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,L -WT , ,Q Wi- 1 1,- f1f,v...1-uvzt' . ,,?f1.Q:m 1 - X I-1 . . 1X4 1 z 'w1m2iqWg f tm :, ..1- 3,31-Q ., , ., 1111 , 1 an - 1 X .I - 1 1v,s1.4.,,,-545, 1 Yin i ilg SgS:5g5.f.:1LEfh ?5g,.sE,tm,,,Q.a3gw.. +5.51---11 wr, 11112- .4 pa, 4, ., 5 f 1 1,-.-"::y.,wg 5 'H 'NTU E 'f 1 f. 1 fir f5'f-vgSfgff-,?- , f . +1 f ' ' 1- x' . wi, , ,..X"1:::wE 'j ft 5-.V .1 1x. Q 1- , g,-ig' YQ-,.'f'l,L . 3 , 1 ,L ' 1, 5, Y, 11 :5 ww. -M, -V f 1- F rf Q. , ,ve-251--ig 11 1 ' -11,'- IH 1 xi Ng J 'L 1 1r'1- 1- .12--.r2:E,fg'f-,gf11, 2 . ,1-Q. - , . -1: T' 1 5 Q- 12 1 1g2r'1Saf, 1. '1g rrff'Y'1"1 mm x - - A V 1 1 - -J f Q1 . "1'K"'11 ' - Lfgfbii P, W ' N nav: ""'-six - "JA" ' 1 3 l A, ,. ri A r1 5 . my Ag . 'yt L gm J. . 's 2 - 1' . " . Q 3 - A 1 Wu' i k Si . ll .. ' fx . , . K , L 3' 1 fi Q1 ,fi , A X 3 K ' ' -'K -'fkvfff ' ' 1 1 . ,,,.c M 1 1 'ls 7 - 's ,. A , , 1 '- . 1 L ,' -fx , 1 1, .L 1 V M582 .N A N x A 1 1 V- ' ' 1' X , -jg ,, MA 5 W . 11 X 4 nvq 1 s P"- 42 F ,,,'1'.4: If i ' ' F , I .. ink w xx 1 X g 5 'X -.4 v Q . , .nf-"",,,11 . 1 41-vw.--f-1 if , 51' 'Lx nik, V , 'g , 'Q Qi, 155, '- i1f1g.gig, ,D ' Ji-1-'1f"' Aux IEE A ,l 1 ye! 1..:.,.L,N1 ,3,e,.:.:-1:.- new-. , 4 L: A ff., 1 gig 1 V , .,,:,,11, f. - :,,.,.,,....,, ',.ff-ffpj -4 4 S Q ,?,7,,,,f... fl ' 1 .. 1 if 'N-1111 1' 1: , Y H . rf W"-' 1 fi , 1 :sf -er4...1::- , ga !f""'5 T .J11 Jr1fi.Qqff.1ff- ' ii ,., , 1 i,-git . mv-u ,KL v .Y U 'aT'l.xi"Sa'ifaer" ' L h'T11u 'Q X ,,, . --jjg,LQZ.?l? 'f'5f1"f' .1 'K T- , -1 W """ ! ,K gill?" QQ?:z3-1+-111'.1 1 11 f1-19.1 f'i::1f2Ez:Qa:H:g N , N 5-11:1 any Z: -- 511,519 N -2-.11 1 N-mf-Q11 111 - - 11. 1111rv.L1- .. eww v. . ' -1 T-1511 - "N -v':'11 NCQ.: 1: Q-'..fr1 55? . 14 .E """"i" vw-Aw-..-,E 1 1 5 1 3, ' -x:,11111:5:-5. -Q 1- 151 -, 3,1 , ,L N. 1 -- , A ,. n 'Q 1 '1 --,. Uffi 41' f 1 -f. Y .- 1. 1 F .JIGFR1-11 M Nov,-'un' O' rm W- Proms . .. ,, 5,15 1 , - QL V9 1 1 1' GSH ,. 'iz P" V 'Q . 1 7511. NNT" ' 'lHMes:v5i5'ef-YQ-r-13,9 1.13 vfn-fj1 .Q-5.124 K V I ' ' ' 11,13-k:1 ,A ,fs-,,f:?,.1iJ?1j1 5425 W. Zhi! I W 1 . ., Vt.. z A ,. , ,, N 3119 3' :L A LTL- ' "' ' - . 1 .K ..- 4 11 4- 11 1 ww- ' 1 1 5 5 5 x a E ii 5 s 3 . . el e 5 2 I Q Q f E i : E 3 E E E 5 1 e 5 5 E Q i 5 E C 5 Q . 5 2 s e 1. i 3 5 E S . 2 S 1 2 Q E Y as 5 Ek. ' ' " :f:x:.rgs.A:x.me.N ' SB4.k'SSd-bL,b:.'5f?Z:::iGX14K,' Sbl1'Mi1SE' ' ' 1L33i52wEf,- THE I 97 7 UNIO TOAN UNIOT0 HIGH SCHUOL 1 765 Egypf Pfke Chllllcofhe Dhlo VOL uME 40 TABLE OF CDNTENTS STUDENT LIFE PEOPLE ACADEMICS AND CLUBS ADVERTISING 2 136 SPORTS ............... 80 ...ll g Together in sports, academics, clubs, and life. But apart, as we all are individuals, each capable of excelling in his own area. ' . Togetherness has been the spirit some of us have felt for the past twelve years. Whether it's been a unified effort to pass a school levy, or a senior trip to Old Man's Cave, we've done it together, and benefited from our experience. There's no feeling more fulfilling than that of belonging. . . . Unless, it is personal achievement. Everyone is unique, possessing a talent, ability, or personality separating him from everyone else. Not everyone can kick a football, sing in tune, or pass Chemistry, each person reaches a different plateau, thus sep- arating him from a group, yet still making him important. " Nei' And now, we've completed our twelve years of learning - together. Apart, some have learned more and different things than oth- ers. But now, our togetherness bond is physically broken, and we leave 'ri' the halls of Unioto to utilize the knowledge and experiences we have acquired. X . Apart? Yes. But the memories we X , an Bef ' Uj l ir ,ff I-X have shared will keep us together forever. TOGETHER BUT APART TQ-TF nib T . E 4 PIE CES UF UUR . ,Q .u ., 1 l f""x er! TIMES Together. . .we made it through one of the worst winters in history. d the excitement of a victorious homecoming. assembled as a class for the last time or wondered how it was going to feel wl your class was the "seniors," contributed to a nice prom either financially weeks before or physically the night before. combined our talents to perform "Flowers for Algernon" in front of a full house . . . ready or not. put together an assembly at the last minute or suffered through those we had to watch "' .., . s s ., 3 x s 1 X W who we thought would make the best President, Ford or Carter, although most of us couldn't actually vote. had a favorite parking space whether by a friend's car, reverse in back row, or at the school's nearest exit. spent hours helping the class build a winning homecoming float or just waited for the "big night" to see what was created. went sleigh riding, loafecl, slept or whatever we were able to do during the long winter vacation. decided whether to continue our education, get a iob, or none ofthe above. dreamt-about who would be or who we wanted to be our prom date. .V A -Efiif ' i if ,jgrey l i 'J 0 Student Life 5 Below- Algebra class seems like the more appropriate time for Eddie Elliot to catch some ZZZ's than to watch Mrs. Mackley do proofs. "DO YOU FEEL . . . LIKE l DO?" Sound familiar? lt should, because this favorite Frampton tune was at some time being played on almost every radio, record and tape player. Peter Frampton became popular with this hit song in which you could actually hear a guitar sing. Through his music and others, people can communicate and express themselves by dancing, singing the words, or even listening with the volume turned up full blast. Most likely hearing a favorite song is relaxing, especially after a long day at school. School and life itself would be dull seeing the same expression on the same face, so there are several ways of showing emotion. But whether the feeling is hunger, anger, hap- piness or sadness - each is unique. Above - At lunch Jeanne Chapman lends a good ear to all the latest gossip. Center - Concentration is the name of the game when Ted Hill is working. Right-Chris Baker gives us his 'sweet and innocent' look. 6 l Feelings "DO YOU FEEL . . . LIKE I DO?" Kim Graves have in common. Below Left - One of the cooks, Mrs. Carolyn Johnson, chows down on another favorite cafsie ria recipe. S Above - Kit Whiiaker wanis to be recognized as more than iusf a siu- deni sihing in a classroom. Left -- ls Mr. Marsh really camera shy or has he been caught in another embarrassing situation? A Feelings I 7 THE NIGHT B LONGS T0 US An excited feeling of anticipation in the crisp, cool autumn evening pro- vided the perfect atmosphere for Homecoming 1976. "Show Me The Way" was selected as the theme for the special occasion. Jackie Rahe, a senior, was crowned Miss Unioto by last year's homecoming queen Cara Park. Kim Jadwin and Chris Fellenstein served as Jackie's senior attendants, Angie Neff and Lynne Spires were cho- sen iunior attendants. Sophomore prin- cess was Bonnie Ramey, and freshman princess was Becky Howell. The Sophomore float, depicting steps leading upward to victory, was awarded first place in the float iudging contest. The pregame activities left the court in ioyful tears, the sophomores exhilarated, and the fans in the rowdi- est mood ever. The football players, all fifty-four of them, made a grand entrance through the longest "people tunnel" of the sea- son, and helium balloons floated sky- ward from the big sign they ran through. Then came the kick-off. Momentum, spirit, determination, and Coach Shoemaker led the team to a tremendous victory over Southeastern by a 35-0 score. The enchanted evening did not end with the fourth quarter. Many couples changed clothes and met in the Com- mons after the game to dance to the sounds of "Crosswinds." A two-week old Student 'Council hectically, but effi- ciently, organized and sponsored Homecoming night - a night which will be a cherished memory in the minds of seniors, court members, football players, and fans for a long, longtime. The Homecoming queen is Jackie Rahe. Jackie then went on to compete in the Miss Ross County contest and was second runner-up. The sophomore float, which combined the con- cepts of victory and passage of the school levy, won first place in the float iudging contest. 8 I Homecoming Kirn'Jodwin and Kevin Davis share c laugh as they .Walk across the field during pre-game activi- ties. Senior Float. Junior Attendant Angie Neff. Senior Chris Fellenstein is escorted across the field by Randy Rhinehart. JW Homecoming I 9 I0 ! Homecoming TAN id VNYOR v 5 5.5 Til Junior Float. , - Freshman princess Becky Howell rides around the field in front of lhe crowd. Junior Lynne Spires is escorted by Monty Elom. Last year's queen Cara Park hugs Jackie Rahe after crowning her. Everyone boogies to the music af "Crosswinds" at the dance which was held after the football game. 'U J Yi WN: SHOW ME THE WAY W WU of I Freshman Float. Sophomore Princess Bonnie Ramey. Homecoming I I I VIM. VIGOR AND VICKQ Summer practices started things off for the cheerleaders as they began pre- paring for camp and the upcoming football season. In August, all the cheerleaders, iun- ior high through varsity, attended a Golden Eagle Cheerleading Camp held at Wittenburg. During the week the cheerleaders were awarded ribbons for their outstanding achievements. After returning from camp, the cheer- leaders made preparations for the annual bonfire. Because of bad weather,. it was held in the gym, making J ifthe first indoor rally ever. New uniforms added to the color and excitement of the football season. The girls purchased the uniforms with money from a bake sale, concessions, and a donation from the football team. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Front Row Pam Shanton, Jeanne Chapman Crystal Tntler Back Row - Cheryl Lovensheimer Peg Scholl Jana Gunter. Susan Kozar and Kathy Baker anxiously await the outcome of the free throw The Cheerleaders look on as the Bearcats of Paint Valley add two more. 12 I Cheerleaders ' l l VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Lynne Spires, Kate Stewart Chris Fellenstei S K , n, usan ozar, Kathy Baker, Angie Neff. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: Bottom Row.- Laura Hummel, Lynda Good, Cindy McCoy. Top Row- Helen Stewart, Brenda Loel, Terri'Turner. "R-O-W-D-I-E" shout the reserve cheerleaders as the crowd "Gets Rowdy." As the season progressed, pep ral- lies were held to boost the school spirit. One of the favorites of the student body was the "Hoe-Down" rally. The Get Rowdy Kozoo Band added to the enthusiasm of the students as they pro- vided special sound effects. Many activities took place during the season. Among these were: football favors, house decoratings, and posters. In the short break between football and basketball seasons, the reserve and varsity cheerleaders went to a competition held at Lucasville Valley High School. Both squads received sec- ond place trophies. Cold weather delayed basketball season and when play resumed, the make-up schedule included seven away games in nine days. Despite the turmoil and demanding schedule, the cheer- leaders managed to keep the school spirit going by decorating the primary building and players' houses. The cheerleading season came to an end as the girls conducted o clinic for students trying out for next year's squads. Cheerleaders I I 3 SEVENTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS: Top - Christy Uhrig, Tommie Ramey. Bottom - Sonya Elam, Carrie Cottrili, Sheri Oliver, Amy Young. 3 ,5 Qmm I4 ! Cheerleaders WORDS SPOKEN IN ACTION 'KRW J A de, A Varsity cheerleader Kate Stewart shows the sixth graders how it's done at the clinic which was held before tryouts. EIGHTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS: Top to Bottom - Diane Cydrus, Tracy Manson, Angie Smith, Tocy Good, Diana Ramsey, Janie Osborne. The varsity cheerleaders watch the action on the court during a tournament game against Adena. Cheers, chants, and stunts filled the gym as the girls prepared for tryouts. L, l i to rt e wi, t,.. 'i W i e 'if is s ,ig stri i eeig Virgil ,., ' of es.-0 ,ww-f""' ,.pmesQ"'R"""i'!w The reserve and varsity cheerleaders wish Athletic Director Mr. Uhrig a happy birth- day as they sing the traditional birthday song during o basketball half time. Cheerleaders I l5 .,fQf..s.e ' ., fL' i A t e A Center Left- Mako-up is o big port of c production. However, when a character like Mrs. Feld- man lBrenda Balll tries to age her brown hair with spray-on shellac, the cost must toke time to remove her almost permanent hairstyle. I6 I Play Top - Dr. Strauss lKelly Hilll examines Charlie lBob Atwoodj while Professor Nemur lShawn Smithl and Burt Seldon Uim Strausbaughl note the progress. Above - Alice lKate Stewartj and Charlie embrace in New York. FLOW R9 FOR ALG RNON The Drama Club Production, "Flowers for Algernon" was a moving story about Charlie Gordon, a mentally retarded man, and his struggle to become smart. Mr. Bill Marsh, assisted by student director Dona Pelletier, and the cast, touched the audi- ence with the highly emotional, heart- warming story. Left- Teacher Alice Kinnian discusses progress and learning with Charlie, trying hard not to show her true feelings for him. 5 s S 5 X s KEVL ,1,' x Above - lighting is always an important factor in any production. But when you have no curtains, certain lighting techniques are required for that special affect. Above - Charlie hurries to complete the Algernon-Gordon i affect, his thesis and study of the experiment, before he regresses. Play! I7 Right - Burt tries to explain the opera- tion and tests to a happy-go-lucky Char- lie. On the table is Algernon's maze. Below - Little Charlie is reprimanded when he tries to comfort his crying baby sister. 18 I Play E E l X. Above - After coaxing Charlie to dance with Ellen llindo Osbornel, Frank lDon Carnesl pulls another sick ioke by tripping Charlie. Left- Mrs. Harold Nemur iBambi Fettersl entertains the elite society at her cocktail party. Bob Atwood, who played the lead role of Charlie Gor- don, was chosen as a human guinea pig for a unique, scien- tific experiment designed to increase learning capacity. Despite the success of the operation, Charlie found it diffi- cult to cope emotionally with the world, and related best to Algernon, a small white mouse who had undergone the same operation. The brilliant masterminds behind the research were Professor Harold Nemur and Dr. Jay Strauss portrayed by Shawn Smith and Kelly Hill, respectively. Lab assistant Burt Seldon played by Jim Strausbaugh, was a true friend to Charlie during his troubled times. Memories of his childhood haunted the affection Charlie had for his teacher, Alice Kinnian, characterized by female lead Kate Stewart. While dreams of punishment, reiection, and shame disturbed Charlie's sleep, visions of his former self disrupted the quiet, tender moments he and Alice shared. The dream sequences featured: Becky Barrow as Mother, first disbelieving of Charlie's problem, then resent- ful and hateful of his condition. Jeff Dawson as Father, realizing the problem but confused as to what action should be taken. Patty Arledge as Norma, Charlie's snobbish little sister. Charlie's teenage counterpart was Rocky Pelfry. i Tension mounted within Charlie until he finally left with Algernon and went to New York. By this time, Charlie was a genius, more intelligent than the doctors who had helped him become as smart as he had. But Charlie researched and studied the experiment and found a flaw, and realized that his new-found intelligence had little time left. Charlie's mind slowly deteriorated, leaving him virtually hopeless and helpless. Algernon's mind also wasted away, eventually, the little mouse died, leaving behind a heartbroken Charlie. At the close of the play, Charlie had regressed to his former self. He visited Algernon's grave to pay his last respects before he left to be institutionalized for the rest of his life. The cast had fun with improvisions in practice, such as killing cockroaches at an elite cocktail party, signaling Rus- sia to come in, cries of 'Don't beat me Margaret, don't beat mel' and 'Oh my God, they've killed them all.' However, when the spotlight focused on Dr. Strauss' office, Act I, Scene I on Thursday, April 21, 1977, the cast of "Flowers for Algernon" changed from clowns to actors and told one of the most moving stories of society, simplicity, and blessed innocence. Left - Frank, portrayed by Don Carnes, is a prankster at the bakery where Charlie works. Frank is at it again, planning to make a fool out of an innocent Charlie. Above - Little sister Norma lPatty Arledgel throws another resentful tantrum. Father tries to ignore the situation, while Mother lBecky Barrowl understands the child's hatred. The subiect of the disruptance, teen-age Charlie lRocky Pelfryl simply listens. PIay!19 Below - Sharing the evening's excitement are Peg Scholl, Don Shaw, Kim Graves, and Scott Radcliff. lil i i. N .D EV RY MOMENT A MEMORY The date May 21, had been set for the Junior-Senior Prom. Little did the iuniors know how much work and preparation they had ahead of them. Magazines were sold and o volleyball tournament was held to raise money. With a box full of rainbow colored crepe paper, piles of cardboard stars, and rolls of mylar, the iuniors began getting a vague idea of how they were going to transform the gym into a "world of color." The week before prom came and the traditional last minute rush began. The fountain was found and after a frantic trip to Columbus, a mirror ball was obtained. The arrival of the prom booklets the day before the dance brought a tremendous sigh of relief. The decorating began on Friday after school. At 2:30 it seemed like too much to be done, but by 7:30 it began to take shape. At 12:30 the crepe paper and stars were draped across the ceiling, the lights were set up, the fountain was together, and the tables were ready. Finishing touches were added Saturday morning. 'N-. Above - Anne Smith and Jeff Karshner listen to the band and watch other couples dance in the reflection ofthe mirror ball. 20 ! Prom At 8:00 the doors opened and within the next half hour the musiciof "Pure Pleasure" filled the colorful dance room. The rainbow and clouds behind the fountains caught the attention of many as they entered through the arch. For Jackie Rahe and Scott Daily the warm May evening was extra special as their names were announced as prom King and Queen. At midnight the dance was over, but the night had just begun. After-prom was held at Shawnee Bowling Lanes until 3:30 A.M. For some it was on to Lynn Blevins' house for a swim, for others it was breakfast at Jacinta Marks' house, and those who couldn't last the entire night went home. That special evening had to end, but the special memories will always be there to "Color Our World" forever. Top Left- Prom King Scott Daily and Queen Jackie Rahe. Above - Sounds of soft rock and disco were played by the band "Pure Pleasure Prom I 21 In her Valedictory address, Jacinta Marks reminds the graduates that they are no longer in the "shadows" of Unioto. "Well we finally made it . . .," states Lynn Blev- ins in her solutatory address. 9 NIURS LOOK AHEAD BUT. . . After being in the "shadows" of Unioto for over twelve long years, it was time to say goodbye. One hundred and eighteen seniors, as well as friends, relatives, and teachers, gathered in the gym to witness the graduation of the Class of "77." Awards were presented to various members of the class. Becky Barrow received the Elizabeth Fox Award and the Alumni Scholarship went to Mark Ray. Craig Willis was honored for his perfect attendance during his entire school career. Salutatory and valedictory speeches were given by Lynn Blevins and Jacinta Marks respectively. The highlight of the entire program came when each senior walked across the stage to receive his diploma, rose, and a handshake. Their lives in the shadows of Unioto came to an end, and as the graduating class marched from the gym one could see looks of hope, fear, and anticipa- tion on their faces as they realized that one part of their lives was over and another was just beginning. Graduation I 23 T B if aff " u 9 2 x x X wt X w ixii ' Together . . . we are Unioto High, the students, faculty, and administra- tion. Six hours a day, five days a week, we live in the same environment, eating the same lunchroom meals, walking the same halls, and following the same time schedule. We know who we are, we relate to the mention of the word "Shermans," the colors purple and gold, and the playing ofthe fight song. Together we support our school levy and survive the inconvenience of winter split-sessions in the elementary. Together. . .we are Unioto High. 26 People Apart. . . we are individuals. Eoch person has his own identity. While people may be similar, no two are exactly alike. Everyone is free to do his own thing ond is not required to live up to anyone's expectations, except his own. lndividucility makes each person impor- tant. Apart. . .we are individuals. "With the ropes ofthe past, we ring the bells ofthe future. CLASS OFFICERS CLASS COLORS Dusty Rose and lvory President Chris Fellenstein Vice President Annette Stauffer CLASS FLOWERS Secretary Kafe Stewart Dusty Rose and Baby's Breath Treasurer Jackie Rahe David Edward Allemcnn Bcrt Lee Allensworth Curtis Althouse Bradley Clark Baker Michael Paul Barnett Steven Ray Barr Becky Lynn Borrow Kimberly Jo Bennett Lynn Michelle Blevins 28 Seniors Anita Kay Bowdle Beihel Mary Jo Bowdle James R, Butler Don Edwin Carnes, Jr. Michael David Conkel Ellen Jane Cook Penny Calherine Cox Nancy Sue Crider James Phillip Cunningham S'Lena Ann Dailey Scoff Shay Daily Dwain Franklin Davis Seniors f' 29 K 30 Seniors Julio Lee Davis Kevin Ken Davis Jeffrey Wayne Dawson enneih Michael Dennewilz Randall Lee Detillion Thomas Dumm Monty Carter Elem Sherry Engle Chris Ann Fellenslein Deborah Marie Flonnery Jerry Robert Gcillougher Aiilh Kurnor Gungcdharcppo Byron Paul Gearharl Lisa .lo Hardman Bradford S. Hoskins Shannon Marie Haskins Kennelh Bruce Hawkins Julie Diane Hines Kalhryn Louise Horfon Beth Ann Hummel Jeffrey Alon Hummel Anthony W. Irvin Kimberly Anne Jadwin Jeffrey Allen Jones Q Seniors 3l 32 Seniors David Lee Junk Jeffrey Deon Kurshner Lynn Kay Kelly Hal Bruce Kerns Susan Beth Kozar Lisc Ann Kuischboch New ig With o pencil in her hond, Potty Page catches ci few z's in Senior Applied Mcrh. 1l- .X N xxx -E Cynthia Ann Lovensheimer Brion Keith McKee Aaron Lone McLean David Wayne McWhorter Jacinto Sue Marks Robert Andrew Matson Brion Keith Moy Janet Elaine May Elaine Ann Merriman Denise Michele Miller Robert Eugene Miller Steven Gene Miner Seniors 33 34 Seniors Chris Alan Morgan Michael Craig Morgan Tony J. Motter Niles Perry Neff Deborah Sue Nimmo William Jeffrey Oakes I -1 if Mr, Mace, aided by Don Shaw and Shawn Smith, dumps a protesting and struggling Susan Kozar into a trash can. fi sf? 2 Kathy Lynn Oyer Patricia Robin Page Michael J. Palumbo Brenda Lee Perdew Dauglas E. Posey Cheryl Ann Presron Nancy Jane Radcliff Jocquelin Ann Rahe Vickie Sue Ramey Mark Alan Ray Catherine Faith Rebman Randal Howard Rhineharl 1--Rexx U Seniors f Pamela Jayne Rinehart Donald E, Robertson Bret J, Roseboorn Barbara Ann Scholl Deanna Sue Schoolcrafl Donald Eugene Shaw David Anlhony Skaggs Larry J. Southers, Jr. Annelle Eileen Srauffer Kate Ann Sfewar Terri Lee Tru: Anita Jo Tuneburg Constance Marlene Woodfork Lori Jean Young SENIORS NOT PIC TUREDI Michael Scot! Baker Thomas John Coy Catherine Evans Dennis Brenda Jane Eyre Timothy Edward Fairbanks Kris Susan Garrison Tamara Kay Jordon Spencer Alan Keaton William E. Keaton Charles Kyer Byron Keith Lamb Jeanilo Elliott Miller James E, Page Roger Preston Nettie Marie Stanley Marty Woodfork Stephen Alan Uhrig Jeanna Marie Van Tuyle Lee Adele Watters Debra Lee Wheeler Craig Alon Willis Catherine Susanne Witherell xx Seniors f 3 JUNIORS Class Officers Co-President -- Shown Smith Secretary Loney Hawkins, Treasurer - David Rmkhff Co Presi dent Bob Atwood Bob Atwood Kathy Boker Gary Borrow George Berry Jeff Blair Kim Bowling Murch Bruce Mark Brumfield Jody Bryans Don Carroll Rick Coudili Bruce Cousey Lori Cohrellf Carlo Coy Kim Cunningham Dean Doto Cathy Dovis James Davis Mark Davis John Dennewitz Q K S 8 2 I Q N..-me . S+' ' ,. Q. 'le if X, N, K X, X 5 gi Kathy Dennewitz Ron Dunsieth Sherry Edward Debbie Foraker Terry Gallaugher Orval Gotten Tammy George Kim Graves Steve Harper Laney Hawkins Greg Hice Kelly Hill Mary Holz DeAnna Hughes Kelly Jaclwin Terry Johnson Ricketta Kanouse Al Kern Chris Kerns Brian King Randi Kurtz Nancy Laessle Janice Landers Gayle Lucas Mike McCoy Lynette McGowan Becky Mackley Sue Meneely Debbie Miller Debra Miner Angie Neff Jenny Oakes Q Lindo Osborne Gerry Palmer Dana Pelletier Juniors I 39 Eric Poe Garry Proehl George Ratcliff Jim Richter Terry Ritfle Mike Rinehart David Rinkliff Gary Rossiter Bill Scaggs Steve Scott Patty Shanton Sheila Sheets Anne Shelton John Simmons Roy Singleton Denise Skaggs Greg Smith Robin Smith Shawn Smith Shelley Smith Terry Smith Keith Spealcman Lynne Spires Tim Stout Jim Strausbaugh Nancy Taylor Chris Throckmorton Rick Turner Roger Tyo Kathy Watters Lisa Weidermon Randy Williams Dorena Williamson Bret Willis James Witter S 2 Q 1 i S 2 1 Q S 1 3 i 5 5 3 2 Z K Q 2 f L S Q mwmmwxw W.,.mmw:Qwmzzawwmmmwgwwsxxmiiwmz N Nmwwm.mwwN4XNx:QwQAemWxw:mfiiwswkmwmQeswv2am:QAmmwWmw1:Ns.N Nwmwfm:::w wriwgsmu M:-w::m-:iw-wX QW?-11m.1wf: wi: -gsm mf E 2 S S 3 2 3 I S Q S E 2 5 2 E S . 3 S 2 i i 5 S S Q X 2 5 5 Q s 2 X 1. Tracey Abernathy Carl Alexander Rhonda Alexander FR QHM N Doug Allemonn Brent Allensworth Denise Anderson Jeff Arledge Cindy Ater Diane Azbell Debbie Barrow Joyce Barrows Laura Bennett Teresa Berry Peggy Blazer Terry Bostwick Rick Bowles Scott Brown Debbie Brumtield Bill Butler Diana Cauclill Jeff Chain Ronnie Chapman Com Collins Mark Colyer Jeff Conkel Sandy Counts Greg Cox Rob Cox Tina Cox Kelly Coy Terri Current Myra Davis BilI,DeHaven Freshmen I 45 46 I Freshmen Sambennewitz G K Scart Eblin Susan Echardy . Teddi Engle H Party Evans Teresa Eyre Steve Fells Greg Forcum Datha Partner Marilyn Gotten Jimmy George David Glassburn Lynda Good Tami Gosseh Lori Gragg Lisa Graves Todd Gray John Hall Rick Harding Mark Harris Leroy Haskins Kathy Hatfield Bob Hawk Cindy Hedderson Cheri Henkle Becky Howell Tom Howell Laura Hummel Brad .ladwin Cindy Kelly Dee Dee King Jean King Barbara Kleinhans Rex Knight Tammy Kyer Class Of6cers: Treasurer -- Sandy Counfs, Secretary -- Lynda Good, President - Ki! Whitaker, Vice-Presidenl - Joe Strausbaugh L Melissa Leeth J. D. LeMasler Brenda Lael Onda Lowry Mark McAdams Cindy McCoy Clark McCoy Todd McGowan Randy Madden Debbie Marshall Tammy Mead A Lisa Michaels Nancy Morris Tony Neff Dwayne Newman Keilh Nibert Terri Oiler Tommy Oliver L Tam Owens Brenda Page - Jeff Page John Page Tom Page Anthony Palumbo Dwayne Perry Lee Pitcox - Freshmen I 47 48 ! Freshmen Teresa Poole Teresa Rahman Jeff Rihinger Melynn Riltinger Gino Rowland Linda Scaggs Paul Scott Ronnie Show Karen Shope David Simmons Dolly Simmons Ben Skaggs Bobbi Smith Keith Snyder Gary Soulhers Don Steele David Sterling Helen Stewari Jerry Slewarl Robby Siorls Joe Slrausbaugh David Subora Henry Suboro Todd Throckmorton Terry Turner Mark Uhrigx Jackie Von Tuyle Walter Vogel Gordon Vollmar Chris Wachovec Porn Watters Tom Weiderman Ki! Whitaker Suzanne Wilson Jackie Young Keith Alcorn Carma Anders Ken! Anderson Gary Arledge Chris Boker Jim Barnett Christy Barnhart Todd Blevins Doug Bowling Troy Branson Melinda Bryans Kellie Buherbaugh Cherie Callam Amy Comes Roy Cash Linda Caudill Lisa Cooley Darrell Cohrill Crystal Cox Tim Cox Diana Coy Diane Cydrus Barry Dailey Gerard DeAngelis Carhi Depoy Jackie Deity De Alllso n Tom Dixon X xx 50 I Eighth Grade Mark Elam Bryan Elder Keith Elliott Lisa Ellis Dee Fannin Gary Fisher Concetta Forsythe Jeff Fortner Jackie Garten Cheri Gaul Tacy Good John Gregg Tim Gray Mike Greenlee Mark Hall Sandy Hamilton Kathy Hammond Tammy Homnond X l Class Officers: President - Tammy Penis- ten, Secretary - Angie Smith, Treasurer - Diana Ramsey, Vice-President - Steve Humble Y Greg Harding Mike Harris Jeff Hedderson Brad Hedges Ron Helsel Karla Hice Debbie Hoffman David Howell Sieve Humble Debbie Hutchison John Hutton Dale Jones Martha Keaton Mariy Keetcn Becky Kelly .lack Kelly Roger Kelly Mary Kufschbach Rudy lanman David Leedom Paula LeMaster Gary Long Cindy Lucas Lisa Mclean Tracy Monson Jerry Marks Jeff Mendenhall Scoll Mercer Tina Miller Kris Neff Teresa Neff Joyce Nimmo Janie Osborne Bill Pelfrey Tammy Penislen Eighth Grade X 51 52 I Eighth Grade Joanne Perkins Karen Perkins David Poole Donald Poole Robin Porter Bill Price Barry Rahe Jeff Rairdon Diana Ramsey Theresa Rhodes Mike Riffle Debbie Rittinger Gary Rittinger Becky Seekatz David Seekatz Mark Skaggs Angie Smith Kay Spencer Gene Steele Pete Stewart Todd Stewart Tammy Stoclcman Jane Strausbaugh Debbie Trimble David True Sherry Warner Melinda Webb Darlene Wheeler Ronnie Vthlliams Kim Wilson Dee Ann Wise Brian Wolfe Darrell Wolfe Gayla Wolfe Steve Woodfork Mott Arledge Tom Bane Jim Batty Lars Bildsten Alan Blair Jay Bowsher Brian Butler Kim Butterbaugh Duran Caudill Dottie Chaney Treva Christy Kelley Clark Linda Claytor Cindy Copper Carrie Cottrill David Cunningham Curt Davis Sherri Davis David Dowler Steve Eblin Tammy Edwards Sonya Elam Danny Elick Debbie Elliott Diana Forcum Clyde Ford Beth Fortner Annette Gaul Tino Gleason Bill Good David Graves Tammy Grubb Greg Haddox Karen Hamilton Marty Harris Brian Henkle Vernon Horsley Rick Howell Sandy Hutton Stacie Jadwin Jim Johnson Scott Johnson Charlotte Jones Rae Anna Knisley Julie Kozar Jeff Long Terry Love John McWhorter Bill Mace Pamela Miner Margaret Morris Leslie Myers Bill Neff Gary Nelson Greg Nelson Shayne Newman Sheri Oliver David Pitcox Lawrence Pollard Mark Porter Pam Price Tommie Ramey Kristi Rhea Lissette Rios Melissa Rittinger Tom Romans Mary Jane Sands Laurie Skaggs Connie Smith Linda Smith Mark Smith Danny Speakman Ronnie Stouffer Bonnie Stiving Tracey Starts Traci Tatman Tony Titler Jerri Turner Sandy Tyo Christy Uhrig Lisa Uhrig Steve Wachovec Ty Whitaker Kenny Wilson Barbara Witter Eddie Woodbridge Shelley Yates Amy Young Lori Zonner Seventh Grade I 55 SENIOR DIRECTORY DAVID EDWARD ALLEMANN - Hi-Lites Staff 3, JCL l, 2, 3, Basketball I, 2. BART LEE ALLENSWORTH - FFA 2, 3, 4, Assistant Sec- retary 3, Spanish Club I, 2. CURTIS ALTHOUSE BRADLEY CLARK BAKER - Track I, 2, Lettered 'l, 2, Bas- ketball T, 2, 3. MICHAEL SCOTT BAKER MICHAEL PAUL BARNETT - Football I, Golf I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3. STEVEN RAY BARR - FFA 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4, VICA, Vocational Center 3, 4. BECKY LYNN BARROW - Band-Marching I, 2, 3, 4, Concert T, 2, 3, 4, Pep 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, President 4, GRA l, 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Pep Club 3, FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON 4, Quill 8- Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Co-Editor 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, President 4, Volleyball l, 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 4. KIMBERLY JO BENNETT -- Vocational Center 3, 4, Style Show 3, 4, Track 'l, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 4, OEA 3, 4. LYNN MICHELLE BLEVINS - Algernon Society 4, Band- Marching I, 2, 3, 4, Concert 'l, 2, 3, 4, Pep l, 2, 3, Class Treasurer 2, Drama Club 3, 4, JCL I, 2, GRA I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Student Council 3, 4, Reporter 4, Track 2, 3, Lettered 2, 3, Most Track and Field Points 2, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Lettered 56 ! Senior Directory 2, 3, 4, Most Sets 3, All RCL 3, All SVC 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered I, 2, 3, 4, Best Offensive Player 4, All RCL Honorable Mention 3, Basketball Statistician 4, Salutato- rian, Yearbook Staff 4. ANITA KAY BOWDLE BETHEL - Library Audio Visual Club 3, 4, School Office Assistant 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Basketball Statistician l. MARY JO BOWDLE - Algernon Society 4, Drama Club 4, Ensemble 4, FTA 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Track l, Spanish Honorary Society 2, 3, 4. JAMES R. BUTLER - Band-Marching 2, Concert I, 2, FCA I, 2, Football I, 2, 3, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 'l, 2, Logan Elm Varsity Club I, 2, Logan Elm Wrestling Team I, 2, Lettered 2. DON CARNES - Yearbook 3, 4, Band-Marching I, 2, 3, 4, Concert l, 2, 4, Pep I, 2, 3, Drama Club l,JCL l, 2, 3, Pep Club 4, ANYTHING GOES T, THE LEDGEND OF ARTHUR BANANA PLANT 2, FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Science Club I, Track 'l, 2, 3, Bas- ketball Manager T, Lettered l. MICHAEL DAVID CONKEL - Choir 3, 4, FFA 2, 3, 4, Football l. ELLEN JANE COOK - Ensemble 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 4, Student Council 4, Yearbook Staff 4. PENNY CATHERINE COX - OEA, Vocational Center 3, 4. THOMAS JOHN COY NANCY SUE CRIDER JAMES PHILLIP CUNNINGHAM - Baseball I, 2, 3, Let- tered I, 2, 3. S'LENA ANN DAILEY - Baseball Statistician 3, Football Statistician 3, Library Audio Visual Club 3, Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4, Basketball Statistician I, 4. SCOTT SHAY DAILY - Concert Band I, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4, Class Vice President I, FFA 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, Assistant President 3, Treasurer 4, Foot- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4, JCL I, 2, Prom King 4. DWAIN FRANKLIN DAVIS - Golf I, 2, 3, Lettered I, 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 8, Scroll 3, 4, Hi- Lites Staff 3. JULIA LEE DAVIS -- Algernon Society 4, Yearbook Co- Editor 4, Band-Marching I, 2, 3, 4, Concert I, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 8. Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered I, 2, 3, 4, Track Queen I, Freshman Princess I, JCL I, 2, 3, Maior- ette 2, 3, 4. KEVIN KEN DAVIS - Baseball 3, Lettered 4, Football I, 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4, Golf I, Lettered I, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, Spanish Club I, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4. JEFFERY WAYNE DAWSON - Algernon Society 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Band-Marching I, 2, 3, 4, Concert I, 2, 3, 4, Pep I, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, THE LEDGEND OF ARTHUR BANANA PLANT 2, FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON 4, Hi-Lites Staff 4, Ohio Wesleyan, County Choir. KENNETH MICHAEL DENNEWITZ - National Honor Society 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2, President I, Basketball I, 2, Lettered I. CATHERINE EVANS DENNIS RANDALL LEE DETILLION - FFA 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, Vocational Center 3, 4. THOMAS DUMM - Student Council I, VICA, Vocational Center 3, 4. MONTY CARTER ELAM - Algernon Society 4, Concert Band I, FCA 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4, Golf I, 2, Lettered 2, Spanish Club I, 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Let- tered 3, 4. SHERRY ENGLE - Algernon Society 4. BRENDA JANE EYRE TIMOTHY EDWARD FAIRBANKS - Golf I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, VICA, Vocational Center 3, 4. CHRIS ANN FELLENSTEIN - Band-Marching I, 2, 3, Concert I, 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 4, Lettered 2, 4, Choir 3, Class President 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 4, National Honor Soci- ety 3, 4, Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Co-Editor ' 4, Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, FFA Queen 4, Homecoming Court 4, Yearbook Staff 4. DEBORAH MARIE FLANNERY - Concert Band I. JERRY ROBERT GALLAUGHER - Band I, Baseball I, 2, Choir 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, FFA 2, 3, 4, Assistant Treasurer 2, Assistant Vice President 3, Football I, 2, Golf I, THE LEDGEND OF ARTHUR BANANA PLANT 2, Track I. ' AJITH KUMAR GANGADHARAPPA - National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 4. KRIS SUSAN GARRISON BYRON PAUL GEARHART - Concert Band I, FFA 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 2, 3, Football I, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 3. Senior Director y!57 LISA JO HARDMAN - Drama Club 3, 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Library Audio Visual Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Quill 8: Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 4. BRADFORD S. HASKINS - FFA 2, 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4. SHANNON MARIE HASKINS - Cheerleader I, Lettered I. KENNETH BRUCE HAWKINS - FCA I, 2, 3, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4. JULIE DIANE HINES - Band-Marching I, 2, Concert I, 2, FTA 2, 3. KATHRYN LOUISE HORTON - Algernon Society 3, Choir 4, Ensemble 4, FTA 2, Library Audio Visual Club 3, Pep Club 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Lettered 2, Vol- leyball 2, Spanish Honorary Society 3, 4. BETH ANN HUMMEL -- Football I, 2, Lettered I, Track I , Lettered I. ANTHONY W. IRVIN - FFA 2, 3, 4. KIMBERLY ANNE JADWIN - Baseball Statistician 3, 4, Drama Club 2, Ensemble 4, Football Statistician 3, THE LEDGEND OF ARTHUR BANANA PLANT 2, Homecoming Court 4. TERRY JO PRESTON JOHNSON - Band-Marching I, 2, Concert I, 2, Cheerleader I, 2, Track Queen 2, JCL I . JEFFERY ALLEN JONES TAMARA KAY JORDAN DAVID LEE JUNK 58 I Senior Directory JEFFERY DEAN KARSHNER --Track I, 2, Lettered I, 2. SPENCER ALAN KEATON WILLIAM E. KEATON LYNN KAY KELLY -- Ensemble 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2, 3, Secretary 3, Spanish Honorary Society. HAL BRUCE KERNS - Class Treasurer I, FCA 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered I, 2, 3, National Honor Soci- ety 4, Quill 8t Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Track I, 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4. SUSAN BETH KOZAR - Cheerleader 2, 4, Lettered 2, 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, School Office Assistant 4, Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered I, 2, 3, 4, JCL I, 2, 3, Vice President 3, Yearbook Staff 4. LISA ANN KUTSCHBACH - FTA 2, 3, 4, GRA I, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 8: Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Let- tered I, 2, 3, 4, 300 Mile Club 2, Volleyball Statistician 4, JCL I, 2, 3, Secretary 3, Convention I, 2, 3, Winning Quiz Bowl Team 2, Basketball Statistician 4. CHARLES KYER BRYON KEITH LAMB CYNTHIA ANN LOVENSHEIMER - Algernon Society 4, Band-Marching I, 2, 3, Concert I, 2, 3, Pep I, 2, Choir 3, 4, Ensemble 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2, 3, Spanish Honor Society 2, 3, Ohio Wesleyan 4, Clarinet Choir 2. BRIAN KEITH McKEE- Algernon Society 4, President 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, School Office Assistant 4, Spanish I, 2, Treasurer I, Track I, Boys' State 3, Spanish Honorary Society I, 2, Society of Distin- guished High School Students, Who's Who in American High School Students. AARON LANE McLEAN - Band 3, 4. DAVID WAYNE McWHORTER JACINTA SUE MARKS - FTA 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4, Student Council I, Volleyball Statistician 3, 4, JCL I, 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Valedictorian, Yearbook Staff 4. ROBERT ANDREW MATSON -- Class Vice President 2, FCA I, 2, 3, FFA 2, 3, 4, Assistant President 2, Reporter 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 3, 4, Student Council I, 2, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, State Shot Put Champion 4. BRIAN KEITH MAY - Algernon Society I, Choir 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Lettered 3. JANET ELAINE MAY - Choir 4, Ensemble 4, GRA 2, Pep Club 4, Hi-Liles Staff 3, JCL I, 2, 3. ELAINE ANN MERRIMAN - Band I, 2, Drama Club I, 2, 4, Pep Club I, 2, FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON 4, JCL I, 2, 3. DENISE MICHELE MILLER - Library Audio Visual Club 4, Volleyball 3. JEANITA ELLIOTT MILLER ROBERT EUGENE MILLER STEVEN GENE MINER - FFA 2, 3, French Club 4. CHRIS ALAN MORGAN - Algernon Society 3, Band- Marching I, 2, 3, 4, Concert I, 2, 3, 4, Pep I, 2, 3, 4, Choir 4, Football I, Track I, 2, Lettered I, 2. MICHAEL CRAIG MORGAN - FFA 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, Lettered I. TONY J. MOTTER - FFA 3, 4. NILES PERRY NEFF - Algernon Society 4, FFA 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Spanish Club 2. DEBORAH SUE NIMMO WILLIAM JEFFERY OAKES -- Choir 3, 4, Vice President 4, FCA I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, Football I, 3, 4, Let- tered 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 8. Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Staff Artist 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered l,3,4,JCL I,2, 3. KATHY LYNN OYER - Cheerleader I, 2, Lettered I, 2, Pep Club I, 2, Volleyball I, 2, 3, JCL I, 2, 3, PATRICIA ROBIN PAGE - Algernon Society 4, Band- Marching I, 2, 3, Concert I, 2, 3, Pep 2, 3, Choir 3, 4, Drama Club 4, Ensemble 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 8. Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Sci- ence Club 2, Spanish Club I, 2, 3, Vice President 2, 3, Spanish Honorary Society 2, 3, Ohio Wesleyan 3. JAMES E. PAGE MICHAEL J. PALUMBO BRENDA LEE PERDEW - Clerk Typist Club 3, 4, Office Occupation Association 3, 4. DOUGLAS POSEY CHERYL ANN PRESTON - Band-Marching I, 2, 3, Con- cert I, 2, 3, Baseball Statistician 4, Library Audio Visual Club 4, School Office Assistant 4, Maiorette I, 2, 3. Senior Directory I 59 ROGER PRESTON - FFA 3, 4, Track I, Vocational Cen- ter 3, 4. NANCY JANE RADCLIFF - Homecoming Court 3. JACQUELIN ANN RAHE -- Yearbook Co-Editor 4, Band- Marching I, 2, 3, 4, Concert I, 2, 3, 4, Outstanding Freshman, Outstanding Sophomore, Outstanding Junior, John Philip Sousa Award, Cheerleader I, Class Secretary 3, Class Treasurer 4, Ensemble 4, JCL I, 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, Tennis l, 2, 3, 4, Lettered I, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Court 3, Homecoming Queen 4, Maiorette 2, 3, 4, Track Queen 3, 4, Prom Queen 4. VICKIE SUE RAMEY - Choir 4, Secretary 4, Ensemble 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, GRA 2, School Office Assistant 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2, Treasurer l, Vice President 2. MARK ALAN RAY - Algernon Society 4, Vice President 4, FCA 2, 3, 4, Football I, Lettered l, National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice President 4, Spanish Club I, 2, 3, Vice President 2, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4, JCL 3, Spanish Honorary Society. CATHERINE FAITH REBMAN - Algernon Society 4, Band-Marching 2, 3, 4, Concert 2, 3, 4, Pep 2, 3, 4, Sen- ior Representative 4, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, GRA l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON 4, Hi-Lites Staff 4, Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary I, Treasurer 2, Track I, Volley- ball 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Let- tered l, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4. RANDAL HOWARD RHINEHART - Algernon Society 4, Treasurer 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Basketball I . PAMELA JAYNE RINEHART DONALD E. ROBERTSON 60 I Senior Directory BRET J. ROSEBOOM - Track I, 3, 4, Lettered l, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, Lettered I, 2. BARBARA ANN SCHOLL - Band-Marching l, 3, 4, Con- cert I, 3, 4, Pep 3, 4, Cheerleader I, 2, Choir 3, 4, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 4, GRA I, THE LEDGEND OF ARTHUR BANANA PLANT 2, FLOWERS FOR ALGER- NON 4, Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4, JCL I, 2, 3, Bas- ketball Statistician 3, 4. DEANNA SUE SCHOOLCRAFT DONALD EUGENE SHAW - Concert Band l, 2, FFA 2, 3, 4, President 2, Student Advisor 3, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4, Track l. DAVID ANTHONY SKAGGS - Concert Band l, 2, FCA 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 4. NETl'lE MARIE STANLEY ANNETTE EILEEN STAUFFER - Algernon Society 4, Yearbook Co-Editor 4, Band-Marching l, 2, 3, 4, Concert l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Cheerleader 2, Class Secretary l, Class Vice President 4, Drama Club 3, 4, Ensemble 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, GRA l, 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 8, Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, Spanish Club 3, Student Coun- cil l, 2, 3, 4, Parlimentarian 4, Tennis I, 2, Lettered I, 2, Track 2, Volleyball 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4, Most Sets 4, RCL Honorable Mention 4, Most Points 3, JCL l, 2, Basketball Statistician 4. KATE ANN STEWART -- Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, 4, Drama Club 4, Ensemble 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON 4, Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, President 4, Track 'l, 2, 3, 4, Lettered l, 2, 3, 4, Track Queen 4, JCL I, 2, 3, Year- book Staff 4. TERRI LEE TRUE -- OEA 3, 4. ANITA JO TUNEBURG - Algernon Society 4, JCL I , 2. STEPHEN ALAN UHRIG - Algernon Society 4, Concert Band I, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4, Class Vice President I, 3, FCA I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 8. Scroll 3, Hi- Lites Staff 3, Science I, 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered 3, 4. LEE ADELE WATTERS - Algernon Society 4, Choir 3, 4, Ensemble 4, FTA 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill 8. Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 4. DEBRA LEE WHEELER - Band-Marching I, 2, 3, 4, Con- cert I, 2, 3, 4, Maiorette 3, 4, Head Maiorette 4, FTA 2, 3, GRA I, National Honor Society 3, 4, School Office Assistant 4, Quill 8- Scroll 3, 4, Hi-Lites Staff 3, Tennis I, 2, Lettered I, 2, JCL I, 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 4. CRAIG ALAN WILLIS - Algernon Society 4, FCA 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Spanish Club I, 2, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Lettered I, 4, Spanish Honorary Society 2, 3, 500 Mile Club 2, 3, 4, 1,000 Mile Club 3, 4. CATHERINE SUSANNE WITHERELL - Cheerleader I, Volleyball Linesman 4, JCL I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2. CONSTANCE MARLENE WOODFORK - Cheerleader I, School Office Assistant 4. MARTY WOODFORK - Track 2, 3, 4. LORI JEAN YOUNG - Band-Marching 3, 4, Concert 3, 4, Pep 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, French Club 4, National Honor Society 4, School Office Assistant 4, Basketball 2, Lettered 2. B HIND U9 N0 W. BUT WITH U9 ALWAYS Senior Directory I 6l THE HIGH f COMMAND Right - Mr. DeAngelis applauds the parents, grandparents, and great grandparents of the graduating class. 62 I Administration X l G DeAn elis, James Wade, Velma Steel, Gerald Davis, and Above - Board members Ercolo Picciano, Bill Smart, Superintendent uy g Joanna Haskins gather for a monthly meeting. i Left - Even after nine years we still come up with surprises for Mr. Morris. Above - A quick and efficient Mrs. Young confers with a teacher through the intercom. Right- Typing away, Mrs. Ruff finds the daily absence list getting longer as the school days wear on. if Administration I 63 KNOWLEDGE 64 I Faculty Mrs. Lodema Attaway, teacher of Jr. High Eng- lish, can probably alphabetically name all the prepositions backwards or forwards and attempts to teach her students to do the same. Along with teaching grammar and her love of books, Mrs. Attaway enioys collecting stamps and traveling. A warm ever-ready smile no matter what the situa- tion would identify Mrs. Rhoda Hannon by itself. With the task of being F.T.A. advisor, Mrs. Hannan teaches High School English courses. KN00 ER9 The lady with the "golden slippers" is Miss Jean Krebs, National Honor Society advisor and High School English teacher. Her list of extra activities includes pleasure reading, crocheting, and redeco- rating. Playing with children fat home and school bothl, reading, gardening, and feeding gerbils are Mrs. Judy Hoop's favorite pastimes. She also advises F.T.A. and teaches Jr. High and Freshman Eng- lish. Faculty I 65 66 ! Faculty Jr. High Guidance Counselor Mr. John Pittenger teaches Jr. High Social Studies. Being coach of the Jr. High tennis team, his hobbies include playing tennis. Mr. Pittenger also enioys doing electronic proiects. After teaching English to seventh and eighth grad- ers, Mrs. Diana McFadden deserves a break every day with a trip to McDonalds. Assisting Mrs. Stanford in the library is Mrs. Sue Phillips, who teaches Jr. High and Freshman English. She enioys macrame, playing the piano, organ, recorder harpsichord, and gardening. OUR H LPING HANDS rw-.Z Jn.. Get quaet or I ll send you back to study hall Only four to a table Where s your pass? These are gust a few quotes of llbrarlan Mrs Eliza beth Stanford Naturally she likes to read but among other things she does crochetmg and gar demng Mrs Nellie Gomsl who teaches Eighth Grade Spamsh Hugh School Spanlsh and Jr Hugh soclal studies never lost track of the date because she always had her Aztec calendar to refer to Faculty I 67 "LE T'9 TRY IT AGAIN. " 68 1 Faculty He has enough activities to stump an adding machine - if you tell him it can't be done he'Il prove you wrong -- he organized the "Get Rowdy Club" that helped revive school spirit - he was an active advisor of Student Council. Who else could it be but Mr. Mike Shoemaker, Varsity Football coach and teacher of Algebra, Applied Math and Math IV. - Q s , 3 tv, A teacher of Algebra and Geometry is Mrs. Dolores Mackley. To get away from all those proofs and figures, Mrs. Mackley enioys sewing, crafts, cooking, knitting, and crocheting. Shorthand, typing and attending her husband's basketball games are a few things Mrs. Pat Smith finds to do but in her spare time she likes to read, play bridge, and travel. Miss Linda McDaniel is the High School Guid- ance Counselor. Aside from keeping track of all the students' pasts and futures, Miss McDaniel stays busy all year round coaching Volleyball, Girls Basketball, and Girls Track. When Miss McDaniel does find extra time she likes to spend It fishing or shopping. "Spirit lnc.," Miss Peggy Murdoch, probably attended more football and basketball games, and other sports events than all the other teach- ers combined. Jr. High math teacher, Miss Mur- doch, is kept more than busy advising cheerlead- ers, playing tennis, doing macrame, and travel- ing. Faculty ! 69 Jr. High Basketball coach and teacher of Ameri- can History and Government, Mr. Steve Swan is an expert when it comes to giving dictation. You can always hear him repeating his' motto - "FAIR IS NOT A WORD." 70 I Faculty TOO MANY BOUKQ Mrs. Sally Shoemaker is a teacher of Jr. High social studies, and becoming a nlew mother was the most exciting event of her year. f DIS TRACT THE MIND Director of the presentation "Flowers for Alger- non," Drama Club advisor, World History, Sociol- ogy and Psychology teacher, and advisor of Alger- non Society is Mr. William Marsh. He made some of us suffer with a substitute while he flirted with the nurses in the hospital. Aside from being involved with the Marsh Insulation Company lplugl, he likes to travel, read, go canoeing, fish, etc., etc., etc. SCIENCE- TRAIN D AND Athletic Director, Mr. Robert Uhrig, teaches Chemistry, Physics, and General Science. He always has the right formula for making the ath- letic functions run smoothly. 72 I Faculty The ability to teach Jr. High Science, coaching foot- ball, and a sense of humor are all packed into Mr. Alex Mace. ln addition to these qualities he was the conductor and star performer ofthe "Karoo Band." ORGANIZED COMMON 9 NSE Gardening and crafts are a couple of his hobbies, but being a Frankfort resident, Mr. Dan Wade is active in community affairs such as the Emergency Squad Village Council. At school Mr. Wade teaches Special Education, coaches Jr. High Track, and is Assistant Football coach. O.W.E. seems to keep Mr. Dean Forcum occupied but he also takes time out to buy and sell Real Estate. Varsity Track coach, Mr. Warren Whitaker, teaches Biology and General Science. You can always tell when track is in season when Coach Whit starts wearing his favorite piece of iewelry, a stopwatch. Running, hunting, selling insurance, and gardening are a few of his pastimes. Faculty 1 73 THUSE WHO Band Director for both Jr. and Sr. High, and eighth grade music teacher, Mr. John Zaidel, begins his school year in August with marching bond practice. On the days he isn't listening to squeaking clarinets, beating drums, and trumpet blasts, he likes to go fishing. 74 I Faculty Breaking her arm kept her from playing the piano but Miss Joanne Valentine kept the tunes coming from her Jr. High music and High School choir classes. CONDUCTAND CUNTROL Keeping in shape is the main obiective of the boy's health and gym teacher. Mr. Dave Warne assisted in coaching Varsity Football and was head Basket- ball coach. Best remembered for losing things, the tennis team and their awards to name iust a few, Mrs. Leoma Straight coaches the Varsity and Reserve Tennis teams and teaches girls physical educa- tion and health. Mrs. Straight keeps active in ten- nis and swimming and relaxes by reading and playing the piano. Faculty I 75 l l TEA cusns ARE PA rrsmvs i 76 I Faculty Getting down all the stats for the baseball team is Miss Carole Junk who teaches all Art classes. Her list of favorite activities includes sewing, bicycling, and of course, painting and drawing. Activities by the gross are fine, but Home Economics teacher Mrs. Emily Marks seems to add an unex- pected responsibility to her list every day - whether it's sewing up a broken zipper in a matter of seconds or baking an enormous batch of cookies for a program the next night. Her recipe may have come from deep down in the Home Ec. Lab: iust a pinch of plan, and a dash of deliberation, stirred well in a frenzy of activity. is l ,gil fit- ig, . YJ .1 :GQ nib. fr: kin? Q9 is as Mrs. Beatrice Morris means business when she is in class teaching typing or bookkeeping or record- keeping. But out of class she takes pleasure in read- ing, sewing, embroidering quilts, and knitting. Varsity Baseball Coach, Mr. Donald Neff, teaches Jr. High Science and Driver's Education. Considering he spends so much time in the Driv- er's Ed car, he must have a lot of experience in back seat driving. Faculty I 77 78 l Cooks .leon Echcrd Daisy Gillfillon Clello Hughes Carolyn Johnson Jaan McKee Jane Neff Barbara Page Vergie Riley Morvine Williams Rosemary Vwllinrns I 1 i w Fon THA r vusr Rlam' Toucu ,XS x R Q W wr! max var iii 32 af 4 Q N? After fha daily clean-up of lhe commons, "Koiak" takes a break in the supply room. i ..1 1, I ' 1515 ui W L- YL 1-, RHI" gi x N-...N VA,7 W Daisy relaxes after a long day in the kitchen. Cooks and Janiiars I 79 Together . . . we are a team, built on enthusiasm and unity among all members, from the star player to the manager who is left holding the bag. Coaches provide training and guidance for a better team performance, They teach us new plays and techniques to prepare us for competition. Fans provide constant support throughout the seasons, whether we're winning or los- ing. Their support and faith in us as a team compels them to back us at snow-covered fields and at hot, humid tracks. As a team we challenge our opponents and strive to come out on top. Together we celebrate our victoriesg we overcome our defeats. Together . . . we are a team. swiss., 80 Sports imma 31 Umm UKIUTB QKTQYU ACTION IN T0 GEAR Apart . . . we are players, different people who contribute special natural ability and acquired skill. Our coach gives concentrated attention, pointers to strengthen each person's performance. Fans cheer for spectacular individual achievements as attention is focused on a game highlight - spiking a volley- ball or dunking a basketball. As individuals, we work to accomplish an individual goal. Apart, we are secretly proud of a personal accomplishment, we accept a personal failure. Apart . . . we are players. e Q -s ., cp s., Sports Bl , Top - In deep concentration: Kenny Hawkins studies plays from the sidelines and waits for his cue to return to action. Middle - Quiclcness allows Steve Uhrig to dodge anything that happens to get in his way. Bottornb- Congratulations is received Scott Daily for completing a thousand career passing yards. .i, SHERMANS GET ROWDY After suffering two discouraging years in the l tough S.C.O.L., the Shermans re-entered familiar S.V.C. territory finishing in third place. The Tanks maintained a balanced 2-2 record early in the season, but consecutive victories over Southeastern, Westfall, and Jamestown Greene- view proved them strong contenders forthe champi- onship crown. The season appeared brighter but the Sherman luster was eventually tarnished by their final two competitors. A loss to league champ, Pike- ton, and a last minute upset by Zane Trace con- cluded the season with an overall record of 5-4 and 4-3 in the league. g However, the disappointing defeats didn't dull the honors of several Sher- man players. One special honor was shared by Bob Matson and Don Shaw who were voted co-captains for the season. Scott Daily, Steve Uhrig, and Bob Matson were named to the S.V.C. All-League team with Don Shaw, Kenny Hawkins, and Kevin Davis receiving Honorable Mention. Don Shaw and Steve Uhrig took things a couple steps further when they were named first All-District and Honorable Mention to the All-Ohio team. Steve Uhrig was awarded the annual Sportsmanship award. Besides their football ability the Sherman team also proved that it doesn't take winning a title to bring back school spirit. By the season's end pep ral- lies were more than dead silence. The football team introduced a new fash- ion of Get Rowdy T-shirts and even formed their own kazoo band. 82 I Football 7 Top- Quarterback Scoh Daily barely gets one away. Left - A few words of advice are exchanged between Coach Shoemaker and Bob Bowles about how to handle the next play. Below - Everyone wanls a chance to tackle this Soulheaslern player but Kenny Haw- kins gels fo him first. Football I 83 JUNIOR VARSITY: Front Row -- Jacinta Marks, Laura Bennett. Second Row -- Dee Dee King, Kathy Hatfield, Cheri Henkle, Lora Patterson, Carla Osborne, Patty Shanton. Back Row - Linda Osborne, Kathy Oyer, Peggy Henry, Deb- bie Brumfield, Karen Greenlee, Becky Norman, Becky Mackley, Sue Meneely, Deanna School- craft. Before the match begins, team captain Janice Landers and a Bishop Flaget player listen as the referee explains the boundaries and rules of the game. . 1 em f -f t 1 oill Q--QQ --t--.-.-..,...., 84 1 voiieybnii Mr. Shoemaker leads the "Get Rowdy Club" in a cheer as the girls are introduced before game time. The "club," which was started by football players, attended all home games and gave the tremendous support. Senior Annette Stauffer presents her mother with a yellow rose at Porent's Night. SPI ING WITH A FEMININ TUUCH The Unioto Shermanettes had the best win-loss record in the history of volleyball at Unioto, ending the season with a 13-4 overall record and a 6-2 league record. The team finished in a second place tie with Zane Trace in the S.V.C. The team was seeded second in the sectional tournament, but after defeat- ing Western in the opening contest, lost to Zane Trace in the semi-final match. Janice Landers, team captain, was awarded the trophy for most spikes. Annette Stauffer had the most sets dur- ing the season, and Shelley Smith took scoring honors. Barb Scholl received the Sportsmanship Award from the Booster Club. Lynn Blevins and Janice Landers were chosen by the S.V.C. coaches to represent Unioto on the All- S.V.C. team. Annette Stauffer was Honorable Mention for the All-League team. The Junior Varsity squad went unde- feated this season, winning I7 matches. The trophy for most spikes was earned by Becky Mackley. Kathy Hatfield received the award for most sets, and Debbie Brumfield claimed the most points trophy. Dee Dee King was chosen as the most improved player. The J.V. Shermanettes defeated Adena in the final match to claim the championship of the Second Annual Junior Varsity Tournament. Shelley Smith and Annette Stauffer watch anx- iously as teammate Lynn Blevins spikes the ball at a Bishop Flaget player. Volleyball I 85 GAME, SET. MA TCH This tennis season was a very excit- ing one for the varsity girls' tennis team, coached by Leoma Straight. They participated in two different tourna- ments and ended their season with a record of eleven wins and five losses. The tennis team competed for its sec- ond year in the Ohio State Coaches Invitational Tournament. The girls won their first two matches by defeating Cir- cleville and Jackson, but they were defeated in the third round by AA- Champ Bexley. For the first time ever, a state tennis tournament for girls was held. The girls competed in the Sectional-District tour- nament and fared quite well. Most of the Sherman racketeers defeated their opponents through the second or third round but were eventually defeated by host Bexley, who won the state tourna- ment. The trophy for the best win-loss record in singles play went to Brenda Loel, with a record of 14-2. Peg Scholl and Cindy McCoy received the trophy for best doubles. Their record was ll- 5. The Booster Sportsmanship Award went to Julia Davis by vote of the var- sity and reserve teams. Jackie Rahe, Julia Davis, and Susan Kozar ended their six-year careers of tennis at Unioto by receiving trophies which recognized them as members of the original tennis team. action this season, but they played exhibition matches when opponents were provided. Rushing the net, Jackie Rahe returns her oppo- nent's volley and wins the point. Front Row - Seana Elam, Crystal Utler, Kim Groves, Kerry Ater, Lori Cline, Helen Stewart, Brenda Ball, Patty Arledge, Tammy Elick. Middle Row - Peg Scholl, Cindy Ater, Cindy McCoy, Brenda Loel, Janet Spangler. Back Row- Coach Straight, Jackie Rahe, Julia Davis, Susan Kozar. 86 I Tennis .N Crrclevnlle Greenfield Lancaster Greenfield Jackson Flaget Carclevrlle C H S C .H. S. - Flaget Portsmouth - Jackson - Circleville - Jackson 3-2 Bexley 0-5 Varsity Tennis Results ' ' 5-0 5-0 Portsmouth 2-3 0-5 5-0 5-0 5-0 ' ' 4-'l . . . I-4 2 3 5-0 5 0 5 0 5 0 While waiting for the opposing team to arrive, Mrs. Straight gives the girls a brief pep talk. From the base line, Julia Davis hits a cross- court forehand past her opponent to win the rally. Susan Kozar waits at the net while doubles partner Cindy Ater serves. l Tennis I 87 Varsity Golf Results Bishop Flaget Washington C H Huntington Portsmouth Jackson Greenfield Portsmouth Jackson White Oa Madison Plains Washington C H Bishop Flaget Clrclevllle Huntington Greenfield 176180 183171 175 227 165172 169162 169182 170-193 191 166 191222 160-166 184 179 Forfeut 172 173 172 240 168 182 . k - Circleville 160-152 The Unioto golf team sported a win- ning season with an 11-5 record. The boys won the Sectional Tournament and then went on to place twelfth in the district. They also finished second in the Logan Elm Invitational. Mike Barnett was' awarded a trophy for having played varsity golf for four years. Eric Haynes and Tim Fairbanks received their second and third year awards respectively. Keith Snyder earned the Medalist Award, Terry White received the Sectional Medalist Award, and Jeff Strausbaugh won the Booster Sportsmanship Award. The golf team relaxes while waiting for Coach Smith to take them to an away match. Doug Allemann concentrates on lining up his putt. 88 I Golf GOLFERS WIN SECTIONA-I: I 1 I I Eric Haynes works on his form to improve his put- ting. Couch Smith gives Mike Barnett and Keith Snyder some pointers on their swing. I I I ii Front Row- 'Um FcirbonksQ Mike Barnett. Bock Row - Keith Snyder, Jeff Strcusbough, Coach Smith, Doug Allemann, Mark McAdams. Golf I 89 Scott Daily scans the floor for an open pass. True, they won only four games this season but many good things came from the season too. Scott Daily was chosen All-League, Offensive Player of the Year, and Most Valuable Team Member. Defensive Player of the Year was awarded to Kevin Davis and the Booster Club's Sportsmanship Award was received by Steve Barr. UN THE MOVE AGAIN Varsity Basketball Results Unioto Opp. 36 Southeastern 92 73 Huntington 79 33 Adena 45 55 Westfall 52 51 Piketon 58 l 59 Bishop Flaget 73 55 Paint Valley 64 75 Zane Trace 71 37 Adena 61 52 Piketon 56 . 1 66 Zane Trace 87 as 90 Huntington 77 54 Westfall 60 ssayi X :tlsst 54 Southeastern 85 ' 5 A y 53 Bishop Flaget 70 p 56 Paint Valley 59 58 Hillsboro 89 A shot by Paint Valley is successfully blocked by Y Tournament: Gvffv Pfoehl- 72 Zane Trace 69 32 Adena 64 90 l Boys Varsity Basketball Through Steve Uhrig's crutches, George Berry ond Monty Elam study the offense and ore ready for substitution anytime. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Above - Unioto's defense works to overpower the oncoming Warriors in Ross County Tournament. Left - Coach Warne gives Steve Barr lost minute instructions before sending him into the game. Boys Varsity Basketball I 91 Right - A fast drive by Scott Radcliff soon puts him under the basket. Below - Pete Polen anticipates a pass from a fellow team- mate. if . v E, 92 I Boys Reserve Basketball Above - RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM Leff- A glance at the scoreboard lets Jeff Lovely know where the team stands DRIBBLE AOTIUN Lining up for the foul shot, Jeff Strausbaugh gets instructions for the rebound. Umoto Opp Southeastern Huntington Adena Westfall Bishop Flaget Paint Valley Zane Trace Adena Huntington M Westfall Southeastern Reserve Basketball Results 1 5 53 43 ' 34 24 37 37 44 29 Piketon 22 51 ' 62 44 ' 59 li 56 61 5 26 43 Q 55 63 32 45 39 53 35 49 37 48 41 52 digs fy Bishop Flaget 4 tssr H ii' 5 it g Paint Valley NSE S g, V Hillsboro is J., s l L , we .. .. ij L., Best Offensive Player L' scoff Radcliff ..,.-W F Best Defensive Player - Rick Lansing f-'Gu 5, ,Mum Pete Polen, Scott Radcliff and Jeff Straus- Nm baugh position for the zone defense. Boys Reserve Basketball ! 93 Coach McDaniels gives the girls a little advice while they catch their breath during a time out. While guarding a Southeastern player, Janice Landers looks like a cat about to pounce on a mouse. In a reserve game against Southeastern Debbie Barrow iumps up while Cindy Ater watches to see if the ball will come her way. JUNIOR VARSITY: Front Row - Bambi Fetters, Lisa Bethel, Patty Price, Cindy Ater, Jackie Young, Kelly Coy. Back Row - Coach Amos, Dee Dee King, Debbie Barrow, Karen Greenlee, Debbie Bmmfield, Sharon Pitcox, Jackie Van Tuyle. 94 l Girls' Basketball F' MAKING IT HAPP N Q in S ,L . .4 1 ' ff: VARSITY: Front Row - Lynn Blevins, Beth Hum- mel, Sue Meneely, Shelley Smith, Kathy Hatfield, Laney Hawkins. Back Row - Coach Mcbaniels Robin Smith, Janice Landers, Kelly Jadwin: Tammy George, Patty Shanton. Lynn Blevins "dribbles" the ball down the court in a game against Southeastem. The girls' basketball team was forced to overcome huge obstacles this sea- son, namely the weather and the fuel shortage. Old Man Winter dealt quite a blow as he disrupted school, practices, and games for the better part of the season. Practices were few and far between, and when they did take place they were held at such places as the Salvation Army gym, the Armory gym, the VA gym, and the Naval Reserve gym. At one point during the season, the team members' mothers volun- teered to drive the two-hour stint to a scrimmage in Coal Grove, Ohio. However, the girls managed a 7-7 record which is the best record in the team's short five-year history. Their league record was 4-4 which earned them a fourth place finish in the nine team Scioto Valley Conference. The girls' hard work and persistence was rewarded at the Winter Sports Banquet. Individual honors went to cap- tain Lynn Blevins, Offensive Player of the Year, co-captain Kelly Jadwin, Defensive Player of the year, Kathy Hatfield, Most Improved Player, and Cathy Rebman, Booster Sportsmanship Award. Lynn Blevins was chosen by the S.V.C. coaches to represent Unioto on the All-Scioto Valley Conference Team. Kathy Hatfield was also chosen as Hon- orable Mention. Girls' Basketball I 95 -ll Pnsssuns nv 9112105 A Q H Right - Siale Sho! Put Champion Bob Matson shows how it's done os he throws in the District Meei. Below - Determinoiion and one more inch gives Mike McCoy first place. Below Righ1- Byron Gearhari paces himself in the exhausting iwo mile run. - - 1 s 35 96 I Boys Truck G.. left - Perfect form is shown by Mark Ray as he stretches over each hurdle. Below - Up and over goes .lim Hutton trying for his best vault. Winning a runner-up trophy at the Unioto Relays and a third place trophy at the Circleville Kiwanis Relays proved the track team successful during the season. Besides performing well in maior meets, firsts were taken at a triangular meet with Piketon and Paint Valley, and a quadrangular with Wav- erly, Westfall and Paint Valley. The team placed third in the Southeastern Ohio Sectional Meet sending three members to the Dis- trict Meet. Mike McCoy competed in the high iump, Bret Roseboom in the shot put, and Bob Matson in the shot put and discus. Bob proceeded to the State Meet where he was state champion in the shot with a state record of 57' IO". Records were made to be broken and that's what was done as four new school marks were set. Bob Matson set the new school shot record at 58' 8-Va". A triple iump record of 38' 7-36" marked by Jeff Strausbaugh and 'l:O3.l was the new time run by the shuttle hurdle relay team of Mark Ray, Jeff Oakes, Leroy Haskins and Steve Barr. Craig Willis, Brian Woodfork, .lim Butler and Rick Lansing cre- ated the four mile relay team that ran a school record time of 2:00.0. Awards were presented to Steve Barr for most running points and Bob Matson totaling the most points overall, most field points and State Meet Qualifier. soy, mek 1 97 With only a few more hurdles to go, Jeff Oakes remains ahead in the race. TRACK QUEENS: Cindy Ater, Cathy Hamilton, Kathy Baker, Lynne Spires, Kate Stewart and Jackie Rahe. - Boys Varsity and Reserve Track Results Unioto 59'lz Uniata 51 Llnioto 45 Adena 67VaA Piketon 68 dena 76 Paint Valley 41 cClain 38 Unioto 63'lz Unioto bpllz Waverly 56'lz Huntington 5? Paint Valley 59 Washington C.H. 3i4Va Westfall 29 n Circleville Relays 3rd Ross County Meet 2nd Uniata Metric 3rd S.V.C. Meet h 4th Uniata Relays 2nd Sectional . 3rd Southeastern Reserve Invitational lst ' n 1 98 I Boys Track Top - Marty Woodfork and Kit Whitaker come in a close second and third behind Adena. Above- Cold weather doesn't stop Shawn Smith who finishes his last mile. l.eH- Since a foul was not called, Jeff Strausbaugh knows his final iurnp is o good one. Boys Track I 99 Aside from taking twelfth place in the District, the Girls' Varsity Track Team managed to break four school records. Robin Smith captured records in both the shot put and dis- cus while Cathy Hamilton set a new time in the 880 yard run. Another school record was broken by the 440 Relay team consisting of Jenny Oakes, Beth Carmen, Robin Smith, and Kathy Baker. The team as a whole placed fourth in the S.V.C., R.C.L., and Class A Sectional Meet, and a seventh place was taken Top Left - Inches count to Kathy Baker who, realizing she's already won the race, tries for a faster time. Top Right - Focusing her attention on form keeps Cindy McCoy close to her opponent. l r at the Zane Trace Invitational. Several honors were received by Sectional Champion Robin Smith. She was the teams' state qualifier in the shot put, finishing sixteenth. Robin also accumulated the most field points, most track and field points, and shared the honor of All Sports Award with Kathy Hatfield. Jenny Oakes earned the other awards of most running points, the Boosters Club Sportsmanship Award, and the 300 mile club. 1 1 -'44 Right - Laura Hummel adds that extra - - stretch md pull to try and pass her oppo- nent before the next hurdle. EQ! 100 I Girls Track BURNING UP THE TRA OK hand off. One last thrust of energy takes Jenny Oakes across the finish line for a vic- ln total control, Kate Stewart keeps her stride until the next Girls Track I lOl Unloto Unloto Vinton County Unloto Unloto Logan Elm Huntington Unioto Unioto Southeastern Bishop Flaget Bishop Flaget Piketon 32 26'f2 83Vz 57112 29Vz Unloto Southeastern Ross County Meet Zane Trace Invitational S.V.C. Meet Class A Sectional Class A District V2 36V2 1 2th GirI's Varsity Track Results ' 62 ' 51 ' 24 Paint Valley 56 Paint Valley 59 Huntington 81 ' 24 ' 51 ' 4th 59 4 ' A 7th ' ' 7th 71 55 4th 38 4th Handoffs can win a race, so Jenny Oakes X and Beth Carmen make sure they do this one right. 102 I Girl's Track Left Trylng for more henght allows Darlene Above Prachce makes perfect as Diane Opp. 71 39 76 64V2 68 49 Glrls Jr High Track l l03 104 I Baseball AND THIS ONE B LONGS Randy Rhinehcrl carefully watches the ball as il sails out inla lhe outfield. T0 TH SH RMANS i E E Tight defensive play and timely hitting combined with excellent pitching enabled the Shermans to win 17 out of the 21 games during the season. Steve Uhrig led the team in batting average with 556. The all SVC League winners for the Unioto team were Steve Uhrig at shortstop and the receiver of the League MVP Award, Scott Daily, pitcher. Scott had an ERA of .9914, losing only one of the eleven games he pitched this season. Two members of the team received SVC League Honorable Mention. They were Mark Davis and Randy Rhinehart. Steve Uhrig also led the team in stolen bases as he captured a total of 19. RBl's were led by catcher Randy Rhineharf, who had fifteen. Coaches Don Neff and Fred Lovely kept the team on its toes and moving throughout the victorious season. Unioto's M.V.P. pitcher, Scott Daily, winds up to throw another strike. From behind the plate, catcher Randy Rhinehart calls the pitch. Baseball I 105 With a close eye on the ball, Scott Daily takes the pitch. l06 I Baseball Scoli Daily slides safely in home as Garry Proehl watches. Slalislicians Gigi Neff, Carole Junk, and Kim Jadwin keep the score. SH RMAN9 ARE B-A -A -A -D AND THA T'Q GOUD Center fielder Garry Proehl slugs the ball as his teammates watch from the dugout. Below- Steve Loel check swings an outside pitch. , ..-Wes '-1"- VARSITY BASEBALL RESULTS Unioto A Opponent Unioto . S Opponent 8 Greenfield 1 4 m Zane Trace S Q A 2 Hillsboro l l h 'l7 Southeastern A A 6 Paint Valley h 2 S g I5 7 Adena A I 3 Westfall Bhseball I I 07 HIGH HOOPSTERS FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM: Front Row - Brad Jadwin, Jim George, Greg Cox, Bill Butler, Mark Uhrig, Scot! Eblin. Bock Row- Coach Ron Bri- Fl'eSl"Im0n BClSkelbCll ReSUll5 denbaugh, Keith Snyder, Joe Slrausbaugh, Doug Allemann, Todd Throck- Unlolb Opponerll morlon, Tom Weiderman, Terry Boswick. 46 Bishop Flaget 21 28 Southeastern 37 35 Huntington 26 36 Adena 26 47 WeSl'f0ll 28 36 Zane Trace 38 42 Bishop Flaget 43 26 Pikelon 25 43 Paint Valley 33 33 Zane Trace 36 Tournament 45 Bishop Flagel 32 37 Southeastern 36 45 Adena 25 l08 I Freshman Basketball EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM: Front Row - Darrell Cottrill, Troy Branson, Barry Dailey, James Barnett, Gene Steele, Tom Dixon. Back Row- Coach Steve Swan, Gary Long, Mike Riffle, Bill Price, Todd Blevins, Jeff Rairdon, Jerry Marks. Eighth Grade Basketball Results Unioto Opp Zane Trace Bishop Flaget Adena Paint Valley Zane Trace Huntington Tournament Bishop Flaget 33 45 34 ' 54 I7 48 22 Bishop Flaget 46 20 ' 43 24 74 29 46 28 45 Seventh Grade Basketball Results Umoto Opp Umoto Zane Trace Bishop Flaget 21 Adena I7 I8 I 7 Bishop Flaget I0 Huntington 22 Tournament 30 34 OPP Paint Valley Zane Trace I5 Paint Valley 21 Paint Valley SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM: Kneeling - Clyde Ford. Front Row - Jim Johnson, David Cunningham, Mark Porter, Mark Smith, Curt Davis, Jeff Long. Back Row - Coach Steve Swan, Jay Bowsher, Ron Stouffer, Scott Johnson, Steve Eblin, David Graves, Marty Harris. Jr. High Basketball I IO9 SEVENTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM: Front Row- Brian Henkle, Jim Batty, Jim Johnson, Lars Bildsten, Martyilrlar- ris, Brian Butler, David Graves, Ty Whitaker. Second Row - Greg Harding, Clyde Ford, Ron Stauffer, Bill Good, Scott Johnson, Mark Porter, Jay Bowsher, David Dowler. Back Row - Coach John Pittenger, Curt Davis, Rick Howell, Bill Mace, Kenny Wilson, Steve Eblin, Curtis Detillion, Terry Love. THE RUSH I9 UN EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL TEAM: Front Row- Dale Jones, Mark Elam, Barry Rahe, Darrell Cottrill, Keith Elliott, Mark Skaggs, Barry Dailey, Gary Arledge, Greg Harding, John Hutton. Second Row - Jack Kelly, Gary Fisher, Jeff Mendenhall, Kent Anderson, Steve Humble, Scott Mercer, Chris Baker, Brian Wolfe, Gene Steele, Pete Stew- art. Back Row- Coach John Pittenger, Bill Price, Mike Greenlee, David Seekatz, Jeff Rairdon, Brad Hedges, Todd Blevins, Jeff Fortner. nh Grade Football Results Union, 8th Grade Football Results opponent Uniolo opponenl 20 Huntington 6 0 Gfeenfleld 0 12 Paint Valley 0 6 Paint Valley 0 0 Southeostem 0 6 Hillgboro 4 32 Zone Trace 8 6 cafclevalle I6 2 rffjiall Ag - n n 0 Washington C.H. I4 0 Adeno 6 l I0 I Jr. High Football ON FI LD AND CIND R PA TH BOYS JR. HIGH TRACK TEAM: Front Row- Steve Wachovec, Bill Good, Jim Johnson, Dale Jones, Brian Butler, John Hutton, Mark Skaggs, Jeff Hedderson, Brian Henkle, Gary Nelson. Back Row- Carla Fuller, lawrence Pollard, Mike Harris, Jerry Marks, Mike Riffle, David Seekatz, Brad Hedges, Jeff Rairdon, Greg Harding, Marty Harris, Coach Dan Wade. .4 ..e....m A- l 3 GIRLS JR. HIGH TENNIS TEAM: Front Row - Carrie Cottrill, Sonya Elam, Jerri Tumer, lisette Rios, Beth Fortner, Tammy Grubb. Back Row - Kathy Depoy, Concetta Forsythe, Cheri Gaul, Robin Porter, Sherry Watkins, Coach John Pittenger. ON THE GO Boys Jr. High Track Results Unioto Opp 87 Huntington 22 66 Paint Valley 43 66Vz Waverly 42V2 50 Adena 59 37 Zane Trace 72 42 Smith 63 S.V.C. Meet 3rd Jr Hugh Tennis Results Unloto Opp Mount Logon Smith Mount Logon Smith Bishop Flaget 2 2 0 Bishop Flaget 4 I ' 3 1 3 O ' 4 I ' 3 Jr. High Track ond Tennis I I 'I I Together . . . we are an organization, a group that func- tions and works as one to learn and accomplish. As a group, we initiate freshmen, beautify the school grounds, and plan homecoming. We work together to make our ideas realities and our dreams successes. With a ioint effort, we win debates, publish the Hi-Lites, and pass his- tory tests. Together . . . we are an organization. Apart . . . we are students, achieving separate grade point averages or holding certain offices. Each of us contributi an individual talent, ranging from a first place F.F.A. pro ject at the fair to organizing the homecoming procession single-handedly. Each person is given the opportunity tc contribute his own idea or thought. Individually, we forn dissenting views on debatable topics, we write stories witl unique flair, and we separately decide what to contribute Apart. . . we are students. Mi gpg gl-an Q .Z ON WA RD f GFFQ 'aff N' n mg u sr--' TQ? 1 mdk., WV nn Xi 1 PFJQQJT fi I. 'uf ' A 3:1 '. ' f " in ' L Q W 1 , is X' . Pg' W. I 1 A. I hu 0 I 1' :ii la IQ! llgf 5 t . qw, . " 1 . 1 g ' Q 1. 35241. Playschool children stop a minute for a picture. Who thinks Home Ec is iust "Cookin' and Sewin'?" Dressing up the depart- ment to make the home scene prettier included buying new furniture and dec- orating with coinplimenting accessories to complete a homelike atmosphere. After settling in, speakers and demon- strators were invited to talk on home design and trunk restoring for an added touch of creativity. Preparing easily managed fit-for- guests lunches for Senior Citizens of the community was a heartfelt, rewarding task for the girls along with learning to care for the younger generation in the Playsehool Program. Other proiects included a Teachers' Luncheon and, after some brain-search- ing to learn the metric measures, the domestics whipped up a "Proud of the Perfect Meringue" recipe that would make you weep. Care of Skin, Make-Up, Hair Styling and Fashions rounded out the year for the Home Ec huddle. That's what Home Ec is about. M-m- m-m, Yeahl 114 I Home Economics S 5 lui P s 5 . . . ,-gig Jr, .X Writing on the chalkboard was a new experience for several children in the Ployschool Program. Left- Everyone gathers around the Thanksgiving table as Cathy Witherell gives last minute instructions. Below- Trunk restoring is one of the many demonstrations given in Home Ec. 1 ' -he-9 Ds- HOM MADE I9 BEST Above - Cindy McCoy and Cindy Ater volunteer to become beautiful. Left-Julie Hines has a tough decision as to which pie to eat first. Home Economics 1 I I5 Righl - Everyone flips for gym class. Below - Several boys enioy a game of basketball as their favorite gym class pastime. N Bottom - Taking time out from a dodge ball game, Amy Comes poses for the photographer. l lb I Physical Education F, Mr. Warne refs two wrestlers as they try their hand of this new sport. Everyone participates in c game of volleyball. CAUGHT IN THE ACT Physical Education ! I I 7 BAND TUN S UP FOR . . . ik N q,.,.S9 :E X f is 4 Q ' X Above - Jeff Dawson is featured in a comedy routine. Righf- HIGH SCHOOL MARCH- ING BAND. I 18 l Bond A 'N 1 ' x '- - f -- 1' :ff--S' -W H 1' 1 few-gifk wia is fiirwzfff 1 - -. ai :T - '- 1 - 'S .- .- :Vw 5.1 ye .rfaz-Qrzzze-ff ,zs,1vage-iw 6, oo , ffl, 1 f 5 M55 L 3 E 1 2 Q X ' 1 ' ' H , H s- o f' fooo A CHING o a oo 2 Q Y f wilwm BH o i, Af A,xf! .',T A xi K ,. . -M-M' Me sw qH1'e1vf2igEooaH!Qfb515 H H o ,N oe o my Go vfofl-:21,1-mi , . oH o Q o f Q Q R oo f oo o o o oo , H o 5 A gf' -u , wb -, Y Nw oQ+' K., 4- ! 1 m H N o at A W5 ' , K' U playing the fight song. - Top -- Seconds before halftime the band lines up to perform "Rhinestone Cowboy." Above - BANNER CARRIERS: Cathy Hamilton and Jucqule Pelletier. FLAG CARRIER: Barb Scholl. I - Left - After a fine halftime performance the band marches off the field ' PREQID NT URD l Band! H9 120 I Bond PEP BAND .,, Spirii is kept alive by the Pep Bond while the team prepares for the second half. f MAJORETTES: Julio Davis, Kim Graves, Tommy George, Debbie Wheeler 1Heod Muiorettel, Senna Elom, Jackie Ruhe lAssisVan? Head Maioreftel, and Barbara Kleinhons. ,. 1 "Brass section, not so loudl" "Percussion, step up tempol" . . . "Smile Girls!" -- these were iust a few of the many commands band director John Zaidel gave in order to perfect the Unioto Band's music. They entertained their loyal fans again this year with their spirited shows. . The band gave many grand performances but one of the biggest thrills was iourneying to Columbus State House to perform for President Ford. After football season, our renowned Pep Band played dur- ing basketball season. Soon followed the many hours of practice by band members and soloists for competition at contests, only to be disappointed by cancellation due to severe weather. However, a special program was held for our superstars to show their talents and that, they did well. The concert band ended another enioyable year with their annual concert and graduation performances. BAND OFFICERS: Front - Craig Daily. Second Row - Debbie Barrow, Cathy Rebman, Laney Hawkins, Annette Stauffer. Back - Becky Barrow. Q , KV -. V - K. .,:..5x.Q 5-vf.3..,? I . ,Zi .7555 As part of the Homecoming activities the malorettes perform a routine with lighted batons. Bond I l2 l SENIOR ENSEMBLE: Front Raw - Lee Watters, Lynn Kelly, Chris Fellenstein, Jackie Rahe, Julia Davis, Annette Stauffer, Vickie Ramey, Ellen Cook. Back Row- Kathy Horton, Becky Barrow, Kate Stewart, Patty ee Page, Cindy lovensheimer, Janet May, Barbara Scholl, Cathy Rebman. va. 122 I Choir The high school choir sings a medley of songs for the student body. The Junior High Chorus gets together in the gym for one final practice before presenting their pro- gram. MUSIC - MUSIC - MUSIC! The 'Senior Ensemble performs "White Christ- mas" during the Chrislmos Assembly. HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR. Choir I 123 The Queen ond King of Scholarship for the Junior High are Liso Cooley and Todd Stewart. .1 124 I Music Awards THEY'VE GOT WHA r IT TAKES Becky Mackley and Gordon Vollmor earned the - Miss and Mr. Music Awards. Jacinia Marks and Brian McKee are the High School Queen and King of Scholarship. Barb Scholl was lhe recepienl of the Choral Award and Jackie Rahe the John Philip Sousa Award. During the summer, Brian McKee and Sieve Uhrig affended Boys' Slate which was held on the cam- pus of Ohio University in Athens. Music and Academic Awards I 125 Y Fifi . A V. kk 45. Q . , .,g.,.., .2 5 H T Many days were begun by turning on the radio in the hope tnar scnoou wounu ue cancelled for yet another day. This hope often came true, but as with all good things, they must come to an end. After several weeks of virtual isolation from all of our friends, school began again. v ln an effort to conserve energy, all classes were held in the elementary building. Grades one through six went to school on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. iThey missed Saturday morning cortoons.t The Junior High and High School students went to class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Junior High classes were held from 8:00 A.M. to noon and High School from noon to 5:00 P.M. It was strange to walk down those halls - the halls we walked in single file as we went to wash our hands, eat lunch, or go to recess. lt was strange to sit at those tiny desks in the rooms in which we spent so many of our younger days. lt was strange to see Algebra equations written on the blackboards where we had learned to count. it was strange to reminisce about those times of long ago. lt became apparent, particu- larly to the Seniors, as to iust how much time had really passed. A Once again, all good things must come to an end, and the crisis was over. We returned.to our regular buildings and our regular schedules. Although the crisis has passed, we will remember the winter of "77" for many other winters which are yet to come. I fi: 26 I Winter of "77" V, 2 X f' AND THE LIVING I Q----if' 3 I OFFICE AND LIBRARYAIDS LIBRARY AIDES: Kelly Hill, Mark Rhodes, Debra Miner, Dorena Williamson, Lisa Hardman, Lisa Ellis, Pete Stewart IS OFFICE AIDES: Debbie Wheeler .lacinla Marks Susan Kozar Vickie Ramey Brian McKee .ig 5 128 ! Aides if sw S 3 5 l E if 24 1? a S S 3 1 -X S GUIDANCE OFFICE AIDES: Front Row - Robin Smifh, Jacinla Marks. Back Row - Connie Woof fork, Cheryl Preston, Lori Young, Sherry Engle. In SR. HIGH: Front Row - Kate Slewari, Chris Fellenslein, Susan Kozar, David Rinkliff. Second Row - Lisa Kufschbach, Ellen Cook, Laney Hawkins, Lynn Blevins, Jim George, Cindy McCoy, Cindy Arer, Dee Dee King, Joyce Wilk, Lisa Bethel, Bambi Fefters, Kerry Aier. Back Row- Robin Smith, Mark McAdams, Karen Greenlee, Shawn Smilh, Bob Atwood. 95 JR. HIGH: Front Row- David True, Diane Cydrus, Tacy Good, Jerry Marks. Back Row- Jane Strousbuugh, Sandy Hutton, Tony Neff, Tammy Slockman, Cheri Gaul, Brad Hedges, Christy Uhrig, Lori Coftrill, Beth Forfner. STUD NT COUNCILS Sludenl Councils I l 29 SPANISH LA TERTULIA SPANISH HONOR SOCl- ETY: Front Row -- Mrs. Gornsi, Dorena Williamson, Lee ,Watters, Cindy Laven- sheimer, Patty Page, Kathy Horton, Becky Barrow, Lisa Hardman, Cathy Rebman, Tim Neff, David Tyo, Greg Williams. Back Row-J. P. Hedges, Mary Bowdle, Steve Harper, Kelly Hill, Bob Atwood, Laney Hawkins, Kerry Ater, David Rinkliff, Deb- bie Miner, Brenda Ball, Jeanne Chapman, N Lori Cline, Tammy Elick, Karen Greenlee, Ni Carol Davis, Cheryl Lovensheimer, Tammy Jordan, Joyce VWlk, Donna Trim- ble, Sharon Pickle, Bambi Fetters. l I s eseewvxwixeemseeft. . .. ei L--1 if N.. .....- . . Y l H SPANISH CLUB: Fronf Row - David Subora, Mark Colyer, Tom Owens. Second Row- Christy Barnhart, Diane Cydrus, Amy Carnes, Ted Greg Vthlliams. Third Row- Cam Collins, David Tya, Bobby Drummond, Lori Cline, Brenda Ball, J. P. Hedges, Tim Neff. Fourrh Raw - Brent ' ' ' ' hb h K ' N ff Sher Callam. Fifth Row--L Page, Carla Coy, Kim Cunningham, Karen Greenlee, Tom Vollmar, Debbie Barrow, Mary Kutsc ac , ns e , ry Watters, Debbie Miner, Jeanne Chapman, Donna Trimble, Carol Davis, Cheryl Lovensheimer, Cheri Henkle, Kathy Horton, Lisa Bethel, Cat Rebman. Back Row- Kerry Ater, Bob Atwood, Kelly Hill, Becky Barrow, Joyce Wilk, Sharon Pickle, Missy Leeth, Tammy Elick, Bambi Fetters. 130 I Spanish r SY QUILL AND SCROLL "i+ L wee., ve? xl' 3 5 FIRST YEAR MEMBERS: Front Row - Roger Tyo, Kathy Baker. Second Row- Brenda Archey, Kathy Dennewitz, Laney Hawkins, Shelley Smith, Dona Pelletier. Back Row- Debbie Miner, Kelly Hill, Orval Gotten, Ron Dunsieth, Bob Atwood, David Rinkliff, Kerry Ater. SECOND YEAR MEMBERS: Front Row - Annette Stauffer, Julia Davis, Jackie Rahe. Second Row - Lisa Kutschbach, Ellen Cook, Susan Kozar, Patty Page, Lisa Hardman, Lee Watters, Cathy Rebman. Back Row - Lynn Blev- ins, Chris Fellenstein, S'Lena Dai- ley, Becky Barrow, Randy Rhine- hart, Kate Stewart, Steve Uhrig, Bruce Kerns, Jeff Oakes. Quill and Scroll I 131 Newly inducted members hold a lighted candle symbolizing scholarship, leader- ship, character, and service. Front Row - Bruce Kerns, Kathy Den- newitz, Brenda Archey, Jenny Oakes, Laney Hawkins, Lori Young, Beth Hensley, Donna Trimble, Kerry Ater, Kathy Baker, Ron Dunsieth, Mike McCoy. Bock Row - Orval Gotten, Roger Tyo, Linda Osborne, Dona Pelletier, Debbie Miner, Sue Meneely, Kelly Jodwin, Tammy George, Bob Atwood, David Rinkliff. s,,.s,. -.... NA TIONAL HDNOR QOCIE TY Front Row -- Mary Bowdle, Cathy Rebman, Lee Watters, Becky Barrow, Debbie Wheeler, Chris Fellenstein, Julia Davis, J ' to Marks. Seconf Row - Brian McKee, Jackie Rahe, Annette Stauffer, Lisa Hardman, Lynn Kelly, Potty Page, Lisa acun Kutschbach Ellen Cook, Susan Kozar, Kate Stewart, Lynn Blevins, Jeff Oakes. Back Row- Craig Willis, Brion May, Auth Kumar, Mark Ray, Perry Neff, Kenny Dennewitz, Kevin Davis, Dwain Davis, Steve Uhrig, Randy Rhinehart, Scott Daily. l32 I National Honor Society F. T.A. Front Row - Kim Kelly, Cheryl Loven- sheimer, Peggy Scholl. Second Row- Becky Borrow, Becky Norman, Laine Kutschbach, Beth Carmen, Sharon Pitcox, Cathy Hamilton, Cathy Rebman, Joyce Wilk. Third Row - Patty Page, Debbie Miner, Cindy Loven- sheimer, Bambi Fetters, Carol Davis. Bock Row - Mark Bildsten, Terry Gallaugher, Brian-McKee, Vickie Ramey, Lisa Kutschbach, Helen Stewart, Susan Kozar, Ellen Cook, Jacinto Marks. I I I w K 'Fl Hedges Steve Uhrlg Second Row Jeff Oakes Shawn Smith Bruce F. . F.T.A. and F C A ! 133 FRENCH CLUB Front Row - Kim Bowling, Dona Pelletier, Steve Miner, Roger Tyo. Back Row- Annette Knight, Gin ger Ramsey, Lori Young, Lisa Bethel, Kathy Hatfield, Jackie Young, Terri Oiler, Tammy Oliver. i 134 I French and Drama Club Front Row- Denise Kitchen, Robin Smith, Lisa Bethel, Bambi Fetters, Karen Greenlee, Carol Davis, Becky Barrow, Patty Page. Second Row-- Elaine Merriman, Kim Bowling, Dona Pelletier, Jeanne Chapman, Brenda Ball, Robin Ellingsworth, Peggy Scholl, Kelly Hill, Bob Drummond, Mark Bildsten. Back Row- Kate Stewart, Jim Strausbaugh, Bob Atwood, Laney Hawkins, Lynn Blevins, Kerry Ater, Patty Arledge, Cathy Hamilton, Jim Witter, Shawn Smith. DRAMA CLUB Front Row - Bill Pelfrey, Debbie Ritfenger, Lisa McLean, Charlie, Jeff Hedderson, Karla Hice,,Carma Anders. Back Row- Kris Neff, Gerard ' E DeAngelis, Keith Alcorn, Becky Kelly, Debbie Hoffman. A . l CLUB WI e.- Fronf Row - Tammy Meade, George Ratcliff, Keith Chain, Jeff Conkel, Todd Grey, Don Hawk, Greg For- cum, Deanna Schoolcraft, Anvhony Palumbo, Sian Skaggs. Second Row -'J. D. Lemasler, Advisor R. L. Busch, Kenny Valentine, Roger Jones, Jim Hammond, Chip Frey, Jeff Chain, Scott Daily, Bob Matson, Rex Knight, Bart Allensworth. Third Row - George Berry, Tony Mofier, Tom Howell, Mike Conkel, Mark Davis, Leroy Haskins, Jay Bales, Brad Noble. Fourth Row - Mark Wilson, Jeff Lovely, Chris Kerns, Steve Hay, Dave Proehl, Craig Daily, Tom Page, Mike Morgan. Fifth Row - Byron Gearhari, Jim Wilter, Jerry Gal- Iaugher. F.F.A Science Club I i35 We wish to express our appreciation to those who mode the printing of this book possible. So now, we turn over fo you the 1977 Uniotoon. Editors Advertisements l37 PATRONS PAGE Bud and Peggy Blevins Mr. and Mrs. John Bowling Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bucy Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Chapman Sieve and Yv onne Cline Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Guy A. DeAngelis Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dunsielh Mr. and Mrs. Keilh Eblin Mr. and Mrs. Roloerl' l:el'l'erS Milce and Jeff Geary Mr. and Mrs. Kenny George Bill and Lois Good Mr. and Mrs. David Harding Mr. and Mrs. Rober+ E. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Loel 38 Mr. and Mrs. Millon Long Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maison Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Miller Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Pellelier Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pelle'l'ier Neal and Vera Radcliff Joyce A. Rahe Kippie Reichelderfer Tim Reichelderller Mr. and Mrs. Paul Slack Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Smilh Mr. and Mrs. Ron Slauffer Velma J. Sieele Mr. and Mrs. James R. Slrausbaugh George and Sue Young Wanda B. Wilburn BL-.EI.'.!.5.5f ' HEAT all 000l DUB HUME ELEGTBIGALLY with me Compact System. GE WEATHEIITIIUNQ HEAT PUMP m the Summer without water! 'P' 'mn I ,.wum,m ' I A I ali Y HI' 'II IIII M ig 'I 4 III' U 0III 0 E 0U iss ESS 2492? n ggi Q-25? xii fix! xiszi fiff n xiii Zfff S555 ZZ? Ssxx 775 . . ZZ? S555 iw , I mnun . . . ' I.mf4IfI1nlgm.m ,um 83 S III B III BI' WI UU HIIIB. "W'pzIl" FOR FREE ESTIMATES - DIAL 775-6 3 2 8 45 EAST WATER CHILLICOTHE, OHIO Complimenrs of THE CHILLICOTHE TELEPHONE co. MARSH 68 E. Main S+. Chillicoihe INSULATION COMPANY Providing Compleie lnsula+ion 1 , , . ,,.v,. K . p , ,imag e ,, Services 6' ' ' T ' 'For Home and lndusiry ff . - e e as E' is - ff P Sw E' G as i f E ii ,ay f X E , , if 775-I906 A,0 0 X, Q..- i m,qEs,,i ' fi c is P " ' ' ' . Business Office Warehouse , 465' - , if ii'A ,XS M S J 630 Cedar S+ree+ I6 Sou+h Rose S+ Chillicoihe, Ohio DONAHUE'S BODY SHOP 7l5 Menasha Road MQNAWA RD .,iY P Y Q, T Chillico'I'he, Ohio ...........I ,od ' NEENAH nn. 6 P ...T... , - Pin Sfriping - Auio Body Crashes --Jf- AMN, RD. - Rusi' Repairs - Crash Specialisfs If 'I - All Phases of -Cusiom Painfing FE Body Repair - Cusiom Welding """"f3"" Mm M' - Auio Mechanical Repair ---------mcnsr. 773-4600 140 ANDERSON DRUG STORE Upwnm 5 5-gn l32 Easf Main Sfreel Open Nigl1+ly Unlil lO:30 P.M. Hospiral Supplies and Home Care Proc.luc+s SERVICE CENTER 89 l Egypl' Pike 772- l 909 complimm SCHI' S of Ph : Sl H ur : Robefl s+Zff M0nfEZ+. O S Ri-H-inger 775-6322 lozoo-9:00 Ca+alog Sun. 775-3333 l 2:00-5:00 CURRIER BICYCLES SPETNAGEL ROOFING W "Qs X A .f ' ' lf Painring, Roofing, Spouring General Slveel' Melal Work , 96 Wesl Second S+. -A in J XX 1 Phone: 774-3650 l Corner of Walnul and Wafer 772-2020 jafman Waewrifer CARL'S CASTLE C Onllddllg ,mga loss Nor+h Bridge , ' N 'f' ,,. Q 3 1 Carl Makes Good Hamburgers ,raw-'-"' N 385 N- H59l15'f- "5 I .4 K 774-2820 -R R 141 DOZER'S AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION EVANS ELECTRIC, INC. CommercIaI and Indus'frIaI Coniracfing 934 E. Main S+. Phone: 773-I I25 S ERV IC E TH E STAN DARD ELEVATOR Owned and Operafed 81 by Alva L. Graves P.O. Box 22I -Zip Code 4560I 9I2 E. Main S'rree'l' ChiIIico+he, Ohio Deaiers in Phone: 774-3280 Grain, Feed, and Seed Phone: 774-2490 I"I O N DA of ChiIIicoI'he FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: Terrsisvpiland LOAN ASSOCIATION gr. ' 933 E. Main S+ I l28 W. Main Chill Ih Oh Phone: 774-4l80 Ph 772 2006 CONVENIENT nfgpgfafg FOOD MART -iii' Open 7 Days 'TII Midnighf The Friendliesf S'Iore Teenage -' Adm' Courses in H-Ie Neighborhood 4 E Main S'I'ree+ Carlisle Corner - Up 'I Ch II 'I'he, Oh 775 9676 DAIRY QUEEN Complimenfs of: Union Township , 449- Pfe- 'Tn Ax 6 vu . Fire De pa rlmenl 1 ki Sfalions ah 280l Pleasanl Valley Road in . Egypl Pike and Ca'Hail Road N Yellowbud w .e W Fire or Squad 773-4353 moe C3 n illioothe Good Luck +o +l1e Gradualing Class of I 977! "' ""' f - Complimen+s of ICG. U. S. PAY. Off- -Q. ESTABLISHED i802 Equal Employmenf Opporiuniiy M! F Circleville, Ohio x C 5 ,SWG .- 55' 'fi 5 0 Besi Wishes +o Uniofo Love Super and Tha+ A Duper Our Greduaiing i I Seniors. Hua .557 '-951. i Craig Will is PaHy Pa ge l080 N. Bridge S+. Chillicofhe, Ohio 144 D HALLER FUNERAL HOME l92 S. Painl' S+. Chillicolhe, Ohio Complimenfs of Clark F. Johnson Masonry Specialisl Fireplaces Chimneys Block and Brick The ELBERFELD Chillicolhe, Co. 82 N P ISI' Ch II Ih Oh 4560! C El QIlgE9I""l'T OHIO UNIVERSITY o UNWW X .r O+ q lI'l'l'll fs - -X-'r...n. , -xalllml l wxgzsl v- CHILLICOTHE Why No+ Make Ohio Universily - Chillicolhe Your Firsl College Home? P.O. Box 629 Chillicofhe, Ohio I45 OLl:NfI5ll,gglT7ASS JCPenney Funeral Home Chilllcofhe Mall Telephone 775-4800 77 Easl Fiflh Sfreei, Chillicolhe, Ohio 4560l Open I0 AUM. Til 9 PUM. Mon. Thru Sat David M. Oliver Rodger D. Glass, Direclors '2130 'lo 5:30 SundaY gi3'l5gpf3wf:g,llHl! l!ff'l,hll'lfff4l,lll.lh5 THE CHILLICOTHE ot,QlLav. m IMPLEMENT co. Ml.. Mall -. "Children's Shoe Specialis+s" Farmau Traders . 80 E. Wafer Sfreel' . . . . B l82 20-22 So. Palnl' S+. Phone: 775-5652 Chllllcolhe, Ohio Chimczthe' Ohio D. E. DENNEWITZ BUILDER J rw: 2. Vx Y- X "5-1" T' 4?,. 1 f if if ff.. V ' iii ' llllllm.. - '-:,,.1,nLf. y -J ,ug H H.. .,.. .1----I-. willow wie 7 .slr-...T:.-H wr: all,'f'!'Q,l7m 1521-: A .-wal fllllqf' 5 r-,vm Q.. -'il-In . 1.52: TJ '5,,'5,' 'M' f V f .zllflg 1 f9'lf?N."-Jgxl 3208 Valley Dr. Phone 775-6376 146 I'he mouse house our newesl' head shop cIo+hing: I-shir+s - ieans - iumpsui+s posfers giff-se+s macrame necklaces hand-painfed Ieafher bells and buckles slone carving denim purses incense ashfrays earrings waferbeds x Bridge Sfreel' K Zane Plaza 1 Chillicoihe ,,, Bridge Sfreef Mi' Sfop and Go Plaza 1 U Jaclxson J? -19' H IIHII of Chillicofhe, Ohio Main Office Cenfral Cenler Branch Chillicofhe Plaza B h I N. Painf Sfreef 600 Cenlral CenIer98I N. Bridge Sfreel 773-268 I 772- I 302 773-3 I 30 BASIC CONSTRUCTION I I E. Main S+ree+ ChiIIico+he, Ohio Phone: 773-2 I 72 VVEAR - EVER Subsidiary of ' ALCOA I089 Eas+ern Ave. Chillicofhe, Ohio A high school diploma is fhe firsi' big slap 'foward a fulfilling life 'lhese days. Talre fhe lime now +0 checlr oul' anofher big s'l'ep 'Forward . . . whal' il' means 'lo belong +o fhe Ohio Narional Guard. "' An opporlunify fo serve your communiry and your counfry in very meaningful ways. 'l' An opporlunily 'lo obiain specially Training +ha1' gives you an edge in compe+ing for full-+ime worlr. "'The bes+ paying parl-lime iob available anywhere for one weekend a monlh and 'lwo weelrs each summer afier basic and specially iraining periods. Today's Ohio Naiional Guard provides excellenl' opporiuniries for men and women. Co A 2 lblh Engr Bn P.O. Box 87 Chillicolhe, Ohio 4560I 6l4-772-I l30 "Above All Else Armg Guard We're ln The People Business" Complimen+s of Cheney Tire of Chillicoihe, lnc. ELLlOTT'S BODY SHOP Cusrom Painling Frame Siraighiening Cen+ralCen+er Ph. 773-4l3l R I hm. H O 6M- W + - a p no , wner u. es on P Dave Wlles' Manage' R+. 3 Couniy Rd. 550 Jusi Wes? of i t Chillicdrhe, ohio sun vane, Lalre . Te. - ssumu , ,,-. l.n...L .. B. . l ' L TIRE GLASSBURN'S POTTERY Discounls 'for Schools and Churches U.S. 35 Wesl of Chillicoihe Ph. 775-4275 148 BROWN'S SOHIO Orange and High Sfreeis Tires - Bafferies - Accessories Free Pick-up and Delivery Complefe Aulo Service Ph. 772-9725 Besi Wishes 'l'o fhe I977 Senior Class of Uniofo Banc0hio First National Bank Chillicofhe MAIN OFFICE MT. LOGAN OFFICE 27 W. Second Sf. 8I0 E. Mein Si. WESTERN OFFICE ZANE PLAZA OFFICE 800 Wesfern Ave. l080 N. Bridge S+. ANYTIME BANK ZANE PLAZA OFFICE Member FDIC Congra+uIafions +o +he "CIass o'F I977" Farms ' Esfafes ' Commercial from MAE'S BEAUTY SHOP Auc+ion Service R.F.D. 4, CircIeviIIe, Ohio Col. George Bu'Her, Jr. 474-2062 Off. 474-46 I 6 87 E. Second Sf., Phone 775-4660 "One Sfop Decoraiing Cen+er" Con+inen+aI Home Decorafing Cen+er 87 N. Painf Sfreei, Chillicoihe, Ohio Phone 773-4I9I Besl' Wishes 'ro 'rhe Class of I977 RUSS PRICE HEATING AND COOLING Complimenls of ' Charles Ware WARE FUNERAL HOME ROSS COUNTY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS' ASSOCIATION Chillicolhe Jeep Sales Brake and Payne Lincoln 4- Mercury Lynch Molor Car Company Cunningham Buick - Oldsmobile Molnar Ponliac - Cadillac Jennings Nile 8: Day Service McAllis'Ier Chevrolel' Volkswagen of Chillicolhe Shawnee Dodge Herrnslein Chrysler - Rlymoulh DL SBACJBILE Complimenls of Fidelily Building I I MWMCH and Loan Company I EH' P33-Zsgzg LINCOLN-MERCURY Q55 I H L Insured savings W p o E 2 Wonderful World ofFash1'on Zane Plaza U.S. 23 Nor+h Chillicofhe, Ohio I Home of Qualify Since I894 Cenfral a Cloihing for 'rhe Enfire Family Cenier HASTINGS ELECTRIC Frigidaire Sales and Service 98 W. Second Sfreel' Chillico+he, Ohio - 7724330 - Besf Wishes fo fhe I977 Senior Class o'FUnio1'o CQMPANY uNloTo Music: ASSOCIATION 63-79 Easi Main Sfreel' L chsllacmhe, ohio J 1"'-'?-ik. GAIB EQUIPMENT co. fwii Your Tracfor Specialisis laden V U.S. Rouie 23 Soufh, Circleville, Ohio 43l I3 9 X, 8 Phone: 474-8854 Lei us analyze your equipmenf needs. 7 A Emu: wonxs, mc. E. Main and Reniclr Sis. Phone: 773-2206 ISI 777 fx Farng-style Hospitality 'Bobivaus McD0rlald'S I le 40 N. Bridge S+. l225 Wes+ern Ave. Chillicofhe, Ohio FARNISXW RESTAURANT Bridge at Water Streets, Chillicothe . B W' h F h Congra+ula+ions QQX 85+ ls es rom+ e +0 The Class of I977 U M From +he Makers of RESTAU RANT CARROLHS , POTATO CHIPS Q2 B d 5+ 1-gi? 014 CENTRAL CENTER BoHling Co., Inc. 400E +Seven+h S+. Ch ll fh Oh LNFIFD Part Plan Q Besl' Wishes +o lhe Class of I977! CHILLICOTHE TYPEWRITER COMPANY Everyfhing 'For 'I'he Office Machines and Supplies Ph. 774-4I 30 26 W. Second S+. Chillicofhe, Ohio , A 4 '-1 - fl: F lf ,X o G0 4 4' VWL R: Ol' AMIRICA l ' A N .1.. +,.i+, X THE NATl0N'S 1 X 1 INNKEEPERA K Qf ll ,.?f?'ef:i1'Qf.. f1'?frv?'vf..':i?'T?' U.S. Roule 23, Norfh i250 Norlh Bridge Chillicolhe, Ohio 4560i Phone: l6l4l 775-7000 X Kingsfon, Oh Complimenls of. . . MINOR TRAcToR SALES Sou+h Main S+ree+ io Ph. 642-5006 Allis Chalmers K Farm Equipmen+ heb 'l Lawn and Garden ' 9 GATEWAY SU PERMARKET l26 Easf Second S+. Phone: 773- I 839 lndependen+ly Owned and Opera+ed 153 ALLEY gompl EENIIING ourieous Service Vending Specialisis for 30 Years I79 E. Main Ph. 774-I285 Owned and Opera+ed by R. Ted Click THE DIAMOND SHOP The Finesl' in Diamonds and Wafches Corner of Pain? and Second S+reeIs Chillicofhe, Ohio HOMESTEAD BUILDERS. P. o. Box 1798 - I nc , no 'Ng cms' othe oh' 45601 Gerald T. Aler, Builder Phone: I6 I 4I 775- I 705 CompIimenI's of ROBERT GARTN ER WP emu f SN gg. SIMON S FLOWERS Don E. Hyer I8 E. Second S+ree'I Chillicolhe, Ohio K - Phone: 772- I 660 1 QF? 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Dailey Insurance Agency ICE CFIEAIVI l3lW.MainS+. RINGS'-D INC- Chillico+he, Ohio 773- I 824 775-0 I 06 I33 Easi' Seven+h Sfreef ChiIIicoIhe, Ohio 4560I Phone: 774-I995 M MONTGCMERY WARD l ,,l?iS+inC+IX I05 N. Painf S+. K AQ- Differenf 775-15:2 ,AL !l 9 I Windshield Specialisfs Replaced in Au+o -- Home - S+ore Fron+s Glass Tops for Desks and Furni+ure GRA DY GLASS 54 W. Wafer S+. Chillicofhe, Ohio 773-226i CongraI'uIa+ions +0 Ihe Class of I977 BRGOKSIDE CHURCH Fmm Youfh Oufreach A Vision Becoming a ReaIi+y A Direcfor Assis+an+ Direc+or Jack Norman, Pas+or Jack King Don Smdh 157 MAN KER WHOLESALE RIEDER PHARMACY DISTRIBUTORS Gver 25 Years 42-44 W. Wa+er S+. of Chilliccdhe, Ohio Communi+y Service 773-2 I94 Over 9,000 l+ems Es+ablished l928 PORTRAITS Complimen+s o+. . . 'ROM For +he Fines+ in Pl'mo+ograpl1y . . . OSBORNE G 81 A FARM EfPU'PMENT STUDIOS U.S. R+. 35 W0S+ Of Cl1illiC0+l1e Specializing in Yearbook - Wedding Phone: 775-6540 Por+rai+s - Commercial Pl1o+ograpl1y l l33 W. Main S+. O E Cl1illico+he, Ohio . 774-4l20 The Long Green Lune FREY'S TAX SERVICE Comple+e Bookkeeping Assis+ance N , BF EQE2WK Income Tax - Payroll -- Mon+hly Repor+s 1 I 772:40 I 8 Joe FVY 32 Nor+lw Pain+ S+. 92l E. Main S+., Chillico+he, Ohio Chillicdrhe, Ohio 4560! use S THE UNIOTC ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB Bes+ Wishes +o fhe Q I977 Senior Class of Uniofo Paul BarneH Don Horn Presideni' Secrefary Jay Bales Sharon Harding Vice-Presideni' Treasurer I in -5- 'I -' III STEWARTIS A I A , Iv1EN'S WEAR It gr ANDEIQIREETS Hugcorg ' Phone: 7733 '60 Il TI- - D I amp +s+ chu +11 Oh Weisenberger Insurance Service, Inc. "We Ca re" fuururr IAGEIIT 6 I 0 Cen+raI Cen+e ChiIIico+he, Ohio Phone: -773-2264 THE JARDINE PLUMBING COMPANY Flair Beauiy Salon Plumbing - Heaiing - RemocIeIing 375 Brennan RCI- Service When You Need H' Ch II ihe' Oh' 714-2900 29 E. second s+fee+, chaluaconw, Ph '72 "'0 Ohio 4560i mo . i ! . 2 . : z I I I . I I I I ! I S 1 s 1 i i l 1 i 1 . 5 r 5 I 5 5 4 E . 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Suggestions in the Unioto High School - Uniotoan Yearbook (Chillicothe, OH) collection:

Unioto High School - Uniotoan Yearbook (Chillicothe, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Unioto High School - Uniotoan Yearbook (Chillicothe, OH) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 167

1977, pg 167

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