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mummy STANDING, left to right: LTC Rob Ewart, LTC Brian Bade, COL Jim Winters, LTC Mike Bell. LTC Bob Smith. COL Jane Carson. Mr. Jim Snyder tManaging Editory, LTC Don Livesay, COL Bill Allison tFaculty Advisory, COL Jim Anderson, LTC Gene Klynoot. SEATED. Martha Krieger lExecutive Editory and Don Meek tEditor-in-ChieO. Not pictured are Khurshid A. Khan. Larry Lehowicz, Lonny Alexander, Jim Williams and Rufus Rogers. AN EDITORIAL NOTE TO THE CLASS OF I983 It has been a pleasure indeed working with all of you and compiling a memoir of our year together at the US Army War College. In making up this yearbook, we have endeavored to publish a truly representative book featuring all students, families, seminar groups. activities, social functions, and all the other facets of such a memorable year. I sincerely hope that we have captured a sampling of memories that will be meaningful to all of you in the years to come. I have thoroughly enjoyed my association with all the members of our yearbook staff. They have been very patient with my short deadlines and my sometimes chaotic, disorganized methods . . . . I am an "E.N.F.P."; they all recognized it and helped me over the rough spots. My warmest thanks to the entire yearbook staff! On behalf of the yearbook staff and student body, I especially want to pay special tribute to Martha Krieger for her dedicated and talented efforts as our Executive Editor. Martha put in many days, evenings, weekends, and holidays to bring to the Class of '83 a quality yearbook. Her creative talents, coupled with her ability to organize and manage a multitude of journalistic endeavors. have been a real blessing to all of us. I would also like to express our sincerest appreciation to Jim Williams, Rufus Rogers, and Abbas Abal for their superb photographic support. These classmates have unhesitatingly accepted time-consuming photographic projects and could always be depended upon to provide excellent photo coverage anytime. anywhere. We are indebted also to Mike Totten for his literary wit and to Mike and Bill Brown both for their sage comments. Thanks as well go to Janice Griffin and Kelly Johnston who spent hours reproducing page layouts. In conclusion. I cannot pass up the opportunity to convey our sincerest appreciation to: Colonel BiIIAIIison, our yearbook faculty adviser, for his cooperation, support, and wise counsel. He has made our job even more enjoyable and certainly a lot easier. COL Andy Sarzaninifor his help in proofing, and for his unselfish devotion to duty in travelling to Italy to escort our class gift back to the United States. Mr. Craig Rodabaugh, our publisher's representative, for his time, talents and dedication to bringing us a fine yearbook. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Forsyth for their cooperation, superb support, and for providing us with truly outstanding photographic coverage. I hope all of you will enjoy your yearbook as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. DON MEEK Editor-in-Chief , , W3 a; 9 $$ng 5 $ i 3;? g; ' BMW: 1? ' TM HEW? 1' ' mmmm? WEHMM $MME1$$ Ihe art and svieme of using, or threatening to use, the political toms of a nation to mm the obiettiues of national policg. THI'I lA HITlt IIOI'SE WKHIINMION May 11, 1983 To the Class of 1983 of the United States Armv War College: As Commander-in-Chief, I consider it a great pleasure to convey warm congratulations as you complete a formidable year of studies at the United States Army War College. Through the years this institution of higher learning has produced many distinguished graduates who have made major contributions to the security and welfare Of our nation. In the past year you have pursued a rigorous course of study that has greatly enhanced your ability to analyze and interpret information of crucial importance to our country's military preparedness. Your achievements during this term will serve as a strong foundation for your efforts to address the challenges and concerns that face our nation at this Critical juncture of history. In a world tested by terrorism and threatened by war, your knowledge and experience will provide wise counsel for America's leaders in their quest for peace and security. Your fellow countrymen have always paid what- ever price was necessary to secure this country's freedom and independence. As part of that long and noble tradition, you and your families have repeatedly demonstrated your deep devotion to duty and service for this nation. Again, congratulations on reaching this notable milestone and good luck to you in the future. M To the Class of l983 United States Army War College Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE WASHINGTON, THE DISTRICT OF COLUNBIA TO THE CLASS OF 1983 UNITED STATES ARMY WAR COLLEGE America's best assurance of freedom rests in the hands of its people. Your graduation from the Army War College demonstrates your personal commitment to professionalism, preparedness and dedication in your field of endeavor -- the preservation of America's freedom. As leaders, you have a special responsibility to the people of our country. You have prepared yourself to stand in the front line of America's defense against all who threaten our freedom and security. I have absolute confidence in your willingness to accept the challenges of leadership and your ability to solve major problems as they arise. Your dedicated service to our nation strengthens America's security, wherever you may be assigned. Congratulations on your graduation, and best wishes for continued successes. SECRETARY OF THE ARMY WAsmNGTON Honorable John O. Marsh. Secretary of the Army CLASS OF 1983 UNITED STATES ARMY WAR COLLEGE I wish to congratulate each of you upon your graduation from the Army War College as a member of the Class of 1983. In this, the year of An Army of Excellence, your accomplishments, both in previous assignments and in your academic endeavors, have measured up to this ideal. You are about to assume a significant role in the defense of our country. As an Army leader, you will stand as our forefathers stood, dedicated to the preservation of peace and perpetuation of freedom. This responsibility is a privilege, not a burden. Your graduation ceremony is a milestone in your personal as well asxyour professional life. For all the challenges you have already faced, even bigger ones are now on the horizon. I have confidence in your integrity, courage and stead- fastness as you meet these challenges. Again, I commend you and wish you success in the future. J9 n O. Marsh, Jr. h d 17 Au, ije PENTAGON--An informal group portrait of the Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting in the Pentagon. Left to Right: Admiral James D. Watkins. USN; General Edward C. Meyer, USA; General Robert H. Barrow, USMC; General John W. Vessey, Jr., USA Khairmam, and General Charles A. Gabriel. USAF. UNITED STATES ARMY THE CHIEF OF STAFF EC. Meyer General United States Army THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1983 UNITED STATES ARMY WAR COLLEGE Chief of Staff Only time will tell the extent to which the future will call upon skills you have developed during this year at Carlisle. You will all be asked to contribute with broadened perspec- tive to the creation and maintenance of ready armed forces. Some among you are likely to be called upon to deploy and lead those forces in combat at a place and time as yet unknown. I am confident, however, that this year has left all of you better prepared for these events. The able conduct of wartime operations is the first aspect that each of you has had time to digest more fully: the personal firming up of professional values and the application of the principles of war. Equally important was the team-building that occurred on a subliminal basis. You have a better grasp today of the strengths and diverse talents which exist among classmates, who in war will be on your flanks, or in coordinating, supporting, or higher command positions. The ability of our forces to act instinctively as a single body is key to securing advantage in any conflict. Finally, I hope it has been a refreshing year for your families--an extraordinary time to be with them more fully, unfettered by unit pro- blems, suspenses, or whims of "the old man." We need their support. The years ahead will be exciting ones for you and for the Army. I wish you all good luck and Godspeed. R United States Army Staff COMMANDANT, US ARMY WAR COLLEGE CARLISLE EARRACKS. PENNSYLVANIA l7013 TO THE CLASS OF 1983: This year has been marked by your challenging the status quo and questioning conventional wisdom, a positive indication of professional growth. Each of you has been measured by fellow officers, and you leave with the great respect, both of your peers, and the Army War College Staff and Faculty. With selfless dedication to our community, you have set high standards foryquality of life at Carlisle Barracks, a compliment to your strong character. Your families also have been a marvelous asset to our community and very supportive of your academic pursuits. Pat and I shall miss you and your families. Please accept our sincere appreciation for your many kindnesses. We value deeply the new friend- ships we have made; and we feel reassured in knowing great professional responsibilities will be yours in the future. The Army will be well served by your superb class. Until we renew our friendship and have another opportunity to work together, Godspeed. JW Richard D. Lawrence Major General, U.S. Army Commandant Richard D. Lawrence Major General, USA Commandant Brigadier General Dallas C. Brown, Jr. Deputy Commandant Mr. Harvey F. Nelson, Jr. Deputy Commandant for International Affairs DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY us ARMY WAR COLLEGE CARLISLE EARRACKS. PENNSYLVANIA 17013 USAWC Carlisle Barracks; PA 17013 14 June 1983 Class of 1983 USAWC Carlisle Barracks, PA Dear Classmates: The 1983 academic year is now history and we have progressed to new roles and responsibilities commensurate with our "graduate" status. If the public trust is to be fulfilled we must each now integrate the processes and products of our year at USAWC into the practice of national military leadership. Thanks to the outstanding faculty and staff of the College we understand a great deal more about the strengths and weaknesses of our nation, our armed services and ourselves. We have, at times! challenged the Voice of authority to test and strengthen the continuing validity of those principles, embodied in the Constitution to which we have pledged our lives and sacred honors. In so doing, we have come to appreciate anew this political system which permits us to differ without loss of unity and find compromise without loss of dignity. We have grown intellectually only to discover that our wider horizons have multiplied the surrounding unknown. We have cracked the "t007tight shell of selfH and emerged into a larger world where our own career goals and desires seem less relevant than dedicated service in the best interest of all our people. At the same time we have brought more sharply into focuahe legitimate needs of our families, without whose loving support we could not have come this far. "Putting it altogether" with major competing claims on our time and energies is never easy, but the clear thinking, compassionate understanding and courageous action demanded by today's complex world are the "stock-initrade" of this class. You made my job easy through selfless service and team effort. You spread widely the spoils of each victory and reached out to each other lest any should bear a sorrow or defeat alone. 1 am proud to count myself among you. Martha joins me in wishing each of you and your families success and happiness in your future roles. May the Creator, who gave us "life and liberty" grant also the wisdom, strength, and will to bring success to our greatest career challenge: The prevention, control or speedy and humane termination to conflict, should it be thrust upon us. God bless you. Your Colleague, Richard Proctor Colonel USA, MC President, Class of 1983 COL Richard 0. Proctor President, Class of 1983 Seated left to right, CLASS OFFICERS: COL Jerry L. Dollar, Vice President, COL Richard O. Proctor. President. LTC Joe DeGrande, Secretary, CDR Robert P. McClendon. Jr.. USN, Treasurer. Standing, Executive Council: Mr. John C. Beam DB, COL James Williams. USMC, COL Jarrett B. McGehee, Jr. USAF. CAPT Robert E. Webb, USN. Commandali'UDeputy Commandant's Staff: FRONT ROW deft to righO Ruth Aubln, Helen Yohn, Phyllis Myers. BACK ROW deft to righD 556 Moore MSG Evans, CPT Duesler, SSG Meredith. Reprographlcs Division: FRONT ROW deft to righo Daniel E. Roebuck, Andrew C. Pine, Woodrow K. Barnes, Charles E. Owen, Richard D. Nale, James E. Kistler. SECOND ROW deft to rIghD Vivian M. Coleman, Dorothy H. Morrison, Mary Jane Semple, Linda l. Sutton, Donna L. Moyer. BACK ROW deft to righo Elmer E. Loy. Robert F. Baker, Raymond M. Daugherty, James P. McNal- ly, Lawrence C. Miller, Richard l.. Woodward, Paul E. Shoap. Jr. Logistics and Maintenance Division: FRONT ROW deft to righo SFC Thomas Crownover. CW3 Thomas Stenehiem. Betty Rakers, Adam Mackel. SECOND ROW deft to righo Joseph Schaeffer, Troy Robinson. Gene St. Clair, John Haigood. BACK ROW deft to rIghQ Richard Fenton, David Mort, Thomas Mentzer. S E C R E T A R I A T SECRETARIAT: FRONT ROW deft to righO Joyce Warner. Judy Rockey. BACK ROW deft to righQ COL W.T. Leggett. LTC R . Schultz. Not pictured, . Groome. Administrative Division: FRONT ROW deft to righn Mrs. B.A. Baker. Mrs. J.E. Capehart, Mrs. J.J. Grove, MS CD. l'ebel. SECOND ROW deft to righD SFC D.A. Harley, SSG D.C. Culpepper, MAJ J. Shoesmith, Jr , MSG G.C. Allen, SP 4 CS. Breeden. BACK ROW deft to ngho MSG C.R. Jarvis SP5 E. Lopez. Security Division: FRONT ROW deft to righO Cmdy Brenneman. Theresa Strzalkowska. BACK ROW deft to righo SFC Robert Wormley, Mr. Frank Hur- ley, MAJ Johnny Luker. Information Technology Division: FRONT ROW deft to righo M J. Frank Cox, Mrs. Terri Benedict, Miss Mary Ann Miller. COL James H. Powers, SP4 Candace Robinson. Mrs. Alyse Griest. Mrs. Corliss Cromer. SECOND ROW Oeft to righD Mr. John Farrell. CPT Charles J. Bartolotta, ILT J. Eliot B. Moss. CPT Michael F. Otteson. CPT Aaron R. Coleman, CPT Kevin J. Greaney. CPT Steven A. Brannon, CPT Kenneth A. Thompson, SP6 Reginald J. Spratley. BACK ROW deft to righO CPT Dwight A. Jeckel, MAJ Archie D. Andrews. SP5 William J. Robertson, CPT Bruce W. Thompson, SFC William A. Speicher, SP4 Roland L. Doiron, SP5 Calvin L. Gelnett. Protocol Office: FRONT ROW Ueft to righD Betty Miller. Beth Grant. Barb Day. SECOND ROW deft to righQ LTC Hylan, SGM Ragan. Public Affairs: Left to right, SP5 J. Hekel, Virginia Giordano, LTC J. Yeagley. Resources Management Division: SEATED deft to righ Miriam Bol- ton, Theresa Paddock, Rosemary Moore. STANDING: Franklin Seiler. DIRECTORATE OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS FRONT ROW deft to righD Catherine H. Tilley, Avis S. Allen, Phyllis M. Stouffer, Lisa A. Ney. Nancy L. DeVore, Carolyn Drexler. SECOND ROW deft to righQ COL Wilbur C. Shirey. Dr. Charles M. Hersh, COL Roland R. Sullivan. COL Fredric D. Bangasser. BACK ROW deft to righO LTC Christopher J. Tragakis, Mr. Gregory N. Todd, SFQW Glenn H. Bowser, MAJ James A. Speed. DEPARTMENT OF WAR GAMING FRONT ROW deft to righO LTC EW. McGurk, COL WP. Franz, COL R.E. Moss, COL R.M. Macedonia Kihmny Ms. P.A. Langley, Mrs. G.L Ronan, Miss T.A. McGuirk. SECOND ROW deft to righO LTC J.H. Matthews. COL C. Grant, .11., LTC EW. Terry, MAJ G.D. Hering. LTC .l.F. Votaw. Mr. J.E. Roley, Jr., CAPT WA. Teter. COL .l. H. Schwar, Jr.. Mrs. H.S. Matthews. BACK ROW deft to righD SFC D. Baker, Mr. LC. Fischbach, SFC J.D. Stilwell. Mr. R.K. Harmuth, Mr. J.F. Scott, SP5 J.E. Smith, LTC R.L. Beckett, LTC D.L Siebenaler, LTC H.W. Nelson. LTC A.F. Gothreau, LTC EW. Tezak. RESERVE COMPONENT ADVISERS Left to right: ARMY RESERVE, COL W. L CArew; NATIONAL GUARD, COL M.D. Munger. SENIOR SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES Left to right: CAPT Jack R. Greenwood, USN; COL Arthur L. Stewart, Jr., USMC, COL Roy A. Walker, USAF. Left to right; FRONT ROW: Suzanne M. Reynolds. COL Alfred H. Paddock, Jr.. COL Jean P. Burel, Janet M. Moore. SECOND ROW: LTQD David G. Hansen, COL Richard E. Littlefield. COL David W. Blackledge. COL Ronald K. Sprague, COL William B. Seely. BACK ROW: Dr. Robert G. Darius. Prof. Gary L. Guertner, Prof. Everett E. White. III, 556 Marion R. Lewis, LTQD James R. Corcoran. DEPARTMENT OF COMMAND, LEADERSHIP, AND MANAGEMENT Left to right: SEATED, Susan Sledzinski, Leah Bolt, COL Charles A. Beitz. Jr., Chmn; Loretta Quinn, Patricia Beittel. STANDING, COL James DeWire, COL RJ Wooten, COL Dwane C. Watson, COL Kent Harrison, COL Lawrence Hoffman, LTC Gerald Pauler, COL James Dunn, COL Philip Saulnier. u DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY STRATEGY, PLANNING, AND OPERATIONS Left to right: FRONT ROW, COL Don Stovall, BRIG Anthony Crowfoot, Mrs. Janet McGuire, Ms Brenda Yinger, Mrs. Mary Eichhorn, COL John Stewart. Mrs. Dotty Fasick, Ms Brenda Clapper, Ms Judy Sosa, Dr. Harold Deutsch. SECOND ROW, Dr. Charles Hall, COL Charles Gilbert, USAF, COL Orhan Tan, COL Mike Silva, COL Arthur Lykke, COL Frank Braden, LTC Theodore Crackel, SFC, Henry Barrick. COL William Johnson. BACK ROW, COL Thomas Haycraft, COL William Williamson, COL Mahamed Aden Ahmed. LTC William Murphy, USAF, COL Daniel Clark, COL John Daley, COL LeLand Prentice, COL Donnal Hiltbrunner, USMC. Hng-IIW?'UITIU Left to right: FRONT ROW, Darlene Shughart, Connie Warner, Eva Daugherty. Judy Vetock. Christine Hackensmith. SECOND ROW, COL William Carew, Beckey Shaver, Sandra Lau, COL Donald Lunday. Vicki Brownawell, CH MAD Donald Davidson. LTC James Peterson, CPT David Rimel. BACK ROW, Mr. Albert Holm- berg, COL William Allison. COL Murl Munger, COL James Guyton. COL John Bowden, COL Robert Donovan, Mr. Frank Hartman, COL Robert Chaudrue. C O R R E S P O N D I N G O-Qm-libw-Im m-iC-i-dmz- .m Left to right: FRONT ROW, Shirley A. Shearer. Barbara N. Black, Karen K. Bailey, COL Keith A. Barlow, Mary Jane Myers, Rita Rummel. Kathleen M. Preitz. SECOND ROW, Donna M. Meyers. Deloris A. Hutchinson, COL Angelo de Guttadauro, Janet C. Smith, COL John D. Stuckey, E5 Sandra J. Hyde, COL William P. Boyd. BACK ROW, MAJ Peter E. Reilly, LTC Todd T. Starbuck, COL Harry G. Summers, Jr., Dr. Keith A. Dunn, Dr. John M. Weinstein. COL Otto P. Chaney, LTC Henry G. Gole, COL Patrick F. Passarella. OPERATIONS GROUP First Row from left to right: LTC Leo D. Charron, LTC Fred K. Baggett, COL John F. Neary, Jr., COL George L. Shevlin, LTC Robert W. Shryock, LTC Michael E. Stamilio. Second Row Standing: LTC Robert O. Livingston, Mr. Donald T. Klee, LTC David P. Schneider, MAKE Larry J. Wade. CPT Leonard D. George. THE US ARMY GARRISON Row One left to right: CPT 5.8. White, MAJ A.D. Andrews, JR.. MAJ EA. Klann, LTC JJ. Bahr, CHKOD G.L. Myers, COL T.A. Simes, COL J.E. Hick, 36 DC. Brown, Jr.. MG RD. Lawrence, COL A.H. Ely, Jr., LTC B.W. May, LTC R.D. Laskoski, LTC J.A. Teague, Jir., LTC J.P. Yeagley, MAJ J.J. Switzer, SGM J.W. Erickson. Row Two: CPT D.D. Duesler, CPT R.C. Glickson. 2LT L. Adkinson, CPT T.C. McNeil, CHKPU S.F. New, ILT N.C. Christensen, ILT 6. Rogers, CPT LD. Jentzer, 2LT O.B. Jones, ILT D.R. Randall, ILT F.J. Folz, CW2 E.L Hoover, CW2 J.K. Kajiwara, CW4 T.R. Rothenberger, CPT D.R. Gemmell, SFC R.H. Neu. Row Three: Ms. N.E. Morrison. Ms LS. Yates, Ms. K.L. Schillo. Ms. M.P. Cowling, Ms. V.G. Meyer, Ms. B.L. Baer, Mr. D.E. Bonner. Mr. J.S. Lewis, Mr. W.L Leib, Mr. J.P Garrity, Mr. T.W. Breen, Ms CA. Miller, Mr. J.K. Winters, Mr. DJ. Cox, Mr. MJ. Hotovcin, Mr. CO. Stipes, Mr. CF. Shughart. Fourth Row: Mr. J.A. Wingert, Mr. J.R. Ferguson, Mr. D.L Stine. Ms. J.E. Fuehrer, Ms. T.G. Munson, Mr. T.B. Roher, Mr. D.R. Horn, Ms. J.E. Wood, Mr. LC. Kiehl. Jr., Mr. LR. Burnette, Mr. EB. Messerschmidt, Mr. A.R. Grubbs, Mr. LL Hoover. Mr. W.C. Hamil, Mr. T. Narielwala. Fifth Row: Mr. R.M. Paxton. Mr. D. Quinfero-Martinez, Mr. V.P. Willard, Mr. L Mancias, Jr.. Dr. A.H. King, Dr. T.I.. Wilborn, Mr. LH. Carsley. Mr. K.H. Kline, Mr. J.E. Whare, Mr. R.C. Arnold. ' LIBRARY Left to right: FRONT ROW, Denise Bowers, Modena Love, Kathleen MI ler, Helen Hunsecker, Barbara Stevens, Sharon Stambaugh. SECOND ROW, Richard Weary, Virginia Shope, Lidwina Gole, Karen Ellwood, Margaret MacGregor, Mary Rife. Albert West. BACK ROW. Connie Dawson, Dorothy Kriete, Kathryn Davis, Joan Hench, Laneatha Mayberry, Doris Harper. Denise Brown, Janet Palmer, Patsy Myers. , MW UPTON HALL THE MILITARY HISTORY INSTITUTE Row One left to right: Mr. JJ. Slonaker, Dr. RJ. Sommers, Mrs. R.E. Hodge. LTC L.D.F. Frasche', COL D.P. Shaw, MG RD. Lawrence, Prof MJ. Luvaas, LTC CR. Shrader, Ms. N.L Gilbert, Mr. MJ. Winey, Mrs. M.L. Harris. Row Two: Mrs. LB. Brenneman. SP5 A.A. Dinio, SP4 KW. Spencer. SP4 J.E. Smith, Mr. J.A. Kegel. Ms. V.A. Metzler, Mrs. K.D. DeHart, Mrs. J.M. Scheitle, Ms. LA. Arnold, Mr. A.P. Hare dnterny Mr. DJ. Vetock, Ms. M.A. Horne, Ms. O.M. Garns, Mrs. J.H. Squibb, Mr. D.A. Keough. Row Three: Mr. P.H. Rainey. Ms. EC. Stets. SGT J.V. Williams. Mr. R.C. Boots, Mr. G.A. Diffenderfer, SP4 R. Trujillo, Mr. E.A. DeFrank, Mr. R.W. Hackenburg, Mr. R.F. Rakers, Mrs. J.A.Meck, Ms. H.L. Hurley, Ms. M.Y. Carter, Mrs. J.E. Smith, Mrs. NJ. Umbrell, Mrs. S.C. Lupfer, Mrs. N.C. Todd. Mrs. M.E. Loy. Absent from picture: Ms. P.S. Wiwel. ' with 1' 1111 1131311315 111113 1313113111 11113111? 5 111mm to tight and conquer in all your battles is hot supreme extellmce; supreme excellehte consists in breaking the enemyk resistance without fighting? $1111 1211 "111 preparing for armed insurrettion, propaganda is the essential task to be performed. During the insurrection, propaganda is cum more important than fighting." 1113 119119211 13iap uMay the blessings of God be upon you. The blessings of the Father and the Son. And may the Spi it of God, the Spirit of Love Be with you all your days." The song above became a benediction for the Roman Catholic services at the Chapel this year and so it came as no surprise that the head chaplain here. CH KOD Francis Xavior Roque should be asked to retire from the Army. after many years of loyal service to military families. so he could assume a new position as Bishop . . . . to military families in Europe. Chaplain tCOD Glenn Myers has ably lead the Protestant community here. There have been many united activities ranging from ice skating parties to picnics as well as the separately cele- brated occasions of weddings, baptisms. dedi- cations, confirmations and so forth. The Seder Supper Gar righty was special to all. E V O L D N A .II: R P S m E N O O O O 0 THE CHAPEL FAMILY EQQQDEZCG CGQZEZEZQEZE x A WALK THROUGH 3: The mill. built between l76l and I768, is now used as the War Gaming facility. Founded by Colonel John Stanwix of the British Army on 30 May I757, Carlisle Barracks has figured prominently in the education of members of the Armed Forces since Colonel Henry Bouquet arrived here in I758 to conduct instruction for British and Provincial troops in Indian fighting tactics. Because of its favorable location at the juncture of the north-south, east-west supply routes, the availability of iron works and skilled labor, Carlisle Barracks served as an arsenal during the War for Independence. The main magazine, erected in I777, still stands and is now maintained as the Hessian Powder Magazine Museum. What is believed to be the United States Army's first educational institution. a school for artillerists. was established at Carlisle Barracks in I778 by Captain Isaac Coren. This school was the first of ten different Army schools , eventually to be located at this installation. ' - s "f islm, Q? W J 7 INDICATES ORIGINALSITE 0F ., a , '1 A CARLISLE BARRACKSHH , " , 3H, Originally known simply as "the camp near Carlisle," , ;. 'ygm "WA mm the post was named "Washingtonburg" during the ' " ti jypxwta , , - 5 W Revolutionary War and was the first military post ever , M74 ifn f, a f ' M , , . "'W , , ,K . u $$$wa 0 g . v, .. 7, . to be named for General George Washington. Howev- . , k9, L er, it was not until l80l that the old post actually 7' ' vui i gt Ea v 1 wmmmm , mswc wmsws 7 i became Federal property when it was purchased from . h .. 1;. , , w we: X3. 2 1 "A ' . 7. , mwm the heirs of William Penn. The post gained its current ' , , "SIM X i a name about I807. m Ausvlm ms With the outbreak of trouble in Western Pennsylvania over the new whiskey taxes, General Washington per- WWW ucmms mcwtmc sonally assembled at Carlisle the largest force ever mmmm A, under his command. about l4,000 men. to quell the m0" . . ,. t ?,V so-called "Whiskey Rebellion" of I794. WW , y, ., , twylaw" x ROADS mo ' r, ,, , P03! I MRSMI quuums $5: '1' 3 Vs . Iucx mm c x ICLl Hmm mum : um Cowman Pun Mu cuismousnrmn mes: WWW .v-i w mum CARUSLE EARRACKSJENNSVLVANIA 'i lbx 7 human cums , L POST M A P 19 82 linuuau a a Ian M 'F THE CIVIL WAR PERIOD Caren Apartments The Shelling of Carlisle July lst I863 The Cavalry School was founded in I838 by Captain E.V. Sumner of the First Regiment of Dragoons stationed here. During l838-l879, the school provided hundreds of weII-trained men for the defense of our Nation. The dragoon units were stationed at Carlisle Barracks from l80l through I86l . Many of the students from this Cavalry School fought against each other during the Civil War. On July I, I863, Confederate cavalry com- manded by General J.E.B. Stuart approached Carlisle. The cavalry forces found the town held by the 2Ist and 22d New York Militia Regi- ments. Stuart demanded an unconditional sur- render. With the surrender refused, the Confed- erate forces opened fire with small caliber artil- Another request for the unconditional surren- der was refused. A second barrage began, and torches were applied to a lumber yard near the military installation and to the barracks and buildings of Carlisle Barracks. Koren Apart- ments, named for Captain Isaac Coren. and used as officers quarters prior to the Ci il War, was one of the buildings torched by Confederate cavalrymen. Reconstruction was begun immedi- ately using the original plans. Today it is being used as officers quarters and is said by occu- pants to be complete with ghosts in residence0 Sometime after midnight, Stuart's units moved away and tardily joined the main forces of the Confederate Army in the turning point of the Civil War-the Battle of Gettysburg. THE INDIAN SCHOOL PERIOD. . . Following the Civil War, the Barracks processed recruits until June of l87l. It was in that year also that the War Department published orders ending the cavalry station at the Barracks. After eight quiet years, Carlisle Barracks was transferred to the Department of Interior for use as an Indian Indus- Still wearing their traditional garb the Indians trigho pose for a photo on arrival at the school. Chiricahua Apaches tbelow; with a notable appearance change, pose for a photograph as students of the Carlisle School. trial School. The Indian School at Carlisle was the idea of Brigadier General Richard H. Pratt tthen Lieutenano who petitioned Congress in l879 to establish a school to educate rather than subjugate the red man. He became the schools first superintendent, seeking to train Indian Youth in a variety of academic and vocational skills. The first group of almost completely uncivilized Indian boys and girls arrived at Carlisle on the night of October 6, l879. The ultimate aim of the school was to train the Indian youths in the duties of citizenship. The school gave the Indians a mastery of English, other academic subjects, and a vocation that made them economically indepen- dent. Among the male vocations taught were shoemak- ing, tinning, carpentry. blacksmithing, tailoring. print- ing, harness-making. plumbing, bricklaying and telegra- phy. The girls learned sewing, dressmaking, laundering. cooking. and nursing. During the 39 years of the exis- tence of the school, pupils came to Carlisle from every Indian tribe in the United States. Indian students can be seen ilefo enjoying some free time on the grassy area in front of the Indian School headquarters. In the background is Caren Apartments which served as a girls dormitory during the school years. Across from the girls dorm was a sister building to the Caren Apartments which housed the boys. The latter building was destroyed by fire and never rebuilt. Thorpe Hall, visible in the near right was constructed in I 88 7 by students of the Indian School. In I895 the front portion of the building which houses the suspended running track was added to the original structure. Creek boys tbelowi pose in their new Indian School uniforms. Below left pupils pose in front of captain Pratt's Quarters t I 894; Jim Thorpe tabovei as he appeared in the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm. Sweden in l9I2. Thorpe was later named the "Greatest Athlete of the Half Century" 09001950; Indian Field tabove righU has become the site of the annual Jim Thorpe Sports Day. Thorpe Hall tright mid- dlet was built in I88 7 by students of the Carlisle Indian School. It was enlarged in I895 and re- ceived its present name in I954. Jim Thorpe. who attended the Carlisle Indian School on two different occa- sions. was a member of the Sac-Fox Tribe. His Indian name was Wa-Tho- Huck alright Paths. While at the school in l9l2, he participated in the Olympics at Stockholm. Sweden, winning the de- cathlon 000 meter race. broad jump, shot put, high jump, 400 meter race. I IO meter high hurdles, discus, pole vault. javelin throw, and ISOO meter racei and the penthathlon tbroad jump. javelin throw, 200-meter race. discus, and ISOO-meter racey Because he was subsi- dized for playing professional baseball one summer, he had to return the tro- phies and medals he won at the l9l2 Olympics. In l973 his amateur status was reinstated by the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States and in l982 his Olympic medals were returned to his family. Thorpe was named to the football hall of fame in I963. It was at the Carlisle Indian School that Glenn 5. "Pop" Warner fostered some of the best athletic teams in the nation. Louis Tewanima. a member of the Hopi Indian Tribe, left the tribal reservation near Second Mesa, Arizona. for only five years. During those years he attended the Carlisle Indian School and, under the auspices of Pop Warner, was a star in the l908 Olympics. He and Jim Thorpe starred together in the Olympic Games four years later. THE HESSIAN POWDER MAGAZINE MUSEUM The Hessian Powder Magazine Museum was constructed in I777 and was used to store sulphur. brimstone, and other explosive ingredients. It is assumed that work on the building was done by Hessian prisoners captured by General Washington at the Battle of Trenton since some forty of these prisoners were sent to Carlisle "to cut wood. tending stables or anything else needed". It is one of the several buildings that comprised the Powder Magazine, the con- struction of which was directed by the Continental Congress in I776. w ' . e 3:: L m, , i $Mtb 'blicq Mfgvnawmwau; SUMNER HALL Sumner HalleQuarters number I was built in l932 as a private residence. It was purchased from Mrs. Edwin E. Barnitz in l959. The purchase also included l3.7 acres of land surrounding the estate which is now part of the Marshall Ridge housing area. ashmgMn illsfe Mi IKEh Set in Cumberland Valley in the Appalachian Mountains, on the Great Road West, and astride the gateway to the South, Carlisle is at the hub of more than two hundred years of Pennsylvania history. It was founded in I75l. when Pennsyl- vania was an English proprietorship under the Penns. With the exception of Shippensburg and York, Carlisle is the oldest town west of the Susquehanna River. In I794, General George Washington stopped in Carlisle to review the H.000 troops assembled to suppress the Whiskey Insurrection. He lodged at Ephraim Blaine's house on North Han- ' over Street. Sympathy ran high for the western Pennsylvania farmers who were forced to pay tax on whiskey. but Washington's calm leader- ship overcame the Insurrection without a shot. Old Carlisle, the original square formed by North. East. South. and West Streets, retains many reminders of its heritage. On the square . MOLLY . -PlTCHERe . 1 Mcxom' mm 1 MCCAULEY va HAYS NLE may Lunwm BORN JCYOBER L1. H-H . ED JAMHHV 11:33: are the County Courthouse built in l845. St. John's Episcopal Church, and the First Presbyterian Church, the oldest public building in Carlisle. In the cemetery on East South Street, Molly Pitcher, General John Armstrong, Chief Justice John Bannister Gibson, Dickinson College President Charles Nisbet, and many other figures are buried. Every war has found Carlisle involved, but the Civil War left FIRST PRESBYTELiiAN CHURCH ..-'e Oldest public building in Carlisle: erectioqbe- . gunJTSZ Here colomsts met in 1774 to declare, for independence, and GeorgeWashington wor- shipped.1794.Congr-zga- tion organized at Meetmg House Springs in1734. .l.v,tty- the deepest scars. An anti slavery Cumberland County had many important "underground railroad" stations. Carlisle was twice bombarded and occupied by Confederate troops during the war. Tourists and natives alike enjo y the old buildings located on "The Square" in downtown Carlisle. Students tbelow Ier from Dickinson College enjoy class on the grass. Right is Dickinson Field House. g i: g i f $ s Carlisle Barracks has probably been the site of more Army educational institutions than any other post. The "schools" tradition is memorialized by the monument above, lefty to the Artillery School. first school of the American Army testablished in I778 and the "all schools" monument tabove righU. The Schools monu- ment notes, among others, the schools of the l900's: Medical Service C20-'46y Information C46-'50. Mili- tary Police C46-'48y and Army Security Agency C49- '50. Carlisle Barracks' significance as the outstanding "school post" for over two centuries makes it today a fitting location for the Army War College, the Army's highest educational institution. One of the many familiar landmarks on the Carlisle Barracks campus today is the statue of Frederick the Great. tcenter, abovey who stands guard over the old parade ground. The nine ton, bigger than life statue was given to the United States by Kaiser Wilhelm ll. Originally situated at Fort McNair, the statue was removed during World Wars I and II for fear of damage. In l954, it was moved to Carlisle Barracks shortly after the Army War College relocated here. Pic- tured below is Root Hall which is the primary academic facility on the War College campus at the present time. At the direction of the Secretary of War. Elihu Root fabovei. the Army War College was founded on 27 November I90I. With Brigadier General Tasker H. Bliss as its first Comman- dant. the first annual session of the College commenced I November l904 at 22 Jackson Place. Washington, DC. moved to Washington Barracks fnow Fort Leslie J. McNaio in l907 to a newly built facility fnow the home of the National War Collegei. which is pictured ftop Ier and noted by the plaque 00p righU which is located in the Rotunda of Root Hall. The first post-World War II Army College Class was held in August I950 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and the College was moved to Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania the following July. The school was officially designated the US. Army War College on I January l957. In I967, the Military History Research Institute was established at Carlisle Barracks, and in l973. the Strategic Studies Institute was incorporated within the Colllege. Pictured fcenter righU is Brigadier General Tasker H. Bliss and frighU is the Auditorium which was named in his honor. at ?- f i THE CHRISTMA ARTIE COUNTRY AN '4 HI- H E III N N R In- T s IH- L iskxk LAWRENCE S R M D N A L A R F. N E G H .H W F. M O H M r hi 1 . a p333: I 1 .1 . ; , x83. 0 . gm? unwakanxut N351 Hkuhh...h.huw; .. Hm; . I ... :3 INTERNATIONAL NIGHT menu Coffee ?reaffcimtcd Coffcc C A cg: Cavessggszaa, c.m.,u,.u "J". Cafc 0101:2196 wmmug:hgur.....:.w.x u... Coffee with Buncgy Cultann-i mm m nun: Iiish a fee hffn. bMIMJ-rgumntl u... Dietetic Hot wodn him! :omuunumuu n..,..u.s.,u 1.... 1., my- 53'gjss mocha I :1":an :mm. m. Imnume palm: mmmmwmm," ' Iv mexzq mama , Qt! L I. A B K C F. R W P. H S ABOVE RIGHT, FRAMED IN BLACK is the known as Pickett's Charge. Some I5,000 men passed for a half-mile through Union cannonading wh ch blew great gaps in their line. Confederate forces had l,l25 killed and 4,500 wounded. THE BATTLE FIEL. The statue of Major General GK Warren, Chief of Engineers, Army of the Potomac overlooks the view from Little Round Top. e war is over--the rebels are our countrymen again. These' words were spoken Ulysses S. Grant to prevent his men from cheering after Lee's surrender at upomattox Court House Mpril 9. I865; THE ARMY-NAVY GAME Under sunny skies IIO football fans from the Army War College travelled by bus to Philadelphia to attend the annual gridiron con- frontation between the United States Military Academy and the United States Naval Academy. As the pre-game parade ended the temperatures began to soar and soon the crowd doffed coats and jackets to enjoy the seventy de- gree heatwave. Although the score caused little rejoicing in Army ranks. the weather was great. I. L A B S DI R O C F. m R A M cm r e w 0 H e h t d m .3 O t e m .oll e k m 0 t e r u :c e mo ,5? , LlittQ 1.: BALL . Hsmx r His .nu - IMf ' .. w." I an: t 6... CL C R O F oln A E H .I leS. a Awww , ir lad Force and the II' The gentlemen of the A izzseaigigga M. h L L A DD V: M R A EL H .I THE CLASS GIFT - l983 In a unique move. the Resident Class and the Corresponding Studies Class of l983 jo'ned together to present a marble statue of m Thorpe. one of America's greatest athletes. to the Army War College. The statue, carved out of Carrara marble, was shipped from Italy to the War College for its official presenta- tion. The Iife-size figure, which has a five 'nch base and a twenty 'nch pedestal. took thirty days to sculpt. It weighs about two thousand pounds. W'th the increased Army emphasis on phys- Ical fitness, this statue of Jim Thorpe will serve as a permanent reminder of the phys- ical excellence which man can achieve. h 2 i x xi 3 uses? e .QMmNLV t w w THE PRESENTATION statue before it is crated for the long trip to Carlisle The once rough block of marble has taken shape and the Barracks Uower IefO. The unveiling and presentation of details of one of America 's greatest athletes are visible for "The I983 Class Gift" heralded the opening of the Jim all to see above; A final touch is added to complete the Thorpe Sports Competition Hower right; N U F m M m FOR FOLKS OF ALL AGES THE ABAL AMILY THE ALBRECHT FAMILY Adel Abbas Nauf Nadia Jerry Kevin Kathy Nabeela Nada Miriam THE ALCALA FAMILY THE ALEXANDER FAMILY Wilma Roy Roy Lon Ty Leen Tracy THE ALLEN FAMILY THE ALLEN FAMILY Mike Christian Curt Nan Ralph Sean Nancy Molly Q? THE ANDERSON FAMILY THE ANDREWS FAMILY Deborah Jim Gail Marg Teresa Buddy Lynn THE ARMISTEAD FAMILY THE BACAS FAMILY Joe David Tom Lynn Mary Harry Donna THE BADE FAMILY THE BAISDEN Brian John Jordan Sandy Ed Karen Tommy Pat v m WWW THE BAKER FAMILY THE BAKER FAMILY Al Jena Joan Jason Heidi Andy Ron Chris Carrie THE BARRETT FAMILY THE BAVIS FAMILY Pat Tricia Dorothy Amy Bob Rachel Brenna Marya THE BEAM FAMILY THE BELCHER FAMILY Jocelyn Josephine Jeffrey Katherine John Bill Shannon Tenny Kimberly THE BELL FAMILY THE BENDALL FAMILY Mike Karen Kristine Chip Linda Will Laura Pat WW THE BIONDI FAMILY THE BLACKWELL FAMILY Dick Craig Alecia Paula Gene Paul Jr. Janet THE BLAIR FAMILY THE BLAIR FAMILY Antony Dave Lavinia Chris Bill Jeff Babe Mike ,, THE BOENING FAMILY THE BOLT FAMILY Carl CarlHenry Susie Joe Elizabeth Katy Diana Diana Michael THE BORN FAMILY THE BROWN FAMILY Flash Robin John Jenny Allen Billy Elizabeth Bill Connie Nicole x , THE BROWN FAMIILY V THE BROYLES FAMILY Kent Jeff Ted Sherry Chris Rick Bob Bob Sally Charles THE BUCKLES FAMILY THE BUREL FAMILY Buck Kevin Ann Brent Carol Jean Edouard Bertile Servane Anne THE CARRIGAN FAMILY Lorry Larry Steven Susan Keith THE BURNS FAMILY Bill Kathy THE CARTER FAMILY Bill Bill Linda Krls Left: THE CARSON FAMILY Jane Aunt Maude Cashion THE CLARY FAMILY THE COUCH FAMILY Bill Willian Phoebe John Kathy Ben Kris Linda Jay THE COVALUCCI FAMILY THE CROWFOOT FAMILY Christopher Bob Regina Rupert Jonathan Merope Thomas Anthony Bridget W . i m THE CUMMINGS FAMILY THE CUMMINGS FAMILY Ernst John Catherine Mary John Catherine Cynthia Judy Brian THE DANEKER FAMILY THE DARGHOUTH FAMILY Christine George George Jr. Pat Suzanne Mustapha Walid Slim Loula Hager mm THE DEASON FAMILY THE DE BOLT FAMILY Bob Marlene Kaye Jo Fred Rich Cathy THE DECKER FAMILY THE DE GRANDE FAMILY Dale Dara Margaret Dustin Joe LeRoy Jackie THE DENTON FAMILY THE DI CAPRIO FAMILY Jesse Karen Tony Anthony Jr. Jay LisaAnn 51E? THE DOLLAR FAMILY THE DUEY FAMILY Jerry Frederic Sally Bill Jude nag: i q " THE DUREL FAMILY THE DZOGBENUKU FAMIL Angela Med Chris Lynn Laura Ras Brigitte Christie THE ENTLICH FAMILY THE ENYART FAMILY Eric Rachel Jason Jim Connie Rich Rebecca Sally THE ERICKSON FAMILY THE EVERLY FAMILY Adam Ric RichardMarcie Marc Susan Reid Carol Elizabeth THE EWART FAMILY THE FALEY FAMILY Rob Della Tom Katherine Rebecca Mary Susan THE FERGUSON FAMILY THE FIELDS FAMILY Jennifer. Mike Christina Marge Michael Jim Brian Pat Karen THE FISHBACK FAMILY THE FISHER FAMILY Dave Christina Allison Jane Joanna Tim Dana Jeffrey Ed Brett Bev Jennifer THE FLYNN FAMILY THE FOREST FAMILY Mike Mike Pat Ron Claire "R.P." Redon THE FOSTER FAMILY THE FOSTER FAMILY Philip Dick Gloria Jlm Laura 1M; , THE FRANCK FAMILY Jack Michelle Marilyn Paige Right: THE FRANKLIN FAMILY Tip Gayle THE FRITZ FAMILY Bud Kelley Sheryl Nancy THE FULLANA FAMILY Juan MariaMargarita MariaTeresa MarIaTeresa Maria del Mar Wmi-im . THE GARNER FAMILY Jay Lori Connie W '1, $1. , W7? 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Bill Michael Kelly Paul THE JONES FAMILY THE KADUNCE FAMILY Michael Mark Wendell Danny Boyd Laurie Pam Dan Karen Steven Kris THE KELLER FAMILY THE KHAN FAMILY Mary Matt Chuck N ghat Tanvir Zamir Rich MaryAnn Khurshid Kishwar Stewart Farhat THE KIMERLING FAMILY THE KIRKEGAARD FAMILY Roy Patty Chip Paul Marge ; THE KIRSCHENBAUER FAMILY THE KLEIN FAMILY Kraig Kevin Frank "I StephenChristopher George Karen Frank Gerry MarieElizabeth THE KLYNOOT FAMILY KOENIGSBAUER FAMILY Gene Ray Jeff Jean Herb Herbert III Vronl 5W "$7" W3; THE KRIEGER FAMILY THE KUSTER FAMILY John Martha Cliff Randy Ben Bernard A. 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Scott THE TAN FAMILY Orhan Aysel ,- THE TINBERG FAMILY La rry THE TILELLI FAMILY Margaret Anne Chr Heidi Heather Judy ichele M e n n a e I. .m pl. ine Mar ISI 0 . John Valer ike Sandra Ellen THE TOTTEN FAMILY M im Lee Whit Nona THE TINDALL FAMILY J THE TSCHAN FAMILY THE TURNER FAMILY ilt Mark Margaret Todd M Dee Scott Bob Robby THE VAMVAKIAS FAMILY THE VIA FAMILY Nick MaryKate Carol N cky Bob Robert E. Via III Janet THE VOLTA FAMILY THE WADDELL FAMILY Don Chris Jane Cathy Bill Keat Eric Darlene THE WALLACE FAMILY Ed Kelly Terry THE WASS DE CZEGE FAMILY Terry Audrey Maggie Matt Sharon Huba Kevin THE WEBB FAMILY Robert Michael Bob Brenda Jennifer THE WELLS FAMILY Bill Matt Brian MaryAnn THE WETZEL FAMILY Al JoAnne June THE WEIGAND FAMILY Jerry Carryn Jennifer Came THE WESSNER FAMILY Bill Shannon Daniel Kay Kerry 94 a THE WHITE FAMILY Bob Cheryl Gwen w. v - fv-um ,..,;,. ;rum- ..-..A..m. THE WHITSETT FAMILY THE WILLIAMS FAMILY Dick Rich Kay MaryLouise Kirk Bette THE WILLIAMS FAMILY THE WOLFE FAMILY Laney Jim Grant Christopher Michael Cindy Roger Roger Michael Beth THE YAMANOUCHI FAMILY THE YATES FAMILY Ken Dawn Cathie Brian Walter Michelle Walter III Donna THE YOUNG FAMILY THE ZETTERBERG FAMILY Bob Donna Lou Jon Bill Tim Chris Bob Robin Kelly Trish THE ZIMMERMAN FAMILY Matt Tina MiMi Dana Barbara TH! 5M5, 15772? WON? BE 57454655550, FEED. . . NO ONE M14 5V5? mom: Yowxg Fopwrryv Mae sgcaary BdDrsEAGzVM waww .meww Mvwg "ltve got a real bone to pick with "Every time I ask the computer for an update on enemy doctrine and tactics, it prints out the first two books of On War." "I'm landing the MAF now." LEFT: "Who put the 75th Range: Battalion in Sarasotag;5 ucky Leaf in the Fifth." "Why does I keep asking for my personality type and my PT test score?" "Joshua would have hit the second echelon about here . . LEFT: "And the gasthaus is here. . . . ." The fog of war. " . . . NO COMMENT! . . ." ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS RESEARCH INSTITUTE a ' xka 1 , a; , , Front Row. left to right: Mrs. Ruby Rhoads, CPT Jeanne M. Picariello, Mrs. Louise Bonnie. Second Row: CPT H. Chris Rottner, COL Fred R. Drews, MSG Robert W. Lesueur, Jr. The Army Physical Fitness Research Institute was chartered under AR 350-l5 and began operating in January l982. The major focus of the Institute is to conduct applied research, training and program development for the Army model over-4O PRT system with particular emphasis on a safe and reliable exercise regimen which promotes optimal health and combat readiness. The primary objective of the health and physical fitness program at the USAWC is to increase the students' awareness through technical knowledge and practical training of the integration of exercise, nutrition and behavior into their individual health and physical fitness program. The underlying objective of the program is to insure that students leave the US Army War College with an appropriate base of information for leadership application regarding fitness in their gaining military organization. In the future the APFRI program elements will remain the same as in Academic Year 83; however. because of improved facilities and scheduling with the AY84 Class, a significant portion of the health and physical fitness program will be frontloaded into the curriculum. Exercise Tolerance Testing will begin in August and conclude in the SeptembeMOctober time frame; and practical clinics and information lectures have been programmed into the fall schedule. This approach offers maximal opportunity to apply the information presented. APFRI will initiate a controVexperimental study in AYS4. A pretpost test design will evaluate the model over-4O PRT program which was developed in AY83. Volunteer students will participate in the research project. The test results will be utilized in the development of the Army-wide over-40 PRT program. APFRI will also initiate a longitudinal study in AY84 in conjunction with the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for validation of selected coronary risk factors and the evaluation of selected interventions in the prevention of coronary artery disease. Also anticipated is a Type A behavior modification study to be conducted in cooperation with Dr. Meyer Friedman of the Harold Brown Institute of San Francisco, California. APFRI will play an integral role in the proposed USAWC general officer testing and education program which is anticipated to begin in AY84. it looks! s not as bad as If COL Jack McWauers. USA, MC g a well done thumb's up to the St ipant, Dick Foster. Test part a WWW Bill Belcher receives his preliminary medi- cal exam. CPT Jeanne Picariello has the right credentials for her position with APFRI. She is a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree in Cardio-Vascular Nursing. She is also a middle distance runner and is on the Army Penthelon Team. Joe Armistead demonstrates good form during his strength workout. Xx L m Nwwm G .N. m A R T H TI G N EL R TI S DIET, ONE COLD DAY IN FEBRUARY a yearbook photographer went to the Jim Thorpe gym in search of individuals who were participating in their physical fitness activities. He found only one hardy soul hpictured below; Dismayed but undeterred, he wandered into the locker room and found a couple more physical fitness warriors deft center; Still in need of pictures to fulfill his assignment, he headed to the showers where his candid camera captured two more vic- tims Cabove lefO. M3?! :2; - m EXERCISE, OR TEAMWORK . . . PHYSICAL FITNESS The class of '83 failed to understand the truly fiendish subtlety of the Drews Experiment until TH E CH A M Pl 0 N S about half way through the softball season. We knew, of course, that we were involved in a continuing research project designed to mea- sure the effects of physiological stress on the Army's over-4O population. The College told us that before we arrived. and in the cooperative spirit that characterized all the Class' activities, we did our best to provide the project with a credible statistical base by breaking six major bones during the first week of the season. We felt thatehaving made that sacrificeenothing more would be asked of us. Unfortunately, we reckoned without the psychological dimension of the experiment. We were told almost immediately that there would be no grades and no distinguished graduates. This fact had the effect of turning our peaceful intermural games into fierce con- tests for preeminence which soon pitted stair- ' well against stairwell and ultimately spread Front row left to right: Bill Belcher, Wally Weatherwax. Bob Young, Homer Nag Ed Tezak. Jack Franck. Back row: Dick Littlefield, Don Meek, Buddy Sams. 3 Into WhOIe neighborhoods. Then came the lec- Fritz, Rick Proctor, Joe Napier, Kent Harrison, George Kirscbenbauer. tures. Always on Monday and always right after lunch, their effect was devastating. With the lectures came questionnaires, sometimes as w TH E FAN S O F TH E CHAM PS often as twice a week. And while the lectures " . -- . , v continued without respite. softball was re- W placed by basketball. Games were now frequently played at night. often after eight O'clock. The pressure became intense. Some less level-headed members of the class considered petitioning the Comman- dant for relief. His attitudes toward competi- tion and athletic prowess were by now so well known. however, that this idea was quickly dropped. Then, just as basketball season wound to its close leaving us emotionally drained and physiologically exhausted, volley- ball was introduced. Jammed fingers became the order of the day BEFORE THE FIRST GAME: Seminar ISA and there was no let-up in the tension. The lectures had by this time all but ceased, but now preparation for Sports Day began in ear- nest. Exhorted by our coaches and admonished to take no prisoners. the efforts of the Class to measure its physiological limits rose to new and ever more debilitating intensities. The in- stitution. recognizing that the experiment was nearing its end, extended the lunch hour to permit the truly dedicated to run on full stom- achs. Finally, The Class heaved a sigh of relief. It had proved that the Army's over-40 constituency could be physiologically and psychologi- cally stressed without losing its sense of humor or much more than about ten pounds. SECOND PLACE HONORS SOFTBALL leg-Art Super Seven Style: Left to right, Irv Hicks. Ann PRIOR TO LAST GAME: Poynter, Jim Tindall. and Bob Broyles. Tie. BASKETBALL v: F. N R U 0 T I. I. A B T F. K S A B . S R r: N w W B D- U m G R A m M F. S WINNERS TROPHY PRESENTED TO JACK REAVILL SEM NAR GROUP 9 RUNNERS UP - BASKETBALL AY83 RUNNERS UP TROPHY PRESENTED TO BUD FRITZ 993Hsimma y 3 Jzumsmmgag 9W? W135; 93 J ,M ,r CUKSw $8 HWPMR 1W ' ' "TM? iHBM' , modern strategy requires an intuitive synthesis of policy, . politiml purpose, values; military power, and. form, military readiness and effettiueness, economied logistits and the ; prams of negotiation." ' mg 1?. Ectles COL ABBAS A. H. ABAL LOGISTICS, ARMY, KUWAIT Quetta College, l973 A-4; B-IO; C-9 Also participated in Sports Day, 500 cer Team. Contributing photographer for Yearbook COL RAOUL HENRI ALCALA ARMOR BS, l962, USMA MA, MPhil, l970-7I, Yale U. CGSC, I976 Army Research Associate Also participated in National 8 Inter- national Security Issues Forum 124 COL MOHAMED ADEN AHMED INFANTRY, ARMY, SOMALIA LTC JERALD N. ALBRECHT TRANSPORTATION CORPS CGSC Moscow Frunze, A-5; 3-8; C-H l977 Bus Adm, I974, Columbia College Bus Adm. I976, Webster College USACGSC, l976 A-9, Social Chairman; 8-2, Escort Of. Senior Reserve Of. Orien. crs; C-l3 Escort Of. State Dept. Students COL LONNY R. ALEXANDER USAF BS. l962, Colorado State U. ACSC $ir Foch Corres., l975 A-7. Year Book Staff; 8-8, Year Book Staff; C-8, Year Book Staff w LTC MICHAEL B. ALLEN FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l973, USMA MS, l977, FL Inst. of Technology CGSC, I973 A-l, Seminar Gp Chairman; B-3, C-Il Also participated in Youth Soccer Coach. Sports Day Softball Team. Softball Seminar I LTQD RALPH L. ALLEN AIR DEFENSE ARTILLERY , l964, Northeast Louisiana U. E, l975, Sul Ross State U. ' SC, I973 - l 6, Social Chairman; 8- l 6, Seminar p Leader; C-6 lso participated in Seminar I6 soft- -II 8 basketball, Seminar 6 volley- ll, Sports Day raquetball LTC JOSEPH D. ARMISTEAD FIELD ARTILLERY S, l962, Lamar U. S, l973, George Washington U. CSC, I973 -7, Social Chairman; B-S, Seminar p Leader; C-l. Also participated on lass Social Com., Lay Reader, Choir. Usher, Post Chapel, Seminar 7 soft- ball, Seminar 5 basketball, Seminar l volleyball, Art Dir for '83 Prod. COL JAMES B. ANDERSON USAF BS, l964 Rensselaer Poly Institute MS, l968, U. of Tennessee ACSC, l975 A-9; B-IS; C-IG Also participated Year Book in Air Force Ball, COL HARRY J. BACAS INFANTRY BA, l962, Western Maryland College MBA. l975, Northwest Missouri State U. CGSC, l974 A-IS: B-IS, Asst Chairman; C-l2 Also participated in National 8 Inter- national Security Issues Forum LTC ROGER L. ANDREWS AIR DEFENSE ARTILLERY BS, l959, Texas A8M CGSC, l972 A-7, Funds Rep; 3-3, Funds Rep; C-3, Asst Seminar Chairman LTC BRIAN C. BADE AIR NATIONAL GUARD BA, l982, Augustana College MS, I983, Shippensburg State U. ACSC, l974 A-3, Year Book Rep; 8- I0, Year Book Rep; C-IO. Seminar Gp Leader Also participated in Seminar 3 soft- ball, Coop. Degree Prog. 125 LTC EDWARD D. BAISDEN, JR. LTC ALFRED W. BAKER LTC RONALD L. BAKER, JR. MILITARY INTELLIGENCE INFANTRY ARMOR BA, I963, FL State U. BS, I963, Marshall U. 35. l95l. South Dakota State U MA, I977, Georgetown U. MS, I983, Shippensburg State Col- M5. I983. Shippensburg State C0. CGSC, l974 lege Iege A-l l, Asst Sem Gp Leader; B-IS, Se- AFSC, l976 CGSC, l972 curity Of.; C-6; Seminar I I Softball; A-l; B-IG: C-5 A4: 3-3: 04 Coach, Youth Soccer Pro; Sports Day Bowling Team; Testament to Freedom LTC THOMAS P. BARRETT ARMOR BA, l963, Auburn U. CGSC, I973 A-3, Sports Rep; B-S; C-8, Sports Rep Also participated in Seminar 3 Soft- ball, Seminar 5 Basketball, Seminar 8 Volleyball, Sports Day Racquetball nqm RUDOLPH BAKER ,L , . , ncm ROBERT J. BAVIS Ill INFANTRY i ADJUTANT GENERAL'S CORPS BGS, l970, U of Nebraska at Omaha ' ' ' ' , BS. l96l, Loyola College MBA, I972, Syracuse U ' , MBA, I97l, Texas Tech U. CGSC, l97l L ; CGSC, l975 A-IO; B-4; C-I , ' A-l; 3-2, Sports Rep, BasketbaH Also participated in Sports Day Run- ' , Coach; C-9, Sports Rep, Volleyball ning Team Coach Also participated in Softball, Sports 126 ' 1 ' , Day Volleyball 8 Soccer JOHN C. BEAM DEPARTMENT OF STATE BA, I956, Montana State U. A-ll; B-l; C-6 Class Off: Senior Civilian LTC MICHAEL C. BELL US MARINE CORPS S, l963, Kansas U. BA, l972, George Washington U. SMC CESC, I979 ' -l3; B-l3, Seminar Chairman; C-ll. Iso participated in Public Speaker's ureau; Teacher. Chapel CCD Prog; ear Book Staff LTC BILL G. BELCHER QUARTERMASTER BS, l962, East Tennessee State U. CGSC, l976 A-4; B-I5: C-I I Also participated in Seminar 4 soft- ball; Seminar l5 basketball; Seminar II volleyball, Sports Day COL DENNIS L. BENCHOFF ORDNANCE CORPS BS, I962, USMA MS, l969, Michigan State U. CGSC, l973 Research Fellow,USA Research Asso. Prog LTC JAMES A. BELL US MARINE CORPS BS, l976, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U.; MS, l983, Shippensburg State College USMC CESC, I979 A-Il; 3-4; 05 WILLIAM R. BENDALL DEPARTMENT OF ARMY CIVILIAN B, l96l, Auburn U. MA, l978, Northern Colorado U. A-6, Photographer; B-IO; C-l3 Also participated in Testament to Freedom; Seminar 6 softball; Seminar I0 basketball; Seminar l3 volleyball COL RICHARD M. BIONDI FIELD ARTILLERY I960, Texas A8M U. MS, I983, Shippensburg State Col- lege CGSC, I972 A-2; B-l4, Social Chairman: C-Il. Seminar Gp Leader LTCIPI WILLIAM J. BLAIR TRANSPORTATION CORPS BA. l975, Park College MBA, I979, U. of Michigan CGSC, l974 A-ll; B-S, Social Chairman; C-7 Also participated in Com. for Octo- berfest. Com. for Army ball 128 LTC PAUL E. BLACKWELL INFANTRY BS, I963, Clemson U. MS, I965, Clemson U. USMC C85, l976 A-S, Athletic Rep; B-l. Stimulator: C- 6. Also participated as Class Athletic Committee Chairman, Lay Reader 8 Usher, Post Chapel, Hunting LTC SUZANNE S. BOENING ADJUTANT GENERALIS CORPS BS, l956, St. Francis College MA, I973, Ohio State U. ACSC, l977 A-ll, Treasurer; B-l l, Asst Seminar Gp Leader; C-S Member of Class Gift Com. Also participated in Seminar I2 soft- COL JOHN D. BLAIR IV INFANTRY BS, I96I, Georgia State U. MA, l975, Georgia State U. AFSC, I973 A-3, Seminar Gp Leader; 3-6, Securl ty; C-S LTC WILLIAM J. BOLT INFANTRY BA, l962, U. of Notre Dame MS, I976, U. of Virginia AFSC, l976 A- l; B- I , Asst Seminar Chairman, So: cial Chairman; C-5 Also participated in Seminar I soft ball, Sports Day basketball, Seminar I basketball LTC DONALD F. BORDEN ARMOR '5, Cornell U. S, U. of Washington 'h.D., U. of Washington. Army earch Associate LTC LLOYD K. BROWN CORPS OF ENGINEERS S.., l965, USMA A, l97l, Stanford U. S, l972, Stanford U. GSC, l976 -5; 8-8; C-4. Current Affairs Panel. Lector Catholic Chapel, LEM Catholic Chapel. Sem 5 softball, Sem 4 volley- ball, Sports Day soccer. referee youth soccer LTC HOWARD P. BORN ARMOR BS, l963, Penn State U. MA, l977, Central Michigan U. AFSC, l975, British ASC, l978 A-ll, NY Trip Coord.; B-l5, Seminar Chairman; C-S, Social Chairman Class Advisor to Officer's Club COL ROBERT F. BROYLES ADJUTANT GENERAL'S CORPS BS, I96l, Florida Southern U. MEd, l97l, U. of Florida CGSC, I975 A-7, Sem Gp Leader; B-IS; C-l3 Pub- lic Speakers Bureau, Lay Reader, Chapel; prod. USAWC Prod., Sports Day Ceremonies MC, Sem 7 softball, Sports Day volleyball LTC BILLY C. BROWN INFANTRY BS, l962, Texas A8M MA, l973, Kansas State U. CGSC, l973 A-S, Seminar Gp Leader; B-l4; C-8 Also participated in softball, volley- ball, Testament to Freedom, sponsor, Shippensburg ROTC cadet COL HARVEY I. BUCKLES INFANTRY BA, PE, I960, Idaho State U. MS, PA, I983, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l974 A-8, Athletic Rep; B-3, Athletic Rep: C-6, Athletic Rep Usher Post Chapel, Sem 8 softball, Sem 6 volleyball. Sports Day Com. 129 COL JEAN P. BUREL ARMORED CAVALRY, ARMY, FRANCE MS, l968, Paris Ph.D., I972, Toulouse French Army War College, l974 A-7; B-I4; C-l COL LARRY E. CARRIGAN AVIATION - TAC, USAF BS, l962, Arizona State U. MS, l983, Shippensburg State U. AFSC, l977 A-I5: 8-6; C-I3. Also participated in softball, volley- ball, Shippensburg graduate Prog. 130 LTC JOHN C. BURLINGAME FIELD ARTILLERY BA, I962, U. of Wichita State CGSC, l972 A-l l, Security Of; B-IO, Security Of: C-5. Also participated in Seminar I I softball, Seminar I0 basketball, Semi- nar 5 volleyball, Sports Day volleyball 8 tennis COL AMELIA JANE CARSON ARMY NURSE CORPS BS, l967, U. of Washington MS, l97l, U. of Colorado CGSC, I975 A-6, Year Book Rep; 8-3. Asst Year Book Rep; C-l2, Photographer Also participated as Art Editor for Year Book, Public Speaker's Bureau, Ski Club Sec, PX Advisory Council 4 AM -- An-ixn. ncm WILLIAM c. BURNS ENGINEER BS, l962, USMA MS, l968, Navel Postgraduate Scho- MBA, l977, Long Island U. CGSC, I974 A-8, Seminar Chairman; B-l; C-l Also participated on Sports Day Com LTC WILLIAM G. CARTER III INFANTRY l972, U. of Tampa l983, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l975 3 A-6, Security; B-8, Security; C-9, Assl Seminar Gp Chairmah, Security Sports Day Com. Opening Ceremo nies, Seminar 6 softball TQM ROBERT J. CASTLEMAN, JR. FIELD ARTILLERY .S, l960, USMA S, l970, US Naval Postgraduate chool; CGSC, l974 -9, Sports Rep; B-l6, Sports Rep; C- . Also participated in Seminar 9 soft- mall, Seminar 8 volleyball, Official lass League basketball W LTC JACOB B. COUCH, JR. INFANTRY A, I963, U. of Alabama A, l972, Georgia State U. GSC, I974 A-l4, Athletic Com. Rep; B-4, Athle- tic Com. Rep; C-l5, Seminar Gp. Leader LTC WILLIAM B. CLARY USMC BA, l963, Newberry College AFSC, I976 A-4, CondolenceVCongrat. Rep; B-S. CondolenceVCongrat. Rep; C-7, 50- cial Chairman LTC ROBERT J. COVALUCCI MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BA, l964, U. of Massachusetts CGSC, I974 A-IG, Security Of.; B-I, Security Of.; C-3. Also participated in Seminar I6 softball, Seminar I basketball, Semi- nar 3 volleyball LTC JOHN D. COLVIN Ill MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS BS, I962, Norwich U. MS, I977, U. of Southern CA CGSC, l973 A-l4, Sports Day Rep; B-l l, Sports Day Rep.; C-3, Sports Day Rep. Sports Day Opns Of., Soccer, softball; officiated class basketball league. Sem I4 softball, Sem ll basketball, Sem 3, volleyball BRIGADIER ANTHONY B. CROWFOOT LATE INFANTRY, UNITED KINGDOM State College, Camberley, United Kingdom. I967 A- I 2; 3-9, C-6 CDR ERNST M. CUMMINGS US COAST GUARD BS, l963, USCGA Navy War College, l974 A-l; B-IG; C-l3, Seminar Gp Leader Also participated in Seminar I soft- ball, Seminar l6 basketball, Seminar l3 volleyball, Sports Day COL MUSTAPHA DARGHOUTH INFANTRY, ARMY, TUNISIA BS, l955, Tunis CGSC, l973 A-IO; B-I3; C-5 Also participated as coach for youth soccer, Sports Day soccer team LTC JOHN W. CUMMINGS INFANTRY BS, I962, Virginia Military Inst. MS, l972, Georgia Tech AFSC, l977 A-8; B-IS, Athletic Chairman; C-4. Athletic Chairman Also participated as coach for Youth soccer, softball, basketball, and vol- leyball; Sports Day soccer team LTC ROBERT L. DEASON INFANTRY BS, l972, U. of Tampa MBA, l975, U. of Missouri CGSC, l974 A-7: B-l2, Sports Rep; C-l2, Sports Rep DEASOH GEORGE W. DANEKER, SR. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY CIVILIAN BS, l956, Penn State U. A-8, Alumni Chairman; B-l6, Soci Chairman; C-l4. Also participated in softball. baske ball, volleyball 0 COL HAROLD F. DE BOLT FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l960, U. of Wyoming MBA, l973, U. of Arizona CGSC. l97l A-S, Seminar Gp Leader; B-IO; C-2 LTC DALE H. DECKER ARMOR S, l964, Eastern Oregon State Col. 0 D, l973, Utah State U. GSC, l976 -2; B-l6; C-3 lso participated as Escort Of for ROC, Seminar 2 softball COL ANTHONY DI CAPRIO ARMOR A, I960, VMI A, I970. Worcester State U. ,GSC, I974-75 -7; 8-9, Soc Chmn; C-4, Soc Chmn. xec Com Sports Day, Sports Day andball, Sem 7 softball, Sem 9 bas- etball, Sem 4 volleyball, Class Prod. tage Com. Teacher, Catholic Chapel LTC JOE DE GRANDE, JR. USAF BS, I965, U. of Washington MA, l972, U. of Arkansas AFCSC, l977 A-8; B-ll; C-l, Asst Athletic Chair- man. Secretary of Class Also participated in softball, basket- ball, volleyball, Sports Day softball, basketball, golf DAN G. DIXON DEFENSE MAPPING AGENCY DA CIVILIAN BA, l964, East Central Oklahoma U. A-l3: 3-4; C-l2 Also participated in Seminar l3 soft- ball, Seminar 4 basketball, Seminar l2 volleyball COL JESSE H. DENTON INFANTRY l96l, Southwest Oklahoma State U. I972, Southwest Oklahoma State U. CGSC, l974 A-l6; B-l5; C-9 Also participated in Seminar l6 soft- ball COL JERRY L. DOLLAR FIELD ARTILLERY USAR BS, l959, Florence State College MA, l968, Montevallo U. CGSC, l975 A-IS; B-I5; C-7 Class Vice-President COL WILLIAM E. DUEY ADJUTANT GENERAL'S CORPS BS, l959, Penn State U. MBA, l970, George Washington U. CGSC, l972 A-S; 8-8. Asst Seminar Gp. Leader; C- 4. Also participated in softball, bas- ketball, Sports Day Publicity Com. LTC RICHARD E. ENTLICH FIELD ARTILLERY BS, I963, USMA MS, l97l, U. of Missouri AFSC, l974 A-l; B-IS. Social Chairman; C-3. Seminar Gp. Leader. Also participated in Seminar I softball, Seminar l5 bas- ketball, Seminar 3 volleyball, Sports Day soccer COL FRANCIS M. DUREL CHEMICAL CORPS BS, l96l, Spring Hill College MS, l967, U. of Alabama AFSC, l974 A-IO. Class Gift Com.; B-ll; C-6. Sem Gp. Leader. Lay Reader. Chapel; Scoutmaster, DYA soccer, Sem IO softball, Sem I2 basketball, Sem 6 volleyball, Sports Day handball team JAMES N. ENYART NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY CIVILIAN 85, I963, Bowling Green State U. MS, l966, U. of Illinois A-l6. B-8, C-l6; Class Gift Com. Sem. l6 softball, Sem 8 basketball, volleyball referee, Sports Day softball COL RAS-DESTA K. DZOGBENUKU INFANTRY, ARMY, GHANA CSC, Pakistan, I974 A-I5; B-Il; C-I LTC RICHARD ERICKSON FIELD ARTILiERY BA, l963. John Carroll U. MEd, l972, William 8 Mary CGSC. l973 A-5, Asst Seminar Gp Chairman; 3-9. photographer. C-I I Also participated in Seminar 5 soft- ball, Army Ball LTC JULIAN REID EVERLY ORDNANCE CORPS S, l962, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. BA. I973, Babson College GSC, l972 -I: B-l I; C-IG LTC MICHAEL L. FERGUSON USAF S, l963, USAFA PA, l975. Auburn U. CSC. l975 1-I4, Social Chairman; 3-3; C-l4, So- ial Chairman. Also participated in ports Day volleyball team, Chair- an, Class Entertainment Com. LTC ROBERT F. EWART USAF BSME, l966, West Virginia U. MS, l974, AF Inst. Technology ACSC, l978 A-ll. Year Book Rep: B-7. Asst Semi- nar Gp Leader; C-l2. Also participated as Circulation Mgr. for Year Book COL JAMES C. FIELDS ORDNANCE CORPS BS, l960. The Citadel MS, I964, U. of Delaware ACSC, l975 A-l4: B-l3; C-2 LTC THOMAS E. FALEY INFANTRY BS, l962. USMA MS, l969, U. of Miami CGSC, I974 A-3; B-3, Seminar Gp. Leader; C-l3. Also participated in Public Speakers Bureau; Lay Reader, Post Chapel. Seminar 3 softball LTC DAVID M. FISHBACK INFANTRY 85, I964, USMA MBA. I973, Tulane U. CGSC, l977 A-6, Asst Seminar Gp Leader; B-7; C- I Also participated in Sports Day run- ning team 135 LTC EDWARD C. FISHER INFANTRY BA, l96l, EWSU MS, l983, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l974 A-I3; 3'9; C-IS Also participated in Seminar l3 soft- ball and Seminar 9 basketball LTC CATHERINE H. T. FOSTER USAR. ARMY NURSE CORPS BS, I958. Marquette U. MS, l962, Marquette U. Ph.D., l974, New York U. MS. l983 Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l978 A-S, Social Chmn, Alumni Rep.; 8- I 5. C-I4. Softball, volleyball, Public Speakers' Bureau. Recorder. 0. Club Council LTC MICHAEL J. FLYNN MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BA. l963. Hofstra U. MS, I983, Shippensburg State U. AFSC, I977 A-l3; 8-6, Seminar Gp Chairman; C- 2, Asst Social Chairman; Also participated in Seminar l3 soft- ball, Lay Reader. Post Chapel COL RICHARD A. FOSTER DENTAL CORPS DDS. City CGSC, l973 A-I I, Class Gift Com; 8-9, Class Gift Com: C-l, Class Gift Com. Also participated in Seminar softball. basketball, volleyball, Chapel activi- ties l962, U. of Missouri-Kansas LTC RONALD P. FOREST FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l962, Clemson U. MA. l979, Webster College CGSC, I977 . A-Il; 3-2: C-I2 Also participated in Seminar l2 soft- ball, Seminar 2 basketball, Seminar I0 volleyball, Sports Day soccer, Asst Coach youth soccer LTC JOHN L. FRANCK INFANTRY BS, I962, USMA MSNE. l973, Georgia Tech U. AFSC. I974 A-4; 3-2; C-I4, Security Rep. Also participated as Lay Reader Post Chapel, SS Teacher, Post Chapel. Seminar 4 softball, Sports Day run- ning 8 squash Tam ROBERT B. FRANKLIN, JR. ARMOR . l963, Ohio State U. .A, I973, Ohio State U. SC, l974 I2. Athletic Rep; B-IO: C-IO o partICIpated on Current Affairs nel, Sports Day racquetball 8 soc- LTC LEMOS L. FULMER ARMOR , l965, Louisiana State U. S. l976, Central Michigan U. SMC CGSC. l976 -I6. Asst Seminar Gp Leader; B-I l: -5, Social Chairman. Also participat- d in Seminar sports, Carlisle Ski Club LTQD MARTELL D. FRITZ FIELD ARTILLERY BS, I96l, USMA MS, l975, U. of Southern CA CGSC. l972 A-4, Athletic Chairman; 8-9, Athletic Chairman; C-9, Seminar Gp Leader. Also participated as Seminar 4 soft- ball coach, Seminar 9 basketball coach, Sports Day basketball 8 soft- ball COL JAY M. GARNER AIR DEFENSE ARTILLERY BS. l962, Florida State U. MPA, I983, Shippensburg State U. USMC CGSC, l974 A-9, Seminar Gp Leader; B-l3; C-l4 Also participated in Seminar 9 soft- ball, Seminar l3 basketball, Seminar l4 volleyball LTC ISIDORO J. FULLANA ARTILLERY, GENERAL STAFF, ARMY SPAIN BS, l946, La Salle College Spanish Army GS, l97l CGSC, I975 A-I4: B-l I; C-7 PATRICIA M. GAYNOR DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY CIVILIAN BA, l964, St. Joseph8s U. MA, l972, The American U. A-l5, ConyCond Rep, B-S, Cong- Kiond Rep, C-l l: Class Gift Com. Public Speakers' Bureau, Cantor 8 Choir Catholic Chapel, Seminar 5 softball coach MICHAEL L. GENTRY DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY DA CIVILIAN BSEE, I964, Oklahoma State U. Ph.D., l97l, U. of Arizona A-l l, Entertainment Com.; 8- l 3, War Game Controller; C-I5. War Game Controller Sem ll softball, Sem l5 volleyball DON B. GINDER DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY CIVILIAN AB, l964, Catholic U. of America A-9. Asst Social Chairman; 3-6: C-9. Also participated in Sports Day Hous- ing Com, Lay Reader, Post Chapel, Advisor, Jr. CYO, Public Speaker's Bureau, Seminar 9 softball 138 $miwswx MANFRED R. F. GERBER SIGNAL CORPS, ARMY, FED REP GERMANY Fuehrungs Akademie Hamburg. l969-l97l SC, Camberley, UK, I972 A-I l, International Fellow; B-2, Inter- national Fellow; C-l5, International Fellow LTC ROBERT C. GOETZ FINANCE CORPS BSBA, l963, Xavier U. MBA, l972, Indiana U. CGSC, l977 A-I6. Athletic Rep; B-5, Athletic Rep: C-5, Athletic Rep. Sem l6 softball. Sem 5 basketball 8 volleyball, bowl- ing, Sports Day volleyball. soccer, bowling teams LTC CLAIR F. GILL CORPS OF ENGINEERS BS, I965, USMA MS, I970, U. of CA werkelew CGSC, I975 A-IO: 3-9, Asst Seminar Gp Leader C-6. Alter Server coordinator, Catho lic Chapel; Asst Cubmaster. Pack I73. Sports Day basketball, Basketbal coach, DYA Junior League LTC ROYAL T. GOODDEN USAR, MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BS, l966. U. of Wisconsin CGSC, l980 A- l, Security Of; 8- l4, Security Of; C- I6, Year Book Com. Also participated in Seminar I soft- ball, bowling. LTC JOSEPH S. GORDON USAR, MILITARY INTELLIGENCE , I965, Bowdoin College , I97I, U. of Maine .D., l975, Duke U. SC, l978 l0; B-l I; C-l I. Also particnpated Faculty Inst. In History, "Testa- nt of Freedom", Sports Day LTC TOMMY F. GRIER, JR. INFANTRY A, l962. U. of Georgia PA, I983, Shippensburg State U. ,CSC, I974 -l0, Security Of; B-7; C-7, Security If. Also participated as DYA soccer oach, Cub Scout Pack Master, Semi- ar l0 softball, Com. for Army ball COL FRED K. GREEN. JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAUS CORPS BA, l963, U. of Kansas JD, l966, U. of Missouri MA. I97I, Tufts U. CGSC, I979 A-9; B-7, Seminar Gp Leader: C-IO Also participated in National 5 Inter- national Security Issues Forum. Class Gift Com. LTCXD JAMES H. GRIFFIN ORDNANCE CORPS BS, l962, San Diego State College MS, l974, U. of CA at San Diego CGSC, I973 A-6; B-7, Social Chairman; C-l4 Also particupated in Oral History Prog., Controller of CorpVNATO War Games COL J. LARRY GREEN FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l95l, Tennessee State U. MA, l978, Central Michigan U. AFSC, l975 A-l6, Seminar Gp Leader; B-7, Chair- man, Congrats 8 Cond. Com; C-l3. Year Book Com. LTQP JOSEPH C. GROSS III ARMOR BA, l966, Northeast Louisiana State College AFSC, I972 A-I3, Social Chairman; 3-8: C-l4 Also participated in Seminar I3 soft- ball, Seminar 8 basketball, Sports Day golf team, basketball referee, Post- MIAC, DNTN Rec League 139 LTQW NICHOLAS H. GROSZ, JR. USMC BS, l962, U. of Rhode Island USMC CESC, I977 A-7: B-l l; C-l, Asst Seminar Gp Chairman. Also participated in Seminar 7 soft- ball, Seminar 2 volleyball, Sports Day soccer LTC ROBERT S. HARDY, JR. AIR DEFENSE ARTILLERY BSE, l964, U. of Toledo CGSC. l973 A-I, Social Chairman: B-5, Social Chairman; C-9, Social Co-Chairman Also participated as Lay Reader, Post Chapel, Seminar l softball, Seminar 9 voHeybaH COL SEUNG-UI HAN INFANTRY, ARMY, KOREA BS, l966, Korea Military Academy MA, I970, Indiana U. CGSC, l977 A-2; B-IS: C-IO Also participated in Sports Day soccer COL ERNEST J. HARRELL CORPS OF ENGINEERS 85, I960, Tuskegee Institute MS, l972, Arizona State U. CGSC, l973 A-3. Security Off; B-IG: C-9 Also participated in Current Affairs Panel, Seminar 3 softball. Sports Day golf LTqm DAVID v. HARBACH ARMOR BX, I96I, VMI MS, l983, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l977 A-I5, Social Chairman; B-l4, Socia Chairman: C-l6. Also participated a Webelos Den Leader. Class Enterta'n- ment Com, Dir of Testament of Free- dom," Sports Day Squash LTC ROBERT W. HAUBRICH ARMOR BA, l962, Ripon College MA, l97l, Western Kentucky U. CGSC, l972 A-IS; B-ll; C-IO, Asst Seminar Gp Leader Also participated in Seminar l5 soft- ball, Seminar l2 basketball, DYA baseball coach COL ARTHUR L. HENDERSON MILITARY INTELLIGENCE S. l960, U. of Tennessee CSC, l975 -2, Seminar Gp Leader; 8-4: C-9, So- ial Chairman IRVIN HICKS FOREIGN SERVICE. STATE DEPARTMENT BA, l983, U. of Maryland A-7, B-l4; C-S Also participated in Sports Day tennis 8 soccer, Seminar 7 softball, Asst Scout Den Leader, Gift Com. LTQH CLYDE A. "LOU" HENNIES ARMOR BGS, l972, U. of Nebraska-Omaha MS, l983. Shippensburg State Col- lege CGSC, l974 A-G; 8-5. Fund Drive Chairman, Year Book Rep; C- l 3, Social Chmn, Sem Gp Leader, Public Speakers' Bureau. Sports Day handball team, LTC FRED .l. HILLYARD INFANTRY BS, l962, US Military Academy MS, l97l, Georgia Tech CGSC, l972 A-l6, Athletic Rep; B-IO, Athletic Rep. Asst Sem Gp Chmn; C-2, Athletic Rep. Sem l6 softball, Sem l0 basket- ball, Sem 2 volleyball, Sports Day run- ning team, PMOC COL DOYLE L. HERNDON MILITARY POLICE BA, l96l, Ouachita Baptist U. MS, I968. Florida State U. CGSC, l970 A-l5, Security Of; B-Il: C-5, Year Book Com. Also participated in Semi- nar I5 softball. Seminar l2 basket- ball, Seminar 5 volleyball, Sports Day soccer team NODGES , COL JOHN C. HODGES ADJUTANT GENERAL CORPS BA, l960, North Georgia College MS, l983, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, I972 A-S; B-IO; C-l4 COL CHARLES M. HOOD, JR. FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l959, Hampton Institute MA, I974, U. of Oklahoma CGSC, l975 A-9; B-ll, Seminar Gp Leader; C-4 Also participated in National 5 Inter- national Security Issues Forum, Sports Day bowling LTC STEPHEN E. INMAN AIR DEFENSE ARTILLERY BA, l965, U. of Delaware MA, l975. U. of Kansas CGSC, l974 A-2; 8-8, Social Co-chairman: C-IS. Social Co-chairman. Also participated in Seminar softball, basketball 8 volleyball 142 LTC CLAYTON A. HOVDA ARNG, INFANTRY BA, l956, Luther College Ph.D., l975, U. of Iowa CGSC, I976 A-ll, CongraUCondol. Com; B-l3, CongraUCondol. Com: C-I Also participated in Chapel Choir, softball, volleyball, Sports Day golf COL BRUCE W. JOHNSON USAF Mech Engr, I960, Grove City College M. Pub Ad, I972, Auburn U. ACSC, I972 A-l l, softball coach; B-l I, Seminar Gp Leader: C-7 Officer's Club Advisory Council Also participated in Post Chapel Choir, Sports Day racquetball 8 soc- cer LTC GEORGE T. HUDGENS INFANTRY BA. I963, Arkansas Tech U. MS, l983, Shippensburg U. CGSC, l975 A-2. Asst Seminar Gp Chairman; B- C-3, Asst Athletic Chairman Also participated in softball 8 baske ball ,, COL DAVID C. JOHNSON INFANTRY BS, l963, U. of Illinois MS. l97l, North Carolina State U. AFSC, I973 A-9, Asst Seminar Gp. Chairman; B- Social Chairman; C-IS, Social Chai man. Also participated as Post Chap- Usher, Asst Scoutmaster Troop I73 DANIEL L. KADUNCE , . . " x , ' DEFENSE COMMUNICATIONS COL WILLIAM D. JOHNSTON , ' ' AGENCY CIVILIAN SIGNAL CORPS ' , , ,- , , BSC, l960, Grove City College BA, I960, Clarkson College of Tech. , ' , 1 , MBA, l96l, U. of Denver GSC, l97l , ' 7 , ' A-S; 3-9; C-7 -l5; B-9; C-IO Also participated in , '- ' L Also participated in Seminar 5 soft- minar Sports V ball. Sports Day tennis LTC BOYD A. JONES CORPS OF ENGINEERS BS, I964, Norwich U. MS, l970, U. of Missouri CGSC, l974 A-l, Sports Chairman; B-l3. Asst Seminar Gp Leader; C-l l, Sports Chairman. Also participated as Sports Day Chairman, volleyball team, Semi- nar l3 basketball LTqm RICHARD F. KELLER LTC KHURSHID A. KHAN LTQH ROY D. KIMERLING INFANTRY ARMOR, ARMY, PAKISTAN ARMOR S, l96l, Gonzaga U. BA, l965, U. of Punjab BS, l973, Park College S, l973. George Washington U BSc, I98l, U. of Baluchistan MPA, l983, Shippensburg State U. CSC, l973 CGSC. Quetta Wakistany I977 CGSQ '972 A-IS, Seminar Gp Leader; B-l3; C-3, A-IS: B-I6; C-4 A-IO, Social Chairman; B-IS; C-I2 ocial Chairman Also participated in Seminar l5 soft- ball COL PAUL J. KIRKEGAARD INFANTRY BS, I962, USMA MA, l973, Auburn U. AFCSC, l972 A-Il, Seminar Leader; 8-9: C-l6 Also participated in basketball, soc- cer, golf. running LTC EUGENE P. KLYNOOT ARNG, FIELD ARTILLERY BA. I967, Wilkes College MPA, l983. Penn State U. CGSC, l978 A-I6, Year Book Rep; 845. Year Book Rep; C-2. Year Book Rep Also participated as Asst Features Ed. Year Book LTQW GEORGE KIRSCHENBAUER INFANTRY BS. I962, USMA MA, I970, Middlebury College CGSC, l974 A-4, Seminar Gp Leader; B-l6; C-l Also participated in Seminar 4 soft- ball, Sports Day softball 8 basketball LTQD HERBERT E. KOENIGSBAUER ARMOR BA, l96l, Bowdoin College MS, l983, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l972 A-I; B-4; C-ll Also participated in Ski Club LTC FRANK W. KLEIN, JR. INFANTRY BSC, l963, Spring Hill College CGSC, I972 A-l, Athletic Chairman; B-l. Semin Gp Leader; C-7. Also participated . youth activities soccer coach, Lecto Usher Post Chapel, Seminar 2 so ball 8 basketball, Seminar 7 volle ball, Sports Day tennis COL CLIFFORD R. KRIEGER USAF BS, l964, USAFA MS, l970, USC RAF Staff College, l974 A-S; B-l3; C-9 Also participated in Seminar 5 soft ball, Seminar 9 volleyball, Chap Lector, LEM, Confirmation Class Inst LTC BERNARD A. KUSTER QUARTERMASTER CORPS A, l962, Gannon U. A, l978, Webster College CSC, l976-77 -l l; B-4, Sports Cood.; C-IO, Sports ood. Also participated in Seminar l softball, Seminar 4 basketball, minar Il volleyball, Sports Day asketball V LTC GEORGE A.LANSDI TRANSPORTATION CORPS S, l963, Kent State U. 1 BA. l970, Texas Tech U. GSC. l973 -I3, Asst Seminar Gp Leader; B-IG: -8. Also participated in Public peaker's Bureau, Co-teacher Sr Hi emmar, Post Chapel, Seminar l3 oftball, Seminar I6 basketball, Sem'- ar 8 volleyball, Sports Day handball nd volleyball LTQD STANLEY KWIECIAK, JR. FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l963, Canisius College MS, l970, U. of Dayton CGSC, l975 A-l3. Seminar Gp Chairman; 3-2; C- l5. Also participated in Seminar l3 softball, Current Affairs Panel LTC JOHN G. LARKINS TRANSPORTATION CORPS BA, l962, U. of Wisconsin MA, I968, John Carroll U. CGSC, l974 A-7, Asst Seminar Gp Leader; 3- l; C- l5, Year Book Rep Also participated as MSA youth soc- cer referee, Seminar 7 softball COL GEORGE T. LABLONDE, JR. CORPS 0F ENGINEERS BS, I960. Michigan Tech U. MS, l965, Purdue U. CGSC, l972 A-I2, Security Off; 8-5, Security Off; C-l5, Athletic Chairman Also participated in Officers Mixed Bowling, Blue Mountain Chap, AUSA ncm IAN w. LARSON INFANTRY BS, I96l, Seattle U. MS, l97l, Georgia Tech U. CGSC, l975 A-l2; 8-6; C-8, Asst Seminar Gp Leader. Also participated as Lay Reader, CYO Advisor 8 Lay Eucharis- tic Minister, Post Chapel; Billeting Com. Chairman, Sports Day: Sports Day running; coach. Sr Boys basket- ball LTC RICHARD G. LARSON TRANSPORTATION CORPS BS, I965, U. of Idaho MBA, l975, Babson College CGSC, l974 A-l; B-ll: C-6 Also participated on Graduation Ball Com. Seminar Sports I I amt? LTQD THOMAS P. LEAVITT INFANTRY BS, l963, U. of Massachusetts MA, l983, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l976 A-IS; 8-8: C-ll COL JOHN A LASCH Ill INFANTRY BS, l960, Florida Southern College MS, l983, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l972 A-I l. Sports Chairman; B-S, Sports Chairman; C-l2, Seminar Gp Leader. Lay Reader Post Chapel, Seminar l I softball, Seminar 8 basketball, Semi- nar l2 volleyball. Sports Day hand- ball 8 basketball LTQW LARRY G. LEHOWICZ INFANTRY BS, l964, Kent State U. MBA, l972. Syracuse U. AFSC, l975 A-I6, Year Book Rep; 8'7, Year Book Rep; C-S, Seminar Gp Leader Also participated as Facilities Coord. for Sports LTQD DENNIS A. LEACH INFANTRY BS, l963, USMA MS, l970, U. of Wisconsin CGSC, l975 A-6; B-l; C-l4 Also participated in Sports Day run ning LTC RONALD R. LEONARD INFANTRY BS, l960. Kansas State U. MA, l977, Kansas U. CGSC, l976 A-8, Asst Seminar Gp Leader; 8-3; C- IO. Also participated on Year Book Com., Class Gift Com, softball, bas- ketball, Sports Day soccer. youth league soccer coach, President, Car- lisle Bks Ski Club COL THOMAS E. LEVERETTE INFANTRY S. l960, North Georgia College S, l983, Shippensburg State U. GSC, I975 -I6; B-ll; C-7 lso participated in softball, basket- all, volleyball, Cooperative Degree rog. COL LEWIS W. MACKENZIE INFANTRY, CANADIAN FORCES ipl, Philosophy, l960, St. Francis avier GSC, l970 Gianadw -6; B-I: C-l6, Sports Rep lso participated in Seminar 6 soft- all, Seminar I basketball, Seminar 6 volleyball, Sports Day volleyball 8 quash, Coorg. of Class Skit Night, lass Alumni Com. LTQD CRAIG H. LEYDA FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l959, Iowa State U. MS, l974, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l972 A-l; B-I4: C- l 2. Also participated on Class Gift Com, referee softball 8 vol- leyball, Usher Post Chapel, Cochair- man College Age Holiday, Sponsor, West Point Cadets LTC ROBERT A. MAGUIRE. JR. USAF BS, l968, USAF Academy MA, l975, New Mexico Highlands U. AFSC, l979 A-l: 8-9; C-I, Asst. Sem. Gp Chmn.. Soc. Chmn., youth soccer coach. Comm, Bantam Basketball League, CCD teacher Catholic Chapel, Sports Day soccer, Sem. l softball. Sem. 9 basketball, Testament To Freedom. Class Skit LTC DONALD D. LIVESAY INFANTRY, ARNG Abilene Christian Southwestern State U. Oklahoma State U. CGSC, l976 A-l I, Year Book Rep; 8- I, Year Book Rep; C-9, Year Book Rep. Also partici- pated in softball, basketball. golf $ports Day; participant in weekly Prayer Breakfasts COL FREDERICK J. MAHADY, JR. USMC, INFANTRY AB, l96l, Boston College MS, l972, American U. AFSC, l975 A-I; 3-5; C-l4, Asst Seminar Gp Leader. Also participated in Seminar 2 softball, Seminar 5 basketball. Sports Day track team. i2 JOHN J. MAHAN DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY BS, I96l, High Point College MA, l969, American U. Nat. Sr. Intelligence Course, l977 A-l; 8-7: C-4. Also participated in Protestant Men of Chapel Outreach Frog, Sports Day soccer 5 softball. Off. Christian Fellowship Bible Study. youth league basketball coach CDR ROBERT P. MCCLENDON, JR. US NAVY BA, l965, Auburn U. AFSC, l977 A-3; B-Il, ConyCond Com; C-l l. ConWGift Com. Class Treasurer Also participated in Sports Day tennis COL RICHARD K. MARTIN CHAPLAIN CORPS BA, I954, Lynchburg College MDiv, l957, Duke U. MA, l977, Central Michigan U. CGSC, I975 A-l, Asst Seminar Gp Chairman, ConyCond Com; 8-6, ConyCond Com; C-IS, ConyCond Com. Also participated as Student Rep. Golf Com. Seminar I softball, Sports Day golf LTC JOHN A. MCCLOUD MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BA, l965, U. of Richmond CGSC, l976 British Army Staff College, l979 A-l4; B-l6, Asst Seminar Gp Chair- man: C-4 LTC LLOYD D. MASON ARMOR BS, l963, Texas A8M CGSC, I973 A-l l; B-I2, Asst Seminar Gp Chai man; C-I6 Also participated as Corps War Gam Controller, Yom Kippur War Gam Seminar I softball W94,$,g. k! I. new ROBERT P. MCFARLIN ORDNANCE CORPS BA, I964, Trinity U. MS, l978. Florida Inst. of Tech. CGSC, l976 A-IO, ConyCond Com; B-l4, Cong Cond Com; C-l, ConyCond Co Chairman, Congratulatibns 8 Condo lences Com. Current Affairs Pane Chapel Choir, Sports Day Golf, Sem nar I0 softball COL JARRETT B. MCGEHEE, JR. USAF . l964, USAF Academy S. l972, U. of Southern CA AF CSC, l973 l3; B-S; C-3 AF Rep so particupated in Seminar l3 soft- ll, Seminar 5 basketball, Chairman Ball Com. LTQP JACK R. MCQUESTION INFANTRY S, l960, Florida State U. S, l973, U. of Southern CA GSC, l975 -IO; B-3, Social eminar Gp Leader lso participated in Ski Club C-l. Chairman; COL JOHN L. MCGILLEN ADJUTANT GENERAL'S CORPS BA, l959, U. of New Hampshire MA, l976, U. of Kansas CGSC, l975 A-IO. Asst Seminar Gp Chairman; B- l3, Finance Rep; C-S Also participated in Public Speakers LTQD DAVID C. MEADE FIELD ARTILLERY BA, l962, Dickinson College MEd, l97l, U. of Virginia AFSC, l974 A-l4, Sports Chairman: B-l4, Semi- nar Gp Leader; C-IS Also participated as Sports Day Chairman, Facilities, Commo, Offi- CIals Com. softball, basketball, vol- leyball, Sports Day soccer LTQD MICHAEL D. MCGINTY USAF BA, l964. U. of Minnesota MS, l983. Shippensburg State U. ACSC, l979 A-l6, Asst Social Chairman; 8-2: C-S. Also part'cipated in Coop. Degree Prog., Public Speakers Bureau, Lay Eucharistic Minister, Post Chapel LTC DONALD L. MEEK SIGNAL CORPS BGE, l965, U. of Nebraska BA, l974, U. of Alabama MA, l975, U. of Alabama CGSC, l973 A-4. Social Chairman; B-l l, Social Chairman: C- I 2, Social Chairman, Ed. Year Book, Public Speakers Bureau. Seminar 4 softball, Usher Post Chap- el, Dir, Carlisle Bks Youth Players LTC FREDERICK F. MEYERS. JR. TRANSPORTATION CORPS BS, l962, John Carroll U. MA, l964. John Carroll U. CGSC, l972 A-IS, Asst Seminar Gp Chairman. Athletic Rep; B-IO; C-3, ConyCond Rep Also participated in Seminar l5 soft- ball 8 Seminar 3 volleyball LTC WILLIAM H. MILLER AIR DEFENSE ARTILLERY BS, l963, Western Michigan U. CGSC, l973 A-l l: 8-6; C-5 Also participated in Post Chapel Choir, Seminar l I softball, Seminar 6 basketball, Seminar 5 volleyball LTQH BRUCE T. MIKETINAC MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS BS. l963, St. Norbert College MBA, l973, U. of Notre Dame CGSC, l978 A-7, Athletic Chairman; B-l3; C-l3 Also participated in Seminar 7 soft- ball, Seminar l3 basketball. Sports Day athletic Dir ncm THOMAS M. MONTGOMERY ARMOR BS, I963, Indiana U. MS, l983. Central Michigan U. AFSC. l974 , A-l I, Social Chairman; 3-3. C-l LTC GEORGE M. MILLER, JR. CORPS OF ENGINEERS BS, l963, USMA MS, l970, MIT CGSC. I975 A-I3, Fund Drive Chairman; B-7; C l6. Also participated in Seminar I softball. Finance Com Army Ball, Fi nance Com USMA Founders Day LTC JIMMY R. MOORE INFANTRY BA, l962, The Citadel MA, l976. Webster College AFSC, l974 . A-l3, Sports Chairman; B-IO, Sport. Chairman; C-l I, Seminar Gp Leader Also participated as Sports Day has ketball Coord, Chapel Usher. Coord lntra-mural basketball, Sports Da softball, Seminar l3 softball LTC EDGAR B. MORRISON FIELD ARTILLERY A, I960. CA State U. Northridge A, l967, CA State U. Northridge GSC, l976 -l0, Sports Chairman; B-8: C-6, Se- urity. Also participated in Seminar 0 softball. Sports Day Ref. Chairman, ublic Speakerf Bureau LTC JOSEPH S. NAPIER INFANTRY .S, l962, U. of San Francisco S, I983. Shippensburg State U. GSC, l973 A-4, Asst Social Chairman; 3-4. Semi- ar Gp Leader; C-3, Year Book Rep. Also participated as Lay Eucharistic Minister 8 Usher Post Chapel, Semi- nar 4 softball, SGT MAJ Academy Ex- change LTQW JOSEPH W. MURRAY SIGNAL CORPS BS, I97l, Hampton Institute MA, l976, Central Michigan U. CGSC, I972 A-6, Seminar Chairman: B-I5; 05 Also participated in Sports Day Open- ing Ceremonies LTQD DWIGHT E. NORRIS ARNG, INFANTRY CGSC, l978 A-7, CongKZond Com: 8-2; C-Il. Year Book Rep. Also participated as softball umpire, Sports Day Asst Chairman of Org. Com. HOMER P. NAGLE DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY CIVILIAN AB, l955, Kent State U. CGSC. l977 A-4, Security Rep; 3- I 2; C-I, Athletic Rep. Also participated in Seminar 4 softball, Seminar l2 basketball. bas- ketball referee, Seminar I volleyball LTC WILLIAM E. NUTT USAR. ORDNANCE CORPS BS, l957, U. of Florida MS, I965, Georgia Tech U. CGSC, l974 A-3: 3-9; C-Il; C-l7, Seminar Gp Leader. Also participated in Seminar 3 softball, Seminar 9 basketball, Pub- lic Speakers Bureau SGT MAJ Acade- my visit 151 JOHN D. O'CONNELL 7 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY CIVILIAN BS, l965, U. of Minnesota A-l4; B-IS: C-IO COL DEAN M. OWEN INFANTRY BA, l960, Eastern Washington U. MA. l974, Kansas State U. CGSC, l973 A-l l, Seminar Gp Leader; B-l l; C-l4 Also participated in Seminar I I soft- ball 8 basketball, NationaI-Interna- tional Security Issues Forum. Sports Day running 152 COL PATTRICK J. ORELLI USAR, CIVIL AFFAIRS BSC, I964, U. of Santa Clara MBA, l977, San Francisco State U. CGSC, I979 A-l, Social Chairman; 8-7; C-IS Also participated as Chairman, Army Ball Com, Entertainment Com. CBOC Advisory Council, Lay Reader Post Chapel, Cub Scout Webelos Den Leader COL WILLIAM C. PAGE ARMOR BS, I970, U. of Nebraska CGSC, l972 A-9; 8-9, Seminar Gp Chairman; C- II. Also participated in Seminar 9 softball, Sports Day golf, bowling W LTC DONALD M. OURA INFANTRY BED, l959, U. of Hawaii 5 Yr Cert, l960, U. of Hawaii CGSC, l974 A-l4, Fund Rep: 3-6. Social Chair man; C-I6. Also participated in Semi nar l4 softball, Seminar 6 volleyball SRCOC sponsor ; LTC CHARLES S. PALMER FIELD ARTILLERY BSEE, l96l, Tennessee Polytechnic MBA. l974, Missouri State U. MSIE, l978, U. of Arkansas CGSC, l974 A-4, Dir of Budget; B-l. Comptroller C-l3, Deputy Allied Commander LTC FRANK M. PEARCE USAF A, I964, Texas AEM BA, l97l, Golden Gate College CSC, l976 -5; B-I4; C-IO lso participated in Sports Day tennis LTC WILLIAM D. POYNTER CORPS OF ENGINEERS BS, l962, Arkansas Tech U. CGSC, l973 A-7; 3-6; C-I LTC CLIFTON A. POTTER FIELD ARTILLERY BA. l963. U. of Texas MPA, I973. U. of Missouri-Kansas City CGSC, l972 A-l2; B-Il, C-9 COL RICHARD O. PROCTOR MEDICAL CORPS BA, l957. OCU MS, l964, Baylor U. MD, l964, Baylor U. MPHETM, l970, Tulane U. AFSC, l977 Class President A-4; B-S; C-3. Board of Trustees Alumni Assoc, Chapel Choir, softball, basketball, volleyball. Class Chorus Prod. LTQD JOSEPH W. POWER III TRANSPORTATION CORPS BS, l962, U. of Oregon CGSC. l974 A- I 6; 3-6, Sports Rep: C-4, Asst Semi- nar Gp Leader COL OSWALDO C. RAMIREZ- ALVAREZ INFANTRY, ARMY, VENEZUELA BS, l960, Venezuela Military Academy Econ., l982, Sta Maria U. CGSC. l976 A-6; 8-9; C-l2. Also participated in Chapel activnties, softball. volleyball, bowling ncm LUTHER B. RAY III ADJUTANT GENERAL'S CORPS BS, l960, Auburn U. MS, I983, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l975 A-l6; B-l; C-IO ncm TILDEN R. REID INFANTRY 85, I963, US Naval Academy MBA, l974, Tulane U. CGSC, l975 A-2; B-l, Seminar Gp Leader; C-l3 Also patricipated as Com. Sr Boys basketball, ConyCond Com, Semi- nar 2 softball, Seminar I basketball. Seminar l3 volleyball 154 LTC JACKSON C. REAVILL FIELD ARTILLERY BS. l962, USMA MS, I972. Tulane U. CGSC, l974 A-6, Sports Chairman; B-l3, Social Chairman, basketball coach; C-6. Also participated in Sports Day bas- ketball, Seminar l3 basketball, Sports Day Chairman Opening Day 5 Award Ceremonies LTQH ARTHUR A. REMLING II ADJUTANT GENERAUS CORPS BS, I96l, Oklahoma State U. MS, l972, North Dakota State U. CGSC, l974 A-9, softball coach; 8-6, Asst Seminar Gp Leader: C-6 Also participated in Seminar 9 soft- ball, Seminar 6 volleyball, Class Fund Drive Chairman, Sports Day soccer Ltcm JOSEPH J. REDDEN TACTICAL AIR COMMAND, USAF BS, l964. USAF Academy MS, l977, Auburn U. ACSC, l977 A-3, Asst Seminar Gp Leader; B-4, So cial Chairman; C-6 Also participated squash in Sports Da '4: COL PAUL J. RICE JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL'S CORPS BA, l960, U. of Missouri JD, I962, U. of Missouri LLM, l970, Northwestern U. CGSC, l975 A-3, Social Chairman: B-l4. Sports Chairman; C-4, Sem. Gp Leader, Pub- lic Speakers Bureau; PMOC 8 Usher Post Chapel: referee, youth basket- ball; Sports Day budget off 8 soccer coord. ' LTC WAYMAN D. ROBERTSON MILITARY POLICE CORPS BS, l959, U. of Missouri LTC CHARLES F. RIMBEY V ' , , , ' MS, l965, u. of Missouri ., , j Ph.D., l970, U. of Missouri CGSC. SIGNAL CORPS S. l963, Kent State U. ' , : . , ,, GSC, l974 , ' 1:9? 5 c 2 -3, Asst Security Mgr; B-7; C-3, Asst 5 , L , ' i B' ; 'I ' . . . . , Seminar 8 softball, Seminar 5 basket- ocual Chairman ball Sem' ar l2 volleyball Sports I rt' ' t d S ' 3 ft- , ' "1 . so pa Iapa e m emmar so ' ' . ' .V ' , Day Soccer, Post Chapel Usher all and volleyball LTQH JOHN E. ROBBINS FIELD ARTILLERY BS, I964. Mississippi State U. MMAS. l976, CGSC CGSC, l976 A-l5 8-4, Year Book 8 Condolence: C-IG, Social ,, n 8:59:35 ' ugfg . .1; 1 z i .21 .I i f ; x b' I r CAROL A. ROEHL LTC DOUGLAS H. ROGERS COL RUFUS 8. ROGERS FIELD ARTILLERY DEPARTMENT OF STATE ARMOR BS, l96l, Clemson U. BA. l963, U. of Texas BS, I962, SMU MS, l983, Shippensburg State U MA, l974, U. of South Alabama MA. I968, U. of Texas , A-IO; 3-2; 02 CGSC, l97l A-S, Social Chairman; 3- l ; C- l, Semi- CGSC, l97l nar Gp Leader. Seminar 5 softball, A-l; 8-3; C-I6 Sports Day volleyball, Coorganizer Also participated in seminar sports. Skit Night contributing photographer yearbook COL ARNOLD T. ROSSI FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l959, U. of San Francisco MPA, l975, Golden Gate U. CGSC, l976 A-S: 8-6; C-3. Also participated in Public Speaker's Bureau, Seminar 8 softball, Chairman Sports Day Comp.. soccer, racquetball 8 running teams COL RAY L. RUSSELL USAF BS, l960, Louisiana Tech U. MA, l974, Webster College AC8SC, I975 A-l; B-I, Sports Coordinator: C-l l. Asst Seminar Gp Chairman Also participated in Sports Day bas- ketball 8 tennis 156 2? COL ROBERT S. RUDESILL FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l960, USMA MA. I976, Webster College AFSC, l974 A-3, Alumni Rep; B-l3, Alumni Rep; C-IO. Alumni Rep. Also participated in Seminar l3 softball 8 basketball. Sports Day Awards Ceremony LTC MONROE S. SAMS. JR. USAF BS, l967, USAFA MA, l975, Webster College AFSC, l978 A-4; B-IG: C-I5 Also participated on Sports Day Com- mittee, Cub Scout Activities Chair- man, Sem. 4 softball COL JAMES H. RUMBAUGH MEDICAL CORPS BA, I960, Thiel College MD. l964. Jefferson Medical College Avll, surgeon; B-IG, surgeon: C-l l. surgeon. Also participated in softball, Military Family Prog, Consultant to DAHC COL DANIEL P. SCHNEIDER ADJUTANT GENERAL CORPS BA, l960. St. John's U. MS, 1972, Old Dominion U. CGSC, l976 A-l5; 3-3; C-l LTC C. ROBERT SECRIST FIELD ARTILLERY A, I96l, U. of Iowa 1 A, l965, U. of South Dakota GSC, l974 1- I 3, Asst Social Chairman; B-3, Asst ocial Chairman; C-S, Asst Seminar -p Chairman. Also participated in ublic Speakers' Bureau, Seminar l3 oftball, Sports Day runner 86 All SHAHRUDIN BIN MOHD AIR FORCE, RMAF, MALAYSIA Royal Military College I960 CGSC. Bandung, Indonesia, l968 A-3; 3-5; C-I4 mm LTC FRANK N. SEFTON Ill ARNG, CORPS OF ENGINEERS BS, l959, Auburn U. CGSC, l979 A-6; B-ll, CFC Chairman; C-S Also participated in Seminar 6 soft- ball, basketball scorekeeper, Seminar I2 COL NANDE-CALAHE ACHARI MESTRIGE SILVA ARMY, INFANTRY, SRI LANKA BA, l962, Ananda College A-I3; 3-4; C-3 ncm THOMAS H. SELLERS, SR INFANTRY BS, l970, U. of Nebraska MBA, I974, U. of Utah CGSC, l975 A-9, Security Off; B-l l, Asst Seminar Gp Leader; C-I6, Security Off LTC ALBERT F. SIMPSON MILITARY POLICE CORPS BA, l956. Davidson College JD, l962, U. of Alabama AFSC, l978 A-6, Social Chairman; B-S. Social Com; C-IS, Social Com. Class Social Com. LTC DAVID C. SKAGGS FIELD ARTILLERY BS, I959. U. of Kansas MA, l960, U. of Kansas Ph.D., I966 Georgetown U. CGSC, l976 A-6, History Inst; B-4. History Inst; C-4. History Inst. Also participated as Chairman, Class Gift Com, Seminar 6 softball, Seminar 4 volleyball ncm RICHARD A. SONES ARMOR BA, I960, Louisiana State U. MA, l972, Texas Tech U. CGSC, I97l A-8; B-IO; C-7. Seminar Gp Leader Also participated as Lector, Post Chapel, Advanced Course Guest ln- structor 158 LTQD ROBERT B. SMITH USAF BA, l964, U. of CA, Berkeley MS, I974, Troy State U. ACSC, I976 A-IO, Asst Athletic Chairman. Year Book Rep; B-IO, Seminar Chairman, Year Book Rep; C-4. Year Book Rep. Also participated in Testament of Freedom, Chamber of Commerce Outing, Sports Day softball, sponsor for USMA Choral Visit COL WINTON SPILLER, JR. FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l960, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. MPA, l973, U. of Missouri-Kansas Cy. CGSC, I97l A-Il, Sports Day Rep: B-7, Sports Chairman: C-8, Sem. Gp Chairman Sem. Il softball, Seminar 7 basket- ball, Sem. 8 volleyball, Sports Day Trans. Chmn. JAMES L. SNYDER DEPARTMENT OF ARMY CIVILIA ? BA, l95l, Yale U. MA, l952, Yale U. A-2; B-l l. C-S Also participated in softball. basket ball, Managing Ed. of Year Book LTC PAT M. STEVENS IV CORPS OF ENGINEERS BS, l963, USMA MS, l967, UCLA CGSC, l974 A-9: 8-3, Asst Seminar Gp Leader; C- 7 Also participated in Seminar 9 soft- ball, Seminar 7 volleyball, Alumni Rep, Year Book Rep LTC ROBERT H. STRYJEWSKI FIELD ARTILLERY , l96l, Hofstra U. S, l983, Shippensburg State U. GSC, l973 -8, Social Chairman; B-I l, Athletic oord; C-l3, Athletic Coord. LTC EDWARD G. TEZAK CORPS OF ENGINEERS .S, l963, USMA S, l967, UCLA 'h.D., l979, VPI 8 SU FSC, l976 A-4; B-l4, Controller; C-l4, Control- er. Usher Catholic Chapel; Chairman est Point Founder's Day Dinner. Sem. 4 softball. CARMAX 83 Proi. Of. 0t ArmWAir War Col. war gamesy COL TOMOTOSHI TAMURA FIELD ARTILLERY, GSDF, JAPAN CGSC, JGSDF, l973 A-8: 3-3: C-8 Also participated in Seminar 8 soft- ball E volleyball LTQW JOHN H. TILELLI. JR. ARMOR BS, l963, Penn Military College ME, l972, Lehigh U. MCSC, l974 A-S: B-l3; C-7, Sports Rep. Also participated in handball, soft- ball, basketball, volleyball, Sports Day handball Chairman COL ORHAN TAN FIELD ARTILLERY, ARMY, TURKEY Army Staff College, I970-72, Turkey A-l; B-7; C-l3 Also participated in Seminar I soft- ball, Class Gift Com. 6? LTC LARRY R. TINBERG FIELD ARTILLERY BS, I962. U. of Illinois MS, l983, Shippensburg State U. AFSC, I976 A-l4: B-l6: C-l2, Asst Seminar Gp Chairman. Also participated in Coop- erative Degree Prog. LTC JAMES E. TINDALL FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l972, Troy State U. MS, l983, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l974 A-7; B-IO; C-7, Asst Seminar Gp Leader Also participated as Lay Reader, Post Chapel, Sports Day tennis LTC MILTON E. TURNER MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS BA, l964, Murray State U. MHA, l969, Baylor U. AFSC, l979 A-2; B-IO: C-IG Also participated in Seminar 2 soft- ball, Seminar IO basketball, Deputy Asst Dir, White House 800 Fellow- ship Council 160 LTC MICHAEL W. TOTTEN MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BA, l963, Williams College MA, l974, American U. of Beirut CGSC, l975 A-5: B-l, Asst Seminar Gp Leader; C- l4 Class Rep, Commissary Adv. Council, National-lnternational Security Issues Forum, Graduation Ball Comm.. Sports Day soccer, Sem. 5 softball, Sem. 2 basketball, Sem. l4 volleyball LTQD NICHOLAS P. VAMVAKIAS ARMOR BA, l96l, Boston U. MBA, l973, Arizona State U. CGSC, l97l A-l4; 3-8, Sem. Gp Leader; C-l I, Soc. Chmn. Public Speakers Bureau, PMOC, DYA soccer and youth bas- ketball coach, Sem I4 softball, Sem. 8 basketball. LTC ROBERT E. TSCHAN USMC BS, l964, Oregon State U. MS, l976, U. of Southern CA MCSC, l979 A-IG; 8-9; C-8 Also participated in softball, volle ball, Sports Day com., Prog. Co chairman COL ROBERT E. VIA, JR. VETERINARY CORPS DVM, l959, Ohio State U. MPH, l965, U. of Michigan CGSC, l969 A-IS; 3-2; C-9 Also participated as Usher, Pos Chapel, Seminar l5 softball, Seminar 9 volleyball LTC DONALD H. VOLTA ARMOR . l962, Seattle U. BA, l972, U. of Washington FSC. l975 -IO; 3-6: C-IS, Asst Seminar Gp hairman. Also participated in Sports ay racquetball W LTC HUBA WASS de CZEGE INFANTRY SMA, l964 BA, l972, Harvard U. GSC, I976 rmy Research Associate Ham BILL D. WADDELL USMC AAS, l960, GTI A-8; B-7: C-9 LTC WALLACE W. WEATHERWAX ARMOR BA, l964, U. of San Francisco JD, l970, U. of Santa Clara MS, l983, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l972 A-4; B-I3; C-6, volleyball coach Also participated in Seminar 4 soft- ball, Seminar l3 basketball, Sports Day volleyball, Shippensburg Coop. Degree Prog. ncm TERRENCE M. WALLACE ARMOR BBA, l963, Niagara U. MBA, l974, Fairleigh Dickinson AFSC, l974 A-I3; B-l4, Asst Seminar Gp Leader: C-l. Also participated in Seminar l3 softball, Seminar l4 basketball. Sports Day basketball 9 3:02;; CAPT ROBERT E. WEBB US NAVY AB, l960, Lenoir-Rhyne College A-S. ConyCond Com; 8-3; C-l6, Asst Seminar Chairman Also participated on Executive Coun- cil LTC GERALD L. WEIGAND INFANTRY CDR WILLIAM E. WELLS US NAVY BS, l962, Canisius College MA, l97l, U. of Missouri MMAS, l976, CGSC CGSC, I976 A-7; B-l4, Year Book Rep; C-l3 Also participated in Honors Course in Contingency Planning, Liaison trip to SGTS MAJ Academy, Sports Day BS, l963, SDSU MPA, l983, Shippensburg State U. A-9: B-I4; C-3, Athletic Rep COL ROBERT A. WHITE FIELD ARTILLERY BA, l96l. Texas A8M CGSC, l973 A-S; 3-6, Year Book Rep; C-l, Year Book Rep. Also participated in softball, basket- ball, volleyball LTQD ALLAN R. WETZEL INFANTRY BS. l96l, USMA MBA, l978, Central Michigan U. CGSC, I972 A-I3; B-l l, C-IO Also participated in Seminar l3 soft- ball, Seminar IO volleyball LTC WILLIAM E. WESSNER USAR MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BS, l963, North Georgia College MBA, I978, Valdosta State College CGSC, l977 A-9, ConyCond Com; B-IO, Cong Cond Com; C-l, Security Off, La Reader Post Chapel, Sem. 9 softbal Sem. I0 basketball, Sem. I volleybal Sports Day track, Sponsor SRCOC o ficers COL RICHARD D. WHITSETT ARMOR BS, l960, Murray State College MS, l983, Shippensburg State U. CGSC, l974 A-S; 8-7; C-6 Also participated in Military Studie Prog, Graduate Deg. Prog., Seminar softball, Seminar 6 volleyball COL DAVID K. WILLIAMS ADJUTANT GENERAUS CORPS A, I959, Rice U. GSC, I972 -l4, Seminar Leader; B-l4; C'7 ? Iso participated in Seminar l4 soft- all, Seminar 7 volleyball, Sports Day olf a WDLFE f a new RALPH ROGER WOLFE ARMOR -AB, l96l, Ohio U. MBA, l972, Syracuse U. BS, l974, Long Island U. CGSC, l97l A-G: B-l l; C-9 Also participated in Sports Day bas- ketball COL JAMES L. WILLIAMS INFANTRY USMC BS, l960, St. Mary's College BS, l972, George Washington U. Naval CSC, l972 A-I4, Asst Seminar Gp Leader; 8-2: C-I. Member Class Executive Com. Also participated as Lay Reader Post Chapel, Photographer Year Book, Boy Scout Troop Com., baseball, basket- ball, volleyball $ COL KENNETH K. YAMANOUCHI MEDICAL CORPS BS, l962, U. of California MHA, l973, Baylor U. CGSC, l978 A-S: 8-4: C-8 COL JAMES M. WINTERS, AIR DEFENSE ARTILLERY BS, I96l, USMA MA, I974, Ball State U. CGSC, I972 A-S; B- IO, Social Chairman; C-IO, So- cial Chairman. Also participated as Year Book Layout Ed., Army-Navy Game Chairman, V-P Ski Club, Lector Catholic Chapel, Seminar 5 softball LTC WALTER H. YATES, JR. INFANTRY BS, l963, U. of Southern Mississippi MS, l973, George Washington U. Naval CGS, l973 A-3; B-I l; C-4 LTC ROBERT S. YOUNG ARMOR BS, l962, Murray State U. MA. l977, Webster College CGSC, I975 A-4; Class Gift Com; 8-3, Class Gift Com; C-2, Class Gift Com. Also participated in Seminar 4 soft- ball x81 LTC ROBERT W. ZETTERBERG SIGNAL CORPS BS, l96l, Northeastern U. MS, l976, Florida Inst. of Tech. AFSC, l972 A-l l, Condolences Com: B-4, Asst Seminar Gp Leader; C-l3 Also participated in softball, basket- ball, volleyball, golf 00040 You BEA urns MOPE zgspcwsz v5 774mm . - "17 554725 THEHHL car a:- ME .7 V LTC MATTHEW A. ZIMMERMAN. JR. CHAPLAIN CORPS BS. l962. Benedict College MDiv, l965, Duke U. MS, l975, Long Island U. CGSC, I979 A-I3, Alumni Rep; B-l, Year Boo Rep; C-7. Also participated in Publi Speakerg Bureau, softball, basket- ball, volleyball referee BG CARROLL G ALLEN 86 CHARLES H. ANDERSON RADM WILLIAM A 36 RICHARD H. BAILEY . ARNG ARNG ARMSTRONG USAR USNR OR RESERVE COMPONENT OFFICER COURSE ll W 45? CAPT PAUL E. CARLSON MG GEORGE E. COATES COL VANCE COLEMAN COMO LEROY COLLINS USNR ARNG USAR USNR BG MELVIN J. CRAIN 86 JOHN R. DAVIS MG THOMAS A. DIAB 86 CHARLES P. DOYLE ARNG USAR USAFR ARNG MG ROBERT F. ENSSLIN. JR. 86 JAMES F. FRETTERD ARNG I H4 r: x7 mm m5! mm 75mm mp smmssW ARNG BG AUGUSTO R. GAUTIER BG WILLIAM H. GIBBES BG STUART E. HARLOWE BG WILLIAM H. HENDERSO USAR USAR USAR ARNG 166 3L THOMAS M. JONES, JR. RADM JAMES H. LIPSCOMB Ill 36 ROBERT E. LOUQUE. JR. COMO JAMES B. LOWE AFR USCGR USAR USNR ; grEEE 94?? W . JAMES B. MC COODWIN ' RNG BG DONALD M. MERZ BG GLENN W. OSGOOD, BG ROLAND L. PARKHILL 86 BEN L. PATTERSON USAR ANG ARNG ANG BG LEWIS J. REYNOLDS, JR. 86 ROBERT W. SCHAUMANN BG ELVIN J. SCHOFIELD COL JAMES R. SIMS, JR USAR ANG USAR NOT PICTURED: BG HERMAN J. CARPENTER USAFR BG KEITH M. EGGEN ARNG ,7 - . T CAPT BENNETT S. SPARKS . BG CU TIS A. JE NIN USCGR R N GS ARNG COL RAYMOND B. STEWART COL JAMES R. TICKLE BG ELMUS S. USSERY MG WILLIAM F. WARD USAFR USMCR USAR USAR 168 CORRESPONDING STUDIES ; M f- w LTC RICHARD C. ALEXANDER CORPS OF ENGINEERS. ARNG USACGSC, l973 . g4 ?Kz $71 u; a COL RICHARD F. ALLEN ORDNANCE CORPS, USAR BA, I963, Florence State College Florence Alabama JD, l973, Un v of Alabama School of Law USACGSC, l975 Contemplating GeneraI-type thoughts during a speaker's presenta tion in Root Hall was Corr. Studies Class Presudent, BG Randall Bell 24H m LTC RAYMOND L. COL WALTER G. ASHLEY ANDERSON INFANTRY, USAR CHEMICAL CORPS BS, l962. Univ of Alabama BA, l96l, Washington and USACGSC, l976 Jefferson College MS, l972, Naval Post Gra- duate School, Monterey. CA USACGSC, l972 PEALLY, 342N525, . . A SIMPLE HANDSHAKE MLL m I 991; LTC STEPHEN D. BALLARD INFANTRY BS, I964, University of Kan- sas USACGSC, l977 l I. TC PAUL A. BALTES. JR. ARMOR S, l962, USMA I969, Georgetown niversity SACGSC, l977 LTC CLARENCE L. BECKHAM, JR. ARMOR, ARNG 'S, l958, Mississippi State ollege SACGSC. I969 COL JAMES V. BENVENUTO MILITARY INTELLIGENCE LTC MICHAEL V. BARNES ARMOR BA, I962, Arkansas Tech Univ. USACGSC. l975 COL WILLIAM K. BEDSOLE ARMOR BS, l956, Auburn University MS, I970, Troy State Uni- versity USACGSC, l969 Class Vice President LEFT: BBA. burgh MBA, I975, Syracuse Uni- versity USACGSC, l974 l960, Univ of Pitts- RIGHT: 35, I962, John Carroll Uni- versity MS, l975, Florida Inst. of Tech. USACGSC, I974 COL JOHN R. BARNETT SIGNAL CORPS BS, l959, Texas A 8 I Uni- versity MBA, I97l, University of Texas USACGSC, l969 BG RANDALL W. BELL MEDICAL CORPS, USAR BS, l959, USMA MD, l966, Cornell Universi- tY USACGSC, l979 Class President "The NA VY did this to me in honor of their annual confron- tation with ARMY." ,IZEi COL JOHN N. BERTELKAMP TRANSPORTATION CORPS COL WILLIAM M. LTC DAVID H. COL ROBERT J. BOPP BISCOMB BLUDWORTH INFANTRY, USAR MILITARY POLICE CORPS, JUDGE ADVOCATE BA, l96l, Westmmister USAR GENERAUS CORPS, USAR College PhB, l960, University of De- BAE. l962, University of LLB. l964, JD, I968, troit Florida Washington University, St. V USACGSC, I977 JD, l964, Universny of Flor- Louis COL Andy Sarzanini. World ida USACGSC. .973 Traveller and Entrepreneur. USACGSC, l975 Breakfast. ?;Xg m COL KENNETH A BOULDIN COL PETER H. BOUTON LTC LEWIS W. BOWKER, JR. SIGNAL CORPS. USAR INFANTRY AIR DEFENSE BSEE, l964, University of BA, l960, Indiana UniverSI- BA, l962, Mississippi State Tennessee ty Univ. USACGSC, l975 MA, l97l, Univ. of South MBA, I975 Auburn Univ. Carolina Air C 8 SC, I975 USACGSC, l972 Prof. Gary Guertner momentar- ily caught "speechless"? 0 IN G 0 ea; c PAGE: UNSAT sz63: SAT 25 megs: 5UP . PAGES . OW. STANDWG COL CLAUDE D. BOYD, Ill COL JOSEPH C. CORPS 0F ENGINEERS BOYERSMITH BS, l959, The Citadel INFANTRY, ARNG MS, l965, Texas A8M BS. I96l, University of Day- AFSC, l970 ton, Dayton OH MA, I972, University of Colorado USACGSC, 1973 ,4Al. .. 0:000 MMWWG CM 51 x nc, VANCE c. BROACH, COL ROBERT D. BROOKE , . JR. TRANSPORTATION CORPS. BG DOUGLAS D. LTC EDWARD J. BRADY M'L'TARY 'NTELL'GENCE' "S.AR . USAR BS, l960, Umv. of Califor- BRADLEY SIGNAL CORPS BA '96: w t . t c I . B I I CA EDICAL CORPS, ARNG AA. l956, New Jersey lnsti- ' ' es "1"" 9' O ' "'3' e' e eY' . . . lege, Fulton, MO USACGSC, l978 1954, Umv. of Wiscon- tute of Technology MBA l966 N th t 85. I960. USMA ' 0' W95 er" . . . Univ. . - - . l957, Umv. of Wiscon xiitly967, Penn State Unl USACGSC, l976 CGSC, l98l USACGSC, l979 ss Vice President LTC EDWARD A. BROWN, COL EDWARD F. BRUNER Ill ARMOR CORPS OF ENGINEERS BS, I96I, USMA BS, l96l, USMA MA, l969, PhD. l974, Syra- MS, l970, North Carolina cuse University State University USACGSC, l975 USACGSC, l977 GREAT MOMENTS m Mm-rARY HxSTORY . . . :2 JULY I983 COL ROBERT L. BUNCH COL GEORGE J. BUSCH MILITARY POLICE CORPS, USAR MEDICAL CORPS, USAR AS. BS, l974, John Jay College of BS, l958. Union College Schenec- Criminal Justice, New York, NY. lady, NY MD. I962, Johns Hop- MA, l980, John Jay College of kins School of Medicine, Balti- Criminal Justice, New York, NY. more, MD USACGSC, l973 USACGSC. l975 xWDEEPNZE TO REMOVE CEESTS . .. QEMOVE cegsrsl " LTC BERNARD J. CAHILL LTC WILLIAM R. CALHOUN, JR. COL ROBERT D. CALLANDER ARMOR, ARNG FIELD ARTILLERY CORPS OF ENGINEERS BS, I965. St Johns University, BS, l962. USMA MA. l968, Uni- BS, I96l. Virginia Military lnsti Collegeville. MN USACGSC, l977 versity of Pennsylvania, Philadel- tute, Lexington, VA. BE. I970 phia, PA AFSC. l977 Rensselaer Polytech Institute Troy, NY USACGSC, l977 ABO VE: COL John Nix, Seminar Group Six, presents his Views during Midcourse Resident Phase in June l982. BEI. OW: Time out between lectures in Bliss Auditorium, June I982. E, g i, 3,1553m. . 'LEST we mam Des 9L13 SSOF83:.,, "N ms A cuss GIFT w MEMORY or ALA 0F mas; mm MD or 503mm PWING- A FORCE MODEPNIZZWVON BIWEFNV6' LTC JOHN B. CARY, JR. ARMOR. USAR 'A, l960. Virginia Military Insti- ute, Lexington. VA. JD, I97l. n ersin of Virginia Law School, - harlottesville. VA USACGSC, l974 AFSC, l975 COL LEON B. CLOUD FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l960. Texas ASM University, MA. l97l, Auburn University. Montgomer , AL Air CESC, l97l COL IVAN R. DARLING CORPS OF ENGINEERS, USAR LTC EARL F. CEPHAS MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BS, l958, Morgan State College. Baltimore, MD USACGSC, l973 COL JAMES R. COKER JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL'S CORPS AB, l960, JD. l96l, University of Notre Dame. MA, l970, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Medford, MA. USACGSC. l974 LEFT: BS. I958, Ml Tech Universi- ty, Houghton, MI. MS, l965, Tex- as A8M University USACGSC. l975 RIGHT: "Hey Sir, do you have to squeeze so hard?" LTC WILLIAM N. CLARK, INFANTRY, USAR BS, l963. USMA JD, l97l, Uni- versity of Alabama School of Law, Tuscaloosa. AL USACGSC. l979 COL GEORGE L. CROWDER ORDNANCE CORPS BSEE, l96l, Washington Univer- sity, St Louis, MO. MSIE, I97l, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. USACGSC. l973 Top of Upton Hall is visible from over Bliss Auditorium and Hall of Flags. LTC ARNOLD DAXE, .IR. LTC BENJAMIN W. DAY. COL ANTHONY J. DE MILITARY POLICE CORPS JR. FAZIO ARMOR, ARNG MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, BS, I963, Boston University, USAR Boston, MA. BS, l957, University of MA, l970, John Jay College Maine, Orono, ME. BBA, l960, City College o of Criminal Justice, New MS, l963, University of New York, NY Where is MATUCK anYhOW York, NY. Maine, Orono, ME. USACGSC, l974 USACGSC, l976 USACGSC, l977 AIR WAR COLLEGE, l977 L TC Todd Reineck and COL Bob Seguin swap hamburger recipes. That's All Seminar 5 Knows How To Do Well! COL DAVID P. DE LA LTC THOMAS M. DE LTC JOHN W. DE PAUW VERGNE MARTINO CIVIL AFFAIRS, USAR MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, QUARTERMASTER CORPS USAR USAR BA, l959, Swarthmore Col- lege, Swarthmore, PA. BA, I96I, The Citadel, BS, l959, Lafayette College, MA, l964, PhD, l977, Charleston, SC. Easton, PA American University, Wash- USACGSC, I978 USACGSC, l977 ington, DC USACGSC, I977 :DID YOU EVER WONDER WHO You WERE REALLY CORRESPONDING WlTH 7? LTC DONALD R. DETTERLINE COL REGIS P. DIETRICH, JR. MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, USAR ORDNANCE CORPS BA, l963, Eastern Nazarene Col- BS, l959, Duquesne University. lege, Quincy, MA USACGSC, Pittsburgh. PA MBA, I979. Pep- l979 perdine University, Malibu, CA USACGSC. l975 mm M; m m WMM. . ."7m x; x71. .7 LTC CHARLES H. DUCKWORTH LTC MICHAEL E. DULAC INFANTRY INFANTRY, USAR V" knew graduation could be COI- FRANCIS T. DONOHUE BBA, IQGO, Marshall University. BA, l963, Lafayette College, Eas- h a relief- MILITARY POLICE CORPS. USAR Huntington, wv USACGSC, l975 ton. PA. MBA, l968, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY AB, l959, Fordham College, New USACGgC, l978 York. NY. JD. l963, Fordham ' University Law School. USACGSC. I977 LTC LYMAN c. DURYEA LTC JAMES A. EDGREN INFANTRY CHAPLAIN CORPS iBS, I959, Univ of Pennsylvania 35, I960. USMA MMAS. I974. :MDiv. I966. Gordon Conwell USACGSC MA, l976, Middlebury Theol. Sem.. MS, '974, Long '5- College, Vermont and Paris. land Univ,NY MBA, l979.Ameri- France USACGSC. I974 can Univ. DC DMin, l98l,Wesley Theological Sem, DC USACGSC, k, ou u 5. who did it!" Y g Y l980 COL RUDOLF H. EGERSDORFER INFANTRY BS, l969. University of Nebraska. Omaha, NE MS. I97l, Auburn University, Montgomery, AL Air C85C, l97l Things haven't changed much over the years in the Army. Ar- tillerymen still load powder and shot into their guns separately, albeit more often into the breech than the muzzle these days,- the regimental system is back,- and those of us facing tours in Washington, DC, still look penury squarely in the eye. If you doubt it, read General W1. Sherman's description of duty there as General of the Army in I 8 70. " . . . I had to keep open house all the time. My family rarely had any rest from entertaining people. most of them utter strangers in whom we could feel no interest. Besides every- body considered themselves priveleged to practice extortion upon any person who holds a prominent place in Washing- ton. Gas companies, markets. always charged me exorbitant prices . . . LTC GARY EIFRIED CHEMICAL CORPS BS, l963, Virginia Military Inst, Lexington, VA MS, l967, Univer- sity of Wisconsin, Madison, WI MS. l98l Univ of Southern Cali- fornia, Los Angeles, CA USACGSC, l97l. Air cssc, l979 COL LARRY G. ELLIS CORPS OF ENGINEERS. USAR BS, l959, Oregon State Universi- ty. Corvallis. OR MEd, l968. Uni- versity of Oregon, Eugene. OR USACGSC, l974 COL MARY L. MESSERSCHMIDT, USA-the only female student among more than 200 male officers. She held her own. , xxm hl know you were speaking metaphorically, sir . . . but when you toll the students to take time to smell the flowers and watch the gras n grow . .. COL DAVID G. EPSTEIN MILITARY POLICE CORPS. USAR BS, l959, Michigan State Univer- sity, East Lansing, MI MS, MA, PhD, l968-77, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI USACGSC, I975 LTC RONALD E. EVERETT QUARTERMASTER CORPS. USA'. BA, l959, Ohio University, Ath ens, OH USACGSC. l978 DCS tUSAWC, Class of l983y Section 8. LTC KENN FAWN LTC JOHN D. FINLAYSON COL ALBERT T. FINNERTY INFANTRY, USAR INFANTRY, ARNG INFANTRY. USAR S, l960, University of California, 35. l962, USMA, West Point, NY BS. l968. California State Poly- erkeley, CA USACGSC, l977 MBA. l980, University of Nebras- tech University, San Luis Obispo, ka, Omaha, NE USACGSC, l980 CA. USACGSC, l979 ism,m LTC PAUL M. FLEENOR LTC ANDREW P. FLEMING LTC CARL G. FINSTROM ARMOR, ARNG ADJUTANT GENERAUS CORPS CHEMICAL CORPS I958, Wheaton College, AA' l974,Jackson State Commu- EA '962' Ripon College, Ripon, "The Greatest" from THE heaton, IL MLA, l968. Johns nity College. Jackson. TN WW5, '975'University 0f50uth- VERY BEST. Baltimore, USACGSC, l973 ern California, Brussels, Belgium USACGSC, I975 opkins University, D, MBA I983 Golden Gate Uni- ersity, San Francisco, CA LEFT: ABA, I956, University of LEFT: USACGSC, I97l Baltimore, Baltimore, MD LLB l96l, Eastern College of Com- merce. JD l970, University of Bal- timore Law School MA l972, MSS, l979. Morgan University, Baltimore MD USACGSC. l978 COL GERALD W. FORSLUND COL WESLEY W. FORD INFANTRY, ARNG INFANTRY. USAR Asyoucansee..... COL DONALD L. FOWLER TRANSPORTATION CORPS, USAR AB, I957, Wofford College, Spartanbury, SC MA, l96l, PhD, l966, Uni- versity of Kentucky, Lexing- ton, KY USACGSC, I977 COL BOBBY H. FREEMAN FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l957, Murray State Uni- versity, Murray, KY MS, l974, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL USACGSC, I969 COL RICHARD E. FREIS ' INFANTRY. USAR BS, l970, University of Mi nesota, Minneapolis, MN USACGSC, l978 John Bowden, COL, DCS, Mr. PPBS, Now PCS to be PMS to South Mr. Al Holmberg, Educational Specialist to DCS. Carolina State . 5x ' J. ROBERT GALVIN COL MEDICAL CORPS, USAR COL RICHARD 'c. FROHNEN USMCR LTC FRANK GALL, JR. SIGNAL CORPS BS, l962, The Citadel, Charleston, SC MS, l975, University of Southern California, Los Angeles,CA USACGSC, l974 AB, l960, Cornell Universi- ty, Ithaca, NY MD, l964, Tufts University. Boston, MA USACGSC, l978 BA, I954, California State University, Los Angeles, CA MS, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA EdD, l976, Brigham Young Univ, Provo, UT USMC C85C, l978 180 COL Chuck Kriete. Fl for DCS ponders his retirement. COL JOHN A. GAUTHIER FIELD ARTILLERY. USAR I958, University of Rhode ls- d, Kingston, RI MA, I97 I. Unl Ity of Oklahoma, Norman OK CGSC. l979 ubcourses are lTC FRED E. GANTZLER, JR. FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l963, USMA, West Point. NY. MS, Inst. Troy, NY. AFSC, ll LTC BARTON J. GILBERT TRANSPORTATION CORPS. USAR LTC DAVID W. GAVIGAN. MILITARY POLICE CORPS. ARNG BS, l962, MPA, l976 California State University. Fresno, CA USACGSC, I977 BS. l96l, Southeastern Massa- chusetts University. Dartmouth, MA MA. l965. Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA CAGS, l973, Northeastern Univ. USACGSC, l975 LTC DAVID M. GLANTZ FIELD ARTILLERY BA, l963, VMI. Lexington. VA MA, I965. University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill, NC USACGSC, l974 better by the pound!" l97l, Rensselaer Polytech MA. COL THOMAS P. GARIGAN INFANTRY BS, l957, USMA, West Point, NY l967, University of PA, l976 Philadelphia, PA USACGSC, l97l LTC ADAM S. GILMOUR FINANCE CORPS BS, l960. The Citadel. Charles- ton. SC MBA, l973, Wake Forest Univ, Winston-Salem, NC USACGSC, l975 COL FRED W. GOODENOUGH. JR. INFANTRY BS, I958, USMA, West Point, NY MS, I977. Indiana State Univ. Tere Houte, IN USACGSC, l97l 181 COL ARNOLD B. GORDON INFANTRY, USAR BA. I960, City University of New York, New York, NY JD, New York Universiry School of Law, New York, NY USACGSC, l978 M J 52 COL JOSEPH B. 6055, JR. CHEMICAL CORPS BA, l96l, Gannon College, Erie, PA MS, I97l, University of Ala- bama, Tuscaloosa, AL USACGSC, LTC HERBERT M. GRAVES. INFANTRY, USAR BS, l963, University of Oklaho- ma. Norman, OK JD, l969, Uni- versity of Oklahoma, Norman OK I975 I WANT 7W0 PAEAZWWES, 727V WOUSAMD 9010425, AND 77!! $0. 5. MVO Ckzrlowrp MY saecawzss mezznawrsl V LTC THOMAS J. HARKABUS MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS. ARNG AA, l964. Chicago City College, Chicago, IL BA, l976, Governors State University, Park Forest. IL USACGSC, I975 USACGSC, l977 COL JAMES A. HALL MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, USAR BA, l963, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH USACGSC, l978 AFSC, l979 COL CHARLES R. HENRY QUARTERMASTER CORPS BS, l959. Middle Tennessee State University, Murfeesboro, TN JD. I974, LLM, l976, Woodrow Wil- son College of Law, Atlanta, GA USACGSC l973 LTC THOMAS R. HAMILTON N INFANTRY BBA, l96l, Texas A8M, Colleg Station, TX MEd, I973, St Law rence University. Canton. N AFSC, l975 LTC JAMES W. HIGGINS ARMOR, ARNG BA, l959. Saint John's University. Collegeville. MN USACGSC, I97l COL DON G. HOWARD MEDICAL CORPS, ARNG BSM, l956, University of Arkansas. Fayetteville, AR MD, l960, University of Ar- kansas School of Medicine. Little Rock, AR USACGSC, l974 COL MELVIN M. IDA QUARTERMASTER CORPS. ARNG BA, l960, University of Ha- , Honolulu, HI USACGSC, l973 LTC HOWARD, D. HILL III CORPS OF ENGINEERS. ARNG BBA, I963, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH MAA, l982 Troy State Uni- versity, Ft Rucker, AL USACGSC. l976 COL WILLIAM K. HUMES CORPS OF ENGINEERS, USAR BS, I958, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh. PA USACGSC, I979 COL RICHARD IPPOLITO FINANCE CORPS BA, I964, University of Maryland, M 8 BA, I975, Boston Uni- versity, Bad Kreuznach, Ger- many AFSC, l976 COL WALTER .l. HODGINS QUARTERMASTER CORPS. USAR ALA, l963, BA, l967, Uni- versity of Minnesota, Min- neapolis, MN USACGSC, l977 LTC JOHN ER. HOOD ORDNANCE CORPS AA, l964, Miami Dade Jr College, Miami, FL BBA, l966 University of Mi- ami, Miami, FL MS, l973, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne. FL n. WWW W525 wsrmmw 5025 mark; WT FMMWNG Awmwcr WHMCAL Foe THE leEQJEMMIAE 690W mwmmvx av ETMCS. ,NW ; k Show and Tell LTC MICHAEL V. IVANOFF MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS. ARNG USACGSC, l974 DCS's Editor Frank Hartman, "Mr. Blue Pencil " himself. nWe will ship no subcourse before its time!" COL PAUL KARLSBERG MEDICAL CORPS. USAR AB. I954. Harvard University, Cambridge. MA MD. l958, Bos- ton University Medical School, Boston. MA USACGSC. I972 LTC DAVID J. KAUCHECK TRANSPORTATION CORPS, USAR 85. I964, University of Detroit, Detroit, MI MBA, l97 I , William 8 Mary. Williamsburg, VA JD, l977. Chicago-Kent, Chicago, IL USACGSC, l979 LTC JAMES C. JEWELL FIELD ARTILLERY LTC JOHN R. KANE ARMOR BS, l960, Michigan State Univer- sity, East Lansing, MI MS. l973, Purdue University, Lafayette, IN USACGSC, l974 BS, l960. University of Detroit Detroit. MI MBA, l973, Westen Michigan University, Kalamazoo MI AFSC, I976 "Earl Cephas came back from 'The Land of the Morning Calm for this handshake!" LTC KENNETH J. KAVANAUGH INFANTRY, USAR BA, l964, LaSalle College, Phila- delphia, PA JD, l975, University of Miami, Miami, FL USACGSC. '.977 Enough "Clausewitz. now give me something I can really sink my teeth into." LTC JOSEPH J. KOKALAS CHEMICAL CORPS, USAR BS, l958. Niagara Universi- ty, NY MS, l96l, PhD, l963, Pur- due University, West La- fayette, IN USACGSC, l975 AFSC, l977 SEX DlET ONE sssmoN EQUALS ONE FLIGHT cf STARS COL JOHN T. KOSTOFF OUARTERMASTER CORPS BS, l960, University of Ak- ron. Akron, OH MA, l97l, Ohio University. Athens, OH USACGSC, I974 "Pina Sarzanini and Tom DeMartino. Italy's Gift to Seminar 5 and DCS." . . Qt LTC CHARLES A. KENGLA SIGNAL CORPS, USAR BS, l957, William 8 Mary. Williamsburg. VA BS, l959, Massachusetts Inst of Tech,Cambridge, MA MS, l967, George Washing- ton Univ, Washington, DC USACGSC, I974 lTC HAROLD D. KRICK, JR. TRANSPORTATION CORPS. USAR BS, I959, University of Tex- as, Austin, TX MBA. versity, Stanford, CA USACGSC, I977 LTC WILLIAM E. KUNTZ CORPS OF ENGINEERS. USAR BS. Colorado, Boulder, CO USACGSC, l972 l965, Stanford Uni- l958, University of LTC LOUIS S. KIGER INFANTRY. USAR BS, 196l, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA MAd, l98l, Lynchburg Col- lege, Lynchburg, VA USACGSC, l975 LTC GEORGE G. KUNDAHL MILITARY POLICE CORPS. USAR BA, l962, Davidson Col- lege, Davidson. NC MA, l964, PhD, l966. Uni- versity of Alabama. USACGSC, l979 LTC LEONARD S.Y. LAI ORDNANCE CORPS BA, l959. University of Ha- waii, Honolulu, HI MBA, I979, Florida Insti- tute of Technology, Mel- bourne, FL 155 USACGSC, I973 COL EARLE F. LASSETER JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL'S CORPS BS, l957, Auburn University, Au- burn. AL JD, I966, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL USACGSC, l970 Connie Warner, "the power behind the throne" in the Ad- min office. COL GERALD .l. LAZZARO MILITARY POLICE CORPS 35, I960, Central Michigan Uni- MS. l974, Georgia Southern College, versity, Mt Pleasant. Ml Statesboro, GA USACGSC, l97l COL RICHARD W. LIND FIELD ARTILLERY BA, l964, University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE MBA. l974, Universi- ty of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT AFSC, l973 COL ROBERT F. LEARY MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS, USAR BA, mons College. Boston, USACGSC, fense University I98 I COL RONALD J. LENART TRANSPORTATION CORPS. USAR BS, l959, University of Pittsburgh, PA USACGSC, l97l LTC ROSCOE LINDSAY, .IR. FIELD ARTILLERY, ARNG BS, l960, Presbyterian College. Clinton, SC JD, l970, Wake For- est University School of Law, Win- ston Salem, NC AGE, l975. Cen- tral Piedmont Community Col- lege, Charlotte, NC USACGSC, I969 l955, Harvard University. Cambridge, MA MS, l964, Sim- MA l978. National De- LTC JOSEPH C. LIBERTI MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BA, l963, Virginia Mi itary Insti- tute, Lexington, VA MPA, l973, University of Missouri. Kansas City. MO USACGSC, 1972 LTC WILLIAM S. LITTLEFIELD 0RDNANCE CORPS BA, I96l, University of Maine, Orono, ME MA, l973, Boston University, Boston, MA USACGSC, I97I LTC JAMES W. MAC VAY INFANTRY, ARNG USACGSC, I975 COL JOHN P. MC BENNETT INFANTRY BA, I960, Furman University. Greenville, SC MS, I974, George Washington University, Washing- ton, DC USACGSC. l973 COL CAREY A. LIVINGSTON ADJUTANT GENERAL'S CORPS. USAR AA, l952, East Central Jr. Col- lege, Decatur, MS BS, l959, Mis- sissippi State University, Stark- COL HARRY C. LYMN CHEMICAL CORPS BS, l959, USMA, West Point. NY. MS. l972, University Of Illinois, Champaign, IL USACGSC. l975 LTC JOHN H. MACK INFANTRY, USAR BS. l96l, USMA, West Point, NY JD, I97l, Kansas University Law School, Lawrence, KS LLM, l972, George Washington University ville, MS USACGSC, I977 COL ROBERT R. MATLICK AIR DEFENSE BS, l97 l , University of Nebraska. Omaha. NE USACGSC, l972 CAR- TOONIST. YEARBOOK USA WC, l983 83 COL RONALD V. MC DOUGALL ORDANCE CORPS, USAR BA, l962, University of Califor- nia, Santa Barbara. CA MS, l967. University of Southern California. Los Angeles, CA USACGSC. l976 Law School, Washington, DC USACGSC, l978 DCS Editorial: Nancy Miller and Vicki Brownawell setting up sub-courses. COL MELVIN E. MC GEE CHEMICAL CORPS, USAR BS, l956, Southern University and A8M College, Baton Rouge. LA JD, I979, University of Baltimore. Baltimore, MD USACGSC. I972 LTC JAMES F. MC KAY. JR. INFANTRY BS, l962, USMA, West Point. NY MA, l972, Columbia University Teachers College, New York, NY LTC JOHN A. MC MANNERS FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l962. Sam Houston State Uni- versity, Huntsville, TX MA. l98l Webster College, St. Louis, MO COL JENNINGS H. MEASE FIELD ARTILLERY BS. I960, USMA, West Point, N MSIA, l973, George Washingto . University. Newport RI Navy C85. USACGSC, I977 Trout? Just wet a line. AFSC, I973 I973 COL Jim Guyton, Second Year DCS . . . all you ever wanted to know Mary "Von Clausewitz" Messerschmidt is now ready to apply her P-2 about PPBS, but were afraid to ask. COL MARY L. MESSERSCHMIDT ARMY NURSE CORPS BSN, I965, Western Reserve Uni- versity, Zanesville. OH MHA, l969. Baylor University, Waco, TX USACGSC, l979 strategy on Ft. Campbell. COI. MICHAEL A. MOLINO ARMOR BS, I96I, St Peter's College, Jer- sey City, NJ MA, l973, University of Missouri. Kansas City, MO USACGSC, I970 LTC REGINALD G. MOORE, JR. MEDICAL CORPS BS, l967, USMA, West Point, NY MD. l975, Duke University Medi- cal Center, Durham, NC USACGSC, l980 The Old Mill House . . . the New Wargaming Facility. COL ROBERT C. MURPHY COL ROBERT A. NEITZKE INFANTRY ADJUTANT GENERAL'S CORPS BS, I959. Syracuse University, BS. l960, University of Wiscon- Syracuse,NY MBA, l972.George sin, Madison, WI MS, l970, Washington University. Washing- George Washington University, ton, DC AFSC, l97l Washington, DC USACGSC, l97l. 77 5 SbeUl. HNFOUS ACWVAWOIV 0F MAKE WiMS BY 77!? ENWKE 62455 LS FWB DDEAlX " COL HUGH T. O'CONNOR COL SALVATORE L. OLIVIERI INFANTRY USMCR COL JOHN U. W COL WILLIAM F. O'BRIEN BS, l959, USMA, West Point, NY BBA, l955. lbna College, New Ro- INFANTRY, USAR MILITARY POLICE CORPS, USAR MA, I969, University of South chelle. NY Dakota, Vermillion, SD AFSC, ' " . l960, USMA, West Point, NY BA, l964, California State Univer- m74 , l98l, Catholic University, sity, Northridge. CA USACGSC, shington, DC USACGSC. l977 I974 LTC FRED H. C. OPENSHAW LTC JOHN R. PAULK FIELD ARTILLERY, ARNG QUARTERMASTER CORPS. INFANTRY ARNG BS, l960. Brigham Young Univer- sity. Provo UT MEd. I959. BSME. l959. Georgia Tech. At- Brigham Young, Provo UT EdD, Ianta, GA USACGSC, l978 l976, Brigham Young, Provo UT USACGSC. l974 LTC HECTOR PEREZ-LEBRON LTC RICHARD O. PERRY COL ROBERT J. POIROT FINANCE CORPS INFANTRY MILITARY POLICE CORPS. ARNG BBA, I959, university of Puerto BA, l958, University of San Fran- Rico. Rio Piedras, PR MEd, l980, cisco. San Francisco, CA MA, BS, l958, Midwestern University. University of Southern California, I967. University of Georgia, Ath- Wichita Falls, TX MEd, I962, Los Angeles, CA USACGSC, I976 ens, GA PhD, l97l, University of Midwestern University, Wichita Georgia, GA USACGSC, I977 Falls, TX USACGSC, l976 if 2 j: COL LEONARD E. PORTER LTC ROBERT J. POSHARD USMCR INFANTRY AB, l956, Miami University, OX- BS, l970, University of Nebraska. ford, OH MS, l96l. PhD, l965, Omaha, NB MA. l977, Central University of Wisconsin. Madi- Michigan University,MtPleasant. son. WI USACGSC, l980 Ml USACGSC, l972 COL D.E. LUNDAY, Chairman. CORRESPONDING STUDIES w "I'm not really the one who wrote all those letters." LTC WILLIAM C. PULVER. JR. COL HERBERT B. QUINN, JR. lTC HARRY J. RAYMOND ADJUTANT GENERAL'S CORPS CORPS OF ENGINEERS, USAR INFANTRY, ARNG BS, I967. University of Nebrasksa, 35. l959. University of Alabama, 35. I956, USMA, West Point, NY Omaha. NE MS, l972, George Tuscaloosa, AL MEA, l964, JD, l969, Florida State University, Washington University, Washing- George Washington University, Tallahassee, Fl. USACGSC, l969 ton. DC USACGSC, l975 Washington, DC MPA I97I. Har- vard University, Cambridge, MA USACGSC, l977 COL ANTONE F. REMICH INFANTRY, USAR BS, l96l, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN MBA, l97l, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL USACGSC, I973 Air War College, l977 COL HAROLD E. ROBERTS ORDNANCE CORPS, ARNG AA, l979, Western Nevada, Carson City, NV USACGSC, I973 COL PATRICK E. REA . OUARTERMASTER CORPS USAR BS, l963, University of Illi- nois, Urbana, IL MA, I964, University of Illi- nois, Urbana, IL USACGSC, l978 LTC JAMES E. RITCHIE JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL'S CORPS, USAR BS, l958, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK J.D.S., l96l, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK TJAGSA, I976 COL RICHARD A. ROTHBLUM CORPS OF ENGINEERS BS, l959, USMA, West Point, NY MS, l962, Princeton Univer- sity. Princeton, NY USACGSC, l975 COL ANTHONY T. REED INFANTRY, USAR BA, I972 Sussex College of Technology, Great Britain USACGSC, l974 Air War College, l980 sECRET LTC THEODORE C. REINECK, JR. MEDICAL SERVICE CORPSX MHA, l973, Baylor Univer- sity,-Fort Sam Houston, TX MBA, l975, MA, I976, Pep- perdine Univ., Honolulu, HI USACGSC, l980 1W 50V! ETS MOVE IO pwuswus TO CHINA BORDER :MfT ONEE CAIWA' COL THOMAS B. RUSSELL CORPS OF ENGINEERS BS, l959, USMA, West Point, NY MSE, l965, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI USACGSC, I974 505E: Profound! COLONEL BOB DONOVAN l 984. COL CHARLES J. SEBESTAJR. JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL'S CORPS BA, l962, Texas A8M University. College Station, TX JD, l966, Baylor University, Waco, TX MS. l979, Texas ASM Universi y, Col- lege Station, TX USACGSC. l977 COL RICHARD H. SARGENT USMCR BS. I957. USNA, Annapolis, MD USMC C85C, l979 a COL ROBERT P. SEGUIN CHEMICAL CORPS BChE, l960, University of Detroit. MI USACGSC, I972 LTC WILLIAM A. SCHERR Ill ARMOR BS, l962, USMA, West Point, NY MS. I977, University of Southern California, Ft Knox, KY USACGSC. l977 gem 36 ii. MUSE 9$i SMLL mGWRNAL STRATEGES LTC MICHAEL D. SHALER ARMOR BA, l962, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA MBA. l972, The Wharton School, University of Philadelphia. PA Pennsylvania. USACGSC, I973 COL MICHAEL A. SCHULZ, JR. CORPS OF ENGINEERS, USAR BS, l959, Louisana State Un' ersi ty, Baton Rouge, LA USACGS l973 Plaque located at the bottom of the door to Will Washcoef tSmall nocturnal strategies. JCS Pub I, def: Strategies used principally in limited, low intensity conflicts to reinforce the principle of political primacy, restore the strategic equilibrium and to sneak a quick peak at the Nightcap Film after the kids have gone to bed. LTC RICHARD L. SHILES ARMOR, ARNG BS, l962, Colorado State University. Ft Collins, CO USACGSC, I977 MM 82- W ' p COL LARRY S. STEVENS - . 3 k INFANTRY, USAR LTC RICHARD M. SMITH LTC WILLIAM L. SMITH ADJUTANT GENERAL'S FINANCE CORPS BA, lgm, MA, 1963, Uni- CORPS versity of Montana, Mis- BA, I963, Eastern Michigan BS. I962, Arkansas State soula, MT University, Ypsilanti, MI University, Jonesboro, AR USACGSC, I976 MA, I980, George Wash- MBA, I975, Indiana Univer- ington University, Washing- sity, Bloomington, IN ton, DC USACGSC. l973 USACGSC, l97l LTC THEODORE M. STULTS, ll MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS. ARNG COL HAROLD L. SMITH ARMOR BS, l954. Georgetown Col- lege, Georgetown, KY MBA, l973, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL USACGSC, l97l LTC GILFORD A. STRICKLIN CHAPLAIN CORPS, USAR BA, l957, Baylor University BA, I963, Texas Christian BD, l965, Southwestern Baptist Theological Sem USACGSC, l975 LTC EDWARD L. SWANSON FIELD ARTILLERY, ARNG USACGSC, l974 BS, l959, Purdue University, , ' West Lafayette, IN "Do You Really Expect Us To Believe That?" USACGSC. I975 COL LANCE A. TALMAGE LTC MARSH J. TELLAN COL LARRY E. TETTERTON MEDICAL CORPS, USAR SIGNAL CORPS, USAR CORPS OF ENGINEERS. USAR BA, I963, Boston University, 305- BS, l958, MEd, I965, North Caro- Toledo, OH MD, l964, University ton MA MEd, l973, Westfield lina State University, Raleigh, NC of Michigan Medical School, Ann State College, Westfield, MA USACGSC, l976 Arbor, MI USACGSC, I976 USACGSC. l97l BS, l962, Universnty of Toledo, COL JOHN A. THOMPSON COL DONALDSON P. TILLAR, AIR DEFENSE, ARNG JR. FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l973. University of Baltimore. Baltimore, MD USACGSC, l97l BS, l959. USMA, West Point, NY MSME, l967, University of South- ern California. Los Angeles CA Marine CESC, l97l . MW: COL ANDY SARZANIN Genius at work. LTC GEORGE M. TILMAN LTC RAYMOND F. VACHON LTC REGINALD l. VACHON CORPS OF ENGINEERS CORPS OF ENGINEERS, USAR , , BME. l958, MSNS, l960, Au- BA, l963, Washington and Lee BS, l96l,UmversIty of Mame, burn University, Auburn. AL UMVUSHY' Lexington, VA Orono, ME ME '968' Texas PhD, l963, Oklahoma State USACGSC, I977 AgM. College Station, TX University, Stillwater. OK LLB. AFSC' l975 l969, Jones Law School. Montgomery. AL USACGSC. l977 FIELD ARTILLERY, USAR COL GERALD A. VICK CORPS OF ENGINEERS BS, l96l. USMA, West Point, NY MS, l968. US Naval Post-gra- duate School, Monterey, CA USACGSC, I974 National War College, I983 LTC NICHOLAS WAYTOWICH CHAPLAIN CORPS BA. l962, Kilroe College, Hones: dale, PA MA. l972, Ball State University, Muncie, IN MA. l976. Long Island University Brooklyn NY USACGSC, l98l LTC ROBERT L. VANCE MILITARY POLICE CORPS. ARNG USACGSC. l974 BS. ton. SC USACGSC. l977 LTC CHRISTOPHER C. VAUGHAN Ill INFANTRY, USAR l962. The Citadel, Charles- LTC RAY J. VEJAR ARMOR BS. l962, University of California. Davis, CA USACGSC, l975 d! JZMSE ME HAY Eycoum JUNE plrncucrr Ml 42:4 cwwa ANY VMAMIMWS 9051mm: av TA'E IJSVES pxscasssa 5r 72w woe! WP ' COL WILLIAM H. WELLMAN INFANTRY BA. I957, St Lawrence University. Conton, NY MA, I974, Appala- chian State University, Boone. NC USACGSC, l973 COL PAUL J. WENZEL INFANTRY BS. I969. Troy State University, Ft Rucker, AL USACGSC, l970 BA. l972, University of Tulsa. Tulsa, OK USACGSC, l972 W A TYPE A, really?" COL WILLIAM V. WIGLEY INFANTRY, ARNG BS, l957, North Georgia College, Dahlonega, GA USACGSC, l975 LTC PETER E. WHEELER INFANTRY, ARNG LTC WILLIAM B. WHIPPLE, JR. ORDNANCE CORPS BS, l96l, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA MSE, l972, University of Alabama. Huntsville, AL USACGSC. l973 LTC ROGER H. WICHELT MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS BS, I963, University of Wisco sin, Madison, WI MA, l974, Un versity of Missouri, Kansas Clt MO USACGSC, l974 N WM W LMQWR Mike Dulac clarifies Clausewitz as Chuck LTC GERALD P. WILLIAMS FILED ARTILLERY BS, l963, Michigan State Univer- sity, East Lansing. MI MBA, l975. Georgia State University, Atlanta. GA USACGSC, l973 COL JAMES E. WILLOUGHBY INFANTRY, USAR BS, l964, University of Mississip- pi, University. MS MA, DPA, l967-75, American University, Washington, DC USACGSC Would you believe, TYPE B? LTC JAMES A. WRIGHT MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BA, l962, San Jose State College, San Jose, CA USACGSC, l972 . Paul WenzeI assuming the iting speaker" position. -th'AW SWAUUmON tME RECORDER WILL MOT: TNT THE EECQETAW o: WF'ENSE HA5 vnouwr outcrousm ova EEJECUON 5 ms puma swntev " 3;?! "K $1? ' u WVE IDnITIRaD TEA! 515m; MWAPPIWQI m was: wouzun; WIFE muslin , 7w taut: Me: a: wwyx:7.x" COL LEON A. YOUNG MILITARY POLICE CORPS BS, I959, Washington State University, Pullman, WA MA, l967, Washington State University, Pullman. WA USACGSC, l972 LTC PETER T. ZIELENSKI FIELD ARTILLERY BS, l96l, University of Wis- consin, Madison, WI MPA, l975, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK USACGSC, l974 $ HES THE FACULTY ms-nzucwz m2 comment: CONTINGENCY VLANNINC: " I 73!: FDUTIm-HIWIY Slrwmyw Ins wPELESS. A. AND WE Gawlrr nHaPW so At 1:200:12 7a HELL Waw IT." 13' BMW 1?" ' 1' 1? 13913133113133, 49' wmmm ' ' $1333? Lg g$$ Z 3i, "A Testament to Freedom" was pro- duced by COL Robert F. Broyles and directed by LTC David V. Harbach. The chorus was composed of staff, faculty and students and their spouses. Mrs. Charlotte Harbach, with Mrs. Martha Krieger as accom- panist, began in January to teach Randall Thompsons music, The Tes- tament of Freedom to the choir. In April. the choir was joined by Mr. Patrick Ciccarone and the Harris- burg Symphony Wind Ensemble. The Vignettes were written. poetry se- lected, and actors rehearsed. Those who witnessed the production and those who performed it will not soon forget this Testament to Freedom. 200 $4M- ngygw ' M -. W Clockwise from top left: Cohorts In nCrime," Doug Rogers and Lew Mackenzie wind up Skit nght. Doug as the mas- terful MC before a live audience. Mike McGinty acts as narrator for the famed Air Force aerial demonstration team. Jerry Dollar extends thanks from the Class of l983 to Rick and Martha Proctor for a job well done. The THUNDER THUDS-Butch McGehee. Ray Russell. Lonny Alexander, Mike Ferguson, Joe Redden, and Bob McGuire. Tony DiCa- prio. Jim Winters, Judy Rogers and Carrie Baker "tour" the campus. Skit N ght was the brainchild of Doug Rogers and Lew Mackenzie. No prisoners were taken nor mercy shown. V 4!? f X awa v-z u a . , FOOD, FUN, FRIENDS AND FINALLY, FAREWELL Clockwise from Top Left.- Abbas prepares for the long trip home to Kuwait. Casual dinner barbecue, buffet style for the last night together as a class. JAGs honoring some and dis-honoring others. "Current Affairs Panel" leader, and, the Current Affairs Panel. "Doctor, I need to talk to you." L YR MHA ORN nww AEF. NSS GRADUATION THE FINAL HOUR APPROACHES . . . Returned for the occasion, our own, Bishop Francis X. Roque, formerly of Carlisle Barracks. O V: R O M EL M A BECOMES L . gigabi;i

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