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HAMROC OF 1945 Senior Class of East Wheatfield-Armagh High School -wygizf.,-q - Alma Mater On the William Penn Highway Come and join in song together, 'Neath a sky of changeful hue Shout with might and main- Stands our beloved high school- Our beloved Alma Mater, Per to her be true! Sound its praise again, join the chorus, sound its praises Here's to her whose name well ever Over hill and dale: Cherish in our songg Hail to thee, O, Armagh High School Honor, love, and true devotion Hail to thee, All Hail! ' All to her belong. DEDICATION LT. GEORGE L. HESS WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1945, PROUDLY DEDICATE THIS FIFTH EDITION OF THE "SI-IAMROCKH TO LT. GEORGE L. HESS, KILLED IN ACTIONg TO THE FOUR BOYS FROM OUR CLASS WHO ARE NOW SERVING IN THE ARMED FORCESQ AND TO ALL THE BRAVE FIGHTING AMERICANS ALL OVER THE WORLD. I... Q . ,..... I Q. .I I A I i Herbert Altemus Sam Barelich Raymond Paul Robert Shank ,L 5' .QQ . 11 lmvr' gli I THI2 SENIOR CLASS OF PAST XVHITATFIITLD- ARMAGH HIGH SCHOOL PRPSFNTS THF HSHAMROCK OF l9fii" XWITH 'I'Hl2 THEME f IQTORY W CLASS OFFICERS President Donald Grifiitlr Vice President Frances Crespo Secretary Millicent Mack 'Ifreasurer Aclmsa Meaglmer CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOXVFR Blue and Wlwitc' Red Rose CLASS MOTTO "The Prize is great, lwut the XY':1v iw hard." HONOR ROLL Beatrice Cole Norma Dias Q5 years, Martha Ludwig Duane Shearer Kathryn Ludwig Grace Stewart Harry Mack Robert Conrad l Eiwrsr R. Bourgmsn, Snpermiaig Pa-mi-1p.zl , fl :fix fir 112541 East YVhcatfield Township and Armagh Borough Joint School Board TOXVNSHIP joseph Mulvihill, President J. A. Krouse, Secretary Wfilliam Campbell Curl Findley john Stephens, jr, BOROUGH Clair Cramer Lloyd Elliott Eldon Gordon Alexander Johnston S. J. Lowther aug " M -Tk Xi ,....f- ,l Q-FQ E ,,-.- is-?Tc.:k , 451-9 we: ur. 'if if-ifffqb ii-it' 'L -EI! 4 Xi "' f xx ,of 1 4 Y 1 l' A-57-xx .T-73"" R-3-:iff 1-1: ,,.L - -....- -5,1 -S 3 5:-. l -pq E ? ,..a -Q L N l K I M PM :nn- XII I L SLK Ng,-LIJ 'Wi sq"-lid ,pst if 15- 4 4? 12 llh E af L 14,1 'IM ll fri 4' if A Q . if F-gr uw.,- .... ... --g .1 ' --If fr - P J, ..- TQ f M- ww f " ..--1 rw 1 in-, .FT .Huw Z' :NJN '- -1 -5.11 " ' --A'-if-P 1 ,' x' ."' g i K 1: gb'-'-I' ' I ' " X ff-1-:ff--'-1451. 1 n , . .Q ly. A ,L-1 T 1-, 22' J - 1 ,iz-'is-2 ,-. f v - J - Q ' .. ' +L-- '- ' Efkf "' , 1 .fzzrv-.fvl -V 5, W A V - -gf .- 413,-f-.7 aierwb I fl' 1313. iff- Z' ,- . s'j,,Q,j' X 4 " 365' rf, ' ref! K all v 153 3- 'A" . lg ' 5 ,fi f K I - Z x X fi gs ' ' . N+ , - ' 3 ff fi A , f, gf -jlj - - ,21 7 , N ffl Y ":,'Lr- -11-1 ',T,,f"' if -.' ,, 4 I e E V 1?--s , -, , -,f- Tqz- N A' , 31' 45..- nw, , ,E hi,f,:fii:fM ,fQf g,,b, Q-I n Q' 5 n- -5 - ' R 3,1--TJ 7: :ff QV' f"ff"f-if fi' NL 'Lf' i' N , -'f - ' ,- - ' 54, A ' ff it -O ' "ff'if"V'j ' 1 -- ' v 1. 2 fx iL"' vw. M X3 , g L .:L- i - Y x-E4 , I 'TX i'f? I ,: . .4 Z I IWIQJELL'.nllL'4gi.111ccruthc' l3l.1A11 4 5 ' E nf thc' I mtul buts of :Xin url Ll .uul to the Rclmlwln fm 9' 1 "fx xvlhh It smnlxg um' xmtiuu. I A, X ,, A - 74... ' -- - " I" lllnli 9lwlc. xxltl lllvrfx . f fx :P-" - ' H -5 4 - juli 'fur .1ll, if " ' 52 V 3- f: ' 1' 'Jil CUIDING OUR 7 G STEPS TO-' ,V O W A ,il-Q A X Z fl i , Q , rx frlflr -5 ? 6 2 ts bi E 6' Y' "' J T up f E: ,- x pgmvy."" ' ' k' ", Xxx r X X X' y 'xx' X5 N , -:S if -61-77, Q A f 4 ,...,,,--1-' GJ, ERNEST R. BOUCHER University of Pittsburg B. S. and Ed. M. Music 1NsTRucTo GISRALD L. BARKER Szzperrififzg Prinripaf ll Penn State R JOHN H. CLAVVSON ,,,,, Juniata College, Temple Univcraity Univereity of Pittsburgh LATIN, LIUIDANCIT B.S.' -,luniata College, Indiana State Teachers College ABSENTEI2 MEMBER OF FACULTY CLAR ENCIE I. Ancm' B.S.- Slippery Rock State Teach' ers College ABSIiN'l'IfIi MEMBER OIT FACULTY MAR11. LIQGETT B.S. Indiana State Teachers Col lege. University of Pittsburgh, Pen nsylvania State Teachers College, Temple University. HISTORY, PROBLEMS OF DEM- OCRACY, ENGLISH MARGARFT MCLAUCHLIN Fairmont State College, Indiana State Teachers College. New York University. LEONARD SPENCE MA 'l'I IIZMATICS A ND PHYSICS B.S. Indiana State Teachers Col' lege. CIVICS, BIOLOGY, GENERAL SCIENCE GALEN OIELLIG B.S. M.S. -Colorado State College ENIS GANDOLPH AGRICUITURA1. IZDIICATION B.S. Indiana State Teachers Col' lege. TYPINCI. BOOKKITEPING, SHORT4 HAND. BUFTINESS I.AW. SELI- ING. OFFICE PRAC l ILI: Pen'l,aylvania State College. JANLT WARD B.A. -Pennsylvania State College FNCLISH ide QIMyS F-I-ENIIDEHJ jf? Q -5,4 55 ' , BN Sw V 27 ' yur' A1 , :N 5 f'2H2.f' " 'TW' 4' I I , x. f Z as f XS -SH RZ? 'wiv 47 ff-P f Q 4 - ' Xxx Z - Seniors HERBERT ALTIMIIS. Roamri' BENNETT Is otl to fly a plane Across the slty's open lanes DoIn't fret and cry He'll return by and by, The Sixth Key '45, Basketball '41- He seems to be very shy Although I wonder why But when it comes to farming He'll always get by. F.F.A. '-ll-'45, Football '48, Var-,tty '45, Varsity Klub '45, Army Au Club '45 Corps. Roucnrt BREHM WILLIAM CAMPBELL. A fellow who is not very tall To be heard is no trouble at all For he tries the best he can To act like a grown up man F.F.A. Secretary l, Munag-r ol Base ketball Team. '41-'42, ance Club l ALICIQ CLARK BEATRICE COLE Has a heart for everything in She puts her heart into her work school Which she likes most of all: And always lives by the golden She's a very smart girl rule, Though not very tall. Girls' Chorus 4, Hilltop Review '44- '45, Secretary ot Class '44, Dancing Club 5, Shamrock '45, American Passport '44, Senior Club '48 Opcretta '4Z. Student Coundl Z, Chorus 4, President ot Class '44, Band 4, Dance Club, Sham 'ock '45, A, B. Club, American Pass- po.t '14, Senior Club Roisreitr CONRAD FRANCES CRESPO ls quite a gentleman With the cutest little grin: He's a pal to one and all And always takes it on the chin. The Sixth Key '45, Senior Club '45, A.B. Club, Dance Club Proud Senorita of Spain Has given us many happy mem- ories We llliiy remember and look back over again. Vine President ul Class '45, The Sixth Key '48, Chorus 4, Senior Club '45, Student Council '45, Hilltop Review '44-'45, President ot Dance Club '45 A blue eyed blonde Bashful as can be A very good dairy man We're sure he will be. F,F.A. '-ll-'45, Basketball "4-4-'45, Class Secretary '45, Varsity Club '-8-1-'45 'L , . l Seniors NORMA DIAS DONALD GRIFFITH Reminds one of lavendar and old lace And if she were gone You would have a hard time Finding someone to fill her A very romantic fellow With pretty curly hair And when you call for him He'll be there. I, . American Passport '44, Class Treas- p dee. 'miner-bil-44,, Igotball, Dance Cgtib, HH P R , . .-H-,MI MI I Cl b .resi .ent ol i. ass' 45, ath ub I'-itll, Dailikt-wClub, Chorusull u 45' bemor club 45 GLENN HUNT PAUL LAROSA Although he's big and very A tall, dark and handsome man strong, A friend to one and all: The athletic type, No matter if things go wrong He's never been known to gripe. F.F.A. '45, Football '41-'45, Basket- ball '44-'45, Dance Club, Varsity Club He's very sweet on all the girls And always at your beck and call, Basketball 2, Football 1, Student Council '45, Shamrock '45, The Sixth Key '45, Varsity Club 2, Dancing Club, Senior Club '45, Morale Builder ol Room ll, '45 GEORGE LANTZY When it comes to cars and girls He likes fancy things, And through his work he goes As if he had a pair of wings. llillrop Review '45, Student Council '45, The Sixth Key '45, Dance Club ll gl MARTHA Lunwio Wants to serve the public By joining the red cross nurses We are sure she will succeed And help all those in need, Band 1, American Passoprt '44, Hill- wp Review '45, Shamrock '45, Dante Club, A, B. Club KA1'HRH'N Luuwio HARRH' MACK Tall and blond Quiet girl is she, Yet always busy as a bee, Hilltop Review '44-'45, Shamrock '45. Dance Club 5 A brilliant lad of this class Who's not very loud But of him we are very proud. Band 5, F,F.A. 5, Shamrock '45 TREVA NEFF Rosi5LLA OFMAN ln the future we will .lee What a line Wave she will be And everyone can tell She will serve very well. Hansel and iirerel. 'I'he Sixth Key '-H. Hilltop Review '44-'45, Band Seniors MILLICEN1' MACK Ac5HsA MEAGHER Has a hard time keeping track Of all the things she has done But one thing sure she always Finishes anything once it is be' gun. Class Secretary '41 and '45, Hilltu Review '45, Chorus 4, Senior Cluli '45, Dance Club. Hamel and Gieael A jolly pail to everyone. Turns your work to fun, Helps you in every way And keeps you happy day by day. The Sixth Key "H, Shmrnrock '-H, Chorus 2. SeLrr:t.1ry of Dante Club VH. Claim Treaxuzer '-li, Hilltop Review 'Hf'l5 HELEN MAHALIC RALPH Mc:GrNNrs A singer wants to he And if her goal is realized She'll be easy on the eyes As you can readily see. Hansel and Gretel '-ll, American Paws- port '4-l, Student Council '-H. Hill- top Review '44-'45, Chorus 4. Dance Club 2, Senior Club 445 Better known as judge: A friend to one and all And il its help you need Be sure and give him ai call. .-Kmeritxin Passport '-H, Cheerleardcrs 5, Senior Club "li, Dame Club 2, Hilltop Review '-l-lf'-IS. 5li.1rT1roLl4 Ni. l'.F.A, l A quiet little girl Who works very hard Even if it gets tough Her smile she'll never discard. Chorus Z, Hilltop Review '-H-'-F. Math Club '-U, Dance Club 'M Ch-irus -L Senior Club '-Vt. lminte Club l.1RNliS'l' RAooNrssr ERMA SIMMONS A tall and handsome man Why the movies don't get him ls more than we can understand. Band l. Cheerleader 1, Football 2, Basketball 5, Varsity Club Z, The Sixth Ke' '45, Senior Club '45, Dance Club, Hilltop Review '44- '-LS, Mana er or Basketball l. Morale Builder ot Room 11, '-45 The girl with the nimble feet Whose appearance is always neat Her golden hair and sweet smile just can't be beat. The Sixth Key '45, Chorus 4. Dance Club Treasurer '44-'45, Math Club '-13. Hilltop Review '44-'45 Seniors Roaisizr SHANK Ricrmnn Si-uusy He's just an academic creature With an athletic feature Of him all say he's smart And always there to do his part. The Army Yank Weiit marching off to war But some day he'll be back And then things will be like before' Vnrsiry Club 2, Football Zv, Basket- fr fr Har-rp Dance Club, Cheerleader 1. Amer- ican Passport '44, Morale Builder Room 11 DUANIE SHEARIER GRACE STEWART Is always here Demure and sweet And when you need him most Her friendship just can't be beat. He's always at his post. lidgor ol Hxltrga cgeigeixi Band 5 President Studeni Council 'WHS 4' ' ' u .5' "ln" r f. . ., - - Cl b 45, H:m'el .ind Cnetel 41. -19. bhanuotk 48, Math Club, A. Dlunce Club, CTMS Pmnm B. Club, The Sixth Key 45 A friendly girl is Always on the gog Happy as the day is long Appealing to men -Oh, oh. Ope.etta '42, Chorus -1,,Band 1, Sen- ior Club '45, The Sixih Key '45, Hilltop Review '-H-'43 QL A . nl? 11 MARY STUTSMAN MARLIN STUTSMAN A lad interested in flying, He will succeed we know, If he does the best he can To the top he will go. she Vice President ol Srudeni Council '45-'44, American Passport '-H, Track Team '44, Slmrnmik '45, Band '42-'-H. Dance Club 5 DOROTHY TOMAN A very charming maiden And attractive to the men: If you are ever gloomy She will make you smile again, Oper:-na '42, American Passport '44, The Sixth Key '45, Senior Club '45, Chorus 4, Hilltop Review '44- AH, Shamrock Stall, '45, Dance Club 5 Class Will of 1945 We, the Senior Class of Armagh High School of the year 1945 A. D., being of sound mind and good understanding laccording to our own opinionj do hereby ask you to listen to our last Will and Testzinient. We wish you to receive from us the few gifts we have to receive from us the few gifts we have to bestow. To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To SECTION I TO THE CLASS OF "l945l,f2" we wish to bequeath all the Senior privileges, mainly, occupy the best seats in assembly, play hooky, set taeks, chew gum, and all other things which go with these. S TO THE SOPHOMORE CLASS we will the honor of giving a "magnificient" banquet for next year's eniors. TO THE FRESHMAN CLASS we will the pleasure of initiating the new "Freshies.' TO THE FACULTY, we wish to commend as many remembrances as possible so that they will think of us in the future, all our test papers, senior themes, workbooks and most important of all, our report cards. SECTION II Blanche Coughenour and Virginia Trindle, Alice Clark's excess weight. Norman Palmer, Beatrice Cole's headaches of the Shamrock. Earl Eisenhuth, Norma Dias's ability to study. Dorothy McCullough, Erma Simmon's pretty sweaters. Ben Greene, Ascha Meagher's moron jokes. Ann Balko, Helen Maholic's love for sailors. Irene Simon, Grace Stewart's editorship of the Hilltop Review. Melvin Kimes, Treva Neff's bashfulness. Bill Ronchak, Martha Ludwig's artistic ability. Martha Hutchison, Rosella Ofman's involuntary laughter. Betty Wert, Millicent Mack's sweetness. Margaret Bako, Dorothy Toman's ability to act. Dorothy Varner, Frances Crespo's love for jewelry. lane Troska, Mary Stutsman's love for shorthand. Sam Mack, Kathryn Ludwig's good behavior. Log Ed Sievers, Herbert Altemus's ability to dance. Heth Jamison, Bob Bennett's shyness. Bill Lowther, Roger Brehm's sense of humor. Carl Fry, Bill Campbell's sweetness for a certain girl. Bill Labancz, Bob Conrad's ability to collect ads for the yearbook. Eleanor Paul, Ernest Ragonesi's black hair. Ilene Altemus, Ralph McGinni.2's ability to lead. Joe Rager, Donald GrilIith's curly hair, Mike Huczko, Glenn l'Iunt's ability to set tacl:s. Bill Young, Paul LaRosa's towering height. Wayne Brown, George Lantzy's desire to read de- tective stories. Bill Howard, Harry Mack's musical talent. Dwight Plowman, Bob Shank's military career. ,lim 'foman and Bill Mathews, Richard Shiley's desire to join the Merchant Marine. Bill Doyle, Duane Shearer's mathematical aptitude. David Stinson, Marlin Stut:,man's love for blondes. Did you go? Where? To the Grange Fair. The F. F. A. had a nice display. Assembly. The boys received their letters for football and basketball. What do you know! The first football game of the season. We won over Southfork 6-0. SEPTEMBER- 5: Well, here we go again. Back to school. 9: 13: 16: 20: That magazine man must have been here again. 43: Another game this time with Dale. The score 13fl3. Boy, are we getting good! 29: The ring man was here today. 30: Armagh plays Gallitzin. We won again. You didn't hear the score? Well it's 12f7. OCTOBER- - 2: Girls, comb your hair. Boys, fix your tie. The picture man is here. 6: Freshman and Sophomore Party. Did you have a good time? 7: We're doing fine. Won another game, score 27'0. 10: First issue of the "Hilltop Review." 13: Everyone has been seeing an Indian. That was "Chief Red Feather." 14: The football game with Nanty Glo was cancelled. Too bad. 16: What! No Dancing? Machine is being repaired. 18- First game that we lost. We played johnstown and I'm not telling the score. 19: Here's a movie "Men of Texas." 28: Another football game with Beaverdale 7 0 in favor of Armagh. 31: Did you enjoy yourself at the Halloween Party? NOVEMBER --f- l: A new month, oh gee! 2: "When johnny Comes Marching Home" was a movie. 3: Bobo the magician. Good wasn't he? We won another game 39'0. 7: And we won another game 26-0. l6'17: What's all the rush! Oh, the Senior play "The Sixth Key." What are the Ag boys so happy about. Now, I know they are having a Skating Party. 20: Movie . . . "My Favorite Spy.' 23: Don't eat too mch on Thanksgiving Day. 31: Movie. . . "This Land is Minef DECEMBER -f 8: 11: What a lovely snowstorm. 14: 16. 1: Z: Yippee!! Are we happy! No school. Christmas vacation begins. Hope you have a good time. IANUARY -4 A new year. Did you make your New Year's resolutions. The saddest thing of all we have school today. lsn't this weather grand. No school. 4: Another movie "It Ain't Hay." Continued on page 80 Junior Class of l94 FIRST ROW -james Toman, Leola McLaughlin, Bill Howard, Virginia Trindle, Bill Doyle, Betty Wert Dwight Plowman, Gladys Mack, Mike Hutzcha SECOND ROW Mary Lou McCachren, Heth jamison, Eleanor Paul, Sam Mack, Ilene Altemus, Rohert Mc Cachren. Betty Ressler, Ed Severs, Martha Hutchison THIRD ROW' Norman Palmer. Dorothy McCullough, Bill Ronihak, Irene Simon, Bill Lahancz, Ann Balko George Stevens, janet Traska, Bill Young FOURTH ROW Margaret Busany, Earl Eisenheith, Shirley Louis, Blair Shoup, Rose Geralami, joe Ruger Blanche Coughneur, Cary Fry. Dorothy Varner FIFTH ROW David Stinson, Margaret Baku, Mr. Oellig, Sponsor OFFICERS President .......,.,,... ..........,, , B s......,,r,sts....., ,t.... j ames Toman Vice President ...,,,.. ...,t M elvin Kimes Secretary ,..........t,.... tsttsss, .,... C a rl Fry Treasurer ...... ....... B ill Doyle v Sophomore Class OFFICERS President .. , . , Vice President .. . Sc-we-tg1i'y Treasurer . Eddie Toman Mary Ann Stinson , Shirley Lune Marjorie XVz1dSwortli Mm WAR1m FIRST RUXV juli Grillilli, Charles Huezku. Bill Triuflkai, Nnrnui Hmlfinnn, Eddie Tmnun, Clyie Hunt Vina XK'illiaiinx. l.i1lN llmvnrd, lnn Lee Kerry. Surah Helden TSECIUNIE RHXX' lla-tty jenn Rmenlwrry. Nlnrjnrie Vvhdswnrtlw, Surah Ann XX'imdrlm!. Shirm Lane lreno. Slmx-.. Stellar Mi-er. Verlu Mare Bennett. Betty Grillitli, Myrtle Fry 'l'HlRl3 RUXY llimlverl l711lci,mnier, Viulet Rudnik. lezmnine Carney. Eva Berezun-kv. Nawini Smile Mil rc. ldnpetn, Marry june Harden. Mary Margaret BfklC'CI1, Nurnm Bracken. Mary Dulwil Hlllllwlill RUXV Bnlw Luwtlier, lime Mary Marek. MllVQ12lFCI Slippy, Mary Ann Slin-mn. Nfary lun Mugur R.,-i-ll.i Slnnelx. lvl Tmnlw, Ella ,learn fxlffllllli, lvlildred lvlufli, Violet IDYQIYIIIY. lfll'TH RUXY Maynard Muthewa Clair Stilen. Bernard l:fLll1lil1I1.vV,llbCI'fMLl3HClIllLll1, Dr,fn.ild Brxelien Dxii L Hem lllenn Sliezirer. Bill Melfeaiterg jgiines Crespo, Eugene Davis SPUNSUR Misx XX'urd Freshman Class FIRST RUXX' XY.ll.H'lA' Unllvn, Cnmllnc Kclly, Lcnn Hulupkn, Edgar Harding, Hlnncr Hcdgrs, Hgrzfl vllflllkllx' Us nm l'rr1r Ln C' lllt P- "Nik", ls nl' Z SECOND RUXY l.uncSCunr11d, lr.1 Clarlc, Mnrjoric Loder, XIIIICCIXI Crgspu. Kcnnctlx Mack, l.-:nn Vczlm Innnur Cgmulu, junk :Ku-rs, Hurry Trnndlu THIRD RUXX' Uculgcln' lvlccglclucn, lf-ctty Lou Hollingsworth, lflurcrwcl czQlNllLlU, .'Xnn.A L.lRus.l. lvlulurn Mycrs, M.u'y SXV.ll5XVUl'Ill, Sally Dccxn, lrls Bruck, Luis Hunt V' l:UllRTH ROW' Elcamvr' lk.lg1L'IA, Anna M110 Stewart, Elllllhl Bagley, Cvurgc MCcllllltlllQlll, Hcrlwxt lvlncli, Dunnld C.nrncy, llurrwllxy Bnzlccvlclm, luyrc Urnlglmuur lfllflxli RUXY Alun 14-c, Xxvllllillll Slllhllllfll, j.unc- Py'k'l, Muck Stllcs. B-llw czwllllltl, julmn l.llklXVlg, -IJIIIUS l.utl1f cr, :Xllu-rt l:.ntul.n SPONSOR Mlss McL.1nglml1n President , . lklgur Harding Vim: President rhlgun BLISOIIY Secretary . Lena Holuplcn l l'f.'Lli'Ll rer Pu ul Hcdgcs - l f , 1 ,N xl? K M I X K Ag i iff My I A 5112 - KX ' i Q X f JM lf' R' ,' 3 1 1 'My' If ,, v Ali! 'lx l f if f I , "' 0 f " I, Q ' l f' g X V if A" 'lei ?EQ If 7' - X .uf 4 'xii ' - ' 4,7 .f.- , - , A X FIGHTIN G for ll-lg FGUR FREEDOMS nm-u--1133 Freedom from Want Freedom from Fear 'Q' in rs-e Q, 0, I ' sv' X ' ,X ,i X .X FIRST RUXX' Robert Crciswcll. George Trnska, Robert Alternux John Glovuk, Kenneth Nealer SECOND ROW' Olive Muck, Eleanor Cuando. Muruhcllc Altelnus, Ruth DLIYIS THIRD ROXX' jannw Plowlnun. Clliford Rudnik, Milford Ldlllhlllg, George Shoup FOURTH ROXY xxvllllkllll Conrad, james Stxles. Richard Howard, Clanr Bracken. Wlxyne Tomb 3 Freedom of Religion Freedom of Speech FIRST RUXV Blah Carney, Enldne Lee Deyarnun, George Slxppy. Pete Dubxl. George Bracken SECOND RUNY Iuhn Ullman, Uxndu DcSahutinu. Ed McLaughlin. Eugene Lulvinez. ,luhn Ffellllillll 'l'HlRlJ ROW' Mxke Knapxc, Donald Shearer. Mallrice Trnslm, lohn Baku. Vvldter MCCIIIIIIIY. Dunald SYlll"4 FOllR'l'H ROXY Roy Paul, Floyd Rhamhaugh, Bob lvlccardren, Harry XxNvOOdI'l!1g, Ed Lowther. Eugene Dxclz 4:6 f v USIUCSS eCAtl0n Q'-'Q QQ , SP "N X I 5- X I CGW. 1 su. x M x ,,, M mfg 45 R X f vw J' 7' X . QXE K i.,1E w 1 1- ix Xxx Q A," L v' A Q, XR- "xx Z 'QA 'xg I :gl 3 1. i X y S51-rg 5 I L.,A ,V Q24 fl, , K ,f jg X ' f '- eh, ,f A 3 XX X x , 4 717153 N. - f Ili ' fflgffg li sl an 1' 1 Student Council III I IU RIGHT Nnrmn Iiruckvn, LcuI:x Mt'Llll1gIlIlIl, Hazel Trmdlc. Hath -IJIIIINDII, Duzmc Shcqlr 5 7 I 1 II'.lIh'A'S I.rnwpu, Mr. IIIillCIN'l'. lIm'ur'slv I.1.lui:u', I.ll1I I.QnIxu--11. Nurmgm I.lIlIIk'I'. Izmle. Ure-pn OFFICERS Prcsidc-nf Dunne Sllczlrcr Vice Prc'sigIcl1t I:I'3lI1L'CS Crespo, SL-crc-fury Norma Iirglclicrm Ircusurcr I Hcth Inrnisun The Shamrock btaff Editor in Chief Associate Editor A Senior Editor , Activities Editor Photograph Editor ., Art Editor Business Manager Assistants Sports Editor Typing Editor .. Circulation Editors , . Faculty Advisor o, Beatrice Cole c Norman Palmer . Achsa Meagher . Kathryn Ludwig E ,. Alice Clark Martha Ludwig , Marlin Stutsman ., , Richard Shiley , Harry Mack ,, , ,. , Dorothy Toman Ralph lh"lCfill1I1lS, Duane Shearer . Miss Liggett l:lR5T RUXY Kathryn Ludwig, Aclmsa lvleagher, Dorothy Tomun. Miss Liiiiictt, Beatrice Cult' SECOND ROW' Norman Palmer, Richard Shiley, Ralph MQGIIIIIIS, lvlartha Ludwig. Harry Mack, Marlin Stutsman. Duane Shearer 'XBSENT Alice Clark ll ifll Hilltop Review Staff Editor .,A,..... .,.... , Editorial Editor ...,..,. Business Manager Art Editor . r. Sports Editors ooolo., Scope Editor ,... Mimeographing E Typists ..rl .l.o r .. Reporters , ...E , Grace Stewart Helen Maholic Alice Clark Martha Ludwig Richard Shiley, Ernest Ragonesi Ralph McGinnis Treva Neff, Norma Dias Frances Crespo, Erma Simmons, Mary Stutsman ......,,.e .,...,ee,ee R osella Ofman, Achsa Meagher ,49- 14" ""lIlnUuuu -. fe' wi-ny. ivvl 'uh American ass eff "American Passport" was presented by the junior Class of 1944 at the school aud- itorium on Thursday and Friday evenings, April 20 and 21, 1944, under the direction of janet Ward. The play was a success. Dorothy Toman had the lead in the play as Louella Hamilton, an American girl of twelve with Donald Griffith playing as her father, Shirley Willianms as Mother, Sally Maholic as an older sister, Richard Shiley as an older brother and Beatrice Cole as Aunt Min, a very rich old lad wh "h l ' X' y o e d the purse strings. Some of the other characters were: Mrs. Swartz .. ,.,,,.,.c.....,.,., , Alice Clark Bill ..,.. .r,, .,.,.... ....r,,.. M a r lin Stutsman Sybel .........,...,.. ,,,,c.,. M artha Lu dwig Mr. Craig .,c,,...,,....,,c. Ralph McGinnis I '7 , as American Passport all The Sixth Key "The Sixth Key," gi mystery comedy, was presented by the Senior Class of 1915 on P-Joy ember I8 and I9 under the direction of Miss Wltrd. The pluy wus quite successful and enjoyed by ull who saw it. Cx 1f"'nl"'n, Q 4042 ll if f Qu 5 X N , M 1-, 4 A - 3: 52- 6 aah? 1, V V. V' . V V rx TJKXNIIV fl - e fy ' - I :Ulf- L -,,.+- --f-+ Q! r , 5124 - ggi A 5 J A3 WW f if 'Zia Q, ff X LII", 'K ' V M , ynllhllyr. K X 'QW' 3 w AI 7fZZ'77"' ,r f X 4, nr!?'9!li v N 4 l?"f+aX.1::-sw magff' ,Y ' 'f'-'-f - wg" ' 4 - jmqf:4::m1,,, A ,,, ,,- f 27 3--K JE, Jli 1 ann 5 n 2 I Il' If 7" MM 2 , Q vw nl" 0 I I gf Q Q M Frances :sean-rwfnce Doravui H9-.rrY Ax Vtm 1 , Vt! W1 inf Rose!! Bob S. Duane RIRCC Ernie ' w Q Helen M1WW+MlW Trevm Gg,Ce L Q A, nv, i ff 5 m .Mg " Q J yhxk Q , 'S , Lxh g- 41 gil? wg g.. .M QAM , 'M ,, aaa 3? Bob C. Donal-D Erma PFW, Navm EL Goree RQJPH Minis HCHSB- Bob' B. KAQYYF Smurf? U'i'H'C' M 2. YTW' WHS' aw, H45 QQ' ff 2 4 Q 2 fi X, mlb- n , ?f X -1 .,.-is x x l dl 'Q iii if g x -Q Q. M K , u X N Q. x .13 215' -ix , :- ' -Q-3, . -.,.i. ,.1--,L auf- rr- :L fi FOOTBALL S UAD 1 I1 Q fri? f I-ill. ,Q 4: ,KK ffl I: 7 Y- xxx ,k ,f 5 5 ..,. Nil 1 , FIRST ROW' Ed Tuiiiain, Melvin Kiiiics, Miko IIuczlui. hvilliillil Lowther, Bill Duylv. Holla jmiiismi, Nurmziii Pzilriivr, Allwrt Illlfllld. Clydc Ililiit SIECIUNIU ROW' Dwiglit lIcs:s. Iiiiiics Tmiigin, Dwight IjlUVk"I1l1ll1. Edgar Harding, Rulwrt Ilciiiictt. I7uiigild fI.irncy, Ulciiii Hunt, Ucurgc IvIrClillmig1li. Eriiwl Raigguriurai ' THIRD RUXY Mr. Uclligl. Ben Greene, Chiirlcs McNulty, Gem' Daivix. Ijaiiil Lgikmii. Richard Shilvy. Blain' slump, Bill IxIrI3s.ilci-, Iivrnziiwl Iirxiiililiii, XN'ifliaiiii II.iw1mI CHEERLEADERS Arr E E E l Gladys Malek, Ilene Altemus, Ralph McGiniiis, Mairy' jane Harding. Marjorie Loder 33 EF FOOTBALL r 4 Second String Dm I 1 ,. First String 3: x X QV BASKETBALL Varsity FIRST ROXX' Bill Duylc, Bill Cuniplwll, jim Flwllllhlll, liiclmrd Shilcy, Dwight Plow' main SECUND RUVC Dwight Hess, lieth jilllil' mn. Paul l-4iRusu, Melvin Kimi-Q, Sam Muck MR. Cl..'W4'SON COACH - lvir. lulmston MANAGER Ernie RZAQLUIICSI Junior Varsity lil R ST ROVV Clyde Hum, Bill Trusf kai, Dwight Hcss, Mike Huczlw, Niirmam Pnl' IIICT SECOND ROW' Edgar Harding, Bern' ard Franklin, Curl Fry. Bill Mk'l:C1iIk'FS, Eddie Tuiiiuri 35 VARSITY CLUB IIIRST RUXX' QHUHI1Flllllf,BlHciilII1I'llN'H,Blu Drmylc, l5XN'l5fhf l'luwr11:a11, Hcrh jalmnlxuvm rV1lkk' Hllrzkn SECOND RUXV Prim' Rxusfmmwu, Ch-nv IHRIYV4, jun ,I-Ullhlll, Mclvm Kuuvf, Nurmam Palma: THIRD ROW' llwughl Haw, Robert Bennett, Rlclmanrd Shllllif, P.luI Lalluzvgl. Sum M4 CAG O nap s .wx .FS-Q. A Q' '5 xv. ' X LRXL. X , fi ,,n'W,v11mwaMW 1 ,r'.'W' , -QW' 'Wk WJ 4 C9 si fffffff U ' f- ff N f ff iff? ZZ! 1717! 'fvkhll A '. f,fl1iV.,.7 pclflyfr, 4 W' ff 57621125 74 47 - V11 f yi " f 1 " L f ' W 9,365 1412 M P J ff ' 1 ff Q g'k'if -N pw N. py""? f ff - ' j Y ff, , f 1 -Q, 2 ,ff-f' f X ff 'ax p'4y, d k MN X ff f J E " ff f .X ' Q' f'f K N ' f f' 2 A' -,r f2,,f,,.,jyf N'Eif.ffz H 5 gig,- 1,4 ,:.....,, 33 ty?lg -Y JUNIOR -SENIOR BANQUET, 1944 'm1Q+ Dorf! We alll look digniiied and grown upf'? GRANGE FAIR EXHIBITS Th c our future dairy iarmcrn. Dorft you think we wxll enjoy thclr pmductff, F. F. A. Thcsc buys arc going to be the farmers of the tomorrow yet tu come. Vegetable Exhibits Sums of ilu-sc vcgctnblcs were prlzc winners :xt the Kirzmgfc lim, .mtl they were -'ruxxn by um ll. F. A. buy... 40 .nel Grange Fair Exhibits Theme prxzc huns and mus- tcrs were mi-cd hy mum' uf the F. F. A. huyx. xxxlllld' n't you like um- fur Sumhy Ljllllltfli, A griculturc Building llcru is Ilic liuililingi In wliirli many ul our lmyf annul mlm incn allinxw' llw sclmul align' lmvc Imriml rlii- .ul ul l.lI'llllIlj1 .mil luww In lwrmiw ln-It-'i lllIilIl1'I'5. I5- l ,, v cgi f , , 'llilh' 1.1-flu Physics Lab. Thcrc is am important cx- pcriincnt going un, but l'in nut sure what it is. Lct's awk one of llic students. Senior Typing Vv'l1cn we begun our Course in tlic full most ol the girls wcrc planning: nn nllicc jobs, but nnw suinc nl llwin urn' anticipating going: lnlu US, Svi'x'iu's. lr just gnew to wlinw that girls urs Qtill us cliziiwrniilc .is vvcr. 41 I ww wr--gn.-. 'W h......,..., I 'F' ...fwf 8 1 E HQ Q3 v Q 1 Af 12,4 , 371.1 ,gf 5 1' J' V3 W' Qi. . M -I ' -.6 Ji f, Y 1 J v:,,,g1 . X5 H ,,, 5 . .- F lu M, 'ff I J7 ff,53xE - ' f , v Q , Q '2 3 fx iwima, , .. ,, 'W . '. x I f-" '14 -gg . f .2 + 1' ., 2 ' "Af Wwgl fl ' JA, f vf,4, ' vw awww ., KWSN? W 'Aw , wr! ,, i , S fwge D N' fi, 3 .. N i W., ,L - . i Senior Club Thii Club wus ol'g.lni:cd for thc purpuss: oi guthcring umuuy Mn' our sulmol, and 11 hu-1 alum: much in nmk' IIHQ mn vmxulnmk lmwllvlv. Il fgdgfh! HUF.. Junior Class Meeting Thcrc is :1 great deal of business to bo: carried on in zu junior Claws mccting. lf you doubt my word, ask sonwonc who has In-on u junior. Ag. Shop Mr. Ocllig had Sl diiiicult rims making thc boys stop working lung L'l1UlIj1ll tu huvv their picrurc mkcn. I won' der if that is -yn all .lll time-1! 43 F , B. Club H1 lmvv .IIILKIIICJ .1 ll nx'cr.1uc or lwllvr .md l'm 5llI'L' ilu! Ilwv have workud h.u'd In lfljlllfl' this Inglx g1x'vl.ng3v. 0 lncmlu-rs of this club A' Q, , ,n 1 7 ?l! 4. Honor Roll Vic arc vcry proud of our humor roll tlmt was huuglxr through thc vtlhru of thc Studunl fjllllllfll. VUL' nu' cvcn pmudvr ui llw lwyi amd gurls wlum- n.um:1 up' Pfllf UH H. . , - - -V -Y ---1 Biology Clflqs Thus IS all Mr, 5-u-'mx' I olugy claw and l'm mu' lv IN wzutnngf lIlIP.lIln'I1l:',' 4 warm xnxellmcr' -.N hv ww I1'9 hu Ntudcnlew on .1 in-lnl Lrz'-. 45 LESLIE A. STUTZNAN 1928 1945 A RELIABLE BUS SERVICE tal ii , ' nl -l l 1 ' 1 ' t " ' Compliments of PACKARD MUTUR 00. AT PRESENT SPECIALIZING IN FIRST CLASS SERVICE HIGH GRADE USED CARS 355 Bedford Street JOHNSTOWN, PENNA Compliments of United Jewelers A. ZION 410 Main Street JOHNSTOWN, PA. Compliments of Gharles Supply Go BOLTZ, PENNA. Compliments of C0mP'imCnfS of Thomas Flower Shop lloover's Meal Markel Phone 77204 Nights, 82551 SEWARD, PENNA. 107-109 Franklin St. JOHNSTSOWN, PENNA. Compliments of DR. A. A. GUNLEY Phone 87451 202 PORCH BUILDING JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA CONGRATULATIONS, HONORED SENIORS EXTEND SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ARMAGH HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF 1945, AND MAY YOU ACHIEVE SIMILAR SUCCESS IN SEEKING A HIGHER EDUCATION. WE EXTEND A CORDIAL INVITATION TO VISIT THE GLOSSER STORE ON ANY OF YOUR VISITS TO JOHNSTOXVN. Compliments of Compliments of Lesler Vanall 1-om Hogan Foodland Market SEWARD PENNA. PHOTOGRAPHER C0mP1imfHfS of NeiI's Beauly Salon Harris Music Slore Pianos - Band Instruments Specialize in Musical Merchandise if PERMANENT WAVES Special attention to School Musical Requirements Ligonier Street 211 Market Street JOHNSTOWN PENNA. NEW FLORENCE, PENNA. HENRY IIALL "CARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS" INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of United Mine Workers of America LOCAL UNION NO. 838 President O,,,A,.... C O,..,.... Dragick Svilar Vice President i,,..V..,.... .. .......,. William Rudnik Recording Secretary ..,..... r..rr... M ike Pillar Financial Secretary .........re ..,.,.r. I ohn Torak Treasurer ., ...... rrr.,,,,. . ,A Andrew Casper Door Man ....,r Howard Lavis B O L T Z -- - - PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Ladies' Auxiliary ROBINDALE, PENNA. Compliments of Suehman's Jewelry Slore DIAMONDS-JEWELRY Jewelry and Watcll Repairing 910 Roberts Street NANTY-GLO, PA. PauI's Smarl Shoes FOR WOMEN 547 Main Street Johnstown, Penna. Beller Tires Sales G Phone 71-205 251-253 Conemaugh St. Johnstown, Penna. Compliments of Hollzman - Jeweler You can always do better at Holtzman's Reliable Jewelers Nationally Famous Wzrtclies Perfect Diamonds Easy Credit Terms ll2 Market St. Johnstown, Pa. Compliments of THE SAVINGS AND TRUST GUMPANY INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA Widdowson's Jewelers MEET YOUR FRIENDS Phone 508-R AT 704 Philadelphia St. 5 Indiana, Pa. Murphy S The Friendly Store J. B. Gramer Hardware Go. Hardware, Tinning, Plumbing Heating Indiana, Pennsylvania Phone 275 Homer City, Pa. Compliments of Sky's Store JOHNSTOWN, PENNA. Compliments of L. 81 0. Feed Gompany FLOUR - GRAIN - FEED Phone 1 0 6 Rear Houk's Hotel INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Ghio Ilal Shop Johnstown, Penna. Levison's Dept. Slore Nanty-Glo, Pennsylvania Rhineharl's Pharmacy 902 Chestnut Street Nanty-Glo, Pennsylvania The Nanly-Glo Journal Established Nov. 5, 1921 The most influential newspaper covering the entire Blacklick valley A Good Advertising Medium Herman Sedloff, Printer H. O. Eldridge, Editor Compliments of Joseph E. Cover PORTRAIT INDIVIDUAL WEDDINGS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF CLASS OF 1945 DIAL 68-252 504 MAIN STREET JOHNSTOWN - - - PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of BRENWS GREENNUUSE CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS FLORAL DESIGNS VEGETABLE PLANTS DILLTOWN - - - PENNSYLVANIA INDIANA EVENING GAZETTE Goes into nearly every home in Indiana County Daily Circulation 11,638 843 Philadelphia Street Phones 500 - 501 INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA 0. E. Barkley IMPLEMENT STORE McCormick-Deering Farm Machines Genuine I. H. C. Repairs Phone 1343-J 422 South 15th St. INDIANA, PENNA. Compliments of Cambria Equipment Go. 12 Iron Street JOHNSTOWN, PENNA. BUY YOUR DIAMONDS AT Roger's Easy Payments INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Indiana Hardware Go. Hardware Electrical Appliances Furniture - Sporting Goods 636 Philadelphia St. INDIANA PENNA. Compliments of NEW FLURENUE NATIUNAL BANK NEW FLORENCE, PENNSYLVANIA GENERAL MILLS FARM SERVICE DIVISION ohnstown - - -- - Pennsylvania Compliments of Imperial Coal Company DIAMOND MINE NO. 2 BOLTZ ---- PENNSYLVANIA B. F. Goodrich Slores Tires - Tubes - Batteries Expert Recapping and Repairing 24-Hour Service 628 Philadelphia Street Indiana, Pennsylvania Compliments of Sl. Glair Pharmacy Russell St. Clair, Prop. NEW FLORENCE, PA. Compliments of George W. Shomo Fresh Meats and General Merchandise Phone Bolivar 3451 HUFF PENNA. Hess Bros. Reslauranl "Where People Meet to Eat" Indiana, Pa. I Wrddowson's Jewelers Payments as low as 51,15 weekly 704 Phila. St. Phone 508fR Indiana, Pa. S. W. Ilewlings New Florence, Pa. Linderman's Elile Johnstown, Pa. Compliments of CANADIAN FUR GUMPANY JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Jones Furnilure 00. Compliments of A "The Out of the Way - Less to Pay" Store A Friend Phone 750 1 1015-1025 Phila. St. Indiana, Pennsylvania Compliments of Compliments of Tremble's GENERAL STORE charles SUPPIY 00- BOLTZ, PA. NEW FLORENCE, PA. Blair uber Compliments of LARGEST RADIO STORE in Pennsylvania Har' Bl Daugherty O ' C H Pposlte Curt Ouse Lumber and Builders' Supplies Radios, Records, Appliances Over 15,000 Records in stock Over 1,100 Albums in stock Expert Service at Low Cost Philadelphia Street 618 Phila. St. Phone 955 INDIANA, PENNA. INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA Ladies Aid ROBIN DALE, ---- PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of "Gommanders" Urcheslra BEST WISHES Weiser Music Go. School of Music Orchestra "Everything for the Musician" 415 Main St. Phone 85-S21 JOHNSTOWN, PA. Millenherger Flower Shop ALL YOUR FLORAL NEEDS 118 Market Street JOHNSTOWN, PENNA. Compliments of G. L. Ruff Gu. Jewelers Founded 1898 Dial 60-671 111 Market St. JOHNSTOWN, PA. Compliments of w H P H b The Johnslown ' ' u er augh Wholesale Lealher 8 Shoe Findings Go. DRUGGIST Phone 92501 Charles Dalley, Manager Corner Wfitizliington X Franklin Streets JOHNSTOWN, PA. JOHNSTOWN, PA. HUTGIIIS N BUS LINES BOLIVAR - JOHNSTOWN ARMAGH - JOHNSTOWN HUTCHISON RESTAURANT A A. Dick Hutchison, Prop. 546 Washington Street JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of IDEAL FURNITURE "THE PRESTIGE QUALITY sToRE', BLAIRSVILLE PENNSYLVANIA 636 Compliments of Del Boring TIRE SERVICE Main St. Phone JOHNSTOWN, PA. Compliments of The Slyle Store CURTAINS 8: YARD GOODS Phone 55-201 71-235 505-507 Main Street JOHNSTOWN, PENNA. Compliments of A FRIEND Radio Sales and Service Member P. S. A. PHILCO MOTOROLA l05VQ Clinton St. 607 Railroad St. JOHNSTOWN, PA. Compliments of Beverly Furniture 0 WE BUY AND SELL FURNITURE 219 Bedford Street JOHNSTOWN, PA. Valley Prinling Go. Printing -- Ruling - Binding Phone 65-162 612 Railroad St. JOHNSTOWN, PA. The Time Shop L. Ray Ream Watch 8: Clock Repairing 258 Fairfleld Avenue JOHNSTOWN, PA. Thomas J. llpryle 81 Son JEWELERS Franklin Sc Lincoln Sts. JOHNSTOWN, PA. Gales Glolhing Slore STYLISH APPAREL for the entire family Your charge account is cordially invited 139 Clinton St. JOHNSTOWN, PA. Paul Hornick H A R D W A R E Phone 54-591 314-316 Broad St. JOHNSTOWN, PA., E. A. Schusler Watch Maker jeweler - Engraver First National! Bank JOHNSTOWN, PEN NA. Soda Candy Compliments of A S K, Homer Gily 30 S Pharmacy Bedford St. l l Q Hogan's Delicious Ice Cream OHNSTOWN, PA. , J Reymer's 84 Norris Candy Shulton's Early American EVERYTHING Toiletries TO WEAR for Prescriptions Filled as They Men and Women Should Be Boys and Girls Cigars Stationery Real Estate Estimates Furnished Phone 445 - 446 0. S. Klmkle Lumber Go. Lumber 84 Builders' Supplies Devoe Paints Glass Hardware and Millwork HOMER CITY, PA Asper's Department Store Complete Line for Ladies, Men and Children Phone 225 BLAIRSVILLE, PA Anduson's Meat Market Meats and Groceries Specialty -- Poultry 9 W. Market Street BLAIRSVILLE, PA. Compliments of Manos Theater BLAIRSVILLE, PA. Enjoy a good movie always at the MANOS S. D. Slitfey 81 Sons Hardware - Paints Electrical Supplies 42 W. Market Street BLAIRSVILLE, PA. MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT Murphy's "The Friendly Store" BLAIRSVILLE, PA. H100 , 5,7 Tak 3-Yu bw 'the book herish for Q as your ar book 'ff' J JM ,away X Maifwwgcafae .f 'fri' ' .H 1 Q' If ,f 2 -,x, ff I 55032 I f -,ix , 4 ,. ' Mffjzv. 1 X J-A . " .-' .HV f 'r X - Z, ,W ffff' K. N 'f?,, ' 'ff' ' 0 'Y CH '- x CA x W "' ff' ' ' -"" ff 1 "X f ix- ,ff .E h . ,if P - Xig ' " ' f 1, M . .1 625, V X 5: Nwwig K- X Nfl ' 1 .L x' 4 Q., A. K Rn . ' 5 ' L . - H .x.x "ff:"'- , ' 'H lg i g , dr, -.,.,., X K ,. .. 'X ,4 A,-rf, X N4 'pFnNEsT zmc a coPnFEn NQHOTO-ENGRAVINGS , X x Q f Concmaugh El1Qa3g1pQCo. JOHNSTOWN1, K.- Q., f K QENNA. .,x . ,,i!.:1E5 f Qi, TL . ll.f lf Fl ,LF f' C0mP'imCHfS of Genler Drug Slore Frank H. Smiley Ileasley Drug Go. When in Blairsville, visit THE REX-ALL STORE The Friendly Store next Manos Theatre 112 E. Market St. BLAIRSVILLE, PA. Blairsville, Penna. Compliments of BRUSHVALLEY TRADING GUMPANY "A COUNTRY VARIETY STORE SERVING RURAL AREAS BETTER" Phone Homer City 234 BRUSHVALLEY PENNSYLVANIA , ,, - . -we . .www . 'T mllll l ww, 'fy Ask for - iiic oar L .MAlD mme MF 1 N I lf V - 1 ' I' 9 1 'lt ' .. J ,V . I y A: , ll ' f lillElNER'S FARM MMD ENRIGHED BREAD Always Fresh at Your Grocers INDIANA PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of W. T. Granl 38 E. Market St. Blairsville, Pa. Blairsville Molor Go. Chrysler and Plymouth Cars 2-15 Willllllf St. Blairsville, Penna. E. 84 D. Frallura FOOD STORE 165 E. Market St. Phone Nl4l2 BLAIRSVILLE, PA. R. G. Gramer GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 56-758 CRAMER, PENNA. Bergensleck 81 Ruffner Authorized Hawkinson Tire Tread Service Phone 1979 1067-1075 Phila. Street INDIANA, PA. Compliments of A Friend Sears, Roebuck and Co. JOHNSTOWN, PA. Farm Bureau Insurance Service Automotive - Life - Fire Public Liability - Compensation Hospitalization V. M. Hutchison, Local Agent BRUSHVALLEY, PA. Willis 8 Henderson Floral llompany Wayime Ave. Phone 61-j Indiana, Pa. "Say It With Flowers" Barclay Hardware Go. B. P. S. PAINTS 520 Philadelphia St. Phone 1522 INDIANA, PA. "BE SMART-SEE ART" Arlhur Lewis Radio Repairs - Records Philadelphia Street INDIANA, PA. Compliments of Penn Furnilure Go. Indiana's Leading Furniture Store Four Great Stores Indiana Johnstown Altoona Somerset Compliments of Troulman's INDIANA, PA. Goca-Gola Bollling Go OF INDIANA SKATE AT Compliments of Mr. E. Hess Skale - A - Way Armagh, Pennsylvania ROLLER RINK Route 53 Agent' for JOHNSTOWN PENNA. Prudential Insurance Co. Compliments of NEW FLURENGE LUMBER MILL NEW FLORENCE, PA. Compliments of A Friend 'a EVERYTHING But High Prices at the Seward Racket Slore SEWARD, PA. Compliments of AMERIGAN STURES PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Sullon-Miller Go. INDIANA - BLAIRSVILLE john M. Miller, Manager Compliments of R. S. Wagner NEW FLORENCE, PA. Complete Funeral and Ambulance Service Telephone Bolivar 2565 Keep Up with the War News! Keep Up with World .Happenings Keep Up the Morale on the Home Front with the TRIBUNE - A Daily Newspaper - READ "The 0bserver" l Published Weekly 209 Franklin Street JOHNSTOWN, PA. E. 0. Gramer INSURANCE and BONDS 483 Dorothy Avenue Dial 46 - 184 JOHNSTOWN, PA. t1 'QM Autographs lewis Grocery Complete Line of GROCERIES, MEATS AND VEGETABLES Armagh, Pennsylvania LUG tContinued from page 14, 5: First halskethatll game with Dale. l ust canlt seem to rememher the score. l know we lost. 9: Baskethall game with Richland. How sad we lost 49'27. 11: Moxie "Une Million B. C." Another haskethall game. Vvle lost 37-35. 12: And another game with Southmont. We lust again 26f17. 16: Another game with Wiliiitire as the winner. Don't study too hard to night. Midfterms tomorrow. 17'18: Boy, were those exams tough. 19: l wonder why everyone is smiling. Now. l rememher the exams are over. Another husy day. Game with Blacklick. 23: Another game with Bolivar. 26: Game with Blacklick. FEBRUARY 1: Beginning ol a new month. Movie "Forever and a Day." Whitt grand weather. XVe went home early. 2. Ex'eryone's smiling. no school again. 5. Don't those Seniors do anything hut take snapshots? Are you asking me? 8. lntramural haskethall game. 9. Mr. Spencels Assembly. 14. juniors presented the Valentine Party. Hope you enjoyed yourself. 13: Basketball game with Richland. Score Armagh 11, Richland 18. 16: Movie "Flight for Freedom." The movie projector hroke. 18: Wle won a haskethall game with Southmont. Score, 1510. Ill: Baskethall game with Vvlilmore. You ask the score. well, we lost. 22: Armagh vs. Beaverdale. MARCH 2: Senior Class sponsored a Skating Party. 5.: Did you see that Animal Show? Aren't animals smart? 9: Miss McLaughlin's Assemhly. APRIL 3: Cowhoy Phil visited Armagh. 1920: "High Pressure Homer" the play presented hy tfhe junior Class. MAY 11: Senior Class presented an assemhly. 10: Baccalaureate Services. 24: Commencement Exercises. 29: Happy day of our life. Last Day school. Yippec! I , 51 4-A 'JUL ' ' Q . , z ' l W.. . w.' ' '- Ji 2 42.2, 'rgtl' A, 1. , -f , , s . W 1 4' I 1 4 L , .- ' Ii 1 if 1 Q' , Q 1- , u , 1 f ff b v 'Jr , X N 2 Q 1 1 Q , - W u n 1 1 A7- xg, '45 A.-

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United High School - Shamrock Yearbook (Armagh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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