United High School - Shamrock Yearbook (Armagh, PA)

 - Class of 1942

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-1. -uw "" - Vx f- ?l!gSi3,,,'2 ,YA 1 .V V4-:V 'rT:1wV-fu,-- 1:"V- ff:-V ,V 1 -: 4: ' "4z."15:---:sr-, . VV NM.. ,V VV ,?T"'f'w'wV ,KK V2 M V TS' ' yi: 5 f 1 R Q gk -AY"'w. K 1, "'-1 f V , ' ,K VV QA. 1 S. K ' -ik-. 71?- 9:1 5 , "i..,f2'! ' V V K , .fri R4 4. A 5 5 Q , V . f V Ufjmgk ,ffsa .1 , V-JAX." V. V V 'V--,W ,, V : f n '74-..V.. h ' l' X3-522 V 7 V fi V ' V ,,,,gyv3"D' V L'-. :avg V V. ,. V ' 2. , V ' - , rr V ,.V. 4 VV, , qi' 4 ' ,' 5 AV" ,, VV V..-Mr--gwv.".i7 V-ff, , J., V -4- ' ' ' V H: ,,,V,,.n,g-' ,S V 4,511 ,V qi'-5' Y , ' ' 'We - Vw?-72V i 'V , v-' 'N 'f MVA' V 2, , 55- X vis: 'ii V I qw. V' V' WL., im . V I X . V. V I .H N , ., . VV . 'A "V ' V . A , . ' 391-'VW'-' ' "'5,1 , ' V V ,g' 4 :I ' 'I ' ' ,- 51 - V rg -2-Vzf use V 'Sf-5 x1'9"'- . .V 'VV J' V V 'V ' . 425, V. 'Q '45 V:'V51?'y ' Q, 'L ' 5 v V 7 Q' A 1 U E+ " V. 3 ' 5 ' 2" V "':" V li . 7 V E My 1' Q 'H ' blfmhuiz, V. W, , ,Q . W Y V':-1-.gq -A ' -AV V V V' ' V-1- . V V. J K 5?5vqh-2.3! mpg?-:L A qv, V i i Q wwf, 7.1 V ji. VJ,-,,,5,,, :V , -..- '-:V V .. ,V Vw. , 5, :f-- in V .I -.- A 'V ' ' 'gil -V-Vf11ffafV"'?fV- V -5-121-'.'f"?Vl ' V , VMV V -J ' 4111" Yi V-VITY-V-i3S1113ga4, 'V' -' Vj V... , L-if "'fY"'VVSQ-VVVVV4--'H , 5153, 1 'V ,, !!S1'Vj'i, L' ' "' z - N V V, V ,V+ Q, , . V V JV. ' .. 4 Y N A' -,gf . ,. --TTW., .ff x ,Az-1 4 111' k-:gifs K 1 V ' ' ' h . , . Ph'-'. A 5 ", A " ifi.. fi . V34 sf-V 2 ' 'Q V'-my 12-,-V Y . 4 Vg' ,, - , V 'V -fp Jef , , is , 3 I X "gf-5 ' "V is ,Hgk "ff, Yi H'..+5f1Q,,,.:! " v 1. MK--V .,V 1. ' IW fe. ' . ,. ' V,Vfi Vf 'T' ' 'Hail , ' : "":'V ' -VSA. ' Ng" ' , . Q5 VgV:1V,yVV,,5f' 1,541 " iffff V' L " ff' -'V,"V2g- 'TVL ,LSL I ini,-Z,-.5 V- "ay . :LQ 1-A-tl f K 'wx Li 545 ' - V -L lv, V' W V F, I ' is V-VV, 1, Alf-QE, , VV , 4 1' 517, ,. " "'2'vf977W" QL' t M ' fin Y .VV '-.-VJQ a V - A ' ,, 'J' ""-.. , ' -'ii , -.Vw ' V ' P"VV ' ,, A' ins: V ""'-44, V " 1.-jk? .-,' w'V .A V . ' .L V, -yr , .Rh M . A ,V,, 4, . , x . 4. 1, K Hr ., V14kg5'1Vigig?iV V- V ' . VzV 'i , V- V Vw I Vjnhiq-V 5 " Y , v I LV-15'--qt: ' - V , , ,-V, VVV V . . ,,,V ,V V - , V. . ' qi ' ' 32 ' BV J ' .Q ff'V T ' 'N TL. -V , , V . jk N ' K iv V V, V - ,,-..f5,gs1'+Vf V ,tg xr- ,.Q,,,.,?,h, rw. . , , 1 X- K' 1 .gms V V 5,55 nw: , V I .,,. , . - 1 A 17,2 . ,A VVTWPVV' , V J? .- - . ,f nr h' ., V " - V ' V ilu' AV -a , "l!V""V ""-V K V 4 AV- by J, 'QV . L .Vt wf7?:'VTi "T f V AW 'X V - Vx., ,. 2 ' s, V- ,- , 'V ' Q -Vff:1V,'ffF'1f ' -'V V53 1. V QIV Q A ' my -V - H 3-,gym 1, .y., X1 x Vi i U ' M 'wk 13513 V V . V " " me, 1" 'Q 'VV ,R 1 , fegilfvu V -Va: I 'xl- 58, V ,-fi. ,-V TW. , V 3, . . 3 'QV .. A . Mawr, ,. W A V ' 1',,V " X Wyiifl I A ...L ,f ' V-v,,.VV1 'xi , ' I A' A .Y V':v- 11- 1 ,Mg 4- , 7 ' jQT4.qu. 3 "- V 31-'aa' , ' I 4 5 3'.:T"fS, -V k Y .V .. 5 .7"V5'f'E:3'Ll:': K Q 'vfjg V, V 1 ' -,2'ff'r"'.V -4 5:24 " " H' W3-F A'1'!ff Vi" ww 'J-V1-rfrw 'Mi'-H - " 1,21-V",:,,V s 1 ff 6 Y V xg WWA 4 Q W E 1 X550 x V X X I if'-X ix ,Fl qv XY X t' f xxl 3 ff wx Y X xx 1 , I2 , ! lj sv' 5 x I s v S vi 4 f' A all -, X I X af 1 3 H dj . JW I Q Y 51 'ZW' u, ff ' X .. am 'f of . 3 , 4-f.,!g!,.,,,,g2,X f f , K-,L x x V .. M rx K ', u , f ', W W Xi .. 3: " X lv 19 .' - X4 - ,4 V ll XX .Yu ' , -' -I A' H' f '5. xx ...aff . V f 1 'V 'S A 1 1 - X Tat- I I IN 525 wb ,Q P A, x 0-fsv' 'KXKMC5 ' X - N, f , X by ' 1, -qw ff" X ' Q V! ng MM -,,. W 1 - ' 1 I ' g . ck ,1 A o THE SHAIVTROCK T942 i f X s V - a 1 Tv ,, T HV":Tn'-" M 'I ' P T W' , , , . 0 5 X PRODUCED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OE EAST WHEATEIELD- ARMACIH HIGH SCHOOL QM 111101 Qjllazfer f11l 11112 1171111.11111 P31111 H1g'1IZl'Ily .Y1f11111 Il sky 01 L'11lHlgl?fIl1 111112 S1llIlI1S 0111' 1lf?10'l1c'?f1 111g11 s1'1111111,"- E11' 111 11 111' 1111151 -111111 11111 1r1101'11s, 50111111 115 11'1'11151f5 f1'llI'1' 11111111111 111116: H1111 111 111110, f1,A'1'I1111g11 H1g11 S1111111 H1ll'1 111 1111fe, A11 H11111 111111116 111111 111111 111 song 111ge1111f1, S1111111 1111111 I111g1l1 111111 1'11ff11,' f1ll?' 111111111111 A111111 M1111f1, S11111111 11s A1l7'1l1.Sl? 11g11111.' Hl"1'F,.Y 111 1161 111110514 111111113 111111 1111121 C1l6'?'1.S'11 111 11111 SOIlg',' H01101, 101113, 111111 111111 1111111111111 A11 10 11111 belong. Da' ' - 1' C41-, Q , ON A K W l 1 fb, 1 , c l , l -- , ,A Hr-'wwwa,"',t"H'fgfH'mwt'r'rv'wWH' ,, . i.., . - - fi at l T l - . ' V 'N mfjliw, riff: ,wt-!,,: y 9 ' .ills 4 Y . g ,i I Q 1 ' Q To show our appreciation for her unfailing patience, ready help, and unlimited friendli- ness, during the six years she was with us, to express our sorrow that she left usg and to wish her the best of luck in her new position, we the Senior Class gratefully dedicate this volume of the Shamrock to our former Latin and mathematics teacher, Katherine Mellinger. , t I 1 E N-5 ! M K., .gal f ll i . , 'V . fin f . f ,. Wi 51 J' 1' 1' ' " X ww h w L ,Q 1 I' , H 9 Ft' , Q A 'l .,. i , ,F , ' .LJ - if ,' T 0 If , w .n, . " :Eli .. , . '?- ' ff ' faf if ,.,m. ' ,ln-' "' 4 . Q1 , , if -V! 1 ii., '- L5JwFF'f' V . 3 ,M "4 'iv -,L ' M, ' il 41 lf. , 4 , f ply Ag. V , 5, -.Emi ,M 1 .N -, ,un 'fi -,Qi nfl, 4 ,, ,R ii' ,t .M A-w ,' 'ww -,Q-A ' 'qlllllwk 'Ly' , .l 1.,, . 2. '2'Wl'1"r if 4 E, J My 1. A qc- af a ' as f Q e a S The Senior Class of East Wheatheld- Armagh High School present uThe Shamrock of 1942" with the theme as 'CQJ4 Night at the Qjlloviesv 4 'Q 41 4:1 E-JUIDIIVG A5 Y, D QW 43 Xxsxqiki X xt XX X j w I , ,l If . - 1 ,' -1 'fi 4 ,,rffv" ' ' 4 ,. Way ' ' - .xii 5 s .f w'-'54 To everylman there openth -.f '- A way, and ways and a way. F253-53? I if . . And the high soul climbs the high way 1, - . l A And the low soul' grapes the low, Q i , ,Anelin between, oy: the misty flats, ,gi 3 iw ' The rest drift to and fro. ' ..g' ,,,., L But f0.6fV87'y- man there openth E' ,,,-A 1 l high wayiand a low, l , l ,And every -inan decideth' f W' The way his soul shall go. 1, . - -. -JOHN Ox:-:NHAM , J, ' .' H1159 - ,. as Wigan Q "4 -' fi , gg ,M 1 , W - . 1 ., '1'- ' 4"'Af', ' , , ' 1. ... , , .As . , ,K A . , , f- Y ., l -n iet .1 1 ' '?'mf1-"dv-'Qfy 411, - . -. ' M ' fi A ' -- - ,,, H Lime, .A ,.Y M K. -.Q 1 ,:,.4., V V X. q Q , ,- .' K , . 5 '. Ha, -,U ., lf " .a "Wir .' P v . A -iff.--Q , . f' 1:-,. u - , f V' R ,- ' A " 2 1 :. -ay-yy K . 1. gsm, ,.,x'- fy , 4 .'- i f , i , ff' .-'- :N - . ,W X , 'N 11, -4 ff s ,, 1 , ,. . pw , , . .. .- , an . -I. 4: - ' tv, f.,s'i:' H-f-i'l?'j1K,,, ,sm X.s.f.,.. ,- ai V1 dak, 1 . U. ' 11, 1 " 1 ,f, 'ef', I 2- X 1 " ' ' ' i 'ffl "fi," '. "' 1.7 'ff P " s,.,- 3 54' Y .. HF!! 4. :-"1 Yi' 'rf' , ,' ' ' ' ' '1 " -'M' ,x'fl'?Jfv V ' '15 " , ,1:x.'f" 'zf' - Q '1- i"n' lar sl 4 1 rd ' 1'1" Q' 1' s P' 'GQ-fair 15 s-f G1cRA1.1m l,. limuuzu li.S.-.luniata College. lncli ana State 'llC2llillCl'S College liuglixll mul illIl.Yil'. MAR1142 l,1m:1c'l"1' 15.5.-lntliana Slate Vlfilfll- ers College. University I Pitlslmurgll, The Pennsyl- vania State College llixlurv, linglixh, aurl Ci1'ir.v. Xlfoonkow Scukoczu .X.B.-Pennsylvania S ta College .-lgrirulluml l'Irlm'uIinu. Alrisslrz IUUNCAN -Ioux D. KIACK, Supervising P11 nupal A.B.-Pennsylvania State College lll..-X.-University of Michigan lNI.1icl.-Pei nsylvania State Colleg.,e Bucknell Unnersitx and lndial - .4 ll liixlurv mul Prulllcfmx uf IJPIIIOIIIIIX o CLARENCE I. Alkl' x B.S.-Slippery Rock Stitt 'leaclrers College fImu'I1,He'aIlI1 PIILIISII Phu: ml lill. KA'l'HERlNE lX'IR1.1.lNc:l-ik .fX,B.-NVilson College, Uni- versity ol' Pittslmurglr- .Iohnstown Center Lllfill and .ll!Il,I!'IIIIIfiI'.l'. IDOROTHY NORTH l5.S.-lntliana State Teacll- ers College li'lvl:ker'j1Il1g, Tyjring. Shar!- hunrl. lf:nin1'.x'.v 1.11112 D. PAU1, Smmoxs 15.5.-Pennsylvania S ta t e College, University ol Pittslmurglr - llolmstown Center Sr'iz'H1'e, 1,llj.YiI'.Y, Ifiulngv, Civ- irs, Illleulixtry, 15.8.-Ohio State University, College of Wooster l.ulin, mul .lllll'll'lllllfil'.Y. bf C A gs N 1 OX f if XXX XxXX 2 llkxx I- QWEW 3 f X 5 gf ',1,G 0 Q S xxi X 5425 x T-T! Inf? W Wag ff ff ' M '-wo:a4w,Qf,wff2wS PN Llcwts C1Atu't'm:Rs One ol' the meelaest in the school. Youll think ltitn reztlly shy. llut whett he once gets stztrtetl. You heatr the lztughter fly. l,rntA CIot,ANotct.o Little girls shoultl he seen. not heztrtl. 'l'h:tt must he 1.ycli:t's rule. lfor she-'s the quietest senior. We see :trountl the school. fX'l,xc1K DlAs One ol' the smztller hoys among us. l'le's short :mtl r:tther hloncl He chose the :agriculture course. So l guess-of lztrming he's lontl. . ft, f , l g f-4,,,. .... ----,,,NK. 1 'yy .fj!l,' ,gfxt X-., V g S ,XX l ji! i4-- N--Q- -Z' - j . lN'IAttA1sr:t.t.i: Al,'l'l'1All'S She's very tztll :intl very slitn. Her hztir is zt light real, Clurritultun-is Aczulentic' otc ISAR1-:1.ic:H Is the envy ol' every girl. 1 , - lJl'2llllS. illlllll woultl set'your heztcl ztwhitl INE2 Co1.ANc:1at,o J Her :artistic zthility, Shoultl ztlwztys see her through. But whzttsoever will come up. She'll know whztt to clo. Gtrmo Dr: SA1sA'r1No The lutlies' heztrts will :tlwuys thump, When they see this l1ttl's shv smiles. But it never mezms :t thing him, He's itnnume to feminine wiles. Iittolzun IUICK He wats onre our :ttheletic hero. Brilliant in every sport, l And though he was lorcetl to it tire, He still helped cheer on the fort. wztr he smiles ztntl rolls his .Xntl hesitles :ill this, the hoy hm RClI5P1R'l' :'xlfI'I'1M US His lztzy intlolent mztnner, Is only to eotueztl. .X mind th:tt's :tlmost rztclicztl. Clonceruetl with ours :tml sex :tp- peztl. .loE Busoxr just tell ltim whztt pttrugrttplt :tnd page. You wzmt ltim to quote to you. Antl Buss'll repeztt it lrom lirst to Inst. liecztuse ht-'s stucliecl them :tll cleztr through. tl fAx xl Vi.. Qi CA1.vlN DUNCAN lVith rosy cheeks and shining fate. And rather quiet air, He goes around with tongue in Cheek. As though with a joke to share. RUTH Fin' ll you ever hear a giggle. And t'an't tell where it's lrom. -lust look for Ruth and il she's around. You've caught the guilty one. l.1CI'l Hass A husky lad and there's no doubt. Wfell liked by all who know him, ,-Xs football faptain he made a IIZIIHC. By letting nothing throw him. Z! .ANN I-Iuczko SARAH KAMINSKY Our Ann's a cute kid without a Tall, blonde, and pretty. doubt, She's everybody's pal. Ready to help with anything. , t Class?-A l-a gal. NURINIA LANE She has a ri-rtain quiet way. .X smile. cute and shy. .X knack lor getting along lolks. XVe know she'll always get by with 'l'hat's something you could sing. But she was a victim of Cupid, And now sports a diamond ring. VRRNoN LEE .-X carrot top with lreckled lace. .Xnd a certain shy appeal. Quiet as a general rule He'll give anyone a square deal. .5- CI.Am's FRY Her mind has wonderous power, In intellectual things. Her LQ.-above the normal. Her intelligence fit lor kings. AIARAIORIR Hemel: Looks are deteiving, th'1t's no lic. Here's Marj with a serious look. But we know those witty things she says. Never came 1-ut ol' an linglish book. XVILNIA l'lOl,l.lNGSN'VOR'l'll liyes that shine with misc'bievousA ness. .Xnd a brow showing wisdom too-- XVhat more fan be said unless-A 'lltat her friendship is sure to be true. X v vfI""- iff". Def! . ,,, JARLINIC YouNcsnAiu, As much fun as a barrel of monkeys, As long as you treat her right. But cross her once and you'll find out She's full of that good old fight. 1,uc:ni1,E MoosE Another victim ol Cupid. She's extremely shy and quiet. But has that quality of friendli- ness. Everyone wants:-but t'an't buy it. Qlonx PA'riuCK The hero ol' the day is he. ln any athletit' contest He comes forth and helps to win Honor, with zeal and zest. QM f KATHRYN MCCACHREN Here's our jolly Kathryn, On terms with all and one, Always eager for an argument But it's just to have some fun. CLARENCE Mun: Tall. light and handsome. And quite the quiet kind 'I'oo bad girls-he's taken He. long ago. was cupid's find. THONIASENE PRovENzANo Here's the life of the Senior class. Always ready with a bright retort, . She wears a smile from morn ,till E ,M M ,r night, And is the best of sports. Z! n - JOE REHA IDORIS RUDNIK If he left us we would miss him, Not only for himself, But a loss of all the noise he makes. Xvould put us on the shelf. IJONALD SHEAR1-:R Stalwart is the word for Don, A big boy as they come A regular fiend in an automobile VVho really travels some. 9 A little bundle of energy. Wlith imps in her eyes. No one can outdo her. She's strong. regardless of size. GEoRGE Snour Another dual personality, At times as quiet as can be But oh you see the great change, XVhen he goes on a spree. est DONALD SILBAUGH DONALD STILES He can be as good as the best ol them, Anytime he chooses But when he thinks of pranks to loses. Our top is she, the other-quiet and shy, auburn curls are pretty enough, To make anyone sigh. VIRGINIA TOMB Did you ever see a natural mana- gen? VVell you're looking at oIIe now, The way she takes over in emer- gencies, Sure calls her in for a bow. if ' -,-1 ' .1 X :few fa 2. 22 X im' . IV ,qv I H ,' I - I I ug N .X qi g '7 1' jr W N , X ' 0 f ff 3 Here's our special he-man model, The big strong silent guy, In football season he did his stuff, And made the ladies sigh. HENRY TOMASKO Did you hear-last night? That's this lad's favorite line, I-Ie's really good at impersonating. And does it all the time. VIQHERESA VARHfJl.AK This girls driving ambition. Amazes one and all, Her hands are never idle, And she's ready at any call. , 4 l ' . 'Q 90 . a o' I f ' R QQ V si X . L SEPTEMBER- 22: Something New! YVe started school late this year-Remember? 24: Crash! Bang! Zipp!! First day for Typing I. OCTOBER- 1: Students Ollt for pep meeting. 16: Special Assembly -"Uncle Tom's Cabin"- Many tears were spilled. ,V 30: Halloween Party. YVe all agree it was swell. NOVEMBER- 3: Special Assembly presented by Brown K Menely Co. "Musical entertainment." We enjoyed it very much. . 13-14: Senior Play nights -"The Red-Headed Stepchildn- Com- ments, "Very Good, Tops." 19: First movie this year "Elephant Boy." DECEMBER- 'l- Mr. Arthur Cone gave us very important hints on traveling. 7: XVAR with the japs!! XVe'll lick them yet! ll: First Basketball game of the season. Too bad, we lost. Better luck next time, we aren't wound up yet. 15: Ten more shopping days until Christmas-Gotta work fast. 23: Christmas O eretta resented b Elementar 'rades-It was P P Y Y 3 tops. I almost forgot no more school until next year. ,IAN UARY- 5: O11 Gee!! Back to school again-Another year. 29-30: "Headaches"- Exams-we all got "A's"- or did we? FEBRUARY- 4: Report Cards-3 "F's" and 1 "D"- Gee XVhiz and 1 thought I got all Oh well I"ll do better next time. 9 O f ' , ,O .4 I gf 1- Xe X , 13 20 24 25 27 MARCH- 4 9 10 lil 18 APRIL- l 3 fi 23-24 MAY- 23-24 25 28 puma- ' 1 3 Friday unlucky day. Did you get that valentine you expected? Or was it just a funny one? NVe also had a nice time at the party. WVe all look real nice cause we had our pictures taken. Last game of the season-Fnufl Sed. No Gym for girls today-NVe had a lecture by Dr. Caldwell. FIRE!! No just those Chemistry students again. TOURNAMENT-NVhat do you know we won the first night. The Navy men were here. Handsome, weren't they?PP FIRE!!! It was real this time-The Armaugh Grange Hall burned down, the boys Ag building. A new one is being erected now. Another Friday. Unlucky day-Or was it? Movie "Daniel Boone." Do we all have our chewing gum? XVell, let's go. All Fool's Day-It certainly was, no exemptions. No school. Good Friday. Few students at school-reason-too much Easter. "Birds ol a Feather - Note to cast-Couldn t have been bettei A X More Headaches-lixams. XVill we graduate? Ah! Baccalaureate. Commencement!! Seniors commence to wonder which way to turn-I know a good many of them are turning to housewives and loving husbands. Remember Mr. jack's warning??P .f 'xEifd.,i'f 'J V0 Last day of sc iool for all!! YiPPee! of Q5 Sl ROXY: M:ii'gvrv llnglvv, .Xrlinc lilomn. raicl, Rnlli Davis. l"rznn'c's llciclw, Hallcl Hess. OND ROXV: l"r:nik llulnpkzi. Gcrlrmlc' Hucv, .Xlicc llunl, llurnllly liiuniillvv, George ,Xnn Klink. Milan' lilllllllf. liilcvn lirunsc. Vurmiiczi linlrnlclc. lnum llulmcvl Clznncv. Doris Clunl llllllll ROXV: liilccn l,:nv. Viola l.:nv. Nlilclrcml l.cpctn, Olivc Xlncla. Ruth Mzlck. Gcurgx' xllhll. llvllv Nlxucv, l"lm'1'm'c Nlclllillfmligli. lOllll'l'H ROW: Nlznxinn' Nlrflliiic, licnnclli Nczllcr. XVLIITCII Null, .Inc Niclzi, Alulin Olinznl. Mzirgurcl l':n'slc'y. Alznncx l'lrnv1n:1n. Ciilnlzl llIlg'OIICSl. lll lll RON: lava: Nl:lcSl1mlp, llurutllv Slllts. Nlllu. Slllll llzi Hallc XX Yunnlain. lfvclvn Ymlcr. -lxnncx Zctli 4 . Vmcls. Nlziriun Young. Ccfil OFFICERS Pl'CSlllClll . . . . . livclyn Yoder-f ' '- .P Vice Pvesiclcnr . l"r:1m'cs Heiclev " A JU' SCl'l'ClZll'X . Helen llolgzn' " f"'i:.. 'lll'CllSlll'Cl' . . Ruth Davis - f 5 0, O .0 ' ,f A FIRST ROXV: Maurice Troska, Mike Herezansky. lVilliain Paul. lra Stiles. Fred DeSahatino. Gerald Swatsworth. .Xrthur LeLnx, Robert lironse. George Mulick. lValter McGinnis. EllllCI' Ripper. SECOND ROXV: Dorothy Prisk, Dorothy Dickey. Zelnia Lindsey. Helen 'l'orok, Martha Pahner, lyy Mae Ling, l.eila Dawn Gordon. Lois Mcflaellren. Mary Kuhif. Gladys Swatsworth. Mary Young, lilea- nor Casado. lrene liolgar. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Silhaugh. lfilllffl Maehak. Roberta Troska, Louise Meklullen. Father johns, Shirley Mathews, 'Iessie Zett. lflorence 'LOlll2lSliO. Margie Campbell. Gladys Grithth. FOUR'l'H RONV: Galvin Clresswell. XVayne il-Olllll, Henry Mroclka. Richard Howard. Sain Carhone Mack Stiles. john Anderson. Clarenfe Horner, Dale BlOOIll. Leslie Bennett. Stanley Olnian. Owen johnson. George Simon. .Iohn Franklin . .XBSl'lN'l': YI-llOlll2lS Moilit. .june Shingler. Dorothy Young. lileanor Saryer. Sponsor: Mr. ,Xikeyz OFFICERS President . . . Owen johnson Vice President . . Thomas Mofht Secretary . . Gladys Grifhth Treasurer . Shirley Mathews .gy ,ll 1 QQ' .-ff ' 'fy A , Q. e 9, ii-.--. H if X . L err i-'d! f XS l"lRS'l' RONV: Roger Brelnn, Harry Wooclring, Glenn Hunt. William Slippy, Duane Shearer. Floyd Rohra- baugh, Roy Sell, Rogert Bennett. Mike tlula, Donald Grillith. Robert Conrad, Rayinoncl Paul. lirnest Ragonexi. SECOND ROVV: Frank Stiles. james Stiles. Stephan na liuchkosky, Angeline hliinines, Mary 'l'orok, Vir- ginia Sinnnons, lirina Sinnnons. Mae Cresswell, Maxine Miller. Caroline liubulek, Betty Zufall. Dorothy Vlllllllllll. Rosella Ohnan. Alice Clark. Beatrice Cole. Grace Stewart. Millicent Mack. Donald liinplield. A 'l'HlRD ROXV: Richard Shiley. Herbert ,-Xlteinus, 'I'reva Nell. Shirley xVllll2llllS. Bertha Rock. Blanche Hlilson, Acliszi llleagher. Helen Maholic, Mary Ference. Kathryn Ludwig. Martha Ludwig. Mar- garet Graham. Martha Durana. Mary Stutsnlan. l"OllR'l'H RONV: Clair Bracken. Wlilliain Campbell, Harry Mack, Robert Cresswell. .Xrthur NVert, Sain liarelirh, Paul l,a Rosa. -Ioe La Rosa. Raymond Stewart. Pete Dubil. George Lanny, Clifford Ruilnik. Frank Pizer. joe Mash. liclgar Lowther, Marlin Stutslnan. Robert Shank. Paul Marabito. Sp: lnsorz M iss Liggett. Z:- 'XXZ PJAKDGVX J, XX '59 EL- NEWS? ' x ' I I 'Q XO. L V X l"lRS'l' ROXV: xvillllil .learn Hollingnworlh. Gladys Fry. l"rzum'es Heicler. Harry Young. SICCIUND ROXY: Mike Knzlpic. Tlronlns Mollit, joseph Husony. Lee Hess. Roy Sell. Sponsor: Nlr. jack. President . Vice President Secretary . Trezlsnrer OFFICIQRS . joe Hnsony Frances I-Ieider Mary Young joe N ida . ii L? 9 X , . -yi! 1 ' i Y XYQ- u litlilm'-in-CIhicl' ,Xssorizitc lffiitlll' Business AIZIIIZIQCI' Assistants Scnini' liciilnrs I'lmlogi':ipl1y liciilors .-Xrt liditm' Activities liciilors Sports lidifm' CIirc'ul:1tion lCditm's Typing liditm' Assistant lfziuilly Aclvism' Tlicrcszi Vzirlmlzilx lfmiifcs Hcicici' . . . Yifgillill 'limnlm . Lee Hess. Kenneth Xczilcr xviilllil Hnllingswfmh, .Xnn iillfliilb Nornlu Lune. Vernon Lcc . . . Inez Culznlgclu Gladys Fry, l,nc'ille Himsa . . . . Guido l7cS:iImIinu KZlfilI'y'll Mc'Czu'In'cn, Nlzimbcllc Altcnlns . . . :XVICIIC Yilllllglillili 'liil0lll2lSCI1C Prm'cn1zmu Nliss Liggctt l'.CillUl'-ll!-c.lllCi .Xssorizilc lidixor .Xflivitivs lfdilor l'i,flil0l'i2li lidilor i'iC'2lllll'L'S lirlitor Sports lfditoi' . lhisim-ss Nlznmgcr Nlimcogrzlpli Upc .Xrl liclitor . Sropc XVorkcrs Typisls Rcporlcrs: Rolmimlzllc Clmrlcs . Sponsor . ff -F 15" -Zziixix. ' ,-41" ,f iiIfm,-l"- - +xX 'L NN-- 47--,,f' X Virginia Tomb . . Nlziirion Young . xvillllil Hollingsworth . Shirley ,Mathews . Theresa Vzlrholzik . liugcnc Dirk . . Glziclys Fry rzllor . Doris Ruclnik . . . Arthur l.cl.ux . .... Ann Hlll'lkll, Lucille Moose 'IAIIUIHQISCIIC PIROYCIIIZIHO, Arlinc Youngclzilil . Mildred LCIDCILI . Nlzxrioric Hcidcr . Bliss North Q 5 O s ' 'Aw FIRST RUNV: Pete Dubil, Sznn liurelith, Ruger Hrehrn, Ruhert Bennett. lfluycl Rfllll'Ll4 lmugli, Hurry Muck, N'illiznn Campbell. Roy Sell. XVilli:nn Slippy, George Lillllly Ruhert Cresswell, Herhert .xllCllIllS. litlgnr Lowther. Glenn Hunt. SECOND ROXV: X'V:irren Nell. Mike Svilnr, Stanley Olmzln. Mack Dias. john Anderson, W':llter Nltliinnis. Qlznnes Zett, Henry Mrmvkn. .Iohn Pzltrick. Mike Knzlpic. Kenneth Nenler. Robert Shank, Harry XVouclring'. THIRD RUXV: Robert .xllCIIlllS. john Olmztn. joe lilhfllly, -Iue Bzirelith. Calvin Crew well, Rnhert Carney, Cecil Younkin. llunziltl Stiles, Calvin Duncan. Henry Tmnxtslw. llrrnznld Shearer, Cll:n'ence Muir, Muck Stiles. Lee Hess. Iue Rehn. OFFICERS President . . . . . Lee Hess Vice President . . aloe Bnsony Secretary . . james Plownmn Treasurer . . john Patrick 'of'-5 NN. is 1, tag-, -- - Q eeee S sf X, It P f-'I THE SUNSHINE TVVINS "'l"he Sunshine Twins," a three-art comedy by Dana lwionias was given at the school auditorium, Thursday and riday evenings, April 17 and 18, 1941. Thoniasene Proven- fino and Guido DeSabatino were seen in the leading roles. The produrtion was under the direction of Miss Katherine Mel- hnwer. Other members of the east included: Gabby Robinson Connie Robinson Mrs. Robinson Glen Robinson Norma Robinson Clint Robinson "Bebe" Robinson Mrs. lillis . . Vail Porter Leo Prather . Pauline Doyle . Guido DeSabatino . Thoinasene Prorenfano . . Kathryn Meflacliren Henry Tomiisko Virginia Tomb Lewis Carithers lvlllllil Hollingsworth . Lucille Moose . . joe Reha Donald Shearer Marabelle Altenius PLAY ,Qi R' The Red-Headed Stepchilcl On the evenings of November 13 and 14, 1941, the Senior Class presented "The Red-1-leaded Stepchildf' a comedy in three acts. The play was under the direction of Miss Katherine Mellinger. The cast of characters is as follows: Mrs. Edith Russell . . . . Gladys Fry Mrs. Oliver Wloodruff . . YVilma Hollingsworth Mrs. Emory Scott . . . . Lucille Moose Briggs . . . . Lewis Carithers Lucia Russell . . Virginia Tomb Dudley Russell . . Robert Altemus Richard Russell . . . . Eugene Dick Elizabeth Russell . . Thomasene Provenzano George Garrison . .... Mack Dias Ethel Ashley . . Arline Youngdahl Lucille Christy . . Theresa Varholak Flora Farn um . . Norma Lane ew J 4 W R 1 5 5: Q Y O 2 Q -. l"lRS'l' ROXY: Gertrude Huey, XVillian1 Louther. Frank Stiles. Clifford Rudnick. Shirley Mathews. lirnest Ragonesi. Duane Shearer, junior Rager. lleatrive Cole. SECOND ROXV: Glenn Shearer. Dorothy Prisk, Xvayne Brown. Martha Hutchinson. Donald Sloughfy. Kathryn Mcflacllren, Marabelle AlIClllllS. Mack Stiles. Martha Ludwig. Stanley Olman. Mary Lou Mcilachren, Robert Mcflachren. THIRD RONV: Harry Mark. Richard Howard. lidward Louther. Kenneth Howard. 'l'reva Nell, lva Tomb, Robert lironse, lVilbur hIllSSCllIl2lIl, Robert Shank, Maynard Mathews. Sponsor: Mr. Barker, if ' I Q, 94 ,I -. xi L ' ,. Xxx IIRSI' ROXY: lyliflilllf vl'UlIl'll! Dmmlmy Prisk, flfilli' Stmx'1l1'l. Nlzzry Young. llurix KIl:ll'kL'. SICCZOND RONV: . A l.:mr'ul. .xlll'l' NI xxx Kulmil. lflvxl- mn' Cansaulu, 'l'l1c'1'cs11 Slulmlxc. .. ,cl- llvlvn Nlllllllllf, Rlllll l,'lYlS I Illll l,1mlsc'v, Maxxum' NIKKIUIIC. llllllllROW:'l'1'L'x'nNcll Xlillvr. Nlnrinmu Young. Glzulys KlllXilll' cvflllllll. Nlillgll' f1IllllllllK'll. fullllll RQIQHIICNI. l3c'1ll1'1u' lnlc' lOlFR'l'll ROXV: cLt'l'llllllt' llucy. .. ,. l',1lc'c'1l l.:lw. Xmlzl lux' .4 Shirlcy Nlzllllvwa. IAPIIIM' Nlc'NIullm'u. lzllwl Nlgu lurk. l'rnnu-s llvi mmm: Mr. lS:n'kc'r J I - A SON 4 K Q 'A , Q Q O, X90 Q5 9 -x ,,.-- ,O SPO RTS r QMS F ff' If'-M 4 K NW N D Px xflllllgll xflllllgll Xrnl XVIII Xrxn sq., A D --4 "'k'A V' ' gf tl - , fx.. . 9.6 4 l Q. . 'Tu E- .E , 'fe XX - O 1 l'Y X X l x l ' l . Y l x x i ,S . X : .xx "? . lflRS'l' ROXV: Robert CI:n'ney, George Mash, George Muzicla. Guido lJeS:nbznlino. joe Rehn. l,ee Hess, Henry Tonlausko. Aloe 1,11 Rosa. l'V:lrren Nell, john l'z1Lric'k. .loe BIISOIIY, tlllllll Frzlnlilin. SECOND RONV: lfrecl Carney, Lowry Ressler, Henry Nll'Ol'llC2l. hlllili Stiles. Cl:n'enc'e Horner. l'lllllCl' Ripper. Pete Dubil. Robert Shank. Mike linznpif. Hurry XVooclring. lfloyml ROlll'2llD2lllgll. THIRD ROXV: Fred lleSnlJz1lino, Eugene Dick. kenneth Neznler. .XISSENTZ lfrzmk Holupkzn. Sponsors: Nlr. Aikey. Mr. Sinnnons. FOOTBALL SCORES 0 Clxerry 'l'ree I2 Xrnnngll 20 lnclizmn "li" ll li Portage Twp. l8 Arlnugll lil Sontlnnonl li li Gzlllilfin 0 ,Xrrnugll 7 Snllslmurg 20 7 Sngznnore 4lT .Xrlnzngll 25 Pine Twp. fi 43 llolivzn' 32 .xflllilgll 0 llznrneslxoro 39 ' Q 1 Z0 I s' Q N5 f f,... Q 1 317 3 A .f ' l,, Y X1'111:1qh X1'111 X1'111 xlxlllllgll X1'111 X1'111 1X1'111 XTIII X1'111 X1'111 .X1'111 S1112 D - X Mr, I ,1 1 IVIRSI' ROW: Aloe Rc-han. Mikc Sivil:11'. lfrccl IJcSz1b:11i11u. -Iuhn Patrick. Mike' Kllilllii. 'lm' ll1m1111. 51m11w1': NI1. .Xikcy UND ROXY: l,c'c Hem. Cecil Y1Plll1kill. XYz1r1'c11 Nell. -luv l.:1R11sc. Henry 'I'11111z1sk11 1S.XSK1'1'1'BALI, SCORES XVil111111'a' Ric-hl:1111l Snllshulg l'h1111x'1lh' lS1':11'L'1'cl11lc V111l11111lx1lc Sfllllllllllllll lllgu Lliq k lyllll' l511lix'111' XYil111111'1' IU Fifi 11 245 1-1 .ll F511 1,1 .,.g .511 21 U11 .X1'111:1gh 33 .xlll!lllli X1'111: X1'111 X1'111z X1'111: xl'Illl X1'111z xfllli X1'111 X1'111 X1'111 XVIII 1,1 lgll 1gh 1gh lgll 1gh 1g'h lgll llgll .1gh .lgll ugh l'l111111'ilh' l:L'IlYt'l'llQllL' xvilllflllllllll' Sklllllllllfblll Hlzrrklim k Dulc- Hulixxll' Slllldllllg l11cl1:111z1 lr. S111 Xl:11'11111 11011141 Ri1hl11111l IRS 0 O ' a 5, Xxx kg. " 1-I' L s 'I' ROXY: lfrczl c11I!'IlCf. Xllvn llmm IN llccl DLS Q., "' '. llllllllllil. 'Im' l lllmzl. Hank Slilcw. .Inc lhlmm. +11 UND ROXY: Damxllml Slilvw. -Im' Rehn. Mika' Sx'il411', llc-nry'l'm1 IRIN- ' ' 'bil' ku Rwxlwrl K.zl1'l1c'x. NX:1rrn'11 X lu' I lvsx. IIIIRIJ ROXYZ Ullicln lFc'SL1lJ:1lillf1. Klncmm Ilrnml Kami -- '- ' L- 'g'NIlllilk lulm l'z1ll'uk. Mika- Ixl1:np1n,C.a'11l llllkill. klflllll I'1l'1llll'Llill. !DlllSIll'I MV. .Xikvk ul: l'nulim'. Y K,Hl.l,Rl.l..XDl.R5. Nlbllllll l.:mL'. l'lA'llIC'L'N Hculcr l'll Yi rginial Tm lc! Muclmk O ' O 1 ' , O.. ' 4 I, A sl! 8 g xx .4 3 a 1' f ' if 7. F fiends: NVe, the Senior Class of the Armagh-East YVheatlield High School, of To To To To To To To To To To To To To To john year 1942, A.D., do hereby appeal to you to listen to our last YVill and Testament. and to receive from our dying hand the few gifts we have to bestow. The following may seem but trifling bequests, but we hope they may be accepted, not as worthless things lavishly thrown away be- cause we can no longer keep them, but as valuable assets to those who receive them. Therefore, we do generously bequeath: Doris Conrad, Theresa Varholak's driving ambition. Tess needs a rest. Marian Young, Virginia Tomb's ability to manage. YVarren Neff, Arline Youngdahl's temper when she is finally aroused. james Zett, Marjorie Heider's sudden lapses out of seriousness into an orgy of witty remarks. Olive Mack, Ann Huczko's shy smile. Louise Carney, that come-hither look in joe Barelich's eye. Gertrude Huey, Doris Rudnik's impression of limitless energy. Frances Heider, Virginia's Stutsman's red hair to go with that temper of hers. Ruth Davis, Kathryn McCachren's love of a good argument. Viola Law, Inez Colangelo's artistic ability. Ofman, Donald Shearer's habit of breaking speed limits. Ruth Mack, Ruth Fry's delightful little giggles. Kenneth Nealer, Robert Altemus' devil-may-care attitude toward everything. Helen Bolgar, or joe Nida, fwhichever one gets there firstj Mara- belle Altemus' imposing height. To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To 'lg ix J U5 Mike Knapic, that special glint in Thomasene Provenzano's eye that means mischief somewhere. Ila Belle NVoods, Vernon Lee's freckles. Alyce Hunt, Sarah Kaminsky's ability to get her man. Gilda Ragonesi, Joe Busony's big brown eyes. Cecil Younkin, Eugene Dick's athletic ability. Robert Carney, Henry Tomasko's splendid physique. Mike Sivilar, Guido DeSabatino's tall, dark, handsomeness. Hazel Hess, Calvin Duncan's rosy cheeks. liileen Law, George Shoup's mop of curly hair. -Ioe Nida, Lewis Carithers' silly but rather attractive grin. Margaret Parsley, Lydia C0langelo's quietness. Margie Bagley, that space in front of the mirror that Norma Lane always occupies. Florence McCullough, Lee Hess's ability to sleep in any class. james Plowman, Clarence Muir's lost bachelorhood. Richard Shiley, .Iohn Patrick's dimples. Eileen Krouse, Gladys Fry's little turned up nose. George Simon, -Ioe Reha's inimitable swagger. john Franklin, Donald Silbaugh's rare, one-sided grin. Dorothy Stiles, Lucille Moose's sweet, soft voice. Henry Mroczka, that certain slouch Mack Dias puts into his walk. Fred DeSabatino, Don Stiles' big, strong, he-man characteristics. George Mash, Harry Lewis' blonde, curly hair. Fred DeSabatino, XVilma jean Hollingsworth's wit and humor. u 9 -31 X ' cfs Class Ojficers President . . Robert Altemus Vice President . ..... joe Busony Secretary . . WVilma jean Hollingsworth Treasurer . . Thomasene Provenzano MOTTU "Build for character, not for fame" COLOR Royal hlue and gold FLOXVER Tea Rose YIILI. Hocus Pocus, Dominocus, NVicked words that almost choke us, YVe're the Seniors, sweet and shy, Pride and joy of Armagh High. PX? C fi' Q 1 r 5 S' ' , . sf' ' ' 1 4 A gl Q 7 . J 'X 4. L M A." 4 1 u 0 7 N . ,thot ,LA-,. ',L7b,,v4V.!' nv-wnlfbj, ' ' . , . M ., . L 'X X 1- LA., . .L. 1- L I ws., L, ,J ., v. 'A' 4-Vrktfl ,, kkkbbldgn 1.7 4, ' J' -V I xx f 5 1 1 f r W., ., , V 5, v . . V . - w .,fTv.1 Q. ,f"'..,.,v.4s4 fQ J" 'lf XV. X0 . . -f 3 I " x VN X u X ls I L Y x t -,i" "'-' "R-. VVVV x"" .--,s " -1,7 xg? x wld' L I . ' s ...- .J 1. , . I, , .ww J, 1 -L fyl, J K' .V .. .,.K H 9. lu: I I. L 5 . lli -, N ,J ,. 1 JK. x V .' by vs. . a 1. 1 I I . 4 Q 4.1 U5 ff -I .J 1 P C 0' f - I Q. 94 I X gig 9 X I L, VVK fb 5 JWIVL it V' ja v-.x'ww.f,,, 1.1 A: x. f' , , Q 1 , pl ' J Il. " if--lr-fb V' r 7 X'I' A in 1 5 . 5. N wry' , TQ 1: rA1"oN TT X of of 7 A 'Q I, 7ff-.. - X 7 Q , Wi vfA,,Ll 'g2ggS" ,fx . - x ,gr - L -, s Q R3 :fy x X aff ff' Xe wifi N wg , Q N , x S' x . ff ff "'fE,::55e-.5:..?S ,fi X W t Q ,, .-9, Q3 . Z' eqfiassg ivy, 3 5 i ya A .-y 90184 Amp, A X, WD, Uwe MM' S 4 P 1 ' I Compliments of UIHMUNH SMUKHISS UUHI EUMPHNY Boltz, Pennsylvania 9 I 4 IPP? IIUXIIRA 'l'lf'l.1-1 TIOXS AIUIAGH Q3 K- v HIGH SCHOOL SENIURS 'N Ulossct' llros. extcurl liczuty l'OIIgl'2II,lllZ1IIOIIS to the Artitziglt High Srltool flfiltlllllllllg Class ol' H142 zuifl may you ztfliievc situilzu' sttcvcss in scckittg' at liiglict' eclttmtioti. CLLOSSICR BROS. ICXIICNIJ A CIORIJIAI. INVITATION For you to visit this populau store on your IICXI visit to Iolinstowtt. Il' .A :tl ZIIIX' IIIIIC IVC Gill ll? ol SCITICC to YOU, XVC 2ll'C llt yOlIl' COIIIIIIZIIIII. "II'r' IIIIWIQI' Um' Lllvvlllfy and Sll!lflUI'f lo l'j1fmlrl ll1r'fInl1"ttr'1nl Il'uy of l.izfing" ls x IX,-H f' xt ' llgzbl White Star Hotel .lc ttti crst cmix 't1.Pz1. Make your future ctuployutctit fertziiti and profitztlxlc tlirouglt pt'zu'tit'ztl training in lxusitit-ss ztclutiuistrzuioti zuicl sec'i'et:ii'iz1l scietivc. CAMBRII-I-RUWE BUSINESS EULLEGE -Iolmstown. Pu. 542 Main Street Dial Sl-287 Compliments of 25 .Iolmstown Bank and Trust Building OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER . . CLASS OF 1942 Cmupliments of Cut Flowers, Potted EU. Plants, Floral Holtz, Pa. llesigns H J? Q Wff- 91- Jw' Q l"l0zvz'1's for All fIL'l,'!lSi0IlY Comjzlrfle Lim' ol GROCIERIES MEATS DIILTOXVN . . PA. VEGE'l'ABLliS Class Rings Medals and Trophies Commencement Invitatio . Diplomas , . fl lf .1 X3 K N Union Trust Building Pittsburgh, Pa. Caps and Gowns Choir Robes Tri-I-Ii-Y and Hi-Y Pins Club Pins Compliments of B r u s h Valley Trading Company . Brush Valley, Pa. 'O Country Variety Store 'Q'm, Serving the Rural Areas Better! Call . . Homer City 234 Typewriters Adding Machines Checkwriters Duplicators Sold Repairerl Rented All Makes of New Portables Exclusive L. C. SMITH AND CORONA Typczuriler Agency Johnstown Typewriter Co. 225 Market St. Phone 45-l4l Johnstown, Pa. A. R. MeCready, Manager f ,f ,pf 1 gf ' 7, it il ' Compliments ol United Mine Workers ol America l LOCAL UNION NO. 8358 Anthony Fernian Dragicli Suilar . Mike Pillar . 'lolin Torak . 'john Pillar . BOLTZ, PENNA. . . President . Vice President . . . Secretary Financial Secretary . Treasurer Valleybrook Dairy Farms . Pll.Sflflll'fZl'Il Mill: and Good Food Good Service V. Myrtle Trindle CVPIIIH R-1i.STAllRAN'f - Ice New Florence, Pa. SFXVARD . . . PFNNA. .x Hunks. Stzitimmry, Printing Uffire and Sclmul Supplics lHlTU7'll07'Ilff'll Cards for All Uuinsions lnclizinza. Pennsylvxnnin SKY'S STURES Complinlents of Penn Furniture En. llllllnllllllzi l.ffu1ling' Furnilurz' Sinn' FOUR GREAT STORIES Indiana Altoona lnhnstiown Smnerset Compliments of A L3 NLD Clmnpliluems of Compliments of HESS BROS. RESTAURANT Indiana, Pa, R. S. New Florence, Pa. llfllcfn' People Meat T0 Eat! C0lIIflll?f!f Fzuzeml and Allllllllllllflf' Clonlplnuems ol Sewicg DR. li. tl. CORN ELIUS Telephone . . . Bolivar 2363 ENRICHED OCCIDENT FLOUR CEU. T. BUCHANAN COMPANY W'HUI.IiSAI,I'f DISTRIBUTOR INDIAN X P X Joseph E. Covers PHOTOGRAPHIQR J 1 Y. V ,H ' v fu 5 I'm'lrr1ils will: New Fl u 0 l'f'Xl,'f'Ilf Lights 406 Main St. Above KredII's llolmstown, Pa. .1 A J llomplinzents of- Zlhienh NIJ .ya NT' . W f ya 44, X Compliments of LESLIE A. STUTZMAN Reliable Bus Service Since 1928 Compliments of v D COIIIIJIIIIICTIIS of M- E- NASH' gl ,Square Deal Barber Shop oe r , V I -AJ XVoodxale Axenue Seward' pa' Johnstown, Pa.. 4 I 1 , . ' -I 4 , ank of Blairsville -I1UNSliRV,5II'lVli -CZOURTICOITS SIQRVICIIC -NIODICRN 1llI'Il1I1l'I' of 'flu' I"1'rlf'rr1l lh'fm.vil ln.vurr1m'f' Cm'j1m'nlim1 Rczll listzltc Phone 346 lfSfl'Illllfl'S 1"llI'!IIA,N'llI'Il C.S.Kunkle Lumber Ce. 1.1m1l11'r 111111 HIIflfll'I'.Y' Sllflfllilw Davos Paints Glass llIll'KllY1ll'C zmfl Nlillwork HONIER CITY . . . PA. f'fm1j1lin11'2lls nj- TreXler's Service Station and Inn lnternational Brotherhood of Electrical Workers V LOCAL NU. 459 -IOI-INSTOXVN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of G- E- EU' 529 Main St. Johnstown, Pa. 51' 2ll1fl 1047 SYUTC Hf?!lIlI1IlIl'l'flf7'.9 for GRADUATION YVATCHES Iilgins Hamiltons Q Bulovas Gruens VJ YVestfields WN 'J Longines A U 'Dub l 'JJ VL, wr' Un Easy '1'm'ms At No Bl.AIRSVIl.l,li . . PA. lixlm Cos!! cnt , ,wwe lwlf Compliments of Ladies Welfare Auxiliarq Robindale, Pa. Compliments of New Florence Lumber Co. New Florence, Pa. Compliments of DR. XV. S. CAMPBELI, New Florence, Pa. rl . Compliments of New Florence National Bank New Florence, Pa. 5. Compliments of New Florence Flour Mills New Florence, Pa. Compliments of Dairy Lunch Homer City, Pa. Q New Florence Flour Mills . . N ew Florence, Pa. Feed Inlerzmlional Farm Machinery Bllckwlleat Flour l -Lzmclzes -Sodas -Sznlllzuichas 5 -Confections I 5 TU THE CLASS SHUP AT OF 1942 . . . 7 To each and every member Tfgutman S we wish for them a happy and successfull career .... Store r Q R , 1 y MP' I wr f l Sincerely, JY l" ANDERSONS Seward, Pa. INDIANA .... PENNA. i Q1 Everything But High Prices! Sewarcfl Racket Compliments of MR. E. HESS Store Q Agenl for PRUDENTIAI. INSURANCE SEXVARD . . PA.. COMPANY Cmnpliments of H ICN DERSON 'S Cl ,EAN ERS Johnstown, Pa. A. Zion Cash or Credit UN ITED .I EXVELICRS l,iflIII0lll1S-- Wulclles-,Iezuelry 410 Maili St. -Iolmstown, Pa. Compliments of Waqner'sVariel1g Store Seward, Pa. Congratulations to the Seniors of 1942 A BEND COHlf1llIIlt'HlS of- ll. Freeman Ferguson Philip Rhen i AI. M. Stewart A Friend C. WV. Books EQ Co. Dr. Sattel Parnell, Cowher K Company Dan's Five Diners Dr. K. L. Diehl I-Ioover's Meat Market john Helenic Prisk's Barber Shop, Seward, Pa 14aZa9aa7J14 p,,, ,M T5 i2f'5f7fff+"f5f2?f"'h 5 fifgf MM4"fd . PM ' 27, if ' WWW ' My Hifi Wjj' 5 ' HIUAWAKQC fbomofds ' M My 5 E mafia gf NK' QM A WM . ' N l Nz I 'g 'K . U . g 5 - ,. f'oy,,,,,v f u f'f K: f ' 1ffW '5f H! wa WW Wa Img '

Suggestions in the United High School - Shamrock Yearbook (Armagh, PA) collection:

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