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HE X Q51 'f X X 1 5 X fnf fgff, if TBULUMGSQWQ Tf1e1951fj3B'5 Cf,-ix eco e rom O Llil 2 Echo Staff !.r- .11 N 45" g::Z: JO OVERSTREET Managing Editor IARY LEIEN Business lanager RAYIOND BOWMAN Art Editor BOBBIE IORROI, NAVIS BAKER Typist Photographer -Q GX uf I DOROTHY SIIITB AN'D BARBARA KLINGINSIIITI-I HARRIET1' LII GREEN AND CLAIR BUST!-IR Advertisers Advertisers 3 Foreword We the members of the 1951 Echo staff proudly present this our 1951 Echo, ln whxch we have endeavored to record through the use of p1ctures what w11l prove to be the fondest memorles of the Senlor Class and of the ent1re student body, faculty and patrons of Un1onv11le Hlgh School It was our dBC1S1OD to use Athletlcs as a theme for th1s annual, S1DCe sports and phys1cal tralnlng recelve so much atten t10U and are so closely un1ted w1th mental tra1n1ng and develop ment If we have succeeded 1n recordlng your fondest memorles, we feel that all our work and t1me has not been spent ln valn We take th1s opportunlty to lntroduce our sponsors Mr Jack Wellman and Mr Harold Wellman, whose advlce and asslstance have made this book what it 1S Wa .A 'aud i " 'K 1lV JACK WELLMAN HAROLD WELLMAN J lx dab CJ J 4 i . ' ! 7 ' ' n ' V vv ' defy Q I lx el J 4" X . 1,1 f "'. 5 3 X 1 N X' if 111 ff 1 7 Dedxca ted to COACH ROY PRESTON ND ASSISTANT COACH BOB REED With the selection of ATHLBTICSN as the theme for thzs Echo, it was decided that it would only be fitting to dedicate the book to Coach Roy Preston and Assistant Coach Bob Reed teams the Unionville public has seen in recent years Their work w1th the basketball teams paid off in a good percentage of wins Their greatest contributlon to the Athletxc Department has been to instill in the boys the will to w1n, and to impress them with the fact that any winning team must live the game, not only wh1le playing, but also at all other times They have taught the boys the vital1ty of sportsmanship and the seriousness of the game in which they are playing In view of these facts, it 1S our desire to dedicate the 1951 Echo to Coach Preston and ASS1St8Dt Coach Reed The Staff 6 A ll ' They worked hard and tirelessly to produce one of the best football School Board IR J F COISTOCK P e ide t IR I E R S IR H C GARDNER Vi e P eside t LL ff f ffxggigfxs DR R H I CALIBNT Secretary Trels rer um J F Jo ES 7 atziiij qgy IR non :ELTON Admznzstra tons IR IION D BARTLEY MRS ROY PRESTON Secretary Superintendent HR NOBLE I NEIL JO OVERSTREET Secretary 9 Principal Senior Sponsor is 9 Faculty IISS ETHEL WADE KISS HAY HUNT UR HAROLD TADE lathenatics Speech and Dramatics Social Studies Science Eighth Grade Senior SPODBOY Junior Sponsor Dramatics Club Sponsor PCP Squid SPODSOX' MISS GENEVA BABBITT Girls Physical Education IR JOHN LEIIS Girls Basketball Senior Sponsor Study Hall fin, dl' 1PM . Lg K W .w 145 emi as 2 X IISS IARY BETH STEIIAN Guidance Director Home Economics Social Studies F H A Sponsor Junior Sponsor ww 10 'N If x is Faculty S ul? H169 IISS IARY IITHEROW IRS VIRGINIA YOUNG Commerce Freshman Sponsor School Financter English I and III lidgetette Advisor IR HAROLD IELLIAN English II and IV Yearbook Sponsor Photography Club Sponsor W1 I ur I JACK IELLIAN Art Study Hull Yearbook Sponsor Art Club Sponsor , ,M In I Fi - m S O' , nb,., Kew ' 1 .' nf xr 34 ,s'- SS 5 ' g 11 1-5 IISS KATHERINE KLEISS Social Studies English I Travel Club Sponsor IR JAY luslc f Q3 IEEK fl vi, -if IR JOEN IOIRBR IRS IABEL AESCHLIIAN IR BOB REA- Vocational Agriculture Study Hall General Science F F A Sponsor Librarian Physics Freshman Sponsor Library Club Sponsor Assistant Coach Eighth Grade Social Studies IR ROY PRESTON IR ELIER BOECKIAN Boys Physical Education Vocational Agriculture Coach F F A Sponsor Hyglene IR LESLIE SHELTON General Shop lechanlcal Drawing Sophomore Sponsor Drivers Training 12 . . . ll Sophomore Sponsor X I Sen zors schox ur!! ATKINS IELVA LOUISE ' 4 A'1'Ht?An" lAv1s CA 558 lidgetette Staff I H ' 9 n 0 Dramat L 5 DORIS 3 Sen lc' cz E Ollrghlp ub 3 arent? BAR H Y V H JLET DEW Dram A Re S ities Pop or c olarshiglub 3 3 K BMDQQYJ mics C x?5:::1o1lf5hiv WW" I 4 I 2 ...... , . ' F, 0 HKU".--"I u . . ' u ' 1 . - 2- , cho Stl!! . I . . . ' 1 ' ' . . : : 2-3,4 . . 4 5. ' A ng , A ' ' . ' ' - . . A RUTH , , . - 'fl-'l h t ,' .' 1-2- ' I . ' . ' .' . , . is. a ' - . I - m . 2-3 hE:f?I11lc,'1s' B0 envy F Y ! A Dransttcl C nb Echo Btn!! Scholarshi President Class BLMICBMQ-9 B51 CHN' 1 f BLAND B voversvxue High School ll-Ly LEE F F BO' IAN Do NALD l-E 2 3 P H ABRAIHA L NQDEAN H I : gli.. r9l1:"e,. Un 2 3 umm an mo 0 s Ilphy C :uh Beef 15 Q ,,p,,..' ..... ..4 .1-2-3 1 . . A. I . . . E .15 '4 ,WORD . . A.. . ..... X-2-3-4 ?...1 . . Z Z Z 1 1 Z 2 4 . . . . . . . 3-4 P .... . . 4 P. . P, J :I ' L , sg . - ' - PskQtA'H -'. C bl111lt0r1.t- , 1, 5 ', n.'. . . i : . : 2 ' . : : ai Seniors UG wcux-1-S' 'ELPH BUCKALL1-rv 11.1533 BUCKALLE' NADINI -JWGWV' has 'z r H a H1018 8 Lauer A A Pe? sq" 16 V 1 1' B,,gp.x.x,B1.'...,.-.I A LH- ' F'-A .H, 'A - 'IIA -sou-. .R-Your Sen10rs Chi! BUSTBB, ouvx-I cum Bm H bln nnnues cum 4 , t ' DWALD MVB uno sun mor.-MA Senna RNS lldgetette Stat! 4gootbJcig Club 81 B U Club Draflt UTLIR Lo ics IT Club 4 308519 2 CAL! Y I CAR OLJ 17 'Wx Se1110"S y-4 1195 CAPQS 1 'I vi-LEE F M, was IA CARSON ' UN CLARK LEON F F F Foo ball C ub Rmatl Secretary Club COLLINS RIMA J AN Lucerne High Sch001 cow 115' gi BY-Y' SH5 Semors 'Nz CHOOKS, VERBA JEAN Druntics Club Pep Squad Basketball 2 3 4 Payer D-4V1s LU 11 'onus sville CILLE 0090315 exif DEEDS 123 oar-xx ish School L0 IS Lo I H enxervigf CWD gnowv' 19 KX C Aigigg A . . . . . . 3-4 ' ......... 1 D ' ,1 A - ' 4 1 I , - ar ' U X m V 1 gi V . X L . Sen zors ronsxs, GLORA BELLE 4 D"ll.lg1cgAl-LOYAY B DONNA 1' ll A Parlinentartan C ce: Squad Ub OF DICKS Dramatic! Club eu 2 3 4 Photography Club 41-'ep 8 el eg- a lr Quad pres! 11 P- u 1 tics Clu Scholarship n'.r I d I ns ent Queen Dru' Pe? Swat: President' S4 igxeerleader LES 4 I H HATFIELD Dr NFPA R mf' 3 REF-72:i,:1AR3reB1dent B llg tl c emu v ru.f1 C uh gs 1- D!! utd Clptarlf Bggketb C1101 A 1-8 h 1 I 1 P Ye Sllueen 2 3 Q gchfz Stag! Stan sch teite gt se pi? aa:-an-:,:esw-W Z0 O 7- 1r.u.A ..... ....2-3- ,. ..4P 1 gr!! . ..... 2-3h d.. ' ' , . 2'3 ' . f 3-3-4 p .,1 P- G .-"..'i .'A..r --'a 1"-.IAIE DY H A P. .-".-'L-4 8 "'-.1"2-3 ' '.-1'.3 6 .I..,v '.'.1i: 23 Seniors EXE 3 INGKRSOLL , TID Lll xml WG x 2 J D053 A Scholarship ARIAN LARR D .v--tic! e Tickle Y GENR 1 cbhfor Ah cl 5 gblll gage tball K1-1 lc 0 NGINS s UI vs C""m' ueernrffxzu T. Mmm School shim' Z1 23 P Sen zors A ep SQ IARY Jhss 2 LEWEV rv ref' Q LEONARD, HAZEL F LORENCI P I QRTHUR LEE Art Club H Sec A 168' Pf ea etgl'Y 5 A ggcl' lb Culd Af pev 521,11 new 1' H 1' D:..lt1 s c laws LOU Bafksq ld lub I a etblll getefte st ar LYQCB v uid a0W"' Z2 I ,3,4 F. , Az ' l ,. .l ig - , l . .- : '. 1,2-3-4 L". ',.-A '--4 pt' "4-'Lf , ,1 p c "..1 u . '.. LW".-' t'.'. tgi?,11tJ11s DOBDTHY nav. 'Au mls u0NTGo s 3 4 xx-H 2 185' ucqugu JY-'N IORROI BOBBIE F F A F Sentine Dralatics Clu rllltics Club Vice raslde t E ho Stn!! C ass President NORMAN ll tics Club rlllt cs C ub V1 President ll C9 :tics C ub p I P Squad 2 Y Echo Vtxxe fs ,e Q0 23 9 ldent Sets te Stn!! and Club U ......'...1-2-3-4 F. ..4. 1 ..... 4 b. ..... 2-4 - n - - ' P n .......... 4 , .' e . ....... 4 1 ...... 2 1-F' A. D' ' -' 2-3-4 D 1 l - - - ..... . . 3 35 .HTS "J Bw f ..... 4 - - ..... . . I 4 .ps .'x- H ' . ' x ' . 1 tgz?'11fJf1s 11 yootzaub K uv' 'BD A Pr83ident I L5 DAVID JOE' ml OVRRSTRKIT IARY J0 H A 2 A Secretary Treasurer Dralntics Club Pop Squad lcho Sta t lldgetette Stat! Scholarship Class ecretnry x-easur PAYNE JIHIY nwaasoi P ht-B JK si" Z4 Seniors P0 L WBIRT men-rm-, Blu' D1-nn.t1cu'r.5fub , r 1 2' so" rv' b , ssc' QC Y ,at of' 9911 RYAL8 JOA N Drnnntlcs Club matics Club 'rrenlux-or Pep Squad Band Club I 5519 2 A 111' , V B vo", 25 Sen zors LIE 1 VU' Sita aldb sasket wr SIITBL mam s 01' sus SCHNELLE, ROBERT JACK W0 4 LCIODS High School 3 I Photography Club Seyll alll, ' Sono 07.1 UWA JUN , I Ur lov. E Club Dfllsqtad P S1111- H A H NAD Sufi and A LORRAI o ch tetxe Club NE 165' r5pbY Phomol 26 Q , ....l I.-.-1,-1--4.r.A ......... 2-3-1 ,I . or'-'W' 11-"' '-Af bl Drq,..tics.....,.. 1-3 ...',2 .,4 .3 3 ai- vw S '. , I .234 Semors Slwnnn :umm lun 1115 3 A Drnatics Club SPE Banu. 'UG 1 2 A Lucerne High School 1 2 3 NCE GUY EARL H Dfngzics C uh Pep Squad J Taotmg BS111 A uh 3 0 T Dill, ' gtfxzx secfeun' P:-oaiufer heerliigif Bien' ' 1 U C1 len 1 :Bb B Db S E0 Scho ' Aaskstblu Cboo1 Oufer en ce Baskegblu 3 27 O f. 'A' .1 -".'.,1-2 -. -- mm 1 "B.tibsb1 -,...-'-1-2, -4 vv ' ' .34 v .--"'.'S-4 1 '.--"'.1-4 C ,. ........ " 1 urfulnu MVIS v" -1. 11- .I ' . . is. lEgi?r11cJ'1s WARD 1 ED'IN LA VERNE RXLYI 1 2 3 I P IIBBKR YHE IL A Tregsuror IRNEST VA! D C lull Secret-ry T regsurer TIOBTB B11 LAVIIBE 3 3 A Drslntic iootball Bllkotb 11 0' Club orthington High School A11 conierence Yooiblll Vice Presiden F auf 71100: ltlc s ll' Clu I b lgLL C11 s 28 O U Y. 1 1'-IIA'--., c .'n..3' - 2 ' A, .' , "1- 2-4 un , I Club . . . . . . 2- . . . . . . - - 1- ' 5 . . . . . . . 2-3-4 0 ' . . . . . . . . . . 1 ' 5 - z....4 .AI .-, Seniors 54X J s"'1 M-P' -4' IOILIY, KIXTH 15 Hugs. 'W' 1 2 u' emu Sue Cllll Vic! Ptllidnt Poiersv A11 conference Full buck s N N CORAN HAMILTON Post Graduate 29 gf P F A UYANT 1. 23 av' , 'Cf l ' K ia f ? ' up I fl? EX wx . ., ,Maw , -3 r. r. A. ......... 2 , . - " ' ......... 4 ' . U , - ' ' - . . . 3 ' - , .........3-4 "w.1, - - . . 4 ' '4 x' K ' X U Seniors HISTORY OF THE SENIOR CLASS In early September, 1947, one hundred odd Freshmen graced the halls of U H for the first time In the four years that followed, each one did his part in making school life at Unionville complete We shall attempt to record a few of the major happenings of each year, as space w1ll not permit mentioning all of them I think everyone will agree that, as Freshmen, we were one of the smartest classes ever to enter U H S Several of our members won scholarships that year And we also contributed our share to sports, the band, and various clubs We were proud to have one of our Freshman girls, Bette Galloway, chosen Barnwarming Queen of 1947 As Sophomores, we decreased somewhat in number, but made up for this by an increase in intelligence We were no longer green Freshmen, and we could now laugh at the mistakes of the new Freshmen just entering Our candidate, Leo Travis was chosen as Carnival King We really thought we were Win the groove' when leveral of our members were chosen to serve at the Junior Senior Banquet This brings us to our Junior year, which was one we will long remember We all on an excellent play HHer Emergency Husband Then on lay ll we were host to the Seniors at WDown Mexico Wayn which we think was one of the nicest banquets ever given here We were very pleased when our president, Harriett Lee Green, was chosen as Echo Queen Now, as Seniors, we are on the last step of our climb We are very glad to welcome the newmembers from Lucerne and Powersville With their help, we have become one of the largest classes ever to graduate from U H S Our class seems to be well blessed with pretty girls for one of our candidates, Dorothy Iurphy, was chosen as Echo Queen Our officers this year are President, Raymond Bowman, Vice President, Rex Whitworth, Secretary Treasurer, Jo Overstreet With their help, we hope to make this last year at U H S one of the happiest we've ever spent ya avsnsrncrB ssc RG Tnnv 30 k - . . S. . Il Il ' I worked hard, serving at ball games, etc., to raise money for the banquet. We put N , . ! Juniors HISTORY OF THB JUNIORS In the year of 1948, close to 73 Freshmen descended upon the halls of U H S Although occasionally stepped upon by upperclassmen, we were able to hold our own The Junior High boys' basketball team won a first place trophy at Downing Also, that year, B Sue McDonald, one of our class officers was selected as the Echo Queen The followlng year, as Sophomores, we made up a good portion of the band, which took a Honen rating at Kirksville Several of the Sophomore boys were lettermen on the high school athletic teams This year, emerging as Jolly Juniors under the sponsorship of liss Wade and lr Lewis, we have succeeded in putting on a play, called Cracked Nutts, which was one of the best, drawing one of the largest audiences in recent years Our class officers this year are Richard Crooks, President, David Lemen, Vice President, and Buzzie Husted, Secretary Treasurer 'Buzzie' lllfl., Becreta y 5 32 h - -. u n : - . . ' r 7 if ROBERT ANDERSON DOLORES BABBITT 'T Doruum coox JOHN ASHBY IANDA BROWN PETE CROOK Junzors LLIAI BRUCE v1l RICHARD CROOKS jfzl IEIP ff? PADDY Jos DAVIS 33 1ll 3 DOROTHY CARTER d?F' IARTIN CULLOR IILES DICKSON PATRICIA COISTOCK NADINE DAILY -sf 1 .. .Sy N., RUSSELL DOVER 13 Luc 11.1.5 DUNKIN WILBURT EDMUNDS L41 i JAIES FORTUNE 'TW' EY KENNETH EARHART fH'! IARIE ELLIS Ann ERIA GILL Junzors IARVELENE FIELDS ,.-3 -Q ...J WILLIAM FLESHMAN W Al funn HELEN 9 Q- Q -J' ANN FORBES 'f GARY GRABOSCH DUANE GILL JOLIII GRABOBCH 34 GILLISPIE ADA RUTH GUFFEY DELORES GUFFEY Jumors LOIS HALL M-nf IARY HAIILTON JERRY HUGHS CLAUD HAIKINS GLENN JONES SHIRLEY HAYDON All' .el ' R NEAL KLINGINSIITH IVELYN HOWARD SARA KLINGINSIITH us Lsorww 3 5 JEAN LATII R -N1 JO IATHEIS IURL HUSTED DAVID LEIEN B. SUE ICDONALD LORA MCKAY Junzors LAURA ICKAY IARY F IILFORD IORRIS BILLY IUSGROVE IONTGOMERY GLENDA HCWILLIAIS STANLEY MILLER GEORGE IARY PERKINS PATTERSON GLORIA PARKER DOLORIS NEWELL JAIES NORTON DARLENE msn 36 ANDY RATLIFF BILLY RHOADES Junzors fl fl 7515 Page Eompbmenis Uf fx-J MUSEUM PEJEJNEREBXBG SEED? Ph.l90 37 Jumors COMPLI M BNTS OF' 5553355541 3552 5.5. RELIABLE UNIONVILLB, NIO PRESCRIPTIONS Ph '77 38 Sophomores Kenneth Bates Bobby Beeler, Norma Jean Benson, Ilarllyn Berry, Dan Bralhall Phyllis Bramhall, Doris Bruce, Herbert Buckallew, Jean Buckallew, Von E Bunch Dwane Butler, Darwin Byers, Gerald Dean Carr, Anna Carson, Everett Casady Franklin Childers, Billy Choate Ila Clark Kay Clark Roger Crooks 39 15' f, 'K' 5 B y 3 if Sophomores ZF 'S' flu .4 Galen Crouse Gary Davis Mary Lou Davis, Patricia Davis Lorin Deeds Leon Dewitt, Shelby Dixon, Patty Dooley, Donna Dunkin Francie Ecklea Edwin Foster, Joann !uller, Albert Fullerton Forrest Galloway, Gerald Gillun Lolyd Gllvorth lartin Hackney Carl Hamilton larieta Hensley, Eddie Hibbs. 40 Sophomores Bo 1 G1111 pi Ji 1 H111 Gale llll D111 I y J kno: Dolbo t J b B 1 h 11 C 1 lo on t lo COMPLIM ENT 3 DI' IBIRO nlfl SZLCWIRJ Cure-rgbhung C70 "10'lc9a'eY1m'ze C-7he'71cvme Unmovmvnlle -, Mo M1559 41 N r nn e s e, mm e , , A ac , r aco s. lary Jewell, Edgar Lawson, Joan Lotch, David Lupton, Elaine Lutz. dna I near, Irnad ne litc e , lro ntg ery, Loe a ntgonery H y I 1 Sophomores .anal 'fy I il Pitt 13 .--'s'5,,.4v"""""' 'O' ..4v 4-,g I of Q1 .al 3 13' James Morrow, Anna Mae Mullenix, June McDonald, Irene McHenry, Barbara McHenry Gladys McKinley, Harold McKinley, Garold Neighbors, Mayna Noel, Cecil Norman. Shelda Overstreet, Dean Peek, James Peek, Colleen Pickering, Donald Pickering. Don Pollock, Leta Belle Potter, Mary Powell, lax Probasco, Nellie Purkeypile. 42 Sophomores an 'P' 5s -Us Yf ag' 'J I ri 3 Richard Putnam, Robert Putnam Ruth Richardson Neoma Robinson, Harold Robison Basil Roof, Loretta Rowland Norma Shelton, Kathleen Shipley Redric Shuey Arthur Smith, Vernon Speakman Dolores Spence Carl Steele John Steele Lue Arthur Stroud, Donald Tipton Dorothy Torrey llaribeth Torrey Roger Torrey 43 Sophomores .Q-.J ni DEAN TRENT ANNA BELLE 'RIGHT HISTORY OF THE HATTIE VALENTINE JESSIE VALENTINE RALPH WIICOX SHIRLENE IORLEY le, the Sophomore Class of 1950 51, consisting of 108 members are om the second step of the ladder of education We are a happy group, being one of the largest Sophomore classes BVCI' in UHS. We are led this year by our President, Forrest iCorkyJ Galloway, Vice-President, Jimmy Peekg Secretary-Treasurer, Shelby Dixon: and our sponsors, Mrs. Aeschliman and lr. Shelton. Now that we have successfully passed the stage we are now branded as Silly Sophomoresg but we do as having a large number in sport activities. Our won several first and second places last year and of Freshman Greenness, accomplish things, such junior high track team our basketball team won a fourth place. We have several in band and do our share in school assemblies. We also get our share of requests for excuses from the principal, lr. Neil. Our class felt very proud that Shirlene Worley was crowned Football Queen of this year. Leaving our so-called silliness behind, we are looking forward next year to one of the best Junior Classes of Unionville High School. --Shelby Dixon, Secretary 44 Freshmen Mary Duncan, Vernon Drummond Clarence Eckles Dxxie Eckles Barbara Edmunds Howard Garten, Frederick G111 Beverly G111 Beth Haas Donna Harbert Shirley Harbert Alice Harmison, Betty Jean Henrickson, Lloyd H111 Mary H111 46 Alice Jean Ewing, James Flesnman, Billy Fowler, Darek Fowler, Patsy Fowler, , ! 7 ! I 7 7 Freshmen Hazel Knowles, Larry Kopfer, Thomas Latimer, Lorene Lawson, Robert Llndhardt, Virg1nia Losey, Ramona Lynch, Tommy Lynch, Shelda linear, Shirley linear Arthur Montgomery Geneva Montgomery, Roger lullenix Marian IcCartney Nancy lcHenry 47 Melvin Guffey, Richard Jimerson, Jackie Johnson, Roxie Ile Jones, Gerald Knight Freshmen l ,if .J Coleman McQueen, Deleta Newell, Laroy Nichols Donald Norris, Donnie Norton, Leola O'Brien, lelva Parker, Anna Parsons, Herbert Patterson, Rebecca Patterson, Harry Joe Pearson, Kolb! Joan Pearson, Donna Peek, Keith Phippl, Charley B Pittman, Donald Purkeypile, Jerry Riley Gordon Rhine Arthur Robinloo, Sandra Sue Roseberry 48 P 'ff ii P P Q .T iw fa ' in if P" ' wa, 8 P wg w an P , 1 A 1' .ff , A X ,. . P 'ii Freshmen Jerome Rowland Ronald Smith Irnie Stelart Kenneth Stottlemyre Lee Stroud Jerry Stull Donald Summers Ill THXPIOD Larry Tietsort Shirley Tingley Robert Vandel Charlyne lard Donald Watson Gail Wensel Shirley lood GUIIDLIMENTS OF ILDVIJCBIHI IEJIJZJI ID IBIEQ IFIIATCIFIIIBIHLY DISTRIBUTORS 0? IW-'LINE CUIIBMS Vx9 49 Freshmen HISTORY OF THE FRESHMBN Back in September, 1950, lore than 100 Freshmen entered Unionville High The upperclassmen must have know we were coming, for we thought they carried out the class tradit1ons very well It seems the Sophomores always had a s1l1y look The Junxors had a mysterious smile in the corners of their mouths when we ran into them hurrying to our next class The Seniors had utter disregard for us We secretly however got a big kick out of the so called s1l1y, Jolly, and dignified students Even though they called us green we part1c1pated in our share of school act1v1t1es Some of us always appear on the honor roll We had a big success of cons1derab1y too We have our junxor high basketball teams A few of us have helped out the Senior h1gh teams Our sponsors, Mrs Young and lr Uowrer, are always striving to make our school life more enjoyable and easier Our off1cers are Alxce Harmison, President Barbara Edmunds Vice President, Betty Cullor, Secretary Treasurer, and are help 1ng us to make the most of our Freshman year So all 1n all, we think we are hav1ng a pretty good time acting out our roll of 'green' Freshmen Betty Cullor, Secretary C OM PLIMENTS OF UNIUNVILLE PRODUCTIO FARM OWNED A 86 FAR M CONTROLLED ron SERVICE NOT PROFIT CMWAT COST 50 P 9 r ' v ' ' . . v ' YI ll , ' our class party. The membership of the band, FHA, and fFA were increased , , . 1 " ' " ' 1 . . I I . 'H 'I .. - E1ghth Grade ,X z f James Buckallew, Donna Buynard, Larry Casady, Glenda Dunkin, Clyde Jr. Forbes. John Fowler, Wilma Gilworth, Donna Gray, Donald Harrington, James Henson. Martha Fern Hinton, land! Hoyt, Ray Klinginsmith, Lucilll Knlpp, Beverly Lightfoot Jo Ann Losey, larilyn Lunlford, David llclienry, Donna lodlin, Judith Neighbors. 51 E1ghrh Grade P' SECOND ROW KAY SPENCE TOP ROI IARY NICHOLS JERRY NORTON GENE SHADDEN SHIRLEY SHUEY E G SKINNER, JR KENNETH REYNOLDS HISTORY OF THB BIGBTK GRADE Thls year a little not1ced group of eighth graders took their places 1D the work and play of the students Our first activity was a success when we won first prize 1D the homecoming parade with the help of Hadacol and Sonny Skinner s Model T As the months passed by, we looked forward to more successful activities, more than anything else, however, we are hoping to be real hlgh school students next year facing many new problems We elected as our class officers this year Wanda Hoyt, Presxdent, Jimmie Henson, Vice President, and Marilyn Lunsford, Secretary Treasurer entered the high school Marilyn Lunsford, Secretary 52 BARBARA STEWART RICHARD THOIPSON LEROY TIETSORT and f X , H . A 3 l V' -f 'fd L1 K To 5133 :mmm WW '37 8OWSCl"I0 W EECEEE 3 E33 QM' 3 Q95 1 EQEQE 2 EEE Football Sept 11 Unionville nt Princeton 0 0 Sept 15 Unionville at Lamont 13 13 Sept 22 Chillicothe at Unionville 12 13 Sept 29 Unionville nt lnrcellne 1 19 lov 3 Trenton nt Unionville 19 24 Nov 10 lllnn at Unionville 6 0 ERRICK DICKSO Wal up 1' mt ugs dues 55 X 7 Oct. 8 - Unionville at Kirkevllle 19-46 Oct. 27 - Brookfield at Unionville - 7-27 1 I O 9 9 Football 0 f L fm., I wr if THIS PAGE SPONSORED BV ll MIIES A SIHIIUIIZW 40 G',f,Q'h.,,:f-,,, Portm smues Of D.sf.mmm O-.pg " ' J 4- umorw.ue,M0 QW" 56 IDIA ICKAY IILES DICKSON, RIX YBITYORTH, LEON CLARK GARY GRABOSCH EDIARD NORTON, IAX KDGES, IAX PROBASCO U 0 t ' Z id 55 , Q " - vw i v, 5 3 . V 'Fi - Y V fi ' my L N v'1? xE ',,,1 ,J -9 . X N Ja' V 'Nh I X KEITH 'OKI-EY IILBERT EDIUNDS, PETE CRGJK, DONALD BUTLER I . . . . . 6, fs W C . IZ . , gs 'S 'S ' , Football CLARK CARTER DAVID LEIIEN PADDY JOE DAVIS DONNIE coox 1950 FOOTBALL SEASON The Midgets, under the excellent guidance of Coach Roy Preston, enjoyed one of the most successful seasons in the recent history of the school, winning three games, tying two, and losing three With an opportunity to take second place in the conference the Midgets were defeated in the homecoming game with Milan by the narrow w1th Milan taking Many fans have a better class of in several years, Coach who worked second pos1t1on expressed their bellef that the Mldgets played football than has been played by a Unionville team and a great deal of credit should be given the hard to produce the fine Midget team of 1950 THIS PAGE COMPLIMENTS OF' THE UN IL Llfo HEP LICAN ALL. KINDS OF' JOB PRINTING 57 ! margin of 6 to 0. This loss set the Midgets down to fourth place, , . Football CA THIS PAGE COMPLIMBNTS OF' wetfel-In All'l'0 Axxoeiah .f-hu-c GUADANTEE. MDSE rv-JJ HENRY LMFELDMAN 58 Football -L Qfyqv f 'ffi'Q'.1" f X 'N if ""' Saw ak 7245 Page Compliments Qf 3EJ??BQW 350352 SE! ?EQ, MAQEQEJE SAVE EVERY DAY PHCNIB26 Football COMPLIMENTS 'JOHN DEERE 'r'RAc'7'oD5 E92 FAQM EQUIPMENT Phone 88 SALES SERVICE 6 a:1U1L1L1UM IIMJSLEMJENT 430. 1950 FOOTBALL QUEEN SHIRLENE WORLEY 61 Football Football T C I th Shi 1 COMPLIMENTS CDMSTDCK FUNERAL HDMI UNIONVIL-LB MISSOURI 62 he oronation H ' g Q r ene Worl y il 7 I K X f X . 'A 'M ,s. OF' S X 64 Boys' Basketball REX IHITWORTH PETE CROOK F r' , . 1 . Q. . s.. M 1- I 'rn g IILES DICKSON DONNIE COOK PADDY JOE DAVIS Inari : 63 ff W A 1 kg A K K 5 J 'K If U. f 1 AK ik 9, A . ,L I fx, 1 K 1, , X Boys Basketball DAVID LEIEN IILBERT EDIUNDS 'M 5 LEO TRAVIS GARY GRABOSCH IAX HODGES 64 I ' 122' A . f' Q! fa . 5 X : A R if x .,.. V A - '.'- www. E iw, , , , Q Z 5 g - 2 3 k ,..-...W , , M' Q , AW., , .,,,.,A., 1,,,,,A:,,,.v,. ,M ,ff -fer L 2 A X .. .E gi. Q3 b ,Q f.,kfE,, ,f, A -W an k W A.. 'T' ? 1 2' A KX K v A w A , , .,,,. ... f ,. .g A Q 5 ' f ,...g 5' A . ' A .,...,,.M,., , F A x 4 -Q 7 a Boys Basketball STANDING David Lemen Gary Grabosch Pete Crook lax Hodges Leo Travis Donnie Cook 65 9 A s s t. C o n c h B o b R e e d KNEELING: Rex Ihitworvh, Paddy Joe Davis, liles Dickson, lilbort Edmunds A x k A X W r w Boys Basketball MILAN U H S I IARCELINE GOIVIDLJMBNTS OF' Q55 S 53553555 Il3DlDUJlL'1l'U3UY EGGS IFIEIEID -'2--:,i':-s- UNIONVILLJE., MO 66 Ph I7 Ph 22 9 U. H. S. vs . . . V 51 39 34 31 60 38 52 42 U. H. S. VS CHILLICOTHE U. H. S. VS KIRKSVILLE 39 32 36 58 36 37 42 35 37 28 Boys Basketball GREEN CITY LIVONIS PRINCETON Thus Page Compliments Of' P0 J BURDIHHTI HUTO PHRT3 CLYIDIE in-79 IKAXTHEN IDIIEKCBDN MQBIRS 67 ! U. H. S. vs U. H. S. vs 35 40 33 35 37 43 33 30 U H S LANCASTER 51 39 51 33 U. H. S. vs 53 36 39 44 52 37 W I Q o Boys Basketball St JOSEPH OF EDINA BROOKFIELD TRENTON WHEELING This Page Gomjallmenfs 0f G QEEEJQEV 5i6?i'i!N5 56 MEN 8 FURNISHINGS AND SHOES ee i H U. H. S. vs . U. H. S. vs 47 23 34 57 40 50 U H S. vs I MPHIS 50 38 U H S vs 34 36 U H S. vs 60 46 U. H. S. vs 45 47 I O 9 l 1 'Q' Boi' Girls Basketball JESSIE VALENTINE BHIRLKNI YORLEY ALICE IIARIISON JO KATHEIS LOIS HALL ANNA BELL WIUIOX 70 P I Gzrls Basketball BETTY THORNE NETA HATFIELD VERBA CROOKS vvomu: scum NADEAN an.uu.u..1. Lou M1-nys 71 1 , - Y Gzrls Basketball STANDING Anna Bell ldlcox, Jessie Valentine Shirlono lorley Miss Babbitt, Lou lathovl, Yvonne Seal! KNEELING Lois Ball Jo lathews, Alice Hnrnilon, Vorb: Crooks Nets Hltfield Betty Thorne Not in picture Nadean Branhall 72 3 ' 1 1 3 v 1 . , . w Y Y Gnrls Basketball U H S VS NEWTOWN U H S VS SPICKARD U H S VS NOVINGER U H S vs LANCASTER U. H. S. vs JOSEPH OF EDINA U. H. S. VS GREEN CITY 35 24 12 34 45 16 27 35 24 37 73 ' P V l 5 I 123 ' ' 21 25 ' ' 15 25 ' ' as 22 ' ' zo 28 13 THE FQ RIDERS BHHH OF UDIOHVILLE mEmBE1z P.D 1 c Girls' Basketball I N N l U. H. S. VS HURDLAND U. H. 8. VB MEMPHIS 18 24' 18 34 coMPuMEN'rs OF 74 Honor Roll SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOIORE S FRE SHMEN E IGHTH GRADERS 76 Hall of Fame L.,-,. LOU MATHEWS Cheerful REX IHITWORTH Cheerful PADDY JOE DAVIS Reliable HARRIETT LEE GREEN Senior Girl Most Llkely to Succeed f,' wllil' .1 BARBARA CHINN PAT COKSTOCK AND BETTY CULLOR Sincere RAYMOND BOWMAN Senior Boy Most Likely to Succeed 77 Courteous RUTH BARKLEY AND GLORA BELLE FORBES Reliable ,,...-A ,,,--d Hall of Fame ' . N CAROL CALEY PETE CROOK Dignitied Jolly Junior Senior J C SHELTON GARY GRABOSCH Sincere Athlete gnvkf- -1 ' .QLEETEQL Y 1?,V -OEQQRS ' : .L I M? VON BUNCH DONALD NORRIS Silly Sophomore Green Freshman VERBA CROOKS Athlete RUSSEL DOVER Courteous MQ V 1' S -K i F ri I 3? mfg A wwmfwf A QQQQM H rj-in A G' , 2 'F ' A - .ix f E 1- I , X A . f '- sh ' K 5 l I 78 Around U1 H S. 79 Around U H S Fe UmoNvn.u: lhs MIXAN THE mfg FQFFZEU is p.....4.' 'I' ll fx N 'M 81 WWF g L a Around U1 H S. uf Lv -r HOMECOIING PARADE Eighth Grade First Prize Girls Physical Education Band Her Magesty the Queen Pep Squad F H A Third Prize F F A Second Prize 82 Actwztzes BACK ROY FOURTH ROW THIRD ROW SECOND ROW FRONT ROW Ba nd Roxie Mae Jones Shirley Shuey Donna lledlln, Shirley Ryals, Harriett Lee Green Jean Latimer, Georgann Wiseman, Joanne Ryals Glenda Dunkln Glenda Mcwzlllams Mr Jay Meek Patty Davis Mayna Noel, Colleen Plckerzng, David Lemen, Paddy Joe Davls Miles Dickson, Charlie Bill Pittman J C Shelton, Leroy Tletsort Larry Casady Russel Dover Buddy Smith Jerry Norton, Kenneth Stottlemeyer Gene Hill Billy Rhoades, Alice Harmison Kay Clark Kay Spence, Wxlma Sell, Gail Wensel Betty Cullor Buzzte Husted, Sonny Skinner, Donna Norman Jo lathews, Stanley Casady Gary Grabosch Maribeth Torrey, Jo Ann Forbes, Gerald Knight Faye Sheely Pat Comstock Ann Tangney, Dorothy Torrey B Sue McDonald Marilyn Lunsford Barbara Stewart, Joan Letch X ROYA THEATRE ffffon sooo ENTERTAINMENT9 MR. AND MRS. G.W. SUMMERS UNIONVILLE , M O. 84 Activities N TWIRLERS TW IRLERS 85 DONNA LIN, SHIRLEY SHUEY, ROXIE IAE JONES Activities Jazz Band Q52 COMHPILUMIENTTS CDIF' IUSTI' ID IFIIJNIEIIBAIL COPMIIE 86 Piano, Harriett Lea Groong Trumpet, David Lelen: Clarinet, B. But lcbonaldg Saxophone, D una Norlang T nbone, Gar Grabosch' S e Drum, Goorganu I ' Ban Drum, G n 11 ns- Saxoph ne, Jo llath . 0 o 'ZS J W-' E is I Activities lr 2! X Q, .Z SJ BACK ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW FRONT ROW Photography Club Edgar Lawson Henry Morris Garold Dean Carr Eddie Hibbs Albert Fullerton Shelby Dixon Carl Hamilton Neal Klinginsmith Roger Torrey Harold Wellman Norma Jean Benson Jo Ann Forbes Dorothy Smith Sara Klinginsmlth Dixie Trent, Ruth Robbins, Dorothy Torrey, Anna Van Velzer Carl Steele Billy Rhoades Buddy Bramhall B111 Jackson John Steele, Jackie Dean Robert Schnelle James Morrow Redric Shuey Ernie Stewart, Jerry Riley Shelby Dixon, Don Pollock Paul Cooper Jerry Norton, Tommy Latimer Bob Cullum, Richard Jimerson, Larry Kopfer, Howard Bowman, Stanley Casady Jackie Johnson, Gail Iensel Leroy Tietsort, James Buckall r ew faifie me Honorary Art Club BACK ROI Gloria Parker Bernie Valentine, Arthur Lorence, Lua Stroud SECOND ROI Wanda Brown, Shelda Overstreet, Barbara lcHenry, Irene lcHenry FRONT ROI lary Lemen, Jack Wellman, Kenneth Earhart 87 'NQ1 NS X x - C gy 9 , 5 T , '-'Y A 7 L x ' U in v X, N ,xx X - . ' 'I c X 7, S It rf .I ' ' ,kNjX K I I Actrvztzes BACK ROI Edward Norton, Leon Clark David Lemen Lora lcKny, Pete Crook Rex Whitvorth lax Hodges Coach Roy Preston FRONT ROI Clark Carter Keith lorley Donald Butler, Donnie Cook, ltlbert Edmunds Gary Grabosch 88 "U" Club Activities BACK ROW SECOND ROW FRONT ROI Pc p S'quad Mary Hamilton Sandra Roseberry Erma Gill Shirlene Worley Martha Fern Hinton Lucille Knipp Donna Gray, Donna Bunyard Judy Neighbors, Virginia Buckallew Beth Haas Loeta Montgomery Dorxs Bruce Mary Lou Davis Wanda Hoyt Marxlyn Berry Dolores Spence Donna Dunkin Barbara Edmunds Betty Thorne Bette Galloway arf' 89 Harold Tade ! l : A . ' , v l ,.. K I. vol. . i .. , 5. . , , kAkk ,. A . A S2 ' A. It f 2 5 .i , I W xg 3 D 2 X . .J . ' 1 f 'A X Actwzties BACK ROW FOURTH ROW SECOND ROW FRONT ROI Dramatrcs Club Joann Fuller Clair Buster, Ruth Barkley Nella Dean Baldock, Yvonne Scalf Wanda Snyder Donna Harbert, Roxie lae Jones Irene lclenr Barbara lcHenry, Robert Powell Faye Sheely Loeta Butler, Anna Bell Wilcox Neta larie Hatfield lelba Pearson Virginia Losey Shirley Tingley, Dixie Eckles, Irmadeane litchell, Carol lontgomery Norma Shelton, Jimmy Pearson Alice Harmlson Jean Latimer, Dolores Babbitt, B Sue IcDona1d Lou lathews Verb! Crooks Donald Butler Raymond Bowman Wilma Sell Ann Tangney Joanne Ryals Jo Mathews Lois Ball Pat Comstock Patsy Fowler Roberta Butler Betty Cullor Shirley Harbert Georgann Wiseman lisa lay Hunt, Donna Norman, Bobby lorrow Scenes from the Junior Play Cracked Nutts 90 0 O I 1 1 1 1 1 Yr , . 2 1 1 1 1 THIRD ROI: lavis Baker, Iarlbeth Torrey, Kay Clark, layna Noel, Patty Davis, - 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 : , . 1 Actwztres 1 BACK ROI SECOND ROW THIRD ROW FOURTH ROI FRONT ROW FHA Club Kay Clark Ada Ruth Guffey, Mary Perkins Beth Haas, Dora Norton, Jean Buckallew Marilyn Berry Hattie Valentine, Mavis Baker, Jo Ann Forbes, Deloris Newell, Ruth Robbins, Deleta Newell Dorothy Torrey Phyllis Bramhall Patty Davis, Marie Ellis Donna Peek, Anna Van Velzer, Dorothy Carter Barbara Chinn, Patsy Fowler Beverly Gill, Maribeth Torrey Mary F Montgomery, Colleen Pickering Charlyne Ward Nola Ann Carter Sandra Roseberry Loeta Montgomer Barbara McHenry, Irene McHenry, Nada Smith Lucille Dunkin Evelyn Howard Mayna Noel Dixie Trent Dolores Spence, Shxrlene Worley Jessie Valentine Shelda Overstreet, Jean Latimer, Roberta Butler Alice Jean Ewing Mary Duncan Sara Klinginsmith Wilma Sell, Mary Lemen, Jo Overstreet Glora Belle Forbes Ruth Barkley Mary Hamilton IRS MILDRED CHAMBERS Q v' luss MARY arm srsuum 91 o 0 0 L., ,gfgfwg A . aQ'.M Q, , g , . ,y up t a ' . " 1 5 8 2 v A . 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 , . . 1 1 1 1 Y1 1 1 1 1 - 2 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 , . Activities , ..: -... .ec in W A ........g..---4. BACK ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW FIFTH ROW SIXTH ROW FRONT ROW of-,-nf5.f- - - FFA Club James Bell Howard Bowman, Forrest Galloway, Shelby Dixon Albert Fullerton Bern1e Valent1ne, Robert Putnam, Carl Steele, Fred G111, Donald Watson Don Pollock Don Bowman Jlmmy Pearson Darw1n Byers Kenneth Earhart, Bill Bruce, Ernest Webber Leon Dewitt Gordon Rhine Kenneth Stottlemeyer, Coleman McQueen, Herbert Patterson, Larry Tietsort, Rlchard Clark Arthur Montgomery Arthur Lorence, Donald Norris, Melv1n Guffey, Frankl1n McQueen Lloyd Hill Jimmy Hill, Galen Crouse, Cecil Norman, Lee Stroud, Jerry Stull, Robert Schnelle, Dav1d Lupton, Lue Stroud Henry Putnam Will1am Fleshman Jun1or Roblnson Ke1th Phipps John Carman, Edw1n Foster Bobb1e Beeler, Von Bunch Dean Trent Billy Choate, James Morrow, Rex Blanchard Leon Clark Tommy Latimer, Carl Hamxlton Donnie Wyant, Junior Varner John Ashby Verd1e Wells, Billy lusgrove Roger Crooks Jun1or Casady Arthur Smith, Donald Pickering, Kenneth Bates John Mowrer, Raymond Bowman, John Ogle, Duane Gill, Lora McKay, Bobb1e Morrow, Ted Ingersoll, Elmer Boeckman 92 1 .. ' : i Y I 5 7 - ! ' 1 : 1 I - . I ' D FOURTH ROW: Vernon Drummond, Gerald Gillum, Howard Garten, Richard Putnam,- Y : . 1 ' I Y ' D ! ' ! ! 1 ! 1 , . : 4 . 7 I 7 7 7 7 ! Veterans' Agriculture le... ,.,, Bob Stottlemeyer, Harry Clark, Clarence lcCoy Eugene Richardson leredlth Plgg, Wilbur lalt, Bryce lhltacre, Instructor Don Bhuey, James Lewis, Francie Brown, Robert Brown, larl Breasts, Edward Shelton, larvln Lowry, lax Yilllale, Warner Valentine, Kermit Hamilton, Richard C Pauley, Delbert Scott Walter Sharp, Herman Hummell Clifford Roof Herschell Cooley, Russell Hunter Abeent, Keith Smith lu1 lie mt STANDING Herman Schoonover, James Ingersoll James Jones, Keith Pickett Dale Hatfield Junior Deierling Orrist Kent, Darl Bibee, Ernest Lawrence, Henry Kent, Kenneth Scott Gerald Lawrence Charles Luster, Grover Guffey Instructor Verlan Shelton ,, fv- FRONT ROW Ralph Long, Raymond Loyd Elbert Putnam Verne Sparks, Ed Doole Clifford Thomas, Odell Dixon, Darl Sanders, Joe loler, Leslie Hatfield Kenneth Hartford 4 IRS EVELYN HOUSTON Agriculture Secretary 93 1 1 - 1 4 4 rm ' up fvi '1 ' . 1 1 X F c i , l Q K s4 Q X ' H, 'A il ' tlsx pn N .L l .K X 1 1 W l I 1 1 , . 'L J 1 1 Y1 , . N f AJ y , Veterans Agrrculture FIRST ROW Instructor E G Skinner, Franklin Keene, Leo Hackney lelvan Hackney Orval Neighbors, Keith Neighbors, Tom lcNur11n, Richard Hunter SECOND ROW James linear Franklin Bowman, Jay Lee Kinkade Garold Bruce, Frederick Bowman Franklin Houston, Augustus Smith Russell Cooley THIRD ROW Carol H111 John E Lorence FOURTH ROW James Ledford, Charles Overstreet, John Bramble Basil Rhoades Paul Crouse, James Fleshman Ablent, Herbert Bland SEATED: Charley Smith, Basil Salisbury, Hubert Berry, Carl Thompson, Dick Baughman, Ralph Shaver, Victor Crawford, Junior Klinginsmith, Harold Webber, John Burgher, Forest Hodges, Jay lullins, Willard Ingersoll, Jack Parcel, Virgil Salisbury. STANDING: Ed Trammel, Darwin Way, Kenneth Lupton, Instructor Dale Ream, Fordy wells, Jules lunden, Bill Funnel, Willie King, Robert Rennelll, Wilbert Klinkenhewrd 94 5 I AK 3 ,fm 1., Actzfvztzes Lzbrary Club Hlzel Knowles, Irs Aeschliman Shirley Ryals Shirley Shuey, Beverly Lightfoot, Donna ledlin, Glenda Dunkxn, larilyn Lunsford Martha Fern Hinton, Barbara Stewart Kay Spence, lelba Pearson Joann Fuller Anna Mae Hullenix June lcDona1d Jo Ann Losey Wanda Hoyt Wilma Gllworth Lucille Knipp lary Nichols, Donna Gray Donna Bunyard Judy Neighbors Edna linear Shirley Tingley Donald Harrington, Leroy Tletsort E G Skinner, Jerry Norton Kenneth Reynolds Clyde Jr Forbes James Buckallew, Ray Klinginsmlt George Covgill BACK ROI SECOND ROW FRONT ROW Travel Club BACK ROI: Judy Neighbors, Hattie Valentine, Joan Letch, Edna linear, Dean Peek Jimmy Peek, George Cowgill, Clyde Jr. Forbes, Kenneth Reynolds, Donald Herrington. FRONT ROW: Richard Crooks, Katherine Kleiss, Glenn Jones, J. C. Shelton. 95 Act:-vzties ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Alumni Association was formed during the school year of 1949 1950 for the purpose of giving the athletlc teams of U H S public support which IS necessary for any team Membersh1p 15 open to any graduate of U H S and to any who are interested 1D the athletlc teams of the school The above picture was taken at the Alumni Assoc1at1on meetlng after the Homecoming game w1th M1133 at the 1950 football season s closing Char11e Pittman is chalrman, and is maklng a diligent effort to get any graduates of U H S to become members of the Alumni Associatxon C 0 MPLINIENTS DF' R012 HOSPI 1fCLJudd DO LWM Donal DD UNlONVlL.L:EJ,NKO Phone86 96 so I W 1 o We 1 I - 9 0 0 o , o e 0 0 , 0 0 Queen Candidates .., W ,nr--- 11:---. -1 ..,,. , 1 1 A 5, 5 4-------- .. A- f ff-ft' If , 4 f . BETTE GALLOIAY ATTENDANT DOROTHY IURPHY QUEEN BETH H.AAS ATTENDANT -v 11:57 COLLEEN PICKERING SHIRLEY SHUEY IANDA HOYT ,I BARBARA EDIUNDS Q5 ,gr- 11 PAT COISTOCK ADA RUTH GUFFEY IRIIADEANE MITCHELL 1a13i'1Ui'fi'1'i'i1?v??f'E1i'if1z1a I9O"P MAIN STREET DI-IONE4-28 Q ' , W ig- - ' 3.5 , 1 i Q -1 lj' I S 9' W gl 1 A K A ,N V N ,x X Q, r- ! A A 5 A ge W V V N . m . ' Y if ' ' "--if"":.. A: ML - N . K ., -rj , b Y A ,ff + 1 Mk I, Q x 332 'Q X V ,,'. ' A 1 A Q fx ' f f A fi f ' V , ' ' E f W - E , A E . Q ... , i , Z ln A 4 i J Q.,,.' Y Y' 4 fr v J -- ' ' A -A Y .- it ' ' T-,,,,,-,,,,,, ,WM A M, im, - . v . A 1" ' ve i 4 1 K . ..- Y ., ff , .. -.Y 6 A i 9, , 7 . Q 5 Q 5 -A 14 .- 1 1 J 'Y X . 'ee A ' , A E 9? Qlorff-B592 Wfugifnal 1951 45550 S?h5een Her Maggsgl v 34 4 .tiiaiz vs Q 1,6 4 .,,,.ssN"'x W Cf'onggr2JcxtufcTt?oDfs 'To 7' ecjemons 7f0777 THQ F50 .fjw v' XZZ1' 14 .- A ll fographs fit? K' 1L arf A, I A 1 fi WT? ff V , if Au tographs Lswonv 103 XX , ,.....i-i 2 ,Z-4' . 7 Vx 52 FX 1 IX X -Z. umqupr-.4 A sound by lAL.lwnll'ru nnofunll luvdxn . Mc . U 1' !UfE'1ifiE.17? g5igilfMWi'Ai'ff1-Bifi al ' I 'U ood 3,0 YU ,jlftgpgf I UNIDNVILLI2 Mlzmvms' 'Buren clrv LANCASTER E5c3EI'5E5E?EE5 693555 IWuth Farms SB If of Umon Ile FARM LOANS ABSTPACTS AND' INSURANCE WUODWARD S STORE! ! If . I r I . Q5 I . 'T'-'-'-'-'-'-" . I ' Y' dll? I ! ' vi ! I . i.. ----- 2nczN2.L.o:BL-Mo. qi u coMm.maN'rs or' i s - - ! ! EVE IQYTIIIIIG PDP THE FAMILVS IUHIODVILLH PR OD UGG! .Buyers gud elfers Inu. nmos or Fnnm sums Phone 80 WAYNE FEEDS I1-I-H 5 1'7aeFrze1Qd1y5fo1f'eI QSQZSQQ vx, Iibamywwblw QQ Sb 9iZvSCYOff2'l12g'Q QQ gmc, F Pnzsk DQS ff Q 5qQ.+03.w Shoes QQ 3 lx Wag-,mes zz-5, 'Jann cmnmu Q WE ,gf EQ flou, COMPANY' I E En. WE TRA EM DELIVERY SERVICE W Buv BM E A as wa Scnvlcflinz Slsorl Ph 482 485 'Q H - - - - --- I . S - I I I I I I- I-I lil' I ' ' U I I I - , Q Q ! . - lm ' , Q W e ' QA 'i , X3 ' .QI I X I I Vw xo -2-CLOYIXLL-nl-'EL 3 0 2 i I l O el, . I V ' 4 L " . S DE I I I I O Our Price. n ize ill I Fit , , ' one "" I I I I I I I SL flmi' Tmifu mms' MPA WW 9 FORD SALES UWGH7' MARY UNlOA:'Rl'3,l'Rr'.EQv'CB T 5331-"'L J.8'f,'i.'l.".2'..Q' 0331125 'Wh Jaw orlh 5 I NIEILMIA S O Vaflefv I I Coho d ,muiss SHOP, 25, an wa cnmw NATaouAu.v nh? 'jf Sei lfsq loo uv, DISE F Gund rocerwsl ow 5 Au v Cv do sw' A 4 I 1222 11 A a- d qua s 6 69 I 5 . I 0 , I - - l I !.,,-,-,- ,I-,-,-4.9.5 I 1 ' - - I ., 0 - i - IC 771' 1.0, - Q f gy ice fedi !ADvE.Q'rlsBD MERCHAN-rico ip Q "'0Q,j'Q,Sfi ' I.....:.1.....1--T.:L..e:..... ....z.I l Ol' . o65xQ- x Q ' 0 A 5 v u 5 A l I . . i e 4 Lv !MerrelI Sbfranklinlxs V 5 Xfxqpf? i I-.,.--,-,.i,.i,'.......,,..-.-.-. LEE Jonas ,,,, ,dgoab 94, 4.94, 4? I ron QUALITY 40,5 41, 6' I ELEANING 411,440 25? 42 4 1, u nonvnmnf. 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Suggestions in the Unionville High School - Echo Yearbook (Unionville, MO) collection:

Unionville High School - Echo Yearbook (Unionville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1914 Edition, Page 1


Unionville High School - Echo Yearbook (Unionville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 39

1951, pg 39

Unionville High School - Echo Yearbook (Unionville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 61

1951, pg 61

Unionville High School - Echo Yearbook (Unionville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 7

1951, pg 7

Unionville High School - Echo Yearbook (Unionville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 20

1951, pg 20

Unionville High School - Echo Yearbook (Unionville, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 81

1951, pg 81

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