United High School - Shamrock Yearbook (Armagh, PA)

 - Class of 1955

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I -A irfi 41" X Wg.: gxigiv if I Hffff V ,"'fv'i ffl .V . 5 , . I5 .ii ,fl V ,, .yy 15 E P 4 nvwx 1,1 ,L , , !' A f f SHAMROCK I955 WL? PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF UNITED JOINT HIGH SCHOOL ARMAGH PENNSYLVANIA THEME INDIANS OF Ir- I , f4 fT, "fQfA'N f Nl -ff Q ii Old School ARMAGH BOROUGH Hubert Stegmaner George F McCachren S A Johnston H C Snoby BRUSH VALLEY E L Stewart L M Penrod John Auld H M Stewart J C George Armagh Armaoh Armagh Armagh TOWNSHIP Indnana Homer Cnty Homer Cnty Homer Cnty Homer Cnty BUFFINGTON TOWNSHIP Fred C Brehm Dnlltown Wnlbert Emptleld Homer Cnty R D I E A Young Dnlltown Sam R Mack Vnntondale R D I EAST WHEATFIELD TOWNSHIP J M Naugle Armagh J A Krouse Boltz Walter Lnngar Armagh W H McLaughlnn Jr Cramer Jacob Toman Robnndale WEST WH EATFIELD TOWNSHIP Galen Brendlnnger Bert Overdortt Sherman Brett Samuel C Gaul Joseph G Mullngan New Florence R D 2 New Florence R D 2 Robnnson Robnnson Robnnson Paul L. Tomb .....,. .,... E H , Armagh Charles Madill I . , Homer City,, R.. DI I .. . ..n,.. ' ,R.D.4 . . ., .. . . ,n,,,n., ' ,R. D. I . . ., . . . . ..,., , . . .. , ' , R. D. 2 ' ..' .. ',R.D.I .. ',. . . . ',R,D,n I ' -2- ROBERT DAVIS Supervusmg Prmcnpal B S M Educatuon Indnana State Teachers College Indiana Pennsylvanla Unuverslty of Pittsburgh WOODROW PHILLIPPI Prmclpal B S M Educatuon Indlana State Teachers College Indnana Pennsylvania Umversnty of Pittsburgh Wayne Umverslty CLARENCE BOWMAN Musnc Combs Conservatory of Muslc Phlladelphla Pa JOHN H CLAWSON Latm Englnsh A 8 M Educatson Juniata College Eastern Semmary Umversrty of Plttsburgh WILLIAM ClENDENEN Agrlculture M Newport News Apprentice School Wnlllam and Mary Vlrglnla Polytechnic Instntute ROBERT FERGUSON History Indnana State Teachers College Indiana P Texas A and M I 5. M. E- 8- Mathematics B. Aw J- J., S U ' " - I B. S., . E. ' . . I ' I I ' I . . . I I a. -3- H FOSTER HILL Commercial Busmess Educatuon Indnana State Teachers College lnduana P THOMAS J MADILL Football Coach Health 8- Physucal Education Pennsylvama State Umverstty Unlverstty of North Carolina MARY RECUPERO Cornmercnal Busuness Educatnon lndnana State Teachers College lndnana Pa ROBERT IGO MARIE LIGGETT AMANDA LOWRY Physics Chemustry World Hnstory General Science B'olo9Y 8' Algebra O D n :ana Stat B Teachers College lndnana Pa Indsana State Teachers College Indnana Pa Muskingum College Grove Cnty College Indiana State Teachers College Induana Pa Umversuty of Plttsburgh Pennsylvama State Umverstty Temple Umversuty MARY McMULLEN MILLITEEN MICHELOTTI LEAH PFEIFFER Physical Educatlon Engllsh 8. Public Homemakung 8- Health Speaknng Indnana State M I Teachers College Geneva College State Teachers College lndnana P Chautauqua School of Claruon Pa Physucal Education Umverslty of Pnttsburgh Chautauqua N Y JJ RICHARD STEWART Basketball Coach B S nn Physrcal Educatuon Sprungield College Umversuty of Pnttsburgh DANIEL PAUL SIMMONS Scuence B S Pennsylvama State Umversnty lndnana State Teachers College Indnana Pa Umverslty of Pnttsburgh 1 GLADYS THOMAS Mathematncs I lrdnana State Teachers College lndnana Pa Umversnty of Psttsburgh X . B. S. In D St P. . . ' ' I d' 9. . S. , B' 5' B. S. ' , a, I . ' ' ' , - U .. -, . re, k bk ilk.. B. S. in ' ' ' B. S. B. S., . L'tt. ' , ' , a. T.. g .l. 'a. S. in I , , - - . . A B. s,, M. uf. Q .l c 'I ROBERT WAGNER J. FREDERIC WAY MARGARET WINS'-OW ELEANOR I.. FRIEI. Agriculture Iln Servicej EHQIISIW R. N. B. S. Commercial 8- A. B. Presbyterian Hospital Pennsylvania State University Mathematics Allegheny COIIGQG Pittsburgh, Pa, Indiana State Penn Sfafe UVNVGVSITV Duguesne University Teachers College Indiana State Indiana, Pa. Teachers College Indiana, Pa. CAROL MQCLAIN JOSEPHINE ANDERSON Secretary Secretary Beaver Falls High School United Joint High School Edntor un chnet Assocnate Eclltors Sensor Edttors Actlvutues Edntors Photography Business Managers Clrculatlon Editors Shctmroclc Stuff Marlorue Huczko Robert Boldun Margaretta Stunson Barbara Shaw Susan Ludwsg Sandra Stewart Steve Ference Joyce Muller Marga et Rend James Craug Barbara Pillar Patrucna Wnlluams James Pardee Janrce Levvls Helen Gancos Julta Balko Dorothy Young Eugene Fatula Sports Edutors Artusts Typasts Sponsors Wadena Llchtentels Davud Currue James Walsh Wllluam Mulvuhull Chaney Woodrung Cecella Druust James Shetler Carol Rrchardson Nancy DeRub1s Lxzabeth Lych Coletta Donahue George Bealunus Norma Preall Lester Coursun Hazel Mack Mrs Mvchelottu Mrs Recupero Q Jacquelirte Kerr Carol NlCCllI'tTOClC -7- Our Trme wants for no one Is an establlshed fact Lets recall memories As we go looking back' Remember the day For whuch we all wanted The wonderful day when Wed be lnltnated That day came and went And our time was spent Learnung the reason why All the students love Unrted Hugh Then the skatlng party At which we learned Each Ilttle success Had to be earned Our turn to be Sophomores Came and then We taught a few trucks To the Freshmen This year like the others Passed quickly by But left us with memories That never shall dle Our Junuor year came And oh what bliss' We ll never forget The wonder of this What rrngs to buy We had to declde The ones we chose We now wear wlth pride Successful bake sales We had to hold To till our treasury Wsth that much needed gold To continue the work That we had started We sponsored a play That was gay and light hearted Talented actors and Gurls In disguise Pulled the audrence Wnth awe and surpruse We stopped our work For a llttle play And had a dance On Valentine s Day Just we Juniors and Our favonte guest The fun we had Made the dance a success The Prom came next Our biggest treat We all agreed vt Couldnt be beat The orchestra and the food Were the very best Doys ot Unlted And thus memory took lts place with the res Our school lS ralsed To hngher esteem Wuth the Honor Socxety To complete a dream The suprnse of thus Estra specual treat Made thus year even More complete But all of this we Leave behnnd For the best ns yet To come we ind In our Sensor year Our very last We reallze how qulckly Trme has passed And we make the most Ot every passnng day For we know we ll Soon be goung away Together we work Hand In hand And produce a play Custers Last Stand Talented slngers chase Away all oloom Wuth pretty love songs And Sh boom Tum goes on And Christmas IS here So we have a dance To brung good cheer We dance and laugh And have such fun lt rs enloyed By everyone The old year leaves Us glad to be alive To welcome the new Which IS 55 Another prom Oh' What 'oy For every Senior Gnrl and boy Graduatnon s Here at last Wnth hopes tor the future And dreams of the past Girls un whute Boys In blue Happy yet sad That we are through The tnme has come To say goodbye To our carefree days At United Hrgh 0 , 1. I . . . ' 1 I - ' , . . . . I I . 4 I I I ' I I - I . . , I I , . ' I I I ' II I ll , . . I . . J , II - Qu . ' II II , - . ' o N. - I , . - . I . . . . . . , , . - I I . . , , . - I - I ' I f . I I ' I I I , . I ' I , . X- INK rwz-N . -.f X XA '42 X fn X X q KAW A MARTHA ANDERSON "Marty" Small and cute is HMarty", With pretty blonde hair, She's a friend to everyone, Anytime, and anywhere. Art, Girls Choir, Mixed Choir, F. H. A., T. A. B. Club, Dancing Club, Jr, Red Cross Club, May Day Event, Home Ec., Junior Assembly. Senior Play-Prompter PEARL ATKINS "Pearl" Pearl is her first name, Atkins is her last, Si-e's one of the brightest, ln our Senior class. Treasurer, 5l-52, F. H. A., Girls Choir, T. A. B. Club, Jr Red Cross Club, Honor Roll, Usher, Forensic Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, May Day Event, Home Ec., Freshman Assem- bly, Public Speaking Play, Student Congress, Freshman News Report- er, Senior Play-Between Acts DOROTHY BABICH HDOYH Home Ec. is her special course, And we all aqree, That her many talents Will keep her busy as a bee. Art, F. H, A., T. A. 5. Club, Cam- era Club, Home Ec., Junior As- sembly, Public Speaking Play- Makeup LAWRENCE BAILEY "Judge" "Judge" is his nickname, For work he doesn't care, But when it comes to sports, He always does his share. Art, F. F, A., Dancing Club, Var- sity Club, Football, Junior Assem- bly SHIRLEY BALDWIN "Shirl" This charming qirl, ls sure to lend A helpinq hand, TQ- any friend. Art, Girls Choir, F. H. A., T. A. B. Club, Honor Roll, Basketball, May Day Event, Home Ec., Music Ap- preciation, Softball Team, Volley ball, May Queen Attendant at Bolivar Hiqh School, F. H. A.-Par- liamentarian JULIA BALKO "Julie" Short and sweet, And full of fun. To Dossess her knowledge, Your qoal is won. Vice President 53-54, Art, Girls Choir, Y-teens, F. H. A., Newspaper Club, T. A. B. Club, Dancing Club, HOYIOI' Roll, Usher, May Day Event, Librarian, Home Ec., Junior As- semblv, Senior Play-Between Acts. GEORGE BEALUNIS "George" Thoucih he is little, You'll Get a surprise To see the trouble he can cause, You won't believe your eyes. Boys Choir, Camera Club, Dancing Club, Junior Assembly, Public. Speaking Play-Business, Visuai Aid Club-Vice President ALBERT BERTOLINO "Peep" His pet peevr- is teasing, And baseball is his icy, He has many friends, He's a Brush Valley boy. Art, Boys Choir, Visual Aid Club, Track, Public Speaking Play -10- ,,-"'i,,v' N-'ff' JANE BETTS Janne A pleasmg lnttle blonde With a wunnnnq smlle To be a frlend of James Is certamly worthwhule A G rls Choir Y teens F H A A B Club Home Ec 1 Club Basketball DOLORES BORING o lf you hear a qlggle You can be sure Dolores ns nn the room And voull be hearmq more Art Gurls Chow Muxed Chonr F H A T A B Club Dancmg Club May Day Event Home Ec Junuor Assembly Sensor PlayMakeup F B L A Club Marching Choir RAYMOND BORING Bla Bear He lakes basketball Hrs shot us always sure Wnth Bro Bear on our team Well alwavs have a wunnunq score Danclnq Club Basketball Varslty Cub LA VERNE BRACKEN Vernle Shes the drummer Of our band To be h r friend ls slmply qrand Art Concert Band Drull Band T A B Club Jr Red Cross Club May Day Event Home Ec Junior S mblv F B L A MARGARET BRENDLINGER Marc: Maru lust loves to study And her orades show That shell be a success Wherever she may go At Yteens F H A Newspaper Club T A B Club Dancnng Club National Honor Society Honor Roll May Day Event Candy Sales Home Ec Jumor Assembly Publnc Speakmg Pay JOHN CAMPBELL John Sometumes John ls very quiet u un O Hes qunte a not Art Boys Chour Mnxed Choxr F F Vnsua And Club Football Track Publnc Speaking Play MARY CAMPBELL Marv all Wnth not much to say Bu shell cet bv In h r own qulet way F A B Club era Club Home Ec Junnor Assem bly Publuc Sp aklng Play 'Vlakeup HOWARD F CLEVENGER Clem Thus vounq fellow Just love to oo Down to Harrlsburq To see the Farm Sl ow F A Dan Club Traclr Junior Assemby Ad vcrtlsmq Sensor Play N-2' SHIRLEY CONRAD "Con" Shirley is going T: fairer her knowledge, Yhjll soon be attending A business college. Art, Girls Choir, Y-teens, F. H, A. T. A. B. Club, Dancing Club, Hone or Roll, Usher, May Day Event, Home EC. GERALD COUGENOUR "Coke" "Coke" loves to drive His Pontiac, lt qets him there, And brings him back. Art, F. F. A., Football. May Day Event, Senior Play-Props and Lights LESTER COURSIN "Lester" He hopes to enter The business field. At typing and shorthand, He's become quite skilled. Mixed Choir, Newspaper Club, T. A. B. Club, Honor Roll, Junior Asstmbly, Senior Play JAMES CRAIG "Jim" Cnc? he played the trumpet, Now he plays the drum, Wfnfn he's around. Hs naakfs thinos hum. Art Concert Band, Drill Band, Newsnapzr Club, T. A. B. Club, Fciense Club. Dancinq Club, Jun- ior Asseinbly, Senior Play-Between Acts ,123 DAVID CURRIE "Fuzzy" He's not verv tall, With curly brown hair, Wi n yOu look for him, He isn't there. Vzrsity Club, Football, Track DORIS DEEM "Done" Not very noisy, But full of fun. She's a friend, To everyone. Art, Girls Choir, Newspaper Club, T. A. B. Club, Candy Sales, Home Ec., Junior Assembly NANCY DeRUBIS "Ruby" To be a beautician ls Nancy's goal, We're sure she'll succeed, Cast in this role. Art, Girls Choir, Mixed Choir, Y- tecns, T. A. B. Club, Dancing Club, Honor Roll, Usher, May Day Event, Home Ec., Senior Play-Advertising, F. B. L. A. Club, Dramatics Club, Shamrock Staff PATRICIA DIXON "Dixie" Sho plays and marches, With our band. fhe'll always lend A helping hand. Art, Concert Band, Drill Band, Y- tocns, F. H. A., T. A. B. Club, Jr. Rid Cross Club-Sec., Pres., Honor Roll May Day Event, Home Ec., Junior Assembly COLETTA DONAHUE Col tta ous -'tdmq student Of th Semor Class rhosen professlon re sure shel pass Hustornan 54 55 Art Gurls Chour Mxed Choir T A B Club an cmg Club Natuonal Honor Socuety Honor Roll May Day Event Candy Sales Lubrarnan Jumor Assembly Publuc Speakunq Play Sensor Play Between Acts Dramatucs Club Shamrock Staff Marchung Cholr CECELIA DRUIST e as a Whos verv neat Her art abnlntv Just cant be be t Grls Cholr T Club Dancrno Club Honor Roll Usner May Day Event Home Ec Jumor Ass mbly Shamrock Staff F L A Club Dramatlcs Club WI!.LIAM ERITANO We all aoree Hell succeed Just wart and see Art Boys Chonr Muxed Cholr Newspaper Club T A B CI la Honor Roll Jumor Assembly Sen :or Play IDA JANE FAIR B Id s becom Quut a scholar That shell succeed b a do GI s Choir F H A Cam C u Jr R d Cross Club Home Jumor Ass mbly Publlc Sp akuno Play EUGENE FATULA Douchy He plays football Basketball too And any defeat Wall make hum blue Art Boys Chonr Shamrock Staff Varsuty Club Basketball Footbal Track STEPHEN FERENCE Punk From Charles halls Thus versatlle lad You ll very seldom Fund hum sad Presnd nt 54 55 Boys Chour Mlxed Chonr Shamrock Staff Dancmg Club Varsltv Cluo Basketball Football Track CHARLES FYOCK Chuck Ancl hasnt much to say Hes bound to oet by In hrs own qulet way F A B an cnnq Club Track HELEN GANCOS Gabby fn all ound student J not a orlnd s full of n Yet frnendlv and knnd rt Glrl Cholr Yteens F H N wspap r Club T A B Cub Dancmo Club Natuonal Honor So clety Honor Roll Usher May Day Event Lnbrarlan Home Ec Sham Staff F B L A An ' 3. ' , ln her ' ' , We' 'I . ' ' . i ', . . . , D - ' , , 5, 1 r , , HC IH 1, H Cel ' qirl ' , 6 ' . . I Aff, i ', .A.B. , 4 ., -,- . . f I , , ' 2 , - , . B. , HB-HI! 'l H I A fine lad' This lad is fairly tall, 1 'I - 'I Art, . F. A., T. . . Club, D - , 1 - - U 1 ' I I - uid ,. ,, H a' e -- ' 9 . B t ' , . ' ' , She' fu . We'll et llar. ' ' . Art, 'rl '. . . ., era A , ' s '. - , . . A., Ib, , 2 , ' e e , . . . l , EC., ' S , ' A , ' - v 2 ' ' , , , A rock . . , . . Club -13- RALPH GOODLIN "Goody" This young fellow ls a very fine farmer, And with the Qirls, He's quite a charmer. Art, F. F. A., T. A. B. Club, Dan- cing Club, Varsity Club, Basketball, Football, Track, Candy Sales, Jun- ior Assembly WALTER GORDON "Junior" He's rather short, With a Dleasinq smile, To do a qood deed, He'd walk a mile. President 52-53, Art, Boys Choir, F. F. A., Camera Club, Basketball, Football, Junior Assembly VERNON GRIFFITH "Griff" He's the Romeo Cf our class: Ht's won the heart Cf a frizndly lass. Secretary 51-52, Art, Boys Choir, Mixed Choir, F. F. A., Dancing Club, Football CHARLES HILL "Charlie" Agriculture Seems to be Charlie HilI's Specialty. F. F. A. GLADYS HIXSON "Glady" Small and Quiet, Hardly ever heard, But when she speaks, You can take her word. Art, Mixed Choir, T. A. B. Club, Dancing Club, Usher, May Day Event, Home EC., F. B. L. A. Club GLENN HIXSON ,.Hix,. Short? He is. Quiet? Not Glenn. Lots of fun. No matter when. Art, Boys Choir, T. A. B. Club, Cam-ra Club. Varsity Club, Basket- ball Mgr., Football Mgr., Track, Junior Assembly NANCY HEMING Nancy She's beino tauoht To cook and sew. A very fine catch, For some fellow. NORMAN HOLLEN Norm A rather shy lad, We'll all aoree, But iust get to know him, He's different-vou'll see. Art, F. H. A., T. A. B. Club, Home F. F. A., T. A. B. Club, Camera Ec., F. H. A. Secretary Club, Dancinq Club, Football -14- GEORGE SEIGH av Ff the enuor bovs W o loves to make lo af non Art Boys Chow Dancmg Club MARY SEIRING Mary Mary Sclrmq IS her name And to our school shes new We fund her very charmunq and We re sure that vou will too lxed Choir T A Clu Red Cross Club Dancnnq Club PAUL SHAFTIC Kitty Curly brown haur A cute bashful smlle A very clever boy W all luke his s e A T A B Club Danc g llb Jumor Assembly BARBARA SHAW Barb A mcer olrl Just cant be found Work alwavs oets done When Barbs around Art Concert Band Drlll Band Y teens F H A Newspaper Club Staff T A B Club Dancing Clu Natnonal Honor Society Honor Roll May Day Event Candy Sales Home Ec Jumor Assembly Public Speakunq PlayAdvetrusung F B L A Club Reporter Shamrock Staff JAMES SHETLER Dnqqer Thouqh arts hus hobby H savs has ambntuon n th future I To be a mortlcnan A Mixed Chonr F F A News paper Club Public Speakung Play Sensor Play Between Acts Sham rock Staff GOLDIE SIMON Goldie A qarl from Charles Who loves to dance Shed be your friend If qlven the chance Art Glrls Choar Yteens News paper Club T A B Club Dancmg Club Usher Lubrarlan Home Ec Jumor Assembly F B L A Club ALFRED SLIPPY When funs the order Of the day Yull see Slnp :nt e Makuna hav At F A Basketball Football Track May Day Event Sensor Play Props SHIRLEY STEPHENS Shlr Sharleys acquured A lot of knowledce Shes sure to succeed At busnness colleoe Art Girls Chour Newspaper Club T A B Club Honor oll Usher May Day Event Home Ec Jumor ssembly Marchmg Choir l5- H9 is one , ' ' , , , II . ., , ., , c 1 I e 's A 1 'se. " . , , I , , , . , , M' ' , . . B. b, Jr. , ' ' , - , - . ,--. , f , , -1 II I II HSHDH I ,, 1 H ' 0 , ,C . ., . her I . e ' ' tvl . - f rt, . . . , an CI , 'I ' "' -I f I I I I - ,, ,, " 'V' , , , I , 1, I ff ' I I I . I ' ! . I I I I I I II . . . . . R , , . . A I , , , , . F I I I ' ' . . V ' 1 JAMES PARDEE Him., A guy who's fun To have around, But when there's work, He can't be found. Vice President 52-53, F. F. A., Dancing Club, Varsity Club, Bas- ketball, Football, Track, May Day Event, Junior Assembly, Senior Play-Props, Shamrock Staff HARRY PENROSE .,Red,. His hair is red, As vou can see, He helps when he can, We all aqree. F. F. A., T. A. B. Club, Craft Club BARBARA PILLAR "Colev" A "business" qirl She wants to beg She'll be a whiz Oh gosh, oh gee! Art, Girls Choir, Mixed Choir, Y- teens, F. H. A., T. A. B. Club, Dan- cinq Club, Dramatics Club, Sham- rock Staff, F. B. L. A. Club RONALD PLOWMAN HROH., This fine fellow ls quite a whiz, At anythinq But a chemistry Quiz. F. A. A.-Treas. 53-54, F. F. A.-Pres. 54-55, Art, F. F. A., Dancing Club, Honor Roll, May Day Event, Junior Assemblv -lb- BARBARA PLUCHINSKY MMU., Lots of fun ls our qirl "Plu," She'lI be a friend To both me and vou. Art, Concert Band, Girls Choir, Y- teens, F. H. A., May Day Event, Newspaper Club, T. A. B. Club, Honor Roll, Home Ec., Junior As- sembly, Senior Play-Prompter, F. B. L. A. Club NORMA PREALL "Norma" We hear that Norma Has a plan, ln the future to Include -- "a man." Art, Drill Band, Girls Choir, Mixed Choir, Y-teens, T. A. B. Club, Jr. Red Cross Club, Usher, May Day Event, Home Ec., F. B. L. A. Club, Shamrock Staff, Marching Choir, Senior Play-Between Acts. MARGARET REID ,,Marq,, Her qirlFriend's Joyce, Her boyfriend . . . Well, We know his name, But we won't tell! T. A. B. Club, Camera Club, F. B. L. A. Club. Shamrock Staff, Bowl- inq League, Art Club, Home Ec., Usher, Glee Club, Public Speaklng Play, Senior Play-Makeup, One-act Play Club CAROL JEAN RICHARDSON "Jeanie" This young miss, Has friends calore, And with her charm, She'll win some more. Secretary Sl-52, Art, Girls Choir, Mixed Choir, Y-teens, T. A. B. Club, Camera Club, Dancing Club, Jr. Red Cross Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Usher, Candy Sales. Librarian, Home Ec., Sham- rock Staff, Junior Assembly, Pep Club, Glee Club, Monitors Club, Senior Plav-Between Acts W LLIAM MACK Hcs rather short B rsnt s v Hes qurte a guy Secretary 52 53 Art Dancrng Club nror Play Props F F A oo b ll Vlay Day Ev nt RONALD MANGES Jrqqs Jrggs rs hrs nrckname Hes qurte a guy Even thouqh he teases bound to qet by May Day Event Stage Crew un lor Assembly Scrence Club F F entrnel F F A r CAROL MQCLINTOCK Carol neat as a hrs farr ass Her cheerrno abrlrty Wrll more than pass May Day Evert Grrrs Chorr Mrxed Chorr Newspaper Club Cheerleacl Marchrnq Chorr Shamrock Staff Camera Club Vrce Pres Art Yteens Home Ec Honor Roll Usher F H A Sensor PlayAdver tlslnq JOYCE MILLER ov Pretty as a prcture Wrth frrends to spare o rs wrllrng to e And always does her share Dr II Band Yteens Art Mrxed Orr Girls Chorr T A B May Day Event Home Ec Usher rc Speakrnq Play F B L Club Dramatrcs Club Shamrock Staff Senror Play Between Acts Makeup SAMUEL MILLER Sam T Il and handsome hrs frne A nrc r frrend J.: cant be ad Cenror Play Track F WILLIAM MULVIHILL I Hes full of pep and enerqy And dancrnq rs hrs roy But when rt comes to study He does the real Mccov Presrdent 5354 Art Boys Chorr Mrxed Chorr Scrence Club T A B Club Dancrng Club Varsrty Club Natronal Honor Socrety Pres Hon or Roll Basketball Football Track rock Staff CARL NOVAK ex He rsnt very norsy And hasnt much to say u Tex wrll cet v ln has own quret way A Boys Chorr F F A A Club Craft Club Junror Assembly CHARLES OLIVER Gus When huntrnq season Comes around Gus rs nowhere To be found Art Boys Chorr Ham., ,, r, ur ' ' h , is 1 ' ' lad, All in all, ' c ' ' ' , -57 ' l1 , - r , 4 , e ' , f - FA A- Se ' - , . , ., F t- : , r e ., . ,, "B'll" He's . ' , , J - . . ' I ' Q f A.-S ' , , . ., At .' .' - Senior Play, Varsity Mgr., Sham- ,, ,, HT ff As pin, l I ' ls ? ' ' l , I , A, B t ,, ,, . b ,I " 'I' rt, .,T. .B. er, ' M ' , HJ yr, r - - h lp rr ,, , Ch ' , ' ' , . . . Club, Publ' ' , . . . A. 717- JANICE LEWIS nilanu Tall and cute ls our girl "Jan", One of the fairest, ln the land. Vice President 54-55, Y-teens, Con- cert Band, Drill Band, Dramatics Club-Sec., Honor Roll, May Day Event, Senior Play, Dancing Club, Shamrock Staff, Junior Assembly, T. A. B. Club, F. B. L. A. Club, Art JAMES LICHTENFELS "Licky" A tall handsome boy, With a winninq smile, And all the oirls Go for Jim's style. Visual Aid Club, Honor Roll, Na- tional Honor Society, Art, Indus- trial Arts, Mixed Choir, Junior Asembly, F. B. L. A. Club, T. A. B. Club WADENA LICHTENFELS "Dena" A brown-eyed blonde, Who's rather tall, A charminc friend, To one and all. Shamrock Staff, Dramatics Club, Marching Choir, Girls Choir, Dan- cing Club, May Day Event, Senior Play, Jr. Red Cross Club, F. H. A., Art, Junior Assembly, T. A. B. Club, Usher, Treasurer 53-54, Home Ec. CECIL LINDSEY "Charlie" Roses are red. His hair is 100. In football, be sure To give him his due. F. F. A., Varsity Club, Track, Foot- ball, Basketball -13- CAROL LORDITCH "Shorty" Rather quiet But very nice, We know she'd Qive Good sound advice. Art, Y-teens, T. A. B. Club, Girls Choir, Mixed Choir, Jr. Red Cross Club, F. H. A., May Day Event, Home Ec., Honor Roll, Usher SUSAN LUDWIG usuen Tall and attractive, And oh so sweet, "Sue's" oersonalitv, Just can't be beat. Vice President 5l-52, Art, Girls Choir, Marching Choir, National Honor Society, Dancing Club, May Day Event, Newspaper Club, Hon- or Roll, Dramatics Club, "Ames Brothers", Y-teens, T. A. B. Club, Usher, F. H. A., Home Ec., F. B. L. A. Club, Shamrock Staff LIZABETH LYCH "Liz" A short cute qirl So full of fun. "Liz" is well liked By everyone. Treasurer Sl-52, Y-teens, Girls Choir, Mixed Choir, Newspaper Club, Home Ec., Camera Club, Dancing Club, Tri-Hi-Y-Pres., Usher, May Day Event, Senior Play, Jun- ior Assernbly, Honor Roll, "Ames Brothers", Art, F. H. A., Shamrock Staff, T. A. B. Club, Marching Choir HAZEL MACK "Hazel" Now here's a lass Who is Quite small When it comes to crocheting, She beats them all. Shamrock Staff, Camera Club, Jun- ior Assemblv. Home Ec., May Day Event, F. B. L, A. Club, Art, F. H. A., Honor Roll DARLENE HOUSER ar Shes awfully mce Wlth many a frnend Shes sure to succeed To th very end Ar Gurls Chonr Mlxed C Olr Newspaper Club T A B Club Honor Roll Usher May Day Event Home Ec Junnor Assembly March :ng Choir MARJORIE HUCZKO Marqe Short and petute Wuth dark brown halr A mce a Qnrl As found anywhere Treasurer 52 53 Art Yteens T A B Club Jr Red Cross Club N tlonal Honor SocnetyVlce Pres Honor Roll May Day Event Lnbra nan Junnor Assembly Sensor Plav ween Acts F B L A Shamrock Staff CHARLES KAMELISKI Kum Hes rather tall And lots of fun Hrs lastung fruendshlp Can be easnly won A Boys Chonr F F A Varsnty Club Football JACQUELINE KERR .lackle A professuonal nurse She wants to be That shell succeed We all aaree Presadent 452 Art Grrls Chour Treasurer 5455 Mlxed Cholr Y teens T A B Club Varsity Club Natlonal Honor Socuety Honor Roll Cheerleader May Day Event Candy Sales Lubrarlan Sensor Play Marchmg Chour Dramatlcs Club JOE KINNAN oe As manaoer of Our football team Joe always keeps The boys on the beam s Chonr F A Vusual n Club Varsuty Club Varsuty Man ager EILEEN KRILI. Kr Shes alwavs molly Shes never sad To do a oood deed Shed surely be glad Ar Gurls Chour Yteens F H A T A B Club Camera Club Dan cang Club Craft Club May Day Event Llbrarlan Home Ec Junior Assembly Sensor Play Drarnatlcs Club F H A Speaker ROSE LaR05A ou e Isnt very tlmvd Isnt very shy ut wath her personalnty es bound to czet by Ar G r s Chour Y teens T A B C u Dramatucs Club F B L A Club Dancmq Club Usher May Day Ev nt Home Ec Junuor As s mblv LINDA LEAR Lmda A very popular Mss ns he And to her future Lute holds the key Secretary 5354 Girls Choir Art T A B Club Home Ec Dancmg Club May Day Event Jumor As sembly F B L A b HD U HJ ., f . s t, ' ' , ' h ' , Boy ' , . F. ., ' A'd I ' A r r I ' I 4 . .r 1 ' ,, ,, ,, mu S . , ' . , . , a- . . . , , - ' 'I l 1 1 1 I - f I A 1 ., . I I ' , ' , l Bet ,... . Club, , , , ,. If 1. HL If I I Sh . , . . I , She ' ' , ' , Sh ' . fr, ', , , ,, ' t, il ', - , . . . I b, ' , . . . . i V 'l - s ,, , i ' s , , ' S - . , ' ' , - , ' ' , . ' 1 A I I ' A A - I -I 1 - r s 1 I I I V ' ' ' , , , . . . Clu I . . I I , ,ton SANDRA STEWART "Sandv" Auburn hair. Sparkling eyes, "Sandy" is Quite a Drize. Secretary 51-52, Art, Drill Band, Girls Choir, Mixed Choir, Y-teens, F. H. A., T. A. B. Club, Dancing Club, Honor Roll, Usher, May Day Event, Home Ec., Junior Assembly, Senior Plav-Makeup, "Ames Broth- ers", Dramatics Club, F. B. L. A. Club, Shamrock Staff, Marching Choir JAMIS STUTZMAN "Stutz" Tall and handsome, That's our "Jim," Full of vioor, Pep and vim. Art, F. F. A., Visual Aid Club, May Day Event, Junior Assembly, Sen- ior Play-Props, F. F. A. Reporter, Senior Play-Advertising, Onion Sale, Christmas Card Sale PATRICIA VARNER Hpatu A member of The F. H. A., She's a nice qirl In every way. Art, Girls Choir, Y-teens, F. H. A., T. A. B. Club, Dancinq Club, Usher, May Day Event, Home Ec., F. H. A.- Secretary JAMES WALSH ,,-lima He's very tall, And rather nice. "Just be his friend," That's our advice. Art, Boys Choir, Mixed Choir, Vis- ual Aid Club, Dancinq Club, Var- sity Club, Honor Roll, Senior Play, Basketball, Track, Junior Assembly, Public Soeakino Play PATRICIA WILLIAMS upati, A beautician's what She wants to be, And she'lI succeed, Don't vou aoree? Art, Girls Choir, Y-teens, F. H. A., T. A. B. Club, Dancinq Club, Honor Roll, Usher, May Day Event, Home Ec., Junior Assembly, Senior Play, F. H. A.-President, F. H. A.-Treas- urcr, Shamrock Staff CHANEY WOODRING "woody" Chaney is his first name, Woodrino is his last, To be a farmer, He'll more than Dass. Art, Boys Choir, F. F. A., T. A. B. Club, Dancing Club, Track, Senior Play-Between Acts, F. F. A.-Report- er, Shamrock Staff DOROTHY YOUNG nooin A small cute qirl, Whom we all know Will make people happy, Wherever she may oo. Art, Girls Choir, Mixed Choir, Y- teens, F. H. A., Dancing Club, May Day Event, Librarian, Honor Roll, Usher, Home Ec., Junior Assembly, "Ames Brothers," Marching Choir, Teen-age Reporter, Dramatics Club, F. B. L. A. Club, Shamrock Staff JOANNE YOUNG HJOH A cheerleader is "Jo", So cute and sweet, To be her friend, ls quite a treat. Secretary 54-55, Art, Girls Choir, Mixed Choir, T. A. B. Club, News- paper Club, Varsity Club, Honor Roll, Cheerleader, Usher, May Day Event, Home Ec., Junior Assembly, Marchino Choir, Teen-ace Reporter. Senior Play-Between Acts GT-E IGN iS S D. N A f 63 1. ych adam 7- You L ewci rf 3? YT 2 -M ,L 0 Nw K ,H nn. M cl9Veng I- Eifr 550 MA Walfs f L I I . 1 krlzm M962 65,4 o .y 1? 9 4653 f 'I' I 'Q F 43 5' '! x Q . ,A,, gni' jf 597 ff I 0,,,,Q AU f-Q, . Qu lx f' I '- n , , Y 4 Del? of 4 1 QQ K. xl' V 0-. 'fu 5' x '7 X A gofs v NT- . K-5 X Fx . - ,X X X The Custers Lost Stond The Sensor Class ot Untted Jount Hugh School presented The Custers Last Stand a tarce comedy an three acts under the dnrectuon ot Mrs Mary McMullen The members ot the cast Included James Custer father ot household l-larrret Custer hrs vvnfe Emogene Custer hrs suster Jurnmy Custer hrs son Johnny Newson hls cous n csther Custer attra tnve slster Terence Van Ayrsdale her Rance Laylnua Platt a spunster Betty Van Ayr dale Terences aunt alre Vat Ay sdale ettys sls eorge Ltttle Eear lndtar Nat Q4 Lester Coursln Patrlcla Wnllranns Etleen Krtll Samuel Mrller W lam Mulyrhlll Jacouellne Kerr James Walsn Barbara P llar Jantce Lew s a e l a ta ll I ll A ' a ill' T ' 1 , , I . l Layernia Platt, splnster stster Wadena Ltchtentels , l 5 f I E l Cl ' f ' , B ' Qter L11 i: 'lt ycw G , ' 1 X "t Will: nt Erl no A X X Q V7 ilf '7 ,,,.,,,..- fr MAJ f-.fs if 4-QB I -Q G 1-X5 J Q 1.2 seam, f W HSN! 1211? W,QgBliURS 00565 Q I 355 . Q JU' lf' Row N1 Fztteen Nlarner, Lots Betts, Uara tiubtr., Marton St Ctatr, Nancy Mack, Shtrtey Pastnt, 'Laonta Fratn, Halet Shutt-L, Frances Mrtter, Kean Wahace, Nzttke Psnn Courstn, Ysathteen Mcfbarvy, Fyetyn Krt-Lrn'rXXer. Row 'Zz Mtss Ltggett, Mrtdred Mutr, Gertrude Drulst, Nxncf Madth, Mary Lonesky, Margaret Shaw, La Verne Carney, Rkchard Fatrntan, Carot Ptowrnan, Rosahe Rtnte, Rena Boucher, Dkvire Hewttt, Fztatne Patrtck, Loutse Ptutt, Loutse Psdarns. Row 3-. Barnes Nhson, Fdwtn Mclknutty, Shtrtey Stake, Donna Mttter, Robert Paotdkn, Shtrtey Raqxr, Letty Shtrtey, Barbara Stetner, Shtrtey Pegg, Edna Jean Ntxon, Bane Futton, Paut Hah, Jack Brett. Row A: Ao Ptnn Bortng, Curtts St Ctakr, Robert Shaw, Gtenn Brown, Donato Harper, Chartotte Henry, Dorothy Stewart, Leroy Ntxon, Wttttarn Tewart, Bohn Stephens, Rosernnwa Detwkter, lane Brendttnger. Row X1 Fay Wagner, Marrorte Lladtskt, Annabett Marsh, Maybette Naugte, Barbara Strnrnons, Cart Mack, Mtchaet Stanek, Eugene Marsh, Ctarence Johns, Dorls HXXX, Bane McC,orrn'tr.R, Metda Brown, Ysay McC,XaRn Row 2: Mr. Xgo, Myrna Goughnour, Marhn Resster, Phktkp McCorrnXcR, Wttttarn Crarner, Detrner Shuster, Mtke Yaworskt, Wayne Ctawson, Rkchard Henderson, Joseph Markus, Rkchard Nternus, Robert Stewart, Fred Foster, Ftorence Penrose, Mrs. Recupero. Row 31 Ronatd Lkttte, Cothns Stewart, Horner Lrggett, Daykd Manges, John Ehsworth, Wttttarn Stegrnaker, Grtbert Penrose, Raymond Bouch, Harycy Rhtne, Wttttarn Urban, lack Larson, Wttharn Ltggett, Phktkp Nibert, Row An Robert McDoweXX, Wttharn Fry, Gene Fry, Barnes McMuXXen, Barnes McFeaters, Todd Garykn Vernon Haney, Thornas Luther, Mtchaet Payne Barnes Waters, Berry Steete, Wttharn Fratrkck " -ef Row I: Mr Hill . Clend , Bett enen, Richard y lou Daniels, Row 2: Mr. Ste Osthei iv Mulvih'll Ray Ov ,vvarr R m, Fran Row i , James McClain, Ronald Boring, Betty Lou Ressler, Benjamin erdorf Wanda Stiles, John Fry, Raymond Elliot. , onald Bracken, Clark Beam, Wayne Boring, William Davis, Judy Luther, Patricia ces Rifile, Edward Peterson, George Boring, Frank Ryan, Daniel Simmons. 3: Michael Yonitch, William Miller, Ronald Toth, Chalmers Campbell, David Marsh, Ralph Lichtenfels, James Hill, David Sauers, Tom Davis, Paul Heider, Row 4: George Warholic, Donald Overdorff Albert McDowell, Clifford Rickard, Jack Garvin, Thomas Ludwig, George Draskler, John Dunmire, William Sowers. Row I: Marjorie Afford, Herman Hllly, Arm Alva Youngblood, Mary Silbaugh, C Row 2: Mrs. Caples, De ' Walbeck, Helen B ' Row 3: P D, our Pe arley H nnis M oring D fchard las, D nrose, Dora Ann Walker, Beatrice Balko, Carol Coup, oltman, Sylvestra Giacomelli. cClune, David Deyarmin, Margaretra Stanek, Richard Plovvman, lee , ianne Mc-Cachren, Jay McClain, Janet McClintock. Gilmore, Gertrude DeBona, Joanne Casper, Cora Murphy, Virginia McCormick, Joanne oris Wallace, Rodney Peterson, Nancy McAdams, June Robinson. Row 4: Charles Barrow, Henry Kisamore, Gaien Ressler, Shirley Heming, Jean Glusko Joanne McGr Elaine Fatula, Carol Shiley, Murr Dias, ,J PS dw, nu' if ,di J' P L Row t1 Betty trtardtng, Donna ractsen, Etatne George, trteterx NtcCta'tn, Boyd trtuttnwan, Ray Deetn, tanet Detwtter, Ntargaret Ntachak, Ntary Ann Nfttchett, Gtadys Roddy. Row 'ln Ntr. Ferguson, Btttte Stewart, Oonatd Ntttchett, Phtttp Ntutythttt, Ctarence Stttes, Wtttna Patrner, Nletrna Shtrtey, Chartotte Tomb, Wttttam Noyak, Date Bracken, .tohn Young, thomas thornas. Row 31 Lots Ntttter, Kay Stot-Lrnan, Ntttdred Cramer, Nancy Netson, Erntty St. Ctatr, Garnet Ytsher, Patrtcta Bartow, titnda Ntttter, Janet Rengh, Jantce Oohge. Row A1 George Carnptoett, Warren Srntth, Date tsenburg, Barnes Grttttth, NNtttts Nett, 'Ronatd trtotten, Edward George, Stantey Kotcuta, Daytd Deabenderter. Slow tn Kathryn Neese, Donna Shope, Oorts trtotten, LaRue trttxson, Kenneth Rhtne, Robert trtenry, Lucy Ntash, Amy Bortng, Ernest Wtdrnar, Cathertne Decker, Row 'Zn Ntr. Strnntons, Dora Paynter, Vtnda NN'ttt'tarnson, Ronatd Ernpftetd, Phyttts Stercho, Beyerty Stetner, t NNattstns, Patrtdta Ntcixdarns, Rtchard Dougtass, Carot Ptiardntk, Dorts Pegg. Ptnn Statnner, Gene Uchtentets, George Watters, Dorothy Shutt-L, Shtrtey Brendttnger, ne Butertoaugh, Boy Bouch, trtarry Rohrabaugh, tient East, Shtrtey Ntack, es Cochran, Loutse Gartand, Rose Ntarte Eratrtcte, Ctara ,tean Nterke oyte, 'Sarah Oyerdortt, Cteo trtorner, Caro Row 3. Ruth theodora Shatter, .toPtn Row A1 Carot NtcEeaters, Eranc Chartes Masta Carotyn tlrttt, Yyonne Cr t 3' ,I Sr red Ro w l: Dorothy Holizm Ryan, Frances West, Edward Gordon, Harold Dietz, Irvin Penrose, Harry Murdiclc, Gar an, George Clark, Elizabeth Marcus, Alice Fair, Row 2: Mr. Clawson, Harold McCachren, Bryan Alre, Charles Dubil, Josephine Hamacek, Chester Croyle, Edgar Luther, Anna Marie Balro, Dennis Toth, Stanley Mosler, Roy Smith. Row 3: Gary Stiles, David Coursin, Sam Eritano, Nancy Rager, Ronald Montgomery, Ronald Graham, William Franklin, Henry Ofman, Carl Hedges, Timothy Paynter, Kenneth Maclr. pow 4: Barry Alberter, Gary Smith, Charles Rosenberry, William Kolish, James George, Arlin Altemus, Walter Koplra, Richard Kinnan, Dwayne Dunmire, Glenn Becker. Row l: Wilbur Lear, James Deyarmin, Marguerite Mack, Kathleen Richardson, George Shattic, Wayne Hunter, Barbara Mroczlca, Donna Manges, William Stephens, larry Varner. Row 2: Mrs, Winslow, Forrest Mazey, Carole Kelly, Roena Palmer, Nancy Penrod, Ronna Leslie, Joseph Krill, .Sandra Miller, Helen Stiles, Donald Altemus, Doris Jean McCormick, Mrs. McMullen. POW 3: Wilma Mack, Annetta Bertolino, Barbara Troslra, Orvetta McGinnis, Sarah Slough, Ruth Stake, Bertha McGinnis, Dean Mack, Audrey Henderson, Richard Buterbaugh, Richard Coughenour. Row 4: Joann Coftman, Max Douglas, Perry Foster, Marilyn Hixson, Myrtle Lonas, Barbara Mary Jane Mroczlra uth Goodlin, Arthur Ryan, Jean Brown, Foster, Y Senuor Closs Wull We the Senuors of Unuted Jount Hugh School Class of 1955 Indiana County Unuted States of Ameruca do make and publish our last wull and testament We do hereby wull our most prized possessions as follows Lgntiue Faculty Our smiles fond farew lls and earnest efforts to get our work To the Freshmen Our abuluty to graduate To the Sophomores Our good looks and special pruvuleges and may they use them as well as we dud'? To the Junuors Helen Gancos s knack for lutterbuggung to Jane McCormick Rose LaRosa s sway to Rosalie Ruffle Sue Ludwugs smulung personality to Mary Lonesku Ray Borrngs towering stature to Bob Boldun Paul Shaftucs curly brown hair to Bull Fratruck Steve Ferences football abuluty to Leroy Nixon Jo Youngs haur style to Louuse Adams and Norma Beck Gerald Coughenours Pontiac to Delmer Shuster Liz Lychs haunting laughter to Flup McCormick Shurley Baldwuns quiet nature to Elaine Patrick and Barbar Steiner Barb Pillars hups to Eileen Varner and Clara Kubuc George Seugh s chemistry know how to Wayne Clawson Vernon Griffiths mannerly ways to Bob McDowell Margie Huczkos excess weight to Kathleen McGarvey Nancy DeRubus love for spaghetti to Gert Druust Lester Coursun s typung and shorthand know how to Bull Fry Janice Lewus clarinet to Jean Wallace Coletta Donahues place on the Honor Roll to Jum Waters Bull Mack s blond hair to Harvey Rhine Pat Duxons cute figure to Fay Wagner Mary Seurnng s sense of humor to Margaret Shaw Hazel Mack s tuny stature to Jum McMullen and Duck Henderson Chaney Woodrung s bousterous attitude to Collins Stewart and Carl Mack Darlene Housers cute smile to Phulup Nrbert and Edna Jean Nuxson Dave Currie s handsome profile to Bull Stegmauer Aloert Bertolunos extra inches to Jum McFeaters LaVerne Bracken s place un the band to Frances Muller and Carol Plowman Mary Campbells love for Home Ec to Letty Shurley and Jane Brendlunger Howard Clevenger s love for coon hunting to Jum Allison Dorus Deem s pleasing personality to Charlotte Henry Bull Erutanos Wahoo to Bob Shaw Ralph Goodlun s checkered cap to Ronnie Luttle Junuor Gordons STEADY gurl to Clark Brendlunger Nancy Hemungs cookung talents to Shurley Pasunu and Rosemma Detwuler Gladys Huxson s twin brother to Shurley McAdams Norman Hollens rambunctuous nature to Joe Markus Joe Kunnan s place as a manager to Clarence Johns and Edwin McAnulty Ronald Manges nuckname Juggs to Eugene Marsh and Bryce Snyder Cl'uck Oluvers love of hunting to Davud Magnes Harry Penroses good luck to Fred Foster and Bull Cramer Shurley Stephens pretty brown eyes to Doris Hull and Duck Altumus Pat Varners freckles to Mildred Muur and Evelyn Kutzmuller Jum Walsh s blood stauned shirt to Muke Stanek and Marlin Ressler Pat Wulluams flattering remarks to Nancy Madull and Bob Stewart Chuck Kamelusku s studuous nature o Myrna Goughnour I I I I . ' I I I 'I 1 1 - 1 l , ' ' . j - U I 9 I i ' A ' I I Il ll n . . I I . - I - l ' I ll v ,I . , ' . . , . . . a . I . I . . . , . . , . Bill Mulvihill's dancing ability to Gilbert Penrose. , . , .' . l 1 ' ' . - I Il ll A . 1 ' ' Q 1 ' ' ' . , - ' F X J Carl Novak s nuckname Tex to Bull Luggett Euleen Krull s dusluke for chewung dum to Melda Brown Wadena luchtentels smulung face to Lous Betts Barbara Pluchunskys way ot speakuno to Jane Fulton Dot Babuch s knack tor drawung to Rena Boucher Jane Betts place un Home Ec to John Stephens Euge Fatula s place on the football team to Jack Brett Margaret Brendlungers As to Tom Luther Chuck Fyock s love for musuc to Glenn Brown Charlue Hull s way wuth the gurls to Gene Fry Larry Bauleys place at the wundow un P O D to Louuse Ault Julue Balko s shorthand speed to Shurley Stake Cecul Lundsevs red haur to Vernon Haney Goldue Sumons sweet generosuty to Maybelle Naugle Jum Luchtentels pretty blue eyes to Nancy Mack Ronald Plowman s crewcut to Jack Larsen Dot Young s love tor bookkeepung to Muke Yaworsku Dolores Borung s cute turned up nose to Bull Urban Jackue Kerrs cheerung abuluty to Shurley Pegg Pearl Atkuns sungung talent to Marlon St Claur Sandy Stewarts auburn haur to Duxue Hewutt Carol Ruchardson s typung skull to John Ellsworth Luncla Lears sayung God Love Hum to LaVerne Carney Norma Preall s long black haur to Donna Muller Margaret Reud s long tungernauls to Joan Borurug Joyce Muller s way wuth a steerung wheel to Dot St wart George Bealonus bass vouce to Zaonua Fraun Jum Pardees constant complaunung to Paul Hall Jum Stutzman s unterest un P O D to Barbara Summons Shurley Conrad s many boyfruends to Hazel Shultz Cel Druusts rhythm to Shurley Rager Martha Ander on s secret lover to Annabelle Marsh Jum Shetlers desure to be an undertaker to Ray Bouch Alfred Sluppy s baby cadullac to Jerry Steele Carol Lordutch s badmunton racket to Bull Tewart Sam Mullers flurtung to Margaretta Stunson Carol McCluntock s steady beau to Nettue Coursun John Campbell s love of Macbeth to Muke Payne James Craugs Shboom dance to Duck Faurman Ida Jane Faurs quuet manner to Kay McClaun and Florence Penrose Glenn Huxsons managung posutuon to Don Harper Barbara Shaws many varuous talents and her knack for gettung work done to Tom Lundsey I ' 11 11 - . - . , . . , u . ' - ' 1 - - ,, , - 1 . - 1 , ' 1 - ' I . - 1 1 1 , - - 1 . . - 1 , . . - 1 . . . , . f - 1 11 - 11 ' . . , 1 1 . . . . , . . , . . . . . , . . . . , . . . . . , . . - 1 - 11 - 11 , , . . , . . . . , . . S . . , . . . . , . . . , . . . . 1 - . 1 - 1 S . . , . . - 1 11 - 11 . , . . . , . . . , , . . 1 11 11 - - 1 11 11 - - . , . 1 , , . . . 1 - ' 414 'U ,U Moy Queen 1954 A 9 . It-vii. . .1 L ' ffl. M A 1 'Q C H 3 M A , z 'Nt ! , .. 1 by 4, QF, 6 - 7 ' 1 ' T X .Biff ' Q -Q' f r . ' y K A' I If in a f19 d h Tf d t I 1 9 ' Q S , xi. 1 6 ji . I f ' ff f 1+ .4 BD mm F S L f 5 f l 5 f 6 w GR 7 A I X , V 4 . D W B QI! Z xx V X 3 qv, W , . Q5 .C CHEMISTRY AGRICULTURE SENIOR ENGLISH ,,,. ,,. ,- 1 ,33- 1. 7 F f I, sw A 5.1: x - - X :gg , J 'X W uni? J 'xi 1 4 " F 4. a xv A 1.90-A V Q' -sm -3 . , any -:Ai a"" 1,1'ftK hw fm . X Y .1 4? f - :W ' 'M N .4 -s TQ X af -1? WQl., ,w iff, , . 1' - - TQ M' 9 M V . L' , !V,, Q. , V a nl A A i .A H1 . ,L Wfr- 4 3 ' ' Q ,fin -. -,' ,fr 1. , ffl 4 Q ' 5 vi x T 5. 'wa 4-' Tr 4- A ., A-x 1.2-. 1 'QS , Wu. f -fb i. 1 r 1 , ,IX ""'X Q11 Ngwmg fir 4545 E! 1 zz rg .--7 IP 437. 51 'gf - ffil .. 51 .ag-N' 'A L Yi 94 EQQQ 3 I0 ' s Tuna, Q. 1: Q., EY E ll: - 2 j gl ALGEBRA I TYPING ll TYPING I 'Q x' . ., g..... A , H I u s-- - IA' Q5 M: . M ' ' Al :- .1 Q u 1 ' : U- 4 'L W I 'f fs If ' 7- , 1- 4 D ,W W . 69...-:".....5-W www :M LL. 'f sf 1 s ! N 'W A V V ' I 'A' , . f W 'N' Q i A.A, 11, lv ' XR! L s 1 gf? A V -M ,, 'M Q E 1 ,, ,ML , , ,N gg! W - V N' - W ,f' I f f M' Y ' In fag' 4 V. . V , 5 fl' 'V , K SQ v , ,J,VV 6 f F1 L -Q 3 '-, wffl " 31- N 1 ,Ye ,F it .3 1 . K N M an , 7 f, 3 , 5' I fs ' f A . , ,f 4f , ' .j, , g A ,L , ' ' - 'L Q . Q " 4 ' ,fs M H , ' ff ,, y 3 1 J V if 9 L- X1 I 51 , 42 L L 'X ' " , bf - , KI 02 SENIOR HOME ECONOMICS JUNIOR AND SENIOR HOME ECONOMICS BOOKKEEPING , , 4 3 , fi . ri Q 5 f ,Q M fv- lk: M W ' 1 K E t ,J 5 " ho' fr li --A f s ! W Q E ' W .s dw I 1- . Www -qu Q E n -1 Pai 4' 1 in pu Q WW, 2 fav : n ' S il '4 ,.,. .fauifz 'ff ' 4 4,11 " ' MJT' ' Y ' ?', I U4 f, Q'Q'f',,, 4,-,"+ ,. 4' 1 . Z, A i 9' ".ifyf"fX " , ' . M2 ' ' , , 'N-. KN , Q' 5 ' x X f :Z , ..m.... 3 2 3 5 s Q 1 vi 3 , EF' , -fi-1 V , M I U.. A '-if an 4 fe L Eeifimzffzzifgir , 'fi if , gg, .5 'if jf' w , .ly 5 55 eggs? 5 - vtg, ar-.1 1 4 -v A ' '17 3. -3 -W' 6 -ka - s 1 Y 'o Sy r .iv A A, . . .. ,K ,Q-'r N 4 - A 41AL1t,'.-QRAA C-t 1 ,Arg-vffgslg 1 g , , A-7 ' ., '.4"'K," 'Q' "- ,.,', y af 1 H ' xg 44g,4' 'ff-V '.gfg,z:.1qi-,' zz: ,id ' 4' 9. 1 wwf' NU? If 115 ,L . .g'-. fi ,A-f ...46 -Q , n ,-' 4 .Xl ' W Q' w 4 , . , iq 9 Vi? Q4? 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'FF' "A" '2': , 'ifi5Sv i , L h M Nb' , f 1 X ' f E' -5 Vw ' fl . 4 I . Q . gf E ' L Q 4 9 ., hh ' ., 5 Ev 3' 72 f, s K 'r ' - f " J f ' Q 'I ' 'l:' t-W Y . ' kv g l', ' J zigfgfi I i . A at i f , ',Q A f I , . .R Z-is , 4 Q Hx? .fn -I ?' ll' S s"' 'af- I S - f- sr fi A ,, gif K ,V Y ' 1,1 ,f az B. 94-id ,fi BEGINNERS BASKETBALL aomsor Mr SM- .-mf? HONOR SOCIETY :L,ovfsc' '.' ss Vvcwas Pws dew ,'.'wa"' 'f',N.wuN WU: Pmswdun' h'.a'o'1ff HJQIPO Sc-crfwnr, Helen Gancos " is rw Jacfxueiqnp K1-rf F. H. A. Sponsor, Mrs, Pfeffef Pfeswdem Pafrwoa WwN.a'vs Vce Pweswdem. Jane- Bevrs Sscrefay Nam, Hemmg Vcasurcf Doris HN H s'ofian Cards- Shiey Parbiarvemafwan Shfiey Balcfwfm 47 1 I Q . I I . X 52 ' lf fi 1551 Q,,mXMEH5 UI' ,4Af1w,. We 6 F2 , Q mms L5 Z Mf'fh v '31 'f 4, fl fx.. l 1 n CAMERA CLUB DUVWSZ' Ff':: am Pmswdsn' Grfurvrr Vwrg: Ice Pr's1f.r,r : Qfrrf' "fc, X: cf , 'ffrcr wc, .Q N- " 'za VARSITY CLUB Sponsor. Mr Mach! Presoenr James Pardee Jrce Presrdenf- Eggene Famh Secreraff Joanne Young Truagxer. JaCqUeNnQ Kerr JUNIOR RED CROSS CLUB Sponsor- Mrs McMUHcn Presfdent. Pavricwa Dixon Vwce President: Wadena Lwcnfenfefi Secretary: Rena Boucher Tmasuer- Caro! Rwcnardson f,1Q, NEWSPAPER CLUB Sponsor Mrs. Winslow Edrlovf Helen Gancos Assocravo Editors: Barb ara Simmons Margaret Machak Nfms Erfvors Barbara Shaw Myrna Goagrmour Edna Jean Fr-.rr fr' Ez: 'ors Lusmr Marlow Sf. Nirson Coursln Cfair f4'1Erf'o's James Shetler JOSQpiw Marius Bsawics Bawko Sr:c"e ic: 'Q' Eugene Marsh Exc'-afacw Efwor JJra Baiko Crrc Mwfr 'Jqrs' Drrlrwwr Srusrcr Papvorxd Boudw Qi'l2o"f,-'s Lasse Ada-ws Margarcr' Brencilirwgvr Ja"'ri-s Cwg Gerwscfe DeBor1a, Dcrs Deewy Ray Deer' aw- Ervarwo lfirwrw Fry, Jear' Ghsko, Darleng Ho-s'-' Sssao Lad.-.Eg Eiizabefh L,c'-, 'Cay McClain, KaF'rirA"r '.',cGarvuy, Frarwccs MWQ-r, Prvilip Nhrlvilwill Puma fs'ru-bww, Sivlrh-, Pegg, Caro! Pfowrwan Barham Dr.d1TrWSR,, Ma'ga'e' Sha.-.f Goldie SimOrN 55411 Sworvefws, Kay Sm'zman, A-Na Yoorvgbbod F. B. L. A. CLUB Sponsor' Mr Hal! Presidem: James Licrve-nfels Vice Pregrdem: Hama Parfick Secremary Janlce Lef.rs Treasure' Myrna Gosgrrvow Reporvu Barbara Soar, R IF f V ,W X 'rfq A ,il Inf!!! f' ,fly L? I "L 2 XAA 97-3 - MW I HAwf:Xx'XTg 45 , ii X M' fi ' Aff LF' xxly Llvlkxr w CU X33 -MN F3 I .fx 'N' 6539? 'V JU 1 W Y '1 V f1'n11W,H X ffmmi m v I! EQQQBI w 3 2 4 5 39 33 nl VX. ow l Wiliam Mulvihill ephen Ference William Urban Jack Garvin William Fratrick Robert McDowell James Waters Thomas Ludwig Jerry Steele Thomas Luther George Draksler Glenn Hixson Row 2 Mr Stewart Ukssistant Coachj Vernon Griffith Philip McCormick Charles Kameliski Mike Yaworski James Pardee Lawrence Bailey Eugene Fatula Malin Ressler Ralph Goodlin Mr Madill CCoachJ Row 3 Henry Kisamore Philip Mulvihill Walter Gordon Ray Overdorff Albert McDowell Richar'l Mulvihill Eugene Marsh Daniel Simmons William Noxak John Young ,,1'1 'Q 'Nan an Vcirsity Footboll Teom Our football team had a better than average season. They played the rough- est football schedule in the school's history, by adding Ferndale and Laurel Valley to an already tough schedule. We won 5 games beating Elders Ridge, Franklin, St. Vincent, Green Twp., and Laurel Valley and lost 4 to Ferndale, Homer City, Forbes and Johnstown Catholic. The highlight ot the season was when the Lions edged out the Laurel Valley Rams i3-6 on a muddy field, Eugene Fatula made the Indiana Gazettes' All-Star team and Stephen Ference made the second team. The senior members ot the team are Stephen Ference, Eugene Fatula, Cecil Lindsey, James Pardee, Ralph Goodlin, Lawrence Bailey, and Charles Kameliski. Vorslty Boslcetboll e Luons got off To a bad start by los ng etght of Thetr 'irst Ten games The reason for thrs was that The Team dld not have enough ex pertence The only starter from last years Team was Ray CBng Bearl Borung nd letterman Eugene Eatula The Ltons then started a mldseason drlve and won eaght out of The next Ten games Tnls druve was enough to keep The Llons In third place IH The Indnana County League and gave Them an ll T3 record Tor The season Ve Jrefu a pyc tn The hrst round OT h County Tournament and lost to Blanrsftlle 71 Ray Bortng made The second strlng on tne lndtana County Tournament AllStar Team rl o N se ond hrgh or n The Coun Leagu ne Qradcat ng sentors from tht ye r Te m are R y Borung and Eugene Fatula Shannock Vall y Laurel Valley Blalrsvllle Elders Rrdge Faculty Elders Qlclqe Dae Shannock Valley Clymer Montgomery Twp Pune Twp Green Twp 53 Laurel Valley Marlon Center Blarrsvllle Laura Lamar Da e Clymer Montgomery Twp Pune Twp Green Twp Marlon Center Laura Lamar Adams County Tournament United 36 Blatrsvllle 71 .2 l l1 .l..l.I T95-4 Trock Chcimpions Our Track Team was The most successful in the school s history by winning six out of seven meefs Our victories were The Pine Twp lnvita tional West Central Pennsylvania Coaches associ ation Indiana County Pitt Center and Two duel meets with Elders Ridge We lost The District 6 Track Meet To Ferndale but were strong enough to take second place over T-1 other Teams The Team brought home Three Trophies Two class B trophies from The West Central Pennsylvania Coaches Association and Pitt Center Meets, and one Class A Trophy from The Indiana County Track Meet. Seven boys qualified Tor The state meet: Philip McCormick, James Walsh, Jack Jenkins, James Shuster, Jay Sanner, Franklyn Rodgers, and Howard Gray. The mile relay Team Took second place in The state, and James Shuster Took Ath in The AAO yard dash. James Shuster received a scholarship To William 81 Mary College Tor his Track abilities. 54- Varsity Cheerleaders Q is-f Z" Row I Elaune Pafrnck Jacquellne Kerr Jo Ann Yoanq Carol Mcfflnntock Pow 2 Mary Loneskr Nancy Madrll Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Donna Bracken, Mary Ann Mivchell, Gladys Roddy, Berry Harding, Shlrley Pegg, Marjorie Uadisk CD +- .C -0- L 'E Z S5 Z :J 2 E 0 5 Track 2 2 Football J. V. vi :E rx n .- l E Q -o .: -.. -n ba 1 Foo arsity V 2 ck Tra Raymond Boring 2 Basketball arsity V 2141 vi 2 O I I 2 ba Basket V. l J. E S' 04 .J -.- -o Fnula 2 ba f Varsity Foo 2 Basketba Varsity 2 Track U v E Foro Stephen 3 Footba ity Vars Basketball ity Vars 2 Track vi 2 V1 0 l .E VN v- V7 Kamaliski Charles otball F0 Varsity Goodlin Ralph 2 ll Footba Varsity 3 Track vi 2 O Ln i .E O- -. V7 if Pardee James 2 ovba Fo arsity V Baskefba J. V. James Walsh 2 Track .0 2 o V -4- 'O ndsey Cecil li .0 2 O V sity Footbal 1 Footbal 2 Var 5 . l E oo .- '4- 1'-0 Alfred Slippy .0 Q 2 sketball 2 Ba O 'O E O Track J V. .L '4- ' 10 Bertolino Alben 2 Track -1 Glenn Hixsoll C P- 2 'a Q 0 C 0 . 3 ll -I N ESI 0 22 15 76- -BTU !D.Q .Ko- ss ELL ba Y Foo Varsiry lbs. O F7 :- I E Q ai I0 2 II tba Foo V. 4 Ki ph Jose Campbell John ager 2 BFI M Basketba T I Track 2 al Manager 2 Footb ul 2 o so A sa- -o 6 2 lh va ,- I .S 0- .J -4- U7 ikkmmlrl f' .- . N, Nv- - ,I Junior Varsity Basketball Junior Hugh Basketball l 1. I A 'rf f: l ,, "r X I O fl .K Q fl, 5 X 2' Q b s If 1' A 4 is N Transporiahon or United .lolnf School Dlsfrlct DALE ALTIMUS CRAMER PENNSYLVANIA 59 WE CONGRATULATE YOU GRADUATES OF 1955 Glosser Bros congrat lates you and vvtshes each nd ev ry on of you a well rounded successful and useful C reer We feel sure that you vvll carry unto your future the Qan'e hgh Ideals that you hav rnad to a sfu I-In School Graduate If at any tune the Olosser Bros store can be of my 5 rv e to you let us know AGAIN CONGRATULATIONS ossfn B110 Jounsfowu PA EVERYBODYS STORE FAIRFIELD CANDY COMPANY 117 J Street Johnstown Pennsylvawua Candy I del: nous ood Engoy some every day Wholesalers Vendors Dlal 96729 C' t . . u ' a, e e - , , 6 . i ' , . I ' e e in succe-3 I 'gh . I I . . ' c 9 ic " 'S Q' I . JOHNSTOWN TYPEWRITER CO. 225 Market SYreeT Johnsiovvm Permsylvama Cnty Phone 93177 COMPLIMENTS OF FRIEND PYROFAX GAS AND MAGIC CHEF STOVE THE UNBEATABLE COMBINATION ALL GAS APPLIANCES IOO S Seven Street Indiana PennsyIvama 61 A H. J. BUCHEIT SUPER OIL COMPANY TF Cnowce 0 Unn Twng PRINTCRAFT admin on Personil Cwrds an PRINTCRAFT CARD COMPANY Inc Scranton 5 Pa CQMPLIMENTS GF CAMBRIA HOME BAKERY Whole ale Bikers of Fm Br ad and Cakes 355 Ferndale Avenue Phone 331531 Jonnvown P WAXLERS Department Stor s Sched Jackets a Specuaify lndwana Horner CIW 63 wQ 4 L Dis ? fna' Senors Gr c c d COnwn1encen'enT Announcenwems , . , . 5 A Q 2 " e 0 ' - , a. e COMPLIMENTS OF THE INDIANA APPAREL MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION Where high quality merchandise for men women and children is available with courteous and efTic:ent service BENCE S CHILDREN S SHOP GEARHEARTS KAY S MAYFAIR SHOPPE MOLLY ANN MOORHEADS PATRICIAN SHOP STYLE SHOP WAXLERS COMPLIMENTS OF DeRoy s Johnstowns Leadtng Jeweler Jewelers Since I848 I32 I38 Marlfet Street Johnstown Pennsylvania GENERAL MERCHANDISE an ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES NEVY BROTHERS 304 Market Street HURRELL MUSIC SHOP Instruments Sheet Musnc Accessorues Repaurs Johnsto fvn Pennsylvana D al 7 3676 64 , I , - d Vintondale, Pennsvlvania 0 . . . . - . . . , ' , 'a CZONPLINENTS OF RALPH J MOYER on so Penrsyl ana GROUP TQANSPCQTDTIOFN PAQTIES COMPLIMENTS OF DE VOE S MUSIC CENTER Ph ladelphra Pennsylvania BEST VN ISHEQ COMPLIMENTS OF CAMBRIA ROWE BUSINESS COLLEGE A92 V ne Street Johnsfo n Pennsvlvan a 65 R lin n, 1 fv i ART ClCERO'S RINK Blairsville, Pa. BENDER STUDIO 548 PHILADE PI-IIA STREET INDIANA PA PORTRAIT COMMERCIAI WEDDINICS Convenuently Located on the Ground Focr Next to the Ntanos Theat r Phone 5 X150 Enloy the Best COUP S PIE AND COOKIE BOX 638 Phu'adeIphla Street Phone 56731 Indiana Pa LUXENBERG S lndnana Leadmg Jewele s SIPOS CAMERA CENTER Phone In 58551 1049 Phrla St Induana Ph ne Ho 98083 11 N Mann St Homer ty Representing AII the Nattonallx Advertnsed Brands of Photographuc Equlprnent amd Suppl es STILES MARKET Fresh Meats V getables Grocerues Phone 57 831 1 Route 56 Seward Pennsylvanua THE STYLE STORE Curtauns and Yard Goods 505 507 Mann Street Phone 5 3201 John town Pennsylvanta 66 I ' . I - T - I -x ' , I , , e I - .I . - , I , , . ,S . r Indiana Pennsvlvania . ' ' . ., I 0 - . ' Ct ' ' I r - I 1 e ? l 9 . - Q . IT PAYS TO PLAY FOOTBALL BASEBALL BASKETBALI SOFTBALL GOLF BADMINTON ARCI-'ERY FISHING TACKLE GUNS AMMUNITION BICYCLES PICNIC UPPI IES Complete L of O tdoo Eq pme t BARCLAY S HARDWARE VISIT OUR HOBBY DEPARTMENT 520 Phuladelphna Street INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA 67 Athletic Outfitters for Indiana County ine u r ui n I I ENGINEERS AND GENERAL CONTRACTORS FOR ALL TYPES OF CONSTRUCTION GAMBLE 84 GAMBLE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY P. O BOX 57 BOLIVAR PENNSYLVANIA Esmblished IQIA F. W. CLAWSON INDUUTRIA' LUMBER 81 HARD WOOD an BULLDOZING FARM PONDS C Phone Horner Cnty 9 2211 Offnce New Florence 86OI Resrdence INDIANA APPLIANCE CENTER 620 Phuladelphua Street lnduana P nnsylfanna IN 5 6466 GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES R C A Televns on Water Heaters Raduos Record Players Cleaners All Popular Brands .arnall Applranres for Home Comfort Irons Mlxers Toasters Coffeernakers C ocks Deep Fryers Roasters Waffle Grnlls 69 d Et . ' ' ' I 9 w ' . . . . ' I Refrigerators -A Freezers Washers Dryers f- Ranges Dishwashers C . I A X 3 3 . HOMER CITY BANK HARVEY WELDING SERVICE OF INDIANA INC I-I ' Cy P. yl ' A G BP IQ T D Busmess VVIII1 M I FDI I D,p ' I C I I , , . DAIRY ACRES 7 Dancmc Foumaw Servme HOM de- ICO Crcwrw SEWARD PENNSYLVANIA RINGS PINS Menus !I!l I CHARMS I CUPS I I PLAQUES 11111111 I I TROPHIES YOUR CLASS JEWELER GES CL I7 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 8 N Y BOSTON PROVIDENCE MANUFACTURING .IEWELERS 7I fx , I 7 " Q CJ f, I ' 'f ff-E MJ I, ff V. ' Z. ml V I 'V, ,' CUM Y 5 lx X . . W . - F9 . 'r ' . -1 .,- I 11131, I I fp ff-I 1'.l'1'r'HI'lIl rfw.x1g11 ,WISH lv' 1'1'11J!w1111111N,I1I1 .w Ifwr I I I - - Homer Cnty GEORGES MARKET Bordens Ice Cream Croceru Phone 9 3055 Dlllfovvn JAMES MASH GROCERY Pennwlfanna Indiana MCGREGOR MOTEL V2 Mule East 4122 Pen: sylfanua Indnana COMPLINIENTS OF THE MOTOR INN Pla at-fitht Pennsylvanua Rome 22 COMPLIMENTS OF MOUNTAIN TOP LUNCH Chuckar Te 6 PRAVE S Beauty Shop I2O S CenTer Eben bug Pa Bolivar COMPLIMENTS OF PATSY S BARBER SHOP Pennsvlvanea Arrnaqn COMPLIMENTS OF SUNNYHANNA FARM J D McMUlLEN and SONS Pennwlva wma 72 I ' 1 'es ' ,Pa. ' v 1 I ' "Carers To Your Car" I'1'I . S. ' ee I I.: 4 . 9 I I . I . v ' L and H ALBRIGHT Gr Cen Neat Genera? M cnanfiws G awdOmI P nn ylvanza Bwsln Ja le-y BENNETTS STORE Flour Fe d 8 G o DIVOJ DIAS GROCERY Pnor e 37 3823 Polrvar COMPLIMENTS RINALDO SHOE STORE P nnmflvanla 'nd ana KENNY GREENES RTCPH Id Product P nnsv'vanua Bw HENDERSONS VARIETY STORE Pennsylvania Pnone 9 8033 HOMER CITY PHARMACY Samuel Srckenberger P P M an Str et Horner Cnfy Pe Dnllfov n Pa COMPLIMENTS OF MARCUS RESTAURANT Pnone 37 1842 73 0 'ei 5 VGge'2bNe-5 ef Q Q 65 r , ' STrCnQSfO.vn 3 5 j , , -e r cerie-S ' X T L Pa. Phone Horner CIW 9-9176 i1vn,Pa. ,y,- X, . . OF DI 1 ' e . .' I ' , e S , E, e . ' I O14 ar - ' ' - a' e . '. , . Congra ulaluons To the Cla s of l95E From The FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Blalrsvnlle FARM SERVICE Phone 939 Pennsy'vanla '79 E Market COMPLIMENTS OE GLASSERS Masses and ladies R ady Io Wear Banrsvllle P Brush Valley BRUSH VALLEY STERLING SERVICE M and Mrs W l-l Hlner Pennsylvania -lorner Cnty ENJOY THE BEST T HOMER CITY BAKERY Pennsylvania 34 Ruclge Avenue HOMER CITY CLEANERS Phone HO 9 8024 -lomer Cnty P Clyde JOHNNYS AUTO SERVICE Gas Oll Accessories Phone OR 6 9990 Pennsylvanla CAMPBELLS SUNOCO STATION Wheel Balancing Wheel Alignment Route ll9 Phone 8 9917 Black Llck a 7-1 . . e - . ST. I ' ' , .a. Gas - Oil - Repair r. . . . ' -a b ' T A f, a. - ' , P . CAPITOL RESTAURANT nduana Penrsyl Janna COMPLIMENTS OF T F COOK O Val' Pennsylfanna COMPLIMENTS OF CRAMER PIKE LUNCH ro Mrs Laura Blalfenlferger Cramer P COA P IM NTS OF CRAMEP HARDWARE CO DITCH S Esso Station 81 Grocene Brush Valley Fennsv vanna ELLA JANE BEAUTY SHOP lin Norlll M ln STV el Homer Cxfy Plwo we r-ln 9 8003 Pennsvlvanua EWT BROS General Merchandise ug nler Street New F'orer1ce Da 72 I ' . 4 , -. B li I ' P rm: , I - , a. fl. L E X 1 Horner City Pennsylvania , . I .ls , . . I ' a' e I I l I - , I ' Q A I , . 115 VN ashmgmm RAGER TIRE SHOP TIRE VULCANIZINC vv ami Use Tue TJ Dual 7 3694 JOIN wsiovm Ha CONPLIMENTS OF SKATELAND ROLLER RINK Johnsmvvn s Leadmq Year round Recmafnon Center If fou can vvalx you ar roller slfar COMPLIMCNTS OF SHADYSIDE TURKEY FARM D Paul Simmons Xfmiordale P Bohvar SHINES BOWLING ALLEY Pam sylfama f Ne Q ci 5 and 'hes f A 51. - -I ' , ' . X ', . C . , e. R. D. I " . ' . a. I Roblnson ROBINSON BARBER SHOP Pennsylvanla Seward SHINGLER S Pennsylvanna D SHADY GROVE GROCERIES New Florence Froven Custard Poute 22 SHAFFER S CUSTARD Foot ong Hot Dog Clyde ROBINSON S SERVICE A Community Se vlc ln tntutlon Snnce l89l Ambulance S rvlce Indian Pa Salfsburg RUFFNERS IO67 Phul delpnua Street lndlana Pennsylvanla SYLVESTER SHOE SERVICE We lead others tollcw 217 Market Street Johnstown REAM 8. MATHEWS JEWELERS I66 Fairfield Avenue Johnstown Pa Costume Jewelry l-lamulton Flgln Watches 77 I R. . Q I pa, I . - , Pa. , ,, 4 . F , 9 S. . . ,, 1. e ' ...- ' c, . , , Pa. Authoriyed Hawkinson Tire Tread Service . A , . C . , Pa. A pantow nme of The Ames Brothers The Man W th The Bama was presented between acts of The Imaginary Invaltd The menbers ot thus act lnclu d Dorothy Youn Lzahe lu Lych Susan Ludmg S ncra Stewart The Imaglnary Invalid The Public Speaking Class ot Unnted Jolnt Hugh bchool under the dlrectlon ot Mrs tllzabetn YorK presented the three act comedy The Imaginary lnva The members ot the cast Included Argan the Imaginary lnvalrd James Shuster Tolnette a servant Coletta Donahue Angelnque Argans elder daughter Joyce Muller Monsieur Fleurant an apothecary John Campbell Belzne Argans second wute Margaret Read Monsieur de Bonnetou a notary Howard Nelson Cleante nn love wuth Ang lnque Franklyn Rodgers Monsleur Dlatourus a physlcuan Albert Stanek Thomas Dlafolrus has son James Shetler Loulson Argan s younger daughter Lavora McClann Beralde Argans brother Jack Jenkuns Monsreur Purgan a phystcuan Grant Mclaughlmn 78 ll ' ' ll 1 ' I lid. 1 1 - ' ' A ,K 1 1 . , . . 1 1 , I . 9 ,,- f H . . , .. i .11 l I 1- . . I - . , . 1 1- D v l I dS: ' ' . V A 1 4' Q l T a if COMPLIMFNTS OF OUTSIDE INN Indiana Pennsy'va'1la COMPLIMFNTS OF PLEASANT VALLEY FARM Vnntondale P nnsylvanla HOTEL HOMER Italian Foods Wedding Dlnners and Banquets Phone Horner Cnty 9 8874 Horner Cuiy Pennsylvania Day Phone 7 2962 PEARCE ELECTRIC SUPPLY 89 Falrfnelcl Avenue Night Phone '37 5893 Robunson ORPHA S BEAUTY SHOP Phone ORleans 6 4746 Pennsylvania Meat RESSLER S MARKET ramer Pern ylvanla Confecflonarles Phone 9 2900 "'ITCHlE S CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE Horner Cniy Pennsylvania Vnntondale ESSO SERVICE CENTER P nnsylvanua 79 I I. R. D. I ' , e ' Wiring, Supplies, and FixTures C , I S I LADIES AUXILIARY To he Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9310 Robmson Pennsylvansa INDIANA PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY Puolushers o INDIANA EVENING GAZETTE Circulation 14278 Full Leased Associated Pre s Wnre S mice N F A ano Knnq Feature Servnce Indiana Pennsylvania Poblnson DUANE BORING V F W Post 9310 'nc Pe-nnsylvanla Ebensburg COMPLIMENTS OF CERESAS STERLING SERVICE STATION Pennsylvanna New Florence CYS BARBER SHOP Penrsvivanna R0 a I . ' ' C I I . . S , . -.ve V. A . . . 5 . . I.. . ,V V . . . , 1 . I 1 I CLOVER FARM STORES Good Tn nqq To Ea1 ANDERSONS CLOVER FARM STORE Huff Penne M at :ro er e Produce COMPLIMEN IS OF COE S SUBMARINE SHOP COOPER AVENUE Phone 9 3760 Johnstown Pennsylvanna DICK S AMOC0 SERVICE CENTER ashvng LubnCa11onServure Poufe 7 Sew rd Pennsylvanla FRICK COMPANY POWER FARMING AND SAWMILL MACHINERY Latrobe Pennsylvanla Phone IOIO 81 Il ll , ., , . e 5 -Y C Q 1 2 - Phone -f New Florence 8912 I I W . - . . K . . C a , , ' , TREXLERS INN ARMAGH INTEFSECTeON FINE FOODS Rhona 9 92841 m P ww 7 3 93 fm SEELEY MAGNANI DEQOTO FRIGIDAIRE gales ami Qcrvufeh PLYMCUTH IVA-'TAG Market Sfreei 'war Pa Phone Garage ORleans 6 2111 Hardware ORIeamQ 6 7792 NEW FLORENCE LUMBER COMPANY PENN FURNITURE COMPANY 1 Phuladelphn STre-Qt Une F 5 I . - ' I1 ,'-Q3-87'-P-has Bo.' , . "EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER" 574 ' Q Plrf J 568 min arm Pr-,wlwayffmaiya NEELYS CARAGE AND APPLIANCE STORE PLUIVIBINCP A 'IW I-IFATIIX. APPLIANCE PAINTS ANIIW TOYS ALSO GUARANTEPD EPAIR5 FOP YOUR CAR Phonf- 37 3406 or 37 T428 Armagh Pennsylvama East on Route 22 83 l 71 x. I 'S HP-,I2DINAI2'f SUPPLIES R I LEONARD K. FASSETT 8. SON INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE 35 S. Main Sweet HOHTQY City, Pa CLARKE FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE mal Johnstown 37 3651 se-Wm Penn vlvama BOLIVAR PHARMACY FOUNTAIN SERVICE PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLIES Phone ORIe ms 6 4751 BOIIVBF Permsylvam lnsTrucTIor'Is for Ueqmmer and ProfeQsI0I1alS Agp-ms for Exc IsIor and Accorchame ACCOVCJIOIW Phone ORIeans 6 4738 Bollvar PSITVISVI lawn R1 BONAVERO ACCORDION SCHOOL Lift le 35084.12 8,7 ef lsmllrrlg F566 And There Y u A U 01 Blood B the 5 SH Boom Big U31-f'UgkfUgh! YOU NGS TURKEY FARM Dllltown Pennsylvania Phone 37-3827 TURKEYS THE YEAR ROUND L VE DRESSED WAGNERS FUNERAL HOME New Florence Pennsy van: Phone New Florence 4352 AMBULANCE SERVIFE DAY and Nlbl-lT Phone New Florence 4352 COIVLPLIMFNTS OF THE BETTER TIRE SALES CO Inc Das VILDUTOTS of HIGH GRADE TIRES AND TUBES P I . I '- l G , 6 . 251 Wfaslwingfon Street Jolmalovvn, Pennsylvania UNITED DOFQII Curre- OIW EIOIUIUIQ OL 'ohm oder FFICEP QFIOCA UNIJIX MINE WORKERS OF OI MINE CVIMIITEE Jour Oamcos AMERICA Pre dem Jars Rrpswdcut mx S Cr y Q I N IU Qfeuu. STERLING OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUFRLY Johnstown Prlnnsylvama 87 O I' E, L CE 1 EEO PLI1, RE-riewijflvanlia r, T I si I I ' ' ' , J I f T , I Joe Torok Fimmcial Secffe-Iary MW-9 PIIIar Rem "mcg Q Mar J I Sfwlf Tre s wer I C " ' ' I I , I yt-f ' L . CO. , , , A12 Main Street UNITED JEWELERS Cash or Credit Johnstown P rmsy vartia COMPLIMENTS OF STEPHENS FARM Cramer Pennsylvama You can whnp our cream but you cant beat our mulk SOMERSET DAIRY 228 LOCUST STREET .IOHIXSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Dual 51 R48 Homer Cnty DICK MOTORS DeSoto Plymouth Garaoe Penrsylvam Homefr Cnty FOYES TAX! Phone: HO 9 8037 Pemtlyl wma 88 Q I , C . I 1 H - , - 1, f CO. I ' I A 1 4 , . -1-, - .4 - E1 . tk FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN INDIANA ylfar Low Cost Auto and Farm Equipment Loans MEMBER FEDERAL D IOQIT INQURANVV CORPORATION Cowpwmpwr OF AUDI S MARKET 'PICJ Broicl brreer Ionmsvowrw PGITIWSXIJPVIIG APRYLE S Jewelers Since 1903 D9 I Werke Qtreer J n To fm P nnsylvama df? ImcIEaIm, Penne I wa I Sl , ,. -. . , -D I I A T ' C T ,I H L ' X fx 4 A I QV -7 I .IA I, oh 3 'A , 5 ' FARMERS BANK 8. TRUST COMPANY Esmblushed 1876 Sollclts Your Bankmg Business MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INQURANCE CORRORAIIOIX Imdnana mu vIvaw a MT REST GREENHOUSES Operated by MR9 ROY AND ALLEN LING 5 m4IeQ eds! of Afmaqh ROUI R D I Vmtondale P Phone Johrnsiovvn 37 8337 Choice electron of Vegetable and Flower Planvs ROYAL PLATE GLASS COMPANY Glass for Every Purpoie 5I2 VVasIwmgTon Sire-eT John Town PLmwsyIfem1 BEST VVISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS 1955 WEISER MUSIC CENTER EVERYTHING IN MUSIC AIO Main Sweet .IoImsTovvm Permsvlvama 90- 'I Pere ai . x-.i . I , '. '., ek? .., ,a. . C . J I 5 ,T I I , , ' -as -. '- I Q' Y 1' k, . ' G Zimmerman Engraving Company ' SYKESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Rolnlnson VIOLAS BEAUTY SHOP Phone ORleans 6 4753 Penn ylvama Blalrsvulle BRUNER S SINCLAIR STATION Phone Blalrsvnlle 8119 R2 R Route 119 Pennsylvanla Dxlltown WIRES SERVICE STATION Phone 37 3825 Pennsylvanla A J s BARBER SHOP Vzntondale L L WILLIAMS Economy Store Produce Foods Meats Pennsylvanla 1oEHg WOJCIK JEWELERS Dnarnonds Watches Jewelry All Watch and Jewelry Repairs h Street Phone Ebensburg 682 Ebensburq Pa Indiana BROWN S BOOT SHOP Pennsylvania 9? S . I ' ' . D. I ' I I Seward Pennsylvania 5 . i , . I New Florence COMPLIMENTS OF K 8. J DRY CLEANERS Beaohfoi OdorIe Dr CIeanIno nr vIv IF VI Horner Cnty COMPLIMFNIC OF KERPS DINER Pennsflvanna Robinson MABELS STORE Phone ORIeans 6 9927 Pennsvlfanza Armagh Conwplefe I COMPLIMFN I S OF LEWIS GROCERY nes Orocenes MeaTs Veoefables Pennsvlvanaa Robsneon LEAR S GROCERY vlvawla VrnTondaI LARKINS SERVICE STATION Groceries and Accessories Phone Johnstown 37 84112 Pennsvlvanna Box 54 For general excavation call on GLENN THOMPSON Armaoh Pennsvlvanle Seward COMPLIMENTS OF ANDERSON S PennsvIvanla 93 I SS Y . Pe we, enia Eli s 'Ile I . I - O I I . X A I G65 Stahon and Reefaura-wt L' F ' , , , I ' - Penne, . ' ' e R. D. I - ' I KUNKLE LUMBER LUMBER MILLWORK AND PLUMBING HEATING AND FLOOR COVERING CON PLIMCNTS OF ABCO INC l603 O5 FIFTH AVENUE McKEESPORT PA +1 C. S. CO. BUILDERS SUPPLIES , . LOVE S RESTAURANT Lunches and CODTECIIOMQYIBS Pham OP een 6 9923 ' P nrsvlvunua .IACKS ECONOMY MARKET SERVICE STATION Pho Q 371422 Armagh Pennsylvanua CONPLNM NTS or THE LADIES WELFARE ASSOCIATION Smokeless Pennsylvanla Expert Repairing and Overhaulmg on AII Musucal Instruments JOE S MUSIV' SHOP Instruments of All Kunds Pnon 92205 -10 F anklr Street Johnstown Pa ox I Vcynr 9 , C ' COlV'xPLIl'V'tENTS OF I E A I 1 5' ' , ' 9 ,r Iv , . bensburg CQMPLIMENTS OF AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Member F derau Deposit Imsuamce Ccrporatwom P nnsylvam Homer Cnty ROBERT R CHAPPELL Dealer In Lumb r and Mme Tlmber Phone Vmtondale 7-43I Permsylvama Bo Tz COIVPLIMENTS OF CHARLES SUPPLY STORES Inc Penn ylvama Fon THE BEST IN FRESH VEGETABLES BREHM S VEGETABLE FARMS Phone 37 8178 96 f . C G ' e ' 1 ' . . ' R. D. I ' . e . . ', f I . , . I 1 9 ' Il II II I ll Indiana WIDDOWSONS JEWELERS 7041 Philadelphia STre T Phone 5 8911 Pennsylvanla Elecrrlcal Brush Valley BOBS GARAGE J Bur Welding G neral Repalrnng and Phone HO 9 86741 lnsp CTI r Pennsylvania Horner Cnty COMPUMENTS OF ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC TEA CO C R Rhrne Manaoer Pennsv v ma COMPLIMENTS OF MRS DOROTHY WILLIAMS Cramer COMPLIMENTS OF WARHOLIC SERVICE STATION Phone 37 8561 Penn vlvanla lcbensburg COMPUMENTS OF WEST END FRUIT MARKET Pennsylvania Vnntondale VINTONDALE CITIZENS CLUB Round and Square Dance Pennsylvanla THOMAS FLOWER SHOP lO7 lO9 Franklin Slreel on Telegraph Flowers Flowers for All Occasnons 97 899 Johnstown P 97 I ' ' e , R. , kley ' ' , e ' ' , , e 'ow . k , H , - I FI . Q ' I - ' , Ph e - ,R We , a. PRHV WG VX C555 NN REMONIHL CE 55 Shin OH? We off To 6 CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE A o A COMP'ET: LINE OF WATER CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT Corner Fifth and Locust Streets Phone IN 5 66110 Induana Pa C 8. M MARKET M APPLIANCES Homer Cnty Pennsx vanua Joseph Costello Owner John Cos Io Manager INSTALLMENT LOANS CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS GENERAL BANKING SERVICE BLAIRSVILLE NATIONAL BANK BLAIRSVILLE PA rwbe: D I 99 I3 8. C 8. . , I: . , A te! , W AUTOMOBILE LGANS Me I .' . . CLEANING MATERIALS AND CHEMICAL CO 2828 LIBERTY AVENUE b gh 22 P J kPI R p Ph ATI Pt ' ' I-6382 GARFIELD REFRACTORIES COMPANY COMPLINIENTS OF IMPERIAL COAL CO DIAMOND MINE N0 7 Bolfz Psnnsvlxianla NEW FLORENCE NATIGNAL BANK NEW FLORENCE PENINSVLVANIA Member of the Fpderal Deposn Insurance Corporafson IO I , . CQMPLIMENTS or PORTAGE CLEANERS Your route mam: JOHNNY YINGLING COMPLIMENTS or HORNICK HARDWARE 316 BFOBC1 STVBGT Johngfown P C 8. J FALCHINI llncl THE FALCHINI MOTORS G 8. Mc mucxs 834 West Hrgh Street Ebensburg P HENDERSONS INC Cash and Carry Druve In Store 310 Lmcoln Street Johnsfown P Phone 61 271 103 , a. ' , a. , . Dry Cleaners - Launderers - Rug Cleaners , a. - ROBINDALE UNION CHURCH Sunday School IO OO A M Church 7 30 P M Srnokeless Pennsylvanna FOR SERVICE THAT CAN NOT BE BEAT JUST DIAL FOR PETE STEWART S SERVICE STATION AUCTION SALES CO JohnsTown 37 5212 Pennsylvanxa R B BEN STUTZMAN FARMS FARM Pnooucs Phone Johnstown 37 8209 V ntondale P COMPLIMENTS OF PENN WAY MARKET IO-1 I 8. Phone Armagh, ll ll R. D. I I , HENRY CLAY SNOBY ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE 5OY IRA Phone ATV High P Johnstown 37 5577 Farm Bureau Mutual Automoblle Insurance Co Farm Bureau Mutual Flre Insurance Co Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co THE SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY Indlana P OVER FIFTY YEARS OF COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Automobile Loans Home Loans Appluance Loans FHA Repaur Loans Personal Loans Farm Equipment Loan Member Fecle al Reserve System Member F der 4 Deposnt Insurance Corporatton IOS W , a. - ' , a. Checking Accounts Savings Accounts ' s I I' e a ' , ' DICK STEPHENS Lumber and Builders Suppl: s Goods from The woods Homer Cnty Pennsylvama Phone 9 9512 1 o v' I ,Q ll ll f OLD HOME MANOR HOMER CITY PENNSYLVANIA Get your correct truck weight at Thompson Scales Welgh bull Issued for every load Located 'z mule east of Armagh on Route 22 1 K' R. D. 2 THOMPSON SCALES COMPLIMENTS OF BLACKLICK VALLEY FARMS Registered Guernseys Marlin B. Stephens Earl L. Layman Owner Manager DILLTOVVN, PENNSYLVANIA REESE 8K BERNARD ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 132 Park Place Phone 85 701 Johnstown Pennsylvama AMERICAN TAILORING COMPANY 1130 Washungton Street Johnstown PennsyIvanla a 9 7I BRODY S INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF ASH SHOE COMPANY Home of Better Shoes 708 PhnIadelohua Street Indtana Pennsylvania INDIANA WATCH REPAIR SHOP I5 S NINTH STREET INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA Chlcken In the Basket To Take Out Phone Induana 5 8047 For Weekly Garbage Removal Call On ROBERT J LOWTHER Sanntary Engnneer of Dust Phone Johnstown 37 52I8 Arrnaqh PennsyIvanla PENNSHIRE CLOTHES FOR MEN Factory to You Stores throughout CentraI Pennsylvanna Factory Salesroom Phvllpsburg Pennsylvanua IO9 Di I - I9 KNOTTY PINE INN S NTRQN an ' n P Eqzzzllmzefzt For Wforlcz' I7l6llIlSf7ij' L itle 0 H9856 O-F? TB Tl'-rg Hea-P 1 Re I H P Udws na and 3 lenf,777 ll - 3 ne, u in rou ' ea- -' 1' N 1.56 - A A V Resting Warr:'ors I ' Mi -up a 6 V strc I Autographs I 'itil' ' - X I , 4 C Lu Ti ii 4 -1 vvnn 4 , , ,L 1: L EU, QF ,, L. 1. gg -3 Di 'Q ,J , I . . i .P ,I 1 A A - , . . - 'LJ

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