiiistanding record through the years of in Academy team. It has been by a combina- lion oi concentration and practice. Another .11(1 in hilling; ihe bhit k ring is inoif ()l)sture and iioi always realized. Too man ol us iluiik ol the Rille leain as a bilge rat ratliator club. I aim so. li takes a good deal of muscular control to hold the often arduous and inuisual positions demanded in c ompet il ion. We are proud oi the team and its record. 1 hey have ablv upheld the name and honor of the ole " Campus. Glaa—Ciijiliini Tlic Sliiirpshootcys Pi«tol Lt. Paul Lutz and his embryo Mickey Spil- lanes have gone out to win, witli a zeal that is gratifying to sec and hard to match any- vhere. In the last year at CGA they have von seventy-five percent of their competitions and have broken oUI records of long standing. Many ne v team records and individual marks have been hung up as goals for future pro- ponents of the basic law of pistol shooting— SQUEEZE. The graduation of Frank Mc- P ' adden ■ill leave a hard to fill spot in the team. His setting; of the individual mark of 289 in tlie National Rifle Association is one record that will not soon fall. Other gradua- ting members of the team will also bt- missed but the boys have depth and can look for vard to many good scores in the futiu e. Mcfaddeii—Co-CUipliuii Milh(i(ll-Co-Captnin The team Lewis. C.dpt. Mr. Xcu-Idii. Coach Cordon. Mi Willi I he season just starting. A e haven ' t had nuuh opporiuniu ' to obscr e ihc iiienis ol the cinder poiuiders. However some proni- isini; new adihtions hnni die hiiiiih class lia e greatly eniiaiutd die team s ch.iiues lor a win- ning season. .Vltiiongh the itaiii has al a s been ham- pered 1) limited laciliiies and wet spring weal her. ii seems ai last ilial the Academv will gel its new held. With liaker Field scheduled lo be completed soon, the corps will soon be .djle to see their men in action on home ground. Three first classmen will be seeing their last season at C(i. : team captain Ed Ixnsis in ilu ' Jaxelin. led Hrow n in the Pole ' aiill. and Da e Flanagan in ihe (hiarler Mile. From the stains of the team now. it appt ' ars that theie w ill be no stopping tiiem. Tlir (niilcr I ' oinidrrs Cke i looilor s 1 :. ' Tf :- % ' f i ., ' ■ V I nr-, r, -t ji --:; Bac:k Row: lixiicii. Hulls. Lindciiiulh. lin lini(l— -Ri».v Row. Ii: ieii liii. I ' mki-i. riiiiikir. Dniiiii. Cuinl Boundless in the energy they expend for old alma mater, the cheerleaders leap along their tniinhibited way. Throiighotit each game they ply their trade of channeling oral decibels out to the straining players. Those who sinvive the grandstand charge, peruse the game on silent hatmchcs. waiting their tinn to explode into loud support of Big Blue with ' Hail, Hail, to Coast Guard " . Their ' s is a ticklish job. yelling enough, but not too much, being e ' er careful to never again drop a megaphone on Mr. Nitchman, yet remaining out from under myriads of husky placers. The corps ' response to the efforts of the feverish five attests to the fine school spirit of the student body. 99 ionoorcini Club Volleyball First (111(1 second class basket Inill liide-on Boys pom or CALL V 9M 104 105 H lif Mark-O, Mod-O - y l-roiii tin- aiit;ii;c poim ol Imn tais ])ast Iiisloiy. the cruises blend iiilo a mosaic ot long (lavs at sea and brief inierludes in the ever- hicndh foreign ports, liius. this section on I ' ovis ol ( all seems the l)esl way to l)i inj older oiii ol the chaos ol memories which come 1111(1(1 the mental lile marked " Once upon a liini ' , on cruise " . Our Ills! taste ol the sea was a back in swab simmni. We met the rougiiest seas our class e ei encountered on this, our liisi trip upon the brim ' deep. Perhajjs it is lor this icasoii iliai memories ol Halilax are cluttered with impressions ol side-walks that roll and pilch. W ' e then drilled down the Cull .Stream to Uermuda where e ci ()iu ' dioxe on liie wrong side ol ilie road. A lew power bikes weie wrecked in the ensuino confusion. Craz iniihri ' lla ? ' J ' ' ' " ili 106 er muda " Mr. Coast Guard " s.ets a trim Ai sea. the Eagle became less and less a thing ol beauLy. The ihrilling aspects of a sciuare- rigger faded liom iniporiance and were re- placed by groans and ,L;rij)es o cr lack ol slrt p. lack ol wonun, and abundance ol vork. Yet, ii i ilusc niinoi things of teniporar iinpor- lantc which ladi ' in looking Ijack. We re- nieinbtr ihe ex(ileincnl ol a shij) heeled sharpK hcloii- ilu ' wind: the creaking of blocks, ihe siiaining lines, and forget the lact that the lines wetc- as olien strained by oiu " backs as l) tin ind. Memories ol Ireezing on bow lo()ki iii .irc ' iinw less i id ih.in those ol sleeping on dec k under a waiiu ti )]:)ical sky lilled with st.irs iidiiule in nimdjer and of a liistei not seen b the portion ol hinnans ■ho h,i c- ne cr gone to sea. I he almost over- ])owci inn smell ol land altei long d.i s ol the sea ' s nothingness in our nostrils as an unlor- gettable iin])acl upon our senses, as we steamed up the Oslo liord. «M ? . wu i 77;r C ' .oiinnaudcr cxj lanis (he .siiiijjIc piocediiyp of paralleling two D.C. geueratois—just turn the knohs— % r Bnw Luukullt Sea jyaniler (hill 109 -cs O lo Oslo— huge cit) ' will) small lown hieiulii- nc ' ss. Perliaps more lor this reason ihan lor any other. Oslo remains our lavoriie port. F.xamples ol Inendliness were lound in liie clean, numerous, and ])reii ])arks; in the side- walk eales: in the ijeer gardens where nian a pleasant ailernoon was consumed in the con- sumption ol headv beer. People smiled as thev passed bv. All were eager to ir out their Oxiord lia ()ied Knglish on us and were fasci- naled by our slang. .Add .seagoing talk lo an American ' s ()cabidar and few can decipher the code. Dances and leceptions were loo numerous to mention. ' isits to museums, the Ohiiipic ski jimip and Frogner Park occu])ie(I mau .1 hni-idled day. We will not soon lor- get this cit or its beauty. h , .■. s,, ' Oslo City Hall The Hiihiinikollcn Enjoying the Amenities li ' t vJ! f ii ' J ' llC .•.llunule jo} lift What better way to relax? psjfW " Ii has been said thai cruises would be a dis- tinct pleasure were it not tor navigation. This is indispiuablc. but " we foimd much time for ftni e cn vith the enormous requirements that faced us. No matter hat the work load, an all night poker game as ahsays in session. Breeches-buoy drill, giuinery, sea-painter drill, and drills in general took up the slack time betw een ships work, poker, and watch standing. The first Olficer of the Deck watch vas an unforgettable thrill. Especially on the cutter as one attempted to keep station on the vary- ing coiu ses. headings and speeds of the bird. O.D. on the Eagle ' as a unicjue experience, yet little different than on any ciuter. We began to build confidence; ve began to feel like ofiicers. Tlie skipper inspects Breeches-Biioy drill Fantail Aye Cop onlkdioon Copcnliagcn. llic Paris ol ihr noiih. and a good poll tor aii ciuisL ' . c wxrc ihcrc on two cruises and si ill iiiisscd inanv ol its ai trac- tions. One ])lacc c- didii ' i miss vas llic ( ' iiy Establishnicnl: class hang-oiit on boih cruises, livoli ollcrc ' d the epitome in amusement. Fireworks. Puppet shows, and all ihe things iound in an large anniscment park plus twenty-one restaurants and numerous outside concerts. 1 his was the best port of all for night-life. A day time exclusion to Klsinore to view the castle around which Shakespeare wrote 1 lainlti . oi a tri|) to the I ' uborg bri ' wi ' ry was worthwhile and cultural. Every young man shf)ul(l know ho v beer is brewed. Ill the harbor, a slalue of a mermaid looks eternally out to sea. W ' e like to feel she is awaitino our return. Guind Moinit IVondri (ill Coj ciiliiii cu! The Met maid 114 If , j ), .,,,1, n ,iu . ■ Lower away togcllicr Our (Icpai luif Ikjiu C ojjcnhagcn was iri- uiiiphal. 1 he DdiniKirk, a full-rioocd ship once slatioiud at ihe Acadcniv. cliallcngcd the Eaglf to a VMc up lo the Kattegat. All hands joined eagevh in tht- cndcaxfir to sho ■ them a view ol oiii stern. c won easily o er llie Danes, and slipped onl past F.lsinore with a new leeling ot respect lor otn ship and a new pride in otn al)ility to handU her. A race between two si|iiarc-riggers is a laie sight in these times. We will ahsavs ihiill to the memoi ol that lace and om ]),nt in it. Onr last eoiHacl Avith Copenhagen vas the ]) ni- iii(iii; ' s hlinker sending " hon () age " . The days at sea soon iisohid into the nn- changing romine thai makes memories blur imo a composite ol wind, water, and stars. Most men linn lo philoscjphy at sea wheie the ast and im ielding panorama makes out own insignilicance become an overpo -ering reali zation. We can Icel siipei ioi to the sea in our abilil) ' lo ihink and. iherelore. do imic h deep pdiidei ing as w c ' ciawl oxer its sinlace. 116 f I M- w ' 1! " Deck Aye ' V 117 Am%torilAm Tlnoitiili the lochs Id Aiiistodai A long, low line on the horizon vcsohcd into the coastline ol llie Xcllicrlaiuls. Well nanietl— hoAV nelher can vou el? The (ounirv was lou- and our s])iriis were hi li as we steamed down the canal and througli the locks into Anislerdani. l ' eo])le waved to us Ironi the banks: an omen ol the friendly reception e recei ed. Xigln lile was suj)eri)! (bruise section one had a party every night. These parties wx-rv an indication of the spirit that existed between the first and third classes throughout the ciiiise. We were proud of having tacked ship witii oid liie (kck watch: the parties reflected this spirit and renewed ii lor the remainder of the cruise. Viiccn l(j (I tliiy The Wild Out To dry ri ' hl vr liiif} . .. «£ ' jfc ' i, :f• ( ;, i- ' -l Staybonrd! „-?£- Uuifo) III of the Day irill be . . . 119 Underiuuy again 120 Lay aloft and set all sails Round and round she p lfWf ciiit €iiiclor C.!i iiC (hr,c)i Welcome Aboard Ddu ' l and llir Ameiiilir 122 Take five Ku:;:. ' ::: llic jtuui Spuds and Spades 0900 Siesta h MA A tahrs a hri-nlt Just j))isli this lever to the start Ijositimi — mid hope! 12 A U;ui ol iluiN 111 ihc engine room iiu ' anl a lew weeks wiilioui sunshine. Il was liaid. Iioi. anil sweai i)ik. Ilowexer. il as greaih inieresLing and rew.ntling. All the machinery we had studied in tlie classroom came vividly .ili e down in v hhick pil. Our theoretical knowledge was ol aliie in jjraclical experi- ence: oLii handling ol iiiachiner ' i)ecanie con- lidtiii and competent. ()t course, there were iiuiior iiiislia])s. such as the night the coffee |)ot bhw up. Mure were uncxplainable phenomena suth as the lad that the [tinkers air compressor wouldn ' t start tinless a chorus of " Ach Du Lieber . ugustine ' was sung prior to hitting the start-lever. Hut these dillicullies were o ercome or at least tolerated: ' e lully enjoNt ' d the laigine loom. 125 Ill IkiikIs l ihr slalions . . . I»l oncl« The ()l(.iiii( wastes ol 1 tiurilii ' juiud smldciiK () XT i1k- lioi. sii(k liori on ol the South Aliaiitic. l)usl sirccls. burros aiul sliops with ti tintiulous values in leather goods were the main attractions ol this Canary Island poll. hiis loin ol the island ii ' nio ed our lust tiiiia (jraljle impression ol SaiUa Cruz as we iewed the lusli egelaiion of the interior. Some of us sa v our lirsi camel, tried loods witli exotic names and llaxois and heg.iii to enjo ' our stay. leneritte could iioi (oiiip.ne with the Spanish mainland port ol Sanlander but we had our parties and began to think strongly of home. ew London— next stop. The Square fl iMfM ' I . - To the woods 3 potatoes . . . Seuor 26 Let Fall Jk j ' M Soos:ee Sooiiee Rag; O r o NRCB 1)E NBTM Brrinc}liir,ii ' ii Hull I away together .SV 7 V. I. C. E. Last III oun The last period at sea was interminable. The Eagle could not go fast enough even if she were breaking speed records. She wasn ' t doing that as we spent the fhsl week out of the Canaries drifting under listless sails while our ship slowly met llic swell. The Eagle finally realized that we were homeward bound and, dtu-ing the second week, charged happily northward. The ustial cruise rumor of an early return to New London made the roinids during the last week out. A storm, carrying us too far north, reciuired the ftuiing of sails in the darkness of oiu ' last night out. Any other night would Iia e caused much griping by the sleepy cadets s vaying and slipping on the wet rigging while the Eagle struggled under the impact of the sea. In the morning, the sea was calm as Elmer drove us on •ard. We spent the last few hours harbor furling the sails. Jtist oiuside the harbor, a sidjmarine ooina; down the river blinked " Welcome Home " . Ne v London had never hooked so good. Hid Ikii I III . ' — .V( ( ' l Bdskiiiii III the sun At Lust! Just u few more days at this speed OUTWARD BOUND BELLE HARBOR, NiVN YORK Brooklyn " Terhnic ai iatyii School .SV; )t; Mcuuij:,!:) :rSui f ' ti lomi; Tide Rijjs Busitjess Mniii eyf i Qrtv j;ram Club; } ' }il li(it fi Minwel Show After a few years practice at a couple of ci ili.m cDJleges, Cliijjpy found new worlds to con(|uc i lure ;n ( X -A. Dick ' s self-confidence and seemingly mdiniiicd energv have been a constant source of ama emeni lo us all e cr since he arrived. Apparently luitouclicd by the pro erbial military conservati eness supposedi inlurcni in om s stcni. lie ' s still Avilling to lake the extreme liberal u ])oini in any political or social argument. Happiest wluii ixplaining how he got his latest weekend cjr how he almost made a grand slam, he is uncontested as the Academy ' s fastest talker. Even the fall Irom iaxoi ol Sin ' Storm, his first lo e, didn ' t noticeably curiail his woikini; hoins. 11 oii can keep up with Dick long enough kj know him. m 11 find he has every officer recjuisite. , lO f ANYOA ' £ F " 132 BRADENTON. ' F- llIDA Manatee Coumy High Scliool Rifle; Baseball Mana ' j n : ( Imir; Glee Club; MnntreJ SJfdra ' I ■ McntMclh 1)9nald MlhwiiiawB Ken oozed his way up from the Florida Swamps into the relatively clear air of New London to try the life of a master mariner, not iliat he needed to. but because the sea put in its siren call. One thing Ken can ' t resist is the siren call. T o previous years at college gave our boy enough spare lime to explore the surrounding cotnitry and comnunie Avilh nature. Never one to take a " Dear John " lying down, he kept his " Dear Jane " pen close at hand to beat the current flame to the punch. His sense of timing in this respect is nothing short of uncanny. Peihaps practice makes perfect. Cool and competent in most situations, he has the making of a good officer. Give him a good ship, a good skipper, and a hart! job and stand by for action. Good Luck. Ken. The Hide C.G. man has been long known as Mr. Moneybags ai ihe Academy. As he himscll expresses it. lie is ilie most sought alter man in the chiss at the end ol the montli when cash is scarce: and the inosi axoidetl ai ihe he inninj.; ol tlie month when p.iMiieni is due. Roast inj; the best record for encounters with mend)ers of thi- lair sex. he has so far man- aged to escape iniscathed and unconquered. He likes to think and talk about settling down, and there have been occasions when he would sweat lie had loiiiid the one. How- ever his ardor cools before it is too late. Fall has always lound Ci.G. enthirsiastic about " the terrific crosscountry team we have this year " , but it never turns oiu the way lie expects. His iierpelual smile has enabled him to bounce back Iroiu all disappoiiuments. I. ON (.Ml 1)0 V. iMASS .HUSETTS S])! iiiolifld ' yl ' tclinital Tfi ' li S( hool Cross Coinitrx lfni i cr: W irslling; . I(iii( j:yfi»i ( ' luh;SR ' fn ' liaii( c C.ommillce s-n ' -.;; r--f it - ;- - MOOSE LAKE, MINNESOTA Moose Eake Hiah School Running Liglil; Soda Fo:yiitiiin Committee ' H The " Moose ' " hails from, where else— but. Moose Lake, Minn. A real li e corn-tetl, pure bred country Swede, Andy took to the East like a duck takes to water. He perfected the Tm just a coiuitry boy " roiuine and was the escort of many a campus queen. A little trip up Syracuse way third class year and a gal from Pittsbiugli brought an end to his rov- ings. The trim little artist is sole possessor of his ring. A storehouse of energy makes him a guiding light in inter- company sports. .Always a main spring to every party and never missing liberty, he is one of those vho is perpettially on first, but still stays right up there in academics. He ' s pack- ing his bag and moose skin coat and heading for some vard- room. and a liickv wardroom it ill be. 135 1 ROCHllSl ER. NK : YORK- E3st Hi2;h S ol Sailing: Ring Dnn ' Committee; ' Vhcn the panvs cmn a glow on. Aiuly ' s sure to be there. His easy manner, couplc.l wiih an ample supply of crood naiured wit, makes Andy a natural, s prefer- ences are most pronounced. Though he is somewhat ol a track man an.l not unknown to .soccer, his favorite pastime is slumber, by a wide margin, liy far his favorUc dish is " Peaches " . Remember the boaldock scene witli main gleeful faces? No l)oatplugs. Culprit-Yep, An.lv. Perhaps a heinous crime in tite eves ol tlu law. but to us .t vas heroism above and bevond the call ol dutv. Sluu mg the wealth (his priceless charms) he has gladdened the heart of many a fair young maid. Alas, we hear his roving days are over. No definite word vet. l.t.i we tv beitmg that ! ' .cil l.ou will soon l)e his Mrs. 136 J s vs. , CHESTER. X ' l ' WOXT Chostei High " $Chool Track 9( ' yuyis:M(inaii,cr If JamcM §iniqhi Mfpdcn Here is a man •ho is bound lo succeed, it he has to re vrite every rulebook to do it. Originally here as a cadet in in the class of 1952. he was forced to resign for academic reasons. He then served a hitch for Uncle, returning here direct from the boys in bro ' n. A man given largely to his own thoughts, it took a while to break him in as one of the boys. His perennial claim is that he has no time for the opposite sex. Many of us wish we had that particular appeal that attracts the prettier femmes into his devoted follo ving. Perhaps the secret is to treat them casually. Whatever it is, Spike definitely has it. Vermont can well be proud of the Asp. for he is one ho vill make his way. Treat him well, and hell sell his soul to help you. ?•: ' y ti ■ " . 1 Bill, Bick, Willy, he ' ll answer to most anything, is another of Calilornia ' s gills to CGA. Bick came to us from Pasadena City College, with two years of Na al Air Reserve uniler his belt. For the first couple of years liis ia )riic subjeci was ihe experiences lu d h.ul as a creuinan in a Navy Avenger. Then he- linalh liLanl ilic (all ol the sea. so he ' ll now swap sail) tales with ihc bcsl ol them. lYrhaps Bill ' s greatest single act was the coining ol the famous " AVho— aahh " . which rang out hoiii Xtw l.omlou to Euiopc 1kh ci the men of ' 55 got together. A ]M)et of no small renown (ask him). Bick has been shower- hi " the class with his sonnets e er since wav back. " Harry ' s " out of vogue, so we are starling an " Vu just wild about ' ill " club. loin tlii ' hai)i)V thtono ' . 1 • : ALT. DKN. . tALlFOR.MA l»asadcii.i (it) Collcf e ' l ' )ii(l;: llnulni.u. Calr; Tide Rij ' S V. SHIHGTON, D. C. (.on aga Higli Scliool Pistul. ]iuinii)ii Li if k(lito) : Sinf ' ii Stonu ; HOivliiiiiQulM; FitJ ' lii il ( ' .hdiyninu: Tide J )s (: Charles Mwuiht ntf ' KianJ Sabu. Banjo Eyes. Bimbo, and Grape Crusher: he answers to them all. Some diere in his past he must have lived the lite ot a dilettante, for his taste in luxurious livino is matched by no other man in the corps. He has no peer as a connoisseur ot tine liquors, tine clothes, fine cigarettes, or fine women. Just ask him. All ribbing aside, he is a man ' ho cannot do enough for his friends, and he has manv. He is a hard and conscientious worker, never content luuil he has given the best in himself to the job at hand. His unfailing good humor has given many of his classmates that oft " needed lilt over the rockier places during the past four years. Here is a man who need never fret over his place in the hearts of his friends. His is. and always vill be, a place of highest honor. 139 V. Cartwtc n Jascph lottJin Thorouglily sali-incrusicd Ironi three vcars as an Klcciionics rcchnician in the sul)niaiinc scr icc, Blondic surfaced in l ' )51 U) join our ranks. I his was a (hsinui loss to ihc underwater Ijoys lor lew men are so jj,ihed as lo l)e al)le to repair a radar set wiili out swili kick. He was a diirly year man " Ironi the lusi time he erossed a brow, and lias never hiltered in working towards this goal. Carmen ' s fame as the Virginia Beach Cadei .Shore I ' airol will ue er wane, where his lieKe ■knurled " exehrow sirai-hleiied out some reserves m mighiy short oidei. He will he marrving his high school sweetheart upon -i adu.u loii. The faithful one. Barbara, is gelling a good man. one whose leadership abilitv and sense of lair |)lav will cnry him far in liU and ihe sei ice. 140 St. Mn v High Soliool f A»- , ' . ' J Track: Ilillr MrtiKtgef; l 07iogyam Club; Publicity; Pxxii mantJiioDunittee; Class Vic residffil 1 CORN IN C, N FAN ' ORK Corning liee Academy BaskctbaU; Ccunis: Jlnm Dance mmitige Mian n orr JS rc i Bones, over a tour year stretch, has tally earned his reptitation as the " poor man ' s Casanova " . Claiming joyfully tlKit variety is the spice ot life, he has taken out more gals in his stay hei ' e than any other in ' 55. Before a bail knee forced his retirement to the inter-company vars. At was a top-notch basketball prospect. No one will ever forget a Breed shot, Ozark Ike style, from under his o vn basket, to tie Wesleyan with seconds left in the game. Bones vent on to pace an overtime win. A firm advocate of the finer things in life, Al has repeatedly spoken for more rack time and better cho v. Any bull session vithoiu Al sprawled over a chair, rack, or desk, talking about Saturday ' s date, Wednesday ' s liberty, or Simday ' s fishing is surely im vorthy of the name. r ai€harJ Mice wiMWBWM Here is ihc man most likcU to have been l)()in with a iruiiipei ill one hand and a book " Deal Pulling " in ihe other. His higii school days were mellowed by his pro- ficiency in the music field, and lie didn ' t forsake the sharps and flats upon his aiiiv.d here. e aw honored (?) ih.il out ol lour sc holaisliips Ironi which to choose, CGA stole Brownie ' s lieari. He always vanished a hen tlie cruise hit tinope. only to reliun. spinning tales of bumming around the continent. Dick, being of the carefree sort, dated ohcii ai ihi college, but refused lo dcpriw ihe rest of the world oi his charms. Once reconciled to the insiiiution ol re eille. he is a good worker, always willing to gi e scjmeone a lift. Since Indiana has no ocean, e will gladh pui up wiili iIr- lloosici Hot rod. r-- k- ■ INDIAN ' APOl. IS. IM)1 A Slini ividgc High $cho()l Sailing: I ' .liet eaderrjiiiiii Dance Committee; l)i ieJk)t(i ' €!piiil (): Minstie, Show: Moiioiitfim Clnb ATH Track: Pistdjfl fh ram Club; PiociufW.c .iiiwtiinittee y H On impulse (and a rumor that the sky as falling) Chicken Little scurried East and made his nest in New London. Bro vnic ' s claim to fame came second class year as a " Safety Enoineer " . ' hile watchino; his schoolmates engaged in the frightfuly perilous task of washing their windows, he happened to notice one of them falling. " What ' (s-ould a well grounded officer do in this case? " Vith lightning quick resolve he dashed to the scene and caught the terrified lad in the midst of his fall. Bravo! His ease with the books has left liim ample time to ply his good will and good nature among us all. His charm can be readily attested by numerous fair and infatuated ladies the -ivorld o er. Just for the record, we ' re tiuiie fond of this dynamic bundle of exuberance. 143 ' ' ' § I ' KRL ' , 11.1-LNOlS I ' Inllips AndovcT.rAt.ulcniy Siiiliiiii,: Siviiiimlm; M( j; ig ii i (■■liil : Tide Rips; ' Choir: bJe rr !ihd : Miuslrel Shoiu £JwtMrJ n. CartMS. r. Pappy, the oldest member of our class, is probaljU ilie only cadel who nevei luiished high school, it was not i v lo lack ol brains bui ol lime. Hi cuilian liU- nu hides two years ai ihc Inixersiiy oi Chicago and a year as a proiessional photographer in Florida. He shi])ped oul as deck hand on a yacht bound h)r the South Tatihe wiuie he spent a short lime as beach comber, complete with gold earring in a jjicrced ear. A shoii hiich in ihc- aimv was terminated by liis appoiiumeiu lo C:(. . W hni noi burii-d in a l)ook on jjoctry or Creek muiiology. this Ijalding man ol the -orl(l ma i)e seen escorting foreign students from Conn. College. His good humor. salty sea stories, and Tahiiian melodies wdl v v ihiii unforgettable mark wIktiacv W m,i go. 144 watertovvn .mAW husetts HoxvlinsGule; C fihoHi ' ikpel Committee Mrihur £. Chawnpaqnc Jr. One ot die brainier men ni ihe class. Art lias otien amazed us with his left-handed way of looking at things. His answers are tisually correct but he has a toiigli time explaining why. Surely the spark of genius lies close to the sinface of this bean eater from Boston. His name is French but the Irish in him is strongly in evidence. He is a fond devotee of a prank, often seeming a Leprechaun in his fiendish moments. He has filled many a shoe with foam-shave. An electronics wizard, Art once converted his radio into a transmitter with a few pieces of graphite from a pencil and broadcasted dire threats to his class- mates. A chow hotuid in the extreme, lie vouUl not accustom himself to the Eagle ' s menu and returned to the ship from cruise libbo with two crates of food. This favorite son of ' cnllont is forever extolling the benefits ol maple syrup and hard cider. No one seems to be able to match his huinorous had hick. From oper- ating boats wiih no hoai phii;s and inikii() vini;l (htwing out oflicers over the sliips jihone. Danl lias l)cc()inr endeared to us all. His score oi ihiri li r sirai hi swaljos on the pistol range will probably li c ni eternity. His pi()(h,i;ioiis outside reading consisting mainly of poetry and modern Kmopran hisiorw with a lihcral sjjriiikling oi works by such renowned authors as Mickey Spillane, has undoubtedly earned lor him an all-time record of trees and re-exams. Docs he ever get (Hscouraged? No. indeed. He meieh acknowledges the iraillies of men and goes on to commit a bigger and better faux pas. A 4 Ham cu High Svliniil » - . " igli Scliool Football: AlonuhWni i Siiib; Ring Dance Comn ' fic J e Rips ¥ Would you Ijelicvc it. Joey left a soiority house at the Uni ersity of Illinois to join our ranks (greater love hath no man). It is a better than even bet that vhenever t vo or more of us are gathered together to pay tribute to Bacchus that there you will find Joey. Our hero is a li ing expose of the " La vs were made to be broken " theory s ' ith twenty-one days of extra curricular activities as proof positi e. that ' s right, he was no less than first lieutenant on the mighty ship that saved New London from hurri- cane Carol. A ladies ' man of no small renown, he can, much to their dismay, take and or leave them. In four years we have not one recorded moment iien a smile has left Joe ' s face save when proving to one and all that oood football is an art. Cxood Luck Sunshine. " 147 ' ■ r All. where lo si;nL ' C ookic. the in, in who refuses iioi to laugh, ihc- man who hiids iht- silxer linin; whi ' lher there is one or noi. We jjreseni the only person ali e loday who gives lell lianded salutes, sings lender i)alla(ls like an orang-utan, and is capahle ol lorgetting what the iinilorni lor (hill is. Who hm ihe (.inch would (,dndy walk 11]) lo ihe (ontiol lowci al K. Ciit and jjrocfed lo niiniic all the local oIIkiis ovci the operating radio ireciuency-- es, it is a wonder that this local lad made good. .Any more like him woidd ihiow this ])lace iiuo a glorious u])roar. hut it sine woidd Ik ' glial lo wateii! In spile- ol all oiilwaid manilesial ions, lioh is (|iiiie serious. Those who know jiim well wouldn ' t think of trading iiis friendship for the Kimberly Diamond Mines. GROTpN. (.ONNTirTlcr I R. E. Fitch HighyS h(.nl Foolhall: Rlu!: i)niidf jC immillee Co-CliairiiKin: Miii%li V Show; Class S( ' crehsj,if9fiieij4ii.r ' r 1 148 D, " A DOVER fLAlNS, NE YORK Dover ] Jauis HigJr chool Track; oss ' ' ;6 jin t vy Agona has been a .vorker these past foitr years, as sho.vn by his ™proven.e„t „r class standing. Conseciuently he l s ' hmbed htgh .n the eyes of his c.ass.nates. Much credtt IS due thts very conscientious lad. The Loping Indian has dot.e ht„.self proud uath his part in t.vo ' D " co r panv crosscountry chan.p,onshtps. Sotnewhat averse to d e ' flowHig art of aquatics. Don nisists that runners aren ' t supposed to swnn. The administration didnt c,uite see |t his way so he learned to swim. Now ifs almost like a atural element to him. In fact Don takes to .vater .vith he Reef MifT l- T ' ' ' PP P---- A confirmed Red M ke for his first t vo years, Don ' s ways were changed by a little lady. Pat. from Mystic. Good luck Don, you carry the best wishes of all of us. F Lcc likes lo lalk about some of the uilil times he had hack in High School, and most of it makes pretty good listen- ing. He was a big athlete and iionor student before coming to C(iA. l)iii i|iiituil his wild wa s tonsidt-rably during Swab year. Dank doesnt go out with girls from aroinid New London, restricting his dating to the times when he ' s home in ( ' linton. Liking mo ies. popcorn, good music, and not studying, he is never to be found around oiui ' libcrt is granted, uidtss he is i)us running off a few good games oi pool. Olten he is lound in the company of Dirsch either gu ling (oHee in the I lolly House or mtmching popcorn .u .1 Western. His pleasing personal it and good natiin- haxt ' ceriaiidy been a i)()( n to ihe class of 1955. CLINTON . r ASS. CPtlJSETTS C. iutiCip-ii ' QltfH ' l Ihisrhiil! Mdiiiii ev: J ' iiiif name Com mil tee; RuilbComiimtrc 1 ' . .4L. I:i vi(«i .J R. L. UfowninoUigff School Football; Monogmti ' Club; Ring Dan) . -Gtinij iltee M ' iti Stephen J hn 3D« o» fcli Out ot ilie big red hills of Minnesota came the only full fledged gandy dancin ' railroad man in the class, lire " big midget " ' put his bra vn to vork as a hard hitting tackle for die big blue. Steve had quite a reputation as a ladies man until he developed an interest out on Gardner Avenue second class year. The " Mad Prussian " and his tan cohort hit the tranquil port of Amsterdam like t vln parcels of fulminate of mercury. The " Skoda Incident " uill long be remembered as one of the classics in the annals of cadet clandestine operations. Das: alias, Hindu; alias, Duke; is an unsurpassed master of the sad, sad story. His iuick smile and cracker barrel philosophy is certain to s-m the friendship of his future shipmates. 151 -: ' C . ' " t i 4 r cnn€»th of Dcppcrman New Jersey sent Dcp lo C(;A sirai-lit lioni In-h school, and as soon as he lound the lood lolciahk-. lie settled down lo stav. A combination ol iincintss and -ood nature, spiinkk-.l uith a -lUKk wit and oecasional choice sialenienls iias acciuiied hnn inan It itnds in the past four years. Blessed with a iniohiy kit aim and lots ol weight behind it. he has been a mainstay to the Academy ' s pitching stall. That same arm led -C;- (omi.any to manv a win on the inlercompanv looti)all lu id. Craduation, will Imd Ken and Mary, the destination ol his manv manv sojourns down New Jersey way, a happy twosoim. Iksi ..I luck to a couple of great people that we are ail lookmg forward lo seeing again, whenever goo.l luck and the Coast (.uard give us the oppoi tunity. 152 .j N :oRTn P fSSSSfo ' Jii SEY NoiUi i uSilS i ■ ' ' J (John y ' pl »» « ' « ' ' ' - 1 1 ■ Kill- k much worse than by h,s veaun here » ' - ' « ' ,■;; ' J ' if.Ve an.Ulun Administration a. Long Bead, ■• " ' A " " ' ,, ,,„, „ refusing a Reserve Naval " ■ ' " " ;;; ' ° „ ° Lviec. „,.e hooks abon, the Z, they should From our experience ot h s st,l » j,„„ is bec,uite,avorah,y«ee,v.h He.,. loves in spite ol r::g.rprr:he.hopmglorahilletthere in the varm California sunshine. m Surf LONG%l H. 6»ORNIA St. Ai oiL -. nif School nStonn ' eCi l Jciass Presidents - JoAfi IttartinJal DuMke, Jr. h was in Norfolk. ' irginia where this lad first sa ' the light of (lay. One ol the Ijcst " sons of the Souih. " ' johnny Reb " is among the lew who made two cruises lo Kurope and navigated for three. Renieiuijer when c spent most of his liberty time one aiternoon in Oslo makino; a boat fender? He once was (]uite a ladies man. init now John spends all his spare lime wiiii Jean in ' irginia, going to see [e:in in ' iii;mia. wriiini; to [eaii in ' irginia. or waiting for Jean to come from ' irginia. 1 lis souihtin (harm has •on him many friends, and without a doubt will win him manv more hen Tohn Martindale weishs his anchor, takes his radio out oi CGA, and " Haids for the Deep Deep .South " , prelerahlv a cozy little sjjoi for him and Jean down New ()i leans way. I @ JZIL WHAT im H£il .;:j ..Ay ■ ov — ARi.iK(- 1 o. , bk: ' im A ' ., o . ' ii ' .4inia l- ' ik.upjl I (l h ScIkkiI ' ,.,...l.;.£i ,-».X . " (,.v School Track; S-ct ' w{mi}i ; if ' focurcnieiit Committee; RinA ' riiMixe Cnmntittee :. I I Jawnes Jt scplB ' Dunlnp This tall blond came to us Ironi Arizona and his home state can be proud ol her son. " Jungle Jim " has put on a fine pertorniance in the academic field and has shown a prowess in extra-curricular activities that ' s hard to match. Many afternoons wotdd find him as a cog in the " C " company athletic machine and. come spring, he •ould heave the javelin in fine form for Xcut ' s trackmen. He even tried his foot at soccer mitil his appendix decreed otherwise. Jim ' s real forte lies across and up the avenue where many a heart has pined for his company Satiu ' day evenings. Vhat young lass could resist a fine looking, suave gentleman with the likable nature of oiu ' Jim? An interesting conversationalist with a quick wit makes Jim a man we are pleased to call an officer. 155 I lu ' Acadcmv ' s o vn litilf abstainer— " ! doii ' l drink, I doHL sniokc, 1 jusi lia r lun. " Ilic Imi; wheel on the basketball team, he has held down the skipper jjosi the past two years— letteied all loin ' , iietweeii basket ball seasons, he ' s hot on ihc ' nail lot that conipan weekend via fooiijall, ()lle ball. iiid soltball. I ' nder the firm conviction tiiat arieiv is the spice ol lile. he decided to le iale lioin the notin and c oinpUiiU ixncim ' the procedure ol pulling away Irom the ■.ai lf in ihi ' liUboat. The ensinng moinenlary silence iroin the (|uailerdeck was appreciated by all. Then there was that boat trip in Oslo where ihey lost one cadet, one fender, and one boat hook in a lomid tii|) excuisioii. ()li well -,ni ihin 4 for the morale ol the troops— that ' s dary ' s Motto. 156 Biiske Deca,£uir :l4i A Sa ool •;lb(ill Cdlymi:Ji ' aj )all; Secretary MojWirrtun Qlub lUSETTS Sailing; Sii ' imm gNfr Jger; Ring Dan Commit m ' fimrel Show; ittWfj MoffOiiiant ' Club §ialph iV. £tMMi£M A self-proclaimed expert in everything. Rule has been remarkably adept at backing up his words ith appropriate action. Equally at home sailing the Arion or skating in the Arboretum, no one has ever caught him wasting liberty time in Chase Hall. Never among the top men academically. Rufe long ago gave up the idea of straight A ' s and began sighting in for 65 ' s and the corre- sponding extra relaxation. As mute evidence of this lad ' s farsightedness in adopting this policy, he prideluUy acknowledges that he has more " kissin ' cousins " than the rest of the class combined. Anybody that kno -s Rufe. realizes that he ' ll meet his new career squarely and. as usual, come out way on top. One word is made to order for a good description of Rufe: IRREPRESSIBLE. J W % €MS ph ran€MS HtMlt Mwu Vith one last game ol lish (nine Ixill) joe Ind his Ixjxliood chums a loud larf vcll and xciituifd loiili to oiler his lumicious lalcius in v scr ice ol his couiiiry and humanity. Hokey lost no time in lighting the lamp of success. For his instrtimcntal part in the salvation ol iwo damsels in distress, ilu High Command thought no honor too great lot him. Woodey was given dtuy as Hist 1,1. aboard the cutter )t ' iito)i in lieu of the 1 davs ol pnl)lic lelations assignment forced on the rest ol our mmiber. Not onh is he Mi, Nmiihei One in pool, but Joc has actiiah taken the labulous Mr. [,B, in his own element, ping pong. . lirm ijelie er in the " 1 ne er met a man 1 ditln ' t like " theory. Joey is tops and we woiddn ' t trade him for all the red (aubinn, damn it) heads in Ireland. v V ASTO R 1 A . LOStG: A 1 ) I ' .islinp l,((U ' Miii Mfinoi ' I li " li .S( lioiil f . ,1 I ' uhlicily Coin ' nAdrf- ' - i ' dr llijiv. Class Sccrt ' tar -Tre nJTi ' -Qj I ' mi lo moil CxiitnnilWe r ' I PORT Huron: mk;i iigan Ciaiibrook Hii ' tv School CharUt William laaJ An-i ing at CGA fresh from a year of luxury at North Carolina State, Fid apparently was merely seeking refuge from dozens of broken hearts. Upon gazing at his barren surroundings, however, he was heard to utter that no v inunorlal statement, " I have sunk to this? " From that day on vard. the Great Implacable ' s one desire has been to install a small measure of his infinite store of culture into his more crass and boorish classmates. Unfortunately, he is guilty of infi-equeni lapses, and has been known, on occasion, to fall asleep from sheer boredom vhile engaged m relatively important activities, such as tacking the Eagle. The recipient of a good deal of kidding. Chuck has ahcays been able to bounce back w i a grin— a o-uv e are proud to know and call a frientl. 159 Fergic ])Ut on Ins Ihm pair ol shoes. Ick his 1 cxas hinii. and set oiii to sec ihf world. His cracker-barrel philosophy and (|nici i ood hniiioi (|ni(k.ly made him one ol die more popular men in liie class and a lihlx) pal ol Iiigh standing. He was one of the late annals lo die chiss and is living proof thai cniiance exams are not inhillible. as he has climbed steadly toward die aeadeniic hei, ;hls. He played a fierce game ol inieKompaiiy loot ball. which cost him a broken collar-bone one lall. .Suddenly, Fergic was never seen on libbo. He Avould make libertv parties and (juickly disappear. Yes. a woman had entered his lilc. lie met hei when a swdkI hc.ncT al a ri ' (fiil graduate ' s wedding. J he brides-maid was Gladys W ' aliir. Plans are for a Juik wedding and a house ii.iihr. 1 ()() A. -M. ' .v -l I )i t e c o»i l»iny ' tfotrHiui t (illcylmll. anil Piiiiljioiiij : rrmr.i£) H Uion Coinniiltee ■ ' 1 RIC%AJOND. VlJ 6lMA loliii Marshall Hign School Track: Cross CdmrtJ ' ' fi ' Tl ' immiiig; Pistol; Procurement C o ninitie- gC Iwir ; Glee Cliih: Minstrel SlioitijPii.hm jly Committee The Emperor has been one ot the busiest men around here during his tour years as a Cadet. He has become boss man of nrore activities than most people enter into in a lifetime. Maybe it ' s because he just never feels right unless he is up to his neck in all sorts of activities. Of course, being a bit brilliant hasn ' t hurt liim. nor has the fact that he ' s really liked it here and enjoyed everything he lias done. No talk about Dave is complete without sonre mention of Glady, his better half since first he came to the shores of the Thames. No v a student across the street, she ' s as smart and as active as Dave. It ' s a wonder to many that they ever manage to find time for each other. A wonderful and brilliant man is Dave, and a good friend of all. 1 " Tran€MM D uatM lorh cs Fritz wandered in iioni the ])lains of Kansas four years ago. The thouglii upperniosi in his mind was " When does the cjuail season stari- " He wasn ' t relerrinn- to Cloim. CoUeo-c. allhou.i h it niii;lu ha e l)(,i n applic al)le. n a id hunter, this hid will expound endiesslv on ilie lel.iiixe merits of arious annuuniiion. li lc)no s dial his aiid)iiion is to return to the .Uadem and run nwd, mo les. Irit . has not left women oui ot his life: many a .Sunday afternoon lound iiim and ins dale motoihoaiini; up die Thames. He lound. iiurIi U) his thai rin. di.u ninnino- GUI of gas in a nioiorboat doesn ' t work. I ' lii had some hair-raising cruise experiences, including liberty with Ml. J. li. and dropping over the side in a pulling boat when the stopper ga e ay. C.RF T BKND. K N. .V " i(hir,.i lligli Stho ' ot Fast ' - P RI N CE ' mXl :! ASS AC; H r S F TTS Prirferfjtr High Si hool Howl ' inii G(de %mtoTi lonogrnm Club; Dance CommitteiC..()k4i«man : Cheerleader; Mmfstrel wow One look at ■Puttynose " would give the impression that here is a man -who lias been in too many fights. However, tliose pugilistic teatures are the result of a high school basketball game. Beneath the surface lies the heart of an engineer. Given a flashlight and a screwdriver, he will iix anything Irom cigarette ligliters to automobiles. He met Cynthia at a dance fourth class year and was conipleieh domesticated. e en hitch hiking from Cape May to New London, in the midst of a hurricane, to see her. . wedding after graduation certainly seems natural. His lime wiiliin the walls of CGA was spent making certain we had a paper out each week. Ho vling Gale can account for at least one of the wrinkles in his brow. A truer party boy and a better friend can ' t be found. 163 i i •Speedy " arrived with an easy smile from do •n Florida way Give him an hour or tour and he ' ll give you as .nany ' reasons why the Academy should n.. c•. lock, stock, anc barrel, to Biscayne B ay, Miami. Ihe Smilin Sp.mian was at his zenith when the corps, or rather Cailos accompanied by the troops, arrivecl m Spam. He made front page; the cruise had to fight for third. He was interpreter for " The Captains ' and an occasional chuckle " betren the Spaniards and Carlos brought expre.ions of doubt from the gold-bu. s•hat can ya do.- Scnor Garcia, mi amigo " was good lor a ' l where you were. Some ship •ill soon be .lie lucks possessor tf LVhumor, easy smile, and a, tist.c ability " -i,.tl. from drawing pictures, u. .Ira vrng laughs. 164 R. E.XlUi.liJJklt:. chool Sailiri §ianalJ ttithalaM Qaspawd A long while back someone told Ron ihat the only way to win friends and influence people was to smile constantly and keep up a continuous stream of vitty conversation. That advice has been followed to the letter. At about this same period in his career, Chan found himself - vorking as an usher in a theatre, and decided he looked o-ood in uniform. With Charlie Chan, to think is to act, and so another career at CGA was launched. For a long while the smiling Chinaman had us fooled. He kept up such a running barrage of chatter that it ' as nigh on to impossible to figure him out. When the smoke finally cleared after a year or so, we found a man who is genuinely interested in the Service as a career, and willing to v•ork hard to achieve that goal. W K mifebRIDA -.- ' Carhi Mnihantj Qaweia •Speedy " arrived with an easy smile from down Florida .-ay Give hUn an hour or four and he ' ll give you as many ' reasons why the Academy should move, lock, stock, an. barrel, to Biscayne Bay, Miami. The Smdm Sixmiard was at his zenith when the corps, or rathc-r Cailos accompanied by the troops, arrived in Spam. He macle front page; the cruise had to hght for third, f c .as interpreter for The Captains ' and an occasional cluukk between the Spaniards and Carlos brought ex, rcss.on of doubt from the gold-but what can ya do. Sc o Garcia, mi amigo " was good for a sure set up - ma - where you were. Some ship will soon be the luck possessor Ms ' humor, easy smile, and arusn a. Ui.y nieveryt Irom drawing piciurcs. to draumg laughs. 164 I CLEARW ATEI E RIDA Sailingl Iinam ' She I oil) §inn€Bld tiieholaM QasparJ A long u ' hile back someone told Ron that the only way to win iriencis and influence people was to smile constantly and keep up a continuous stream of witty conversation. That advice has been follo ved to the letter. At about this same period in his career, Chan found himself vorking as an usher in a theatre, and decided he looked good in uniform. With Charlie Chan, to think is to act, and so another career at CGA was lauiiched. For a long vliile the smiling Chinaman had us fooled. He kept up such a running barrage of chatter that it was nigh on to impossible to figure him out. When the smoke finally cleared after a year or so, we found a man wAw is genuinely interested in the Service as a career, and willing to vork hard to achieve that goal. w MrthuBw £j9 in tfcwh n Here ' s a kllow wc re lad lo ha i ' .noiiiul an dav. If he isn ' t racking up points down ai ilir Roc k oi on ilic basketball court, he ' s slrunlnlin away on his ohl guitar and leaching the boys a lew barbershop favorites, led has a definite ailinity for sailing, even if he does rini aground out at Ocean Beach occasionalK . Km sirangch i iiounh, he has a rather pronounced aversion lo ihr mniial lask of rowing. .Anyone in particidar need a boai plug? . readv laugh, a keen sense of luunor. and a flare lor exciteineni. ])Ius ilie fact that he ' s nobody ' s fool from the seamanshi]) angle, labels Ted as an asset lo whatever fortunate ship gels him upon graduation. I ' nless I miss my guess, these same attributes will bring many more triends into his already ample lold. B( RIDGEWOOl). NIW lERSEY Y ' Ridgew ' ooU High Stlidol ' r - ■ r ' ■ ' " ) i aski ' lixill: Si{tl ng: yrcflioiirain Club i INDEPENDEINCE, MI OURI William Chrisman High School Rifle Team Cnj)t iiii: Miynogram Club Charles ' ti. QIass First a word ol warning: Don ' t let Chuck ' s quiet niainier- isms fool you!! It ' s all a coAcr-up tor an extremely agile mind and an almost boundless imagination. Although three " Dear John ' s ' are at least par for the cotnse, they didn ' t even slo ' this guy down, let alone stop him. A great believer in blind dates, it ' s axiomatic that at a given formal he vill eitlier have the most beautiful girl or ... . This abhorence of the mediocre along •ilh a villingness to try anything once, makes Chuck the ideal libbo partner, because SOMETHINC always happens. There isn ' t a guy in the class that doesn ' t like and respect Chuck and not one in the class that Chuck woiddn ' i give the shirt off his back . . . and then ask him if he needed cufflinks. 167 1 m ' Offf V IJH. Cr€Btf Qt wJi Off Strontr and silcni. Ironi west ol ilic (.real Di i(lc. and raiscil on prime lucl, Don is ilic ol) i()us answer lo every maiden ' s prayer. Lcadpipe Louie is loade l with wild and woolly talcs of cowboy days along the Mexican border and is wont to relate same to all listeners. Don lias made cowboy fans out )[ its all. The most uiu ompromising- guy v e know, he would not only give us the- shin olf his l)a( k. hut would also lay down his life lo save us from ha mg to give up our own shirts. We like that! In fact, we like everything about this hoiidjre. Don ' s strong arm has been a pnni.incni hxiuic- on liie wicstling mats, so you liad l)emr l.uigh at liis jokes. lu ' ' s dangerous! Vedding bells are the background music loi Don and his girl in May. Mary, you nc cr had it so good. V Track Teetn 1 xxiwi ' . Globe High A ' k.I ,v Wrestling ]f)8 DawiJ £9ran€e Qreen Hero oi BoiTON INClO£Nr (5Ai r j. , ()f-i,fo Ravenna " auiisUii itfigh School ' ' . ,. i ' Sailing; Pistol Tejun Sl yjager; Monogram Club; Rif} , UarfM Committee Satch started out to become a farmer but, while in his first year at Hiram College, he read a little storybook ■ " Career for Tomorrow " offering a life of romance and adventure at sea. He has been one of the more conscientious members of the class; taking every job seriously in his quiet, effective way. Curly is so quiet that we didn ' t kno v who he was for the first two years. His quiet manner is deceptive. Experience has sho v ' n him to be a real party boy, with the proper priming. His balding dome might be the result of worrying over damsels in distress. In Boston he once saved a pretty miss by clob- bering her escort with a fire extinguisher. Don ' t believe anyone who says he wanted her for himself. This lad is just a noble Sir Gallahad wit i a receding hair line. ■ Mt II, cnrtf Mwauq n Hank IS .succeed inj in aplly carrying on ilic line Coast (luarcl tradition in his laniily. Seldom docs one see a Iiarder worker iliaii Mr. Coast Cuard. His dilimiil interceding on beirall ol the class has been appreciated. Few have cnjoved foreign liberty more than lie. His cash box is still filled ilh souvenir scarves and beer ads. Henry is a sell (onln iiicd l)atlul()r, Inst. last, and (HA) alwavs. bin has broken his share ol hearts. He made a real coiuribiuion to the cross country team and he " s even learned to stay oiu, of streams while running races. Hank ' s many abilities assure him of a place near the lop oi the class and ol a good start in liie. He has the conscientious eiiergv and whaiexer else it lakes to make up an oilKcr and a gciitlemaii. Coral GaVl1r Scni«l-, ' t3igh Sdioo] Track; Cross CmTiUfy; IV eslliin ' ; Surl ' n r f Storm: MoiiA srain (lliifp; Publicity . 3 k pr PEhWi WiW YORK Pelham Meiiioiiai l ' h Siliool S iilini : Truck: Ct ir-;! Cluh: Miiislrcl [it tec Cluiirmdii : Tide iMs PfyWo Stall " I was looking out my door, and this pair of shoes started to come by, and it was the longest time before Monk came into sight. " What a sight it is to see our boy PYed come at you. Big feet, big frame, big smile, and a heart as big as all the rest put together. Here is a lad who really knows the true mcanine of livino. While in hish school. Monk worked as a telephone operator. He ' s still operating, but on a s ' ider bandwidth nowadays. Ask him for a favor and there ' s a considerable delay; it takes a while for him lo unwind. Once he ' s on his feet, thouoh. watch oiu. A fa or asked is a favor granted, with no ciuestions. Stand by. Coast Guard, here comes the Monk, ready to meet any situation face to face and come away with his orin still intact. 171 1 ■ ' %■ fi v T 0k An Ohioan ii .ins|jlaiuc(l to llic sunin l)ia(h oi Florida. IIoIIn iiiidoiihuilK has canicd ilu lulc oi " Iksl all around alhlelc " . Starring on ihc loolbai! iuld as quarterback with his deadly passing, and on ihc base- ball diamond, eiiiier behind tlie jilaie or in center licld. he h.is turned in a perlorinance (,(|ualed 1) lew others. Alter a brief stint at Conn. College. Holly met Pat. and wedding bells inunediately began ringing ni the back of his mind. On his hist long cruise, he forgot most of his gear, with the tag of " Lucky Bag " a consec]Ucnce, a name he has since made every eflort to remove. As a stamu h believer in beach parties, or for that matter, parties ol any kind, little or no excuse is needed for a little get-together w ith cans or kegs. • ' -- DELRA;5f4 ScacVQ ' " H RIDA )1 v ' l-uothiill: Bii.sketSan; liti iiall: Moiiogrmn C.luli; Chl i jJhrl Slioiu ' - i ' 172 D tp 4 FLORApTARK, f V YORK Brook lynvCediuiral igll School V ?7. Surf ' n Storm; RefraUiC4yHnll Committee; Fofijnnin o Sof a Faxtnifiin om mi t tee Fortunately his lack of hair is not indicative of a lack of life, though the amount of sack time he accumulates has soine people guessing. Jenks presides over many a Wednesday ' s night meditation with the boys down at— er. do ' ntown. The only man in the class that turns in his books at the end of the year as new. With swivel spot nailed fast for past couple of years, anyone breaking a record vas accountable to Jenks. One of the illustrious Golddust t vins— he reigns supreme over restricted men ' s parties do vn at the rec. hall. A hometo vn gal and teacher-to-be claims OAO spot in Bob ' s life and many a study hour is connncnced Dear Carol ' . A great guy, ardent poker player, connoissein- of fine wines, his sense of hinnor and easy nature k ' enhance some future wardroom. ' .., §iabcrl £auis Jahanstpn Here is a man dw has probably leaped the ience coming back Irom libo on ilic average oi nsicc a week, ycl never hail his suing ol hu k l)n)ken. He usuallv conies walking up. starts off with, ■l.isun l)i.)iher, 1 jusi goi ilie one-eye C-oiii " and oin pours a i.de ol woi ' wUuh sliould bring tears ot sympathy Irom even the most hardened listener. Rut, with this classic inirodtiction. the ineviialilc result is an all-out roar of laughter ami iioi a uace ol (ompassion. Chocolate is a Inni believer in enjoying liic uhik xou ' ve voimg. He gral)lH(l the spot of shortstop on the baseball team, shifting to second base after showing lus al)ilitv to handle any inlield position. Wherever he goes there will be good leeliiig and high spirits. i)ecause " l.istiii l)i()thti. 1 just got " A r • V()Ol). ili.mxois I ' losiso I ' vAviiship lligli .S( hool Baseball: Wns niii; Sijrl ' n Slorin; Mii lrel SKpu ' SYRAlCySf , XKVV YORK Syracusf Aortli llij h School Surf ' n Storm; R c eoB riall Committee; Tide Rips AdveitiiingJ Manager; Soda Fountain Coi mittee V, • (Si J The " ' Hooter " darn near didn ' t gel here at all— spent so long at Syracuse University. Thi-ee years of college life didn ' t leave him an impressionable child, and we ' re afraid The System has failed to cause any deviation from his normal routine. It still takes three men to pick up after him -ivhen he ' s in a hmry. Owns and operates the soda fountain with the theory " what they don ' t know won ' t hurt them " . He puts his cigarette down only long enough to join in a toast. Man ' s best Iricnd— he ' d give you the sliirt off his back if he hadn ' t just borrowed it from Jenks. He has patiently explained to Captains on down that those birds in the middle of the Atlantic are not long range robins. J. B. is prac- tically an institution to those who know him wcW. 175 ' c , o Jor an Leo has shown coiiiuUiuf. abiliiy. and a likin ; loi hoili ihc Coasl Guard and engineering. Aliliounh lie is the ty])c lo deny thai hi- v v did any studying, we ha e reason lo believe thai lie has done his share when ihe chips were down. He heliexes in haxiiig not one hut many girls, and has no doubt leli his mark u];oii ilu- hearts ol " manv gals. Leo has a gi-eat desire for lra el. No doubt this has been sparked by the cruises, and particularly by his tiij) thiough Germany and France during our last long cruise. Heing a farmer at heart, he has a xoiacious a|)|)etile and will probably always wish he was back on the laiin to I ' lijoy those tremendous iionutooked steaks lu ' d gottiii so accustomed lo. We hope the Goast Guard will be able to match that good food where cr he goes. ! CARHims X)! )MA Sc liool F.nid Mfj nriaT-H. .. „„. II Ici company }Fb hM}]J ' hllsk(■lball, and Volleyball; CdtKpIp ; ' iiIdj il Commillee I7f) BET AND Sailuig; ] ' )eJt )rg Monogram C ff ni M ni iger: r: Glee Cluh; Miiislrel Show: J ' OcUr jiicnt Committee ItiiMriin Jawj Raiser Manin Kaist-r, alias the Spik, stopped off briefly at the Georgia Institute of Technology before coming to the Academy. Earlier he spent mucli of his life in Havana where he learned to speak Spanish like a native. This eased the way to good relationships in Santander and TenerifFe. At present he calls Washington, D. C. his home iown, thotigh he makes it ob ' ions that he prefers the free and easy life of Cuba. He has a wonderful sense of hiunor and is always ready and willing to tell some jokes at any break in a conversation. Unfortunately his jokes aren ' t as good as his sense of humor. Always willing to give a helping hand to anyone in distress, Marty has become a frientl of high standing to his classmates— one who ' ill certainly enjoy the service life. Bob came to CCi. in ilu- suiiinicr ol ' . " l with a (li irsilu-(l civilian background, whicb inchuUd muk chiving and surveying. His home in Dedhani is well known lo the many members of ' 55 who have made camp there on weekends. His abililv in liandling power boais. n.nUd him h)r ihe jolj oi managing ihe sailing team hn h)ur ears. s|)ending much oi his lime down al the Rock. I lis natinal a|)titu(le lor electronics was first displayed in llie loini ol a cash-box crystal set and later developed into a multi -band Hallicraher which pioxided com eniiiii time ticks and the latest hot woid Irom Moscow. Altei meeting Jerry, second class year, all his liberty lime has been in Niantic. plainiing a June wedding. . conscientious worker. Bob always stands ready to give a hel|)ing h.nid. H ' nil)HAM,M. SSACHrSl TTS Sfiilifii DedBifii HigU Scliool Tcdin " himuti Jij: ' J ' xx iiirinrnt Canniiillfc: I ' uhluity C )iiiinilln ' : Jiiiit;, Spriil ESOTA i f7School Baseball; WreMitig:: oiwgram Club; Howlins GuleWr ' W Committee % The ori inal Minnesota farm boy came to tis already ■ell versed m the vays of the vorld and set in his life ' s habits. Herbs foiu- years here have dented him but little m all matters except the heart. Anita appeared during the end of swab year and June ' 55 has been set for a long time. Herb ' s only other great passion is an insatiable hunger for potatoes. A nostalgic reminder of days back on the farm. Old Tripple H, earned ciuite a name for himself as an athlete in Minnesota. Every once in a whole he will put a fe v of his muscles into operation to sho • us young squirts how it ' s done. Between sieges of shoulder injuries, he has earned the niche of mainstay on the Academy baseball team and a terror to many as a star on the " B companv intercompany teams. 179 1 ra £cslic brawns Tex was born in New Jersey. It never wore off. He is a loyal lexan who works hard on his southern accent. Still. I lie lirsi thing a stranger asks him is liable to be ' What part of Joisy do you come from? " This is a crushing blo -; he forgets his sorrows in wine, women, and song. He will take out a ny girl available. The only stipulation being that she have a car. He received a beauty of a •Dear John " in the spring of third class year. It took him almost a whole week to get over it. In Copenhagen, third class year, he underestimated the length of a kiloincier and pedaled his bike some forty miles. It wasn ' t too bad, however, as the road went along the beach. Tex loves a good argument and will keep many a ship alive with his startling ideas. - 1- - ' . ' CORPi; S. CBHJ J i;, TX AS Basketball MaA ei O jnogram Club; Tide Rip)t afic ommittee 180 ,o Says.-- ATHOL, MASSAOCtJSETTS AtirDl High School ' « z - iJ ' Surf ' n Storm; CsMioUc Chapel Committee; Procurerhent Committee Mlban Mlandrtf Our own little ' Al Bou " arrived at CGA via RPI and the Air Force. He claims he cant say more than a few million well chosen words on the Air Force as he dealt witli nothing but Top Secret material. A big gun in intercompany sports, he " s also one of the main gears in the Howling Gale machinery. I ' he biggest setback of liis Academy career came when Notre Dame ' as defeated the same week Senator McCarthy w as censured— Al didn ' t speak for minutes. With his easy smile and 25 years of experience as New England ' s o vn little portable Chamber of Commerce, he still can ' t reconcile the fact that Notre Dame wasn ' t built in Athol, Mass. His administrative ability and sense of humor will be a ' elcomed addition of some vardroom. 4- miftheri f arl £ars9n This iKUi c of Wisconsin has had liiilr trouljlf wcailu-i in the hca y snows ol (X.A. Mon passionately dcxolcd to I UK baseball icain tiian arc liic ■ankccs thcnischcs. " Bead " has spent inan hours with his tar i;luc(l lo ihc nearest radio, sweaiinu; ii out. A confinned ciianipion oHVisconsin ' s batilinj Badgers, he has upheld the lionor ol Easy Company on the intercompany hnxhall liilil. 1 he lUaiU e e(l Wonder is in his pi iiiic when i;i ini; his beauiilul weekind d.iies a i)reak. I his W- does wiiii ihal siiaxe. dehonaii manner liial wows em e ery lime. He regularly dales in Norwich. cw L.ondon. and New ' S ' ork. with an occasional jaunt lo Pioyidence. .A steady man wiih .1 cool head. Bo!) will tackle his (]. (i. assignments ill his i pic.d m.niiur which demands ])eilc-ction. ROCK FALLS, VVW OXSIN I)in ' ii4itl, lli k, Sfrhool BRE vsTf:R=i ' Orleans 1 1 igJft ' yS ' dioo] Basketball: IiaM alI; ' :Mdir)og)aiii Cliih; Tide Rijis- ' .yS ' .xC ' M Treasurer; Prociiycincm Conmiitler; Class hontsBM Siantfcr JUaihtBtn It Tvas along to vard the fiid of Swab year, after Tom thoiiglit he knew us vell enough, that he began to talk. Not otten, just once every six months or so. Whenever the vuiiform is vatch sweaters, Dad just smiles. He never needed to buy one. When the other young men of his generation vere all settled down with a wife, Tom looked aroimd for something to occupy his idle time. Thus CGA gained a new recruit and ' 55 gained a father. It appears that ■we soon vill lia e a mother too. Janis is teaching seventh grade in Hartford a vaiting the fateful day in May along with the rest of us. Dad just sits and smiles. A man who vorks hard, plays hard, and has a fine time doing both, for ' hen the rest of us are shook and screaming— Dad just sits and smiles! 183 % Charles MleJJnf Chuck w.mdcicd ) iliis-a-way from down New jersey and has leh ri hl at liome since. A little gal, Mary by name, has helped as she has held the ()A() spot come ioiu years graduation. The Ijrains, and most ol the work, behind CXiA ' s own propaganda machine— or " you too can be a Cadet " — lias handed out many a choice weekend to liberty starved cadets. Chuck and his weekends have made him honorary morale oiTiccr here at the Academy. Many a new cadet wandirs in " starry-eyed and Inisliy- tailed " after one of Ids procurement lectures. A consistent participant in iiitcKonipain spoits dmiiig the week, come liberty time he ' s out the gate ' like a flash. Sonic ship will be the recipient of one good naturet hard working, lop flight organi .er come graduation 184 C;AMD£|; Eiiv: R.Sl Y RomanVj a i hcviil i St 1 lool Soda hounlaim X mnv ' tiu e; Procurement Comi te Cnairina)! ARLINGTON, VIR GlNIA Washininton , s.- T.ee Mlsjli School Track: Wrestling: ' NQykogram Club; Publicity Coinniitte } Procurement Committee; Rpig Dmice Committee t)Jl ' Bvard 9j ran€BS jucbm mm He couldn ' t swim when he came to the Academy and he can ' t swim now. That ' s okay, Greek Gods don ' t have to swim as long as they can throw javelins and woo fair maidens. Never one to let the books interfere with a party, Moonbeam has earned quite a name for himself. A six mile jaunt back from Wildwood with Shifty Sheflott is proof positive that chivalry is not dead and that honor is supreme among Greek Gods (and we ' ll venture to say a more honorable pair of hoods never lived). B.M. (before Martha). Adonis vas master of all women, but then Martha ' s not like all vomen. His good nature will assure a warm welcome anywhere he goes and very proud we are that his good natme will be housed in a Coast Guard uni orm. 7rs ff tVtBBfnc MlinJ tnuih Liiul will iic cr be ihc salt-cncrusud skipper lc cling a stream ol oaihs to bearded boatswains mates. Nor ill he ever be found denoinicing the system, senior officers, or things in general. No. I. inch is jiisi loo nice a guy for any of tiiat and of course lliai lca cs us weaker brothers with a feeling of guilt. lie is the kind that does more than his share of work, claims less than his share ol credit, but hasn ' i Ici liinisell be caught wuhoui a Iriendlv look on his lace yel. Mavbe being luck in lo e has something to do with it. as it is well known that it ' s been strictly a home town O.VO h)i the awesome length of four years. Carolvn was finally brought out here for the last tai. but the two will scun back lo the West Coast as soon as possible lor that June wedding. I . ' . ' .■■-V ' j- ' y ' .- J— - ■ tTr •. FAT Ro ' -J ;• ' Ya TTI ' f ;t ( ) i- ' . ei e t ii4h.-S£lio( il Truck: Mo)i(, 4 )i ClWr Tidr Rijis: Clu ' cnicadk m ' tfadril Slmw CORAT Coral Ga RIDA li ' gh Scliool Suif ' h Stonii. in iMiJcc Committee; n h tnas Channing Huitan Our southern ■yall " man reluctantly relinquished the beaches of Miami to forge for his own in the Ne v England wasteland. He entered that fateful July with a rolling gait and it hasn ' t been altered in his four year stay. No social waimo ver, he sho ved the Danes, at the embassy no less, the finer points of the bunny hop. What with singing happy birthday to Adm. Hall (those singing telegrams have to go), intercompany sports, pounding out stories or ads for Surf N Storm. Howling Gale, and Ttde Rips, running bet veen Hartford and Syracuse, or explaining the latest in tango, mambo or vhat have you. he ' s been pretty busy. Always good for a ivord or six in half the time, Tom and his " Hi gang " Avill be remembered by all hands as ve head our separate vays. 187 % .T£if ■r Charles ranhlin tn€ aJJen If anyone can look like a seaman, walk like a seaman, talk like a seaman, and smoke like a seaman here ' s the boy. Sally ' s only regret concerning his new career is the deficiency of sailing ships now in the service. Claiming that these new fangled l.C. engines aren ' t here to stay, Mac solemnU luoniises to rig staysails on his lirst command. Usually indifferent toward the fairer sex. M.ic has been known to weaken considerably when, anil only when, they smile. Normally quiet natured, when his ire is up everyone clears out in a hurry; for when Mac gets mad he really burns. One of the best pistol sliois in these parts, Mac did himself proud in Cape May by getting expert rating in rifle and carbine as Avell. This is oidy poetic justice for you ' ll never meet a straighter shooter than Mac. 188 ■ ' - ' - ■ • - w Fayettcx ille High iiool Sailiiii! : PikcUTearilijGo-C.ulflaiii ; BROOKLYN, NEW. YORK Brooklyn Prcp.ii aui igh School l Y Football Team i iaii,ij t ' i . Ionogram Cluh Radio ch z- Mij bel Shoiu I Originally a charter member of the class of ' 53, Jack ran aground third class year and put in a year and a half at Georgetown University before returning to New London as a ' 55er. Some vhere along the line he must have tangled with some radios, because every veekend would find our Jack up in the attic either receiving messao-es r 1 1 oft from all corners of the continent or tapping out a mean code. Remember the cold October afternoon second class year, while the football team u-as practicing a new end run and Jack was busy with his many duties as football manager? What manager has ever given more than both arms? A hard and conscientious worker vith a ready smile, we ' ll all look forward to once again working with Jack as we go our separate u ' ays through the service. jj P hwBMWM€MM Joseph m ey cadet uho rcallv n,, s hunsdl 1. vntuc of b ,J " - ' " iH-a, J,ppvs laus, a.lvnuurc.. scheme to ' " " : ' 7 - - " ■ ' ' ' - pain .nuo,,,, .;,,;;. IS he anu Ion, ,ha, .hvu hilarious cartoons, escorted spue oHo u.l ora„ons against the resuhant u-ear a„ l tc.r " V ' m ' ? ' ■• ' -- t " Ms hear,, ,hou,h a e ho g-n.i oh, ,,avs spent rouin, ,.„. „n the IVn.rR DcLa Salle Highj hnol filing; Cross Cfoia,,,,-.- H-Lllin : .s,„ ■,, i 1 !ll M I L |t E t, V 1 SC :( ) X S I X Mar8fr Ct " e ' HkV c iciiool Pistol Teum Co-i plain hintwgmin Cliih: C(ilh lic Qhispel .(»iiiiullee Ch€MwleM MnihfBny mUlwadi The origin has long been forgotten but the nickname of Muskrat has stuck with Charlie the last couple of years. Although he is a hot shot on the pistol team. Muskic is more famed for his strange laugh, his lo ' e of Fords and his piusuii of -women. Since getting the ine itable Dear John at the end of S vab year, he has played the Held, shiiting from town to college and back with ease. He doesn ' t talk much about Milwaukee but his eyes light up shen he hears the name of that beer town. Still puzzling about s ' hat happened in Santander. he keeps a lot of what he thinks to himself. He has made no definite plans for after gradtiation except that he won ' t get married (for a vhile anyway) and ■oldd definitely like to see Wisconsin again. 191 " S -r v " " • JmwarJ tVilliggnt ttttMrphy I he iLii il)lt ' uni])c_rt(l Mr. Muiplix liaics llic snsIciii lo judge by his black looks and cointniptuous siainiuius, l ui il backed inlo a corner he will have lo admit ihaL lie likes the military way. He has just about been the em ire siorv ol C(i. crosscountry the last lour years. iiiiiila(c l with clloris on the track team, he is a wicked soliball and basketball pai i i( ipani. Ilien there ' s that scieniilically in(|uisiii i innid ihai loanis (Voni outer space to an award irom (.. h.. but rarel sclllcs on ordinary homework. I iu- most ama ing facet ol this iniU man calldl Mur])h. is liis niiti dixoiion lo music. He has become an accomplished pianist uiilioni btnc In of lessons or legal practice- time. Doni c ci sa on can do something better than . Iuipli . because ou can t. 1 rack; Cross CkfUlry iji.ajjlain; Surf n Storm; Recrcatio fiSihypiiimiltee; Moiio- im tm (. ;.■ ... 192 ■ r -- V . fl, CAIJ-ICJRMA -.r M. Hiah School Football; Mo)w i m ffip; Formal Dance Commitl y jmtrel Show Others call him Dick. We always call him the Walking Almanac or the Living Encyclopedia of Little Known Facts. He actually has an amazing selection of facts and statistics at his fingertips. A California man, he is renowned for his lack of talk about that State, though he won ' t trade it for any other place in this or any Union. He has made a big name for himself in football here, showing a determination unequaled by anyone. In the two long cruises combined, he has compiled an enviable record by accumulating seventeen days of leave. One word of caution, don ' t let your hat out of your sight with Dick arotmd. It ' s sure to turn up on his head. Always one to show great drive and rene ' ed energy, he Avill certainly be velcomed ii to the officer corps. M Daniel Cawl Glson. Jw. His good naiurc. sincerity, and a iiianncr ol talking that j)in ()u inuncdiauh at lasc. make l)ann ilic Icllow ()n (i lust iliink ol lo intiodiuf lo noui lolks. He liails iroiii Annapolis. Mar land wlun- iwo ihousand mid- shipmen coiddn ' l keep him hom entering ihe i (oxered halls ol (Xi. . Many a I. ill ahernoon the crowds ha e inianimoiish winced as big Oilie. tackle and captain, ()ldd tlnow a mmderous hhx k or a triishing tackle at some poor sus])ecting hut helpless opponent. Dainiy and academics didn ' t exactly get along togethii. hut the battle was still one-sided with Danny definitely laxored to come out on top. C ome giaduation. the scr ice ■ill get a liin ' leader with the soi t ol judgment that comes liom a sin(iic ' inteiest and beliil in his chosen pi()lessi(jn. %l A .VPOUtSr StM I n .Vima olis iTfgh ' School Uij ii: 1 rai Fovtball l ' .iif {fn)i: I rail:. Wrestling; Moiioirrain C.liihjj Kiih L),r,(,- Committee §- Thomas fORK ; iK»j«c TOi fgh School Surf ' n Storm; H Ht dlc: Ring Dunce Committee; Clioi - jtliib: Tide RijKs pup to S« r Sifthcri cnry Gwertt n HI Bob, vho conies from an Army family, has never had a home town he could call his own. Post-war living in Germany gave him a liking for that country. " Heinrich " ' has not had time for a steady girl or the inevitable Dear John which seems to plague inmates here at the Academy. He has become more or less the aiuhority on trees and re-exams, mainly because he has come iiato hazardous contact uith so many. W ith a red-faced glare and silver rimmed glasses, " Kraut " has occasionally imitated an infamous ahnnnus of the Academy, midst the calls of " You there " from the first class. Well liked by his classmates and feared by the underclass ■hom he makes toe the mark, " The Prussian " has shown a great affinity for tlie military and especially for the Coast Guard. 193 1 ,i ? i HBjp: j v , H r ; AHcr ,uo years a, •a„po,c .|u,uor College, ou, ()„....on Kith blessed iIk- ponals ol r(;A Afr .• , : " ' ' •• ' l t ' cn a mamstav Icr ihe Mermen lor lour straurht vea.x , i i , ' - itimcii local .! T ' • ' ' ■ " ' ' . ■ ■ " vi ' H.ncr. A ,,„,„, " ■- ' ' ■ " " « ' ■ ' ■ " i.l IR. ,nd M,„„ „i|| 196 CmCAGO. ILI OIS Rifle; Surf ' ri orni ' :HMliulic i ' .lial cl Committee: F ciTre ' fU nt Committee; Class Sec)aelary-Tjreasurer 3 One ol the Windy City ' s gifts to CGA was John, known by nicknames too ninnevous to mention. He graduated from Moimt Carmel High School of Chicago and before passing through the portals here, spent a year at the University of Illinois. With him, John brought no small amount of ambition and enthusiasm. This was devoted to numerous activities, especially the Catholic Chapel Committee. He could also regularly be found scjueezing away do vn on the rifle range. Grades indicated that his books certainly didn ' t collect dust. His work, enthusiasm, and sincereness won him the admiration of all. The class of ' 55 and the Coast Gtiard suffered a great loss -tvhen John departed in September of " 54 to follo v the religious life as a excel in this new life. esuit. We know he vill M I Jfthn tVullitMtn ShceJtf Jack is one of the old men in the class, coniino to CGA alter a few years at r-Coiin. Sirictlv a local lad. he has helped pay for the Memorial liritlge with his iniunnerable trips back .iiul forth to (iroton. Ihc niosi laniiliar sight to men in liie Inst liberty parly on Saiurdax is ihc red con ertible waiting at the North C.ate. and there breathes not a single sonl who has seen Jack on liberty wiihoui ShirlcN al his sicK Hc ' lias ihe honor ol being the onlv man iieie who has spent six years making wedding plans. His main athletic interest lies in varsity wrestling, where he alternatelv looked at. then showed his opijonenls. the lights, jack has m it takes, as shown l his being elected class jjresident the ]ast two years at the Academy. f ION DON. Ct .CTICU T Ri|Ik.e]cvS( ' lf(7() TriK k: ] rcsllnil;,; . h niii ' rnni C.hih; Dixie ( ' .( )nh( : M nj trel h( ii-, Clti.ys I ' irsidciit 2. I : rociimiK ' iil ( " unniltce NEW LONT oIIToS KCTICI ' T Bulkc ' lcv iicIifiSl Sill ling; Rh efljMi}d CiiDunil lee mi.€Mlph £lwner Slater Slate arri ed at the Academy after a brief sojurn at M.I.T. Perhaps he was homesick; he is one of the lucky fe v who li ' e in New London. An expert sailor, he has held a berth as Raven skipper on the sailing team. It is difficidt to describe the personality of this lad. The closest approach to a description is that he is one heck of a great guy and a friend valued by all. Better shipmates are hard to find. Slate is also one of the soon to be married clan. Her name is Fay Brown and she has the cutest little bine plymouth in town. Ralph won ' t even need to buy a car. Some gnys have all the luck! Slate had a good share of that commodity in Amsterdam as senior man in charge of a brewery toin-. This, among his other escapades, increases his worth as an officer. 199 ] SOriHI-RX I ' JXKS. . (). CAROl.IXA Basrhall Managfffsmij ' ni Slum,: Riu Dance Coiniiihi ef; IiyQlesln„t Chapel " " Committee CliUnmrnihjMin.slrel Show I William n il Sp ne Bill roared across the Mason Dixon line ni 1951 lo become a salt, after tuo years of RO ' IC at No ' th Ca ' lina State. This somliern ocnlliman will IksI Ik- rcnuinlK re,! for his singular efforts on our large class ring at the ring dance, as well as many other contribiuions to tlie fine arts at CGA. He has succeeded in protect iiig his interest in the l)rain trust, being second in his high school graduating class and also holding his own in the class of ' 55. There is nothing really wrong with the Yankee girls, but Bill ' s soutiiern heart belongs to a .North Carolina school teacher named Louise. Bill ' s shipmates arc fortunate, for his sharp wit an.l sly sense ..I humor will alwavs siand him in good stead. Om l.isi pi,, verb: " A taut shij) is a liajjpy shi|)! " 200 J m .-- ROSLI N I g t fek USETTS £Jwn9MnJ Jnscph SpilltBWBC This Roslindale redhead roared inio New London with the rest ot us and is still going strong. A man of many names, lie answers to Edmund, E. }.. Ted, and even Mickey (no relation, but his draw has improved tremendously). If you ha e an afternoon to spare, you might ask him to spin some of his salty yarns about the old days down in ilie Maine Hsh factories. Ehrough the tips and downs of a cadet career, Mickey has rollicked merrily along accepting his share of trees, et cetera, but has never encountered anything ' hich has merited his " getting shook " . As of now he is the bachelor type, but no bets are going to be taken. Here is a man easy to get along with. He certainly knows his job and his shipmates can relax chen " steady Teddv " has the con. n ' Henry StMsUi Loudlv claiming ihc .lisinuunn ..I IkImj; ilu- staunchcst Reel Mike in our Acaclcnivs Ion- lusu.rv. I ncle Pierre noinis to his record with pviae. In answer u. il.e oil repealed querv -Do you preler blondes, hnmeiies. or redheads? " TH lake beer ' , has nnai lahlv been Pierre s ;„l,„nani replv. Not on this subjecl alone has Hanks repniaiion lor being obsimaie been based. Se eral prols. have been carried away by ihe men with ilu- butterHy nets aher arguing with him on iheoielical grounds. This same dogged persistence, though, lias sho •n real .lixidends on the loolball luld. With third down •md " ) to go. evervone in ihe viciniiv knows " Cyrano will come pounding mio ihe line. Behind his caustic wit we ' ve found one wonderful guy and a Ime shipmate. R()CHESr;i,ER, . F VV.- V()RK A iiinas Insiitiite Idolhall: UascbaU: Slhho ' ram Club Cnllinlir ' xilta-pei ,0oininiltee O 5 LIi CO] £ fe: RK, MfcJHIGAN Slocum-Truax I li y ' School y Sailing; Tide ' H p? S(lf ( r: Clioir; Glee ClitbxminstyeUShow • m Celestial computations completed and coiu ' se plotted, Prince Henry made his vay East out of Michigan. Why the name. Prince Henry? It ' s like this; while most of us ' ere struggling through a very nasty course in na i- gation Jo came up with his grades on the high side of 99. It ' s not that he was ahvays right, he vas just never Avrong. Judge for yourself, did he or did he not do a fine job on this year book? Ahvays too busy to do his homework, he vas nc er too busy to Iiclp us vitli oins or to cram kno vledge into us before an exam. Seventy-eight guys cast seventy-eight votes his vay for ' 55 ' s unsung hero award. Marian and Jo have " Mr. and Mrs. " plans to connnence on or about 30 May 1955, which is another happy entry for our " Ideal Couples " book. 203 ] ' . t : a RIDA Mainland Hi,olVSc irtoT,-i)hirt)n.i Ikacli. Fla luterdfAn ' fxiinBUQlhall V. 7rA JwvtBwJ hofnps n l.ikc most ol his (onipati iois. ha niaki-s no Ikjucs about bein Ironi ilu- lush stale oi Florida, (hiilc a s|)orls figure at Mainland Hi ' h School in Dayiona Uiach. the ' ■ Turk " ])ioin|)il look over Charlie Clonipany sports and i ave ihe hoys more than one weekend because- ol it. . lthough usually a pretl (luiii .nu . ii doesn ' t lake too much to el him to exi)oiuid at ieal len ;lh on his many and xaried pre-Academy adventures. Of course. these were belore Jeanie entered the picture. Oil hours iind him writing to the rrenion .State I ' eachers College or balling ihe elusive liiile while pill in ihe rec. room. Alwavs the gentleman, lia is liked and iis|)ecied 1) all who know him. Ihis attribute, along with many others. he carries with him into ser ice Hie. : -« ' -. — - - 204 Wi J Fenian harscn : fr BRAIX Tttt, MlN?S. S()r A Wasliipgton Hig+y Si Im. )1 ' Running Light; Sinj ■iiMnin: Ring Dance Committee; Format Lfiince Committee; Procnremriil Conniiillre It the -Ten thousand Swedes that crept througli the vecds " had to face a Noreegian like Howie, they would hax e then- hands full. He woidd have had them all out picknig laurel for the next formal dance. He certainly has given his all in making each formal bigger and better than the previous one. Pink Harvey ' s four years have been hUed with more good limes, special liberty and T.A.D. ' s than seems possible. Along with pulling every deal in the book, Howie has given more than his share to the class and corps. His fate has been sealed ever since he gave his platoon -eyes right " in honor of his perl little blon.le. Marlvn. during 2 c summer. Ve can think of no better man to be graduated into the oHicer corps than Ho vie. s-ho ill li •cn up any vardroom in the service. ■ WtB ' Bvard 1t%i€had Ueilldic I he cra y I ' ltnc hni.iii was .1 n.iimal in I ' lol. " nou do better l ut yoii still Hunk liiiron ' s classes. As a lellow compatriot, he could do no wrong. Talk— energy— liinnor— WOW! Its a physical ini|)ossihilitv to be blue wiih Vv around. Willi Ins sidekick " MickeN " .Spillane, he is out the gates like a shot come liberiv and is always racing the clock back in. Local gals didn ' t stand a fighting chance— a pretty little muse has been holding clo n his bookcase for years. No dehniie plans as yet. just " she ' s the grealesi " . A legulai liiile dol])hin when it comes to swimming, he splashes water with ihe best of them to Newt ' s delight, . fter Tom ears ol study, party, and swinuiiing, he leaves wiiji one recpiest, " Please gang. sj)cll n y name riglii this one lime. y jtv W 1 S I 11 XRJFORl), CONMt riCl ' T W illi.iin H. Hall Hiiiii N h.i.il Su ' i IN III III ,1 ( ' . ih0in; .H ' nuiii niiii ( .lull r LAKE PA Erasm ' ' : V JERSEY ' School 1 Qeorqe £dward iVali n ■Gawgie " came to us from ihe asphalt jungle of Brooklyn. His first action upon arriving was to proclaim New London a colony ol the grand duchy of Flatbush and proceed to take the place over " in toto " . His claun to fame is that he was the first, and last, man to partici- pate in a Roller Derby in the corridors of Chase Hall. Lir George is also outstanding among the members of the class as an accomplished internationalist. He really •o •ed the senoritas of Santander with his glib mastery of the Castilian vernacular. He did all right tor himself in Denmark too. Her name vasn ' t Wilhelmina. but he says that she ' as indeed the -sweetest gal in Copenhagen " . A " hail fellow well met " from the word go George is sure to be a v ' elcolne addition to any wardroom. 207 1 M -s. tinhcwi rcttkn Wchh. Jr. They (lon ' i conic any saliicr than ilic " (loon " . K cr since ihe ■■wcc-latl " stage Ik- lias been bouncing around in one form ol boat or another. Four years ago, Curley Inrsook his Indian Maid (it ' s a sailboat, honest) and came North lo ■leach liiese daimanks how lo sail " . This he did. and in ilie |)i()cc ' ss jxiinud oiii .nious liiile weaknesses in our Ixjat design: in |)aiiicular. se en K-boai masts and . rion ' s iiiaininasl. Master of all boats, liob is, in no small way, fcjnd of this seafaring Hooligan ' s lile. Ciirley ' s life also has lis lo elv side. She is red ol hair and answers very sweeih m ilu n.iuu ol H.uh.n.i. They plan very shortly to set sail on the- sea ol li.ippiness accompanied by oin best wishes and loudcsi regards. Stand-bv, Coast C.uaid. here comes one line ollicer. 208 lND 1 .VSTQN, M crn Scl " W V ' : ' ' ' Stiiliiio: W rcsilufei Mtfili drniii (Auh; icc- Prc.sidciil ' A ' J: ' ' A Secretary 3 I Manual ' Kmii jlh Schoo Track; (.iS LoW A: Vuhlicit ly .- ' Seven days in the National Cxuard properly seasoned Norm for his arri al at CGA. His fleet-footedness followed him out of high school days as dear old Manual T., through his fraternity days, and over various Ne v England crosscountry trails in Big Blue togs. His desk blotter is rarely seen without a letter to Carolyn stuck in its corner. And why not? Hiis little Ne v York gal also deser es an Ensign stripe for four years patience with nary a " Dear John " . This explains Norm ' s formidable investment in the NYNH8.-H. Norman ' s main desires are to raise a happy family, travel, and Hnd adventure via the Coast Guard. Amiable Norm will make the orade, however steep, for here comes a man armed vith determination and a sen e of fairness for all. % Unutnue 3)€mU W aJi Jiinniic D. was born in California, lived in California, and wants lo die in California. That is if he lias lo die al all. The son of a baker. W ' oodsie himself was a fully qualified baker when he was in High School. However we ha en ' t been able to nei liim lo show the proof of his skill. When not wrapped up in practice for football or wrestling, he is most often foimd in or inider his bed. Those who know him best sa he iiuends to use his knowledge of higher inaihiin.ii ics to some (la design a bigger, belter and cheaper haiiibuigei. He disiin- guished himselt in Copinhagen b being pinsued everywhere by a cute little Danish girl. Needless to say. he wasn ' t so hard to caicli. His jovial sense of hmnor will certainlv add ariety and extiiiiiieiit to anv gatlieiing. • l-oolball: II tcsliifigC.dpt -A; Surf ' ii Storm; MuiHigrain (Aiih: F-nhlUil Committee i h iUcmiunnm au £. Stnnttham During Christmas leave, I ' lSS. Paul ™s returning to In, hontenr Rochester tan a day ' s sUtng. H,s car crashed ,ut„ another au.l he d.ed instantly. We gr.eved ulth Ins tnother over l,er loss ol " » " ■»■ felt that ue hatl lost a leading ntentber in our own class 1„, P.- ,,,,, hclpcl n.any of t.s over rough spots in our personal hves. He ,;:lnally possessed those t.ualtties of leadershtp and understandtng „-hich others ol tts are still strugglittg to atta.n. There was nothing vfe could say at the ,„ne ol hts • ' ■ ■. ' ; nothiu.. we can say now. During the tune he was wtth us he tve.l lul 211 CI Ad i ■ or - . . l . .U. ( .nni ]] ' ' rki)io (,ii I „,sA jiolif V CIa«s Officers Slici ' dy. PrcsicUnU Tke CIa«% of ' SG Biulcr, Prc.sidiul. Jimul. Sccrrlary. (.Dli ijnic. Adri.soi. Cushmuu, Treasurer, Tiitt, I ' ice President 111: .1 iiiiiii.iiuu ' oil our liiili ' liiii ii and oui Mcond |iiiH ' WVik IjcIuikI us w i- (lc|)artf(l on lca c Lo rcsi lor a loiii " awaited second class suiiniicr. First ii was classes ol iiislriiclion and iluii we split u]) lor the first time in our AcadcniN tareer to aiious pails ol ilic l- ' .asiein Seaboard. Kor some it was the teacliiu; ol the ww lomth class, others remained to work on the new research project, a group Hew to t. City and " hush puppies " while the rest tried Cape Mav and Wildwood Weekends. At ilie close ol the summer we were together again on the wa to the isle ol liermuda. the return nip lound hurricane Carol piuiing in her yeaih appearance adding excitement to the oyage. Septemhei lound us back at the .Xcademy, and sttidies j)lus the responsibilil ' ol the second class position in the battalion are making the year pass fast and we can see ahead to Ma Week. " OCR ' ling, a hori oiital stripe and the lonu (iiiise. . 1 ' . R1 ' . AXri.I.. M. AM, EX. V. C. f rOX. G. I. IVVDER. J. E, lilNj A.MIX. X. II. IS. I5. .SyLl-. J. 1). lll.l.i R. R. . . Ul LLl.S. 1). S. JU.ACKIORl). R. A. 214 BOND, L. F. BRISTOL, R. L. BROGDOX. W . J. BROWN, G. E. Jr. GALLAHAN, J. L. GAMPBELL. D. T. CANZONERI, J. GU.SH E N, D. B. GUTTS, N. E. GZARNETSlvI. D G. DARGY. T. R. Di C RTERET. J. E. DEMPSEY, A. G. DEVLIN, W. M. DONAHUE. R. M. 1 IIRMANN, J. R. ENGLAND. D. E. EN IWIS 1 LE. 1 . VV. I AIRGLOTH, G. W. FLANDERS, M. FRAN! Z. D. L. GA I HY, B. S. GILLESPIE. R. (.OODWIN. VV. GRANGER, |. A. II. RRINGTON, B. D. HARTGEN. R. P HEIN, L. N. HENNEBERRY. P. D. HICiKS, VV. G. hJ !15 HOUNSLEA. A. K HUNTER, F. D. JONES. V. C. KELI.OGC;. K. R. KEICHEL , R. |. KKIIl 1X1 . i;. J. KINDBOM I ( . kIKkl ' I RICK. T. Ki )l I 1 IM R. R. K IK. R. i.rM) . w. . i. I . (.ii. N. i; MacDONALD. J. X. M Rsll. K. G. M. kl W R. E. .M II ISI| I I l( l I1 R (.. Ml 1 lil R(;. 1.. C. Jr. .Ml Rl l . W . I . MOIIIN. W n. M. MOORIil l). C. E MORRIS 1 ' I) MORRISOX C. I). OlURnoI I I R. G. Ol.MX. R. 1). ori ioi I I ' 1 I Rl , k 1 . |K. IM ' XDI RGR SS. I) ( I ' l 1 lis R 1 l ' RI ( 1 O. I, 216 J QUINN, E. J. RETTIE, G. L. Rl ARl), J. E., Jr. ROBERTS. B.C. ROL.WD. W. F. ROO E . |. J. Ill RYBACKI, R. 1. S. RDESON, R. E. SCH.AEFER. T. P. SCH. EFFER. B. K. SHANNON. B. R. SMITH, C. R. SMITH, J. E. SOLOMON. B. L. STANLEY, J. G. SL ' LLIXAN, E. L., Jr. SLIMI, D. A. SVVAGERTV, A. TAUB, D. M. THEVENIN. P. T. TUTT. R. R. ' AN LAAR. W. L. VIVEIROS, G. G. WAGNER. A. H. WTISKITTEL. J. W FSTON, C. I... Jr. WHITE. W. W. WOMACk. R. E. W UBBOLD, J. H.. Ill Z. KARIN, R. C. 217 TIko CIa«« of S7 Combs, Secretary, Hanson, President, LI. Lynch. Advisor. Fallon, Vice President, Bishop, Treasurer I iiMirc. biu cock), c ciucrcd ilic (a(li.iii ill the suininer of 1953. I ' ushcd and prodded w ' c Willi tliroiigli our paces nol (luiU ' uiidcr- stantling ihe meaning of everything. We were ama cd vith l)eing on a S(|iiarc rii tiii , and upon oiu reluin. o er awed b Llie unsurious group called the first class. Our duties seemed to nioinii and niouni uniil ilu- breaking point seemed near. 1 hen that long awaited Ia Week came as did our first long cruise. Willi a saltv swagger and nianv ulw wavs we le- mined lo become a part oi that all knowing set. the third class. In our new position ol responsibility we fotind the job oi command none tocj easy. Again we were shown the Avay, but this time everything had its meaning. Stirer and a little less cockv we now ha e the purpose and goal ol making 9 ' i our bissest and best vear at the Acadenn. . Ilt ARX, M. J. AR.XOl.I) W II 1 ' . r.l l M, ■. R. I ' .KR W. A. ) ' .. Ill AR, L. tiicm I.. v. X. BI.SH01 , R. C. liRAC, W, I, K. JK. Ii( )M I , V. A. 218 liROWN, J. i:. Jr. BRl ' NER. F. C. Bl ' CiHANAN. W. ).. Jr. BUKl.L. R. C;. RDIN. I., R. J. CECE. J. M. COLLINS, R.J. C;O.MB.S. I. D. Jr. CONRV. C. E. COOLEV. H. K. CROWELL. E. L. CU.MMING.S. T. R. D.VA ' LS. I). B. Dm. CIORNO, R.Z. Di .M UiHIELL. R. L. DOWNS, T.J. DlCOTE, R. G.. Ill ER1C:KS0N. J. R. FALLON. H. E.. Jr. FESSENDEN. F. E. R. FINNEGAN. T. W. FLAHERIA . J. P.. Jr. GI.OEGE, T. M. GRACE. E. V. GREEN. R. H. N.SON, H. D. IIARRTS. H. J., Jr. HESFORD. . . J.. Jr. IHMELHOCH. N. E. HOLTZALAN, E. B. k " 219 IIOWI R. W. E. IRWIN I I JACOBSON. 1. li. JOHNSON. R. A. K AllM ANN. I ' . I . Kl.Ml . J. W . KINNEY. J. V.. Jr. kOIlM R . I . |. I a1 () I)I . R. G. lAN.N. J.IJ. MA1.0N1£. R. C. IA1.( )MA . J I . |k M M IIOI ' .S. A. K. M R(()II R. |. . l RklA I) R. M I I I SON, T. I N ( I I I R Ml I O W II I, Ml Ski II . I). 1. Ik MKII I is. R. W. . I l.N 1 OX. {. Ml I (III I I I R MORRIS. V 1 . Ill MORRISOX n l . Jr. XII 1)1 RM X. ( . S. X()1, X. 1. r. XI SO.M. C. J. JK. OI.DKX. I.. A. OSI ' .ORX. [. C. l ' (. XI 111. R. 221) i ' Ai.mi:r, r. s.. |r. parish. V. C, Ir. PASSMORE, C. D., ]r. PENNACCHINI, R. N. PLUM Z. R. V. RtCkl 1 I. II. |. REINING. R. R.. }k. RIPl.EY, K. D. RIPPEL. . . R. ROSIE, R. D. ROIS. P. ). SU.VRL. L. S. •S I EPHENSON, J. W.. Jr. STROMMER. J. P. STUART, K. SUPER, A. D. T. PLIN. H. R.. Jr. THOMP.SON. R. EHURNHER. U. 15. TUTT. G. E. VANCE, G. P W ' HIIEHE.VD. D. L. ' IRTZ. J. C. W ' OODWORTH, T. G. 221 Tke Cla«« of S» Swabol W ' c will never forget it. ' i ' lic loiirih class was represented by men lioiii e ery corner ol the nation. Some laced die t iiange hoiii ci ies lo hlius wide e ed with excite- iiuiii. Otiiers were contused and lost. Sw.d) sunnner langhl us how to cm lime in iiall. and iraiiH ' d us in " Ihe Sxslem . Aher till ' hook work canie llie jjiaclical work on the cruise to iVrmud.i aloiij; wiili hun icaiu ' C aiol. The academic terms were tough, i)ni ve managed to stop long enough ioi s]X)iis and iormals. Some vere lost along the wa . i)ul the majoril ' remained. We look lorwaid to the cruise to Etuope and om first big stripe which means Avell earned freedom. Dwyer, Trrtisiirc) .Ai liliii. Pyt-sidcut, Scliiller, I ' ire I ' lcsideiit . MacDotiald, Secretary IiiiRi) Row: Hell)iii!fslliic, Hinkley. Hudson, Inihric. Ki ' udaU, Johnson. Kicfjer, I.eCourl, I.iltle, II7( morf— .Skcom) Row: C.reiglilon. Dahms, Derliam, Garrison, Ocrnrs. Gilbert, Graver, Gruel, Grun(bii(iu — V v.s Row: liadger, lierry. liilner, Buggy, ISunilmin, Case, Cliirit, Conrad, Coslich W II f:t;:t-f-.f4|:f;t: ' l f IK f 222 ft f It t ft f 1 Back Row: Parker, Miu-iith. Trotiibley. ]] ' iIIiiiiii.s— ' Yh rd Row: Hiunmerqtiisl. Houter- son, Holland. I kens, Keljyien. King, Klein, Koeneke, Mansfield— t.v.O ' SX) Row: Cullen, Currier, Dolan, Douglass, Dngan, Eshoo, Footil, Frick, Hall— Virst Row: Armacost, lieiler, Boyce, Boyd, Clarke, Commerton , Connors, Crofis, Crisj) Fourth Row: Telfer. Wheeler— Third Row: Xicliol, Pennington . Radford, Rayhurn, Schuller, Se)ikow, Snow, S ! hi7— Second Row: Herbert, Hut( liinson, Jones, Kelley, I.ai- zelere, AlcCarty, McDonotigli , Xaiis, Xeubatier—¥iR Row: Albi-rt. Ba sett, Beiniett, Bi(rij-ess, Dion, Foster, Card, Coldr, Ciant f-H ' - ' -f v; r- - ■ ' ' - ' r 223 t f 1 1 1 ft ft I-Olkih Row: ' iillei.ujii, Wliilf, ] ' oo(l , ) ' t) e— Third Row: ScIiimIci, Sjji-ikc, Sjn-ncer, Smith. SulliiKUi. SullierUnid. Swisher. Wuliher. MV »— Skcond Row: O ' liticii. Owen, I ' otlcr. Hiilhhini. Riley, lioss. l{f)tii: hi;,tn(leri . Salotti. Schiiller—h ' iR r Row: liinr. Dmiin, Detiiiey. Mnrliii, McAlj in. MiSiicu. Molilcnhrouh, Xelsori, Xickcrson FotRTii Row: ih ibergcr. Wdriikoiii.shy. HV ' Ai. W ' hileliiuul— I lURU Row: I ' lnkei. Pelerson. I ' irkuj). lieiuerl. Setig. Sihiia. Sites. Ttitiesld. Uitlio I —Srcosn Row : Mnlhesott. Mntthews. MiCinlhy. Miller, . iills. Miliier. Milrhell. Mninione. Mueller— ViRST Raw. liushe. Ely, l-t(iiihic. (iinithiii . Iliilc. Ileinjicl. I leiirx, Jntniesotl, MacDotiiild 224 W I OAf f Alion Oi o inizaf ion Anderson . Sii.ski. Da.sovicl}. Md- ' iddcn l:i(hs iii. I ' liil III hull ( mil inn iiili ' i « ' «J» - 1 L(ind) -E r( . Haui cu-Opp. Evekson-C.d) . HoUinu swin lli-.ld j. Slnlri-Sn j)jil m- JW ■■■■ [JjrJn ' ■■■■ «aK«KaiiaKBB£ - CnMWtpgBtMtJ A Co: I.iilliinn. (, ' (.o; lilatidiu. E I ' .o: Di)s(lirl. II Co: Bickford, D Co: FUtntigan CftttBpany l())l i ' s-X() . ()ls(i)i ' l si . SpoK c-2)ul. ]V()i)ds-3)d C iiih (). Kdlhr Isl . Lutton-2iid, Walton-yvd P ll J ' JC) Chawtic CnanpgMwttf ] ( lsli-X() . (ill hcil-l.sl . (iirc)l-2iul . I- ' c) iiii.soii-hil Shecdy-XO, Sxcaiisou-lst, Byou ' n-2ud, Nichcu-3yd Knight-XO, Overtun-lst, Tlioysc i-2nd , Kaiser-Brd Cntnpany CtMwnpiMny -: «. ' _ 227 AmiiiAr li A ni I ' ) 11 II I is Cliief Steele Iteeping the football players fit N Wkon I % A% «fe % Al I ( — I nil 1 luni • aai ■ s ■ ■■■■ ■-- tnggnt hawnhs o. ' W III. SCIIILIJNC. . . . M.iil and Kxprcss Pi iniing Co.. on whom Ull the rcsponsibilii to sec- llial wc kc-pl nio in . wiili a consiani How ol copy, lo liiiu goes Uic honor ol being ihc backbone ol produciion. 11.1.IAM MKRRI.M.W . . . . Ierrinian Engraving Co.. wlio. with inan ni ' W ideas in laNont. correlaled llie ideas lor the l)o()k. which we sein liini. inio a sniooih ilowing story. C. r i . 1.. H. MOKIXK . . . 1 iDi: Rifs adx isoi . who helped us organize into an elHeieni well nni business, and who handled the allaiis between die . eadeiiiy and Washington. l.CDR. N. (). W ' KS IFAI.l, . . . For piool reading the biography seclion and elinunating the evils of an engineer ' s knowledge of English. I.r. |. 1). McCANN . . . 1955 1 ii i Rii-s adxisor. who spent many hours line king (o|) . balancing budgcls, etc. to be sure that a line book as turned out. E. ' ()RLES. [ () I ... who painted the lour color painling ihal apjKais on the 1 ille Page. And lo e ervone. not onlv those menlioned abo ' e. that ha e at one lime or another did their bit to help. ' . owe our thanks. 232 ms ' WVERWAV UNDER ADVERTISING POWER ff Salute... . . . those good friends of the Coast Guard whose advertisements appear in this section. To them we extend our sincere thanks for their splendid cooperation. 233 GET ALL THE GAS MILEAGE YOUR CAR CAN DELIVER Plus Famous Friendly Service Mobilgas See Your Mobilgas Dealer 234 Chevrolet Rel Air Convertible with Body by Fisher. Blue-ribbon beauty that ' s stealing the thunder from the high-priced cars! herever outstanding cars are judged a surprising thing is happening. The spothght is focusing on the new C le - rolets with Body hy Fisher! Surprising — because Chevrolet offers one of America ' s lowest-priced lines of cars. But not reallv astonisliing when vou consider that its designers had just one goal — to shatter all previous ideas about what a low-priced car could be and do. 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HANNA COMPANY, AGENT NATIONAL STEEL CORPORATION STEAMSHIP DIVISION THE EASTERN STEAMSHIP COMPANY THE LABELLE STEAMSHIP COMPANY THE VIRGINIA STEAMSHIP COMPANY HANSAND STEAMSHIP CORPORATION HANNA COAL ORE CORPORATION STEAMSHIP DIVISION CHERRY 1-2400 1300 Leader Building 524 Superior Ave., East CLEVELAND 14, OHIO HANNA B.F.Goodrich GiZ ss Bearing OIL RESISTING RUBBER FOR PROPELLER SHAFTS There is a size and type of Gutless Bearing for every powered boat or vessel. Soft rubber, v ater lubricated, Gutless Bearings out-v ear all other bearing materials. LUCIAN Q. MOFFITT INC. AKRON 8, OHIO Engineers and National Distributors 236 i Underviray on Nuclear Povifer " At 11 :01 a.m. on January 17, 1955 the " USS Nautilus " backed away from her dock into the Thames River, and pointed her bow toward Long Island .Sound. The brief message flashed by her commander. ' " Underway on Nuclear Power " , has already become an historic phrase — for the " Nautilus " has demonstrated that nuclear power can be controlled and utilized to perform constructive work. Men and women of Electric Boat Division of General Dvnamics Cor- poration, builders of the " USS Nautilus " are proud of their part in helping not only the United States Navy but the entire world to get " Underway on Nuclear Power " . GENE RAL GD DYNAM ICS DIVISIONS i©1 I? GA G - " - ' oWi ' ;©i l%fj " - GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPORATION 4-4-5 PARK AVENUE, NEW YORK 237 CALMES ENGINEERING COMPANY Design— Construction— Drydock and Repair Facilities QUALITY -ECONOMY FLORIDA WALK INDUSTRIAL CANAL TELEPHONE BYwater 1625 P. O. BOX 8095, NEW ORLEANS, LA. When Better Inland and Offshore Marine Equipment is Designed and Built, We Will Build It. Compiiments of THE INTERLAKE STEAMSHIP COMPANY CLEVELAND, OHIO Established 1896 Tel. Mystic T.UNT Moss Company Coast Guard Approved 8-0240 PUMPS FOR EVERY PURPOSE SEWAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEMS REPAIRS AND INSTALLATIONS 236 BOSTON AVENUE MEDFORD 55, MASS. 238 . . . Night and day, through fog and overcast, Sperry Radar provides clear " view " of course ahead. S.S. UNITED STATES SETS NEW RECORDS During 112 Atlantic Crossings Superliner Averages 30.5 Knots THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: ■ From the st;irt of her maiden voyage 30 months ago, the s. s. united states has been setting record after record, making headhne after headline. Now she ' s in the news again — and with good reason. During her two and one-half years of service, she has crossed the Atlantic 112 times at an average speed in excess of 30.5 knots, or 35 land miles an hour. That ' s speed — for a ship almost five blocks long! ■ To average such high speeds through all seasons of the year — and all kinds of weather — the united states depends on three Sperry navigational aids. With the Sperry Gyro-Compass, she is sure of accurate direction — guided by continu- ous true-North indications of her com- pass. With Metal Mike , her Sperry Gyro-Pilot, she holds automatically to her course in heavy seas, steering the straightcst course to her destination in the shortest time. And with dependable Sperry Radar on her bridge, she can be sure of safe passage through fog and darkness. ■ Wherever ships sail. Sperry plays a major role in improving the safety and precision of navigation. A variety of instruments is in use on Navy, Coast Guard and Army ships, ocean vessels, lake carriers, river and harbor craft, yachts and work boats. Whatever the navigation problem, Sperry is " at home " on the bridue. tm res. us. pat. off. sPfRilV erfioscopf coMPMr MSION OF THE SPERRY CORPORATION ' GREAT NECK N.Y. 239 CLASS OF 55 SERVING OFFICERS IN ALL OF THE SERVICES SINCE 1924 federal Services finance orp. AND AFFILIATES •k Wachingten 6. D. C. ♦ 6wi 200,000 Offks k(k to USAA -fk umm;h at CmL I United Services Automobile Association, organized in 1922, is the largest insur- ance company exclusively serving officers of the U.S. Armed Forces with insurance at cost. All selling is by mail. You enjoy protection almost SAVE MORE anywhere in the world THAN 40% ON where U.S. Armed AUTO INSURANCE Ponces serve. SAVE MORE THAN 25% ON HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS INSURANCE Write today for application blank and details UNITED SERVICES AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION 1400 E. Grayson Street San Antonio 8, Texas 210 S. S. PIERCE CO. on the I hcl is your Guarantee of Quality RIIVEK ROPE m That exira quality in every foot of RINEK ROPE is the result of Scientific Fiber Blending plus the " know how " gained through over One Hundred Years of rope making experience. Supplied to the Marine Trade since 1840 RINEK CORDAGE COMPANY INC. Ixi-friiUli. rl s . t!i ' I ' II- If I Easton, Pennsylvania, U. S. A. DON! TREAD ON MEl First Navy Jack, which unfurled the historic warning to the world in 1775— believed to have been first hoisted to the jackstaff of the ALFRED by one Lieut. John Paul Jones. this is naval history being made Oil |ainiaiy 5, 1955, one ol the niajor events in naval aviation history took place. It was the unveiling ot the United States Navy ' s great new XP61M SeaMaster — Ship No. 1 and prototype of an entirely new concept in military aii craft. As a component of a powerful new arm ot the naval arsenal — the Seaplane Striking Force — the Martin SeaMaster focuses national attention upon a revolutionary prin- ciple of military strategy, known as the WaterBased Aircraft concept. Here ' s why: The SeaMaster is a highly versatile 4-jet waterbased aircraft, in the over 600 MPH class, which requires no fixed base and can operate from the seas, lakes and rivers, the coastal bays, lagoons and estuaries of the world., .bases unlimited! Ibday the top-level talk is turning to WaterBased Aircraft... and tins is the reason. BALTIMORE ■ MARYLAND , . . so that the seas might be free Freedom of the seas has al va s l)een vital to tlic security and prosperity of the United Slates. And this grand old shijj — U.S.S. Constitution, " Old Ironsides " — fought many glorious lialtlcs to es- tahlish this priiicijjle. The founding of Insurance ( ' onipany of North America ga e firm support to our determination to keep the seas free. It provided the young nation willi ils ,, n indcjM ' ndcnt facilities, which were applied first to insure the ships carrying our commerce. From that important heginning. the North America Companies have moved on to offer j)ractically all kinds of insurance. ex(e|}t life, providing protection against financial loss and peace of mind for the individual famii . That s win the North America Companies are sim|ilif ing and im])roving insurance. 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Water-Tube Marine Boilers Superheaters • Refractories Airheaters • Economizers Oil Burners Seamless and Welded Tubes THE BABCOCK WILCOX COMPANY 161 EAST 42nd STREET, NEW YORK 17, N. Y. BABCOCK WILCOX M-317 243 for LIGHT POWER on LAND or SEA KOHLER Electric Plants KiililiT Mlicliic I ' laiit " |H(i iclc n li.ililr. iiri-llii- -|iiii electricity tor emcrgcnc) land-l y or solc- ii|i|ily service. Models for direct service from . ' jOO watts to So KW: for stand-by service from 1,()()() watts to 3r K.W . Diesel marine mmlels —10, 15, and .5:. KW — provide power for general li;:liliiii:. run- ning: Ml ' IiI-. -earcli- liglits. | II III | -. anil c om m n n i e a I i u n s equijMuent. Koliler Co.. Kohler, Wis. KOHLER OF KOHLER OLT Manufacturers of • FIRE ARMS • MOLDED PLASTIC PRODUCTS • PACKAGING MACHINERY • DISHWASHING MACHINES IIGHTWEIGHT COIT COMMANDER CALIBERS: 45 Automotic 38 Supor 9 M M Lugtr COLTS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Horlford, Conn. The Arundel Corporation BALTIMORE 2, MARYLAND DREDGING - ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION Distribufors of Sand— Gravel— Stone and Commercial Slag 24-1 Po«t9rAclu«if EJuccif ion; And Tk« Na aI Institute Career men know that eiluralion does not cease on graduation from the Academy. In fact, most graduates know that they are in line for even more formal educa- tion in various Postgraduate Schools. Between sessions of formal education, there exists a gap which must lie tilled if the career man is to be suc- cessful. This gap can he filled by broad reading in professional fields. The United States Naval Institute was founded by a group of officers in 1873, and is the oldest professional society devoted to the furtherance of professional, scien- tific, and literary knowledge in the sea services. It is a private non-profit association having more than 30,000 members. Regular membership is open to regular mid- shipmen and officers of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, while associate membership is open to all other American citizens and a limited number of foreign dignitaries. The Institute publishes many books which are familiar to all (!oast (guardsmen. Among these. The Const Gtiards- niiin ' s Miinual. The W (itch Officer ' s Guide, Dutton ' s Navi- gation and Nautical Astronomy. Hoiv to Survive on Land and Sen. and The Rules of the Nautical Road, are prob- abl the best known to the Coast Guard. But the list of Institute publications includes nearly 100 other books of professional interest. The Institute also publishes a monthly magazine, [ ' . 5. Naval Institute Proceedings, a 168-page review of the best naval and maritime thought in the world. This ntaga- zine. in recent years, has been one of the most widely reprinted and quoted magazines in the United States — a fact that attests to the breadth of its reader appeal. Editorially, every article appearing in the Proceedings is individually read, discussed, and approved by the Institute ' s Board of Control, which consists of high ranking Coast Guard, Marine, and Naval Officers elected annually by the Regular Members. Their personal edi- torial review insures the quality of the articles appearing in print in the Proceedings. Membership in the Institute may be obtained by writ- ten application to the Secretary-Treasurer, U. S. Naval Institute. Annapolis, Maryland. There are no initiation fees, and on payment of the annual dues of S3.00 per year (S4.00 to foreign addresses other than APOs and FPOsf. the member automatically receives, without further charge, a year ' s subscription to U. S. Naval Insti- tute Proceedings. In addition, the member has the privi- lege of purchasing Institute books at substantial discounts ranging from 20 to 40 percent of the retail price. (For example: The five books listed above retail for a total of $2fl.. ' )0, while members may purchase them for S15.60 postpaid.) The Institute also conducts a book purchasing depart- ment for the benefit of its members who wish to pur- chase books of other United States publishers. Through this department, the member may order books which will be shipped to him postpaid by the publisher. The In- stitute will then bill the member for the books at a normal discount of 10 percent. Every Coast Guardsman is invited and strongly urged to join this professional society. It is conducted by the members and for the members in order to provide an authoritative source of general information for the good of the services. ■i i i i iti -i -Ai i i i i iti i -ii i i i i i i iT 245 Diamond Solitaires Kasily Selected, Hundreds ot Designs Ask your Ships Service or Cadet Store to show you Bennett Brothers Blue Book of Quality Diamonds. 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These services include: Boiler Feed, Ballast, Bilge, Brine, Butterv orth, Cargo Oil, Condenser Circulating, General Circulating, Condenser Condensate, Heating Condensate, Fire, Evaporator and Distilling Plant, Drain, Fuel Oil, Lubricating OH, Gen- eral Service, Fresh Water, Salt Water, Sani- tary, Fuel Transfer, Diesel Engine Cooling. Yes, we will be seeing you! WARREN PUMPS WARREN STEAM PUMP CO., INC. Warren, Massachusetts of the world ' s total supply of genuine FUR SEALSKINS — Alaska, Cape- Hope and others, are FouKE Fur Company, v. louis, Missouri . ' igcnts of the U. S. Gov I. thf ( ' aniidiiiii Cor ' I. llu- Gov! oj ihe Union oj .S ' o. .ijririi. and of olhrr Slniiprrs. throiiiihoul F0UKE StS the world, jar the I ' roct ' ssin and .SV; i ' oj Fur .SV« .(A(Vi. Vwn 216 NO FINER FOOD AND SERVICE AFLOAT OR ASHOREl ss. AMERICA s.s. UNITED STATES Spacious, luxurious — favorite of thousands To Europe in only 5 days ! World ' s fastest, of experienced travelers. Your choice for most modern liner — completely ait condi- extra hours of leisure at sea. tioned, " climatecontrol " ineverystateroom. tlfd S Jm- CONSULT OUR AUTHORIZED TRAVEL AGENTS OR WRITE 1 BROADVi AY. NEW YORK. N.Y. • TEL; DIGBY 4-5800 OFFICES IN PRINCIPAL CITIES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD At Sea or In Port . . . the ROPE you can Trust Wrife for FREE Booklet PLYMOUTH MARINE ROPES Their Construction — Their Uses PLYMOUTH CORDAGE COMPANY PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS 247 Telephone East Boston 7-2907 DELECO, Inc. Coast Guard Approved MARINE-INDUSTRIAL WIRING ELECTRONIC INSTALLATIONS MASTER ELECTRICIANS • REFRIGERATION Electronics Refrigeration Installations Wiring 141 Border Street, East Boston 28, Mass. Compliments of THE CLEVELAND-CLIFFS IRON COMPANY THE CLEVELAND-CLIFFS STEAMSHIP COMPANY Cleveland, Ohio 248 Take the Vheel— and Overtake Tomorrow! Some day other cars may attain the cleancut distinction of Pontiac styling or the clearcut advantages of Pontiac ' s Strato-Streak V-8 performance. 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EAsI Boston 7-1006-1155 . for one pounder to 6 " guns MAID OfnCI I flCTOIT HtlTrOM CONHECTICUT 250 Queen of the ' Mayda In answer to the airman ' s emergency distress signal, " Mayday, Mayday " , the Albatross has grown from a speck to a qneen to many a man marooned in a dinghy or on an icecap. Flown by skilled crews of the Air Rescue Service of the U. S. Air Force, the U. S. Navy and Coast Guard, the Grumman Alixitross can land and take off from snow and ice as well as land and sea. Though she doesn ' t tit nito the anman ' s survival kit, she ' s part of it. Designers and builders also of Cougar jet Jightcrs, S2F sub-Jdllers, ?ndal boats, and Aerobilt truck bodies 251 GIBBS COX, INC. Naval Architecfs and Marine Engineers NEW YORK WHEN APPEARANCE YOUR COLLARED BY LINENE CLOTH FACED PAPER COLLARS IMMACULATE « ECONOMICAL COMFORTABLE On duly or off, looks are im- portant. Be sure your collar has thai fresh, clean look. 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V I l l PO RTANT PETTY OFFICER He stands in the Combat Information Center of his ship, surrounded by electronic eyes, ears and brains. Under his control, radar searches sky and surface in all directions, acoustical equipment listens for lurking sub- marines, electronic computers pinpoint targets and communications systems disseminate information on the instant. His position is always important. It is vitally so during battle conditions. He has a great job and, due to his training in the service, a greater future. Much of the equipment used by him comes from the laboratories and factories of RCA, where outstanding scientists and engineers are constantlv engaged in producing new and better electronic aids of great variety — for him as well as for all in the armed services on land, sea and in the air. GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT RADIO CORPORATION of AMERICA CHOINEERIHa RROOUCTS DltriSIOM CAMOEH.N.J. U. K. LINE CONTINENT LINE MEDITERRANEAN LINE AFRICA LINE ORIENT LINE CARIBBEAN LINE LYKES LIMES Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., Inc. Offices at: NEW ORLEANS, HOUSTON, GALVESTON, NEW YORK. Beaumont, Brownsville, Chicago, Corpus Chnsti. Dallas, Gulfpoft, Kansas City, Lake Ctiarles, Memphis, Mobile, Port Arthur. St. Louis, Tampa. Washington. D. C OFFICES AND AGENTS IN PRINCIPAL WORLD PORTS ZIFPO America ' s most popular Lighter ' ■ ' Zippo Manufacluring Co. BRADFORD, PENNSYLVANIA THE NAVY MUTUAL AID ASSOCIATION NAVY DEPARTMENT WASHINGTON 25, D, C. Organized July 28, 1879 Cadets Now Eligible Upon Receiving Their Commissions In The Regular Coast Guard Protection in Force — $90,000,000 Assets- $28,000,000 SERVING THE NEEDS OF NAVY, MARINE CORPS AND COAST GUARD OFFICERS AND THEIR DEPENDENTS FOR THREE-QUARTERS OF A CENTURY 258 Complimenfs of Hartford National Bank and Trust Company ESTABLISHED IN 1792 COMMERCE OFFICE 250 State Street New London, Connecticut NEW LONDON CITY OFFKIt 61 Bank Street New London, Connecticut MYSTIC RIVER OFFICE 42 West Main Street Mystic, Connecticut OLD SAYBROOK OFFICE Main Street Old Saybrook, Connecticut NIANTIC OFFICE Pennsylvania Ave. and Grand St. Niantic, Connecticut STONINGTON OFFICE Cannon Square Stonington, Connecticut Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporaiien Compliments of ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 259 THAMES SHIPYARD INCORPORATED NEW LONDON, CONN THE FACILITIES-IO SERVE THE LARGE THE WILL-TO SERVE THE SMALL cMc fm We at Loring are proud of the part we have had in helping to make the 1955 " TIDE RIPS " a permanent reminder of your years at the academy. May you make the most of your power to serve mankind. mm STUDIOS New England ' s Largest School Photographers 260 sso) " The U.S. oil business 7)uist face up to the fact that it is and will increasingly become part of an oil business world-wide in scope. The course is inevitable. America is not a nation by itself. Our country will have to live more and more as a member of a community of nations . . . and our industry will contribute more to foreign lands and receive more from them. This is a development not to be feared and resisted, but to he recognized and participated in. There is no other course consistent with the peace and good will that all of us want. " -From an address by M. J. Rathbone, President , Standard Oil Company (NeiD Jersey) STANDARD OIL COMPANY (NEW JERSEY) AND AFFILIATED COMPANIES 261 Have a Coke (oca-tola Hottlini; ( D. of New London Inc. LANGFORD ANDERSON Life Underwriter When it ' s Life Insurance — Talk it over with " Andy " Serving the needs of the Coast Guard since 1926 940 HOSPITAL TRUST BUILDING PROVIDENCE 3, RHODE ISLAND HOPSON CHAPIN MFG. CO. Heating - Piping - Air Conditioning Ventilation - Oil Burners NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT ROBERTS ELECTRIC SHOP 90 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT Electrical Appliances of Highest Quality Best Wishes To The Class of 1955 BILLS STAR DAIRY WILLIAM H. BUHREN DANTE ' S RESTAURANT DOC ' S SERVICE HOLLY HOUSE LINCOLN OIL CO. NEW WILLOW RESTAURANT THE G. M. WILLIAM CO. 2f)2 Supertanker " ESSO NEW YORK " The ESSO supertankers of 26,800 dead-weight tons and 230,000 barrels cargo capacity are among the finest in the American tanker fleet. ESSO SHIPPING COMPANY 30 Rockefeller Plaza. New York 20, N. Y. Semper Paratus On duty or off, you ' re always prepared to look your best when you wear French Shriner shoes. 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Sales and Service Genuine FORD Parts Tel. 2-5374 Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 STEINMAN BROTHERS 314 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. 112-114 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT FOR OVER 35 YEARS A FAMILIAR LANDMARK TO COAST GUARD OFFICERS AND CADETS Compliments of Boston Candy Kitchen CANDY LUNCHEONS SODA Phone Gl 3-9286 190 STATE STREET, NEW LONDON, CONN. Jewelers Diamonds Watches Records Radi Cameros 74 STATE STREET New London, Conn. Tel. Gl 2-4391 27-1 Compliments of THE CADET TAILOR SHOP Send tri5HCV t l On all Occasions LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE Florist Telegraph Delivery Association Flowers by Wire to All the World 104 STATE STREET Opposite Main Phone Gl 2-9456 EST. 1876 INC. 1901 THE MUm COMSTOCK CO. MARINE HARDWARE SUPPLIES PAINTS VARNISHES Agenfs For U. S. Coast and Geodetic Charts Tables 94-96 BANK STREET, NEW LONDON, CONN. PHONE Gl 3-5357 L LEWIS COMPANY Established 1860 Fine China, Glass, Silver and Unusual Gifts STATE AND GREEN STREETS NEW LONDON, CONN. 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Y, P R I N T E li S OF THE 1933 T I 11 E K I I ' S Your annual is a graphic record of the college year ... a picture-and-type story of its academic, athletic and social higlilights. It is a keepsake tliat you will cherisli throughout all your alumni years. As such, it deserves the best tliat modern processes of printed reproduction can provide. It is the con- stant aim of tliis organization to offer its college clients tlie newest trends in fnie yearbook printing. SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ANNUALS PUBLICATIONS PROMOTIONAL LITERATURE : INVn TO ADVERTISERS PACK AHC Kihii Oo 272 Alumni Assoi iMiioii 259 Amciican Exjjori Lines 25(i Aineritaii Society of Naval Engineers, Inc. 256 Langloici Aiuleison 262 William S. Aidier 270 Aiunilil ( jii |)()i alioii 211 B:il)(() V Wihox 2l:i Hakli Aiulioi, Chain R: Forge Div 25() Balfonr Inc 253 Bearings Specialty Co 21)1 Iknncti Kroiliers 216 Bills Star Dairy ; 262 lioNioii Candv Kitchen 271 Hosioii liisiiKuuc Company 250 I ' xision Marine ' orks, Inc 250 II. . . Bruckner 267 Villiam H. Buhren 262 Cadet Barbers C aclet Cleaning (faciei Soda Fouiii.iin Cadet lailoi Shop .. 266 266 269 275 C aliiu-s 1- iigineering Co 238 Chevrolet Motors 235 Chul)I)S; .Son 271 Cleveland Cnifls Iron Co 2-18 C:o(a Cola 262 College Diner, Inc 272 Colt Manuladniing Co 211 (aotker House 271 (Jrown Slieei .Mei.il , : Rooling 2()7 Dante ' s Restaurant 262 Darrow , ■ C:onisio(k 275 Dele( ) Int. 218 Doc ' s .Service 2()2 Duili.im 1 ndcis R.i m C o. 25( " ) Kasiern Precision Risisior Corp. 1- ( ononiv Coal Esso Shipping C o Farrell Lines I ' edcial Services Finance Corp. . Fisher Flowers Fold InsiruHient Co Fouke Fin (iompany Fiend) Shriller Shoes lullci 1)1 ush Conipanv (..iidner Storage Co (.tiieial I) iKmii(s Col poialioii f.ibbs Cox, Inc C; Sj K Diesel Service [ell Goldstein, Inc Goodman ' s (.lununan Aiiiiali Engineering Clorp. 1 l.inn.i ( iompanv Il.ulloiil National Bank I l(]ll 1 louse Hojison S; Chapin Mfg. Co. Howard Johnson ' s PAGE 267 268 263 248 210 275 .. 24-1 .. 246 263 250 268 237 252 . 254 255 274 . 251 236 259 262 262 . 269 Inleilake Steamship Cnm|)aiiv 238 Kat ' s Kolilei Co. L. Lewis Co Lighthouse Inn LiiKoln Oil Co Loving Studios I nil I Moss Company I, k(s r.ios. Steamship Co.. Inc. .Mail S: Express Printing (io.. Iik. Malhjve ' s |i elers 211 275 268 262 260 238 258 271 (Index Continued on Next Page) 278 INDEX TO A (Conti VVERTISERS nued) I ' AGE PAGE Glenn L. Martin Company 241 Savings Bank ol New I.ihuIdii Sam Skrigans 272 272 Meninian Engraving 276 Merritt-Chauman Scott Corp. 25-1 Sdialler Motors Se en Brothers Restamant Shafners Furniture 265 269 274 Metcalt Brothers - C o., Inc 270 271) Miller Ford -Miner S: Alexander Lumber Co. 2()8 Shalett (4eaning ; Dyeing Co. 271 Lutian Q. Moffit, Inc 23(i Dan Shea ' s 275 Mohican Hotel 275 SlniFix Co. 272 Moran Towing - Transportation 2(i-! S. K. Smith Co. 269 E. J. Murphy, Inc. 274 S(jcony X ' aciunn Oil Com]Kiny 234 Mystic Shipyard, Inc. 268 Sonoco Products Co. 267 Sperry Gyroscope Company . 239 Navy Mutual Aid Association 258 Standartl Machine Davis Std. Sales [loip. 269 New London Federal Savings Loan Asso. 268 St.indard Oil (New Jersey) 261 New London Living Service - - 267 274 New Loniion Instnuiient C o. 2(i8 New London Mohegan Dairies New London Motors 27,S 269 269 k C:o. 212 2li2 Ihames Shipvard Three Bros. Restamant Iraystman Bros.. Inc. 260 275 272 New London Wholesale Newport News Shi|)liulkliiit; i - Din Doc NeNv Willow Restamant Irov Laimdry 265 Noith . nierica Coni|)anies 212 Union Bank Trust 269 Perry K: Stone 271 Lnited Electric Supply Co. 267 S. S. Pierce 240 Lnited Services .Viuomobile Asso. 240 Plymouth Cordage 247 L ' nited Slates Lines 247 Pontiar Motor Division 249 V. S. Na al Inslitute 245 Radio Corporation ol . merica 257 Red Mill Lumber C;o. 252 Clharles F. Vachis Inc. 252 Remington Rand 264 X ' angard Military Co 265 Rexersible Ciollar Co. 252 Rinek Cordage Co., Inc. Robert Reis Xr Co Roberts Electric 210 254 2()2 W ' aiien Steam Pump C o., Inc G. M. William Co 246 262 Rogers Motors 268 J. Rossie Velvet Co. 2( " )7 Ziijpo 258 279 Coci%t GuArd CaJoI htf j€thwB y. §[)irs€h€»l I came here young, so ery young. Unsme ol A h;u I said and did Afraid lo iiuun ' lioin ni room M liniidness aliglil. unhid. No (liantc had 1 lo ihiuk ol things I hai herelolorc had liiled in days I lie kL]H nil- much loo l)us at I he grouniUvoik ol a sailor ' s ways. ' 1 he lialls were hlled wuh older men ' ho all were there to cause me grief Theii ' onl ihought to nip me up i hal was m helief. I learned ol hoals and oars and men . nd how to risk m liie aloti My mem ' rv cried lor home again For Mom. who alwa s made things soil. 1 studied hooks as ne ' ei ' helore And lasted ol the hitler lad That others had more brains than T .And Avisdom thai I lacked. 1 he summer cruises, long and hard Racked mc- with their toil But gave my lile a purpose A goal I ' d never soil. 1 ime was alwa s on my side 1 hat 1 loimd was true Although I couldn ' t know it .My mind and body grew. It (.line lo pass, as such things do When bcjy is changing into man The baby fat upon the mind Grew according to a plan. For those in charge knc v their work Tho.se we call ' the powers that he ' They Avorked us hard as they themsel es So we ' d be fit lo roam the sea. M) limid yoiuh was lost somewhere In ceasel ess tcjil. or stransie ne v wavs Of meeting men and leading them Down the ])ath of shi])hoard days. Xow I stand and think of all The fears and sweat and forming pains , nd th.iiik the Lord lie le l me here Where mighi Nouih unending trains. For f ' m no longer what 1 was, Uncertain, groping, full of fears i ' e learned the measiue of a man In lour tumultuous years. Further still. l ' e learned to si.ind Athwart each challensje. lara:e or small And meet ii with my head erect ' ith chin ihiiisi out. and s])iiit tall. lor here the) ' teach much more than lacts Ol science, law. and oilur things 1 hey teach a way of life beyond " Fhe beat of landlocked ' ings. A lile of ser ice is the goal. Ilaish. demanding, siiangely kind We learn to serve humanity . nd lea e all else behind. Ideals ol men are plaiUed here I o Hoover full and lair Hammering, tempering, hard at •ork leaching us to care. So when we lake the Coast Guaul xow Of service free of wealth We gain instead a dilierenl goal . soul of blooming health. 280 281 ■ ». i fr fjgtmf J 1 •3.-sy . A» V S. i... X P: ' V, V V y P - . .rff A ' A. YlJ ■ - HjjU-a : f ' f u t3 CJP5 Ljyl ' fi:.

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