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Text from Pages 1 - 386 of the 1960 volume:

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' iimmmmmmimmiwmmmaiBmmB! ' I iirtif ' ' ! I ' Miiiiiii ' ' ' ii The United States Air Force Cadet Wing Presents POLARIS 1960 Volume 2 Academy Life in Color Dignitaries ... . . . . . . June Week . . . . . . . . . Class of 1960 .... ... Table of Contents P Class of 1961 . . . . . ;; . . ; 102 11 Class of 1962 . . . . ..... ... 124 42 i Class of 1963 . . ... . ........ 150 Varsity Sports .... . Intramural Sports . . Social Life .... . . . . Personnel ..... . . . . ... ... 172 Cadet Activities . . ,i , . . 296 •E:3 lW ' 5?WM«E«Wai iS!a3----f?,: Memorable Moments: 1956 The Air Force Academy ' s first underclass ' r h:fi fvfis S ' t-. ' 1 aur Memorable Moments: The first year, just one game after anotfier l v -- I r ii»-»« «M miji«ji»i»i» i iipw || III IM — — Memorable Moments: Europe in the summer V The Grand Tour with ear plugs. .;-, .mff E " sammfomaaasa am -- " " T ft " Memorable Moments: Germany, France, England, Spain. ST 5WRi " . ' !HiI! " J!lHiJJJ Memorable We paid our first as we to fulfill . " ' M. ' fifnoroble Moments: ' ' e paid tribute to Our (irsi leader Qswe worked •o fulfill his dream. L, Imi ' " ' y IHHRHUH h E? .._. : . «5« 13 f: aankv E ■:i ' : ' ' mu: ' M S3Ss;2 j iVi jQivjJv;; " Dedication The United States Air Force Academy Graduating Glass of I960 Respectfully Dedicates the 1960 Polaris To The Mem General of The Air Force Henry H. " Hap " Arnold Under his guidance the Air Force developed from an Army Brat into the magnificent, full-fledged partner in the defense establishment that it is today. Mlliilllli Memorable Moments: Our Falcon became a feared competitor flaw 21 gy a - " 58S SSI ' SIS !5IB Bil SJ«|=M-4-J-JTTT ■ -|f r . .. ■« ' «■?••- .•« " WT ' t BilJI ■• " J ji Message from the Superintendent ' to ■• The Class of 1960 You, the Class of 1960, will have a significant place in history as the second class of cadets to grad- uate from the United States Air Force Academy. In your class we have seen the fruition of our hopes for the Curriculum Enrichment Program with the graduation of fifty-nine individuals awarded a major in a specific area of study. Perhaps even more significant to future classes at the Academy is the accomplish- ment of the seven cadets who achieved a double major. These achievements, though outstanding, I be- lieve are typical of the effort and attitude of the Class of 1960. This, as you knowj has been my first year as Superintendent of the Air Force Academy. Therefore, I feel particularly close to the Class of ' 60 and take special pride in your fine record of academic and military achievement. I will follow your careers as commissioned officers in the Armed Forces of the United States with intense interest and confidence in your success. None of us knows what developments thefuture will reveal. In your training here we have attempted to prepare you for any eventuality. Your future is now largely in your own hands. Good luck and Godspeed. W. S. STONE Major General, USAF Superintendent Memorable Moments: Twos not all books and drill in Aluminur :,ta ■ ' - JT- feCT ' T -f ' H ' ' ' SilK ' o 4 - ¥. i -, ► -r " lk_ •r v V- ' : jL :.:iji.jjj.icj : jii.,Xy ' ' - ' ' t ' ' i • ' ■■--■ ' • ■■■..■ ■■ ' ■ ' ■: :■ ■ .■-■• " ■ ■ ' .■■.■ff ' : ' ' ;g ' : : J Memorable m 3683S PPQi Ct W, ' mif($miiBmiimmBm VJj|Mi » ;:■«»., k ' ,, " : fi M»JUMtsMr««MMtf l(hMliMt«««NWM i- .1 PPIiPilill P emorabl efMoments: Awards, Drills, Flying, all part of the curriculum designed to turn out the best darn 2nd Lieutenants available. Br q Memorable M oments: June Week, that wonderful time when suddenly there ain ' t no more Doolies. 29 ■ 11 ' i ' Memorable Moments: June Week, that estatic interval of Dancing, Dining, and Drilling leading up to . . . HU ' " p RH! Iff 1 1 f 1 ' ' I Pv ' •■ 1 M i . IIb h if ' i 1 ta ! A Uji n I HHh ■- r " , JbP ftli im i ill flH .; ■ -■■■ ' ' M lEi vm rmmmm The Memorable Moment! • f l8» ' v,., Could dampen our spirits. fjf ■ KsimmmmiiiX " Dignitaries DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER The Commander In Chief 36 ■atfaiiUii ttHHaiS • " 1 « I THE HONORABLE JAMES H. DOUGLAS Secretary of the Air Force n 37 38 n dtti MKiai iB aK ■ GENERAL THOMAS D. WHITE Chief of Staff, U. S. Air Force 39 ri MAJ. GEN. HENRY R. SULLIVAN Commandant of Cadets 40 .. - - - . .. -... i,.,....,..„i,— Ml ,»,,— -,ii,« n-»«,».a««. " " i BRIG. GEN. ROBERT F. McDERMOTT Dean of Faculty , 41 ' £s; iiiilS 4 ' ' 9 " ' i t liiB ' ■ 1 ;T« i |i Hf ' WMBWf June Week 1960 i|iilliPi!i!!w S»sv«.;«. ' 1 i m n K J 11 iB • 1 ' ' » ' 1- 1 I mammm Suddenly (was spring- in fort, twos June-ond the ploce wos overrun by civilii We found it to be very nice. Being overrun . . . Specially by these Civilian Types. 47 fl We spent some time 50 1 iHHOHIKBHK m i »? Hm0 f . k ' " T t -Ji " And a lime (or 54 W STMEj . V e Recognition. n 55 l l i r 9 , : • ! ' i: ; Class of I960 Baseball 4,2,1 Football 4,3 Model Engineering Club 4,3,2 NORMAN COPE ALEXANDER " A ' . C " Jefferson City, Missouri Congressional Ski Club 4,3 Wrestling 4 Yearbook 4,3,2,1 (Editor-in-chief 1) JAMES WILBUR ANDERSON, III Piqua, Oliio Congressional FULLER DAVID ATKINSON ••Fuller " Barnesville, Maryland Congressional Class Committee 2,1 Cross Country 4 Entertainment Committee 3 (Secretary-Treasurer) Lacrosse Club 4,3,2,1 (Vice-president 2) Talon Staff 4 ,3 ,2 , 1 ( Ed itor-in-ch ief 1 ) ROBERT ERROL BADGER " Bob " South Bend, Indiana Congressional Ski Club 3,2,1 Wrestling 4,3 60 tf OUBi BUtaiiifiiiiiS DONALD HENRY ALMANZAR " S ik " San Pedro. California Reserve ContraUs Staff 4,3,2,1 Choir 4,3,2,1 Geography Club 4,3,2 Lacrosse Club 1 Ring Committee 2.1 Ski Club 4.3.2 Slovak Committee 4,3 KENNETH JOHN ALNWICK -der llVf t " New Hyde Park, Long Island, New York Reserve Choir 4 Entertainment Committee 4 Fishi ng Club 2 Lacrosse Club 4,3,2,1 Rallv Committee 3.2,1 (Chairman 2,1) Ski Club 4,3,2,1 RICHARD CONRAD AMES " Dick " Stoneham, Massachusetts Congressional Football 4 ROBERT LEWIS BAKER " Bul e Bob " Mt. Sterling, Kentucky Congressional Cross Country 4,2 Hunting Club 4,3,2,1 Judo Club 4,3,2 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Track 4 ANDREW WILLMM BL NCUR " B " Baldwin, New York Presidential Escort Committee 2,1 Gun Club 2,1 Lacrosse Club 4,3,2,1 Ring Committee 4,3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3.2,1 Ski Control 1 Soccer 4,3,2,1 Talon Staff 4,3 KENNETH HUBERT BIEHLE -foe- Biehle, Missouri Reserve Dodo 3,2 Talon 3,2,1 61 H ' Ji WlDl ' t JOHN FREDERICK BOUTZ " fred " Albuquerque, New Mexico Presidential Gun Club 2 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 GREGORY BOYINGTON,JR. " Greg " Medford, Oregon Presidential DEAN LEROY BRISTOW " Deati " Tuslin. California Congressional Car Committee 1 { Finance Chairman) Contrails Staff 2,1 ( Editor-in-chief 1 ) Fencing 3,2,1 (Manager) Football 4 Talon Staff 3,2,1 JOHN STANLEY BRUSH MICHAEL GEORGE BUCHEN JAMES HENRY BUJALSKI " Jack " " Mike " " Bojo " Riverside. California Presidential Richmond. California Congressional Carrington, North Dakota Senatorial Hunting Club 2,1 Football 4 Catholic Choir 4,3,2 Mountaineering Club 3,2 Ring Committee 1 Gun Club 3,2,1 Ski Club 2 Lacrosse Club 2 Radio Club 4,3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Ski Control 1 Wrestling 4,3,2 63 PETER JACCiUETTE BURTON " Pete " Parsons, Kansas Congressional Cross Country 4 Ski Club 4,3 Ski Team 4,3,2,1 ALFRED KIRKLAND CANTERBURY, JR. " Air Beckley, West Virginia Congressional Aero Club 3,2 Gun Club 4,3,2 Swimming 4,3,2,1 WILLIAM ANDREW CARNEGIE " Bill " Detroit, Michigan Congressional Archery Club 2,1 Lacrosse Club 3,2,1 Photography Club 4,3,2 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 .ijai:-JMi MICHAEL ANTHONY CLARKE Crystal Lake, Illinois Congressional Football 4 Track 3 MICHAEL JEROME CLARKE " Mike " Camden, Delaware Senatorial Aero Club 4,3,2 Choir 3 Glee Club 3 Gymnastics 1 Model Engineering Club 2,1 Radio Club 4,3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2 Soaring Club 4,2 ALFRED JOSEPH CLER,JR. " Rosie " Villa Grove, Illinois Congressional Dance Committee 4,3,2,1 (Secretary 3,2,1; Vice- president 4) Ski Club 4,3,2,1 65 GEORCE iM. COLLIER " Ilcir Cdlveslon, Texas Congressional Choir 4 Hunling Club 1 Model Engineering Club 4 NORMAN BUCK CONGDON -Buck " Bradenton, Florida Presidential Dance 4,3,2 Enterlainment Committee 1 Swimming 4,3,2,1 Track 4 GARTH ROBERT COOKE " Cookie " Bangor, Maine Congressional Ski Club 3,2,1 JOHN RUSSELL CURREY,JR. " Riiss " Vicksburg, Mississippi Congressional Bridge Club 3.2,1 Fishing Club 3,2.1 Football 3.2 Honor Representative 2,1 Hunting Club 3,2,1 Ski Club 3,2,1 WILLUM ROBERT CURRIER " Biir Burlington, Vermont Congressional Fishing Club 4,3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Soccer 4,3,2,1 Track 3,2,1 JERRY MORRIS DAILY " Jerry " New Albany. Indiana Congressional Football 4 66 mm iBK an PHILLIP ARTHUR COOKE " PA. " Kansas City. Missouri Congressional GARY FRANCIS CREW " Gar- Waterloo, Iowa Presidential Choral 4,3 Glee Club 4,3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Wrestling 4,3 BERT CHARLES CROFT " Bert " Tulsa, Oklahoma Senatorial Aero Club 4,3,2.1 Hunting Club 4,3 Falconer 4,3,2 Mountaineering Club 4,3,2 ROBERT CHARLES DAVIS " Bob " Lumberton, North Carolina Congressional Class Committee 1 Entertainment Committee 4,3 Fencing 4,3,2,1 (Captain 1) Forum 1 Photography Club 2,1 JON ROBY DAY Caldwell, New Jersey Congressional Bridge Club 2.1 Choir 4,3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 BRL N ALVIN DEE.M Louisville, Kentucky Congressional Gun Club 4 Mountaineering Club 3,2 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 . 67 " ' 7 ' RONALD DEEP Bridgeville, Pennsylvan ia Congressional Basketball 4,3,2,1 Entertainment Committee 2,1 Honor Representative 2,1 GERARD DE LA CRUZ " Jerry " Minneapolis, Minnesota Congressional Chess Club 2,1 Choir 4,3,2 Fishing Club 4,3 FoolbaU 4 Photography Club 3,2 Skiing 4,3,2,1 Yearbook 4,3,2,1 ( Art Editor 2,1 ) NEIL PHILLIP DELISANTI " NeLs " Rochester, New York Congressional Choir 4 Entertainment 3,2 Model Engineering Society 3,2 Wrestling 4,3,2 FiibgClil) SooitJi Tiad»3 i ' aitwH. RICHARD LEE DOYLE " Du:k " Lebanon, Oregon Congressional Archery Club 2,1 (Officer 1) Engineering Society 3.2 Fishing Club 3.2 Gun Club 3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2.1 HERBERT MICHAEL ECKWEILER ' ■Herb " Blooming Grove, Hawley, Pa. Congressional GEORGE EMERSON ELSEA " George " Sioux City. Iowa Congressional Fishing Club 3.2 Honor Representative 2.1 Model Engineering Club 3,2 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 " «miiiji 68 iSiiBi BILLY GENE DELONY " Bill " Ruston, Louisiana Congressional Fishing Club 4,3,2,1 Soccer 4,3,2,1 Track 4,3 Yearbook 4,3 CHARLES STEWART DIVER " Chuck " Highland, Michigan Congressional Dance Committee 4 Gun Club 2 Honor Representative 2,1 Slovak Committee 3 CLEMEUNT T. DOUGLASS, II! " Doug " Gallion, Alabama Congressional Dance Band 2,1 (Cadet-in-charge 1 ) Forum 1 Music Group 3,2,1 (Cadet-in-charge 1) iIKiA Jljt JERRY LANCE FARQ UHAR Newport Beach, California Congressional Swimming Team 4,3,2,1 JAMES CARL FEY ROBERT HENRY FISCHER " fim " " Bob " Congressional Doylestown, Pennsylvania Congressional Bowman ' s Club 3,2 Ring Committee 3,2,1 (Recorder 1) Ski Club 3,2,1 Swimming 4 Track 4,3,2,1 Yearbook Staff 4 Kirkwood. Missouri Fishing Club 4,3 Protestant Religious Council 2,1 Wrestling 4,3,2,1 69 GORDON ROBERT FLYGARE " Gordo " Tinker AFB, Oklahoma Congressional Pep Band 4,3 Pistol 1 CHARLES STANLEY FOLKART.JR. Boston. Massachusetts Congressional Chess Club 4,3,2,1 (President 1) Class Committee 2,1 (Class Historian 2,1 ) Dodo 2,1 German Club 1 (President 1) Slxtv Reporter 2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 GEORGE JOSEPH CHARLES FRIES " C C " Brooklyn, New York Congressional Forum 1 Gun Club 1 Lacrosse Club 3,2,1 (Secretary-treasurer) Rally Committee 2,1 Ski Club 2,1 Yearbook 3,2,1 (Business Manager 1) SkiCbb CHARLES DAVID GEORGI " Charlie " Bdlevue, Kentucky Senatorial Entertainment Committee 1 Photography Club 4,3 Track 4 JOHN CROWE GIFFEN Manistique, Michigan Senatorial Bridge Club 3,2,1 Chess Club 4,3 Choir 4,3 Chorale 3,2,1 (Vice-president 1) WILLLAM ALLEN GILLIS •• Wild Biir Winthrop, Massachusetts Congressional Cheerleader 2,1 Chorale 4,3,2 Dance Committee 3,2,1 Entertainment Committee 2,1 Football 4,3 Forum 4,3,2,1 Mountaineering Club 3,2,1 Rally Committee 2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 (Vice-president 1) Ski Team 4 Wrestling 4,3 70 Ban BEN TADASHI FURUTA " Tadashi-san " Los Angeles, California Congressional Dance Committee 4 Fishing Club 1 Pep Band 1 Ski Club 4 Wrestling 4,3,2,1 WALTER LEONIDAS FUTCH " Valr Thomasville, Georgia Congressional Geography Club 4 Ski Club 4,3 GERALD HUNTER GAMMILL " Cerry " Leighton, Alabama Congressional Choir 4,3 Music Club 4,3 JERRY LYNN GIRARD " Car- Air Force, USA Senatorial Model Engineering Society 4,3 Mountaineering Club 3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 JAMES FREDERICK GLAZA Bay City, Michigan Congressiona Acolyte Guild 4,3 Choir 4,3 Chorale 2,1 Hockey Club 2 Ski Club 3,2,1 Soccer 4 Swimming 4 Talon Staff 4,3 Yearbook Staff 3,2,1 ( Layout Editor 1 ) JOHN PETER GONSKY " Whale " Northampton, Massachusetts Senatorial Engineering Society 3,2,1 Football 4 Skiing Team 3,2 71 WILFRED LEON COODSON ' ' Leon " McAlestcr, Oklahoma Congressional Academy Assembly 2,1 (Chairman 1, Assistant chairman 2) Engineering Society 3,2,1 Forum 3,2,1 Photography Club 4,3,2 Radio Club 2 Ski Club 4,3,2 JOHN EDWARD GUTZWEILER, JR. -John- Easton, Pennsylvania Congressional Ski Club 4,3,2,1 WILLIAM GEORGE GOODYEAR " Good Will " Jacksonville. Florida Congressional Cross Country 4 Dodo StafT 2,1 Entertainment Committee 4,3 FRANK WIMBERLY GORHAM.JR. LaPlata, Maryland Presidential Geography Club 4 Gun Club 2,1 Photography Club 3,2 Skeet Club 3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 GiiuCliibl Cwi.«s StiCUt. EDWARD JOHN HAERTER " Ed- Milwaukee, Wisconsin Senatorial Dance Committee 3,2,1 Gun Club 4,3,2,1 VVILLL M DONALD HALES " BUr Steubenville, Ohio Congressional Pistol Club 4 Pistol Team 4 Ski Club 4,3,2 uaiSfiBS BSBS ATHOS EUGENE GUILLOT.JR. " Rebel " Alexandria. Louisiana Congressional Class Committee 1 Gun Club 4,3,2,1 (Officer 1) Gymnastics 4,3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 NORMAN MEHLHORN HALLER " Walt " Cols, Ohio Congressional Baseball 4,3,2,1 (Captain 1) GARY GUNNAR GULBRANSEN " Goose " Great Neck, New York Congressional Chorale 4,3 Class Committee 1 Entertainment Committee 2,1 Pistol 4,3,2,1 SYDNEY ELLSWORTH GURLEY " Syd " St. Louis, Missouri Congressional Dance Committee 2,1 Gun Club 2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Tennis 4 Track 3 DENIS JOSEPH HANEY " Denny " Brooklyn, New Y ' ork Congressional Entertainment Committee 1 Fencing 4,3 Ring Committee 4,3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 JASPER HORACE HARDISON,JR. Fayetteville. North Carolina Congressiona Professional Studies Group 1 Ski Club 1( President) 73 CHARLES EDGAR HART ' •Chuck " Hilliard, Ohio Congressional Fishing Club 4.3,2,1 (President 1) Football 4 Hunting Club 4,3,2,1 Radio Club 3 Ski Club 3,2,1 Track 4 WresUing 3,2 RICHARD GLENN HEAD " Dick " Cedar Rapids, Iowa Senatorial Choir 4,3,2 Chorale 4,3,2 Contrails Staff 3,2,1 (Managing Editor 2; Editor-in- chief 1 ) Forum 4,3,2,1 Geography Club 4,3 Honor Representative 2,1 Radio Club 4,3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Soaring Club 4,3,2 ( President 2 ) Wrestling 4,3,2 ROBERT HARLAN HEIGES,JR. " Bob " Gilroy, California Regular Chess Club 4,3,2,1 Model Engineering Society 4,3 Ski Club 4.3,2,1 Track 4,3,2,1 Smtus DaittC TiloiSi lennisl LESLIE ALDEN HOBGOOD " l s " Austin, Texas Presidential Dance Committee 3,2,1 Lacrosse Club 2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 WILLIAM THOMAS HODSON, III " BUI " Springfield, Virginia Congressional Chess Club 4,2,1 Forum 4,3,2,1 Radio Club 4,3,2,1 JAMES NICHOLAS HOLLY " Nick " Bay City, Michigan Congressional Baseball 4,3 Fishing Club 2 Football 4 Rifle 4 Ski Club 2,1 SbCI,k,i mmm wmmmmmimm r CHARLES ANDREW HOLMAN.JR. " Ace " Kannapolis, North Carolina Congressional Mountaineering Club 4,3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 STEPHEN RAY HOLT " Tim " Olympia, Washington Dance Committee 3,2,1 Fencing 4 Radio Club 2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Congressional EDWARD DONALD HOPKINS Denver, Colorado Congressional JOHN HKNRY HUHN " Seal " Belmar, New Jersey Congressional Forum 2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 MICHAEL LEWIS HYDE " Mike " Boulder Citv. Nevada Congressional Acolyte Guild 4,3 Baseball 4.3,2 Professional Studies Group 1 WILLIAM ROY JOLLY " Roy " Deertrail, Colorado Congressional Allied Arts Committee 1 (Chairman) Basketball 4,3,2,1 (Manager) Class Committee 1 (Chairman) Talon Staff 4.3,2,1 KARL McMASTER JONES. JR. " Mac " New York, New York Congressional Entertainment Committee 3 Engineering Society 3,2,1 (Vice-chairman 1) JOHN ROBERT JANSEN " farice " Denver, Colorado Congressional Honor Representative 2,1 foast ■ WioCli SlteiClul Ski Club ' TONY McMACKIN JONES " Tony " Hartsville, South Carolina Congressional 76 s t i ismmsssmmsma am DANIEL KEITH JOHNSON " Dekc " Moorhead, Minneso ta Reserve JOHN ALLEN JOHNSON " Al " Hammond, Indiana Senatorial LAWRENCE MERLIN JOHNSON Glenrock, Wyoming Congressional ,S .A[ Football 4,3,2,1 Radio Club 3,2 Skeet Club 4,3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Entertainment Committee 3 Mountaineering Club 2 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 (Treasurer 3) Talon Staff 4 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 BRLAN GRANT KALEY GARY LYLE KARSCHNICK MILES ALFRED KASPAR,JR. Bri " " Krash " " Pug " Gouvemeur, New York Congressional St. Charles, Illinois Congressional Dorchester, Nebraska Congressional Baseball 4,3,1 Cheerleader 2 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Class Committee 1 Choir 4,3 Track 4,3,2,1 (Co-captain 1) Fishing Club 3,2 Dodo Staff 2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Entertainment Committee 1 Football 4 Model Engineering Society 3,2 Pistol 4,3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2 Talon Staff 3 WAYNE FRANKLIN KENDALL, JR. " Killer " Harrison, Arkansas (Congressional Chorale 4,3,2 Choir 4,3,2,1 Wrestling 4,3,2,1 (Captain 1) JAMES ALEXANDER KERR, JR. " Dolp " Jackson, Mississippi Congressional Baseball 3,2,1 Choir 4 Football 4,3,2,1 Protestant Religious Council 2,1 HARRISON EDWARD KING, JR. " Pele " Columbus, Mississippi Congressional Choir 4,3,2 Contrails Staff 4,3,2 Golf3,2,l Gun Club 4,3,2,1 Fishmg Club 3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 DAVID ERWIN LACHELT " Dave " Southington, Connecticut Congressional Engineering Society 2,1 Hockey Club 2 Lacrosse Club 3,2,1 Model Engineering Society 4,3,2,1 ( President 2,1) THOMAS RALPH LALIME " Ralph " Boston, Massachusetts Congressional Choir 4,3 Rally Committee 4,3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2 HARDY FRANKLIN LEBEL " Salty Able " Dallas, Texas Senatorial Aero Club 1 Mountaineering Club 1 (Materiel Officer) Football 4 Wresding 4,3,2,1 78 . ..ia-r r,fii .«..i RICHARD ALLYN KINGMAN " Dick " Locust Valley. New York Congressional Forum 3,2,1 (President 1) Golf 4 RiHe 4,3,2,1 WILLIAM JOHN KORNITZER, JR. " Corny " Bennington, Vermont Senatorial Baseball 4,3 Hunting Club 3 Ski Club 3,2 JOHN DAVID KUENZEL St. Mary ' s. Ohio Congressional Football 4,3,2,1 .,.!- laa WILLL M HAROLD LENINGER " Bur Chicago, Illinois Congressional Football 4,3,2 Ski Club 4,3,2 ROGER CHARLES LENT " Rog " Blackfoot, Idaho Congressional Honor Representative 3,2,1 EDWARD WATSON LEONARD, JR. Winlock, Washington Congressional Bowman ' s Club 1 u 1 jSk 1 ' k ' i nH» ? ' jMT 1 1 K ;; ' ; HHra v; ) oBh ' Mi Jraw 1 ' GEORGE THROWER LESTER " Cfor f " Mt. Lebanon. Pennsylvania Congressional Football 4,3 Ring Committee 2,1 ARTHUR JOSEPH LEWIS " Art " Melrose, Massachusetts Congressional Cheerleader 1 Gymnastics 4,3,2,1 Photography Club 3,2,1 Radio Club 4,3 Track 4 CHARLES FRANKLIN LEGGETT " Chuck " Riplev, Ohio Congressional Fishing Club 4,3,2,1 Hunting Club 3,2 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 CLIFTON CAMERON LOVELL Ft. Walton Reach, Florida Congressional Forum 1 Photo Club 1 DAVID BARCLAY LUCE " Dave " Orland, ( ' alifornia Congressional Radio Club 1 GEORGE ELLIOTT LUCK " George " Wrightsville, Georgia Senatorial Choir 4,3 Dance Committee 4,3,1 (Chairman 4) Fishing Club 2,1 Gun Club 2,1 Rirte 4,3,2,1 80 ii ttsaB BKaBaaEaaaBBBESBa rr. ' xa JOHN MICHAEL LOH ' Roac t " Washington, District of Columbia Congressional Catholic Religious Council 1 Engineering Society 2,1 Football 4 ANTHONY HUGH LONG Seattle, Washington Congressional Basketball 4,3,2,1 Fishing Club 4,3 Gun Club 2,1 Honor Representative 1 Radio Club 3 MICHAEL VICKERS LOVE " Mike " Hanna, Wyoming Congressional Gun Club 4,3,2 Gymnastics 4,3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2 JOHN DAVID MACARTNEY RUSSELL REED MACDONALD JR. WILLARD RICHARD MAGFARL. NE ' ' Mac " " A at " " Fat Mac " Pasadena. California Congressional Buller, Pennsylvania Congressional Ogden, Utah Congressional Contrails Staff 4.3 ,2 Forum 2,1 Academic Committee 2 Entertainment 1 Model Engineering Society 2,1 Car Committee 2.1 (Chairman 1 ) Forum 3.2,1 Class Committee 2 Geography Club 4 Engineering Society 3,2,1 Huming Club 4.3,2,1 Photography Club ' 2,1 Ski Club 3,2,1 Ski Club 3,2 Wresding 4,3 81 JERRY LEE MASON " ferry " Rcdiands, California Presidential Dance Committee 4 RICHARD THOMAS MATHEWS " Dick " ( uincy, Illinois Congressional Rally Committee 2,1 Ring Committee 3,2,1 Talon Staff 2,1 FRANK DAVID MAYBERRY " Fritz " Phoenix, Arizona Congressional Choir 4,3 Dance Committee 3,2 Waterpolo Club 2,1 ( President 1 ) JON WILTON McCLURE " Mac " Mobile, Alabama Congressional Cla.ss Committee 1 Mountaineering Club 3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 JOHN ROBERT McCULLOUGH " Mac " Nashville, Tennessee Congressional Fishing Club 4,3,2,1 (President 1) Football 4 Gun Club 4,3,2,1 (President 1) Ski Club 4,3,2,1 FLORUN PHILIP MEINHARDT " F.P. " Paxico, Kansas Congressional Entertainment Committee 3,2 Forum 2,1 Hunting Club 4 Pistol 4 Ski Club 3,2 w 82 - ' ■■- ' — - ■•»,«m»mP ' «vmnmmmm m, ' " ■ ' v ' J. -.... DALE QUENTIN MAYO Huntington, West Virginia Congi CHARLES MILTON McCAIN Starksville, Mississippi Congressional Choir 4,3 Football 4,3,2,1 Glee Club 4,3,2 Ski Club 4,3,1 MICHAEL JAMES McCALL " Mike " Osceola, Wisconsin Congressional Gun Club 3,2 Hockey Club 2 Lacrosse Club 2,1 Music Group 3,2 G3 «:iB.tH " RICHARD KAKKIOR MEYER, JR. -Dkk- Mobile, Alabama Congressional Choir 4 Class Committee 2 Honor Representative 2,1 KERRY DOUGLAS MILLER ' Doug ' Hyndman, Pennsylvania Regular RALPH EDWARD MILLER Rem " Canyon. Texas Congressional Class Committee 2 Entertainment Committee 1 Ski Club 3,2 Slovak Committee 4,3 Talon Staff 2,1 83 Commerce, Texas Football 4 Golf 2,1 Track 3 JAME.S D.ALE MILLS Congres.sional LEON F. MOLINELLI " Mo " Pocatello, Idaho Congressional Aero Club 4,3,2,1 Gun Club 3,2,1 Gymnastics 4 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Ski Team 4,3,2 JAMES EDWARD MORTON, JR. " Eddie " Memphis, Tennessee Congressional Hunting Club 4,3,2,1 Track 4,3,2,1 (Manager) Ski Club 4,3,2,1 ROBERT JAMES NE VSON,JR. " Bob " Shre ' epon. Louisiana Congressional Class Committee 1 Engineering Society 4,3,2,1 Forum 4,3,2,1 Knniing Club 2,1 Photography Club 4 Radio Club 4,3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2.1 EDMOND JOSEPH NOGAR,JR. " Ed " Oreland, Pennsylvania Congressional Choir 4,3 Chorale 4,3,2 Track 3,2,1 ROBERT PAUL ODENWELLER " Bob " Princeton, New Jersey Presidential Choir 4,3 Chorale 4,3,2,1 (Cadet-in-charge 1) Gun Club 4,3,2,1 Planetarium Lecturer 2,1 Photography Club 4,3,2,1 Professional Studies Group 1 Talon Staff 2,1 (Photography Editor 1) Wrestling 4,3,2 Yearbook Staff 4,3 84 - ■■ ' - ' ■• ' . »w « -a». i. . " — " " " «- " BRUCE MORTON MOSIER Erie, Pennsylvania Congressional Choir 4,3,2,1 Chorale 4,3,2,1 Geography Club 4,3 Lacrosse Club 3.2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Yearbook Staff 2 RICHARD JAMES MROSLA " Mros " Bowlus, Minnesota Regular SIDNEY HOWARD NEVVCOMB -Sid- San Jose, Costa Rica Congressional Class Committee 4,3,2 Soccer 4,3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 RICHARD DENNIS O ' KEEFE -Dentiy- Washington, District of Columbia Presidential Choir 4,3 FootbaU 4 Swimming 3,2,1 JAMES CLINTON OROURKE -Jim " Miami Springs, Florida Congressional Bowman ' s Club 2,1 Fishing Club 4,3 Hunting Club 3 Gymnastics 4,3,2,1 WILLIAM RENO OUELLETTE " Freiichy " Brunswick, Maine Congressional Gun Club 1 Hockey 2,1 Ring Committee 2,1 Ski Club 2,1 Track 3 85 RONALD DURWARD PATCHETT ' •Ron- Sirvkersville, New York Presidential Chorale 4.3 Hockev Club 2,1 Skect Club 3,2 Ski Club 2,1 JOHN FRANKLIN PEEBLES Lyons, Ohio Congressional Car Committee 2,1 Gun Club 2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Yearbook Staff 4,2,1 HOYT LEROY PRINDLE, JR. " Oogie " Marietta, Georgia Congressional Class Committee 4 Goif 4 Soccer 4 Swimmmg 4 Yearbook ,Siaff 4,3 ,2 GEORGE SAMUEL PUPICH " Sirb " San Fernando, California Congressional Baseball 3 Football 4,3,2,1 Track 4,2,1 JAMES EARL PEEL •7™ " Cincinnati, Ohio Congressional Aero Club 4,3,2 Hunting Club 3,2,1 Pistol 4 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 ROBERT GENE R. GER ■• iag " Arcadia, California Congressional Car Committee 1 Rally Committee 4,3.2 Ski Club 3,2,1 Tennis 4,3,2,1 86 MHikU iittaGBBaasHEassEaBi ssta msB V « WAYNE ALBERT PETERSON " Pete " Butte, Montana Congressional Basketball 4,3,2 Fishing Club 4,3,2 Ski Club 2,1 FRED HOWARD PORTER. Ill Howie " Raleigh, North Carolina Congressional Choir 4,3 Chorale 3,2 Photography Club 4 Professional Studies Group 1 Ski Club 4,3 LEW PAXTON PRICE " Lew " Glendora, California Congressional rxi " - ' NEAL TAYLOR REAVELY " Bear " Counna, Michigan Congressional Academy Assembly 1 Football 4 Geography Club 2 Gun Club 2 Lacrosse Club 4,3,2,1 Sunday School Teacher 4,3,2,1 (Associate Superintendent 1 ) DAVID JOHN REED " D.jr Newfield, New Hampshire Aero Club 4,3,2,1 Choir 4,3,2 Radio Club 4,3 DOUGLAS ARLAND REKENTHALER •Reh " Sioux City, Iowa Congressional Cross Country 4,3,2.1 Tennis 4,3 Track 4 87 " " n MARTIN EDWIN RICHERT " Mar y " Sloatsburg, New York Congressional Choir 4 Dance Committee 2 Entertainment Committee I Soccer 4.3,2 PHILIP FRANCIS ROBERTS ■ ' P ii " Sioux Falls, South Dakota Congressional Chorale 4 Fencing 1 Ski Club 4,3 Track 4 PETER HOBSON ROE " Pele " Seattle, Washington Congressional Ski Club 4,3 Ski Team 3,2,1 ClilHiani GORDON STANLEY SAVAGE, JR. " Cord} ' " Smyrna, Delaware Senatorial Judo Club 2,1 (Vice-president 2,1) Ski Club 4 RICHARD ROBERT SCHEHR ' •Dick " Reading. Ohio Congressional Choir 4,3 Football 4 Track 4,3,2,1 JOHN ALBERT SCHIRA.JR. " S iiv " Solon, Ohio Congressional Entertainment Committee 3 Honor Representative 2.1 Ski Club 1 ikiy i dBiSKaBsmKai aEss ■ftS ' • ] RONALD DWIGHT SANDLHOZER Chittenango. New York Congressional CHARLES DUDLEY SANDS, II Charlie Brown ' Hobbs. New Mexico Congressional Choir 4,3 Gymnastics 4 Gun Club 3 Photography Club 1 (Acting Chairman) Rally Committee 1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Ski Control 1 Track 2 ROBERT BYRON SAPP -Bob " Wooster, Ohio Congressional Baseball 4,3,2,1 Football 4 THOMAS WALTER SCHLECHTE " Tom " Evansville, Indiana Congressional Aero Club 3,2,1 Radio Club 4,3 Ring Committee 1 Soar ng Club 3,2,1 President 2) ■HI I H JOCK CHARLES HENRY SCHWANK " Jock " Cedar Rapids, Iowa Congressional Bridge Club 1 Dance Committee 1 Lacrosse Club 2,1 Usher 4,3,2 Wresding 4 THOMAS FREDERICK SEEBODE " Nebs " Memphis, Tennessee Congressional Dance Committee 4,2,1 Rifle Team 4 89 RICHARD RAYMOND SEXTON " Squire " Redlands, California Congressional Judo Club 3 Photography Club 3 GARY DEAN SHEETS " Cary " Phiilipsburg, Kansas Congressional Bowman ' s Club 4,3.2,1 (President 1) Choir 4,3,2 Class Committee 4,3,2,1 Gymnastics 3 Hunting Club 4,3,2,1 (Operations Officer 1 ) Football 4 Rillel Track 4,3 RICHARD BAYLEY SHEPARD " Shep " Waynesville, North Carolina Congressional Bowman ' s Club 2,1 Class Committee 1 Dance Committee 4,3 Choir 4,3,2 Football 4 Gymnastics 4,3,2 Gun Club 2,1 Mountaineering Club 3,2,1 Ski Club 2,1 Track 4 IS .to Club Ctel) SouiifCI DONALD EDWARD SINGER " Don " Havertown, Pennsylvania Congressional Dance Committee 3 Honor Representative 1 Soccer 4,3,2.1 JOHN THOMAS SMITH North Hollywood, California Congressional Aero Club 4,3,2,1 Gun Club 1 Photographv Club 3,2 Rifle 4,3,2,1 ' Soaring Club 3,2,1 Track 4 PATRICK JOHN SMITH " Peej " Bel Air, Marvland Senatorial Bowman ' s Club 4,3 Dodo Staff 4 Hunting Club 4 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Cli ™«itS e 90 as jsssBaa msssi jL ISHAM CRESTON SHIELDS, JR. " Cres " Columbia, South Carolina Reserve LLOYD ELLIS SHIER Grants Pass, Oregon Congressional WILLLAM DAVID SIEBECKER " Biir Wausau, Wisconsin Senatorial Aero Club 3 Choir 4,3 Fishing Club 3,2 Geography Club 4,3,2 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Soaring Club 3 Chorale 3,2,1 Choir 4,3,2,1 Geography Club 4,3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Academy Assembly 2 Fencing 4,3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Track 4 MID ' HI ' GERALD THOMAS STACK, JR. " ferry " Iowa City, Iowa Congressional Bridge Club 3,2,1 (Vice-president 1 ) Forensic Society 2,1 Forum 4,3,2,1 Tennis 4,3,2,1 (Captain 1) DONALD DUANE STEVENS " C iik " Clayton, Illinois Senatorial Bridge Club 2,1 Choir 4,3 Honor Representative 3,2,1 Forensic Society 4,3,2 Photography Club 3,2 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 THEODORE JOSEPH STUMM • ' Ted " Batavia, Illinois Congressional Aero Club 4.3,2 Gun Club 3 Model Engineering Society 3,2 01 PAUL MATTHEW SULLIVAN Los Angeles, California Congressional Chess Club 4,3,2,1 Choir 4,3,2 Chorale 4,3,2 Engineering Society 4,3,2,1 Geography Club 4,3 Gymnastics 4,3,2,1 WALTER CAMPBELL SWEENEY III " Waif Westover AFB Presidential Entertainment Committee 1 Hockey Club 2 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 DAVID LEE SWEIGART Bemville, Pennsylvania Congressional Bowling Club 2,1 Choir 4,3,2 Pep Band 4,3 Soccer 3,2,1 CHARLES HILARY THOMPSON, JR. Montvale, New Jersey Congressional Choir 4,3 Glee Club 4.3 Gun Club 4,3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 DALE WILLARD THOMPSON, JR. " Dak " Lawton, Oklahoma Congressional Entertainment Committee 4 Gun Club 4,3,2,1 ( Materiel Officer 1 ) Mountaineering Club 3,2 Soccer Team 4,3,2.1 (Captain 1) Talon Staff 2,1 AARON DEAN THRUSH Saint Johns, Ohio Congressional Academy Assembly 2,1 Fishing Club 2,1 Forum 4.3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,1 Talon Staff 4,3,2,1 ( Business Manager 2,1 ) 92 a aia ati yLajLa s WILLUM WALLACE TAYLOR " Bt T ' Corpus Christi, Texas Congressional Basketball 4 Bridge Club 3,2,1 (President 1 ) Dodo Staff 2,1 (Managing Editor 1) Football 4,3 Engineering Society 1 Talon Staff 3,2,1 Track 4,3 VICTOR RALPH THOMAS " Vic " North Loup, Nebraska Senatorial Chorale 4,3 Fencing 4,3,2 Geography Club 4 Hunting Club 2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 JAMES HOWARD THOMASSON Charlotte, North Carolina Congressional Choir 4.3 Class Committee 3,2,1 DONALD LEE THURMAN " Don " Shelby, Ohio Catholic Religious Council 1 Honor Committee 2,1 Hunting Club 1 Ring Committee 2,1 Ski Club 4,2,1 JOHNNIE FLOYD TOWNSEND " Gimp " Salome, Arizona Congressional Wrestling 4 Pistol Team 3,2,1 CHARLES WARREN UPTON Williamsburg, Kentucky Congressional Ski Club 2,1 Tennis 2,1 93 PAUL JOSEPH ALLERIE " la " Nonvald, Connecticut Senatorial Geography Club 4,3 Gun Club 4.3 Pistol 4 Soccer 4 EARL SUMMER VAN INWEGEN " Van " Lansing, Illinois Congressional Choir 4 Class Committee 4,3,2,1 Football 4,3,2,1 (Manager 3) Photography Club 4,3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Track 4 Wrestling 4 GARY LYNN VAN SINGEL ' •Van ' ' Grant, Michigan Congressional Fishing Club 3,2,1 Hunting Club 4,3,2,1 Photography Club 2,1 Skeel Club 4,3,2,1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 AriitnC Cbi«. Smiiiag FREDERICK THOMAS WALKER " Rkk " Brooklyn, New Y ' ork Congressional Fishing Club 3 Forensic Society 4,3,2,1 Gun Club 1 Model Engineering Society 3 DENIS LEO WALSH " Leo " Springfield, Missouri Congressional Class Committee 4,3 Honor Representative 2.1 Rifle 4,3,2,1 CHRISTIAN ADAM WARACK " Chris " Owendale. Michigan Congressional Football 4,3,2,1 Honor Representative 2,1 I J 94 Su i gmm Be WBSssm DEAN FRANKLIN VIKAN " Vik " Fosston, Minnesota Congressional Archery Club 2,1 Choir 4,3,2 Photography Club 2 Swimming 4,3 JAMES EDWARD WADDLE • ' Duck " Downey, California Congressional Engineering Society 2 Football 4 Lacrosse Club 3,2,1 Model Engineering Society 3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Yearbook Statf 3,2,1 CLARK MILS WALKER " Clark " Plainfield, Wisconsin Congressional Choir 4 Football 4 (Manager) Baseball 4,2,1 DONALD FRANK WARE CHARLES RUSSELL WATERMAN, JR. SAMUEL EDWIN WATERS, JR. " Don " " Russ " " Smr, " Lewiston, Idaho Congressional Brentwood, New Hampshire Congressional MocksvUle, North Carolina Congressional Entertainment Committee 4 FootbaU 4,3,2,1 Dance Committee 1 Pistol 1 Judo Club 4,3,2,1 (President 1; Secretary 2) Ski Club 4,3 Skeet Club 4 Radio 3 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 GRANT REED WAUGH Bridge Club 3,2,1 Entertainment Committee 4,3,2 GolfTeam 4,3.2,1 (Captain 1) Ski Club 4,3 ROBERT PAUL WEINAUG " Boh " Arlington, Virginia Senatorial Academy Assembly 2,1 Choir 4,3 Forum 1 Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Yearbook Slafif 2,1 ( Section Head 1 ) KENNETH PHILIP WERRELL " Panda " Irvington, New Jersey Congressional Gun Club 2,1 Pistol Team 4,3,2,1 Professional Studies Group 1 Ski Team 4,3,2 DAVID LEWIS WIEST " S a s " Lynchburg, Virginia Congressional Dodo 2,1 Forum 2,1 Gymnastics 4,3,2,1 Professional Studies Group 2,1 (Chairman 1) Track 4 DONALD LEE WOLFSWINKEL " Don " Hull, Iowa Congressional Basketball 4.3,2,1 (Captain 1 ) RONALD WILBURN YATES " Ron " Nashville, Tennessee Congressional Fishing Club 3 Football 4 Ski Club 3,2,1 96 jmmsssxmauBsssBsmi mssa ERNEST DERIEUX WHALEY.JR. Union, South Carolina Congressional Choir 4,3 Dance Representative 1 HOWARD McLEAN WHITFIELD Brookfield Center, Connecticut Senatorial Mountaineering Club 3,2,1 (President 1) Lacrosse Club 4,3,2,1 (President 1 ) Ski Club 4,3,2,1 Ski Team 2 EDWIN LEWIS WHITMAN " Ned " Weedsport. New York Congressional Forum 3.1 Geography Club 4,3 Professional Studies Group 1 Ski Club 3,2,1 Yearbook Staff 4,3 u.yii ' ' " ' VICTOR EMMETT YOAKUM " Vic " Olympia, Washington Senatorial Class Committee 4,3,1 Fishing Club 3,2 Football 4 Hunting Club 4,3,2,1 Skeet Club 4,3,2,1 Ski Club 3,2,1 WILLUM FREDERICK HUGO ZERSEN - ers " Chicago, Illinois Senatoi Baseball 4 Basketball 4.3 Dance Committee 3.2,1 Football 4 Protestant Religious Council 2,1 ALEX DREV E ZIMMERMAN San Diego, California Congrtssional Rifle 4,3,2,1 97 Ihe LieutenonI Generals Millord F. and Huberts. Harmon Awa ' d to the Outstand- ing Cadet in General Order of Merit Itie Lieutenant General Claire L. Chennaull Award to the Outslonding Cadet in Basic Sciences Ttie Dr. John von Neumonn Award to Ihe Outstanding Cadet in Astronautics Ihe Coplain Edward E. Bairow Award to the Outstanding Cadet in Chemistf y The Brigadier General Poul T. Cullen Aword to the Outstanding Cadet in Navigation The Colonel Homer Kellems Aword to the Outstonding Cadet in Thermodynamics 98 Academic Edwin L. Whitman Mortin E. Richer) Phillip A. Cooke The Dr. John Oliver LoGorce Award to »he Outstanding The Maior G. Roou! Lufbery Award to the Outstanding The Lieutenant Generol Barton K. Yount Aword to the Out- Cadet in Geogrophy Cadet in Foreign Languages standing Cadet in Humanities i Awards The General Muir S. Fairchild Award to Itie Outstanding Cadelin Academic Achievement The General Hoyt S. Vandenberg Award to the Outstanding Cadet in Airmanship Subjects The Wright Brothers Award to the Outstonding Cadet in Applied Sciences The Brigadier General William Mitchell Award to the Outstanding Cadet in Mili- tary Studies The Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hitchcock Award to the Ou tstanding Cadet i Economics The Major General Herbert A. Dorgue Aword to the Outstanding Cadet in Ele tricol Engineering The Colonel Carl F. Greene Award to the Outstanding Cadet in Mothematic The Professor Samuel Pierpont Longley Award to the Out- The Lieutenant Charles Nordhoff and Captain Jo standing Cadet in Aerodynamics Award to the Outstanding Cadet in English M I i I i i t a r y " S a n d E X t r a c u r r i c u I a r 1 A . w ' a r d 8 100 1 J ,. irf ' The Generol ol Ihe Air Force Henry H. Arnold Sword to the Codel Wing Anthony J Burshnick The Major General Oscor Weslover Award for Outstanding Cadet Etfecliv Jerry L Coskey The Major General James E. Fechet Award to the Outstanding Codet in Inter- ' ' collegiate Speech Competition, Frederick T. Walker The Brigadier General A. Robert Ginsburgh Award to the Editor of the Po Norman C Alexonder The Air Force Acodemy Alhlelic Association Award lo the Graduating Codel who has contributed most lo the intercollegiate athletic program. Donald L. Wolfswinliel The N. Jay Boots Award to the Outstanding At hh John D. Kuenze • ti! iMiCg«i " Kit ' - The Tote Brothers Aword for Outstanding Leadership ( and conduct on the ploying field, nplified by character The Captain Dean G. Crowell Award lo the Outstanding Cadet in Phys Education, Richard B Shepard A t h I e t 1 c A w a r d s Jm im j g m ,.y, irtrt " " " Class of 1961 r .: .-: .. -.«... »»—i-....|. . , irickey, R. E. Bright, J. W. L. Brophy, T. F. You mean you ' re gonna lake my switchblade fool Broughton, C. E. Brusky, J. W. Jr. Buchner, G. E. Man, this is highway robbery. 105 nd finally i Carlstrom, D. L. Carson, C. G. Jr. Cash, R. W. How many years till I gel it back? Cassidv, J- A- Jr- Caughman, J. S. Jr. Clarke, CM. 107 V i» ' Jib l race, B. L. Cranberry, C. W. All in all, ' twas a hectic day! ' r I K I I : I I I I I I I I I I B i i HoUie, L. L. Holmes-Ray, P. Hopp, E. G. Young man, that ' s a foot. They are used a lot around he m I. . laring, W. A. Harper, E. C. Jr. ourin, J.J. Howe, H. L. :, . a,-iSW; ' V ' , -.;iW«3 £SS!i«8a» M ,1 « • « « ' 111 Ik 5 1 In discussion panels. . . In soul-searching meditation. 113 Johnson, T. K. Jr. Jones, B. C r Jones, D. H. Jones, L. W. Jones, R. E. Jones, W.H. II 1 Baylor, J. C. Theiler, G. A. Theurer, B.W Thomas, C. G. Jr. Thompson, A. S. Travis, B. M. •5 " ompa, E. A A m Recognition— o handshake, a shiny poir of wings— even the ATO U ' i Glassofl962 m-l ►2:::-: : :?; ::r - nks, F. M. Bartley, R. W. jcter, R. H. Beck, B.T. This was the class of ' 61 , scurrying (ronticalty here and there. Biegalski, C. S. Bifolchi,G. J. Billington, G. F. Blaisdell, M. P. Bobko, P. B. Bockelman, D. C. Bolster, C.H. Bow, R. N.,Jr. Bradstreet, F. P. Brinkman, J. M. Brothers, J. N. Brown, C. H. 127 Browning, W. A. Brucher, J. M . Bumen, R. L. Burns, H. Butchko, M. J., Jr. Butler, C. M. Carver, L. J. Clark, K. B. Chaklos, T. E. Coffey, C. T. Carn, R. M.,Jr Carroll, H. K. Carroll,]. L. Bui wouldn I lei us use the 128 f m Cheeseman, C. E. Clanton, P. L. Conlan, R. E. Connerat, E. E Sometimes we sfood still . him Connolly, R.J. Cometet.G. F. Daniel, G. A. d ' Aquin,J.J. Daugherty, J. V. Davey, R. F. Davis, S. Deberry, R. D. Dehne, D. E. Bui not for long. 129 Goodenough, R. E. Gray, VV. VV., Jr. Griffin, C.F. Griffin, C. W., Jr. 11 .1 Guilmartin, J. F , Jr Hackney, R. R. Hale, C. E.,Jr. Hall, L. W. Hallager, D. J. Hamrick, G. R. Harlan, D. L. Harmon, L. R. Harrison, G. I We had many icily times . j trV ' And parlicipoted in othletics. This wos easier Ihon the back fe 133 They inspected now and the Harvey. W. T. Harwick, A. H. Haugen, W. J. Hauschildt, J. C. Hauser, J. C. Hawkins, F. 0. Heacox, D. J. Hendricks, J. E. Hendryx, F. L. Henshaw, R. A. Hepburn, P. R.,Jr. Herter, V. C. 134 Hertzog, R. B. E. High. J. T. Hoffert, R. L. Hogan, W. E. im.]! Uga m g mmmmmm s■ML«a6» am ' ; A ' A ¥ :ff««9liV5 sw ...«««! ' «, ■ almost constantly . Hines, J. V. Hodgktnson, R. L. Holbrow, V. F. Holt, D. E. Hopkins. R. S. Hornaday. R. J., Jr Horsburgh, H. R. Howell, W. P. Hudson, H. L. Hughes, M. B. Huntsman, R.J. Hutchinson, D. L. Hutchison, T. Induni, M. L. Jackson, E. A. Jamba, J. W. But we remained unconfused. 135 :3tr!=ilE. T. r Jt ifc " nwwi ' . , J , ' y. iniwfT . m m- ' KjzzmE . ] xamsE !£. tf. aosni L JL ' SC-.Jju P . Ifc •«E J- ,S)lE. QfamiLllLC O ' SoodiE, W. a„ 141 I ' ai-ker. K. C. Parker, R. H. I ' atrie. S. A, Jr. I ' alton. R. B. Peck. G. R.,Jr. Pederson, D. J. Pemberton, D. H. Perlotto, R. E. Peterson, W., Jr. wm !,■ ' Pirtle, p. E. Polk, J. G. (iualey, J. P., Jr. ( uinlon, M. E. isskT.1. MH ia a iHfifi i k •w rmmi " Spory, R. M.,Jr. Stafiford, R. W.,Jr. Staib, R. L. Stanton. E. J. Staples, J. R. Starkey.J. L.,Jr vimmi ivitenko, L. C. Swonson,J.C. rhompson, G. M Tice, C. D. Tietge, M. R. Tocado, D. M. Toffel, G.J. Tomlin, T. N. Travis, D. T. Tubbs, R. C. Tupper, N. G. Turner, C. L. Urban, F. R. VanRocJ. R. Vaughan, D. K. VicceUio. H. London s Defenders - 15 years later 147 W " wrn 1 ' 5 ' . V. np - " s WUson, G. S. Wood, D. P. Lockheed a la Deutschland Milder ' hercul-hund; Wood,]. M. Wood, V. M. Wood.VV. S.,Jr Woodworth, C. E. Wright. L. L., Jr. Wvlie. A. R. Young, G. T. Young, J. J., Jr. Zaleski,J. R. House w pointed roof. 149 I 1 PP «a»: mi . m m m Class of 1963 P: 1 Ackley, F. W. Adams, A. P. Adams, L. A. Anderer, A. M. Anderson, R. A. Anderson, D. L. Arnold, R. L. Ill Arshinkoff, N. T. Aspelin, E. B. W. Adinolfi, J. D., Jr. Allburn, J. N. Anderson, L. B. Andros. R. R. Avers, W.C. Aulctta, B.K. ntuilively evident Baker, W.R. Ball, W.J. Barnes, G. L. Barrett, F. L. Barry, W. A. Bartlett, B. Bauer, F. C. Beauchemm, A. E. Boeck, D.J. Bogaert.J.R. Bohlin, E. Borland, M. Borling,J. L. Bornzin, G.O. Boswell. E. T. Bouchard, J. S. 152 I. Allen, H. R, Jr. Allen, U.S. Amnicrman. U. E. Aiumuni, 1 ' . C. Anderberg, M. R. Anway. M.D. Arbogast, T. D. Arceneaux, J. F. Ardern, W. E. Armbrust. 1 . H. Babcock, P. G. Bartaitis, P. F. Backus, L. A. Bacue, R. H. Bain, W. W, Jr. To pass — or not to poss. ?! ■!§. i T ' ilAiJ!JS!S9!SJi Bellotte, J. E. Bender, J. G. Bowers, J. K. Bowes, R. H. Bessenhoffer, L. C. Bielinski, B. T. Bovd, A. A.,]r. Bradshaw, M. F. sleet nor dark of nighl. Black. F. A. Bliden, V.J. Breckenridge, R. A. Bredvik, G. D. Bock, M.D. Brenci, R. L. Bodnar.J.J. Brlttenham, H.M. 153 •1 I Brockhagen, B. J. Broman, K. E. Brooks, J. B. Burns, T. V. Burwell, J. C. Bush, C. V. Cardoza, T. J. Carey, D- A. Carlson, T.O. Brown, R. M. Browning, W. M., Jr Butler,]. H. Butt, J. S. Carnes, C. P. Caruana, P. P. tm,B.S. t-W Vv WtS JSDSXSK acV a tii Sr IEStXBm Angel views cadet. Winter scene - USAFA style. 1,54 Clark, R.D. Clark, T. E. Clavm,J.R. Coates,J.L. Coleman, II. ()., Jr. Conant, H. C. Cooper, R. R. Cottrell, R. L. Davis, J. J, Jr. Davis, M.J. Davis, P. H. Davis, W. C, III Davoren, D. I, Jr. Day. L. E. Dean, M. R. F. Deberry, D. L. hi ' .ufci»au m :»tsr| Bryan, R. E. Bryant, V. F., Jr. Bunce, K. L. Butlerfield, D. H. Byrne, D. N. Byron, G. V. Bunker, P. G. Burns,]. L. Cubak,]., G.,Jr. Callin.G. D. Gary, B. S. Chapman, G. P. Christy, i l. T. Chubaty, A. R. Glack, R. H. Cowder, J. R. Cox, D. Dee, W. Degerman, R. L. For the love of a girl . Cox, J. J., Jr. DeUke, R. W. Culberson, B. P. Deluca, J., Jr. Dake, T. L. Denend, L. G. Dale, J. J. Derieg, T. F. They got us all, sooner or later. Daly, P. F. Davis, E.T. Desanto. R J.W Diesem, J.L. 1 ' ! U . mmkrtk ' •f 155 Hagar, H.,Jr. Hall, J. H. Harley, W. M. Harmon, L. C. Gardner, H. W. Goodeli, R. W. Green. W. T, Gaston, J. C. Goodman, J. D. Greenfield, J.L. Gaulke,G. W. Goold,M. D. Greer, G.W. Gavin, L. J. Gordon, D. L. Grizzle, K. H, Gebhardt, C. L. Gordv, T. O. Groves, W. C. CiH»iii,M-i GoiSiiaii.il. E t HaU, R. W.,Jr. Harris, R. D. Right lliere on the doHed . HalJev.G.W. Halligan,J. Haluska, J. J., Jr. Hamilton, R. A., II Harris, W.C. Hart, E. C, II Hathaway, J. H. V. Hauser,J.P. MWIIOll 1.58 Gibbons, M.F. GUchrist, R. M. Gill, A. B Co .IO I Gossman, R. F. Goutas,J. N. Graham, F. R. •■ ' • " «.»[ I Grunlcemeyer, D. Gude, F. K. GuUd, R. E. :iM Gilligan, K. B Graham, R. D. Gulick, L. E. (iilman, K. I.. Graves, G. D. Habedank, O. K. .r n And so it all bega llammerton, R. P. Hanes.J. W. Haney, C. W, Jr. Hannam.J.T. Hanneken, R. J. Har, K. C. Hawes, G. T. Hawkins, W. E. Haworth, D. A. Haycraft, D. L. Hayes, R. 1.. Heal, J. T. Haralson, V. W. Harbaugh, K. E. Heavner, R. O. Hegstrom, R. J. fUT M ' im 159 Hemeyer, K. P., Jr. Hemmel, C.J. Henderson, E. D. Hennage, D. W. Hentges, W. J. Hoffman, H. D.. Ill Hoffman, J. R. Hoffman, L. C. Hofmann, R. F. Holland, G. F. Huntley, G. M. Jackson, D. C. Jacobcik, J. D. Jamerson, J. L. Johnson, A. H., Jr. One sounds off on occasion, yet tries not to disploy emotic 1» l " ' " ' J Kalberer, K. F., Jr. Karasienski, F. J.J. Kautz, R. M. Kennan, V. V. Kellev, II. L. Kellogg, W. A. Kennedy,J.J. Kennedy, R. -,-. ' ' 5(tiuili.I I Koehler,J.D. Kohl. B K Kominnwd- d i i.-,,.,l. k n KorenberK, R J Kos. K | KowMlkowski, F F Krnvr, S H uM i yiJL 161 Kramer, H. R. Lee, R. M. Lohmann. D. P Kubat, E. A. Lefors, W. H. Lorenz, R. G. Kuhn.J.C.Jr. Leherissey, E. S. Lund, R. M. Laing, D.B. Lang, J. D., Jr. Lentz, 0. V. Leveritt, D. H. Lundquist, R. V. Lyons, L A. In spite of the necessity for haste. Manchess, VV. E. Manuel,]. A. Manzella, A. C, Jr. Marshall, R. B., Ill Martell, B. Martin, E. A. Martin, J. L. McBeth,R.D. McCarthy, G. W. McClellan, J. W. McCoUum, R. M. McCrackin, T. M. McDonald, D. J., Jr. McGehe,D.J. Martin, J. L. McGehee,]. B.,Jr. 162 I.drcau, K. 1). Larson, J. D. Lasli, 1 ' . E. Lavender, H. L. Lee, N. L, 111 Lilly, R. L. Lindahl, F. W. Lindner, W. E. Lloyd, M. H. Lockhart, K. E. MacEarlane, R. B.,Jr. Maguire, P. R. Mahan,C.R. Maher, E. A., Jr. Mahoney, R. V., Jr. I 4 mmsas ' - - ' Poop-Break " ■■■■ «BB BBSS ssB« i Sudden showers ore not un But nothing could dampen our spirits. Martin, R. D. Martinelli, D. R. Marlines, J. Matjasko, L. S. McKean,J.A. McKenzie, R. N W. McKnight, L. .M. McLain, J. M., Jr Mattison,G. F. Maxon, B.P. Maywald, P. V. Mazet, R, III McLaughlin, L. G. McMillan, J. K. McTasney, J. B. Meadows, S. L. V a 163 And Mater couldn t even get me up on Salurdoy mornings Nacrelli, G. A. Nardone, A. L. Nassir, A. Nau, D. C. Nauton. L. C. Jr. Nay, C. F. Neff, D. W. Nehring, J.A. Nuss, D. A. O ' Brien, H.J. O ' Conndl, M. J. Odefey, M. L. Ognibene, P. J. Ogren, C. D. O ' Lear, R.J. Oliver, C. W. !ii;n s ;itj[ t I mnitimtni s i s tl »i S f ifC- 164 IK !,; 5 ! Melia. T. F.,Jr. Melone. K. J. Miller,]. I). Mitchell, T. B. Murk, H. E. Murphy, R- L. Mercier, R. A. Merkle, G. R. Metcalf, F. L. Mitchell, W. B. Moore, B. L. Moore, P. M., Jr Murray, J. K. Musselwhite, G. E. Myers, B. L. With malice towards il»» siml ' ■ High school was never like this. Nenninger, G. L. Newberry, W. E. Newhouse, J. W ' ., II Niebur, J. E Olson,]. E. Olson, W.H. Ormond. R. T. Ott. [ D. Nogaki, W. S. Palazzolo, ]. V. At least the setting was impressive. Norris, ]. H. Norwood, W. I., Jr Nottingham, B. A. Paprowicz, R. D. Parker, G. VV. Parlette, R I, 165 Patterson, R. E. Patton, J. B. Payne, I. S., IV Pesmark, D. J. Peters, J. F. Pierson, T. C. Pirruccello, J. S. Poer, D. G. PoUitt, G. W. Pollock, R. G. Power, D.R. Prenez.J.E. Preston, C. A. Probst, L.J. Rader, R. F. ' Cheer up. Carter, it ' s about do ' Some knew the Model home under construction. Reisdorf, E. G. Rex, R. F. Rowell, G. A. Roy, R. VV. Reynolds, R. S. Rickards, C. J. Rigsbee, G. M. Ringler, D. L. Ritchie, W.J. Roemer, R. 1 Rudd, W. T. Russell, R. L Saban,G. H. Sahd, T. M. Sailors.] I, Sands. R 1, t ,1 1 w Slowik, R. A. Small, D.W. Smith, E. L. Taylor, D. |. Taylor, J. R. Teising, R. C. Savonin, S. J. Schnaidt, L. C. Schneider, D. K. Schroeder, T. Severson, L. L. Shaffer, C. G., Jr. Shagner, W A., II Sharp, T.M. Shuck, J. W. Shulack, R. A. Simmons, D. R. Simpson, C. S. Schuchter, J. F. Shaw, R. E. Simpson, R. B. r» ' »1 Sinlniiifio.. Slaioil- rr u. -«L.i,. Erudite eremites. Snow, H. T, Jr. Sorensen, R. . ' . Sorenson, N. Sprenkle, J. H. Springs, L. D. Terrell, T. F, III Tela, A. A. Thacker, V. L. Thies.J.C. Thomas, H. A., Jr. Sitiii4i.(; 168 Schuhmacher.J.E. Schulze, N. E., Jr. Schuman.J.D. Schweinle, V. E. Scolt.J.D. Shearer, E.L. SherrUl, G. H. Shillcutt, D. D. Shmoldas, J. D. Shriner, R. D. Simpson, W.H. Sims, R. B. Sirovalka, L. C. SkUling, D. A. Skoro, J. P., Jr. Try to visualize il . . . all white. the Delaware. Signed, Gnl Geo. Washington. ' Steinbrink, L. G. Slorms, R. D. Suby, S. F. Sula, R. L. Sutton, S. R. Thomas, L. T., Jr. Thompson, L. F, Jr. Thornton, J. E. Thyng,J.R. Tice, M. R. I form of free-loading. Tabor, R. A. Tate, J. P. Tax, F.J. Tippens, L. D. Tkac, J. G, Jr. Tomme, H. M. ILiii 169 " ■a " tp ' B • B f is3« i ,. r n m iM ip EJ3 ■x ' .H H -«-— — — t J m p.. J i m r r ' —J 7 - ■jM- . 1 Personnel ORRI DCS Comptroller LT. COL. D. H. BULL 174 Deputy Base Commander COL.JASPAR A. WESTBROOK ( DCS Civil Engineering LT. COL. J. L. CROSSEY mmm Chief of Staff COL. D.J.ROGERS DSC Materiel LT. COL. H. F. MURRAY Director of Administrative Services MAJ. W. H. MURPHY 175 judge Advocate COL. CHRISTOPHER H. MUNCH Director of Information Services COL. R.B. GOOD Director of Inspection LT. COL. J. H. McCULLOUGH 176 1 DCS Personnel COL. E. F. BOURNE, JR. -» Director of Hospitals COL. R. S. FIXOTT Director of Libraries LT. COL. G. V. PAGAN 177 i Protestant Cadet Chaplain COL. C. I. CARPENTER Catholic Cadet Chaplain COL. S.J. O ' CONNOR »•». ' S y Registrar LT. COL. V.G. O ' CONNOR Organist and Choirmaster MR. J. R. BOYD 178 ' Director of Athletics COL. GEORGE B. SIMLER Director of Physical Education LT. COL. CASAMIR J. MYSLINSKI Director of Intercollegiate Athletics MR. ROBERT JAMES 179 I Deputy Commandant for Airmanship Studies COL. GERARD G. WOLKE Director of Leadership Studies LT. COL. GABRIEL D. OFIESH Director of Military Studies LT. COL. L. J. CHURCHVILLE 180 rifeaiiifetfl ' w 1 Deputy Commandant For Cadet Wing Command COL. LOUIS T. SEITH Director of Cadet Wing Services LT. COL. C. R. DARNOLD 181 ■r t ' li 182 r rsSJBiiiiBa aBMBB W P.i»..i ■»— »»r. -z M I MRS. GAIL McCOMAS MRS. P. TURNER Cadet Wing Hostesses 1st Group AOC MAJ. EVERETTE L. MARCUM 1st Squadron AOC 2nd Squadron AOC CAPT. H. E. DUNIVANT CAPT. RUFUS M. MONTS 3rd Squadron AOC CAPT. FREDRICK J. HAMPTON 4th Squadron AOC MAJ. CHARLES M. HALL 184 r- . .. -. .-i m mm m - a RB 2nd Group AOC MAJ. R. A. DUNN I i 5th Squadron AOC CAPT. BILLY J. ELLIS 6th Squadron AOC CAPT. PATRICK E. McGILL 7th Squadron AOC 8th Squadron AOC MAJ. EARLE H. AMBROSE CAPT. PAUL M. INGRAM mm I .0» n 3rd Group AOC LT. COL. M. L. BOSWELL 9th Squadron AOC MAJ. WILLIAM A. PATCH 11th Squadron AOC MAJ.C.E. HAmSTON,JR. 10th Squadron AOC CAPT. RICHARD G. CARNRIGHT 12th Squadron AOC MAJ. JAMES D.WOODSON 186 d LT.Cl wio rutH-aDC. 4th Group AOC MAJ. LEONARD W. LILLEY 13th Squadron AOC LT. COMDR. W. N. SMALL 15th Squadron AOC CAPT. THOMAS F. BULLOCK 14th Squadron AOC CAPT. RALPH W. STEPHENSON 16th Squadron AOC MAJ. JAMES G. SANDMAN 187 r Department of Military Studies Def Director of Military Studies LT. COL. L. J. CHURCHVILLR Standing: Capts. Hite, K. F.: Baxter, W. H.; Mullaney. D. M.; Crane, G. A. Seated: Lcdr J. N. Price, It. Col. L. J. Churchville, Maj. R. M. Pomeroy. Absent: Wg Cdr R. W. G. Freer, Sqdn Ldr K. A. Martin. I n «!5« Department of Leadership Studies Director of Leadership Studies LT. COL. GABRIEL D. OFIESH standing: Capl. Lyie D. Koapke, Copt. Mathews M. Collins, TSgt. William L. Brooks, MSgt. Vernon D. Doyhotf, Capt. Joseph P. Sey- moe (U.S.A.). Sealed: Capt. John A. Magee, Jr.. Lt. Colonel William G. Ryan, LI. Colonel Gabriel D. Ofiesh, Major Edwin G. Triner. Copt. Robert E. Stockhouse. Back row, leh to right; Major Arthur R. Steiger, Moj. George E. Yole, Jr., Copt. John E. Chrisinger, Copt. Martin M. Bretling, Copt. Loren A. Anderson. Front row: Lt. Col. Gage H. Crocker, Colonel GerhordI C. Clemenlson (Professor), Lf. Col. James H. Polve [Assoc. Professor). Moj. Jean G. Goppert. Professor of Aeronautics COL. GERHARDT C. CLEMENTSON Department of Aeronautics Department of Astronautics Professor of Astronautics COL. RICHARD C. GIBSON Standing, left to right: Copl. Joe E. Anderson, Jr., Copt. Norbert D. LaVolly, Copt. Daniel S. Barnes, Capl. Ever! D. Wilmoth. Copt. Roger W. Johnson. Sealed, left to right: Copt. Roland E. Thomos, Lt. Col. Robert E. Collier, Copl. Roger R. Bote. Not shown: Copt. George T. James, Jr., Col. Richard C. Gibson (Depl. Heod). J£ igr vna Back Row: Capl. Calvin H. Schmid, Lt. Douglas L. Smith. Copt. James E. Banks, LI. Fred D. Bartleson, Jr., Capt. Willis S. Anderson. Lt. Arthur P. Roun, Copt. Henry W. Porlett, Copt. Francis X. Keill. Capl. Lowell A. King, Capt. Hormon C. Agnew, Capl. Loris D. Whipple. Front Row: Moj. James W. McForland, Capt. William F. Goodner, Moj. Willis A. Cude, Jr., Lt Col. Morrison E. Kee, Jr., Col. Williom T. Woodyord, Moj. Milton D. Sprinkel, Moj. Robert L. Taylor, Copt. Fronk M. Hammock. n ' liaulics Department of Chemistry Professor of Chemistry COL. WILLIAM T. WOODYARD Department of Economics Professor of Economics LT. COL. WAYNE A. YEOMAN Moj. William E. Block, Copt. Bob L. Whitfield, Moj. Hirom C. Caroom, Moj. C. A. Strown. Moj. Robert G. Toylor, Moj. Robert E. Pursley, Copt. JeHerson A. Simpson, Moj. Chorles E. Tychsen, Lt. Col. Woyne A. Yeoman, Copt. John Hansel, Jr. mm i Front Row (Seoted I to R): Copl. Charles Barnett; Maj. Alfred E, Junod. LI. Colonel Al lonse R. Miele; Colonel George L. Holcomb; Maj. Joseph J. Bednarski, Major Manuel C. Castro. Second Row (Standing): Copt. Charles W. Hammond; Capl. Robert F. C. Winger, Copl. Robert A. Carlone; Copt. Lorry H. Jockson; Capl. Jaime Orliz-Lopez; Capt. Yves R. Geneste; I si Lt. Gleg V. SuzdaleH. Department of Foreign Languages Professor of Foreign Languages COL. GEORGE L. HOLCOMB Dep Front Row (Sealed L to R): Copt. Arnold A. Anderson; Copt. Edward T. Ryan; Copt. Rich- ord S. SteHel; Mojor Robert E. Duvall, Capt. Peter H. Davison; Capt. Julius M. Blum. Second Row (Standing): Capt. Jomes Ivan Miller, Jr.; I st Lt. Louis J. Gregory; Capt. Roy D- Green; Capt. Charles R. Carney; Capt. Williom L.Roche; I si Lt. Gleg V. SuzdaleH. Fhl Im I, Col, lin, M Back Row, lehlo right: Capl. Elmer H. Green. Major Robert M, Lowry. Jr.. Copt. William B. Wilson, Major William R. Manlove, Copt. William J. Quirk, Capt. Robert A. Walsh. Copt. James L. Singleton. Sealed, leh to right: Major Elbert J. Hagin, Lt. Col. Waller W. Long. Colonel James V. G. Wilson (Head of the Department). LI. Col. Thomas K. Oli Major Ray S. Basham. Professor of Electrical Engineering COL. JAMES V, G. WILSON Department of Electrical Engineering Department of English Professor of English COL. PETER R. MOODY ■(W N i First Row: Maj. Miner, Maj. Weese. Lt. Col. Jackson, LI. Col. Thompson, Col. Moody, LI. Col. Linn, Maj. Carpenter, Maj. Cox. Second Row: Copt. Weaver. Copt. Briand. Capt. Bacon, 1 si LI. Wokin, Copt. Mendelsohn. Maj. Roberts. Copt Henney, Maj. Lucas. IstLt. Honey. Copt. Cook. Third Row: Copt. Berthelot, 1 st Lt. Pierce, IslLt. Kitch, Capt. Powell, i St LI. Hand. I si Lt. Bauer, Capl. Vollmann, Capl. Sweetser, 1 si LI. Kelly . 19.3 i Front Row: Copt. W.J. Acker, Ll Col. W. L. Baxfer, 1 Lt. O. C. Potion. Boclc Row: Copt. W. M. Roberts, Jr., Moj. J. R. Byron, Copt. A. G. Lockord, Copt. L. C. L. Browne, Maj. L. E. Lorson, Copt. A. B. Cole. Professor of Geography and Cartography LT. COL. WYLIE L. BAXTER Department of Geography Cartography Department of History Professor of History LT. COL. JOHN R. SALA Top Row, teft to Right: Copt. Louis P. Murray, Copt. Norman D. Eaton, Moj. Arthur R. Kirkpalrick, Copt. Wm. J. Thorpe, Copt. Wm. E. Simons, Copt. Glenn E. Wesson, Copt. Albert H. Thelonder, Copt. John Schlighl, Copt. Richard J. Morrisey, Copt. Thomas A. Julian, Copt. David H. Zook, Copt. Harold D. Shultz, Capt. Wm. L Richardson. BoHom Row, teft to Right: Moj. Duane C. Tway, LI. Colonel John L. Sutton, LI. Colonel Silos R. Molyneaux, LI. Colonel John R. Solo, LI. Colonel John A. Kerig, Lt. Colonel Wilbert H. Ruenheck. Lt. Colonel Eldon W. Downs. ' - - " ' ' ' ' OL ' rapliy Major David B. Stevens. Major Clarence E. Barnes, Mojor Charles M. Seeger, Major King D. Sii Colonel Christopher H. Munch, LI. Colonel William L. Koch. Professor of Law COL. CHRISTOPHER H. MUNCH on, U. Colonel Robert W. Michels, Department of Law Department of Mechanics Professor of Mechanics COL. ARCHIE HIGDON Copt. Chorles C. Neyhart, Copt. John L. Baldner, Copt. Gordon M. Gray. Capt. Tyler W. Tandler. 1 Lt. Jerold N. Christiansen, Capt. L. C. Browne. Moj. Frank F. Marvin. Maj. John A. Barricklow, Col. Archie Higdon, L Col. Lee R. Standifer, Moj. Robert G. Val- pey, Capt. R. Ramon Bonanno. From Row, Left to Right: Copl. John C. Gall. Copt. Lawrence G. Campbell, LI. Col. Jean C. Hempstead, LI. Col. Robert M. EIrick, Colonel John W. Aolt, Lt. Col. John W. Ouerry, Copt. Boyd W. Johnson, Capt. Jomes C. Marsh. Back Row: Copt. Paul V. Vegna, Copt. Richard L. Eisenmon, Copl. Robert H. Johnston, Capt. Joseph W. Best, Major Arthur W. Banister, Copl. John R. Cragin, Capt. Robert S. Slizeski, Copt. Verle Johnston, Capt. Leonard R. Howell, Capt. Malcolm E. Ryan. Department of Mathematics Professor of Mathematics COL. JOHN W. AULT Front Row. Left to Right: Copt. Billy J. Welch, Copt. Michael J. Steger. Capt. William R Lambert, Capt. James H. Sullivan, Copt. Jock T. Humphries, Copt. Bradford C. Heoly Capt. Ray W. Oesch, Capt, Edward Anlion. Back Row: Copt. Richard R. Erbschloe, Mojo Norman H. Smith, Copt. Nicholas P. Callas, Copt. Marvin C. PaHon, Mojor Rex K. Moor heod, Copt. Billy D. Harrison, Capt. Wells P. Rollins. 1 st Lt. David R. Borr. 196 _j 2i 1 Sealed. Left lo Right: Copl. Edgar F. Puryeor, Jr., Mo|. Joseph D. Cortez, Mo|. Ralph B. Hemmig, Copt. Helmuth L. Uken. 1 LI- Edward J. Bochniak. F L. Robert R. Barber (RCAF), Copl. Donald D.Zurowski, LI. Donald D. Aldern(USN). Standing: Copt. Boyd A. Wolson, Copt. John F. Reilly. Copl. David J. Colgon, Capt. Charles H. Brown, Jr., Copt, Henry A. Beiderbecke, Copl. Fred E. Glover, Copl. Francis J. McGouldrick, Jr., Copt. William H. Gibson, Copt. Wolter C. Downing. Director of Navigation LT. COL. VICTOR C. CONWAY Department of Navigation Department of Physics Professor of Physics COL. ARCHIE HIGDON SiHing: Major Melvin R. Keller, Major Seymour Shwiller, Colonel Archie Higdon, Pro- fessor and Head; Lt. Colonel Lewis L. Bowen, Major Kermit C. Koericher, ond Lt. Colonel Roy T. Croslond. Standing: Capt.Brice C.Custer, Copt. Jomes O. Alderman, 1st Lt. Harry I. Axelrod, Copt. Clyde C. Reynolds, Capt. James D. BuH, and Copt. Craig W. Gridley. i tfHH mm Front Row, loh to Right: Capl. Jack M. Steger, Capl. Michael F. McNomara. Capt. Roy L. Anderson, Jr., Lt. Colonel James F. Frakes. Copt. Richard E. Russ, 1 si Lt. Robert D. Peck. Jr., Capt. Richard L. Fritts. Bock Row, Left to Right: Mojor Robert B. Spear, Capl. E. Rox Shain, Major Frederick F. Cook, Capl. Robert M. Sullivan, Jr., Capl. Wolter A. Lenz, Mr. Nicholas G. Tolh, Capl. Alfred M. Miller, Jr., I st Lt. Fronk M. Verducci, Copt. Edward P. Matthews, Jr. Department of Physical Education Director of Physical Education LT. COL. CASIMIR J. MYSLINSKI Front Row, Leh to Right: Major John D. Ludlow, LI. Colonel Casimir J. Myslinski, Karl A. Kilt. Arne U. Arnesen. Capl. Charles W.Oliver, Capl. Edwin H. King. Jr., Major Laurence E. Owens. Back Row. Loft to Right: Capt. Paul S. Cieland. Jr., Capt. Ronold G. Allen, I si LI. Richard D. Cononl, Capl. Carl B. Crews. si Lt. Gerald C. Lawrence. I si LI. James N. Bowman, Capl. Lloyd C. Corder, Copt. Garrett D. Buckner. I st LI. Donald J. Sutton. ft w I, III L ' . jaws N, Front Row, I lo R: Copt. Owen S. Nibley, Capt. Williom F. Lockman, Copt. Robert W. Koernig, Lt. Col. Wesley W. Posvar. Copt. Richord C. Bowman. Copt. Lorry J. Lorsen, Moj. William F. Flonnigan. Second Row, L to R: Copt. Russell T. Newman, Capt. Thomas Professor of Political Science LT. COL. WESLEY T. POSVAR Department of Thermodynamics BoHom Row, I to R: LI. Colonel John S. Ingham, LI. Colonel George F. Bobits, Colonel Poul H. Done, LI. Colonel Edward M. Rex, Major William R. Fuchs. Top Row, I to R: C. Pinckney, Copt. John C. Ries, Moj. Wallace H. Griffith, Copt. Dean S. Gausche, Capt. John J. Boyne, Capt. Jacob S. Refson, Copt. Donald W. Golvin, Capt. Richard F. Rosser, Copt. Robert M. Whiloker, Copl. Jock E. Freemon, Moj. Oscar H. Rechtschoffen. Department of Political Science Professor of Thermodynamics LT. COL. PAUL H. DANE Captain Arnim L. Brontley, Captain Jerome F. Noleid, Captain Darwin R. Hamilton, Captain William H. Loomis, Mojor Donald S. Lopez, Coptoin Emmett A. Niblock, Jr. tmm mm! I They showed us the way A v:-: : ' - ' a f ' c ' vmsffm U »i ' J s , " ' • ' 1 J0 Varsity Sports tw ? ' Football .■ AFA 20 Wyoming 7 AFA 27 Trinity 6 AFA 21 Idaho AFA AFA 3 20 Oregon UCLA 20 7 AFA 13 Army 13 AFA Missouri 13 AFA 22 Arizona 15 AFA 27 New Mexico 28 AFA 7 Colorado 15 Won 5 Lost 4 Tied 1 Officer Rep.: Col J. G. V. Wilson 204 BEN MARTIN Head Coach Front Row: Phil Lane, Bob Brickey, Dan Johnson, George Pupich. Howie Bronson, Rich Moyo. Neal Rountree, MikeOuinlan. Second Row: Charles Moores, Sam Hcrdage, Jim Kerr, Randy Cubero, Mike Rawlins, Charles Worack, John Kuenzel, Chorles Waterman. Third Row: Monte Moorberg, Bob Wagner, Bob Best, Tom Walker, Charles McCain. Pete Bobko. Jim Goodley, Doug McConnell. Fourth Row: Charles Dixon, Lyie Wilson, Reb Jones, John Flanagan, Bob Baxter, E. C. Newman, Ron Stoner. Filth Row: Joe Morgan, Mike Tietge, Jock Bright, Jim Hinkle, Henry Hudson, Jack McDonough, DickSchoof, Bob Sloib, Sixth Row: Bill Zersen, Frank Kiszely, Ray Sievers, Leo Johnson, Marty Pricks, John Moore, Gordon Wilson, Vern Kenley, I « •»■» Miif(fr(b, FOOTBALL STAFF Capl. John Gurski, Tom Berry, Ben Mortin, Copl. Tom Bokke. Lt Pepper Rodgers, Copt. John Ignorski HOWIE BRONSON Team Captain 205 (• " J.L i :?• • £ BOTTL€S| k While the wing cheered. then drove hord. nd finolly broke through. jC 207 ? Then »he Falcons turned to night tactics to defeat 209 AFA-USMA 13 13 210 r.twiDr: ' i]mi8i{«ixiiJ sisiinsaiai ' ¥ Q r ' fflijfisitpi jwFiiassBiiitnem I ■I They hod control of 213 -: ' IJ ' i ■ We struck first, 214 but the BuHs came back . I ■ ' . I 3J lliQ Ii:.i3rj iif. i . ' ■ ■ ' .■« 215 - f» ' ' Basketball AFA 49 Creighton 56 AFA 54 Nebraska 69 AFA 53 Denver 56 AFA 52 Notre Dame 67 AFA 36 Okla. St. 62 AFA 90 Omaha 41 AFA 63 Loyola 50 AFA 66 West. St. 59 AFA 61 Mont. St. 67 AFA 90 New Mex. Highlands 68 AFA 57 Wyoming 53 AFA 76 UCLA 75 AFA 70 Marquette 68 AFA 84 Colo. Mines 54 AFA 68 So. Dakota 67 AFA 66 Arizona 73 AFA 71 Arizona St. 78 AFA 71 East New Mex. 47 AFA 65 Regis 58 AFA 63 Depaul 69 MAJOR SPEAR Head Coach Won 12, Lost 10 Officer Rep.: Col. William Woodyard I 216 Front Row: Moj Bob Spear (Coach). Tony Long, Ron Deep Rep.). Second Row: Capl Dove Mulloney (Ass ' l Coach), (Ass ' l Coach). Third Row: Jim Conboy (Trainer), Kent Lan (Ass ' t Coach) Fourth Row: Managers Rolph Ford. Wilham . 1 Wolfswinkel, Jim Ulm. Terry Norris, Col. Wilhom Woodyard (OH. Knipp, Henry Viccelho, Haven Hill. John Slover, Capt. Bill Wilson s, Lorry Jensen. Bob Schoumberg. Daryl Olson. Copt. Joe Bradley Ronold Fullerton, Brad Van Sonl g|g| ' MHSt iSiiw lH °»C5 ¥« Don ' t sweat it (ellos; I ' ve got ill 217 Long DON WOLFSWINKEL Team Captain I told you I ' d kick it, if 218 TPii— ;, £raaas«ismKtti iiM- Hat Set out of he II looks hard this way. Perhaps a jump . 219 iM II MACH 0005 accompanied by „Mm I nd they did - and he did - or did he 1 non-rated friend Mr. Viccelllo and nonplussed friends Don ' t you wisfi everyone did? 221 Baseball AFA 3 New Mexico AFA 12 New Mexico 3 AFA 1 Arizona 13 AFA 7 Arizona 19 AFA Arizona 4 AFA 13 Denver 10 AFA 5 Morningside 4 AFA 2 Arizona 16 AFA 4 Arizona 9 AFA 2 Wyoming 7 AFA 7 Wyoming 15 AFA 12 Colorado 11 AFA 12 Denver 14 AFA 15 Western State AFA 2 Regis AFA 12 Regis 8 AFA 6 Colo. State U. 2 AFA 10 Colo. State U. AFA 9 Wyoming 8 AFA 12 Colo. College 4 AFA 18 Colo. College 1 AFA 4 Colo. State Col. 13 AFA 13 Colo. State Col. Won 14, Lost 9 12 222 CAPT. W. B. LAWRENCE Coach Officer Rep.: Lt. Col. V. J. O ' Connor First Row: Rudy Bow, John Staples, Mike Quinlon, Norm Holler, Bob Schaumberg, Terry Norris, Clark Wolker. Second Row: Kirk Clark, Doug Wode. Dove Pederson, Jim Kyle, Ed Mortinelli, Troy Tomlin. Third Row: Alex Harwick, Lorry Moore. Kent Lommers, Jerry Doniel, Mike Major, Andy Bonford. Fourth Row: Assl. Coach Mike McNon Conover, Mgr; To Wendy Lavs Don Walson, Paul Robinsi This is better than fishin 223 Most impressive stadium around. NORM HALLER Team Captain -y - .«M .- %- ' - — • ' • i ' M i i »lV ♦» i%(i«IHHH«ilit i!4rJiiU ' ; liMiiiiii tflH But we always hove that tempting target up on the hill. We even acted as our own spectators. 225 Track AFA 44 CSU 83 AFA 61 New Mex. Track Club 70 AFA 96 Wyoming 35 AFA 61 New Mexico 69 AFA 76y2 Colo. U. 49y2 Denver U. 36 AFA 33 Nebraska 98 AFA 49 BYU 82 AFA 39 Arizona 91 Colorado Univ. Relays: New Mex. 18, CU 12, AFA 11, Kans. St. 9, CSU 8, SMU 7, DU 1. Won 3, Lost 6 Officer Rep.: Capt. Ty Tandler 226 MR. A. U. ARNESEN Coach Front Row: James Morton (Mgr). Bill Currier. Niels Jensen, Austin Wedemeyer, Dove Carlstrom, Tony Bilello (Co-Copt.), Miles Kaspor (Co-Copt.), Josepti Corlong, John Ko- hout. Second Row: Copt. Jock Steger, Jotin Brucher. John Rogers, Bob Fisher, John Fer, Gory Boughmon, Butch Viccellio, Jim Polk, Coach Arne Arnesen. Third Row: Doug McConnell, Fred Sonzenbocher. Dick Perlolto, Bill Foster, Randy Hertzog, Dove Ro Roy SloHord, Dick Schehr. Fourth Row: Capt. Hal Shultz, Jim D ' Entremont, Bob Co nolly. Will Holbrow, Dick Parker, Norm Roderick, Capt. Ed Matthews, Capt. Ty Tande ft XtiTOP-, W ' rotc Sara ;» .rno. ' CJ TI. L .VlJAi I H . U ' k m l ' , 7 i UEM " " " Wdem ' .or- % . : - I S I I how you look at it. r fleeMooted Falcons . are way out front. 227 f Gy mnastics AFA 84 Denver 19 AFA 35 Illinois 76 AFA 29 So. Illinois 82 AFA 85 Brigham Young 27 AFA 83 Arizona 29 AFA 74- 2 CSU 37y2 AFA 71 Colo. Univ. 41 AFA 58 72 UCLA 691 2 AFA 69 Colo. St. 43 AFA 34 Minnesota 78 All College Invitational: 1st Place AFA 169 Rocky Mountain AAU Ch anipionships: 1st Place AFA 137 y2 w on 6, Lost 4 Officer Rep. Lt. Col. John Kerig CAPT. BOB SULLIVAN Coach 230 Front Row: Arthur Lewis, Paul O ' Connor, Mike Love (Teom Copt.), Lee Butler, John Rousch Second Row: Copt. Bob Sullivan (Coach). Dovid Hmiel, Gerard Young. James O ' Rourke, Rondell Schoumberger, James Wilhelm, LI, Col. Kerig (OH. Rep.). Third Row: Richard Hovi-ell (Mgr.|, Albert Johansen, Paul Sullivan, David Wiest, John Hendricks. M •« KDiHt ik ]] T heck with pilot training. Sullivan ' s Pride takes to the 231 I I i i This sporl give A very peculiar outlook on li(e About now, one alwoys wanders if those two are REALLY READY. li 232 Everything ' s upside do Some bors Ihey love lo s 233 Soccer A FA 2 Wyoming 1 AFA 5 Colorado 3 AFA 3 Wvoming 1 AFA 6 Colo. Mines 2 AFA 1 Army 4 AFA 3 Royal Roads Acad. AFA 1 Colo. Mines AFA 1 Colorado 2 Won 6, Lost 2 Officer Rep.; Lt. Col. George F. Babits 234 MR. ARNE U.ARNESEN Coach Front Row, Left to Right; Steve Ho, Robert Weight. Jaspar Hordison, Andy Biancur, Dale Thompson (Capt.|, Dave Sweigort. Don Singer, Sidney Newcomb, Billy Delony, Robert Scholler, Dove Horlon. Second Row, Left to Right: Arne Arnesen (Head Coach), Charles Price. Ron Miller, Dove Roe, John Taylor, Tom McAtee, Bill Gritfis, Lorry Shewmaker, Dove Pederson, Lymon Marshall. Robert Kuchle Coach). Third Row, Left to Right: Charles Thomi Fairlomb, Douglas Cairns, Paul Dean, Ron Staples, ski. Wing Comdr. Bob Freer (Ass ' t i (Mgr.), Roger Woodbury, Richard iteve Nielson, Al Horwick. ' ■ 1 ,i? ( y " mfA Iw " • mBi mitfi is ' ' ii sK m i m ■ ' S Ever notice how soccer players can always find something to kick obout? 236 ' tt£. 1 1 iMJl W»ll.Wlllllllll liJ,M» 1$ i 1 -s Fencing AFA 20 AFA 16 AFA 10 AFA 15 AFA 19 AFA 10 AFA 12 AFA 22 AFA 13 Arizona Wisconsin Illinois Iowa Michigan Notre Dame Denver Fencing Club Kansas Denver Fencing Club 7 11 17 12 8 17 15 5 11 Western Intercollegiate Conference: 1st Place AFA 84 points AFA Foil Team won team title AFA Sabre Team won team title AFA Epee Team placed second Won 6, Lost 5 Officer Rep.; Lt. Col. J. L. Jackson MR. NICHOLAS TOTH Coach FronI Row: John Houschildt, Daniel Donovan, Paul Clonton, Morris Smith, John Ells- worth. Second Row: Robert Woelfel (Mgr.), Keith Keppen, Robert Holcomb, Peter Holmes-Roy, John Browning, Phillip Cooke, Gary Forrest, Dean Bristow (Mgr). Third 237 Row: Addison Thompson, Charles Turner, Robert Da Murle Wilson, George Mines, David Haines. (Team Capl.), John Wolcotl, 1 ; 5 n «d ■ m f f Wrestling - A FA Colo. St. Coll. 28 AKA 16 Adams State 14 A FA 11 Denver 15 AFA 25 Ft. Havs ( Kans.) 11 A FA 30 Nebraska 10 AFA 6 Kansas State 22 AFA 17 UCLA 9 AFA 9 CSU 15 AFA 8 CU 20 AFA 5 Colo. Mines Won 4, Lost 6 26 MR. KARL KITT Coach Front Row: Mr. Karl Kitt (Cooch). Edward Spicer. Jim Fey, Ben Furuta, Donald Heacox. Harold Keck, Charles Franco, Dove Luce (Mgr.). Second Row: Capt. Dick Fritts (Ass ' t v Coach), Joe Zaieski, Tom Sutton, Richord Day, Terry Jo Edward Motekew, Lt. Bob Strickland (Ass ' t Cooch). , Wayne Kendall (Team Capt). T A r IS iCADEif I ICADEMT C4Drjrr mmimii These boys really gef all wrapped up in their work. 241 Swimming AFA 63 AFA 23 AFA 69 AFA 53 AFA 48 AFA 63 AFA 50 AFA 53 AFA 75 AFA 63 AFA 56 Colo. Mines Oklahoma Colo. State Univ. Nat. Univ. ofMex. Utah Colo. St. Coll. Wyoming Denver New Mexico Colo. Univ. Texas Tech. 32 71 26 42 47 32 44 42 19 32 39 W ' voniing Relays at Laramie; l-Wvoming 60, 2-Colo. St. Coll. 33, 3-Utah 30, 4-AFA 25, 5-Colo ' . St. Un. 20, 6-Colo. Univ. 18, 7-Utah St. 14, 8-New Mexico 8. Won 10, Lost 1 Officer Rep.: Lt. Col. A. R. Miele 242 CAPT. PAUL CLELAND Coach Front Row: Bob Smith (Mgr.), Dave Reed, Derry Adomson, Team Caploin; Jerry Fa quhar, Kirk Canterbury, Denny O ' Keefe. Second Row: Al Bloisdell, Jim Poole, Dick Fal lamb, Jim Hourin, Mike Blaisdell. Third Row: Copt. Paul Cleland, Coach; Bob Porker Phil Hepburn, Tom Hutchison, Jim Whitted, Copt. Bill Agre, Ass ' t Coach, iiH This is a very rare specie— iwn .,Ji wJ 243 IW-efcV. — AFA 5 AFA 1 AFA 6 AFA AFA 1 AFA 9 AFA AFA AFA 5 AFA 2 AFA 5 AFA 8 AFA 4 AFA 5 AFA 1 Tennis Colo. St. Denver Colo. College Brigham Young Utah Colo. Mines Wyoming Wyoming Regis Denver Colo. College Western St. Colo. Univ. Regis New Mexico Won 7, Lost 8 Officer Rep.: Maj. Charles Seegar r r 244 CAPT. CHARLES OLIVER Coach Front Row: Norm Campbell. Mgr.; Worren Haslooer, Charlie Hale, Bob Scouzillo, Carl Renoud, Larry Shewmoker. Kenneth Fisher. Dick Ramsey. Second Row: Ma|. Chorles Seegar, Officer Rep.; Jerry Stack, Captain; Bob Roger. Charles Upton. Steve Bishop. Paul Dean. John Stackhouse, Capt. Charles Oliver, Cooch. . -1 3 S|gggg||g|fev_ 4. i„. j; JL -- M fsams .w — ■ j- : A. ..jeij A VV 245 1 Golf AFA 10 ' 2 Denver 29y2 AFA 11 Colo. College 1 AFA 5V2 Arizona 21V2 AFA 2 ' 2 Arizona 241 2 AFA 12V2 Wyoming 81 2 AFA 16 Colo. College 2 AFA 101 2 Denver 121 2 AFA 41 2 New Mexico 101 2 AFA 3V2 Colo. Univ. 231 2 AFA i4y2 Regis 121 2 AFA 13 Colo. St. Univ. 14 AFA 972 Wyoming 8 1 2 Colorado College Invitational; 1-Houston 880, 2-Okla. St. 890, 3-New Mex. 924,4-Okla. 956, 5-Utah 957, 6-Colo. Univ. 959, 7-Colo. St. Univ. 970, 8-East. N. Mex. 976, 9-Denver 982, 10-AFA 985, 11-Wyoming 1009, 12-Colo. Coll. 1031. Won 5, Lost 7 Officer Rep.: Capt. Tom Armour 246 CAPT. ROX SHAIN Coach Front How: Lew Svitenko, Mark Anderson, Jerry Lefton, Larry Kornowski (Coptain elect), Jim Mills, Jim Hourin Second Row: Copt. Rox Shain (Coach), Jock Swonson, Pete King (Mgr.), Chris Brown, Chuck Croll, Tom Hutchinson (Mgr), Copt. Tom Armour (Off. Rep.). iSlullNH»ll«i .3 « ' .Vj£,-j v " They follow in (he footsteps of on illustrious militory r im Who linows whol such training could lead to? 247 4 Cross Country AFA 28 Okla. St. 31 AFA 28 Ft. sai 75 AFA 29 Colo. Univ. 26 AFA 21 Nebr. St. Teachers 35 AFA 30 So. Calif. 25 AFA 23 Stanford 36 AFA 22 UCLA 34 AFA 15 Royal Roads Acad. 43 AFA 23 New Mexico 32 NCAA Meet: 1-Mich. St. 44, 2-Houston 120, 3-Iowa 134, 4-Notre Dame 141, 5-Iowa St. 153, 6-Army 160, 7-Indiana 185, 8-AFA 188, 9-Penna. 213, 10-Syracuse 226, 11-Alfred Univ. 241, 12-Miami Univ. 335. ' Won 7, Lost 2 Officer Rep.; Lt. Col. W. L. Baxter 248 CAPT. ED MATTHEWS Coach Front Row: Joe Mondel, John Fer, Tony Bilello (Team Copt.), Dave Carlslrom, Austin Wedemeyer. Second Row: Ken Fleming. Sidney Abbott. Bill Foster, Dick Parker. Third Row: Copt. Ed Matthews (Coach), Copt. Jack Steeger (Ass ' t Coach), Dick Perlolto, Will Holbrow, John Starkey (Mgr.), Lt. Col. Baxter (OH. Rep.). Akibtiivititfliit i iMnB-jiti6iiiiiiJ!aMi]igiijr.iiviiitf. The Acodemy ' s best equipped learn — they had training space golo 249 Skiing I ' niversity of Wyoming Invitational: l-Denver 376.3, 2-Colorado Univ. 364.7, 3-Wyoming 338.7, 4-lItah 327.4, 5-Western St. 317.2, 6-AFA 205.6. Officer Rep.: Col. Evan F. Bourne 250 CAPT. PAUL INGRAM Coach left lo Right: Copt. Paul Ingram (Coach), Richard Shepard, Joseph Dryden, George Larson. Stuart Boyd, Michael Schieber, Peter Burton, Bruce Hinds, Eric Vettergren, Richard Milnes, Frederic Hawkins, Sidney Abbott, Col. E. F. Bourne (Off. Rep.). |P ' -flC: ' ' fc V iJlllfflniiiifflBliJlii A M M Environmentally speaking, they were ideally situated. 251 I RiHe Colo. Mines 1353 Nebraska 1401 VPI 1406 Wisconsin 1386 Ohio State 1403 Okla. State 1349 Colo. U. AFROTC 1334 CSU 1399 California Invitational: 1-Calif. 1424, 2-AFA 1422, 3-San Francisco Univ. 1409, 4-San Jose St. 1406, 5-UCLA 1393, 6-Calif. (Davis Branch) 1376, 7-Calif. NROTC 1311. Won 8, Lost AFA 1427 AFA 1427 AFA 1427 AFA 1426 AFA 1429 AFA 1429 AFA 1427 AFA 1429 252 M SGT GEORGE BOLEY Coach From Row: Wilfred Goodson (Team Copt.). Richord Duvall, Conrad Biegalski, Beau Gabel, Richard Johnson, GeoHrey Engels. Richard Kingman. Second Row: John Smith (Mgr.), Howard Bodenhamer, Larry Freeman, David Bockelman, Clifford Fallon, Carlos Cochrane, Robert 5cauzillo, Douglas McConnell, George Luck. Thomas Eller, Denis Walsh, Richard Mickel. Jules Viquesney, Robert Bartley, Alex Zimmerman, M Sgt Boley. mmaLLj :,! i,iiiMtwi»}aw«wii.i «iJiMiaja.Wiaiii;- ' -W.If Dirs • " rniki ' ia The local fauna ave learned not to trifle with these sharpshooters. Pistol A FA 1309 Ent AFB 1355 AFA 1332 Wisconsin 1326 AFA 1340 Lackland AFB 1426 AFA 1331 Ent AFB 1367 AFA 1332 ARADCO 1404 AFA 1332 Ft. Carson 1330 AFA 1332 Colo. Mines 1209 AFA 1333 Army 1382 AFA 1334 Texas A M Won 3, Lost 6 1381 254 M SGT. A. S. YOUNG Coach Standing: Pacino. Gene; Young, Andrew, M Sgt; Foley, Paul; Holes, Williom; Flygore, Gordon; Peel, James; Guilmortin, John Goodenough, Russell; Pemberton, Daniel; Rhodes, Harold; Trotogott, Peter; Merkel, Philip; Howe. Henry; Werrell, Kenneth. T :i26 m IK; Looking back we can feel a great sense of accomplishment from the deeds recorded on the preceding pages. The teams we fielded in every sport did much to focus national attention on the Academy and also to establish a reputation for fairness and clean-playing, which we are sure future cadets will cherish as long as USAFA teams participate in intercollegiate sports. - .-«Wi : ' w wsamm rt Intramural Sports f We definitely had o ball whe : started this little 258 H he survives-he s made o first d Intramural Sports We had no large crowds to fill the stands and cheer us on. In fact, we didn ' t even have the stands. Nevertheless, we fought to win in a league that was tough. One season on the Falcon Eleven would be followed closelv by a season in an intramural rugbv uniform. Each of us got to know the taste of blood and sweat mixed liberally with victory and defeat. MacArthur long ago explained the purpose: " On the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that on other days and other fields will bear the fruits of victory. " As the sun sank in the West-so did most of us. m 3i ■fi T tmmt. ft |k i. V ilL 1»„- - y i 77 ' % ' -« ... The Pro ' s could learn much (rom us Poise, Preclsion-ond most of oll-lhe obility lo recuperate lost r ' m. 2!t 259 5 Efc " l It ' s not how you play. Wj IIIMMWMliMMIIIMililHMjJWIiifefi Hiis silly game depends PMKECfMWBJfflSWKHMlRSSl c mm i i 1 264 rl— they won ' t play polo in the wotei fit krmm :9 I ' TS ' e t .A 2V . -r --.-J3| S .-j ' -mn. — . - -= IBBp; Ever throw a golf boll with a bushel basket?- That ' s la 265 m CS .: ' j« . V ..m »5I - —J - WP Jl w esembled Frustrated Sailo 0 V i B 270 ■KQSVb.fl Handy. Great Developer of Poise, Agility and Vocobulo 271 1 m ; ff f Rugged Rugby I « gr 274 ■dtti f 7 ' pi ' m ■%[tmmm ' ' ■l ' fmwm! ' Wmmlsml m i -- i •.• . kJ i « Jk ha i] " 1 mm Rumples Red-Togs (Also Blue, Yellow ond Gray). i . ■dM 275 SjSMti ' • " f 1 lai HU JH Jl; jy uy lai iHi iBi ! S 5!! SS !■ £■! SG as 90 B Jisr IjA ym |ijBH«B, BH . .■eai) Woite Wonders 281 J ' 282 2h4kj -llilffllWlffllMillllI A 283 iitfKl ff. . " tf . m »v V ? I -- 1 k i ;. , ■3. hi i% 284 ■UaiWiaHliWMIItllHIIIIIMS Falcons entered the mad social whirl. 285 286 tiuiiiuKHW«»iiiHwmm«ioM){iuflgi!n«i]i .iiiii::;Miiw ai j A Then there were the ever-welcome weekends . 287 288 y± IBSfflKi f i 289 Jl liiMi KlMiHWWmWWMHIWIItW 1 What ' s a Reception Without a Receiving Line? 292 wb mM J Lov ry, C-Springs, London, Berlin; even Arnold Hall? 295 ,jr i V ' S k. r il ' ' ♦ir X ssa = ' r Cadet Activities THE CADET HONOR CODE The Cadet Honor Code states: " We will not lie, steal, or cheat, not tolerate among us anyone who does. " The purpose of the Code is to create within the cadet a habit or second nature of honor so that he will become an officer of unquestion- able honesty, integrity, dependability, and trust. " feiiilW Class 1960 Committees 1961 Officer In Charge COL. L. T. SEITH Officer In Charge MAJ. E. L. MARCUM Shepard, R. B. Van Singel, G. L. Hardison, J. H. Jr. Guillot, A. E. Jr. Gulbransen, G. G. Davis, R. C. Thomasson, J. H. Yoakum, V. E. Love, M. V. Jolly, W. R. Sheets, G. D. Newson, R. J. Jr. Folkart, C. S. Jr. Kaley, B. G. Anderson, M. A. Carson, C. G. Hinton, P. D. McCarter, D. E. Mayo, J. R. Miller, R. E. Nolde, G. T. Owens, T. P. Payne, J. G. Skdling, T. G. Smith, R. D. Stover, J. M. Wilhelm, J. E. Williams, W. T. WUson, T. W. C. Worhman, F. R. 1962 Officer In Charge LT. COL. H. M. HENNINGTON 1963 Officer In Charge LT. COL. M. L. BOSWELL Duvall, R. W. Eckel, G. M. Niemi, N. N. Klass, R. L. Shepperd, D. W. Wilson, G.S. Lightsey, R. H. Johnson, R. K. Major, M. G. Jefferson, W. T. A. Harwick, A. H. C. Bohlin, E. Bush, C. V. Butterfield, D. H. Deilke, R. W. Deberry, D. L. DifTendorfer,J. H. Flynn, J. W. Gude, F. K. Harley, W. M. King, F. D. Lee, R. M. Musselwhite, G. E. Parma, W. H. Roth, M.J. C. Sims, R. B. 301 Dance Committee CAPT. D. M. MULLANEY Officer-in-Charge 1960 Gillis, W. A. Cler, A. J. Thompson, C. H. Burke, T. Hobgood, L. A. Furuta, B. T. Seebode, T. Congdon, N. B. Mason, J. Luck, G. E. Gurley, S. E. Holt, S. Schwank, J. C. Zersen, W. F. H. Waters, S. E. M osier, B. M. 1961 Bright,]. W. L. Hill, T. S. Scott, V. D. Jones, B. C. Shewmaker, L. A. Apodaca, V. S. Mac Aulay, K. W. Jardine,]. R. Wofell, T. Bodenhamer, H. Conover, C. D. Willis, B. G. Dean, C. R. Wagner, R. R. Poole, J. C. Fairlamb, R. C. 1962 Banford, A. J. Bumen, R. Rentenbach, T. Brown, C. Nickel, T. Seibert, N. F. Carroll, H. K. Mac Lennan, J. Hogan, W. Loyacono, P. Reed, W. H. Young, J. J. Hopkins, R. S. Baucom, D. R. Patton, R. d ' Aquin, J. J. 1963 Fausey, J. Sutton, S. Parker, C. Keeman, B. Brown, D. Horton, H. T. Wetherington, B. Davis, J. J. West, M. Rohatch, R. R. Jones, R. Corey, B. Caruana, P. Meier, B. W. Smith, E. Ritchie, W. J. 302 T si]ffll!l«!»!Slillliliiii8Siill«lliiilii«Ni: Entertainment Committee MAJOR G. E. HAIRSTON Officer-in-Charge Gillis, W. A. Pacina, G. C. Mdler, D.F. MacFarlane, W. L. Johnson, L. C. Holland, G. F. Waugh, G. R. Smith, J. L. Palazzolo, J. W. Georgi, C. D. Jamba, J. W. Keenan, W. V. McCain, C. M. Rieselman, L. F. Marlines, J. Haney, D.J. Whalen, W. W. Porter, W. R. C. Boutz,J. F. Scauzilio, R. J. Hammelburger Congdon, N. B. Smith, F. K. Arbogast, T. D. Richert, M. E. Dinsmore, J. C. Cooper, R. R. Karschnick, G. L. Duke, R. H. Rector, J. C. Stack, G. T. Wilson, G. M. Nehring, J. A. Macartney, J. D. Roe, D. H. Deberry, D. L. MUler, R. E. Daniel, L. E. Ognibene, P. J. Cooke, P. A. Foley, P. F. Schulze, W. C. Sweeney, W. C. FuUerton, R. A. Prenez, J. E. Luce, D. B. Broughton, R. E. Hoffmen, H. D. 303 niiB Rally Committee CAPT. R. G. CARNRIGHT Officer-in-Charge Alnwick, K. J. Matthews, R. T. Almanzar, D. H. Stackhouse, J. E. Trotogott, P. H. Boyington, G. Jr. Lebel, H. F. M lines, R. C. Bradstreet, F. E. Larson, C. A. Rager, R. G. Lalinie, T. R. Negroni, H. A. Rhoades, T. S. Fries, G.J. C. Sell, R. H. Sands, C. D. Folkart, C. S. Jr. i III 304 T ■ ' .tmMmwHma mm Ring and Crest Committee 1961 Bennett, S. D. Chiappino, L. J. Dickson, J. Haslouer, W. Hull, M.H. O ' Connor, P. B. Schneider, L. G. Scott, H. L. Stringer, R. Thomas, C. G. Utendorf, A. E. White, R. P. MAJOR W. A. PATCH Officer-in-Charge atwrnf 1962 II CAPT. P. E. McGILL OfFicer-in-Charge Urban, F. R. Heacox, D. J. Baughman, G. L. Vaughn, D. K. Connolly, R. J. (iualey,J. P. Ryan, P. C. Thompson, G. M. Bifolchi, G. J. Searl, C. W. Hodgkinson, R. L. Butchko, M.J. Tomlin, T. N. Larson, G. W. Mack,]. E. Rokke, E. J. 305 idB Polaris Staff Officer In Charge CAPT. G. L. RULE Asst.OIC CAPT. J. C.POWELL Editor-in-chief N. C. ALEXANDER Business Manager G. J. C. FRIES Asst. Business Manager H. V. FRAILEY Layout Editor J- F. GLAZA Copy Editor E. J. WEST Art Scheduling G. DE LA CRUZ SECTION HEADS: VIP ' s Personnel R. M. CARN Portraits Candids J. F. PEEBLES Varsity Sports C. R. JOHNSON Intramural Sports J. R. CARTER Social Activities R. P. WEINAUG Assistants to the Staff; WADE, YOUNG, TROTTOGOTT, FERRIS, LINDAHL, TAYLOR, CLARK, KOMARNITSKI. 306 mms ■■■liiMiatWMlffliSiWlll iailiU 1 Talon Staff Officer In Charge CAPT. R. B. WEAVER Editor-in-chief F. D. ATKINSON Managing Editor W. R. JOLLY Literary Editor J. L. HIGGINS Editor ' s Special Assistant D. B. CAIRNS Art Editor J. W. CLARK Layout Editor R. T. MATHEWS Photography Editor R. P. ODENWELLER Business Manager A. D. THRUSH Dodo Staff Broughton, C. E. Ill Coffey, C. T. Decker, B. E. Dillon, D. D. Goodyear, W. G. Hines, G. H. Shapek, R. A. Shulmister, M. Taylor, W. W. Wynne, P. E. Walker, F. T. FraUey, H. V. Shapek, R. A. Smith, P. J. Wolcott,J.J. COL. L. T. SEITH Officer-in-Charge Contrails Staff MAJOR R. A. DUNN Officer-in-Charge Bristow, D. L. Head, R. G. Filer, T.J. Karnowski, L. J. Shulmeister, M. R. Wolcott,J. J. Bockelman, D. C. Gabel, B. E. Haugen, W. J. Davis, W. C. Gebhardt, C. L. Lee, N. 1. Nehring, J. A. Porter, F. C. Potter, G. L. Roberts, J. A. Turner, R. M. Wynne, P. E. 308 wma mr liilPIHIillllr ' ii TMwaiiwi™iiBB»»iiiOim ' i«™ «»»» " ' I Hockey Club Jones, B. C. Koraarnitsky, O. R. Svitenko, L. C. Dee, W. DeSanto, R.J. Donahue, L. F. Easter, J. R. Fox, T.J. Holbrow, W. F. Holt, D. E. LaPlante, T. A. Lindahl, F. W. Macaulay, K. W. Nuss, D. G. Pollock, R. G. Rosendahl, E. E. Simpson, W. H. Svitenko, L. Wheeler, R. C. CAPT. P. L. BRIAND Officer-in-Charge Geography Club CAPT. W.J. ACKER Officer-in-Charge Lankenau, E. F. Burke, T. E. EUer, T. J. Anderson, M. A. Koerner, D. K. Sanzenbacher, F. W. Jones, D. H. Jones, W. H. Hourin, J. J. Hamrick, G. R. Martin, H. P. Ogilvie,J. W. Henshaw, R. A. Hutchison, T. Johnston, C. H. 309 irmraiilimTBmTOKBWMr l Photo Club CAPT.J.D. FREEMAN OfFicer-in-Charge Aman, E. D. Anderson, M. A. Auletta, B. Bauer, F. C. Box, D. W. Breedlove, P. S. Burwell,J.C. Carling, J. C. Carter,]. R. ChaUos, T. E. Cochrane, C. J. Coffey, C. T. Davis, R. C. de la Cruz, G. Diesera, J. L. Donovan, R. B. Doyle, R. L. Egeland, D. M. Fain,J. A. Jr. Flynn, J. F. GQlson, A. W. Glaza, J. M. Griffis, W. E. Gorham, F. W. Jr. Hall, R. W.Jr. Harley, W. M. Hepburn, P. R. Hill, T. S. Hopp, E. G. Horsburgh, H. R. Koonce, T. T. Krebs, R. G. LaPlante, T. A. LeBrun, J. A. Lewis, A. J. Lovell, C.C. MacFarlane, W. R. Merkel, P. A. Munson, C. F. Nauton, L. C. Odenweller, R. P. Payne, J. G. Q ulnton, M. E. Roush, J. G. Sands, C. D. Seibert, N. F. A. Sell, R. H. Seward, S. B. Small, D. W. Sorenson, N. Trotogott, P. H. Urban, F. R. Vikan, D. F. Wax, D.J. Weinaug, R. P. Wells, N. E. Westhrop, D. E. Whitted,J.M. Radio Club MAJOR R. E. BASHAM Oflicer-in-Charge I ! 310 Mangold, R. T. Melancon, J. M. Pacina, G. C. Clark, J. W. Daniels, J. E. Goodson, W. L. MacFarlane, W. Marshall, L. W. Doyle, R. L. EUer, T.J. Hamrick, G. R. Jamba, J. W. Luce, D. B. Seward, S. B. Carlstrom, D. L. Carter,J.R. Krebs, R. G. Trotogott, P. H. Vance, J. C. Whitaker, K.J. Wicklein, W. A. HI High, J. T. HI Newson, R. J. Barnard, R. K. Chepolis, W. N. Cranberry, C. W. Harper, E. C. Hauschlidt, J. C. Hodson, W. T. Bates, W. D. Bowen, T. G. Smith, F. K. Chaklos, T. E. Sullivan, J. D. Tocado, D. M. Holly, J. M. Jefferson, W. T. A. Miller, M. L Shulmister, M. R. Ware, D. F. Whitman, E. L. Fritz, N. H. Hodekinson, R. L. Warren, J. R. Abshire, D. L. Billington, G. F. Brush, T.J. Burch, G.W. Carroll, J. L. Fox, R. C. Gulbranson, G. G. Holt, S. K. Horsburgh, H. R. Howe, H. L. King, H.E. Long, A. H. Munson, C. F. Nieme, N. N. Noble, D. G. Schmidt, W. E. Wilson, G.D. mwii iiiiMiii:iiiMMm,iiuJuiflt!i,i,ii!„iH,i. Bowman ' s Club CAPT. J. A. MAGEE Officer- in-C h arge O ' Rourke, I. C. Farrington, A. D. Baker, R. L. Leonard, E. W. McCuUough,J. R. Peel, J. E. Shepard, R. B. Smith, P. J. Woelfel, E. W. Griffin, C. W. Burn, D. W. Carnegie, W. A. Croft, B. C. Ware, D. F. Schaffiner, R. A. Stanton, E. J. Hart, C. E. Roe, P. H. Buchner, G. E. Gibbons, W. M. Thompson, A. S. Williams, W. T. Fallon, C. B. Hill, H. G. Harwick, A. H. Bodenhamer, E. B. Box, D. W. Connerat, E. B. Johnson, D. W. Doyle, R. L. Molinelli, L. Sheets, G. D. Vikan, D. F. Haslouer, W. L. Thomas, B. A. Waiiams, T. W. Wagner, R. R. Carter, J. R. Hobgood, L. Stackhouse, W. R. Howell, R. L. Kohout, J. J. Trotogott, P. H. Johnson, R. K. Smith, J. K. Fischer, R. H. Savage, G. S. Sexton, R. R. Yoakum, V. E. Bowling Club LT. M. F. McNAMARA Officer-in-Charge Sweigart, D. L. Carnegie, W. A. Campbell, H. N. Dean, P. A. Shewmaker, L. A. Storm, T. L. Box, D. W. 311 iHil Saddle Club MAJOR J. W. BRADBURY Officer-in-Charge Altman, H. Andersen, R. A. Campbell, H. N. Carroll. H. K. Carter,]. R. Coffey, C. T. Davis, R. W. Dean, P. A. Decker, B. E. D ' Entremont, J. , Fanning, W. J. Frailey, H. V. Halley, G. W. Harley, D. M. Hart, C. E. Haugen, W. J. Hill, H. S. Hollie, L. L. Howell, R. L. Johansen, A. E. Kennedy, J. J. Kingman, L. Koerner, D. K. Landers, P. E. Miller,]. D. Moulton, W. F. Nunn, A. N. Paye, D. D. Penniston, L. N. Reeves, R. J. Sanzenbacher, W. Shewmaker, L. A. Smith, M. D. Stackhouse, J. E. Van Singel, G. L. k , t 312 - ! ' " wmftTi ' ii Model Engineering Club CAPT. J. L. SINGLETON Officer-in-Charge II Heiges, R. H. Kopke, K. D. Lavender, H. L. Lachelt, D. E. Hmiel, D. G. Holmes-Ray, P. Johnson, H. R. Van Sant, B. WUliams, W. T. Willis, F. E. Baughman, G. L. Bdlington, G. F. Davey, R. F. Engels, G. P. Guilmartin, J. E. Hales, C. E. Kuchleuski, R. J. Lentz, C. B. Lorenzini, D. A. Mages, J. G. PirUe, P. Seward, S. B. Westhop, D. C. Ayers, N. 0. Bauer, F. C. Beall, K. C. Bohlin, E. Bryson, B. L. Burwell,]. C. Clark, R. B. Rector, J. O. Reed, J. A. Saban, G. H. Severson, L. L. McCarthy, G.W. Phaiips,J.R. Cooper, R. R. Corey, R. L. Daly, P. F. Davis, P. H. Deluca, J. Dietz, D. R. Edwards, J. L. Ekman, L. C. Elliot, B. Freeland, M. L. Gill, A. B. Greenfield, J. L. Haller, G. R. Hart, E.G. Heal, J. T. Hemeyer, K. P. Juister, R. M. Kennedy, R. Kominouski, R. J. Kopke, M. D. Kramer, H. R. Maywald, P. V. Miller,]. D. Mindock, J. M. Moore, P. M. Pasquet, G. A. Phillips,]. R. Sheares, E. L. Sprenkle, J. H. Weber, R. L. Winzell,J.R. Engineering Society CAPT. M. M. BRETTING Officer- in-C h arge Goodson, W. L Jones, T. M. MacFarlane, W. R. Cooper, R. M. Mason, F. J. Komarnitsky, O. R. Weight, R. H. Barrett, F. L. Taylor, W. W. Schira, J. A. Jr. Gonsky, J. P. Lacheh, D. E. Clark, J. W. Zimmerman, A. D. Sullivan, P. M. Luce, D. B. 313 - " " Lacrosse Club MAJOR H. B. SHAWE Officer-in-Charge McCall, M.J. Swank, J. C. H. Buckley, P. J. Saunders, E. C. Bujalski, J.H. Atkinson, F. D. Fanning, W. J. Peters, G. L. Young, J. R. Hackney, R. R. Weeden, R. J. Engels, G. P. Travis, D. T. Whitfield, H.M. Fries, E.J. C. Apodaca, V. J. M osier, B. M. Carnegie, W. A. Olson, D. C. Doyle, W.C. Reavely, N. W addle, J. E. Brophy, T. F. Darnauer, J. H. Burton, P. J. Rhoades, R. S. Lee, D. R. Water Polo Club Marshall, L. W. WUder, R. L. Houston, J. G. Mayberry, F. D. Martin, H. P. Adamson, D. A. Brown, C. H. Cooper, R. H. Farquhar, J. L. Schaum, C. O. Connally, J. W. Beck, B. T. Burns, H. Goetze, R. B. Holt, S. R. CAPT. C. H. ALLISON Officer-in-Charge ' 314 J - 1 Bridge Club Campbell, L. N. Poole, J. C. Kellerman, K. F. Taylor, W. W. Waugh, G. R. Bronson, H. F. Stack, G. T. Day,J.R. Skilling, T. G. Mason, F. J. Tabor, D. C. Dean, C. R. Fricks, M. E. KeUock, R. E. Stevens, D. D. Thompson, G. M. Keighery, R. P. Heacox, D. J. CAPT. T. EISENMAN Officer- in-Ch arge Chess Club LT. COL.J. W. (iUERRY Officer-in-Charge Folkart, C. S. Jr. Sullivan, P. M. Heiges, R. H. Jr. Carnegie, W. A. Brothers, J.N. Gallagher, J. P. Krebs, R. G. MacLennan, J. C. Marshall, L. W. MiUer, D.R. Moore, T. K. Scheiber, M. T. Griffin, C. F. Shulmister, M. R. Travis, B. M. Wright, G. L. Bull, R. G. Theurer, B. W. Ahmann, J. N. Mason, F. J. Ammons, P. G. Dean, M. F. Hart, E. C. Sims, R. B. Kalberer, K. F. Jr. i« 315 Judo Club Brophy, T. F. Campbell, H. N. Franco, C. S. Gooch, L. C. McQue, E. D. McNaughton, R. MUls, H. R. Savage, G. S. Sexton, R. R. Skilling, T. G. Tupper, N. G. Waterman, C. R. Weatherhead, H. CAPT. R. L. ANDERSON Officer-in-Charge I 316 KK««w ' W «i»iiliIll«fflWIMWIffllPlll« Mountaineering Club CAPT. A. G. CHRISTEN Officer-in-Charge iM MI IHIh HMiiiraaBsasii ■IB iiapiJHIIi.i-! - ' ' - ' Apodaca, V. J. Bodenhamer, H. 1 Boyd, S. R. Burns, T. V. DiUon, D. D. EUer, T.J. Girard,]. I. Mines, B.J. Jones, D. H. Jones, W. H. Kerr, A. D. Kirk, C. R. B. Lebel, H. F. Sanders, T. A. Trotogott, P. H. Waddle, J. E. Whitfield, H. M. ' sdttafe i Nk ' - 317 Ski Club CAPT. T. F. BULLOCK Officer-in-Charge CADET OFFICERS Hardison, J. A President Cillis, W. A Vice-President Dillon, D. D Secretary Buckley, P. J Treasurer This club, with a membership including practically every member of the Cadet Wing, is the largest operating at the Academy, a fact that is reaffirmed each year at the time of the first snow when skis, crutches, and casts appear almost simul- taneously in large numbers. SSQSJSiniHinjyijiinininm MHBHBB !■! !■■ MBByOHMJi I 318 iOIU.. llliliillllilHIIiillH Cadet Forum CAPT. O. S. NIBLEY OfFicer-in-Charge Jr- Burton, P.J. Clark,]. W. Croft, B. C. Currier, W. R. Davis, R. C. Goodson, W. L. Haney, D.J. Head, R.J. Huhn,J. H. Kendall, W. F. King, H.E. Kingman, R. A. LoveU, C. C. Macartney, J. D. MacDonald, R. R. MacFarlane, W. R. Savage, G. S. Schwank, J. H. Sexton, R. Thurst, A. D. Werrell, K. P. Wiest, D. L. Aylsworth, W. C. Bodenhamer, H. L. Brophy, T. F. Buckley, P. J. Bull, R. G. Copper, R. M. CroU, C. W. Carlstrom, D. L. Danborn, D. R. Dihon, C. B. Eller, T. J. FuUerton, R. H. Lane, W. F. Likens, R. G. Miller, R. E. Kohont, J. J. O ' Rear, E. N. Payne, J. G. Rogers, J. W. Sanders, T. A. Schutt, T. E. Scot, H. L. Stringer, R. F. Whalen, W. W. Williams, T. W. Trotogott, P. H. Annis, J. R. Daugherty, J. W. DeBerry, R. D. Dinsmore, J. C. Eckel, G. M. Fleming, K. H. Fiedler, F. A. Fisher, K. S. Gallagher, J. P. Goodenough, R. E Harrison, G. B. Haugen, W. J. Hoffert, R. L. Hogan, W. E. Holbrow, W. F. Keaney, T. A. Keck, H. G. Klass, R. L. Keyes, A. L. McClintock, R. M. Moore, T. K. Nichols, H, E. O ' Rourke, W. R. Peterson, W. J. Searl, C. W. Sher, F. R. Smith, J. L. SmuU, R. N. Spory, R. M. Starkey, J. L. Tocado, D. M. Tomlin, T. N. Thompson, G. M. Wicklein, W. A. Woodworth, C. E. iOam 319 !|P Forensic Association LT. COL. W. C. THOMPSON Officer-in-Charge Walker, F. T. Brophy, T. F. Hinton, P. D. Owens, T. P. Jr. Smith, R. D. Stringer, R. Williams, T. W. Whalen, W. W. Zompa, E. A. Jensen, N. D. Keyes, A. L. Mangold, R. T. Patton, R. B. Stanton, E. J. Andersen, R. A. Bush, C. V. Diesem, J. L. Dougherty, J.J. Evans, J. T. Jr. Groves, W. C. Hamilton, R. A. H Van Allen, P. R. Venkus, R. E. Wynne, P. E. 320 IMftiMiJiiJ Hi!WIII ' 8,liHBiWiMl,%-Klil. I ' ImI Ml, , if lHl, Musical Group MAJOR A. W. BANISTER Officer-in-Charge Anderson, D. L. Bow, R. N. Breckenridge, R. A. Brothers, J. N. Christy, C. A. Croft, B.C. Degerman, R. L. Eggers,]. A. Evans, A. S. Flanagan, W. F. Fraley, H. V. Gallagher, J. P. Gaston, J. C. Green, W. T. Halligan, J. Hart, E. C. Hemmel, J. C. Hodges, R. C. Howe, T. W. Kelly, H.L. Knudson, H. E. Lentz, G. D. Lyndall, F. W. Martinelli, D. R. McClintock, R. M. Meier, B. W. Mindock, J. M. Pacina, G. C. Pfeifer, S. W. Patterson ( ualey, A. R. Renoud, C. R. G. Roth, M.J. C. Schroeder, T. Suby, S. F. Vaughn, D. K. Vaughn, E.W. Vogelsang, S. E. West, G. W. Westhorpe, D. C. Wilson, D. E. Wise, J. M. Falconers CAPT. W. L. RICHARDSON Officer-in-Charge f if ( Guess, T. J. Nolde, G. T. Baker, S. J. Hogan, W. E. Paddon, H. G. Tacado, D. M. 321 aom iT n u y i Huy i m ; .woeifna c«HaH.ina Combined Choirs Protestant Choir Jl 32. UtAi-. fim !iwfc.,„ A ' ii«»iaiiMMWiiM ' MMiiiyrit!MiMaMajA tm mm 323 msm Professional Studies Group LT. COL. L. J. CHURCHVILLE Officer- in-Charge Allborn.J.N. Barrett, F L. Backman, X . E. liockelman, D. C Brophy, T. F. Carnegie, W. A. Dake, T. L. Frederick, G. L. Hawes, G. T. Hardison, J. H. Higgins, J. L. Hopp, E. G. Horton, H, T. Kennedy, R. Lefton,]. D. McNulty, G. C. Jr- Meinhardt, F. P. Nenninger, R. L. O ' Connell, M.J. Pattie, T. N. Rader, R. F. Rotz, D. N. Savonen, S. J. Schehr, R. R. Shillcutt, D. D. Smith, E. L. Stackhouse, W. K. Starkey, J. L. Staten, K. E. Troutman, D. E. Wagner, R. K. Wheide, J. g Protestant Cadet Religious Council Manchess, W. E. LeFors, W. H. Kepner, D. A. Fisher, K. S. Kerr, J. A. Fey.J.C. Carter,]. R. Yee, D. K. Hutchinson, D. L. Butler, G. L. Price, C. S. Bull, R. G. Mayo, J. R. Howe, H. L. Harmon, L. C. Zersen, W. F. CHAPLAIN C. L CARPENTER Officer-in-Charge ■ 24 , ' Mli«Mli»ffllMHM»,imiMl!MIMI!,MM,i4l,!!,liJ HaiUMI,vfti Air Force Academy Assembly iil Bl 325 J 3k s 4t - ibW»L..iir Adverlising •il I The newest in military systems delivered in a traditional manner... y CHANCE VOUGHT Five divisions are giving Chance Vought a broader role in science and national defense. The teams, standards and facilities which built Vought leadership in missiles and manned aircraft have been supplemented with new skills, wider goals. Vought now is outstandingly qualified in Aeronautics, Astronautics, Electronics, Range Sys- tems and Research. The company has become a major source for advanced knowledge, prototype and production components, and for a broad range of weapon systems. Where it applies, Vought delivers these products in its traditionally thorough way: with a complete history of field testing, a practical program of field service, and highest reliability standards. ® @ ®wb RONICS RANGE 328 .. - 1 ' iiniiiif.ifiiH{H«HniiniwwiiwH%i»wffi FREE WORLD LEADERSHIP The free world ' s fastest missile, interceptor, bomber, and jet passenger planes are all Convair products! CONVAIR ADvsoNOF C5EISIERAL DYNAIVIICS CORPORATiOfSJ 329 iiOBi Only Coca-Cola gives you the cheerful lift tliat ' s bright and lively . . . the cold crisp taste that so deeply satisfies! No wonder it ' s the real refreshment ...anytime... anywhere! Pause... for Coke! Get Cokf ill Kimt Size. loo. .Vow avntlnble almost eieryirliere. SIGN OF GOOD TASTE 332 1 tat " ' iim ' ai i 1 •? 4 GENTLEMEN: T ?{n ' « ' re four years tlmt I won ' t forget either. TTCZ) m 3 I EXASPERATING EXHILARATING EXHAUSTING . . INSPIRING 3 It is rough to have 200 friends leave each June. All I can sav is GODSPEED prodding the Polaris staff onward and upward viewing such things as the Cotton Bowl visiting Europe, 1958; need I say more? watching high-school boys become young men • Tony Darnell ©. Official Polaris Photographer ( y Newsfoto Publishing Company 333 Only Coca-Cola f ives you the cheerful lift that ' s brif ht and lively . . . the cold crisp taste that so deeply satisfies! No wonder it ' s the real I ' efreshment ...anytime... anywhere! Pause. ..for Coke! Cyet Coke in Kiriij Size, Ian. Now availnble almost erert nhere. SIGN OF GOOD TASTE Kiiifj . lie(fula 332 ■i ' iiiHnniiiMiHWiii«Kiiiii«iiMiinnw I i S GENTLEMEN: They were four years that I won ' t forget either. Tc: m © EXASPERATING EXHILARATING EXHAUSTING . . INSPIRING It is rough to have 200 friends leave each June. All I can sav is GODSPEED prodding the Polaris staff onward and upward viewing such things as the Cotton Bowl visiting Europe, 1958; need I say more? watching high-school boys become young men Tony Darnell © Official Polaris Photographer (g Newsfoto Publishing Company 333 rilH nobody likes you like Chevrolet (and how this superlative ' 60 shows it!) Nowhere will you find another car that caters to your driving wants like this one. That ' s because nobody else has gone to such lengths to find out what you tvant, and to give it to you. Eighteen sizzlin ' new models for ' 60— every one designed for a particular set of requirements. Once you ' ve picked out your favorite, give it a good leisurely going over and notice all the extra ways Chevy tries to please you (ivithout once forgetting your budget): Roomier Body by Fisher with a 25% smaller traiismission tunnel. Pride-pleasing style (combines good looks luith good sense). New Economy Turbo-Fire V8 (makes friends fast by getting lip to 10% more miles on a gallon). Widest choice of engines and transmissions (2i combinations in all— to satisfy the most finicky driver). Hi-Thrift 6 (built with Chevy ' s famed ever-faithful dependability). Coil springs at all 4 wheels (with the extra cushioning of newly designed body mounts to filter out road shock and noise). Quicker stopping Safety-Master brakes (specially designed for long lining ivear). " — .,— . — .,.-_ ciiEviwi.ii : there ' s nothing Hke a new car— and no new car like a ' 60 Chevrolet. This is the Impala 4-Door Sport Sedan. See The Dinah Shore Chevy Show in color Sundays, NBC-TV -The Pal Boone Chevy Showroom weekly, ABC-TV :ia4 -rat ssrk LK. The Tacfico Air Command (JAC) is the practical air arm of the U. S. Air Force. TAC ' c all-v eather mission capabilHies siarf from ihe ground up. So do the capabilities of (he aircraft it flies: Republic ' s F-105 Jbunderchief. f- TAC teams up with our Army ' s tactical ground forces to assure terrain control. TAC helps assure this by giving close support to these ground forces ... by becoming an umbrella which helps deter aggressor e.Torh, pin- point aggressor targets, prevent aggressor action TAC and the F-W5, in addition to versatility, offer extremely important economy factc- s: economy of force, personnel and the defense dollar: one aircraft capable of multi-purpose performance missions. 7 L n£ftJBM.iG %M M %TMO 4 335 laBk i E W S F O T O PUBLISHING COMPANY SA.N ANGELO TEXAS ■ i »|| „ ' X ' r - •• -. W " ME iTHOOBAPHli ' « ALPHA a systems management organizatian Si— p fc ' aod dear-cnf; Apia ' s i- p ' m (Ksumatian is algwcd to iHWvwfe i ehs eoordSBaSaora bgr mwa of vertical iuttigi a tjon of rwsBatgaBiEsA, pa grmu n iii and admiii lzatiaB of eacb project visidii tike di¥isMn to ' :L:zr- Jif ;::-:: .5 as gned. EaA projedt dnriaon is nndo- a Tioe Pre deni: anid Projedt ExBcntrv; --; , -- Jy a part rf the ceafcri:; .---.i ;-t " :f A||fa- FmwtiiTiiHy, the Project Dir-:: : t project ' s own engir r " c igialteriel, eoaizacl administratiozi i i t - f - : petsonn de-i = t hbqt and has complete anther: TV reji :z;:: .1:7 izl 1 : onntahility fc : ' . :f tihe projedL SmUVlNG GOVmUXMlilXT IXDIJSTIIY ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATIONS I INTERNATIONAL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CORPORATION 67 Broad St., New York 4, NY. ITT COMPONENTS DIVISION ITT FEDERAL DIVISION , ITT INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS DIVISION ITT LABORATORIES INTELEX SYSTEMS INCORPORATED AIRMATIC SYSTEMS CORPORATION KELLOGG SWITCHBOARD AND SUPPLY COMPANY ROYAL ELECTRIC CORPORATION FEDERAL ELECTRIC CORPORATION AMERICAN CABLE RADIO CORPORATION INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ELECTRIC CORPORATION INTERNATIONAL ELECTRIC CORPORA- TION ITT COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, INC. LABORATORIES AND MANUFACTURING PLANTS IN 20 COUNTRIES i.iH Hiiak m mMwmm«m9mmm mmmmimmmmmimm Nauy Air Force Hullpui A ir Force Mace Army Lacrosse Army Pershing Atr Force Titan Five major U. S. missiles developed ■■■■■ and built by Martin M%tVj 339 A AVIDE VARIETY OF BORES AND STACK HEIGHTS, widths and diameters available Irom existing laminations. Below are some examples. Let us know your needs. 1 ,5937 1.9685 -■ 340 +.00051 I -.0000 23435 -.0005 PfMPpeiSlON PRODUCTS P, (NC. Clifton Heights, Pa. Hibk liliMillllll il!l!llllHiaiiilMSii!fi;iK!tl:««Jlllln»l9; ' iSBi ' ia The USAF Atlas, designed and built by General Dynamics Corporation ' s Convair Division, will put into orbit the first of this country ' s manned capsules (Project Mercury) ; will help send instrumented probes deep into space (Atlas-Able) ; boost heavy satellites into polar orbit (Projects Midas and Samos) ; and launch space vehicles for moon and planetary probes (Project Centaur). In addition, scientists of General Atomic Division are studying (Project Orion) the feasibility of using controlled nuclear pulses to propel into space a ship weighing 1,000 tons. Meanwhile, Atlas, America ' s first operational Inter- continental Ballistic Missile, with a capability of delivering an atomic warhead at 16,000 mph over a range exceeding 6,000 miles, remains a major deterrent to nuclear war. ELECTRIC BOAT CONVAIR GENERAL ATOMIC GENERAL. DYNAIVAICS CANADAIR LIMITED ELECTRO DYNAMIC STROMBERG-CARLSON LIQUID CARBONIC MATERIAL SERVICE — GREAT BRITAIN GERMANY INDOCHINA WHEREVER DUTY TAKES YOU. TAKE A WINCHESTER A lifetime of hunting opportunities awaits you. Wherever you ' re stationed you ' ll find game — corn fed pheasants one year, perhaps Bengal tigers the next. Make the most of your chances and you ' ll collect thrills and trophies few millionaires can match. And whatever you ' re after, be sure to use a genuine Winchester. There ' s a Winchester rifle or Winchester shotgun that will make it easier for you to take anything from Scottish grouse to a charging lion. A Winchester is the choice of sports- men wherever there is game to be taken and a man to take it. Make a Winchester your choice, too. ■WmC f£ST£R TRADEMARK WINCHESTER-WESTERN DIVISION • OLIN MATHIESON CHEMICAL CORPORATION • NEW HAVEN 4, CONN. 342 niffliiii to WIS tolL UpK-con dnol B To the 1960 GRADUATING CLASS U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY Congratulations . . and best wishes for continued success From Temco . . developers and weapons system manager for CORVUS . . a new and powerful missile for America ' s defense arsenal. TEMGO MISSILES AIRCRAFT A Division of TEMCO AIRCRAFT CORPORATION • P. O. Box 6191 • Dallas 22, Texas ELECTRONICS DIVISION OVERHAUL S AEROSVSTEMS DIVISION INDUSTRIAL DIVISION FENSKE, FEDRICK 8 MILLER, INC. SUBSIDIARY 343 Data Acquisition ani! Application Data Communication Data Processing and Control The 3 elements of an automated military system: all logical capabilities of IBM IBM ' s Federal Svstems Division has a unique three- wav capability. Because of it, the Division can effec- tively handle stud ' and deyelopment contracts of total defense s stems — or assume total system management responsibilit . It can originate the svstems concept and carr it all the va ' to implementation. In data acquisition and application subsystems — IBM has the facilities and manpower to develop and furnish the sensors,, displays, and other devices for man-to- application, and machine-to-application communica- tions. Also, to develop automatic sensors, sensor con- trol, automatic dissemination facilities and displays retjuired to direct proper and efficient functioning of the entire system. In data communication subsystems— Witli capabilities and experience in IBM Tele-processing , Federal S s- tems has the knowledge and facilities needed to design Federal Systems Division, International Business Machines Corporation, 326 East Montgomery Avenue, Rockville, Maryland and develop complete networks to meet systems re- (juirements. This includes, for example, data commu- nication subsystems with message switching functions and terminal instrumentation. Message processing e |uipment, inquir ' stations, and code modulation- demodulation equipment are alread under develop- ment in the Division ' s laboratories. In data processing and control subsystems— Engineers and scientists at the Federal Sxstems Division can draw on a vast IBM background in data processing to develop new and ad ' anced s stems and programming concepts. The) can draw on existing equipment, or utilize widespread manufacturing facilities to meet both the engineering and production requirements of totalh ' new instrumentation. The three elements of a militar ' sxstem are all logical capabilities of IBM ' s Federal S stems Division — for development and SNstems manaeement. IBM Data Acquisition and Application Data Communication Data Processing and Control 344 ' ' ' ' ■Biiai. ifflii em; BM As North American ' s X-1 5 — world ' s most advanced manned research craft— parts the cur- tain of earth ' s atmosphere, the arts of guidance and direction must play a critical role. Sperry ' s Air Armament Division, assigned the Flight Data System responsibility for the X-1 5, is meet- ing the challenge with inertial guidance gear of advanced design, precision and dependability. But the problems of inertial guidance are not new to Sperry. During the past ten years, over 25-million Sperry man-hours have been employed to develop and produce successful inertial guid- ance. As a result, the nation has in the Convair B-58 Hustler the most thoroughly studied, ana- lyzed, tested, evaluated and understood inertial guidance system in being — plus the advanced guidance equipment for the X-15 and for other future applications. And in addition to work on government spon- sored space guidance systems and techniques, Sperry scientists and engineers are exploring new and exotic techniques for gyros, advanced mini- aturized digital computers, acceleration sensors, zero gravity environment systems— in many cases involving radical departures from current tech- nology—with the aim of developing concepts, systems and hardware that are ahead of the challenges of man in space. AIR ARMAMENT DIVISION, SPERRY GYROSCOPE COMPANY, DIVISION OF SPERRY RAND CORPORATION. GREAT NECK. NEW YORK 1 345 ' ■ ' I, Held in high esteem by Officers and Officers-to-be Stetson has served for so many years as the foremost suppHer of shoes for officers of all branches of the Armed Forces that it must rightfully be rated a top specialist in this field of footwear — and a tried and true veteran of the services. Army, Navy and now Air Force officers have honored Stetson by selecting this footwear as most worthy to be worn by the elite of each branch. Such a position of esteem and prestige had to be won . . . and kept ... by unfailing adherence to the finest quality standards, readily apparent in the smarter appearance, the greater comfort and extra service every Stetson offers. Stetson will ship shoes anywhere to any officer on an open account basis. The Stetson Shoe Company, South Weymouth 90, Mass. Stetson salutes the historical first i : of the Air Force Academy Year Book. 346 ■ " Sir )IN m i ' icers be I Air Force space studies aimed at cracking military problems also reveal potential civilian benefits Development of nuclear power, utilized in space ships like this Douglas concept, will speed the day when man will travel in out- er space and use its resources. Progress in space research is so rapid that consideration must now be given to projects you ' d have scoffed at a few years ago. For instance, develop- ment of a nuclear rocket could drop payload costs so low that it would be economically worthwhile to import rare materials from other planets. Projects such as this are the daily fare of engineers at Douglas. Right now they are studying the many prob- lems related to interplanetary explo- ration: Can humans survive? What about temperature, gravity, water, food . . . and fuel for the return trip? Douglas has been finding answers to such problems since 1941. These answers are seen in action every time a Douglas-built Thor boosts another payload into space. MISSILE AND SPACE SYSTEMS ' MILITARY AIRCRAFT DC-8 JETLINERS " TRANSPORT AIRCRAFT ' AIRCOMa®. GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT • 347 .laaSWMiiiSPWSW ' l- ainicJ virH K Phiico airborne radar for ALRI extends the vision of SAGE ALRI, the Airborne Long Range Input system of the U. S. Air Force, is the seaward extension of SAGE, the vast electronic network that warns of aircraft approaching the North American continent. Phiico will develop, produce and modify the airborne height-finding radar as an ALRI team member under the system man- ager, Burroughs Corporation. Phiico was se- lected for this vital work because of its long and extensive experience in the development and production of military airborne radar and its major contributions to radar technology. Here is further evidence of Philco ' s leadership in advanced electronics ... for reconnaissance, communications, weapon systems, space ex- ploration and data processing. Government Industrial Group, Philadelphia 44, Pennsylvania f ' eo ' « • i:«W:JK:nW;«« iSi .-:Xn; J.r f !Klif yXi «»W}w. ?5««s»iif ' ;ifg4S ;5.i KS s»» FIRST CHOICE FOR A SECURE FUTURE . . . USAF Academy cared enoug:h to lake the time to get the very best protection available for its Cadets. The proposals submitted by the nation ' s top life insurance companies were carefully i , evaluated and the plan of United American Life , - .,. ' - ' ■ Insurance Company was considered the most iS " - ' advantageous for the members of the Cadet Wing. A secure policy — backed by a secure Company — to secure the Cadets ' future. United American Life Insurance Company 1717 California Street, Denver 2, Colorado 349 H GRUMMAN AIRCRAFT ENGINEERING CORPORATION Bethpage • Long Island • NewYork Anti-submarine and early warning aircraft • Business transports • Attack aircraft • Observation aircraft Agricultural airplanes • Space engineering ■ Missiles • Hydrofoil craft • Aerobilt truck bodies ■ Grumman Boats 350 i » liiiilll«ili«liMillilfcB:.r;.aii ' !|il|Sl!i:!!i«!i!llM V - !.[■■ . ' tfi-..tf. j f. ' ik m iSi ill! • Ml Bf ' -: _ - I ■ m.J I ' 5 ■ « ■- ■ J a iT-- i.ji. M.j -- ' " Ae bro AD:zvto OR Colorado Springs, Colorado 351 IN THE SERVICE OF FLIGHT... The Biidd Company " teams up " men, minds and machines in a continuous creative effort— backed by the most modern and comprehensive research and testing facil- ities. The closely integrated work of its divisions and subsidiaries results in ideas, products and processes of great value in the design and production of a wide range of aircraft, missiles and rockets. • Budd Lewyt Electronics, Inc.— Manu- facturer of special-purpose data proc- essing systems; communications equip- ment; instrumentation; products for the environmental control of electronic equipment. • Instruments Division — A complete line of physical testing equipment, Metal- Film strain gages, standard and custom load cells, and a unique PhotoStress technique for direct strain measurements — all can be tailored to aircraft industry- requirements. In addition, complete line of gamma radiography equipment for nondestruc- tive testing, providing beam, panoramic and internal exposures in shop and field. Inaccessible airframe areas are readily reached by small radioactive sources. • Continental-Diamond Fibre Corpo- ration — a pioneer in the development and manufacture of special high-heat resistant materials for ablation appli- cations, laminated and molded plastics, vulcanized fibre, and bonded mica in the form of sheets, rods, tubes and tapes. • SpaceAtomics Division — A leader in the development and fabrication of ad- vanced aerospace and atomics struc- tures, coupling a broad research and engineering capability with extensive prototype and production facilities. • Electronic Controls Section — Devel- oper and producer of Monautronic Re- sistance Welding Controls — the first to use feedback principle. Controls assure consistently good welds — so vital to the aircraft industry — by compensat- ing automatically for all variables. J%r r ¥£ mKJ WMwWwM compa vv PHILADELPHIA 32, PA., WASHINGTON 6, D.C., LOS ANGELES 23, CAL 352 mill MILITARY ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS ♦ A partial listing of equipment, designed, developed and manufactured by Ti now operational in the Armed Forces includes: 1. AN ASQ-8 magnetic anomaly detector, AN AIC-15 intercom and TD-239A intervalometer for ttie U. S. Navy P2V ASW aircraft, built by Locktieed. 2. TARmac ASR-4 Airport Surveillance Radar for ttie Federal Aviation Agency. 3. Infrared optics for the U.S.A.F. FALCON Air-to-Air Missile, built by Hugties. 4. Anti-personnel Mine Detector AN PRS-3 (XR-12) for the Corps of Engineers. 5. AN APS-38A surface search radar, AN ASQ-8 magnetic anomaly detector for the U. S. Navy S2F-1 ASW aircraft, built by Grumman. 6. Telemetry and guidance subsystems for the U. S. Navy CORVUS Air-to- Surface Missile, designed and produced by Temco. Texas APPARATUS DIVISION 7. AN AQS-4 and AN AQS-5 dipping sonar for the U. S. Navy HSS-IN ASW helicopter, built by Sikorsky. 8. AN APS-80 surface search radar, AN ' APA-125A radar indicator, AN ASQ-8 magnetic anomaly detector and TD-239A intervalometer for the U. S. Navy P5M-2 ASW patrol seaplane, produced by Martin. 9. Programmers for the U.S.A.F. TITAN Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, built by Martin. 10. Surveillance sensors for the U. S. Army Signal Corps SWALLOW AN IJSD-4 Combat Reconnaissance Drone, produced by Republic Aviation. 1!. Surveillance sensors for the U. S. Army Signal Corps AN USD-5 Combat Reconnaissance Drone, produced by FairchJId. Instruments INCORPORATED 6000 LEMMON AVENUE DALLAS 9. TEXAS 353 a II i»i.MnnMiiwipiWWTrinnmi-Mi ■ i. The man who wears this hat wears it proudly. He is the present and the future oj America ' s strength in the air, symbol of aviation s most glowing era — the Jet Age. American Airlines salutes him. AMERICAN AIRLIHES Americas Leading Airline 354 Creed for a Test Pilot : " prove all things; hold fast that which is good " This generation has a rendezvous with Space. The man who will take the first all-important step toward that rendezvous is the test pilot. His challenge is to try the things that haven ' t been done before. The supreme risk is his... but the benefits belong to us all. The vehicles he tests are the result of America ' s most advanced scientific knowledge and newest indus- trial skills. One such vehicle is the X-15, designed to carry the first American to the fringes of Space. This is an experimental rocket-powered plane to probe 100 miles into the sky at the speed of 3600 miles per hour. The X-15 was designed, developed, and built by North American Aviation, the company that has built more airplanes and has more supersonic experi- ence than any other company in the world. Famous NAA airplanes that were ready when America needed them include the T-6 Texan trainer, P-51 Mustang, B-25 Mitchell, B-45 Tornado, F-86 Sabre, and the F-lOO Super Sabre. Now North American is applying its vast experi- ence in the development of a revolutionary new air- craft designed to fly three times the speed of sound— the B-70 Valkyrie multi-purpose bomber for the Strategic Air Command. TJ ' NORTH AMERICAN AVIATION, INC. SERVING THE NATION ' S INTEREST FIRST-THROUGH THESE DIVISIONS - -A LOS ANGELES AUTONETICS Los Angeles, Canoga Park, Downey, California; Columbus, MISSILE Neosho, Mis ROCKETDYNE McGregor, Texas ATOMICS INTERNATIONAl 355 Sm 1 imagination has no beginning... no end... Today ' s astonishing progress in electronics is no accident— for the field has attracted the kind of imaginative people who have always set the bench marks for man ' s progress. Hughes was built by people like these. They are prepared to cut away old restraints; to plunge ahead to new discovery; to build and prove the " impossible. " In just ten years they have made Hughes one of America ' s leading producers of advanced electronics. Ih ELECTRONICS I Hughes Aircraft Company. Culver City. El Segundo. Fullerton, Newport Beach, Mahbu. Los Angeles, California: Tucson. Arizona :Vr 6 miifea iiiiii!iiiiiiiiii!ii«iiiiiMaiiiaiiiHiii; Multi-Use Automated Maintenance jtionhas MPTE The recent demonstration of multi-purpose test equipment (MPTE), developed by RCA under a series of Army Ordnance con- tracts, highlights a new dimension in auto- mated multi-use systems support and culmi- nates a long-term RCA effort in this field. This General Evaluation Equipment is an automated, transistorized, dynamic check- out system. It contains a completely modu- larized array of electronic and mechanical evaluation equipment, capable of checking a variety of electromechanical devices, ranging from radar subassemblies to missile guidance computers. MPTE provides the stimuli, programming, control, measure- ment and test functions for the NI KE AJAX, NIKE HERCULES, LACROSSE, HAWK and CORPORAL missile systems and has been extended to other weapons systems related to our defense efforts. HES RADiO CORPORATION of AMSRS€A DEFENSE ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY H 357 Dodge Dart Phoenix r Pure Automobile HRYSLER CORPORATION VALIANT . PLYMOUTH . DODGE DART . DODGE . DESOTO . CHRYSLER . IMPERIAL 358 .udL. iiHawiWiiiiis THE R D CAPABILITI BEHIND THESE ARE OPEN TO YOU WE ARE ALSO EQUIPPED FOR A WIDE VARIETY OF SUBCON- TRACTING OPERATIONS, BOTH LONG RUN AND SHORT. DETAILED INFORMATION ON PRODUCTION FACILI- TIES WILL BE SENT ON REQUEST. W ' ' When you entrust a research and development project to a member of the Continental Family, you tap a vast reservoir of specialized experience— enlist technical know-how accu- mulated over a period of nearly 60 years. Continental ' s record of accomplishment is typified by, but by no means limited to, the products illustrated here. Physical facilities implementing its skills include modern-to-the-minute laboratories— comput- ing, electronic, chemical, metallurgical, fuel-metering, stress, and component-testing— complete environmental facilities- equipment amply adequate for all phases of the job. We invite your inquiries, and point to past performance as the best indication of what we can do for you. 620 FORD BUILDING, DETROIT 26, MICHIGAN CONTINENTAL AVIATION ENGINEERING CORPORATION 12700 KERCHEVAL, DETROIT IS, MICHIGAN 359 ngs w f l AlLert Einstein... on tne cnier interest or science It is not enough that you should understand about applied science in order that your work may increase man s blessings. Concern for man himself and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors, concern for the great un- solved problems of the organization of labor and the distribution of goods — in order that the crea- tions of our mind shall be a blessing and not a curse to Mankind. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations. ' lAddress, California Institute of Technology, 1 93 THE RAND CORPORATION, SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA A nonprofit organization engaged in researck on problems related to national security and the public interest 360 iiiliiiiiliiliilliaiftWBMIMISllWKBffl He has brainstorms ...to He ' s one of a group of AMF scien- tists who develop solutions to the utterly original problems of modern defense and human penetration of space. He doesn ' t build better mouse- traps. His business is completely new kinds of traps for mice that have never been caught. Examples : A method of recovering potable water from human waste fluid, the major source of water in a sealed space vehicle .. .Methods of analyzing the effects of a nuclear blast on the earth ' s crust, how it changes the character of soil and rock, how its shock is propagated, what sort of building structure will withstand it . . . Platforms on which will be mounted primary standards calibration instruments for missile guidance systems. These platforms must be so vibration-free that natu- ral earth movements must be com- pensated for. Platform vibrations are limited to millionths of an inch ...A method of predicting tempera- tures in missile nose cones upon re-entry. Single Command Concept These samples of creative ingenu- ity reflect the resourcefulness AMF brings to any assignment. AMF people are organized in a single operational unit offering a wide range of engineering and pro- duction capabilities. Its purpose: to accept assignments at any stage from concept through development, production, and service training... and to complete them faster... in • Ground Support Equipment • Weapon Systems ' Undersea Warfare • Radar • Automatic Handling Processing • Range Instrumentation • Space Environment Equipment • Nuclear Research Development GOVERNMENT PRODUCTS GROUP, AMF Building, 261 Madison Avenue, New York 16, N. Y. In engineering and manufacturing AMF has ingenuity you can use... amer.can machine foundry company An achimvwitt in Bi« 0 - O , NEW THERMOPLASTIC RECORDING DISHAY ACHIEVES Detection to Projection in Less than a Second Large-screen display of radar signals can be recorded and pro- jected in less than a second. This advanced technique in in- formation display is an example of one application of the new thermoplastic recording system developed by General Electric. The grainless, thermoplastic film eliminates processing delays and permits, with higher resolution, much greater enlargement than is practical with high-speed photographic film. Target deUneation is also significantly improved by optical filtering used to increase the signal-to-noise ratio. Now undergoing final development in General Electric ' s Elec- tronics Laboratory, the " thermoplastic display " is expected to find maximum application in the high-speed radar systems of the future. ' 7 -0 ' T ogress Is Our Most Imporfanf Product GENERAL0ELECTRIC DEFENSE ELECTRONICS DIVISION HEAVY MILITARY ELECTRONICS DEPARTMENT SYRACUSE, NEW YORK JT II jection Second iBnHi- Ui To high-flying falcons . . . present and future ! From Fairbanks, Morse Co., sincere best wishes. Our heartiest congratulations to recent graduates. Warmest greetings to cadets, faculty — to every- one connected with the Air Force Academy. As you may know, Fairbanks-Morse has been well-acquainted with the Academy since its start. Our company provided pumps for your water supply, scales for the handling of food. We have come to know the dedicated individuals on your staff as well as the breath takingly beautiful, vast campus at the foot of the Rockies. And we have viewed at close range the excel- lence of your training, the loftiness of your goals. Your unyielding determination to defend Amer- ica ' s citizenry — its freedoms — brought the Acad- emy into existence and will sustain it in the future. The contributions you are making to na- tional security make it possible for those like us to continue unharried the production of machines and services for an advancing mankind. We Are Proud To Consider Ourselves Your Partners In An Exciting, Challenging Space-Age. Fairbanks, Morse A MAJOR INDUSTRIAL COMPONENT OF FAIRBANKS WHITNEY CORPORATION 363 H Air Force planners, utilizing the high speed, long range capabilities of the McDonnell F-101 Voodoo series harnessed that power and range to accomplish three important missions for the Air Force. The F-101 is providing TAG with long range fighter- bomber capability. The RF-101 adapts the speed, range and mid-air refueling capa- bility of the aircraft to the reconnaissance needs of the Tactical Air Command. The F-IOIB two-place, all-weather interceptor aircraft is used by the Air Defense Com- mand squadrons to deliver a lethal load of Genie and Falcon missiles. The speed, range, firepower and safety of the Voodoo all add up to DEPENDABILITY, a characteristic inherent in every product produced by the 22,000 members of the McDonnell engineering and manufacturing team. In addition to the F-IOIB, McDon- nell is currently producing the Quail missile for the Air Force, the F4H Phantom II all-weather fighter and the Talos missile airframe and propulsion units for the Navy and the Project Mercury capsule and escape system for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 364 MCDONNELL AIRCRAFT SAINT LOUIS 66, MISSOURI mSBk dHuUiiii i namcii mm 50505 _ I O N = ■ ■ __,, MAI ■crK NEW VORK ■Iff- ' ' ° ' ° ' " .ate each ol yo- " .,v to congratulate - " ■•. . .0 ta.e t..s opPortun.tV ,,..ess V,e «isb to go to «i Class au " group in MATERl COKPO THE TECHNICAL „ de Pasquale r eslient 365 NEWS 5S HAPPENING AT NORTHROP ' ' ' S v M ' ' .■P Z I J 9- ■ II riiiVi after-burning engines give the USAF T-38 Talon high performance with safety. TO TRAIN SPACE AGE AIRMEN IN SUPERSONIC DEFENSE- NORTHROP ' S T-38 TALON Norlhrop is now producing the T-38 Talon for the U.S. Air Force Air Training Command. Pilots who have flown the T-38 agree that this is the plane in which the new generation of airmen can safely master the art of supersonic llight. The twin jet T-38 is a member of the same low-cost and simplified-design family as Northrop ' s N-156F Freedom Fighter. Both incorporate similar performance char- acteristics and are powered by General Electric ' s J85 engines. Both reflect lower production costs, require only half the fuel to operate, and are far easier to maintain than aircaft of comparable performance. Both the T-38 trainer and the N-156F fighter are flying and ready for the Free World to day. NORTHROP C O R PO RATION Beverly Hills, California 366 Northrop ' s Mach 2 Freedom Fighter-the N-I56 F-the modern, multi-purpose fighter. TRAVELERS CHEQUES Spendable anywhere, good until used- Prompt refund if lost or stolen. Buy ttiem at your BANK, at Railway Ex press and Western Union Offices. Charges, only a pen- dollar. Travel Service The experienced staff of American Express provides transportation, tickets, hotel reseruations, rent-a-car res- ervations, interpreters; plans independent trips or escorted Money Orders Pay bills, send funds with convenient American Express Money Orders — throughout U.S. at stores. Railway Ex- ,s. Western Union Offices. CREDIT CARDS d that offers more charge ces— around the world OTHER IINANCIAI. SKRVICKS American Express financial services include: foreign re- ,. mail and cable transfer of funds, purchase SHIPPING SERVICES Complete facilities for over seas shipping of personal and household effects, import and export forwarding, customs clearance, marine insurance, air-freight forwarding m Wherever you go... JKM FticA.f express coivipaemv Headquarters: 65 Broadway, New Yark 6, N. Y. • Offie . in principal ci„e. througkout Ike world TPAva SeRViCE . f,EtO WAREHOUSING . OVERSEAS COMMERCE BANKING • EOREIGN REMIHANCES • FOREIGN FREIGHT EORWAROING TRAVELERS CHEOUES • MONEY ORDERS • CREDIT CARDS .iilsii We are pleasantly aware of the cordial relations that exist between our Establishment and the Cadets of the United States Air Force Academy. Together with other business firms of Denver, we are very proud to have this splendid Military Organization so close at hand, and happy indeed to be of service to the Cadet Wing. Cordially, THE DENVER LAUNDRY. 368 7 " ittMt (Ac ' pi4te4( THE GLOBE TAILORING RESPONSIBILITY The responsibility you inherit is the security of our country. There is no greater challenge. As long-time partners of the Air Force, we share this responsibility. xPfcu Ayf t MLe ■MJ3 tt ( cz.£iof7 xU ' t ' Co ' H. ■ - . ( -ed e " A major independent producer of quality aluminum in all alloys and sizes : Pig, ingot, billet, rod and bar, pipe, tube, hollow sections, press forgings. forging stock, hand for gings, im pact extrusions, electrical bus bar, siruclurals, special shapes, light and heavy press extru sions, scr ' -w machine and other aluminum products. Similar products in titanium, zirconium, and steel. HARVEY A LU M ! N U M SALES, I N C. , Torrance, California HTiRVEY jLluminum 370 Im I Hflb iKli: What is in an It ' s ivhat YOU want . . . and get . . .in the Ford Family of Fine Cars ,r. ' ' y ' ' m Quiz a dozen people about value in an automobile and you ' re likely to get a dozen different answers. Value is a personal measure. Like beauty, it ' s entirely " in the eyes of the beholder. " Value Is styling — to some. A look of distinction. Pleasing proportions. The tasteful use of chrome. Styling as you ' ll find it in the 1960 Ford, Falcon, Mercury, Lincoln and Lincoln Continental. Value Is performance. A smooth ride. Elase of handling with the accent on mechanical controls. Minimum main- tenance over the miles and years. The kind of performance Ford Motor Company cars have made famous. Value Is economy. Efficiency that wrings top mileage out of every drop of fuel. Dependable, thrifty operation from hard-working parts. Savings such as you ' ve come to expect even from the mightiest of Ford Motor Company V-8 engines. Value, of course, is much more, too. Extra comfort. Added convenience. High trade-in allowance. All the.se are " dividends " enjoyed by owners of our products. What is value in an automobile? It ' s wliat you want — and get — in the Ford Family of Fine Cars. FORD MOTOR COMPANY The American Road • Dearborn, Mich. FALCON THE FORD FAMILY OF FINE CARS THUNDERBIRD • COMET • MERCURY • LINCOLN LINCOLN CONTINENTAL m , n . . . Our customer, Dr. Samuel P. Langley (see cnecK below) catapultea liis noaei plane into the air irom .1 iiousenoat on the Potomac River tor a Kistory-niaKin fii lit of tliree-quarters or a mile. The Rig s Bank had already heen in existence ror 60 years in 1896 and during the ensuing 64 years we have continued to serve our customers in all Avalfes or lire, at home and ahroad. We extend congratulations to the graduating class of the U.S. Air Force Academy and hope we may have the privilege or serving you when stationed in our locality. As is well-known, Dr. Langley missed even greater fame wnen, on Octoner 7, 1903, (ten weeks before the Wright trotLers ' first fliglit) his larger man-carry- ing " aerodrome " plunged into tne Potomac River at Widewater, Virginia, wnen its landing gear fouled. The RIGGS NATIONAL BANK of WASHINGTON, D. C. FOUNDED 1836 • LARGEST BANK IN THE NATIONS CAPITAL Memker Federal Depoiil Insurance Corporation • Meml.cr I-eJeral Reserve System 372 mk iiii;iisiiiiiii{iSiii3?iiBiittii!iaiiiii AUTOMATIC GROUND HANDLING SYSTEMS... REMOTE-CONTROL GROUP PROJECTION VIEWER FOR AERIAL RECONNAISSANCE PHOTOGRAPHY ,4,Powii« VK INDIVIDUAL MENSURATION VIEWER VARIABLE SPRAY PROCESSOR In pioneering the field of Information Technology, Itek has assembled a staff of highly qualified scientists and engineers dedicated to the advancement of the art of communica- tions. By combining these talents with those of highly competent systems development groups and providing facilities for precision manufacturing, Itek is able to translate advanced communications concepts into useful information-handling systems. For example, Itek has produced a prototype aerial reconnaissance ground handling system that is now in operation by the Air Force ' s Aeronautical Chart and Information Center at Vint Hills, Va. This system may become a historic forerunner of comprehensive information-handling systems that will give the U.S. a technological " giant ' s step " toward insuring lasting world peace. The Itek prototype system was designed basically to automatically process, index, reproduce and display 70 mm high-resolution panoramic aerial photographs. The entire process from receipt of raw exposed film to finished duplicates for viewing or plotting can be completed within two hours. Through development projects such as this aerial recon- naissance ground handling system and Company funded research programs that encompass all the basic disciplines of advanced communications theories, Itek has established itself as a leader in the development of systems and equip- ment for information processing. Information Technology Laboratories, Waltham, Mass. Vtdya, Inc., Palo Alto, Cal. Photostat Corporation, Rochester, JY. Y. Hermes EUclronia Company, Cambridge, Mass. ' ' ,T Mtt Bell-powered Agena satell ites in orbit — symbolized. THE ENGIIVE WITH THE FUTURE i,ji Reliability . . . Efficiency . . . Flexibility. In space, these words have a milHon-doIlar meaning. Vast sums of money and vital scientific data ride on these built-in attributes of Bell Aerosystem ' s rocket engine for Lxjckheed ' s Agena satellite, second stage of the Air Force Discoverer series. The Agena engine, designed with space in mind long before space became a household word, has fulfilled its every mission and has placed more tons of useful payload into orbit than any other power plant. Its operational reliability is backed by six years of develop- ment and 5,000 test firings. This Bell engine now has re-start capability — the first in the nation. This means that its satellite can change orbit in space without the penalty of extra engines. Presently in production, this engine also is adaptable to new fuels and new assignments and, consequently, is programmed for important military and peaceful space ventures of the future. Agena ' s engine is typical of the exciting projects in Bell ' s rocket propulsion center. It is part of the dynamic new approach of a company that ' s forging ahead in rocketry, avionics and space techniques. These skills serve all government agencies. Engineers and scientists anxious for a new kind of personal challenge can find it at Bell. a BELL EROS " YSrTE VlS co varany BUFFALO 5. N. Y. DIVISION OF BELL AEROSPACE CORPORATION A TEXTRON COMPANY :i74 -MfUS tfiii IStHlJIIillBHIililiill 375 ■ ii ■X] ] y ili! y y ■ III ' liii Iff. III - I lf ff ■ I I » I - 1 v :: ' ' w;x Avco ' s magnetic spaceflight— When man first travels beyond the moon, the thrust may well be supplied by a new system of propulsion, based on principles of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). This sys- tem uses a magnetic field to speed and expel ionized gas for power output. Magnetic thrust propulsion is a current project of the Avco-Everett Research Laboratory . . . work- ing to extend the knowledge of man. man. m 4 AVCO CORPORATION, 750 THIRD AVENUE, NEW YORK 17, N . Y. 376 MANUFACTURERS OF Holding Devices for Electronic Components Cooling Devices for Electronic Components Variable Capacitors - Fixed Capacitors atlee corporation 47 Prospect Street Woburn, Massachusetts k ' atlee components inc. 8220 Lankershim Boulevard North Hollywood, California : wesco electrical company, inc. 27 Olive Street Greenfield, Massachusetts 377 _ y ■1 — .. , m , mi

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