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United States Coast Guard Academy - Tide Rips Yearbook (New London, CT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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F % o :; m B mi E. L. Parker Editor-in-Chief I J. W. Reece R. E. Richardson Busiiu ' ss M(iii(i ' fr R. C. Chanaid Advcrlisiiiii MaiKiacr . II. I.DMlMVnS I ' lioliiLiniiiliv I ' ililtir M fe ttew}t i u ' nu, ' f No T Lonilon Ct nnocticut WecUcidimt iraci [KT-iHl wild llil- liail tlliilr illlhirlKT ill. HI ailNiilli- il-c ii|inii iiiir Vwr- liming llic jia l tuiii ' iMr ! (.aptaiii Kolaiid. As a iiiaii. lie lia (•(iimnaiMltd cm ri-|i(( 1 Im liis s(|iiar sliootiiiir liv dealing willi u all in .1 linn liiit lair inaninr. As an uHici-i-. lie lia- f frii|ililli-il llif (|iialili -. ol l(-a(l -rslii|) we lia r all a liiiiri-il and an- slri iiiji tti r« ' acli. As a cuuMM ' inr. lie lia« r ' rfi «-d and (-()|)ed uilli our | r ililfiii with iind(-i landiii and patifiicr. spict ' d witli a si-ii - d ' Innnor and llic alnlilv lo sec Diir side. !N(i nllicr nllicfr lias been as close lo llic ( !adi ' l (!or|)« and dniit- a iinn li to in till ill ns llic s|)iiil of living ii| to those (|iialities esst ' iitial in " an oHiccr and a frcnllcinan " . It oiiid In- diflicidl lo do olhcrw isc for he i- llic a |iersoii we would want lo dissappoiiil. lAery {iradiiatc ul the ra lcin during; the pa l four years has carried away willi him sonic of the (|ualilic of (!a|ilaiii h ' olaiid as a f;oal lo acliie e and slri e for as an ofliccr and a man. Thi . we liclicvc. is one (d the finest triltiites we could |»a to a " •irand f:n " ' . llic cla of l ' ' . " )l would like lo sa it ha hctn a |dcaMire and a |iii ilcf:e lu lia c uorlvi ' d wllli ( ajilain iridic. I QO© ' ff i rffu dieui . . Ji j aHf m D WIGHT 1). KISKMIOWKH m m f ' -, _ i iiiiii " i jjujmjffA i inmii ' f iiiiiiiiiii ' i m m. f l 1 §S 1 1 1 f l f t fUt ffeit y X ' 77 ' , fi i1 ii i 1 i i m m. GEORGE M. IILMI ' IIREV n I c. ..■ c 1 f iule ' i Bho elali o te Tiea tiiH P MARION B. FOLSOM s i i m m n i i I R H. CHAPMAN UUSE d f6 € Ji ecie rri MMM m i m i i 1 1 I I i I VICE ADM I l{ l. M KIJII N OMJ I.L i ' ( ojj,jjmji rrj, ' W.,9!% f.i ' rjffrf , imMMBMMM F:k m «© S ' e ' l r ' { (= 1 p r i t ts ' t r l ) ) . . t . «, ffi, - f. fc-FT j ;;•-,,. 1 i m ( ' t mi 1 Is i ■€3 : KK l{ I)MI|{ I, l{ I II I |{ (,. H l,l. W i m ■ ) U fun Oli ieii l rid€ iiSgiiilSlii CAPTAIN LEE II. BAKER fi m i m m rS ; m m m m CAPTA1 EDWIN I. HOI. M) a (fcs ; , , if 1 5) x } j x ) A ) ( ( ryy C y s ft i fe i i i ' .-.fi iif " ■ liial no down In llic -ca in -lii|i-. ami il l)ii-in ss on tlu ' firt ' al valt " t . llic set- llic uoik- ul tin- l.onl ami lii- vvondtTs ill tiir (l - ' |). lit- roiiiiiiandrtii and i ai-(-lli ||i - -loiin so llu ' reel to and IVo and lairj: M like a drnuk.tii man. ImiI tlu ' S (IN unto llu ' Lord, and lit- iiuLiili tin- " VA raini. 1 Inn lh( ' are jrlad hecau-f it In |nlr!. and so Mr l)rin;i lli llirm unto their dr in- ! Iia tii. . ' MBp BtiK ' SK ' ' II M I I ION II l.l, riw iiiicli-iiii- iiliiiiil wliiili llif (;i(liiii rc- ul c-- i- IliUiiilliiM Hall, wliiili liuii-i- llir ;iiliiiiiii (ratiiin uMicc-. imani imuiii. II5M oilier. I »1 Oflicr. ()fli ' .i :iiil . ami ill.- ra(l ' iii l.ilinir . Il a- iiaiiK-d all.T mir (ii l Secretary (il rr a iii . Mixantlcr llanilllon. DircrtK in trout arc llir nia t aixl iIk ' IhII Irorii llic Hcvriiiic (liittt-r llaiiiiltoii OIK- ol our tir t training lii|ir-. riif XcadfiiiN l.iltrarv willi cxcfllciit iiiiiraU «l ' - | i -tiii ; (ioast ( iiaril lii tory in tlic iiiaiii room is oiif of tlic liin ' .-t inariiie lilirarics in tlic nation. It al o lia a coinplct ' iiiilitar law sec- tion and ail iIk ' latest fiction. " The Hill " at tlie soiilli end ol llic cadrni fironnds. witli its tliree ini|irc si e colonial homo, is the li inf: quarters of llie liifilicr ' chelon. Located on tlie crest (»f thi hill i tlic new Memorial (ihapel where the majority id the corps attend Sunthiy st-rvices. itii its white marhh ' spire isil)h ' for mih " s aroiiiul it is a fitting monument in memory of the men wlio have died in ser ice to their country. The Observatory located to the rear d Hillard TIall is used in conjunction with the Phinetarium for instruction in celestial naNii ' ation. OBSERVATORY THE HILL sem CHASE HALL Cliasse Hall, witli iIk- roitiiis in wliicli vo liave st-o llial {;iay naiiiicl Miil of Jims. " — " I liv« ' l for four years, was wlu ' rc iniicli lime was llic V Csl (ioasl. ulicrc arc mi Irving wilfd away studying or proppt-d up willi a • ikmI W i ' ' k -ii l would IiimI iiiaM iiu-n p MidiM; hook. ' I ' lit-re was sridoiii a Mi ;lit went l) lliat lime o cr iIk ' rcni felt ( ' lia iiii: llic -it:l tlwri- wasn ' t a } ood discussion goin ;ilioiil llic oi ' jii l listening lo llic i.ullo in oim ' of il latest worM pridilcni: wliicli houu ' t i sn a llic K ' ooin . Ix-ht; wliicli was llic u foolliall team: wlio was porlioii nl llic iii|i cl.iiiiicci | liiii goiiif; lo win tin scries or where w« ' were f;oin;i laf;c as home; two of the wooden h.n in k on the next cruise. I hen .laniiary of " . ' ) I rolled rcser e area used l»v cadets, around and the (irsl class talk shifted to. " Where Sickha . w liilc llic iiKijoiiiv of n diiln ' l can I ;;cl llic hcst deal on a ear; " " — " ' llic pros iinicli lime llicic w.i- .liw.iv- av.iihiMc and cons ol hcin ; a married l ' !ii ' -i;. ' ii. " " |)id oii the ache- .mil |i.ilii- ;:ol llic lic-t of n-. want for ' " their II hall ic lice ■1 il- in ihc -pcnd ulicii 20 The Krrrcatioii Hall and Snack Har vas a (iod-st ' Mil on the weekends when the (•a li wa running low. It wa a place where an atleniooti could he spenl iew in;: tele ision or etilertaitiiim the latest feminine companion and iiii rmild still et a cup of coffee for a nickel and a -ii|pc ' i deluxe ham sandwi«h for a cpiarter. The latest top fdms plu llie i r-i in ' -I i " em ups " could he viewed in llie M(p ie ndi- torium at a price compatihle uitli tliai iiintithK allowance. It was always well tilled on weekend- arid on Wednesday ni hl in addition to the mo ie there was a tenilic half hour conctrl I( the Academy Bainl. Sattcrlee Flail, (lie inleileclnal cni|iuriiitn. is where we ha e spent many hour-, including ilierl) lime, in pursuit of thai decree and conuni -iiin. JONES FIELD BILLARD HALL BPPi nil i ' 1 1 f , B riis -- ' i » h . ' ilJniM « »; M THE DOCK FJillaid Hall, llie most versatile »»f the huild- iiij;s is iiol imly tlie home of the various Academy teams hut is eoinerted on the iiiglits of the formats into everythin r from a N ienna Ballroom to a Paris (harden. Perhaps one of the mo t lirriMji sights to many of us was when the foolhall team charged onto Joeies FieUl for another Salnrday aft ' rnoon classic. We have seen some mifxhtv fine foothall and many of us will remendier incidents from these games after all else is forgotten. McAllister Hall is the stronghold of tlir Tower Kngineering de]»artmenl and nuich time was spent here learning the in " s and ontV of marine pro|)ul ioM and liip design. I lie Dock Area ha hcen the liearl ol iinr practical training and .lacoh ' s Hock i tli ' jMirt of the Academvs top-notrh -ailing teaTii. TEN.M8 CULUTS J PJ i i.A V Ulf Clmectfje wmcn is ,.1 Ih,- lai..lar(l r.- «|iiir( ' (l t(» hold a Banit ' lor of Science in Knginecrinfi. plus llie practical points gleaned from j»rofessional courses are requisites for a connnission. Tiie Academic Department has spent four years striving to educate us to the point where we would be worthy of the degree and commission. They presented the courses in the manner which their elements uill he utilized in our li es at sea. The Science Department offered with the many other subjects a course in radiological defense and one in meteorology. Tin- fun- damentals of mathematics were put to use many times solv- ing problems brought out by the practical courses. Engi- neering put forth the many problems encountered in marine design and pr )|)ulsion. (General Studies attempted to give us a background for a liberal outlook with an appreciation for the arts. To the Seamanship Dcjit. Icll the task of making sailors of us. After four years of hard work and many hours sjtent answering our lunnerous questions they ha c guided us to the point wliere we are , now ready to receive ojir commissions. INow it is up to us to proM ' they lia e done a good job. J V y a-- -i- ' ' yvf .■ :. 1 Hack Ro« : ,(, ) , ' Clml,-. I.T .S„7.7.s. ,( ) «• l( »y,i,T. ll )S Sieler I ' ikin r H i« : » ' H ,il,ln,n.(: tl ' l lii,„ ni.ii,. CDI! II ,nnr SEAMANSHIP Swal) MMiiiici ' iiitrodiicctl iis to (lie lore of the sea, starlini; with l)asic scainaiisliii), knot tying, splicinj:. un l the science of llic oar. At nnimer ' s end, we eniluirked npon the (irst of onr cruises on the Great While Hinl, tlie KA(;i,K. Kach year saw many hours spent in tlie ehissrooni h-arnin i; the fundamentals of Navi :ation wliieli have ine ilahly found practical use on the cruises completing uoteliooks and hipping up position reports as (iadet Navigator. During second class year we had an oppor- tunity to see how our air arm W()rk . ( hn- luo Wfck stay at K. Chy ga e lis a chance lo cc how they correlale the planes and sliip on search and rescue missions. 2» CM ' I IN C. (,. I!() M N Ihjiiiilriicnl Ihdil I 111- llin-c linm ,1 srrk down ,ll llli ' iloik cilfiaflfd ill piMcliral uink mailr li- fr;ili r llic aiiiiiiiiil III man lioiiiv thai arc iif -rs ar to k -i ' |i a lii|) ill li)|) ' iii lili )ii. It was lirrt- v lia l oiir iii t tf t a a sliip liaiiilirr a r iiii r - than oiii-c liolilicrd " Lilllc loot " iifT (lie ilork uliili ' al- triii|iliii;: to iiiaki- a laiiiliii;:. I lie liiiir -|iriii in till ' i ' la rooni ainiii a llioron ' li ninliT lanilin ol llir riilr ol tli« ' roail pax oil wlirn w - see tliat red li lit a ron|il - oi points on tli - starlioard huw. In cxix-iidin}: nian lioin id l«M-liirin z. tl -iiionstratin :. and (onti-ndin willi (Hir many mistakes, they luixe inslilli-d in n tlir qualities and kiiowledgo reqiiisitt- for yonnj; ofRctTs aiioard onr modern ciittt ' rs. Tlicsc (jiiali- ties and kiioulcdfii- will he put to lest when we stand lliat lir t deek wateli. I SCGC EA(,LK Lillli- I ' doI fii ' ls a itiirkditl CAPT G. F. Hl(;k l)( ' [ iirtnifiil llt ' iiil ENGINEERING Oiir (ir.»t ' ii(uiiiilff witli l ' .nf:iiu ' ( ' riiif: was De- (•ii| ti f (i(Miinftr ami Kn iii« ' friii r Draw in-; wliirli jra e us the al)ilily tti jtul a . ' i-D oltjfct (l() Mi on a l (i iiiiieii i( iial lM ' -t nf pajitT. riicii for two years, except for the time peiit ill tlie eii iiie-ruom of the Kajile. we saw litlh of tliis department. Second (ihtss year rolled around and there they were — Thermo — E.E. — Strength and Mate- rials. They were the first of the professional courses and it was here we learned the impor- tance of entlialp and entropy: how to apply the equation K e(|uals IK and how to read a stress- strain diagram. H .k Row: LT Parks. LCDR lloilir. IJDIi MiiiirhmPYer. I.CDR Olson. LT Ihirfey. I.T 7. ' ;iAuiv liu.M Row: lA.im Riiiirit. ( DH i.mlr. C tl ' T Hirks. CDR lloulsnm. lA.DR R,;d- Hill. CM U II iiriros Cox lodks iiK ' r ihr lariiiiis valvrs on the slfiini ilnini CDR Hoiilsmn jiouils out thr im iorliiiit Kirls of the liiiniir on a boiler ■[- 11 ' m - I) hdl II lilllf Ill-Ill lifiilnirni mil ilti fur stcrl Af) rifiiiiliiins iirfilril. usl fifiiirr il mil First (ilass year iliicsst ' d llic (l ' si iniiif: ot a 160 foot cutter and |)iittiii it on paper in the form of a lines drawing. From this was taken information for the study of liull stresses and the limitation of arious hull forms. Pow ' r thoroufihly aetjuainted us wilh the inner uorkinjis of the many types oii marine pro- pulsion and auxiliaries. We shall long remem- her surh cpiestions as: If the IHP increases and the luhe oil temp, goes up 10 degrees will the |{HP, increase ' ' decrease? ' or remain the samei It was here, using a |)rotot)|»e. we designed a power plant to |)ropeI our ])re iously designed cutter. Electroiiies. uhich started vith a simple reeti- (ier and ended wilh radar, sonar, loran. and other mazes (d wires and luhes. was a process ol tracking down the elusive electron. This was our first real taste of what an engi- neer is confronted with and may well he the start (d a car -er for many of us. Dii ' si ' l (iml l.iihr lull; il ini-r 33 COMM AM)KK H. S. SHARP Di ' pnrlmcnt Head MATHEMATICS They limkc it to ii ta- -wall ytar liy l i- iii}: only Trijzoiioiiit ' lry and Anahtic (» ' oniftry uiir way. Third (•la year we realized why tliey had heen saNin : ns: they hit ns witli tlie (hiiK double of (ialenlus and Mechani» . Those Salnrila ni(iriiiii : calr rain wiiicli ut-rt- iiiarkt ' d on the lia is of — " it ' s either all ri :ht or il ' uronj:. " -tarted each weekend off w ilh the thou ' rht. " Did we or didnt we? " Mcclianio. with parallel forees, eouples. stable ecjnilihriuin. iii tahle. and eonditionally in stable equilibriuin. was enougli to make many of us stop and do a double take. We found this time had been put to good use as we (leKed into the praetieal course and found more an l more uses for those equations pre i- (lusly acquired. Incredulously enough, wc cmm remembered much of it although e er iii lruc- tor, before presenting a topic dealing witii calcii- lus. would precede it with. " I realize you ha e forgotten all this but well go into it anyway. " ' ' Ihirsky. LT Caldnrll. CDIi Shiir ,. IT Miilliln. LCDR Sniilh. I.I Hr, LT If rstjall. Mr. Martin. LCDR Esprii, ' . LCDR lay,: LT Mnr ludl PROF Lanrvme. PROF Huron PROFESSOK A. A. LAW RF.NCK Di ' iartnii-nt llrati GENERAL STUDIED " Greek and Hoinaii history, what has that to do with Engineering? " , this was the question we all asked swab year. Then we moved into Euro- pean history with an art appreciation course on the side. It was here the quizzes took on ;i double negative look with, " which of the bel n is most nearlv correct " being the lead off on tli ' nuiiti guess type of question. Third class year we met up illi the rraii (cn- dcnlalist. the Federalist and fi c otlxr lilllc black books. The Economics course as second classmen gave us a look at government spending and how to read the stock market report. Over the years we have actjuircd a sizeable librarv and some liberalism. I ' HOFKSSOH J. H. H( (; l)fi iiilnnnl IIi ' ikI ' - :! !«- Must iniportmit liml ni tin- nninilm mi:, iri-if SCIENCE F= MA was llic liifilily alinMl t ' (jiialioii. tlii (leparlnifiil spent two years iiifrraiiiiiif: in onr niin(l . I siiif: tliis as a Ita i- wr -larled wmkiiit: willi a Ireelv tailing ImmK and liail |)i ' c(l in n more uaNs llian une tlial mass tiino aco ' leralion is e(|iial to a lorce. llie eekly pliNsic leclnre featured Professor Hoaj; aiitl his ina ' lie show uhi ' h will lop anN tiling on l lodav. We ear- ried on lliird elass ear in pliNsio li delvin;: inid tlie in sleries id KleclrieilN . Maj:neli in. Sound, and I i rht. Mere in addition to the funda- mentals (d the arioiis (liljeets we discovered that e er seientisl. from (iaiileo on. Iia- -unie (piaiililN named aftei° him. and il value nin l lie known hv llie Indent cil |div-ie . In addilion llial vear ' we lini-lied np on nni ' rhemi lrv and proeeeded In luiiv llir tlieinii ,d prolilein we will laee in tiie lllllire onlioai ' tl -hip. I hi- inehnh ' d hal make- a ood fuel, llie headaehe d ;:alvanie aelion. and llir |iii l li ' in id ohlainin ;:ood lioilei ' li ' edwaler. (,(ii;, i - .. llii iiiiiii llif iiiiilliii II ill III- . . . 36 l; ,K Hi.u; . (,,.» .• . , (,„,( ■■. , I n-.,mi. I.I ;., ,., .. , . (, Itul,!,,,, I ,; VrCiine. 1,1 Sninl. (DH Ihm ' . I.CIHi I ' rrrs. I.I l.iifz W hill ' s rnnkine " What form uT l(j:i lali c aclioii liuiil(l Itc initiated to roiitrcd llio ralf ol radioaclivc Iraii - lorinatioiis? " , this is a question we all will i - nieinher from Nu dear Physics. Then there was Meteorology with a side course in the art of drawing a weather map. Nevertheless we all ha e to admit it gave us the needed hackground for the later engineering courses. Siiiinil iKivi ' s in visual form I 1 37 it hat I ' m saying is thai the limit stop . . . ORDNANCE. GUNNERY. TACTICS AN» EA ll ;ill sUirt« ' l with |»r«»|n r |ii(u» ' (liirf uluMi ii infi the sound i;o v« ' rf(l iilioncs and liow to field stiip a!i M-1. Then lliird rla ar »- liit [larl ol it ai;ain and went km to icw a « ' rif ot n on ain|)hihion o|M ' ration (hiring llic la l war and what a phinnt-d lor in tlic Inlnrc. it needed, ll a ninier llie an | iee ol llii de- |)aiiinenl tliat we had oni ' |dea-anl Iwo seek la al (!a| e Ma . Here we tml onl lia l (lie o|i|iortnn il lo lire and ee jn-l lio dead an e e e did have hut v e were aUo lo M ' e jii t how nnnh work and |daiinin : i neees? ar to iiin a (••••■w through the ran e. I ' he cruise Hr l ela» ear nii ' anl nianx da - of ioiiif; lo ;:eneral (|narlei ' lor dr r in an alleni|it to ii ' ou ont tlie kink . I hen when the da ol hrin; did .iiiivc we vsere lo di (i er llial nian had heen lui- ed. even -o. e er llinii; went oil i|uile -nieienll . (H coni-e llie onl nal daina;:)- lli.il ( llll iloil.ii lar iet n-eiived vsa- in lr in ' to ;:el il li.iek ahoard. I In ( ln l ,■ |,|,nn- u U.,1 nial.,-. llir I ik ' ,„■ u . , I. ■h (.(rl lioihiKin slum ' s his uriillh t l hnini Irdfi CAI ' TAI.N D. T. ADAMS D) [ arlnicnl Ueml It ua.- hack to llic classrooni alter llic ciiiiM ' l,a N (■la,- witli TDK llarlt- not uiiK pioM-d in wlierc we were inioriiied oi tlie many ((roldciii.-- Im- one of our most interesting classes hut }ra e and the great amount oF paper work, that a gun- u.- a er iisahle arcpiaintanee with the ICiMJ iiery ofiieer is faced with. Of course there were We started out witli the co(h- it elf and worked the sleep }»rovoking Pings and there were times on through court |)roeedure and the rules of we wondered who would succundt first, the in- evidence. We ended up with moot courts and structor or the class. Then too it wasnt all while we wonder whether the accused wasn ' t strictly academic as many gene ral points on right in tarting that iirawl in the .SDH: we also service life were handed out for free. realize the many prohlem of niilitar law. Back K()» : LI Umli. l.T II iilsli. (.(,1 R„dnmn I ikim K()» : l.DR Eiirlv. C.ll ' I .ld„i, LCDR AlhriiiUi J j a im W W|t;f4 • • II h- PHVSICAL EDUCATION We ' ve liinl coiitacl with llii- (lepartiiiciit in ari »iis form«. For this was not only llie home of the varsity teams hut the P.E. classes ami the iiitereompaiiy sports as well. So at one time or another e ery cadet has spent some time at this emporium of physical culture. It was here that the football team would come on Sunday morn- ings to have Chief Steele patch up the results of a Saturday afternoon battle. It diflnt matter whether we were a member of the team or just a spectator on the sidelines, we will all remember (ioaeli itchman | uttiii : all he had into every game. Mr. Newton kept his school of fish moxiiif. ' in that ciilorinaled body of water known a the pool. CDK Merrimaii k ' pt an oserall watch and arranged all the team schedules. Chiff Sti ' fh- ntdkcs somi ' ri ' pairs Mr. , ' i(l n. iniC Sirrlr. ( DR Mrrnniaii. Mr. Ml lu . . i(fllW(l ()iir tii ' -l riiriLicI silli llir liltiai ' N ii imiK vali c;ir ulicii we l;iit(il (lif:;ziiifi tliriiiifili llir la(°ks ill an atlriM|il lo r iiii - up willi aii M ' i ' - ' In llii ' iiiaiiN i|ii ' -l i iii a ki ' d li till ' ii|i|irr rla iiirii al iIk ' lalilr. It i our ol ' llir fiiir-l iiiariiic lilirai ' io in lli - iialiun. and nsc |ii ' iiI niaM lioiir- ill sfurrli of intnriiialion lor tlioM- Icnn |)a|) -r . It ( ' ()iitaiii a ciiiiipli ' li ' iiiililar law lilirarv wliicli sa- nx ' il in con jnnclioii willi llic law coiii ' x ' anil tlic moot i ' oiirt . riicrr i all til) ' lat ' l liclion anil tlic ailiii list on tilt ' iit ' wcsl cNiiliMitly means llir cadcl still has time for sonic lif;lit literature. Also there arc plenty ol weekly and montliU mafia- zincs which are continually in use. If you were c er slumped as to where certain information was located, L(!DR l ' ]spelie and Mr. Dixon were always on haiul to help us out. I ' ' One (if ihiisi- sfKirc moments Jum LCim Esprliv ami Mr. Dixon. Libriiriuns This iii one clepartiiit-nt lliat lui (lone a lot for us and we never realized it was being done. It has been their job to keep that fresh coal of paint on the ba rracks and to make the many repairs that are needed at various times around the academy. They also keep the -irounds liuit are so much admired and yet there are few of us who stop to think of the amount of work it takes. On the drawing boards are the plans for the future exjjansion of a number of the build- ings, all of which are the responsibility of thi? C APT E. A. Eve. Drpnrlmrnt ll,„ l I ' lans still on ic lrii}{inii Ixxird ofliccil Located luindiK lo (:iia c Mall l Sirk.l).i and ulit ' ii tin- goiiif: jrcls loo rough and the aclii ' and iiain ralrli up with ( n. thi i the place to lirad lor. Who knows, yon iniglil conii ' up witli llial ( (. .l (l .tatn of M ' " ( !.). It i lifie M ' take our aiiiiii.il pliN -i(al . get tliu-c NcaiK linu-lcr linl . Ii.i c .iii iiijurio lakrii lai ' i ' nf. ;iii l gel iIiom ' Intll li.ick ill -liape. - iiin l tiling- l(i. llic arinii tvpo ol ilU iiiii III cMlf- XI jiir a wliili ' i ' rr (iiii ' -I ' l ' iii- In gel leg ' a t . then it bandaged iiand-. .iikI iIkii it will be a -tiiiig ol appeiidectDiiiii--. lien it i- Idlallril up wr ail get w .iiid s r .ill in pntlN liraltli . :i l K. ( . 1 1,, I,,-, 1st, I,,. (I,,,,, lain l.hiipi ' l Inli-rior cu «ipo The Interfaith Memorial Cliapil. local.d at the hifihe t |)(tiiit on the Acadeiny grounds, is the phiee of Sunday worship for the majority of the eadets. Services start at eight o ' clock and carry on through till ten. Both Chaplains are availahle to cadets, not as officers, hut as friends and as counselors. Chap- lain Hohenstein is attached to the Academy, while Chaplain Ward is attached to the Training Station at (iroton, but both have regularlv at- tended to the religious needs of the cadet?. LCDR r. F. II ar,l. Chaphiin f . . ' ■•A; ' ' ' . .5 ' --. . ' " . wS ' A. J ja.J?. eo nimc lA ' M) sPORTSMANsmi ' arc Iwi jxirlaiit points lnoufilit lioiiii ' to ii liy our iiarticipatiuii in oiu- form of alliUtio or aiiotlicr. Altliou-:!! |iorl!- iia - l» ' « ' ii forced to a l)ackscat l)y academics it lias iiol con- strained tlic tiirnin : out of liifrli Icm-I collcfriatc teams. I-ackin;: tlie lime normalK dexuled to «|(ort li) otiier cnl- lefjes il has Iteen oidy tlirouf:li concentrated eftort 1 tlie roaches and the men turning, ' out that the Bears team are liighly respected hy all the competition. During our stay we have seen four successful seasons on the jzridiron. one which was the first undefeated season of tiie eail- emy ' s history. The Pistol and Hifle teams have cnn- sistentl . Near after Near reeei e(l nalioiial recofiiiil ion. Sailinj; has Ix-cii one sport in whicii the Academy s team has always heen up near the top. Our other teams have provided us with a well rounded -rliednle rnniplele willi lu ' arthreaks and thrills. Underlvin the daN to da e ent lia heen llie ellecl on (Uir li ' s wroufriit from the experiences i en u- li competini; in the sports. It has made us r ' alize ihr need of teamwork, drive, ami lalior in order lo piiidnce a winniiii: team. CGA 13 Colhy CGA 6 Vi " .- leyau 6 CGA 7 Amh.r-t 21 CGA Wom-I.r •» CGA 25 TrinilN 1 J CGA 12 KF ' I 6 CGA 7 St. Micha.-U 6 S .v tiiul three (jiiartcrs tuns nf iiiiimIi r -I I, !!,fi ff, !!:!i,fl7fijrrv,ri,.» u li CK K i«: ' . (Mtilnvll. IT Ihu.L,. II Im,.I,. IIM( Si.rlv Ik H„ii,iii,m. Cuiili . ' .s ii,li,„nn. I.I J(. I ,mf:h,in Football The l )ii3 fdolltall season started vitli a bang for (IGA when Hank Roehner, on the initial play of the opening contest with Colby, ran 66 yards for a touchdown. The Bears then went on to capture the game 13-0. However in the fol- lowing three contests the Blue and White offen- sive stalled resulting in a tie and two losses. Things «lidn " t look too bright when undefeated Trinity arrived to furnish the opposition for Secretary ' s Day. But Secretary of the Treasury, George M. Humphrey, seemed to provide the necessary inspiration and the Bears stojiped the Hilltop]K ' rs cold and rolled right over them to the tune of 25-14. Hank Rix ' hmT I j Bi Hill bunts Asa r --iill III tile I riiiilN win. lii - ' Silcliiiirii I fii lii l (•l;i--iiuii cmltil ilicir- |il.i in-: carcrr reinaiiicd fired up and weiil (iii l i take their a the iiiial lii lle Idew iii thi frame, (iaptaiii final Iwd {iaines of tile .-.easoii. The team arri ed Hiinky .Mizell eiineliided a hrilliant ea « n ha - iii Troy ia train alter a had lorm loreed a inj: ■:ained a lulai ul 606 Nard while Hank eaneellation id |dan to Iraxel li hu . ()n a l{ ieiiner piled up III ti) hi ' - credit. The liears loppy field, plaxed in pouiinf: rain and nice were ahle to phu-e three men im the fir-t team fiooey mud. they lleeeeded in eominj; from he- of thedonn. Small Collejre All Star . Hill I illo. hind to ed-e out HPI 12-6. A PAT hooted hy Chuck llalui and Captain Mizell rec.ixe.l tln hifr Hill was the marfrin of iclory in the finale lionor while Jack Moseley and (jeorjie Seamen as St. ] Iiehaei continuously ihwarlcd the Hhie made the second team. The B« ' ar- will find it and While Offense. diflieult to replace men of llii- lalih.i. Uolliiiiisuorlh sui-cfis I ' litl Mtzrll i Hn[y- throiiiih t ' t- ■ « «u ' N Oi m» The Cagers Ctxirh .Michniim. I.(.l)l{ I ' oyi: LI J(- I (iii Ikiii (:(;a (;(;a CGA CGA (;(;a (;(;a (;(;. ' (:(; (;(; (:(;a (!(; cc; (:(; (:(; : ; (;(;a .16 Wcsh ' vaii 61 48 Amherst 56 69 Norwich 80 55 M.I.T. 59 52 Oiirciis 65 62 W l.yaii 61 80 HIM 82 7(». . . Norlh.aM.rn 87 62 William- 69 45 rrinilv 76 68 I SMMA 72 89 I{(. x.l(,in 91 66 Coll.x 86 68 Clark 50 6(t ..r l.r () ' ) 55 TriiiilN (t.i 50 tK! nsuju Fallon taps one Experiencing one of the most defeat filled seasons in Academy history, the Bear hoopsters have hung up their suits for the year along with a he y of haskethali know-how that was gained the hard way. They started the season out with a hrand new team, as the starting varsity five graduated with the class of ' 53. ith only two second classmen, ( ' aptain Gary Erekson and Ted Gerken. and third classmen. Allen and Kindhom, with any college experience at all. the Bears turne«l to the class of Til to find the talent necessary to field a winning conihination. They found it in the trio of Eallon. Hansen, and ( omhs. Gt ' rkin fioi-s itfi for il The record helies the type of hall that was played hy the Hear team as they were just a few points away from a win in many of the games. With the experience gained this fateful year and the added depth that will he provided by the .lavvees. next season will find the quintet bringing home the wins they (leser « ' d this year for their tremendous spirit and drive in llu- face of what seemed an all season jinx. rill- ).( . first, ihr iiimi iiji. llii iiiiiiv,. ' " , ' j Ml i . ' P»wW ' ; " .-2. ' Jt 52 9 -2 0KING r P, O f n n - 9 -iT ;ji. - _ .in, _ s ?;. V5f - f -r. - I I As tlu ' book goes to piH ' ss the Bears nine arc ill llu ' (ipeiiiiig weeks of spring training of a season which h(»Ms many promises. INot hcing in a position to go south as they lo in tiic majors, tlie hoys are forced to g ' t what practice they «h) get under the hainhcap of tyfiical ISew London spring weather. (iaplaining the team will he Slugger Jennings li(dding down the spot in left. Other veterans filling in the diamond will he Latham, at first. JohansoM at sliort. Presulti and McKeu at sec- ond and third and ilollingswortli and Shannnn hehind home plate. ith the help (d ome promising new rookies including (iomhs and Wiggins heliind Ken nepperman on the mound, the battery will be much impro ed o er last year ' s. Thus everyone i,» hoping lor the l)r l. c« :.: : « ' ' Kerr plays swan CGA 25. Amherst 59 CGA 41 . MIT 43 CGA 47. Tufts 37 CGA 22. U. Conn. 62 CGA 34. USMMA 50 CGA 31. . . . Massachusetts 53 CGA 51. Worcester 33 CGA 18. Triiiitv 66 ' ■miiiino The Swinuniiif: I cam came up with their best record since the sport was resumed after the war. It wasnt the frrealest record. 2 and 6. hut since the majority of the hurih-n was carried hy unch-r (•hi mcti. lliiii : look f;ood for the -ca-oii to come. Besi(k s the usual orceslcr win llic team racked up a ict(ir oxer ' Full- and mi--cd li Thf Mernivn r i r ' y s ' .n (vW- t .V N - ' N iiril :i riiii|ili ' III jiiiiiil- III |iirkilj;i ll|i .irinllii-i uill ill lllr mill uilh Mil " . (;ii;i(ll i lni M-fiii« ' (l r -ali-liiil uilli llir rHuil- nt lii MfriiH ' ii. riic iiiaiii ta of llic Irani a- I uiii Kirk |ialri(-k ulm |iriiilc(l iiiiiiir for . ' {. ' { iMiiiil- wiirlli OlhiT lal arl unr ••Sh ads r «l(l ' W aiiiliark Nil. I (li iT with .50: Mikr irllillc (ji-laiirr uilli .51: ll.--rnnl. -.|.iiiil.T willi 2( : and Dm WrWi ' . Iinliviiliial Mi ' .ll. ' N. uitli ■2 . ' 5i ' s conlriliution- In llic team were Jim Fear who hol-tered the haekstrokiiif; boys. Mike Uroek who. tliroii :li a run in witli the Academic Board, was kept on the sidelines hut ho()sled morale, and last hut not lea t " rhuh " (!ulherl- oii. who jet |uo|(cllcd hiniM-lf tiiruufzh the cidorine with iiis enormous wind capacitN. Vk ith all the practice and hardwork the team had a lot of fun and tin- I c still maintain they will miss heinj: prodded li ihat (yi foot hamhoo pole in the hands of Mr. Newton. Wre ' %tlino ill ;iii iiiiliv iiliKil iiiatcli :!%( ' . ' - all the team |i()iiit to one si«le. Captain Al Ki ' f and Hill lill.. Im.iIi l.rnii lil Windiiif: np a . " )()() season the firniit and }:roaii homo a 3r(l place from tiie « " u Kn-iland (iiiain- men again catne lilaslinj; through. It was the picniship lonrnament proxiiig their ahilitio final season for four of the varsity . . . grachia- lt yond aii doiiht. This heiiig ATs fourth ear tion claims (iaptaiii Al Keif. nyu« ' ight " Bones " in arsity eoni|)etilioii. h« ' fought agaiii t the Kozlo sky. heavyweight " Humplirey " Tillo and odds that go with having all opponent. ' " kiiou l. ' }7 pounder (iurly l.ottridge. vour tactics. Mdtly ' s Maulers Cflliiifi in somi- jinictiir for tlcr i ikiIit smluifi ' -•Bee ii «eiif U.7 ..;i..(ii; |. Wdfi.n ( ( (nil U it:iiii. I I, nil (iiiiliiiii : Siriiiiil. (iininiiuliin 5 9ciili ■no After last .spring ' s liijilily successful season llic Icaiii ((taclicd li 1,(M)I{ W ajriicr kept on which saw the Academy sailors take hotli the with their vinninf; ways. As we {;o to |)ress the (lonn. Valley ' Championship and the Owens team is just comin !; out of hibernation in |)rep- Trophy. it was certain that the fall session aration for another spring of sailing, lliis will would see little change in the teams perform- he the last season for one of the most out- anee. With George Wagner, team captain, who standing sailors the Academy has had and this is recognized as one of the top sailors on the is George agner who with his crew of Crook East coast and Bridgman. Kirkpatrick. Welsh. Stewart has. meet after meet, been high [toint and Eustis veterans in the art of Ka en sailing. skipper for the team. Inter-Service Regatta Moore Trophy. . . ( GA first Connecticut alley Championships. . . CGA first Ra en Jleptagonal. . CGA first Shell Trophy CGA third Jack Wood Trophy CGA third Leonard M. Eowie Trophy C(;A fourth Dan mark Trophy (;GA second Coast Guard Onad- ruple. . . . C(iA tied for first Ra en Octagonal... CGA first Bimv Rixini . ' ofiiniw iJof Jim l ()iipbty Cliiirlir Clark Sni k Suickli-y Rifl. CGA 1396 Norwich 1390 CGA 1396 U. of Comi. 1317 CGA 1402 Brown 13r 6 CGA 1402 Boston Coll. 1320 CGA 1397 IT.S.N.A. 1430 CGA 139r U.S.M.A. 1420 CGA 1410 Yale 1393 CGA 1412 MIT 1426 CGA 1396 Harvard 13:)9 CGA 1393 Boston r. 1378 CGA 1395 U. of K. 1. 1311 As tlu ' v liave. year after year, the Rifle Team wonnd lip witii another sneeessfnl season. Ila - in;; competed in a total of twenty six nialche part of wliicli uere ia the I . S. Mail. the picked u|) ahoiil IwciiIn win-, wliicli i- no mean feat. Willi three liut li(il iir-t chi " mm who were (•on i lenll in liir Inp live, llir Iimiu li.ni hetter than a I 100 a erafre. As this hook j:oe to press thev are in the |»rocess of winding np the sea oM. In a 7 team -liouldrr li -ImnldiT match the came onl on top and uiil ri ' |it ' i ' i ' nt. along witli B. 1 .. the onthern izroiip in iIh ' New England (Collegiate Kille League linaU and at present stand third in the National Hlfle competitinii. ( ; (.( i tli ' (i(U ' , ' I ' lif Slim psIiDiilfif Pi«tol indiii 11]) llio season with a nine and lliiee record, the pistol team turned in their usual fine performance in varsity shoulder-to-shoukler matches uphohling their reputation gained in previous years. Paul Tolten. the retiring captain of the sharpshooters, turned in the highest score of the season — 291 out of a possihle 300. Big- gest setbacks of the season were the losses to Army and Navy, two traditional rivals, but with returning lettcrnian Millradt, McFadden. Tutt, and Brown to do the (h ' cd. next year will see us willi atioliicr powtM ' liil Icani. CGA CGA CGA CGA CGA CGA CGA CGA CGA CGA CGA CGA I2 )8 I :i 1 6 i;ii: I.3I I 1317 1292 1 332 1313 1315 1344 1324 1356 . . . rSMMA . W illiniaiitic . . . J Iagr lnl (:(; Tra. Sta. MIT Na y . . . r. Conn. Groton Police Electric Boat .... IIar ard Army . . . . Har ard 1201 1.351 I 1 53 1214 1188 1345 1120 1076 910 1182 1350 1 1 58 I ' aiil Totl ii Hank Lohinann , The j oason i jii t tartiiij: for llir i liidi r |M»iin(lfrs and il l t )k like we lia f one ol tin- m() l |ii ' oiiii iti tt ' aiii Nf ' c liad in maiiv V( ' ar . Led hy two stalwart |»erf()rnier . ( !(i-( ' a|itaiii Tom ( atalaiio and Don Thomson tlie learn lia more deptli than e er hefore. In the fi dd e ent it will he WijL Hill Tillo. (ieor e Seamen and Bob Bristol on the vei;;hts. Kirk Kello;::: iil he throwing the discus and Thomson on the ja elin hacked n| hv l,e i -econd cla--. Dave I ' aher and Paul Trinnner will he n ct iIh- ln|i in tlu ' Iiifih jump and pole anll re-pciii i On llie liiuler- i- will li.i e a wliule Im-l ut rellirniii lellcrtm ii in Imlli |ii ' |iririt- .111 distance-. So IVoin wlieic we -il il look- liki- there is no lop|iin them. riiDtnsiin glides oiwr lint) I, iiiiil Siildli iniil.r II iiiir. Ii 62 o ' n rs ■ . " ' ' " if »•» " X ' - " ts , » " ' « 1 (.• Ilorrirr:. I lif Harrier-s, which a, (h-fined hy Webster, are those which course back and forth over the meadow ' lands. Upon hearinj; this definition the sport doesn ' t sound too bad. but when you stop to realize that their {joal is to run five miles at the rate of five minutes to the mile you find it is a mighty grueling pace. This season ' s schedule was a rough one with a ninnber of the meets only having a couple of days rest between them. This is one sport that takes a lot out of a man and to come back with only a short rest and turn in a good time is next to impossible. Even so, the boys turned in some top performances and the future look good. " Bosnak. C.ii-Cnpliiins St. John find Itunahy. M imif:i ' r Cordo CGA 42 Springfield ir CGA 29 HPI 28 CGA 43 IVovi.lcur 16 CGA 21 Worcester 37 CGA 30 r. Conn. 2.S CGA 46 We lcyaii 17 CGA 39 Williatn- Sillers on thr ir«v in Xl 1 ■ ' onoor€im I lii i tile cnlli ' clion iif llir sjKM-iincn nf lliiiiKi ;(|(irri kiiuwn a- llilcti ' -. I lirir oriK reward fur tliti.-f man) liiiiii priil |iarti( ' i|iatiMi: ill s|)(irls al (. ' .{ ' , (illicr lliaii a wiatcr Inr two M-ai r iiii|M ' t iliiiii ami a lilaiiki ' t Inr llir rli ' cl l ' N tlial iii i i ' liiiir cai- i- iiii ' iiilM ' i lii| in llii rliil.. I lie f lra a aii .a known a» lln- Muntijiiani (iliili lian(|iii-t was lli annual lii lili lil |i in- xinil li |Im iiiillit. It w I- il llii time the ut weir i eri llie i | |Miii nil il nl iziioii natliretJK iieekliiij; llu ' iillleer-. I lli a ilniie |i cldjni: a lake nil (III tlieir ari in i(li i iiera ie . ami il xa- ai ' i ' iiiii|iaiiieil li fiale- il lan liler lium Imili eailel. ami llle iinieei . II i In llie nieniliei ' . cil llii ellili llial llie eaileiii ii e il - elailll In lame ill llle wnrlil ..I -IM.ll ' . Kii ■■■€»l Lo o 0€lOU0 lakr ail a t ' raj; ' iin ' ricaii |M)rt like l)a kcl- liall or footliall and iiii -()ti (-i )ii l drop a IVw ol llic minor rides aiitl r -stri -tioii . Put in an add -d inccntixc for winnin;: likr. oIlll■ coniitany |iiril and a cliancr for an extra ucfkrnd lilx-rlx . I " ire it witli a (-oii|ili- ol (|iiirk tfin|ifrs an l some red l:ot rliuharlis. I ' liis fiiscs you a {lood cross sec- tion of vliat tlie intercompany sports competi- tion is like. Mere the near ;reats ami those who lire not des irous of earning: a letter, pit their ahilities in some raginj; l)attle which have re- .-idted in classic contests. Lndloy drives in for two Oirr llir III I ii j of : nsii " f iCt iiucle oi Tiiii SYSTEM arc llu- l.asis ..f an inlrifiuin ' fxistfiicc lor tin- cach ' t. Here v« ' a v a liiiiialidr ((illc;:!- uliirli In tin- outsider may apix-ar l lia f llial typical collegiate look. What inaiiiicr of men are these who do not own a ' oii ertilile and Nile a a llieir off hours at the eami»us cluh; ' To this inlerrojjLation comes the answer thai the cadet is truly an amazing iiHli idnal. lie kee|l regular iiours and dresses with a conser ali e leaning towards the darker shades, and -lill he lead- a erv full and interesting life. We ha e our ( rnix- whiili |ire|)are us for a life at sea and while there is much work, lliev also afford an opportunity for much pleasure. W ithin ihe confines (d Chase Hall is found the Cadet Battalion. Jl is within this organization that the prospective leader- of the s ' r ice are gi en experience in leading oilier-. H way of the monthly formats, informals. organized ami unorganized parlies the average cadet enjoys the ameiiitii ' s h crowdin- ' (»iie heck of a lot (d lixing into a leu liherl Drill W III) NM-oli ' dial iiiii- " il i N I tlirill ti till- Im li- call and tli ' tramp of marcliiiif: feet ' . ' ' ' " He didnt ' peiid four year wrestling with two left leggings anil two right gloves at thirty seconds to go be- fore that thrilling hugle eali. Tin- Iramp of marcliiiig feet was at time liliiall dniw ned Diit ill tlie earlv pring hy the sl h of nuid on llic jiarade ground. Then uiieii June Week roll around with it eoinpetiti e drill you real- ized it could get mighty hot in (Connecticut and every so often the heat woidd get the hesl of one of u . Drill would tart carK in the fall and with very little time to whip things into shape we converted from a large group of nnroordinatetl -tragglers nsually going in one general direc- tion, to a marching unit that looked pretty sharp. ( l l K. M. It rsl. I nrtirs )j]iirr riiornsnit. lil ' O. Jiiild. tiljitliinl: Miiyir. h ' .xrr.: Kozlorshy. Halt. C.ilr.: Millra. Ofxralioiis: Si. John. Si ( v; i:ims. HI ' O T ' ■ ' ' Passing in Ri ' vii ' it Tliis (-(iiiMTsion was ai ' -( ni|iaiiir l Ity iniirli liarrassiiif. ' and harkiiifi l y llif ii|i|ht cla s and ii|) until u - look oM-r oui ' l r tlx ' jolt ol llic (ir l cla s lookrtl |ir ' lly soil. I)iirin the wiiilcc we spent tlic linir inside pfrlVctin}; llie rifle and sword iiiantial. Willi llie ad enl ol spriiif: ilir lroo|i nio eil oMt ide ami worked onl llie liH- ne d llir liilirrMaliun. I nder all llie ;;ri|»e and ua liin}r of le}r};iii;zs lliere sa- a real aiiioiinl d pride. llie hand oniided oil and we stepped onl lo pas in rex iew praelirally e ery (•lie l piided np a couple ul inelier. ' llie e eniii;i lelreal-. tile l ie li arioii di;:iiitaiie . tlie parade- we look pail in. and niareliin;: oil lu llie I ' ooiImII jield iMJciie llie (:aine all added up lu an iiilan ilile ipi.iniilN known a I ' i.spril de ui p-. Ihiiilil in infy-iiils litinnr liliilnuti In ill,- Se.7 M I ' ri ,lslll 70 ■1 j-jQf 1 ' r:r»_aiiMI| 1 1 W • ' «nS ?l| j l3 Hk 3tK ».- Cittngj ;nT f ij f : m 1 11 ■■■4 S ,.■ J .•:-,-.- . - 1 • -,• ' Jl k . Aflfef ' l « ' • ttiv if-S-- . J ' i o Jii |( ,. slrp , ff III MilUl ' li " " ' Ti, , „ ,,„„, „„,,. „,.. Iriiilrrsliir Wr. . ..- .. S,.,.. s Off .. ..■ ,ii ss in ntii ' ic HdslrtKin (IS nhri ' l ji r a iliiy ( I hr lrlf[)hi)iic onlfrlv Si ' rnnd Class yi-nr meanl JOOl) iind ( Hson hidt ' s behind u stuck of d( ' lin(iiu-ii cdrils Ail koufino " Hiiik. Nf. (iaitrirl tlotli Mow lii liii :!) ' and . . . ()(K |i fiood in( riiiii : Sir. tliaiik. ni for akiM : itK ' ii|i. I ( li well, it uiih ariiitlici ' niiuilli i ' ' tri ' lioii. I ( ro|iiii ilo ii to tlic liiail and lini liiii;: m oa|i. I coiiih iii loulli lun-li. div iIk- mirror and walk Itack lo tlit- room lo l llic lied dressed for eliow. A couple of clips of loflec anil Iwo lliiil miniit - e f s later llic da lake on a new aspect l oii imlicc its la now liccaiisc onr e es rniaiiv opened. I Uack lt clean till ' I ' oum and prepare lor inspection. " W lial ■• ' ( nt-iile and u itliunt topcnat- ! " " ' call, lis lie-inaii seatlier ( . ' { aliovcl and l(e«iile- llie |{.r,. ent hi- lopcoal to the cleaner. " Vfler the rnini: check id hntlnn-. Mile- and hunt-, the -eclion- liilin lor cla--. I or the ne t eii;lit hum-, with appi Dpi iale time mil lor Inncli. the in- •lineloi- form a coneerled coalition lor the i pic-- pnipK-c of pounding knowledfic into -onie impel lull- -kill I-, i ? A r » ♦ ♦ » (riKirdniouiil. Lfidli-y inspcrls At 1600 the inni-c aniliitiiiii -uul- dcpMtrd tin- lovers of clas.-. wliu had hmi mi tin- |ilioiif for the {lym in the pursuit of pliysical type cdu- for 20 iniuutes, so we fould get a couplt- of cation while the lovers of the radiator (|uietl words to the fair ones before ehow formation, retired to the confines of (diase Hall. At 1700 The first liujrie blows and vou hear .50 voices the Kec Koonis started gi inj; forth with the sound off " Five Minutes to Go, Sir. " all a little latest in music with the resoundin ; click of out of phase. After chow you supposedly hit balls on the pool and pin : pong tables in the the books and then 2200 rolled around and background. The phone booths were the scene Tattoo sounded; 10 minutes later we bit the of luaiiy a battle as we attempted to dislodge rack. I I his is III) jxirl, liciirli Hill Doii f itrs ihini llir iinrl.- » " .1 rifilil liner you ' ve ht ' vn in ihiTc it liiilj himr If ho 111 ' trying to kill. I In- l i i hs givr away; it ' s obviously posnl lt « All Part of It ' ■ illiiii the routine of cadet life are the many little e ery(lay oeeiirrentes that ha e fitted into the sehenie of things. Tliey have introduced us to a few people outside of the system whom it has heen a privilege to meet. The alteration by Paul down at the tailor shop. And a weekly verhal hout with the hoys in the Barl)er Shop ahout the merits (tf tiie Red Sox and the Yankees or any other subject you want to bring up. The greeting from Frenchie or Joe when you meet them in the corridor and all the others we meet during the lav have gone to make up a part of our life. Then too, there is the preparations for Satur- days room inspection, the Friday night storms which always seem to result in a few second class men taking an uiulesired shower. Then there is the ne er ending game of trying to heat the system and some times we actually think we get away with a little. It " s all part of it. 9 [ I hr liiinziiin liii iiiiiiil r. Barb)-r.sli i I ri( Frenchie I ' aul (HI ( (( loc filiys urf ill lirri-y I 5 • I " Il ' jl rj y kiil k i. . 1 • • » 1 ■ f r • • • • r L[f!i 4 ■1 " ■• " ■ " -«;»? UiTT SETUP i»% A «» A Co. Back Kuw : llrn-.ni,. I ' lal. (ilr.: Illair. I ' lat. Cdr.; Mizell. I ' lal. (.dr.: ( tin Horn. Guidon — Feiont Row: llomird. .().: Ihmiehen, Co. Cdr.; Trimmer, CPO ■B Co. Budridiie. Co. ■dr.: l.mlley. .l . Cox Wilkin.son. CI ' O: I ' lat. Cdr.; Tyler. KirkUmd. I ' l, Plat. Cdr. 1. Cdr.; Hanisa . Guidon; L 4ik Hi m €k m 1 ' t A ' 35 .L Hpif. Vim. (.dr.: Jenniiit!!.. flat. Cdr.: Hnrker. X.O.; Tinpley. Co. Cdr.: Reece. CPO : Chanmtd. Pint. Cdr.: Moselev. Citidnn % m E " Co. Himienir. ,i,i l„„: M Doiniii h. Pint. Cdr.: Robhins. .().: Svhroeder. Co. Cdr.: l)iiniih . CPO: Senniim. Pint. Cdr.: Sill- prs. Plnl. Cdr. pn ms (M Hi W itli J tint W t ' t ' k a tliiiiji (it tht pa t, we made last iniiiute preparations for the cruise and moved on hoard. Re iUe came at 0500 and then there was the organized eonfusion of the first time at mooring stations. In the still coolness ot the smnmer morning we took leave of New Lon- don and set out across the Sound. " Secure from mooring station and set the sea watch. " So the watch list was posted, the routines established and dress khakis stowed below. Resolved to the spending of at least three weeks at sea. we settled down to " the life " . The cadet cruise is an experience, as to whether it be good, bad or indifferent depends upon the time it is being discussed. At 21 30 uitii two hours of sleep behind you. some quar- termaster tells you that you have the mid-watch. That is the time to l)e indifferent. (letting accustomed to life at sea was a process of shaking off the staleness acquired by spending eight months hitting the books. Along this line some real manly callouses were acquired on those lilv white hands about the first time we set the upp ' r top . Ihi ' ii loo. there is a certain quirk of tlic human constitution which has been known to i(dently reject to any sort of rolling motion. This caused many trips to that lee rail. It was ;dl part of getting accustomed to the life. V. . != Nortk AilAntic Out ' iiiiiriiiii c rolled out ol lln- rack and uolict ' d liiat no loiificr a liiat drck nice and le el, nor uas it tati(inary. Hnldiinj;; ft ' [ from your eyes and going topside you fouiul tlie sea liad been transformed. INo loii ' rer were the {gentle swells present instead the i ' :ht that met you was one d tossinj:. pitthinj:. rollinj:. frothy };reen. Ail night lonj: tiie at(h lunl heen Imsy trinuning sail. Mid afternoon with l)aronieter falling and a driving rain eoming down, men were sent aloft to shorten sail. ith tin- wind whistling in the rigging the royal lieeomes a dizzy merry-go-round on three axes. Life lines are strung and another man put on liie wheel. At times like this tiie aeeompaning utter is pressing to lay on station. Full and By Running Free i.l-1-lllllfi With a periiianenl heel, life on llit mess fleck became a comedy and here it was one hand for tlie tray and one for yourself. Vi alkiiif: hecame a test of e((uilil)riuni and each watch ai»ove dcrk meant hein ; thoron-ihly soaked. l)ri eM h a fair gale the Great Vi liitc Bird look a hone in her teeth and started clipping off the knol (hetter that . " OO miles in one 21 iionr period the last cruise). On the cutter, green water hoiled over the how as she nuzzled into each wa e and came up for more. Here too we noticed that a few o( the former " salts " hegan to take on a greenish tinge. It was here we received a taste of what tli - North Atlantic holds in store for us ami this was during the middle (d .lune. I c ertheless it didn ' t seem lo dim (lie a piralions oi those who are tr iiig lor hillels on lii|i working the Allaiilir -lalion . i 77ie ' Hotl, " tdki (I (lip EverN(l;i lilt ' ;it .-oa i aiiotliiT jtart uf tlial " experit ' iuf " we spoke t»f earlier. ilh tlie (lawn »f earli day conies the saltwater seriilt- (Idwii of tlie (Ici k- l) the section on watch. Freezing water on hare feet — Brrrrr. 0800 hriufTs (juarlers for muster and chow. Vi ith liiat iiioriiin : cii|) of coftee and hreakfast under our licit wc wake U| for a in-w da . Next come the work formation and llic jiih- ol the dav are assigned. These include excrylhin ' : from the intrifiuing joh of reniovinfi an ohnoxioiis. inti- mate, chemical comhination of oxvfren and metal, they choose to call ru t: to the saltier occupations ailor indul £c in. I hese include uch jobs as mendinj; sail, making: fenders or repairing some of the standing rigging. A votiplv of salts Everybody uorks rill ' (III wHlcli t ' l ' lioii ii llii ' jiili III riiiiiiiii llir lii| . Ill iiM ' i all I ' lur-i ' i llir ( .iil.-l OD iWld it i ll|i In llilll III -rr llial r rl ' I llili; i- kijil riiiiiiiiif: -iiiiiiilliK. Ill- ii-|iii--i-iilali r- mi di-rk ill ' ' tlir n()at uaiii and lli - ! i aiii and willi tlic liiiat crcu ' tiicy art- ( ' oiitlniialiN l ra( ' iM : up. trininiiii : tin- ards. or all (lir nllnr aiiiiii ta k lUM ' t ' ssary to ai!iiii: a v-mI. Ii i lln- i;:iial- iiuin ' s r ' sp( M il ility lo Im ' in riininiuiiiialinii will) liic »tli( ' r cullers in llu- s([uadi ' ( n. citln-r h Hai;. li lil. or radio. In (il(! art- tli« hoys who k«M ' |i track of all ncarlty ocean traffic so as to a oid traffic jams. The I a if;alors joh is an all day one and in llic ortll Atlantic it is a frus- tralinf; one ot try in to jict a si{;ht on the elusive sun as it peeks from hehiiul the many clouds. Hi ' iinv shools. I ' ll i I h(i h. ( I ' jti Confused ' ' . ' J I jF ' ( li rist hr ' s not iisiiiji it him I II ' nir c iiad lluil lii t (li : uiilcii «(ii till lia ' a cdiiitlf a Ircf ii((iii liflmc tlif iiii jidf- iloNNii. (luring tiiiK ' thai ( ii catcli ii|) (III (iiii- |ifi ' (iiial allair . Il luifilil 1p ' a Irw |iai: ill a letter lo lit- iiiaili ' d in tlic inxl |Mirl m- iiiaylx ' it a iiiinli nrcili ' il liainiil. I iicii auaiii you iiii ;lit lu ' real aiiihilioii aiul work out a tcvs star .sifjlits. ' I ' lii-ii later (tii in llie exeiiiiii; mhi decide iii l 111 lake lile ea . ( i|i liead ll|i to llie lo ole Inr a in ike. It llie weather ha- lieen nice lhi i ihe lime ol da ihe .-ea take- uii a calm gentle a|)|iearaiice. and Miii decide ina he lhiii .- aren ' t xt liad after all. (III wail iinlil ihc -nn ;:(ie- dii sn in il- lila e (il l(ir and ihcn in lireak mil noiii -exiani and -IkmiI iiiii ni hlJN (|iii !a d -lai-. illi an- other day liehind u (ili head lielow lo liil ihe raek lo f el a eoii|ilc hour- lee|t lielore. . . . " Sir. (III lia c I lie inidw ah h . ...., , „ Ih.sr „„„hl. l-Afrpreseiil in tmr daily life at sea (hiring the criiist ' s were tlif drills. t lime- we tlioiiiilil " ()li 11(1 not aiiollicr one " . hut tlirii on lin- otlii-r hand we foultl see Uow iiiiicii Miiootlier tliiii would fio after we had run tlirnufili them e fral linio. rile line, lliat a ainiii ' -t a lail urinrii ' iii e- plns. a ))rartiee in tlie art iit iiiall ixiat li.ni- dlin . W itii one erew in the lioat and another on deck loueriiif; and hoisliuf;. the routine a hiwer away, slieei- out. east ofl ' the ea |iaintei- ami larl row in;:. Ihen it a a race het een the enttei ' ami the hoal ami when mui were in the liu.il it -cemcd like (iii alw.iv- ran a clu-e -rciind. I hill In ki ' i ' |i lili ' Irnm i:i ' lliiii: ton ihill. tlie d let Us jiiek U|i (lie -i.i |iainler and ride it lor a w liile. hen oii wii e iiion in aloii : ahout six or e eii kiiot on mldenl reali .ed ' " I he i ' liaine- wa- mxer like tin- ' " . Mthoiiuh there a Mime j;riiiiiiil in;: at the lime m ' were all ;:lad M ' had the ihaiiie In liv mir liami al it. liiil ihfv only ihnin ■rliDiinl miyiifiY Is that ri lil Driiiiy. (.mid h ' oiid- Perhaps the most realistic drill we had was a power failure on the " Ea ile ' . when the officers in the Enjiineerinf: Dept. decided to make a real show of it. They proceeded to kill all power and fill the engine room with steam. So it was with a simulated fire and a couple of casualties in the engineering spaces that we went to work. This wasn ' t enough to keep us busy, so as men were sent into the s|)aces a couple to the officers very maliciously cut them loose from their guide lines. So it wasn ' t long before our casualty rale had just about doubled. But even witii such hinderances we rescued everybody and soon had power hack on the line. hen there wasn ' t any regular traffic for the signalman and isibility was good wed bold a little flag hoist drill. The only problem here was that when you were on the Rock your tbouglits Avere. " ihose stupid " ' , — signalmen on the Lagle WDiddn t e en recognize a pair of skiv- vies . antl it was a ice ersa when you got on the Eagle and started sendin " ; to the Rock. SkArp%kootino Aftrr many li( iir |t( ' iil in { v tiriiif; willi llir cutter ' s guns, there oanie tlu- ila wlicn « ' lill the forniutiou and heard the uail ol ihi- alarm as general quarters er ' MMinded. I liii- Nr tried our liand at kiioekin (Iii mi the hall ) iii ill a (i er fxrowii h(Miliii allci . " 1 rack m(iiiih hn . c cr M. Mii«M(-i(lh " . The J() ' ((iilil li.ixc ihcm till llic i| out ti) a i ' iiii|ilc tii iii aiiti yar(l aini llicri the 10 would lake over. So ve " d have llic rlnlluuic laccato ol the LM» fol- h» s( ' d liy the coii laiil cniiu| o( the 10 and ur- |irisiii l -iioii di the ho - won i|nitc a lew cif;ai . When til) ' liM ' inch " tailed -lam iiii at the target it made the l{ock (|iii cr ri;:lit dtoMi to the keel. This always made the eleclrician ha| |i a lhc went ai ' iMiiid allcrwaiiK i ' c|dacin;: li ht hulhs. W I ' i -i IkiiI a ilriii ii li.ili I s li.il ur li.iil ill til) ' Na ol S M|)iiii anil loiinil mit llial llic lliiii;: c ' t lifcii liiokiii;; al in N(M; rralK (liJ voik. riicM llicic wric Iwciilv riimiil- ol illliniiiialiii linijccl ilc- In lie i |icihI(iI. -o i- o ' lcliralrd lli - I ' oiirlli nl .liilv li ' lal( ' ill . in fliaml 1) If. I)iiriii ; llir Iniir mi llic l ' .a;:lr il a ail iliill. INot li M-aii ) ' M- ' iii ' t-d il ill till ' riiliilr lull litM-aiisr - -r iiiK- liail to know lii jnh al llic ai " i ii ail lali )ii il uc wen- In iiiaiM ' iiv rr llic Itird. So we tackrd lill - crN lliiiij; larl( ' )l m i - iiif; like clock work. HI ' coiiix ' (lie drills incii- tioiicd licrc wcrcnl llu- only oiws. llicrc vvrro (ire. collision, iiuin o ' rl)oard. (ire and rescue. Iireeclies Iiiion. and alianilon sliip ilrills. Miit li sonic odil cliancc iIicn l -tl out close order drill. Getting ready for Hdllouccn Tht ' iih In- is! Your first lodk at an « ' ii{!;iii« ' rtMiiii with its maze and taiifilc IcaNcs you nnstificd. As in any ;iO(i(l trade oii learn llic Imsiticss Ironi llic Ixt ttoni np. I Ik- Ixtlloni in tliis case lM ' in tlic bilges. So arnifd with a scraper and wii ' c itrusli we went to work on tiic lahNrlntli of piping:. Iranu ' s and machinery. Wc h-arncd how to make a main conch-iiscr all hri hl ant! shiny Ixdorc wc learned wiiat it was used lor. certain element (d enmity is setnp hetween llic deck eri ' w and the hiaek ang and this naturally led to such statements as: " Mister. I don ' t care if you ' re the ' ,$ ' mainengiiie. get up there ami help furl that royal " . Then there was the lirst classman fi] the enyineroom plioiK- with. wlio answci ' ■|)uil ' tavern. I )i n I here cle Cruise by cruise we found that tlie grease ajid (dl was soaking into our systems and those long hot hours began to [tay off. The maze unfolded and we learned the practical application of the classroom work. It was our engine room and we learned what made it hum. We took the throttle, and on the Kockaway this meant answering un- countable bells as we tried to keep on station. e learned how to operate a coujjIc oI big tea- kettles that sometimes could be coerced into making fresh water, and we manage l to shift the generators on the line without sinuilating l)lack- out conditions. All in all it was a lot ot lun mixed with »omt mighty hard work, but yve gained a lot of |)rae- tical knowledge for use in future years. VVlAc iIk ' olliir s l( ff iiiul )(■ I iiniforliihlf. Ihiitn ff» 5$ Piifiixi (iiiil ihc IxiYs lirt rhylhni An outfit of salts -i Tkt l oi t% I, ill ' on ;ni iM ' iMti a t- iiia lie (■(liiraliiUKil Imt ooiirr or lalrr. mhi liii porl. I licii altrr wlial s ' ' iii like (la ol coiiiiii iiilii llic liarhor and iii oriii :. til)- liii ' ar - fiiialK (loiiMciJ up and (li - fiaiifiwa) lid into [dacr. " LilMilN ujll cnrn- nii-ricf in Ini iniiinl -- [or llic lii-l and -i-curid sfclion:-. " II nn arc lnrk il- a mad d.i-li iuf tlu ' (lust coNfrs and show ■!•■-. it nut there i always tntiiorrow. As vou step a h(ire there is a ru h III move. Min ' re mil iire wher-e Iml niii.-tK ju t III };et away tn Mimi ' thiiij; m ' w. One III the most pleasant ports we were lor- tunate to stop at was Oslo. The reception was without precedent. It was ery few of lis who lidii " t take notice of the hlue-e ed. hionde lieaii- ties at the dinner held at the Konfjen Restaurant at which we were guests. 77ie M,,n ,lilli Oslo ' s City Hall Eternal hlanic al h raiiir ' s iiiiLnoirn soldirr ' s iirnvi Look Mom — Tliat ' g me Whether it was a trip to Fro m r Park or ilu- mighty llt)hneiik ill( ' ii with its Moiiic traiii a . Iaii)()ii ki jiiiii|i. and hilty o of tlic hcaiiti- liil (H o I ' jord. oii were Iclt a N ' (l li lln ' o cr- w li ' hiiiii ix ' auly. IMi ' tiiri ' a ' it marked t old and licaiililul (•allicdral . ino(l -rii liiiiidiii : . and an cIIcin • - fcnt | ()pula(-c and you ha f the l ari c• loimd. I ' roni tlic l(d ' t |»ire of tlu- lillVI Towt-r. to tin- rolorfni h -anty of the li lilcd fountain of the Cliaiiips KI M- - al (lu k. to (lie Ix ' dlani of l ' i :all - at tlirec in llic nioiiiin;:. we Icartird lo i c — Parisian l r. (hit- of ilic woild liuK Ix-aiili- lul -iti( ' .- . no oiii ' M ' nl a a witlmnl itrin : iin| r(- sf(l liy her. I ' iii;:lariil prnvnl In In- ri ' I ' ll jii alilc anil i- Wi-rr lui ' k )-lliiii;:li III III ' ill l.uiiiliill iiir llir Hrili li Kiiiiiirr lair. I.iiinliiii iiltiii ' il iiuirli In llu " sifililx ' tT w illi il- lf riiilai -liinliirr-. Hi;: Bell. W ' sliiiiM l.r l l). . Si ' dlhiiMl anl. Ticca- (liliy (iirciis . . . uc mi v tlirin all. I ' lic pi-Djilf. with typical rfs -r f luil warm iri(-ii liiM(- . mad - iiiir stay a liappy tiii and oik- wliicli wrM likr to l ) a aiii. One tliiiif; we ' ll ifiiiriiilMi ' of Aiilw( ' r|) was llic iinl) -li - alil - raiij:c if tide lliat kept cNfry OF) on tlic jiini|). riif town w itii its f;aiety and ni dil lit) ' allordcd nian op|iortiiniti ' s for tliin ' - to do. rile a|M ' was rt-aclit ' d wlit-n the l)o - look o r llif liand in one of the cinhs. coniplt-tf witli ( ' r Hiii r. and j;a r lorlli witli tlu ' ir rfp« rtoirc to an apprri ' iati f audience. in terdani. the ( ia! eilstrats. ilie llafrne. and the er) jo iai. Iiiendly people made onr sta in Htdhind one d tin- hesl. There are till man a Squeeze Box heing played that wore acquired on this stop. Paliicc Guard ihi ' C.omiiKiiuli ' r hriniis in ihc " " vncA- " Coff,;;! Const Gnarii rooting srctiim tit hulljifiht tr. ? eariiip ihr Fiiiiilf Ho Toro! r-. ' - t.3. Onl y uiicc: Spain [iroxidcd ii uilli lmll(lj:lil-. llic dark cla criii.-c ur didti ' l nerd a iMa|i In find tin- eyed st ' iiorita (with (•lia|)cniii( ' s ). and a liospi- .-aiiK ' sti Tl int ' nliaiit x-liiiif: ■■jifiiiiiiic " " |{iil«i a tality unique with the Spanish. The effect of watches and Parker Pens for next to notliint:. this country is still noticeahle in the class as hut this time we weren ' t m» " idlihi. ' . cries of Bueno, Malo, and Muy huraeho. mayhe heard on many occasions. Las Palnios in the Carnaries was a last port ists. An afternoon spent at tlie Surf Clnh made stopover for refueling. After our stop third Second (ilass cruise took u to Hernmda w iiere four pleasant days were peMl li in like tour- us think tiiat here was a good piare to romr liack In. a finale to our stay a ciiii|ilr ol ihr i pulled a Sle e Brodie from llic li i -pril and fidlilled their de lre for a momdighl -wim. One of the functions of a erui e i- to promote good ili aliroad. s m ' h. the art id halaneing a lea clip on one kiiic .iiid .1 di ii ul niiiiipel- iiti ihe oilier i a recpii ilc. I hi- ,i- ai ' iuMip! i-licd in llie liiriii ul a rrrepl iuii mi liii.u ' l in r.icli purl and the lo ii ii-iiall held one in ri ' liirii. I lir-e pro ided all ort id oppnrlniiilie-. -inli .i- he- roming ai ' ipiainled wilh ome of the local helle-. nr -how in;: 11II llie one- alread met. the part ie- a-lliirr wrrr ipiile I ' lalml .ili- .iiid llli- liii-l- would r prr-- llirii- di ' -irc liir 11- In iiijuv iim-il r-. .mil ill -Mill liii ' iiilK .il iiiii-pliri ) ' il vs. I- r.i- In .diiilr llii ' ir w i-lii ' -. ( kIIiiIiiik iilitiiui iiI Ii IM k v " J f Barfiiiin itilli the man. Koz Obviously Tourists Bound ]{ ■ it Hrrtiitida or I..) I ' aliiin-. tin- ila filially arri ' when nou art- iiiiiii(Miriii : at tli« ' la t port. TIh ' ii till- la t If ' ; of tin- trip ln ' giii . That det ' p tan lia to lie acquired for the beach hack, liome. {Ia iii ' waited thi loiifi. you figure vou can fill lip that iia i atioii iiotcliook liv takiii : a dozen -i;ziit a iii;:ht and a uii line hourly. Despite the work, card •rarnes. and a worn ina a ine you :-till find time draf. ' jriu ' i and e erv position re- port is eafrerK awaited. Someone po.«ts a chart and the engine room navigators start figuring (he E.T.A. Then at last that harhor furl goes on and Klmer is started. " (Channel fe er ' . ' ' ho me ' . ' ' Heck no. these slioes just need a polish- ing. " riieii Montauk Point is sighted followed -liortly hy Southwest Ledge. By this time the eal)ag are packed and ready to go. The liook is dro|)ped in the lower harhor and right then and there oii hrcallie a sigh of relief, mhi made it. That last furl A tcolcotne sight «i=IS - " On ill.- -.iMlliriii -hiMc ' ol .|.tM lit- ill. ' n-- -orl lowil ol (.;i|)t ' .M;l . Inline ol ill.- ( ...i-t ( ii:ii° l Itoot ramp. It a li.-n- w.- -it.-nl Iwo wci ' ks sccoihI cla- -ninin.-r li.iniini .i .i .il lli.il i ' lii-i ' « |iiari- known .1- .1 l.ii;:.-!. Il wa- .1 di- -lii M ' l -il looking: .Millil lli.il |i,iniil -(l onl to tin- lan i ' t ' a(-li niorniiii: aroiiinl ()( ll(l. I Ik- -Ii-i-|i war (|iiirkK kinx-kcd out ol oiir -l.-in wli.-n liiat M-l tricil to lni i- v.nn- llininli inio onr iM ' ami all( ' iii|it( ' l to rno .- v.ini ' -Innilil.-i ' lia. k a I ' l-w r.i-l. Ml. -I- .a.li loiin.l m- .inl.l li.- lli.i.- Il II on I iinizi-i ' - I ' ld ' -M-il. Ii.i|iin 1 01 an I Inn:: I ml lli.il w .i in;: r.-(l .ii c inilicatiii a -w .tlilm. oon- linii ' (-liow woiilil I nl .ml 111 lli.- tmni -.in.l- si ' li with |)li-nl ol milk in w.i li llnni .lowii. M.iviii- il s,i- ill.- la. I sf li.i.l woik.il ii|i .1 II.-- III. -ml. m- .i|i|ii ' l il. ' . Iml lli.il . ' li.i s la-l.-.l .l.ii ' ii rood ,111.1 -.1.1. mi W.I- .in -.-111 li.i. ' k. Ill, III, M- Ii,iIilIiI IiiI.,-. ,11111 (rOlIU fil ' t fill I Ifllll And ihi ' .) ImcLril In in luinil " As a class we earned quite a few expert rib- Ixnis. 1)111 it was also a gooil bet tliat we worried plenty of untlersea life witli near misses. This was due to the fact that for safety, the range is setup so the wild shots go into the Atlantic. In the course of the two weeks we had tried our hand at the M-1, the (iarbine, and the 45 and used up enough ammo for a small war. All the time wasn ' t spent firing for while one relay was on the line the other two would be working liie iditts. W cckcnds (ound us on our way into the town or up the coast to the wilds of Wildwood. The social life was more than adequate, and we were invited on more than one beach party or boat trip. bile we were there they held a reception for us to which the local belles were invited aiul this was the start of quite a few romances. So It was that when the two weeks were up. aiul we were on our way back to tlic Vcadcnn. it was with niori ' lliaii a feu rc " ;ri ' ls. } ) . :% w I Jn »i!i E. Ci«7 llic next luo wee ( ' (■Olid lilaricr. it ;i ii t St» ' |)|)iMf: down from tlic plaiK- - iiiini -(li- mi had at all. Ilif (|iiartfi -rf in tin- |{( t J. alcly noliccd tliat lliis was dittt ' renl. It vas wliicli vr alttinptcd to clian :) ' In rcMMnlile- a Iral linltcr. flatter and had more liiifrs than any place liouse. and nntliinj: was spared in showing n- we liad seen to date. I ndaiinted (or iinahle to how the " fly hoys " li ed. We tuffed ourselves fro liack) hv tliis first impression we hejian !(» witli hirjre tpiantilies of chow, tlie like ol which exphire the phice that was to he onr home lOr we iie er dreamed liie Coast (juard had. We (|ui(-kl came into -oMla(t witli fonr stripes and a hij: ci}:ar vsliu turned mil to lie liie hoss of the station and the pos es or of an iiiipre si e personalitN . W ■ were a! o informed that half of ii would projialiK end up a- de-k jock ' ) s. We put ill llifilit time in - i r l |ie id air- craft a ailahle. including a lew new oin-.- tlie had just receixed from tiie Smitlixiiiian Mu- MMini. W itii ela e in the niKniiiifi ami fhiiig in till- atteiiiudii- I Ik- da a alw a - lull. W e were f:i ' ii an iippurtiiiiilN to take pari in a iiMiek search ami rescue mi i iii. It ».i- mi llii mis- sion that we wrrc -Iiunsii Imw tin- -liiii and plane ' - are coordiiialed in u ' li a prnlilcm. Ilun.h .m, s h.r „l . h ' Ims looking for Doolry The amenities came in the form of an irre- sistible Soiitliern oliarni and hospitality. The ball was started rolling with a fish fry and dance that provided us with the formal introductions. From there the boys took over with a zest and a zeal. Weekend flio;hts to Bermuda and points north gave the hoys a chance for some nice liberty. Side trips to irginia Beach and Nags Head made for relaxation at its best. When the time was up we found that a little of the stiffness of two years of living by the Regs had relaxed. Also we had formed an apprecia- tion and admiration for the work the Air Arm of the Coast Guard is accomplishing. Touching Doirn 112 t ' ' !U V I ililinifK liliif- llir jiiti ' jiil nuiniiiil %0 V§M€jhlM€jht (DK „n,l M,-. II. .,,1. ilii It III II iiciiiii 114 Rino llciiic€ As scciind and lliitil (■la rii(ii we ' |icnfti( (l llii- |ilra iii ' - ul allriidiii;: llir aiililial Hiti;: Daiirc. It a at llii tiiiir lliat inaii) a rla iiialf scaled liis lal -. lur mi tlii- r ciitriil cNctiiiif; a.- llif iiaiiir d Mi(il . inaiiv iiiiiiiatiirfs were slipped (III llir riiif; rmj. ' fr ol llic laircr sex. Our ili( iiif was the ■Kinpeior ' s Waltz " , and we were treated to a laxisldy decorated ieiiiiese Kallrooiii coiii|d -te with coliiiiiiis and eiiaiide- liers. I ' dnrth (•las iiieii were recruited as waiters and niitlitted willi r -;:alia t |iical d (dd ieiiiia. Allhoii ;h allendaiiee was o[»tioiial. liiere were ery few who missed the occasion. It will re- main as a happy memory in the minds of all of us as one of the most memorable eyeuls in our life lure. Siccet and Loir Emperor ' s Waltz Jiiliii ifii s ln is i ( (il (( ' rcrciriiifi lim- Jiiiif W ' » ' k is a very special week to OM ' ryonr Tims it can lie seen that lo llic maii miii who at tlic Acadcmv. T » llit- first class it iiicaii lliat uorkctl Itcliiixl the ccnc in | rc|iaratii n lur llic ' railnalion i jii»| annind tin- cornrr: to the cc- l{inj: Dance lii iil(l u a fzri-at anionni nl rcdil. onil cla il means tiie itc innin ii llial la l It all started eaiix in tlie winter a tlie lia e lor year; to the tliini class, leave is jtist antntnl the llie l;irj:e rinj; wa- -lri|i|ie(i ol it- old coat. Tlien corner; and to the fourth class. Km no hnificr a a the month |iro}:re .-ed it lti ' ;:an to take on the s val». It is a ery lni y week which starts with a|i| earanee of ' , ' 1% rin;:. Thi had all lieen done the |{in Dance and einl with •rradnalion. Dnr- in one id llie -Imaiie i i- llien .dmnl .1 week i i that time it ii- a continual I ' oiind ol re iew . Iiejoie the da nee iImn inn eil nii-l.iii . Mien il Itaradc " . open hon e. pienio. and lo lop il dl. w m a I ' ace a;:ain-l I nne ,iiid I lie lini-hiiit: loin lic- work to he done in preparati ni foi- the crui e. wei-e put on ju l hour lieloie iIk- danee. lo With all this acti il there i little spare tiun-. llie e men o the gratitude ol the ela . IK. I)niii:lilv. rind I riiiiniiT nl itnrh (on%t ruction Cox, Elms, fiitd Ring Sillrr. ihii ' j nuin hchiml ihc .•icciir.s. (iinl i aiii: imllinii nil llif ftnal touches Kiiz (iiiil linys i ri)iiilr tiih-rliiinnitnl tliuiiii: till I IUl l lll Till hi Hi: in IT nlil lit It all lai ' li ' l itli a ali iiili ' wIikIi rii.iili ' il liii|)t ' rali ■ that a a iniirlli ( ' la ' -iiiaii r attnid all liii ' iiiai uilli |)i ' ii|i( ' i ' rciiM|)aiiii)ii.s|ii|). I ' l-oni tlicii on it ot to lit ' a lialiil and wt- tarli ' (l In lake tiicin in oiir lri lc. ' I ' lirrr ar - worx- a - of |l Ml(lin a Satiir(la ni;;iit a the frnicralK ;M-c( ' | lt ' (l |iliiloso|ili . riirii caMir lii t (•la Near anil it st ' eiiH ' d lo n tlial tin- liiiic |ia fd inucli ta t T and llicy were (jiiitc fnjo aldf alter all. Monj: with liciiif; |ilcasiirald( ' lli ' lifl| ' (l |» di li ii|i soni - cd our xicial i racfs. Tlic ol»s« ' r aiicc of the six incli rnlc. liil - Ix-in a little diflicult, still provided ns with lanj:lis when the papsheet was read the followiti ' ' MondaN. ( III list 119 Hra,l Tnhlr dA%% OAn€|IIC ' t l.iiiii ill style A -w V oi ' O cintl I Tl korc i.ilirrU I " iii l iiiiK ;i woi ' d l)iil A x ' paralr cxi Iriicf. ith a cliaiu ' c to (lt ' ial ' Ircmi a •! pattern nl lilV a.- just itnr tiiorc cadi ' t. il i somc- tliiii;: lo make llir riiu l nl. aihl 1 lii-lil ili-ar anil (■(» -lf(l a aiii t llic ri;j;( i ol .-cciind anil lliini roiuliKl. I ' uiiitli class year it was mostly jiisl a rliamr lo firt out lor a movie aiul tlic pleasure of eating a meal willi a full seat under you. I W liat eUe is tiu ' re on fourteen liueks a montli ). I ' heu third cla.ss year, illl llie adiled two hours Wednesday iii ;ht. meant that the more amhillous eouhl make the run up the iiill to the i ollif;e. Thus • found the hori .ous iu-oa(leuin : as we discovered more and more reasons for instituting every ni :hl lilio. Real cozy It ' s not acey deucy Thr rlub ( ' .honiiifi doivn Si-coml (la-- Near hiiiii ' lil oiii ' iiil imliiclidti In llu- (!liil and iiuvN M ' liail ,i |ilai ' i ' In t ' i ' all I ' rlav. ' I ' ll)- ra l) ' lii il-rli. uilli llir loiirial-. ria-- iliii- iK-r.-. iiiov ii ' anil ice liall. |ii ' iilni a pi, ire in . ' |) ' ii(l an )-MJ(i al)lr cNciiiiii . Irniii llir raiK ((ays il |iril to llic siiivfrinj: riii l(llf ni ii iiii- lit-r. llir (III I door - l |H ' liiiil lia|i|iiiii ' - in ail lii;z Irniii .lacoli- l (ick. In a lair |MTc -iila;:i-. Iiln-r-| nicati- a liiji ii| to inrt ' t iii - III tilt- fair la s .- nii lliiii i- Hill ami ' ()in|iclitinM with .liir (aillc r. I ' lit- ( ' niii|i -titio(i collldii I lie ton -Ifnii lliniifili Id-caii-f wt-rr always li -ariii : of tlic hnUiiiical Ix ' aiiU nl tin- Arhdrctiiin. 11 uc were to lully t |»laiii uliat liberty m« ' anl and luiw it was spent we cmiid end up with H different viewpoints. So lets just say wf enjovcd it. Exlriicitrririihir Si ' fintiiiishl i We did look dijji ' rciit thin Ims sn rsiE ' EHTS !J Jack R ' ( ci ' . MdiKigitifi Kdilnr Billy Hiihurdsnii. liusiiifs.s MamifiiT ■ iclo Rip« (HI mifriil In ' iiil«T« ' .«t« (l in jiisl who are ihe iikmhImt of iIk- li-r ' |tiilalile «t« ' w tliat is rc- •|n ii-ilil.- lur iMillini: uiil till- liook ' . ' . ' .■ ' ii lUof |)a f« we prcM-iit liir llii- c- of all. the iiieii in x ho ' han i tin- juli la . Wt ' vr lntn li lenin-: lo each others eonniieiit lor a ear o now (n can hear a few of them: From HilK it ' s hcen. " Damn, you ' re speiuiing; it faster than c can mak ' it. " W hih ' from Boh the financier it ' -. " So on want I honhJ si ;n the checks m cU " . Ilicn il you were near the tiarkroom it was. " Now Mae. all we have to do is to jiet a hot of them tan(ling on their head- " . Then in the e litorial (lept. Jack would ?a . " What - wron-: with the line. Ed. Shakespeare used it . ' " . . . and Parker, oh he ne er complained — just nuunhled. " Ho % are we {loinj: to {let this " S — ' , . !)ook out on time? " e wisii to e prcs oiir thank- to llic inaiis who ha e i en us a hand and to Dun htv. slio has kept our spirits up. It ' s lieen a lot of fun and hope vou enjoy the hook. An Kdniiuiils iiiul Jar M( l (in(iii::h I ' holo ' j.nqtluT ' i Ed Purki-r. Editor Boll C.haruiiid. Adicrlisin Manaiicr and our Gi ' iirral Handy Man. Joe Siianson ) Coinmitfoe ' I ' lacli ' ;ir r ■»• ;i select f:rt)ii|» (il imliv iiliials forciiif: lliemseKo to l;ik ' loii-i weekends lor the |)Ur| ()se ol eM!i riiteMiri z the iiiiknow iii :. Fliese are the men interested in informing llii ' Minn men ol ' liie nation d the rea on win llie liunld (lime lo llie eadem . Tlieir eloi|neiiee lia liorne Iniil. and In lliem we owe a alule. hen a wal) lir t set tool upon the-e hal- lowed •iroiiiids he reeei es a ropy of a little hook iiirii mif;lit well he entitled. " c.nr T nliire llxi.-tence mon : the " Satixe " . It nia In- a little huok. hut it cnntain a heck nt a lot ol hot dupe and primariK it let- him kimw lial he ma e |(ect. Then mi ilir nihil- liaml il tell- him jii t what is expected ol him. It i tiirou :h the efTort of the men on the la that it i kepi np to dale and i liic iiiinniiali c lupok thai il i-. ICni ((iliiliiiiii ( mil niillri- ( liiiii iiiiiil I liiy ' tf nil llirrc. you find llicin 77,. (trf no ((i( Irts in«fi ol Sko I ' roll) it ( ' ()n( ' t ' | li )ti ill tilt ' iiiiiul ot Jim I ' iiir- Iwu hour.- of fiitfrlai.iiiifiil in lln ' lorm of a iiier ami the firrit prtx-iitatioii three years ago. show prodiieetl and direeted hy cadets. The to the one this year, the show has come a long talent is from within the eorji with an able assist way. ith complete cooperation on the part of from our feminine friends up at the college. If the front office, welded with nneiuling hours of anyone had any talent this was the time it vas tireless effort on the part of the cadets, the show brought out. from a fine solo on th« ' trumpet or has been a top one each year. Vi e are brought back to the minstrel days of old when the curtain opens and we meet Mr. Interlocutor and his assorted group of luiruly endnien. barked by a cadet chorus. Then for just some plain knockdown dragoul slapstick. The music was pro ided by Mr. Jenk and the Academy Band to round out a tnIK enjo abie eyening. Real gone ji :mim il J. M. inil.inson. Issnrinir Kdilnr: . . •. ' . Cniilhr. liu-iiuss Mi:r.: I) . Mas.,,,. A.lirrlisinfi: A ' . II . .Iiiihl. i:,lilur.,„-(:i,,rf : . (,. Ciihl.rrh. rl Art (111(1 ( ' .(irtooii Dcpl. liiillili Jmhl. lulilur-in-Clii, j S»rf n St o i m As the cadet iiiaj;aziiie. S " n S lia,- |iro i(le(l f;et a cliaiice In lake n i-i- dii llie " I ' cniiiu- I-.«ue " . a healthy outh ' t fcir the frustrated writers in the itli this issue our e i() (hops (|uite a few points, corps, (ioiitainiufj all the current news of the Due to a self imposed censorshi|). the jokes may Academy, it is a well kept lahieau for lettin " : not he too ris pie as in xnne eollejie inaj: . hut the families ctf cadets know what is luntpeniiifi they do get a few laufjlis. ( ionsideriu " : the time inside the fence. It contains, as such, some they have to spare, the memhers of the staff pretty fair writing, ccnisiderinj: we ' re all a " iroup ha e done a lr -niendon joh. of engineers. Kaeh year the females in our life Business and ( ' .irciilnliun Ai L. fff ' i Public Info From a iiiiill iiroiip of (•a(l ' t at tlu ' Acadfiny comes the good word on llie l)e t of all possible existences. In tlieir own word . " we are pro- fessional piir eyors of niipMr-ied propajranila who seek out the smallest niches and crannies if the American continent giving voice on behalf of that rare creature — the cadet. " Their mani- fold activities have encompassed the submitting of hrochnres on sports, feature stories for Siin- lay np|)iement . and indi idnal releases to the home town pajiers. All of this gi es the public an idea of what the Academv is doinfr in its training of " the cream of American outli " . (Obviously, more of their own (juotations. j This work has prodn( ' -d results hut they have not slacke l off in tiie least and we may yet see a skywriter engaged in gixing out the word. Binn.l, (iiiil lldliti I i: I III- lrit iiii: (on . n The Propagandists lulitoiial Staff o lin! Gal. From its titanoniachy of beiii a one pajie mimeo to ils prt ' sciil day status as a fully ret ' og- iiized weekly tabloid. " The (rale " has come a long way. It was horn last year as a sports re- view and commentary in the form of a throw sheet. This year with a classy looking format, it now takes in activities of the service and Academy. Here the reader finds hits of info ranging from personnel transfers to the latest word on the persistent loran stations. On the home ( this is home?) side thev cover •1 lull the goings on about the Academy. So we salute an ambitious and worthy crew, which has turned out a college paper coniparable with the best. And their only reward was a plastic coated press card. Hudriilfif aiul Shi ' iifiiird. C.D-Fflitors jm Ed M ( rr. Hiiiifs Kiizlin sli . Jim I ininiicr Kiizlovsky. I ' liiirnirr, McCoc I liniM ' ii. I ' orslnml. Mi-ssiiirr. ! icls ' ii Commit t oe Hcliiml r.icli Icirrtiitl i- llii- r iii| nf aili-l-. I lic liiiM ' liccii r ' |»iiii-ililr fnr llir (Iccoratinii jikI llii- |)li(iiniri for facli affair. - - ali«. tlic I If- 1 cull I ail w illi llu ' iii ( ' iinr il li tin- aiiiiniiiiii-- iiinil- (nr wdik. fiirnialiiiii- mi M ' i ' ki ' iHl- ami (loiii (lie Itiill work iiiMiKi ' il. Prrliajt- llir lir-t rial a|)i»rr(iatii ii for llnir M rk coiiio with tin- lir l formal wlirii you tlicii .-ct fool in tin- •:ym and nalizi- il i now a rt ' |ilfn(lint liallrooni. It i a lon li jol) wlit ' n tln-ri ' i | lrnl of tiinr ami lirn ihi ' rr i- a iiall iiarm- f riila iiijilil it make. ' il r i-ri rou ln-r. »• iia r llir-r riK ' ii In thank lor makinj: ihv foriiiaU miuf rnjo ahlr. ( iiiii ili- iij iiilisly lit tiitil. Commit i€ o riir (:Iki|i ' I Cniiiiililhr-. Iiolli (.,illi ilir Mini I ' riilc ljiil ;ir ' ' ;iii iiii|ii i ' lMiil link lirlwt ' fii llic ( Ji;i|(liiin " - ollicf ami llir radd- lll( ' m ■l rs. I lii-ir lii ii;nl id iiii-iin;: iliilic- arc ilal In ratlcl lilr al llir ' ailrMi . in llnin fall- ' tin- juli nl |iro iiliii and niaiiilainini: llir ( ' li(iii ' . allai ' Imin . Ila lM-ari ' r . tl ll -l and n mi. I lit- iii liliilimi and iiiaiiitciiaiu ' c of tin- iiru r( ' li inii iilirai ' N i a diifcl rouil i)f llic cfforls of llicsc cominiltccs. All rclifiious actixilifs at ( ' ir art ' lln rt ' sponsi- ltilit id tlioc Iwu roii])- wnrkiiif: in rmijiiiir- tioii with the ( iliapiains. Our riiiii|iliiii) ' iit to voii for Miiir tiiK- work Kfiitlfiiuii. Siliiii ' lcr. iisiini. Mmiisiiii. (rntiiiiiT. »cii( c l)iiliii t! (K liow: Saiindfrs. I.nndiy. l) -liii„inn. Kiarney. Ilcslnnl. ( Uni hiin I) .. . . Mnlnnty. ] insxiiis. liii-iijiic. lAiiidy Vv.ow Ro : ( ' .iitiildiio. Chiimimsine. f viskilhl. Riinintil. Irnnhl. i ' .iinzonvri. Hennchprrx. JoriUin n n r « n r f f f f -t t t W rfV f 135 CKoir% cind Gloo Club ill tin- |(a t. llif Acatlrmy (ilcc ( ' liili under tlif fr alilf iir M ' tioii of (! ) J« ' nk lias coii- 1ril)iit -il iiuK-li In llif Academy by their arhieve- iiiiMits ill tlic [ilit ' r« ' of imisic. Time and a ain llii roiip has heen tlie hackhoiie of many a [ileasant musical e eniii . Their performances attt st to and justify the hard work put in to accomplish these ends. The (.hoirs hoth (latholic and Protestant are men who lia e de oted time and efftirt solely because of th eir lo e of music. 1 lii i tiie first year for the (Catholic (Ihoir and it iia produced remarkable results. Although the majorilN ot ii ((HiMirt « arr a tune if they piil il in a box. ur do crijov a good song. So thank tu mhi all fur Mnir ncaliziiij;. ■« M0. • • • Catholic Choir GIpc Club 137 Otl l tjiC lif M I!T1.I) ..M a hnl ,!., in .hlK of ' i)(l ullfll r cllTrlcd lliiini;:li lilt- -until ;:alf )l tin- Ara l« ' ni . lu liundi-i-d and t » ' iil -lr iii;i. uiili mj: t aiiticipatioii (d wliat la ahead. I ' uiir ' at iatrr we air af:aiii looking forward hut now tlic ranks of tlic (•las ha - dwindled down t(t iiinctN odd. As we look l)ack o%» ' r the inlcrini we find, that sv lia i ' hrcn |i(i tnri i ' d. indoc- Irinatcd. disriplined. oriented, and nietaninr|dio i .ed. Ml d which eaiue ahoiil liiriii j; the transition liuiii ivilian to (dlieers of the (ioast (inard. It iia not heen ea y nor lias it heen eoniplelely de oid ol lan :iis and ood tinie . We liave spent many hours of tud and work in pnr-nil of that defiree and eonnnission and now thai we lia e made it: we look to the Intnre hnl will alwa rernemher the time spent at the A -a(lem . Jl has heen . vl ' s j; I lortniie to lia e ( ! )MMAM)I:K liOl ISM a onr class advi.-or. Il - ha willin-ly -i en iiis time and more than once :one to hat for the cla a a whole or lor a m -ndier indi idualK . Mi- lir t advice to us. that when thev sav. " jump : the answer i-n I. " wh . hut rather " How high " : will alwa he remcmheri ' d h tlie class. So it is. that at lhi lime, wc w i-h to e pic - oin- a[ preeiatiou for all he lias (hmc. I Bl ■ij||iMf ' -V ' :l J H Kl : ' ' ' -. ' 1 A k H HM$ ' ' ' ' ' . ' I ■ B s Jpl E ' QB 1 i C 11 li ttbcri XrwM€ff Xa€Owa Back ill JuIn III . " )(( Uriirc linuiict-il tlinui li tin- Suutli (,;itf oiilv to liejrin liis gloridiis rart ' cr in the (ioast Guard as Bacon-thc-liiiikft-ordfrly. Since ihat time lit- lias Iried lii luck at dross Country. Wrestling. Pole ault- iii-r. Soitliall. PliotofirapliN. Ml. and (!oiui. (iollepe and has inxariably conic u( uitli success. Beinj: about as lica c around and earnest a« tliev conic. H.B. lias always liad time for a smile and a quick cliche or pun. Ill tin latter field lie prolialily lias the greatot kickliack a era};e in the class. Me i exacliiiL ' and uprifilit when doiufr a joli llilll eif and feels that aiivthing voii do liniil l he dniK- well. Bein ! a firm helicMT in the adage, " early to lied and early to ri e ' tc. . . . ' " Bruce at tinie lia lieen forced to fore-io the former hut is always awake to hear the first few notes of reveille. So off he goes to success. h (,l ON I l{S II If. . Cinx.l-Mll, Hi:;!. S,l,....l liiiiU. ( ViiN.v ( iiiinti Moiiimraiit ( luh MO 1, NEWTON, MASS. Nowldii Ilifrli S Iiuol lidxrhall. Ilinclirifi (,(ilf. MoiiD riitn C.liil), Miriftrel Shoiis. Choir, (ileo Club. HasLrlhall aberi Charles ctBMan This June CGA will firaduate a most oulstandiiif; cadet in the personajie of Bobhy Benson. Outstanding for his athlelie deeds on the haskethall court, for a lively and lovable |)ersonality. and last hut not least, for his six feet five inch stature. The only complaint we have heard uttered hy the boy was that he was disappointed on his first birthday when no one gave him a haskethall. Benny to the troops, hut Robert to the girls, it has been no small claim to fame that for some time he couldn ' t devote his time to just one date, hut had to sit in the College ' s living room fi»r hours just to keep the many hearts happy. This then is the typical Bobby Benson, a guy who has always been willing to put a conscientious effort into any task. The service is receiving a fine officer who is at all times a gentleman. ; nil (». (M.iroHMv li.irv I Mi. n lli;:li S liuol r i ll)(ill. Miiiiir nitn I. lull «t €fwr%j 9L tilair (iaiil ' iirtiia. llir A.vU- nt ' (hiMim Siiii-liiin ' . Iih-I ii- llli r ' ir I. I tin ' I ' ' . (ItM ' Ml ' l I;|||(I lor ;ili tllill ir jll-( ill roialiuii I .mil lir illlril ilii Ml fur ;i lulir r;ir l;l . ( tlir nl llli- liw nl ll- w lln live 1, 11 illiill ll ;l %it li llKlkr Ir.lM ' lli|i- lliinir ililliilllt. IrttN llirl H.lli ' - .iinl iln iilril |mMuI- in lra - in INcw l.iiiiiliiii .i ii I ' ii li;iil. In l.irl llnv Ii.im- ilciiilrii to iii;ik(- it |)crtM:iii -iil coiiir .liiin ' . illi v iliiiirril- In in- i ri-ilit llii ' l ' i ' lii- ri ' ;i|i|MMi ' ' - III III- ;i ii-i|iii ' .irliori on In- |i.iil. Iinl Ml In- own woid-. ■■| roMT ni liMik- urll ' . Ill- h.i- jil.iMil Inni mmi- oI Io|i IooiIi.iII lor lln- Ifrai- .mil n.i- ( .i|il.nn ol lln- ,| Ir.iin. Hiin:; .m .i iil iro-- iiril |iu . l - l;m till ' liook lia i ' lit-rn toiinl lo ilir li.ick rountl. Inil In- riaiin- ihr |iii , lr- kri-|i lii Miinil alfl ' t. I li.il nin-l in- win lir i- li ilil ii|i tln-lf Willi llii ' lii ' -l. ron-rii ' iil ion- lininl .mil -Ininn.ili ' i- oni in. in |rrr . hr lie A itjIwawB Charles l pth ' " ( iIhtc I was willi A vaciiMiii liilir iilliiii ' lcr in imc IkiiiiI and in llic iiIIkt a ( ri;i;ri ' ronnlrr ' and uiii ci sii Maironi i- cill .iiiaiii ixplain iii;i iIk- advciiliii ' i- cd lii- lal ' l |ir ' i lir arniiti;i llir (idir- ol ,i r.idio. W lial lad dt r ti I kniiw almiil llic |{(! ani|dilii ' r. -lirnir li iiiin. Iliir l.nu ' or iMinlin lia n ' l Ixtii li r irid • ' !. He Na- a ninlrnl lad till i, liri ' korn ' d and lie aid ;iiiiMlli r In hi- Nalinnal nai ' d I nil and ranir iirlli In llir -ra. In a lini-l nl |ial i inl i-ni. one Naliiina! Ilniid i lie iii ' fd a l( ' rounds on a cap pislol atnl ia llir rallii ' ol rondml li(rl III- learned tlie danger id ordnaiire. I In- la l one lo adniil il. Iiis Soiitliern ail ' lia marked liini a ipiile a ladie- man. and rare i liie SaliirdaN ni liI lie i no! een illi onie laii- lad . Willi a reads ;:iin and a In-I lor xsoik lie i a liaiiiK man lo lia e around wlieii Lioiiii: i roii rli. VICKSBI RC. MISSISSIPPI Carr Central liiflli Seliool Rifli; Surf ' ii Shirni. Rtiilin (lull t 143 W ' tVilliatn wcdcri€ JiatMth r Down Iriiiii llic " ( ajM- ill lln- -iiiimicr it . (• (Miiif " ' liimcli . 1 li;it -tarlcd it all ami In ' - been going ever since. After rarcfuli -lii(l iiiji tlic -itiia- tiiiii Ik- derided he would Itreeze throii li llie eadeni with niiniiniini elliirl. Hi- kiKiw ledj:e id ii-eles? fael id all t |ie- and an aftinit) for ar;:nnieiil- lia e Iteen the nueleii- of niaM iiull :-e ion . Me ha lieeii a jrood huddy and h ' pendaiile wiien it count-. His nio-t notahic athletic feat ua- to he keeper of tiie fir.-t cla-- | ool tahie. Ne er a l ha- pa-M ' d sithont Hilly heing at the table, pool i iie in hand and ei ar in niontii. A ide from hi (hities as chief librarian of we-tcrn iiomI-. illir has been ardently hating women, to an extent that he i- -n|)Jlo e(lly. committed to celibacy. iNe er at a loss in any -itnalion. ami always capable. Hill will alway be there at the ri ' lit time for an thing. Hl I H I |)(,l . M W .11 K l N.uli.n II. S,. »li.ii. M.I—. IM FAST ORAN(;i;. Xavi.T lli-l, : C It II pel Cum §itMt manJ Jt scph H mjJ 0 AiiotluT one of Jer ey.- (((iitrilmtioiis lo ' 54. Ray rame to us via M.l.T. Any argument is meat for him. and at the lrop of a hat he will give forth with why he should have bilged long ago and why he really isnt the greatest lover in the Coast Guard. He invariably came up with the answers to the most grotesque ])rol)l ' ms eoneeived bv our Math Depart- ment. Not confining himself to the barracks though, he was known as a formidable foe on the intercompanv l a k ■tbaII and football teams. Always claiming there hasn ' t been a habit created that could chain him. it was no wonder he picked up the name of " Kid Virtue " . Ray, over the four years, has made it possible for the Bell Telephone securities to move up at least two points. Never a man to shun hard work Ray is a boy who is bound to succeed at anything he attempts. (1 IMON. MASSACHISETTS Itn-tun l.-.linical Hi-ih S.liool .111(1 (ilintoii Hi li ScliodI Siiiliiif;. Moitiifinim (liih _ f Mlfw J 4ffBWMnt§ tiriJqMntBtt, Jr. Since lir-l iiKrliii;: .1 -aillMp;il. W allv li.i- ln -ii .|ailiii;i .1 Ilk k-lu-.iil iii(i -iii( ' iil. Tim- wlii ' ii lie canii ' In ((. il .i- niil natural ini liiui lo ici ' i(l - llial lidMir a a Itoin liornr liiinlil li - .laroli ' - Kixk. uilli iIk ' ailiii;i Icain. I lie -iiMnnii- iini-r- mi llic j- af;li- wiiiiil iiinufili Int liiiM. Ml 111- juiiicd llir Clew iil llii ' (Tc; ; r; ; Inr tlii- Hi ' iMiiiila Kai r -••(■oik! (■hi -uiinnir, I )i-rnniil in a nninlii-f il ■ " hear jiiliii umt llir ai - alK lia IkhI |ii ll lair -ncic-- illi llir fair -i ami al a - Ini 11- n|i willi a flood looking: ia on lii- arm on ilu- M-ikcml-. lli- lia- iiin lilt ' ;:aniitlrt ol arailiiiiii- in a iiiaMil maiimi. (|m li ' . " I m Inn la lo -lii«l . ami lif«i(li-- a rn iii;: u iniiN |ilriil nl -li(|i. Walk i- a ;: Mi Ton- |i(r-oii ami 1- al a - nadv lo liaii- In- kiiowlcdfir ol tin- mm ami il- loll- llir-c lia i- liim maiki-d loi «mii-- in In- rlm-cii rairrr. f Mike is iiiidniililrdK llir l)i ;i( l ili-.il |jiill(r in llii- cla--. ami luir i- nui ' illstaiUT sli ' ir llir -i r il llir riaiiilllii i |)rii|)i)|-( ioiiiil In llic ii ii tiiliir i)t i(lt ' a iii ' -iili ' . NMii ' liI iiavcli ' i ' liiliiii ' lie liad r t ' ii heard nl iIk- ( !ua-l (.Hard. Mike lia ruMrcd iiinir tiillr- diiiiiif: llir IwciiIn odd i-ar- li - lia Im ' i ' ii around tliaii llir l ' ( ' iiii. ' - l aula Kailrnad diM ' in a M ' ar. lie lia 1 M a iiiaiii la id IhiiIi llir Su iniiiiin : I i-aiii and I rark Irani willi lii« |»riiil and was made (iajitain of llie Mermen first elass y ' ar. During: lOolliall (s ii lie was always alile to deal himself into a weekend via the ticket and usiier outfit. ( )fl the " eampiir- " linlijelK lia- had a iiiini- lier of varied interests and the one in |iarli -nlar seem- in he Marion. A {ireat friiy. a eredil to lho e who call him a irieiid. and a -well |ter-on lo ha e around. Mike i- one ' H i- vsoiild he w ill in;; to he w ilh aii w lit rr. J- . EAST ORANGE, N. J. Byrd High School, NYMA I iiiversily of Texas Truck: Captain, Siiimniiiifi: Monitfiraiu Cliili 147 i r §ii€harJ ' UMithinqs tirawMcr ( iit lit tilt ' ( ' lii-ct -t)-|i- I iili ' li. silli -jIii ' I ' ill Ii.iikI ;iii(I a ilint in Iii t ' c. . -li iiti)i : " ToucIk ' " ! For wlicii Ifiiciiij: canii- to the Acadfiin lit- clinilM-d down off lii radiator and lia liccii tin- drixiiif: fa tor in wlii|i|)in llic team into -liapf lor inlricolli ' Liiati ' roiii|M ' litinii. Iruiii ih.- Iiiiitcrlainl- of New nrk. Iiilili lia- liroiifilit torlli lii- trcnii-ndon- -iii-r ui lininor and i iioti-il tor lii r) ' |iiitatioii ot roii i iaiits at i ' oin|ian |iartii- and pi(iii( . Mtliou-:!! a lalln(■ll nicndifr (d tin- ciuii. tln ' rail of tlic llook lias at tinifs proven tronjr ' r than tliat of Uacclm-. and lie has lit-t-n known to liakt ' tlic licdrock wliicli lii- Ixiiratli tin- oil of tin- Acadi ' in with liifi sidf idittinf: iaufilitt ' r. Dick i i- -v di-|da iiii: tln ' ino-l aniialdi ' of personal it i ' to a lit-w of fri -nd fiatiifn-d trum rn-ar and fair. .- .r% ... ,|(»ll s|( N. M W (•UK lolin l.a.ii lli-li S,lio..| (ei (:iii(: (;(). Illinois C.almii.l lli-li SiImioI Baseball. Surf ' n Slurin. h.tlilor - Howliii-: (;:il«-. Cadrl I ' lihlirity ( ' .oniniillrc. Mono iruni Cliih. Min- strel Shou liaski ' tbalt kt. 1. , ' %.1 f§-: QcralJ JahwB ' KtMJriJqc Bud blew ill from the Windy (!ity in " 50 and has been stirriii : thin :s up ever since. Prior to C(tA he served part of a hitch in the Navy and the E. T. experience gained proved most valuable in creating camouflaged radios for personal use. Master of facial expressions, his pantomime in the musical shows and pep rallies will long be remembered. Being a whiz at the academics he slowed his books in the laundry bag to keep the dust off. and proceeded to be the first out of e ery exam. As Man- aging Editor of Hoiilin Gale he showed his flair for editorials and watched it grow from a two page throw sheet to a full fledged newspaper. As the distaff side of his life goes it has been Polly as far back as we can remember. We know not where he goes from the Academy but hang on to vour hats cause life will not be dull. I. Kl N I . M SS. Cfiilral Cull. ill. Ili:;li S. Ium.I I ritik ( ' .i -( ' .iii tiiin. Jl r i- t 1 1 n f: . I ' lihlir liiji rnnitii)it l ' .i inmitti-i ( ' . It II i r tii n II Ciiilrl Pniruri ' nifnt (, ii III III i 1 1 !• !■ . Mitniifirnm ( ' . I ii I) . ( liiiirniiiii (iilhiilii ( ' luifiil (niii- niittrr f 1 k QiB tawnn JtBtwu fs CtataltMwntB Smiiinrr ut .)(l. .mil m liliw ilir ' " ;ii " mii -imhi m- m-ii ' .iw.iii- ul llic ;liiri ' il M;i.- . He limk ;iii ' ;iil iiilrrc-l in i , ;iri(l (Imiiiu lii« mmi- licrr Iki |irMl iiMirli liiiic In lli - liiir art ul I ' litiiiii llic Mintli ul iIh ' (•IMIIlll to riiiliiw till ' lure (il lllr IM .ll ((iV, Ni-MI ' lllc III. Ill In il.llMI llic Acadriiiir xlinliih ' a I -a x In- li,i iicv ii iIk-Ic " - Miaiia;:( ' il tu kiT|i allrail III llif pare. Il n i ' ri ' llii- |i.i(c In- -el- nil lllc cimlrr Irark lia- Imtii it |M(l((l l. .ill. Mill l Mi vr.ii- nl nmi-iMii- miIi M.iIU " - Maillri-. I oiii lie. id. (I III iililc- In -l.ilii- nl Ir.iiniii:; i ...n li |l.-|iilr llilfr yai- III kii|iiii;i .iw.iv Irnlii vmhiiiii. iIii- iiii iI .il iIi Ii.i | | hix i I I n i- li ' ii(-k iiM-r a |)i . .a ami Wliam! llnii ' k.i- M.iii.i. willi llir il.iik .iml (lasliirif: f ( -. Ilnu hnks ran a ;;ii In-. ' Mln lii- .nlm rm. nl- .il (. llli ' rilllllr r.lll llnlil linlllill- lull -mr -- Inl lllc " I illlf Ur.lMT. " oh fl C. ChanauMj Hull. iIk ' I ' liinlorlMlilr nlir. Irll llir lulililir- iil .|rl ' -.i ' ( i| |u -rrk lli rnint ' and lorluiic at ( ( . lie lia -taM ' l li ilii ii|i oii Iciji ,i- l.if ii aca l ' iMi s ;(i li |iiilliri;. ' in a lilllr ((iiicciilrati-d cHotl -tii(Kiiif; wIk ' Ii he ' s not (Icsifiiiiiif: a new limi-c. plas iiif; llic lock iiiarkrt. Iiyiiif: to | at ' Mt a sclf-cooliiij; Immt can. or fiijiafrfd in a liol (zamr of dies-. « a sailor it is said that wlicii the coacli ask -d if aiiyoiu- had « ' |M ' ri«ii( c in |{a i ' ns. Hid) iiniii)- liatrl st -|i|H-d lorlli and lirianir a tii|) ki|i|iri ' on the train. It a later disclosi-d thai he had a k« ' d llir i nr l In liiin what a liavni was. ilarly first (•las i ' ar he hc an to do a lilllr (l in;: uhicli h ' d the (iAA to do cxcr) thiiif: hut close the airport, lie ;:a c u|i flying to spend his time with a certain hrnnelte and no there arc plans loi-,|iine. f:reat f:n to have aionnd when -onic help is tM-ed« 151 -n. ' ChtBrld £c9vis Clarti. For four ' ;ir.« wv lia c liccii tolil »l llic lifaiilii- and ln(ll■r of tin- sovereign l riili)r of (iuliforiiia. Tlie rause of all llli has ln-fii our lad (ihaiiiict). (Charlie .-pent so niiicli time a a Hiflr 1 i-atn mana;i»r that he finally derided to (jiiit fi :htin : the team and jciiti th ni. It turn.-d out that he ha l a dead-ey» ' and lie paid off a an a « " t to the team uith many points. A frrowin}; hoy needs e erei e. and he spend the more halniy days eoinin up with some ru :};ed f:ani - iif liiiiii-. Nni c i.ntiii (l to any one talent, (Jiarlie has proven hi- aliilitN to roMiptif with lli - ln-i in U( ' h a(-ti ities as pool, ping pon;:. nioiit-v-niakiii;. ' . and Hiiii: l)ani ' i ' deeorations. Despite any remarks to the eontiarv. lie eoritends that he was once underweight. Once out of the AeaileniN it Nill he very ea for him to he satisfied with life a- lone a- hi -lation i- nii tin- --t (!oa-t. f k M(»l MMN II W. ( I!K Miiuiil.iiii i I iiiim II. S. litili-. U..;i..c " i " i ( ' " I : ' II 1S2 WF Tl (;. Indiana C-oi-r K..f;r. Chirk IIi-1. S.1.....1 Sailiiiii. TrficL-. Man £arl Wilbart Clark, Jr. Earl migrated to CGA. from the wide open . paoes of the midwest, willi a deep l() e and desire for freedom. This prohahly accounts for his being among the first to (h ' part and the last to return each liberty day for the past four years. Never one to waste a word. Earl saves his elo- quence for an occasional session when he deviates from his usual quiet self to become one of the more garrulous mend)ers of " 34. He has been a mean man with a slipstick for the express pur|) ose of being able to spend more time with a certain lass from ( )uaker Hill named Marge. It is doubted whether there will be one more willing than Earl led to the Chapel come June. To keep in shape he has divided his time between Jacob ' s rock and the cinder path and turned in top performances. Ready to meet any situation Earl will ha e no difficulty keeping up with the pace. GKKKNPOHT. I . I . N. V Fixilhall. Min ,trrl Sl„ i,s. i.lv (I I, I, i n j» Siatjn§€0nJ Jf hn Ct pita ( ri ' lii ' i lil iiiiii ' tiiti till- lia .) ' arr(i tin- xtiiiiil cIimiciI .iikI " .Ioc ( .ii|m ' IVIt thf lM-rkoiiiii : ul ilir l ll;ill (if (!( A. So. Ii()|)|iiii;: ilii- ii l fcrrx. Ik- iiM- l atlirii In llir ' ( ' |iiti;: M)iiii la(lii- ul ( irt- -ii|M rl. " I( a iit a ImiI lri|i lliuii;:li. jiirki ' il ii|i a Irw iicw ailtlrt- ' -i " - . l a - aioiiiul In liriil a Mirlliiw iiii ' (- III aii l il ul liariiiiiiiN . In- lia- Icl ( in lix rxi t jii t III III ' riirr III liiiii. Ilail ill}: up hi- in ' liiiil ami -liuiilili ' i imiI-. I a ilrrnlril III li ' iiil III- lalriil- III l)ii z Mi. Ill iIk ' iiil -i ' riini|ian Ira iii- ami lia- Ixiii I lull- i rr -iiiri ' . In-iirx rr Miic . -i r ( !ii|iiii fur " ( liil a nvw juki- in I ill Mill III lali- (il llic lah-l |M ' i I iiiiii ' il icilii. anil niii liuiiMi- air -iirr In III ' liail l-liril. ( lli ' nl llln-i ' lillililli ' - nii a I a - ktlnw aii ' arniiiiil. I a I- iii(li-|iiii-alili ' al aii jzal Ini iiij;. iiiimiI m nl Ini v i-r. Sn. a- ( !n|ir Iravi ' - llir iail ' iii . il will III ' willi till ' lilai k Imnk in iiainl Innkitiu Im aililrr-x--. l ' illf IMIIIC In II- IliPlii llir Willi- .111(1 - s;il1l|i- ol Siilllli .|(r-i In -cr wIkiI llir lailil Imim ' - m lr rl Inuknl like. Hiiii;: a mI l--|ii I il iil l.iil lie li;i willin lv ;icri(icf(l m;iii liniiiv ami Saliirdav cia- cr- to ft nii loiij; ar liioii joiiriiics in rarcli nl new lalcni lur { ' .{ ' , a a |(ok -«tnaii for tlic IVociircincnt ( iimimiltcc. Hi tll ' oil- in Siiil " ii Sloini liavi- licl|i((l make llic iiia :a .iM - a real a ' l to llic (!or|) . far a -ocial aii i ilir- ;:o. liliiTl) IumI,- liiiii down siili liciis. I lie luo arc iiiM ' |iarai)l - ami lia c mail) ' |)lan to rnnain lliat i lor a lon linn ' . iili a wav of pi-akinp: in wliicli t-acli word i ( ' oin|il( ' li ' i liionf:iil mil lirro! ' - it i spokt-n In- lia the aliiliU to rrniain calni. rool and cidirrtcd in aii -itiiation. lli- lia tlic palii ' inc rc(|nir(d ol a ' ood leader and ail tlie at trilnile- aii mie eonid want in a -liiinnale and Iriend. t3 - " ALMONESSON. N. J. Woo.ll.niN llif;li School Business Maiiiififr. Surf ' n Slorm; Cudvt PrDciirenirnt Conunittct ' f 155 V, emc £j9warJ d o ll(l»lif raiiu- iliarjiiii iiilo (A, irdiii tin- iiiifilit iiulropulif ot akiiiiu. Yakima (bounty is fir t in the natiun in the prudiK-tiun of pears, hops, ami Coxes. A true •ceiillcmaii of the old -rhuol — Hiltler Prep in ash- iii :ton. he is seltiom found witimut an ea :fr firin and a jiood word for llie dislieartened. A man sitli a - -liin In avoid tree- — He uorrie- tliem away and is seldom seen in alti-ndancc after l. ' iOO on Saturdays. His prowess as a ladies man tarnrd liini llic name " (.luteir " as he holds the class record for heinjr enirafred ami di crlf:af:e(l. Howe er it looks as tliou :h Shirley has •rround the frears con-ideralily. On the sports side he has ser ed very aptly a Ha chal! Manajier. He has lent his sense of humor wherever {jood fellow met and a ah a tln-re when omethin : needed doing. He " s a fiuy we are pnmd Ik kimw and i all a friend. HI- ' (on KiM . W IIIN(. ION .ikllM.I . Mi..T lll-ll .ll....l ItiiMlnill W r.. Ihiiiir limimitlvi: Miiniiuniin I ' .luli PIIOKiMX, NEW YORK I ' l.ornix llii;Il S.l 1 Sailiiii:. It rcslliiii:. Hiiiclina (, ilt ' . til lulitor. Surf n Storm . ; m ttartnan Qrahawn CtMhharly " I Friends, instructors, classmates and anyone else. lend me your ear. and JNOrni is off on anfither e i»erience he has to relate. His lotjiiaeiousness has heen known to wear out quite a collection of tin ears o er the past four years. His spare time is taken up. during the w inter months, wrest- ling down at the gym with the rest of the maulers. Each spring is Avhen he really begins to shine, for with the first thaw he is down at the Rock with the Sailing Team. There he stays, except for lime out for cruises and time spent on the Teregram and Arion for races, till the ice begins to form in the fall. His artistic talent has graced the covers and pages of the Academy ' s various publications and his triumph was the eagle caricatures painted on one of our cruises. The recipient of a good deal of kidding. Norm has alwavs been able to bounce back with a grin. DALi:. CALIFORNIA I}:.. MilU Hi.:)! S. Iiool nimiiifi. (.(Ill ft I ' mrtin-nn-nl niillri-. M iu )f!rant C.lnli. Min- Shoiis. Chnir. CI,;- Uitl, r%f ' ( - " I IkkI llii ' . ' 5 1 li.nl. uilli a lull iiciii-i-. -u I |h,|i|i,cI llic -lai-. annl ruliIxT liii- tilt- lii l , ' )() Iri ' i .mil had Inr iloiii : lill |m-i ' in ci lit " croiid- Hal. " ' riii . ui- li lcii( ' l Id lioiii llir it ii-lial ' i| lii;:iti ( ' rnuii linlian- a|) li . all III uali rar ' . I lirii .lim i iiurK ilnl luiii-ill In llii- iliiiM;:lit r lil ' i ' al -ra ImiI lill woii ' l Ix- -ali-lKil nil wr li.ivc lilllr iiioi.- -jicol. ( -Irndalr ' - liiii-l I ran -I .iird In- laNniil.- -.limd Icac li.i l D.inliuiN lii -I ' la. .- -ai ' and lia ' -iiirt- -iinil -(-k -nd ((inlnidiri willi llir jiiM-iiilr dcliM(pn ' nl who lr lu ;:il dali- willi .luanin- diiiiii;; ihr wirk. lie i- an ad ii ' atr id iiicr ' and -Irak mi I i iil.i nili- iml a- nnaldr In iiin inrr till ' n il--- iillirci ' . Ill ' h.i- liiinrd in lii|i |iii I niin.iiiii ' lui ihr inmiinf; Irani liir lunr scar- willi -|irrd akin llial nl a |iiii|iiii-i ' . t:ii ' at |iai ' t III. III. lilr will iirvi ' i III ' dull w i I h .Inn .iiuiind. Vs. If i .. § hilip y tstfph DfBnahMj (►r;iiij;r li« iiicnl inmil lli.il ili-jiii-l in;; nihir. ' ri(l lliu-r aer li;:liliiif; Mir(l to llu- far of iIk- la - ' - Inn- -cm ul I irr. W illi llir -l.iilin ;:iiii racli |»riiif; and fall IMiil lia- liini iiiiiiiiiij: lii- liiart uiil lut llir Irar! ami (r( -( iuiili It-am-. |iiilliiii; iiu -mall niimlni ol win- iimh r hi- lull ill tin- iniicc--. llir iiii;;lil mill ' -land- -icuiid miU lo Hi;: l ili in llic nnmliir 111 lilirr i-aiin-d in ai-iu llilil ii-. Suiiiivslirir alim llir a IMiil ilnidi-d thai lit- ilidn ' l w.ini In mi-- aii lliiii so lie d - -lo|i -d tli - lia ltil id -lt-r|Mii;: wilii Ids t-M-- i)|itii. mi lliiiik. this docsirt makt- for dis«-oiiriTlfd itniniinal« ' s y l niiK in- lia- Im-i-ii lln- lailtT -t and In- lias siiouii ii| on t- Tv wt ' cki-mis willi a init-rii. lit-it- t-r In- ;:iif- and liali- t-r lit- tlot-s. IMiil will In- a -iitit---. Willi hi- nalnial ahililir- and •:i-t-al t-iit-r " In- canl miss;. ji „ ' i ■ m-- rz. .!. r r y. STONK RID(;E, new YORK Kin ' ston Hi li Si-liool Traill. It rrslliiia. (.ntss-Coiinlry. (.ii-(.iil l.. Monogram C.luh 159 MrntilJ ntchtn Dani ls n Fiftiirr ;i iiii tiiri ' ul lilnmlc NnrxM-fiiaii and -uihin Haltiiiion ' . -[lircd with the fsseiice of Brooklyn aiul you haxi ' our iiiiniituhle Danny. Happy --lo- lufk and Nilh a scii f of hinnor all hi- own. he ' - hct-n wow in-; the fair sex ul c l.iiinlnti liir lour mmp-. I In- niil liiiic lif - hci-ri known to be angry was when Paul M-nl his hln«- tion- r- hack and ai(l he couldn ' t peg them. Athletic as they come. Dan i- fahnhnis for his razzh ' daz .le -l lr on till ' intercompany conil- and i- cn lia- c ce energy to hum on lihcrlN liour? doing a l»e hop cr-ion ol tin ' camel walk to the Innc of " Crazy, Man, Crazy I " RealK one cd the ;:n - who will l ' Ivc un the -liirt off hi.s hack (and charge it to Urnckrn-r) Danny is the hoy yon alwav want aroinid for laughs ami good times. itii a liking for the military and a conscicnlious attitude. he " ure to he a succes-i. «j hKOOKI . M W MH{K [{■.... kiMI I. .lull. J lll-l. ,l.,,„l M,n l,.l .S ,,., . lia.L.d.all ( 160 JUNEAU, ALASKA rii;n |- ca(l)-ili . Briiilll ice. Miiss. Sail in fi G ar iVillitBrn Diek. Jr. lu ' iHner Hill i,- proiu ' to f:i e lortli willi ;i (li (ii si )t lii i[ iilijt ' (ls you can be sure the tale will he of Marion, the Keel Sox. Marion. lOtre Dame, or juj;t Marion. illie has been in a j;ootl many states but is firmly convinced that Massachusetts produces the best looking girls. Wee ( illie makes up for his size on tht intercompany baskelljall court with a dead eye and a lot of dri e. itli ability on the pool table that makes lis wonder if he didn ' t studv under Ho|»| e he calls his shots and makes them. Ha ing a natural knack for taking it easy lie has gotten through many a tricky course without moving a sliderule and having someone wake him up to take the quizzes. Don ' t try to argue with him about the evils of the system, for after spending much time telling you what is wrong with it. he will |)roudlv announce that he ' s a thirty year man. |{H(KtKI N. M W YOKK |{n.nkl n rnp h oiilliiill MdiitifiiT. Biisfhnll. Stiini- iniiif:. Monogram Club w •ir . Denis f)Jl ' vard DfBUBqherttj Nut one III u;i lc fii T;: nil allili ' lii ' riii-aiU ciil m r-. |)iiii li.i« i ' iiiliii(-il - |)li) i ' al -ii l M (irs It) kii ' kiii;: n cr wain- luickil- .mil ini-iil.uiiiu l()()ll)all a tiMiM MKiiia rr. ( ' -:i iiiii.ill lir ini lil In- crii |ii ' iiil iii tiniii till- JNorlli (,al - III till- O.I). ' - iif]ii r mi lilm iii lit-. Diir In a .luiir- lii.irli. (! iii(- Ulaiiil liai-k roiiiiil. |ii ' cil wilii a l.oii l laii(i |iliilii« i|ili . Mm- lia Ihtii iiii| i-|- i iii III till ' Udiiilii- 111 (,(; ami ( loiiiu ' cliriil miiiiiu. |{t ' -aii. ' c III lii I a !••; • n ill ret inn of lMi ik on ai ' iiiii and unilr lo|ii . I )rni i kiiiiwii III ■■ |iiiiiiiil on niaiiv a -ili- l |iliilii«ii|ilili ' «. wliirli in ai ' lal)l |inl lii- |iiiiiil arni ' - ' - ami Iravr tin- li-lriiri ila nl. Ili 1 1 riiiiiiil ili-il.iiii liil lliiwii- nil ciiir iiili-iiiil- iiilrlli-rl- ran iir rr liiilr lui Inn;; tin- rlni iiliir Miiilr thai i- al a - naiK In Inii-I Imlli. II.- will Inn;: In- i iiiiniliii ril a- a rrailv li-lrnrr In niir lair- nl wm- ami a- a liiiinl In all. II licii Jim piickcd hi- dml- ;(l (,ciir f ii-liiii lnn I . .mil lul iiird forth to (:(; . W ;i liiii :loii. I). ( .. lo-l .1 hi ;il |..iliinl. I hr hi-l to ihiis tlial Ik- OIK ' - hrokr a dalr in urdi ' i ' lo IK a inndtl |ihiiii ' . hi- •- tin- h ' ss iiiirirr ' (l a «lai l (.aplaiti d our air arm with a .jiirirhu in roiilrollid f]i;;lit. A -a(lcinir ha - Im-cii a ( ' om| araldt- hrcc c and nian a ( ' la rnati- caii attrihutc hi knou ltMl j; - of ( ' al( ' ulii to lh ' hcl|diil liiloriii : d Jim. Kn() vii a, i " ■A ailaltl» ' Jono " of ' . " I. if .lamt-- ilidii ' t ha r it for -ale thru il wasn ' t a ailahl ' — not ' ' n at (iimlM-U. idc from hi- four- tar- in thf liil : - of ( Mia-r Hall, hrin in;: lor lo ijic rillr iiMin s illi hi- ( ' ini i-li ' ni hif li .sfort ' s. ' " Di-adfN f -howed n- ln) il wa- dont- on thf ra|M- Ma range.s by li« ' iii}r th I ihrrc a " JAiM ' tt " . man of man lalrnt-. Jim will lit- a s ' l ' omi ' addition to an hi|) - ( ' om|)an . CORAL HILLS. MARYLAND Anacostia Hin;li School. George ashiiifiton I niverjiity liijU ' . Monofirani Club W •-0 163 , , Unqcr £astntata »» • lllcinlifr (it till- 1)1(1 -rllc.ul llial ilm-ll ' t |i.li.- f ;ill lllill lllllil lllf mt it. K » «) lia- Liii(|(Hilil ll il ■ lii- -lian- cif -ci-iii . l. -t nou inifilit lie (•(Hifuscd li llir cuiiioii- note- lit- keep-. lln- aif tlir plan- I ' lr a liiitaiii- (- iii iiiiiiii . Ii-ar- (iiiip liliiT ia- cri-atiuri wliicli xnIII ii a-lniiiiil liii- aiitn worl l will) il iiurfUM ' . derrea-e uiid rfinaiii llic ai)ii ' . pntpcrtii-. li walk wlifii you can push tliis; For tliosc wlio don ' t know tin- iiiiii-r workinjrs and liiddni iiiicliaiii-m- i l Koiiu. in- i- iiidii-d a iii -li-rinii- -nrl of guy. al Na f:ood tor a iirii pii- a nt -a in;: or dcmii; iliin-:-. A .-mirid reformist in tin ' field oj tohacco or liacrlin- in- can iii-ail always be fi urnl in tlif jrvni in some sort it( }:rueiin{: e erei-e. itli hi- lronf: principles that there are some finer thin ;s in jif -. Kojio j:oe forward into the er ice to pro e them. m () I ' ll W I i ! I!.l.i;i " . ( n ( (ID. M ss. f ' ..n.-.- .I.l..-..n llij;!. S li..,.l. ( ..i. Cal.lo. Fli.. t{.M.-rx. ' ll lli ll S.ll.M.I. foil ;:rl.-. Wad.. Sdiliiifi. Iiiiil . .Sii ;;i;»ii;ii 164 |{(K IIISI I |{. M.W OKK .luliii M.ir.linll lli-li SrlH.ul Miriicll I iii ir -ll (h7 m:;. I ' Ii III II ill II jih V jnr liil Hifiy . Siirl n Inriii. Umi lint: ( -ni rih tg r Vwcnruj Take a cupful ot darkrooui uialcrial;-. mix with some sailiii : at Jacob ' s rock, add a spoouful of williu ' iuess to do any jol) fii en him and a pinch of unequaled good nature, simmer within the halls of (XrA and you ' ll turn out an exact likeness of Art. (ioiniiif: from the home of Kastman Kodak in Rochester, he must lune heen horn with a camera in hand for to Art must fjo the credit for the majority of the pictures in this hook. It was early in the fall of 32 when a fair maiden from our female exten- sion across the street claimed Art. hut it didnl slow down a good camera man nor for that matter a terrific right arm on the tennis courts. ith his many varied activities Art has been forced to keep on the run to stay ahead of the studies. If you ' re looking for a helping hand and a true friend just listen for the click of the shutters. WESTBl RY. I.. I.. N. Y. Greer School. Hope- Farm-. N. Y. Cooper I nioii. New York C.ndfl I ' rotiiri ' nK ' iil Committee HiehafJ ViBtMt htMn £ltns. Jr. In l . ' i ' l{irk ar( ' iilM|ili lli ' l llir llicii |i |imI,ii Ir.il il lo-illt: llilll-rit ill tin- rntud ;il the iirldV I ' air. lliii lii- .iliililv Id iiii in .1 iiuwd w.i- r l;il(li lir l. One iil niir (|iiicl T rLl.- llKilr- lie li.i- .iU .l - iriii,i iinil near llii- l |i III llir (hi--, r ir mil- III wiiriN .ilmiil llir -liiilii-. r.irll iMF IuiiihI liiiii calrliiii up mi lii pliiLitclic iiitrri- ' -l- liil - llir iiiajiiril of ii hi -il a Mi iliiriii;: - aiM wcrk. li-aiK inlci-coiiipam atliii ' d-. Kick liiiiiiil lii- iiinliiiiii III allilrtir riiiltMMir on llli ' lia-ki ' lliall ciiiiil. Ili ' li.i- willi a M ' .ir - I ' lliii ' l tiia-lrn ' d tlir liariiiiiiiira and n-rciil irpnrt- lia ' liini uorkiiii: mi a liiiic. I lie aliilil In pl.i llir -Inui -iliiii l pi ' li.i- -Imwii il clffcl. it liranU i- tin- nn-a-iilr ul -mii---. W illi lii- Linml n.iliiir. line M-li-r III liiiillur and .iliiliu In inakr tiiiiid-. I irk sill In- .1 XM ' iriiiiii ' addiliiiii In aii -lalimi a- .1 liiiiid .mil -liipni.ilr. A llrar lli;it rhitirii ' l i iiij: Iculli villi tlio-c iliilcci lutn- . ll . .111 ntiK li. .liiiilxi ix-atiii out a new tiiiic mi lii- liinricc -lick. -k ;iii nin- hi |iiik the l(i or of ' 7 and il is IioiiihI to li - .|imiii . Namr tin- |)iirl ami il uiii l)oy lia.-nt Iffi a l»rokfii licart llirr« ' , its only ln-cansc lie ila n " l iMtr tluTc cl. Srnnolii i llic word. Ia l — snioolli. Dnrinir tin winlcr allrr iioon lie nia Ik- IoiiihI |ila iii;: liujiniaM down in N -wIom ai|iiarinii with the accfiit on tlic hackslrokc. Pcrliaps his most notcwortliv alliiliiiti is an -lo(|U(Mit oi -f wliicli lias lu) (-(|ual I at least notiiiii : likt- il lia- i ' ri l)c -n licardl. Vcadt-inicalK it lias liccii a fi lit. and a littlt- run-in will iNavif;ation second class N -ar earned him the title of Prince Heiir . " S gatlieriiig, party or otherwise. e »nld he called com|)lele without llic Ian;. ' ! and happyiroducky nature (d l.o er jini. NEWBURG. NEW YORK Ne vl)ur ' ; Free Acadeinv Sailinii, Sirininiirif:. Monofirani Club, Minstrrl Shous. Choir. Clt ' i ' " ' Club. Cub ' t Dmir,- Hnml 167 CA 4 mas §ii BMTOtB M nnff II W hill- iiiu-t ..r 11- u.-rr -till lutiii;: liif:ii mIk.iiI li.mk-. Tom had ainad) left tlic licaiitio of .Mi( ' hi :aii Ix-liiiid. joim-d tlic ( .. (i. and uas tt ' U) ' liiii : an cliTtrotiic coiir-c at (iroloii. ( ' .( ' , lirckoiii-d Iroiii arro«s tlic ri er and loin (uiddri ' l n-i-l llic call. ()ri|:inall a mh ' IiiIht of tin- ria-- of " . ' ).? roll! rail into a liltli ' diliiriiltv in ( ' alculii- third cla-- Mr and thii- joini-d oiir rank-. Mthoiijih -oim-what ol a cNiiic al tiim--. uith a dfci-i - [i. iii- (|iiit ' l Mianncr and |)frM ' tTciir ' ha f »n main iriciid in the (■la . and he a- alwaN a ailahh ' to a classmate who needed a lioo«t in academio. Tom iliridid -lioiiN alter niidtirni e am-. lir.-t cla- yar. that he would .-ooiier lie a teacher -o i- now -liiiUin in .Miehi :aii for tin- joh. When this book f:oe- to pro- it will he Mr. and Mrs. Tom Feniiell anil wc wi-h the hi ' -t of e er thiii;: to Marx I. on and Tom. ■V. r { ( ll . MK II ' Cllv lll ll Nl.nul f-. I ' rofiirftHrnl (.itiniiiil- sin-l ShoHs 168 I ' oi.wi). OHIO I ' ul.lMil Sclllill.ll lll ll l IllHll I riiili. DiiiKi- ( .itmiiiillri ' (liiiii- iiKiii. ' liiil rlii. ' is I rriisiiriT. Miiislrrl SIniiis l in(l(ir. ( ' (illiolic ( ' .liii irl ( (iniiniltii ' . ( iiiss Ciinnlry -Hu JawncM IfcS iff A 9oifr«fc«r i " liv. oil uliv (lid I ever lea e Oliio ' ; ' " and alter the many iiioiitlis he has spent here. Jim still doesn ' t know the reason. Here is a fellow with spirit to spare, even while lies keeping; paee with the masters in Satterlee. His prowess in decorating Billard Hall is attested hy all hands, for many were the Saturday nights the gym took on a look of grandeur for a formal. It was mainlv due to " Cecil B " s " " efforts that we now have the aniiiial Spring Minstrel. For a time Jim was thought to l e maintaining his Ked Mike status in order to amass a fortune, placed hy some in the four digits. But during first class summer, it was disco ered that the " roll " had heen dissipated, and the club gained a staunch member, (iive him a crowd who are a determined audience, and Jim will always be glad to relate the storv of " The time I . . . " €m. W ' pft-f.- BOSTON. MASSACHISETTS Ka l 15. .-I. .11 Ili;:li Siliool ri ' slllna. Crosa Country Hdin iiiid raiMil in r,;i l Ho-loii. .|iic caiK cxiKiiiiiii- mi llic Kn-tmi IrriN iikkIi- him dccidf on llic (!()a l (iiKird. illi I mi r.u- on llii ' cno ciiiinli ' v |i ' :iin ;in l tliro ' i n wrolliii;: lie iindd ,iI n,i Ik- lunnd .il t ' i ' nii in lrainin lu make i ' ii:lil cir i ' ii|i a runjilr ul iriind nil lii linii- un tin- liack. Jor cainr In ii- an ai r(ini|il i-lnd allilclc wril kimwii lo all. - In ' -aiil. Ill ' a ' i|nir -d lln- nanii- ul " ( inrn iicnn tin ' ( Li " - ami on llic i ini i ' lii ' iaini ' a ' -rll l li ' d anilia adni ' nl •:iiod ill lo variolic nalioii ' -. Mm- In ;:rral i ' |i ' rii ' in ' i ' In- a- al a a ailald ' willi aiiliioiilat i c ad n i- on Italian loud. Imw lu Ixal llir lrni. lln- lalc-l u r-li ' t ii.. la liiiMialfil ruwIiiiN al lirail I ami iii In jia - a a llir linir mi a i T " ! i iilrd wi ' ikcmi. Mllinii li Jill ' i- nil liin i ' i Willi n- il i- rirlain llial lii irail niili- ami aliililN III laii;:li iimlii aii ilnalimi will iniinj linn lliiiint:li. S ohcrt rattf Qdanan All f;i filling iialllli ' . ;i kli ick Ini- -.iviii; tlir will iIki-cii woril. .iiid lin- iiaiiK ' ol ISIiiitlork and ii liavt- oiir Hnliliv ( r(iiiaii. ( iii ' nl ilm-c |iiiil i .f lail vnIiIi imirr allilrlic al)ilil lliaii " Diiiroiic Iwirc lii- -i .c. lie ' h.i- lii ' t ' ii a lallll ' ll ii|i|iiii ' lrr ' iii ail liiiiii- nt iiili ' i ' ( ' urii|iaii |iui ' l-. Ha-ktlhall is lii jzaiiK ' tlioii li anil iiiaii wrii ' llir iii;ilil- llial lii- (i| |iiiiiriii liail to iripli ' l« ' aiii liiiii 1 Imld dnwn llif x-dic iTad t-ar and f:rfat liiiiiii ol tlif ad lilt have matic liiiii oiic ot llic lm dt-sin-d lor any t ' .s i()ii. ( )iic (d llic S ' lfiMi|M) cd Hcd Miko. lie i ((tiinliiif: llic days willi llic rol of us and waitiiif; for tin- lime vlicii li - can Inad for New YOrk Slate ami the ccrlain Moinlt- iinrsc named !)i. Wlicrcvcr lie i;o ' von can lie -nrc Bob viil make llic ino l (d the iliialion and lia c xime uill reniark- for the ame. t!i ILION, NEW YORK Uion ilifih School Triirk. Siirj ' n Slorni. Cross (.otuilry ¥ i 171 §i.i€harJ Carl Qr eplcr .r iiul thai i|iiiii iiatuif di-arin yp-.i. tur lii-rc - luic nt . " 1 - aMi--t iii -rr - iiiakt ' i . Tliis wa.- |»ro ii on out- of llu- rriUM ' !- wlitii. on a triji to Paris. Ill- lit-cainc a ;: io(l lll aiiil)a a(lor l)iit coiililii t pii-li lli - act far t-iioii :li to jiarliripali ' in tin- floor -how. lie -|M-nt cNcrv aiiliiiiiii for lour far« willi pad- ami licliin-l down willi tin- lootliall tram " nriM-. dri i ' . . . dri ■ " riti iiim in lii- t-ar-. lien Salnrdax- roilid amund. (.ri-]i wa- in ihirc pliififiiiif: up the li d ' -. (ircp caini- to X ' , illi -mall |)i»(c- of fducation from llofstra and tlu ' Marilimi- Vcadrmy. took a look aroiim]. and settled down for a foiir year ta . onu- jniir. aloiif: with tin- coni- inission ami diploma. Dick ill he pickini: np a marriairc liccn-c. for it has been .loaiiic from Mim-oia a- lar hack a uc can rcnicmhcr. So a Dick slide- down the wa we w i-h him the hest. {{OOSIN 111. MW OlJK I. ' I..,.-Ic.mI il -l. . ' l.o..l. Ilot-i,., tulj.-,.. I .S.M.M.V, l-n.,ll,„ll. MnnoKiam ( llil. 172 I Hh ' MNTKEE, MASS. lil.Ulltl.r Ili Il S. ' llool Uiiiilini (,iilr. Miiiuiiinun (.liih, liii ' .hrlliiill Mdinijivr Sir hcri Mlc narJ QtMuht wJ 1 Oik- ot lilt ' ()rif:iiiaU i ot the " ]Ne ' r tlo Iddav wliat noii can do llic iii ' lit before finals " theory. Boh has tlioroii hK enjoyed his stiuK hours liy pouriri r o er the sports and auto inaj;azines which lialf his pay is s|)ent on. Born t »o hite to invent the internal eonihustion engine himself he vill ha e to content himself with inipro in{; on the " . 1 model when he -lets that Plymouth he dreams of upon firaduation. Learning; to enjoy life to its fullest has heen Bob ' s ambition and he has carried it out in full. You name it. wine, women or song and (iizz will be there raring to go. Always ready for a conversation or an argument, hell take any subject given, and top you at it. Sunny days find him down on the tennis courts slam- ming them over the nets. It is with much versatility that Bob enters ser- vice life via the coming out party this June. HOMK. M W n {K |{ciiiii- Irci- Vi aili ' iii I ' inillxiU. C.atlvl Pnbliiily Commit- tfi ' , MimofiTtim Club Bvi ' C) C-] Charlffs Harwell ltahn lli ;iliilil Ml -I, mil mil a .in iinliv iilii.il li.i- iii.ulr il .i|i|ii ' ,ii ' .nirr in i ' ' i lliin; III- nriiliii.ikr--. ;iiiil llii- ijiialilv m.nli- ( limk- inc-cncf known . l.(, . n lliiulllliiiliix Ijrkir wllii ' li ll.l- lirin kimwii In |il Mil ii.lllv (III M|iil;ilr in;in :in ii irl .iniliil iuii- uiiiin-in : li.irk .mil i kii.uk Im -iia;; iiif: |)a «« ' . made liiin iii.xtriinicntal in inan .1 ilr.ii irliir |iliil i ' -ii| lit ' i ' at iicarl. In- i lia| |ii( ' v( whrn |iur ' -iiiii : llir .m-wn lu wli.il niakr- | ru|ilr Ink. .mil iiMi- a f:la»- hI Imw llii- li.i- liii In ni.iiiv .111 inlci r-l in;: (li-ril--iiiii. iii(r lii-l ili rii II ill;: lli.il |iirnli.ii .mini.il llii ' S -.|cMi (iiinrk ll.l- Imiii iiilii;;niil willi lln nli.i nl |il.i inp ;:.ini.- willi It. Hn llir 1(111, ill- -ii lr llnir i- .iu.iii .imi -i.nl ii.il luii will lir rliiii.i i-il willi .1 li.i|i|i lilr -rnti ' iirr tiir llir Usu. I .im m -lime tlir -iln.ilinii will iK ' xrr lie VII :i ' r.i| ||i,ii i| Miii I i M- liiin .1 i liinklr .i In- i illi- il mil. ' Mill 0iob rt SiiehafJ Ihuw n r iiii iii;: lli - iti i rdiriiU il lrl ' in tii,iii N.ii ' iiil ((uiiliiriil ion iliiiin;: ta ;it (:( . iioli Iki- rniiiiil lli.il N.iiit ' Iv i- liiilv lli.- yuv ol lilV. Ill- rlaiMi tlial roller kallii;: i- llir main .il I j ai I imi lur lii- h i|i- to W i-lcr l i)iil iiti llii M ' Miiiirl iiiii ' - wiiMiirr. Ill ' i mil ' iil llir Im k wlm air lilr--i ' il with a iii;:iii;: vuirr llial rralK lia- i|iiali(N anil mil jii l miImiiii ' . ami lia pill il III iiM ' a a iiirmlirr iit llir (fir - (iliili ami (ilioir. liiillri ' lni ' friiiii till- woril i). Ill- s|ii ' iiil- iiiaiiN an nil Iniiir li ' lilin il out willi tin- rln-inirals in tin- ilarkrooin. Mllimi li miriiialK a raliii rliararl -r. lir liiilil till ' iliial lillr tor liilal sarila i- in Inillrr ili-li ili ' ii|i|iiii;z ami ;etliii till ' iiio l iioiM- iiiit oi laiiiiiiiii jam jar lo lln- lalili-. rail -ini(-alK III- lia liravril llir lioiil with (-oinparatiM- i-aM ' . Willi lIu- rorlliroiiiiii il■is illlll III M-r in- litr. lioii i rrrlain In liiiil lln- |iiir lir ili ' ir» ' s. Track, lull ' Hips Photofiraphy. If ' n ' stlinf:. Busini ' ss Manager. Haul- ing Gale; Minstrel Slioirs, Choir. Glee Club w Tlif jMiur Mian- an Jdlui-un. I ril lia- ih-mt lit-rii lacking fur feminine (-(iiiipaniiin |]i|i -incc In- fir-t walkrd in iIh- unlli (.ale haik in " (). lilierty IioiukI to tlie emi lie lia- liee inie taiiKiM- till ' hi- " twn niiniile- late escapades " l»eeaii e lie jii-t iniililii I tear liini-ell awax (Innn llie ( jdlefie ' . ' ' ' . ' ' I After a hrief eneouiiter witli liie Mermen he f »r j(»k lii- (lailv li|) ill the poctl for intercompany atliU ' tio and lias h« ' en out tliere liattin-: the hall er the net for the Ahle (!o. M lleyhalh ' rs each year. Thi ciunhination of red liair. fre( khd face and a (|nick smile a- hri-rliteiied ii]) man a dull spot in the e er da firiiid tor u-. He aecpiired tin- name of Red Kider lirst class year and uitli his cohort I itili Hia er ga e lis manv a laufih with their antics. Jim is one gu m ilj .ill iiii s ha iiig around ulieii ue o our separate a - in .June. GLl Sid u I ' ll ISIU Iv ' i.ll. I " . Ci.illi.ii 111- Sii iniiniiii:. I si (luss rrriisiinr A » 176 (;i,i;n hi; i). i,. i.. . Hnsvhall. ( ' .(iplfiin: Surf ' ii Sliirni. Ard Clnas I ' n-sidinl. I( rrslliiifi. C.adet Prorurrnifiil I ' nnimittvv. Monitfintin ( ' .lull. Minslnl Slinus. Cliiiir. (ili ' i- (liil). ( linii iiiiiii of l ri Hull (.iiminillcf k JJison SpctB€4fw JenninqM Spent ' lia dour rniicli to he worthy of note at the Academy, hut worked hardest eariiiii-; tlie name Rip. He is eurreiitly putting; in ahout twenty hours a day in the rack trying to outdo an ohi frentieman hy the name of an ' inkh ' . If this is what gives him the energy to eome througli on the hasel)all diamond, then we are all for it. Hailing from a high school, where he was the liK-al |)aragon. he arrived at CCiA without a care in the workl and no vices, other than a craving for an in ht-tween meal snack now and then. Four years passed and we novs lia e a lo er. a partv man and at times a general cut-up who wows all the femmes with those hlue eyes. Don ' t he disillusioned, hecause hcneath this gay exterior is a guy who, when the chips are down, and work or anything need- to be done, Spence will he there with enthusiasm to give you a hand. BRKMKRTON. WASH. Rriiiicrloii Hiiili Scluml Track. Moiiufsrani Cliih. Cross ( oiinlry r U illiatn £. Jt hnsan In llic iiiiiiii ' i- ol ' . " )() llic iirlli f l M ' til our s;i :i «Tioii uiiiif: la«l iKiMK-d Willie, lie took to tli - Iil - with a will, and xioii (- talili h ' (l liini «-|l a one of our more iiuliistrioii.s Nork T . Tlic Iii(li ' li i not coiiir easy arui In- a known to nii - a wc ' k- -nil lilii ' rt noxN .iiiil llicn to |ioi- - o cr tli - ilook . lit ' look to it likt ' a ilink to w.ilci ' ami alii sii| |i trt( ' l tlif track tram itli t - -.iirinl . Some |iro|ilr kri|i llicii- iiom- lo tin ' rind toM -. Iiiil Itill lii-rainc mi i-n :ro ' (l in lii work on our la t rrnJM- llial in- ground oK tin- i-ini d lii finfit-r on a •iriinlin;; wliccl. l heart In ' wa- a lfu lrated IK l)o . o mueh -o. liiat il wa ama in;: to all of MS liial in- didn ' t |n ' out win :i-. Iherelore it wa onl natiirai that U| oti leaving our rank- in Sept. ol " . " ). tiiat in- jonn-d tin- ir I ' oree to he an ir(!adrl. Willi lii i ' arne-l mannei ' Iiiil siil ne rr lack li ' irnd . J tialph WtMWcrlMf JuJJ Mati - t a-liiii liiii Stair. |{.il|ili iri .iil ' l llu- .a arrmil uilli a l ii lirl (.1 a| | l - and a IJ ' .M. A t.-niin- at II ll- l) l -fl liiiii uitli a U ' W iiilrllcctiial x-ars lint miiik-w licrr alt ( ' i ' )-|)t iiiln lii- IiIimhI ami In- liccaiiK ' a rcfriilar in tin- (lua-t (fnard. I |iiiu ruining ' licic lir wa- nut iinr III l«-a - tile iiKirc acli ( ' -iilc nl lilt- alinir ami In- lia M ' ' n rr ii-c nil till- I rack Tram and lia littn a |iirit« ' d i |irr « ' iitati ' of tin- |{cta !iiin|ian KratcrnitN in inl ' r( ' iini|iaii |Mirt . nntalili ' a ' lii( ' -ni -nl in lii liinr fars lia lici-n llic rllnrl iir iia |int intu Smj ii Stiirin and tlir rt ' Milt- lia i ' lirrn •. ' ralilNin to tin- ulmlf (: ir|i-. ( (nirt and caiialilf and a ( ' iii( ' to llie coi-f. Ik lia ani with tlir rnrn-nt at (A, and lu iiitml iuKuiita i . He has set liis standard lii li and niainlaincd tlnni wliilr olli ' i Iia f fall« n lis tin- uavsitle. ' r ,; did » and tl " ' ,11 iur ■- PROSSER, WASH. Yakima Senior High School Track. Dante Committee, Editor. Surf Vi Storm; Cadet Procurement Committee P r» 179 a.i€harJ Qc wqe crr So Mtii Mi ni want to It-arn how In do a donlilf l(a(k(li|) witli a full twi t swan dixc ' . ' ' Well tlii-ii llif man to - ■ ■ i- . " I - own tiiiiil liii : and (li ini: expert. Dick l)a |) -iit cnoii;!!! time practicing on these contor- tions to (jiiaiify him as a pretzel. He has turnt-d tlii.« talent to use as a member of the Swimniinj: Team as a (li er. doming to lis frtim the ;reen pastures of W isconsin. Diik jtroceeded to trip a lijrht fanta tie on the dance floor that put e en Arthur Murray to shame. He wowed them »n the continent too. In fact he showed frreat interest in Kurope (() lo in particular), where he was won over li) llic licautiful Mcncry and tin- friendliness of the people. Here is a case of a uy heinj: up on top academically, not by coastin;:. but throufih dilifrently appKinj: hini clf. Putting these qualities into any job niakc liiin an able man fur aii) ta k. :i{ MK» . W IS( ONSIN ( ' .r.i.i.luM lli-l. ,li....l S ii inimtiii:. (IN .I • (( J no OIL cir . iM i. Oil ciiv Wi ' ji S( W JoAfi aiUhawd WiiwUanJ 1 ' ' The first oil well was drilled in Titu.- ille. I ' eiin. in 1859. John wa.« born in Oil City, Penn. in 1932. The earthshaking signifieance of these two events have put Pennsylvania on the map for keeps. He has elinihed from the depths on the preeedenee list to a respeetahle position dne to a lot of hard work and perseverenee. A retl hot slide rule earned him the name " Cutts " way back in the balmy summer of 50. An extensive knowledge of many topics enables him to hold up lii md no matter what the discussion. He is noted for the night, when uilli tin- Kagle drifting, he put the Roekaway perpendicular to her beam and hi? com- ment was " Well I Avas on station and that ' s what counts " . He takes with him a love of the sea. a conscientious effort in his work. e hope he gels his dairv farm he dreams of. npoii retirement. S AlSAl . WISCONSIN Vi ;iii au llifili School Dane ' Committt ' e. 1st Class I ire Prcsidfiit. Circulation Manager Surf ' n Storm anil Houlinp Calv. Monojirnm Club. Minstrel Shows, l.i-ddir of C.dilrl Dmirr litind tVilliam airi€k awlomskaj ii(l in llii ciirtirr m- liavc . . . ISiuIIhi l{ iiir-. iii;i l r ol llic mat-, llir (lukr nl ' Dixieland, and M icliiixan ' - Mn lr l. Ko . catiir lo ii- willi lli - idea l(» f; ' l llic ni() l mil ul lilf and lia Itccn t «ni(r--lnl in dnin m . W itii an alMindanrc nl ' n -rf; and a frrin un lii- larc In- lici ' ii in jiisl alxml t ' T aclivilv lir cunld lirid. I rlii ' vinj: thai a lilth- Ivikmn h ' djzf i a had thin-: he win! hi ihf l )|) Irii cinh ' on ihc |.ii ' ( d n. c li-l and slascd iht ' ir. Wilh a d ' ' |i allaihincnl to ihr ha iol an l anvtiiini: to (ht Nilh ja . .. Ko . ha inad ' the Divir ( ondio a ti ' t ' al loi n- all. (hi tli - rrion i h ' he ha- n i hi ii kiioxxn to remain «ilrnl wln-n a i - s onl- s|Mik. -n words were needed to ehirilN the silnalion. (|uote. " tlie road to hell is |(a ed wilii f:ood intentions " . When lhe said " An ( Mlieer and ( enlleman " tliev meant Ko . I .llflMfpr OmJuK tiiiitiiiii;; till- ■■( !,i|i|;iiir ' -li|)|iiil .iliu.inl tin- Shiliii l-ljiid Intv III lif iti -iiiliii;: lii x a tii ;ir(l niii- j:;ilr-. Mlir ticoMi in Itcitii lln- jull ii ill - riMiliiic wliicli iiii ' l him al llir ilnnr. Ik- iixik a luuk al thi -iliialion ami lioiilril lu riiakr llir Ik-I oI ' ii. Itr-iili ' loiiii;. ' ||i - moiiiiil I ' m- llic Mcar lia-rliaii li-am lie Imiicd lii- arilrni rnliiii-ia-m lur -|iiirl- luii-c ill iiilri(i m|iaii liaskt ' lliall willi (Iraii-rM- acciiracN and vsiiliii;; ■■|,a(llr l,ikf " ;i.- " Howliiif; (iaic .• " |»(irU riiliiiim. il lia- iirvcr i ' im|)laim ' (l aiioiil Acadcmio iiciiij: Imifili ami -lill never wa-le- lime wilhill tile iiali- ul ' (!(; . lAeii imw lie Ik. Id- llie leeuid inr mure dale- uitll diilereiit ;zil ' l |i -r lime iiilerxal lliaii aiiMXie el-e in llie ela -. Il will lie dinieilll In lorfiel rl - readv -en-e ul liimiur and -leadla-l l( all to Irieiid and lieie er lie t:(ie lie will iiaiii main mine. j Will tit feliiH« ' j STATEN ISLAND. N. Y. New Dorp Hiftli School Hiisi ' litill. Sports Editor Hoitlliifi Gale % e road I ' 183 t i y Skip. A a ;iili(). nr jii-t jilaiii (iforjif. if (Hir actiiiaiiitid aii nl llic fomicr llicn yciii know a miy what li » ' ?. Oiuu- tlifre was a little Lord iiaiiK ' d (j« ' ()r}j;e. He was a iiDrmal hoy. wauled lo heconie a doctor — also wanted to eoiidiut syiiiphoiiii-. -n llir iialiiral jilai ■ I ' m- liiiii wa- (.(l . Howt ' er if ainhition is tlie nileiinii nt -n(re- tlini (f I ' will riijiA more lliaii hi- -hare. Never one to hihor iiiider the aeach-iiiie iuad he -pent nine i)ioiith al Manhattan IJeaeii for a had cold: as a re ult . ' ) 1 ;:aiiied 2(M) pound- ol lau-rhs from .13. hether l lendiiij; his oiee wilii the (rlee Cluh. kiekinj; his feet for Newt, or sittiiij: on his diifT in a din hv. (ieor«;e enjovs himself eomplelelv. e er at a loss for a eomment. complaint, or eoniplinient he carrie- lii- l I tialnre un a ho i ii face that nevei- eea-e- lo r-adialc the hnnior of the times. v.: MW LONDON. CONN. Kulk. ' lrv lll-ll Srl...nl Siiiliiiii. Sii iiiiniiiif:, llctii liiii: (iiih . U; is(r.7 ,,.(( s. ( h„u. l.Irr Cluh 184 w s I (;T() . n. c. M.-Dotio-li S.Ikk.I I ' islol. C.ikIiI I ' lihlii ily (iinniiillir. Ciiilrl l ' ri)i iinniint ( iiinniillir ,€M9WWCn€e Born and iiitcriiiittentK raisfd in l).(i.. Larry lias acquirt ' d llio co!«- mopolilaii touch. Off hours find him either niakinj: iinidenlifiahle noises on tlie lriuni»et. at Jacob ' s rock, in tlie rack or. more frequently — on liberty. He is a member in {rood standing: of the " aim, squeeze and pray club: " be has spent much time putliuf: many small holes in the lar :et for numerous points for the Pistol leani. An ardent camera fan. he has recorded most of the cruises on movie film and lia iilcrlaiiicd ii all showing them. Not bciiifr a frrcal slijistick artist, lie Iki more than a passing acquaintance with trees: hut has made up for il h hciui: a handy man with a boat or machine. Once remarking that he was search- ing for the worlds best backscratcher, and upon finding her woidd marry her. it look- now as if the search may be o cr. Okay Larry. Iet " s go. OMAHA. NEBRASKA Creifiliton Preji. Suiling. Sni mmin )i. Monogram Club. Chapel Coniinitteo. (rleo Club ■m JoM ph f atfieh Mlii» W «■ louk :i lew liiiii iiri llir (l;i|i t;iii llicN rail (■ am lirrc. ami ii|i caiin- Joe liditif; llir aiiclntf. I lni .juc [liikcil lii- iiirlii- in tlir cla-- ami inu- (•(•(■(Iril lu irialiilalii il I liiuiij;linM I lii la Ihit. Ili a I lii iicicin - dmiiii: llir wiiilir iiioiilli wirr -|iiiii taking lii dailx ili| willi liic ifiiniiii;: Irani ill thai cliloriiiatrd ImxK (d walri ' k.iin sii a- llic | I. ii avid reader of " Po;:!! ' " lie ua- llie leading; laelni in llic Vi ' j. Icn I ' l. -idcnl elnl) lull wa lurnd lo relire iroin iiulilic- wiien lii- candidali- a mil Ml llie niiiniii . ( hice lie liad - mind -el. il siinld liaxe liein ea-ier In -l i|i llie eai ' lli - I ' dlaliiin llian hi elian ie lii- ii|niiii n mi a -iiliii el. Sii ar .|ue let) II- eail (il-l ela— Near In etinlinne lli- -Indie- al Wmei-ler leeli ami ii|miii ei in|del inn ni llieiii lliere are plan- Im lie and I and. I (i mailer where he f;ue- lii lenaeimi- (jiialilie- will In in;; him -iieee . IcnwMf Ml lttnann ll;lllk " |(i )lili in ut ' liii 111 ;;il lo ( (. in lli - -miifriir- ol . " ) w.i- .i -tiuill iilir lol ' III ' inrrcK t -|l|M-(l itlll lllr rnml ilnui ntl III llli ' Inr.ll lill- .lliil Ht ' lriii iiiiiiiili ' later a licir. Su il i- ur lia r lln- -aviii;:. ■ " liiral Imv iiiakr- I " riiriir Inir. llriiiN iliil a luii rar -liiil uilli llir -u iiimiin;: t -ani liiit llini traded lii- lriiiik. Inr a |ii-li l wlieii lie i ' luiiid il ua- a lillle less streiioii.-. itii a -lead) ii;ilil liaiid and a -liar|) e e in- lia- Imind ill some ini lilN tine M-iire-. tliat have kepi tlie team ii|i there in tlie win eidiimii. lie M-emed tii tliiiik that Imir eriiix- winildii ' t niiiiid liiiii mil ill liis ( iadel career mi tlie -iiiiimer ut ' ' Wl -aw liiiii -ailiii;; as mie id tin- erew on the ' Vvrv rtim In Herimida. lia|i|i -;iiidiiik f:ii lie lia- never let aiivtliiii hollier him and he manaf:e- to eiijo liim-ell ' im inaller wlial the piirl. Ilii- will make life lor Hank nnlliin lint tlie lie-l. r !i % ' Hcnndh Mian JUt nq Our ■■(|iii -t iii;iii " liaiU tintii Mliiiliiwii anil In- lutnijxlit a |)ifct ' of it willi liitii ulifii lie cariif lo (!(i. . Ik uit. tin- litarl- of » ' ' ral yoiiii ' la(li« ' . A lron rfMiiililaiict- to an oldir liiullicr IrtI to no ciid of confusion liotii al tlic (a l ' iii and on thr i itii-i-. In tail li donning work kl)aki he could lia i- walclnd tin- rno i - in tin- wardrnoin with i lit- hfiriL ' the vi, t r. lad with -Iroiifi (dn i iinn- Kinn ran In- cminti-d cm to put his heart into whatexcr he dof and u uall couic out iuilinf:. lieu the frnint aud roaner meet he makes it a specialty to come out ou top as tiiree years of inlercolle :iate wrer-tliiij: uill atle«t. leniale- fall for that hoyish look aud ha e mauajred to keep the little hiack hook filled. He can he i-eli ' d upon to handle anv assignment and with hi- natural ahilitie he i hound to carrN on w ilh the -latnlard- lie -el at the radeni . • ]m ttl f I f l II Mi N. I ' . ll,nl,.u,, 11, 1, «-,l,o,,l iriif I I rail,. M i, iliiii:. I ' l i iiii ' iiii III I iptlii (.Dlliniilhr. Miiisli, I l..l N. W. »l - j lileii liinlv eiiis 188 ill 4i MKI.HOSK. MASS. M.ln.M- lli li S,li..ol 7 «rA. U rrstlini:. l.iitlil I ' nxitn- iiiciil ( ' oniniillif. (.no.-, ( oiiiiliy raneis ClelawgJ JUnHriJqe V luMi (iiirlv came to (XiA. lit- iiiadf a transfer from tlie Helle iie (lotiiitr) (Hub to tlie one in INorwieh. Thus he was able to continue uith his one true love . . . fjolf. He ;ot off to a good start academically and has been up there ever since. Of course some times we felt he was rubbing it in when he told us how easy the last quiz was. As far as athletics go. cross country and wrestling ha e kept him busy, and a sure starter on the mats was lost when he suffered a broken ankle early this past seas«)n. Few men in the class take as nnich kidding as Frank, and there is cer- tainly no one better equipped to lake it for he is blessed with such a disposition that no matter what is said or what the situation is. he ne%er seems to be bothered bv it. If you want help in anvthing or jti I an amiable friend, then (hnlv is the man to see. ,,_- " U % ■ 1 MllloHl). . II. Mill..r.i IliJi ,U,„d (iiliiii:. I ' i-.iiil. Itiiiiiii k - CltfJlc h wnas MltMsh. Jr. Well. lnTf lie i Iruni llic liarkw oixU nl N n I l.iiii|i-liiri-. . ' )l ' - uwii .-(•ll-slylcd Scaraiiiuiiclic. When Iciiciii caiiir Id liic (;nli-iii . ( Isdr IdiiikI an olilli ' l lor l)(iuii(ll - ' iii ' i ' . Ilir riii ' ritliii ' riiiit silli " ( lii (iiiani and - i l ii|miii lii- kirninr- ' - In pair .uicpiIhi (d nni- lia--- niatr Irnni lii lin-lN Madr. laliid nld ir-nian willi a luvr nl iiailiT. lie i n Mall lonnd [iidiin;; a lonj; liinji id di ' aU win tiIin lir i- -illinu . -ain -ra to liii a |H l(d. wliicli lir ran -l| tu |in a lainrra. luvir (d iIh- liner lliiMf: in lift uiin-. Wdnim and mii; In- lia dnur In- ln-l In i-nji( llicrn d --|Mlr llir rc-l i id ion-, t |ion nirclin;: Mcxniv lliird i la-- M ' ar lie |nil an cinl to lii- ro jri da - and -i-lllid down |o lioini ' iili ' . illi In- i-a -i° inanntT and cont innoii- li ' i i ' lo rl llir nio-t out of lilr. (,l il - wdl al a - Im ' a xxi-lconir iiirnd no niallci wliiic In- iioo. tValler £mil HI, Jr. as€0n I hat -li iiiilf (ill MT liiiri (li-|)lii iiij: lia -d liriiah- lirarl- (liil liiiei;: fver .sine - Mike Ittt lli - i lii ken lariii in lilnxlr Inland. Alllioii;:li he ciaiins lie n-allv wasn ' t in lli - liarku i(Ml . lie iI m ' admit lie lirard alionl CGA fnini ail incltrialt-d lii-niiil. Mike a niicc coiiliriiii ' d Id liacliclur- hood and r iifin -d Ilis activilN In Irark. rt ' ll iii; and rr in;: tin- dual ( •a|ia(il a d (■ili iii .Maiia;:«T lur Imili ilic " (.alt- " and Siirl n Slinin. ! (i tli()n}:li it srrnis lie is no l n : -i° so ( ' onfirincd and li ' will takr tin- fatal stt ' j) witli a fair lass tiiis Jniir. I nl • tin- IJrouii |{iaiil " - liinin;: };« " ar was all «iiit of wliack it was st-ldoni that m- -aw liiin li M)(iii;: ii on those cold winter ni lit . Mike put in a hoit la at tin- I ni ci il id R.I. before joiiiin;: our rank- and o llieir lo-. will he oiir aiii a- Mike brings his easN oiii;: inaiiner and rniriene lo the -er ii e. SCITUATE. R. I. Cranston High School. Coventr ' High School I niversitv of Rhode Island Track. Advfrtisiiiji Mannfirr. Surf n Storm: If ri ' stlinp. Hotilini; (Utlf i s 191 . .. £rncsi John tiltBt cr Jr. Ka.« jroiiif: and iiliilii-iipliiial. Krnic i tlir iind-liuiiKiml ciiinradi- of tlie class. To liiiii llu ' only liberty thai has ht-fii of aluc i- that on hi li he could hop the New York train. liy Natnraily. to ee the future Mrs. Ern l. Ha iiii: no ohjectiun In watrhirij: otiier- exert tlnir enerfry lie has heen .Mr. Newton ' s chief whip cracker and wiinniiu ' : niana :er for two years. Bein;: a flood listener he has heen the center of attraction for all the talkers of the class. That is excludiu " : the time hetueen 21.iO and 2200 n hen he may he found writing ' Lillian. If Churchill and Ike can be amateur arti t then ii iiul our Imin |-.rii-l. 1 he onl ' car he lacked a tiie herel. llu- ( ta t (»uaril pendr- a mall fortune and puts in untold man hour- to produce an officer aiul a {lentlenian ha in the (piaiitie- ennmeraled in llie Mi--ion. Krnie marie it ea-N lor tiiem. c t 11 I IIOKM . N. .1. l..xxlllo.ll lll-ll S.llool Sni III nil hi: M II n II lif r . _ ' ;i ( (i « Sfiriliir . t ( lii- I ' l rslilriit . UiKiDfrdiii (lull 192 I (»i{i |{|;nmn(,. (,i;(H{ ,i ,-l riiila,l.l|,ln.i lli;il. Nil..,, I S,-,,iil nii ' i ' iriiii S li u l I)l. ,l lii-liliil.- « r T Iill )l ;;y Saitiii!: Miinnfirr. I ' iih- Kips tssisl- nut Photo Editor, Monoiinim (Unit Joseph nihatMMj tHe onotggh Jr. Mae " s hoine has l)eeii Jacob " ? Rock, wlurt- lu- coultl he found liu?tliii}i the sailing team through the race (Schedules, after which he would spend time pondering with glass y stare the pile of results plus blank f )rms. This Army Hrat started with a fust hand account of Korean topography and has since been gi ing his reiulitions of the Japanese and Hawaiian hit parades. Academics for him ha e been marked by a few tight rope walks along the 65th parallel. Ilis conversation is of the parry and thrust type, the precise phrase with liberal sprinklings of Shakespeare and Kipling, (iombining an extensi e military backgroiuid with a true appreciation of things nautical. The (Feneral has been known to come up witii some rather confusing comments. W ith all the various icissiludes of his life he is a consistentiv sincere and good natured friend. ¥ f iju 1 ' Kl.IZAHKIH (11 . N. C. Kli ;il)fili (;it iiiiil I ' oiu ' i- lit ' Loon Hifili SI.O..N San Myl o Jr. Cnll.;;.- .iinl I niv. of Miami Ftuithnll. Danir (.timniillrr. II rtsl- liiiu. Mi ' iiiifirtirn (liih. (,lrr Club ki £J9varJ nJt ' 4f9 ' IttfQ l. -a iri lirliiixl llir Mill mihI Iiimii iuii- lilV l llir K ' lx I iniinliv. I il ciiiiir Nnrlli lo iiKikc lii- -I. Ill uilli llic millit. lie -.i .- ii|i lii- I ' li-I Iom ' . liKilltall Im-( ' iiii! c uI iiijiii ' io. Iiiil ii ' -iii : lii- kimw -liow . he :iii(|( ' (l (iKirlic (. ). to two lniii:lii iiiliTciiMiiiiiiiv t ' lMiii|iiiiii-lii|i . ii tiiiic nl the wi-ck ln ' call lie Idiiiiil iit-rk «I T|» ill cxtra-i ' iirririilar aiii ilir . I lie ki l In- liccc ill llicx- lia;- lici ' ii lii rOiciriirv . The lic-l a Ici ;:il -niml limu iliilii ' i to It ' ll I il il - iiii| iiilr. Ill ' . lliailr III.IIIV .1 Iniiii.il liliiir I ' lijiiv alili ' willi hi- iiiMiilivi- f:riiiii- .11 ili rural iiiji. Talk aiiniil mum lili(lllrl ami In 11 lup mhi i ' MInIiiih ' xsilli lalr iil llir allilrlir |iriiXM- " ul llir " | iii . Mr -Iti ' lll liiaiix al tri ' liiiiiiis rr lliii;: llii ' in.il- .iiiilinil I ' m Mall " - l.i.v- a- W rr-lliii.; I ' laiii MaiiatLii. iicii llii- la. I l.aM-. Miaii Inail- will In- limkiii. Iiiil il will In Ic iIh- aiii nl llir -ri irr. mark JoAm mill a Mark. |ii ' I ' l ' liial M iilwi ' -htii liiitiinr .mil wil. i- a cuiiv ci-a- liiinali l ti ii|iar ' j| and lia lii|i|ii ' il iiiariv a iiiivii ' c uilli lii- r(iMii ' l)ai ' ks. lie lias ht ' cii tlir . iimlit ' r One man acailcniirall) a far liai k a- w i ran rciiifmhcr. stayiii}; up iIhit I mi a ionalK |iiillinf: in an Imnr m iwo (if stiKlyin ' . Hciiij: a litd Mike in » fi xii-r of ilir word lia farntd liiin a l( ( ot ki(ldin :. Iiiit In- lia alua - lircn a willing ' landli when one ol lis liad that Itij: w fckcnd dalf. (ioniin ' (lorn llir Notlliw uixl-. llic oiil(l« orsnu ' n " paradise, lie lias iflaiiicd a i i «- lur lln- onlduui- and lias spciil a •rood dt-al id lii lra ' aiid lilirrty linir nnt nin ' liin;i il. In fad oiu ' wt ' cki ' iid llic smoke risiiif: from llic hills ht-liind tin- Siili Mast- wasn " ! a firt ' dfrlitiiif; tiass Itiit jii t Mark liroiliiiji a steak. Mark luis matle it easy for (!(iA In turn iiil a M ' aman. an odicer. and a ;enllemaii. DULUTH, MINNESOTA Deiifel.l Hifili School Sailing. C.rulcl l ' r nuicm)-iit Com- mittee 195 , (Maiming ' In In- a tnn- - mi ot tin- I. our Star -laic |{uiik into ( (fA. Dt ' S|iil - tlir lad tlial lir niil |ila i ' (l I nu xt-ai- ut IuuiIj.iII in liiftli srluittl. (till- riiarli iliiln ' l a|i| r)M ' iaU- lli - wild Imll-ridin:: at tin- local rodeo I In- ino fd inln a ar il po itioii -wali ar. and lia- lu ' i-n a lini- Im-tini: fidlliack lor four y ' ar . Tlif (ioiiiu ' cticut Sporl.-wrili-r? picked liini top rollef:! ' fidlliark in llie state this past season, e er one to l»e worried 1p academics, he aequired more sleep in da-- than all llic rest of us put toj:etlier. and still -tayed up lliere witli tlic lic-t. I i a- may lie -rreat. lull when it came In llw tail ' se . a f:al named l.laiin- learned how to use a lariat, and the date of tin- hraiidinj: i- -et lor tin- June. mi eould look hi h and low and oii till wouldn ' t find a lietter liiiihK to ha i- around when the ' ' oiiiL; ;zet rou ' di and on need a hoo-l. - ife ■- S. ■ ;» DM I . n A s W . II .l.,MI-oll lll-ll ■ .ll.M.l ■ ' .. .( .( (i i((i i ; tniii Ki(iin ( liil: c( f . ((If ; Ml. ci f i7(if ' ] U, ALIIAMHKA. CMJIOKMK MlKiinl..,, Ili;:li s,.|,.,„| Editor ' . " ). ' !- ' . " ) I liiinniiiii l.iuhl rameis Wcnrt tttnlin A staunch iiuMiibcr of tiit- California (ihainher of (loninierre and the New England for the nati%es society. Frank has still nianafied to find time to charm the local lasses vitli his sparklin;; eyes an l va y loiks. A devotee of the Radiator ( luh from way back, he has not yet decided whether the enjoyment of hitting the rack overcomes the horrors of getting up. Working his way up from the dark aisles of the Alhamhra Theater Frank traded his ushers uniform for the CG hlues. and it looks as if he will still he wearing them at tlie end of thirty years. Some dark rumors have been spread that this ardor was inspired l) long polarized trips to the Officer ' s (JIubs while on lea e. itii all the qualities of an officer and a gentleman, Frank is sure to be a success, but whether it be ship or shore. Guam, or Alaska, he will aluays be looking toward T..A. DKKRFII I.I). ll.l.INOIS lli;:hl;in l I ' ark lii;:li S. Iiuol Sdiliiif:. I ' i li l Irnin rw : y ' §icjK li the nt rqan W illi lii- rifle in oiir luiiiil anil a li liiii | nl. ' in liir utiicr. I{ ' Nil Illinois III -rr M)iiic sail wairr ami M-ck lii lainr anil lnilniii- nn llu- lii li -i ' a . I |iiin arri in lie liailril llir rilli ' lor a |ii-liil anil iia- Ihtu mir i l llu- li-am lal Nail cmt iiirr. l lir-l lir wa- a -lannrli i |iiininl ut llir aila " - " a " irl in i rr imiii " ' Inil ilnrin- lit-l i la-- lra i- lir iliriilril llial llh ' " hr-l riiriii ' Imni llir innlilli ' in lilt ' likr iiialli oi ' I ' ri|iial M oMT a IhiI piiol laiilr III ' nil lilii ' l hi- ln-l III inaki- lilV al ( . M-T . Ni ii lliii ini; mi llu- liixialilir- |{i imirll |iiririlril In -|iinil III- lillli- ii u illi a linlll.- Ill Imw. Mr lia- dnni- 1- rii|l -;:ialr a- |iii--ili|r willi. ' " il aiiil iimiiT ' i il sun ilim I il ranjilil ' . lllimi;:li In- makr ic In;; imi-o alimil llic injii-tiri ' - uf it all. it - a -iiir lirt llial lir will lir armiiiil In si° ' ' il all rmiir nn! in I liii l . » JanucM Calwin Viforrovr A cI ' Mii living rc(l-l)liM)(li(| Xinriicaii lin Jiiii iriicr.-d ((, limii li- (|iii|i|M wIk-d- lie liad |i ' iii mid liuiir ' - s ii ' kiii;: in llir local MaiiMdniiii (irks. He carried lii irliii ii- lili- unci- inln lln- cadii harracks. and ( ' (luldn ' t (|uilt- li iiri ' unl Iii n uwr tlx- prriod id lour mi ' - ' Ik- had |ii( ' k -d ii|) tli - di ii tin total ot l2() d -iiicril . jiin lia |irtit lii liiiii- licrr |ildlitij; llic l)o tlir(ill ' ;ll academic- wliile -till eonieriii;: a iiielie for iiiiiiseir ill llie upper l)raeket . (hie ol tlie er lew ol ii- who doe-n ' t :i e his life hi tor at the drop ol a ipie-tioii mark, .jim ha- alwa - heeii liked for his (jiiiel lnode t . The loeai damsel- lia e held no interest for our hoy and he has heen hidin i his lihertv lime liere for a little •lal named . ' nn hack home. Stea ly. soher. and a y.e l for hard work are Jims keystones for the successful years he is sure to ha e ahead. Ito " ' ALIQUIPPA. PA. Hopewell Town-llip Hiflli School RijU: Moiuiiinim Cliil, 199 Jnhn £. tttnsdctj Dill Jiiliniiii ' - i ' r till mui tlir -ti r alimit . . .. wi-ll if lit- liitl it iiiii-t liaxc Imcm lilicralK |)iinkl (l with hitf of SoullitTii ilrawl artjiiircd cillitT ill Smitli .l« ' fM ' or Tfiinessee. we ' re iiol iire uiiicli. We ()oll liiiiiiil lie a an a i(l fan of the Aiiieriean folklore of liillliilly niii ie. ami that i how he came hy the iiaiiie of Teiiiie .-ee Kd ar. John lia |)iiiii li -toiid like a rork wliih- the -teiii revoKcil around iiiiii. and lias heeii the defender d the Swah for four ear». (!iiddle ha |M■rlt years anioii ; the Itriar patches at the c(dle :e. and after •jettiiif: stuck a few times, found a ruse ainonj; tiie tliorii . jack ha played a terrific lirand of football, four years on the ar ily. and ha rolled o er manv an opposing •luard. ith a hat that has already een tift Mii--iuii-. it should he no troiihic at all hrcakiii;: into Pensai ' ola. JOHNSON ( JTY. IKINN. |{.. onion lli li S.h. Moni-l..un Hi:;!, S. I.ool l ' ,u lh,dL Uono:;».iHi (liih •im LITTLK MICK. 1.. I.. . Y. ;ivi T l!i;;li Sell. ...I Biisiliiill. ( ' niss ( ' .(iiintry. (.(ithiilic C.lia x ' l Cnnimilli-r V airitli. Joseph tilurpht Thii rugged Jrisli lad caiiit ' to the Academy without any df ire to turn it upside down, hut just to sit l)a(k and see how things fell. In possession of a firm physical discipline " And now for a good workout . he was also an authority on sports acquired by spending half o( his e ening study hours scrutinizing the sports pages. Pat spent the springs of his first two years here out for baseball, with a rocket launcher attachment on his right arm which jtroduced top results. Easily distracted by any female, he has been known to break many a fair heart. (Colleen or otlier- wise. Pat ' s actions are not what would he classified as speedy, but he is as consistent as they come with a clear head on his shoulders and a calm manner. Although Murph is no longer with u hut attending oik- of the New England colleges, we wish him the l)c t. |; ' »i«r!5?«jp w W MPS(;OTT. MASS. M. J pliir- l ' r |.. Daiiv.r-. Ma« . Track. Hrucurcmi ' iil (.onimitlf . ]onogram Club or lilt ' IIKIMV il ' ,il-| till ' i -.. W illir |iriili.ilil r.iiikril silli llir Ix-I. " Il ii can I Ileal llir N lfiii lii -ii al I)M I lirinl il aroiiiul llii ' ' ti :i- . Il - a ii I lira : :iM r: lie n-ali lli(iii;:lit In- a llic 1m ' i |hmi| |ila -i- at tiu ' i ' a l -iii . Ik-ii il came l i Irack llloll ' ili. in- a iii:lil in llirrr illi llu- lir-l nl lliclii. iiiiiiiMliii;: llii- rimlri- Inr (!(, . T iii ' iaiiciiii; lor liii ' lir-l yar willi lii i|ii.iiM| S aiii|i ri ll anriil in- ra|il i alcil niaiiv a laii Inait. ImiI till ' -iiiiiinri ' (li Til jiiil an ciiil lo liii- and in .Innc li - will -illli ' iluwii uilh Itrllr. ' " llir rlr l ;;iil llii-. -kIi- uI li.aMn " . W illi an ail cl noil rlialaiii ' i- anil a rniiliniial inil ' In- lia niailc aii ;:atlii ' i ' iii wliiili he i- a |iail (il. Iiiii-I iiild laM;;lilri a! laic- nl 111- i- a|ia(li-. W lll i- al va in iIktc |iilrliin;i v Inn llir cliiii- arc dnwii ami llicii- an- nn wnriic- .iIhiiiI liiiii ciiiiiin;: mil mi lii|i. wlicn all i- Inlallcil ii|i. i • 4i £j9M £m JHufle i arhcr l.oiikiilll liiiN- llrt ' t- it I ' liiiii ' -! I I ' liril Dill III llii ' llll-l III I .li ' iilil.l. ill ill! ' iiiiilorm ol a -tainaii. I S(l(.. caiiic llir " nld miiii I iii Ii . It %a-n t Ikii;; ln ' fdPf ' " UliN " was known for lii Imll-likc cncr N aixl -iniilar (|nalilii-.. Ilr I ' liiiM aluavs ;ft l witli a iniiiiniiini of hook M rk ami a iiiaxiriiiiiii 1)1 -lic|) fl lie slill a ii|i llicrc on lop. Man a inlr rw wi- ii-lcncd to tal - of the ail riitnriv of onr Inio in la-ka. Wliilc r rt oni- else (Irtadfd iIh ' llionfilit of days at sra on tin- «rni-c. ■■|{li " uoiild make it look like a picnic compared to those (hi) on the ■Sluri- ' " . IJitwctii no cls he nianaficd to ccht lliis hook and rack np A " «. Nc r a man lo .-luin tlic fcmah ' c . Kd , - pcnt tlio c lihcrty (hiys " out at tlic hon-c " . and it h»oks solid as a rock for l.d and (iracc. Nc cr at a lo-- lor word-. ( That ' s for sure! ) Kd iimionhli ' dl) will he a lop -liipmatc. TACOMA. WASHINGTON Puyallup High School I . S. Coast Guard . ' (If Class President, Editor Tide Rips ' • 203 : Jnhm mul S msser Hailiiiji Iroiii W i imnitli. Ma--., ami alwax- |priiii«l c.t the fad i iir litiy. " J. P. " . With a voict- likt- oiu of the Dead tiiti Kids he let hi- |ireseiu-e he felt and am iiiiiiiite we expected Leo (ictrcey to l)e f dlo iii«: lo e heiiiiid. l a - Inukinj; for a parts, and ever readx for a flood time. John a .-oon one of tiie ho -. A ' ood man in an .-e ion. a pM-iulo- hook eritie (he thoii :ht " (ioiie With the Wind " wa? written hy Stan Kenton) he was soon rahhed a tile |)oor nian- Deems Tayhtr for Houlinj; Gale. Afternoons the hlaek and hine note- of (iliords -axophone could he heard wailinj: up and down the corridor.-. Another of liis -pare time occupations was plu ' ifiin ' : Kenton to one of the iral from the College o er the " nut hrown ale " . Nexrr a dnll moment, and lot- of lau h will al a he found in .lolin - ;:encral NieinilN. W I A MOl I II. M S.s. W .Mil. .mil III J. .ii.u.i Smlinii. Iliiiilinti (,iili- m 20i SI 1)151 in. MASS. iliii;zl...i lli h S,||...,I Siiiliiifi. I ' isltil. Muiioiiiiiiu (lull. Hiiiii l (in r I ' .iimmilliv tVilliawn nAwcnw f uhlicftvcr Vi hen the city fathers of Arlinj:tun .-aw Bi Paul inakiii;; lor (X ' , lluy decided to send along a steadying influence in the form of Puhlee. He has been the chief loader and target puller for the pistol team and has shown his lo e of the sea hy spending four years down with the Sailing Team. Academics, although time consuming, never managed to throw up any harriers Pub couldnt surmount, and he has always had his eye set on that commission and degree. With a subtle sense of humor and a hag full of witty remarks Bill has turned many a dull gathering into a gay party. Never one to shun the fair sex. it seems there is a little gal from Jersey who has first claim. hen called upon in his chosen career, you can be sure that Bill will be ready to go anytime. herever we may go there will go that famous (picry — Publeel here are you???? , I MIlXiM . K VNSAS Fniloiiia llif;li SrIuHil lii lc|ifiiil ' ii« ' Jiiniiir College hiiDllxill. I ' rtiik. VofKi Tdfii (lull. U i r. .S i,„rs. Chnir. (,l,v ( lul, f DwM iqhi D. HagtBMaaj Hailing rnitii llir |il.iiii- ul K.iii-.i-. Dwi lit ciiih- In l.ikc In- |il.u ' a llic j;iati(l-(la(l(K l Hakri- ( ;«irii|iaii . W " i - mil -iin- wlullirr il - tin- rliiiialc or tlir IixkI mil llicir lull wlialrvri il i . it iiiakf tri-iiiciulnif. riiuiliall |)laM ' i . I or tniii ' ai In ' lia Ixrii liiil(liii : down the left i-nii nl llif liii - lor llic Mcar ainl |iia iii : a •ranir wliicli lia- lirni a ctMil aixl • •(liciiiilK iflrrlivc a iialinf. On lln- iiilcn ( iii| aM lia«krll)all coiirl it i a liiirciiiil -l(p| liinMNci. ami lie lia- cv iii Ihiii kimwii In -liii » a Hare mI liiii| ii. wliirli im liim i- rr iiiill-iial. illi a -l«i Ji.iwl in lii- m ' i ' . ill ' lia- lii ' i ' ii kmiwii jo rliaiiii maii a Ian liiail in lii ' | a-l fuiii ' M ' ar ami lia- liiiiiril ii|i i ' iiii i t -iitK with a (|iii-rii. So rniiir .liim ' . llic i|iii -l man vsill mcamli-r mil tin- al -. taking: lii |iliM aiit ili |ii tilimi ami aliililv III makr liirml- In liir rr irr. Nviicic il- liniiml In lie v|| ri ' . Irilr Mill il llic lMii|(iir Shilc. .lark can ircilr -i l --r in ria-uii- in i l i ' i ' iiii(l li |)aiiirl Hniirii ' -limilil nr i ' r lia r IraM ' liil wr-l ' il iiiiflalii. jack liniii lil with liiin a [immuIo (|iiiclfic-- ami ;iriai ia|)aliilil ic- lor {icttiiif; tliiiifis dune. Ncvci ' an acatlciiiic wnmlcr ' in- riunc-i In-li-- lia- lia i lime III (lirccl iiiir .Mii ical K ( ' iiin : ami In lie llic wurkliui ' M ' ui tlii liiHik. c cr lia|i|ii -r tiian wlini ciirlfd ii|i silli (lie Siiliii lii l:t -- liifi I ' osi iir Mdaiis Hii lt ' lalol and ca llall |»idliii;: iiiic nl hi- lliirU od«l |ti|i( ' . Alliioiii;Ii a conlirmcd " Red Mike " hack in ' . " )2 he a rescued from liis late h mie iil ( !aliruinia " fim l. I |Min meeting Sara- Belle it was no loiifjer " I think " hut rather " W C think " and there will be weddiiif: !)ells eome June. rrustudrtli) . I,(i al. Ilel|ilul. i ' riendlv. (]ourteou . Kiml. ()i)edienl. (ihecrlnl. iiiriilN. etc. . . .: can we a more ' . ' ' UTICA, NEW YORK I tica Free Acadcnn Sicininiing. Managinp; Editor, liilr Rips: Minstrel Shotis. Chapel Com- mittee 207 mhcw i €wnil 9icif. Jr. .No. il iKil a liiiiiiaii M ' t-iiiti nl " I lie Hn-r Harnl I ' nika Imt niir nwu Al Keif. On.- (it ..111- Mill W .-trill, r-. | liail- Ir.mi tin- .iu -.lilit madi- faiii.iii- an. I ii.i .m.- Iia- .-x.-r liicl l.i ar;:u.- it- in. ■til- witli liiiii. lua - I.I lie i-.-li. ' .l ii|i.iii l.ir a (in. ' |i.-rl.irinaiii-.- .m ill.- mat-. Ii.- Iia- li.-cii a main-lay of tin- i iint-an(l-j;roan.i- fur fmir v -ai t. | |iinf: it nfl witli ia| tain of the team l t (•la .- ear. ••in- .it tii.- I.inn(l.-r of tin- ■ " liili " . Ar. always been one of llie fir t to join in a jiood time. aii xnIiit. ' . aiiv lime. Ever sinee ue can rememlier it lia- lieen (iermaine. an. I it l.i.ik- like com.- jiiii.- lli.-re .- .liiij: to Im- aiiotli.-r wcLlin:: imt in Milwaukee. His one ainliiti.in is to eominee the -erxiee they -honhl float their hi|l- on the homeland ' s hrew. ith all the friends he luir- Iwre. there ' - no need to a M .m. ' .il tli. ' ln ' -l ami a liii.li l.ir -ui-.-e-- in tli. ' fntnre. Mil W l Kl I . W IS( (t |N ..lllll DlMMOII lll ll .IXMIJ ( ' (( i iiiM. II fi-lliii : Mi n i:innt ( Inl. i i- I 208 PLEASANT (iARDKN. . C. I ' l. .1-1111 (,;iiil.ii lli{;h Srlio.il Noilli Ciiioliiia Slati- 3r(l (.7«.ss SriTi ' liirv. Biisinrss Mail- apiT Tidi ' Rips. I ' rark C.ndct I ' lih- liritv and Profuri-mcnt Committee illtf £uqcnc ieharJson No, this is no refugee from a Caherl ad or " (ioiie itli tlie iiid " . x ' our own " Colonel " Billy E. Richardson. Peering through the smoke of his long thin cigar we thought for sure we were faced witli a (ion federate Spy upon the arri al of this Southern (ienlleman. (iomiiig to us from the depths of Pleasant (harden via North (iarojina State, the (lohuiel foresook the cotton gin for just plain gin and ginger and the life of a Coast Guard Officer. ( Southern men always consider themselves gentle- men, so no inducement there. ) K er since, when not involved in Ring Committee work, this hook and intercompany sports he has dreamed of that great day. (Graduation. I ' liis means going home to Lucinda. that southern sunshine. Lucinda. mint juleps and Lucimla. A good man in any gathering the ( .oloncl is a lia|ip addition to anv ar(lrnom. col. I Ml{| ( KOSS ROADS, pi;n syl ama Tr. Hi li S li... l ni iT--it iif Miiliii:;m C.adi ' t Prorurrnii ' iit Conimillev. Minstri ' l Shotvs " :i CItfJff £. Ht bbans ( ! )liiiiilii:i ( !r - r(»:i(l — i-mt licar tf it. ' " Srillu-r liail Haiul-MrN.ilK and ii -itli r liail wr until a Miiiliii : frt-t-klc laicd nilhiail inftinnt-d n tliat ' vnIiiic 111 ' ranif iruin. ia a tl)| (iff at llir I . of Mi( ' lii :an. Kiddiir N a hill- III -la . di ' »|iil - i ' -niind -r In liiiii thai m- ini ' ilit Iom- iii lirii ' k lii|i|irii |iii---i-Mri- ill llir liiiiii iil ■■1111 liiifliii;:! lie - Ix-ramr kno M a till ' li ' lirr III liii ' liin i ' t ti ii and l tin- liinr in- lini li -d nm-. tin- traM-liiif; alr iiian a- |M-ii-iiiiii ' d nil. Willi lli.ii ' li " s l ' riiii l aiiia diawl. Ill ' lia- III it in- kiniuii llial lii ' a iKIiuv at In.irl. awA il ' iiian a |iiiik. rliillil III ' lliiati ' d iiir In llir iiiiiin-ilr ' -r diiiiii llir |ia-t four M ' ar . tlirrc-lcltcr man in int -i ' ' oni|ian |mii|s. In- lia al a lircii an ardriit ti -ldlion ' - - atldrtr. ( loni - .liiiir. tlir radi ' ni ° lii will Ix ' tllf Servicer j;aiii wlnii llii- -niilin;: i ' i ' i ' -lia|i|i irdlu ' ad -liuw- ii|i. J m f fUlar §i. §inbillarJ lioril. lilTil iilid Ixtiirdnl in tlir liill- iil ( nrirK rl i( iil .itniiiid I l.iii liil I . J{ir look l(. llir •■ -a jiid it- lor. " al an rarl a;z -. Inil il lui.k ((, and a li ' a f Itiji lu Panama In -til liirn im llir " arni-nil ic- " . I.ali-K lie lia- lit ' i ' n kiniwn In i ' t liliriU linir in wrilr idiiininuii- IcIIit- to Piinaina ll illJ; all lii pas lor |)o lafj;f. Ilcrc a vi v wIktc two ran li t. ' cheaper than one if tofxtllicr . . . and llicy ()oii will. r far Kic lias been cotitiiiiialK loiiiid on tlif Itolloni (d ' i ' r pile on lli - gridiron and never lias (XiA seen a pla iT who cared Irs.- alioni a lda -krnf l rw oi- broken nose. Anylliing he lacks in size is mon- lliaii halanccd li a Irc- nicntloiis eajicrncss and af;{;rcs i c drixc. A di dain for any knowlcdjic more nnnidane than the lalcsl Science I ' iclioii has made Kic (piilc a conversationalist. So i lauiM ' lx ' d a Imndlc id (ire ami cm ' r!x . VIenry Joseph Jio Aif r, Jr. An uii liliat;ililf ijio. a |)a--iuii |nr lilnit). %f-l.-rri iin .-l-. ami a dr.-p roui.d liiliti iliat 111- i- irresistible to the oppositi- - lia - made Hank - l(t it|)riiit ;uro tin- linard Room almost le{:eii(lary. . i- fr lia f mi iiiaiiv x ' cii one so often. Addinf: to lii list of ar(oni|ili iinients has been hi record on the •iridiron. where he put on a couple of Frank Merriuell acts. His first a to |)Iay nio t of a •:aine willi a liroken liaiiil. and secondly to pai k llie liall tin- fir-1 pla nt llie pa-l -ea- n a ()Ji yard romp for a tniiclidnwn lliat -tunned ii- all. Hnr of the true Inxer- of llie cla ical -l le nMi i( Hillliili) na i •: lie lia- iieeii known to j;i e forth itli a loutl warhoop npon hearin-: one of hi fa orite-. Hank i« one of those fellows that, no mailer how rou :h it is. will lake it with a smile ami a-k for a litlle more. iireal mix to lia e around. 1 ' r Vt I()|{ I I l) l{l). N. V Milli (.1.11- l.ill- lli:;li S.liool l„„ll„tll. U..(i..fMi(;i r n . Sfa nian ' Millie 212 m; omk. m; )|{k Ki r(lli;iiii I ' li ' ii ScliiHil Trdik. (i rc lliiiL f Jahn Qcf rqc S€hacfcr - J ' ' Let " s live a littlt ' I " T Itciiij: the Sehaefer tlieine. John lia done his best to make life at CGA a little more collei iate o er the past four years. Ahvays prepared to defend his honor ajiainst all. and in concert with this, everythinj: he owns must have character, particularly lii pipes and automobiles. There have been many conjectures about uhat he .smokes in the |)ipe but he maintains it has Character. ri expert at driviiifr cars backwards, he once shortened one two feet that way. Bein one of the natural brains that the Lord has seen fit to put on earth. Schaef isn ' t troubled with the need to study. He is kiiowii for the patient and loving care he takes when hurling a classmate out the door when the bemused individual has asked, " How do you do tlii problem. John? " On women, it is. " Thev jiotta lia e Character. " HI II 1(». MW YORK Hi.llal.. r.Tlmi.al Hi;:li S. Iionl 1 ra k. Siirl ' ii Slurni. II re tliiip •rs r atMl J ' BvarJ Sehro J r l a h-inlcr a;_ ' - l lliicc. I ' aiil luifMHik lii .x icliark fur .IccIimii- ami lli |iai ' ) ' iit ' il f liiiii a lew irMiiiaiil riiciiil- to |ila willi. Ila iii ri-( i ( ' | ills l« ' f;iT - rntm llir local lii;:li -( liunl. In- iuiirticv ii In ( ( . w iim-. liiidiii lilllf lil]iriill in llic x ' icrii ' o. lie (Iccidnl to coiicciilrati ' on tix ' ainniilio. Maiiiii mmi Scliroctli ' r did not for :cl llic fcnialr -i- dmiiif: lli stay lici ' c. Iiiil li rlioo ' iri;: willi a kiiii im-. and allrr «i rn|nilon l in f li :atin linii- rcli-irnci ' . In- lia- lliii- ciijoxid liiiu iil liili ' mil laliiii;: |ii ' - lo llicii ' will ' -. - a rotn|i ' li ' iil liicinl li ' lia-. al one hnic oi ' anollici ' . nntoldi ' d iIk- ni -|i ' i ' ol llic iliiirii ' riiiiiil li i inoii ' llian one ol n-. Of liad a Iim- a ailaliii ' Inn iitrilni lor llial lii wi ' ckrnd. I III ' Itaroii lia- liii ' ii a l al uirinltri ' «d tin- rlllit o -l ' the |ia-l i ' ai- and ' r can onl |ni ' dicl ' -ticci ' -- in liiit ' ' r lie undertakes. 4 Qd rqc atjior Scatnan I lie f;ii iriinictil -|)riiil- iiiillioii nii (li il(i|iiii;; .iliuiiii ' cinri. ' v ,itiil ;ill M- llilil In (lit W.I- li;i «- (,((ir;:r w.llk llinm ;li ill.- nMlli (,j|.- jihI wv ;i((|iiiir(l riinii- iriii-;: tliaii iliirii ImiiiiIi will r li;i r. W Inn mil cii afit ' d ill throw iiijr iIk- N(if;lil around for lln- Track. Ifam or r-lam- iiiiii lli own w -i :lil at an oppo-in;: lia ' k on the foothail firid. lie nia lie IuiiikI ripping a i ' w plioiK ' lionk- in -inall iiiici- jii-i lur llii ' |ili ' a-iiri ' of it. rii - Bears wcrr drprivrd of a aliialdi- liiiriiian wiicn i.iiK in llic M■a oll (Jcorfje busied up a kmc wliirli pnl liini out cd arlion. Sprakiii;: (d |dion« ' s. (ieorjie pr(diai l jtaid lln- wajic- id a couple id operalor- uitii his ni-zhlly calls, and on eekeiid lie wa ii ualiy first out the j:ate and slip|dii : into the fast M( . His praiik have ranged far and wide e cii to eiiterinji a baby eoiilesl. He is a hi man with a heart to eoiiipare. HOLLIS. NEW YORK Brooklyn Tech Foolbdll, Track. IT restlinii. Mono- urani C.liil 215 Will tfMm tMwn w ih PptBWi UftiTiiiiiiatioii. ciicr N. drive and iiit Tf-t iiiaki-- Slu-p tln ' c.iiliiii - » r ioll «)f a pint -i .cd atmii lioinh. Frt ' .-li from tin- ■ " farm " wluii lie t ' iit« ' rf(l tln ' ' hallowed lialls. he sdoii h-t it lie known that thi« new e |ierien(c was just child ' s play and -Imwiil tin- re-l nl n- iii- lieel- 1 pulling down top marks in acadeniic-. .i nld it he that hi in piration was a certain soiitlicrn hclle? hen not on lihert or huriiiii : tiie inid- niflht oil. Bill could always he counted on to contrihutc his share in a hull session, or to he conipletin}: the latest issue of the " (Jale " . A man of facts, he coiild relate tales that would make vunr liair -land on end. INo intercompany hasketball team wa- ( iiniplete willinut tin- ■I ' liilo Speedster " . . Iways willing; to give on llu ' -liirl off hi- hack. Siiep will he remendier mo«t h tho e who knew liiiii iie-t a- an i- er-lielpiiiL: friend. I ' llll.O. ()lll(» I ' llilu lll;:ll Nil. ...I Siirl ' n Xorfii. Ilitiilini: (.(( e, (. " -J I V • - f«rali( " jeiif 216 ' ?00( (►AKl.WI). ; l,ll Oh ' M Aiiiliinf.- I iiioii llijili Siliiiol San Fraiici.- ' o ( ily ( ' ■ Nav;il c.i,Ir.in C.-ll.-.- I ' lrp ,liuul. I . S. av iriidi. Riiii: Diiiiir ( iiiiiniillfr. .Mi m i:r(iiii C.luli. ( ( (. iiinlr C»le,ft But for a quirk of (ate. Bill would |)I•ol)al)i lia t ' wound up at Mna|Kdis. He likes to say that he rliose the Coast Guard ou its merits, the uierit being INew London is chiser to Providenee. Bill was a ball and rhain man long before Academy days and is know n to give an audible sigh at the tune " Margie " . A cinder pounder for four years. Mc(]ros is a devotee of distance running, both in cross-couiitr and track. Credit for the decorations at our Ring Dance belongs mostly to Bill, the mastermind of the " 54 Ring Dance ( unmittee. A houseliuilder. electronic technician and general handyman before coming to the Academy, he jirocccded to show us that given a little material to work with you can build an% thing you need. There is no doubt that no matter wlicre he goes. Bill Nill be a good man to have around. " mm " C: ! ' rv % STK(»N(;. M im: Mn.nt: llii li , l.u.,! Class Scirctary. 1st Class 1 ear Jnhn 9 ier€€f Shillings (.:iii llii hill IroMi ;i liltlc tariiiiri t in llic Nurlli liiid li,i|i|iiiii ' U " ;in nnicrr in iIh- im-I (.imiiI. ' ' I liric i- im i|iii ' -li(in in iIk ' mind nl .mix- one wlin li.i- r ir- incl Jdlin I ' icirr. lli.il lir i- ili Iirni| Im .1 li.i|i|i lilr li TC ( ' |- lir f:oc.--. I Ik ' liicl iImI w i- In-Ill in ii lii;:li c lcrin ii llw incllllM-i nl ' the liiili-r m i- .v id. mid li lii- lilllr Id.n k lii.i.k. .1 lii-hl ( ' l:ls ifi(Ml xidnrih ' . Kid nKinnri ' lui ni.nir in,in .111 11 ndii rl.i ni.ui |n,iki ' . ;ind v |iiiinlin lin;:rr illi .1 ir-iinnilin;i " ' un ihc.di ii.i- lirrn known Id itnlnrr riild riiilU. Hnt Innr.illi llii inil li r lrriiii ' iir .1 s slni i- wiilin III i i- llir liill ult ili- li.irk In -iitmuni ' in mid. Winn Ivrd Do;: lir-I lii |.-d lln- Immi .i r I.I it.nrlm- r r.im.- n|i uilli .i rl.i--ir. " Il- ihi ' iliiiik id ihi- iid . Krd ii -- Imlli lo livrn n|i mni ' w .inli nuin illi lii lii ' iM ' and aiiiliilioii ami ilc|iaii witli " (,iil tu rl In Vn-lr.dia . i tDaywB Crf0ont 3itansiil Down llnm llir liilU ul l ' ;irk.iM;irk ill llic .|ii-r li ill IiiIm ml-. ■ ' Sliiii , soon (li.- ' ( (-r(-il tliat llicrc wa. im plarr lik - limiir. SlmrlK llirn-aliri ' his s[)arc tiiix- was riiii taMllv ()(-( ' ii|iiril with crioii ihiiikiii ' mi ihr subject, " The reason lor ilii» lilicii if(|n --l i to. . . . " . ;:oo(l man in any session, and at iii l r i o cr liner fiii ici- ol ml cnc Ik- ln-camr a staunch nienihcr ol iIk- Inii. llilrli( -w i-c In- wa- a -lionj: nnnilnr ol the fiehl house oih ' ylialler . Iian in : lliem o ri- tlic net for jrood ohi Able ( ' ( . As the fair sex i;oe he found " ' 1 In- ( )m " ' loiifr before he e er rame li r ' and it has Ix ' en Joan ail aloni;. Il a in third ela l ' h i( thai he really found his inediuni and lie relilM|ni h ' d a ui-t-k of lea e one ii miner jn t to take liirec rxam in the iii)je(l. litrcx cr ilic ■ ' liovs " are fiathered Nonll liiid Staniilalz liiere. Iiri;:lil !iiii;: iip llic l(i|)ic. fctJ PACKANACK LAKE. N. J. Poinpton I.akcs Hijjli School Fiiirlcifili Dickinson ( ' ollcfie Sailing:. Minstrrl Shoirs I V 219 Cr tnli. SicB ari, Jr, (loiiiiiij; Iriiiii till- hiiiil nl iiKiiij:n «• -waiiiii ami wliilr -and lii-acli« — " louk al llii iif:ar: il - aliu() l a wliitr a tlic aii(l ui tlu- Panama (!ily heatlit ' sl " ' — to lilt ' cold uft iKirtli. cami- tliis uiir» ' ()ii trintf(l rrlifl hl has vt ' t l() sa a jzcind wmd ior aiikfclainl. I ' or four far Ste lias been at tin fort- aiiioii -l llir diriiilu diiiikfr- at .lai-iil - Hock. Hi talent extends not oid to italla-l in a Iwdv r ioot ilin liv. Imt lie wa- ai o liic two-fisted, hard lri in (•i) ain nl . 1 - |uillini: Itoat in tin- intiT(la races who was moistened for lli Ironlili -. tron adli«icnt to the iifrhler side (d lif» . with cm]tlia i on co-cd acti itie . (!rook early made the |irofouiid di co crv tiiat iicrc women are concerned. ariet i the «|)ice. etc. Yankee f;al- lia ciii made an im|)re sion on Stew, tliou li. and lii- tondcM ui-li i- to :ct a -lation in the l)K-K-KP SOlTill ' . «t I ' VKKI l{. ll(tKII) U.n ..iiiilN lli-li .li.M.| Sailini:. ' f| ' . " ii llini:. W.i tiiiiiii (lull, (iimiiiiiiltiti- tiiiili li,.;l ( liih i I «»COI " ilioii ifsan I " teDt 1 220 cij ' A i.i.wi). OHIO if - ' , DawBgwU £c9wis SiiwcnJi er " m ■d If there " ?; nothing to talk ahout 1 II talk about nothing:. Tliii.- ' ha t ' Don commencing with an effervescent propensity for conjunctival iiiiuiii- eration of the unsuhstantial. This lad has managed to store up a wealth of words in a ocahular which has hcen known to make instructors tear their hair. Nonetheless he has always come up with tlie right answers on exams and that must pro e something. A Red Mike from the la lie set foot on the Academy he explain that he is not goiiiz to get married until he saves ten thousand — what we don ' t know. One (d hi- more recent feats has been the astounding rcNclation that Sick Bays wcullii r vane is as high as the Eagle ' s main mast ( comjiuted with iii ludible sextant). If there is a fornnda for making friends and enjoying oi:r- self completely then Don ha deri e(l il. ■Aulliing wrong with tliat. " I WOHCESTER. MASS. Davi.l I ' roiilv llitili S.-liool Co-Capltiin. ( ' mss (.mtiitry : Mimt fir am Club % MrthtMW Joseph St. yohta 1 M I ' dur .-ai at; . Tlic W urtr-lcr W lii . tn.ll.il iIik.ii-Ii llm-.- c.i-t iroli pilr aiiil lia- Idtti iiri llir ;;ii - cr im»-. (. -( Captain ul llir ( ;rii -( uiiltry team llii - |»a l yur. lie lia- Imiii iiiiiiiiii ; out fnmi lui lour (at . I ' licrc wcri ' riiiii( r tlli rar llial In- xaiili ' il to allt-r tlir cum-c In iiiii llirim|:li illtlir(t|) lliHI;-« ' Imt roiildiil roiixiiKf tin- ( oat li. r| - (iii- lu liaM ' till ' N lt ' Ml iloNMi III a iiiiri ' i) ' -ri ' iiiM|i. iirvrr a iiiniiii ' iil iinr a iiiuvriiirnt a-lril. ami lia liil llii- |ia| -linl -.■ iCw liiiii- iIk- II5NI ullir.- llinu awav lii iiiiiiliirl ii iliiiliii ' . Mllimiuli lir lia In wuik at llir acai jiiiiir ' -. Ill ' |iii ' ki ' il a lii -l riilirr. mIiIiiI ilnuii al llir liii-iiii " - riid ol liiat olil K iK K liilr nili ' and |iriM ridrd In -la ll|i llii ' ir. Sii il i- llial I i ' ll •iin- fiirlli willi riH ' i ' ' v. ainliillnti and kiinw icd i ' llial will a- iiri ' liiiii M ' (■ ill llii ' riiliiir. no iiiallii wlial llic- - i ii c Mia roiilmnl liiiii x illi. i mHian t i I ' luMl (lie -Icrl ci ' iilir lit llir Mirl(l wr ll.iM- tin- -lllilili;; S.ili. Mr lia- |ifiil llif liiiir -ar lien- .i .i Irnm ilir «tiink - aixi hi- Inic |i i-. lixiii;: I ' or llif (la of •iiadiialiidi and a -lalioii cm iln- ()|ii Kixir ' . Mi- jiiialc-t coiitriluitioii to A( ' ii l( ' iii lii - lia- lurn lii- Itri ' I r.iii-lal ii ri nl variuii- (litlics into tlu ' Sorliiaii loiijiiic. ( daiiiiiiij; a (loin- to xttlc down alter firadiiatioii. lie l« ' a fs us woiidcriii}; jii.-t liow scttl« ' l a f:iiv can ]iv{. has s|)« ' iit tilt " last dii|d« ' oC scars |iriinaril tliiiikiiij: of a - li ' i- itark home ami st-f jNIiini. and oids Iras in;: lii- radiator to -lar lor lire ( liarli (a). Basketball team. Mtlion li lie ha- iirvcr hrcn rah-raii lor liir - -ttMi he has always shown an industrious an l n-liahh ' alliludi- toward- an work that may come his way. and is always reads to lend a hand to ans one in need. Mc - a weii ;:iis lo liase around a a sinpmate or Iriend 4 ALIQIIPPA. PA. Aliquippa High School ■■ S-- 22.3 Mir. Carlion tDalicr S m ithlctj Out of llif iiioki- ot I ' ill-liiii-li. iiil.i ill.- 1..- ul .u l.uiiiloii. laiiic Swirk. To liiiii lili- at (.(. lia- Id-t-ii a -riir- nt M-i-ki-ii(l- iiitiTru|»ti ' (i h uiifortiiiiatf |)iTi i(l i»i tii(l . A kfcii eye. and ii« ' r e »f t«■«•l li.i c made liim a iiiaiiistay on the rif] ' Icani. while in his spare time In- i- (lirectirii: tlie same talents in trying to outdo Kemhrandt. Any one inter- oted in Itecoming a steel tyeoon need only to U-nd an ear. and he will fill it will) amazing facts and figures relating to the grandeur of Fitt l»nrgli. and at times might slip in a yarn aliout himself. A strong di l)elie er in strenuous exercises, he has dirt-ctrd lii- physical training program to include ueekend tennis mat( ' he and an occa ional .■•|)rint to the North (jatc when departing on lihcrly. Though he raw the hriny deep for the lir t time upon (!(i . he i- nrc to he at ' a - eillici- allnat or ashore. i. iT % K Ml Ml M I . r . f. . A. Kill,. l.„i„tiiiiii, (lull 224 W l I l (,l (»l{|). I ' . (,.•,,. ■;;.■ S,li,H.I Co-( ' (iptnin. Track: -ird Class Irras- urvr. il rt ' stlitiji. ( ' .iiili-l I ' roriircmi ' nl ( ' .(ininiiltrr. I ' n ' sitli ' iil iiilil i - I ' ri ' shlt ' iil. Moiiofirani (.liih WWrrTK DonaU ttia€Qr4fq0 r hantMon Jt . H;i ii|i; liij;li iilculs and beiiij; a tulluifil ton er! ali( iiali?l n1u-ii he arrived at CGA, Don has managed to retain both through the four years and with the years has added to them. Ahhough now an inhabitant of the East, he still elainis iindyiiif; loyahy to his nati e slate of (California. An avid devotee of projx ' r conditioning, he has l)een sn«-cessful in aiiv sport he attempted. Over the four years here he has been a member of the Sailing Team. Wrestling Team and Traek Team with outstanding performance in all. A prime example of the old adage " the bigger tliey come the harder they fall " . Don was tripped up early in bis «la ;it CGA bv a fair damsel from the college and we wish the best to Don ami Rusty. Serious, sincere, and with high integrity. Don ' s career will be a solid and gratifving one. no mailer slial llie cnndilions. SKH (HY. IOWA Kasl Hifih School Football. Truck. IJ ri ' sllinf:. Wono- gram Club I .4 U ' ' Willi, tana " watnes ill O Hy far tlic l if;}. ' ' sl man in llu- i la--. Iliiiii|ili claims Id lir lln- iNiiical «- am| lc (»r iIh ' Iowa farm liu , W itii l.ii ar ilN Icllir- In lii- indil. lie lia- liri ' ti an oiit-lainliii iirrroiiiicr in rootliall. n ii ' -liin;: anil tiark. iMo l ol llic nnilrirla-- wlin were iinrurl iiiiair innn;:li In -i| tilli iiiin al IIli ' ss in-i-l llial Ik- -liunlil lia r In- own liainin:: Lil l ' oin|ilc ' lc ' willi poultry lai ' iii. Iliroii ilioiil hi- la al (!(i A. wIkii nol -iicndin;: hi- time -atiM or uoi-kiii out al ihr m. he maMa;: ' (l lo -la up will) lln- liraius ol ihr ria— wilh litlh- i -ihlc .IToii. I ' or iIikt yar- Siou ( il - pi i lf a- an Mnflin( ' hin : l{ -il Mikr Inil thru a liltlr ;:al I ' loin llarllord liaiiu ' il all ihal. o ili-ru--i I tlir rrni-r- or an olixr -nlijii I wuuM l«- romph-lr wilhoul Kill lo ailil lo il. n -lalion to wliii li llninplinv iior- will he rcrci iu a hi as-rl oi ni.inpovwr and I ricinllinr--. ' 4iiv I il Mlh swi Charles inqley ' Jr. ' I " lii rcilliiadtMl ScotMiiaii lia lictii raciiif; cla jiallicriii;: and - |»arli - willi lii |»rt ri( - and niilinf: face -inrc «- fir l airi rd. ailalil - nii|t ' id inlrrot and Imid iil a iiod diM ' ii iiin In- lia rralK di ' rlii|ii ' (l ill - art Irarncd in lii- and(-rin : tlirou li |ir -|i silionU and I . ( nnn. A -ti ( in cM-rUliin . Iir acliii-M-d di tin ' lion in tin- I ' i(d l llonx- Mall d ' Fanif tliron li inttrconipain liaskt-tliall. ftxilhall. and -idlhall. Nr r a man lo luin llic ( |)|i(»ilt ' t . lie winl nff lln- deep end al M-ar and it ' s l» -cn ■■|li l|ii ever iinTl |{c-id( wmkin;: mi (lie aiadrmii- .iiid time spcnl at lln- diner and lli - rinli. Iir at liin) ' I ' axor n willi lii- singiii}! voice wliicli lia- lirm liiard rrndrrrd in llir liu ci- r(Kiin . r(. to Jininiic " s IJccr Bar. haMincnt Scotland ard. W hctlitr it lie lil irl or duty Al is a great {riiy and a good Iriciid to lia « around. MILFORD. CONNECTICUT Milford High Scl.ool Milford Prep School Hclooii Academy T iiiversity of (Connecticut ' 2n(l Class } icr-l ' rfsiili-nt. ( ' (iilrl Publirily nnil I ' roiitrrniciil Ciiiii- millrv. Minstrel SIidks. Choir. Glei ' Club 22; § aul €kiien Oiniiiou.- footst« ' |)s ill the corridor- at iiiidiiili-: it i-ii ' t aiiytliiii to %orr al)oiit. jii l Paul ettiiifr in lii- ixtniii ' -Imll wliilr In ' - as-leep. He ii-fd ii|) -o much «Mi» ' rj:y in tliis fashion o t ' r tiie l a t four year he had to tloze in (lass to slay rested. Bein the social type. J ' aul showed a decidcil preference for the lifrhter thin :s in life: witii ' . wniin-n and -on omt thi- lustoniary electronics. iia ijiation and law. I lii |)rol)ahl explain? win he walked the tight rope alonj: ahout exam limes. Vi itii a dead eye. that at limes may he red rimmed, he has heeii a top man on the Pistol Team and was chosen (iaplain for the past year, (hi one of our cruises our liero pr(tcee(lcd to fret lost in Hru sels only to he rescued Ijn a isitin;: hlonde tourist and they lia e hccn tofiether e er since. n in. liter how the cards may fall I ' aul is certain In conic up willi a Ruvai I- hi-li. ta ■ ' : f |{| IM.ION. M SS. rlni-lui. Ili;;l. . 1..M.1 ( iiiildiii. I ' l li ' l Mi iii i:niiii (lull i iiiiisiDK. m;w jkksky illlM.lr lli ll Cadet Ihincf liaiitl. l ' .(tilrt I ' rorurr- nn ' iit ( ' .oniniittrr. ( ' hoir. ( ' ,! ' ) ' ( ' liih. Minslrrl Shaits. I ' istnl, I ' nick (fvfff . ritnwncr " Pat " may always lie found whtTcver tlu-rt ' is music, and the music uill prohaltly ht made hy liim and lii piano. Amoiif: his accomidi hmenl can he counted a hijrh acaih-mic tandin : and the ahility to attend all movies availahle and want more. Paul can be depended upon to lend a helpiu ' i hand, he it a musical show or a classmate in need of academic help. His participation in. and leadership of the Academy Glee Club resulted in much pleasant entertainment (Ui the ni rhts of nuisical eveninjis. Thoujili quiet hv nature he has alway,- come up with the faire t of the femmes. When spring with its rains arrives in New London. Paul is down with the track team reaching new heights by means of a anlting pole. Throughout his four years here, Paul proved to he one to do his best in all he undertakes, and all are glad to have him a a frieinl. STAIMON. MRGIMA Bulkeley School Sailinp. Trntk. If ri-stlinp. Cadet Procurfiurni ( ' .oniniittfi ' . M Dtfiii (01 iye; ulor . h tnas SiithtEwJ bjI w Otj a wai ' iii iiiiiiiicr la in . ' (). loin iii aili ' il llic ciii ' iiilur nl ( lia ' -r Hall li i ' a iiallN MK-aMilcriii down Iroiii tlir llill. (hih :i i-oiio-itcil la t niiiiiilr rilorl 1)11 ill ' jiai ' t ol ' lii |iai ' -iil -parcil liiin lli - i iioniiin nl lu-in-: liiirn a " l)aiii aiikrr° ' ami lir i- iiiit:lil |ii ' iiiiil nt lii rrlx-l liirtli |ila( ' ( ' . l ' |■ • i((U ri ' iilfiicc ill New I iiiiiioii v.. r liiiii all a|i|ir -t ' ial)lc ail aula::!- iiMT iIk- i ' c-i III ii wlii ' ii it rami ' In limliiit: a niMl-liiiikiiit: t:al tor llw wi ' i ' ki ' iiil ilali ' . iJilwri ' ii .scaMiii -iiriil uii llir " Kail ialiir ( liili lie lia« |iru rii lii aliililv a ' - an atlilftr on llir Sailing ami I r.irk liam-. 11 oii waul III know llu- latr l louilowii mi wlial i« lia|i|M ' nin : in tlir millil. jii ' -l a k loin, lie lia niaiia t ' il lo Imi ' ii|i inoii ' ta( ' l and ilrlail- in lii iiiiiiil lliaii (III ' ( :. ( . Ma;:a .iiii ' lia- in il- lili " -. Iom ' of llir -iiviii ' ami llir aliililv III ii ' lax uilli llir limi lliim: in lilr makr- Inm a liii ' ml lo all. M( i i nJ W IkiI Ommi- :it III.- W .il.luil iiii " .(l. uIkiI Hilliii--lrN ;il ill. ' Sh.ik r..i-..l — ill.-.- Mi- iii. ' I.I li. ' .Ill ill. ' III. MM al ( !(. ' - .iwii Siiac ' k W.w. Willi an MT iiifi a» .al. ' i-.T. Iiii-I. an. I ' annii lli. ' -. ' |ia-l yar-. llic nM -.i.l.i l.iiiMtain lias Im-coiik- a pleasant wcckcnil ri ' Infrc Ironi lli. ' in.--- Iiall. J)ffinit« ' l tlif l [ii ' ior a lilM ' ral arts major. Iiis !%!.• Iia- ii.il Im ' .ii i ' rani|i. ' .l liy an tMi iin» ' ' riii;i .•.inr .-. a li. ' -till (lal i l. ' willi |iliil. .i|ili . A . ' ar at Missouri Slalt- ;:a .- Iiini a la-l. ' .il Iral lilV aii.! |Iim il a iialnral t.ir liini t. i.iri id.-r lirai ' . ' M|i aii.l .I.miIiI. ' liiniii as iifiii liiini.ir- oiisU litMit-alli liiin uali Near. Alter a liriel lime plasin to.itliail. lie turned his natural talent for manafiemeiil I. . . ' .in the liasehall team a inanafrer. Herieath a claim of laziness you fnid -r.iod jiidfrment and ahiliu for orjianizinj; that will earry him far in any task he undertakes. MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS Ml. . TTiiin Twp. Hijrli Seliool I niversitv of Missouri ViHtllmll. Basfhall Mmiaprr. Rrc. H ill Coniniitlrf 4 231 Qcnrqc Itawhvrt U)aqnew HtTf i a lad tlial wiiiiM iii.iki- Kiiilol|tli alriitimi look like a lacker when it (•om ' to llir rtiiiiiK-. Hi- lia» Irfi a trail of liroken heart? the leiifrtli of the Atlantic ?ealM)ar(l and all tliroii :h Europe. Hi? main oecu- palion lias heen ?ailin;z and (icorfre sa? skipperinj: sloops on Lake Hopatcon hefore he could walk. ith a lii li staiidinj: on the cli :iliility list for the sailing intercidle iate nationals ti |i|iid ofl witli a chance to fio tilt- " ri ' l ()l rn|iic?. (icorffe ha- pro cn hi- aiiilil). .In-I a- iii- Dad was rcsponsihic for Itacliiii iiini Imu to ;nt tlic i 1 niit of tlic " " raii of winds " he also lauf:lit iiiin how to strum a mean hanjo with a rc-ult (jeorjie has ?parked many a minstrel iiow and mu-ical e enin|i. 20 ' ) jiad to install a readinj: room for (ieor e while lie waited for this nit;litly plione call. Where there " ? music, gaiety and fun Geor-ie is -ure to he. i: Sl (»l{ M.I . N. .1. Cliir.M.i .1. - ruii ll,i:l. S.h. (.iil liiiii. iiilitifi: I ' r f i;it;. Miiiii - firiint ( ' .lull. Minslnl S imi . ( iiilrl n,„u, Knnil i 232 irx IMVROTITA. CANAL ZONE Cri-toltal lli h S.h.H.I Striinniiii):. MiniDfintni l.liih mark £arry White Mark came to the cold cold INorth probably as the only really true Southe rner in the class. His home was the Canal Zone where he spent a good deal of time swimming in the locks, judging from the fine per- formances he turned in down at the Academy pool. He was usually found in the rack when the swinuning team was not in action but claimed that the rest was a necessary evil. Mark is a guy with a yen for adxenture and he could always be fouTul trying something new. Due to this trait, Mark excelled in many ways, the greatest perhaps was the success with the feminine side of life. However Janet came into his life and he decided to settle down in contentment. Mark had many stories and could alwavs be depended upon to tell one if given an appreciatixc audience. Although Mark is no longer with us we wish him well. I KKKI ' OKl. I.. I.. N. V. ln-. |,.„l lliiili S.li.M.l I ' dlMii liiii( ln-liliil - of HriutlvKii Associatf Editor. Siirf ' ii tnrm: Choir, Glee Club " 0 ' J hn tti riian r Uyilti-ins m The cU ' riial walclil)ir(l. " Mom " lias Im-cm |i -r|M-tiiallv on ;:uar(l to krep lliiiif:s niimiiif: a llic v - i iiil ii(l«(l. Joliii came to ii- lioni tin- n ::iilai-. Iiasiii z il ' jiarl ol a liilrli a an I!! ' . |) ' |iilr (lie m||i ' I ' -lalinn nt . Iicir i- iinr rnllif llir C.C. will In- (iiinnii- iKnlnLL luim- .Inni ' . W illi an alhiiilv lipf ill) ' inlciiii ;i|iir . In- lia- In i lilrind nian a i la«- willi In- (|ll(-rir- on |iai ' l of lln- i llir in ' -liurtin ' liailn I rxcn ir.ul. ill- l ■rrralol lioMiic- li;i r liciii till- ii.idinf: ol cviix |ia|iiiliaik (l nn il |miIi- li-lii ' l mikI ,illrrii|ilin;: lo ' | lii- liaiid- on kilinm- ' lillh ' Mark I k. Mllion li mil i ' .Li ' ll a li |mm imiMli iai .jolin - imilii nir i alunil look- likr lililiir Mi ' (, ' ! ' ' ' ■ rlo-ct. ianlowril Willi a 1 1 tnnnilon- Icnariu lor larklin;; work. r-|M-ciall ilniinj; lair lii;lil-. " Mmii " i- -iiii- In In- .iinoiit; llii- first to make tin- to|i. it wmk lia- aiiNlliin;: In do (villi il. JtMMtncs rthwMr tVilsf n 11 ill ;iiil l lii ' .H ' till ' lali ' l ' iilllrliiill iIk ' II noii ' m ' r r III llir l ' i;:lil | lai ' r. jilll cm lir rnlllllcil uii In jirl |m ' I iia 1 1 ll.ivr llir l.il ' -l Iml il i|ii ' al hi- liii rrl i|i-. llliuiii:li a railialnr rliili iiian liurii a liai k. .liiii lia- ii(iiiflli( ' lc- iiiaiia :i ' (l In iln a immI jiili III I ' liacliin iIk ' ; (. . |{a-kcl- liall IVaiii to iiiarix a irtni ' . (!iiiiir a lilirrlN liav anil noii could r -K ii| Hi ' IIn anil till ' rai ' lirin at tin- :ati-. riii Jiinr will |inl an iiiil In tliat. a- llir -rtllr ilowii In inairiril lilr. Soinrw lirri- Jim mii-l lia r a jarkialiliil lor a ili tant lon in. loi ' lir i oin- ol mir mnrr aiilrnt -ii|i|Mirtrr- oi tin- t lf of ilam ' iii : known as ihr iiiinny llop ami :oi- at il uilli ' a aliamlon. With a casual air ami likiu ; for the sulty life. Jim will linil it ca (itlini: into hi- iho-rn career. i Uick lia li i ' (l al imiin-nm- |il;t( -- Ix-lurr ( ' iiniin : to tlu- Acadr SoMlli (laniliiia liaviti tin- Iml ' ' ' --! claim lo liiin. t Ica-t it iii ' iiiiii a lii - iif iiiilliilK iiiii-ir wliirli Ik )ia» been kimwn lo li |i li(»ur on fiid and lln-n dnpiical)-. Well, tlie o f i tluT ' . . . dnpliralion yy? ' ; ' Having |n ' nt fonr yars on tlu " Sailin : I Caii |)fMt tlif niajorit ol lii- Saturday aftiTnooM Iryin;: to cdiu iini- al llial a knockalioiil will turn in a di tanrc M|tial to il own !• on ar - int -r) ' . tt-(l in looking ' liini u|i at odd nionirnt dnrin; tlu ' h ' A h ' is t(t try llic rack uherc lie will lit ' relaxing: — Soutlic A {Treat lo fr of the lir« v. he ha- ne er lieen known to miss a of the clnl . Ill spite of some mior incidence he realK like- i and will |irolial)ly end up a thirty year man. Ml sitli ■tilled in •II to for hnt the 1 he has .1 ccrl.iiii n;:tli. If (he da rn Style. meetin}: he oiitlit DIIKOII. MKHICW W llll.UM-t..ll lll h l.. ..l. W iliiiiiii-idii. S. (!. l.ii » icMce lii ' -lilntc 111 I ct liiiiiliij; Sinlinti. I ' lihliiilv ( ' tiniiiiillrr. Mitn- „i:i i,n ( liih 2M, I i Norm was an »ld liaiid at tliis sort of life wlieii lit- arrixed licif. lia iiij; spent four years at a loeal tin seliool. This lad professed little interest in women, for his high ideals — especially concerning cigarettes and cocktails — made it difficult for any girl to measure up. Now he ' s not so sure. Given to an avid lo e of nnisic. he has tried any and every instru- ment that has come within his reach and had time left over to lend his voice to the Glee (.luh. Although noted for a calm easy maner. Ahha Dabba was known to cut up with tiie best of them on occasion when the circumstances permitted. Norm left us shortly after our last long cruise and he is now continuing his studies at Worcester Tech. With an unfail- ing, affable nature and a dependable persistence in all his work, he will go far and alwavs witli our warmest regards. A.,r5j --j 4 Tko«o Wko Ho o Gone On To DICK WKIN(;AHT. niairi.-.l a.ul lia pick.-.l ii|, ., I5.S. in IMiN-i.- at IJrrkl.-v. Calif. JOHN PASCH. ainnaii. I S M ' . ri-.u in Japan JOHN CONCKLIN, MP, USA, hoineUm;. l liila.l.l|,I,ia. P.rin. BUZZ GOFF-I. n lH.y uitli NAVCAD ' s BERGSTRAUSKH. now tn(lyinf: at Kochi ' ster rni .i ity ERNIE TROIKE. pickin-: np an . ' ducatio;! at Cax- In-tilnt.- FRANK ROUMAN, now at h..nir in W iM-..n in WALT DURENBERGKK. jockrvin- l. .nilMi out ol Japan. 2n,l l.oni.- I ' SAF JACK WRIGHT, academy to Westfield, Mass. to mania-:.- to Army to (i.rmany CHUCK MORAN. tri.-(l it a conpl.- of linii- mon- ai.l to li.ck sitli it an. I -., I.a.k to Virgina BOB KEIFER, l.-ft in ' . " 2 for tho Frat l.if.- of Carn.-fxir T.-.h PETE SAVAT(n . pool l.ark of tl..- .la- Irft to join lli.- Marines niCK RKin . ' i I) K H MI.( h.al .1- to llir pnn.li — i;n if:n USN I.KF CANAPAHY. om- of ilir two men tlial -wain nt of ilir la--. now --tndyiiifr Prt- M.-,l at NYl TEX ELFKHS. railn.a.l man in T.-xas MK; jack |{|{0 . -.Hint: ..lii.at.-.l al tin- I . ..f W .-I ir-inia DON I{(:IIKI . ..n.- .f ill. ' I{ ar top iiiO ' ha. k.r tliinl .•la- .ar now all.n.lin-; tlif r. of W a liin :ton cm CK i,n . marri.-.l an. I ii.im. ' in Mi.lii;:an U)U 1U: M. inarn..! Ml ' al I .Ml Kn.. tinar.lin ; lli.- u..!.! I)l( K HOWERS. I . ..f Ma sa.lni-.ll- FRANK S M)I KSON. ai Mil Hpl If] A- tlll I ' llll I , MAC ADAMS. |...MMtl ..i iil.urn. Ml-, uiih I S l JIM (;KI:I;N M.D. rru.nir.l. l S . li.mi.a. Il..ii,l;, TED HATT. nuini.-.l uuikin- lor lli.- I ' c-l ( (lli.f |).-|,l. ill ]N» ' J Tsf cmck McAi.iJSTKK. (:hi of •.-,.-,. (:(;A: .mm DON BLACK, slud yiiig at tli.- V. of Wisconsin RAY SALLEY. Class of " .S k Mass. Marititiir .TTM DEEANEY. still as liapjty as ever. sIikKIii ' at Nortluaslfrn T " . aloii with DlCk KANDLETT JOHN O ' LEARY, now telling the tales about the Marhlehead fishing fleet to the U. S. Navy DICK CAMPAGNONL the oIIkt nieml.er of ihe uimtnlng part), man-i. d iind itli the U. S. Army CHARLIE PAULSEN, working as a ehemisl in PIdladelphia RAY PULVER. picture al)o c. Pop is now with liic I . .S. Army in Korea DICK HAWKEN. W(uking at (ieneral Electric. New llartf.u-.l. N. Y. AL BARTLETT, uou uith the ISAF BILL CHAMBERLAIN, USA in Korea KEN DISOSWAY. showing them how at Pratt Institute TOM EINSTEIN, at tlie I ni ersity of New Hampshire FRANK VOTA A. at tiic University ..f Wisconsin JLM BEARD, married and working for Olin Industries DANK PORTER, married and living in Marhlehead. Mass. GEORGE PORTER, with the U. S. Marine Corp DICK LEE, Ensign U. S. Navy GORDON WILSON, 1st LT, V. S. Air Eorce 239 Th« CIa« of " »■» Fallon. Scc- ' I ' d ' hs.. Lnthnni. ] ice Frcs. CDR R. Wnlilron. Advisor, Sheedy. Fres. AfttT our lii-l l M) f;ir? at lln Vradcniv l -ariiiri{; li i In cititr with the system ami ara- (Iemic8. we eagerly sougiit tiie rights of seeoiul classmen. ith these rights came the respoiisi- liilily (if imloctriiialing the new swahs. Hut (ir-t llie eckfii(l in W iidwiMid aiul the " Ml ole shut mail iiKiuth " ' girl- in K. (!itv added « icial grai ' i- lc( that militar hrace. the -iiiimii-r ended with ( .a|(taiii Mow man esi-tirting n- dnu ii In Hermuda. and ■■(!arui " " riiasing lis hack. 1 in-n iiaik In tin- hdok:- and the mighty fne: K. K.. Mech.. Ihermo. Materials and Na . W hen not hitting the ixmk- M ' were husy adjusting oursehe to our ne duties in the Batt organizatiun : a preparation ♦or the responsibilities of first class year. E!agerlv we await the dav in Mav when tiie hig rings and the new iiorizontal stripe are ours. Then olT on the cruise in our last chance to pro ( ' our merits as -eagoing men. FinalK hack In a la-t (ling al tin- hooks for ihr uitiiii.ilc : (graduation. liK ll M . H. N. M.UniTTON, k. I). M.I.EN, (,. G. ANDERSON, I). 1). M)K ASSY, J. N. ANDREWS. I ' . H. ASPDEN, J. K. Itl( Kt(»HI». W. J. Itl() l)(». ;. A. MO !« r HI (IM)IN. ( . J. ItdilK. -. M. HHKII). . I». IlKOW N. H. I . ItmtW N. 1. (,.. jK. : M( S. 1. 11. .11! ( II 1I ' (.M . i;. ( II 1( I I I!, I). It. ( DIM l!N. .1. I . coctK. K. I,. (KOI »;ii. 1). r. t.i .n.mn(,ii a.m. i). c, DANKIEWICZ. L. T. D.VSOVICH. S. J. D.VY, R. W. DKl ' I ' KKMAN. K. R. UIRSCHEl.. J. .1. Dl KK. J. M.. JR. DUM.OP. J.J. EAKINS. G. R. H. KRKK.S)N. (i. B. EISTIS. R. W. FAI.I.ON. J. 1. FKAl). C. W. FERGl SON. J. E. FLANAGAN. 1). I!. FORBES. F. D. FoRsi.i M). k. r. (;aR(,ia. c. . . gasi ' . rd. r. n. 241 GERKEN, A. E. GLASS. C. F». GOKlxiN. I . 1 . GREEN. D. L. II l I . li. I . IK. II KTKI.Il S. C. C. IIAI GIN. II. HEKZllERG. I Hnl.l.lN(, M lIM II. I!. JACOH. M. A. JENKINS. R. L. JUHAN.SUN. R. L. JONES-BATEM AN. J. H. JORDON. 1,. KAISER. M. J. ' ' k .Jk K l(.|| I, l{. . K(U III , II II II Kli M-. I. I . I Mil! . . I li l(iHl . III. I U-n , K. 1 . I I II l. I. I I |l|l . ( . I I W l . I . 1 . I IMII Ml I II, I, W Ml l( . I ( 1, l l-l I I! I II 1. ( |{S(»N. S. N. M.IIIMK.I -. 1. I ll|ll N. ( I, I i( 242 J II M.MNW. J.J. M.KIV I, J. Ill Ml -S ll.i:. W. J. Jii IIIIK I)T. C. . MIHI ' in I . W . Ml I.SKN. !(.. Jl{. OI.SKN, I). :.. JH. n I H |(i . U II. IJiililDdl . J. i:. Kui .Nsi; Ki.i.K. K. s i M)i:i{ . J. II. (:hi .(;.n i . i. Q: P SPENCE. W. N. SPILLANE, E. J.. JR. STRODE, J. K. SI SKI. H. SWANSON. J. R. THOMI ' SitN. I. E. THctRSKN. H. B. EILI.ETTE. H. M. W 1N KI(;HT. H. WALTON. ; E. WAMBACk. 1. J. WKl SH. R. 1.. JR. WE. T, N. R. rESTFALi.. V. S. W()()l) . J. 1). 243 Tho Clci«« of 6 Amid lilt dill ut llllllll ■r tliuiidcr stiiriiis uiul the tliuiidtT of our " liii: lirntlicr " - " ;iutlioritati e voices, we t-iili-n-d ii|i im a ii - lili- a- members of the C a l (fiiard taiiiiU in the iimiiier of 1952. To US. to lie an all-kno viii ! U|ijiercla« - man wa;- tin- ultimate and end to all tliiii . Finally oiir " -NNali ' " year did eoiiie to an end and the " 1)0) - " " took u? sailing again — this time aero tin- ea-. 1 lieir " " gentle " " |)roddiiig now holds for n -oim- iii -aiiiiii:. W i- ui-li the (ilass of " 5-4 contiiiu -d lK■ee with the fond tlesire that we too shall soon follow them to sea. Cushman. Trens., Rooney, I ice Pros.. Harlgon, Sec. LT D. Jenkins, Advisor, Kirkpatrick. Pros. ABARBANEI.I,. M. M.I.KN. K. C. Al MON. G. L. UADKK. J. K. H snl V, J. I). HKI.I.IS, I). S. BENJAMIN. N. II. I{. nil I IK, K. A. |{| (M UKIV H. . 1 1 ' . I 244 ! H(»M). I.. I . Itn ' II-. W . . liUI-inl . K. I . liKdf.lloN. W . .1. I!|{(i . (;. i:.. J|{. I l I Ml N. .1. I . CAMI ' ltKl.l,. I). T. CAN uM l!l. .1. ( IMIK, (.. (;.. JH. CI SUM A , C. M. CITTS. N.K. ( Z KM ISK I. I). (. l) |{( ' I. I. H. Dm: VHTKHIT. .1. i:. l)l.M l; . . i . M ratPJb p DKNNEV. C. I ' .. JR. DKM.IN. Vi. M. DON Hl E. R. M. KHRM .,I.R. E (;i. M). I). K. KM WISTl K. T. VT. I HKR. D. A. I AIRlI.OTH. (.. W. II M)m . W. 1. IRAMZ. D. L. ;ATHY. B. S. GILLESPIE. R. (iODDWIN. r. GRANGER. J. A. H 1IK .R. M. 245 ■L II KHI (,TnN. H. K. 11 MMi.KN. R.r. HK.IN. I.. N. HENNEBKRR . P. I). UK K-. W. G lliilt ' i. H. I HOl.NSI.EA. A. K. HI MEK. I . I). JONES. V. C KELLO(;(;. k. K. kEOM.ll. 1 . J. JR. KKTlHKl. R. J. KlliHKV !!. . KIlllllM. li I K I M )l!(l l. I . C r-D - .Cp. MRKI ' MRK K. 1. Kll!-lll il l 1. Km| I ll M li, |{ K Tl. R. I MiN, I . ., JR. I I |i . W . 1. n N( II li M V. i)ti i n. J N M i I Mini). l H II. I I.. , M W . I! I l, I I l-ll I I l. l Ml . K I. Ml 111! Ii(,. I . ( . Jl! |||;i l , W. 1. 1 i i 2U, m MOlllN. W. It. M. MOOKIU. l». (. i;. IOK N.(.K f ' J r Ol INN. F.. J. ROBERTS. B. C. RIMMEL. F. A. I ' KF.Sl TTI. K. K. I ' KIM K. I). I.. RETTIE. G. L. Hl KI). J. K.. JH. ROLAND. W. F. ROONEV. J. J.. Ill R BACkl. R. I. SARDESON, R. E. 247 M SCHAEKKR. T. F ' . SCHAFJTER. B. K. SHANNON. B. R. SMITH. C. R. . MITH. J. F. SOl.OMi iN. B. I. STANLEY, J. G. SULLIVAN, E. L., JR. SUML D. A. SWVGERTY. A. TAIB, D. M. THEVENIN, P. T. ii ' h Tl TT. H. H. I 1!. W.I. l riKttS. ;. K. W (.M B. . 11. WII-Mllll.J. W KSTtlN, (. I... JR. W IIITI . W. W. ii l ( K. li. I W I muil I). J. II.. Ill K BI . B. C. 2Ui The CIa « oI " l ' (ir llic (iuiif:r t (•I;i lliiit (r tiiltird ill. A(;i(l -iii . llif |iiirk cliaiifzr Ironi liifili clninl to inililai ' N liiV v .i i|iiilr a iiiiii|i. I. nuking liaik III llic oIIkt - ' h i- lit llic IVni I-. wf liiri lill mt till- ii ilian lilc w c Irl ' l n Inii wed r l diii- tii -I rl ( r ■■|{|ii( ' - " . Ill llii- iifw anil -i ' |(aratr wuilil of our.-, our li r lia r ;;iiiir tlirou ' li a j;ri-al Irausforniatiou. i- lia i ' li-aniril liou In rmii- plctf a half hour jol in trii ininuti- . hut till caul hi-at thr -trui. Now that " Swah Sunuju-r " . a hurriraiir in Hcrniuiia. •■ aiu anil rt ' -exains arc | a-l. m- see most of our prohlcuis in a (iiffcrt ' iit li;:ht. As we K ok into the future wt- sec that first fiold stripe, our first long cruise to Euro|)r. ami tin- first of many days as upperclassnieu. ( ' ,(tffni ' . Treas.; Hcsford, Secretary Cftiiuoii. I ' rrs.; LT Lynch, Advisor; K iggins, I ice Pres. Back Row: Rernmiin. Wiggins. ){prkill. ? ■ . (nnimings. Jack.ion. Simirl. I iitlon — Middle: f ' arey. Bichel. Meskell. Rols. . iisnni. Tlionisuii. ' (i mer— Front Row: . « i;i. ( ' .(irney. Stnrk. liiiell. Ihnis, Stoker, Stankiewicz t ,t t t f wt 249 liMK Row: }„hn-.,m. l,l,„in. Mo.nlvy. Collins. Mnll.xks. Mnluiw . „ , .,«,«. l irarn. M,;,ny. Jmohsi-n MiiiDiK K(i« : FvssPiid,;,. I ' .iii. ' iK ' lli. DrMUIiirll. llillion,-.. l,K,;„i,: l.snn. M(ir(iiiis. lieiniitji. II illis KitoM R(i« : (iiifjni ' y. Himi ' lltiK It. Hiirris. Morrisim. Riii ' di-l. Hoiien. Hezitr, ( ' .itnr , Miilone Back Row: Rosie, Ripple. Hroivn. Orftml. l orr s. (ilne e. Miirkey. ( ' .iirlson. lUichiinnn. Kinney MiDDLK Row: McCnrly. Super. Green. Olden. Tuneski. Mcl.iiiilblin. Hishop. I ' lunlz l-HOM Row: Arnold. Mnrrolt. McCelliin. Frankie, Benin. Bragau: Minion. Milchell " f f, jf t , f J| .1 .t lA ■ 11 ■ i l« I{ V( K H4i N : Vi rhvs, Strfthrnson. Tiitt, Citnnott. C(niil}s, lirirkson. Parish, Kiiiifniann, Stromnter - MiDiii-K Row : (f ii i ' i (•( ( . I ' .iirdiiKil. ( ' .ooley. Oslxtrn. I ' Uihcrly. Atkins. W ond. Tiii lin. . ic ler- mini I ' lioM R(i« : Mdllrsoii. Diiprr. Cnirr. Ihimill. !tl ' iu( ' n. Diirote. Mnrharil. I ' lirsons. Ti-xinr B (k H(ih: I ' vnwiiihii Sihiii i f MiiiiiiK Knw : ll,:U rd l-iKiM H()«: . I ' nssmn,, ' . Ackvr. Ttirlls Mirhnrls. In llrnilrll. Il,ins„l Knhxiarz. Halm in. II, dr. lanlh, . II ondnorlh. Cr,,,, i:h. Ihmrr. Maslr. IS. nrluiornn. rll. Hnltzman. son. linmfr .tWfi?W t .f f f 1 1 1 . 11 . .-J _ s 1 i 1 251 tVc £)Xprcss GnMf QraiiiuJc ta Hciiifr inniccs in tlu ' field of yearhook- we fomid r were in nt-fd (if a .«istan(( ' niort- lliaii once. Tlie e were lli - linio wluii -i.rnc • ah%a turned up to live us the boost we needed. So lu cveiNdnr. imt nril tlm-e iiK-iiliuned line, tliat iiave at one time nr atiulhcr did tlnir liil In ii ' l| iiit ve owe our llianks. PETE GURWIT . . . Jahn Oilier En-rax in- Company representative who took our ideas did a lot of work with them and turne l them into some art work we liiink i mighty nice. WILL SCHILLING . . . Mail an l |-Apr.- I ' rintii.f: (o.. to him fell the responsihililv of keeping: us movinj: on the eop) as to {:« ' t thi huok out. He also has heen a patient iiislructoi- in the art of producing a yearbook. CAPT E. J. ROLAND . . . faeult a.Kix.r and lii. ' p.TM.ti uln. ii.liMd II- with our prohlem- aloii Nsitli lii maii oilier joli-. LT N. O. WESTFALL . . . for proof readin- the bio-rapin -eelioii ami smoothing out our ersion of the Enj;lish language. CADK ' I S SO . . . uIh. Ir.il an aide liaiid uli.ii ii. rd.d. uli.i.N.r needed. e eii llioii ll lie a llt a lliellllier ul llie ela s. I " I K MEMBERS ( E ' i ' llE E ll{ SK . . . ulm pui up uiih ilie m- liers of llie -tall s hen (lie I k a- oiii ' e ell e lor mil ' n ' ii i Mli nil I iiiie. 252 (7f ' nnouncm The companies who hove graciously lent us their helping hands. vSS SiS Our sincere appreciation is extended to them for the important part they played. 253 GET ALL THE GAS MILEAGE YOUR CAR CAN DELIVER Plus Famous Friendly Service See Your Mobilgas Dealer CLEVELAND-Terminol Tower B Liilding DETROIT-Guardian Building WINNIPEG-Grain Exchange DULUTH-Board of Trode UOLiNU hf tOKNIIIUS 1 AKi: AMI Ori:A TICA. SIMMMAIIO MARINE TRUST BUILDING, BUFFALO 3, N. Y. Execufive Offices BUFFALO, NEW YORK mereinthev orlddovou«anttogo? TRANS WORLD AIRLINES el agenf or coll rWA, See your trov Fir THE FINEST. . . FLY- TRANS WORIO AIRUNBS Established 1896 Tel. Mystic 8-0240 LuNT Moss Company Coas Guard Approved PUMPS FOR EVERY PURPOSE SEWAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEMS REPAIRS AND INSTALLATIONS 236 BOSTON AVENUE MEDFORD 55, MASS. Why did they come to America? The pl rim alhcrs took ijiiitc a chance illicit ihcy set sa ] for the new ucrld. They uere lulling to risk their Inci and sujfer untold lianiiliip for the chance to I ' ccoitic free l eople . . .to uorshi to urite, to sj eak and to assemble as they saw jit. These freedoms irliicli llic plgnm.s iou lit are ours today. Guard them well and use tliciii ui.scl) ' . (jasoline. ' Dicsd ami ijas Siigiucs ami Vcwcr Units HERCULES MOTORS CORPORATION Canton, Ohio. U.S.A. ' ngine Specialists since 1915 Beit Wishes to t he Class of 1954 • Complimenfs of WORCESTER TAPER PIN CO. WORCESTER, MASS. Manulacluren ol LIQUID FUEL CUTTING TORCHES WILFRID 0. HIE SONS INCORPORATED Everything— for the Navigator • Rules, Triangles, Protractors • Sextants — Plath, Hughes, Heath • Chronometers • Binoculars • Technical books of every kind • U. S. British Charts Publications 40 Water St. 178 Atlantic Ave. 406 Water St. New York Boston Baltimore 2. ' 6 r When niddr iiitelUf eiire reports (i pr(Kir iin r enemy homhers, tfie rarrier-fxised l)(ni rl(ts Skyrdv streaks to intercept New jet interceptor — the Douglas Skyray A now coiiorpt in lighter pianos, the Doii ;las F4D Skyray — wlion operat- ini; from oarriors — will let fleet units move deep into enemy waters, protected against sudden attack. lion shipboard radarsliowsenemv homhors approacliinp, the Douglas Skyray streaks up and hovers — to keep them from hitting vital tar- gets. On spotting the enemy, Skyray slashes down at terrific speed — spitting a stream of hullcts, and rockets. Yet, despite its tremendous siteed, Skyray ' s radical swept-hack wings can bring it in sloiv, for easier Iandinu:s on aircraft carriers. The outstanding performance char- acteristics of the F4D Skyray are another example of Douglas leader- ship in the many phases of aviation. Designing airplanes for quantity production to y farther and faster nith bigiii ' r piiyloads is a basic concept with Douglas. Depend on DOUGLAS First in Aviation 257 FACSIMILE ' 2r n by serving I lie World... I riilcil Si.iits I. mis Mi (.s till- ii.itiDii Hilli .1 Hiiild- wnk- Ikcl III IS niiat Aiiiiiu.ui ll.ij; slij| s. I Ik |)lv (.ssfiilial triiclf roiilcs . . . link lliis HKinlix tn Eiii()|)i ' , llic I ' ar luist iiiiil Aiisti;il.iM;i . . . |ini i(U silippcrs ami ])ass(.rij;its luic .mil ahio.iil with regular, clcjiciulahlc slimic. The new s.s. I ' nited Stales is the world ' s fastest, most inodern siiperliner, 5. ' 5.. ' JJO tons. Sails every two weeks hetweeii New York, II.utc and Southaniptoii. The s.s. America, her hig, last, liixmloiis niiiiiing mate, also services ( ' ohh anil Hieiiiirlia en. 40 of these modern C-2 ear o vessels . . . each more than 10,()()0 dead-weijiht tons . . . make ii[) the backhoiie ol this frreat carno lleet. Six of tliesp modern f irtory-( f e riirfio ressris . . . over 10,000 ileail-weisht tons each . . . t()m|)letc United States Lines ' lleet of 48 great American Hag ships. (Mwiifed States Ll wwtes 1 BROADW AV, NEW YORK I, NEW YORK OFFlCF.i l. rM. aPAI. CITIES TIIROUGIIOCT TIIF H ORLD ? CROSSFIELD PRODUCTS CORP. 1 111 ai I IV Road Rosi 1 1 I I ' akk. . i v Jersey, U. S. A. Complimenfs of Manufacturers of fabric, waterproof and insulated footwear for civilian needs, and for all branches of our armed forces at home and abroad. BRISTOL BRISTOL, RHODE ISLAND 259 U. K. LINE CONTINENT LINE MEDITERRANEAN LINE AFRICA LINE ORIENT LINE CARIBBEAN LINE lYKES LIMES Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., Inc. Offices at: NEW ORLEANS, HOUSTON. GALVESTON. NEW YORK. Beaumonf. Brownsville. Chicago. Corpus Chnsti. Dallas. Gulfport, Kansas City. Lake Charles. Memphis. Mobile, Port Arthur. St. Louis. Tampa. Washington. D C OFFICES AND AGENTS IN PRINCIPAL WORLD PORTS B.F.Goodrich GiC Bearing OIL RESISTING RUBBER FOR PROPELLER SHAFTS There is a size and type of Gutless Bearing for every powered boat or vessel. Soft rubber, water lubricated, Gutless Bearings out-wear all other bearing materials. LUCIAN Q. MOFFITT INC. AKRON 8, OHIO Engineers and National Distributors 260 i LIFE GUARDS These Coast (iiKirdsiiRii iic life ;j;iKncis. Tlieir rpfPffP f f station is a CinimiiKin Alljatross. Tlic crv of licip tlicv answer eoines 1) radio, or it ' s tlie silent rr of a W r ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' f Ijuat in troLil)le on tlie sea. Coast Cuard trannn ; aiul tradition gives tliein the e()ura;j;e ,inil skill to rescue despite seas and stoinis. ' I ' lu- naiiie (inmiiiian iii es them eoniidence in then Alhalioss ainpliihian. GRUMMAN AIRCRAFT ENGINEERING CORPORATION • BETHPAGE • LONG ISLAND • NEW YORK 261 u I n the United States, and even more markedly abroad, the lartjc crude oil produchifi centers arc far removed from the lari e oil consumuKj centers. As a result, the tusk of huvin; the ri( ht types and (luantities of petroleum products in the rif lit iiluces tit the ni lil liiiies presents pralih ins iii lotiisties uhieh re iuire Ih utviost ftexibililii of supply inid tniiispart, " I STANDARD OIL COMPANY (NEW JERSEY) AND APFIMATED COMPANIES 262 JANUARY 21 , 1 954 will live in history as the launching day of the world ' s first atomic-powered vessel . . . the submarine Nautilus. Powered by the silent, invisible, airless ■ ' burning " of nuclear fuel, the new submarine will cruise submerged faster, farther, longer than any other craft! Into this unique and historic vessel . . . built by our Electric Boat division . . . the Government of the United States, the United States Navy, the Atomic Energy Commission, and American industry have poured the resources of their miiuls and skills. We salute the men who built the i autilus and the crew that will man her. GENERAL DYNAMICS ATOMIC POWERED SUBMARINES • SUPERSONIC AIRCRAFT • GUIDED MISSILES • ELECTRIC MOTORS GD EB OL ED m, 0. yQ. GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPORATIOh YORK • PLANTS: GROTON. CONN . MONTREAL. CANADA, BATO 263 " Serving the Orient • India • Persian Gulf • Straits Settlement • Mediterranean t ia ' M M ROUTE OF THE SEARS WORLD ' S BEST BY ANY TEST! The line of binoculars worthy of your recommendation. Only their advanced optical and mechanical design and preci- sion manufacturing methods can provide the seeing pleasure of close-up sharpness and brilliance — and a lifetime of service. Write for a free copy of 32-page booklet " Binoculars and How to Choose Them. " Bausch Lomb Optical Co., 1 4 1 Lomb Park, Rochester 2, New York. WHEN APPEARANCE YOUR COLLARED BY LINENE CLOTH FACED PAPER COLLARS IMMACULATE ECONOMICAL COMFORTABLE On duly porl oil. looks Be colla has that liesh. clean look. It always will il you are wearing a Linene cotton cloth faced, paper Collar. For Linene is the collar that ' s snowy white all the time, never wrinkles or cracks. When they soil just throw them away. For neat- ness and economy always — wear Linene cloth laced. paper Colla w ' A j V REVERSIBLE COLLAR CO. GIBUS if CO . INC. NAVAL ARCHITECTS MARINE ENGINEERS NEW YORK, N. Y. 4l 264 ■Mr . The new 195+ ChevroUt Bel Air i-door sedan. With thr« great srrirs. fluvrolri otfirs the most b.auliful choice of models in its field. Frankly, A hat A ould these people really say about the new Chevrolet ? We ' re frank to admit it. Most people really don ' t talk about cars the way the manufacturer would like them to. So, we wouldn ' t actually expect those folks around the firehouse to comment about the new Chevrolet ' s " smoother lines and smarter styling. " But you might well hear something like " Hcst-looking Chev- rolet they ever turned out. " No one up there is likely to go in for technical engineering talk about " higher compression ratios resulting in increased horsepower and finer performance with outstanding fuel economy. " But that new Chevrolet owner would probably point out the same things to his friends in his own words. Something like this, maybe: " This new Chevrolet ' s got a lot more stuff in it. And it ' s the easiest car on gas I e er owned. " And because Americans like and know their cars, the conversation could turn up facts like these: Chevrolet has the only Fisher Body in its field — and everybody knows Fisher is the niunber one automobile body. These smooth and easy Chevrolet brakes are really something special— biggest in the low-price field. This year ' s Chev- rolet offers a complete choice of optional power features and controls, including all the latest things to make driving easier and more con enicnt. And when the talk turned to price, it would be common knowledge that Chev- rolet is the Imvcst-priccd line of cars. So, if someone said— " By George, I believe Fll drop aiound and see that Chevrolet dealer myself " — we think that ' s a good idea. Don ' t you? . . . Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit 2, Michigan. •Optional at extra cost. POWER STEERING AT A NEW LOW PRICE! More and more people are enjoying the ease, convenience and safety of Chev- rolet Power Steering. Increased production to meet this growing demand makes possible a new- low price. It ' s available on all models, optional at extra cost. MORE PEOPLE BUY CHEVROLETS THAN ANY OTHER CAR! ,v « 31. OF iHlh J i ...-- 265 Tke Co fe«f GuArJ anJ Tk Na «fel Institute Says Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King: " I have hern a iiieiiiher of the U. S. Naval In- stitute for ahnost fifty years. I would urge all hands of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to become members in order to keep in touch with the progress in any part of sea power. " Says Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz: ■ " In inv own mid liipinan ila s it was llie cus- tom for the entire graduating class to ])ecome members of the Naval Institute before gradua- tion. It is an excellent introduction to com- missioned service which 1 hope is still pursued by the graduates of the Naval Academy and the N.R.O.T.C. imiversitics and colleges. " Says Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr.: " The nce l for every naval officer to he a well- founded, well-iid ' ormed man is a vital one. There is no better wav to achieve this than via sonic such medium as the Naval Institute and tiic Naval Iristitnlc Proceedings. " • The U. S. Coast Guard is rightfully jiroud that it was the first of the Sea Services to be officially established by Act of Congress after the forma- tion of the present llnited States of America. The U. S. Navai. Institute is equally proud of the fact that it was probably the first professional organi .ation of its kinil among the Armed Ser- vices. And today, just as from its original 1790 es- tablishment of " ten cutters for the ]»urj ose of en- forcing customs laws, " the Coast (iuard has grown to its present impressive organiitation through consolidation with the Lighthouse Service, the Life Saving Service, th ! Rureau of Marine In- H])ection and Navigation, etc., s o has the Navai. InsTITI Ti; grown from a little ' rouiid-lablc " of a few do cn mcndnTs to a natioinvidc profes- sional society of niatiN. iiian llmusand ' .. and conducting a magazine and book publishing business of impressive proportions • — not for profit, but " for the (iilvtincement of professional, literary, and scientific knoivledge in the yavy. " Although the Coast Guard is in peacetime under the supervision of the Treasury Depart- ment, in times of emergency it becomes a part of the naval forces of the countni-. Hence the Naval Institute has long recognized this spe- cial bond and rclationshij), and extends the same mendjership privileges to Coast Guard | ersonnel that it docs to Navv and Marine Corps pcrsoiniel. . high-ranking officer of the Coast (iuard is traditionally one of the Mendters of ihe Board of ( ' ontrol of the Naval Institi te. Naval Institute publications and manuals — such as Dntlon ' s . (nifinlit n. The C.iiastiiuartls- man s Manual, etc. — are in regular use in the Coast Guard. Coast Guard author? contribute sonic of the most imjiortant articles |iiilili iiiii ill liic In ' STITITe ' s monthly maga .iiic llic . . . «t ' « Institnli ' Proreedinps. and few co]iii- ul that magazine appear that do n« t include a lili- cral percentage of Coast Guard |ihotogiaphs. Believing firmly that close teamwork between tli ' Navy and the Coast Guard is a vital cs.sen- tial to the national security, and that the best a to attain sindi teamwork is better iiiforma- lioii and mutual understanding between the two Services, the V. S. Naval Institi te extends a cordial invitation to all ( ' oast Guard Personnel to beconic ineiiiliers or associate nwmbers of the Institute, iiiiual niemlicrslii|) dues are the same in liotb cases .?.{.0(t per yi-ar and bring silli il. wiliioiit adilitional cost, a full year ' s s ubscription to the T. .S. Mavol Institute Pro- ceeilings. Present net worth of the V. S. Navai Institute is in excess of Sl.OOO.OOO. and tlu-rc iire no assessments other than the anniiiil mem- br.-Mp ,!i.rs. 266 Farrell Lines THE NEW NATIONAL HRO-Sk Here now — the HRO Sixty — latest and greatest of a great series! Now, in addition to all the wonderful features of the HRO-50T1, you get dual conversion on all frequencies above 7 mcs. plus 1 2 permeability- tuned circuits in the 3 456-kcs. I. F. stages! Other new features include current-regulated heaters in the high- frequency oscillator and the 68E6 mixer. High-fre- quency oscillator and S-meter amplifier are voltage regulated. Be sure to see and hear the ultimate - — • the HRO Sixty! A longfime SERVANT of fhe UNITED STATES COAST GUARD NATIONAL COMPANY, Inc. MALDEN, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of THE CLEVELAND-CLIFFS IRON COMPANY THE CLEVELAND-CLIFFS STEAMSHIP COMPANY Cleveland, Ohio 2( T 268 1 IN THE ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY its Sperry Navigational Radar BACKED BY SPERRY SERVICE ■ Danger is routine to the ships of the Royal Canadian Navy. Floating ice- bergs, rocky shore lines, intense fog. all combine to make navigation difficult in every season of the year. Due to the reliability and accuracy that is so essen- tial under such conditions. Sperry Radar was installed in ship after ship. Today. it is standard for larger vessels of the Ro al Canadian Navy, for navigational purposes. ■ Sperry Navigational Radar, engi- neered with the precision that is tradi- tional with Sperry. provides information of the fine exactitude required for safe navigation. In crowded harbor or open seas, in total darkness, fog or blinding storm conditions. Sperry Radar gives ships " eyes " of unfailing accuracy to help them ■ " sec " their way safely. ■ And equally important as Sperry ' s engineering precision— is Sperry Service. Sperry field engineers, strategically located all over the world, keep Sperry Radar at peak operating efficiency. Sperry also maintains special training schools where customers ' personnel can be trained in the use and care of Sperry Radar. With Sperry Radar you can count on engineering of high precision and reliability. You can also count on quick convenient service. SP GrROSCOPE CmPMK GREAT NECK. NEW YORK • CLEVELAND • NEW ORLEANS • BROOKLYN • LOS ANGELES • SAN FRANCISCO • SEATTLE IN CANADA . SPERRY GYROSCOPE COMPANY OF CANADA LIMITED. MONTREAL. QUEBEC 269 H The hQime S. S. PIERCE CO. on the I hcl is your Guarantee of Quality OLT , Manufacturers of • FIRE ARMS • MOLDED PLASTIC PRODUCTS • PACKAGING MACHINERY • DISHWASHING MACHINES IIGHTWEIGHT COLT COMMANDER CALIBERS 4J Aulomati .38 Suptr 9 M M lugti COLT ' S MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Harllord, Conn. The Arundel Corporation BALTIMORE 2, MARYLAND DREDGING - CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING and D s r bufors of Sand— Gravel— Stone and Commercial Slag As a fellow sea-goer. vc congr.iliikitc tiic men iiiui womk-ii win) arc t;r;Kiu;itin_L; to Ivcoinc ol- Ikcrs in the most L ' is;itiic ol all i;i cniMK-iil sciA ices — riic I ' liitcd Slates Coast Ciiiard. May each of (Hi help add Uistre to its already i:lorious history. AMERICAN EXPORT LINES 39 Brocidwiiy, Ni-w York 6, N Y. 270 tonight I his man (oiild almost iiacli the moon toniglit ...lor he staiuK ai ilic bi ink of a new a c in the (on(|U(si ol s|)a( e. and lie knows this: If we had to, we coidd get him there. Given time and mgent neeil, e ronld design, l)uild and deli ti the lotal .sohilion to that piohlem. An entirely new development in the aiieralt industry now makes this possible. It is known as Systems Engineering... a science and a method of developing aircraft, guided missiles and electronic systems not as traditional flying vehicles but as fully coordinated solutions to operations problems. ' l()tla , Mai tin Systems Engineeiiiig is already in full operation, tailoring airpower to tomorro v ' s needs. INfost of the story is luider wraj s, but you should know this: If our security requiicmeius shoidd demand the equivalent of an " Operations Moon, " the princi])les of Martin Systems Engineering vould be essential to the solution of that jJioblem. Yoii irill hear more about Martin ' . : I R C R A F T THE GLENN L. MARTIN COMPANY BALTIMORE • MARYLAND PROTECT WHAT YOU HAVE© Insurance Company of North America, founded 1792, oldest stock fire and marine Insurance company In tfie coun- try, heads the group of North America Companies which write practically all types of Fire, Marine, and Casualty In- surance, Fidelity and Surety Bonds . . . through Agents and Brokers. NORTH AMERICA COMPANIES Insurance Company of North America Indemnity ln--urance Company of North America Philadelphia Fire and Marine Insurance Company Over of the world ' s total supply of genuine FUR SEALSKINS - Alaska, Cape- Hope and others. are ' -Q 2 yceJj a FouKE Fur Company, .sv. ..«.. u,....,., .tlifiits oj ihf U. " . Coi ' l. the Caiiiiditin Cov ' l. ihc Cor ' t nj ysstTi tliv Union oj So. Ajrica. and of other Shippers lhrouf,houl FOUKEy the world, for tin- I ' roccssinii, and Sale oj Fur Seal. skin- Vmib 272 For over Tii years B W boilers have set the standard for Naval and Merchant vessels, Water-Tube Marine Boilers Superheaters • Refractories Airheaters • Economizers Oil Burners Seamless and Welded Tubes THE BABCOCK WILCOX COMPANY 16) EAST 42nd STREET, NEW YORK 17, N. Y. BABCOCK WILCOX 273 The World ' s Best Tug Fleet MO RAN has the largest, most efficient fleet of iiiodern coin- juercial lugs ever assembled. MORAN TOWING TRANSPORTATION NEW YORK Itoston Marine Wnrlis Inc. Diesel and Steam Engine Repairs Industrial Machinery Repairs k± .;n . " I -- j 33 SUMNER STREET EAST BOSTON, MASS. Tel. EAst Boston 7- 1006 1155 for one pounder to 6 " guns 271 Offiriiil CniiM (iuiiril I ' holii from tt iisliiiifiton Comniprriiil Co. PLYMOtJTH, WHERE THERE ' S LIFE THERE ' S 1 Out of the darkness speeds a line ... a lifeline. To the vear man waitin r to he rescued, the rope spells safety, security. Plymouth Rope means many thiiifis to many peo])le. To the fisheiiiian. it means a safe catch. The electric lif;hl and p() cr mail stakes his life on the safe performance of his rope whenever he scales a utility pole. The industrialist requires it in the manufacture and movement of his ;oods. To the vast marine trade, it hrings enduring strength and ease of handlinc. iiy Nlicrc . . . every- where, Plymouth Roj)e is at work, efficiently and economicalh . There ' s (i Fl jnouth-Kny.ineered Rope for Every L se. PLYMOUTH CORDAGE COMPANY Established 1824 PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NAVAE ENGINEERS 605 F STREET, N. W. WASHINGTON, D. C. Founded in 1888 J Its quarterly Technical Journal can not fail materially to benefit every person interested in Engineering. All regular and reserve, U. S. Coast Guard Officers are eligible for Naval Membership. Annual dues $7.50. No initiation fee. No extra charge for Journal. regarding specifications ond complete data concerning ony Sylvanio products. Write to: Svlvonia Electric Products Inc., Dept. 4R.50. 1740 Broodwoy, New Yoik 19, N. Y. RECEIVING TUBES PICTURE TUBES... ALSO CRYSTAL DIODES TEST EQUIPMENT ELECTRONIC TUBES AND COMPONENTS MICROWAVE COMPONENTS 3r LIGHTING • RADIO • ELECTRONICS • TELEVISION In Conodo: Sylvonia Electric (Conodo) Ltd University Tower Bldfl., St. Cotherine St., Montreal, P. Q. Coinptiments of NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING AND DRY DOCK COMPANY Newport News, Virginia BUILDERS OF GREAT SHIPS TO HELP KEEP AMERICA STRONG ON THE SEAS Wits tliev favori route 276 PorVTIAC A GENERAL MOTORS MASTERPIECE Every Attriljute of the Finest Beautiful, spacious, luxurious . . . powerful, smooth, alert . . . wonderfullv reliable, marvelouslv economical . . . a constant source of pride ... a permanent source of pleasure. These are the attrihutes of a Pontiai- as detailed by its owners — and readily coiinrmcd liv a lonk and a ride. Tlierc is virtuaiiv nothini; more that can be said about the very costliest cars — yet Pontiac is priced within a few dollars of the very lowest. Come in and price your favorite model. View the luxurious beauty of its big. comfortable interior. Test its superb performance on a route of your choice. Then let your own good judgment tell vou why dollar for d(dlar you can ' t beat a Pontiac. SEE • O U K . E A REST P O . T I A C D E L E R 277 BAXCROFT NAVY at the price of the ftrdinary ary vap IT ' S CRUSH-PROOF You save the pnco of the cap the first time you pock it. Ask to see Bancroft No. 21 PC. BANCROFT CAP COMPANY, Framingliam, Ma»j. r GREATER STRENGTH LONGER LIFE UNIFORMITY BALDT DI-LOK FORGED STEEL ANCHOR CHAIN There ' s no equivalent to DI-LOK; each link die-forged with stud as on inte- gral part; uniform link shape: longer life and greater strength; rust and corrosion proofed; smooth and per- fect operation over v indlass wildcats. ANCHORS - all types, sizes and makes for every need. New, used and reconditioned An- chors and Chains available for ship- ment from stock. " U. S. Coast Guard Standard ' . . . I MCHOR. CMM ft FORCE DIVISKM ' at ,As tiodot. tlltttJU CompoHf P. O. BOX 350— CHESTER, PA. - Pioneer in the Design and Production of Communication and Eectronic Equipment 1 Federa Teephone and Radio Company A Division oi INTERNATIONAL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CORPORATION 100 KINGSLAND ROAD CLIFTON, N J 278 Compliments 0 THE INTERLAKE STEAMSHIP COMPANY ■♦■■ CLEVELAND, OHIO THE bwd him h ief and Vnelit ASSOC I ATI O N Invites your participation In its $10,000 GROUP LIFE IISIJRAIE PLM and other benefits for regular officers of the uniformed services Write for applications and additional information ARMED FORCES RELIEF AND BENEFIT ASSOCIATION Department R 13th E Sts. N.W. Washington 4, D. C. Established m 1947 by U. S. Army Offlcert 179 Complimentary to the Coast Guanl for their efficient and valuable services in saving Life and Property BOSTON INSURANCE COMPANY OLD COLONY INSURANCE COIVIPANY BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (hme ON YOUR INSURANCE INSURE YOUR AUTOMOBILE HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERSONAL PROPERTY NET PROFITS are Returned to Members Upon Ex- piration of Policy. MEMBERSHIP RESTRICTED to Commissioned and War- rant Officers in Federal Services. UNITED SERVICES AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION 1400 E. GRAYSON ST. SAN ANTONIO 8, TEXAS Smooth Sailing, Shipmates.. and we wi f be seeing you. ' Yes, its a fact, for more than half a century and through two World Wars, Warren Pumps hove shipped with every type of vessel and hove seen active duty on practically all Marine services. These services include: Boiler Feed, Ballost, Bilge, Brine, Butterworth, Cargo Oil, Condenser Circulating, General Circulating, Condenser Condensate, Heating Condensate, Fire, Evoporator and Distilling Plant, Drain, Fuel Oil, Lubricating Oil, Gen- eral Service, Fresh Water, Salt Water, Sani- tary, Fuel Transfer, Diesel Engine Cooling. Yes, we will be seeing you! WARREN PUMPS WARREN STEAM PUMP CO., INC. Warren, Massachusetts IW) TO THE CLASS OF ' 54 SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE FINANCING AND LOANS to officers wherever located Minimum Restriction on Movement of Cars Overseas FEDERAL SERVICES FINANCE CORPORATION Mill Ajjilliatii ■ " ' • ,D.C. Alexandria, Va. Augusta, Ga. Bethesda, Md. Columbus, Go. Honolulu, T. H. Long Beach, Calif. Louisville, Ky. Panama City, R. P. San Antonio, Texas San Diego, Calif. Warrington, Fla. BROUin SHHRPE • MILLING MACHINES • GRINDING MACHINES • SCREW MACHINES • MACHINISTS ' TOOLS • ELECTRONIC MEASURING EQUIPMENT • JOHANSSON GAGE BLOCKS • CUTTERS AND HOBS • ARBORS AND ADAPTERS • SCREW MACHINE TOOLS • VISES AND PUMPS • PERMANENT MAGNET CHUCKS FIB ' S BROWN SHARPE MFG. CO. M I PROVIDENCE 1, R. I. Compliments of HILBORN-HAMBURGER INCORPORATED MILITARY INSIGNIA MILITARY JEWELRY 281 THAMES SHIPYARD INCORPORATED NEW LONDON, CONN. Zhe dacilitics -to serve the large X ' kC Will -TO SERVE THE SMALL " Italian " BOSCH PUMPS Injectors Ports " Fero " DEMCO Fuel Systems WINSLOW Pilfers Sales and Service BACHARACK Testing Equipment AEROQUIP Lines and Filters Diesel Engine Parts G. K. DIESEL SERVICE Engineers - Confracfors Disfribufors GOVERNORS Woodward Pickering Marquette Repair and Jesting ALL TYPES Complete Overhaul injection and Nozzles Parts Exchange Service 12 ATLANTIC AVENUE, BOSTON, MASS. Capitol 7-4544 Manufacturers of CADET PAJAMAS Since ?885 the Standard for MEN ' S UNDERWEAR PAJAMAS - SPORTSWEAR ROBERT REIS 6l CO. TV O PARK AVENUE NEW YORK 16, N. Y. MERRITT-CHAPMAN SCOTT Corporation 292 PEQUOT AVENUE, NEW LONDON ConstructLon. of All Types MARINE SALVAGE HEAVY HOISTING General Offices: NEW YORK, N. Y. 283 JEFF GOLD TFIN INC Correct Military Uniforms The unfailing adherence of JEFF GOLDSTEIN INC. fo their traditional standard of QUALITY AND INTEGRITY has been recognized by THE SERVICE through generations. ♦ Telephone: Murray-Hill 5-8866 ♦ 387-4th Avenue at 27th Street New York 16, N. Y. 281 THE aiLILUSi IF®Si® (g® INC STONINGTON, CONN Managed and Staffed by Ex-Service Personnel — At Your Service! TEL. MYSTIC, JEFFERSON 6-9239 Jewelers For Your Class Rings DIEGES CLUST Manufacturing Jewelers 17 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 8, NEW YORK RINGS • PINS • MEDALS • CHARMS • TROPHIES 285 Compliments of J. RAY MeDi:il IOTT A CO.. IXC. ENGINEERS AND GENERAL CONTRACTORS Harvey, Louisiana WHEREVER YOU GO —on land, sea and in the air— there ' s BRIGGS OIL FILTER for Marine Automotive Railroad Industrial OIL FILTRATION Bri s THE BRIGGS FILTRATION CO. RIVER ROAD, WASHINGTON 16, D.C. RED Mill, LUMBER CO. " Everything fo Build With " TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN ' In the Heart of Nature ' s Playground MANUFACTURERS OF PAPCR SINC-C 1850 -FOLDING nOX€S SINCG 189S ROBERTSON PAP€R BOX C () M 1 ' ANY IN t: () R 1 ' () R A I ' € U M(JNTV1LL(-; CONNCCTICUT N€:vsr YORK.- 4ao i.cxington av =:nu — •-- boston park, sqitar. : nun ding 280 ■ TIILBOT, BIRD CO., INC. Ill JOHN STREET NEW YORK 38, N. Y. Quick Here ' s the world ' s simplest safety razor. Just click blade in like magic, and you ' re ofF to the quickesf, smoothest shave of your life. No other razor like it. Get an Enders for real shaving speed and pleasure. DURHAM-ENDERS RAZOR CO. MYSTIC, CONN, Afifd tan Si Goyjc, 9 . Marine Insurance Worldwide ♦ 111 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 38, N. Y. 1872 - 1954 - Telephone East Boston 7-2907 DELECO, Inc. Coos Guard Approved MARINE-INDUSTRIAL WIRING ELECTRONIC INSTALLATIONS MASTER ELECTRICIANS • REFRIGERATION Electronics Installations Refrigeration Wiring 141 Border Street, East Boston 28, Mass. 287 METCALF BROTHERS CO. p TOADl MA««. Bt .u.5 P T.O«» UNIFORM SERGES AND OVERCOATINGS for more tkan eigkty years 45 EAST 17th STREET NEW YORK CITY CHARLES SIMON. INC 394 N. MAIN STREET, NORWICH TURNER 7-9205 A Good Repufafion Does not Jusf Happen — If Must Be Earned 2Jt!! y o}y . . . ConiiiU liiiit ' s Largest Bank series you at these con yen lent locations: COMMERCE OFFICE 250 State Street New London, Connecticut NEW LONDON CITY OFFICE 61 Bank Street New London, Connecticut MYSTIC RIVER OFFICE 42 West Main Street Mystic, Connecticut OLD SAYBROOK OFFICE Main Street Old Saybrook, Connecticut NIANTIC OFFICE Pennsylvania Ave. and Grand St. Niantic, Connecticut STONINGTON OFFICE Cannon Square Stonington, Connecticut Hartford National Bank and Trust Company ESTABLISHED IN 1792 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporaiion LET US POINT OUT THIS FACT Any Ball Bearing you require for any automotive or industrial application— you can get from BEARINGS SPECIALTY CO. 665 BEACON STREET, BOSTON 15, MASS. Esfob ished I 9 19 Ball and Roller Bearings Truarc Retaining Rings Pillow Blocks, Flange Units Rod Ends, Com Followers United Motors Lines For quiclc service call COpley 75325 CompUmenfs of HOTEL PICADILLY SAratoga 1722-1723 Mechanical Packings io Specificafion 104 S. GAY STREET BALTIMORE 2, MARYLAND 289 NEW LONDON an d MOHEGAN DAIRIES equality f Chekd DAIRY PRODUCTS Founded 1902 Over Half a Century 0 Serving New London I CREEM AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Sales and Service AUTO AND MARINE CARBURETORS, FUEL PUMPS, AND ELECTRICAL PARTS AND SERVICE New London - Tel. Gl 2-4389, Gl 2-4380 Norwich — Tel. Turner 7-9157 Complimenfs GARDNER STORAGE CO. NEW LONDON, CONN. Agent AERO MAYFLOWER TRANSIT CO. 18 BLACKBALL STREET Phone Gl 3-4955 For Gentleman ' s Affire in New London It ' s TillMlS 27 BANK STREET OOOD FURNITUReI SINCt 1696 64 HUNTINGTON STREET, NEW LONDON, CONN. THE NAVY MUTUAL AID ASSOCIATION NAVY DEPARTMENT WASHINGTON 25, D. C. Organized July 28, 1879 Cadeis Now Eligible Upon Receiving Their Commissions In The Regular Coasf Guard Protection in Force — $82,000,000 Assets - $26,000,000 Membership — 1 1 ,000 SERVING THE NEEDS OF NAVY, MARINE CORPS AND COAST GUARD OFFICERS AND THEIR DEPENDENTS FOR THREE-QUARTERS OF A CENTURY Gifts DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVERWARE SOCIAL ENGRAVING Expert Repair Service Jewelry— Silver— Watches PERRY STONE Jewelers since 1865 296 STATE STREET TEL. Gl 2-5650 Opposite Mohican Hotel 291 Compliments of New Haven Shore Line Railway Company, Inc. 7-15 STATE STREET NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT SULLIVAN MOTOR CO., INC. 19 JAY STREET Tel. Gl 2-4459 DeSofo — Plymouih Dealer HOPSON 5 CHAPIN MFG. CO. Heating - Piping - Air Conditioning Ventilation - Oil Burners NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT Compliments of THE CADET TAILOR SHOP 112-114 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT FOR OVER 35 YEARS A FAMILIAR LANDMARK TO COAST GUARD OFFICERS AND CADETS Compliments of PROVIDENT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ■ Complimenii of liAt complete line of UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT 60 BANK STREET, NEW LONDON, CONN. Phone: Gl 2-1335 Good luck fo (he Class of 1954 ABC FILM COMPANY 74 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. Complimenfs of COLLEGE DINER, Inc. 420-426 WILLIAMS ST. NEW LONDON, CONN. Complimenis of THE SHU-FIX CO. Shoe Repair 11 MAIN STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. NATION AIR TAXI SERVICE FAST • DEPENDABLE fRff AIRPORT LIMOUSINE SERVICE AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY CERTIFIED FL YINC SCHOOL NEW LONDON AIRPORT U. S. HOI IK so. I WXIKRKORD OnU :l Vi7.» hrvin D.mnl.,,,,, ,;r ].„,„ton PHONE: Gl 2-6386 " SAVE AT YOUR SAVINGS BANK " T ie Original Home for Savings OUR 127th YEAR THE SIIHES BUNK OF NEW LONDON 63 MAIN STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. 293 dh TH[ SHULETT CLEIlNiNG AID DYEING CO for SERVICE and QUALITY COLD FUR STORAGE RUG CLEANING 2-6 MONTAUK AVENUE, NEW LONDON A.f. arti an,3lnc, INTRACOASTAL AND COASTWISE TOWING TRANSPORTATION OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS CHARTERING AGENTS AND CORRESPONDENTS P O BOX 2156 PENSACOLA, FLORIDA CllUItU V SOS Underwriters ♦ 90 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 38, N. Y. Chicago Allania MonI real Son FranciiCO los An gries Dc Hot 294 THH S. K. SMITH COMPANY ' 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago 18, Illinois Producers of " MOLLOY-MADE " Covers Designing and planning of the 1954 TIDE RIPS covers executed by our New York Office 52 Vanderbilt Avenue New York 17, New York Prompt Courteous Dependable YELLOW CABS PHONE Gl 3-4321 24 Hour Service Limousines for All Occasions Compliments of DAN SHEA ' S RESTAURANT STEAKS - CHOPS SEA FOOD 23 GOLDEN STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. Established 1920 SANTIN CHEVROLET COMPANY, Inc. 5 HOLMES STREET Mystic, Conn. PHONE: JE 6-2616 CHEVROLET - OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC J. S. SANTIN, Dealer SOVOrO I ' ltOIMITS IO II»A. l MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT The Standard Machinery Company Davis-Standard Sales Corp. Incorporated 1875 MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT Manufacturers of Extruding Macfiines and their accessories for the plastic and rubber industries and Plastic Molding Presses— compression and transfer type, both automatic and semi-automatic United Electric Supply Co., Inc. 13 WASHINGTON STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. Wholesale Electrical Disfrlbuiors The J. Rossie Velvet Company MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT H. A. BKLC K LII The Hub of Famous Brands Finest Fashions Af Lowest Prices 161 MAIN STREET NORWICH, CONN. i A I I O C % Jewelers Diamonds Watches Records Radios Cameras 74 STATE STREET New London, Conn. Tel. Gl 2-4391 EST. 1876 INC. 1901 THE limROU cV CIIMSTOl k I II. MARINE HARDWARE SUPPLIES PAINTS VARNISHES Agents For U. S. Coast and Geodetic Charts Tables 94-96 BANK STREET, NEW LONDON, CONN. PHONE Gl 3 5357 TRAYSTMAN BROS., INC. wholesale Meal and Provisions 655 BANK STREET, NEW LONDON, CONN. Telephone; Gl 3-8386 CROWN SHEET METAL AND ROOFING 33 PEQUOT AVENUE NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT Under A the Orange Roof You know you ' ll find something specially good ! TRY HOWARD JOHNSON ' S HOUlARDjOHnfOn ' } ' Landmark for Hungry Amcricani " i f W -. 1 ' • ■■r . Mill 2 6 I Complinwnts of MYSTIC SHIPYARD, INC DESIGNERS AND BUILDERS OF FINE BOATS Since 7843 WEST MYSTIC, CONNECTICUT Phone: Jefferson 6-9436 Air Conditioned irtf -joaiisi PHONE 3-5371 FOR RESERVATIONS NEW LONDON ' S FRIENDLY HOTEL E. J. MURPHY INC. Your Friendly FORD Dealer 404 MAIN STREET, NEW LONDON, CONN. Sales and Service Genuine FORD Parts Tel. 2-5374 Besf Wishes to the Class of 1954 STEINMAN BROTHERS 314 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. Complimenis of Boston Candy Kitchen CANDY LUNCHEONS SODA Phone Gl 3-9286 190 STATE STREET, NEW LONDON, CONN. Lamperelli ' s SEVEN BROTHERS New London ' s smartest night club and restaurant Featuring America ' s only SEVEN BROTHERS ORCHESTRA New London Federal Savings and Loan Association 15 MASONIC STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. " Where home loans cost less and Insured Savings earn more " Complimenis of New London Instrument Company DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT 29: Compliments of The Miner and Alexander Lumber Company 150 HOWARD STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. Telephone Gl 3-4355 Send . On all Occasions LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE Florist Telegraph Delivery Association Flowers by Wire to All the World 104 STATE STREET Opposite Main Phone Gl 2-9456 THE UNION BANK TRUST COMPANY OF NEW LONDON INCORPORATED 1792 61 STATE STREET Checking Accounts Connecticut ' s Oldest Bank L LEWIS COMPANY Established 1860 Fine China, Glass, Parker Pens, Silver and Unusual Gifts STATE AND GREEN STREETS NEW LONDON, CONN. IOIII A IIOTIJ. 250 Rooms with Bath Vour guide fo GRACIOUS DINING Newly decorated — Air Conditioned COCKTAIL LOUNGE with TELEVISION For WEDDINGS, REUNIONS BANQUETS PRIVATE DINING ROOMS from 15 to 300 people Parking Facilities in rear of Hotel Tel. Gl 3-4341 New London, Conn. AIR CONDITIONED DINING ROOM UNCASViLLE, CONN. ITALIAN-AMERICAN COOKING LiqUOR-V JNE-BEER PIZZA A SPECIALTY ORDERS TO TAKE OUT IN G E R S DLL 4.7273 best Wishes from i i:U LI) III) STOIIF H TI l III. Manufacturers and distributors of FOOD AND SERVICE EQUIPMENT • 30 GOLDEN STREET 298 ) Compiiments of BILL HASKELL " YOUR PATRONAGE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED " 159 STATE STREET New London, Connecticut TEL.: Gl 3-3192 299 k ■fssciiiif I ' Jahn a Oilier Again ' A lamiliar and reassuring slogan I AMiLiAR...hrc iiiSf i( ( ' lis appeartd in ihousanJs oj Iht coMtilry J fintst ycai- looks for (Ijf past hall century. Ki ' .A ' ;suRiNC...I ' fc.insi- Ibosc years of ipeiializeJ experience hrinf roiii ilrl; $t ' ri icf. oulstiinilirii) (fualily anJ Je- pcnJahle delivery lo llif ycid ' ool: sl.ifls ii ' ifb whom we work. iw-.«-irMi» .too ■ AIL m e im;ess n ' .iMiMi co. inc. I i, 11 1 IC I. S I H F F T • N F V I ' . 1. I : ' . • N. . I ' IM N T E n S OF THE Ml .1 4 7 I I) F I ' . I I ' S Your annual is a graphic record of the college year ... a piclure-anil-lN pe story of its academic, athletic and social highlights. It is a keepsake that you will cherish throughout all your alumni years. As such, it deserves the jjest that modern processes of printed reproduction can provide. It is the con- stant aim of this organization to ofl ' er its college clients the newest ticud in fuie yearbook printing. giS E« SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ANNUALS PUBLICATIONS PROMOTIONAL LITERATURE 301 il INDEX TO ADVERTISERS ABC Film Co 293 Aiiu-rii-an Export Lines 270 American Society of Naval Enfiineors. Inc. 276 Apjileton Cox 287 Arme.l Forces Relief Benefit Asso 279 AruiKJcl Corporation 270 Hah.ox W ilcox 273 Hancroft Cap Co 278 Baldt Anchor, Chain Forjie Uiv 278 Bauscli Lomb Optical Co 264 Bearinfis Specialty Co 289 Boland Cornelius 255 Boston Candy Kitchen 297 Boston Insurance Comi)any 280 Boston Marine Works. Inc 274 Brififis Filtration Co 286 Bristol Manufacturing Corporation 259 Brown Sliar[)c Manufacturing Co 281 II. A. Bruckner 296 Cadet Tailor . ilop 292 Chevrolet Motors 265 Chuhh Son 29 1 Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co 267 C .l!cgc Diner, inc 293 Colt Manufacturing (lo 270 Creem Auto Service 29 1 Crocker House 297 Crossfiehl Products (Corporation 259 Croun Sli.-.l M.ImI Hoofing 29(, Darrow Conr-lo.k 29(i I3ele.(. In - 287 Dieges Clu-I 285 Dougia- iiiia(l !onipanv. Inc 257 Durham I ' rHl. .- l{;izor Co 287 Federal S T icc- Finance (iorp 281 Fed. lal TeiepliMne and Kadi.. C-.rp 278 Fi h.■r M.. .•r- 298 For.l In-liiiin.nt ( " o 281 Fouke Fur C.tnipany 272 Fuller Brush ( ' ompany 274 (iar.ln.r Sl.irage Co 291 (ii-iieiai Dynamics C.(i]iiirali.)n 263 (;il,l.- X Cox, Inc 264 ( ; K Di.sel Service 283 Jelf (Md.lstein. Inc 284 (ioo.lnian ' s 292 (HUiiirii.iii Mi.iall I ' .ngin.-eiing Corp 2()1 ll.nir..,.! .,lin.,..l Bank 289 WiiiiaiM lla.-kill 299 M.T.nles Motors (Corporation 2.5 ) ilillmrn-Hamhurger. Inc 281 Ih.pson Cl.apin Mfg. Co 292 ll. Nar.l .|..lu.-.,tr- 29(. Inlci ' iake Sliani-iiip Company .ialin .Jv (llliii l ' !ngra ing Co. .. Kalz ' s I.. I..xsi- X C.P I. mil M.I-- !.imp.iii ivki- Hid-. Sle.im-iiip C. .. Inc. Mail F prc, I ' l ' iiiting Co.. In. Mall.iv.Vs J.-xv.l.i ( .lemi I .. M.irliii imp.iii .1. H.iv M.D.I II (..... In.. . , M.ii ill-Cli.ipm.iM v S...II Corp. 279 300 293 298 255 260 I ' aii.iiil.l I ' .iigin. ' iiplaii. ' Corp. larr.ll l.iri.s 2(i8 2(i7 301 29( 271 286 283 M, I, ,,11 Hic.iii,i« X Co.. In.- 288 Mill. , I ..I.I 285 Miii.-i M.v.iii.l.i I iiml..i(:.. 298 (Index Continued on Next Page) 302 ■ INdEY TO A (Cont PAGE Luriaii g. M..II1II. III. ' 26(1 Mohican Holt.I 298 AJoian lowiiif; ' ri ' aii |iiirlal ion 274 K. .1. Mmpliy. Iiic 297 M -li.- Slii|. anl. Inr 297 INalioiKil !()m|ian . Iiic 2()7 Naw Miiliial i l " (Miali()n 291 r« I hum X unr I. in.- R.R 292 New l.oinliin Ffdcial Saviiifr.« Loan Asso. 297 New l.oiiiloii Flviiii Service 293 ew Lonilon I ii-l 1 iiiiirnt (.0 297 ] ow Londuii Molicfiaii Dairies 290 New London Store Fixture Co 298 Newport News Sliipl.uildinf; Dr Dock Co. 276 North America (Companies 272 I ' acilic Far V.i V Line. Itic 264 Peny Stone 291 Phelps Packi.i- Kul.her C... In. ' 289 Hotel Picca.lilly 289 S. S. Pierce 270 Plymouth Cordape 275 Pontiac Motor Division 277 Provident Mutual 292 Red :SIill Lumber Co 286 Robert Reis Co 283 Reversible Collar Co 264 Robertson Paper Box Co., Inc 286 J. Rossie Velvet Co 29.5 Santin ( " lievrolet 295 Savinijs Bank of New London 293 Seven Brothers Restaurant 297 Dl ERTISERS nued) PACE Shalner- liiriiiliiie 291 Sli.ili II CI.Miiiiij; D rinf: Co 29 t Dan Sheas 295 Shu-Fix Co 293 Charles Simon. Inc 288 .S. K. .Sniilh Co 295 Socorn ail I mil nil ( (HI i| Kill v 2.54 Soiioco Products Co 295 S|)erry Gyroscop« ' Company 269 Standard Machine Davis Std. Sales Corp. 295 Standard ( )il Co. I New Jersey I 262 Steinman Bros 297 Sullivan Motors 274 Sylvania Electric Products, Inc 276 Talbot. Bird Co.. Inc 287 Tarny ' s 291 Thames Shipyar l 282 Three Bros. Restaurant 298 Times Facsimile Corporation 258 Trans World Airlines. Inc 255 Traystinan Bros.. Inc 296 Union Bank liii-t 298 I nited Electric Sujiply Co 295 L nited Services Automobile Asso 280 United States Lines 259 I ' . S. Naval Institute 266 A. P. W ard Son. Inc 294 Warren Steam Pump Co.. Iiic 28 W. 0. White Sons. Inc 256 W orcester Taper Pin (]o 256 Yellow Cab 295 303 I m .t ¥ ; % »4}- :p ■-!!;%. ii

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