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i( ' -.-f -njWfiiMigcwiwBa " ■gigh rat T A mmmmmsamma . TABLE OF CONTENTS Changes and Memories ... 2 Seniors 8 June Week 136 Military 152 Academics 200 Sports 248 Cadet Life 360 Squadrons 440 Farewell 532 Index 536 : i.J. .aiiiiiL,Mi gyjj. ' Ma ,HjiMm; tanKi mui.-VL ' M Mmmwimmsm ' : ' Volume XXVII POLARIS 1985 United States Air Force Academy The firsr doss chose the Falcon os rhe Academy s moscor keen eyesight, swifr end graceful flighr, oggressiveness and because ir besr symbolizes the combat role of the Air Force Its courage ore qualities we look for in our officers. (U.S. Air Force Photo by Copt. Dilly Dirdwell) Changes and. Life itself is in o constant state of change, and thie Academy is no exception. By choosing to attend the Academy, eoch of us accepted the changes that the next four years would bring. Although the inprocessing process itself has undergone little modification, then, as now, it signals the beginning of one of the most significonr changes in a young person ' s life. k Ki -; ,uffis ' ' .sraBflRiOTaw aj Memories K " l ai 1 r4 Although the main plant wos completed severol decades ago. construction will probobly never cease. • ' " ■ ' |..- . .■■ ■■ — .-- ■■• ' . ' iiiiiiiiiiinim ii iimiiiMiiiin V .iffMPL ' iJHfilMWtra KKi ' llt ' $ Some things, however, will never change ... Leaders of Tomorrow Alrhough the derails chonge each year rhe mission remains rhe some. (This press release is from Januory, 1984.) U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. — The Air Force Academy ' s mission is to provide coders with insrrucrion, knowledge and character essential to leadership and the motivation to become career officers in rhe U.S. Air Force. Each year, nearly 13,000 men and women try ro pursue their goal by seek- ing entry into rhe Acodemy, with ap- proximately 1,500 gaining appoint- ments. These appointees ore intelligent and aggressive and know what they wont — o career in the United States Air Force. Throughout the academic year, coders participate in o number of extro- curriculor experiences. One example is the Academy Assembly. The Assembly brings srudenrs from other colleges ond universities to rhe Academy each year ro discuss wirh coders rhe major issues confronting rhe notion. Anorher exam- ple is rhe Disringuished Speakers Pro- gram, featuring a variety of guest speakers who have disringuished rhemseives nationally ond internorionol- ly OS milirary leaders and staresmen. • ' v imsirsmKmw -mriMtLi Space has always been o parr of the Acodemy curriculum. Since 1965. rhe Academy has offered a major in osrronaufics. America ' s only accredited undergraduates astro progrom The Physics Deportment olso offers a major in space physics which deals with en- vironmentol problems in space In addi- tion, the Acodemy offers cadets on in- terdisciplinary space sciences major This mojor provides the necessary bocKground for graduates to meet the requirements of the Air Force Space Commond. Academy groduores olso participate in space research. Cadets developed rhe first completely successful student experiments on a space shuttle flight The experiments were carried on the Chollengers maiden flight in 1963. Another experiment is scheduled to be flown in rhe near future. Thirteen Academy graduates ore involved in the astronaut program, including Col. Korol Dobko, a 1959 graduate who piloted the space shuttle Challenger Military studies ore centrol to the Academy experience and distinguish it from other institutions of higher learning. Fallowing Dosic Coder Training, new coders enter the Cadet Wing and receive a four-year balanced program providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, values, and behavior patterns. Groduoting coders receive bochelor of science degrees and com- missions OS second lieutenants. Port of their military troining includes parachuting, soilploning (soaring), T-40 navigation training and T-41 pilot orien- tation. The Academy ' s goal is for 70 per- cent of eoch graduating doss to be pilot-qualified. Under its " Soor For All " program, the Academy hos acquired new powered sailplones to afford every thirdclass (sophomore) cadet to fly solo. Groduoting dosses or the Academy hove described the soaring progrom as one of the most motivotionol facets of rhe curriculum. Positive rewords ore found in oil courses and eoch cadet is given a glimpse of on operational flying unit and o better understanding of the mission of the Air Force. The leadership progrom, under the direction of the Commandant of Cadets, molds the basic codet without militory experience into on officer prepared ond motivated to defend our notion. The athletic program mokes a virol contribution to the preparation for Air Force leadership. All coders participate in intramural or intercollegiote othletics Coders may compete for nationally recognized intercollegiate teams in o variety of varsity sports. To dote, opproximotely 17,600 cadets hove been graduated from the Air Force Academy Of this number, 486 ore women The Academy hos produc- ed 26 Rhodes Scholars in its brief 30- year history Since 1959, 11,439 groduores commissioned in the Air Force entered pilot training, 1,181 entered navigator troining, and 351 entered helicopter training. The Academy experience meeting new challenges every day. Out " Leaders of Tomorrow. " mB Mm ijfii ! • " y ' t r-r. m mm ti % H }iUU{: HU ' M t MACH ONE ' KENT DARRYL AYCOCK Dolrimore, Md Human Factors DANIEL S. DADER. V Oceonside. Long Island. N Y. Asrronourcial Engineering Don begon his coder coreer in Tiger Ten and become ocrively involved in orgonizorions sucl OS Corholic Choir Ar U5AFA, he porricipored in mony ovioiron endeovours ro include eorning his privore pilot s license ond French jumping wings while or the Ecole de lAir for rhe French Exchonge progrom Don wos very proud of Moch One ond his squodron motes, ond he wishes oil of rhem God speed in rheir Air Force futures BRADFORD LEE OINGAMAN 0 ngo Hlllsboro. Ind International Politics Whofs to soy ' Five yeors of my life hove possed owoy Whor do I hove ro show ' Poin ond o lor of myself gone to where, I don ' r know ' But even though I ' m nor sure Whor I ' ve leorned or If my experience wos worth rhe poin, I srill hove hope, I srill hove foirh, ond hopefully some love lefr to give; to o brond new beginning, ond o life full of dreoms worrh the winning! ROBERT FOLEY DU5SIAN Jocksonville. Fla Biology MARK ALLEN CLOUTIER Clutes Nashua. N H Elearicol Engineering through four yeors or USAFA, two rhings hove been consront, the support of my fioncee, ond rhe supporr of my porenrs Heorher ond I hove woited four and o holf yeors for rhis ond I rhink I wos the only one who believed we would moke it through togeth- er We II olwoys remember rhe triols of DCT ond the people we ' ve met Of course we ' ll es- peciolly remember Coosr Guord ond the Ring Donee Next June 9th! RICHARD STEPHEN DEDROCK Urocker Sctotcher Saratoga, Calif Astronaurical Engineering He left. He even flipped the reor-mirror so rhor he couldn ' t see ir go As the desolote rood opened, unveiling his destiny, he thought of mony things he hodn ' t done he hodn ' t forgotten his friends or the experiences He hodn ' r stopped dreoming of fighring the good fight And he hodn ' t forgorren his dog, for he wos sitting in the front seot in quiet oniicipoton Also rhe copirol of Nebrosko Is Lincoln, TROY ELLEN DEVINE Troy Whiitier Calif Engineering Mect)onia My five year experience here or USAFA hos redifined the meoning of Long night, bod odds, tough workout, hord work, come bock, good times ond good friends I credir wherever I hove ochleved here ro God, my fomily, rhe Wilkerson " fomily " , rhe swim teom, my squodron ond Coptoin Dront s the Turners ond finolly to my very potienr ond loving friends Thonk you for believing in me ir hos been very good bur the future is even brighter. Eflwvtunnm.wft1 l%«»«l!H£AmlL »»lMllMM DANIEL DIAZ Diablo Peonui Loi Vegoi. Nev Aeronouiical Engineering Well five years hove post since (irst conning to USAFA. but not without the experiences ond tnenn- ories My two roonnotes were greot (Doncing lod ond Sleeping Drod) I tried to keep o good ottitude while here and my porents support wos never ending scoring, jumping flying, pot- ties trips OPs Af there were o lot of greot things thot hof - pened to me. ond they ore the things I will remember for ever ERNEST JOSEPH FAYAN III £J Old Soy brook Conn Mechanical Engineering It ' s not what you do. it s who you ' tewith It s been fun. and III miss you oil Remember, there ' s o party tonight ot Jims place LAWRENCE WEHDEKING Dunheod Duchwheai Columbia Md Humonitiei I hove met some people here I didn t know could exist Im ihonWul fof these people b«- couse they hove opened my eyes to life in mony woys The world IS o irogedy for those who feel ond o comedy for those who think For me It hos been o com- binoiion of both All thonks to My fomily. my roomoies. the soc- cer leom. ond most of oil. Jesus Christ He wos there when others couldn ' t be JOHN ALEXANDER GIBSON IV Hoot Mt Laurel NJ Operotiora neteorch After four long hcxd yeofs my Inrefpreioiion ot the Air Fcyce Accxjemy hos guided me lowords the lollowing words o wisdom ' Mellow is ilie men who kAowj whot he s been mfsjing (Led Zepplin) ond more imponooily. Nothing IS criticol ' LARRY GLADDACK New Palestine, Ind Monagemenr Along with wonting to become on officer. I come to USAFA to get o chance to fly In the last few years I ' ve mode some greot friends, ond I ' ve hod more ex- periences thon I hod in 16 years ot home The Acodemy will be something I II never forget, ond I ' ll be proud to soy I made it through I couldn ' t hove mode it this for. though, without my friends, fomily. and especiolly God FREDRICK MICHAEL HAKE Cedorburg. Wis Chemistry " God. gront me the serenity to accept the things I cannot chonge. courage to chonge the things I con, and wisdom to know the difference " RUSSELL CARY HOWARD Cory Fort Worth, Texas Aeronautical Engineering The best things that I got from this ploce were my soaring ins- structor roring, my Aeronouticol Engineering degree, my entronce to UPT, ond best of oil my fiancee - Cindy I never would hove mode it without my fomily. friends, ond most of oil Cindy I thonk you oil for putting up with me DAVID LEO HUMDLH Humby Dimomwood, Wis. Milirary History In spite of whot onyone soys we oil hod o few gcxjd times I just wish Steve ond Anterro were still here Drive on I got the desire to fly but my brotfier got the eyes Let s go four- wheeling Pump Iron Colorodo needs o few reol trees ond some lokes just like God s country Thonks Mom ond Dod. I couldn t hove mode it witfiout you " Keep up the fire 11 PATRICIA LEA MACGREGOR Potti Rophine, Vo. Civil Engineering I come to rhe Academy fo serve my country, become on officer like my Dod. ond work with the calibre of people I saw my Dod work witfi. I leove tfie Acodemy hoving occomplished tfiose gools and more If onyone needs to get in toucfi witfi me after groduo- tion, just look up Lieutenont McCarthy and you ' ll find me EARL RAY NASON Purr Seboeis, Maine Phychology MARK ALAN NAUMANN Orowerville, Minn Civii Engineering " If you can force your heart ond nerve and sinew ond so hold on when there is nothing in you except the will which soys to them Hold oni ' " " Yours is the eorth ond every thing that ' s in ir. and which is more you ' ll be a Man, my son! " And you ' ll even groduote some- day! Just remember, it could olwoys be worse God bless you oil. MICHAEL DRANKO NOVAKOVIC Dronl o Villanovo, Po Miiirary Hurory The Acodemy is a trade-off I gove up socio! life most college students hove, but I ' ve had a chance to do things they con only dreom obout • flying, soaring, jumping etc Of course I ' ve also had to do things they would not dream about in their worst nightmares Then again, who wonts fo go through life doing the same things as every- one else ' Never let it be sold rhor I possed up on opportunity fo lough Wllii ' ((CWlW ' jii fnel " wed 10 I 12 GERALD JACKSON PARISH Joe Rockheod Eon Walron Dch. Flo Dosic Academics I finally made it through the codet life of wine, women, ond song, ond if you believe thot I ' ve got o mountain cabin on a ski slope in Florido to sell you. I sum up me study hobits in one quote " I have so much to do thot I am going to bed - but first I ' ll go bug Opus. " " Time for me to fly, I ' ve got to set myself free " -f . E O " Deorly beloved Let ' s go crozy " - Prince I love ploy. DAVID BRIAN RILEY Ft Meade. Md Basic Academics Toke life os it comes ond shoot for the stors! JOHN ALFRED RinER Pirrsburgh. Pa Elecrrical Engineering TERRY GUY SEAMAN Sea Dog Oali Creels. Colo Civil Engineering I hove olwoys wonted to come to the U5AFA And now thot I hove almost mode Ir, I con soy I hove leorned quite a bit from my long journey starting in Ook Creek Colo Mony people hove sold I ' m o geek, but this is not true Decouse the three people (Lorry Friend, Don Doiz, Chuck Sireeter) who hove Inspited me the most said I ' m too much of o true cadet to be o geek Keep-um flushing wiK ' .vmfS ' iimmmmssmmsmism wv«ovic ■liying, iinitei 1? 0! every- HWOfluillty CHARLES ANTHONY STREETER Tonoo Harvey. Ill Monagemeni Five long yeors ond Ive leorned two things from cadets ond oHicers 1 You con treot people professionally 2 You can be o total loser I chose the first but sadly I know thot 40 per cent and 10 per cent will choose the second Id like to thonk my roommotes porenis, friends, and the footboll team for guiding me to my decision and God for pulling me through when I storted to slip Don t forget your veggies! DAVID WHEELER TAN Scanner Seven Hills. Ohio Electrical Engineering Do you know whor results when you stort with four yeors, multiply by e to the sum of my dements and confinements, then divide this by the number of about foces I ve mode, ond integroie this over the Interval from eight to five with respect to time (being careful not to exceed 2400) ' Neither do I — you toke core of the gorboge ond III fly! If my hond could speok — you Justgottobe good! GLENN MICHAEL ULLMANN Opus the Dancing Dear Scarsdale. N Y Finance and Accounting It IS so eosy to lose perspective — to forget why you come or whoi needs to be accomplished Mony hove come tjefote us — Anne Fronk, Colonel Netaniohu, Coptoin Sijan — people who believed ihoi the person who hos nothing for which he IS willing to fight iso miserable cteoture end hoi no chance of being free ' In moving forword. their vision must olwoys be present For if I foil, their struggle has been in voin MICHAEL JOSEPH WELL5 Digger Reading. Pa Asironouricol engineering The RPMs reved high cm lie downshifted the flood Wotnof . " the gore guord merely o blur of rhe post Loughret kept hu heofi light ond his poiience from woning HU love fof friends oryj fomily woi. Is. ond will olwoys be of the deepeM sort, ond We s experiences ore the best teochers Remember the good guys olwoys win TODD KEVIN WOODS Savannah. Go Piychology (rtediotofl " " ' inoltfuf people M ive ' « " ! .r .» DAVID JOHN ADAMS Bid Jim Lurch Driscoll. N D Basic Academics Thanks to some g ood friends ond o lot of luck I mode it! The tribe endures! Its been such o long time. I think I should be goin. Time doesn ' t woit for me. It keeps on rollin, so long, or a distont highwoy. I ' ve got to keep on chosing thot dreom, I ' ve got to be on my woy. Boston RALPH DALE BENNm Schlep Hedondo Dch Calif Engineering Mechanics We ve played the some gome for mony yeors but never ployed by the some rules I con remember oil the times I tried so hord, but ycxi loughed in my foce couse you held the cords Well the gome is over, ond the winner sholl throw his hot with pride, thonks to oil my buds, my fomily. the scxcer leom and the wheel — you made it all come true Live your dreoms God bless 13 ismiiuimmku ROY ALAN CALDWELL Los Alamos. N M General History You ' ve got to hove FAITH — FAITH in your God, FAITH in your fellow mon. FAITH in yourself RemeiTiber, you con if you THINK you con A speciol rhonks to Mom ond Dod for always being tfiere; fo Moj T , Rondy R, , Mike C , Steve G , and Jon H for giving me hope when hope seemed so for owoy, ond especiolly to the Hubers for providing so mony of us o loving home owoy from home Thanks JACK D. CUMMINS, II l ey Largo, Flo Orgonizononal Behavior Service commitment, pride, ond foith ore the ideols to which Jock is supporter on enemy turf with D ond D, ond o sure footed tendor in Cotholic Choir, Jock s selfless concern ond dedication olwoys shines through Perperuol attendance ot 0630 sessions fuel his ideolism, which though stroined, was never shattered: o groy oscot alone could never hide rhe motto etched in his heorf — " Wings to Soor " — Moryberh Peterson CAROL ANNE NIEPE5 DEMANDANTE Guam Conipurer Science With all its sham, drudgury, and broken dreams, it ' s snll a beoutiful world, be cheerful, strive to be happy, smile " There were times when there was no reason for staying, but even now, Im starting to miss this ploce I m probobly leaving the most imporronr port of my life here, but if it wos meont to be, then everything will work out- God speed, my friends. HEIDI HERNANDAZ Jonesboro. Go Psychology Don ' t ever give up your dreams and never leave them behind Find them; moke them youfs, ond oil thfough your life cherish them, Elizo Constonzo USAfAtot) jemwfi ' S iwmy is JON EDWARD HODGE Zeke Olathe, Kan Engineering Physics Speciol thanks to Rick Gurgess, 82, Col Rob ond Jenny Woodruff, Jeff and Decky loughlin, Drod Feldmonn, ' 80, Randy Price, 84, Tim and Cris Prater, Dill Waugemon, ' 85, Steve Woye, ' 85, Geotge Doy, ' 85, and " Shupemelsh ' too, Todd Scott, ' 86, and of course. Tommy I came here strong in the Lord, and remain in strong thanks to these speciol people Soon I ' ll be a disciplemoker in the USAF, God willing, Hebrews 12:11-13 GUYMAXKANANEN Plymouth. Mich Military History KEVIN DRENTLEY KING Brent Roddiff. Ky Aeronautical Engineering The post four years hove been filled with times of teor and cheer From the first day I stepped off the bus to the day I threw my hot in the air, I will never forget Thanks, family and friends for all the memories MARK JOSEPH KORNMESSER " Korn " Detroit. Mich Humanities I used to be disgusted, now I just try to be omused — Elvis Costello 14 XNvr;i»jn]K (i!wninii»nmiwflnMNiKim vHB i teihero you lie WAYNE LESLIE LYN Jamaica Dane Science USAFA hos been very good to me Miliiory life hos proven exrremely demanding I om praud and hoppy thot my clossmotes hove chosen such on honofoble profession III be going bocK to civilion life in Jomoico ond lei s hope yeors from now when I reod ihis I will be os successful OS I so much hod wished ' ROBERT ARMSTRONG McCAUGHAN Oo6 Clarkidale Miss Civil Engineering LIFE IS A HO( SE either you ride it or It fides you WILLIAM HENRY MOn Oil London Cngtond Aeronautical Engineerir g AUet endless encounters with the loielighl engineering J G Sf POKK S checkiides ond rood-trips I recognize the hey here is strength through odversiiy Good plon ' Thonki to oil of the porty porodise people, your strength ond friendship gove me the strength I needed Thonks for the lessons leorned in snowdrifts. Estrello. ond on the flighiline Thonk you Lourle! Remember When the going gets tough the tough get rodicol " MICHAEL ANTHONY POCGI Mike New Drighron Po Aeronaurical Engineenrtg Well, you think you ve got it cosed ond you think you know the score No. you don t wont to listen You con t be tokj no more Out when you get out there you better get it right I The streets ore lined with things thot kill ond they re hiding m the night Expect no mercy ' Goto iomm j,l|Uiiry ANNE DARLENE POWELL Birmingham Ala Aeronautical Engineering DENNIS JOSEPH SIMPSON Joe. Jomo D J Milpiros, Calif Computer Science No more bottles with computers, no more nitpicking, now I con sleep in my bed The four yeors ore finolly over To my clossmotes from 22. especiolly Chuck ond Mike, rhonks for showing me the light My folher told me the night before I come to USAFA. Son. you con quit if it s not for you but if you quit becouse if wos roo tough, don r come home Well Dod. I wosn r beoten. MICHAEL PAUL TAYLOR 5p neK Reno Nev General Engineering Between letter to the commondont sweoting 70 proof or OCT-PT, the Wednesdoy night movie bodobog trips, woitingfor MAC oirlines, holf bock — flips Qt A-Dosin, ond pomes oi Don ond Nody s, Mike s kept USAFA interesting Mike hosolwoys monoged to bring o smile to most people, but when he couldn i he s olwoys reody ro be o true friend Mike, best of luck with your subs or whoiever your coreer brings you Corm MONTE DEAN TURNER Huniingtown Md Optical Physics It wos soid to be the best four yeors of your life but college it wos rvDt. I leorned more thon III ever remember ond hod more good times thon III ever recollect Thonks Heidi, Spiney Fotmon. the Mon. ond to oil the support from home (thot s where the heon is), we oil mode it Hey you soys o lot but hold onto the dreom soys it oil! 15 muiiiu»iiiaua.aiuumi Km MONTE DEAN TURNER Hunnngiown Md Optical Physics It wQS sold to be the best four years of your life, but college it wos not I learned more tfion I II ever recoil, met more people tfian I II ever remember, end fiod more good rimes rfion III ever recollect Thionks Heidi, Spiney, Fotmon, The Mon, and to oil the support from home ' (thot s where the heort iS), we oil mode it Hey, you soy o lot but " Hold on to the dreom ' soys it ol|i JOEL KENT VER HOEF Hawarden Iowq Aeronaurical Engineering Gee guys, wasn ' t this fun A sincere thanks to Mom, Dad, Rochel, Aunty Donno, Dono, Don, The Core, Cilly Drent Dob, Chris, Korn, Tim, Zip, The Green Fridge, and all the rest ' I could have never done it with out yo It s probobiy o nice place to scon RICHARD VOSKOVITCH Vosko Sorosora Flo Engineering Mechanics There ore things III miss ond things I won t miss I won s miss academics or the suppresssed lifestyle, but I will miss my friends I m sorry I missed regular college life but I m not sorry I came here Thanks to the buds that helped especially Scott Dick, Wayne Wade Geoff ond GQ I hote to leave you guys but there s something better for us out there I eol life and someone speciol Vicki, im half woy there ' CHRISTOPHER PAUL WEITZER Weirz Wounakee Wis Aeronaurical Engineering All the time spent South of the border helped the year disoppear before my eyes I learned o lot about life, when I hod the time, but all in oil. It reolly wosn t that greot l»iiiyoni)f ' « onoowoy JOSEPH WIGGINS, JR. Griz Jamaica, N Y Basic Academics A creotion in life must occur in order to goin a survivol instinct in spoce. This instinct, o learned experience, cannot only be used to compete among the ongels of spoce but it must be passed to the creatures of the bubble whose mind ond heorts ore trapped and see nowoy out unless someone touches their body ond soys it is not enough to leorn ond imitote but to leorn, imitote, wokeup ond Creole TIMOTHY JOHN WILLIAMS Chamblee. Ga Aeronaurical Engineering 16 £lH 1 9 KENNETH LEWIS YAPHE Congers. N Y Russian Area Studies Moke It Golden were the wotds my parents left me with when I boorded the plane to Colotodo Springs If there is one thing thot I hove leorned, it is golden volue of comroderie to be cherished Have we done our best 85 ' Hove we committed ourselves to excellence ' Hove we mode it golden ' The answer lies only within ourselves and whot we choose to do with our unique experience iwmmim fmmsmstimmsiemima ' «ui [ii;[fi GREGORY MICHAEL ANDERS Greg Cozenovio N Y Dosic Academics I came here to go to school. I stoyed here to fly Thonks Dod, end thonks to the rest of my fomily end friends, both here ondowoy ANTONIO MARCELINO APONTE Tony Pome Colorado Springs Colo Humari Factors Live your life os It is with o dreom to give you direction You con never know whot will hoppen but if you con shore It with someone It doesn ' t reolly matter what does hoppen RONALD JEROME DAOSKI. JR. Dobs Pinsburgh. Pa Engineering Mechanics Whether Im upside down at 7CXX) feel or sitting in o low doss. My propective of U5AFA has olwoys been the some Sleep in doss, don ' t do homework, crom for tests ond Just boslc- oily moke the most out of every sociol moment you con The poro- chute teom hos been my life blood ond for ihot I thonk God Remember rendezvous. 100 ' s night 1964. ond end of the doy Mego- blots PHERHEIMZ CASTOR fuziy Palm Day. fla Applied Moihemorics Woge your best Do your best Not even the elements con cJo better For o roindrop con give only so much moisture o «or only so much light, ond o homon being only so much produalvity Notute funaions to its full copocity. ond so should mon aiEMS THOMAS WILLIAM CONNELLY Tom San Antonio. Texas Notional Security The unexomlned life is not worth living -Socrotes BRIAN DAVID DEMUNNIK Fullenon. Calif Basic Academics " Find the cost of freedom, burled in the ground Mother eorfh will swollow you • loy your body down CSNY USAFA fought me thot everyting in life has o price tog The price to fly wos four long hord yeors. Dut onyrhing worthwhile cJoesn ' t come cheop You hove ro pay the price. STEVEN JAMES DEPALMER Kansas Manchester, Md Electrical Engineering If our lives could lie before us Like o stroight ond norrow highwoy So thot we could see forever Long before we took the ride We would never look to heoven Moke o wish or climb o mountoin Couse we ' d olwoys know the onswer To whot ' s on the other side Thonks to oil who kept me smiling. Mom. Dod. Susie. Lynne. Morilyn. my friends, Henry Dovid Thoreou. Jomes Deon. ond my motorcycle. 85 best olive! PETER FRANCIS DETTELIS Speedy Buffalo N. Y Asrronauricol Eiigineering Astro. Chess dub. Physics Astronomy club. AIAA. skiing, hockey refereeing. Sponish club. Photo club, ond Wing Medio were oil porr of my life ot the Acodemy. but the thing I re- member most obout the four toughest yeors of my life is the comrodery in the doss of 85 One itotement sums up my gools ond ombitions Spoce is the ploce ond Astro is the woy; thot Is where I ' m going on grod- uotiondoy 17 TIMOTHY JOSEPH GAITHER Tim Evergreen, Conn Asrronouricol Engineering MARILYN HONORA GARCIA Redlonds Calif International Affairs Yeoh, whatever ' Definitely o worthwhile sroy, even better be- cause of folks like Iss, Leslie, Downer, Wob, Pom, Kebo, Kristin, R,ich, Jimbo, Moj Fujito, Ailso, Fussz, Summer end expeciolly Kansas, who else, but Mom, Dod, and the US Postol Service ' But look now, time sflnolly here let ' s get on with it. See you or homecoming ' 95! (yeors owoy) I, store your full name, do solemly swear (or affirm) . DIRK MAX HUTCHISON Hurcfi Merrillville Ind Electrical Engineering Everything hos a price for somethings it is DAD For others It ' s nice For me it wos EE Groduofion gleamed with brilli- ance I put up with the bull I got my eduocoiion My parents were always listening Whenever I would coll I mode lots of friends in Stolog and Cerberus oil There were times to lough There were times to cry but so IS life ond then you die PAUL BERNARD JANSSON Howortti NJ Electrical Engineering Four years Fiere hos tought me o few things If it ' s not one thing it s another, ond they all combine to keep you behind the almighty power curve True cadets never wosre ony effort whenever possible Rock is the only way to go Finolly Its not over till it s overi! 010 0li0 twelito " i,0tfi«t JEFFREY BRIAN JOHNSON Rocky Moxboss. N.D Engineering Mechonia I ' m from the greot state of North Dokoto The only people that don ' t like it there ore the people thot hove never been there In the four years I ve spent here, I ' ve been very lucky to hove hod greot parents, great sponsors, ond great friends I ' m on originol sur- vivor of ottrition 34 ond spent my lost two yeors In Cerberus three Con I soy ' It ' s been real but who likes reollty?!i JEROME MICHAEL PENDER Jerry Oak Lawn, III Computet Science I ve hod some good times (cellar rots, Cerberus, Nov Instructor, etc ), ond I ' ve hod some bod times (cellor rots, Cerberus, Nov Instructor, etc ) But it wos worth it, so I ' ve opplied tor membership in the doss of ROBERT LAWRENCE PICKRELL Thousand Oaks Calif Basic Academics GREGORY LYN POHER Greg Wichita Kan Aeronautical Engineering The doy oftet my 18th birthday I entered BO I did not know what I wos doing or why I wos doing it Out I did It Thonks Debby C rOiii 18 m ?mmm i »mMM «siim!iimi iimimiiimtna . Mone Kiihey ' yoobehifltt itvtve •ffleony lofnoly MARK JOSEPH RANDOLPH Lanhorrt. Md Iniernoiional Poliiia I don t think you con be forced to do wtiot you hove to do here Somehow, you hove to wont to do It You don t need fomily sup- port but IS certoinly nice to hove I Ihonk my fomily for supporting me JUVENAL QUESAOA SALOMON Juv La Union. Philippines Civil Engineering I ' ve olwoys counted on my potlence during my long four yeors here But I won t forget the motol support given to me by my relotives, my sponsors, my close friends ond my cioss motes They re olwoys there to help me to do my best in every- thing Of course, this wouldn ' t be o reality If not for my two oll-tlme favorites Mom and Dad this is for you ' LINDA FRANCES SVERDRUP Cindy Loo Libby Mom Biology The Acodemy ts o reol rot rote In the beginning the rots were winning Now however, otter four long yeors thanks to friends (ie 14ers 3 ers Cotholic Chior. Anno ) I hove regrouped counter ottocked and won ' Aren i friends owesome ' Just temember life s bottles don I olwoys go to the sironget or the fostest mon. but sooner or loter he who wins. Is the fellow who thinks he con ■ ' Go for it 65 ond God bless " THOMAS ROOERT TIGHE fom fu jo Olho Engineering Sciences My friends or d I hove been bonded together with hopes ond dreoms tougher ilxjn leofher Some things you must try you know life and ilien you die The hordest things con come from feoiher Iheie four yeors hove tried my soul they ve given me much but token tlieir toll The chonces ore greoi but I II leove them to fote Why woliz when you con rock n rolP DAVID WAYNE WILLIAMS Dove Del Cry Ol lo Eleancol Engineering The going hosn t olwoys been easy But then oil sunshine and no roin mokes o desert, or so the Arabs soy The things I ve learned and the experiences Ive hod I wouldn r trade for the world Dur the most valuable thing I ve goined is friendships that will last a lifetime As I leove this ploce. my gool re- mains to press on towards rhe mark and finish the roce Christ hossei before me ROBERT ANTHONY ADKINS Jony Modisonville. Ky Engineering Mechanics Whot con you soy about o guy who was first in his mojor ond lost In his doss In MPA or the end of his junior year ' Moybe he s got his priorities screwed up ' Or maybe not ' One thing that you con soy is that his philosophy wos Go for the Bird! " and " I get by with o little help from my friends thanks guys! JEFFREY JAY ANSTEO 5ped Modero. Colif General Engineering Ive met o lot of greot people while being In Wolfpock ond FIghtin Four These ore o lot of memories here, some bod (usuolly oround Prog) ond mony good Like those weekend keg parties at Beef s with T . Crock. Crow. Stinky Dergie. Uncle Ed. ond Fuzz And the weekends ot Voil That s not to soy that U5AFA wos thot eosy for me. but with the help of friends ond family, especiolly Mom Dod ond Mork, we finolly mode it 19 MICHAEL WILLIAM DROWN Mo Kansas dry. Mo Dosic Academics I ' m insane now WILLIAM DANIEL DURDICK Billy Ray Rice Lake Wis Civil Engineering Four-wheeling with o beer end friends found Brodly Mike Roger ond Pete leaving o year earlier Hunfing found more rhon wild gome when Maureen cured my self piry thank you all! I hove clinched and closed with the noked north I hove leotned to defy and defend shoulder to shoulder we hove fought it out yet the wild must win in the end Roberr Service CHRISTOPHER JERRY CARFAGNO Jopher Nonhndge. Calif Humanities As president of Catholic Choir, Chris rook o lot of hozing, but everybody reolly loved him No one will forget him for the London trip, welfare nights, ond his announcements To the mon who thought Greeley wos ten miles north of Denver, thanks for everything ' GARY DONALD CHESLEY Gory Moville, lowo Civil Engineering I wos once told you take three things from U5AFA - your dip- lomo, your GPA, ond your friends I feel the most im- portont of these is certoinly friends Speciol thonks to Mom, Dod, Money, Susie, ond oil my family and friends for their letters, proyers, ond support Winners never quit, and quitters never win 00 lWlll£ I« " (vfffe ) ' s oools - CHRISTOPHER GERALD DAVIS Chris San Diego, Calil Poliricol Science Roll your dice, move your mice ■ H| M H T X i-- — - t 1 m J ■ ' i " ' IAN ROBERT DICKINSON Ian Las Vegas. Nev Computer Science Humanities The times they ore a-changin " -Bob Dylon ROBERT CHRISTOPHER DOOLEY Rob Mountainside N J Aeronautical Engineering Rob come here wanting to fly cause it beots working for o living Being able to take to the oit, with (or without) on oirplone around him, mode this ploce seem infinitely beatable ■ along with the many friends end roommotes When opportunity knocked, he d be stonding at the door: hence trips to Brazil, Get- mony, England, ond a lot of the US, seemed to foil in his lop RICHARD JACKMAN DOORE Dick Pembroke N H Management " There is o rood, no simple highway, between the down ond the dork of night, ond if you go no one may follow thot poth is fof yout steps olone -Gotcio, Hunter I ve finolly been oble to open my mind to new ideas. I only wish I could hove leorned sooner Relax, keep on open mind take o chonce ond dreom! " Whot om I doing ot a level of con- ciousness whete this is reoP ' ' -Thoddeus Golos ! «u)i«i«» He " k 20 WL ' s.mmm ;s mmsmm gmmm m a midip. dyou, 9I0i((y Wdffly KEVIN ROOERT FRISOIE Kevin Chicago III Human Foaois Perhops the best thing I will loke (rom here ore good friend- ships I ve olso learned to challenge myself to have the confidence to endure much longet thon I sometimes core to Thonks to my family and friends, oil of whom hove given me the support I ve needed to occomplish my dreams After all dteams ore only gools that hove yet to be occomplished JOHNNY fl-A y OnESHAM Shomi Ooinesville fla Qeneiol Engineering The Acodemy hos chollenged depressed ond even restricted me. but With the support of my Mom. Dod and the Mohors through it oil. I hove kept the end in sight I come here wanting to be o pilot o good honest friend ond to chose women Now. lom headed to pilot troinmg with my diploma. GPA. and most im- portontly. mony friends From Cheryls to J D s we con oil remember oil the portying ond fun nights God bless See yo TAMMY SUE JONES rj Newark Ohio Done Academics Life IS one big toed with lots of signs so when you re nding through the ruts Don t com- plicote your mind Flee from hole, mischief ond jeolousy Don t bury your thoughts Put your vision to reolity Yeoh ' All together now Woke up ond live ' -Oob Motley Fun flies when you ' re doin time ■ I just hope the rest of my time is holf os fun os ihoi spent here with my friends Thonks Mom. Dod ond T DONALD EUGENE KIRKHAM JR Don Drill wood Texas Computer Scerxe Of oil the things I ve goined from oitending USAFA il e moii voluoble by for ore the greor fnendi I ve mode I II never forget ihe gar g of 65 from CS-22 02 in 32 out) Hell Week 85 entering o new squodron ond breoking m o new AOC (Mom), ond my 21si btrthdoy porTy (whot little I do remember) Thonk ' - everyone thot helped me moh- ' God knows I needed It ' ) HOOOJE „it« ! »« ' re ■■•Go ' Biifrf ' RONALD LYNN MARSELLE Hon Arvodo. Colo Computer Science I lift up my eyes to the hills From whence does my help come ' My help comes from the Lord who mode heaven ond eorth - Psalms 121 1-2 NLW OS olwoys. RANDALL JAMES ORNE Srormtn Drottleboro Vi Asrronouiical Engineering Upon groduoting from high school a retired Air Force colonel gove me o ploque which reod If it is to be. it is up to me This plaque has always imspired me to keep going I owe my family and friends much love ond opprecio- tion for their great support during these yeors I will never forget the good times or the good friends I ' ve met here. " Wor is on ugly thing... " MARK HERBERT RUMPH Honohon. 5 C Inrernarionol Politics I never could hove losted with- out my fomily ond close friends Thonks Mom. Dod. Scott -Tim. Tom, ond Doug! The rime we feel most stable, is the time we ' re coming off the wall: And there s every indica- tion we moy be heading for o foil. So. let the problems stort ond let the tension grow: Well be keeping it to ourselves. And while they re busy reaching conclusions: We ' ll be reoching for something else! ' -Sogo PAUL JOSEPH SKOWRONEK Skow Dryon Texas Aeronauricol Er gineering Looking bock on the lifetime I ve spent here I see four miseroble but wonderful yeors I ' ve leorned how to succeed, ond I ' ve leorned how 10 foil Out Ive olso leorned obout the most importont port of life, the people oround me So when you osk God for o gift be thankful if he sends not diomonds pearls or riches, but the love of reol true friends Thank you God 21 gfflwao PAUL LANCE SMITH Dunconville, Texas Inrernorionol Affairs i owe everything to the inspiring support of my fomily ond close friends Thonk you- " If your mind is empty, it is olwoys reody for onything: it is open to everything. In rhe beginner ' s mind there ore mony possibilities, in the expert ' s mind there ore few " — Shunryu Suzuki MARK TIMOTHY STEPHENS Derian. Calif - Aeronouiical Engineering Since I did not moke it here my first yeor out of high school. I thought I would hove o very difficult time Dut with o little support from God. my fomily, and close firends. I stuck it out ond mode it. WILLIAM DEW ALDTIMM Bill Hoyword, Calif Aeronautical Engineering Take life less seriously ond enjoy it more Go borefoor. climb more mountoins. swim more rivers ond don ' t worry about poying rhe rent. Everything will work out in the end. WILLIAM ARTHUR WAUGAMAN Waugs Detrait, Mich Eleanco! Engineering Three things helped me moke it through the Acodemy; God. fomily ond good friends Thonks for your love 0Sl« Oft , ,(,[«0JC OtiiKito! Oidie ! Jewel, Ituf BOlh KYLE STANLEY ORANYON Orlando. Flo Management God gront me the obiliry to chonge the things I con chonge. The serenity to occept the things I connot chonge. And the wisdom to know that " You ' ll get nothing ond like it! " If you love something, let if go If it comes bock to you, it ' s yours If it doesn ' t, hunt it down ond kill it MICHAEL LUKE GEE CHING 5on Antonio. Texas Electrical Engineering KIRDY RAY COLAS The Kid Lake Arrowhead. Calif Electrical Engineering In time I reflect on those things thot motter, ond those thot just don ' t. Letting the memories flow engulfs the moment with the times ond the friends occenr those times The memories help me to reolize thot whot matters is to live for myself ond no other, to wont ond to get And when the old times clear owoy. the hot foils and I find myself wonting again, ond ogoin ly.lpK " «»tto ' ' t, •teveiii I ' f ' Pdts. Wia MICHAEL KEVIN CRAMER Game Greshom. Ore Dosic Academics I om proud of my occomplishments or the Acodemy ond I will olwoys cherish the friendships I hove mode here I would like to ihonk everyone for their support My coring fomily, my loving fioncee ChriSiino Durger, Prep School roommote Steve Chervenok, Chickenhowk roommote Gory Jewell Wolfpoch roommote Deon Reily. Wolfpock olcovemote Mott Voile outstonding sponsors Mojor Herringion the Durger fomily, ond MosierCord Time to pony SHERRY ALISON CURRIN Sione Mountoin. Go Humaniiiei The snow flurries to meet the ground Floke by floke smothering the eorrh with white moisture Out just OS a blizzord is Inevitoble in the winter. So is the sunshine in the spring. And I hold my breoth through the cold Alwoys with hope for the flowers I hove not been disoppointed yet ' GREGORY CHARLES GALIARD Greg. Gogun Scorsdole. N Y Computer Science I hove experienced so mony of those wonderful choroaer builders here ot the ActxJemy Ac Prom, Hell Week, Intermurol boxing, no Airmonship etc Out when I look bock on it oil it wos the people ihot mode the Acodemy worthwhile Many left but more sroyed ond the memories I hove of will lost forever Thonks Mom. Dod. Chris. George ond Mory Lou ond everyone else I hove truly found Porodlse ROBERT WAYNE HOLLAND Rocky Polo. Ill AsirorK)ullcol Engir eering As with everything else, I pushed this off to the k»i minute To the WOCs remember to fly foH dock hord ond toke deoth grips Twenty yeors from now, I will still tvjve more Jumps thon Dobs or d Spike will still bockslide Thonks for the memories ond wotch for my boll o flome Christ is King SALLIEJEANKAUPANGER Poulsbo Wash Computer Science In life there ore mony poths one moy choose Unfortunotely only one may be chosen When I chose the Acodemy, I picked the right one The Academy has provided me with many opportunities, the most imporront one being the opportunity to meet the best friends I will ever hove I hope thot my friends ond I continue to pick the right paths ond our poths cross often. MARTIN THOMAS KENDRICK Morty Holtsville LI. NY Astronouticol Engineering Well, compers, you osked for it, you got it: the complete guide of things to remember os we cruise down the Nevodo Ave of life 1 You ' ll get nothing ond like it 2 Sometimes you just gotto soy , , . ond moke your move 3 Were oil just rock ond rollers with one foot in the grove With this in mind let ' s follow the Romones ond " Hey. ho. let ' s go! " KEVIN SCOn KODALEN Brooklyn Center. Minn Dosic Academics CARLOS LUIS MATEOS Los Colorado Springs Colo Humanities After five yeors it s over for the Los He hod some rough times especiolly without his number one fon, his Mom, but the good times survived Hoving possed oil his dosses without opening o bcxjk. it s no wonder he become known for other things nomely fcxjtboll women s soccer his coring noture wigbusters. Jonk holding ond of course throwing potties where he put the grovity effea into oction What con I soy. he ' s the greotesti 23 gg mgjjlllgggjigj gg gjg CHRISTOPHER ALLEN MAZUR Hommond, Ind Engineering Mechanics WILLIAM KENNETH OSWALD Dill or Willy Lehighron, Po Milirory Hisrory Four yeors ago I crowled out of the hills of Pennsylvonio, o former from o little town colled Lehigfiton. Wfien I received my oppoinrment to U5AFA everyone in thot town knew; my parents ond grondporents mode sure of thot All through my stoy everyone in thot town wos behind me I ' d like to rhonk everyone, especiolly my parents, grandparents, fomily ond friends for oil the support Remember, Ops works for you DEAN REILY Reils Des Ploines. Ill Inrernarionol Politics I think I ' ve leorned o lot here, but people soy I still hoven ' t grown up I owe this to my friends, who kept me going when nothing else could Well all miss this ploce Remember if you hove three doys, you con moke the next Illinois Slomfest, " I come, I sow. I left JASON DENTLEY ROUSE Aurora. Colo Human Factors Known first os Spot, time quickly settled him as ' the Jose " He commuted to school from his Denver home, and monoged to major in Humon Foctors, but his real claims to fome were the other things — nomely dating girls he didn ' t even know, his sweet wit, o kind ond understonding demeano r, throwing porries, being " King of the Girth, ' Jonkbusters, ond of course foorboll What con I soy ' He ' s the greatest! !¥»II6I eiloo HelfcekClC, itj[ie« w iwodliew ittoijligoei ' iteO ' O JAY DENTON SLIVERIA Houston, Texas Biology I suppose thot somehow in the few brief moments that stretch into eternity while my hot is suspended In the oir on its woy down, I will reflect on whot I hove just done I will try to recoil every memory, I will feel both love and hote, there will be o bittersweet teste, and I will move on JAMES ALOYSIERS SWEENEY III Jim Manchester, N H Management There hove been many times I hove doubted whether I would, or could, groduote from this institution Fortunately, I hod fomily and friends who believed in me when I didn ' t I love them oil I would like to soy o speciol thanks to my Mom, who wos olwoys there Thank you, Mom. Looking bock on my four yeors here, all I con wonder is " who would hove thought . " EDWARD JOSEPH TRUJILLO Ed Colorado Springs. Colo Management I ' m glod thot I come here, I ' m happier that I ' m leaving Now it ' s off into the real Air Force Just give me pretty girls, a fast cor. rock and roll, and o cose of brew and I ' ll go anywhere, ' 85 " Best Alive " MAnHEW VALLE Rudy Phoenix, Md General Engineering Six years of college, down the droin I don ' t know if I con handle the reality of groduotion Real lite has no syllabus (I could be In trouble) I m probobly glad I come to the Academy, I Just con ' t tell for sure right now I love my friends ond hope they will remember me Most of oil, thonks Mom ond Dod. for everything Hey rock, howz thoti ' I ' m gone In six. WHilW ■ " ' ItBl , ■ xiteloi H •«»iFi 24 EVAN GRIFFITH VINTON Grift Hocheisin. Del Political Sciencei Thonks 10 four yeors o( Poly-sc. ond oll-nighters. Griff limps into pilot training ot the limit of the eyesight woiver Too close for comfort His best memories of U5AFA ore choice selections from DCT. AM-490 SERE. Hell Week CIC. the squosh team, the French exchonge the Mng Donee, ond skiing the outer limits Most of the credit for getting through goes to his sponsor ond some very good friends See yo In the O Club ROOERT AARON WASHINGTON MemptMi. lenn Civil Engineering I hope the Physics Deportment will let me reod this ot o UPT bose Instead of in Vondenberg Holl I didn t think Id ever soy it, but I know III miss this place and especiolly the friends I ' ve mode I don t know how I II deol with the inevitable civilion world no one in thot world wears nome togs DONALD PAUL WATERS Paul Arvada. Calo Aeranaurical Engineenrv I feel lucky being so close to home It allowed me to keep my sonliy I wos oble to return to reolliy I wont to thonk my porenis. Olll, Jim. Keith. Irs, ond especiolly Kenny for the suppon I come here for the educoiion ond did I ever get one. ocodemici. leodership. SEf E. summer research, oirmonship etc Now I need to go into the reol world ond figure out whoi I leorned Oh well THOMAS DAVID WOODEN Oooi Canal Fulton Otiio Monogemenr The exit is o shock It ' s last and cold orvd you seorch for o reference Alone ot first but soon o formofion There s the feof of o tunnel but Ihois the thrill ond you know your grips ore strong It wosn t eosy to buikj ond will olwoys be remembered, but breokoM a now Turn orid go wove ot o distonce ond press olone Ride out ttie trosh and never get cought s oft then vous me MICHAEL KARL FRANK ZECH Mike Ft Walton Oct) . Flo Engineering Mechtanics From o beoch bum to o Millordo. ond then to here Cant believe I mode it this for. ond for moking it this for III hove to thank Mom. Dod. Pom ond her folks My greatest ochievemenf os a coder was probably holding the record rime to Pueblo I figured the Academy would be o chollenge ond it never once let me down Now let s see if the Air Force con reoch me to fly. one of those planes. ALLEN SPENCER DLACK Dallas. Texas Management Then he waited, morsholing his thoughts ond brooding over his still untested powers For though he wos master of the world he wos not quite sure what to do next But he would think of something — Arthur C Clorke scon DAMIEN DROCKWAY Arroyo Grande Calif History Now thot it is all over, wos it wonh it? Are you better off now thon you were four yeors ogo ' Well I know thot I ' ll never forget the Acodemy. but somedoy I might forgive it! To soy. though, that four yeors were wasted would be o linle horsh reolly! Where else con you leorn how to roll your socks so thot they smile bock ot you ' ' Sierro Delto Orovo. 1 toke off leg deporting ■■ 25 mmmmm.. VON MICOLE CAMERON Cole San Antonio. Texas Operations Reoseorct) S ome soy that we re reckless They soy we ' re jusr to young ' Tell us to STop! Before we ve begun! We ve got ro hold out till groduQTion Try TO hong on Moxine " - Donold Fogon, 1982 Thonks for teocing me how to hong on Mom ond Dod. I love you! I ' m sorry I con t write whoT I worn To write! ' LUKE JOHN DISILVE5TRO Wolf Norndge III Basic Academics We hod some good times ond some less thon good times, but through it oil, we never surren- dered our identity None of us were True individuols. Though eoch hoving m us o liTTle of mother I leove with much from others, hoping they in turn, leove wlTh Q liTtle of me, TRACEY MARIE DZEMA Allentown, Po Basic Academics CHARLES STEPHEN EHL Charlie Spanky Reading Mass Engineering Mechanics Dodlonds. you gotTo live it everydoy ler The broken heorT STond OS The price you goTio poy We II keep pushin till IT s undersTood ond These Oodionds sTorT treotin us good Thonks to my fomily ond oil my friends, the cone, the element, and everybody else! Dye I TIMOTHY DONALD GOOLEY Tim Greenwood. N Y Operations Research I come to The Acodemy from o small town in New York with high hopes ond o Twin brother to booi I leorned o loT obout my- self These four yeors, buT more imporTonTly I ' ve mode some of The greotest friends onyone con osk for Thonks ogoin Mom ond Dod CHARLENE JOSEPHINE JARDIN Arlington. Va Engineering Mechanics Some good memories were reose porTies, the mesh, tree-spike. The element, night swims, the long run (1 3 4 hr), Dobby McGee s. Phoenix, Monorch blizzord, red, red wine (wheot thins ond cheese), pony!, film club. Denz ond Corrollo, Hol- loween. Crested DooTie. museums in D C . and Alfo Romeo KIRK DAVID KEENE Wonder Mashpee, Mass Operations Research Was it worth It ' I think I ' ll know in abut five yeors I reolized I ' ve changed (hopefully grown) ond learned but wos it for The berter ' The time for questions ond recollections is over. What s done is done I om onxious to be free ond on my own two feet Volley boll, OPs Re- seorch, my fomily ond the mony friends Tve mode keep me smiling Their positive effects will never weor off Thonk you. MARGARET LYNN KIRCHNER Peggy Weston. Moss Electrical Engineering 64 and then some buT MIT wos worTh it Nothing like rowing on The Chorles before down. Why did I come bock ' To fly of course, buf then there ' s something unique obut hoving been here ond I ' m not o quitter and most imporTonr, nowfiere con you find befter friends Sir, Dosic codei kosun is missing I ' m still laughing Thonks guys. 26 i . ' . ' . ' ' ax ■ft! " ill my GEORGE THEODORE KYRAZIS JR Ceeier Deverly Moss Aeronoulicol Engineering I con t really soy it s been worth It but It s over ond thoi ' s something Sometimes you just hove to live right JEFFREY JOSEPH LAMERS Lomerdowg Cocoa Dch Flo Engineering Sciences I ' ve olwoys wonted to come to the Acodemy. ond four yeors loier I hove no regrets I ' ve experienced ond leorned so much yet it doesn I seem possible thot Im olreody on my woy out My opprooch to life remains the some In everything you do put God first, and he will direct you ond crown your efforts with success (Proverbs 3 6) I thonk my God. fomily, and friends for helping me through ERIC ROBERT LOPEMAN Cuyohoga Foils. Ohio Milirory History (This space mientionolly left blank; ANTHONY LAWRENCE MAHERA tree Prescoii Am Iniemaiionol PoliiKi When I fhinh of my sioy ot (he Acodemy I will remember the mony good times ihoi I hod here The ski trips, spring breoki in Howoii ond ot course oil the good times down ot my sponsor j house The most impoftoni thing I will remember ond loke owoy from my (our yeors here ore the (flendships I hove mode I will cherish them forever To my porents I wont to soy ihonks Mdwos , i(i9 low " fo oqmW " . 0f scon LEE MCCREEDY fond du Loc. Wis Engineering Science Four years ago I wos an overage high school kid I came here ond learned what duty, discip- line, and honor were I have been all around t he world I ' ve seen it ot Moch 1 2 and upside down There hove been hard times ond good times and hord times. Fomily. friends, ond God helped me through I do not regret one minute of it I will leave with mony memories, my close friend- ships gained, ond my high school sweetheart, Sue. EDWARD JOSEPH MCGOVERN Govs 5ron Drooh Long Island N Y Dosic Academics (Low) As I look bock on the post severol years I come to many conclusions about people, places ond things The common denomin- otor is this - life ' s for too importont to be token seriously. Ive chosen my friends accord- ingly I hope I never loose touch with myself or them MELINDA LOU MOJWID Summerville S C Psychology My Mom told me when I wos o doolie life is tough, but you ore tougher I guess I proved it. I wos graduated Yet. I hod tons of help from some very speciol people my sponsor family my home owoy from home fomily. Jim. o wonderful. tender man. and my supportive fomily bock in SC. For oil thot I put them through! thonks! MICHAEL DEAN MURRAY Murph Sparronburg. S C Manogemenr To sum up my Acodemy experience, I would hove to soy it wos tough For the most port it wos rewording If it hod not been for playing rugby ond it would hove been an even longer four yeors The friendships I mode here I hope ro moke lost o life- time To oil the fellos. Never let school interfere with your educoton Best of luck to yoll The Murph Thonks Mom! 27 t JL ' X-AOKtilHX.V: IMIIW JOSEPH PATRICK PATSY Joy Miomi. Flo Monogemenr 1 never wouldve mode ir if ir weren r for oil fhe great friends I fiod The good times we shored reolly mode this ploce worthwhile I hope we never lose touch It took o lot of couroge, potience, ond hope thot moybe someday I could stort living my life Now, there ore no excuses I Thonk God for strength ond Mom, Dad, ond John for your doily love and encouragement MICHAEL JOHN PETR05HJR Mihe Haughron. Lo Miiitory History ■ The Warrior I was born to live fast and furious, I om destined to die swift and glorious, For mine is the life of the sword, And when I die,,- I will hove no regret in my heart. And a smile upon my lips -Jeffery Allen Moore THOMAS MICHAEL 5CLORSCH Phoenix Anz Computer Sciences How con I sum up my U5AFA exper- ience ' Four degree year meons DCT with ModDog, wrestling ond Stanley Canyo n, Reese ond Spiny, Hell Week (gone but not forget- ten) ond Euben Eben Three degree yeor meons Myrtle Dch, love, and the Dork Ages Two Degree yeor meons touring with straight, coost guord with Don ond Clout, Meeting Skuze, ond the Bong wogon II First degree yeor means forty days in Hollond skiing, ond losting friendships Do It well or not al|i ' CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL ST, CYR Hollisron, Moss Asrronouricol Engineering My four yeors ot the Academy hove been o highly rewording experience I hove leorned olot about myslef, coupled o life- time of wonderful memories, and hove accomplished more then I ever thought possible But obove oil, I will cherish the friends I hove mode the most, especiolly Brian, Jeff, Keith, Mork ond Tom Now It IS time for me to fly RICHARD THOMAS 5TOYLE Iggy Drianrree Mass Electrical Engineering I olwoys thought that if you lose your individuolity ond your own perspective on things then you lose it oil Now I know I remoin unchanged, ond to my friends I soy " Let ' s get the down, ' Gous, Omor, Wolf. Alf, Sheryl. Tuesday, Horse, Zip, Flem. Dunz, Geet, Chor, Grenz, Tree, Cole ond Murph, we did it right, no motter whot they soy What they don ' t know won ' t hurt them. EDWARD JAY TANNER Albuquerque. N M Human Fociors I wont to thank Joe, Bob, Steve Bergie, Sliek, Thunder, Lorro, Juerg, P enord. Chuck, Dove, Joy. Spike, Mork, Whit, Donno. Al. Steve N , Theteso, Yogi, Miguel, Dove K , Dove W , Mike. Doug. George, Don, Morci, Liz, Sue, Chor, Bong, Eric, Kirk, ond Wolf for making it oil worth- while DANNY JOSEPH TOPP Kolispell Mont Space Physics The Physicist I wos born to live fost and frictionless, I cm destined to die swift and scintilloiingly, For mine is the life of the physicist And when I die I will hove many questions left in my heort, and a confused look on my face THOMAS ORENTWYNN Tom Meso. Anz Computer Sciences One simple concept hos led me through the Acodemy from BCT to June Week Thot is you must olwoys ploy to win I hate to lose ond I con never quit I thonk my friends who ve helped me through We ve played ond won Together we ve learned that sometimes you ve just got to soy Now OS I begin my coreer OS on officer, I wait to view the world from o cockpit thot teclines 30 degrees ,! ' ' Wk(i " 007 ' DONALD NATHANIEL DLUE Don Cleveland Aexos Done Academics I II never forget the time my (other told me There ore some- things you won I like to do but they hove to be done There were times in Vietnam when I felt like turning bock, but I didn t It wos something thot hod to be done He wos o pilot ond whor he soid struck home If onything mode me sioy. it wos whot he soid Thonks Dod KERRI LORETTA 0ROUS5ARD DeOe Denver Colo Human Factors I bet I come bock os on AOC YU-JEN CHANG Yen Englewood Oltts. N J Engineering Phyncs jyOUltlW .iweii ELDERT GAY CHRISTMAN le •n Diego Calif enerol Engineering spent my first rwo yeors in he Wolfpock, octive in D D md in the Astro mojor My kecond two yeors in 007 were more meaningful I mode Jesus lord of my life ond srorted iving by His will This wos the highlight of my Acodemy exper- ience to serve God olwoys I honk Chrisr for getting me hrough U5AFA and blessing me in ill I did Also thonks to Mom ond )od. ond Rob ond Gmny ,ol 3:16-17 CHRISTOPHER KEITH COFFLAND Lo Grange. III. Humanities " No one ever soid it was going to be eosy - but this is ri- diculous! ' Its amazing how o progressive bunch of foilures con lead to one final success I hope that someday I con sit down and hove a few biz with some friends at Doch s Pub and lough about oil this I hove served my four years ro get whot I wont out of life Now it s time to live GILOERTLEECOWELL G 7 Fairbanks. Alaska Political Science Prep School ond LOP. Ac Pro ond Ap Pro D s and Ts: Just o few good times III never forget. Two Cougars. A rodeo in Pueblo, and Florido to Howoii on 50 bucks The list goes on A million memories and o few great friends but no ring To Seagram s 86. just soldier on this one. ' SHELLY ANNE GINDER Legs El Dorado Kan The Acodemy hos offorded me lots of opportunities to grow both spirituolly. mentolly ond phy- sicolly III olwoys remember the things Ive experienced here The good oshlngton DC. the morothon John ond Steve ond wingstoff - ond the bod; three degree yeor 465 ond wingstoff! I hope I ve developed enough choroaerin my four yeors here to lost me o lifetime couse I sure don ' t wont ro do rhis ogoini 29 mm mk MAURICE GREGORY GR0S50 Mur Medford. W Y Inremarionol Affairs Hos this been q woste of fime " DARREN HIKARUHARA Doo Hilo Hawaii I hope never to forget ony of the friends I ' ve hod here, especiolly the guys in the reol Wolfpock The support I received from my fomily wos indispens- able God bless. Shako, and moy we olwoys run with the Pock AUGUST SAMUEL HEIN Aug Gu5 Mendan Idaho Chemistry Diology God IS so good Occasionally accused of being hoppy for no visible reoson I hove enjoyed some great rimes and mode the best friends of my life here or the Acodemy And will miss them oil gteotly Although o rock of rhe solid type, I om looking for- word to rhe odvent of o beoutiful sledgehammer in my life, knowing rhor the Lord will provide Duty, honof, country will always be im- portont to me, but even more so my God and Lord, Jesus Christ (ilrii WENDELLYN CRAIG LINK Wer dy Chesterfield. Va International Affairs Tt was rh e best of times it was the worst of times Keep your eye on God, and take the good while letting the bod pass through you I soy that the Acodemy changed me, but the truth is thot through God, I chonged for the bertet. I ' m glad Thanks, Buddy T lift my eyes unto the hills: from whence does my help come ' It comes from God, the maker of heaven and earth i QJViANft (plylM Wilton? fffOJtifl ' ll JOHN EDWARD MAR5ELU5 Johnny Princeton. Ill Aeronautical Engineering ' Through mony dangers, toils, and snares, I hove olreody come, TIs grace thot brought me sole thus for, ond groce will lead me home ' Thanks be to God for everything ond in everything I om thankful most for my increase of foith and the many close friendships received Moy oil of us remember Poul s words to the Corinthions ' De olert, stond firm in the foith, be brave, be strong Do all yout work In love. " MARK PATRICK MACCARTHY Springfield. Vo Aeronautical Engineering I thonk the Lord for the time I hove spent at the Academy ond the friends I hove mode I hove mode one very special friend who I will moke my wife, and I pray the Lord blesses our lives together I look forword to my coreer in the Air Force os I continue to serve my God and my country RONALD LEE MILLIGAN Ron Huntington Dch, Calit Aeronautical Engineering I ' d like to thonk my family for without their support rhis would not hove been possible Also my ffiends Giff and Dave, who own the best sonctuory from coder life, Krisropher, who never failed to remind me of whot real college wos like, Som, Dill, Chris, and Mur Friends ulti- mately con know of the feelings and frustrotions undettoken by students ottending this fine Academy I come, I sow, I MAHHEW EARLE MORGAN Caine Anderson. Calif Chemistry ' And this, too, shall poss owoy ' - Abraham Lincoln h 30 W«Mrt. ' No e»e CLIVE ANTHONY PAIGE Lompoc Colli Monogemeni I would just like to thonk my fomily for their support and love through the yeors I would like to thonk my friends who helped me get through the tough times here at U5AFA DOUGLAS MICHAEL POLAND Duds iudowici Go Engineeting Sciences I left my home in coosiol souiheosi Geotgio ond needed o tronsloier for two years Loter I lost my P Q ond found the leisurely life of o control systems mojor The things I will remember obout this ploce ore OCT Hell Week. Good friends lore nights Coptoin Control Doc Huckoboy poor TV reception ond FOI T( AN Here or USAFA the Lord hos looked over me and I hope ond proy He will continue MICHAEL DAVID SANDQUIST Sierra Visio An Mililory History Mode It Mom ' And I give ihonks. to those who soid I could ond those few who soid I couldn ' t CEDRIC DEMETRIS SIMMONS 5on Anior)io lexoi Done Academics %0 [inwln DENNIS JAMES STEWART Doss Gory Ind Monogemeni We ore like balls, only to be kicked ond knocked oround We ore like floor mats, only to be stepped on by our peers ond others We all think rhot we ore the children of God We oil ore noti God never created anything imperfect However. Satan must prove his point that he con creote images of himself olso DAVID DEAN THOMPSON DT Economy Doro Po Asironouricol Engineering In everything I hove done so far, and all I hope to do in the future, I wish that a simple three line epitoph will justify my existence He has fought the good fight. He has finished his course. He hos kept the faith MARK THOMAS TODD Tulso. OIko Engineering Mechanics We hod some greot times, in foct proboblyjust a couple more thon we should hove (if you ' re checkin the grade book)i I mode some very good friends here ond I wont to thonk them for keeping things interesting We never did run out of places to go (hoppy. Tx?) or things to do (rood trip) I experienced mony things here (good ond bod) I wouldn ' t hove been exposed to anywhere else ond thot mode it oil worthwhile GEORGE DRUCE WEaTHERSDY Chills Son Antonio Texos Dasic Academics With the help of the Lord Jesus Christ ond the support of Mom. Dod. Liso. Lindo. ond o greot bunch of friends. I monoged to moke it through the Acodemy Thonk you ond God bless you Hove I not commended thee ' De strong and of o good couroge De not ofroid. neither be thou dismoyed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whither so ever thou goest ' -Joshuo 19 31 EAGLE EIGHT ' MARK ANTHONY ALTOBELLI AIro Roswell. Go Aeronouricol Engineering I left college to come here be- couse it was the only place I coulcJ go where they would poy me fo leom how to fly end not get stuck on o boot. I stoyed be- couse I couldn ' t do any better onywhere else. My goal was flying, but by for the best thing about this place isn ' t flyng but the friends I oquired. " In war... it is people, not things, that ore decisive " SEAN CASTRO AMUAN Clubber Fluffy Groron. Conn Management It s the losr round ond the gas tonk is empty, but I ' ve en- dured Good times with friends who hove wit will be remembered Loziness isn ' t o gool to be pur- sued- It ' s o stote of mind. Later. BARBARA EVELINE BEASLEY Dorb Leonordrown. Md General Engineering " Our worst foult is our pre- occupation with the foults of others. " |,I)J ' « ' Ixititwoite " ' ! ' node ! ' love ol my I " " ■1lo«etlietw MARK EDWARD BEAUCHEMIN Deshe Deacon Falls. Conn Operations Research Pink Ponthers to Eogles, Plot- inum fo silver, Voil, Copper. and Greek, o little red sports cor, McNichols, the bonk. Red Rocks, the golden bee ond yord of beer Four tough yeors hove given me a lot -fun times and real friends. Most of all, one very special friend who wos olwoys there when I needed her. Only the beginning. JEFFREY LOUIS BREININGER Dird Largo, Flo International Affairs The Acodemy hos been quite on experience the reolity of Acodemy life wos different rhon I expecred, but I think I learned something. My class- mates in rhe Wolfpock as well as my other friends mode it oil beoroble. Sometimes you cont soy It oil with words, so I won ' r try to moke anyone remember onything, I think they willonywoy Thank God for my fomily ond friends Moy we olwoys run with the Pock ,, REGINAJEANISE BROWN Gina Fort Collins. Colo Civil Engineering I know as groduolion drows near and my family and friends join in the celebrotion of my occom- plishmenr I will be better able to understond I will be oble to put into words oil the reors and loughter, oil the frustrations ond triumphs oil the apathy and enthusiosm As for now, my mind is clouded with a menogerie of emotions, for I hove mony " miles to go before I sleep ' -Robert Frost, CREIGHTON WILLIAM COOK JR Creightie Northridge. Calif Engineering Sciences While life is one long struggle to think well of yourself, I ' m not worried The system is token seriously too often, but with o dog like Dig Doy its eosy to keep rhings in perspective. Who cores! Life wos mode to ploy with dogs, go skiing ond hove fun What counts is Dig boy will olwoys be there when I need him. IJust wish he didn ' r smell so bod. iSlt«ll ' »»ii)5ot 32 MAnHEW HARVEY COOPER IV Morr St Cloud Flo Humanines I wouldn t do It ogoln for the world. but it wos certoinly worth it the first lime And I never could hove done It without the incredible friends I mode while I was here, and the love of my fomily bock home Thonk God 1 wos never olone " Hove the couroge of your desire SHERYL LYNN CROOK Choch Loi Vegos Nev Clearicol Engineering It s best to forget the bod, remember the good and toke lessons leorned to heort As Mom sold, the stupid mon never leorns My educotion here didn t come from doss EE The best part wos friendships ond foiling in love The secret of life is enjoying the possing of time ■ — Jomes Toylor ORUCE TODD 0ESAUTEL5 Drucey Doby Erie. Pa ElearicQl Engineering The Acodemy wos definitely the best decision I ' ve mode It rook me o little longer prior service ond Prep school, but I will never regret whoi Tve done or will do A POW once told me Hit the ground running ' It Pfoved to be good odvice III never forget the good friends, like the guys from the country club ond one really speciol person ond her friend Dudley Thonks for the memories ROOm LEIGH DOTSON Cheiter Vo Basic Acodemia Thonk you to my fomily — the people who helped me the moii during the bod times, supported me the most when ihir gs were gocx). ond mode groduotion o reoliry I love you COOK iii (I, I ' m oiyio PARIS ANTON DURANTE Queens Village. N Y Management Immorolity is the morality of those who ore having a better rime ' — H, L, Mencken CARMELO ADEL HERNANDEZ Carm Foirborn. Ohio Aeronautical Engineering Corm Will be remembered for o lot of things here ot U5AFA The Cotholic Choir Dining In bus ride, spoghetti on the woll, sponsor trip to Columbus, wrecking my parenrs cor, porties ot Don ond Nady s, and the O course lote of night But Corm was a true friend who could olwoys be counted on, like when I had too much money and didn ' t know whor to do with it Mike ERIC DLAIR JOHNSON Kofo Lubbock. Texas Management The doy at Disneyland, Jolly old Englond, Son Froncisco, and Monterrey, College station ond Nebraska, They oil hold speciol memories Take core ond behove now that I ' m out two kegs Live fost. die youngi ERIK ANDREW LARSON Eulee Mequon. Wis Astronoutical Er gineering I did desire insioni duck ond down. The Present doy to vanish now tomorrow. Longed for tosks supplonted by mediocrity Wished to forsoke o portion of my time Froctionol suicide ruled while spihi was gone From which explonotion did I borrow Justificotion fot this ooivity? Nevermore to suffer this petsonol CTlme ' .■.«|ij (( l Ij l y, ' ' ! ! ' , I MICHAEL DAVID MALONEY Sarorogo. Calif Engineering Mechanics Most people think I ' m crozy becouse I went fo rwo yeors of college before I come here. I guess six yeors of college is crozy. but going ro college before fiere was worth it- I come here for two reosons; Ploy water polo and fly. Voter polo is olmost over so I guess it is time for me to fly " I ' m finally out of the storting gote. cotch me if you con! " LAWRENCE MICHAEL MARTIN, JR. Minneronica, Minn Military History The most important lesson I ' ve learned here is rhe ability to discriminate between whot is voluoble ond what is not. My friends ond their friendships ore the most voluoble thing I ' ve found in this fouf-yeor enduronce rest I only hope I ' m ready for the choices thot owoif me scon DOUGLAS PORTER Mr P D N East Lansing, Mich- Operotions Research Lets oil hope these four yeors pay off in the long run! DAVID ALEXANDER RETH Dave Tampa. Flo Aeronautical Engineering Four yeors ogo. on idealistic high school student wolked up the romp for reosons I don ' t even remember. Thar some optimistic soul stoyed for reasons I don ' t fully understond. But in doing so, I ' ve leorned to skydlve, toured the Far East, and learned to fly But what made it worthwhile wos the friends I ' ve found They ore what kept me here, and they ore whot I ' ll miss when I leove. JEFFREY MARC ROBERTS Jeffe Roncho Mirage, Calif Basic Academics I think thot in the end the system and I finally come to on agreement it won ' t miss me ond I won ' t miss it Thanks to the Mojor ond rhe best of friends my sonify is still intact " Lefsjust soy I wos testing the bounds of reolity I was curious to see what would hoppen Thot ' s oil It was. just curiosity " — J M I ' m outto here No mos Jeffe DANIEL SANCHEZ Danchez Chico Phoenix, Ariz Human Foaors June 22. 1981 — Oh well, here goes! Thonks to the Lord, my family and Tommy Jo for olways being there I ' ll olwoys remember Hell Week; o midnight swim, o F hour phone coll. stop out olmost. The Ring Donee, my first " A " as o firstie; plus more From loose Hogs to Thunderbolts to Eogles Thanks Steve. Jeff, and George $125,000 o nickel of o time 29 May 85 — We ' re out ' o here! MICHAEL STEVEN SCHULENDERG Mike Fergus Foils, Minn internotionai Affairs ALTON JEROME SCOn A ] Son Antonio, Texas Basic Academics It has token me five yeors to realize thot only your true friends ore there with you in the fourth quortet Thonks to God. Mom. Dad. and my friends. I might moke it Smile! , ' ' ■■ " ! « «[ ' ■ ' ■ ' ■•taiiie, ' ; " ' ' »aro» ■r ' ' tunnoit ' ' ' ' " sitmaiii JOyMtc « ydive, WW 10 ilheyoie tteyoie " VIKING NINE ' WILLIAM THOMAS ANDERSON OrlondPark III Monogement WESLEY DAVID DAKER Wei Gettysburg, Po Military History " We sholl not leose (rom explorotlon ond the end of oil our exploring will be to arrive where we stoned. ond know the ploce for the first time ■ T 5 Elliot " Americo I ' ve given you oil ond now I ' m nothing ■ — Allen Ginsberg De wore the rood not token It leods to New Jersey — Me MAHHEW XAVIER DRIDGERS Matt Nortt Augusta. 5 C Humar ities Through all the victories and all the defeats. Ill olwoys retr ember the heoris won and the frier ds rrKxJe I con soy ihot I ve enjoyed every minute here but then ogoin I wouldn t trode tlie post four yeors for onythlngi — Good luck everybody ond rT oy the Lord guard and guide yeflisio ' M ' GERALD QUINTON DROWN Jerry Alexandria. Va Aeronautical Engineering I think that Shokespeore summed it up well when he wrore. Porting is such sweet sorrow ' However the Acodemy connor be numbered among rhe things this possoge opplies to I ' ll be joining you guys Q lltTle lore, since I took o semester off, but ot least I ' ll be out of here before they get around to publishing this Good luck oil! GARY PATRICK CASTILLEJA Chimp San Antonio Texas Dosic Academics A mon IS o fool if he doesn t leorn from bad experiences I leave here o wiser mon I thonk oil my friends for helping me through those experiences and special thanks to Dophne, Korol, Jon ond Rondy And to Florit. I express my love because six yeors is o long woit I keep you waiting no longer Bye Daphne Go Vikings KEVIN GERARD CAVANAGH Cav Long Volley N J Basic Academics I finally mode ir through rhe Acodemy Four yeors of long nights ond short weekends Im glod I never took things seriously here or I would hove gone crozy o long time ago The skiing wos greot ond so were rhe girls! Thanks Mom ond Dod, Mrs Fischer Marty. Kevin. Pom. ond Rob for making it eosier This is just the beginning Just remember Every man should believe in something. I believe I ' ll hove onothet " Anonymous CHERYL ANN CLEVELAND Sleepy Hollow III Operations Research Success is foilure turned inside out. The silver rint of the clouds of doubt It may be near when it seems so for: So stick to the fight when you ' re hardest hit. It s when things seem worse. That you must not quit Thonks to Mom, Dod Quinn. ond oil the very speciol friends whio hove mode the hard hits lond o little softet DERIC KEITH DODDS Anchorage. Alaska Basic Academics Tolk obout o rough time! These lost four yeors hove been filled wirh good rimes ond bod rimes ond much chorocrer building I survived rhough ond I ' m convinced anyone con survive here. Remember, if ' s never as bad as you rhink it is. STEVE DONOVAN Colorado Springs, Calo. General Engineering Four long yeors, but I finally mode iri Ir neorly rook me oil four yeors ro reolize whor mokes rhe Acodemy wonhwhile — mosriy rhose rhings which were difficuir like DCT, my four degree yeor ond especiolly Hell Week, Then rhere were Acodemics, rhe porries, wresriing ond rhe wing open. Of course I ' ll never forger rhe rours Bur rhe one thing rhor ir oil boils down ro is flying — ond rhor is whor people like me ore for ANTHONY RAY FREDERICK Fred Fredrick Fredstone Arnoudvllle. La. Management Not bod for o tronsplonted, stubborn Cojun Well, I ' ll never forger my clossmofes from Jedi ond Viking 9, ond everyone else I never would hove mode it though the Mofine Militory Academy ond here hod ir nor been tor my Mom ond Dod, especiolly Mom ' s lettet wriring, and olso rhe Alesch family, Thonks! I olso enjoyed working Allied Arts Thonks Pere ond Fred, " Mellow is rhe man who knows whor he ' s been missing " — Zeppelin JOHN MICHAEL GIER Grebs Kohler. Wis. Basic Acodemics Ir rook four years to inrernolize but I hove survived. n mi »» lip EMMA ARCEO CUILLERMO Emmie San Diego, Calif Management The chollenge isfinolly over! U5AFA wos full of good rimes ond bod times I would like to thonk my porenrs for helping me rhrough ' he bod rimes ond my friends for providing the good times Speciol thonks to my best friend Jeff, I thought I would never see the doy of groduorion ond in four shorr years, 1 rossed my hot God bless 1965. Remembet the footprints in the sond IRVING TOSHIO HIGA Iva Pearl City. Hawaii International Affairs Four yeors seems like o lifenme for rhis kid from the beaches of Hawaii Grebo, Node, Paul, Kerih, Rich ond Alto, thonks for helping me keep my soniry (and for losing it, loo), Psycho, Coff, T P and T C , its been o wild four years Mom and Dod, thonk you for oil your love ond supporr I wouldn ' r hove mode it wirhour your help " I must be in the fronr row! " CHARLES EDWARD JONES, JR. Ched Yardley. Pa Astronautical Engineering Wirhour consronr pressure from school, comperition in Intromurols, rhe hassles of regulonons and time- consuming extrojobs, my rime or the Acodemy would surely hove been easier and probably o lot more fun, but 1 don ' t think that the experience would hove been nearly os rewarding nor would I hove grown os much during my four yeors here Good luck everybody, love olwoys Cheddor And, I do not float KAREN ELAINE KRUKONIS Hampton Dch. N.H Mathematics A tribure to Jock Doniel ' s ond special friends in the night club: I remember comping all night, Skinny dippin ' by the bright moonlight Diving off o ledge Sklppin ' rocks ocross the woter Fishing on on old troufline Giggin ' frogs till the early morning Smokin ' dried crossvine ' Thonks, Folcon foorboll, for a lifetime of memoriesi JAMES EDWARD LOVELL )lm Jersey Shore, Po Monagemeni Whot con I poislbly write here which will hove meaning to me 25 yeors from now The meoning Is hidcJen in experience ond it hos been so voried ond exhousring I rrust ihe posr lour yeors hove been well spent I ' ve olwoys been content with my ploce in life and I osh no more thon thot of the future Thonks for woiting. Holly Now whiere to from here ' GERALD MURRAY MASON Mose Poughkeepsie N Y Basic Acode: • TIMOTHY JAMES NEVTON Jutce Newt Fig Columbui Misi Humor) Foctors Although I hoveni olwoys enjoyed being here for four yeors. this ploce hos mode me reolize hiow Imponont friendship is I olwoys cherish the friendships thot I mode here, becouse they will lost o lifetime Also, o speciol thonk you to Momo. DocJdy. Grom. ond especiolly Kothy I never would hove mode it through here without your love ond support I love you oil very muchi scon DEVARD PAINODE Node Sototogo Spungy N Y AeronoutKol Fnglrteertng It seems like only yesterdoy ftyji I set my boots next to tfie seventh pyk n by the rrxjllroom Now it u my turn to leove Ihe sofeiy o the Acodemy orKjjoin those who com belore us I hope I never betroy the ring or those who olio weor it I proy to God thot I never fotsoke my lyjnor or my integrity for o coreer JOSEPH VINCENT SCHMIDT AchrDed Rockford Ohio Milirory History Well, this is it And now ir s gone Hey. take things too seriously, ond the poin becomes unbeoroble JON THOMAS SIMS, JR. Gumby. Psycho Riverside. Colif. Psychology Til tell you this, no eiernol reword will forgive us now for wosring the down. " — Jim Morrison " Thought Why does mon kilP He kills for food And not only food — frequently there must be a beverage " — Woody Allen Dewore the " rood not token " ... it leads to New Jersey ROBERT GAFFNEY VALIN Dob Dosror). Mass Inrernarional Affairs " A 125 K. a nickel ot o time They sure weren ' t kidding The best decision I ever mode was to leove on stop out I ' m looking forword to the future I guess III always miss the people I ' ve known here though Speciol thanks to Potty Lord, gront me the serenity to occepf the things I connot chonge. the couroge to chonge the things I con. ond the wisdom to know the difference " FRANK QUINTEL WILLIAMS Silhy Chananoogo Tenn Dasic AccxJemics I don t feel no woys tired Ive come too for from where I storted from Nobody told me the rood would be eosy I don r believe He brought me this for to leove me These worcJs. ond the fCKt thot I ve mode it this for in my We. prove to me thot I con do oil things through Christ JAMES GLYNN WRIGHT, III Jim Roswell, Go Humanities I rhink I could turn ond live with the onimols, rhey ore so plocid and self contoined. Srill there wos one thing in those eorly doys thot was reolly irksome: my hobit of thinking like o free man. My hoppiness needs no higher oim to vindicote it My hoppiness is not the meons to any end. Ir is the end- It is its own gooL Dewore the " Rood not token . " It leods to New Jersey. " TIGER TEN ' BRinON WOODFORD BANKSON OH Mohegan Lotie, N Y Operations Research Woy to go ' 85! We mode it! I couldn ' t hove done it without o lot of help Thanks to Mom. Dod. Nerd. Poch-Deor. ond Silver-Beor I love you oil My love also goes to Todd ond Al and the rest of the Pete Field gong, the Lum fomily and, of course. Wendy We ' ll make it bobe — you ond 1. Remember Dad. I ' m doing this oil in memory of you You ' d better be worching It ' s oil in state of mind- GLENN DERRICK BARNES Lodson, 5 C Electrical Engineering I GARY EDWARD BINDER Odie Porkersburg, W Va. Military History It ' s been real, and it ' s been fun but it hasn ' t been reol fun The eternol optimist lived I couldn ' t hove mode it without a positive ottitude, surplus energy supply, and mountains of determination I still liked the overcoots Strange, but nothing some masking tope and a newspoper rack cant fix In 20 years, I ' ll never be able to pay bock the Academy for the growth they ' ve given me. Thanks USAFA MIssleowoy ! BRUCE DALE COX Tint on Falls, NJ Military History We come; we sow; we survived Today the Academy, tomorrow U5AF ond the world. DONOVAN TIMOTHY GARCIA Juneall, Alaska Management DEBORAH LYNN HARRIS Rusty Albany. Go Basic Academics Good friends con moke the worst situation better ond they did o heck of o job with this one For thof. I ' m grateful to eoch of them Thonks to my fomily ond Leo, my best friend and fiancee For their love, support, ond understanding. ■. ' « . Pa .•• " ee(iij ■ •ritHfei " oieek %i PHILECIA LEA HARRIS Springfield Mo Monor fmf nl CURTIS EDWARD HENRY Curt Socramento. Calif Basic Science In spite of the tours I morched ond the confinements I served. It wos fun Going through It oil wos rough but looking bock, I think it wos one of the greotesr times of my life I ve done Q lot of fun things ond mode o lot o( greot friends Thonks Mom ond Dod, I couldn ' t hove mode it without you CHRISTOPHER KARL HERRMANN Herrmann Dog Fort Lauderdale Flo Doiic Acodemici There ore two things you need to get you through U5AFA The first Is one heckuvo dreom ond the second Is friends When your dreoms siori to fode, your friends ore there Friends who fiove the some dreom as you tf you osk me Would I dothlsogoln ' , Id soy yes but Thonks for oil the help Mom, Dod, Anne Morle, Ter, Puppy Kevin, Storbuck We oil hove dreoms You stuck to yours DANIEL HROVAT Poohy Indepertdence. Otilo Phyiici We octuolly mode it ' Groduotes o the Air Force Acodemy on6 officefi In servKe of our country Ooy ore we good ' Lieuienooi P x)hy I ! « thot I ihonk God becouie He s ttie guy who s pulled me through rhu ploce Thonks God for cjuisiond ' ng porents. tremeryJcxjs friends ond the strength ond quolifies to succeed My friends tlvjnks for oil you ve given me I hove but one proyer fof yoo Peoce be with you — Pook CcxJe VI Kil«wo« BRIAN JOSEPH LESHKO Posium Pardeesville. Pa Civil Engineering Follow your dreom toke one step ot o time and don t settle for less, just continue to climb Follow your dreom it you stumble, don ' t stop ond lose sight of your gool, press on to the top For only on top con we see the whole view, con we see what we ve done ond whot we con do, con we then hove the vision to seek something new . . . Press on, ond follow your dreom — Amondo Drodley FRANK LURIA Chuck Indianapolis. Ind Asrronouricol Engineering I ' d like to put in writing these events and people I ' ll olwoys keep in memory The Fiot Crew, The M T , Thonksgiving 82, Evon ond Ezra the witch, Don ' s, the Davis , ond the support of my family and friends. Remember, if you find you don ' t hove time to relax ond be idle, you ' re working too hord Toke core oil, ond God bless you IVAN SEYMON MCKNIGHT Dunbar. W Va Basic Academics ERIC JAMES PAUL Rick Solon Ohio Basic Academics All thot you touch see tcjste feel. love, hote, distrust, sove, give, deol, buy beg borrow or steol All you creote destroy do soy eot ond everyone you meet All thot you slight ond everyone you fight And all thot is now gone or to come, ond everything under tfie sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon Thonk God it s over but thonk God I come DAVID FREDERICK DOUGLAS PERRY Tornado with a Doory Welch, Minn Basic Academics I ' d like to rhonk everyone who moke this possible .especiolly myself. TERRENCE LEE ROTERING Ter Milwaukee , Wis Basic Academics " Closs of 1985, you ore dis- missed " - The happiest and proudest moment of rriy life U5AFA tought me couroge, honor, and love of freedom Id die to protect my God-given freedoms, ond pity those v ho wouldn ' t Thonks to my friertds and most of oil Mom ond Dod, without you I couldn ' t hove mode it 85, it ' s oil on attitude, go out ond kick some butti " If God be for us. who con be against us " scon CROSSFIELD RUTHERFORD Rut Garland, Pa Electrical Engineering As I leave, the thing I II miss most ore the friends that I have mode here Friends that hove been forged with sweat from BCT to groduotion Here our poths have crossed, but now we must continue down that rood of life As with any rood there ore mony turns and our poths will again cross, ond we sholl stop ond tolk Until then - Joo mote He who dotes, wins " - MARC HENRY SASSEVILLE 5oss Lewision, Maine International Affairs Four yeors of riding on emo- tionoi roller coaster hove finolly come to on end Mony things I learned and exper- ienced, of which some memories will be cherished and others re- pressed Cubbies burst, friend- ships formed, enemies generated, ond the sobering effect of reolity ' s horshness And what do you do when your honds ore tied ' When your golden egg is hollow ' When your lover cheots on you ' Never, never give in 00 WW iKHHd " jjiy ' iOve m Ml " " ' Biie r isjSiiili KENJI SETA KuJ Parrywolf Simi Valley Calif General Engineering This spoce intentionolly left blonk. SANDRA JEAN THOMPSON Concord, N H Computer Science CLIFFORD BERNARD THORSTENSON Cliff Enfield. Conn Basic Academics Doom, dispoir and ogony on me I could never hove mode it through here without my friends. family and Adolf Thonks ogoin. CHRISTOPHER RONALD VALLE Rudy Hackensach N J Human Factors Let it be known I was no ocodemic scholar, but I sure did know how to porty I probably won ' t miss school, but I de- finitely will miss the friends I ' ve mode Thonks Lindo and Mick for moking me port of your fomily Still miss them Hillboys In Hockensock The best times were the weekend ski trips, the wild times our and there ' s olwoys o porty at Jim ' s ploce. This bud s for me!! ' " »«e, S I JERRY KENNEDY WELDON II Kenny Tex Siephenville iexas Civil Engineering Turn out the lights, becouse the potty ' s over They soy thot oil good things must end I con sofely soy thot Ive hod more ups ond downs here, than you ' d get in o lifetime of eight second rides You just gotto keep your heod stroight ond remember, thot whotever hoppens. Il ' sjusro thing ' •REDELEVEN ' FRANCISCO JAVIER AVALOS Cisco Teguctgolpo Honduroi Electrical Erygineertrvj Honduros. my home country, we ' ve kept o silence simllor to stup- idity The light oi the end of the tunnel is here to show the beginning of onoiher tunnel Thonks to my fomily for helping me moke it here, thanks to my friends for helping me moke it through here, ond Moru ond oil let ' s see whot destiny holds I will see you sometime in the future STEVEN LEROY OAOCOCK federal Way Wo Human Foaoii scon ALAN DAKER Doke Coshnnere Wash Milirory History The Acodemy hos been o tough ond rewording experience and whot on experience it hos been ' Every- body should get o chance to try It I ' m glad I hod my chonce and I feel even better that I successfully completed it Now it ' s on the bigger and better things UPT here I come ' RICHARD ARTHUR DURT Rich Murrysville. Pa Inrernorionol Policrics I ' ve had some good times, and some not-so-good times Looking bock on it all, I didn ' t have enough pictures STEVEN MICHAEL CONNOLLY Con Ploinesville Kan Operariom Research Steven wos one guy thot you knev could do anything in life Mony people knew him ond his ployful. smiling quolity that never quit Combine this with his occcom- plishmentsof squod-com ' ond oil Supts. and certoinly the Connolly will be heord again The thing s importont to porty- rron ore God family friends, skiing. TV. Noutilus, sports ond buying out the country of Koreo KENNETH MARTIN DAVIS Farman Narcroii Ga Phyiia I will olwoys be groteful to the Acodemy for the friervds I hove mode while Ive been fiere I wish them all the best of luck ond hope I see them often JAMES KEVIN DOOLEY Peonurs Eogon. Minn Monogement If you re reading this, it meons I ' ve been groduored, which meons o worm body could moke ir through. With o little help from friends Thonks guys By the woy. Since when hos there been o McDonalds outside the south gote? CHRISTIAN GRAY FUNK Chris Fayerreville. N C Basic Academics RONALD JOHN GENDRON Oimpy Sunrise Dch. Mo Aerospace Sciences scon RICHARD GREGORY Vermillion. S D. Compurer Science Thisonly do I chorge you When the Ice uncloses, come after us Soil to thot littoral which you know, to seareoch ond brove coerci, the Grieve If there we foil to meet you, or send word, then the seorch foils to you Do whot you must ond do not feor While one voliont heart yet de- fends the eorth, evil con never triumph utterly ' -Stephon R. Donaldson 111 " ■es idol fseioodk DWAYNE ANTHONY HARDIN Pontioc. Mich Economics I come, I sow, I left and I come bock, why ' Decouse I am destined to fly, fight, ond win I thonk God ond my fomily for without them, I could not hove survived P 5 Tell Mom, I hove truely found porodise " CHERYL ANN HICKS Chesrerrown. N Y Psychology WILLIAM MARVIN HILBUN Dill Tupelo, Miss Physics And when you re looking for your freedom, nobody seems to core and you con i find the door, con t find it onywhete, when there s nothing to believe in, still you re coming bock, you re running bock, you ' re coming bock for more So put me on o highwoy and show me a sign, ond toke it to the limit, one mote time,, " -The Eagles Thonks Mom and Dad ' RALPH EDWARD JOHNSON Dwarn Sioux Falls. 5 D Engineering Sciences Ed should be remembered os o very easy guy to get along with ond confide in He hos o gteot ability to take things in stride and to look on the bright side of negative moments He did we in oil his endeovors here, but is now very glod to leave ond try something new Importont things in Ed ' s life ote parents, Karen, friends. Sering- uccio, Soabs, skiing, music, Rolph, ond gee I don ' t know, gtoduotion J. " te RANDALL THOMAS KERSEY nandy Cincinnori Ohio Inremorionol Affairs The time I spent here ot the Acodemy hos helped me to grow mote thon I evet reollzed The most importont port o( this hos been my growth and strengthened foith in Jesus Christ Motthew 6 30 • Out seek ye first his kingdom ond his righteous- ness, ond oil these things sholl be odded to you This sums it up for me His yoke reolly is eosier ond his lood much lighter RICHAf D HENRY KLODNICKI Dellevue Neb Humoniiles To try, ond foil, is by (or better thon never trying Tis o shame, tho , thot o mon (oil often Qi the some ottempt but shomeful to never oilow o mon o chonce to try Likewise, to hong such o price on failure as to moke remptotion unoffordoble is truly o sin ogoinst oil of mon MICHAEL JOSEPH MASUCCI Mike Willow O ' Ove Pa Asrronouilcal Engineering I come I sow, I survived ' I would li ke to ihonk my Mom ond Dod, John. Angelo Mory Ann Jeon Molt, Eric ond Gory (room- motes for life) Leo, Anno Dove Chuck ond oil of my friends ond relotives, without whom I could not hove mode it through the Acodemy, during the good times ond the bod ■Psolm 23 Lord guord ond guide DAVID ANDREV NIKOVITS Dove Springlield Vo Civil Ertgineering I lived in Virginio oil my life, until I come to Colofodo Now I con I won to leove It ' s time to c)o some reol wofk ond time to siori living Live eo h doy OS though n were you ' Ion If Jusi might be I wont to see the world ond see my bfother Mike, sometime while Im in the service Good luck Mike Thanks Dod. I love you Jill Hi Mom ond liwin DAVID SCOTT PERCELL Alorogo, Calif Iniernononol Affairs tolon? 5051W iniir dill , lefe.W wpoiw " aW mif- (iiW» ' ANNEHE MARIA PEREZ Annene Leesville La Internoiionol Affairs What I m going to miss most of oil ore all the great friend- ships ond oil the fun times thor I ' ve hod here The old friends in Deuce (Pom, Greg, Mott Con) ond oil the new ones in Rebel- even (Cheryl, Julie, Rich, Dili, Ken) hove oil been reolly super people and I wish the best to them ond everyone else here Hove o happy and fun life! JEFFREY DLAINE PHILLIPS 5 ownee A 55 on Kan Manogemenr The posr four years hove been hell They ve been tough on my broin ond body, tough on old friendships, ond especiolly tough on my ulcers, but I hove to soy that they ve been worth it The experiences hove been great, and the friendships I hove mode ore ones thot will lost o lifetime Good luck to oil you bums GARY ROOERT RAFFERTY Raff New York N Y Iniernononol Affairs I meon it when I yell out my window. I love it hetei ' Im serious the Academy wos greot! Look ot my activities Cheer- leoding Oluebords Coiholic Choir ond Toleni shows I like performing troveling ond hoving fun Hoppiness is o sickness I con t shoke Even in cicjss I can t resist o good burp or nose blow to break the boring tension Trust in God ond o good sense of humor, got me through here u i..UL,.,Ai;.iu;uj| ROBERT LAWRENCE STEWART Dob 5r. Louis, Mo Internorionol Affairs I come here on ideolisr I leove o cynic To my friends I soy solure! To my porents I soy I love you Insteod of o bureou- crot, I leove o worrior " DIRTY DOZEN " RICAHRD A. DAIZE Sourhgore. Mich Basic Academics SEAN KILLIAN CAREY Killian Div abik, Minn Engineering Mechanics For rhe post four yeors I hove hod so much chorocter builr rhot If ' s coming out of my eors I just hope it v os oil worth it I come. I sow, ond it is oboui time I groduote ond go on to UPT 00 " lettoeij " CURTIS RAY CARTER Curr Hiilview. Ky Monagemeni The rood from 22 June 1981 seems to hove been o long one, and looking bock on things, I con soy fhot it ' s difinitely been on experience I ' ve goined o lot of book knowledge but more im- portantly I ' ve leorned so much obout myself I ' ve done o lot of growing-up since thot first doy of BCT, and deep down inside I feel good obout my accomplish- ments, Thonks everyone — Thonks for the opportunity. JOSEPH EMMANUEL MARIAN CASTRO Joe Sr Louis, Mo Civil Engineering With effort, comes pride, with a positive ottitude. comes ease. with confindence. come success Thot ' s oil. JOHN CASIMER COLOMBO Lumbo, Dillo Seonle, Wash Aeronautical Engineering The yeors spent here hove been tough They hove also been fun. I ' ll toke with me memories that I will never forget But. whot hove I learned ' Firsty. I ' ve leorned the value ond import- once of my family ond friends, without whose support ond love I would hove never mode It Secondy. I ' ve leorned thot in order to survive, you hove to work hard and ploy equolly os hord Finally. I hove leorned to lough ot myself JAMES DAVID COOPER Jim Grand Rapids. Mich General Engineering It wos the best of times, it wos the worst of times But through the groce of God. the support of my fomily. ond with o little help from my friends. I got by ond reoched the end of the long ond winding rood ffitmin Kir Li DRAIN DAVID cox Noshville Jenn General Engineering " For better It I5 to dote mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by foilore, thon to toke ronk with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, becouse they live in the greet twilight thot knows neither victory or defect " ■Theodore Roosevelt THOMAS EDWARD DOYLE Tom Orouille Colli Aeronouiicol Engineering Well, we mode It. but not with- out the help of countless people olong the woy In porticulor I ' d like to thonk my Mom ond Dod ond Grondmo as well os the rest of my fomily ond friends who hove given me on enormous omount of strength ond encourogemeni along the woy Thonk you oil so much DAVID GREGORY ERAZO Orlando Fla Economici I wish Horold, Terry ond Cor! could hove mcjde iti Looking bock It reolly wosn t thot bod Skiing wos fun Squoih wos o good time fXoodtrips were greot Everybody helped Mom thonks to Chris Joe Steve, E J , Ololne. Steve Ed ond Scot Going down- town wos (un Hoping for Willy probobly get Vonce I guess thot s alright os long os I don ' t hove to drive Doesony- body wont to buy o Truimph ' CRAIG WAYNE HALL Ooigre Son Diego. Coin Done Acoderrucs I flixjily mode it " Dor ooly be- cooie of oil the love ond lup- pon I got from my wonderful fomily my beouiiful wHe-io-be my ccxxh ond oil my Inendi I hod more fun the post five yeors tfyjn the 1fl yeors before I come to the AccxJemy I reolly thonk the gee teom for oil the fun ond kiughj ond even fo the stupid nicknomes they gove me Fly the blue skies DCXXJM " ' JEFFREY ETHAN HAYMOND IKisan. Ark. Aeronouiicol Engineering It seems like we ' ve been here forever, freshmon yeor rooming with Doolies, the outrageous foom and cord gomes Sophomore yeor ond giving Linden o hard time and especially the room Mike ond dreoming about cors Two degree year isn ' t quire so distont Steele ond the cor flosco Pulling through with o 2.00- And now I m ourto here, Cors. music, girls and comics; whot else is there ' Porting rhought If all else foils, REBEL! DEDORAH LYNN INGS Debbie Jackson. N J Aeronautical Engineering Well, I ' ve got that behind me now... Lead the woy. Lord. PAUL DAVID JOHNSON Dibby-Doo Reno Nev Aeronouiicol Engineering As I reflect on my Acodemy ex- perience good rhings come ro mind Good people, good times, good experiences I am thankful for the opportunity I wos given I om especiolly groteful to Chief and Chafe for helping me to see it I thank you for your guidonce ond cherish your friendship As the codet oreo grows smoller in my reor view mirror, I will feel o loss but it will be time to move on RICHARD CARL MILLS Milisy Essingron. Po. Elearicol Engineering I never thought Id live to see the yeor 1985 Iveleornedo lot during my stoy here: how to morch in snow how to port my hoir (zipperheod ' ), the only good troining is pilot troining, how to cut my vocobulory in holt by using ocronyms. ond much more rhon I core to remember Couldn t hove mode it without rhe love ond support of mony friends, rr.y p orents. ond Louro Let s blost outto here! VIRGINIA LYNN MURRAY Swepsonville, N.C Geography MARK CHRISTOPHER NOWLAND Hirme Loncosrer. Calif Electrical Engineering The Acodemy takes so much, yet leoves you with so much mote Educotion, tfolning, experiences, but most of oil great friends I couldn ' t hove mode it olone Without the greot companionship of my buddies ond everyone else I would ' ve fizzled long ago ond not been hoppy to be port of the program Remember, happy ore those who dream dreoms ond ore willing to pay the price to moke them come true. I olwoys will KEVIN JAMES PIZZARELLO Pizzo Pizz Los Angeles. Calif Engineering Mecfionics This definitely wos not UCLA! REGAN WAYNE SEALS Reno. Nev Electrical Engineering Through many blunders, successes ond trolls, I con only hope thot I hove served well my moster, my God, ond my friend 0a0 JOSPEH THOMAS SHINNICK Joe Danvers. Moss Aeronautical Engineering I probobly won ' t temember too much Aero, but I will remember the woy to Voil, 69 skydives with some of the best ond the mistoke of giving it all up, roodtripping to Ku, toking wing in swimming, Dave ' s " foir weother ' Triumph, parties ot the dive, foom wars, the " big " favor I did for Dloine, airborne, woterskiing the summers owoy and most of oil the outstonding friends I ' ve mode Now It s off to follow T G sleod ., RHONDA RENEE STRICK Konsos Ciry. Mo Social Sciences DAVID BRIAN SUMRELL Dave Colorado Springs Colo Dosic Academics The only thing that worries me is being oble to find my woy to the dinner toble without a Mitchell Hall woiter as my guide JOHN MICHAEL WALKER Mike Meroirie. La Engineering Mechanics Thete were mony things to learn while I wos here, expeciolly obout myself My ftiends mode it worthwhile and I couldn t hove done any of it without God s help Im not sure I ' d repeat the adventure even though I ' m thankful fot the expetience and oil it held So much, so little JOYCE DEMISE WASHINGTON HDF JD Lompoc. Colli DosK Academics " And moybe some misry doy you I woken to find me gone And for owoy you II here me singin ro rhe down -Pipr " ■ " " « ' " ' ' P sky RAYMOND WALDO WEHH Dig nay Daly Ciiy CoM Aeronautical Engineering After three years of enlistment, one ot the USAFA Preporotory School ond four yeors of USAFA my goo! hos come to on end Thot light which we could hordly see ot the end of the tunnel for four yeors, hos become o reol- Ity In foce, it hos become my life, ond It IS up to me to moke something of It Also I would like to thonk my friends for their support " DULLDAWGS " KIT QUENTIN OOYD Upsilonii. Mich MAHHEW EUGENE DYRD Dyrdo San Francisco. Calif Operarions lieseorch Nothing is os serious as it seems to be Only those who dote truly live It s been reolly good moinly because of the people ond if onyone were to Qsk me I would have to say " Yeoh, its worth it ' 47 W i Mmmmmsam TODD LEE CHANEY Livingston. Mont Genera! Engineering I leove The Acodemy with o lot of greot friends, mony memories ond tfie sotisfocnon of fioving joined ffie line Yofi, I guess I ' m sort of lucky ThonksMom, Dod, and Pom for oil your sup- port Cotcfi me if you conl GEORGIA ROSS COLLINS Georgia Spol ane. Wash Inrernotionol Affairs There comes o time to move on It ' s time I ' ll miss ttie Dulldowgs of D And I II miss my friends from Dirty Dozen III miss you oil, but I will remember you oil with fond memories and no heortbreok, for the time has come to move DONALD JOSEPH COMl Mutt Wetmore. Colo General Engineering I hove done mony things hete that I would never hove done I hove friends and experiences enough to fill most lives, which I would not hove hod I chosen onother poth To my friends, I dedicote my life, to Suson, oil of my love ond to Chtist my foith Because once I stood befote two poths in Q wood He led me down the one less troveled by That, my friends, has mode the difference! MARCUS FLEMING COOPER III Moop Homestead. Flo Computer Science I come hear to leorn, but leorned for more thon I hod expected, for there is no ed- ucation like that which one teceives when pressed beyond his limits This strength which I hove found in myself would hove no foundotion if not for the support of my friends ond fomily I dedicate my future endeovors to my wife, r .honda fot together our lives will be a success, regardless of whot be- comes of me HI»ll!I»l xodeiwi jiBlfcl S ' jU tlllW -fjieoie! :!,! I ' wf fnolyn " The Home KEITH ALPHONSO DAWKINS The Dowl Shelby. NC Mathematics When in doubt, kiU ' em all! Let God sort ' em out. ALDAJOHNDOMENICHINI A J Albuquerque. N M. Chemistry Biology CHRISTOPHER JUSTIN FERRY 5 ver Spring Md Internanonal Affairs Remember where you come from. Where you are going, and why you created the mess you got yourself into in the fitst ploce -Richotd Bach, Illusions REYNOLD TODD HIOKI Woianoe Hawaii Human Factors EsnAay Show Wfyeoij, ORIAN STANLEY HYDE Alpena Mich Dane Academics I owe plenty to oil the people who helped me moke it through here III never forget those who helped me when I wos in ocodemic trouble The biggest plus for this ploce wos thot it brought me together with some of the greoiest people I will pro- bobly ever meet os for the rest of It I m just glad It s finolly time to go fly jets! The flome is gone, but the poin lingers on WILLIAM PLEASANT ISLER JR fdgewood Ky Organizaiionol Behavior And so the story ends it wosn t olwoys eosy ot fun but ihonks to o supportive fomily. Amy s love ond support ond the best friends o mon could ever osk for I wos oble to endure these post fouf yeors I wolk owoy from the Acodemy proud and confident I leorned thot motivotion ond dedicotion con moke onything possible Don t ever be content olwoys work to become betteri KEVIN DAVID KETLELL Clarhi Summit Pa Iniernoiional Atfoin The good times for outweighed the difficult squodron trip to George AFD Operotion Air Force in Howoil exchonge trip to Sondi Arobio OCT Logistics 63 ond 64 SERE survivol in- structor ' 63 ond 64 choirmon of Ring Committee 2nd Group deputy commonder for support good times with the Dull Dowgs ond speciol moments with Andre ' I proy that the Lord will guord ond guide eoch one of you ' See you ot the top! DAVID WILLIAM KYGER Dove Albuquerque. N M Elearicol Engineering I meosure my success m two woys did I enjoy myselP DkJ I improve myselP A good doy u when I do both o bod cJoy is when I do neither USAFA hos opened the door for me to hove mony gcxjd doys m the future Thonks Mom ond Ood fcx your unwoiv-erir g love MILES TRACEY LANSING St Louis. Mo International Affairs Much is reodily forgotten but friends ond good times, never Teoching Rich to ploy squosh, he teoching me how to beot the Deon, Winning Honor Sqoudfon mode my doolie yeor Drion s kill-o- commie ortitude Dnllionrly plonned spirit missions, ond those philosophicol dis- cussions about spoce ond time, (Joe. if they only knew) Senior yeor brought the ring, new cor and more women than the yeor before Dink life hod its moments but never ogoin! JOSEPH LEE LENERTZ Joe f oseville. Minn. Asrronautical Engineering Freshmon year wos mixed, with firsties like Adkins; friends like Jeff, Stu, ond Rick One infomous night ot Odyssey brought us luck when Lorroine osked me to donee I remember us in her Z-28 Sophomore yeor ond stop-out taught me about CO, olcohol, Europe, ond college The ring, the cor and Linda sent my spirits soaring, but disoppointments of everydoy life shot them down I won t look bock TODD FRANKLIN MALONE Mugs Lake Oswego Ore Aeronautical Engineering Here s to it and to it ogoin. Damn those thot cant do it when they get to it If they can ' t do it when they get to it, they ought to be tied to ' i and mode to do it If they con t do it when they re tied to it ond mode to do it. they ought to give it to us, cuz we te used to it CHRISTOPHER ALAN MARTIN Warren. Conn Biology ' " ' ITlBMIWaMllMll GLEN scon PORTER HC Fon Smith, Ark. Basic Academics " , ondKillMiGs. " scon HILLARY REMINGTON Yonges Island. 5 C Basic Academics In the post four yeors, I hove come to reolize how very for- tunote I hove been in otrending the Acodemy I will olwoys cherish the friendships which I hove mode here Through both the good and bod times, my friends ond my fomily hove been there to lend me their support I wouldn ' t trade places with anyone It is with them in mind, that I dedicate myself to setving our country In her Air Force ALBERT EDWARD ROBERTSON JR 5k p Arlington. Texas General Engineering I ' m really fortunate in thot I ' m getting the benefits resulting from the very hord work of others who helped me through Special thanks to you. Mom ond Dod for your contlnous support Also, thanks to Alan fot your help in getting me this oppor- tunity To all of you in 0, thanks for all the great times ond olso for my new nicknome- Dluto It s been real and it ' s been fun, but it hasn ' t been real fun, " Lost we forget " JOHN WELLS ROBINSON JR Jeff Babylon. N Y Astronouticol Engineering If you meosure age by experience then I hove lived many lifetimes. Whot I toke from the Academy, friendships, knowledge, some bod times but so many more good ones, I shall cherish ond keep forever I have found the Lord (or he me) ond I hove faced my- self victoriously Dut for oheod the rood hos gone and I must follow if I can Until it joins some lorger woy and wither then ' I cannot say m jl.ltlSl dteirostl KIMDEIXLY ANN ROE Kim Winchester, Ky International Affairs It ' s been o long, hard rood But It ' s finolly ovet! GREGORY LOUIS THEODOSS TAieo Southbridge. Mass Military History " They train young men to drop fire on people, but their commonders won ' t allow them to write F on their airplanes be- cuose - It ' s obscene " - Apocalypse now " COBRAS ' JOHN AU-YEUNG Los Angelas Calif Management moni " " tail the, dtiR OENJAMINNEILDELLISJR Oahnj Lingle. Wyo Banc Academics This ship of fools Is one heck of o bunch and they touch me in oil cjspects of my life This hosnt been on eosy ride ond I hove hod mony a blue Sundoy Howevet on groduotlon doy. ot the end of the night, when the musics over ond the stereo s off, this unknown soldier con surely soy thot this is the end of the most chollengmg chopters In my life Good night Jim M THOMAS WILLIAM DERGESON Decgie nudolph, Wii Operoiiom IXeseorch The chollenges ond struggles for outweighed the fun ond reloxo- tion, however no where else but U5AFA could hove given me the opportunity to goin so much pride ond self respea Thonks logreot friends like T ' , Stoneberg, Slick. Mo. Crock. Lou, Steve. Ed. Koss, Kyle, etc, ond especiolly Pom, I mode It through Mom ond Dod, I did my besti ELIHU ROOERT DLACKMAN JR Jrvnk Akton Ohio Dosic Acodemics I conr soy thot I hove enjoyed myself, but I con soy ifioi I hove leorned mony things thot I couldn I hove leorned or ob- served ony where else Especiolly how to deol with people who do things In my best Interest, people who wont to moke me the best I con be ond, the toughest people to deol with, sociol Idiots When oil foils though, I refer to the phrose in my ring I will be very proud ro be on Acodemy groduote KYLE PARK CUNNINGHAM Kyle Du ' lingame Colli Aiironouricol Engineering Now ihii IS not the end It Is not even the beginning ol fhe end But it is (serhopi the end of the beginning ' - Sir Winston Churchill DAVID PAUL DIMARTINIS Dimor, Dime Droinrree. Moss Monogemenr There ore so mony things thor I will never understand here Like whot s the motter with porting your hoir in the middle ' ! I ve reolized in these four years thot life IS definitely too short to worry It has been on incredible four yeors, truly incredible. If I hod to do it oil over ogoln No woy ' Right Zip? LISA MICHELLE DRINEN Phoenix, Ariz Inrernoironol Affairs I con be inspired to grow, but more often I grow because I hove been broken by certoin unyield- ing realities When I hove once ogam been mode aware of my fol- llbillty I om then predisposed to leorn -Hugh Prother MONICA JEANELLEEADY Foirfield Calif Basic Academics LAWRENCE EDWARD GAST Larry Merrirr Island. Flo Economics Operations Research When I reflect bock on my USAFA experience. I reolize it wos Just thot 1 did things thot I never thought I would do ond probobly hope that I will never do ogoln. thonk God I won r forget the heodoches from study- ing too much nor the fun I hod on the ski slopes But most of oil I won t forget whot it feels like to be o coder MARTIN EDWARD GRANUM Marry Port land. Ore Civil Engineering PAUL JOHN JEFFRIES Mr Sorosota, Flo Basic Academics Thonks ro my fomlly ond friends who mode being or the Acodemy o lot eosier And o special thonks to oil the codets who took time out of their busy schedules to correct my many " gross " de- ficiencies, I om sure thot I will be o better person ond officer OS o result Thonks ogoin guys! But remember I ' m going into the Security Police EDWARD JOSEPH KOSLOW Ed. Kos Alexandria Va Electrical Engineering Every moment spent warrying about what ane s life should have been is one more moment thot it will not be I ' ve learned that most things worth having don t come easy The past holds many fond memories, but the present is the key to the future MARY KATHLEEN MANNING Mequon, Wis Aeronautical Engineering I hod to leorn the hard woy. but I ' m glod I leotned " Do your best. You can do no more The rest will be taken core of God said so " 010 KOTWto jilCopi fcievtroli WAYNE LESLIE MILLER Whole-Dane Edisan, N J Human Factors Engineering I can ' t soy its been great, but I ' ve sure leorned a lot about life ond dealing with people I ' ve had some good times with the Rugby teom, and other friends that I ' ll never forget Its been o lot of hard work and only time will tell if it was worth it, UPT, here I come Good luck to everyone JAMES WILLIAM MOORE Jim Lithonia, Go Management All complaints aside, the Academy was the Acodemy No words con fathom the frus- trotion No experience con capture the moment No apologies con mode amends No thonks con find oil the livers No emotion con sum up the feeling and no number con tolly the friends Why try to express whot no one else con appreciote ' You just hod to be there It is very hord to be simple enough to be good ' -Emerson MARK CHRISTOPHER NEYLAND Genesis Phoenix Ariz Basic Academics No comment: just turn up the music WAYNE RAY OLSON Oly Spooner Wis Basic Science After four yeors here its time to move on May oil the good times be remembered ond cherished ond moy oil the bod be forgotten Hopefully every- one will hove something to temember " m JOHN DAVID PFAFF JR Highland Heights. Ky Biology No one con moke It Through four yeors here olone ond I wos no exception Thonks to God who helpec) me through eoch doy To Mom Dod ond Oeth thonks for supplying the love to keep me going Losily thonks to Mory ond Coptoin Kent (or being close whenever I needed help or en- courogement On Moy 29 1985 the seven of us were groduoted ' WILLIAM EMORY 5AGER II Wilt Children Texas Dosic Academics Remember your foith ond keep it strong Do not expect to find o poth ond be prepored to moke your Own When It is doy you must irovel for. but when it is dork then rest ond remember Conquer the urge to pome ond run for they insure you II never return When doylight comes, then rest not long ond quickly seek yout woy or you. like the leoves olso decoy " -Lt Col Nick Rowe PARTICK MICHAEL STONEHAM itoney Stoner Verbanh N Y Basic Academtci When U5AFA didn i try to teoch me by tedundoncy. it tried to teoch me by giving me o tosh ihoi one usuolly would hove been given o week to do ond told me to hove it done by the following morning IXeoluing thoi one s limits ore for beyond whot is normolly conceived hos o lot to do with the four yeors I ve spent here The memories will be rehoshed over o drink by the fire somedoy RUSSEL scon VOGTMAN Auburn. Mich Moihemotici ' WAR EAGLES ' ily every- CARL HENRY DLOCK Sacromenro Calif Computer ioence Thonks to Mom ond Dod for lolking me into coming here Thonks to oil the friends I mode who kept me going BRIAN scon ORANDNER Tocoma Wash Asironauticot Engineering Achieveing gools is like reoching out ond grosping o dreom KENNHH O. CARTER Elkins Ark Monogemeni ., DONALD HERBERT COLEMAN Unit Scorrsdole. Ariz Aeronourical Engineering I hove experienced, been en- lightened, experimented, ond opplied while here I leorned things expected ond unexpected Did things I never would hove been oble to do onywhere else Jumping, ond flying I mode it through with some hord work, o lot of luck, ond with the help of friends ond fomily The greot times were with Snokemon, The Doys, " ond Kothy The bod rimes, well, they come noturolly Thonks Barry G STEVEN CLARK DYE Sreve Augusro. Go Asrronauticol Engineering These three ond o holf yeots hove fought me mony things Yout honor is the only thing you hove which con ' t be token owoy from you Duty Is not o word, but Q concept of living to be the best ond doing whot is right A super ottitude will cotry you through when oil seems hopeless Remember me with o smile on my foce ond o hello ' soon to follow Good Luckl GREG LEE HAWKINSON Hawk Davenport, lowo Basic Academics Looking bock in retrospect, I om reminded of the quote from the poet Rilke How much suffering there is to get thtough ' " 5o much hos hoppened here thot con ' t be comptessed into 75 words, but the one thing I liked best obout the old blue U-SAFA is oil the onimols perhops, Nietzche sold it best: " Thot which does not kill me, mokes me stronger " JOHN FRANCIS HILDING Tron Hibling Buffalo Grove III Computer Science John lived in the Medio Office more thon in his codet toom Evetybody will remember his greot " Poss in Review orticles ond his infamous TALON covers (like Dork Ages. 1980!) He will never be forgotten by Copt Billy Bifdwell, Gory G , Mott. Mike, Rodof, Peggy. Suson. Astrid. or me nKIAflM n i DANIEL RALPH JOHNSON Minnesoto Basic Academics While I ' ve been living here. I hod to toke my time ond chonge my style Now I wonder is some- thing IS going to moke it oil worthwhile There oin ' r no feeling like finding the key Now I ' m reeling thinking of the things that I might see Hod my doubts, but decided to woit We took our chonces and now ' s our fote It doesn ' t hurt to soy goodbye, becouse now it ' s time for me to fly JAMES RAY JOHNSON JR Palmetto, Go Economics I come for the educotion I enjoyed my stoy. my porenrs enjoyed my stay, my gitlfriend loved it I guess if I hod to do it ovet ogoin. I would My folks were olwoys there, but if it weten t for my girlfriend, her house, her meals, her coring. I would still be hete. but I would be o lot less hoppy I ve gotten o lot mote thon on educotion MICHAEL JOSEPH JORDAN Spihe Montgomery Alo Internarionol Affairs Fly clean, lond soft, love hotd, give beautiful memories Thonks to oil for the beoutiful ful memories I ' ll nevet forget you guys THOMAS HERMAN MAAS St. Louis Park. Minn International Affairs I come. I lost, then I left " »9eJtlini, (»( hsi Oltte iUlOd TO) ten by yG, Sy-Simn. MICHAEL THOMAS MACK Kirkwood. N Y Engineering Physics JOSEPH FREDERICK MICHELL IV Joey Woodbndge. Vo General Engineering 5ASS water towers oi Columbus, then it roinedi The lady ot the bowling oiley ' SERE great students 15 runs group " John Where ' s Charlie now ' MICHAEL DAVID MILLER Palmer Lahe Colo Management I ' m getiin to know myself o little better Going through oil the chonges I mode so mony mli- tokes Sometimes I think I wos o little crazy, but we oil get o little crozy You know, you ve got to be so strong, even when you think your strength is gone Well, it s comin together I finally feel like o mon I never thought I would be where I am Whoo ' I keep pushin on HEO DAVID scon NISSEN ( odor Albany Ky History OS fost o unotely ■ •• thon ony tr - ■•• ; «- .t i - . .la hove ' Ihonkj for everythirvj Rodor we couldn i hove done it without you — Molt ond Mono TODD DAVID RAINES T.D Phoenix. Anz Astronouticol Engineering In this life. I think only one thing is critical God has given us eiernol life and this life is in His Son He who hos the Son hos life he who does not hove the Son of God does not hove life Thanks. Lord, for the best Mom ond Dad I could wont Thanks Rob and Ginny. for being Mom ond Dad when Mom and Dod couldn t The Lord is my strength! CHRISTIAN PETER RAUSCHENDACH Torrance Colil Astronouticol Engineering Oh ' I m groduating now? " JOHN PATRICK SCOn JP Anchorage. Alaska Basic Academics " Good-Dye WADE CLIFFORD SOLOMON Mesa Anz Electrical Engineering Everyone wos olwoys telling me how great it wos to go to the Acodemy IVAN EDWARD THORSOS III Shelron. Wash. Asrronouricol Engineering I come here with o dreom to fly the Spoce Shuttle somedoy I ' ve still got it! Now I wont to go to Mors. UPT ond fighters here I come. Advice from Astro 468 rocket lounch ond design cource, Relax, it goes up eosier. ERIC PERSHING TRUMDLE ET Sebosropol. Calif. Basic Academics I thonk my fomily for their sup- port I thonk life for the hunting I thonk Kevin for the mouse hunting I thonk Rodney for Ac-Pro I thonk Mike ond Ivan for good times I followed Horold Drowns quote and still lived for the weekend I leorned not to get tense ond to keep things in perspective I stoyed with my mojor oil four yeors Keep pushin ' on cause it just doesn ' t matter JAY DOUGLAS WASHINGTON Rock Hili. 5 C Human Factors WANDA ARLENE WRIGHT Wielded Wanda Dover, N J Management Mom and Dod, I love you Thonks for being there Spike, Mike Skinny Corl, Joey, Davy, JR, JP, Greg, Chris, Eric (it wos wild), Joy, Ivon, Wode, John, Steve, Todd, Tom ond Don, thanks for taking core of me I loved being the only girl Major Higgin- bofhom Dove, it wos fun while it lasted Sue, Philecio, Donielle, Monica, Colleen, Joyce, we had fun didn t we! I ' ll miss you oil- »t0 ueiio lUfc 101 0 Hfio HAWKS ' DAVID JOHN ALEXANDER Coraopolis. Pa international Politics When they osk you to write for something like this, you nevet reolly know what to put down- All I con say is that I ' m thonk- ful I hod on opportunity to come hete I ve met many new people, hod some greot exper- iences, and mode o lot of new friends I ' d just like to wish everyone greot luck WALTER RUSSELL DENNEn JR Gufch Pasadena Md International Affairs USAFA holds mony fond memones for me car impoundments, OCT, no Thonksgiving leove, 12th period finols, 0640 formations, and countless other benefits of being poid to go to school (a nickel ot o time!) but, the best time I had at USAFA was the semester I spent a U5NA ' ! D D,, keep twoppin ' Faimon ' Airline orientotion, here I come ' Whod- dyo mean it s on the wrong side ' Ivon, beer is the solutioni I love you Sharon! MIGUEL ANGEL CARTER Alomogordo N M Monagemenr The one thing that I will always remember about the Academy is the odvice my Sponish 065 teacher. Major Angolo from Mexico, gove me obout every- thing I do or get involved in He sold, " Empiezo bien, desconso en el comino y tetmina bein, which means, " Start well, rest olong the woy ond finish well ' TOM PAUL CURRIEJR Columbus, Ohio Aeronautical Engineering Dui they rhoi won upon the Lord shell renew their strength they sholl mount up with wings os eogles they sholl run, and not be weory ond they sholl wolk end not toint (Isoioh 40 31): I ' m leoving U5AFA with mony fine memories friends and lessons leorned but more imporionily I ' m leaving Down ond I ore looking forword to o greot life together See you in the wild blue yonder JEFFERY KURT DEITERS Heme Chicogo III Clearicol Engineering Thonks (or the good times, Snopping our fingers on weekends and bipping ond bopping down the rood to see More ond Rochell Where did we get oil those shirts, Dick ' You know it wos good when your feet hurt ' You lost Sponky Out hey, the gomes finollyover, ond I m still smiling! You ve olwoys gotto be yourself The core, Dutch Dandit Joke, Hich, the entire Rugby teom ond everyone else, Thonks for the good times MARK JORDAN EDMONDS General Heoldsburg. Calif Aiironauiicol Engineering Well It wos o nice ploce to visit but yeo It wQs herd. but I hove to soy it wos worth it OS I leove I con see the mony things Ive gained by coming here Ive found mony life long friendships o love for flying, o speciol girl ond most importonily, knowledge of myself ond whoi I wont to be- come I know I ' m reody. but is the Air Force ' 3.2,1. blosi offi JEFFREY ROOERT GOSE Yogi ionia Cruz Calit Done Acodemici I took the long woy otound to get here from enlisted service Thoje experiences olong with those I goinec) from here will r ever b forgotten rKjr regret- ted Just osk Dooboo Sponky Crosh. Crow Domes Oiff Doofer JD Grinch Slick or other spiders whoi it wos like If It wosnT (or them I woukjn t hove mode it through Their com- mitment to becoming profevuoo- ols of arms supported me in joining this elite group JAMES RODERT GREEN Hugh Gainesville Flo Basic Sciences Soon ofter his orrivol here. He become offecnonorely known os Hugh Few like him could store for hours out of o window ot their first snowfoll Times were tough oi first, but ofter Digger ond Moon Unit doys hugh wos left with o greot firstie yeor He begon his coder career playing intercollegiote footboll ond baseball ond ended it ploying the field He will best be remembered for his londshork attributes. Good hunting JAMES CHARLES HAYDEN Jim Tacomo. Wash Military History Delight yourself in the Lord, ond He will give you the desires of your hear Commit your way to the Lord, rrusr also in Him ond He will do it -Psalms37 4 5 Moy the skills I learn and octions I troin for never be used in my lifetime so that I live in peoce ■ yet if not I, thot my children may JAMES ALLEN HIRD Jim Farley. Iowa Electrical Engineering I close my eyes only for o moment • and the moments gone Konsos Jim has run the full spectrum of academy life He started with o mossive chest coviiy in DCT and went on to be on ocodemic dynamo Fmolly he reolized thot it just didn t motter and become o ghosr on weekends If you osked. Where s Hird? ' He wos olwoys there to moke you lough — like with the bulldog song or shcKk the monkey JEFFREY scon JACOBS Jahe nancho Polos Verdes Calif Electrical Engineering I wos born here so I guess I was destined to return I wonder whoi Stanford would hove been like ' Actually the four yeors hove been worth it Tm thirty years loter and I hope I con meon os much to my son Ploying soccer hos been a greot releose III never forget oil the good times ond good friends Tfxanks Mike ond Anne for being my second porents, you ve meont more than you realize JH RICHARD CARLTON KELLER Pore Dirminghom, Ala Inrernarionol Affairs I rhink someone once said thor if you don t hove friends, you don ' t hove anything Well, I con honestly soy thot if it wosn ' r for the friends I ' ve hod out here, I would hove left long ogo 5o I ' d like to thonk Zure, Joke, Jeffe, Steve ond Adkins for moking this ploce on eosier ploce to live MICHAEL ERIC LEPCHENSKI East Alton, III Aeronautical Engineering Don ' t only concenrrore on the bod ports of U5AFA Look for the happiness in every day ond your stoy here con even be fun thanks go to my uncle Jerry, without whom I never would hov known obout U5AFA, ond to Don Lindberg and my sponsors for oil their love ond support I wouldn ' t hove mode it without oil of you Next for me is the teolizotion of my dreom to fly God bless. JENS PARKS Ttie Hun Chicago, til Civil Engineering YVEHE PEREZ Brandon. Flo International Affairs The post four years hove been a time of re-evoluotion My thoughts, my feelings, my foith I ' ve reod thot these times when we feel lost ond oil around us seems to be foiling oport We struggle and try to recopture the security of whot was, but olmost In spite of ourselves, we emerge on the other side with new understonding, o new owoteness, a new strength Sue Mitchell you were there Anne- Tony .thonks. (ft iWjOVft wemiMI joningpf Idw ' iomge LANSON CLIFFORD ROSE III Lanny Seattle. Wash Humanities I ' ve spent olmost one fifth of my life here It ' s o good ploce to be from JEFFERY WAYNE STEEN Jeff Oxnard. Calif Asrronautical Engineering I will soon forget the un- pleosont times such os the lote nighteis but will remember most the importont lessons I learned, the friends, and groduotion If there is one thing by which I would wont to be remembered it is my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, thot being the most important thing in my life I am looking forword to serving with pride the greatest country in the world Thonks Mom ond Dod for your support. CHARLES FREDRICK THOMPSON Chuck International Affairs Thanks to oil who hove helped me ovet the yeors, Jim, Greg, John, Dove, Toters, Mot, Joy, Gory, and everyone who mode my stoy a bit better Good friends ore hard to come by and hord times, they ore the only thing that soves you Thonk you once ogoin JEFFERY ALAN VANDOOTINGH Hooter Sandusky Ohio General Chemistry From Lorry Jones to Digget to the moon. Hooter s gone through everything USAFA could dish out Following the ottitude of HUPE and MDC, he believed " Everything must poss As he goes into the Air Force, destined to study the water molecule we thumb out noses oi pilot quolificotions, becouse he would hove mode the best fighter pilot in the U5AF t Ol«E( Swos, % ■ ' Kt ANNE MARIE WEAVER Weove Cleorwoier flo Iniernorionol Politics Nobody con moke you feel Inferior without your consent (Eleanor Roosevelt) It s not true that life is one domn thing offer onother ■ it s one domn thing over ond over ' (Edno St Vincent Milloy) Couroge is the price thot lite exocts for gronting peoce (Amelio Eorhort) I don t know whot kind of mess I am getting into but it s o mess I wont to be in (Word, in o letter to my porents upon out enqoi ' - ' i ' " ' ' RICHAfXD KEVIN WILLIAMS AK Gronr Lo Elecirtcol Engineering Too mony times these doys people get for too tense obout things thot reolly don t meon squot in oil of life s cycle My philosophy IS All things must poss I remember hoeing woter- melons ofter school until dork ond thinking. Someday this will poss, ond III leove this Louis- iono fotm ■ Now thot Im obout to be groduoted Im finolly reolizing thot this olso will pass, ond I II move on through life to newer ond better things PERRY JON WILSON PJ Woieitown 5 D Computer Science My Grondpo soys there s o teoson for everything we do My Dod ogrees Now, I m not one to orgue with the ituih, but some- times Id teolly like to know why V you would, here s o little odvice De proud of who you ore ond whot you re doing tell the people you core for thot you love them Out most of oil never let go of thot one fobulous dreom until you ve be- come o port of It STALAG 17 CLARITA OMEGA ADUYUAN Cloire Fremont. Calif Operations neseorch Tomorrow is o dreom ihor leods me onword Tomorrow is o poih I ve yet ro choose It s o chance Ive yet to loke, A friend I ve yet to moke, It sail the toleni I hove yet to use Tomorrow is o dreom thot leods me onword. Alwoysjust o step ahead of me, It s the joy Ive yet to know, The love I ve yet to show. For its the person I hove yet to be. — Koren Kovin DANIEL REID BRIDGES Don Austell Oa Aeronautical Engineering For Dan who will olwoys be remembered for his quick smile ond eosy going manner, the Academy has been one experience ofter another Starring with improcessing push-ups on the ossoult course. Hell Week ond SERE, to being o Soaring IP ond pulling more thon one oil nighter tor Aero, ond finishing with the French Exchonge ond 29 Moy 65 But best of all hove been the friends he s mode He II never forget them MICHAEL PATRICK CHALLMAN Mike Yorktown Hts N Y Internarional Politics Perhaps the only distinction of my time here will be thot I never unpocked (thois right. Dornstormers I m still here) Its true whot they soy: you con hove onyihmg you wont if you just wont it bodly enough for me It s groduotion ond o chonce to serve my country It wouldn t hove been possible with out my family, my foith. ond my friends Thanks, guys, itsbeen real This is the best port of ihetfip ■■ STANLEY JOHN COLGATE Sieepe- fer pe A-z Engineering Sciences The Acodemy wosjust on invest- ment in time ond it s olreody poid off through my friends Lorry tought me discretion Jimmy tought me indiKretion Tim gove undersionding Kevin tought me the meonlng of true friendship ond Notolie showed me reolity Im so glod Im still friends with the first fouf My porents ond brothers were olwoys there ond Mike ond Tom never let distonce chonge us Let s enjoy our lives 59 iv KEVIN WILLIAM DIXON Dix West Covlno. Calif- Human Factors The one thing rhor you roke from U5AFA is friends They moke your time here worthwhile They ore there when things ore going bod ond there to shore the good things in life The memories of the bod times will fade, but I will Qlwoys remember the good times I wont to thank Dooles, Stoin, Lots, Timmy Ducks, Dono ond the Lord for being there to watch over me. MARK EUGENE GARNER Chuchoruch. Va Computer Science I could never hove come this for without the love ond support of my fomily ond friends Thonks Mom, Alon, Lynne, Steve, Niecie, Jock ond Lois And here ' s to you Pop — I know you ' re wotching! DANA GEORGE HANSON Milt Auoco. Iowa Astronouticol Engineering After wondering for four yeors if this doy would ever come, I feel relieved ond hoppy I finolly mode it The most im- portant things thot one can toke from rhis place is their friends ond feeling rhor onything is possible with dreams ond a lot of hordwork I wont to thank Ruth. Ston, Dix, Flem, J D , Mike ond especially Mom, Dod, ond Amy, ond olwoys remember wet birds don t fly of night. HAROLD THOMAS HERNDON JR Tommy Hollywood, Md Dosic Academics Admirotion I might not show it but I hove it for you oil Ex- pressing admirotion is not my strongest troir but you eosily moke me feel worm inside I write to those I coll friend I srond in rhe shadows ond watch you all, sharing whotever feelings you hove You hove been the force behind my gools I odmire you from J J to Denise Thank you ond let this Butter- fly be free (OOlJlAi ' l litfWilW ' »Wll») l WILLIAM LOUIS KELLEHER JR Tuck Akron, Ohio General Engineering To get onywhere, God hos to give you the initiotive, stondords, ond drive to get there Once you hove the job, you owe it to yourself to keep those stondords if not improve on them, never ore you to let the Lord or your- self down by doing less thon you ore copable I thonk my fomily ond friends for supporting me os I strive to meet the chollenges before me WILLIAM EDWARD LINDSEY San Antonio Texas Asrronoutical Engineering Should I ever become a father, the best wish I could hope for is thot my children hove family ond friends os wonderful os my FRANK ANTHONY LUCCI Luch Altoona. Pa Dosic Acodemics Friends ore whot moke this ploce Those who moke you lough, those who moke you cry Those with whom you hove the best times of your life ond those with whom you ore groduoted That ' s whot it is all obout Life doesn ' t hove to be one long struggle Lough obout those troubled times (which ore numerous), pick yourself up ond continue on because the ring on your finger ond your hot in the sky ore worth it all in the end PATRICK ALBERT MARSHALL Par Grand Ropids Michi Economics Never try anything unless you re willing to give 100 per cent Sometimes you re not sure you want to, ond you ng d o slight push to get you siort«d Thot s where six of the most Importont people in my life come in — my family Thanks Dod, Mom, Kothy Dorb, Robin, and Marry You ve always been there, giving your love and support You ' ve helped me see whot I ' m copoble of I ' ll olwoys do my best I love you oil L 60 DOUGLAS ALAN MCCARTY Marshall fexo$ Basic Academics If this place hos instilled in me one thing, it is the reol- lizoiion thot there ore mony. mony people in this world who ore for oheod of me in know- ledge ond stoture Out by the groce of God I sholl olwoys be the best at one thing being myself After oil isn t thot whoi freedom is oil obout ' Thonks ond good luck to oil ' MICHAEL JOSEPH OTT Oirer Chicago III Civil Engineering I wonted to go to the Acodemy ever since I wos o little guy while on fomily vocotion in 71 The glomour, prestige ond repu- totlon were coptivoting ond I odmit still ore ' I come to U5AFA wonting to fly now I wont to do more live ' I love my country, my fomily ond the best friends I ve ever hod Pete Orooks. Fronk, Eric, John, Shep, Dill Thonks Mom ond Dod ' [Remember guys being Geored for the unchorted RANDALL CLAY PARKER Napa Colli Biology It s been reel P 5 Con I hove my cor bock nc GEORGE ROOERT POPE Woodbridge, Vo Engineering iciencei Thonks Mom ond Dod MARC PAUL POWELL Groves Texas Biology Funny thing — I woke up this morning os o firsiie I hope I woke up tomorrow os on F-16 driver Thonks Dill, Mork, Mo ond — your friendship mode the long doys short, ond the hord times eosi er No more PMT, GRs, SAMIs. Muph s, IRIs, ski week- ends, AOCs, trips to Denver Well worrh the time. Id soy Overoll Id quote o student. Suicide IS o uniquely personol decision So is this CONSTANTINE TZAVARA5 Cosio Essex Junction. Vi Basic Academics It Is inevitoble thot o Greek will moke if into space After oil, who s going to open the restouront ' JONATHAN WADE WAMPLER The V amp Son Antonio Texas Aeronouticol Engineering I ' ve been told thot choroter is the cornerstone to o successful person With thot in mind I come to the Acodemy ond completed the four yeor character building obsrocle course Here ' s to the chorocrer we ve built ond our hopes for success JOHN DURGESS WILLIAMS Uhioh. Calif Mancjgement When the chompogne was poured when the cold roins come my friends were olwoys there ot my side moking the scenorio reol Thanks ro the swim gods who hove gone before ond goodbye to the team which hos been my number one for four yeors ■ swim to win and remember, whot goes on the r 3od Thonks Mom and Dod I m ready I ' ll try to be coreful. but the clock is running so why woliz? MARTIN WILLIAM WITUSZYNSKI Liverpool. N. Y- Aeronoutical Engineering The love and support of fomily end friends got me tfirough NCO clubs will olwoys temind me of Druce ond Potis I would like to thonk Kevin, Pot, Kevin, Mfs Fischer, Pom ond Gotdy fot moking codet life more beotoble Thonks Mom, Dod, Mike, Melodi, ond Mussy fot the support ftom home Moflu, you mode the whole five yeofs wotth while I mode it! Now it is time fot me to get out of U5AFA ond live. " NIGHT RIDERS ' Ulleiw lliviKtl«P ' Ww.i ' J ' i ifUfo ' i 1 piitiiieyjo ; iWSti jM(jft« STEPHEN DAVID ADRAMS WILLIAM CURTIS DROWN MwNJI™ ' F5-1 wc torefel " Roseburg, Ore Charleston. 5 C p»eiiB« ' Inrernorionol Affairs Basic Sciences imio ' ' - iWli ' ' TERRY GRANT CAMPBELL Hendersanville. N C Asrronouricol Engineering MICHAEL PATRICK CONNOLLY Thumper Riverside. Calif Humanities I Never did quite ovetcome the cold, but ot leost I stopped the phone colls ot fout " ond wos able to switch to o non- technicol major Hod o good time with mount and the men from ART Thank you Jock ond Detsy WILLIAM CHARLES COTA El Paso. Texas Astronautical Engineering TIMOTHY JAMES DERUYTER Lang Beach Calif Management I think I ' m gonna moke it Im pretty lucky to hove the best buds anyone could ask for, you guys ore the greotesi Thanks Mom ond Dod for four years of fun, I never would ve come if you hodn t threotened to cut off support Seriously, I con t thonk you enough for the sup- port Finally, well Kara, we mode it; We beot the odds! KAIIVESUyj •taeiie JOHN FRANCIS FOYTLIN A) Springfield. Ill Done Acodemics You hove never lived until you olmost die To those who fighi for It, life end freedom hove o flovof the protected will never know Id like to thonk my fomily for oil the love ond sup- port they gove me to help me get through this piece Here s to good friends Skin John, TC, Art, who mode It almost fun Pomelo, I Owe you so much -our porents weekend will never end ■Let ' s do It- HAROLD WALTER HAMLIN Tucu Orlando. Flo Monogemeni Hey. It wosn I real fun, but It wos beoroble thonks to my friends. Art ond especlolly Sheri Its oil or nothing so do what feels right ond hove o good tlmei WILLIAM GRIFFIN HAMPTON Will Rock Hill. 5 C Civil Engineering My four years here hove been o red experience They weren t eosy either Ive leorned o lot obout myself ond other people ond value the experience I Icjok forword to becoming o coreer officer in the Air Force ond doing my best olwoys See you there Johnny D ond Oeost ' SARA ANNE HELLWIG Doyion Ohio Humoniiiei Id like to shore o poem my (other wrote for me my freshrrvon yeor It s helped me through oil (our yeors CINOOAIN (or o Codei Unieoi Siors with your high Ambition Look, ccxJei ' Foniosies once scoffed, turn heods of AngebV ■Norris Deon Hellwtg DEAN WESLEY HULL Mayfield. N. Y Dosic Acodemics Deon hails from Mayfield, New York, where he spent all of his life before coming here to study longuoges We will always remember Deon for his short hoir, good notured humor, ond his obility to smile in the foce of adversity His hopes lie in continuing his career as o chop- per pilot written on o bunker woll in Khe Sonh for those who fought for it, freedom hos o flovor the protected will never know WALTER T05HI0IWATAKE Iwo Aieo. Howoii Electrical Engineering Once when I wos oi o circus, I sow o clown chose a spotlight Eoch time the clown was about to step into the spotlight, it moved owoy from him I often see myself os chasing a spotlight Whether I reach it or not is un- importont compared to sharing a bit of myself with, and hopefully giving o little hoppmess to, the people I meet along the woy Thonks Mom, Dad, ond friends HAROLD TODD KAPLAN Duck Son Diego. Calif Orgonizorionol De ovlor Duck is one of those people who wonts everything Came to U5AFA not reolly knowing what to ex- pect but his gools were to graduate with o GPA and to be oble to soy he had o good time However, he overlooked the sociol ond militory ports of the man hole ond got on probotions so Duck bought the form ond found his good times didn t suffer much ond Duck wos groduoted TERENCE UNEHAN r Drentwood. N Y Iniernarional Politics Norhing critical From rhe firsr porties ot Beefy s to beer ond ding dongs for breok- fost, rooming with Oerg ond Crowdog, rhe teochlngs of Fin, rhe Fob Four, and big glups with rhe boys from Mount. Irs oil been o good time ' Mom ond Dod thonks for oil your hielp Alwoys remember, sometimes you just gotfo soy ii»uiimwt:.w.tv»flt«fliw DRUCE HOMER MAGOON North East. Po Asrronouricol Engineering PETER COUGLAS MAHON Lancaster, Ot)io Elearical Engineering I fhonk the Lord Jesus Christ for bringing obout in me the miracle of o new life in Him, and showing me how to wolk in His victory It was by God s groce alone fhot I was able to be successful here! Glory to God! Therefore, if ony mon is in Christ, he is o new creation. The old things passed owoy, be- hold, new things hove come -2 Corinthians 5 17 SONYA LYNN MARCH Sunny Saint Petersburg. Flo Geography Don ' t ever give up your dreams ond never leave them behind Find them, moke them yours, ond oil through your life, cherish rhem, ond never let them go Thank you Mom, Dad, Stosio, Stella, Suzon ond Stonley I could hove never done this with- out you I ' d olso like to thank the mouse, dumplings, Jonic, Sue, Ace, Steve, and Howk. USAFA connot be described, it must be experienced RODNEY DEAN MIDDLETON Rod Iron City, Go International Affairs Rod come to USAFA from o little ol Georgio town ond soon learned to hate the weother of Colorado. He fought with the Deon more than once and somehow mode it through it oil Friends helped out a lot Todd wos olwoys around to give o smile Janet wos the greatest thing that ever happened to Rod Hopefully, things will work out os plonned for them in the future Thonks to Momma and Doddy. 0[10 Jell l|X f je(j(c(»i!). w2,oeoi! Irdyo ' ' GUY CHARLES NEDDO The Beast Malta, Idaho Aerospace Science I entered the Academy in 1979 - the six-year plon is definitely the woy to go All the push-ups you want ot no extto cost Live to fly, and fly to live Put out my hond, ond touched the face of God ' JOHN WILLIAM OGLE III Johnny-O Raleigh. NC Aeronautical Engineering From Athens to Anchorage, from Subic Boy to Seoul, thonks Air Force, but more importontly thonk you Mom, Dod, and trusted friends Skiing, scubo diving and sky diving, hot tubs ond hong gliding were greol take it low in the ground effect and lock the rudder in o toil slide Aero ' s all-nighters and the Igloo s tours weren ' t the greot- esi: but, " RDU opprooch N97LP ' 5 Inbound LDMP (Lord be my Pilot?) " CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM OVERMAN Chris Colorado Springs, Colo Mathematics I was a member of Chorale for four years, worked Comp Group and Weapons Committee, ond om reolly glad I come oil the way out here to USAFA to go to collegei Thanks Mom ond Dod and I love you, Peggy! How obout o jelly beon or two ' I » ' fiuuii KvatMmsKsmsxmeBmatixiniiiai •f3!(T)Uili ««ll«!ll ' S( ?«iy foiov SUSAN LYNN ROSENTHAL Sue Wen Harrtord Conn AeronouiKOl Engineering Well I probably might not hove leorned my Aero os well os I should hove ihot s why I chose to return Thanks Mom ond Dod (for understanding) Chod ond Jeff (ex-64ers), Dorline (my friend and Mom), K C (64 50. ond Roger (for always being there - 2. (XX) miles owoy when I need you ) A foreigner is o friend I hoveni mer yet " MARK ROBERT RYDELL Speidel Dei Moines lowo Operoiiom neieorch I don I know whoi mode me do it I wonted to quit for my first two years ond now I m finolly being groduoied I hove to thonk God my fioncee. my fomlly bock home, my fomilies downtown ond my friends here for the support Ive received There ore mony things I wonted to forget, yet mony things I wont to remember It s been on amazing four yeors Good luck ond God bless RICHARD EDWARD WADE nick Opeliko Alo Civil Engineering Wow so much hos hoppened ' After surviving mony cut downs on the beloved South. Pikes Peok Mt lote nights with C E . no UDT ond Airborne I think I con really soy Ive done something Besides the snow in September this ploce wosn I so bod os long OS you don t worry obout the trlviol things in life Speclol thonks goes to Poul T , Oryon D . Doryll T , my fomlly, ond most oil m foIKi bock ot home Rc ' i STARSHIP ' DENNIELEEOURNSJR Lazy Master Philadelphia. Pa Basic Academics Well. I must soy that it is all over I leorned mony feelings Sod. hurt, disappointment boofed. shotted, ond above oil loziness It ' s time to move on to somewhere far. for owoy For owoy Go Air Force Deot 75.120. SIX months if you con WILLIAM scon CARNEY F.Lee Lubbock. Texas Management I will remember my four yeors ot U5AFA for: Leon G s for P ond D. midnight movies, two yeors of hitchiking, Chi-Chis. DF s. cruising Nevodo. Domino s PIzzo. Joe ond Emil, oll-nlght SAMIs Leather ond Don. Sonyo and Lindo Gregory C ond his thot s right — fix If. the F Lee brothers, Weber s food potrol. RC s see me ASAP, and os a 150K education a nickel at a time THOMAS HUNTER COLEMAN TC Woodland Hills. Calit Basic Academics If anyone would like to gel my olbum which consists of orginol rockabilly music representing, four yeors (or five if preppies) of hard work ond dedication Songs like " you got me ' . you never know " , " why con t we fly and especially hord stuff just write to TCIive, 5011 Claret Court, Woodlond Hills, Collf 91364, It would moke o good memorium of USAFA, ond if only costs U The folks would love it. Good luck os officers WILLIAM PHILIP DELANEY Bill Colchester, Vt International Affairs The beginning of o new end ALFRED MAXWELL DORSEY JR Dorse New Jersey Human Foaors So glod we hod this rime rogerher, just to hove o lough No, reolly first I ' d like to soy good-bye to oil my Torontulo Buddies especiolly Doofie Simmons the first man to put o T-41 in orbit ond Lorry D who better jump on It Next to oil my ployboy squodronmotes who know it ' s like o jungle some- times Then to the WLC, who seorch for justice ond whot they do find, ond finally my porents and sponsors who supported me. PAM GOODEN Voynesville. Mo Engineering Mechanics From freefoll scoring. SERE Wing Stoff scubo Supt ' s morksmonship ribbon mech mojor summer reseorch to T-41, chollenging opportunities never slipped post Pom. Through noturol drive for ambition ond genuine persistence, she occom- pushed a greot mony things, ond yet monoged to ploce top priorty in concern for others -through coring for her classmates and pride in her fomily MICHAEL TIMOTHY HEALY Dirdmon Arcadia. Calif Internorionol Affairs Running with my clossmotes on either side ond the blonkers tied over our shoulders, we moved the rock slowly up the hill, and then hid beneoth o bush at our final checkpoint After we cleaned up ond ordered pizza, we showed the younger ones how to corry o rock And with o ring on, for the fourth and final rime, we told those of us who hod died thot we would never forget MICHAEL ANTHONY MARGIOHA Mike Belleville. Ill Electrical Engineering Mike has mode severol accomp- lishments over the post four years Like scoring o 37 on his second jump ond still getting his jump wings, ond landing o soilplone with the broke on, just to nome o few Alwoyso down to eorih kind of guy, he won ' t forger the Fourth of July or Memoriol Pork with Drent. Joe, Steve ond the others, one of the few times we all got together .lO ' ijW " i am («ni iyi ' mIim MARCI LAVON MCGLINN Prescori. Anz Inrernolionol Anz III never forget oil the good times I ' ve hod at USAFA ond with the gymnostics teom The best times To the doss thot mode spirit cheese fly ond snowmen oppeor during porodes, may we oil succeed in our endeovors Thanks Mom and Dad for the shoulders I cried on ond thank you Preston for corrying me through the bod times You oil mode the difference " Thonks God Almighty — we ore free ot lost! ' MICHAEL JAMES MCINERNEY Crash Soyville. NY Internorionol Affairs These post three yeors wete greot, hanging out with the Fob Four ot Beef s Crash, Spunky Sped ond Crow! I ' ll miss my friends, ski weekends, rood trips, stereo wors, ding-dongs, ond beer for breakfast ond keg parties ot Beefs ill never forget the Ring Donee weekend How does it go ogoin guys ' Ring- cor-friends-doie " It just doesn t matter onymoreli Good luck to the Long Islonders I ' m leaving behind scon ALLEN MOORE ScottJay Toledo. Ohio Chemistry My yeors ot USAFA would have been boring without my good friend Scott-Toy We ve hod some fun times together I ' ll olso miss everyone down ot Mott s Potty Poiodise (After oil, four bucks ond four bucks!) Thanks for the support of Ploy- boy 19 when I tried to get Brooke Shields for my Ring Donee dote Oh well, it shet loss Alwoys remember. Whosoever would be o man must be o non- comformist ' KEITH WAYNE MARGAN Waterloo, lowo General Engineering I would just like to thonk my fomily, the gymnostics teom roommates, ond friends here ond bock home i ituTiAYTninKCMnv«i»vmunMnNHNDi «6ion» ifou eon, «oyio 101% Hieni, W:one EDWARD L. PAREROIII red My rile Beach 5 C Moihemotia Hey I m o rmorh mojor more con- fused rhon onyone oround me. Confusion is enhonced by (KC who s gonno line up his ducks, foil off the pumpkin wogon. shut the born door after the cows get out. ond slom dunk you Soy whot ' I ' d like to toke the op- portunity to endorse T C s olbum Regording the Acodemy I come I sow I kicked Hey Mo I mode it LAMAR DEWEY PARKER Dewey Ogden Uioh Aiironourlcal Engineering Life is short, ond the house olwoys lokes o percentage STEVEN GERARD RAFFERTY not Tucson Am Dosic Acodemici I give thanks to God, my Mom, Dod. brother, and sister They hove given me the strength ond knowledge to be successful and happy DARREN JEFFREY REED Ponnoc Mich Biology KRISR, SCHAUMANN Prior Lake Minn Boilc Acodemia, ERVIN GEORGE SCHEETS JR Woukesho VlZ s Inrernorionol Affairs " The wise mon knows that he can- not know ■ -Socrates DRYAN KEITH SELVAAG Henning Minn Inrernononal Affairs Well, it s been o long ond dif- ficult four yeors, but it s also been very rewording I II never forget the good times, the friends, ond the very speciol person I met while here moy oil our poths cross ogoin soon MICHAEL ANDREW SHIELDS Manson Woodsrock N Y Operations Research Steam pressed shoes no creosed shirrs sterile cubicle froying mognei howling winters bloody convos ( omon botfis stereo wors, oil nighters, ENG 330 drogging summers Best Western life after tops, mosterdebr outr limits. 60 0-4 mos Mondy. o century in less thon 74 words KENNETH scon STAUFFER Hellenown. Po Manogemenr My heod is bloodied but unbowed " JON ROBERT STEPHENS Oklahoma dry. Okia Management I did ir my way " KENNETH JOHN VANRAVENSWAAY 5wOay Wen Branch Mich It It wosn I ttie tougtiesi four yeors the Acodemy ever sow it wos the toughest four yeors I ever sow I rhonk God for oil the friends I found here in both coders end officers It s only with their help that I con now soy I mode iti ' scon MCLEAN VIPOND Vip Kirklond. Wash Basic Academics If It wos meont to be. it will happen I kept thot in mind os I experienced the highs ond lows of life I m glod my friends ond family were there to see me through both, so they can un- derstand the happiness I II feel at groduotion Mom and Dad, I love you 00 W IWjWtt WHO IwOlllOt l«W Mlf«»« people » jwoysW ' topee»ei l[(ilie«in t»eiio toveio ' TODD DAVID WICKLUND Wick La Crescent. Minn Electrical Engineering Coming from God ' s country, I hod o difficult time odjusting But then I listened to the parental units Mom sold. Hove fun and be good " so I took Dad ' s advice " Hove fun but don ' t ge t caught " Notufolly life got better There were the rugby trips or the nights in Lmdo ' s and Steve s jocuzzi I hove left, but I will olways hove the memories and friends. And remember too much Is dangerous to your health. NICHOLAS ALLAN WILLEH Nick Elgin. Ill Asrronauticol Engineering At lost, groduorion hos orrivedi We storted 22 Jun 61 with 1437 days to go. mode it through doolie yeor, two degree com- mitment. Ring Donee, firstie yeor, 100s night and ot lost 29 may 85 ond doys I hove mony good memories ond I ' m hoppy I come here, but I never wont lo do it ogoini P 5 Thonks Ctolg ond Kevin. ERIK JOHN YOUNGREN 5coofer Wallingtord Conn Biology The memories from this ploce ore vost olthough many would proba- bly be better off forgotten. I II never forget my experiences with D G D Tokyo, Howoii, three degree porry in El Paso, two degree porty in Tocomo, ski trips to Aspen drummer s ponies OS well os touching down in 17 of the greot 50 states Additionally, the friends I ' ve mode ore terrific It s been o wonderful four yeors " TROLLS ' I fc«l ' £ij Nl»Hf ten KENNETH WILLIAM DAILEY Ken Honolulu Hawoii Iniernoitonal Afioirs I woni ro thonk everyone who mode this experience beoroble I will never forget the friends thot I hove mode here the people who I could ond will olwoys be oble to trust I hope everyone will remember me for the woy I om o petson who loves to sleep ond who doesn t hove to work hord ot being lozy Gimme some slock IheCors NEIL ROBERT OILLINGS Diihop Colli Humon Foaon They soy thot if you think this ploce wos worth it, you re crozy Out if you didn t think it wos worth It ond stoyed, you re stupid Idrotherbe crozy thon stupid MICHAEL PAUL CASAVANT Cos Iroih Kingnon N Y Humon Foaors The times hove been intense molnly becouse of the incredible friends I ' ve spent them with If I ever felt down. I would coll Chris ond E J spend some time ot Jim s ploce which kept things in perspective Everything s relotlve ond life s full of trode offs The lows were lower ond the highs were higher Right now I reolly don t know if it wos oil worthwhile Tolk to me in 10 yeors Thonks Mom ond Dod STEPHEN MEADE EDOAR towfon Ohio General [ngineenng DONALD RAY EDSALLJR Sweei Daddy Gunnison. Colo Electrical Engineering Some things I II be glod to for- get but I hope I never forget things like [binding people under the pool toble pointing Cos. ond finding the woman I truly love Thonks to Noncy, Scremin, Kevin, Rusty, D Fish. Cos. Iggy. Wolfe. Joe. Ed. Zippy. Dimo, Horon-Horon, ond Jonel. for the good times and support RICHARD NEAL FISH Dick Gorham, Maine Basic Academics We busted out of doss to get owoy from those fools Tonight I hear the neighborhood drummer sound I con feel my heort begin to pound no retreot. no surrender you wind up like o dog that s been beot too much Till you spend half your life covering up Not me U5AFA. Im too precious KEVIN JAMES FLEMING Morv Tyrone. Po Inrernoiional Affairs If you con ' t look ot this ploce OS offering something that you wont look ot it OS o step- ping stone to that which you wont loter Mony of the things we leorn about our experiences orent leorned until long ofter these experiences hove occured THERESE MARIA FOLEY Tree FronMin. Moss Biology It s hord to believe just how much living hos been crunched into four years I remember olwoys being busy olwoys being behind ond olwoys being tired Out through it oil, I wos olwoys hoppy. Thank you Mike k RUSSELL DRYAN GREGG Rusry Porrorrsville. Tenn. Management You ride the line of bolonce ond hold on by just o threod You get up to get out ot your next stop, but they push you bockdow in your sect Your heort stotts beotin ' foster so you struggle to your feet You ' re out o thot hole. . -Springsteen •a jwamy. ' agHMM ERIC GEORGE GUNZELMAN Eric Von Duren, Maine Asrronautical Engineering After two yeors of civilian college, I come to the Acodemy seeking its immense opportun- ities which ore many and so ore the friends I hove mode. The Acodemy hos reveoled to me its true noture: It ' s o flower orrongemenf representing cunning excellence. So remember oil you who struggle, the intongible hordships will wither ond the tongibles you will reop, os you solute your clossmote onword. PAUL DAVID HAMILTON n.oy Cedarburg. Wis Chemistry I guess the duty concept is what got me through here Although I did o lot of " Dyin ' over here " I wouldn ' t trode the friendships for onything, not even the prophecy Well, ' Perhops not " that then again " Perhops " EMR LANSING STEPHEN HORAN III Horon-Horan Hartford. Wis. Electrical Engineering I ' ve learned that taking the good with the bad always feels like the bod until it ' s over, and thank God it s over I ve also learned it ' s nor whot you know but who you know that reolly matters, and the people I ' ve come to know here ore some of the greatest I ' ve met any- where I ' ve successfully " Rolled with the chonges, ' ond now it is " Time for me to fly " The Prophecy remoins: Ring and Ling. 00 (WW RICHARD ALLEN KLUMPP JR Klippity Los Angeles. Calif International Affairs Professionalism moy be in for officers But when I get thot diploma It ' s gonno be 30 days of " Hey, bud - lets pony! " MARC ANDRE ' LENKE Lonks Mogadore. Ot)io Engineering Mect)anics An illusion for better or for worse ' Whot I expected I never sow Whoi I got I come to endure I cont soy whether I would do it ogam Nevertheless, what one leotns here is not taught Mony hove toiled in this regard Hopefully, I will not " If you hove ten rhousond reg- ulotions, you destroy all re- spect for the low " " -Winston 5 Chutchill DONALD GEORGE MCCLARIN JR Portville. N Y Civil Engineering I come to U5AFA anticipoting, at the very least, leorning new things obout myself ond life How right I was - new meanings for old words, new solutions for old problems, new minimumsfor old stondords, new punishments for old crimes, new couses for old hobits Now that it s ovet, om I o leoder ' Perhaps Perhaps not And I hove o degree, ond lots of memories and friends ROBERT scon MOSER Norwolk, Conn Electrical Engineering " Officership is strongest and most effeaive when it most closely approoches the pro- fessional ideal: It is weokest and most defective when it foils short of thot ideal " -Samuel P Hungtington ' ' «IBO( htfrfft !iti 4iuTivmnnn my- " Sohj e STEPHEN KENNETH MOULTON 5r Morys Pa Aeronautical Engineering RAEANNENOYES nondi nobbii Deihel Pork Pa Chemiitry Off we go . into whot I m not sure Out I do know I II misi all of you You ve shown me the truth in these words There ore no Kmltotlons in whot you con do except the llmitotions in your Own mind os to whot you connot do Dorwin Kmgsley Thanks Mom ond Dod ond thank you Trolls You ve oil been lerrifflci Til the next time we soy goodbye, I II be thinking of you -Mick Jogger JEFFERY CLAYTON PEDEN Pede Demon Harbor Mich Dosic Acodemia I never understood raking things with a groin o( self " oj much OS I do now In text offer four years I ve got enough soli to fill oil the solt shakers in Mitchell Hall Out I still did it ond if I con anyone con Oe yourself take it one doy at a lime: hove o Utile fun when you con and leon on your family ond friends Thonks to all the fellas and everyone else (especiolly Mom, Dod. Mary, ond Greg, my family ) KODERT OftlAN POST Pojfmon OldD(ldg .NJ CmI Engineering Yeoh I m from Joisey ' exit 9) I ve f ocd ihoi (or (our yeors now, ond finally III put ii lo rest Im olso o CE nvjjof (go aheod ' kjugh ' ) How con o p rson odmii to Such things ' It s oa- uolly o bit of (oreJ odowinq It hos olwoys been my ambition to build my Own exit on tl N J Turnpike and live hoppily ever offer by rhe shore The mounroins ore nice but JEFFREY ALLEN SIEGEL Captain Video Los Angeles. Calif International Affairs Jeff wos Q chorter member of rhe Delchtire Owners Associotion, o preppie (the few, rhe proud, ond getting fewer), ond o computer freok His toste in hobbies eccentric, his roste in girls, orientol (whot else ' ), ond his toste in friends, quesnonoble Of best Jeff will moke millions In computer crime You II not find o more wretched hive of scum and villony ' -from me Sorge (Dorry Workmon) I ' m for- ever endebted to you SHERRI SUE SIMS Bradley. Ill International Politics Nothing s criticol - so long os you hove your foirh ro sustoin you, your family to support you ond your friends to believe in you, Thonks Mom ond Dod, I owe it oil to you ' And Cory, we ve come quite o woys from that bon- fire ond snowbank Toke core Lord guord ond guide us oil with the strength ond wisdom to do whot we must One doy at o time JAMES PATRICK VOGT Jim Springfield. Ore Operations Researcti In the post four yeors, I have lived the highesr highs ond the lowest lows of my life I ' ve done so much with so lirtle thot I think I con now do onything with nothing ot oil Most im- portontly, Ive leorned to dis- tinguish between whot is criticol ond whot is not At the Acodemy, nothing s critical except the tremendous friend- ships mode there Here s to good friends and pulling Gs I hove to lough JAMES DUCHANAN WILLIAMS JD Carlisle lowo Astronuotical Engineering Acodemics and 20th squodron life has proven 10 lbs will fit in o 5 lb bog I wos slow at times (didn t do o spirit mission urv til I wcis o junior), but even- tuolly I obsorbed oil My friends mode everything much eosier to swollow Wfiat I leorned most I was not taught but it seems others hove leorned this lesson os well If they give you ruled popoer write the other woy -Juon Ramon Jimenez BLACKJACK " CRAIG MICHAEL DARKSDALE Dorky Atlanta. Go. Dosic Academics I am greorfui thot God gave me the obilify to lough ot what most people cry over SAMUEL JOSEPH DERTLING Bert Wotthingron. Iowa Human Factors It ' s good to be the king The only woy I got here, though, was to keep the perspective ond to insure thot people were olwoys included in that per- spective TODD ANDREW DURLEIGH Pfaffrown. N C International Affairs Look Mom ond Dod, its been only six yeors Just remember things will olwoys turn out for the best as long as you hove good friends, good fomily, ond olwoys look on the bright side of life U5AFA wasn ' t thot bod, I might even hove leorned something As for my cadet coreer. Thus quoth the foven, never more! " Now it ' s time for UPT, " So excuse me while I kiss the sky " TIMOTHY RODERT CORNELL Corny Menomonee Foils. Vis. Basic Academics I begon with the aspiration of being o fighter jock with on aero degree I ' ve finished with a UPT prep major, but the sky still beckons Thonks to Mom, Dod, T R C 1, T R C 3, and " Du-Du " tor your unending sup- port, " Chorlie " - my erernol source of inspiration. Impulse is great: the only member of the IXotec Flying Teom to lond thirty feel obove ground Spring breok In Texos? ' Suzle " , the block 260 zx Are we hoving fun yet? JAMES RODERT CVANCARA JC Genesee. Idaho Inrernoitonal Affairs A toost to my friends who work hord ond ploy hord, ond hove on eternol sense of humor in keeping with reolity You ' re the best! Keep on optimistic view on life ond give it your oil Toke the challenge GEORGE EVEREnE DAY JR George St alimar. Flo Electrical Engineering Having experienced everything from choir trips to freefoll, I certainly hove no regrets coming here Dorrel ond Timbo, my room Commonders, ond Mike ond Jon, my greot motivotors, hove seen me through the good ond bod rimes, though Mory Ann ' s been " somerhin else " , Jesus Christ is greorest in my lite And whether He sends me to fly or support that effort. I look forward to on exciting future RODERT JOHN DIGERONIMO Doc Fremont. Calif Biology Mojor Verrochi wos right, " This isn ' t Berkeley ' Alex, it ' s your foult I come here, ond Al, it s your fault I come bock Thanks, for some reoson I m glod I did I will never forget the friends I ' ve mode, especially Kevin Al, Lynn and Dob Without my family and the Sparks, I never would hove mode it Thonks, Borky r emember Tim, Colifornio rules Bob, somehow it s oil connected Justice Sam, pure justice W HK Nowifs MICHAEL scon FERREIRA Dublin. Calit Morhematics ALFIO FILAOELFO FRAGALA Al Lawrence Man Elecrricol Engineering " De true to youtself " Throughout four yeors here I leorned much obout myself and o( others whom I hove known ond colled friends The memories of this ploce will be o little brighter because of them ond of the times we spent together Tolking, joking ond clowning oround oil helped the time poss o little quicker toword groduo- tlon ond the fulfillment of o dreom DANIELLE LATREASE HATCHETT Son Anronio fexoi Engineering Mechonici The Academy is like o trip lo LosVegos youcongownh nothing end come out os o winner • you con go with every thing end come out os o loser I still don I know how much or whether or not I hove won but could I loke this gomble ogom ' Thonk you Pierre my fioncee Duddy ond Pol for moking my residency here so much more beoroble DALE ROBERT HUHMANN Homer Si Ellioberh Mo AsironouiKol Englr eerlng " Few dcx rs ever close ' 1 1 [o y WILLIAM AUGUST KLIESCH Jackson. Misi General Engineering KYMDAL KAY LARSON Kym Richard. Wash Engineering Mechanics To be a success you do not hove to reoch the top or outdistonce others You only hove to moke use of the obillties you possess Your success os a person has no relation to the success or failure of anyone else DRADLEY ALAN MALONE Drod Wesrminsrer Colo International Affairs One light con illummote the darkness of o thousond yeors. ond one bit of wisdom con de- stroy the ignoronce of the thousond yeors Neve ' mind looking bock to the post: olwoys consider the future, ond olwoys make future thoughts good EUGENE JAMES MCGRATH Geno Hoinespon. N J Inrernotlonol Affairs Do not follow where the path moy leod Go. insieod where there is no poth ond leove a troll So I hove tried to live, dorlng to question ond be my own mon. For thot I hove poid the price but I hove been true to self, be- couse I will hove to live with myself much longer thon I will live with ony other mon JAMES RODERT MECKOLL Jim Norco. Colif Aeronautical Engineering " And you moy osk yourself, my God, whor hove I done ' " -D Dyrne TIMOTHY LAWRENCE NESEMEIER Coronsville. Md Inrernarionol Affairs Irs been o tough tour yeors, but now it ' s time to fly fighters. GORDON CHARLES PETERS Gordo Onsred. Micfi Biology I hove less thon 24 hours to finish the blurb " obour myself for the POLARIS Thor is just like everything else here, rushed ond excited I think, though, rhot this is whot mokes the Academy survivoble Well, it ' s done, good night everyone CHARLES PETERSEN Fort Worrfi, Texas Basic Academics (((i.omlw (ftieiKei RANDY JOHN PEniT Teeter Fillmore. N Y Electrical Engineering Not mony people get to exper- ience o ploce like U5AFA From Cobro 14 to DIockjock 21. Ive seen, done ond learned more than I ever thought could be possible in four years There hove been many good and many bad experiences, but I would never trade one Nothing ever becomes reol until it Is experienced I ' m glod I did TIMOTHY JOHN PHILLIPS Timbo Bedford. Michi Electrical Engineering Behind limbo ' s benevolent smile is the unstoppable ' Motor City Modmon " He is o fierce fighter who pushes himself with animol- istic drive This mon wos born to fly Timbo has never been o lone eagle though He hos seen me through from freefoll to weightlifting to Howoii ond bock ond hos shown me. as well as mony others what it means to persevere With God os his flight leod ond Nodine on his wing, stars ore on his horizon. RODERT ALAN ST. MARIE Oob Northglenn Colo International Politics Before I come to the Academy I met a firstclassmon who was about to graduate I osked him If he d ever do it again He smiled at me ond laughed, just laughed, nothing else Now I know what he meant MICHAEL ASHTON WILLIAMS Jochsonville. Fla Economics Mangement I remember college It wos fun but It wosn I perfect And much more than a line from o movie Duty, honor, country At any rote. I hope my goals ore smiling of my, our, Acodemy experience I guess success reolly is a journey, but con we increose the speed limit ' KEVIN JEROME ZEILMANN Kev Winchester Mo Miliiory History God gront me serenity to occepr the things I cannot chonge couroge to chonge the things I con, ond wisdom to know the difference After 1409 fun filled doys, let me just soy troopers you hod to be there ■ Thot others moy live ARRS " TARANTULAS ' ALAN AKESHI ADANGAN Dang Wahiawo Oohu Motion Opetotiom Research I ' ll remember those of you who ve shored with me ond hope I ve mode o difference to some of you OS well For helping me become o better me Moholo DAVID KALA ANDERSON Dogger Clovii. Com Aeronouticol Engir eerlng Cought like o sewer roi. done but I soil Oought like o cruit of breod oh c o I wal SeWom stumble, never crumble Try to tumble. IHe s o rumble Feel the Slinging I ve been given Neverending. unreleniir g Heon- breok seoring olwoys feoring Never coring perservering Soil on. soil on soilor -Tfie Deoch Doys I come f ere to fly ond I itxjnk God thot 5 whot III be domg tnDmii .Atony sore uffii! uicon !(JI « ' DENNIS MICHAEL ARMSTRONG Vermillion 5 D Space Physics I ' m o mon of few words THOMAS JEFFREY DROWNING Washington D C General Engineering " Argue for your limironons ond sure enough they re yours " This quote from the book Illusions ' wos o theme for me to follow these post four years If you think thot you ore doing the best that you con then you ve set your gools entirely too low Good luck to my brother Steve In -88! ORLANDO LUIS CARTAGENA Rican Aguadillo Puerto Rico Basic Academics During my four years here you could olwoys count on your friendly neiborhood Ricon for something interesting. GAIL GASNER Vocoville. Calif Dosic Academics M . n .u..».t... ...uwm. KBlOlllOil ERIC WALTER DEARDORF Herms Auburn, Ind Management I come here, because I wonted someone to tell me whot to do with my life Since I ' ve been here I ' ve learned to love my country, cherish my family, ond long to fly Am I o product of the system ' Moybe, but I don t reolly care Decouse the Academy hos tought me to moke my own decisions Thonks to my fomily. Colonel Joe ond Terry, ond my friends I love you oil DAROLEN KAY FAHRNI Aieo. Hawaii Basic Academics Dear Mom ond Dod, My only regret is thot I hod to move owoy from home to realize how much I love you, I oppre- ciote oil your love, patience ond devotion thot helped me moke It through these five long yeors If I ' ve learned one thing here It is to live life well ond to party is the best revengel Ikoi Ikoi Love Korolen JONATHAN PAUL FRENCH Frenchy Oroville, Calif Military History LAWRENCE AARON WALTER HARGIS Larry Lafayette, Cola Military History Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in oil wisdom: teoching ond odmonishing one onother in psolms ond hymns ond spiritual songs, singing with groce in your heorts to the Lord And whotsoever ye do in word or deed, do oil in the nome of the Lord Jesus, giving thonks to God ond the father by Him " -ColossionsO 16,17 j dowii i.eniio am I tailieohiii jjsW ' lC RAYMOND CARLETON HARRIS Roy Danville. Go Electrical Engineering The best time I hod wos 29 May 1965 scon CHRISTIAN HOLSWADE Swodes 5ourh Charleston, W Vo Physics Thot ' s one groduotion for o codet, one giont leop for mon- kind Thanks Mom, Dod, Eric, and PoPow for moking me whot I om I love you olM To my friends You ' re welcome for the privilege of knowing me Stoy colm, relox, ond hove fun out there fKemember he who loughs, losts I took from the Acodemy whot I needed ond left the rest behind It was worth it -JohnO 16 DAVID DRYAN HORTON Dove St Louis, Mo Astronouticol Engineering ' Unless men like myself left these wonderful luxuries in this great land of Americon we would lose it oil forever We were going to fight, ond mony of us were to die, for just whot I hod here - my wife and family To me they were oil that wos real, they were oil thot I could understand. To me. they were Americon Col Robert L Scott Thonks, Mom and Dod I love you both! KODIR HUSSAIN Ko Teoneck, N J Management Ancient Chinese ptoverb Any- one con leorn from their own mistokes but it takes o wise- mon to leorn from the mistokes of others ' I myself, never cloimed to be wise If nothing else, being here, Ive leorned three very distinct things: Life ' s too importont to toke seriously If it wosn t o chollenge it wouldn l be worth It And most importantly o mon s wisdom IS meosured by how much dust he con find in a clean room VA swciwniiniininiintJBBitxwranBaiaiDHHi 1 JUDSON JOn JUSELL Jud Penmylvania. Pa Dosic Academics I now hove friends who would lay down rheir Me for me. ond I for ifiem Indeed, some hove died, but I m olive ond free — on Americon And my greotesi discovery IS thor Jesus Christ loid down His life for me I wos once o good person I proyed I went to church Out now I ' m o Chrisiion I rejoice eoch doy for the obundont life I hove With Him All things ore possible ' I Corinthions 10 01 DOUGLAS DOENN RIDER Oone Oumby Zoiogozo AD Spam Eleciricol engineering Two roods diverged in o wood, ond P ' I think I took the one less iroveled by Along the woy I leorned o little obout myself, integrity ond whot mokes other people go I om sure I would do it over ogoin, but I ' m glod I ve been through it once Certoin things I will not forget Alhmed. Flash, the St . the Rock six weeks in Howoii. Double Duece, Dye-Doy ond PK Life goes on GLENN GORDON ROUSSEAU Joe Drimtield. Mou Engineering Phyna Reody or not here I come I come to USAFA. I endured ond I wos groduoted. but I did my best olong the woy llemember me for D6D Joes college, and for surviving the only real mojor physics Its our Air Force now lets moke the best of it God bless us all and keep us sofe in our endeovors Duty, honor country Sincerity. Integrity. ond pride ' KEVIN JOSEPH ROUTHIER Kev Lawrence Mau Eleciricol ingineenr g I let Him toke contro) ond woi oiTKized at what we could do Mony limei through my woy here, there hos been only one set o foot- prints in the sofK) Thonkj Duddy, for corrying rr e through iftoie troubled times I am ever thonkful thot our country hos the freedom to ptoive you openly You rrvoy hove to (ighr when there is no hope of vioofy because it is better to periih thon live OS slaves ' HOWARD ALBERT SEID Ontonagon. Mich Basic Science Life con be lived two ways witl or without With and you will be content Without and life will be lost. Q series of octions with no meaning In the post, ot times, I hove been without, but no more I hove leorned my lesson the hord woy MARK VINCENT SHURMAN Shrum Chesterton Ind Aeronautical Engineering I con t soy I enjoyed every minute, bur Ive leorned much and hod mony of good times. Thonks to oil my friends for moking good memories. I hope it wos worth it MICHAEL JUDE SPITZ South Dend. Ind Aeronautical Engineering III admit thot the Academy was indeed an experience rhot I II look bock on As I do reflect however. I know I would hove never mode it without the proyers from my friends ond the support Christine gove me when rimes were bod I love them all LYNN MAY STEER Colorado Springs Coio Humanities I opplied my senior year on o dare The hometown doss clown ' They oil sold Id never get m So I got in I d never finish DCT So I finished My first 5FO soid I wos too dumb to moke It So I mode it Never give up It s the iryin that counts! Now they soy III never fly F-16S ■ expect me when you see me boys or III wox your toil tc30 ' CAREY STEVEN THOMPSON Westminster, Colo Monogement I ornved bock of the Acodemy ofter o seoson of skiing in Sreomboot Definitely the best decision that could hove happened to me Some odvice to everyone v ho envies the civilion college life: With the opportunities offered here, the gross is greener on our side of the fence I hove set the teol- listic gool of becoming the ultimote being of time, spoce ond mofter. But if I con ' t do thot, I ' ll ptobobly go on welfore JERRY LYNN VAUGHANJR The Captain Alta Lama, Texas Operations [Research I guess thot someday, I ' ll think of this ploce and remember only the good times Thete were good times ond good friends I ' ll remember you oil After this, we ' ll all move on, but os Winston Churchill put it, it ' s only the end of the beginning BREH ALAN VONSIK Chief California, Pa Management I come to the Acodemy expecting o challenge Whof I found wos o struggle with the Acodemy and myself I ' ve changed since I ' ve been here and I feel it s for the better I hove mode many new friendships thot were born of joy, fear, love, and need, all the things thot are the essence of man ond the things thot, through my friends, hove come to chonge me forever My friendships will lost a life- time ' DONALD DAVIS WRIGHT JR Aurora, Colo Electrical Engineering It is truly omozing how much I octuolly learned here I leorned some from the Dean, ond some from the Commandant, but mostly I learned to ovoid fonotics and depend on my friends I just hope there ore fewer fonotics ond enough friends in the future for my clossmotes and me IdCWEUIIilllW " BARNSTORMERS ' ROBERT KAZUO OAKER Bake, Dob North Syracuse, N Y Oosic Academics The Academy ond I come together With great expectations in June of ' 81 Looks OS though the the Acodemy and I were both disoppointed However, I learned some involuoble lessons ond met some greot people thot I con olwoys coll ftiends If I did get out with o commission thete ore two people thot I om grote- ful to. One is God for providing me with the will. The other is me for providing the sweat, Loter, ANTHONY JOSEPH CARRELLI Tony Hammonton. N J Dosic Academics These post four yeors hove been o lot of things They hove been some of the best times of my life, but they hove olso been the worst of rimes Thtough it oil though, I hove grown close to some people i con teolly coll friends and nothing in this world con tkae that owoy It was never easy, but I mode it Thanks Mom and Dod fot your support CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL CASSIDY Chris Novaio, Colit Chemistry I m inspired to mention these thoughts At the Acodemy I ' ve found friends to love and trust Ive discoveted on unottomoble idea to commit my life to ond I ' ve tediscovered my God to whom I bear my soul I II be best temembered by the thoughts in these two quotes " We ote mode strong through the struggle ond soft through peace ond luxury, from Dune " There is more to life thon increasing its speed -Gandhi! Thanks Mom ond Dad • .. Wits Odd f tare Id, dme. JACQUELINE NINA CHARSAQUA El Paso Texoi Monogemeni STANLEY KUI FONG CHUNG Ping Pong Kaneohe. Howon Human Factors From the momeni they told me to get my chin m, I knew I wosn t going to like it I wos right, but while Ive hod the worst times of my life here ond hove met o few people I didn t like, I ve olso hod the best times of my life ond hove mode ever- losting friendships Thonks Dod. Mom Sis ond Jeff ' God bless RICHARD scon DAW Scotr nockvllle. Md Iniemoiionol Attain Some people look ot things the woy they ore ond osk Why ' I look ot things thot never were ond osk Why not ' The good guys do olwoys win ond now Im one of them Im o Zoomie Ever since I strolled into DCT Ive hod my moments • but III never odmit them As I wolk bock down the romp the woy I come in, I con only think, three cheers for those we leove behind KENNHH CHARLES EVANS One Woy Socromento CaM Ov)l Engineering I wont to be os poniive os possible oboul my (our yeors here, so it is with greoi jublloiion thot I remember ihoi commencement represents both o bright new beginning o( the future OS well os on erx) to llmAt ftmt aCASSior 01 » dewyl ' »e jodiowW .best iiwgWi ' " IfOffino ARNOLD PAUL FARDARIK Arnie Silverdole. Wosh Engineering Physics " I wos born ro live fost ond furious, I om destined to die swift and glorious For mine is the life of the sword And when I die I will hove no regret In my heart, And o smile upon my lips " -Jeffrey Allen Moore JAMES DUANE FLETCHER Flerch Lowrenceville Go Engineering Mechanics This post four yeors hove been different for me Ive grown ond changed in ways thot I never would have imagined I started o Boron ond with Ston ond Tino become o Oornsiormer Ive hod some bod rimes here, but I olso had some of the best times I II ever hove Looking bock I know all III remember is " it was worth it, " STEPHEN FRANK GADRYS Steve Hunrsville Ala Internoiional Affairs It was the best of times, it wos the worst ot times Coming for o committment to excellence, ' I II admit it was pure hell most of the time Out, looking bock, the good times are uncountoble C5-08, Nov trips, Russio, flying C-141S, bollgomes, through four yeors of onything to gain the friends I ve mode here - 1 love you oil Lord, guord and guide,. RODERTEARLGILMORE 5m ey Edwards Miss Mathematics I mode it " l ' " " ° " " ' ' " ™ ROBERT KIRDY GONZALEZ nob Dollos. Texas Inrernorionol Affairs It is nor the outsrondlng ocodemic educorion. ir is the physicol, meniol and morol con- dition of these post four years I volue the nnost I fiove learned my body can go beyond poin and fatigue; my mind con endure pressure ond intellectuol dis- ipline: my spirit con soar over bonolity and demorolizorion ro believe and live by ttie ideals tfiot hove mode rfiis the sweet country I coll my own Thonk you God GORDON JAMES GRIGGS Gordy Los Angeles, Calif Basic Sciences I hove no cotchy saying nor bit of good odvice to give Even if I did it would probobly foil upon deaf ears All I will soy to you is enjoy yourself and good luck in your future en- deavors at USAFA- MATTHEWDEANGRUNER Ace Elk Grove Colit Compurer Science Volhollo ' Whoi s Q Volhollo ' Duns ond me m the bottled solod dressing doys Things were tough then Yyyeeeppp, yep, yep Then mediocre two three I thought I wos losin good then but Woody ond Lots toughi me the subleties Jomming with the Eshboch brothers Wing tennis with my leod guitor Ooh give me sommo thot ' Me throw cheese ' Never Whot do yo soy we tool on outo this place and fly o little WILLIAM JOSEPH HOEPFL Elmonr, N. Y. Basic Academics Some things just con r be ex- plained in words Now it s time to look forword to blue skies ond dreams come true Thanks Kirk for some good veo-s STEVEN GLEN LEONARD 5feve Konnapolis, N C Asrronouticol Engineering And thot day dawned when he loy at the hub of the universe with the wheel poised to spin I remember S5 Lloyds, high gloss shoes, the " Worm " , twilight zone ond keg. Group MWr , Mothlas, Vail with the girls, Folcon touchdowns, muddy ambulonce, Aussie, doncing in Denvet, ond duty, honof, country Thonks to everyone at Home, U5AFA, and C.C- for youf love, time, and friendship. GREGORY MARSHALL 5on Jose, Calif Basic Science MICHAEL JAY MARTIN Kendollville Ind Operations [{eseorct I ' ve hod mony of great roommotes while I wos here at the Academy Mike, Chip, Don boy. Woody, ond Ralph Howevet, I ' m looking forword to hoving the roommate I ' ve wonted for the post few yeats Tree. RONALD PATRICK MCLAUGHLIN Woody Evergreen, Colo Managemenr Thanks ro my Mom and Dod. my brothers and friends, I hove finally finished the hordest five years of my life And I ve got one more silver dollar. »wiin taf foiiH ' lie ex- luesfe MICHAEL LARRY MULDOON New Holsiein Wn engineering 5oences PETER LAWRENCE NICKLOS JR Lorrs Cerrltoi. Colli Monogemeni I would like to first thonk God who gave me the obility to do oil I hove done Thonki Mom ond Dod I still love you even though I never sold HI Mom " on TV Thonks Ston. Tim. Jim. Woody. Little Jed ond Kevin (or being the best friends I ' ve ever hod Without you guys ond foot- boll I doubt I would hove stoyed Too bod Deon couldn t Slick it out EDWIN OERRY PCKiUE 5uon vo e Colil Monogemeni KIRKLANO ARCHER SMITH Kirif Hoviion. Texoi Humon foaors A Sincere thonks lo everyone who hos mcxJe these (our yeors worthwhile To those yet to groduote try to keep m touch with whot oil this IS (or ortd don t get burned out tXemember thoi you will groduote ond tf e only impoftont things here ore those thot will moke you o officer Dili. Moti ond Steve moy you oil find o pkjce m the sky thot you con coll you» (vxne QAIXJWN 3«)W,W ir«it AfldI ' ve TINA MARIE THERRIEN Hunnngron Bch. Colif Computer Science Don r forget the pom we ve endured. It ' s only through poin thot we grow And I ' m surprised by whot we ' ve been oble to do Thonk you. Michael for the precious gift of your love ond friendship You meon everything to me Wendy, olwoys remember; Diomonds ore forever ' To stew ond the gong, thonks for the best times of my life Victory mokes the poin oil worthwhile Proctice like o per- formonce ond remember • Sink Navy EDWARD DROWN TOMME Ed Fort Worth. Texos Physics When I come to the Acodemy 1 hod high expectations I leorned that leodership by exomple works The friendships I mode here will lost o lifetime With- out Doke. Mudrob. Moe-pere. Lou. Rolphus. ond mony others. I don ' t think I ' d hove made It. Dove Hickinboihom lives! JOHN JACOO TORRES Zorro Enterprise. Ala Internotlonol Affairs Oefore I come here. I wos told thot getting the oppointment wos the eosy port The hard port would be moking it through the four yeors That person who told me this wos obsolutely right! I ' ve learned a lot ond done a lot in four yeors time It wos tough, it wos chollenging, ond sometimes it wos not my fcvorite place Out now that I mode . ' . 1 know I ' ve occomplished som ■ - thing. Thonk Goodness. " PHANTOMS ' 81 JOHN ALEXANDER ANGULO Juan New Driroin. Conn Military Hisraiy Irs Q long bumpy rood but there ' s no speed linnif. KENNETH BANKS Ken Tacoma. Wash Aeronautical Engineering If seems like it oil come together this lost yeor You hove to work hord ond porty hord In order to moke it through this ploce. Soturdoy mornings ond Sorurdoy evenings ore oil o port of this. Hoppy hours ore olso! Just remember, " It just doesn ' t motter. " MICHAEL BERNARD BLACK Huggy Dear Wahiawa. Hawaii Basic Academics Sometimes the things thot moke the most sense ore not the best v. ' oy to do things Thot is, if it mokes sense you better not do it All in oil no motter how you look ot it, it was definetly o learning experience, no motter whot or how you leorned ROBERT LOWREY OOLAND JR Dob Columbus, Miss Aeronautical Engineering As on Aero major ocodemics wos importont to me Yes, studying wos second only to God, skiing, driving, sleeping i con ' t be- lieve it ' s gone by so quickly, but the friendships I ' ve mode here will never end I ' ve grown in mony woys but what I treosure most is that I ' ve grown in the Lord. I praise God for the chance to serve my country ond Christ. Golotions 2 20 61K0IHU " 0ti TODD MICHAEL DROSZ Grandpa P Le Sueur. Minn Astronautical Engineering What Ive dared I ' ve willed; And whot I ' ve willed, I ' ll do! ' Whot o wonderful thing it is for dreams to become reality ..A speciol thanks to the strengths thot got me through • my fomlly, my friends, ond foith I ' m glod I got so much more thon an educotion. I got on insight to things greoter thon myself and o dedicotion to support their worth Well. OS for now I ' ll keep dreaming WENDY LEE COOK Wendy O . Grandma Douglas, Go Dialogy " Don ' t be dismoyed at good-byes A forewell is necessory before you con meet ogoin And meeting ogoin. offer moments or life- times, is certain for those who ore friends " -Richard Doch Thonks Mom, Dad, Roy, Vongie, Alec and everyone else who helped me moke it through And o special thonks to Wayne who brightened my life with his love and mode me feel so speciol! so, with no regrets. Off I go! See y ' all lofer. ROBERT RAYMOND EAMON JR nob Anaconda, Mont Computer Science Of oil the blurbs I ' ve ever written, this is one of them! I only wish that I didn ' t hove to go through all this to reap the benefits I ' ve poid the fidler so Where ' s the song ' Remember Fido and the rest of ' 82 ond how I hated it Alwoys remember, when the going gets tough, we ' ll give you 40 40 Doby we were . It ' s o mystery. MARK EDWARD FISCHER Fish Los Vegas. Nev Dosic Academics Yours is not to know the reoson why Yours is to invert ond multiply 62 ' t »li)iihec jundu S,ily()yi fflifflthe GREGORY LAURENCE GIDDS Meesior Oeebs Huber Heights. Ohio Basic Academics DIessed ore those who expect nothing for they sholl not be disoppointed ERIC LEON GORDON Dover Del Basic Academics Eric, you ve been o greot friend Don t let the connmles get you! -Morlo GARY JAMES GREGORY Graham Palatine. Ill Computer Science Nothing In the world con rohe the ploce o( persistence Tolent will not: nothing is more common thon unsuccessful men with tolent Genius will not: unre- worded genius is olmosi o proverb Educotion will not, the world Is full of educoted derelicts Persistence ond deter- mination olone ore omnipotent JOSHUA JOSE Joih Neworh. Colit Doitc Academics For the groce o God ihoi brings soluoiion hos oppeored to oil men Remind the people to be subject to rules ond outhor- ities, to be obedient, to be reody to do whot ever Is good, to slender no one, to be peoce- oble ond considerote ond to show true humility toword oil men Iltus2 11. 3 1-2 TIMOTHY PATRICK LEWIS Tim Dunwoody. Go Management I come for the discipline ittwi KELLY MARK MICHELS Willmar. Minn Engineering Sciences Ever since the seventh grode. I ' ve dreamed of otiending and groduoting from this institu- tion Now that this is fulfilled I must look ot the reosons why I held this dreom To fly ond fight for thot which others take for gronted our freedom BRYAN FREDERICK MYERS Charles Redmond, Wash Human Factors Entering the Acodemy seemed to be the best opportunity for me to fulfill my lifelong desire to fly Now hoving endured four frying yeors. I leave ' his in- stituiton ond move on to UPT, looking forword ro both the time I will spend in the cockpit ond the coreer I will serve in the Air Force Thonks Mom ond Dod - for without you, I could never hove mode it! FRANK PRICE OSTEEN II POII Myrtle Bch SC Basic Sciences How much growing up I ve done the lost four yeors is de- botoble How much I ve leorned is not and ocodemics didn t get in the woy of my educotion South of the border friends ore irreploceoble If it mokes sense count on the opposite A top donee o smile ond minlmol omounis of knowledge will get you onyploce you wont to go And it s oil o motter of style Thonks Mom I love you 83 KEITH ROBERT POND Madison. Wis- Middle East History Those who know me know I om nor rhe some person who entered or the some perosn who rook rhe commitment my two degree yeor. I hung up my skotes, olcohol, end women for o new hope My friends stuck close: others fell owoy I proy they all sow rhe light in my new life the light of Jesus Christ Yes. Drion, ir s rhe friends ' Thanks Peopers, Phonroms, ond OCF, Thanks troopers God bless! TIMOTHY MICHAEL RAY Tim Deland, Flo Humon Foaors Four yeors ogo I wos o bright eyed, innocent beonheod- All of rhot has changed Coll an Ace on Ace ond o Diomond o Diomond and no man is worthless becouse he con be on exomple of woht not to do If these two things ore in- dexed of educorion then by all means I hove leorned- MARY JO ROCKER MJ Madrid. N Y. Basic Academics There were mony Things to do, to leorn, to expierience, to remember There were rimes ro lough To cry, to be happy, to get mod, frustrated And yet there is still more out there waiting, Its only just begun. Such is life. CHRISTOPHER SALVUCCI Chris Dossier dry. La. Biology There ore two types of people in this world Those who cherish the quoliries of loyalty, in- tegrity, ond selflessness and those who don t No mon is on island, and no one con lead before first showing thot his loyalty is unquestionoble, his integrity, infalible, ond his selflessness exhoustoble For rhen, and only then , will you hove the foith, trust, ond un- falteting support of those you leod. feviiiliif t Piiyjc IheiesnoiS ' [foiiiielwW MARIA LEE SHELLADARGER 5onro Barbara. Calif Biology Woht con I soy ' I learned, laughed, ond cried Along the woy, I hope I mode somebody smile ROBERT M. SIMMONS JR Cob Middleborough, Mass Military History Wotch out, marine corps, he ' s a live one! REDEYE ' GERARD JOHN DANICK Carteret N J Astronautical Engineering i 64 itsumssmmmtemBm RENARD WILLIAM 0ER6STROM Devils Lake N D Physics There s no sense chonging the chonnel when the TV s not on THOMAS JAMES DRUNO Tom Normal, III Elearicol Engineering STUART LLOYD OUnS Sru Proipea Ky Aslronouiicol Ervjineenng Its been o long four yeors Ive endured o CDO Acodemic boord end cor Occident ihoi could hove Wiled me Out even with oil thoi. I wouldn I give up coming to USAFA for onyihing The (riends I ve mode here meon more to me ihon onyihing Best o( luck to Poblo Shep. Whole Tess. IXenord Chuck Tom Wode Sponky Deon, Mott. Rob. Mike Mickey, ond oil my other friends See yo in the Air Force EDVARO LEE DYRO fd Auiiin texos Done Acodemici First ond foremost il onk you Lofd ' I dedKote oil my efforts ond occompliihments to my foih«r Lonnie Oyrd Sf God knows it wos his influence thot motivotes me olwoys I olso give thonKs to my big bfother Lonnte Lostly I thonk those who took time out to write or coll no motter how busy they (thought) ttiey were ' Hong lough C J CHARLES EDWARD CHAPMAN Chuck Soir Lake Cry Uroh Civil Engineering I think the best way to live with this place is to forget obour it OS often os possible For this I rhonk sleeping ond eoting which took up half the time here Thonks to Mom, Dod ond Deth who loved me regordless of the feors, teors and imposses DEBORAH E. CHARRON Tocomo. Wash Internorionol Affairs Go plocidly omid rhe noise ond hoste, ond remember what peoce there may be in silence enjoy your ochlevements as well as your plons take kindly rhe council of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth beyond o wholesome dis- cipline be gentle with yourself And whether or not it is cleor to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should There- fore, be or peoce with God. -Desideroro GREGORY THOMAS FRIGAULT Friggs Drisrol Conn Geography All I con soy is If the thunder doesn r get you then the lightening will — Gorcio THOMAS LEE GEOGHAN II Genysburg Pa Basic Academics .,M«:.iH-»v»flnTmH«B . JEFFREY DEAN GROH Jeff Murptiysboro, III International Affairs I con r say these hove been rhe best four years of my life, but rhey hove given me two things that can never be token owoy A good educotion and a really close friend ■ thonks for every- thing Stan, scon ALAN HENDERSON Vondenberg AFD, Calif Asrronautical Engineering I ' ve leorned that the lost is not olwoys the leost Thonks to my porents, my brother, Wode, Soroh, Don ond oil my friends, I ' m living proof Never meosure the height of o mountain until you hove reoched the top Then you will see how low it was " ■D Hemmerskyold LORI ANN HOGAN Middletown. N Y Inrernorionol Affoin Eyes thot hove seen will know whot I meon The time hos come to toke the bull by the horns We ' ve been so downheorted We ' ve been so forlorn If you don i know what to do about o world of trouble You con pull it through if you need to And if you be- lieve that It ' s true It will surely happen. T R HOWARD GISTJONES III Hoc d Centerville. Ohio Economics History I got plenty tired of learning how I would not do things, but ot leost I learned something USAFA wos beoroble becouse of people Someone blessed me with the best friends ond for thot I ' m grateful Good luck to them oil olthough I doubt very seriously they ' ll need much Alice will • she has to live with me. KOTiiobe. ' flf«8ft W " ' Mifn " ■to KELLEY 5. KIERNAN Neola, Iowa Basic Academics My father ' s counsel, my mother ' s foith, ond the encouragement of mony friends To my friends I send oil my hopes You moy hate it here ond you moy think you just can ' t stand onother day, but ot leost you ' re not one of these guys If thot boy with no legs con get over to feed his blind friend, then you con do whot you hove to do RONALD FRANCIS LEWANDOWSKI Ron Liverpool, N Y Phiysics Whether you win or lose, wolk or foil, get bock up ond remember - with o little faith and o smile, there ore no limits to what you con do Thonks Mom ond Dad JAMES WILLIAM MIRADELLA Jim Brooklyn. N Y Operatons Research I am a dreamer As an Italian from Brooklyn, I dreomt of being on Academy groduate, and like most codets, I wonted to leove USAFA, but I thought to myself thot anything worth dreoming is worth striving for, and ony dreom worth ignoring is not worth dreoming When my Mom died two yeors ogo, I knew thot it would toke o lot of upstoirs help to survive Well I mode it! God bless you. Mom. MARY ELIZABETH PETERSON Morybeifi Palo Alto Colit Monagemeni Whot lies behind us ond whot lies before us ore tiny motters compored to whot lies within us 66 iry THOMAS JAMES RITENOUR II Donei Solinoi CoM Dosic Acodemici I wos thor which others did not wont to be I went where others (eored to go ond did what others foiled to do I hove Cfied poined ond hoped but most of oil. I hove lived times others would soy were best for- gotten -George Skypeck Its oil whot you moke of it You con t tell the story you hove to live it ' Whot o concept The Mutfy Humby. ond Dones Show ARTHUR ROSS iR Arl Mussa Charlotte. N C General Engirteermg I orrived, I endured. I strug- gled, I loughed, I fumed I leorned I grew ond I exper- ienced Mom and Dod — Thonks MARK JOSEPH SCHNOES Sct nuftY Conlield Ohio Astrortouticol Engineering As I put on my gold bors I toke on the responsibility of pro- tecting this gteot country Remember, set high goals, shoot for the stors Freedom hos o high price tog and somedoy you or I moy be asked to pay the ultimate price so thot others may live in freedom Moy God help us not foulter when thot time comes Mom and DcxJ thonks for your support ond under- sionding The price of freedom MIRO SKRODZKI Sh AddiiOn III Monogemeni It s tough to see the picture when you re inside the frome Thonk you Colonel McHole John. Tino. ond oil my friends Im c)oir g It my way Emily 4 TiliOII lyinoiteii STEPHEN RICHARDSON SPILLANE Mickey Woodland Hills Calif Management There hove been lots of good times lots of bod times, but five years behind high walls is enough Now it s time for me to fly When I think of the Academy in days to come. III remember the people I ve known, the friends I ' ve mode, and III wear the ring with pride To Mom. Dob. Suzy, ond Pom thanks for believing in me. ond being there when I needed you I love you. LISA JO STINE Deihlehom Pa Eleancal Ertgineering The greot thing m this world is not so much where we ore. but in what direction we ore movirx -Oliver Wendoll Holmes MARK JAMES TESSIER Minneapolis. Minn. Psychology WADE JEFFRY THOMPSON Spokane. Wash Asrronaurcial Engineering If you choose To lead must follow, Dur if you foil, You foil olone Dur if you stond Then who ' s to guide you ' If I knew the woy I would toke you hooie. And whot Scott sold. GERALD FRANK VELDHUIZEN Sunnyvale. Calif Geography JOHN DOUGLAS WRIGHT JD Mount Lebanon, Pa Economics " De nor o whisper thot is lost in the wind but rother be a voice rhot is heord obove the confusion of the storms of life ' -Moodomeyotz DARONS ' PAUL GREGORY DELL Greg Charlotte, N.C International Affairs You con ' t reduce four yeors into 75 words I ' ve never hod such greot friends Thonks. LARRY DOYD DRINDLEY JR Lorro Griffin, Go Space Science For rhe support ihor I needed, I thank my porents, grondporents, the Wolter, Liso ond Drett, Aunt Dot ond Uncle f oy. ond Milto. Here ore some things I ' ve leorned I do not wont to be: Ignoronr, o trier, o good loser, possive. second place, incom- possionote I hove mode life- long friends and commirments I cannot forget You con check out ony time you like but you con never leove " Keepem flyin ' CHARLES EDWARD CATOE Charlie Powder Springs, Ga General Engineering It ' s not the ploce I thought it wos when I come It ' s no longer the ploce it wos when I orrived I wonder whor it will be in 10 years I ' ve leorned on owful lot, now rhe chollenge is to opply whot is useful Thonk you to everyone who helped me through I couldn ' t hove mode it other wise ' »![ifflt e( »»ij ' ' ■tMlo„ ' TERRY SUE CUTWRIGHT Corpeniersville III Computer Science JEFFREY LEE GINGRAS Jeff Huniiville. Alo Aeronautical Engineering Id like ro thonk everyone thot hos helped me through here but now I reolize perhops I should hove quit PATRICK GUY HEFFERNAN Heflermon. Holmei Sunnymeod Calif Political Science Dull Six Never will forget cool Pump KO Joe Piskopp Ando, Freddie Oeri ond toll boy Adoms God blesi ond good luck See yo down the line ' Boron (ootbol romps ' Loved boxing but now I don I To Lemon the one orKJ only ' Con i woit to fly fighters Dono I love you ' Con t woit to get morried Mom ond Dod. couldn ' t hove done it without you Lord thonk you for helping me moke It TY DICKENSON HOLT GIben Aiu Qenerol Engir eering The AccxJemy hoi loughi me o k)i oboui myself ond other peopte It hoj been on experience ihof I shell riever fotgei. ond hos given me con idei ce m myseH ond In my obiliiles I will remember my friends hell week. 29-my first squodron ond oil of the other things tfvat moke the Acodemy whot it is. Im proud to groduote orvd fx)pe to spend ih« rest of my time flyir g Item geiio GENE MICHAEL KOWALSKI The Hooch) Erhord Minn Aeronautical Engineering I mode it through the lost four yeors on three things the sup- port ond love of Mom and Dod. the componionship of o voriety of young lodies who mode the weekends worthwhile, ond most of oil. finding the ' ' ime friendship of the other 2 3 of " The Doys Don ond John The three of us did our best to determine what reoily gives our lives its flovor I think we ' ve found it but I Qin ' r tellin ' ! TIMOTHY ALFRED LEHMANN A1F. Screomin Woodstock. Md Engineering Sciences They sold Id hove some of the best ond worst times of my life They were right Soy whot you will, bur this ploce works Thonks Srro ■ I owe it oil to you To Sondy. Jim ond Soroh. you will never be forgotten: thonks for keeping me humon Philosophy - Keep your pretty v rds ond poems, show me ho ' !• If you lose yourself uve lost it oil. Fomily ond friends ore everything. MICHAEL ANTHONY MANKU5 Indionopolis. Ind Electrical Engineering A quote by Korl Von Clousewitz sums up my feelings of whot the Acodemy is oil obout " the time is yours: what its fulfillment will be. depends upon you ' I believe this ex- tends through oil focets of life, throughout life NEAL DERNARD MCELHANNON Colorado ipfings Colo General Engineering God wotches over me mighty close 1 would like to give speciol thonks to my fother fomily ond friends I couldn t hove mode it withiour them JAMES MICHAEL MONTGOMERY Monry Henich. W Va Management Anything worth hoving is worth working herd for DANIEL SEAN O ' CONNOR Worrensburg. N Y Management If I hod my life to live over I ' d like to moke more mistakes next time. I ' d relox I would limber up I would be sillier thon I hove been on this trip. I would trove! lighter I would toke fewer things seriously I would foke more chonces I would eot more ice creom and less beons I would perhops hove more octuol troubles, bur I ' d hove fewer imoginory ones -Nodine Sfoir, oge 85 CHRISTIAN MICHAEL PELOZA Relates Awburn. Wash Astronautical Engineering Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile. RONALD DRYAN PERRY Hon Ontario. Calif Engineering Mechanics W I hod chosen ony other poth through life, I would not hove been os chollenged os I wos Conversely, the rewords would not hove been os great But life is a rood of many twists ond turns, ond there is much still to do before I con look bock With obility comes tesponsi- bilify Though the Acodemy is in mony if not oil woys unique ' the friends I hove mode over the yeors ate the one thing I will remember most. ntonAiiJE ' tataW SjCMd.l ' V ' ' istjiiwojei) MvedofiJIy ' ,iC cmo BRIAN MARK RATH Phoenix, Ariz Engineering Sciences The thing thot ' s mode this worthwhile is the friends I ' ve known ond the times we ' ve shared No one deserves friends OS good OS you, ond no one will miss you as much os I will Moy- be somedoy we will live the dreoms that hove carried us these yeors Hopefully through It oil we will never forget us, or whot we did From 31 to thot lost bottle of chompogne, to God only knows BRIAN ALLEN RENO Chemo Euclid. Ohio Electrical Engineering You know • it reolly wasn ' t oil thot big of deal " And do one more " vous " for me " Blue Sklesii 90 i.nmmuiNunnuuMBaan Si i MHI KEj l n fraJN •eiitiediRxi .OlSlllltf Got ' two THOMAS GERALD ROTHWELL Tom Sruirgori Germany Astronourlcol Engineering During my four yeor visit or the Acodemy everytlme I fell I wos In control of my lite I woke up One thing I ve learned is thot If Of first you don t succeed try the opproved solution Despite the dietician I still manoged to goin 15 pounds While the reoder s thoughts reflect on the Academy my thoughts ond I ore far re- moved ond lying on o sunny beach In Collfornio JOSEPH scon SEPESSY Tueiday Darboursville. V Vo Dosic Acodemici I ' ve hod olot of good times ond I ve mode some of the best friends anyone could hove I olso know thot If I didn ' t hove my family, my friends, ond Lisa by my side, I wouldn ' t be writing this now DAVID THOMAS STOCKWELL Hendenonville fenn Biology The Omock reolized the noture of the gome, but chose insteod to ploy by his rules, he did The upperclossmon, trained like povlov s dog, he then ployed properly ond wos further conditioned It wos worih four yeors of my life RONALD OARRY TRUESDALE non fexorltono Texoi Engineering Mechonia On so mony lor ely doyi I thought I wouk) riever groduote Out fyjw ihot my turn hoi com I con soy thot I om glod I stuck to It I woukjn t hove mode it without suppon from Scony ond the Deerhunters Greg Joe, The Perrot s Mom and Dod ond ei- peciolly JorvD Thonks ' Ai I heod Out the gote for the lost time. Ill be hoppy to soy thot it s finolly oil behind me DAVID scon WILLIGROD GrodN Oklohomo City. Oklo. Engineering Sciences Golden memories Skydiving wos fun. now It was greoi ' EFS and then the dreadful rendezvous Cuts like o knife No more PLF. Vous, or skirt chosing No more skydiving Go for iti I am one Boogie till ya bou.ice and then bounce bock Next stop UPT PAUL ZAVACKI Zov Bend. Ore Human Faaors I got here the hard way. In the lost class through Mrs. Millard s reform school, and left here the hard woy, spending half of my firstie yeor on pro- botion Having the best friends anyone could osk for mode it bearable ond mokes looking bock easier Even though the diplomo will have my nome on it the credit goes to family, friends, ond Shoron for the love ond sup- port thot mode It oil possible Dote to dream THUNDERDIRDS " WILLIAM STEVEN COOKE Steve Greensboro N C Basic Acodemici It s over!! Thonks to my porents. Potty (my Dubbo) ond the Dig Guys ' I don r think I could hove mode it without you These four yeors hove been the best ond worst time of my We Good luck to everyone, ond God bless PS I mode it ' i! 91 92 ERNEST ANTHONY DIMUCCIO Mooch Greenville, R I Basic Academics I mode it Thonks Mom, Dod, friends, and 5gr Sloughfer, Pondemonium hos brol en our I ' ll olwoys remember swompy and the elephonrs, Airborne, J D. ' s, Bob end Paulo ' s, ond the Red Stong " Whot o long, sttange trip it ' s been, " ROSS ALAN DUDLEY RodOcal) Cornelius, Ore- Human Factors Soon after my arrival ot U5AFA, I found o quote which I have never found again A Christian cannot moke o bod soldier " Since then. It has been my goal to prove this precept I could not hove attempted this alone I v ould like to thonk my God, ond oil of those who through their prayers, guidance, and friend- ship hove helped me on my path God bless you always. GREGORY MICHAEL HENDERSON Greg St Louis. Mo Civil Engineering I want to thank Mom, Dad, Steve, David ond Sue for all the letters ond support they ve given me these post four years I ' d reolly like ro thank the Lord for olwoys being there for me More rhon onything I ' ll miss the friends I ve mode I guess it wos worth SIX years of college " Someday we ' ll look bock on this and it will oil seem funny " Bruce Springsteen CARL ALLEN HENRY Pump Siloam Spring, Ark Basic Academics Thank God, I hove finally made it! I am glad I come here and even hoppier ro be groduoting from the Academy lOiwwWf lOrtKIO f» irdy ' roily 1 ' »™ ' ;rep«teolt ' f WiiLieowo rjn» ' . " ' ' ' Cl.o s W STEPHEN scon JOHNSON Louisville, Ky Military History All " characrer building " insti- tutions, like prisons, monas- teries, and reform schools con be slightly unpleasont at times. Over time we forget how miser- . able we mighr hove been ond lough ot our misfortunes Thonks to oil my classmates, parents, and friends, I survived the ex- perience. After four yeors I con say fhor everything turned out well-enough and thot if I could do it oil over ogoin I ' d probobly roke the eosy way out PETER ANDREW LEWIS Pete Reidsville, N C Aeronautical Engineering Here ' s to all the friends I mode here, and will have forever I ' ve met the greoresf people here, ond rhe worst Im leoving without ony regrets, four yeors were worth it. I wouldn ' t do it ogoin. To fly, live, and die by the sword, it ' s better to burn out, thon to fade owoy thot ' s all I ever reolly wanted from here I recieved that ond a lot more, I hove to lough AahOww ' JANET CLAIRE LOCKIE Jan Polo Cedro, Calif Internationol Affairs The people I ' ve met ore roo special to say good-bye ro, so I won ' t Ive mode some great friends while I ' ve been here, and I thank them for what life IS all obour! One chapter of my life is closing, but onother is just beginning I will miss you, my friends, , I just keep movin cause it helps to eose the poin... DINO VINCENT LORENZINI Oohton Va Astronautical Engineering " The gross is always greener on the other side of rhe fence, unril you get over there and find out if ' sostro-furf, " " Live fosti Die young! " WA,WtlA JOHN MAnHEW LYONS Matt Rancho Cordova Colit Aeronoutical Engineering There ore two doys no one should ever worry about Yesterdoy ond tomotrow Four yeors of pre- paring to become on ottlcer. o gentleman and o pilot hove solidified thot premise in my mind Out the time of pteporo- tion is over its time for me to fly Eternal vigilonce is the price of freedom now let ' s get out there and be vig- ilant ' Lifeowoits, 85 keep on runnin , don t look bock, and. always, keep the faith THOMAS OWEN MARKEL !om Corona. Calif Biology To the members of the Air Force Academy Coder Drum ond Dugle Corps, post, present, ond future o toast, both to hard work ond good times ond to the spirit and dedicotion thot mokes it oil passible And to good ftiends, who know who they ore Thonks and good luck Seek ye first the kingdom of God. ond His righteousness, ond oil these things shall be odded unto you LISA MARTIGNtni Tanon Am Aiironoutical Engineering Are you still in school, living up to expectoiions ' You were so relied upon everybody hr ow5 how hord you tried Just look oi what ojob you ve done, corrying the weight of lomily pride You ve been well behoved. you ve been working hord Out will you alwoys stay someone else s dreom of who you ore ' Do whot s good for you or you re not good for onybody! -Billy Joel Good luck Edwofd. it won t be eosy TODD ALLEN MARTIN laylor Mich Done AcodemiCi Only with the help of God porenis ond fneridi ' Thonki Mom Dod Unk Joy Nodine Reneo Holly AM Rod ' (J15 we JOSE A. MENA Costa IXica Electrical Engineering DUANE RAY MOSHER Mash Fairbury. Neb Milirory History Somebody said that it couldn ' t be done, but he with o chuckle replied that maybe it couldn I, but he would be one who wouldn t soy so until he tried So he buckled right in with the troce of o grin on his foce If he worried he hid if He started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn r be done. and he did it -Walt Mason MICHAEL ROOERT MURCHLAND Murch Miramor, Flo Basic Sciences Let your light so shine -Mt 5:16 CHARLES EDWARD 05TEEN fddie Hendersonville. NC Humanities Justice hos been done it s oil over! Thonks Mom ond Dod Dob and Poulo ond friends (you too Kyle) Speciol thanks to the mystery lody bock home who I haven ' t hod o pioure of in four yeors (but I still love her) Do the neetso, remember the moyhem of the bootcomp match, ond Air- borne Pandemonium hos broken our! 93 MICHAEL TERRANCE SEWELL Pocifico. Colif Aeronuoncol Engineering ADAM GERALD SPENIK Sporsylvonio Va Electrical Engineering The purpose of the United States Air Force Acodemy is to provide instruction ond expierience to me so that I con groduote and become the best officer the Air Force hos seen After four years the hoppiest thing I con imogine is the imoge of U5AFA in my reor view mirrow. My life philosophy is " He who die ' s with the most toys, wins! " STEPHEN MARK VISEL Sreve Hudson. Ill Internorionol Politics For unknowns con keep imogino- tion trying journeying upward, striving tirelessly Faith un- dying con keep ideals true -George Hupp. Jr Steve wos never o doer, olwoys o get her Get her here, there ond ony- where Remember, in heaven George is punctual JOHN WU WONG Wong Port Hueneme, Colif Generol Chemistry I ' ve learned so much here thot I look bock ond see how limited in scope I was. ond om The most importont things Tve leorned were not in ocodemics. but in human volues ond especially friendships, without which I would not still be here My love ond thanks to Mike. Joe. Lynn. Solly. Orlondo. and Mory — the most owesome people I hove ever met Moy they find hop- piness olwoys COl louodeisio ' Mioieol ' ' " ' neciWyw ' [iflditoikii™ sefligineltK RICHARD ALLEN WOOLEY Rich Canton. Mich Management " It wos the best of times, it wos the worst of times " This quote sums up perfectly these lost four yeors I hove never hoted ond liked o ploce as much OS this one At the end it wos the good times that for out- weighed the bod times I would like to thonk everyone thot helped me these post years es- peciolly my porents who without their support I would never hove reoched this gool ' MAGPIES " ROBERT STEVEN DAERST Ogguls Anaheim. Coif Electrical Engineering I should be fine os long os I ' m able to lough at myself When the world becomes so serious thot I ' m unable to lough about my problems then I know Im doomed Thanks to oil of you in ' 85 thot hove mode USAFA o bit more humorious and I wish you success in oil your endeovours A special thonks to my mother, for none of this would hove been possible without her Keep rockin ' . Andy! GLEN CAMMARANO Brookline Mass Aeronautical Engineering You ore right. Dad, power is to the mon who thinks he con Things do hoppen for the best. Mo. I couldn ' t hove done it without you, sweetheort ' fW ,fl|) -■n n ' r-niTTMHniiiiMiiinmiiii COLLEEN ADELE COLLINS CO Ailonto Go Dosic Academics These yeofs ot U5AFA hove been good for me They hve helped me to understond ihe mony foceted noture of mon They hove olso ollowed me to understond thot I connoi go it olone I om so very groteful thot you were there for me, Suson ond Potrice, when I needed you most I om forever in your debt Thonks to my fomily ond thonks most to you. God. for seeing me through scon EDWIN DRACON Drohes Dilhngs. Mom Engineering Mechanics My whole time here could be de- cribed OS o struggle on ond ofl Ac Pro I would like to ihonk the friends ond teochers who helped me get by with o speciol thonks to Dove for my survivol in MECH 320 As for Mom ond Dod, If I ever get the urge to go through the Acodemy experience ogoin, hove me go lie down until the feeling goes owoy ' DROOKS LEE FREEMAN Florence Ala Operarions nesearch ViaOR LYNN HEOOPHH Vk Dlodrnboio. N C Aeronauticol Engineerirtg I wont lo thank God ond prove Him for oltowirvg me to oiiend the Acodemy ond giving me the destre ond strength to occonrv plish oil I hove m i(%e (xm four yeors Ihonk you so much Mom ond Ood for your f ever ending love, understonding ond encourogement Thonks to oil my true friends who mode life worth living ond the Acodemy worth remembering -Motr t 33 KEVIN TODD NORTON Hooch Pensocolo Flo Management The first one I wont to rhonk is God himself, without whose love and blessings I would never hove mode it through here I wont to thonk my Mom ond Dod for their support in oil I did ond being there when I needed them. Thonks especiolly to my sweetie. Pom, for odding thot speciol some- thing to my life I om thonkful for the friends I mode here like Ski. Cou. Deorst. Hedgebrush, Jon (Ripples) ond oil the others Moy God bless EILEEN MARIE ISOLA Is Chester. N. Y Management " The rood goes ever on ond on Down from the door where it begon Now for oheod the rood. hos gone. And I must follow, if I con, Pursuing it with weory feet. Until it joins some lorger way, Where many poths ond erronds meet And whither then? I connot soy ' Thonk you. Mom ond Dod, for keeping foith in me during the good times ond the bod: for being my best friends during the long five yeors I love you HOWARD CONRAD JUDD Jude Preston. Nev Aeronautical Engineering The Acodemy didn r exoctly meet my expectotions ond I, the kid from nowhere, probobly didn ' t live up to theirs But I sur- vived In the long rur, I know I ' ve goined o greot deol - friends from 18 and Mog- pies, fond memories, on Aero degree, ond chonce to prove my- self in the cockpit Thanks Mom ond Dod for making it possible Its only the tip of the ice- berg Alwoys remember the big ploure ROBERT AUGUST KAUCIC JR Dob Kooch Newark. Del Computer Science I con t soy thot Ive enjoyed my stoy here but I sure did leorn olot obout myself There were times thot I didn t think I could get those 16 lessons done the night before theGR. but somehow the mochine monoged I m glod for whot I II be leoving this ploce with but I sure wouldn t do it ogoin Ho pain nogoin ' ! 95 KENNETH DART KLEINLEIN Dorr Soir Lake dry. Utah General Engineering Spent three yeors with the best in blue - the class of 1962. Re- signed and enjoyed three yeors Qs Q civilian Glad to be bock with ' 65- Enjoyed being a soaring IP, working on my Z-28 ond pushing ' Trons Looking for- ward to UPT ond o fighter os- signment. Lord guard and guide.. JOSEPH LA MAGNA JR La Sagna Wanragh. N. Y Biology All things considered it could hove been much much worse. STEVEN KEITH LAMDERT 5rein Doleville Ala Dosic Academics The best woy for me to use this space is to soy thonks to some very speical people To Mom ond Dod, David, and Shan -thonks for the support To Greg ond John - rhonks for your true friendship To Lt Col Anderson, Sgt Foirchild, and Moj Morse - Thanks for your advice and guidance This dreom could not hove been occomplished without you! I ' m excited that it ' s over, but more than thot, I ' m excited thot it ' s just beginning... MICHAEL THOMAS LAWLESS Drainrree, Moss Human Factors If you con keep your head when all about you " The good times I ' ve had and the the friends I ' ve mode olreody compensate for everything else Crooks, Mike, ore you busy right now ' Con you do me o big favor? lAMBiiniifii ' lJtM(l i itioojfc Abo I (yio ei in RANDOLPH ALLEN PAGAN nondy Lo Polmo. Calif International Politics Thanks Lord, Dod, Mom, and Missy I couldn ' t hove done it without you I love you all scon ALAN SCHAEFFLER Scott-Loy Eureka, Mo. Physics Scoti-Loy orrived or U5AFA a meek ond mild Missouri boy, but ofter enrolling in the exercise progrom he soon odopted the motto " when the going gets tough, the tough get radical " His more rodicoi ochievements include corrier londings, belly flop chompion of the wofid If there ' s o woy to opply quontum mechonics to flying choppets, he ' ll find it Thonks Mom and Dad, and to Dif " Better ye thon me. dudel " NICHI SUE SCHUEnE Drayton, N D Management Who would ve thought that a small town girl from North Dokoto could hove ever survived four yeors here ' I hod my doubrs too! I ' ll never forget these Acodemy experiences or the special people I hove been oble to meet ond become friends with, especiolly Doug. DENISE LYNN SENN Sleepy Midwest City. Oklo Operations Research An Okie girl or U5AFA — it sur- prised Tim too! There are some- things in life you con nevet be reody for It has been on event- ful four yeors! None of which I could hove ever mode without the love of my parents and Tim Hope I con soy the some for the next 100 yeors. We need th e red Fiot bock — ask Kin elite Wnmji irWiTrimtrrmnTnni—imimiiw «IESS wbdwtw ' W limes ' " pe«oielc( low ' ijfovoii IAME5LITTLEFIELDSETZER AQddog Asheville. N C Humoninei My friends ond o long loud lough ot ihe end of the doy got me through Also I would like for everyone to toke this opportun- ity to sketch in some hoir on my head CARL RICHARD SOVINEC Winona Minn Physics I wolked o mile with pleosure She chotiered oil the woy And left me none the wiser. For oil she hod to soy I walked a mile with sorrow. And not a word soid she Out. oh. the things I leorned from her. When sorrow wolked with me -Robert Drowning Homilton Sorry Dob. but that s the best i con recall jrtd eeflone ' e ' eWilie ' " LARRY EUGENE WILDA5IN JR Newport News Va Biology There were mony good times ond not so good times I would like to thank my porenrs, friends. ond my best friend J M W for oil their continuous love and support BLACK PANTHERS ' MAnHEWOWEI TIERNEY Chew Philadelphia Pa Humoniiies Getter to die on your (eel ihon live on your knees Cowords die many limes before their deoth Do whot is right becouse it is nghr no other reoson is needed Better o heort full of love thon o mind filled with knowledge ( ely not on your Own intelligence put oil your trust in the Lord As it wos in the beginning, is now. ond ever sholl be world without end. Amen CHARLES ALLEN VAN METER Chuch Petersburg W Vo Aeronautical Crtgirteenng I ' m just looking tor o liiile justice in life mm 1 ELIZABETH ANN ALDERETE Liz Denver. Colo General Engineering As Thomos Epstein once soid With extremely few exceptions, nothing is worth the trouble ' I never mode Dean s or Comm s but I mode it throughi My regords to the Cool Cors woter fights across the quod, getting caught weoring civies ond hearing obout it hell week, dropping beer out- side C5-21 sq cmdrs door, choir tfips. Mr. L . fiveSEIXES indoor parries with Ron. hoving two extra roommotes ond oil the friends I hove come to know LONNYPAULDAKER Alderson. W Vo International Affairs Life is too short Moke every minute worthwhile 97 Jk DAVID PAUL BURNS A K A Dunz Pittsburgh Pa General Engineering Six yeors. I finolly mode ifi I could not hove mode it without you. Mom ond Dod Lesson leotned Just do the best thot you pos- sibly con, and you hoven t cheoted yourself you ore o winner " My most voluoble pos- sessions ore my friends ond the memories Live fast, die young ond get noked-go Rugbyi Shogowollobyl We finolly mode it Deb Meet you dudes of the cosile for cocktoils GERALD DURN5 Jerry Florence. Ala Aeronautical Engineering In June of ' 61, o trek begon on which I would find the person I ' d been seorchmg for I wos o two degree when I went to Koreo ond sow through the eyes of on eogle Potti got her ring ond I got mine Then come Gumby and my GT, I finally got my T-41 to lond on the runway Now comes UPT ond life Thonks " It ' s just a travesty KRISTINE DIANE DYERS Kris Waynesboro. Pa International Affairs When you ore joyous, look deep into your heort ond you shall find It IS only thot which hos given you sorrow thot is giving you joy When you ore sorrowful, look ogoin into your heort ond you sholl see thot in truth you ore weeping for that which has been your delight. LOUIS ANTHONY CASALE Guide Stratford. Conn Basic Academics Well, It sfunolly aver It seemed like it would never end but it did I gained o lot while I wos here especiolly the close friends ond roomotes, but most of oil, my fioncee If I hod to do It all over again, I would do It the some way Goodluck ond God speed to oil 0tl10i Aiporkol ' il«Bi-y« " » (iwiinjyw ttoce ' M Mm EDWARDO PEREZ DONA Waianae. Hawaii Internationol Affairs DAVE CHARLES FEDORS Aushwitz Altadena. Calif Engineering Mechanics I like to think of pleosont things, for some remain ever depressed, never underslonding thot a simple kiss con ul- timately foster hoppiness Things I enjoy, like my big blue pacific oceon, KROO, sunshine, and summer Thonks Mom, Dod Paul, Cynthio, the Sunfire Gong, ond oil my friends Water sports anyone? KENNETH KAZUO HAYASHI Honolulu Hawaii Management My Acodemy experience is one I will never forget for the rest of my life I met many gteot people which I look fotword to working with in the operononol Air Force The Acodemy also pro- vided me With the oppartunity to visit disronr relatives and friends All I con soy, if I hod to do It oil over Id do it the some way VICTOR C. HAYNES Ft Pierce. Flo Human Factors Engineering 98 !i.btfmosi Ikodio IwoJd WHITNEY JONAS HULETT Foirbonhs Alaska Aeronouticol Engineering A spark of life ■ o beoi in lime A lonely light rhot longs to shine An open rood thot knows no end A toy of hope oround the bend You got o dreom • you wonno fly You got on urge you con i deny Within your heort you found o voice it 5 colling you to moke o choice reoch for the sky ■ reoch for the sky ' -Diily Squier RICHARD DENNIS JAGT nich Wenonah, N J Engineering Sciences Dorn ond roised in Eost Brunswick, N J I wos lucky enough to stumble ocross on Air Force brochure ond inquire oboui the Acodemy I soy lucky becouse the experiences of the post four yeors hove tought me more rhon most people will ever hove the opportunity to leorn The good friends, good nmes ond o sense of occomplishmeni hove mode oil the triols of the post four yeors worth while D fensores Llbenotis SUSAN LOUISE KRAMER Sue St Charles Mmn Management It s finolly over We hove good times ro remember, ond hove done things we never thought we could or would ever woni to do ogoin ' III remember this ploce for the good times ond the many friend- ships mode Don t forget the choir trips, the weekend CO shifts in Dirty Thirty, the loie night studying Thonks Mom ond Dod, for oil your loving sup- port Ploy the gome but win MATTHEW STEPHAN LYNDE Mart Dillir gs Mont Computer Science This ploce hos looqht me much for which I m groieful I deve- loped frinedships which will lost o life lime but there Ofe two people very neor ond deor to my heort To the both of you Hong in there ' De yourself, give your free will o chonce You ve got to work to succeed CHARLES RODER T MORRISON Hogefsfown. Md Aeronauricol Engineering BRADLEY EARL PETERSON Earl Colorado Springs. Colo Aeronauricol Engineering Coming to the Acodemy wos the fulfillment of o five yeor dreom So you reolly wont to It s lime lo get out there ond work on new dreoms I thonk Trocie for her endless under- stonding ond speciol ploce in my life TIMOTHY CHRISTIAN PHARRIS Fiver Centerville. Tenn Military History Tim hod o floir for leodership (I ' m serious!) but he never forgot the little people Demg o militory history major left him time during Ac coll for football. Magnum, Simon ond Simon ond Hillstreet while still completeing his homework! On the boseboll field he terr- orized those who would try to steol second Above oil. III never forget the BYOCs. oir bonds, ond the greotest oir gurtorist thot ever lived! DARRELL KEITH RICHARDSON Alexandria. Vo General Engineering 99 MICHAEL PAUL RITS Mike Honey Grove. Po Civil Engineering The Acodemy hos been onorher srepping stone in my life ro bigger ond better things I thonk God for the friends ond ■fomiiy " I hove acquired here ond for the personol growth I hove experienced — physicolly mentolly, ond most of oil, spirituolly As I continue ro serve in the Air Force, my pri- orities will olwoys be God fomily ond country BRIAN DAVID ROURKE Evergreen Colo General Engineering BLAINE OWEN RUDOCK Gumby Dossier Ciry La Aeronouncol Engineering I completed the progrom ond what o time I hod I II olwoys remember o few things iiKe the devostoting bottle in my cor, ond the mirror that everyone liked, but most of oil let s remember the responsibility that we were lought 6IFFORD PATTERSON STEIN Giff Ogden. Uroh Mothemotics Remember me for this o few ottnbutes shown to be useful Knowledge courage under- stonding ond friendship My gool in life ' .•. " n it big in o lottery Christ wos o criminal in his time, too Sid vicious died for you, I come. I sow, I left DOUGLAS EUGENE WELK A K A Ugless Newburg Porh Calif Bosic Academics I con t soy the post four years were enjoyable However, there ore o few things that I ' ll nevet forget Wrestling NCAAs, r ing Donee, Mozolond, Calif rood trips But most of oil I ' ll never forget my buddies Mom, Dod, thonks for olwoys being the re but never pushing PETER ANDREW WHELAN Puppy Boston. Moss Chemistry Pete was a master of procros- titotion Being o chem mojor (quolitotive onolysis, nucleor specroscopy, ond other FM), seeing Pete up post 2am wos no surprise (before the new schedule of colls) Troining NCO ond OPs officet in greot rwo- nine, hod T-41 in the summer (got o 5) Should go to Sheperd and get on F-16 Remember Pete, Take core my friend, watch your six, and do one more roll for me. That s o Roger! " KNIGHTS OF THIRT ' RICHARD DENNING ANDERSON Albuquerque N M Biology It s been o long hord rood ond I don t think any of us could hove mode It alone Thanks to oil who kept me going including Fred and Ion, two of the greotest room- mates evet Tina and especially Mom, Dod, and All I nevet would hove mode it without you I hope I was oble ro teiurn the favors You mode the worst times not so bod and the best times even better Stay close! IW!SIIO»AI 100 •ma amnuBaummmM .. TERRY WILLIAM ARMSTRONG Eugene Ore Engineering Sciencei I kept ihinhing it wos " ■upposed to get eosieri (FollQCy 1) Deepest gratitude goes to Mom ond Dod with appreciation tor the support (rom Wendy Voughn the Stondleys ond the IXobersons Don t limit yourself your greotesi is only meosuted by how hard you work, but more import- ontly - how hord you dreom Tenure — Terminated CHARLES DRAIN CARSELL Drian Oreino La Done Academici Alter surviving the (ive yeor plon and the Deon s other list It s still eosy to soy that It was worth It Ive leotned o lot especiolly when not counting ocodemics I II olwoys be looking out (or tron- poreni gloss and giroHes coming in the window Thonks Mom ond Jon (or all your love GERALD ALLEN DANIEL JR Jerry Alexandria Lo Imernoiional Polltia Do yo wonno live forever MARK WINTHROP DEVANE fayeiieville N C JAMES HOWARD DOTY JR Jim Miami. Fla. Aeranourical Engineering Jim come here for the women and the money He survived four degree yeor with the motto Get in bed ond act like you ve asleep His greatest achieve- ments were juggling two gorgeous dotes ot Ring Donee and becoming o Vondenburg Holl Ghostbusier He olso gove uniform grodes to four degree s in bikinis ond procticed medicine on the side (tope heols oil wounds) Thonks Mom and Dad, Sue ond Pete, Lois and Jock, Dill, and beware DAVID FRANCIS ELLIS Memphis, Tenn. Basic Academics What alone remoins is the lost of humon freedoms The obility to choose one s oititude in a given set of circumstonces -Viktor E FrankI JAMIE LYNN FOELKER Lebanon. Pa. Electrical Engineering The post four yeors hove been full of good times, some not so good and o whole lot of friends I hope to see ogoin I am one of the mony here with big dreams, ond hope to get o chonce to shore them with oil who help me reach them I am groieful (or my loving ond supportive fomily Laurely. Errol, Ed, Solly and Honk Thank you for odding hoppinessio my college years! RICHARD LEE HEDGPHH Rich Oladenboro. N C Civil Engineering The one thing I leove here with IS o concept of duty deeply in- stilled If I do my duty the rest will take core of it- self Ive leorned thoi the little things reolly moke the difference My thonks to Mom and Dod for their con- tinuous support George Bonnie ond the girls for A home owoy from home but most of oil to my friend Jesus Christ for di- recting my paths in spite of the darkness Proverbs 3 5-6 101 MICHAEL TODD HURE Souri Delano. Calif Aeronautical Engineering " This IS rhe end Deoutiful friend This is the end My only friend, rhe end Of all our eloborote plons. rhe end Of everyrhing rhor sronds, rhe end No sofery or surprise, rhe end- I II never look into your eyes ogom This is rhe end -J D Morrison TILGHMAN HENRY KEIPER III Hanh Camp Hill. Pa Civil ENgineering If rhere s one rhing in my life rhors missing, ir s rhe rime rhor I spend olone. soiling on rhe cool and bnghr cleor worer Irs rime for o cool chonge ' ' -LRD ROBERT LOUIS MACHO f ob Portland Ore Internorionol Affairs STEVEN GREGORY MARCH Steve Woodrugg W ' s Computer Science LAURELI MAZIK l edlands Calif Management Chins were in or Wolfpock, bur ir wos still fun due ro Lori. Philecio. Dove ond rhe rest of the pack Thirry meont holfwoy bur due ro Jomie, Cloy, ond class rings memories will nor sfroy Running wos my experrise, ond it was Gory. Joy ond Cooch thot helped me reoch my peak But mosr of oil, I ' ve foiled. I ' ve conquered, I ' ve cryied, I ' ve laughed, I ' ve hurt, I ' ve loved, I finished with the help of oil ANDREW MICHELL MUELLER Andy. Muleheod Drown Deer. V is Cfiemistry I never figured our why I was and if I hod I probobly would hove quir I guess I really wonred ro fly, bur dreoms oren r everyrhing I used ro lough ot squodron commanders I olwoys lived for rhe weekends and rhen slept rhrough rhem - unless I wos somewhere wirh chorole I spenr my besr times with my friends, especially rhose in cluster 4511 Bur I never could hove done onyrhing wirhout the suppoft from Wisconsin WESLEY ALLAN OLSON Wes St Paul Minn Human Factors Wes doesn t know what to think of U5AFA yet He used to rhink Ir just doesn ' t motter " but now he reolizes some rhings do Wes played ball a lirtleond met love Wes considered TV Guide to be a literary clossic Wes hopes Mr Porotoheod will introduce him to hoppiness ofter groduo- tion FRANK SMEDLEYPECHIN III Downingrown Pa International Affairs I think my fovorire posrime or rhe Academy wos complaining hopefully when I om groduored I con exchonge ir for flying ANTHONY JOHN SEELY tony MICHAEL JAMES PIIRTO SAMUEL MARK RUTLEDGE Meeker Colo Airborne nut Biology lerieion Idaho Oeiceni City Calif Whoever hos ttie mojf thingi General Engineering Civil Engineering ■ • ' ■• ' ■■ ' ■ ' ' — - ' ■• " ■ 1 ' ■•ve Lei me tell you rwo ihings 1 put o lot of effort into this Oft f irsi of oil no one con hurt nne ploce two yeois to get in ond unless rhe Lord wills it Of four yeors to get out spending unless he s reody to coll me the lost yeor practicing the GREGORY JOHN SCHILLER C. home And if the Lord were to proverbiol reor window view Dut Oreg SP ' moke o choice between me end 1 hove to soy 1 could not hove .OS Vegoi Ney fc- someone else who didn i know mode It without God good Asironauncol Engineering f " the Lord, 1 would hope the Lord friends core pockoges from Mom There ore people 1 hove loved C would coll me home ond give that and Reo Speedwogon who once Hypnotized by lies in defensive Sup,- - . , , - . . •■■- -J. ' other person more time to come song disguise some soy protect ond ore IS ood s gift to you Whoi to know him Michole Ohier USMC It ' s time for me to fly ' It survive 1 soy its over you moKe Of yourself is yoof COI05SIAN5 3 17 IS indeed time for me to fiv -D Wotson Qifi rr. rmd Rochester Y General f ogmeenng In order not ro be completely overcome by them, o certoin strength of body ond mind is required which, either noturol or ocquired produces indif- ference to them -Ernest Hemingwoy GEORGE FREDERIC WARD Hollywood Essex Junction, Vr Human Factors The best and worst times of my life hove occured over the post five yeors (U5AFA Prep School) I owe the good itmes to the Big Guys " who helped me keep my sense of humor over these 1400+ doys of justice A big thonk you to my fomily becouse without their support I never would ' ve mode it I look forword to marrying my beoutiful fiancee who stuck with me these five years Thanks Stephonie II BURKE EDWIN WILSON Ed Montgomery. Ala Electrical Engineering In my mind, it s oil for one purpose - to motivate us to be the best we con be through our experiences (both good and bod). Just trust in the Lord- " GRIM REAPERS ' JEFFREY FRANK ARNDT Jeff Mineola. N Y Civil Engineering Good beer, good friends, whot else could you osk for Never again! Thanks Anne, Dob ond Paulo. Mom ond Dod. Ron ond Kelli, see yo all ot Wlllyi DANIEL WILLIAM AVERY Don Coventry, Conn Engineering Mectionics If was the best of times, it wos the worst of times, ond if you asked me if Id do it all ogoin, I ' d soy I reolly don i know I ' ve met some reolly good friends here thot I hope I never have to tell goodbye, so I guess It was all worth it And like the mon said, I wont to fly jets " THERESA ANN DLAD DIoomingron, Ind Basic Academics GREGG LLOYD CHRISTMAS Shelby Shelby. N C Monogement I would like to think thot I kept my sonity after spending 1438 doys at this institution. You hove to keep a good sense of humor I would like to thonk my porents for their strong sup- port, and olso thonk the boys from C5-27 for the good times Finally. I would like to give my Lord the glory For without him on my side. I would not have mode it -Philippions 4 13 STEVEN D. COY Wyolusing Pa History ' ovjii taox) RODERICK LANK5DURY nodlea Sr Charles III Space PhysiCi I extend q fond (orewell to my comrades and cosuol ocquoln- toncesolike Its been on onosuol four yeors. but I hove no regrets See you oil in spoce ' PAMELA DEE HENRY Long Deach Calif Asrronourical Engineering JOHN JOSEPH ELEKES [Iki Doihng fXidge N J Done Academics It wos o nice ploce to visit but It ' s good to move onword ond especiolly upword Tfionks to my porents, ond friends for helping me moke it possible Poydirt! ELIZAOETH DAHL ENRIGHT Lisa Champlin. Minn Operations Heseorch " Whot I see here is nothing but o shell Wohi is most impoftont Is Invisible Friends A lifetime of unforgetioble memories fXeolity for some people, is brooder thon it is for other, becouse they hove looked more lived more, reod more experienced more ond thought more Todoy is mme STEVEN MAX GRUPENHaGEN Haogen Don Anaheim CoM AsironouiKOI lr gineering It took me three yeors lo (tgure It Out dm sksw) but I ociuoi- ly liked It here Not thot it woj ever ecjiy but there were if e reworid-. • ' • ' ' ' i ' ' ' ' j ' •f ' cor the ■ - ' lOn From Dc i Tigers to ■. ?9in- ning to end l « ' Cj!«q i remember the best ond forget the worst ntffi DRENT RUDOLPH HRNCIR Drewsrer Corpus Chrisri. Texas Civil Engineering Well, in the finol onolysis. did we leorn ocodemics in school. militory on the pod. honor everydoy. or bruroliry on the field ' Moybe. but it s really been o four year iniiiotion A rime to moke our required mistokes. big ond smoll. go into debt, leorn obout love do 21 shots So. we mode it, wolked the line, slipped through the net. ond were grod- uoted. Go forth ond prosper. Mony things hoppen in lite! PATRICK MICHAEL KING Amoebaman Sheepdog Srurbridge. Mass Aeronautical Engineering Goowoy ' DANIEL PAUL LEONARD Novoto. Cain Engineering Sciences 105 BLAKE CHRISTIAN MAHAN Eastland, Texas Basic Academics To know the end is to woir for the end I chose rothet to moke my luck ond end. DONALD ROBERT OBERDIECK Richardson. Texas Basic Academics PETER DAVID READ Pete Mocedon. N Y Internarlanal Affairs In four yeofs. the Acodetny hos tought me o greot deal, mostly concerning conformity. Yet, as an individuol. I hove found no truer words thon those of Henry David Thoreou If a mon does not keep pace with his compon- ions perhaps it is becouse he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he heors, no matter how meosured or for Qwoy " FRANK EUSTACE RUSSELL II Braoklyn. N Y Electrical Engineering Frozen time and twisted reality combined to leave my mind the way it is Oh well, all things toke core of themselves Just relax ond don t strain yourself JOHN GREGORY SELLS San Antonio. Texas International Affairs 106 CHAD Ireoliy mWllie TERRY GLENN ANDERSON Chiel Otii MICHAEL ULISSE Altui Ohio Come Ooiic Acodemia Trenion N J i iio ' ied this brief odventore five Asrronouricol Engineering long years ogo 1 mode ii thioogh Dorn ond raised in Trenton, N J 1 counileii clois cofnmiiieei. ond come o long woy for whoi 1 oppeol boordj wonted 1 con t soy it hos been the 1 leofned best time m my life, but surely not never lo give op. nevei ro qoii the worst 1 got o degree and mode Above all. 1 learned to irusi God some greot friends for life 1 skied. WHAT you ore is God s gift to you comped-out ond hod nights out on Whot you mohe of youfieM u the town Out most of oil. 1 got o THOMAS MARIO ZUCCARO your gift to GcxJ If only the commission in the USAF All 1 con uAe onswers to life s mony problems say IS reoch for the stors, onything is Mound, Minn could be found in rhe librory j possible Dosic Acodemia ROADRUNNFRS ODproved solutions :tii r CHAD J DASLER SARAH SANDERSON DROOKE PETER ALLEN CALLAWAY TOIVONISE CORNS Fesrus. Mo Fr. Woshingron Po Florissant, Mo New York N Y Civil Engineering Computer Science " 1 sholl be yelling this with o sign somewhere oges and oges hence Two roods diverged in o wood, ond 1 took the one less troveled by. and thot hos mode oil the difference — fXobert Frost Computer Science Monogement 1 would hove never mode it without you Thanks Mom ond Dod 107 MICHAEL scon DEDRUZZI Mike New Drighron, Minn Engineering Mechanics I ' m not exactly sute what it tokes to get through this place but since you ' re reoding this I must hove it I con ' r soy thot I ' ve thofoughly enjoyed my stoy hete. bur I ' ve mode the best of it. Nobody has gotten through here all by themselves Person- ally I hove oil of my good friends, my porents, Shonno, and the guidonce of my God to thonk. " What o long, strange trip it ' s been, " SAMUEL FORREST DETRICK Hogor Columbus. Ohio Dosic Sciences In retrospect, ir wos rough bur well worrh ir. One of rhe besr rewords here was working for excellenr instructors and commanders I ' ve leorned much about doing what ' s right ond I ' ll try to let thot guide me in the future From the jungles of Ponomo to the blue skies of Arizono, ir ' s been a good four yeors ond I ' m indebted to Those who helped me olong the way Thanks to Mom ond Dad DRUCE CHARLES EMIG Plonsmourh. Neb Engineering Mechanics The post four years hove been full of memories In rime, only rhe good will remoin Thanks ro Kothy, Ron, and oil my good friends for moking ir possible, ond rhe Lord for helping me through it all. MICHAEL WARREN FOSTER Norrh Little Rock. Ark Engineering Mechanics IfffUfflANil RONALD EUGENE GRAVES Dig Seattle. Wash. Dosic Academics Looking bock I would have to soy thot many people hove mode the past four years all worrhwhile. My biggest regret is thor More will not be there, among us, or groduotion I would like to thonk Bruce, the guys on the soccer reom, and the rest of my friends for oil the great times. but most of all, I would like to thank my fomily ond the Lord for olwoys being there RODNEY NEIL GRIFFITH Rappin Rodne y New York. N Y International Politics In spite of the trying rimes here, which hove led ro roo many groy hairs, there hove been more than enough wonderful people (even o few coders) ro help me when things got me a little down My wormesr oppreciorion isfor my porenrs Thonk you for having so much foirh in me. 108 JEFFREY LANE ISOM Indionopolii Ind Economics DALE ALLAN JACKMAN Mountain Smiihburg Mm Civil Engineering I wos born to live (ost ond furious I cm destined to die swifi and glorious tor mine is rhe life of the sword Dui when I die rhere will be no regret in my foce ond o smile upon my lips ■ I would lilie to rhonk my Mom ond Dod for oil their sup- port ond God for the strength ond guidonce PETER JAHNS Pere Houiion le.Ku AerOnOUIClOl f ly nt- -nng You only live once so you d better moke the most of it while you con Live eoch do , to the fullest ond remembe ' ■■ you hove to let go of the fomllior to reoch for the stors Work hord ploy hord ond don t be ofroid to follow your dreoms so thot when it s oil over you con look bock with sotisfoction ond soy You only live once " 5 ' : A VAUGHAN JORDAN Mom Dod ond Sis for oil the love support ond proyers DAVID JOHN K055LER Dove Columbus. Ohio Eleancal Engineering I gove ir my best It wos hord More then onyrhing else I leorned to keep myself morivoted eoch doy like todoy (Sundoy) when I hove two lobs ond o GR to prepore for tomorrow. And Id rorher woich footboll I con i nome oil of the people who hove helped me these four yeors. but I would like to thonk some of them my roommoies friends, instructors, my porentsond obove oil, God ' CHARLES GARDNER MORRISON Pom IOC Mich. Operations Research U5AFA hos been o trying exper- ience bur one rhot we con oil surposs Memories ond friend- ships ore formed, which will never be losi but the most im- pori oni rhing is ro find outlets thot keep you sone, even if o rule or two ore broken Never give up your dreom os you ore groduQied ond storr o new lite So OS the song sings ' Off we go " i SCOTT ALANNEWMANN Neoms Missoula. Mo Aeronautical Engineering Becoming on Acodemy groduote o longtime dreom of mine ond yet only o bridge to other dreoms. While or the Acodemy I tried to be o good codet toking odvon- toge of the opportunities Choir, on intromurol boxing chompionship ond o set of wings But oil the time future dreoms colled from the end of the tunnel dreoms of jets ond spoceships to toke me to new odventures for owoy JOHNMAnHEWSRODOJR Worerrown. Conn Astronaurical Engineering Be strong ond do os you will Let the powers of others set your bounds - if they cotch on ' -Ad Astro 109 TODD DOUGLAS STERNS Psycho Green River. Wyo. Engineering Physics " To see cleorly one must seperore from rhe group end viev things ot o distor ce From with- in one connot see the whole " KIMDERLEE TEAL THOMPSON Teal Flagstaff. Ariz Asrronourica! Engineering The pieces ore picl ed up, one by one The boord is folded ond put owoy The silver ployer ochieves the victory, ond now, finally, the gome is over Onword my friends. We ' ve eorned it. KEVIN TIMOTHY TULLYJR Mikey Willisron Park N Y Basic Academics My four yeors ot the Acodemy hove rought me thot educotion mokes people easy to leod, but difficult to drive, eosy to govern, but impossible to enslove Like our Falcon mos- cot, I hove found rhe best reason to fly for the top is to simply look at those on the bottom To be whot I om, ond to become whot I om copoble of becoming, is my moin gool in life. THOMAS FREDERICK ZEITLER Dayton. Ohio Mathematics It ' s hord to believe that four yeors could poss so quickly We oil hove suffered through some bod times os well as en- joyed the good Friendships hove been mode that will lost lifetimes Through oil the trials ond tribuloitons, I have learned never to quit, keep foith in myself and to chose ofter my dreoms CllfVW " m , mi belevei) " " niii .l ' " i« " (jogiogiO ifoilwoi ' ie you ' ve ion? DONALD MARK ZIMMERMAN Donzo Orissom AFD. Ind International Politics Who would believe thot this mild mannered man, whom we, his best friends, coll Donzo, known for his bermudos, orgyles, and rood trips in the steolthmobile, could hove such o significont impoct on those oround him ' He ' s o tocrful, influential man who is bound to teor oport Horvord just OS he did West Point Some moy hove thought his pride slipped out the window os o doolie, but don ' t be fooled His pride and trust in God is there. KING RATZ " DRYON WILLIAM DOYCE fl Hamilton. Mont. Civil Engineering If you were to use o single word to describe the type of person Dryon is, you would be forced to use unique " He is o direct definition of the opposite of o conformist His willingness to be different is eosily opporent in his worm, bizorre sense of humor Give him o chonce to talk and he ' ll be funny Even though he is his own person, he is o reol teom playet Good luck everyone, 2 Timothy 17 VINCENT E. DUGEJA Panama City. Panama Civil Engineering toolEng «flOltK " lyfomily,, " ' yjondMi ' «vei,ofl, 1 6011 " Weitoi, ■rfi-T-inmimiTrmiMmmi CHEVALIER PHIPPS CLEAVES Chevy Memphis. Tenn Biology First, Id like to give thanks to the Lord for giving me this opportunity, and (or giving me o mother whose dedication has truly mode this possible I love you Mommo! I olso wonr to thonk everyone who believed in me I have learned so much Im sorry thoi it took me so long to grow up, but I can promise rhoi I won ' t ever forget whot you ' ve lought me MARK EDWARD DEYSHER Deyih Cleono Po Biology I thonk my (omily for giving me the encouragement, strength, end letters to help me survive Without them. I never would hove mode it I olso owe everything to Jesus Christ, who turned my life around I wish everyone could hove the joy in knowing Him rhai I hove My foiih lies in the Lord, who is my Shepherd I sholl n ot wont ond I sholl dwell In the house of the Lord forever ' — Psolms 23 TODD HOLT ESPLIN Molad Idaho Engineering Science Although it rook me six yeors to moke it through the Acodemy I finolly mode It The two yeors I took off to serve o mission In Chile were enjoyoble and mode the four yeors or the Academy o little more beoroble It also gove me a greoter opprecioiion of the privilege of being on Americon Citizen and gave me the opportunity to meet o lot of neoi people, from both Chile ond USAFA RICHARD JOHN FRANKLIN Frank West Nyoch N Y Compuier ScierKe Look oround. ond choose your own ground For long you live, cod high you fly And smiles you ' ll give. orxJ leors you ' ll cry And oil you touch, ood oil you see Is oil your life will ever be — Pink Floyd TERRENCE MICHAEL GOOLEY Terry Greenwood, NY Elearicol Engineering It seems like yesterdoy thot I wos a high school groduote walking up the Dring Me Men Romp These lost four yeors hove gone by quickly, I would not hove made it without my family, who ore the greatest, my grondporents, oil of my relotives. and most of oil without my twin brother Tim I salute oil of the friends I hove mode that hove mode these lost four yeors so enjoyoble, ond God DIess CHARLES EMERY GRUDER Miromor, Flo Aeronouricol Engineering JEFFREY LEE HARRIGIAN Fefe LoMoco Sparks, hiev International Affairs It ' s been a rough four years ond I owe my thonks to my supportive parents Skydiving has given the friendships that will lost forever, especially R D ond Grod Rendezvous ' were hot, olong with every TDY Finolly we olwoys hod fun ond will forever live to the slogon Boogie till yo bounce SAMUEL CHARLES HUGGINS Super Huggy League City. Texas Military History Life after the Acodemy seems herd to think obout becouse this ploce hos given me so much The friends I hove mode here will of course lost a lifetime, but I hove olso goined o confidence in myself ond o sense of control over my life thot would hove been difficult to ottoin elsewhere I hove leorned how to grow in oil ospeas of my life Find your limits — ond then push yourself post them 111 JONATHAN DARNELL JORDAN Sacramento. Calif. Basic Academics It hos been o long hord journey to this point in my life, I could not hove mode it on my own The endless support of my fomily ond their influence on my ochievemenrs will never be forgotten The volue ond meoning of o true friend will never be token for gronted Most of oil, I thonk God for His infinite groce, without which, life os I know it would not be possible DAVID JOSEPH KNIGHT Ducky Palmdole. Calif General Engineering In looking bock over the mony, mony, mony yeors thof I ' ve been here, I ' ve goined some greot friends ond hod some reolly good times However, let ' s not forget the other side of the story I would just like to thonk my fomily for oil their support through those long yeors. JOHN WILLIAM KNOX John Salina. Kon Basic Academics I ' d like to thonk my Mother ond Fother for oil their support Without you I would not hove mode it It ' s omozing how much smarter porents seem to become once you ieove home To my friends I hove to soy keep on pushing KEITH ALVIN KNUDSON Pumkin Lynnwood. Wash Outside I stretch th e mind that hides within new pride, I lose four wolls thot keep me tied Outside, I breothe new oir thot reoches me The Fixx I f.00 ■Nobody » ' (W ' Sotlf GARY MICHAEL KONNERT Kent, Ohio Asrronouficol Eng " God gront me the serenity to occept the things I connot chonge The couroge to chonge those thot I con, ond the wisdom to know the difference between the two " The only constont thing obout here is chonge. If you con ' t do onything obout it then take things in stride ond roll with the punch DANIEL MARTINEZ Dan-O Dez Rio, Texas Computer Science From U5AFA Prep, through 007, to the r otz I ' ll never forget oil my friends ond oil the good (ond bod) times we ' ve hod through the longest ond shortest best ond worst, hordest ond eosiest five yeors of my life As I look bock over these five yeors, I hod sometimes wondered if I mode the right choice. Dut, with oil the losting friendships I mode here, I know I mode the right decision, God Bless. STEPHEN GEORGE MASTERS Whearon. Ill General Engineering I come into the Academy as o typicol seventeen year old straight out of high school I om leoving os on entirely different person I owe o lot of it to U5AFA, but the reol credit goes to Jesus Christ " therefore If ony mon be in Christ, he is o new creoture: Old things ore possed owoy; behold, oil things ore become new " 2 Cor 5 17 PAUL CHARLES MATHIS JR. Smeg Polos Verdes, Calif. Civil Engineering I would like to stort this off by thonking my parents and fomily for the immeosuroble support ond encouragement I received during my four years here becouse without them I would not hove the opportunities I hove now! And I Ieove you with this verse from Dondy Don Meredith " Turn out the lights The potty ' s over! " 112 .mMM 1 1 JEFFREY GENE MINTZLAFF Jen Husiiilord Wis Management The spirit of comrodship is the one ospecr o( ihe Acodemy which I hold deorest I hove mode mony friends thot I hope III never lose I owe much to my fomily who olwoys gove me needed sup- port Do your best, they sold Nobody con expect more ttom you So I II just go on being myself ond os long os I m blessed with hoppiness III do fine Lord guord ond guide RONALD RAY RATION tKonny flon Winter Haven Flo International Attain It con be soid thoi one purpose of life IS to try constontly to improve I like to think Ihoi U5AFA hos given me opportunities to do just thot Now olthough I confidently owoit the jouney which lies oheod I II miss the close friends thot hove mode my stoy here speciol I hope to continue to chollenge myself ond grow to my fullest poteniiol REID DAVID REASOR Ine Pa Aiironauticol Engineering rXeid Dovid fXeosor ■ ADJ 1 Eoiy going 2 Dedicoted 3 Without hoir Heids Outgoing person- oliiy and highly reflective forehecxJ is sure to brighten onyone i doy Moving much less wind resistonce then other folks enobled f eid to be o successful four yeor decotholon men olwoys reody to give o helping hond We will remember ( eid for his heorty lough, o love for the thrilling things in life, ond his trusty Judge " JOHN THOMAS SHEPPARD 5f f-pp •woy the militory • • Storms chonges • ove o... J.,.- — ,( nothing ell I II leove with them (Xemember life s story ond then you d " THUNDERDOLTS ' fcddurifi? ,!Aiidl efjoffl PHILLIP JAY DEAUDOIN Phil Norrhville. Mich. Physics When oil is soid and done. I hope I con soy it wos worth it Out the point is irrelevont now. As on old proverb soy. Dwell on Ihe post ond you II lose on eye Forget the post ond you ' ll lose both eyes ' W 113 WENDELL CURTIS DURK Phoenix. Ariz General Engineering I wish I could soy I enjoyed if here, but I conr I hope I con soy it wos o voluoble experience moybe Dut whot I con truly soy IS thor I om looking forward to o productive career and to reoping the benifits of my misery oh and by the way. keep the club together gomers! Good Luck Klutei CHRISTOPHER LEE CLAUNCH Chris Eagle Rock. Va Civil Engineering I ' ll always have many memories of my four yeors here at U5AFA Being known as Monster " to Tim O ' Brien and driving my monster- mobile, being " the tool " in water survivol, rolling a huge boulder off o mountain with Todd Drosz ot doolie retreat, fun on all the Choir ond Chofole trips, having the opportunity to fly in an F-4 ond F-15, skiing, SERE DCO ond ploying tricks on people with Eric, my twin Yowee ' Thanks for the memories ROBERT LEE CURTIS JR Lee Williamson. N Y Inrernationoi Affairs Mrei four yeors here ot the Academy I think Im reody to go to work My stay here hosnt always been smooth-soiling but I think I survived I just wont to take this opportunity to thank my friends who helped me out especiolly Phil, Tim, Sollie Captain D Major F and Roger Thanks Mom and Dod Pom, I couldn t hove done it without you I love you. Follow your dreom. KENNETH ALAN DRAKE Drake Dig Spring Texas Basic Academics III olwoys remember everyone rhoi helped keep me sone ot one time or onorher I really wish Chris had wings because that s whot he reolly wonts, not 05I There ve been so many chonges ' I wonder if there II ever be o six week Deost or o Hell Week ogoin, I guess thot ofter Moy 29 It just doesn t motter [«!D!ll « MICHAEL SCOnGEASEY Mitch Downsville. N Y Operations Research Nothing we con soy con change anything now Becouse there s just different people here now And they see things in different woys And soon everything we-ve known will just be swept oway But they can ' t touch me now And you can ' t touch me now They oint gonno do to me What I watched them do to you DRUCE ALLEN GIBSON Srow, Moss. General Engineering YULIN GREENE Middleron. Idaho Inrernarional Affairs " A wise man concerns himself for more with whether he does right or wrong than with whether he lives or dies - Socrotes MARK CARLYLE HATFIELD Ken Hiles. Wis. Geography " God grant me the serenity to occept the things I cannot change the couroge to change the things I con ond the wisdom to know the difference Life s bottles don t olwoys go to the strongest or fastest man, but sooner or loter the one who wins is the one who things he con i ' fltlOlfei (j, 114 soneoi Jecotte inxmy teei HBtto sito FREDERICK MARTIN KOENNECKE hiiz Cazenovio N Y Asironauticol Engineering Ive been blessed wiih mony o( the good deols end some of the bod end I ve enjoyed tny (out yeofs heie but the longet I stoy the more I con i wait to leove ■ gone flyin ' orrrY lopez Humacoo Puerto f ico Computer Science Through It oil the seed sptouts ond grows without his Knowing how it hoppens The soil pro- duces of itself first the blode then the eor finolly the ripe wheot in the ear When the crop Is reody he wields the sicWe, fot the time is ripe for horvest Mork 4 27-29 TIMOTHY JOSEPH OORIEN Iim OD Tinley Park III International Altain Thonhs to oil the people who mode my life beoroble here Sleepy Dronco Mod Dog. Dob P Ron K , Pete Wendell Ken ond Monster I olso ihonk Sod ond my Dod for setting my sights high ond never let ting me sell myself short I con t soy o bod word obout the ploce. since it gove me o chance to fly thot I never hod elsewhere And whoi s wrong with helicopters onywoy TAYLOR GOHEEN POHER Sherm Mililani Hawaii Aeronautical Er gineering Hove o nice doy ' J STEVEN CLARK 5HIMP PETER RODERT STRAIGHT Des Moines Iowa Pete Social Sciences Cortland. N. Y. Military History eniiyK Four yeors of U5AFA con blur tt your vision — literolly ond A figuratively 1 avoided the nitm former by dumping the physics ■tfei major, and rhe lotrer by keeping 10 Ike M a perspecrive on things (usuolly) 1 leove here o better who " person thon when 1 come and 1 ocon " know 1 ve olways tried to do what was right Dy now. Ive got my bars and 1 m gone Con 1 be onything but happy ' It don t get much beiter ' n this Codoyot -5gt Plunk 115 ) m KiCHAl JAMES DAVIS TAYLOR II Jim Honolulu. Hawaii Mathematics I come on ideolisf, I become o cynic, and III corry owoy memories thot will losr forever. From the boys In four ro " Killer Morgorifos " of Rugilio ' s bor and parties rtiof losfed unfil Jeff ' s feef hurr oil fhor remoins of the memory is the good. It ' s flme to move on now rfiot ttie Acodemy ' s lost its sense of humor, but the friends ore still greot, end teolity is os dongerous o concept os ever. HAROLD EDWARD WATERS JR Muddy Cumming, Go Human Factors This is o fine college you got here You got your ivy wolls, lecture holls, full dress bolls, ond you got Eddie for the nasty stuff DAVID WAYNE WRIGHT Dove Grove City, Po Operarions Research This is to my insone friends who helped me keep my sonify " WILD WEASEL5 " ALAN OZOA ALADATA Aban Milton, Flo Biology I leave USAFA with thtee things I will olwoys cherish: Memories, friends and my ring And I thank my peers, superiors, and sub- orcJinotes for showing me whot I am, whot I con be, and whot I wont to be ' . . Then shall they deliver you up to be offlicted ond sholl put you to death , bur he that shall endure unto the end, he shall be saved. " SUSAN PEARLINDA DESSELLIEU Sue Rowleys Island, S C Humanities Goodbye USAFA. I am o better person now To my parents, my sisters, the Stonsburys and everyone else who believed, thonks ond God bless To C L ond Colleen, you odd o new meaning to the word friend I love you both and with o special love to Alexander, " keep me by you! Let me race with you to the fof ftinges of the clouds; let me stand silent be- side you in postutes of snow. " BRYAN scon DOREN Scotty Columbus. Go Management Rise above Find yout limlfs. Keep the dream. You con never go home again, But you con never leave, so Rise above To return a better man Meet the chollenges, Accept the setbocks and Rise obove With the help of speciol friends ond support- ing, unchonging loves, Rise obove. JOHN LEONARD CARROLL Johnny Cloremont, Calif Engineering Mechanics I ' ve built o lot of character in the lost five yeors I hope it s not too lote to tecopture my old one Cynicism aside, I ' ll love the Alt Force Acodemy o few months ffom now. 116 Mbb. FRANK MICHAEL CAVUOTI Voofef Garden City N Y Operaiiom lleiearch Now ihot I hove experienced Ihe longest toble in rhe world I con soy honding oul loundry lor one yeor wos worth getting it bock lor three Ihe only things chonging toster thon the Acodemy were my reosons (or being here Some good memories friends and help ■ my cor stereo ond ring- drive, desire, ond determmo- tion I con t soy it s oil been fun but I con look bock ond smile - the good outweighed the bod TERRI LYNNCOCCIA Oosfon Hollow Pa Psychology Keep the (oith MARK EDWARD DELUCA Deipamloal , D " drrion Porsippony N J Asironoulicol Engineering Mork (olios Despomloof Dirdmon Deluco) IS scorching (or himself Am I o men or o bird Mork s love for f olcony is only sur- passed by his love for chosing birds from Falcon Stodium Mork s notoriety includes wrestling woterfights ond Jersey occenis Mork s first rwo yeors were spent rooming with o guy nomed Hupp rhis could explQio much JEFFREY KEN FARMER Wayne Mmn LYNN CARRIE HAAS Soyville N Y Asrronauncol Engineering I leorned much more thon I borgoined for And I gove up much more thon I borgoined for I wouldn r hove stoyed if the good (jumping, soaring SEf E osrro, oero club John ond friends) didn t outweigh the bod III Qlwoys remember thot feor brings more pom thon the pQin It feors I go forth with renewed confidence and hope STEPHEN WAYNE HIGGINS Plonroiion. Flo Biology As I think bock over the post four yeors Im omozed ot how much I ve learned about my- self and the world around me Mony triols ond challenges come my woy ond overall my successes for outweighed my failures, I could not hove done it by my- self ond tor this reason I thank my parents my friends, ond God As I leave USAFA I feel well prepored ro tackle anything that comes my woy Philippions 4:13 CRAIG KENTON KING OorksviHe. Ark. Operations Research TRACY CHANCE LOVEnE Chance Denton Texas General Engineering Moc Dovis wos wrong when he sold Hoppiness wos Lubbock Texosm his rear view mirror I connot woit to get on with the impon- ont things in li(e Fly jets ond breok heorts 117 MICHAEL RAY LY5ENKO ■ Poppy Socromenro, Calif Management " There ore places I ' ll remember oil my life . some hove gone ond some remoin. All these ploces hod their moment with lovers ond friends I still con recoil: In my life I ' ve loved them oil " — John Lennon ond Paul McCortney USAFA is one of those ploces. I thonk all the friends I ' ve mode over the post five years for helping me through, moking it o truly unique experience " Don ' t be ofroid to dreom. " MARK LOUIS MULLANEY Mugo Resron. Vo Basic Academics Groduotion would not hove been possible without o great supporting cost — fomilies ond friends here, my five sisters, my porenrs ond especiolly my brother Chris It was on experience thot wos occQSionolly omusing but olwoys beyond belief EDWARD PHILIP NAGLER Nogs Pompron Lakes, N J International Affairs ' ' The core from four ' ' Who con forget the good times, those rugby queens or Rogilio ' s Bor pickups he olwoys monoged to hove on his orm, or those endless weekends of " oldswill " Whot will stick with us the most about Ed, is thot whether It ' s Koreo, Voncouver, or the Springs, you con olwoys depend on him to be there when you need him, and thot ' s the mork of o truly greot friend. II, BF» ' JOHN ALAN PAniSON, JR. Skip Fennville. Mich Management I come, I sow Thot ' s obout it. i.enfiW DOUGLAS WAYNE PROaOR Muffy Hazleton, Iowa Civil Engineering Bones, Dobo ond ME5M too, helped me enjoy my stay here Dove, Rondy, DeFronk ond Twoy How I wish they oil could hove stayed but Muffy wos there with the quote of the day as R B stood by getting slommed my way Shelly, Vooter ond BCT Squodron Commonder hey that ' s not ME! It wouldn ' t be the some without all my friends, as groduotion opprooches this is the END. PAULETE RENEE RIVERA Pete McAlestet. Oklo Physics And maybe some misty doy. You ' ll woken to find me gone And for Qwoy, You ' ll heor me singing to the down And you ' ll wonder if I ' m hoppy there, A little more than I ' ve been And the answer will come bock to you. Like loughter on the wind Pippen I ' m loughing Thank you Momo, Doddy, Mr L , Joyce, Teri, ond Korl! I never could hove done it olone ond I con never soy " I love you " often enough GEOFFREY HENRY SEWELL Whale Kings Pork, N Y Basic Academics Such is life We come, we go, time goes on Friends ore mode and friends ore lost, but the time together is something speciol Soon comes the time to soy goodbye, but the memories never fode From the Prep School to groduotion I mode it, five down five to go Whot o long stronge trip it ' s been Such is life DARREL GLEN SLACK Somerset N J Computer Science When I come to the Acodemy I wonted a chollenge Boy did I get it In fact, hod it not been for the support from family ond friends ond for my foith in God I never would hove mode it " Two roods diverged in a wood ond I took the one less troveled by And thot has mode oil the difference ' — Robert Frost 1»N,H, JEFFRY scon SMITH lelt Son Anionio lexos Civil Engineering III never know why I ever come here rhe firsr time ond sure don t undersrond why I come bock the second Out osk me in five years if it wos worth It I hove to odmit I ve never mode the kind of friends thot I ve met here ond those friends ore the reosons I mode it through ' WARREN SHEPPARD SPARKS 5Aiep Dei Moinei Iowa Monogemeni I cherish my experience here becouse of you. my friends It oil would hove been worthless without you Our country is so wonderful becouse she is comprised of people like you You know who you ore Thonks God bless you I love you oil Remember, the cup ' s holf full — big logs in bocki GEORGE J WIGGINS JR Chip Soyreville N 1 Human Facion When I come to USAFA I wonted to do mony things Well Ive done most of them I ployed hockey leorned to fly ond didn t foil onything along the woy I ve mode some good friends ond hove some greot memories Thanks Mony for keppinr) mo here Good luck 65 ' TONY RUSSEL ZELLERS Egon. Ill Civil fnginr f fnrj " PINK PANTHERS " lyditlje ' nforilie 1 1, look W KtiWto MICHAEL PETER DRIGNOLA Mike West Chester Po Engineering Mechanics An obstacle is something you see when you take your eyes off the goal you ore trying to reoch — Unknown SANDRA ZOE BROTHERS Sandy Salem Oreg Biology Engineering Science " If you hove no friends to shore or rejoice in your success in life — if you connot look bock to those to whom you owe groditude. or forward to those to whom you ought to offord protection still it is no less incumbent on you to move steodily in the poth of duty for your ociive exertions ore due not only to society but in humble gratitude to the being who mode you o member of it with powers to serve yourself ond others " STEPHEN DEAN DUTLER Sreve Rocky Ford Colo Basic Academics God groni me the serenity to occepi the things I connot chooge the couroge to change the things I con and the wisdom to know the difference 119 GARY COMPERIDO CHUN Nuhc Pleasanron, Collf Operations Research Am I better off todoy thon I wos four yeors ogo ' Duty, honor, country — Dy all meons, yes Aifborne, fteefoll, powerlifting A winning combinotion I ' ve lost mony bottles while I wos here, but I ' ve won the war — I wos graduated Thanks Mom and Dod I ' ve leotned that anything is attainable if you want it bod enough. Moke your move, go for it! PHILIP ALDEN CURL Orlando. Flo Computer Science Thank you, D and B, fot fout incredible fun yeors Go for 90 next year ' You guys ore the only reoson I ' d wont to stay here! Thanks Dorren, Keith, Rich ond Tina, for helping Celerus come olive. Thank you. Mom ond Dod, for your foith, support, ond love And to Keith McCreody and Tino Therrien, the two greatest friends I found here, oil my love ROBERT GREGORY DANTONIO Dante Dosye. Va. Aeronautical Engineering At lost, the poy is not the some A Donusi hoving flown the " Delta Nest " bock in ' 83. I wos reolly lucky to wind up with such a great group of classmates Many memories will remoin with me, but especiolly those joys, heodoches, and heortburn endured os OPS on the Gotney Donte ticker Finolly, echoing the words of Alexonder Haig: Don ' t worry, I ' m in chorge now here! CECIL GLEN DAVIS Cec Pea Ridge, Ark. Military History The words I saw everyday of my rot year at VMI helped me make it through the Academy " You may be whotever you resolve to be " Thomos Stonewall Jackson Thonks T.J. BRENDA MICHELLE DEINLEIN B Cincinnati. Ohio Basic Sciences " The dissenter is every human being at those moments of his life when he resigns momentarily from the herd and thinks for himself ' ' — Arch Bishop Mocleish " In Praise of Dissent " JOSEPH CARL GORNEY Smohin ' Joe Temperance. Minn. International Affairs When ir gets depressing Smile If it isn ' t worth working for. It isn ' t worth much of all When you ' re reolly down, the only woy to go is up. Fot those who brought a little sonify to my life here, (or was it insonity) thanks Naturally it ' s olwoys " onother beautiful day in Colorodo " ■ And in the words of one lieutenant colonel, " Hey. these oren ' t eogles! " BRADLEY GEORGE JONES Westport. Wash Orgonizotional Behavior The lost four years hove been some of the most enjoyobly frustrating of my life Thonks Mom ond Dod for your support The pains hove been great but the pleosures much greatet I con honestly say thot I am proud to hove been ol the Academy The experience I have gained hos mode me a bettet person The friendships I hove goined will lost forever " If it is to be, it is up to me. " JAMES ARTHUR MORGAN Morg Slim North Highlands. Calif Military History Jim will probobly always be remembered os Mr Allied Arts, os his friend ' s so often called him When he wosn ' t working lights for some show, he enjoyed the solitude of the great outdoors He hos followed one basic philosophy " mony people comploin life never gives them any chonces We ore given life . . we must take the chonces " Jim is plonning on going to UPT at Sheppord. ond moking a career out of the Ait Force 120 mmimimassmMama ' ■ I ' ftJinoy eiobe " DAVID EARL RIESSELMANN RONALD JEFFREY SANDERS fties lumei 5o em Wis lattohouee Flo PETER ROGER PEPIN LAURANCE RUSSELL RECK Biology MllitO " , H- ' .TO-y Pero Lah Some of us will , f •by numtord Maine Pound Hidge NY for o little ice i- ' -OKJ Monogemeni Physics reolly wonted • loose Deuce whoi on Loh hoiled from the well-known but 1 hove mony ■•f,, c ontiihesis but we survived metropolis m New York colled friends to thonk for ge " ■ fe end the (nendships remain 1 II Pound ( idge The lost four yeors through this one ond n . ■ ' oil never forget the world series foi this physics mojor o holfwoy copoble per ori joo ■ce only comes once o yeor the hoven t been the greotest but speed to you oil Ihonks obove d • ■ ,r boloncing rock did my comrodes there s the future Loh Turn off oil else to the five people 1 O- - hy Thonks Mom ond Dod ond oil v irho your mind, relox ond floor down- love ond odmire most Mom Dod. sr. Ol were close ' If they coni toke streomfor tomorrow never and the father Son ond Holy P ' ■ • It J ojoke knows ' Ghost BRIAN KEVIN SHELLY On Quokerrown. Po Electrical Engineering Why ' The chollenge sense of ochievement. ond the opportunity for future occomplishmenrs out- weigh the complocency and bore- dom I otherwise might hove found How ' Family, friends and the knowledge thot I wos doing something worthwhile mode it oil possible Without these things I would hove hod to settle for the boredom ERIK PATRICK STARK Hodge Denver Colo Asironoulicol Engineering I put my life on hold for four yeors I knew I should hove mode thot left turn at Albu- querque Stronger m o stronge lond 121 CYNTHIA ANN TALLMADGE Cynrhio Warwick, R I Bosk Academics " Life is serious but art is fun It ' s fiord work ond greot orr to moke life nor so serious ' Alwoys remember; " You ' ve gof fo get obsessed ond sroy obsessed- You fiove to keep possing the open windows " -John Irving 1 thonk God for my fomily ond ffiends; so mony times they hove eosed me off the window ledge ond bock to my obsession life. PAUL DAVID VANCE Coder X San Marino. Calif Economics Duty, Honof. Colifornio You too could be o hozordous sportsmon Stop by sometime, moybe we could hove o little minerol wotet or something. And they soid high school wos o porty! Thonks for stopping by, I ' ll give you o coll. RODIN PAUL VANDEf BERRY Pooh Dear Elmore. Ala History Sometimes you just gotto soy Whot the heck? " I om whor I om ond whot I om is whot I chose to be Success is o stote of mind If you wont it bod enough you will do whot it takes In this world you ore either moving forword of foiling bock, there is no such thing os stonding still I will do whot it tokes to move forword - to wherever it is I choose to go! ALBERT HARRY WILLIAMS Horry Peroluma. Calif Civil Engineering Just o few things so thot both you ond I con remember me by oction photogropher, freefoll 116jumps, my stronge study hobits ond the oll-nighters my two-degree yeor, ond holding the Jobs of ATS, TNG NCO, ond the TNG Officer Good luck to oil my Moch One buddies, especiolly John, Jim, ond Ken And fot oil of my clossmotes from 36 CHAillB Con ' iW " ' ' " SKYR AIDERS ' TODD MICHAEL DANDUCCI Dandii Coeur d Alene, Idaho Economics The inscription on my ring sums up my feelings os succinctly os possible, I mode iti " I ' ll olwoys be proud to be o graduate ond will olwoys cherish the life long friends I ' ve mode while here, but the key phrose for me is still, I ' m outto hete! CHARLES RUSSELL DAUMGARDNER Rusty Kings Mounroin. N C General Engineering I recently told someone special something thoi opplies well here I ' ll never forget the good times, I don ' t remember the bod, ond I ' ll forever cherish those moments thot were nothing less thon precious to me To my friends I soy keep foith and remember this Though today be Fridoy, toke heort becouse Sundoy is coming. If you don ' t understand thot now I pray some- day you will, Motfhew 7:13-14 ROBERT D. BECKELJR Walla Walla Wash International Affairs Robert s first words I wont to fly jets ' But these first wotds weren t uttered until two weeks before Prep School Five yeors lotet ■ he ' s off to UPT But first (first things fitst ' l) he mornes Tish Not bod for five yeors work jets ond Tish ' Or IS it the othet woy otound?! f» l«P. I ' m leefoll My ' Wniy limy OSOdty m to oil i36 CHARLES KEVIN CLARK Damo Jacksonville. Ala Humamries Thonks, Mom Dod I flnolly mode It Con t forget my good friends Mr J Doniels ond the King Sheryl, thonk you TISH ANN DIERLAM Darhsdale AFD. La Humanities Orlginolly I don t think I knew why I come So I left on siopoui Dut I come bock with o gool to be on officer Dut the best things I golned on the woy to thot gool were friends and family I golned Robert, my best friend Then my brothers, Scott 67 ond Todd 86 joined me — a fomily offair The immedioie gool wos met but so much more is oheod God is there ' scon E. DUMDAULD Perrysburg, Ohio Internoiionol Affairs I got here through the groce of God, ond mode It through the some woy Thanks to Mom ond Dod ot home, ond Mom and Dod in Denver for oil their proyers ond words of encourogement Proverbs 3 5-6 VILUAM KENNHH FIELDER Ken Lo-wrenceviUe Go Aerospace Science History I mocJe II to U5AFA on the second try. but my yeor ot Morion wc» Involuoble fo« the perspective it gove me Airborne wos my btggeit Thrill, bu t CAP ond my S-1o Blazer kept me sove Thonks go to Mom Dod, ond God for their soppofi ond Jonlce for her kjve ond potierxe I leorned plenty, portKukjrIy ihot you rvever stop leornlng I con t woit to join thie AFi Fighters would be OK with r-i » FRANK P, GALLAGHER JR Glendale Ariz Civil Engineering Live every minute. RUSSEL CRAIG HALE Richmond. Ky Engineering Sciences jBOlFive odfoi OHiT JESSE DODDRIDGE HAYES Coshise Houston. Texas Astronoutical Engineering People need people ond friends need friends, for o full life depends JEFFREY CHARLES JOHNSON Jeff Satellite Deach Flo Aeronautical Engineering Well, we II oil be saying good-bye to this ploce pretty soon ond with if I ' ll soy good-bye to mony friends I 11 still hove the memories of my friends, however, or d these dreoded nightmores of Aero Its been fun well, moybe not, but we con pretend! WESTON WILLIAM JONES Wes Osholooso, Kon Civil Engineering I thonk you oil; God, Mom, Dod, Dothon, Sheri, Todd, Terry, Dewey, ond oil my fomily ond friends fhor helped me stoy with it I cant soy thot college was o porty, I ' d hove loved it if it hod been Still I think we hod fun ot times Anyway, I ' m glod we mode it, good luck, ond I ' ll be seeing you. DANIEL PATRICK JORDAN Don Lowrenceville, N J Monogennenr My friends I will remember you, Think of you, pray for you, And when onother doy is through, I ' ll still be friends with you •John Denver This is for oil the love and support I hove received from my friends and family Thanks STEVEN ANDREW KELLY Myron Loncosrer. Po Biology Football ond flying brought me here, friendship kept me here Being o Clowmon ' ond Mm ' hos meant the world to me, you guys hove been my very closest friends Christio, thonk you for being such o greot trovel port- ner ond confidant A special fhonks to roomies Greighton and Dan for living with me during " those doys " Love to Mom, Dod, Scott, ond Kristie ALAN RONALD LEE Meroine. La Basic Academics I ' d like to thonk everyone who s supported me throughout these four yeors with their proyers, letters, phone colls ond visits, most notobly Dorboro, my porents ond brother, my friends ot U5AFA and of course the fomilies who took me into their homes, the Hubers and the Romseys Id like to thonk everyone at First Southern Baptist Church for laving and ministering to me over the post four yeors PTL — you were oil o blessing 0 loomnioifi ' eipeooly ' ' jjeidimyH 124 RUTH ANN LUEKEN Helena, Arh Orgonizarional Behavior Looking bock on it oil, I ' m still not sure why I come to U5AFA, but now that it ' s over with I ' m glod I finished There were numerous tough times -BCT, Hell Week, finols week - but with the help of my family, great sponsors ond terrific friends I made it through them oil, I hope to take from here mony friendships thot will lost for the rest of my life, ' 85 - Best Alive. DARDARA ANN MAHON San Gabriel. Calif Economics " You ore a child of the universe, no less thon the trees ond the siors; you hove o right to be here And whether or not it is cleor to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding os it should, " -from Desideroto ' •Vori. til " oyeri, iwho eyiJ ' d «Olfiis| ta 110 me K.PI1- RICHARD LEE MARTIN Momtield lexoi Elecmcol Engineering Four yeors ogo It wos only o dreom You oil hove filled my thoughts with precious memories of dreoms come true Though we ve cried together mony times, the good times still remain Our volleys may hove been the dorhest, but our pecks hove been the brightest Wormest thonks to oil of my post roommotes — Kevinpo. Gordo. Goof. Derg. Dr Jones, ond especiolly The Kid To my fomily. I offer oil my love And we know . . . JOSEPH BENJAMIN MCCULLOUGH Los Vegos. Nev Civil Engineering THOMAS MIRADELLO New York N Y Aeronoulicol Engmeeriryg THOMAS ALLEN O DERG fom Huntington Och Colli AeronoutKOI I would like to list the nomes of oil my friends wlyj helped me through this pkxe. but I con i Inyeod juii look through the poges of this book ond moy God bteu rhem Pleose remember me oi one who loved to live ond k)ved to lough cxxJ loved to fly Argue fcx ycxjr limitotions ? JUERGENKARLPOEHLER Loyron. Ur Mathemonci Winning isn ' t everything but the effort to win is — At leost you tried GARY WILLIAM POWELL Haddenfield. NJ Engineering Mechanics It ' s just memories now, some good, some bod. Was it worth it ' There wos freshmen yeor wirh } R , ocodemics, oil those concerts I missed, ond thot greot Colorado weolher There was also flying an F- 1 5 at Okinowo, good times with botes, beoting Notre Dome three times, the Bird, skiing, ond my friends. Yes it was worth it. Go Phillies RODNEY NELSON SAMPSON Sidney, The Shadow Philodelphia. Pa Humanities I remember thot first doy, stonding in my new blues, solufing the flog with teors in my eyes soying. God, whot hove I done ' But, on thot doy when hots fly, my eyes will turn inwards, and I ' ll see thot the teors ore gone and only determination remains To love, ro provide, to help to live ond let live. To oil. in peace may we port, never to be employed Humonity. I love you deorly ROBERT PAUL 5E0ERMAN Hobble Falmouth. Moss Operatiorv Heseorch " Evil turns to stotues — ond mosses form o ine. But I know which woy Id run to if the choice wos mine The post is knowledge — the present our mistoke ond the future we olwoys leove too lote I wish we d come to our serises cjnd see there is no truth In those who promote the confusion for this ever honging mood — Poul — 125 RODERTTODDWYNN Dry Ridge Ky Civil Engineering First, Id like to thank God, my fomily, ond friends I couldn ' t hove mode it wirhour you There were bod times, but the good times were greor! I hope we oil remember os we go out into the reol world that you ore the world 5 seasoning, to moke it tolerable If you lose your flovor, whot will happen to the world ' And you yourselves will be thrown out ond trampled underfoot os worthless ' •Motthew 5 13 1 60 ALL STARS ANDREW ADAM OOCHMAN Doch Reading Mass Dosic Acodemici Thonk George Burns it s over It s over I d like to soy it wos fun, but 720 miles for two beveroges hos left me tired Don r be sod, this is nor o beginning, but on end Thonks to oil those who helped moke groduotion o reality For oil you future SAC guys ond gals, try to remember ' it takes o second to soy good-bye ' DOUGLAS HOWARD BURNS Doug Solano Deoch Calit Dosic Academics The four yeors here will hold some bod memories, but mony good ones The best will be of the great bunch of guys I hove come to know os friends Thonks for making it bearable Thonks Mom 6 Dad for everything poi. !«fiei " cfjiyMllls ' nheofl. yi P B ■ FREDERICK W, P. Linleron. ColO- Dosic Acodemics DONALD MACK CORLEY Birmingham. Ala. Engineering Mechanics THOMAS WILLIAM GOFFU5 Noon Township. Pa Aeronautical Engineering People hove come ond people hove gone, bur some will never leove Amazed, oppolled, owoy, opothe- tic, escope, we contradict our- selves. He jests oi scors, that never felt o wound Not profound just prolonged, another ex- perience ' The best and the worst, they ore nor forgot. KURT CONRAD HELD Puddles Poohie Livermore Calit Economics What long, stronge trip it ' s been He s hod o long foscino- tion with lownmovers and snow blowers, and he s tongled with the best of them. He wos o preppie (the few, the proud, ond getting fewer) o liberterion He s a good friend, hell moke It fall ' " I»I)IS()( 1 GORDON DRENT HENDRICKSON Oordy Levellond Jexoi Hisiory It s hofd lo believe rhese four yeors ore drowing to o close How quickly rime flies when you re hoving fun " The Mirage bowl snorheling in Howoii. miles of pofodes Sundoy proc- rices ond sromping Novy ore things I II olwoys remember obour DCjO Out so much more im- porronr were my growth in the Lord, ODS ond the encourogement of my friends I only wont to be like Him Blessed ore the pure in heort PAMELA JOAN LAWSON Choiiworrh Colil Hiiiory You moy fool the whole world down the pothwoy of yeors, ond get pots on the bock os you poss. but your final reword will be heortoche and teors if you cheoted thot girl in the gloss To the worst ond best of nmes JD core pockoges doolie yeor A-course Thonks Mick for being there. Hey Pops. I gave it my best shot GEORGE SAMUEL LONCHAR Laredo, texoi Geography Little did I know why I come here in the first ploce Now I know exocily whot God hod plonned for me ond he gove me the best commission However. I consider my life worth nothing to me. if only I moy finish the roce ond complete the tosk the Lord Jesus hos given me the tosk of testifying to the gospel of God s groce " -Acts 20 24 Yes Lord!! VEANON LADON MOOftE Dover Del Basic Academics JESS DEAN PALMER Goor Monresono, Woih_ Human Factors I dunno I jusi don ' t know. DRUCE CLYDE ROWE Muffin Man V illow Grove. Pa Asironourical Engineering USAFA reminds me thot We the willing, led by rhe unknowing hove done the impossible, for rhe ungroteful: for we hove done so much, for so long, with so little, and so fost. thot we ore now quolified. to do onything, with nothing overnight, ond it will lost forever While. Muffin comporobiliry shows me that the knowledge thot I hove now is im- perfect, but then I sholl know OS fully OS I om known. PAUL GREGORY SCHMIDT R D Schmidry Schmidrer Lynnwood Wash Management The Acodemy hos it oil. The best the worst ond everything in between I remember 1965 wos o dote in the very distont furure I ve done o lor of growing, hod o lor of involuoble experiences, goined mony friend- ships ond was forruonre enough ro spend o mojor porrion of my time moking owesome dives with owesome people Blue sky boogie 127 CHRISTOPHER L. STREET Chm Berkeley, Colif Basic Academics Congrorulotions to those who finished the five yeor plon Five yeors has left sotne scors - like loo many friends gone I won ' t forget my friends (the " oggressively cool " , preppies, clones, Fots, Julio ond etC-( I hope the path I took is right In the end Thonks Mrs. Nombe ond Mrs Morris; you mode It beoroble for us oil JOHN MARK THRONDOROUGH Homer Woukegan. Ill Mariagmenr The ponies, rood trips, my good friends, the lodies (Lix, Kelly, Roxonne, and Cliffy), chilling, Copenhagen, ond cold beer These ore the things which helped me moke It through this place I would just like to soy thot even though I am a Centurion and more, I wos restricted to my room for over two-thirds my coder coreer, ond thot I wos groduoted from this ploce, I ' ll still make o good officer STEPHEN GLENN UYEHATA 5reve Cupertino, Calif Electrical Engineering The best of times, the worst of times The years go by fast, the doys slow The Academy Is a beautiful place ot times, ugly at others The people you hate, you ' ll rhonk lofer. Irs the people , " our memories of yesterday will lost o lifetime, " JEFFREY DAVID VAN HAVEL J.D. Morenci. Mich Management All I ' ll soy is that it is a long, long way from the dusty cornfields of southern Michigon to the dusty runwoys of Texas Mellow is the mon, who knows whot he ' s been missing " -P. Plant, J Poge GRADUATES NOT SHOWN JASON GRAIG DULANEY Desoto, Texas Basic Academics MARIA LOUISE MARZANO Chicago, III Basic Academics SEAN PATRICK ROCHE Delmar, N. Y. Management ELLIS VANDERPYL KeeslerAFB, Miss, Human Factors CLASS OFFICERS PRES. scon M, VIPOND VICE PRES. JAMES P, VOGT SECY JACQUELINE N, CHAISAQUA JOSEPH ANTHONY VENEZIANO Joe V. Joe Vegas Enon, Ohio Human Factors Here ' s to the lost four yeors of my life in which I struggled, foiled, succeeded, motured, troveled, loved, hated, loughted, ond cried more thon ony time In my life Here ' s to four seosons of winter, winter, winter, and summer I salute groduotes of ' 85, especially the friends I mode in the lost four yeors, and clossmotes thot ore now with God Remember Practice doesn ' t moke perfect, practice mokes permanent. JAY JACKSON WARWICK E.T Polatha, Flo International Affoits But they thot wold upon the Lord shall renew their strength: They shall mount up with wings like eogles. They shall run, ond not be weory. And they shall walk, ond not foint ■Isaioh 40 31 MICHAEL ANTHONY ZACCARDO Zac Derhpage. N Y. Human Factors Lough It off Don ' t let it bother you Tho main concern Is to go offer whot you wont ond hove fun In the process There ' s been no problem so big o folk with family ond friends or o trip to Murph s couldn ' t solve After oil, things can only get better, Tromps like us.,. i 1 NHAVil who knows JEDI KNIGHTS MARK FREDERICK ARNOLD Hop Penfleld N Y Aeronouiical Engineering Its finolly over but I con ' r soy Id hove done it ony othet woy It s probobly the best thing I could hove done with my life Finolly got me o little justice, Pib! Ihonks first ond foremost to my Mom ond Dod, then indispensoble friends Jedd. I ussel, ( itFir, Vendy, Cheeser Hooly. Cheeko, Gotor, Dobo, Zure. ond Anne Morie ond Koren See yo in my 15 Hey • I ' m o dot! WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER OADER Chm Dobei nichmond Vo Managemeni Jesus IS Lord ' Why he loves us so much ihot he would give us eternol life III never know The leost I could do (s proise him the rest of my life Thonks Pom ond Dennis for telling me obout Jesus Lindo I love you ' I con t won until you re my wife! I love you Mom Dod, Potty Doug, Mory Ann Pom Dennis, ond Poul Thonks for your love I mode it ' -Philippions 2 9-11 MICHAEL ALLEN CANING Colton Com General ingineenng Ooy1 Thoi 5 my bed desk ofxJ closei Vou get the rest (mop- heod) I knew Mike wos gotr g pieces I hove shored mofnenti from Prep school Loaou« Jumping, DO orx) ice creom Ihrowing with him When it comes to bore neccesiiies Mike is the one I hove depended on He gove me strength with his couroge ond pride with his sense o( friendship ond duty Tlyjnksfor being there when people needed you IXAS I ucaiw iincWtW niwoniii " ' ;eii fcf i 5 big OB jii ' ii e ' o 9« i SUSAN LYNNECAVALIERE Susie. Odie Ferrell. N.J. Basic Acadmics Thonks Mom, Dod, l enee ond Joey C — I couldn t hove mode it without your love, support ond core pockoges! Speciol friends like Scotty, Mic, Dobby P , Jenny, Lady Di ond Jonet helped me keep this ploce in perspec- tive As for Mr McNulty — This is oil your foult — thonks! I ' m reody now to hove o good time ond enjoy lite with the one I love — Deom me up Scotty! SAMTRUONGDUPRE Mansfield Mass Physics I come I sow SUSAN LYNNECAVALIERE Susie " Odie Ferrell. N J Basic Academics Thonks Mom, Dod, Renee ond Joey C I couldn ' t hove mode ir without your love, support ond core pockoges! Speciol friends like Scotry, Mic, Dobby P , Jenny, Lody Di ond Jonet helped me keep this ploce in perspective As for Mr. McNully — This is oil your foult — Thonksi I m reody now to hove o good time ond enjoy life with the one I love Beom me up, Scorty! LEON ELSO ELSARELLI tee Sutherland. Vo Humon Focfors I wont ro thank Mike, Vondy ond especiolly my Mom ond Dod To everyone who hos come to meon so much ro me over the post four yeors Foir skies ond toil winds JOHN LLOYD FITTER Fir McAlesier, Ohio General Fngineenng I con r belive that I finally got o hoircut and ojobn MICHAEL WILLIAM HOLLIHAN Hoolie LaVerne Calif Humanities One doy of o time One problem or o rime Well, with oil the doys and problems encountered here, the good times were for more ond the life long friends pick-up olong the woy PFl,ICELE55 Now ihot I ve possed this stepping stone, it s time to go on to the next, I ' ll be seeing you oil in the ' Wild Dlue Yonder. " I m outro here! WAlIi« ' " «)i)o y-w w(ffii ' G» ' IWkitom ' y ' ' DONALD JOSEPH KOCHANSKI Cheese St Louis. Mo Management I hod o good lime, see oil of you jokers later STEVEN ALEXANDER LAVELL 5reve Fort Indiantown Gap. Pa Economics The Lord blessed me with four hard but wonderful yeofs at USAFA I ve lived, learned ond loved with some of the best people in this country I ' ll miss oil of you And remember, " Friends ore friends forever if the Lord ' s the Lord of them ' (Michoel Smith) THOMAS PETER MAUCHLY Warren. NH Operations f eseorch JUDD WRIGHT MCGLOHN Jed Conroe Texas Management I m glod it s over because I m tired of school Thonks to Uncle Cleto for his guidance ond the patience of my parents I ve mode the best of friends here, Steve, KooKoo Craig, Shop, Donko, and Little Ted It s time to fly jets and breok heorts Thot ' s what I m talking about See you on the course. sim groidtt ft(i i j,, • " ' hrio, ' 100 liL WALTER THOMAS MILLER 111 Chico Irvine Calif Civil Engineering Gosh guys bock home I wos nobody — but here oi U5AFA I wos o Dink ' Everybody colled me mister end Then sir — I become o true winner ' Gee. this is reoliry Id like to stoy here with my codei buddies forever, but I got to go outside where it IS yuckie Dye Donko. Porsche{s). Smut Hounds ruggers ond oil you other lunoiics — friends ore forever ' Thonk you Lord Thonksfomily It wos the right coll MARK STEVEN POSTGATE OAlor Erie Po Aeronautical Engineering Nothing ventured nothing goined There ore very few things in life o person does by himself ond for himself Thonks to everyone who gove me the opportunity strength ond purpose to corry on Goodbye to you friends who gove meoning to the meoningless Perhops we II meet ogoin (in o for. for better ploce) Thonks Mom Koro the best is yet to come — be there All the world s o stoge Act 1 IS over RUSSELL JAMES OUINN Soil Lake Ciiy Utah Organizational Behavior It took much too long, but it s over now Thonks Mom ond Dod for moking it oil possible I love you both very much See oil you boys and girls loter MICHELLE ANNE RENDINE Mk Coventry li I DosK Acodemia li je m$ like Ive been tiere forever The nnemones both good ond bod. will kui o lifetime In the words of my fovoriie wfiier Ai I i Kie down ihte bomster of Me you II olwoys be one of its jplinteri So wfxjt mode ii worthwhile ' A very special person — I love you ED — we ve firvDlly mode it ' Everything to Excess lo enjoy the full flovor of life toke big bites Moderotion is for Monki SARAH JO SALLEE f h Grove. Calif Astronaurical Engineering When my grondchildren sir in my lop ond osk me. Did you reolly weor combor boots ' . Whot hoppened in the lost greot Hell Week ond Were you reolly o spoce coder ' III tell them yes and smiling exploin how it wos oil worth It But now It s time for me to fly I II miss you oil. ond God bless you Thonks for everything Sponky Zoe, Jules, the Chicken Howks. ond the Jedi Rodicols. JAMES AVERY SPAULDING Jim. Spouldo Essex Junciron Vt Management I didn t moke it here stroight from high school (Norwich forever), but I wos determined to stoy 1 hod lots of help from lots of friends ond o great fomily I don t think I could hove mode it without them or Johnine Thonks to oil ' It s been o long five yeors. but I ve leorned something every step of the way. ond I sure got my money 5 worth. DANIEL VINCENT SWANN Dan Von Duren. Mass Organizational Behavior The leoves ore falling all oround It s time I wos on my woy Thanks to you Im much obliged such o pleosont stoy But now It s time tor me to go The ouiumn moon lights my woy But now I smell the rain ond with it pom and it s heoded my way Oh. sometimes I grow so rired But I know I ve got one thing I ' ve got to do RAMBLE ON — Led Zeppelin — RUANG THANH TRUANG Mansfield Moss Physics I come. I sow 101 STEPHEN MICHAEL URDANCZYK Choctow Panhandle, Texas Biology But nor oil men seek rest ond peace: some ore born with the spirit of the storm in r heir bood, restless horbringers of violence ond blood shed, knowing no orher poth STEPHEN DALE WAVE Sreve Dorlingron. Ind History I think God for putting me or the Acodemy He ' s taught me so much about himself ond obout myself hete I ' ve mode friends who will be friends for life and on (Friends are friends forever if the Lord ' s the Lord of them ) Whotever the future holds, I wont to know Christ. All else is rubbish -Phillippions 3 7-11, STEVEN TRENT WILSON Hick New Lenox, III Marhematics All this: ond money too! Where else do you get poid for folding your boxer shorts into 6X6 squores? For staggering out of bed ot 0607 1 2 ' For 20,20, and 0 ' For o two month vocation to Colifornio ' For growing up, moking lifetime friends, ond serving your country? Donsky and Apple Pie I ' m glod we decided tostoy. FORTY THIEVES (KJOflflW S dltntM " Odd, Sue W lelkjwihp- ' JOSEPH LEIF ANDERSEN Ando Los Vegos, Nev Biology Anything is possible, especiolly with the help of the most sup- portive porents, the most caring girlfriend, and the greatest ffiends (The Dig Guys, Thieves, etc.) now, better things owait us oil, ond remember, " once a big guy, olwoys o big guy " RICHARD JAMES DRin Rich St. Louis, Mo. Manogemenr " When I wos o child, I talked like o child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like o child But now thot I hove become o man, I hove put my childish woys behind me. " -1 Corinthians 1311 WILLIAM A CASTILLO Columbus. Ohio Elecrrlcal Engineering DANIEL DCOnON Dauno Colorado Springs. Colo Asironauricol Engineering There ' s more to this locol boy than an unending smile beneoth on unending schnozz Donno is o guy you remember your best times with portying ot his house, o recitoi of " Winkle ' drums or just shoring with him your deepest concerns. His coder career is studded with Supf s pins, militory leadership, instructing sooring and being on exchonge student Donno, o leader who cores. " Thank you Christ. " m 132 H b RODERT LEE CUMMINGS JR Indiana Dob Greenfield Ind History Blessed be the Lord, my rock who trains my honds fof wor end my fingers for boiile Some boost in chonots, ond some in horses, but we will boost In the name of the Lord, out God I con do oil things through Christ, who strengthens me Credits Mom, Dod Surrogote Mom Dod, Sue, Homey, milh meot — ( ob, Ginny Spirltuol mentor, confidence builder — Den Harvey — Involuoble love proyers. fellowship — MIKe. Gordy. Greg ELLIOT THEODORE FAIR III 5o em N H Asrronouricol Engineering GREG ALLEN FINNEY Greg Jochionville Arh Physici Out those who hop e in he Lofd will renew iheir strength They will soor on wings lIHe eogles They will tun and not grow weory They will walk ond not be faint l5oloh40 31 I consider ihot our present sufferings ore not worth comparing with the glory that will be reveoled in us RomonsB 18 With speciol thonks ro Deih. Gordy. Steve ond especiolly Moril who mode It beoroble JONATHAN DAVID FRAME John Greenlork. Ind Civil Engineering From the first one to ihe loji With oil those clos« frterxJi. Present ond post We only tried to survive Doy by Day And the good Lord knows Thot o country boy con survive DHOH Kci»y ywbeii IruitBO ' lytw BCO IIIW ' I ponno.o STEVEN DANIEL GAUTHIER Steve Biloxi. Miss Asrronouricol Engineering A long four yeors hos come ond gone I won ' t miss the place, but III miss the friends Special thonks go to my Mom ond to my Lord Good luck Ando. Hendy Dog, Crotch, ond Doggie If you wont it, go get It " REGINALD HAROLD GILYARD Reggie Son Dernardino, Colif Operations Research I know thot this doesn ' t sound very originol but I reolly would like to thonk my Mom ond Dod for their support ond guidonce KEVIN HOWARD GRILL Parris. Colif Organizorionol Dehavior GARLAND SCOH HENDERSON H-dog Athens Go Human Factors I cont soy that I loved it here but the Acodemy still holds some very speciol memories to me porochuiing T-41. hell week, mocus. leave snow skiing the Ring Donee, ond most of oil the friends I ' ve mode It s been o long hord four years I must give credit where credit is due. I couldn t hove nnode it through here without itie help o God. gocxj friends, ond my folks Now. on with life! 130 134 RICHARD DUANE HURLEY Rick Lo Pone. Ind Aeronautical Engineering It ' s been long and hord but the end of the runnel is here, I con see rhe light of my future oheod of me The brightness of if blinds me, but when I adjust to it I will find thot the struggle wos worth it The Acodemy fought me mony things obout myself ond other people; some good ond some not. But nonetheless, I leorned Now its time to put this knowledge to work. WILLIAM AREHER JONES JR. DIoomfield, Conn Human Focrors KEVIN LARRY KILPATRICK Monroe, La Astronouricol Engineering ALAN DROWN MACKEY ■■Owl " Corbin, Ky. Operononol Reseorch Gods groce is oil there is, ond rhofs oil I need: He gets rhe gloryi He has given me greor porents ond o greot fomily not only in Kentucky, but olso here ot U5AFA To oil the wonderful people I ' ve met here: I love you guys! You hove been by for the best port ond mode it oil worthwhile OANIEli! " :eochesoP JOSEPH MICHAEL McDREARTY JR. McD Colorado Springs. Colo Biology Four yeors of " blood, sweot, ond teors " could not hove been occomplished without the undying support of friends ond fomily My experience in 39 ond 40 hove indeed shown me thot they do sove the best for lost However, I wont to give my greotest thonks to Mom, Dod (the chief), ond Ten for their constont support, ond to ' 85, I wish " Alwoys the best in our coreer pursuits Good luck to oil " MARK ALLEN SOHL MELCHER Melch Anaheim, Calif Management Hove o greot life, John Frome, I ' ll miss you Hello Jed ' Enjoy todoys gome ond go Air Force Melcher get up on the boll! (Thonks cooch Hotfield ) Morlin, Melvin, Milton, Morvin, Myron, Mervin, Mos-the M 6 N club Drion ond " the Clow " Irish foil. Ghosts ond oil Moke the difference right there Thonks Mom ond Dod. ond Mom Fitzgerold I couldn ' t hove done it without you Thonks fot corrying me through, Lord. JEROME OLIVAREZ Cooperas Cove. Texas Basic Academics I con do oil things in Him strengthens me — Philippions 4 13 So try me! ho STEVEN MICHAEL SCHNEIDER Schneids Arnold. Md Aeronautical Engineering Four yeors ond o lot of memories From oitrition 34, ond The Wild Coribou, to Shonoslom, inoppropriote memorobilio ond Morks And the best night of my life, the Ring Donee Life is better in Louisville Thonks Chico. the first wos best " Leove out conditions. courogeous convictions will drog the dteom into existence ' — Rush mLmmimaBm ' ' " ' soyitioir, [ ' elouiye, " Wmerocoe Meveryljt bL ' ' ' tc.l OJ(J ' i%ei DANIEL LEWIS SMITH Smiiiy Memphii Tenn Civil Engineering Four yeors of the Acodemy teoches o person how to survive The struggle does not end olter Hell Week but only chonges Fronn upperclossmen to AOCs regs. ond ocodemics oil ore trying ro keep you from your finol goal of groduotion I leove to the Acodemy my sweot, old forms 10, and bod grades JACK FREDERICK STUART II Red Ool . lexos Eleancol Engineering If you must fight, you must ' ELISe MARIE VANDER VENNET Fort Dodge lowo Inieinorionol PolitiCi Dreom whoi you dore to dreom go where you wont to 90, be whoi you wont robe live These words of Jonorhon Livingston Seagull were the guiding force during much of my Acodemy coreer They meon olwoys striving 10 reoch the highest Ideols ond gools ond I hove always tried although often stumbled in this quest I must odd though that this seorch should be quided by the Lords command to Seek the things which ore above KEVIN JOHN WALLACE Kev OrooUyn N Y Interryoiionol PolitKi I con t soy I II miis USaFa but I sure will miss the fnerxJi orxJ (omilies thot mcxJe the kjs« four yeors beoroWe fespeciolly the least yeor) A good fnend orxe wrote me ond soid in o po« script life s truest hoppinesi IS found in the friendships we moke olong tl e woy I will never fofgei the friends itioi God blessed me w ith Toke It to the limit ' -The Foqiev ELIZABETH CLAIRE WRIGHT Derh New Orleans. La Management I con ' t soy that I ' ve enjoyed my entire four years here Ac- Pro, summer ocodemics, and knee surgery my firstie yeor ohd its drawbacks, but they just made the good times oil the better I shocked everybody by moking dean s list, and realized what super friends I hod when I had my surgery Above oil, I reo- lized what a super Mom I hod If it hadn ' t been for her sup- port I never would hove mode it 135 B 1986 Jomes Holley, 86 ond Tomi Conner Ring Dining-ln - • ■ .■;, - ■ ■ ■ ♦,■ ■ % ■ if. 4 I ' :■ ' ■ ' i M 108 139 Baccalaureate Services Right: Borb Mohon, ' 85, and fomlly Below: A crowded Proteston Chopel 140 Parents ' Reception : 141 PARADES: Organizational Awards Delow: A rather lorge reviewing party Right; C5-19 receives the Intercollegiate Athletics Aword from Mr Jome E Gillen 142 Graduation Left: Chonging (he commond Delow: For the first time, 66 oppeors on the doss woll Bottom: The firsties symbolicolly morch owoy from the wing A f i wm, ' mmnkmM QSHHH HBBBID ia5ISSapSiSSBSSs=Bi= PiP ;p,i rj| V - ' r ' ' ' I ■c 143 Graduation Buffet 144 Mark Corlyle Horfield, Scorr Douglas Porrer, Mory Korhleen Manning, Williann Henry Morr V, Carl Richard Sovinec, John Fronds Hilbing, Elise Marie Vonder Venner, Wesley Allon Olson, Scorr Chrisrion Hoiswode, Thomas Williann Goffus, Sreven Alexander Lovell, Roberr Augusr Koucic Jr, Ion Robert Dickinson, Doivd Alexander Rerh, Ronold Lynn Morseile, Sreven Gregory Morch, Douglas Doenn Rider, Todd David Raines, Ervin Geroge Scheers Jr., Dole Robert Huhnnann, Scorr Alan Neunnonn, Michael Ulisse, Phillip Jay Beoudoin, Distinguished Graduates Louronce Russell Reck, John Cosimer Colombo, Jeffrey Dean Groh, William Charles Cora, John William Ogle III, David Deon Thompson, Charles Roberr Morrison, Bruce Homer Mogoon, Glen Commorono, Sreven Max Grupenhogen, Greg Allan Finney, Hov ord Gisr Jones III, Srephen Glenn Uyehoro, Thomas Owen Morkel, Richord Allon Klumpp Jr., Perer Johns, Alon Akeshi Abongon, Wode Clifford Solomon, Roderick Lonksbury Cregier, Sreven James Depolmer, Roberr Lav rence Sreworr, Froncisco Jovier Avolos, Donold Davis Wrighr Jr., John Jacob Torres, Roberr Chrisropher Dooley, Dovid Charles Fedors, Neil Roberr Billings, Kevin James Fleming, Jerome Michael Pender, Gory James Gregory, Paul Gregory Bell, Roberr John Digeronimo, Jomes Roberr Cvoncoro, Eorl Roy Noson, Brian Kevin Shelly, Scorr Lee McCreedy, Edvv ' ord Brown Tomme, Morrhew Eorle Morgan, Frederick Morrin Koennecke Jr., Morgorer Lynn Kirchner, Scorr Allen Moore, John Morrhew Lyons, Lawrence Micohel Morrin Jr., Samuel Joseph Berrling 145 Graduation Day at last March On i 146 Ceremony 147 J Hats Off! 148 149 mmmamam Thunderbirds Greet New Lieutenants ■ ■UKHJillliMDHailM 1 151 ttniili - — W- • - ' ::5i». J «.;«. The President VicePiesi ' The Hoi The Honorable Ronald W. Reagan ftoiim 154 r ' fii Chain of Command Vice President; The Honorable George H. W. Dush Secretary of Defense: The Honorable Caspar W. Weinberger Secretary of the Air Force: The Honorable Verne Orr Choirman JCS: Gen. John W. Vessey Jr. (USA) Chief of Staff USAF: Gen. Chorles A. Gabriel Superintendent of the USAFA: Lt. Gen. Winfield W. Scott, Jr. % i 155 Commandant of Cadets Brig. Gen. Marcus A. Anderson 156 m amm First Row: Poulerre McCoy, Col. Philip D. Coine, Lt Col Jomes PinkerTon Second Row: Moj Jerry L Melchlsedeck. Lt Col, Jomes R, W, Titus, Lt, Col, Den G Dunn, TSgt, Roland Mono CWIS n f ( ( First Row: Squodron Leader Peter R Dixon, Moj, George M Fleck, Moj, Jerold L, Strow, Moj Edmund A Ordzie, Col, Philip D Coine, Lt Col Jomes R W Titus, Jonice A Pelffer, Moj Willlom R Crolg, Moj, Wode J Keorns Second Row: Copt Dorlo M Roberts, Copt Stephen 5 Whitson, Copt Woodrow T. Howley, Moj. Eorl F Phippen, Copt, Joseph L, Drezovic, Copt Milton C Nielsen, Copt, Roy W Lower, Copt, Robert A, Sutley, Copt Lawrence e, Ullo, Copt, Jessie L. Johnson, Copt, Michoel J, Drodley. CAASgr William R, Nopler Third Row: Copt Patrick M St Romoln, Copt, Morio A, Gorzo. Copt, Nell F, Hosson. Copt, Gory J Archomboult. Copt, SeiichI Hoshimoto. Copt, Roger L, Smith, Copt. Potricio A Kerns • 157 CWIT Bottom Row: DJ Morlnez, Moj. Gory A Proesel, Moj Willlom H Oldenburg II, Col Philip D Colne, Lr Col Den G Dunn, Moj. Dovld E Rennekomp, Korhtyn K. Morfin Middle Row: Porrlcio J, Fox, Dorboro L. Fedusko, Copf Anthony L. Figollo III, Copt, Gregory W, Corson. Copt. Williom K. Frey, MSgt Jomes W. Dunn. TSgt. M. Conord. SSgt. Joseph A. Miller. A1C Donny R. Lovette. Copt. Brett R. Mclntire. Copt Joseph L Dorris. Copt Jomes R. Dort. Gene V. Winger Top Row: Copt Howord T Horii, Copt. Armondo A. Hernondez, SrA Dennis D. Choney, Copt. Williom E. Long. SSgt. Andrew Mueller, TSgt. MIchoel A. Doird, Copt. Wllllonn R. Knellinger 50 ATS Uir i Ff 158 Front Row: Copt. MIchoel P. Gegg, Copt, D ovld L, Albert. Copt Jomes D Wheeler. Copt Woyne A Schiefer. Moj Rondoll E Brooks, Moj. Ellzobeth A. Koch. Lt. Col. Jomes Pinkerron Jr.. Col. Philip D. Colne. Copt. Kevin M. Mortin. Lt Richord J, McGrow. Virginio Ann Leopold. Judine M, Shutts Second Row: SSgt Robert E. Aldrlch. SSgt Nothonlel A. Knight, Moj. Lorry O. Anderson, Copt. Hector M. Mortinez. Moj. George J. Geyer. Sgt Dovld W Zondor, MSgt Leonord L. Gouthier Jr.. SMSgt Poul N. Fling Third Row: SSgt John H. Provencol, A1C Steven A. Zlogor. SSgt Steven D. Hickey. Copt Glenn Veto. SSgt Richord D Cheek. Copt Dorrell D Gillespie. Mickey D. Schmidt ' hiw Operation Air Force Operotlon Air Force gives coders the oppofiunlty to see mony aspects o the Air Force. Helicopters. Red Flogs, - h A . ♦ end flight operotions ore just some of the typlcol high points of the program 159 " OCT " and " Drill " sometimes seem ro be synonomous. 160 misBmm r-h The Leodershlp IXeoctlon course hoircuri. ond the Auoult course ore luu jome of the highlights o( OCT 162 khotagwoyi -f.3P SERE: Water Survival 163 Soaring Right; AwQiring oreorow Bottom: The airfield or dawn I i 164 wsaiamaimBmM I 165 AM 490 Free- Left: Checking the equipment. Above: Woiring for the Otter. 166 jam The Academy s Wings of Blue parachute team continued its domino- tion of the Notional Collegiate Parachuting Championships, earning its 18th title in the lost 20 yeors Cadet First Closs Paul G Schmidt, of Lynnwood, Wash , led the team to the victory, while earning the title of Ab- solute Champion. He placed first in the accuracy event and in the overall com- Wings of Blue petition, while taking second in the style event. The championships were held at Morono Airport, near Tucson, Ariz. They ore broken down into three events: oc- curocy, style and relative work. Each event has four categories, master, ad- vanced, intermediate and novis. The Academy contingent consisted of 19 competitors, only four of which were in the novice category. The Academy team took 27 out of o possible 47 medols during the competi- tion. Eleven medols come in the style competition, five in the occurocy ond 1 1 In relative work. The accuracy event entoils exiting the jump aircraft or 3,000 feet ond flying the conopy to a target measuring five centimeters (obout two inches) Codet Schmidt won the four-jump event with a total score of six centimeters His neorest competitor come in with o 25 cen- timeter score. Style is on event where o competitor has o set of pre-derermined maneuvers he must complete in a set omount of time while free-falling Relative work is broken into two or four-mon reams, which must complete severol formo- tions while free-foiling. The Academy set the collegiate record lost yeor with 22 formotions. CoQch Von Derou, of Doyton, Ohio, has cooched Wings of Blue for the post two years He come to the Academy from the Army ' s Golden Knights parachute teom, where he earned the 1976 individual notional championship. 167 " n?5z f " I ATC Leadership During ATC Leodership coders help rroin basic oirmen or rhe Air Force Bosic Military Training School located or Lackland AFD. Texas During rhe coders ' six week sroy or Locklond rhey ore offorded opportunities to interoct directly with both the basic airmen and the enlisted personnel who serve as instructors and supervisors. Cadets help to teach bosic drill monuevers, dor- mitory orrongement and cusotms and courtesies to the enlistees. Events such as porades ond retreats, culminotieng with the orgonizotlon and performance of a coder porode. The most rewarding aspect of the progrom is thot cadets ore treated, and expected to act as, junior officers in the Air Force. Left; Practice moires perfect, Delow: Storting with ttie bosics. f ' 168 n . 16C Jungle Warfare (and you thought Recondo was crazy!) Tropic Worrior (None other fhon Som " the mon " Derrick, 65) 170 vaammmm ' I V- " 3J». 172 Noon Meal Formation f Oelow: Assembling the troops Left: Greeting the tourists Saturday Morning Inspections Righf: Bed could be tighter. " Below: Nor o doolie ' s room (nore the civvies) 174 I imi ■fi ' timtTimBMmini Left: The ever-present group grocters Below left: Checking closet order. Below right: Good morning. Mo cm 175 Parades i VJ Vi i r m Sr [? BFT PIvfl (8 B 1 J LAIN JaK 1 1 1 i ■iilJPii ii!i iJi! i!ii ! ' 5glf!?! " l ' S? ■ Vfe N»wtal!t ' otaooiwodj 176 Enamamasam (Clockwise from left) - Groduoron porode • Store flog derail - Drig Gen Morcus A Anderson. Commondonr of Coders, • A little spifit doesn ' t hurt. ■ The ever-present folcon • " Poss in Review " ■■ 1 ' HjJUP B Sff r Knyi H 1 m 2 B f 177 wa mm mmwm Project Warrior 178 Communist Memorobilio 1 Micros in tlie dorms Now, AOC ' s con sireomline the forms 10 process- 179 Saber Drill Team mim . " t! 4 ' lf % 180 « -VA i »»!? 181 I Honor Guard Right: Guording the Colors Below; Folding the Colors. The Colors ore secure. ■ ' T 182 Altitude Chamber Training 183 Squadron Sponsor Trip Below: F-16 ' s on rhe flight line ot Hill AFD. Utoh Right: Inspecting on Engine. Bottom: An F-16 in for mointenonce. Ai j wjiMMUNnn niiimii " " 4 186 1985 Presidential Inauguration. Cerberus Frozen in Washington Ir was Q lesson in orric survival for Cerberus III when fhey were sent ro Washington, D.C. to represent U5AFA as the nunnber one morching squadron. As it turned out, the marching services of third squadron were nor required at the parade for the 50rh Presidential In- ougurotion, due to subzero weather. Who would have ever thought that cadets would be disappointed, because they were nor allowed to march? The events sforted, January 12, with o morch-off between squadrons 3, 20, 30, 37, which were the best marching squodrons in their groups. Ir seemed as though the weother that doy (snow) was a foreshadowing of what was to come. On Saturday, January 19, with bogs packed full of warm winter uniforms, the cadets of third squadron boarded a C-141 to Annapolis where they would spend the weekend with midshipmen. That was almost as unbearable os the cold weather itself, but if turned out to be an interesting ex- perience. They showed their hospitality OS they directed us to their company TV rooms, filled with many useful items: o VCR, microwove, popcorn popper, refrigerator, and anything else o com- pany was willing to purchase. Almost everyone did some sort of sightseeing Soturdoy evening and Sun- day morning. The city of Anopolis wos two feet outside the Academy gate, so it was eosily accessible by foot. Many others mode stops ot Georgetown, Washington, D.C, ond the Smithsonian Institute. Everything wos very close, but you couldn ' t stand outside for more than 15 minutes without freezing. As the temperature dropped below zero, it became apparent that frostbite would be o factor for Monday ' s porode. It was for this reason that the Inougurol Parade was cancelled, and many cadets were disappointed as they sow the words flash over the screen during the Super Bowl. After it was all over, we were bussed bock ro Andrews AFD where we boord- The flrsties pause for o group shot ed the C-141 bock. However, rhe weather would hove one lost shot or us, delaying our plane by several hours. We managed to hobble into U5AFA or 2:30 a.m., Tuesday with dosses staring us in the foce within a few hours. All in oil, everyone hod o good rime. We were o little disoppoinred with the weother and the loss of a chance ro be on notionol TV, but onything was better thon having to go to Saturday dosses. Flight of Sound Drum 188 r i lit - ,».♦ Jj, g. ' ? ! ' ' R. ?• r " 190 muAiHWtiuannMa Ik. Recognition Training i ' imam H HO OH £1! !i J I, " . iiiiSHSffiSisS!! ■ iS 193 " ci ' Morning breakfast Soturdoy Morning Inspection 195 ; n mmmmKmUUl 3 1 196 t Morching ond Competition TT " " " - ' . il- ia L!L JL •• " ! « " » II _ ILL LJL_ JJJ LJ .J Jt_L ILJL LlOZ LZCl t L t •« J Lli L J Ji 19 " The March Dortom: Leoding the woy Right: Stopping for a breok Below: Treoting blisters. ik:± ly .1f ' ' m. :■.. ' " .- ' - - . ., . - X -» ;. - 19S t i " T t Above ond Top: On the rood bock Left: Roising the flog. 199 Dean of Faculty J Brig. Gen. Ervin J. RoKKe 202 ... and Staff Seoted: Mrs Leoch, Col Wokin, Drig Gen Rokke, Col Moy ui i i i yie Stonding: Copt Evons. Lt Col Landers, Lt Col Coulrer, Ll Col Schoeffer. Moj Anselmi. Lt Col Ayen. Moj Stevens, Copt Fitz Not pictured Lt Col McConn, Mrs Owens, 203 vm Department of Aeronautics IheDepoftc owoy in ' fif pomityof( undemndin ihe bosic pfi ond Qfi Wro geoideolol Ihis ii occ leoctiing of i ond Aero 31 :odetsw!thit ond gives ilii theif doolie onitetemi field nip. Aei CWee.IhB enhonte tin modynomlcs, fefrioefow, ri Dock row: Copf Leslie Vedirz, Copr Willlom Humphreys. Copr Aaron Dyerley. Copt VoyI Oxford, Copr Woyne Hollgren. Moj Terry Hammond. Copt Hernando Munevor. Copt Jon Turner, Copf Steve Morris. Moj. John Yorger. Copt Efren Stroin, Copt Richard Juarez Second row: Trudy Pollok. Shirley Orlofsky, Copt Neol Dorlow, Normo Steinhour, Copt Richord Moore, Moj Poul King, Moj Vincent Porisi, Maj Rondoll Stiles, Copt Chorles Spitler, Moj Fred Gilliam, Moj Felix Sonchez, Copt Stephen Wollingford. Moj Thomas Webb. Copt Dovid Choffee, Copt Gerald Allen, Maj Williom Roberson, John Deverney, Lorry Schoible, Clorence Scott. Dennis Dougherty Front row: Moj Frederick Jonos. Moj Robert Winn. Lt Col Thomos Yechour. Lt Col. Richord Oliver. Dr Williom Heiser. Moj Jock Mottingly. Moj Charles Longnecker. Moj Joy DeJongh 204 K The Deporrmenf of Aeronourics. hidden owoy in rhe H secrion of rhe sixth floor of Academic Wonderland, tokes the op- porruniry of providing all coders wirh on undersronding of, and oppreciorion for, rhe basic principles of powered flighr, and on inrroducrion to rhe quonrirorive evoluarion of energy usoge, wirh o greor deal of pride ond professionalism This is occomplished through the teaching of two core curses. Aero 311 ond Aero 312. Aero 311 provides the coders with the basics of powered flighr. ond gives them the chonce to increase their doolie knowledge of the aircraft on the terrozzo, with its ever impressive field rrip. Aero 312, roughr by Coproin Chaffee . This gives coders rhe chance ro enhance their knowledge of rher- modynomics, or why engines, ond refrigerorors, etc. work. For those coders missing o few broincells. ond looking for o good no-risk financial invesrmenr, rhe Aeronouricol Engineering major offers the chance ro increose basic knowledge with a number of odvonced courses roughr by the deportment. These courses provide o strong background in rhe fundomen- rols of flighr mechanics, propulsion, oerodynomics and structures. One course, is Aero 377, reaches the Aero major ro communicate and ploy gomes with " Billy Burroughs " , rhe compurer thot will become the Aero majors besr and only friend as progress is mode up rhe Aero course ladder. The Aero major provides coders wirh superior knowledge for furure opportunities. While confining most cadets to rhe dor- mirory and rhe compurer center, rhe Aero major provides a chonce for relox- orion or the Aeronourics Lobororory. Under currenr conrroct for exponsion, rhe lob is o superb reoseorch ond teoching facility rhot provides coders wirh rhe equipmenr ond guidance to perform reoseorch and further rheir education through rhe use of rhe sub- sonic ond rhe rrisonic wind tunnels and the four engine resr cells Wirh oil of rhe fonrosric opportunities rhor rhe Aero mojors has, how con he or she go wrong? Well, many coders enter rhe Acodemy wirh on Aero degree in their minds, bur rhis degree, wirhour o doubr is eorned, nor given owoy. The Aero Deporrmenr wonts ro produce pro- fessionol Aero majors, but it takes em- mense desire and dedicorion on rhe coder ' s port ro survive. (Arricle by Blaine Rudock. 85) 205 206 -■■ " • ' ' ■ ' - ' ■ ' ' tr I The Astronourlcol Engineering Deportmenr gro oms its groduotes to cope with the technologicol sobre edge of the Air Force Space Shuttles, ontisotellite weaponry, control systems, loser beams ond photon torpedoes ore oil Air Force projects begging on bended knees for the few Astro graudotes thot escape the winnowing pro- cess of computer room weekends ond sleepless nights The Astro Department also monges Engineering 430 - a course near and dear to every senior ' s heart. A high percentage of the 400 projects contribute significantly fo benefiting o hondicopped person ' s life. The best port obout being on Astro major is that you con work on variety of projects, Humonitarion projects are great, but it ' s nice to know you ' ll get o chance to defend our country in space. ASTRONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Front row: Moj Ronald J LisowsW, Col Robert B Giffen, Moj Horold 5 Rhoods, Moj Jomes A Davis Second row: Maj danlel E Mercier, Capt Mitchell P Slote, Copt Poul R Leuthouser. 1st Lt Martin ED Ftonce, Capt Rosorio Nici Thitd tow: Copt Solvotote Alfono, SSgt R Michoel Humble, SSgt Angelo A Berry, SrA Lorraine M Humphrey, Copt Rolph H Tate III, Copt Jeffrey W Hess Fourth row: Copt Christopher J Wor- sowicz, Copt Michael L Delorenzo Copt John F Anthony, Copt Wiley J Lorson, Copt M Scott Trimboli. Copt, Richord A Lucol, SSgt Corl A. Dutler Stonding; Copt Linda K Polmer. Copt Solvotore Fozio. Potrido Knox. Moj Robert S. Froser. Joon Aug, Copt ' Villiom A. Yucuis, Copt Holly L. Emrick . Moj, Kenneth R Wernle not plaured. 207 ■KM The Biology Deporrment rhis yeor was lead by Lf. Col. Wlllionn J. Coirney . He rook over the Biology Deporrment for Colonel Orwyn Sampson who is on sob- boricol for rwo years. Colonel Samp- son ' s sobboricol is with the Jer Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Posodena, California. Our Distinguished Visiting Professor, J. Frank Cossel, presented o Biology 495 doss entitled " Philosophy of Biology " . In this doss Professor Cossel provided a stir- ring review of literary studies of major historicol events which hove shaped the history of biology and led to major discoveries. The cadets in his doss read from classic works in biological science. Toward the end of the semester the lec- tures and discussions related these works to the contemporary discipline of biology and emerging ethical and moral issues. Professor Cossel, o specialist in onimol ecology, has brought to the Academy a full and vivid picture of our world. A picture he most ovidly shared with the cadets and faculty. Our thanks ond admiration ore extended to Professor Cossel. We started 1964 with o gosfronomicol delight that, probably, will not, should not, con not, be forgotten - the " Greot BIOLOGY Biology Chili Cookoff, " The winner for the second year in o row was Major Hunt and his advisees. The loser was oil of our stomachs and the roomote that didn ' t go to the cookoff! The yeor also started with some excellent poster ses- sions by the biology majors who hod the Cadet Summer Reoseorch program. At Los Alamos Notional Laboratories in New Mexico C1C Mark Deysher studied the ' ' Morphology of Rodent Macrophages " , C1C Joseph Andersen worked on " Arsenical Compounds as They Affect Live Tissues " , and C1C Stephen Higgins studied the " Toxicity of Oil Shale Compounds " . While out ot NASA-Ames, Moffit Field Calif,, C1C P,obert Digeronimo studied " Muscle Fetol Development Under Hypergrovi- ty " , and C1C Gordon Peters studied " Spoce Adaptation Sickness. " And all by herself at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, C1C Wendy Cook hod intensely reaseorched on area of " Space Microbiology " . During the school year many cadets become in- volved in special research programs under Biology 499. C1C Chevalier Cleoves ond C1C Linda Sverdrup eoch put together on excellent 499 project relating to " G " tolerance and physciol ' ummmmnmm f|I t fitness. C1C John Pfoff and C1C Robert Bussion honed their surgicol skills, iniotiol- ly learned cutting sreok at Mitchell Hall, while working on a 499 project for Moj. Postlewoite on " Small Animal Surgery oso Research Tool " . The Biology majors were able to take odvontoge of some very interesting field trips this year. In Biology 383, Anatomy, students were allowed to observe on autopsy at o local hospital. Biology 420, Biokinetics, toured the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The Field Ecology course took many excursions of the wild Academy ground identifing the local flora and fauna. They also took a one day trip to the University of Colorado ' s Mountain Research Station at Niwot Ridge, Colo. On this trip the doss hod the opportunity to examine several alpine tundra com- munities, Isobelle glocier, and the facilities of the University ' s research sta- tion. Biology 331, took a half day trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens where they examined both the outdoor gardens, conservatory and working greehouses that ore not normolly open to the public. This trip provided on op- portunity to see many of the different types of plants discussed in the course. jH.ij ai|| |{| )., ' i|«fe , 111 " ' 7 8 «!i - " " w , ' 11 J 208 FRONT ROW: MarJOfie M Boisett - Editoriol Technicion, Lt Col (sel) Douglub J Ripley, Di J OiunK Cuiicl Visiting Professor, Ll Col William J Cairney Li Col Lawrence J Diever, Moj Jeffrey M Johnston, Mictioel K, Moes - Secretary MIDDLE ROW: Copf GeroicJ F Alexande r, Copt Rlctiord F, Roberts, Copt, William J Mefim, Moj Richard C Postlewoite Moj Joseph E Toole John M Scupp - Dioloov Lab Technicion, DACK ROW: Moj, John E. Peters, Moj. Dorrel Hum, Copt J David Andrews, Moj Kent E Mognusson, Copt W George Corgill, Copt Jomes S Kent Copt P. Pottick McCreory, NOT PRESENT: RIchord W. Stoops - Biology Lob Technician y fSMmxs ' lkjniQtiQ|. ' MiichellHoi 10 tote ' y iiiefesiifig Biology 3M ' allowed 10 locol hospitoi, louied the ii Colorado COUTO lool, «W Acodemy col flofo ofid edoyttipto io s Moufiram ' Ritige, Colo, leoppofiuniy i tyndto corn- et, and the i reseoich sia loldoyttipra irdens whete the oyidoot )iid working loimoly oped )vided on op f the dieietii I the course XI W ' 1 1, a « Pol 209 Behavioral Science 210 -- - ■-- •— - - ' - ' - 1 ' «. ' mittllL ' ILWII Coder Fourrh Class Vinkmon hod always been interested in psychology, and seriously contemplated being o Dehoviorol Science nnajor. He thoroughly enjoyed his D5 1 10 doss, bur before he decided upon a fuzzy ' mojor he needed to find out more about whot the major could offer him He decided he would go up to the Dehoviorol Sciences and Leadership Department ond see whot it had to offer. Discretely using on even numbered stoirwell. he quickly got to the sixth floor of Fairchild Hall and found on organiza- tional chart of the deportment. Studying the chart, Vinkmon said to hirriself, " The Deportment of Dehoviorol Sciences and Leadership is headed by Colonel John W. Willioms Jr. and has 41 officers on the faculty. Now, I need to select a likely of- ficer to ask a few questions. " After a minute or so, his eyes kept returning to the some name and he kept asking himself " I wonder if it ' s really her? " Noting the room number, he located it in less than two hours, all the while thinking to himself, " Even the offices ore designed like a maze up here. I wonder if I am on unwitting subject in some loborotory experiment ' " He finally reported to the Instructor. " Come on in, " sold Coptoin J. Drothers, " Whot con I do for you? " " Well mo ' om, I ' m looking for some information concerning the Deportment of Dehoviorol Sciences ond Leadership. Con you tell me about the department and the three majors it offers? " asked Vinkmon. " Cerroinly ' , answered Coproin Drorhers, " The 41 foculry members of rhis deportment teach three core courses to opproximotely 1,600 cadets every semester. At the some time, our department offers 15 other in-depth courses to our 170 ocodemic majors. Our academic mojors hove three choices of trocks to specialize in: these ore Psychology, Orgonizotionol Dehovior and Human Foctors Engineering, " " Gee, there sure ore mony cadets majoring in our discipline, " Vinkmon ex- claimed, " With these diverse types of trocks, whot types of background and experience does this deportment ' s faculty hove ' " " Our foculty comes from a multitude of backgrounds which include coreers in such fields as missile operorons, research and development, pilot, navigator, counseling and social actions, " said Cap- tain Drothers. " I understond you have mojors in psychology, orgonizotionol behavior ond humon factors engineering. Whot else do your cadets do? Research is whot I ' m reolly interested in, " onswered Coder Vinkmon, his eyes widening. " Con you give me some examples? " " Usually 10-20 coders ore involved in coder summer research each yeor Some of our coders hove been ro NASA ' s Ames Research Center for research on menrol workload: Wrighr- Parrerson AFD. Ohio, fo work on pilot workload in rhe Flight Dynamics Laboratory: and Edwords AFD. Colif . for work on rhe F-15 F-16 Aircrofr Tesr and Evoluorion Phose " Are any of your foculry involved wirh research ' " The coder osked You could always help rhe foculry wirh rheir research. Currenrly, our foculry is involv- ed wirh nine differenr reseorch conrrocts valued or over $90,000 For example, NASA is funding a research project in in- vestigating hobitobiliry issues in long- rerm spoce flighr Also, we hove o large projecr wirh the Defense Nuclear Agen- cy studying the impoct of shiftwork on security police morale, heolth and per- formance Of course, there ore mony others. These contracts hove allowed rhe faculty to bring the latest developments in rhe oreos of spoce srorion hobirobiliry. shift work, subjective pilot research, orgonizorional structures, and soviet humon foctors engineering reseorch to the classroom " There is a Dionnuol Psychology Symposium sponsored by the deportment " In April 1984 more thon 050 individuals throughout the U.S. attended the Ninth Psychology in the DOD Symposium at rhe Academy. The guest speaker list included Dr. J Richard Hockmon, o highly quoted ond respected Professor of Orgonizotionol Dehovior from Yole University and Dr. Horry L. Snyder, Humon Factors Engineering Department Heod. Virginia Polytechnic Institute. 211 » f« a.yT l gx ; . :„-.. .. Department of Civil Engineering :i_j: ' I 10 be e m ' (he depoms fessodMop show us how and Df. Howa Mdemics, li jhe closest ismtiof). Itie yeor i dmifig-in invo nops. Oui Gen.ClitofiD fltheAJFora soifotionol oni +e(i9hifram iemesief. ihe f j |( % Front Row; Ms KrQl ovsl ' y, Ms, Zcinc, Maj. Von Soun, Moj, Topper vDepury Depr Head), Col, Swinr (Depr, Head), Moj, Uhlik. Moj, Wochinski, Moj, Riggs, Ms, Anoyo, Ms, Gusrin, Second Row: Copr, Drickell, Moj Giovon, 5Sgt Schwartz, Copt, Eddy, Capt, Knox, Moj, Moricle, Copt, Dean, Copt. Cullen, Moj Reynolds, Mr, Schmidt, Mr Wem- mer. Dock Row: Copt Boyce, Moj. Frovei, Copt Reynolds, Copt, Rorolio, Copr Evons, Mr, Meodows, Mr Solcum, TSgt Hamilton, Copt, Miller, Not Shown: Capt, Kranich, Dr, Dunn(DVP) 212 jom 4t- " We Bring Good Things To Life " The Deportment of Civil Engineering, headed by Col David O Swint, is proud to be the most octive of oil depart- ments. In addition to its regular faculty, the deportment has two visiting pro- fessors: Moj, Wayne Reynolds, USA, (to show us how it is done in the Army): and Dr. Howard C. Dunn. Vice-Deon of Academics, U.S. Coost Guard Acodemy (the closest we hove to a civilian instructor). The year started off quick with o dining-in involving the faculty and CE mojors. Our guest speaker was Maj. Gen. Clifton D. Wright (top Civil Engineer in the Air Force) His speech was very in- spirational and started the year for us in the right frame of mind. Throughout the semester, the foculty has been involved in numerous activities in conjunction with the students In September, we travell- ed to New Mexico to try our hand at surveying (night surveying actually) and finished second The rivalry between the students and faculty also continued on the fields of friendly strife. Revenge is always obtained, for students and faculty alike, in our annual basketball and Softball torunoments. The high point of the yeor, though always seems to be the regionol con- ference Once again we captured first place in the concrete conoe roce and, for the first time, the faculty won. The celebration was heavy (as the residents of Utah will otest). This yeors con- ference had many added challenges In addition to the concrete canoe roce, concrete skis and o concrete frisbee con- test were held The yeor culminated with summer programs The Department of Civil Engineering administers severol outston- ding programs In addition to Summer Reseorch, the department hos its own Operation CE This progrom ollows one cadet to go to eoch major commond for five weeks to experience oil focets of civil engineering Lost summer, 10 cadets ottended the program ond went to boses such as Ramstein. Hlckom, An- drews, ond Tyndoll. As each yeor comes to an end, the Department of Civil Engineering looks back to assess its growth, only to set higher goals for the yeors ahead 213 Chemistry The Deporrment of Chemistry is head- ed by Col. Harvey W. Schiller . Ir consists of 28 officers and six civilian personnel. Together they provide instruction and experience to every fourth ciossmon who enters through the " Bring Me Men " ramp by means of the core chemistry course. In addition to this, they teach ad- vanced chemistry courses for the chemistry majors (and a few envious biology mojors). They are involved in their own research and reseorch in con- junction with the Frank J. Seller Research Laboratory. In oddition to academic ond research pursuits, the faculty is also involved in public affairs such as conduc- ting seminors, judging science fairs, and performing chemistry magic shows for local schools. During the 1984-1965 year, the deporrment was in turmoil as " Seiler " begon moving into chemistry depart- ment rooms. As a port of the research lob modernization program, the Seiler chemistry labs on the second floor of Foirchild Hall were being extensively overhauled. At the some time, the Chemistry Department ' s prep and storage rooms were being renovated. All this resulted in a loss of classroom and lob space for the deportment. No one passed through those halls without notic- ing large amounts of lob equipment pil- ed in the hall, chemicals in the closets, and instructors lost in 2C25. The Chemistry Club was more active this year thon any other (in recorded history) due to the excellent advice and direction of Moj. Lorry Davis , The club ' s president. Cadet Firstcloss " IXoy " Paul Hamilton ond Major Dovis organized two foil field trips (one for the Chem 405 course ond one for the Chem Club). The first wos to Kirtlond AFD, N.M., to see the chemical branch of the Air Force Weapons Laboratory ond the other was to Eglin AFD, Fl., to tour the energetic (explosives) materials lob. After burning their physical chemistry tests, some of the chemistry majors got involved with Seller instructor reseorch projects. C1C A. J. Domenichini and C2C Kendall worthed with Major Fife on solar energy storoge systems. C1C Scott Moore and C1C Mart Morgan worked with Lt Col Mueh on the synthesis of orgonometollic compounds. C1C Mike Hoke made heterogenous silicon catalysts (using the " hooter " method) with Major Burggrof . C1C August Hein and C2C Estivito identified fungol pigments with Lr. Col. Wright . C1C Christopher Cossidy and C1C Roe Ann Noyes worked on the snythesis of energetic moteriols with Major Avilo , C1C Pete Whelon worked on Fredel- Crofts syntheses with Major Avilo. C2C Benson worked with Mojor Sonobe do- ing research in photochemistry. C2C Dye studied some of the molten salts us- ed in high density batteries with Dr. Wilkes. C2C Knight spent the semester calibrating some new instruments for future use by Seiler lob personnel. 214 rimwiMiiii ' ' - i ' i " Computer Science The Computer Science Deportmenr, composed of 22 members, is directed by Col. Joseph Monroe, Professor and Head, and the Deputy Head, Lt, CoL Kenneth L. Krouse . The expertise of the deportment con be attributed to the quality and level of educational backgrounds of its people. Twelve of these members ore academy groduotes, 10 from USAFA, one from West Point, and one from the Novol Academy. Five have doctorates and four others are currently v orking on one Extra curriculor octivifies ond oddi- tionol duties keep its members octively involved with cadets. Two members of the department train cadets in th e USAFA flying program to become future Air Force navigators. All members ore pqrficipants or sponsors of the 25fh Cadet Squodron. Other special deport- mentol octivities include: sponsorship of the Computer Science Club which is open to all cadets, hosting a nQtionol symposium colled CRISY5 (Computer Related Information Systems Sym- posium) each year, and presentation of Qwords to the top cadet in eoch course for both semesters as well os an annual award to the top codet in Computer Science. i „-ipH Pondering Turbo • 216 of the 25!h peciol de 3 which a " 9 Q noiionol ' 5 {Compuifj nm Sym. ' TOnioiionol 1 eoch course ltlSQ(lQ(lfHio| in Compytef The deporrmenr teaches one core course Oeyond this inrroducrory course, rhe computer science major moy srudy courses such as Dorobose theory, net- works, compiler construction, grophics, operating systems, embedded systems, ond software analysis and design. The major has been in existence for 15 yeors ond in this rime the Academy hos groduQted approximately 700 coders in computer science Presently there ore 45 majors in rhe class of 1985. 50 in rhe class of 1986. and 60 In the doss of 1967. Computer Science Is such o rapid- ly developing field rhor It hos olmost unlimited porentiol for growth in the future Whether you ore plonning for computer science os o pnmory career specialty or as o secondory coreer choice, the opportunities in computer science abound. Seated: Mqj Williom E IXictiordson Li Col Kenneth L. Krouse. Col. Joseph Monroe, Moj Lowrence G. Jones, Lt Comdr Williom G Bornes 2nd row: Mrs, Annemorie Hommer. Copt Alison Plotter. Moj Gory E. Topping Copt Tom 5 Woiles, Copt Lorry W Dryont. Moj Jimmy D Nilson, Copt Robert L Tomlinson, Copt, James P Joyce, Mrs Glodys Dilorenzo Top row: Copt Clifford c Gordner Copt Jomes ( Heold Copt Deon W Gonzolez Copt Avo N Monolos Copt Edword M Corter, Copt Poul D Gilbert, Copt Derick W Lopez. Moj Steven J Cristlom 217 English ( - - - and a whole lot more) To coll Col. Jock Shurrleworrh ' s deportmenr rhe ENGLISH Deporrmenr is almost on injusrice. The name indicates emphosis on merely the English language (if this were the cose, we could integrate the English Deporrmenr ond the Foreign Languages Deportment into the Languages Department). In reality, the Academy English Deport- ment teaches for more than vocabulary, grammar, writing and survey literature. The exponse of its core and enrichment offerings ensures that it ploys a pervasive role in the ocodemic life of every coder. The sl ' ;ills and insights learned in English Deport- ment courses greorly contribure ro im- proved performonce ocross rhe cur- riculum — yes, even in the engineering sciences courses. How? By emphasizing cleor and effective communicotion: us- ing writing to clarify thinking: Improving writing, speaking, and research skills; and — certainly o mojor contribution for o future officer — guiding cadets in the reading ond oppreciotion of literary mosterpieces, works that con help cadets put life and any academic discipline into perspective. During the Foil and Spring Semesters, department members taught the ston- dord core courses: freshman composi- tion, sophomore speech composition, junior professionol writing, senior survey of literature. Along with these courses, honors dosses chollenged qualified cadets ot every level. Of course. Blue Tube remained a prized opportunity at the junior honors level. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH 1 -- r:t. ;t !-- -- .t tj X % Moj. Rich Comer, Moj. Perry Lucl etr. Lt Cot Ed Doiley, Lt Col. Tom Murewski, Cot Jock Shuttleworth. Lt. Cot Dill McCorron, Lr. Col. Sreve Sioley, Lr. Col. Terry Dongs. Moj. Dennis Doroff, Moj. Doris Miller, Copt Dorrell Mostin, Copt. Mike Hole, Lr. Dill 3oumon, Copt. Jim Meredith, Copr. Dob Cioffo, Moj. Tom Cookley, Copr. Mork Noe. Copt Steve Knopp. Copt Steve Else, Copt, Vicky Moore, Copt, Ivo Wolket, Copt. Kent Eskenshode. Copt. Tom Dowie. Copt. Dove Mozurowski, Copt, Herb Smith, Copt Chris Moley, Copt. Jim McClure. Copt. Donno Connolly, Copt, Tim Mortin, Copt, Jock Show, Copt, Jon Cope, Copt, Shoron Roichelson. Copt. Kothy Ctowe, Copt. Dove Smith 216 ii£L Tll.iPtWWBmi.1 9 ' mpraving wch skills ™ ljfc(l lo ' sdets m ihe I Ol lileio ' y ' CQti help y ocodemic 9 Semesters 9 t the ston- ' On compos- compositiofi iefiiof survey lese courses !(i qyolied course, Blue pponuniiy or Enrichment classes brought wider ex- periences in language ond literature: In the fall, Copt Mork FaulKner tought an advanced speech doss Copt ' s Dorrell Mostin ond Jon Cope tought American Literature I: Copt Mark Slown guided students in on original course called The Bible and Modern Novels " : Copt Dove Smith tought o course on clossicol literature The spring semester sow Moj Dennis Doroff completing the Americon literoture cycle, Moj Rich Comer offer- ing o stimulating and relevont inter- disciplinary course — " Literoture on Leodership, " and Copt. Herb Smith in- structing the ever-popular Shokespeore course- In oddifion to oil these courses, the deportment managed the Codet Foren- sics Club, directed the Dluebord s pro- ductions, helped with the Coder Film Club, and judged and compiled cadet entries to publish " Icarus, " One thing cleorly obove the coll of duty was the self-initiated progrom to instruct severol Lt Col- Terry Dongs gives some points on gestures to on English 212 Speecti doss doss sections of codets in the use of computer word processing progroms All these Qcriviries, ond I hoven r even mentioned whor the deportment does for the Air Force at large, or the Defense Deportment, or even the notion Besides editing reports for the Spoce Commond ond other agencies like the Notional Defense University, the deport- ment hos o teom of instructors colled rhe Executive Writing Teom thor trovels oil over the world reoching high-ronking milirory ond civilion personnel how ro communicore in o cleor ond direct style. Some of the Acodemys English instruc- tors went to the White House this yeor to assist White House officiols with ther correspondence techniques Lt, Col Tom Murowski, o tenured professor in the English Department, even op- peored on notionol television in December 1964 espousing unobsfuscoted writing (or in his words, encouraging just ploin Engligh " ). Clearly, the English Deportment ot the Acodemy teaches English, but they olso do mush more. : r ' Copt- Mork Foulkner demonstrates some body English to his ottentive speech students- 219 Electrical Engineering The 1984-1965 rerm was onorher dynamic year for rhe Deporrmenr of Electrical Engineering. Col. Eriind G. Royer led his staff of 32 officers, a distinguished visiting professor, and eight civilian support personnel in developing and refining a challenging and exciting curriculum for electrical engineering ma- jors courses OS well as the two core courses: EE 210 and EE 310. This cur- riculum placed emphasis on " The Elec- tronic Air Force " and gave each cadet the opportunity to explore basic and odvonced electronic principles used today. The staff of the EE Deportment was enriched by our Distinguished Visiting Professor, Dr. E. P. Most, on expert in electromagnetic field theory who is on loon ' from rhe University of Illinois. The deportment also gained greor benefit from the talents of our two exchange officers: Lt. Comdr, William H. Long, U5N, and Maj. Hubert De Quorreborbes, French Air Force, who exposed the codets to the experiences of officers from different services. Electrical Engineering majors par- ticipated in the constant research per- formed by the deportment. Moj. Billy J. Stanton led o team of four officers and 10 cadets in researching speech syn- thesis ond analysis. This technology, when developed, will be used in future oircroft. Other department members and codets worked on diverse projects such OS local oreo networks (to be used in the upcoming codet dormitory com- puter system), on interactive com- munications simulator (to be used by the Rome Air Development Center, Communications Command, and department communications courses), solid stote device fabrication, computer-based education, and robotics research. Deportment research projects were by no means the only ones involving cadets. Fourtheen EE majors par- ticipated in the Summer Research Pro- gram at locations ranging from Hawaii to New York. These projects included, among others, speech research ond pulse-moduloted Doppler radar systems. .« r t .l.-.. 1.x. ' f. ;- ., ..■! Front Row; Moj. Robert F. Plielps, Moj. Michoel F Guyote, Moj Fronk D Tiller, Moj Billy J Stanton, Col Eriind G P oyer, Lt Comdt Willionn H Long. Jr Moj Paul W Schoell, Moj Gory P. Hurst. Prof (DVP) Edword P Most Dock Row: Moj Kenneth J Sodo, Copt Williom P Horben. Copt. Dovid IX. Robertson, Copt. Scott Von Tonningen, Copt Nothon H Krys, Moj Hubert De Quotreborbes. Copt Joseph A Morgon. Copt. Michoel F. O ' Sheo, Copt. Stewort K. Angell Copt Doniel L Motrin, Copt. John G. Pennett, Copt Clifton J. Alston, Copt Porris C Neol. Moj. Roger F. Heoly. Copt. John M. Sontiogo, Copt Theodore J Moody, Copt, Glen E Monoghon, Copt Robert E Norris, Moj Christopher A Cross. Copt Robert K Morrow Jr., Copr. Donnie L. Keeler, Copt. Dovid L. Collowoy, Copt Keith A Lewis NOT PRESENT Copt Druce Pecor, Copt Donna E Peterson 220 rws Ml jm " IV V. ll " ' V«i.. " OT • ' Wive co( ' t e wd by mera Cenie- imond, Q„(, fcos couises), fobricQiJoi, cotjon, ood P ' ojens were Jfies involving TOjOIS M ' . feorcli Pro. 3fromHov oii i«ts included, feseorch ond Jpler lodor EE 464, the depofTmems copsione design course, ollowed the (irji doss WW mojofs lo ex- plore design ond development o( octuol systems in o (ormot which copies cKtuol Air Force systems development procedures Addi- tionolly. the codets goined (irst-hond knowledge of the tolents of our four verjotile technicions Mr Joyce. Mr Lynch. Mr Monn. and Mr Mitterer The EE Deportment also devoted energy towords community service Coptoins Coliowoy ond Morgon ployed to rove reviews ot local schools with their superb demonstro- tions involving the deportment robotics systems, ond Coptoin Moody devoted much lime ond effort into producing o smort wheelchoir which serves os the primory meons of mobility for o child offlicted with cerebrol polsy This choir being the most successful of our reseorch projects hos provided o deserving child with o device not presently ovoiloble on the open morket The Cadet Electronics Club (student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), with the help of Coptoin Pecor. ex- plored the latest developments in microelec- tronic devices ot INM05, ond got the true story of the reiotionship of such obtuse principles os wove propogotion from a vibrating body (loudspeakers) solid state theory (omps). ond other enlightening phenomena ossocioted with stereo systems In the 1984-1965 term, the EE Deportment wos cerroinly o dynomic place to be The friendly but demanding atmosphere served to set the sioge for o fun, bur challenging year. The year hos been most successful ond has culminored with the graduation of o class of EE mojors fully prepared ro chort their future in the electronic Air Force ,W» ' ctpim ' ' 221 0IKM Affecrionorely referred ro as rhe " Mech Deporrmenr " , all coders ore ex- posed ro rhis deporrmerir via Mech 210, This core course is designed ro increase The coders ' undersronding of forigue and give new meoning ro rhe words " srress " and " srroin. " " Enlighrened " , resilienr coders wirh rhe " righr roughness " often decide ro become mech mojors. They may choose from rwo mojors odminisrered by rhe deporr- menr: Engineering Mechanics, and Engineering Sciences, The firsr major is designed ro give coders o brood knowledge in fundomenrol engineer- ing, wirh in-deprh srudy of dynamics, oir- crofr srrucrurol onolysis and design, and marerials engineering. The second ma- jor allows coders ro pursue a broader educorion in rhe engineering sciences-o- prepororion for effecrive performonce in on engineering speciolry. The deporrmenr conrinually srrives ro improve rhe quoliry of educorion given ro mech majors and oil orher coders rak- ing courses odminisrered by rhe deporr- menr. In on efforr ro sorisfy rhis commir- menr, compurer oided insrrucrion has been inrroduced inro many Mech courses. New courses ore olso being developed ro insure groduores hove rhe academic rraining needed ro rockle currenr and furure engineering pro- blems in rhe Air Force. For example o course in composire marerials has been added rhis year ro inrroduce srudenrs ro Engine ering Mechanics on increasingly more imporronr field in oircrofr design. In oddirion, future plans coll for odding o course in engineering economics so rhot mech groduores ore better equipped wirh rhe rools needed ro evoluore rhe economic as well as rhe engineering feosibiliry of o design projecr. Research conrinues ro ploy a major role in rhe educorionol developmenr of coders. Senior mech majors hove con- ducred independenr srudy projecrs ronging from rechniques used to manufacture composire structures to developing on inexpensive space fur- nace used ro study the formotion of metol alloys in the zero grovity environ- ment of spoce This latter projecr is scheduled ro go on boord a furure shur- tle flight. The deporrmenr interocrs wirh coders in other oreos besides the academic arena. For insronce, rhe Mech Deporr- menr is squadron porriciponr wirh rhe 39th Squadron. Cadets interested in learning how rhe principles of mechanics ore ocruolly used borh in rhe milirory ond civilion secror usually join the Mech Club (odmittedly some cadets join just to go on neot trips such as rhe one ro Cope Canaveral ro watch a shut- tle launch). The club is run by cadets with on insfrucror from rhe deporrmenr serving os club Officer in chorge. While performing irs role in rhe academy mission, rhe Deportment of Engineering Mechanics continues to test the durability of cadets who hove com- mitted themselves to determine rheir ulrimore srrengrh. May oil who pursue our course of srudy never reach rheir point of failure. The Qccomponying phoros show Copr. Sullivon and several senior coders working on on Engineering 430 design projecr. The goal of rhe projecr was ro design, build, ond resr o prororype con- cepr of on end effecror capable of grab- bing Q fragile beom, rruss assembly flooring in rhe zero groviry environmenr of spoce " End effecror " is whor NASA coll rhe device orroched ro rhe end of rhe spoce Shurrle ' s Remore Monipuloror Arm. Furure proposed shurtle missions coll for using rhe monipulotor arm to moneuver rruss-type beams into posi- tion during the construcrion of large space srrucrures, Dolso wood was used ro consrrucr o 20 percenr scale model of o beam similar to the type that may be used during ocruol construcrion of rhese structures. In order to simulate the beam " floating freely " in space, bollons filled with helium were attached to both ends of the bolso wood beam. The criteria for success: The end effecror musr grab rhe beom and rigidly hold ir os rhe beam is moved obour. All of rhis musr occur wirhour srrucrurolly domoging rhe fragile beam The end effecror shown performed successfully. ft: ..if tt ' t-. ' " f - " .s. 222 Front Row -Gory J Dutson, Mojor, John A, Blind, Mojor, Terry L Schiessler, Major, Augusr I DeRoso. Major Cory A Fisher Colonet Jomes G R Honsen Mojot Mory Corherine Drown, Secrerory, Coroline H. Grams, Secretory, Williom W Heincker, Captain , Mark 5. Ewing, Mojor Middle Row -Lex C Dodge, Caproin, Mark N. Websrer, Coproin, Marvin L. Decker. Coproin, Dovid C. Donnermon, Coproin, John l Rogocki, Mojor, Douglas L, Miller, Copioin, William Sullivan, Coproin, Mork H. Homllron, TSgr, IXonold L. Deon, Coproin, Steven W. Whitehouse, Coproin, Dormon Schmidr, Lob Technicion, Robert A. Wemmer, Lob Technicion Dock Row -Fred A, Anroon. Copfoin, Glon D, Turner, Mojor, Jomes L. Schworz, SSgt, Thomas J. Sefcik, Coproin, Sheryi K Bryon, Coproin, Dovid J Nicholls, Coproin, An- rhony C. Nunez, Caproin, John L, Slocum, Lob Technician, Charles P. Meadows, Lab Technicion ■-■t 2E sr nmiBs: Coders Robert D Deckel. Jr , Dirk M Hutchison, ond Michoel J Mosucci work on the end effector model Coder Deckel hos inserted the end effector Into the beom truss ossembly. Coder Mosucci hos ocivoted the controls which couse the end effector ro inflate outomoticolly to the proper size needed to grob the beom without structurolly domoging rhe beom. . ct -L.-, i.. Department of Foreign Languages yeoi Although rhe Deportmenr of Foreign Languages does nor offer a major, ir ploys on imporronr role in the develop- ment of future Air Force officers Lt Gen. Lincoln Fourer, the Director of the No- tional Security Agency and o guest speaker at the Academy during the fall semester, stressed rhe importonce of foreign languages He sees proficiency in other longuoges os very important to our notional security. Also our inability to speak foreign longuoges gives us o haughty, uncaring image in much of the world. The department of Foreign Longuoges works hard to increase our proficiency by offering programs in Spanish, German, French, ond the strotegic longuoges: Russion. Arabic, Chinese and Japanese This diversity ollows us to pursue longuoges we hove studied before or to try something new ond challenging. While two semesters of language is mandatory, advanced training is avoiloble ond encouroged. Besides increosing our language obili- ty, this instruction also exposes us to the cultures of the various countries. This familiorizQtion is accomplished through readings, lectures and the activities of the vorious language clubs These oc- tivities include visits to ethnic restaurants throughout the area, film festivals, and cultural evenings at the homes of various instructots. Front Row: Copr. Williom P. Doird, Moj. Victor W A. Nell, Moj Duone E Dright, Lt Col Morcelino Espinoso, Col Ruben, A Cubero, Lt Col Doniel G M Honnowoy, Moj Mory A Morl«, Moj, GeroldT. O ' Guin, Moj. Clifford R. Borofsky, Second Row: Dertold L Geiss, Virginia Lombtechl, Monette B Wells Third Row: Copt J Young Moyberry, Copt Arthur P. Edmonds, Copt IXichord G, Mcclellon, Copr. Thomos T. Cook. Copr, Robert L, D. Stevenson, Moj David M. Schrupp, Copt Jose Tomome, Copt Griffiths Hughes, Copt Charles D f obertson, Copt Williom P. Boird. Copt Srephen H. Horris. Copt. Philip J. Westfoll, Copt Richord L Sutherlond, Copt Leslie M Keffel, SSgt Gary L Cauler, Copt [Robert J Vosiko, Carolyn S McDonald Fourth Row: Copt Robert F Giordino, Copt Potrick V Curton, Copt Henry K Nokogowa Copt Julie B Brownell, Copt Jill M Crotty Copt Miguel Verono Copt Howord M Swortz, Copt Noncy J P Lewis, Copt Jose D Romero, Copt So-Moi D Loi, 224 rmsr- ■zsF? . . :i,;.tfi:- T U.J. ' ii.imi:Wlilil The Deporrmenr is also blessed wlrh exchonge officers from our allied no- rions This yeor we were honored to hove Lf Col Morcelino Espinoso from the Mexicori Air Force, Lr Col George Von Groevenitz from rhe Federol Ger- mon Republic s Luftwaffe, ond from the Spanish Air Force, Copt Jose Tomame These officers add o great deol to our culturol educofion and also shore their expertise and point of view with other deportments at the Academy There ore olso exchange programs to various foreign air force academies giv- ing cadets the opportunity to ex- perience other cultures first hand Every year severol French students are selected to spend a semester at the French Air Force Academy This year six first classmen tooK port in this program Also this year contingents from the other specialties visited Germony, several Lotin and South American countries, Saudi Arobio. Egypt, and Jopon The longuoge program is constantly growing with the introduction of computer-ossisted language rroining, video disk instruction, and plons in the neor future to broodcost programs from various countries into the classroom The expertise of the instructors ond the desire to improve will bring odditionol benefits to codets ond the Air Force as well dill IS J! 11 11 III illU mi nil Academy codets spent three weel« srudynig Russion intensively or Gornish-Porrenkirchen. West Germony Here rtiey ore posing in o group stiot with their instructors ond the US Army Hussion Institute s stoff For Left: Coptoin Johnson, USA West Point Project Officer Center; Colonel Don O Stovoll, USA Commonder, USARI C2C Jeff Henry ■ Fourth From Lefr, Top Row C2C Scort Gormon - In Fronr of Jeff Henry C2C Jerry Heitstiinen - Behind Colonel Srovoll. ro his left C2C Mork Deierle • Third From flight. Middle Row 225 Prepare for the future with History The Deporrmenr of History believes rhe profession of orms and the study of history ore inseparable The depart- ment ' s varied courses ond rich programs instill in all cadets an appreciation of history and its role in the military profes- sion. With on understanding of their post, future Air Force officers con better prepare for their future careers To give cadets on understanding of rhe post, the department uses a wide voriety of courses, ranging from " Modern World History " to " The American Way of War, " But the deport- ment also offers several other progroms that enrich the education of coders, such as the populor History Club, The club has representatives in each squadron as contacts for more than 400 members. The cadets become fomilior with many historical topics through club-sponsored dining-ins, lectures, trips and films. This year the club even initioted a version of " Trivial Pursuit " for historians! Another program that stimulates codets ' interests is the Harmon Memorial Lecture, which was begun in 1959 as o forum for a distinguished speol-ier to pre- sent on original lecture on military history Dr, Harold C Deutsch, from the U,S Army War College, spoke this year on " Military Planning and Foreign Policy: Germon Overtures to Two World Wars. " Dr, Deutsch gave both codets and officers o good understanding of the complex relationship between foreign policy and military gods Dr. Deutsch ' s lecture opened the Eleventh Military History Symposium, which is a series inouguroted in 1967 to provide a forum for military scholars from around the world. The topic, " Military Planning in the Twentieth Cen- tury, " was highlighted by Admiral Bob- by R, Inmon, U5N (retired). In his ban- quet speech, " Long-range Planning for the Intelligence Communtiy. " the former Vice-Director of the Defense In- telligence Agency and Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency presented o provocative discussion of the future of the intelligence field Former Air Force Academy Superintendent, Lt, Gen, Albert P Clork, U5AF (retired), spoke to nearly half of the third classmen in the Distinguished Professionals in Residence Program. Speaking to small groups in the lectinar classrooms. General Clark talked candid- ly about professionalism ond answered many questions about rhe new cadet honor code. His personal insight mode history " real " for many cadets and enhanced their classroom studies The Summer Research Progrom also enhances the cadets ' preparation for their future coreers and emphosizes the importance of their historical education. This post summer, the department spon- sored four cadets for the progrom, sen- ding the m to Q variety of Air Force of- fices: the Office of Air Force History, the Directorate of Soviet Affoirs (Soviet Awareness), and the Deputy Direc- torate for doctrine. Strategy and Plons Integration at the Pentagon, These courses and progroms give every coder a brood introduction to history ond its specific relotion to rhe military profession. The department believes these programs help cadets become better officers and prepore them for o successful approach to the future. Top Row i-ipi IIi._-i::.jU. AiiylL-, Auj U.,.i;i.,j, ' d L I lu; . i , , ' p ' -jL ;yi. .■. Uullh.yii Lo i I O..IU G, Thornhlll, Copt Michael [ , Terry. Moj Dovid A f obertson, Moj MorlU Dues, ILr Roy F Houchin 11, Moj Stephen D Chiobotii Middle Row: Copt Lorry A Weover, Moj Bryont P Show, Copi Robert C. Owen. Copt, Williom L, Coode, Copt John L, Poole, Copt, Scott M Smith, Copt Philip T Pioniek, Moj Spencer Woy, Moj Dean E kice, copt Michoe! L Wolfert, Copt Mork K Wells, Moj Chorles H Wells, Moj Richord J Mueller Moj Gory P Cox Sitting: 5q Ldf William Mulvenney (RAF), Moj Hoe C Dixon, Moj E Richord Downes, Lr Col Horry R Dorowski, Col Corl W Reddel Lt Col Roger D Fosdick Li Col Dovid A Tretler, Moj Walter T Hitchcock, Moj Stephen L Orrison(USA) Persons Missing Copt Wolter J Coonet Jr, Copt, Horold G, McKinney 226 ' fieleoinQ, diked condicj. d Qdswered ° Ww codef " isighi mode codeis ond tudies P ' ogfom olso Jporation foi ipteaesihe ol educotion I ' lTOniipon. Air force ot- 5 Histofy, ihe ffotfi (Soviet spyiy Direc- ]i Odd Plons jgfoms give Toduoiod (0 m to the deportment iielp codets )iid ptepore roocti to the Leff: MoJ Stephen L Orrlson. exchonge officer (rom ihe Uniied Stores Army, teoches History 303. " The United Stotes in o Chonging World Crittcol Issuei in the Twentieth Century, in the spring semester ol 1965 C2C I S Honnos o the only codei showing ony Interest in whot the mojor hos to soy ' Delow: Squodron Leoder Williom Mulvenney the deportments exchonge of- ficer from the Royol Air Force, expounds on History 345. Modern Europeon History to o doss this spring C3C Scott Atchison is owoke if not toiolly involv- ed, but C1C [ ondy Kersey is enlightening himself ' W MjR I Knights from rhe Late Middle Ages prepore to joust in a wor-gome set up by the Militory Science Club sponsored by rhe Deportment of History ond the clubs officer-in-chorge. Copt Mork K Wells 227 Department of Law ' ihe ' fi , ' Atodemy i,n we fr i Iveswtieitie ' even wO ' 3 Fksi row seared Sandy Knodel, Lt Col Edward C Hunie, Julie VolObin Col Morcos f Kinevon Shoron Jensen, Moj Loke D Holt III. Second row, standing Moj Fronk J Spinner, Moj Fronk 5 Dodge, Copt Cheryl L Nilsson Copt Miles D Wichelns, Copt Joseph J Troficonli, Copt Joyce I spisok, Copt Richord K Dowers Bock row, stonding: Moj Jerold W, Jockson, Copt Brendo J, Mollis. Copt Dottt J Demotee, Moj Gregg H Remecke, Moj Williom A, FHIll. Moj Michael W. Schlobs, Moj Michoel D. McGroth 226 Philosophy and Fine Arts Ve always rhoughr rhat rhe prospects of o milirary career, a good education, the needs of the notion, no tuition, or the urging of o variety of well- intentioned relatives brought us to the Academy In the core ethics course, philosophy 310, we find out that th ere wos o deeper reason: our values And it turns out that values Insist on offecting our lives whether we like It or not A major, Q spouse, lifestyle o career field, and even o war, a battle, a target — we become port of oil of these because of values No wonder we ore tosked to go through the soul-searching and endless questioning involved in examining those volues. Sure, its " fuzzy, " without any of the " school solutions " thot would be so comfortoble at final exam time But thots what our most crucial life deci- sions ore like, so there ' s every reason to expect that on ethics course must be the some [Receiving speciol emphasis in the Deportment of Philosophy and Fine Arts ore moral issues of porticulor import to the armed forces: professional ethics and morality ond wor. These Issues ore oddressed os ocodemic. educotionol Issues in the core ethics course: but members of the deportment olso ad- dress them OS training or instructlonol Issues by providing odvisors and instruc- tors for the variety of training we receive In mllitory ethics ond the Honor Code Besides rhe required ethics course, rhe deportment offers several other philosophy courses, including the olwoys popular " Greet [Religions of the world, " The Fine Arts program would be the envy of just about ony comporobly sized educotionol institurlon in the country In oddition to rhe two oppreciotion courses — one in music ond one in visual orts — there ore the American Art ond Music course ond the olwoys enjoyoble Fine Arts Studio The deportment olso hos token on the responsibility of academic advising for the new Dosic Acodemic Progrom, the so-colled no-mojor mojor This progrom now gives us the opportunity of seeking a brood, general educotion without having to odd o speciolty on top of It Ultlmote questions, morol volues, professlonol obllgotions, and oesthetic sensitivity — cleorly the Department of Philosophy and Fine Arts provides cruciol elements to our bored professlonol educotion. Front tow: Lt Col Jomes D Dixion Vtsiiing Professor Heinz C Luegenbiehl, Col Molhom M. Wokin, Li. Col. Kenneth H Weaker, ond Moj Doniel J Cervone Dock tow: Shoron Koy Nigtiringoie Copt Timoitiy J Gonnon Copt Romon Mortinez, Copt Kennetti W. Kemp. Moj. Jetome M Prodier. Moj Charles W Hudlin. Copt Rodney J Korbo SSgt Deboroh J Meisner. Cheryl R Ross, ond Copt Pottick f Tower 229 Department of Mathematical Sciences mgid? tion bobiliiy 01!) toufsei oie lir leliel to m! iWtiDeporifi homework, c work ond (: ufiteloied i Howevei, cc codec fO( f( engioeeiifig c ihe tectioico higher mottle fodhose neqyolity, f rivilegedlol Row 1: Col Robert R Lochry(Depl Head), Li Col Doniel W Litwhiler Row 7- Mrs D Lynn Young, Ms Julie Neuberl, Mrs Lourie Peno, Mrs Doro Z Woods, Mrs. Mario A Modigor Row 3: Mqj, Dovid M 5 Lyons, Lt CoL Peter L Knepell, Lt. Col John M Field, Copf. Gory W Hoenshell, Copt. George W, Fikus, Copt Shirely J Nichols, Copt. Mork L, Joyner, Moj. Norwood A. Hegno, Copt Ramon Corres, Copt Borboro L Posierb, Copt, Robert I. Mitchell, Copt. Steven R. Copehort Row 4: Copt Jomes F Sheedy, Copt Kenneth C Konwin, Moj Jomes C McLeroy, Moj Edword R Avilo, Copt Kothleen M Spotolo, Copt Louise A Dlonchette, 2nd Lt Steven G Seroko, Moj John Peiro, Copt Ross E Roley, Moj Mork J Kiemele, Copt Stephonie K Rohde, Moj Tuiren A Drotino, Moj Stephen R Schmidt, Copt Williom L Jomes, Copt Julius C Hunter, Lt. Corl E. Crockett (U5N) Row 5: Moj Thomos J Powlowski ill (USA), Moj. Horry W. Gore Jr., Copr Pomelo L Peters, Copt Michoel A Norris, Moj Robert W Dunn, Copt Gregory A Keerhler. Copt Richord W Doker, Copt Jomes t Kogler Copt John A Ausink, Copt Gerold Dioz, Moj George C Hughes Moj Mory E Donohue Copt Gregg M Burgess, Copr Mork 5 Oriski, Copt Jomes C Vetier, Copt John R Coss, Copt Neil T Cohoon, Copt Dovid J Lowron, Lt Col William J Riley Moj John H Estes IV Moj James M Crowley (Not Pictured) Moj Arthur J Sherwood, Copt Stephen C Daniels, Copr Richord F Wildmon 200 a i. ...Mii,iai.mii,iji]iiiiiiiP i rrt ' Coptoin Durgess hos his heod shoved ofier losing the Novy gome bet with the Squids in his course Regardless of rheir majors, oil coders suffer through five core moth courses ranging from freshman calculus to pro- bobiliry and srorisrics. When these courses ore finally completed, it is with relief that most cadets reflect on the Math Department along with its graded homework, competency tests, boord- work and GR,s rhot ore seemingly unreloted to course objectives However, core moth does prepare cadets for follow-on core courses in engineering and science as well as for the technical majors which require higher mothemotics. For those who understand the above inequality, yes you roo can join the privileged (albeit thin) ranks of the moth majors. For those who would lilie to try. the lorgesi ocademic deportment at the Acodemy offers the Mathematical Sciences major. The moth mojor is divid- ed info two categories: pure and ap- plied moth. Pure moth majors " op- preciote the beauty of mathematical structure " and deal o lot with Greei-; let- ters. Applied moth majors learn the techniques of problem solving applied to tecfinicol fields such os Electrical or Aeronauticol Engineering. The Moth Department also offers the Operations Research (OR) major OR, mojors learn to use srorisrics and simulation (omong other things) to help model managerial and economic processes in order to understand how they ore affected, how they con be mode more efficient, etc. Either way, cadets practice their ability to solve problems logically Along with learning problem-solving techniques, moth mojors benefit from o " flexible " major, the moth major allows courses from technical fields os electives so that moth majors develop on oreo of specialty Those considering double-mojoring con moke use of this overlap After groduotion, groduotes with Q moth degree hove a good chance of getting o graduate degree program, bur if they don ' t they will enter one of the mony different coreer fields open to them The Air Force will olwoys need the anolyticol abilities of the mathemoiicion. 231 .T.E-».-.«- v«v, , wm 3 232 Department of Political Science Polirices never seems ro be for from our exisrence. From DCT through srore legislorures oil rhe woy up yo inrernorionol negorio- rions, politics is rhe fromewor! ' ; by which we try ro undersrond Jusr how those in power distribute whet we volue most. We sometimes question how well politics provides onswers, but ot the very least, we expect the discipline to guide our questions. In notionol politics, we try to understood relations be- tween Congress and the president, how parties and interest groups vie for influence, ond in rhe midst of oil this where our voces as citizens and soldiers fit in. In international politics, we struggle with the fact that coun- tries hove different and often con- flicting vioues thot contribute to fric- tion. Sometimes these conflicting elements overwhelm attempts to find common ground. The nature of politics requires on eclectic opprooch — it is a wide discipline. Thus the Deportment of Science must endeavor to op- prooch its study from several perspectives. Woht is the psychology of ontioonl leoders? How do concerned citizens get the attention of lawmakers? How do interol Kremlin politics affect ex- ternal Soviet policy? Woht do federal judges feel is within the con- stitutioonl sphere of rights of accus- ed criminals? The questions we ask provide more than on understan- ding of the subject — they often reveol much about our own biases and values. During any ocodemic year, cur- rent events provide much meat for debate and study. The Deoprt- ment focused its efforts to take ad- vantage of such events. The presidential election of 1984 sow Ronald Reagan elected to a se- cond term. If he ser ves out the en- tire term, he will be only the se- cond president since FDR to hold down what many hove described OS the world ' s toughest job for a full eight year. In order to understand the electoral process better, the Department and the Cadet Forum Club sponsored a Presidential Sym- posium. The Symposium attracted speokers like John Anderson and Jody Powell. They and others discussed topics like the historic choice of a woman, Geroldine Fer- roro, to run on rhe Democratic ticket, the likely future courses of the Republican and Democrotic Parries, prospects for arms control, the future of sociol programs and the growing debates over the use of space. It is toward space that policy makers have turned more atten- tion recently. Because of rapidly odvoncing technology, the possibilities for the utilization of opce represent a significant policy challenge. Decisions about how best to put technoloby to work for the notional interest ore the focus of the Deoprtment ' s newest course, US Notional Space Policy. The course examines military and civilian space policy, basic decisions about how emerging issues ore treated. Visitors included such ex- perts OS Lr General James A. Abrohomson, Director of the Strategic Defense Initiotive Office and Dr. Colin Gray, and outhority on strategic thinking who has sought to integrote opportunities in space with traditional doctrines of strategy. The new curse is an dieol complement to the Space major in the Astronouticol Engineering Deportment. A deporrmenf grows from ex- periences gained outside academe Dorhe coders and officers were ac- tive well before the academic yeor bogon To brooden knowledge ond experience, they filled various sum- mer research positions throughout the Air Force and the government Some of the opportunities included internoitonol travel for cadets to allow them to view politicol pro- cesses first hand as they occur Cadets worked with such groups as the Stote Department, Department of Defense, the Deportment of Engergy and the Executive Office of the President This yeor olso saw o resurgence of the Forum Club Not only was it heavily involved in the Presidential Symposium, but it olso collaborated with the Colorado College Political Union in activities to broaden coder exposure to different view on various fipics. The Club wos more rhon o forum for intellectual activity; if served os on effective vehicle for on occosionol dining-in for members. Once ogoin, the yeor sow on ex- traordinarily successful Academy Assembly The Assembly offrocrs students from ocross the country to discuss issues of importance to the United States This years topic was Conodion-Americon relations The Deportment not only brought students from other universities here, but sent cadets to many different conferences ocross the nation Cadets porticipoted in conferences ot West Point, Annapolis, Texas A M, ond in Washington DC, This yeor also sow the opportunity open for future coders to participate in the Model United Notions Competition in New York City, Advanced study in politicol science provides qualified students with the opportunity to progress beyond the groundwork laid here ot USAFA in pursuit of groduote degrees. In keeping with post years, several codets competed for and won prestigious scholorships to graduate schools across the country. This spring, the Deportment instituted whot should become on annuo) dining-in for both Inrof mojors and politicol science faculty. The evening emphosized the rich heritoge and excellence shown by previous groduotes. ond the rrodi- tion of achievement to which this yeors grods ore heir Colonel Douglos Murroy arrived OS the new Permanent Professor ond Heod of the Deportment In do- ing so, he Qpplouded the en- thusiosm and professionolism of both foculty ond cadets in the major Dur realizing that political science at the Acodemy must encouroge reoson- ed judgment beyond mere knowledge of politics for the citizen- soldier, he recalled Aristotle ' s em- phosis on excellence for the heolthy democrocy. ..the good citizen must possess the knowledge and copcify requisite for ruling as well as being ruled, ond the excellence of o citzen may be defined os consisting in o knowledge of rule over free men. " Bottom row, from left to right: Mrs Eunice Fletcher, Mr Don Romero. Moj Ronold Sullivan. Lr Col Poul Vioiti (Tenure Professor ond Deputy Heod). Col Douglos Mur- roy (Permanent Professor ond Head). Mr Jim Hooper, Lr Col Richord Lothom, Moj Joseph DeSufier. Ms Wendie Sumrell Second row, left to right Moj Dovid Polerv chor, Moj Donald Cole, Copt John Dirkheod, Copt Jay Lorenzen, Moj Gregory Harrison, Maj Mike Nelson. Copt Poyrow-Olio. Copr Tennenboum Moj. Dziedzec. Moj. Silvoni, Moj Cloy Stewort. Moj Woyne Silken (USA) Moj Al Maurer, Copt Chuck Cosronzo Third row, left to righr Copr Jerrold Elkin, Copt Jim Keogle Copt Tom Doldy, Copt Henry Johnson Capr Dove Tunstoll Moj Schuyler Foersrer Moj Edword Wright Copt Rick Boyd. LtJG Joseph Rollo (U5N). Moj Ken Rogers Not pictured: Copt Donold James Codet Forum Club on Public Affairs stoff CICTimHeoly CICEdNogler CICBrodMolone C2C Jean Moclntyre C2C Lori Drown 233 T Educating the Air Force Manager Management A quick look or the wide range of courses offered by rhe Deporrmenr of Monogemenr will confirm rhor manogemenr is becoming on increasingly complex discipline. To meet rhe chollenge of rhe complexiry, along wirh ever increasing od- vonces in technology, tomorrow ' s Air Force Monoger — wherher commanding a rocricol fighrer wing or monoging rhe ocquisfion of a major weapon system — will need ro draw upon Q variety of managerial skills. It is porodoxicol — but nonetheless valid — thot in on in- creasingly complex Air Force environment, it is ever more im- porronr ro focus on rhe fundamental issues, the questions that remoin criricol over time. Whot is our mission? Whor is rhe real problem? And ultimately, whot oiternotive courses of action must be evaluated to optimize the decisions we face both to- day and tomorrow? Ir is roward those fundamental issues that rhe monagmenr curriculum is orienred. The objective remoins constant: to pro- vide romorrow ' s Air Force officers a framework with which to manage resources and o foundorion on which to build. ifToeiCowoi Gl Ihese Old Seoted: Mrs Peggy Roymond, Lt Cot Chorles J Yoos II. Lt Col Dob Pizzi. Col Jomes Woody, Moj Somuelson, Moj Dud Doker Middle Row: Moj Lorry Howell, Moj Mike Evonchik, Moj Don Thurmon, Moj Rob Gocke. Copt Tom Moss III. Moj Vernon Francis Dock Row: Copt Rito Moore, Copt Jeff Melorogno. Copt Mike Reese, Copt Donnie Singer. Copt Steve Clement. Copt Zeneo D Willioms 234 Iba BM ■ I. ' L-.f ■■»liWMW I i T Economics Ftonf Row: Moj MIchoel 5 Anselmi Lt Col Jomes D Streets. Col Kenneth H Flenning, Lt Col William J Wolsh Second Row: Moj Eric J Nickerson. Moj L Jmoes Cowordin Jr (USA) Moj John (K Drock Jr . Copt Kenneth J Reynolds Copt Druce G Linster. Copt Jeffrey S Terroll, Moj Jon M Vetterlein Thlid Row: Mrs Oetty E Jones, Copt P. Theodore [ oth, Moj Kenneth O Morse. Copi ( omon Yborro Jr Copi Mory M Livingston, copt Michoel G McVoy. Copt Douglos Nelson, Mrs Joyce M DeMeyer What — more graphs? " And I don ' t even understand what they mean!! " These and simiior comments ore lilsely to be heard from core econ students who walk out of class and are bewildered by the multitude of graphs and diagrams Economics is not a subject rhot oppeols to everyone, but there ore a few of us hardy souls who oppreciote that economics does exist. For us it is a challenge that gives us insight into the complex problems of our age. In fact, most of us chose economics as a mojor for the tools it gives us to analyze the behavior of both countries and individuals. We wont to moke a contribution to our country and the Air Force, and through our interest ond knowledge of economics, hopefully we con. 235 The office of Insrrucrion for Geography is small, bur offers a voriery of courses. Ir is possibly rhe best kept secret or rhe Acodemy. Ir has rhe unique sronding of offering o major with 1 1 rofolly different, yet related courses; without having a single core course. The diverse background and ex- perience of rhe instrucrors enhonces rhe courses and brings expertise in from a surprizingly large number of different ossignments. This year has been mode more notable by the return of Lt. Col- onel Mitchell, from 15 months os rhe Geography Commander Deputy Commander in Iz- mir, Turkey. He has been joined rem- poriolly by another Middle-Eastern specialist this spring: Distinguished Visiting Professor, Dr. John Kolors from the University of Michigan or Ann Arbor. The combinotion of Lt. Colonel Mitchell, Dr. Kolors and Major Barnes provides several lifetimes of experience in the Middle East. The Soviet Union ond For East hove been handled by Captain Popirtis, while Copt. Sloydon has been responsible for Corrogrophy ond Lorin Amerlco. A new oddirion ro the physical sfrucrure of the office has been rhe crea- tion of o remote sensing laboratory for use wirh Copt. Popirtis ' course on remote sensing and image interpreta- tion. Geography 382. Each of rhese courses offer the stu- dent Q differenr ospecr of Geography. They oil, however, provide the impor- tant overall basis in which to analyze dif- ferent regions of rhe world in terms of the physical, cultural, economic, and political strucrures. It is becoming more recognized as on imporronr rool for Air Force coreer officers. wofd ' P inossiveloo things itioi « eoch CO ' ' tourse lequf Mechonici B( ond Modem P coutsestoihe Altoughii MP, physio is Ixislc stientes eveo biology sitting: Lt Col Mitctiell, [ oberta Chovez, Dr John Kolors Stonding: Moj Domes, 55gr Fink, Copt Popirtis, Copt Sloydon 236 ' " • ' " ' ■ ■ ' ' -n . ■ ' m mmmwii -h Phun with Physics Most coders cringe or rhe sound of rhe word " physics " Impossible G R s massive loads of homework problems, and hours of El and jusr some of rhe things rhot insronrly come ro mind Despire rhe adverse reactions the topic, each cadet is required to take a three course sequence in Physics: Classical Mechonics Electricity and Magnetism. and Modern Physics Those who claim to be. physics majors odd around 1 1 more courses to the standard load Although it moy hove o bod reputa- tion, physics is truly the most basic of rhe basic sciences All other science yes, even biology to a certain extent consists ' I Ui of various opplicotions of basic physicol principles Chemists may hote to odmit it. but all that they ore doing is opplying physics or the molecular level At least physics hos the class to haze up- perclossmen rather than doolies Seriously, rhough, it was a good year for the physics deportment (although some physics majors might tell you otherwise). With so many of its members whisked upsroris to work for the Dean Col. May, Maj Schrock, and Copt. Tollefson. the department has been regrouping jusr o little, but should recover just as long as o supply of per- sonal computers is available. noIHInil Front iXow Moj f olf C Enger. Moj Jolin C Soriders. Moj Al Greenwood. Moj I ' vithard i Swonson, Lr Col Dovid Evons, Moj Corl !K Sctieerer. Moj Thomas Toscione. Moj r oynnond H Dloomer. Moj Woyne R Steinboch Middle Row: Copt Philip Gronseth. Copt Delores Knipp. Copt Jerry Home Moj Thomos Gist, cjpot Joseph Scott. Copt Dove Lewis. Moj Dovid Neumonn. Copt Gory Lorenzen. Copt Mork D Stephen, Copt Michoel L Crowford. Copt Dill W Mullins. Copt Robert K McNeol. Copt Douglos Deoson. Copt Dole K dinger. Copt John Ruble Dock Row: Moj Chris D Westbroois. Copt Ken R Zeringue. Moj. Lee W. Schrock. Copt. Joseph Dossi. Copt Steve R Snyder. Copt Mork V Tollefson Copt Donold Erbschloe. Moj Armen E Mordiguon Moj Lorry Freemon. Copt Fronk Eng, Copr. Wolrer L Atchison. Copt Gemot 5 Pomrenke. 237 Behind the Scenes Movers: DFSEA (Directorate of Audiovisual) 4 Ihe too vices, or Ml Doyle, is comi pool of needy ond dvilions, doesni oppec todetoctlvities works behind Acodemy 0[9( sons. But, olth pond solely to cadets, DFSW I think of the I iiisttuctots itonspotencies ptesentotion i ond videoiopi Seoted: Mr Jomes Rodgers, Chief, TV Division, Lt. Col Druford Doyle, Director, Audlovlsuol Services, Mr. Wllliom Redding, Chief, Graphics Divisions, Mr Renny Strockony. Chief, Troining Devices Division Standing: Mr Ronold Hall, Chief, Audiovisual Support Division, MSgt Wllmo Belvln, Chief, Producilon Quolily Control Division, TSgt MIchoel Corter, chief Photo Division, SSgt Lindo Boll. Chief, Instructional Technology Division and Mr Don Perry, Chief, Precision Meosurement Equipment Loborotory 238 ■ ' . K ' ., it ,-vV! M _ 1- 55gr Eric Olson In oction ot o Fokon Foorboll gome The Direcrorore of Audiovisual Ser- vices, or DFSEA, led by Lr Col Druford Doyle, is composed of o fiighly skilled pool of neorly eighry enlisted members and civilians. At first glance, DFSEA doesn ' t appear to be very involved in codet activities As o support unit, DFSEA works behind the scenes, helping all Academy orgonizaitons meet their mis- sions. But, although DFSEA doesn ' t res- pond solely to the educotionol need of cadets, DFSEA does do a lot for cadets think of the audiovisual aids that your instructors use. The overhead fronsporencies in Physics, the slide tope presentotion in History, ond the films and videotopes in Militory Training are all brought to you courtesy of DFSEA DFSEA may have created the transparencies in the Grophics ship or shown your instructor how to moke them in the self help lobs The slide tope presentation and the equip- ment to use it were obtained ond main- tained in the Support shop. Videotopes are produced in the TV Division and routed to your classroom by the TV Distribution Center. Engineering students get first-hand ex- perience with one of DFSEAs lorgest divi- sions: Training Devices. As cadets work out the details of their engineering pro- jects, they work side-by-side with the technicians in Training Devices. And, while the Photogrophic Division takes photos all over the Acodemy, some of their finest work involves publicizing cadet octivifies The posters ond recruiting moreriol that got you interested in the Academy, the float in the Porode of the rockies, the Blue Tube shows, and so much more, were produced by or with the help of DFSEA people So, although all cadets may not get personally involved with the octiviries in DFSEA, DFSEA touches all cadets The ef- fects of the Direcforote of Audiovisual Services ore felt Acodemy-wide DFSEA moves behind the scenes, not always visible but olwoys getting the job done 239 Cadet Library 240 L. ' ' ' ' " ' ■ - " ' " ' ' ' ' ' - " ' ™!?.T ' EaDBBBBZ A Quiet Place to Study . . . (or sleep!) SBBEZzaLx; ■ a «j| aii 27th Academy Assembly Complexities obound in almost oil in- ternotionol interactions, ond no less so between countries as close geogrophicolly, culfurolly ond historical- ly as Conodo and the United States. " Canada and the United States " was the subject investigated by 120 cadet and civilian institution student delegates from both countries at the 27th annual Academy Assembly in Morch, Convened each yeor under the oegis of the Deportment of Politicol Science to discuss different topics of importance to American policy makers, the Academy Assembly draws on experts in o por- tlcuoir field from government, academy ond professional groups to draw conclu- sions and moke recommendations. Under the overoll cadet leadership of C1C Greg Bell, the Assembly sponsored Q series of panels thot discussed topics thot represent real and potential point of contention between the long-tim allies. The international system is cor tinuolly changing — do both countrie shore the same perspective about poi ticulor phenomena? Countries ore grow ing more interdependent — do w« shore equolly the risks as well as rh« benefits that follow? Conclusions ore difficult to draw although the Academy Assembh recommended on increased sensitivir of eoch side to the needs and prioritie of the other, as well as increased cor sulfations about policies that affect botl countries, and improved publi oworeness of each other ' s gools an values. Above all, the porflcipcnttof reolized that the closeness of curren : relations should not gloss over concernfave thot merit serious ottention. Cai Do ofiy o ' ' ' [Q-jyouliove Acodemy. fe Odd wt iitotiheCoc help you lectively. ilie Ceniet, !« ofVofidenbe »oiiety of services omple, your first f " m oir-sickness bo OTObouttiiesei tee ofid worry i More than 120 college students ond coders trom the U.S. ond Conodo porticipofed in the 27th Acodemy Assembly to discuss U 5 -Conodion teiotions. The confetence held in Morch, included students from more thon 70 colleges ond universities Ditectot of Academy Assembly and Staff: C1C Greg Dell, C1C Joy Worwick, C1C Scotf Neumann, C1C Dob Cummings, C1C Georgio Collins, C1C Sherri Sims, C1C Tor Connelly, C1C Mourice Grosso, C1C Ed Nogler, C1C Elise Yonder Vennet, C1C Wendy Lini , C1C Rob Sedermon, C1C Ron Rotton I 242 bS: .MM,:.mi.lilllJWl.J, ' wnesi of cur Cadet J° ' system IS ° tah coy„ ' ' IS well OS f " y Assemt " Msedsewf f Qndp,io,i tBiooeosedt esttooffeobt ■ " P ' oved pui) f ' sgooko Do any of rhese siruorions sound ™ Poftipa amllior? You hove a 2.5 GPA and need 2 6 to get into graduate school You teoveicoM ' ,Qve 18 MPA and need a 2,0 to stay at e Academy You ore storting a relo- onship and wont to ovoid post isrokes. These and many others ore oil reos rhor the Cadet Counseling Center on help you cope with more ' ffecrlvely. the Center, located on the second oor of Vondenberg Hall, offers a wide oriety of services to all cadets. For ex- mple, your first ride in T-41 ended with n oir-sickness bog. Now you ore ner- ous about the second ride, Donr just sit ere and worry obout it! The Counsel- Counseling ing Center staff provides stress manag- ment programs for T-41 ond other typical stressors such os test taking or math anxiety. Give them a try. This post summer the Flight Specialist program was developed, taught to OCT cadre ond commanders and put into practice for both BCT periods by the Counseling Center staff. Flight Speciolists trained and counseled basics with an emphasis on positive motivotion along with increased performance The Positive Motivation Model (PMM) pro- duced such rewording results for both cadre and bosics thot the entire wing will eventually be taught the PMM skills If you ore not yet convinced that o Center visit to the Counseling Center con be worth our while, here is onother reoson Their help may save your own or a frined ' s life. Do you know someone who cant seem to get o handle on their weekend drinking ' How do you let him know, as o friend, that he needs to step bock and take a look ot his drinking habits? What do you soy to someone who is so depressed that they moy be desperate? The Counseling Center staff helps you find answers to these types of questions. The Counseling Center is worth your rime, even if you ore only looking for a little " synthetic silence ' in their sound proof listening booths II • 240 Foreign Exchange Trips C1C Jeff Siegol enjoying himself on fhe Joponese exchonge. C1C Keifh Pond inspecting 5oudi oircroft on Saudi Arobion exchonge 244 -- ' ■ - -■ ' k....i.m i: ' .wi,iiBgiBT; i-h C1C Orion K Shelly on the Eost Germon border with o Germon componion C1C Shelly por- ricipoted in the Germon Exchonge French Exchange photo • Porochufe Training: C1C George Pope. C1C Don Bridges, C1C Deboroh Chorron, C1C E Griff Vinton, C1C Don Doder. Copt Ron- dy Jomes (French Exchonge Officer storioned of French Acodemy) • 245 — pi Looking back . • . . . and Ahead. The mon who quides rhe Academy ' s focuify sow Q year of progress for fhe academic progrom " Our fundomenrol approach of a borodly bosed core curriculum for oil coders has served us well and will nor chonge. " explained Brig. Gen. Ervin J. Rokke, deon of foculty. " Bur rhot doesn ' t mean we stand sfill. The body of knowledge ossocioted with every Qcodemic discipline we teoch changes conrinuolly. Those chonges ore reflected in the content of our courses, but our teaching ond learning tools ore chnging OS well. I don ' t hove to tell you that we live in the age of the computer. " The integration of computers into the academic program ot the Air Force Academy took a new direction January 1984 when the foculty received the first increment of some 60 Zenith- 100 Microcomputers in the Dormitory (MID) project. While the end objective is to locate a microcomputer in eoch dor- mitory room, these first systems were in- tended primarily for faculty ond staff familiarization and for development of prototype course materials. The plon to install a microcomputer in each dormitory room is on track. What will put the Academy in o class by itself, Adopted from the Falcon Flyer. however, is the plan to interconnect c of these computers through the instollc tion of o local oreo network (LAN). Th network will enable eoch codel microcomputer to communicote wii every other cadet microcomputer c well OS with the foculty microcompute and fhe Academy ' s large moinfrom computer systems. Once complete fhe MID project will give cadets o con puter copobilify unsurpossed by or other college or university in rhe notion But microcomputers weren ' t the on thing new in the academic oreno. revised coder Schedule of Colls was in plemented in the foil semester ond has provided numerous benefits to boi the cadets and fhe Academy stoi " Common exam " periods or 6:55 a.n each doy now enoble instructors to oi minister the some exominotion to codets in o course, where different e oms were previously required f( coders who hod the course on differe doys. The faculty now has fewer e ominorions to write, and codets hov hewer days when they must prepoij for multiple examinations addition features of this new schedule include two-hour study period each evenin with mandatory lights-out of midnight. 246 :inj -nii • -.vMUkiii i iiiiiMi ' We on the faculty aim to make it even better. " Planning for the future occupied o great deal of the focultys time An in- terdeportmentol working group studied the ovoilable facilities In Foirchild Holl and then compored them with woht each deportment needs to fulfill Its nnis- sion into the next century The working group concluded thot more than 140.000 square feet of odditionol floor space was needed, ond they hove recommended the construction of on oddition to Foirchild Hall, Progromming for this addition is well underway, and, when completed, the new facility also will correct deficiencies in the comman- dont ' s oreo, the cadet clinic, and the dental clinic. Other studies initiated in- volve the feasibility of establishing on academic endowment progrom here ot the Academy, development of a man- power standard for the faculty, and possible revisions to the core curriculum While the faculty wos busy planning the future, most time was in foct spent in the more troditional pursuit of ex- cellence in undergroduote educotion Cadet enrollments in individual courses now exceed 26,100, the highest number in Academy history Beyond the classroom, however, the faculty hosted many conferences and sym- posio to broaden the cadets ' educa- tional experience. The 27th Annual Academy Assembly attrocted delegates from ocross the noiton lost March Their four-day discussion focused on U 5 -Canodion relations There wos continuing demond for faculty ond codet reseorch time from outside orgonizotions, ond the Acodemy received almost S864,000 in research funds during 1964 Research topics ronged from growing microorgonisms in spoce to videodisc opplicotions in foreign longuoge educoiton Finolly. some 100 cadets went on six-week reseorch ossignments lost summer spon- sored by 15 different mojor organizations Numerous personnel chonges ore common in any militory organization, and the foulty is no exception Three new permanent professors were op- pointed in the summer of 1964 and six new visiting professors joined the foculty for one yeor tours to reploce the six who departed las spring. In oddition 16 officers were granted tenure in 1964 " This really is o first rote institution, " soys Generol Rokke. " I ' m speoking not only of our academic program, but of our militory training program ond our athletic program os well. All things con- sidered, there is no undergraduate in- stitution in the United Stotes thot I would consider better than the United Stotes Air Force Academy. And we on the faculty aim to moke it even better. " 247 WAC Schedule Provides Test The Air Force Falcons stomped the Son Diego Aztecs in o 34- 16 victory in the 1984 season opener. " This was an obove- Qveroge game for us, " said head coach Fisher DeBerry. Led by quarterback Broin Knorr, the offensive unit ac- cumuloted a total of 485 yords. Knorr hod eight completions out of 10 posses for 110 yards and 34 yards rushing, while Pot Evans, fullback, bulled for 121 yards on 23 carries Mike Brown, 1983s notional leader in averoge-yords-per-corry, rushed 55 yards, while Jody Simmons had 79 yards. The fourth largest opening day crowd in Academy history (36,553 fans) watched the Folcons roll to on early 17-0 lead at Folcon stadium. The 17 points come in o spon of 63 seconds. With a third touchdown and o 24-0 lead, the Falcons could af- ford to toke it easy. By halftime the Falcons were oheod 31-10. Also sporkling in the Falcon romp, was the defensive unit giv- ing up no yords in the entire first quarter ond ollowing the Aztecs only o total of 216 yards in total offense with only 16 yards rushing. Three interceptions by the Folcons proved they were ready to play " We were relying on the defense to hold us up for the first few gomes until the offense got on track, and they showed everyone that they can, if we need them, " DeBerry said. The lone highlights for the Aztecs were a 47-yard touchdown pass and a 97-yard touchdown runbock of on intercepted pitch-out. But 05 the Acodemy scoreboard said, " It just doesn ' t matter. " This wos the ninth sfroight win for the Falcons, breaking a four-way tie for consecutive wins. Academy fourth classman hod to go through the push-up ritual, hoving to do 34 before the gome wos over. in:: . Holfbacl Mike Brown (3) completes o holfbock option poss ogoinst Son Diego Stote. a II Quorterbocts Brian Knorr (6) looks to unlood o poss In octlon ogoinst Son Diego Store Blocking on the ploy Is center Dove Sutton (55) IreMdietfeiy Holfbock Jody Simmons (25) breoks owoy during oction ogoinst Son Diego Stote Simmons tushed for 79 yords and scored o touchdown " twiegfjl 250 _a .i ' . ' :m ' -j iBiiMUi ' ' t. ' :warin KiogonSonCie c I Linebacker Terry Maki (67) leads the charge at New Mexico In on the ploy ore I linebocker Scott Curtis (64) and defensive tockle John Ziegler (74) Holfbock Greg Pshsniok (36) escapes the hands of New Mexico ' s tockle Tom Bradford (74) Stopping Orodford is Dove Sutton (55) Holfbock Greg Pshsniok (36) finds o hole in the line in oction against New Mex I FALCONS FINISH 4 - 3 in WAC The firsr half didn ' t look good for rhe Falcons during the New Mexico gome, bur Air Force come bock in rhe second ro romp over rhe Lobos in o 23-9 vicrory or New Mexico Srodium While rhe Falcons offense wos spurrering, rhe defense was ploying well enough ro keep New Mexico our of rhe end zone. Two field gools by New Mexico in rhe firsr half pur rhem in rhe lead 6-3, " We rold rhe ployers or holfrime rhar rhe whole season ond a possible bowl bid were on rhe line, " said head cooch Fisher DeDerry , " They mode rhe commirmenr ro rhemselves ond each orher ro go our and win rhor gome Wirh 10 minures lefr in rhe rhird quorrer. New Mexico pushed irs lead ro 9-3, unril Falcon quorrerbock Dorr Weiss scampered 24 yards for rouchdown and o 10-9 lead John Ziegler, defen- sive end, inrercepred rhe boll leoving rhe Air Force on rhe Lobo 45 Two ploys lorer, halfback Mike Drown hir poydirr on a 27 yard rouchdown purring rhe Falcons ahead 17-9. Carlos Moreos, ploce-kicker helped the Folcon ' s winning score by kicking rwo field goals of 36 ond 39 yords. Orher players helping our rhe game were wide teceivers Ken Carpenter (rwo corches 44 yards), and Kevin Fleming (2- 36 yards) and righr end Hugh Drennan (3-21 yords). They oc- counred for seven complerions and 103 passing yards. Leading rhe rushing arrack, Par Evons, fullback rushed 110 yards on 18 corries. Air Force ' s defense held New Mexico ro 119 rushing yords and 177 passing The Falcons also inrercepred rwo of New Mexico ' s passes " We proved we can ploy wirh some of rhe besr reams in rhe norion Before rhis season begon nobody even gave us o chance ro hove a winning season We proved we could, os well OS hold our own ogoinsr mosr reams. " sold DeDerry. 251 RUMBLE School records were set September 8, 1984, when the the Air Force Academy Falcons ron over the Norhern Colorado Dears in a 75-7 victory at Falcon Stadium. " We weren ' t trying to run up the score, " said Fisher DeDerry . " We played well, and things just seemed to go our way. " Every Falcon player in uniform played in the game. The se- cond and third teoms finished the gome after the first team left the field at the beginning of the second quorter, when the Folcons were olreody up 17-7. Falcon school records were set for most points scored in a game, most points scored in a half, most points scored in the first half, most yards rushed (585), best overage gain per carry (.4 yards), tied the number of touchdowns scored in a gome (10) and most consecutive wins (10). Third team quarterback Kevin Polko mode the longest run of the game. Polko romped around the end and romped 56 yards to the end zone. Quarterback Brian Knorr carried seven times for 1 1 yeords and three touchdowns, and threw for another to Ken Carpenter, while Pot Evons hod a second con- secutive 100-plus yards gome with 110 yards on seven carries and one touchdown. Leoding the defense was Chris Funk with 10 tackles; one for loss, one sack and one pass break-up. One Dear drive was stopped by Terry Moki ' s interception. The Dears could only amass o total of 144 offensive yards because of the Falcon ' s defense. 47 yards rushing ond 97 yards in the air. The Falcons weren ' t giving the Dears first downs, only eight for the Dears compared to the Falcon ' s 25. " I still don ' t know exactly how good we ore, " said DeDerry " This kind of gome con be a tremendous confidence builder. Our biggest ploy against the Dears, in my view, was Scott Thomas ' kick-off return for 63 yords. that turned the gome momentum bock around to us. m. w id y Ba - ' X j B 1 Ku Jk l 91 J§ .1 Wk ! ■ r ' l | | Fullback Pot Evans (36) scampers for nine yarcJs agoinst Northern Colorado while offensive tackle Kraig Evenson (65) mokes room Evans ran for a totol of 1 10 yorcJs ogolnst the Dears ond scored o touchdown PloceWcker Corlos Moteos (1) mokes one of his four extra points ogolnst Nor- I ' t»41t|«viys thern Coiorodo Holding the boll is Kevin Fleming . ' cii. - ' tvy ■ - ' .iMBw . ' .A:i:-miii«. ' ' . VALIANT EFFORT The Falcons hod several chances ro win in rhe October 20. 1984 gome ogoinsr Drlghom Young Universiry at Falcon Srodium, bur DYUs defense rose ro the occasion resulting in o 30-25 Folcon loss. " They played like they were o top-ten teom. " sold Falcon heod coach Fisher DeDerry " Out we ployed them close, which proved ro me that we con hold our own with ony teom in the notion. " The Folcons hod dreoms of repeoting 1982s lost-minute miracle ogoinst DYU Their dream ended when the Air Force got rhe boll with 6 13 left in the gome, but they couldn ' t get rhe ball moving Falcons punred on rhe fourth down, giving DYU rhe boll ro run out the clock OYU was rhe norions rop possing teom ond their quarter- back, Robbie Doscoe showed why He threw for 484 yords and four touchdowns, doing mosr of his passing ourside the pocket, mainly because of rhe pressure from rhe Falcon defense line. One of rhe moin ospecrs of rhe game were third-down con- versions The Falcons converted seven of 14, while DYU corv verred nine of 13 " This was a greor college foorboll gome, " said DeDerry. " Im very proud of our kids ' e fforrs. ' We hod o chonce ro win, bur jusr come up short. " Por Evons, Falcon fullbock. led rhe ream on rhe ground, pick- ing up 104 yords on 20 corries, while quorrerbock Dorr Weiss completed six passes out of 10 otremprs for 155 yords. wirh one touchdown rhrow of 57 yords ro wide receiver Kevin Fleming . Fleming rook rhe boll owoy from DYU defense and raced inro the endzone However, DYUs defense held the Falcons ro jusr 194 yards on rhe ground, more rhon 100 yards under irs norion-leoding overage The Falcon rushing rorol drop- ped rhem our of the rop spor, but they still ranked rhird wirh on overage of 320.6 yords-per-gome I toted ColooiJc LinebQcrier Mike Chondler (60) gets to BYU ' s quorterbock Robbie Dosco despite mmlaisMi efforts of Cougor ' s tockle Dove Wrigfit (76) Defensive tockle Chris Funk (96) ond John Zieglet (on ground) puts the fine! stop to Q Cougor runner. 253 - IB S Falcon quorterback Bart Weiss (4) penetrates a hole in rhe line of the Fighting Irish during the Falcons 21-7 win over Notre Dome FALCONS FLY Norre Dome may be Air Force s biggest rival, bur rhor didn r stop the Air Force from crushing them in o 21-7 victory or rhe Notre Dome Stadium, October 16, 1984 " Nobody in the naiton gave us o chance to win this ballgome. Nobody but rhe players themselves ' said Fisher DeDerry, Falcon head coach. This gome wos played on the ground by the Falcons They ran for 371 yord and only put the boll in the oir six times Notre Dome should hove tried the some Out of 35 posses they only completed 12, With only Q slim 14-7 leod, the Folcons mode the biggest ploy of the gome. Notre Dome tried to get a first down but 225-pound nose guard Lorry Nicklos stopped there toilbock. giving Falcons rhe boll. Then Dorr Weiss, quorterback, led the team 51 yards into the end zone for a 21-7 lead, driving any thoughts of comeback the Fighting Irish might hove hod This victory put the Falcons at a 5-2 season record. Leading the ground attack, holfbock Jody Simmons rushed 141 yards on 24 carries with one touchdown. At the same time, Weiss wos reading the Irish defense perfectly Running bock Jody Sinnmons (25) goins 28 of his 141 yords while Dove Sutton (55) heodsthe woy 254 Chris Vellonti (left) and l oger Teogue (64) ottempi block for Carlos Moteos for on extro point ogoinst the Fighting Irish OVER IRISH They were keying inside early in th e gome so the pitchout was rhere, " he soid ' In rhe second holf rhey adjusted outside to stop us, and it opened the inside gome up Everything we did seemed to work perfectly ' Weiss played the option as well as I ' ve ever seen it played DeDerry soid Jody hod on outstonding gome, and he is becoming one of our big-ploy people Anytime he hos rhe boll in his hands, he could wind up in the endzone ' Some of the leaders in the gome were: Weiss, throwing the ball 2-6 for 27 yords, running 20 times for 69 yards and a touchdown Fullbock Pot Evons ran 54 yords on 13 carries, while holfbocK Greg PsnioK gained 35 yards on seven carries Fullbacl ; Johnny 5mith bulled for 24 yards and o touchdown " The lead blocker got out in front ond gove us the opening we needed almost everytime, " DeBerry soid This could hove been the best defensive game the Falcons plo yed all seoson. Defense held Notre Dome to just 207 yards total offense. " We were outweighed by 40 to 50 pounds per mon on the line, but our quickness nod strength mode up for it, " soid DeOerry The following gome would be the lost Falcon home gome, " It will be our seniors home game, and they wont to go out with a bong, " DeDerry said " We ' re though to beat in Falcon Sfodium We will be ready for this one Really reody ' Sofety Scott Thomos (29) ond Terry Moki (67) put rhe stop on Notre Domes Alon Pinkett The Folcons ' held Pinkett to 76 yards ond no touchdowns Holfbock Greg Pshsniok (28) finds room in the Irish defense Defensive tockle John Ziegler 974) gives the sign of the ' clovir ' otter socking Notre Dome s quarterback Scott Grooms In on the ploy v os defensive end Tim De( uyter(59). 255 FALCONS ROLL RAMS The Folcons put their two-gome losing streok to o quick holt in the September 29, I984 ' s gome in front of o homecoming crowd of 27,606 ot Folcon Stodium Air Force extended its unbeoten record in Falcon Stodium to seven-stroight gomes in o 52-10 victory over Colorodo Stole University Folcons defense was sparkling, forcing seven turnovers Toking odvontoge of CSU ' s mistokes, the Folcons turned four of the turnovers to points The third longest runback in Acodemy history was mode at this gome when Folcon cornerbock Tom Rorello ron bock 76 yords on one the two CSU passes he picked off Cornerbock Dwon Wilson odded a poss theft ond forced o fum- ble to be recovered by Folcon linebacker Terry Moki Another interception and fumble recovery were mode by sotety Steve Sigler, while sofety Scott Thomos added o fumble recovery " The hitting out there wos rrememdous, " sold defensive tackle Chris Funk One exomple of the hitting wos when the CSU quarterback was knocked out of the gome with o concussion when Folcon A.J. Scott hit him with o blindside tackle. Falcons led ot holftime 24-0. with second string quorterbock Dorr Weiss leoding the team. He was 8-13 for 1 12 yards ond rushed tor 20 more Leoding the teom in rushing was Pot Evans, fullbock, with 94 yords on 20 corries Jody Simmons wos another offense leoder He gained 90 yords on nine corries, plus two touchdowns on runs of 41 ond 29 yards. The offense romped for 417 yards in fotol offense. 304 on the ground. The defense held CSU to 317 yards, only 124 rushing Only hoving to punt four times. Mark Simon overoged 49 yords per kick " The kicking gome was excellent, os usuol. ' soid heod coach Fisher DeDerry " We had 156 yords in returns to their two Our kickers ore some of the best in the notion. " " We ployed extremely well, the best 60 minutes of footboll so far this seoson, " DeDerry said Itie ' Kophy Of folcons yItflC Quorterbock Dort Weiss (4) gets owoy a pass during oction ogoinst the l oms. Weiss completed eight of 13 for 112 yards and o touchdown Blocking for Weiss is Jody Simmons (25) ond Greg Pshsniok (28) ' ■ A: Falcon quorterbock Dort Weiss (4) leods the Folcons to o 52-10 win over Col- orodo Stote 256 Folocn A.J Scott (16) helps bring down Colorado State s tight end Harper lepel (91) , ilM. •■ »■.• ' MMIK I «J ' .: 1Ut!AIU«a NAVY SINKS The defense for the Commonderin-Chief s trophy opened in October 6, 1964 s gome when the Air Force battled ogoinst Navy The Falcons won 29-22 at Falcon Stadium Novy suprlsed Air Force by scoring in the first 14 seconds of the game The gome- opening Wck-pff resulted in o 97-yord touchdown Coming right bock to tie the score, quorrerbock Dart Weiss mode o four- yord run around the end to score, after the Folcons hod o 85-yord drive. After o piich-out by Weiss, halfback Jody Simmons scored on o 29-yord run. putting the Falcons in the lead for the first time Before holftime, Novy mode two fieldgols. leaving the score 14-13 still in Air Force ' s fovor The second holf started out better for the Falcons Before 20 seconds hod passed cor- nerbock Tom l otell ron the kick-off bock 49 yords where fullback Pot Evons romped 36 yords to score on the second ploy This pur the Folcons oheod 21-13 It wosn I over yet The middies come bock to get the leod by scoring a field goo! ond touchdown from o poss interception After being held bock by Novys defense well into the third quarter and being forced to punt, Folcons recovered the boll on a Novy fumble Evons scored his second touchdown of the gome on o one-yord plunge, putting the Air Force aheod by five points. To moke the final score, Weiss kept ogoin for the two-point conversion The Folcon s defense wouldn i oilow the middies to cross mid-deld for the remomder of the gome, while Folcon offense kept the boll for 1047 of the fourth quorter Eight minutes of the clock were ote up when Weiss found wide-receiver open ond threw him o 16-yord poss Corpenters cotch kept o long drive olive Ken IS o clutch receiver. ' ' sold heod cooch Fisher DeDerry He wos there when we needed him the most ' The Falcons won holf the bottle to the Commonder-in-Chief s trophy The next holf of the bottle would be ogoinst Army in o few weeks Fullback Pot Evons (36) ovoids the outstretched honds of Novy defender Kent Von Horn (73) Air Force went on to win 29-22 Fullback Pot Evons (36) continued to penetrate Novy ' s line while left guord Fred Durrrell keeps the middies linebocker Mike Toylor (62) awoy ,i 257 M F 1 A D L S L H 1 P M E N Ihe fi ' S ' • folCOdS 10 Chiefs WP ' ' ' luesetoni) 24-12 01 Mic the gomf s ' fofitieFolcoi oefetiseso ilie end wf leodAimyi [oilos Mora wi f«eive Defensive tackle Chris Funk (96 left) ond Tim Deruyfer (55) coloborote to down o Novy receiver. Defensive guard John Zlegler (74) tackles Navy quorterbock Bill Byrne (15) Helping on Ihe play is defen- sive tockle Chris Funk (96) 258 sitsfotoi ARMY UPSETS FALCONS The firsr half looKed good for the Falcons to keep rhe Commander-in- Chief s rrophy for rhe third straight yeor The second holf the Air Force let It slip through their hands by losing to Army 24-12 oi Michie Stodium, November 3. 1964 The game started with o mini disaster for the Falcons On the first ploy. Army ' s defense sacked the Falcon boll corrler In the end zone for a sofety and a 2-0 lead Army then mode o field goal by Carlos Matoes and a touchdown by wide receiver Eric Phorris Phorrls caught the 39-yQrd poss from Dort Weiss who threw three straight completions ofter unlimbering his passing orm The Folcons then drove the score up to 12-5 when Matoes made onother field goal Things looked good for the Falcons for the first holf even though Army ' s defense hod held them bock to only 76 yards in total offense Things went downhill in the second holf Army picked up on the Folcons mistokes ond turned them into points. Air Force turned the ball over on four of its first five possissions. lost three fumbles and pass interception ' Our defense ployed a good gome, " soid heod coach Fisher DeDerry The defense kept Army out of the end zone the whole gome, with the exception of the one reverse ploy But when you turn the boll over that mony times in the second half to o teom as good os Army. I don ' t know of ony woy to win. Their kicking gome wos outstanding Ours wosnt thot ' s whoi won the gome " Falcons did ploy o good possing gome The quorterbocks threw for 231 yords Army s possing ottock netted just 23 yards, but its wishbone ottock goined 245 yords on the ground to just 150 for the Folcons Fullbocl Par Evons (36) totses o hondotf from quorrerbock Dort Weiss (4) In ociton ogoinst Army Ti-ie Block Knights upset tl-ie Folcons 24-12 Folcon cornerbock Mike Toiiver (40) goes up higti in on ortempt to intercept o poss ogoinst Army. Fullbock Pot Evons (36) goes up the middle ofter taking o tiondotf from quorrerbock Dort Weiss (4) Evons goined 39 yords on six corries ogoinst Army. 259 FALCONS CLAIM INDEPENDENCE BOWL FOR SECOND TIME IN ROW It ' s Miller time If 01 tm OUTS lEFT 2 23 CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: The final scoreboord at the Independence Dowl tells the story — Air Force 23, Virginia Tech 7 — giving the Air Force its third con- secutive bowl gome win A Falcon defensemon puts the stop to Virginio Techs toilbock. Eddie Hunter (.45) Fullback Pot Evons (06) gains 13 yotds ogoinsi Virginia Tech in the 1964 Independence Dowl , Evons gained 58 yotds on 15 carries in the gome. 260 1 1984 UNITED STATES AIR FORCE ACADEMY Row 1: Colemon Drown, Mason. Fleming. Oberdiech. Scotr. Durtrell. De Ruyter. NicWos. Kelly. Cameron, Simmons. Moteos Row 2: Krukonis ( ' ) ; ' y; f„„ ' ° ' °p " ;; „ Weiss Melcher Rouse, Rofferry, Funk, Bryonr, Willioms, Pirtmon, Pshsnychniok, Srreerer (MGR), Petters (MGR) Row 3: S.orts, Howk.ns Tomjock, J ' ' .. " ' " " , P " f ' " ' . T„M,,„, D r.i, »A,,or,r,o Ro.oiio Tnti [m Krnnpnhpropf IXothsQCk Honkomes, Kubes. Shufock, Soelens, HeiDy. De Draley Gould, Dowmon, Johnson, Weotherbie, Engo, Noblin. Ellis 1 ff A .A. t:.7 FOOTBALL — The Falcons continued rheir pwerful ground or- rock end defeored Virginia Tech 23-7 in rhe Independence Bowl, giving Air Force its third-straight bowl victory and on 8-4 record. The Falcons were the nations second top rushing team with 326,5 yeords per gome. Air Force was also ranked among the notionol leaders with on overoge of 426 5 yards per gome in total offense and 31,5 points per gonne in scoring. The Falcons defeated Navy for the third-straight year and also scored its third-straight victory over Notre Donne Defensive tackle Chris Funk was selected WAC co-ployer of the yeor. ik 261 Soccer Finishes 10-5-4 Row: Tom Glister. Juan Peno, Pot McKenno, Sung Cho. Kenny Korpock, Jeff Jocobs, Lorry Friend, Lex Brocklngton, Sheo Long, Dereck Toney. Tim Williams BocK Row: Kim Schiller, Ted McDougol, Lou Sogostlne, Ron Groves, Seon Wright, Dole Dennett, Dennis Ryon, Dove Welntrob, Steve Jozoi, Helmut Derrs, Ken Sullivon, Greg Schiller, Poul Nowotry, Poul Olofson, Jock Cosey, Copf Steve Doniek, Copt, Dernle Nuno " This ream hos more potenriol to become notionol contenders thon ony other team I hove cooched here ot the Academy, " sold coach Louis Sogosrume prior to the 1984 varsity soccer seosan. The 1984 Folcons were characterized os confident, poised, strong, and very experienced as could be seen by thier five juniors Their 10-5-4 record wos o bit of o disoppointment to many, but the season had mony highlights. The four ries could have easily been wins os the Folcons leod narionolly ronked teoms such os the University of Son Francisco, North Texas Store, Eosrern lllnois, ond Southern lllnois Air Force beor Army ond Navy for rhe second yeor In o row, ond continued their seem- ingly endless domination of Colorodo College wirh a 3-0 vicrory The reom will miss senior defenders Dole Dennett, Ron Graves, and Greg Schiller, midfielders Lorry Friend ond Tim Wlllioms, and most of whom will go an to ploy for the USAF team in 1965 Lorry Friend summed up the seoson by soying, " The gomes were greot, rhe portles were better, ond rhe friendships unforgettable " 262 Players not Everything In 1979 the Academy started a new era on rhe soccer fields. The Academy had decided to hire irs first full-rime civilion soccer coach, Louis Sogosrume, o chrismoric young cooch vv ' irh impec- coble credenriols and o proven rrock record Wirh a heady goal of going for o norionol chompionship. Sogosrume rook rhe Academy ' s soccer reins. Sofr-spoken. cheei ul. genrle of man- ner, rhose brighr, dork eyes nevertheless projecred an inrensiry and dererminofion. Ar rhe oge of 12 yeors cooch Sogosrume srorred his American soccer correr wirh club comperirion in the Bay-area, Sogosrume excelled in club ploy, and evenruolly moved on ro rhe Universi- ry of Son Froncisco vorsiry. He earned All-Americon honors os rhe Dons ' ploy-moking inside forward and was caproin of rhe 1966 norionol chompionship ream - rhe firsr rime o for wesr school hod gone oil rhe woy. The Ooklond Clippers of rhe Norrh Americon Soccer League hod roken norice, and made Sogosrume rheir number-one drofr pick - rhe first rime rhe Clippers hod drofred on American cirizen. Success was immediore, bur frusrrarion would nor be far behind Playing rime for a rookie was l imired, and Sogosrume became increasingly imparienr. Soon Sagosrume ' s involvemenr wirh soccer hod found o new direcrion. " I was beginning ro realize rhor my success in soccer would be OS cooch, nor a player " said Sogosrume. Sogosrume become o sponish reocher ond soccer cooch or Son Francisco ' s Sr. Ignoruis High School, and once again rhe success was im- mediore Sr. Ignoruis won rhere ciry championships and placed second four rimes during Sogosrume ' s seven year renure He builr rhe program from rhe ground up, ond soccer soon was esfoblished os a major vorsiry sporr A few yeors pasr by in which Sogosrume rook on differenr posirions in rhe soccer world before looking or rhe head cooch posirion or rhe Academy. " I come out jusr ro look or rhe place and 1 wos impressed The fociliries were unbelievable Foorball olwoys hod been king wherever I had gone, and I olwoys hod ro shore o field wirh rhe foorball reom Here, rhere were enough fociliries rhor I wouldn ' r hove ro direcrly complere wirh them I hod wonred ro coach or a Division 1 school, ond rhis was a greor opporruniry When rhe job was offered, I occepred Sogosrume arrived in 1979, intent on building a national soccer powerhouse. The surprise was not o pleosont one. The Academy indeed supported Sogastume ' s soccer program, but foot- boll still was king. Soccer remained a major sport. Major or minor, athletics ore secondary to academics and the development of future Air Force officers. Soccer players first must be cadets. Soc- cer players must meet oil of the Acodemy ' s rigid admissions stondords, and oil coders must carry full loods of academic courses and military studies. The overage cadet might carry twice the NCAA ' s minimum course load for vorsity eligibility, and seemingly his every move will be governed by military discipline. " This is probably the biggest challenge of my life, " Sogostume said, leaving his office for the practice field. " The Academy, with its academic and military standards, is one of the toughest places in the country to coach. If I ever get close to or win o notional chompion- ship with oil those factors to overcome, it will be the greotest satisfaction of my life. " (A revised article of Karl Licis in the Sept 13,1984 cover seciton of the Gazette Telegraph - revised by Gory Burg) 264 Sweeper Seon Wright skys to win o head boll against West Point Co-captoins (left to right) Jeff Jocobs, Larry Friend G senior Tim Willioms look on. [ MEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY ■ r U.. ' IV. • v1M«ltVmm ' -J lH(llM( 3loyBpocei(he 1 DACK ROW: Coach Trego, C2C Joe Mortin, C2C Dovid Zobolowl. C4C Tyler Often C4C Orion Klink, C3C Bruce OCoin, C3C Blaine Holmon, C2C Dove Corpenter. C1C Gerry Brown, C1C Mike Sowell, C4C Doug Seogroves, C4C Dove Hill, C3C Bert Morole, C2C Rex Gibson, C1C Ivon McKnight FRONT ROW: C1C John Wright, C4C Clorence Johnson, C2C Vinscent Sovino, C3C Micky Testo, C1C Tim Connell, C4C Alon Anzoi. C2C Fronk Rossi, C4C Doug Nidegger MEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY — The mens cross country teoin finished seventh in the Westetn Athletic conference. The Falcons took second place in the Cornhusker Invitational ot Lincoln, Neb., and finished fourth ot Austin in the Texas In- vitotionol. Top runners during the year were senior John Wright, junior Joe Mortin and sophomore Micky Testo. 267 A WOMEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY 266 u Men ' s Golf Croig Holl sinks o purt on the beoutitul Eisenhower Golf Course. Delow: Ed Givens tees off on onother long drive. I ...» ♦ " •TV V . ; IL " . 270 « T « Top Row: Todd Srerns (Monoger), John McDevirt Ed Givens. Glen Wiggy, Scott Bishop, Dove Wright, Von Gardner. Jeff Cliott. Copt, Vic Sunnmers (Cooch) Middle Row: Dill Nelson, Joe Aldnon, Chris Polmer, Alex Gilbert. Lorry Hoffnnon. Steve Cooper Dottom Row: Scott Krouse. Eric Oistod. Judd McGolhn. Croig Holl, Som Powell, Ricky Senn, Curtis Culver Perhops the highlight of the yeor was senior Judd McGlohns occomplishments He finished second in the Tucker Invitotionol, third in the Folcon Invitoiionol. ond first in the WAC Championships, The WAC cooches voted him first Team All-WAC ond WAC player of the year r Judd McGlohn Teom Co-coptoin, 1965 • WAC Cahmpion and WAC ployer of the year competed in the 1985 NCAA chom- pionships Judd also made WAC 1st team honors The Air Force Academy Men s Golf Teom finished up their seoson with a fifth place in the WAC, their highest ever Thot finish helped culminate a very successful year They finished 9-0-1 for the year In dual morch comperirion, the tie wos in competition with Wyoming Air Force lost the Rocky Moun- toin intercollegiote Golf Association Chompionship (10 teams from the Rocky Mountain Region) by one shot to ttie Univer- sity of Colorodo The championship involved the total st rokes from four 36-hole tournomenrs To lose by one shot wos very disappointing, soid Coach Vic Summers, " Thots 576 holes of golf, but that shows how tough the competition was. We were always within two or three shots of Colorodo University or eoch rournoment ' Judd McGlohn took the in- dividual RMIGA Chompionship and was voted to the All- RMIGA Teom along with senior Craig Holl ond junior Sonford Bolkon In individual comperirion, seniors Croig Hall ond Judd McGlohn ploced ninth out of 26 teoms or the Oluebonner Dowl in Houston. Texas, 271 -J. WOMENSGOLF C2C Pollyonno Poddon demonstrates her chip shot. A nice follow through by C2C Liso Logon . Teom Coptoin: C 1 C Georgio Collins, procticing her putting ot the Acodemy s Eisenhower Golf Course. 272 Front Left: C2C Pollyonno Poddin, C3C Juli Joyce, C2C Vera Tu. C3C Teri Alesch Top Left: Copt Court Bohn, Asstont Cooch. C2C Liso Logon. C4C Solly Doherty. Moj, Jon Stevens Heod cooch, C1C Georgio Collins, C4C Beth Schissell, C4C Molly Quillin Women ' s Golf: The Lody Falcons hod one of rheir most suc- cessful seasons ever, fininshing 7rh in NCAA Division II cotnperi- tion. They were undefeored in dual marches, ond won rheir firsr major college rournomenr. the 1964 Lobor Day Lody Falcon Invirorionol, C2C Veto Tu wos the 1984-85 women ' s golf MVP She wos one of the top two positions in 12 of the teotn ' s 14 motches, C1C Georgio Collins served os the women s teom coptoin both this yeor ond her second doss yeor 273 Waterpolo Rates Fr ont Row: C4C Abrigo, C3C LeGrond. Middle Row: C4C Dinger, C4C Tilley, C4C Hickox, C1C Moloney, C1C Anderson, C2C Crosby, C4C Drown, C4C Mc- Colferty, C4C Buchonom, C4C Whinnery, Dock Row: Copt Hogue, C4C Livesey, C3C Polmer, C2C Veldhuizen, C1C Hure, C2C Drown, C3C Honcock, C4C Chosen, C2C Horris, C1C Pickrell, (team coproin), C4C Roh, Copt Heidmous (cooch). Despite its 10-12 mark, the polo ream finished rhe season ranked 14 norionolly. Highlighring rine season was winning the Falcon Invitational and finishing second or rhe Midwestern Championships in Indianapolis, Ind. a Volleyball Rate 18th Nationally Dock Row: Moj. Steve Orrison, Copt. Phill Piontek, C4C Reighn, C3C Ollig, C4C Coughlin, C3C Schlonge, C3C Hong, C1C Curtrighr, C3C Gorrowoy, Copf Dill Peer, SSgt, Krisry Sims Front Row: Lr. Cheryl Roberson, C2C Martin, C4C Roberts, C3C Dote, C3C Heller, C4C Kimboll, C4C Lovejoy 276 Women ' s Volleyball — With o 33-16 record, the women ' s volleyball ream won the Confinenfol Divide Confrerence ond was ranked 18fh norionally in the NCAA Division II poll. Junior Barb Martin and sophomores Stacy Schlonge ond Lisa Gorrowoy were selected to the 12 - member oil - conference team. C3C Pom Houg digs o boll in o pre-gome drill " 1 ) ' CopiBilieef n V i?v. ' - % j y C3C Houg and C4C Coughlln go up tor the block as teommote C3C Schlonge looks C2C Dorb Mortin bock sets to C3C Lindo Oliig . C3C Gorrowoy dinks the boll os teommotes Houg, Mortin, Heller, ond Ollig cover 277 MEN ' S GYMNASTICS ■ f -ri ' A winning voult by Tim Mills Flying through the oir in perfect form is Rick Dell Tim Mills shows perfect style in floor exercise. 1 276 1964-85 MVP ond reom coptoin Keirh Morgon broke the Falcon Pommel C2C Rick Oell doing donble leg circles horse overoge score record Demonsrroting o stroddel L on porallel bors is C3C Jerome Wolkins ■ i I ' .J[ Andy Gorboden shows L monuever on rings 1986 Teom coproin Sfeve Gusrofson demonsrrores obihties on porollel bors Top Row: Moj C Kennedy, Lr Col Burhel, J Mood, J Kfess J Wathins, P Lobue, M jcorono, M, Lowless, Moj D Romsey, Middle Row: P Stone. F Shines P Keorney, R Dell, C Righimer, K Morgan, Andy Gorbonden, S Gusiofson, T Mills, R Trussel, Copt T OConnell Dottom Row: P Trinidod, B Jonosen, T Toylor, C Dlockwell, K McClure, J. Monroe Men ' s Gymnastics — The Falcon men gym- nosrs ended their season with an 6-6 record. They were third in the Western Athletic Conference Invitational, scoring a season high of 260,85. Junior Tim Mills turn- ed in the best performance for the Falcons on the vault with a 9.4 score, good for a second-place tie, Teom co-coptoin. C1C Keith Morgon mokes on iron cross look easy. lop low; Co . ' . ' jTogei) It M 1 season. It Old bene IheFo who turn McGlim ( piorahipf cond on scoring touhese 280 Top Row: Copt Lompright. (Asst. coach), Cheryl Dotzong, (Head cooch). Korolen Fohrni. (Teom coptoin), Vicki Rojos, Molio Dell Stephonie Pfeil. Lindo Royl. (Teem Monoger) Dottom Row: Julie Norrhgroves, Heidi Sreffon. Michelle Tofoyo, Cynrhio Tollmodge, Morci McGlinn. Terri Coccio ■ie,F,Slv«,P ■nllo ta.C Under the direction of o new Heed coach, Cheryl Bot- zong, the Women s Gymnastics team had a fantastic season. The team finished 8rh in Division II National standings and bettered 14 out of 20 school records The Falcons were led by team captain Korolen Fohrni who turned in o coreer best of 34.8 all oround. Senior Morci McGlinn captured the Division II Notional Voulting Cham- pionship for the second time Cynthio Tollmodge ploced se- cond on uneven bars at Nationals ond fifth in all around, scoring o 35.00. Doth gymnosts received All American status for the seosons performances. Morci on the beom showing greot poise 281 ■p C1C Cynrhio Talmoge demonsrror es flexibility ond groce during her floor C3C Vicki Rojos show greor balance and poise. rourine. i . I . T T-— 1 ' r Vicki RojQS performs o straddle jump on the bolonce beom 262 T COC MiliQ Dell (top) ond C3C Vicki ( ojos mirroring eoch other in stroddle splits on beom Air FOaCE GYMNASTICS Morci McGlinn Class of 1985 AJ« »» C1C Morci McGlinn wins her second notional NCAA Division II Chompionship doing o 1 1 2 hondspring off the vault 263 Fencing Atrock! C 1 C I rv Scheets oftocks o willing Stonford opponent fi I J ImmVoiiil ' Fro™ low; -.gh Sieved OCmnel.C CXtaW{ Touche! C3C Corolyn Moore scores while her excited ( ' ) teommotes woich. Men ' s fencing — Sporting o 15-1 record, the men ' s fencing leonn placed se- cond in the Western regionols ond finished 24th in the NCAA finals Three fencers quolified for the naitonols — senior Irv Scheets mode the NCAAs in foil for the third yeor with o 66-7 record; senior Chris Ferry with o 50- 1V record in epee ond freshnnon Tom Guerro, with o record of 52-19 in foil Women ' s Fencing — This wos the first yeor that USAFA women fencers odvonc- ed to the NCAA notionols Sophomore Corolyn Moore ond junior Solly Anschuetz were those first coders Moore, who has been fencing only two yeors, hod o seoson record of 59-20 in foil while Anschuetz hod 65-15 record The overoll teom record this yeor was 13-1. ' mi Ftont Row: C4C Mary Lee Hyndmon C3C Corolyn Moore, C2C Chrissy Dickerson Second Row: C3C Deih Rockmon, C2C Solly Anschuetz. C3C Michele Gincher, C3C Sueling Cho Dock Row: Maj Walt Avilo, C3C Michele Morris, Master Ed Richords, Coach Tom Worsdole f iW 284 ,. i ' X iii..mi. ' ' . , :« »r % 9 Ch r.. «l e,% f ! £ Junior Varsity Front Row: Moj Wolter Avilo, C3C Dove Nordi, C1C Irv Scheets, C3C Dennis Moore. C4C Pere ( ochord. C1C Todd Mortin Second Row: C1C Arnie Forborik, C2C Hugh Stevens. C3C Bob Modril. C4C Tommy Guerro, C3C Den Rodorte, C1C Josh Jose, C1C Steve Visel Third Row: C2C Pete Dompion. C3C Phil Edwords. C3C Don O Connel. C1C Neil Dillings. C3C Poul Coltogirone. C1C Chris Ferry Fourth Row: Master Ed Richards, Cooch Tom Worsdole, C3C Hofoel Denirez. C2C Dorren Neol. C3C Hoss McNutt. C2C G eorge Chondler. C3C Jomes Hothowoy .: . I Junior Versify Front Row: Moj Wolt Avilo, C3C Sue Kesler. C4C Rose King. C3C Kym Johnson. C4C Debbie Sells. C4C Heidi Doelts, C4C Dee Meteolf Second Row; C4C Dob Taylor C4C Joy Wood. C4C Lowrence Otto, C4C Ken Turpen, C4C John Haghes, C4C Rob Redonz Thiid Row: C4C Eric Sokoe C4C George Irelond. C4C Chris Houth, C4C Shoyn Hawthorne, C3C Dave Pendergroft , Fourth Row: C4C Todd Hensley, C4C Rondy Ripley, C4C Al Duff. C4C Pete Gnndle, C4C Mork Boss Dock Row: Cooch Bill Lindsoy, Moster Ed Richords, Cooch Tom Worsdole f 285 Hockey Finishes Strong MVP Frank Doldine rokes the puck to rhe net unossisted C1C Bill Andersen checks o Loke Forest opponent where C4C Jeff Vervilie picks up rhe loose puck 266 ■ « Taking o shot ogolnst US Internotionol is C3C John Kllnnek . Don Johnson ond Tom Zuccoro reom coptoins 287 m Ice Hockey — The Falcons finished rhe season with eighr-stroighf wins to encj with o 500 nnark and a 14-14-1 record Junior Fronk Doldlne wos the top scorer with 26 goals and 16 assists for 44 points. This marks the third- stroight seoson he has led the tolcons in scoring Top Row; James Alexander, Tom Hogan, Brod Lloyd. Ron Dilliett, Joe Cork, Drex Kleber, Hal McAlduff. Mike Mason, Don Dirrenkort. Dob Schaller. Jock Sundstrom Middle Row: CMSgt Dill Reed, Troiner, John Matchefts, Head- coach, r on Lobedz, Monoger, Phil Gronseth, Asst J V Cooch, Levi Cor- dova, Equipment Manager, Copt Stephen Jenozejec, Teom doctor, Glenn Latulipe, Len DeFozio, Chris Burke, Jim Brunkow, Keith Nightingole, Tom Zupancich, Joe Chopmon, Drion Roduenz, Jeff Verville, Mark Duck, Chuck Delich, Asst Coach, Dob Sullivan, Asst Cooch, Jordy Bowman, Asst. Cooch Silting: Matt Crondoll, Don Korhonski, Russ Quinn, Don Johnson, Joy Duchorme, Neil Jauve, Tim Hortje, John Klimek, T J. O ' Shonghnessy . Kneel- ing: Dill Andersen. Chorlie Morrison, Jim Andersen . . . Basketball Men s DosKerboll — Under new heod coach Reggie Minron, rhe Falcons posted on overall 8-20 record and o 2-14 Wesrern Arhleric Conference morU The season highlights included victories over Wyoming ond Hawaii ond o WAC tourney win over Drighom Young Leading the Falcons in scoring was junior Maurice McDonald with 12 6 point overage ond wos second in rebounding with a 4.6 overage. I C2C Jim Gulsvig (54) and C2C Mourice MocDonold up for o rebound MocDonold hits onother one from the corner 289 Hoopers Experience New Leodership C1C John Jordon, rhis years MVP, goes over o DYU defender. C2C Todd Deer drives to the bosket. Reggie Minron ' s first year as head coach of rhe Falcon boskerbai! progrom wos nor os hoped ■ or least record-wise The new run ond gun gome plan was not as effective as coach Minton had hoped but the Falcon ' s did manage to play almost all of their opponents close ond were usually within a few points to turn their loss into a victory. CoQch Minton was an assistont cooch for the Falcons before heading to the East Coost to coach After Coach Egan was releived of his head coaching duties for the Falcons the search was out for o replocement Cooch Minton was the likely choice. Having coached ot the Academy previously Coach Minton could relate to his players immediately and establish o program that could fit his players abilities The Falcon season was not without its bright spots. During the first round of the wot tournement the Falcons took it to DYU and beat the highly fovored Cougars on their home court Hopefully rhis will be on indication of next year ' s season -we con only hope ond support our team to turn the table on next year ' s outcome. 290 □ % ,JMti»ii3« ' " y TOP: Mike Hommond, flfl, goes up tor rwo oi the end of o fosf break FAR RIGHT: Jim Gulsvig. 66. spins by o Doone College defender RIGHT: leom coptoins Tim Lewis and Jofin Jordon. both 85, led rfie teom 291 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL BOOSTS 20-8 RECORD U te»Mk( Standing: Heod Coach Marti Gosser, Kelly Lotimer, Cindy Stephens, mory Monning, Dawn Dunlop. Andrea Coddy. Theresa Bold, Asst. Cooch Pat Swanke, Officer Rep Koren Dunivin Sitting: Amy Hartfiled, Margaret Duffy, Roegon Rooch. Kothy Denka, Mario Doggeriy, Atnondo Wiilioms, Stacey Goss, Kristen Fosdick WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL — Boosting o strong 20-6 overall record, the Falcons won the Continental Divide Con- ference finishing 11-3. This is only the second time in Academy women ' s basketball history a squad reached the 20-win plateau. The 1977-78 team hod o 20-2 record. Junior Stocey Goss and senior Theresa Blod become only the third and fourth players to reach 1,000 points for thier careers, while Blod also became the all- time leoding rebounder for the Falcons passing Pot Swonke ' s career total of 721 rebounds. Head cooch Morti Gosser was named All-Americon Coach by the American Women ' s Sports Federation while Goss wos on honorable All-West All-Americon selectee by the some orgonizotion. Mary pulling up for the short jump shot i 292 The Folcons get rhe rebound ogoinsi o Confinentol Divide conference foe Mory Monning deflecrs o poss The Folcons proved to be tough on defense 293 Sii fa WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Mory Monning (40) blocks o shot os Krisren Fosdick looks on Some doy in the future, when the women ' s boskefboil championship ban- ners clutter Coder Field House ond the stands ore pocked ond 20-victory seosons ore commonplace, they ' ll look bock ond point to Miomi. That ' s where it happened, they ' ll soy Miami, Flo , home of sandy beaches, Don Shulo ' s Dolphins ond hundreds of thousonds of retirees. Thot ' s where the Academy moy hove sooted to its greatest heights In three doys at the Miomi Clossic over Christmas vocation, the Falcons defeated their biggest rival. Army (65-72), ond o team thot ranked third in the nation ot the time, Fiorido Internotionol (65-52) The success ot the Miami Clossic proved both to themselves ond the other teams that the Falcons were indeed a legitimate Notional Collegiate Athletic Association Division II contender But second-yeor cooch Morti Gosser isn ' t sure which group was horder to convince Moybe it wos the competition ' When we beat Fiorido Internotionol everyone was so surprised, " Gosser recalled " It was like. ' Who ' s this little Air Force teom beating on the third-ranked team in Divi- sion IP ' Florida Internotionol thought they were going to win by 20 points " But they didn ' t And the pollsters come oround C4C Center Andrea Caddy (41) a short jumper 2Q4 " From thot day on we were ranked in the Top 20, anywhere from 12th to 16th, " Gosser said " And I ' m sure It ' s because ot the Miomi tournament. " The success in Miami hcd the biggest im- pact on the players They were the ones who wont through a 13-10 seoson in 1963-54. Gosser ' s first ct the Acodemy " To be honest, " sold Gosser, one of the few civilian cooches ot the Academy, " it took them awhile to odjusi to me and my system " And olthough they owned o 4-2 record heeding into the Mloml Clossic, the Folcons Lj were k loyofl Hie CI epl(x, 19 Com wuldbi " Oyi ' lieit mil fwiceo iomeiliir " Ihey ifiebost lookino Whoisp, " Slintie, 9 Kie( ' poini: ' «)Ae(i ton! l " were coming off o loss end o month ' s loyoff The Closslc, which ron from Jan. 2-5, wos rhe ploce where the rone for the upcom- ing Conrlnenrol Divide Conference season would be set " Our trip to Miomi was the key to the season. ' Gasser insisted. " There were no pressures from school and the only thing on their minds wos the team. We practiced twice o doy — in rhe morning and even- ing — and in the afternoon we did something as o team " They were together for the first time off the basketball court and really clicked It took more than o year, but I could finally look at them and say. " You ' re learning whot sports are oil about ' They peaked right then " The Falcons lost the third gome of the tournament, although it was no fault of junior guard Stacey Goss In the three gomes in Miomi, Goss scored 25. 25 and 37 points, and although only 5-foot-8. she led the ream with 10 rebounds In the third gome ogoinst Wisconsin-Green Day " Stacy was the quorterbock of our three-guord offense, so as she went, pretty much went the feom, " Gasser said of rhe Kansas City. Kon . native, Goss overaged 16 points, 3.9 steals. 5 4 assists ond 4 3 rebounds per gome She also hod single-gome team highs for points (37), field gools (14), free throws (11) ond assists (11) Obviously, Goss hod o great deol to do with the Folcons ' 20-6 record In 1964-85 Miami proved what Goss ond the Folcons could do Dut the final acid test wos about to come Upon returning to the Academy, the women were foced with four gomes In five days. They won oil four, beoting Alaska-Fairbanks ond Alosko- Anchoroge both twice, with the final game of the week going Into double overtime Senior center Mary Manning hod o greet week, three times leading the team in re- bounding and one night putting on a 21- point, 1 1-rebound clinic With o pair of exceptions the coders procticolly breezed through the corv ference seoson The Folcons received o score ogoinst Northern Colorodo when storting freshmon guord Amondo Williams went down with on onkle in- jury, forcing her our of the lineup for four gomes Dut she come bock to finish the seoson os rhe reom ' s second-leoding scorer (10 5 poinrs per gome) ond No 2 ossisr womon Amondo did o fantostic job for us, soid Gasser She penetroted well, wos o greot posser and In o lot of respects she ' s o lot like Stacey She hos greot court oworeness, which is something you cont leoch ' The low point of the Folcons CDC season come ogoinst Denver ond wos o 73-62 loss at Cadet Field House Thot wos Q tough loss for us, " Gosser sold We were borhered by injuries ond I rhink rhe ployers were menrolly exhousted becouse of rheir school work " The Falcons rebounded with o poir of non-conference wins ond headed Into o two-gome series at Eostern Monrono needing just one victory in their final three CDC gomes to clinch the league title Just OS important as rhe championship wos o berrh in rhe NCAAs Unril they won ogoin, eoch gome wos the biggest one of the season for rhe Folcons The woir wos o shorr one. however, OS Goss (who else ' ) scored 32 points and senior forword Thereso DIod hod nine rebounds to pace rhe coders to o 79- 72 victory Blod ployed o big role In the Folcons ' 11-3 conference record The oll-time Acodemy leader In gomes played (103), the 1983 CDC first-team selection overog- ed 10 points ond 7 5 rebounds in 1964-65 ond finished her career os the Folcons ' oll- tlme top rebounder (751) ond No 3 scorer (1,051 points). Unfortunately, DIod ended her coreer on o losing note In a first-round NCAA ployoff gome, the Falcons hosted Abilene Chrisrlon before o lorge home crowd of 1,267 and losr 62-61 Goss scored 19 points and DIod hod on 11-polnt, 17-rebound perfor- mance, bur rhor wosn r enough The Falcons shot just 31 percent from the field and 45 percent from the freethrow line In oil the Folcons missed 16 free throws and It seemed thot Abilene ' s Cloudio Schleyer got every one of them A two-time All-Americon, Schleyer hod 19 re- bounds to poce Abilene " The sod thing obout rhe gome was rhor Ir wos such o big gome ond we hod one of our worst showings of the year confessed Gasser " We were only down by obout three ot holftlme and I told them we were fortunate to be thot close despite oil rhe shors we were missing ' ' Overoll however, the Folcons shot 45 percent from rhe floor, compared ro jusr 40 for rheir opponents In fact, rhe cadets per- formed berrer rhon rheir opponenrs in every facet of the gome on their woy to o No 15 ranking lost seoson No wonder Gasser cont woit for next season ro srorr. " We hod seven freshmen ond I thought we mighr be too young admitted Gosser, who wos named top coach in the CDC ond District 7 But we hove o base now ond should be consistent over the next two or three yeors I think we hove o chance to be Top 10 this coming seoson 295 1 ki J 1 y ING MEN ' S SWIMM H K 1 HMH •J ' B ■ ■ ■ -j. r H - ' - r-«- 1 1 r; ;;;;rP " « B ■ " ' - ' 2| j HI w B " " " " " " H 1 ' f " : .-• ' .;. " : -i? ' J H ■ 1 W " ' ' . . ' " " ' ; ' ■. ' J ' H W m i 1 ■ ' ' 1 ta % L - ' ' j J i 1 - ' ' ' - 1 I L T. Ihhw- ' ■: ' . ' r " - l f J K:: .ji ' ' H .m Hl ih «Se - ' :- ' ; ' ; " 1 Hl ' %M fk S sSSS| hI , : p|u r - 1 ■ iiriiiLH - T W -r 1 Jk}-m. bk .. 3 ■ Lt. Col. MIkkl King cooches cadet Jeff Myer, 67 The Air Force mens reom completed its season with o 13-5 record. On the woy ro finishing sixfh in the WAC chompionships, the Falcons set two school records. Junior Rich Sumroll placed fourth in the lOO-yeord breoststroke with a 57:38 time while the folcons were timed in 3:05.83 in the 400-yQrd freestyle relay, both school records. 4S£, Wfflmmglj 296 Swim ream co-coproins seniors Eric Deordorf ond John Willlom J!iai ii !: luu lfyuj UiiUi iiUC ' C2C Jim Doegmon competes during WAC finds On the blocks is C2C Rich 5umroll WAC tmolisr m the 100 yord breoststroke Swimming MVP ond WAC finolist C2C Jim Doegmon 297 WOMEN ' S SWIMMING d ££g. ' X CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE: On her woy to o record n the 100-yord breost stroke is Beth Honey. 86 Com- mie Dutterfield, ' 88 and Nancy Fokult, 86 (for lone), off the blocks ogoinst Colotodo. The 1964-85 MVP wos Beth Honey, 66, who set school records in the 100 end 200-yord breost stroke Team coptoin Troy Ellen Devine won the U5AFA othletic leodership oword for 1984-85 298 ' Weva-fi, Jeff Meyer prepores to dive d Nurco Motchefts WAC finalist on the one meter board, does o forword dive 1 2 rwist Jeff Meyer executing o bock dvie pike position. Who soys mon con t fly? " 299 ' f r Top: CoQch Kirklond, Cooch Jim Hogue, Voneve Hoskovic, Commie Butrerfield, Jeon Moclntyre, Sharon Smith. Jennifer Weslin, Tino Jurglelewicz Middle: Cooch Micki Hogue, Niki DeVorey (mgr ), Beth Honey, Borboro Smith, Suson Bier, Noncy Fokult, Michelle Popo, Troy Devine (Teom Coptoin), Judy Hupp Dotlom: Heod cOQCh Kelly Kemp, Shelley Horsh (mgr,). Jennifer Smith, Jill Mckeever, Mortho McSolly. Heather Moore, Bloir Cribbs, Jackie Diederich. Top: Cooch Jim Hogue. West (mgr ), Livingston (mgr). Bob Pickrell. Norm Tree. Jomes Boegmon. Rick Prior. John McGorrity, Rich Sumroll, Ron Lewondowski 2nd Row: Diving coach Micki Hogue, Trip Ashe, Joe Abel, Tony Washington, Cy Whinnery, Mott Olson. John Hickok, Joe Abrigo, Eric Deardorf (team co-copt) 3rd Row: Alan Thurber, R.J. Bushanon. Mike Fleck. Marco Motchefts, Chris Lowe. Jeff Meyers. Don Spires. Tim Corlson. John Willioms (team co-copt ). Bottom: Heod C Kelly Kemp, Mike Brown, Mark Crosby. Mott Gee. Fronz Plescho. Tom McGinnis, Brod Johns, Doug Honnen 300 VAtVAUJ. VLkkVk Ml lMi . Judy Hupp demonstrates her strong bockstroke techniques. 301 Pistol Team Rebuilds ' m. 1 W! M HR ■I ■H ■ vSirT KH P n m HBk 1 Vm f5 ' 8 5 jb K ' Kft Kr 1 1 - f ■ Left: Airpistol competition during notionols - on the lone Delow; Head ' monoger Rob Wilioughby monitors the line Left: Cooch Phillips (sitting on left) tolks with shooters Brian Corsell, Greg Hell, ond John Mosse Above: Sophmore Jimmy Grohom tokes oim Shooters (from bock to front ) C4(_ Marc Hoynes, C4C Terry Gibbs, ond C2C Angel Gonzalez listen as the coach of the Citadel gives range instruction 302 ■fl - fS fft Front Row: Drion Corsell, Jetf Slodko. Mike Morhews, Angel Gonzolez, Dill Morrin. More Hoynes. Terry Gibbs, Dove Mencer Dock Row: Copr Kent. Kyle Reid. Robert Lucos, Greg Heli. John Mosse, Gory Durg. Jinnmy Grohom. Rob Willoughby, Soro Brooks. Coach Derek Phillips tatal. Sporting a 10-4 record, rhe Falcon pisrol reom ended the season wirh a fourth-place finish in standord pistol, o fifth- ploce finish in Air Pistol and seventh in Free Pistol at the Na- tional Collegiate Championships. Individually. John Masse placed fifth in standard pistol while Gary Durg and Angel Gonzalez earned 17th and 18th places, respectiviely. in Air Pistol with identical 543 600 scores. The team also did well in the Texas A M Invitation Tournament by toking first ploce in Air Pistol out of six team competing With trips to Texas, West Point ond the Citadel the team competed against some of rhe best reoms in the nation The team would like to acknowledge its thonks ro Coptoin Kent, the departing officer representative and welcome Captain [Roberts as a new OP, to the team. Top Right: Team coptoin Drion Corsell. shoots oir ot notionols Right: Teom coptoin for 1965-86 Gory Durg boosts o perfect torget 50 50 J- 303 Rifle Finishes 34-4 Kneeling: John Fenske, Tommy Arthur . Front Row: Nothon Wotonobe, Ron Tinkom, Dill Toney, Jim Poulico. Dove LoVolley, Jim Edwards, John Huguley, Steve Todd, Pot Silvio, Dove Norton Bock Row: Dole Huhmonn, Ed Stonick, Joe Porish, Ed Souley, Mike Bump. Dob Morrill, Scort Dollord, Drion Miller, Torn Abell, Cooch Gory Smith. Po ' siilcdihff RIFLE — The Falcon rifle ream ended the season with rhe inosr wins with o 34-4 record. For rhe second-straight season, the Falcons won the Colorado-V yoming league and took first place in smallbore and second in air rifle at rhe Collegiate Rifle Sectionals. Falcon Joe Parish qualified for rhe nationals. Copt. Smith goes over technique with Torn Abell. The equipment needed by each Falcon shooter is the latest stote-of-the-ort Junior Joe Parish and Freshman Torn Abell take aim in the oH hand position Porish led the Falcons during the season os the number one shooter Team Coptoin Dole Huhmonn finished his best seoson with the Falcons, helping the Falcons to one of rhier best seosons ever Sophmore Tommy Arthur continued to excel in oir rifle throughout the season A normal practice doy entoils shcmting in oil three positions: prone offhond ond kneeling Each shooter receives top notch equipment ond instruction 305 Hj WING BOXING OPEN Defending chomp Duke Newbrough 139 lb division receives Steve Greene (white) ond Steve Steodmon (blue) square oft in wing open finds. 165 lb some strotegy from cornerman Woody McLoughlin. division Steve Donovon (blue) tokes o hord righr from Kurr Derggren (whire) 1651b Jim Holley (whire) lands stroighr righr os Chris Drooks (blue) moves in, 102 lb division division. 306 jBum S ' Cregg Christmos (blue) defending notional chomp landed a hard job against Druce Drody (white) in 1 56 lb division finols Rondy Gibb (blue) moves in on Pete Dolon (white) in 147 lb division chompionship bout Kurt Derggren, Juon Dominguez, Steve Greene, prepored for competition during opening ceremonies of wing open. 1 307 Wing Open Finolists (top row champions, bottom row runners-up ) Top Row: Lt. Gen. Wintield W. Scott, Steve Steodmon, Joe Wiggins, Steve Donovon, Cregg Christmos, l ondy Gibb, Shown Floumoy, Jim Holley, Sean Amuon, Brig Gen. Morcus A. Anderson . Bottom Row: Steve Greene, Juon Dominguez, Kurt Berggren. Bruce Brody, Pete Dolon, Dul e Newbrough, Chris Brool s, Tom Groghon. Cregg Christmas (blue) lands o stiff jab to the chin of freshman finalist Bruce Brody (white). 308 Blood, Sweat, and Tears n, e99 309 WING WRESTLING TOURNAMENT -!«»!» ' lf» CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: One cudei geti his orm twisted In o bout Two codets wait for the signol to begin Andy Ktouzer monoges to ovoid o pin Chns Findoll gets o pot on the bock 310 Graplers have good year. Breoking his opponent down, Doug Wells is on his woy to onothet victory Mike Cox hos his Wyoming opponenr in trouble Steve Turner ' s motch didn ' t lost long Shortly ofter this Steve took his opponent down for the pin. Here we see Doug Wells turning his opponent, shottly before the pin 312 Tom Shorpy is in control of o CowpoKe At 190 lbs, Mike Co;( seems to hove the situofion in hond Steve Turner getting the official nod to fiis victory. Although! Terry Moki is outweighed by more than 40 pounds, he rigistered o superior decision ogoinst this Wyoming Poke, 013 LAI First Row: Erie Brown, Shoun Turner, Shown Porsons, Tom Shorpy, Sreve Turner, Dob Pheifer Second Row: Copt Tretter (Asst Cooch), SSgt Jonneson (Troiner), Kevin Houdek, Doug Wells, Jomie Whitely, Croig Mittelstodi, Mork Dumolt, Moj Oeser (cooch) Third Row Moj Schiessler (OR), Ed Turner (Monoger), Mike Foyed, Scott Poffenroth, Dirk Smith, Dave Ehrhord, Tony Seely, Steve Rofferty, Mike Cox, Terry Orner, Steve Greene, Moj, Sonchez (Advisor), Moj Koch (Advisor). WRESTLING — After finishing the season with Q 10-9-0 record, the Falcon wrestling team finished fourth in the Western Athletic Conference championships, with heavyweight Terry Moki winning the WAC title in his category and advancing to the NCAA nationals, Moki was also selected outstanding wrestler of the meet. ' p ' yleoy.Ki lofP ebiio,! ' osa.k . p. Mitch Honscom, (in the down position), is poised, reody to reverse his Wyoming opponent 314 u d a LACROSSE EXCELS ihe seoion )(i wiestlifig lem Athletic ips, with igtheWC icing 10 the so seleoed Terry Leory, Ken Vessels. Don Shea, Keith Drown, Geoff Seweil, Jim Tillie, Honk Jeronimos. Jock Glodmon, Joe Dlenir, Joe Llewellyn, Jim Doronco, Steve Kelly, Croig Word, Tom Prebulo, Tom Sodlo, Mike Dimento, Floyd Dunsfon, Tim Foy, Poris Durante, John Copello, Keith Kone, Pot Dimento, John Flonogon. Drion Zembroski, Mike Forte. Cooch Scott Petoso. Tom Sexton. Mott Voile, Dtent Ftetichs. Joe Vosto, Druce Gibson, Keith Driscoll, Tim Sipes, Jock Hoil, Cooch Mike Hittle LACROSSE — With on overoll 12-4 record, rhe lacrosse ream captured the Rocky Mountoin Intercollegiate Locrosse championship. Offensively, rhe ream finished fifrh norionolly in assists wirh 39. Goal render Ken Wessels. finished rhe season ranked fifrh norionolly in sove percenroge Named ro rhe All-RMILL ream were Drion Zembroski and Joe Vasro on rhe ortack unir and Mike DIouin and Brenr Frerichs led rhe midfielders group. Don Sheo and Jim Tillie were selecred ro rhe defensive ream while Wessels was the league ' s ro goalie. ■ ' ■ j »w Mike DiMento (26) boittes for o face off 315 Lacrosse finishes 12-4 Right: Keith Drown prepares to shoot ogoinst NCAA runner-up Woshington College Drent Frerichs ond Croig Word owoit o rebound Delow: High scoring, All-Leogue midfielder Mike Blovin looks to pass to Brent Frerichs on the creose. --.j y :. i ra. 316 ♦ — Above: All leogue midfielder Drent Frerichs gets o shot off dispite double teoming Whitner Joe Vosto dodges o defender on his woy to the goal defense Below: Co-Coptoin Joe Vosto putsues o gtound boll Vosto wos the third leoding scorer in the notion 317 Men ' s Tennis itkoiiV Dock Row: Moj Rich Gugot, heod cooch; Lowrence Brudidge , Erik Johnsen , Mike Peterson ; Mark Arriolo ; Rob Atkinson ; Copt. Dill Young, osslstont coach. Fronf Row: Skip Hin- man , John Steimle , Tom Dorth ; Alex Torres : Scott Vipond, teom copfoin, Moj Steve Chiobotti. J V. cooch. John Steimie led the team with 28 wins Here he disploys o solid two fisted bockhond. 318 The 1985 season sow the mens tennis team finish with on outstonding 25 win - 7 loss dual match record and a sixth place finish ot the WAC Championships Their 25s win gove the Falcon progrom its ninth consecutive seoson with 20 or more victories Highlighting the season was o 10 match win streak which included such opponents as Col State -Fullerron, Nebrosko, Colorodo and Oregon This streak was finally halted by notionolly ranked California • Berkeley. The Falcons were led by three of the top players in AFA history Junior Tom Dorrh posted a 24-7 record ot 1 singles, sophomore John Steimie posted a team best 28-3 at 2 singles ond senior teom captain Scott Vipond went 26-5 ot 3 Others making significant contributions to the Falcon ' s winning ways were freshmen Skip Hinmon 24-8 and Alex Torres 19-8. and sophomores Mike Peterson 17-3 and Erik Johnson 12-4. With six of the top seven players returning next season. 1 1-year head coach, Rich Gugot expects the Falcons to continue their winning woys. Above: Alex Torres, who hod o solid ground gome, hits o picture forehond Right; Scott Vipond going for onother oie Below: Tom Borth crunches o down the line bockhond Ho«;S pH«- L f 319 n Women ' s Tennis Top Right: Sarah Beth Rhiddlehoover was a strong number five singles player. Top Left: Number three singles player Sherry Currin reaches for a backhand volley. Above: Boasting the best record on the team this year was Kim Green a number four singles. Left: Following through on a backhand is this year ' s MVP and team captain Tamaron Sharp. J L ' L-JttHBM Front Row: Anne Neubouer, Chris DIerbower, Mory Deth Keffer. Copt Dill Allen. 5tocey Wilson, Soroti Beth ( hiddlehoover, Emily Whittoker . Dock Row: Sue McWhirter Tricio Heller, Kerry Lonnbord, Sherry Currin. Tomoron Shorp, Kim Green Delow: Outgoing cooch Copt Dill Allen poses with teom coptoin C2C Tomoron Shorp The women ' s vorsiry rennis ream finished it ' s foil season with o 1-3 won end losr record bur rebounded in the spring season with o 14-6 rally, purring their overall 1964-85 record or 15 wins versus nine losses. They finished Third in rhe Conrinenrol Divide Conference and hod three All-Conference selecrions in Sherry Currin. Tomoron Shorp, ond Tricio Heller. 1 seed Tomoron Shorp finished with o 14-12 record in singles ond 15-6 in doubles ploy. 2 Tricio Heller wos 12-8 in singles ond 1 1-7 in doubles. 3 Sherry Currin was 16-8 in singles ond 11-10 in doubles Freshmon Kim Green rhe 4 seed was 16-10 in singles and 18-3 in doubles, 5 seed wos junior Soroh Deth Rhiddlehoover 14-9 in singles, ond freshman Anne Nuebouer was 16-3 in singles. Two more freshmen who sow plenry of action were Terri Cove, who complied o 17-5 record or 2 doubles, ond Emily Whittoker who posted on im- pressive 14-2 mark or 3 doubles 321 Baseball Comes Close Bob Holbo lines o single fo center field Tonn Colemon, teom MVP, prepores to knock one out of the pork against Utofi Cfilp Skinner scores o run on o wild pitch in Al ploy 322 I - 1 I Sports wrop-up BASEBALL — Fininshing with on 18-27 overall record ond 9- 15 in the WAC, good enough for o fourth-place finish in the Nor- thern Division, the Falcons were in the WAC race through the final week of the season Air Force hit .346 as o team and senior Tom Coleman recorded the most hits in a season with 69 Junior Eric Phorris was the teams leading batter with a 404 overage including 50 hits, 14 doubles, two triples and seven home runs. The workhorse on the mound was junior R,och Rhinehart who threw 88.1 innings and hod a team-high 55 strikeo uts. Chris Aispocr Aitr a sliding iwo-bogger Team coptoin Tim Phorns heods to first on o single ogoinst Colorodo State University ' ■t f 320 TRACK - INDOOR OUTDOOR The men 5 outdoor track finished with o duol record of 2-0 this seoson defecting Colorado Srote ond Hosrings in the f om Invito- rionol and finished in sixth place in the WAC championships In the f om Invitotionol. the Folcons won 12 of 19 events in the non- scoring meet Another fine showing wos in the Doulder Relays, where the Folcons broke two meet records Shannon Sullivon broke the pole vault record with o 17 1 4 feet and the 4 X 100 relay team of Jeff Lamb, Dill Shedd, Todd Scort ond Ed Dyrd were rimed in 012 67. four seconds better than the old record The Folcon women completed the season 2-0, defecting Colorado Srote ond Hastings or rhe Rom Invirorionol. In rhe non- scoring Colorado Relays, the ladies hod a fine showing winning five first ploces. In the Falcon Invitation, Air Force dominoted the meet with five firsts led by Mary Manning, winner in the discus and shot put. The women ' s team quolified for rhe NCAA division II championships Moy 20-26 in Los Angeles. Ending the season with o fourth-place finish ot the Western Athletic Conference championships, the Falcons posted o 5-3 duol record In the WAC meet, the Folcons rook two first places. Mike Profir took the 60-yQrd hudles wirh o 7.45 mork while Ed Dyrd won the 600-yard run with o time of 111,3. The women ' s indoor track team finished the season with o 3-3 record ond ploced o strong sixth in the NCAA Division II norionol championships at triple jump. Reneo Toliver in the 55 meter hurtles, Loureli Mozik in the 800-merer run ond Dorb Fogel and Shelly Ginder os port of the 1600-meter relay team. Roberts ond Mozik were olso port of rhe relay team. IXeneo Toliver cleors rhe l-iigtijump bor on fier woy ro o new school record Ed Norwesh gets off on excellent long jump during competition between AFA, University of Northern Colorodo ond Adams Srote College. Joe Mortin begins his kick for the finish line In the two mile run 325 mxii.vL.j£j£S Tracksters Make Mark Junior Dove Corpenter finishes strong in the 5,000 Freshmon hommer thrower John Hordy completes his final throw Senior Ken Banks wins the triple jump in the Falcon Invitotionol Against o strong field of 400 runners freshmon Calvin Speight comes from behind to win his heat. 326 LW maMjLM Xjgr, Track All-Americons Cothy Roberrs, DorbofO Fogel, Loureli Mozik. Reneo Toliver not pictured is Shelly Ginder. Cleomg All Americon triple jumper freshmon Cothy Roberts on her woy to o new Doth o track and bosketboll stondout, Mory Manning received high honors as o school record scholar and othlete 326 Cleofing the bar in o school record jump of 5 ' 8 " is freshmon Shommon Avirell Versonle Corhy Roberts is necl ond neck in the 200 meters at the Folcon Invirotionol Out of the blocl« strong is Luch Drown 329 mmirx. jL ., FALLINTRAMURALS fh FALL TEAM CHAMPIONS FOOTBALL -17THSQ SOFTBALL- 1ST SQ TENNIS - 20TH SQ 330 ' ■1 V ' rci! ,• A ' l - -n t„-,... .- « - -- bmMi iiii SMi - ■ 11 MK iS ' ' ' ll jl 331 WINTER INTRAMURALS WINTER INTRAMURAL TEAM CHAMPIONS SWIMMING -5THSQ f 303 y UM Pi WRESTLING -9THSQ BASKETBALL -13THSQ BOWLING -IITHSQ f 334 - r X BOXING -9THSQ HANDBALL - 20TH SQ SQUASH -12THSQ 01. ,1 ' it ■■A r t...««» . B i htfr ' JMi Tl MMMMHWiiMaiiiliJnMai 1 fllrrrr glMg il Inrromurols ore on imporronr parr of o coders life. Nor only ore porricponrs imporronr, bur referees ploy on imporronr porr in rhe inrromurol program. 337 o SPRING INTRAMURALS 336 " INTRAMURAL TEAM CHAMPIONS RACQUETBALL - 38TH SQ VOLLEYBALL - 22ND SQ WATER POLO- 3RD SQ f 339 - I 341 GROUP TEAM RUGBY CHAMPION - 36TH AND 40TH SQ ' S 342 1 JUDO Dock: Andy Hechi, Mike Sondquisr. Tim Eorly, Ion Dickinson, Dorren Horo, Tim Gooley, Man Abongon, Ed Tonner Front; Copt Tim Gonnon, Motftiew Dridgers. Steve 5ondovol, Mike Symock, Jodi Vernlund, Jim Dvorak, Lt Col Poul Moruyomo Jodi Vernlund throws Motttiew Dridgers withi o body drop Ji ( % f 344 Wk K Corry Willloms. Glenn Shrebe. Dill Thomos. Terry Dryon, Cornel Gongleo, Mork Tirrell, Sonny Lo Mosfers, Chris Woll er, Mike Vilond, Don Voury, Andrew Kwosnik, Sue Weilond, Yolondo Wood, Key Dryon, Sue Lobymeyer Dili Thomas about to receive o kick to the foce m f 346 - . -k KARATE i Dill Thomo5 obout to pummel hij defenselsj opponenf ADOVE: Korofe club worms up with the for- ward punch LEFT John Cordello on the ground ond Chris Wolker in the air. 347 .cai BBIHB. SQUASH CLUB Dock Row; Richard Mercodo. Juergen Poehler, Jeff Drown. Corey Thompson, Crelghton Cook Front Row: Miles Loosing, Joe Andersen, Scorr Porrer, Fred Word, Andy Corlson Left: Juergen Poehler, wing open runner-up Right: Miles Lonsing, wing open chomp « Right: Juergen Poehler 346 A Racketball Club if k ' M R ' 4 m 1 i ' i 7f - - fi ' t, J — - • ■ ' ■ _ p ABOVE: The Coder R,ockerboll reorn LEFT: Kirby Colos ond Steve Moulton go ot it dur- ing o club nriotch- 349 % A Rugby Handles Competition mi ri ■ 350 ■K • ' ' . MMHBIMAlt ' - ' ■ L-L _ -J — K, I ' ? The Falcons pur rhe hurt on Army 351 Powerlifters hold their weight The bench press consists of lying on your bock ond pressing as much weight as possible up to the extent of your arms. Clean and jerk is picking the weight off the ground and raising it above your head so the arms ore extended. The deodiift which usually is the heoviest of the categories, consists of picking the weight off the ground and raising it to hip level. " We hove several people who can get up into the 600-700 pound range, " Captain Moley sold. " With the weight classes we compete in, those kinds of lifts will be hard to beat. " " The team changes constontly, as some people just don ' t have the interest to stick with it, " Coptoin Moley said. Powerlifting is a sport of lifting as much weight as possible in three different categories. The cotefories ore bench press, clean and jerk, and the deodiift Powerlifting is different from pumping iron, said Copt Chris Moley, team coach. " Our team members don ' t hove the bulging muscles that most people ossociate with weight-lifting. " We go more for actual strength than for the muscles you see in the Mr. Americo contests. Huge muscles don ' t necessarily mean a lot of strength, some people who look immense are actually capable of lifting very little weight They just work the muscles to look good, not lift " 352 r. i Debbie Doggett snatches o fiy boll Judy Moyrond crouches before o sprint for home Knsten Fosdick prepares to swing 354 kd BasaaMM WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL n. t Debbie Boggeit 12 leons bCKk (or o hord swing P Corcher Liso Gummel wolrs for the rhrow to home. Second bosemon Judy Moyrond ond short stop Pot Croig woich the botier close y WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL 356 ! -K ■ 357 The Falcon Inrercollegiore orhleric feoms continued to excel ogolnsf the top othleres if eight teams notionolly ranked. More than 800 athletes on 41 intercollegiate teams competed in 571 contests ond come up with o percent. During the 1984-85 school year, Falcon vorsity teams compered in 492 contests, winning 314, losing 171 and 7 ties. Four teams were undefeoted during the season — mensand women ' s, fdoor rrock and men ' s and women ' s golf. Several teoms placed high nationally. Pistol placed fourrh in srondord plstflf; fifth in oir pisrol and seventh in free pistol. Women ' s in- door trock wos sixth in the nation in Division II while women s golf was rdnked seventh Women ' s cross country placed eighth no- tionolly while women ' s swimming was also eighth at its championship meet. The women ' s bosketboll teom wos ranked 15th ond women ' s volleyball 18th in Division Foofboll ogoin brought notional recognition to the Academy for the third-straight feon, winning the Independence Dowl. Water Polo wos 14th in the Notional Cooches Poll Although not a varsity sport, the boxing ream won its fifth nationol title in the lost six years. Several othletes received honors from the Western Athletic Confrerence. Mike Profit won the conference rrock chompionship in the 60-yard hurdles and Ed Byrd took the 600-yords dash rirle while nine athletes were selected to the All-WAC football teoms Nomed the WAC co-defensive ployer of the year ond firsr reom wos Chris Funk while Jody Simmons. Dori ' Oberdieck, Mark Melcher, Fred ' Butrell, Lorry Nicklos, Terri Moki, Scott Thomas ond Mark Simon were named to second teoms. Senior Judd McGlohn won the individual WAC championship ond wos nomed WAC Golfer -the-yeor while Tim Phorris, and Eric Phorris, were named to the Northern Division All-WAC boseboll reom In its 29 years of varsity athletic competition. Air Force has won 5.710 contests, lost 2,657 ond tied 74, tor on eroll percentage i 66.5. A Note From The Editor: TViIs hos been my third stroight year as sports edtf ffdrm Polaris. Over the yeors Uf ve tried to impro fie coveroge of oil int P " collegiate teams and sports clubs. This year 16 additional pages were added to thapports section. I wouj Ke to odd even more but I can ' t do it oil olone. If your sports club wos not covered (i.e. Bicycle, Bowling, Wbmen ' s Rugby, R,ocJ , Hondboll, Trap and Skeet, men ' s Volleyboll ond Ski Racing) its your responcibiiiry as o member of rhot club to set with Wing Medio (Polons Sports stoff members). We at Wing Medio ore more then eager to work with teams and clubs to provide rtiajbesr coverage possible but we do not hove the time nor the monning to research every club s activities As for as the inter-collegioiFsection went this year, I would like to extend a special fhonks to Lt. Col. Micki Hogue, Assistant Athletic Director for Inter-collegJjP activities ond George Fox, ossistont sports information director and their staff wirhour whose help this section would never hov e been completed - especiolly with the great qualify of work incorporated. Remember the Polaris is o coder-run yeorbool . Without people willing to give up their sporetime to cover sports events this section would not exist. If you would like to help work on the yearbook contoct Wing Medio. The sports section con olwoys use good photographers end loyour personel Become octive in sports ocnvitles. 1964-65 ATHLETICS FA f 1 Foorboll JV Football Men ' s Cross Country WofDen ' s Cross Country Women ' s Golf Men ' s Golf Soccer JV Soccer Wofer Polo Volleyball (W) Tennis (W) SEASON SEASON Varsity Totals Overall Totals Basketball (M) JV Basketball Daskerboll (W) Fencing (M) Fencing (W) Gymnostics (M) Gymnostics (W) Ice Hockey JV Ice Hockey Indoor Trock (M) Indoor Trock (W) istol Swroming (M) Swimming (W) Wrestling Vorsity Totals veroll Totals Baseball JV Boseboll Golf (M) Golf (W) Lacrosse Tennis (M) Tennis (W) Outdoor Track (M) Outdoor Track (W) Varsity Totals Overall Totols VARSITY TOTALS OVERALL TOTALS W 8 3 8 11 20 15 13 8 11 14 3 13 34 13 20 186 202 V 20 18 2 12 25 14 2 81 89 314 371 4 2 5 1 12 16 3 40 43 20 6 6 1 1 6 8 14 1 3 3 4 4 5 3 7 67 94 27 12 4 7 6 44 56 171 193 T COACH Mr. Fisher DeBerry Lt. Col. Dick Ellis Copt. Jim Trego Lt. Col. Ernie Cunliffe Moj. Jon Stevens Copt. Vic Summers 4 Luis Sogostume Copt. Karl Olsen Copt. Jeff Heidmous Copt. Bill Peer Copt. Bill Allen 4 Pet. .622 4 Pet. .646 Reggie Minton Moj. Mark Engelebretson Morti Gosser Copt. Thomas Worsdole Copt. Thomas Worsdole Maj. Dennis Ramsey Cheryl Botzong 1 John Motchefts Jordy Bowman Moj. Steve Miles Maj. Steve Miles SSgt. Charles Phillips Capt. Gory Smith Capt. Kelly Kemp Copt. Kelly Kemp 1 Moj. Jim Oeser 2 Per. .680 2 Per. .681 Moj. Joe Robison Copt. Stu Pugh 1 Copt. Vic Summers Moj. Jon Stevens Copt. Scott Petoso Moj. Rich Gugot Copt. Bill Allen Moj. Steve Miles Moj. Steve Miles 1 Pet. .647 1 Pet. .613 7 Pet. .645 7 Pet. .656 Parents ' Weekend 362 - k Feors Teors Cheers These come wirh the porents of rhe doss of 1988 os they greeted the fourth clossmen during Porents ' Weekend Held on Leber Doy weekend, the event morked the first time the new doss ventured off-bose in moss The welcome hugs from Mom mode the woit worthwhile 363 m 364 ■»■«— ' »L1 Ir finally come — Labor Doy Weekend when Mom and Dod could visit. When the class of ' 88 could leave rhe Acodemy for rhe firsr time. After hugs, kisses and fears, rhe long wait was over. 365 Favorite Hang-outs 366 md " 067 Halloween 366 j i i «4 f- ? ik J-. 141 369 371 3ll « Snow Season IT 372 Fo ' mony the highlight of ihe snow seoson wos the dramatic snowtoll in Octobet Fot the fitsi time in more thon 17 years codei dosses were conceit- ed by the weother During the unplonned holt- doy coders jumped off wails into snow drifts, im- provised snow sleds ond built snowmen end snow ouromobiles 373 i» ' — hI 375 376 377 This yeor sow the beginning of the singles survivol course Tought by Edyth Wofley, the class showed first clossmen the fundomentols of cooking and enter- taining During the course coders learned to purchose food, prepare it ond serve it in cosuol. informol ond formol settings 378 I I Louise Drown the Codet Wing Hostess, ond her Qssistonr Keren Mendel, led coders in developing iheir sociol greces The hosress of- fice sponsored the Singles Survivel Course, ifie fosfiion sfiews ond directed ell the formol bolls ond donees in Arnold Hell And of course Ms Orown end Ms Mendel odvised codets in pro- tocol ond porty plenning Cadet Wing Hostess 379 ■rr 380 — L A new roge gripped the Codet Wing this yeor OS oir bonds ond oir bond contests sprong op oil over The groups showed their tolents ot squodron porties, in the dorms ond m Arnold Holl 381 ' The second onnuol " Dress For Success ' foshion show displayed the loresT in proper dress for new officers The show highlighted pro- fessionol end cosuol civilian clothes ovoiloble through the Army ond Air Force Exchange Service The Coder Wing Hostess, Louise Drown, developed the show to help first class codets prepare their social wordrobe DELOW: Andy Garboden and Shelly Gwillim model cosual and sophisficated fashions for the doss of 1965 t - 363 m I r 364 CompetKJon hugs events hugs smiles hugs doncmg ond more hugs fhese Things dlled two lull doys in Moy os the Air Force Acodemy hosted the Colorodo Speciol Olympics Excorted by members of the doss of 1968 the Speciol Olympions porticipoted in trock ond field gymnostic ond swimming events A donee in Arnold Holl copped the event Dut throughout the Speciol Olympics people gove ond got hugs, hugs ond more hugs 385 TOP LEFT: The spectorors enjoyed the Colorado Speclol Olympics os much OS the pornciponrs ADOVE: PorTiciponts ond codet escorts break from the events on the steps of the Codet Field House LEFT; Special Olympions ond codet escorts donced to the music of the Air Force Acodemy Bond during the Special Olympics donee held in Ar- nold Holl 387 i B Superintendent ' s H£„ ti0 xH B 1 1 B Christmas Ball 1 1 Lavish decorations morl ed the annual Superinten- dent ' s Christmas Ball held in the Arnold Holl ballroom. The Air Force Academy Bond provided the music after the first class greeted Lt. Gen. Winfield W. Scott Jt in j BH receiving lines ■ n tJ ■ m H 1 1 386 y M di L Commandant ' s Spring Bail The Commondont ' s Spring Doll, sponsored by Drig. Gen. Marcus A. Anderson, highlights the fourfh doss. The evening begon with the rrodi- rionol receiving lines followed by o donee in rhe Arnold Holl bollroom. The Air Force Academy Bond provided donee and rock-ond-roll music for coders ond their dotes. 390 1 Dean ' s Valentine Ball The Dean ' s Valentine Ball In Februory began with the rrodirional receiving lines. Brig. Gen. Irwin J. Rokke hosted the reception, aided by his staff. Cadets ond their dotes then danced to midnight to the music of the Air Force Academy Bond ' s Blue Steel. 392 tf ittdi wm. Finally the doss of 1968 could procrice rheir formol decorum lessons ot rhe doss dining-in. The function wos held Of Mitchell Holl during the spring semester Fourth Class Dining-ln 393 Wing Commander ' s Ball This year marked the return of the Codet Wing Commander ' s Ball ofter on obsence of several yeors. Hosted by , ' 85, the Fall Wing Commander, the event Included receiving lines and a dance. The boll occurred in the Arnold Hall Ballroom. 394 ■B to i BS 395 Third Class Dining- In ABOVE: Choploin (Col) Merredirh Thomos jokes with two members of the class of 1987 during tfie third doss dining in. RIGHT: Two codets proctice the " finer points " of codet decorum. 396 I Bz " AHH...only o hundred woke-ups to 90. " Thus marked the begining of the final stretch to graduation for the doss of 1985. The lOOrhs Night Celebration held in February began the finol count down. The evening began with o dining-out in Mitchell Hall. Following the meol, Brig. Gen. Richord Abel delivered on address followed by the traditional toosts. After the formol events, the first class cadets and their dates moved to Arnold Holl for their donee. Meanwhile, fourth classmen followed another tradition: Redecoroting the first classmen ' s rooms. lOOths Night 396 B» " " V- 5 4 I 399 Lf. Gen. Winfield W. Scoff, Jr., fhe Academy Superinfendent, receives o silver cop becoming on honorory member of the doss of 1985. lOOths Night 400 ■MiiMte M Brig. Gen. Richard Abel, former director of Air Force Public Affairs, presented the keynote address during the celebration marking 100 nights to graduation. 401 402 - : Aa ¥A % ' ' 4 1 w Ma 1 1 p inited States f j . J. Fl nit ' 403 AIR SUPPLY 404 405 406 f m m gm P f. 407 408 " •5 1? mjm ■J H H ■ Bill Milleil £ 1 409 410 i B ■ ■MHIH H 1 • Daniels ' 1 Entertainment 412 K ' h ■UiiHlii i 413 ET Entertainment 414 ■fli K 415 Entertainment 416 I i Toto 417 418 419 nr The Allied Arts sociery has o stage crew known as RATTEX; Rising Star, Allied Arts, Theater Variety Technicians This group of cadets is responsible for the technical set-up, production, and teor-down of shows, concerts, ond other activities on the Academy. RATTEX is mode up almost entirely of cadets, there ore also three civilians and one NCO among the crew. Pete Romano heods up the crew with Fred Smith as his ossisront. Bud Griffin serves as the electri- cian, while TSgt, Ron Domes runs securi- ty and logistics. The cadets that formed the corp of RATTEX for 84-85 were Fritz Koennecke ' 85, Jim Morgon ' 85, Co-CIC, Anthony Frederick ' 85, Chris Herrmann ' 85, Roy Fullerton ' 86, Sean Rooney ' 86, Steve Hopkins ' 87, Mark Sokerlich 87, Nancy Dolkus ' 88, Chris Route 88, ond Than Wonds ' 88. Throughout the yeor, another 100 or so coders worked on a show-to-show basis. The mojor programs rhor RATTEX worked on ore Allied Arts concerts. Theater Variety Series, ond the Catch q Rising Star series In addition to these major shows, they also provide technical support for briefings, dining-ins, dances, and other special functions. Cadets work in three major oreos; lights, sound, ond sroge work. The lighting director for RATTEX for 84-85 was Jim Morgan with Steve Hopkins ' 87 and Noncy Bolkus os his moin assistants. The sound engineer for 84-85 was Fritz Koennecke with Sean Rooney and Than Wands as his main ossitonts. The sroge monogers were Anthony Frederick and Chris Herrmonn. with Roy Fullerton and Chris Route as their main assistants. RATTEX helps set up and run the lights, sound, sroge and anything else necessory to put on o show The most visible job they do is spot light operator. Most of the rest is behind the scenes. A typical show day for RATTEX starts or 6 a.m., with the " in " , the set-up, going until 3 p.m. and final adjustments and repairs until 7 p.m. The show starts ot 8 p.m., with the " out " going from the end of the show until 1 or 2 a.m. By the time these cadets graduate, they ore experts in the theater. Soots, Itie Anthofij " wiih ' L 421 1 The Dluebords presented two produc- tions during the year In the foil they hosted o dinner theater in Arnold Holl. In the spring they performed o comedy- musical in Fairchild Holl. 423 RIGHT: Peggy Murphy, publicofions ossistont, rypes moteriol for oil rhe coder publiconons produced by Coder Wing Medio DELOW: Copr Dilly Dirdwel! edits o story for TALON mogozine This morked rhe first full yeor for computer use in coder publiconons 1 Cadet Wing Media " Coder Wing Medio " is the umbrello term for on office which coordinates o brood voriery of publicorions ond odminisrrorive work. Coders know rhe office best however, Through rhe prinred morrer rhot oppeors in rhe wing - TALON mogozine, rhe POLARIS yeorbook, CONTRAILS colendor as well as rhe in- house odverrising for Arnold Holl - relofed ocriviries. Even rhe DODO is coordinored ond prinred Through rhe Medio office, Wirh rhe exception of rhe DCT yeorbook, work is done by volunteer coders during rheir free rime (Alrhough o few limired-on-seoson slors do help free up some oddirionol momenrs). Under rhe direction of Captain Dilly Dirdwell, the Chief of Cadet Wing Medio, the various publications enjoyed yet onofher successful year The office is olwoys looking for people (primarily coders, olrhough many of rhe berter conrribuTions hove come from orher members of rhe Academy " fomily " ) who desire to toke port in its publishing concerns, and eagerly acceprs morivored individuals. In closing, your friendly ghosTwrirer wishes to thank Cadets Mike Ponorisi, 86, and John McDonnell, ' 87, for so competenly removing TALON from his concerns This post yeor. , - - Good Luck - --John F. Hilbing, 85 V :J? 424 Mike Ponofisi, ' 66 shown with o represenroiive of the Chomber of Commerce, received the TALON editor s oword during the onnuol Medio A words bonquet held m Moy Mario Shellobotgei. ' 85. shown between Mrs Eleonor Lorsen ond Mrs Cloro Potter of the Doughters of the Union Veierons of the Civil Wor. received the POLARIS editor s oword |ij 425 426 s ' X Lt Seibert Froncois, Gilbert, Rubush. Nieves, Edge, Dfindley. Moore, Senef. Monroe Dettelis Chess Club The chess club hod its busiesr and most successful year. An active ond strong group of players earned the club on average of over S100 for each of the six Colorodo chess tournoments they played in. Drod Senef, ' 86 the leading money winner, and Lt Seibert both earned more than S200 eoch. This yeor saw the continuation of the codet tournoments played at the Academy along with the introduction of the U5AFA Quods Another new addi- tion to the schedule was the first interser- vice Academy chess match. Air Force, without two of its top four boards, lost o close 0-5 motch to West Point. The highlight of the year was the wing open Larry Drindley. ' 85 and Peter Dettelis. 85 both tied for first, en- ding the year in a way that wos in- dicative of their battle against eoch other over the past four years 427 adet Competition Flying Team The Coder Explorer Club Is rhe Academy ' s lloson berween the Coder Wing and rhe locol Scouring orgonizorions. The club is open ro oil coders who wish ro ger involved wirh rhe locol scouring orgonizorions. The posr heoded by rheir OIC Moj. Hancock and rhis year ' s CIC Lee Hurchins ' 86, currenrly pur rogerher o new progrom and local work wirh rhe rwo Doy Scour rroups on base. They helped provide counceling and senior leodership ro help scours in rhose rroups. They porricipored in several joinr camping rrips where rhe coders helped rhe boys ro earn such merir badges OS comping ond orienreering. The posr is looking forword ro o very rewarding yeor ond renewed inreresr in rhe progrom. The year culminored wirh a trip ro Philmonr High Advenrure in rhe summer for many of rhe members. The Coder Comperirion Flying Team represenrs rhe Academy or regionol ond norionol inrercollegiore flying comperirion. Under rhe auspices of rhe norionol inrer- collegiore Flying Associorion, coders morch rheir oviorion skills ogoinsr srudenrs from orher colleges and universiries. Comperirion consisrs of flying ond ground evenrs. Flying comperirion includes power-on ond power-off occurocy londings, insrrumenr comperency flighr, VFR cross-counrry novigorion ond messoge drop evenrs. Ground evenrs in- clude oircrofr indenrificorion, cross-counrry plonning, flighr simuloror and oircrofr pre-flighr. The 64-85 ream hod 13 members headed by ream caproin, Kevin Frisbie, ' 85. Each ream member hod o privore pilor licence and o minimum of 80 hours powered oircrofr rime and was ex- pecred ro compete in borh flying and ground evenrs. The year was o banner one for rhe flying reom, tor rhe firsr rime rhey hod their own airplane, o Cessna 150, donored by rhe Associorion of Groduores, wos ourfirred wirh o 150 hp engine (normolly 100 hp) ond new in- srrumenrs. Since rhe ream is under rhe direcrion of the 94 Airmonship Troining Squadron, ir wos oppropriore rhor rhe FAA allowed rhe new oircrofr ro beor rhe roil number " 94th. " The reom funded well or regional comperirion hosred by Oklohomo Srore Universiry during rhe foil. They won firsr in rhe ground evenrs ond rhird overoll, which earned rhem on invirorion ro notionols. The ream olso walked owoy wirh rhe Flighr Safety Aword. 428 -h 1 The Mountaineering Club recruited severol new members while helping old members polish their skills. Whether during o prorice ot the Garden of the Gods, or o long technical climb in the high Rockies, the club members stressed the greatest safety Under the guidance of the officer In charge, Moj Terry Deaton, the club experienced some of the post thrilling action of o lifetime. ese« the jiQtefl Mountaineering I 429 ifl The Fine Arts Club is rhe youngest club or the Academy, We try to enhance the cultural oppor- tunities for coders, moninly by pubicizing upcoming even ts here and in Denver in our monthly newslet- ter. We work closely with the Informorion, Ticket and Tours Office in Arnold Hall, and hove mutuolly arranged free tickers to the Colorado Springs Sym- phony, the Gates Showtime Series, and to the Col- orado Springs Donee Theatre We also choose one porticulorly promising performance each semester and moke it o club activity. First semester this year we chose o Roy Charles concert in Denver, which wos enjoyed by mony club members. The monthly newsletter also features articles by club members about items of interest, such os how to get to oil of the concert holls in the area, or which events look especially good Club membership is open to anyone, there ore no dues. Our OIC this year wos Moj, Cervone, DFPFA; the C1C was Neil Billings ; the Asst. C1C wos Dob Stewart : the princi- ple editor of the newsletter wos Steve Dyers . 430 Codet Wing Commonders Jomes Lovell ond Scoit Dumbould receive congrotulononi from Dng Gen Morcus A Anderson during the Curtiss lopping Ceremony the oword is presented eoch yeor to the Codei Wing Commonders Coder Ion R Dickenson ond Dng Gen Morcus A Anderson top the ploque beonng Dickenson s nome to the Civil Air Porrol s Honor Roll in Arnold Holl The oword goes ro rhe former CAP coder who groduotes highest in the Acodemy s doss The CAP is o club octivity 401 [fl BELOW LEFT: A cadet falconer prepares a lure for use in training the falcons. BELOW: One of the young prairie falcons perches on a trainer ' s hand. TOP LEFT: A trainer ond bird prepare for o proctice ADOVE: The weights of the birds must be corefully wotched BOTTOM LEFT: A folcon rokes flight ir ' 433 lii 434 The two planes flew across the ridge, one locked on rhe other ' s rail, and the long streamers flying out behind each. Suddenly the rear plane cut up, attemp- ting to catch the other ' s streamers in his propeller, bur missing by a hoir. The front plane swerved and come around herd, cutting the other ' s streamer neatly In two. Aeriol combat and the building and flying of model aircraft moke up only two of the things that the model engineering club does along with their remote controlled airplanes. They olso build normal models in their club room and hove remote controlled vehicles ranging from boots to helicopters. The club is open to everyone, and experience is not important. Someone who hos never built anything before will be taught to build and fly his own plane in no time. " The main reoson people join the club is just to have o place to work their models instead of their room, said the club codet-in-chorge William A. Kliesh, ' 65 of squadron 21. The dub hos all the tools needed to make models, as well OS for pointing them. One good port about the club is that anytime they wont, any club member con simply go to the command post and get the key to the club room. This provides access to oil members at any time they wish. The club meets regular- ly obouf once every two months to do business, and these ore not even man- datory, according to Coder Kliesh. The whole club gets together once every semester with three or four downtown clubs for what rhey coll o " fun fly " . That ' s where everyone tokes their planes out and flies all doy with everyone else. " Overall, it ' s a really greet club to join if you ' re interested in modeling, building and flying model airplanes soys Cadet Kliesh ond the club OIC Copt. John Yorger of rhe Aeronautical department. For the money and for rhe opporruni- ty to fly, even indirectly, the club cannot be beat. I K TM fe-v TOP: A sharp blade ond a srroight edge help form rhe wings on o model airplane. LEFT: Coders Willis ond Kliesch prepore tor aeriol batrle PRECEDING PAGE: The model Engineering Club forms the roors of the veneroble " F-41F " Fighring Mescolero 405 f h atT-l . 7r fX 8 436 f K ' 1 437 ttm r •V nniWi»jiM»M fa Mh— aiMi d M«— i .»,. nMw 1 I « 1 wing Commonder Scott E Dumbould Vice Wing Commander Poul Dovid Johnson Deputy Commonder Operotions Steven C Dye Deputy Commander Resources Douglos D Rider Wing Honor Choirmon John A Gibson, IV Deputy Honor Choirmon Antonio M Aponte Commond Post Chief Thomos W Connelly Assistant Command Post Chief Michoel L G Ching FALL — WING Stondards Evoluation Officer Bruce H Mogoon Executive Officer Yulin Greene Troining Officer Chorles D Jones, Jr Acodemic Athletic Officer Morgoret L Kirchner Sergeonf Mojor Richord L Dell Operotlons NCO Gerrold G Heikkinen, Jr, Troining NCO Kirk J Streitmoter Resources NCO John D Hunt AcQdemlc AthletIc NCO Nancy G Golley Adminlstrotlon NCO Shelly J. Wile Sofety Securlty NCO Michoel A. Soioflo MWR NCO Michoel D Dolfony 442 wing Commonder Jome E Lovell Vice Wing Commonder Mork P McCorthv Deputy Commonder Operotlons Keith A Dowkins Wing Honor Choirmon John A Gibson. IV Siondords Evoluotion Officer Williom C Drown v O I Sergeont Major Sonny Noboni 1i Acodemlc Athletic NCO I Jock L Driggs. Ill Assistont Honor Choirmon Kenneth L Yophe Commond Post Chief Richord H Klodnicki STAFF — SPRING Executive Officer Drion 5 Drondner Training Officer Williom P Isler. Jr. Operorions NCO Kim D Howthrone Sofety Security NCO Dovid R WhitT Troining NCO Louis J Denoit Deputy Commonder ( esoofcei MIchoelA Willloms Assistont Commond Post Chief Dryon F Myers Acodemic Athletic Officer Donielle L Hofchert Resources NCO Angelique M Longley MWRNCO Fred W Goudlip NCOIC Commond Post Jeffrey P Wogner 443 First Group AOC Lr Col Chorles L Duzze Depury Commonder Supporr Morrhew E Morgon Stondords EvoluQtion Officer Scon D Brockwoy FALL — GROUP Troining Officer Pofricio L MocGregor Acodemic Athletic Officer Eorl IX Noson Sergeant Major Michael F Lo Gronde Troining NCO Croig D Cody Resoutces MWR NCO Doniro L Soong Administrotion NCO J Scoti Lodner Safety Security NCO Steven C CooU Stondords Evoluotion NCO Dobby L f obinson II 444 Group Commonder Joy D Silverio Deputy Commonder Support Anthony C Frederick Deputy Commonder Operotions Scott D Potter Stondofds Evoluotion Officer Rictiord S Debrock FIRST GROUP STAFF — SPRING Solely Security NCO Oovid A. Coldwell Stondotds Evoluotion NCO Elizobeth A Honey 445 m MACH ONE Moj Bruce A Dronr Douglas W Oenton JomesA Dufron CroigD Cody Sung J Cho Kevin L Dovis ChnsrifiQ G Dickerson Jomes M Kelly Dovid M Kitchens Jeffrey T Llegl VIciorJ Monges James F McCrockin Dobby L r oblnson, II Christopher L Roeder Dennis Ryon Lone A Seoholm Dorleerie E Snider Sfeven E Srruck Willlom L Thomas. Jr Morh T Tipmonghol Edwin C Youngsrrom BB3H 446 11 M«lw nA Andufa«-Ou««pO Orlondo Donuro ' O D ' yOoOO ' Own tt nondoK Otw Dutk Cory L « Coop r II " C OCovokonrv Robr ' i Doi« Hydv MKhoel Thomo) McGutfe Potrtch Jcor e McKffOAO tileen ther iO M K on Thomoj LeiJ ftemptef Jeltrey MKho i Rhode leO VKiOf Simmooi Andrew Foyer Smirh Pere ' Dino Siovro! Patrick Juerger Sioll Corlron Lloyd Swoney Kennerh Thewes Ihereio Morie Trovu Eric John VonOorri LOSZiO Andros Verei Moch One, Irs rhe Cinderella srory. Norurolly, hioving ro work with on Army AOC Moj. Druce A. Dronr, we starred with on Inn- mediare disadvantage. " If we don ' r wanr you, we ' ll get rid of you! " Well, we losr o few in rhor purge, bur we were able ro reroin (or wos ir retrain) mosr of rhe squodron. However, rhe Air Force in us prevoiled — we mellowed our some and were even aurhorized reloxorion time. A business-orienred squadron, we used more business passes rhon mosr squadrons combined, Firsrie meetings downtown were essenriol elemenrs of squadron leadership. Especially producrive were rhe C-2 firstie meetings and the firsrie organizarionol meerings, " Firsr Takes Core of irs Own " is our morro, ond rhor we did. Our " identity crisis " room resolved rwo seporore identity prob- lems into four. And when one firsrie neglecred ro wrire his yearbook picrure blurb, well . . . we grociously took core of rhor for him of course, rhe underclass ofren wondered where rhe firsrie class was, bur rhe inrensiry of our weekend commond meerings (complimenrs of Rochoel, rhe Tri-Deirs, and others) severely limired our presence. Then ogoin, rhey knew we were around wh en we come down wirh onorher great " squadron policy, Ir was fun being o porr of rhe mysrery squadron. Four our of five rumors surveyed concerned Moch One — rhe squadron with the most form I0s, or rhe squadron wirh brevirr during foil semesrer, Irs funny how much can be accomplished (borh good and bod) wirh rhe help of a lirrle imoginorion and good old fashioned gossip. Of course, ir seems like rhere really is no subsrirurion for hard work I iiiAfti l ii iti Timoihy Deon Ooiiord Som CliHofd O- frerr Orenr Richord Daxter John Joseph OulQ Decn Edword Dushey Anfhony LeorKxdGizelbOCh it Srephen Lomor Hoggofd Williom Dome) iQt h fXiChord Allen Johnson Timothy Pike LoOveffe Jomei Gerofd Le dy M ' Choel D " on Meyer Erie Mi hoel M Her 447 ifl Kelly John Dorleon Leigh Ann Oofrley Greg Michoel Coyon Stephen Grody Chambers JomesCofbin Dovis Lowrence Fohy Michael Thomas Forsyth Thomas Arnold Fronk Freese Drennan Glenn Gourdie Stephen Vincent Gustofson Todd Potnck Hormer MorTln Lee MocNobb fXcberr Morrhews, Jr Vonesso McCuHough John Patrick Montgomery James Edword Neecham Timothy Paul Neumonn Lee Jomes Pero Drion Scott Pletcher Todd Jeffrey Scott f onold Williom Simmons Fred Hilary Smith Dorrell Anthony Sttandberg Dovid Raymond Whitt Kara Beth Worrhingion 86 SSOB m Deuce greeted the new year with a new AOC, Copt. Duone A. Jones, and o new outlook. " Loose Deuce! " was out, " Deuce is on rhe loose! " wos in. The squadron turned around irs undesired bad reputation in a very short time. Foil squadron commander Joe Simpson srorted the squadron off and Deuce finished rhe semester with a high standing in group competi- tion. Constant improvement was o goal that we reached in rhe first semester. Spring semester squadron commander Bob Mc- Coughon tools over and led the squadron through until the end of the year. Each doss hod o character oil its own. Even though the Firsties never " gelled " os a doss (whatever that meons), they got rhe job done. The two-degrees hod a lot of spirit; Delta Tau Deuce was bock with a vengeance. Although the banner didn ' r moke it to Shreveport this year, it did moke oppeoronces ot alt home gomes. The three-degrees started off not quite knowing what to do, but once they were given the boll, they ran with it. The four degrees will always be remembered for rhe quality of their skits. Deuce is ogoin one of rhe best squadrons in the wing. David Motrin Doots Dovid Calvin Outlet James Patrick Coshm Gofteit Lone Cohee Stephen Muniz DaSilva Carson Andrew Elmore Dofboro Ann Fogel Joseph Franklin Ford Christopher Allen Gorrett Dovid Charles Glenn William Hollier JeHrey Dole Hawkins Kevin Robert Hightield Christopher Lee Jeffries Kristin Lynn Johnson Ronald Raymond Keto Frank Eldred Malletre Thomas William Monlon John Fronklln Monney, Jr Jeffrey Charles McConie Keith Gregory Nylonder Delcy Michelle Polk Venonclo Rodorre. Jr Thonnoj Russell Sfonley Douglas Alon Stover Wayne Conrod Wllkins John Matthew Wood 446 -i. u mA OovK) Todd AKxnbough Morti ABo Ajv rK n Mourven [ten C o OoA OovffMirhovlOv J nnrfef Le Hornu«n Aob«n rXuueN Howe GregOfy Thomoi Kiley P »lllp ol p Loiolo Gordon Co n foo Lukehorr. Ill Monhew Edword Mongon Dryon Edword fAMet Scon Robert Nehon John E»i OHen Juon Orlondo Peno Chf isiop» ef Jornei Ouiro Alexonder Anrhony (Xouono Jomei Poul Solfi Scott Aiien SuMivon Michoe) Joieph Terneuj Dwoyne Lloyd Wilson Orion Oyun wooK Voo DEUCE HOUSE Copt Duone A Jones 449 Delta Tou Deuce Thomos Michoel Ooiley Kennerh John DarrczoK John Andrew DurotOwski Dof ren Trovis Chomplm John Aylword Duchorme Jr Angel Doniel Gonzolez William Fulton Hoar Jock Robert Hon Thomos Alon Horrung Wdliom Rush Hindes DimosQlong Ferrer Junio Kenneth Keith Kopko John Chofles Kress Richard Tod Mercado Dnon Edword O Connor Gene Alberr Ploce Summer Eloine Scort Stephen Lourence Seomon Drodley Glenn Senef Couf tney Leonard Smith Gregory Owen Stecklein Vero Ann Tu Denise Yveire Waters Dortholomew WiHiom Weiss [■osComiiyiw A new year ond o new AOC greeted the Cerberus Warriors bock ro fhe squadron in Augusr. Foorball weekends sow roilgore parties on Konsos ' s truck and ctieering for Scooter and Brian, Whiat was life like for the everyday Cerberoe ' ! ' Birthday nukings for Steve and Mark, and John (how long did it take to get that stuff out of our hair), Luke Zel ' s bagel, Doley ' s weekly rendition of the " Cheers " theme song, always being one gome awoy from on intramural " sweep, " wrestling with the Dean, And then there were sponsor visits — Troildust parties in the Springs: T-3fl rides at Beole; dining-in with Major General Ander- son (on astronaut!); softboll and volleyball picnics; Operation Christmas, The highlight of the year hod to be " Cerbus In Washington! " — o trip to DC. to morch in the 1984 Inougurol Parade. It started as just o cheer in September (thanks, Darren!) but became o reality in January, Old-man Winter accompanied us there for some record breaking, sub-sub zero weather that cancelled the parade and sent us to " sorr-of a Reogon pep roi- ly " instead. But we did miss two days of school for it! As the graduating class heads out to the four corners (from Vance to Mother to Loughlin to Wheeler to NASA to Son An- tonio to the Philippines), they know that BCT and noon meal formations, SAMIs, IfXIs and Standards Evaluation will continue at the Academy, but so will the Cerberus spirit! ta« ii;(jiigti Drod William Dromigk Mork Evon Cline Morthew John Crondoll Mofgofel Mory Duffy Rircfiie London Honsen Cficisropher Dovid Hoiness Jofin Fernond Heisler f onold Delle Jofiniron J» Douglas Jon Kieser Michoel John Ktod Grefchen Morle Krueger lodd Allen Lovell Scotr Gordner Maw Wllllom Anderson Noce Dole PoFflch Porrrldge Oeon Edmund Pfob Philip Stephen Pulg Donald Chorles SlOft John Vlfgil Teogue fMtchle Lorry West Mork Edword Wills 450 ol Porade li Doifenl) but onpofiiedus m ki itoi igonpepral- it! Mfiets (ta A to Son Ail- d fioofi (Tieoi 2 Firsties do it up right CERBERUS 0S2SZC»» iii Ronold George Doggert Todd Allen Oiefiom Joseph DfbohlQv, Ord Edword Michoei Edwards Dovid Keirh Fogundes Gory Joseph Gorrscholl Chnsiopher Scorr Hermon Rondy Lee LoTcufelie Dovid Dlonion Longhouser Monlee Sue Loursen Jomes Doftoid Moiry Dovid jQime Moo e EriKo Ann Mouiow Michoel Kerry Nieves Lowrence Gerord Orto Chnyopher Roppo Tyson Allen Rhome Dovid Troy Sontorelli Michoel Anthony Soaono Homish AlGsdoir Siewort Smirh George Lee Stomper. Jr pQuI D ' odfO ' d Vougfioo Sreven Alfred Vlosok Cyrus ClofK Mockey Whinrtery T.mofhy Andrew WoodS Corol Chfis YonnorellO 451 Gregory Lyndon Drooks Steven Chns Cook Mone Angelique N Demondonre Cborles Sronley Gerstenecker Dovid Andrew Howkens John Poifick Horner John Derek Hunt Frederick Michoel Kennel Andrew Dohdon Krowciw Keirh Richord Kreeger Peter Andrew Lee Jerry Poul Moftmez 86 Srerling Doy Underhill r odney Gorth Vernon Scott Alon WojtysiQk »JS FIGHTIN ' FOURTH MoJ Judy W Lindsoy Duck-buck oi its best. 452 ■■1 B f jt JL M E! MM Diefi Eo9en« Ong Thofnos QcMowwc ChnMopher John Hop« ThotWeuv Ocorg ' Knoe rtoben Kfiemifiihi Jeffrey Scon Kumro Sreven Word leQrond tfKh Dougloi McCroihey Jeffrey ftoymood McOonteli f Qtph Edword Piioni U Mofk Arnold S hweige " Steven Ruiiell SfoiTer Dovid George Sromoi Dovid Morim Sulltvon Philip Colron Templin Gemma Chfunne Wilmorrh Our (Tiony rhonks go ro our AOC. Mqj Judy W Lindsoy, who we offecTionorely called mom. None of us will orgue rhor ir was her respecr for rhe firsrie doss ond her permissior ro allow rhe seniors ro " run things " rhor ensured rhe squodron true ex- cellence in oil respecrs from o Quol 1 ro orhleric ond ocodemic disrincrion, Judy ' s kids were olso o bit mischievous Who will forger Lone Ranger Smith and Tonro Greshom After oil, where in rhe regs does ir soy one can ' t pork horses in the quod. And whor obour Skow ' s marching practice . Come on Poul, we weren ' t that bod. Dead Head Doore and foorboll sror " lirrle Mo Drown, " definitely deserve rhe least visibility oward On rhe field however. Mike wos certainly noriceoble As a class, we experienced good times ond bod times We laughed, cried, and portied together. As o consequence we grew together. We will not forger each orher. nor the Fighrin ' Fourrh Squodron. 88 Aldru Todd Aofon Sreven Dougios Allen Dovid Scorr Argyle Chftsropher Alon Diochwetl Mrchoel Wolloce DIocK Corl Anrhony Durrs MorcGotesCellery Jomei Alon Dorr Stephen Drown Dunn Lonce Nicholas Foriney John f obert ffonkenfield Koren Oenise Genneken Thomo5 Conrod Giliier John Allyn Hickok Jonene Mone Hoshove James Allen Kelley Paul Richord LoPomre Jr Roymond Keirh le MH Poul Joy Molenke Douglos fXichofd Milter Gory Williom Olson Wtlliom Jomes Porker. Ill Douglos Robert Poiierson Russell Poul Reimer John Chofies Schoeffer John f tchord Tnckerr George Louron e vufclobos Jason William Wolli Willtom Perry Wilkinson, II 453 lil WOLFPACK Todd Andrew Drooks Dovid Arthuf Clodwell CfOig Philip Compbell Michael John Copone Clinron John Dowes Denny IXlchord Dimoggio Elizoberh Anne Honey Trevor Lawrence Hording Jeffrey Woyne Honng Druce Woyne HowlMns, Jr Gregory Josef Heli Emillo Hernandez Villorrubio Jomes Morl Hogge Eric RIchord Leidhelser PornckC MolockowsKi Michael f obert Meier John ChorleiOsarczuls, Jr Thomoi Joy Porrertield Srephen Mork Porter r och Howard Rhinehort Sonford Eugene fXoberrs II Doniio LoroSoong Octovio Louis Trippe Ml Joseph Angelo Vasro Pomelo Ann Zowodo 86 C 454 IP SSI PMkf iotm A VIA Of yon Ke.rh Ooytf Pefef Doni l Coao Ootft Toykx Dovit mkNwI kynei Ooton Jom i Puoi Golden OA f Loutw Gfomt K»v.n Don«1 MolpTi Tf tcio Ann Hed f GvMOvO AlomO Mt r oivJ ' Gory D Kcok ToOd Cofi Hopp« fXor - ' fif lion Johnson Oofin Ml«01 l Koto Suion Mof lO McWhrfipf WitltofTi E ' mti Men9m DOVK) iom l M«yef Oregofy ko " Mooo yKom Edwo ' d Lowfen e No woih Robert W.lliom r etnx n Chfijtophef John Sobo Donold Lyie 5ho fef ChO ' lei Kevin Thtttouti f dwQ d EofI Tumef ' oig Andrew Wofd work Woyne Wtlbonki Fifth squadron rerurned this year to refinished rooms and o new Air Officer Commanding. Copr. Mark Welsh, o 1976 groduore of rhe Academy. Paul Waters started us off as fall squadron commonder, followed by Mott Voile for the spring semester Wolfpock wasn ' t known as a powerhouse in all oreas, but our soccer teom did well again this year and swim- ming rocked up victory after victory this winter season. Our people ore our most important asset, although the numbers did not olwoys show it. Fifth squadron welcomed new third classmen ond o group of high-spirited fourth classmen into the Pock. Wolfpock hod irs shore of squadron parties, also, including the infamous ' Grod- bosh ' 85 ■ at the end of the year Our second classmen spent their third year in the squadron, getting reody for their senior year and waiting for their coveted rings. Meanwhile, the first classmen counted the days down to Moy 29, 1985 Good luck TO our graduates, may they olwoys Run With the Pock. " t i B liii ii 88 John Lee De.jquist Samuel Roberr Orevdeh Miki ( enee Drown Gregory John Compbell m D ' yon Edword Edmonds r oberi Avery Fobton Doniei Mork Gillespie John Kenrteth Hordson, it ■I Aofon Mottke Angelo G ' oce IXoberts Georgto Elizoberh Ruckle 455 Louis Joseph Denoir Dondi Enos Costin Kevin Lines Formolo Morrin Anrhony Hilliord John Henry Jercnimus David Nils Larson Michael Francis Logronde Robert Wesley Monsfield Michael Timorhy Morsholl John Gregory Miller Juon Corlos Ortiz Michoel Paul Oris Joel Durron Schmick Jimmie Dale Schumon Jr Motthew John Shepordson Dfodley John 5i 86 Noomon Michoel Simpson Scon Alan Thomos DovidJomesTubb Todd Dovid Woir Patricio Irene Whire Colvin Dernord Willioms sg Diversity of character was the prevailing feature omong the seniars of Dull Six. Our squadron leoders proved that there ore different ways to skin the some cot. We welcomed Captain Mark " Happy " Hyort, a fighter pilot turned AOC. (Why?) From wing leadership to the tour pod to inrercollegiote sports, we were there. We lived, we were even graduated; time to fly! Dovid Josef Amin Gerold Doczewski Eric Stephen Oorrletf Jomie Lynn Coltohon Murray Roy Clork Robert Dryon Crone Dryon Andrew Keowe M Fujimoro Suson Jeonine Lobmeyer Kurt Harold MoHery Sluort Scofi Moore Rondy Alon Noeve Somuel Poyon Preston Michael Pious Victor Lynn Rick Dovid Leon Russell, II Stocy Doveen Schlonge Nigel John Simpson Michoel Dovid Srocy Kenneth Ryan Theriot Dflon John Tingstod Moiy Corlo Treglio MofK Andrew Wotock 456 r piT ' MdM Jomet Lun Cofdoto John Doyd Ooni ! i BULL SIX i Kevin M.cho ( ion ' , ' ■ -, ' -■j oAne Moxwe rionoW Edward Poul nondolp Ecyi (Itpi y StuCT ArxJ ' ew Rod " 9u z Rondoli Alben floy Edword Anthony Souley III Porfick Chfiifopher Sionon MKhoei Peie ' 5topl fon MQfh And ' ew Step enJ fXicho ' d Woren Swe«ien Frook Jomei Tewj Enrering Dull Six Dovid John Amdohl Patrick John DofonocK Drent Andrew Deechom Richard Milo Clork Scott Potrick Conrey Timothy George Eorly Timothy Lee Eddins Johnnie Joel Grovi Donald Alexander Mumford James Russell Possoro Soroh Deth Rhiddlehoover Cosmo Anrhony Rich, Jr Terese Mone Schwortz John Stewort Shkor Porrick Duone Stockton II I ' 22 Well, Seagram ' s Seven survived another one, if nor in name or least in spitit. This shovj ed strongly during the football season in the squadron ' s unity in cheering on the teom in the face of the rest of the wing ' s adversity to spirit and support. A morls hos been left in the introduction of the infomous Spirit Socks. Dirty boor socks always did seem to excite more spirit than Americon cheese and toilet paper. The flex-off was o highlight again this year. Yu-Jen, The Terror, the bookies favorite, didn ' t even moke a showing. Wonders never cease. We were introduced to the simple life of country music and porch parties by the oi ' boys on the corner. Now if that don ' t beat contemplatin ' your novel. We didn ' t have very many organized parties, everyone seemed to hove o good time just playing coder. Well, moybe nor everyone, but that ' s life Flight dining-outs were the standard escape and if things ever gor too tough, DGD Cinema hod o matinee every day. It ' s omazing D.T. did OS well as he did. We hod o greot yeor in intromurals ond developed a lot of pride in the squadron. As for as ocodemics go, it ' s doubtful well forget old WW. flying around during ACQ hex- ing the noisy with her deadly WACQ spell. Our AOC, Major Michael " Bond " Singer, helped us out a lor ond really let the firsties get some honds-on experience, both good and bod. He offered o great deal of insight into the " real world " out there but its doubtful any of us ever listened to half of what we should have (Lord help the USAF). As the saying goes, " Nobody does it better. " That was 007 this year, hopefully ' 86 con do OS well when its their turn. J fcj KthoslO V 458 Joseph Thomas Arthur Joseph Laurence Clovln Jonorhan Arthur Crene Kevin Scort Doiley Juon Coflos Echeverry Scon Anthony Fowoz Lisa Moiie Gorrowoy Thomos r oymond Kearney Thomos Joseph Krojcl Frederick Paul Mohony Michoel Wiiiiom Manlon s Robert ft Mofk Scort Moryok Miles Lloyd McGlnnis Stephen Lamar Moffett DovId Wolrer Myhre, Jr Mork Joseph Otring Peter Howard Porsons Joseph H Pennell, Jr Patricia Mary Ricclllo Adello Derh f ockmon Robert Keith Sounders Kenneth Charles Sersun Edson Chin Tung Jr Samueil Russell Veney Scort Gregory Warren Christopher Ronold Woodheod I ngs ever 901 It ' s omoBog romrtond codemicsgo, 9 ACQ hex- out lot oik) I, botli good ieol woild Mying goes, lopefiily 84 Moj Michael D Singer DOUBLE OH StVEN Tf em Dolk» Danger Brenr Alton CokJweH Timofhy Scorr Ccrurh Jeffrey WillFom Cow Jeffrey Joseph Cook Loro Ellen Cooper Enk Robert Demkowicj Mofy Anne Loreno Doton Rebecca Lynn Ervglish Morrhew Er,cEvons Ko i Edwofd Fennel) MKhoet John FerrocJOf DowkJ Lomonr Hotey Sreven OosjI Horruon Raymond ftA»c oel Joniien Mork Alten Koent Tyce Alton Lo Ouey Richo d Joseph LKoto Robert Oo ' niKJe Lucos Er No ' nTon Morvgehen Chrtsropher Choftes McCorw Tfocy Lee OfC ng Den omm Ropixiel Pogone Chrurophef Ckon Poje CuffisO R»e Jei Cindy Down Stephens JoTT ei Scon Tore RoberT Ewgene Tedsfrom Comeron WJIrOfn Torrens Joyce Rozo o Vegh Joy Vomon Worovdekor Gof y Aton Whined Noel Flenoy Wilboms Kev.n MKhoel Wotfgong 459 Kir . Alan Leon Dons Michoel Scot Oeorry Roymond Edward Doland Scorr Mocdonold Clowson Mark Anrhony Downs Joseph Briar Ellion David Michael Hormon Kevin Michael Loroio John Anrhony Lopes Jean Moclnryre Terry Le Roy Mock II Sondro Ann Moscovic Robert Jock Polfi Carlos William W Quitero Eric Stephen Srronon Christopher Mork Voldez Dovid Allen Wright EAGLES IheEoglesk the begifii Peitops It li (Jyi (elefit rapport ' :e[fluseweief ' ■e olwoys se ihetefote stotu: Moj Arttiur W Schwoll 460 Jeffrey Dcon D«rg Dovx) MonwQftng Conner ScoM Alon Howell MKhocI Scoit ioyol Chnjtopher Oennu Loog rVobe ' i Allen McCfOfy Jf r offoele Anronio Moneiri Stephen Korl Oito ffonz Mornn PleKho Joneon LuCiO IXoymono John Michoel l oytef April Moflene Sullivan Arrhur Lee Sumner Viciof Joseph Voldez Dreti Colin Welly The Eagles have always hod rhe sorr of undercJog image, or the beginning of rhe year, rhor gets nnosr people down. Perhaps it is due ro rhe envy of all orher squadrons or rhe ex- cellent ropporr we hove wirh Moj. Arrhur W. Schwoll, or mayb e because we rend ro hove so much fun os o whole. In any cose, we olwoys seem to raise our level of performance, and rherefore srarus. in rhe eyes of rhose who would suppress our good spirits. All dosses seemed ro odjusr eosily ro rhe rough dorm life or U5AFA ond formed o rype of brorherhood. Being on Eagle is on experience rhor will be remembered by oil who live in rhese two halls . , . and rhey counr rhemselves lucky ro hove rhor memory. Shonnon Dote Hoggeii Wolfe ' Cloy Hov Jeffrey Robert Hunt Perer Williom Huyon RotoerT Anderson Johns Corl Lonvng King Scorr Timothy Losd kewiijch MKhoet Ph.n.p Lund Melindo Lee McWborier Ellen Jone Newton Julie AnnOwifvgs Tirrxjlt v JOf n Perkins Josepti Andrew Roh Mtchoel Enc Ronzo Henry Eliot Eoston StiSh Timothy Scott ToylQf Todd Motrhew w.ide Dernofd Orowniskjw ZodrowsKi 461 VIKING NINE Lloyd Allen DollOfd Michael Alon Comsrock Rtchord HqI Coohsey, Jr fXoberi Eugene Firzgerold John Ffoncis Flonogon Thomas Ofen Honford Eric Olsrus Hanson Andrew Dovid Ingrom Chrlsfophef Dryonr Jello Edwofd Lee Joslin Joon Motle Kinsey John Scon Lodnef Cecil Anrhony Medina George Thomas Menker, Jr Donlel Roberi Miller Todd Richord Moody Gory Lee Morey Kelly Mork Pinmon Oerr Woyne IXogers Crolg Mchord n.uder Joson Moftin Rudolph Nell Thomas Souve Daphne Ellen Srinson Even Charles Thomas Jose Luis Torres, Jf Khonh Cong Tran 462 s Timofhy tien Oeov«ri Zochof V David Detq Dkkw Mory (Vetvtk Ihomoi I Kho»d OoMogher Pomrki iofte Houg Henry Scot Lecy IXodoHo Liobcf Potrick Joieph Lof:if g Dovid Arrhur Moi h John Mtchoel Motyevoc ErK MKhoei Melhngef Williom Perer MueHef Jelf ' ey Sreven Nqvpoux Kevin Dean Porf David Lofry Phillipi it Mtchoel Hoy Pitr Andrew Romero Sean Robert Sullivort Thomos Worren Yorger, Jr Viking Nine has been riding o sreody ship rhis semester. Again under connmonding officer, Copr. Joseph P. Srein, wiTh Coder Lr. Col, Cheryl Cleveland, we hove hod o fine yeor. While striving ro reoch our gools Vikings won ' t forget the fun they hod along the way. A common reloxotion between the dosses, has been the sold out oirbond concerts featuring the BACKSEAT CREW ond FIGURE FOUR os the top performers. if you ' re tired, bored or in that humdrum mood, then just FELP it. The common way to porty. When the weather is good. Block Forest is the ploce to be. Ultimate, fruit and o bit of the bubbly hit the spot. If ir gets too hot then just take o dip in the Palmer House pool, ony nighr- clubber con give directions. So, OS the Vikings ore working hord. they ore looking for- ward ro smooth sailing ahead. SSCS ' « ttAiii ii Woyne Poner Armsrrong Nancy Jane Dalku$ Mark Alan Cboplm Shannon Michoel Fi DIcke Anrhony Geitys Michoel PorrTck Homes Zochory Troy Johnson Stephen Jomes Kone Consionce Elome Kee Kr,ya Lee Koirzon Joel Anrhony L Wilhom Lee Mohony John George NiokofOs Chnsropher Emmons Plomp Anrhony Mark P ' opst James Enend Pornck Roberts Michoel Dovid Rorhjiein Robert Chories Schofier Jr John Derek Lonis Scnbner Dov«J Dorcloy Sheriff Keith Alan Srephens VQTh Roymond Swofrz Ronold Somuel Withers, Jr 460 iiir J Jomes fXoberr Dell Randy Scon Drowley Vicror Drion Chambers Michoel Roy Cox Patrick Arrhur Goodmon Sean Scon Hoggerry Michoel Kiyoshi Klinkmonn Thomoj Jerome Mongner Gregory Phillip Mozzbrella Cory Williom Montgomery Williom Louis Mouroferis Hiowotho Kelly Newton Poul Nowotny Lori Jean Riner Somuei Lewis Rose Stephen Jomes Shotte Sharon Ann Smith Armondo Soils James Sreven Tillie David Weirtfoub nil For whatever reason eoch of us come here to USAFA, the greor computer in CWD put us oil together in Tiger Ten. It even threw in on FD-111 pilot, Moj, Robert D. Manning, who for- tunotely for us hod a reasonable grip on reolity (un- chorocteristic of SAC people), ond oppointed Scott C. Ruther- ford and Jerry K. Weldon os cadet commanders for the first ond second semesters, respectively. Not for better or for worse, but to leorn o few things that moy serve us well down the rood. Now, the Tig ers may not be number one in the Wing or even in First Group, but it is in the hearts of more than o few. The most important port to us is thot we come together o bunch of misfits, ond turned Tiger Ten into whot we wanted it to be. We ' ve shored some good and bod times, fought and hod fun, and day by doy wrote the pages of " As the Tiger Turns. " It has not a star-studded cast, but is a story of o few plain people who, as in the proud trodition of our bottle cry, leap forward in- to the unknown dorkness to preserve what we love ond believe in. This lost page of Chapter 65 is dedicated to those 24 who hove bided their time ond now cross over to the other side. Thomos Albert Abascol Beverly Lynn Alien Terence Scott Andre ?nneth Anthony Arcoieo Darren Enc Childeti Robert Moson Colemon Thomas Edword Donek, Jr Thomas Joseph Duggon, III Howord Elzle Eoion, III Robert Scott Foneuff Myron Keith Fortson Michoel Joel Homby Robert Ty Honkomer Stephen Michoel Hopkins Douglos Colvin Howe Michoel Thomos tmbus David James Krueger Ross Theodore McNutt Krlsten Morton Wtlllom Douglos Norton Cynthlo Marie Ormj PoiricK Victor Reid Craig Douglos Simpson Andrew Arthur Toylor Mork Henry Ustoszewski 464 P f 5(ry)y 4, . Mnmlcf JKtne Oondo Morh KKby G(e MOn Dovid Akm Hofftowoy Drion Octe Hunitey G«of 9« Wiibom A kelond Jeffrpy AHen KoMOl Aibea Lehenbouef Vtncenf Poul LogKJon Outnien Lee Mikloi Mofh A Ion Pone ' son Chnuophof Poul (Xoufe John (Von Joll Rudd Kris Lloyd Thompson William Morgon Toney II Chfisfophef Mork Veldmon Out Ihonh Wonds JeHery Clyde Whorron TIGER TEN efo bunch of lied ii 10 be oiKJhodfufi, ' kfii ' tihos ploin people ipforwofdio »e love Odd id to those 24 to the othei Thumbs Up! All dressed up ond nowhere to go Moj Robert D Monning 465 i Second Group AOC Lr Col Dovid A Overcosi Deputy Commonder Support Stondords Evoluorlon Officer Kevin D Ketrell Michoel J Mosucci FALL — GROUP II Troining Officer Chorles F Thompson Acodennic Athlefic Officer Kimberly A Roe Sergeant Mojor Dovid S Prother Troining NCO Phillip J Kouffmon Resources MWR NCO Shelly A. Gwlllinn Admlnlstrotlon NCO Alon T Pormorer Sofery Securlty NCO Pollyonno A Podden Stondords Evoluotion NCO Louis J Nolon 466 SECOND GROUP Deputy Commonder Support Richard A Klumpp, Jr Srondords Evoluotion Officer IXoymond W Weerh STAFF — SPRING Training Officer Michael T Healy Acodemic Athletic Officer Mary K, Manning Sergeoni Mojor Thomas K Smith, Jr Training NCO Kevin R Houdek Stondords Evalooiion NCO Wolton E Miller 467 Wiley Virgil Allgood Denjamin Lee Auten Jerry Lee EJorrh, Jr Kevin Cornell Delion Wmiom Kendrick Drogon. Jr Robert Preston Dutcher Don Duronr Correr Tim Dole Hortje Srephonie Ruth Holt Julie Pomcio Morrin Dovid J Nieuwsmo Louis John Nolan Kevin Douglas Poiko John Kent Porterson Gerold Mortin Perkins Horry Modin Ronsmon Karen Lynne Smith Scort Michoel Turrer Russell Albert Wilson Reb-Eleven, the squadron rhor rroditionolly jusr barely placed in fhe top ten squodrons in second group comperirion went a long way in the ' 84-65 school year, the rebellious coders even went as for os winning rhe honor of Squodron of the Month. This amazing feat was accomplished through both many WACQ ' s and extra hours spent working out for in- tromurols. In the fall, the Rebel intramural tennis teom mode it as far as the wing semi-finals. By the time winter rolled around, the number of Rebel intromurol reoms to moke the wing play- offs hod jumped to three. Two of these, wrestling and bowling monoged to go all the way and win the wing ream champion- ships! The Rebel family spent a great deal of rime together or func- tions such as Halloween parties, and Parish weekends. The squadron even went on a wild, white worer-rofring trip down the Arkonsos River. And for the rhree-doy February weekend, rhe Rebels spent on awesome time ot Steomboor Springs. Eleventh Squodron did much together throughout the year ond even if we weren ' t olwoys known for consisrent first places in marching, or exceptional hoir curs during Standards Evalua- tion inspections, we proved that even o mellow squodron could motivate itself to great achievements. Christopher Eric Anspoch Scort Drodley Atchison Lowrence Alvin Orundidge Edword Joseph Colemon Jonnes Willord Crowhursr Shown Joy Donold Horry Ellsworth Downing. Jr Steven Andrew Dutkus Lisa MIchele Holmes Douglas Wilbur Joquish Kyung Toe Kim John Francis Kosmon DovId Fronk Krouse Michael Ayers Lewis Oonlel Dovid McMockIn Richord Allon Moon Robert Dee Morrill Steven Adrian Olmos Michoel Alan Psoromotis Oonny Ololr Rose Merrill Deon Patrick Schuf tsobello Schwofz Charles Fleming Srebbins, Jr Michoel Allon Stewon Joseph Dewey Srinson Gregory Korl Tesch Scotr Allen Vesper Dronwyn Soroh Wise 466 i s Kevin uchorl f fton PoftiCk nowloAd tnvTV«( (Whord KoA GoAnon riob « Go« ' r»or Ho ' vey Keftftfrfh Vo»t HoiiQfen rUhord tmcry OCOOlOo Mork Shown Jemen obn Morfhew Lorton KHT)b«rly Sue le9er« Cuftti Chth-Shon LtAg Stewon R hord Moi K« rh PoirKh M Keon Porker Woido Nofthup III Mtchoel Todd Plehn Dom on Mck tKupoU Keiih Everert Schuyef Mitron Chorlet Spongier HI Cord Louiie Siuorr Mo ' k Akm Stukel Kenneth Perry Turpon Heofher Rene Vieuelmon Iimoihy Shown Webb Anthony Wode Wtll i Morim Geofg Andreoi WmWer DenrMj PoirKlk Wolf REBELS gettierotluK ' eehendi, Ihe mgmpdowd ory weekend itSpmgs. ilioytiheyeo ' lentfifSplQces idords Evolw low sq odrop. Hey Annette, who s your friends? 469 Williom Gerard Bente John Tullio Coppello Morihew Eric Eggerr Norrhon Frederick Gotden Ross Vincenr Gooding Jeffrey Horry Gusrofson Timorhy Jomes Horns Kevin Richord Houdek Lorry Lee Littrell Lowrence Dovid Luke Sreven Jude Modere Michael Potfick Morrel Richard Dole Metzger Krisrino Yverre Nyberg Pollyonno Anosiosio Podden Michoel Keirh Rogers Dory! Rirchord Simon Ruthonn Kam Mui Siu Chfisfopher Mark T Tuoson Michael Frederick Vilond John LeConre Wode Susan Mane Wielond Jeffrey Neol Wood DIRTY DOZEN CS-12t if fhey could see me now. Moj George D Pollard Toilgole, U5AFA style 470 I I JEIBI 87 Morh Jon ArriolO Akyi Ke ih Deof y VqAoc Jomet Couocty Ooben MylM Ooig limoihy Ew en Otchimon Kevin Jom i Gl u er Jornei TKondotph Grey. Ill Amy IXote Horrfietd Scon Arxjrew Hoff ekf Lee Worren Het ' ooiinui John Mork HiMyer Diotne Somuel Holn n Pot ' Kh Joieph Keorney Kern PoTfioo Kirh Meliuo Mane Lord Kevm Joel Mueller Woyr e Mtchoel r irv elberg Chorles r ubnght Sfoner Glenn Leroy Sirebe Dfion Woyne Thompjon Mtchoel Keifh Tol ' ver John Alon WillcocKson Jon Kevin Wishom Chrisnno Mone Young Arthur Edward ZemJ e ' " I C5-12 began rhe 1984-85 school year with o bong by win- ning squadron of rhe month for Second Group in September. Spirits were l ;ept high as squadron commander Chris Nowland and new AOC, Moj. George D, Pollard, a USAFA graduate, led the way early on to motivate the cadets toward excelling throughout the first semester. The firsties mode everyone feel welcome, especially the incoming three degrees, by throwing a party ond getting everyone acquainted. The firsties l epr their D.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Cup) tradition olive by celebrating o different theme every Thursday night. As the first semester pro- gressed, Q Halloween party broke the lull olong with various nukings by the four degrees to keep rhe morale of the squadron or its peak. These nukings carried over to the second semester with the climax coming on Hundredths Night in which no firstie room was overlooked In February the C5-12 sponsors, the 407 MAW from Charleston AFD, South Carolina, visited the squadron for skiing and tours at the Academy. Also, the squash intramural team rollied to bear CS-08 in a grueling match to win the wing chom- pionship All in all, the Dirty Dozen hod o terrific year in oil aspects of the Academy Looking ahead to next year, the eager two degrees will successfully follow the firsties ' lead and inspire the Dirty Dozen to soar to greatness. 1 Robert Josepf " Duckenmyer Scott Steven Monley Eric Dovid Meyn Oovid Wayne Miller Gregory Scotr Myers Fronklin Allen Pugh Poul Rendessy Dovid Paul SonClemente George Rusiell Savoy. II Daniel Charles Sloytoo Scott Lee Smith Oork Jomes Thompson Jomes TofTKilto Jr Rofoei Alexonder Veve Michoel D Anthony Wolke tnck Douglas Wikum Kermir Theophilus Wyche AfKel Orock Yarbrough, II 471 Jesse Drown Ashe. Ill Rlchord Michoel DosoK Wllliom Michael Dumpus Drion Toylof Durger Dovid Lance Corey Michael Dewey Edwards Money Jeon Fokuir Von Allen Gardiner Douglas Eugene Gregory, Jr PofticK Michael Grogon Croig Allon Hordin Roberi Edward Hill Gory Kent Im Michael John Lochovtc Tommy Lynn Lombardo Timorhy Roberr Luce George Andrew Niemonn John Wtliiom Spechi Mofh Jomei Tirrell MorK Austin Trudeou BULLDOGS 86 i 472 -H EZ 87 MKhoci Voft Geboue Otk m vovl-oi KiOlOull S ' cven M hocl Koko ' o h CQ(len j f Lixhi cho l Jo TWi Nurief )oi ph (Xo J ric Poin« ' Efih ftobffrl Preus Lonce fXyon S hfOede« Robeff Froncil Tyio i C -bbfQ Sro ' f Villeneuve PorriCK ZembrcnKi Whor con you soy about rhe Dulldowgs of 85 ' Well, we storted rhe year our righr Massive FIGMO ser in about Mid- August But that didn ' t bother Silly Willy as he took command of the squadron and let Dawk whip us into shope Second semester, Marcus (flew the coop to Rhonda ' s) Cooper took over. He and his Ops, John Robinson spent a lot of time searching for squadron goals. However, by this time it wos apparent that 85 had only one gool. " Let ' s get out of here! " And that we did, every chonce we got We tried hord to be like our AOC Copt . oops, sorry Sir . Moj Jim Dotson. Jr (rhot is, always out) We ran rhe gomut from Bucks break doncin to Theo s friend- ly demeanor. We were a right knit bunch. We ' ll miss the one we lost Good luck Charlie But most of all, we ' re ready for the Air Force. liiii -- ' 88 i Mary Ann Oehne Mofh Andrew Oissell Mofgorer Mory Dotdfick EofI Deon Drown Jr Hugh fXyon Drown fXoben Keifh Dovis Dovid Alon Dickson Michoel Froncis Dush flecK rXichord E Horrtoub Jr MKhoel Eugene Loromee Christopher Oerrvord MOOCCO ScOft MocVeon MoAly Chories Edword Micholec W.llronn Oorron Miller Jr fXiCky fXon-Noy Murphy Elmon OorST Myers tV Sreven Wolier NeSiiDilter Mofy El ' 20t eth Seii« 473 ■ R Dfion Douglas Adams rrill Frederick Armstrong Scon Chrisfopher Blum Joseph Michael Clark Jeffrey Neil Dovilo Mork Todd Dewey Pofrick Michoet Dimento GerokJ Scon Gormon Kent Lomorr Ingrom Douglas John Kufyno Orion Jofin Lloyd Domon Lawrence MocDougoll Michael Shawn Meoder Scorr WillJom Miller Robert Edmund Monroe Corlos Arruro Noock Pedro Raul Oms Carol Ann Ptosznik Timothy Howard Robinson Wesley Wayne Sechler Carol Ann Trovis Timofhy Douglos Word Dovid Ponick Yingiing Once again, it was rhe Cobra ' s year ro break in o new AOC — Moj. Hedy C. Pinkerron, 5 ' 2 " , sourhern accent and red hair. The proof is left to rhe reader as ro who broke in whom. Under rhe direcrion of Kyle Cunninghonn, rhe new year ser soil wirhour a hirch. Por Sronehom deoir breaks almost as ofren as punishmenrs and Ed Koslow gor rhe rosk of discovering whor Assisronr Ops really does. Marty Granum " Crankin " sported ex- cellenr hairs for fall semesrer, Paul Jeffries wos " sorry " ro leave us Qt Christmas. Foil semesrer sow Lisa Drinen marching wirh a burrer knife, Dove Dimarrinis " Yo " moking the Cobros sweot and Russ " Votemon " pushing the doolies to second best bookworms in rhe wing. Foil semester was Lorry Gost and the Easter " Bunny " and Wayne Miller " Done " banging heads in rugby. Spring semester come in like a lion wirh Jim Moore as squadron commander. We lost Mary Manning ro group but hung on ro Tom Dergeson " Derge " as Ops. Ben Bellis " Bonj " visited Mexico on spring break but returned with no souvenirs. Mork Neylond " Heybo " kept us in tune to Phil Collins and Monico Eody became o volley boll powerhouse. Bobby Blockmon picked up the reins as athletic officer ond Will Soger " Piiig " started round two as CTO. Wayne Olson " Ole " found new ways to total his Verte, John Au-Yeung ployed handball. Herberr Puol Adorns, III Shirrel Liso Coin Dfodfofd Charles Davis Woyne Dryanr Douglos Floyd Wilson Duston Patricio Evons Poul Edword Follen Roy Dovld Gordo Orody MIchoel Gllck Jonothon Tyler Mormon Aloln Louis Moufice Jones Jonofhon Groy LoMor Robert Lytwynluk Thomas Crolg Medoro CfOlg Elvert Meyer Eric Jomes Miller Todd Richord Oliver Dreni Gregory Polglose John Ambofse Porembo Lloyd EofI Ringgold, Jr Drian Porker Smith Michael Angelo Testo Chorles Herbert Tripp. Jr Jomi Rose VonDeGrlft Stephen Douglos Walters Monico Mary Werlech 474 lii Nino Mctton A mogno V«iom f loyd (VoomheoO not rT On Ducttonon John VAom OtOpmon PorrKh Voyne ChrMOphenon Chf luoph M«choei Coovfey Choriei Jude Oe«u i« M lvm Geof c DcoAe V om Scon Ekgon MKhoet P»f » f oo Jeftfey Edword Golden Horlon Keth Htggmtxyhom it Unwwod Joieph JocMon. if G okJ One Jouetf Morthew Dovid Kowef Lee S eofrtt K¥t 6oI MotThew Theodore MMrt Antony M hoel Pochcifd Dougk» Pof ricK IXeily Wiibom Joieph Revwh Loufdes MofKJ Hive o CftVino AAono RooyjQOiO Chftyophcf Andrew fXoie Petef Choftes Schuiz Chnsiophef Dovwen Sorenson Anneiie Mone Srephem Mtchelie MOT SyBo Mork TfQfton IV Gory (Xoy Worren Don IXjcbcd Wofjon it Jennrfe ' Anne Wewm Cofy Modtson WlHKym Moj Hedy C PinkerTon 475 Jon-Chose DeCierck Vincenr Michael Dempsey Michael Joseph Egon. Ill Troy Michoel Erwin Morrhew Russell Fenion, II Andrew Tracy Gorboden Shelly Ann Gwillim fXoberf Joseph Hompel Sreven Wolier Herman Jomes Owen Holley JohnOrro Krouse Angelique Mane Langley John Thomos Mossee Emmanuel Mihai! Movrokts Wolron Edward Miller Dorren Ingrahom Neol Monuel Alfred Poyne Jomie Edword Perryjohn Marcus John Ouinr Seon Michoel r ooney Noncy Morie f yniok Jonorhan Tyler Skordo Joel Scott Speight David DIoine Updegroff Jeffrey Poul Wogrer Reginald Holt Walker ii ii I 1 II Ir was Q memorable year for the Woreogles, with some fond memories that won ' t easily be forgotten. The squadron thrived under the able leadership of the firsties. Who will ever forget " Recondo Block ' s " command voice calling the squod to atten- tion, or Iron ' s unique knack for knocking off his service cap dur- ing noon meol formation? The doss of ' 86, the doss that " always does things better, " proved themselves to be quite a stroct bunch of individuals, coming in second to none on the number of people on the Commandant ' s List. Could this have possibly been the result of Quint ' s leadership? The three degrees turned out to be quite a classy bunch of dressers . . . too bod they couldn ' t go anywhere. And then there was the class of ' 88 ... all they wonted was a chance to do spirit mis- sions, but even more importantly, they wanted their passes opproved All in oil it was a greot yeor for the squadron. We started the year by getting our ducks lined up and trying to do good. We hosted our sponsors from Little Rock in the fall, ond they reciprocoted by making some of us sick on their C-130s in the spring. Alwoys Woreogles. we got our lips ripped off a few times, but on the whole succeeded in our quest. S Aaron Dreti Allen Christophef Potrick Dahke Robert Allen Couser Potricio Mane Cfoig Jonothon Edword Foir Shawn Robinson Flournoy Jeffrey Michoel Frienr Steven Dwoyne Glenn John Hardy Horns Dennis Martin Hester Michoel George Hickmon Daniel Arthur Kosln Thomos Edword Larson Rip Douglos Lee Juon Antonio Copule Leoncio Scott Michoel Moset Perer Kenneth Mosso Jr Joseph Ely McDaniel More Edwordo Munofo Scott Fitzgerald Murray Jomes Reginold W Nelson Dovid Matthew Ryer Jomes Roberl Schmich m ' Leomglowe 3EB3B MIC I Thomas Symock xey Anne Wilson SiSi 476 - ' oia«,., Iroy AMert Aiht Jomc POul Oychonon IV Jefffcy TvrrMlDurlef Krvin Do» Crtoprron Vtncvi i tctword (ctt tKvnp 1hony» AJon Eti)e Trocy Ano Fool Ctndy LoiM GfOv Scof I aondoi Hvikie IhonxM Ktft Hubef CNxtei Scon Hoyeo Pout Ectword Kleho Mome JoTtes Ktemon Jorge Cduorcto Louo Vorgov WiNtcm Oennu Morim ietlrey Alon Mof rirtovich Cro g Evon Moyt JorKDhon Nofhoruel Moor« Mohi« George Porodhe Drton Deon (KoOueni LirxJo lee ftoyi Owisrophe ' Glen $chorentyo k Theo tore Willio(T Tokoi John Eric Terrell Sonriogo Atfre Jo Voco Pool Auguuine VokJez Robert Joseph VonOoi. Jr EcJwO ' d John Vongheem f oelond Aiexonder Von Opijnen Attilo Zolion Vorgo WAREAGLES Moj Bradley K. Higginborhom Wondo plus escorts 477 Jose Rolondo Alvorodo-Avellon Edward Anrhony Arfington Mork Lee Oaggerly Sonford Hornson Dolkon Paul Michoel Benson Loretto Ann Drown Andrew Roberr Corlson Scorr Anrhony Cilley Oorboro Lynne Gable fKex Oscar Gibson Mork William Hon Susan Denise Horvey Orion Scon Kendoll John William Krofi Jr f icky Alon Love Leon Chrisropher Moydeld Michoel Gerold Mercier Doniel Edward Norton Alan Todd Pormorer Marquis Deloloyette Picketr John Srephen Pusroy, it Richofd Williom Scobee Chrisiopher George L Vellonti Chorles Lowrence Wallace, Jr Druce Alon Wosserzieher Lowrence Todd Wood 86 CHICKENHAWKS Mqj Loren C Ainsworih 478 ss sa Alon JcHvph dtHYi Dorr yl i(H«p Oror(M«y Corl CliHcKd CorNjM Wfriiey Akan Coner ' t«?ph n Fredench Dorton fhomoi Jorrt i Frldhouien I hod MomgoTTWf V Flournoy ThCKTMU Jom«s Hopp«f E ' tc JoyHuftief Dovid Hiioihi Kooeihiro Jeffrey Akyi L xnb Mofk Lofi n Jomei f obeft McGnn Thomoi f dwcxd Miller Doniel Drooki Phillips DkJke Chorles Pierion Anrotnetre Thereio Smifh John Michoel Sortdiirom James Michoei Toylor Perer Wesley Von Pelt More Emmiti Willis Kenton Todd Wood (Xicky Gene Yode r Yes. ir s official — we ' re bock to being ' ChicKenhowks " ofrer Q brief rime of beingjusr ■Hawks. " The change, voted in by the squadron as a whole, has helped return rhe rradirion in our squadron of having a relaxed atmosphere while still getting the job done. It ' s worked, as shown by our third place in rhe Wing ocodemics standings, sweeping inrromurots for rhe firsr rime in yeors. and our high rankings in rhe squadron-of-rhe-monrh comperirion. While saying goodbye ro Moj. Mooney, we welcomed Moj. Loren C. Ainsworrh. a ' 70 Chickenhowk, ro our squadron. He has yer ro develop o rosre for cur-off uniform panrs. Wirh Tom C. or rhe helm, and even wirh Jim H. or his side, we have rhe squadron mellowed ogoin Jeff J. comes out of rhe woodwork wirh Jim G. ro write our final chaprer. Amidsr ir all. we ' ve come rogerher and mode life-long friendships. Bur mosr imporronrly, we ' ve come ro realize rhor . . . " nothing in life is critical. " 1 Eric Fronds Alofito Philip Anthony Dosso, Jr. Dovid Orenr Doysinger Heaor Javier Corronzo Sophelio Elon Cherry Morh Andrew ChishoJm Gory Franklin Conner Artred Richard Corrodo Morthew Lee Cushmon [ oberi Jomes Devers Jr Terry Woyne Gibbs Karen Lynn Gooran Rhortdo Ann Greenberg Stephen Anthony HOjOsy DfOCK Robert Honthor n Motthew Dovid Moyes Dovid £ofi HofTon John Eric Kerns Mon Elizoberh Kuzrrxx 5heo Oryon Long Kurt Richord Miller Jock Poul Morowtec Albert Meir Possy H fXoben Allen fXenner John Everene Sreed Jr John Howord Steele Robe r Thomas Swonsor Todd Chortes Tofoute MKhoel Don Toney 479 ■ Jennifer does the Disco Duck STALAG 17 Eric Adorns Deene Kothryn Anne Denko Andrew Dovid Corter VIcror Jesus Dioz, Jr William Allen Ellis Dfion Dovid Figie Tod Richord Fingol Edword Dominic Fronger fVeginold Percy Goge III Jennifer Lynne Grohom Wendy Mone Gnftin Donold Lee Kudym, Jr Dovid Hansel Moborrey, Jr fXoderick Courfney Monn Kaihleen Morie Muench Dav.d James Older John Frederick f ued John Anrhony fXuss Eugerie Melvin Smirh, Jt Jccquin DuDols SruKes Roger Woyne Teogue William Joseph VeroskI, Jr Thomos Jude Vining ArfhurHenrlksZelle Alon Woyne Zwich 88 mm 480 !i .-- inihsju ' ISSS 87 RonoMPAaipOMl 1(0 Cofyn Ooryn Derry Poirich L « Ch«o honi SuvlngCho Wifltom Cuftf D«M(Mo Irnnilcf loui DiKO MKhovl Kpvin Dono Hj« Phillip Thomoi Edwiydt John AAdf w fill O ' Odley Kenn rh Fletx Jimmy Edward Oohom D ' odley Joi ph Hobi Sipvcn MichocI Hubble iomoi lyion JeHcoof Edwin Whiln4?y Kolcr, III Willlom Joieph Lomb Oennis Kelrh Moore Sieven Anthony Sondovol Tommy rXoe Seibeii Wolfer Woyne Stfoder. Jr Dovid Neil Sunderlond Roymond John webMef. Ill Peter John Weidner r oberi Hosj Woodley IXondy Zuehihe Nestled high in the western most corner of Vondenberg Hell the Seventeenth Cadet Squadron lived under the leodership of Moj. Jock R, Trimble, Major Trimble joined the Stolog family this year and has proven to be o dedicated team leader He has brought to ' Country Club 17 ' the experience of an operorionol Air Force squodron — o fighter squadron that is — and a motto: When we work, we work hard ond when we party we party just as hord. Living true to this motto, Stolog hos grown together with a strengthened chain of command and o social schedule purposefully filled by our own squadron planning committee. Leading us along these paths hove been our future Marine Corps flyer, C1C More Powell and our bicep-building, girl-lifting C1C Pot Marshall. To remember: the lost wing champion football team complete with C3C Koler ' s broken onkle, the wing running-up swimming teom, thof raft trip in the midst of September when the Arkonsos River wos sufficiently lowered from the water we personolly transported bock to the Springs, that Christmos porty where we oil had to buy ties in order to go — where the freshmen proved rhot ' Stevie Puke and the Vomits ' might hove developed some competition, that bake sole where certain slides were remembered in bureaucratic form for o few consecutive weekends, and. of course, the lOOths Night when we held tightly to our dotes just in cose o blue-eyed, drink buying superior proved tempting. In the Future: The doss of ' 86 owoits the inheritance of Srolog responsibility ' 85 wishes to these four year veterans of this sixth floor hobitot — on operational elevator on those weekend laundry ofternoons. f n 88 Deon Ertc DfOy Kevin Edword Bums KofQiok Coltbo Chrisiopher John Cloy MofThew Chnsropher Comod Dovid Gregory bidden Kevin Corl Kotghn Roben Gerord Kilgore Gory Lee Kfoui. )f Donold Perer Lombordo Scott Chnsropher Loog Chf iopher Michoel Lowe Timothy Duone McDougoW Edwwd Lee McKmzie Mone Josephine McSlxnn Rov. D ion Mhorre Kothryn MQtgatei Porker William Robert Peorion Timothy Morto Pejfteh DovKj Woltef fXeed Jr Peter rXochord U Dorboro Ann [ ut1 Kun Rondoll Schichil OouglQS (Xoberi Smith Rondotl WiIIkxti Spivey Richord WtllKim Totem GerokJ Woyne Woller 481 BorbOfQ Lynne Burgess Poul Roymond Colhoun, Jr Deon Roberr Fair Michael James Hody Jeffrey Scorr Henry Joner Mone Henson Edward Lee HuicfMns Winfhrop Chopin Idle Stephen Clifford Joszoi Theron Eugene Johnson Phillip John Kouffmon Terrence Aloysius Leory hn Dernofd McDonald Jr Williom Jomes Nelson Dovid M Ourlow Drodley Voyne Price Croig Allen Reimers Keirh Parr.ch f oss Mark Edword Achieve Laurie Jo Schuk Coerr Calvin Scoggin Charlie Stollings JillEwleenSnglich Dovid Andrew Sutron Michael Woyne Wright Our squadron commander, ' Tips " T. Linehon, starred the year rolling with his exclusive power principle. With his side kicks Too Cool Hamlin, Fog, ond Thumper, they rhoughr chili wirh 90% garlic content would be a sure winner at the chili cook-off. Captain, oops, Moj, Daniel Peterjohn always seemed to hove time ro hear and solve any problem,- that is if you had on hour and a half to listen to related rank stories. If you ever come to o squadron party he was the one in the ton pants and blue sweater, or if you ' re on the slopes he ' s the one getting hit on the head with the choir lift. When he goes to Fort Leaven- worth (only temporarily we hope) we ' ll miss him. And then there ' s the party that wasn ' t; Harold ' s wet ears; Wild Wolter; Joanne ' s late night walks,- broken engogemenrs; and who doesn ' t march? All in all we managed to take first in group, the four degree ' s first in the PCE, and we won ' t mention academics. The three degrees after o slow start, finally caught on as to what it takes to be a Nighrrider. The two degrees ore eagerly awaiting the firsties exit. And the firsties . . . well, good luck, ond just dont get caught in Fort Leavenworth wirh P.J. LLi 1 f Timothy Jay Arnold l oberr Oolho Gregory Antonio Campbell William Campos Stephen Michoel Cook Morh David Oelong Patrick Williom Evons Kennerh Eugene Gores Michael Joy Genay Dovid Robert Edword Hallo Chorles Kevin Hyde Stephen Korl Kojoh Dovid Ffoncis Kramer Stuori Duone Kroner George Wesley Marchesseoult Kevin Chorles Martin Morco James Motchefts Horold Jomes McAlduH Jeshuo Tess MercoH Dorrell Lee Morris Timothy Allan New Robert William Peck Diane Irene Provosi Richord Olson Scoil Stephen Thomos Spewock Melisso Dorlo Mary Srimoc Noel Henry Teireoult John Perer Wynne 482 NIGHTRIDERS 1 8 SlOnley A thuf Alen 0 e«y1 1 yn Drown MofThew J ff y Coilogno 0 on Alen Oonttf Ownropher Pornek Dobb J u« Mtcho ! IX ncon iomn Veiley E Swor(h Cynrhto Strton Honey OoyEdwordHubtM ion ei Autfin Hurley III Cetewe Logomoryrw Oovid Potrkch Lor gon ArxVew Cfotg Logon PorrtcK ion Moet Jo n Df uno Mohor Wilbcm Jody Mon }ev«e Rafoel Teodoro Morrero-Pu Vrrgil Alexorxler MorihoN HI Gory Stephen Moier Jone Elizoberh MuUun PotrKk Shown Muf roy Kurt Morihew Ovenurf Kreg Andrew Poiko Rolph Leon Roie Ihomos George Sodio Aflen Theodore SchrT etzei Monin ffonz A Sfrmmoitef Allon Woyne Teepies Doniei Uribe Kev-n Oougios Word 463 ■ :Wi i; ■:{.. v ; Sreven Scon Allen Solly Lynn Anschuerz Jotnes Colvm Doyd I (Robert Doyne Orow flichord Westley Christie I Oommic Poul Groztc Douglas Doyd Myers Chorles Pornck Wonebo George Anrhony Zoniewski 86 g J !$- Von ' iywMfTiyr Well, onorher year is over. For the firsries, ir meons going to the Air Force. The two degrees will toke command, three degrees get cars, and the four degrees look forward to life in their new squadrons. AN of us will carry the memories of this year together in Storship 19. This wos Q good year for " ' Ployboy. " We passed Stondords Evaluation with a resounding Quo! 1. (The first time.) Moj. Ran- dall R. Contrell still can ' t figure out why no one wanted to be " fomous throughout the wing. " Who can forget the infamous hall parries before SAMIs. How big is your speaker, Mac? Our trip to Eglin to visit our squadron was fonrostic. The firsries ore finally out! We ' ve had some great times together, including Ring Dance, lOOths Night, Dennie ' s Cord Parlor, Raff ' s 9:00 bedtime, and Erv ' s duckwolk. We wish good luck to the lower classes in the year to come. See you in the Air Force! iQuiniOfipoiob Agnes SusonArvQi Hondev Siephen Dosudev Eric Allen Doe Shirley Rebekoh Clinron Andrew Johnorhon Clyne Peter D Amico Jomes Ethon Dovis Poul Dory Forrell Scor DrodtOfd Gere Elijah Andrevol Jones, III Chofles Dfodley Keorney. Ill Poul fXene Kronenberger Morion LIpinsm Jomes AlonMorsholl Shone Lyol Merclol Michael Fioncis Nohorniok Pomelo Ann Okey Chflstopher Gfohom Polmer Dovld f oss Pendergroff Motthew Elllotr Pitzel Kevin Deon Mchords Joseph P Soulski Ezra Gene Vonce Andrew Copelond Whire 484 y Dovtd Mortin Longe Dovid AcJom Levy fXumii Villolon Lcxniboe Robby Allan Morr Pou( Anrhony Meyer f pchord Dole Moceheod Sond ' o Jo Morton Jomes Pomck Poge Corhy Rene Roberts Todd Miles Sasoki Paul Frnocis Schuster James EJenton 5«sle ' Pedro fX ordo Sixjrei Denise Ufbonski George Housfoun Wonng V 485 ■r Anthony Lee Amodeo Igor Fir;gerold Deoutils Derek Chf jstopher Brown Gory Lee Burg Koren Sue Clork Deisy Croyron Coley Robert John Ferroro Jr Jeffrey Eugene Ffonkhouser Richard Paul LeCloite Glen Scort Moore Constonrine George Nifokos John Edward Peterson Oovid Scorr Pfciher Moithew Domel Rorhsock Hugh Kenny Soinr Chorles Jomei Shoff Thomas Keirh Smith Jr Stephen Frederick Ttemom Chorles Dovid luck Kevin Deon Yeomons TROLLS Hey. codets, look this woy 486 tOfr Dougkn Cortnoay M choei ttxJd J " ih Tereoc io««ph 4 ion P f ef John Oworett Cxyrin Weil y Horm Arxjreo oA Heootng Howard M n y Hw?rin KyrrttH ' rti Sieflenv Johmon Dontel Kcrth Kouel MKhovl P l p M009 David Reed MocKeni Anrhony Mogotetio Jeffrey Allen Mcito Wotfgonq Perer MigQKjm Andfeo Lynn Monrgomery Dfuce Euqeoe O Coin There was q new orrirude in 20th squadron this year, Maj, Stephen R. Martin allowed the firsties to run the squadron. They did so by hoving a good time while still getting the job done with the philosophy that " nothing ' s critical, " The Trolls set goals, as all squodrons do, but most were surprised when we started ochieving them. The Trolls monoged right away to break into the top three in squadron of the month competition for the first time in over two years. The semester continued to go well with first ploce in every SAMI, first in group in foil intromurals and in marching. We even spent a Soturday marching in the snow with hopes of going to D C for President Reogon ' s inouguro- tion. Trolls continued to dominate second semester in athletics and squodron competition with its second wing championship ond winning squodron-of-the-month. Most memorable, however, is probably the mony im- oginotive excuses to have dining-outs. And, let us not forget the firsties with a language oil their own initiated by Roy " the right stuff " Hamilton. Anyway, best of luck to next year s Trolls and remember that " nothings critical. " George Cunis Adkinj Drodley Srephen Dennerr Thomas Wolter Collerr Wilhom Jerome Doyle Jr Annmort Moe Duffy Pofnch Woyne Ella Gotlin Woyne Essory Andrew James Felrer Thomas Corliile Gilkeson. Jr James Richofd Gfohom More Duone Hoynes HofoW Rrtrhord Hughes If Andrew John Kronzer John Michoel Lossoiene Chonning Ucoo Kennerh Dole Moduro Denton Joy Merntt Jeffery Eugene Newiin Cindy A Penerson Will ilPly Poul Stanley Shurnos Siocy Jeon S dor D ' rk DoJe Smith Edward Chortes Sromek Adorn Winston Strochon Ko ' i Ann Thyne 4S7 Group Commander Jomes L Setzer Deputy Commonder Operorlons I IJroiipW DIno V. Lorenzlni Deputy Commonder Support Krisline D. Dyers Stondords Evoiuotlons Officer Jocquellne N, Chorsoguo FALL - GROUP Training Officer Jose A Meno Acodemlc Athletic Officer Richard D, Anderson Sergeant Major Robert P Givens Training NCO Ivon G Thompson Resources MWR NCO Arcolor R Morrison 486 Administration NCO Tereso K Holllngsworth Safety Security NCO MIchoel D Swift Standards Evaluotlon NCO Drodley D Mormon jfm l I Group Commonder Andrew M Mueller Deputy Commonder Operotlons F Price Osteen Deputy Commonder Suppon Peter A Whelon Stondords Evaluotion Officer Carl R. Sovlnec THIRD GROUP STAFF - SPRING Trolning Officer Stephen M. VIsel Acodemlc Athletlc Officer S. Mork Rutledge Sergeont Major MarkT. Deierle Trolning NCO MIchoel T, Finnlcum ,0 P,esources MWR NCO -tW " " ij Lourel M Wittenberg mBT " " !! Administration NCO Michael J Rorlck Sofety Security NCO Kimberly Lewis Standards Evaluation NCO Leiond G Sclfers 469 i ' ' 1 Id Sl IpiylL ir Pr l V 1 ImT I ILi:! " 3 l B J riA iV " lEB » All dressed up ond no place ro go Mojor Dovid J. Klein Leo Henry AverbecK III Orent Forrest Dreidenrhol MIchoel Lee Drown Todd Andrew Cophet Robert Doyd Donehower Tereso Lynn Droughn Michael Serh Fisher Drenr Allen Frerlchs Edword Golen Givens III Jomes Louronce Griffith Arcolof Rosello Harrison Jomes William Herfon Wllllom Poul Knoll Robert Dole Loncosrer Jomes MIchoel LeFovor Richard Poul MocKeen Daniel John Miller )r Richard Power Prior Jr Molly Jeon Sulllvon Stephen Mark Woller Chandler Deon White Oryon Jockson Wiggins Dimlrri MIchoel Yollourohls Chrlsropher Donold Zornlk 490 John k t«p Abborwio PLOfo Anfonto tWmre Lucy AnntWown Si«ph«n noncfoN Oyeri Ctwtiiop ' ThoovaCoo Rj h yd ThoT Qi Cfovch Jome Pete £m»ficti Dovid Dorhley Forrtt Lowrence MKhoel Fekmon Dee Ann Michelle f oun DovkJ Jomei Fuino Jr Morh TcxW Ge ' moon Coflron Aihley GliriWe De ' ek fteed HoWnung Sreven WiHtom Jocobion liff oihy MJchoei Kubei Dnxe Anrhony Lo Chorlie Kurns John McClure Phillip Ruwell Proizner Jr Scon rXKhord Shurock Lynn Catherine Surref Roymond John Wright JonTei Allen Zieflow Shelley Zuehike I Well, the year comes to o close and looking bock I ' d hove to soy rhor the Blackjacks were never the squadron wirh the most discipline, bur we had ro be rhe most disciplined. When we were nor in rrouble, rhe firsries were off or Nourilis and rhe Golden Dee, rhe rwo degrees kekpr themselves busy in search of rhe perfecr pony, while many of rhe three degrees broughr the parry a lirtle closer ro home, and for rhe four degrees, rak- ing a keg or rwo from Amies wos never our of rhe quesrion. Firsr semester we hod a squadron commander whose eor- Ings were slighrly large. Second semester rolled oround and we found ourselves with a squadron commander who hod impec- cable saber manual. No marrer who was in charge, rhor in- dividual could only count on one thing for sure and rhot wos. no matter how hard we rried, we always got lost place in the 5AMI. As the year comes to o close, the light at the end of rhe tun- nel becomes a little brighrer for each and every one of us. We wish the doss of ' 85 the best of luck and olwoys remember rhor we may not hove been the best in military nor best in academics, but the Blockjacks were olwoys a squodron rhor others wished rhey were in. Two - one in rhere. Philip Oevil Dondy Rebecca Wonder Dortine Rolph Leslte Oeom Anthony Edwo ' d Dufler Anne Eiizoberh Chinnery Jon Chfistophef Collins Robert Wesley Correll Jettery KeniCroin Tyler WordEWred Dovid Woyne Gorber Mtctxiei Atfred Johnson Michoe) Dovid MOnrgon ery Dovid WillKjm Neville John Dovid Oliver II Kofin Mor e Poct eco Peter Louis Poppe Mictxiel Woyne Richey Michoel TirTKsrtiy Sewell 491 lir J MIchoel Anrhony Abbort Frederick Childs Dacon Kevin Dewoyne Drooks David Allen Courchene JohnPorrickDewlne Arthur Dorrell Estovillo Andrew Ellsworrh Hort Dovid Porrick Ingerson Joseph Michoel Jose Steven Todd Kuennen Dennett Karl Lorson IXobbte Dole Mortin Gregory Joseph McAndrews Pomelo Anne Reddick DovId Dorry Shonnon Dorboro Jeon Spencer Ivon Gerord Thompson fXoger Deon Thrasher John Frederick Vickers MIchoet Roymond Word Lonnle Allan Worren Todd Cofl Wesrhouser Loure! Melseon Witrenberg Bi2 This year the Tarantulas were o good squodron. We all did a good job. We hod some good people. We had some good rimes. Major MocNiven is o good guy! Overall, it was a good year. Good deals! Well, that ' s good enough for me! Good Dye! (It can ' t be said we didn ' t hove a good sense of humor!!) Dovid Newmon Doker Jr Croig Andrew Darren Nicole Morle Berry DonlelJomes Dlrrenkon Shown Tyrone Oryort Oret Anrhony Crenwelge Nofhonlel Cunnlnghom Jr Donlel Fronds Howklns Guy Albert Mocker Drion Douglos Johnson Phillip Douglas Luts Joseph Morh Lyons Timorhy John Motson Potrlcio Marie Michalclk Timothy Jomes Mukodo Paul Oernord Ololson Christopher Sean Simpson Genieve Moe Smith Charles Frederick Topllkor Nhor Duy Tron Regis Christopher White Steven Edward Willis Peter Fritz Zwiener 492 y TARANTULAS Mono Aoy OoOO ftv Clwunon P t«« 6»n« «ct 0 «r»l Aond 4 Orockwvf Morh OtfWoph Chorfton Moindo Koy Honl y MolCdm Voyn McKs ThvoOor Poul Hovort o J M p CMron Lorw Porrlc ! Vvnon Lvmoir Lone Kvh Uv««y Jolvt RoCwfT Mocdonotd }Cttn FrederKh Monn Aot «fT AAfhOrty McCnfe Thomas Horotd McKef no JeWrey Wov ' e Mo vo« Porrich LeMoynv Ogburn Poul E S« ' yd Pohtyny III E c RoynxxxJ Pjrcht CrOig [Vodley Snyder Donotofne Anfoft © Sonono John JutJe Sfochrtih Olok Ch y dl f Sioo« f NichokU Anrhooy Votp Chfaiophef S on w woher Joieph Of ion VasMngfon Nothon KlyO WOfOrtOb CliMofd Allen WevtKOO Dorryl Lynn Wihoo Vcv Ailen Wtmmef Jr Congrorulorons: You oil poss Spock 101 rroinlng ' 493 iilr ' Mark Alberr Crosby Michael Theodore Finmcum Curtis Lomor Green James Joseph Hawkins Anne Louise Johnsron Kirh Alan Lear Lotishie Lee Mooney Robert Everett Porher Michael Dovid Pierrygo Edward Joseph Rinhe Jeffrey Joseph Smith Frank Theodore Veldhuizen Jr Hugh Scort Vest Thomos James Willord i ' 51% The ' Stormers never forget how ro mix pleasure with business. For example, rake their foil semester squadron com- mander Ed Tomme please. His Thursdoy night study sessions provided the most enlightening educational experience ovoiloble to those who really needed it. The AOC, Major Margaret M. Stonek, provided new meon- ing to the concept of " cookie motivation " as Ed Tomme managed to weor more of her dilectables than he ate. But for $90 the shoe was on the other foot, or should we soy, the pie was on the other face. Our strongest point as o squadron was the loyalty we felt toward each other and the close bonds of friendship that were built. Even though the Dornstormers may not walk owoy vv ' ith honor squadron, we will walk owoy with good memories and valuable experiences. Debfo Ann Daggett Matthew Weeks Bompian Mark Armond Dovo Warren Francis Drondow IV Robert Joseph Covello Mork Poul Conrad Donold Edwin Evans Kelrh Wllliom Fletcher Donlel Drett Honcock Michael Manning Hanson Gregory Eugene Horbin Scon Michoel Haverkote Dole Allen Holland John Henry Koler Conrad Douglas Kipp Edward Horold Krafti Mark Lowry III Jomes John McGovern Robert Michael Morse KImberlel Anne Northrop Wayne Robert Plerlnger Mark Woyne Shofer John Stephen Tomjock Jamie Scoft Whitley Craig Douglas Wilson i ' . S ' » 494 DARNSTORMIN 23 V ' JCi Joseph Anthony Uy Abngo Michoel Allon Adorns Dry on J Dogley Dovld Glenn Doll Sreven Roy Bonkyon Michoel Joseph Dornen Chortes Lawrence Deomes Kurr Ulnch Colemon Michoel Eodes Oovis Thomas Lloyd Gibson Noncy Corolme Holler Orodtey Deon HoMoron Chod Wllliom Hennings Porncio Lynn Knepper Jomes Monhew Lejeoi Andrew Gerofd Morchesooo ToddD Momn Ronckill Robert McCoWeny kon Michoel Mottof Timofhy E ord Murray Peter Andrew Ridillo Stephen Pornch Roberts Joseph Mono Scoiione Robert Lowfer ce Welgon Richard Reed Young 495 Lo ' Joel Dovid Anderson Jeffrey Jomes Baldwin Klmberly Ann Doumonn Mark Thomos Deierle Jomes Michoel Donn Edward jomes Brewer Gordon Scort Compbell George Elmer Chondler II :e Andrew Cooper Lee Kevin Depolo Kim Douglas Hawthorne Deborah Lynn Johnson Wesley Roy Jolly Steele Richord MocForione Christopher Donold Moxwell Timothy Shown McDonald Kevin Wllliom McLuen Robert Miranda Jeffry Jon Olson Ponlck Eugene Popperr George Goble Quirh IV Alison Leigh Smith Dovid Poul Wiegand Albert Clinton Wlllioms II S3 PHANTOMS 1 w 11 M ii ■ i ' S Another punk porty °- MoJ. Steven O- Smlthermon 496 87 22 Aed9»f Cfotg Altm Morti Cvon Mll»y K vinCharlMDoyd K«rtc Olotn On CNn Sfonlry f rank Chumi o r 0 n VKIOr Dc ivt IV b«fi Cu9en« Doy h rUMondo Dtoi ir Aoben LowreAc Umy it MKhtfte Sokuyoko Fmcher Leslie Doric HowM iomn Richard oyC M»cho l LOfen Koawmovic JOi ph Gvy KimboM Chniiophcr lay LuffdfK Roben iohnny Modrll f red Howof d Mofhetne Jf Oyfon Phillip Moihewion Mkhoel Scoft M«rru h CfOiq Siephen MirielifocJf John Michoel Ponerion Tommy Phillipi Loufte Ann Pozotiki Weiley Spencer (XondoU Jomei Df too Sreworr Mtchoel Suiek I The Phonroms were known this year for being one of rhe more nnilirory squadrons in rhe wing. We got off ro o good srorr by being rhe firsr squadron in Third Group, and only rhe second in rhe wing ro ger a Quol level 1 on fall srondords evoluorion. We did work hard, bur we ployed even harder. We had numerous parries ond mode more rhon $1000 or our fall bake sole ro fund rhem. Where did all rhar money come from?). One hod ro be very coreful when wolking through the squadron. If one mode it posr our ferocious securiry guard, rhere were srill the ever-on-rhe prowl killer elephanrs ro con- rend wirh. Overall, under rhe reins (or is ir reigns?) of Mike Block in rhe foil, and Tim Roy in rhe spring, we hod much of fun and we look bock wirh o sense of pride. And if we con soy we leorned anything, ir is, " fly, fighr, and blow them to smithereensi " WM SECSS 88 l iMiM mMmmi MtMgj Jomes Allen Alexondef Tyler Smith Dorrh Wendell Romney Cores Mtchoel Dennis Decker John Anthony Dellomy Sonny Poul Qlinkinsop WQyr e HowOfd Chftsiensen III Lore let Fober Geoffrey Michoel Gibbs Dfocfley Goerge Groft Ur do Morle Grtggs Gregory Ausrin Horrts Rondo Renee Heffig Roy Vicente Jomes Jor es Dtpinder Siogh Khurorvj Lorry V Konhorv Corl Heiru Lo jer Glenn Duryl LeMoyers Jr Dovid Chrjstlon Lyr»ch Trocy Leo Morttn Scott Tho TX3s Miah A exof»der Leo Popowycz Peter Chnyopher Refv er Jomes Michoel Rubush Motrhew Sobolewski Gilben Gory Vondnsko Jr HIroshi WojWTXJ 497 mr 498 John Mtchoel Seponsht Daniel Christopher 5heo Sreven Drenr Silver George Wolrer Sflllman Sreven Richord Symons Reneo Lynette Tollver Roger Moore Vincenr ' - ' ii33 87 m ■» ■■ 1— irnn " ,! MuwRHii iwr t ABion Ann Al xan09f Erie {Hmvw Orown J««fr«v OOfdon Drown S( ph«n Dot Coop«r (UhordE OoATWtty Em Corl Dorion Doiii Chriyoph«f lynn £dwOf(h Dovgkn Tod Guitrofmon Cofy AlonHe«r fo MKhoel not prt M ybucn Gregory Copelond )ohA»on Joo r Joy Jueong Lowrencv Lind MKhOPi Ournette McGee Jr Morh Lourence Milter Sfeven Edwordei Mortey Monhoil Todd Mo ' ftion Kennerh Michoel Oben Eric Jomei Poyne Mofk Andrew Ruie £t»3 Solo or Scorr Oominic Shonnon Gregory Scon Survit John William Taylor Jr Stephen Eofle Turner Jr r oberi Woyne Witloughby The spirit of the Redeye, Mr. Lucky, followed us throughout the yeor. Whether ir was the fiasco ot Boulder or toking squadron of the month. The Redeye did everything with that extra flair thot has earned C5-25 the nickname " those guys on the sixth floor, right? " The 109 members of the squadron hove hod a good yeor. Dosed upon o firm foundation of documentotion, the leader- ship of Major Robert R. Weber (U5MC) wos o continual presence in the squodron. Another highlight of the year was the filming of C5-25s favorite soap opera " As the Stomach Turns, " down ot Mr. Mur- phy ' s fine estoblishment. From Cheers ond Hill Street parries ro the Silver Bullet party, the comroderie and fraternity of twenty-five were well known throughout the wing We follow- ed up well on the Redeye motro: " Hove another one on Mr. Lucky. " Dorrll Cork Dill Eric Block MIchoel Joseph Donney Dennis Dovid Ooucher James Devin Dushe David Douglas Oonrzscher Eduordo C Deiopeno Jr Robert James Dtrrus Debofoh Mane Edwords Thomas Dovid Eisenhouer MofK PorricK Gorsr Mork Andrew Hinds Edward Woyshok Mongum Eugene Joseph Mo ur Jf Drendon Pofrick Mikus Jeffrey Hess Porker MIchoel Woyne Shipley Gram Alten S«llker Jr John CorTwnght Vortderburgh 499 J T Worren Deogle Jr Ronold Mornn Bryont Jf Michael John Chondler Seon Dovid Edwords Druce Allen Ellis Jr Michoel Mortin Hole Kenneth fXussell Hubbofd Horold Huguley III Judirh MQrie Hupp Phung Due Le Chfistopher Michael Monocchio Roger Edword Oerrer Eric Michael Phorris Leiond Glenn Sclfers Greg Andrew Semmel Kevin Oordon Tibbs Dorrel Roberr Warsek Joe Nothon Wilburn John Jocob Zieglet III Anthony John Froncis Zucco Everything was simply wonderful in Snoopy land. Coders go- ing to doss, playing inrromurols, cleaning rooms and keeping the squadron safe from the danger lurking around the corner. Our hoppy lifrle doolies scampered about or the wee hours while the cadets slept until first coll. All slept soundly until being awakened by the joyous shouting of the doolies, joyous becouse they knew their presence wasn ' t required at the flag raising. If not for a few key injuries, this year might hove seen the football team lose o close one in the Wing Championships. The Borons were more inclined to watch the real teom down at Falcon Stadium on Saturday. The abundance of intercollegiates gave everyone on idol and kept the holls vacant all weekend. They sure missed some wild flicks in the TV room. All Borons love to recreote whenever they con. The early snow provided the best SAR sledding in years. Those criminals involved hod the time of thier lives. It was also the year of the oir bond ot USAFA and everyone took port. We hod our own groupies and everything Now you ' re looking bock after you ' ve left the old snoopy doghouse for good, walking down Air Force lane with your bowl turned upside-down on your head to keep from getting dumped on Then suddenly you realize with a smile that it is no longer needed. 5CX) Dovid Abercfombie II Dovid Jon Anderson Mone Anne Denovll Michoel James Corr Dovid Allen Crochet Mark Roy Fitzgetold Dovid Crosby Gould II Donold Clorh Hickmon Jenntfei Lucy Jenner Donold Reynold Johnson Dovid Roymond Kohl Poul Andrew Lewis Stephen Richord Miller iberfo Enrique Moroles Mortin Hermon Nelson James Eugene Polmer Jr Tom Poclfic Pho VmiomOuintonPlotllll Hui Mory Elliobeth PonKo Steven Mitchell Reld Robert Lawrence Rhyne Thomos Joseph Rotello Stephen Deronrd Schlfont Jr f ronh Allen Sell Jf Timothy Jomes Sipes Kniiophef Joo AicJm Ih xr«o» Donold DfO90rt Drue r ' d rKli Drown Mkhotfl Oriwt Outtvr Tlmoihy Poirtch Cofftn PhiHiPM AkJcimon Co if Ch tuophef To M Duniop Ocrin leeo Ofnt)4to neoJ OMTUTf I Guri PnAtpp AHred Horiemef III [) ' (X3 Y ThoffxjirtrtC VjHy i onene Hkm OeiiAo Cero iufg««l wicf Kevin John Kvrns RiChy jOin LoCosffO Teffonc John McCoffrey 111 Milton McElfOy J( Morh K«rr Mliterlll Alex Jomei Posios Mi hoel Kelly Pen )fy Sondfo IXhodei Thomas ChfiMophe ' Riley OfOdley Joy IXo efi Jon Andrew f upp Timothy Paul Schuiti Gregory Scori Zehner BARONS liMdsome ' tie eoily isecminok yeorolihe 1 :d out own old snoopy ! with you[ ■om getting ' thotitisno Pretty incredible sound for o 5 Iron, eh Hoppy Dirthdoy, Keith! Vern? Moj Woyne R WilKomson How bout some beoch blonket bingo, guys? 501 mm Lofi Ann Angelillo Williom Henry Dosking III Michoet AlonDufklund Morh Walter Conrrell Shown Roberr Fleming Moftin Lloyd Ftournory Ger rold George Hplftkinen Jr Geoffrey Horold Hills Dloke Edword Konnorr Kyle Scon Kingsfofd Steven Lloyd Kwosr Catherine Mory Porton Russell Normon ReilJng Jr Motlhew Gorber Sonning Wode Anthony Tveter Mogel Lu ' s Velozquez Lorry Joe Walker Jr James Lee Roy Weriz John Tremoine Anderson Kan Thereso Arts Jeffrey Louis Crow Levench) Loroso Dingle Thomos Daniel Dosier Dovid Gerord Ehrhord Alexander Parish Gilbert Alan Cormichoel Horns Anthony Maurice Houston Susan Roe Kesler Wllllom Doylon McCormick DovJd Andrew Miller Scott DovidMundy Henry Wllllom Polczet Pottick Vincent Reyes Kenneth Robert Slater Cynthia Lynn Staples Scott Anthony Stork Seon MIchoel Sullivon Potrlck Hofold Vertet Jennifer Lynn Wong 502 li rr Tho TyM Porrteh D nA« ty Olefin ler Cfoz-om ( f Lornont Gfovvt Oo " en Aieji yt }ef Mows Koirvfyn Ann iocKion Sfo y TcxJd Knuf efl Orlondo Mof lO Morfinez fVob«n Le Moy Jr Rob n iofn j McCulers Te " El-ioberh McGrorh Jo n Woyrve M xeh o J A Jom Edword NyeftHiii E ' k Shone Pererion Loo Joy Preyon Jocqueiine Oeitfee Von Ovoy Joel Leonofd Wirzel JeMrey Kort Yevcoh THUNDERBIRD5 Cindy Sroples Mort Olockbird engineer Moj Robert C Drown Jr. 503 Chrisropher Francis Acherson Michael Dodds Dolfony Aichoel George Oeore Drever Mofk Jomes Crowder Mjhcoel Edword Dov.s Edwofd Joseph Fociszewski Robert Eugene Fronklm Kenneth Korl Knighr Richard Douglos McDee Roben Perer McCloy Wolfer Migdol Stephen Joseph Mrholik Anrhony Michael Pipon Robert Alon Rickert Donold Henry Ridolfi Jr Jon Alan Roop Michel Anrhony Solorio Croig Lomor Stofford Gary Mitchell Wolfe Thomos Franke Zimmerman MAGPIES Moj Jomes E Scully Mogple ' 85 504 - « « 31i iowph Ffoncn Chopmort Lovamon Oeoor Coffey " I Won FWhord H»fr lotvph ChXm Hchox Oomon MNChel Kutvfrifco GffOld f ronctt LonoQon Cjtrnn Lowrvnc Lofuip Hons Cedric LOudeftx ch JHff»y Sco« Lmn Terr i« Carlo MoewoA Dfuce Hvfben M Cltntocf« M hoel Oorrhotomew M oy Seon Poifick Mu ' P y OfiQO Kennett Porruh rXoberr John PtMUlpi Lorl Mithell R»ub«n Dwtghr Ruii l Sooderv Chorlei Ald n Sieevei Oovid Roy Siilweil Dfondon Elliorl Sweoi Jomei Hunfer Iiqhe II Wllllom John Vogf Jr Jennifer Wordef in 26rh Squadron, we give credit where credit is due. Somehow, our academic officer, Denise Senn, took us from 39th in the wing to 5th in the span of one semester. Rumor has it that she cost on evil spell over our foosboll table: anyone ploying with below o 3.0 GPA was suddenly turned into o wing staffer. It worked! Our AOC, Moj. Jomes E. Scully (the " Skull " to us) thought he hod picked Vic Hedgebrush for squadron commander first semester, but in reality. Vies twin brother Rich wos in com- mend for most of the time. If that didn ' t mix things up enough, tolking physics with o physician didn ' t help matters, either. By ploying their music before each SAMI, the squadron ' s very own rock bond, " Howie Judd and the la Mogpies " helped each member of the squadron get " hommered " the following morning by our associate AOC. When our resident linguist ' Gentleman Jim " Von Meter finol- ly got our twistomerer working ogoin, everyone was happy. But alas, when ' 65 departed, this useful " novigotionol " device went with them to their various bases. To the classes of ' 86. ' 87, and ' 86 we wish you the best of luck in trying to re-invent the wheel. CW W- ' Wit ' IM W Anhuf Wetf on Anderson Monhew Dennis Deob Rol err Dnxe Bcody Dovtd Pool Onof Purcell Nofwood DfOwn J Timorhy Eugene Oush EcJword S e on Cononi Onon Eugene Crois Albert Greeniow CKj« It Richofd Fray Edwordi Donold Jeffrey Feke ChrBfophef L( Fong Sfeven Joseph Fowfver PorrtOO Lynn Fox M«cf oel Edword Gonn Rictord Normon Hoder Mitchell Allen Monjon io nQftxJn Ooyd Hughes Morcui Reed KoneiNro Micr oel Andrew KirctyjW Josepf np Gore Koiryro NKOlerTe Eioe LodOufes Jeffrey Shee-S n Lwm Mono LiSO McCoughey RlctKird nokyx) McKmley Lowrence Wei ey Mcloughfcn Morh Anrhony Nodon WdbomM Nix D»onoOwer S Sreven Roy RosenfT e«er Troy Louts Trufio Oeon Edword Wet Oorh Dttxtey Wterdo 505 ■aippiMiiiii I II MMri n ■ trrv WTj. ' jrA . ' , BLACK PANTHERS Robert Anrhony Dorkocy Michoel Corey Dehne Adflon George Dellnne Scon Chorles Olshop John Chorles Oordner Roberi Thomos Corpenter Jr Thomas Glen Clemmons John Kevin Dunlevy Monhew r oymond Gee Srocey Roe Goss JeHrey Woyne Hartley Druce Thomos Hellen Scorr James Hower Poirlc Doy Jomeson Chorles Michoel Jones Klmberley Lewis JeHery Roben Linskens Douglos Edword Morse Roberr Dole Newberry Gregory Stephen Rou Ernesr Henry Rodriguez Vincent Sovino Michoel Deroid Switt Jon Alexondef Tovryriky Mork David Vljums Andrew Duron White III Shelly Jo Wile Perer Leonord Wilson Yolondeo Michelle Wood BBBE SS 506 s. mm Ion Occton A cft aM VKIOt Meftry Arup Oovwl MiChO 1 DocN f MK hoei k hn CMoum Tvrrvnc Adrion Orown kneph Howord Cogt Poui Morm«w Cotoogvon Of n )o n«nM« D W«T St»v n Andrew Oixon Howtfd Luk» Etuirr HI Gey Woyn Hrndetion Foff t1 0«onv Howe! Jr OfOdP loPcxnt MKhoel (Xichord Loughmon Sieven Philip Moui OouQioj fhomoj Michel PoirKk Drion Obon h Twenry-ninrh squadron, rhe Block Ponrhers, begon the yeor wirh rwo new dosses • rhe rhirdcloss coders ond rhe doolies. They provided new foces and new ideas which blended well wirh rhe old ro moke for o good yeor. We worked hord ond we ployed hord. Everybody enjoyed rhe squodron beerboll gomes ond rhe boke sole, while rhe doolies enjoyed everybody ' s birthdoys, engogemenrs, ond solos Our squodron gool wos simply ro ploce omong rhe rop rhree in everyrhing. We srorred our rorher slowly in marching, in- tromurols, ond academics, bur we did improve. Of course, we all hod ro ger used ro hoving oil afternoon free and going ro bed or midnighr, but somehow we monoged Both of our squodron commonders ond our AOC did o heck of o job in moking rhis o good yeor Ir was on especiolly good year for Copr. Thomos H. Sounders Jr - he mode Major, so we brought in o singing Amozon womon ro congrorulore him. We hod o unique bunch of people we colled o squadron. We hod our good times ond our nor-so-good rimes, bur we oil come rhrough rhese os berrer people. . iSm Jtg Mork Oovid Apple Drynne Mofie tJergsogei Richord Roymond Durton Alexonder DetozK} III Gfonr Chrisropher OKh Chfisrophef Evons Russell Alan Gtohon Kerby Hoynesll Douglos Robert Hill Morthew Louis Hdrhoft Orodley Woyrw Hushow Joseph ViilioiTt KorTsch Tony Peref Mussi John Merrill Phillips Keirh Yoncey Pope Roberr John Po ' emskl Kenneth Aoron Roub Mlchoel Andrew Rtghrmyer Eric Todd Sohoe Hazel Celeye Synco Holly Jeon VKTOfto Gory FrofKis WQ9r er DeonrjQ Hinghifig Chin Woo Jerry Gone Wood Jr Geory Roy Woottolh 507 J 508 Ty Gorerr Alexonder David Woyne Allvin Elizoberh Odolio Almeido Hugh Patrick Drennon Michael John Ourkord Philip Arnold Celestlni Jomes Joseph Cloy Timorhy Froncis Flrzgerald Gregory Paul Giletti Jomes Mofsholl Gulsvig Kenneth Paul Hole Scorr Michoel Hommorgren Shelley Denise Harsh Roberr Steven Holbo Teresa Koy Holllngsworrh Sieve Douglos Hughes f ondoll Terry Jones Kenneth Mork Kirk Keith Alon Kudio Richard Edword Meier Michoel Gerord Nigl Timorhy Poul Petrishen Robert Ono Rou Jt John Robert Schloss Eric Jomes Siewort John Driscoe Taylor George Woitz Pollard York ' t W " f ili i lj MM tH Mik 111 The Knights of Thirr started off fresh this year. The flame wasn ' t oround onymore to rummage through their overheads while they slept. No, this year we were lucky to hove Maj. William E. Crowe Jr., a Citadel grod, to lead the Knights. He wosn ' t too anxious to meet us though, seeing as he didn ' t show up for school until the middle of Septenrtber. Just in time for all of the action. The now annuel doss of ' 86 fashion show was great. Michele Durkhord was such o doll, and Jimmy Gulsvig, soy guy! The Traildust will never forget our Intramural Bonquer. Steak for a hundred, pleose. We did pretty good in intromurols this year. The soccer team won the wing chompionship under the coaching of C2C Keith Kudia . Andy Mueller did well as squadron commonder first semester leading the Knights, but that ' s only becuose oil of us tried our best not to " reflect poorly upon Andy. " Overall, the Knights of Thirt were o together squodron. To the firsties you ' ve finolly mode it and all the hard work will pay off on May 29. The class of ' 85 " Best Alive " will finally get to experience the Air Force. GOOD LUCK, KNIGHTS. Bradley Dean Oorrels Thomos Willlom Oehnke Richord Oorroclough Cromer Eric Corl Dodson Roberr Gronihom Fiddler Jr Aaron Eugene Hortobough Todd William Henning Joy Rondoll Hopkins Shoron Anne Hullinger Keith Frederick Kuhnsmon Keith P Mays LIso Roe Miller Doniel Joseph OConnor David John Palmer Morthew Porrick Riordon Joe Archie Rivero Kirh Alon Schneider Kerry Woyne Self William Keith Shedd Sieven Anthony Sigler David Thoddeus Stewort Poul Rosorlo Tore Teresa Lee Trovis Kei!h Choriron Wogner James Thomos Wicker Michel Phuong Zumwoit i MSSll:(tie(lfw " S«A9«, 11 p ufidei itie imonder ta luoseoliofuj squodrofi. Ic wofkwilpoy MIygeito KNIGHTS OF THIRT XHn mW 1 PoulDovidAgo VOKyn CNn A KXVto K ly Ann OondOrvfc Chfwopftvf 0»rTwfrto Ch lat t Anrhony totm Oennoon III Von orvttOn Down y Sl«v n CcSvOfdOufn lorry Don ! Honrto Down Mxtwl Horn f Jom»i Leon JoblonWu II Corl Ivon Jenhtnt C»o»»nc o nK}n h M ho l P»f»r Hoiu»n OorrylCvonMotoh MNen M«fchonf OorreH Cleopha MmiVf MtChO«l Dennn Murphy Mork iohn P«rko Ooogtoj w.ifcom PoWmon Chorlet Don ) fletity S(eve Ell Sonchei Dovid Jom« Sc tucKeb«r Jomei G«o 9e Schmefui if Rob n AnOcew Skehon Srephert Thomos Sulltvon Horry Maxwell Tlpfon Sebojiion Siontey Irov Kennerh Ckjyton Tuchef EdwofcJ Clorence Wtpion u Normon Michoel Wonhen Assossin: fhe new croze Before U5AFA chorm school 509 After U5AFA chorm school!! Fourth Group AOC Lt Col. Robert A Lowe Deputy Commonder Support Doniel D. Cotton Stondords Evoluotlon Officer Peter R, Stroighl FALL - GROUP Administration NCO DorylJ, Houck Sofety Securlty NCO Sfonley M Soulny Jr Stondords Evoiuorlon NCO Jeffrey D. Motchon Stondords Evoluotlon NCO Somuel Durflct 510 , Group Commonder ■ li Steven A Lovell Deputy Commonder Operotiorii Gofdon D Hendrlckson Deputy Commondet Support Williom A, Costillo Standords EvoluQtIon Officer George 5 Lonchor FOURTH GROUP STAFF - SPRING Stondords Evoluotion NCO Jomes S Drown 511 J Randy Soctr Allen Kirk James Derggren Chrisiophef Lemmel Brooks Jomes Carl Cordinol Terrence Allen Coskey John Alan Cmor Pofrick John Frowley Roy Jomes Fullerron Jr Noncy Goye Galley Sfeven Allen Greene Anthony Joseph Hogon Jonaihon Dovid Horn Jeffery Dwoin Motchon iourice Devon McDonald Steven Enk McTier Dovid Donee Mulder Corltn Duone Myers Michoel Troy Panarisi More Ellsworth Patti SolvGtore Poul Schomonte Dorbofo Juonlta Smith Sreven Chnsiopher lonner Siuort Hays Wolker Druce Kennerh Way Dovid Lesrer Zabalaoui nil The Grim Reapers were really in for a " good year " when rhey got rheir new AOC Capr, Norman W. Goodyear . The spirits were high in C5-31 rhor first weekend back at the annuel John Elekes Woodmovie Lake Party. Of course John brought the watermelons. The party was over the next morning at the new good deal morining occountobility formation. It was time to work. With Gregg " Shelby " Christmas as our first go commander, the Reapers set our goals wisely Shelby organized policy to allow more people to get involved in running the squadron. With this, the Reapers finished high in intromurols and received a quol 1 in Stondords Evoluotion. For R.R., the squadron hod its Qirbond contests, wild parties and on interesting weekend or Forrish. As the new semester come in. Rod Cregier took charge as commander of Reopers 31. Working hard and having fun was still the standard. I00 ' s night come and went. Grup ' s fail-sofe lock system didn ' t keep the four degrees out that night, though. The firsties took the nukings with a groin of salt because it comes with the territory. We hod a good time, mode o lot of frineds and hove a lor of memories. Good luck and good-bye from ' 85. JeHrey Lewis Allen Kent WllllQfTt tJorchelt Michoel John DoroskI Som Porrick Connoro Aonuel F Corbollo Novofto Mofk Scorr Dierlom Kirk Edword EfTilg Ilmofhy George Foy Andrew Anionio Gorrobo Timothy Jomei Holloron DrlQn Daniel Hendershor Scon Drody Hoffmen LelXoy Wllron Homer Jr, JeHrey Robert Jocobs Julie Eileen Joyce Allen John Konhel Mork Oovid LoFond Jomes Andrew Lettwich Suson Morle Loomons Peter John Monthey Michoel Joseph Miller Timothy Alfred Polge Jr Cochiro Fusllero Porong Ronald Kevin Story Mory Kotherlne Travis 512 K ura«M - «»ka Mm Grim Reapers 116 ' WiMM M t tiMtilU Dnon Gregory Aiken Dnon Theodore Dorrell Chories Edwofd Oesrord Andrew John Ouescher Henry Leroy Conodo Wode Keith Cousey Dovid Edward Crowe William ConontDiChey Richofd Stephen D0I4 Pornck Herben Enctnos John Oovid F.izsifnmom Robert James Goutborn John Glenn Holford Poul Gerord J0991 Jomes Kelly Lee Dfodley Allen Lloyd Megon May Lovejoy Gregory Joseph Mong Thomos Jomes McNomoro Marvin Peter Oik Chrisropher AJon Pike John Anthony ( omirez JoiT es Woffh SchoeHer Robert Terrence SuHivon Chnsnne Rene Tfoxlef Roy Oevelond Ti th }t 513 IT " Dovid Michoel Dryonr George Richord Dumiller Roberr Anihony Colello Peter Joson Dolon Cynfhio Ann Reese Durhom George Poul Fuller IV Uoyd Levenr Gencoy James Edword Good Jr Doryl James Houch Timoihy Mark Ingle Ambrose Nom Hoon Kim Christopher Gregory Knehons Scon Dorren McCleon Carlos Denmo Quintono Roberr Henry Schrink James Thomas Schueler Jr Robert Sheldon Sloon Steven Howley Sreodmon William Wofd Taylor Donald Webster Usry TIno Morle Wlllers Roadrunners 514 It ' s Dob ond Doug McKenzlel i 9 Vicfo Lynn D«fln«ft Ronok) AMn OiMc DonoU LoAu« IVown 5 o»l IhomoiCroi ChOflei )Ol p Coonjftghom III DougkM Cknron Eoute Jr O«boroh Lynn Ftetonder Jomei Hordd Horhowov Dofuel Jonuory Hodgion Hofpef Porhom iohnion Cofolyn Mo ' te LoPoinle Moffhew Aofon Long Judiih Louiie Moyfond Gregg Etdon Miller John MIchoel Pegg Roger Sruori Pierce Todd James Poipivl Roymond Severino Smith f obono Fronklin Pierce Shines Jr Chorles Aoberr Volker Christopher Robin Wlllioms Ir wQS rhe worsr of rimes It was the best of rimes. The doss of ' 85 could finolly see o flickering of lighr or rhe end of rhe runnel. The freshmen always hod o clear view of rhe end of rhe run- nel And several rimes rhrough rhe yeor, rhe enrire squadron feir rhe runnel coving in. However, even when ir seemed like more doors were open rhon closed on Sorurdoy nighrs, our beloved Major Gorvey re- mained sreodfosr in his promise ro ler rhe firsries run rhe show. This rosk wos by no meons on easy one Wirh roo mony second doss coders imiroring Mario Andrerti and rhe rhree degrees procricing archery or irregular hours, our squadron meerings looked like rhe weekly AA meering. Never- rheless, we reroined our commirmenr ro dury firsr, wirh morale running o close, close second All in all, we learned rhe lessons already learned by rhe Block Sheep — we learned ro work rogerher, ploy rogerher, fosr and hard, ond above oil. moke rhe Academy a lirrle berrer place ro live for rhe coders of rhe nororious Rood Kunners. i i i y itiiiiiiiiii Ion Perer Oiggrns Louis Mourice Burroughs III Tlmorhy Edword Evons Roberr Valentino Gorzo Timothy Simon GfOfdin Todd Allen Hensley Dtet Dwighf Johnson Chtistopher Jude Kubick Thomas f oben Lone Christopher Lawrence Lofgren Joseph Chorles Lopereno Dren Arthur Monm Froncis John Monmi Jeffrey Croig Mose Geotge Michoei May Dierdre fXenee MercoH Avery Dole Mims Donald Joseph Oimweod Thomas Roben ftouls James Allen Regenor Richofd Aton Roberts Dernofd Joseph FXixJdy Beth Lynn Schissel Matthew MOfk Schweitzer Mtchoei Kevin Teptey U Julie Down Tope Anthony Michoel WedefiTsch 515 J Pedro Feftnin Suorez Warren John Sulllvon f ichord Worren Sumroll John Dovid Sweeney Goylord Zone Thomoi 516 L — -5ir j I IWgn torv 0aM(x4f ftob fi Von CornptMl (.Nivofthft ViyrenCoron Cofcn N«4 Corf Dnon MKhoei Co«ry Uovid wovne MOplei Jf Dovtd Woffen Montok) Korpn Jean PM gon Cordyn Ann Moore Morh Trejoi Nune Christopher Akyi Nu«ef Oorvel Edword OCorvtei III EfK Jon Oiiiod Mtchoei E wofd Pererjon Don Le ftedfofd Petet Joseph Sweer ey Rtchofd Gordon Ttussell H Tfoy Iht Wodden Kerwefh Thomoi Veueb Jr Joseph MKhoei Yotwbtk The end is finally near. After four long years, we ' ve finally mode ir. These losr rwo years have been memorable ones, from the Ring Dance to Hundreds Nighr ro graduation We hove mony memories rhot will lost a lifetime We worked hard and ployed hard, but through it oil we never lost sight of our goals, groduotion led by our squodron commanders. Dove Knight and Keith Knudson We olwoys managed to hove fun, but got the job done. In the end. we ' d oil like to forget these lost four years, but well always remember them. Good luck to all!!! 88 Oovid Poul Douewshi Roberr Neoi Oosi Jeffrey L Ouflef Aoron Droswell Chosen Roben Doie Dovid Ettc Jomei Davidson DovK) Woyne DeUel GoTTh Dovid Doty Sieven Edward Gores Gory Gordon Giben Sreven Rolph Grovenelo Vivion Koihenno Horem f homos Polmer Hesterrrton Trocey Colleen Jor es Stephen iink Kely Timothy JofT es LowrerKe Cf)ffon tsMoes MKhoei Henry McAniTKh Cra g McCufdy Akm JomeS Murry Robert Poul PfedeDo PotrKio Marie R nok Seon Potr k Ryon Oeboroh Ann Selb ;noun Qnon Ii rner t f Eugene Widtger ee Hoyword Wood )17 86 ■? « ill Thomos Arthur Deon III John Steven Fuss William Caldwell Honna Thomas John Kobylorz Robert William Lucko Dovid Allen Meyers Jeonne Lou Oninger Perry Joseph Peloquin Robert Alan Rosenrhol n Jomes Schlumpberger Joel Jon Schubbe Jason Joseph Spofford William Gory Tew III The Thunderbolts of C5-34 and rheir new AOC. Copr. Thomas E. Sconlin continued this year in the some winning spirit as last. The two squadron commanders, Fritz and Morl , were able to commend the squodron independently with the helpful guidance of Captain Scanlin. The ' Bolts continually pride themselves in superior achievements such as top ocodemic squodron in group. Our outstanding training program developed by select third classmen still hos the wing buzzing. Our new sponsors proved quire appropriate. Based out of Myrtle Beoch, 5.C., The Green Demons of the 356rh Tocticol Fighter squadron fly none other than the A-10 Thunderbolt II. Their overwhelming support for our squodron con be best described by ony ' Bolt that attended the dining-in we held ot the Rointree Inn. Joseph Mofk Aldrion Jonorhan Ono Oeosley Robert Vonce Clewis I James Douglas Erwin Percy Horold Perkins Eve Gregory Drondon Fairbanks Michoel Gordon Fine Wllliom Drou Goutier Robert Charles Horfwlg Liso Ann Hoyes Trocy Alon Jones Somantha Amanda Lofos Raymond Luno Joseph Aden Medlin Greg Allen Millet Kifk Adam Montgomery Maty Loulso Morlock Ronotd Eric Porte Michael Joseph Russel John Doyle Ryan Steven Potrick Snyder Denis ftoncis Steele Timothy Scotr Sweterlltsch Poirick Coen Williams Dovid Lee Wineborgei Douglas Andrew Woodbury i 518 ■o-m i Mvg lub Af c -Uvrtfo QryonCy DorTl n KofNeen A vt CoAohon Timofhy AAorm Coppl Oonn v«K Af Cotoruuo Mormew joivt Oic)«f ion Trd Ki Lynn Oorvm AnffX)ny P f er OiongRjio OotQ OontcH (joo4nc P t«f ftoYn ond Gnndiv oei Pomch Hofveouji Kevin cot H« Marl« Atyohom Koius FUhord Dontri Kemp iomei Joy Kttch (Robert Sufher tond Modeon MKhoei F ot en Mormews CorotynMeor MKhoet A y)rew Milef John Jocob Moes Michoei Thonxa MorQon Jr Gronr Arrhur Morrb Thorrxu John Mofherwoy III Edmund Monhew O fU r )cyi II Sfonley Deon Pongroc II WiilKjm Oyytei Reveioi RocJney Leonce Sondoz II MWVjel Luzjon SiOlfkowiM Loco Suzanne Trejiler Wode HonTer VougN Thunderbolts Bosed oui of ISdih looicQi hunderboli ti. con be bej ii we hek) oi 2 Copt Thomas E Sconlin Fritz Koennecke m 519 sd Richord Lee Bell Paul Edward DIonchi Roynord Jomal Cook Lon Anne Curl Ernesr Trifon Demerriodes Kennerh Bryan Domenick Glenn Charles Ely Jomes Earl Fldler Gory Keith Godwin Srotford R Goldsmith Jr Ross Jon Hansen Melissa Jean Hordmon Robert Herman Sranton Haufman Richard Frank Knopp Steven Bradley Lowlor Jerry Corlton Lindh Jomes Ennis McCloin David A lon Morgan Mark Douglas Oberly Terry Michoel Orner Kent Ungene Morrin Shin Jeffrey Robert Swegel Michael John Tombos Jerry Lone Toms Wild Wessel ' 85 sow some unforgettable momenrs in our final year. We won some, lost some, got o new AOC, lost some friends, and survived it all while growing closer as our time come due. Surfin ' Johnny led the woy foil semester while Lynn handled Ops. OzoQ hod his bathrobe, Mark hod the birds, Doug fell in love — with Q Porche — and the Tigers won it all for Jeff. Dogger, Jobbs, and 5Ki-Dum Chubber led o fun-loving group into spring. Steve got into med school. Z-mon declared war on wildlife, Smitty kept us honorable, and Pete and Dorrel kept on singing. As the magic day approached, Ed led the glory-bound flickerboll teom. Volleyball spiked opponents. Chance went on to fly jets ond break hearts, Mugo extended his realm in the kingdom another semester, and Scotty finally got out of trouble. We survived, hod much of fun, and headed inro the world with mony lessons learned and a wish of luck ro those who follow. 520 Keith Louis Deorden Michoel Poirick Oetiner )own Antoinerte Dnseno Michoel Conavon Michoel Norhan Cosios John Edward Coulohon Jr Louis Joseph Defidelto Keith Longford Driscoll Michael John Folkerrs Oonnie Joy Hoogenson Bradley Keifter Hommer Edward lee Icenhour Brodley Thomas Johns Keith Alon Koutleld Michoel Allen LeCloir Steven Suk Lee Michoel Glenn Lowry Trocey Michelle Meek Christopher Edword Renner Thomas James Sharpy Robert f Smith Kurr Townsend Spronger John Potrick Steimie Mory Margaret Vonderburqh RiChord Morvin Wornet L toelkepto ' igloty-bonc mcewefito- reolm lo ihe ' got oyt CI 110 the woilc ■0 those who Wild Weasels ijAiJ4iiii 88 mMtidiiM Kevin Dougtos DfOwn Joon PotncKJ Ourger Jomes Ger ord Cygon George MiChoel Oegnoo James Hugh Dennedy Mate Chriiiopher OiPook) Mofgoi EiQif e Fotcon WoJtef Anihony Gogojewihj IhotTXB Enk Goodnough Croig Er h Heilmonn Jon WiHiom Hobbi NeJ FrederKk Hubcf Ef IXolondo JeAkiftt Andrew Jon Keni$ Richord Howord loocower Pofr h Donteb McAkwe John Joseph McDoooogh III TiiTXJthy Don Moore Anne mot Neubouef SconOougkuOs Oortte Joieph Ourodo Robert Jomej Porhef Dorvel Andrew Puenie Renee Mniheie Rjchordion JeHefy Woyne fXiddleborgef Lee Woyne Aoien Kev.n D ixe Schneider Oovtd Lef evre Smirh PoirKh Joieph Tierney Pedro fXofoei Trmidod ir Scorr OovkJ Vilrer Tetreoce Von Wibon Curni Jorvn ZobkxKi 521 J men John Morrln Augusrine James Dovid Dyerly Kennerh Scort Corp entef Ffonk Rlchofd Doldlne Kellie L DovlloMorrlnez Helmut George Derro Stephen Glenn Edwards Willie Yancey Greenleo Kathleen Ann Hoeft Douglas Eugene U Jonet Clare John Ryan Leddy Dennis Perer McDevin Jr Mark Stephen Medvec Douglas James Pofton Jonathan Ross Putney Bruce Nicholos Rodemocher Donold Joseph Roines Dwighr Everett Robertson 86 SISIS 522 Lt, Col Lorry M Chodwick i22S Froneit Xovier Afmlef f Anthony f tffmouK Oorrwn K vtn Andrew D fti t OvillOph f Gien Duth io n Oxirlet CortfvSo Angel Ahmed Dkj Gory )ohn Oinocolo Timothy Dovx) Golden Hugh Jomet Honlon Pou Chrniton Horpef MOfVHJII Alien HuQueS Seen tmmer Kovonogh A Ion Poul LOurien Lucy Limjoco John Hugh MocPhefiOn Petef Poul Moglwne Jr Lyndo Mone Mefrymon Potfrck Aovier Mordente Meliodo Koye Selii MKhoel John Smith Thomoi Alon Srembfunnef Many Tofum Aiexonder Weeki it Wilhom Allon WoodCOCh The class of 1985 would like ro rhonls 36rh squadron for rhe best year ever This yeor our seniors pulled rogerher os first classnnen, rossing oside rhe labels of dirr bags and geeks. Will we ever have as good o rime os we did or rhe Deb ' s Ball? And how obour rhe assassin gome, rhe rriviol pursuir rournomenr, rhe ski trip ond rhe generous servings of fermenred amoebo Well lough when we look bock or rhe broken engogemenrs ond rhe furile efforts of Steve Butler ro deny his wedding plans. And rhose incredible squadron parties: we ' ll yeorn for rhe doys when we could relox ond listen to Bob Morley ot Cove of rhe Winds. As seniors or U5AFA. we wish 86, ' 67, ond d6 rhe besr of luck in continuing the legacy that is the 36th squadron 88 Michoel Wiiiiom AHin Kevin Lee Oerkompos Scon Edwofd Dcody Timothy Joseph Conklm Keirh Alon Cox Doffin Roy Dontet John Chories Dovis Stephen James Defihem Kof en Mone Eminefh Met ' UO Lyn Gfeer Heaof Jose Guevwo U John Henry Hordy Jf Nornxjn CHjggon Holrrxm U M hoel DovkJ Hurd Iimorhy John Kikomn om Loo Koy Knjgef Jonei Lynn LoAue Jomes N ebon MuAn Shown Alden Pooons DovkJ Edwofd Peters Srephon Oono Pfiel M hoei Scon Poisedi v hoei Ketrh Proftr Neil WenrwofTh (lobmson It Gregory Jomes Rosennxjr ! Dougku Dryon Seogroves Poul Scott Story Don-el RayfT orKJ Srrebel Robert Ke-rh Toykx Mpcfxjet IhcHTKJi Sco " GetoW WenertKihn Mark Vtocent Wiruchel 523 Sky Raiders Stephen Lee Aubrey Thomas Alfred Dorrh John Viaor Oode II Ondqer Deo Durion Edwofd Dfion Denholm Woffen Delone Dennis Dofrell Alan DuDose CfOig Spolding Esslinger Kenneth Allan Gotski William Douglass Hock Jomes Mitchell Hanscom Morcus tllswofih Hoy Charles Dudley Jones Dovid Alon Kniyhr ( icho(d Alan Metctol Matthew Eugene Mitchell Joseph Enc Parish Peter Walker 5chorfenbetg Todd Joseph Serres Tamaron Goil Shorp Joye Lynne Towe Mofh Kyle Vidmor Jose r otoel Woll Wode Henderson Weismon Jr David Thomas White 524 rr tonn Ovirtt t rt ob«M MKho»l levimon Ofcndo S iMko Lewo John Potr k McDonnell Seon Moulion CynlhiQ Lynn Mowery Gregory VKIOf Olyjn I ouren Lynn Powers Dovid John tKoqqto Poul Dennii Rodotf Mork Andrew SokulrCh Rudolph Anthony Smith tr Poul Anrhony Stfomme Hoong Nhu Iron Edword Thomoi Venner Deon Normon Wr ht The Skyroiders srorted the year our right with o dining-in. Nor only was rhis on effecrive welcome ro rhe new rhird and fourrh doss, bur ir gove rhe squadron o chance ro ser up our new gools The goals were ser wirh sighrs on rhor No 1 posirion in rhe wing This included o long range dream of marching down Pennsylvania Avenue rhis Jonuory The squadron hos mer mosr of our goals, which were ro rank in the rop percenr of everyrhing, We hove monopolized rhe squadron of rhe month competition for fourrh group We hove climbed ro number 1 in wing molonify points through maximum output from oil members of rhe squadron The second clossmon really took charge when they took No 1 in ocademics Much to our dismay rhe firsr class didn r help rhe squadron in ocodemic sronding We were led by rhe fearless squodron commander fXick Morrin who spenr mosr of his rime prepar- ing poems for rhe squadron meerings The squadron Ops officer did his parr by spending his spore rime writing forms 10 Then there wos rhe new rhird class who reolly wonted ro show their newly gain- ed squadron spirir Unfortunately they did it by toking 37rh in rhe wing in ocademics. Fof the second stroighr year rhe Sky Raiders were commanded by Copr David A LoFove Given the tow materials. Coptain LoFove end the squodron staff mode the porrs work ond kepr rhem working. When rhe captoin isnr rhinking about some woy to improve the squadron, you could find him flying his D-1 around the office or giving ir a doily dusting With everyrhing riding high, the Sky ( oiders hove focused in on rhof oursranding squodron porch which could ride high on their left shoulder. 88 fV Christine Elaine Ooher Jorge Pedro Forres Do ' boso Christopher John BoetJdy Michoel Dovid DIolo K Horry Arthur CofMe Jr Stanley Dean Crow }t WillKjm Edward Geihord Jr Work Willionri Gtson Durce Rtchord Ho " Ifommel Ar dfew Kin o»d Scott Donold Logon Denjamm Eugene Longoae Adn. 1 LouiS McCompbell nMcCultoch i ' Seon Morns Me " iH Owen Patrick Morgo Che-yl Ann P.ke Joseph Itrnothy PoDOvtCh Christopher MiChoel f otxhoud Ffedenck Thvomos So«n2 fXoy Chriwopt er Sontos Jeffrey John SchrT i Jennfe ' Ann Schwo Doren Allen Scots C ' lStoDher Ge ' dd 525 Douglas KirK Adomson Emesio Denovides V IXoben Thui ■ Elizoberh Dier James Roberr Doegmon Gordon Deon Dndger We finally mode ir. Four long, hard, demanding yeors. For rwo of rhose years we became o ream, a unit; despite our per- sonal differences. In each one of us we saw something unique or special. We remember rhose who began the struggle with us but didn ' t quite moke it. As we begin to bronch out in seporore directions, os we wolk across the platform and salute each other, os we throw our hots into the air on the long- owoited Wednesday, we cannot help but pause to reflect and remember. " Captain S. and his half-hits, thinking we really hod it tough Second class parties at Taps. Zac and his air bond concerts. Turn- ing 21, ring payments, sending home for money Brand new cars. The ring Dance, Rich Goffi and " Rich " Goffers Fay ' s first date DCT, the new AOC, non-negotioble, motivation, from within. Hundred ' s night, rooms thrashed, but somewhere in the mess left behind a ser of beouriful gold bars. Extended privileges in- stead of brevet. Hopes, dreams, some fulfilled, some left stranded on the wayside UPT selection, receiving orders, 42 days, 41 days, 40 days . " We finally mode it Joe, Andy Tom, Joe V., Chris, Fred, Bruce, Steve, Foy, Kurt, Vern, Jess, Pom, J.O., Gordie, George, Mark, Paul, Homer, and Doug, Never forget; " If it is to be, it ' s up to me. " Moke it happen. Set the world on fire. And wrap these four years up and place it in your heort or in the bock of your mind, to be remembered on tore occasions and never, ever to be forgotten. Getold Edword AHIerboch James Terrence Allen Timothy Mark Applegote Dana Emery Domes David Poul Olonks Dradley Morsholl Durke Jeffrey Kenneth Degler Alexonder Vincent Giczy Christine Patricio Gilmon John Alexander Hobeich Amond Frederick Heck Robert Moson Howard III Hiroshi Nicholas Ikedo Curiis Evert Johonson Nothon Gregory Lyden Todd Kevin Martini John Eric Meskel Dowson Scort Oslund Timothy Poul Press Dale Duone Reynolds Jr Viciorlo Ann Rojos Jeffery Carter Scon Ion Petet Szczyglelski Kenneth Leo Velten Wllllom Hayes Webber Wilhom Jeffrey Wilson 526 88 BESEI . SBa PouiMonoAvto Jom»i Aoron Dornm K««h AAen OrahrT« MKhO»l OryC (Vond Horold D on Drown )r Stephen Morti Drowning Dovid kMeph Durochto OennM Roy Conn PorrKh Ov ftodi Micboel Edward Oeorborn Moro iieono Gordo MorK Anttur OAipte iorw e Oonwttque Oohom Leo Ann Homlton Mchoel Roben HeCwrt Jon et MKhoel Hynei SNooNur Dk Kuo Kenr fh Aobefi Le«son Scort Corrwrtghi Luch Mornn noymorx) Morcotongo Jome John McVeer ey ShOunOmrKy Morm Dovtd Edword Polrrdler Qirttiophef John Aegon Kof Q Lee Roiendoie John Tttui Seonx n Cotvin Defoord S( e ghi Jomei Eori Spnf 9er Horold Aubrey Toykx Jr. Scoffy Lynn Volker Jim Wcv 38 All Stars Trmothy Lowrance Adorns Christopher Scon Austin Peter Michael Ploce Dompton Robert Scort Curtis Juli Anne Dohnke Peter Froncis Dovey iry Elizabeth Donchue James Stephen Dye KroigAlonEvenson rtichoel Seen Flonnery Fred W Goudlip Oort Andrew Gory More Harold Honlin Lisa Mane Logon John Richard MoCf no Carl Roy Martin John Porrick McGarnty Jose Menchoco Jr Timothy Jon Mills Richord Allan Nougle IXeed McDowell Nelson John Thomos Socks Cloude Einstein Salcedo Stanley M Saulny Jr John aichord Williams n Inspired by the revolutionary spirit of their namesake, the Jedi Knights of 39th squadron hove dubbed themselves the " Campus Radicals. " Despite this nickname the Jedi Knights have conformed satisfactorily to the standards of the Coder Wing, making it through another year in fine form We began the 1964-85 ocademic yeor with a new AOC A graduate of the Citadel, Capt. Stephen M, Souther provided guidance and motivation in good times and bod. Cadets Mark Arnold and R,uss Quinn were the first ond second semester squodron commanders. Under them we earned " Quality 1 ' 528 Theodore Bradley Anderson Drodley Thomas Durcheti Dovid Morgan Durns Edwofd Potrich Conroy Kichord Mark Denton Standards Evoluation ratings during both semesters. The squadron has hod good rapport with its Acodemy spon- sor, the Mechanicol Engineering Deportnnent. A softboll gome, a bowling match, and a Halloween party were some highlights of our interaction with the members of the Mech Deportment and their families. Squadron parties ond individuol element sponsors were other means of contact. We have appreciated and enjoyed their sponsorship ond looK forword to a continuing relationship with them. Kevin Potni sDill Jerry Victor Duhovic Mork Andrew Dumolt Joseph Thomas Guostella Jr Michoel Wode Hoter Coflos Leroy Honesty II Morcello Ann Houston John Joseph Iwonski Jeffrey Kozuo Komosoki Joseph Robert Monson II Thomos A Morhlond Michele fXene Morns Anthony Jomes Mutch Dovid Ronold Nordi Anthony Lewis Ordner Josef rVudoK Prem Dovid Alon r oss Ihomos Edward Scully Mark Oliver Simon Thomos Dernofd Vichot II Todd Douglas White f 88 Dnan yr« A»wv Thomo» An«h v v 0Oul»v Von Chortn CoTTwron Oonw4 Aov D»rwMi Mary L« Hyndmon OwrlM H»nrv Kow« Dougitt Owm Kwgt»« Jeffrey Voyne Umnmg Carl McTioel Mogrwt Kevin Jo n Mtuor Oovidicon Morti Ccxi Aivw Moii«ef Oaten Porrtch Netoon Mory Euger o NoeN Seon Poul Porry I orry Ciort Poyne ■ orti Vmcenf Peien vorti Ooyd fort Propp ohn Terence Ouhvoi Oryon Heofh SheftK n j on Tertonce S r Joy M hoel Sfooe Aodreo Deniie Thompion NoffTxin Lewo Tree II 3 ' ion Lee Upchyfch = ' ete ' Dotven Vonderhyden ■ ' Ciyjte vefn»ce Veovef ' ' onoid Dole WNied jr Jedi Knights Jeffrey Alan DIonk Derrick Keirh Hudson Jeffrey Lond Hupy Ausrin Dole Sheilogh Mone Kenney Chorles Pornck Kinomon Ffonk Edward Koznk John Gregory Levosseur Dennis John Molfer Jr Koro Mor.e McNeice Jomes Horlon f eynolds Jr Fronk Joseph l ossi Lindo Elizabeth Secor 5ran Alan Sheley Carlos Alberto Puenres 5ilva Horold Rohm Snllings Richord Christopher Stockton Fronk Lozelle Von Horn Todd Wesley Vosper Warren Scott Woinner Nothoniel Joseph Wilson I Moj Donald L Wolher Deth, Eliie, ond l-nends 530 1 87 liM£ lotN o Poul Au efww V»pr »n MQrv IVown«ng Vendy fWn«« Cartion Oreg Andrew Couttwon Ev fQngCh«uAq Thomon M«»nry Deol» Iimoihy Jo n D(ynn»l C ' onvi M Gongotco Lowr«ftc D on Grohom Dovid Alon Hotonboeh JowphA HoItwi Joro NtoH Johnwn Hoc OOrtC JOfMM Edword Arrv ld Kowetn Jf EfK JorrvciKfCul ftobeft Woyno leOlonc Jeflfey Wilhom Mcyeft Alden Oerord P oplei Tfenr Alien Ptckrnng Timorhy Jomei Ploce Jomei Alon Houienon Williom S on Reynoldi limorhy Avery fioHini More Sreven Shovet Oeon Allen Sreele Mofk EdwO ' d Allen Korhenne Mone Oly Darnel Cumn Oolond Lorry Allgood DfiKe U Jonoihon Hiptey OurgwokJ Timorhy Alexonder Cottson IXoberr (Xiley Oova Terren e Joseph Ennis fticho ' d Kennerh Goodoll Donald Scorr GnHm Kevin Francis Hayes Rodotfo Ignocto Herref o Jr MorK Doyglos Hughes JeMrey Alon Meyer WilliO ' T Henry Mundy MOurice Akorn Newtor Robert Lloyd Percy Koren Gnger f fO Woirer ieroid r edding Jr OovkJ Michoei Hehmeyer Sreven Virvcen? Rutiedge Coflos le oy Sokuor Oernord Schwortl Dovid William Showroi Dor e ' Dwoyr e ToJiy Kip Dnon lufO-n timothy Lee WetseN Em-ly Ann Whinoker MorK Lee Woros 531 m " FAREWELL 7 IROUGH LWt S •» ' »»» «vser . ' .Kt% - W : - •• ' 5-:.:;f - ' i-- -rf: ' - ■ " ' ' - Things Change . . . Things Remain the Same JH A AAA Mfur M fa MlMif f: ■ A Aaron. Aldru Todd 453 ABANGAN. ALAN AKESHI 75, 145 Abascal, Thomas Albert 464 Abbatiello, John Joseph 491 Abbott, Michael Anthony 492 Abel, Richard (Brig Gen) 398, 401 Abel, Joe 300 Abell, Tarn 304, 305, 449 Abercrombie II, David 500 ABRAMS, STEPHEN DAVID 62 Abrigo, Joseph Anthony (Uy) 300. 495 ABUYUAN, CLARITA OMEGA 59 Ackerson. Christopher Francis 504 Adarrs, Brian Douglas 474 ADAMS, DAVID JOHN 13 Adams, Michael Allan 495 Adams, Timothy Lawrance 528 Adams III, Herbert Pual 474 Adamson, Douglas Kirk 526 Adelmann, William Charles 478 Adkins, George Curtis 487 ADKINS, ROBERT ANTHONY 19 Afflerback, Gerald Edward 526 Aga, Paul David 509 Agisolelis, William Chris 509 Aiken, Brian Gregory 513 Ainsworth, Loren (Mai) (C) 478, 479 Akiona, fvlichael John (Kalamaku) 516 ALABATA, ALAN OZOA 116 Aladta, Eric Francis 479 Albert. David (Capt)(L) 158 Alden, Kristopher Jon 501 ALDERETE, ELIZABETH ANN 97 Aldrian. Joseph Mark 271 , 518 Aldrich, Robert (SSgt)(E) 158 Alesch, Teresa Mary 273, 461 Alexander, Allison Ann 499 Alexander, Gerald (Capt) (F) 208 ALEXANDER, DAVID JOHN 56 Alexander, James Allen 288, 497 Alexander, Ty Garett 508 Alfano, Salvatore (Capt) 207 Alfasi, Steven Louis 487 Allem, Rodger Craig 497 Allen, Aaron Brett 476 Allen, Beverly Lynn 464 Allen. Gerald (Capt) 204, 321 , 359 Allen, James Terrence 526 Allen, Jeffrey Lewis 512 Allen, Kevin Scott 451 Allen, Laurel Ann 493 Allen, Mark Edward 531 Allen, Randy Scon 512 Allen, Stanley Arthur 483 Allen, Steven Douglas 453, 484 Allgood, Wiley Virgil 468 Allin, Michael William 523 Allison, Brian James 529 Allvin, David Wayne 508 Almeida, Elizabeth Odalia 508 Alston, Clifton (Capt) (J) 220 ALTOBELLI, MARK ANTHONY 32 Alumbaugh, David Todd 449 Alvarado-Avellan, Jose Rolando 478 Amadeo, Anthony Lee 486 Amdahl, David John 458 Amin, David Josef 456 Amsler, Jr, Francis Xavier 523 AMUAN, SEAN CASTRO 32, 308 Anaya, Ms 212 ANDERS, GREGORY MICHAEL 1 7 Andersen, Bill 286, 288 Andersen, James Leroy 502 Andersen, Jim 288 Andersen, Joe 348 ANDERSEN, JOSEPH LEIF 132. 208 Anderson. Ann Mane 461 Anderson. Arthur Weston 505 Anderson. Marcus {Brig Gen) 308 ANDERSON. DAVID KALA 75. 500 Anderson. Joel David 496. 500 Anderson, John Tremaine 502 Anderson, Larry (Ma|) (O) 158 Anderson, Mark Alio 449 Anderson, Richard D 488 ANDERSON, RICHARD DENNING too ANDERSON. TERRY GLENN 107 Anderson. Theodore Bradley 528 Andre. Terence Scott 464 Andrews. J (David) (Capt) 208 Andu)ar-Queipo. Melvin A 447 Angelillo. Lori Ann 502 Angell. Stewart (Capt) (K) 220 Angle. Thomas (Capt) (E) 226 ANGULO. JOHN ALEXANDER 82 Anschuelz. Sally 284. 464 Anselmi. Mai 203. 235 Anspach. Christopher Eric 323. 4 8 ANSTED. JEFFREY JAY 19 Anthony. John (Capt) (F) 207 Antoon. Fred A (Capt) 222 Anzai. Alan 267 APONTE, ANTONIO MARCELINO 17.442 Apple. Mark David 507 Applegate, Timothy Mark 526 Arce-Larreta. Jorge Luis 519 Archambault.Gary(Capt)(J) 157 Archibald. Ian Gordon 507 Arcoleo. Kenneth Anthony 464 Atgyle, David Scott 463 Arizpe, Victor Henry 507 Arlinghaus. Mark Richard 471 Armagno. Nina Marion 475 Armiak. Thomas Ralph 452 ARMSTRONG, DENNIS MICHAEL 75 Armstrong, Merrill Frederick 474 Armstrong, Stephen Daniel 483 ARMSTRONG, TERRY WILLIAM 101 Armstrong, Wayne Porter 463 ARNDT, JEFFREY FRANK 104 Arnold, Kenneth Allan 452 Arnold, Mark 129,528 Arnold, Timothy Jay 482 Arrington, Edward Anthony 478 Arriola, Mark 318, 471 Arthur, R Ed (Capt) 224 Arthur, Joseph Thomas 304, 305, 458 Arts, Kan Theresa 502 Arvai, Agnes Susan 484 Arvin, Phillip John 455 Ashe, Trip 300 Ashe III, Jesse Brown 472 Asher, Troy Allen 477 Ashley, Timothy Hugh 529 Atchison, Walter (Capt) (L) 237 Atchison, Scott 227, 468 Atkinson, Rob 318 Ator II, Robert Avon 485 AU-YOUNG, JOHN50. 474 Aubrey, Stephen Lee 524 Aug, Joan 207 Augustine, John Martin 522 Ausink , John (Capt) (A) 230 Austin, Christopher Scott 528 Aulen, Beniamin Lee 468 Auzenne, Joshua Paul 531 AVALOS, FRANCISCO JAVIER 41 , 145 Averbeck III, Leo Henry 490 AVERY, DANIEL WILLIAM 104 Avila, Edward (Mai) (R) 214, 230, 284,285 Avila, Paul Mario 527 Avirell, Shammon 329 AYCOCK, KENT DARRYL 10 Ayen,LlCol203 Ayotte, Michael Norman 473 It 129 Babski, Ronald J 445 Bachelier, Vincent Jerald 453 Bachler, David Michael 507 Bacon, Frederick Childs 492 Baczewski, David Paul 51 7 Baczewski, Gerald 456 Bader, Dan 245 BAERST, ROBERT STEVEN 94 Baggerly, Mark Lee 478 Baggerly, Maria Raye 292, 493 Baggett, Debra Ann 354, 355, 494 Bagley, Bryan J 495 BAILEY, KENNETH WILLIAM 69 Bailey, Ed (Lt Col) 218 Bailey, Thomas Michael 450 Baillie, Maureen Ellen (Cecilia) 449 Baird, Michael (TSgl) (A) 1 58 BAIZE, RICHARD A 44 Baker, Richard (Capt) (W) 230 Baker, Christine Elaine 525 BAKER, LONNY PAUL 97 Baker, Bud (Mai) 234 BAKER, ROBERT KAZUO 78 BAKER, SCOTT ALAN 41 Baker Jr. David Newman 492 Bakke. Christopher Patrick 476 Bald. Theresa 292 Baldauff, Regis John 517 Baldwin. Jeffrey James 496 Baldy. Tom (Capt) 233 Balfany, Michael Dodds 442. 504 Balkan. Sanlord Harrison 478 Balkus, Nancy Jane 420. 463 Ball. David Glenn 495 Ball. Linda (SSgt) 238 Ballard. Lloyd Allen 462 Ballard. Scott 304. 475 Ballard. Timothy Dean 447 Ballinger. George (Capl) (W) 226 BALSCOCK. STEVEN LEROY 41 Bamplon. Matthew Weeks 494 Bampton. Peter Michael 285. 528 BANDUCCI. TODD MICHAEL 122 Bandy. Philip Bevil 491 Bangs, Terry (Lt Col) 218, 219 BANICK, GERARD JOHN 84 BANKS, KENNETH 82, 326 Bankston, Steven Ray 495 Baranack, Patrick John 458 Barbosa. Jorge Pedro (Fortes) 525 Barbour, Russell Wendell 527 Barkocy, Robert Anthony 506 BARKSDALE. CRAIG MICHAEL 72 Barlean. Kelly John 448 Barlow, Neal (Capt) 204 Barnes, Dana Emery 526 Barnes, James Aaron 527 Barnes, Mai 236 Barnes, Ron(TSgt)420 Barnett, Anthony Fitzmaunce 523 Barnett, Michael Joseph 495 Barnett, Michele Renee 509 Baron, Gina Bridgette 453 Barrett, Sam Clifford 447 Bartczak, Kenneth John 450 Bartell, Brian Theodore 513 524 Barth, Tyler Smith 497 Berth Jr, Jerry Lee 468 Bartine, Rebecca Wonder 491 Badlett, Bryan Cy 519 Bartlett, Eric Stephen 456 Bartley, Leigh Ann 448 Barton, Craig Andrew 492 Barys, Alan Joseph 479 Basak, Richard Michael 472 BASLER, CHAD J 107 Bassett, Marprie M 208 Bassi, Joseph (Capt) 237 Basso Jr, Philip Anthony 479 Basudev, Haridev Stephen 484 Bates, Mark Joseph 461 Bates, Wendell Romney 497 Bans, Alan Leon 460 Batturaro, Orlando 447 Bauman, Bill (Ll) 218 Baumann, Kimberly Ann 496 BAUMGARDNER, CHARLES RUSSELL 122 Baxter, Brent Richard 447 Baysinger, David Brent 479 Beagle, Jr, T Warren 500 Beals, Matthew Dennis 505 Beam, Ralph Leslie 491 Beames, Charles Lawrence 495 Bean, Capt 212 Bean, Ronald L (Capl) 222 Bearden, Keith Louis 520 Beardsley, Darryl Joseph 479 Beare Drever, Michael George 504 BEASLEY, BARBARA EVELINE 32 Beasley, Jonathan Ono 518 Beasley, Mark Evans 497 Season, Douglas (Capt) 237 Beany, Michael Scot 460 Beaty, Alan Keith 471 Beaubien, Seth 452 BEAUCHEMIN, MARK EDWARD 32 Beaudoin, Phillip Jay 145 Beaufils, Igor Fitzgerald 486 BEAVDOIN, PHILLIP JAY 113 Beavers, Timothy Rex 463 BECKELJR, ROBERT D 122 Becker, Marvin L (Capt) 222 Becker, Michael Dennis 497 Beecham, Brent Andrew 458 Beene, Eric Adams 480 Beer, Todd 290 Behne, Mary Ann 473 Behne, Michael Carey 506 Behnke, Thomas William 508 Beierle, Mark T 225, 489, 496 Beitle. Ronald Philip 481 Belcher. Kris Lee 475 Belinne. Adrian George 506 Bell. Brian Patrick 471 Bell, Greg 242 Bell, Dover Michael 449 Bell, James Rotjert 464 Bell, Malia 281, 283 BELL, PAUL GREGORY 88. 145 Bell, Richard Lee 442, 520 Bell, Rick 278, 279 Bellamy, John Anthony 497 Bellis, Ben 474 BELLIS JR, BENJAMIN NEIL 51 Bellon, Kevin Cronell 468 Belvin,Wilma(MSgl)238 Benavides V, Ernesto 526 Benedict, Christian Peter 493 Benitez, Rafael Antonio 285, 491 Beniamin, Warren Lee 469 Benka, Kalhryn Anne 292, 480 Bennett, Bradley Stephen 487 BENNETT, RALPH DALE 13, 262 265 Bennen. Victor Lynn 51 5 BENNETT JR. WALTER RUSSELL 56 Benoit.Louis J443,456 Benovil, Mane Anne 500 Benson, Paul Michael 478 Bente, William Gerard 470 Benton, Douglas W 446 Bents, Robert Thurston 526 Berg, Brett Eugene 453 Berg, Jeffrey Dean 461 Berg. Zachary David 463 BERGESON. THOMAS WILLIAM 51 Bergeson. Tom 474 Berggren. Kirk James 512 Berggren. Kurt 306. 307. 308 Bergquist, John Lee 455 Bergsagel, Brynne Mane 507 BERGSTROM, RENARD WILLIAM 85 Berkes, Kevin Andrew 523 Berkompas, Kevin Lee 523 Berry, Ira Colyn(Daryn) 481 Berry, James Keith 529 Berry, Nicole Mane 492 Berry, Angela (SSgt) (A) 207 BERTLING, SAMUEL JOSEPH 72, 145 Berllshofer, Patrick Dixon 525 Besecker, Vicki Jean 483 BESSELLIEU, SUSAN PEARLINDAI16 Bestard, Charles Edward 513 Bennei, Michael Patrick 520 Bianchi, Paul Edward 520 BICE. GREGORY WAYNE 14 Bier. Susan Elizabeth 300, 526 Biever, Lawrence (LI Col) 208 Biggins, Ian Peter 515 Bill. OarnI Clark 499 Billiet. Ronald Allen 288. 515 BILLINGS. NEIL ROBERT 59. 145 285, 430 BINGAMAN, BRADFORD LEE 10 Binger, Trent Dallas 459 Birdwell, Billy (Capt) 424 Birkhead, John (Capt) 233 Birrenkott, Daniel James 492 Bishop, Lee William 455 Bishop, Scon Charles 271 , 506 Bissell, Mark Andrew 473 BLACK, ALLEN SPENCER 25 BLACK, MICHAEL BERNARD 82 BLACKMAN JR, ELIHU ROBERT 51 Blackmon, Bobby 474 Blackwell, C 280, 453 BEAD, THERESA ANN 104 Blalock, Michael David 525 Blanchette, Louise (Capl) (A) 230 Blank, Jeffrey Alan 530 Blanks, David Paul 526 Blenit, Joe315 Blerbower, Chris 321 Blewitt, Joseph Paul 484 Blind, John A (Maior) 222 Blinkinsop, Sonny Paul 497 BLOCK, CARL HENRY 53 Block, Eric 499 Block, Michael Wallace 453 Bloomer, Raymond (Ma|) (H) 237 Bloum, Michael John 315, 316, 507 BLUE, DONALD NATHANIEL 29 Blum, Scon Christopher 474 BIy, Kathenne Mane 531 Board, Elizabeth Maude 449 BOCHMAN, ANDREW ADAM 126 Bode II, John Victor 524 Boe, Eric Allen 484 Boeddy, Christopher John 525 Boegman, James Robert 297, 300, 526 Boelts, Heidi 285 Bohn, Court (Capt) 273 Bohn, Matthew John 457 Boland, Daniel Curtin 531 Boland, Raymond Edward 460 BOLAND JR, ROBERT LOWREY 82 Boldnck, Margaret Mary 473 Boiha, Robert 482 Bondaruk, Kelly Ann 509 Bonn, James Michael 496 Bonney, Michael Joseph 499 Boots, David Martin 448 Borchelt, Kent William 512 Bordner, John Charles 506 BOREN, BRYAN SCOTT 116 Boroski. Michael John 512 Borowiec, Thomas 453 Borowski. Harry (Lt Col) 226 Borries, William (LlComdr) 217 Bosking III. William Henry 502 Boss. Mark 285. 461 Botzong. Cheryl 281 . 359 Boucher. Dennis David 499 Bouley. Thomas Anthony 529 Bova. Mark Armond 494 Bowie, Tom (Capt) 218 Bowl, Independence 260 Bowman, Jordy 288, 359 Bowman, Steven Hugh 451 Bowman, Terry Lee 461 Bowser, Jonathan Lancaster 503 BOYCE, BRYON WILLIAM 110 Boyce, Capt 212 Boyce, Lisa Ann 461 Boyd, Bryan Keith 455 Boyd, Rick (Capt) 233 Boyd, Kevin Charles 497 BOYD, KITQUENTIN47 Boyd, Marcus Aurelius 503 Boyd III, James Calvin 484 Bozarth, Kurt Mehard 485 Bradford, Tom 251 Bradley, Michael (Capt) (J) 1 57 Brady, Robert Bruce 307, 308, 505 Brady, Scott Edward 523 Brahms, Keith Allen 527 Bramigk, Brad William 450 Branche, Michael Charles 453 Brand, Michael Bryce 527 Brandner, Brian S 443 Brandow IV, Warren Francis 494 BRANDUER, BRIAN SCOTT 53 Brant, Bruce (Capt) (A) 446, 447 BRANYON, KYLE STANLEY 22 Bratina, Tuiren (Ma|) (A) 230 Brawley, Randy Scott 464 Bray, Dean Eric 481 Breazeale, John Madison 461 Breidenthal, Brent Forrest 490 BREININGER, JEFFREY LOUIS 32 Breivik, Diane Mary 463 Brennan, Hugh Patrick 26 1 , 508 Brevdeh. Samuel Robert 455 Brewer. Edward James 496 Brewer. Gregory Scott 457 Brezinsky. Thomas J 487 Brezovic. Joseph (Capt)(L) 157 Briar. David Paul 505 Bnckell. Capt 212 Bridger, Gordon Dean 526 Bridgers, Matthew 344 Bridges. Dan 245 BRIDGES. DANIEL REID 59 Brig. Duane E (Ma|) 224 Briggs II. Jack Leroy 443. 516 BRIGNOLA, MICHAEL PETER 119 BRINDLEY JR. LARRY BOYD 88. 427 Briseno. Dawn Antoinette 620 Briski. Mark (Capt) (5)230 Bristol. David Frederick 473 Bristow. Reid Robert 479 BRITT, RICHARD JAMES 132 Brock, John Kurtis 485 Brock Jr John (Ma|) (R) 235 Brockinglon, Lex 262, 516 BROCKWAY, SCOTT DAMIEN 25, Brockwell, Derrell Randel 493 Brogan, Thomas Donald 501 Brogan Jr, William Kendrick 468 BROOKE, SARAH SANDERSON 107 Brooks, Christopher Lemmel 308, 512 Brooks, Gregory Lyndon 452 Brooks, Kevin Dewayne 492 Brooks, Randall (Ma|) (E) 1 58 Brooks, Sara 303 Brooks, Todd Andrew 454 Broomhead, William Floyd 475 BROSZ, TODD MICHAEL 82 BROTHERS, SANDRA ZOE 1 19 Broussard, Byron K 484 BROUSSARD, KERRI LORETTA 29 Brown, Cheryl Lyn 483 Brown, Derek Christopher 486 Brown, Donald LaRue 515 Brown, Eric Duane 314. 499 Brown. Gerry 267 Brown, Hugh Ryan 473 Brown. James S 511 Brown. Jeffrey Gordon 348. 499 Brown. Keith Douglas 315. 316 516.521 Brown, Lori 233 Brown, Louise 379, 382 Brown, Luch 329 Brown, Lucy Ann 478, 491 Brown, Mary Catherine 222 Brown, Michael Lee 20. 490 Brown. Mike 250. 251 , 300 Brown, Miki Renee 455 BROWN, REGINA JEANISE 32 Brown, Robert Bayne 484 Brown, Terrence Adrian 507 BROWN, WILLIAM CURTIS 62, 443, 449 Brown Jr, Billy Bob 447 Brown Jr, Harold Dean 473, 527 Brown Jr, Robert (Mai) (C) 503 Brown Jr, Pureed Norwood 505 Browne, Bruce Frederick 501 Browne, James Sidney 526 Browning, Stephen Mann 527, 531 BROWNING, THOMAS JEFFREY 75 Broxlerman, Elizabeth Anne 485 Bruce Jr, Larry Allgood 531 Brudidge, Lawrence 318 Brunkow, James Albert 288, 463 BRUNO, THOMAS JAMES 85 Brurdidge, Lawrence Alvin 468 Bryan, Kay 346 Bryan, Shawn Tyrone 492 Bryan, SherylK (Capt) 222 Bryan. Terry 346 Bryant, Larry (Capt) (W) 217 Bryant, David Michael 514 Bryant Jr, Ronald Martin 500 Buchanan, Robert Otis 475 Buchanan IV, James Paul 477 Buck, Mark 288 Buckenmyer, Robert Joseph 471 Bucki, Mark Anthony 516 BUCKLEY, TIMOTHY DARRELL 47 Buckman, David Todd 526 Budd, John Timothy 503 Buescher, Andrew John 513 BUGEJA, VINCENT E 110 Bula, John Joseph 447 Bumiller, George Richard 514 Bump, Mike 304 Bumpus, William Michael 472 Burachio, David Joseph 527 Buralowski, John Andrew 450 Burchett, Bradley Thomas 528 Burtict, Samuel 510, 518 Burg, Gary 303, 486 Burger, Brian Taylor 472 Burger, Joan Patricia 521 Burgess, Barbara Lynne 482 Burgess, Gregg (Capl) (M) 230 Burggraf, Ma|Or214 Burgwald, Jonathan Ripley 531 BURK, WENDELL CURTIS 114 Burkard, Michael John 508 Burke, Bradley Marshall 526 Burke, Christopher Glen 288, 523 Burke, Randall Drew 447 Burkel, Ll Col 280 Burkhard, Michele 508 Burklund, Michael Alan 502 BURLEIGH, TODD ANDREW 72 BURNS, DAVID PAUL 98 BURNS, DOUGLAS HOWARD 126 BURNS, GERALD 98 Burns, Kevin Edward 481 BURNS JR, BENNIE LEE 65 Bums, David Morgan 528 Burroughs III, Louis Maurice 515 BURT, RICHARD ARTHUR 41 Burton, Bridget Bea 524 Burton, James A 446 Burton, Richard Raymond 507 Bush, George (Ma|) (W) 155. 451 Bush. Timothy Eugene 505 Bushanan. R J 300 Bushe. James Devin 499 Bushey. Dean Edward 447 Cam,(iiis| Sil,S!! CiWritrtajs,. r««««si? £:? Buss. Robert NealSI7 BUSSIAN. ROBERT FOLEY 10. 208 Butcher. Roben Preslon 468 Butler. Anthony Edward 491 Butler. Oavid Calvin 448 Butler. Gregory Paul 497 Butler. Jeffrey L 477, 517 Butler. Michael Brian 501 Butler, Carl(SSgl|(A)207 BUTLER STEPHEN DEAN 1 19 Butrell. Fred 358 Butterdold. Cammie 298, 300 Buttrell, Fred 257 BUTTRELL, FREDERICK W(P) 126 Buns, Carl Anthony 453 BUTTS, STUART LLOYD 85 Buzze. Charles (Lt Col) 444 Byerley. Aaron (Capt) 204 Byerly. James D 51 1.522 Byers. Brad William 447 BYERS. KRISTINE DIANE 98. 488 Byers, Stephen Randall 430. 491 BYRD EDWARD LEE 85. 325. 327. 358 BYRO. MATTHEW EUGENE 47 Byrne. Bill 258 Bystrott. John Roman 497 Caddy. Andrea 292 Cady. Craig D 444. 446 Cagle. Joseph Howard 507 Cahoon. Neil (Capt) (T) 230 Cam, Shirrel Lisa 474 Came, Philip (Col) (d) 1 57. 1 58 Cairney. William (Lt Col) 208 Caldwell. Brent Allan 459 Caldwell. David a 445 CALDWELL. ROY ALAN 14 Calhoun Jr. Paul Raymond 482 Calibo. Katasak4ei (iailahan, Jamie Lynn 456 Callahan, Kathleen Ann 519 CALLAWAY, PETER ALLEN 107 Calloway, David (Capt) (L) 220 Caltagirone, Paul Matthew 285, 507 Camacho, Marlon Gilbert 471 Cameron , Scott Charles 529 CAMERON, VON MICOLE 26 CAMMARANO, GLEN 94, 145 Campbell, Craig Philip 454 Campbell, Gordon Scoll 496, 51 7 Campbell, Gregory John 465, 482 Campbell, Jeffrey Manm 473 Campbell, Mark Alan 471 CAMPBELL, TERRY GRANT 62 Campos, William 482 Canada, Henry Leroy 513 Canavan, Michael 520 Cancill, Peter Daniel 455 CANING, MICHAEL ALLEN 129, 511 Cannala, Sam Patrick 512 Cantrell, Randall (Ma|) |R) 484, 485 Cantrell, Mark Walter 502 Capehart, Steven (Capt) (R) 230 Capello, John 315 dlapone, Michael John 454 Cappello,John Tullio 470 Capps, Timothy Morris 519 Carballo, Navarro, Manuel F 51 2 Cardello, John Charles 347, 523 Cardinal, James Carl 512 Cardoso, James Luis 457 Carey, David Lance 472 CAREY, SEANKILLIAN44 CARFAGNO, CHRISTOPHER JERRY 20, 483 Cargill, George (Capt) 208 Carhuft, Carl Clifford 479 Carlile Jr, Harry Arthur 525 Carlson, Andrew Robert 478 Carlson, Andy 348 Carlson, Timothy Alexander 300, 531 Carlson, Wendy Renee 531 CARNEY, WILLIAM SCOTT 65 Caron, Christopher Warren 517 Carpenter, David Scott 267, 326, 518.522 Carpenter. Ken 251. 252 Carpenter Jr. Robert Thomas 506 Carr. Colin Neil 51 7 Carr. Michael James 500 Carranza. Hector Javier 479 CARRELLI, ANTHONY JOSEPH 78 CARROLL, JOHN LEONARD 116 Carruth, Timothy Scon 459 CARSELL, CHARLES BRAIN 101, 302, 303 Carson, Gregory (Capt) (W) 158 CARTAGENA, ORLANDO LUIS 75 Carter, Andrew David 480 Carter, Edward (Capt) (M) 21 7 CARTER, CURTIS RAY 44 Carter, Don Durant468 CARTER, KENNETH 53 CARTER, MIGUEL ANGEL 56 Carter, Michael (TSgt) 238 Carter, Wesley Alan 479 Cary, Scon Alan 503 Cary A Fisher, Colonel 222 CASALE, LOUIS AI THONY 98 CASAVANT, MICHAEL PAUL 69 Casey, Jack 262 Cashin. James Patrick 448 Castas. Michael Nathan 520 Caskey. Terrence Allen 512 Cass. John (Capt) (R) 230 Cassady. Wallace James 471 Cassel. J Frank 208 CASSIOY. CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL 78 214 CASTILLO WILLIAM A 132 511 CASTOR PETER HEIMZ 17 CASTRO JOSEPH EMMANUEL (MARIAN) 44 CATOE CHARLES EDWARD 88 Caul Gary L(SSgi) 224 Causey. Wade Keith 513 Cauthron, Greg Andrew 531 CAVALIEHE. SUSAN LYNNE 129 Cave. Theresa Lynn 451 Cavello. Robert Joseph 494 CAVUOTI, FRANK MICHAEL 1 1 7 Cayon, Greg Michael 448 Celestini, Philip Arnold 508 Cellery, Marc Gates 453 Cervone, Daniel (Mai) (J) 229. 430 Chadwick. Larry (Lt Col) 522 Chaffee. David (Capt) 204. 205 CHALLMAN, MICHAEL PATRICK 59 Chambers, Kevin Lane 455 Chambers, Stephen Grady 448 Chambers, Victor Brian 464 Champlin, Darren Travis 450 Chancellor, Richard Wayne 494 Chandler, George 285 Chandler. Michael John 253, 500 Chandler II. George Elmer 496 Chaney. SA Dennis (D) 1 58 CHANEY.TODDLEE48 CHANG. YU-JEN 29 Chapin. Colleen Leigh 457 Chaplin. Mark Alan 463 CHAPMAN. CHARLES EDWARD 85 Chapman, Joe 288 Chapman, John William 475 Chapman, Joseph Francis 505 Chapman, Kevin Dale 477 Charles, D R (Capt) 224 Charlton, Mark Christopher 493 CHARRON, DEBORAH E 85, 245 Charsagua, Jacqueline N 488 CHARSAQUA, JACQUELINE NINA 79 Chasen, Aaron Brasweli 517 Chastain, George Paul (Rene) 473 Chavez, Edward Craig 494 Chavez, Roberta 236 Cheatham, Patrick Lee 481 Cheek. Richard (SSgt) (D) 1 58 Chelates. Christopher Demetno 509 Cherry. Sophelia Elon 479 CHESLEY. GARY DONALD 20 Cheung. Eve Fang 531 Chi. Clive Shun (Hsiao) 453 Chiabotti. Stephen (Ma|) (D) 226. 318 Childers. Darren Eric 454 Chin. Allen William 473 Chin. Keric Blaine (On) 497 CHING. MICHAEL LUKE (GEE) 22, 442 Ching, Peter Wai 469 Chinnery, Anne Elizatjeth 491 Chisholm, Mark Andrew 479 Cho, Sueling284,481 Cho, Sung 262, 263, 446 Choir. Catholic 426 Chowning. Scon Douglas 469 Christensen III. Wayne Howard 497 Christie III. Richard Weslley 484 CHRISTMAN. DELBERT GAY 29 CHRISTMAS. GREGG LLOYD 104. 307. 308 Christopherson. Partick Wayne 475 Chumura Jr. Stanley Frank 497 CHUN. CARY COMPERIDO 120 CHUNG. STANLEY KUI (FONG) 79 Ciatfa. Bob (Capt) 218 Cilley. Scon Anthony 478 Cisneros-Daniel. Raul Ernesto 480 Ciuzio. Charles Anthony 525 Cladwell. David Arthur 454 Clancy, John Francis 465 Clanton, Mark Alan 449 Clapp, Steven Eugene 492 CLARK, CHARLES KEVIN 123 Clark, Joseph Michael 288. 474 Clark. Karen Sue 486 Clark, Albert (Lt Gen) 226 Clark, Murray Ray 456 Clark, Randall Wade 484 Clark, Richard Milo458 CLAUNCH, CHRISTOPHER LEE 114 Clavin, Joseph Laurence 458 Clawson. Scon Macdonald 460 Clay. Chnstopher John 481 Clay. James Joseph 508 CLEAVES. CHEVALIER PHIPPS 1 1 1 . 208 Clement. Steve (Capt) 234 Clemmons. Thomas Glen 506 Cleveland. Cheryl 463 Clewis I. Robert Vance 518 Chan. Jeffrey Carter 271,484 Clifford, RB (Mai) 224 Cline, Kenneth Larry 453 Cline, Mark Evan 450 Clinton, Shirley Rebekah 484 CLOUTIER, MARK ALLEN 10 Clyne, Andrew Johnathan 484 Cmar. John Alan 512 Coaklay. Maj Tom 216 COCCIA.TERRIUYNN 117 261 Cochran Jr. Larry Wayne 461 Coffey Ml. Lavanson Crenor 505 Coffin. Timothy Patrick 501 COFFLAND CHRISTOPHER KEITH 29 Coffman. Eric Alan 485 Cohee. Garren Lane 448 Colarusso. Darin Vincent 519 COLAS KIRBY RAY 22. 349 Colbert. Michael Anestis 466 Cole. James Douglas 455 Cole. Donald (Man 233 Cole Jr. Philbert Alderman 501 Colella. Robert Anthony 514 COLEMAN DONALD HERBERT 54 Coleman, Edward Joseph 468 Coleman, Kurt Ulrich 495 Coleman. Robert Mason 464 COLEMAN. THOMAS HUNTER 65. 322 323 Coley. Betsy Crayton 486 COLGATE. STANLEY JOHN 59 Collen. Thomas Walter 487 COLLINS. COLLEEN ADELE 95 COLLINS. GEORGIA ROSS 48. 242,272,273 Collins, Jon Christopher 491 Collins. Phil 474 COLOMBO. JOHN CASIMER 44. 145 Combs, Jeffrey Scon 503 Comer, Maj Rich 218 COMI, DONALD JOSEPH 48 Comsiock, Michael A 445, 462 ConanI, Edward Shelton 505 Conard, TSgtM 156 Conklin, Timothy Joseph 523 Conn, Dennis Ray 527 Connell. Tim 267 Connelly. Tom 242 CONNELLY, THOMAS WILLIAM 17.442 Conner. David Manwanng 461 Conner. Steven Dwyer 461 Conner. Tami 138 Connolly, Donna (Capt) 218 Connolly, James Douglas 487 CONNOLLY, STEVEN MICHAEL 41,62 Conrad, Mark Paul 494 Conrad, Matthew Christopher 481 Conrer, Gary Franklin 479 Conrey. Scott Patrick 458 Conroy. Edward Patrick 528 Conte, Christopher Thomas 491 Coode, Capt William (L) 226 Cook, Creighton 348 Cook , Jeffrey Joseph 459 Cook, Raynard Jamal 520 Cook, Sean Hamilton 516 Cook, Stephen Roger 482, 519 Cook, Steven C 444, 452 COOK, WEf DY LEE 82, 208 COOK JR, CREIGHTON WILLIAM 32 COOKE, WILLIAM STEVEN 91 Cooksey Jr, Richard Hal 462 Cooner Jr, Capt Walter (J) 226 COOPER, JAMES DAVID 44 Cooper, Lawrence Andrew 496 Cooper, Lora Ellen 459 Cooper, Stephen Dale 271 , 499 Cooper II, Gary Lee 447 COOPER III, MARCUS FLEMING 48 Coovrey, Christopher Michael 475 Cope, Capt Jan218,219 Copher, Todd Andrew 490 Corcoran, Thomas Joseph 471 Cordova, Levi 286 Corley, Charles Patrick 526 CORLEY, DONALD MACK 126 CORNELL, TIMOTHY ROBERT 72 CORNS, TOIVONISE 107 Corrado, Allred Richard 479 Correll, Robert Wesley 491 Corry, Brian Michael 517 Cortes, Capt Ramon 230 Costanzo, Capt Chuck 233 Costin, DondiEnos456 COTA, WILLIAM CHARLES 62, 145 COTTON, DANIEL D 132, 510 Coughlin, Noreen Mane 455 Coulahan Jr, John Edward 520 Coulter, LtCol 203 Courchene, David Allen 492 Couser, Robert Allen 476 Cow. Jeffrey William 459 Cowardin Jr, Maj L (James) 235 COWELL, GILBERT LEE 29 COX, BRAIN DAVID 45 Cox, Keith Alan 523 Cox, Gary (Maj) (P) 226 Cox. Michael Ray 312.313,314, 464 COY. STEVEN D 104 Craig. William (Maj) (R) 157 Craig, Pat 355 Craig, Patricia Mane 476 Craig, Robert Myles 471 Grain, Jelfery Kent 491 CRAMER, MICHAEL KEVIN 23 Cramer, Richard Barraclough 508 Crandall, Manhew John 288, 450 Crase, Scott Thomas 515 Crawford, Michael (Capt) (L| 237 Crawford, Douglas John 503 Creedon, Roger William 485 Cregier, Roderick Lanksbury 145 C ' «nwelg«, Br«t Anthony 492 Crerio, Jonathan Arthur 456 Cribbs Blair 300 Crisiiani Mai Sievon (J| 21 7 Crochet DavKl Allen 500 Crockett, LI Carl (E) 230 Crone, Robert Bryan 4S6 Crosby. Mark Albert 300 494 Cross. Brian Eugene 506 CiOii. Mai Christopher (A) 220 Croteau Craig Wildbur 465 Crouch. Richard Thomas 491 Crow. Jeffrey Louis 502 Crow Jr Stanley Dean 525 Crowder. Mark James 504 Crowe Kathy iCapi) 218 Crowe David Edward 513 Crowe. William (Mai) (E) 509 Crowhursi James Willard 468 Crowley Ma| James (M) 230 Cullen, Cap! 212 Culver Curtis 271, 449 Cummings, Bob 242 CUMMINGS JR, ROBERT LEE 133 Cundifl, Jeffrey Scon 461 CunliffeLt Col (Ernie) 359 Cunningham III, Charles Joseph 515 Cunningham, Kyle 474 CUNNINGHAM, KYLE PARK 51 Curl, Lori Anne 520 CURL, PHILIP ALDEN 120 CURRIE JR, TOM PAUL 57 CURRIN, SHERRY ALISON 23. 320. 321 Curtis. Bradley Lawrence 51 7 Curtis. Robed Scon 251 . 528 CURTIS JR. ROBERT LEE 1 14 Curtright. Jay Andrew 503 Cushman. Manhew Lee 479 CUTWRIGHT. TERRY SUE 89 CVANCARA. JAMES ROBERT 72. 145 Cwach. Lynn Mane 526 Cygan. James Gerard 521 Cyr. Jeffrey Louis 485 1) 120 D Antonio. Robert G 51 1 Daggen. Ronald George 451 Dahlby. Miles Davidson 473 Dahnke.Juli Anne 528 Dailey. Kevin Scon 458 Daldine, Frank R 286. 288. 522 Dallin. John Victor 497 Daly. Paul Kenneth 469 Danda, Jennifer Renee 465 Danek, Jr, Thomas Edward 464 Daniek, Capt Steve 262 Daniel, Damn Ray 523 Daniel, Dean Allen 483 Daniel, John Boyd 457 OAIMIEL JR, GERALD ALLEN 101 DANIEL, SBADERV 10 Daniels, Stephen (Capt) (C) 230 Dantzscher, David Douglas 499 Dara, Tina Mary 453 Dare, Lauren Elizabeth 461 Darnttel, Timothy John 531 Daronco, Jim 315 Dart, James (Capt) (R) 1 58, 453 DaSilva, Stephen Mumz 448 Daugherty, Dennis 204 Davey, Peter Francis 528 David, Roben Dale 51 7 David, C Bannerma (Capt) 222 David, J Nicholls (Capt) 222 Davidson, Eric James 517 Davila.JeHrey Neil 474 Davila-Martinez, Keilie L 522 DAVIS, CECIL GLEN 120 DAVIS, CHRISTOPHER GERALD 20 Davis, Darrel Taylor 4 55 Davis, John Charles 474, 523 Davis. Jon Francis 513 DAVIS. KENNETH MARTIN 41 Davis, Kevin L 446 Davis, Luther Kelly 455 Davis, Lynda Lee 525 Davis, James (Ma|) (A) 207, 214, 448,484 Davis, Michael Eades 495 Davis, Mihcael Edward 504 Davis, Roben Riley 473, 531 DAW, RICHARD SCOTT 79 Dawes, Clinton John 454 DAWKINS, KEITH ALPHONSO 48, DAY JR, GEORGE EVERETTE 72 Day Jr, Roben Eugene 497 De Quatrebarbes. Ma| Huben 220 De Rock. Patrick 527 Deaile. Melvm George 475 Deale. Thomas Henry 531 Dean III. Thomas Anhur 518 Dearborn, Michael Edward 527 DEARDORF, ERIC WALTER 76, 297, 300 Deaton, Mai Terry 429 DeBerry, Fisher 250, 251 . 252. 253. 254,256,257,259,359 DeBorger, David Avery 457 DEBROCK, RICHARD STEPHEN 10,445 OEBRUZZI. MICHAEL SCOTT 108 0«Cavtic«nM. Michaal Ljwranc 447 OcCW ' ck. Jon-Cnasa 476 D«F io Len 286 Delszio III Ai« ar dw 507 D«Fa io Jr Leonard Anthony 447 0«lK)«iio. Lous Jos«(Ki S20 0«gi«r. Jeffrey Kenneth S26 Oegnon, George Michael 521 OEINLEIN BHENOA MICHELLE 120 DEITERS JEFFERY KURT 57 OeJor gh Mai Jay 204 DELANEY WILLIAM PHILIP 65 Oelapena Jr Eduardo C 499 Delich Chuck 266 O«ior g Mark David 482 Oeiorenzo Capt Michael (L) 207 DELUCA MARK EDWARD 117 Deiucia, Michael Thomas 513 Oeiuise Charles Jude 475 Deizeii David Wayne 517 OEMANDANTE CAROL ANNE (NIEPES)14 DemarKJante Marie ArwMiique fN) 452 OeMarias David Michael 447 OeMaso William Cunis 481 Demetriades Ernest Triton 520 DeMeyer. Mrs Joyce (M| 235 Demkowicz Erik Robert 459 Dempsey, Vincent Michael 476 DEMUNNIK. BRIAN DAVIO 17 Oenholm, Edward Brian 524 Dennedy, James Hugh 521 Dennedy, Thomas Patrick 503 Dennis Daniel Roy 529 Dennis, Warren Delane 524 Dennison III, Anthony John 509 Dent, David Earie 487 Denton. Richard Mark 528 DEPALMER STEVEN JAMES 17 145 Oepalo. Lee Kevin 496 DeRosa.Ma|Or222 Derra. Helmut George 522 Derrs. Helmut 262 Dershem. Stephen James 523 DeRuyter, Tim 255. 258 DERUYTER. TIMOTHY JAMES 62 DeSutter, Maj Joseph 233 Detorie. Francis Nicholas 447 DETRICK. SAMUEL FORREST 108.510 DETTELIS. PETER FRANCIS 17. 427 Deutsch. Or Harold (C) 226 DEVANE MARK WINTHROP 101 DeVaney, Nicole Elizabeth 458 DeVarey, Niki 300 Deverney, John 204 Devers Jr, Roben James 479 DEVINE, TROY ELLEN 10, 298. 300 Dewey. Mark Todd 474 Dewine, John Patrick 492 DeWm, Brenda Remse 507 DEYSHER, MARK EDWARD 111, 208 Diaz, Angel Ahmed 523 Diaz, Gerald (Capt) 230 DIAZ, DANIEL 11 Diaz Jr, Rolando 497 Diaz Jr, Victor Jesus 480 Dick, Grant Christopher 507 Dickenson, Ian R 431 Dickerson, Chnstina G 284. 446 Dickerson, Manhew John 519 Dickey. William Conant 513 DICKINSON. IAN ROBERT 20. 145.344 Dickinson. Timothy Eugene 471 Dickson. David Alan 4 73 Didden, David Gregory 481 Diederich, Jackie 300 Dierlam, Mark Scott 512 DIERLAM, TISHANN 123 Dierlam, Todd Allen 451 Dietrich, Jeffrey Paul 481 Dietz, Joseph Michael 498 OIGERONIMO, ROBERT JOHN 72, 145.208 Dill, Kevin Patrick 528 Dilorenzo, Mrs Gladys 217 Dimaggio, Danny Richard 454 DIMARTINIS, OAVID PAUL 51. 474 Dimento. Mike 31 5 Dimento. Patrick Michael 315. 474 DIMUCCIO ERNEST ANTHONY 92 Dingle, Levenchi Larosa 502 Dion, Stephen James 493 Oione Jr, Gerald Richard 469 DiPaolo, Marc Christopher 521 Dirrenkott Dan 288 Disco, Jennifer Louise 481 DISILVESTRO, LUKE JOHN 26 Dittus, Roben James 499 Dixion, James (Lt Col) 229 DIXON, KEVIN WILLIAM 60 Dixon, Lisa Mane 485 Dixon, Hoe (Mai) (C) 226 Dixon. Peter R 157 Dixon. Steven Andrew 507 Dobb. Chnstopher Patrick 483 Dodson. Eric Carl 508 Doherty. Sally 273 Dolan. Mary Anne (Lorena) 459 Dolan. Michael James 455 Dolan. Peter Jason 307. 308. 309. 514 214 Domenick. Kenneth Bryan 520 Dominguez. Juan 307, 308 DONA. EDWARDO PEREZ 98 Donahue, Mary (Ma|) (E) 230 Donahue, Michael Kevin 481 Donald. Shawn Jay 468 Donchoe. Sharon Rose 471 Donchue, Mary Elizabeth 528 Done Jr, Steven Reid 503 Donehower, Robert Boyd 490 Donnelly, Richard E 499 Donovan. Steve 306. 308 DOOLEY. JAMES KEVIN 42 DOOLEY. ROBERT CHRISTOPHER 20. 145 DOORE. RICHARD JACKMAN 20 Dorian, Stephen Frederich 479 Dorofl, Mai Dennis 218, 219 Oorris, Capt Joseph (L) 158 DORSEY JR. ALFRED MAXWELL 66 Doster, Thomas Daniel 502 Dotson Jr, Ma| Jim472 Dotts, Carl Barton 499 Doty, Garth David 517 DOTY JR. JAMES HOWARD 101 Douglas. Wayne Bryant 474 Douglas L Miller. Captain 222 Downes. E Richard (Mai) 226 Downey. Scott Johnson 509 Downing Jr. Harry Ellsworth 468 Downs. Mark Anthony 460 Doyle. Derrick Todd 461 Doyle. Lt Col 203. 238. 239 DOYLE. THOMAS EDWARD 45 Doyle Jr. William Jerome 487 DozierlV. Arthur Lee 473 DRACON. SCOTT EDWIN 95 DRAKE. KENNETH ALAN 114 Draughn. Teresa Lynn 490 Drbohlav, Joseph 451 DRINEN. LISA MICHELLE 51 . 474 Drinkard Jr. David Scott 461 Driscoll. Keith Langlord 315. 520 Drummond. Jonathan Timothy 485 DuBose. Darrell Alan 524 Ducharme. Jay 288 Ducharme Jr, John Aylward 450 DUDLEY, ROSS ALAN 92 Due, Ranger Wright (Matthew) 525 Dues. Mai Mark (L) 226 DuH Jr. Albert Greenlaw 285. 505 Duffy. Annman Mae 487 Duffy. Margaret 292. 450 Duggan III. Thomas Joseph 464 Duhovic. Jerry Victor 528 DULANEY. JASON GRAIG 128 DUMBAULD, SCOTT E 123, 431 . 442 Dumolt. Mark Andrew 314. 528 Duncan. Jesse Michael 483 Dunivin. Karen 292 Dunlap. Christopher Todd 501 Dunlevy. John Kevin 506 Dunlop. Dawn 292 Dunn, Dr Howard (C) 213 Dunn, Ben (Lt Col) 1 57, 1 58 Dunn, Robert (Ma|) (W) 158. 230 Dunn. Stephen Brown 453 Dunstan, Floyd 315 Dunstar. Floyd Wilson 474 DUPRE. SAM TRUONG 1 29 Durante. Pans 315 Durham. Cynthia Ann (Reese) 514 Dutkus. Steven Andrew 468 Dvorak, James Joseph 344, 345. 457 Dwyer. Kevin Patrick 455 Dye, James Stephen 528 DYE, STEVEN CLARK 54, 442 DZEMA, TRACEY MARIE 26 Dziedzec, Ma|233 Eady. Monica 474 EAMON JR. ROBERT RAYMOND 82.327 Early. Timothy George 344. 458 Eaton III. Howard Elzie 464 Ebner. David William 447 Echeverry. Juan Carlos 458 Eckelkamp, Vincent Edward 477 EDAY. MONICA JEANELLE 51 Eddins. Timothy Lee 458 Eddy. Capt 212 EDGAR. STEPHEN MEADE 69 Edmonds. Bryan Edward 455 EDMONDS. MARK JORDAN 57 EDSALL JR. DONALD RAY 69 Edwards. Christopher Lynn 499 Edwards. Deborah Mane 499 Edwards, Edward Michael 451 , 472 Edwards, James Wesley 483 Edwards, Jim 304 Edwards, Phillip Thomas 285. 481 Edwards. Richard Fray 505 Edwards. Sean David 500 Edwards, Stephen Glenn 522 Egan III, Michael Joseph 476 Eggert, Matthew Eric 470 EHL, CHARLES STEPHEN 26 Ehrhard, David Gerard 314, 502 Eide. Thomas Alan 477 Eisenhauer. Thomas David 499 Eissler III, Howard Luke 507 Eldred, Tyler Ward 491 ELEKES. JOHN JOSEPH 105 Elkin. Capt Jerrold 233 Elligott. William Scott 475 Elliott. Joseph Bnar 460 Elliott. Kevin Michael 469 ELLIS. DAVID FRANCIS 101 Ellis. John Andrew 481 Ellis. Dick (Lt Col) 359 Ellis, Patrick Wayne 487 Ellis, William Allen 480 Ellis Jr, Bruce Allen 500 Elmore. Carson Andrew 448 Elmore. Steven Clay 503 ELSARELLI. LEON ELSO 130 Else. Capt Steve 218 Ely. Glenn Charles 520 Emerick. James Peter 491 EMIG. BRUCE CHARLES 108 Emig. Kirk Edward 512 Emineth. Karen Mane 523 Emmert. Patrick Rowland 469 Emmen. Peter John 461 Emrick. Holly (Capt) (L) 207 Enemas. Patrick Herbert 513 Eng. Frank (Capt) 237 Engelebretson. Mai Mark 359 Engelstad. Brenda Ann 447 Enger, Mai Rolf (C) 237 Engineering, Model 434 English, Rebecca Lynn 459 Ennis, Terrence Joseph 531 ENRIGHT, ELIZABETH DAHL 105 Eoute Jr, Douglas Clinton 515 ERAZO, DAVID GREGORY 45 Erbschloe, Capt Donald 237 Erickson, Scott John 453 Ernandes. Christopher Michael 447 Ernewein, Kenneth Gerard 503 Ernewein, Mark Harris 463 Erwin. James Douglas 518 Erwin. Troy Michael 476 Eskay Jr. Robert Lawrence 497 Eskenshade. Capt Kent 218 Espey, Mark Darrell 526 Espinosa. Marcelino (Lt Col) 225 ESPLIN. TODD HOLT 111 Essary. Gatlin Wyane 487 Esslinger. Craig Spalding 524 Estavillo. Arthur Darrell 492 EsteslV. Ma|John(H)230 Evanchik. Mai Mike 234 Evans. Capt 203. 212 Evans. Christopher 507 Evans. Donald Edwin 494 EVANS. KENNETH CHARLES 79 Evans. David (Lt Col) 237 Evans. Matthew Eric 459 Evans. Pat 250. 251 . 252. 253. 265. 256,257.259.260 Evans. Patricia 474 Evans, Patrick William 482 Evans, Timothy Edward 515 Eve. Percy Harold (Perkins) 518 Evenson. Kraig Alan 252. 528 Ewing. Marks (Mai) 222 Faber. Lorelei 497 Fabian, Robert Avery 455 Faciszewski, Edward Joseph 504 Fagundes, David Keith 451 Faheuft, Robert Scott 464 Fahrenkrug, David Thomas 493 FAHRNI. DAROLEN KAY 76 Fahrni. Karolen 281 Fahy. Lawrence 448 Fair. Dean Robert 482 Fair, Jonathan Edward 476 FAIR III, ELLIOT THEODORE 133 Fairbanks, Gregory Brandon 518 Fakult, Nancy 298, 300, 472 Falcon. Margot Elaine 521 Faltin. Gregory Dean 447 FARBARIK. ARNOLD PAUL 79. FARMER. JEFFREY KEN 117 Farrell, Paul Doty 484 Farris. David Berkley 491 Faulise. Joseph James 525 Faulkner. Capt Mark 219 Faurer. Lt Gen (Lincoln) 224 Fawaz. Scott Anthony 458 Fay. Timothy George 315. 512 FAYAN III. ERNEST JOSEPH 1 1 Fazio. Salvatore (Capt) 207 Feck. Vincent John 498 FEDORS. DAVE CHARLES 98. 145 Feduska. Barbara L 158 Felce, Donald Jeffrey 505 Feldhausen, Thomas James 479 Fellows, Danny Coy 492 Felter, Andrew James 487 Feltman, Lawrence Michael 491 Fennell, Karl Edward 459 Fenske. John Steven 304. 503 Fenton II. Matthew Russell 476 Ferrador. Michael John 459 Ferraro Jr. Robert John 486 FERREIRA. MICHAEL SCOTT 73 Ferry, Chris 284, 285 FERRY, CHRISTOPHER JUSTIN 48 Fiddler Jr, Robert Grantham 508 Fidler, James Earl 520 FIEDLER, WILLIAM KENNETH 123 Field. John (Lt Col) 230 Figallo III. Capt Anthony (L) 158 Figie. Brian David 480 Fikus. Capt George (W) 230 Fincher. Michele Sakuyako 497 Findall,Chns310 Fine, Michael Gordon 518 Fingal, Tod Richard 480 Fink, SSgt 236 Finn. Patrick Herbert 516 FINNEY. GREG ALLAN 133. 145 Finnicum. Michael T 489. 494 FISCHER. MARK EDWARD 82 FISH. RICHARD NEAL 69 Fisher. Michael Seth 490 Fisher. Wayne Andrew 461 FITTER. JOHN LLOYD 130 Fitz. Capt 203 Fitzgerald. Mark Roy 500 Fitzgerald. Robert Eugene 462 Fitzgerald. Timothy Francis 508 Fitzsimmons Jr. John David 513 Fitzsimmons, Shannon Michael 463 Flakowski. John Thomas 463 Flanagan. John 315. 462 Flannery, Michael Sean 528 Fleck, George(Ma|)(M) 157 Fleck, Michael Francis 300, 473 Fleix, Bradley Kenneth 481 Fleming, Kenneth (Col) (H) 235 FLEMING, KEVIN JAMES 69, 145, 251,252,253,467 Fleming, Shawn Robert 502 FLETCHER, JAMES DUANE 79 Fletcher, Keith William 494 Fletcher, Eunice 233 Fling, SMSgt Paul (N) 158 Flint, John Derek 525 Floreani, Douglas William 461 Flournory, Martin Lloyd 502 Flournoy, Shawn 308, 476 Flournoy, Thad Montgomery 479 Flynn, Theresa Maureen 491 FOELKER, JAMIE LYNN 101 Foerster, Schuyler (Ma|) 233 Foged, Michael Lee 461 Fogel, Barbara 325, 328. 448 Fogle, James Clifford 526 FOLEY, THERESE MARIA 69 Folkerts, Michael John 520 Follett, Paul Edward 474 Fong, Christopher Li 505 Foote, Tracy Anne 477 Ford. Joseph Franklin 448 Foreman, Christopher Erwin 458 Formolo, Kevin Lines 456 Forsyth, Michael Thomas 448 Forte, Michael Peter 31 5. 475 Fortney . Lance Nicholas 453 Fortson. Myron Keith 464 Fosdick.Kristen292,354 Fosdick. Roger (Lt Col) 226 Foster. Gary Gordon 498 FOSTER. MICHAEL WARREN 108 Fournier. Steven Joseph 505 Fouts. DeeAnn Michelle 491 Fox, Patricia Lynn 158, 505 Foyed, Mike 314 FOYTLIN, JOHN FRANCIS 63 FRAGALA, ALFIO FILADELFO 73 FRAME, JONATHAN DAVID 133 Frampton, Richard Martini 471 France, Martin (1st Lt) 207 Francis, Vernon (Maj) 234 Francois, Bruce E 446 Frandsen, Matthew James 526 Franger, Edward Dominic 480 Frankenfield, John Robert 453 Frankhouser, Jeffrey Eugene 486 FRANKLIN, RICHARD JOHN 1 1 1 Franklin, Robert Eugene 504 Eraser, Ma) Robert (S) 207 Fravel.Ma)212 Frawley. Patrick John 512 Frederick. Anthony R 420. 445 FREEMAN. BROOKS LEE 95 Freeman. Larry (Maj) 237 Freese. Thomas Arnold (Frank) 448 Frelander, Deborah Lynn 515 FRENCH. JONATHAN PAUL 76 Frerichs, Brent Allen 31 5. 31 6, 31 7, 490 Frey, William (Capt) (K) 158 Friend, Larry 262, 263, 264. 265 Frient, Jeffrey Michael 476 FRIGAULT, GREGORY THOMAS 85 FRISBIE, KEVIN ROBERT 21 , 428 Friske, Michael Todd 487 Fuino Jr, David James 491 Fu|imoto, Bryan Andrew (Keawe) 456 Fulkerson, Ramona Denise493 Fuller IV, George Paul 514 Fullerton,Roy420 Fullerton Jr, Roy James 512 Fulton, Robert Scott 461 FUNK, CHRISTIAN GRAY 42, 252, 253,256,258,261,358 Fuss, J Steven 510, 518 » Gable, Barbara Lynne 478 Gabriel, Gen Charles (A) 1 55 GABRYS. STEPHEN FRANK 79 Gagaiewski. Walter Anthony 521 Gage III. Reginald Percy 480 Gaines. David Alexander 461 GAITHER, TIMOTHY JOSEPH 18 Galetti. Ralph Russell 461 GALIARDI. GREGORY CHARLES 23 GALLAGHER JR. FRANK P 123 Gallagher. Thomas Richard 463 Galley. Nancy Gaye 442, 512 Galloway, John Terrence 525 Gamblin, Damn Leeo 501 Gangleo, Cornel 346 Gangolea. Cronel M 531 Gannon. Timothy (Capt) (J) 229. 344 Gannon. Richard Kane 469 GANTHIER, STEVEN DANIEL 133 Gantt. Michael Edward 505 Ganze. Elizabeth Anne 491 Garber, David Wayne 491 Garboden, Andrew Tracy 476 Garboden, Andy 279. 280, 382 Garcia, Mara lleana 527 Garcia, Roy David 474 Gardiner, Von Allen 472 Gardner, Capt CliHord (c) 21 7 Gardner, Von 271 GARNER, MARK EUGENE 60 Garraway, Lisa 276, 458 Garrett, Christopher Allen 448 Garrobo, Andrew Antonio 512 Garst, Mark Patrick 499 Garvey, Ma| Patrick (K) 51 4 Garvin. Jean Mane 498 Gan in.Trisha Lynn 519 Gary. Bart Andrew 528 Gary III, James Randolph 471 Gary J Butson. Ma|Or 222 Garza. Mario (Capt) (A) 1 57 Garza. Robert Valentino 515 GASNER,GAIL75 Gasser. Marti 292. 359 Gast. Larry 474 GAST, LAWRENCE EDWARD 51 Gates. Kenneth Eugene 482 Gates. Steven Edward 517 Gates III. Hiram Paul 481 Gaudlip. Fred W 443. 528 Gauthier Jr. MSgt Leonard (L) 158 Gautier, William Brou 518 GEASEY, MICHAEL SCOTT 1 14 Gebauer. Michael Scott 473 Gee. Matthew Raymond 300. 506 Gegg, Capt Michael (P) 158 Geiss, Bertold L 224 Genannt. Daniel Peter 447 Genay. Michael Jay 482 Gencay. Lloyd Levent 514 GENDRON. RONALD JOHN 42 Genneken. Karen Denise 453 GEOGHAN II. THOMAS LEE 85 Gere. Scot Bradford 484 Gerhard Jr. William Edward 525 Germann. Mark Todd 491 Gerstenecker. Charles Stanley 452 Gettys. Blake Anthony 463 Geyer. Maj George (J) 1 58 Giangiulio, Anthony Peter 519 Gibb, Randall William 307, 308, 309. 458 Gibbs. Geoffrey Michael 497 GIBBS. GREGORY LAURENCE 83 Gibbs.Terry302. 303. 479 GIBSON. BRUCE ALLEN 114. 315 Gibson. Rex Oscar 267. 478 Gibson. Terence Joseph 487 Gibson. Thomas Lloyd 495 GIBSON IV. JOHN ALEXANDER 11,442,443 Giczy, Alexander Vincent 526 GiHen. Col Robert (8)207 Gilbert. Alexander Pansh 271 . 502 Gilbert. Paul (Capt) (D) 21 7 Gilbert. Gary Gordon 51 7 Giletti. Gregory Paul 508 Gilkeson Jr, Thomas Carlisle 487 Gillespie, Darrell (Capt) (D) 158 Gillespie, Daniel Mark 455 Gilliam, Mai Fred 204 Gillispie, Mark Arthur 527 Oilman, Christine Patricia 526 GILMORE, ROBERT EARL 79 Gilson, Mark William 525 Glister, Thomas Conrad 262, 453 GILYARD, REGINALD HAROLD 133 Ginacola, Gary John 523 Gincher, Michele 284 GINDER, SHELLY ANNE 29, 325, 328 GINGRAS, JEFFREY LEE 89 Giovenella, Steven Ralph 517 Gist, Thomas (Mai) 237 Givens,Ed270,271 Givens, Robert P 488 Givens. Robert Pearce498 Givens III. Edward Galen 490 Gizelbach Jr. Anthony Leonard 447 GLADBACK, LARRY 11 Gladman, Jack 315 Gladman, John Philip 525 Glavan,Ma|212 Glazier, Kevin James 471 Gleason, Mark Kirby 465 Glenn, DarrylLeMon 457 Glenn. David Charted 448 Glenn. Steven Dwayne 476 Glick. Brady Michael 474 Glitzke, Carlton Ashley 491 Glon D Turner, Ma|or 222 Gocke,Rob(Mai)234 Godwin. Gary Keith 520 GOFFUS. THOMAS WILLIAM 126. 145 Golden. James Pual 455 Golden. Jeffrey Edward 475 Golden. Northan Frederick 470 Golden. Timothy David 523 Goldsmith Jr, Stafford R 520 Gonzalez, Angel 302, 303, 450 Gonzalez, Dean (Capt) (W) 217 GONZALEZ. ROBERT KIRBY 80 Good Jr, James Edward 514 Goodall, Richard Kenneth 531 GOODEN. PAM66 Gooding. Ross Vincent 470 Goodman. Patrick Arthur 464 Goodnough. Thomas Erik 521 Goodnch. Craig Daniel 519 Goodyear. Norman (Capt) (W) 512. 513 GOOLEY. TERRENCE MICHAEL 111 GOOLEY. TIMOTHY DONALD 26. 344 Gooran, Karen Lynn 479 GORDON. ERIC LEON 83 Gore Jr, Mai Harry (W) 230 Gorman, Scott 225, 474 GORNEY, JOSEPH CARL 120 GOSE, JEFFREY ROBERT 57 Goss. Slacey Rae 292. 293. 506 Gotski. Kenneth Allan 524 Gottschall. Gary Joseph 451 Goulburn, Robert James 513 Gould II. David Crosby 500 Gourdie. Brennan Glenn 448 Graff. Bradley Goerge 497 Grafton. Russell Alan 507 Graham. Glenn Lee 503 Graham. James Richard 487 Graham. Janine Dominique 527 Graham. Jennifer Lynne 480 Graham, Jimmy 302, 303, 481 Graham, Lawrence Dean 531 Grams, Caroline H 222 Grams, Janet Louise 455 GRANUM, MARTIN EDWARD 52 Granum, Marty 474 Grassie, Marc Anthony 447 Graves. Erik Lamont 503 Graves. Johnnie Joel 458 Graves, Ron 262. 264 GRAVES. RONALD EUGENE 108 Grazioli. Donimic Paul 484 Greathouse. Stewart Francis 503 Green. Curtis Lamar 494 GREEN. JAMES ROBERT 57 Green. Kim 320. 321 Greenberg. Rhonda Ann 479 Greene. Steven Allen 306. 307. 308.314.512 GREENE, YULIN 114. 442 Greenlea. Willie Yancey 522 Greenwood. Maj Al 237 Greer. Melissa Lyn 523 GREGG, RUSSELL BRYAN 70 GREGORY, GARY JAMES 83, 145 GREGORY, SCOTT RICHARD 42 Gregory Jr, Douglas Eugene 472 GRESHAM, JOHNNY RAY 21 Griffin. Donald Scott 531 Griffin. Wendy Mane 480 Griffith. James Laurence 490 GRIFFITH. RODNEY NEIL 108 Griffith. S (Capt) 224 GRIGGS. GORDON JAMES 80 Griggs. Linda Mane 497 GRILL. KEVIN HOWARD 133 Grindle, Peter Raymond 285, 519 Grogan, Patrick Michael 472 Groghan.Tom308 GROH. JEFFREY DEAN 86. 145 Gronseth, Capt Phihp 237 Gronseth. Phil 288 Groom. Stella Rem 516 Grordin. Timothy Simon 515 GROSSO. MAURICE GREGORY 30, 242 Grove. Cindy Louise 477 GRUBER. CHARLES EMERY 1 1 1 Gruber. David Powell 492 GRUDER. MATTHEW DEAN 80 GRUPENHAGEN. STEVEN MAX 105. 145 Guastella Jr. Joseph Thomas 528 Guenzler. Bruce Wendell 465 Guerra. Rimy 481 Guerra.Tom284.285 Guevara Jr. Hector Jose 523 Gugat. Mai Rich 31 8. 31 9, 359 Gulsvig, James Marshall 289, 291 . 508 Gummel. Lisa Margarita 355. 51 7 GUNZELMAN. ERIC GEORGE 70 Gun. NealDimitnSOl Gurney. Steven Edward 509 Gustatson. Jeffrey Harry 470 Gustafson. Stephen Vincent 279. 280. 448 Gustin,Ms212 Guttromson. Douglas Tad 499 Guyote. Ma| Michael (F) 220 Gwillim. Shelly A 382. 466. 476 Gworek. Peter John 487 II Haagenson, Bonnie Joy 520 Haar, William Fulton 450 HAAS. LYNN CARRIE 117 Habeich, John Alexander 526 Habig, Bradley Joseph 481 Hack, Wriliam Douglass 524 Hady, Michael James 482 Hafer , Michael Wade 528 Haggard, Stephen Lamar 447 Haggerty, Sean Scott 464 Haggett. Shannon Dale 461 Hagnes. John 285 Hatley. James Walson 461 Haines. Scon Alan 473 Hajosy, Stephen Anthony 479 HAKE, FREDRICK MICHAEL 1 1 Hake. Mike 214 Hale. Mike (CaptI 218 Hale Kenneth Paul 508 Hale. Michael Manm 500 HALE. RUSSEL CRAIG 123 Haley. David Lamont 459 Hallord. John Glenn 513 Hall. Burce Richard 525 HALL. CRAIG WAYNE 45. 270. 271 Hall. Jack 315. 450 Hall. Michael James 473 Hall. Mr Ronald 238 Hall. Stephen Noel 503 Halia. David Rot en (Edward) 482 Haiier. Nancy Caroline 495 Haller. Richard Norman 505 Halley. Jim 306 Hallgren. Wayne (CaptI 204 Hallier. William 448 Halloran. Bradley Dean 495 Haltoran. Timothy James 512 Halpin, Kevin Daniel 455 Hames. Michael Patrick 463 Hamilton, Lea Ann 527 HAMILTON, PAUL DAVID 70, 214 Hamilton. Mark H (TSgl) 222 Hamilton. TSgt 212 HAMLIN. HAROLD WALTER 63 Hammargren. Scott Michael 508 Hammer. Bradley Keifler 520 Hammer. Mrs Annemarie 217 Hammond. Maj Terry 204 Hammond. Mike 291 Hampel, Robert Joseph 476 HAMPTON, WILLIAM GRIFFIN 63 Hamty, Michael Joel 464 Hancock, Dan 275 Hancock, Daniel Brett 494 Haney, Beth 298, 300 Haney, Cynthia Susan 483 Haney, Elizabeth A 445, 454 Hanlord, Thomas Oren 462 Hankamer, Robert Ty 464 Hanlin, Marc Harold 628 Hanlon, Hugh James 523 Hanna, William Caldwell 518 Hannen, Doug 300 Hannus,T 5 227,458 Hanrahan, Michael Patrick 473 Hanscom, James Mitchell 314, 524 Hansen, James G R (Ma|or| 222 Hansen, Mark Leon 449 Hansen. Ritchie Landon 450 Hansen. Ross Jon 520 HANSON. DANA GEORGE 60 Hanson. Eric Otstus 462 Hanson, Michael Manning 494 Hanson, Mitchell Allen 505 Hanthorn, Brock Robert 479 Hantia, Larry Daniel 509 HARA, DARREN HIKARU 30, 344 Haralson Jr, John Kenneth 455 Harben, Capt William (P) 220 Harbin, Gregory Eugene 494 Hardin. Craig Allan 472 HARDIN. DWAYNE ANTHONY 42 Harding, Trevor Lawrence 454 Hardman. Melissa Jean 520 Hardy Jr. John Henry 326. 523 HARGIS. LAWRENCE AARON (WALTER) 76 Haring. Jeffrey Wayne 454 Herman. Jonathan Tyler 474 Harmer. Todd Patrick 448 Harmon. Bradley D 488. 498 Harmon. David Michael 460 Harness. Christopher David 450 Harper. Paul Christian 523 HARRIGIAN. JEFFREY LEE 1 1 1 Harris. Alan Carmichael 502 Harris. Danny Brent 453 Harris. Damn Wesley 487 Harris. Deborah L 146 Harris. Gregory Austin 497 Harris. John Hardy 476 HARRIS. RAYMOND CARLETON 76 Harris, Timothy James 275, 470 Harnson, Areolar R 488, 490 Harnson, Gregory (Ma|) 233 Harrison, Steven Basil 459 Harsh, Shelley Denise 300, 508 Han, Andrew Ellswonh 492 Han,li1ark William478 Hartlield, Amy Rose 471 Hartfiled, Amy 292 Han)e,Tim288, 468 Hartlaub Jr. Richard E 473 Hartley, Jeffrey Wayne 506 Hartley, Malinda Kaye493 Hartung, Thomas Alan 450 HarTwig, Robert Charles 518 Harveaux. Joel Patrick 519 Harvey. Robert Garrison 469 Harvey, Susan Denise 478 Hashimoto, Capt Seiichi 157 Hasson, Capt Neil (F) 157 HATCHEII, DANIELLE LATREASE 73 Hatchett, Danielle L 443 Hatem. Vivian Kathenna 517 HATFIELD. MARK CARLYLE 114. 145 Hattield. Scott Andrew 471 Hathaway, David Alan 465 Hathaway, James Harold 285, 515 Hattabaugh Aaron Eugene 508 Hattemer III. Philipp Alfred 501 Hauck.DarylJ510. 5U Haulman. Robert Herman (Stanton) 520 Haug. Pamela Jane 276. 463 Haughawout. Kenneth Allen 455 Haulh. Chris 285 Haverkate. Scon Michael 494 Hawkens. David Andrew 452 Hawkins. Bryan Adams 485 Hawkins. Daniel Francis 492 Hawkins. James Joseph 494 Hawkins. Jeffrey Dale 448 Hawkins Jr. Bruce Wayne 464 HAWKINSON. GREG LEE 54 Hawley. Woodrow (Capt) (T) 1 57 Haws. Darren Alexander 503 Hawthorne. Kim Douglas 443. 496 Hawthorne. Shayn 286 Hay. Marcus Ellswonh 524 HAYASHI. KENNETH KAZUO 98 HAYDEN. JAMES CHARLES 57 Hayea. Charles Scon 477 HAYES. JESSE DODDRIDGE 123 Hayes. Kevin Francis 531 Hayes. Lisa Ann 518 Hayes. Manhew David 479 RAYMOND. JEFFREY ETHAN 45 Haynes. Marc 302. 303 HAYNES. VICTOR C 98 Hayres. Marc Duane 487 Hayres II. Kerby 507 Heald. James (Capt) (R| 21 7 Healy. Roger (Mai) (F) 220 HEALY. MICHAEL TIMOTHY 66. 467 Healy. Tim 233 Heben. Michael Roben 627 Hecht. Andrew Gordon 344. 473 Heck. Amand Frederick 526 Hedgebrush. Vic 505 HEDGPETH. RICHARD LEE 101 HEDGPETH. VICTOR LYNN 95 HEFFERNAN. PATRICK GUY 89 Hegna. Ma| Harwood (A) 230 Heidmous. Capt Jett 275. 359 Heikkinen Jr. Cjerrold George 225. 442. 502 Heilig. Ronda Renee 497 Heilmann. Craig Erich 521 HEIN. AUGUST SAMUEL 30. 214 Heinck. William R (Capt) 222 Heironimus. Lee Warren 471 Heiser.Dr William 204 Heisler. John Fernand 450 HELD, KURT CONRAD 126 Helgeson, Dann Scott 525 Hell, Gregory Josef 302, 303, 454 Hellen, Bruce Thomas 506 Heller, Tricia 321, 455 HELLWIG, SARA ANNE 63 Hendershot, Brian Daniel 512 Henderson, Gary Wayne 507 HENDERSON, GREGORY MICHAEL 92 HENDERSON. SCOTT ALAN 86. HENDRICKSON. GORDON BRENT 127. 511 Hendrickson. Steven Frank 447 Henning. Andrea Jaine 487 Henning. Todd William 508 Hennings. Chad William 495 HENRY. CARL ALLEN 92 Henry. Jeffrey Scott 226. 482 HENRY. PAMELA DEE 105 Hensley. Todd Allen 285. 515 Henson. Janet Mane 482 Herman. Christopher Scon 451 Herman. Steven Walter 476 Hernandez. Capt Armando (A) 158 Hernandez Villar. Emiho 454 Hernandez. Gustavo Alonso 455 HERNANDEZ. HEIDI 14 HERNDON JR. HAROLD THOMAS 60 Herr. Sean Richard 505 Herrera. Cary Alan 499 Herrera Jr. Antonino 491 Herrera Jr. Rodolfo Ignacio 531 Herrmann. Chris 420 H erron. James William 351 . 490 Hess. Jeffrey (Capt) (W) 207 Hester. Dennis Manin 476 Hesterman. Thomas Palmer 517 Heyburn. Michael Roben 499 Hickey. SSgt Steven (D) 1 58 Hickman. Donald Clark 600 Hickman. Michael George 476 Hickok. John 300. 453 Hickox. Joseph Chrles 505 HICKS. CHERYL ANN 42 Hicks. Malcolm Wayne 493 Hicok. Gary D 455 Higginbotham Jr. Harlan Keith 475 Higginbotham. Bradley (Mai) (K) 477 HIGGINS. STEPHEN WAYNE 1 1 7 208 Highfield. Kevin Roben 448 HILBING. JOHN FRANCIS 54 145 424 HIL8UN. WILLIAM MARVIN 42 Hill. Dave 267 Hill. Douglas Roben 472. 507 Hill. Kevin Scot 519 Hilliard. Martin Anthony 456 Hills. Geoffrey Harold 502 Hillyer. John Mark 471 Hince. Bradley Thomas 501 Hindes.Williiam Rush 450 Hinds. Mark Andrew 499 Hinkle. Scon Randal 477 Hinman. Skip 318. 319 HIOKI. REYNOLD TODD 48 HIRD. JAMES ALLEN 57 Hirsl. Sally Jeanene 501 Hitchcock. Mai Waller (T) 226 Hittle. Mike 315 H|erpe. Karl Anders 463 Hoadley. Oaniel J 446 Hobbs. Jon William 521 Mocker. Guy Alben 492 HODGE. JON EDWARD 14 Hodgson. Daniel January 515 Hodgson. James Pual 473 Hoen. Kathleen Ann 622 Hoekslra. Merrill Carlton 461 Hoenshell. Gary (Capt) (W) 230 HOEPFL. WILLIAM JOSEPH 80 Hoffman. Lawrence Martin 271 . 457 Hoffman. Scon Brody 512 Hollnung. Derek Reed 491 Hogan. Anthony Joseph 612 HOGAN.LORIANN86 Hogan. Ban (Lt Col) 488 Hogan. Thomas Francis 449 Hogan. Tom 288 Hogge. James Mark 275. 300. 454 Hogue. Micki 300 Holba. Roben Steven 322. 508 Holland. Dale Allen 494 HOLLAND. ROBERT WAYNE 23 Hollenbach. David Alan 531 Holley. James 138. 308. 476 Hollingswonh. Teresa K 488. 508 Holman. Blaine Samuel 267. 471 Holman Jr. Norman Duggan 523 Holmes. Joseph A 531 Holmes. Lisa Michele 468 HOLSWADE. SCOTT CHRISTIAN 76. 145 Holt. Slephanie R 467. 468 HOLT. TY DICKENSON 89 Holt Jr. George Wilkie 457 Holthoff . Manhew Louis 507 Home. Jerry (Capt) 237 Homer Jr. LeRoy Wilton 512 Honesty II. Carlos Leroy 528 Hood. Kevin James 467 HOOLIHAN. MICHAEL WILLIAM 130 Hooper. Mr Jim 233 Hope. Christopher John 453 Hopkins. Jay Randall 508 Hopkins. Stephen Michael 464 Hopkins. Steve 420 Hoppe. Todd Carl 455 Hopper. Thomas James 479 HORAN III. Lj NSING STEPHEN 70 Horn. Capt Howard (T) 1 58 Horn. Jonathon David 612 Horn. Manina473 Horner. Dawn Michele 509 Horner. John Patrick 452 Hornsten. Jennifer Lee 449 Honon. Dave 304 HORTON. DAVID BRYAN 76. 479 HORTON. KEVIN TODD 95 Hoskovec. Janene Mane 463 Hoskovic. Vaneve 300 Houcek. Kevin Richard 470 Houdek. Kevin 314. 467 Houston, Anthony Maurice 502 Houston, Warcella Ann 528 Houston, Michael Samuel 526 Hovorka, Theodore Paul 493 HOWARD, RUSSELL CARY 1 1 Howard, Walter Glenn 447 Howard III, Roben Mason 626 Howe, Douglas Calvin 464 Howe, Roben Russell 449 Howell, Leslie Dance 497 Howell, Larry (Mai) 234 Howell, Scott Alan 461 Howell Jr, Farrell Beatty 507 Hower. Scott James 506 Howerton, Walter Clay 461 Howry, Dennis Michael 625 Hoy, Trevor Davis 626 HRNCIR, BRENT RUDOLPH 105 Hubbard. Kenneth Russell 600 Hubble. Steven Michael 481 Hubbs. Clay Edward 483 Ruber. Neil Frederick 521 Ruber. Thomas Karl 477 Huben. Steven Ansgar 461 Huckabay. Timothy James (M) 457 Huddle. Peter Genda 487 Huolin. Mai Charles (W) 229 Hudson. Derrick Keith 530 Hudson. Donald Leon 468 Huena. Howard Henry 487 Huffman. Paul Eric 526 Huffman Jr. Ronald Cleveland 463 HUGGINS. SAMUEL CHARLES 111 Hughes. Johnathan Boyd 506 Hughes. George (Ma|) (C) 230 Hughes. Mark Douglas 508. 531 Hughes II. Harold Richard 487 Hugues. Marshall Allen 523 Huguley. John 304. 457 Huguley III. Harold 500 HUHMANN. DALE ROBERT 73. 145.304.305 Huisentruit. Andrew J 446 HULETT, WHITNEY JONAS 99 HULL, DEAN WESLEY 63 Hullinger, Sharon Anne 508 Hultgren, Kenneth Scott 469 Humble, SSgt R (Michael) 207 HUMBLET, DAVID LEO 11 Humelbaugh. Jay Postle 516 Hummler. Lisa Jeanne 473 Humphrey. SrA Lorraine (M) 207 Humphreys. William (Capt) 204 Hunt. Jeffrey Robert 461 Hunt. John 6 442, 452 Hunt. Dafrei(Ma|)208 Hunter, Julius (Capt) (C) 230 Hunter, Eric Jay 479 Huntley Brian Dale 465 Hupp, Judith Mane 300, 301 . 500 Hupy, Jeffrey Land 530 Hurd, Michael David 523 HURE. MICHAEL TODD 102 HURLEY RICHARD DUANE 134 Hurley III, James Austin 483 Hurst, Gary (Mail (R| 220 Hushaw, Bradley Wayne 507 HUSSAIN,KOBIR76 Huston, Peter William 461 Hutchins, Edward Lee 428 482 HUTCHISON, DIRK MAX 18 Hyan, Mark (Capt) (A) 457 HYDE, BRIAN STANLEY 49 Hyde, Charles Kevin 482 Hyde, Roben Dale 447 Hyndman, Mary Lee 284, 529 Hynes, James Michael 527 I Icenhour, Edward Lee 520 Idle. Winthrop Chapm 482 Ikeda. Hiroshi Nicholas 526 Im. Gary Kent 472 Imbus. Michael Thomas 464 Ingerson. David Patrick 492 Ingle. Timothy Mark 514 Ingram. Andrew David 462 Ingram. Kent Lamarr 474 INGS. DEBORAH LYNN 45 Inman. Bobby (Admiral) (R) 226 Inman. Jefferson D 51 6 Ireland. George 285. 465 Irvin. David Michael 616 Irvine. Douglas Andre 481 ISLER JR. WILLIAM PLEASANT 49,443 ISOLA, EILEEN MARIE 95 ISOM. JEFFREY LANE 109 Ives. Burl 408 Iwanski. John Joseph 528 IWATAKE. WALTER TOSHIO 63 J Jablonski II. James Leon 509 JACK B CUMMINS. 1114 JACKS CUMMINS. 1114 JACKMAN. DALE ALLAN 109 Jackson. Kathryn Ann 503 Jackson Jr. Linwood Joseph 475 Jacobs. Jeffrey Roben 57. 262 264.512 Jacobson. Richard Emery 469 Jacobson. Steven William 491 Jaggi. Paul Gerard 613 JAGT. RICHARD DENNIS 99 JAHNS. PETER 109. 145 James. William (Capt) (L) 230. 233. 245 James. Douglas Eugene 522 Jameson. Austin Dale 530 Jameson. Patric Day 606 Janicki. William Daniel 447 Jansen.Jody Lynn 468 Jansen Jr. George Allen 526 Janssen. Raymond Michael 459 JANSSON. PAUL BERNARD 18 Jaques.Thor Ryan 513 Jaquish. Douglas Wilbur 468 JARDIN. CHARLENE JOSEPHINE 26 Jarvis Jr. Donald Lee 471 Jaszai. Stephen Clifford 482 Jauve. Neil 288 Jazai. Steve 262 Jeffcoat. James Tyron 481 Jeffries. Christopher Lee 448 JEFFRIES. PAUL JOHN 52. 474 Jella. Christopher Bryant 462 Jenkins. Carl Ivan 509 Jenkins. Eric Rolando 327. 521 Jenner. Jennifer Lucy 500 Jenozeiec. Capt Stephen 288 Jensen. David Brian 461 . 491 Jensen. Mark Shawn 469 Jenton. Karl Eric 468 Jercnimus. John Henry 456 Jeronimos. Hank 315 Johanson, Curtis Even 526 Johns, Bradley Thomas 300, 520 Johns, Roben Anderson 461 Johnsen, Erik 318 Johnson, Bret Dwight 515 Johnson, Brian Douglas 492 Johnson. Henry (Capt) 233 Johnson. Clarence 267 Johnson. Dan 287, 288 Johnson, Deborah Lynn 448, 496 Johnson, Donald Reynold 500 Johnson, Enk319 Johnson, Gregory Copeland 499 Johnson, Harper Parham 615 JOHNSON, JAMES RAY 54 Johnson, Jara Niall 531 JOHNSON, JEFFREY CHARLES 123 Johnson, Kymbafti Slarlene 487 Johnson. Michael Alfred 491 JOHNSON. PAUL OAVIO 45. 442 JOHNSON RALPH EDWARD 42. 54 Johnson. Richard Allen 447 Johnson. Robert Nelson 455 JOHNSON. STEPHEN SCOTT 92 Johnson. Theron Eugene 482 Johnson. Zachary Tory 463 Johnson III. Lk yd Bates 496 Johnson II. Stuart Phelps 484 Johnson Jr. Clarence 509 Johnston. Anne Louise 494 Johnston Jeffrey (Uaj) (Ml 206 Johnston Jr, Ronald Belle 450 Jolly. Wesley Ray 496 Jonas. FreOerick (Mai) 204 Jonasen. B 280. 481 Jones. Alain Louis (Maunce) 474 Jones. Ahrin Scon 523 Jones. Andrew Herbert 482 Jones. Betty E 235 JONES. BRADLEY GEORGE 120. 217.510 Jones. Duane (Capt) (A) 449 Jones. Charles Michael 457. 506 524 Jones. BeRy(E)235 Jones. Randall Terry 508 Jones. Roe Dane 531 Jones. Roy Vicente (James) 497 JONES. TAMMY SUE 21 Jones. Tracey Colleen 517 Jones. Tracy Alan 518 JONES. WESTON WILLIAM 124 Jones III. Eliiah Andrevai 484 JONES III. HOWARD GIST 86. 145 Jones Jr. Charles D 442 JONES JR. WILLIAM ARCHER 134 JORDAN. DANIEL PATRICK 124 JORDAN. JONATHAN DARNELL 112 109 Jordon. John 290. 291 Jose. Joseph Michael 492 Jose. Josh 285 JOSE. JOSHUA 83 JOSEPH WIGGINS. JR 16 Joslin. Edward Lee 462 Jouen. Geroid Gene 475 Joyal. Michael Scott 461 Joyce. James Richard 21 7. 497 Joyce. Julie Eileen 273. 512 Joyner. Mark (Capt) (L) 230 Juarez. Richard (Capt) 204 JUDO. HOWARD CONRAD 95 Jueong. Janet Jaye 499 Jul. James 529 Junio. Dimasalang Ferrer 450 Jurgielewicz, Betma Cera 501 Jurgielewicz. Tina 300 JU SELL. JUDSONJOII77 K Kafer. John Henry 494 Kahl. David Raymond 500 Kaighn. Kevin Carl 481 Kajah, Stephen Karl 482 Kaler III, Edwin Whitney 481 Kamasaki, Jeffrey Kazuo 528 KANANEN, GUY MAX 14 Kane, Keith 316 Kane, Stephen James 463 Kaneshiro, David Hitoshi479 Kaneshiro, Marcus Reed 505 Kannarr, Blake Edward 502 KAPLAN, HAROLD TODD 63 Karie, Pete 476 Karrak, Kenneth Lawrence 468 Karszen, Michael Peter 509 Kassel, Daniel Keith 487 Kassis, Marv Abraham 519 Kaster, Manhew David 475 Kasumovic. Michael Loren 497 Kato, Dann Hiroshi 455 Kaucic Jr, Roben August 145 Kauffman, Phillip J 466. 482 Kaufield. Keith Alan 520 KAUPANGER. SALLIE JEAN 23 Kauth. David Adam 513 Kauth. Thomas James 473 Kavanagh, Sean Emmet 523 KAVCIC JR, ROBERT AUGUST 95 Keagie, Capt Jim 233 Kearney, P 280. 471 Kearney. Thomas Raymond 458 Kearney III. Charles Bradley 484 Kearns. Mai Wade (J) 157 Kee. Constance Elaine 463 Keeler. Capt Bonnie (L) 220 KEENE. KIRK DAVID 26 Keethler. Capt Gregory (A) 230 Keffer. Mary Beth 321 KELLEHER JR. WILLIAM LOUIS 60 KELLER. RICHARD CARLTON 58 Kelley. James Allen 446. 453 Kelly. Stephen Link 315. 517 KELLY. STEVEN ANDREW 124 Kemp. Kenneth (Capt) (W) 229 Kemp. Kelly 300 Kemp. Michael Anthony 499 Kemp. Richard Daniel 519 Kendall. Bnan Scon 478 KENDRICK. MARTIN THOMAS 23 Kenis. Andrew Jon 521 Kennedy, Denise Angela 471 Kennedy. C (Mai) 280 Kenney, Sheilagh Mane 51 1 , 530 Kenney. Thomas James 517 Kenredy, Mark Allen 457 Kenrel, Frederick Michael 452 Kent, James (Capl) (S) 208 Kerenyi, Andre Imre 522 Kerns. Patricia (Capt) (A) 157 Kerns, Kevin John 479. 501 KERSEY. RANDALL THOMAS 43 Kersey. Randy 227 Kesler,Sue285 Kesler, Susan Rae 502 KETLELL. KEVIN DAVID 49 Keto. Ronald Raymond 448 Kettell. Kevin D 466 Khur ana, Dipmder Singh 497 Kiatoulis. Vasilios473 Kiemele. Ma| Mark (J) 230 KIERNAN.KELLEYS86 Kieser. Douglas Jan 450 Kiesler, John Francis (Joseph) 463 Kilcommons. Timothy John 523 Kiley. Gregory Thomas 449 Kilgore, Robed Gerard 481 Kilmurray. Kenneth Thomas 455 KILPATRICK, KEVIN LARRY 134 Kim. Ambrose Nam (Hoon) 514 Kim.KyungTae468 Kimball. Joseph Guy 497 Kimball. Lee Stearns 475 Kimtall. Cynthia Ann 457 Kinamon. Charles Patrick 530 Kincaid. Trammel Andrew 525 King. Carl Lansing 461 KING. CRAIG KENTON 117 KING. KEVIN BRENTLEY 14 King. Mikki(Lt Col) 296 King. Paul (Maj) 204 KING. PATRICK MICHAEL 105 King, Rosemary 285. 499 Kingsford. Kyle Scott 502 Kinsey. Joan Mane 462 Kipp. Conrad Douglas 494 Kirchhoefer. Mark Rotierl 503 KIRCHNER. MARGARET LYNN 26. 145.442 Kirchoff, Michael Andrew 505 Kirk. Kenneth Mark 508 Kirk. Kern Patricia 471 KIRKHAM JR. DONALD EUGENE 21 Kisch. James Jay 519 Kisner. Janet Clare 522 Kitchens. David M 446 Kladnicki. Richard H 443 Kleber. Drex 288 Klehn. Paul Edward 477 Klein. David (Maior) (J) 490 KLEINLEIN. KENNETH BART 96 Kleman. Monte James 477 KLIESCH. WILLIAM AUGUST 73. 434 Klimek. John 287. 288 Klink. Bnan Joel 267. 499 Khrkmann. Michael Kiyoshi 464 KLODNICKI. RICHARD HENRY 43 KLUMAP JR. RICHARD ALLAN 70 Klumpp Jr. Richard Allan 145, 467 Knapp, Steve (Capt) 218 Knapp, Richard Frank 520 Knehans, Christopher Gregory 514 Knellinger, Capt William (R) 1 58 Knepell, Lt Col (Peter) 230 Knepper. Patricia Lynn 495 KNIGHT. DAVID JOSEPH 112.524 Knight. Kenneth Karl 504 Knight, Nathaniel (SSgt) (A) 1 58 Knipp. Delores (Capt) 237 Knoll. William Paul 490 Knorr. Brain 250. 252 Knox. Capt 212 KNOX. JOHN WILLIAM 112 Knox. Patricia 207 KNUDSON. KEITH ALVIN 112 Knue. Thaddeus George 453 Knutzen. Stacey Todd 503 Kobylarz. Thomas John 518 Koch. Mai Elizabeth (A) 158 469 KOCHANSKI. DONALD JOSEPH 130 KODALEN. KEVIN SCOTT 23 Koenig. Mark Allen 459 KOENNECKE. FREDERICK MARTIN 115 Koennecke Jr. Frederick Marlm 145 Koennecke. Fritz 519 Koennecke. Fritz 420 Kogler. James (Capt) (t) 230 Koirzan.Krista Lee 463 Kokora. Steven Michael 473 Kolars.Dr John 236 Kometer. Michael William 485 Konhorst. Larry V 497 Konkel. Allen John 512 KONNERT. GARY MICHAEL 112 KonvBin. Capt Kenneth (C) 230 Kopko. Kenneth Keith 450 Korba. Capl Rodney (J) 229 Korhanski. Don 288 KORNMESSER, MARC JOSEPH 15 Korpack, Kenny 262 Korlsch, Joseph William 507 Kosin. Daniel Arthur 476 KOSLOW. EDWARD JOSEPH 52 474 Kosman. John Francis 468 Koss. John Frederick 529 KOSSLER. DAVID JOHN 109 Kostal. Jellrey Allen 465 Kostelnik Jr. Edward Arnold 531 Kostyra. Josephine Clare 505 KOWALSKI. GENE MICHAEL 89 Kowitz. Charles Henry 529 Kozak. Frank Edward 530 Krattt. Edward Harold 494 Kraft. Michael John 450 KrattJr. John William 478 Kraici, Thomas Joseph 458 Krakovsky, Ms 212 Krai, David Leon 525 Kramer, David Francis 482 KRAMER, SUSAN LOUISE 99 Kraner, Stuart Duane 482 Kranich, Capt 212 Kraus Jr, Gary Lee 481 Krause. David Frank 468 Krause. John Otto 476 Krause. Kenneth (Lt Col) 216. 21 7 Krause. Scott 271. 473 Krawciw. Andrew Bohdan 452 Kreeger. Keith Richard 452 Kress. J 280. 450 Kreul. Eric James 531 Kronenberger. Paul Rene 484 Kronzer. Andrew John 487 Krouzer. Andy 310 Krueger. David James 464 Krueger. Grelchen Mane 450 Kruger.Lisa Kay 523 Krys. Nathan (Capt) (H) 220 Krzeminski. Robert 453 Kubes. Timothy Michael 491 Kubick. Christopher Jude 51 5 Kudla. Keith Alan 508 Kudym Jr. Donald Lee 480 Kuennen. Steven Todd 492 Kugler. Douglas Owen 529 Kuhnsman. Keith Frederick 508 Kuhr. Kyle William 458 Kumro. Jeffrey Scott 453 Kuo. Shiao-NungDidi527 Kutyna. Douglas John 474 Kuzamack. Man Elizabeth 479 Kuzemka. Damon Mitchell 505 Kwasnik. Andrew 346 Kwast. Steven Lloyd 502 KYGER. DAVID WILLIAM 49 KYRAZIS JR. GEORGE THEODORE 27 La Charite. Bruce Anthony 491 LA MAGNA JR. JOSEPH 96 La Masters. Sonny 346 La Point. Brad P 507 La Quey. Tyce Allan 459 Labedz. Ronald Frank 288. 458 Lackovic. Michael John 472 Ladis. Amanda Sophia 513 Ladner. J Scott 444. 462 Ladoulis. Nicolette Elise 505 LaFave. Capt David (A) 524. 525 LaFond. Mark David 51 2 Lagomarsino. Celeste 483 LaMar. Jonathan Gray 474 Lamb. Jeff 325 Lamb. Jeffrey Alan 479 Lamb. William Joseph 481 LAMBERT. STEVEN KEITH 96 Lambrecht. Virginia 224 LAMERS. JEFFREY JOSEPH 27 LaMotle. Joel Anthony 463 Lampnght. Capt 281 Lanagan. Gerald Francis 505 Lancaster. Richard Howard 521 Lancaster. Robert Dale 490 Lance. Michael Ray 525 Landers. Lt Col 203 Lane, Joseph Clifton 493 Lane, Thomas Robert 515 Lang, Capt William (E) 158 Langan, David Patrick 483 Lange, David Martin 485 Langhauser, David Blanton 451 Langley, Angelique M 443, 476 LANKSBURY. RODERICK 105 Lanning. Jeffrey Wayne 529 LANSING. MILES TRACEY 49. 348 LaPoinle. Carolyn Mane 515 LaPointe Jr. Paul Richard 453 LaOuerre. Timothy Pike 447 Laraia. Kevin M 445. 460 Laramee. Michael Eugene 473 Larocque. Emily Eleanor 513 Larsen. Mark 479 Larson. Bennett Karl 492 Larson. Wiley (Capt) (J) 207 Larson. David Nils 456 Larson. John Matthew 469 LARSON. KYMBAL KAY 73 Larson. Thomas Edward 476 LaRue. Janet Lynn 523 LaSala. Phillip Joseph 449 Laschkewitsch. Scoti Timothy 461 Lassalette. John Michael 487 Lasso Vargas. Jorge Eduardo 477 LaTcurelle. Randy Lee 451 Latham. Richard (Lt Col) 233 Latimer. Kelly 292 Latulipe. Glenn Lawrence 288. 505 Lauderbach. Hans Cedric 505 Lauer. Carl Heinz 497 Laursen. Alan Paul 523 Laursen. Manlee Sue 451 LaValley. David Paul 304 491 LAVELL. STEVEN ALEXANDER 130. 145.511 LAWLESS, MICHAEL THOMAS 96. 280 Lawlor. Steven Bradley 520 Lawrence. Steven Edward 517 Lawrence. Timothy James 517 LAWSON. PAMELA JOAN 127. 510 Lawton. Capt David (J) 230 Le. Phung Due 500 Leach. Mrs 203 Lear. Kirk Alan 494 Leary. Terrence Aloysius 482 Leary. Terry 315 LeBlanc. Robert Wayne 531 LeClair. Michael Allen 520 LeCiaire. Richard Paul 486 Lecy. Henry Scot 463 Leddy. James Gerard 447 Leddy. John Ryan 522 LEE. ALAN RONALD 124 Lee. James Kelly 513 Lee. Peter Andrew 452 Lee. Rip Douglas 476 Lee. Steven Suk 520 Leeson. Kenneth Robert 527 LeFavor. James Michael 490 Leftwich. James Andrew 512 Legere. Kimberly Sue 469 Legg. Alec Brent 496 Legrand. Steven Ward 453 Lehenbauer. Albert 465 LEHMANN. TIMOTHY ALFRED 89 Leidheiser. Eric Richard 454 Leieal. James Matthew 495 Lemaire. Patrick Simon 493 LeMasters Jr. Glenn Buryl 497 LENERTZ. JOSEPH LEE 49 LENKE. MARC ANDRE 70 LEONARD. DANIEL PAUL 105 LEONARD, STEVEN GLEN 80 Leoncio, Juan Antonio (Capule) 476 Leopold. Virginia Ann 158 LEPCHENSKI, MICHAEL ERIC 58 Lerch. John Joseph 516 Leuthauser. Capt Paul (R) 207 Levasseur. John Gregory 530 Levinson. Robert Michael 525 Levy. David Adam 485 Lewandowski. Ron 300 LEWANDOWSKI. RONALD FRANCIS 86 Lewis. Brenda Setsuko 525 Lewis, Brian 451 Lewis, Keith (Capt) (A) 220, 237, 453, 455 Lewis, Kimberley 489. 506 Lewis. Michael Ayers 468 LEWIS. PETER ANDREW 92 500 LEWIS. TIMOTHY PATRICK 83 291 Lex Dodge, C (Capt) 222 Ley. Anne Mane 498 Licato. Richard Joseph 459 Licon. Channing487 Liegl. Jeffrey T 446 Lim|OCO. Lucy 523 Lind. Lawrence 499 Lindh. Jerry Carlton 520 Lindsay. Bill 285 Lindsay. Judy (Ma|) (W) 452. 453 LINDSEY. WILLIAM EDWARD 60 LINEHAN. TERENCE 63 Ling. Curtis Chih-Shan 469 Link. Wendy 242 LINK. WENDELLYN CRAIG 30, 445 Linn, Jeffrey Scot 505 Linskens, Jeffery Robert 506 Linster, Capt Bruce (G) 235 Lipinski, Marion 484 Lisowski, Mai Ronald (J) 207 Littrell, Larry Lee 470 Litwhiler. Lt Col (Daniel) 230 LIvesey, Lance Kirk 493 Livingston, Capt Mary (M) 235 Llewellyn, Joe 315 Llobet, Rodollo463 Lloyd, Bradley Allen 288. 513 Lloyd. Brian John 474 Lo Grande. Michael F 444 Lobmeyer. Susan Jeanine 456 Lobue. P 280 Lobymeyer. Sue 346 LoCastro. Ricky John 501 Lochry. Col Robert (R) 230 Lockhart. Damon Lee 471 LOCKIE. JANET CLAIRE 92 Lofgren. Christopher Lawrence 515 Logan, Andrew Craig 483 Logan. Lisa Mane 272. 273, 528 Logan. Scott Donald 525 Logrande. Michael Francis 456 Logsdon. Vincent Paul 465 Lombard. Kerry 321 Lombardo. Donald Peter 481 Lombardo. Tammy Lynn 472 Lomibac. Rumil Villalon 485 LONCHAR. GEORGE SAMUEL 127.511 Long. Christopher Dennis 461 . 481 Long. Matthew Aaron 515 Long. Shea 262. 479 Longacre. Ben|amin Eugene 525 Longnecker. Ma| Charles 204 Loomans. Susan Mane 512 LOPEMAN. ERIC ROBERT 27 Loperena. Joseph Charles 515 Lopes, John A 445, 460 LOPEZ. BETTY 115 Lopez. Derick(Capt)(W)217 Lord. Melissa Mane 471 Lorenzen. Jay (Capt) 233. 237 LORENZINI. DINO VINCENT 92 488 Loros. Samantha Amanda 518 Lorzing. Patrick Joseph 463 Loughman. Michael Richard 507 Love. Ricky Alan 478 Loveioy. Megan May 513 Loveli, James E 431 . 443. 444 Lovell. Todd Allen 450 Lovette, Danny (R) 158 LOVETTE, TRACY CHANCE 117 Lowe, Christopher Michael 300, 481 Lowe, Robert (Lt Col) 510 Lower, Roy (Capt) (W) 157 Lowman Jr, Leon 476 Lowry, Michael Glenn 520 Lowry III. Mark 494 Lucal. Richard (Capt) (A) 207 Lucas. Robert 303. 459 LUCCI. FRANK ANTHONY 60 Luce. Timothy Robert 472 Luchs. Mark Callender 473 Luck. Scott Cartwnght 527 Lucka. Robert William 518 Luckett. Mai Perry 218 Luedtke. Christopher Jay 497 Luegenbiehl. Heinz C 229 LUEKEN. RUTH ANN 124 LUETTE.GLEN 130 Lukasiewicz. Gregory Thomas 491 Luke. Lawrence David 470 Lukehart III. Gordon Cameron 449 Lum. Jeffrey Shee-Sun 505 Luna. Raymond 518 Lund. Michael Phillip 461 Luts. Phillip Douglas 492 Lyden. Nathan Gregory 526 LYN. WAYNE LESLIE 15 Lynch. David Christian 497 Lynch. Michael Sullivan 476 LYNDE. MATTHEW STEPHAN 99 LYONS, JOHN MATTHEW 93, 145 Lyons. Joseph Mark 492 Lyons, David (Ma|) (M) 230 Lyons, William Alan 484 LYSENKO, MICHAEL RAY 118 Lytwyniuk, Robert B 474 M Maag. Michael Philip 487 MAAS. THOMAS HERMAN 54 MAAS. THOMAS HERMAN 54 MACCARTHY. MARK PATRICK 30 Macdonald. John Robert 493 MacOonald. Maurice 289 MacDougall. Damon Lawrence 474 MacFarlane. Steele Richard 496 MacFarlane. Steele Richard 496 MACGREGOR. PATRICIA LEA 12 444 MACHO. ROBERT LOUIS 102 Maclntyre. Jean 233. 300. 460 MACK. MICHAEL THOMAS 55 MacKeen. Richard Paul 490 MacKenzie, David Reed 487 MACKEY, ALAN BROWN 134 Maclean. Robert Sutherland 519 MacNiven. Mapr 492. 493 MacPherson. John Hugh 523 Macrina. John Richard 32. 528 8242. 12373.17696. 17752 20037 Maddox, Richard Allen 455 Madere. Steven Jude 470 Madigar, Mrs Maria (A) 230 Madril. Bob 285 Madril. Robert Johnny 497 Madura. Kenneth Dale 487 Maes. Carl Francis 517 Maes, Michael K 208 Maes, Patrick Jon 483 Maestas, Terrese Carta 505 Magaletta, Anthony 487 Maglione Jr, Peter Paul 523 Magnell, Carl Michael 529 Magnusson, Ma| Kent (E) 208 MAGOON, BRUCE HOMER 64 145.442 MAHAN. BLAKE CHRISTIAN 106 Maharrey Jr. David Hansel 480 MAHON. BARBARA ANN 124 140 MAHON. PETER DOUGLAS 64 Mahony. Frederick Paul 458 Mahony. William Lee 463 Maiocco. Christopher Bernard 473 Maker. John Bruno 483 Maki Jr. Terrence Wayne 251 . 255. 256.313.358.517 Malackowski. Patrick C 454 Malak. Darryl Evan 509 Malek. David Arthur 463 Malenke. Paul Jay 453 Matey. Chris (Capt) 218, 352 Mailer Jr . Dennis John 530 Mall. Steven Richard 469 Mallery, Kurt Harold 456 Mallette. Frank Eldred 448 MALO NE. BRADLEY ALAN 73. 233 MALONE. TODD FRANKLIN 49 Malyevac. John Michael 463 Mance. Peter Eric 499 Mandel. Karen 379 Mandeville. Richard James 491 Mandeville. William Jody 483 Mang. Gregory Joseph 513 Mangan. Matthew Edward 449 Mangelsen, Eric Norman 459 Manges. Victor J 446 Mangner. Thomas Jerome 464 Mangum. Edward Wayshak 499 Manion, Thomas William 448 458 MANKUS, MICHAEL ANTHONY 89 Manley, Scott Steven 471 Manly, Scott MacVean 473 Mann, John Frederick 493 Mann. Roderick Courtney 480 Manney Jr, John Franklin 448 Manning, Mary (to) 474 Manning, Robert (Mai) (B) 464 465 MANNING, MARY KATHLEEN 52 145,292,293,328,467,474 Manocchia, Christopher Michael 500 Manolas,Capt Ava(N)217 Mansfield, Robert Wesley 456 Manson II, Joseph Robert 528 Manthey, Peter John 512 Maples Jr, David Wayne 517 Marcelino,LtCoi224 MARCH, SONYA LYNN 64 MARCH, STEVEN GREGORY 102 145 Marchesseault, George Wesley Marckesano, Andrew Gerard 495 Marcolongo. Martin Raymond 527 Mardiguan, Mai Armen (E) 237 Mares, Michael James 498 MARGAN, KEITH WAYNE 66 MARGIOTTA, MICHAEL ANTHONY 66 Marheine Jr, Fred Howard 497 Maricle, Mai 212 Marinez, BJ 158 Marinez, Jerry Paul 452 MARKEL, THOMAS OWEN 93, 145 Markland, Thomas A 528 Marks, Mary A (Mai) 224 Marr, Robby Allan 289, 485 Marrero-Pu|ols. Rafael Teodoro 483 Marrs. James Robert 458 Marry. James Donald 451 MARSELLE. RONALD LYNN 21 145 MARSELUS. JOHN EDWARD 30 MARSHALL. GREGORY 80 Marshall. James Alan 484 Marshall. Michael Timothy 456 Marshall. Pat 481 MARSHALL. PATRICK ALBERT 60 Marshall III, Virgil Alexander 483 Martel, Michael Patrick 470 MARTIGNETTI,LISA93 Martin, Barbara Joan 276, 277. 526 Martin, Bill 303 Martin, Brett Arthur 51 5 Martin, Tim (Capt) 218, 220 Martin, Carl Ray 528 MARTIN. CHRISTOPHER ALAN 49 Martin. Joe 266. 267.325 Martin. Julie Patncia468 Martin. Kathryn K 158 Martin. Kevin Charles 482 Martin. Stephen (Ma|) (R) 486. 487 MARTIN. MICHAEL JAY 80 MARTIN. RICHARD LEE 125 Martin, Rick 525 Martin, Robbie Dale 492 Martin, Scott Dehner 498 MARTIN, TODD ALLEN 93. 487 Martin, Todd D 495 Martin, Tracy Lea 497 Martin. William Dennis 477 Martin Jr. Lawrence Micahel 145 Martines. Leslie 491 Martinez. Ramon (Capt) 229 MARTINEZ. DANIEL 112 Martinez, Orlando Mario 503 Martini. Francis John 515 Martini. Todd Kevin 526 Martino. Adriana 525 Martinovich. Jeffrey Alan 477 Marttala. David Warren 517 Maruyama. Paul (Lt Col) 344 Maryak. Mark Scon 458 MARZANO. MARIA LOUISE 128 Mase. Jeffrey Craig 515 Maser. Scott Michael 476 Mason. Mike 288 Massa Jr. Peter Kenneth 476 Masse. John 302. 303 Massee. John Thomas 476 Mast. Edward P 220 MASTERS. STEPHEN GEORGE 112 466 Malchan. Jeffery Dwain 510. 512 Matchefts. John 288. 359 Matchefts. Marco 299. 300 482 MATEOS. CARLOS LUIS 23. 251 . 252. 254 Mathews. Mike 303 Mathewson. Byron Phillip 497 MATHIS JR. PAUL CHARLES 1 12 Matoes. Carlos 259 Matson. Timothy John 492 MATTERA. ANTHONY LAWRENCE 27 Matthews. Michael Robert 519 Matthews Jr. Robert 448 Mattingly, Jack (Mai) 204 Mattke. Michael Aaron 455 Mauch. Lawrence Joseph 516 MAUCHLY, THOMAS PETER 130 Maurer. AI(Ma|)233 Maus. Steven Philip 507 Mavrakis. Emmanuel Mihail 476 WlOdUji tumiieU i ' ii2 »»itr " " T r« ' ' iii« Maw, Scon Gardner 450 Maxfield. Randall Todd SOO Maxwell. Christopher Donald 496 Maxwell. Slacey Suzanne 4S7 May. Col 203 May, George Michael 515 May, J Young (Cap!) 224 May Jr RoDerl Lee 503 Mayliold. Leon Christopher 478 Mayrand. Judith Louise 354. 355. 515 Mays. Craig Evan 477 Mays. Keith P 508 MAZIK. LAURELI 102. 325. 328 MAZUR. CHRISTOPHER ALLEN 24 Mazur Jr. Eugene Joseph 499 Mazurowski. Capl Dave 218 Mazzarella. Gregory Phillip 464 McAldull. Harold James 288, 482 McAlister, Patrick Daniels 521 McAndrews. Gregory Joseph 492 McAninch. Michael Henry 51 7 McBee. Richard Douglas 504 McBREARTY JR. JOSEPH MICHAEL 134 McBride. Galen Wade 498 McCatterty. Randall Robert 495 McCallrey III. Terrance John 501 McCampbell. William Louis 525 McCann. Christopher Charles 459 McCann. LtCol203 McCarron.Bill(LlCol)218 McCarthy. Mark P 443 McCarthy, PaUicia Ann 471 Mccarty, oouglas alan 6i McCAUGHAN, ROBERT ARMSTRONG 15.448 McCaughey. Maria Lisa 505 McClain. James Ennis 520 McCLARIN JR. DONALD GEORGE 70 McClean. Scott Darren 514 McClintock. Bruce Hubert 505 McCloy. Robert Peter 504 McClure. Jim (Capl) 218 McClure. Kurtis John 280. 491 McConie. Jeltrey Charles 448 McCormick. William Boylan 502 McCoy. Keith Edwin 500 McCoy. Paulette 157 McCrackin. James F 446 McCreary. Patrick (Capt) 208 McCREEDY. SCOTT LEE 27. 145. 444 McCrory Jr. Robert Allen 461 McCroskey. Erick Douglas 453 McCullers. Robert James 503 McCulloch Jr. Madison 525 McCULLOUGH, JOSEPH BENJAMIN 125 McCullough, Vanessa 448 McCurdy. Craig 517 McDaniet. Joseph Ely 476 McDaniels, Jeftrey Raymond 453 McDevitt Jr. Dennis Peter 522 McDevitt Jr. John Francis 270. 271 . 526 512 McDonald. Timothy Shawn 496 McDonald Jr. John Bernard 482 McDonnell. John Patrick 424, 525 McDonough III, John Joseph 521 McDonough IV. Michael James 498 McDougal. Ted262 McDougald. Timothy Duane 481 McELHANNON. NEAL BERNARD 89 McElroy Jr. Milton 501 McEntee. Robert Anthony 493 McGarrity. John Patrick 300. 528 McGee Jr. Michael Burnette 499 McGinn, James Robert 479 McGinnis. Miles Lloyd 458 McGinnis.TomSOO McGLINN. MARCI LAVON 66. 281 . 283 McGLOHN, JUDD WRIGHT 130. 27 McGovern, James John 494 McGRATH. EUGENE JAMES 73 McGrath. Ten Elizabeth 503 McGraw. Richard (Lt) (J) 158 McGuire. Michael Thomas 447 McGuire. Patrick Joseph 517 MclNERNEY. MICHAEL JAMES 66 Mclntire. Bren (Capt) (R) 1 58 Mckeever. Jill 300 McKenna. Patrick Jerome 262. 447 McKenna. Thomas Harold 493 McKeon. Eileen Theresa 447 McKeon. Keith Patrick 469 McKeon. Mary Lynette 471 McKinley. Richard Roland 505 McKinney. Harold (Capt) (G) 226 McKinzie. Edward Lee 481 McKnigW. Ivan 267 McLain. Dean Patrick 484 McLaughlin. Lawrence Wesley 505 Mclaughlin, ronald Patrick 80 McLaughlin, Terrie A 467. 484 McLaughlin. Woody 306 McLeroy. James (Ma|) (C) 230 McLuen. Kevin William 496 McMackin. Daniel David 468 McManamy, Kenneth James 505 McNamara. Thomas James 513 McNeal. Robert (Capl) (K) 237 McNeice. Kara Mane 530 McNutt. Ross 285. 464 McSally. Martha 300 McShain. Mane Josephine 481 McTier Steven Erik 512 McVay. Michael (Capt) (G) 235 McWeeney. James John 527 McWhirtet . Susan Maria 32 1 . 455 McWhorter. Melinda Lee 461 Meader. Michael Shawn 474 Meadows. Charles R 222 Meadows. Mr 212 Mear. Carolyn 519 Meek. Tracey Michelle 520 MECKOLL. JAMES ROBERT 74 Medara. Thomas Craig 474 Media. Cadei Wing 424 Medina. Cecil Anthony 462 Medlin. Joseph Allen 518 Medvec. Marks 51 1.522 Mehm, William (Capl) (J) 208 Meier. Michael Robert 454 Meier. Richard Edward 508 Meisner. Deborah (SSgt) (j) 229 Melaragno. Jell (Capl) 234 MELCHER. MARK ALLEN (SOHL) 134.358 Melchisedeck. Jerry (Ma|) (L) 1 57 Mellinger. Eric Michael 463 MENA. JOSEA93.488 Mencer. Dave 303 Menchaca Jr. Jo5e528 Mengers. William Ermis 455 Menlcer Jr. George Thomas 462 Mercado. Richard 348. 450 Merchant. Milen 509 Mercier, Daniel (Mai) (E) 207 Mercier, Michael Gerald 478 Meredith, Jim (Capt) 218 Merrill. Sean Morris 525 Merritt. Benton Jay 487 Merryman, Lynda Mane 523 Meskel, John Eric 526 Meicall, Dierdre Renee 515 Metcall. Jeshua Tess 482 Metclal. Richard Alan 524 Metclal. Shane Lyal 484 Meleall, Dee 285 Metruck. Michael Scott 497 Metzger. Richard Dale 470 Meyer, Craig Elvert474 Meyer, David James 455 Meyer. Jeffrey Alan 299. 531 Meyer. Michael Brian 447 Meyer. Paul Anthony 485 Meyers. David Allen 518 Meyers, Jeffrey William 300. 531 Meyn. Eric David 471 Mhatre. Ravi Brian 481 Michalcik. Patricia Mane 492 Michalec. Charles Edward 473 Michel. Douglas Thomas 507 MICHELL IV. JOSEPH FREDERICK 55 MICHELS, KELLY MARK 83 MIDDLETON. RODNEY DEAN 64 Migdai, Walter 504 Miggiani. Wolfgang Peter 487 Mihalik, Stephen Joseph 504 Miklos, Quinten Lee 465 Mikus, Brendan Patrick 499 Miles, Steve (Maj) 359 Miller, Brian 304 Miller. Bryan Edward 449, 476, 479 Miller. Capl 212 Miller. Daniel Robert 462 Miller, David Andrew 502 Miller, Eric James 474 Miller, Evan MacDonald 517 Miller. Greg Allen 518 Miller, Gregg Eldon 515 Miller, John Gregory 456 Miller. Lisa Rae 508 Miller. Dons (Mai) 218 Miller. Mark Laurence 499 Miller. Matthew Theodore 475 Miller. Michael Joseph 158. 447. 512.519 Miller. Scott William 474 Miller. Stephen Richard 473. 479. 500 Miller. Walton E 467 Miller. Walton E 467 MILLER. WAYNE LESLIE 52. 458. 474 MILLER III. WALTER THOMAS 131 Miller Jr, Daniel John 490 Miller Jr, William Barron 473 Milligan, Karen Jean 517 MILLIGAN. RONALD LEE 30 MILLS, RICHARD CARL 45 Mills, Timothy Jon 278. 280. 528 Miiroy, Michael Bartholomew 505 Mims. Avery Dale 515 Miner, William James 517 Minler, Darrell Cleophis 509 Minion, Reggie 289. 290. 359 MINTZLAFF. JEFFREY GENE 1 13 MIRABELLA. JAMES WILLIAM 86 MIRABELLO. THOMAS 125 Miranda. Robert 496 Mirth. Scott Thomas 497 Missar. Kevin John 529 Mitchell. Robert (Capl) (I) 230 Mitchell. Lt Col 236 Mitchell. Matthew Eugene 524 Mitchell. Terence Burrell 447 Mittelsladt. Craig Stephen 314. 497 Mo. William Henry V 15 Moack-Duran. Carlos Arturo 474 Moad II. James Allen 280. 513 Mock II. Terry LeHoy 460 Moes. John Jacob 519 Moffat. Scott Michael 495 Molfett. Stephen Lamar 458 MOJWID. MELINDA LOU 27 Monaghan. Capl Glen (E) 220 Monetti. Ratfaele Antonio 461 Monroe. Joseph (Col) 216. 21 7 Monroe. Jeffrey Wayne 280 493 Monroe. Robert Edmund 474 Montero. Anthony 500 Montgomery. Andrea Lynn 487 Monlgomery. Cary William 464 MONTGOMERY JAMES MICHAEL 90. 491 Montgomery. John Patrick 448 Montgomery. Kirk Adam 518 Monlgomery. Ronald Eulas 526 Montoya Perez. Julio Cesar 513 Moody. Theodore (Capt) (J) 220 Moody. Todd Richard 462 Mooney. Latishie Lee 494 Mooney. Ma| 479 Mooneyham. Gregory Scott 455 Moor. Richard Allan 468 Moore. Richard (Capt) 204. 218. 234 Moore. Carolyn Ann 284. 517 Moore. David Jaime 451 Moore, Dennis 285, 481 Moore. Gregory Hugh 458 Moore. Heather 300 MOORE, JAMES WILLIAM 52 Moore, Jim 474 Moore. Jonathan Nathaniel 477 MOORE. SCOTT ALLEN 66. 145. 214.456.486 Moore. Timothy Don 521 MOORE. VERNON LAOON 127 128 Moorehead. Richard Dale 485 Morale, Bert 266. 267 Morales. Humberto Enrique 500 Morales. Victoria 452 Morawiec. Jack Paul 479 Mordenle. Patrick Xavier 523 Morehead, John Wayne 503 Morey. Gary Lee 462 Morgan. Joseph (Capt) (A| 220 Morgan. Darin Kip 473 Morgan. David Alan 520 MORGAN. JAMES ARTHUR 120 Morgan. Jim 420 Morgan, Keith 279. 280 Morgan. Matt 214 MORGAN. MATTHEW EARLE 30, 145.444 Morgan, Owen Patrick 525 Morgan Jr, John Avery 526 Morgan Jr, Michael Thomas 519 Mork. David Scott 529 Money, Steven Edwardes 499 Morlock. Mary Louisa 518 Morrill. Bob 304 Morrill. Robert Dee 468 Morris. Steve (Capt) 204 Morris. Darrell Lee 482 Morris.Grant Arthur 519 Morris. Michele Rene 284. 528 Morris. Shaun Quincy 527 Morrison. Charlie 288 MORRISON. CHARLES ROBERT 99,109. 145 Morrison. Marshall Todd 499 Morrow Jr. Robert (Capt) (K) 220 Morse. Douglas Edward 506 Morse. Kenneth (Ma|) (O) 236 Morse. Robert Michael 494 Morton. Kristen464 Morton. Sandra Jo 485 Morton Jr. Grady Otto 457 Moscovic. Sandra Ann 460 Moser. Gar7 Stephen 483 MOSER, ROBERT SCOTT 70 MOSHER, DUANE RAY 93 Mosier. Con Anne 529 Mosley. Jay Michael 498 Moss 111. Tom (Capt) 234 Motherway 111. Thomas John 519 Mott V. William Henry 145 Moulton. Sean 525 MOULTON. STEPHEN KENNETH 71.349 Mourafetis. William Louis 464 Moutaw.Erika Ann451 Mowery. Cynthia Lynn 525 Mueh.LtCol214 MUELLER. ANDREW MICHELL 102. 158.489 Mueller. Andy 508 Mueller. Kevin Joel 471 Mueller. Richard (Ma|) (J) 226 Mueller. Wiliam Patter 463 Muench. Kathleen Mane 480 Mukoda. Timothy James 492 Mulder. David Dance 51 2 MULDOON. MICHAEL LARRY 81 MULLANEY, MARK LOUIS 118 Mullikin. Jane Elizabeth 483 Mullin. James Nielson 523 Mullins. Bill (Capt) (W) 237 Mulvenney. William 226. 227 Mumford. Donald Alexander 458 Munalo. Marc Edwardo 476 Mundy. Scott David 502 Mundy. William Henry 531 Munevar. Hernando (Capt) 204 Munger. Kevin Yale 502 Murawski.Tom(LtCol)219 Murch. Anthony James 528 MURCHLAND. MICHAEL ROBERT 93 Murphy. Michael Dennis 509 Murphy. Paogy424 Murphy. Ricky Ron Nay 473 Murphy. Sean Patnch 505 Murray Douglas (Col) 233 MURRAY MICHAEL DEAN 27 Murray Patrick Shawn 483 Murray Scott Fitzgerald 476 Murray. TirrKrthy Edward 495 MURRAY. VIRGINIA LYNN 48 Murry. Alan James 517 Mussi. Tony Peter 507 Muzio Jr. Charles Gaetano 455 Muzychak. Paul James 455 Myer. Jeff 296 MYERS BRYAN FREDERICK 83. 443 Myers. Carlin Duane 512 Myers. Douglas Boyd 484 Myers. Gregory Scott 471 Myers IV. Elman BorsI 473 Myhre Jr. David Walter 458 NyiarvMr Keith Gregofy 448 o N Naboni, Sonny 443. 516 Nace. William Anderson 450 NacNabb. Martin Lee 448 Nadon. Mark Anthony 505 Naeve. Randy Alan 456 NAGLER. EDWARD PHILIP 118. 233 242 Nahorniak. Michael Francis 484 Napier. CMSgt William (R) 157 Nardi, David Ronald 285. 528 NASON. EARL RAY 12. 145. 444 Naugle. Richard Allan 528 NAUMANN. MARK ALAN 12 NaviauK, Jeffrey Steven 463 Neal.Parris (Capl) (C) 220 Neal, Darren 285, 476 NEDDO, GUY CHARLES 64 Neecham, James Edward 448 Nelson. Bill 271 Nelson, Douglas (Capt) 235 Nelson, Galen Patrick 529 Nelson, James Reginald (W) 476. 482 Nelson. Lisa Jacqueline 452 Nelson. Mike (Mai) 233 Nelson. Martin Herman 500 Nelson, Reed McDowell 528 Nelson Scott Robert 449 NESEMEIER. TIMOTHY LAWRENCE 74 Ness. Timothy Allan 482 Nessmiller. Steven Walter 473 Neubauer. Anne Mane 321 . 521 Neubert. Ms Julie 230 Neumann, Scott 145. 242 Neumann. David (Mai) 237 Neumann. Timothy Paul 448 Neville. David William 491 Newberry. Robert Dale 506 Newbrough. Duke 306, 308 Newbrough, Gary Edward 458 Newlin, Jeffery Eugene 487 NEWMANN, SCOTT ALAN 109 Newton, Ellen Jane 461 Newton, Hiawatha Kelly 464 Newton, Maurice Alcorn 531 NEYLAND, MARK CHRISTOPHER 52,474 Niakaros, John George 463 Nichols, Shirely (Capt) (J) 230 Nici.Rosario (Capt) 207 Nickerson. Eric (Ma|) (J) 235 Nicklas. Larry 254. 358 NICKLOS JR. PETER LAWRENCE 81 Nidegger. Doug 267 Nielsen. Milton (Capt) (C) 157 Niemann. George Andrew 472 Niemi, Sandra Carol 455 Nienhagen, Vivian Carol 495 Nieuwsma, David J 468 Nieves, Michael Kerry 451 Nifakos, Constantine George 486 Nightingale, Keith 288 Nightingale, Sharon Kay 229 Nigl Michael Gerard 508 NIKOUITS. DAVID ANDREW 43 Nilson, Jimmy (Mai) (D) 217 NISSEN, DAVID SCOTT 55 Nix. William M 505 Noe, Mark (Capt) 218 Noehl. Mary Eugenia 529 Nolan. Louis J 466. 468 Nolette, Michael Joseph 447 Norris, Robert (Capt) (E) 220. 230 Northgraves. Julie 281 Northrop. Kimberlei Anne 494 Northup III . Parker Waldo 469 Norton. Daniel Edward 478 Norton. Will...n Douglas 464 Norwesh Jr. Edward Lawrence 325. 455 NOVAKOVIC. MICHAEL BRANKO 12 Nowatry, Paul 262 NOWLAND. MARK CHRISTOPHER 46. 467 Nowotny. Paul 464 NOYES.RAEANNE71.214 Nunez , Anthony C (Capt) 222 Nunez. Mark Treps 517 Nunc. Bernie (Capt) 262 Nusser. Chnstopher Alan 517 Nutter. Michael James 473 Nyberg. Knstma Yvette 470 Nyerhuis. Adam Edward 503 OBERG THOMAS ALLEN 125 O BHIEN TIMOTHY JOSEPH 1 1 5 O Cain. B«uc« Eugene 267. 487 0Connal.Dan2K O Cooneii T (Capt) 280 O Conno . Brian Edward 445. 450 O CONNOR. DANIEL SEAN 90 O RKXdan II. Edmund Maittww 519 O Shaughnossy, Terrence John 288 4ft4 O Shea. Michael (Capl) |F) 220 Oates. John Stephen 526 Oberdi«ck.Don35S OBERDIECK. DONALD ROBERT 106 Oberly. Mark Oouglas 520 OCain. Bruce Eugen« 487 Ocean. Billy 407 OConneii III. Daniel Edward 517 OConnor. Daniel Joseph 506 Oenel. Peter Rudolph 516 Oerter. Roger Edward 500 Oeser. Jim IMai) 359 Ogburn Patrick LeMoyne 493 OGLE III. JOHN WILLIAM 64. 145 Oistad.Eric Jon271.517 Okey, Patricia Ann 484 Oialson, Paul 262 Oldenburg " , William (M3|)(H) 158 Older, David James 480 Olinger, Dale (Capt) (K) 237 OLIVAREZ JEROME 134 Oliver Richard (Lt Col) 204 474 Oliver 11. John David 491 01k Marvin Peter 513 Ollig, Linda 277, 473 Olmos, Steven Adrian 468 Olmstead, Donald Joseph 515 Ololson, Paul Bernard 492 Olsen, Karl (Capt) 359 Olsen, John Eric 449 Olsen. Kenneth Michael 499 Olson. Gary William 453 Olson, Gregory Victor 525 Olson. Jeffry Jon 496 Olson. Matt 300 Olson. Patrick Brian 507 Olson. Eric (SSgt) 239 OLSON WAYNE RAY 52. 474 OLSON WESLEY ALLAN 102. 145 Olympics, Special 384 Oms, Pedro Raul 474 Ontiveros, Michael John 507 Ording. Tracy Lee 459 Ordner. Anthony Lewis 528 Ordzie. Edmund (Mai) (A) 1 57 Orlolsky. Shirley 204 Orms, Cynlhia Mane 464 ORNE RANDALL JAMES 21 Orner, Terry Michael 314, 520 Orr Verne 147, 155 Ornson, Stephen (Ma|) (L) 226. 227, 276 Ortiz, Chnstopher 498 Ortiz, Juan Carlos 456 Orvedahl. Dale Ernest 516 Osarczuk Jr. John Charles 454 Osiund. Dawson Scott 526 Oss Scott Douglas 323. 521 OSTEEN, CHARLES EDWARD 93 Osteen. F Price 489 OSTEEN II. FRANK PRICE 83 OSWALD. WILLIAM KENNETH 24 OTT. MICHAEL JOSEPH 61 Often. Tyler 267 Otting. Mark Joseph 458 Otiinger. Jeanne L 51 1.518 Otto. Lawrence 285. 451 Otto, Stephan Karl 461 Ourada, Daniel Joseph 521 Outlaw, David M 482 Overcast, David (Lt Col) 466 OVERMAN. CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM 64 Overturt, Kurt Matthew 483 Owen, Robert (Capt) (C) 226 Owens, Biiiiana 505 Owens. Mrs 203 Owmgs. Julie Ann 461 Oxford. Vayl (Capl) 204 Pacheco, Kann Mane 491 Packard Antony Michael 475 Padden, Pollyanna A 273, 466. 470 Paffenroth, Scott Atwater 314. 516 PAGAN. RANDOLPH ALLEN 96 Paganeiii. Beniamm Raphael 459 Page James Patrick 485 PAIGE. CLIVE ANTHONY 31 Paige Jr. Timothy Alfred 512 Palenchar. David (Mai) 233 Palli. Robert Jack 460 Paik. Deicy Michelle 448 Palko. Kevin 252. 468 Palko, Kreg Andrew 483 Palmer, Linda (Capt) (K) 207 Palmer. Christopher Graham 271 . 484 Palmer. David John 508 PALMER. JESS DEAN 127 Palmer Jr. James Eugene 500 Panarisi. Michael Troy 424, 425. 512 Pangracll, Stanley Dean 619 Papa, Michelle 300 Papirlis, Cap! 236 Paradise, Makie George 477 PARERO III, EDWARD L 67 PARISH, GERALD JACKSON 12 Parish, Joseph Eric 304, 305, 524 Parisi, Vincent (Mai) 204 Parl er, Jeffrey Hess 499 Parker, Kathryn Margaret 481 PARKER, LAMAR DEWEY 67 PARKER, RANDALL CLAY 61 Parker, Roben Everett 494, 521 Parker, Steven Bradley 526 Parker III, William James 453 PARKS, JENS 58 Parmater, Alan T 466, 478 Parong, Cachito Fusilero 512 Parr, Kevin Dean 463 PARRILLO, JOANNE 131 Parrish, Brian Kenneth 505 Parry, Sean Paul 529 Parsons, Peter Howard 458 Parsons, Shawn Alden 314, 523 Partridge, Dale Patrick 450 Pasierb, Barbara (Capt) (L) 230 Passaro, James Russell 458 Passy II, Albert Meir 479 Pastos, Alex James 501 PATSY, JOSEPH PATRICK 28 Patterson, Douglas Roben 453 Patterson, John Michael 468, 497 Patterson, Mark Alan 465 Patti, Marc Ellsworth 512 PATTISON JR, JOHN ALAN 118 Patton, Catherine Mary 502 Patton, Douglas James 522 Patton, Kathy 382 Paul, Ronald Edward 457 Paulica, Jim304 Pawlowski III, Mai Thomas (J) 230 Payan, Samuel 456 Payne, Eric James 499 Payne, John Gibson 499 Payne, Larry Clark 529 Payne, Bettye (Maj) (J) 521 Payne, Manuel Alfred 476 Payrow-Olia, Capt 233 Pearson, William Robert 481 PECHIN III, FRANK SMEDLEY 102 Peck Robert William 482 Pecor, Bruce (Capt) 220 PEDEN, JEFFERY CLAYTON 71 Peer, Bill (Capt) 276, 359 Pegg, John Michael 515 Peiffer, Janice A 157 Peloquin, Perry Joseph 518 PELOZA, CHRISTIAN MICHAEL 90 Pena, Juan 262, 449 Pena, Laurie 230 PENDER, JEROME MICHAEL 18, 145 Pendergraft, David Ross 285. 484 Pendry, Michael Kelly 501 PennellJr, Joseph H 458 Pennett, John (Capt) (G) 220 Peoples, Alden Gerard 531 PEPIN, PETER ROGER 121 Pepper, Amadee Rene (Willis) 499 Pera, Lee James 448 PERCELL, DAVID SCOTT 43 Percy, Robert Lloyd 531 PEREZ, ANNETTE MARIA 43 PEREZ, YVETTE 58 Perkins, Gerald Martin 468 Perkins, Timothy John 461 Perko, Mark John 509 PERRY, DAVID FREDERICK (DOUGLAS) 40 Perry, Don 238 PERRY, RONALD BRYAN 90 Pescaia, Damon Lance 499 Peshek, Timothy Mario 481 Peterjohn, Daniel (Ma|) 482, 483 Peters, Pamela (Capt) (L) 230 Peters, David Edward 523 PETERS, GORDON CHARLES 74, 208 Peters, John (Mai) (E) 208 Peters, Mark Vincent 529 PETERSEN, CHARLES 74 PETERSON, BRADLEY EARL 99 Peterson, Donna (Capt) (E) 220 Peterson, Enck Shane 503 PETERSON, MARY ELIZABETH 86 Peterson, Mike 318, 319, 486, 517 Petosa,Scott315,359 Petrishen, Timothy Paul 508 Petro, Maj John 230 PETROSH JR, MICHAEL JOHN 28 Petterson,CindyA487 PETTIT, RANDY JOHN 74 Pettyjohn, Jamie Edward 476 Pfab, Dean Edmund 450 Pfatf, John 208, 474 PFAFFJR, JOHN DAVID 53 Pfeil, Stephanie 281 Pfiel, Stephanie Diana 523 Pharris, Eric Michael 259, 323, 358, 500 PHARRIS, TIMOTHY CHRISTIAN 99, 323, 358 Pheifer,Bob314 Phillips, Daniel Brooks 479 Phillips, Derek 303 PHILLIPS, JEFFREY BLAINE 43 Phillips, Charles (SSgt) 359 Phillips, Tammy 497 PHILLIPS, TIMOTHY JOHN 74, 505, 507 Phillips Jr, David Larry 463 Phippen, Earl (Mai) (F) 157 Pho, Tarn Pacific 500 Pickens, Brian Keith 484 Pickering, Trent Allen 531 Pickett, Marquis Delafayette 478 PICKRELL, ROBERT LAWRENCE 18,300 Pierce, Roger Stuart 515 Pieringer, Wayne Robert 494 Pierson, Blake Charles 479 Pietryga, Michael David 494 PIIRTO, MICHAEL JAMES 103 Pike, Cheryl Ann 525 Pike, Christopher Alan 513 Pingry, Julie Denise 516 Pinkerton Jr, James (Lt Col) 1 58 Pinkerton, Hedy (Ma|) (C) 474, 475 Pinney, Jo Anne 455 Pio, Karen Ginger 531 Piontek, Philip (Capt) (T) 226, 276 Plotter, Alison (Capt) 217 Pipan, Anthony Michael 504 Pisani Jr, Ralph Edward 453 Pitt, Michael Ray 463 Pittman, Kelly Mark 462 Pitzel, Matthew Elliott 484 PIZZARELLO, KEVIN JAMES 46 Pizzi,Bob(LtCol)234 Place, Gene Albert 450 Place, Timothy James 531 Plamp, Christopher Emmons 463 Piatt III, William Quinton 500 Plehn, Michael Todd 469 Plescha, Franz 300, 461 Pletcher, Brian Scott 448 Pious, Preston Michael 456 Plyler, William Neil 487 POEHLER, JUERGEN KARL 125, POGGI MICHAEL ANTHONY 15 POGUE, EDWIN BERRY 81 Pohlman, Douglas William 509 Poje, Chnstopher Brian 459 Pokorny, Mark Allen 484 Pokorny III, Paul Edward 493 POLAND, DOUGLAS MICHAEL 31 Polczer, Henry William 502 Polglase, Brent Gregory 474 Pollard, Mai George (D) 470, 471 Pollmiller, David Edward 527 Pollok, Trudy 204 Pomrenke, (3ernot (Capt) (S) 237 POND, KEITH ROBERT 84, 244 Ponko, Mary Elizabeth 500 Poole, John (Capt) (L) 226 POPE, GEORGE ROBERT 61 , 245 Pope, Keith Yancey 507 Popovich, Joseph Timothy 525 Popowycz, Alexander Leo 497 Poppe, Peter Louis 491 Poppert, Patrick Eugene 496 Poremba, John Amborse 474 Poremski, Robert John 507 Porte, Ronald Eric 51 8 PORTER, GLEN SCOTT 50, 145, 348, 445 Porterfield, Thomas Jay 454 Posner, Joseph Roderic 473 Pospisil, Todd James 515 Possedi, Michael Scott 523 POST, ROBERT BRIAN 71 POSTGATE, MARK STEVEN 131 Postlewaite, Ma| 208 POTTER, GREGORY LYN 18 Potter, Stephen Mark 454 POTTER, TAYLOR GOHEEN 1 1 5 POWELL, ANNE DARLENE 15 POWELL, GARY WILLIAM 125 Powell Jean-Paul Navaro 516 POWELL, MARC PAUL 61 . 481 Powell, Sam 271 Powers, Lauren Lynn 525 Pozorski, Laurie Ann 497 Pradier, Jerome (Maj) (M) 229 Praesel,Gary(Ma|)(A)158 Prather, David S 466, 486 Pratzner Jr, Phillip Russell 491 Prebula,Tom315 Predella, Robert Paul 517 Prem, Josef Rudolf 528 Press, Timothy Paul 526 Preston, Lisa Joy 503 Pretz, John (Major) (M) 527 Preus, Erik Robert 473 Price, Bradley Wayne 482 Prior, Rick 300 Prior Jr, Richard Power 490 PROCTOR, DOUGLAS WAYNE 118 Profit, Michael Keith 325, 358, 523 Propp, Mark Boyd (Earl) 529 Propst, Anthony Mark 463 Provost, Diane Irene 482 Psaromatis, Michael Alan 468 Pshsniak, Greg 251, 255, 256 Psniak, Greg 255 Ptasznik, Carol Ann 474 Puente, Daniel Andrew 521 Pugh, Stu (Capt) 359 Pugh, Franklin Allen 471 Puig, Philip Stephen 450 Pustay Jr, John Stephen 478 Putney, Jonathan Ross 522 QUINN, RUSSELL JAMES 131 Quint, Marcus John 476 Ouintana, Carlos Benino 514 Quintas, John Terence 529 Quirk IV, George Goble 496 Ouiroz, Christopher James 449 Quitero, Carlos William (Vy) 460 K Q Rabano, Raymond Severino (Smith) 515 Radcvcich, Nick Peter 487 Rademacher, Bruce Nicholas 522 Raduenz, Brian 288, 477 RAFFERTY, GARY ROBERT 43 Rafferty, Steve 314 RAFFERTY, STEVEN GERARD 67 Raggio, David John 525 Raichelson, Sharon (Capt) 218 Raimer, Kevin James 494 Raines, Donald Joseph 522 RAINES, TODD DAVID 55, 145, 466 Rallo, Joseph (LUG) 233 Ramirez, John Anthony 513 Ramsey, D (Ma|) 280, 359 Randall, Wesley Spencer 497 RANDOLPH, MARK JOSEPH 19 Rappa, Christopher 451 Raralio, Capt 212 Rarick, Michael J 489, 498 Rask, Lisa Ann 499 RATH, BRIAN MARK 90 Rathsack, Matthew Daniel 486 Ration, Ron 242 RATTON, RONALD RAY 1 1 3 Rau, Gregory Stephen 506 Rau Jr, Robert Otto 508 Raub, Kenneth Aaron 507 Raulerson, James Alan 531 Pauls, Thomas Roben 515 RAUSCHENBACH, CHRISTIAN PETER 55 Ravenelle, Anita Mane 498 RAVENSWAAY, KENNETH JOHN RAY, TIMOTHY MICHAEL 84 Rayl, Linda 281, 477 Raymona, Janean Lucia 461 Raymond, Peggy 234 Rayter, John Michael 461 READ, PETER DAVID 106 Reagan, The Honorable (Ronald) 154 REASOR,RElD DAVID 113 RECK, LAURANCE RUSSELL 121. 145 Redanz, Rob 285 Reddel, Carl (Col) (W) 226 Reddick, Pamela Anne 492 Redding, William 238 Redding Jr, Walter Jerald 531 Redford, Don Lee 517 Reed, Carolyn Marie 452 Reed, Bill (CMSgt) 288 REED, DARREN JEFFREY 67 Reed Jr, David Walter 481 Reese, Mike (Capt) 234 Regan, Christopher John 527 Regenor, James Allen 515 Rehmeyer, David Michael 531 Reid, Kyle 303, 473 Reid, Patrick Victor 464 Reid, Steven Mitchell 500 Reighn, Deanne Carmody 457 Reiling Jr, Russell Norman 502 Reilly, Charles Daniel 509 Reilly Douglas Patrick 475 REILY, DEAN ANTHONY 24 Reiman, Roben William 455 Reimer, Russell Paul 453 Reimers, Craig Allen 482 REMINGTON, SCOTT HILLARY 50 Rempter, Thomas Leslie 447 Rendessy, Paul 471 RENDINE, MICHELLE ANNE 131 Rennekamp, David (Ma|) (E) 158 Renner, Peter Christopher 497, 520 Renner, Robert Allen 479 RENO, BRIAN ALLEN 90 Resnik, William Joseph 475 Reta, Juan Eduardo 495 Reth, David Alexander 145 Reuben, Lori Michelle 505 Revelos, William Charles 519 Reyes, George John 516 Reyes, Patrick Vincent 502 Reynolds, Capt 21 2, 235 Reynolds, Wayne (Ma|) 213 Reynolds, Reginald James 458 Reynolds, William Scott 531 Reynolds Jr, Dale Duane 526 Reynolds Jr, James Harlan 530 Rhame, Tyson Allen 451 Rhiddlehoover, Sarah Beth 320, 321,458 Rhinehart, Roch 323, 454 Rhoads, Harold (Ma|) (S) 207 Rhodes, Jeffrey Michael 447 Rhodes, Sandra 501 Rhyne, Rot ert Lawrence 500 Riccillo, Patricia Mary 458 Rice, Dean (Ma|) (E) 226 Rich, Timothy Paul 447 Rich Jr, Cosmo Anthony 458 Richards, Ed 284, 285 Richards, Kevin Dean 484 RICHARDSON, DARRELL KEITH 99 Richardson, William (Ma|) (E) 21 7 Richardson, Renee Michelle 521 Richey, Michael Wayne 491 Rick, Victor Lynn 456 Ricken, Robert Alan 504 Riddlebarger, Jeffery Wayne 521 RIDER. DOUGLAS BOENN 77, 145,442 Ridilla, Peter Andrew 495 Ridolfi Jr, Donald Henry 504 Riedel, Curtis B 459 RIESSELMANN, DAVID EARL 121 Riggs, Ma|212 Rightmer, C 280 Rightmyer, Michael Andrew 507 RILEY, DAVID BRIAN 12 Riley, Kathleen Jo 473 Riley, William (Lt Col) 230 Riley, Thomas Christopher 501 Rinaldi, Patricia Mane 517 Ringelberg, Wayne Michael 471 Ringgold Jr, Lloyd Earl 474 Rinke, Edward Joseph 494 Riordan, Matthew Patrick 508 Ripley, Lt Col (sel) 208 Ripley, Randolph Earl 457 Ripley, Randy 285 Rispoli, Damian Mark 469 Ritchie, Eric Raymond 493 RITENOUR II, THOMAS JAMES 87 RITS, MICHAEL PAUL 100 RITTER, JOHN ALFRED 12 Ritter, Lori Jean 464 Rivera, Joe Archie 508 Rivera, Lourdes Maria 475 RIVERA, PAULETE RENEE 118 Rix, Edward 499 Rizer, Kenneth Robert 487 Roach, Raegan 292 ROBB JR, JOHN MATTHEWS 109 Roberg, Kevin Paul 487 Roberson, Cheryl (Lt) 276 Roberson, William (Mai) 204 Roberts, Angela Grace 455 Roberts, Daria (Capt) (M) 157 Roberts, Cathy 328, 329 Roberts, Richard Alan 208, 515 Roberts, Stephen Patrick 463, 495 Roberts II, Sanford Eugene 454 ROBERTSON JR, ALBERT EDWARD 50 Robertson, David (Capt) (R) 220, 226 Robertson, Dwight Everett 522 Robichaud, Christopher Michael 525 Robinson, Timothy Howard 474 Robinson II, Bobby L 444, 446 ROBINSON JR, JOHN WELLS 50 Robinson Jr, Neil Wentworth 523 Robison, Joe (Maj) 359 Rochard, Pete 285 Pochard Jr, Peter 481 ROCHE, SEAN PATRICK 128 ROCKER, MARY JO 84 Rockman, Beth 284, 458 Rodarte, Ben 285 Rodarte Jr, Venancio 448 Rodgers, Mr James 238 Rodgers, Rickey Sylvester 522 Rodolf, Paul Dennis 525 Rodriguez, Ernest Henry 506 Rodriguez, Stuart Andrew 457 ROE, KIMBERLY ANN 50, 466 Roeder, Chnstopher L 446 Rogacki, John R (Ma|or) 222 Rogers, Bert Wayne 462 Rogers, Bradley Jay 501 Rogers, Ken (Mai) 233 Rogers, Michael Keith 470 Roh, Joseph Andrew 461 Rohde, Stephanie (Capt) (K) 230 Roias, Victoria Ann 281 , 282, 283, 526 Rokke, Brig Gen 203, 246 Rokke, Irwin J 392 Roley, Ross (Capt) (E) 230 Rollins, Timothy Avery 531 Romagosa, Cristina Maria 475 Romano, Pete 420 Romero, Andrew 463 Romero, Dan 233 Ronsman, Harry Martin 468 Ronza, Michael Eric 461 Rooney, Sean Michael 420, 476 Roop, Jon Alan 504 Rose, Christopher Andrew 475 Rose, Danny Blair 468 Rose, Ralph Leon 483 Rose, Samuel Lewis 464 ROSE III, LANSON CLIFFORD 58 Rosen, Lee Wayne 521 Rosendale, Kara Lee 527 Rosenmeier, Steven Roy 505 Rosenmerkel, Gregory James 523 Rosenthal, Robert Alan 518 ROSENTHAL, SUSAN LYNN 65 Ross, Cheryl R 229 Ross, David Alan 528 Ross, Keith Patrick 482 ROSS JR, ARTHUR 87 Rossano, Alexander Anthony 449 Rossi, Frank Joseph 267, 530 Rotell,Tom257 Rotello, Thomas Joseph 500 Rotello, Tom 256 ROTERING, TERRENCE LEE 40 Roth, R Theodore (Capt) 235 Rothstein, Michael David 463 ROTHWELL, THOMAS GERALD 91 ROURKE, BRIAN DAVID 100 ROUSE, JASON BENTLEY 24 ROUSSEAU, GLENN GORDON 77 Route. Chris 420 Route, Christopher Paul 465 ROUTHIER, KEVIN JOSEPH 77 ROWE, BRUCE CLYDE 127 Rowe, Randall Sutherland 468 Rowe, Robert Dean 468 Roy Randall Albert 457 Royer,Erlind(Col)(G)220 Ruben, ACubero(Col)224 Ruble, John (Capt) 237 Rubush, James Michael 497 Ruby, Tomislav Zlatich 498 Ruckle, Georgia Elizabeth 456 Ruddy, Bernard Joseph 515 Ruder, Craig Richard 462 RUDOCK, BLAINE OWEN 100. 205 Rudolph. Jason Martin 462 Rued. John Frederick 480 Ruff. Barbara Ann 481 RUMPH. MARK HERBERT 21 Rupp. Jon Andrew 501 Ruse. Mark Andrew 499 Russ. John Anthony 480 Russel. Michael Joseph 518 Russell. Richard Wesley 487 Russell II. David Leon 456 RUSSELL II. FRANK EUSTACE 106 Russo. Gregory James 484 RUTHERFORD. SCOTT CROSSFIELD40. 464 RUTLEDGE. SAMUEL MARK 103. 489 Rutledge. Steven Vincent 631 Ryan. Dennis 262. 263. 265. 446 Ryan. John Doyle 618 Ryan. Sean Patrick 51 7 RYDELL. MARK ROBERT 65 Ryer. David Matthew 476 Ryniak. Nancy Mane 476 s Sabo. Christopher John 455 Sabo. Richard Steven 507 Sacks. John Thomas 528 Sacks. John Thomas 528 Sacranc. Michael Anthony 451 Sadlo. Thomas George 483 Sadlo.Tom316 Saelens. David Thomas 607 Sagastume. Louis 262 Sagastume. Luis 359 Sager. Will 474 SAGER II. WILLIAM EMORY 53 Saint. Hugh Kenny 486 Sainz. Frederick Thomas 625 Sakae. Eric Todd 285. 507 Sakulich. Mark Andrew 42U. o25 Salazar, Carlos LeRoy 531 Salazar. Elsa499 Salcedo. Claude Einstein 628 SALLEE. SARAH JO 131 SALOMON. JUVENAL QUESADA 19 SALVUCCI. CHRISTOPHER 84 SAMPSON. RODNEY NELSON 125 Samuelson. Mai 234 Sanchez. Felix (Mai) 204 Sanchez. Steve Ell 509 SanClemente. David Paul 471 Sanders. Dwighl Russel 605 Sanders. Richard Alan 447 SANDERS. RONALD JEFFREY 121 Sandoval. Steven Anthony 344. 345. 481 Sandoz II. Rodney Leonce 519 SANDQUIST. MICHAEL DAVID 31, 344,345 Sanning, Matthew Garber 502 Santarelli, David Troy 451 Santiago, Capt John (M) 220 Santos, Roy Christopher 525 Sasaki. Todd Miles 485 SASSEVILLE. MARC HENRY 40 Sattertield. Jeffrey Alan 473 Sauley. Ed 304 Sauley 111. Edward Anthony 467 Saulny Jr. Stanley M 510. 528 Saulski. Joseph P484 Saun.Van(Ma|)212 Saunders. Robert Keith 458 Saunders Jr. Thomas (Ma|) (H) 506. 607 Sauve. Neil Thomas 462 Savino. Vincent 267. 506 Savoy II. George Russell 471 Scalione. Joseph Mario 496 Scanlin. Tomas (Capt) (E) 518. 519 Scarano. M 280 Schaefler. James Worth 513 Schaeffer . John Charles 453 Schaeffet.LtCol203 SCHAEFFLER. SCOTT ALAN 96 Schaetlern. Kathleen 522 Schaible. Larry 204 Schaller. Bob 288 Schaller Jr. Robert Charles 463 Schamante. Salvatore Paul 512 Scharenbrock. Christopher Glen 477 Schartenberg. Peter Walker 524 SCHAUMANN.KRISR67 Scheerer. Carl (Maj) (R) 237 Scheels. Irv 284. 286 SCHEETS JB, ERVIN GEORGE 67, . ' .oiv .v M. , .; ■, " f ' ... ■, 146 Sctiichll. KuM Randall 481 Schieter. Wayne (Capi) (A) 1 58 SchiessI, Terry L (Ma|or| 222 Schieve. Mark Edward 482 Schitani Jr. Stephen Beranrd 500 Schiller. Harvey (Col) (W) 2 1 4 Schiller. Greg 262 SCHILLER. G REGORY JOHN 103 Schiller. Kim 262 Schissol. Beth Lynn 273. 515 Schlange. Slacy 276. 456 Schlichdng. David Arthur 455 Schloss. John Robert 508 Schluckebier. David James 509 Schlumpberger. Steven James 5 1 8 Schmehil Jr. James George 509 Schmel el. Allen Theodore 483 Schmick, James Robert 476 Schmick, Joel Burton 456 Schmidt. Dorman 222 Schmidt. Jellrey John 525 Schmidt. Stephen (Wa|| |R) 230 Schmidt. Mickey D 158 Schmidt. Mr 212 SCHMIDT. PAUL GREGORY 127. 167 Schmuck. Frank Charles 447 Schneider. Kevin Bruce 521 Schneider. Kirk Alan 508 SCHNEIDER. STEVEN MICHAEL 134 SCHNOES. MARK JOSEPH 87 Schoell. Paul (Mai) (W) 220 Schr. David M (Mai) 224 Schrink. Robert Henry 514 Schrock. Lee (Maj) (W) 237 Schroeder, Lance Ryan 473 Schrupp. Ronald Wayne 522 Schubtie, Joel Jon 518 Schueler Jr. James Thomas 514 SCHUETTE. NICHI SUE 96 Schuk. Laurie Jo 462 Schultz. Timothy Paul 501 Schuli. Peter Charles 475 Schuman Jr. Jimmie Dale 456 Schuster. Keith E verett 469 Schuster. Paul Francis 485 Schutz. Merrill Dean (Patrick) 468 Schwall. Arthur (Ma|) (W) 460. 461 Schwanz, Jenniler Ann 525 Schwartz. Bernard 531 Schwartz. SSgt212 Schwartz. Terese Mane 458 Schwarz, Isabella 468 Schwarz, James L (SSgt) 222 Schweigert. Mark Arnold 453 Schweitzer. Matthew Mark 515 Sellers. LeIand G 489. 5(X) SCLORSCH. THOMAS MICHAEL 28 Scobee. Richard William 478 Scoggin. Coert Calvin 482 Scott. A J 256 Scott. Joseph 237 Scott. Clarence 204 Scott. Jeffery Carter 526 SCOTT. JOHN PATRICK 55 Scott. Winfield (Lt Gen) 155. 308. 388.400 Scott, Richard Olson 482 Scott. Summer Elaine 450 Scott. Todd 325. 448 Scribner. John Derek (Lonis) 463 Scully. James (Mai) (E) 504. 505 Scully. Thomas Edward 528 Scupp, John M208 Seagraves. Douglas Bryan 267. 523 Seaholm. Lane A 446 SEALS. REGAN WAYNE 46 Seaman. Stephen Laurence 450 SEAMAN. TERRY GUY 12 Seamon. John Titus 527 Sears. Daren Allen 525 Sec hler. Wesley Wayne 474 Secor. Linda Elizabeth 530 Sederman. Rob 242 SEDERMAN. ROBERT PAUL 125 SEELY. ANTHONY JOHN 103 Seely. Tony 314 Selcik. Thomas J (Capt) 222 Seglins. Andrew Christopher 522 Seibert. Tammy Rae 481 SEID. HOWARD ALBERT 77 Seller. Mary Elizabeth 473 Sell. Kerry Wayne 508 Sell Jr. Frank Allen 500 Sells. Deborah Ann 285. 51 7 SELLS. JOHN GREGORY 106 Sells. MelindaKaye 523 SELVAAG. BRYAN KEITH 67 Semmel. Greg Andrew 500 Senderling. Robert Scott 447 Senef. Brad 427 Senel. Bradley Glenn 450 SENN. DENISE LYNN 96. 505 Senn. Ricky 271 Sepanski. John Michael 498 SEPESSY. JOSEPH SCOTT 91 Seroka. Steven (2nd Lt) 230 Serres. Todd Joseph 524 Sersun. Kenneth Charles 458 SETA. KENJI40 Settimi.Tim418 SET2EH. JAMES LITTLEFIELD 97. 488 SEWELL. GEOFFREY HENRY 1 1 8. 315 SEWELL, MICHAEL TERRANCE 94.491 Sexton. Tom 31 5 Shafer, Mark Wayne 494 Shaller, Donald Lyie455 Shannon. David Barry 492 Shannon, Scott Dominic 499 Sharp. Tamaron Gail 320. 321, 524 Sharpy. Thomas James 313. 314, 520 Shave Marc Sloven 531 : , . . ' ili|)?18 ' I. ' , ' . . ' ■ •.l,i|)(P)226 I I - Mi.lophor315,498 H .1 325. 508 i|)t)(F)230 ith529 ' ..10 .LH, MARIA LEE 84. 42b SHELLY. BRIAN KEVIN 121. 146. 245 Shepardson. Matthew John 456 SHEPPARD. JOHN THOMAS 1 13 Sherid. David Barclay 463 Sherwood. Arthur (Ma|) (J) 230 SHIELDS, MICHAEL ANDREW 67 SHIMP. STEVEN CLARK 115 Shin. Kent Ungene (Martin) 520 Shines Jr. Franklin Pierce 260. 515 SHINNICK. JOSEPH THOMAS 46 Shipley. Michael Wayne 499 Shkor, John Stewart 458 Shod. Charles James 486 Shrebe, Glenn 346 SHURMAN. MARK VINCENT 77 Shurnas. Paul Stanley 487 Shutack. Scott Richard 491 Shuttleworth. Jack (Col) 218 Shutts. Judine M 158 Sidor. Stacy Jean 487 Siegal. JeM 244 SIEGEL, JEFFREY ALLEN 71 Sigler. Steve 256 Sigler. Steven Anthony 508 Silken. Wayne (Mai) 233 Silva. Carlos Alberto (Puentes) 530 Silvani, Ma) 233 Silver. Steven Brent 498 SILVERIA. JAY BENTON 24. 445 Silvia. Patrick Russell 304, 473 Simmons, Bradley John 456 SIMMONS, CEOHIC DEMETRIS 31 Simmons. Jody 250. 254. 256. 257. 358 Simmons. Ronald William 448 Simmons, Ted Victor 447 SIMMONS JR. ROBERT M 84 Simon. Daryl Ritchard 470 Simon. Mark Oliver 256. 358. 528 Simonitsch. Janet Mary 514 Simpson. Christopher Sean 492 Simpson. Craig Douglas 464 SIMPSON. DENNIS JOSEPH 15 Simpson. Joe 448 Simpson. Naaman Michael 456 Simpson. Nigel John 456 SIMS. SHERRISUE71.242 Sims. Kristy (SSgt) 276 Singer, Bonnie (Cap!) 234 Singer. Michael (Ma|) (D) 459 Sinnott. Patrick Christopher 457 Sipes. Timothy James 315. 500 Sisler. James Benton 485 Siu. Ruthann Kam (Mui) 470 Skarda. Jonathan Tyler 476 Skehan. Robert Andrew 509 Skinner. Chip 322 Skotte. Stephen James 464 Skowron. David William 531 SKOWRONEK. PA UL JOSEPH 21 SKRODZKI.MIR0 87 SLACK. DARREL GLEN 118 Sladko. Jeft 303 Sladko. Jeffrey John 487 Slate. Mitchell (Capt) (P) 207 Slater. Kenneth Robert 502 Slatter. Steven Russell 453 Slaydon. Capt 236 Slayton. Daniel Charles 471 Sloan, Robert Sheldon 514 Slocum, John L 222 SIO)kowski, Mihcael Luzian 519 Slown, Mark (Capt) 219 Smagh, KalwanI Singh 473 Smith, Alison Leigh 496 Smith, Andrew Foster 447 Smith, Antoinette Theresa 479 Smith, Barbara Juanita 300, 512 Smith, Brian Parker 474 Smith, Herb (Capt) 157, 218. 219 Smith, Courtney Leonard 450 SMITH, DANIEL LEWIS 135 Smith. David LeFevre 521 Smith. David Michael 491 Smith. Dirk 314. 487 Smith. Fred Hilary 420. 448 Smith. Gary 304 Smith. Genieve Mae 492 Smith. Hamish Alasdair (Stewart) 451 Smith. Jeffrey Joseph 494 Smith. Jennifer 300 Smith. Johnny 253, 255, 259 Smith, Karen Lynne468 SMITH, KIRKLAND ARCHER 81 Smith. Matthew Norman 507 Smith. Michael John 447. 523 Smith. Robert F 481. 520 Smith. Scott Terrance 471 . 529 Smith. Sharon 300. 464 SMITH. TERRY VIRGINE 106 Smith. Tommy H 526 Smith Jr. Eugene Melvm 480 Smith Jr. Rudolph Anthony 525 Smith Jr. Thomas Keith 467. 486 Smilharman. Steven (Ma|) (O) 496 Smul. Toney 266 Snider. Darleene E 446 Snitker Jr. Grant Allen 499 Sny. Daniel Richard 522 Snyder. Sieve (Capt) (R) 237 Snyder. Craig Bradley 493 Snyder. Steven Patrick 518 Soboiewski Matthew 497 Soda. Konnelh (Ma)) (J) 220 Solcum. Mr212 Soils. Armando 464 SOLOMON. WADE CLIFFORD 55. 146 Solorio. Michael A 442 Solorio. Michel Anthony 504 Solti. James Paul 449 Sones. Duane (Capt) (A) 448 Sonobe. Mapr 214 Soong. Bonita L 444. 454 Sorenson. Christopher Bowen 475 Soriano. Bartolome Antonio 493 Soriders. John (Ma|) (C) 237 Souther. Stephen (Capt) (M) 528. 529 Southworth. Sean Michael 491 SOVINEC, CARL RICHARD 97. 145.489 Sowell. Mike 266. 267 Spangler III. Milton Charles 469 SPARKS. WARREN SHEPPARD 119 Spatola. Kathleen (Capt) (M) 230 SPAULDING. JAMES AVERY 131 SpechI, John William 472 Speer, Lawrence Paul 473 Speight, Calvin Bernard 326. 527 Speight. Joel Scott 476 Spencer. Barbara Jean 492 SPENIK. ADAMGERALD94 Spewock. Stephen Thomas 482 SPILLANE. STEPHEN RICHARDSON 87 Spires. Dan 300 Spltler. Charles (Capt) 204 SPITZ, MICHAEL JUDE 77 Spivey, Randall William 481 Spolford, Jason Joseph 518 Spranger. Kurt Townsend 520 Springer. Jaems Earl 527 ST CYR. CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL 28 ST MARIE. ROBERT ALAN 74 St Romain. Patrick (Capt) (M) 157 Stachnik . John Jude 493 Stacy. Michael David 456 Stafford. Craig Lamar 504 Staley. Steve (Ll Col) 218 Stallings, Charlie 482 Stallman. Sue Ann 447 Stamos. David George 453 Stamper Jr. George Lee 451 Stanek. Margaret (Mai) (M) 494. 495 Stanick. Ed 304 Staniek, Edward Charles 487 Stanton, Billy (Mai) (J) 220 Staples, Cindy 503 Staples, Cynthia Lynn 502 Stapleton, Michael Peter 457 STARK, ERIK PATRICK 121.510 Stark. Scott Anthony 502 Starley. Thomas Russell 448 Starr. Donald Charles 450 STAUFFER. KENNETH SCOTT 68 Stavros, Peter Dino 447 Steadman. Steven Hawley 306, 308.514 Stebbins Jr. Charles Fleming 468 Stecklein, Gregory Owen 450 Steed Jr. John Everette 479 Steele. Dean Allen 531 Steele. Denis Francis 518 Steele. John Howard 479 STEEN. JEFFERY WAYNE 58 STEER. LYNN MAY 77 Sleeves. Charles Alden 505 Steffan. Heidi 281 Steimle. John Patrick 318. 319. 520 Stein. Joseph (Capt) (P) 462. 463 STEIN, GIFFORD PATTERSON 100 Steinbach, Wayne (Ma|) (R) 237 Steinbrunner, Thomas Alan 523 Steinhour, Norma 204 Stephen, Mark (Capt) (D) 237 Stephens, Annette Mane 475 Stephens, Cindy 292, 459 STEPHENS, JON ROBERT 68 Stephens, Keith Alan 463 STEPHENS, MARK TIMOTHY 22, 457 STERNS, TODD DOUGLAS 1 10 . 271 Stevens, Elihu William 522 Stevens, Hugh 285 Stevens, Mai 203 Stevens, Mai Jon 273. 359 Stewart. Bob 430 Stewart. David Thaddeus 508 Stewart, James Brian 31 , 497. 508 Stewart. Clay (Mai) 233 Stewart. Michael Allan 468 STEWART. ROBERT LAWRENCE 44. 145 Stiglich. Jill Ewleen 482 Stiglich.JyllE467 Stiles, Randall (Mai) 204 Stillings, Harold Rohm 530 Stillman, George Walter 496 Stilwell, David Ray 505 Stimac, David Ryan 455 Stimac, Melissa Dana (Mary) 482 STINE,LISAJ0 87 Sunton, Daphn Ellen 462 Slinxxi. JoMp Dewey 468 Slith, Henry Ellioi (Easton) 461 Stockton Richard Cnrisiopher S30 Stockton II, Patrick Duane 468 STOCKWELL. DAVID THOMAS 91 Stoddard, David Robert 467 Sloll, Patrick Juergen 447 Slone. Jay Michael 629 Slorw, P 280 STONEHAM. PARTICK MICHAEL 63. 474 Stoner. Charles Rubrighi 471 Stoops Richard W 208 Story. Paul Scott 523 Story. Ronald Kevin 512 Sloulfer. Blake Chandler 493 Stover. Douglas Alan 448 STOYLE. RICHARD THOMAS 28 Strachan. Adam Winston 487 Strackany. Renny 238 Strader Jr. Waller Wayne 481 STRAIGHT. PETER ROBERT 1 15. 510 Strain Efren (Capt) 204 Strandberg. Darrell Anthony 448 Stratton. Eric Stephen 460 Straw, Jerald (Ma)) (L) 157 Strebe. Glenn Leroy 471 Strebel. Daniel Raymond 523 STREET. CHRISTOPHER L 128 STREETER, CHARLES ANTHONY 13 Streets. James (Lt Col) 235 Streitmater, Kirk J 442. 452 STRICK. RHONDA RENEE 46 Stnttmatter. Martin Franz (A) 483 Stromme. Paul Anthony 525 Struck. Steven E 446 Stuart. Carol Louise 469 STUART II. JACK FREDERICK 135 Stukel. Mark Alan 469 Stukes. Joaquin DuBois 480 Suarez. Pedro Fermin 485. 516 Sulek. Michael 497 Sullivan. April Marlene 461 Sullivan. Bob 288 Sullivan. David Martin 453 Sullivan. Ken 262. 265 Sullivan. Ronald (Mai) 233 Sullivan, Molly Jean 490 Sullivan, Robert Terrence 513 Sullivan, Scott Allen 449 Sullivan, Sean Michael 502 Sullivan. Shannon 325 Sullivan. Stephen Thomas 509 Sullivan. Warren John 516 Sullivan. William (Capt) 222 Summers. Vic (Capt) 271 , 359 Sumner. Arthur Lee 461 Sumrall. Rich 296. 297.300 Sumrall. Richard Warren 516 SUMRELL. DAVID BRIAN 46. 466 Sumrell, Ms Wendie 233 Sundertand. David Neil 481 Sundstrom. Jack 288 Sundstrom. John Michael 479 Survil. Gregory Scott 499 Sutley. Robert (Capt) (A) 1 57 Sutter. Lynn Catherine 491 Sutton. David Andrew 250. 251 . 254. 482 Svec. Donald Joseph 491 SVERDRUP. LINDA FRANCES 19. 208 Swaney. Carlton Lloyd 447 Swanke. Pat 292 SWANN. DANIEL VINCENT 131 Swanson. Richard (Ma|) (E) 237 Swanson Jr. Robert Thomas 479 Swartz, Mark Raymond 463 Sweat. Brandon Elliott 505 Sweeney. John David 516 Sweeney. Peter Joseph 517 SWEENEY III. JAMES ALOYSIERS 24 Sweeten. Richard Warren 457 Swegel. Jeffrey R 510.520 Sweterlitsch. Timothy Scott 518 SWIDEREK. THOMAS JOSEPH 103 Sw ift. Michael D 488. 506 Swint. David 213 Sylla. Michelle Mane 475 Symock. Michael Thomas 344. 476 Symons. Steven Richard 498 Synco. Hazel Celeste 507 Szczygieiski. Ian Peter 526 Tafoya. Nichelle 281 Takai. Theodore William 477 TALLMAOGE. CYNTHIA ANN 122. 281.282 Tamame. Jose (Capt) 225 Tambos. Michael John 520 TAN. DAVID WHEELER 13 TANNER. EDWARD JAY 28. 344 Tanner, Steven Chnstopher 512 Tascione, Thomas (Mai) 237 Tate, James Scott 459 Tatem, Richard William 481 Tatro, James Michael 507 Tatum, Marty 523 Tavrytzky. Jan Alexander 506 Taylor. Andrew Arthur 464 Taylor. Bob 285 Taylor. John Briscoe 508 TAYLOR MICHAEL PAUL 15. 257. 479 Tayic Rocwn Ka tx 523 Taykx Rusuii Eugan 626 Tiykx TimoOiy Scofl 280. 46 1 Taykx WAiam Waid 614 TAYLOR II. JAMES DAVIS 1 16 TayicK Jr Harold Aubfey 527 Taykx Jr John Wiiiam 499 Teagua Jo n Virgil 460 Taagua Roban KMh 607 Taagua. Rogar 2S4. 460 Tedtlroni. Roban Eugana 4S9 Taaplaa. Allan Wayna 483 Tagtmayer . Raymond Josa 49 1 Tampkn. Pnibp Coitoo 463 Tannanbaum. Cap! 233 Tapiey Jr Michaai Kavici 616 Terneus Michaal Jo«apn 449 Terrall Jeffrey (Capo IS) 236 Terrell. John Eric 477 Terry. Michael (Capt) (R) 226 Tesch. Gregory Karl 466 TESSIER. MARK JAMES 88 Testa. Michaal Angalo 474 Testa. Micky 266. 267 Tetreauit No«i Henry 482 Tew. William Gary 518 Tews. Frank Jarrias 457 THEODOSS GREGORY LOUIS 60 Therianos Jr. Michael Leonidas 484 Thertot. Kenr eth Ryan 466 THERRIEN TINA MARIE 81 Thewes, Kenneth 447 Thibauit. Charles Kevin 465 Thomas. Bill 346 347 Thomas. Evan Charles 462 Thomas. Gayiord Zar e 516 Thomas. Merredith 396 Thomas. M haei 523 Thomas. Scon 262. 255 256. 358. 456 Thomas Jr. William L 446 Thompson. Andrea Denise 529 Thompson. Brian Wayne 471 THOMPSON. CAREY STEVEN 78. 348 THOMPSON. CHARLES FREDRICK 58. 466 Thompson. Clark James 471 THOMPSON. DAVID DEAN 31 . 145 Thompson. Henry Carter 487 Thompson. Ivan G 488. 492 THOMPSON. KIMBERLEE TEAL 110 Thompson. Kns Lloyd 465 THOMPSON. SANDRA JEAN 40 THOMPSON. WADE JEFFRY 88 Thornhill. Paula (Capt) (G) 226 THORSAS III. IVAN EDWARD 56 THOHSTENSON. CLIFFORD BERNARD 40 Thrasher, Roger Dean 492 THRONBOROUGH. JOHN MARK 128 Thurber. Alan 300 Thurman. Dan (Ma)) 234 Thurston Sidney (Ma|) (R) 516 Thyne, Kan Ann 487 Tibbs. Kevin Bardon 500 TIERNEY MATTHEW OWEN 97 Tierney Patrick Joseph 521 TIGHE, THOMAS ROBERT 19 Tighe II, James Hunter 505 Tiller. Frank (Mai) (D) 220 Tiiiey, Graham Robert 455 Tiiiie James Steven 315. 464 Tillman Antonio Willard 526 TIMM, WILLIAM DEWALD 22 Tingstad. Brian John 456 Tinkam. Ron 304 Tipmongkol. Mark T 446 Tipton. Harry MaxweH 509 Tirrell. Mark James 346. 472 Titus. James (Lt Col) 157 TODD. MARK THOMAS 31 Todd. Steve 304 Tofaute. Todd Charles 479 Toliver. Michael Keith 471 Toliver. Mike 259 Toliver. Renea Lynene 325. 328. 498 Toiiefson. Mark (Capt) (V) 237 Tolly. Daniel DwayneS31 Tomailo Jr, James 471 Tomiack, John Stephen 494 Tomlinson, Robert (Capt) (L) 217 TOMME. EDWARD BROWN 81. 145.494 Toms. Jerry Lane 520 Toney. Bill 304 Toney. Dereck 262 Toney. Michael Don 479 Toney II. William Morgan 465 Toole. Joseph (Mai) (E) 208 Tope. Julie Dawn 515 Topiikar. Charles Fredenck 492 TOPP. DANNY JOSEPH 28 Topper. Mai 212 Topping. Gary (Ma|) (E) 21 7 Toro. Paul Rosario 508 TorreaWay. Miguel Francis 473 Torrens. Cameron William 459 Torres. Alex 318. 319 TORRES. JOHN JACOB 81 . 145 Torres Jr. Jose Luis 462 Towe. Jaye Lynne 524 Tower. Partick (Capt) (R) 229 TraNon IV. Mart( 475 Tran. Hoang Nhu 525 Tran. Khanh Cong 462 Tran. NhatDuy 492 Travis. Carol Ann 474 Travis. Mary Katharine 512 Travis, Teresa Lee 508 Travis, Theresa Mane 447 Traxler. Chnsline Renee 513 Tree II, Norman Lewis 300. 529 Treglia. Mary Caria 456 Trego. Jim (Capl) 359 Tremain, Stephen Frederick 486 Tretler, David (Lt Col) 226 Trexler, Lora Suzanne 519 Tnckett, John Richard 453 Tnmble, Jack (Mai) (R) 480, 481 Trimboli. Scott (Capt) 207 Trinidad. P 280 Trinidad Jr. Pedro Rafael 521 Tnpp Jr. Charles Herbert 474 Trippe III. Octavio Louis 454 Trosi. Sebastian Stanley 509 Trudeau. Mark Austin 472 TRUESDALE. RONALD BARRY 91 TRUJILLO. EDWARD JOSEPH 24 Trujillo, Troy Louis 505 TRUMBLE. ERIC PERSHING 56 Trussel. R 280 Trussell II. Richard Gordon 517 Tu. Vera 273. 450 Tuason. Christopher Mark (T) 470 Tubb. David James 456 Tuck. Charles David 486 Tucker. Kenneth Clayton 509 TULLY JR. KEVIN TIMOTHY 110 Tung Jr. Edson Chin 458 Tunstall. Dave (Capt) 233 Turain. Kip Brian 531 TURECHEK. STEVEN JOSEPH 103 Turk. Christopher Gerald 525 Turk Jr. Roy Cleveland 513 Turner, Jon (Capl) 204 Turner, Edward Earl 314, 455 Turner, Manson Scott 327. 484 TURNER. MONTE DEAN 16 Turner. Shaun Brian 314, 517 Turner Jr. Stephen Earl 312. 313. 314,499 Turpen, Kenneth Perry 285. 469 Turrage Jr. John O Neill 487 Turrer, Scott Michael 468 Tveter. Wade Anthony 502 Tyson. Robert Francis 473 T2AVARAS. CONSTANTINE 61 IJ (Jhlik.Maj212 ULISSE. MICHAEL 107, 145 ULLMANN. GLENN MICHAEL 13 Ullmen. John Baptist 455 Ullo. Lawrence (Capt) (e) 1 57 Underbill. Sterling Day 452 Ungstad. Maria Cristina 455 Upchurch. Brian Lee 529 Updegraff. David Blaine 476 URBANCZYK. STEPHEN MICHAEL 132 Urbanski. Denise 485 Uribe. Daniel 483 Usry. Donald Webster 514 Ustaszewski. Mark Henry 464 UYEHATA. STEPHEN GLENN 128. 145 Vaca. Santiago Alfredo 477 Valdez. Christopher Mark 460 Valdez. Paul Augustine 477 Valdez. Victor Joseph 461 VALLE. CHRISTOPHER RONALD 40 Valle.Matt315.455 VALLE. MATTHEW 24 VAN HAVEL. JEFFREY DAVID 128 Van Horn. Frank Lazelle 530 VAN METER. CHARLES ALLEN 97 Van Optjhen. Roeland Alexander 477 Van Ovost. Jacqueline Desiree 503 Van Pelt. Peter Wesley 479 Van Tonningen. Scott (Capt) 220 Vance. Ezra Gene 484 VANCE. PAUL DAVID 122 Vandal Jr, Robert Joseph 477 VanDeGrift, Jami Rose 474 VANDER VENNET. ELISE MARIE 135.145.242 VANDERBERRY. ROBIN PAUL 122 Vanderburgh, John Cartwright 499 Vanderburgh. Mary Margaret 520 Vanderhyden, Peter Dolven 529 VANDOOTINGH. JEFFERY ALAN 58 VanDorn, Eric John 447 Vangheem, Edward John 477 Varga, At1ilaZoltan477 Vasta, Joseph Angelo 315,317. 454 Vaughan. Paul Bradford 451 VAUGHAN JB, JERRY LYNN 78 Vaught, Wade Hunter 519 Veazie, Christopher Martin 522 Veditz, Leslie (Capt) 204 Vegh. Joyce Rozalia 459 Velazquez. Magel Luis 502 Veldhuizen. Frank 88, 274. 275 Veldhuizen Jr. Frank Theodore 494 VELDHUIZEN. GERALD FRANK 88 Veldman, Christopher Mark 465 Vellanti. Christopher George (L) 254, 478 Velten, Kenneth Leo 526 Veney, Samuell Russell 458 VENEZIANO, JOSEPH ANTHONY 128 Venner, Edward Thomas 525 VERHOEF. JOEL KENT 16 Vera. Glenn (Capt) 158 Veres. Laszio Andras 447 Vernlund. Jodi 344 Vernon. Rodney Garth 452 Veroski Jr. William Joseph 480 Verville. Jeft 286. 288 Vesper. Scotl Allen 468 Vest. Hugh Scotl 494 Vetter. James (Capt) (C) 230 Vetter. Patrick Harold 502 Vetterlein. Jon (Ma)) (M) 235 Veve. Rafael Alexander 471 Vichot II. Thomas Bernard 528 Vick. Amy Louise 487 Vickers. John Frederick 492 Victoria. Holly Jean 507 Vidmar.Mark K 51 1.524 Viesselman. Heather Rene 469 Vl)ums. Mark David 506 Viland. Michael Frederick 346. 470 Villalobos. George Laurence 453 Villeneuve. Debbra Starr 473 Vilter. Scott David 521 Vincent, Roger Moore 498 Vining, Thomas Jude 480 Vinton, E (Griff) 245 VINTON. EVAN GRIFFITH 25 Viotti. Paul (Lt Col) 233 VIPOND. SCOTT MCLEAN 68. 31 8. VISEL. STEPHEN MARK 94, 489 Visel. Steve 285 Vlasak. Steven Alfred 451 VOGT. JAMES PATRICK 71 Vogt Jr. William John 505 VOGTMAN. RUSSEL SCOTT 53 Volker, Charles Robert 515 Volpe. Nicholas Anthony 493 Von Graeveniiz. George (Lt Col) 225 Vondnska Jr. Gilbert Gary 497 VONSIK. BRETT ALAN 78 VOSKOVITCH. SCOTT RICHARD 16 Vosper. Todd Wesley 530 Voury, Don 346 w Wachinski, Ma|212 Waddell. Troy Thi 517 Wade. John LeConte 470 WADE. RICHARD EDWARD 65 Wagner. Gary Francis 507 Wagner. Jeffrey P 443 Wagner. Keith Charlton 508 Wagrer. Jeffrey Paul 476 Wailes,Tom(Capt)(S)217 Wainner, Warren Scott 530 Wait, Todd David 456 Wajima, Hiroshi497 Wakin,Col203,229 Walker, Iva (Capt) 218 Walker. Christopher Sean (W) 346. 347. 493 WALKER. JOHN MICHAEL 46. 471 Walker. Donald (Ma|) (L) 530 Walker. Reginald Holt 476 Walker, Scotty Lynn 527 Walker, Stuan Hays 512 Walker Jr , Larry Joe 502 Welkins, Jerome 279 Wall, Jose Rafael 524 WALLACE, KEVIN JOHN 135 Wallace Jr. Charles Lawrence 478 Waller. Gerald Wayne 481 Waller. Stephen Mark 490 Wallingford. Stephen (Capt) 204 Walls. Jason William 453 Walsh, William (Lt Col) 235 Waltermire, James Bruce 507 Walters. Stephen Douglas 474 WAMPLER. JONATHAN WADE 61 Wands. Bui Thanh 420. 465 Wanetxj, Charles Patrick 484 Wang, Jennifer Lynn 502 Wang, Jim 527 Warack, Mark Andrew 456 Waravdekar, Jay Vaman 459 Ward, Craig 315. 316, 455 Ward. Fred 348 WARD. GEORGE FREDERIC 104 Ward. Michael Raymond 492 Ward. Timothy Douglas 474. 483 Warder. Jennifer 505 Waring V, George Houstoun 485 Warner, Richard Marvin 520 Warner, Russel Mark 487 Warren, Gary Ray 475 Warren, Lonnie Allan 492 Warren, Scott Gregory 458 WARWICK. JAY JACKSON 128. 242 Washington. Anthony Marcel 525 WASHINGTON. JAY DOUGLAS 56 Washington. Joseph Brian 493 WASHINGTON. JOYCE DENISE 47 WASHINGTON. ROBERT AARON 25 Washington. Tony 300 Wasserzieher, Bruce Alan 478 Watanabe. Nathan Kiyo 304. 493 Waters. Denise Yvette 450 WATERS. DONALD PAUL 25. 455 WATERS JR, HAROLD EDWARD 116 Watkins,J280, 473 Watsek, Darrel Robert 500 Watson Jr, Don Richard 475 WAUGAMAN, WILLIAM ARTHUR 22 Way. Bruce Kenneth 512 Way. Spencer (Maj) 226 WAYE. STEPHEN DALE 132 WEATHERSBY, GEORGE BRUCE 31 WEAVER. ANNE MARIE 59 Weaver. Larry (Capl) (A) 226 Weaver, Nichole Vernice 529 Webb, Dean Edward 505 Webb, Thomas (Mai) 204 Webb, Timothy Shawn 469 Webber, William Hayes 526 Weber, Robert (Ma|) (R) 498, 499 Webster, Mark N (Capl) 222 Webster III, Raymond John 481 Weeks Jr, Alexander 523 WEETH, RAYMOND WALDO 47, 467 WEHDEKING, LAWRENCE 1 1 Weidner, Peter John 481 Weiland.Sue346 Weinberger, Caspar W 1 55 Weinirab, Dave 262 Weirtraub. David 464 Weisman Jr. Wade Henderson 524 Weiss Bartholomew William 251 . 253. 254. 256. 257. 259. 450 WEITZER. CHRISTOPHER PAUL 16 Welch, John Kent 525 Weldon, Jerry K 464 WELDON II, JERRY KENNEDY 41 Welgan. Robert Lawrence 495 WELK. DOUGLAS EUGENE 100 Wells, Mark (Capt) (K) 226. 227 Wells. Doug 312. 314 Wells. Charles (Mai) (H) 226 Wells. Mariette B 224 WELLS. MICHAEL JOSEPH 13 Welsh. Mark (Capt) (A) 454. 455 Welty. Brett Colin 461 Wemmer.Mr 212 Wemmer. Roben A 222 Wenker. Kenneth (Lt Col) 229 Werderitsch. Anthony Michael 515 Werlech. Monica Mary 474 Wernle. Kenneth (Ma|) (R) 207 Wertz. James Lee (Roy) 502 Wessels.Ken315 Wessels Jr. Kenneth Thomas 517 West. Ritchie Larry 450 Westbrook. Clifford Allen 493 Westbrook. Chris (Ma)) (B) 237 Weslhauser. Todd Carl 492 Westin. Jennifer 300. 475 Wetsell. Timothy Lee 531 Wetlerhahn. Scott Gerald 523 Wharton. Jelfery Clyde 465 Wheeler. James (Capt) (D) 158 Whelan. Pete 214 WHELAN. PETER ANDREW 100. 489 Whinnery, Cyrus Clark (Mackey) 300.451 White. Andrew Copeland 484 White. Chandler Dean 490 White. David Thomas 524 While. Michael Ivan 463 White. Patricia Irene 456 White. Regis Christopher 492 White. Todd Douglas 528 While III. Andrew Buron 506 Whited Jr. Ronald Dale 529 Whileho. Steven R (Capt) 222 Whitley. Jamie Scott 314. 494 Whitson. Stephen (Capt) (S) 157 Whitt. David R 443. 448 Whiltaker. Emily Ann 321 , 531 Whitted. Gary Alan 459 Wicker. James Thomas 508 WICKLUND, TODD DAVID 68 Wickson. Eric Alan 450 Widiger, Eric Eugene 517 Wiegand, David Paul 496 Wieland, Susan Mane 470 Wierda. Clark Bradley 505 Wiggins, Bryan Jackson 490 Wiggins. Joe 308 Wiggy. Glen 271 Wikum. Erick Douglas 471 Wilbanks. Mark Wayne 455 Wilburn. Joe Nathan 500 WILDASIN JR. LARRY EUGENE 97 Wilde, Todd Matthew 461 Wildman. Richard (Capt) (F) 230 Wile.Shelly Jo442. 506 Wilkins. Wayne Conrad 448 Wilkinson II. William Perry 453 Willard, Thomas James 494 Willcockson, John Alan 471 Winers, Tina Maria 514 WILLETT. NICHOLAS ALLAN 68 William. John 297 WILLIAMS. ALBERT HARRY 122 Williams. Amanda 292 Williams. Calvin Bernard 456 Williams. Zeneo (Capt) (B) 234 Williams, Gary Madison 346, 475 Williams. Christopher Robin 515 WILLIAMS, DAVID WAYNE 19, 473 WILLIAMS. JAMES BUCHANAN 71 Williams. John Richard 16. 59. 61 . 300. 528 WILLIAMS. MICHAEL ASHTON 74. 443 Williams. Noel Flenoy 459 Williams, Palnck Coen 518 Williams, Tim 262, 264 Williams II, Albert Clinton 496 Williams Jr. John (Col) (W) 21 1 Williamson, Wayne (Ma|) (R) 501 WILLIGROD, DAVID SCOTT 91 Willis, Anthony Wade 469 Willis, Marc Emmitt479 Willis. Steven Edward 492 Willoughby. Robert Wayne 302. 303. 499 Wills. Mark Edward 450 Wilmarth. Gemma Christine 453 WILSON. BURKE EDWIN 104 Wilson. Craig Douglas 494 Wilson, Darren Evan 522 Wilson, Darryl Lynn 493 Wilson, Dwawn Elliot 256, 464 Wilson. Dwayne Lloyd 449 WILSON. PERRY JON 59 Wilson. Peter Leonard 506 Wilson. Russell Albert 468 Wilson. Slacey 321. 476 WILSON. STEVEN TRENT 132 Wilson. Terrence Van 521 Wilson. William Jettrey 526 Wilson Jr. Nathaniel Joseph 530 Wimmer Jr, Van Allen 493 Winebarger, David Lee 518 Winger, Gene V 158 Winkler, Martin Georg (Andreas) 469 Winn. Mai Robert 204 Winschel. Mark Vincent 523 Wipson Jr. Edward Clarence 509 Wise. Bronwyn Sarah 468 Wise, James Howard 525 Wisham. Jon Kevin 471 Withers Jr. Ronald Samuel 463 Wittenberg. Laurel M 489. 492 WITUSZYNSKI. MARTIN WILLIAM 62 Wilzel. Joel Leonard 503 Woitas. Mark Lee 531 Wo|tysiak. Scott Alan 452 Wolf. Dennis Patrick 469 Wolfe. Gary Mitchell 504 Wolten. Michael (Capt) (L) 226 Wolfgang. Kevin Michael 459 Won. Deanna Hinghing (Chin) 507 WONG. JOHN WU 94 Wood. Jay 285 Wood. Jeffrey Neal 470 Wood. John Matthew 448 Wood. Lawrence Todd 478. 479 Wood. Lee Hayward 517 Wood. Yolandea Michelle 346. 506 Wood Jr. Jerry Crane 507 Woodard. Ronald Bryan 464 Woodbury, Douglas Andrew 518 Woodcock, William Allan 523 WOODEN. THOMAS DAVID 25 Woodhead. Christopher Ronald 458 Woodley. Roben Ross 481 Woods. Dora (Z) 230 Woods. Timothy Andrew 451 WOODS. TODD KEVIN 13 Woodson, Eric Marion 502 Woody, James (Col) 234 WOOLEY, RICHARD ALLEN 94 Woolfolk, Geary Ray 507 Worley. Edyth 378 Worsdale. Thomas (Capl) 359 Worsdale. Tom 284. 285 Worsowicz. Christopher (Capt) (J) 207 Wonhen. Norman Michael 509 Worthinglon. Kara Beth 448 WRIGHT. DAVID WAYNE 116.271. 460.464.482 Wright. Dean Norman 525 WRIGHT. ELIZABETH CLAIRE 135 WRIGHT, JOHN DOUGLAS 88. 267.491 Wrighl.LICol214 Wright. Clitton (Maj Gen) 213. 233 Wright. Sean 262. 263. 264 WRIGHT. WANDA ARLENE 56 WRIGHT JR. DONALD DAVIS 78. 145 Wuchenich. Daniel Michael 455 Wyche. Kermit Theophilus 471 WYNN. ROBERT TODD 126 WYNN. THOMAS BRENT 28 Wynne. John Peter 482 Yakubik. Joseph Michael 517 Yallourakis. Dimitri Michael 490 Yannarella. Carol Chris 451 YAPHE, KENNETH LEWIS 16. 443 Yarbrough II. Ancel Brock 471 Yarger. John (Maj) 204. 434 Yarger Jr. Thomas Warren 463 Ybarra Jr. Roman (Capl) 235 Yechoul. Thomas (Lt Col) 204 Yeomans. Kevin Dean 486 Yevcak. Jeffrey Karl 503 YIngling. David Partick 474 Yoder. Ricky Gene 479 Yong. Edward G 526 Yoo. Brian Byungwook 449 Yoos II. Charles (Lt Col) 234 York. George Woltz (Pollard) 508 York. Peter Lawrence 484 Young, Bill (Capt) 318 Young. Christina Mane 471 Young. David Allen 525 Young. D (Lynn) 230 Young, Richard Reed 495 YOUNGREN, ERIK JOHN 68 Youngstrom, Edwin C 446 Yucuis. William (Capl) (A) 207 Yurek. William Albert 487 z Zabaiaoui. David Lester 267. 512 Zablocki. Curtis John 521 ZACCARDO. MICHAEL ANTHONY 128 Zadrowski. Bernard Brownislaw 461 Zahn. Joseph Arthur 502 Zaiewski, Peter Lawrence 473 Zaniewski. George Anthony 484 Zarnik. Christopher Donald 490 ZAVACKI.PAUL91 Zawada, Pamela Ann 454 ZECH. MICHAEL KARL (FRANK) 25 Zehner. Gregory Scott 501 Zeile. Arthur Hennks 480 ZEILMANN. KEVIN JEROME 75 Zeine.Ms212 ZEITLER. THOMAS FREDERICK 110 ZELLERS. TONY RUSSEL 119 Zembraski. Brian 31 5. 473 Zemke. Arthur Edward 471 Zeringue. Ken (Capl) (R) 237 Ziegler. John 251 . 252. 253. 255. 258 Ziegler III. John Jacob 500 Zietlow. James Allen 491 ZIMMERMAN. DONALD MARK 110 Zimmerman. Thomas Franke 504 - Zlogar. Steven (AlC) (A) 158 Zondor. David (Sgt)(W) 158 Zqiener. Peter Fritz 492 ZUCCARO. THOMAS MARIO 107 Zuccaro. Tom 287 Zucco. Anthony John (Francis) 500 Zuehlke. Randy 481 Zuehlke. Shelley 491 Zumwall. Michel Phuong 508 Zupancich. Tom 288 Zwick. Alan Wayne 480 POLARIS 1985 Editor-in-Chief Maria Shellabarger Managing Editor John F. Hilbing Graduates Wendy Cook Tina Therrien Academics Vanessa McCuUough Sports Gary Burg Squadrons Kara Worthington Advisor Capt. Billy E. Birdwell Publication Assistant I Peggy L. Murphy Photo Librarian Asdghig Kitay :hiM ' ' - JlLLH

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