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■ K ' — «- ' )l 3 4 • • • ■ -vf - : ♦ .• - ' ; . " - ■ 1. ' i 1 ? 1 U R iTj ' yi BHtt Bfl l 1 H • ' i • 1 Copyright ' 1978 United States Air Force Academy ' ' - ' M Q ME ,M E M. Unlte 4ijfates Air F6 ' rcd Academy ' USAFA, Colorado 80840 Cadet Wing MMia Publications, 1978 ■ ' •w TTTTnTy L m fe v ' , »ii • ■» " • . an l plglMl HB " ! ' iTt. al 4 y " he Academy: 197 Colorado Beauty Here At AFA From Drab A-Hall To Arnie ' s Disco tf li d ' s Disco 1 1 1 1 h IT ' ' 1 - € ' .1111 |i w Sewgne yC gned by C1C Lawrence, the Arnold Hall Di ro came equipped with (he largest dance floor specifically set up (or disco dancing in Colorado. a■ ' - Precheck prior to being towed is for proper release once airborne (BELOW). C2C Dovie stows equipment away in preparation for a cross country flight (RIGHT). Ik ...■...: »w. II No Gas, No Prop Just Wingspan Lift Hall Leads Ilo attroniiut, rcrelvpt Ihe hlRhi . i Jk . I ■ ! 1 I ofM ' iH hell Hdll CS-39 firsUes dndTfiiMr ( poM- lo rjpiurr ihis evcninn (RIGHT) i 100 Days Until Graduation Chaplin Activities Wings of Blue National Champs The " Free Falling Falcons " did it again! For the eighth time in ten years, the team went to Florida over Christmas break to compete and capture the National Collegiate Parachuting Championships. Time after time, the Academy parachu- tists met the challenge as they dominated the competition, win- ning 18 out of the 28 Championship awards. To prepare for the Cham- pionships, team members, led by team captain CIC Ron Rosepink, competed in parachute meets around the country. In addition to competitions, the 16 team members also traveled around performing demonstrations to crowds at many Air Force bases. The Academy received two new DeHavilland Twin Otters (UV-18) for jump aircraft. These new airplanes will help expand the parachut- ing program to more than 300 students each year. Parachuting demonstration during an Air Show at Peterson AFB, Colorado (ABOVE). the close-up view of the falcon (RIGHT). BBC HuU STO y «.» H i ' ■ i Stflfi t April 14 Baffin Died C4C Daehns paints background props for the production South Pacific (RIGHT). Nancy Mariano plays Bloody Mary with Bill Lackermann as Captain George Brackett during Scene 2 (BELOW RIGHT). Captain Jay Gaspar assists the technical crew in making props (BELOW). Emi Takashima, Todd Tasseft, Sllvl Kisk, Tom Lockie, Stephanie Kounnas, Keith Otsuka, Maureen O ' Connor, and Mark Bruggemeyer pose during rehearsal (ABOVE). Jerry Sink, Liz Zempel, Ernest Ebell III, and Laura Wenker in rehearsal (RIGHT). The United States Air Force Academy Biuebards present Rodgers and Hammerstein ' s If OUTH Biuebards 21 ■ « Performers Come to Academy Fieldhouse ' Tammy Gallup Homecoming Queen ,1 -V--r ' i% ' . ' » ' , 6 -ffr .m .i t llHltfariij % 1 I 9 A % 11 LJir, : fell nW -3 Bob Hope, who has received virtually every honor the United States can bestow, was given the 1977 Thomas D. White National Defense Award on January 12, 1978. In a terrazzo parade, the Cadet Wing passed-in-review through the icy air just prior to the luncheon in Mitchell Hall. Hope came to Colorado Springs late Wednesday and stayed at the Broadmoor Hotel before returning to California by private jet. If M .1 {. m- General Tallman and General Beck laugh at Bob Hope ' s quips before seating in Mitchell Hall. Bob Hope had comments on the air he " could not see, " Billy Carter and the foam on Pikes Peak, women at USAFA, and after the presentation of a Plaque with Sabre— " I wish I ' d had this earlier to cut that steak, " (ABOVE). Cadet Squadron 29 passes-in-review, (left) lopo-1977 Thotrns D Wh Barry M. Goldwater Receives 1978 Thomas D. White Award 38 Barry M. Goldwaler, 1978 Thomas D. While Award Previous Recipients 1962 Dr. Edward Teller 1963 Dr. Theodore von Karman 1964 Carl Vinson 1965 Curtis E. LeMay, General, USAF (Ret) 1966 Clarence L. Johnson 1967 James E. Doolittle, Lt General, USAF (Ret) 1968 Carl Spaatz, General, | USAF (Ret) 1969 Ira C. Eaker, Lt General, USAF (Ret) 1970 Charles Stark Draper | 1971 Igor 1. Sikorsky 1972 Nathan F. Twining, General, USAF (Ret) 1973 Barnard A. Schriever, General, USAF (Ret) 1974 Lauris Norstad, General, USAF (Ret) 1975 John C. Stennis | 1976 John D. Ryan, General, USAF (Ret) 1977 Bob Hope 1978 Barry M. Goldwater The Cadet Wing took to the field in the cadet area Saturday May 13, to honor U.S. Senator Barry M. Goldwater (R-Ariz.) as he received the 1978 Thomas D. White National Defense Award. Senator Goldwater is the 17th recipient of the prestigious award given to those individuals who have contributed significantly to this nation ' s armed services. He joined such personages as Bob Hope, General Curtis LeMay, U.S. Senator John Stennis (D-Miss.) and Lieutenant General James H. Doolittle. The White Award is given in honor of the late Air Force chief of staff, who held the position during the formative years of the Academy. It was established 1 March 1962 by the United States Air Force Academy. The award is made each April or May to a American citizen who is adjudged to have contributed most significantly to the national defense and security of the United States during the years preceding the award. The award may be made in any specific field of endeavor such as science, technology, leadership, management, national affairs, international affairs, or a combin- ation thereof. Except active Government em- ployees (military, civil service and statutory appointees) currently on the Federal payroll, there are no exceptions as to who may be nominated. The permanent Thomas D. White plaque will be displayed in a prominent location at the Academy with the names of the annual winners inscribed ther- eon. Each recipient will receive an appropriate individual award, scroll and hand-lettered citation. Superintendent. Lt General K. L. Tallman congrautiates Senator Goldwater during the May 13th T. D. White Parade (FAR LEFT). Senator Goldwater chats with General and Mrs. Tallman and Lt General D. Hughes, Commander 12th A. F., before the parade (LEFT). General James E. Hill. Commander-in-Chief. NORAD ADC. talks with Senator Goldwater as Lt Generals K. L. Tallman and James D. Hughes look on (ABOVE). Barry M. Goldwater. 1978 Thomas D. I Dignitaries Commander in Chief James E. Carter Secretary of Defense Harold Brown Sccrc(ar) of Defense 1 Secretary of the Air Force i John C. Stetson Sccrclarv of t Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff General George S. Brown Chairman. Joinl Chicrs of Staff 35 Chief of Staff, USAF General David C. Jones i Chief of Staff, USAF Superintendent, USAF Academy Lt. General K.L. Tallman Supcnnlcndcni, USAF Academy 37 -- DepC S Chief of Staff, Dep C STe! ' SDn«el p C S Logistics, Operations, Dep C S Civil Eng, Executive, Inspector General, Command Col. Montgomery Col. England CoTr milt Col. Wagner Col. Kinder Lt. Col Daniels Col. Jackson Col Eooer kJ i t Command Chaplain, Comptroller, Registrar, Col. Townsend Col. Migala Lt. Col. Si Dir. Information, Dir. Protocql. Col. Price Maj. Weddlc Security Police, Dir. Administrajion, Supl. Aide, Maj. Rasmussen Capt. Flaherty.- Capt. Newland School closed February 8th, 9th, and 10th due to the Russian Flu. The Flu strain, A USSR 90 77, hit the Cadet Wing on the first of February. By Friday, February 3, 875 cadets reported sick. Monday 1,010 cadets were ill, while another 1000 reported sick Tuesday. School closed Wednesday. The illness was characterized by an abrupt onset of fever, chills, headache, and diarrhea. This diarrhea and resultant dehydration was primarily responsible for the hospitalization of six cadets (who suffered no serious complications). The mean duration of the illness was five days. however several cadets were affected for over ten days. One widely accepted theory of the origin of the virus accuses the varsity wrestling team of bringing the Russian flu back from the University of Wyoming at Laramie (one of the first locations in the nation to experience the Flu strain). With the close confines of classes and squadron areas, the virus reached epidemic proportions quickly. On an incidental note, the three days of school that were cancelled were made up on later Saturdays during the semester. I Box lunches and juice were provided by Mitchell Hall and other: Squadron Assembly Rooms ruined this effort as the picked up by " well " cadets who were not so " well " . One well enough tried to relieve boredom, (ABOVE), purpose of school closing was to keep cadets away from each I. n 7 c CD E p ..f A - ■■- .: X? ■ .Z-. - H v ' lr ' m - M w m jjjjjjjj mM k M m. d. -i • ••••■■■ ' ■ ■■ ' .•;.:■_ . - m XlEr Steve Goldfein leads the Spring Semester starts down the Bring Me Men Ramo Vina staff in a l.mo a ooL r,,,,H . n ccrxi AD wr- ' k ' ' - ui Commandant, USAFA Brig. Gen. Thomas C. Richards i Commandant. USAFA J. Colonel W. J. Breckner, Deputy Commandant for Military Instruction Colonel J. K. Farris Deputy Commandant for Cadet Wing Lt. Colonel B. R. Ratledge, Director, Cadet Logistics Support Lt. Colonel R. A. Burns, Director, Cadet Operations Plans Major J. Fer, Executive for Honor Ettiics Major J. J. Bechtol, Executive to tfie Commandant Major J. S. Rogers, Cadet Personnel Services Major C. H. Little, Director Cadet Personnel Administration Major L. B. Ralson, Cadet Wing Safety Captain E. Danahy, Commandant ' s Aide-de-camp Chief Master Sergeant J. M. McBrearty, Sergeant t ajor for the Cadet Wing As the new Cadet Wing Hostess, Mrs. Louise Brown works on such projects as the Homecoming dance, Christmas, Dean, Superin- tendent, and Commandant Balls, June Week activities, and other related functions. C1C Bret Vance and C1C Ed Rice present a bouquet of roses to Mrs. Brown welcoming her to the Academy on behalf of the Cadet Wing, (LEFT). Comm ' s Shop 45 % " X I? i i V w y {led are the dlTlerencS r naCe Rocky Mountain Region, (ABOVE). maneuver of saluting is taught to each basic Bel in the transition Irom (-ivilian In rndet. WKes one day. (BELOW)i . ' " ».l- ' lets The upperclass cadre are served i no one will eat until everyone is cadets are required to exhibit exc ure. not look around, and drink 2 glasses of d each meal. (LEFT) mmeaae BBS MB l f a ta SSiiSS ■■■■ SBBB ■■■■ BB5 ■■■P »■■■ ■■■■ ■■■ ■IIH HV TVIHHiH Hi H BIB HH jimp ' i ' ' ' ' - »% Parasailing cadre rush to the basic cadet immediately after his PLF (Parachute Landing Fall). (ABOVE). Take-off. Parasailing required a truck, a parachute, a helmet, a tow line, and landing instructions, (RIGHT). I Iheif ns Emphasizing emergency ground egress procedures, SSgt Goodman checks radio and oxygen connection m the T-37 cockpit simulator, (RIGHT). Crew chief adjusts the oxygen mask prior to canopy closing, (ABOVE). Heading off the flighit line after a motivating flight, cadet and his pilot discuss the T-37 and their maneuvers, (LEFT). Practical navigation experience is obtained aboard the T-43. Radar is the easiest method of navigation learned by students. Acquiring a clear, clean radar image is essential to accurate measurements, this Nav 460 student adjusts his radar scope prior to checkpoint time, (BELOW). i Navigation is introduced to basic cadets during a T-43 orientation flight. (LEFT), C1C Doug Hagedorn explains the various T-43 systems prior to entering the trainer, (ABOVE). : ' 7 , -, - ' A i :M; v SERE students preparing survival shelters during " static camp, " (BELOW). SERE cadre demonstrate emergency signal methods at Saylor Park, (LEFT). Emerging from the SERE lake located by the airfield, these SERE students are completing the " water survival " phase, (BELOW). I SERE student completing survival shelter, (FAR LEFT). Rescue plane passes overhead, directed by vectors provided by the student, (LEFT). Heavily salted, homemade beef jerky rest on parachute string in the smoke tent, (ABOVE). 64 Cadet Public Relations Several summer positions were available to work with the Office of Information, C1C Brad Carlson and Rob van Haastert escort the 1977 Pikes Peak Rodeo Queen and her attendant on a tour of the Academy, (LEFT). C2C Richard Hager experiences the sense of " helping out " just one of the activities sponsored by the Cadet Public Relations Committee, (BELOW). " Showing off Baffin at special events, C2C YannI jokes with Lt. General Schafer and C3C Gary Gray, (ABOVE). Teaching a child not to fear water is a very rewarding experience. C2C Bill Ryder reassures this young lady she need not be afraid, (LEFT). Cadet Public Relalic «®,t BEN MARTIN FOUNDATION OF FALCON FOOTBALL t I VARSITV F-OOTBAll Coach Martin ' s career, which began in 1958, ended in Navy, and rival powerhouse teams as he led the style when the Falcons romped over Vanderbilt 34-28. Falcons to the Cotton Bowl in 1958, the Gator Bowl in Coach Martin found himself riding high after his last 1963. and the Sugar Bowl in 1970. Photo by Denver home victory, just as he did with victories over Army, Post. ALl : n CoflcH eJ:flK I. " Probably more kids will be better Air Force officers because of him, " assistant coach Leiand Kendall said of Ben Martin, " That ' s basically what you ' d like to accomplish by the end of your career. " Ben Martin ' s retirement ended the longest tenure in the history of service academy football. Martin became head coach of the Falcons in 1958 and during his first year he led the Falcons to an undefeated 9-0-1 season. That record earned him a spot in the Cotton Bowl where the Falcons tied powerful Texas Christian 0-0. Coach Martin remembered that Cinderella season. " That was a big thrill then and still is now. The funny thing about it was that I knew in my heart that would be it as far as the emotional productivity and exhilaration would be as the football coach here. " In 1963. Martin ' s team went to the Gator Bowl with a 7-3 record. The Falcons suffered through a scandal-marred four year period in which the Falcon ' s record was never over -500. From 1968-1973, Air Force completed six straight winning seasons. The highlight of that victory stretch came in 1970 when the Falcons made it to the Sugar Bowl and finished with a 9-2 record. Since 1973, the Falcons once again were on the " down cycle " and didn ' t come up with a winning season in Ben Martin ' s last five years with the team. Coach Martin ' s 20 year record with Air Force amounted to 96 wins. 103 losses, and 9 ties. Ben Martin also coached 24 players who received All-American mention, including the only two consensus selections in Falcon footb all history — Brock Strom in 1958 and Ernie Jennings in 1970. Coach Martin felt winning football games was only one part of his responsibilities as head coach of the Falcons. It was nice to beat arch-rival schools like Army and Navy and knock off powerhouse teams like Missouri and Stanford, but his most serious obligation " was to help mold the character of young men who someday might be called to defend the nation. " COLONEL JOHN J. CLUNE DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS COLONEL THOMAS L. MOORE ASST. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR FOR INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS LT. COLONEL PAUL ARATA ASST. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR FOR WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS MR. HAL BATEMAN SPORTS INFORMATION DIRECTOR Once again the Falcons opened the season with an optimistic outlook, that, just like the last four seasons, turned to disappointment as the Falcons won two games, lost eight, and tied one. Air Force opened up against the 1976 WAC Champion Wyoming. With a bus convoy that stretched halfway across the state, the Cadet Wing headed up to Laramie to see the season opener. The fans witnessed what has been termed " the first annual Futility Bowl when Air Force and Wyoming combined for a total of 10 turnovers and four missed fieldgoals. The final outcome of the game — a 0-0 tie. The next opponent for the Falcons was Cal-Berkeley. The Golden Bears jumped out to a 31-0 halftimc lead. In the second half however, the Falcons scored a quick 14 points and were back in the game. The Falcons were with striking range again, but on a controversial call, the Falcons lost the ball to the Golden Bears on a fumble. Cal-Berkeley added a field goal to make the final score 34-14. The University of Pacific came to Falcon Stadium for Air Force ' s first home game. The Falcons won their first game of the season with a 15-13 margin and a gallant defensive effort that stopped U. of Pacific ' s final last ditch drive. The following week the Falcons left their mile-and-one-half high stadium only to enter one of the formitable sweathouses of the south — Grant Field. Here the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech used their wishbone offense to perfection as they rolled over Air Force 33-3. The Falcons stayed on the road again, their fourth away game in five outings, and traveled to Annapolis, Maryland to meet their service rival. Navy. Here the Falcons put up their finest effort to date by scoring first and holding onto a 7-7 tie with Navy. However, with 41 seconds to go Navy kicked a 25 yard fieldgoal that lifted the Middies over Air Force 10-7. The ASU Sundevils showed up in Falcon Stadium only to spoil USAFA ' s homecoming 37-14. Once again the offense failed to generate any yards and the defense, which put up a fine show as they had all year, just couldn ' t stop the Sundevils. In Waco, Texas, Dave Ziebart had his finest day of the season when he threw for 311 yards and a touchdown pass to Paul Williams. However, Baylor ' s offense generated 476 yards, 335 of them on the ground, and 38 points. Air Force again came home a loser, 38-7. (continued on page 71) ABOVE: Senior L. C. Crow races in from the right side running back Dave Thomas attempts to break away to bat down a U. of Pacific punt attempt. The Falcons from Wyoming tacklers. The game proved frustrating recovered on the three and punched it in four plays for both teams as neither side was able to score, later for the winning score. CENTER: Sophomore 70 VARSITY FOOTBAll BELOW: Freshman Dave Hill goes for that second effort against Cal-Berkeley. The Falcons staged a fine comeback in the second half but lost 24-14. The Falcons next two home games were against two of the nations top passers. Ken Smith of Boston College and Lemon Hall of Army. Against Boston College, Air Force lost 36-14. Senior Co-Captain Jack Kurcera became Air Force ' s leading career tackier, surpassing Ray Wilds career record of 337 tackles, when he stopped Boston College ' s tailback Ike Bogosian on an anticipated call. The following week, even though the spirit in the Cadet Wing was as high as it had ever been. Air Force lost 31-6 to Army. With Ben Martin announcing his retirement, the Falcon football team went out and played a spectacular game that ended in a 34-28 knock-off of Vanderbilt. The day started out in style when Mark Bushell ran the opening kickoff back for 97 yards, and the game ended in style when Ben Martin was boisted onto the shoulders of several joyous players and fans and carried across the field. With the Cotten Bowl bid awaiting them, the Fighting Irish thrashed the outmanned Falcons 49-0 in a cold and wet Notre Dame Stadium. Notre Dame proved so successful against the Falcons that they did not have to punt all afternoon. VARSITV FOOTBALL 71 IT TAKES PLAYERS, COACHES, AND 1 FANS i fi FIRST ROW (L-R): Mike Evers. Tim Furst. L. C. Crowe. Paul Williams, Mack McCollum, Mark Bushell, Jim Weldmann. Jack Kucera, Arnie Douville, Linwood Mason, Greg Bush, Russ Glover, Linden Torchia. SECOND ROW; Bryan Davis, Al Sears. Bob Renner, Tom Lester. Shelby Ball. Willie Jones. Mike Gee. Robert Chandler. Mike Fortson, Russ Rosebush. Kevin Swanberg. Mike Bievenour. Gerry Smith. Mark McCausland, Rick Hayes. Larry Hoffman. THIRD ROW: Bob Rutherford, Russ Jones, Steve Drewnowski. Deacon Winters. Rich Helms. Bruce Kugler. Tim Hoy, Mike Koepke. Mark Mellinthin. George Madson, Ron Pointer, Jim Ramacciotti, Dave Ziebart, Jerry Coleman. FOURTH ROW: Mike Coddington. Ken Tebrink. Tom Morris, Bill Becker. Dave Marr. Tim Gulliver. Ken Dressel, Mark Noonan, Tim Fyda. Tom Foertsch. Dan Hoida. C. D. Moore. Mike Webb. FIFTH ROW: Mark Cerise. Pat Meagher, Steve Hoog. Scott Jensen, Rich Needs, Dale Reed. Joe Bunecke. Dave Scott. Ryan Williams, Tom Albrecht. Bill Travnick. Kory Cornum, Dave Thomas. 12 VARSITY fOOTBAlL FANS TO MAKE A SEASON COMPLETE LEFT: People are still wondering how Wyoming ' s Mascot ended up on USAFAs campus?! BELOW, 1977 AIR FORCE ACADEMY FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF: STANDING: (L-R): John Lorber. linebacker, Jack raley. offensive coordinator, Leiand Kendall, defensive coordinator; Mike Crimmins. offensive line; David Ration, defensive tackles. KNEELING: Fred Manuel, defensive backfield; Jerry Davitch. receivers. Ben Martin, head coach; Johnny Burnett, offensive backfield; Ed Hutt. varsity reserve. LOWER LEFT: Mark Falzone makes his appearance at the noon meal formation disguised as General Robert E. Lee in preparation for the Georgia Tech game. LOWER RIGFHT: Just part of the bus convoy that stretched halfway across the state of Wyoming. CGHWYjOf SPONSORED By THE rfi AG. CLUB m 1 BHK B s • mKe , . .jji: : AFA AFA AFA AFA AFA AFA AFA AFA AFA AFA AFA 0-0 14—24 15—13 3—33 7—10 14—37 7—38 14—36 6—31 34—28 0—49 WYOMING CAL-BERKELEY U. OF PACIFIC GEORGIA TECH NAVY ASU BAYLOR BOSTON COLLEGE ARMY VANDERBILT NOTRE DAME WON 2 LOST 8 TIED I VARSITV FOOTBALL 73 RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RU : Fun sports can compare with the sheer agony and torture induced by the cross country runner. But what drives a normal human to run and train for a once a week pain filled five mile race? Like any athlete, a runner runs because he seeks competition, but possibly more than any other sport, cross country is a personal test. A test of both what he has accomplished, he has done on his own. This year ' s team, without a doubt, put them- selves to the test with one of the toughest seasons in years. Led by team captain senior Dave Wynn, the Falcons raced to a 4-6 dual meet record. Junior Dave McKenney, who broke the Academy course record twice during the season, posting a time of 25.42 for the five mile course, consistently paced the Falcons ' victories. Dave was backed by senior Dan Lentz who throughout the year challenged the front runners. Seniors John MacGilvra and Ken Hendrick also contributed greatly. Juniors Bob Garza and Mark Fish along with Sophomore John Evans provided the needed depth and strength for the team. Freshman Brett Hyde rounded off the top eight. TOP: Sophomore John Evans streaking through the finish gates. CENTER PAGE: team captain Dave Wynn battling against the foreigners from Wyoming. Rumor has it that Wyomings ' top two runners arrived the day before from Kenya. BOTTOM: Dave McKenney (alias the cruise) keeps up the pace. UN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN AFA 33 24 WYOMING AFA IS 45 SO. COLORADO AFA 43 1st SO. COLORADO INVITE AFA 40 18 CSU AFA 19 - 44 SO. COLORADO AFA 31 - 24 ADAMS STATE AFA 15 - 50 NEW MEXICO AFA 47 - 15 COLO TRACK CLUB AFA 206 - 8THCENTRAL COLLEGIATE CHAMPS AFA 48 - 15 CSU AFA 295 - llth NCAA QUALIFICATIONS ( J ABOVE: FRONT ROW: ken Hendricks. John Mac Gilvra. Dave Wynn. Dan Lentz, Darrell Herriges. MIDDLE ROW: Ben Dalton.Bob Garza. Mark Fish. John Evans, Dave McKinney. Gary Myers. Greg Sveska. BALK ROW: Captain Elliot. Bonzo Clark. Keith Maresca. Chris Castro. Steve Webb. Mike Smith. Mark Cummings. Brad Bauer. Bret Hyde. Major Epperson. JUST A KICK IN THE GRASS V p. M.:.Jiil Lii wmi m 1- ■ " ■ •- ■ ■■ - - t " , : . ' i ' V.- • ' ' ■ ' ' .. Looking back on all that id, one can only say that the season was filled with great times. goalie, senior Steve Reggir das, but only after we used the aid of five translators. Captain Ehrhart was seldom seen on away good triends, and super soccer shutouts for a goalie at I JSAFA(I7). trips, except when he was lending claying. We did everything Helping out Greg and Steve on out money or when he came back together as a team a nd when Greg defense was the famou s " No Goal in late at night from a " rendez- Schultz had the i mtire Winter Patrol " consisting of senior vous. " Even our managers were Park, Florida fire department fullbacks Karl Olsen, M ark Wynn, interesting people. Manager Walt asking him if it really was a and Tom Twohig. Helpi ng out also Wright and trainer Chris Riseberg jumpshot, the team was there to were junior fullbacks Mike Bal- kept us in jocks and socks and back up his story. W e even went to timore and Mike Weila nd. Other tape, plus being obnoxious. Mass together and j ?rayed that no seniors that helped out with their This was the first year our one would get hurt and that one experience were Joh n Puffen- soccer team made it to the NCAA day we could final y understand bareer, Bobby Doyle. and Paul Division 1 olavoffs since 1973. Our ' etnerness save us a first team as a halfback. Standouts all contributed t( first game was against the University of San Francisco Dons, the reigning champs for the past two years. We lost 2-1 but still played a very good game in spite of everything against us. Karl as selected by our coaches IS me Air Force outstanding layer of the game for this excellent defensive performance. most shutouts in a s ' e least number of goals scored against in a RMISL season (I). Many of these defensive records were directly attributed to our second team All-American goalie, senior Rob Judas, our lacrosse coac did his best to coach all us misfits and crazy special people. Coach ler helped out when he wasn ' t ' osse practice and Coach did a fine job of assisting Rob hard work, skill, and in some cases, just plain luck. We accomplished much and for this we are proud of our 8-4-2 record. i Wi rW U f i t AFA 1—0 MIDWESTERN STATI AFA 1—3 MILWAUKEE WIS AFA 1— 1 METRO STATE (OT) AFA 1—0 CALIFORNIA (OT) AFA 1-0 SANTA CLARA AFA 17-0 REGIS COLLEGE AFA S-0 COLORADO MINES AFA 1—0 DENVER AFA 1-0 COLORADO COLLEC AFA 1—4 FLORIDA INTER. AFA 1-3 ROLLINS COLLEGE AFA 2—2 ARMY (OT) AFA 2-0 METRO STATE AFA 1—2 U OF SAN FRAN DYNAMIC DUO OF FISH AND CHIPS LEAD TEAM This year was the most successful year since the team went to the Nationals back in 1975. when E.T., the Whale, and Dave Wetlesen were frosh. Led once again by the dynamic duo of " Fish Chips, " we were mystified at the R.F. drills. We are losing Captain Fisher, but Captain Davis will be back as head coach. We began our season by playing the less gifted teams of Colorado, CSU, and Denver. They proved no match ,for the likes of the more powerful Falcons. We proceeded down to Arizona and lost our first game to the Wildcats of Arizona, but won every other game from then on, including a comeback victory against San Diego State, despite the pre-game the night before! We left Arizona tanned and happy at our results. Our tournament was next, and that found us at our " low biorythmic period. " We managed only a third place finish. Some where in between our tournament 12 AFA 5 COLORADO 3 AFA 8 ARIZONA 7 AFA CAL POLY 8 AFA TEXAS m 8 AFA LAS VEGAS II AFA SAN DIEGO ST. 9 AFA COLORADO 24 AFA DENVER 15 AFA CSU 17 AFA COLORADO 24 AFA DENVER 10 AFA UTAH 7 AFA ILLINOIS 5 AFA 12 PEPPERDINE 6 AFA 10 ARIZONA 10 AFA DENVER 9 AFA 12 PEPPERDINE 8 AFA NORTHRIDGE 6 AFA LONG BEACH WON 13 LOST 6 80 WATER POLO ABOVE: Whale Welsfry gets in some good practice before the next game. John was the team captain and wound up as the third leading scorer In school history with 1 goals. BELOW: Gator Mullauy drives in and prepares to fire one in the goal. TEAM PICTURE: FIRST ROW: Dean " Latag " Latas, Philip " Mouse " Heidmous, Rob " Roy " Seamster. Ken " Rad " Porad. Steve " Honeyberry " Henneberry, Ed " Mole " Phillips, Dirk " Orca " Jordan. MIDDLE ROW: Captain Davis Chips, Eric " Von Strange " Thompson, John " Sus " Susalia, David " Nick " Nichols. Randy " Studman " Stedman. Jim " J.R. " Ross, Mike " Gator " Mullauy, Captain Fisher Fish. BACK ROW: Dave " We Try Harder " Beizer, Steve " Sasquatch " King, Fritz " F " Weigman, Ray " Ramone " Bivans, Gary " Mouth " Hackbarth, Joe " Stilleto " Wotton, Frank " The Riddle " Snyder, Steve " Smith and Ross " Smith. John " whale " Wellsfry. and going to Malibu, California, we visited a Colorado Tournament which proved to be very one- sided-the Rocky Mountain Water Rats won again! Our trip to Pepperdine was the highlight of the season, especially when the Bluebird ran out of gas. We played well, but lost to Pepperdine 12-9 who finished fourth in the Nationals. But the best part of the Water Polo team ' s fine season were the guys on the team, players like Smith Ross and F - associates at law, David " we try harder " Beizer, the " sasquatch,: " Orca, " " Studman, " " the profes- sional " Dave Wetlesen, " Stilleto " Wotlen, " " honeyberry, " the temperamental gator, and all the others who made our team a great onel WATER POLO 81 22ND STRAIGHT WINNING SEASON The Falcon fencing team posted its twenty-second straight winning season with the year-end record showing six wins and one loss. With only two returning seniors, a team which lacked experience made up for it with super enthusiasm in both work- outs and meets. Following the team through their season, the first two meets were against St. John ' s College of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Both the meets, the one at USAFA and the one at Santa Fe, turned out to be victories for the men ' s team, but resulted in close losses for the women ' s team. The next meet against Colorado University was won by default when CU failed to show up. Then came the hardest of all meets, a six-way meet in Madison, Wisconsin, against Wisconsin, Tri-State, Minnesota, Chicago, and Northwestern. The Falcons came in second, losing a close one to Tri-State. Next came the Colorado Invitational, an individual tournament in which the best fencers in the Colorado area came to compete. Even with the stiff competition, the team fared very well as individuals, often times fencing each other in the finals. The last meets of the season pitted the Falcons in the Western Regionals and the NCAA ' s. The team finished well in the Wes- tern ' s and sent three people, one in each of the three different weapons: foil, epie, and sabre, to the Nationals in Kenosha, Wiscon- sin. The three were two talented freshmen, Jeff Hasse (eppee ' ), Wendy Kubic (foil), and junior Steve Weart (sabre). FRONT ROW: Tom Takai. Sky McCorkle. Dio Morales. Jean Stewman. Rob Vogt, Gene Bowman, Doug Dickinson, Steve Wean, Jeff Wilson, Gary Hecker. BACK ROW: Steve Wheeless, Assistant Coach Captain Prieto. George Gordy, Rich Treadway, Chris Miller, Jeff Hasse. Steve Chabola. Tom Broe, Maura Burke, Konrad Gruca, Dan Hancock. Paul Shemwell, Wendy Kubic, Mark Braccich, Mark Clewis, Coach Nick Toth. AFA W ST. JOHN ' S L AFA w COLORADO L AFA w ST. JOHN ' S L AFA w WISCONSIN- L MADISON AFA L TRI-STATE W AFA w CHICAGO L AFA w NORTHWESTERN L WON 6 LOST 1 seajofl CAGERS THRILL HOME FANS PAN AM. NO. ILLINOIS COLORADO TEXAS TEC REGIS CSU ST. CLOUD SI MINNESOTA TULANE LEWIS SAN DIEGO I MARYLAND WYOMING The Falcons of Hank Eagan, finished tht with a 15-10 mark after wi Falcons had an 11-2 record at home for the season, best season in history at the Cadet Field House and surpassed the 10-3 marks posted by four different teams. Seniors tom Schneeberger and Bob Djokvich, the team co- captains, also led the team in scoring for the second straight year. Schneeberger, a forward, was again the leading s corer with 374 points for a 15-0 points per game average while Djokovich, a guard, had 301 points for a D.O average. Djokovich again led the team in assists with 127 and in minut played with 919 while Schneeberger had the most steals at 20. Djo- kovich also was the best free throw shooter with a .782 average. ard-center Randy Gricius was the top rebounder with 224 for a 9.3 average and was tops in field goal shooting •■ ■ ' - ■ " ' " percent mark. Freshman Reggie Jones had the most blocked shots with 28. Schneeberger and Djokovich wound up as the third and fourth leading scores in Academy history. Schneeberger was third with 1,210 points while Djokovich was next with 1,061 points, making them only the fourth and fifth players in Falcon basketball history to score ts during a I IL A young team of three fresh- men, five sophomores, one junior, and one senior faced one of the toughest schedules in Academy wrestling history. Outstanding performances were produced by senior Greg Bush the team captain and junior Lowell Tempas. Four Falcon wrestlers took third places in the regionals: sophomore Paul Feliz at 134 pounds, sophomore Mario Mastrangeli at 158, freshman Gary Chadwick at 167, and junior Lowell Tenpas at 177. One of the interesting sidelines of this year ' s team was its constant hunger for ice cream. Whenever the team went on a road trip, they would scout out the town for an ice cream parlor. After the meet or tournament, everyone would head for that newly found parlor without even waiting to change clothes. The desire for ice cream became so great that whenever we had ice cream at Mitchell Hall, the wrestling " recon- do " team would search Mitch ' s for any leftover ice cream. The coach was pulling out his hair over this habit because he knew ice cream had a way of ruining a diet. AFA 9 CAL. ST. 3! AFA 3 CALIF 35 AFA 24 CAL. DAVIS 15 AFA 12 CSU 30 AFA 12 SO. ILLINOIS 22 AFA 26 WESTERN ST. 18 AFA 44 NEW MEX. HIGH 6 AFA 25 WYOMING 15 AFA 16 ADAMS ST. 20 AFA 21 NEW MEX 20 AFA 24 COLO MINES 8 AFA 17 NEBRASKA 17 WON 6 LOST 6 TIED 1 86 WRESTLING ' t 9 1 ] r I TOU n )5 :i i 15 » HIDE ]} ' HN5T IS tflUGH 6 i; »65T » «t » : wi 8 »n r TBI YOUNG TEAM TEAM PICTURE: FIRST ROW. Bruce Debloie. Larry Ruggiero, Paul Feliz. Tom Ehrharc. Scott Hall, Mario Mastrangeli, Pete Vaccaro. SECOND ROW: Neil Baumgartner, Bob Fisher. Chris Folgers, Lowell Tenpas, Sam Kinard, Greg Bush. Mike Malkovich. Gary Chadwick, Larry Ching. Bob Hensley. Mike Wolfe. Tom Kuramata. THIRD ROW: Major Veipenburg. Major Wayne Baughman. Scott Suhr. Scott Hamilton. Dyke Weatherington, Chuck Kimsey, Jay Snyder, Vince Nulk. Mike Foster, Rich Flanagan. Sandy Andrew, Mike McChesney. Chuck Waryk, Captain Gerald Boesche. Warren Hegewood. TOP LEFT: Team Captain Greg Bush was 13-7-1 for the season and was selected as MUP for the team. BOTTOM LEFT: Sophomore Paul Feliz took third place in the 134 pound division at the Midwest Regional Wrestling Championships. LEFT: Senior Greg Bush on the victory stand. TOUGH SCHEDULE WRESniNG 87 Ti FULKS, MAHAFFY LEAD RECORD SEASON BELOW LEFT: Junior Mike Otomo shows his form that won him a first place in the floor exercise in the Western Independent Meet and enabled him to go to the NCAA ' s. BELOW RIGHT; Jeff Plaisted shows off on the hors e. It was the end of four years of hard work for six seniors, team captain Mark Fulks, Sam Gilmore, Mike Nevin, Bob Wenrick, Mark Wilkinson, and Mark Zamzow as they posted a fine 12-4 record. The season also marked the Air Force Academy ' s highest dual meet score of 205.15 against California State University at Northridge, breaking last year ' s record of 202.3. A new all-around individual record of 50.6 was set by Mark Fulks in a tri-meet meet with Fort Hayes and Kansas University. Greg Brewer and Don Knauf also showed a great deal of im- provement in all-around competi- tion. The highlight of the season was a four day trip to California to meet Northside, USC, and Santa Barbara. On Friday night the Falcons defeated both USC and Santa Barbara. The next night the Falcons defeated Northbridge in a close meet with the record score of 205.15. The gymnastics team also had its highest score ever at the Western Independent Meet in Oregon. The Falcons came in fourth place with a score of 394.0, missing third place by five tenths of a point. Junior Mike Otomo placed first on the floor exercise and second on vaulting to qualify for the NCAA meet for the second year in a row. An amazing performance by Jim Flickenger earned him third place on the high bar and a trip to the Nationals also. Head Coach Captain Carl Town- send capped the fine season for the gymnastics team by being named Coach of the Year for the Western Region. n 1 GYMNASTICS AFA W csu L AFA L HOUSTON BAPTIST W AFA L DENVER W AFA L ILLINOIS CHICAGO w AFA W NORTHRIDGE AFA W FORT HAYES AFA L KANSAS w AFA W SANTA BARBARA AFA W UNIV. OF SO. CALIF. AFA W NORTHRIDGE AFA W WESTERN AFA w SO. DAKOTA ST. AFA w LOUISIANA ST. AFA w COLORADO ST. AFA w COLORADO AFA w DENVER WON 12 LOST 4 ABOVE LEFT: Scott Sanders concentrates on the rings. TEAM PICTURE; FIRST ROW: Team Captain ' s Mark Fulks and Dorothy Mahaffy. SECOND ROW: Lisa Fenton. Candy Paner, Michelle Pompili. Cincy Faries, Lori Cross. Mary Schmanski, Rose Franke, Julia Feldstone. Lynn Nagahiro. THIRD ROW: Head Coach Captain Karl Townsend, Asst. Coach Captain Lou Burkel, Rick Aldridge, Bill Pfau, Thomas Hunt, Bill Kaneshiro, Bobby Hamiton. Mike Otomo, Bobby Wenrich, Mike Mills, Scott Sanders, Randy Taylor, Women ' s Head Coach Mary Maddox. FOURTH ROW: Ed Goggins. Don Knauf, Mark Wiikenson, Sam Gilmore, Jim Flickinger, Jeff Plaisted, Mark Zamzow. Steve Jones, Greg Brewer, Mike Spencer, Paul Montgomery, Mike Nevin, Women ' s Asst. Coach Lenny Lenniville. GYMNASTICS 89 ONLY LOST TO CSU r Despite a very demanding schedule, the Falcon trackmen finished with a very respectable record of 9-1. Their only loss was to Colorado State University during the middle of the Russian flu epidemic. Besides dual meets, the team traveled to Nebraska for the Cornhusker Invitational, Michigan for the Central Col- legiate Championships, and Colorado for the Indoor Colorado Relays. Led by team captain Russell demons, the Falcons fared well in many areas that were expected to be only mediocre. Next year ' s indoor track team will miss graduating seniors Russell demons, George Kailiwai, Morgan Lankford, Dan Lentz, Rick Linares, John Mac- Gilvra, and Dave Wynn. Neverth- eless, next year look for good performances from juniors Dave McKinney, Walt Pate, and Marc Millican, sophomores Don Walters and John Evans, and freshman Bob Wright and John Price. AFA 68.5 UTAH 66.5 AFA 68.5 B.G. TRACK CLUB 38 AFA 91 ADAMS STATE 65 AFA 91 WYOMING 17 AFA 85 COLORADO 55 AFA 76 COLORADO ST. 94 AFA 76 WESTERN ST. 3 AFA 92.6 SO. COLORADO 34 AFA 92.6 NO. COLORADO 46.3 LOST I u -5 pan „ LEFT The Falcons top shotput man, Russ Larned, follows through and checks his distance. BOTTOM LEFT: John Evans strides by on the first lap of the mile run. BOTTOM RIGHT, Dan Lentz and John Evans pace the pack in the mile competition. OPPOSITE PAGE: Dave Carbaugh checks his clearance. rNDOOB TRACK ' SEVEN NEW SCHOOL RECORDS TOP LEFT, Antoniazzi. Shelby Ball, and Willie Jones lunge for the tape. TOP RIGHT: John McGilvra shows his smooth stride that made him the Academy ' s top 1000 yarder. BOTTOM: John Evans and Ken Hendrick kick it in together. OPPOSITE PAGE: Morgan Lankford exhibits driving force as he fires out of the starting blocks in the 300.. Jk 6$ a " iJ 0S : Posiinj winning ik falcons «er fact the (Ml pfocess of team trait fieldhoust I HighSdwl compile J ] pound the mherc of three m problem J seven tdu lankford. A 93 OUTDOOR TRACK AFA " 68 94 COLORADO STATE 100 100 AFA AFA by 19 NO. COLORADO WYOMING 100 68 AFA AFA 86 METRO STATE UTAH WON 3 LOST 2 Posting a sixth-straight winning dual meet season, the Falcons were hampered by the fact the outdoor track was in the process of being rebuilt. The team worked out either in the fieldhouse or at Air Academy High School and they managed to compile a 3-2 record. To com- pound the problem, freakish weather caused the cancellation of three meets. Despite these problems, the team broke or tied seven school records. Morgan Lankford, the team captain, ran a 21-2 in the 200 meter dash. Russell demons long jumped 23 feet ll ' 2 inches and triple jumped 49 feet 9 4 inches, Dan Lentz ran 9-30.0 in the steeplechase and John Price scored 6180 points in the decathlon. Wally Pate jumped 6 feet ten inches in the high jump. The 440 yard relay team of Bob Wright, George Kailuwai, Russell demons, and Morgan Lankford qualified for the NCAA Cham- pionships with their school record 40.6 clocking. OUTDOOS TRACK 93 9 AFA 6 WIS-STOUT 7 AFA II NEW HAMP. 6 AFA 7 NEW HAMP. AFA 12 ST. LOUIS 2 AFA 8 ST. LOUIS TOUGH 10 9 5 AFA AFA AFA 1 1 7 HAMLINE HAMLINE COLORADO COL. SCHEDULE 5 7 1 AFA AFA AFA 6 8 6 COLORADO COL. BOSTON UNIV. BOSTON UNIV. A young but enthusiastic 1 AFA NO. MICHIGAN tpam niavpri nnp nf th« tmioh 3ct AFA NO. MICHIGAN ittiiii laytu . i ic sjt iiic ii. ' ugllcrdl 3 AFA DENVER schedules in the nation, including 2 AFA WIS RIVER FALLS the nation ' s top two teams and 5 AFA WIS RIVER FALLS wound up with a 9-17 record. II AFA ROYAL MIL. COL. However, both the leading scorer 10 AFA ROYAL MIL. COL. and starting goalie return next 6 AFA MANITOBA year. The leading scorer was 1 AFA MANITOBA 5 AFA GUSTAVUS ADOLPHl sophomore Bob Sajevic with 25 3 AFA GUSTAVUS ADOLPHl goals and 59 points while junior 3 AFA DENVER Tom Talbot was the starting 1 AFA MANKATO ST. goalie against such nationally- ranked teams as Denver, Boston 2 AFA MANKATO ST. 9 WINS 17 LOSSES University, Boston College, and TOP RIGHT: Team Captain Tom Morton takes aim. Tom won the most valuable Marksman award for the team. MIDDLE LEFT: Freshman Mark Devine fired his way onto the first team and had an average of 549-73. BOTTOM RIGHT: John Pardo had a very consistent season, shooting 547.92 for the year. 20-0 IN CONFERENCE COMPETITION Expectations were high this year. After last year ' s ninth place finish in nationals and six returning lettermen, we did not let ourselves down. The team kept up its winning tradition, finishing 20-0 in conference competition and third in the Turkey Shoot at Kansas State University— the largest intercollegiate rifle match in the U.S. with over 50 teams compet- ing. Superstar freshman Mark Devine smoked his way onto the first team and boosted the team ' s average to 561 out of 600, the highest team average ever for a USAFA rifle team. Team Captain Tom Morton led the team early in the season with the highest three-position average, but lost his lead later in the season to junior Scott Allan. Senior Rich Lane spent a great deal of his time with his car (Blackbird), but he still had enough time to significantly contribute to the team ' s success. In the case of junior John Pardo, consistancy was the name of the game as he continually pulled through when the rest of the team slipped. Junior Gary Finchum could have been top shooter on the team if not for a slight distraction mid-way through the season. As it was he still managed to finish in the top five regularly. The surprise of the season junior Steve Meiriam. Although he started out slow, by the end of the year Steve was shooting range-record scores. Deserving special recognition is freshman Andy Gurner (Gurney) who continually kept table 2S0 entertained with his version of Patton ' s speech, his bagpipe quartet, and his shades of Monte Python. For the first time the Academy reported a women ' s team which also went undefeated. Bev Turman led the girls with a repectable 538 average. The entire team owes many thanks to sophomore Don Myers, who as manager kept the team supplied with bolts and bullets as well as moral support. The team as a whole contributed the best 20 man squad in the Academy ' s history, owing largely to coach and national record holder TSgt Grant Gruner. GIRL ' S TEAM: Major George Cannon. Suzanne Ginger. Beverly Turman. Jackie Ware, Noy Davis. Gram Gruver. AFA 2221 CU 2004 AFA 3323 cu 3191 AFA 2211 csu 2018 AFA 2237 RMC 2098 AFA 2198 SU 2073 AFA 2198 CSM 1446 AFA 2209 CU 2122 AFA 2209 CSU 2048 AFA 2209 CSM 1549 AFA 1122 CU 1079 AFA 1122 CSU 1059 AFA 1122 KSU 1047 AFA 2259 KSU 2102 AFA 2259 CU 2068 AFA 2229 SWOSU 2064 WON 20 LOST THIRD IN THE NATION The Pistol Team bid farewell to its coach of six years, TSgt Bobby Tiner. Coach Tiner was hard to replace, but so far the new coach, TSgt Paray Hadley, has done an excellent job. Next year ' s team already looks better, but consider- ing this year ' s record. Coach Hadley has his work cut out for him. The Falcons, captained by Dave McFaddin, placed 3rd in Interna- tional and 3rd in Conventional courses of fire giving the team an overall position of 3rd in the nation. Dave Frymire was awarded Ail- American for the second year, and is a four year letterman. This gives the Pistol Team fifty-eight Ail- Americans. These records, com- bined with a no loss season, shows why this team is termed the Academy ' s Winningest team. The team posted a 14-0-0 record to run its current winning streak to 27 wins without a loss. While the females on the team did not make a seperate women ' s team, they did outscore all female competition. This year ' s away trips were not only very successful, but also a lot of fun. The team got to tour historical Boston, while in competi- tion at M.I.T. as well as enduring a long (and rowdy) bus trip to Wyoming, just to mention a few. TEAM. FRONT ROW. Paul Lodridge, Dave Frymire. Dave McFaddin. Ken Hol- lenbeck, John Messer. Gary Skubal. SECOND ROW. Major Anderson, Craig. Jim Kennedy. Darrel Zeiko, Doug Briggs. Pat Saunders, Mike Klllion. Mike Behling. TSgt Coach Bobby Tiner. THIRD ROW, Bill McClure. Jan Sztuka, Jef Sparks. Mark Snell. Bruce Fernandez. Carl Becker. Terry Parnell. mkl Wk ' M AFA VS TEXAS ARL. AFA VS SW OAK. ST. AFA VS CSW AFA VS WYOMING AFA VS RMC AFA VS WYOMING AFA VS MIT AFA VS COAST GUARD AFA VS ARMY AFA VS MERCHANT MAR. AFA VS RUTGERS AFA VS PENN WINS 14 LOSSES TOP: Senior Dave McFaddin captained the learn to a 14-0 record this season. MIDDLE Dave Frymire was awarded All-American for the second year in a row. BOTTOM: Junior Dan the target. RMIGA CHAMPS The Falcon golfers captured the fourteen team Rocky Mountain Intercol- legiate Golf Association title for the second straight season. Led by team captain Vic Summers, three golfers made the 1st team RMIGA: Vic Summers, Tom English, and John ' ough. Vic started the season out right by .looting a 69 in the first tournament, the Western State Invite. Pat Youngs, Rick Sergeant, and Ted Otero had their low competitive rounds for the season with 73, 73. and 73, respectively. The Falcon team total of 286 was to be the season ' s best. The next major tournament was our own Falcon Invite. Vic Summers again led the Falcons and had an ace during the tournament, first ever for the Falcons. Shortly afterwards it was on to New Mexico for the prestigious Tucker Invitational. This tournament proved to be quite unsuccessful or the Falcon golfers. Vic Summers even lanaged to discover new parts of the urse. Tom English had a 72 on the second ay, typing him for medalist honors. The rest of the fall season consisted of three RMIGA tournaments with the Falcon golfers finishing 2nd. 1st, and 2nd respectively. The spring season was even busier with Air Force finishing 15-1 in dual meets. The team spent spring break in California playing courses such as Cyprus Point, Spyglass Hill, and the Bayonel Assault Course. In the tournament at Pasatrempo, Rick Sergeant ' rned in a sparkling performance while f-jcing the Falcons. He was the lone bright spot as the rest of the team danced with the " Barrancas. " Bill Kendrik turned in a fine lifornia trip as he got up and down out of d Dixie Cup. Poor Billy called little Sally every night. Howard Ratcliffe also played well, despite a snap hook or two at Old Del Monte. At the Stanford tournament, John " Belmont " Gough and John Scholtz succumbed to the feared Engloid squeeze. W FALCON INVITATIONAI NEW MEXICO INVITE WYOMING ADAMS ST. UNC DENVER WIN 7 LOSS 2 TOP. STANDING: Major Gene Miranda, head coach; Colonel Tom Moore, assistant coach; Mike Winslow, Bill Kendrick. John Dahl. Howard Ratcliffe. Ryan Ratcliffe, Jeff Wilson. Len Patrick. John Jackson. Mrs. Betty Bullard. head women ' s coach; Lieutenant Colonel Jim Thomas, assistant coach; Colonel Wally Fluhr. officer representative. MIDDLE ROW; Janette Maas, Sandra Yope, Paula Thornhill. Laurie Morse. Mary Hughes, team captain. Nancy Brunkow. FRONT ROW: Mark Picking. Tom English. Ted Otero. Rick Sargent. John Scholtz. Lance team captain. John Gough. Ted Otero lines up a put tha 73 round in the Western Stat PAGE: TOP: Team Captain V all season, including an ACE i BOTTOM: Tom English tied f FIFTH PLACE NATIONAL INDEPENDENTS i It 1 i 1 2 TOP LEFT: Mark Morgan gets off the blocks early for the Falcons. TOP RIGHT: Blake Bourland gracefully falls from the 30 meter platform. BOTTOM: Steve King churns up the water on his way to a backstroke victory. The swimming team exper- ienced another good year as they finished with 9 wins and losses. This was topped by a 5th place finish and 181 ' 2 points at the National Independent Champion- ships. At the beginning of the season we had every reason to think that we would have our best team ever and our first meet against Tulane seemed to support this promise. After the Tulane meet we stumbled along against some teams that were good but failed to prepare for us. If they had prepared they might have given us the necessary shock to make us into a really good team. The Colorado meet was on us before we knew it and it was to be a real test. We hung on for a 62-51 victory. Following the Colorado meet we spent three weeks recovering from the flu and preparing for the National Independents. The weak- ness caused by the flu hurt us severely and it had a definite effect on our performance in the Independents. However, we did have a superb meet and we broke eleven school records. In nearly every event several swimmers put on good performances. The best performance of all was put on by Hackbarth in the Breaststroke, Poorman and Smith in the Back- stroke, Poorman in the Individual Medley. Smith in the 300 and 500 free. Waters in the Butterfly and the Individual Medleys, and Snyder on his legs. These fine performances predict a fine future for the team as the only graduates will be Blake Bourland and Doug Poorman. These two fine competi- tors will be missed nevertheless. Blake has had some fine days with us and can be given individual credit for a close victory over Texas Tech two years ago. Doug has been the key man in the meet on many occasions, but he never had a meet like the one at Southern Illinois this year. His 156.26 Individual Medley, 1:55.28 Two Hundred Backstroke and 52.84 One Hundred Backstroke were his all-time best efforts. His 100 Backstroke brought us and him our first ever National Indepen- dent Championship. Hopefully, it will not be our last. Falcon swimmer Fritz Wiegman gets opponents. AFA 81 TULANE 32 AFA 68 COLO COL. 45 AFA 58 COLO MINES 47 AFA 62 FT. LEWIS 51 AFA 62 COLORADO 51 AFA 66 WESTERN ST. 44 AFA 76 DENVER 36 AFA 63 CSU 44 AFA 59 REGIS 19 WON 9 LOST the jump on his AFA 24 Colorado Mines 1 AFA 16 DENVER LACROSSE CLUB 4 AFA 18 NOTRE DAME L.C. 1 AFA 7 North Carolina 16 AFA 10 Duke 16 AFA 20 DENVER 3 AFA 20 Colorado College 7 AFA 21 Colorado State 1 AFA 19 COLORADO MINES 1 AFA 18 Colorado 3 AFA i Rutgers 16 AFA 8 C. W. Post 14 AFA 26 Colorado 3 AFA 14 COLORADO SPRINGS L.C. 10 AFA 26 DENVER 3 WON 2 LOST 4 LEAGUE TITLE FOR Dth STRAIGHT YEAR The lacrosse team once again dominated play in the area, winning The Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League Title for the twelfth straight year. In his first year as varsity lacrosse coach. Captain Dan Uimer reestablished the AFA lacrosse team as a strong NCAA contender. Undefeated league play, the team ended the season with a D-4 record. The four losses all occurred at the hands of teams ranked in the top ten in the country. At the end of the season, six players were named to the first team Rocky Mountain All-Star Team. These included Ail- American Mike McDonald, goalie Bart Jackson, team captains Mason Goodhand and Kim Kelly, Joe Grisham and Jim Colabufo. Voted most valuable player, senior Mike McDonald was the highest scorer in Academy history. During the season he shattered four AFA records. Finishing the season with 74 goals and 11 assists, he set yet another record of 101 points in one season and his 172 career goals is another all-time high. Mike McDonald was not the only outstanding player on the team; sophomore goalie Bart Jackson was second in the nation for goals scored average and he too holds a record of most saves in one game with 11. Team captains Kim Kelly and Mason Goodhand were second and third leading scorers for the season. Although five seniors are leaving, there are several returning lettermen to help record yet another excellent season. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: Ron Perry takes a breather during the Falcon ' s romp of Colorado College. BOTTOM LEFT: Chad Kirk gets set for the Falcon attack. BOTTOM RIGHT: Junior goalie Matt Dunbar sets up on defense. THIS PAGE: TEAM PICTURE: FIRST ROW: Matt Dunbar, Jim Bernard. Chad Kirk. Kim Kelly, Mason Goodhand. Mike McDonald. Randy Davenport. Bob Steigerwald. SECOND ROW: Pete Withers. Ronnie Gray. Bob Le Beau, Chuck Hoag. Mitch Brown, Bert Waibel, Jim Sheedy, Gordie Ross, Brian Kelly, Ron Perry, Bill Euker, Arnie Saiazar, Ray Sands, Jeff Fellmeth. THIRD ROW: Head Coach Danny Ulmer, Asst. Coach Rob Judas, Marcel Kerdavid, Rob Saxer, Steve Batts, Bart Jackson, John Kamauff, Rich Lehle, Frank Defaico, Buddy Vasquez, Jim Colabufo, Tim Minish. Asst. Coach Smoky Stover, Lt Col Osborne. BOTTOM: Bill Euker sets up the Falcon attack. NME M|Mi)ill|9J a ' — tT kr imw l MII F 5 EcKERD C FA 5 TAMPA FA 6 FLORIDA FA 2 MISSOURI FA 9 ST. LEO 1 SEASON AFA TENNIS Just completing one of its best records in history, the men ' s tennis team had a 20-7 record equalling the record for the i number of victories in a season. To ■ ■ •• M who had a 21-6 record while junior Bruce Willard had an identical record at number five singles. Top doubles team was junior Ken Barker and freshman Wayne Wanner who combined for an 11-5 mark. AFA ' S BAD NEWS FALCONS At the onset of the spring season, the young baseball team ' s future was in question. The players knew they had a lot of potential, but how much? They knew they were young, but how young? They knew they had pitching, but how much? This team had surprised many people the year before and now the pressure was on to prove themselves and to others that they were the best team in the region. After a 4-2 start, the team went south to Las Vegas for spring break. High spirits for a successful season were shot down by what turned into a spring disaster. The Falcons came home 0-6 on the road and quite down-hearted. But as m ilv v [ the saying goes, " we never say die. " Upon returning home to the cold, wind-blown Colorado terrain, the tans faded but the win column grew. The pitchers settled down and the hitters began to explode. After this there were not too many games when the Falcons were held under ten runs. The season before we were known as the upset-artists and called ourselves the " Bad News Falcons. " This year we forgot the nicknames and affectionately referred to ourselves as the best team in the state! At one point in the season we won nine in a row and we finished the year at 22-15, the best Academy baseball record n - ' in many years, and a tie for the most wins ever. This team will be remem- bered for many things, but what will stand out the most will be: the most stolen bases in Academy history, top five in the nation in runs scored, and top five in batting average throughout the year. Oddly enough one team even flooded their field so they would not have to play us. We were very good, and most will be back to carry on the winning tradition, but a few fellow players and great friends will be missed: Kyle Bartels, Greg Postulka, Dave Atzhorn, Keith Heise, and Dave Meehan, the graduating seniors of the 1978 team. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: Super support from the Comm Shop. MIDDLE: Senior Kyle Bartels shows his style that helped him set the school career batting record with a .412 average. BOTTOM: FIRST ROW: Terry Harris. John Young, Tom Green. Steve Miller. Bruce Brown. Eddie Schumacher, Ron Hunt. SECOND ROW: Marty Schmidt, Deacon Winters, Jim Best, Mitch Heitman, Ernie Richardson, Scott McLaughlin, Dan Griffith. THIRD ROW: Bob Tim Gallagher, Mike Pica, John Lahoff, Wade Leatham, Karl Apfel, Kisko. FOURTH ROW: Bob Dorr, Greg Postulka, Kyle Bartels, Dave Meeham, Keith Heise, Dave Atzorn. FIFTH ROW: Captain Mike Maddox, Captain John Weaver, Captain Joe Robison. THIS PAGE: ABOVE: Greg Postulka prepares to awe another Falcon opponent with his pitching ability. " AFA 8 REGIS AFA 7 CSU AFA 5 WESTERN ST. AFA 13 LAVERNE AFA 3 LAS VEGAS AFA yi COLO MINES AFA 5 COLORADO AFA 18 COLO MINES AFA 8 COLORADO AFA 3 REGIS AFA 15 WESTERN ST. AFA 19 DENVER AFA 21 ROCKY MT. COL. AFA 9 SO. COLO. AFA 8 DENVER AFA 6 NO. COLO. AFA 5 METRO ST. 10 AFA 6 DENVER AFA 6 DENVER AFA 3 NO. COLO. WON 11 LOST Coming up with its first winning season at 8-4, the women ' s tennis team later placed fourth in the regional champion- ships. The squad was also third in the league standings with a 1-2 mark. Sophomore Kathy Bonnett at number six singles had the best individual record at S-0. She combined with freshman Mary Trankle at number two doubles to score a 7-1 record. The women ' s volleyball team finished its second year with an III dual league record and a first place in the Northern Division of Inter- mountain Association of Intercol- legiate Athletics for Women. At one stretch in the season the Falcon women won 21 straight games in league play. Overall, the team posted fourth in the lAlAW regional tournament, finishing the season with a 27-9 record. r WOMEN ' S TENNIS " AFA 7 cwc AFA 7 IDAHO ST. AFA g REGIS AFA 7 SO. COLO. AFA 5 METRO ST. AFA 7 CSU AFA 8 NO. COLO AFA 6 DENVER AFA 5 WESTERN ST. AFA 8 FT. LEWIS AFA 8 MESA AFA 1 COLO. COL. iWON LOST 4 - r WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL " AFA REGIS AFA COLO. COL. AFA METRO AFA CWC AFA COLO. MINES AFA REGIS AFA SO. COLO AFA COLO. COL. 2 AFA METRO 3 AFA CWC AFA COLO. MINES AFA SO. COLO. 1 WON 21 LOST 9 - 110 WOMEN ' S TENNIS TOP LEFT: Bonnie Houchen clears the net as she puts the ball back into her opponents face. TOP RIGHT; Mary Jo Wier sets the action for the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate title holers - the Falcon Volleyball team. BOTTOM: FIRST ROW: Maureen Trittle, Van Sabala, Mary Jo Wier, Mary Orn, Bonnie Houchen. SECOND ROW: Lt. Riding. Gerry Wilfang, Pat Ryan. Debbie Enzenbacker, Ellen Peterson, Betsy Joviak. Jane MikI, Laurel Teal, Kathleen Minta, Cindy Reed, Lt. West. WOMEN ' S TENNIS, VOLLEYBALL WOMEN ' S VOUEVBAll Ul The women ' s team posted its first dual meet victory in history by downing Wyoming. The team competed mainly in invitationals. later taking fifth place in the regionals. Freshman Donna Cliff was the team ' s top runner, taking three first places during the season and posting the team ' s top time at three miles with a 20:33. WOMEN HARRIERS a WOMEN ' S CROSS COUNTRV ► I OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: Congra- tulations to our Ail-Amerlcan swimmers over the past two years: Julie Richards. Bonnie Schaefer. Karen O ' Hair, Janet Peterson, and Ginny Caine. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: FIRST ROW: Sue Waechter. Josic Ballato. Jan Wiley. Anne Martin, Barbie Chapman. Nancy Berger. SECOND ROW: Nancy Rhoades. Lisa Huffer, Tanya Senz. Jan Gunnoe. Vici Lin. THIRD ROW: Coach James Scott. Donna Cliff. Diana Green. Mary Pat Erhard, Sue Jackson. Emi Takashima. WOMEN SWIM TO TEN SCHOOL RECORDS The second year in women ' s swimming proved to be another good one as the season ended with eleven wins and three losses. The team lost to Wyoming, Virginia Tech. and William and Mary, all three being to Division I schools. Bonnie Schaefer, Ginny Caine, and Janet Peterson provided all of the team ' s first places in those three meets. All three girls were ex- tremely good this year, winning 82 first places between them. Janet won 27 out of 28 times in diving while Ginny took 32 first places and 5 second places. These three girls broke all of the records in their events several times during the year. They had a particularly good day in the toughest meet of the season where they performed spectacularly to win a meet that we should have lost. Everything gravitated for us against Northern Colorado as we won 66-64 We finished the season at Brenau College in Georgia at the Small College Nationals. Six team members represented us for the second year in a row. However, all of our points came from Janet Peterson. She finished sixth on both boards, earning 18 points and giving the team a tie for 29th place. As a result of her fine perfor- mances, Janet became a two-time All-American, boosting our total to five as she joined Bonnie Schaefer, Ginny Caine, Karen O ' Hair. and Julie Richards. AFA 35 VIRGINIA TECH 94 AFA 47 WILLIAM MARY 84 AFA 78 OLD DOMINION 50 AFA 94 KEARNEY ST. 37 AFA 46 WYOMING 85 AFA 77 COLORADO COL. 55 AFA 6 NO. COLORADO 64 AFA 84 FORT LEWIS 46 AFA 86 COLORADO COL. 27 AFA 73 KEARNEY ST. 55 AFA 86 DENVER 37 AFA 74 WESTERN ST. 55 AFA 73 COLORADO COL. 54 AFA 65 REGIS - WON II LOST 3 WOMEN ' S SWIMMING 113 JP9 BASKETBALL 1978 was a good year for the Air Force Academy women ' s record that will challenge teams of the future. Compiling a 20-2 record, the Falcons dominated the women ' s area basketball scene with a 10-0 league record and title while finishing second in the I.A.I.A.W. Regional 7 tournament in Colorado Springs. Summing up the season. Dis- trict 7 Coach of the Year. Dave Schichtle remarked. " It was a better season than expected. No one thought we had a chance at the beginning, but now the future looks brighter. " Top seeded in the regional tournament, the Falcons downed Southern Colorado 65-43 in the opener, and made it three in a row over Colorado College in the semifinals, 60-59. but lost to Eastern New Mexico 57-56 in the finals. Freshmen Michelle Johnson, averaging 16.7, and Pat Swanke, leading the Falcons with an 18.8 average in the tournament, were named to the all-tourney team. Schichtle. in his second year as coach, can look to the future since led the team with an 18.8 average followed by Swanke with 14.2 and sophomore, Mary Jo Wier with an 8.3 average. Swanke. from Ladys- mith. Wis., was second in rebound- ing with 175 while Wier. from Chicago, led the field with 187 rebounds. Floor leader and team captain Diane Moyer, from Milan. Ohio, played in all 22 games and scored 119 points for a 5.4 average. She also led the team in assists with 48. Another returning mainstay in the offense will be. seventh leading scorer and center. Denise Hayes, a freshman from Wilmington. N.C.. who averaged 4.8 points per game, had 139 rebounds and led the team in blocked shots, with seven. Highlighting the season was the undefeated record in Northern Division play and the three wins over the defending regional champion, Colorado College. All three contests went into the final minutes of the games, with the Falcons victorious 70-62. 62-54. and 6a59. GYMNASTICS GYMNASTICS AFA L FT. HAYS W AFA L SANTA BARBARA W AFA L NORTHRIDGE W L L POLYPOMONA W 1 W BASKETBALL ■1 AFA no REGIS 22 AFA 83 FT. LEWIS 32 AFA 70 COLO. COL. 62 AFA 87 NEW MEX HIGH 39 AFA 59 DENVER 56 AFA 76 COLO. MINES 49 AFA 57 COLORADO 78 AFA 74 METRO ST. 44 AFA 80 cwc 43 AFA 69 PANHANDLE ST. 43 AFA 63 SO. COLO. 44 AFA 62 COLO. COL. 54 AFA 76 REGIS 39 AFA 71 NEW MEX HIGH 30 AFA DENVER 64 AFA 58 COLO. MINES 42 AFA 79 METRO ST. 36 AFA 69 SO. COLO. 46 AFA 83 CWC 63 AFA 65 SO. COLO. 43 AFA 60 COLO. COL. 59 AFA 56 E. NEW MEX 57 WON 20 LOST 2 lE K iseam. • B 8 .9 CS-37 Takes Wing Ji f I ' Intnmurjl Bukrlball 119 Team Handball (jot idball Goes to CS ' IS 32 Inltiniuiil Foolball CS-15: Wing Champs fcfcfcfclrfcj I I 26 I CS-06 Takes Swimming ODN p, n 8 f SODI i I » nS Inlramural Hjndbal 1 i i i f I Handball Champs e» " i - m 00 «« m Cross Country Nabbed by CS-II n • Thunderbirds Earn Wing Squash Crown » 3 Intramural Squath J n CS-06 Takes New Intra Intramural Sport « , Nis. i p; ' • ' rN ' ? ? " ' - ' - • ' .. «- ■y.- Flicker 36 Intramural Flickcrball all CI ■Hi lickei all CROWN: CS-19 Slnir moving to lh« I t»lil Houi . variout ch«riljihl organiitNoiM hav« hrnrlilfil ttom lh« Wing Optn In 1970 lh« Match o( Oimtt wjit given f 24S to Injuguiair lh« bcn»ril In 1971 ht VutfuUi Pyiltoph» Ai»ocUlion wjt given t65l Ih» CaJrU toi Ihr Aid ol f Jimtliri ol Pruonrrt ol War tlonalrJ SSIS in I97J lo lh« N«llonj| league ol lamillet o( AimeJ Servicemen neUinecl in Soulhead A«i In 197}. $714 wai ilonale l in behalf ol the Sickle Cell Retearch foundation by the bo»er» and Cadet Wing In I97S and 1976 approjimately $900 wa given to the United Fund and the Rocky Mountain Rehabilitation Center, retpeclively lait year $76S wat given to the Attociation lor Retarded Children Ihit year Wing Open collection wai given to the American Cancer Society !hl» year » Wing Open on March 10 feature perhapt the be«t lineup of boul» ever attembled due to the large turnout ol quality bonert The original group ol 7» conteitant hai been narrowed through the preliminarie . quartertinali and •emilinalt down to 16 finalidt The weight clattet (tart at I JO pound and proceed Ihrough I )7. 1 4S IS}. 160. 167. 1 77 and heavyweight Ihe finals include three detendint; champion. Irom 1977, CK Ale« Cline CJC Jim Bell and CIC Viiue All-Stars Shine In Soccer 4:: Intramural T«nni fi 3 a OON 3, CS-OI Walerpolo Team; (From Row) Thomas Shaw. Roy Bloomfield. Jay Neubaucr, Rick Griffith. Bob Jones, John Soldo. Linda McCullers, Pfaulz. Larry While. Russ Hodgkins. Maj. Barry Robert Gordon-team captain. Paul Borish. (Back Blackman AOC. Row) Tom Avery. Mark Goldfrey. Bill Nevius. Bill ■1 InlrAmural Wal«rpolo t Wing Champs; CS-35. (Back Row) Mike Rokes. Bruce Calvert. Mark Tapper. Jack Barker, Jim Mewes. Rich Parker. Greg Hasty. Rick Wallace. Jack Powers. Maj. Michael Kennedy (AOC). (Front Row) Tony Castrillo. Steve Clift. Jim Gramoll, Joe McConville. Steve Swauger. Mark Savaadra. Eugene 0(nale. niramural Wrestling 149 Dean of Faculty Brig Gen William T. Woodyard d Colonel D. H. Daley, Aeronautical Engineering Colonel J. P. Wittry, Astronautics and Computer Science Colonel J. W. Williams, [r., Behavioral Science and Leadership Colonel R. W. Lamb, Chemistry and Biological Sciences Colonel W. E. Fluhr. Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, and Materials Colonel L. D. Badgett, Economics. Management and Geography Colonel R. E. Thomas, Electrical Engineering Colonel ]. M. Shuttleworth, English Colonel W. Geffen, Foreign Languages Colonel A. F. Hurley, History Colonel M. E. Kinman, Law Colonel R. R. Lochry, Mathematical Sciences Colonel W. A. Orth, Physics Colonel M M. Wakin, Philosophy and Fine Arts Colonel E. j, Rokke, Class of 1962, Political Science Dean of Faculty Staff: (Frnnl Row) Col M Wakin. A.ssociiile Doiin, Brig Gen W. Wooiiviird. Dean of Iho Fiicully; Col P Enllo. Vice Do.in: Col L. Entlslov. Diroclor of I Toctinnlog) ' ; |2nd Row| Maj | Bruce. Faculty Excculivc; Lt Col j Anderson. Diroclor of Curriculum and Scl-.oduling Services; MSgl P Rhoads. Diroclor of faculty Per.sonnel and Fishor. Assistant Dean Not Pictured l.t Col Administration: Lt Col T Ellcr. Assistant Dean; Gliddcn. Director of Liliraries: MSgt T Corhi C.ipt D, Cloppas. Aide to the Dean; Lt Col C. Director of Logistical Support .ind PI. ins OPPOSITE PAGE, FRONT ROW: Colleen M, Howard, Maj lames D. Lang, LI Col Richard F. Felton, Lt Col William A. Edgington, Lt Col Fred H. Porter, III, Maj |ohn M. Fabian, Ira V. Spann, Shirley A. Orlogsky. MIDDLE ROW: Capt lames A. Horkovich, Capt William Dieterich. Capt Glynn E. Sisson. Capt John H. Buxton, Capt Kent R. Crenshaw, Capt Fred T. Gilliam, |r., Capt James R. Williams, Maj Richard C. Oliver, Fred E. Jayne, Maj |ames L. Thomas, Capt Robert H. Baskett, Maj Henry A. Bondaruk, |r., Donald L. Puterbaugh, Capt Carl H. Steiling, jr., Capt Lloyd E. Stoebner, Maj Glenn H. Coleman. BACK ROW: Maj Gary T. Matsuyama, Capt Robert C. Winn. I t " • ' 156 Department of Aeronautics Department of Aeronautics 157 FRONT ROW: Major Giffen. Lt Col Smith. Colonel Wittry, Lt Col Bauman. Lt Col Zingg. Major Druffel: SECOND ROW: Ms. Gilbert, Mrs. Spahr, Ms. Maes. Ms. Fulkerson. Mrs. Selby. Ms. Ramsey, Mrs. Geiser; THIRD ROW: Captain Justin, Major Neeland, Captain Machuca, Captain Knight, Major Moore, Captain Torrey, Major Kruczynski, Captain Lisowski, Captain Ayen. Major Mall; FOURTH ROW: SSgt Hale, Captain Baer, Captain D. Kirkpatrick. Captain Cole, Major Ferguson, Captain Fuchs, Major Monroe, Amn Lapiska, AlC Barringer, Major Sorce, Captain Hawley, Captain Lyda, SSgt Lowe, SSgt Alsleben; BACK ROW: Captain Dobbels, Major Lockhart, MSgt Gettling, Major Pursley, MSgt Anderson, Lt Hartling (USN|, Captain Stirling, Captain joy. Captain R. Kirkpatrick, Captain Schade, Captain Kroncke, Captain Toews, Mr. Moskwa. Captain Cooper, Captain Davis, Captain Karpinski, Mr. Hill, Major Krause. Department of Astronautics and Computer Science 159 I Department of Behavioral Science and Leadership 1 Deparlmenl of Behavioral Science and Leadership 1 icrj m , :£ nii V . 0..r Dcpartmcnl nf Chcmistn iind Biolo iciii Scic I Deparlmeni of Civil Engineering. Mechanics, and Malerials »:»,..» " - - ' " ' - ' ' ■ FRONT ROW: Capt Lacaillade, Maj Cannon, Maj Carey. Dr. Haltiwanger. Col Fluhr. Lt Col Osborne, Lt Col Cox. Maj Henghold, Maj Piepenburg, Maj Wiedemeier. SECOND ROW: Capt Polk. Capt McKee, Capt Jolley. Maj Vining, Capt Benson, Lt Col Fisher, Maj Richards, Capt Osgood, Capt Hansen, Capt Blind. Capt Tinsley. THIRD ROW: Capt Condit, Capt Longenecker. Capt Swanson, Capt Gajewski, Capt Gorrell. Lt Stuhlman. Capt Schaller. Maj Banachowski, Maj Finley. BACK ROW: Capt Riggs. Maj Kolek, Maj Titmas, Capt McClelland, Capt Bartel, Capt Clark, Capt Eden, Capt Carter, Capt Jordan, Maj Kullgren, Capt Sanders. Maj Russell qJIK ;Hn m n Dcpiirlmcnt of Civil Engineering. Mechanics, and Malohiils 165 Lilil FRONT ROW: Lt Col Robert Taylor. Miss Anita Gulbranson. Miss Debi Doty, Lt Col Theodore Helmer. Colonel Lee Badgett, Mrs. Betsey Tilton, Ms. Evelyn Reinhard. Lt Col Robert Gustavson. SECOND ROW: Captain Stanley Griffis. Captain |ohn Christenson. Captain David Dunn, Captain Arthur Sulkin, Major William Weida, Major Richard Wolniewicz, Major Gregory Hildebrandt. Major William Mitchell, Major Charles Smith, Major Kenneth Fleming, Captain Thomas Salmon. THIRD ROW: Captain Richard Hampton, Captain Charles Maruniak, Captain Wade Chio, Captain Thomas Huber. Captain Taylor Barnes, Captain Harry Rosen, Captain [ohn Brock, Captain Thomas Lenz, Captain Robert Pizzi, Captain |ames Downey, Captain James Streets, 2nd Lt Robert Eskridge, Major Jeffrey Baker. BACK ROW: TSgt Richard Wagner, Captain William Houghton, Captain David Stubbs, Captain Robert Colgrove, 1st Lt Regis Canny, Captain Thomas jonak. Captain Stuart Kirk, Captain Stephen Russell, Captain Dana Katnik, Captain |ohn Schuman, Captain James Norris, Major William McMahan. 166 Department of Economics. Management, and Geography RELIEF-IIKEMAPOFTHI Management, and Geography 167 I Department of Eleclrical Enj ineering BOTTOM ROW: Major Steven K. Dingman. Major jerrv D McCannon. Lt Col David R. Carroll, Colonel Ronald E Thomas, Lt Col Alexander C. Dwells. Major Allen L. Larson Major Albert |. Rosa. SECOND ROW: Captain Alan R Klayton. Captain Frederick Cruger. Captain Raymond | Leopold. Captain Charles j. Corley. Captain Larry L. Burk. Major John D. German, Jr., Captain John E. Er ickson, Lt Cmdr Marion R. Alexander, Captain Arthur R. Miller. Captain Louis M. Ayers. Jr., Captain John R. Schmidt, Major William H. Block. BACK ROW: Captain Joseph J. Pollard, Captain Ronald A. DeYoe. Captain Hiroche J. Date, Captain David Disc, Captain Danny E. Wilkin, Captain Howard N. La Valley, Captain Barry L. Mitchell. Captain Donald E. Hickman, Captain John A. Criscuolo, Major Walter J. Atkins, Jr. Electrical Engineering 169 ijni_r I Deparlment o( Englis ii« FRONT ROW: Majors Murawski, Whitlock, Whitehorn. Lt Col Sims. Colonel Shuttleworth. Majors Gaston, Grimshaw, Knoke. Captain Newmiller. SECOND ROW: Captains Harlan. Martin. Weaver. Caspar. Lt Shrader. Captains Torreano, Powell. Rockwell. McKelvey. Sales. Eaton. Myers, Lt Guggisberg. Captains Maloney. Doroff. Coakley. BACK ROW: Captains Beck. Zeri, Ginn, Cummings, Miller, Staley, Linzy, Coker, Richards, Hopkins, Stanley, Stevenson, Keal, Haraway. Department of Englis FRONT ROW: Maj Virgil N. Kovalenko. Maj Michael C. Kiefl. Maj Paul A. Boucher, Col William Geffen, Maj Horst Marschall. Maj jack L. Ferrell. Maj Daniel G. M. Hannaway. SECOND ROW: Capt Claude O. Proctor. Capl Gerlad t. O ' Guin, Capt Daniel L. Wang |Ch AF|. Capt Ignacio ]. Prieto (Span AF|. Capt Emmanuel A. Delgove |Fr AF|. Maj Benito Wierna |AAF|. Maj jose Sanchez |Mex AF|. Capt Richard R. Lefebvrc, Capt Mary A. Marks. Capt Jaime Vazquez. Maj Brent M. Strong. THIRD ROW: Capt Angel R. Ramos. Capt Michael D. Bush. Capl Allan D. Duhon. Capt Carlos Martinez. Capt Perry G. Reimers. Maj A. Allen Rowe, Capt James W. Hutchison. Capt Arthur M. Schweitzer |r.. Capt Everard R. Groce. Capt Lewis S. Wallace |r.. Lt Barbara U. Riley. Capt Pierre R. Duringer. FOURTH ROW: Capt Richard W. Lemp. Capl Darcy K. Lewis. Capt Thomas R. Baumgardner. Maj Edward Gallardo. Capt Duane E. Bright. Capt Dulberto Maldonado, Capt Manuel F. Vega, Capt Frank W. Kvricjpoulos. Capt Thomas F. Adams. TSgt Jonathan P. Cummings. BACK ROW: Capt George Shefler. Capt [ames N. Fujita. Capl juan |. de Carlo, SSgt Bertold L. Geiss ■My .laiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiifliiiiufiiiJiii.. .jmiipBiiiifl f- :i in ' M . -. i : . Foreign Languages 173 FRONT ROW: Miijor Don Baiicom (Dopuly for Oponilionsl. Squadron Lender Miilcnlm Shnw |RAF|. Ll Colonel |on Reynolds (Depiily for World Area Historyl. Colonel Alfred F. Hurle ' (Depiirtment Headl. Lt Colonel Dave Maclsaac (Deputy for Military Historyl. FSO-5 Edward P. Brvnn. Major Phil Tate. (Deputy for American Historyl. MIDDLE ROW: Major Bruce Gro.ssctta. Major |ohn Allman. Ca[)tain Chuck Aldrich. Captain Don Bishop. Capt Phil Meilin er. Maj(.r Bob B.Ml.innuicz. c;aplain Reed Hansen. Major Fred Shiner. Captain Roger Fosdick, Captain Kent Tiernan. Major Paul Semmens (IISAI. Captain Denny Hall. BACK ROW: Captain joe Dixon. Major Chuck Specht. Captain Harry Borowski, Captain .Art Durand. Major Bob Haddon. Captain Tom Menza. Cajjtain Bob Ehrhart. Captain Ted Hitchcock. Major Russ Mank. Major Al Osur. ii. ' 1 rj 1 Dcparlmeni of Hislon, 175 76 Department of Law FRONT ROW: Ll Col Paul Ruud, Col Robert Lochry, Lt Col Tony lohnson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Charlotte Wirth, Lt Col lames Wade, Maj Ray Mitchell. Lt Col Hayes Bryan, Lt Col Bill Hodson, Maj Roy Kilgore. Mrs. Lynn Young. THIRD ROW: Maj Bill Nielsen, Capt Doug Farver, Capt John Field, Capt Lou Bragaw, Capt John Maybee. Capt Bill Blitt. Capt Paul Nelson, Capt jerry Cobb, Capt Lonnie Brauner, Capt Jim Couture, Capt Bill Baker. FOURTH ROW: Ms. Mary LaPesh, Capt Tuiren Bratina, Maj Tom Lanier, Capt Olaf johansen. Cap! joe jarvis. Capt Ray Cardaronella, Capt John Estes, Maj [on Epperson, Capt Walt Schrecker, Maj Gunter Ott, Maj Joe Smith, Capt joe Williams, Capt Walt King, Capt Donna Herge, Mrs. Myrna Malone. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Dora Woods. Capt John Shimp, Capt Mark Baldwin, Maj Jeff Schofield. Capt Bill Riley. Capt Mike Lyons, Maj Dan Litwhiler, Capt Roger Salters. Maj Ken Keck, Capt jim Higham, Ll John De|ong. Capt Dennis Knaub, Maj Ray Zazworsky, Capt Eden Woon, Capt Hank Happ. Capt Terry Peters. Maj jerry Edwaitis. 178 Departmen t of Malliematics Department of Mathematics 179 FRONT ROW; Major Kenneth H. Wanker, Distinguished Visiting Professor Robert L. Cunningham. Colonel Malham M. Wakin. Sergeant Kathleen Barnes. BACK ROW: Major John W. Bois, Captain Richard E. Hughen, Major )ames H. Parsons, Captain Kenneth N. MacDonnell, Captain Arthur L. Barnes. M DepartmenI of Philosophy 181 Opposite Page: SEATED: Maj Pendleton, Prof. Gartenhaus, Col Orth. Lt Col Fraime, Maj Schaller. SECOND ROW: Capt [ackson, Capt Pugh. Capt D. Evans, Maj Kvam, Capt Dolson, Capt Kohn, Capt Menard, Capt Ratcliff, Capt Hanson. Capt Albers. BACK ROW: Capt Anderson, Capt Cipriano, Capt Davis, Capt Lane, Capt Gayvert, Capt Bloomer, Capt Catalano, Capt Nuttelman, Capt H. Evans, Capt Wallner, Capt Myers, Capt Parks. ! 182 DeparlmenI of Physics ' ' ' i i 9 0-iyf. t ' ' f7TT 1 1 f ' 1 A., It F ■HHKr Hl i -. . Department of Physics 1 Seated (I to r): Major Murray. Lt Col Macartney, Mr. Harrison (FSO), Col Rokke. Lt Col Endicott. Lt Col Cook, Lt Col Freney. Standing Front Row: Capt Wahlquist. Major Szostak. Captain Maynard, Major lefferies, Capt Reichart. Capt Kozak, Capt Foerster, Capt Gibson, Major Hackley, Capt Froehlich. Capt DeSutter. Standing Back Row: Capt lennings. Lt Keagle, Capt Czarkowski, Capt Pinnell. Major Wolcott. Capt Sullivan, LCDR Stier, Major Casciano, Major Viotti. Capt Heaton, Capt Fox. ' n 184 DeparlmenI of Political Scieno DepartmenI of Political Science 185 REMEMBER: Tatoo, Protter and Morrey, Fiction 100, black low quarter Keds, a lo to altitude, the purges: the frayed rifle strap purge, the yellow parade trou purge, the class shoe purge, the underwear marking purge, the min issue purge, locking room purge, the squadron nickname purge; fun one, thirsty third, frat five, Seagram ' s seven, ' • " ' " = " - ' •■ nine, horny 18, playboy 19, wearing alpha to evening meals, mandatory Frfd- wearing bravo for Saturday morning training, when the Cockpit Lounge had an side, when no one worried about frat, when no one ever heard of an eyes left, when first group had nametags on its beds, class colored blankets, class colored bathrobes, the extended weekend, two, echo, foxtrot, squeeze Parkay, 15(t Cokes, the H. Ross Perot bet, when Giuseppe ' s was THE cadet hangout, when we didn ' t have nametages on our A-jackets and parkas, when we had shower formations in BCT, when there was grass in the quadrangles of Fairchild Hail, the New Dorm, poetry on the 0-96, the A-4 flyby, Dave Lawson ' s foot, squat thrusts, the dental hygiene brief, 1978 ' s first beer call, John (A-T-T-l-T-U-D-E) Ralston, graded probelm sets, when they flooded the tour pad, mandatory dance lessons, when no one thought girls would ever come to school here, tomato juice, every body wore leather shoes, there were only two small lights in the rooms of Vanderberg Hall, getting issued siiderules, Bentiey Rayburn, Jack Catton, Steve Miller, Brigadier General VAN DEN BERG!, when executive officers were C lLts, when they fired a machine gun when we scored a touchdown, flying T-33s for Stardust, when you took a number to get a haircut, the Cowboy, when lacrosse was an intramural sport, going on ODPs in bravo, falling asleep in Geog 120, the Life Science VD flicks, breaking ranks at breakfast formations, doughnut lines, whc -•- - - was glass in the windows of Fairchild Hall, when snow cancelled school, when flu cancelled school, when squadrons wore spirit ties for sweeping intramurals, the Supt ' s red suspenders, no blue jeans in Arnold Hall, Mrs. Gail McComas, Col. Merritt, Dean Woodyard, Baffin, when the first class began at 0700, and taps was at 2230, dirty marching songs, wampum-up-side-the-head, squeeze my hand, chins were in, late lights, the coke break was the only break in BCT, Air Mail stamps, 100 stamps, 130 stamps, Firsties were gods, dual recognition as both a bicentennial university military installation, Thunderbirds flew F-4 ' s, winning 10 football games in 4 years, video tape of Nixon ' s resignation, Saigon fell: April 30, 1975, stereo hill rally. Stereos: April 16, 1975, Academy Blvd was a two lane road, when you thought graduation would never get here. Michael Richard Ackley Mike Pewaukee, Wisconsin CSIO Economics- Management Steven Drey Acton Fort Walton Beach. Florida Management Todd Lindsay Almand Nut Nut Grand Prairie. Texas CS07 Aeronautical Engineering C. Donald Alston Don Watervlict. New York CS-17 Behavioral Science - Organizational Behavior Michael Dan Adams Robert H. Anderlitch Ned Arapahoe. Nebraska CS06 Civil Engineering San Antonio. Texas CS-36 History - Latin America Area Studies Robert Craig Adier Snookums Collegeville. Pennsylvania CSI4 Civil Engineering John Lawrence Albert Walnut Creek. California Aeronautical Engineering Martin Walter Allen Marty Baltimore. Maryland CS-24 Mathematics Andy Larmar Anderson Shorty Florence. Alabama CS-37 International Affairs Scott Godfrey Anderson Scott Bloomington. Minnesota CS-33 Mechanical Engineering Steven Carl Anderson Steve Bloomington. Minnesota CSI5 Mechanical Engineering i H J Theodore Raymond Ankenbauer mm 1 Timothy Buscher Antozz Ank Scott AFB. Missouri CS-37 International Affairs - International Politics fi Petersburg. Virginia CS-15 Humanities John Francis Anthony , Mark Edward Apfel Jack Hawthorne. New Jersey CS-05 Astronautical Engineering tm The Eagle Grand Island. Nebraska CS07 ■j Management Robert Vincent Antoniazzi Pf 1 Gary Michael Ardo Antone Paramus. New Jersey CS-27 Civil Engineering T 1 r Ardoski Garden Grove. California CS-40 nn CIC Ed Rice listens to Brig General beck during BCT. CIJMOCTI l 9 Curtis Alroy Armstrong Turk Austin. Texas CS-29 International Affairs • American Politics James Ellsworth Arnold Camp Springs. Maryland CS-12 International Affairs - International Politics Daniel Odell Aronson Dano The Dalles. Oregon CS-38 Asian Studies. China Stephen Robert Asbell AZ Pekin. Illinois CS-36 Civil Engineering David Atzhorn Atz Merrillville. Indiana CS-14 Electrical Engineering Emerick Orlando Aulicino Rick. " Chewy- Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Cs-IJ Behavioral Science Michael Frederick Ausserer Mike St. Marys. Pennsylvania CS-13 Civil Engineering Donald Robert Avery Don Peoria. Illinois CS-JO Management Thomas Gerard Avery Ridgefield Park. New Jersey CS-OI Behavioral Science Steven Leon Babcock Sieve Salt Lake City. Utah CS-18 Civil Engineering Ken Brian Baier Koke Rapid City. South Dakota CS-23 Management Thomas Glenn Bailey Odessa. Texas International Affairs Jason Baird Jas Norwood, Missouri CS-Oi Engineering Science: Glenn Alin Baker Bakes North Hollywood. California CS-16 Management Scott Michael Baker Scott Orangevale, California CS-15 Behavorial Science - Human Factors Engineering Thomas Anthony Ball Tom Albuquerque, New Mexico CS-IO Engineering Mechanicf Gregory George Baltmiskis Little Middlebury, Connecticut CS-35 History Gerald Leon Bame, Jr. Fostoria. Ohio General Studies Yes Mom I CAN wash my own clothes. A favorite Friday afternoon pastime - washing laundry at Coin-Op Laundry next to Leon Gessi ' s. Richard William Borker Rick Sacramenio, California CS06 Operations Research Douglas Neal Barlow Barload Scottsdale. Arizona CS-18 Aeronautical Engineering Samuel John Barr Indiana. Pennsylvania Stephen Charles Barrett Steve Louisville. Kentucky CS 19 Civil Engineering Terence Edward Barrett Plaltsburgh. New York CS06 Biological Sciences John Christopher Barry Fort Walton Beach. Florida Astronautical Engif Kyle Mark Bartels Kyle Elk Grove. California CS-32 Behavioral Science - Organization Behavior Robert Bruce Barton. Jr. Bart Needham. Massachusetts CS-31 Civil Engineering Gary Mitchell Batinich Gary Eveleth. Minnesota CS-IO Management - Accounting and Finance James Michael Baumann Saukville. Wisconsin CS-20 Electrical Engineering Paul Charles Beck Paul Cornwall. New York CS-30 International Affairs Paul Lamar Beck Newport News. Virginia CS-37 Mechanics Richard Dean Beery Rick Pocatello. Idaho CS-39 Astronautical Engineering Thomas Daniel Bell Francis Eric Benik Flagler Beach. Florida CS-04 Behavioral Science - Organizational Douglas Allan Benjamin Benji LaCrosse. Wisconsin CS-40 Aeronautical Engineering Douglas James Bennett Doug Carmichael. California CS-18 Civil Engineering First Croup Commander Barry Sarnacki posed and ready for action. CI««o( 78 193 Scott Richard Berg Superior. Wisconsin Mathemalics Robert Christopher Berger San Anionic. Texas Human Factors Engineering John Frederick Betz Clncinnali. Ohi Civil Engineering and Engineering Eddy Ray Billman Head A Grand Prairie. Texas CS-20 Behavioral Science Barry Lee Bingham Oklahoma City. Oklahoma CS-05 Civil Engineering James Furman Bisher. Jr. Jet ' lag Atlanta. Georgia CS-05 Humanities Daniel Norman Black Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania CS-34 Aeronautical Engineering Donald Irving Blackwelder {io Vista. California Engineering Mechanics William Howard Blazer Wild Bill Landenberg. Pennsylvania CS-33 Behavioral Science - Organizational Thomas Karl Bleikamp Florissant. Missouri Mathemalics - Operations Research i David Lloyd Blisk Operations Research and Management Roy Robert Bloomfield, Jr. Antioch. California Astronautical Engineering Roman Bogatschow Bogie Aeronautical Engineering Kirk Steven Boiling Weinon. West Virgini; General Studies Vincent Gerard Bonasso Easterbunnyman Enterprise. Alabama CS-39 Astronautical Engineering ah Joseph Julius Bonin Da Bonin Minneapolis. Minnesota CS-06 Mathematics and Computer Science Frederick Stephen Boone, Jr. Fred Tuxboro. North Carolina CS 34 International Affairs - American Politics Michael Bartholomew Borish Mikey Fort Walton Beach. Florida CS-07 Management C I C Davis checks the wall clock before signing out. (LEFT). F-15 flyby (ABOVE). Cla« of ■! 195 Douglas Frederick Borter Poug Seattle. Washington CS-38 Astronautical Engineering and Engineering Science David Lee Bos Dave Sycamore. Illinois Jeffrey Dean Brake CS-24 History Kent Michael Boudreau Boudy Fitchburg. Massachusetts CSI2 Management Walker Blake Bourland Blake Fort Worth. Texas CSOI Behavioral Science - Human Factor: Engineering Olen Eugene Bowman Bo West Columbia. Texas CS-14 International Affairs Keith David Boyer, Jr. Cofonada. Californi, CS-33 Management Jeff Wilmon CSI8 History Mikel Steven Brantley Slump Whiteland. Indiana CS-lg Management Jose Roberto Bravo Papo Arecibo. Puerto Rico CS-39 Management Timothy Scott Bray Colorado Springs. Colorado CS-12 History Gregory Dan Breland Breeze Pendleton, Oregon CS-IO Computer Science William Milo Bresley Brezz Bloomington. Minnesota CS-25 Aeronautical Engineering Randy Brit Breunling R. B. SainI Joseph. Michigan CS-30 Computer Science Daniel Briand Dana LeBaron Briggs Charles Moorman Brininstool Stool Carlsbad. New Mexico Management Brent Louis Bristow Brisdog Alias Tow Oakbrook. Illinois CS-13 Mechanical Engineering Robert Charles Broberg Orem. Utah CS-15 Military History CIC Brian Livie works in the EE Lab. (LEFT). KAFA program director. John Hedges receives an engraved desk plate for his performance in radio broadcasting. (ABOVE). Claw of ' 78 197 Thomas James Bronder San Antonio. Texas History Curtis Lee Brown, Jr. Brownie Elizabelhlown. North Carolina CS-36 Electrical Engineering David Alan Brown Dave Duluth. Minnesota CS-19 Behavioral Science Eric Michael Brown Browny Munising. Michigan CS-31 lical Engineering Kevin Dwight Brown Broomfield. Colorado CS-09 Engineering Sciences Mark Phillip Brown Brownie Honolulu. Hawaii CS-14 Civil Engineering Mitchel Eugene Brown Colorado Springs. Colorado CS-17 Civil Engineering Russell Blair Brown Browny Geography Edward Roy Bruce Tulsa. Oklahoma Behavioral Science - Organizational Mark Edward Bruggemeyer Bruggs Prior Lake. Minnesota CS05 History Merle Edwin Brumgard, Jr. Chip Liltlestown. Pennsylv CS-16 Civil Engineering Howard Paul Buehler Mechanicsburg. Pennsylvai CS-06 Astronautical Engineering i Thomas Gerald Bullard T Bull Pickwick Dam. Tennessee Management Joseph Lawrence Bunecke Joe Aliquippa. Pennsylvania CS-25 Behavioral Science Ralph Mark Buona Ralph Ashtabula. Ohio CS-16 Management Roger William Burg Roj Hot Springs. South Dakota Ronnie Anthony Burton Bainbridge. Georgia CS05 General Studies Gregory John Bush Greg Bettendorf. Iowa CS-16 Management The BIG ' 78 on the Flat Iron was visible as far away as Colorado Springs. The event in May 1975 will be remembered by every member of the Class of 1 978. Mark William Bushel Decatur. Illinois CS-IO Management David Michael Busheme Boosh San Antonio. Texas CS-17 Barry Lynn Butler Grove Hill. Alaska CS-37 Social Sciences Aaron Redding Byerley Clemson. South Carolina CS08 Mechanics Gary Michael Cabriales Moorpark, California CS-I I Behavioral Science Organizational Brian Arthur Callegari Islop. New York CSI6 Geography V- William Michael Campbell Bill Colorado Springs. Colorado CS-I 6 Behavioral Sciences - Organ Behavior Alan Walter Cannon Varysburg. New York CS-05 Biological Sciences Frank Peironnet Cantrell Frank Daytona Beach. Florida CS-35 International Affairs Paul Francis Capasso Capo Arlington. Massachusetts CS-36 Behavioral Science Raymond Harold Caplinger Cap Hellam. Pennsylvania CS-05 Social Sciences David Clark Carbaugh D C Woodland Hills. California Vi«j5m James Bernard Carel Chamcis. Missouri Management Herbert Jay Carlisle El Cajon. California CS-17 Mathematics - Operations Research Brad Lee Carlson Brad Saginaw. Michigan CS-08 Aeronautical Engineering Charles Howard Carpenter, Jr. Chas Charleston. West Virginia CS06 History Joe Victor Carpenter, Jr. Gilbert. Arizona CS-IO History - Area Studies Delos Dwayne Carrier Dee Mountain Home, Idaho CS-15 Biological Science Spring Semester Wing Commander, Steve Goldfein. listens to his staff during one weekly meeting. Class of ' 78 301 Terrence Patrick Carrigan Terry El Monte. California CS-05 Management Arnie Todd Carrillo Todd Elko. Nevada CS.35 Aeronautical Engineering Gregory Woodruff Carson Greg Steamboat Springs. Colorado CSOI Management Michael Alan Carter Mike New Albany. Indiana CS-16 International Affairs - American Politics Michael Robert Casey Case Washington. Illinois CS-23 Electrical Engineering James Leo Cashes Middletown. New Jersey CS 34 Civil Engineering Mark Anthony Caslen Civil Engineering Barry Joseph Castellano Waianae. Hawaii Robert Castiglione Stig Niagara Falls. New York CS09 Electrical Engineering Louis John Cataldo Cat Malibu. California CSOO Civil Engineering Michael Anthony Catlin Cat San Diego. California CS03 Behavioral Science - Individual Behavior William Alexander Chambers Bill Wichita, Kansas CS 13 History J Iher William Luttrell Chamblee Bill Dallon, Georgia CS-08 Mechanical Engineering Christopher Marks Chapin Chris Honolulu. Hawaii CS-S9 Management Kenneth Edward Charpie, Jr. Notso Gwinn, Michigan csoo Chemistry Kenneth Lowell Charpilioz, Jr. Charp Carson City. Nevada Robert Paul Chmielewski Chm Saint Cloud. Minnesota CS-20 Economics and Management George Michael Christensen Folsom. California Behavioral Science - Individual Behavior I The I ° back rank Clais of ' 78 :03 Louis Edmound Christensen Lou Flagstaff. Arizona CS-23 History Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill Chinook. Montana CS-35 Social Science Divisional Charles Chuva Chuck Hazlet. New Jersey CS03 Behavioral Science Todd Alfred Cienski Todd-O Bayside Hills. New York CS-39 Engineering Michael Ray Clark Mike Elm Grove. Louisiana CS-J8 Operations Research - Manageme Robert Keith Clark Boh Bryan. Texas CS04 Social Sciences Steven David Clark Steve Northridge. California CS-07 Management Gregory George Clasen Greg Dallas. Texas CS-33 Mechanical Engineering John Earl Clay Jack Glendora. California CSI8 International Affairs Russell Lewis demons The Warlord of Mars San Diego. California CS-35 General Studies Eric Lamont Clethen Marvin the Eraser Sacramento. California CS-03 Behavioral Science - Organizati Behaviour Stephen Lawrence Clift Steve Bakersfield. California CS-35 Chemistry William Mark Clinton Salinas. California ternalional Affairs Michael James Cluley Kevin Dennis Cochran Richard Kenneth Coleman. Jr. Warner Robins, Georgia CS-06 Management Scott Bruce Collins Scott Junction City, Kansas CS-38 Behavioral Science James Edward Collins, Jr. Jim Boston. Massachusetts CS-37 Behavioral Science TALON editor Ed Hazlett receives a wall clock from Jackie Lynch, representative from the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. (ABOVE). CIC Keaton concentrates on the ice during gym class. (LEFT). CU» of -71 M5 Timothy Edward Collins Virginia Beach. Virginia CS-05 Astronautical Engineering Bruce Richard Conard Conrad West Lebanon. Indiana CS-35 Management Bertram Conroy Nerd Ciendale. California CS-25 Aeronautical Engineering Robert Clyde Conti Bob Orinda. California CS09 Management Gary Lee Cooper Coop Pulaski. Illinois CS 19 Social Science Terry Wayne Cope Terry Paducah. Kentucky CS-34 Engineering Mechanics and Engineering Sciences Michael Cordova Mike Mountain Home. Idaho CS-38 Basic Sciences Arturo Martinez Corona Fowler. California CS-40 International Affairs s Carl Raymond Cook Cookie Man Weslville. Illino CS-03 Biological Scien David Costeira Freehold. New Jersey Curtis Lowe Cook Curt Norman, Oklahoma CS-38 Military History Charles William Cotterell Management Michael Roland Couillard Coolwad Carson. California CS05 Behavioral Sciences Andrew Howard Cox Andy Springfield. Massachusetts CS-38 International Affairs David Brian Cox Birdman Vuma. Arizona CS-04 Astronautical Engineering Bradley Eugene Creed Brad Windom. Kansas CS-03 Divisional Engineering Wayne Edward Crenwelge Corndog Big Spring. Texas CS-04 History Stanley Martin Crisp Stan Hanford, California CS05 Economics Claf. of 78 :07 Herbert Kent Crissman Criss Brandon. South Dakota CS-22 International Affairs - International Politics Steven Michael Crittenden Cril Lull, Florida CSI9 Aeronautics Richard Earl Crowder. Jr. Rick Mayfield. Kentucky CS-40 Civil Engineering Levin Crowe. Jr. L. C. West Covina. California CS-04 Management Marcel Steven Crudele Crud Farmington Hills. Michigan CS09 Computer Science Andres Noe Cuellar. Jr. Andy Laredo, Texas csoe Engineering Mechanics Jeffrey Michael Cukr Sook Detroit, Michigan CS-19 Electrical Engineering Gordon Jack Curphy Goo Goo Two Harbors, Minnesota CS-03 Behavioral Science Bruce LeRoy Curry Bruce Windsor Locks. Connecticut CS-30 Electrical Engineering Joseph Erwin Cuthrell Captain Beyond Kinston. North Carolina CS04 Mechanics Thomas Gerald Czachor Czach Levittown, Long Island. New York CSOJ Social Science and Pre Law Christopher Adrian Dahlstrom Chris Lake Forest. Illinois CS-03 Economics i Steven Warren Dalbey Dalbs Glendale. Arizona CS-14 Social Science David Robert Dallago. Jr. Dirty Dave Gallup. New Mexico csoo Civil Engineering Patrick Robert Daly Lou Auburn. New York CS04 Civil Engineering Kurt Alan Daniels Truk Kokomo. Indiana CS-15 Aslronaulical Engineering Dennis Dale Danser Denny Fonlana. California Management Michael Patrick David Warwick. Rhode Island CS-19 Aeronautical Engineering Cl»i of ' 78 :09 Richard Craig Davidage Rick Havana. Illinois CS07 Management Wayne Dewitt Davidson Dabo Fairfax. Virginia CS03 General Studies Gregg Husmann Davis Gregg Clinlon. New York CS-IO Aeronautical Engineering Jonathan Mark Davis Jon Massback. Illinois CS09 Computer Science Michael Peter Davis Mike Columbia. South Carolina CS-37 International Affairs Garry Charles Dean Gadean El Paso. Texas CS-17 Computer Science David Bruce Deaton Deats Lufkin. Texas CS-32 Biological Science Frank Allen Degeorge Frawk Stanton. California CS-35 Engineering Science Kevin Jeffery Davis Huntington Beach. California CS-34 Economics and Management Michael David Davis Dave Norcross. Georgia CS-05 Mathematics Carlos Eduardo Delgadillo Millbrac. Californi, cs-n History Russell Joseph Deluca Buss Colorado Springs. Colorado CS-28 Mechanics 310 Class o( 78 I 1 Richard Thomas Dcvereaux Firstie ice skating in the Fieldhouse Ricardo Di Cocco Rick Pennington. New Jersey CS-2S Astronautical Engineering John Robert Donnelly Hull. Massachusetts Glenn Alan Dildy Shidly Sanford. North Carolina CS-15 Aeronautical Engineering Donald Ray Dillman Dill Bradenlon. Florida CS-34 Aeronautical Engineering Robert Lee Dimmick Lakewood. Ohio CS-Jg Aeronautical Engineering Robert Ray Djokovich Djok Gary. Indiana CS-OI Engineering Sciences Mark Steven Donohoe Mark Minneapolis. Minnesota CS-07 Management Robert Michael Dorr Dork El Dorado Hills. California CS09 Engineering Mechanics Mark David Dorsett Tony or Doorstop Sacramento. California CS-II International Affairs - International Politics John Phillipe Dorsey Dorsbottoms Hampton Roads. Virginia CS-18 Civil Engineering Randy Arthur Dockendorf Timothy Stephen Doty Doc Ashland. Monia CS-14 History Manteca. California Social Sciences }n Cliss of 78 Arnold Kent Douville Bedford, New Hampshire nternational Economics Dale William Dowers Dale Catlin, Illinois CS-31 Mechanical Engineering Robert Joseph Doyle Bobby Kings Park. New York CS-06 Inlernalional Affairs % 1 JT bK Ricky James Drake i kw M 1 Snake Phenix City, Alabama CS07 Computer Science I r M i 1 Michael Viktor Due i m 1 Duck Chesterfield. Indiana CS-02 Engineering Sciences 1 -:sp »? Richard Andrews Dunham. III r j Q H Rick Tampa. Florida CS-13 Aeronautical Engineering Bradley Knowles Dunton B. D. Oconomowoc, Wisconsin CS-21 Engineering Sciences Bruce Richard Dunton Pud Rochester. New York CS-37 Management Glen Edward Dupuis Dupe Lafayette. Louisiana CS-JI Civil Engineering Stephen Eugene Durham Steve Joelton. Tennessee CSJ3 Physics James Richard Durlak Pensenville. Illinois CS-JO Computer Science Owen George Dwire Opie South Lyndeboro. New Hampshire CS03 Engineering Science Brendan Edward Eagan Beet Holden, Massachusetts CS-31 Computer Science David Wayne Eidsaune Bjorn Fjord Kent. Washington CS-IO Astronautical Engineering 6 Engineering Sciences Ronald William Clarence Eifert Spokane. Washington Civil Engineering Alan Case Ekrem Ace Camano Island. Washington cs-n International Affairs - National Security Blake Parnell Ellingson Blake Sioux Falls. South Dakota CS-04 Astronautical Engineering Mark Eugene Elliott Mark Telluride. Colorado cs-n Biological Science Pt: 314 Class of 78 J David Grant Estep Dave La Crescenla. California csoo ManagemenI Delwyn Ralph Eulberg John Joseph Evans Washington. North Carolina Management Michael Stanley Evers Mikey Tacoma. Washington CS-24 Mechanics Brent Jon Falkenberg Spokane. Washington CSI9 Biological Sciences Fredrick Charles Farnell Russian Studies Philip Alan Farrell Flip Pelham, New York Thomas Alan Farrier Poppa Towson. Maryla r Dean Hudson Farwell. Jr. Youngslown. Ohio CS06 Computer Science Jeffrey Edwin Fellmeth Yellmeth Cherry Hill. New Jersey CS04 Biological Sciences Michael Patrick Fennessy Merced. California Aeronautical Engineering Scott Edward Ferguson Fergy Fairview Heights. Illinois CS-OI Computer Science Steven William Fessler Fess Boone. Iowa CS-18 Behavioral Science William Oliver Fiedler W. C. FID Indianapolis. Indiana CS-33 C.vil Engineering [ Louis Stephen Fikar Steve Fort Worth, Texas CS-16 Engineering Mechanics Drew Rustin Fisher Drew Dayton. Ohio CS-23 Physics Kevin Jon Fitzharris Fitz Kettering. Ohio CS-14 Aeronautical Engineering Rodney Stephen Fitzpatrick Ftiz Bangor. Maine CS-36 Military Flistory George Philip FHnk George Overland Park. Kansas CS 34 Management Christopher Edwin Flood Chris Tappan. New York csoo History Mech 495 allows its students to put together an automobile. Guy David Follansbee Folly Milwaukee. Wisconsin CS-28 General Studies John Jay Follman J. J. Kenyonville. New York CS-IO Engineering Mechanics Wayne Andrew Ford Wayne Ford Kansas City. Missouri CS-32 Social Science Glen Tod Forsyth Glen Paxtang. Pennsylvania CS-17 Economics Thomas Lee Fossen Foss North Mankalo. Minnesota CS-37 Mathematics - Operations Research Michael Patrick Foster CFD Dayton. Ohio CS-33 Engineering Mechanics and Materials John Douglas Francis Albuquerque. New Mexico Russell Joseph Frasz Frassal Mansfield. Ohio CS 33 Military History Steven Anthony Fratello Frat. Rena Bambino West Babylon. New York CS-39 Basic Sciences Philip Andrew Fremento Andy Riviera Beach. Maryland CS-35 Military History William Ansel Frey, Jr. Bill Philippi. West Virginia CSI6 General Studies William Kaler Frey Bill Beardslown, Illinois CS-38 Behavioral Science - Human Engineering - 318 Class of 78 Glenn Dale Frick Goshen. Indiana Mechanical Engineering Nedwyn Andrew Friedman Obeewon Nedingo Denver. Colorado CS-39 Behavioral Science - Human Factors Engineering Gary Alan Frith Gar Orange Park. Florida CS-OI Engineering Mechanics Bruce Robert Froehler Palmdale. California CS-34 Economics and Management Paul Joseph Frommelt Wally Dubuque. Iowa CS-II Astronautical Engineering David Allen Frymire Dave Odessa. Texas csoo Mechanical Engineering CIC John Mutari leads CS-21 CS-30 ' s " " horse thieves. " front of the Mitchell Richard Fryt Milch Manilou Springs. Colo CS-II Electrical Engineering Nickie Jacob Fuerst E.F.V. Sioux City. Iowa CS-06 Engineering Mechanics Mark Joseph Fulks Mark Youngstown. Ohio CSI6 Aslronaulical Engineering Timothy McCormick Furst Portland. Oregon CS-09 Management Ronald Paul Furstenau Ron Norfolk. Nebraska CS-II Chemistry Francis Michael Gahren Frank Avon. New York CSOJ Basic Sciences David Mark Gallagher Ft. Worth. Texas Electrical Engineering Mark Vincent Gallagher Papillion. Nebraska James Edward Garn Corona DelMar. California CS02 Civil Engineering Daniel Creston Garner Dan Solomons. Missouri CS-13 Aeronautical Engineering Bruce John Gasper Colorado Springs. Colorado CS 33 Geography Anthony Stephen Gazo Cazooo Black Forest. Brooklyn. New York CS-32 Aeronautical Engineering P i 4 Kurt Aubrey Gearhart Gearbult San Jose. California CS-18 Engineering Mechanics Carl George Artcsla. New Me Reginald Juan Ghiden Reg Chattanooga. Tennessee General Studies Robert Dak Gibbons Evell Stamps. Arkansas CS-24 Engineering Mechanics Marke Foster Gibson Gib Brunswick. Ohio CS-08 Economics and Management Michael Bruce Gibson Gibby Charleston. South Carolina CS-30 Mechanical Engineering Spirit mission conducted by CS-3 1 found the F- 104 behind Harmon Hall. Class of 78 231 Deon Gene Gieg D (or Ihe) Greb Saugus. California CS-28 History Glenn Richard Gier Gear shifter Kohler. Wisconsin CS-12 Electrical Engineering Craig Douglas Gilbert Craig Reading. Pennsylvania CSOI Chemistry Paul Douglas Gilbert Randallstown. Maryland CS-02 Computer Science Silvanus Taco Gilbert. Ill Taco Florence. South Carolina CS-39 Civil Engineering Edward Wayne Gilbertson Gilbo Cresskill. New Jersey CS-23 Electrical Engineering Samuel Lee Gilmore. Jr. Sam Miami. Florida CS-14 Mechanics Richard William Glitz Rick Des Plaines. Illinois CS08 Aeronautical Engineering Russel Dean Glover Bellevue. Nebraska CS-33 Management Mark Frederick Godfrey Mark Bedford. New Hampshire CS-OI Behavioral Science - Human Factors Stephen Michael Goldfein Goldie Ramstein AFB. Germany CS-II Military History Scott Alan Goodfellow Scott Wall Township. New Jersey CSI7 Computer Science 3 222 Class of ' 7( ll George Mason Goodhand Mase Towson. Maryland CS08 Mechanics Leo Howard Gordon Vally Lee, Maryland Brian Keith Gottsacker Brian Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin CS06 Behavioral Science Craig Neil Gourley Gor Fort Walton Beach. Florida CS 34 Aeronautical Engineering Michael Robert Graham Mike. Crackers Chestertown. Maryland CS-20 General Studies Robert Randolph Graham Del City, Oklahoma CS-22 Aeronautical Engineering Jim Garn, Wing Honor Chairman, and Scott Miller, Wing Ethics Chairman, meet in front of Mitchell Hall to discuss the proposed changes in the structure of the Honor and Ethics Committee. Class of 78 333 Salvatore Frank Grande, III Wop Cromwell. Conneclicul CS03 Mechanical Engineering Charles Edward Gratch Charlie C. Rome. New York CS-07 Electrical Engineering Wayne Kirk Gravatt Kirk Philadelphia. Pennsylvania CS-16 General Studies Peter Waldo Gray Waldo Ashland. Oregon CS-27 Civil Engineering Robert Oren Grav Charleston. Illinois CS-14 Civil Engineering Jeffrey Walter Grechanik Grech. Groch Alexandria. Virginia CS-30 Engineering Sciences Charles Raph Greenwood Chuck Grand Blanc. Maine CS03 Engineering John Parker Grimes J. p. Valparaiso. Florida CS-IO Aeronautical Engineering Joseph Christian Grimme Joe St. Louis. Missouri CSOg General Studies Richard Harry Griset. Jr. Rick Fallbrook. California CS-09 Military History Kenneth Ray Gronewald Groner - Stork Hamilton Harbor. Bermuda CS-36 Civil Engineering David Sylvan Groves Dave Paramus. New Jersey CS-34 Management f ii a Konrad Stephen Gruca Chicago. Illinoi; CS-II Chemistry Glenn Allen Gruner Oroon Elk Grove. California CS-27 Civil Engineering James Joseph Grupp Harpo Uniondale. New York CS-33 Biological Science Steven Joseph Grzebiniak Griz Cheyenne. Wyoming CS04 General Studies Robert Lawson Guice Bobby G. Las Cruces. New Mexico CS-07 Mechanical Engineering John Edward Guth Nudge Novato. California CS-04 Humanities Class of -78 325 Dean Eric Habrun Old Man Bolivar. Ohio CS-21 International Affairs Gary Hackbarth Scratch Brookfield. Wisconsin CS-05 Basic Science William Seymour Hadaway. Ill Bill (Hads) Edmond. Oklahoma CS-39 Civil Engineering Roger Noral Hage Roager Hayj Chicago. Illinois CS-12 Aeronautical Engineering Gary Lynn Halbert James Douglas Hagedorn Doug Washington. Missouri CS 23 Management Kim Robert Halat Frenchie Aniibes. France CS-II Mathematics Robert Francis Hall King of Prussia. Pennsylvania CS-07 Behavioral Science - Human Factors Engineering Thomas Michael Hallett San Pedro. Californi, Behavioral Science - Individual Daniel Gustave Halpern Dan Alpine. Texas CS-07 Geography Jim Halsell West Monroe. Louis CS-13 Engineering Anthony Jess Hamilton Troy. Alabama CS-37 Management -■ -. P }36 Class ol ' 7S Rodney Lee Hamilton Rod Blue Springs. Missouri CS08 Social Science John Anthony Hamm Schpamm Antigo. Wisconsin CS09 Aeronautical Engineering Kevin Glenn Hammond Kev Lancaster. Ohio CS-17 Engineering Mechanics William Steven Hammond Slevie Shorty Sumter. South Ca International Affairs Steven Lee Hampton Wacko Las Cruces. New Mexico CS-40 Behavioral Science Brian Lee Hanson Brian Oak Harbor. Washington CS-OI Mathematics John Wade Hardeman Slone Cullman. Alabama CS-08 Aeronautical Engineering Donald Leslie Harper Phoenix. Arizona CS-34 Inlernalional Affaii Donald McAvoy Harper Ponny Minot. North Dakota CS-09 Engineering Science Arthur Stokes Harrison. Jr. Smudge Budge Blytheville. Ark ansas CS-iO Psychology Oliver Walter Harrison Oiy Tacoma. Washington CS-19 Electrical Engineering Robert John Harrison Raven Fairfield. Connecticut CS-27 International Affairs American Politics Donald John Haskell Don Citrus Heights. California CS-05 Electrical Engineering Raymond Douglas Hatchell Ray San Diego. California CS-22 Civil Engineering Randy Larry Haupt Rand Johnstown. Pennsylvania CS-37 Electrical Engineering John Cleve Hawkins Kingsville. Michael Antonio Hawkins Coug Tucson. Arizona CS-31 Basic Science John Len Hayes Cloud Si Paul. Minnesota CS-14 Management John Wilkes Hedges Malvern. Arkansas Biological Sciences Clas. ol 78 nS Robert Lawrence Heir McKeansburg. Pennsylvania CS-IO Engineering Psychology Edward Walter Heins. Ill Slump. Uncle Eddie Southold. Long Island, New York CS-36 General Studies Keith Harlan Heise Swine I Waterloo. Iowa CS-35 Engineering Science Barnet Richard Hellman Barney Worcester. Massachusetts CS-31 Engineering Lonnie Dale Hendrix Civil Engineering Steven Paul Hendrix Randolph. Ohio CS-34 Computer Science and Mathematics Stephen Jay Hepfer Norton AFB, California Basic Sciences Herbert Hoover Henderson. Jr. Waltham, Massachusetts Aeronautical Engineering Kenneth Dale Hendrick Bakersfield, Californi. Wayne Alfred Hermandorfer Cabot. Arkansas Engineering Mechanics Darrell Lee Herriges Esperigus Hartford. Wisconsin Astronaulical Engineering Robert Alan Herris Cleveland. Ohio Aeronautical Engineering :30 Class of ' 78 Robert Alan Hickey Onlario. Oregon CS-34 American History John Edward Hicks Stephen OMver Hildebrandt Hildy Monument. Colorado CS-05 Astronaulical Engineering Weekend firstie room. John Clayton Hinds John Eliot. Maine CS-13 Civil Engineering Steven Scott Hines Scoti Tucson. Arizona CS-27 Engineering Science John Patrick Hoar Ima. M B. Louisville. Kentucky CS 17 Behavioral Science - Organizational Behavior I Steven Alan Hocking Hock or Nanook Thomaslon, Maine CS-13 Basic Sciences William Charles Hoferer Hof Cincinnati, Ohio CS-OI Mathematics John Morgan Hoffman Eugene, Oregon CS-iO Engineering Scier Livingston Lionel Holder. Jr. Livvy Louisville, Kentucky CS-16 Astronaulical Engineering Lynn Martin Hollerbach W Huron, South Dakc Gregory Scott Hollister Holly Arkport, New York CSOS Management Economics William Nils Holway Bill Monument, Colorado CS 01 History Peter Andre Holzgang San Rafael, California James Scott Hope Tacoma. Washington CSI3 History Arpad Endre Horvath Arp Chicago, Illinois CS-29 General Studies Keith Paul Hrebenak Herbie, Uncle Suburbanack East Hanover, New Jersey Engineering Science James May Hudson Oklahoma City, Oklahoma CS08 International Affairs - Natio Security m Class of ' 78 Edward Everett Hunt. Ill Double E Aurora. Colorado CS-33 International Affairs and Management Kenneth Russell Hunt Class of 78 233 George Donald Hurley Ceorge Fresno. California CS-33 Electrical Engineering Walter Edward Ifill Aeronautical Engineering Junior Inglis JR McCall. Idaho CS02 Mathematics Gregory Francis Intoccia Greg Audubon. Pennsylvania CS05 International Affairs Robert Forbes Ireland Bob Avon Lake. Ohio CS-13 Civil Engineering Philip Stephen Irish Phil Hacienda Heights. California CS-J4 Engineering Mechanics and Engineering Sciences John Nicholas Islin, III Springfield. Virginia CS08 Aeronautical Engineering Michael David Jablonovsky Jabo Grove City. Pennsylvania CS-07 General Studies James Frederick Jackson Jim or J. J. North Highlands. California CS-3g Behavioral Science • Human Factors Engineering Robert Harold Jackson Boyne City. Michigan CS-31 Computer Science Barry Ray James Bear Xenia. Ohio CS-15 General Studies Larry Dean James L. D. Bristol. Virginia CS-31 Astronautical Engineering id 334 Class o( 78 Robert James Jangraw Aontpelier. Vermont Dennis Paul Jeanes Universal City. Texas CS-16 Engineering Mechanics John Michael Joback Joby McKeesporl. Pennsylvania CS-02 Aeronautical Engineering Brian Frank Johnson Virginia Beach. Virginia CS08 Engineering Mechanics James Mark Johnson Sylvania, Georgia CS-02 Computer Science Richard Fuller Johnson, Jr. The Wizard Stafford. Virginia CS-27 Aeronautical Engineering Robert David Johnson R. D. Austin. Texas CS-30 History Robert Edward Johnston Boh Heuvellon. New York CS06 Aeronautical Engineering David Thomas Jones Jonesy Bridgeville. Delau CS-32 Military History Jeffrey Gene Jones Chester. Illinois CS-24 History David Paul Kahle Pave Clovis. Califoi CS-08 Management George Kailiwai. Ill George Lancaster. California CS 18 Electrical Engineering - Business Management Mark Edwin Kain Mark Agoura. California CS05 Electrical Engineering Gregory Lee Kaiser Charleston. Illinois Biological Sciences Neil William Kalfas Rat Wheaton. Illinois CS-32 General Studies John Willian Kamauff, Jr. Frostburg. Maryland CS-07 Aeronautical Engineering Humanities Thomas Edward Kana Burnt Hills. New York CS-29 Aeronautical Engineering Mark Craig Kargul San Lorenzo. California CS-05 Engineering James Howard Keaton, Jr. JimmY New Orleans, Louisiana CS-26 Civil Engineering Don Allan Keener Highlands. North CaroMna CSI2 Civil Engineering Wayne Henry Kellenbence Deho Belleville. New Jersey cs-n Mathe Kim Dwaine Kelly Kimmer. Kel. Nu-Nu Chestertown. Maryland CS09 General Studies Mark Stephen Kelly Mach Boston. Massachussetts CS-14 International Affairs Richard Dennis Kelly Houston. Texas Military History Terrence Brian Kelly Napa. California CS 25 General Studies Jay Arthur Kendall Jay Roann. Indiana CS-09 Management Sam Joe Kendrick Sam Homer. Louisiana CS-17 Engineering Science Greg Randal Kennedy Greg Falls Church. Virginia CS02 Engineering Mechanics Kevin John Kennedy Kevin El Paso. Texas CS-II Management Michael James Kenyon St. Albans. Vermont International Affairs - American Thomas Vincent Keohane Clarence Center. New York a i 1 Andre John Kevork Hakkim Van Nuys, California CS-06 Aeronautical Engineering Jeffery Alan Kindschuh Brownsville. Wisconsin Civil Engineering Mark Williamson King Atlanta. Georgia Raymond James King, Jr. Riverside. California Peter Hartwell Kinney Pelore Sheridan. Wyoming CS-39 General Studies Jeffrey Keith Kintzing Princetonian Monroeville. Pennsylvania CS-24 Aeronautical Engineering Class of 78 339 Eric Paul Kirchner Rick Scheneclady, New York CS02 International Affairs Charles Chadwick Kirk Chad Orlando. Florida CS05 Electrical Engineering Edward Earl Kirkham Harrisonville. Missouri CS-17 Biological Science David Lee Kluczinske Sheboygan. Wisconsin CS09 Aeronautical Engineering Joseph E. Klump Joe Reading. Pennsylvania CS-13 Electrical Engineering Kenneth Paul Knapp Ken Johnstown. Pennsylvania CS-36 International Affairs i James Michael Kistler Jimmy Pittsford. New York CS-36 General Studies George Bryan Knoll Bryan New Era. Michigan CS04 Electrical Engineering Emil John Kleemann Buzz Camillus. New York CS-14 Civil Engineering Steven Dean Knott Eugene. Oregon CS-12 Mathematics Russell Brooks Kline Bellevue. Nebraska CS-31 Computer Science Daryl John Knuth D. J. Milwaukee. Wisconsin CSI2 History William Frederick Koch. Jr. Kocher Columbus. Ohio CS-29 Geography Lyie Marlowe Koeni Se New Castle. Pennsylvania CS-39 Economics William John Koenitzer Nilz Whitewater. Wisconsin CS09 Mathematics Thomas Richard Kogler Troll Wheatland, California CS J8 Behavioral Science • Organizational Behavior Michael Alexander Kolodka Pops Buzzards Bay. Massachusetts CS-38 General History Peter Paul Kolodziejczyk Kolo and Misiu Brooklyn, New York CS-09 Aeronautical Engineering The basic tools of a T-41 Ace Gary Michael Kopacka Kosmack Grosse Pointe Woods. Michigan CSII Management • Finance Thomas James Kopf Kohler. Wisconsin Economics - Management Michael Craig Koster Moscow. Idaho Mechanical Engineering Jeffrey Victor Kouri Jeff Munising. Michigan CS-31 Aeronautical Engineering Leo Dean Kowatch. Jr. Liger. Pennsylvania Kenneth James Kramer Bossier City, Louisiana CSI6 Behavioral Science - Individual Behavior Neil Thomas Krause Apalachin, New York CS-39 Aeronautical Engineering Lawrence Mark Krauser Napa. California Kevin Richard Kregel Kevin Amityville. New York CS-23 Astronautical Engineering Christopher Joseph Krisinger Arnold Ida Grove. Iowa CS-IO International Affairs John Ted Kruk John Chicago. Illinois CS-14 History John Neil Kucera Jack Lead. South Dakota CS-II Civil Engineering 34J Cljsi of 78 Lawrence Kudelka Larry Trenton. New Jersey CS-31 Aeronautical Engineering William Michael Lackermann. Jr. Bill Clinton, Iowa CS-40 Economics and Management Mathew John LaCourse Matty San Antonio. Texas CS-31 Engineering Sciences Harry Helmut Lade Schwanz North Branford. Connecticut CSOI Basic Science Roger Joseph LaFrance Cumberland. Rhode Island CS-23 Electrical Engineering Lawrence Lee LaFreniere Doc Portage. Michigan CS07 Aeronautical Engineering Marcos Laguna-Borrero Machos Mayaguez. Puerto Rico CS-30 International Politics Leiand Gregory Land Legraine Rich Square. North Carolina CS05 Astronautical Engineering Richards Edward Lane Rich Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania CSI6 Astronautical Engineering and Engineering Sciences Morgan Jay Lankford Morg Farmingdale. New York Computer Science Erdie Otis Lansford. Jr. Buck Pipe Creek. Texas CS04 Diplomatic History Larry Blake Largent Hangerman Baltimore. Maryland CSI5 Aeronautical Engineering Glenn John Larsen Lahsen New York City. New Yo rk CS-08 Social Science Thomas Allen Lash Houston. Texas CS 13 Engineering Science Donald Carl Laumann Rupert Rupert. Idaho CS03 International Affairs - National Security Kevin Scott Lawrence Scott Eastland. Texas CS-ii Engineering Mechanics Michael D. Lawrence Wiz New York City. New York CS-39 Astronautical Engineering Douglas Kent Lawton Spider Phoenix. Arizona CS-06 Computer Science Buddy Clark Leach, Jr. Huntingdon. Tennessee Jerry Leatherman Hop Sing Newport News. Virginia CS-OI Management Gary Andrew Leavitt Gary Spicer. Minnesota CS-II Social Sciences Douglas Eugene Lee Doug Colorado Springs. Colorado CS-06 Management Lyman Anthony Lee, Jr. The Bad Alexandria. Louisiana CS-13 Biological Science Steven Kenneth Legg Steve Marietta. Ohio CS-36 Electrical Engineering 344 Class of 78 |l Richard Margrave Lehman Los Alamos. New Mexico Aeronautical Engineering Douglas Anthont Leja Yucaipa. California Louis James LeM Fontana. California International Affaii David Alan Lengyel Lin Piao Ulica. New York CS-17 Aeronautical Engineering and Engineering Science Daniel Patrick Lentz Dan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania CS-24 Basic Science Kolin Wade Lester K. VC. Ashland. Kentucky CS-39 Management Clan o( 78 J45 Dale Elmer Leuschen Kenneth John Light Ken Alexandria. Virginia CS-13 Aeronautics - Astronautics David Wayne Lilly Dave Jacksonville. Florida cs-n Engineering Science Victor Chien Yung Lin Hong Kong CS-13 Management Ricardo Carlos Linares Blake Foster Linder Buddah Popular Bluff. Missouri CS-06 Mathematics Michael Leroy Lindsay Mike Newark. Illinois CS-07 Basic Science Peter Hearns Liotta Las Vegas. Nevada CSI2 Management Jay Homer Lindell Bud Russell. Pennsylvania CS-12 Management Stephen Scott Lisi Steve Buffalo. New York CS-07 Social Science Robert Charles Little Robere Chelterham. Maryland CS02 Management Brian Keith Livie Engineering Science J! Kurt Gregory Lobeck Kurt Laguna Hills. California CS-12 Personnel Management Ronald James Lockhart Prune Los Gatos. California Stephen Joseph Lockhart Washington. New Jersey CS-02 Management Kirby Raye Locklear Maryland Steven Thomas Lofgren Steve Ballwin. Missouri CS-31 Civil Engineering David Gary London Dave West Caldwell. New Jersey CS-19 Engineering Science Derick Watanabe Lopez Dex Pearl City. Hawaii CS-16 Computer Science and Mathematics Craig Dean Lovelady Craiger Glendale. Arizona CS-08 Aeronautical Engineering Scott Marcus Lovenbury Scott Tampa. Florida CS-02 Management Lon David Lowe St. Louis. Missouri Jerry Alan Ludke Hog Sequim. Washington CS-38 Economics Damon Neal Lur Damon Cache. Oklahoma CS-07 Mathematics Nicholas Bradley Lynn N. B. Camp Verde. Ari CS-07 Management John Evan Macilvra Mac Seatt(e. Washington CS-02 Engineering Science Jonathan Andrew Machina Kenosha. Wisconsin Computer Science John Andrew Maclellan Flemington. New Jersey CS-17 Astronaulical Engineering Paul Scott Madera p. s. Seal Beach. California CS-40 International Affairs Ronald Norman Magnus Ron Littleton. Colorado CS02 International Affairs Bruce Steven Mahaffey Brucy Sumter. South Carolina CS-J8 Behavioral Sciences David James Maher Maynerd Roselle Park. New Jersey CS-33 Management William Seneca Major. Ill Bill Anaheim. California CS-OI General Studies Michael David Mancusi Cusi Brentwood. Long Island. New York CS-06 Basic Science Gregory Alan Mandt Grego Belleville. Wisconsin Michael Eugene Mangold Mike Norristown. Pennsylvania CS-34 Engineering Mechanics 348 Class of ' 78 ' Robert Thomas Marlin Bellevue. Nebraska CS08 Engineering Mechanics Class ct -78 249 Guy Laverne Martelle Guy Dubuque. Iowa CSI2 Engineering Gary John Martin Alberlson, Long Island, New York CS-34 Management Linwood Mason, Jr. fucson. Arizona Chemistry Robert Wade Mason Wade Eau Gallie. Florida CS-07 Engineering Mechanics Dean Frederic Matcheck Silver Bullet Ann Arbor, Michigan CS-26 Mechanics Bartley James Mathews Ft. Walton Beach, Florida Behavioral Science and Management Thomas Philip Mathews, III Charlottesville, Virginia CS05 International Affairs - American Politics Joseph Chester Mattuski, Jr. Joey Tallahassee. Florida CS-07 Aeronautical Engineering Jere Joseph Matty Jer Chesapeake. Virginia CS-03 Aeronautical Engineering Robert Charles McAdams Apple Valley. California Behavioral Science Philip Henry Mcbride Atlanta. Ceorgi; Gerald David McClellen Moraga. California CS-04 Mathematics 350 Clats o( 78 ■) Mack Keith McCollur Biological Science Gregory Marshall McCraw Tallahassee. Florid Management Michael John McDonald Mlkey Behavioral Science Michael Joseph McDonald Mac Port Washington, New York CS-36 Civil Engineering David Wade McFaddin Dave Houston. Texas CS-03 Aeronautical Engineering Mark Charles McGreehan Chester. West Virgii Joey Reynes worries about other possible actions during his birthday " nuke " . (LEFT). T-37 cockpit during AM 370, (ABOVE). li aa,t ol 78 Andrew Thomas McMahon Andy Baldwinsville. New York CS08 Electrical Engineering Robert Howard McMahon Toledo. Ohio CS08 Inlernalional Affairs Michael George McMillie Smacko Anthony. Texas CS-17 Aslronautical Engineering James Francis McGinley Grizz Las Vegas. Nevada CS-09 Engineering Science David Patrick McLeran Dave Cocoa. Florida CS-IO Aeronautical Engineering Daniel Stephen McLucas Danny Mac Rockville. Maryland CS-19 Electrical Engineering Lanny Burton McNeely Mac Bedford. Texas CS-03 Engineering Mechanics Paul Donovan McVinney West Roxbury. Massachusetts David James Meehan, Jr. Dave Louisville. Kentucky CS-32 General Studies Paul Henry Meinhold Paul Leadwood. Kansas CS-38 Aeronautical Engineering Terry Scott Meiselwitz Weasel Kiel. Wisconsin cs-aa Management Gary Richard Meiser Mize Poulsbo. Washington CS-12 Engineering Mechanics Jeffrey Joseph Melaragno Chillicoihe, Ohio Mathematics and Computer Science Pitt McLane Merryman Merry Pittman Sparks. Maryland CS-40 Computer Science Daniel Joseph Mesnard Fremont. Ohio Aeronautical Engineering Carl Edward Meyer Fort Wayne. Indiana CS-37 Engineering John Steven Meyer Steve Upland. California CS-18 Basic Science Rick Linn Middleton Stick Adamsville. Ohio CS-21 Engineering Mechanics Robert Broberg checks out new officer wheel caps during officer uniform fitting. Dennis James Miller Moose Bellefonte. Pennsylvania CS-20 History Gregory Ralph Miller Greg Cincinnati. Ohio CS04 John Gregory Miller John Laurel. Maryland CS-40 International Affairs Wayne Stephen Mika Divisional Engineering Barry Joseph Miller Barry Papillion. Nebraska David Robert Miller Dave Fairfield. Connecticut CS 34 Basic Science Kenneth Joseph Miller Jeffersonville. Indiana CSIg Electrical Engineering Scott Gregory Miller Scott Boulder. Colorado CS-36 General Studies Charles S. Milliken Charlie Bowerston. Ohio CS-34 Engineering Raymond Gilbert Mills •R.G. " or " Bonzo " or ' Wilbur " Syracuse. New York CS-35 International Affairs Martin Jae Miner Upper St. Clair. Pennsylvania CS08 Computer Science - Mathematics Timothy Harold Miner Delaware. Ohii Geography i David Leon Mintz Emporia. Kansas CS-17 Engineering Science Michael Joseph Mitchell Milch Garden Grove. California CS-OJ International Politics Ronald Timothy Mittenzwei Ron Jonesboro. Georgia CS-06 Civil Engineering Jack Edward Monahan San Diego. California General Studies Keith George Monteith Keiffer Fayetteville. North Carolina CS-04 Electrical Engineering John Thomas Moore Big John Green Bay. Wisconsin CS-OI Astronautical Engineering Honest sir we never touched it!! I° ' s in the Aero lab. Douglas Dwane Morris Doug Cabol. Arkans CS-15 Basic Science Guy Richard Morris Rick Woosler, Ohio CS-07 Engineering Sciences David Lewis Morrow, jr. Lou Brandon. Mississippi CSOI Behavioral Science - Human Factors Paul Anthony Morelli Paul Marlboro. New Jersey CS-14 Management Jack Eugene Morgan, Jr. Gene Atlanta. Georgia CS08 Aeronautical Engineering Keith Martin Morlock Keith Lansing. Illinois CSI6 Electrical Engineering David Robert Morte Smort Fair Oaks. California CS-Oi Civil Engineering Lawrence Bruce Morton CS-37 Managemen Thomas Frederick Morton Mort Stamford. Connecticut CS-06 Astronaulical Engineering Harold William Moulton, Jr. Punch Arvada. Colorado CS-36 Mathematics John Randolph Moulton, Jr. The Mangier Honolulu. Hawaii csoo General Studies Arthur Lee Moye, Jr. Sam; Chocolate Chip Mobile. Alabama CS 36 General Studies r d } »««,:.», 356 Class of 78 Gary Gene Murphy Murph Wingo. Kentucky CS-16 Mililary History John Murtari Murt Lyons. New York CS-21 Astronautical Engineering Mark Anthony Muttilainen Mutt New Milford. Connecticut CS-19 Economics Clj« ..( 7« 357 Allen Garver Myers Rahiib Mad Al Alexandria. Virginia Inlernalional Affairs - Nalii Dale Alexander Nagy Nags Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania CS 21 Aeronautical Engineering Sigsbee John Bernard Nelson Management Steve Jessor Nelson Steve Springfield. Oregon CS-19 Civil Engineering John August Neubauer, Jr. Jotoman Corpus Christi. Texa CS-J5 Mathematics Michael Barrie Nevin Mike Colorado Springs. Colorado CS-39 Electrical Engineering William Nevius Bill Fallschurch. Virginia CS-OI Mechanical Engineering Ronald Russ Newsom Reb Baker. Louisiana CS06 Engineering Mecha Richard Yates Newton III Fig St. Petersburg. Florida CS-36 Military History William Lewis Nichols Billy Jacksonville. Arkansas CS-26 Engineering Science Penny Ross Nixon Anchorage. Alaska CS-36 Aeronautical Engineering David Carl Norris Dave Fremont. California CS-OI Electrical Engineering Russell Andrew Ogrinz Russell Cape Coral, Florida CS-08 Engineering Mechanics Bruce Robert Olmstead Clast o( 78 359 Lorenzo Ortega, Larry Edinburg. Texas CS-2i Engineering Science Theodore Manderfield Otero. Ill Manderwus Concord. California CS-15 Aeronautical Engineering Steven Francis Ouellet Omelet South Hampton. New Hampshire CSI2 Computer Science Thomas Jefferson Owen T. J. Roswell. New Mexico CSOI Behavioral Science Organizational Behavior Douglas Wayne Owens Doug Hanover. Ohio CS-12 Physics Michael Gerard Padgett Padge Loogootee. Indiana CS-37 Mechanics Dale Irwin Pangman San Antonio. Texas CS-22 Behav ioral Science Robert James Papka Bob Billings. Montana CS-OI Aeronautical Engineering Dennis Pete Park Culbcrtson. Montana John Warren Parker Jack Edison. New Jersey CS-lg International Affairs Timothy John Parker New Milford. Connecticut CS06 Civil Engineering Ronald Eugene Parkhouse Ron Colorado Springs. Colorado CS-15 Geography Raymond Charles Parks Ray San Antonio. Texas CS02 Computer Science John Edward Parrott Old Man Rolla, Missouri CS-13 Chemistry James Daniel Parsons Dan Leggett. California CS-06 Civil Engineering John Fruin Paterson Filter Patter Ft. Collins. Colorado CS-15 General Engineering Douglas Edward Paton Hairs Naperville. Illinois CS 23 Management Paul Irving Patridge Pats Mason City. Iowa CS-21 Humanities James Daniel Pauly. Jr. J. D. Oak Forest. Illinois CS04 International Affairs Leon Simon Peck Slouak Gilletti. Pennsylvania CS 34 Management Gerald Wayne Pellett Freako. Jerry Hawthorne. Nevada CS-16 Behavioral Science Arthur J Pena Lovington. New Mex CS-IO Geography James Lee Pennekamp Miami. Florida CS09 Management Ralph Stanley Penney, Jr. Mohammed Stanley Myrtle Reach. South Carolina CS-07 Behavioral Science David Hughes Pepper Dave Oceanside. California CS-08 Engineering Mechanics Gregory John Peterson Pete Fremont. California CS-30 History John Carl Peterson, Jr. Jack Natick. Massachusetts CS-3g Social Science David Kirk Peth Kirk Bow. Washington CS-12 Behavioral Science Edward Frank Petrella Eddie P. Chicago. Illinois CS-07 Electrical Engineering David Allen Pfeifer Victoria. Kans Electrical Engineering il Michael Joseph Phelps Digger Westminster, Colorado CS02 Aeronautical Engineering David Wendell Phillips Dave Destin, Florida CS-16 Astronaulical Engineering Horace Daniel Phillips Colorado Springs. Colorado CS-39 History Joseph William Phipps Winston-Salem, North Carolina CS-09 Mechanical Engineering Wayne Joseph Pierson Joe Capay. California CSI6 Engineering Michael Cameron Pitou Xerxes Woodbridge. Connecticut CS 34 International Affairs - American Politics CIji. o( 78 Hi Daniel Plavncy New Bethlehem. Pennsylvania CS-33 Behavioral Science - Individual James Robert Polski Ski Universal City. Texas CS-31 Computer Science Douglas Alexander Poorman Doug Ml. Vernon. Virginia CS-21 Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Philip Taras Popovich Wease Brecksville. Ohio CS05 Management Kirk Richard Porter Kirk Ft. Morgan. Colorado CS-02 Electrical Engineering Gregory Michael Postulka Leg. King Kool. Mr. Macho Rockford. Illinois CS03 Management Mark Byam Pozycki Poe Shawnee Mission. Kansas CS-40 International Affairs Terry Lee Preusser Preus Massillon, Ohio CS-18 Civil Engineering Tomislav Michael Prodanovich Prodo Midland. Pennsylvania CS-24 Engineering Mechanics Dean Algene Proffitt. Ill Dean ' o Centralia. Washington CS-OI Humanities Kenneth Alan Prusak Kap Wauwatosa. W CS-25 Mathematics John Edward Puffenbarger Puff Columbia. South Carolina CSI7 Electrical Engineering } 364 Cla» of ' 78 li James Puhek Pooh-bear Weslchesler. California CS-04 Economics. Management, and Operations Research James Puis Steve Clarendon Hills. Illinois CS-19 Management Carlton Eugene Purcell, Jr. Chuck Rossville. Georgia CS08 Military History John Edward Pyzdrowski Pyz Minnetonka. CS-04 Management Patrick Clover Quigley Clover Quincy. California cs-n General Studies Curtis Ralph Quimby Curt Attleboro. Massachusetts CS-05 International Affairs Second Group Commander Lyman Lee clowns with one of his Group CCQ ' s. Class of 78 265 Michael Joseph Quinn Indianapolis. Indiana Managemeni Douglas Leo Raaberg San Diego. Califori Aeronautical En Kenneth Dale Rachocki Pack Rat Coalporl. Pennsylvania CS06 Chemistry David Jay Rader Pudge Sunnyvale. California CS-40 Civil Engineering James J. Ramos Sunshine Redlands. California CS-30 Engineering - Divisional Alan Earl Randall Al. -SoDak " Madison. South Dakota CS-35 Geography Kevin Alan Rank BigK Aurora. Colorado CS-36 Basic Science James Dennard Raspberry Razz Fort Walton Beach. Florida CS-40 Aeronautical Engineering Rande Scott Read Rande Sterling. Colorado CS-31 Behavioral Science Richard L. Reaser. Jr. Rick Los Angeles. California CS-18 Engineering Mechanics Randall Charles Reed Randog Reedsteinhoffer Winterset, Iowa CSOO General Studies Richard Roland Reeves, Jr. Rick Silver Spring, Maryland CS-34 General Studies Joseph Marvin Reheiser The Hammer Ca bot. Arkansas CS-15 Engineering Mechanii Robert John Rehwaldt II Austin. Texas Mark William Renelt Fort Walton Beach. Florida Aeronautical Engineering Barry Scott Reusche Dooshe McLean. Virginia CS 32 Civil Engineering Alan Charles Reyes •Al Bud- New Orleans. Louisiana CS-19 Behavioral Science Joseph Reynes Jr. Joe Mama. Bawana Joe Gulf Breeze. Florida Roberto Quintana Ribay Bob. ' Reeb " Oas Albay, Philippines CS-13 Computer Science Dawrence Wayne Rice, Jr. Duce Porlerville. California cs-n International Affairs Edward Augustus Rice. Jr. Black Baron Yellow Springs. Ohio CS-26 Engineering Sciences Mark Anthony Richards Perry Hall. Maryland General Studies Anthony Richardson New Orleans. Louisiana Organizational Behavior Mark Howard Richardson. Ill Sebriwg. Florida William Scott Richardson Scolty Los Angeles. California CS-03 Engineering Science Archie Stephen Riggins, III Arch Newtown Square. Pennsylvania Leonard Michael Ritchey Mike Bradentow. Florida CS-13 Biological Sciences Leonard Mark Robichaux Robo Rapid City. South Dakota CS-15 Mechanics Douglas Charles Rodgers Doug Gettysburg. Pennsylvania CSIO Aeronautical Engineering Mark Arthur Rodriguez Rod Menasha. Wisconsin CS-15 American History { s 368 Class ol ' 78 David Murray Roetzel Tucson, Arizona Social Science Shelley Scott Rogers Scotly Taloga. Oklahoma CS-04 General Studies Gregory Douglas Rogge Greg Riverside, California CS-32 Aeronautical Engineering Lawrence G. Romo The Roam San Antonio, Texas CS-40 Social Science Kevin Donald Roper Kevin Minocqua, Wisconsin CS-07 International Affairs Donald Lynn Rosenberry Rose EauGallie, Florida CS-33 Biological Science Clas. of 78 169 Ronald Keith Rosepink Rosey Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania CS-34 Astronautical Engineering Ted Allen Roush Roach Wapakoneta, Ohio CS-13 Behavioral Science James Earl Rowland Corpus Christi. Texas CSI2 Management Donald Leo Roy Manchester. New Hampshire CSI4 Basic Science Jimmy W. Rubalcaba Ruby Cowboy Roanoke. Texas CS 32 Management James Thomas Rubeor Rube Hinsdale. New Hampshire CS 2« History Charles Edwin Ross B ' " --1 m m Thomas Warren Rubin Charlie Eupora. Missi ssippi CS09 Economics M :i The Rube Omaha. Nebraska CS 18 History Andrew Parker Russell A. P. Mercer Island. Washington csoo Electrical Engineering Marshall Keye Sabol Keye or The Ghost San Antonio. Texas CS 38 Behavioral Science Frederick Scott Sager Sag Seattle. Washington CS-34 Economics Douglas Bartley Salmon Fish Pendleton. Oregon CS-02 Aeronautical Engineering J " - - .- J J 1 Douglas Alan Salter pHHTf Sail. L. B., Millon. Florida CS-09 Basic Science ti 1 David Ward Sandlin. Jr. Dave Pass Christian. Mississippi CS-37 General Studies n 1 Stephen Thomas Sargeant 1 Sarge Defiance. Ohio CS-03 International Affairs National Security (S 1 Barry James Sarnacki Bear Richardson. Texas CS-03 Civil Engineering Gregory Paul Sartor Ski Victoria. Texas CS06 Engineering Science Paul William Savage San Jose. California Aeronautical Engineering Clasi o( 78 371 Jar Robert Schaeuble Shooble Wrightslown. Wisconsin CS-32 General Studies John August Schafer Grand Rapids. Michigan CS09 Aeronautical Engineering Mark William Scharrenberg Mark Livonia, Michigan CS-38 Basic Science William F. Schauffert Shalf Queens. New York CS-08 Civil Engineering Wayne Arthur Scheller Wayne Montvale. New Jersey CS-31 Astronaulical Engineering Daniel Barton Schick The Kid Miami Lakes. Florida CS08 Electrical Engineering James August Schlichting Palo Alio. California Glen Richard Schlotterbeck Scooter New Britain. Connecticut CS-12 Aeronautical Engineering Thomas Richard Schneeberger Schneeb Ann Arbor. Michigan CS-37 Engineering Sciences Kenneth Harlan Schopper St. Louis Park. Minnesota Civil Engineering Kenneth C. Schow, Jr. Willmar. Minnesota Gmln Psychology Douglas Lee Schrag Doug Colorado Springs. Colorado Computer Science r 373 Class of 7« Kenneth Ray Schuenemeyer Schooner Pacific. Missouri CS-14 Behavioral Science Mark Allen Schuler Mark Northridge. California CSIO Behavioral Science - Human Factors Engineering Gregory August Schuize Greg San Francisco. California CS-20 Behavioral Science Steven John Schumacher Schu Sleepy Eye. Minnesota CS-40 International Affairs Philip H. Schwartz Phil Mllwaukie. Oregon CS-21 Basic Science Ronald Chester Schwartz Ron Orfordville. Wisconsin CS-26 History Gene Bowman. Mark Thompson, Sal Speziale. Antoniazzi. and Ed Rice struggle to stay Daniel Lee Schwarzenbach Crazy LakePark. Iowa CS-30 Chemistry Brian William Scott Schlong or Scot Huntington Beach. California CS-09 Civil Engineering Charles Ernest Scott III Charlie Cheshire. Connecticut Computer Science David John Scott Dave Alexandria Virginia CS-18 Mechanics Richard Alan Searfoss Rick Lakeland. Florida CS-09 Aeronautical Engineering Craig Anthony Seifert Craig Des Moines, Iowa CS-OI Geography Kip Lee Self Timba Lafayette. California CS-II Psychology - Management Thomas Selinka Tom Ridgewood. New Jersey CS-30 Economics - Management William Thornwell Senn. Ill Bill Seneca. South Carolina CS-24 Social Science Donald P. Sewell Densu San Clemente. Ca CS-25 Humanities David Brian Shagena Shags Deckerville. Michigan CS-20 Behavioral Science Charles Stephen Shaw Charlie San Antonio. Texas CS-03 Management 1 }74 Cla» of ' 71 Scott Auburn Shaw Scoll Lake Charles. Louisiana CS-38 Basic Science William Jefferson Shaw Bellevue. Nebraska Computer Science William Martin Shaw. Ill San Antonio. Texas CS-OI History - Area Studies Thomas William Sheahan Oak Park. Illinois CS-37 Aeronautical Engineering James Francis Sheedy Sheeds Brentwood. Long Island CS-06 Management Thomas Brian Raymond Shinn St. Louis. Missouri CS-38 Astronaulical Engineering Jim Weidmann and Ed Rice lead the Wyoming mascot down the terrazzo. Class o( 78 375 Gary Michael Shirley Gary Norrislown. Pennsylvania CS-37 Management Peter Alden Shockey Rude Coronado. California CSI3 Area Studies. Soviet Union Richard Allen Shook. Jr. Rich Lodi. California Thomas Martin Shores Tom SiClairsville. Ohio General Studies Silvio Nicola Silenzi " Mad Italian " Dearborn. Michigan CS-19 General Studies William David Silvestri Marcus Hook. Pennsylvania CS-18 Engineering Science Daniel Robert Simmons Dan Wilmore. Pennsylvania CS-18 History James Theodore Simons. Jr. Jim Bellevue. Nebraska CS-OI International Affairs - American Politics Jerry Taylor Sink Jere San Pedro. California CS05 Astronautical Engineering Paul Michael Skolaut Sko Wichita. Kansas CS03 Management Don Harrison Slee Don Springfield. Virginia CS02 Management Steven Hamilton Slick Scud. Negaman Albuquerque. New Mexico CS-13 Aeronautical Engineering 376 CIjm o( 78 Steven Byron Sligar Los Angeles. California CS05 Engineering Science William Gregory Sligar Slig Desoto. Texas CS-36 Computer Science Robert John Slizeski Sli Laramie. Wyoming CS-07 General Studies Neal Christopher Sloan Nealbert Columbia. South Carolina CS-21 Economics Shawn Keil Sloan Shawn East Liverpool. Ohio CSI7 Biological Science Charles Frederick Smith Elkton. South Dakota CS 33 Electrical Engineering Christopher Dinneen Smith Cheyenne. Wyoming International Affairs Dorian Wesley Smith Wes Athens. Michigan CS03 Electrical Engineering Kevin Joseph Smith Kevin Indianapolis. Indiana CS05 Aeronautical Engineering Lance David Smith Hayward. Wisconsin CS03 Life Science Michael Lee Smith Smitly CS-40 Divisional Engineering WTW ' Alexandria. Minnesota CS-II Management S Robert Gerard Smith Smitty Old Belhpage. New York CS-lg Management Scott James Smith Blueberry Pie Dayton. Ohio CS-17 Engineering Science Stephen Wayland Smith Smitty Milford. Connecticut CS07 Engineering Mechanics David Westmoreland Sneed Weedhopper Schofield Barracks. Hawaii CSOI History Scott Rogers Snively Sunapee. New Hampshire CS-19 Physics Michael Andrew Snodgrass Carlinville. Illinois CS-IO International Affairs - International Politics I Phillip Jeffrey Snoy Jeff Warren. Ohio CS-04 Electrical Engineering David Michael Snyder Tanker Carlisle Barracks. Pennsylvania CS-33 Engineering Sciences John David Snyder John-boy Kilieen. Texas CS09 Engineering Science Steven Richard Snyder Ashlahola. Chic Phys Charles Victor Sonson Nosnos Washington. Pennsylvania CS-18 Astronautical Engineering Engineering Sciences Thomas Lee Sorrel! CS-21 Social Sciences Cla.. of 7« 279 Michael John Spain Mikey Viclorville. Calif. CS07 Military History Glenn Fielding Spears Hobbil Glen Ellyn. Illinois CS-15 Behavioral Science - Organization Behavior Frank Dennis Spendley Spendu St. Albans. Vermont CS04 Aeronautical Engineering Salvatore Speziale Brooklyn, New York Social Science Jess Mitchell Sponable Roseville. California Trevor James Stack Selma. Alabama CSOJ Aeronautical Engineering James Jay Stahl Jim Johnstown, Pennsylvania CS-07 Management Richard Cary Stahl Rick Upland. California CS-09 Behavioral Science - Human Factors Daniel Joseph St.Clair Dan Kent, Washington CS-13 Management Robert Patterson Steel Bob Kansas City. Kansas CS08 Astronautical Engineering Gary Wayne Stephens Gar Groves. Texas CS06 Physical Geography John David Sterrett, Jr. Seaford. Delaware Electrical Engineering }tO Cl»i ol 78 i James Histaspias Stewart. Jr. Slew Fayelteville. Arkansas CS-18 Civil Engineering Moses Stewart, Jr. " International Slu " Columbia, South Carolina CS-28 Humanities Ernest Charles St.Gelais Ernie New Bedford. Massachusetts CS-31 Civil Engineering Charles Wayne Stiles Roscoe Macon. Georgia CS-06 Management Gary Alan Storie Gary Casper. Wyoming CS-13 Engineering Science Jeffrey Roy Stough Leicester. Massachusetts CS-26 Civil Engineering y Randie Alan Strom Civil Engineering Cordon Robert Strong Goro Haslett. Michigan CS06 Civil Engineering Victor B. Summers Lexington, Tennessee CSI3 History John F. Sviba Sveeb Inverness. Florida CS-30 Engineering Sciences John Robert Swarsbrook Swars Lincoln. California CS-09 Biological Science Mark Steven Swigonski Swig Bowling Green, Kentucky CSOI Mechanics Class of -78 :8I John Paul Sykes John San Gabriel, California CS-08 Management Ronald Matthew Tait Ronny Unlontown. Pennsylvania CS02 History Stuart Eiji Takahara Stu Captain Cook, Hawaii CS-35 Geography Neal Bernard Talbot Rocky Talboe Windsor Locks. Connecticut CS-04 Engineering William Craig Taliaferro Craig Ozona, Texas CS07 Management Timothy James Taylor mk " " B Essex Junction. Vermont CS 40 Psychology fA David John Temple D. J. Aurora, Colorado CS-34 Behavioral Science - Organizational Behavior Richard Lyie Terry AFB. Georgia International Affairs - International Thomas Howard Thacker Beaver Creek. Ohio Aeronautical Engineering Sam Calvin Therrien Sam St. Anne. Illinois CS03 Civil Engineering Carl Thomae Carliet CS-07 Oshkosh, Wisconsin Engineering Mechanii Edward Allen Thompson Paragould. Arkansas CS-08 Computer Science lt2 Class ol 78 Eric Michael Thompson Dcs Moines, Iowa CS-39 Geography Mark Alan Thompson Gaspodean or Bodean Wetumpka. Alabama CS-24 Management Stephen James Thompson Heik Newberry. Michigan CS-04 Chemistry William David Thompson Rocket Harrisville. West Virginia CS-26 Electrical Engineering Robert Geddes Thornton Bobby Morton Grove. Illinois CS-28 Management Steven Richard Tindall Steve San Antonio. Texas CS 35 Military History Class o( 78 283 Linden John Torchia Great Falls. Montan Civil Engineering Jeffrey David Tronsor Irons Valley Stream. New York CS08 History Francisco Alberto Torres Beto RIvas. Nicaragua CS-35 Humanities William Lawrence Troy III Troy Boy. Wild Bill Mount Freedom. New Jersey CS-18 Mathematics Gaylen Leon Tovrea Colorado Springs. Colorado CS-18 International Affairs Theodore Lynn True Ted Miramar. Florida CS-14 Economics and Management James Douglas Treadway Alexander Trujillo Erwin. Tennessee CS09 General Studies Miami, Florida CS02 International Affairs James Alan Trinka Trink Lidgerwood. North Dakota CS-14 Engineering Mechanics Benjamin Henry Troemel, Jr. Ben St. Augustine. Florida CS-23 Management Peter Stergios Tseronis Pete Manchester. New Hampshire CS-35 International Affairs - International Politics Scott Harrison Turner Scotty Nashville. Tennessee CS-14 Geography ' Thomas Francis Twohig Easthampton. Massachusetts CS-25 Basic Science William Martin Umberger, Jr. Haughton. Louisiana CS-40 Physical Geography Lance David Undhjem Romance Twin Falls. Idaho CS-37 Mathematics ■ Computer Science Carl Steven Ust Stevie Clifford. North Dakota CS-30 History Michael A. Valdivia. Jr. Homestead. Florida CS-09 Behavioral Science Charles Nestor Valle Management David Michael Unger Dave Newport Beach. California CS-38 Engineering Mechanics Paul Valovcin Paul Trumbull. Connecticut CS-04 Management Ivan Armando Urrego Mando Bogota. Colombia. South America CS-03 Civil Engineering Steven Clark Usher Steve Satellite Beach, Florida CS-OI Electrical Engineering William Brett Vance Brett or " Pretty Boy Odessa. Texas CS-25 Management 6 Behavioral Science Gary Cleveland Vanderpool, Jr. Braymer. Missouri CS-18 Engineering Mechanic Robert Guus van Haastert Rob Oklahoma City. Oklahoma CS-29 Inlernational Affairs - Inlernalional Politics Mathew Donald Van Steenwyk Malt San Marino, California CSI4 Mechanics Robert Jay Vaughn Fuzz Belleville, Illinois CS-17 Management Peter Jeffry Vergaro p. J. Tarringlon. Connecticut CS-03 International Affairs Michael Dale Verstegen Mike Sequim. Washington CS-39 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Frank Guenter Vorwald Franki Norihglenn, Colorado CS07 Behavioral Science Manfred Wilhelm Wagner Willy Bogota, Colombia, South America CS-06 Economics and Management Robert Joseph Wagner Hartford. Wisconsin CS09 Aeronautical Engineering Stuart Brent Wainscott Sallas, Texas CS-24 Management Jeffrey Ralph Waldo Waldo Pepper Indiana, Pennsylvania CS-19 Management Stephen Driscoll Walker Steve Daytona Beach, Florida CS-02 Geography Richard Lee Wallace Padre St. Charles, Missouri cs-n Chemistry 386 CIm. of 78 ( ' David Brock Waters Mad Man Oklahoma Cily, Oklahoma CS 33 Computer Science Claw of -78 387 Johnny Arthur Weida Litchfield. Minnesola CS04 Economics and Management James Michael Weidmann Weed Waukesha, Wisconsin Jonathan Mark Weiss Jonny Quick Palo Alto. California CS-IO Engineering Science George PhiMp Weller Joltin George St. Joseph. Missouri CS-36 Basic Science Lawrence Lee Wells Snake Texarkana. Texas CS09 Computer Science John Lowell Wellsfry Laguna Beach. Califori Robert Charles Wenrich Majaz Wabash. Indiana CS-09 Engineering Mechanics Douglas Ray Wentzell " Doc " or " Wentz • North Leeds. Maine CS-34 Mechanics Mark Mathew Werthmann Worthless Davenport. Iowa CS-31 Computer Science n David Christian Wetlesen Sunnyvale. California Engineering Peter Edwin Wheble Pete Kingston Massachusetts CS-17 Civil Engineering Derek Peter Wheeler Wheels Manchester. New Hampshire CS08 Behavioral Science - Organizational Behavior J88 Clast o( It Robert Edward Wheelock, Jr. Troy. New York CS-30 Chemistry James Franklin Whidden II Sebring. Florida CS-30 Chemistry Douglas Andrew Whitlow Preacher New Canaan. Connecticut CS-27 Behavioral Science John Joseph Whitt Barrigada. Guam International Affairs Dyke Harrison Whitbeck Michael Makelaar Whyte Warwick. New York CS-36 Engineering San Diego. California CS-IO International Affairs Gary Maurice White Scrite. The Vanilla Wafer Scappoose. Oregon Vincent Stewart Wilcox Civil Engineering Thomas Joseph Whitehair Longhair Trenton. New Jersey CS-25 General History Keith Marty Wilkinson Hampton. New Hampshire CS-03 Management Stephen Robert Whitehouse Whitehorse Fort Fairfield. Maine CS-07 Engineering Mechanics Mark Scott Wilkinson Wilkie Chicago. Illinois CS-07 Chemistry Class of 78 3S9 Michael Bruce Williams Willie Incline Village. Nevada CS-35 Management Paul Wayne Williams Willie Port Neches. Texas CS-02 Engineering Mechanics William Lee Williams, II Timothy Lee Wolters West Simsbury. Connecti( CS05 Electrical Engineering Michael Allen Williamson Dover. Delaware CS05 Computer Science Joseph Gregory Willis Dizzo Fern Creek, Kentucky CS-39 Management David Arthur Wininger Win Peru. Nebraska CS-36 Behavioral Science Individual Behavior Woughts Montgomery. Alabama Managemen William Phylipe Womack Bill Paris. France CS-35 Basic Science Marshall Lee Wong Marsh San Antonio. Texas CS-27 Biological Science Isaac Keith Woodfork Rufus. " Good Br other " Sacramento. California CS-34 Management Bill Arnold Woody " Wood-eye " Engi, ng Science Carl Eustace Workman. Jr. Youngstown. Ohio CS02 General Engineering I «B . , 390 Cl»s of 71 Robert Morgan WorleyJr. Rob Shalimar. Florida CS-36 Behavioral Science - Organizational Behavior Joseph Arliss Worthington.lll Chip Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio CS-OJ Management - Economics Mark Lcroy Wrenn Mark East St. Louis. Illinois CS-02 Computer Science Michael Anthony Wright International Affairs David Martin Wynn Tempe. Arizona CS-37 Management Mark Stephen Wynn Pooh Bear Spring Valley. California CS-II Civil Engineering CIC Bob Wagner at the California beaches during Summer Research. John James Winkopp. Wink Biloxi, Mississippi CSII Basic Science Andrew Clare Winter, II Fort Worth. Texas General Studies Michael Lyndon Wise Mike Yakima. Washington CS-32 Military History Vincent Paul Wisniewski ■Wisky- Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania CS 33 Engineering Science Carlton Mark Witt Mark Lansing, Michigan CSII Economics and Management Barton Howard Wohl Bart Hazlet. New Jersey CS-02 Physics Dean Sunao Yamanaka Deano Honolulu. Hawaii CS-30 Astronautical Engineering and History Glenn Scott Yeakel Scott Emmaus. Pennsylvania CSOI Aeronautical Engineering Patrick Allen Yearick •Pookie " Shamokin Dam. Pennsylvania CS02 Civil Engineering Frank Alexander Yerkes, Jr. Frank Williamstown. New Jersey CS-07 Electrical Engineering Mark Robert Zamzow Zam Whitefish Bay. Wisconsin CS-39 Management Keith David Zdeb Ramstein. Germany CS-31 Computer Science I Frederick Haas Zeitz III Fred Bellevue. Nebraska CS-35 Electrical Engineering Michael Alvin Zenk Mikey South Bigelow. Iowa CS-14 Civil Engineering Robert Henry Zielinski Norrislown. Pennsylvania CS-04 Basic Science Peter F. Zimowski Denver. Colorado CS-08 Humanities Peter G. Zink Pete Santa Barbara, California CS-28 Biological Science Anthony E. Zompetti Tony Carmichael. California CS-IO Civil Engineering 11 mu lALL STARS A . 9 « »3 -il i LI B fl PjUP B " r y ' P w P HB E JBJT e ' • - ■ 1 - ' « Wm Ma m HvdH s sg iSi 4 33 H i fy LOS If ▼▲T ri Abbott, Keith Charles CS-34 iih„ Aboyme, Gerry Balina CS-39 si Adair, David Audley CS-02 Fon Adams, Mark Garon CS-02 Longview, tx Adams, Scott Alan CS-27 Longmom.co Ahlquist, Richard Clifford CS-11 Ahlstrom, Bruce W. CS-02 Huntsviiie. ut Ahmie, Kenneth Scott CS-28 Ahrendt, William Mark CS-12 oayion. OH Ahrens, Gregory Scott CS-11 west Akong, Bayne Peter CS-25 New York. Albro, Trevor Scott CS-32 McLean. Alderfer, Jeffrey Scott CS-21 Alfaro, Albert Charles CS-27san Allan, Scott Douglas CS-25 pnoenix. az Allen, Travis Leverne Jr. CS-30 Columbia. OH Alston, Stephen Maurice CS-09 Greensboro. NO Alvarado, Richard Louis CS-33 San Amos, James Richard CS-13 piymouih Meeting, PA Anderson, Garth Bennett CS-33 Norm Little Rock. AR Armington, James Forest CS-37 Pothan. Armstrong, Jay Alan CS-01 Fort scoti. KS Ash, Eric Abbott CS-19 Gunmson. co Ashby, Jeffrey Edward CS-04 Russeiviiie, 296 Class ot 1979 Class of 1979 y " ' w r EO t ' l • ' Ashley, Michael Keith CS-34 Lake city. TN Asiu, Bernhard Walter CS-24 Security. CO Atherton. Rhuett Kimberly CS-03 Tallahassee, FL Austin, Christopher Lynn CS-40 Battle Creek, Ml Ayala, Charles Herbert CS-07 si Petersburg, FL Ayres. Timothy Dale CS-40 si Louis, mo Bahr, Donald James CS-15 souttiern Pines, NC Baldwin, Brian Daniel CS-31 Lacrosse, wi Baldwin, Richard Dwight CS-03 zenas, IN Ball, Harold Ray III CS-10 Charleston, sc Baltimore, Michael Dennis CS-26 LaGrange. IL Barge, Beverly Lake II CS-22 Austin, tx Barker, Kenneth Wayne CS-24 lacoma. WA Barnes, Stephen Robert CS-12 Ft Bragg, NC Barron, Joseph CS-15 Austin, tx Barry, William Patrick CS-13 Brockton, MA Bartell, Richard Joseph CS-37 Toledo. OH Bash, Craig Nicolas CS-28 Chester, ca Baudhuin, Michael Paul CS-37 Rocktord, IL Baum, Peter Cornelius CS-04 Wilmington, DE Baumgarten, Harry Edward III CS-15 Owensboro, KY Baumgartner, Daniel Joseph Jr. CS-24 Universal City, TX Baumgartner, Mich ael Lee CS-09 Collinsville. IL Beam, Lance David CS-09 Camden, oh Beaver, Charles Raymond Jr CS-12 Boiling AFB, Washington, DC Beckwith, Robert Scott CS-10 Denver, Bell, Michael Lii CS-02 Leavenworth, Beizer, David Roger CS-01 whiiteier, ca Bell, Steven Earl CS-12 Phoemx. az Belt, James Michael CS-33 Washington. Beltrand, Craig Douglas CS-12 Anoka. Benitez-Casandva, Wilfred Carl CS-14 Vieques. PR Bennett, Irvin Newman Jr. CS-05 Culpeper. VA Bennett, James Edwin CS-38 Edgewater. FL Bennett, Richard Lee CS-26 North Huntington. PA Berdeguez, Nicholas Peter CS-28 Ormand Beach. FL Bergamini, Peter John CS-23 Rockviiie. MD Berglund, Kenneth William CS-15 Chicago, IL Berkebile, Richard Evan CS-04 Puiaski, Bernard. James William CS-23 Los Bernhardt, George Paul IV CS-38 North Vassalboro. ME Besson, Paul Marc CS-06 New Hope, pa Class of 1979 297 Bianco, Lynn Alan CS-16 Tarzana. ca Bievenour, Michael Joseph CS-22 York, Bimmerman, Paul Henry III CS-03 san Bingaman, John Franklin CS-35 Cranston, Rl Single, Bruce Alan CS-18 lompoc, ca Bishop, Paul Elliott CS-11 Hoiiisier. ca Bjornson, David Lawrence CS-07 OTallon. IL Black, Richard Edward CS-24 Black, Ricky Eugene CS-02 Sunnyvale, ca Blake, Gergory Nathaniel CS-15 Mitchellville, MD Blanchard, William Richard Jr. CS-06 Mendenhall, MS Blight, Thomas Charles CS-16 Oklahoma Blount, Legrande Owen CS-37 housk Bodner, Michael Joseph CS-40 Boelman, Joel Mark CS-14 Beimond, ia Bohac, James Michael CS-15 Cumberland, Rl Boldosser, Michael John CS-23 Shelburne. VT Bonutti, Anthony George CS-27 Euclid, Booen. Michael Warren CS-27 BotteSCh, Curtis CS-35 Tempe. az Bowen, Kevin Wayne CS-21 pia Bowling, David Charles CS-03 Box, Jon Lee Stem CS-36 Ft 298 Class of 1979 l ; ! l iii Boyd, William Thomas CS-22 Ferndaie, CA Boyington. William Edward CS-37 Oakridge, TN Boykin, Johnie Keith CS-39 wendeii. nc Boykin, Stephen Michael CS-03 Houslon, TX Boylen, Daniel Michael CS-07 stow, ma Brace, Michael Wayne CS-23 Missouia. I T. 1 Bradley, Dale Michael CS-13 Mountain i Falls. NY Bradley, Michael Dean CS-40 waidick, NJ Braley, Mark Steven CS-16 Colorado Springs, CO Brandin, Keith Rahmond CS-06 Detroit Breidenstein, Martin Helmut CS-14 Rochester. NY Breines, Steven Howard CS-40 New Brevi er, Gregory French CS-20 Alexandria. VA Bridges, Berry Dale CS-40 corpus Christi, TX Briggs, Kevin Gunther, CS-02 Dallas, tx Brill, Michael Jon CS-10 Fairfax, va Britsch, Uwe Karlheinz CS-34 Menomonee Falls. Wi Brittenham, Larry Wayne CS-35 Lexington, NE Brown, A! Christopher CS-15 North Chicago. IL Brown, Douglas Allen CS-40 Syracuse. Brown, Kenneth Alan CS-02 Kernviiie. ca Brown, Lawrence Roderick CS-38 North Glenn. CO Brown, Robert Wilson JR CS-34 Perry LA Brown, Tommy Charles CS-09 Browne, Edward Hannan Jr CS-05 Cincinnati. OH Brownfield, John Joseph CS-19 Berwyn. Bruckmeier, Grant Hogue CS-30 Meridan, MS Brugh, Mark Steven CS-37 Paw Paw, mi Brundidge, Gregory Lynn CS-05 Panama City. FL Buchholz, Brian Joseph CS-39 Greenfield. WI Buckley, Charles Kelly CS-22 Lexington. Buda, Mario Charles CS-14 Goshen, ny Buechter, Mark James CS-38 Higginsville. MO Bunce, Peter John CS-07 Milwaukee, wi Burcher, William Russell CS-22 Hampton. VA Burg, Gary Douglas CS-11 Phi -.i — - Burton, Dale Anthony CS-13 lota k IHV ' " HI V , B Hi 0l l Busch, Andrew Erich CS-09 Las Vegas, - . . ■ " " " " ' " Bush, Gary Lee, CS-03 Tower City. PA Bush, Robert Bryan CS-01 Ashiand. ky Busier, Bruce Alan CS-31 Tempe. az Butcher, John Earl CS-11 Mt Lebanon. Class of 1979 299 Butler, Laurence Joseph CS-31 Davenport. lA Byers, Carl Leroy CS-35 Montezuma, ia Caglia, Kelly Louis CS-39 Fresno, ca Calhoun, Byron Craig CS-19 Tipton, ia Callahan, James Patrick CS-34 New Brunswick, NJ Calloway, David Leroy CS-23 Donahue. Calvin, John Todd CS-05 Tucson, az Candeto, Steven Lewis CS-10 Daiand, FL Carley, Dale Herbert Jr. CS-37 Griffin. GA Carnivale, Albert Maurice Verg CS-22 Burlington, NJ Carpenter, John Lewis CS-19 umatiiia. OR Carrington, William Miles Jr. CS-13 Denton, TX Carter, William Brand CS-31 Whitewater. Cebuhar, Mark Patrick CS-18 Tuisa. ok Cerise, Mark Coston CS-05 Colorado Springs. CO Chabolla, Steven Anthony CS-02 Bountiful. UT Chenaille, Peter Joseph CS-32 Williamslown. K A Childers, Edwin Ray CS-31 Chimelski, Scott Edward CS-20 i Chin, Craighton CS-32 San Francisco. CA Ching, Jefrey Gordon CS-20 Alexandria, Christy, James Greg CS-17 wesion, wv Clardy, William Lawrence CS-07 Clarlzio, Robert James CS-25 Hamilton. 300 Class of 1979 i I 0ii ■■• » ' Clark, Delane Eugene CS-10 statesviiie, NC Clay, Thomas Rafael CS-28 Tempe, az Cleland, Roy Alan CS-36 Houston, tx Cohick, Donald Michael CS-32 Williamsport. PA Colennan, Jerald Alan CS-18 san Diego, CA Collins, Harry Steven CS-14 Muinca hhi. Collura, Salvatore John Jr. CS-09 Titusville. FL Colvin, Gregory James CS-37 Dearborn, Colvin, James Thomas Jr. CS-40 Montgomery, AL Combs, James Leslie Jr. CS-22 Tahlequah. OK Connors, John Francis III CS-09 Waukesha, Wl Conroy, William Frederick III CS-10 Oak Lawn. IL Cook, Peyton Edward CS-36 sewanee. TN Coons, Burton Anglen CS-11 Baiision, Cooper, Charles Harry CS-Dayion, oh Cooper, Thomas Gerard CS-39 Bad Axe. Ml Coucoules, John Steven CS-33 Tacoma. Courtney, John Frederick CS-22 Burlington. MA Cozadd, Duane Ray CS-10 Easton, ks Craig, Nicholas Daniel CS-37 Stratford, CT Crandall, Michael Angelo CS-38 Burlington. MA Cromwell, Jori Nathan CS-33 Lmcom. ne Culp, David Prinsen CS-15 Colorado Springs. CO Cummings, Scott Owen CS-30 Curry, Gary Dean CS-32 Guernsey, ia Cusanelli, Robert Arthur CS-25 corai Springs. FL Cutkomp, Mark Edward CS-39 Cvelbar, Daniel Albert CS-32 San Pedro. CA Czerepak, George Karl CS-33 Wallington. NJ Dallas, John Robert Jr CS-32 uttie Darkes, Brian Keith CS-29 Lebanon, pa Davidson, Walter Frank CS-32 Monroe. CT Davis, Alan Keith CS-26 Louisviiie. ky Davis, Charles Richard CS-30 Spartanburg, SC Davis, John Luther CS-21 Colorado Springs, CO Davis, Patrick Allan CS-18 sequim. wa Davis, Philip Nathan CS-28 i Davis, Walter Roy Jr. CS-20 Colorado Springs. CO Davitte, Mitchell Citton Jr. CS-25 Bremen. GA Dawson, Michael Stephen CS-11 Arlington. TX Deaux, Charles Steven CS-38 Gainesville. FL Deekens, Arthur Carter CS-02 Class of 1979 301 DeFalco. Frank Ralph CS-38 Frankim Square. NV DeGraaf. Peter John CS-35 Paio aiio. ca DeGreef, Leo Henry CS-36 Saratoga, ca DeLouis. Dana Randel CS-19 Beinei, ct Deming, Bryan Franklin CS-33 Placerville, CA Dennis, Scott Thomas CS-28 Dover, de Dent. Joseph Franklin CS-26 cocoa Beach. FL Denton, David C. CS-16 Emd. ok Desmond, Robert CS-13 Arlington, ma Diamond, Paul Aaron CS-12 security, co Dickman, Steven Paul GS-23 Manchester. MA Dickson, Stephen Marshall CS-22 Daylon. OH DiFrancesco, Joseph GS-35 Hatfield, pa D ' Ingnazio, Timothy Lee GS-16 Media. PA Dobbert, Brian David CS-14 Cleveland. OH Donahue, Mark Joseph CS-39 Miami Shores. FL Donald, Edward Gregory CS-14 Jersey city. NJ Donaldson, Kenneth Avery H. CS-36 Saratoga. CA Donatelli. Michael Gerard CS-11 Hinsdale. IL Donovan, James Lawrence GS-14 Buckeye. AZ Doremus, Eric Vincent GS-34 Bowling Green. OH Dorff, Scott Jeffrey CS-02 coon Rapids, MN Doyle, William Paul Jr. CS-29 simi Valley. CA Draper, Gary James CS-36 chesapeak Drohan, Thomas Alan CS-24 Brooklyn, Dubicki. Edward Josef CS-02 Huntington DuBose, Ted CS-08 Sumter, sc Duda, George John Jr. CS-26 Albuquerque, NM Dudley, Thomas Edward Jr. CS-30 Itlllsboro. OR Dudney, Fred Stanton III CS-20 Tampa. FL Duhamel, John Leo Jr. CS-32 saiem. nh Dunaway, Jeffrey Wren CS-34 Branson. MO Dunbar, Matthew Clark CS-29 Baiiwin. MO Duncan, Christopher John CS-28 WInthrop Harbor. IL Dunkelberger, Leroy Bardsley CS-09 Santa Clara. CA Dunphy, Robert Murray III CS-03 Aurora. CO Durban, Ronald Marc CS-35 Monsey. ny Duvalle, Reginald Alfred CS-11 Indianapolis. IN Edmonds, David Kimball CS-31 Charlotte. NC Eichelberger, William Sweet II CS-36 La Vale. MD Elder, Gregory Dean CS-10 ei Paso. tx Elliott. Phillip Carey CS-29 utile Hock, ar 302 Class ol 1979 I T mM Ellis, William Waldorf CS-23 Hampion, VA Ellison, Roger Keith CS-24 Nonngienn. Emmert, Paul Hamilton CS-34 Los Alamitos, CA Englebrecht, Michael Scott CS-32 English, Brian Alwyn CS-34 Peckviiie, pa English, Thomas Edmund CS-18 Denver. CO Erlckson, Steven Gilbert CS-26 Aiwaier. CA Erkes, Gary William CS-24 Annapolis, md Ermel, Steven Dee CS-02 Colorado Springs. CO Eshleman, Brocl Woodson CS-01 Stockton. IL Evans, David Jacl CS-09 Brandenton. fl Eyre, Trulan Arthur CS-03 Reston. va Fagot, Jon Francis CS-06 west Point, ne Fallon, David Brian GS-05 Beioit. wi Falzone, Joseph James CS-05 wmthrop. ma Faulkner, Paul Edward CS-18 Field, Burton Montague CS-27 St. Petersburg. FL Finch, Phillip David CS-17 cabot, ar Finchum, Kenneth Gary Jr. CS-24 Murfreesboro. TN Fink, Michael David CS-37 Loveii. wy Fish, Mark Brandon CS-31 Manhattan Beach. CA Fisher, Robert George CS-32 Shaneateles. NY Fitzgerald, Michael Glen CS-30 Dallas. TX Flanders, Ronald Raymond CS-27 Richland. MO Fleming, Michael John CS-11 otter Taii Class ot 1979 303 Fleming. Thomas Francis CS-04 Sioux Falls. SD Flickinger, James Arthur CS-05 Indianapolis. IN Flood, Brian Joseph CS-15 oshkosh, Foertsch, Thomas Robert CS-01 Cincinnati, OH Fountain. Michael Alan CS-34 Geneva, NY Fox, Arthur Douglas Jr. CS-33 Littleton, CO Fox, Michael Edward CS-28 Randolph AFB, TX Franceschi, Darwin Charles Jr., CS-32 Frenchtow. NJ Francois, Frank Jr. CS-38 Fairfax, co Frangos, Stephen Anargiros CS-29 Conoga Park. CA Franklin. Jeffrey Gordon CS-25 Craigmont. ID Franklin, Stephen George CS-02 Roanoke. VA Frantz, Todd Richard CS-08 Fort Frey, Michael David CS-02 Soiana Beach, CA Fudge. James Mack CS-07 Garland. TX Fullhart, Randal David CS-15 Mesa, AZ Fyda, Timothy Joseph CS-08 Youngstown, OH Gagne, Richard Henry CS-07 Manchester, NH Galbreath, Bryan George CS-15 Mitton-Freewater. OR Gallego-Torres, Luis CS-29 Brooklyn. NY Garber, Michael James III CS-18 Williamstown. PA Garcia, Fred CS-04 East Eiy, nv Garza, Roberta CS-19 Colorado Springs. CO Gaylord, Robert Charles CS-22 Gebhard, Bruce James CS-08 Tempe, AZ Gee. Michael Patrick CS-13 Littleton. CO Genda. William Daniel II CS-08 Munroe Falls. OH Gentemann. James Lowell III CS-04 Springfield. VA Gerdemann, William Patrick CS-05 St. Louis. MO Gibbs, David Glenn CS-26 Oak Lawn. Giglio. Mark Steven CS-16 Oneonta. Gilbert, Michael Harris CS-20 Fairfield, CA Gilchrist, Lenue Jr. CS-11 Nichols, so Gilday, David Cheston CS-22 Gradyville. PA Gilliland, Kent James CS-09 Denver, CO Gipson, Michael Ray CS-31 Danviiie. Glass, Jeffery Rinn CS-30 Griffith, in Glenn, Michael Gregory CS-39 san Glover, John Delay CS-14 Tampa, fl Goldbach, Gregory Paul CS-21 iiiiiiiiiiii Golden, John Sterling CS-17 Fontana, CA Gomez, Felipe Alberto CS-07 Panama 304 Class of 1979 i in 223 ill Gomez, Gregory Alan CS-01 waisenburg. CO Gonzalez, Eduardo CS-06 san Anioma. Goodwin, Kenneth Ray CS-24 hooks. tx Gordon, Jeffrey Scott CS-31 Oakland, nj Gordon, Robert Louis CS-01 Riaito, Gordy, George Herman Jr. CS-11 Salisbury, MD Gorenc, Frank CS-19 Milwaukee, wi Gottlieb, Aryea CS-27 Papiiiion, ne Gowen. Jeffrey Bryan CS-37 Rapid City. SD Grady. James Henry Jr. CS-06 Graf, Stephen Douglas CS-08 Hyde Park, Gray, Ronald Louis CS-34 Piedmont, so Green, Gordon Strachan CS-06 Austin, TX Green, Thomas Gerard CS-24 Redondo Gregory, Gordon Francis CS-14 Palatine, IL Gregory, William George CS-33 Lockport, NY Gricius, Randall Edward CS-27 Fimt, mi Griffith, Thomas Edward Jr. CS-01 Sparta. NJ Grisham, Rodney Joseph CS-40 Rome, Grunwald, Scott Lewis CS-19 oshkosh. Guertin, David Bruce CS-34 vardiey, p Gunther, William Christopher CS-07 San Diego, CA Hackbarth, Joey Richard CS-20 Haendschke, Ernie Harold CS-20 ElmhufSt. IL Hagar, Richard Lee CS-28 Colorado Springs. CO Haisch, Henry Albert Jr. CS-23 Class of 1979 305 Hall, Richard Patrick CS-23 Bastrop Halvorsen, Steven Alan CS-22 Hamlin, Richard Paul Jr. CS-02 camon. OH Hamm, Thomas Freeman CS-23 Cheyenne. WY Hammer, John Joseph Jr. CS-33 Cleveland, OH HampI, Brian Joseph CS-34 Pouimey, ut Hanbey, Glenn Thomas CS Walla, WA Hancock, Regis Thomas CS-03 Lockhaven, PA Haney, Anthony Lee Heinrich CS-13 Salinas, CA Hanger, James Lynwood Jr. CS-10 Marietta, OH Harden, Bradford Lynn CS-16 Dallas, tx Hargrove, Mark Donald CS-07 AFB. CA Harper, Malcolm Clinton CS-07 Orleans Harrington, Scott David CS-35 Nov Harris, Gary Noel CS-18 Albuquerque. NM Harris. Junious Leo III CS-24 Kingston Hartley, David Bryan CS-32 st Peie, Hawkins, Carl Alan CS-03 sama Rosa, Hay, Scott Derald CS-22 Big stone c Hayes, Michael Sean CS-11 June Hays, Peter Lang CS-13 Sharon, ma Heaberlin, Michael Alan CS-17 Colorado Headberg, Greg Allen CS-30 OFaiion, il Headlee, Christopher Randolph CS-12 m ii Helms, Michael Randall CS-29 idabei, OK Henderson, Frank Ellis III CS-21 h,ii City. SD Hennlngs, Gary Lee CS-27 Fargo, nd Henry. Bobby Don CS-38 Muleshoe. TX Hernandez, Ricardo CS-37 Brownsville. TX Herrera, Rojelio Jr. CS-15 Wichita Fails, Herrera, Walter Hugh CS-26 Baiboa. Canal Zone Hess, Parke Hoffman Jr. CS-07 Philadelphia. PA Hilburn, tvlark James CS-40 wiimmgtoi NC Hill, Robie James CS-21 Whitmg. nj Hilley, Dennis Fred CS-18 Sumter. so Hilton, Jeffery Charles CS-26 Arimgtor Hoff, Ernest Howard CS- 29 Edmonds. WA Hoffman, Lawrence Joseph CS-23 Sacramento, CA Hoida, Daniel James CS-05 Denver, co Holbrook, John Bruce CS-35 Tucson, az Hollenbeck, Kenneth Frank CS-23 Imperial. MD Holmes, Reginald Carwin CS-14 Sacramento. CA Honeycutt, Grover Robert CS-34 Ft. Worth. TX Hoobler, Michael Alan CS-17 Angles Hood, David Bruce CS-26 Larayette. ca Hoog, Stephen Lawrence CS-25 San Horning, Richard Ranee CS-05 Brecksvllle. OH Horton, Ronald Gene CS-09 Golden, Hough, Paul Gary CS-22 Panama Clty.Fl Hoy, Timothy John CS-01 Fails City. ne Huberty, Paul Gerard CS-09 Burnsvuie. Hudspeth, Ernest Monroe Jr. CS-05 Cocoa Beach. FL Huff, George William CS-20 Chiiahowa. va Hughes, Peter Clark CS-04 Dayton, oh Hugo, Dennis Robert CS-09 Payton. oh Humphrey, Jack Dean Jr. CS-18 Hunsuck, Donald Edward CS-23 Las Vegas. NV Hunt, Edward Randolph III CS-20 Oakland. CA Hunt, Ronald Steven CS-31 Greenviiie. NC Hunt, Thomas Patrick CS-36 Colorado Hutchison, Hugh Edward CS-28 Columbus. MS Hyde, Jon Arlie CS-02 san Antonia. tx llseng, Jon Kent CS-39 corpus chnsi.. tx Impellizzeri, Kenneth Brian CS-33 Pompton Plains. NJ lott, Charles CS-39 Trumbuii. ct Jackson, Jeffry Alan CS-24 Severn, md Class of 1979 307 Jackson, William Thomas Jr. CS-22 Jacobsen, Frederick John CS-38 ciiiton Park. NY Jacobson, Christopher Peter CS-24 Jensen. Scott Ralph CS-16 Banngton, il Jerger. Michael Alan CS-19 jasper, in Jimenez, James Alfred CS-02 Bossier City, LA Jorgerst. John Donald CS-28 Pittsburgh, PA Johnson, Alan Eugene CS-23 oes Johnsn. Curtis Wayne CS-21 Mission Hills, CA Johnson. Henry Oliver IV CS-27 Fargo. Johnson, Samuel Lawrence CS-22 Bowling Green, KY Johnston, Stephen Andrew CS-40 Fairlield, CA Jones, Bradley Keith CS-17 Ukiah, ca Jones, Charles David CS-08 Spokane, Jones, Kevin Edward CS-09 Colorado Springs, CO Jones, Richard Ashley CS-16 Tipionviiie, TN Jones. Vernon Dale CS-25 San Misaei. CA Jones. Wesley Wilson CS-20 Riverdaie, GA Jordan. Michael Alexander CS-37 Washington, DC Jouas, Jan Marc CS-32 New York, ny Jowers, David Gordon CS-13 Jurewicz, Donald CS-19 Camden, de Kadlec. Robert Peter CS-29 vaiiey stream, LI, NY Keary, George Theodore Jr. CS-24 Keese, Charles Rex CS-12 Lamesa. tx Kellerhals, Philip John CS-10 Port Kelly, Brian John CS Kelly, Brian Thomas CS Kelly, Paul Michael CS-23 Virginia Beach Kemp, Calvin Wilfrid CS-14 Woodstock, Kent, Roger Lynn CS-15 Eau ciaire, Kerr, Stuart Vincent CS-21 Soi Kertz, Kevin Dean CS-38 Portland, or Kimmel, Charles David CS-35 Kinard, Samuel Robert CS-12 Coiviiie, King. Christopher Roche CS-28 l King, David Michael CS-38 Reading, King, Steven Boyd CS-21 Hot springs. Kirk, Kevin Dean CS-12 Springiieid, Kiss, Vincent Thomas CS-02 Kleinheksel, Mark Alan CS-20 Holland, 1 308 Class ot 1979 i a i i ft Klingshirn, Glen William CS-19 Sheftiei. Vdlage, OH Klopp. Todd William CS-06 Lima Peru Kluttz. John Robert Jr. CS-34 Fayelteville, NC Kochaniuk, Milton Michael CS-13 Inlernalional Falls, MN Kocourek, Elden James CS-07 Martin. so Koechel, Brian Robert CS-38 Longv Koehler, Kenneth Robert CS-07 Pittsburgh. PA Kohlhofer. Jeffery Lynn CS-27 Toledo. Kolling, James Gerard CS-10 San Kovatch, Thomas Bodnar GS-37 Wooster, OH Kraak, Kenneth Lee CS-32 Zeeiand, mi Krakoff, Richard Aaron CS-33 Jadustry. PA Kraska, Andrew William CS-05 Denver. CO Krier, Daniel Walter CS-37 nemck. so Kries, Keith Dale CS-30 Aiientown, pa Kronebusch. Robert Alan CS-21 Colorado Springs. CO Krzewinski, John Quentin Jr. CS-26 San Antonio. TX Kuebler, William Ray Jr. CS-01 Fargo, ND Kuehn, John Michael OS- 17 Fan creek. Kuhlmann, Mark Steven CS-28 universal Kurlancheek, Brad CS-26 Kingston, pa Lafon, Ronald Coleman CS-30 Morro Bay. CA Lane, Mark Ronald CS-20 Florence, or Lankford, Frederick Alan CS-40 Orlando. FL Larned. Russ Hall CS-15 Spokane, wa Larsh, Jeffrey Scott CS-25 Derby, ks Class of 1979 309 Larson, James Bryan CS-20 Ft Lathrop, Larry William CS-10 Colorado Springs. CO Lease, Lon Martin CS-01 Boone, ia Leatham, Dale Wade CS-24 Myrtle Leggett, Michael John CS-16 Derby, ks Lemelin, Edward Emile CS-06 usafa. Lengenfelder, Douglas Robert CS-01 Lenz, Peter Ralph CS-22 Podunk. tn Leonard, Steven Douglas CS-01 Dayton, Leone, Michael CS- Lepper, Steven Joseph, CS-37 Cambridge, England Leptrone, Jeffrey Lee CS-22 ciearwater. Lessel, Erwin Francis III CS-04 SuHern. Leuthold, Mark Alan CS-33 Bucyrus, oh Leutze, Michael Scott CS-22 Hamim, ny Lewis, James Calvin CS-26 concord, ca Lewis, William Lee Jr. CS-30 Houston, TX Liard, Scott Robert CS-25 Newport, ri Llederbach, Jeffrey Thomas CS-03 Lientz, Michael Eugene CS-04 LInd, Marcus Reed CS-24 Omaha, ne Lindblom, Bruce Allen CS-09 chiiiicothe. Locher, Mark Albert CS-24 st Charies, il Lockie, Thomas Ray CS-19 Paio cedro. 310 Class 01 1979 Miihiliii iirfi iiiiiii iiiiiiii WPP ' a liiiiii Lonczak, David Walter CS-39 Sacramento, CA Long, Cyril Steven CS-20 axon, il Long, Leslie James CS-08 Rockweii, tx Long, Ronald Miles CS-23 Hmesviiie, ga Longoria, Michael Allen CS-26 Houston, Long» ill, Brian Grant CS-17 Las Crjces, Looney, Steven Jeffres CS-34 Ft Lowery, Stephen Mann CS-26 syimar, CA Lujan, Bruce Everett CS-02 Albuquerque, NM Lukasik, Mark Joseph CS-07 Pensacoia, FL Lund, Eric Hale CS-35 Moraga, ca Lund, John Leonard Jr. CS-10 San Antonio, TX Lundy, Leo Clayton CS-25 San Antomo. TX LuStig, Donald CS-24 Saratoga, CA Luukkonen, William Jon CS-13 Eveieth, MN Machado, Kenneth Ronald Jr. CS-03 Long Beach. CA MaCkey, Philip Jr. CS-22 Wilmington, DE Macklin, Joseph David Jr. CS-15 Stuttgart, Germany MacPherson, Bruce Earl CS-25 Colorado Springs, CO Madsen, David Alan CS-08 sait Lake City, UT Maher, William Michael CS-22 st Louis, MO Mallery, Carl John CS-22vestai, ny Mamuzich, Kelvin Anthony CS-33 Conrad, MT Mandziara, James Joseph CS-38 Bensenville, IL Mangan, John William III CS-14 Dedham, MA Manning, David Michael CS-21 Indianapolis, IN Mariaca-Fellman, Luis CS-01 La Paz, Bolvia MarkI, David Charles CS-16 Colorado Springs, CO Marquardt, Joe Henry CS-30 Canon city, CO Martin. Chal Arnold CS-19 wastiougai, WA Martin, Daniel Perry CS-12 Auit, co Martinelli. Michael Arthur CS-20 Orange, MS Masonis, Jerome Felix II CS-20 Woodbridge, VA Mathews, Stephen Allen CS-32 Burnsville, MN Matsen, Stephen Ralph CS-19 Beiievue, Mattern, Kenneth Gerard CS-28 Scituate, MA Mattson, Michael Alan CS-01 Joppatowne, MD Matz, Jon Allan CS-25 ptiiiadeiptiia, pa Maust, Dennis Ray CS-25 Morgantown, Maxon, Stuart Brian CS-06 scotsdaie, az Maxwell, Richard Maurice CS-27 Monterey, CA May, Mark Danover CS-27 Colorado Class of 1979 31 Maynard, Joel Ray CS-25 North Chicago. Mays, William Bernard CS-06 Albuquerque, NM McAlear, Rodney Alan CS-31 Marshall, MO McBride, George Edward III CS-28 Wauban. Wl McCabe, Thomas Matthew CS-19 Middle Island, NY McCafferty, Thomas Patrick CS-05 New York, NY McCarthy, Thomas Alan CS-21 Plainview. NJ McCartney, David Robert CS-27 Asheville. NC McCasland, William Neil CS-06 Tucson. AZ McCausland. Charles Warren CS-34 Austin. TX McChesney, Donald James CS-31 ei Paso. TX McChesney, Jeffrey Alan CS-18 Pease AFB. NH McCorkle. Charles Schuyler CS-16 Tempe, AZ McCormack, John Blaise CS-17 East Hills. NY McCurdy, Timothy Myles CS-13 Onalaska, Wl McDavid, Geoffrey Kent CS-03 Hoiiy, mi McDonald, Dann Cory CS-27 Lincoln, ri McElwee, Michael James CS-24 Levittown. PA McGovern, Thomas Leo III CS-19 Miami, FL McGrath, Daniel Timothy CS-10 Colorado Springs. CO McGraw, Danny Lee CS-15 Cottonwood. CA McGreal, Robert Michael CS-13 Framingham, MA Mclntee, James William Jr. CS-13 Pittsburgh. PA Mclntire, Edward John CS-15 Worchester. MA McKay, David Brian CS-19 scipio center, McKay, Kenneth Earl Jr. CS-36 Branchville, SC McKlnney, David Keith CS-37 Eugene, OR McKinnon, Frank Bruce CS-39 Gien Head. NY McLaughlin, John Scot CS-35 Montgomery. AL McLean, Timothy Richard CS-07 Clintion, NJ McNeill, Rodney James CS-21 o lean, Melim, Peter Brian CS-28 Pouisbo, wa Mendoza, Frank Remedies CS-16 san Jose, CA Merriam, Stephen Donald CS-16 Chittenango, NY Meyer, Randell Scott CS-28 cataiina Island. CA Micallzzi, John CS-04 Lake Hopascong. NJ Mikula, Daniel Joseph CS-26 Johnstown. Miller, James Morgan Jr. CS-27 Vliller, Jerry Franklin CS-29 Sheiby. oh Miller, Mark David CS-11 Raito, ca Miller, Paul Jeffrey CS-09 Mniord. in Miller, Wesley Alan CS-08 Atlanta, ga 312 Class of 1979 o a i iiiii Millican, Marc Joseph CS-01 Ne Orleans, LA Milot, William Paul CS-03 Brockic MinkinOW, Ted H. CS-23 Enterprise. AL Minster, Seth Norman CS-05 Sheboygan, Mitchell, Verner Devone CS-38 Thomasville, GA Miyamoto, Jimmy CS-40 Seattle, wa Mohar, Robert Kevin CS-27 Lakewood. CO Moore, Harrell Mac II CS-18 Fairfax, va Moore, Jeffrey Alan CS-21 Oakland, ca Morel, Ronald Raymond CS-01 San Francisco. CA Morgan, George Rose III CS-40 Greenville, SC Morgan, John Jay CS-25 Bridgetown, nj Morgan, Kevin James CS-11 Rochester. Morgan, Mark Edward CS-37 Anderson. Moroze, Michael Lawrence CS-30 Fairlawn. NJ Morris, Thomas Joseph CS-21 oid Greenwich. CT Morrissette, Michael Craig CS-08 Dahlgren. VA Mueller, Stephen Paul CS-17 Eigm. il Muhlenberg, Mark Clinton Kress CS-39 Pottstown. PA Mullady, Michael CS-08 Huntington Beach. GA Mulligan, Geoffrey Craig CS-21 Sor CA Mumby, James Joseph Jr. CS-20 Woodbrldge. NJ Mundelein, Teddy Otto Jr. CS-23 Murakami, Michael Gibson CS-32 Murphy, William Kim CS-35 New York Murry, Curtis R. CS-27 Charleston, sc Class of 1979 313 Muscatell, James John Jr. CS-33 Lowellville, OH Needham, Theodore Earle III CS-34 Scoltsdale. AZ Needs, Richard Charles CS-21 Eugene. OR Neice, Mark William CS-29 Hurley, wi Nelsen, Donald Andrew CS-06 Beltendorl. lA Nelson, James Latham CS-12 Norioid. NE Nemeth, Gregory Stephen CS-20 west Palm Beach. FL Neumann, Joseph Martin CS-25 Minneapolis. MN Newbold, Stephen Earl CS-09 Eiizaoeih City. NC Newlin, Douglas Miles CS-13 Brownsburg, IN Newman. Laurence Braselman CS-09 Boston. MA Newman, Richard Lawrence CS-17 Fox River Grove, IL Nichols, Gary Warren CS-02 Layton, ut Nichols, John Frederick CS-38 Bowie. Niezen, Alejandro Jorge CS-29 Nord, Robert Arnold CS-29 Monon Norris, Michael Anthony CS-04 Albuquerque. NM Norton, Bradley Gene CS-27 Eigm. ne Notestein, John Andrew II CS-24 Appomattox. VA Nowak, Michael James CS-18 Rome, ny O ' Connell, Peter Francis IV CS-12 O ' Donnell, John Charles CS-30 Spokane. WA O ' Mahen, John Clayton CS-01 San 314 Class of 1979 O ' Neil, James Wil O ' Neil, John Patrick CS-38 si Louis. m Orban, Kenneth Daniel CS-15 Rocheste Ortiz, David CS-38 Rosharon. TX Osier, Benjamin Franl iin CS-03 Ostdiek, Paui Hubert CS-16 Oswaid, Jeffrey Sylvan CS-37 OtOmO, tVliChael CS-20 Los Angeles, CA Owen, David Lawrence CS-07 cmcmnan, OH Owen, Mark Hoermann CS-17 Colorado Springs. CO Paddock, Patrick Benjamin II CS-25 Los Angeles. CA Page, Brian Coleman CS-40 Cocoa Palandech, Donald Michael CS-30 Darian. IL Pappalardo, Paolo CS-06 Arcadia, ca Paradowski, Anthony Michael CS-05 Niagra Falls. NY Pardo, John Robert Jr. CS-08 Bedford, TX Pardun, Lindsey Scott CS-25 Loveiand. CO Parsons, Robert Arthur III CS-33 Parsons, Roger Dale CS-22 Evansviiie, ii Pasko, Peter David CS-23 Reading, pa Pasterak, George Richard CS-24 Lorai OH Pate, Waiter Randolph Jr. CS-12 Mountain Home AFB, ID Pearson, Edward Omer CS-24 Fuiion. MS Pearson, Ricardo CS-18 Kansas city, mo Pecor, Bruce Ryan CS-39 Aitoona. wi Pepin, Wayne Clifford CS-05 Metneun. Peplinski, MiGhael Lawrence CS-11 Point Sanilac, Ml Perdue, Vinson Kyle CS-06 Summerviiie, sc Perry, Ronnie Wilson CS-31 ml Juiiet. TN Peters, David Merritt Jr. CS-27 Kaiiua. Peters, Richard Daniel CS-08 waimanaio. Patterson, Hermes Juan Jr. CS-13 Rockledge, FL Pfautz, Richard John CS-01 Cairo. Egypt Phene, Claude James II CS-30 Florence. sc Phillips, Patrick William CS-09 Phillips, Richard Anthony CS-22 Phillips, William Edgar IV CS-07 Sacramento, CA Pickett. Gary David CS-23 San oiego, ca Pickett, John Oseland CS-40 Mountain Home AFB, ID Pierce, George Jerald CS-29 Antiocn. il Pimental, Mark Norman CS-13 Freemont, CA Piribek, John Martin CS-30 Morgantown. Class of 1979 315 Plaehn, Timothy Alan CS-29 Spring Valley. MN Player, James Ingram CS-17 waiterboro. sc Pointer, Ronald Lynn CS-23 Colorado Springs, CO Pool, James Hiram CS-36 oaiias. tx Price, Jeffrey Alan CS-37 Nortn foik, va Prior, Jofin William II CS-06 Eugene. OR Quasney, Thomas Joseph CS-20 Dayton. OH Rakel, Steven Leroy CS-14 Cincinnati, oh Ramirez, Juanito Esteban CS-10 Oklahoma City. OK Rand, Robin CS-35 Kiarrain Fans, or Rasmussen, Steven Kurt CS-31 carson City. NV Rathnau, Ronald Alan CS-38 Houston. Rayfield, William L. II CS-08 Columbia. MD Reed, Dale Nixon Jr. CS-14 Houston, tx Regan, James Christopher III OS- 13 USAFA. CO ReichI, Karl Otto Jr. CS-24 Mt. ciemons. Ml Reid, Mark Doyle CS-21 Denver, co Reilly, William Daniel III CS-01 Beiievue. Rember, William Bruce CS-25 Cincinnati. OH Renis, Joseph Anthony CS-26 Traverse City, Ml Repasky, Daniel Steven CS-29 conoga Park, CA Rev . William John CS-19 Columbia, sc Reynolds, Scott Allen CS-38 Harmon, me Rhodes, David Mitchell CS-37 Rhodes, Michael Lee CS-13 Taiiatiassee. FL Rippeto, Archie Dean CS-04 st. ctiaries. MO Ristine, William Norman CS-16 Torrance. CA Roach, Bruce Donald CS-31 Westminister. CA Robb, Douglas John CS-03 ciearwater. FL Roberge, Robert Albert CS-04 Roctiesler. NH Roberts, David Lawrence CS-39 Oceanside, CA Robertson, Jeffery Alan CS-30 Oak Park, IL Robideaux, Robin Dale CS-23 silver Bay. MN Robidoux, Robert Alan CS-40 Tucson. AZ Robin, Mark Anthony CS-10 Alexandria. Robinson, Eddie CS-01 st louis. mo Robinson, Lesley Thomas CS-40 Oriental. NC Rodgers, James Lewis CS-15 Newport. KY Rodseth, Jeffrey Allen CS-09 Twin Fans. ID Roeder, Gary Lee CS-28 Lawrenceviiie. GA Rogers, Claude Stafford CS-36 Miami. Rokes, Michael David CS-35 Atwater. ca 316 Class ol 1979 W ' mwM f a 22r Roller, Michael Sterling CS-33 umvers Roman, Gregory Anthony CS-11 Colorado Springs. CO Rooney, Timothy Patrick CS-04 f Halls. PA Rosebush, Russell Canon CS-04 Colorado Springs. CO Ross, Gordon Scott CS-23 North Tarrylown. NY Ross, Mark Landon CS-26 Kansas City. Rountree, Gregory CS-24 Edmond. ok Rowe, Robert Addison CS-34 Bumsviiii Rower, Gary CA-12 Phoeniz, AZ Roy, Robert L. CS-17 miins. ma Ruda Paul Philip CS-27 Pismel Heignis.MD Rueb Justin Duane CS-12 Atchisen. ks Runk, James Carnall CS-36 Annandaie. Ruth, Charles Delma III CS-09 Grand Forks. ND Ryan, James Francis CS-24 Accord, ny Ryan, Richard Scott CS-09 Paradise, ca Ryder, Bill Kenneth CS-04 Beiievue. ne Saettel, Donald Joseph CS-03 Keitenng. OH Saffold, David Lloyd CS-19 Meivm. mi Sague, Steven Eric CS-12 oaiias. tx Salvador, John Alexander CS-03 Stafford Springs. CT Sanchez, Humberto Ayala II CS-28 Odessa. TX Sanders, Robin Lynn CS-18 Refugio, tx Sandoval, Lawrence Joseph CS-36 Santa Fe. NM Sands, Raymond Greene CS-32 Coacti Beach. FL Sapper, David Anthony CS-18 walnut Creek, ca Class of 1979 317 Saunders, Edward William CS-05 Fori Lauderdale. FL Savala, Thomas Joseph CS-01 Cypress, CA Sawtelle, Steven Craig CS-17 Raynham, MA Sawyer, Willis Elmer Jr. CS-04 Hempstead. NY Scherbinske, Donald Allen CS-32 Riverside. CA Scheuermann, Steven Paul CS-15 Toledo. Ohio Schirmer, Chester Clarence CS-29 Las Schmidt, Bradly Robert CS-38 Cristobal. Canal Zone Schmidt, Kerry Dean CS-03 Kennewick. WA Schmidt, Kevin Gene CS-28 Kennewick. WA Schmidt, Martin William CS-33 Duiuth. MN Schmidt, Stephen Dean CS-04 Laporte. NE Schmidt, Timothy James CS-39 Meguon. Wl Schmidt, James Eugene CS-18 Portsmouth. lA Schneider, Robert Stanley II CS-22 Schneller, James Linus CS-29 si Louis. Schoch, Dennis Lee CS-16 Oak Harbor. OH Schoon, Neil Frank CS-03 Manson. ia Schossau, Tom Marvin CS-22 wideiieid, CO Schotanus, Reed David CS-01 Libertyville. IL Schubert, Paul Randall CS-38 Chicago. IL Schug, Klaus Helmut CS-33 Anaheim, ca Schuld, Rodger Glenn CS-26 Macedonia. OH Schultz, Keith Dewayne CS-24 Bardstown. KY Schultz, Frederick Ernst CS-11 Atlanta. GA Scott, Daniel Lee CS-39 Mansfield, oh Seager, Samuel Clyde Jr. CS-08 Fori Myers. FL Seamster, Robert Arthur CS-21 Alamosa. CO Seller, Wayne Joseph CS-37 st Sekac, Edward Anthony CS-16 Plattsburgh. NY Semenok, Wayne Alan CS-39 Clearwater. FL Senechek, David Robert CS-03 Guii Shell, Roger Dean CS-33 Poniand. or Shemwell, Paul Floyd CS-27 Copperas Shields, John Jeffrey CS-39 Metaine. aa Shillington, Thomas Patrick CS-18 Short, Gregory Lee CS-14 cape Fair, mo Shropshire, Allan Bowman CS-31 san Antonio. TX Shular, Kurt William CS-23 Peona. il Shumate, James Raymond CS-06 Springfield. CO Shunk, Lawrence James CS-40 San Diego. CA Siegrist, Robert Chris CS-08 union city. 318 Class of 1979 f ' j r ( ilillliii t Simmons, Scott Patrick CS-28 Springfield, PA Sims, James Ray Jr. CS-35 oneoria iiii liiiiiti iii Skarstedt, Vance Robert CS-18 los Angles, CA Skubal, Gary Alan CS-29 Hoihsterm, ca Smetana, Scott Michael CS-15 Lutieton, CO Smiley, Charles Preston CS-19 si Louis. MO Smith, David Bailey CS-04 sierra vista. AZ Smith, Gerald Thomas CS-29 San Antonio. TX Smith, Gregory Lee CS-13 oayion. oh Smith, James Douglas CS-09 Pender, ne Smith, Robert Barclay CS-14 Napion. MO Snow, Warren Wilson CS-05 Kernersviiie NC Snoy, Kenneth Lawrence CS-17 warren. OH Synder, Francis Edmund CS-40 Paio Alto. CA Synder, Jay Russell CS-10 Buffalo, ny Snyder, Jeffrey Grant CS-36 Ann Arbor. f i Sollars, Mark Joseph CS-33 Seattle, wa SOSa, Steve AdOlfO CS-08 Campbellsburg, IN Sowards, Mark Anthony CS-09 Chicago. IL Spears, Frederick Scott CS-10 Marietta. GA Spence, Stephen Merrell CS-25 Hedlands, CA Spencer, Clyde Vernon, Jr. CS-16 Hickory, NC Spurio, Nazzareno Henry Jr. CS-02 Newport News, VA Stalmer, Marc David CS-06 scotch Staples, Richard John CS-34 Ft coiims. ' • -M Jr m ' r ' ' y1 Stark, Thomas Joseph CS-25 Pitisburgt WBnaMmmm Stearns, Mark Ellis CS-05 Annapons, md Steed, James Charles CS-32 sowie.MD Steele, Danny CS-25 Tacoma, wa Steffen, Michael Wiley CS-20 Lansmg. m Stephan, Robert B CS-31 Hobart. in Stevens, Kurt Benedict CS-36 Stewart, Ruston Joseph CS-13 Class of 1979 319 stone, Wiliam Eugene Jr. CS-36 Louisville. KY Storms, Douglas Richard CS-34 ciay. Story, James Richard CS-17 Chicago, il Stratford, Daniel William CS-15 Mechanicsburg, PA Stricklin, Steven Lenn CS-07 coiorado Springs. CO Stubbs, Stephen Woodrow CS-11 Loves Part, il Stull, Bert William Nicholas CS-30 Duiulh, MN Sumada, Jiro Alan CS-14 Hiio, hi Susalla, John Raymond CS-12 Sanford. Sveska, Greg Robert CS-01 Denver, co Svestka, Mark Joseph CS-11 fi Bragg, NC Swain, Robert Raymond Jr. CS-10 Charleston, SC Swanson.Dale Alan CS-04 Mankaio. mn Swanson, Pat Henry CS-09 oaiias. tx Swanson, Paul George CS-29 Cromweii, CT Swartz, Calvin Leroy CS-22 Addison, mi Szulta, John Anton III CS-33 Central isiip. Takai, Thomas Anthony CS-26 Farmington Hills, Ml Talbot, Thomas John CS-17 Anoka, mn Tarczynski, Gary Chester CS-12 Chicago. IL Tardie, Robert David CS-16 Essex Center. VT Taylor, Abbott Lawrence Jr. CS-20 Taylor, Walter William Jr. CS-23 Braintree. MA Tebrink, Kenneth Lee CS-24 Denver, co Teigeler, Thomas William CS-32 Jacksonville, FL Tenpas, Lowell Jay CS-18 Hmgham, wi Tettelbach, Robert John CS-40 New Haven, CT Thomas, David Gerald CS-40 Kennewick. Thomas, John Dave CS-20 Jacksonville. FL Thomas, Michael Allan CS-12 Thomason, James Knox CS-11 Camon. GA Thomasson, David John CS-23 Lennon Harper Woods, Ml Thurman, Paul Edward CS-39 Cenlerville. OH Tierney, John Gregory II CS-34 Tierney, Thomas Anthony CS-33 Tisdale, Patrick David Jr. CS-34 Columbus. GA Todar, Charles Frank CS-28 ei pbso Todoroff, Kurt Richard CS-13 Tomkinson, Stanley Joe CS-09 Casa 320 Class ol 1979 p-n, (? raw Towe, Russell Lynn CS-08 Eigm, il Trapaga, Ralph Paul Louis CS-19 san Francisco. CA Travnick, William Ross CS-28 Rockiord. Treadway. Charles Goodrich C. CS-21 New Orleans, LA Tremblay, Richard Eugene CS-28 Salem. MS Trogstad, Douglas Dale CS-17 Fossion. Trouwborst, Keith James CS-16 Bud Lake, NJ Trumble, Quentin Miles GS-21 Sebastopol. CA Tschirgi. Daniel Martin CS-14 Rembeck, Tullia, Terrance T. CS-18 Coiumbus, ga Turberville. Mark Stephen CS-37 BIytheville, AR Ungaro, Glen Dominic San Pedro. ca Vance. James Donald CS-05 scuthboro. MS VanDam, Blaine Anthony CS-34 sioux Falls. SD Vandercook David Alan CS-24 Haies Corners, Wl Van Hoomissen, Michael Frederic CS-18 usafa. CO Vanlaan, Michael Jon CS-33 VanValkenburg, Scott William CS-33 Vanwicklin, Frederick Dale CS-05 Farminglon Hills. Ml Vazquez, Donald John Jr. CS-35 Smithtown, NY Veitschegger, Frederick Bense CS-21 Bowling Green, KY Vendlinski, Terry Paul CS-36 Sacremento. CA Vera, Nelson Thomas CS-07 onando, fl Vilot, Michael Joseph CS-35 upper Saddle River, NJ Vinskey, Michael Andrew CS-15 Amherst, MA Vitullo, John Baptista Jr. CS-40 Duiuih, MN Vogt, Robert Paul CS-03 Hyaitsviiie, md Volk, Mark Alan CS-14 Midwest city, ok Von Kessel, Karl Rudolph CS-04 Chaffee, MO Vrabel, David John CS-10 Perryopoiis, pa Waddell, Charles Christian Jr. CS-29 Texarkana. AR Wagner, Glen Richard CS-31 twisp. wa Wagner, John CS-37 Ft Lauderdale, fl Waibel, Burt Carl CS-20 Aspen, co Walker, Frank Evans CS-11 south Dart Wallace, Rick Collin CS-35 cnagrm Fails. OH Walley, Richard Allen CS-30 Grand Bay. Walsh, Guy Michael CS-13 Manasquan. Walter, Jeffrey Alan CS-19 Youngsiown. OH Ward. David Clarke CS-10 wmttier. ca Ward, John Ellis Junior CS-17 Abilene. TX Ware, Michael Eddie CS-36 Sateinte Class of 1979 321 Warner, Curt Elliott CS-31 si Thomas. Watkins, Alex Eugene CS-04 Mendenhaii. MS Watkins, Steven David CS-03 Nashviiie. TN Watson, Michael Dale CS-12 oaiias. tx Wavering, Kenneth Robert CS-10 Springfield, IL Weart, Steven Faith CS-05 san Anionic, TX Weaver, Glenn Wayne CS-36 fi wonh, TX Weaver, Kenneth Lee CS-05 Fori waiion Beach, FL Weaver, Paul Jennings CS-11 Aiamosa, CO Welger, Williann Kurt CS-10 Ausim, tx Weiland, Michael James Potter CS-04 Altaloma. CA Weisman, Joseph Steven CS-31 Providence, Ri Welch, William Edward CS-37 Faiis Church, VA Westlund, Michael Robert CS-31 Ol lahoma City, OK Weeless, Steven Dean CS-08 Springiieid. VA White, James Arling III CS-16 Nowaik, CA White, Lawrence James CS-35 Osh Kosh. Wl Whiting, Harrison Hayes 3rd CS-17 Sheridan. AR Willard, Bruce Warren CS-38 Greeiey, CO Willemln, Robert Leon CS-07 Seattle, Williams, Steven Craig CS-04 Gienwood. Wills. Guy James III CS-34 San Anionic. TX Wilson, Edward Marcel CS-29 Caioweii. Wingo. Thomas Lester CS-31 Gwid. ok Winters. James Brian CS-13 Pert Angeio, Withers, Peter Alex CS-38 Martinez, ca Witt. Richard Bruce CS-33 omaha. ne Woish. Mark Stanley CS-16 Boston, ma Worsowi cz, Christopher Joseph CS-14 Jacksonville. FL Wright. Walter Edwin III CS-32 Redlands. CA Wyatt, Richard Gerald CS-35 sianicrd. CT Wyman, Max McDonald CS-12 Long Beach. CA Yaniero. William Clement CS-11 Bnsioi. TN Yanni, Thomas Douglas CS-23 Gien Dale. WV Yata. Avyn Fumio CS-18 wahiav«a. hi Young Daniel Carl CS-39 Garden cny, mi liiMitiiiifliii Zagorski. James CS-36 upper Maiboro, MD Zamora. Ross Carl Jr. II CS-29 Aurora. CO Zanowicz. Edward Thomas CS-23 Scotch Plains. NJ Zarate, Peter John CS-38 San jose. ca NOT PICTURED: Schumacher. Edward James CS-30 Swamberg, Kevin CS-16 322 Class 01 1979 iiitiiii iiiti Accardo, Joseph Anthony Jr. CS-32 ACOba, Prime Jr. CS-33 Panama City, FL Adams, Daniel Sinclair Jr. CS-16 Adent, William Hunt CS-10 whitue Akelman, Andrew Arthur CS-36 , Albrecht, Thomas Lane CS-12 st Paul, Alexander, David Lavone Jr. CS-23 Alicea-Ortiz, Edgar CS-32 san juan, Puerto Rico Allardice, Robert Ray CS-31 Cammo. ca Amicarelli, Daniel CS-15 Greenville, oh Andersen, Thomas Kervin CS-27 Albert Anderson, David Robert CS-34 iiftiiii itiii Andrew, Sanford Stephen CS-06 Andrews, Edward CS-09 Ai ater, c Andrews. William Francis CS-27 CLASS OF 1980 Angarole, Michael Ingward CS-13 : Jose, CA Angello, Joseph John Jr. CS-37 Armagh, PA Apfel, Karl Alfred CS-40 Eixhan, in Arata, Thomas Christopher CS-32 Upper Darby, PA Arboleda, Henry Jimmie CS-35 Colorado Springs, CO Aretz. Anthony Joseph CS-33 Laiayeiie, Armbruster, Theresa Kay CS-09 si LOUIS, MO Armstrong. Roy Gene CS-04 Aiv.n, tx Ashley, Richard Thomas CS-12 Pom.ac, Class of 1980 323 Astin, Jared Alan CS-02 Boumnui. ut Atwood, Lome Henry CS-39 Rediands. CA Audiss, Mark Dale CS-12 Butte, ne Augst, Gregory Dale CS-14 Tucson, az Ault, Jeffrey Thomas CS-25 wiiiiamsport. PA Austin. Fred CS-23 Mission hiiis. ca Babineau. Robert Joseph CS-19 Eielson, AFB, Fairbanks. AK Bach. Ronald James CS-29 Mapiewood, NJ Baird. Ronald Eugene CS-21 Toocie. ut Baker, William Allen CS-30 Long Beach. MS Balazs, James Michael CS-37 Pcugto Ball, Shelby Gregory CS-07 New Brauntels, TX iiiitiiii 1 J Dffi Kfl k MMmmmB L ►!♦! ►: r — Ballard, Lee Jane CS-40 Easeiy. so Banwell, Carrie Lane CS-36 Barker, John Martin Jr. CS-35 Essex, il Barland, Karen Sue CS-16 Sacramento, Barnett, Deanne Mariko CS-31 Honaiuiu. Barnhill, Jon Tracy CS-15 Beiievue. ne Barraza, Daniel Thomas CS-14 Richmond, CA Bassett, Charles Kenneth CS-09 New Batts, Stephen Michael CS-17 san Fernando. CA Bauer. Bradley Alan CS-03 Los Angles, CA Bauer, Johann Richard Ernest CS-21 Seattle. WA Baylock, Joseph Stanley CS-10 324 Class of ' m 1-11-3 ' i Beard, Thomas Wayne CS-13 Colorado Springs, CO Becker, William Robert CS-28 si Louis, Becraft, Marc David CS-18 Novate, ca Beesley, Richard Allen CS-18 Chantonnr, Banbury, England Beeson, Travis Malcolm Jr. CS-22 Walterboro, SC Below, Arthur Robert Jr. CS-07 Scarborough. NY Belsito, Peter Guy CS-18 Bioommgion. MN Benjamin, Edwin Douglas CS-12 Missouri City. TX Benjamin, Gail Frances CS-34 Queens. Benjamin, Vaughn Philip JR. CS-28 Benn, Mack III CS-09 Sutfuik, va Berger, Nancy Diane CS-03 Rockviiie Bess, Ricky Dale CS-03 Santa Maria, CA Best, James Henry CS-04 ei Paso. tx Bianco, Joseph Anthony CS-34 Mamadoneck. NY Biederstedt, Richard Jerome CS-09 Springfield. VA Bienn, Marvin CS-08 Baton Rouge, la Bigo, Henri Jean CS-32 Bishop, Kathleen Marie CS-25 Washington. DC Bivans, Raymond Andrew CS-13 Gien Burnie, MD Blakeman, David Michael CS-16 Lexington. KY Blakeney, Gary Louis CS-06 San Diego. CA Blalock, Betty Louise CS-14 La Raima. CA Blazicko, Rudolph J. CS-03 Buffalo, ny Blevins, Charles Kevin CS-22 Mission Hills. CA Bloemer, John Daniel CS-39 Athens, ga Bobinger, Mark Anthony CS-13 Chico. CA Boedigheimer, Ralph Alan CS-32 Grand Forks AFB. ND Boice, Rebecca Ellen CS-27 Lyons, ny Bond, Eugene Levering CS-31 Baltimore. MD Boone, Daniel Logan CS-21 Seattle, wa Boothby, David Bradford Jr. CS-09 Houston. TX Bopp, Andrea Michelle CS-22 Anaheim, CA Borchardt, Mark Dana CS-28 Los Gatos. CA Bornmann, Richard Lambert Jr. CS-05 Wiggins. CO Borrelli, Louis CS-36 Miramar. fl Borsi, John Joseph CS-12 sterling Park, Boteilho, Steven Francis CS-37 san Francisco. CA Bowles, James Leslie Jr. CS-26 Newnan. GA Bowman, William Royer Jr. CS-11 Signal Mountain. TN Boyer, David Andrew CS-15 Seiievue, ne Bracich, Mark Edward CS-32 orange, ca Class of 1980 325 Brady, Frank Hahler CS-16 camp Springs. MO Breen, Thomas Michael CS-15 fi Breidt, Peter Stephen CS-38 Webster, Brennan, Timothy Patrick CS-21 Luia. GA Brewer, Lindsy Roderick CS-32 Biioxi. MS Bricker, Stephen Nelson CS-22 Fresno. CA Bright, Matthew Ray CS-13 Homedaie. lo Brightbill, Elizabeth Ann CS-07 Tiburon, CA Britton, David Patrick CS-04 Eugene, or Broe, Thomas Marcel CS-10 Riverdaie, GA Brookshire, Homer Steele CS-05 Valparaiso, FL Brown, Bradley Edward CS-01 Riverside, Brown, Daniel Eugene CS-19 Deii Rapids, SD Brown, David Robert CS-02 San Antonio, TX Brown, Deron Michael CS-30 Mamtou Springs, CO Brown, Gregory Allen CS-34 Perry, ga Brown, Marcus Blake CS-24 Las vegas. Brown, Michael Anthony CS-29 Brown, Peter Mark CS-12 st Chanes. mo Bruns, Brad Roy CS-40 pnoenix. az Brunskole, Steven Edward CS-02 Buehler, Michael Ray CS-14 ciearwater. FL Buehler, Robert Bruce CS-29 Cherry Hiii. Bueno-Quiroga, Roberto CS-26 La Paz. Bui, Jean Claude CS-19 Las cruces. nm Bullard, Kurt CS-01 Ramona. ca Bunch, Lewis Allen III CS-34 La Mesa. CA Bunting, Frank Laverne CS-11 Aitus. ok Burgos, Nelson Ivan CS-08 Bayamon. Puerto Rico Burket, Louise Ann CS-17 corvaiiis. or Burrell, High Francis CS-09 Pensacoia. fl Burruel, Benjamin Daniel CS-03 Tucson, AZ BurtCh, Clark David CS-03 Port Jefferson station. NY Bush, James Daniel CS-04 ciinton. mo Bussian, Eric Richard CS-04 Charleston. Butler, James Barry CS-34 Merrick. ny Butlett, Kevin Martin CS-19 Aurora, il Byrne, Ronald Edward III CS-06 Tempe, Caballero, Richard Coronado CS-10 Hfl ' T ir ' T ' f ' ' B J " San Antonio. TX ' - ' ' ' .I Ml H Caine, Virginia Lee CS-25 Monument, co Callero, Christopher Frederick CS-40 San Diego. CA Cameron, Charles Scott CS-14 326 Class of 1980 Campbell, Jeffrey Oikawa CS-02 Colorado Spring. CO Campbell, Patrick Edward CS-32 i Campbell, William Leiie CS-06 Bediord Cannon, Patrick George CS- Slockton, CA Cannon, Ross Arnold CS-16 oroiino. lo Canzano, Robert Alan CS-20 Scottsdaie, Capella, Gregory Stephen CS-06 Petaluma. CA Cardenas, Michael David CS-36 Bar Drego, CA Carey, Kenton Scott CS-22 oayton. oh Carlson, Michael Leroy CS-33 Hastings. MN Carlson, Walter Gustavus Jr. CS-14 Powell. WY Carpenter, Paul Mason CS-28 Centraiia. IL Carroll, John Joseph CS-13 Bosion, ma Carrothers, Scott William CS-02 Kaysville, UT Carter, Craig Allen CS-07 carthage.MO Casey, James Michael CS-06 springfieid. Cashatt, James Alan CS-19 Lmcom.NE Cassling, Gail Elizabeth CS-15 candos Ford. PA Castro, Christopher Matthew CS-07 Los Gatos. CA Catone, Neil Daniel Jr. CS-38 Honolulu, Cavanaugh, Daniel William CS-24 st Charles. IL Cedergren, David Andrew CS-09 Green Bay. Wl Cerise, Kirk Samuel CS-36 Gienwood Springs. CO Cervenak, Matthew Wayne CS-11 Jacksonville. NC Chandler, Robert Deloyd CS-28 Tuisa. OK Chapdelaine, Diane Francis CS-29 Chlcopee. MA Class ot 1980 327 Chapman, Robert Eugene II CS-13 Montgomery. AL Chavez, Scott Alan CS-28 san jose, ca Cheney, Joseph Frederick CS-23 Omaha. NE Chernlga, John Joseph CS-11 Ft waiton Beach. CA Childers, Timothy Robert CS-06 Richmond. VA Chin, Arthur CS-17 ei Paso, tx Ching, Glenn Kwan Choy CS-06 Kaneohe. HI Chow, Randolph Walter CS-04 Honolulu. Chretien, Justin Louis CS-40 Arlington. VA Christensen, Robert Nelson CS-39 San Leandro. CA Christenson, David Andrew CS-21 oes Clapp. Randolph Everest CS-21 iiliiliJiit iiilii 1 Clark, David Peter CS-23 Tabb Clark, Marjorie Louise CS-31 Clark, Patrick Kim CS-22 Wamer Robins. Cleeremans, Mark Richard CS-29 Clewis, Richard Lee CS-32 Cline, Alexander William CS-16 Cline, David Earl CS-18 Knoxviiie. tn Cockerham, Richard Lee CS-10 Coddington, Michael William CS Speedway. IN Colabufo, James Joseph CS-34 stony Cole, Karen Leslie CS-19 Hayward. ca 328 Class of 1980 irv , r ( a 9 f « ' a 1 ■ ' ' f) rf% W df ' " fill iiliiii iiil Coleman, Shawm Michael CS-13 san Anionio, TX Collins. Phillip Bolton Jr. CS-12 Litchfield Park. AZ Collins, Robert CS-22 New York. NY Coltman, William Glare Jr. CS-05 Lampasas. TX Comlois, Anthony James CS-26 Conlee. Carl Samuel III CS-03 Las Conley, Kathleen Marie CS-10 Washington. DC Conner, Daryl Wayne CS-19 Lake waies. FL Connolly, Michael William CS-34 Tallahassee. FL Conrad, Roy Melvin CS-28 San Amomo. TX Conway, David Vincent CS-07 Kansas City. MO Cook, Crit James CS-38 Groveton. tx Cook, Joseph William III CS-28 Hixson. TN Cooper, Robert Ross CS-12 Lubbock, tx Cooper, Shadrick CS-02 Puiaski. il Cope, Randall Eugene CS-01 Benton, ky Copley, Ricky Dale CS-15 Portmouth. oh Corbett, Jerry Glen CS-08 Fuquai-vanna. Cornum, Kory Gene CS-09 Brush, co Correia, John Peter CS-08 Rome, ny Corso, Joseph Paul CS-11 Yardiey. pa Costello, Daniel Joseph CS-03 San Francisco. CA Coutts, William Clifford CS-16 Grand Junction. CO Cox, Clay Douglas CS-05 Houston, tx Cox, Michael Andre CS-34 Tampa, fl Crandall, Richard Edmund CS-12 Big Springs. TX Creegan, Michael Patrick CS-37 Las Cruces. NM Croghan, John Francis CS-08 Bronx. ni Crosby, Stephen Glenn CS-38 canton. MS Cross, James Earl CS-26 Foiiansbee. wv Croy, Jeffrey Francis CS-23 west unn. OR Crump, James Raymond CS-31 Langenterras. West Germany Cuellar, Christopher Richard CS-10 Bloomington. MN Cullis, Brian John CS-09 Reddmg. ca Cummings, Mark Edward CS-01 ei Cumnock, Jeanna Lin CS-39 wabauk. tx Cunningham, George Lee CS-03 Great Falls. MT Currens, Charles Bernhard CS-29 Houston. TX Daigle, Peter Mathers CS-05 Falmouth. Daily, William Patrick CS-37 Seattle, wa Daley, Mary Warren CS-21 Fredericksburg. VA Dalton, Benjamin Blair CS-03 Mamtowac Class ol 1980 329 Darula, Sandra Lynn CS-20 Minneapolis, Davidson, Gary Gordon CS-02 Columbia. sc Davidson, Richard Bertrand CS-20 Chula Visla. CA Davis, Bryan Kent CS-05 Aurora, co Davis, Duane Gale CS-17 Eikview, wv Davis, Mark Steven CS-38 Hanford, ca Davis, Peggy Brooks CS-03 Egim afb, fl Davis, Scott Leaverton CS-35 Richardson, TX Davis, William Robert Jr. CS-36 South Plalnfleld, NJ Dawidowicz, Stephen Henry CS-21 • , - i -i Minneapolis. MN ' -■ - ' DeAngelo, Tony Richard CS-37 Godirey. DeCou, Stephen Robert CS-35 Grand Dehnert, Toby Norman CS-04 Beiton, MO Demers, Jon Louis CS-04 Stockton, ca Dennis, Margaret Lynn CS-02 Momence, IL DePatIs, Lawrence Edward Jr. CS-40 Momence, IL Desbordes, David Anthony CS-19 Washington, DC Desjardins, Susan Yvonne CS-32 Portsmouth, NH DeVenuto, Joseph CS-36 Petaiuma, ca Deville, James Gerald Jr. CS-14 LaFayette, LA Dickinson, Douglas Brian CS-21 Newport News, VA Dickinson, Robert Wayne CS-31 Kansas City, MO Dietrich, Michael Allen CS-26 winnetka. Dillard, Steven Dean CS-16 springtieid, Dillon, Clifford DelOS CS-02 Claremom, CA Dobbins, John Mark CS-25 seneca, ks Dodge, John McLaurin Jr. CS-21 Texarkana, TX Dodson, Jeffrey Cart CS-15 Gowen Valley, MN Donahue, Hunter Samuel CS-27 Northport. AL Donohue, Nicholas Wright CS-28 Bryan, Dorn, Allen Earl CS-02 Wilmington, de Dowden, Allene CS-20 Tamuning, Guam Drake, Douglas Grant CS-24 Yakima, wa Dressel, Kenneth Lee CS-32 piacentia, CA Drew, Steven Richard CS-06 Norweii, ma Drewnowski, Stephen Thomas CS-22 Ferling Hills, MA Dubbe, Debra Jean CS-09 stedman, nc Duffy, Michael Thomas CS-21 Taiimadge, Dufresne, Gerard Arthur CS-24 Oerry, Duncan, David Lee CS-17 Matawan, nj Dunn, James Madison III CS-23 Durkin, Rickey Izra CS-22 Kingsto iiiiiiiiillili ( f a ' W k 330 Class o! 1980 t li iii Duty, Bradley Dean CS-10 Sherr Easier, Roy James Jr. CS-07 McKeesport, PA Eastman. Michael Lewis CS-04 Hoiiiday, Easton, David Anthony CS-10 siutigan, W. Germany Edmonds, Marty Joe CS-24 Sewerath. Germany Edwards, Harry McGee II CS-09 Greenfield. TN Eggers, Jeffrey Alan CS-20 Ehrenstrom, William Allen CS-07 saiem. Ehrhard, Thomas Paul CS-17 Eller, James Thomas CS-06 Rome, ny Eisberg, Dean Paul CS-39 Aiientown, pa Eisenberger, Robert Alan CS-01 Sayreville. NJ Elbert, James Parnell CS-40 Anaconda. Eliason, William Talcott CS-03 Elkln, Curtis Ronald CS-31 Amherst, nh Emmert, William Carl CS-02 Andover. ma Emmons, Terence Martin CS-11 Andrews AFB, MD Emrick, Holly Lynn CS-25 Lakewood. co Eng, Keylor CS-17 Hoibrook, ma Englebretson, Gordon Thomas CS-12 Red Lands. CA English, Robert Lavern CS-20 Fuzgerai GA Ends, Matthew Barnes CS-14 Carlisle. Ensor, Mark Alexander CS-29 Parkton. Erickson, Karl Christian CS-10 Norman, Eriksen, John Dale CS-27 Littleton, co Eriinger, Charles Robert Jr. CS-33 San Class ot 1980 331 Estes, Michael Anthony CS-15 National City. CA Euker, William Thomas CS-13 Lai e Zurich. IL Evans, Dwight Murray CS-35 Merceo. ca Evans, John Maurice CS-25 Syracuse, ny Everding, Robert Alan CS-40 Pnnceton. IL Fairbairn, Marl Edvi ard CS-03 Point Pleasant Beach. NJ Fanning, John Edward CS-27 Faraone, Marl Christopher CS-03 Farquhar, John Thomas CS-23 Ft Wayne. IN Farrah, Steven Thomas CS-27 Marengo. Farrell, John Frederick CS-04 Portland. Faulhaber, Suzanne Bret CS-13 usafa. Fay, John Patrick CS-18 Melbourne, fl Feeley, Paul Joseph Jr. CS-29 San Feliz, Paul Francis CS-21 Bakersfield, Fellhoelter, Christian Ray CS Fernandes, Joseph Eugene CS Fields, Jeffrey Neal CS- Filippi. David Brian CS-32 vineiand. nj Firth, James Alan CS-01 si louis. mo Fife, David William CS-04 Seattle, wa Fitzjarrell, Philip Blake CS-15 conroe. tx Fitzsimmons, Jeffrey Lynn CS-03 Goldsboro. NO Flores, Arnold CS-16 Pieasanton. tx itliiiAiiiiii i 332 Class ot 1980 1 . i ' p iVH ii4iiii i liii ' 1 I Floyd, John Michael CS-21 Norfolk, va Floyd, Kevin Steven CS-26 Amiiyviiie, ny Folsom, Edwin Lawrence CS-35 San Jose. CA Fonseca, Joseph Kent CS-23 Bergsirom AFB. TX Ford, Michael William CS-32 Las vegas. Fortson, Michael Loren CS-30 Luiie Reck AFB. AR Fortunate, Thomas Paul CS-38 Fox, George Miles CS-20 Hampton, va Francis, David William CS-39 Cumberland. MD Franklin, William Paul CS-26 Richmond. VA Frappier, Paul Andre CS-11 Levitiown. Freeburn, Richard Hill IV CS-39 Harrisburg. PA Freeman, David Earl CS-40 Mariott. ga Fritz, Bruce Hamilton II CS-28 Rockiord. Fritz, John Robert CS-30 Lubbock, tx Frizzeii, Randy Scott CS-40 island Bond. Frohllch, AN Can CS-08 Enon. oh Frye, Timothy Lynn CS-31 Sait Rock. Funk, Raymond Scott CS-28 Mt Pleasant. PA Gadomski, David Michael CS-20 Albuquerque. NM Gall, James Charles CS-29 Chicago, il Gamache, Mark Raymond CS-08 Elmendorf AFB. AK Gamboa, Steven Gilbert CS-27 whittier. CA Garc ia, Linda Theresa CS-35 corpus Garcia, Teresa Anne CS-04 san Antonio. TX Gardiner, Michael Carlisle CS-37 Syracuse. UT Garlow, Mark Dwight CS-30 Austin, tx Gateman, Jeffrey Forest CS-15 Seattle. WA Gay, Thomas Charles CS-13 Gien Burnie. MD Gearan, Timothy James CS-39 Phoenix. AZ Gelston, Gary Scott CS-15 upper Geraghty, James Donald CS-18 wayne. German, Eriing Scot CS-18 imperial, ne Gerth, Gregory Ronald CS-09 Cincinnati. OH Gerzanics, Michael Anthony CS-30 Pontlac. Ml Gibson, Edward Bryan III CS-39 oaiton, GA Gignilliat, Stephen Morris CS-34 Faiion. NE Gill, Daniel Lee II CS-33 Pean. ms Gilliland, Michael Charles CS-29 Gien Ellyn. IL Giordano, Michael Anthony CS-40 Phoenix. AZ Gitchell, Craig Thomas CS-10 IL Gjermundsen, Edward Ivar CS-28 Class of 1980 333 Glade, David Bruce II CS-03 Tuisa, ok Gladfelter, Kenneth Michael CS-08 York, PA Glazier, Marjorie Ann CS-01 Romuius. mi Gleichman, Michael Don CS-16 Wilburton. OK Glenn, Michael Leslie CS-33 Durham, nh Glotfelty, Philip Rutherford I CS-03 Glowacl i, David Stanley CS-27 Cuoahy, wi Goc, Zenon Casey CS-31 wonder Lake, il Goetz, T. Tracey CS-23 Houston, tx Goff, John Michael CS-36 Baiesburg, so Goggins, Edward Glen CS-25 Springtieid, OR Golob, Christopher John CS-16 Gonzales, Stephen David CS-26 Manzanola, CO Gonzalez, Dean Wayne CS-13 San Goodgame, Jeffrey Alan CS-15 irvmg. TX Goodrich, Jeffrey Leiand CS-34 ei Paso, TX Goodwin, Richard Bernard CS-08 Afton. NY Goodwin, William Frederick II CS-35 Tiffin, OH Gordon, John Andrew CS-16 Martinsburg. WV Gossfeld, Timothy Frederick CS-32 Suring, WI Goyings, David Michael CS-12 Pauiding, OH Grabowski, Gary Andrew CS-02 Graham, James Brian CS-08 Wapokeneta, OH Grant, Kevin CS-26 san Antonio, tx Graper, Mark William CS-28 San Mateo, CA Graves, Irvin Whitmore Jr. CS-16 Las Vegas. NV Gray, Gary Donald CS-21 Natchitoches. Gray, Ronald Patrick CS-15 Washington, DC Green, Diana Elizabeth CS-08 Tacoma. Green, John Duane CS-30 west Miiford, Green, Kurt Alan CS-27 waidrick. nj Green, Steve Gordon CS-13 Phoenix, az Greenhill, Karl John CS-23 Palisade, ca Gribben, Terrance Patrick CS-29 Holyoke, CO Griggs, Brian Jeffrey CS-04 Lexington. sc Grisham, Tad Alan CS-03 Decatur, ga Gruber, David Joseph CS-19 St. Petersburg, FL Gulliver, Timothy Lee CS-08 Anaheim, ca Gunn, Willie Arthur CS-22 Ft Lauderdale, FL Guretsky, Joanne Christine CS-29 oid Haase, Diane Marie CS-05 Bossier city. 334 Class of 1980 ii Si22 2 Hadzick, Edward Joseph CS-07 Weatherly. PA Hager, Douglas Scot CS-37 Hails, Robert Emmet Jr. CS-25 Atlanta. Hailstone, Mitchell Jared CS-10 Chattanooga. TN Hall, Scott Douglas CS-18 ArvaOa, c Hamilton, Charles Andrew CS-24 Hamm, Alan Dale CS-31 Pratt, ks Hancock, Daniel David CS-39 Sepuiueda. Hanley. James Niles CS-02 los Angeies. CA Hard, Robert Dale CS-06 sonora. tx Harmon, Mark Allen CS-33 orange, ca Harper, William Howard CS-25 Atlanta. GA Harrington, John Douglas CS-08 Harris, Andre William CS-38 Kokomo. in Harris, Raymond Arthur CS-05 vacauiiie. Harris, Richard CS-26 Penns Grove, nj Harris, Robert James CS-39 Harrison, Thomas Richard CS-30 Harstad, Gregory Michael CS-07 Hartigan, Timothy Kevin CS-04 Point Pleasant Beacti. NJ Harvey, Christopher Trent CS-20 stowe. OH Harwood, Richard Heath CS-04 Belhesda. MD Hase, Thomas Richard CS-16 Robinsdale. MN Hatton, Mary Sue CS-16 Taiihma, ok Haubold. Gary David CS-08 Fort wonh, TX Hauser, John Edmond CS-29 Mediord, Class ot 1980 335 Hawboldt, Brian Joseph CS-14 Shreveport, LA Hawes, Jeffrey Earl CS-25 Crown Point. Heaston, Glen Dean CS-26 Fremont, ga Heatherman, Palrick Joseph CS-17 Hebert, Joseph Edward CS-23 South Windsor. CT Hecker. Gary Richard CS-37 Kooiak. al Hedblom, Jon Joel CS-27 Hopkins, mn Hedrick, Joseph Paul CS-09 Roanoke. Heemslra. Thomas Scott CS-33 Hudsonviiie, Ml Heidmous. Philip Najim CS-24 Lompoc. Heidtke. Curtis Lee CS-25 Dayton, oh Helm, Richard Keith CS-19 Garland, tx f " f W Helms, Susan Jane CS-04 Albuquerque. Hemmelman, Michael Lee 08-08 Pierre, SD Henderson, Gregory Hinson CS-18 Lexington. TN Hendricks, Robert Harold CS-11 van Alstyne. TX Henke, Sue Ellen CS-08 samt cioud. wi Henneberry, Steven Craig CS-17 Paim Springs. CA Hensley, Robert Wayne CS-07 Hendersonville. NC Hept, George Brian CS-03 Ha iet. nj Herlik, Edward Charles CS-37 Anchorage. AL Hernandez, Bonifacio III CS-39 San Antonio. TX Hernandez, Christopher CS-24 whitiier. Hernandez, Juan Manuel CS-06 Bogota. Colombia 336 Class 0( 1980 iiiiiliiiiiiti f( n n ' ' i--.- Hernandez, Richard John CS-23 Washington. DC Herring, Steven Wayne CS-14 Beimond. Hess, Derek Stein CS-18 Colorado Springs. CO Higginbottom, Bradlaugh Walter CS-35 Millord. CT Hightaian, Jeffrey Paul CS-05 Worcester. Hilgart, Steven John CS-34 Batavia. IL Hill, David Alan CS-19 McKmney. tx Hill, Michael Lee CS-23 Fleetwood, pa Hill, Walter Bryan CS-11 University city. MO Hill, William Milton Jr. CS-10 Minot afb. ND Hilliard, Geoffrey William CS-06 Greensboro. NC Hllsman, Allison Ann CS-17 fi. Gordon. Hoag, Charles Jerome CS-28 wnne Plains. NY Hodgdon, Kenneth Michael CS-24 Hodgkins, Russell Dearborn Jr. CS-01 Quincy. MA Hoene, Peter Francis CS-33 west st Paul. MN Hoffman, Mark Andrew CS-17 Rochester. NY Holmes, Gary Dale CS-30 vicksburg. mi Holmes, Robert Alan CS-07 Hudson, n- Holowka, Peter Wayne CS-07 Scolchplams. NY Holt, Jeffrey Lynn CS-19 Plymouth, oh Honnen, Lee Francis Jr. CS-22 Feasterville. PA Hopmeier, William Raymond CS-22 USAFA. CO Hornung, Matthew Stephen CS-08 OH Houchen, Bonnie Jo CS-04 Cincinnati, oh Houston, John Randall CS-13 ei Paso. Howard, Luke Russell CS-27 Riaito. ca Howard, Richard Francis CS-22 Chesterfield. MO Howe, Keith Brian CS-40 Minneapolis, mn Howenstine, Michael Gregory CS-29 New Orleans. LA Hudson, David Christopher CS-40 Lynchburg. VA Hudson, Robert David CS-23 Birmingham. AL Hughes, Mary Grace CS-24 Boiivar. mo Hull, Kevin Gene CS-01 Ypsiian ti. mo Hummel, Robert Lee CS-40 Camp hiii. Humphrey, Donna Lynn CS-16 Ft smith. Humphrey, Lloyd Kelley CS-03 Baton Rouge, LA Hunter, Douglas Lee CS-25 Kansas City. MO Ibara, Jerry Mitsuo CS-12 Fresno, ca Irsik, Mark Alan CS-01 Sheii Knob, mo Irwin, Steven John CS-40 Las vegas. nv Isaac, Maurice Frank CS-21 Baltimore. Jablonsky, Dane Drew CS-14 jetierson Cily.MO Jackson. Bartle Miller CS-12 lowson. md Jackson, Donnie Lynn CS-38 Benbrook, Jackson, Jeffry Gerard CS-24 New Jackson, Michael Gerald CS-04 Jacobson, Alfred Eaton Jr. CS-29 Maiden. MA Jacoby, Dayne D. CS-24 Colorado Springs, CO James, Robert Bertrend III CS-37 San Diego, CA Janssen, Eric Goyne CS-06 Beiievue. ne Jaranyi, Karl John CS-27 Denver, co Jee, Thomas Evan CS-25 Los Angeies, ca Jefferson, Michael Arden CS-38 Rocktord. KY Jeffrey, Mary Patricia CS-12 Kaukauna, WA Jersin, Mark Gerard CS-33 Redondo Beach, CA Jeter, George David CS-11 Hatiiesburg, MS Jiricek, Rudy Mark CS-01 Tampa, ga Johnson, Jerry William CS-22 Petaiuma, ca Johnson, Kathleen Louise CS-15 Webster Groves, MO Johnson, Kent Franklin CS-31 Rediands. CA Johnson, Loring Gates CS-17 Perry, me Johnson, Timothy James CS-06 carmei, CA Jones, David Anthony CS-27 Colorado Springs, CO Jones, David McClellan CS-08 Warner Robins, GA Jones, Dennis Michael CS-37 Hyde Park, Jones, Kim CS-10 Clearwater. FL Jones, Michael John CS-26 Ov»atonna. mn Jones, Noel Thomas CS-01 coushatia, la Jones, William Jr. CS-05 steeiton. pa Jones, William Michael CS-20 Jordan, Jarrett Dirk CS-37 Ft Lauderdale, FL Jordan, Thomas Charles CS-23 Broomfield, CO Jorgensen, Karen Diane CS-39 Pinewood, MN Joviak, Betsy Jean CS-13 Gratton, oh Juhas, Lucille Diane CS-34 Pittsburg, pa Kannin, John Joseph IV CS-31 Parkrldge, IL Kapaku, Charles Kalia CS-36 Saimas, ca Kapitzke, Robert Lester CS-18 cass Karl, Francis Eugene CS-14 Albany. Kaspar, Mark Edward CS-17 Keeling, Daryll Wayne CS-04 Dripping Springs. TX Keene, Larry Douglas CS-05 Louisviiie, KY Keener. James Christopher Jr. CS-37 itlfii iiiiiiit iii ftiiiiii iT .Tf n liiiliiiit i 338 Class ol 1980 r! ' O Kelley, Judson Robert CS-35 Montpeiiier. Kelly, Ernest McNeill III CS-03 Orlando, Kennedy, James Raymond CS-22 Belair. MD Kennedy, John Darrell CS-30 Anane Kenney, Greg Alan CS-06 Dayion, oh Kenniasty, Frank William CS-16 Kerdavid, Marcel Eugene Jr. CS-39 Tarrytown. NY Kernan, Michael Edward CS-22 Peoru Kester, Casey Elwin CS-28 Paso Robies, Kikugawa, Walter Kadru CS-27 uhue. Killion, Charles Mikel CS-18 Colorado Kimsey, Kevin Leon CS-03 Littleton, c Kincaid, Ellen Elizabeth CS-03 Sumti King, Andrew Lawrence CS-01 Lafayette, King, Charles Forest CS-02 Mt vernon. King, David Lawrence CS-33 cnuia vista. CA Kinzer, James Emile CS-26 Fond Duiac. wi Kirby, Mary Gladys CS-11 Fayeieviiie. az Kirby, Scott Allen CS-19 Aibemarie, no Kisner, Frank John CS-02 Papiiiion, ne Kitt, Timothy Joel CS-20 Eiomonte, ct Klasmeier, Carol Joan CS-34 vaiiey Klimek, Steven Andrew CS-05 Hastings, Knauf, Donald Francis CS-05 Gien Eiiyn, Knocke, Jan Marie CS-07 , Knowles, James Roy CS-15 Knowlton, Patrick Jean CS-34 San Antonio. TX Knuckles, Gwendolyn CS-02 Fayetieviiie. NC Knudsen, Peter James CS-28 usafa. CO Kobald, Karl Francis CS-36 st Charles. IL Kohut, Susan Jane CS-23 Jasper, az Kolkebeck, John Lawrence Jr. CS-12 Apple Valley. CA Konlcki, Kenneth Matthew CS-36 union, Kordosky, Larry Leroy CS-08 Portland. Kornahrens, Frederick William CS-17 Summervllle, SO Koslowsky, David Dean CS-31 security, CO KotowskI, Leo Bernard CS-18 oednam. Kounnas, Stephanie Jean CS-05 Texarkana, AZ Kovalovsky, Andrew Joseph CS-35 Krampe, Doris Helen CS-32 Danbury. ct Kresge, Stanley Theodore CS-13 Alexandria, VA Kreuzer, Theodore John CS-38 Winneconne. Wl Krutz, Robert Douglas Jr. CS-34 Minneapolis. MN Kugler, Bruce Alan GS-30 Denver, co Kupko, John Christopher CS-20 Manitou Springs, CO Lademan. Mary Elizabeth CS-38 Trumbull, CT Lafrombois. Deborah Mary CS-40 Lahoff, John Michael CS-10 council Blulls, lA Laiuppa, Mark Anthony CS-40 San 1 ■? o a (i!i - " " TT q ir f ' W ' iPI €) «% ( f»i .- ( Lambert, Lisa Ann CS-12 Egim afb. fl Lane, Jay Edgar C S-11 lavares, fl Lange, Karen Janice CS-23 Eagie Ri»er. Langmade, Laurel Dianne CS-30 Phoenix, AZ Lanni, Joseph Anthony CS-14 Cinnaminson. NJ Lanzel, Curtiss Dale CS-40 ourand, wi Laporte, Raphael Jude CS-27 Larivee, David Rene CS-18 wiimmgion. MA Latorra, Ross Alan CS-30 Botheii, wa Lauer, Theodore William Jr. CS-10 Bellord, NJ Laughlin, Walter Price CS-26 comnado. CA Laushine, Stephan James CS-01 Lauth, Gerard Charles Jr. CS-38 Rochester, NY Lawrence, Gerald Halford CS-39 Proctorsville. VT Lawver. Darell John CS-14 Lucerne, ca Leavoy, Lindsey James CS-03 San Lebeau, Robert George CS-31 Ogdensburg, NY LeClair. Thomas Dean CS-10 usafa. go LeDuc, Edward Joseph CS-16 Dearborn. Lee, Russell Chung Hin CS-29 Honolulu. Leech, John William CS-34 steiiacoon. Leggette, Wayne Kelly Jr, CS-39 Tabor City. NO Lehle, Richard Michael CS-11 Lehr, James Andrew CS-38 Largo, fl Lemon, Chrys Dee CS-25 Perryton, Tx Lenhardt, William Howard CS-19 yuo Valley. CA Lester, Thomas Jr. CS-01 uma, oh Levitt, Michael Christopher CS-35 Lewis, Anthony Wayne CS-38 Lake station, IN Lewis, Richard Earl CS-25 Las vegas. nv Layba, Lemac Anthony CS-14 Gainesville. TX Libby, Janet Carol CS-30 seavercreek. OH Lin, Thomas Ikwang CS-12 woodside. ny Lindquist, Kevin Richard CS-01 Minneapolis, MN Lindstrom, Mark Joseph CS-05 Eureka, CA Lista, Raymond Daniel Jr. CS-18 Oaklyn, NJ Livada, Alan Nicholas CS-28 Knoxviiie. Lodrige, Paul Fred CS-14 Gorum. la Loftus, Michael Joseph CS-12 Austin, tx Logan, James Michael CS-28 Fairiieid, CA Long, Loy Dene CS-30 Big Springs, tx Loving, Phyllis Ann CS-18 Saitiiio, tx Lovingfoss, Joel Timothy CS-16 Santa Barbara. CA Lowry, James Andrew David III CS-37 Coco Beach, CA Lucas, John Alvin CS-38 Belletontame. OH Luedke, Bret Charles CS-15 Biiiings, mt Luetjen, Douglas Alan CS-27 Lake Oswego, OR Lundquist, Donna Spotswood CS-39 Lusk, Karen Lynn CS-21 Camariiio, ca LutZ, Robert Kelly CS-35 Albuquerque, NM Lynch, James Edward CS-25 Ft waiton Lyons, William James III CS-33 Somerdale, NJ Mabry, Thomas Richard CS-19 South MacDonald. Paul Thomas CS-28 Marlboro, MA Mack, Oscar Jr. CS-11 Baiiimore. md Madson, George Martin III CS-17 Maleare, James David Jr. CS-06 Paragould, AR Malkovich, Michael Sam CS-06 Pittsburg, CA Mallory, Patrick Anthony CS-17 Denver, CO Mansir, David Brian CS-36 Bigfork, mt Manzer, Bryan Andrew CS-34 Geneva. Maraz, Thomas Anthony CS-29 Anchorage. AK Maresca, Keith Patrick CS-34 Tacoma. Mariano, Nancy Rebecca CS-14 oxon Hill. MD Markwell, Scot Lawrence CS-15 San Antonio. TX Marr, Dale Allan CS-02 Peoria, il Marshall, Brian CS-23 Cincinnati, oh Marshall, Gary P. CS-08 Gariieid Heights. OH Marshall, Rodney Lee CS-27 Kersey, co Martin, Anne Elizabeth CS-24 Albuquerque. NM Martin, Corby Lee CS-08 Emmeti. id Martin, Michael Thompson CS-16 Pensacola. FL Marvin, Lawrence Warren III CS-22 Sacramento. CA Masek, Robert Peter st charies. mo Mashiko, Susan Kumiyo CS-29 San Jose. CA Mastrangeli, Mario William CS-15 Virginia Beach, VA Matter, Allen Arthur CS-37 Bioomsburg, Matthew, Stephen Mark CS-33 Aitoona. Matus, Stephen Jr. CS-38 Pottstown. pa Mayes, Galvin Ernest CS-24 Pinson. al McAdoo, Susan Ellen CS-11 Alexandria McCormack, Donald Lee CS-19 McCurdy, Ronald Russell CS-32 Granada Hills. CA McDaniel, Paul Anthony CS-30 Suiiiand. 342 Class of 1980 2n r rt liP.Jini ii4il McDannold, James Barry CS-14 Cameron, MO McFadyen, Jay Douglas CS-02 Colorado McFarland. Richard Paul CS-29 McGuire, Kurt Mathew CS-38 ' r f o f ' " ' " ■ ' McKenna, Michael Anthony CS-01 McKenzie, Catherine Margaret CS-10 McKinney, Earl Harry Jr. CS-26 Muncie, McKinnon, Craig Joseph CS-39 BerwicK McKoy, John Charles CS-07 Fioraia. al McLeish, Rosemarie Therese CS-30 USAFA. CO McLoughlin, Michael Gerard CS-18 Bockville, MD McMillan, Kenneth Neil CS-37 Normal. McNabb, Richard Brian CS-34 Layion. UT McNeight, Kevin Joseph CS-30 siraior. McNeill, Ron CS-17 poweii. wy Meacham, Mark Jackson CS-29 Meagher, Patrick Michael CS-25 Ronan. MT Medrano, Armando CS-26 San Aniomo. Megowan, Charles Anthony CS-18 Sylmar. CA Meseck, Kirk Edward CS-39 Harvard, il Messer, John G ' NIel CS-30 Paimes. ak Metzold. Thomas Murray CS-23 Schenaclady. NY Mewes, James Jerome CS-35 Great Falls. MT Meyer, Marty Gene CS-08 Armada, mi Meyer, Theresa Ann CS-38 Burkbumeti. Micale. Peter Nicholas IV CS-07 Class ot 1980 343 Middleton. Carlton Ferrell CS-36 Mieike, Jeffrey Allen CS-40 ursene. wi Millares. Michael Richard CS-01 Miami, Miller, Charles Frederick CS-32 Miller, Christopher Durward CS-07 San Miller, John Ora CS-34 Miller, Raymond Andrew Jr. CS-12 Miller, Timothy Stroup CS-09 Corai Miller, William Stephen CS-02 Cairo, ga Milligan, Charles Edward CS-33 Mills, Michael Wayne CS-21 Addison, il Miloscia, Mark Anthony CS-21 Flushing, fli n 1 ' " Minear, Gregory William CS-24 Woodstocl(. IL Ming, Charles Michael CS-16 Edmond. Mitchell, Gene Thomas Jr. CS-40 Mitchell, Mark Aaron CS-36 i Moeller, Michael Ray CS-18 Redding, ca Montany, Paul Francis CS-06 Prospect, Montgomery, Warren Abbott CS-31 Parkersburgh, WV Moody, Larry Allen CS-33 Moime, il Moore, Ann Elizabeth CS-24 Lamana. fl Moore, Clyde D. II CS-27 Cemraiia. wa Moore, Leo Michael III CS-28 cueney, WA Moore, Steven Earnest CS-18 raf a n . a ♦i 344 Class of 1960 mMmmM n nm r r;f IP ' .- r . » r» iiti Morales-Ortega, Dionesio CS-31 New Morgado, John Joseph CS-03 Bemcia, CA Morlarty, Kathleen Patricia CS-35 Plallsburgh AFB. NY Morrisroe, Timothy Michael CS-31 Hayward, CA Morse, Mary Lorraine CS-33 Spokane. Moschler, Joseph Whitehead Jr. CS-16 Richmond, VA Moseley, Harry Edward CS-31 Peekskn MotZ, Joseph CS-29 San Antonio, TX Meyer, Diane Marie CS-22 M.ian, oh Moynahan, Michael Edward CS-10 Lakeporl, CA Muetzel, Benjamin Wood CS-37 Springfield. MO Mulhern, Mathew Donald CS-10 uos Muller, Ernest Shinzo CS-03 ciar RP Murphy, Kent Randall CS-31 Murray, Craig Francis CS-20 waveriy, pa Murray, Mark Thomas CS-12 Brecksviiie, OH Musko, John Erwin CS-21 Foisom. pa Mutrie, Michael Gerard CS-17 Hopkinton. MA Myers, Donald Norman CS-02 Prankim. Myors, Gary James CS-24 Honolulu, hi Nachtwey, Steven William CS-16 Green Nagahiro, Lynn Yukie CS-40 Spokane, Nagie, Kevin Albert CS-32 Gien Gardner, Nakasone, Ray Isamu CS-15 waianae, hi Naye, Rowland Michael CS-20 Mineral Wells. TX Neal, Donald West Jr. CS-14 waco. tx Neal, Thomas Augustine II CS-23 McLean, VA Neilsen, Edward Paul CS-13 Lake Crystal, MN Nelson, Eric George CS-29 onand Park. IL Nelson, Mark Lewis CS-30 Las vegas, nv Nelson. Paul William CS-15 Mudenhaii. Nelson, Randy Edward CS-37 Seattle, Nelson, Samuel Arthur CS-12 Eikms. wv Nessel, David Walter CS-36 Midwest City. OK Nettles. David Wayne CS-13 san jose. CA Neubauer, Jay Christopher CS-01 Neuenswander, David Matthew CS-40 Cheney, KS Neves. Edward Ernest CS-36 Levittown, Newberry, Nancy Jean CS-28 Paducah. Nicholson. Richard Lowell II CS-22 Nielsen, Byron Eric CS-20 Cuiiowhee, no Nielsen, Michael James CS-08 Enumclaw. WA Class ot 1980 345 Nielsen, Renee Estelle CS-11 Santa Maria, CA Noah, William Earl CS-09 Emporium, pa Noonan, Mark William CS-15 Pinoie. ca Novak, Karen Elizabeth CS-37 ei Paso. TX Nugen, William Arnold Jr. CS-02 Denver. CO Nulk, Vincent Alois Jr. CS-12 Pittsburgh. O ' Connor, Brian Michael CS-01 Santa Cruz. CA O ' Connor, Patrick John CS-13 Ocvirk, Thomas Frederick CS-12 Bowling Green, OH O ' Degard, Keith Jerome CS-19 Rictitieid, O ' Hair, Karen Ann CS-19 Butte, mt Olden, Jeffrey Brian CS-28 Mt. Hoiiy, nj Oliu, Edward CS-25 Red Bluffs. NJ Oliver, Anthony Allen CS-21 Goidsboro. NC Olson, Karen Denise CS-35 visaiia. ca Olson, Michael Ramon CS-15 Aurora, il Olwell, Timothy Patrick CS-22 Seattle. O ' Neill, Robert Anthony CS-32 cobemry. Opatowsky, Michael Jeffrey CS- CA Origel, Frederick Paul CS-20 los Angeles. CA Orneiaz, Robert CS-37 Thousand oaks. ca Orr, John Andrevi CS-25 Homestead, fl Ortega, Eric Alan CS-32 winter Park, fl Osnes, Thomas Paul CS-24 Forest City. Osowski, Theodore Edward CS-10 Flint, lull Oswald, James Edward CS-17 f anitowoc. Wl O ' Toole, Lawrence James Jr. CS-22 Phoenix. AZ Otsuka, Keith Teruo CS-30 Peari city, hi Ott, Frank Lamar II CS-14 Atlanta, ga Owens, Douglas Henry CS-22 ciarksviiie. Owens, John William CS-19 Sydney. Owens, Marianne CS-27 Springfield, va Paczolt, Terence Michael CS-09 Aardvark. IL Padgett, Mack Eugene CS-29 Charleston, SO Palmer, John Richard CS-04 orono, i n Palmer, Kelly Otto CS-25 Great Fails, mt Pampush, Michael Thomas CS-15 Rocky River. OH Paolucci, Vinent Ronald III CS-17 Paios Verdes Estates. CA Papp, Scott Robert CS-12 Hyde Park. NY Parker, Gregory Andrew CS-27 Bristol. CT Parker, Richard Lee CS-35 Ponca city. OK Patsy, John Christopher CS-40 Miami. m 346 Class of 1960 Patton, David Howard CS-33 Denver, co Payton, Timothy James CS-30 Hickim Field. HI Peatross, Scott Park CS-24 Jackson, ms Peck, Rodan Eric CS-05 Giiieit. pa Pell, Eric Mile CS-22 Tnmdad. co Pennock, James Paul CS-05 Peona. az Peplau, Michael Aden CS-33 Reading, vt Perehoduk, Mark Kingsley, CS-11 ■ - f Lakewood. CO Perez, Charles CS-21 Miami, fl Perez, David Victor CS-16 Austin, tx Perez, Luis Antonio Jr. CS-18 Tucson. AZ Perusse, Mark Robert CS-35 odemon. MD Petak, Mickey Dean CS-40 Lansing, il Peterson, John Cummings, CS-40 Breadlands. CA Peterson, Mark Downing CS-36 Bradenton. FL Peterson, William Earl CS-19 Numca. Peterson, William Edward CS-14 Goldsboro. NC Petrek, Curtiss Robert CS-26 Smyrna Petrucci, John Michael CS-19 Coiumbus. Pettit, Martin Robert CS-25 Tappems Phan, Dennis Michael CS-04 Seattle, wa Phillips, Charles Davis CS-20 Cambridge. Phillips, Shawna CS-22 Honolulu, hi Piccoli, Richard Charles CS-11 cioster. Picking, Mark Robert CS-05 Pancho Sante Fe. CA Plosa, Beverly Anne CS-38 New Hope. Class ot 1980 347 Plotzke. Mark Lawrence CS-38 ' Ponce, Derek Everhard CS-04 Porad, Kenneth Dale CS-04 Mercer Porrazzo, Edward Michael CS-25 Porter, Robert Wade CS-30 Baltimore, Posner, John Dwight CS-30 Alexandria, Pourcho, Bryan Kenneth CS-23 Grosse Powell. James Edmund CS-04 Power. John W. CS-02 Resi on, va Powers, Fred Taylor Jr. CS-06 Lakewood, CA Prahst. David Michael CS-06 Parma, oh Prater, Marcus Carlton CS-12 Charleston, SC :r : i ■ a Pray, John Irving Jr. CS-02 Clearwater, FL Preteska, Stephen Jr. CS-23 Bound Brook. NJ Price, Craig Jerome CS-33 Baltimore, md Prileszky, Steven Sandor CS-25 Cleveland. OH Prosseda, Phillip Drew CS-09 Ptiiladelphia, PA Prusz, Michael John CS-02 oaie, in Pryor, Loren Gus CS-09 segoviiie. tx Putman. James Lawrence CS-10 Rancho Palos Verdes. CA Puyear. Jerry Rex CS-34 Granger, wa Quinn, David James CS-14 Dover, de Radosevich, Kenneth Patrick CS-14 Bellflower. CA Rainey. Steven Michael CS-26 Mount Miiii iiiaiiiil f l liiiiiliiiJ Ralph. Donald Clyde CS-03 Em Grove. CA Ramacciotti, James Evo CS-36 Chicago, IL Ramos, Jose Angel Jr. CS-30 ei Paso. TX Ramsey. Richard Michael CS-17 Oceanside. CA Ramsey. Roger Lee CS-32 ciendenin, wv Randolph. Daniel Lee CS-04 Petaiuma. Ratcliffe. Howard Clark CS-18 cosia Mesa. CA Ray. John Kevin CS-03 Souix Fails, no Read, Robert Fred CS-25 Denver, co Reasner, Chris Anne CS-04 pnisburgh. Redweik, Robert John Jr CS-28 Kewanna. IN Rees. Daniel George CS-35 San Diego. CA Reeves. Robert Lee CS-32 Prince George. CO. VA Reichman. Donald Louis CS-05 siocketi. MT Reidinger, Mark Francis CS-31 Mendminee, Mi Reilly. Kevin Thomas CS-22 san Marco, CA Reimann. Jack Leopold Rene CS-13 Weisbatan. Germany Reinhart, Daniel Lee CS-24 Giadwyne. pa Renner. Robert Louis CS-32 Tacoma, wa Reville. Albert Edward Jr. CS-07 Rice. James Home Jr. CS-08 Daiias. tx Richard. Jeffrey Edward CS-32 Cumberland. Rl Richard. Michael Roy CS-07 Galveston, Richards. Julie Anne CS-16 Alexandria, Richards. Robert Reuban CS-21 Miami, FL Richardson, Guy Edward CS-28 Renton, Richman, Craig Robert CS-17 los Angeles, CA Riggins, James CS-27 wiimmgton, de Riley, Wendell Lernard CS-07 los Angeles. CA Ringo, Charles Arch CS-33 corvains, or Ritchie. Thomas Edwin CS-16 Robinson, Thomas Elwood Jr. CS-39 Chicago, IL Rodriguez, Geronimo Jr. CS-08 New Rodriguez. Kenneth Francis CS-27 Colorado Springs, CO Rodriguez. Pacifico Lee CS-15 vacaviiie. Roemish. Lorraine Yvonne CS-27 San Diego, CA Roley. Ross Evan CS-28 Beiiingham. wa Roodhouse. Stephen Lee CS-17 San Diego, CA Rosado. Orlando CS-03 Miami Beach, fl Rosenberger. Glenn David CS-20 Brownstone. PA Ross. James Alan CS-10 Long Beach, CA Class ot 1980 349 Ross, Michael Donnell CS-04 sagmaw. Roy, William Joseph CS-01 Jacksonville. NC Royer, Philip Gregg CS-17 Phoenix, pa Rubinstein, David Benjamin CS-20 Pittsburgh. PA Rudolph, John Kennedy CS-40 Dearborn. Ml Ruff, Christopher Donald CS-27 Greeiy. CO Ruhlman, Philip Michael CS-11 Fuiierton. CA Ruiz, Jose CS-34 El Paso. TX Rupp, Alexander Michael CS-06 Beaver Creek. OH Russett, John Randal CS-16 Mmnetonka. MN Rutherford, Robert Bennie CS-17 Green Bay. Wl Ryan, George William Jr. CS-26 Burlington. MA Ryan, Patricia Theresa CS-18 Memphis. TN Sabala, Vanessa Alicia CS-05 Ketchum 10 Sadlowski, Donald Gene CS-17 Pacifica. GA Salves, Jamie Lee CS-05 west isiip. li. ny Sajevic, Robert Richard CS-18 st Paui. MN Salazar. Arnoldo Benavidez CS-37 Saleck, Stephen Richard CS-19 Eau Claire. Wl Sallee, Douglas Kent CS-10 wichita. ks Sample, Joseph Michael CS-39 Jacksonville. FL Sanders. Thomas Richard Jr. CS-39 Glenville. IL Santiago, Peter Jr. CS-14 New York, ny Sargent, Frederick Elliott CS-01 Bufiaio Saville, Daniel Grey CS-24 Oakland, nj Saxer, Robert Karl CS-02 Dayton, oh Saxon, Frank IV CS-24 Denver, co Scales, Daniel Keith CS-34 orange Park. FL Schafer, Roby Lee CS-19 Grand junction. CO Schantz. Isaac Joseph CS-20 Meivmdaie. Schillinger, Albert Joseph CS-13 Eimira. NY Schlattmann, Craig Henry CS-37 Atchison, KS Schley. Robert Eric CS-17 Ft waiton Beach. FL Schmidt, Edward Blake CS-10 Scholtz, John Christopher III CS-21 Albuquerque. NM Schroeder. Christopher Kevin CS-29 Heidsville, NC Schuch, Stephen Christian CS-30 South Plamfield. NJ Schuff. Richard Kyle CS-31 Schulter. Matthew John CS-23 Blackburg. VA Scott. Robert Martin CS-35 Madison, wi Scully, Sean Paul CS-08 Oakland, me ?• » », r " iii 350 Class ol 1980 Sears, Alvin Darrel CS-20 Chuia vis Seaver, Christopher Allen CS-05 Cincinnati, OH Seay, Richard Murray Jr. CS-08 Tallmadge. OH Seeber, Craig Myrle CS-34 Winston-Salem, NC Seeke, Gregory John CS-23 Falls. Wl Seeley, Tim Rodney CS-24 Ferndaie. Seggerty, Brian Keith CS-27 Seibel, Mark CS-35 Seitz, Matthew Thomas CS-19 Colorado Senn, Debra Jeanne CS-37 onando. fl Senz, Tanya CS-38 sequim. wa Seufert, John Raymond CS-25 Washington. CD Seybert. Roy David Jr. CS-33 Edwardsvllle, IL Shalz, Bernard Louis Jr. CS-34 Boise, id Shavei, David Alan CS-39 Miiibrae. ca Shirasago, Dale Teruo CS-33 Los Angeles, CA Shivnen, John Jeffrey CS-09 Detroit, mi Shropshire, David Marion CS-07 Las Cruces, NM Shugg, Charles Killgore CS-04 Sarasota. Siegel, Jerry Ira CS-01 Laurel, md Silva, James Timothy CS-07 Beiievue. ne Simonitsch, Pamela Joan CS-26 Independence, MO Simpson. Wendell Phillips III CS-26 San Marino, CA Sincere. John Carl CS-09 Ashfoik, az Singleton, Robert Russell CS-34 Munich, Germany Class of 1980 351 Sirote, Jerome David Jr. CS-10 Skinner, Carl Michael CS-28 Northridge, CA Skotnicki, James Robert CS-08 Canonsburg, PA Skulina, Kenneth Mark CS-36 North Slavec, Laurie Sue CS-19 Denver, co Sloan, Thomas James CS-12 East Smart, James William CS-33 Tuisa. ok Smellie, Michael Gerard CS-02 Trenton, Smith, Arthur Fred CS-01 Goieta, ca Smith, Daniel Vincent CS-28 Trenton, nj Smith, Frederick David CS-30 Nuirona. PA Smith, James Raymond CS-04 oanen. Smith, Kevin Peter CS-21 Bioomingti Smith, Michael Bruce CS-23 Riverside. Smith, Paul Gregory CS-40 Dei Rio, tx Smith, Paul Lewis CS-10 Brooi iyn. ny Smith, Ricki Susan CS-20 st Louis, mo Smith, Stephen Edward CS-18 Smith, William James Jr. CS-36 Walertown. MA Smothermon, James Michael CS-01 Biloxi. MS Snoddy, Richard Bratton CS-16 Overland Park. KS Snyder, Dara Christine CS-13 usafa. CO Snyder, Mary Joanne CS-37 San jose, CA Soto, Scott Stephen CS-20 Tucson, az r ( a , a iWWL: Speight, William Xaiver Jr. CS-20 Tucson. AZ Spicer, Thomas Robert CS-24 Denver. CO Stackman, George William III CS-14 Bellevue. WA Stamm, Marshall Allyn CS-06 Mt Prospect, IL Stanaski, Andrew John CS-05 Alexandria. VA Stanaway, Brian Jay CS-15 Gwinner, nd Starck, Donald Steve CS-05 rig Pieoras. Puerto Rico Starr, Alan Keith CS-38 Hollywood, ca Stefanlak, Michael Joseph CS-38 Chicopee. MA Steinbeck, David Jon CS-12 Brandon, ia Steinfieid, David Douglas CS-03 Claremont, NH Stephan, Douglas Warren CS-18 Santa Rosa, CA Stephens, Donny Kenneth Jr. CS-13 Converse, TX Stephens, Mark Charles CS-15 Beiievu NE Stewman, Eugene Dale CS-19 London. England Sfimpert, Scott Richard CS-35 New uir Strabala, Joel Scott CS-11 oriwda. ca Streiffert, Steven Craig CS-13 Sitka. ai Strickland, Robert Henry Jr. CS-39 Austin, TX Strum, Charles Brian CS-36 Red Lodge, MT Sturch, James Paul CS-07 wainut Ridge. ar Sturmthal, Jeffrey CS-38 Edwards afb. CA Suizu, Robert Iwao CS-09 Pukaiani, hi Swanson, Robert Vance CS-09 Colorado Springs, CO Swauger, Stephen Eric CS-35 Independence. OH Sviieeney, Linda Mary CS-33 Tucson, az Sweet, Norman Charles CS-22 rio Rancho, NM Swisher, Mark Colman CS-21 onion, co Swonger, David James CS-32 weiiston. OH Syiek, Michael Alfred CS-39 Andover, ma Taijeron, Anthony Patrick CS-09 citrus Helg hts, CA Takashima, Emi CS-06 Canoga Park, CA Talarico, Paul Hale CS-16 Corpus Christi. TX Tapper, Mark Burgess CS-35 San Peoro, CA Tarleton, Michael Sean CS-11 Casa Grande. AZ Tart, Brian Louis CS-06 Bridgewater. nj Tasset, Jerry Joseph CS-39 Cincinnati, OH Tatterfield, Terry Arthur CS-15 Colorado Springs, CO Taylor, Glenn Eugene CS-34 Annapolis. MD Taylor, Randy Lee CS-19 Ft worth, tx Teston, Gary Wayne CS-05 South Houston, TX Therlanos, Janet Anthea CS-35 Theil, Allen John III CS-25 Idaho Fans, id Thiele, Richard Franklin CS-24 Bemen Thomas, Bruce Linn CS-34 Famingto Thomas, David Wayne CS-09 Thomas, John Robert CS-26 Thompson, Francie Janette CS-21 oei Thompson. Scott Owen CS-37 Geneva. NY Thornhill. Paula Georgia CS-14 Syivama. OH Thorpe, Dion Patricl CS-23 Rotusay. mn Tighe, Brian Charles CS-06 New eurgn. Timko, Mark Michael CS-30 Pittsburgh. PA Timmons, Susan Jane CS-31 Bamesviiie. OH Tinebra, Peter Michael CS-19 Mount View. CA Tippin, Barbara Anne CS-02 Tallahassee. FL Tolerton, Daniel Charles CS-25 Aiiane. OH Tonneson, Larry Eugene CS-25 Alexandria. SD Torosian, Arthur James CS-26 Anaheim. CA Torres, Raymond George CS-21 Somerset. MA Tovani, Jonathan Glen CS-20 Novato. CA Townsend, Bruce Charles CS-07 Vernon. CT Trageser, Jay Edward CS-25 Chester, pa Traster, Richard Keith CS-15 onando. fl Tremaine, Robert Lawrence CS-36 Dayton. OH Trimboli. Michael Scott CS-22 Red Bank. Tritle, Maureen Ann CS-12 Spokane, wa Troyer, Steven Eugene CS-19 Amoid. ne Truex, Thomas Alan CS-11 Miramar. fl Trujillo, Francescita CS-26 Ely. Nv Trujillo, Richard Ray CS-33 Seattle, wa Tubb, Craig Edward CS-07 viroqua. wi Tubbs, James Onnie CS-25 Lake Jackson. TX Turley, Jeffrey Martin CS-08 Spnngtieid. Turman, Beverly Carol CS-36 Milwaukee. Turnbaugh, Thomas Irvin III CS-11 King of Prussia. PA Turner. Eva Christina CS-26 Lompoc. ca Turner, Garry Allen CS-12 Coiumbus. ms Turner, Guy Daniel CS-24 Muiims. sc Turner, Michael Dunn CS-15 Woodstock. Turner, Richard Hamilton CS-38 Ft Worth. TX Tyau, Jon Stacy Lani CS-31 wahiawa. hi Unangst, Edward Thomas Jr. CS-35 South Williamsport. PA Unashick, Andrea Lynn CS-06 Kansas 354 Class ot 1980 2 J Upshur, Robert Adrian Jr. CS-10 Marshall, VA Urbancsik, Brian Thomas CS-21 Northtield, OH Uridel, Marl Scott CS-19 lapone Usl avitch, David Robert CS-02 Utiey, Kathleen Marian CS-17 Ft Meade. FL Uyeda, Charles Tsuneo Jr. CS-21 Mt Vaccaro, Peter Michael CS-12 Tucson. Vajskop, Mark Charles CS-22 Broadview Heights. OH Vallado, David Anthony CS-16 Morns Plains, NJ Valle, Thomas CS-08 New MiHord. nj Valley, Michael Thomas CS-02 coaiinga CA Vandagriff, Timothy Blake CS-20 Oklahoma City, OK Vandiver, Rick Edward CS-36 Vanhorn, June Ann CS-28 VanValkenburg, Mary Jane CS-32 ViCk, Jude David CS-37 Amandale. Vishoot, Edward Louis Jr. CS-05 VonBuettner, Kenneth Eric CS-09 San Antonio, TX Vorpahl, Richard Lee CS-26 San Anton.o, Votipka, David Mark CS-01 Waechter, Brian Michael CS-26 Painyra Walker, Daniel Robert CS-28 un Walker, Peggy Charlene CS-10 Wallace, Albert Reid CS-22 Wallace, Larry Scott CS-07Gris Walters, Donald Eric CS-29 sn. Class of 1980 355 Wandishin, David Michael CS-24 Trenton. NJ Waples, Sandra Lawton CS-09 Seattle, Ward, Michael Loy Paul CS-17 Dyess. AFB. TX Ware, Jacqueline Olivia CS-13 Corpus Ctirisli. TX Warr, Dartanian CS-05 Cleveland, oh Waters, Steven Cecil CS-31 irvmg, ca Watson, Michael Roy CS-03 York, pa Webb, Michael Anthony CS-06 Colorado Springs. CO Webb, Paul Hughes III CS-37 San Bernadlno. CA Webb, Steven Garnett CS-14 Tucson, az Weber, Ronald Ray CS-21 Kansas city. MO Webster, David Alan CS-27 Houston, rx Webster, Joseph Gerald CS-28 Ptiiladelphla, PA Weese, Daniel Lee CS-27 ctiarieston. wv Weidenheimer, Randall Scott CS-11 Reading. PA Welder, Lee Ayers CS-26 Alliance, oh Wells, William Keith CS-36 Giendora. ca Wendin, Richard James CS-33 , OH Wheeler, Scott Leslie CS-26 Ogden, ut Wheeler, Steven Howard CS-38 Ft. Worth. TX White, Dane Luvell CS-10 Kinder, la White, Larry Duane CS-01 warren, mi White, Michael Philip CS-36 Riverside. CA Wiebe, Gregory Scott CS-24 viiia Parks. Wiechert, Robert Charles Jr. CS-39 Phoenix, AZ Wiegman, Stanley Fred CS-04 Evanston, IL Wielebinski, Joseph John Jr. CS-13 Scranton, PA Wier, Mary Jo CS-33 Chicago, il Wiley, Henry Ross CS-13 Orlando, fl Wllhelm, Karen Sue CS-18 Paulding, oh Wilkinson, Rodney Lee CS-05 Piiny, Williams, Daniel Arden CS-35 Hon Williams, James Michael CS-31 st Williams, Ryan Kim CS-27 Rochester, in Williams, Thomas Alan CS-02 Bethlehem. Williams, Thomas Eugene CS- Willner, Israel Benzion CS-22 Philadelphia, PA Wilson, Jeffrey Alan CS-38 usafa, co Wilson, Jeffrey Morrow CS-35 Keene, NH Wilson, Peter MacDaniel CS-12 Alexandria. VA Wilson, Robert Alan CS-15 irving. tx Wilson, Robert Allen CS-05 Monroe, oh O f !►• n( r m a I n Wilson, Robert James CS-36 Orlando, fl Wilt, Ronald Albert CS-14 Papunon, ne Wingate, James Robert CS-16 Hottman Winn, Byron Lowell CS-38 Ft Coiiins. co Winn, Robert Graylin CS-14 Colorado Springs, CO Winters, Deacon Leon CS-09 Bayiown, Witham, James Carey CS-26 Richmond, Wolf, Lawrence Aaron CS-19 Fiim. mi Wolfe, Charles Wren Jr. CS-14 Woodward, OK Wolusky, George Anthony CS-34 North Quincy. MA Wong, Joseph Thomas CS-29 Aiharrbra, CA Wong, Lenora Sue CS-20 san Antonio, tx Woodbury, Peter Michael CS-17 Chester, VT Woodland, Paul Stanley CS-31 Lancaster, CA Worthingstun, Dean Dale CS-09 Lake Worth. FL Wright, Bruce Weldonlee CS-37 Riverside. CA Wright, Richard Lee Jr. CS-33 Ridgecrest, CA Wyse, Stephen John CS-33 Grand Yates, Kenneth Wayne CS-29 Corbm, ky Yinger, Daniel Scott CS-39 Hiiisdaie, mi Yockey, Keith CS-30 Cleveland, oh Yost, Kirk Alan CS-38 Gahanna. OH Youmans, Hugh Winn CS-01 North Augusta. SC Young, Robert Arthur CS-30 Swanee, tn Youngs, James Patrick Jr. CS-14 San Antonio, TX Zabkar, Allen Mark CS-15 Latrobe, pa Zane, Jonathan Bow Choy CS-05 Aira Zapata, Robert CS-18 Queens, ny Zartler, Kenneth Joseph CS-34 Zehner, Edwin Albert CS-29 ordway, co it ii Zeller, Francis John CS-11 Ricniand center, wi Zempel, Elizabeth Dyanne CS-01 Sumier. sc Ziebart, David Alvin CS-27 st Joseph, mi Ziebold, Louis Casimer CS-40 Toledo, oh Zukauskas, Waldemar CS-36 Chicago, il NOT PICTURED: Difronzo, Vincent Patrick CS-39 Dover, de Fries, David Gordon CS-33 Berwym. pa Heitmann, Mitchell Loy CS-29 Mediord, or Keith, Kevin Michael CS-13 omana. ne MaHaffy, Dorothy Mary CS-28 Tuiiahona, in Norwood, Jonathan Scott CS-09 Saratoga, ca Pompili, Michele Marie CS-01 Bouider, co Sanford, Joseph Thomas CS-15 Pasadena, ca Schaefer, Bonnie Jo CS-36 Raytown, mo Taylor, Larry Guy CS-06 Loram, oh Wilcock, Deborah Ann CS-15 Riverside, ca Class of 1980 357 Aaron, James Robert CS-30 Lexington Abraham, Robert John CS-01 Phoemx Acker, Bruce Hugh CS-33 oiympia. wa Ackermann, Mark Robert CS-35 Acton, Larry Allen CS-37 Kansas City. ks Adams, John Pryde CS-23 vinton. va Adklns, James Yamagami CS-11 Benin, MO Adkisson, John Thomas CS-04 Erianger. KY Adrld, Antonio Edgar B. CS-15 san Diego. CA Agee, James Wendell Jr. CS-08 Santord, FL Agullar, Ricardo CS-38 chanton Height, wv Aguirre, Samuel CS-37 Paso, tx iliii ib iiiiiyi a n a Q a Ailes, David Michael CS-12 Nebraska city, NE Aimo, Joseph Ray CS-34 Louisviiie, tx Albert, David Joseph CS-13 pieasanton. CA Aldrich, Richard Walter CS-25 Leguna Beach, CA Alexander, Scott Charles CS-18 san Antonio. TX Alger, Kevin Lynn CS-26 Omaha, ne Alltop, Stephen Frank CS-20 wyommg. Almazar, Patrick Anthony CS-32 Pittsburg, CA Althouse, Matthew Benedict CS-38 Incline Village, NV Alvarado, Anthony Jr. CS-09 security, CO Alvarez, Robert James CS-13 Rio Piedras. Puerto Rico Amerige, Stephen CS-27 wantagh, ly ny 35B CLASS OF 1981 CLASS OF 1981 ft giiliraiit fit iii itli Anders, Kurl Stephen CS-05 Lubbock, Anderson, Eldon Vernon CS-27 Anderson, Jeffrey Lee CS-12 Aiia lom CA Anderson, Kyle Austin CS-32 si Paul, Anderson, Thomas Donliri CS-36 Anderson, William Herbert CS-31 Alterboro, MA Andrews, Dale CS-39 Detroit, mi Angelella, Salvatore Anthony CS-30 RIngwood, NJ Anstead, Charles Leroy CS-26 fi Clayton, Canal Zone App, Douglas Alan CS-17 coiumbus, ot Appling, Ronald Richard CS-36 Cincinnati, OH Aranda, Nicholas Raymond CS-16 NJ CS-08 Arensmeyer, Michael Willii Choteaum, MN Arko, Thomas CS-37 Kuniano, oh Artis, Thomas Augustine CS-23 bois ID Atwell, Bart Lee CS-33 hiii afb, ut Augur, Richard Grant CS-37 Ashviiie, nc Aylward, John Edward CS-33 Ellsworth AFB. SD Aymonin, John Francis CS-35 Miami Beach. FL Babb. Wanda Kay CS-05 Spokane, wa Babcock, Alan Eugene CS-01 Eutis, ne Baggett, Alexander Earl CS-12 cypress. Bagley, James Thomas Jr. CS-35 st Louis, MO Bagnell, Richard John CS-09 Ha iet, nj Bailey, Scott Kevin CS-03 Bioommgton, MN Baker, Steven Frazee CS-02 scotch Baldiga, David tylichael CS-40 Mendon, Ballato, Josie Angela CS-33 cuipepper va Ballos, Constantine James Jr. CS-09 Balmaseda, Guillermo Benito CS-40 Gardena. CA Balthazar, Lantz Robert III CS-33 Banez, Milagros Garcia CS-08 los Angeles. CA Barber, Bradley Reed CS-09 Spokane, WA Barbour, George Ellwood Jr. CS-13 Redtord. Ml Barela, Mario Mark Raymond CS-09 Barreras, Christopher Eustace CS-04 San Martino. CA Barrett, Bradley Glenn CS-38 Sanger, ca Barrington, Steven Aflen CS-34 Oxen Hill, MD Barth. William Henry Jr. CS-36 Corpus Chnsti. TX Bash, Brooks Lee CS-06 Chester, ca Batchelor, Edwin Tyrone CS-18 at Charles, MO Battaglia, Grace Marguerite CS-22 Kent. OH Bauer, Peter Allan CS-24 imernatiohai Falls, MN Bauer, Steven Gregory CS-07 Long Pracrie, MN Bauerlin, Brian Michael CS-25 Washington. DC Baugher. Glenn Charles CS-39 Birmingham, Ml Baum, Kurt Lewis CS-05 Carhsie, pa Baumgartner, Neal CS-28 Dearborn Heights. Ml Bazzachini, John Alfred CS-24 Hibbing. MN Beale. Michael Owen CS-28 Goidsboro. NO Beam, Keith Wilmer CS-33 Colorado Springs, CO Beard. Charles Michael CS-39 widetieid. CO Beattie, Clyde Gordon CS-22 Jacksonville, FL Beaudoin, Daniel Odilon CS-33 Bristol. CT Beeves, Gregory Alan CS-06 Dubuque, Becl er. Karl Herbert CS-11 Alexander, ia Behling, Michael Reed CS-13 Midvaie. Beisaw, James Clifford CS-26 wiiton, me Bell, Jeffery Allen CS-22 Hagersiown, in Bell William Daniel Junior CS-29 Traverse City, Ml Belyea, Denice Anne CS-11 Hunhngion Beach, CA Benavides-Sancho, Jose CS-29 San Benham. Janice Ann CS-07 Ft wonn. tx Benken, Richard Paul CS-35 Cincmatti, OH Benoist, Jeffrey Alan CS-23 st louis, MO Benson, Mark Andrew CS-02 Pen Argyi. PA Bentkowski, Allan Thaddeus CS-37 Tucson. AZ Bentley. Randall Blair CS-01 Dyersburg. TN Bergann. Heinz Peter Leo CS-37 otis. KS Berger, Steven Joseph CS-36 san Antonio. TX Berkebile, Jack Leroy CS-10 san Diego. CA Berkhimer, Jeffrey Lynn CS-32 Toms Bermudez, Michael CS-07 Harvey, il Berry, Frederick Glenn CS-06 Baltimore. MD Beuker, Guslave Joseph Barney CS-40 Portland. OR Bianchi, Jeffrey Alexander CS-32 Merrillville. IN Bilek. Vicki Jean CS-39 Giendaie. az Biscone. Gregory Alan CS-12 Papiiion. NE Bishop. Sean Patrick CS-19 Harnson. ar Bizub. Warren William CS-34 Hode mhis. 360 Class of 1981 Blackburn, James Lawrence CS-03 Blaylock, Donald Lee CS-38 Amariiio. tx Bledsoe, Robert Gantt CS-31 wichiia. g A r» r aia ik iuMiAil nil ' 1 ' ' f ' ' ■! Blessing, Jeffrey James CS-09 Vandenburg AFB, CA Blome, Peter Joseph CS-14 copiaque. Bloom, Roland James CS-23 jackpot, Bloomfield, Michael John CS-20 Lake Blount, Robert Jr. CS-06 Dayton, oh BIy, Bryan Jon CS-14 East Brady, pa Bohanan, Michael Patrick CS-15 Tacoma, WA Bolton, Hugh Kyle CS-16 Pembenon, nj Boniewicz, Karen Maureen CS-21 Meriden, CT Bonn, Robert Gordon CS-19 Peiham. ny Booher, Allen Neal CS-18 Navato, ca Bopp, Timothy Charles CS-21 OFaiion. Borish, Paul Victor CS-01 Fort waiton Beach. FL Bornkessel, Forrest Hunter CS-11 Wichita. KS Borton, Alan Jeffrey CS-27 Pasadena, c. BOStiC, Keith CS-25 Emm.lsburg. MD Bottoms, Larr y Akira CS-22 Honolulu. Bouchat, Clarence Joseph IV CS-05 Millburn. NJ Boudreaux, George Carroll II CS-29 Upelousas. LA Bougan, Timothy Barnes CS-05 Fayelteville. NC Bourson, Daniel Joseph CS-32 saiem. OR Boward, Theodore Wayne CS-36 Boykin, Randall Grady CS-34 Middlesex. NC Boyum, Todd Lee CS-36 Tipton, in Brady, Conal James III CS-32 Medre. pa Brady, Michael James CS-07 Praiher. ca Braley, Jeffrey Curtis CS-22 Colorado Springs, Co Braun, Dennis Alan CS-23 Eau ciaire, wi Bray, Kenneth Elmore CS-24 New Bern, NO Breault, Randy Lee CS-40 Putnam, ct Breen, William Holt CS-30 Prospect Park. Brence, John Ernest CS-08 Knob Noster, MO Brennan, John Charles CS-05 Marinnette, WI Brennan, Mark Henry CS-14 Megjon, wi ! Bridges, William Paul CS-08 Raieigh. no Briggs, Douglas Robert CS-08 San Diego, CA Brini nstool, Michael Powell CS-10 Ranctio Palos Verdes, CA Britschgi. Andrew Joseph CS-11 Idaho Falls. 10 Britt, Robert Emmett Jr. CS-31 st Brock, Robert Willi. Paul CS-39 Reedsport, OR Bromley, Frederick Arthur III CS-10 Northfleld, MN Bronson, Michael Alan CS-12 San Antonio. TX Brook, Kenneth John CS-32 East Newport. NY Brook, Richard Alan CS-33 Huntington. Brooks, Frank Kelly Jr. CS-26 Lansing. Ml Brooks, Randall Loren CS-08 North Highlands, CA 362 Class of 1981 f i % ' " ) «Ti r ( f rtf Q Brooks, Terry CS-09 Fremont, ca Broussard, Steven Kern CS-36 Tullahoma. TN Brown, Bruce Alan CS-05 Bakerstiew, ca Brown, Curtis Arnold CS-31 Cashton Brown, Gerald Bruce Jr. CS-09 Mesa. Brown, Kevin Dorchelle CS-37 San Brown, Tommy Mack Jr. CS-13 huii, ga B runderman, John Albert CS-22 Tucson. AZ Brunhaver, John Steven CS-17 Carlsbad. CA Brunkow, Nancy Devries CS-31 Portland. OR Brusuelas, Michael Anthony CS-22 Santa Rosa, MN Bryner, Henry Edwin Jr. CS-02 York, pa Buck Michael Kern CS-34 oyess afb. i Buckley, Sara Ann CS-29 corbm. ky Buerkle, William Carl CS-11 Colorado Springs. CO Bunt, Paul Edward CS-27 Aibertson, nv Burgess, Thomas Michael CS-03 Springfield. VA Burian, James Joseph CS-29 warren, i Burke, Maura Elizabeth CS-09 Becoit. Burke, Michael Francis CS-18 Tempe. AZ Burks, Eric Stanley CS-19 Montgomery. AL Burns, Steven Ray CS-35 Marysviiie. wa Burrows, Jeffrey Michael CS-06 Oak Harbor. WA Burrus, Richard Adrian CS-21 pilot Mountain. NC Burton, Weldon Kendell CS-22 Butcher, Scott Alan CS-04 Biiiings. mt Butler, Craig Alan CS-05 wuchita. ks Byard, Kyle Frederick CS-31 Miibrook. NY Bykowsky, Laura Anne CS-32 wayne, Byrd, Kenneth L. CS-20 somersworth, nh Calamoneri, Charles Frank CS-32 san Francisco. CA Calfa, Frank CS-01 Brooklyn, ny Calvert, Bruce Fredrick CS-35 mdian River. Ml Campbell, Andre Kazuo CS-11 Colorado Springs. CO Campbell, Christopher Dallas CS-34 NC Campbell, Gerardo Orlando CS-25 Bellevue, NE Canale, Lawrence Jeffrey CS-33 Riverside. CA Cannon, Raymond Kevin CS-35 Verysburg. NY Carlson, Dean William CS-01 owaionna. Carlson, Rebecca Sue CS-21 Keokuk ia Carnes, Gary Jefferson CS-16 koos Bay. Class ol 1981 363 Carr, Cody Bruce CS-06 Manpua. ut Carraway, Daniel Thomas CS-26 Carthage. MS Carroll. Marvin Dee CS-35 East St. Louis. IL Carroll, Ronald Dale CS-30 sneftiew. al Carson, Lee Richard CS-14 Fuiierton. ca Cartney, Michael Donald CS-12 Casey, John David CS-03 Midland, tx Casserino, John Charles CS-03 Lindenhurst. NY Cassidy, Wilfred Thomas CS-16 r Fairfield, ME Castelo, Rodolfo Espejo CS-02 irvine. CA Castillo, Gil Vincent CS-30 Norwoik. ca Castillo, Rodolfo CS-05 Bergenfield. NJ Castrillo, Antonio Raphael CS-35 Cavallo, Gerard Robert CS-32 Westwood. NJ Cayton. Robert Francis CS-07 Yuba ciiy. CA Cembellin, Sandra Lynn CS-23 Hoiisier, CA Chadwell, Riley Morgan CS-07 Omaha. NE Chadwick, Gary Lloyd CS-33 Corbaiiis. OR Chando, Nicholas Charles CS-28 Layton, UT Chaplin, Michael Bradley CS-27 New Orieans, LA Chapman, Barbara Joan CS-26 san Antonio. TX Chapman, Dave Scott CS-10 Gardiner. MT Chapman, Donald Rosen Jr. CS-15 Cheche. Matthevii Paul CS-15 Auburn. Cheeseman. Francis William CS-03 South Amboy. NJ Chew. Robert Edmund CS-14 Chagrin Falls, OH Ching, Larry Yea CS-19 Sacramento, ca Chlarson, John Conrad CS-24 Jackson. TN Choi, Davis InSOp CS-13 Seoul. Korea Christen, Karl Eric CS-20 Miipitas. ca Cicchini, Michelle Lynn CS-29 Santa Maria. CA Cilek, Robert Steven CS-37 Ft waiion. Clark, David Anthony CS-15 Stockton. Clark, Leo Thomas CS-22 Niceviiie. fl Clark, Paul James CS-05 wamer Hobms. Clarke, Arnold Arthur CS-28 Sic Clayton, Roy Mackenzie III CS-13 Dresher, PA Clem, Joseph Doward CS-34 Easton, md Cliff, Donna Marion CS-07 Oxon hiii, md Clifford, James Patrick CS-40 Coiby, wi Cloud, Albert Thomas Jr. CS-13 Clouse, Richard James CS-14 Phoenix, 364 Class o( 1981 Clunan, William Burke CS-02 i TN Coale, Gregory Scott CS-31 Coe, Maurice CS-16 Oxen hiii, md Coghlin, Charles Robert Jr. CS-28 Coleman, Clarence J.C. Jr. CS-20 Langley AFB, VA Coleman, Leonard Thomas CS-19 Savannah. GA Coleman, Randall Gordon CS-23 Warner Robins. GA Coles, Donald Glen CS-30 Beividere. Comnick, Michael Lee CS-03 oovray. mn Conley, Lansen Paul CS-15 Mabark. tx Conley, Robin Brett CS-17 Roseburg, or Connell, Larry Allen CS-01 websters Chaple. AL Connors, Jay Craig CS-02 Tiburon. ca Conway, Mark Charles CS-14 Alexandria, Cook, Christopher Allen CS-02 creeiey. CO Coonradt, Alfred James CS-17 west Cornett, Tracie Ann CS-17 American Correll, Mark Arthur CS-29 scoit afb, ii Cosgrove, Richard Douglas CS-32 Ft Costello, Peter Aloysius III CS-22 Couch, Thomas Howard CS-24 Donalds sc Courtney, Francis Patrick Jr. CS-25 Cox, Fritz Paul CS-24 Class of 1981 365 Craft, Daniel Henry CS-29 Bradenton. fl Craig, Bradley Malcolm CS-25 Phoemx. Craig, George Robert CS-13 Tacoma, Craig, Merrie Down CS-19 Crane, Miriam Beth CS-13 Crews, Danny Winston CS-07 Draketown, GA Cross, Lauri Kay CS-38 San Diego, ca Crouse, David Lyie CS-38 st Louis, mo Crowder. Gary Lee CS-39 Austin, tx Crowell, Miles Alyn CS-08 Casper, wy Crownover, Joseph Calvin III CS-06 Texarkana. TX Croxton, Galen James CS-21 Loring r: Cumnock, Judy Anne CS-16 Mabark, tx Cunningham, Joan Marie CS-04 Great Falls. MN Cunningham, Mark Thomas CS-28 Spearman. TX Cunningham, Robert Thomas CS-14 Albuquerque. NM Curran, Francis Edward III CS-11 ocean City. NJ Czerwinski, Stephen Bruce CS-09 New York NY Dahl, John Malcolm CS-10 LaCrescem. MN Dalby, Michael Edward CS-11 Stephenvllle. TX Damico, William Kenneth CS-09 Ridgewood. NJ Darbonne, Lawrence Eric CS-07 Darnell, Craig Charles CS-15 Ft wayne. Daso, Dik Alan CS-30 Bay village. OH 366 Class of 1961 g n a iiiiii a n a ■ Davenport, Randolph Warren CS-03 Commack, NY Davis, Lawrence Todd CS-38 Gien Cove, li, Davis, Martin Earl CS-19 Radciiit, ky Davis, Noy Shuen CS-31 Sequim. wa Davis, Randall Eugene CS-21 Baton Rouge. Davison, John Ralph CS-22 cansbad. nm Deblois, Bruce Michael CS-23 pittsiieid. ma Deck, Lawrence Joseph CS-33 Toledo, oh Defusco, Russell Paul CS-25 los Angeies, CA DeGraff, Peter William CS-21 camichaei. CA Delaney, Timothy Gerard CS-05 vioia. mn Deltoro, John Michael CS-03 san Antomo, Denning, Todd Elliott CS-29 Miami, fl Dennis, Danny James CS-30 Quoin, il Dennis, Sheldon CS-14 Mouiiton. ar Deptula, Ronald Robert CS-09 Niceviiie. Dering, Robert Scott CS-31 Long island, Derry, Heyward Jr. CS-05 Danington. sc Devine, Mark Edward 08-02 McChord afb, WA Dewolff, Peter William CS-15 Riverdaie, nj Dick, Duane Charles CS-14 sunnymead, ca Dickensheet, Terry Lee CS-26 oaytona Beach. FL Dickey, Derek Ross CS-18 New Orleans, la Dickey, Douglas Allen CS-09 Dickey, Matthew William CS-35 costa Mesa, CA Diehl, James Joseph CS-16 oiean. ny Dietsch, Mark Thomas CS-23 st Paui. mn Dille, Eric Armstrong CS-02 Denver, co Dimalanta, Orlando Suni OS-38 Chicago, il Dimas, Stephen Michael CS-05 Phoenix, az Dinapoli, Scott Anthony OS-16 Bioomfieic Dismuke, Theophus Danier CS-17 Lynwood. CA DiulUS, Dale Henry CS-07 Apache Junction AZ Dobbins, Gary Michael CS-03 Lynn, ma Dockendorf, Dana Ray CS-12 Ashiand. m Dodd, James Russell CS-40 crum. tx Dominguez, Brian Edward CS-15 los Angeles. CA Dompka, Robert von CS-04 Rockviiie. md Dooley, Brian Ernest CS-32 Mobile, al Dortch, Joseph Claude CS-22 crestview. Doss, Steven Kirk CS-07 springtieid. va Dow, Daniel Edward CS-40 Bemidji, mn Class ol 1981 367 Dowe, Richard Joseph Jr. CS-03 Downs. Michael Charles CS-10 Aiea. hi Dremann, Christopher Charles CS-01 Chicago. IL Drennen, Christopher John CS-09 Dennison. lA Drew, James John CS-14 Miami, fl Duarte, David Paul CS-19 Torrance, ca Dubie, Brian Edward CS-30 Burlington, VT Dubois, Richard Delvini II CS-07 Keene, Duchene, Richard Arthur CS-25 Duell, Theodore Frederick CS-35 Denver, CO Duffy, Patrick Edward CS-11 west si Paul, MN Dugan, Brian Gregory CS-24 Rochester, Dugger, Samuel Wesley CS-34 Little Rock, AR Dunbar, John Emmett CS-35 piattsburg AFB, NY Dupre, Thomas Joseph CS-08 Ogdensburg, NY Durchholz, Matthew Lawrence CS-08 Durham, Randall Dean CS-28 OH Durst, Kathleen O ' Donnell CS-24 Sumter. SC Dury, Raymond CS-26 Copiague. ny Eady, Michelle Janine CS-39 Dayton, oh Edwards, Bradley Kent CS-34 Scottsblutt, NE Egan, Brian Dennis CS-17 watertown. ma Ehrhard, Mary Patrice CS-08 Albert Lea, Eilts, Timothy Edward CS-29 wabash, in Ellis, Jeffery Lawrence CS-06 Golden, CO Elston, Mark Edward CS-15 Enumciaw, Emerson, Mark Cosfello CS-09 seiievre, WA England, William Scott CS-25 Kansas City, MO English, Nelson William CS-27 Enzenbacher, Debra Jean CS-11 Calumet Park, IL Eric, John Joseph CS-32 Johnson city, ny Eunice, John Lester III CS-27 Foikston. GA Evancevich, Charles Joseph CS-05 Babbitt, MN Evans, Adolphus Jr. CS-37 Pittsburg, pa Evans, Lois Louise CS-14 white cioud. mi Fagnant, John Ward CS-21 Camaniio, ca Faries, Cynthia Louise CS-24 Lebanon, il Farris, John Edward CS-37 saiiisaw, ok Farrish, Daniel CS-27 Middietown. oh Faust, Jeffrey Kiven CS-06 white Bear Lake, MN Feldstone, Julia Beth CS-16 San Antonio, r ( f m iiii i liiliiiti J 368 Class 01 1961 2 a f Q a ) Felice, Kevin Joseph CS-19 Beiimgham. Fenton, Lisa Mary CS-15 Huntingion Ferda, Steve Robert Jr. CS-11 Las Ferguson, Thomas Michael CS-07 Santa Barbara, CS Fernandez, Bruce Charles CS-38 st Louis, MO Ferran, Robert William, Jr. CS-02 Ferrick, David Allen CS-28 springtieid. va Fica, Michael William CS-20 casco, wi Fields, Howard Patrick CS-31 Louisville. Fisher, Ann Marie CS-32 snaw afb, so Fisher, Marvin Neil CS-16 oes Moines, ia Fisher, Paul Layton CS-29 Rehobotn Beach. DE Fisher, Robert Fraser CS-12 East Lansing. Ml Fisk, Mark Eric CS-04 Jackson, mi Fitzgerald, John Robert CS-22 wausau. Fitzgerald, Steven Blaine CS-14 Redwood City. CA Flade, John Willard CS-24 North Kingston. Rl Flahaven, Michael Willard CS-16 Wenona. IL Flanagan, Richard Raymond Jr. CS-10 Maryville. MO Flanigan, Patrick Michael CS-03 Chicago. IL Fleming, Wyatt Ross CS-30 Bay springs. MS Floreant, Danilo Aldo CS-37 canoga Park. CA Flores, Leona Antoinette CS-12 Aurora. CO Flores, Michael CS-39 San Francisco. CA Floyd, Wilber Jean CS-29 Miiiedgeviiie. ca Foerg, Reinhard Peter CS-22 Rutneriord. Foley, Roger Allen CS-28 Beiievue. ne Foley, Terrenes John CS-14 Detroit, mi Ford, Dewey Gene CS-02 clarendon, tx Ford, Donald Allan CS-30 Harper woods. Ford, James Abbott Jr. CS-16 Hinsdaie, Forester, Thomas Harland CS-02 Foret, Randall Mark CS-11 vine Piatte Forlnash, Terry Wayne CS-08 City. TX Fox, John William CS-13 Torrence, CA Fralzer, Allen Justin CS-04 France, Marti Franklin, Craig Allen CS-18 Morton Grove. IL Frascadore, Gregory Alfred CS-17 Frasure, James Franklin CS-16 Temple City. CA Freitas, Diego Manuel CS-20 Pasadena. CA Fryling, James Allen CS-21 Kentwood. m Fulton, Paul Anton CS-23 speedway, in Fulton, Robert Walter CS-16 Dallas, tx Funke, Bryan Jay CS-39 Hoseviiie, ca Fusco, Samuel Anthony CS-02 Buftaio. Gabreski, Francis Robert CS-27 dix Hills. NY Gabriel, Cathryn Angela CS-06 san Antonio, TX Gaeta, Robin CS-27 Engiewood ciihs. nj m fk f ■ ' » Gallagher, Timothy John CS-18 Camp Hill, PA Gallegos, Frank CS-07 Puebio. co Gallogly. Lawrence Patrick CS-15 Warwick, Rl Galver, Roberto CS-19 San Jose, ca Gamez, Julio CS-37 Sama Dommgo. Dominican Republic Gaquin, Joseph Robert CS-20 Miiion. Garcia-Gonzalez, Jorge Alberto CS-34 Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Garcia, Rose Anna CS-25 Aiamagordo, Gardner, Barry Lee CS-08 Ramte city, il Garner, David Ray CS-14 Bartiesviiie. ok Garrison, Eric Peter CS-29 Florissant, mo Garvin, Eric Darryl CS-19 New York, ny Gastenveld, Edv rard Thomas CS-04 Henderson. KY Gerner, Andre Anthony CS-27 Los aiii CA Geueke, Edward Michael CS-22 Blairtown, NJ Gier, Douglas Andrew CS-06 Konier, ft Gilmore, Richard Francis Jr. CS-31 Gilstrap, Vance Farrell CS-06 Ginder, Daniel John CS-38 San Antonio. TX Ginger, Suzanne Marie CS-33 Rolling Meadows. IL Gintz, Glenn Nicholas CS-32 chippewa Falls. Wl Girone, Michael Heyward CS-14 Ft Bennlng. GA Glade, David Dultmeier CS-25 Davenport. lA Gladman, David Blaine CS-14 Tippecanoe. OH Glassick, Robert Edward CS-16 Goldizen. Derrill Thomas CS-04 Langiey AFB, VA Gonzales. Cheryl Lynn CS-37 Chicago, ii Gonzalez. William Jr. CS-39 Ft waiion Beach, FL Gortney, Kevin Davis CS-04 Petaiuma, CA Gossner. Jeffrey Lynn CS-10 Cammo, ca Gossner, Jesse Ross CS-32 cammo. ca Gotch, Stephen Michael CS-22 Beaver Creek. OH Gough, John William CS-17 Mercedes, tx Gouldie, James Martin CS-10 Mankaio. Grabowski, Michael CS-28 Grace, Derek Leigh CS-03 Chicago, il Gramoll, James Clyde CS-35 Bountiful. UT Grant, Andrew James CS-13 Houiton. ME Graul, Richard Charles CS-05 Camp hiii PA Green. Carolyn CS-06 Monterey Park, ca Green, Gerald Patrick CS-09 Rolling Meadows. IL Green, Harold Lester CS-27 Miami, fi Class o( 1981 371 Green. Kenneth Clifton CS-24 Honolulu, Greenlee, Arthur Carl CS-40 los Angeies, CA Greenshields, Brian Henry CS-33 Rancho Palos Verdes. CA Gregor, Robert Levon CS-21 simi vaiiey, CA Gregory, Douglas William CS-27 Wilmette. IL Gregory, Talmage Alan GS-19 Sunnymead, CA Greydanus, Timothy Paul CS-30 Holland. Ml Griffin, Drees Catera CS-26 Montgomery. AL Griffin, John Francis CS-32 Chicago, il Griffith Dan Llewellyn Jr. CS-26 Ft Worth. TX Grimmig, Julie Marie CS-04 Ft waiton Beach. FL Griswold, John Joseph CS-28 Homeii. NY Groark. Stephen Andrew CS-13 Melrose, MA Gross, Harold Timothy CS-18 Cheyenne, WY Grosz, Timothy George CS-15 Houston. TX Groszewski, John Leo CS-37 st louis. MO Groux, Jeffrey Scott CS-40 Beston. va Gruber, Thomas Joseph CS-38 st. Paul, Grunstad, Dennis Dean II CS-19 Fairfield, CA Guess, James Allen CS-25 Rockviiie. md Gunnoe, Janice Lynn CS-01 Garland, tx Gunter, Gurnie Cornelius Jr. CS-31 Ft Guymon, Edward Wallace III CS-07 Colorado Springs, CO Haas, Jeffrey John CS-29 Lakes, nj Haddad. Richard Shacrata CS-26 Kearny. AZ Hahn, Kenneth Scot CS-23 Arlington, wa Hall, Craig Harris CS-38 Nonh conway. Hallam, Scott Samuel CS-23 chuia vista. CA Hamid, Abel CS-17 Bronx, ny Hamilton, Joseph Allen CS-16 Fairfax, Hamilton, Robert Allen CS-30 Eik Grove. IL Hamler, Kevin Paul CS-12 Homestead, fl Hamlin, David Christopher CS-31 Canton, OH Hammond, Harvey Leon Jr. CS-17 Athens, GA Handy, Dexter Raphael CS-34 Hanevich, Norman Clifford CS-11 Rochester, PA Hanley, Peter Cleveland CS-19 Naples, Hanson, fvlichael John CS-03 utchfieid. Harden, William Lee Grant CS-29 Pen City. AL Harrell, Jeffrey Peter CS-32 Eikhan, in Harrelson, Patrick Lee CS-24 Harris, Terrance Lee CS-28 iiii tiliii ii ? ,ff. r r i r n ' I ii 372 Class of 1981 a " n ( o a a(fi» f (f» ' ■ Harris. Timothy Alan CS-33 wheeier afb. Hart, John Freeman CS-19 Gamsviiie. fl Hartman. Steven Edward CS-11 Atiama. GA Harwood. Thomas Perkins ill CS-39 Hasegawa, Ken Richard CS-29 Endweii, Hasty. Gregory Scott CS-35 Hudson, ia Hasty, Thomas Jefferson III CS-22 HaweS, Tim CS-20 Dowmngton, PA Hawkins, Scott Lavalle CS-16 Milwaukee. Hay, Gary James CS-06 Poniana or Hayduk, Donald Michael Jr. CS-10 Hayes, Denise Marcella CS-04 Hayes, Don Lee Jr CS-27 fi Meade, md Hayhurst. Robert Andrew CS-17 Mm Hays, r ichael Lewis CS-02 Middieiown. OH Heavner, Leonard Glenn CS-37 Marsburg. WV Hedrick, James Lee CS-21 chfton. tx Heise. Craig William CS-22 waienoo. ia Henderson, Stephen Edward CS-24 s Henderson, Warren Lee CS-10 ciovis. Hendrick. Patricia Ann CS-23 mi Clemmons. Ml Henne, Craig l alcolm CS-35 Ft Chester. Henry. Michael Eugene CS-1 vaii, co Hensley, Benjamin Gerard CS-11 San Henson. Steve Alan CS-30 Russeiiviiie. Herbst. Kurt Lyon CS-07 Class ol 1981 373 Herms, Richard Alan CS-03 Johnstown. PA Hermandez, Annette Lorraine CS-16 Schertz. TX Herndon, Russell Ray CS-09 Grosse Point. Ml Herr. George Albert Jr. CS-12 Columbia. TN Herrick, Steven John CS-36 us afa. co Hewitt, Stanley Deland CS-37 Sauana. Hightower, Gary Lionel CS-30 Manstieid. OH Hightower. Martin Craig CS-33 Plainlield, NJ Hill. David Sherwood CS-19 San Antonio. TX Hill. Gregory Clifton CS-01 Bucyrus, oh Hill. Kevin Clement CS-02 Long Beach. CA Hill, Ludwig Schieman CS-34 Gladstone. ex D ry f n n Hillebrandt. Eric Alan CS-30 Album, ga Hills. Larry Charles CS-05 Bradford, pa Hilsgen, Shirley Rose CS-27 San Diego. Hinen, Anthony Leon CS-29 Sparks, nv Hirst, Steven Robert CS-27 Milwaukee, wi Hively. Kathryn CS-15 Frankim. Hodge, Carol Irene CS-03 New Oi Hoekstra, Brian Louis CS-11 Oriando. fl Hoffman, Gabriel David CS-08 Pon Washington. NY Hoffstadt. Steven Scott CS-12 Dover, de Holman, Michael Charles CS-31 Portland, OR Homburger, David Victor CS-10 Denver, i (- rt o 3 a a f TT O a 1 ' Hook, Blane Alex CS-34 Las Aiamitos, ca Hopkins. Paul Vincent CS-34 Spfingdeid, MA Horban. Blaise Andrew CS-25 Rochester. Horgan, Michael James CS-22 Wilmington, DE Hornbostel, Dolores Marie CS-07 OFallon. IL Horton, Mallory McCall CS-07 Miami, fl Horton, Mitchel Dewayne CS-08 Kingsport, TN Hotchkiss, Cedric Alphus III CS-08 Hough, Scott Lewis CS-32 Aiiegan. mi Houghton, Richard Thomas CS-05 Dias AFB. TX Hourihan, Dana John CS-31 Boston, ma House, Sherwood Nevin CS-25 Hamden. Hoy, James Kevin CS-06 Fails City. ne Hudson, Kevin Ralph CS-01 Cedar Fails, Huff, David Alan CS-23 otheiio, wa Huffer, Lisa Fay CS-39 Lexington. KY Hughes, Steven Lamar CS-32 Key west. FL Huhmann, Martin Joseph CS-06 si Elizabetti. MO Human, Basil Wayne CS-24 Hanmen. Hunter, David Jay CS-04 Federal way. Hurt, Shawn Phillip Randall CS-04 Saratosa. CA Hussey, Robert Gary CS-38 Santa Cru CA Hussey, Ronald Jeffrey CS-30 onandi Hyde, Bret Alan CS-38 osbum. ia Ingram, Mark Everrett CS-01 Washington. DC Irby, Joel Martin CS-10 Apple vaiiey. ca Irish, Susan Virginia CS-36 Hacienda Heights, CA Iverson, Kim Deirdre CS-12 Beiievue. wa Jackson, Aaron Scott CS-33 jermon. ut Jackson, James Laughton CS-27 Chamblee, GA Jackson, John Calvin III CS-26 Redding. PA Jackson, Kay Susan CS-08 San Francisco. CA Jacobson, Leslie Richard CS-01 Jacoby, Timothy Lee CS-28 Ocean Springs, MS Jaensch. Michael CS-22 Kings Pomt, ny Jagstadt, Karl Heinz CS-02 Seymour, ct Jakobi, Michael John Joseph CS-25 Cincinnati. OH James, Kingsley Leonard CS-07 Sioux City. IA Jameson, Mary Ellen CS-36 Petaiuma. CA Jankowski, Leonard Paul CS-06 Grand Jarusak. Donna Lee CS-27 Brooklyn, ny Jasina, James Gerard CS-26 sterling Class ol 1981 375 Jasinski, Timothy Victor CS-24 Cleveland. OH Jenkins, Craig Michael CS-04 Detroit, mi Jenkins. David John Jr. CS-14 Champion, OH Jensen, Kevin Ray CS-03 imperial, ne Jessurun, Sean Robert CS-23 Pomirei, CT Jilson, Mark David CS-18 waveriy. ny Johnson. Barry Richard CS-38 Williamsburg. VA Johnson, Brian James CS-06 camon. oh Johnson, Bruce Allen CS-29 ciaremim. CA Johnson, Buxton Layton III CS-03 Owensboro. KY Johnson, Charles Wade CS-24 Huron. SD Johnson, Curtis Cornell CS-19 Rockiord. Johnson. Ernest Jerome Jr. CS-28 Sierra Vista. AZ Johnson, Jonnie CS-20 Burlington. NJ Johnson, Kirk Eugene CS-15 Giendaie. AZ Johnson, Marion Dudley Jr. CS-01 Rolling Fork. MS Johnson, Michelle Denise CS-18 Spencer. lA Johnson, Robert Hovi ard CS-09 Oklahoma City, OK Jones, John Bruce CS-03 Baton Rouge, Jones, Michael Dennis CS-32 Aitus, ok Jones, Reginald Lewis CS-02 Los Angeles. CA Jones, Robert Doyle Jr. CS-01 Aivm. tx Jones, Stephen Murray CS-39 Bryan, tx Jones, Steven Frederick CS-31 Omaha. NE Jones, Vincent Thomas CS-19 Fairiax. Jones, William Allen Jr. CS-38 McKeansburg Judge, Steven Thomas CS-10 Foster City Jurecic, Jeffrey John CS-20 iron River Kadlubowski, Michael John CS Kale, Stephen Harold Jr. CS Kallman, Thomas CS-33 Ridgewood. Kaneshiro, William Kiyoshi CS-13 Karanovich, Timothy Wayne CS Karman, Steve Louis Jr. CS-07 Midland. tx Kaspar, Steven Bernard CS-02 suena Park, CA Kasper, Robert Michael CS-37 Baltimore, MD Kasprak. John Michael Jr. CS-32 Kass, William Carl CS-06 cemerviiie, oh Kavanaugh, James CS-40 Brooklyn, ny Kay, Gregory Keitarou CS-23 Colorado Springs. CO Kay, Julie Lynn CS-20 wayne. ne Keck, Keith Arthur CS-16 Garden city. m 376 Class ol 1961 e% f) ( r 4 n n a } Keefer, Kevin Joseph CS-15 western Springs, IL Keen, Ronald Lee CS-36 Layton, ut • - ( Kekoa, Kevin James CS-10 Honolulu, hi Kelchner, Bryan Lee CS-17 seoaiia, mo Kelly, Lawrence CS-37 Giencoe, il Kelly, Paul Charles Jr. CS-24 Virginia Kelly, Robert Hamilton CS-02 Carnegie, PA Kelly, Scott Edward CS-40 Fondo, ia Keltz, Michael Anthony CS-29 Miiiiani, hi Kemp, James Christopher CS-30 st Louis, MO Kendrick, William Clyde Jr. CS-02 Gastonia, NO Kenison, Richard Kenneth CS-12 Suiie, MT Kennedy, Stephen Timothy CS-05 Flora, IN Kerr, Richard Eldon Jr. CS-19 Cambridge. OH Keslar, Kenneth Franklin CS-07 Bedtord Heights, OH Ketner, Charles Frederic CS-40 Chattanooga, TN Ketterling, Raymond Alan CS-16 Billings, MT Kifer, Karen Louise CS-06 irwin, pa KiiSk, Silvi Ann CS-12 Alexandria. VA Kilian, Kim Marie CS-25 Lincrosft, nj Kilty, James Edward CS-38 Beiievue. ne Kimsey, Charles Neil CS-03 Kalamazoo, Ml King, David Warren CS-17 Winston-Salem, NC Kiovsky, Rebecca Anne CS-34 Kent, oh Kirkus, Lisa Rowena CS-23 Colorado Springs, CO Kitchens, Craig Neil CS-40 Newark, oh Class ol 1981 377 1 Kiziah, Rex Raymond CS-21 Framte Fails. NC Klamerus, Mark Eugene CS-15 st ciair, Klassen, Bret Tyrone CS-11 Fargo, nd Klefstad, Keith Arlen CS-23 Atlanta, ga Kleinhen. Donald Lee CS-17 San Diego. Klemme, Jamie Lee CS-27 Plymouth. Kline, Richard Douglas CS-27 wayne, nj Knapp, Andy Quang CS-31 Mantica. ca Knight, Gregory Guy CS-32 Fairtieid. ca Knowles, Theodore Craig CS-28 Knox, Edwin Welling CS-01 Muncy. ma Knudson, Steven John CS-10 Schaumburg. IL Kobe!, Christopher James CS-36 Layton. UT Kolm, Jan Erick CS-33 Springtieid. ma Konigsmark, Gary Loyd CS-07 Rediands. CA Kornfeld, Armand John CS-35 Moorestown. NJ Koshak, Alan Arthur CS-36 Torrance, ca Kosinski, Edmund CS-12 Chicago, il Kostelic, Mark Louis CS-03 Corte Madera, CA Kozar, Anthony Jr. CS-11 Broadview, il Krett, Thomas Vincent CS-40 Lachine, mi Kravchuk, Richard Anton Jr. CS-21 Lombard. IL Krebs, Mark Jonathan CS-02 Pierre, so Kreft, Kevin Richard CS-06 warren, mi Kubik, Wendell John CS-13 Chicago, il KukulskI, Michael CS-05 Addison, il Kullman. Bruce Roger CS-38 Greensburg, PA Kuramata, Thomas Akira CS-18 covma, CA Kuta, Rebecca Lynn CS-03 Delta, co Kuzniar, Ronald Ian CS-34 Chicago, il LaFrance, Kurt Raymond CS-16 satellite Beach. FL Laird, Daniel Edmund CS-06 Penneiiviiie. Lament, Jeffrey Allen CS-26 Miitcn. fl Lament, Perry Wayne CS-01 Los Angeles. CA Lampe, Christopher Edward CS-26 st Land, Paul Scott CS-01 Colorado Spnngs. CO Landweep, Philip Richard CS-34 Kirkland, WA . _ r ' ' v H ■ " V ■ J , W ' Bk Kv« Lane, Chris Swann CS-16 Lampoc. CA ,1 T- - W m - Hi ■«- .- P ' -s. W - ' • " r Lane, Henry Grady III CS-38 Rock Hill, ■ ' sc Langhorne, Norman Lee II CS-24 Sunny Mead. CA Langley, Jimmy Lee Jr. CS-40 vatesviiie. GA Langston, Jeffrey Alan CS-20 Portland. OR Larsen, Bradley Dean CS-09 Yamhiii, or Larson, John Edward CS-07 vero Beach. FL Latas, Dean Ayars CS-05 Hermosa Beach. CA Lawrence, Michael Anthony CS-37 Indianapolis. IN Lawrence, Thomas Earl Jr. CS-10 Lawton. David Christopher CS-20 Mahhu Beach. CA Lecraw, Christopher Benjamin CS-03 V .J I B tSTt BK Atlanta. GA i W ' ., %9i mr -- B Lee, Thomas Earl CS-08 Colorado " " " Springs. CO Lee, Weldon Grady Jr. CS-17 Houston TX Leigh, Michael Clarence CS-28 Peshnc Lemieux. Kathleen Marie CS-36 Lemieux, Linda Ann CS-17 CT Lemrond, Michael Patrick CS-24 ciiiton, IL Lepanto. Joseph Peter CS-08 Greenpeii MD Lepper, Michael James CS-11 Holland. Lequar, John Jay CS-14 Stuttgart Germany Leveille. James Alan CS-30 Brookdeid. Lewis. Franklin Gilbert CS-39 Baker fl Lewis. Scott Jonathan CS-20 viomerey. Lewis. Scott Raymond CS-37 Bredton Ley. Daniel Loughrey CS-14 Gienwiew il Leyba. Stephen Mark CS-03 wiesbaden Light. Kevin Paul CS-21 Engiewood co Class ol 1981 379 Lin, Viki Tai CS-37 Rancho Palos Verde, CA Lind, Dale Anthony CS-18 omaha, ne Linder, Allyson Kelly CS-04 Muncie, in Link, Charles Joseph Jr. CS-14 Beiiaire. OH Linton, Patrick Henry CS-11 Mynie Beach, SC Lipscomb, Kenneth Oden CS-11 Lisko, Brian Michael CS-36 Sacramento, CA Little, David Wilson CS-31 Albany, ny Littlejohn, Thomas Edward CS-11 Midwest City, OK Lockhart, Todd Mack CS-15 Fails Church, VA Long, James Thomas CS-31 Hingum. ma Lopez, Jose JuiS CS-33 Waclera, CA Lopez, Kevin William CS-10 San Antonio, Lopez, Timothy John CS-25 Portland, or Lorenz, Mark Allan CS-27 Litchfield Pari . Lorenzen, Lee Jay CS-25 san Antonio, tx Lorusso. Anthony Edward CS-04 Phoenixville. PA Lovelace, William Patrick CS-31 Akron, OH Loza-Noboa, Rodrigo P. CS-34 saunas Guayas. Equador Loza, Mario Alberto Torrez CS-21 Washington, DC Ludwig, Lawrence Anthony CS-16 Cincinnati, OH Luers, Daniel Joseph CS-34 Bald Knob. AZ Luiken, Marc Anthony CS-29 Huxley, ia Lumpkins, Deborah Fay CS-24 Colorado Springs. CO Lust, Terry Lew CS-02 loia, ka Maas, Janette Marie CS-02 sieepy Eye, Maasch, Kirk Allen CS-26 oakdaie, ny Mabie, Edward William CS-15 Springfield. VA Macchia, Tyrone Keith CS-08 coiumbus. GA Macklin, Dennis Glen CS-29 South Madden, Carolyn Joseph CS-39 Fort Walton Beach. FL Madden, William John CS-31 Bronx, ny Mahoney, John Dermod CS-31 Phoenix. AZ Mahoney, Robert Joe CS-13 Owensboro. Maitland, Jill Cathrine CS-21 Chippwa Falls. Wl Majoros, Tracey Anne CS-35 Honolulu, MaliCk, Susan Ann CS-40 Jackson, NJ Maloof, Thomas George CS-40 Miami, Manning, Kelvin Monroe CS-09 Asendeer, MA Manos, Karen Louise CS-28 Fairfax, va Mansfield, Michael Richard CS-33 Lombard, IL Mansini, Michal John CS-12 coiiinsviiie. f f o w Markert, Amy Elizabeth CS-28 cemuna, wi Marlin, John Emory II CS-27 Dayion, oh Marlow, Christopher CS-40 Levittown. pa Marolt, Dane Anthony CS-36 Cleveland. Marquis, Curtis Francis CS-32 Albany, GA Martin, Freddie Scott CS-01 Hamiyn. wv Martin, Frederick H. CS-11 st Louis Masiello, Thomas Joseph CS-39 Youngstown, NY Mason, Charles David II CS-05 Massengill, Cliftord Wade CS-24 Fayetteville. NC Matonak, Ann Marie CS-03 Canoga Park. CA Matsumoto, Michael Dean CS-30 Honolulu. HI Mature, Ronald Phillip CS-38 Newburg. sc Mauer, Anthony Merle CS-16 Kiamaih Falls, OR Maupin, Gary Howard CS-17 wiiiiason, Maurer, Christopher Lyie CS-18 Norwich, England May, Anthony Francis CS-13 Omaha, ne Maynard, Harry Lee Jr. CS-33 Knoxviiie, TN McAnulty, Paul CS-12 westbury. ny McClain, Timothy John CS-25 wesi oes Momes. lA McClintock, Dennis Lee CS-14 Nevada. OH McClure, Robert Michael CS-37 McClure, William Berton CS-28 Claymonl. DE McConville, Joseph Fredrick CS-35 Wesl Covina. CA McCord, Mark Andrew CS-09 Aiiama. Class ol 1981 381 McCormick, Thomas Augustine CS-32 Providence. Rl McCoy. Jimmy Dean CS-33 Memphis, tn McClullers, Linda Kay CS-01 oaytona. fl McDaniel, Philip Wayne CS-37 Newark. OH McDonald. Michael James CS-38 Thousand Oaks. CA McDonald, Robert Michael CS-28 Freer. McDuff, Bruce Edward CS-12 Smyrna. GA McEachern, Michael Joseph CS-33 Philadelphia. PA McGinty, Pamela Shannon CS-35 Grand Prairie, TX McGovern, Michael Anthony CS-01 Edina, MN Mclntyre, Curtis Ross CS-38 whiieiish. MT McJunkin, Bruce Miles CS-15 Riversic i McKibben, Edwin Timmons CS-04 Cleveland. MS McKinney, James Holland Jr. CS-05 Aurora, CO McKnight, Darren Scott CS-10 Casper. McClendon, John William CS-11 ocean McMahon, Daniel Webster Jr. CS-22 Spokane. WA McManos, Paul Benjamin CS-10 Prallvllle. AL McMurray, Darrell Lynn CS-22 Kingsporl. TN McNerney, Michael William CS-08 Apopka, FL McPartlan, Gerard Patrick CS-21 Brooklyn, NY McPherson, Michael Roy CS-18 Syracuse, NY McSwain, David Walter CS-14 charioite, NC Medell, Robert Joseph CS-15 Chester, 382 Class ot 1981 WWTW iilliiii Meisner, Daniel James CS-28 Sarasoia. Melton, Charles Robert CS-39 Birmingham, AL Menard. Timothy John CS-19 2 ; ' a o liilli liilt yilii Merz, Ralph Otto CS-18 Coiumbus. oh Messing, Paul Terry CS-35 Athens, ga Metcalf. Chester Frank Jr. CS-36 Independence. KS MikI, Jane Alena CS-10 Saratoga, ca Mikneus, Donald Frank CS-23 serwyn. i Miller. Andrew James CS-31 Atwater. c Miller. Bruce Alexander CS-28 los Angeles. CA Miller, David Alan CS-37 usafa. co Miller, Joseph Anthony CS-04 Giencoe. Miller, Kelly Donald CS-20 Valencia. Miller, Lyie Melford Jr. CS-16 Mom Miller, Nancy Elizabeth CS-30 Marrieita. Miller. Philip Hainon CS-19 Greenviiie. ms Miller, Steven Micheal CS-32 Homestead. Mills. James Daniel CS-06 pittstieid. ma Minish, Timothy Rogers CS-21 Bei-Air. MO Minta, Kathleen Marie CS-13 Memo Missar, Keith Gregory CS-28 ' Mitchell, Terry Brent CS-12 New York. Mobley. Donald Kenneth CS-17 Modena, Michael John CS-23 Modena, Victor George CS-14 Moes, Steven John CS-17 Hastings, mn Monarski, Paul Joseph CS-24 Newark. Montgomery, Paul John CS-16 Gien Montijo, Gregg CS-38 tynbrook. ny Mooney, John Elton Jr. CS-03 Junction Moore, Cameron Taylor CS-22 Bakerlleld. CA Moreno, Juan CS-24 ei Paso. tx Morgan, John Benjamin CS-36 Spartanburg. SC Morgan, Philip Dean CS-37 Newport Beach. CA Morgan, William Anderson CS-08 Mount View. CA Morisi, Mark Joseph CS-21 Kingston. Morrissey, Stephen Edward CS-01 New Falrtield. CT Mowry. Bryon Gene CS-39 unoie. wy Mraz, Marisa CS-31 camei. oh Muehlbauer, Edward Richard II CS-01 Milwaukee. WT Muetzel, Jeanne Everett CS-05 Sprlnglleld. MO Muhs, Steven Charles CS-34 Argusviiie. Class of 1981 383 Mulac, Gregory CS-20 Chicago, il Mulholland, Robert Louis Jr. CS-36 University City. MO Mullard, Fred Edward CS-35 Chicago, il Murff, Brian Scott CS-32 san Antonio, tx Murphy, Andrew Ralph CS-25 Montgomery. AL Murphy, Arthur John Jr. CS-28 Bay Shore, LI, NY Murphy, Michael Edward CS-39 Nelson, CA Murphy, Sean Lee CS-03 Hiii, md Myhand, Mark David CS-06 Beiieviiie. mi Nagy, Stephen CS-14 staien island, ny Napolitano, William Michael Jr. CS-38 Nardo, Rafael CS-20 Leviitown. ny Nelson, Roy Helding CS-24 Austin, tx Nelson, William Edmund CS-21 Glendale, AZ Neubauer, Kurt Franz CS-23 Silver Spring. MD Neumann, Kevin Jewell CS-27 Creighion. NE Nicholas, Henry Thompson III CS-12 Malibu, CA Nichols, David Charles CS-36 Ann Arbor. Nichols, Keith Rex CS-40 Sears, mi Nichols, William Kent CS-28 Atlanta, ga Niezgoda, Jeffrey Alan CS-40 Muskego, wi Niles, James Alfred CS-37 Fitchburg, ma Noah, Donald Lee CS-39 smithtieid, oh Noel, Michael Joseph CS-20 concord, tn Noell, Larry Wayne CS-02 Northcutt, Dennis Leonard CS- Garden Grove, Northrip, Michael Weldon CS Northrup, Robert Franklin CS Greenville, NC Nowak, Chester Thomas Jr. CS-38 Philadelphia, PA Nuccio, Jeffrey William CS-17 Cleveland, OH Nurnberger, Joyce Marie CS-11 Warwick. HI Nutter, Arthur Michael CS-29 Norton, oh Nypaver, Joseph Michael CS-14 fox Chapel, PA Oberbilling, Kelly Lon CS-30 Boise, id Oberry, Brian Carl CS-29 OFaiion, il Ochenkoski, Gary Paul CS-36 Pon Washington, NY O ' Connell, Eric Michael CS-06 Columbus, OH O ' Connor, Maureen Rose CS-34 Galthersburg. MD Odernheimer, George Michael CS-27 Aurora. CO O ' Hair, Mark Allen CS-30 Los Alamos, nm Ohier, Stewart Earl CS-12 Edmond. ok Olavarria, Johnny CS-33 New York, ny 384 Class of 1981 trf( c r) n f f m es r Oliver, Sydnor Scott CS-05 ScottsOaie. Olmo, Veronique Marie Dolores CS-28 Tampa, FL Onale, Eugene Kevin CS-35 North uttie Rock. AZ O ' Neil, Thomas Gregory CS-20 Wheat Opp, Daniel Edward CS-05 Beiifieid, nd Orian, Ryan Alexander CS-26 Rodeo, ca Orn, Mary Katherine CS-28 corry. pa Oslovar, Deborah Catherine CS-27 Othling, Stephen William CS-33 Alexandria. VA Ott, Joseph Michael CS-06 Amariiio. tx Ott, Paul Thomas CS-34 coiumbus. wi Owens, Joel Richard CS-35 Toledo, oh Pace, James Patrick CS-34 Hunisviiie. ai Padeway, Oscar John CS-06 security. Painter, Candy Maria CS-14 Draper, va Paldanius, Charles Andrew CS-32 Maryville. Ml Paquette, Russell Eric CS-36 Enfieid. ct Paranka, Michael Stephen CS-20 Ft. Collins. CO Parker, Carolyn Bernita CS-29 Detroit. Parker, James Edward CS-39 Houston. Parker, Michael Thomas CS-14 ozark. Parker, Thomas Dean CS-32 Austin, tx Parnell, Terry Shannon CS-35 cape Canaverral. FL Paser, Christine Elizabeth CS-33 Littleton. CO Patrick, Leonard Alexander CS-26 Riverside. CA Patrie, Christopher Edward CS-23 Class of 1981 385 Pauza, Timothy Alan CS-06 Lincoln, ne Pavlik, Gregory Erwin CS-28 snyder. tx Pavloff, Michael Alexander CS-08 Monterey. CA Payne, Guy David CS-09 Hoiiis. ok Pearman, Dennis CS-10 Merriiiviiie. in Pederzani, Keith James CS-33 North Kingston. Rl Pedey. Bruce Raymond CS-13 Bonners Pegorard, Alan David CS-23 Springfield. MA Pelican, Richard Paul CS-40 New Miitord. NJ Perez- Vergara, Alberto Luis CS-13 Seaside, CA Perez, Kenneth Leroy CS-30 ourango, CO Periman, David Alan CS-15 Ctiristiansburg. VA n e q Perkins, Mark Carl CS-19 ( Perrenod, Clifford Charles CS-09 North Vale. NJ Perry, Phillip Leon CS-40 Augusta, ga Peters, David Frederick CS-22 Sious City. lA Petersen, Peter Christopher CS-12 Cerritos, CA Peterson, Ellen Marie CS-06 Haigier, ne Peterson, Janet Ellen CS-25 Ft Lauderdale. FL Peterson, Mark Alexander CS-26 Midland Park. NJ Peterson, Randall Carl CS-18 Rock Petry, Scott Ralph CS-30 Phoenix, az Pfatf, Alan Eugene CS-20 Houston, tx Pfau, William Jay CS-24 Ardison. il 386 Class ol 1981 7 ' i " .fs 1 f r ( ii iaii itiiii Phillips, Brian Vincent CS-15 East Grand Forks, Ml Phillips, Charles Edward CS-01 Atlanta, GA Phillips, Clifford Douglas CS-19 Eikms, West VA Phillips, Edward John CS-26 Santa ciara. CA Phillips, Geoffrey Scott CS-17 vaspar. AR Phillips, Marcus Frankin CS-35 Hickory. NO Pietron, Gregory Michael CS-20 Dearborn, Ml Pijma, Raymond Frank CS-25 Redwood City. CA Pineda, Roger Bernard Odwyer CS-25 Cmcmnali. OH Plaisted, Glen Jeffrey CS-38 oiathe. ks Planchon, John Carl CS-19 Spokane, wa Plank, Russell David CS-40 Fnendswood. TX Plewniak, Wayne Clarke CS-25 Buitaio. Ploederer, Mark Richard CS-27 security. CO Pobst, Theresa Lynn CS-16 Albuquerque. Polumbo, Harry Dennis Jr. CS-10 Winter Haven. FL Poole, Michael Christopher CS-10 Portsmoutti. VA Poole, Timothy Aaron CS-11 Poniand. in Pope, James Russell CS-28 los Angeies. CA Porter, Brian Jeffrey Harold CS-30 POtkulSki, Daniel CS-19 Rehobetti Bea( DE Powers, Jack Daniel CS-35 woodwar( Pozuelo-Castro, Mauricio CS-16 san Jose. Costa Rica Prater, Kenneth Coleton CS-04 Charleston. SC Pressler, Philip Dee CS-02 Goshen, in Price, John Carl CS-04 jackson. ms Price, Larry Robert CS-27 Colorado Springs. CO Profile!, Charles William Jr. CS-25 Washington. DC Prokopowicz, Dennis Charles CS-04 West Babylon. NY Pruitt, Julia Elizabeth CS-37 New Aiban IN Quesenberry, Donovan Watts III CS-03 Huntington. WV Quiaoit, James Glenn CS-24 Stockton. CA Quinn, Mark Thomas CS-09 Pebbie Beach. CA Raabe, Leonhard CS-34 Augusta, ks Raboin, John Scott CS-40 Cass Lake, w Radigan, Michael Alan CS-01 Cleveland OH Rafferty, Vincent Joseph Jr. CS-20 Broomall. PA Raines, Paul Simmons CS-17 jackson. Rapp. Charles William CS-08 Pme Beach. NJ Rasmussen, Craig Alan CS-34 Hopkms. MN Ratcliffe, Ryan Cooper CS-08 costa Mesa. CA Class ol 1981 387 Ratcliff, Mark Wesley CS-29 Dos Paios. CA Reagan, Michael Kevin CS-24 Saratoga. CA Rebujio, George Dizon CS-17 waipawu. Redlinger, Kurt Gregory CS-01 San Diego, CA Reed, Cindy Marie GS-22 Bear Lake, mi Reed, James Edward CS-20 costa Mesa. CA Regen, Lisa Marie GS-01 Barksdaie. afb. LA Rehrl, James Gregory CS-06 Colorado Springs, CO Reidy, John Michael GS-39 white Plains. Reinheimer, John Leo GS-14 Columbia. sc Reisner, Ronald Karl CS-39 Gienwood, ia Reiter, Robert Ernst CS-26 Tacoma, wa Renaud, Robert Vincent CS-28 Paducah. Repole, Brian Francis CS-07 oanbury. ct Reynolds, Thomas CS-17 ciifton Park, ny Rhoades, Nancy Ann CS-14 springfieid, Richardson, Ernest Ikuo GS-24 Gretna. CA Richter, Gary Scott CS-12 Riddle, George Mack Jr. CS-29 Redlands. CA Ridley, William Paul CS-18 Kenosha, wi Rigney, Paul Wayne CS-21 San Bernandino. CA Ristaino, John Louis CS-36 Ontario, ca Robbins, Thomas James CS-34 Petoskey. Ml Roberts, Byron Timothy CS-13 vucaipa. Roberts, David Joseph CS-19 Buffalo. NY Roberts, Jeffrey Glenn CS-12 Memphis. TN Roberts, Leslie Ann CS-34 Big pine. ca Roberts, William Wesley CS-17 Kettering. OH Robinson, Charles Marion CS-25 Ruston. LA Robinson, John David CS-23 Texarkana. Robinson, Leonard Charles CS-18 Bedford. MA Robinson, Robert Lynn CS-05 Roche, John Phillip CS-18 Chevy cnase. MD Rodriguez, Jose Daniel Jr. CS-04 Rodriguez, Raymond Robert CS-20 Virginia Beach. VA Roe, William Gerald CS-04 New Orleans. LA Rogers, Cynthia Louise CS-17 Brooklyn. Rogers, Daniel James CS-39 si Paui, MN Rogers, Richard Leonard CS-21 Ft Shatter, HI Roling, Mark Alan CS-12 Laurel, md Ronnestad, Richard Alan CS-38 Lake Stevens. WA Rosier, Isaac Jr. CS-40 St Petersburg, FL 388 Class of 1981 illiitliiii TS Ross, Michael Patrick CS-37 Bakersiieid. CA Ross, Patrick Samuel CS-23 coiimsviiie. Rouse, Jerry Don CS-19 Liberal, ks Rowland, Charles Douglas CS-04 linesville. GA Roy, William Burton CS-27 Thousand Oaks. CA Rudd, Ned William Jr. CS-14 piymojih, rs,m,( o n Ruehl, Steven Andrew CS-31 Parkersburg. WV Ruggiero, Lawrence Gene CS-27 Fairview Park. OH Rukes, Garret James CS-33 Panorama City. CA Rumph, Clay Franklin CS-18 Madisonville, KY Russell, Amy Lynn CS-23 Paim Springs. CA Ryan, Terence Dean II CS-17 Beaver Dam. Wl Saavedra, Mark Kenneth CS-35 Sacramento, CA Salinas, Jose Juan CS-14 Abilene, tx Sanders, Robert Scott CS-34 Chantiiiy. VA Santee, Jay Geoffrey CS-15 saiem. oh Santiago, Rigoberto Jr. CS-38 Randolph AFB. TX Saunders, David Patrick CS-21 Charleston. SO Saunders, Patrick David CS-20 Smi, ca Saunders, Philip David CS-12 Bedford Heights. OH Sawyer, Mark William CS-21 vaidosta, Saxton, Michael Thomas CS-06 oaiias. TX Sayers, William Anthony CS-03 Norton, Scanlon, John Joseph CS-08 staten Island. NY Schafer, Scott Harold CS-32 Chicago, il Schauber, Michael David CS-04 Annapolis. MD Class of 1981 389 Scheppele, Fred Steven CS-31 Albuquerque, NM Schilsky, Lawrence David CS-17 Bronx. Schilz, Michael Thomas CS-32 Milwaukee. Wl Schlabs, Gregory Raymond CS-02 Colorado Springs. CO Schmanski. Mary Beth CS-35 fi Lupton. Schmid, Walter Allen CS-09 Plymolh. ID Schmidt, Robert George GS-30 Newport Beach. CA Schmitt, Joyce Mary CS-38 Marysviiie, Schmitz, Anthony Joseph CS-08 Schneckloth, Mark Charles CS Charles Cily. lA Schneider, Charles John CS-13 Arlington, TX Schneider, Christopher Louis CS-02 Rocktord, IL Schnoes, Paul Russell CS-15 Plymouth. Schoeneman, James Stephen CS-16 Ft Walton, Beach. FL Schoeneman. William Bruce CS-26 Scholl, David Eugene CS-18 Alexandria, VA Schreck, Scott Jeffrey CS-40 coon Schroeder, Scott Gregory CS-27 McMinnville, OR Schulter, Thomas Gerard CS-37 Schumacher, Glenn Robert CS-22 Addison, IL Schwartz, Michael David CS-24 Montery Park, CA Schwartze, Bernard Alfred CS-19 Jefferson City. fylO Schwarz, Martin George CS-26 Bellflower, CA Schwindt, James Alan CS-35 Tampa, fl 9 n 390 Class of 1981 yiiiiiiihiii Schwindt, Kurt David CS-29 Tampa, fl Scian, Paul Michael CS-29 Saooie Brook, Sciss, George CS-18 Miami, fl Scott, David Patrick CS-39 Grandvie Seal, Jefferson Daniel CS-32 ei Paso, tx Searcy, Steven Russell CS-22 Miami, fl Sequra, Michael Francis CS-23 Aurora, CO Sellers, Robert CS-23 Moundsviiie, wv Semmel, Scott Alan CS-36 Levitiown, pa Sendler, Gregory David CS-37 Miami, fi Senecal, Paul Robert CS-38 Austin, tx Severance, John Dee Toledo CS-35 Chula Visia, CA Severance, Kevin Mclver CS-30 Columbia, SC Severance, Robert Adam Jr. CS-24 Brooklyn, NY Seymour, Cindy Sue CS-40 fi waiton Beach, FL Shaffer, James Dennis CS-07 Chester, Shahabian, Stephen George CS-05 Shanklin, Zane William CS-09 Anaconda, MT Sharkus, Anna Kathryn CS-12 Lake Geneva. Wl Sharpe, Grady Woodard Jr. CS-11 Rocky Mount. NC Shaw, Richard Wilbur CS-36 Colorado Springs, CO Sherrock, Louis Michael CS-18 Las Sherwood, Christopher Page CS-27 Lafayette, CA Shiembcb, Edward Henry CS-33 Rocky Hill, CT Shilakis, Robert Eric CS-19 warren, oh Shirclitf, Thomas Arden Jr. CS-32 Dallas. TX Shotner, Nathan Andy CS-28 Lamesa. tx Shorter, Johnny CS-10 Teaneck. nj Sierra, Nicholas Mariano CS-34 Chantilly, VA Silas, Michael Owen CS-07 Lynchburg, VA Silva, Kenneth Jr. CS-28 Honolulu, hi Silva, Kevin Joseph CS-17 Anchorage, ak Simmons, Barry Neal CS-40 Tallahassee, FL Simon, Albert Joseph CS-17 Goieta, ca Simonitsch, Patricia Jane CS-13 Simons, Stephen Walter CS-39 Simpson, Stephen Lawrence CS-34 Boxtord, MA Sincavage, Ronald Paul CS-01 sait Lake City. UT Sinclair, Lori Ann CS-20 Portland, or Singer, Robert Davis CS-31 camdon, nj Sirbaugh, James Russell CS-20 Stevenson, VA Skora, James Michael CS-36 Setauket, Class ol 1981 391 Slusar, David Ames CS-22 Buffalo, t Smales, Leonard Charles CS-24 eh Smathers. Paul Edwin CS-33 Hoiioman Smetzer, James Harlen CS-24 Napa, ca Smiskey, David Allen CS-10 Jamesviiie, Smith. Bernard Roosevelt CS-34 Grandview. lulO Smith. Brian Craig CS-35 Bouider. co Smith. Charles Leroy CS-33 r ccooi Junction. NE Smith. David Randolph CS-38 wheeling. Smith. Dennis Alfred CS-08 Ft waiton Smith, Gary Lawrence CS-29 Smith, Joe Allen CS-26 Men. li Beach. FL Smith. Joseph Lyman CS-09 MA Smith, Kenric CS-36 si Louis, mo Smith, Scott William Francis CS-28 Long Island. MO Smith, Stephen Raymond CS-15 oiaiat. KS Smith. Wayne Francis CS-37 Austin, tx Smythe. Elio Michael CS-10 witchiia Sneeder, William Harrison Jr. CS-23 Berlin, Germany Snell, Mark Jonathan CS-03 Sacramento. CA Snow, William Reid CS-27 Missouia. mt Soldo, John Dennis CS-01 Garden Grove, CA Somerville, Donald Gregory CS-32 Tucson, AZ Sparks, Jeffrey Scott CS-05 Phoenix, az Spedding, Ben Scutt CS-23 Langhome. PA Spencer. Michael William CS-32 Buffalo Grove. IL Spitzer. Christopher John CS-26 Syracuse, NY Spradlin. Richard Robert CS-29 Pelaluma. CA Stambaugh, Jeffrey Earl CS-39 Stanley. Tamara Jane CS-38 Faimouph. ME Stapleton. Kenneth Theodore CS-22 Dayton, OH Stark. Clarence Bruce II CS-25 Tuisa. OK Stauffer. Patrick Howard CS-12 Stauffer. William Andrew CS-38 Delphi, Stearns. Kermit Lord II CS-26 Stedman. Randall Sterling CS-39 Fulerton, CA Steigerwald. Robert Allen CS-40 Denver, CO Steinberger, Terry Alan CS-11 urbana, OH Stern, Wilhelm Ross CS-28 Barksdaie AFB, LA Steuck. Larry Dean CS-13 Long Beach, CA Stevens. Cecil Doyle Jr. CS-35 Boiey, i i Stewart, Alfred James CS-18 BaiKmore, Stewart, Freddie Jr. CS-15 Brentwood. Stewart, James Roberts CS-31 Stewart. William John CS-30 winter Stier, Terry Paul CS-19 New Hoistem. Stites, Kirk Dewayne CS-36 Sainsaw. mm it Stitt, Eugene William CS-03 Ei Caion, ca Stockman, Lowell Justin CS-40 Stockman, Ronald Ray CS-27 M.iion. w Stolte, Stephen Craig CS-12 New Brauntels. TX Stoner, David Lee CS-16 Rap.d cny so Straight, Thomas Edward Jr. CS-33 Strauss, Craig Cortland CS-18 stiver Springs. MD Streeter, Xavier Lewis CS-20 Biackiack, Studebaker, David Alan CS-29 Suhr, Scott CS-20 Agoura, CA Sullivan, Paul Bernard CS-08 Suski, Louis Richard CS-10 v.oia Suttkus, Randle William CS-09 Swanier, Aaron Leon CS-23 Pas; Swanke. Patricia Kay CS-19 La Swanson, Philip Arthur CS-21 Weslchester. IL Swift, John Philip CS-18 Fairiieid ct Swinford, Benjamin Allen CS-19 Weslland Ml Szanto, Terence Ryan CS-05 Maccienny Sztuka, Jan CS-25 Los Angelas. CA Taffet, Michael William CS-07 Patrick AFB, FL Takacs, Edward William CS-06 siockton. CA Talmadge, Michael Stewart CS-31 Baltimore. MD Tanouye, Duane Tatsuo CS-09 wapanui, Tasseff, Todd William CS-06 Navarre, o h Taylor, David Michael CS-33 Hendersonville. TN Taylor, David Shawn CS-10 witcnita. ks Taylor, Hal Shawn CS-30 Arlington, va Teal, Laurel Sue CS-03 cass Lake, mn Terrell, David Andre CS-14 Austin, tx Thalmann, James Henry CS-26 Tucson. Thalmann, Steven Douglas CS-20 Tucson, AZ Thoma, Barry Patrick CS-06 Chicago, il Thomas, Steven Lee CS-07 Little Rock, Thoming, Christopher Spring BA CS-17 Portland, OR Thompson, James Lee CS-13 Santa Anna. CA Thompson, Jeflery Garland CS-09 Hastings. NE Tichanuk, Frederick William CS-06 Billerlca. MA Tillema, Robert Eugene CS-19 Melbourne, FL Tilley, James Noble III CS-40 LInglestown. PA Timbone, Paul David CS-12 Hanover, ma Timmerman, Jerome Robert CS-37 Ft Recovery. OH Timmons, Kelly CS-20 conneii. wa iUi itiii lii Tobat, Daniel Louis CS-22 Ft Meao. md Tomaras, Thomas Gregory CS-15 Challont, PA Toney, Scott Alan CS-25 Omaha, ne Topp. Robert Royal CS-07 Tampa, fl Torres, Anthony B. CS-24 umondaie. ny Tovrea, Gregory Todd GS-39 Colorado Springs. CO Toy, Donna Jean OS- 17 Layton. ut Trabing, Scott Alan CS-35 usafa. co Trankle, Mary Frances CS-26 Eima. ny Trentman, Richard Patrick CS-04 Bellevue. NE Troster, Glenn Eric CS-33 Beiievue. ne Trott, Kelvin James CS-34 st Paul mn True, Alex Edward CS-35 ironwood. mi Trujillo, Lionel Joseph CS-27 Colorado Springs. CO Tubb, Richard Jay CS-37 viroqua. wi Tucker, Thomas Robert CS-10 Manlius, NY Turner, Gregory Thomas CS-19 Newion. TN Uehlin, Clifford Patrick CS-02 Emerpnse. OR Umbach, William Joseph CS-03 Easion. Unger, Cynthia Margarete CS-19 Ureta, Horacio Antonio CS-06 New York. Urisko, Richard Francis Xavier CS-12 Rutherford. NJ Ustick, John Christopher CS-02 Moraga. CA Vanderburgh, David Francis CS-08 Dayton. OH Vanderburgh, Richard Schell CS-09 Dayton. OH Vandermfys, Margaret Agatha CS-14 Ridgewood, NJ Vanslambrook Richard Theodore CS-21 Goose Creek. SC Varner, Joe Scott CS-16 Ten city, in Vasquez, Robert Anthony CS-02 Farmingdale. NY Vaughan, Sharon Joyce CS-35 whitman. Veal. Marlon Duwayne CS-11 San jose. CA Veazey, Gregory Randall CS-21 Nuro. wv Velez, Michael Angelo CS-30 Arlington. Venture, Darrell Miller CS-20 Harahan. Verser, Gregg Kinnard CS-16 Greeiey. CO Villers, James Joseph CS-25 Chicago, il Vincent, Mark Alan CS-20 Anderson, in Vineski, Robert Daniel CS-09 st Paui Vitko, Todd Roland CS-03 Poniand. or Vogt, James Alan CS-22 Aurora, il Volk, Deven Ray CS-37 si Gertrudes, nd Vollmer, Richard Robert CS-31 Long Class ol 1961 395 Vuksanovic, Robert Michael Jr. CS-26 Greendale. Wl Waddill, Thomas Albert Junior CS-38 Wade, Kenneth Scott CS-23 Drayton Plains. Ml Waechter, Susan Ellen CS-09 Philadelphia. PA Wagner, Michael Francis CS-28 Butier. Wagner, Thomas Joel CS-40 San Manno, CA Walizer, Raymond George Jr. CS-01 San Francisco. CA Walker, Michael Douglas CS-07 Aitus, OK Walker, Wiley Jay CS-32 San Anionio, tx Wallace, Everton Ricardo CS-08 Great Neck. NY Wallender, Timothy Joseph CS-35 Chandler. AZ Walsh, Gregory Charles CS-12 Walters, Gregory Alan GS-29 Albuquerque, NM Walton, Dean 08-37 Novate, ca Wanner, Walter Wayne Jr. CS-39 st Charles. IL Ward, Dennis Michael CS-39 Bioomfieid Hills. Ml Ward, Sidney Albert III CS-01 Bethany. CT Warren, Michael William CS-10 Albany, NY Waryk, Charles Richard CS-26 Strongsvilte. OH Watson, Yvonne Michelle CS-30 Mountain Home AFB. ID Watt, David Douglas CS-02 Lakewood, Waugh, Bryan Lamar CS-02 Manchester, MD Weatherington, Dyke David CS-34 Barnside. IL Weidmann, Scott Joseph CS-01 Ft Garland. CO Weisenberger, Larry James CS-39 Findlay. OH Weishoff, Fredric Jacob II CS-03 Ridge, NJ Westall, Kenneth Edward CS-25 Johnson City. TN Wheless, Joseph Freeman III CS-36 Chattanooga, TN Whitener, Maryon Rae CS-26 Homestead AFB. FL Wicklund, Jon Walter CS-11 Colorado Springs. CO Wiley, Janet Sue CS-22 Springfieid, va Wilhelm, Yvonne Elizabeth CS-10 Omaha. NE Willtong, Jerri Diane CS-19 Melbourne, FL Williams, Clifford Lee Jr. CS-14 San Francisco. CA Williams, Douglas James CS-04 sait Lake City. UT Williams, Michael Joe CS-34 Sherman, TX Williams, Robert Wayne CS-39 Roanoke. Williams, Rodney Pat Jr. CS-30 Tacoma. Wilson, Bret Taylor CS-22 Washington C.H., OH Wilson, Timmy Ray CS-17 washburn. mo Winans, Craig Douglas CS-38 san Francisco. CA 4 i iiA iii ■ iA Winslow, Daryl Dee CS-16 Boron, ca Winslow, Michael Phillip CS-12 los Angeles, CA Witt, Lou Anne CS-10 springfiem, il Wolfe, Michael Joseph CS-33 Beiievue. NE Wood, Joseph Rabun CS-02 Nashviiie, TN Worrall, Frank Randal CS-04 west Paim Wotton, Joseph CS-23 Hollywood. FL Wright, Bernadette CS-09 Buffalo, ny Wright, Robert Franklin Jr. CS-28 Las Vegas. NV Wurschmidt, Michael Dean CS-21 Piacn City. OH Wybenga, Derk James CS-31 Milwaukee. wi Wyman, Daniel Own CS-36 Las vegas. Yale. Gary Eugene CS-18 Gunnison, co Yamrose, Dennis Wayne Jr. CS-06 South Fork. PA Yasay, Robert CS-40 San Bernadlno. CA Yates, Robert CS-10 Nanjemoy. uo Yoho, Donald Robert Jr. CS-40 Tampa Yope, Sandra Leigh CS-15 conroe. tx Yost, Sandra Ann CS-24 Amwer. pa Young, Brian Phillip CS-27 Derby, ks Young, John Frederick CS-12 canton, t i Young, Valorie Jean CS-31 Pooiviiie. la Young, William Joseph CS-26 Oklahoma City. OK Yuen, Erwin CS-23 Oakland, ca Zabinski, Marianne CS-18 Albany, ny Zagorsky, Paul CS-24 central isiip, ny Zartman, David Richard CS-24 snaw AFB. sc Zatyko. Steven Albert Jr. CS-21 Zdeb, Mark Joseph CS-01 Colorado Springs. CO Zeis, Joseph Eugene Jr. CS-19 siive Spring. MD Zeiko, Darrell Patrick CS-22 Coits Neck. Zenker, Thomas CS-25 New York, ny Zepf, Michael Paul CS-07 los Angelas, ca Zilly, James Joseph CS-23 chariestown. Rl Zwierzynski, Paul Edward CS-24 Rochester. NY Zyriek, Robert Jackson II CS-27 Mobile. Class of 1981 397 i AFA Discontinued Cadet Balloon Club s l}XArii a sSS. .M;SC-iea Second None ' Mr. Fred Wake makes the final adjustments to the dome of one ring (RIGHT). Members of the ' 79 Ring Committee, under the direction of Mr. Fred Wake, assemble the rings. Two rings were assembled for the Ring Dance for picture taking in the Arnold Hall Theater (BELOW). Building the ring calls for most of the personnel in Cadet Personnel Services to help (BOTTOM). 406 79 Ring Dance Ring ' 79 ' s Ring Dance Members of Cadet Personnel Services helped in assembling the rings. Captain Ron Berkshire latching one panel to the platform. (ABOVE). One panel of the ' 79 Ring rests on the Arnold Hall stage floor prior to being assembled. (LEFT). June Week : mM ffl IS T7 CS 08 won the Acaii«inic Achievemeni Award for having lh lop iquadron grad point avrragf (RIGHT) Captain Charles L. Fox received the 1978 William P. Clements Jr. Award for Excellence in Education on 39 April 1978. The Clements Award honors service academy faculty members who be?t characterize the principles of ex(!e;|fr lence in education fost rpi by fonti Deputy Secretary of Defense Clements. Clements organized and chaire4the Department of Defense Committed on Excellence in and was the driving force behind positiy ||i|y| fpr Impri militarV ' Hii )ai!!aiTis. ' the seconJj H | ji| |Bh. h« I I pMlli Fox. assigned to the Academy ' s Department of Political Science since 1973, has " compiled an extraordinary record of excellence coupled with a tremendous breadth of accomplish- ments that reachi.acC9 s.the spectrum of academic, military and athletic th TakgJ iipnor Squadron •f rmm- y:rL Ice Carvings, Food Don Graduation Buffet " :»Jgj ,V over Ihc command of th« Cadtt Wing to C CMSgt Robin Rand. (ABOVl). Crowded floor of graduation danc . (RIGHT). 78 Celebrates, 79 Takes Command Wednesday, May 31, 1978 .1 h.r.t I,,,, , I liildren t ,il hats (lAK KICMT). ir rpplatPt thoiildrrt iMm Gentlemen, m mi im n. orailuAii ' t iiMf cli in •• coW wraiher dropi Ofllo iho •ladiuni. (ABOVt). i»inet Puh«k («!• con||r«tulti(d after receiving hit diploma, (RIGHT). You Are Dismissed li«ulrn«nt Bob Wagner dimlt CIC Randy H lni«. CIC Jerry Miller and CK Rich Mc» arland If (■■riiiiMj! ihe Arch ol Sabret tor I iculenani and M I ' .l.frt van Haatlerl (RIGHT) The » mirror (cene lor a drpartinij graduate K- i Last Parting View AABON. JAME3 BOBEBT 3M A8B0TT, KEITH CHARLES 296 ABOVME. QERRV BAUNA 2M ACKER, BRUCE HUGH 350 ACTON, STEVEN DREY 106 ADAIR, DAVID AUDLEY 266 ADAMS, DANIEl SINCLAIR JR. 323 ADAMS, JOHN PRYDE 356 ADAMS, MARK OARON 296 ADAMS, MICHAEL DAN 166 ADAMS, SCOTT ALAN 296 ADLER, ROBERT CRAIG 186 ADLER. TERRY RICHARD 356 ADflID, ANTONIO EDGAR B. 3S6 AQEE, JAMES WENDELL JR 359 AOUILAR, RICARDO 356 AQUIRRE, SAMUEL 356 AHLOUIST, RICHARD CLIFFORD 296 AHLSTHOM, BRUCE W. 296 AHMIE, KENNETH SCOTT 296 AHRENDT, WILLIAM MARK 296 AHRENS, GREGORY SCOTT 296 AILES, DAVID MKJHAEL 356 AIMO, JOSEPH RAY 356 AKELMAN, ANDREW ARTHUR 323 AKONG, BAYNE PETER 296 DAS LANE 73.323 ALBRO, TREVOR SCOTT 296 ALOEHFER, JEFFERY SCOTT 296 ALDHICH, RICHARD WALTER 149 ALEXANDER, DAVID LAVONE JR. 323 ALEXANDER, SCOTT CHARLES 356 ALFARO, ALBERT CHARLES 296 ALGER, KEVIN LYNN 356 ALLAN, SCOTT DOUGLAS 97,296 ALLARDICE, ROBERT RAY 323 ALLEN, MARTIN WALTER 168 ALLTOP, STEPHEN FRANK 356 ALMAND, TODD LINDSAY 166 ALMAZAR, PATRICK ANTHONY 356 ALSTON, C DONALD 166 ALSTON, STEPHEN MAURICE 296 ALTHOUSE, MATTHEW BENEDICT 35 ALVARADO, ANTHONY JR. 356 ALVARAOO, RICHARD LOUIS 296 ALVAREZ. ROBERT JAMES 356 ANOARDLE, MICHAEL INOWAHD 323 ANOELELLA. SALVATORE ANTHONY 359 ANGELLO, JOSEPH JOHN JR. 323 ANKENBAUER, THEODORE RAYMOND 169 ANSTEAD, CHARLES LEROY 359 ANTHONY, JOHN FRANCIS JR, 169 ANTONIAZZI. ROBERT VINCENT 92.169 ANTOZZI. TIMOTHY BUSCHER 169 APFEL. KARL ALFRED 106,323 r ALLEN 351 AROO, GARY MICHAEL 169 ARENSMEYER, MKIHAEL WIL AHETZ. ANTHONY JOSEPH 3: MICHAEL 369 BALLATO. JOSIE ANGELA 113.359 BALLOS. CONSTAHTINE JAMES JR. 359 BALMASEDA. GUILLERMO BENITO 359 BALTHAZAR. LANTZ ROBERT III 359 BALTIMORE. MICHAEL DENNIS 77.297 BAME. GERALD LEON JR I KAY 359 BABCOCK. ALAN EUGENE 3S9 BABCOCK. STEVEN LEON 190 ANDERS, KURT STEPHEN 359 ANDERSEN, THOMAS KEHVIN 323 ANDERSON, ANDY LARMAR 166 ANDERSON, DAVID ROBERT 323 ANDERSON, GARTH BENNETT 296 ANDERSON, JEFFREY LEE 359 ANDERSON, SCOTT GODFREY 166 ANDERSON, STEVEN CARL 166 ANDERSON. TOD DONALD 359 ANDERSON. WILLIAM HERBERT 323 ANDREW. 8ANF0R0 STEPHEN 66 JAMES FORREST 296 , CURTIS ALflOY 190 . JAY ALAN 296 ARNOLD. JAMES ELLSWORTH 190 :. BEVERLY LAKE II 297 R. JOHN MARTIN ja 324 I. KENNETH WAYNE 10«.2»7 ASBELL, STEPHEN ROBERT 95.11 ASH. ERIC ABBOTT 296 ASHBY. JEFFREY EDWARD 296 ASHLEY. MCHAEL KEITH 297 ASHLEY. RICHARD THOMAS 323 ASIU. BERNHARD WALTER 297 BAGLEY. JAMES THOMAS JR, 369 BAONELL, RICHARD JOHN 359 BAHR, DONALD JAMES 297 BAIER, KEN BRIAN 190 BAILEY, SCOTT KEVIN 369 BAILEY. THOMAS GLENN 190 BAIRD. JASON 191 : « -Si • " .?» Til BARRY, JOHN CHRISTOPHER 192 BARRY. WILLIAM PATRICK 297 BARTELL. RICHARD JOSEPH 297 SARTELS. KYLE MARK 106.192 BARTH. WILLIAM HENRY JR. 359 BARTON. ROBERT BRUCE JR. 192 BASH. BROOKS LEE 350 BASH, CRAIG NICOLAS 297 BASSETT. CHARLES KENNETH 324 BATCHELOR, EDWIN TYRONE 360 BATINICH. GARY MITCHELL 95,192 6ATTAGLIA. GRACE MARGUERITE 360 BAITS. STEPHEN MICHAEL 105.324 BAUDHUIN. MICHAEL PAUL 297 BAUM. PETER CORNELIUS 297 BAUMANN, JAMES MtCHAEL 192 BAUMGARTEN, HARRY EDWARD III I BAUMGARTNER, DANIEL JOSEPH JR BAUMQARTNER, MICHAEL LEE 297 BAUMGARTNER. NEAL 146.360 BAYLOCK. JOSEPH STANLEY 324 BAZZACHINI, JOHN ALFRED 95,360 BEALE. MICHAEL OWEN 360 BEAM. KEITH WILMER 77,78.360 BEAM. LANCE DAVID 297 BEARD, CHARLES MICHAEL 360 BEARD, THOMAS WAYNE 325 BEATTIE. CLYDE GORDON 360 8EAUDOIN. DANIEL ODILON 360 BEAVER. CHARLES RAYMOND JR 29 BEAVES. GREGORY ALAN 360 BECK. PAUL CHARLES 192 BECK, PAUL LAMAR 192 BECKER. KARL HERBERT 98.360 BECKER, WILLIAM ROBERT 73.325 BECKWITH. ROBERT SCOTT 297 BECRAFT, MARC DAVID 325 BEERY. RICHARD DEAN BEESLEY, RICHARD ALLEN 325 BEESON. TRAVIS MALCOM JR. 325 BEHLING, MICHAEL REED 98.360 BEIL, MICHAEL LINMAN 297 BEISAM, JAMES CLIFFORD 360 BEIZER. DAVID ROGER 81.297 BELL, JEFFERY ALLEN 360,405 BELL, STEVEN EARL 297 BENNETT. RICHARD LEE 297 BENOIST. JEFFREY ALAN 360 BENSON. MARK ANDREW 360 BENTLEY. RANDALL BLAIR 360 BERDEGUEZ. NICHOLAS PETER 297 BERG, SCOTT RICHARD 95.194 BERGAMINI. PETER JOHN 297 BERGANN, HEINZ PETER LEO 360 BERGER. NANCY DIANE 113.325 BERGER. ROBERT CHRISTOPHER 194 BERGER. STEVEN JOSEPH 360 BERGLUND. KENNETH WILLIAM 297 BERKEBILE, JACK LEROY 360 ARD EVAN 297 BERNARD, JAMES WILLIAM 105.2 BERNHARDT, GEORGE PAUL IV 2 BERRY. FREDERICK GLENN 193.31 BESS. RICKY DALE 325 BESSON, PAUL MARC 297 BEST. JAMES HENRY 108,325 BETZ. JOHN FREDERICK 194 BEUKER. GUSTAVE JOSEPH BARI BIANCHI. JEFFREY ALEXANDER BIANCO. JOSEPH ANTHONY 325 BILEK. VICKI JEAN 360 BUMAur., jAMbb MICHAEL 298 BOHANAN. MICHAEL PATRICK 361 BOICE. REBECCA ELLEN 325 80LD0SSER. MICHAEL JOHN 296 BOLLINQ, KIRK STEVEN 195 BOLTON. HUGH KYLE BONASSO. VINCENT GERARD 195 BOND, EUGENE LEVERING 325 BONIEWICZ. KAREN MAUREEN 361 BONIN. JOSEPH JULIUS 195 BONN. ROBERT GORDON 361 BONNETT, KATHLEEN JOYCE 1 10.325 BOONE. FREDERICK STEPHEN JR ' BOOTHBY, DAVID BRADFORD JR. 3: BOPP. ANDREA MICHELLE 325 BOPP. TIMOTHY CHARLES 261 BORDENAVE, PAUL BASIL JR. 298 BORISH. MICHAEL BARTHOLOMEW 19: 80RISH. PAUL VICTOR 361 BORNKESSEL. FORREST HUNTER 361 BELL. BELTRAND. CRAIG DOUGLAS 297 BELYEA. DENICE ANNE 360 BENAVIDES- SANCHO, JOSE 360 BENDER. RALPH KENNETH 360 BENDORF. CRAIG VINCENT 193 BENITEZ-CASANOVA, WILFRED CARL 297 BENJAMIN. DOUGLAS ALLAN 193 BENJAMIN. EDWIN DOUGLAS 325 BENJAMIN. GAIL FRANCES 325 BENJAMIN. VAUGHN PHILIP JR. 325 BENN. MACK III 325 BENNETT. DOUGLAS JAMES 193 BINGHAM. BARRY LEE 298 SINGLE. BRUCE ALAN 298 BISCONE. GREGORY ALAN 360 BISHER, JAMES FURMAN JR. 194 BISHOP. KATHLEEN MARIE 325 BISHOP, PAUL ELLIOTT 298 BISHOP. SEAN PATRICK 360 BIVANS. RAYMOND ANDREW 81.325 BIZUB, WARREN WILLIAM 360 BJORNSON, DAVID LAWRENCE 296 BLACK. DANIEL NORMAN 194 BLACK, RICHARD EDWARD 298 BLACK, RICKY EUGENE 298 BLACKBURN. JAMES LAWRENCE 361 BLACKWELDER. DONALD IRVING 194 BLAKE, GREGORY NATHANIEL 298 BLAKEMAN, DAVID MICHAEL 325 BLALOCK. BETTY LOUISE 325 BLANCHARD. WILLIAM RICHARD JR 298 BLAND. MICHAEL STEVEN 361 BLAZER, WILLIAM HOWARD 194 BLAZICKO. RUDOLPH J 325 BLEDSOE, ROBERT GANTT 361 BLEIKAMP. THOMAS KARL 194 BLESSING. JEFFREY JAMES 361 BLEVINS, CHARLES KEVIN 325 BLIGHT. THOMAS CHARLES 298 BLISK, DAVID LLOYD 194 BLOEMER, JOHN DANIEL 325 BLOME. PETER JOSEPH 361 BLOOM, ROLAND JAMES 361 BLOOMFIELD. MICHAEL JOHN 194,361 BLOOMFIELD. ROY ROBERT JR, BLOUNT. LEQRANDE OWEN 298 BLOUNT. ROBERT JR. 361 BLY, BRYAN JON 361 BOBINQER. MARK ANTHONY 325 BODNER. MICHAEL JOSEPH 296 BORRELLI, LOUIS 325 BORSI. JOHN JOSEPH 325 BORTER, DOUGLAS FREDRICK 196 BOSTIC. KEITH 361 BOTEILHO. STEVEN FRANCIS 325 BOTTESCH, CURTIS 298 BOTTOMS. LARRY AKIRA 361 BOUCHAT. CLARENCE JOSEPH IV BOUDREAU. KENT MICHAEL 196 BOUDREAUX, GEORGE CARROLL II BOWLING, DAVID CHARLES 298 BOWMAN. OLEN EUGENE 82,196 BOWMAN. WILLIAM ROYER JR 15.325 BOX. JON LEE STEM 298 BOYD, WILLIAM THOMAS 299 BOYER. DAVID ANDREW 325 BOYER. KEITH DAVID JR 196 BOYKIN. JOHNNIE KEITH 299 BOYKIN, RANDALL GRADY 362 BOYKI N, STEPHEN MICHAEL 299 BOVLEN. DANIEL MICHAEL BRACE. MICHAEL WAYNE 299 BRAOLEy ' , dale MICHAEL 299 BRADLEY. MICHAEL DEAN 299 BRADY. CONAL JAMES III 362 BRADY. FRANK HAHLER 328 BRAKE. JEFFREY DEAN 196 BRALEY. JEFFREY CURTIS 362 BRALEY. MARK STEVEN BRANDIN. KEITH RAYMOND BRANTLEY. MIKEL STEVEN 196 BRAUN, DENNIS ALAN 362 BRAVO, JOSE ROBERTO 196 BRAY. KENNETH ELMORE 196 BRAY. TIMOTHY SCOTT BREAULT. RANDY LEE 362 BREEN, THOMAS MICHAEL 326 BREEN, WILLIAM HOLT 362 BREIDENSTEIN. MARTIN HELMUT 29f BREIDT, PETER STEPHEN 326 BREINES. STEVEN HOWARD 299 BRELAND. GREGORY OAN 196 BRENCE. JOHN ERNEST 362 BRENNAN, JOHN CHARLES 362 BRENNAN, MARK HENRY 362 BRENNAN. TIMOTHY PATRICK 326 BRESLEY. WILLIAM MILO 196 BREUNLINQ. RANDY BRIT 197 BREWER. GREGORY FRENCH 88.89,2 BREWER. LINDSY RODERICK 326 BRIANO, DANIEL 197 BRICKER. STEPHEN NELSON 326 BRIDGES. BERRY DALE 299 » PAUL . DOUGLAS ROBERT 98.362 , KEVIN QUNTHER 299 . MATTHEW RAY 326 BRILL, MICHAEL JON 299 BRININSTOOL. CHARLES MOORMAN 1 BRININSTOOL. MKJHAEL POWELL 362 BRISTOW, BRENT LOUIS 197 BRITSCH. UWE KARLHEINZ 299 BRITSCHQI, ANDREW JOSEPH 362 BfllTT. ROBERT EMMETT JR. 362 BRITTENHAM, LARRY WAYNE 299 BRITTON. DAVID PATRICK 326 BftOBERG. ROBERT CHARLES 197 BROCK. ROBERT WILLIAM PAUL 362 BROE. THOMAS MARCEL 82,326 BROMLEY, FREDERICK ARTHUR III 362 BRONDER, THOMAS JAMES 198 BRONSON. MICHAEL ALAN 362 BROOK, KENNETH JOHN 362 BROOK. RICHARD ALAN 382 BROOKS. FRANK KELLY JR. 362 BROOKS. RANDALL LOREN 362 BROOKS. TERRY 362 BROOKSHIRE, HOMER STEELE 326 BROUSSARD. STEVEN KERN 363 BROWN. AL CHRISTOPHER 299 BROWN, BRADLEY EDWARD 326 BROWN. BRUCE ALAN 106.363 BROWN. CURTIS ARNOLD 363 BROWN, CURTIS LEE JR. 196 BROWN. DANIEL EUGENE 326 BROWN. DAVID ALAN 198 BROWN. DAVID ROBERT 326 BROWN, DERON MICHAEL 326 BROWN. DOUGLAS ALLEN 299 BROWN, ERIC MICHAEL 196 BROWN. GERALD BRUCE JR. 363 BROWN. GREGORY ALLEN 326 BROWN. KENNETH ALAN 299 BROWN, KEVIN DORCHELLE 363 brown! LAWRENCE RODERICK 299 BROWN, MARCUS BLAKE 326 AEL ANTH( " BROWN, MITCHEL EUGENE 105.198 BROWN, PETER MARK 326 BROWN. ROBERT WILSON JR 299 BROWN, RUSSELL BLAIR 198 BROWN. TOMMY CHARLES 299 BROWN. TOMMY MACK JR 326 BROWNE. EDWARD HANNAN JR. 299 BRUCKMEIER. GRANT HOGUE 299 BRUGGEMEYER, MARK EDWARD 20 BRUGH. MARK STEVEN 299 BRUMGARD. MERLE I BRUNDIDGE, GREGORY LYNN 299 STEVEN 362 ' DEVRIES 107.363 BRUNS, BRAD ROY 326 BflUNSKOLE. STEVEN EDWARD 326 BRUSUELAS. MICHAEL ANTHONY 363 BRYNER. HENRY EDWIN JR 363 BUCHHOLZ. BRIAN JOSEPH 299 BUCK, MICHAEL KERN 363 BUCKLEY. CHARLES KELLY 299 BUDA, MARIO CHARLES 299 BUECHTER, MARK JAMES 299 BUEHLEH. HOWARD PAUL 198 BUEHLER. MICHAEL RAY 326 BUEHLER. ROBERT BRUCE 326 BUENO-QUIROGA. ROBERTO 326 BUERKLE. WILLIAM CARL 363 BULLARD. KURT 198.326 BULLARD, THOMAS GERALD BUNCE. PETER JOHN BUNCH, LEWIS ALLEN III 328 BUNECKE. JOSEPH 73.198 BUNT, PAUL EDWARD 363 BUNTING. FRANK LAVERNE 326 BURCHER. WILLIAM RUSSELL BURG. GARY DOUGLAS 199.299 BURG. ROGER WILLIAM BURGESS. THOMAS MICHAEL 363 BURGOS. NELSON IVAN 326 BURIAN, JAMES JOSEPH 363 BURKE. MAURA ELIZABETH 82.363 BURKE. MICHAEL FRANCIS 363 BURKET, LOUISE ANN 326 BURKS. ERIC STANLEY 363 BURNS. STEVEN RAY 363 BURRELL, HUGH FRANCIS 326 BURROWS. JEFFREY MICHAEL 363 BURRUEL, BENJAMIN DANIEL 326 BURRUS, RICHARD ADRIAN 363 BURTCH, CLARK DAVID 326 BURTON. DALE ANTHONY 299 BURTON. RONNIE ANTHONY 197 BURTON, WELDON KENDELL 363 BUSCH, ANDREW ERICH 85.299 BUSH. GARY LEE 299 BUSH. GREGORY JOHN 73,66 199 BUSH, JAMES DANIEL 326 BUSH, ROBERT BRYAN 299 BUSHEME. DAVID MICHAEL 200 BUSLER, BRUCE ALAN 299 BUSS. HANS ANDREAS 363 BUSSIAN, ERIC RICHARD 326 BUTCHER. JOHN EARL 299 BUTCHER, SCOTT ALAN 363 BUTLER, BARRY LYNN 200 BUTLER. CRAIG ALAN 363 BUTLER. JAMES BARRY 326 BUTLER, LAURENCE JOSEPH 300 BUTLETT. KEVIN MARTIN 326 BVARD, KYLE FREDERICK 363 BYERLEY. AARON REDDING 200 BYEHS, CARL LEROY 300 BYKOWSKY. LAURA ANNE 363 BYRD. KENNETH L. 363 BYRNE. RONALD EDWARD III 326 c CABALLERO. RICHARD CORONADO 326 CABRIALES, GARY MICHAEL 200 CAGLIA. KELLY LOUIS 300 CAINE. VIRGINIA LEE 113,326 CALAMONERI. CHARLES FRANK 363 CALHOUN. BYRON CRAIG 300 CALLAHAN, JAMES PATRICK 300 CALLEGAfll. BRIAN ARTHUR 200 CALLERO, CHRISTOPHER FREDERICK 326 CALLOWAY, DAVID LEROY 300 CALVERT, BRUCE FREDRICK 363 CAMERON. CHARLES SCOTT 326 CAMPBELL ANDRE KAZUO 363 CAMPBELL. CHRISTOPHER DALLAS 363 CAMPBELL. GERARDO ORLANDO 362 CAMPBELL. JEFFREY DIKAWA 327 CAMPBELL. PATRICK EDWARD 327 CAMPBELL. WILLIAM LESLIE 327 CAMPBELL. WILLIAM MICHAEL 201 CANDETO. STEVEN LEWIS 300 cannon. alan walter 201 cannon. patrick george 327 Cannon, Raymond kevin 363 CANNON. ROSS ARNOLD 327 CANTRELL. FRANK PEIRONNET JR. 201 CAPASSO. PAUL CAPLINGER. J 201 CARDENAS. MICHAEL DAVID 327 CAREL. JAMES BERNARD 201 CAREY, KENTON SCOTT 106.327 CARLEY, DALE HERBERT JR. 10,300 CARLISLE, HERBERT JAY 201 CARLSON, BRAD LEE 65.201 CARLSON, DEAN WILLIAM 363 CARLSON. MICHAEL LEROY 327 CARLSON, REBECCA SUE 363 CARLSON, WALTER GUSTAVUS JR 327 CARNES. GARY JEFFERSON 363 CARPENTER. CHARLES HOWARD JR. 20 CARPENTER. JOE VICTOR JR 201 CARPENTER, JOHN LEWIS 300 CARPENTER. PAUL MASON 327 CARR, CODY BRUCE 364 CARRAWAY, DANIEL THOMAS 364 CARRIER. OELOS DWAYNE 201 CARRIGAN. TERRENCE PATRICK 202 CARRILLO, AHNIE TODD 202 CARRINGTON. WILLIAM MILES JR 300 CARROLL. MARVIN DEE 364 CARROLL, RONALD DALE 364 CARSON, GREGORY WOODRUFF 202 BARRETT TO CARTER Index 423 I c-r; CARTER WILUAM BRAND 300 CABTNEY. MICHAEL DONALD 30 CASEY. JAMES MICHAEL 327 CASEV. JOHN DAVID 364 CASEY. MICHAEL ROBERT 202 CA8HATT. JAMES ALAN 327 CASHES. JAMES LEO 202 CASSIDY. WILFRED THOMAS 364 CASTELLANO. BARRY JOSEPH 202 CASTELO, RODOLFO ESPEJO 364 CA8TI0LI0NE. ROBERT 202 CASTILLO. OIL VINCENT 364 CASTILLO, R(»DOLFO 364 CASTRILLO. ANTONIO RAPHAEL 364 CASTRO, CHRISTOPHER MATTHEW 75.327 CATALOG. LOUIS JOHN JR. 262 CATLIN, MICHAEL ANTHONY 202 CATONE, NEIL DANIEL JR. 327 CAVALLO, ( CAYTON, ROBERT f CEBUHAR, MARK PATRICK 300 CEDERGREN. DAVID ANDREW 327 CEMBELUN. SANDRA LYNN 364 CERISE. KIRK SAMUEL 327 CERISE. MARK COSTON 73.300 CERVENAK. MATTHEW WAYNE 327 CHABOLLA. STEVEN ANTHONY 62.300 ' CHAOWELL. RILEY MORGAN 364 CHADWK:K. GARY LLOYD 86.364 CLARIZIO. ROBERT JAMES 300 CLARK. DAVID ANTHONY 365 CLARK. DAVID PETER 328 CLARK. DELANE EUGENE 301 CLARK. LEO THOMAS 365 CLARK. MARJORIE LOUISE 328 CLARK. MICHAEL RAY 204 CLARK. PATRK:K KIM 328 CLARK. PAUL JAMES 365 CLARK. ROBERT KEITH 204 CLARK. STEVEN DAVID 204 CLARKE. ARNOLD ARTHUR 365 CLASEN. GREGORY GEORGE 204 CLAY. JOHN EARL 204 CHAMBLEE. V LUTTRELL 203 r DELOYD 73.327 CHANDO. NKJHOLAS CHARLES 364 CHAPOELAINE. DIANE FRANCES 327 CHAPIN. CHRISTOPHER MARKS 203 CHAPUN. MKJHAEL BRADLEY 364 CLELANO, ROY ALAN 301 CLEM. JOSEPH DOWARD 365 CLEMONS. RUSSELL LEWIS 93.204 CLETHEN. ERIC LAMONT 204 CLEWIS. RICHARD LEE 82.328 CUFF. DONNA MARION 113.365 CLIFFORD. JAMES PATRKJK 365 CUFT. STEPHEN LAWRENCE 204 CLINE. ALEXANDER WILLIAM 328 CLINE. DAVID EARL 328 CLINTON. WILLIAM MARK 205 CLOUD. ALBERT THOMAS JR. 365 CLOUSE. RKHARD JAMES 36 CLULEY. MICHAEL JAMES 205 COALE. GREGORY SCOTT 328.365 COCHRAN. KEVIN DENNIS 205 . RICHARD LEE 326 COOK. CARL RAYMOND 206 COOK. CHRISTOPHER ALLEN 365 COOK. CURTIS LOWE 206 COOK. JOSEPH WILLIAM III 320 COOK. PEYTON EDWARDS 301 COONS. BURTON ANQLEN 301 COOPER. CHARLES HARRY 301 COOPER. GARY LEE 206 COOPER. ROBERT ROSS 32S COPE. RANDALL EUGENE 32S COPE. TERRY WAYNE 206 COPLEY. RCKY DALE 320 CORBETT. JERRY QLEN 320 COHBIN, JAMES EDWARD 365 CORDOVA. MICHAEL 206 COBNETT. TRACIE ANN 365 COBNUM. KORY GENE 73.320 CORONA. ARTURO MARTINEZ 206 CORREIA. JOHN PETER 32« CORRELL. MARK ARTHUR 365 CORSO. JOSEPH PAUL 320 COSQBOVE. RKJHARD DOUGLAS 365 COSTEIRA. DAVID 206 COSTELLO. PETER ALOYSIUS III 365 COSTELLO. ROBERT NORDLIE 365 COTTERELL. CHARLES WILLIAM 206 COUCO ' ULES. JOHN STEVEN 301 DAWIDOWKJZ. STEPHEN HENBY 330 DAWSON. JOHN RALPH 367 DAWSON. MICHAEL STEPHEN 301 DEAN. GARRY CHARLES 210 CULP. DAVID PRINSEN 301 OUMMINGS. MARK EDWARD 75.329 CUMMINOS. SCOTT OWEN 301 CURRAN. FRANCIS E CURRENS. CHARLES BERNHARD 329 CURRY. BURCE LEflOY 206 CURRY. GARY DEAN 301 CUSANELLI. ROBERT ARTHUR CUTHRELL. JOSEPH ERWIN III 208 CVELBAR. DANIEL ALBERT 3 CZACHOR. THOMAS 208 CZEREPAK. GEORGE KARL 3 OEATON. DAVID BRUCE 210 OEAUX. CHARLES STEVEN 301 DE6L0IS. BRUCE MICHAEL 86.367 DECK. LAWRENCE JOSEPH 367 DECOU. STEPHEN ROBERT 330 DEEKENS. ARTHUR CARTER 301 DEFALCO. FRANK RALPH 105.302 DEFUSCO. RUSSELL PAUL 367 DEGEORGE. FRANK ; DEGRAAF. I . PETER t . TOBY I DELANEY. TIMOTHY GERARD 367 DELGAOILLO. CARLOS EDUAHOO 2 DELOUIS. DANA RANDEL 302 DELTORO. JOHN MICHAEL 367 DELUCA. RUSSELL JOSEPH 210 302 COURTNEY. I COURTNEY. . COUTTS. Wll «CIS PATRICK JR. 365 i FREDERICK 301 t CLIFFORD 329 COX. CLAY DOUGLAS 3»,3«5 DAIQLE. PETER MATHERS 320 DAILY. WILLIAM PATRICK 329 DALBEY, STEVEN WABBEN 209 DALBV. MICHAEL EDWABD 388 DALLAQO. DAVID BOBEBT 209 1 75.329 DALY. PATRICK BOBEBT 209 DAMICO. WILLIAM KENNETH 366 DENT. JOSEPH FRANKLIN 302 DENTON. DAVID C 211.302 DENTON. DAVID FRANKLIN DEPATIS. LAWRENCE EDWARD JB 330 DEPTULA. RONALD ROBERT 367 DERAS. DAVID ANTHONY 211 DEHRV. HEYWARD JR. 367 DESBORDES. DAVID ANTHONY 330 OESJARDINS, SUSAN YVONNE 330 DESMOND. ROBERT 302 DEVENUTO. JOSEPH 330 DEVEREAUX, RICHARD THOMAS 211 DEVILLE. JAMES GERALD JR. 330 DEVINE. MARK EDWARD 06.97.367 DEWEY. RUSSELL GREER 211 OEWOLFF. PETER V DIAMOND. DENNIS JONOTHON 2 PAUL DICKENSHEET. TERRY LEE 367 SrS " »«« ' ' ■ »«; " CHAPMAN. DAVE SCOTT 384 CHAPMAN. DONALD ROSEN JB 364 CHAPMAN. ROBERT EUGENE II 328 CHARPIE. KENNETH EDWARD JR. 203 CHARPILLOZ. KENNETH LOWELL JR. 203 CHAVEZ. SCOTT ALAN 328 CHECHE. MATTHEW PAUL 364 CHEESEMAN. FRANCIS WILLIAM 364 CHENAILLE. PETER JOSEPH 300 CHENEY. JOSEPH FREDERICK 328 CHERNICA. JOHN JOSEPH 328 CHILDERS. EDWIN HAY 300 CHILDERS. TIMOTHY ROBERT 328 CHIMELSKI. SCOTT EDWARD 203.300 chin! CHAIGHTON 300 CHINQ. GLENN KWAN CHOY 328 CHINQ. JEFFREY GORDON 300 CHING. LARRY YEE 88.385 CHLARSON. JOHN CONRAD 365 CHMIELEWSKI. ROBERT PAUL CHOI. DAVIS INSOP 385 CHOW. RANDOLPH WALTER 328 CHRETIEN. JUSTIN LOUIS CHRISTEN. KARL ERIC 385 CHRISTENSEN. GEORGE MICHAEL CHRISTENSEN. LOUIS EDMONO 204 CHRISTENSEN. ROBERT NELSON 328 CHRISTENSON. DAVID ANDREW 328 CHRISTY, JAMES GREY 300 CHURCHILL, WINSTON LEONARD SPE 204 CHUVA. CHARLES 204 CICCHINI. MICHELLE LYNN 385 COGHLIN. CHARLES ROBERT JR 365 COHICK. DONALD MICHAEL 301 COLABUFO. JAMES JOSEPH 105.328 COLE. KAREN LESLIE 328 COLEMAN. CLARENCE J C JR 365 COLEMAN. JERALO ALAN 73.301 COLEMAN. LEONARD THOMAS 385 COLEMAN. RANDALL GORDON 385 COLEMAN. RICHARD KENNETH JR, 20i COLES. DONALD GLEN 365 COLLINS. HARRY STEVEN 301 COLLINS. JAMES EDWARD JR- 205 COLLINS. PHILLIP BOLTON JR 329 COLLINS. SCOTT BRUCE 205 COLLINS, TIMOTHY EDWARD 206 COLLURA. SALVATORE JOHN JR 301 COLTMAN. WILLIAM CLARE JR, 329 COLVIN. GREGORY JAMES 301 COLVIN. JAMES THOMAS JR, 301 COMBS. JAMES LESLIE JR 301 COHNICK. MICHAEL LEE 365 COMTOIS. ANTHONY JAMES 329 CONARO. BRUCE RICHARD 208 CONLEE. CARL SAMUEL III 329 CONLEY. LANSEN PAUL 385 CONLEY. ROBIN BRETT 365 CONNELL. LARRY ALLEN 365 CRAIG. BRADLEY MALCOLM 386 CRAIG. GEORGE ROBERT 366 CRAIG. MERRIE DAWN 366 CONRAD, ROY MELVIN 329 CRANE, MIRIAM BETH 366 CREED. BRADLEY EUGENE 207 CREEGAN. MICHAEL PATRICK 329 CRENWELGE. WAYNE EDWARD 207 CREWS. DANNY WINSTON 366 CRISSMAN. HERBERT KENT 208 CRITTENDEN. STEVEN MICHAEL CROGHAN. JOHN FRANCIS 329 CROMWELL. JORI NATHAN 301 CROSBY. STEPHEN GLENN 329 CROSS. JAMES EARL 329 CROSS. LAURI KAY 89.366 CROUSE. DAVID LVLE 388 CROWDER. GARY LEE 366 CROWDER. RICHARD EARL JR, 208 CROWE. LELVIN JR 70.73.208 CBOWELL. MILES ALYN 366 CBOWNOVER. JOSEPH CALVIN III 36 CROXTON. GALEN JAMES 386 CROY. JEFFREY FRANCIS 329 CRUDELE. MARCEL STEVEN 208 DANIELS. KURT ALAN 209 DANSER. DENNIS DALE 209 DARBONNE. LAWRENCE ERIC 368 DARKES. BRIAN KEITH 301 DARNELL. CRAIG CHARLES 366 DAVENPORT. DAVID. MICHAEL DAVIDAGE. RICHARD CRAIG 210 DAVIDSON. GARY GORDON 330 DAVIDSON. RICHARD BEHTRAND 3 DAVIDSON. WALTER FRANK 301 DAVIDSON. WAYNE DEWITT 210 DAVIS. ALAN KEITH 301 UOLAS ALLEN 367 . DOUGLAS BRIAN 62.330 . ROBERT WAYNE 330 DICKMAN. STEVEN PAUL 302 DICKSON. STEPHEN MARSHALL 302 BRYAN KENT 73.22i CHARLES RICHARD DUANE GALE 330 KEVIN JEFFREY 210 LAWRENCE TODD 367 MARK STEVEN 330 MARTIN EARL 367 MICHAEL DAVID 210 MICHAEL PETER 210 NOY SHUEN 97.387 PATRICK ALLAN 301 PEGGY BROOKS 330 WALTER ROY JR, 301 i DEAN 330 OILOY. GL DILLE. EH! DILLMAN. DONALD RAY 212 DILLON. CLIFFORD DELOS 330 DIMALANTA. ORLANDO SUNI 387 DIMAS. STEPHEN MICHAEL 367 DIMMICK. ROBERT LEE 212 DINAPOLI. SCOTT ANTHONY 367 OIRESTA. VINCENT MICHAEL JR. 367 DISMUKE. THEOPHUS DANIER 367 OIULUS. DALE HENRY 367 DJOKOVICH. ROBERT RAY 84.85.212 DOBBERT. BRIAN DAVID 302 OAVITTE. MITCHELL CITTON JR. 301 I Index CARTER TO DOOSON is- EDWARD 367 DOMPKA, ROBERT VON 367 DONAHUE. MARK JOSEPH 302 DONALD, EDWARD QREQORV 302 DONALDSON. KENNETH AVERY H, 302 OONATELLI. MICHAEL GERARD 302 DONNELLY. JOHN ROBERT 212 OONOHOE. MARK STEVEN 212 OONOHUE. NICHOLAS WRIGHT 330 DONOVAN. JAMES LAWRENCE 302 DOOLEY. BRIAN ERNEST 367 DOREMUS. ERtC VINCENT 302 OORFF, SCOTT JEFFREY 302 DORN. ALLEN EARL 330 DORR. ROBERT MICHAEL 108.212 OORSETT. MARK DAVID 212 DOflSEY. JOHN PHILLIPS 212 DORTCH, JOSEPH CLAUDE 367 DOSS. STEVEN KIRK 387 DOTY. TIMOTHY STEPHEN 212 DOUVILLE. ARNOLD KENT 73.212 DOW. DANIEL EDWARD 95.367 DOWDEN. ALLENE 330 DOWE, RICHARD JOSEPH JR. 368 DOWERS. DALE WILLIAM 213 DOWNS. MICHAEL CHARLES 368 DOYLE. ROBERT JOSEPH 77.213 DOYLE. WILLIAM PAUL JR. 8.302 DRAKE. RICKY JAMES 213 DRAPER. GARY JAMES 302 DREMANN, CHRISTOPHER CHARLES 368 DRENNEN, CHRISTOPHER JOHN 366 DflESSEL. KENNETH LEE 73.330 DREW. JAMES JOHN 366 DREW. STEVEN RICHARD 330 . STEPHEN THOMAS 73.330 EASTMAN, MICHAEL LEWIS 331 EASTON. DAVID ANTHONY 331 EDMONDS. DAVID KIMBALL 302 .. BRADLEY KENT ; EDWARDS. HARRY MCGEE II EGAN. BRIAN DENNIS 368 EGQ6RS. JEFFREY ALAN 331 DUARTE. DAVID PAUL 368 DUBBE. DEBRA JEAN 330 DUBICKI. EDWARD JOSEF 302 DUBIE. BRIAN EDWARD 368 DUBOIS. RICHARD DELVINI It 302.368 DUBOSE. TED 302 DUC. MICHAEL VIKTOR 213 DUCHENE. RICHARD ARTHUR 366 DUDA. GEORGE JOHN JR. 302 DUDLEY. THOMAS EDWARD JR. 302 DUONEY. FRED STANTON III 302 DUELL. THEODORF FREDERICK 368 DUFFY. MICHAEL THOMAS 330 DUFFY. PATRICK EDWARD 368 DUFRESNE. GERARD ARTHUR 330 DUQAN. BRIAN GREGORY 366 fHRHARD. MARY PATRICE 113.368 EHRHARD. THOMAS PAUL 86 EICHELBERGER. WILLIAM SWEET II 302 EIDSAUNE. DAVID WAYNE 214 EIFERT. RONALD WILLIAM CLARENC 21 EILEfl. JAMES THOMAS 331 EILTS. TIMOTHY EDWARD 368 EISBERG. DEAN PAUL 331 EtSENBERGER. ROBERT ALAN 331 EKREM. ALAN CASE 214 ELBERT. JAMES PARNELL 331 ELDER. GREGORY DEAN 302 ELIASON. WILLIAM TALCOTT 331 ELKIN. CURTIS RONALD 331 ELLINGSON. BLAKE PARNELL 214 ELLIOTT, MARK EUGENE 214 ELLIOTT, PHILLIP CAREY 302 ELLIS, JAY STANFORD JR 215 ELLIS. JEFFERY LAWRENCE 368 ELLIS. WILLIAM WALDORF 303 ELLISON. ROGER KEITH 303 ELMER. WAYNE ALAN 303 ELSTON. MARK EDWARD 368 EMAUS. ERIK ALAN 331 EMERSON. MARK COSTELLO 368 EMMERT. PAUL HAMILTON 303 EMMERT. WILLIAM CARL 331 EMRICK. HOLLY LYNN 331 ENG. KEYLOR331 ENGLAND, WILLIAM SCOTT 368 ENGELBRECHT. MICHAEL SCOTT 303 ENGLEBRETSON. GORDON THOMAS 331 ENGLISH. BRIAN ALWYN 303 ENGLISH. NELSON WILLIAM 368 ENGLISH. ROBERT LAVERN 331 ENGLISH. THOMAS EDMUND 100.101,303 ENGLISH. TIMOTHY JON 215 ENOS. MATTHEW BARNES 331 ENSOfl. MARK ALEXANDER 331 ENZENBACHER. DEBRA JEAN 111.366 ERIC. JOHN JOSEPH 368 ERICKSON. KARL CHRISTIAN 331 ERIKSEN. JOHN DALE 331 FAROUHAR. JOHN THOMAS 332 FARRAH, STEVEN THOMAS 332 FAHRELL. JOHN FREDERICK 332 FARRELL. PHILIP ALAN 216 FARRIER. THOMAS ALAN 216 FARRIS. JOHN EDWARD 368 FARRISH. DANIEL 368 FARWELL, DEAN HUDSON II 216 FAULHABEfl. SUZANNE BRET 332 FAULKNER. PAUL EDWARD 303 FAUST. JEFFREY KIVEN 95.368 FAY. JOHN PATRICK 332 FELOSTONE. JULIA BETH 89.366 FELICE. KEVIN JOSEPH 369 FELI2. PAUL FRANCIS 86.332 FELLHOELTER. CHRISTIAN RAY 332 FELLMETH. JEFFREY EDWIN 105.216 FENNESSY, MICHAEL PATRICK 216 FENTON, LISA MARY 89,369 FERDA. STEVE ROBERT JR, 369 FERGUSON, SCOTT EDWARD 216 FERGUSON. THOMAS MICHAEL 369 FERNANOES. JOSEPH EUGENE 332 FERNANDEZ. BRUCE CHARLES 98,369 FERNANDEZ. THOMAS EDWARD 303 FIEDLER, WILLIAM OLIVER 216 FIELD, BURTON MONTAGUE 303 FIELDS, HOWARD PATRICK 369 FIELDS. JEFFREY NEAL 332 FIKAR, LOUIS STEPHEN 217 FILIPPI. DAVID BRIAN 332 FINCH. PHILLIP DAVID 303 FINCHUM, KENNETH GARY JR. 97 FINK. MICHAEL DAVID 303 FISH. MARK BRANDON 74,75.303 FISHER. ANN MARIE 369 FISHER. DREW RUSTIN 217 FISHER. MARVIN NEIL 369 FISHER. PAUL LAVTON 369 FISHER. ROBERT ERASER 369 FISHER. ROBERT GEORGE 303 FISK. MARK ERIC 369 FIXE. DAVID WILLIAM 332 FITZGERALD. MICHAEL C FITZGERALD. STEVEN BLAINE 369 FITZHARRIS. KEVIN JON 217 , PHILIP BLAKE 332 ORD. WAYNE ANDREW 216 ■ORESTER. THOMAS HARLAND 370 ■ORET. RANDALL MARK 370 ' ORINASH, TERRY WAYNE 370 FORSYTH. GLEN TOD 216 LOREN 73,333 FOBTUNATO, THOMAS PAUL 333 OSSEN, THOMAS LEE 218 OSTER. MICHAEL PATRICK 86,218 304 . ALLEN JUSTIN 370 :, MARTIN ERNEST BARTEAU 370 ' RANCESCHI, DARWIN CHARLES JR 304 FRANCIS. DAVID WILLIAM 333 RANCIS, JOHN DOUGLAS 218 RANCOIS. FRANK JR, 304 RANGOS. STEPHEN ANARGIROS 304 RANKE. ROSEMARY LOUISE 69,114.370 FRANKLIN, CRAIG ALLEN 370 .IN, JEFFREY GORDON 304 .IN. STEPHEN GEORGE 304 OARCIA-OONZALEZ. JORGE ALBERTO 371 OARCtA, FRED NELSON 304 GARCIA. LINDA THERESA 333 GARDINER. MICHAEL CARLISLE 3 GARDNER. BARRY LEE 371 GARLOW. MARK DWIGHT 333 . CRESTON 220 GARRISON. ERIC PETER 3 GARVIN. ERIC DARRYL 37 GARZA. ROBERTO 74,75.3 GASTENVELD, EDWARD THOMAS : OATEMAN. JEFFREY FOREST 333 GAY. THOMAS CHARLES 333 QAYLOflO, ROBERT CHARLES 304 QA20. ANTHONY STEPHEN 220 GEARHART, KURT AUBREY 221 GEBHARD. BRUCE JAMES 304 GEE, MICHAEL PATRICK 73.304 RANTZ. TODD F RASCADORE, GREGORY ALFRED 370 RASURE. JAMES FRANKLIN 370 RASZ. RUSSELL JOSEPH 218 RATELLO. STEVEN ANTHONY 218 OENTEMANN. JAMES LOWELL III 304 GEORGE . CARL 221 . JAMES DONALD 333 GERMAN. ERLING SCOT 333 GERNER. ANDRE ANTHONY 371 GERTH. GREGORY RONALD 333 REEMAN. DAVID EARL 333 FREITAS. DIEGO MANUEL 370 REMENTO. PHILIP ANDREW 218 " REY. MICHAEL DAVID 304 REY. WILLIAM ANSEL JR 218 FRICK. GLENN DALE 219 RIEDMAN, NEDWYN ANDREW 2 FRIES. DAVID GORDON 333 GARY ALAN 219 ' RITZ, BRUCE HAMILTON II HITZ. JOHN ROBERT 333 SCOTT ROEHLER. BRUCE ROBERT 219 ' ROHLICH. ALI CAN 333 .JOSEPH II 2n FRYLINQ, JAMES ALLEN 370 FRYMIRE. DAVID ALLEN 98.99.219 FRYT, MITCHELL RICHARD 220 GIBBS, DAVID GLENN 304 GIBSON, EDWARD BRYAN III 333 GIBSON, MARKE FOSTER 221 GIBSON. MICHAEL BRUCE 221 GIEG. DEON GENE 222 GlER. DOUGLAS ANDREW 371 GIER. GLENN RICHARD 222 GIGLIO. MARK STEVEN 304 QIQNILLIAT. STEPHEN MORHtS 33 GILBERT, CRAIG DOUGLAS 222 GILBERT. MICHAEL HARRIS 304 GILBERT, PAUL DOUGLAS 222 GILBERT, SILVANUS TACO Ml 222 GILBERTSON. EDWARD WAYNE 2: GILCHRIST. LENUE JR. 304 QILDAY, DAVID CHESTON 304 GILL. DANIEL LEE II 333 GILLILAND. KENT JAMES 304 A.if 4 1 pi ' 1 i w DUNBAH, JOHN EMMETT 3M DUNCAN. CHRISTOPHER JOHN 302 DUNCAN, DAVID LEE 330 DUNHAM, RICHARD ANDREWS III 213 DUNKELBERGER, LEflOY BAflDSLEY I DUNN. JAMES MADISON III 330 DUNPHY, ROBERT MURRAY III 302 DUNTON. BRADLEY KNOWLES 214 DUNTON. BRUCE RICHARD 214 DUPRE, THOMAS JOSEPH 368 DURBAN, RONALD MARC DURCHHOLZ, MATTHEW DURHAM. RANDALL DEAN 300 DURHAM, STEPHEN EUGENE 2 ' DURKAC. LOUIS MARTIN 368 DURKIN. RICKY IZRA 330 DUTY, BRADLEY DEAN 331 OUVALLE. REGINALD ALFRED 302 OWIRE, OWEN GEORGE 214 E EAOIE. ROBERT WILLIAM 302 EADY. MICHELLE JANINE 368 EAQAN. BRENDAN EDWARD 214 EASLER. ROY JAMES JR. 331 ERKES. GARY WILLIAM 303 ERLINGER. CHARLES ROBERT JR. 331 ERM6L. STEVEN DEE 303 ERMINGER. MARK DOUGLAS 215 ESHLEMAN. BROCK WOODSON 303 ESTEP. DAVID GRANT 21 5 ESTES. MICHAEL ANTHONY 332 EUKER. WILLIAM THOMAS 105.332 EULBERG. DELWYN RALPH 215 EUNICE. JOHN LESTER III 368 EVANCEVICH. CHARLES JOSEPH 95.36 EVANS. ADOLPHUS JR 368 EVANS. DAVID JACK 303 EVANS. DAVID WOODSON 215 EVANS, DWIGHT MURRAY 332 EVANS, JOHN JOSEPH 75.216 EVANS, JOHN MAURICE 74.332 EVANS. LOIS LOUISE 368 EVERDING, ROBERT ALAN 332 EVERS. MICHAEL STANLEY 73.216 EYRE, THULAN ARTHUR 303 FAGNANT, JOHN WARD 368 FAGOT. JON FRANCIS 303 FAIRBAIRN. MARK EDWARD 332 FALKENBERG. BRENT JON 216 FALLON. DAVID BRIAN 303 FALZONE. JOSEPH JAMES 73.303 FANNING, JOHN EDWARD 332 FARAONE, MARK CHRISTOPHER 332 PARIES. CYNTHIA LOUISE 89,114.368 FARNELL. FREDRICK CHARLES 216 .. RODNEY STEPHEN 217 . JEFFREY LYNN 332 FLADE. JOHN WILLARD 369 FLAHAVEN. MICHAEL WILLARD 369 FLANAGAN. RICHARD RAYMOND JR. FLANDERS. RONALD RAYMOND 303 FLANIGAN. PATRICK MICHAEL 369 FLEMING. MICHAEL JOHN 303 FLEMING. THOMAS FRANCIS 304 FLEMING. WYATT ROSS 369 FUCKINGER. JAMES ARTHUR 86.69.3 FLINK. GEORGE PHILIP 217 FLOOD. BRIAN JOSEPH 304 FLOOD. CHRISTOPHER EDWIN 217 FLOREANI, DANILO ALDO 369 FLORES, ARNOLD 332 FLORES. LEONA ANTOINETTE 369 FLORES, MICHAEL 369 FLOYD. JOHN MICHAEL 333 FLOYD. KEVIN STEVEN 333 FLOYD. WILBER JEAN 369 FOERG. REINHARD PETER 369 FOERTSCH. THOMAS ROBERT 73.30 FOLEY, ROGER ALLEN 370 FOLEY, TERRENCE JOHN 370 FOLLANSBEE. GUY DAVID 218 FOLLMAN. JOHN JAY 218.417 FOLSOM. EDWIN LAWRENCE 333 FONSECA, JOSEPH KENT 333 FORD. DEWEY GENE 370 FORD. DONALD ALLAN 370 FORD. JAMES ABBOTT JR 370 FORD. MICHAEL WILLIAM 333 FUERST. NICKIE JACOB 220 FULKS. MARK JOSEPH 88.69.220 FULLHART. RANDAL DAVID 304 FULTON. PAUL ANTON 370 FUNK, RAYMOND SCOTT 333 FUNK6. BRYAN JAY 370 FURST. TIMOTHY MCCORMICK 72,2 FURSTENAU, RONALD PAUL 220 FUSCO. SAMUEL ANTHONY 370 FYDA, TIMOTHY JOSEPH 73,304 G GABRESKI, FRANCIS ROBERT 370 GABRIEL CATHRYN ANGELA 370 GABRIELE. STEPHEN GERALD 304 GADOMSKI, DAVID MICHAEL 333 GAETA. ROBIN 370 GAHREN. FRANCIS » GALBREATH, BRYAN GEORGE 304 GALL, JAMES CHARLES 333 GALLAGHER. DAVID MARK 220 GALLAGHER. MARK VINCENT 220 GALLAGHER. TIMOTHY JOHN 108.37 GALLEGOS. FRANK 371 GALLOGLY, LAWRENCE PATRICK 9E GALVER. ROBERTO 371 OAMACHE. MARK RAYMOND 333 GAMBOA. STEVEN GILBERT 333 GILLILAND. MICHAEL CHARLES 333 GILMORE. RICHARD FRANCIS JR 370 GILMORE. SAMUEL LEE JR. 88,89.222 GILSTRAP. VANCE FARRELL 371 GINOER. DANIEL JOHN 371 GINGER. SUZANNE MARIE 97.370 GINTZ, GLENN NICHOLAS 370 GIORDANO. MICHAEL ANTHONY 333.37 GIPSON, MICHAEL RAY 304 GIRONE. MICHAEL HEYWARD 371 QITCHELL. CRAIG THOMAS 333 GJERMUNDSEN, EDWARD IVAfl 333 GLADE. DAVID BRUCE II 334 GLADE. DAVID DULTMEIER 371 GLADFELTER. KENNETH MICHAEL 334 GLADMAN. DAVID BLAINE 371 GLASS. JEFFERY flINN 304 GLASSICK. ROBERT EDWARD 371 GLAZIER. MARJOfllE ANN 334 GLEICHMAN, MICHAEL DON 334 GLENN. MICHAEL GREGORY 304 GLENN, MICHAEL LESLIE 334 GLITZ. RICHARD WILLIAM 222 GLOTFELTY. PHILIP RUTHERFORD I 33- GLOVER, JOHN DELAY 304 GLOVER, RUSSELL DEAN 73.222 GLOWACKI, OAVID STANLEY 334 GOC. ZENON CASEY 334 GODFREY. MARK FREDERICK 222 QOETZ. T TRACEY 334 GOFF, JOHN MICHAEL 334 GOGGINS. EDWARD GLEN 89 GOLDBACH. GREGORY PAUL 304 DOMINGUEZ TO GOLDBACH Index 425 GOLDEN. JOHN STEHUNO 3M QOLOFEIN. STEPHEN MICHAEL 43.222.41 OOLDIZEN. DEHRILL THOMAS 371 QOLOB. CHRISTOPHER JOHN 65,334 Q0ME2. FELIPE ALBERTO 304 GOMEZ. OHEQORV ALAN 30S OONZALES. CHERYL LVNN 371 GONZALES. STEPHEN DAVID 334 GONZALEZ. DEAN WAVNE 334 GONZALEZ. EDUAROO 305 GONZALEZ. WILLIAM JR 371 . SCOTT ALAN 222 lEORQE MASON 105.222 GOODRICH, JEFFREY LELAND 334 GOODWIN. KENNETH RAY 305 GOODWIN. RICHARD BERNARD 334 GOODWIN. WILLIAM FREDERICK II 334 GORDON. JEFFREY SCOTT 305 GORDON. JOHN ANDREW 334 GORDON, LEO HOWARD 222 GORDON, ROBERT LOUIS 305 GOROY. GEORGE HERMAN JR. 82.305 GORENO. FRANK 305 QORTNEY. KEVIN DAVIS 371 OOSSNER. JEFFREY LYNN 371 OOSSNER. JESSE ROSS 371 OOTCH. STEPHEN MICHAEL 371 GOTTLIEB. ARYEA 305 aOTTSACKER. BRIAN KEITH 222 QOUOH. JOHN WILLIAM 100.371 OOULOIE. JAMES MARTIN 371 QOURLEY. CRAIG NEIL 223 GOWEN. JEFFREY BRYAN 305 OOYINOS. DAVID MICHAEL 334 QRABOWSKI. GARY ANDREW 334 GUESS. JAMES ALLEN 372 OUICE. ROBERT LAWSON JR. 225 GULLIVER. TIMOTHY LEE 73.334 GULLOTTA. STEVEN RICHARD 334 lANKELYNN 113.372 lURNIE CORNELIUS JR. 372 WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER 305 . JOANNE CHRISTINE 334 QUTH. JOHN EDWARD 225 OUVMON. EDWARD WALLACE III 372 6VAZ0AUSKAS. PETER JOHN JR. 334 H OUNTER. G HENKE. SUE ELLEN 336 HENNE. CRAIG MALCOLM 373 . STEVEN CRAIG 1 HOLOWKA. PETER WAYNE 3 HOLT. JEFFREY LYNN 337 HOLWAY. WILLIAM NILS 232 TERRANCE LEE 106.372 HARRISON. ARTHUR STOKES JR HARRISON. OLIVER WALTER 228 HARRISON. ROBERT JOHN 228 HAR8TAD. GREGORY MICHAEL 3 HENRY. BOBBY DON 307 HENRY. MICHAEL EUGENE 373 HENSLEY. BENJAMIN GERARD 373 HENSLEY. ROBERT WAYNE 68.336 HENSON. STEVE ALAN 373 HEPFER. STEPHEN JAY 230 HEPT. GEORGE BRIAN 336 HERBST. KURT LYON 66.373 HERLIK. EDWARD CHARLES 336 HERMANDORFER. WAYNE ALFRED 230 HERNANDEZ. ANNETTE LORRAINE 374 4 MANUEL 338 GRACE. DEREK LEIGH 371 ORADY. JAMES HENRY JR, 305 GRAF. STEPHEN DOUGLAS 305 GRAHAM. JAMES BRIAN GRAHAM. MICHAEL ROBERT 223 GRAHAM. ROBERT RANDOLPH 223 QRAMOLL. JAMES CLYDE 371 GRANDE. SALVATORE FRANK III 224 GRANT. ANDREW JAMES 371 GRANT. KEVIN 334 ORAPER. MARK WILLIAM 334 ORATCH. CHARLES EDWARD 224 QRAUL. RICHARD CHARLES 371 GRAVES. IRVIN WHITMORE JR 334 GRAY. GARY DONALD 65.334 GRAY. PETER WALDO 224 . JAMES DOUGLAS 226 HAGER. DOUGLAS SCOT 335 HAHN. KENNETH SCOT 372 HAILS. ROBERT EMMET JR 335 HAILSTONE. MITCHELL JARED 335 HAISCH. HENRY ALBERT JR, 305 HALAT. KIM ROBERT 228 HALBERT. GARY LYNN 226 HALL. CRAIG HARRIS 372 HALL. RICHARD PATRICK 308 HALL. ROBERT FRANCIS 10.226.408 HALL. SCOTT DOUGLAS 86.335 HALLAM. SCOTT SAMUEL 372 HALLETT. THOMAS MICHAEL 226 HALPERN. DANIEL GUSTAVE 226 HALSELL. JAMES DONALD JR 226 HALVORSEN. STEVEN ALAN 306 HAMID. ABEL 372 HAMILTON. ANTHONY JESS 226 HAMILTON. CHARLES ANDREW 335 HAMILTON. JOSEPH ALLEN 372 HAMILTON. ROBERT ALLEN 80.372 HAMILTON. RODNEY LEE 227 HASEQAWA. KEN RK HARD 373 HASKELL. DONALD JOHN 228 HASTY. GREGORY SCOTT 373 HASTY. THOMAS JEFFERSON III 373 NATCHELL. RAYMOND DOUGLAS 228 HATTON. MARY SUE 373 HAU60LD. GARY DAVID 335 HAUPT. RANDY LARRY 226 MAUSER. JOHN EDMOND 335 HAWES. JEFFREY EARL 33« HAWES. TIM 373 WKINS. CARL ALAN 30 WKINS. JOHN CLEVE 226 WKINS. MICHAEL ANTONIO 228 WKINS. SCOTT LAVALLE 373 Y. SCOTT DERALD 306 YDUK. DONALD MICHAEL JR 373 HERNANDEZ. RICHARD JOHN 337 HERNDON. RUSSELL RAY 374 HERR. GEORGE ALBERT JR. 374 HERRERa! WALTER HUGH 307 HERRIGES. DARRELL LEE 76.230 HERRIS. ROBERT ALAN 230 HESS. DEREK STEIN 337 HESS. PARKE HOFFMAN JR. 307 HEWITT. STANLEY DELANO 374 HKJKEY. ROBERT ALAN 231 HK:KS. JOHN EDWARD 231 HKJGINBOrrOM. BRADLAUOH WALTER 3 HIGHTAIAN. JEFFREY PAUL 337 HIOHTOWER. GARY LIONEL 374 . DAVID VICTOR 374 HONNEN. LEE FRANCIS JR, 337 HOOD. DAVID BRUCE 307 HOOG. STEPHEN LAWRENCE 73.307 HOOK, BUANE ALEX 375 HOPE, JAMES SCOTT 232 HORNUNO. MATTHEW STEPHEN 3 HOHTON. MALLOHY MCCALL 375 HORTON. MITCHEL DEWAYNE 375 NORTON. RONALD GENE 307 HORVATH. ARPAD ENDRE 232 HOTCHKISS. CEDRIC ALPHUS III 37! HOUCHEA. BONNIE JO 111.337 HOUGH. SCOTT LEWIS 375 I JOHN 375 HOWARD. LUKE RUSSELL 337 HOWARD. RICHARD FRANCIS 3 HOWE. KEITH BRIAN 337 HOWENSTINE. MICHAEL GREQC HOY. JAMES KEVIN 375 . KEITH PAUL 232 HAYES. DON LEE JR 373 HAYES. JOHN LEN 228 HAYES. KEVIN THOMAS 228 HAVES. MICHAEL SEAN 308 HAVHURST. ROBERT ANDREW 373 HAYNES. TERENCE WALLACE 22« HAYS, MICHAEL LEWIS 373 HAYS. PETER LANG 106.306 HAZLETT. LOUIS EDWARD 229.415 GREEN. CAROLYN 371 OHEEN. DAVID GEST 305 GREEN. DIANA ELIZABETH 113.334 GREEN. GERALD PATRICK 371 GREEN. GORDON STRACHAN 305 GREEN. HAROLD LESTER 371 GREEN. JOHN DUANE 331 GREEN. KENNETH CLIFTON 372 GREEN. KURT ALAN 334 GREEN. STEVE GORDON 334 GREEN. THOMAS GERARD 108.305 QREENHILL. KARL JOHN 334 GREENL EE. ARTHUR CARL 372 GREENSHIELDS. BRIAN HENRY 372 GREENWOOD. CHARLES RAPH 224 OREOOR. ROBERT LEVON 372 GREGORY. DOUGLAS WILLIAM 372 GREGORY. GORDON FRANCIS 305 GREGORY. TALMAGE ALAN 372 GREGORY. WILLIAM GEORGE 305 QREYDANUS. TIMOTHY PAUL 372 ORIBBEN. TERRANCE PATRffiK 334 QRK:iUS. RANDALL EDWARD 84.85.305 GRIFFIN. DREES CATERA 372 GRIFFIN. JOHN FRANCIS 372 GRIFFITH. DAN LLEWELLYN JR. 108.372 GRIFFITH. THOMAS EDWARD JR 305 GROGS. BRIAN JEFFREY 334 I PARKER JR 224 GROARK. STEPHEN ANDREW 372 GRONEWALD. KENNETH RAY 224 GROSS. HAROLD TIMOTHY 372 GROSZ. TIMOTHY GEORGE 372 GR0S2EWSKI. JOHN LEO 372 GROUX. JEFFREY SCOTT 372 GROVES. DAVID SYLVAN 224 GRUBER. DAVID JOSEPH 334 GRUBER. THOMAS JOSEPH 372 GRUCA. KONRAD STEPHEN 82.225 GRUNER. GLENN ALLEN 225 306 HAMPTON. STEVEN LEE 227 HANBEY. GLENN THOMAS : 08 HANCOCK. DANIEL DAVID 62 HANDY. DEXTER RAPHAEL 372 HANEVICH. NORMAN CLIFFORD 372 HANEY. ANTHONY L! HANGER. JAMES LYNWOOD JR. 308 HANLEY. JAMES NILES 335 HANLEY. PETER CLEVELAND 372 HANSON. BRIAN LEE 227 HANSON. MICHAEL JOHN 372 HARD. ROBERT DALE 335 HARDEMAN. JOHN WADE 228 HARDEN, BRADFORD LYNN 306 HARDEN. WILLIAM LEE GRANT 372 HARGROVE. MARK DONALD 306 HARPER. DONALD LESLIE 228 HARPER. DONALD MCAVOY 228 HARPER. MALCOLM CLINTON 306 HARPER. WILLIAM HOWARD 335 HARRELL. JEFFREY PETER 372 HARRINGTON. JOHN DOUGLAS 335 HARRINGTON. SCOTT DAVID 306 HEAOBERG. GREG ALLEN 306 HEADLEE. CHRISTOPHER RANDOLPH 3 HEASTON. GLEN DEAN 336 HEATHERMAN. PATRICK JOSEPH 336 HEAVNER. LEONARD GLENN 373 HEBERT. JOSEPH EDWARD 338 HECKER. GARY RICHARD 82.338 HEDBLOW. JON JOEL 05,336 JOHN WILKES 228 , JAMES LEE 373 HEDRKJK, JOSEPH PAUL 336 HEEMSTRA, THOMAS SCOTT 336 HEGGEN, MICHAEL HENRY 22« HEIDMOUS, PHILIP NAJIM 61,336 HEIOTKE, CURTIS LEE 336 HEIM, ROBERT LAWRENCE 230 HEINS, EDWARD WALTER III 230 HEISE, KEITH HARLAN 106 HEITMANN, MITCHELL LOY 6,108,336 HELLMAN, BARNET RICHARD 230 HELM, RICHARD KEITH 73,336 HELMS, MICHAEL RANDALL 307,420 HELMS, SUSAN JANE 338 HEMMELMAN, MICHAEL LEE 336 HENDERSON, FRANK ELLIS III 307 HENDERSON, GREGORY HINSON 338 HENDERSON. HERBERT HOOVER JR, 230 HENDERSON, STEPHEN EDWARD 373 HENDERSON, WARREN LEE 373 HENDRICK, KENNETH DALE 74.75,02,230 HENDRICK, PATRICIA ANN 373 HENDRICKS, ROBERT HAROLD 336 HILL, GREGORY CLIFTON 374 HILL. KEVIN CLEMENT 374 HILL, LUDWIG SCHIEMAN 374 HILL, MICHAEL LEE 76,77,337 HILL, ROBIE JAMES 307 HILL, WALTER BRYAN 337 HILL, WILLIAM MILTON JR 337 HILLEBRANDT, ERIC ALAN 374 HILLEY, DENNIS FRED 307 HILLIARD, GEOFFREY WILLIAM 337 HILLS, LARRY CHARLES 374 HILSGEN, SHIRLEY ROSE 374 HILSMAN, ALLISON ANN 337 HILTON, JEFFERY CHARLES 307 HINDS, JOHN CLAYTON 231 HINEN, ANTHONY LEON 374 NINES, STEVEN SCOTT 231 HIRST, STEVEN ROBERT HIVELY, KATHRYN 374 HOAG, CHARLES JEROME 105,337 HOAR, JOHN PATRICK 231 HOCKING, STEVEN ALAN 232 HODGDON, KENNETH MKIHAEL 337 HODGE, CAROL IRENE 374 HODQKINS, RUSSELL DEARBORN JR. 33 HOEKSTRA, BRIAN LOUIS 374 HOENE, PETER FRANCIS 05,337 HOFERER. WILLIAM CHARLES 232 HOFF, ERNEST HOWARD 307 HOFFMAN, GABRIEL DAVID 374 HOFFMAN, JOHN MORGAN 232 HOFFMAN, LAWRENCE JOSEPH 73,307 MOFFSTADT, STEVEN SCOTT 374 HOLBROOK, JOHN BRUCE HUDSON, ROBERT DAVID 337 , ROBERT MICHAEL HUFF, CLIFFORD CHARLES 232 HUFF, DAVID ALAN 375 HUGHES, MARY GRACE 101,337 HUGHES. PETER CLARK 87.307 HUGHES. STEVEN LAMAR 375 . THOMAS EDWARD 23: KN. BASIL WAYNE 375 UEL. ROBERT LEE 337 HOLLENBECK, KENNETH FRANK 08.307 . STEVEN PAUL 230 HOLLISTER. GREGORY SCOTT ! HOLMAN. MICHAEL CHARLES 3 HOLMES, GARY DALE 337 HOLMES, ROBERT I HUMPHREY, JACK DEAN JR, 307 HUMPHREY, LLOYD KELLEY 337 HUVSUCK, DONALD EDWARD 307 HUNT, EDWARD EVERETT III 233 HUNT, KENNETH RUSSELL 233 HUNT, RONALD STEVEN 106,307 HUNT, THOMAS PATRICK 89,307 HUNTER, DAVID JAY 375 HUNTER, DOUGLAS LEE 337 HURLEY, GEORGE DONALD 234 HUSSEV. ROBERT GARY 375 HUSSEY, RONALD JEFFREY 375 HUTCHISON, HUGH EDWARD 307 HYDe! JON ARLIE 307 ILSENG, JON KENT 307 IMPELLIZZERI, KENNETH BRIAN 307 INQLIS. JUNIOR LEROY 234 » 8«l » 0« omm mm GRUNWALD, SCOTT LEWIS 305 GUERTIN, DAVID E M f r i INTOCCIA. QREOORV FRANCIS X lOTT. CHARLES DUANE 307 IHBV. JOEL MARTIN 37S IRELAND. ROBERT FORBES 234 IRISH. PHILIP STEPHEN 234 37» JABLONOVSKY. MICHAEL DAVID 234 JABLONSKY. DANE DREW 33« JACKSON. AARON SCOTT 375 JACKSON. BARTLE MILLER 105.338 JACKSON. JAMES FREDERICK 234 JACKSON. JAMES LAUOHTON 375 JACKSON. JEFFRV ALAN 307 JACKSON. JEFFRY GERARD 338 JACKSON JOHN CALVIN III 101.375 JACKSOn! MICHAEL GERALD 338 JACKSON. ROBERT HAROLD 234 JACKSON. WILLIAM THOMAS JR 308 JACOBSEN. FREDERICK JOHN 308 JAC0B50N. ALFRED EATON JR. 338 JACOBSON. CHRISTOPHER PETER 30 JACOBY. DAYNE 338 JACOBY. TIMOTHY LEE 375 JAENSCH. MICHAEL 375 JAOSTADT. KARL HEINZ 375 JAK06I. MICHAEL JOHN JOSEPH JAMES. BARRY RAY 234 JAMES. KINGSLEY LEONARD 375 JAMES. LARRY DEAN 234 JAMESON. MARY ELLEN 375 JANGRAW. ROBERT JAMES 235 JANKOWSKI. LEONARD PAUL 375 JANSSEN. ERIC QOYNE 338 JENKINS. CRAIG MICHAEL 378 JENKINS. DAVID JOHN JR. 378 JENSEN. KEVIN RAY 378 JENSEN. SCOTT RALPH 73.308 JEROER. MICHAEL ALAN 308 JIMENEZ. JAMES ALFRED 308 JOOERST. JOHN DONALD 308 JOHNSON. ALAN EUGENE 308 Y RICHARD 378 I. ROBERT JOHNSON. SAMUEL JOHNSON. TIMOTHY JAMES 338 JOHNSTON. ROBERT EDWARD 236 JOHNSTON. STEPHEN ANDREW 308 JONES. BRADLEY KEITH 308 JONES. CHARLES DAVID 308 JONES. DAVID ANTHONY 338 JONES. DAVID MCCLELLAN 338 JONES. DAVID THOMAS 236 JONES. DENNIS MICHAEL 338 JONES. JEFFREY GENE 236 JONEs! KEVIN EDWARD 308 JONEs! MICHAEL DENNIS 376 JONES. MICHAEL JOHN 338 JONES. NOEL THOMAS 338 JONES. REGINALD LEWIS 84.85.376 JONES. RICHARD ASHLEY 306 JONES. ROBERT DOYLE JR 376 JONES. STEPHEN MURRAY 376 KEKOA. KEVIN JAMES 37 KELCHNER. BRYAN LEE : KELLENBENCE. WAYNE KIZIAH. REX RAYMOND 376 KLAMERUS. MARK EUGENE 378 KLASMEIER. CAROL JOAN 339 KELLEY. JUDSON ROBERT 339 KELLy! BRIAN THOMAS 306 KELLY. KIM DWAINE 105.106.238 KELLY. LAWRENCE 377 KELLY. MARK STEPHEN 238 KELLY. PAUL CHARLES JR 377 KELLY. PAUL MKIHAEL 308 KELLY, RICHARD DENNIS 238 KELLY. ROBERT HAMILTON 377 KELLY. SCOTT EDWARD 377 KELLY. TERRENCE BRIAN 238 KELTZ. MKIHAEL ANTHONY KEMP. CALVIN WILFRID 306 JONES. VERNON DALE 308 JONES. VINCENT THOMAS 376 JONES. WESLEY WILSON 308 JONES. WILLIAM ALLEN JR. 378 JONES. WILLIAM JR 338 JONES. WILLIAM MICHAEL 338 JONES. WILLIAM RUSSELL 336 JORDAN. JARRETT DIRK 141.336 JORDAN. MICHAEL ALEXANDER 30 JORDAN. THOMAS CHARLES 336 JOROENSEN. KAREN DIANE 336 JOVIAK. BETSY JEAN 111.338 JOWEHS. DAVIO GORDON 308 JOYCE. PETER STEPHEN 308 JUDGE. STEVEN THOMAS 378 JUHAS. LUCILLE DIANE 338 JURECIC. JEFFREY JOHN 376 JUREWICZ. DONALD 308 K KADLEC. ROBERT PETER 306 KAOLUBOWSKI. MICHAEL JOHN 37 KAHLE. DAVID PAUL 236 KAISER. GREGORY LEE 236 KALE. STEPHEN HAROLD JR 376 KALFAS. NEIL WILLIAM 236 KALLMAN. THOMAS 376 KAPAKU. CHARLES KALIA 338 KARANOvicH. TIMOTHY WAYNE 376 KARGUL. MARK CRAIG 238 KARL. FRANCIS EUGENE 338 KARSTENS. JOHN PAUL 237 KASPAr! STEVEN BERNARD 376 KASPER. ROBERT MICHAEL 237.376 KASPRAK. JOHN MICHAEL JR 376 KENDALL. JAY ARTHUR 238 I JOE 238 4 CLYDE JR. 100.101.371 KENISON. RICHARD KENNETH 377 KENKEL. COLIN DAVID 336 KENNEDY. GREG RANDAL 238 KENNEDY. JAMES RAYMOND 98.339 KENNEDY. JOHN DARRELL 339 KENNEDY. KEVIN JOHN 236 KENNEDY. STEPHEN TIMOTHY 377 KENNEY. GREG ALAN 33S KENNIASTY. FRANK WILLIAM 339 KENT. ROGER LYNN 306 KENYON. MICHAEL JAMES 236 KEOHANE. THOMAS VINCENT 236 KERDAVID. MARCEL EUGENE JR. 105.339 KERNAN. MICHAEL EDWARD 339 KERR. RICHARD ELDON JR, 377 KERR. STUART VINCENT 308 KERTZ. KEVIN DEAN 306 KESLAR. KENNETH FRANKLIN 377 KESTER. CASEY ELWIN 339 KETNER CHARLES FREDERIC 377 KEVORK. ANDRE JOHN 239 KIFER. KAREN LOUISE 377 KIISK. SILVI ANN 377 KIKER. ERIC JAMES 339 KIKUGAWA. WALTER KAORU 339 KILLION. CHARLES MIKEL 98.339 KILTV. JAMES EDWARD 377 KIMMEL. CHARLES DAVID 308 i NEIL 86.377 (IMSEY. KEVIN LEON 339 . SAMUEL ROBERT 86.308.339 I 239 (ING. ANDREW LAWRENCE 339 .. CHARLES FOREST 339 KING_, CHRISTOPHER ROCHE 308 KING. DAVID LAWRENCE 339 KING. DAVID MICHAEL 308 KING. DAVID WARREN 377 KLEMME. JAMIE LEE 378 KLIMEK. STEVEN ANDREW 95.331 KLINE. RICHARD DOUGLAS 378 KLINE. RUSSELL BROOKS 240 KLINGSHIRN. GLEN WILLIAM 309 KLOPP. TODD WILLIAM 309 KLUCZINSKE. DAVID LEE 240 KLUTTZ. JOHN ROBERT JR, 309 KNAPP. ANDY QUANG 378 KNAPP. KENNETH PAUL 240 KNAUF. DONALD FRANCIS 88.69. KNIGHT. GREGORY GUV 376 KNOCKE. JAN MARIE 336 KNOLL. GEORGE BRYAN 240 KNOTT. STEVEN DEAN 240 KNOWLES. JAMES ROY 339 KRUK. JOHN TEO 242 KRUTZ. ROBERT DOUGLAS JR 340 KRZEWINSKI, JOHN QUENTIN JR, 3« KUBIK. WENDELL JOHN 62.376 KUCERA. JOHN NEIL 71.73.242 KUDELKA. LAWRENCE 243 KUEBLER. WILLIAM RAY JR. 309 KUEHN. JOHN MICHAEL 309 KUGLER. BRUCE ALAN 73.340 KUHLMANN. MARK STEVEN 309 KUKULSKI. MICHAEL 379 KUPKO. JOHN CHRISTOPHER 340 KURLANCHEEK. BRAD 309 KUTA. REBECCA LYNN 379 KUZNIAR. RONALD JAN 379 KNOWLTON. PATRICK JEAN 340 KNOX. EDWIN WELLING 376 KNUCKLES. GWENDOLYN 340 KNUOSEN. PETER JAMES 340 KNUDSON. STEVEN JOHN 378 KNUTH. DARYL JOHN 240 KOBEL. CHRISTOPHER JAMES 37f KOCH. WILLIAM FREDERICK JR 2 KOCHANIUK. HILTON MICHAEL 95 KATHLEEN LOUISE 338 LORING GATES 338 KAYLOR. KENNETH LEE 237 KEAHY. GEORGE THEODORE JR 308 KEATON. JAMES H II 237 KECK. KEITH ARTHUR 376 KEEPER. KEVIN JOSEPH 377 KING. RAYMOND JAMES JR 23S KING. STEVEN BOYD 61.102.306 KINNEY. PETER HARTWELL 239 KINTZINQ. JEFFREY KEITH 239 KINZER. JAMES EMILE 339 KIOVSKY. REBECCA ANNE 377 KIRBY. SCOTT ALLEN 339 . ERIC PAUL 240 KIRK. KEVIN OEAN 308 KIRKHAM. EDWARD EARL 240 KIRKUS. LISA ROWENA 377 KISNER. FRANK JOHN 339 KISS. VINCENT THOMAS 306 KISTLER. JAMES MICHAEL 240 KITCHENS. CRAIG NEIL 377 KITT. TIMOTHY JOEL 339 KOECHEL. BRIAN ROBERT 309 KOEHLER. KENNETH ROBERT 309 KOENIG. LYLE MARLOWE JR 240 KOENITZER, WILLIAM JOHN 240 KOEPKE. MICHAEL JAMES 73.340 KOGLER. THOMAS RICHARD 241 KOHLHOFER. JEFFERY LYNN 309 KOLKEBECK. JOHN L KOLLING. JAMES GERARD 309 KOLM. JAN ERICK 376 KOLODKA. MICHAEL ALEXANDER 241 KOLODZIEJCZYK. PETER PAUL 241 KONICKI. KENNETH MATTHEW 340 KONIGSMARK. GARY LOYD 376 KOPACKA. GARY MICHAEL 242 KOPF. THOMAS 4AMES 242 KORDOSKY. LARRY LEROY KORNAHRENS. FREDERICK WILLIAM 3 KORNFELDl ARMAND JOHN 378 KOSHAK. ALAN ARTHUR 378 KOSINSKI. EDMUND 378 KOSLOWSKY. DAVIO DEAN 340 KOSTELIC. MARK LOUIS 378 KOSTER. MICHAEL CRAIG 242 KOTOWSKI. LEO BERNARD 340 KOUNNAS. STEPHANIE JEAN 20 KOURt. JEFFREY VICTOR 242 KOVALOVSKY. ANDREW JOSEPH 340 KOVATCH. THOMAS BODNAR 309 KOWATCH. LEO DEAN JR. 242 KRAAK. KENNETH LEE 309 KRAKOFF. RICHARD ARRON 309 KRAMER. KENNETH JAMES 242 KRAMPE, DORIS HELEN 340 KRAUSE. NEIL THOMAS 242 KRAUSER. LAWRENCE MARK 242 KRAVCHUK. RICHARD ANTON JR 378 KREBS. MARK JONATHAN 378 KREFT. KEVIN RICHARD 378 KREGEL. KEVIN RICHARD 242 KRESGE. STANLEY THEODORE 340 KREUZER. THEODORE JOHN 340 KRIER. DANIEL WALTER 309 KRISINGER. CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH 24; LACOURSE. MATTHEW JOHN 243 lAOE, HARRY HELMUT 243 LADEMAN. MARY ELIZABETH 340 LAFON. RONALD COLEMAN 309 LAFRANCE. KURT RAYMOND 379 LAFRANCE. ROGER JOSEPH 243 LAFRENIERE. LAWRENCE LEE 243 LAFROMBOIS, DEBORAH MARY 34 LAMONT. JEFFREY ALLEN 379 LAMONT. PERRY WAYNE 379 LAMPE. CHRISTOPHER EDWARD 379 LANDWEER. PHILIP RICHARD 379 LANE. CHRIS SWANN 379 LANE. HENRY GRADY III 379 lane! LELAND GREGORY 243 LANE. MARK RONALD 309 LANE. RICHARDS EDWARD 97.243 LANGE. KAREN JANICE 341 LANGHORNE. NORMAN LEE II 379 LANGLEY. JIMMY LEE JR 379 LANGMADE. LAUREL DIANNE 341 LANKFORD. FREDERICK ALAN 309.243 1 ANTHONY 341 LANZEL. CURTISS DALE 341 LARGENT. LARRY BLAKE 243 LARIVEE. DAVID RENE 341 LARNED. RUSS HALL «1.30a LARSEN. BRADLEY DEAN 379 LARSEN. GLENN JOHN 244 LARSH. JEFFREY SCOTT 309 LARSON. JAMES BRYAN 310 LARSON. JOHN EDWARD 379 LASH. THOMAS ALLEN 244 LATAS. DEAN AYARS 81.379 LATHROP. LARRY WILLIAM 310 LATORRA. ROSS ALAN 341 LAUER. THEODORE WILLIAM JR 341 LAUQHLIN. WALTER PRICE 341 LAUMANN. DONALD CARL 244 LAUSHINE. STEPHAN JAMES 95.341 LAUTH. GERARD CHARLES JR 341 LAWRENCE. GERALD HALFORD 341 LAWRENCE. KEVIN SCOTT 244 LAWRENCE. MICHAEL ANTHONY 379 LAWRENCE. MK HAEL DAVIO 7.244 LAWRENCE. THOMAS EARL JR 379 LAWSON. MATTHEW GLENN 379 LAWTON. DAVIO CHRISTOPHER 379 LAWTON. DOUGLAS KENT 244 LAWVER. OARELL JOHN 341 LEACH. BUDDY CLARK II 244 LEASE. LON MARTIN 310 LEATHAM. DALE WADE 108.310 LEATHERMAN. JERRY 244 LEAVITT. GARY ANDREW 244 LEAVOY. LINDSEY JAMES 341 LEBEAU. ROBERT GEORGE 105.341 LECRAW. CHRISTOPHER BENJAMIN 379 LEDUC. EDWARD JOSEPH 341 LEE. DOUGLAS EUGENE 244 LEE. LYMAN ANTHONY JR 244 LEE. RUSSELL CHUNG HIN 341 LEE. THOMAS EARL 379 LEE. WELDON GRADY JR 379 LEECH. JOHN WILLIAM 341 LEQG. STEVEN KENNETH 244 LEGOETT. MICHAEL JOHN 310 LEGGETTE. WAYNE KELLY JR 341 LEHLE. RICHARD MICHAEL 105.341 LEHMAN. RICHARD MARGRAVE 245 LEIGH. MICHAEL LEJA. DOUGLAS ANTHONY LELI. LOUIS JAMES 245 LEMELIN. EDWARD EMILE 310 LEMIEUX. KATHLEEN MARIE 379 LEMIEUX. LINDA ANN 376 LEMON. CHRYS OEE 341 LEMROND. MICHAEL PATRICK 379 LENGENFELDER. DOUGLAS ROBERT 3 LENGYEL. DAVIO ALAN 245 379 LENTZ. DANIEL PATRICK 74 75 91 93.245 LEVZ. PETER RALPH 310 LEONARD. STEVEN DOUGLAS 310 LEONE. MICHAEL 310 LEPANTO. JOSEPH PETER 379 LEPPER. MICHAEL JAMES 379 LEPPER. STEVEN JOSEPH 310 LEPTRONE. JEFFREY LEE 310 LEQUAR. JOHN JAY 379 LESTER. KOLIN WADE 245 LEUSCHEN. DALE ELMER 248 LEUTHOLD, MARK ALAN 310 LEUTZE. MICHAEL SCOTT 310 LEVEILLE. JAMES ALAN 379 LEVITT, MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER 10« LEWIS. ANTHONY WAYNE 341 LEWIS. FRANKLIN GILBERT 379 LEWIS. JAMES CALVIN 310 LEWIS. RICHARD EARL 341 LEWIS. SCOTT JONATHAN 379 WTOCCIA TO LEWIS Index 427 IBBY, JANET CAROL 341 lEDERBACH. JEFFREY THOMAS 310 lENTZ, MICHAEL EUGENE 310 IQHT, KENNETH JOHN 246 tQHT. KEVIN PAUL 379 ILLY. DAVID WAYNE 246 IN, VICTOR CHIEN YUNQ 246 INOBLOM. BRUCE ALLEN 310 INDELL, JAY HOMER 246 .INOER. ALLYSON KELLY 360 INDNER. BLAKE FOSTER 246 INDOUIST. KEyiN RICHARD 341.3 INDSAY. MICHAEL LEROY 246 INOSTROM. MARK JOSEPH 341 INK. CHARLES JOSEPH JR. 360 .lOTTA. PETER HEARNS 246 .IPSCOMB. KENNETH ODEN 380 .ISI. STEPHEN SCOTT 246 ISTA. RAYMOND DANIEL JR 341 .ITTLE. DAVID WILSON 360 ITTLE. ROBERT CHARLES 246 ,. STEPHEN 379 UMPLINS. DEBORAH F lOHN LEONARD JR 311 UNDOUIST. DONNA SPOTSWOOO 342 UNDY. LEO CLAYTON 311 USK. KAREN LYNN 20.342 I. NICHOLAS BRADLEY 248 IS. WILLIAM JAMES III 342 MAAS. JANETTE MARIE 1 MACDONALD . PAUL THOMAS 342 MACOILVRA. JOHN EVAN 74.75.248 MACHADO, KENNETH RONALD JR, 3 MARTELLE. GUY LAVEHNE 250 MARTIN. CHAL ARNOLD 311 MARTIN. CORBY LEE 342 MARTIN. DANIEL PERRY 311 MARTIN. FREDDIE SCOTT 361 MARTIN. FREDERICK H, 361 MARTIN, GARY JOHN 250 MARTINELLI, MICHAEL ARTHUR 3 MARTINI. KIMBERLY ANN 67.342 MC CORMACK. JOHN BLAISE 312 MC COHMICK. THOMAS AUGUSTINE 3 MC COY. JIMMY DEAN 362 MC CRAW. GREGORY MARSHALL 251 MC CULLERS. LINDA KAY 362 MC CURDY. RONALD RUSSELL 342 MC CURDY. TIMOTHY MYLES 312 MC DANIEL. PAUL ANTHONY 342 MELIM. PETER BRIAN 312 MELTON. CHARLES ROBERT 3fl MENARD. TIMOTHY JOHN 363 MERRIAM. STEPHEN DONALD 97.312 362 4 NICHOLAS 341 OCKHART. STEPHEN JOSEPH OCKHART. TODD MACK 360 OCKIE. THOMAS HAY 20.310 OCKLEAR. KIRBY RAYE 247 OFGREN. STEVEN THOMAS 24 OFTUS. MICHAEL JOSEPH 341 ONCZAK. DAVID WALTER 311 ONQ. CYRIL STEVEN 311 ONG. JAMES THOMAS 380 ONG, LESLIE JAMES 311 OONEY, STEVEN JEFFRES 311 ,OPEZ, DERICK WATANABE 247 JOSE LUIS 360 ,0PE7, KEVIN WILLIAM 380 TIMOTHY JOHN 380 ,0REN2. MARK ALLAN 380 .ORENZEN. LEE JAY 360 .ORUSSO. ANTHONY EDWARD 380 .OVELACE. WILLIAM PATRICK 380 .OVELADY. CRAIG DEAN 247 iURY. SCOTT MARCUS 247 .OVINO. PHYLLIS ANN 341 LON DAVID 247 OWERY. STEPHEN MANN 311 .OWRY. JAMES ANDREW DAVID III 342 .OZA-NOBOA, RODRIGO P 380 MARIO ALBERTO TORREZ 380 .UCAS, JOHN ALVIN 342 UDKE, JERRY ALAN 247 UDWIG, LAWRENCE ANTHONY 380 UEDKE, BRET CHARLES 342 UERS, DANIEL JOSEPH 360 LUETJEN. DOUGLAS ALAN 342 UIKEN. MARC ANTHONY 380.405 UJAN. BRUCE EVERETT 311 UKASIK. MARK JOSEPH 311 MACK. OSCAR JR. 342 MACKEY. PHILIP JR 311 MACKLIN. DENNIS GLEN 360 MACKLIN, JOSEPH DAVID JR 311 MACCLELLAN. JOHN ANDREW 248 MAC PHERSON. BRUCE EARL 311 MADDEN. CAROLYN JOSEPH 380 MADDEN. WILLIAM JOHN 380 MADERA. PAUL SCOTT 248 MADSEN. DAVID ALAN 311 MADSON. GEORGE MARTIN III 73 MAGNUS. RONALD NORMAN 248 MAHAFFEY. BRUCE STEVEN 248 MAHAFFEY. DOROTHY MARY 80.114.342 MAHER. DAVID JAMES 248 MAHER. WILLIAM MICHAEL 311 MAHONEY. JOHN DERMOD 380 MAHONEY. ROBERT JOE 380 MAITLAND. JILL CATHRINE 380 MAJOR. WILLIAM SENECA III 248 MAJOROS. TRACEY ANNE 15,380 MALEARE. JAMES DAVID JR. 342 MALICK. SUSAN ANN 380 MALKOVICH. MICHAEL SAM 86.342 MALLERY. CARL JOHN 311 MALLORY. PATRICK ANTHONY 342 MALOOF. THOMAS GEORGE 380 MAMUZICH. KELVIN ANTHONY 311 MANCUSI. MICHAEL DAVID 248 ' . GREGORY ALAN 248 MANGOLD. MICHAEL EUGENE 248 MANLEY. JAMES EDWARD 249 MANNING. DAVID MICHAEL 311 MANNING. KELVIN MONROE 380 MANOS. KAREN LOUISE 380 MANSFIELD. MICHAEL RICHARD 380 MASEK. ROBERT PETER 342 MASIELLO. THOMAS JOSEPH 381 MASON. CHARLES DAVID II 381 MASON. JOHN ALBERT JR. 381 MASON. LINWOOD JR. 73.250 MASON. ROBERT WADE 250 MASONIS. JEROME FELIX II 311 MASSENGILL. CLIFFORD WADE 381 MATCHECK. DEAN FREDERIC 250 MATHEWS. BARTLEY JAMES 250 MATHEWS. STEPHEN ALLEN 311 MATHEWS. THOMAS PHILIP III 250 MATONAK. ANN MARIE 361 MATSEN. STEPHEN RALPH 311 MATSUMOTO. MICHAEL DEAN 381 MATTER. ALLEN ARTHUR 342 MATTERN. KENNETH GERARD 311 MATTHEW. STEPHEN MARK 342 MATTSON. MICHAEL ALAN 311 MATTUSKI. JOSEPH CHESTER JR. 250 MATTY. JERE JOSEPH 250 MAUER. ANTHONY MERLE 381 MAUPIN, GARY HOWARD 381 MAURER. CHRISTOPHER LYLE 381 MAUST. DENNIS RAY 311 MAWHINNEV, THOMAS II 381 MAXON, STUART BRIAN 311 MAXWELL, RICHARD MAURICE 311 MAY. ANTHONY FRANCIS 381 MAYES, GALVIN ERNEST 342 MC DONALD, MICHAEL JOHN 251 MC DONALD, MICHAEL JOSEPH 25 ' MC DONALD, ROBERT MICHAEL MC DUFF, BRUCE EDWARD 382 MC EACHERN, MICHAEL JOSEPH 382 MC ELWEE, MICHAEL JAMES 312 MC FADOIN, DAVID WADE 96,99,251 MC FADYEN, JAY DOUGLAS 343 MC FARLAND. RICHARD PAUL 343,420 MC OEEHAN, MARK CHARLES 251 MC GINLEY, JAMES FRANCIS 251 MC GINTY, PAMELA SHANNON 362 MC GOVERN. MICHAEL ANTHONY 382 MC GOVERN. THOMAS LEO III 312 MC QRATH. DANIEL TIMOTHY 312 MC GRAW. DANNY LEE 312 MC QREAL. ROBERT MICHAEL 312 MC QUIRE. KURT MATHEW 343 MC INTEE. JAMES WILLIAM JR. 312 MC INTIRE. EDWARD JOHN 312 MC INTYRE. CURTIS ROSS 382 MC JUNKIN. BRUCE MILES 362 MC KAY. DAVID BRIAN 312 MERZ. RALPH OTTO 363 MESECK. KIRK EDWARD 343 MESNAHD. DANIEL JOSEPH 25 MESSER. JOHN O NIEL 96.343 MESSING. PAUL TERRY 363 METZOLD. THOMAS MURRAY : MEYER. CARL EDWARD 253 MEYEr! MARTY GENE 343 MEYER. THERESA ANN 343 MICALIZZI. JOHN 312 MIDOLETON. CARLTON FERRELL 34. MIDDLETON. RICK LINN 253 MIELKE. JEFFREY ALLEN 95.344 MIKA. WAYNE STEPHEN 254 MIKL. JANE ALENA 111.363 MIKNEUS. DONALD FRANK 363 MIKULA. DANIEL JOSEPH 312 MILLARES. MICHAEL RICHARD 344 MILLER. ANDREW JAMES 363 MILLER. BARRY JOSEPH 254 MILLER. BRUCE ALEXANDER 363 MILLER. CHARLES FREDERICK 344 MANZER. BRYAN ) MARESCA. KEITH PATRICK 75.342 MARIACA-FELLMAN. LUIS 77.311 MARIANO. NANCY REBECCA 20.342 MARLIN, ROBERT THOMAS 249 MAROUARDT. JOE HENRY 3 MAYNARD. JOEL RAY 312 MAYS. WILLIAM BERNARD 312 MC ADAMS. ROBERT CHARLES 250 MC ADOO. SUSAN ELLEN 342 MC ANULTY. PAUL 361 MC BRIDE. GEORGE EDWARD III 312 MC BRIDE. PHILIP HENRY 250 MC CABE. THOMAS MATTHEW 312 MC CAFFERTY. THOMAS PATRICK 312 MC CARTHY. THOMAS ALAN 312 MC CARTNEY. DAVID ROBERT 312 MC CASLAND, WILLIAM NEIL 312 MC CAUSLAND. CHARLES WARREN 312 MC CHESNEY. DONALD JAMES 312 MC CHESNEY. JEFFREY ALAN 95.312 MC CLAIN. TIMOTHY JOHN 361 MC CLELLEN. GERALD DAVID 250 MC CLINTOCK. DENNIS LEE 381 MC CLURE. ROBERT MICHAEL 381 MC CLURE. WILLIAM BERTON 98.381 MC COLLUM, MACK KEITH 73.251 MC CONVILLE. JOSEPH FREDRICK 361 MC CORD. MARK ANDREW 381 MC CORKLE. CHARLES SCHUYLER 82.312 MC CORMACK. DONALD LEE 342 MC KINNEY. EARL HARRY JR. 343 MC KINNEY. JAMES HOLLAND JR. 382 MC KINNON. CRAIG JOSEPH 343 MC KINNON. FRANK BRUCE 312 MC KNIGHT. DARREN SCOTT 382 MC KOY. JOHN CHARLES 343 MC LAUGHLIN. JOHN SCOT 106.312 MC LEAN. TIMOTHY RICHARD 312 MC LEISH. ROSEMARIE THERESE 343 MC LENDON. JOHN WILLIAM 362 MC LERAN. DAVID PATRICK 252 MC LOUGHLIN. MICHAEL GERARD 343 MC LUCAS. DANIEL STEPHEN 252 MC MAHON. ANDREW THOMAS 252 MC MAHOn! ROBERT HOWARD 252 MILLER. DAVID ALAN 383 MILLER. DAVID ROBERT 254 MILLER. DENNIS JAMES 254 MILLER. GREGORY RALPH 2 MILLER. JOHN ORA 344 MILLER. JOSEPH ANTHONY 383 MILLER. KENNETH JOSEPH 254 MILLER. LYLE MELFORD JR 383 MILLER. MARK DAVID 312 MILLER. NANCY ELIZABETH 383 MILLER. PAUL JEFFREY 312 MILLER. PHILIP HAINON 383 MILLER. RAYMOND ANDREW JR. 3 MILLER. SCOTT GREGORY 254 MILLER. STEVEN MICHEAL 108,363 MILLER. WESLEY ALAN 312 MILLER. WILLIAM STEPHEN 344 MILLICAN. MARC JOSEPH 313 MILLIGAN. CHARLES EDWARD 344 MILLIKEN. CHARLES S 254 mills! MICHAEL WAYNE 89.344 MC MURRAY. CARRELL I MC NEILL. RODNEY JAMES 312 MC NERNEY. MICHAEL WILLIAM 362 MC PARTLAN. GERARD PATRICK 362 MC PHERSON. MICHAEL ROY 362 MC SWAIN, DAVID WALTER 382 MC VINNEY, PAUL DONOVAN 252 MEACHAM, MARK JACKSON 343 MEAGHER, PATRICK MICHAEL 73,343 MEDELL, ROBERT JOSEPH 382 MEEHAN, DAVID JAMES JR. 108,252 MEQOWAN. CHARLES ANTHONY 343 ENRY 252 ■ SCOTT 25 MEISNER. DANIEL JAMES 383 MEISELWITZ. • MILOSCIA. MARK ANTHONY 344 MILOT. WILLIAM PAUL 313 MINEAR. GREGORY WILLIAM 344 MINER. TIMOTHY HAROLD 254 MINISH. TIMOTHY ROGERS 105.383 missar. keith gregory 383 mitchell. gene thomas jr 344 mitchell. mark aaron 344 Mitchell! terry brent 363 mitchell. verner de vone 313 MITTENZWEI. RONALD TIMOTHY 255 MIYAMOTO. JIMMY 313 MOBLEY. DONALD KENNETH 363 i»i»k™«2 ' " I01I»»««» " WW " " " ,(inM ie«.Vi ■Niwwa lUt »►• •» IU1B.B«»«« »m.t0itm- ■HBOtlMU W MD)i MODENa! victor GEORGE II 383 MOELLER. MICHAEL HAV 3M MOES. STEVEN JOHN 95,383 MOHAR. ROBERT KEVIN 313 MONAHAN, JACK EDWARD 255 MONARSKI, PAUL JOSEPH 383 MONTANV. PAUL FRANCIS 344 MONTEITH. KEITH GEORGE 255 MONTGOMERY, PAUL JOHN 87.383 MONTGOMERY. WARREN ABBOTT 344 MONTIJC, GREGG 383 MOODY. LARRY ALLEN 344 MOONEY, JOHN ELTON JR 383 MtJia MOORE, t, MOORE. CLYDE D 2ND 73.344 MOORE. HARRELL MAC II 313 MOORE. JEFFREY ALAN 313 MOORE, JOHN THOMAS 255 MOORE. LEO MICHAEL 3R0 344 MOORE, STEVEN EARNEST 344 MORALES. DIONISIO 82.;- MOHGAN. GEORGE ROSE MORGAN, JACK EUGENE JR. 256 MORGAN. JOHN BENJAMIN 383 MORGAN. JOHN JAY 313 MORGAN. KEVIN JAMES 313 MORGAN. MARK EDWARD 102.313 MORGAN. PHILIP DEAN 3S3 MORGAN WILLIAM ANDERSON 383 MORIARTY. KATHLEEN PATRICIA 345 MORISI. MARK JOSEPH 383 MOHLOCK. KEITH MARTIN 256 MOROZE. MICHAEL LAWRENCE 313 MORRIS. DOUGLAS OWANE 256 MORRIS. GUY RICHARD 256 MORRIS, THOMAS JOSEPH 73.313 TIMOTHY MICHAEL 345 MORIE, DAVID ROBER, -„ MORTON LAWRENCE BRUCE 96.97.256 MORTON. THOMAS FREDERICK 256 MOTZ, JOSEPH 345 MOULTON. HAROLD WILLIAM II MOULTON, JOHN RANDOLPH II MOYE. AUTHUR LEE JR 256 MUDD, JOSEPH FRANCIS JR 257 MUEHLBAUER, EDWARD RICHARD II 383 MUELLER. STEPHEN PAUL 313 MUET2EL. BENJAMIN WOOD 345 MUETZEL, JEANNE EVERETT 383 MUHLENBERG, MARK CLINTON KRESS 31 MUHS STEVEN CHARLES 383 MULAC. GREGORY 384 MULHERN, MATHEW DONALD 106.345 MULHOLLAND. ROBERT LOUIS JR. 384 MULLADY, MICHAEL 81.313 MULUARD. FRED EDWARD 364 MULLEN. DAVID CRAIG 257 MULLEH. ERNEST SHIN20 345 MULLIGAN, GEOFFREY CRAIG 313 MURPHY. WILLIAM KIM 313 MURRAY. CRAIG FRANCIS 345 MURRAY, MARK THOMAS 345 MUHRY, CURTIS P 313 MURTAfll. JOHN 257 MUSCATELL. JAMES JOHN JR 314 MUTRIE. MICHAEL GERARD MUTTILAINEN. MARK ANTHONY 257 MYERS. ALLEN GARVER 256 MYERS. DONALD NORMAN 97.345 MYERS. GARY JAMES 75.345 MYHAND. MARK DAVID 384 NACHTWEY, STEVEN V MUNDELEIN, TEDDY OTTO JR MUNIE, KIM RONALD 257 MURAKAMI. MICHAEL GIBSON 3i: MUflFF. BRIAN SCOTT 384 MURPHY. ANDREW RALPH 384 MURPHY, ARTHUR JOHN JR. 384 NAGY. STEPHEN 257.384 NAKASONE. RAY ISAMU 345 NAPOLITANO. WILLIAM MICHAEL JR- 364 NEEDHAM, THEODORE EARLE III 314 NEEDS. RICHARD CHARLES 73.314 NEICE, MARK WILLIAM 314 NELSEN, DONALD ANDREW 314 NELSON. ERIC GEORGE 345 NELSON. JAMES LATHAM 314 NELSON RANDY EDWARD 345 NELSON. ROBERT EMMETT 384 NELSON. ROY HELDING 384 NELSON. SAMUEL ARTHUR 345 NELSON. SIGSBEE JOHN BERNARD 257 NELSON. STEVE JESSOR 257 NELSON. WILLIAM EDMUND 384 NEMETH. GREGORY STEPHEN 314 NESSEL. DAVID WALTER 345 NETTLES, DAVID WAYNE 345 NEUBAUER, JAY CHRISTOPHER 345 NEUBAUEH, JOHN AUGUST II 258 NEUBAUER, KURT FRANZ 384 NEUENSWANDER, DAVID MATTHEW 345 NEUMANN. JOSEPH MARTIN 314 NEUMANN, KEVIN JEWELL 364 NEVES. EDWARD ERNEST 345 NEVIN. MICHAEL BARRIE 8e,8».25« NEVIUS. WILLIAM 256 NEWBERRY, NANCY JEAN 345 NEWBOLO, STEPHEN EARL 314 NEWLIN, DOUGLAS MILES 314 NEWMAN. LAURENCE BHASELMAN 314 NEWMAN, RICHARD LAWRENCE 314 NEWSOM, RONALD RUSS 256 NEWTON. RICHARD YATES III 258 NICHOLAS. HENRY THOMPSON III 384 NICHOLS. DAVID CHARLES 61.384 NICHOLS. GARY WARREN 314 NICHOLS. JOHN FREDERICK 314 NICHOLS. KEITH REX 364 NICHOLS. WILLIAM KENT 384 NICHOLS. WILLIAM LEWIS 258 NICHOLSON, RICHARD LOWELL II 345 NIELSEN, BYRON ERIC 345 NIELSEN, MICHAEL JAMES 345 NIELSEN, RENEE ESTELLE 336 NIEZEN. ALEJANDRO JORGE NIEZGODA. JEFFREY ALAN 364 NILES. JAMES ALFRED 384 NIXON, PENNY ROSS 256 NOAH. DONALD LEE 364 259 . LARRY WAYNE 3 NORD. ROBERT ARNOLD 314 NORHIS, DAVID CARL 256 NOBRIS. MICHAEL ANTHONY 314 NORRIS. MICHAEL PETER 259 NORTHCUTT. DENNIS LEONARD 364 NORTHRIP. MICHAEL WELOON 384 NORTON. BRADLEY GENE 314 NORWOOD. JONATHAN SCOTT 336 NOTESTEIN. JOHN ANDREW II 314 NOVAK. KAREN ELIZABETH 336 NOWAK. CHESTER THOMAS JR 384 NOWAK MICHAEL JAMES 314 NUCCIO. JEFFREY WILLIAM 384 NUCKOLLS, NORMAN LEE II 259 NUQEN, WILLIAM ARNOLD JR. 336 NULK. VINCENT ALOIS JR 66.336 NURNBERGER. JOYCE MARIE 384 NUTTER. ARTHUR MICHAEL 364 NYPAVER, JOSEPH MICHAEL 384 o OBEHBILLIG, KELLY LON 384 OBERNDORFEH, JOHN CLIFTC OBERRY, BRIAN CARL 364 OCHENKOSKI, GARY PAUL 364 OCONNELL, ERIC MICHAEL 364 OCONNELL. PETER FRANCIS IV 314 OCONNOR. BRIAN MICHAEL 337 OCONNOR. MAUREEN ROSE 20.384 OCONNOR. PATRICK JOHN OCVIRK. THOMAS FREDERICK 336 ODEGARO. KEITH JEROME 336 ODERNHEIMER. GEORGE MICHAEL 364 ODONNELL. JOHN CHARLES 314 OGRINZ. RUSSELL ANDREW 259 OHAIR. KAREN ANN 1 13.336 OHAIR. MARK ALLEN 364 OHLER. STEWART EARL 384 OLAVARRIA, JOHNNY 384 OLIVER. ANTHONY ALLEN 336 OLIVER. SYDNOR SCOTT 385 OLMO VERONIQUE MARIE COLORES 385 OLMSTEAO. BRUCE ROBERT 259 OLSEN. KARL RICHARD 77,259 OLSON, KAREN DENISE 336 OLWELL TIMOTHY PATRICK 338 OMAHEN. JOHN CLAYTON 314 ONALE, EUGENE KEVIN 365 ONEIL JAMES WILLIAM JR. 315 ONEIL. JOHN PATRICK 315 ONEIL THOMAS GREGORY 365 ONEILL. ROBERT ANTHONY 95.336 OPATOWSKY. MICHAEL JEFFREY 336 OPP. DANIEL EDWARD 385 ORBAN. KENNETH DANIEL 315 ORIAN. RYAN ALEXANDER 366 ORIGEL. FREDERICK PAUL 336 ORN MARY KATHERINE 111.385 OHNELAZ. ROBERT 336 ORR. JOHN ANDREW 336 ORTEGA. LORENZO III 260,346 ORTIZ. DAVID 315 OSLER. I " " OTHLINE. STEPHEN WILLIAM 3 OTOMO MICHAEL 88.69.315 OTOOLE. LAWRENCE JAMES J OTSUKA, KEITH TERUO 20.346 OTT, FRANK LAMAR II 346 OTT. JOSEPH MICHAEL 385 OWENS .WAYNE 260 JOEL RICHARD 385 JOHN WILLIAM 346 PACE. JAMES PATRICK 385 PACZOLT. TERENCE MICHAEL 34( PADDOCK. PATRICK BENJAMIN II PAOEWAY. OSCAR JOHN 385 PADGETT. MACK EUGENE 346 PADGETT. MICHAEL GERARD 260 PAGE, BRIAN COLEMAN 315 PAINTER, CANDY MARIA 69,114,31 PALANDECH, DONALD MICHAEL : PAMPUSH. MICHAEL THOMAS 346 PANGMAN. DALE IRVIN 260 PAOLUCCI, VINCENT RONALD III 346 PAPKA. ROBERT JAMES 260 PAPP. SCOTT ROBERT 346 PAPPALARDO. PAOLO 315 PAQUETTE. RUSSELL ERIC 365 PARADOWSKI. ANTHONY MICHAEL 31 PARANKA. MICHAEL STEPHEN 365 PARDO. JOHN ROBERT JR. 66.87.315 PARDUN. LINDSEY SCOTT 315 PARK, DENNIS PETE 260 PARKER, CAROLYN BEHNITA 385 PARKER. GREGORY ANDREW 346 PARKER. JAMES EDWARD 365 PARKER, JOHN WARREN 260 PARKER. MICHAEL THOMAS 365 PARKER, RICHARD LEE 346 PARKS, RAYMOND CHARLES 2 PARNELL. TERRY SHANNON 96.385 PARROTT. JOHN EDWARD 260 PARSONS. JAMES DANIEL 260 PARSONS. ROBERT ARTHUR III 315 PARSONS. ROGER DALE 315 PASER CHRISTINE ELIZABETH 365 PASKO. PETER DAVID 315 PASTERAK. GEORGE RICHARD 315 PATE. WALTER RANDOLPH JR. 93.31! PATERSON. JOHN FRUIN 281 PATON. DOUGLAS EDWARD 261 PATRICK, LEONARD ALEXANDER 101 PATRIDGE, PAUL IRVING 261 PATRIE, CHRISTOPHER EDWARD 386 PATSY, JOHN CHRISTOPHER 346 PATTON. DAVID HOWARD 347 PAUZA, TIMOTHY A 1, timothy james 347 pearman, dennis 386 pearson. edward omer 315 Pearson! ricaroo 315 PECOR. BRUCE RYAN 315 PEOERZANI. KEITH JAMES 366 PEOEY. BRUCE RAYMOND 3»« PEQORARO. ALAN DAVID 386 PELICAN. RICHARD PAUL 386 PELL. ERIC MILO 347 PELLETT, GERALD WAYNE 262 PENA. ARTHUR J 262 PENNEKAMP. JAMES LEE 262 PENNEY, RALPH STANLEY JR 262 PEPIN, WAYNE CLIFFORD 315 PEPLAU, MICHAEL ADEN 347 PEPLINSKI, MICHAEL LAWRENCE 315 PEPPER. DAVID HUGHES 262 PERDUE, VINSON KYLE 315 PEHEHODUK, MARK KINGSLEY 347 PEREZ-VERGARA. ALBERTO LUIS 386 PEREZ. CHARLES 347 PEREZ. KENNETH LEROY PEREZ. LUIS ANTONIO JR 347 PERIMAN. DAVID ALAN 366 PERKINS. MARK CARL 386 PERRENOD. CLIFFORD CHARLES 386 PERRY. PHILLIP LEON 386 PERRY. RONNIE WILSON 105.315 PERUSSE. MARK ROBERT 347 PETAK. MICKEY DEAN 347 PETERS. DAVID FREDERICK 386 PETERS, DAVID MERRITT JR. 315 PETERS RICHARD DANI EL 315 PETERSEN, PETER CHRISTOPHER 366 PETERSON, ELLEN MARIE 386 PETERSON GREGORY JOHN 262 PETERSON. JANET ELLEN 111.113.366 PETERSON. JOHN CARL JR, 262 PETERSON. JOHN CUMMINGS 347 PETERSON. MARK ALEXANDER 386 PETERSON. MARK DOWNING PETERSON. RANDALL CARL 386 PETERSON. WILLIAM EARL 347 PETERSON. WILLIAM EDWARD 347 PETH, DAVID KIRK 262 PETREK, CUHTISS ROBERT 347 PETHELLA. EDWARD FRANK 262 PETRUCCI. JOHN MICHAEL 347 RETRY, SCOTT RALPH 386 PETTERSON, HERMES JUAN JR 315 PETTIT MARTIN ROBERT 347 PETTITT, JEFFREY ROLAND 315 PFAFF. ALAN EUGENE 386 DENNIS MICHAEL 347 PHELPS, MICHAEL JOSEPH 263 PHENE, CLAUDE J PHILLIPS, CHARLES EDWARD 367 PHILLIPS. CLIFFORD DOUGLAS 387 PHILLIPS. DAVID WENDELL 263 PHILLIPS EDWARD JOHN 81.387 PHILLIPS. GEOFFREY SCOTT 3 PHILLIPS HORACE DANIEL 263 PHILLIPS. MARCUS FRANKLIN 367 PHILLIPS, PATRICK WILLIAM 315 PHILLIPS, RICHARD ANTHONY 315 PHILLIPS, SHAWNA 347 PHIPPS, JOSEPH WILLIAM JR. 263 PICCOLI RICHARD CHARLES PICKETT. GARY DAVID 315 PICKING. MARK ROBERT 101.347 PICKITT. JOHN OSELAND 315 PIERCE, GEORGE JERALD 315 PtERSON, WAYNE JOSEPH 2M PUMA, RAYMOND FRANK 367 PIMENTEL, MARK NORMAN 315 PINEDA, ROGER BERNARD ODWYEH 367 PIRIBEK, JOHN MARTIN 315 PITOU MICHAEL CAMERON 263 PLAEHN, TIMOTHY ALAN 316 PLAISTED. GLEN JEFFREY 66.69.387 PLANCHON. JOHN CARL 367 PLANK. RUSSELL DAVID 367 PLAVNEY. DANIEL 264 PLAYER JAMES INGRAM 316 PLEWNIAK WAYNE CLARKE 367 PLOEDERER. MARK RICHARD 387 PLOSA. BEVERLY ANNE 347 POINTER. RONALD LYNN 73.69.316 POLSKI. JAMES ROBERT 264 POLUMBO. HARRY DENNIS JR. 387 POMPILI. MICHELE MARIE 89.114.346 PONCE. DEREK EVERHARD 346 POOL. JAMES HIRAM 316 POOLE. MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER 367 POOLE. TIMOTHY AARON 387 POORMAN. DOUGLAS ALEXANDER 103,264 PORAD, KENNETH DALE 61.348 P0RRA220, EDWARD MICHAEL 346 PORTER BRIAN JEFFREY HAROLD 367 PORTER. KIRK RICHARD 264 PORTER, ROBERT WAOE 348 POSNEH. JOHN DWIGHT 346 POST TED WILLIAM 387 POSTULKA. GREGORY MICHAEL 106.264 POTKULSKI. DANIEL 367 POWELL. JAMES EDMUND 346 POWER. JOHN W 348 POWERS. FRED TAYLOR JR 64,346 POWERS. JACK DANIEL 387 POZUELO-CASTRO. MAURICIO 367 POZYCKI. MARK BYAM 264 PRAHST. DAVID MICHAEL 348 PRATER. KENNETH COLETON 387 PRATER. MARCUS CARLTON 348 PRAY. JOHN IRVING JR 346 PRESSLER. PHILIP DEE 387 PRETESKA. STEPHEN JR- 348 PREUSSER, TERRY LEE 264 PRICE CRAIG JEROME 348 PRICE. JEFFREY ALAN 316 PRICE JOHN CARL 93.387 PRICE. LARRY ROBERT 387 PRILESZKY, STEVEN SANDOH 348 PRIOR. JOHN WILLIAM II 316 PRODANOVICH. TOMlSLAV MICHAEL 26- PROFFITT DEAN ALGENE III 264 PROFILET. CHARLES WILLIAM JR 387 PHOKOPOWICZ, DENNIS CHARLES 387 PROSSEDA. PHILLIP DREW 3«6 PRUITT. JULIA ELIZABETH 387 PRUSAK. KENNETH ALAN 264 PRUSZ MICHAEL JOHN 348 PRYOR. LOREN GUS 346 PUf FENBARGEH. JOHN EDWAflO 76, 77,78.264 PUHEK. JAMES 265.418 PULS, STEVEN JAMES 265 PUflCELL. CARLTON EUGENE JR. 265 PUTMAN. JAMES LAWRENCE 348 PUYEAfi. JERRY REX 348 PYZOROWSKI. JOHN EDWARD 265 Q QUASNEY. THOMAS JOSEPH 316 QUENSENBERRY, DONOVAN WATTS II QUIAOIT. JAMES GLENN 387 QUIGLEY, PATRICK CLOVER 265 OUIMBY, CURTIS RALPH 265 OUINN. DAVID JAMES 266.348 OUINN. MARK THOMAS 387 OUINN, MICHAEL JOSEPH RAABE. LEONHARD 387 RAABERG. DOUGLAS LEO 266 RA80IN, JOHN SCOTT 387 RACHOCKI, KENNETH DALE 266 RADER, DAVID JAY 266 RADIGAN. MICHAEL ALAN 387 RADOSEVICH. KENNETH PATRICK 348 RAPFERTY. VINCENT JOSEPH JR. 387 RAINES. PAUL SIMMONS 367 RAINEY. STEVEN MICHAEL 348 RAKEL. STEVEN LEROY 316 RALPH. DONALD CLYDE 349 RAMACCIOTTI. JAMES EVO 73.349 RAM1RE2, JUANITO ESTEBAN 316 RAMOS. JAMES JOSEPH 266 RAMOS. JOSE ANGEL JR 349 RAMSEY. RICHARD MICHAEL 349 RAND. ROBIN 316.406.414 RANDALL. ALLAN EARL 266 RANDOLPH, DANIEL LEE 349 RANK, KEVIN ALAN 266 HAPP, CHARLES WILLIAM 387 RASMUSSEN, CRAIG ALAN 387 RASMUSSEN, STEVEN KURT 316 RASPBERRY, JAME S DENNARD 266 RATCLIFFE.HOWARD CLARK 100.101,34 RATCLIFFE, RYAN COOPER 101,387 REED. DALE NIXON JR 73.316 REED. JAMES EDWARD 388 REED. RANDALL CHARLES 266 REES, DANIEL GEORGE 349 REEVES, RICHARD ROLAND JR. REEVES, ROBERT LEE 349 REGAN, JAMES CHRISTOPHER li REGEN, LISA MARIE 388 REHEISER, JOSEPH MARVIN 267 HEHRL, JAMES GREGORY 388 REHWALOT, ROBERT JOHN II 26 REICHL, KARL OTTO JR 316 rhodes, david mitchell 316 rhodes. michael lee 316 ribay, roberto 268 rice. oawrence wayne 268 rice, edward augustus. jr. 25.45.2i rice. james horne jr 349 richard. jeffrey edward 349 richard. michael roy 349 Richards! mark anthony 26« richards. robert reuben 349 richardson. anthony 268 richardson. ernest ikuo 108.366 richardson, guy edward 349 richardson, mark howard iii 266 richardson. william scott 268 richman, craig robert 349 richter. gary scott 388 riddle, george mack jr 388 ridley, william paul 388 riggins. archie stephen iii 77,268 rigney. paul wayne 388 riley. wendell lernard 349 ringo. charles arch 349 ristaino, john louis 388 ristine, william norman 316 ritchey, leonard michael 268 ritchie, thomas edwin 349 roach. bruce donald 316 robb, douglas john 316 robbins, thomas james 388 roberge, robert albert 316 roberts, byron timothy 388 roberts, david joseph 368 ROSS, MICHAEL OONNELL 350 ROSS. MICHAEL PATRICK 389 ROSS. PATRICK SAMUEL 389 ROUSE, JERRY DON 389 ROUSH. TED ALLEN 270 ROWE. ROBERT ADDISON 317 ROWER. GARY 317 ROWLAND, CHARLES DOUGLAS 389 ROWLAND, JAMES EARL 270 ROY. DONALD LEO 270 ROY. ROBERT L. 317 SAMPLE. JOSEPH MICHAEL 350 SANCHEZ. HUM8ERT0 AVALA II 317 SANDERS. ROBERT SCOTT 69.389 SANDERS, ROBIN LYNN 317 SANDERS. THOMAS RK HARD JR, 350 SANDLIN, DAVID WARD JR, 271 SANDOVAL. LAWRENCE JOSEPH 317 SANDS. RAYMOND GREENE 105.317 SANFORD, JOSEPH THOMAS 350 SANTEE. JAY GEOFFREY 389 SANTIAGO, PETER JR, 350 SCHMIDT. ROeERT SEORQE 390 SCHMIDt! TIMOTHY JAMES 318 SAPPER. DAVID ANTHONY 317 SARGEANT, STEPHEN THOMAS 271 SARGENT. FREDERKK ELLIOTT 350 SARNACKI, BARRY JAMES 271 SARTOR. GREGORY PAUL 271 SAUNDERS, DAVID PATRICK 380 85.272 SCHNEIDER. CHARLES JOHN 390 SCHNEIDER. CHRISTOPHER LOUIS 300 SCHNEIDER. JAMES MICHAEL 350 SCHNEIDER. ROBERT STANELY II 318 SCHNOE3, PAUL RUSSELL 300 SCHOCH. DENNIS LEE 316 SCHOENEMAN, JAMES STEPHEN 3S0 RUDOLPH. JOHN ► RUEB. JUSTIN DUANE 317 RUEHL. STEVEN ANDREW 389 RUFF. CHRISTOPHER DONALD : ROBERTS, JEFFREY GLENN 388 ROBERTS, LESLIE ANN 388 ROBERTS, WILLIAM WESLEY ROBERTSON, JEFFERY ALAN 316 ROBICHAUX. LEONARD MARK 261 ROBIDOUX, ROBERT ALAN 31i ROBIN. MARK ANTHONY 316 , BRIAN EARNEST : REID. I I DOYLE 316 IN THOMAS 349 REtLLY, WILLIAM DANIEL III 316 REINHART, DANIEL LEE 77.349 REtNHEIMER, JOHN LEO 388 REISNER, RONALD KARL 386 REITER, ROBERT ERNST 388 REMBER, WILLIAM BRUCE 316 RENAUD, ROBERT VINCENT 38( RENIS, JOSEPH ANTHONY 316 RENNER. ROBERT LOUIS 73,34! REPASKY, DANIEL STEVEN 316 REUSCHE, BARRY SCOTT 267 REVILLE, ALBERT EDWARD JR REW, WILLIAM JOHN 316 REYES, ALAN CHARLES 267 REYNES. JOSEPH JR 267 REYNOLDS, SCOTT ALLEN 316 REYNOLDS THOMAS 388 ROBINSON, ROBERT LYNN 366 ROBINSON, THOMAS ELWOOD JR. 34 ROCHE, JOHN PHILLIP 388 ROCK, MICHAEL ARTHUR 349 RODGERS. DOUGLAS CHARLES 268 RODRIGUEZ, GERONIMO JR 349 RODRIGUEZ, JOSE DANIEL JR 388 RODRIGUEZ. KENNETH FRANCIS 349 RODRIGUEZ, MARK ARTHUR 268 RODRIGUEZ, PACIFICO LEE 349 RODRIGUEZ. RAYMOND ROBERT 366 RODSETH. JEFFREY ALLEN 316 ROEDER. GARY LEE 316 ROEMtSH. LORRAINE YVONNE 349 R0ET2EL. DAVID MURRAY 269 ROGERS. CLAUDE STAFFORD 316 ROGERS. CYNTHIA LOUISE 388 ROGERS, RICHARD LEONARD 366 ROGERS. SHELLEY SCOTT 269 ROGGE, GREGORY DOUGLAS 269 POKES. MICHAEL DAVID 316 ROLEY, ROSS EVAN 349 ROLING. MARK ALAN 368 ROLLER, MICHAEL STERLING 317 ROMAN. GREGORY ANTHONY 317 ROMO. LAWRENCE G 260 RONNESTAD, RICHARD ALAN 388 ROODHOUSE, STEPEN LEE ROONEV. TIMOTHY PATRICK 317 RUIZ. JOSE 350 RUKES. GARRET JAMES 369 RUMPH. CLAY FRANKLIN 389 RUNK. JAMES CARNALL 317 RUPP. ALEXANDER MKJHAEL 350 RUSSELL, AMY LYNN 389 RUSSELL. ANDREW PARKER 270 RUTH. CHARLES DELMA III 317 RUTHERFORD, ROBERT BENNIE 73.350 RYAN GEORGE WILLIAM JR. 350 RYDER. BILL KENNETH 65.317 s SAAVEORA, MARK KENNTH 389 SABALA. VANESSA ALKIIA 111.350 SABOL. MARSHALL KEYE 270 SADLOWSKI, DONALD QENE 350 SAETTEL, DONALD JOSEPH 317 SAFFOLO. DAVID LLOYD 317 SAQEH. FHEDEHK;K SCOTT 270 SAOUE. STEVEN ERIC 317 SAIKI. JENNIFER YEIKO 369 SAIVES. JAMIE LEE 350 SAJEVIC. ROBERT HCHAHO 95.194.350 SALADIN, MARK STEVEN 350 SALAZAH. ARNOLDO BENAVIOEZ 105.350 SALECK. STEPHEN RICHARD 65.350 SALINAS. JOSE JUAN 369 SALLEE. DOUGLAS KENT 350 SALMON, DOUGLAS BAHTLEY 270.412 SALTER. DOUGLAS ALAN 271 SALVADOR. JOHN ALEXANDER 317 SAVALA. THOMAS JOSEPH 316 SAVILLE. DANIEL GREY 350 SAWTELLE. STEVEN CRAIG 318 SAWYER, MARK WILLIAM 380 SAVmER. WILLIS ELMER JR. 318 SAXTER. ROBERT KARL 105.350 SAXON. FRANK IV 350 SAXTON. MICHAEL THOMAS 389 SAYERS. WILLIAM ANTHONY 389 SCALES. DANIEL KEITH 350 SCANLON. JOHN JOSEPH 389 I ROBERT 272 SCHAFEH. JOHN AUGUST 272 SCHAFER. ROBY LEE 350 . SCOTT HAROLD 389 SCHELLER. WAYNE ARTHUR 272 SCHEPPELE, FRED STEVEN 390 SCHERBINSKE, DONALD ALLEN 318 SCHEUERMANN, STEVEN PAUL 273.316 SCHILLINQER, ALBERT JOSEPH 350 SCHILSKY. LAWRENCE DAVID 300 SCHIL2. MICHAEL THOMAS 390 i. GREGORY F MANN, CRAIG HENRY 350 SCHLEY, ROBERT ERIC 360 SCHLICHTINO. JAMES AUGUST 272 SCHLOTTERBECK, GLEN RKXARO 272 TOMk 316 1272 SCHOTANUS. REEO DAVID 318 SCHOW. KENNETH CARTER JR. 272 SCHRAG, DOUGLAS LEE 272 SCHRECK. SCOTT JEFFREY 390 SCHROEDEr! SCOTT QREOORY 300 SCHULTZ. KEITH DEWAYNE 318 KERRY DEAN 318 SCHUMACHER, GLENN ROBERT 390 SCHUMACHER. STEVEN JOHN 273 SCHWARTZ. MKHAEL DAVID 300 SCHWARTZ. PHILIP HENRY 273 SCHWARTZ. RONALD CHESTER 273 SCOTT. CHARLES ERNEST HI 153 4 SCOTT. DAVID JOHN 274 SCOTT. DAVID PATRICK 73.301 SCOTT, f HOIMlMMi ROSADO. ORLANDO 349 I. RUSSELL CANON 73.317 1. GLENN DAVID 349 . DONALD LYNN 260 5NALD KEITH 17.270. ROSIER. ISAAC JR 368 ROSS. CHARLES EDWIN 270.416 ROSS. GORDON SCOTT 105,317 ROSS. JAMES ALAN 81.340 I. SAMUEL CLYDE JR 3ia si ' s:- ■■ua I ARD ALAN 274 SEARS. ALVIN DARHEL 73.3S1 SEAVER, CHRISTOPHER ALLEN 351 SEAV, RICHARD MURRAY JR. 351 SEEBER. CRAIG MYRLE 351 SEELEY. TIM RODNEY 351 SEOOERTY. BRIAN KEITH 351 SEQURA. MICHAEL FRANCIS 391 SEIBEL. MARK 351 SEIFERT. CRAIQ ANTHONY 27 SEILER. WAYNE JOSEPH 318 SEIT2. MATTHEW THOMAS 351 SEKAC. EDWARD ANTHONY 318 SELF. KIP LEE 274 SELINKA, THOMAS 274 SELLERS. ROBERT SELVA. PAUL JOSEPH 351 SEMENOK. WAYNE ALAN 318 SEMMEL. SCOTT ALAN 391 SENEGAL. PAUL ROBERT 391 SENECHEK. DAVID ROBERT 318 SENN. DEBRA JEANNE 351 SENN. WILLIAM THORNWELL III 274 SEN2. TANYA 113.351 SERPA. WAYNE PAUL 106.391 8EUFERT. JOHN RAYMOND 351 SEVERANCE. JOHN DEE TOLEDO 391 SEVERANCE. KEVIN MCIVER 391 SEVERANCE. ROBERT ADAM JR. 391 SEWELL. DONALD PATRICK 274 SEYBERT. ROY DAVID JR. 351 SEYMOUR. CINDY SUE 391 SHAGENA. DAVID BRIAN 274 SHAHABIAN. STEPHEN GEORGE 391 SHALZ. BERNARD LOUIS JR. 351 SHARKUS. ANNA KATHRYN 391 SHAHPE. GRADY WOODARO JR. 391 SHAVEL. DAVID ALAN 351 275 SHAW. WILLIAM MARTIN III 275 SHEAHAN. THOMAS WILLIAM 275 8HEEDY. JAMES FRANCIS 105.275 SHELL. ROGER DEAN 318 8HEMWELL. PAUL FLOYD 82.318 SHERROCK. LOUIS MICHAEL 391 SHERWOOD. CHRISTOPHER PAGE 391 SHIELDS. JOHN JEFFREY 318 SHIEMBOB. EDWARD HENRY 391 SHILAKIS. ROBERT ERIC 391 SHILLINQTON. THOMAS PATRICK 318 SHINN. THOMAS BRIAN RAYMOND 275 SHIRASAQO. DALE TERUO 351 SHIRCLIFF. THOMAS ARDEN JR. 391 SHIRLEY. GARY MICHAEL 276 SHIVNEN. JOHN JEFFREY 351 SHOCKEY. PETER ALDEN 276 SHOFNER. NATHAN ANDY 391 SHOOK. RICHARD ALLEN JR. 276 SHORES. THOMAS MARTIN 276 SHORT. GREGORY LEE 316 SILAS. MICHAEL OWEN 391 SILEN2I. SILVIO NICOLA 276 SILVA. JAMES TIMOTHY 351 SILVA. KENNETH JR. 391 SILVA. KEVIN JOSEPH 391 SILVESTRI. WILLIAM DAVID 276 SIMMONS. BARRY NEAL 391 SIMMONS. DANIEL ROBERT 276 SIMMONS. SCOTT PATRICK 391 SIMON. ALBERT JOSEPH 391 SIMONITSCH. PAMELA JOAN 351 SIMONITSCH. PATRICIA JANE 391 SIMONS. JAMES THEODORE JR. 276 SIMONS. STEPHEN WALTER 391 SIMPSON. STEPHEN LAWRENCE 95.391 SIMPSON. WENDELL PHILLIPS III 351 SIMS. JAMES RAY JR. 319 SINCAVAGE. RONALD PAUL 391 SINCERE. JOHN CARL 351 SINCLAIR, LORI ANN 391 SINGER. ROBERT DAVIS 77.391 SINGLETON. ROBERT RUSSELL 351 SINK. JERRY TAYLOR 20.276 SIROTE. JEROME DAVID JR. 352 SKARSTEDT. VANCE ROBERT 319 SKINNER. CARL MICHAEL 352 SKOLAUT. PAUL MICHAEL 276 SKORA. JAMES MICHAEL 391 SKOTNICKI. JAMES ROBERT 352 SKUBAL. GARY ALAN 98.319 SKULINA. KENNETH MARK 352 SLAVEC. LAURIE SUE 352 SLEE. DON HARRTSON 276 SLICK. STEVEN HAMILTON 276 SLKJAR. STEVEN BYRON 277 SLIGAR. WILLIAM GREGORY 277 SLIZESKI. ROBERT JOHN 277 SLOAN. NEAL CHRISTOPHER 277 SLOAN. SHAWN KEIL 277 SLOAN. THOMAS JAMES 352 SMALES. LEONARD CHARLES 392 SMART. JAMES WILLIAM 352 SMATHERS. PAUL EDWIN 392 SMELLIE. MICHAEL GERARD 95.352 SMETANA. SCOTT MICHAEL 319 SMETZER. JAMES HARLEN 392 SMILEY. CHARLES PRESTON 319 SMISKEY. DAVID ALLEN 392 SMITH. ARTHUR FRED 352 SMITH. BERNARD ROOSEVELT 392 SMITH. BRIAN CRAIG 392 H. SCOTT WILLIAM H. STEPHEN EDWAI H. STEPHEN H, STEPHEN H. WAYNE FRANCIS 392 H. WILLIAM JAMES JR 352 ES MICHAEL 352 SMYTHE. ELIO MICHAEL 392 SNEED. DAVID WESTMORELAND 278 SNEEDER. WILLIAM HARRISON JR 392 SNELL. MARK JONATHAN 96 SNIVELY. SCOTT ROGERS 276 SNODGRASS. MICHAEL ANDREW 278 snow! WILLIAM REID 392 SNOy! PHILLIP JEFFREY 279 SNYDER. DARA CHRISTINE 352 SNYDER. DAVID MICHAEL 95.279 SNYDER. FRANCIS EDMUND 61.319 SNYDER JAY RUSSELL 86.319 SNYDER. JEFFREY GRANT 319 SNYDER. JOHN DAVID 279 SNYDER. MARY JOANNE 352 SNYDER STEVEN RICHARD 279 SOLDO. JOHN DENNIS 392 SOLLARS. MARK JOSEPH 319 SOMERVILLE. DONALD GREGORY 302 SONNENBERQ. DALE LYNN 392 SONSON. CHARLES VICTOR 279 SORRELLTHOMAS LEE 279 SOSA. STEVE AOOLFO 319 SOTO, SCOTT STEPHEN 350 SOWAROS. MARK ANTHONY 319 SPAIN. DAVID LEE 319 SPAIN. MICHAEL JOHN 280 SPARKS. JEFFREY SCOTT 98.392 SPEARS. FREDRICK SCOTT 319 SPEARS. GLENN FIELDING 280 . BEN SCUTT 392 STEFFEN. MICHAEL WILEY 319 STEIQERWALD. ROBERT ALLEN 105.392 STEINBECK. DAVID JON 353 STEINBERGER. TERRY ALAN 392 STEINFIELD. DAVID DOUGLAS 353 STEPHAN. DOUGLAS WARREN 353 STEPHAN. ROBERT B 319 STEPHENS. DONNY KENNETH JR 353 STEPHENS. GARY WAYNE 280 SMITH. CHARLES LEROY 392 SMITH. CHRISTOPHER DINNEEN 278 SMITH. DANIEL VINCENT 352 SMITH. DAVID BAILEY 319 SMITH. DAVID RANDOLPH 392 SMITH. DORIAN WESLEY 278 SMITH. FREDERICK DAVID 352 I 391 316 SHRO PSHIRE. DAVID MARION 361 SHUGG. CHARLES KILLGORE 351 SHULAR. KURT WILLIAM 318 SHUMATE. JAMES RAYMOND 318 SHUNK. LAWRENCE JAMES 318 SIEOEL. JERRY IRA 351 SIEGRIST, ROBERT CHRIS 318 SMITH. GERALD THOMAS 73.319 SMITH. GREGORY LEE 319 SMITH, JAMES DOUGLAS 319 SMITH. JAMES RAYMOND 352 SMITH. JOE ALLEN 392 SMITH. JOSEPH LYMAN 392 SMITH, KENRIC 392 SMITH, KEVIN JOSEPH 278 SMITH. KEVIN PETER 352 SMITH. LANCE DAVID 278 SMITH. MICHAEL BRUCE 352 SMITH. MICHAEL LEE 278 SMITH. NEVIN EARL JR. 278 SMITH. PAUL GREGORY 352 SPENCE. STEPHEN MERRELL 319 SPENCER. CLYDE VERNON JR 319 SPENCER. MICHAEL WILLIAM 89.392 SPENDLEY. FRANK DENNIS 280 SPEZIALE. SALVATORE 260 SPK;ER. THOMAS ROBERT 353 SPITZER. CHRISTOPHER JOHN 392 SPONABLE. JESS MITCHELL 280 SPRADLIN. RICHARD ROBERT 392 SPURIO. NAZZARENO HENRY JR. 319 STACK. TREVOR JAMES 280 STACKMAN. GEORGE WILLIAM III 353 STAHL, JAMES JAY 260 STAHL. RICHARD CARY 280 . MARC DAVID 319 TAMBAUGH. JEFFREY EARL 392 I. MARSHALL ALLYN 353 TANASKI, ANDREW JOHN 353 ANAWAY. BRIAN JAY 353 ANLEY TAMARA JANE 392 APLES. RCHAHD JOHN 319 APLETON. KENNETH THEODORE 392 AHCK. DONALD STEVE 353 ARK. CLARENCE BRUCE II 392 CLAIR. DANIEL JOSEPH 280 STEARNS. KERMIT LORD II 392 STEARNS. MARK ELLIS 319 STECH. DANIEL JOHN 392 STEOMAN, RANDALL STERLING 181,392 STEEL. ROBERT PATTERSON 64.280 STEELE. DANNY 319 lAEL JOSEPH 353 STERN. WILHELM ROSS 392 STERRETT. JOHN DAVID JR 280 STEUCK. LARRY DEAN 392 STEVENS. CECIL DOYLE JR 392 STEVENS. KURT BENEDICT 319 STEWARD. GERALD EDWARD JUNIOR 393 STEWART. ALFRED JAMES 393 STEWART. FREDDIE JR 393 STEWART. JAMES HISTASPIAS II 281 STEWART. JAMES ROBERTS 393 STEWART. MOSES JR 281 STEWART. RUSTON JOSEPH 319 STEWART. WILLIAM JOHN 393 STEWMAN. EUGENE DALE 82.353 STGELAIS. ERNEST CHARLES 281 STILES. CHARLES WAYNE 281 STIMPERT. SCOTT RICHARD 353 STITES. KIRK DEWAYNE 393 STITT. EUGENE WILLIAM 393 STOCKMAN. LOWELL JUSTIN 393 STOCKMAN. RONALD RAY 393 STOLTE. STEPHEN CRAIG 393 STONE. WILLIAM EUGENE JR 320 STONER. DAVID LEE 393 STORIE. GARY ALAN 281 STORMS. DOUGLAS RICHARD 320 STORY. JAMES RICHARD 320 STOUOH. JEFFREY ROY 281 STRABALA. JOEL SCOTT 353 STRAIGHT. THOMAS EDWARD JR 393 STRATFORD. DANIEL WILLIAM 320 STRAUSS, CRAIG CORTLAND 393 STREETER, XAVIER LEWIS 393 STREIFFERT, STEVEN CRAIG 353 STRICKLAND. ROBERT HENRY JR. 353 STRICKLIN, STEVEN LENN 320 STROM. RANDIE ALAN 281 STRONG. GORDON ROBERT 95.281 STRUM. CHARLES BRIAN 353 STUBBS. STEPHEN WOODROW 320 STUDEBAKER. DAVID ALAN 393 STULL. BERT WILLIAM NICHOLAS 320 STULTS. ALLEN HASTY 320 STURCH. JAMES PAUL 353 STURMTHAL. JEFFREY 353 SUHR. SCOTT 86.393 SWIDER. CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE 393 SWIFT. JOHN PHILIP 393 SWIGONSKI. MARK STEVEN 281 SWINFORD, BENJAMIN ALLEN 393 SWISHER. MARK COLMAN 353 SWONGER. DAVID JAMES 353 SYIEK. MICHAEL ALFRED 353 SYKES. JOHN PAUL 282 SZANTO. TERENCE RYAN 393 SZTUKA. JAN 98 SZULTA. JOHN ANTON III 320.394 AFFET. MK:HAEL WILLIAM 394 AIJERON, ANTHONY PATHKJK 3 RONALD MATTHEW 282 AKACS, EDWARD WILLIAM 394 SULLIVAN. PAUL E 393 SUMMERS. VICTOR BRANSON II SUSALLA. JOHN RAYMOND 61.3: SUSKI. LOUIS RICHARD 393 SUTTKUS. RANOLE WILLIAM 393 SVESKA, GREG ROBERT 75.320 SVESTKA, MARK JOSEPH 320 SVIBA. JOHN FRANCIS 281 SWAIN. ROBERT RAYMOND JR ; SWANKE. ' PATRICIA KAY 393 : ALAN 320 THOMAS ANTHONY 81 HIMA. EMI 20.113.353 ALARICO. PAUL HALE 353 ALBOT. THOMAS JOHN ALIAFERRO. WILLIAM CRAIG 282 ALMADGE. MICHAEL STEWART 394 ANOUYE. DLANE TAT3U0 394 APPER. MARK BURGESS 353 ARCZYASKI. GARY CHESTER 320 ARDIE. ROBERT DAVID 320 ARLETON. MICHAEL SEAN 353 ART. BRIAN LOUIS 353 ASSEFF. TODD WILLIAM 20.394 ASSET. JERRY JOSEPH 353 ATTERFIELD. TERRY ARTHUR 353 AYLOR. ABBOTT LAWRENCE JR, 320 AYLOR. DAVID MICHAEL 394 AYLOR. DAVID SHAWN 394 AYLOR. GLENN EUGENE 353 AYLOR. HAL SHAWN 394 AYLOR. LARRY GUY 353 AYLOR. RANDY DEE 89.353 ' AYLOR. TIMOTHY JAMES 282 AYLOR. WALTER WILLIAM JR, 320 TEAL. LAUREL SUE 111.394 EBRINK. KENNETH LEE 73.320 EIGLELER. THOMAS WILLIAM 320 EMPLE. DAVID JOHN 282 ENPAS. LOWELL JAY 66.320 .L. DAVID ANDRE 394 RICHARD LYLE 262 ESTON. GARY WAYNE 353 ETTELBACH. ROBERT JOHN 320 I. PAUL GEORGE 320 SWANSON. PHILIP ARTHUR 393 SWANSON. ROBERT VANCE 106.353 SWARTZ. CALVIN LEROY 320 THOMAE. CARL JOHN 262 THOMAS. BRUCE LINN 354 THOMAS. DAVID GERALD 70.73.320 THOMAS. JOHN DAVE 320 THOMAS. JOHN ROBERT 354 THOMAS. MICHAEL ALLAN 320 HOMASON. JAMES KNOX 320 HOMASSON. DAVID JOHN 320 HOMING. CHRISTOPHER SPRING BA HOMING. GREGORY MARTIN QEORC HOMPSON. EDWARD ALLEN 282 HOMPSON. ERIC MICHAEL 81.282 1 CHARLES 353 HOMPSON. JAMES LEE 394 HOMPSON. JEFFERY GARLAND 394 HOMPSON. MARK ALAN 282 HOMPSON. SCOTT OWEN 354 HOMPSON. STEPHEN JAMES 262 THOMPSON. WILLIAM DAVID 263 THORNHILL. PAULA GEORGIA 101.354 THORNTON. ROBERT GEDOES 283 THORPE. DION PATRICK 354 THURMAN. PAUL EDWARD 320 TICHANUK. FREDERICK WILLIAM 394 TIEHNEY. JOHN GREGORY II 320 lERNEY. THOMAS ANTHONY 320 IGHE. BRIAN CHARLES 354 ROBERT EUGENE 3«4 ILLEY. JAMES NOBLE III 394 JEROME ROBERT 394 . PATRICK DAVID JR. 320 TOBAT. DANIEL LOUIS 395 TOOAR, CHARLES FRANK 320 TODOROFF. KURT RICHARD 320 3MAS GREGORY 395 TOMKINSON, STANLEY JOE 320 TONEY, SCOTT ALAN 395 TONNESON, LARRY EUGENE 354 TOPP. ROBERT ROYAL 395 TORCHIA, LINDEN JOHN 73,284 TOROSIAN. ARTHUR JAMES 354 TORRES, ANTHONY 6 395 TORRES FRANCISCO ALBERTO 264 TORRES RAYMOND GEORGE 354 TOVANI. JONATHAN GLEN 354 TOVREA. GAYLEN LEON 264 GREGORY TODD 365 TOWE. RUSSELL LYNN 321 TOWNSEND. BRUCE CHARLES 354 TOY. DONNA JEAN 395 TRAOESEfl. I EDWARD 354 TRAPAOA. RALPH PAUL LOUIS 321 TRASTER. RICHARD KEITH 354 TRAVNICK. WILLIAM ROSS 73.321 TREADWAY. CHARLES GOODRICH 321 TREAOWAY. JAMES DOUGLAS 264 INE, ROBERT LAWRENCE 354 vlAN. RICHARD PATRICK 395 ,. JAMES ALAN 284 TRITLE. MAUREEN ANN 111.354 THOEMEL. BENJAMIN HENRY JR 13.28 TROGSTAD. DOUGLAS DALE 321 TRONSOR. JEFFREY DAVID 264 TROSTER. GLENN ERIC 395 THOTT. KELVIN JAMES 395 I TO THOTT Index 431 KEITH JAMES 321 WILLIAM LAWRENCE 3HD f nOYER. STEVEN EUGENE 354 RUE. ALEX EDWARD 395 RUEX. THEODORE LYNN 284 HUEX. THOMAS ALAN 354 HUJILLO. ALEXANDER 284 RUJILLO. LIONEL JOSEPH 395 RUJILLO. RICHARD RAY 354 RUMBLE. GUENTIN MILES 321 SCHIROI. DANIEL MARTIN 321 SERONIS. PETER STERQIOS 2B4 TUBBS. JAMES ONNIE 354 VARNER. JOE SCOTT 395 VASQUEZ. ROBERT ANTHONY 105.395 VAUOHAN. SHARON JOYCE 395 VAUGHN, ROBERT JAY 256 VA2QUE2, DONALD JOHN JR VEAL. MARLON DUWAYNE 395 VEAZEY, GREGORY RANDALL 395 URBEHVILLE. MARK STEPHEN 321 URLEY. JEFFREY MARTIN 354 URMAN. BEVERLY CAROL 97.354 ■UHNBAUQH, THOMAS IRVIN III 354 . EVA CHRISTINA 354 ■URNER, GARRY ALLEN 354 URNER. GREGORY THOMAS 395 1. GUY DANIEL 354 URNER. MICHAEL DUNN 354 1, RICHARD HAMILTON 354 TURNER. SCOTT » TWOHIG. THOMAS t UEHLIN. CLIFFORD PATRICK 395 UMBACH. WILLIAM JOSEPH 395 UMBERGER. WILLIAM MARTIN JR I UNANGST, EDWARD THOMAS JR : UNDHJEM, LANCE DAVID 101.255 . CYNTHIA MARGARETE 1 . DAVID MICHAEL 285 R. ROBERT ADRIAN JR 3! VELE2. MICHAEL ANGELO 395 _VeNDLINSKI. TERRY PAUL 321 VENTURE. DARRELL MILLER 395 VERA. NELSON THOMAS 321 VERGARO. PETER JEFFRY 286 VERSER. GREGG KINNARD 395 I. MICHAEL DALE 286 VICK. JUDE DAVID 355 VILLERS. JAMES JOSEPH 395 VILOT. MICHAEL JOSEPH 321 VINESKI. ROBERT DANIEL 95.365 VINSKEY. MICHAEL ANDREW 321 VISHOOT, EDWARD LOUIS VITKO. TODD ROLAND 395 VITULLO. JOHN BAPTISTA JR 32 VOGT. JAMES ALAN 395 VOGT. ROBERT PAUL 82.321 VOLK. DEVEN RAY 395 VOLLMER. RICHARD ROBERT 395 VONBUETTNER. KENNETH ERIC 3 VONKESSEL. KARL RUDOLPH 321 VORPAHL. RICHARD LEE VORWALO. FRANK GUENTER 286 VOTIPKA. DAVID MARK VRABEL. DAVID JOHN 321 VUKSANOVIC. ROBERT MICHAEL 355 WARD. MICHAEL LOY PAUL 354 WARD. SIDNEY ALBERT III 3«6 WARE. JACQUELINE OLIVIA 97.356 WARE. MICHAEL EDDIE 321 WARNER. CURT ELLIOTT 322 ;, CHARLES RKJHARO 86.3M WATERS. DAVID BROCK 287 WATERS. STEVEN CECIL 35« WATKINS. ALEX EUGENE 322 WATKINS. STEVEN DAVID 322 WATSON. MICHAEL DALE 322 WATSON. MICHAEL ROY 356 WATSON. YVONNE MICHELLE 39« WATT. DAVID DOUGLAS 396 WATT. HERBERT 267 WATTS. ROBERT MKIHAEL 287 WAUOH. BRYAN LAMAR 39« WAVERING, KENNETH ROBERT 322 WEART. STEVEN KEITH 82,322 WEATHERINGTON, DYKE DAVID 86.396 WEAVER. GLENN WAYNE 322 WEAVER. KENNETH LEE 322 WEAVER, PAUL JENNINGS 322 WEBB, MICHAEL ANTHONY 73.356 WEBB, PAUL HUGHES III 36« WEBB, STEVEN QARNETT 75,356 WEBER. RONALD RAY 366 WILCOCK, DEBORAH ANN 356 WILCOX, VINCENT STEWART 289 J»ILEY. HENRY ROSS 356 WILEY, JANET SUE 113.396 WILLEMIN. ROBERT LEON 3 w ) ANTONIO 395 WADDILL. THOMAS ALBERT JUNIOR 396 WAECHTER. BRIAN MICHAEL 355 . MANFRED WILHELM 286 URREGO-MARROOUIN. I USHER. STEVEN CLARK 285 USKAVITCH. DAVID ROBERT 355 UST CARL STEVEN 265 USTICK, JOHN CHRISTOPHER 395 UTLEY. KATHLEEN MARIAN UYEDA. CHARLES TSUNEO JR. 355 VACCARO. PETER MICHAEL 86.355 VAJSKOP. MARK CHARLES 355 VALOIVIA. MICHAEL A JR. 285 VALLADO. DAVID ANTHONY 355 VALLE. CHARLES NESTOR 285 VAILE. THOMAS 355 VALLEY. MICHAEL THOMAS 355 VALOVCIN, PAUL 285 VANCE. JAMES DONALD 321 VANCE. WILLIAM BRETT 45.285 VANDAGRIFF. TIMOTHY BLAKE 355 VANDAM, BLAINE ANTHONY 321 VANDERBURGH. DAVID FRANCIS 3«S I WEBSTER. JOSEPH GERALD 366 WEESE. DANIEL LEE 356 WEIDA. JOHNNY ARTHUR 268 WEIDENHEIMER, RANDALL SCOTT 356 WEIDER, LEE AYERS 356 JR. 108.396 WEIDMANN. JAMES MICHAEL 73.288 WEIDMANN, SCOTT JOSEPH 398 WEIGER. WILLIAM KURT 322 WEILAND. MICHAEL JAMES POTTER 7 WEISENBEHGER, LARRY JAMES 396 WEISHOFF, FREDERIC JACOB II 396 WEISMAN, JOSEPH STEVEN 322 WEISS, JONATHAN MARK 286 WELCH, WILLIAM EDWARD 322 WELLER. GEORGE PHILIP 288 WELLS. LAWRENCE LEE 268 I KEITH 356 : JOHN LOWELL 80.6 VANDERCOOK, DAVID ALAN 321 VANDERMEYS. MARGARET AGATHA VANDERPOOL. GARY CLEAVELAND J .. BURT CARL 105.321 WAINSCOTT. STUART BRENT 286 WALDO. JEFFREY RALPH 286 WALIZER. RAYMOND GEORGE JR. 396 WALKER. DANIEL ROBERT 355 WALKER. FRANK EVANS 321 WALKER. MICHAEL DOUGLAS 396 WALKER. PEGGY CHARLENE 355 WALKER. STEPHEN ORISCOLL 266 WALKER. WILEY JAY 398 WALLACE. ALBERT REID 355 WALLACE. EVERTON RICHARD 396 WALLACE. LARRY SCOTT 355 WALLACE. RICHARD LEE 286 WALLACE, RICK COLLIN 321 WALLENCER. TIMOTHY JOSEPH 396 WALLEY. RICHARD ALLEN 321 WALSH. GREGORY CHARLES 77,396 WALSH, GUY MICHAEL 321 WILLIAMS. DOUGLAS JAMES 396 WILLIAMS, JAMES MICHAEL 366 WILLIAMS, MICHAEL BRUCE 290 WILLIAMS, MICHAEL JOE 396 WILLIAMS, PAUL WAYNE 70.73,290 WILLIAMS, ROBERT WAYNE 396 WILLIAMS, RODNEY PAT JR. 396 WILLIAMS, RYAN KIM 73.356 I CRAIG 322 WILLNER. ISRAEL BENZION 356 WILLS. GUV JAMES III 322 WILSON. BRET TAYLOR 396 WILSON, ROBERT ALAN 3S« WILSON, ROBERT ALLEN 356 WILSON, ROBERT JAMES 357 WILT, RONALD ALBERT 367 WINANS, CRAIG DOUGLAS 396 WINGATE, JAMES ROBERT 367 WINGO, THOMAS LESTER 322 WININGER, DAVID ARTHUR 290 WINKLER, SARAH LYNN 397 WINKOPP. JOHN JAMES 3R0 290 WINN. BYRON LOWELL 357 WINSLOW, OARYL DEE 397 WINSLOW, MK:haEL PHILLIP 397 WINTER, ANDREW C II 290 WINTERS, DEACON LEON 73,106,357 WINTERS, JAMES BRIAN 322 VALE, QARY EUGENE 397 VAMROSE, DENNIS WAYNE JR. 397 VANIERO. WILUAM CLEMENT 32S VANNI. THOMAS OOUOLAS 29,66,322 VASAY, VINCENT BENNY JR 397 VATA, AVYN FUMK3 322 YATES, KENNETH WAYNE 357 YATES, ROBERT 397 YEAKEL GLENN SCOTT 292 YEARCK, PATRKIK ALLEN 292 YERKES. FRANK ALEXANDER JR. 292 YINGER, DANIEL SCOTT 357 YOCKEY. KEITH 357 YOHO. DONALD ROBERT JH 397 YOPE. SANDRA LEIGH 101.397 YOST. KIRK ALAN 357 YOST. SANDRA ANN 397 YOUNG, BRIAN PHILUP J97 WESTLUND, MICHAEL ROBERT 322 WETLESEN. DAVID CHRISTIAN 80.288 WHEBLE. PETER EDWIN 288 WHEELER. DEREK PETER 288 WHEELER. SCOTT LESLIE 356 WHEELER. STEVEN HOWARD 356 WHEELESS. STEVEN DEAN 82.322 WHEELOCK. ROBERT EDWARD JR. 289 WHELESS. JOSEPH FREEMAN III 396 ZAPATA. ROeERT 367 ZAPPATA. KARMAN 77 ZARATE. PETER JOHN » WHITE DANE LUVELL 35« WHITE GARY MAURICE 289 WHITE. JAMES APLIN III 322 WOHL. BARTON HOWARD 290 WOISH. MARK STANLEY 322 WOLF. LAWRENCE AARON 95.357 WOLFE. CHARLES WREN JR. 357 WOLFE. MICHAEL JOSEPH 86.397 WOLTEHS, TIMOTHY LEE 290 WOLUSKY. GEORGE ANTHONY 357 WOMACK. WILLIAM PHYLIPE 290 WONG. JOSEPH THOMAS 357 WONG. LENORA SUE 357 VANHOOMISSEN. MICHAEL FREDERIC 321 VANLAAN. MICHAEL JON 321 WALTON. DEAN 306 WAMBSGANSS. MICHAEL CHARLES 287 WANDISHIN. DAVID MICHAEL 35 WANNER. WALTER WAYNE JR. 106.396 WAPLES, SANDRA LAWTON 356 WHITENER, MARYON RAE 396 WHITING, HARRISON HAYES 3RD 32S WHITLOW. DOUGLAS ANDREW 289 WHITT. JOHN JOSEPH 153.289 WOOD, JOSEPH RABUN 397 WOODFORK, ISAAC KEITH 65,290 WOODLAND, PAUL STANLEY 367 WOODY, BILL ARNOLD 290 . CARL EUSTACE JR. 290 WORRALL. FRANK RANDAL 397 WORTHINOSTUN. DEAN DALE 357 " I saw you stack the deck. " Capt. William Monay Mindanao, Philippines, April, 1942 The 13,000 American troops who shll had a tenuous hold on Corregidor were badly in need of medical supplies. For months, a nerveless band of winged warriors called " The Bamboo Fleet " had provided shuttle service between Bataan, Corregidor and Mindanao. Capt. Bill Bradford, the most seasoned pilot of the lot, had logged more than 5,000 hours over the islands. Now, one by one, the Philippine Islands had fellen to the Japanese. No one knew better than Bradford how improbable it had become to land anything on Corregidor ' s minuscule, shell-pocked airstrip. But somebody had to do it. The pilots gathered to determine who would fly unarmed over enemy territory in the one bucket-of-bolts they had left, an arthritic 10-year-old Bellanca. A deck of cards would decide who would make the trip. Low man would go. Bradford shuffled, cut and drew the lowest card. Capt. William Monay watched the proceedings with interest. " I saw you stack the deck, " he whispered to Bradford. Bradford vociferously denied it. " But the others wouldn ' t have a chance of getting into Corregidor, " he said. " I know where to make that last dogleg turn and find it in the dark. " On a wing and a prayer, Bradford reached Corregidor, shaken but intact. As the medical supplies were being unloaded from his battered old plane. Gen. 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It locates and lockson to targets at long or short range, in nose-on or tail attack, and at high or low altitudes ' Ji This multiprobe spacecraft is one of two vehicles destined to visit the planet Venus in 1 978. Hughes is builder of both Pioneer-Venus spacecraft for NASA Ames Research Center _1 The Navy s F-14 Tomcat can launch six Hughes-built Phoenix . Hughes has developed every mopr Air Defense Ground. missiles simultaneously at six different targets— and at the same Environment system in the Free World since 1964 ' time track 18 additional targets ' f 7 Creating a new world with electron HUGHES m . Recent flight tests have shown that the Marine Corp A4M armed with the Hughes-built Angle Rote Bombing System (ARBS) can significantly improve day and night bombing accuracy of Marine aircraft. ARBS uses a laser designator such as the Hughes MULE or its TV tracker to provide target acquisition. 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U.S.A. 19 8 olariftHStaff Editor-in-Chief Robert van Haastert FIrsties Bill Troy Cadet Wing Ann Marie Matonak Index Ann Marie Matonak Varsity Sports Editor .... Doug Robb June Week Robert van Haastert Academics Rot)ert van Haastert Intramural Sports Rot)ert van Haastert Military Robert van Haastert Dignitaries Robert van Haastert Photographers Chuck Cooper Ed Herlick Mike Opatowsky Mark Laiuppa Russ Herndon Gregg Montijo Tony Hirten r Captain Tracey Gauch Production Notes Walsworth Publishing Company in Marceline. Missouri printed Volume 20 of th( POLARIS. United States Air Force Academy. The Photolithography printinj process was us6d in the 4700 copy run. The cover was designed by Tim Gulliver. ' 80. Type faces are: Optima w italics for the opening; Lydian w italics for VarsH Sports and June Week; Helvetica w italics for Military and Index; Lydiac Boldface for Intramural Sports, Firsties, and Cadet Wing; Times Roman wmalici for Dignitaries, and Melior w italics for Academics. Page Id ' s are in 6 point, captions are in 8 point, Cadet Wing names are ln:8 poJn with hometowns in 6 point, Varsity Sports body copy is in 12 point. . 1 18 pages of four-color tints were matchetf with the Murphy Color Guide Whee and the Walsw(JfthXol||»«- »ectot Guide. Division pages.and June Week -arf 100% Yellow, 100% Red. O ' A ' e from Murphy Color Wheel Guide. " ' k - ' .in u. f By volunteering for the editor ' s job, I accepted the responsibility of publishing not only the Class of 78 ' s Yearbook, but the Cadet Wing ' s yearbook. However, help was lacking. Bill Troy, CS-18, was the only other firstie willing to spend the hours and frustration in putting the ' 78 POLARIS together. One 2°, Doug Robb, joined the staff for the second year to put together the Varsity Sports section. There were no sophomores on the staff, and one 4°, Ann Marie Matonak, restructured the Cadet Wing section at the last moment. Eight photographers divided their time trying to record AFA events on film. As the final shipment went to the plant, I wondered how my classmates and the Wing would receive the book. We did many things differently: the Cover, Opening, Firsties, Cadet Wing, Activities, Endsheets, use of color. Varsity Sports, Intramural Sports, and the index. It you liked the changes, tell the 79 POLARIS Co-editors Dave Sapper and Gary Harris, it you didn ' t - join the POLARIS staff and be constructive. I would like to express a Special Thank You to the following, who in their own special way contributed to the success of the ' 78 POLARIS: Betty Davis Yvonne Strickland Bill Madsen Cindy Ceballos Bob Wagner ' 78 Athletic Department Gunner Nei Mark Timko ' 80 Sue Timmons ' 80 Marc Luiken ' 81 Taco Bell ' 81 Sandy Oarula ' 80 CS-18 Doolies Kevin Gortney ' 81 Evaluate the effectiveness of our attempt to record 1978 at USAFA. Check our accuracy. The ' 78 POLARIS Staff believes you will like what we ' ve ■published. 12 rtun %U J - Rob van Haastert ' 78 POLARIS EDITOR

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