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.M- i sEimi j mmm!i ' iikiM %mgrimssk ' ' .. 7y ■ Cafllornia Institute of Technology and the Carnegie Institute of Wwhington— Permission granted through the Hale Observatory. OS-r !- li 5 paiflRis EDITOR: JOHN N. MASTROIANNI 74 ASST. EDITOR: JOHN M. MILLER 74 ASST. EDITOR: RICHARD A. PETERS 74 " That ' s one small step for man . One giant leap for mankind. " —Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong " To meet the challenge. " —Class of 1974 United States Air Force Academyl On 20 July 1969, at 10:56 P. M. EST., Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong became the first man to set foot upon the lunar surface. The voyage of Apollo 1 1 fulfilled man ' s oldest dream of exploration and conquest. With the now famous words, " That ' s one small step for a man . . . One giant leap for mankind, " Astronaut Armstrong concisely summarized mankind ' s entire history. He realized that man ' s conquest of the moon, while only a small step for himself from the lunar lander, was in fact the most important event in human evolution since life first emerged from the primordial sea. Important as his achievement was, he also understood that it was but the beginning of mankind ' s greatest adventure— an adventure marked by perseverence, dedication, and the will to succeed, an adventure that will take man to the stars and beyond— to his final destiny. The Polaris staff has chosen space exploration, and more particularly Astronaut Armstrong ' s words, as the theme for the 1974 yearbook. The class of 1974, whose motto " To meet the challenge " is inscribed on our class ring, can closely identify with the space effort. Those who graduate in June have achieved this small but important step in their lives through the same perseverence, dedication, and will to succeed that typified the NASA program. However, as important as this step in our lives is, it will hopefully be small compared to what we achieve in the future. Perhaps some of us will share in the adventure of space; most will pursue an Air Force career, undertake a civilian profession, or perish in the service of our country. For all of us destiny lies ahead— we will meet it with our heads held high. —Cadet John N. Mastroianni, 1974 Editor ' A liiJy . ' ..Av- ' ' . T. ■ji; ' ' . ' ' s ' -.( f ■ ' —■w w mrn • « USAFA ■V-- m T Spirit CANOE u T IH u : E= : ' S7 " ' Colorado Our Home rifii " What Makes A Man? " fA A L f t Men For All Seasons 4MMM. dt ' ' M, , ' ,-rr? ■ ' : - ' .s- v " ' S!? -. « • .- - ' :? Sii .■i ' ' ;» ' .1- if Commander-in-Chief Richard IVI. Nixon James R. Schlesinger Secretary Of The Air Force Dr. John L. McLucas 1 Chief Of Staff, USAF ii 1 11 General George S. Brown ji Superintendent I! Lt. General Albert P. Clark " The system teaches responsibility, self-discipline, and obedience— and it does so in such a way as to build a solid foundation for the acquisition of good traits of leadership in the future... " iHHL %Wi. i%.F m " We need to train an Air Force of- ficer who can be counted on to act with integrity, conviction, and courage in the service of his country. . . " " We must create an environment within which stamina and dedication to service can be tested and evaluated. . . " Superintendent ' s Staff Chief of staff Executive Officer Lt. Col. D. A. Valorie Dir. of Protocol Aide-de-Camp Col. G.J. Nelson Maj. E.Johnson Capt. P. Mathews Inspector General Deputy C S Personnel Command Surgeon Col. B. Brunzell Col. H.Goh sler Deputy C S Logistics Col.W.Jarrell Registrar Col. M.Johnson Chaplain OMe-Camp K ' .Pl Col. E. Levy Deputy C S Operations Col. N. Overton Comptroller Col. D. Reaves Deputy C S Civil Engineering Lt. Col.M. Allington Chief, Security Police Lt. Col. J. Jones Director of Information Maj. R. Brown Director of Administration • fifc « f p- X IJ- . .»«A V 4! • -«: ,j«- .. , i. - : » - ■ .■. . lwi» - " History offers us no instance wherein a great nation remained strong or successfuly defended itself in difficult times as these, by leaders who were the product of a permissive training en- vironment. " { Brig. Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg Jr, Commandant ice Jr. The Commandant ' s Staff Major Charles T. Hill Exec for Honor and Ethics Major Leonard E. Clark Executive Captain Harry C. McMillin Aide to the Commandant Captain Charles M. Pace Cadet Wing Safety Mr. Robert Hall Cadet Wing Budget CMSgt. Lawrence H. Garrett Sergeant Major M Colonel Perry J. Dahl Vice Commandant LTC William M. Coleman Director, Cadet Personnel LTC William B. Linthicum Director, Cadet Logistics Support LTC William F.Phillips Director, Cadet Operations and Plans cwo Left to Right: Front: SSgt. Holliday, Maj. Echelberger, SSgt. Hayes, Capt. Page, Capt. Purcell. Back: Lt. Col. Phillips, Maj. Anderson, MSgt. Weltz, Maj. McAllister. Capt. Jones. Colonel Carl G. Bally Deputy Commandant for Cadet Wing LTC Harry P. Snoreck 1st Group AOC LTC Melvin R. Holme 2nd Group AOC LTC Jerald W. Ellington 3rd Group AOC LTC William C. Plumb II 4th Group AOC LTC Glenn H. Wilson Chief, Staff Management Group J Colonel Arthur K. Taylor Deputy Commandant for Military Instruction Major Richard M. Williams Chief, Airmanship Division CWP Left to Rigtit: Front: Maj. Walker, SMSgt. Doerr, SMSgt. Guesman, SMSgt. OBryan, Back; Maj. Steele, Capt. Burnham, Capt. Jones, MSgt. Dunaway, Lt. Col. Perdue. CWL Left to Right: Front: SSgt. Visagara, TSgt. Galvan, TSgt. Fiandaco, TSgt. Sparks, MSgt. Kennedy. Middle: Sgt, Harris, MSgt. Rodriguez, TSgt, Biddle, SSgt. Stamp, Capt. Scott, Lt. Col, Linthicum, Lt. Col. Kosel, Capt, Slaughter, SSgt. Mason. Baci : TSgt. Wilson, TSgt. Gettling, SMSgt. Beede, MSgt. Wessel, An-,n. Boatnnan, TSgt. Taylor, TSgt. Flowers, MSgt, Justice, CWIN Left to Right: Front: Capt, Saulsberry, SSgt. Hamada, Maj. Francis, Maj. Schwitters, Capt, Garcia, Capt. Alex- ander, Capt. Blair, Capt. Harden, Capt. Pond, Maj, Lee. Bacl : TSgt. Wong TSgt. O ' Brien, SSgt Skorzewski, SMSgt, Hessenflow, Maj, LeCompte, Lt, Col. Welling, Capt. Walton, Capt Casey, Capt. Fischer, Capt. Daniels, Lt Sims, USN, CWIA From Left to Right: Front; Capt Petrash, Capt. Froehl.ch, Capt Bowers, Capt. Groninger, SSgt. Char- vat, Sgt. Galloway, MSgt. Bowden Back: Capt, Rider, SSgt, Clason, Maj Clark, Maj, Homstead, Maj, Costain Capt, Towner, Maj. Williams. CWIT From Left to Right: Front: SSgL Yuenger, Capt. Hartley, Sqn, Ldr. Allcorn (RAF), Maj. Kari, Capt, White, Maj. Bennett, Capt Gill Maj Blake, Sqn. Ldr. Cracroft (RAF), Maj. Wells, Lt, Cdr. Bell (USN), Lt, Cranford, Maj. Bacheldor, Middle: SSgt, Gibson Capt, King, Capt, Scott, Capt, Thompson, Maj. Bradley, Capt, Anderson, Capt, Schloemer, Capt, McCoy, Capt. Walters Capt. Galloway, Capt, Reaves, Lt. Col, Hopewell, Back; Capt. Mauss, Capt, Fleming, Capt. Hoem, Capt, Ownby, Maj. Mille ' Capt. Ehrig, Maj, Koeppel, Maj. Marsh, Capt, Dayton, Capt, Jacobs. Basic Cadet Training The first day it seemed almost impossible that four more years were to follow. It was a long day, probably the longest we had ever experienced in our lives, but there would be more to come. It started with lines; lines for issue, lines for shots, lines to turn in our money, lines for everything. It seemed so impersonal, but soon we were to be given a name— basic cadet. We all had the same name, and for the next six weeks we would not only share the name basic cadet, but also our accomplishments and failures, because what we did, we did together. Every day started at 0545 with a morning run before breakfast, and from then on every day was different including physical training, drill, lec- tures, and intramurals. As if all this was not enough, there was something else required of us to take up what little remaining time we had— basic cadet knowledge. Three weeks after it all started, with our stamina and endurance in- creased, we headed out to Jack ' s Valley to learn more of what military life in the field was like. Our teachers were upper class cadets who were ever present. We learned in the Valley through experience. When the accep- tance parade culminated summer training, we had met the first part of our obligation to excellence. w % 1 w f) %, Ji, .tf ' Mtrf. 1 - . ' -r ii ■ 3rd Lieutenant S.E.R.E Survival, escape, resistance, and evasion—the ability to withstand stress, and the mental and physical endurance that an enemy might enforce. For three weeks we learned what would be es- sential if we should ever have to punch out in the wilderness, or if we should become prisoners of war. We had to use our ingenuity to adapt. Hopefully we will never have to use what we learned in a hostile environment, but if necessity dictates, we ' ll be ready. ♦ M-l " ' 1 RECONDO Cadets are exposed to field instruction in survival techniques, combat in- telligence, combat reaction, and mountaineering techniques. The training Is strenuous and demands good physical conditioning. Strong emphasis is placed on small unit tactics and individual endurance. The Soaring Program at the Academy is design- ed with Undergraduate Pilot training in mind. The use of checklists, the methods of flight instruction, and the basic goals of the program have all been directed toward teaching habits that will be required later in flight training. The Academy Soaring Program uses several types of sailplanes and a majority of the In- struction is done by cadet instructor pilots. Many cadets take part in the program because it offers a kind of serenity that can only be experienced in the un- trespassed sanctity of space. Underwater Demolition Training A program with the U. S. Navy, UDT consists of academics, physical training, and SCUBA diving. Cadets who satisfactorily com- plete the program are certified as world-wide SCUBA qualified. Parades and Inspections i iilMI Military Inspections (--An ' .:..l-vV«kitJ( ' JH mM «- W II Ml i " - Military In Review Brig. Gen. William T. Woodyard Dean of Faculty " The big advantage that you have over graduates from other institutions ... is the fact that you have had a broad exposure to many disciplines through the core curriculum. " jrd The Dean ' s staff advises and assists him in the ad- ministration of the curriculum, management of the faculty personnel, and coordination with other mission elements necessary to fulfill faculty responsibilities to the Academy mission, producing a well-educated, career-oriented of- ficer with the l nowledge and intellectual attributes essen- tial to the professional military man. Colonel Erdle Vice Dean of the Faculty Left to Right: Front: Col. Erdle, Vice Dean of the Faculty, Brig. Gen. Woodyard, Dean of the Faculty, Col. Endsley, Director of Instructor Technology. Bacl : CMSgt Malave, Director of Faculty Personnel and Administration, Lt. Col. Arnet, Faculty Executive, Capt. Westemeier, Director of Logistical Support and Plans, CMSgt Edward A. Sconyers, Deputy Director of Logistical Sup- port and Plans, Maj. Thompson, Director of Faculty Secretariat, Maj. Fisher, Director of Research Programs, Lt. Col. Johns, Direc- tor of the Libraries, Lt. Col. Simmons, Director of Counselling and Scheduling, Capt. Haun, Aide to the Dean of Faculty. Colonel Endsley .1 Colonel Lochry ll rn nil The Department of Mathematical Sciences is the largest teaching department at the Academy. More than 60 officers are required to administer six core courses and more than 30 enrichment courses in theoretical and applied mathematics, probability and statistics, numerical analysis, and optimization techniques. The core courses provide analytical and computational skills needed for engineering and science subjects at the Academy as well as math knowledge essential for a career in our technologically oriented Air Force. The variety of enrich- ment topics permits cadets in the Mathematics Major a choice of three tracks: math analysis, math applications, and operations research. m Sciences is Ifiel icadwyMoreltal f u core coi«- a ' : ineoretica i 5 ' ' e :ore co i nH needec -eAcatoai ■ 3 career ■e,3rietyole " fL ir matics MajOf i matt! applicalio ' ' Left to Right, Front: Lt. Col. Brown, Lt. Col Tindall, Lt. Col. Ballsh, Col. Lochry, Lt. Col Beer, Maj. Shellenberger. Second Row: Capt Nelson, Capt. Pacheco, Capt. Hoff, Maj Powell, Capt. Webster, Capt. Mueh, Capt Pearson, Lt. Col. Gionis, Capt. Langley, Capt Kurina, Capt. Eastcott, Capt. Craighead. Third Row: Balazs, Capt. Bragaw, Capt. Thies, Maj Ruud, Maj. Patterson, Capt. Cook, Maj. Sher- man, Capt. Tomme, Capt. Munguia, Capt Knepell, Capt. Jenkins, Capt. Henderson Capt. Thompson, Maj. Markham, Capt Hamm. Back: Maj. Edwards, Capt. Faix, Capt Dillon, Capt. Hare, Capt. Mansfield, Capt Caruana, Capt. Riley, Maj. Campbell, Capt Gutheinz, Capt. Needham, Maj. Michel, Capt Burroughs, Capt. Zazworsky, Capt. Kakel Capt. Neireiter, Maj. Wade, Capt. Suder, Lt Barry, Capt. Fryer, Capt. Litwhiler, Capt Roberts. o f i f?5 n ' - Colonel Mione I to Rigw The major In Physics concentrates on basic principles and mathematics. It provides an excellent academic background for a wide range of technical assignments within the Air Force, particularly in the field of research and development. It also provides a sound basis for graduate work in physics, related applied sciences, and a wide varie- ty of engineering careers. nan, [ ■ ipl Mo- apl. Ife: s, Capt Dajij- Left to Right, Front: Maj. Robertson, Maj. Hyder, Maj. Ferruzza, Col. Mione, Lt. Col. Tudor, Capt. Head, Maj. Sams. Middle: Capt. Thomas, Maj. Pendleton, Capt. Snick, 3apt. Johnson, Lt. Clifford, Capt. Bell, Capt. Moates, Capt. 3erman, Capt. Burgess, Capt. More, Maj. Armstrong, 3apt. Morm, Maj. McGrath. Back: Capt. Sweedenberg, 3apt. Webb, Maj. Sivigals, Capt. Schott, Capt. Chase, 3apt. Sidalskie, Capt. McCann, Capt. Warner, Capt. i Volds, Capt. Dagliani. B - f •iMEsaa ' JUl ■ ■ ■■H ' flS p R tm ini 16 9m . ,_ Basic chemistry courses are designed to introduce and familiarize cadets with the chemical properties and nature of the world around them. A chemistry major is recommended for those who are interested in chemical or biochemical research or applications. It provides fun- damental knowledge in analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry and allows the cadet to select one or two of these areas for advanced study. The major is designed to prepare cadets for a junior officer position in research, development or graduate training. It emphasizes the use of the laboratory methods for reinforcement of lec- ture material and individual research projects. Colonel Lamb Left to Right, Front: Capt. Finch, Capt. Beckman, Capt. Whitely, Maj. Meier, Mrs. Mahoney, Col. Lamb, Lt. Col. King, Lt. Col. Jagrowski, Maj. Nolan. Middle: Capt. Offley, Maj. Viola, Capt. Cummons, Capt. Padfield, Maj. Hauschild, Maj. Henry, Maj. Biggs, Maj. Selgmiller. Back: Maj. Fannon, Maj. McCall, Capt. Moran, Maj. Storms, Capt. Nenzies, Capt. Jendrek, Maj. Villaescusa, Maj. Saban, Maj. Gregory. Left to Right, Front: Maj. Gyouch, Maj. Anderson, Lt. Col. Trimble, Col. Wittry, Maj. Gerson, Maj. Leatham, Maj. Ver- naire, Maj. Raymer. Middle: Capt. Bolz, Capt. Howiesner, Maj, Nolen, Capt. Fuchs, Maj. Durrett, Maj. Pursley, Capt. Johnson, Maj. Burns. Capt. Anderson, Capt. Soulia, Capt. Greshan, Capt. Baer, Capt. Edwards, Capt. Walsh, Capt. Hicks. Back: Maj. Winkler, Lt. Col. MerkI, Capt. Daniel, Maj. Monroe, Capt. Mall, Maj. Cox, Capt. Willis, Capt. Jomes, Capt. Roehrkasse, Capt. Jones, Capt. McMasters, Capt. Kroncke. " " fkmm PW 11 All Colonel Carter Life Science-Behavioral Science, seennlngly unrelated at first glance; but actually very much related. The actions of both the body and mind closely control how we act, think, and react to stress. Understanding these actions helps us adapt to any conditions in which we might find ourselves. The approach within the department is a " hands-on " type of instruction. Labs are frequent in Life Science and use of the classroom situations and ex- perimental setups is common in Behavioral Science. Left to Right, Top: Maj. Netzinger, Capt. Young, Capt Biever, Capt. Coulter, Maj. Lent, Capt. Myers, Capt Phillips, Maj. Watters, SSgt. Hyatt, Capt. Harkins, Maj Schroeder, Capt. Cairney, Capt. Bargren. Center: Maj Thalken, Maj. Arnold, Maj. Buchanan, Capt. Lynett, Maj Trumbo, Capt. Simondi, Maj. Cockerham, Capt. Birkner Capt. Wilson, Capt. Logsdon Jr., Maj. Schmitt, Carol A. Mesheske, Margaret A. Cornell, Susan K. Duncan. Bottom: Willie P. Espinoza, John M. Scupp, Maj. Roe, Maj. Samp- son, Col. Carter (Department Head), Lt. Col. Newton (Deputy for Life Science), Lt. Col. Ward, Lt. Col. Stansell, Maj. Wailly. I Kk PpH f ??wr. ■71 S ,:- ' ■ ' ' _,.■: ■- . -- - 1 r ifV ' Left to Right, Top: Capt. Knight, Capt. Eggleston, Capt. Malmstrom, Capt. Painter, Capt. Parker, Maj. Berry, Capt. Stiles, Capt. Gobell, Capt. Lloyd, Maj. Coffman. Center; Maj. Galluscio, Maj. Jarboe, Capt. Rasinski, Maj. Ramsey, Capt. Swiney, Capt. Klusman, Capt. Thomas, Capt. Brown, Maj. Durham, Capt. Robinson, SSgt. Moore, Helen E. Smith, Janet Shaw. Bottom: Rita M. Bauer, Loretta D. Vogt, Lt. Col. Chason, Lt. Col. O ' Connor, Col. Carter (Department Head), Lt. Col. Williams (Deputy for Behavioral Science), Lt. Col. Cammalieri, Maj. Prather, Lt. Col. Tebbs. Colonel Thomas II PFAh II Besides the core courses in Aero that all cadets take, the department offers the Aeronautical Engineering ma- jor. It is based on a broad sequence of courses in aeronautical engineering with specialization in four op- tions: aerodynamics, flight mechanics, aerospace propul- sion, or aerospace structures. Under a cooperative arrangement with Purdue University, members of the Classes of 1974 and 1975 may earn credits towards a Master of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering while at the Air Force Academy. Left to Right, Front: Maj. Allburn, Lt. Col. Bouchard, Lt. Col. Stockham, Col. Thomal, Lt. Col. Forster, Lt. Col. Lopina, Lt. Col. Pollard. Middle: Maj. Carling, Maj. Gallington, Maj. Felton, Capt. Retelle, Maj. Braden, Capt. Francis, Maj. Lorenz, Maj. Harvey, Maj. Bohler. Back: Maj. Edgington, Maj. Ogren, Lt. Col. Kuprenas, Maj. Quick, Capt. Coleman, Capt. Christian, Capt. Pilsch, Maj. Lorson, Maj. Day, Maj. Roderick. I .S- BAND ANTENNA ,VHF ANTENNA ' ' .;: ijv Mai. J. (SIC) The Department of Civil Engineering, Engineer- ing Mechanics and Materials administers the Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics and Engineering Science majors. These areas of study provide a well balanced program stressing the fundamentals common to many areas of engineering as preparation for duty in the Air Force in an engineering specialty. Academic activities have centered around the department laboratory where cadets have had the opportunity to " get their hands dirty " in a wide variety of applied engineering projects. This enables cadets to practice engineering first hand rather than simply reading about it in a textbook. Colonel Fiuhr mwm ' V ■ ' ' - .V t ,, rtI-- -iIf:% WWWnKmm Left to Right, Front: Capt. Danhof, Maj. Anderson, Maj. Profilet, Col. Fluhr, Lt. Col. Ford, Maj. Crowley, Maj. Frusti, Maj. McCormack, Capt. Frostic, Capt. Keck. Middle: Maj. Swint, Capt. Barnes, Maj. Schamberger, Maj. Johnson, Capt. Tubbesing, Capt. Davis, Capt. Tornow, Capt. Deacon, Maj. Obermeyer, Capt. Craddock, Capt. Elliott, Capt. Rathje, Capt. Sproul, Capt. Henghold, Maj. Morgan, T Sgt. Kaneyuki, Capt. Carson, Capt. Nay. Back: Capt. Richards, Capt. Hansen, Capt. Price, Capt. ' Cannon, Maj. McConnell, Capt. Watt, Capt. Markey, Maj. Piepenturg, Maj. Fisher, Capt. Allen, Capt. Hausem, Capt. Sikra, Capt. Slackhouse, Capt. Kullgren, Capt. Widger, Maj. Currin, Maj. Norton. Colonel Thomas The major in Electrical Engineering provides an oppor- tunity to pursue a tightly integrated, yet well rounded course of study, covering the major areas of electrical technology. The program emphasizes the relation between the subject being taught and their applications to military technological systems. There is a cooperative graduate program with the University of California at Berkley for 1974 and 1975 cadets with outstanding aptitude. P £! i C j£L i .%L iL.fI i Rf ::;, wr %v Left to Right, Front: Maj. M. Miller, Maj. Cloutier, Lt. Col. Gowen, Lt. Col. Griffiths, Col. Thomas, Lt, Col. Glass, Maj. Dwels, Maj. Carroll, Lt. Dumas. Second: Capt. Radaluf, Capt. Stevens, Capt. Johnson, Maj. B. Miller, Maj. Graham, Capt. Koweleski, Capt. O ' Brien, Capt. Madsen, Capt. Ray, Capt. Larson, Capt. Wells, Capt. Busse. Third: Capt. Atkins, Capt. Kopka, Capt. Kizer, Capt. Schmeising, Capt. Conturras, Capt. Bukaukas, Capt. Cone, Capt. Sanborn, Lt. Schade, Maj. Glenn, Capt. Honea. The economics curriculum provides the foundation for analysis of military-related economic problems at the international, national, and operational levels. Program completion Is sufficient for applied defense analysis. Geography seeks to understand man and his environment. The field is broad because of man ' s extensive activities. Further physical environment Is studied to place man ' s role in perspective. The management major provides the es- sential tools required to manage human material resources. The major provides excellent preparation for careers in accounting and finance, management science, organizational behavior and systems and logistics. Colonel Kinevan md M mifi ' ' ' i -© - °P ' Economics " " " dman, Coi j, H King, Uj Claiborii,CapiQ, J° Xapu„se; eography: i, ' foundation i ' obbsatthe ' « « ' s- Ptosram se analysis, ' ■ " i " imm . ■ ' -■• ' Reactivities, -Mcemao ' sroie ' =Westtiees-| ■ " ' ii material " :feparaiionfor •a5« eiit science, •c eg . I m ; .fte ' ' !■ f m : fjBii " " iL IPii 1 Mill lei w ' |Mi Mt fS wdi mM fi i ; ' ifMf l ii W AL ■m .v lMllM ir:il U bfl ' jsf ' rm.. vl Qi ■ .f - .,-■ - • ' . m—. HpjI THlfffiPI E |H y4pHMrj Hhy ■Kl iiB ll r I M. BjS Bi WBk x k i HH K Top; Economics: Left to Right, Front: Capt. Krutar, Maj. Woodman, Col. Schoderbek, Capt. Fletcher, Capt. Webb, Maj. King, Maj. Boyer. Back: Lt. Col. Hejde, Lt. Col. Claiborn, Capt. Clark, Capt. Anderson, Col. Kinevan, Maj. Polk, Capt. Anselmi, Maj. Badgett, Capt. Woody. Middle; Geography: Left to Right, Front: MSgt. Wann, Maj. Glowatski, Capt. Morse, Maj. Nutter, Capt. Yabui, Maj. Her- man, Maj. Saunders; Back: Capt. Taylor, Capt. Hatchett, Capt. Colestock, Lt. Col. Seig, Col. Kinevan, Lt. Col. Emrick, Capt. Vuk, Maj. Veverka. Bottom; Management: Left to Right, Front: Capt. Carlburg, Maj. Bryant. Maj. Gough, Capt. Utter, Lt. Col. Austin, Maj. Dursteler, Maj. O ' Connell, Capt. Jones. Back: Lt. Col. Jefferson, Capt. Berry, Capt. Black, Maj. Taylor, Capt. Freeman, Col. Kinevan, Maj. Zoeller, Maj. Bobko, Capt. Baker. Colonel Geffen The Department of Foreign Languages, under the leadership of Colonel William Geffen, contributes to the education of the Air Force Cadet in one of six languages: French, German, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, or Japanese. An appreciation of the people, culture and military organization of nations speaking the language is stressed. The presence of exchange officers from France, Germany, Spain, Mexico and the Republic of China helps to make instruction more contemporary. Classroom in- struction is supplemented by a variety of Cadet Language Club activities and exchange visits including the USAFA- French Air Force Academy Exchange Program. Left to Right, Front: Maj. Cubero, Maj. Lunt, Lt. Col. Heine, Col. Geffen, Lt. Col. Wakafuji, Lt. Col. Sinclair, Maj. Kohout. Second Row: SSgt. Geiss, Maj. Wedemeyer, Capt. Komets, Capt. Liebchen, Capt. Cheng, Capt. Ponte, Maj. Romero, Capt. Maldonado, Capt. Tihomirov, Capt. Ritter, Capt. Hutchison, SSgt. Naylor. Third Row: Capt. Hannaway, Capt. Neff, Capt. Scafe, Maj. Vichnevsky, Capt. Strong, Capt. Caffrey, Maj. Tirman, Capt. Harvey, Maj. Connolly, Capt. Rowe, Capt. Hoekstra, Maj. Wilkins. Back: Maj. Mar- tines, Capt. Currey, Capt. Fujita, Capt. Astor, Capt. Maruyama, Capt. Day, Capt. Fortin, Capt. Atkinson, Capt. Scott, Capt. Romero. Apart from offering two prescribed and four enrich- ment courses the members of the Department of Law, all of whom are licensed attorneys, participate as counsel, legal advisors, or judges in courts and administrative board hearings. The attorneys provide legal assistance to cadets and faculty members. When not in the office, individuals assigned can be found participating in weekend wing train- ing, presenting lectures to individual squadrons, serving as officer representatives to varsity sports, QIC ' s of cadet clubs, scoutmasters, or working with churches. Colonel Kinevan [IDFI[il I ' «o ' La«,aiioi " oiWI, legal " Waive Hoard " Stance to cadets ice, individuals « «! wing train, ' ' i ' ws, serving as i OiCs of cadet ' . " •es I Left to Right, Front: Maj. Knutson, Lt. Col. Lee, CoL Kinevan, Maj. Dirkman, Maj. Jeter. Middle: Capt. Smith, Maj. Hume, Capt. Hawley, Capt. Johnson. Back: Maj. Hemingway, Maj. Burhan, Maj. DeReujter, Maj. Gooding, Maj. Brothers. Capt. Schilling, Capt. Wright. The department of Political Science and Philosophy offers a major In international affairs. This major is design- ed to develop a comprehensive understanding of political problems and issues. Courses in the major form the basis for Air Force duties across a broad range of fields. Careers particularly suited to this image are operations and com- mand duties, attache duty, military assistance, military- political affairs, and staff command positions within the Air Force, Unified Commands, Joint Staff, Department of Defense, and National Security Council. Colonel Wakin Left to Right, Front: Maj. Lentz, Maj. Dougherty, FSO Figgins, Lt. Col. Daleski, Col. Wakin, Lt. Col. Kuiper, Sq. Ldr. Rogerson, Maj. Harbaugh, Maj. Robbins. Middle: Capt. Collazo-Davila, Capt. Wenker, Capt. Stine, Capt. Hickel, Maj. Murray, Maj. Stafford, Maj. Ekman, Capt. Torreano, Capt. Heaton, Capt. Dellerman, Capt. Viotti. Back: Capt. Page, Capt. Whealer, Lt. Williamson, Capt. Christian, Capt. Fast, Capt. Garrison, Capt. Kelsey, Capt. Kozak, Capt. Meyers, Capt. Garmon, Caot. Alberts, Maj. O ' Neill, Capt. Neweil, Capt. Stayton, C ' apt. Fox, Capt. Desiderio, Capt. Drury. The major in History provides an understanding of contemporary problems by studying those forces in the past which have shaped the world of the present. The knowledge imparted and the perspective developed are important to the education of all professional Air Force of- ficers and are of particular value for those cadets con- templating careers in operations, plans, or intelligence ac- tivities. The major emphasizes the development of historical judgement, research techniques, and writing. Colonel Hurley Left to Right, Front: Maj. McElroy, Maj. Gropeman, Lt. Col. Caine, Col. Hurley, Lt. Col. Lane, Sq. Ldr. Stables. Maj. Mclssac, Maj. Clark. Middle: Capt. Porter, Capt. Oppel, Capt. Weiland, Capt. Wayne, Capt. Klein, Capt. Converse, Maj. Fisher, Capt. Miles, Capt. Calwell, Maj. Underahl, Maj. Kenny, Maj. DeBerry, Maj. High. Back: Capt. Berauski, Maj. Skizilo, Maj. Gilmartin, Maj. Cole, Mai. Anderson. Maj. Riddel, Capt. Korneyaj, Capt. Eszenyi, Capt. Spires. Under the direction of Colonel Jesse C. Gatlin, Jr., the thirty-nine members of the Department of English and Fine Arts instruct cadets in the basics of composition and gram- mar and introduce them to literature and the humanities. Not only do they teach cadets how to express themselves correct- ly and effectively, but they also teach them how to appreciate, understand, and enjoy good art— be it painting, literature, or music. Through all its liberal arts activities, the Department helps produce a well-rounded, articulate Air Force officer. I Colonel Gatlin M m iCGatlin jr the ' - ' ? ' and Fine : ' -«on and gram. ' s ' jmanitiesNoi ■ " xi«s correct- " ■• ' 3 appreciate " ' 3 iterature,oi s ' e Department ' Fofce officer Left to Right, Front: Lt. Col. Dwyer, Lt. Col. Tuso, Lt. Col. Lipplncott, Lt. Col. Kiley, Col. Gatlln, Lt. Col. Pratt, Lt. Col. Belford, Maj. Kielcheski, Maj. Brown. Second: Ssgt. Barber, Capt. Pine, Maj. Whitehorn, Capt. Rockwell, Maj. Smith, Capt. Vaughn, Capt. Powell, Capt. De Temple, Maj. Whitlock, Maj. Seastrom, Capt. Stone. Third: Capt. Hedegaard, Capt. Ramroth, Capt. Hogge, Capt. Burns, Capt. Cammarota, Maj. Vaughan, Maj. Conant. Back: Capt. Beck, Capt. Aubrey, Capt. Mace, Maj. Tinius, Capt. Campbell, Capt. Bailey, Maj. Grimshaw, Capt. White, Capt. Luckett. mr ms }irm mr. Colonel Endsley r Tj Instructional Technology, or I.T. as It is commonly call- ed, occupies an important position in support of the educational mission of the Academy. I.T. makes available to the various academic departments visual materials and training devices which are essential in a modern teaching environment. The " shopping center " for visual material in- cludes graphic layouts, art, typography, still and motion pictures, three-dimensional aids, displays, and exhibits. In order to accomplish all of this quickly and efficiently, I.T. is divided into seven divisions— TV, support, academic skills, graphic arts, photography, and production-quality control. Last year the department acquired a closed circuit color television capability which makes use of eighty monitors placed throughout Fairchild Hall. Other support materials include a 4000 film library and a huge library of slides and pictorial materials. icMhum rmi 1 . rmin no ' 4 rA(AD(N .0 ■■ ' ' ■I: i V w " if V staffs Wing Commander Cadet Richard B. Estes Wing Staff i First Group Second Group Third Group Fourth Group IN MEMORIAM DELTON BRUCE JONES 1952-1974 TO A DEPARTED FRIEND But how can I remember for us both, Or try to live for two? Forgive me, friend; I ' m not as brave as you For I must leave along with all the solemn mourners. And since the earth has taken one We each must live with borrowed breath To see the purple hills at dusk, To know the maze of knotted thoughts, To feel the lace of love and dreams As if we stood together. Mollis T. Landrum Row One (from left): ROBERT A. AIN, Jr., 15th Sq., Physics, Simi, CA; RICHARD L. ALCORN, 9th Sq., Chemistry, Hay Springs, NE; SALVATORE ALFANO, 4th Sq., Astro, Mt. Sinai, NY; JAIME E. ALFARO-MATUSINSKY, 11th Sq., Civil Eng., Panama City, Rep. of Panama. Row Two: GARY S. ALLARD, 2nd Sq., Basic Sciences, Acton, MA; LARRY M. ALLEN, 17th Sq., Life Science, Snyder, TX; BRUCE E. ALLEY, 3rd Sq., Eng. Management, Franklin, NC; ALLEN E. ANDERSEN, 2nd Sq., Economics, St. Paul, MN. Row Three: STEPHEN J. ANDERSEN, 15th Sq., Management, Setucket, NY; BRUCE R. ANDERSON, 3rd Sq., Physics, Math, Tustin, CA; CHARLES W. ANDERSON, Jr., 40th Sq., Civil Eng., Jonesboro, LA; LLOYD L. ANDERSON, Jr., 14th Sq., Basic Sciences, Kansas City, MO. i n " n tf n f ciki ii g!m a •l ( c divii Row One: ROBERT C. ANDERSON, 12th Sq., Int. Affairs, Marion, IN; LOUIS J. APPELHANS, 14th Sq., Basic Sciences, Arvada, CO. Row Two: DOUGLAS W. ARENDSEE, 24th Sq., History, Shaw AFB, SO; ROBERT S. ARNOLD. 14th Sq., Life Science, Atlanta, GA. Row Three: ROBERT L. ATKINS, Jr., 13th Sq., Computer Science, Honolulu, HI; MICHAEL J. AUGUSTYN, 4th Sq., Chemistry, McCook, NE. - Row Four: THOMAS E. BAARSCH, 38th Sq., Electrical Eng., ■ Spring Valley, MN. ( r mtthtm Row One (from left): MICHAEL BACA, 14th Sq., Management, Albuquerque, NM; LANCE W. BACHRAN, 15th Sq., Psychology, Irving, TX; BRIAN R. BADGER, 16th Sq., Int. Af- fairs, Phoenix, AZ; JAMES W. BAGNALL, 16th Sq., Life Science, Lakewood, CA. Row Two: JOHN G. BAKER, 4th Sq., Physics, Opperman, OH; LARRY W. BAKER, 15th Sq., Management, Indianapolis, IN; MICHAEL E. BALALE, 22nd Sq., Management, Euclid, OH; CLARK J. BALDWIN, 14th Sq., Astro, Eng. Management, Dummerston, VT. Row Three: GARY A. BALDWIN, 15th Sq., Life Science, Mauston, Wl; THOMAS F. BALDY, 10th Sq., Political Science, Hartford, Wl; BRUCE F. BALENT, 40th Sq., Computer Science, Long Beach, CA; MURRAY J. BALL, 28th Sq., Management, Cucamonga, CA. Row One (from left): FRANKLIN F. BALLINGER, 6th Sq., Int. Af- fairs, Basking Ridge, NJ; RICHARD C. BARCLAY, 3rd Sq., Astro, Willowick, OH. Row Two: ALAN G. BARKER, 28th Sq., Physics, Warwick, Rl; DAVID V. BARKER, 7th Sq,, Aero, Crestview, FL. Row Three: BRUCE N. BARRY, 23rd Sq., History, Leighton, PA; HOBART C. BATES, 24th Sq., General Studies, Dexter, Ml. 1 . Row One (from left): RICHARD H. BATES, Jr., 7th Sq., History, College Park, MD; WILLIAM L. BATSON, 21st Sq., Life Science, Ridgland, SC; PAUL E. BAUER, 8th Sq., Life Science, San Jose, CA; STEVEN R. BAUER, 7th Sq., Astro, Kansas City, KS. Row Two: THOMAS BAUGH, 9th Sq., Management, Philadelphia, PA; LAVOY D. BAUKNIGHT, Jr., 5th Sq., Behavioral Science, Lancaster, SC; ROBERT A. BAYNE, 6th Sq., History, Atlanta, GA; JAMES M. BEAM, 6th Sq., General Studies, Gratis, OH. Row Three: PETER A. BECHTEL, 37th Sq., Computer Science, Portsmouth, Rl; EUGENE J. BEDNARZ, 27th Sq., Mechanics, Chicopee, MA; TODD E. BEJSOVEC, 37th Sq., Geography, Brool ville, NY; ROBERT A. BELKOWSKI, Jr., 34th Sq., Com- puter Science, Woodridge, NJ. Row One (from left): MARK R. BELL, 27th Sq., Int. Affairs, Gary, IN; JOHN K. BENCH, 26th Sq., Management. Dallas, TX. Row Two: THOMAS M. BENDER, 27th Sq., Management, Wisconsin Rapids, Wl; WILLIAM D. BENNETT, 25th Sq., Physics, Math, Colorado Springs, CO. Row Three: MIKAEL S. BENO, 22nd Sq., General Studies, Maxwell AFB, TERRY G. BERDINE, 17th Sq., Psychology, Shanon City, lA. Row One (f rom left): WILLIAM M. BERRY III, 10th Sq., Psychology, Gardena, CA; DONALD E. BERRYMAN, 32nd Sq., Management, Lewistown, PA. Row Two: LANCE H. BESHARA, 6th Sq., Astro, Sebring, FL; WILLIAM P. BETTESWORTH, 10th Sq., Basic Science, Row Three: ROBERT W. BETZOLD, 18th Sq., Electrical Eng., Tuscolo, MO; MERRILL L. BEYER III, 16th Sq., Aero, Morrisville, PA. I V e Jose.CA " ° ' ' TXp- cUv dik Row One (from left): NEAL R. BIERBAUM, 2nd Sq., Computer Science, Electrical Eng., Columbia, SC; ROBERT G. BINKLEY, Management, Winston-Salem, NO; SAMUEL A. BIONDO Jr., 34th Sq., Computer Science, Richards-Gebauer AFB, MO.; ROBERT D. BISHOP, 5th Sq., Management, Warwick, Rl. Row Two: JAMES F. BLACKMAN, 28th Sq., Int. Affairs, Sioux Falls, SD; RICHARD J. BLANCHET. 13th Sq., Behavioral Science, Medina, NY; ROSS M. BLANKINSHIP, 20th Sq., Astro, Cocoa Beach, FL; DAVID J. BONST, 14th Sq. Int. Affairs, Son Jose, CA. Row Three: JAMES B. BOONE, 26th Sq., Management, Dallas, TX; ROBERT W. BOOTH, 13th Sq., Life Sciences, Westhaven, CT; JACK A. BORAH, 12th Sq., Behavioral, Science, Colum- bus, OH. Row One (from left): DAVID N. BOSSERMAN, 19th Sq., General Eng., Kent, CT; RICHARD E. BOWMAN, 12th Sq., Eng. Sciences, Colo. Springs, CO; STEVEN C. BOYCE, 36th Sq., Civil Eng., Househead, NY; LOWELL R. BOYD Jr., 19th Sq., Political Science, Evansville, IN. Row Two; STEPHEN E. BOZARTH, 24th Sq., Civil Eng., Phoenix, AZ; BLAIR L, BOZEK, 6th Sq., Aero, Wyckoff, NJ; MICHAEL D. BRATLIEN, 39th Sq., Civil Eng., Bemidji, MN; MICHAEL D. BRAYDICH, 33rd Sq., Chemistry, Youngstown, OH. Row Three: HERBERT C. BREDE III, 11th Sq., Management, Oakland, CA; FRANK H. BREWER, 12th Sq., Computer Science, Placentia, CA; JOSEPH L. BREZOVIC Jr., 12th Sq., General Studies, Johnstown, PA; JAMES L BRICKELL, 39th Sq., Civil Eng., Charlestown, SC. [ C C " " ' ' Oneilronii, Sciences, Danau ' ' " Two: GREG; NJ;MERmnj: . J ee R0 W MS:Ty| Nashville ] . 3s! I Row One (from left): JOHN C. BROCKMAN, 14th Sq., Manage- ment, St. Louis, MO; ROBERT H. BROOKE, 15th Sq., Eng. Sciences, Danbury, CT. Row Two: GREG BROOKS, 8th Sq., General Studies, Oal hurst, NJ; MERRITT J. BROWN, 1 1th Sq., Management, Mitchell, SD. Row Three: RONALD D. BROWN, 25th Sq., Electrical Eng., Wichita, KS; TULLY W. BROWN, 5th Sq., General Studies, Nashville, TN. isM Row One (from left): ROBERT W. BROWNING, 29th Sq., Int. Af- fairs, Bridgeville, SC; ANTHONY G. BROZENA, Jr., 16th Sq., Humanities, Baltimore, MD. Row Two: MICHAEL J. BROZOVICH, 28th Sq., Int. Affairs, Freemont, GA; CHARLES E. BRYANT, 20th Sq., History, San Antonio, TX. Row Three: FREDERIC B. BRYANT, Jr., 12th Sq., General Studies, Topeka, KS; JOSEPH M. BUCKWALTER, 40th Sq., Economics, Mont Clair, NJ. F, Row One (from left): KRIS M. BUDINGER, 12th Sq., Manage- ment, Tolono, IL; DAVID C. BUNKER, 17th Sq., Basic Sciences, Minneapolis, MN; DALE D. BURCHBY, 35th Sq., Computer Science, Donovan, IL; DAVID G. BURDICK, 36th Sq., Math, Electrical Eng., Salt Lake City, UT. Row Two: JAMES E. BURGER, 35th Sq., Civil Eng., Linwood. NJ; ROBERT M. BURNSIDE, 33rd Sq., Basic Sciences, Lan- caster, KY; BRADLEY L. BUTLER, 40th SQ., Electrical, Eng. Sharpsville, IN; DENNIS D. BUTTS, 20th SQ., Economics, Littleton, CO. Row Three: ANTHONY J, CAGGIANELLO, 9th Sq., General Studies, Bridgeport, CT; RICHMOND H. CALDWELL, Jr., 18th Sq., Behavioral Science, Sacremento, CA; CHRISTOPHER M. CAMPBELL, 19th Sq., Int. Affairs, Glenwood Springs, CO; JAMES A. CANITZ, 9th Sq., Political Science, Milwaukee, Wl. I f sG29ttiSqJnt ' - !?5fl.. int. Ators, 30. History.; t2!fSo..Gef ' " • ??f: i Row One (from left); ROCKY P. CAPOZZI, 9th Sq., Mechanics, Syracuse, NY; WILLIAM A. CAPP, 36th Sq., Psychology, Zion, IL; DENNIS C. CAREL, 7th Sq., Physics, Chamois, MO; PATRICK L. CARLTON, 6th Sq., Geography, South Bend, IN. Row Two: GEORGE W. CARRINGTON, Jr., 3rcl Sq., Political Science, Sacremento, CA; DEAN L. CARROLL, 31st Sq., Basic Sciences, Palo Alto, CA; EDWARD M. CARTER, 21st Sq., Com- puter Science, Nashville, TN; TEDDY A. CARTER, 35th Sq., Aero, Phoenix, AZ. Row Three: WILLIAM J. CASEMENT, 40th Sq., Electrical Eng., Mineola, NY; KEVIN C. CASEY, 25th Sq., Mechanics, Washington, IL; RICHARD J. CASEY, 2nd Sq., Management, Lexington. MA; GARY S. CHAG, 34th Sq., Chemistry, Weare, NH. ' T ' ' ' ' t, ' mm " : rz t l rWectianics ' ■wuftBennifi ' :5 ' ' Basic Row One: CARROL H. CHANDLER, 22nd Sq., Management, Joplin. MO; MICHAEL L. CHASE, 15th Sq., Geography, Fargo, SD. Row Two: ROBERT T. CHEATHAM, III, 12th Sq., Computer Science, Los Angeles, CA: KEVIN E. CHEEK, 36th Sq., Political Science, Jonesville, NC. Row Three: DONALD D. CHENAULT, 25th Sq., Computer Science, Jackson, Ml; GLEN W. CHINN, 22nd Sq., Engineering Sciences, Belleville, IL. C ( i iferlb Row One (from left); BOYD W. CHRISTENSEN, 24th Sq., History, Political Science, Garland, UT; ROBERT A. CLAUDE, 33rd Sq; Eng. Management, Algona, lA; RICHARD H. CLEAVELAND, 33rd Sq., Int. Affairs, LaGrange, GA; TERRY L CLEMENS, 32nd Sq., Psychology, Tucson, AZ. Row Two: DONALD J. CLEMENT, 10th Sq., Pre-med., Wichita, KS; RICHARD L. CLINE, 23rd Sq., History, Ridgecrest, CA; ALLEN D. COLEMAN, 9th Sq., General Studies, Lake City, FL; VICTOR M, COLLAZO, 25th Sq., General Studies, Brentwood, NY. Row Three; DENNIS F. COLLINS, 26th Sq., Pychology, Washington, DC; JAMES W. COLLINS, Jr., 1st Sq., Int. Affairs, Pans, TN; JAMES E. COLOTTA, 27th Sq., Electrical Eng., In- dianola, MS; THOMAS H. COLTON, 24th Sq., Political Science, Baker, OR. m ' flo Two: j I Row One: NAPOLEON E. CONCEPCION, 32nd Sq., Civil Eng., Manila, Phlllipines; KURT S. CONKLIN, 4th Sq., Political Science, Covington, IN. Row Two: RICHARD R. CONRARDY, 30th Sq., Civil Eng., Racine, Wl; DANIEL P. CONROY, 2nd Sq., History, Int. Affairs, Higganum, CT. Row Three: DONALD R. COOK, 24th Sq., Computer Science, Decatur, IL; MICHAEL J. COOK, 40th Sq., Civil Eng., Steam- boat, CO. C Cltt T Row One (from left): KELVIN R. COPPOCK, 37th Sq., Manage- ment, Miami Springs, FL; DWIGHT G. GORBETT, 26th Sq., Life Science, Fuquay-Varing, NO; PATRICK J. CORRIGAN, 35th Sq., Management, Kokomo, IN; JOHN A. CORSARO, Jr., 34th Sq., Management, Elmira Heights, NY. Row Two: JEFFREY A. COTE, 35th Sq., Management, San Diego, CA; BENJAMIN A. COTHARIN, 21st Sq., General Studies, Cleveland, OH; DAVID C. COTTON, 36th Sq., General Eng., Caldwell, ID; THEODORE J. COTTONGIM, 4th Sq., General Studies, Seattle, WA. Row Three: TOMMY J. COUDEN, 37th Sq., General Sciences, Duncanville, TX; WILLIAM C. COUNCIL, Jr., 31st Sq., History, Pompano Beach, FL; KEVIN COURT, 12th Sq., Computer Science, Bloomington, MN; VINCENT COVIELLO, 17th Sq., Economics, Management, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. V 1 ais te c l e f " One; ROGi mum. k ■ Ceotral Point ofi ta Two: STEP. f8«V;MlCH; itephenviiie Tk ' ' o Ttiree Pt i Otean Avondaie m I I Row One: ROGER W. COX, 13th Sq., General Studies, Montezuma, lA; TIMOTHY D. COY, 11th Sq., Management, Central Point, OR. Row Two: STEPHEN V. CRAIG, 22ncl Sq., Int. Affairs, Las Vegas, NV; MICHAEL V. CRANFORD, 12th Sq., Eng. Sciences, Stephenville, TX. Row Three: PATRICK H. CREAN, 36th Sq., Electrical Rng., Clean, NY; ROBERT L. CRENSHAW, 28th Sq., Eng. Sciences, Avondale Estate, GA. Row One (from left): RONALD L CRENSHAW, 30th Sq., Psychology, Indianapolis, IN; ROBERT C. GRIPE, 13th Sq., Int. Affairs, Carmel, IN. Row Two: RODNEY S. GRIST, 32nd Sq., Political Science, El Paso, TX; LOUIS G. GROOKS, 10th Sq., Astro, Dayton, OH. Row Three: REX J. CUNNINGHAM, 3rd Sq., History, Albany, NY; ROBERT E. CUTLER, 28th Sq., History, Sioux City, lA. ■ ■■■■■i iBi ■■■■■■ ■■ iniiinliiiiiiiii cm mkc mmmmmmmh I: PATRICK. WHENCE ; STEPHEN ' weePAL [ Row One: DAVID K. DALEY, 12th Sq., Aero, Colorado Springs, CO; PATRICK J. DALEY, 11th Sq., Int. Affairs, Wadington, NY; LAWRENCE A. DANFORTH, 10th Sq., History, St. Rehis Falls, NY; STEPHEN C. DANIELS, 20th Sq., Math, Columbia, Mo. Row Two: GREG C. DANKOWSKI, 9th Sq., General Sciences, White Bear Lake, MN; BARTON B. DAVIS, 10th Sq., Electrical Eng., Houston, TX; BRUCE E. DAVIS, 9th Sq., Mechanics, Dallas, TX; RUDEE F. DAVIS, 34th Sq., Pre-med., Southington, Row Three: PAUL E. DEHART, Jr., 33rd Sq., General Studies, Franklin, OH; DONALD M. DELACH, 8th Sq., Management, Elumount, NY; MICHAEL L. DELORENZIO, 38th Sq., Astro, Knoxville, TN; RICHARD W. DENNIS, 21st Sq., Civil Eng., West Hempstead, NY. Row One (from left): CALVIN P. DERCK, 20th Sq., History, Winter Park, CO; NORMAN H. DEUNK, III, 19th Sq., Electrical Eng., Mt. Pleasant, Ml; WILLIAM E. DIEMAND, 1st Sq., Basic Sciences, Phiells, NY; RONALD J. DIETEL, 8th Sq., Int. Affairs, Menomonee Falls, Wl. Row Two: KENNETH M. DIETER, 40th Sq., Chemistry, Aurora, IL; DOUGLAS C. DILDY, 37th Sq., History, Nashville, AR; BILLY D. DILLARD, 6th Sq., Life Science, Mustang, OK; DAVID O. DIMARCHI, 5th Sq., Management, New Milford, NJ. Row Three: MARION K. DIPRIMO, 7th Sq., History, Mount Ver- non, IL; WESLEY D. DODD, 29th Sq., Mechanics, Kansas City, KS; JAMES DONALDSON, 38th Sq., Management, Hudson, FL; DANNY W. DONHAM, 14th Sq., Computer Science, Bloomington, IN. McCall, ID, ' RowTi o:DEAN I «» , Mount Ver. fm Row One: STEPHEN C. DONNELLY, 34th Sq., Int. Affairs, ; Montpelier, VT; JOSEPH L. DORRIS, 4th Sq., Life Science, ; IVlcCall, ID. Row Two: DEAN DORSEY, 36th Sq., Humanities, Eugene, OR; 1 GORDON L. DUEY, 38th Sq., General Studies, Wahoo, NE. j Row Three: DAVID S. DUNCAN, 35th Sq., Mechanics, Tacoma, ! WA; FREDERICK C. DUNN, Jr., 6th Sq., Aero, Kingston, NY. c ik Row One (from left): MICHAEL J. DUNN, 13th Sq., Chemistry. Pre-Med., Manhatten Beach, CA; JACK J. DURAN, 38th Sq., Civil Eng., El Paso, TX. Row Two: HARRY R. DURGIN, Jr., 6th Sq., Management, Nashua, NH; GREGORY E. DURIO, 19th Sq., Political Science, Opelousas, LA. Row Three: Gregory A. Dykes, 36th Sq., History, Lakewood, CO; RONALD O. EARP, 34th Sq., History, Political Science, Monmouth, IL. Row one: AdtOfllO. Carfolton. « Bar tlesvitte l La ton, 01 DON ' - T)(:D» ' Row Three: w Hamilton. OH Meclianics, W» Aefo, Sandus " General Stud«s I (►So Cdemistfy ' 3ijflAN,3ethSq., PcBical Science. Row One: DONALD J. EASTMEAD, 38th Sq., Life Science, San Antonio, TX; DAVID M. EIBAND, 38th Sq., Int. Affairs, New Carrolton, MD; GARY W. ELLIOTT, 13th Sq., Int. Affairs, Bartlesville, OK; PAUL A. EMMANUEL, 40th Sq., Int. Affairs, Lawton, OK. Row Two: JOHN G. EPHLAND, Jr., 2nd Sq., Computer Science, Nevada, MO; RICHARD B. ESTES, 19th Sq., Civil Eng., Dallas, TX; GORDAN M. ETTENSON, 39th Sq., Int. Affairs, Stuttgart, Germany; BYRON M. EVANS, 2nd Sq., Int. Affairs, Dayton, OH. Row Three: ROBERT W. EVANS, 40th Sq., Psychology, Hamilton, OH; FRANCIS M. EYDENBERG, 17th Sq., Mechanics, Colorado Springs, CO; JOHN A. FAIR, 4th Sq., Aero, Sandusky, OH; FRANK J. FALSONE, III, 36th Sq., General Studies, Tampa, PL. r«iriiu K «; i c Row One (from left): JAY A. FARMWALD, 23rd Sq., General Studies, North Hollywood, CA; JAMES E. FARUS, 34th Sq., Management, Dewitt, lA; DENNIS B. FAY, 2nd Sq., History, Danville, IL; SALVATORE FAZIO Jr., 3rd Sq., Astro, Cleveland, OH. Row Two: FREDERICK A. FEDEWA, 2nd Sq., Int. Affairs, North Manchester, IN; RICHARD G. FEDORS, IstSq., Electrical Eng., Minneapolis, MN; EDWARD J. FEENEY, Jr., 26th Sq., History, Groton, CT; SCOTT R. FEHSEKE, 35th Sq., Civil Eng., Fort Madison, lA. Row Three: WOODROW D. FELIX, II, 3rd Sq., Humanities, Riverside, CA; ANTONIO FERRARO, 32nd Sq., Int. Affairs, Piedmont, CA; DONALD E. FICK, 22nd Sq., Management, Chicago, IL; GREGORY J. FINDLAY, 32nd Sq., Life Science, Harlan, lA. E i E I Row One: MICHAEL C. FINDLEY, 8th Sq., Mechanics, Latrobe, PA; ROBERT J. FINNEGAN, Jr., 10th Sq., History, San Antonio, TX. Row Two: PETER J. FIORENZI, 2ncl Sq., Management, Trinidad, CO; JAMES R. FITZGERALD, 33rd Sq., Management, Conroe, TX. Row Three: CHARLES E. FITZPATRICK, 3rd Sq., Psychology, Cincinnati, OH; BOB S. FITZSIMMONS, 2nd Sq., General Studies, Potomac, IL. 0 . fHuSt r) :| Row One (from left): DAVID A. FLATTERY, 23rd Sq., Math, Astro, Eng. Sciences, Oxnard, CA; ROBERT A. FLORY, 40th Sq., Psychology, Wauseon, OH; RONALD E. FLY, 4th Sq., Economics, Atlanta, GA; GERALD K. FLYNN, 1st Sq., History, Palmdale, Ca. Row Two: STEVEN S. FORBERG, 5th Sq., General Eng., Grand Rapids, Ml; FRANK L. FORSYTH, 1st Sq., Economics, Culver City, CA; BYRON T. FOWLER, 31st Sq., Int. Affairs, Oxon Hills, MD; HOWARD W. FRANK, Jr., 32nd Sq., Pre-Med., Bacaville, CA. Row Three: NORMAN G. FRANK, Jr., 31st Sq., General Studies, Minneapolis, MN; DAVID P. FREETH, 30th Sq., Behavioral Science, Bedford Hills, NY; DOUGLAS H. FROST, Jr., 29th Sq., History, Conroe, TX; WILLIAM E. FRULAND, 10th Sq., Life Science, Morris, IL. (. Henlo Park ' C . wgtonPafkCA I » % Row One: MICHAEL H. FUEYO, 30th Sq., General Studies, Tampa, FL; STANLEY G. FULLER, 31st Sq., Aero, Fort Collins, CO. Row Two: JAMES FULTON, 32nd Sq., Computer Science, Menio Park, CA; DAVID L. FUNDARECK, 5th Sq., Civil Eng., Chicago, IL. Row Three: JAMES C. FURFARI, 29th Sq., Electrical Eng., Monroeville, PA; GARY J. GADDY, 5th Sq., Management, Hun- tington Park, CA. , Row One (from left): ANDREW P. GALIK, 15th Sq., Civil Eng., Cliffton, NJ; PETER F. GARCIA, 27th Sq., Life Science, Corona, CA; RONALD L. GARHART, 28th Sq., Management, Altoona, PA; JOHN G. GARLAND, III, 6th Sq., Life Science, Denver, CO. Row Two: GARY M. GARNER, 22nd Sq., History, Pocahantas, AR; DAVID M. GARRAMONE, 39th Sq., Astro, Upper Saddle River, NJ; JAMES L. GARRETT, 29th Sq., Life Science, Colorado Springs, CO; JAMES J. GARRITY, 30th Sq., Political Science, Satellite Beach, FL. Row Three: PETER M. GAVARES, 14th Sq., Political Science, Northbrook, IL; MARK J. D. GEHRI, 23rd Sq., Economics, Ripon, Wl; GAILON L. GENTRY, 18th Sq., Life Science, Yakima, WA; ROBERT H. GIBBS, 31st Sq., Life Science, Psychology, Schofield, Wl. E CMfec r K diicilKii n RowOne.FREOfi Norttipod, i v Arlingion, E W; MICHAEL ?■ Jo Three: TEitEi ™ ' ' Laurel. MD Sq., Political .? ' «lScieoce, : - Economics I We Sdeocei We Science I WW. ; P - ' Mi L lic n L mj k Row One: FREDERICK W. GIBSON, 27th Sq., Psychology, East Northport, NY; RODNEY E. GIBSON, 26th Sq., Civil Eng., i Arlington, NE. I Row Two: MICHAEL L. GIERSCH, 3rcl Sq., Civil Eng., Fresno, CA; MICHAEL C. GIESE, 20th Sq., Astro, Upper St. Claire, PA. Row Three: TERENCE L. GILBERT, 16th Sq., General Studies, Colorado Springs, CO; PAUL E. GILLIAM, Jr., 35th Sq., Pre- Med., Laurel, MD. Row One (from left): JOHN P. GILMORE, 13th Sq., Computer Science, Salt Lake City, UT; JAMES E. GLENN, 28th Sq., Life Science, Dallas, TX. Row Two: FLOYD J. GLICK, 11th Sq., Basic Sciences, San An- tonio, TX; KENNETH F. GLIFORT, 8th Sq., Life Science, Stam- ford, CT. Row Three: ALBERT E. GLOCK, Jr., 10th Sq., Astro, Political Science, Jerusalem, Israel; DAN R. GOODRICH, 1st Sq., Psychology, St. Louis, MO. mx Row One thqi " lusville fk J " leot Munc« is ' » " .WVThow, Foslona Oh li " gton iw J Apatiei " em Pi " fi CA s Wash, iigion Hj I :Jf«S-SanA„. " ' «Sce " ce,Stam. o,Poliiica! )OWiCH 1st Sq., s te r i ■- S s i Row One: THOMAS E. GOODWIN, 38th Sq., Life Science, Titusville, PA; JAMES S. GRANDGOLAS, 13th Sq., Manage- ment, Muncie, IN; JOHN R. GRECO, 33rcl Sq., Civil Eng., Weir- ton, WV; THOMAS K. GREEN, 12th Sq., Computer Science, Harrison, NY. Row Two: TIMOTHY T. GREEN, 24th Sq., Aero, Mechanics, Fostoria, OH; JAMES T. GREESON, 26th Sq., Astro, Hun- tington, WV; JEFFREY H. GREINER, 25th Sq., Economics, Anaheim, CA; STEPHEN G. GRESS, Jr., 39th Sq., Manage- ment, Pittsburgh, PA. Row Three: DANIEL GRIFFIN, 8th Sq., Genera! Studies, Washington, NJ; WILLIAM E. GRIFFITH, 29th Sq., Behavioral Science, Valdosta, GA; ALFRED J. GUARDING, 21st Sq., Psychology, Senace Falls, NY; ANTHONY C. GUDECZAUSKAS, 29th Sq., Eng. Sciences, Coventry, Rl. Row One (from left): HAMPTON H. GUELICH, 22nd Sq., Political Science, Williamsville, NY; MICHAEL E. GUM, 35th Sq., Political Science, Anaheim, GA; PAUL F. GUZOWSKI, 21st Sq., Basic Sciences, Aurora, CO; EDWARD E. HACKNEY, 6th Sq., Mechanics, Las Vegas, NV. Row Two: RAYMOND F. HAILE, 24th Sq., Management, Clark AFB, Philippines; CARLETON P. HAIRSTON, 9th Sq., Electrical Eng., Logan, WV; THOMAS M. HALL, II, 7th Sq., American Studies, Ashland, KY; DONALD J. HALLEY, 22nd Sq., Mechanics, Aero, Prescott, AR. Row Three: MICHAEL P. HALPIN, 19th Sq., Civil Eng., Albu- querque, NM; THOMAS G. HALSETH, 20th Sq., Mechanics, OIney, MD; WILLIAM R. HALSEY, 5th Sq., Civil Eng., Akron, OH; MARK D. HALSOR, 37th Sq., History, Salem, OR. 1 low One: DAVID CO: HAROLD i Memphis, TK Uft, T : STEVE) c n Row One: DAVID S. HAMILTON, 23rd Sq., Civil Eng., Briglnton, CO; HAROLD R. HAMM, 18th Sq., Computer Science, IVIemphis, TN. Row Two: KENNETH C. HANCOCK, 21 st Sq., Life Science, New Orleans, LA; CHARLES B. HAND, 19th Sq., Chemistry, Grin- nel, lA. Row Three: PAUL M. HANKINS, 25th Sq., Psychology, Knox- ville, TN; STEVEN A. HANSEN, 20th Sq., Economics, Chadron, NE. Row One (from left): DEANE Y. HARIMOTO, 7th Sq., Pre-Med., Pearl City, HI; MARK A. HARLAN, 6th Sq., Management, Cincinnati, OH. Row Two: DOUGLAS A. HARNLY, 18th Sq., Astro, Math, Colorado Springs, CO; MARTIN L. HARPER, 37th Sq., Management, Greenwood, MS. Row Three: MICHAEL K. HATHAWAY, 33rd Sq., Management, Newark, CA; THOMAS F. HAYDEN, 3rd, 6th Sq., Civil Eng., En- field, CT. ll Row One: WILLIAM A. HAYES, 26th Sq., General Egng., Houston, TX; JAMES L. HAYHURST, 2nd Sq., Basic Sciences, Mill Valley, CA; RICHARD A. HAYNIE, 7th Sq., Civil Eng., Floris- sant, MO; JAMES G. HAZEN, 1st Sq., Humanities, Factoryville, PA. Row Two: THOMAS J. HEFFERNAN, 3rcl Sq., Int. Affairs, Mount Morris, IL; RICHARD P. HEFFNER, 31st Sq., Math, Monroe, NY; DAVID A. HEGLAND, 18th Sq., Eng. Sciences, Fargo, ND; STEVEN L. HEIL, 5th Sq., Management, Gering, NE. Row Three: DENNIS R. HEINLE, 5th Sq., Aero, Boulder Creek, CA; TERRENCE T. HENRICKS, 20th Sq., Civil Eng., Woodville, OH; BARTON E. HENWOOD, 18th Sq., Astro, Computer Science, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; DAVID P. HERRMAN, 16th Sq., History, Burlington, Wl. Astro, Matf ' . ; Managemf • ii ( ( c«i Row One (from left): WESLEY B. HESTER. 29th Sq., Political Science, Tampa, FL; BRADLEY K. HIGGINBOTHAM, 28th Sq., Management, Autaugavilla, AL; ERNEST W. HIGGINS, 7th Sq., General Studies, McMinnville, TN; KENT D. HILL, 14th Sq., Behavioral Science, Festus, MS. Row Two: GEORGE M. HOF, 11th Sq., Management, Williamsville, NY; DONALD J. HOFFMAN, 38th Sq., Electrical Eng Ladysmith, Wi; EDWARD W. HOFFMAN, 29th Sq., History, Orlando, FL; DAVID L. HOGLUND, 5th Sq., Electrical Eng., Denver, GO. Row Three: SCOTT A. HOKE, 15th Sq., Life Science, West Fair- view, PA; ERIC K. HOLCK, 1st Sq., Mechanics, Kailua, HI; THOMAS K. HOLKEBOER, 40th Sq., Management, Kentwood, Ml; STEPHEN HOLLAND, 33rd Sq., Life Science, Dallas, TX. C cl id k Hl p t - it Row One: DON M. HOLLERBACH, 29th Sq., Behavioral Science, Huron, SD; CHARLES R. HOLLEY, Jr., 15th Sq., Elec- trical Eng., Clearwater, FL. Row Two: ROBERT H. HOLLIWAY, 16th Sq., Management, Rockford, IL; JOHN H. HONSINGER, Jr., 39th Sq., Psychology, Artesia, MS. Row Three: ROBERT C. HOOD, 21st Sq., Math, Physics, Merritt Island, FL; ROBERT R. HOOD, 13th Sq., Civil Eng., Minatare, NE. Row One (from left): JAMES R. HORACEK, 16th Sq Behavioral Science, Tulsa. OK; STEVEN R. HORN, 35th Sq., Pre-Med., New Orleans, LA. Row Two: GARY M. HOROWITZ, 37th Sq., History, Sayvill, NY; NEAL J. HOUDE, 14th Sq., Management, Torrance, CA. Row Three: JOHN S. HOUSEHOLDER, 27th Sq., General Studies, Jamestown, NY; DAVID L. HOVRUD, 17th Sq., Astro, Lenox, SD. f ' 4BKA.HYAn ittsburgl, p. , 16ft Sq 3501 s,,: 1 General ■l Sfl., Astro, 5 t mtmrns Row One: JOSEPH 0. HOYLE, 36th Sq., Life Science, Pre- Med., Kings Mountain, NO; LAWRENCE D. HUBER, 8th Sq., Computer Science, Louisville, KY; SCOTT A. HUDDLESON, 1st Sq., Psychology, Los Angeles, CA; PHYLLIP B. HUFFMAN, 39th Sq., General Studies, Centerburg, OH. Row Two: DENNIS C. HUGHES, 38th Sq., Civil Eng., Reading, PA; PHILIP G. HUGHES, 8th Sq., Int. Affairs, Eaton, CO; WILLIAM F. HUGHES, Jr., 31st Sq., Civil Eng., Bethesda, MD: MARK A. HYATT, 9th Sq., Int. Affairs. Cherry Hill, NJ. Row Three: JAMES C. lACOBUCCI, 9th Sq., Life Science, Pittsburgh, PA; DANIEL R. IKEN, 5th Sq., Management, Aitus, OK; JIMMY D. ILSENG, 39th Sq., Math, Corpus Cristi, TX. Row One (from left): PHILIP D. INSCOE, 19th Sq., Manage- ment, Hillsborough, NC; PHILIP A. IRISH, III, 14th Sq., Behavioral Science, West Hanover, PA; DAVID G. JACKSON, 7th Sq., Psychology, Wheatridge, CO; JOHN P. JACKSON, 4th Sq., Life Science, Deland, FL. Row Two: JEFFREY L. JACOBS, 5th Sq., Civil Eng., Ran- dallstown, MD; MARK C. JACOBSON, 6th Sq., Economics, Management, Janesville, Wl; DONALD W. JAMES, 28th Sq., History, King Of Prussia, PA; THOMAS C. JANISSE, 7th Sq., Mechanics, Sterling Heights, Ml. Row Three: RAYMOND E. JEFFS, Jr., 16th Sq., General Studies, Boken Arrow, OK; ROBERT A. JENSEN, Jr., 20th Sq., Life Science, Sioux City, lA; MARC C. JOHANSEN, 39th Sq., Life Science, Madrid, Spain; MARK D. JOHNSON, 35th Sq., Pre-Med., San Antonio, TX. f Iti 1 o smA (MKI - Heights Ot ' P JONES : Row One: MARK R. JOHNSON, 4th Sq., Management, Nicollet, MN; ROY T. JOHNSON, Jr., 19th Sq., Pre-Med., Washington, jl DC. I Row Two: VERLE L. JOHNSTON, Jr., 25th Sq., Int. Affairs, Philadelphia, PA; JAY D. JOLLY, 22nd Sq., Electrical Eng., Maple Heights, OH. Row Three: CHARLES E. JONES, 4th Sq., Astro, Wichita, KS; JOHN P. JONES, 40th Sq., Int. Affairs, Monument, CO. ■■ I Row One (from left): WILLIAM H. JONES, 38th Sq., Manage- ment, Springfield, VA; JAMES E. JUDKINS, 11th Sq., .Civil Eng., Bellaire, TX. Row Two: CHARLES R. JUSTIZ, 19th Sq., Aero, Miami, FL; KEVIN J. KAAN, 8th Sq., History, Montgomery, AL. Row Three: LAWRENCE M. KAMPA, 6th Sq., Int. Affairs, New Orleans, LA; THOMAS P. KANE, 36th Sq., Int. Affairs, North Syracuse, NY. Row One: JOSEPH R. KARNER, 16th Sq., Management, Wauwatosa, Wl; LESTER K. KATAHARA, 37th Sq., Manage- ment, Kahului, HI; JAMES M. KEAGLE, 1st Sq., Int. Affairs, Philadelphia, PA; JAMES H. KEATON, 38th Sq., Aero, Nowata, OK. Row Two: JOSEPH E. KELLEY, 23rd Sq., Life and Behavioral Sciences, Chicago, IL; CHRISTOPHER A. KELLY, 39th Sq., Management, Denver, CO; JAMES R. KELLY, 2nd Sq., History, Napa, CA; JOHN E. KELLY, Jr., 34th Sq., History, Addison, IL. Row Three: WILLIAM M. KELLY, 1st Sq., Life Science, Waterloo, IL; ROBERT A. KEMBERLING, 37th Sq., Chemistry, Tarkio, MO; KELVIN P. KEMP, 40th Sq., Management, Long Beach, CA; DONALD J. KERLEY, 1st Sq., Management, Deer- field, IL. Cl E itflt i Row One (from left): SUNG-WHAN KIM, 2nd Sq., Int. Affairs, Inchon, S. Korea; WILLIAM S. KIMMEL, 1st Sq., Eng. Sciences, Annapolis, MD; WALTER A. KINARD, 1st Sq., Behavioral Sciences, Montgomery, AL; SCOTT A. KINKEAD, 3rd Sq., Chemistry, San Diego, CA. Row Two: RICHARD A. KIRKPATRICK, 11th Sq., Psychology, Eaton Rapids, Ml; GARY L. KIRSTEATTER, 37th Sq., Civil Eng., Peru, IL; ARTHUR E. KISBY, 40th Sq., General Studies, Rich- mond, CA; CRAIG N. KITCHEN, 39th Sq., General Studies, San Francisco, CA. Row Three: MARTIN J. KLENA, 39th Sq., Psychology, Gwinn Ml; KENNETH G. KLIMES, 38th Sq., Life Science, Berwyn, IL TIMOTHY H. KLINE, 36th Sq., Management, Bloomington, MN PETER C. KLINGER, 37th Sq., Chemistry, Anaheim, CA. T __ " -mimmsm i iiiiii ii i i tw i gi i iii i iiiiiiiiiii i wm mmmmmmammmmmm |! C iK Mri r« (I flow One BRiW: NE WADED Milwaukee Roft Two , Slephefi MN MiChA ■wso« Row One: BRIAN L. KNAUSS, 33rd Sq., Civil Eng., Lexington, NE; WADE D. KNIGHT, 26th Sq., Computer Science, South Milwaukee, Wl. Row Two: MICHAEL G. KNOLL, 5th Sq., Electrical Eng., Stephen, MN; LLOYD W. KOCHER, 31st Sq., Life Sciences, Cadott, Wl. Row Three: ERIK P. KOHLER, 35th Sq., Economics, Tacoma, WA; THOMAS D. KOLESSAR, 33rd Sq., Astro. Electrical Eng., Na zareth, PA. Row One (from left): PAUL A. KOLM, 38th Sq., Life Science, Springfield, MA; KENNETH C. KONWIN, 26th Sq., Civil Eng., Franklin Park, IL. Row Two: STEVEN C. KORALY, 29th Sq., Management, Miami, FL; JAMES F. KOSTER, 30th Sq., Management, Ridley Park, PA. Row Three: DAVID A. KOTECKI, 29th SQ., Civil Eng., Wheatridge, CO; GREGORY A. KURTZ, 31st Sq., Economics, Int. Affairs, Florissant, MO. ce. Den, t nftdteyPa, , lirUbci c itac ' i I Row One: MICHAEL R. KUSKIE, 32nd Sq., Life Science, Grant, NE; CHARLES E. LAIVIBERT, Jr., 36th Sq., Civil Eng., Central City, PA; KENT D. LAMBERT, 22nd Sq., History, South Sacramento, CA; DAVID T. LANE, II, 12th Sq., Economics, Twenty Lakes, MT. Row Two: JESSE P. LANE, III, 28th Sq., History, Necalester. OK; LANCE R. LANE, 14th Sq., Geography, Lockport, IL; JOHN F. LANSFORD, Jr., 28th Sq., Electrical Eng., Beeville, TX; CHRIS R. LANZIT, 26th Sq., Int. Affairs, Alameda, CA. Row Three: MICHAEL S. LARSON, 27th Sq., Aero, LaCrosse, Wl; CHARLES B. LATHAM, 35th Sq., General Studies, Scotland Neck, NC; GEORGE A. LAWRENCE, 25th Sq., Economics, Seaford, NY; ROBERT C. LAZAROFF, 34th Sq., Life Science, Denver, CO. Row One (from left): BRADFORD H. LEE, 5th Sq., Life Science, Oakland, CA; JEFFREY W. LEE, 27th Sq., Mechanics, Kodiak Island, AK; MARK C. LEE, 34th Sq., Civil Eng., Viroqua, Wl; STEPHEN M. LENZI, 33rd Sq., Eng. Management, Colling Dale, PA. Row Two: JACK E. LEONARD, 18th Sq., Int. Affairs, Walla Walla, WA; JAMES M. LEONARD, 24th Sq., Engineering Sciences, Barre, VT; MARK A. LEOPARDI, 23rd Sq., Civil Eng., Brgham City, UT; JAMES C. LESLIE, 33rd Sq., Int. Affairs, Pittsburgh, Pa. Row Three: JIMMY D. LESSLEY, 22nd Sq., Civil Eng., Bozeman, MT; BRUCE N. LEVERSON, 3rd Sq., History, Whitefish, MT; HOWARD J. LEWIS, Jr., 7th Sq., Physics, Fair- fax, VA; LYNN M. LEWIS, Jr., 23rd Sq., Management, Economics, Cartersville, GA. s K Aifen Boylder.co I ' v ' l Era,, « ' Sics.Fair- «. Management T Row One: TERENCE L. LEYSATH, 27th Sq., Basic Sciences. Annandale, VA; ROBERT C. LIGDAY, 21st Sq., Chemistry, St. % Paul, MN. f Row Two; JAMES M. LILLIS, 32nd Sq., Int. Affairs, Reading, PA; ORVILLE R. LIND, 20th Sq., Psychology, Hamilton, MT. Row Three; STUART P. LIDNER, 34th Sq., Behavioral Science, Portage, IN; ELDON R. LINDSTROM, 22nd Sq., Management, A Boulder, CO. i a t cIMI Row One (from left): RALPH B. LINZME IER, Jr., 19th Sq., Management, Visalia, CA; EMORY W. LOCKETTE, Jr., 36th Sq., History, Boulder City, NV; BRIAN E. LOFTUS, 17th Sq., Geography, Detroit, Ml; LAWRENCE J. LOFTUS, 33rcl Sq., Basic Sciences, Dearborn, Ml. Row Two: CHARLES R. LONDON, 17th Sq., Mechanics, West Caldwell, NJ; JACK D. LONG, 7th Sq., General Eng., Cheyenne, WY; LYNN I. LONG, 27th Sq., Management, Nevada, MO; EDWIN R. LOSKILL, 18th Sq., Mechanics, Hasting, NE. Row Three: MATTHEW G. LOVEGROVE, 19th Sq., Math, Merrillville, IN; COLE K. LOVETT, 18th Sq., Management, Otsego, Ml; ROY W. LOWER, 14th Sq., History, Burlington, WA; LAWRENCE W. LOWERY, 13th Sq., General Studies, Mindham, NJ. i ,T o:CHA«i .MlCHARi falls, MN. Colorado Spnt? Bory.Novatoi i I Row One: ROBERT L. LOWREY, 30th Sq., Political Science, Beebe, AR; MICHAEL A. LUBY, 32nd Sq., Math, Los Angeles, Row Two: CHARLES L. LUCAS, 31st Sq., Economics, Odessa, WA; MICHAEL J. LUCCA, 14th Sq., Life Science, International Falls, MN. Row Three: STEPHEN G. LUNSFORD, 12th Sq., History, Colorado Springs, CO; JAMES R. LUNTZEL, III, 13th Sq., History, Novato, CA. 0 im I Row One (from left): ROBERT J. LUTZ, 18th Sq., Civil Eng, St. Louis, MO; GREGORY K. LUX, 11th Sq., Life Science, Colum- bus, OH; PATRICK J. LYNCH, 12th Sq., Economics, Cincinnati, OH; MICHAEL D. LYONS, 12th Sq., History, St. Albans, WV. Row Two: WILLIAM L. MACELHANEY, 11th Sq., Mechanics, Colorado Springs, CO; THEODORE I. MACEY, 12th Sq., Pre- Med., Merrillville, IN; JOHN E. MADISON, Jr., 11th Sq., General Studies, Palos Verdes, CA; MICHAEL J. MALIZOLA, 12th Sq., Electrical Eng., North Platte, NE. Row Three: STEPHEN M. MALUTICH, 10th Sq., Mechanics, In- dianapolis, IN; JAMES M. MAPLES, Jr., 10th Sq., Economics, Int. Affairs, Bossier City, LA; MICHAEL L. MAQUET, 27th Sq., Mechanics, Mentor, OH; JAMES C. MASSARO, 34th Sq., Int. Affairs, Cleveland, OH. O f i mm I ' Ent|( .?Sq Pre. ZOU General 12th Sq , Economics fT e Row One: JOHN N. MASTROIANNI, 31st Sq., History, Augusta, GA; JIMMY C. MATLOCK, 1st Sq., Basic Sciences, Meridian, ID. I Row Two: MICHAEL B. MAUGHAN, 4th Sq., Electrical Eng., Cheyenne, WY; THOMAS A. MAY, 10th Sq., Physics, Dear- born, Ml. Row Three: SHERMAN E. MCALPINE, 4th Sq., Int. Affairs, Alexandria, VA; JAMES I. MCBRIDE, 8th Sq., Int. Affairs, Reidsville, NC. I Row One (from left): THOMAS L. MCCANCE, 5th Sq., Chemistry, Las Vegas, NV; JAMES A. MCCLURE, 2nd Sq., History, Cincinnati, OH. Row Two: MICHAEL S. MCCORD, 30th Sq., Computer Science, Rockville, MD; DARRELL L. MCCORMICK, 11th Sq., Manage- ment, Callahan, FL. Row Three: MICHAEL W. MCCOY, 6th Sq., Math, Midwest City, OK; MICHAEL M. MCGINNIS. 22nd Sq., Life Science, Hender- son, KY. GeogfaP ' ment,Gree« Brow. NV 32 Ml; DUNCAN. Springs. CO " Row One: EDWARD A. MCILHENNY, 6th Sq., Eng. Sciences, Port Washington, NY; FRANCIS E. MCINTIRE, Jr., 7th Sq., General Studies, Worcester, MA; KENNETH F. MCKEAN, 16th Sq., Astro, Salt Lake City, UT; JOHN E. MCKINLEY, 21st Sq., Geography, Waldport, OR. Row Two: BRUCE P. MCLANE, 34th Sq., Political Science, Bur- bank, CA; LARRY R. MCLAUGHLIN, 18th Sq., General Studies, Dealfield, Wl; SCOTT B. MCLAUTHLIN, 25th Sq., Manage- ment, Greeley, CO; BRIAN W. MCLEAN, 19th Sq., Int. Affairs, Jacksonville, NO. Row Three: THOMAS J. MCMANAMY, 9th Sq., Psychology, Bronx, NY; DONALD R. MCMONAGLE, 32nd Sq., Astro, Flint, Ml; DUNCAN J. MCNABB, 28th Sq., Management, Colorado Springs, CO; WILLIAM A. MCSPADDEN, 8th Sq., Int. Affairs, Athens, TN. ANCE. » Sq.. XURE. 2ii(l Sq.. router Science, - S«., Manage- iMidwestCity. W - Hender- i Row One (from left): JAMES R. MEEKER, 8th Sq., Manage- ment, Bonners Ferry, ID; SCOTT D. MEFFORD, 25th Sq., Basic Sciences, Aberdeen, WA; RICHARD A. MENTEMEYER, 25th Sq., Chemistry, Phoenix, AZ; NORMAN E. MICHEL, 2nd Sq., Life Science, Monroe, WA. Row Two: MARK MIKLOS, 3rd Sq., Int. Affairs, Pittsburgh, PA; ROSS A. MILES, 20th Sq., Math, San Antonio, TX; DAVE A. MILLER, 37th Sq., Computer Science, San Francisco, CA; JOHN L. MILLER, 30th Sq., Geography, Midwest City, OK. Row Three: JOHN M. MILLER, 27th Sq., Int. Affairs, History, Weymouth, MA; MARTIN G. MILLER, 28th Sq., History, Int. Af- fairs, Santa Maria, CA; ANDREW G. MILROY, 27th Sq., Psychology, Clackamas, OR; J. E. MOATS, 28th Sq., Manage- ment, Economics, Izmir, Turkey. lv ' ..fcg. ■■■- ' ». History 28 Sq.,Maoage. T; f s c Row One: DENNIS L. MONACELL, 27th Sq., Mechanics, Rochester, NY; JOSEPH P. MONAGHAN. Jr., 29th Sq.. History, Pacific Grove, CA. Row Two: MANUEL A. MONTEJO-MADRIZ, 34th Sq., Civil Eng. San Jose, Costa Rica; STEWART T. MONTI, 35th Sq., Psychology, Alexandria, VA. Row Three: CURT S. MOODY, 34th Sq., Behavioral Science, Cleveland, OH; DAVID L. MOODY, 28th Sq., General Studies, Patrick AFB, FL. I Row One (from left): JEFFREY W. MOORE, 15th Sq Mechanics, Seattle WA; ROBERT K. MOOREFIELD, 23rd Sq., Political Science, Wantaugh, NY, Row Two: JAMES E. MORRIS, 31st Sq., Psychology, Duryea, PA; RICHARD A. MORRIS, 23rd Sq., Political Science, Morgantown, WV. Row Three: ROBERT K. MORROW, Jr. Eng., Garden Grove, CA; WILLIAM T. History, Huntsville, AL. 35th Sq. MOTLEY, Electrical 34th Sq., (TLcf § ;. Electrical 34tli St]., ciikiic ife «ciii I 1 Row One: MICHAEL W. MUCK, 18th Sq., Management, St. Louis, MO; JAMES S. MUNRO, 15th Sq., Mechanics, Ber- nardsville, NJ; HAROLD W. MURPHREE, 16th Sq., Int. Affairs, St. Croix, VI; CHARLES E. MURPHY, 12th Sq., Computer Science, Duluth, MN. Row Two: FRANKLIN MURPHY, 30th Sq., Psychology, Colorado Springs, CO; SCOTT M. MURPHY, 15th Sq.. General Studies, Palatine, IL; WILLIAM J. MURPHY, 6th Sq., Manage- ment, Whitehall, Ml; FRANK J. MURRAY, 16th Sq., Computer Science, Woodbridge, VA. Row Three: WILLIAM S. MURRAY, 37th Sq., Behavioral Science, Lexington, MA; DEAN A. MYERS, 20th Sq., Electrical Eng., Computer Science, Los Angeles, CA; PHILIP M. NARDECCHIA, 21st Sq., Management, White Bear Lake, MN; ROGER C. NEDDO, Jr., 14th Sq., Mechanics, Malta, ID. Row One (from left); JAMES R. NELSON, 35th Sq., Pre-Med., Point Muso, CA; RICHARD G. NELSON, 24th Sq., History, Chicago, IL; WILLIAM P. NELSON, 9th Sq., Computer Science, Havlock, NC; JAMES A. NEMETZ, 4th Sq., History, Dayton, OH. Row Two: DAVID K. NEUMANN, 8th Sq., Physics, East Troy, Wl; DAVID F. NEWELL, 37th Sq., Basic Sciences, Alamagordo, NM; ERIC J. NEWMAN, 2nd Sq., Management, Lake Oswego, OR; ROBERT W. NEWMAN, 28th Sq., Life Science, St. Johns, Ml. Row Three: RICHARD W. NEWSOME, Jr., 21st Sq., Aero, Aiken, SO; RICHARD B. NICKELSON, 7th Sq., Astro, Belle Fouche, SD; RANDAL M. NIERSTHEIMER, 7th Sq., Life Science, Conrad, MT; JEFFREY A. NORTHGRAVES, 22nd Sq., Behavioral Science, Phoenix, AZ. t I - ' ' SS » - - c iE iC ik to One EOW Wuse, Nv Science, Ne«y(„ springs, CO j %.Belte " ■ Sq Life SlttC h «i C Row One: EDWARD C. NORTON, 17th Sq., Civil Eng., Syracuse, NY; WILLIAM J. NUGENT, 29th Sq., Political Science, New York City, NY. ! Row Two: RONALD M. OBERBILLIG, 19th Sq., Management, Boise, ID; MICHAEL J. OCONNELL, III, 4th Sq., Political Science, Virginia Beach, VA. Row Three: DAVID E. OLSEN, 4th Sq., Civil Eng., Colorado Springs, CO. I pOne:JO " . " Row One (from left): ROBERT P. OMASTA, 4th Sq., Basic Sciences, Northampton, IVIA; JOHN P. ONEILL, 28th Sq., Int. Affairs, Chicago, IL. Row Two: JAIVIES C. ORR, 2ncl Sq., Int. Affairs, Columbus, OH; DONALD L. OUKROP, 16th Sq., Management, Columbia City, OR. Row Three: JOHN J. OVERTON, 40th Sq., History, Nashville, TN; WILLIAM A. PAILES, 31st Sq., Computer Science, Kinnelon, NJ. i I Row One: JOHN M. PALANICA, 30th Sq., Management, Plain- field, IN; DOMINICK PAPARELLA, 30th Sq., Pre-Med., Brool lyn, NY; ROBERT E. PAPPAS, 2nd Sq., Int. Affairs, Tem- ple, TX; JAMES R. PAQUETTE, 40th Sq., Basic Sciences, Milwaukee, Wl. Row Two: DAVID S. PARKER, 39th Sq., Civil Eng., Omaha, NE; THOMAS J. PARKER, 27th Sq., Management, Portland, OR; JAMES A. PARSONS, 38th Sq., History, Vail, CO; JOHN M. PASSWATER, 35th Sq., General Studies, Noblesville, IN. Row Three: RUSSELL W. PATTERSON, 14th Sq., Economics, Port Arthur, TX; JAMES M. PAYNE, 5th Sq., General Eng., Hastings, Ml; RICHARD M. PEDERSEN, 35th Sq., Manage- :( ment, Meza, AZ; MICHAEL D. PEFLEY, Electrical Eng., Zion, IL 4 4thSg Bas: :L ' .28ttiSq ' i Row One (from left): DOUGLAS R. PELTON, 27th Sq., Civil Eng., Corfu, NY; JOHN G. PENNETT, 23rd Sq., Electrical Eng., Upper Marlboro, MD; JOHN C. PENNOCK, 36th Sq., Pre-Med., Cicero, NY; JAMES H. PEPLINSKI, 32nd Sq., Geography, Baltimore, MD. Row Two: GILBERT T. PERRY, Jr., 28th Sq., Civil Eng., Colum- bia, SC; RICHARD A. PETERS, 27th Sq., History, Cincinnati, OH; TRAVIS K. PETHE, 31st Sq., Mechanics, Edwardsburg, Ml; RICHARD E. PETTITT, 32nd Sq., General Studies, Syracuse, NY. Row Three: RICHARD A. PILLING, 33rd Sq., History, Downey, CA; DANIEL A. PITSKO, Jr., 24th Sq., Aero, Astro, Nazareth, PA; LAWRENCE P. POHL, 10th Sq., Management, Springfield, MO; PATRICK H. PONDROM, 22nd Sq., Management, New Iberia, LA. ' 1 fl cmt i efimimfi Clartoille,TNv, dkc iiif i Row One: CHRISTOPHER POREDA, 17th Sq., Computer Science, Westwood, MA; ALFRED M. POWELL, Jr., 34th Sq., Physics, Richmond, VA. Row Two: RICHARD R. POWERS, Jr., 23rd Sq., Physics, Clarksville, TN; VICTOR S. PRAWDZIK, III, 39th Sq., Civil Eng., Albuquerque, NM. Row Three: WARREN R. PRIDDY, 6th Sq., History, Pierce, ID; NICHOLAS PUZAK, Jr., 12th Sq., Basic Sciences, Pittsburgh, PA. »C fe Row One (from left): THOMAS A. PYRCH, 26th Sq., Eng. Sciences, Milford, CT; GORDON H. QUANBECK, 29th Sq., General Studies, Commack, NY. Row Two: KEITH A. QUINN, 1st Sq., Eng. Sciences, Reading, PA; MARK S. RABINOWITZ, 26th Sq., Mechanics, Los Angeles, CA. Row Three: MARK W. RADER, 38th Sq., Int. Affairs, Burlington, WA; SCOTT C. RAE, 9th Sq., Civil Eng., Santa Anna, CA. I Row One: DOUGLAS E. RAMBECK, 3rd Sq., Humanities, Cavalier, ND; KENT M, RAMEY, 5th Sq., int. Affairs, Denton, TX; STEPHEN P. RANDOLPH, 2nd Sq., History, Delano, GA; DAVID N. RANGE, 18tfi Sq., Political Science, Shannrock, TX. Row Two: CHARLES D. RATHBUN, 5th Sq., Computer Science, Astubula, OH; ARTHUR G. RATKEWICZ, 26th Sq., History, Madison, IL; DONALD L. RAVENSCROFT, 25th Sq., Computer Science, El Paso, TX; GARY A. READ, 25th Sq., History, Macksburg, lA. Row Three: HAROLD E. REED, 30th Sq., General Studies, Adel, lA; MELVIN M. REEVES, Jr., 10th Sq., History, Thomson, GA; MICHAEL E. REICH, 32nd Sq., Management, Clinton, Wl; DAVID K. REILY, 11th Sq., Astro, Chicago, IL. II K Sy l 1 26tli Sq., Eog aECK,29thSq, c«fces.flM(lmS .cs LOS Angeles a WW. CA ' Row One (from left): DAVID A. REINHOLZ, 20th Sq., Aero, Devlan, Wl; JOHN S. REINSGHMIDT, 24th Sq., Mechanics, Grant, NM. Row Two: LAWRENCE A. RENFRO, 4th Sq., Math, Wichita, KS; MICHAEL W. RESTEY, 39th Sq., Astro, Auburn, NY. Row Three: JOHN F. REYNOLDS, 27th Sq., Management, Denver, CO; STEVEN G. REZNICK, 15th Sq., Aero, Oakville, MO. s sm i " echaoics, W«Wta,KS; !wn,NY. ' " ■ Oakwiie ' E ficiii 3 i i Row One: EARL N. RICHARDSON, 16th Sq., Basic Sciences, Wayne, PA; EUGENE S. RICHARDSON, 15th Sq., Manage- ment, Spring, TX; THOMAS J. RICHARDSON, 25th Sq., Pre- Med., Davenport, lA; CHARLES A. RIEDL, 10th Sq., Basic Sciences, Wauwatosa, Wl. Row Two: STEVEN A. RISINGER, 17th Sq., Management, Oklahoma City, OK; NORMAN K. RISNER, 17th Sq., Manage- ment, Gunnison, CO; STEVEN R. RITZ, 39th Sq., Civil Eng., Scottsville, NY; JAMES T. RIVARD, 39th Sq., Astro, Deerborn, Ml. Row Three: ROBERTO J. RIVAS-PINGEL, 24th Sq., Civil Eng., Milwaukee, Wl; JOHN R. RIVERS, 25th Sq., Civil Eng., Thomp- son, CT; MICHAEL L. ROBARDS, 33rd Sq., Mechanics, Bargersville, IN; NEAL T. ROBINSON, 23rd Sq., Int. Affairs, Wichita, KS. Row One (from left): PAUL L. ROGERS, 14th Sq., Economics, Bridgeport, Ml; JOHN M. ROLLINS, 18th Sq., Life Science, Bridgeport, WV; JAMES J. ROMANO, 12th Sq., Electrical Eng., Rutland, VT; NATHAN O. ROSENBERG, 14th Sq., Manage- ment, San Francisco, GA. Row Two: JAMES R. ROSSER, 12th Sq., Civil Eng., Milton, FL; RUSSELL T. ROTH, 13th Sq., Economics, Salem, OR; PHILLIP V. ROWELL, 13th Sq., Int. Affairs, Summerville, SC; THOMAS M. RUHSAM, 14th Sq., Life Science, Sarasota, FL. Row Three: JAMES D. RUMMER, 8th Sq., Civil Eng., Limestone, NY; DAVID K. RUSK, 15th Sq., Management, Pittsfield, MA; RAYMOND J. RUSS, 26th Sq., Int. Affairs, Can- ton, OH; BOBBY L. RUSSELL, 7th Sq., Management, Voaz, AL ! ' ■= " age- 7 0« PHILLIP J 5C, THOMAS Sd C il Eng.. ' management ' ■ ' aifsXao- ' - 032, AL, Row One: ROBERT L. RUXER, Jr., 29th Sq., Life Science, Colonial Heights, VA; ROBERT E. RYAN, 14th Sq., Math, McKeesport, PA. Row Two: MICHAEL J. SACRIDER, 16th Sq., General Studies, Omaha, NE; GARY SAMBUCHI, 15th Sq., Mechanics, Lackawana, NY. Row Three: DAVID W. SAMS, 15th Sq., Civil Eng., Boardwell, KY; PHILLIP A. SANBORN, Jr., 18th Sq., Management, Flint, Ml. Row One (from left): RICHARD L. SANDWICK, 9th Sq., Civil Eng., Salt Lake City, UT; RONALD A. SARNO, 27th Sq., Pre- Med., Broomfield, CO. Row Two: LLOYD L. SAULS, Jr., 36th Sq., Psychology, Basic Sciences, Durant, OK; ROBERT E. SAYERS, 18th Sq., Life Science, Monument, CO. Row Three: COLIN C. SCHEIDT, 14th Sq., Political Science, Columbus, IN; DANIEL B. SCHELLINGER, 29th Sq., Manage- ment, West Bend, Wl. i: r 1 I Row One: MICHAEL J. SCHMID, 19th Sq., Psychology, Eagle River, Wl; MICHAEL H. SCHMIDT, 37th Sq., Civil Eng., Colorado Springs, CO; THOMAS J. SCHMITT, 38th Sq., Economics, Belville, IL; PETER R. SCHOCKER, 22nd Sq., Elec- trical Eng., Granite City, IL. Row Two: EDWARD P. SCHOECK, 1st Sq., History, Cheshire, CT; JAMES A. SCHOECK, 35th Sq., Mechanics, Webster Grove, MS; MYRON J. SCHOLTEN, 25th Sq., Physics, Hall, lA; KURT H. SCHRADER, 10th Sq., Mechanics, Kadena AFB, Okinawa. Row Three: ROBERT J. SCHRAEDER, Jr., 36th Sq., Physics, Math, Basking Ridge, NJ; ROBERT G. SCHULTZ, 33rd Sq., Eng. Management, Jacksonville, FL; DENNIS L. SCHWEITZER, 34th Sq., Computer Science, Canton, OH; JOHN M. SCIACCA, 20th Sq., Management, Totowaboro, NJ. Row One (from left): DARRYL A. SCOTT, 22ncl Sq., Economics, Washington, DC; ROBIN E. SCOTT, 36th Sq., History, Richfield, MN. 16th Sq., Behavioral SEBRING, 30th Sq., Row Two: WILLIAM A. SCROGGS, Jr. Science, Asheville, NC; MICHAEL M. Computer Science, Roanoke, VA. Row Three: RONALD M. SEGA, 3rd Sq., Physics, Math, Northfield, OH; THOMAS E. SEGULJA, 16th Sq., Management, Pecos, TX. f s ium 1 •50 Economics I Row One: NORMAN R. SEIP, 13th Sq., History, Middlesex, NJ; MICHAEL M. SELWAY, 31st Sq., Computer Science, Euclid, OH; DAVID R. SERFAS, 33rd Sq., Electrical Eng., East Stroudsburg, PA; TRIS A. SEVDY, 25th Sq., Management, Live Oak, CA. Row Two: WILLIAM A. SEXTON, III, 39th Sq., Political Science, Everett, WA; JAMES C. SEYDEWITZ, 13th Sq., General Studies, Stratford, CT; JACK L. SHACKLETT, 16th Sq., Geography, Ekron, KY; JAMES M. SHAMESS, 34th Sq., History, St. Louis, MO. Row Three: FRANK T. SHANLEY, 1st Sq., Int. Affairs, Hamden, CT; MARK E. SHEPROW, 4th Sq., Int. Affairs, Monmouth Beach, NJ; PAUL D. SHERRY, 12th Sq., Life Science, Littleton, CO; JOSEPH D. SHINE, 17th Sq., Management, Temple, TX. Row One (from left): JOHN R. SHNOWSKE, 35th Sq., Manage- ment, Mosinee, Wl; RANDALL D. SHOCKLEY, 24th Sq., History, Key West, FL; NEIL O. SHOTTON, 38th Sq., General Studies, Jal, NM; SAMUEL L. SHUTT, 6th Sq., Electrical Eng., Rochester, IL. Row Two: JAMES J. SIENICKI, 31st Sq., Basic Sciences, Pittsburgh, PA; WAYNE F. SIHRER, 32nd Sq., General Studies, Pekin, IL; JAMES A. SILLS, 24th Sq., Behavioral Science, Fort Lauderdale, FL; WILLIAM J. SIMS, III, 33rd Sq., History, Yuma, AZ. Row Three: JAMES P. SKALKO, 32nd Sq., Management, Spar- ta, MN; JAMES F. SLATON, 31st Sq., Civil Eng., Spokane, WA; BRUCE G. SMITH, 3rd Sq., Computer Science, Buffalo, NY; CLARENCE D. SMITH, Jr., 21st Sq., Management, Corona, NY. (mem Klik L g owOne:GREG[ OenverXOjAMI taTwoJOHK;; WW E, SMITH Row Three: : THOMAS SCO! i Row One: GREGOR D. SMITH, 29th Sq., Behavioral Science, ; Denver, GO; JAMES B. SMITH, 10th Sq., History, Brooks, GA. ;| Row Two: JOHN C. SMITH, 1st Sq., Psychology, Deep Run, NO; I MARK E. SMITH, 34th Sq., Int. Affairs, Olancha, CA. ! Row Three: SCOTT L. SMITH, 39th Sq., Civil Eng., Lagrange, I TX; THOMAS D. SMITH, 38th Sq., Management, Redmond, i WA. Row One (from left): MICHAEL J. SNEDEKER, 28th Sq., Int. Af- fairs, Sterling Park, VA; JOHN B. SOLAN, 27th Sq., Behavioral Science, Santa Fe, NM. Row Two: RUSSELL M. SOLT, 3rcl, 28th Sq., Electrical Eng., El Toro, GA; PAUL K. SPENDLEY, 7th Sq., History, St. Albans, VT. Row Three: JAMES M. SPRAY, 40th Sq., Management, Flagstaff, AZ; PHILLIP L SPRY, 1st Sq., Int. Affairs, Reading, 1 Row One: ROBERT W. STAFFORD, 34th Sq., General Studies, Amarillo, TX; KIP K. STANGL, 18th Sq., Political Science, Bella Plain, lA; KIRK E. STANT, 11th Sq., Int. Affairs, Naples, FL; LAWRENCE A. STANTON, 17th Sq., Int. Affairs, Clarksboro, NJ. Row Two: MICHAEL J. STEADMAN, 28th Sq., Area Studies, Kaneohe, HI; RICKY T. STEARMAN, 4th Sq., History, Irvington, KY; KURT R. STEEBY, 26th Sq., Geography, Anchorage, AK; GREGG P. STEINHILPERT, 30th Sq., Computer Science, Phoenix, AZ. Row Three: TRACY G. STEPHENS, 25th Sq., Civil Eng., Binghampton, NY; DAVID P. STEPHENSON, 26th Sq., History, Kalamazoo, Ml; STEPHEN A. STERNE, 12th Sq., History, St. Louis, MO; CHARLES A. STEVENS, 24th Sq., Political Science, Severna Park, MD. Manage ' ' {mat Row One (from left): RILEY R. STEVENS, 12th Sq., Int. Affairs, Annapolis, MD; CHARLES G. STEWART, 24th Sq., Manage- ment, Grande Saline, TX; DOf ALD R. STIFFLER, 23rd Sq.. Electrical Eng., Salem, OH; DENNIS M. STOCKERT, 30th Sq., Pre-Med., Solan, ND. Row Two: ALAN G. STOCKSTAD, 18th Sq., Management, San Bernardino, CA; FREDERICK W. STONE, Jr., 16th Sq., Math, Chicago, IL; STEPHEN M. STRACK, 7th Sq., Psychology, Matawan, NJ; GREGORY E. STRAIGHT, 16th Sq., Astro, Columbus, OH. Row Three: LAWRENCE L. STRANG, 34th Sq., History, Rawlins, WY; RICHARD STRAUB, 20th Sq., Life Science, Bayville, NY; HOWARD P. STRONG, 32nd Sq., Int. Affairs, Wantagh, NY; JAMES D. STRUBLE, Jr., 33rd Sq., History, Lakewood, CA. smis kimim sf i kcm OwO(ie:HAROt; issouia. MT- «yi RowTw ■m, iMICHAEli RowThri ■ee: DAS 1 -JwiSq.Math, Psytiiology ' Sq.. Histof) «, We Science SfllrtAtas, I ' ! Sq Historv. F ' ) % ' V li; s clito Row One: HAROLD L. STURDEVANT, Jr., 9th Sq., Int. Affairs, Missoula, MT; WILLIS A. STURDIVANT, 5th Sq., Civil Eng., Shrevesport, LA. Row Two: JOHN V. SULLIVAN, 26th Sq., Int. Affairs, Mansfield, OH; MICHAEL K. SUMIDA, 39th Sq., Astro, Fairfield, CA. Row Three: DAN C. SURBER, 26th Sq., History, Dallas, TX; ROBERT A. SUTLEY, 13th Sq., Political Science, Alexandria, VA. ,VV., . ' ' ; Science, Coloraoc Row One (from left): DONALD W. SWALLOM, 32nd Sq., Eng. Sciences, South Gate, CA; JOHN C. SWEDA, 24th Sq., General Studies, Chagrin Falls, OH; JOHN D. SWEENEY, 17th Sq., Economics, Garrollton, MO; GADSON J. TARLETON, III, 3rd Sq., Life Science, Nashville, TN. Row Two: RALPH H. TATE, III, 36th Sq., Aero, Omaha, NE DEWAYNE G. TAYLOR, 20th Sq., Life Science, Norman, OK MARK J. TAYLOR, 33rd Sq., Civil Eng., La Crescenta, CA EDWARD F. TEIGELER, III, 38th Sq., History, Jacksonville, FL. Row Three: RALPH N. TERPOLILLI, 19th Sq., Pre-Med, Vestal NY; MICHAEL R. TERRY, 20th Sq., History, Phoenix, AZ NICHOLAS THOMAS, 40th Sq., Management, San Diego, CA STEVEN R. THURGOOD, 30th Sq., Computer Science, Evansville, IN. ' i i n Row One: ANDREW W. TICE, Jr., 8th Sq., Pre-Med., Atlanta, GA; JAMES G. TIETJEN, 11th Sq., Basic Sciences, Copague, Row Two: MARION A. TIMBERLAKE, Jr., 7th Sq., Int. Affairs, Dallas, TX; JOHN J. TOMICH, 35th Sq., Electrical Eng., Aurora, CO. Row Three: JOSEPH J. TRAFICANTI, 36th Sq., Political Science, Colorado Springs, CO; ROBERT S. TRAUTMAN, 13th J I Sq., Int. Affairs, Cedartown, GA. rs£im M 32(1(1 StJ. W ,„cOmaM.NE ,,«Norniao. : , Med,VesJ ! S3 ' Diego, CA tm crws cTFTl. Row One (from left): GARY H. TROVILLION, 24th Sq., Civil Eng., Rutheford, NJ; KEITH R. TRUMBULL, 37th Sq., Mechanics, Aero, Thetford Center, VT; CHARLES W. TUCKER, 27th Sq., Life Science, Richfield, MN; KENNETH W. TUPPER, 21st Sq., Astro, Mobile, Al. Row Two: JOHN C. UFFORD, 4th Sq., Chemistry, Hood River, OR; RUSSELL J. URDAHL, 2nd Sq., History, McAllen, TX; WILLIAM H. VANHORN, 1st Sq., Political Science, Glidden, lA; | MARK S. VANNEY, 25th Sq., Economics, Rhinelander, Wl. Row Three: RANDY G. VANSCOYK, 22nd Sq., General Studies, Willamina, OR; KENNETH W. VECHIK, 17th Sq., Int. Affairs, Alexandria, VA; JOHN M. VEREB, 9th Sq., Civil Eng., Gary, IN; JOHN O. VERLING, 7th Sq., History, Hawthorne, NV. diic P™5S.C0:l ; Plamlield, Nj -JOrtNRvosi - 2;efnent, [ i 1 - ' liver citei ' " f li Row One: CHRISTIAN S. VIEWEG, 36th Sq., History, Colorado Springs, CO; LAURENCE C. VLIET, 8th Sq., Economics, North Plainfield, NJ. Row Two: DENNIS J. VOLLINK, 8th Sq., Civil Eng., Kauveakee, IL; JOHN R. VOSS, 10th Sq., Life Science, Temple, TX. Row Three: WALTER E. WAHL, 28th Sq., Computer Science, Gardner, MA; DOUGLAS A. WALKER, 23rd Sq., Economics, Management, Lakeland, FL. Row one. THOMAS, Row One (from left): PHILIP E. WALKER, 19th Sq., Eng. Sciences, Waukegan, IL; RONALD D. WALKER, 14th Sq., Int. Affairs, Pikeville, KY; STEPHEN H. WALLINGFORD, 11th Sq., Aeor, Math, West Nyack, NY. Row Two: JOHN R. WARD, 20th Sq., History, Management, Bloomington, ID; RONALD W. WATSON, 20th Sq., Life Science, West Texas City, TX; THOMAS F. WATSON, 17th Sq., Management, St. Louis, MO. Row Three: ROBERT H. WAYNE, Jr., 21st Sq., Int. Affairs, San Francisco, CA; JOHN W. WEAVER, 7th Sq., History, Harperwoods, Ml; LANCE C. WEBB, 17th Sq., Psychology, Springfield, MA. n ' ?l Sq., Eng. RUtllSfl. ' flRD.l ' I ' iSq., ,ATS0N.1 ' thSq., 5flPsy ologj Row One: STEVEN W. WEISS, 14th Sq., Math, Frankenmuth Ml; THOMAS R. WEISS, 11th Sq., Psychology, Chicago, IL GEORGE M. WELLS, 8th Sq., General Studies, Walwick, Rl MICHAEL E. WELLS, 15th Sq., Int. Affairs, Hobart, OK. Row Two: EDWARD WHALEN, 10th Sq., History, Sparta, NJ; JOHNNY B. WHEELOCK, 4th Sq., Life Science, St. Johnsbury, VT; ROBERT S. WHITTON, 5th Sq., General Studies, Andover, MA; ROBERT J. WIDMER, Jr., 6th Sq., Life Science, Atlantis, FL. Row Three: LINN E. WILDE, III, 20th Sq., History, Escondido, CA; DAVID M. WILDMAN, 8th Sq., Humanities, FE Warren AFB, WY; ALAN P. WILLIAMS, 20th Sq., Life Science, Nazareth, PA; JAMES C. WILLIAMS, 10th Sq., Physics, Math, Pueblo, CO. I Row One (from left): RICHARD WILLIAMS, 11th Sq., General Studies, Brooklyn, NY; ROBERT L. WILLIAMS, 2nd Sq., Chemistry, Lexington, KY; ROBERT L. WILLIAMS, 16th Sq., Economics, Blairsville, PA; BARRY S. WILSON, 1st Sq., Management, Arlington, VA. Row Two: DAVID S. WILSON, 40th Sq., Civil Eng., Knoxville TN; RICHARD A. WOHLMAN, 20th Sq., Basic Sciences, Worthington, OH; MICHAEL L. WOLFERT, 21st Sq., History, Columbus, OH; MARC A. WOOTEN, 36th Sq., Management, Dallas, TX. Row Three: BRIAN D. WORTH, 19th Sq., History, Baytown, TX; DONALD O. WRIGHT, 35th Sq., Pre-Med., Detroit, TX; RICHARD H. WRIGHT, 18th Sq., Civil Eng., Dallas, TX; HENRY R. YAAP, 24th Sq., Civil Eng., Lockport, IL 2a H »y,Baylow,,TX; " »TX HENRY 1 Bn mtac Row One: THOMAS T. YASUHARA, 13th Sq., Psychology, Honolulu, HI; JAMES H. YEILDING, 25th Sq., General Eng., Cocoa Beach, FL; JEFFREY P. YORK, 31st Sq., Pre-Med., Moscow, PA; ALAN H. YOUNG, 20th Sq., Civil Eng., Fairfield, CA. Row Two: WILLIAM A. YUCUIS, 38th Sq., Aero, Midlothiam, IL; ANTHONY F. ZDANUK, Jr., 7th Sq., General Studies, Seymour, CT; JOHN A. ZIMMERMAN, 13th Sq., Math, Tracy, CA; JOHN C. ZIMMERMAN, 15th Sq., Management, St. Louis, MO. A.O.C, SQ Sweetheart I I James M. Keagle Fall Commander Dan R. Goodrich Bruce N. Leverson Winter Commander Spring Commander Stapley, J. S. White, G. V. ' ,11 W¥ m q ri r n Diehi, A. F. Ill Ellis, D. S. Hopkin, B. T. Keene, D. N. Jr. Krogh, P. S. Ill Lewailen, E. C. Mahrer, D. Manthei, J. L. May, J. A. McGraw, W. R. Nelson, M. E. Newton. E. A. Niehans, C. A. Parsons, 0. K. Putt, K. R. Reese, M. S. Rosebush, M. A. Schwartz, C. P. Smith-Harrison, L. I. Austin, L. R. Benton, J. L. Damiens, D. J. Delpinto. M. A. Eddy, S. R. Errigo, J. A. Gahl, R. E. Goodrich, B. F. Jareo, D. L. Jones, B. A. Jr. Kurtz, J. A. Lorenzen, G. L. McHenry, C. S. New, L. D. Obrien, P. T. Ohier, P. C. Pendergrass, H. D. Porritt, O. W, Scott, M. W. Steinmetz, J. S. Stockmann, H. M. Turner, J. W. Twiddy, J. C. II Waldbusser, R. T. White, W. R. 76 77 AltJzer, B. D. Ambrose, M. C. Barrett, M. W. Brown, J. F. Ill Burks, W. R. Cameron, S. E. Dick, S. B. Emanuel, R. J. Enderle, R. H. Jr. Garza, M. A. Green, P. B. Hartung. W. G. Hejl, W. A. Herchak, J. A. Kingsley, S. T. Luchte, M. W. Maier, M. E. Olinger, D. K. Schiermeyer, R. Spott, D. B. Thompson, P. A. Turner, D. W. Vorholt, P. J. Waiss, T. Wp ' . a Q Welshans, J. S. Zink, B. R. MbM I 74 A.O.C • Fr- Capt. D. E. Purcell SQ Sweetheart Dennis B. Fay Fall Commander Norman E. Michel Patrick L. Carlton Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Akers, R. L. Beck, D. E. Gabrys, K. F. Jr. Gilliam, M. M. Howard, J. D. Jewell, G. S. Johnston, M. W. Linn, W. E. Linster, B. G. McFarland, C. A. Miglin, R. N. Montgomery, K. P. Perclval, W. F. Prater, J. 0. Shrine, J. J. 3rd Smith, D. C. Takacs, R. A. Thomas, J. S. Tibbitts, S. W. Vanepps, A. R. Young, T. J. ZejdWk, T. N. 76 Angevine, R. T. Butler, L. W. Ill Culpepper, R. C. Dobson, R. H. Flower, D. R. Galavotti, L. J. Jr. Henkel, C. L. Heppner, J. J. Jacobs, M. A. Lambert, B. K. Lopez, M. J. Mansfield, R. A. Jr. Matthews, D. L. McComb, S. A. McGee, J. D. McNamara, J. C. Miller, J. A. Moore, D. L. Musick, W. G. 2nd Nelson, B. M. Parker, R. M. Pauly, R. L. Probert. A. A. Schoenlein, R. J. Sullivan, C. M. Terifay, D. M. Vincze, J. P. Weatherford, D. E. WTf a (% r| o PP pp i f. Jilt i Arguedas-Moreno, G. Base, S. J. Bloom, J. P. Jr. Bowman. C. T. Ill Brown, C. W. Butler, c. H. Crowley, J. R. Cultrera, B. P. Elliott, J. W, Evans, G. B. Gaston, R. W. .Jr. Henderson, J. P. HInkin, D. T. Jackson, S. C. Jones, J. E. Maskowitz, J. V. Murra, C. L. Oneill, J. G. Paulk, R. L. Perry, V. E. Savone, M. A. 77 Silva, R. D. Smitn, M. F. Terrall, J. S. Tomlin, J. A. WIchinski, R. J. Wilkes, B. J. 74 nm m ' m . ! B .M ■ . r. ' ::J::,, - fM: 1 ■ A.O.C. Capt. H. A. Murray Jr. Douglas E. Rambeck Fail Commander SQ Sweetheart Richard C. Barclay Ronald M. Sega Winter Commander Spring Commander I HFf - ( ) ( " i ' :r aAd A .A -f i .A Sienkiewicz, E. Steward, J. M. Turner, R. W. Wilson, T. Wisloski, M. M. Jr. iinande Awtrey. R. M. Cason, W. Jr Castro-Aguirre, J. Chapman, D. W. Cunningham, D. L, Daly, J. F. Esposito, H. Lenci, M. R. Lewis, D. O. Marburger, J. H. Matt, C. P. McKee, T. N. McLucas, C. F. Ill Meraviglia, J. M. II Paul, R. Rosborg, E. J. Ruth, M. E. Schmitz, C. B. Schurbon, S. A. Scully, R. J. Jr. Shields, W. B. 75 Barnes, J. T. 7 R Berg, T. R. I J Carlson, R. P. Crouser, D. T. Davila, R. Jr. Delaney, J. R. Fagot, B. F. Fortin, M. F. Fry, D. W. Garrison, L. C. Hesterberg, L. K. Hobart, W. C. Jr. Houle, G. R. Larsen, J. A. Miller, D. E. Montgomery, G. L. Moore, E. C. Olson, M. S. Peraro, T. A. Peterson, C. U. II Riewerts, 3. E. li Shirey, W. J. Smith, M. R. Stewart, D. E. Talafous, C. R. Wagner, R. A. Whitehead, J. W. Jr. 77 Amann, G. W. Baumgartner, J. E. Bordon, G. G. Bruce, R. A. Cervone, A. N. Evans, A. T. Finney, R. L. Flierl, G. D. Gunzinger, M. A. Harris, J. D. Heidmous, J. N. Hinesley, T. W. Jones, D. G. Makuta, J. M. Ill Marquez, S. L. McDermott, B. B. Mcintosh, R. L. Murphy, E. F. Murray, M. H. Nicholis, 0. H. Perraut, R. E. Jr. Rutherford, T. A. Small, R. L. Swanson, D. E. mm n rwi r 6i O " Tibor, J. F. Walker, D. W. Zaehringer, R. P. 74 ll John I A.O.C 4 Capt. J. S. Rogers SQ Sweetheart John P. Jackson Fall Commander John B. Wheelock Kurt L. Conkiin Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Allen, R. W. Blissit, J. A. Jr. Brundlge, T. W. IV Delaune, D. M. Fariss, L. A. Gaughan, J. F. II Grieder, F. M. Killingsworth, P. S. Ladd, W. C. Ladieu, J. D. Lischak, M. W. Losi, P. C. Morse, C. D. Nelson, W. J. Oleksak, R. P. Paterson, B. L. Phillips, B. W. Jr. Posthumus, M. A. Pratt, D. P. Scruggs, J. R. 7R Auberry, T. W Barley, K. R. Bjorklund, C. L. Bush, R. W. Clark, D. N. Dodgen, B. C. Elson, R. R. Hamed, S. M. Julien, P. A. Lambert, S. A. Lee, M. D. Lindsay, C. L. McGinley, D. C. McKenzie, D. K. Jr. Mitchell, C. S. Muncy, R. G. Murphy, G. B. Petrie, T. M. Pickett, D. R. Jr. Rasmussen, B. A. Reza, S. 11235 MMM pngnH BHHH |H H Rhoades, J. R. Jr. Romohr, A. E. Starks, S. E. Talbot, T. J. Trettin, J. 0. Walters, J. J. i k k Mik Bailev, Z. E. Bomar, M. W. Carwile, J. M. Champ, T B. Conrad, J. E. Costales, A. A. Jr. Derrick, M. J. inLd l tskm Evert, D. L. Flint, D. L. Hanington, K. R. Hanlon, S. J. Horkulic, M. E. Kenney, M. L. Leurquin, F. J. Jr. Wf q n ' " ) Meyer, F. S. O ' Malley, J D Pean, S. T. Pietruszka, R. S. Robinson, V. L. Roquet, W. P. Sears, K. E. Jr. 77 74 A.O.C Capt. B. Beverly SQ Sweetheart Michael G. Knoll Fail Commander II, David L. Fundarek Willis A. Sturdivant Winter Commander Spring Commander I e " ' « ' WW W (..fflJ|i|i Corsetti, W. V. Craig, R. G. Devries, C. A. Finke, R. A. Forbes, D. R. Foreman, J. P. Gravette, B. R. Janson, J. P. Keith, C. R. Jr. Maiorano, W. Mcintosh, R. A. Nelson, D. Odegard, R. E. Osborne, W. B. Oshea, M. F. Powell, R. R. Richter, L. L. Jr. Seifert, G. R. Shields, D. C. Wissman, J. P. 75 r TT Subik, J. K. Weber, B. C. Wright, P. S. Appolloni, T. J. Armstrong, C. E. Brandt, J. E. Brozovic, R. L. Butdorf, G. R. Chilton, K. P. Corl, D. M. Craig, W. R. Crocco, J. R. Garner, L. E. Grijalba, A. S. Guindon, B. D. Hackett, J. T. Hatt, G. R. Haug, C. M. Hiebert, D. W. Hudson, R. W. Kearns, W. A. Lacy, M. P. McLaughlin, J. R. Mets, J. S. Peters, R. F. Rader, S. P. Reynolds, R. L. 76 77 Bray, H. S. Brown, G. E. Clary, M. T. Dietz, D. C. Frantz, R. C. Gresh, S. F. Haggerty, S. A. Herbert, R. A. Hopper, T. B. Jones, 0. P. Knapp, W. J. Krebsbach, M. G. Luckett, L. W. Mazurowski, J. E. Meakins, M. L. Moore, T. L. Pennington, B. W. Perkins, J. A. Reiner, G. P. Rippetoe, D. E. Ill Rohlman, W. H. Shrum, P. D. Simons, J. V. Jr. Stokes, S. E. Tankersley, C. L. Vogel, A. L. Wahlstrom, M. 0. Wurst, S. G. W r o ' i 74 Capt. J. D. Graham Jr. SQ Sweetheart Patrick L. Carlton Samuel L. Shutt Thomas F. Hayden Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Cooke, H. J. Duresky, S. J. Fitz, M. S. Huddleston, B. E. Little, M. C. Lynn, R. B. Marcuzzo, P. L. Marro, M. C. McCarthy, D. C. Murray, W. P. IV Nobles, C. M. Osslff, J. Ramstad, R. E. Jr. Scott, C. T. Stickney, M. W. J iftll A A Ai 2 i 4iiii Wallace, D. G. Williams, M. R. Young, D. D. Jr 76 Dorman, G. A. Evans, J. T. Jr. Eyolfson, M. F. Fallon, A. D. Flemings, G. H. Foster, D. A. Greene, T. A. Hinkel, C. R. Ingersoll, S. R. Kelly, S. M. Kunkel, D. P. Layman, M. A. Ledbetter, J. F. Lee, M. A. Lewis, J. T. Long, S. P. Otoole, K. J. Perdue, S. R. Robaidek, M. F. Sawner, T. E. Ill Sneddon, J. R. Stevens, J. G. Ill Szkarlat, S. J. Jr. Tomaszewski, J. 1 f C r3. ' " f% 7 ' ' Wild, R. E. 2nd Yerke, T. E. q r n Solterbeck, W. D. Tharp, M. B. Veale, R. T. Addington, S. I. Appel, L. N. Betsili, D. M. Boedigheimer, G. A. Buckley, J. K. Chappell, J. M. Dilly, R. J. Eppley, D. S. Garland, J. S. Goodman, B. D. Gwynn, J. T. Hackett, G. J. Hanson, J. G. Logan, T. E. Mohylsky, P. A. Muus, J. R. Oneal, K. D. Plunk, O. A. Jr. Podolny, D. A. Reffett, E. A. Riley, R. N. Rupert, E. L. II Serer, E. Smith, B. L. 77 74 A.O.C. Maj. F. D. Johnson SQ Sweetheart S j Steven R. Bauer Fall Commander Ernest W. Higgins Bobby L. Russell Winter Commander Spring Commander Buron, R. J. Jr. Caskey, W. M. Cook, G. R. Deren, P. S. Donnelly, M. S. Hell, M. L. Hennessey, P. J. Kummerfeld, J. R. Kundert, C. J. Langford, D. R. Modrich, M. J. Murphy, B. E. Nystrom, C. W. Jr. Ogreen, M. R. Osterheld, D. C. Ruttler, J. L. Jr. Schuman, J. S. Shope, M. L. Tasker, F. L. Vosburgh, G. D. 75 mmande Schneider, G. R. With, J. A. Woollard, E. V. II Arbutina, D. R. Bauer, J. D. Bird, S. P. Bradley, K. B. Campbell, S. C. Carolan, W. J. Carpenter, S. K. Drew, J. G. Erdle, M. P. Greenwalt, J. D. Hass, J. T. Jensen, C. R. Lange, T. L. McCarty, S. G. McKenzie, D. L. Morgan, C. A. Newton, T. J. Ohms, C. H. Riviera, J. G. Rosanbalm, M. R. Ross, M. A. Russell, B. R. Saunders, M. S. Scherer, D. E. 76 ( Adams, R. S. Ballinger, G. W. Jr. Blakely, T. L. Casey, J. F. Jr. Cromer, D. Cumm, C. C. Dundas, P. A. Eskridge, R. D. Evans, V. L. Helm, P. R. Ill Hollowell, S. J. Jarrow, S. F. Law, L. A. Lorenz, M. E. Lutter, W. R. McGee, C. D. McQuillan, M. P. Monahan, J. E. Jr. Myers, E. K. Pfeiffer, G. L. Potts, R. C. Ratchford, M. J. Ryan, M. S. Simpson, G. A. 74 Snyder, Q. C. Jr Sommer, S. A. Wareberg, L. J. Wettstone, P. C. Winders, D. E. ' m q o i » r) i A.O.C, Lt Col J. Siderius SQ Sweetheart Monica Saul, Age 17 Laurence C. Vliet John P. Jackson Paul E. Bauer Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Bednar, B. J. Buhyoff, E. J. Chapman, R. W. Christian, F. W. Edgar, S. G. Ill Falkovic, F. D. Jr. Grace, L. C. Hildebrand, K. D. KasI, E. L. Kovach, D. J. Levesque, J. L. McClendon, M. H. Orwig, R. A. Peterson, C. I. Pyatt, R. L. Saenger, P. R. Schneil, K. F. Straka, C. Thompson, W. F. Waters, D. C. b Allen, C. L. Andrichak, J. J. Ill Banaszak, M. R. Birtell, W. P. Corona-A, F. J. S. Fairbrother, E. F. Jr. Fauver, J. M. Jackson, J. D. King, G. M. Kisiel, S. C. Jr. Kuelz, B. M. Metzler, W. D. Miller, G. D. Mitchell, D. P. L. Nelson, R. L. Nerge, D. W. Nuzzo, C. W. Penley, J. M. Perez-Otero, N. Privett, F. M. Romano. S. M. Smith, B. D. Sogard, J. J. Stepko, K. J. Stevener, W. M. Strell, W. L Tuttle, D. A. Weaver, S. A. Zimmerman, R. W. Hj f I . MtM M Swift, D. K. Tolle, R. C. Williford, A. H. Ill Antisdel, J. M. Bigelow, J. H. Bulmer, J. J. Jr. Dettmer, P. A. Ellis, M G. Gray, K. H. Heminger, D. L. Herbert, R. J. Hunsuck, J. D. Jr. Hutchison, M. S. Kennington, G. V. Leswig, R. J. Madson, P. J. Manning, D. W. Marsh, G. S. McReynolds, J. C. Jr. Meussner, D. J. Nault, G. D. Parrish, R. B. Rittler, C. A. Sizemore, M. A. Soisson, T. J. Stone, H. R. Swartz, J. F. Ill 77 ■ -4 i ' Vk. ' 74 A.O.C Maj. L. R. Alexander SQ Sweetheart James C. lacobucci 226 Fall Commander Richard L. Sandwick Richard L. Alcorn Winter Commander Spring Commander Sheridan, J. G. Traylor, R. K. Williams, P. Underwood, M. A. Vernon, J. L. Williams, C. W. Brooks, D. P. Buckley, M. O. Commons, D. I Fantasia, M. E. Gomes, B. V. Hackett, J. L. Haugen, D. A. Kratzer, G. J. Lain, D. J. Lorenz, 0. E. Meyerrose, D. W. Michelini, J. G. Morrison, R. J. J Os walt, R. L. Jr. Pearce, P. L. Pomrenke, G. S. Popp, T. D. Schmeling, C. E. 75 Allison, J. N Bairrlngton, P. K. Baltes, T. R. Brown, R. D. Campbell, J. O. Dankenbring, T. A Davis, D. S. Dundore, S. W. Engel, K. D. Fellows, C. R. Gandy, E. R. Jr. Gardner, R. S. Inglis, J. C. Keithcart, K. E. Leinbach, K. E. Martin, J. R. Muckenthaler, T. V. Nunez, A. C. Prater, T. C. Reichert, T. E. Riggs, H. R. Saa, E. A. Scoggins, G. L. Swezey, B. H. 76 77 Arnista, A. J. Banker, D. A. Becker, A. M. Burnett, D. G. Callaway, C. W. Cox, T. J. Garcia, L. Jr. Griffith, R. A. Gustin, L. D. Hartman, D. B. Heffner, J. E. Hummel, D. L. Hust, G. R. Kolegraff, R. J. Kudrick, M. J. McVay, P. A. Montgomery, M. W. Newton, R. D. Omara, J. K. Opp, G. M. Jr. Pruss, L. H. Roberge, J. D. Ryan, T. J. Schramm, A. D. Simpson, W. F. Sprawls, D. S. VanHorn, T. M. Welch, G. N. White, J. S. Wortham, J. M. 74 A.O.C. Capt. R. L. Billesbach SQ Sweetheart Patricia McCollum, Age 20 Melvin M. Reeves, Jr. James B. Smith Robert J. Finnegan Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Ash, P. J. Buchta, W. G. Cox, M. E. Dowdy, J. E. Echaurren-V, H. F. Hargrove, J. R. Heald, J. R. Hennek, R. E. Hensley, D. R. Logan, B. A. Martin, G. B. Jr. Nelson, K. J. Pekarsky, W. A. Thisted, B. J. Turner, J. R. Woodward, J. S. 76 Baer, L. R. Jr. Byers, M. J. Cady, J. R. Chase, R. W. Cummins, M. L. Dantzler, W. C. Ely, M. V. Estrada, E. A. Henry, C. M. Huffman, G. D. Jordan, D. W. Ill Kleven, J. D. D. Levell, E. A. Ill Lonergan, K. R. Lovett, F. D. McLaughlin, M. B. Nave, M. K. Neely, W. W. Nickel, S. B. Prelssinger, R. D. Ramsey, D. C. Reames, J. M. Schwadron, A. Taubert, T. L. Tree, J. D. Vaughan, R. W. Weber, K. A. Zeigler, J. M. Jr. a q f f TT i i VanMaren, P. A. Wailes, T. S. Walker, D. B. Williams, S. D. Zimmerman, P. E. Belser, B. L. Borthwick, R. R. Cole, G. D. Cross, M. A. Dale, J. E. Fernandez, J. M. GerardJ, M. D. Getz, J. F. Halbert, R. C. Heard, K. D. Hehn, C. E. Hermes, P. J. Howell, L. A. Kallas, N. G. Maple, J. S. Matte, W. J. Mills, B. M. Molter, R. J Oleary Proto, A. A Ryan, T. K. 77 w. Schwendeman, M. W. Seiffert, W. C. Shader, T. W. Jr. Skiver, D. M. Sky, W. J. Stephan, D. J. Stine, R. H. Jr. 74 A.O.C n Capt. A. D. Jensen SQ Sweetheart Gregory K. Lux Fall Commander James E. Judkins Richard Willianns Winter Commander Spring Commander f ) ( Wallace, J. R. I Walrond, G. E. Wojcicki, S. A. Baxter, W. D. Bouffard, B. A Calhoun, T. J. Dalson, W. A. Denington, C. B. LeskowskI, E. B. II Molzon, C. P. Murdoch, M. I Narzinski, P. . Owens, J. P. Ozment, R. J. Palmer, S. M. Peck, A. G. Provost, J. T. Roznovsky, M. E. Stallone, T. G. Stumpp, F. G. Jr. Stytz, M. R. 75 ( » n • p ' (Kf ' , , ■76 Burgos, M. F. Calugar, D. G. Camden, J. E. Casey, R. J. Clifford, W. S. Dowell, L. D. Faber, R. K. Garcia, J. A. Grosvenor, R. C. Hunt, J. P. Kleinhans, R. J. Labarre, E. F. Lee, L. E. Leong, E. Mahan, S. M. Meisetschleager, W. F. Jr. Mullins, D. D. Patriquin, A. C. Payne. M. J. Perme, C. E. Raitt, M. C. Rew, T. E. Rosenow, P. M. Schuiz, C. J. O n f r Swartz, W. M. Tripp, T. R. Vantonningen, S. Wilson, M. N. Zellner, R. R. 77 Anderson, D. W. Bedke, C. M. Bellamy, D. E. Bitting, D. P. Bunker, D. N. Chamberlain, J. C. Ewing, J. W. Fawcett, J. M. Jr. Hale, !. D. Harrod, S. B. Hartmann, T. W. Hinokl, S. G. Kearney, J. J. McKenna, M. H. Miller, E. R. Jr. Ober, S. C. Quelly, T. J. Remington, J. A. Riegsecker, N. R. Jr. Riggin, D. L. Ryder, E. J. Schober, M. B. Seymour, J. C. Shaw, D. M. Shivers, C. E. Shrader, R. L. Stow, G. C. Varnedoe, W. E. ( ' -I ' TS a f Hi A A fi Wales, H. K. Yarrish, J. E. 74 kl A.O.C, Maj. T. W. C. Wilson SQ Sweetheart Robert C. Anderson Paul E. Sherry Michael D. Lyons Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Bauman, W. D. Byrd, C. E. Jr. Christen, C. T. Defoliart, D. W. Drow, W. H. Gillette, T. L. Lamy, P. L. Marino, S. P. Markovich, T. L. Naas, C. W. O ' Connell, W. T. Perry, M. E. Scheil, W. J. Sullivan, J. F. VanRyn, J. S. Weems, F. L. ] 76 Anderson, H. S. Brost, G. A. Brunelle, R. R. Jr. Burns, J. F. Caslick, D. R. Coker, M. F. P. M. Correia, S. C. Cunninghan- Feigh, K. A. Galluzzo, J. Geiselhart, G. J. Jr. Gordon, M. Gunderson, S. G. Jones, B. W. Mastin, D. G. Muehl, M. Nickerson, L. P. Phillips, J. R. Jr. Reanny, C. J. Sands, R. M. Schavrien, R. J. Smith, W. M. Soutiere, M. A. Tarpenning, C. D. ' m ' f iff Thompson, H. N. Tobin, R. W. II Wiley, W. D. I 1 " r 1 fi ( a n n ff ' W 2, Bassett, K. W. Buchanan, S. E. Burns, R. A. Dalton, R. E. Dehnert, R. L. Jr. Dodd, C. M. Ill Federwisch, R. R. Gleason, D. R. Gregg, S. M. Herit, S. M. Jannieson, B. M. Leuthauser, P. R. Louie, C. R. Jr. Marinello, T. J. Melendez, A. D. Osgood, R. N. Redmon, E. G. Richards, C. G. Schikora, R. D. Schofield, S. B. Schubert, M. D. Self, J. L. Shadbegian, M. D. Spannbauer, D. M. 77 Staponskl, R. R. Wilcox, L. A. Wood, J. R. Zummach, O. L. Jr. 74 A.O.C, C4 Capt. T. A. Welty SQ Sweetheart Thomas J. Yasuhara Fall Commander James R. Luntzel III Gary W.Elliot Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 iiL ixJil Waller, J. P. Young, W. A. Correll, B. N. Erving, C. M. Fritzsche, B. H. Gieser, G. S. Graham, G. R. Ill Graves, J. C. Hodge, K. L. Jr. Kryst, T. E. Parker, T. J. Jr. Ruddock, D. A. Ruth, R. G. Ryals, S. K. Smith, K. P. Tamkun, J. E. Townsend, R. B. Wr| r t " r f tikmMMi Trainor, T. D. Wildermuth, M. J. Agis, E. Ayer, C. 0. Bellini, E. F. Bollinger, P. W. Brock, D. E. Cornali, D. J. DeBlanc, R. K. Deil, L. W. Dunstan, J. O. Evans, D. R. Floersch, J. E. Fortner, R. L. Hebb, A. D. Hoffman, C. P. Johnson, R. 0. Jumper, G. W. Kane, J. P. Knox,.D. C. Lassus, F. A. Palandro, J. Reed, R. Jr. Reinert, M. D. Simpson, S. T. Toussaint, G. J. 76 77 Alfano, J. P. Billings, M, J. Bonanni, P. A. Clark, D. L. Colgate, B. W. Daly, M. S. Ellsworth, G. L. Foister, J. W. Ill Gibbs, R. M. Grogan, S. D. Guhin, J. M. Janik, D. J. KoenJgsknecht, J. J. Malone, T. G. Mansfield, R. G. McKenney, D. G. Muir, D. A. Oshaughnessy, K. Paulson, R. S. Rhoden, W. E. Jr. Sheppard, G. M. Slack, D. E. Spain, J. K. Spies, S. C. ! i P n Q r w Strich, R. F. Strong, R. E. Whiting, B. C. Youtsler, N. A. 74 Con A.O.C. Capt. W. R. McPherson, USMC SQ Sweetheart John C. Brockman Colin C. Scheldt Neal J. Houde Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander I 76 75 Abbott, B. S. Anderson, M. G. Barton, J. A. Bosma, M. B. Burda, D. S. Cosby, W. J. Ill Dubuisson, F. J. Eaton, R. A. Else, S. E. Holland, E. C. Ill Isabelle, M. D. MacDonnell, J. L. Noetzel, J. C. Rohde, W. S. Schuessler, W. M. f n Anzjon, L. R. Balanclere, M. G. Ill Bosworth, J. L. Cahoon, N. T. Flood, S. K. Garito, D. J. Gosen, R. B. Higgins, D. P. Jr. Holdridge, R. D. Johnson, R. D. Kittleson, E. J. Kocian, D. J. Koppang, S. W. Leber, L. L. May, D. W. McAlister, D. L. Jr. Olynick, D. B. Petanovich, E. J. Jr. Porter, N. H. II Riche, R. J. Rose, J. G. Santlago-Mojica, J. A. Seely, G. E. Sheppard, S. T. iiiit AJ Iili Speer, D. W. Stephan, B. W. Jr. Toich, A. M. W f l i f ' f n ( o Simpson, B. L. Vandagriff, D. L Williams, T. L. Woodbury, D. T I I Arford, G. M Bocanegra, R. Brannam, M. T. Cabell, A. M. Jr. Coffman, A. M. Jr. Dannenfelser, D. F Dettmer, T. D. Dodds, M. T. Doran, G. T. Groen, S. C. Gross, G. L. Jarka, D. R. King, T. J. Liby, G. H. Luena, R. A. Mahuta, F. Jr. Morgan, R. G. Perodeau, M. D. Remkes, R. C. N. Russel, R. L. Jr. Ryan, R. C. Samples, L. T. Schoville, N. W. Sharpe, R. C. 77 Slattery, T. K. Stephenson, E. W. Jr. Thompson, B. L. Weaver, L. W. Westerfield, J. M. 74 A.O.C, Capt. J. L. Graham Jr. SQ Sweetheart Mark A. Howard Fall Commander Gary Sambuchi Gary A. Baldwin Winter Commander Spring Commander mMm M£ mmr M A£M Waltman, G. C. Whitfield, G. W. Jr. Williamson, D. Wintermeyer, C. A. Jr. Crider, M. E. Dill, J. E. Duncan, T. A. Eken, J. K. Fraser, D. M. Gray, H. G. Howes, M. D. Kearns, J. A. Kocian, T. C. Kurey, W. S. Mallo, E. P. Masters, M. C. Miller, D. L. Osteen, J. D. Jr. Routh, J. W. Sanders, L. A. Straight, M. L. Venable, J. R. 75 n n n n f% Turcotte, R. T. Vono, C. T. Williams, J. F. Ball, G. T. Berrian, M. L. Covington, J. R. Delphenich, J. R. Fisher, A. D. Glines, B. P. Hanley, R. A. Holtz, T. R. Kasprzyk, S. J. Jr. Kelly, H. F. IV Lally, K. P. Leopold, R. A. McCarthy, H. A. McNair, M. A. Meenan, B. P. Monroe, W. R. Mueller, D. A. Palms, W. G. R. Polayes, A. D. Ray, A. D. Richardson, J. L. Shanks, M. S. Sutliff, P. G. Ternes, D. E. 76 77 Bauer, L. C. Brown, J. C. Cirenza, M. E. Dunn, D. R. English, W. J. Evans, S. H. Jr. Fraser, J. R. Hobbs, C. F. Hutt, R. S. Kliza, D. M. Lee, W. C. Marlowe, J. D. Mellott, K. W. Miller, M. J. Patterson, G. S. Phillips, H. L. Reilman, J. T. Sampson, J. S. Schwalbe, S. R. Shay, P. J. Shutt, R. A. Singletery, J. Smith, R. L. Southrey, J. S. r n ( Q I I Stephens, V. M. Tawney, A. P. Tillery, R. G. Vandam, D. K. 74 A.O.C Capt. D. C. Copson 1 T | _j " j- A f f l ■P ' - ' % KffJKt j f |[iP Cathleen Dowling, Age 19 p " - - Donald L. Oukrop Joseph R. Karner Frederick W. Stone Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Beadling, C. W. ■ Beeman, D. P. Bock, K. F. Bryant, J. C. demons, T. M. Darchuk, W. S. Davis, W. V. Dearien, J. N, II DowlJng, L. R. Franklin, G. E. Jr. Grady, K. M. Hamilton, J. R. Harrison, D. M. Hollins, S. D. Johnson, W. R. Jr. Kallman, R. R. McCollum, E. M. Salvemini, L. A. Stich, S. A. Swiderek, W. M. Symens, T. M. Watson, S. M. thmMAM Nanus, G. J. Harrison, J. B. Hill, K. E. Jackson, J. A. Jr. Knellinger, W. R. II Laney, R. M. Mattson, R. M. Nevers, R. D. Niedzwiecki, R. Parks, K. A. Peterson, R. W. Porter, J. D. Scott, W. P. Swaney, J. F. Tate, D. O. Thomin, D. W. VanEvery, M. J. Vera, G. Wilderotter, P. J. IV Wright, R. J. o o n ■ " ' ' ' ' ' T n n n q T fT ' " Terry, W. G. Thomsen, K. S. Turner, R. D. Vick, D. E. Armstrong, G. L. Bradburn, G. R. Cave, A. L. Clayton, F. B. Crafton, W. D. Jr. Delicti, C. R. Downey, D. C. Etirler, D. W. Enix, E. A. Freeman, K. D. Hart, R. C. Haslett, J. R. Ill Heck, T. S. Hobbs, D. S. Johinston, R. E. Jones, T. D. Menzie, K. P. Millar, S. L. Munson, M. R. Murphy, R. J. Peters, S. G. Sctiutt, P. E. Stiamberger, T. D. Jr. Stine, D. W. 77 74 A.O.C Maj. R. S. Schaumberg SQ Sweetheart David C. Bunker David L. Hovrud Fall and Spring Commander Winter Commander r) r r c) f Sprenkle, D. A. Volcheff, M. A. Vreeland, S. J. Webber, R. E. Benbow, R. L. Bertz, M. W. Billingslea, A. Bjorkiund, R. Bottomley, L. Burkett, D. L. 75 C. II E. D. II Cox, G. W. Deloney, J. M. Exelby, G. A. Fraley, T. Freed, T. R. Jr Glaeser, C. R. Herring, R. W Mitchell, B. R. Murphy, T. G. Roberts, S. J. Rorabaugh, J. Sheppard, R. a Q q rj . ' 1 Vizzone, R. T. Woolford, W. J. Ashenfelter, R. D. Bivins, R. L. Borsare, T. E. Bowen, J. J. Dea, W. F. Dolan, J. T. Gardner, R. E. Garrett, J. M. Hogue, J. R. Hrncir, D. E. Jones, G. A. Jr. Koch, T. J. Kupersmith, D. A. Leupp, D. G. Mahoney, S. P. McCaffry, P. K. Mclntyre, B. R. McPherson, S. G. Jr. Moffett, B. L. Semenuk, M. D. Short, J. W. Starnes, W. J. Sullivan, W. Tonetti, J. E. 76 Ambrose, F. G. ■ ' Berdahl, C. H. Brown, D. R. Buckley, T. J. Connery, J. J. Jr. Curran, C. F. Dodge, L. C. Dollahite, T. H. Jr. Guida, V. J. Humphreis, W. J. Jr. Jeffrey, B. L. Karulf, R. E. Lucal, R. A. McNeil, D. L. Oviatt, R. D. Pattison, W. H. Platenberg, R. C. Ross, D. T. Sheehan, J. P. Skrinak, K. F. P. Smith, P. P. Smutko, J. A. Jr. Tereick, G. D. Thompson, R. H. tk hm hm 74 B Cc ; II A.O.C. Maj. J.L. Cash SQ Sweetheart Robert E. Sayers Fall Commander Gallon L. Gentry Richard H. Wright Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Abshire, T. C. Barrentine, G. E. Carson, H. S. Cass, J. R. Jr. Castan, K. D. Davis, J. D. Dellapia, M. H. Henk, J. W. Holmes, M. D. Landolt, G. E. Marshall, J. P. McAllister, B. J. Nichols, S. L. Saavedra-Ferrere, R. Spring, S. H. Stewart, J. W. 76 Adams, R. R. Alls, R. C. Amara, J. Berg, D. H. Boma, J. R. Boyes, L. G. Bradley, R. P. Buchanan, B. O. Detrick, T. A. Francis, K. I. Freeman, D. K. Fricano, M. Gold, A. H. Gray, R. M. Hale, J. C. Huertas, B. Hughes, M. T. Mazurowski, D. M. McCormack, M. E. McGee, C. M. Mintz, R. B. Perdue, L. D. Schlehuber, K. F. Steig, J. T. a o n rf Swanson, T. K. Taylor, C. T. Wallett, R. M. ftM M t M ' a f a ' " ' 1 n Thomas, G. W. Wachdorf, A. L. Wilson, K. C. Withers, W. S. Jr. Alexander, S B. Atkinson, T. E. Buck, F. E. Campbell, C. D. Carpenter, T. J. Clancy, M. H. Deboalt, T. F. Dickerson, D. E. Dominey, C. S. Donahoe, J. H. Donovan, P. C. Geddie, M. P. Heard, H. F. Johnson, C. S. Jr. Lawton, D. J. Lyons, A. T. Meyer, H. R. Jr. Mueller, D. R. Mulhern, T. P. Quan, S. J. Rhew, R. J. Ross, B. W. Schumpelt, M. V. Selva, M. D. Sikes, R. Y. Spitler, C. R. Stephens, D. K. J. Szalejko, F. 77 1 l 5K | g : f ! iBt b f E BF 74 A.O.C, Capt. C. L. Reaves vvNVAAtU. SQ Sweetheart Christopher M. Campbell Lowell R. Boyd Jr. Philip D. Inscoe Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander I VanPelt, C. E. Weininger, M. J. Whitley, K. L. Abbott, M. L. Anhalt, D. A. Arnott, W. S. Baxter, S. W. Copeland, E. T. Corrigan, J. M. Green, A. M. Haas, S. M. Leuschen, M W. Livingston, D. K. Martin, L. S. McDaniel, D. C. Jr. McDonough, D. K. Meteer, P. C. Rogers, M. B. Sarver, R. E. Scherer. J. C. Stefaniuk, O. I. 75 T f (% q " rf ' r r r f Thurner, S. L. Winzenried, J. A. Arnett, R. M. Becker, J. D. Burnette, G. G. Ill Cody, R. N. Jr. Cross, J. R. Frozena, J. D. Gerdes, B. D. Hamburg, J. Henchey, M. C. Higgins, D. M. Hogan, S. J. Iverson, R. B. Johnson, A. R. Landmann, D. D. Lenhart, C. A. Livingston, R. D. Jr. Loverro, D. E. Mandarich, D. N. Muhlenberg, B. V. K. Peterson, E. S, Rogers, M. E. Sanders, G. Satre, R. S. Jr. Searcey, D. L. 76 I 7 Aiford, R. G. « ' Buejkle, S. R. Cimafonte, M. Davis, K. J. Evans, G. D. Glasebrook, D. S. M. Harris, D. M. Hopler. H. W. Ibarra, F. Katona, J. Jr. Kent, D. R. Kleinman, C. R. Linhof, E. T. Lishko, M. S. Lorenz, M. D. McNulty, J. B. Jr. Meredith, R. E. Mittelstadt, G. H. Moose, W. J. Reiner, D. A. Rodriguez, E. A. f r T f Rogers, M. R. Ruggiero, M. Schaefer, R. K Silver, K. N. Vaughn, K. L. 74 I A.O.C Maj.T. M. Bohan SQ Sweetheart L 0 m L Kevin P. O ' Brien John R. Ward David A. Reinhoitz Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Arter, J. K. Jr. Buck, C. H. Jr. Cornmeford, C. R. Eickelman, S. A. Finn, T. P. Goyden, M. V. Hancock, W. D. Holmes, M. K. Keen, S. M. Kent, P. E. Lindsey, B. A. Mellum, M. D. Newland, R. L. Ill Peterson, T. L. Ridge, L. K. o " fT « r Santner, J. F. Spraggins, D. C. Vargo, S. A. White, D. G. 76 Auclair, P. F. Buck, J. W. Califano, C. 0. Jr. Gotroneo, J. Gunningham, M. A. Gurry, G. L. Heidmous, W. N. Jr. Huerta, J. A. Kent, P. E. Krikorian, S. H. Long, J. E. Morley, E. P. Jr. Nuytten, A. J. Pinney, G. W. Puz, G. A. Shaffer, T. A. Shields, D. M. Sinclair, R. L. Spence, R. D. Vaughn, R. J. TT « r (fj n Vrastil, W. R. Weidner, R. G. Zacour, D. W. ! C t ' " T Vaccaro, F. T. Walton, K. D. Allen, B. S. Comer, M. L. Davis. D. E. Dundore, K. M. Eberle, M. L. Gage, D. E. Gallet, R. M. Garcia, F. Jr. Guillory, R. D. Hainsey, M. P. Hobbs, D. L. Hurdle, K. J. Isle, J. R. Jennings, K. R. Kelley, G. A. Leeper, J. W. Mongillo, R. J. Natoli, T. J. Nichols, K. M. Pavel, D. J. Ramirez, J. O. Jr. Range, S. R. Ritter, B. A. Rothe, R. G. Shuflin, L. E. Smith, J. M. Spratt, T. B. Ill Sweeney, R. R. 77 74 A.O.C, Capt. J. C. Lesseig SQ Sweetheart Benjamin A. Cotharin AlfredJ. Guardino Edward M. Carter Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 fi mM Welles W. C. Willis, R. W. Jr. Witherspoon, M. R. Barber, S. L. Bishop, L. T. Colburn. L. J. Cooper, J. C. Edstrom, B. K. Forinash, D. R, Hammond, S. A. Holley. E. M. Hussey, S. J. Johnson, D. W. Lanzit, K. M. Loose, M. D. Reay, R. D. Sims, J. G. Skillman, T. C. Trinter, R. D. Vandendries. J. E. Jr. VVeilbrenner, S. D. f ( s TTf n r-) ( r (.|| B , ( Q " ( r ' r f ( Weaver, L. A. Zapka, R. J. Alexander, G. F. Jr. Ausink, J. A. Bair, A. E. Beck, S. P. Benson, J. E. Blish, J. O. Crowe, J. L, Darnall. W. W. Jr. Dickinson, A. J. Granger, A. T. Holland, M. K. Houren, P. J. Isaacs, C. B. Kaneshiro, K. S. Kelso, T. S. Kysar, K. K. Lemon, J. R. Lorenz, F. S. Macklin, W. H. Jr. Madelen, G. M. Marg, J. M. Niezen-Sarmiento, G. E. Scheufler, S. A. Sims, T. D. 76 77 Atkins, D. E. Bekeris, A. A. E. Benevento, A. Berry, M. E. Boland, J. M. Brubaker, D. C. Caliguire, M. R. Davis, T. J. Doerr, J. L. Donnelly, R. P. Jr. Donze, R. J. Duffy, P. T. Fucillo, J. E. Herzog, W. N. Jr. Hughes, J. E. Jennings, K. B. Jensen, R. C. Kamae, D. H. Kercheval, J. B. Jr. Kumpf, R. L. Liefer, R. K. Maltz, I. B. Martin, A. T. Mathys, M. G. Mol, J. H. Mullennex, M. L. Padrick, K. D. Rogers, R. L. o f) Q f lSI i mrnkm f Sapp, T M Schipper, T C Severens, M. S Ward, M. C. 74 t a a t Carrol H Faiicc A.O.C, jfii Maj. P. E. Gleszer USA SQ Sweetheart Carrol H. Chandler Fall Commander Darryl A. Scott Patrick H. Pondrum Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Bryant, L. W. Burns, T. A. Carroll, J. L. Carrothers, W. T. Conticchio, G. E. Dohner, C. F. Estelie, W. L. Garland, F. S. Garrett, M. F. Held, G. A. Henney, D. W. II! KrukowskI, A. M, Mahoney, J. D. McConnell, M. D. Myers, D. K. OBrien, J. P. Olson, R. T. Schiemann, D. S. I i f r o t ' ' fy •■% O o ( Strunk, P. P. Woods, C. M. 76 Anderson, D. N. Armstrong, R. S. Bowie, T. G. Jr. Combs, C. C. Jr. Davis, W. R. Ford, D. J. French, D. W. Gegg, M. P. Haanio, R. B. Jaskey, A. J. Jr. Johnson, D. E. Kjeldgaard, A. L. Luhrs, R. A. Martin, T. S. MashI, J. P. McGinnis, M. S. McPeak, R. H. Milodragovich, C. N. Raton, B. A. Rea, J. H. Jr. Sackley, M. S. Santee, R. W. Simon, V. H. Slown, M. D. Whalen, M. T. r f rs cy rr ' ? ' 1 1 o [ fik d a 1 Anderson, J. D. Betls, J. M. Blawatsky, N. Cruz-Vega, C. B. Day, J. W. Delmas, R. J. Dowling, T. P. Drake, J. A. Gill, C. W. Jr. Halter, I. L. Jr. Hulbert, S. J. Jett, CM. Keith, S. J. Lane, T. A. Marshall, R. K. Martin, D. F. McCown, T. M. Miller, M. B. Montalto, C. J. Opel, S. W. Parish, J. T. Ill Sarnoski, R. R. Schmitz, D. E. Scott, D. J. J »»y - Smith, R. P. Sullivan, J. M. Uren, T. D. Wittman, S. E. Woolsey, M. R 74 A.O.C. Maj. A. D. Echelberger SQ Sweetheart r mem Joseph E. Kelley NealT. Robinson Mark J. D. Gehri Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander n ' ' " Soto, C. C. Stein, J. P. Wall, E. C. Jr. Banker, M. R. Bitten, D. F. Caraway, J. R. Chappell, M. J. Cunningham, D. Darner, T. L. Doeppner, T. L. Duhachek, R. F. Gibson, S. T. Manner, D. R. Lewis, O. L. Jr. Marshall, J. R. McGirr, L. R. II Nash, A. H. Pitts, J. B. Simpson, M. A. Siniscalchi, J. W. Jr. Smura, T. E. 75 f) r f) r f . f% , BIythe, J. M. Burgle, T. J. Chavez, M. C. Clement, M. J. Davis, S. M. Dearmond, F. A. Duckworth, J. M. Erickson, M. B. Feder, E. L. Kaiser, D. D. Kehl, R. H. Kinney, C. G. Krupsaw, K. J. McNeill, D. F. Jr. Mountain, T. J. Norris, J. E. Jr. Perry, R. A. Potter, R. G. Schlener, P. M. Sheridan, R. E. Jr. Simmons, E. C. Jr. Sun, D. R. Waddeiow, D. M. Walsh, M. V. Wodtke, A. D. 76 77 Allred, D. S. Baumgartner, S. N. Clough, G. R. Day, W. E. Jr. Devlin, M. T. Dronkers, A. A. Gustafson, G. S. Hale. C. A. Herd, J. H. Hogan, E. A. Ivy, J. L. Joiner, J. K. Keohane, J. S. Kissinger, D. P. Larkin, D. J. Ledeker, K. W. Lupone, S. G. Lyie, H. V. Meyer, J. A. Morgan, D. L. Plumley, W. T. Roll, J. K. Sheen, R. L. Shipman, D. E. Smith, G. A. Swiger, D. D. Treiber, T. M. Vanorsow, D. G. White, K. R. White, K. C. ' o o ffli.fi q 74 James M, Pall Co A.O.C, Maj. M. A. Wilson SQ Sweetheart Luann Bestgen, Age 19 W W Hk 1 James M. Leonard Raymond F. Haile Donald R. Cook Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Beesley, M. G. Biedermann, M. H. Black, G. D. Garter, D. N. Clark, W. R. Crenshaw, L. D. Crist, R. W. Fleming, D. L. Fry, M. W. Gronseth, P. W. Hall, R. M. Hallada, M. R. Hartney, J. E. Loucks, J. A. Ill Misch, J. HBMBniilil " " " °lBr " " TWr " ir Morrison, R. A. Perry, T. R. Piontek, P. T. 76 Crockett, D. J. Jr. Donisi, A. A. Jr. Errazuriz, J. C. Evans, M. W. Fllaseta, J. B. Fronk, T. M. George, A. L. Ill Heitman, L. R. Jr. James, D. Kennon, J. G. Lokey, B. P. Jr. Martorano, M. F. Mayer, D. P. McGuire, M. L. McNally, R. E. Morrison, J. Price, D. R. Rebarchak, C. D. St. George, K. A. Tensfeldt, J. R. Vosburg, J. J. Welsh, M. A. Ill Williams, G. Wilson, S. D. ' M r ' o- rs ,3 Withers, B. C. TM F " " Wolfmeyer, S. R. ' • 9 I (?v 1 r ' n ff W ; n a r O . il tm k stout, W. W. Jr. Strevell, M. W. Townsley, W. M Watters, C. E. II Ard, M. G. Billig, B. G Burke, J. L. Ill Cappielio, A. R. Cerney, J. M. Clarke, S. F. Dittmer, K. B. Fellmeth, W. G. Fowler, G. R. Hibbard, B. J. Norton, R. S. Johns, R. E. Jr. Kish, D. B. Knapp, K. D. Knauf, J. B. Laprade, M. E. Leibbrand, D. C. Levy, P. D. McCune, D. L. Jr. Meza, A. Jr. Mowery, D. L. Nienneyer, J. B. Oakes, M. R. Palmer, D. V. Rennle, J. E. Romeo, D. M. Schlegel, M. R. Stevens, D. R. 77 74 Capt. M. J. Frenzel SQ Sweetheart Tris A. Sevdy Fall Commander II li John R. Rivers Jeffrey H. Greiner Winter Commander Spring Commander ■ia Bergman, C. K. O Cain, J. E. Jr. " Dye, R. R. Falvey, D. L. Hall, B. D. Hanlfen, D. W. Koelling, J. H. Lafave, D. A. Maddox, D. K. II Magee, J. M. Martin, P. D. Oleksey, J. P. Jr. Redmann, S. J. Russell, B. C. Sargent, C. D. Sawyer, R. R. Stinson, K. D. Jr. Whitney, L. H. Williams, D. L. II Woock, D. D. f-l rs q rf f m m Waites, J. M. Jr. Webbar, R. J. Allan, C. T. Barber, G. L. Brown, C. T. Cuda, D. L. Deane, B. W. French, H. G. Gill, T. L. Haley, J. C. Hanson, W. E. Jackson, W. H. Jr. Johnson, W. H. Kogler, J. T. Larsh, S. S. Lippert, D. R. McElroy, R. D. Miller, M. P. Raedy, W. C. Roege, W. H. Root, D. J. Srulowitz, D. M, Taylor, R. S. Thieneman, K. C. Volkmann, T. R. Wadas, B. J. 76 ' " 7 7 Bodary, A.K Boyarski, D. P. Burke, P. W. Craig, P. W. Dee, S. W. Dierksen, J. M. Eresman, S. R. Erwin, W. H. II Evander, K. I. Houck, R. C. Jackson, M. C. Johnston, D. P. Kenkel, K. G. Kennedy, G. C. Lawson, D. G. Lax, J. E. Linden, E. B. Michael, R. D. Jr. Nielsen, D. C. Perkins, D. C. Rasmussen, R. A. Reynolds, M. F. Schlicher, D. F. Semrau, G. R. Skipper, S. Jr. Smith, W. L. Jr. Soucy, R. R. II Stark, T. D. 74 (fl ' Tl, : Q|f Thompson, J. H. Zahrobsky, J. R. m:h A.O.C » Maj. W. M. Faust SQ Sweetheart Kenneth C. Konwin James B. Boone John V. Sullivan Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 »N f° f " P iPki ■ Bannister, S. C. IV | J I- f - . f r .| 76 Barnthouse, D. A. Beatty, D. B. Budinsky, C. J. Echard, R. A. Gill, M. W. Greenwood, H. L. Gudmundson, M. L. Harding, L. W. Hell, J. B. Joslin. R. G. Kambourian-Bartolome, J. Ketchie, B. M. Limanni, A. Mathls, H. P. Ill Acock, D. J. Bischoff, M. E. Ill Cantweli, M. T. Dieffenbach, B. E. Dllla, B. J. Echols, J. B. Eisen, S. Jr. Farmer, D. K. Garza, C. Jr. Johnstone, T. S. Kirchoff, R. A. Manson, H. C. McGinty, M. B. Merrill, D. L. Moore, M. M. Morris, W. C. Owens, A. L. Philpot, F. T. Rea, D. A. Renner, M. J. Skidmore, S. P. Smith, H. M. Summers, L. Ill Swyter, C. B. Peterson, R. E. Ill Schempp, E. P. Simonltsch, J. M. Thaller, G. P. :-, , " O ' " f I ' ll: Wexler, M. M. Widholm, R. D. Wigand, E. ' il 4 f% ( f ) o W-r o o n (fi . ' r a Weathers, W. W. Young, T. G. Zane, W. B. Adams, C. P. Bowman, L. D, Bruner, L. B. Buckingham, C. L Carlson, M. J. Elliott, G. A. Heaney, T. A. Hoover, R. J. Hyde, T. W. Johnson, S. A. Jonak, S. J. Kennedy, C. L. Lamb, 0. L., Jr. Levenhagen, M. A. LIndsley, M. H. McGrath, R. N. McNeal, R. K. Paquette, M. P. Pleasanton, K. H. Quinton, J. R. Ring, R. L. Jr. Roehler, H. A. Salerno, A. Stanley, M. A. Stephens, C. W. Jr. Szafnicki, B. G. Vanalstine, D. R. Vornbrock, E. K. 77 J 74 A.O.C. Outstanding Squadron Jeffrey W. Lee Fall Commander ' w A L ABA • 1 Maj. J. B. Patton SQ Sweetheart ii Mark R. Bell Douglas R. Pelton Winter Commander Spring Commander Wf i r ( a Bailey, J. L. Blackburn, S. M. Blatchley, P. A. Bowers, R. K. Jr. Butalla, P. E. Jr. Byers, D. C. Jr. Harlot, J. H. Holloway, C. F. Hughes, W. E. Ill Kirschling, R. J. Kraft, D. D. Mason, R. J. Matte, R. M, Monroe, L. J. Rayburn, B. 8. Schmitz, D. D. Scott, M. W. Stewart, R. C. Stoddard, A. T. Ill Weiderman, W. C. 75 1 r am Werhane, D. A. Berger, S. M. Cannon, W. R. Cloud, D. J. Cox, F. E. Crowley, J. J. Fellows, M. A. Freer, H. C. Gough, S. W. Hancock, T. W. Hughes, R. G. Lawson, D. E. Long, R. R. McElwee, J. D. Miller, G. J. Moran, C. L. Jr. Ostrowski, D. R. Patterson, S. W. Ross, D. M. Smith, L. W. Jr. Studor, G. F. Jr. Swanson, R. T. Thielfoldt, M. R. Walker, J. H. Weaver, P. M. 76 77 Burda, B. E. Carey, S. D. Casserino, F. J. Castellani, M. S. Craig, A. J. Ferrara, J. Foster, S. E. Gorman, J. M. Might, G. A. Jo nes, T. C. Leavitt, L. R. Ill Lewis, J. R. Lockhart, G. L. Mason, D. D. Matthews, M. T. Mead, D. D. Osborne, S. R. Parker, T. G. Schricker, K. E. Shropshire, T. V. Simmons, R. M. Sowers, R. M. Thomas, E. L. Ireland, J. E. r .- Vieira, R. P. Welde, W. C. Witwer, R. J. Jr. Zirilli, V. L. 74 1 fall Co A.O.C, Capt. J. M. Hurley SQ Sweetheart I Kathy Standage, Age 21 Duncan J. McNabb Jesse P. Lane III Bradley K. Higglnbotham Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander Bugbee, D. R. jf ■• ! • - ' Debes, J. M. Faust, D. C. Knauff, R. A. McBride, J. Miller, M. E. Page, T. A. Riordan, C. F. Ill Ryan, R. W. Stone, D. H. Striegel, E. A. Sutton, J. R. Taylor, W. H. Wallace, G. L. Jr. Whitican, F. L. Ik 0 ' Bell, K. D. Diener, D. A. Engleson, L. E. Eriksen, L. E. Esbenshade, K. A. Free, J. L. Gajeski, A. E. Gamblin, B. S. Garland, T. R. Gaughan, M. M. Grosshans, R. E. Holt, H. P. Klimis, G. N. Martin, K. M. Powers, A. W. Jr. Pribyl, 0. R. Pyshora, D. E. Sacone, S. L. Salazar, J. G. Sharpe, B. S. Stoda, M. J. Tribolet, R. G. ' fSifs. " ' " 5 €i Visnovsky, W. Wright, J. H. Jr. Yauchzy, R. G. Q ( if% o ' Wt r Biersbach, A. C. Jr. Brady, B. J. ' Bream, S. R. Carney, A. R. Casey, L. D., Jr. Clodfelter, R. M. Colflesh, P. A. Dimiduk, D. P. D ' La Rotta, M. G. Ebeike, D. K. Gasche, S. C. Gould, A. R. Horie, J. M. Johnson, B. G. Jones, D. L. Jordan, C. W. Landree, K. H., Jr. Lepisto, J. W. Leroy, W. W. Massey, R. E. McAnulty, J. Nigro, P. J. Parker, W. A. Ramsay, W. M. Schauffert, J. D. Shafer, L. D. Springmann, K. E. Thornton, R. D. Toole, T. P. Tullia, E. A. II Villafane, L. A. Wood, K. S. Wright, D. A. Zelenok, D. S. 74 A.O.C. Capt. M. W. Hovastak SQ Sweetheart Marie Courtemanche, Age 18 Don M. Hollerbach 286 Fall Commander Edward W. Hoffman Daniel Schellinger Winter Commander Spring Commander gtM MLM iAiM y- Mi«t A ' Udall, T. H. Wells, M. K. Wrighton, T. J. Ashcraft, W. O. Barbera, R. T. Berlan, G. J. Cross, L. T. Davis, W. K. Fillar, C. A. Fong, M. K. Hossler, K. L. Huffman, J. T. Jr. Romanowicz, P. M. Schwarz, K. C. Sharp, E. W. Summers, T. S. Thompson, R. G. Tower, C. D. 75 7T . ' TTTTTW S ( r i ' ) Kt r " Strauch, E. J. Turnipseed, G. A. Washburn, W. R. Ill Bailey, D. M. Barnes, T. E. Bartlett, R. B. Birdsell, P. A. Blaikie, T. B. Ill Bozzuto, R. C. Bricker, G. A. Carlton, B. T. Childress, R. H. Cutter, J. N. Delgman, G. R. Frasier, D. A. Jr. Frith, M. W. Hermstad, D. L. Houser, P. C. Hoyes, M. B. Jones, W. M. Kamrad, K. M. Kempton, R. L. Mantz, M. R. Norman, D. T. Pirog, R. W. T. Prisco, J. M. Shupe, J. D. 76 77 Baxter, R. Jr. Burgess, J. R. Burlingham, M. S. Gallo, F. H. Gipson, A. J. Grady, W. A. Jr. Holliman, M. A. Johnson, M. H. Jr. Lusk, F. T. J. Lyons, R. C. Jr. Martinez, R. J. McGuire, S. S. Moschgat, J. E. Nixon, M. A. Schafer, S. C. Scott, L. M. Smitti, G. F. Stava, J. J. Sunnmitt, S. R. Teman, G. L. Wade, D. L. Watkins, J. E. Webster, M. N. Weidinger, D. J. Wetterau, G. P. Willey, C. J. Young, IVi. C. Zaborniak, M. E •t i 74 |: Steven n A.O.C, mk Maj. F. A. Black SQ Sweetheart Steven R. Thurgood Gregg P. Steinhilpert Christopher A. Keliy Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Andrews, W. E. Barrett, R. R. Bethards, J. P. Burns, K. P. Collins, S. J. Davis, R. M. Kochevar, J. M. Layman, R. L. Lyons, R. L. Magoffin, J. 0. Jr. Shappell, R. L. Siefke, S. P. mi Snnith, S. M. Wolter, J. T. Wright, M. N 76 Bailey, P. M. Barfield, R. E. Beatty, D. J. Jr. Boomgaard, G. K. Britten, S. M. Cavalier, J. S. Corrie, R. M. Dittmer, K. K. Jr. Duclos, M. S. Ellen, M. R. Getzelman, H. D. Goldbach, B. F. Hatfield, D. N. King, R. P. Kohl, R. S. Kyle, G. A. Lawrence, G. S. McKinnis, K. A. Milstead, H. J. Oltman, C. B. Petersen, P. A. Riley, L. A. Rowell, A. W. Spetman, R. W. f ' If T) ,- r r f ::V f ff Stowers, H. W. Jr. Trant, J. E. Tyc, R. J. Westmoreland, K. D Wry WTf TTTf Adams, J. R. Anderson, F. E. Back, S. A. Baker, J. R. Brown, D. S. Charlton, P. Connolly, E. Corzine, R. W. Jr. Floyd, W. R. Garland, R. H. Green, G. W. Hamor, G. D. Hanson, M. S. Kincannon, C. P. Ladnler, R. R. Lanning, S. L. Moore, D. C. Mudd, D. J. Patterson, R. T. Reed, J. D. Reigelman, G. A. Shedden, J. S. Smith, J. P. Stegelman, M. A. 77 Stephens, G. W. Suddy, B. A. Visser, G. J. P. VVendt, B. W. Williams, D. M. 74 A.O.C. Capt. R.C.Miller Jr. mKi SQ Sweetheart 1 Richard P. Heffner 292 Fall Commander Gregory A. Kurtz Jeffrey P. York Winter Commander Spring Commander fy Q mUPpiP Arthurs, J. L. Barnes, B. M. Beam, C. J. Brown, S. R. Btirling, J. R. Jr. Chapick, R. A. Colletti, L. J. Dailey, J. M. Dehart, M. E. Demoisy, C. C. Dieffenbach, 0. W. ill Donovan, K. F. Ehrhart, D. G. Farnham, J. S. Ferguson, D. C. Foster, J. E. II Leiker, A. L. Mandevllle, B. W. 75 Oreshoski, G. J. PItotti, S. J. Roth, R. R. Storer, J. W. Terrell, F. H. T TIPT ' W Williams, R. M. Wysocki, J. Young, S. G. Asselanis, K. G. Birchman, J. A. Boyd, S. P. Burbank, P. C. Catton, J. J. Jr. Dunn, A. W. Gould, M. C. Henager, D. E. Kneib, F. J. Lanning, W. E. Larson, K. D. Lott, C. R. Jr. Lowe, J. K. Marchino, J. M. II McRoberts, W. E. Meyers, M. J. Nash, C. W. Jr. New, T. L. Norman, R. W. Jr. Walton, R. G. 76 77 Alexander, J. L. Bednar, S. M. Jr. Bosiljevac, T. L. Brandt, W. P. Buckley, J. C. Ill Conway, T. O. Cox, M. H. Doblas, D. L. Jr. Drennan, D. G. Ellis, M. W. Foret, H. L. Jr. Fronk, L. F. Fry, K. A. Glennon, J. J. Jr Gould, F. E. Hollis, D. A. Koziar, R. L. Lord, W. T. Martinez, P. Jr. Miller, T. A. Novotny, D. D. Patrick, J. R. Pirog, P. E. Rivas, M. Stevens, R. L. Stewart, R. C. Stonskas, J. J. Jr Wegner, B. A. Withers, S. E. ■% cy ' r " Cs rs % i f l 74 A.O.C Maj. J. D. Greene SQ Sweetheart i James P. Skaiko Fall Commander Donald R. McMonagle Donald E. Berryman Winter Commander Spring Commander 295 75 Blessinger, D. Collier, G. D. Dahlstrom, A. E. Jr. Dichter, A. S. Feddersen, C. R. Gunther, D. E. Hathaway, P. J. Janelli, Gary A. Jenson, J. W. Lerum, S. A. Marlow, J. H. McKIm, M. L. Nease, K. E. Plotter, A. L. Rhoads, W. E. Skattum, M. H. Terry, S. S. 7 Alspaugh, M. 0. ■ V Beasley, D. E. Brown, J. S. Chang, R. Y. U. Collins, R. B. Coppin, E. P. Crosley, H. C. Delventhal, M. A. Hepburn, B. C. Huber, R. M. Irwin, R. M. Jr. Loerakker, S. F. Morrissette, D. R. Murdoch, S. D. Murphy, D. R. Jr. Naber, D. G. Ridenoure, R. T. Robinson, J. S. Jr. Rudig, G. L. Rykaczewski, R. Schroeder, R. A. Schwing, M. C. Shannon, J. L. Jr. Summers, R. W. ( f n ' ' Todd, J. H. Wilhite, B. R. ) ' -. " ' " a r r r Beauclair, T. J. Blankenstein, C. W. Blue, M. F. Cafferata, D. W. Coburn, F. B. Cromwell, J. L. Faber, J. M. Gamble, T. Gragan, D. P. Gress, R. G. Guidry, P. L. Jr. Heymann, W. C. Hunt, J, M. Jr. Jaklitsch, F. L. Jones, C. D. Jr. Lamb, J. W. Mathls, G. G. Meshay, M. L. Mosteiro, S. L. Nichelson, B. J. Nutt, V. L. Ill Richmond, P. A. Robbins, T. R. Royce, W. E. 77 Sharp, R. S. Shaw, L. L. Jr. Ullery, D. W. A.O.C, Maj. P. D. Bernstein SQ Sweetheart Patricia Roach, Age 20 nn4 Robert IVI. Burnside Brian K. Knauss Richard H. Cleaveland I Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander -l Rhye, R. C. Rice, R. E. Risi, M. L. Schoener, S. L. Traxler, J. M. Bali, J. R. Bready, A. Caiioway, J. A. Carlson, J. W. Charlton, J. E. Coiley, J. A. II Cox, M. D. Farr, R. A. Flickinger, W. C. Fritz, J. D. Gambrell, R. L. Jr. Gravelle, T. J. Gunther, R. B. Kemp, T. L. Lodrige, D. J. Marr, R. K. Jr. Mefford, C. A. Morris, S. L. Narkiewicz, M. J. Park, R. C. Powers, S. C. 75 Andrew, J. M. Clemovitz, F. M. Cochran, C. C. Cook, M. E. Deano, C. C. Jr. Dunn, L. M. Felman, M. D. Foertsch, J. W. Franklin, W. H. Gallagher, E. A. Hazen, J. T. Heelan, T. Johnson, C. J. Kidd, M. S. Main, J. D. Mallary, T. C. McGinness, C. R. Robinson, S. A. Roche, R. M. Singh, A. G. 76 Starr, M. T. Vollelunga, P. A. Wilson, b. J. Yount, T. T. Barker, J. H. Baudendistel, J. M. Booch, E. G. Busch, S. D. Callahan, M. A. Edglngton, D. M. Fazio, G. P. Fouser, J. D. Haygood, G. K. Hess, J. W. Hudgens, P. D. Kittle, W. L Landwehrle, P. J. Manglicmot, E. G. Michels, J. J. Jr. Miller, J. A. Moore, R. M. Nichols, T. 0. Pampei, R. H. Jr. Pickens, B. L. Pineiro, F. Jr. Reeves, R. B. Sasse, M. W. Shackelford, M. D. Sharp, V. H. Taylor, W. C. Thomas, 0. R. Toner, G. A. ri o js sv Vang, M. J Yankovoy, T M. I Roben A ' Pall Cor Maj. W. A. Studer SQ Sweetheart Cindy Schreiner, Age 20 Pl ' Robert W. Stafford Fall Commander Gary S. Chag Robert A. Belkowski Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Bean, R. L Desisto, P. Douglas, D. R. Garrett, T. F. Goodale, R. A. Heath, R. D. Kent, S. J. Marksteiner, J. P. McClain, G. T. Moran, P. Peters, M. S. Rupel, P. E. Schmitt, G. L. Snyder, R. R. Spencer, J. W. Zerambo, E. S. TT7T7T f. Budelier, J. A. Carroll, W. O. Casey, R. L. Dalros, S. W. Domingue, E. N. Duvall, M. W. Freeman, M. R. Gustafson, R. A. Henabray, K. F. Hinger, R. J. Holm, G. S. Johnson, W. C. Kristensen, D. H. Lounsberry, S. H. Mantel, R. A. Mumm, D. A. Nakayama, D. T. Owens, R. L. Peterson, K. J. Seader, J. H. Sevier, M. L. Sheiton, W. L. Sowada, P. M. Weinberg, N. A. Williams, J. A. 2 M Wf ( (f .-?! r i tiibii fiiiiLa f r n i T Amundson, J. D. Ballard, R. E. Bevington, J. E. Bohac, D, J. Bowen, J. W. Buschko, M. D. Chaffee, D. R. Cooney, P. B. Earnhart, G. N. Ill Fok, W. D. T. C. Fowler, M. J. Grande, M. G. Hern, W. F. Laplante, J. Z. McNiel, R. G. Molsio, P. J. Msall, W. J. Jr. Peterson, S. B. Pialet, R. J. Rein, D. L. Seat, J. C. Thomas, W. K. Towie, S. L. Tschabold, B. K. 77 Vasquez, M. J. Weber, J. C. Whisler, G. L. Woodward, J. R. Yelken, 0. G. 74 A.O.C. Maj. R. L. Bailey Jr. SQ Sweetheart r Gretchen Nuetzel, Age 22 Patrick J. Corrigan Scott R. Fehseke Robert K. Morrow Jr. Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander ' e t " A ' a ( a ' T ' n r crk fs Thompson, F. H. Wilson, R. L. ii gi 75 Barach, S. E. Dennis, M. J. Duesing, R. M. Dyche. ' D. D. Gorenc, S. Hicl cox, R. C. Hoey, R. R. Jones, R. K. Kemp, T. W. Lotakis, P. G. Jr. IVIcCorry, D. C. Jr. Otigren, G. A. Okeefe, W. S. Paczosa, G. L. Roberts, R. W. 9il ' 9 W r ' - C f O Ty . » r " r ( o , Smith, J. IVI. Jr. Spendley, J. N. Worden, R. M. Yauch, D. W. Anderson, P. M. Battig, W. D. Berg, N. I. Byers, M. B. Carter, J. E. Christian, L. D. Davis, R. E. Dutchyshyn, H. V. Jr. Fisher, R. R. Fonorow, O. R. George, J. M. Gutierrez, G. A. Hildebrandt, J. H. Hohl, L. D. Holley, R. C. Igyarto, P. A. Johnson, J. N. Martel, N. L. McFarlane, G. J. Jr. Nepi, M. P. Oleksy, R. J. Pannell, G. J. Saveland, J. M. Sheedy, J. A. 76 77 Alexander, M. J. Bachowski, R. Bartlett, R. H. Christ, J. H. Delfrate, M. A. Flaming, M. B. Fracchita, A. G. Frank, S. C. Goers, G. L. Harber, J. L. Johnson, G. S. Locke, B. A. Macurdy, E. S. Miller, D. L. Oliver, T. A. Robinson, G. H. Searle, R. H. Jr. Stringham, J. A. W| a r f q Sundquist, R. P Turner, R. R. Williams, L K. Witzel, R. A. Yeager, G. E. 74 VZi A.O.C Maj. H. H. Alvarez 1 SQ Sweetheart Steven C. Boyce Christian S. Vieweg Thomas P. Kane Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Barrovvclough, J. D. Brooks, J. F. Clough, D. A. Czabaranek, J. Fouts, J. D. Hickman, D. G. Hoganson, E. H. James, R. K. Jones, S. E. Kobza, M. E. Kolakowski, D. V. Krumeich, J. D. McVay, M. G. Micheletti, G. F. Nickel, F. E. Jr. Skinner, S. R. r 76 Baran, R. B. Byron, M. W. Connors, D. L. Deaux, J. D. Dedic, J. K. Fagan, J. S. Fisher, J. P. Frye, S. B. Hall, S. D. Hope, J. E. Jorgensen, S. Kontak, R. E. Lewis, G. W. Mapes, P. B. Miilican, T. N. Murray, J. P. Odiorne, S. C. Ortiz, V. Perron, W. A. Prange, P. E. Pruss, S. J, Przybyslawski, Trottier, L. P. Webb, S. K. Woodman. M. Wyman, T. T. Young, J. T. Cuevas, E. f ' n O (? ?; Runer, J. S. Shackelford, M. D. Wallace, F. L Weinstein, M. L. Bartolone, R. Bassa, B. J. Benson, H. S. Bowick, C. J. Breaux, A. O. Brooks, J. M. Carney, B. T. Detroye, J. E. Deveux, D. F. Duchene, B. G. Feeley, P. J. Fisher, M. R. Graper, J. R. Kennedy, R. C. Kessler, J. H. IV Lewis, M. L. Miller, S. J. Oelrich, M. J. Oliver, E. C. Ouimet, R. T. Palanica, W. J. Parker, W. A. Jr. Peters, B. W. Ill Pierson, A. C. Jr. 77 74 A.O.C Maj. T. E. Bair Dave A. Miller 310 Fall Commander SQ Sweetheart Mark D. Halsor Peter A. Bechtel Winter Commander Spring Commander f n n n o 4 a 9 n 1 ( Anewalt, D. C. Coman, M. S. Dressel, F. E. Facenda, J. V. Finn, K. M. Frick, G. B, Goetsch, C. G. Gridley, J. B. Hente, S. B. Herlong, D. W. Holton, W. J. Kendall, P. L. Knabel, T. L. Lynn, R. C. Rowland, M. E. r 75 Shugart, G. W. Stewart, W. P. Jr. Wedell, S. P. Wilcock, E. T. Ann V r " l Thurin, S. M. Whaley, G. A. Woodward, J. Bauschlicher, J. M. Bowman, D. F. Bruns, J. R. Jr. Chase, L. D. IV Clements, D. W. Crombie, R. B. Garten, D. N. Gibson, R. D. Hall, D. D. Heinz, S. D. Jones, D. A. Kilstrom, K. J. Kirkham, R. D. Kozlowski, K. W. Latenser, R. E. II Madsen, N. Mitchell, D. P. Moy, W. P. Nichols, M. E. Nissing, M. L. Spangler, T. L. Stevens, E. R. Stock, J. K. Thomson, B. L. 76 77 1 Allen, G. W. Anderson, G. D. Barnett, M. R. Batton, J. M. Season, J. D. Belcher, T. E. Chung, C. R. Coatsworth, M. A. Gonlon, T. K. Cosby, R. J. Eustace, J. A. Habjan, M. W. Hallenbeck, L. W. Herr, S. F. Jacques, R. W. Jones, F. O. Leblanc, L. J. Luzi, S. F. Magargee, M. R. Marshall, W. C. Moss, J. C, Jr. Mungle, S. W. Music, P. D. Rupe, S. C. Smith, J. D. Vantreuren, K. W. Whitehurst, L D. Wilson, D. B. Young, D. C. 74 r allCor A.O.C. SQ Sweetheart .t ■■ Cindy Sutton, Age 21 Thomas E. Goodwin Mark W. Rader Kenneth G. Klinnes Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander 75 Benner, J. C. Grasso, R. J. Jr. Groathouse, S. G. Heald, C. R. Jefferson, M. L. Kahiapo, J. W. Jr. Kelly, W. W. Mark, M. J. Matson, G. R. Mellen, D. E. IV Novak, D. F. Walden, R. S. 76 Daniels, M. E. Debruhl, H. C. Jr. Donath, J. L. Jr. Gold, R. P. Gresham, D. D. Hanley, P. M. Hauser, M. L. Hook, P. S. Kelly, M. K. Kluck, P. E. Mackness, M. D. McNamara, S. J. McRay, C. J. Norris, M. W. Niland, P. J. Jr. Ponzani, M. J. Rechstelner, R. W. Roth, R. L. Shanley, J. F. Jr. Smith, C. R. Steiner, K. F. Stout, S. A. Thompson, R. H. Troegner, W. R. Welsh, J. K. o a r rr ry r) o r% rt o : r r f ' f r n 1 n WW a n f- ai Sweet, K. D. Talbot, M. A. Turos, D. R. Jr. Weibel, C. A. Zatorski, R. A. Allen, D. E. Anderson, S. S. Bayer, G. L. Butler, J. S. Clegg, R. S. Crouch, D. S. Dart, J. R. Drew, M. N. Dugan, J. M. Esclavon, A. L. Fritzsche, M. H. Gagnon, R. E. Hayzlett, M. R. Hibbs, E. S. Hill, S. L. Hoyt, S. C. Kayse, K. S. Lewis, T. E. Magee, D. W. Maslonka, B. J. Mayer, J. A. McKean, S. H. IV Mickelson, D. H. Morris, S. J. Oleary, J. P. Richardson, J. L. Schmid, D. F. Seymour, J. L. Jr. 77 .•- 74 A.O.C, Capt. E. Walker SQ Sweetheart Julie Yingst, Age 19 Christopher A. Kelly Michael W. Restey Stephen G. Gress ' Fall Commander Winter Commander Spring Commander ' ■■ ' Tillotson, D. Ill Topolski, T. J. Jr. Benjamin, P. G. Burns, W. L. Dodds, J. B. Engleson, T. P. Fellows, J. A. Flynn, C. F. Gionet, D. E. Hevey, B. G. P. Jones, D. A. Kennon, J. W. Ill Kim, R. H. D. Laurie, T. A. Offutt, F. W. Simmons, C. J. Jr. Snelgrove, D. N. 75 «al i o ' ' r rs -4 J iflA A fliA 76 Belcher, M. F. Caballero, R. S. Casey, D. C. Clements, R. F. Heise, K. R. Janiszewski, A. M. Klingenberger, K. J. McBride, G. K. Moser, C. S. Nordgren, C. R. Nylund, D. W. Pijor, A. J. Racher, J. P. Jr. Racosky, R. J. Richey, R. L. Rooney, J. J. Jr. Sammons, J. M. Sawyer, F. D. Jr. Sherwood, G. R. Smith, J. R. Steinbaugh, K. C. Stockdale, S. E. Sutter, B. L. Trump, P. M. Vitalis, G. L. 77 Brooks, J. J. Davis, E. V. DewillJs, F. Garrison, K. Gersbach, C, P. Grady, J. J. Hamby, C. L. Jr. Hardy, F. W. Jr. Higgins, P. G. Kaiser, J. G. Mahar, M, T. McCarthy, J. L. Meyers, J. K. Petersen, S. Rudolph, R. R. Slate, S. Theno, S. M. Tuthill, G. J. ' n Tl Villalobos, A. Williams, R. A. Wilson, J. A. Yanaros, J. O. Jr 74 »- JiiiiTir t d @@fLAg I ' liTi!:!:: ? »1 ■ . ' ' A ' % . " .-[M .- € . •i ' - » Jipp-i wprvi r c wi ' -»i-- A.O.C Maj. A.M. Gulp 1 ©A f " SQ Sweetheart Marsha Gean, Age 21 Paul A. Emanuel Fall Commander Robert A. Flory John J. Overton Winter Commander Spring Commander ' " TC Bishop, K. B. f %J Braun. G. L. Dorsey, R. D. Duffy, B. Edgecomb, J. L. Foyil, J. D. Hartwell, T. A. Henry, M. Hilbun, T. A. Hippler, C. K. Jaeger, B. R. Jannetta, D. L. Jones, P. R. Lyerly, W. H. Jr. Macken, J. S. McAlister, R. W. Miller, R. C. Neumann, V. J. Noble, D. R. Posey, G. H. G. ' Saxman, J. B. n c% n r Schoning, M. W. Smith, K. W. Stults, J. C. Jr. Yurko, R. M. Jr. 76 Butler, M. W. Bych, R. P. Byerly, J. L. Campbell, J. S. Jr. Casella, R. R. Clary, D. E. Dunn, W. J. Felder, L R. Franklin, S. R. Green, F. F. Gronewald, C. J. Hedding, T. J. Ill Keane, M. J. Lombardi, A. Mettler, B. C. Morris, J. M. Newstad, T. M. Nielsen, M. A. Notstad, J. L. Pedersen, K. B. Pine, J. D. Schortmann, L. M. Sefcik, T. J. Walters, J. V. rt ' f ' v , ' r Whatiey, C. J. Woods, R. A. 5 Q " rt ' pi f O (f I i ik]lii i liit i4ilibi ip|r f r) f r f B mi i Barnes, K. D. Christian, K. S. Ciola, R. A. Eichelberger, J. F. Fennessy, T. P. Gilzean, M. E. Gray, M. W. Guest, S. C. Harris, F. R. Hunt, R. W. Jones, A. E. Kolb, D. B. Krott, A. D. Long, L. C. Lucero, F. L. Mandis, G. D. IVIarsh, G. T. Ill McGuire, D. M. Nicl elson, L. L. Olinger, J. J. T. K. 77 Shasteen, J. R. Sutton, V. L. Szkotak, A. J. Tyler, J. E. Ill Vollick, R. H. Jr. Wells, K. R. Wesolowski, R. A. 74 ' . ' a II Eiim Sfe»itr- Homecoming 1973 Homecoming 1972 Homecoming 1971 ALLIED ARTS 1973-74 0««E|,y • 0| • ii John Denver Now that John Denver has five albums under his belt it is easy to see that his designation as one of the most important talent discoveries of 1969 was an acute estimate, and in the intervening time John has proved his staying power. Jocks around the country are spin- ning Denver more and more to the pleasure of listeners which include most USAFA cadets. w Chicago With the release of their sixth album, Chicago is an idea that con- tinues to work. In fact, Chicago is now the biggest American act on the international market. Serving as an umbrella for seven highly ac- complished musicians with differ- ing musical tastes. Chicago, in all its forms, works not only for musicians, but for its audience. Between the two stands a mutual mirror, reflecting the band and its isteners. The result is dis- covery—the reward of creativity. 5th Dimension There are good reasons why the 5th Dimension has become one of the world ' s most successful and durable singing groups. Rarely have five individually- talented entertainers worked so well together, dedicating themselves to making good music. With their intricate harmonies and swinging beat, the 5th Dimension has captured the loyalties of a vast cross section of the public. They seem destined to stay on top of the music world for quite a while. Roberta Flack Roberta ' s sound has a rich black texture. This is also evident in her own piano playing which skillfully underlines her vocal stylings. She takes each song and lakes it her own. She somehow manages to achieve the evocative emotion of blues without being a blues singer. She has a style that we will be hearing a great deal of— and did, at USAFA 1974. Helen Reddy An impressive Australian singer, Helen can handle all of the divergent musical styles which producer Larry Marks has provided her with. Whether she is warbling her way through her Top 40 hit, " I Don ' t Know How to Love Him, " or adding a new dimension to " A Song for You, " she is always on top of her performance. m r tti- A. Competitive Activiiis mi Activity Aviation CluD Bowling Ciub Forensics Handball Judo Karate Model Eng. Parachute Rugby Skeet Soaring Squash OIC Capt. Workman Capt. Rogers Maj. Whitlock Maj. Cubero Capt. Marijyama Capt. Johnson Capt. Keck Maj. Homstead Maj. Byrd Capt. Myers Capt. Rider Maj. Siemann CIC Cadet Vieweg Cadet Maughan Cadet Craig Cadet Dorsay Cadet Hegland Cadet Watson Cadet Crean Cadet Hayhurj Cadet Arnold ♦ CadeLWilson W .viation Club The Aviation Club is the cadet branch of the Academy Aero Club which flies out of the base airstrip. The addition of new runways, an operations building, and a fleet of Cessna ' s have contributed to a growing cadet membership. Members are also provided the opportuni- ty to join the Cadet Flying Team which participates in regional and national meets. Handball Club The Handball team finished fifth In the National Intercollegiate Handball Tournament In which the club ' s doubles team took third place. It was the first time the entire five-man team was sent to national competition. f )4 ' 1 :: Squash Club The Academy Squash Club ended the 73-74 season with an impressive 9-2-2 record. In this fast-moving game, the team achieved lopsided victories over Colorado College and the Denver Raquet Club. Judo Karate Confidence, patience, awareness, self-control, and self-discipline are the benefits of these martial arts. Long hours of practice and hard work resulted in victories at West Point and the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Championships. Parachuting One of the top parachuting teanns in the country, this club has won the National Collegiate Championship five of the last six years. This year the team set a collegiate milestone by performing the first eight-man star from one school in formal competition. Model Engineering Club The model clul played a big part in| morale this year entern taining crowds at foot-j ball halftime shows anc thrilling the wing at noon meal formations. Soaring One of the most popular programs at the Academy, many cadets become instructors and have earned commercial licenses in this " airy " form of flight. Cadet pilots compete nationally in this activity. Rugby Club 1 Champions of the Eastern Rockies Rugby Football Union, the Rugby Club, known to their foes as " Zoomies, " continued their winning ways in both matches and parties. In Fall 73, the Ruggers travelled to V.M.I, and the Aspen Ruggerfest. During the Spring they participated in the Monterey Rugby Tournament, the Annual Drunker ' s Ball, and were also victorious over annual opponent, Royal Air Force, Cranwell. » t tMJLik M SMA m MAmm ' i Cl ! J il ' ' .l: . " iZLlJ ' -I ' -i L ' .. ' A .yy - IvJ. . . . : ,v., -. • ; ' ' . ' ' : -- x ' i-. ' . Professional Activities Biology Maj. Schro.eder caaet Lyeriy ClieiTiistry Capt. Whitely Cadet Hand Civil Eng. .. Maj. Profilet Cadet Bozarth CompSci Capt. Anderson Cadet Romano Economics Maj. Taylor Cadet Walker Electrical Eng Maj.Gowen Cadet Jolly Fine Arts Capt. Hedegaard Cadet Horowitz Fprlim Capt. O ' Neill Ca det Johnson Geography Maj. Herman Ca det Loftus History Maj. High Ca det Smith Language Lt Col. Sinclair Cadet Hickmar Mathematics Capt. Olson Cadet Byrd Mechanics Capt. Tubbesing Cadet Menace Navigation Capt. Alexander Cadet Rathbun Physics Capt. Webb Cadet May Prof Studies Capt. Kline Cadet Fly Psychology Lt Coi. Cammalleri Cadet Horacek The Cadet branch of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics provides education professional and experience, through organized field trips, tours, guest lectures and projects. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING BUT A)HAT REMLY SHOOK ME WAS WHEN HE SAID ' ' (FGOO HAD MEANT FOR MAN TO FlV, WE ' D HAVE WINGS. ' Astronomy Ciub It has been a good year for the Astronomy Club, highlighted by the Comet Kohoutek and a lecture on Black Holes by Captain Schutt of the Physics Department. Some cadets built their own telescopes, which in- cluded grinding their own lenses. Biology Club The Biology Club provides Pre- Med and Life Science ma- jors an opportunity to pursue their interests in the medical profession by attending lec- tures, social functions and touring local medical facilities. Chemistry Club The Chemistry Club is designed to expand the Cadet ' s professional interest in organic and inorganic chemistry through lectures, field trips, and symposia. Civil Engineering Club i ?,! Xf E TEMEN, YOU.WILU Rtcnve YOUR FIRST PWCTICAU EXPGR,16NCE Civil Engineering Club activities are designed to provide professional ex- posure to the cadets entering this dis- cipline. The club takes field trips, builds projects, and participates in the Annual Conference of the Rocky Mountain Region of Student Chapters of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The Conference was hosted this year by the Academy Chapter. SI ' Comp Sci Club Computer Science majors are able to find many uses for their work through the ciub, which organizes trips, lectures, and projects. EEE The USAFA IEEE Club provides its members with practical training in electronics, TV maintainence, radio, and space sciences. The adjoining photo shows a laser experiment. DAMGCP. — MtOH VOLTAOF — N CASE OP EVlERoeiMCV CO SJT CT I AUTHOR, l-ZEd PERSONAL ONL THtNU. rVF PIWAUY FOUND THE PROBLEM Fine Arts Club , The Fine Arts Club in- creased cadets ' exposure to tlie finer arts, whetlier it be classical or popular music, painting and sculpture or drama. Trips which have ranged from the Denver Symphony to Bob Dylan, allowed time in less rigid, but very creative atmospheres. Foreign Language Club The Language Club participates in several local cultural events such as the Oktoberfest and Siberian Krasnoyarsk dance. Club members have also travelled to Chinatown in San Francisco, Juarez, Mexico, and to the United Nations in N.Y. Club OICs Forum The Cadet Forum on Public Affairs is one of the oldest cadet extra-curricular ac- tivities at the Academy and is under faculty supervision by the Department of Political Science. The Forum functions as the focal point of contact outside the classroom for those cadets who have an interest in national and international affairs, and it provides an avenue to pursue and develop further those interests. To accomplish its mission, the Forum sponsors two separate speal ers programs, the Distinguished Speakers Program and the Forum Speakers Program. It also sponsors an inter- collegiate discussion group program and numerous cadet trips around the country. Each year the Cadet Forum on Public Affairs sponsors several distinguished speakers. Past speakers include Sen. Goldwater, Ralph Nader, Bill Russell, and Werner von Braun (pictured below). History Club One of the most active clubs at the Academy, the History Club sponsors movies on Friday afternoons, holds informal dining- ins, and this year toured facilities at the Kennedy Space Center. S ' JJ ;JI EXMiBiT HAL Navigation Club Cadets in the Navigation Club get practical experience in flying missions. They use celestial, dead-reckoning, map-reading, and radar navigation techniques similar to those employed by the U.S. Air Force in actual missions. Physics Club The primary goal of the Physics Club has been to observe and participate in practical applications of physics through exchange progranns with other universities, guest speakers, and films. , z: t .u «- ' M3i:!i WAIT A, VimUTE NO WONP g HIS gRpSLEAA WONT WO UP TWet E ISN ' T THeSIGN FOR A DERIVKTlVE, ITS A SPtTWApy Psychology Club The Cadet Psychology Club interacts with other behavioral science students and instructors in order to learn more about the diverse field of psychology. Throughout the school year a variety of functions such as parties, meetings, and field trips are conducted. Mechanics Club Aside from the study of stresses and strains, the highlight of the Club ' s ac- tivities this year was a trip through the Budweiser plant in St. Louis, Mo. Support Activities Big Brothers Club Members of the club act as Big Brothers for fatherless boys in Colorado Springs. The club con- ducts weekly activities so the Big and Little Brothers can be together. These activities include swimming parties, hikes, and sports. Bluebards The 1973-74 season of the Bluebards Drama Society can easily be called one of the most successful ever. After a 72-73 season of small audience par- ticipation, the club responded with an exceptionally strong publicity attack, headed by Cadet Randy James, with outstanding results. The hilarious comedies of Bang Bang Beirut and No Time for Sergeants not only reflected the professional image for which the club is striving, but met with positive reactions from the Cadet Wing and the public. Drum Bugle Corps This year the Drum and Bugle Corps performed for both regional and national television. The Corps also travelled to parades in San Antonio, Texas and Sacramento, California. In Denver ' s St. Patrick ' s Day Parade, the Corps placed first in competition. Falconers The Cadet Falconers provide and train the Academy IVIascot-the Falcon. These cadets bring the falcons to sports events such as home football games and reflect Academy spirit in other areas where the Wing is represented. The Cadet Falconers also aid the Office of Information by providing the falcons for public appearances. This year the falconers had another successful year keeping the birds flying at home and away games. Photography Club The Photography Club maintains facilities for cadets to develop their skills in picture taking. Cadets learn to process both color and black and white photographs and can improve their prin- ting techniques. CAFPOW I i IJ H%S Recreatiofia Capt Barnes Gad et Bozek Maj. Walsh Cad etStebby Capt Hardwick Cad et McConn Capt De Temple Cad et Gllnes ' Capt Logsdon Cadet Snedeke Capt Neff Cad et Erving Capt Hawley Cadei Dectuiiiiy Capt Johnson Cad et Watson Maj. Glllmartin Cad et Wells Capt Cole , Cad et Percival Capt Drury Cadet Verling Capt Stone Cadet Janaetta Capt Pierce Cad etSchelllnj Capt Christian Cadet Gibbs Capt Lyhett Cad et Carter H Amateur Radio Club The Cadet Amateur Radio Club provides facilities for cadets desiring to participate in two-way communications throughout the world. Equip- ment is available for amateur radio communications, as well as building and testing pro- jects. The Radio Club provides a practical outlet for knowledge gained in several electrical engineering courses. Autosports Autosports Club is a recreational and educational club. Its members spend many hours taking apart their cars and putting them back together! Hunting Club The Cadet Hunting Club provides opportunities for the members to travel and participate in nearly all forms of hunting in one of nature ' s most beautiful settings. Saddle Club The Saddle Club allows cadets to ride here at the Academy. This club is a favorite among underclassmen. W : ' -.,:■ 0m H - kR H ITsj kh ' H vX " -.-.- ;»■ " • ' " 1 [-■■ ■ m. r ' ' wH 1 m 4 Mountaineermg Club The Mountaineering Club has come a long way in the last few years. With new equipment, they held schools in winter mountaineering, basic and advanced rock climbing. lU a Ballooning Club The Hot Air Balloon Club expanded in its first full year of operation. The club conducts instruc- tion in hot air ballooning and can be seen in the air above the Academy grounds on most Sunday mor- nings. The club plans to attend the National Hot Air Balloon Championships this summer. :- 0 ' 1 Ecology Club This club is dedicated to the betterment of the ecology in the Cadet Wing and the local area. Their activities included hanger, news- paper, and tire recycling in community Pro- jects Scope and Scar. In addition old uniforms are contributed and refurbished, and parts of the mountains are beautified. 1 Chess Club JJ FENWICK ALWAYS VI AS POO« UOS€ I Newly formed in 1973, the Chess Club is an affiliate of 2 national organizations— the U.S. Chess Federation and Intercollegiate Chess League of America. The club par- ticipates in local tournaments. Military Science Club In its third year of existence, the Military Science Club has established itself as a viable cadet organization. Concerned primarily with military history and its study through the use of conflict simulation, the club Includes some 35 cadets and two officer participants. Events of the year were highlighted by Fall and Spring War Game tournaments. Prizes were awarded to the top competitors. Ski Club 1 i Probably the most popular extracurricular activity at USAFA, the Ski Club provided a ski day for over 300 cadets each winter weekend Almost all the major Colorado slopes were targets for the Ski Club bus convoys P t Gommitte %, 74 Class Council 75 Class Council 76 Class Counci 1 :n W .. -.: u:-M f 3, 1 J 77 Class Council iSiysySS iar i ■uninni " " " ■WRIHIiniiir n.a,cn=, wiiwnnn SSSS 0-91602 nlBIIHIII Kally Committee Rally Committee is one of the oldest here. They are most active during the football season when responsible for smokers, pep rallies, and team send-offs. Their spirit-building con- tributed to our winning season this year. Cheerleaders Rally The Wing 1l ' Cadet M dia y V jf . ' f,w ' d ■M ' i ' f m %.. %. — r-, ' - This year ' s media staff made quantum strides in professionalizing publications. Cadets working on USAFA media revitalized K.A.F.A. and managed to sweep 7 awards for Polaris and for Talon at the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Press Association Convention. Polaris KAFA Media In Review Cadet Life Cadet Girls Military Life Sometimes A Solitary Man I ►$.f T 1 WS %t- ' | Salute And Farewell The class of 1974 proudly salutes General Albert P. Clark on the occa- sion of his retirennent from the USAF. We remember him not only as a strict dis- ciplinarian, but also as a warm individual who led the wing in pep rallies, spirit, and inspiration. 74 feels particularly honored to have General Clark graduate with us. .Li yiM ; «.%■ - i ' : r .. ' it . rEfe Si ' ' J 1 J. Director of Athletics Col. Frank Merritt Col. C. Oliver Physical Education Lt. Col. A. Cillo Intercollegiate Athletics H A Team Effort By Everyone All Year Varsity Football 1 Bottom Row (L-R): Al Bready, Dennis Collins, Paul DeHart, Art Ratkewicz, Bill Berry, Jim Morris, Rich Haynie, Steve Heil, Steve Hansen, Greg Smith, Lance Webb, Frank Murphy. Second Row: Frank Cox, Dan Mitchell, Bruce Fritzsche, Ray Wild, Ralph Buron, Larry Fariss, Wayne Willis, Dave Lawson, Bill Murray, Rod Kallman. Third Row: John Hazen, Fred Lorenz, Corrie Kundert, Tom Lange, Mike Mark, Mike Renner, Joe Debes, Bob Farr, John Frozena, Tom Peterson, Doug Kupersmith. Fourth Row: Rick McGraw, Jeff Hass, Dan Manderich, John Covington, Rich Echard, Dick Riche, Mike Worden, Terry Petrie, Bob Mansfield, Joe Shirey, Mike Lee. Fifth Row: Al Nuytten, Rod Hennek, Bra d Sharpe, Craig Puz, Chuck Olt- man, Chuck Dohner, Chris Milodragovich, Dave Mayer, Darrell Mastin, Mike Gould. Top Row: Cliff Smith, Mike Scott, Randy Spetman. Jeff Notstad, Gary Potter, John Swaney, Terry Williams, Bob Thompson, Jim Dolan, Terry Young, Tim Cantwell. Falcon Co-Captains ll Head Coach Ben Martin Coaching Staff KNEELING (L-R): Jerry Davitch, offensive line coach; Nick Liontas, receivers coach; Ben Martin, head coach; Jack Braley, defensive backfield coach; Terry Isaacson, head junior varsity coach. STANDING; Spike Hillstrom, offensive line coach; Bernie Raetz, offensive backfield coach; Leiand Kendall, defensive line coach; John Carney, linebackers coach; Jim Bowman, head freshman coach. Falcon Equipment Managers Levi Cordova. Tom Mesquita, Artus Smith (Head Equipment Manager), Lou Whittingham. Air Force Battles Back, Shades Oregon 24-17 The Falcons opened the season against Oregon by outlasting the Ducks in a regionally televised game at Falcon Stadium. A young, un- tested defense proved itself in the fourth quarter recovering a fumble late in the game which was converted into the winning touchdown. Long bombs by Oregon, controversial calls, and a 20 M.P.H. wind failed to dull Air Force ' s composure as an emotionally charged squad rallied past Oregon. ... .. i« t FARR DRFADY DEHAP HAzer Falcons Hold Off New Mexico 10-6 stymied and frustrated by a tough Lobo defense, Air Force managed to hold on to a slight halftime lead. Unable to generate much of a passing attack, the Falcons depended on ball control and defense. A Dad ' s-day crowd of 34,000 watched an underrated New Mexico squad better the Falcons in offen- sive yardage. But the final minutes saw the Lobos fall short of scoring on successive penalties for a forward lateral and offen- sive interference. The difference proved to be the kicking of Sophomore Dave Lawson. f ' ' . || ' . ' ' ' »»«- ' Cappelletti And Company Clip AF Cadets 19-9 Powerful Penn State was tested by a determined Falcon effort In which Heisman Trophy winner John Cappelletti punished Falcon tacklers throughout the day. A sellout Homecoming crowd saw Air Force explode with a well-balanced attack against a heavier, faster Nittany Lion team which persisted in its control of the game. Quarterback Rich Haynie com- pleted 50% of his passes for 223 yards and tailback Chris Milodragovich was the leading Falcon ballcarrier for the second straight week. During this game, Rod Hennek injured his right knee and was lost for the season. s 22 BUSTIN «»•. «« rill I Colorado Continues To Dominate Falcons 38-17 r M( ? ' ■ f ' li I yr r r Navy Evens Series With Air Force In 42-6 Rout It was all Navy at Annapolis. The Falcons fell behind at the half 28-0 in a game that saw Navy play some of its best football of the last decade. Air Force picked up only 224 yards as the defense spent many minutes on the playing field. Safety Steve Heil and rover Rick McGraw each had 10 tackles pursuing Navy ball carriers in the Falcon secondary. The Mighty Middies went on to win the Commander-in-Chief ' s Trophy by defeating Army later in the season. Offense Rolls, Defense Holds; AF Beats Davidson 41-19 The Falcon offense displayed good balance against Davidson while the defense held the Wild- cats to minus 19 yards rushing, a school record. Offensively, quarterback Rich Haynle and tailback Chris Milodragovich had big days. " Milo " gained 1 79 yards rushing, second best in school history, on 29 carries and scored three touchdowns. Haynie gained 230 yards, including 150 passing, to set Falcon career total offense and passing records. Air Force Defeats Army 43-10 In the eighth meeting of these service rivals, Army played Air Force to a 10-10 tie in the first half. However, the Falcons came up with three key pass interceptions, in- cluding two for touchdowns, in the second half which broke the game open. Holding the Black Knights to only 82 yards rushing, the Falcon defense was shored up by tackle Terry Young and senior linebacker Jim Morris, both of whom had 10 tackles. Kicker Dave Lawson had a busy day with four of five extra points and three of five field goals including one from 48 yards away. Mike Mark had 74 yards rushing including a 57-yard scamper. CRUSH! M iw ,-f ' ■ 1- «) , T» THE 8 ' ; Falcons Subdue Second Set Of Knights, AF 31, Rutgers 13 Air Force came up with another balanced attack against the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers in the schools ' first football encounter. Haynie and Milodragovich paced the Falcons again as the offense had 191 yards rushing and 195 passing. Haynie hit flanker Frank Murphy with two of his three touchdown passes, one of which was a diving end zone catch that helped the Falcons take off. The Falcon defense also had another good day holding Rutgers ' top running back J. J. Jen- nings to under 100 yards for the first time this season. Goal Line Stand Upsets Arizona 27-26 Air Force staged one of its best offensive displays of the season in Tucson rolling up 506 total yards. Much credit, however, goes to the defense for stopping Arizona ' s try for a two-point conversion in the final seconds, which would have won the game for the Wild- cats. Rover Steve Heil was all over the field making 20 tackles and personally insuring Arizona ' s tailback didn ' t cross the goal line for those elusive two points. Haynie, Murphy, Mark, Berry, and " Milo " all had good days on offense while Jim Morris and Terry Young contributed 1 5 and 1 1 tackles, respectively. The game had to be one of the most exciting in Falcon history. National Champion Notre Dame Stuns Falcons 48-15 Although it ' s a privilege to live in Colorado, it ' s not privilege to play Number One Notre Dame in South Bend on Thanksgiving Day when they ' re tuning up for the Sugar Bowl. At the end of the first quarter, Notre Dame was leading 28 to as Irish size and speed was devastating. The Falcons fought back valiantly but felt ike they were playing the best. Sophomore kicker Dave Lawson provided one of the few reasons to be thankful kicking a 53-yard field goal, a school record. Season Wj:ap Up The Falcons posted a G ' TScbrdf the sixth straight winning season for Air FcffTSefwhich once agaiHplayeci several nationally-ranked foes, including Penn State and Notre Dame, two members of the elite Top Ten. Air Force was paced by senior quarterbacl Rich Haynie, who not only wound up as the top yardage maker in Falcon football history but in service academy football history as well. In three varsity seasons, here are some of the records set by Haynie: MOST TOTAL YARDS— 4,740 Tk.«W mJL MOST TOTAL PLAYS— 871 MOST TOUCHDOWNS BY RUSHING AND PASSING— 4 » MOST PASSING ATTEMPTS— 662 MOST PASSING YARDAGE— 4,283 -.jj|t„ BEST AVERAGE GAIN PER PASSING COMPLETION— 14 3 yards ' » MOST TOUCHDOWN PASSES— v34 Those listed above were the most significant of the 13 records Haynie set or tied during his varsity career The only one that eluded Haynie ' s grasp was most pass completions. As he did in his previous two seasons Haynie once again led the Falcons in total offense with 1,515 yards, including 1,378 passing. He had his best season as a passer, completing 111 out of 218 attempts, a 5i cent completion percentage. But Haynie wasn ' t the only record maker on the squad. The Falcon defense also had its shar Senior linebacker Jim Morris, a team co-captain along with Haynie set a school mark with 331 career tackles, including 127 this season. However, the leading tackier was senior rover Steve Heil, who had 130, se- cond best mark in school history. Heil had 20 tackles against Arizona, third best mark in history, a performance that earned him Sports Illustrated Lineman of the Week honors. He also had 19 tackles against Notre Dame. Senior cornerback Dennis Collins accounted for another record when he blocked three kicks during the season, two field goals and one extra point. The extra point block played a significant role in the Falcons ' 27-26 triumph over Arizona. lo ydrus, 5( er ' rflJIl A FA 4 Oregon New Mexico V) Penn State K ' :. at Colorado W at Navy m Davidson K; Army H ' ' Rutgers 7 at .Arizona 5 at Notre Dame OPP 17 6 19 38 42 19 10 14 26 48 Soccer |P fpp ' - - - ; 5 ,:«-.::«-, — .. — --. AIR FORCE 1973-74 SOCCER TEAM— (Sitting left to right) Len Salvemini, Bob Soucy, Edmundo Bellini, Tom Yasuhara, Jinn Shamess, Al Patriquin, Tony Villalobos. (Kneeling left to right) John Zimmerman, Jeff Jacobs, Gary Allard, Jacl Shine, John Brockman, Chuck Willey, John Tamkun. (Standing left to right) Capt. Jim Thames, assis- tant varsity coach; Ed Gregori, trainer; Maj. David Roe, of- ficer representative; Ed Zerambo, Paul Narzinski, Bently Rayburn, Tracy Stephens, Larry Danforth, Dave Rusk, Rich Ruth, Art Billingslea, manager; Coach Hank Eichen RECORD (Home Games in Caps) AFA OPP 5 COLO. COLLEGE 5 COLORADO 1 4 Michigan State 2 SOUTHERN FLA. 5 1 Navy 1 6 Denver 1 1 MacMURRAY 4 Metro State ARMY 2 10 DENVER 1 2 Colorado College 2 7 Metro State t ' I iS ssfeas J . , 3 Coach Hank Eichen ' s Air Force soccer squad wound up the 1973 season with a third straight Rocky Mountain Inter- collegiate Soccer League championship and a sixth con- secutive winning season. The Falcons ended the season with a conference record of 6-0-1 and an overall record of 8-2-2. All-American Len Salvemini led the team with a school record-breaking 23 goals, and also holds the individual career record for the Falcons with 53 goals. The highlight games of the Falcon season were a 1-1 tie with Navy and a hard-fought 2-0 loss to Army. Another unique game was the 10-1 win over Denver when Salvemini scored six goals to set the record for most goals in a season at 23. Assis- tant varsity coach Jim Thames set the old record of 20 in 1965. In the Denver game, Salvemini also tied his own record of in- dividual goals in a game. A ' Cross Country BACK ROW: (Left to Right) Coach Arnesen, Dave Hoglund, Chuck Fellows, Harry Mathis, Bill Bennett, Jamie Blissit, Mike Cook, Jim Koster, Mike Layman, Kosta Asselanis (Mgr.). FRONT ROW: Dave Root, Jeff Miller, Pat Rupel, Rick Davila, Bill Frank (Capt.), Jeff Ford, Fred Fedewa, Tom May, Steve Long. RECORD (Home Games in Caps) AFA OPP 17 Drake 41 15 Wyoming 49 18 S. Colorado 45 31 New Mexico 24 Indiana Invitational— 6th out of 15 22 Adams State 37 34 CSU 21 30 S. Illinois 25 Rocky Mountain USTFF Championships- 8th out of 12 Central Collegiate Championships— — 10th out of 16 A winning season and an All-America runner highlighted the 1973 Air Force cross country season. The harriers of coach Arne Arnesen posted a 4-3 dual meet season and had an All- America runner in senior Jim Koster, who placed 26th in the national collegiate cham- pionships. The Falcons posted victories over Drake, Wyoming, Southern Colorado and Adams State and the three losses were by close margins, 24-31 to New Mexico, 25-30 to Southern Illinois and 21-34 to Colorado State. Another top runner for the Falcons was senior team captain Bill Frank, who tied with Koster for first in the first two meets and was a key man in other races. Team Captain Bill Frank Water Polo BOTTOM ROW (L-R): John Magee, Jim Struble, Bill Monroe, Tom Calhoun, Jeff Heidmous, Bob Massey, Ar- mando Costales, Dave Vandam. SECOND ROW: Greg Findlay, Jim Hogue, Dave Merrill, Jon Burgess, Roger Rechsteiner, Grant Anderson, Joe Baudendistel, Phil Vollelunga. TOP ROW: Capt. Reggie Pasieczny (head coach), Don Gresham, Rick Pilling, Kelly Kemp, Ben Phillips, Marv Derrick, Walt Heidmous, Ralph Tolle, Tom Auberry, Col. Robert Lamb (Officer Representative). RECORD (Home Games in Caps) AFA OPP 5 Long Beach St. 10 24 Chapman College 4 11 Cal. St.-Northridge 2 6 Cal.-Santa Barbara 9 10 Wyoming 6 24 DENVER 3 12 Texas A M 4 16 Brigham Young 5 6 Wyoming 7 12 Texas A M (OT) 10 11 Colorado St. 9 15 UTAH 6 11 BRIGHAM YOUNG 4 32 Regis 1 8 WYOMiNG (OT) 11 10 BRIGHAM YOUNG 5 18 COLORADO ST. 4 M ' ' . The Falcon Water Polo team finished its most successful season ever with a 13-4 record, and for the second time in three years finished second in the district cham- pionships. The overall season saw the Falcon defense at its best, led by senior Rick Pilling and sophomore goalie Walt Heidmous. Junior Ben Phillips led the team with 74 total points but had con- siderable assistance from senior team captain Kelly Kemp and sophomores Don Gresham and Bill Monroe. Highlights of the season included road victories over both Wyoming and Colorado State for the first time in the team ' s history. . in Intramural Football Intramural Lacrosse Wing Champs— 1st Squadron Intramural Cross Country Intramural FlickerbaM m f m f P P Intramural Tennis Wing Champs— 24th Squadron Basketball KNEELING: Jim Eken, Jeff Thomas, Bob Holliway, Rich Nickelson, Dave Sams, Jeff Graves, Dan Kraft, Will Gason STANDING: Mike Sevier, Lyn Hesterberg, Gary Lorenzen, Scott Davis, Jeff Steig, Greg Schneider, Larry Garner, Ben Thomson, Rick Schoenlein, Paul Prange. AFA OPP 61 COLORADO 65 60 SOUTHERN COLO. 67 42 Creighton 55 68 San Diego St. 87 46 Colorado State 62 79 Pan American 86 60 Texas Tech 82 79 DEPAUW 56 54 Navy 47 64 WYOMING 56 76 OREGON 66 75 STANFORD 58 67 Abilene Christian 68 71 REDLANDS 58 55 Xavier (Ohio) 58 79 NORTHERN COLO. 73 58 WIS.-MILWAUKEE 59 58 Denver 61 64 Utah State 78 84 MERCHANT MARINE 53 62 VALPARAISO 52 104 WESTERN ST. 61 66 Oklahoma City 73 72 DENVER 70 i " ' ' ' iiTfliiMiiiiMBl .%t A strong showing in the second half of the season and the scoring performance of senior team captain Rich Nickelson were the highlights of the 1973-74 season. r ( i Coach Hank Egan ' s Falcons wound up with an 1 1-13 record, splitting their last two games. The Falcons lost to Oklahoma City, 73-66, on the road, then came back with a thrilling 72-70 overtime home triumph over Denver in the season finale. mc m r 1 1 The 11-13 record was quite an accomplishment considering the Falcons started with seven straight losses. That gave the squad an 11-6 mark in the latter part of the campaign with a 10-3 record at home. Road games were tough with Air Force posting only a 1-10 mark on foreign soil. However, that road victory was a key one, 54-47 over Navy. Air Force also out- scored foes from the field, 66.8 points per game to 64.6. The latter figure was once again one of the top defen- Gymnastics fSJ c, nj; ' :; ' - KNEELING (L-R): Maj. Randy Shamberger (ass ' t coach), Lt. Col. Karl Schwenzfeier (head coach), Capt. Mike Torreano (ass ' t coach). SECOND ROW: Larry Garrett, Dave Bowman, Joe Marksteiner, Eric Coppin, Bruce Edstrom, Phil Bethards, Doug Atkins, John Tomich. TOP AF OPP 146.10 Illinois State Titan Invitational 149.05 148.80 California-Chico 147.10 148.80 Wisconsin-Oshkosh 144.85 148.80 Wisconsin-Madison 141.05 148.80 Wheaton 139.70 148.80 Western Michigan 139.70 148.80 Mankato State College 137.50 148.80 Eastern Michigan 130.25 150.30 Eastern New Mexico 106.35 152.55 Northern Colorado 140.45 150.45 Arizona 151.55 150.45 Southern Illinois 157.25 151.75 Colorado State 160.55 151.85 Colorado 154.35 ROW: Mickey Duvall, Phil Nardecchia (team captain). Kirk Stephens, Tom Abshire, Jim Paquette, Dan Foster, Tim O ' Connell, Mark Hyatt, Jeff Cross, Jeff Garland, Phil Walker. I I m m ■ hi Gymnastics posted its sixtli consecutive winning season and sent four athletes to the national channpionships at University Park, Pa. The team finished with a 9-5 dual meet record and also captured the Western Indepe nden t cha pionship for theH nd year in a row. Track MjMlLX$ ' Lf f,2 ' - l rm kjiAJ-A r u i . TOP ROW (Left to right): T. G. Parker, Mark Modrich, Bob Gardner, Mark Webster, Bill Frank, Ron Watson, Pat Bur- bank, Wally Cannon, Mike Lee, Joe Shirey, Jamie Blissit, Craig Adams. MIDDLE ROW: Major James McCormack (officer representative). Head Coach Arne Arnesen, Bill Lee, Mike Ryan, Dan Chapman, Mike Cook, Mike Layman, Tom Bender, Mike McGinnis, Rod Williams, Joe Kahiapo, Chris Budinsky, Greg Holm, Capt. Bob Lambert (assistant coach). BOTTOM ROW: Joe Romano (manager), Dick Mcintosh, Kevin Kilstrom, Jeff Miller, Mark Rabinowitz, Pat Rupel, Gary Allard, Marty Klena, Bill Bennett, Dan Larkin, Kosta Asselanis (manager). AF OPP 86 Adams State 45 7372 Colorado State 61V2 73 V2 Wyoming 27 64 Ohio State 70 64 Furman 28 58 Drake 73 92 Wyoming 43 92 Southern Colorado 27 48th Annual Central Collegiate Conference (Air Force 10th of 19) | 74 V2 New Mexico 79- 2 74 V2 Southern Colorado 8 94 Adams State 35 94 Northern Colorado 33 A seventh straight winning season was posted by the indoor track team, which posted a season mark of | 9-3. 1 Four athletes competed in the national collegiate indoor meet ir Detroit. They were Mcintosh, Kahiapo, freshman T. G. Parker in the 60 higl ' hurdles and freshman Mike Ryan in the 440-yard dash. Two school indoor records were set when junior Dick Mcintosh ran 7.1 in the 60-yard high hurdles and sophomore Wally Cannon had a best leap of 24 feet, % Inch in the long jump. Sophomore Joe Shirey tied the 60-yard dash mark of 6.2 several times. Junior Joe Kahiapo tied the record in the 60- yard low hurdles with a 6.8 clocking. ; Fencing tl f ? J @ p ? If v.- TOP ROW (Left to Right): Mike Nichols, Tony Pr- zybyslawski, Mark Whelen, Joe McLaughlin, Derrick Spott, Tom Young MIDDLE ROW: Eric Lewallen, nnanager; Rory Childress, Dennis Vollink, Jim Blackman, Karl Gabrys, Rich Jacques, Doug Pelton, Billy Dillard, Al Powell BOTTOM ROW: Mike Mantz, Gemot Pomrenke, Fred Dunn, John Williams, Brad Buchanan, Chris Straka AF OPP 19 Stevens Tech 8 14 Rutgers 13 12 Army 15 16 Colorado Fencing Club 11 22 Illinois-Chicago Circle 5 15 Wisconsin 12 23 Chicago Purdue (Purdue lost by forfeit) Western Championships (Second) NCAA Championships (Eighth) (Rich Jacques became All-America with fifth place finish) 4 Nick Toth coached the first All-America freshman fencer for Air Force, Rich Jacques, while the team posted a 7-1 dual-meet season. Three Falcons, Jacques in epee, Al Powell in foil and Dennis Vollink in Sabre, earned eighth place for Air Force in the NCAA 50-team championship. The Falcon squad took second in the Western In- tercollegiate Championships, the first time in seven years USAFA has failed to win the western title. i 4: ' 3IS ' 4 ; testlii Wrestling ROW 4 (Top): Coach H. Koerber, Maj Frank Cloutier (Off Rep), S. Spies, B. Stewart, L. Loftus (Mgr), B. Leswig, B. Jones, J. Kessler, L. Buckingham, M. Devlin, W. Stout, E. Oliver, M. Ward, D. Mayer, A. Nuytten, P. Richmond, W. Weathers, D. Turos (Mgr), Coach Kitt. ROW 3: J. Sienicki, R. Webber, D. Novotny, S. Millar, J. Woodward, K. Lonergan, L. Fariss, J. Hunt, J. Rayzak, E. Hale, K. Pleasan- ton. ROW 2: M. Ratchford, F. Vaccaro, B. Molter, W. Erwin, D. Stine, A. Becker, C. Nicholls, E. Maglicmot, S. Frye, W. Mason, E. Saa, R. Orwig (Abs) ROW 1: G. Studor, M. Cook, J. Birchman, R. Casella, M. Sacrider, L. Harding, S. Campbell, M. Johnson, Capt. G. Lawrence, T. Wilson, M. Vasquez Air Force wrestlers overcame a slo start to win six of their last seven meets tol close with a 6-5 season. One trip to Texas made the difference. The Falcons beat Richland, 52-0; North Texas, 51-0; and Central State of Oklahoma 19-17 to raise their season to 3- 4. They then won three of the four remain- ing matches to finish the season on the ' ' winning side. Two Falcon wrestlers, Steve Camp- bell, 167, and Russ Casella, 177, placed second in the Western NCAA regionals to qualify for the nationals. Campbell and Casella both had good dual meet records with 10-1 and 9-2, respectively. Swimming Diving 4 ,j:£ l .W Z Jl : TOP ROW (left to right): Rick IVIcAlister, Steve Koraly, Norm Weinberg, Bill Marshall, Fernando Ibarra, Bob Vendley, Bob Hamilton, Todd Reece, Bruce Nelson, Tim Shaffer, Richard Leopold, Tom Schipper, Greg Robinson, Capt. Sam Finch, Lt. Col. Paul Arata, Swimming Coach. MIDDLE ROW: Terry Symens, Brad Fagot, J. G. Kennon, Tim Martin, Marty Bischoff, Dave Dyche, Ira David Hale, Bill Townsley, Jeff Grady, Lance Lane, Tim Jones, Bill English, Michael Paquette, Tom Carpenter. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Osgood, Steve Tibbitts, Dan McCorry, Fred Offutt, Tom Sl illman, Bill Carrington, Don Magee, Richard Vollick, Craig Murra. AF OPP 95 Western State 18 94 California-Riverside 9 94 California-San Diego 9 82 Texas Tech 31 90 Colorado 21 64 Nebraska 49 68 Evansville 45 83 Arkansas 30 63 Tulane 50 90 Metro State 17 93 Colorado State 20 As a team, the Falcons finished with an 11 -0 dual meet record their second consecutive undefeated campaign. Swimming has now won 24 dual meets in a row over three years and also boasts 50 straight home pool victories dating back to 1967. Coach Paul Arata ' s team placed sixth at the independent championships and finished 14th at the nationals thanks to McAlister ' s performances. te-v ' :. ■ ' ■ With the addition of former Olympic gold medalist, Capt. Micki King, the Falcons began to com- pete nationally in diving this year. Diver Rick McAlister was a big story, capturing th e national championship on the three meter board March 30. He also finished fourth on the one meter board, making him an All- American in both events. McAlister, from Ma- dera, Calif., is the first national champion in Fal- con swimming history and is the fifth Air Force athlete to win a national title. TOP ROW (left to right); Bruce Cerepak; Dave Bull; Jim Barker; Kevin Pederson; John Koelling; Fred Whitican; Tim Kline; Phil Gronseth; Mike McQuillan; Jim Use, manager; MIDDLE ROW: Dr. (Col) Vernon Chong, team physician; Coach Vic Heyliger; Maj. Lloyd Woodman Jr., officer representative; Dale LaCroix; Roger Collins; Doug Leib- brand; Mark Shadbegian; Charles Precourt; Jim Sneddon; Tom Uren; John Day; Chuck Pribyl; Pete Green; Michael 9 LAKE FOREST 12 LAKE FOREST 4 Denver 1 COLORADO COLLEGE 4 Colorado College 3 MICHIGAN STATE 4 MICHIGAN STATE 6 Michigan 4 York 6 Gustavus Adolphus 2 Gustavus Adolphus 13 ST. MARY ' S 10 ST, MARY ' S 2 Ohio State 2 Ohio State 5 ROYAL MILITARY 7 ROYAL MILITARY 7 ST. THOMAS 4 ST. THOMAS 3 St. Louis 3 St. Louis 8 AUGSBURG 10 AUGSBURG 2 Merrimack 8 Lake Forest 2 BOWLING GREEN 2 BOWLING GREEN Carlson; Dave Bunker; Mike Gerardi, John Matchefts, assistant coach; Dr. (Lt. Col.) Lynn Rowe, team physician; Bill Reed, trainer; Larry Cronk, assistant coach; BOTTOM ROW: David Hobbs, manager; James Hunt, manager; Ed Fairbrother; Charles Delich; Mario Mellum; Mike Lucca; Al Morrison; Jim Skaiko; Todd Zejdiik; Gerry Micheletti; Dave Spannbauer. Leading scorer-Chuck Delich One era of Air Force ice hockey has ended, but another is beginning. The old era was represented by Vic Heyliger, who retired as Falcon head coach after a legend- ary 24-year coach- ing career. During this career, he com- piled over 300 wins, one of few collegiate coaches to do so. ; The new Falcon era can be represented in two ways. One will be by John Matchefts, the Falcon assistant coach who succeeded Heyliger In the head job; the other by Chuck Delich, a Freshman from Eveleth, Minn., who is on his way to becoming one of the top players in Falcon history. Pistol Rifle 05 JUlS Sil KB SK W)Oiw GeByS Army I % » % -li , f .t T (BACK ROW, L to R): Cadets Zahtobsky, Plunk (Mgr), Johnston, Coburn (Mgr), Stiffler (Captain), Dykes, Houde. (MIDDLE ROW): Maj. Eaton, Cadets Tharp, Janik, McKean, McGuire, Kleinhans, Huerta, Greeson, TSgt Tiner (Coach). (KNEELING): Cadets Brown, Siefke, Seader, Butler, Dilly, Thomas, Swiger, Goetsch (not pictured). (STANDING, L to R): Cadets Whitney, Marlowe, Herchak, Porter, Butler, Horton, Cunningham, Mellott, Kincan- non, Hobbs, TSgt Iverson. (KNEELING): Cadets Lambert, O ' Brien, Shultz, Heald. J ' ' SjtTiner (Coach), wflr Butler, Dilly, Rifle AF Opp 2207 Kansas State 2150 3333 Nebraska 3036 2229 Wyoming 2101 2189 Wyoming 2078 2231 Navy 2244 2778 Gettysburg State 2450 2756 Army 2791 2756 W. Virginia 2819 2186 Colorado State 2158 Pistol AF OPP 2769 Colorado 2350 2769 Missouri University 2359 2761 Colorado 2479 3336 Navy 3100 3217 Arizona 3169 3217 Boston State College 2708 3217 Villanova 2876 3217 USMMA 2972 3217 University of Pennsylvania 2732 3217 John Jay 1904 3217 USCGA 3026 3217 MIT 3158 2230 Colorado 1907 2230 Colorado College 1769 1121 Colorado College 969 1106 Alaska 1029 1106 S.W. State of Oklahoma 1062 1106 Central Missouri State 1005 1106 Colorado 971 1106 Missouri University 957 1106 Colorado College 923 Intramural Boxing I Intramural Wrestling Intramural Volleyball Wing Channps-24th Squadron Intramural Squash Sr 3fer3 USA Fa ' 4 i ■V ' Intramural Handball ? 5 f Intramural Water Polo Wing Open Boxing «,GHT CONTESTANT ROUND 1 2 3 TOTAL IWb.ie Trunk,! PAUL F GUZOmSKI ,37 Lb, ••DUNCAN J MCNABB PHILLIP LSPRV IBIueT,„„k,l 145 Lbs. ■■■ ' ' r ' e ' T ' u! ' " ™ " ■■■■■ ' " " wb .e ' T, " ; " ' " ' ™ leiuB Trunk,) 160 Lb, M b un " ™ " 1 i ■ ' " ,mu ' ' .Tr°nr,? ' " ' 167 Lb, IWhite 1 runk,) 1 JOHN J OVERTON 1,7, b. PETERJ NILAND.JR " imlre Trunk,? " H=a.v DAVID E, LAWSON RANDALL WSPETMAN BOXING DATA 1. SCORING AAU Scoring Proajdures 20 poinl must svsiem. ,.e, points awarded to winnei of each round and 19 points or less to the l( 20-20 Even Round 20-19 Slight Advantage 20-18 Obvious Advantage 2. The bouts will consist of three 131 V.r minute rounds, 3. Twelve (121 ounce boxing gloves will be worn bv fighters. Lacrosse t f © f f 4 TOP ROW: Kip Peterson; Rich Long; Lt. Col. Jim Keating, coactn; Col. Alfred Hurley, OR; Lt. CoL Tony Cillo, head defensive coach; Bill Woolford; Frank Casserino; Gary Janelli. KNEELING: Tom Appollini, George Mandis, Dave AFA OPP 20 NOTRE DAt IE 5 17 Drexel 5 29 Univ. of the South 3 13 Williams 9 7 St. Lawrence 12 9 Sun Coast All-Stars 8 18 Denver Lacrosse Club 9 13 Denison 7 15 Colorado 5 5 Army 6 26 Denver 5 14 Colorado College 7 16 N. Calif. All-Stars 8 24 Denver 3 15 Denver Lacrosse Club 4 Van Orsow, Tom Lane, Bruce Huertas, Ed ' Agis, Dave Sun. SITTING: Erick Leong, Henry Esposito, Rob Wayne, Rich Pettitt, Tom Richardson, Ed Mcllhenny, Don Kerley, Don | j , Delach, Chuck Stevens, Hank Yapp. I i ii ' l ' s ■ l f ity ' m. Eight years as a varsity sport, eight years as the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Lacrosse Champions, eight years of winning seasons and six years as the Rocky Mountain Open Lacrosse Champions is the record of the Air Force lacrosse team. The Falcons ended the 1974 season with a 15-4 win over the Denver Lacrosse Club for the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Open Championship, having previously won the intercollegiate championship for the region. Air Force closed with a 14-2 season record, losing only by 12-7 to St. Lawrence and 6-5 to Army. " In my opinion and that of head defensive coach Tony Cillo, this is the best team we have ever had at Air Force. This takes into consideration the 14-1 team of 1971 when the Falcons went to the NCAA quarter- finals, " said head coach Jim Keating. i BOTTOM ROW (L-R): Jim Keaton (manager), Larry Leverenz (trainer), Bob Gahl (manager). SECOND ROW: Don Davis, Mike Marl , Pat Corrigan (captain), Jeff Greiner, Bob Williams, Matt Martorano, Steve Robinson, Jim llseng. THIRD ROW: Bob Ciola, Phil Colflesh, Dave Commons, Brian Duffy, Larry Hohl, Bob Dobson, Stiaun Si Terry Taubert. FOURTH ROW: Jeff Mayer, Wes Routh, Rick Sarver Rich Haynie Jeff Brown Charlie Simmons Larry Bryant Jim Corrigan Dan Goodrich TOP ROW Joe Robison (head coach), Bill Muhr (assistant coach) AFA OPP 3 at Southern Cal 19 24 NORTHERN COLORADO 1 8 at Southern Cal 16 6 at Colorado St. 7 5 Long Island 2 7 TULSA 5 4 Rollins 10 9 TULSA 6 5 Army 3 5 at Southern Colo. 17 11 Long Island 1 3 COLORADO STATE 7 1 Rollins 6 8 N. M. HIGHLANDS 1 3 Army 4 8 N. M. HIGHLANDS 22 5 at Northern Colo. 6 8 at B. Y. U. 6 3 at Northern Colo. 1 3 at B. Y. U. 4 2 at Colorado 5 3 DENVER 2 4 at Colorado 6 4 DENVER 3 11 at Colorado College 5 2 DENVER 1 8 at Colorado College 1 11 DENVER 9 15 METRO STATE 2 8 DENVER 2 25 METRO STATE at Metro State Sparked by some of the best hitting in school history, the Air Force baseball team wound up with a second straight winning season and the best mark in four years. The Falcons of coach Joe Robison finished with an 18- 14 record after sweeping five games from Denver by scores of 3-2 in 13 innings, 4-3, 2-1, 11-9 and 8-2. Golf KNEELING (L-R); Kevin Heise, Brad Ritter, Kevin Bench, Bud Nevers, Chip Diehl, Bob Swanson. STANDING (L-R): Maj. Jim Thomas, varsity coach; Bob Rudolph, Marl Volcheff, Col Wallace Fluhr, of- ficer representative; John Palanica, Jeff Sogard, Lt Col Don Minihan, junior varsity coach. One of the strongest golf teams in Academy history posted a 9-1 dual meet record and recorded 90 wins to 26 losses in tournament play during the 1973-74 school year. With a total of 99 wins and 27 losses in dual meet and tournament play, the Falcons had a .786 winning percentage. In tournament play, the Falcons defeated Colorado in five of six tournaments. In 10 tournaments, the Falcons won two— Hiwan and Falcon— and had three seconds, one third, two fourths, one sixth and an eleventh. The tournament highlight came in March when they finished sixth out of 16 teams in the strong Pacific Coast Invitational. The number one ranked golf team in the nation. Southern California, won the team cham- pionship, but Falcon team captain Kevin Bench won the medalist honors. Bench fired a 78, 70 and 73 in chilly and rainy weather to claim the title. 4 4 Tennis Left to Right: Capt Rich Gugat (head coach), Larry Dowell, Mark Risi, Todd Swanson, Steve Skidmore, Craig Naas, Scott Benson, RIc Sharp, Kim Perino, Alex Parsons, Col William Jarrell (officer representative). AFA 9 !9 7 9 4 9 i9 9 7 SOUTH DAKOTA STATE at San Francisco at Cal St-Hayward at Cal-Berkeley at Santa Clara at Wisconsin Indiana St. (at Wis.) at Southern Colo. WICHITA STATE N.E. MISSOURI ST. at Colorado OPP 2 AFA OPP 8 at Colorado College 1 9 NEW MEXICO HIGHLANDS 7 IOWA STATE 2 7 NORTHERN COLORADO 2 9 SOUTHERN COLORADO 2 NEW MEXICO 7 5 at Northern Colo. 4 at Kansas 9 7 at Kansas State 2 3 COLORADO 6 8 COLO. COLLEGE 8 intramural Basketball fit f Wing Champs-27th Squadron Intramural Swimming i Wing Champs-9th Squadron J- i Intramural Soccer Wing Champs-2nd Squadron Intramurai Rugby J llllll IIIMMIIII ■■I Wing Champs-27th Squadron Intramural Team Handball f f v m O ' " 3-7 --- yl 31 ( - iSI i Wing Champs-13th Squadron -■ f LL SPORTS fOSSCr.:-.. Another Banner Year ... Six Falcon All Americans... Haynie AFA ' s Outstanding Athlete HHHHHr ' ' ' ' l Hii ■■1 H BH ;;«)( V— H l H H Wf ., I l l H PvPll ' WM m I I E ' To no one ' s surprise two-sport fcg star Rich Haynie was named the Air 4 « Force " Academy ' s Most Valuable » Athlete. Haynie. a senior from Florissant, Mo., goes down In history as one of Ai the academy s all-time great athletes. He excelled op the football field as a . quarterback and on the baseball field V iK ' as a pitcher. V iflBH I One of the few athletes to cap- JH. IBll tain in two varsity sports teams, ASt ' Hk baseball and football during the 1973 • W mt ' Kl seasons, Haynie lettered three years L Ik in football and four in baseball. r Bh ' Haynie, who also was named the HL ' , most valuable football b i . rewrote B -, the Falcon record book as a three- year starting " q ' u ' Srterback, He also holds three major service academy " ' records for career total offense, pass.- -« ing yardage afl(rt9«chdovuiiS.. eM| ' fO , SUMMARY: FALL SPORTS Cross Country Football Soccer Water Polo WINTER SPORTS Basketball Fencing Gymnastics Ice Hockey Indoor Track w L T WINTER SPORTS (Cont) W L T 4 3 Pistol 21 6 4 Rifle 6 3 8 2 2 Swimming 11 16 6 Wrestling SPRING SPORTS 6 5 11 13 Baseball 18 14 7 1 Golf 9 1 9 5 Lacrosse 14 2 12 15 Tennis 16 6 9 3 Outdoor Track 9 1 497 • " 4iK 41 ' i-fX ■- mffTJ - I 6RJIDU11TI0N CEREMONY mK 5 JUNE 1974 mi UNITED STATES AIR FORCE ACADEMY m Ai GRADUATION EXERCISE 5 JUNE 1974 9:30 A.M. O The Final Days Of Doolie Year.. 75 I And At Last, RECOGNITION. ilioy! disC ' Di 75 Ring Dining-ln Heralds James Stewart June Week ' s Dignitaries iiti The End, And The Beginning il gggiiHg55aHfggg {!ggIJfMMl:f 1 Of An Air Force Career, , A New Role, , .New Challenges. I t " ' flDDERTJSE EUTS Wherever you serve... United Services Life is there to serve you witii personalized attention It began in 1939 as the war clouds that hovered over the world burst. This was the year we opened our doors, very modestly, and issued our first policy to an American officer. We were told then that it was poor business to insure military men. We thought differently. For over three decades, through conflict after conflict, we provided officers with the kind of insurance many other companies were reluctant to offer. And because we did. each of them carried an extra measure of security and peace of mind as they answered the call, and met the challenge, on a hundred different battlefields. America prevailed. Today we have peace, however fragile. But it is a start, a start earned largely through our military efforts. And now, United Services provides more life insurance, exclusively, to more American officers and their families than any other company. Isn ' t it time you talked to us? UNITED SERVICES LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY far Utc u jtce see 15 A-2 Ffoni Mdi Sp computer story. A Manner photo is sent back in a radio siream of 580.000 signals coded loi lighl-lo-dark intensity UNIVAC computer 1230 MTC lakes those signals and enhances them subtly to make darks darker and lights lighter The resulting contrast brings out obscure terrain features Were the erosion patterns in the valley walls caused by water run-off s? (Mars isn ' t supposed to have that much water.) Or were they caused by volcanic action or sav- age windstorms? These are questions that will be answered by the scientists at Cal Tech ' s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. UNIVAC® computer 1 230 helps by making good photos out of so-so photos. When a picture of Mars is first received from NASA ' s Mariner satel- lite, it ' s been radioed across 140 million miles of space and it can be dimmed by glare and dust on the planet ' s surface. Usually it isn ' t much to look at. But after it ' s been touched up by 1230, there ' s plenty to look at. Suddenly canyons yawn, mountains thrust up, craters deepen and all kinds of questions arise about how it all could have happened. It used to take six months to reconstruct a Mars photo satisfactorily. 1 230 does the job in less than six minutes. But speed isn ' t 1 230 ' s only attribute. The computer was also built for strength because it would have to travel to Florida to help with the Mariner launch. This ruggedness got an un- expected test when part of the lab roof fell in during an earthquake. After the shower of ceiling tiles and debris was cleared away, how- ever, technicians found that 1 230 had never missed a beat. Not all UNIVAC computer systems live the exciting, far-out life of 1230. But around the world, for a growing variety of customers, they are successfully taking projects that used to be thought impossible and reducing them to mere routine. To find out how excellent equipment, hard work and creative worry can make your problems seem routine, write Federal Government Marketing, SPERRY UNIVAC, 2121 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20007. SFER YH) UNIVAC Only when our customers succeed do we succeed. A-3 The finest stereo receiver the world has ever kncwn. ioneer component. The 1 pairs of thi tortion, throughout t he entire tape-to-tape duplication while listen- SX- spectrum from 20 Hz to ing simultaneously to another the z. Power is maintained program source. This is another pjo 1y and with maximum channel pushbuttons that simplify function Jersey 07074. iration, the SX-1010 incorporates selection and make them easy to see West: 13300 S. E: M tuner section with over- with illuminated readouts on the 90248 Midwest ming capabilities. The combina- super wide tuning dial. FM and audio Grove Village, III of MOS FETs. ceramic filters S. H. Parker Co. CdPIONEeR Built by Hughes: Computers, displays, missiles, radars, communications satellites, and 551 other products of advanced technology. HO- i become i " " actiievf " ' ' nouM«« " ' ' THE I Seven generations of commu- nications satellites have been built by Hughes since 1 963. Hughes is now building the Western Union WESTAR and Comsat-General AT T satellites for U.S. domestic commercial systems. The Navy ' s long-range Phoenix and AWG-9 weapon control system give its new F-1 4 Tomcat fighter the capability to engage up to six attacking aircraft or cruise missiles simultaneously. NATO ' s NADGE air defense sys- tem, stretching across a 3,000-mile arc from Norway to Turkey, protects Western Europe from air attack. NADGE uses Hughes- developed software and Hughes- built computers, operating in a multiprocessing mode, in its 37 " nerve centers. " Wire-guided TOW missile is the Army ' s primary anti-tank weapon at battalion level. Hughes is building launching systems and gyro-stabilized sights for the HueyCobra helicopter. The Navy ' s NTDS (Naval Tactical Data System) uses a computer to process and evaluate radar and sonar data on enemy threats within a ship ' s combatarea, then gives the commander an instanta- neous battle-situation picture on its Hughes-built display console and helps him assign and control the proper defensive weapons— inter- ceptors, missiles, torpedoes, or guns. Attack radar system for the Air Force ' s F-1 5 Eagle automatically displays on the cockpit windscreen the instant information the pilot needs for successful air-to-air combat. NASA ' s advanced OSO-I (Orbit ing Solar Observatory) satellite will search for the secrets locked in the sun ' s corona, providing scien- tists with clues as to how and when the sun and its planets were born. CnaUne t new world with ehctmnlc HUGHES HUGHES AIRCRAF A-5 li f HONORING THE CLASS OF 1974 As the years go by your fine class ring by Josten ' s will become increasingly precious as a symbol of achievement, a mark of recognition and a guideline for leadership. The Class Rings, Class Pins, Miniatures (for engage- ment rings or dinner rings). Wedding An- nouncements or Wedding Bands are still available by writing to: GARY D. AUTREY c o Autrey Brothers, Inc. P.O. Box 5123 T.A. Denver, Colorado 80217 THE RECOGNITION PEOPLE I ♦ If you are a member of the gradjiating class YOU QUALIFY FOR A PREFERRED DISCOUNT-RATE CHARACTER LOAN! RORmEASTERN BANK of Pennsylvania In addition, should you wish mone lor the purchase ol an automobile there is no encumbrance involved ' You retain title -even take car over- seas if you wish ' For all underclassmen Free bank-by - mail checking account service while at the Academy and lor a lull two and one-half years after graduation ' Thomas F. Miller, Vice Pres. Northeastern Bank of Pa. Banking for The Military Since 1940! A-6 When all you make aie helicopters, one of the things you emphasize isReseaKh and Development. Better products come from those prepared to meet customers ' future needs. At Bell, Research and Development has built the technology base to answer this requirement. Adapting to changing needs has led to many advancements in Bell helicopters. Like elastomeric bearing hubs, that need no lubrication— ever. Gear boxes that won ' t seize, even after loss of oil. A nodalized suspension system that eliminates fuselage vibration. Application of advanced materials. Highly effective integrated weapon systems. Plus techniques in manufacturing and cost-control that have become standards for the helicopter industry. Bell ' s R D... today, for tomorrow. nations the world over depend on (U Jtey aoa ' iieiD k gagei def« son San ilii 1EUCOPTER A-7 active, dut? We ' ve served our country- men since 1910. When the Army was building the Pan- ama Canal and the Model T was just a baby. Names like the Gladstone, the foot locker and the attache case are just as important to our family history as Halsey, Pershing and Doolittle are to the military. And today, Samsonite lug- gage is just as super sturdy and dependable as ever. One rea- son why we ' re the biggest sell- ing luggage the world over. And have been for over 60 years. Samsonite.® We make travel a little easier. One of Your Wisest Associations . . . aside from your present one, of course, is the one you establisti with your banker. The National Bank of Fort Sam Houston offers you banking service with and by people experienced in handling matters related to military pay and military banking . . , and m taking care of your banking business from wherever in the world you are stationed. Check our checking accounts, savings, auto loans, personal loans, JUMPS and much, much more. National Banl cf Fort Sam Houston (Vat San Antonio Wainwright Station, San Antonio, Texas 78286 Member: FDIC — Association of Military Banks ROYTEX, INC. Thanks the Class of 1974 for Their Continuing Acceptance of the " B " Robes A-8 IDPS cuts Q big job down to size. Being a fighter pilot is a pretty big job for any man. And the less he has to worry about in the cockpit the nnore he can concentrate on carrying out his mission successfully. And that ' s where IDPS comes in. The Integrated Dis- play Processor Subsystem rep- resents a new concept in navigation and attack com- putations, display processing and sensor interface. IDPS is flexible. The HUD symbology is generated com- pletely within the computer and because the CRT data is completely software-controlled, any desired display can be generated. IDPS isa natural extension of our capability in Projected Map Display systems which have been proven in over five yearsof operational experience aboard the U.S.A.F. A-7D, the U.S. Navy A-7E and the U.S. Army ' s Tactical Air Guidance System for helicopters. Traditionally, the Head-Up Display and Projected Map Display were buffered from the computer by separate symbol generation and map positioning units. And that meant a lot of black boxes. In IDPS we got rid of some of those black boxes. The electronics have been inte- grated - and the waveform generator and electronics inter- face have been eliminated. The result is a four box system consisting of Head-Up Display, Projected Map Display, Inte- grated Electronics Unit and Control Unit. IDPS requires less space in the electronics bay, uses less power, and costs less than similar systems. And there is a demonstrable saving in weight while reliability is increased. For complete information, contact: Avionics Marketing, Computing Devices Company, P.O. Box 8508, Ottawa, Canada, KIG 3M9. See us at the Farn- borough Air Show Stand S-125. Computing Devices Company a dvsion of A-9 iUt!N 4wyi CC 4 ' X[ CJi (4 lUv . We built the timing gears for the Wright brothers, and over the years we ' ve built a wider range of flying machines than anyone— from business aircraft to spacecraft. And now we ' re taking the next step: The Space Shuttle— a reusable spacecraft to help put space to work for man. Rockwell International ..where science gets down to business A-10 in heat transfer coils AEROFINE Smooth-Fin Heating and Cooling Coils • High ratio of surface area to face area • High air velocities without excessive friction or turbulence Aerofin Corporation Lynchburg, Virginia ARMED FORCES CO-OPERATIVE INSURING ASSOCIATION Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Non-Profit Insurance Broadest Coverage— Lowest Net Cost COMPREHENSIVE PERSONAL PROPERTY FLOATER COMPREHENSIVE PERSONAL LIABILITY HOMEOWNER ' S PACKAGE •WORLD-WIDE— No Change in Rate YOU ' RE GOING PLACES . . . AND WE ' LL GO WITH YOU We can meet your financial needs worldwide No matter where your duty station, no matter what your financial needs, Pentagon Federal Credit Union will be there to help. Military officers have unique financial require- ments ... for example: Try financing a new car through a local institution and moving it with you when you ' re transferred. It may be impos- sible. 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ENGINEERS and CONTRACTORS Designers of Explosives Processing Plants and Explosion Resistant Structures 437 Madison Avenue New York, N.Y. 10022 Builders and Operators of Ordnance Facilities 200 West Vine Street Lexington, Kentucky 40507 Best Wishes to the Glass of 1974 from TRW Systems Group One Space Park Redondo Beach, California 90278 Hoffman ' s MicroTACAN is the international military navigation standard for NATO and SEATO nations as well as for the United States HufFman Electronics Corporation El Monte, California THE AIR FORCE PEOPLES BANK Wherever you go, We are never more than 48 air hours away. MEMBER F.D.I.C. 707 Castrovilie Road P. 0. Box 28010 San Antonio, Texas 78228 (512) 433-3281 Cable: KELBANK. Service for those who serve our country. Full-service personal insurance for today ' s armed services officer. Household Goods • Your Personal Liability • Personal Articles • Boats • Homes • Automobiles • Your Life (through USAA Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of USAA). Membership is established in USAA by taking out a policy while an officer on active duty, in the Reserves or National Guard, or when retired. Cadets, Midshipmen, OCS OTS, Advanced ROTC also may apply. Former dependent children of USAA members are eligible for USAA Casualty Insurance Company (a wholly owned subsidiary of USAA). For quick information check with USAA ' s Regional Service Office at 1485 Kelly Johnson Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80918. Phone 598-8661. % USAA INSURANCE AT YOUR COMMAND i ft A-13 ■r Inside infcrmatien. Comfort and service. Traditinn l eU, contemporary tempt " i " contemporary temptations. All these are inside The Broadmoor, as are name entertainers, award-winning restaurants, fashionable shops and Olympic-caliber ice skating. Outside: All-season golf on two superb I 8 ' s. tennis, swimming, riding and the heart-lifting scenics of the Pilces Peak region. (Plus, in-season day or night skiing!) And there ' s more to come: Broadmoor West, a 150-room addition — plus still another championship 18-hole golf course. Expanded tennis facilities, too! So whether you plan to spend your vacation inside or outside, choose The Broadmoor — where you ' re always an " insider. " Even v hen you ' re outside. ' " ' Broadmoor Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901 White Stag ' ARNACO Largest skiwear maker in the world Space age cameras for the space age family. ashica offers you the widest range of electronic cameras and accessories available anywhere. YASHICA ELECTRONIC CAMERAS... It ' s a whole new thing TLELECTRO-; YASHICA rnc. 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It signifies a depen- dable STANDARD of QUALITY that has always been distinctive and recognized. We are proud of this, as you men are of your career. ART CAP COItlPANY, INC. 599 BROADWAY. KW YORK. . Y. 10012 ■sV tV -iV From " A Man Without A Country " Edward Everett Hale " . . . And for your country, boy, and for that Flag, never dream a dream but of serving her as she bids you, though the service carry you through a thousand hells. No matter what happens to you, no matter who flatters you or who abuses you, never look at another flag, never let a night pass but you pray God to bless that Flag. Remember, boy, that behind all these men you have to do with, behind officers and Government and the people even, there is the Country Herself, your Country, and that you belong to Her as you belong to your own mother. Stand by Her, boy, as you would stand by your mother. " Sooner or later a man, if he is wise, discovers that life is a mixture of good days and bad, victory and defeat, give and take. He learns it doesn ' t pay to be sensitive, and should let some things go over his head like water off a duck ' s back. He learns: . . . that he who loses his temper loses out. . . . that carrying a chip on his shoulder is the easiest way to get into a fight. %j -ir ...that " getting along " depends about 98 per- cent on his own behavior. •ir tr -ii- ...that every day is a new life to a wise man. A-16 Even tough guys like nice things Harry Sugarman, Inc. P. O. Box 2078 San Antonio, Texas 78297 V Ezzzaazzzzzi EMBLEMS OF EXCELLENCE ■ ik -( ix- -{z " HAPPINESS " " WEALTH " " LONG LIFE " 1 JEWELRY TO GIVE OR WEAR WITH PRIDE For men: $7.50 to $75 For ladies: $10 to $100 Available wherever fine jewelry Is sold SINCE 1866 • MORE THAN A CENTURY OF FINE JEWELRY KREMENTZ CO. • NEV( ARK. NEW JERSEY 07101 tV A-17 Index 1974 Polaris Aerofin Corporation— A-11 Air Academy Federal Credit Union— A-15 Armed Forces Co-operative Insuring Assoc— A-11 Art Cap Company, Inc.— A-16 Bell Helicopter— A-7 Broadmoor Hotel— A-14 Computing Devices of Canada — A-9 a Division of Control Data Hoffman Electronics Corporation— A-1 2 Hughes Aircraft Company— A-5 Josten ' s— A-6 Kelly Field National Bank— A-1 2 Krementz Company— A-17 LTV Vought Systems Div.— A-1 Litton Aero Products— A-15 Mason-Hanger— Silas Mason Co., Inc.— A-12 Morrison-Knudsen— A-16 National Bank of Fort Sam Houston— A- Northeastern Bank of Pennsylvania— A-€ Officers Benefit Association— A-15 Pentagon Federal Credit Union— A-11 Pioneer Electronics, USA— A-4 Roytex, Inc.— A-8 Rockwell International— A-10 Samsonite Corporation— A-8 Sperry UNIVAC— A-3 Sugarman, Inc.— A-17 TRW Systems Group— A-12 U.S.A.A.— A-13 United Services Life Ins.— A-2 Vought Systems Div. LTV— A-1 White Stag— A-14 Yashica, Inc.— A-14 Abbott. 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Patrick J. 230 Ashcraft. William 0. 287 Ashenfelter. Robert D. 251 Asselanis, Kosta G. 293. 432,452 Atkins. Douglas E. 264,450 Atkins. Robert L., Jr. 113 Atkinson, Thomas E. 255 Auberry, Thomas W. 212,434 Auclair, Paul F. 260 Augustyn, Michael J. 113 Ausink, John A. 263 Austin, Larry R. 203 Awtrey. Robert M. 209 Ayer. Clyde C. 239 Baarsch, Thomas E. 113 Baca. Michael 1 14 Bachowski, Richard 306 Bachran. Lance W. 114 Back, Stephen R. 291 Badger. Brian R. 114 Baer. Leon R.. Jr. 230 Bagnall. James W. 114 Bailey, Daniel M. 287 Bailey. Jeffrey L. 281 Bailey, Peter M. 290 Bailey, Zachary E. 213 Bair, Anthony E. 263 Bairrington, Philip K. 227 Baker, John G. 114 Baker, Jon R. 291 Baker, Larry W. 114 Baker, Mark W. 284 Balale, Michael E. 114 Balanciere. Milton G., Ill 242 Baldwin, Clark J. 114 Baldwin, Gary A. 114,244 Baldy, Thomas F. 114 Balent. Bruce F. 114 Ball, Gilbert T. 245 Ball. Jon R. 299 Ball. Murray J. 114 Ballard. Richard E. 303 Ballinger. Franklin F. 115 Ballinger. George W., Jr. 222 Baltes, Thomas R. 227 Banaszak, Michael R. 224 Banker. Douglas A. 228 Banker, Michael R. 269 Bannister, Stratford C, IV 278 Barach, Steven E. 305 Baran, Ronald B. 308 Barber. Garald L. 275 Barber, Steven L. 263 Barbera. Raymond T. 287 Barclay. Richard C. 115,208 Barfield. James P. 284 Barfield. Richard E. 290 Barker, Alan G. 115 Barker, David V. 115 Barker, James H. 300.465 Barley, Kevin R. 212 Barnes. Brian M. 293 Barnes. Jay T. 209 Barnes, Kevin D. 321 Barnes, Thomas E. 287 Barnett, Grady R., Jr. 302 Barnett, Mark R. 312 Barnthouse. David A. 278 Barrentine, Gary E. 254 Barrett, Michael W. 204 Barrett, Randall R. 290 Barrowclough, John D. 308 Barry. Bruce N, 115 Bartlett. Ray H. 306 Bartlett. Robert B. 287 Bartolone. Robert 309 Barton. John A. 242 Base. Stephen J. 207 Bassa, Bernard J. 309 Bassett, Kevin W. 237 Bates. Hobart C. 115 Bates, Richard H., Jr. 116 Batson, William L. 116 Battazzo. Floyd J. 203 Battig, William D. 305 Batton. James M. 312 Baudendistel. Joseph M. 300,434 Bauer, James D. 221 Bauer, Lee C. 246 Bauer, Paul E. 116.223 Bauer, Steven R. 116,220 Baugh, Thomas 116 Bauknight, Lavoy D., Jr. 116 Bauman, Wendell D. 236 Baumgartner. Joseph E. 210 Baumgartner, Steven N. 270 Bauschlicher, Jon M. 311 Baxter, Robert Jr. 288 Baxter, Scott W. 257 Baxter, William D. 233 Bayer, Gary L. 315 Bayne. Robert A. 116 Beadling. Charles W. 248 Beam, Charles J. 293 Beam. James M. 1 16 Bean, Ronald L. 302 Beasley. Donald E. 296 Beason, James D. 312 Beatty, Daniel J., Jr. 290 Beatty, David B. 278 Beauclair, Thomas J. 297 Bechtel. Peter A. 116.310 Beck, David E. 206 Beck, Steven P. 263 Becker, Alan M. 228,459 Becker, Jeffrey D. 257 Bedke, Curtis M. 234 Bednar, Bryon J. 224 Bednar. Stephen M., Jr. 294 Bednarz. Eugene J. 116 Beeman, David P. 248 Beesley, Mark G. 272 Bejsovec, Todd E. 116 Bekeris. Alan A. E. 264 Belcher. Michael F. 317 Belcher. Todd E. 312 Belkowski, Robert A.. Jr. 116,301 Bell, Kirk D. 284 Bell, Mark R. 117,280 Bellamy. Dennis E. 234 Bellini, Edmundo F. 238, 429 Belser, Bruce L. 231 Benbow, Richard L. 251 Bench. John K. 117.489 Bender. Thomas M. 117,452 Benevento, Anthony 264 Benjamin, Philip G., II 317 Benner. Joseph C. 314 Bennett. William D. 117. 432.452 Beno, Mikael S. 117 Benson, Harold S. 309,491 Benson, Joseph E. 263 Benton, Jimmie L. 203 Berdahl, Carl H. 252 Berdine, Terry G. 117 Berg, David H. 254 Berg. Nolan I. 305 Berg. Thomas R. 209 Berger, Steven M. 281 Bergman, Charles K. 275 Berlan, Gregory J. 287 Berrian, Michael L. 245 Berry. Michael E. 264 Berry. William M. Ill 118 Berryman. Donald E. 118,295 Bertz, Mark W. 251 Beshara, Lance H. 118 Best, William R. 248 Bethards, John P. 290,450 Betsill, David M. 219 Bettesworth, William P. 118 Belts, John M. 267 Betzold, Robert W. 118 Bevington. James E. 303 Beyer, Merill L., II 118 Biedermann, Michael H. 272 Bierbaum. Neal R. 119 Bierschbach, Arthur C, Jr. 285 Bigelow, John H. 225 Billig, Bruce G. 273 Billings. Michael J. 240 Billingslea, Arthur C, II 251,429 Binkley, Robert G. 119 Biondo, Samuel A., Jr. 119 Birchman, Joseph A. 293, 459 Bird, Steven P. 221 Birdsell. Phil A. 287 Birtell, William P. 224 Bischoff, Martin E., Ill 278,463 Bishop, Kelley B. 320 Bishop, Larry T. 263 Bishop. Robert D. 119 Bitting. David P. 234 Bitton, Dennis F. 269 Bivins. Robert L. 251 Bjorklund, Craig L. 212 Bjorklund. Ronald E. 251 Black, Gregory D. 272 Blackburn, Stephen M. 281| Blackman, James F. 119, 456 Blaikie. Thomas K. Ill 287 Blakely. Terence L. 222 Blanchet. Richard J. 119 Blankenstein, Craig W. 297 Blankiqship. Ross M. 119 Blatchlpy, Peter A. 281 Blawatsky, Nicholas 267 | Blessinger, David 296 ; Blish, Jay O. 263 j Blissit, James A., Jr. 212, j 432,452 j Bloom, John P., Jr. 207 ' Blue. Michael F. 297 ' BIythe, John M. 269 Bocanegra, Reynaldo 243 | len, James W 3B Bock, Kurt F. 248 j ;i;ien, Jonn J 25 ' Bodary, Alan K. 276 i ijiets, RicM K. Boedigheimer, Gene A. 21£, i ;|i Bohac, Donald J. 303 Boland. James M. 264 Bollinger. Peter W. 238 Soma, James R. 254 Bomar. Michael W. 213 Bonanni. Peter A. 240 Bonsi, David J. 119 Booch, Ernest G. 300 Boomgaard, Gregory K. Boone, James B. 119,277 Booth, Robert W. 119 Borah, Jack A. 119 Bordon, George G. 210 Borsare. Terrence E. 251 Borthwick. Ronald R. 231 Bosiljevac. Timothy L. 294 Bosma, Marinus B. 242 Bosserman, David N. 120 Bosworth, Jamie L. 242 Bottomley. Larry D. 251 Bouffard. Brian A. 233 ■■a iBowen, James W. 303 Bowen, John J. 251 ' Bowers, Richard K.. Jr. 281 Bowick, Christopher J. 309 (Bowie, Thomas G., Jr. 266 I Bowman, Charles T., Ill 207 .Bowman, David C. 450 I Bowman, Dennis F. 311 Bowman, Lonnie D. 279 ! Bowman, Richard E. 120 ■ Boyarski, David P. 276 Boyce, Steven C. 120.307 Boyd, Lowell R., Jr. 120, : 256 Boyd, Stephen P. 293 Boyd. William D. 302 Boyes. Larry G. 254 Bozarth. Stephen E. 104. 109,120 Bozek, Blair L. 120 Bozzuto, Richard C. 287 Bradburn, Gregory R. 249 Bradley, Kenneth B. 221 Bradley, Roger P. 254 Brady, Bradford J. 285 Brandt. John E. 215 Brandt. William P. 294 iBranham, Michael T. 243 Bratlien. Michael D. 120 iBraun. Gilbert L. 320 ' Bray, Harold S. 216 JBraydich, Michael D. 120 Bready, Alvin 299 iBream, Scott R. 285 iBreaux, Alfred O. 309 Brede, Herbert C, III 120 JBrewer, Frank H. 120 JBrezovic, Joseph L., Jr. I 120 IBrickell, James L. 120 |J|Bricker, Gregory A. 287 iBritten, Scott M. 290 ' Brock, Don E. 238 l jBrockman, John C. 121 - ' 429 iBrooke, Robert H. 121 [Brooks, Dennis P. 227 ' |Brooks. Greg 121 VBrooks. James J. 318 )!Brooks, James M. 309 ' i ' Brooks, John F. 308 ' Brost, George A. 236 JBrown, Charles T. 275 3rown, Clayton W. 207 .241 Brown. David R. 252 Brown, David S. 291 Brown, George E. 216 Brown, Jeffrey C. 246 Brown, Jeffrey S. 296 Brown, John F. Ill 204 Brown, Merritt J. 121 Brown, Richard D. 227 Brown, Ronald D. 121 Brown, Stephen R. 293 Brown, Tully W. 121 Browning, Robert W. 122 Brozena. Anthony G., Jr. 122 Brozovic. Richard L. 215 Brozovich. Michael J. 122 Brubaker. Don C. 264 Bruce, Robert A. 210 Brundage, William H. 248 Brundige, Thomas W., IV 212 Brunelle, Raymond R., Jr. 236 Bruner, Larry B. 279 Bruns, John R., Jr. 311 Bryant, Charles E. 122 Bryant, Frederic B., Jr. 122 Bryant, Joseph C. 248 Bryant, Larry W. 266,486 Buchanan. Brad 0. 254.456 Buchanan, Stanley E. 237 Buchta, William G. 230 Buck, Charles H., Jr. 260 Buck, Frederick E. 255 Buck, James W. 260 Buckingham, Charles L. 279,459 Buckley, John C, III 294 Buckley, John K. 219 Buckley, Michael O. 227 Buckley, Thomas J. 252 Buckwalter. Joseph M. 122 Budelier, John A. 302 Budinger, Kris M. 123 Budinsky, Christopher J. 278,452 Buerkle, Steven R. 258 Bugbee, Dale R. 284 Buhyoff, Eric J. 224 Bulmer, Joseph J., Jr. 225 Bunker, David C. 123,250 Bunker, David N. 234,465 Burbank, Patrick C. 293, 452 Burchby, Dale D. 123 Burda. Bruce E. 282 Burda. Dan S. 242 Burdick. David G. 123 Burger, James E. 123 Burgess, Jon R. 288,434 Burgie, Thomas J. 269 Burgos, Miguel F. 232 Burke, John L., Ill 273 Burke, Patrick W. 276 Burkett, Daniel L., II 251 Burks, William R. 204 Burling. James R., Jr. 293 Burlingham, Mark S. 288 Burnett, David G. 228 Burnette, George G., Ill 257 Burns, John F. 237 Burns, Kevin P. 290 Burns, Richard A. 236 Burns, Thomas A. 266 Burns, Walter L. 317 Burnside, Robert M, 123,298 Buron, Raoul J., Jr. 221 Busch, Steven D. 300 Buschke, Michael D. 303 Bush, Robert W. 212 Butalla, Paul E., Jr. 281 Butdorf, Garold R. 215 Butler, Bradley L. 123,320 Butler, Charles H. 207 Butler, Joseph S. 315,470 Butler, Lindsay W., Ill 206 Butts, Dennis D. 123 Bych, Robert P. 320 Byerly, Joseph L. 32 0 Byers, Donald C, II 281 Byers, Michael B. 305 Byers, Michael J. 230 Byrd. Charles E.. Jr. 236 Byron. Michael W. 308 Caballero. Ricardo S. 317 Cabell. Robert B.. Jr 243 Cady. James R. 230 Cafferata. Dale W. 297 Caggianello. Anthony J. 123 Cahoon. Neil T. 242 Cain. James E.. Jr. 275 Caldwell, Richmond H., Jr. 123 Calhoun, Thomas J. 233,434 Califano, Carmen C, Jr. 260 Caliguire, Michael R. 264 Callahan. Michael A. 300 Callaway. Claud W. 228 Calloway, Jerome A. 299 Calugar, Daniel G. 232 Camden, Jimmy E. 232 Cameron, Steven E. 204 Campbell, Christopher D. 255 Campbell, Christopher M. 123,256 Campbell, John 0. 227 Campbell, John S., Jr. 320 Campbell, Stephen C. 221 Canitz, James A. 123 Cannon, Wallace R. 281,452 Cantwell, Michael T. 278 Capozzi, Rocky P. 124 Capp. William A. 124 Cappiello. Anthony R. 273 Caraway, John R. 269 Carel, Dennis C. 124 Carey, Steven D. 282 Carlson, James W. 299 Carlson, Michael J. 279, 465 Carlson, Richard P. 209 Carlton, Brian T. 287 Carlton, Patrick L. 124, 205,217 Carmichael, Kevin A. 282 Carney, Allard R. 285 Carney, Brian T 309 Carolan, William J. 221 Carpenter, Stephen K. 221 Carpenter, Thomas J. 255, 463 Carrington, George W.. Jr. 124,463 Carroll, Dean L. 124 Carroll, Joseph L. 266 Carroll. William O. 302 Carrothers. William T. 266 Carson, Harvey S. 259 Carter, Dennis N. 272 Carter. Edward M. 124.262 Carter. James E. 305 Carter. Teddy A. 124 Carwile. Joseph M. 213 Casella. Robert R. 320.459 Casement. William J. 124 Casey. Dennis C. 317 Casey. John F., Jr. 222 Casey. Kevin C. 124 Casey. Leigh D., Jr. 285 Casey. Raymond J. 232 Casey, Richard J. 124 Casey, Richard L. 302 Caskey, William M. 221 Caslick, David R. 236 Cason, Wilbert Jr. 209,441 Cass, John R. Jr. 254 Casserino, Frank J. 282,482 Castan, Keith D. 254 Castellani, Mark S. 282 Castro-Aguirre, Jose R. 209 Catton, John J., Jr. 293 Cavalier, James S. 290 Cave, Alan L. 249 Cerney. James M. 273 Cervone. Anthony N. 210 Chaffee. David R. 303 Chag, Gary S. 124,301 Chamberlain. James C. 234 Champ. Thomas B. 213 Chandler. Carrol H. 125, 265 Chang. Randy Y. U. 296 Chanick, Richard A. 293 Chapman. Daniel W. 209. 452 Chapman. Randall W. 224 Chappell. John M. 219 Chappell, Matthew J., II 269 Charlton, John E. 299 Charlton, Patrick 291 Chase, Lewis D., IV 311 Chase, Michael L. 104,108, 125 Chase, Robert W. 230 Chavez. Mark C. 269 Cheatham. Robert T., Ill 125 Cheek, Kevin E. 125 Chenault, Donald D. 125 Childress, Rory H. 287,456 Chilton, Kevin P. 215 Chinn. Glen W. 125 Christ. John H. 306 Christen. Craig T. 236 Christensen. Boyd W. 126 Christian, Frank W. 224 Christian, Kevin S. 321 Christian, Lance D. 305 Christiansen. John M. 248 Chung. Charles R. 312 Cimafonte, Michael 256 Ciola. Robert A. 321.486 Cirenza. Michael E. 246 Clancy, Michael H. 255 Clark, David L. 240 Clark. Douglas N. 212 Clark. William R. 272 Clarke. Steven F. 273 Clary. David E. 320 Clary. Michael T. 216 Claude, Robert A. 126 Clayton, Fred B. 249 Cleaveland, Richard H. 126, 298 Clegg, Robert S. 315 Clemens, Terry L. 126 Clement. Donald J. 126 Clement. Martin J. 269 Clements, Donald W. 311 Clements, Roger F. 317 demons, Thomas M. 248 Clemovitz, Fred M. 299 Clifford, William S. 232 Cline. Richard L. 126 Clodfelter, Ronnie M. A. 285 Cloud, David J. 281 Clough, David A. 308 Clough. Gary R. 270 Coburn. Frederick B. 297, 470 Cochran. Charles C. 299 Cochran, Mark A. 306 Cody, Richard N.. Jr. 257 Coffman, Alfred M., Jr. 243 Coker, Michael F. 236 Colburn. Lee J. 263 Cole. Gary D, 231 Coleman, Allen D. 126 Colflesh, Phillip A. 285, 486 Colgate, Bruce W. 240 Collazo, Victor M. 126 Colletti, Laurence J. 293 Colley, James A., II 299 Collier, Greg D. 296 Collins. Dennis F. 126 Collins. James W., Jr. 126 Collins, Roger B. 296,465 Collins, Stanley J. 290 Colotta, James E. 126 Colton, Thomas H. 126 Coman, Michael S. 311 Combs. Charles C. Jr. 266 Comer. Mark L. 261 Commeford, Chris R. 260 Commons. David L. 227, 486 Concepcion. Napoleon E. 127 Conklin, Kurt 3. 127,211 Conlon, Thomas K. 312 Connery, Joseph J., Jr. 252 Connolly, Edward 291 Connors, David L. 308 Conrad, John E. 213 Conrardy, Richard R. 127 Conroy, Daniel P. 127 Conticchio, Gerard E. 266 Conway, Timothy O. 294 Cook, Donald R. 127,271 Cook, George R. 221 Cook, Marvin E. 299 Cook, Michael J. 127,432, 452 Cooke, Hal J. 218 Cooney, Patrick B. 303 Cooper, Jan C. 263 Copeland, Eugene T. 257 Coppin, Eric P. 296,450 Coppock, Kelvin R. 128 Corbett, Dwight G. 128 Corl, David Nelsen 215 Cornali. Del J. 238 Corona-A, Francisco J. S. 224 1 Correia, Stanley C. 236 Correll, Bruce N. 239 Corrie, Robert M. 290 I Corrigan, James M. 257, ] 486 Corrigan, Patrick J. 128, 304,486 Corsaro, John A., Jr. 128 Corsetti, William V. 215 Corzine, Richard W., Jr. 291 Cosby, Ricky J. 312 Cosby, Willie J., Ill 242 Costales, Armando A., Jr. 213,434 Cote, Jeffrey A. 128 Cotharin, Benjamin A. 128, 262 ; Cotroneo, Joseph 260 Cotton, David C. 128 Cottongirn. Theodore J. 126 Couden. Tommy J. 128 Council, William C, Jr. 128 Court, Kevin 128 Coviello, Vincent 128 Covington, John R. 245 I Cox. Franklin E. 281 Cox, Gary W. 251 Cox, Marvin D. 299 Cox, Michael E. 230 Cox, Michael H. 294 Cox, Roger W. 129 Cox, Terry J. 228 Coy, Timothy D. 129 Crafton, Wilson D., Jr. 249 Craig, Alan J. 282 Craig, Paul W. 276 Craig, Robert G. 215 Craig, Stephen V. 129 Craig, William R. 215 Crane, Michael D. 252 Cranford, Michael V. 129 Crean, Patrick H. 129 Crenshaw, Larry D. 272 Crenshaw, Robert L. 129 Crenshaw, Ronald L. 130 Crider, Michael E. 245 Cripe, Robert C. 130 Crist, Robert W. 272 Crist, Rodney S. 131 Crocco, James R. 215 Crockett, David J. Jr. 272 Crombie, Robert B. 311 Cromer, DeJuan 222 Cromwell, John L. 297 Crooks, Louis C. 131 Crosley, Hilton C. 296 Cross, Jeffrey R. 257,450 Cross, Lee T. 287 Cross, Michael A. 231 Crouch, Douglas S. 315 Crouser, David T. 209 Crowe, James L. 263 Crowley, James R. 207 Crowley, John J. 281 Cruz-Vega, Carlos B. 267 Cuda, Daniel L. 275 Culpepper, Randall C. 206 Cultrera, Bruce P. 207 Cumm, Carl C. 222 Cummins, Michael L. 230 Cunningham, David B. 219 Cunningham, David F. 269 Cunningham, Donald L. 209 Cunningham, Mark A. 260 Cunningham, Paul M. 236 Cunningham, Rex J. 131 Curran, Charles F. 252 Curry, Christopher L. 260 Cutler, Robert E. 131 Cutter, James N. 287 Czabaranek, John 308 Dahlstrom, Arvid E., Jr. 296 Dailey, John M. 293 Dale, John E. 231 Daley, David K. 131 Daley, Patrick J. 131 Dalros, Steven W. 302 Dalrymple, Mathieu A. 297 Dalson, William A. 233 Dalton, Richard E. 237 Daly, John F. 209 Daly, Mark S. 240 Damiens, Dennis J. 203 Danforth, Lawrence A. 131, 429 Daniels, Murray E. 314 Daniels, Stephen C. 131 Dankenbring, Thomas A Dankowski, Greg C. 131 Dannenfelser, Daniel F. 243 Dantzler, Willie C. 230 Darchuk, Wayne S. 248 Darnall, Walter W., Jr. 263 Darner, Thomas L. 269 Dart, James R. 315 Davila, Richard, Jr. 209,432 Davis, Barton B. 104,107, 131 Davis, Bruce E. 131 Davis, Dee S. 227,441 Davis, Donald E. 261,486 Davis, Edward V. 318 Davis, James D. 254 Davis, Kenneth J. 258 Davis, Randall M. 290 Davis, Raymond E. 305 Davis, Rudee F. 131 Davis, Steven M. 269 Davis, Thomas J. 264 Davis, William K. 287,387 Davis, William R. 266 Davis, William V. 248 Day, John W. 267,465 Day, William E., Jr. 270 Dea, William F. 251 Deane, Bruce W. 275 Deano, Charles C, Jr. 299 Dearien, James N., II 248 Dearmond, Frederic A. 269 Deaux, James D. 308 Debes, Joseph M. 284 Deblanc, Robert K. 238 Deboalt, Thomas F. 255 Debruhl, Harry C, Jr. 314 Dedic, John K. 308 Dee, Stephen W. 276 Defoliart, David W. 236 Dehart, Michael E. 293 Dehart, Paul E., Jr. 131 Dehnert, Robert E., Jr. 237 227 Deil, Lothar W. 238 Delach, Donald M. 131,482 Delaney, John R. 209 Delaune, Daniel M. 212 Delfrate, Mark A. 306 Delgman, Gary R. 287 Delia, Joseph B. 203 Delich, Charles R. 249,465 Dellapia, Max H. 254 Delmas, Richard J. 267 Deloney, John M. 251 Delorenzo, Michael L. 131 Delphenich, John R. 245 Delpinto, Michael A. 203 Delventhal, Michael A. 296 Demitry, Lee F. 239 Demoisy, Charles C. 293 Denington, Craig B. 233 Dennis, Michael J. 305 Dennis, Richard W. 131 Derek, Calvin P. 132 Deren, Paul S. 221 Derrick, Marvin J. 213,434 Desisto, Paul 302 Detrick, Ted A. 254 Detr oye, Jeffrey E. 309 Dettmer, Paul A. 225 Dettmer, Thomas D. 243 Deunk, Norman H., Ill 132 Deveux, Donald F. 309 Devlin, Michael T. 270,459 Devries, Curtis A. 215 Dewillis, Frantz 318 Dexter, John B. 318 Dibiase, Michelangelo 312 Dichter, Andrew S. 296 Dick, Samuel R. 204 Dickerson, David E. 255 Dickinson, Allen J. 263 Dieffenbach, Brian E. 278 Dieffenbach, Otto W. Ill 293 Diehl, Arthur F., Ill 203,489 Diemand, William E. 132 Diener, David A. 284 Dierksen, Jeffrey M. 276 Dietel, Ronald J. 132 Dieter, Kenneth M. 132 Dietz, Dennis C. 216 Dildy, Douglas C. 132 Dill, James E. 245 Dilla, Benjamin L. 278 Dillard, Billy D. 132,456 Dilly, Robert J. 219,470 Dimarchi, David O. 132 Dimiduk, David P. 285 Dingley, David K. 248 Diprimo, Mario K. 132 Dittmer, Karl K., Jr. 290 Dittmer, Kurt B. 273 DIarotta, Maximo G. 285 Dobias, Donald L., Jr. 294 Dobson, Robert H. 206,486 Dodd, Charles M., Ill 237 Dodd, Wesley D. 132 Dodds, John B. 317 Dodds, Matthew T. 243 Dodge, Lex C. 252 Dodgen, Byron C. 212 Doeppner, Ronald S. 269 Doerr, Jeffrey L. 264 Dohner, Charles F. 266 Dolan, James T. 251 Dollahite, Thomas H., Jr. 252 Dominey, Clifford S. 255 Domingue, Edward N. 302 Donahoe, John H. 255 Donaldson, James 132 Donath, Jack L., Jr. 314 Donham, Danny W. 132 Donisi, Angelo A., Jr. 272 Donnelly, Mark S. 221 Donnelly, Robert P., Jr. 264 Donnelly, Stephen C. 133 Donovan, Kevin F. 293 Donovan, Patrick C. 255 Donze, Robert J. 264 Doran, George T. 243 Dorman, Glenn A. 218 Dorris, Joseph L. 133 Dorsey, Dean 133 Dorsey, Robert D. 320 Douglas, Don R. 302,388 Dowdy, Joseph E. 230 Dowell, Larry D. 232,491 Dowling, Lawrence R. 248 Dowling, Timothy P. 267 Downey, Douglas C. 249 Drake, James A. 267 Drennan, David G. 294 Dressel, Frank E. 311 Drew, Joseph G. 221 Drew, Myres N. 315 Dronkers, Anthony A. 270 Drow. Willy H. 236 Dubuisson, Frank J. 242 Duchene, Brian G. 309 Duckworth, James M. 269 Duclos, Michael S. 290 Duesing, Richard M. 305 Duey, Gordon L. 133 Duffy, Brian 320,486 Duffy, Patrick T. 264 Dugan, James M. 315 Duhachek, Richard F. 269 Duncan, David S. 133 Duncan, Terry A. 245 Dundas, Paul A. 222 Dundore, Karl M. 261 Dundore, Steven W. 227 Dunn, Andrew W. 293 Dunn, Daniel R. 246 Dunn, Frederick C, Jr. 133,456 Dunn. Luckey M. 299 Dunn, Michael J. 134 Dunn, William J. 320 Dunstan, John 0. 238 Duran, Jack J. 134 Duresky, Stephen J. 218 Durgin, Harry R., Jr. 134 Durio, Gregory E. 134 Dutchyshyn, Harry V., Jr. 305 Duvall, Michael W. 302,450 Dyche, David D. 305,463 Dye, Richard R. 275 Dykes, Gregory A. 134,470 Earnhart, George N., Ill 303 Earp, Ronald O. 134 Eastmead, Donald J. 135 Eaton, Robert A. 242 Ebeike, David K. 285 Eberle, Michael L. 261 Echard, Richard A. 278 Echaurren-V, Hernan F. 230 Echols, John B. 278 Eddy, Steven R. 203 Edgar, Samuel G., Ill 224 Edgecomb, Jeffrey L. 320 Edgington, David M. 300 Edstrom, Bruce K. 263,450 Ehrhart, David G. 293 Ehrler, Dennis W. 249 Eiband, David M. 135 Eichelberger, J. F. 321 Eickelman, Steven A. 260 Eisen, Stefan Jr. 278 Eken, James K. 245,441 Ellen, Michael R. 290 Elliott, Gary W. 135,238 : Elliott, Glenn A. 279 j Elliott, John W. 207 1 Ellis, Donald S. 203 ' Ellis, Mark G. 225 Ellis, Michael W. 294 Ellsworth, Gary L. 240 Else, Steven E. 242 avJion ' ...joibG.J ' ■ ' isen. Lm f .. CHuileM » n« Arttiu ' L • " ■ floSeftO 22 ;lelte,Willi8ffl» jes.BidiarDB ' I ' ' ' 106,135 !t(a(ia.E(lw!i»» lienson,Go V ' 3! James » " I Keryin wiAlanTW Bi)i8(ronM,l2 Da«Kl(l23E Gerald B 20: Glem0 25e Joseph T ji •( mum Roto IK Stanley H f A Woriffi JanaLW i(elby,GaiyA.2Si fidePtierj, Ffanot U ikm f ■( I Janes U » ' pfiooeflKZj; ■■ ' :•»] 13J -■■ !• arj 320 ■;r.rO!!8 ■I- .v l ■-.-iwenj m :--i " ,S Jr 13 . yn ii ' » vc-jel.26l ••;•.; Her»an f. Elson, Randolph R. 212 Ely. Michael V. 230 Emanuel, Paul A. 135,319 Emanuel. Richard J. 204 Enderle, Raymond H., Jr. 204 Engel, Kenneth D. 227 Engleson. Lawrence E. 284 Engelson. Thomas P. 317 English. William J. 246,463 Enix, Earl A. 249 Ephland. John G.. Jr. 135 Eppley. David S. 219 Erdle. Michael P. 221 Eresman, Raymond S. 276 Erickson, Mazel B. 269 Eriksen. Larry E. 284 Errazuriz. Joaquin C. 272 Errigo, John A. 203 Erving. Claude M. 239 Erwin. Wayne H. II 276,459 Esbenshade, Kent A. 284 Esclavon. Arthur L. 315 Eskridge. Robert D. 222 Esposito, Henry 209,482 Estelle, William L. 266 Estes. Richard B. 104,105, 106,135 Estrada. Edward A. 230 Ettenson. Gordon M. 135 Eustace. James A. 312 Evander, Kerry I. 276 Evans. Alan T. 210 Evans, Byron M. 135 Evans, David R. 238 Evans, Gerald B. 207 Evans, Glenn D. 258 Evans, Joseph T. Jr. 218 Evans, Mark W. 272 Evans, Robert W. 135 Evans. Stanley H. Jr. 246 Evans. Victor L. 222 Evert. Dana L. 213 Ewing. James W. 234 Exelby. Gary A. 251 Eydenberg, Francis M. 135 Eyolfson, Michael F. 218 Faber. James M. 297 Faber, Robert K. 232 Facenda. Joseph V. Jr. 311 Fagan. James S. 308 Fagot, Bradley F. 209,463 Fair, John A. 135 Fairbrother, Edward F.. Jr. 224,465 Falkovic, Frank D., Jr. 224 Fallon, Andrew D. 218 Falsone, Frank J. Ill 135 Falvey, Daniel L. 275 Fantasia, Mark E. 227 Fariss. Laurence A. 212, 459 Farmer, David K. 278 Farmwald, Jay A. 136 Farnham, John S. 293 Farr, Robert A. 299 Farus. James E. 136 Faust. Dean C. 284 Fauver. John M. 224 JFawcett. John M. Jr. 234 Fay, Dennis B. 136,205 Fazio, Gary P. 300 Fazio. Salvatore Jr. 136 Feddersen, Craig R. 296 f.Feder. Eric L. 269 iiFederwisch. Richard R. 237 Fedewa, Frederick A. 136, 432 Fedors, Richard G. 136 Feeley. Philip J. 309 Feeney, Edward J. Jr. 136 Fehseke, Scott R. 136,304 Feigh. Keith A. 236 Felder. Lloyd R. 320 Felix. Woodrow D. II 136 Fellmeth, Wayne G. 273 Fellows. Charles R. 227, 432 Fellows, James A. 317 Fellows. Mark A. 281 Felman. Marc D. 299 Fennessy. Terence P. 321 Ferguson. David C. 293 Fernandez. Jean M. 231 Ferrara. Joseph 282 Ferraro, Antonio 136 Fick. Donald E. 136 Filaseta, Joseph B. 272 Fillar. Christopher A. 287 Findlay. Gregory J. 136, 434 Findley, Michael C. 137 Finke. Richard A. 215 Finn, Kenneth M. 311 Finn. Thomas P. 260 Finnegan, Robert J. Jr. 137,229 Finney, Russell L. 210 Fiorenzi, Peter J. 137 Fisher. Alan D. 245 Fisher. James P. 308 Fisher. Mark R. 309 Fisher. Robert R. 305 Fitz. Michael S. 218 Fitzgerald. James R. 137 Fitzpatrick. Charles E. 3r 137 Fitzsimmons. Bob S. 137 Flaming. Michael B. 306 Flanagan. Patrick R. 248 Flattery. David A. 138 Fleming, David L. 272.364 Flemings. Garrison H. 218 Flickinger, William C. 299 Flierl. Gregory D. 210 Flint, Dennis L. 213 Floersch. John E. 238 Flood. Scott K. 242 Flory, Robert A. 138.319 Flower. Dean R. 206 Floyd. William R. 291 Fly. Ronald E. 138 Flynn, Collin F. 317 Flynn. Gerald K. 138 Foertsch. James W. 299 Foister. James W. Ill 240 Fok. William D. T. C. 303 Fong. Matthew K. 287 Fonorow, Owen R. 305 Forberg. Steven S. 138 Forbes, Donald R. 215 Ford, Douglas J. 266.432 Foreman. James P. 215 Foret. Herbert L. Jr. 294 Forinash, Dennis R. 263 Forsyth, Frank L. 138 Fortin, Michael F. 209 Fortner. Raymond L. 238 Foster. Daniel A. 218.450 Foster. James E. II 293 Foster, Steven E. 282 Fouser, John D. 300 Fouts, John D. 308 Fowler. Byron T. 138 Fowler. Gregory R. 273 Fowler. Mark J. 303 Foyil. James D. 320 Fracchia. Alexander G. 306 Fraley. Thomas 251 Francis. Keith I. 254 Frank. Howard W., Jr. 138. 432.433.452 Frank. Norman G. Jr. 138 Frank. Stanley C. 306 Franklin, George E. Jr. 248 Franklin, Steven R. 320 Franklin, William H. 299 Frantz. Randall C. 216 Fraser. Douglas M. 245 Eraser. James R. 246 Frasier. Don A. Jr. 287 Free. Jerry L. 284 Freed. Thomas R. Jr. 251 Freeman. Doyle K. 254 Freeman, Kenneth D. 249 Freeman. Mark R. 302 Freer. Harrison C. 281 Freeth. David P. 138 French, Douglas W. 266 French. Harold G. 275 Fricano. Michael 254 Frick. Gregory B. 311 Frith, Marc W, 287 Fritz, John D. 299 Fritzsche. Bruce H. 239 Fritzsche. Mark H. 315 Fronk. Laurence F. 294 Fronk. Thomas M. 272 Frost. Douglas H. Jr. 138 Frozena. John D. 257 Fruland. William E. 138 Fry. Douglas W. 209 Fry. Kenneth A. 294 Fry, Mark W. 272 Frye. Stephen B. 308,459 Fucillo, James E. 264 Fueyo. Michael H. 139 Fuller. Stanley G. 139 Fulton. James 139 Fundarek. David L. 139.214 Furfari, James C. 139 Fury. Joseph A. 228 Gabrys. Karl F. Jr. 206, 456 Gaddy, Gary J. 139 Gage, Doyle E. 261 Gagnon. Richard E. 315 Gahl. Robert E. 203.486 Gajeski. Antone E. 284 Galavotti. Louis J. Jr. 206 Galik. Andrew P. 140 Gallagher, Edward A. 299 Gallet. Roger M. 261 Gallo. Frank H. 288 Galluzzo. Joseph 236 Gamble. Timothy 297 Gamblin. Barry S. 284 Gambrell. Robert L. Jr. 299 Gandy, Edward R. Jr. 227 Garcia, Felix Jr. 261 Garcia, Jose A. 232 Garcia. Luis Jr. 228 Garcia, Peter F. 140 Gardner, Ralph E. 251 Gardner. Robert S. 227,452 Garhart, Ronald L. 140 Garito. Douglas J 242 Garland. Frank S. 266 Garland. Jeffery S. 450 Garland. John G. Ill 140.219 Garland. Robert H. 291 Garland. Todd R. 204 Garner. Gary M. 140 Garner. Larry E. 215.441 Garramone. David M. 140 Garrett. James L. 140.450 Garrett. James M. 251 Garrett, Michael F. 266 Garrett, Thomas F. 302 Garrison, Kevin 318 Garrison, Leslie C. 209 Garrity. James J. 140 Garten. David N. 311 Garza, Carlos Jr. 278 Garza, Mario A. 204 Gasche. Stephen C. 285 Gaston. Robert W. Jr. 207 Gaughan. John F. II 212 Gaughan. Miles M. 284 Gavares. Peter M. 140 Geddie. Matthew P. 255 Gegg. Michael P. 266 Gehri. Mark J. D. 140,268 Geiselhart, Gerald J. Jr. 236 Gentry. Gallon L. 140.253 George, Arthur L. Ill 272 George, Joseph M. 305 Gerardi. Michael D. 231, 465 Gerdes, Bradley D. 257 Gersbach. Charles P. 318 Getz. Joseph F. 231 Getzelman. Harold D. 290 Gibbs. Richard M. 240 Gibbs. Robert H. 140 Gibson, Frederick W. 141 Gibson. Ralph D. 311 Gibson. Rodney E. 141 Gibson. Steve T. 269 Giersch. Michael L. 141 Giese. Michael C. 141 Gieser. Gregory S. 239 Gilbert. Terence L. 141 Gill. Charles W. Jr. 267 Gill. Michael W. 278 Gill. Terry L. 275 Gilletie Thomas L. 236 Gilliam, Mark M. 206 Gilliam,. Paul E. Jr. 141 Gilmore. John P. 142 Gilzean, Mark E. 321 Gionet, David E. 317 Gipson. Anthony J. 288 Glaeser. Chris R. 251 Glasebrook. David 8. M. 258 Glass. James M. 207 Gleason. Darrell R. 237 Glenn. James E. 142 Glennon. John J. Jr. 294 Glick. Floyd J. 142 Glifort. Kenneth F. 142 Glines, Brent P. 245 Glock. Albert E. Jr. 142 Goers. Greg L. 306 Goetsch, Chris G. 311,470 Gold, Aaron H. 254 Gold. Robert P. 314 Goldbach, Bernard F. 290 Gomes. Brian V. 227 Goodale. Roy A. 302 Goodman. Benjamin D, 219 Goodrich, Bert F. 203 Goodrich, Dan R. 142,202, 486 Goodwin, Thomas E. 143, 313 Gordon, Mclnnis 236 Gorenc, Stanley 305 Gorman, John M. 282 Gosen, Richard B. 242 Gough, Scott W. 281 Gould, Alan R. 285 Gould. Frederick E. 294 Gould. Michael C. 293 Goyden. Michael V. 260 Grace. Lance C. 224 Grady. Jeffrey J. 318.463 Grady. Kevin M. 248.387 Grady. Waiter A.. Jr. 288 Gragan. David P. 297 Graham. Curtis R. Ill 239 Grandcolas. James S. 143 Grande. Murray G. 303 Granger. Alan T. 263 Graper. John R. 309 Grasso. Richard J. Jr. 314 Graves. Jeffrey C. 239.441 J ±U Gravstte, Bruce R. 215 Gray. Hugh G. 245 Gray, Kevin H. 225 Gray, Mark W. 321 Gray, Robert M. 254 Greco, John R. 143 Green, Allen M. 257 Green, Franklin F 320 Green, Gary W. 291 Green, Peter B. 204,465 Green, Thomas K. 143 Green, Timothy T. 143 Greenawalt, James D. 221 Greene, Thomas A. 218 Greenwood, Herbert L. 278 Greeson, James T. 143,470 Gregg, Steven M. 237 Greiner, Jeffrey H. 143, 274,486 Gresh, Steve F. 216 Gresharn, Donald D. 314,434 Gress, Roderic G. 297 Gress, Stephen G. Jr. 143, 316 Gridley, James B. 311 Grieder, Felix M. 212 Griffin, Daniel 143 Griffith, Richard A. 228 Griffith. William E. 143 Grijalba. Apolonio S. Jr. 215 Groathouse, Steven G. 314 Groen. Scott C. 243 Grogan, Steven D. 240 Gronewald, Curtis J. 320 Gronseth, Phillip W. 272, 465 Gross, Gregory L. 243 Grosshans, Ray E. 284 Grosvenor. Robert C. 232 Guardino. Alfred J. 143. 262 Gudeczauskas. Anthony C. 143 Gudmundson. Michael L. 278 Guelich, Hampton H. 144 Guest, Stephen G. 321 Guhin. Joseph M. 240 Guida. Vincent J. 252 Guidry, Paul L., Jr. 297 Guillory, Robert D. 261 Guindon. Bruce D. 215 Gum, Michael E. 144 Gunderson, Steven G. 236 Gunther, Donald E. 296 Gunther. Rodney B. 299 Gunzinger. Mark A. 210 Gustafson. Gregg S. 270 Gustafson. Richard A. 302 Gustin. Lee D. 228 Gutierrez, George A. 305 Guzowski. Paul F. 144 Gwynn. John T. 219 Haanio. Robert B. 266 Haas, Steven M. 257 Habjan. Mark W. 312 Hackett, Gary J. 219 Hackett. James T. 215 Hackett. Jeffrey L. 227 Hackney. Edward E. 144 Hagan. Timothy S. 288 Haggerty. Steven A. 216 Haile. Raymond F. 144,271 Haines, Cyril K. Jr. 297 Hainsey, Michael P. 261 Hairston, Carleton P. 144 Halbert, Robert C. 231 Hale. Charles A. 270 Hale. Ira D. 234,463 Hale, John C, 254 Haley, John C. 275 Hall, Brent D. 275 Hall. Donald D. 311 Hall, Richard M. 272 Hall. Steven D. 308 Hall, Thomas M. II 144 Hallada, Marc R. 272 Hallenbeck. Lane W. 312 Halley, Donald J. 144 Halpin, Michael P. 144 Halseth, Thomas G. 144 Halsey, William R. 144 Halsor, Mark D. 144,310 Halter, Irving L. Jr. 267 Hamurg, John 257 Hamby. Carl L. Jr. 318 Hamed. Steven M. 212 Hamilton. David S. 145 Hamilton, James R. 248 Hamilton, Robert J. 321, 463 Hamm, Harold R. 145 Hammond, Scott A. 263 Hamor, Gary D. 291 Hancock, Kenneth C. 145 Hancock, Thomas W. 281 Hancock, Warren D. 260 Hand. Charles B. 145 Hanifen, Dan W. 275 Hanington. Kenneth R. 213 Hankins, Paul M. 145 Hanley, Patrick M. 314 Hanley, Richard A. 245 Hanlon, Stephen J. 213 Hanner, Dale R. 269 Hansen. Steven A. 145 Hanson. Jon G. 219 Hanson, Markoe S. 291 Hanson, William E. 275 Hanus, Glen J. 248 Harber, Jeffrey L. 306 Harding, Lawrence W. 278 459 Hardy, Franklin W. Jr. 318 Hargrove. Julius Lynn 230 Harimoto. Deane Y. 146 Harlan, Mark A. 146 Harnly, Douglas A. 146 Harper, Martin L. 146 Harris. David M. 258 Harris. Foster R. 321 Harris. John D. 210 Harrison, Douglas M. 248 Harrison, Jeffrey B. 248 Harrod, Scott B. 234 Hart. Richard C. 249 Hartman, Dwight B. 228 Hartmann, Thomas W. 234 Hartney, James E. 272 Hartung, Walter G. 204 Hartwell. Thomas A. 320 Hasenbein. Kenneth P. 234 Haslett, John R. Ill 249 Hass, Jeff T. 221 Hatfield, David N. 290 Hathaway, Michael K. 146 Hathaway, Patrick J. 296 Hatt. Gerald R. 215 Haug, Clifford M. 215 Haugen, David A. 227 Hauser, Michael L. 314 Hayden, Thomas F. 3rd 146.217 Hayes, William A. 147 Haygood, Garth K. 300 Hayhurst. James L. 147 Haynie. Richard A. 147,486 Hayzlett, Mark R. 315 Hazen, James G. 147 Hazen, John T. 299 Heald. Charles R. 314 Heald. James R. 230.470 Heaney. Thomas A. 279 Heard, Hampton F. 255 Heard, Keller D. 231 Heath. Robert D. 302 Hebb, Alan D. 238 Heck, Thomas S. 249 Hedding, Trumian J. Ill 320 diss .„ Denis L " ■ Heelan. Thomas 299 Heffernan, Thomas J. 147 Heffner. James E. 228 Heffner. Richard P. 147,292 Hegland, David A. 147 Hehn, Craig E. 231 Heidmous, Jeffery N. 210, 434 Heidmous, Walter N. Jr. 260.434 Heil, Joseph B. 278 Heil, Michael L. 221 Heil, Steven L. 147 Heinle, Dennis R. 147 Heinz. Steven D. 311 Heise. Kevin R. 317,489 Heitman, Lee R. Jr. 272 HejI. William A. 204 Held. Gary A. 266 Helm. Percy R. Ill 222 Heminger. David L. 225 Henabray. Kevin F. 302 Henager, Donald E. 293 Henchey, Michael C. 257 Henderson. Jerry P. 207 Henk. John W. 254 Henkel, Casey L. 206 Hennek. Roderick E. 230 Hennessey. Peter J. 221 Henney, Donald W. Ill 266 Henricks. Terence T. 147 Henry, Christopher M. 230 Henry, Michael 320 Hensley, David R. 230 Hente, Scott B. 311 Henwood, Barton E. 147 Hepburn. Byron C. 296 Heppner. James J. 206 Herbert. Randall A. 216 Herbert, Robert J. 225 Herchak, John A. 204,470 Herd, John H. 270 Heriot, James H. 287 Herlong. David W. 310 Herit, Stephen M. 237 Hermes. Peter J. 231 Hermstad, Dexter L. 287 Hern, Walter F. 303 Herr. Steven F. 312 Herring. Robert W. Ill 251 Herrman. David P. 147 Herzog. William N. Jr. 264 Hess. Jeffrey W. 300 Hester, Wesley B. 148 Hesterberg, Lyndal K. 209, 441 Hevey, Bruce G. P. 317 Heymann, Warren C. 297 Hibbard, Barton J. 273 Hibbs. Elliot S. 315 Hickcox, Robert C. 305 Hickman, David G. 308 Hiebert. Donald W. 215 Higginbotham. Bradley K. Higgins, Daniel M. 257 Higgins, Donald P. Jr. 242 Higgins, Ernest W. 148.220 Higgins, Paul G. 318 Hight, Gregory A. 282 Hilbun, Ted A. 320 Hildebrand, Kevin D. 224 Hildebrandt. John H. 305 Hill, Kent D. 148 Hill. Kevin E. 248 Hill, Stanley L. 315 Hinesley. Ted W. 210 Hinger, Robert J. 302 Hinkel. Clark R. 218 Hinkin. Daniel T. 207 Hinoki, Stanley G. 234 Hippler, Charles K. 320 Hobart, William C. Jr. 209 Hobbs, Charles F. 246 Hobbs, Dale S. 249 Hobbs, David Lance 261,465 Hodge, Kenneth L. Jr. 239 Hoey. Rex R. 305 Hof. George M. 148 Hoffman, Chris P. 238 Hoffman, Donald J. 148 Hoffman, Edward W. 148, 286 Hogan, Ernie A. 270 Hogan. Stephen J. 257 Hoganson, Eric H. 308 Hoglund. David L. 132,148 Hogue, James R. 251.434 Hohl. Larry D. 305.486 Hoke, Scott A. 148 Hoick, Eric K. 148 Holdridge, Richard D. 242 Holkeboer, Thomas K. 148 Holland. Edward C. Ill 242 Holland. Martin K. 263 Holland. Stephen 148 Hollerbach. Don M. 149.286 Holley, Charles R. Jr. 149 Holley, Eugene M. 263 Holley. Robert C. 305 Holliman. Michael A. 288 Hollins. Samuel D. 248 Hollis, David A. 294 Holliway, Robert H. 149,441 Holloway, Charles F. 281 Hollowell, Steven J. 222 Holm. Gregory S. 302,452 Holmes, Mark D. 254 Holmes, Mark K. 260 Holt. Hal P. 284 Holton, William J. 310 Holtz. Thomas R. 245 Honsinger, John H. Jr. 149 Hood, Robert C. 149 Hood, Robert R. 149 Hook, Peter S. 314 Hoover, Robert J. 279 Hope, John E. 308 Hopkin. Bruce T. 203 Hopler, Harold W. 258 Hopper, Timothy B. 216 Horacek, James R. 150 Horie, Joel M. 285 Horkulic, Mark E. 213 Horn. Steven R. 150 Horowitz, Gary M. 150 Horton, Robert S. 273 Hossler, Kenneth L. 287 Houck. Richard C. 276 Houde, Neal J. 150,241, 470 Houle, Gary R. 209 Houren, Parick J. 263 Householder, John S. 150 Houser. Phil C. 287 Hovrud, David L. 150,250 Howard, John D. 206 Howell. Larry A. 231 Howes, Mark D. 245 Hoyes. Michael B. 287 Hoyle, Joseph C. 151 Hoyt, Stephen C. 315 Hrncir. David E. 251 Huber. Lawrence D. 151 Huber. Richard M. 296 Huddleson. Scott A. 151 Huddleston. Byron E. 218 Hudgens, Paul D. 300 Hudson, Robert W. 215 Huerta. Jesse A. 260,470 Huertas, Bruce 254,482 Huffman, Gary D. 230 Huffman, John T. Jr. 287 Huffman. Phyllip B. 151 Hughes. Dennis C. 151 Hughes, Joseph E. 264 Hughes. Mark T. 254 Hughes. Philip G. 151 Hughes, Ralph G. 281 Hughes, William E. Ill 281 Hughes, William F. Jr. 151 Hulbert, Stephen J. 267 1!I1 i ■ w.f J in oe SiWflC us K OdWll 14! ■ " !03 ' ;r55« 150 Hummel, Dennis L. 228 Humphries, Wllla rd J. Jr. 252 Hunsuck. John D. Jr. 225 Hunt, James P. 232,465 Hunt, John M. Jr. 297 Hunt, John S. 318 Hunt, Roger W. 321 Hurdle, Karl J. 261 Hussey, Steven J. 263 Hust, Gerald R. 228 Hutchison, Mark S. 225 Hutt, Robert S. 246 Hyatt, Mark A. 151,450 Hyde, Thomas W. 279 lacobucci, James C. 151, 226 Ibarra, Fernando 258,463 Igyarto, Phillip A. 305 Iken, Daniel R. 151 Use, James R. 261,465 llseng, Jimmy D. 151,486 Ingersoll, Scott R. 218 Inglis, John C. 227 Inscoe, Philip D. 152,256 Irish, Philip A. Ill 152 Irwin, Robert M. Jr. 296 Isaacs, Charles B. 263 Isabelle, Marc D. 242 Iverson, Robert B. 257 Ivy, Jack L. 270 Jackson, David G. 152 Jackson, Jack A. Jr. 248 Jackson, Jimmy D. 224 Jackson, John P. 152,211, 223 Jackson, Michael C. 276 Jackson, Scott C. 207 Jacobs. Jeffrey L. 152,429 Jacobs, Mark A. 206 Jacobson. Mark C. 152 Jacques, Richard W. 312, 456 Jaeger, Bruce R. 320 Jaklitsch, Frederick L. 297 James, Donald W. 152 James Douglas 272 James, Randal K. 308 Jamieson, Bruce M. 237 Janelli, Gary A. 296,482 Janik, Daniel J. 240,470 Janisse, Thomas C. 152 Janiszewski, Alan M. 317 Jannetta, David L. 320 Janson, John P. 215 Jareo, David L 203 Jarka, Daniel R. 243 Jarrow, Scott F. 222 Jaskey. Armas J. Jr 266 Jefferson, Mark L. 314 Jeffrey, Bruce L. 252 Jeffs, Raymond E. 152 Jennings, Karl B, 264 Jennings, Kenneth R. 261 Jensen, Craig R. 221 Jensen, Richard C. 264 Jensen, Robert A. Jr. 152 Jenson, John W. 296 Jett, Connie M. 267 Jevifell, Gary S. 206 Johansen, Marc C. 152 Johns, Raymond E. Jr. 273 Johnson, Anthony R. 257 Johnson, Bruce G. 285 Johnson, Charles S. Jr. 255 Johnson, Chase J. 299 Johnson, David E. 266 Johnson, David W. 263 Johnson, Gregory S. 306 Johnson, John N. 305 Johnson, Mark D. 152 Johnson, Mark R. 153 Johnson, Milton H. Jr. 288 Johnson, Randall G. 242 Johnson, Robert C. 238 Johnson, Roy T. Jr. 153 Johnson, Sterling A. 279 Johnson, Walter R. Jr. 248 Johnson, William C. 302 Johnston, Daniel P. 275,276 Johnston, Michael W. 206 Johnston, Ronald E. 249 Johnston, Verle L. Jr. 153 Johnstone, Thomas S. 278 Joiner, Jay K. 270 Jolly, Jay D. 153 Jonak, Steven J. 279 Jones, Albert E. 321 Jones, Bradley W. 236 Jones, Budd A. Jr. 203 Jones, Charles E. 153 Jones, Charlie A. Jr. 251 Jones, Christopher P. 216 Jones, Clarence D. Jr. 297 Jones. Daryl L. 285 Jones, David A. 311 Jones, Donald G. 210 Jones, Duane A. 317,387 Jones, Frederick O. 312 Jones, James E. 207 Jones, John P. 153 Jones, Philip R. 320 Jones, Richard K. 305 Jones. Stanley E. 308 Jones, Thomas D. 249 Jones, Timothy C. 282,463 Jones, William H. 154 Jones, William M. 287 Jordan, Craig W. 285 Jordan, Daniel W. Ill 230 Jorgensen, Stephen A. 308 Joslin, Randall G. 278 Judkins, James E. 154,232 Julien. Philip A. 212 Jumper, Geoffrey W. 238 Justiz, Charles R. 154 Kaan, Kevin J. 154 Kahiapo, Joseph W. Jr. 314,452 Kaiser, Daniel D. 269 Kaiser, Joseph G. 318 Kallas, Nicholas G. 231 Kallman, Roderick R. 248 Kamae, Dennis H. 264 Kambourian-Bartolome, Juan 278 Kampa, Lawrence M. 154 Kamps. Daniel K. 246 Kamrad, Kurt M. 287 Kane, John P 238 Kane. Thomas P. 154,307 Kaneshiro. Kevin S. 263 Karner, Joseph R. 155,247 Karulf, Richard E. 252 KasI, Edward L. 224 Kasprzyk, Stanley J. Jr. 245 Katahara, Lester K. 155 Katona, John Jr. 258 Kayse, Kevin S. 315,388 Keagle, James M. 155,202 Keane. Michael J. 320 Kearney, John J. 234 Kearns, John A. 245 Kearns, William A. 215 Keaton, James H. 155,486 Keen, Stephen M. 260 Keene, David N. Jr. 203 Kehl, Randall H. 269 Keith, Claude R. Jr. 215 Keith, Steven J. 267 Keithcart, Kerry E. 227 Kelley, Glen A. 261 Kelley, Joseph E. 155,268 Kelly. Christopher A. 155 289,316 Kelly, Henry F. IV 245 Kelly, James R. 155 Kelly, John E. Jr. 155 Kelly, Michael K. 314 Kelly. Sean M. 218 Kelly, William M. 155 Kelly, William W. 314 Kelso, Thomas S. 263 Kemerling, Robert A. 155 Kemp, Kelvin P. 155,434 Kemp, Terrill L. 299 Kemp, Thomas W. 305 Kempton, Richard L. 287 Kendall, Phillip L. 311 Kenkel, Kevin G. 276 Kennedy, Carl L. 279 Kennedy, Glenn C. 276 Kennedy, Ronald C. 309 Kenney, Mark L. 213 Kennington, Grady V. 225 Kennon, Jay G. 272,463 SiSiDL SSffiJSI SiKJSSSiKiS s iiiiii ,jr«5 ' Kennon, John W. Ill 317 Kent, Douglas R. 258 Kent, Paul E. 260 Kent Paul E. 260 Kent. Steven J. 302 Keohane, John S. 270 Kercheval, Joseph B. Jr. 264 Kerley, Donald J. 155,482 Kessler, James H IV 309, 459 Ketchie, Barry M. 278 Kidd. Michael S. 299 Killingsworth, P. S. 212 Kilstrom, Kevin J 311,452 Kim, Richard H. D. 317 Kim, Sung-Whan 156 Kimmel, William S. 156 Kinard, Walter A. 156 Kincannon, Charles P. 291, 470 King, Gary M. 224 King, Richard P. 290 King, Thomas J, 243 Kingsley, Shannon T. 204 Kinkead, Scott A. 156 Kinney, Craig G. 269 Kirchoff, Ronald A. 278 Kirkham, Richard D. 311 Kirkpatrick, Richard A. 156 Kirschling, Ronnie J. 281 Kirsteatter, Gary L. 156 Kisby, Arthur E. 156 Kish, David B. 273 Kisiel, Stanley C. Jr. 224 Kissinger, David P. 270 Kitchen, Craig N. 156 Kittle, William L. 300 Kittleson, Eric J. 242 Kjeldgaard, Andrew L. 266 Kleinhans, Robert J. 232, 470 Kleinman, Craig R. 258 Klena, Martin J. 156,452 Kleven, Jay D. D. 230 Klimes, Kenneth G. 156,313 Klimis, George N. 284 Kline, Timothy H. 156,465 Klingenberger, Kurt J. 317 Klinger, Peter C. 156 Kliza, Dennis M. 246 Kluck, Peter E. 314 Knabel, Thomas L. 311 Knapp, Kenneth D. 273 Knapp, William J. 216 Knauf. Joseph B. 273 Knauff, Robert A. 284 Knauss, Brian L. 157,298 Kneib, Frederick J. 293 Knellinger, William R. II 248 Knight, Wade D. 157 Knoll, Michael G. 157,214 Knox, Douglas C. 238 Kobza, Marvin E. 308 Koch, Thomas J. 251 Kocher, Lloyd W. 157 Kochevar, James M. 290 Kocian, Donald J. 242 Kocian, Thomas C. 245 Koelling, John H. 275,465 Koenigsknecht. James J. 240 Kogler, James T. 275 Kohl, Richard S. 290 Kohler, Erick P. 157 Kolakowski, Daniel V. 308 Kolb, Daniel B. 321 Kolegraff, Ronald J. 228 Kolessar, Thomas D. 157 Kolm, Paul A 158 Kontak, Roger E. 308 Konwin, Kenneth C. 158.277 Koppang, Scott W. 242 Koraly, Steven C. 158.463 1 Koster, James F. 158.432 Kotecki, David A. 158 Kovach, David J. 224 Koziar, Robert L 294 Kozlowski, Kevin W. 31 1 Kraft, Daniel D. 281,441 Kratzer, Gregory J, 227 Krebsbach, Michael G. 216 Krikorian, Stephen H. 260 Kristensen, David H. 303 Krogh, Peter S. Ill 203 Krott, Andrew D. 321 Krukowski, Alan M. 266 Krumeich, Jeffrey D, 308 Krupsaw, Kim J. 269 Kryst, Thomas E. 239 Kudrick. Ivlichael J. 228 Kuelz, Bruce M. 224 Kummerfeld, Jack R. 221 Kumpf, Richard L. 264 Kundert, Corrie J. 221 Kunkel, David P. 218 Kupersmith, Douglas A. 251 Kurey, William S. 245 Kurtz, Gregory A. 158,292 Kurtz, John Alan 203 Kuskie, Michael R. 159 Kyle, Gary Arthur 290 Kysar, Kent K. 263 Labarre. Edw in F. 232 Lacy, Mark P. 215 Ladd, William C. 212 Ladieu, John D. 212 Ladnier, Ronald R. 291 Lafave, David A. 275 Lain, Douglas J. 227 Lally, Kevin P. 245 Lamb, James W. 297 Lambert, Bruce K. 206 Lambert, Charles E. Jr. 159 Lambert, Kent D. 159 Lambert, Stephen A. 212 Lamy, Perry L. 236 Landmann, Dwight D. 257 Landolt, Gregg E. 254 Landree, Kenneth H. Jr. 285 Landwehrle, Paul J. 300 Lane, David T. II 159 Lane, Jesse P. Ill 159,283 Lane, Lance R. 159,463 Lane, Thomas A. 267,482 Laney, Russell M. 248 Lange, Thomas L. 221 Langford, Donald R. 221 Lanning, Stephen L. 291 Lanning, William E. 293 Lansford, John F. Jr. 159 Lanzit, Chris R. 159,263 Laplante, James Z. 303 Laprade, Martin E. 273 Larkin, Daniel J. 270,452 Larsen, Jeffrey A. 209 Larsh, Steven S. 275 Larson, Karl D. 293 Larson, Michael S. 159 Lassus, Frank A. 238 Latenser, Russell E. I! 311 Latham, Charles B. 159 Laurie, Thomas A. 317 Lavif, Larry A. 222 Law rence, Geoffrey S. 290 Lawrence. George A. 159 Lawson, David E. 281 Lawson, David G. 276 Lawton, David J. 255 Lax, James E. 276 Layman, Michael A. 218, 432,452 Layman, Richard L. 290 Lazaroff, Robert C. 159 Leavitt, Lloyd R. Ill 282 Leber, Leray L. 242 Leblanc, Louis J. 312 Ledbetter, James F. 218 Ledeker, Kent W. 270 Lee, Bradford H. 160 Lee, Jeffrey W. 160,280 Lee, Lawrence E. 232 Lee, Mark C. 160 Lee. Michael D. 212.452 Lee, Montgomery A. 218 Lee. William C. 241 Leeper, Jeffrey W. 261 Leibbrand, Douglas C. 273 Leiker, Arthur L. 293 Leinbach, Kevin E. 227 Lemon, James R. 263 Lenci, Mark R. 209 Lenhart. Charles A. 257 Lenzi, Stephen M. 160 Leonard, Jack E. 160 Leonard, James M. 160, 271 Leong, Erick 232,482 Leopardi, Mark A. 160 Leopold, Richard A. 245, 463 Lepisto, John W. 285 Leroy, William W. 285 Lerum. Steven A. 296 Leskowski, Edward B. 2nd 233 Leslie, James C. 160 Lessley, Jimmy D. 160 Leswig. Robert J. 225,459 Leupp, David G. 251 Leurquin, Francis J. Jr. 213 Leuschen. Michael W. 257 Leuthauser, Paul R. 237 Levell. Edward A. Ill 230 Levenhagen. Michael A. 279 Leverson. Bruce N. 160,202 Levesque, Jerry L. 224 Levy, Paul D. 273 Lewallen, Eric C. 203,456 Lewis, Donald 0. 209 Lewis, Gregory W. 308 Lewis, Howard J. Jr. 160 Lewis, Jeffrey R. 282 Lewis, John T. 218 Lewis, Lynn M. Jr. 160 Lewis, Michael L. 309 Lewis, Oils L. Jr. 269 Lewis, Thomas E. 315 Leysath, Terence L. 161 Liby, Gaylord H. 243 Liefer, Randall K. 264 Ligday, Robert C. 161 Light, Thomas W. 207 Lillis, James M. 161 Limanni. Alex 278 Lind. Orville R. 161 Linden, Ernest B. 276 Lindner, Stuart P. 161 Lindsay, Charles L. 212 Lindsey, Brad A. 260 Lindsley, Marc H. 279 Lindstrom, Eldon R. 161 Linhof, Eric T. 258 Linn, William E. 206 Linster, Bruce G. 206 Linzmeier, Ralph B. Jr. 162 Lippert, David R. 275 Lischak, Michael W. 212 Lishko, Mark 8. 258 Little, Michael C. 218 Livingston, David K. 257 Livingston, Robert D. Jr. 257 Locke, Bruce A. 306 Lockette, Emory W. Jr. 162 Lockhart, Gregory L. 282 Lodridge, Duane J. 299 Loerakker, Steven F. 296 Loftus, Brian E. 162 Loftus, Lawrence J. 162, 459 Logan, Brad A. 230 Logan, Thomas E. 219 Lokey, Burke P. Jr. 272 Lombardi, Alan 320 London, Charles R. 162 Lonergan, Kevin R. 230, 459 Long, Jack D. 162 Long, James E. 260 Long, Lorin C. 321 Long, Lynn Ivan 162 Long, Richard R. 281,482 Long. Stephen P. 218,432 Loose, Michael D. 263 Lopez, Manuel J. 206 Lord, William T. 294 Lorenz, Frederick S. 263 Lorenz, Mark D. 258 Lorenz, Mark E. 222 Lorenz, Oliver E. 227 Lorenzen, Gary L. 203,441 Losi, Peter C. 212 Loskill, Edwin R. 162 Lotakis. Paul G. Jr. 305 Lott, Calvin R. Jr. 293 Loucks, John A. Ill 272 Louie. Charles R. Jr. 237 Lounsberry. Scott H. 302 Lovegrove, Matthew G. 162 Loverro, Douglas L. 257 Lovett, Cole K. 162 Lovett, Fred D. 230 Lowe, James K. 293 Lower. Roy W. 162 Lowery, Lawrence W. 162 Lowrey, Robert L. 163 Luby, Michael A. 163 Lucal. Richard A. 252 Lucas, Charles L. 163 Lucca, Michael J. 163,465 Lucero, Frank L. 321 Luchte, Mark W. 204 Luckett, Lawrence W. 216 Luena, Richard A. 243 Luhrs, Richard A. 266 Lunger, Raymond R. Jr. 306 Lunsford, Stephen G. 163 Luntzel, James R. Ill 163, 238 Lupone, Steven G. 270 Lusk, Frank T. J. 288 Lutter, William R. 222 Lutz, Robert J. 164 Lux, Gregory K. 164,232 Luzi, Steven F. 312 Lyerly. William H. Jr. 320 Lyie, Harron V. 270 Lynch, Patrick J. 164 Lynn, Ray B. 218 Lynn. Robert C. 311 Lyons, Anthony T. 255 Lyons, Michael D. 164,235 Lyons, Robert L. 290 MacDonnell, John L. 242 MacElhaney, William L. 164 Macey, Theodore I. 164 Macken, Jerome S. 320 Macklin, WInfred H. Jr. 263 Mackness, Michael D. 314 Macurdy, Eric S. 306 Maddox, Donald K. II 275 Madelen, George M. 263 Madison, John E. Jr. 164 Madsen, Norbert 311 Madson, Paul J. 225 Magargee, Mark R. 312 Magee, Donald W. 315, 463 Magee, John M. 275,434 Magoffin, John O. Jr. 290 Mahan, Stephen M. 232 Mahar, Michael T. 318 Mahoney, James D. 266 Mahoney, Stephen P. 251 Mahrer. Daniel 203 Mahuta. Francis Jr. 243 Maier, Martin E. 204 Main, Jeffery D. 299 Maiorano, William 215 Makuta, John M. ill 218 Malizola, Michael J. 164 Mallary, Thomas C. 299 Mallo, Edwin P. 245 Malone, Timothy G. 240 Maltz, Ira B. 264 Malutich, Stephen M. 164 Mandarich, Daniel N. 257 Mandeville. Bradley W. 293 Mandis, George D. 321,482 Manglicmot, Ernest G. 300 Manning, Darrel W. 225 Mansfield, Robert A. Jr. 206 Mansfield, Robert G. 240 Manson, Harold C. 278 Mantel, Ricky A. 302 Manthei, Jerry L. 203 Mantz, Michael R. 287,456 Mapes, Peter B. 308 Maple, James S. 231 Maples, James M. Jr. 164 Maquet, Michael L. 164 Marburger, James H. 209 Marchino, Joseph M. II 293 Marcuzzo, Peter L. 218 Marg, James M. 263 Marinello, Thomas J. 237 Marino, Stephen P. 236 Mark, Michael J. 314,486 Markovich, Terry L. 236 Marksteiner, Joseph P. 302,450 Marlow, John H. 296 Marlowe, James D. 246, 470 Marquez, Steven L. 210 Marr, Robert K. Jr. 299 Marro, Michael C. 218 Marsh, Clarence T. Ill 225,321 Marshall, James P. 254 Marshall. James R. 269 Marshall, Robert K. 267 Marshall, William C. 312, 463 Martel, Norman L. 305 Martin, Alan T. 264 Martin. David F. 267 Martin, George B. Jr. 230 Martin, James R. 227 Martin, Kevin M. 284 Martin, Luther S. 257 Martin, Phillip D. 275 Martin, Timothy S. 266, 463 Martinez, Pete Jr. 294 Martinez, Randy J. 288 Martorano, Matthew F, 272,486 MashI, John P. 266 Maskowitz, James V. 207 Maslonka, Bradley J. 315 Mason, David D. 282 ,. ..i C i,GaryC.« ' i,HaffyPl»2 61 i MarcG.S ' le. Robert M 2 " allislet, BranW . a pin,StemanE James 265 Gtegory K ;■• J . James 2M 31! (Slide, James I iK tCalfrj, Paw K 2 ' iCance, Ttiomas L i6f Why, Dart C n iCarthy, James L 3 ' ! SleptaG r XIain. George! 30; ft , Mike H St :C!are, James k •« :£: ' EiJ ard V : f :Cr:Sco3Aa :Cs--f!MarnDa( ■:c-c!, ' csaeiS ' « ■ !:Co- " -i[i Darreii l ■(( ' ' ' ' ' ' ) ' Oamel C t l-Cc;ir„ihoiiia,ii y ' f Coy, Michael ;« jpne,OoiiaiOLj. ,- |:Iiaiiiel,Da«(ic,j, 2 W™oti,6ru«B;,t ' ■IW OMMiijr %B0WD,2rs Ehee.johi,i) J. Wa,4Cia «,a !jaoe,Ge,«., W8e,CtoteD a r fta,fe« i j ' enceP|, Mason, Randolph J. 281 , Mason, William J. 228, 459 Massaro, James C. 164 Masse, Richard A. 225 Massey. Robert E. 285,434 Masters, Mark C. 245 Mastin, Darrell G. 236 Mastroianni, John N. 165, 352,386,388 Mathis, Gary C. 297 Mathis. Harry P. Ill 278, 432 Vlathys, Marc G. 264 Vlatlock, Jimmy C. 165 Vlatson. Gary R. 314 yatt, Craig P. 209 Vlatte, Robert M. 281 Watte, William J. 231 Vlatthews, David L. 206 atthews, Mark T. 282 Vlattson, Roy M. 248 aughan, Michael B. 165 Vlay. David W. 242 lay, Joseph A. 203 vlay, Thomas A. 165,432 layer. David P. 272,459 i ayer, Jeffrey A. 315,486 i lazurowski, David M. 254 Jazurowski, John E. 215 jlcAlister, David L. Jr. 242 ylcAlister. Richard W. 320,463 McAllister, Branford J. 254 ylcAlpin, Sherman E. 165 i cAnulty, James 285 IcBride, Gregory K. 317 IcBride, James 284,388 IcBride, James I. 165 IcCaffry, Patrick K. 251 TlcCance, Thomas L. 166 IcCarthy, David C. 218 IcCarthy, Howard A. 245 ■ IcCarthy, James L. 318 IcCarty, Stephan G. 221 IcClain, George T. 302 IcClendon, Mike H. 224 IcClure, James A. 166 IcCollum, Edward M. 248 IcComb, Scott A. 206 IcConnell, Mark D. 266 IcCord, Michael S. 166 IcCormack, Miles E. 254 IcCormick, Darrell L. 166 IcCorry, Daniel C. Jr. 305,463 IcCown, Thomas M. 267 IcCoy, Michael W. 166 .McCune, Donald L. Jr. 273 JlcDaniel, David C. Jr. 257 IcDermott, Bruce B. 210 IcDonough, Donald K. 257 IcElroy, Ronald D. 275 IcElwee, John D. 281 IcFarland, Clarence A. 206 IcFarlane, Gerald J. Jr. 305 cFetridge, James K. 312 ' cGee, Charles D. 222 cGee, Charles M. 254 cGee, John D. 206 cGinley, Daniel C. 212 cGinness, Charles R. 299 ;cGinnis, Michael M. 166, 452 ■cGinnis, Michael S. 266 cGinty, Michael B. 278 IcGirr, Lawrence R. II j269 ;cGrath, Robert N. 279 !cGraw, Warner R. 203 : II cGuire, David M. 321 sGuire, Michael L. 272 McGuire, Steven S. 288 McHenry, Charles S. 203 Mcllhenny, Edward A. 167, 482 Mclntire, Brett R. 251 Mclntire, Francis E. Jr. 167 Mcintosh. Richard A. 215, 452 Mcintosh, Roger L. 210 McKean, Kenneth F. 167 McKean, Samuel H. IV 315 McKee, Thomas N. 209 McKenna, Michael H. 234 McKenney, David G. 240 McKenzie, Daniel K. Jr. 212 McKenzie. David L. 221 McKim, Michael L. 296 McKinley, John E. 167 McKinnis, Kendall A. 290 McLane, Bruce P. 167 McLaughlin, Joseph R. 215,456 McLaughlin, Larry R. 167 McLaughlin, Michael B. 230 McLauthlin, Scott B. 167 McLean, Brian W. 167 McLucas, Charles F. Ill 209 McManamy, Thomas J. 167 McMonagle, Donald R. 167,295 McNabb, Duncan J. 167,283 McNair, Mark A. 245 McNally, Richard E. 272 McNamara, James C. 206 McNamara, Stephen J. 314 McNeal. Robert K. 279 McNeil, Daniel L. 252 McNeill, David F. Jr. 269 McNiel, Robert G. 303 McNulty, John 8. Jr. 258 McPeak, Randall H. 266 McPherson, Sydney G. Jr. 251 McQuillan, Michael P. 222,465 McReynolds, James C. Jr. 225 McRoberts, Wade E. 293 McSpadden, William A. 167 McVay, Michael G. 308 McVay, Patrick A. 228 Mead, David D. 282 Meakins, Mark K. 216 Meeker, James R. 168 Meenan, Brian P. 245 Mefford, Colt A. 299 Mefford. Scott D. 168 Meisetschleager, Warnie F. Jr. 232 Melendez. Anthony D. 237 Mellen, Dennis E. IV 314 Mellott, Kenneth W. 246, 470 Mellum, Mario D. 260,465 Mentemeyer, Richard A. 168 Menzie, Kenneth P. 249 Meraviglia, John M. II 209 Meredith, Robert E. 258 Merrick, William T. Ill 306 Merrill, David L. 278,434 Meshay, Michael L. 297 Meteer, Philip C. 257 Mets, Joseph S. 215 Mettler. Brian C. 320 Metzler, William D. 224 Meussner, Darrell J. 225 Meyer, Frank S. 213 Meyer, Howard R. Jr. 255 Meyer, James A. 270 Meyerrose, Dale W. 227 Meyers, John K. 318 Meyers, Mark J. 293 Meza, Alphonso Jr. 273 Michael, Raymond D. Jr. 276 Michel, Norman E. 168,205 Micheletti, Gerald F. 308, 465 Michelini, James G. 227 Michels, John J. Jr. 300 Mickelson, David H. 315 Miglin, Robert N. 206 Miklos, Mark 168 Miles, Ross A. 168 Millar, Stephen L. 249,459 Miller, Dale E. 209 Miller, Dave A. 168,310 Miller. Douglas C. 210 Miller, Douglas L. 245 Miller, Duane L. 306 Miller, Edward R. Jr. 234 Miller. Gregory D. 224 Miller, Gregory J. 281 Miller. James A. 300 Miller, Jeffrey A. 206,432. 452 Miller. John L. 168 Miller. John M. 168 Miller, Mark B. 267 Miller, Martin E. 284 Miller, Martin G. 168 Miller, Michael J. 246 Miller, Michael P. 275 Miller, Robyn C. 320 Miller, Stephen J. 309 Miller, Todd A. 294 Millican, Thomas N. 308 Milligan, James M. Jr. 237 Mills. Bryon Marcus 231 Milodragovich, Christopher N. 266 Milroy, Andrew G. 168 Milstead, Howard J. 290 Mintz, Richard B. 254 Misch. John 272 Mitchell, Bruce R. 251 Mitchell, Charles S. 212 Mitchell, Daniel P. 311 Mitchell, David P. L. 224 Mittelstadt, Gary H. 258 Moats, J. Edgington 168 Modrich, Mark J. 221,452 Moffett, Bradley L. 251 Mohylsky. Peter A. 219 Moisio. Patrick J. 303 Mol, John H. 264 Molter, Robert J. 231,459 Molzon, Charles P. 233 Monacell, Dennis L. 169 Monaghan, Joseph P. Jr. 169 Monahan. James E. Jr. 222 Mongillo, Robert J. 261 Monroe, Lee J. 281 Monroe, William R. 245, 434 Montalto, Christopher J. 267 Montejo-Madriz, Manuel A. 169 Montgomery, Gary L. 209 Montgomery, Kenneth P. 206 Montgomery, Monty W. 228 Monti, Stewart T. 169 Moody. Curt S. 169 Moody, David L. 169 Moore, Danny L. 206 Moore. Donald C. 291 Moore, Edward C. 209 Moore, Jeffrey W. 170 Moore, Michael M. 278 Moore, Richard M. 300 Moore, Scott L. 207 Moore, Terry L. 216 Moorefield. Robert K. 170 Moose, William J. 258 Moran. Charles L. Jr. 281 Moran, Patrick 302 Morgan, Charles A. 221 Morgan, Darrell L. 270 Morgan, Ronald G. 243 Morley, Edward P. Jr. 260 Morris. James E. 170 Morris, James M. 320 Morris, Michael W. 314 Morris. Richard A. 170 Morris. Steven J. 315 Morris, Steven L. 299 Morris, William C. 278 Morrison, Jerry 272 Morrison, Robert A. 272, 465 Morrison, Robert J. II 227 Morrissette, David R. 296 Morrow, Robert K. Jr. 170,304 Morse, Charles D. 212 Moschgat, James E. 288 Moser. Craig S. 317 Moss, Joseph C. II 312 Mosteiro, Steven L. 297 Motley, William T. 170 Mountain, Thomas J. 269 Mowery, Douglas L. 273 Moy, Way P. 311 Msall, Wendel J. Jr. 303 Muck, Michael W. 171 Muckenthaler, Thomas V. 227 Mudd, David J. 291 Muehl, Mark 236 Mueller, David A. 245 Mueller, Don R. 255 Muhlenberg, Barry V. K. 257 Muir, Duff A. 240 Mulhern, Thomas P. 255 Mullennex, Michael L. 264 Mullins, Danny D. 232 Mumm, Douglas A. 302 Muncy, Randall G. 212 Mungle. Steven W. 312 Munro, James S. 171 Munson, Martin R. 249 Murdoch, Michael B. 233 Murdoch. Stephen D. 296 Murphree, Harold W. 171 Murphy, Bruce E. 221 Murphy, Charles E. 171 Murphy, Daniel R. Jr. 296 Murphy. Edward F. 210 Murphy, Franklin 171 Murphy, Gene B. 212 Murphy, Robert J. 249 Murphy, Scott M. 171 Murphy. Timothy G. 251 Murphy. William J. 171 Murra, Craig L. 207,463 Murray, Frank J. 171 Murray, James P. 308 Murray, Melvin H. 210 Murray, Richard D. Jr. 306 Murray, William P. IV 218 Murray. William S. 171 Music, Paul D. 312 Musick. William C. 2ND 206 Muus, Joseph R. 219 Myers, David K. 266 Myers, Dean A. 171 Myers, Eric K. 222 Naas. Craig W. 231,491 Naber, David G. 296 Nakayama, David T. 302 Nardecchia, Philip M. 171, 450 Narkiewicz, Michael J. 299 Narzinski, Paul J. 233,429 Nash, Allan H. 269 Nash. Charles W. Jr. 293 Natoh, Theodore J. 261 Nault, Gary D. 225 Nave. Michael K. 230 Nease, Kenneth E. 296 Neddo. Roger C. Jr. 171 Neely. Wesley W. 230 Nelson, Bruce M. 206,463 Nelson, Douglas 215 Nelson, James R. 172 Nelson, Kurt J. 230 Nelson, Mark E. 203 Nelson, Richard G. 172 Nelson, Richard L. 224 Nelson, Waynard J. 212 Nelson. William P. 172 Nemetz, James A. 172 Nepi, Mark P. -305 Nerge. Donald W. 224 Neumann. David K. 172 Neumann, Vance J. 320 Nevers, Ralph D. 248,489 New, Larry D. 203 New, Terry L. 293 Newell, David F. 172 Newland, Russell L. Ill 260 Newman, Eric Jackson 172 Newman, Robert W. 172 Newsome, Richard W. Jr. 172 Newstad, Theodore M. 320 Newton, Eric A, 203 Newton, Richard D, 228 Newton, Terry J 221 Nichelson, Brian J, 297 Nicholls, Charles H. 210. 459 Nichols, Kelly M. 261 Nichols, Michael E. 311.456 Nichols. Stephen L. 254 Nichols, Tobias C. 300 NiCi, Rosario 228 Nickel, Frederick E. Jr. 308 Nickel. Stephen B. 230 Nickelson. Lawrence L. 321 Nickelson. Richard B. 172,441 Nickerson, Lincoln P. 236 Niedzwiecki, Robert 248 Niehans, Gary A. 203 Nielsen, David C. 276 Nielsen, Mark A. 320 Niemeyer, Joseph B. 273 Nierstheimer. Randal M. 172 NIezen-Sarmiento, Guillermo E. 263 Nigro. Peter J. 285 Niland, Peter J. Jr. 314 Nissing. Wendell L. 311 Nixon. Mark A. 288 Noble. David R. 320 Nobles, Clayton M. 218 Noetzel, Jonathan C. 242 Nordgren. Carl R. 317 Norman. Daniel T. 287 Norman, Robert W. Jr. 293 Norris, Johnnie E. Jr. 269 Northgraves, Jeffrey A, 172 Norton, Edward C. 173 Notstad. Jeffrey L. 320 Novak. Donald F. 314 Novotny, Donald D. 294,459 Nugent, William J. 173 Nunez. Anthony C. 227 Nutt, Victor L. Ill 297 Nuytten, Alan J. 260,459 Nuzzo. Carl W, 224 Nylund. Donovan W. 317 Nystrom, Charles W. Jr. 221 Oakes, Michael R. 273 Ober. Stephen C. 234 Oberbillig, Ronald M. 173 O ' Brien, Joseph P. 266 O ' Brien, Patrick T. 203 O ' Connell, Michael J. Ill 173 O ' Connell. William T. 236, 450 Odegard. Rick E. 215 Odiorne, Stephen C. 308 Oelrich, Michael J. 309 Offutt. Frederic W. 317,463 O ' Green, Mark R. 221 Ohgren. Gunner A. 305 Ohier. Peter C. 203 Ohms, Charles H. Jr. 221 O ' Keefe. William S. 305 O ' Leary. James P. 315 O ' Leary. Joseph W. 231 Oleksak. Richard P. 212 Oleksey, John P, Jr 275 Oleksy, Robert J. 305 Olinger. Dale K. 204 Olinger. Jeffrey J. 321 Oliver. Edward C. 309,459 Oliver. Timothy A. 306 Olsen. David E. 173 Olson, Mark S. 209 Olson, Roger T. 266 Oilman, Charles B. 290 Olynick, Donald B. 242 O ' Malley, John D. 213 O ' Mara, John K. 228 OMasta, Robert P. 174 O ' Neal, Kelly D. 219 O ' Neill. John C. 207 O ' Neill, John P. 174 Opel. Stephen W 267 Opp, Gilbert M. Jr. 228 Oreshoski. Gary J. 293 Orr. James C. 174 Ortiz. Vicente 308 Orwig, Robert A. 224,459 Osborne. Steven R. 282 Osborne, William B. 215, 387 Osgood, Richard N. 237, 463 O ' Shaughnessy. Kevin 240 O ' Shea, Michael F. 215 Ossiff. John 218 Osteen, James D. Jr. 245 Osterheld, Douglas C. 221 Ostrowski, Dale R. 281 Oswalt. Robert L. Jr. 227 O ' Toole, Kevin J. 218 Ouimet, Richard T. 309 Oukrop, Donald L. 174,247 Overton, John J. 174,319 Oviatt, Ricky D. 252 Owens. Anthony L. 278 Owens, John P. 233 Owens, Robert L. 302 Ozment, Richard J. Jr. 233 Paczosa, Gary L. 305 Padrick, Kevin D. 264 Page, Thomas A. 284 Pailes, William A. 174 Palandro, Joel 238 Palanica, John M. 175,489 Palancia. William J. 309 Palmer. Douglas V. 273 Palmer. Steven M. 233 Palms, Wilfred G. R. 245 Pampel, Richard H. Jr. 300 Pannell, Gerland J. 305 Paparella. Dominick 175 Pappas, Robert E. 175 Paquette, James R. 175,450 Paquette, Michael P. 279,463 Parish, John T. Ill 267 Park, Richard C. 299 Parker. David S. 175 Parker. Robert M. 206 Parker, Theodore J. Jr. 239 Parker, Thomas G. 282 Parker, Thomas J. 175,452 Parker, Wade A. 285 Parker, William A. Jr. 309 Parks, Kim A. 248 Parrish, Robert B. 225 Parsons. Charles K. 203 Parsons. James A. 175,491 Passwater, John M. 175 Paterson, Bruce L. 212 Raton, Bruce A. 266 Patriquin, Allen C. 232, 429 Patterson, George S. 246 Patterson, Robert T. 291 Patterson. Russell W. 175 Patterson. Stewart W. 281 Pattison, William H. 252 Paul, Ralph 209 Paulk, Russell L. 207 Paulson. Roger S. 240 Pauly, Richard L. 206 Pavel, Douglas J. 261 Payne, James M. 175 Payne. Michael J. 232 Pean. Stephen T. 213 Pearce. Phil L. 227 Peck. Allen G. 233 Pederson, Kevin B. 320, 465 Pedersen, Richard M. 175 Pefley, Michael D. 175 Pekarsky, Walter A. 230 Pelton. Douglas R. 176.280, 456 Pendergrass, Hugh D. 203 Penley. James M. 224 Pennett. John G. 176 Pennington, Bruce W. 216 Pennock, John C. 176 Peplinski. James H. 176 Peraro, Thomas A. 209 Percival, Wilhelm F. 206 Perdue, Lance D. 254 Perdue, Stephen R. 218 Perez-Otero, Nelson O. 224 Perkins, Douglas C. 276 Perkins, Jeffrey A. 216 Perme. Carl E. 232 Perodeau. Mark D. 243 Perraut, Richard E. Jr. 210 Perron, Wayne A. 308 Perry, Gilbert T. Jr. 176 Perry, Michael E. 236 Perry, Richard A. 269 Perry, Timothy R. 272 Perry, Van E. 207 Petanovich, Edward J. Jr. 242 Peters, Burnett W. Ill 309 Peters, Michael S. 302,388 Peters, Richard A. 176, 353,386,388 Peters, Ronald F. 215 Peters, Stephen G. 249 Petersen. Patrick A. 290 Petersen. Steven 318 Peterson, Carl I. 224 Peterson. Clifton U. II 209 Peterson, Eric S. 257 Peterson, Kevin J. 302 Peterson, Robert W. 248 Peterson, Roy E. Ill 278 Peterson. Stanton B, 303 Peterson, Thomas L. 260 Pethe, Travis K. 176 Petrie, Terry M. 212 Pettitt, Richard E. 176,482 Pfeiffer, Gregory L. 222 Phillips, Benjamin W. Jr. 212.434 Phillips. Howard L. 246 Phillips, James R. Jr. 236 Philpot, Fred T. 278 Pialet. Richard J. 303 Pickens, Bradford L. 300 Pickett, Donald F. Jr. 212 Pierson, Allen C. Jr. 309 Pietruszka, Ronald S. 213 Pijor, Andrew J. 317 Pilling, Richard A. 176, 434 Pino, James D. 320 Pineiro. Francisco Jr. 300 Pinney, Charles W. 260 Piontek, Philip T. 272 Plotter. Alison L. 296 Pirog. Paul E. 294 Pitotti. Stephen J. 293 Pitsko, Daniel A. Jr. 176 Pitts, Jess B. 269 Platenberg, Robert C. 252 Pleasanton, Kenneth H. 279.459 Plumley. William T. 270 Plunk. Otis A. Jr. 219.470 Podolny, David A. 219 Pohl. Lawrence P. 176 Polayes, Andrew D. 245 Pomrenke, Gemot S. 227, 456 Pondrom, Patrick H. 176, 265 Ponzani, Michael J. 314 Popp, Thomas D. 227 Poreda, Christopher 177 Porritt, Orvall W. 203 Porter, Jim D. 248 Porter. Norman H. II 242 Porter, Robert D. 288 Posey. Gregory H. G. G. 320 Posluszny, Terence W. 252 Posthumus, Mark A. 212 Potter, Robert G. 269 Potts, Randall C. 222 Powell, Alfred M. Jr. 177, 456 Powell, Raymond R. 215 Powers, Ahart W. Jr. 284 Powers, Richard R. Jr. 177 Powers, Steven C. 299 Prange, Paul E. 308,441 Prater, Jeffrey C. 206 Prater, Timothy C. 227 Pratt, David P. 212 Prawdzik, Victor S. Ill 177 Precourt, Charles J. 216, 465 Preissinger, Robert D. 230 Pribyl. Charles R. 284,465 Price, Daniel R. 272 Priddy. Warren R. 177 Prisco, James M. 287 Privett, Francis M. 224 Probert, Andrew A. 206 Proto, Amiel A. 231 Provost, James T. 233 Pruss. Lawrence H. 228 Pruss. Stephen J. 308 Przybyslawski, Anthony F. 308.456 Putt. Kerry R. 203 Puz. Craig A. 260 Puzak, Nicholas Jr. 177 Pyatt. Richard L. 224 Pyrch, Thomas A. 178 Pyshora, David E. 284 Quan, Steven J, 255 Quanbeck, Gordon H. 178 Quelly, Thomas J. 234 Quinn, Keith A. 178 Quinton, Jay R. 279 Rabinowitz, Mark S. 178,45! Racher, Joseph P. Jr. 317 Racosky, Richard J. 317 Rader, Mark W. 178,313 Rader, Stanley P. 215 Rae, Scott C. 178 Raedy, William C. 275 Raitt, Michael C. 232 Rambeck, Douglas E. 179,208 Ramey, Kent M. 179 Ramirez, Jose O. Jr. 261 Ramsay, William M. 285 Ramsey, David C. 230 Ramstad, Raider E. Jr. 218 Randolph. Stephen P. 179 Range, David N. 179 Range, Stephen R. 261 Rasmussen, Bruce A. 212 Rasmussen, Richard A. 276 Ratchford, Monroe J. 222, 459 Rathbun, Charles D. 179 Ratkewicz, Arthur G. 179 179 Ravenscroft, Donald L. 179 Ray, Alan D. 245 Rayburn, Bentley B. 281,42 Rayzak, Joseph 8. 459 Rea, Dennis A. 278 Rea. James H. Jr. 266 Read, Gary A. 179 Reames, James M. 230 Reamy. Christopher J. 236 Reay. Roderick D. 263 Rebarchak, Carl D. 272 Rechsteiner, Roger W. 314,434 Redmann, Steven J. 275 Redmon, Edward G. 237 Reece, Todd K. 321,463 ) i ileed, Harold E. 179 jleed, John D. 291 ;leed, Raymond Jr. 238 ieese, Michael S. 203 Jeeves, Melvin M. Jr. 179,229 eeves, Richard B. 300 leffett, Eric A. 219 eich, Michael E. 179 eichert, Theodore E. 227 eigelman, Glenn A. 291 leilman, Jon T. 246 eilly, David K. 179 em, David L. 303 einer, David A. 258 einer, George P. 216 einert, Michael D. 238 einholz, David A. 180,259 einschmidt, John S. 180 emington, Jeffrey A. 234 emkes, Robertus G. N. 243 enfro, Lawrence A. 180 enner, Michael J. 278 ennie, James E. 273 lestey, Michael W. 180, 316 ew, Thomas E. 232 eynolds, John F. 180 eynolds, Michael F. 276 eynolds. Randy L. 215 eza, Salvador 212 eznick, Steven G. 180 hew, Russell J. 255 hoades, John F. C. Jr. 212 heads, Walter E. 296 hoden, William E. Jr. 240 hye, Ralph C. 299 ice, Roy E. 299 ichards, Craig E. 237 chardson. Earl N. 181 chardson, Eugene S. 181, 245 ichardson, Jeffrey L. 315 lichardson, Thomas J. 181,482 Riche, Richard J. 242 Richey, Randal L. 317 Richmond, Philip A. 297, 459 Richter, Lawrence L. Jr. 215 Ridenoure, Ross T. 296 Ridge, Lawrence K. 260 Riedl, Charles A. 181 Riegsecker, Norman R. Jr. 234 Riewald, Daniel A. 207 Riewerts, Steven E. 209 Riggin, Daniel L. 234 Riggs, Harry R. 227 Riley, Lin A. 290 Riley, Ralph N. 219 Ring, Richard L. Jr. 279 Riordan, Charles F. Ill 284 Rippetoe, David E. Ill 216 Risi, Mark L. 299,491 Risinger, Steven A. 181 Risner, Norman K. 181 Ritter, Bradford A. 261, 489 Rittler, Curtis A. 225 Ritz, Steven R. 181 Rivard, James T. 181 Rivas-Pingel, Roberto J. 181 Rivas, Mark 294 Ri vers, John R. 181,274 Riviera, John G. 221 Robaidek, Mark F. 218 Robards, Michael L. 181 Robbins, Tyrie R. 297 Roberge, James D. 228 Roberts, Randy W. 305 Roberts, Spencer J. 251 Robinson, David A. 299 Robinson, Gregory H. 306, 463 Robinson, James S. Jr. 296,486 Robinson, Neal T. 181,268 Robinson, Vernon L. 3D 213 Roche, Robert M. 299 Rodriguez, Eduardo A. 258 Roege, William H. 275 Roehier, Horst A. 279 Rogers, Mark B. 257 Rogers, Mark E. 257 Rogers, Michael R. 258 Rogers, Paul L. 182 Rogers, Rex L. 264 Rohde, William S. 242 Rohlman, William H. 216 Roll, John K. 270 Rollins, John M. 182 Romano, James J. 182,452 Romano, Steven M. 224 Romanowicz, Phillip M. 287 Romeo, David M. 273 Romohr. Arnold E. 212 Rooney, James J. Jr. 317 Root, David J. 275,432 Roquet, Warren P. 213 Rorabaugh, James D. 251 Rosanbalm, Michael R. 221 Rosborg, Eric J. 209 Rose, James C. 242 Rosebush, Michael A. 203 Rosenberg, Nathan 0. 182 Rosenow, Patrick M. 232 Ross, Barney W. 255 Ross, Dave M. 281 Ross, Douglas T. 252 Ross, Michael A. 221 Rosser, James R. 182 Roth, Randall L. 314 Roth, Rudolf R. 293 Roth, Russell T. 182 Rothe, Randy G. 261 Routh, John W. 245,486 Rowell, Alvin W. 290 Rowell, Phillip V. 182 Rowland, Mark E. 311 Royce, Walker E. 297 Roznovsky, Michael E. 233 Ruddock, David A. 239 Rudig, Gary L. 296 Rudolph, Robert R. 318, 489 Ruggiero, Michael 258 Ruhsam, Thomas M. 182 Rummer, James D. 182 Rund, Berton B. 306 Runer, Jimmy S. 309 Rupe, Sam C. 312 Rupel, Patrick E. 302,432, 452 Rupert, Erwin L. II 219 Rushfeldt, Mark A. 318 Rusk, David K. 182,429 Russ, Raymond J. 182 Russel, Robert L. Jr. 243 Russell, Bobby L. 182,220 Russell, Brian R. 221 Russell, Byron C. 275 Rutan, Gene M. 210 Ruth, Michael E. 209 Ruth, Richard G. 239,429 Rutherford, Samuel W. 4TH 213 Rutherford, Thomas A. 210 Ruttler, James L. Jr. 221 Ruxer, Robert L. Jr. 183 Ryals, Samuel K. 239 Ryan, Michael S. 222,452 Ryan, Robert C. 243 Ryan, Robert E. 183 Ryan, Robert W. 284 Ryan, Thomas J. 228 Ryan, Timothy K. 231 Ryder, Edward J. 234 Rykaczewski, Robert 296 Saa, Enrique A. 227,459 Saavedra-Ferrere, Rodolfo 254 Sackley, Michael S. 266 Sacone, Steven L. 284 Sacrider, Michael J. 183,459 Saenger, Philip R. 224 Salazar, Jerry G 284 Saivemini, Leonard A. 248,429 Salvo, Gregory S. 318 Sambuchi, Gary 183,244 Sammons, Jon M. 317 Samples, Lowell T. 243 Sampson, James S. 246 Sams, David W. 183,441 Sanborn, Phillip A. Jr. 183 Sanders, Gregg 257 Sanders, Leslie A. 245 Sands, Robert M. 236 Sandwick, Richard L. 184, 226 Santee, Raymond W. 266 Santiago-Mojica, Jose A. 242 Santner, John F. 260 Sapp, Thomas M. 264 Sargent, Charles D. 275 Sarno, Ronald A. 184 Sarnoski, Robert R. 267 Sarver, Richard E. 257, 486 Sasse, Michael W. 300 Satre, Robert S. Jr. 257 Sauls, Lloyd L. Jr. 184 Saunders, Mark S. 221 Saveland, James M. 305 Savone, Michael A. 207 Sawner, Thomas E. ill 218 Sawyer, Floyd D. Jr. 317 Sawyer, Roy R. 275 Saxman, John B. 320 Sayers, Robert E. 184,253 Schaefer, Randall K. 258 Schaefer, Stefan C. 288 Schauffert, John D. 285 Schavrien, Randy J. 236 Scheldt, Colin C. 184,241 Schell, Walter J. 236 Schellinger, Daniel B. 184, 286 Schempp, Eugene P. 278 Scherer, Daniel E. 221 Scherer, John C. 257 Scheufler, Stephen A. 263 Schiemann, Daniel S. 266 Schiermeyer, Robert P. 204 Schikora, Richard D. 237 Schipper, Thomas C. 264 Schlegel, Michael R. 273 Schlehuber, Kenneth F. 254 Schlener, Phillip M. 269 Schlicher, David F. 276 Schmeling, Charles E. 227 Schmid, Daniel F. 315 Schmid, Michael J. 185 Schmidt, Michael H. 185 Schmitt, Gregory L. 302 Schmitt, Thomas J. 185 Schmitz, Charles B. 209 Schmitz, David D. 281 Schmilz, David E. 267 Schneider, Greg R. 221, 441 Schnell, Kenneth F. 224 Schober, Michael B. 234 Schocker, Peter R. 185 Schoeck, Edward P. 185 Schoeck, James A. 185 Schoener, Stanley L. 299 Schoenlein, Rickie J. 206, 441 Schofield, Scott B. 237 Scholten, Myron J. 185 Schoning, Mark W. 320 Schortmann. Lance M. 320 Schoville, Nichols W. 243 Schrader Kurt H. 185 Schraeder, Robert J. Jr. 185 Schramm, Alexander D. 228 Schricker, Karl E. 282 Schroeder, Richard A. 296 Schubert, Mark D. 237 •Schuessler, William M. 242 Schu ltz, Robert G. 185 Schuiz, Clinton J 232 Schuman, James S. 221 Schumpelt, Mark V. 255 Schurbon, Steven A. 209 Schutt, Paul E. 249 Schwadron, Allan 230 Schwalbe, Stephen R. 246 Schwartz, Carl P. 203 Schwarz, Kimberly C. 287 Schweitzer, Dennis L. 185 Schwendeman, Mark W. 231 Schwing, Mark C. 296 Sciacca, John M. 185 Scoggins, Gary L. 227 Scott, Craig T. 218 Scott, Darryl A. 186,265 Scott, David J. 267 Scott, Lynn M. 288 Scott, Mark W. 281 Scott, Michael W. 203 Scott, Robin E. 186 Scott, Weston P. 248 Scroggs, William A. Jr. 186 Scruggs, Jimmy R. 212 Scully, Robert J. Jr. 209 Seader, John H. 302,470 Searcey, David L. 257 Searle, Richard H. Jr. 306 Sears, Kendall E. 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Mark D. 266 Small, Ronald L. 210 Smith-Harrison, Leon I. 203 Smith, Bruce D. 224 Smith, Bruce G. 188 Smith, Bryan L. 219 Smith, Clarence D. Jr. 188 Smith, Clifford R. 314 Smith, Dale C. 206 Smith, Gregor D. 189 Smith, Gregory A. 270 Smith, Gregory F. 288 Smith, Hugh M. 278 Smith, James B. 189,229 Smith, James D. 312 Smith, Jeffrey P. 291 Smith, Joe R. 317 Smith, John C. 189 Smith, John M. 261 Smith, Joseph M. Jr. 305 Smith, Kenneth P. 239 Smith, Kevin W. 320 Smith, Lawrence W. Jr. 281 Smith, Mark E. 189 Smith, Mark R. 209 Smith, Michael F. 207 Smith, Philip P. 252 Smith, Roger L. 246 Smith, Roy P. 267 Smith, Scott L. 110,189 Smith, Scott M. 104,290 Smith, Terence G. 318 Smith, Thomas D. 189 Smith, Walter L. Jr. 276 Smith, Wesley M. 236 Smura, Thomas E. 269 Smutko, Joseph A. Jr. 252 Sneddon, John R. 218 Snedeker, Michael J. 190 Snelgrove, Donald N. 317 Snyder, Quay C. Jr. 222 Snyder, Russell R. 302 Sogard, Jeffrey J. 224,489 Soisson, Thomas J. 225 Solan, John B. 190 Solt, Russell M. 3RD 190 Solterbeck, Warren D. 219 Sommer, Scott A. 222 Soto, Christopher C. 269 Soucy, Robert R. II 276,429 Southrey, John S. 246 Soutiere, Marc A. 236 Sowada, Paul M. 302 Sowers, Richard M. 282 Spain, Jon K. 240 Spangler, Todd L. 311 Spannbauer, David M. 237, 465 Speer, Danial W. 242 Spence, Robert D. 260 Spencer, James W. 302 Spendley, James N. 305 Spendley, Paul K. 190 Spetman, Randall W. 290 Spies, Steven C. 240,459 Spitler, Charles R. 255 Spott, Derrick B. 204,456 Spraggins, Dean C. 260 Spratt, Thomas B. 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Carl B 271 Terry M2 (« ,BanG27t Francs 25S StoleyJ 2:( Andre J j;- ' akacs,BictiardA2a [alaldys,CarlR2i( ' atotMarsyAju ' alboitaasJ2:2 amkun, John E 231(3 ' inkersley.ChsrWi 216 irlelon, Gadson j t ' " P«i ' Ws.Ceiry0 2]e ' .FrederaL22- , David 24J " l lalphHlliiM m jtrunk. Peter P. 266 otudor, George F. Jr. 281, 459 Jtults, John C, Jr. 320 5tumpp. Frederick G. Jr. 233 (Jturdevant, Harold L. Jr. 193 Jturdivant. Willis A. 193, : 214 : ;tytz, Martin R. 233 Subik, Jonathan K. 215 Suddy, Brian A. 291 Sullivan, Christopher M. 206 Sullivan, John F. 236 Sullivan, John M. 267 I, Sullivan, John V. 193,277 I Sullivan, William 251 Sumida, Michael K. 193 Summers. Leonard III 278 Summers, Ronald W. 296 Summers, Thomas S. 287 Summitt, Stephen R. 288 Sun, David R. 269,482 Sundquist, Roger P. 306 Surber, Dan G. 193 lutley, Robert A. 193 Sutliff, Paul G. 245 Sutter, Brian L. 317 Sutton, John R. 284 Sutton, Vincent L. 321 Swallom, Donald W. 194 Swaney, John F. 248 Swanson, David E. 210 iSwanson, Robert T. 281,489 ■l.Swanson, Todd K. 254,491 I ' swartz, John F. Ill 225 I Swartz, William M. 232 ;weat, Ronald G. 252 iweda, John C. 194 ;weeney, John D. 194 iweeney, Robert R. 261 ;weet, Ken neth D. 315 .;iwezey, Bruce H. 227 ' iwiderek, William M. 248 jiwift, Douglas K. 225 .iwiger, David D. 270,470 ' .wyter, Carl 8. 278 jiymens, Terry M. 248,463 lizafnicki, Bart G. 279 jizalejko, Francis 255 izkarlat, Stanley J. Jr. 218 izkotak, Andrew J. 321 akacs, Richard A. 206 alafous, Carl R. 209 albot, Marshall A. 315 albot, Thomas J. 212 amkun, John E. 239,429 ankersley, Charles L. 216 arleton, Gadson J. Ill 194 arpenning, Cory D. 236 asker, Frederick L. 221 ate, David O. 248 ate, Ralph H. Ill 194 aubert, Terrence L. 230, 486 awney, Andrevi P. 246 aylor. Clifton T. 254 aylor, Dewayne G. 194 aylor, Mark J. 194,300 aylor, Richard S. 275 [aylor, Scott C. 213 aylor, William H. 284 eigeler, Edvi ard F. Ill 194 eman, Gregory L. 288 ensfeldt, Jon Raymond 272 ereick. Gary D. 252 erifay, David M. 206 {]ernes, David E. 245 |,erpolilli, Ralph N. 194 jerrall, Jeffrey S. 207 Terrell, Frederick H. 293 Terry, Michael R. 194 Terry, Sanford S. 296 Terry, Wayne G. 249 Thaller, Gary P. 278 Tharp, Marc B. 219,470 Theno, Steven M. 318 Thielfoldt, Michael R. 281 Thieneman, Kenneth C. 275 Thisted, Blair J. 230 Thomas, Craig R. 300 Thomas, Edward L. 282 Thomas, Gary W. 255 Thomas. Jeffrey S. 206,441 Thomas, Nicholas 194 Thomas, Warren K. 303 Thomin, David W. 248 Thompson, Bradley L. 243 Thompson, Frederick H. 305 Thompson, Howard N. 236 Thompson, Jesse H. 276 Thompson, Norman F. 3RD 213 Thompson, Philip A. 204 Thompson, Richard H. 252 Thompson, Robert G. 287 Thompson, Robert H. 314 Thompson, William F. 224 Thomsen, Kenneth S. 249 Thomson, Benjamin L. 311.441 Thornton. Roderick D. 285 Thurgood, Steven R. 194, 289 Thurin. Steven M. 311 Thurner, Scott L. 257 Tibbitts, Stephen W. 206, 463 Tibor, Jerrold F. 210 Tice, Andrew W. Jr. 195 Tietjen, James G. 195 Tillery, Randy G. 246 Tillotson, David III 317 Tilton, Michael W. 213 Timberlake, Marion A. Jr. 195 Tobin, Richard W. II 236 Todd, Jeffrey H. 296 Toich, Anthony M. 242 Tolle, Ralph C. 225 Tomaszewski, John E. 218 Tomich, John J. 195,450 Tomlin, Jeffrey A. 207 Toner, Glen A. 300 Tonetti, John E. 251 Toole, Thomas P. 285 Topolski, Thomas J. Jr. 317 Toussaint, Gregory J. 238 Tower, Christopher D. 287 Towie, Steven L. 303 Townsend, Richard B. 239 Townsley, William M. 273,463 Traficanti, Joseph J. 195 Trainor, Thomas D. 238 Trant, James E. 290 Trautman, Robert S. 195 Traxler, John M. 299 Traylor, Robert K. 227 Tree, Jonathan D. 230 Treiber, Terry M. 270 Treland. James E. 282 Trettin, John C. 212 Tribolet, Robert G. 284 Trinter, Russel D. 263, 383,388 Tripp, Terrance R. 232 Troegner, William R. 314 Trottier, Lauren P. 308 Trovillion, Gary H. 196 Trumbull, Keith R. 196 Trump, Peter M. 317 llffll: Tschabold, Brian K. 303 Tucker, Charles W. 196 Tullia. Emmett A. II 285 Tunis. Mark C. 294 Tupper. Kenneth W. 196 Turcotte, Roger T. 245 Turner, David W. 204 Turner, James W. 203 Turner, Jon R. 230 Turner, Ricardo R. 306 Turner, Richard D. 249 Turner. Robert W. 209 Turnipseed, Gary A. 287 Turos, Donald R. Jr. 315, 459 Tuthill, Gary J. 318 Tuttle, David A. 224 Twiddy, John C. 2ND 203 Tyc, Raymond J. 290 Tyler, James E. Ill 321 Udall, Thomas H. 287 Ufford, John C. 196 Ullery, Daniel W. 297 Underwood. Michael A. 227 Urdahl. Russell J. 196 Uren. Thomas D. 267,465 Vaccaro, Frank T. 261,459 Vanalstine, Daniel R. 279 Vandagriff, David L. 242 Vandam, David K. 246,434 Vandendries, John E. Jr. 263 VanEpps, Alan R. 206 Vanevery, Marvin J. 248 Vang, Michael J, 300 VanHorn, Thomas M. 228 VanHorn, William H. 196 VanMaren, Peter A. 231 Vanney, Mark S. 196 VanOrsow, David G. 270 VanPelt, Carl E. 257 VanRyn, Jacques S. 236 VanScoyk, Randy G. 196 VanTonningen, Scott 232 VanTreuren, Kenneth W. 312 Vargo, Stephen A. 260 Varnedoe, Wyman E. 234 Vasquez, Michael J. 303,459 Vaughan, Robert W. 230 Vaughn, Kenneth L. 258 Vaughn, Robert J. 260 Veale, Robert T. 219 Veara. Dennis J. 213 Vechik, Kenneth W. 196 Venable. John R. 245 Vendley, Robert M. 463 Vera. Glenn 248 Vereb. John M. 196 Verling, John 0. 196 Vernon, John L. 227 Vick, Douglas E. 249 Vieira, Randy P. 282 Vieweg, Christian S. 197. 307 Villafane, Louis A. 285 Villalobos, Anthony 318,429 Vincze, James P. 206 Visnovsky, William 284 Visser, Gert J. P. 291 Vitalis, Gregory L. 317 Vizzone, Raymond T. 251 Vliet, Laurence C. 197,223 Vogel, Alan L. 216 Volcheff, Mark A. 251,489 Volkmann, Timothy R. 275 Vollelunga, Philip A. 299, 434 Vollick, Richard H. Jr. 321, 463 Vollink, Dennis J. 197,456 Vono, Charles T. 245 Vorholt. Paul J. 204 Vornbrock, Edward K. 279 Vosburgh. Gary D. 221,272 Voss, John R. 197 Vrastil, William R. 260 Vreeland, Steven J. 251 Wachdorf, Arthur L. 255 Wadas, Burton J. 275 Waddelow. Douglas M. 269 Wade, Danny L. 288 Wagner, Robert A. 209 Wahl. Walter E. 197 Wahlstrom, Michael O. 216 Wailes, Tom S 231 Waiss, Terrance 204 Waites, John M. Jr. 275 Walton, Richard G. 293 Waldbusser, Richard T. 203 Walden, Robert S. 314 Wales, Harman K. 234 Walker, David W. 210 Walker, Douglas A. 197 Walker, Doyle B. 231 Walker, James H. 281 Walker, Philip E. 198,450 Walker. Ronald D. 198 Wall, Edward C. Jr. 269 Wallace, David G. 218 Wallace, Frank L. 309 Wallace. Gerald L. Jr. 284 Wallace, Jay R. II 233 Waller, James P. 239 Wallett, Robert M. 254 Wallingford, Stephen H. 198 Walls. Jeffrey W. 258 Walrond, George E. 233 Walsh, Michael V. 269 Walters, James V. 320 Walters, Jeffrey J. 212 Waltman, Glenn C. 245 Walton, Kenneth D. 261 ard. John R. 198,259 Ward, Mark C. 264,459 Wareberg, Lynn J. 222 Washburn, Walter R. Ill 287 Waters, Dale Curtis 224 Watkins, John E. 288 Watson, Ralph J. Jr. 198 Watson. Ronald W. 198,452 Watson, Steven M. 248 Watson, Thomas F. 198 Watters, Claude E. Ill 273 Wayne, Robert H. Jr. 198, 482 Weatherford. Donald E. 206 Weathers, Wesley W. 279, 459 Weaver, John W. 198 Weaver, Larry A. 263 Weaver, Larry W. 243 Weaver, Paul M. 281 Weaver, Stephen A. 224 Webb, Lance C. 198 Webb. Stephan K. 308 Webber, Richard E. 251 Webber, Ronald J. 275 Weber. Brian C. 215 Weber, John C. 303 Weber. Kim A. 230 Webster, Mark N. 288,452 Wedell. Steven P. 311 Weems, Frederick L. 236 Wegner, Brent A, 294 Weibel, Craig A. 315 Weiderman, WHIiam C. 281 Weidinger, Donald J. 288 Weidner, Richard G. 260 Weilbrenner, Steven D. 263 ' i Weinberg, Norman A. 302, 463 Weininger, Michael J. 257 Weinstein, Michael L. 309 Weiss, Steven W. 199 Weiss, Thomas R. 199 Welch, Gary N. 228 Welch, John P. 246 Welde, William C. 282 Weller, William C. 263 Weils, George M. 199 Wells, Kennard R. 321 Wells, Mark K. 287 Wells, Michael E. 199 Welsh, John K. 314 Welsh, Mark A. 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IV 248 Wildman, David M. 199 Wiley, William D. 236,429 Wilhite, Billy R. 296 Wilkes, Bobby J. 207 Willey, Charles J. 288 Williams, Alan P. 199 Williams, Charles W. 227 Williams, Derek M. 291 Williams, Douglas L. II 275 Williams, Gregory 272 Williams, James A. 302 Williams, James C. 199 Williams, John F. 245,456 Williams, Leiand K. 306 Williams, Mark R. 218 Williams, Paul 227 Williams, Rex A. 318 Williams, Richard 200,232 Williams, Robert L. 200 Williams, Robert L. 200 Williams, Roderick M. 293,452 Williams, Stuart D. 231 Williams, Terry L. 242 Williamson, David 245 Williford, Allen H. Ill 225 Willis, Roy W. Jr. 263 Wilson, Barry S. 200 Wilson, David J. 299 Wilson, David S. 200 Wilson, Denzil B. 312 Wilson, James A. 318 Wilson, Keith C. 255 Wilson, Michael N. 232 Wilson, Richard L. 305 Wilson, Steven D. 272 Wilson, Teddy 209,459 Wilz, William P. 321 Winders, Douglas E. 222 Wintermeyer, Charles A. Jr. 245 Winzenried, Jay A. 257 Wisloski, Michael 209 Wissman, John P. 215 With, James A. 221 Withers, Bruce C. 272 Withers, Stephen E. 294 Withers, William S. Jr. 255 Witherspoon, Michael R. 263 Wittman, Steven E. 267 Witwer, Robert J. Jr. 282 Witzel, Robert A. 306 Wodtke, Arnold D. 269 Wohlman, Richard A. 200 Wojcicki, Stephen A. 233 Wolfert, Michael L. 200 Wolfmeyer, Scott R. 272 Wolter, John T. 290 Wood, James R. 237 Wood, Kenneth S. 285 Woodbury, Daniel T. 242 Woodman, Michael 308 Woods, Charles M. 266 Woods, Robert A. 320 Woodward, James 311 Woodward, John R. 303 Woodward, John S. 230 Woolford, William F. 251, 482 Woollard, Ernest V. II 221 Woolsey, Mark R. 267 Wooten, Marc A. 200 Worden, Roy M. 305 Worth, Brian D. 200 Wortham, James M. 228 Wright, David A. 285 Wright, Donald O. 200 Wright, James H. Jr. 284 Wright, Michael N. 290 Wright, Parker 8. 215 Wright, Richard H. 200, 253 Wright, Robert J. 248 Wrighton, Timothy J. 287 Wurst, Stephen G. 216 Wyman, Thomas T. 308 Wysocki, Joseph 293 Yaap, Henry R. 200,482 Yanaros, John O. Jr. 318 Yankovoy, Thomas M. 300 Yarrish, Joseph E. 234 Yasuhara, Thomas T. 201, 238,429 Yauch, David W. 305 Yauchzy, Roger G. 284 Yeager, Glen E. 306 Yeilding, James H. 201 Yelken, Curtis G. 303 Yerke, Thomas E. 218 York, Jeffrey P. 201,292 Young, Alan H. 201 Young, David C. 312 Young, David D. Jr. 218 Young, John T. 308 Young, Mark C. 288 Young, Stuart G. 293 Young, Terence G. 279 Young, Terrence J. 206 Young, William A. 239 Yount, Tony T. 299 Youtsler, Neil A. 240 Yucuis, William A. 201 Yurko, Richard M. Jr. 320 Zaborniak, Michael E. 288 Zacour, Douglas W. 260 Zaehringer, Robert P. 210 Zahrobsky, Joseph R. 276, 470 Zane, Wallace B. 279 Zapka, Ronald J. 263 Zatorski, Richard A. 315 Zdanuk, Anthony F. Jr. 201 Zeigler, John M. Jr. 230 Zejdlik, Todd N. 206,465 Zelenok, David 8. 285 Zellner, Randall R. 232 Zerambo, Edward S. 302, 429 Zimmerman, John A. 201 Zimmerman, John C. 201 Zimmerman, Paul E. 231 Zimmerman, Ronald W. 224 Zink, Billy R. 204 Zirllli, Victor L. 282 Zummach, Orval L. Jr. 237 i m fe S ••t- ■ ' V ' ■) " V. If ' u ' - 1 ' ' At 5 ' I ' ■ ' . y.v A L s

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