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E a 5 r E 5. ! J 1 Q E i u m E 9 s 5 5 BLUE and GGLD 1955 PLlb!l.J'Il6d by THE SENIOR CLASS OF UNIONVILLE HIGH SCHOOL MOTTO: "Eve1y!hz'ng comcxr lo him who huwllew while he waz'fJ.,' 1924 Si! I5 1955 DEDICATIGN We, the Class of 1955, are proud to dedicate our yearbook, the Blue and Gold, to Mr. E. Moses Marshall and Mrs. Emma Ber- nard as a token of our appreciation for their many ser vices to Union- ville students. Mrs. Bernard graduated from West Chester State Teacher's College and attended Drexel Institute in Philadel- phia. She taught geography in the seventh and eighth grade and then start- ed to teach home economics after taking numerous summer courses at Columbia University. Mr. Marshall is retiring in May after twenty-tive years of faithful service. His many activities and outside interests include managing a garage, serving as Chairman of the Bradford Cemetery Board, church affairs, and operating a sawmill. A member of a family which has lived in this area since Revolutionary times, he received his early education at the school conducted by the Bradford Friends Meeting. ADMINISTRATICDN MR. STABLEY MR. ADAMS Superv1'.r1'n-0 Pf'z'mrz'paf 11121111 Svfmol 1,l'l'l1l'l.,I7t1f Mlss SINCLAIR MRS. REI-:SE ASwt?l'l'L'lll1l'1.?J' in ff i f ffl if N "X f 'ff i X X' ' J - A J 5 'Q qw I I , ,f I ' ! ff' If ' , " jf I f f W 7 1 1' X f R f, f X f S f I4 f-" R ff f 9 fir I?" ' A 0 N W N xx 17 ' Q fi! . ,f Q E Z X . H .,xX,k?. XQX Xxx 77 lil. f 'X Q X fer , X - 1 nf if A , LOUIS CONRAD IACOBY Miyake!! ACADEMIC CIVIL ENGINEER Good personality . . . industrious . . . Class Presi- dent . . . favorite sportsAsoccer and track . . . favorite song-"You Belong To Me" . . . dislikes-conceited girls and lima beans . . . hobbies-hunting, skating. Photography 105 Press Club ll, 125 Student Council 115 Class Pres. 10, 11, 125 Soccer 125 Track 10, 11, 125 Orchestra 8, 9, 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 12. THOMAS EDWARD BLACKBURN, IR. "Pele" BUSINESS EDUCATION UNDECIDED Quiet, with nice personality . . . favorite sports'- basketball, gunnin and swimming . . . favorite song -"Stardust" . . . cislike-school . . . hobbies-hunting and fishing . . . likesvbasketball, horses, cars. Dramatics 95 Tumbling 10, 125 Press Club 115 Class Sec. 105 Class Vice Pres. 11, 125 Senior Play 125 Basket- ball 1l, 125 Soccer 11. VIRGINIA ANNE LAMMEY "Ginny" ACADEMIC PHYSICIAN Always on the move . . . excellent student . . . favorite sports-basketball and baseball . , . favorite pastime-reading . . . favorite song-"You'll Never Walk Alone" . . . dislikes-Chickens and tomatoes . . . hobby-collecting demi-tasse Cups . . . likes- spaghetti, Classical music. Dramatic Club 95 Press Club 105 Asst. Editor, U-Hi Hockey 125 Orchestra 7, 8, 9, 10, 125 Orchestra Sec. 115 Glee Club 10, 115 Glee Club Sec. 12. ' BARBARA GAYELIN CORMAN "Barbie" ACADEMIC PsYcIIoLocIsT "Peaches and cream" complexion . . . sweet person- ality . . . favorite sports-baseball and hockey . . . favorite pastimes-reading and writing . . . favorite song-"Stardust" . . . dislike-rice pudding . . . hobby -stamp collecting . . . likes-spaghetti and Clothes. Press Club 9, 105 Editor, U-Hi Times 11, 125 Student Council 125 Class Treas. 125 Harvest Queen 125 Senior Play 125 Editor, Yearbook 125 Basketball Mana er 11, 125 Hockey 125 Orchestra 8, 9, 10, ll, 125 Glee Cfub 10, 11, 12. Times ll, 125 Class Sec. 11, 125 Senior Play 125 Har- monettes 125 Asst. Editor, Yearbook 12 5 Basketball 12 5 EVELYN ANN ALLABAND ulfvfcl' BUSINESS EDUCATION BUSINESS COLLEGE Quiet and reserved . . . favorite sports-basketball and baseball . . . favorite pastime-listening to music . . . favorite song-"Till 1 Waltz Again With You" . . . dislike-homework . . . hobby-taking pictures . . . likes-dancing, roller skating and cheeseburgers. Library 9, 105 Press Club ll, 125 Hockey Manager 125 Yearbook Staff 125 Glee Club 10, 11. CARLENE ADELE BAUSCH .fcaru ACADEMIC COLLEGE-ART Good student . . . favorite sport-ice skating . . . favorite pastime-dancing . . . favorite song-"Cari- oca" . . . dislikes-Hollywood mufflers and term papers . . . hobbies-readin and listening to music . . . likes-seafood, modern Furniture and butterscotch ice cream. Press Club 9, 10, 115 Stage Craft 10, 115 Science Club 115 Forum Club 125 Student Council 11, Pres. 125 Class Pres. 95 Harvest Queen Court 125 Yearbook Staff 125 Harmonettes 125 Hockey 125 Basketball 11, 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Orchestra 10, 11. SARA LOUISE BROWN "Safly" ' ACADEMIC MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Excels in gymnastics . . . always ready for a good time . . . favorite sports-hockey, basketball and swimming . . . favorite pastimes-"Beefburger" and sleeping . . . favorite song-"Till 1 Waltz Again With You" . . . dislikes-snakes, confusion and homework . . . hobbies-photography and cheering . . . likes- "Bud", Pontiacs and sharp clothes. Photography 95 Student Council 105 Press Club ll, 125 Class Pres. 95 Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, Capt. 125 Senior Play 125 Harvest Queen Court 125 Yearbook Staff 125 Hockey 11, 125 Basketball 11, Co-Capt. 125 Orchestra 8, 9, 10, l1,125Glee Club 10, 11, 12. MARY ANN BURNETT "Bernie" BUSINESS EDUCATION BUSINESS COLLEGE Full of fun . . . favorite sports-hockey, baseball and swimming . . . favorite pastime-laughing . . . favo- rite song-"You'll Never Get Awa ' . . . dislikes- snobbish people and standing on her ltiead . . . hobbies -reading, eating, sleeping and laughing . . . likes- big words and people with a sense of humor. Library 9, 105 Press Club 11, 125 Yearbook Staff 125 Hockey 125 Glee Club 11. ANNE ELIZABETH CAIN 'Qlnnen ACADEMIC COLLEGE Gifted in art ability . . . favorite sports-swimming and horseback riding . . . favorite pastimes-dancing and swimming . . . favorite song-"SentimentalFool" . . . dislike-too much homework . . . hobby-stamp collecting . . . likes-nice clothes, "Beefburger" and friendly people. Student Council 9, Press Club 10, 12, Yearbook Staff 12, Senior Play 12, Harmonettes 12, Basketball Score- keeper 12, Glee Club 10, 12. JOHN EUGENE CLARK "Genie" VoCATIoNAL AGRICULTURE UNDECIDED Unionville's star pictcher . . . favorite sports-base- ball and basketball . . . favorite pastimes-hunting and tishing . . . favorite song-"Deep Purple" . . . dislikes-school, "Beefburger" and cats . . . likes- sports and cars. Tumbling Pres. 9, 10, 11, 12, F.F.A. 9, 10, ll, 12, Class Pres. 9, Class Sec. 103 Class Treas. 11, Senior Pla 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Soccer 10, 11, 12, Volleyball 10, 11, 12, Glee Club 10, 11, 12. SILAS WRIGHT CROSSAN Ktksilli VoCATIoNAI. AGRICULTURE MECIIANIC Well-dressed . . . cooperative . . . favorite sports- baseball and soccer . . . favorite pastime-talking to girls . . . favorite song-"Even Now" . . . dislikes- loud clothes and conceited people . . . likes-seashore and popular songs. Photography 9, Tumbling 10, F.F.A. 9, 10, ll, 12, Baseball 11, 12, Soccer 9, 10, 11, Co-Capt. 12. NANCY JEAN GRIFFITH "Nanqy" ACADEMIC EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE Talented in music . . . favorite sports-ice skating and swimming . . . favorite pastime . . . listening to good music . . . favorite song-"You'll Never Walk Alone" . . . dislikes-stuck-up people and homework . . . hobbies-skating and cooking . . . likes-yellow Ford Convertibles and "Beefburger". Dramatic Club 10, Science Club 11, Twirling Club 12, Class Treas. 10, Harvest Queen Court 12, Harmonettes 12, Urchestra 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Glee Club 10, 11, 12. CYNTHIA CARCL HAMILTON ncwynthn ACADEMIC RESEARCH BIoLooIs'r Excellent student . . . loves horses . . . favorite sports- riding and fox hunting . . . dislikes-boys and crowds . . . hobbies-horses and books . . . likes-Irish hunters and Picasso. Art Club 95 Sketch Club 105 Science Club 115 Forum Club 12. MILLIS MERSHON "MUNI" ACADEMIC COLLEGE-DRAMATICS Peachy complexion . . . favorite sports-basketball and swimming . . . favorite song-"My Heart Belongs To Only You ' . . . dislikes-childish boys and home- work . . . hobbies-sports and reading . . . likes- Irishmen and sharp clothes. Dramatic Club 95 Stage Craft Club 10, 115 Forum Club 125 Vice Pres. 10 5 Harvest Queen Court 125 Senior Play 125 Yearbook Staff 125 Harmonettes 125 Hockey 11, 125 NANCY EMOGENE MOREFIELD "Emogene" GENERAL W A F S Quiet . . . favorite sports-swimming and basketball . . . dislikes-English . . . hobbies-reading and sewing . . . like-western songs. Dancing Club 95 Library Club 105 Personnel 115 Knitting 12. Basketball 125 Orchestra 9, 10, 11, Sec. 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 12. WALTER CLAYTON PAINTER ' " Wal!" ACADEMIC UNDECIDED Short . . . quiet . . . convincing salesman in Senior Play . . . likes-hot rods . . . favorite sport-swimming . . . hobbies-sports and traveling . . . favorite pas- time-working on car . . . favorite song--"Glow Worm." Photogra hy 105 Stage Craft 115 Tumbling 125 Vice Pres. 95 pres. 10. RUBY JEAN PENNINGTON "Jeanie,' BUSINESS EDUCATION BUSINESS COLLEGE Short . . . favorite sports-hockey and swimming . . . favorite pastime-listening to radio . . . likes-driving and dancing . . . dislikes-homework and tests . . . hobby-taking pictures . . . favorite song-"Keep It A Secret". Photography 99 Library 10, 123 Press Club 11, 125 Yearbook Staff 125 Production Manager, U-Hi Times, 125 Prompter of Senior Play 123 Harmonettes 12, Cvlee Club 11, 125 Hockey 12. SUSAN PIPPIN nsvuen ACADEMIC ARCHITECT Wonderful personality . . . cute smile . . . favorite song--"Hot Toddyn . . . favorite sports-tennis, sail- ing and swimming . . . hobbies-sports and travel . . . likes-Iaguars and trombones . . . dislikes-large Crowds and commotion. Photography 93 Stage Craft 10, 11, Forum Club 12, Student Council 11, 12, Basketball 12, Senior Play 123 Harvest Queen Court 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Orches- tra 9, 10, 11, 12, Harmonettes 12. RUTH ELVA PRATT "Ru1hI'e" ACADEMIC COLLEGE Youngest class member . . . quiet . . . good student . . , favorite pastimes-cooking and sewing . . . favorite sports-ice skating and swimming . . , likes-eating and new clothes . . . dislikes-stuck-up people and homework. Library 105 Science 11, Guidance 12, Orchestra 8, 9, 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 12. HELEN LORRAINE REYBURN NBMZZVH BUSINESS EDUCATION UNDECIDED Pretty, curly hair . . . good athletes . . . favorite sport- basketball . . . likes-sports and hamburgers . . . dislikes -cherry-vanilla ice cream an-d school .I . . favorite pastime-easy work . . . favorite song-' auf Wxeder- sehen". Press Club 11, 123 Basketball 11, 12, Orchestra 8, 9, 10, Glee Club 10, 11, 12. VERNA IOANNE ROSS ..J0,, BUSINESS EDUCATION UNDECIDED Pretty black hair . . . favorite Sport-baseball . . . hobby-swimming . . . likes-sleeping late on Satur- day morning and loafing around . . . dislikes-peach ice Cream and long hair . . . favorite son -"Star Dust" . . . favorite pastime-listening to racfio. Press Club 11, 125 Harmonettes 125 Orchestra 8, 9, 10, 11, 125 Cvlee Club 10, 11, 12. ROBERT IRWIN SHARPLESS l1B0b!l ACADEMIC 9, 105 VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE 11, 12 COLLEGE Tall, good looking . . . favorite sports-basketball and baseball . . . dislikes+gabby girls and new Stude- bakers . . . favorite pastime-working on cars . . . likes-Billy May and convertibles. . . favorite song- "Easy Street". Hobby Club 95 Visual Ed. 115 Student Council 105 F.F.A. 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 10, 11. MARGARET ELIZABETH SIMPSON "Pow" BUSINESS EDUCATION UNDECIDED Outstanding in sports . . . witty . . . favorite pas- time-fooling around , . . favorite song-"1t's In The Book" . . . favorite sports-basketball and baseball . . . likes-humorous kids and Ierrty Lewis . . . dis- likes-moody people and flannel pajamas . . . hobby -sports. Leadership Club 115 Baton twirling Club 125 Hockey 11, 125 Basketball 125 Harvest Queen Court 125 Glee Club 12. MARGARET BURTON SMITH upeggyn ACADEMIC MEDICAL SECRETARY Always cheerful, with a friendly smile . . . favorite sports-skating, Swimming and baseball . . . hobbies -knitting and sewing . . . likes-t ping and eating . . . dislikes-foreign languages andystuck-up people . . . favorite song-"O, Happy Day". Dancing Club 95 Library Club 105 Science Club 115 Guidance Club 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 12. SARA JANE SPENCER "Sara" BUSINESS EDUCATION BUSINESS COLLEGE Curly hair . . . good disposition . . . favorite sports -baseball and basketball . . . hobby-having fun . . . likes-dancing and roller skating . . . dislikes- homework and tests . . . favorite pastime-eating and listening to po ular music . . . favorite song- "Ti1l The End Of Tliie World". Library Club 105 Press Club 11, 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 12- CLARA MAE STUART "Clara" BUSINESS EDUCATION BUSINESS COLLEGE Good typist . . . favorite sports-basketball and volleyball . . . hobbies-reading and having fun . . . likes-school and nice people . . . dislikes-moody and dishonest people and gym class . . . favorite pastime-working at "Short Line" . . . favorite song -"Keep It A Secret". Library Club 9, 105 Press Club 115 Yearbook Staff 125 Production Manager, U-Hi Times 125 Student Council 11, 12. JANET SARA WALTER "Janel" ACADEMIC COLLEGE Friendly . . . neat appearance . . . likes-Glasgow and eating . . . dislikes--cherry-vanilla ice cream and knee Socks . . . favorite pastime-playing piano and listen- ing to music . . . favorite sports-swimming, basket- ball and roller skating , . . favorite song-"Because You're Mine". Press Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Student Council 125 Basketball Manager 115 Hockey Manager 125 Senior Play 125 Orchestra 10, 11, 125G1ee Cluo 9, 10, 11, 125 Harmon- ettes 12. EDWARD BENNETT WALTON "Eddie" VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DAIRY FARMER Always laughing . . . favorite pastime-reading sport stories, and "Beefburger" . . . favorite song-"Down Hearted" . . . dislike-conceited people. Dramatics Club 95 Hobby Club 105 Class Treas. 105 Visual Education 115 F.F.A. 115 F.F.A. Pres. 12. ROBERT FULTON WEER " Weer" VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DRAFTSMAN Class clown . . . likes-his girl, sports and peg pants . . . dislikes-homework and tests . . . favorite pas- times-ping-pong and watching New York Yankees . . . favorite sports-basketball and baseball . . . favorite song-"Tr-ying". Dramatics Club 95 Visual Education 10, 115 Basketball Nlanager 9, 105 Scorekeeper 11, 125 F.F.A. Treas. 12. JANET ELAINE WINNING HJIIIICIIU BUSINESS EDUCATION GOLDEY-BEACON COLLEGE Newest class member . . . favorite sports-basketball, baseball and football . . . hobby-collecting miniature dogs and horses . . . likes-reading, listening to music and watching television . . . favorite song-"Have You Heard" , . . favorite pastime-reading. Press Club 125 Glee Club 12. VERNON WAYNE WOODWARD I . lyoaaflln ACADEMIC COLLEGE-LAWYER Yvitty, conversationalist . . . favorite pastime-driv- ing . . . likes-late hours and ketchup . . . dislikes- liossy people and homework . . . favorite sports- basketball and swimming . . . favorite song-"Slow- poke". Class Pres. 105 Senior Play 125 Tumbling Club-10, ll, MARY LOIS YOUNG ..Topm,, BUSINESS EDUCATION UNDECIDED Sweet dis osition . . . pretty hair . . . favorite sports- basketballj and skating . . . favorite pastime-reading and listening to disc iocke shows . . . favorite song- "Laura" . . . dislikes-tellevision and cherry pie . . . hobby-collecting stamps . . . likes-dancing, sharp clothes and "Beefburger". , Traveling 95 Dramatics 105 Press Club ll, 125 Senior Play 125 Yearbook Staff 125 Glee Club 10, ll, 12. VERNON RUSSELL YOUNG "Rum" VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE UNDECIDED 1mpis11 smile, rarely serious, good personality . . . favorite sports-basketball, soccer and gunning . . . favorite song-"Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes" . . . favorite pastimes-plazying baseball and basket- Collecting horse Eictures . . . likes-cars, professional basketball, and orses. Dramatics 9g Tumbling, Treas. 10, 11, 12, F.F.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, Soccer 10, 11g Basketball 10, 11g Baseball 9, 10, 11, Senior Play 12. CLASS ADVISGRS i so Mxss Wu.soN MR. KANE ball . . . dislikes-school and 'Beefburgeru . . . hobbies- Urzlqfnaf f'a.rf.' CARLENI: BA L'ScII TIIOAIAS BLACIiIsL'Rx SALLY BROXVN NlARY BI'RNIs'I'T EUGENE CLARR BARBARA CORAIAN Iillldl-fl.UlI.I' fn gnzffe .l'4'lIUOf.' IQVELYN ALLAIIANII ANNIE CAIN SILAS CROSSAN JHIZIIPI' 111-qfz I1dd1'l101IIv'.' I II-:AN I ENNINGTON MARY I,oIS Yovm: Sophomore year: Halloween Jarlv. A I . Junml' .llt'l1l'.' CYNTIIIS HAMII.Tox LOUIS IACOIIY VIRGINIA LAAIAIIQY N1II.I,IS NKERSIION EAIooIcNI: MoRI:FII:I,n RUTII PRATT ROIIERT SHARI-LESS NANCY c1RIFFl'l'Ii XVAIXICR PAINTIQR LORRAINE RI:YIaL'RN SUSAN PIIJIJIN CLARA STUART Iunior bake, Iunior-Senior reception. Sen for year: Senior play, UI"a1fIer llnax a lltILlJ't'KUlyc?HI Senior Booth at the Faxm Show HarseSt Queen and her court. Only on addition: JANET XVINNI WILL We, the graduating class of 1955, of Unionville High School, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath all our earthly possessions, both abstract and concrete, to the individuals named herein. To the Iunior Class we will our ability to stay out of trouble, all our good times, and our problems. To all the future Seniors, we leave our hard work, fun, and profits of the Senior Booth and the Senior Play. To the Ross family, especially Sue, Genie Clark wills his Ford convertible. Ianet Walter wills her position in Glee Club to anyone who thinks he can read Mr. Forssmark's mind. Toppy Young bequeaths her stack of attendance slips to Miss Allen. Bob Weer wills his peg pants to Mr. Sprigle. Peggy Simpson wills her noisy ways and corny jokes to Norma Jean Black. Nancy Grimth leaves her ability to talk all the time about nothing to Howdy Brosius, Ann Cain wills her height to Eleanor Reed. Tommy Blackburn wills his ability to stay out of trouble to Iack McCue. Clara Stuart leaves her typing ability to Mr. Elmy. Ianet Winning bequeaths her quiet, reserved personality to Nancy Ford. Mary Burnett wills her loud laugh to Mr. Murphy. Wayne Woodward forfeits his ability to make love to four girls, all at the same time, to Larry Greely. Cynthia Hamilton wills her various methods of staying on a horse to Caroline Pippin. Walter Painter forfeits the duals off his Ford to Mr. Reese's driver training car. Carlene Bausch leaves x to next year's algebra class. Millis Mershon wills her conditioned jeepster to Shirley and Carl, if it lasts that long, Peggy Smith bequeaths her typewriter, pencils, erasers and old test papers to Miss Philo. Bob Sharpless wills his pegged pants to Tommy Prince. Ruth Pratt wills her ability to speak French fluently to Mrs. Knorr. In deep appreciation to Mr. Forssmark, Sally Brown leaves her battered, much used clarinet. Barbara Corman wills her ability to do the backbend to Mrs. Ramaley. She also leaves her crown and scepter to next year's Harvest Queen. Louis Iacoby wills his ability to make a class pay attention to Mr. Kane. Feeling sure she'll use it to advantage, Virginia Lammey leaves her ability to talk in physics class to Ardith Free. Russell Young leaves his "Ford of the Future" to Mr. Reynolds. Sue Pippin leaves her seat in orchestra to Ioan McNeill. lean Pennington leaves her pint size to Priscilla Moulder. Evelyn Allaband wills her efiicient driving to Terry Welsh. Eddie Walton leaves his beautiful head of hair to Mr. Knauer. Ioanne Ross wills her innocent look to Lawrence Van Dyke. Lorraine Reyburn leaves her Plymouth to Dick Dunn. Si Crossan wills his shower to Harold Young. To Mrs. Bernard, Emogene Morefield returns all she has learned about homemaking. CLASS OF '55 WITNESSED this 29th days of May, 1955 PROPHECY An interesting and astounding future lies ahead of the Unionville Senior Class of 1955. Lady Luck is one graduate that was overlooked. Let us turn quickly over the pages in the Book of Time to 1975, when 40 will be the average class age. An interplanetary rocket has just arrived from Mars at La Logan Field, situated in the thriving metropolis of Unionville City. Around it are milling crowds, photographer, and newspaper men, anxious to see and interview the important people alighting from the rocket. We see a familiar face peeking around a flashbulb camera. Why, it is no other than Walter Painter, a news photographer from the Unionville Timeless. What's the news- worthy item? Why everyone has heard of Cynthia Hamilton, the renowned research biologist. She succeeded in isolating a germ suffering from a severe case of hypochrondri- asis and has been busily conferring with Martian scientists about possible cures. Walking beside Cynthia is Clara Stuart, her personal secretary. Clara has broken all world records in speed typing, and is thus unexcelled. There's Emogene Morefield welcoming the celebrities. She is presently honorary hostess for La Logan Field. A long, sleek, limousine is arriving on the scene accompanied by a police escort. Look who's emerging! Tommy Blackburn, a welathy landowner who got his start on the King Ranch. He is now the Mayor of Unionville Cityl The chief of police is sauntering over to join Mayor Blackburn. Because of his ex- cellent performance as Sergeant Lutzfelder in the Senior Play, we aren't surprised at his success as an oHicer of the law. Who is it? Russell Young, of coursel Suddenly a colorful, tremendous poster catches our eye. Being familiar with Anne Cain's style, it is recognizable at a glance. The Unionville Timeless recently featured a big write-up on her life and her success as one of the world's leading commercial artists. Why, there's a billboard with Peggy Simpson's face pictured on itl She's appearing with Ierry Lewis in Unionville City-this week only-at Sarnegie Hall. What a team! The following week, Nancy Grifhth will make a solo stop there for a violin concert. She is the toast of the continents. Un the foggy pages of the Book of Time we see a taxi speeding along a highway. Inside is Millis Mershon, being taken to downtown Willowdale, to the offices of Virginia Lammey, M.D., and Barbara Corman Iacoby, psychologist. Millis, it seems, has had a nervous breakdown and is suffering from multiple complexes. She is a stellar attraction on Broadway these days and has just finished her latest hit, called "North Pacificf, She is glancing through a magazine and notices two of her classmates' names. lean Pennington is listed as Advertising Director and Carlene Bausch as Art Editor, in Barper's Hazaar. They have boosted its circulation by at least a million. ln the spacious, modernistic waiting room of Drs. Lammey and Jacoby, we see a medical secretary busily working. Beneath the white cap and uniform is Peggy Smith, who now and then looks up from her work to say a few words to a nearby patient. Itls another '55 Senior, Mary Burnett, who is a famed novelist and 10-time Pulitzer prize winner. She has been suffering from overwork and needs medical care. She has reached Sis stage where she believes she is the leading character in her latest book, "Chill with 1 . .Evelyn Allaband, top secretary at the du Bomp building in Wilmington, is also here. She is very enthusiastic about a new product, a type of sandpaper to smooth sandpaper hands. Evelyn developed a rash from it and is going to consult Dr. Lammey. By the way, civil engineer Louis Iacoby, Barbara's husband, is collaborating on plans with Bob Weer, draftsman, to build a bridge connecting the U.S. and Europe. Bob and Louie have been working on the plans for approximately seven years and hope to have the plans completed any time now. Robert Sharpless is considering backing them financially. He is an inventor of many labor-saving devicesg however, he made his billions on designing and producing classy sports car -"Sharpless Sharpiesf' We musn't forget to take a look at the new, improved Unionville Ioint Consolidated School cf 1975. It is hardly recognizablel Astonishing how it has grown. New wings have been added to new wings, playgrounds and sports fields stretch as far as the eye can see. In the parking space a truck is stopping, labeled "Walton's Supreme Dairiesf' Eddie Walton has built up a tremendous local dairy business. We see some cf our teachers are still there looking as though they have braved many iitorqns since we left. However, the class has made some valuable contributions to the acu ty. Ruth Pratt, who started out as an elementary school teacher, has gradually risen to the position of Supervising Principal of the whole school. .Ianet Walter Barber is doubling as a housewife and as one of the High School mathe- matics teachers. Her book, "How to Learn Mathematics and Influence People" was a best-seller several years ago. There's a door marked Ianet Winning, "Chief Secretaryf, A glance into the office reveals her in action, taking dictation from Supervisor Ruth Pratt. While we are in the vicinity of Unionville City, we note that Mary Lois Young is presently working in a Wilmington Bank as an executive business woman. She also finds time to help Silas Crossan, with his business, a nation-wide chain of gas stations. After leaving our dear old Alma Mater, Ioanne Ross studied Spanish in Mexico. She is now a top-flight secretary to our Mexican Ambassador. She finds the Mexican atmosphere very inviting. Lorraine Reyburn is now Mrs. Danny Connell. She and Danny have taken over her father's business in Florida. Lorraine reports that she enjoys the climatic sports, especially swimming, and it is fun, collecting rent from the pleasant tenants in that group of apartments. Sara Spencer and her husband, Ierry Powell, are living on a large Texas ranch and are occupied with raising children and horses. Now we go to another part of the world, Bermuda. Lounging on a beach, we see Sally Brown Temple and her husband, a Navy man, surrounded by their four children. They are anxiously watching a baseball game on the portable television set near them. The pitching is being done by Genie Clark, who is acclaimed the greatest professional baseball player in the world. His team has been undefeated since he joined it. Back among the palm trees is Sally's house. It was designed by Susan Pippin, master architect. Susan has accepted the joy of designing a new presidential mansion in Washington, D. C. Who will occupy it? A '55 Senior, of course. Wayne Woodward! He holds the distinction of being the youngest U. S. president in history. With this vision cf things to come, we close the Book of Time. THINGS I VVANT TO REMEMBER ABOUT THE SENIOR PLAY That horrible Limberger cheese at dress rehearsal . . . Walter and Wayne's duet . . . Tommy's jelly bread . . . Ianet's sharp dresses . . , Russell, as "Sergeant Lutz- felder", in a borrowed uniform. Sally's trouble saying "dynamic', . . . Genie's nonchalant attitude throughout the whole thing . . . how glad we all were to see Bob Sharpless before the play . . . the mad rush to change our costumes. Miss Wilson's patience with us during production . . . Mr. Kane's "belly laugh" at rehearsals . . . the good job Mr. Taylor and his group did on the scenery and on the makeup. The blue bulb smoking during Tommy and Millis's big scene . . . Wayne tripping and almost falling in the second act . . . Louis's loud plaid jacket and yellow suspenders . . . Russ and Wayne going at each other with their flashlights. Barbie trying to cook, clean and be nurse all at the same time . . . Sara as the timid patient, and Mary Lois as the impatient patient . . . Sue's wonderful singing, rewarded by red roses . . . Annls head bandages. 'T' THINGS I WANT TO REMEMBER ABOUT THE SENIOR BOOTH Wayne Woodward hammering thumb tacks . . . sore thumbs . . . crepe paper and tacks all over the place . . . all the smoke . . . things got rolling, particularly the smoke . . . the girls using that Mary Martin routine, trying to keep their hair clean. Miss Wilson peeling onions . . . Mr. Kane's all-out attack on the flies . . . lack Tingle floating away in our coffee . . . our first steak customer, Mr. Hoschl Those tragic little cremated hamburgers . . . running out of soft drinks, hot dogs, and ice cream on the first night . . . auctioning off everything but the stove and the gym . . . cleanup-Gene Clark mopping the floor . . . Eddie Walton's broom, "Matilda", All that money we had-before we paid the billsl FACUI.'l'Y l'!l'l'J'f Ifmvx Mn. .-Xu.-xws, Mus. BL"1'l.r:1a, Mus. WALLS, Miss IQXYINLI, Mus. Ricans, Mies. RA.mxl.1f:x', Mus. Mcvolerz, Mus. .NxAl.l.AI.Il'Il , Mus. Mrmc:,xN, Mus. ll,xl.1., Miss A1.l.1cN. Sm-um! linux' .XIISS PIIILU, MISS XVIISKJN, Mus. Kmmnm, Mus. Il,xuvm', Miss I3IC.f"xI.l'l, Mus lm'1.cm, Miss xYIl.I.I.'XNIS, Mus. XVHITIC, Mus. Blalexfxmm, Mus. Mwrmrz, Mus. S1m'1cnS,M1zS. M Isle ze ICR. IUNIURS l"r'1-.rllfmvx IC. li.xul1L's, R. BL'1cN1c'1"l', I. .xxll.I.liR, li. R1-:lcn,G, I,xu1QSuN, IJ. lflwisllzlzcslfzlz, B. P1-:'1'l-:le sem, F. l21cYNol,1xs, N. lffmlm, R. IJLNN, K. 'l'L'1c1., V. AIAST, A. F1-:mu':l.1., B. PJA'I"l'AN, I, I I.-xl,sm'. .Sh-mn! lfuw: P. Mmmmclz, N. l,Dl.AL'li, B. llmmls, S. I,1NNr:NIs,xL'ull, A. .XIIIORIL B. IACNSUN, P Sn1v1cNY,A.I"m:14:,I.McN1':l1.l..l5.Cmmssl.,xNn,l'.Icmrfisll.llL'ne1.1':Y,N.IwN11AN,S.II1l.'1'uN F. 'l'u'I'llA.w. Yvfllrfzf l?mw: 'If l'1elNUc, R. .xxOlil'II"lICIflJ, G. YUVNG, R. llu-lf. A. lImflf.wANN1c1e, I. Ml-:l.I.1Nc:l4:1z Il,Smczwur:1e, I. l'rc'1'l1:RSoN, C. KIIQICSICY, I. Rlc1mle1mSoN, ID. II,xNwm'.G.S'1'1,x1e'1',W. LINNHN nm ml, 'lf Scwn"I'ul..-mlm, II. l'mcrSll'S,C.USnrs1eNlH2, Ii. lllcsm-'1r:l.xw IU IOR I OFFICER. VERIJIIC F1zAN1i1,1N Almmxs 1,l'1'.I'l-tllfllf I"R,xNc1s A1ao1.vr1L'sRILYNOLIIS I Vl.l't'-1,l'L'-Vlnlffllf RL"rx1ANx IJVNN Al'l'l't'flll1If Num I,1.,xlx1.Io1m Y Y'4'rz.1'111'e1' SOPI IOMORICS '1'r.-'I Row, loft In right: M. I'r:NN1Nms'1'uN, M. BRISON, B. Iiu,'I1ssoN, S. Russ, Ii. IIIIJIJIJCSUN, MAWFIN, A. WAI.'roN, IJ. Fmm, S. Cur:s'l'N1"1', B. S'1'r:r:N. wn'u111flf4m'.' I. CAl'DII.I,, IC. BL'N'r1Nc:, P. MCCLIJRI-3, P. XVALTON, R. YI-:A'r.wAN, R. Gmzslcv, IJ SIIIVICRY, C. PIPPIN, M. Bum, B. IIAAG, I.. IIAAG, G. 'I'lIrmvscmN. 1'!11'1-dlfum II. Flsnlcn, C. C1.,xN'rr1N, I". SrmL"l'1lA1m, C. Smvsuw, M. If-mics, I.. YANm'1c1c, R. ICVA I. .xIUI'I.IJI'IR, ll. I'leA'r'r, R. IDLNN, Ii. L'A1z'1'r:R, A. IACKSUN, M. I,Awmf:Nc1-2, R. MUSSEN, Mrtyrzus. LXII IIRIX f X Sum nun I XIXII FRICSI ISI ICN l,',-,.! lfmm I". IHI4ocmrcl.1,, A. I'.fx1N'1'1c1e, IC. II:-3N1.1cY, NI. .XICAI.I.IS'I'I'lIi, IC. IIA'I"I',-NN, M. SUl"I'lIARIh, I lllul lei Ilml SIKXLII X.w.n1.l lfmvf IJ. IIrt.x'r1:, C. I5n'l"1'1xu1mw, IC. ISL 'I'CIII'1Ii, VV. I'r:NN1Nc1'l'r+N, IJ. I'lcxN1Nc:'l'cmN, A. Wuswx, R. Iflslullixs. A. Ii11:YNfrl.lms, M. IIu911r'1r1I.lm, If. IAUQSUN, P. 'I'.xc:1L.-uz'l', N. Ymwms. l'lm-J lfm.-x I". Cum Nm, Ii. I5m1xvx,X'. I'1e.x'I"I', IS. I..xle1uN, K. I'aL'uNr:'l"1', SI. IiAs'1'Iu'1eN, IJ. Illlrmlcs, IJ. M.-xlulmx. I. I,RX'I"I', IS. IIIQINCIC, C. I'mm.mv, R. Ifl-:lz1elcl.1,, Y .NIcC1'l.. ' N RII11ssIIMnxc fmrllz Ifmvx Ii.'I ICiI"I'I'l', If. Ilurwx, C. III'1AI.l7, I3. Sm'l'1l, G. . IASSIQY, . .' ..,IN..NIc- .NI1l.l.,xN, lx. C.r:N'1'm', NX. I'mml.r:, IJ. IJ.xxe1.1Nc1'I'uN, XI. .NIL IiI'IIY, I. .XIUUIIIL I. Ixlcme, I.. fIliICIiI.IiY. R. S'1'r:r:N, II. S'1'L',x wr, , :..-.: f A . 3' ' . ..--., qlvb I .. 5 , ,. . . Mriswx, I.. Ixwux I Snnxmlle g MAI NIICNANCIQ nf mm- IC. Crmxcrz, C. Ymwcz, I' I.A.wm'1Y. .SI-4-muff-I1.v.' I. IJ.u'l1msuN, BI. .XIARSIIAI C. Slfimcrlu, NIR. 'I'. IHYRD, Mn. XX .xIl'RI'IIY. md ACTHVHTHE . A , .. . ,W,,,,,,, zf.":-1,.a..,:vwfr1-wwf f I "" "-""'4""" f"""'N"" ' ph U F , y . . .L.:f,fgg. . .E-..,M...v WW M I l"1'1:rl Row: E. l'lIGHFIEI.D, T. PRINCE, R. SIIARPLESS, B. BOOTII, E. XVALTON, R. WEER, S. CROSSAN, C. CLANTON, E. SIMPSON. Sn-amz' Row: MR. KNAUICR, C. VANDYKIC, M. JONES, R. IDUNN, H. FISHER, G. YOUNG, C. GEESEY, R. YOUNG, E. CLARK, R. R1Ol2ICF1El.lJ, W. BIDDLE, E. PETTIT. FUTURE FARMERS UF AMERICA The 1955 officers ofthe UNIOYVILLE CHAPTER arc: Pre.-idenl ........ .,................... . . .EDVVARD WALTON I 'Ive-Pre.v1'dml, . . .,.. TIIQAIAS PRINCE Secrefafgq ..... . . .ROBERT SHARPLESS Trea.-rarer .... ..... R OBERT WEER Reporfef- .... ....... S ILAS CROSSAN Senlfne! ,.., ..,..... I EARL HIGHFIELIJ Chaplain. . . . . .CLARENCE VAN DYKE Adwlfer ........,.,..............,..,....,.... DANIEI. B. KNAUER The Unionville Chapter, FUTURE FARMERS UE AIVXERICA, has a long record of honors and prizes. The most notable achievements for this year's Seniors are: EDWARD WALTON'APFCSidCHt of the Unionville Chapterg Secretary of the county chapter: winner of a trip to the Kansas City National Conventionp state bronze medal award for corn: Iersey cow prizeg first prize in the corn division at the State Farm Show in Harrisburg. ROBERT WEER'Tl'C3SUFCF of the Unionville Chapterg state bronze medal for broilersg member of the Unionville school chicken-judging team. SILAS CROSSAN-County delegate to the State Convention. EUGENE CLARK'-Bronze medal award in gardening. ROBERT SHARPl.ESSffCuernsey cow prizeg member of the County dairy-judging teamg representative of the County and the Unionville Chapters at Pennsylvania State Collegeg the Charles Higgins' Heifer awardg second prize for mushrooms. STUDE T COUNCIL l"1'1nfl Raw, CHARLES CROSSAN, CARLENE BAUSCH, NANCY IORDAN, SUSAN PIPPIN. i5'n'n1nfR4m', BARBARA CoR.NiAN, JANET WALTER, CLARA STUART, MR. SRRIGLE, RICHARD HEEss, IANET HASSETT, SL'sAN Ross, KTLENNA IIURLEY, IIELENE TURNER, MARGARET XVALTON, PIIYLLIS SIIIVERY, RUTHANN IDUNN. .llfli-.i-fm mm 1,Ii'f1Il'l'.' XVAYNE XVRIGLICY, ELIZABETH BRENVER. .I The Student Council is an organization composed of homeroom representatives It cooperates with other school organizations to provide necessary equipment, recreation, and leadership for the school and the students. This year the Student Council sponsored several dances, managed the Magazine Campaign, and organized the Christmas Card Sale. They are now developing plans for purchasing a Trophy Case as a Student Council project. ACT II: HLET Us MARE AN HONOR- ABLE RETREAT" THE BARD AND "FATHER WAS A HGUSEVVIFE' ACT I: HNATURE HATH FRAMED STRANGE FELl.ows" ACT III: HTHREE MISBEGO1 PEN KNAVESH GRC H ESTR A l"1'f-.fl l?m.'.- I. Russ, Il. Ccvnemxw, I. W,x1.'I'l4:n, M. .XIICRSIIUINQ S. Bm ww 'Y Frmn Y fIRII"I"IIII 4. , 4.1, ,'. . A.. . 1. . , I ..I. ,.. R Plexlr Ix I,1L'RNIC'I"I', R. lim.-xu1q.C. Ih'N'1'1Ncz, R. II..xw1q1Ns. X Nlurmm I' RHI: I' QIIIXIRX I3 l'II1nwx X Im: X I xxx rm .S'rm1nf lx'fm'.' . . . 7 cc, '. .wmy Ii. ISLNI' IJ. Iwm1,.NI. I31lm,A. XX Alfmx, I. CAIN, W. WIm:1.l1:Y. Ii. I"u1ess.NmIe1i, CL'nm1'11wlm'I Y'f11nflx'n.I'.' Cl. Osrxcmxli, IX. IIOI4'I".NIANNICR, II. Iimmsws, IJ IIANIWM' I,. I.-xculw, I. Rlcrmmus I" L'x1e'rI'1e L' KNRINSXY R In " ' ' . , . uc, II. Irlexrcre, I . XX,xl,'mN, I. I"1fvs'I'1f1mxclllfu II I I Nh Y1c1l.1., S. I,II'I'IN. ,ll'l'1IlllfIrIl .l'J'f , I ORCI I ICSTRA ,.....f .. Cfu1Ifm'Au- ,...... ............... I NIR. Ii.-ue1.A. I"oI2ss.Nx,xR1i Sfmfml QNUlIlIjllt'!Hl'. . . . .NANCY KIRIFFITII .SwUt'l't'f1Il1If . l,1'ffn11'1'1111w. I"m'1n Slum' CUIIQQL- Night SCIIIfIJUI,I'f SL-Iwnl Directors Convention Spring Conccrl QXOIIIIIIUIICCIIICIII. Minus Mlclzsllox NANCY cIRII-'FI'I'II Rvrzr PR,x'r'r PZXCIIEIIIQC I7rog1'z1In Awzuwl Asscmlmly GLEE CLUB lfhzfl ICI..-.' S. SI-HNCIQII, B. CIIIISSIJINIJ, G. 'I'IIrmIfsIIN, B. BA'I"rIIN, It I0'I'IIA.NI, M. XIIVNII, I I'I':NNINI:'I'ImN, S. BIIIIWN, N. UIzIIfIfI'I'II, NI. FIICIISIIIIN, If SNIITII, R. I'Im'I"I', IS. CUIIAIAN, IWIIIII, R. IDINN, Ii. I'If:'I'IcIesrIIv. Is4'1'1llIIfleI7II'S 5. .3IAIe'I'IN, C. 'I'l'ICI., I. SIIAIQI-I,IcsS,S. CIII"'i'I'Nl"I', A. I4 I-2IzIIIcI,I,, X. I,A.NI,XIlCY, 5. I,II'I'lN I I. Russ, I.. RIQYIIIIIN, I'. SIAIIISIIN, S. IIIIJIKIN, I . IIINIQS, Il. S'I'IcIcN, II. IIAIIIQIS, I.. IIAIQII III NI IINNINI Iux I IIKIIIII I I5IIIs X I I5 IIAII NI ' ' ' N N 1IN,f MIIIIIIIQ, IS. MIQSIIN, . II, Y'fII'1IllIII:. . .I 'I ' . BIIQII, G. IMIIS N, .X. CAIN, I. .XIII.I.I'1R,fI. III'IzI.If:x', I. .WIcNIQII.I., IC. l5I'N'I'INcs, I. CAIIIIII S. Russ, B. IIII1III,I4:sIIN, IJ. FIIIIII, A. W,xI,'I'Im. I 1'Il1lI'f!1 ICIIIII: S. I,INN1cNImI'c:II, Ii. RIQIQIJ. N. IIIIIIIAN, A. I'IzIcIf:, I. I Im'I"I', 11. OSIIVIQNIQ, A. IIIIII IIIIINNI-LII, II. I5IwsII's, I. I'I':'I'IcIesIwN, I. RICIIAIIIISIIN, F. AIJAXIS, ID. IIANWAY, I.. I,xumIn', L I' YIIIIIIIIII L ISXISLII I I CII I CRIISSMN, Ii. CIJIIQIQ, .. ', 4: , '. I OI"FICICRS: IJIIIIIIJ1. . . ngf'l'l't'fI1l1Il. . ,'l.I'.I'1'.I'l11lIl.f. . l.1'lr1'111'1'I1fI.I' ' , .N II. 7cIIISsNIAIaIi IC uIIlIII'lm- . . . , IANIVI' XVAl.'I'I'lR , . .VIRGINIA I,AAIAIIcY SVSAN PIIIIIIN ' ' IOANNI-1 SIIAIzvI,Ess 3I':VI'lI.YN Bl.'N'l'lNG XNANCY GRII-'FI'I'II IkNIII.I.IS MHRSIION BA BY UA Y new 7 Fm V WW? Wm. W Q ww -W K isfvgmqf Xa . 1 ,mjW,v fri ff: Aww f ' ,Nw WW gfvf I an , QS we J 6 -57 ' MUN ,-wi, A if 'uu- gi X 156 .1 No-Q-ef' .rv I"l.I'Jf1e0U'.' qllUIl0l'G,lll1l1iJZ E. Mc:REF1E1.I:, E. A1.1.ArxANn, C. STUART, M. SMITH, I. PENNINGTON Her Mayesty, QUEEN BARBARA CQRMAN, M. BURNETT, S. SPENCER, R. PRATT, V. LA.XmEY. Se4'011dRuw.' CLaf!fc.v4jl!1v Cmfrlj: M. S1.NwsoN, C. BAUSCII, N. f1RIFFl'I'H, S. BRUXVN, M. .x'1ERSHON S. PIPRIN, 1. xVAI.TEIl, C.Iwf-ofzzpanffrlj. Her Majesty' omcially opens the new wing assisted by MR. STABLEY S P O R T S CHEERLEADING Sur: Ross, Sriimm' l.INNlCliAk'GII, SALLY Bucwvw fcvlllllflllillj, NANCY JORDAN, IJOROTHY Foun. The '52-'55 cheerleading squad goes on recorcl as promoting school spirit by having pep rallies, using unique Indian costumes, banners, signs, and raising money for annual banquets. They cheered their team to a championship, the first since 19-17 and the second in the schools history. Sponmor- MISS PHILO VARSITY BASKETBALL 1"1'f'.-IRM-, R. YEATMAN, F. REYNo1.Ds, F. ADAMS, R, EVANS. Sv:-and Raw: '1'. BLACKBURN, R. fiE1'ISEY, C. Gmcsrzv, R. E1,I.1NUSNVORT11, W. WoonwARn Sparked by an unquenchable spirit the U-Hi Indians went on to win the South eastern Chester County Basketball Championship. The team had both height speed and a strong bench, necessary for championship ball. We 1"Unionvi11e "Unionville "Unionville "Unionville Unionville "Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville 'Non-Leagu C 44 46 47 35 44 36 61 82 66 55 gil SCHEDULE '1111EY . . . . , . , .Eddystone 46 . . . .... Xvest Chester 58 . . . .... Tower Hill 41 . . . , . . . .Bridgeport 25 . . . ,... Kennett 52 .... . ...Alumni 46 . . . . . , . .Avon Grove 56 . . . . . . . ,Oxford 69 . . . . , . . .pnrlcesburg 59 . . , . ,. . .Kennett 62 xvli "Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville "Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville "Unionville mes "Play-Off 55 56 74 65 52 51 65 71 69 '1'nEY Bridgeport Avon Grove Oxford Parkesburg Kennett Tower Hill Avon Grove Oxford Parkesburg 54. . ,... Kennett I. V. BAS KETBALL l'll'I'J'f Ii'0w, IACK MCCUE, RAY ST:-:I-:N, iVlICKEY lVlCAl.I.lSTER. Sci-mid Ihnv, I,AmzY Glu-:if:i.r:Y, loim Motiorzie, IIAizoi,o Yovivcs, KEN fiEN'I'RY, G.lJie1i-:sim Tfzlrd lfmv, Coiaen joinv l,ENIlAR'I', l,Alzm' VANIJYKIQ, Cimieiizs Ciiossiw. Dieu lllil-ISS, Fimix bovrimizn, WAi.'riciz l,1NNl-:Nimi'c:li, This -VCHI' the V. lmaslcetball team won six out ot twelve games to lancl in tourth place. They tried hard, never losing by more than ai few points. Next year as a more experienced team, they hope to do much hetter. Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Union- ille 13 .... ...lfmlclystonc 23 ......,.. Wvest Chester 27 .... . . .Tower llill I7 .... , . ,Briogeport 25 .... . . .Kennett 24 ..,...... Xvairner lr. 58 .... . . ,Unionville l7.F.A. I5. .. . . .Avon Grove 31 ,........ Uxforcl So ,.., . . . Pzirkesliurg 35 .... . . . Kennett SCU R ES 20 43 24 5.1 Zn 57 311 I7 26 20 34 Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Bridgeport Avon Grove Oxford Pzirkesliurg Kennett Tower Hill Avon Grove Oxtorcl Purlcesliurg Wlzirner lr. SQCCER 1"ir.r! Raw, E. SIMPSON, F. REYNOLDS, S. Cizos N, F. ADAMS, I. MOULDER, R. DUNN, MR. KANE. Second Raw: E. CLARK, G. YOUNG, L. IAcoBY, D. llANWAY, G. OSl3flIlNE, R. YEATMAN, L. VAN- DYNE. Thin! Rm.-.' R. SVENCER, R. 'I'1TTl.i-3, T. SouTnA1zo, VV. L1NNi-JNBAUGH, F. SOUTHARD, E. l'lIGli. FIELD. The 1952 Varsity Soccer squad was composed of about an equal number of Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Fesshmen. The most exciting game of the year was with Kennett Square in which Kennett's String of eight straight wins was broken. Those who received county recognition were Frank Adams, Richard Dunn, and Eugene Clark. SCORES Kennett ..., . . .5 Unionville Kennett .... . . .2 Unionville Kennett .... . . . I Unionville Oxford .... . . .4 Unionville Oxlorcl .... . . .2 Unionville Oxford .... ..... 4 Unionville Avon Grove. , . .1 Unionville Avon Grove. ..... 2 Unionville Avon Grove. ..... 4 Unionville BASEBALL I"1'r.rI Row: I. MOULDER, F. REYNOLDS, S. CROSSAN, E. CLARK, H. ADAMS. Second Raw: I. L: NHART, R. GEESEY, F. SOUTHARD, C. GEESEY, R. SHARPLESS, G. OSBORNE Third Row: B. HANSEN, R. ROARK, B. DIIEISBACII, G. YOUNG, L. VAN DYKE. The 1952 baseball team was coached by Mr. lack Lenhart. With the pitching of Eugene Clark and the able batting of Stewart Wrigley and Frank Adams, Unionville battled to a co-championship with Oxford. This gave the Indians the permanent trophy for our collection of trophies. Downingtown Kennett Square Uxford Kennett Square Tower Hill Parkesburg Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Wilmington 5 Avon Grove 4 Parkesburg 4 Coatesville 5 Oxford ll Avon Grove 5 Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville Unionville GI RLS' HQCKEY l"1'1-.flRow.' MGR. L. REYBVRN, B. IIARRIS, I. ix1II.l.ER, M. Sm1'SoN, M. NIERSIION, S, B1zowN, B. CoimAN, Mon. S. SPENCER. Second Row: Mus. RAAxA1.1eY, Cwzrlz, j. l,l'ZNNING'I'ON, A. Mooius, S. LINNENBAUUH, R. DUNN, N. Folio, C. BAUSCH, F. 'l'o'rnA.n, V. l,A.Nmm', E, HUNTING, N. JORDAN, M. BURNETT, AMGE., j. WA1.'r1-QR. This season was the second year for girls' hockey. Considering our lack of ex- perience, our teams did fairly well. Although the varsity didn't win any games they fought with everything they had. Captained by Peggy Simpson, center forward, and coached by Mrs. Helen Ramaley, the girls were given much experience and next year we are looking forward to an even better season. SCORES Coatesville .... ' Unionville Avon clrflve. . Ulliflnxlille Avon Grove Union ville Uxlord .... Unionville Oxford .... Unionville GIRLS' BASKETBALL l"1'f-..-l1c'0w.- A. CAIN, I. BlII.I.l'IR, S. l,1NNlcNlaAL'Gn, S. BlaowN, M. Sun-sow, S. PIPPIN, E. BUNTING. Ser-mid Row: ll. RAxm1.r:v, G. Iziciisow, C. BAUSCH, R. DVNN, V. I,AAm1-zv, I.. REYBLTRN, L. llALSl-lY, M. BXERSIION, B. Co1mAN. m .llafiawfyrf--'BARBARA CORMAN Time li'rvprr-PA'r1zIe1A lomss iS'L'Hl'1'A'1'l'lIt'l"' ANNE CAIN Unionville clitl very well, considering the tact that this is only the seconcl year ot playing. Coaehed by Mrs. Helen Ramaley and Captainecl by Sally Brown and Nancy Waihel, they fought with a great spirit. Millis Mershon came out on top with a total of 60 points. VVe won two of our games, one on our own court and the other away. SCORES Avon Grow. Unionville Conrznl .... Unionville Uxlioral ..., Unionville Coatesville, Unionville Conrznl .... Unionville Coatesville. Unionville AVUII f:l'lYYK' . . . Uljlllllxllllc Uxlkml. ,. Unionville ACKNOWLEDGMENT The Class of 1955 acknowledges the support of the following community businesses. We earnestly solicit your patronage of these merchants as an expression of our appreciation Compliments of A FRIEND GEMS AND JEWELS CYRUS L. THOMAS Jeweler KENNETT SQUARE, PA. Authorized Dealer Sterling Silver Watches LUNT OMEGA GORHAM TISSOT XVALLACE BULOVA HEIRLOOM HAMILTON REED AND BARTON ELGIN INTERNATIONAL DIAMONDS OF UNEXCELLED BEAUTY In DISTINCTIVE MOUNTINGS CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST Registered Ieweler American Gem Society COMPLIMENTS OF CALEB P. FULTON N ORTHBROOK, PA. AND BEST WISHES to THE CLASS OF '55 BEST WISHES to CLASS OF '55 BUCK 8: DOE RUN VALLEY FARMS Phone 6-6282 ' Photographers since 1870 WONDERS PHOTOGRAPHERS WEDDING PORTRAIT CANDID 1004 Delaware Ave. WILMINGTON, DEL HORACE F. TEMPLE, Inc. ,X 7 L 'W - A , if Lok . 9- 3:2fl4 CX - 2 "H-YQ1fX1? f ox-Lg Q ' '1' I: P 1 J fx-S E3 E1 Sigasggliiulgfigigifiigrg--if f :g g i ,-'P ,255 ,IJ i'f 9 "1 , -A T A f A 1+ he 35: f " W 515. ..' 255 13:53 Ef' of 2'-If k ,1-,,,,p. h. .. P- --- -,. . 'Mba '-" HA - -A -- 2 we , 91- '- ":' ' 7 ' qs- I , luv' Fzdvufew and .ldtdayzapiew SINCE 1895 255 EAST GAY STREET WEST CHESTER, PA. Complete Farm EQUIPMENT SERVICE ALLIs-CHALMERS FERGUSON NEW HOLLAND NEW IDEA NEW IDEA IAMESWAY MEYER HAY CONDITIONER BALENS GARDEN TRACTORS Hardware and Paint Used Tractors 81 Tillage Tools TUNIS BROTHERS UNIONVILLE CHAPTER OF FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA . .EDWARD WALTON . . .THOMAS PRINCE ROBERT SHARPLESS ROBERT WEER . . . .SILAS CRossAN . . .EARL HIGHFIELD . . . . .ALBERT SMITH MOTTO: Learning To DO Doing To Learn Earning To Live Living To Serve OFFICERS: President ....... . . Vice-President ..... . . Secretary ....I... .... Treasurer .... Reporter .... . . Sentinel .... Chaplain ..... .... Adviser. , . DANIEL B. KNAUER BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF K655,U RGSER AND EINSTEIN IKFHWPJ EVFSQUARE,PA. 1891 CONGRATULATIONS! Claw of 1955 XXHQVSZS , f 'rr 1955 Established 1894 MEDFORD-DUNLEAVY INC Phone: Mendenhall 4211 AUTHORIZED FRIGIDAIRE I. G. HALDEMAN 81 BRO. HAL-DELL FARMS-EGG DIVISION Chadds Ford, Pa. on U.S. Route 1 Direct Receivers and Packers FRESH NEARBY EGGS SALES 81 SERVICE Avondale 2581 10 E. Penna. Ave. Coatesville 0484 1001 E. Lincoln Hwy VERNON T. MERCER LONDON SHOP ENGLISH HORSE GOODS DELUXE HORSE TRANSPORTATION 508 S. High Street WEST CHESTER, PA. MARWOOD FARM HATCHERY THOMFORD,S QUALITY CHICKS Kennett Square, Pennsylvania TELEPHONE: Unionville 795l1 or West Grove 2353 RAMALEY'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Complete Firestone Line For Farm TRUCKS -M PASSENGER Road Service Call Coatesville 9957 Strode Ave. 81 Valley Road Compliments of KENNETT BEVERAGE COMPANY Chester County Distributors of BETTER BEVERAGES Kennett Square 561 Compliments of SHADE MOTORS INC. WEST CHESTER, PA. NASH CONNOR'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST KENNETT SQUARE Pennsylvania HIGHLAND DAIRIES A full line of DAIRY PRODUCTS Coatesville 0525 West Chester 0767 Compliments of WEST CHESTER LINCOLN-MERCURY, INC WEST CHESTER, PA. H. WORTH'S USED AUTO PARTS RALPH WORTH Cownex-D KENNETT SQUARE Pennsylvania McCORD MOTOR SALES KENNETT SQUARE, PA. PONTIAC - GMC SALES SERVICE Phone 1044 W-1 Parts Service J. A. CONNELL MCCORNKIC K-DEERING Farm Machinery Freezers and Refrigerators WEST GROVE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 3131 MASON CHEVROLET CO. KENNETT SQUARE, PA. SALES SERVICE Phone 295 - 1148 Cfmmplimentw of C. G. GA THROP CO. KENNETT SQUARE, PA. Compliments of W. LOGAN STILL C. P. MINSHALL KENNETT SQUARE Phone 46 POWELL BROTHERS PLUMBING AND LIEATING HOT PoINT APPLIANCES WEST GROVE U. S. Route 41, Pennsylvania BACINO MOTOR COMPANY INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS PACKARD WII.LYS-OVERLAND SALES AND SERVICE KENNETT SQUARE, PENNA. Telephone Kennett Sq. 1160 MADONNA CUSTOM CLEANERS Kennett Square PENNSYLVANIA Phone 1166 TINGLE MEN'S SHOP KENNETT SQUARE, PA. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments BALDWIN' S BOOK BARN WEST CHESTER, PA. SEE ADELLE'S Your Spring 81 Summer Wardrobes COATS - SUITS - DRESSES LINGERIE Compliments of SQUARE HARDWARE co. KENNETT SQUARE Pennsylvania RosEs 81 ORCHIDS For All Occasions E B. WALTON 81 SONS LONDON GROVE Avondale 4596 RED LION ANTIQUE SHOP Articles of Yesterday ESTHER BUSHONG Phone 1125R5 Best Wishes TO C1ass Of '55 SAMUEL E. BUSHONG STATE FARM INSURANCE CO. AUTO f LIFE - FIRE ROLAND BARBER FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Member of Florist Telegraph Delivery Association "Frienc11iness Lives Here" GROCERIES - BRYERS ICE CREAM Tydol Service Station Prop. R. L. COX RIGGINS SILCLAIR SERVICE GAS - OIL - LUBRICATION Car Wash - Wax Light Repair Work Pick-up Service UNE-STOP SERVICE UNIONVILLE, PA. Phone 716 Light Lunch DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM LEM AND SIS I. WALTER MINSHALL SUN SERVICE STATION Cypress and Marshall Streets KENNETT SQUARE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 810 For Goodness Sake! Compliments of THE CLOTHES TREE UNIONVILLE, PA. Phone 1557 Insist On PIERCE COUNTRY SAUSAGE SCRAPPLE - HAM - BACON HARDWARE Y FARM EQUIPMENT PAINTS - HOUSEWARES MUSHROOM SUPPLIES AVONDALE, PA. Phone 531 1 KAUFFMAN'S Over Half A Century DEVOTED TO BETTER LIVING WEST CHESTER, PA. Phone 1900 FRED C. POWELL ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Lenape Road WEST CHESTER, PA. CAMERA CRAFT PHOTO SERVICE EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC 16 E. Gay WEST CHESTER, PA. MILLER'S WELDING SHOP WEST CHESTER, PA. ELECTRIC 81 ACETYLENE WELDING HOUSE MOVING HEAVY HALTLING BILL'S PAINT and BODY SHOP WILLIAM ALLABAND, PROP. First Class Body Repair Work Painting and Refinishing Phone: Kennett Square 821 West Linden Street JONES 81 GURSKEY So. HIGH ST. SPORTING GOODS WORRALL INCORPORATED FORD SALES AND SERVICE Broad and State Street KENNETT SQUARE, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of KENNETT AUTO PARTS Merchandise FIVE CENTS TO FIVE DOLLARS I. R. HOSCH CO. State and Union Streets Compliments of BURTON O. SMITH, INC KENNETT SQUARE, PA. FLORIST Telephone 1121 MARSTON'S Compliments f FLooRs AND FURNITURE O KENNETT RADIO KEN NETT SQUARE, PA. Phone 1125-I NOZENSKY COMPLIIVIENTS OF AT P-R-R- PASSMORE SUPPLY "Since 1907" AVONDALE, PENNSYLVANIA RITTER'S PHARMACY YoUR FAMILY DRUG STORE AVONDALE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2611 Compliments of ALVIN'S DEPARTMENT STORE JACK AURITT IEWELER SI SILVERSMITH Art Carved Diamonds Trifari Iewelry 110 W. State Street KENNETT SQUARE, PA. FLING'S MOBIL SERVICE Intersection Downingtown and Marshalton Road WEST CHESTER, PA. Phone 2289 TIRES - LUBRICATION WASHING - BATTERIES Phone 1026 REVERSE FLUSHING INSURANCE CASUALTY - FIRE - AUTO Compliments of LIFE - HEALTH AND ACCIDENT Reasonable Rates 24-Hour Service L. L. LOGAN, Licensed Broker KEN NETT SQUARE, PA. PA. DEL. MD Towne 81 Country Cleaners KENNETT SQUARE, PA. IOE'S WORKNIEN,S OUTEITTERS SPORTSWEAR 18 N. Church Street WEST CHESTER, PA. HOME-MADE CANDIES HODIE-MADE ICE CREAM RESTAURANT . . . LUNCHES AND SODAS The Kennett Kandy Kitchen ALEX D. COZANITIS Phone 522 108 W. State Street KENNETT SQUARE, PA. Compliments of THE TRIANGLE YOUNG FOLKS Department Store CLOTHING AND SHOES FROM INFANTS TO TEENS PIANO TUNING REPAIRING - REGULATING FREE ESTIMATES KARL A. FORSSMARK 106 Lincoln St. Phone 1159-W KENNETT SQUARE, PA. "SAY IT WIT'I FLOWERS!! 509 East Lincoln Highway COATESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 5094 We Specialize In Outdoor Beauty THE RAKESTRAW-PYLE COMPANY WILLOWDALE NURSERIES KENNETT SQUARE, PA. FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION COATESVILLE FLOWER SHOP 554 E. LINCOLN HIGHWAY CARMEN DEPEDRO Phone: Coatesville 2677 TURNABOUT DINER GOOD FOOD 24-Hour Service Where Route 1 Meets Route 41 AVONDALE, PA. C. G. HAGEE BERNARD B. HOWELL ESSO SERVICE STATION SOFT DRINKS MEATS - GROCERIES 4 ICE CREAM Route 82, Strasburg Road COATESVILLE, R.D. 45 Compliments of MITCHELL MEN' S STORE WEST CHESTER, PA. Phone 2761 IOHN'S SI-IOP FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN 105 West Gay Street WEST CHESTER, PA. WEST CHESTER LAUNDRY ZORIC DRY CLEANING Phone: West Chester 5008 CHATHAM LUNCH CHATHAM, PA. TASTY SANDWICHES HELENA REYNOLDS LILLIAN MCBRIDE Avon Grove Service Center WILLIAM GREEN IAMES KELLEI-IER Complete Line of Farm Equipment WEST GROVE, PA. Phone 2651 ALWAYS WEI.COME Compliments of AVON GROVE DINER Compliments of EACHUS DAIRY IAS. R. EASTBURN GROCERIES AND MEATS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES UNIONVILLE, PA. Phone: 765 UNION VILLE GARAGE ALVIN WAIEEL, Prop. GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING BODY REFINISHING TOWING SERVICE UNIONVILLE, PA. Garage Phone Home Phone 726 738M H. L. BALDWIN 8x SON WELDING - BRAZING MACHINE WORK Farm Machine Repair A Specialty Lawn Mower Service And Sharpening UN ION VI LLE, PEN NA. ELMER W. HAMPTON Fairlawn Grover MEATS - GROCERIES - PRODUCE FROZEN FOODS Phone: Unionville 785 HARVEY'S AUTO REPAIRS MARSHALL T. BROWN FLORIST INSPECTION Kennett Square, Pa. R.D. Wil GAS - OIL AND TIRES Cut Flowers TOWING FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phone 1455 Phone Unionville 743-W A M P - A' odern lant To SCIVC You NOTHING BUT INSURANCE A. MARGOLIS COATESVILLE, PA. PRINTING - PUBLISHING Kennett News and Advertiser 109 N. Union St. Phone: 3 or 678 KENNETT SQUARE, PENNSYLVANIA PRODUCER'S COOPERATIVE EXCHANGE EGGS SERVICE Frozen Food Locker Service COATESVILLE HARDWARE CO. 244 East Lincoln Highway SPORTING GOODS We Equip For All Sports COATESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA New and Reconditioned TY PEWRITERS BUSINESS MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT CO. 116 Enef Gay Street West Chester Phone 0217 snnvien - Snennins - RENTAL PENN-DEL SUPPLY COMPANY TOUGHKENAMON PENNSYLVANIA IOHN H. VOORHEES Hardware Store DuPont Paints SPORT GOODS House Furnishings KENNETT SQUARE We Clothe The BUNDLES FROM HEAVEN SARAH S. KERNS Children's Shop 213 E. State Street Compliments of YEATON'S DEPARTMENT STORE KENNETT SQUARE W. B. HILTEBEITEL DOE RUN, PA. Gas-Oil-Soft Drinks lee Cream - candy CROSSAN'S UNIONVILLE, PA. H. SCHMALTZ 81 CO KEN N ETT SQUARE PENNSYLVANIA KENNETT STUDIO HERBERT WILLITS PHOTOSRAPHER Portraits - Weddings KENNETT SQUARE, PA. Phone 1171 E. L. MALIN Plumbing - Heating Sheet Metal Kennett Square, Pa. Phone 494 Compliments of HOBERMAN' S WEST CHESTER, PA. KAY-WOOD MARKET 101 Prospect Ave. WEST GROVE, PA. The Finest of Meats And Foods Obtainable Owned and Operated by N. W. MCKAY All Roads Lead to RHODES IEWELER AVONDALE, PA. Tel. 503 Watches - Diamonds Cameras - Clocks Dependable Repairs WRIGHT IEWELERS DIAMONDS - WATCHES APPLIANCE Expert wafeh Repairing 122 West Gay Street WEST CHESTER, PA. Phone 1653 WEST BARBER SHOP Ladies' Hair cutting 51 N. Church St. WEST CHESTER, PA. SYLVESTER' S Gulf Service Wayne 81 Market Sts. WEST CHESTER, PA. Phone 9889 ROBERT E. FERGUSON DODGE 81 PLYMOUTH Cars and Trucks Phone 191 Compliments of RICTER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Kennett Square, Pa. West Chester 0728 RAINBOW AUTO SUPPLY STORES Wholesale 81 Retail Accessories Auto Parts Custom Made Auto Seat Covers 154 Gay St. WEST CHESTER, PA. HSAY IT WITH FLOWERSH From POTIER 81 MIANI Florists 516 S. High St. Telephone 0745 WEST CHESTER, PA. WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS Compliments of I. GOLDBERG 81 CO. INC. Wholesale of TOBACCO 81 CANDY COATESVILLE, PA. BARONE' S SUPERETTE Union 81 Scarlett Aves. KENNETT SQUARE, PA. ANGELLO CIPOLLA LADIES AND GENTS TAR LOR Cleaning Furrier Pressing WEST CHESTER, PA. Southern Mutual Automobile FIRE INSURANCE CO. Compliments of AVONDALE, PA. LANGWORTHY FARM A utographs 1 "lf2'!Z"l5Ei'!iLIX'DI 1 MT' ' "'7E'BH?t lil wE115ZiE!l,GiBZlwi-lil: x'Zl'4lFl:4li!lCnYl3Mi .LC VC M:-'E Uif'U'W.vTil9Eil2'l E13 " ' hai' "fwi'siM""1L'nlV:HG34'e4PF9'4 - ':4Qf.9HP'4e1 'S-J"""76mYSQi19?f3'!8i1f1iSiP-3'w'r5lM'53 K?" ' .. Q Q I n

Suggestions in the Unionville High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kennett Square, PA) collection:

Unionville High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kennett Square, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Unionville High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kennett Square, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 27

1953, pg 27

Unionville High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kennett Square, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 61

1953, pg 61

Unionville High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kennett Square, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 6

1953, pg 6

Unionville High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kennett Square, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 52

1953, pg 52

Unionville High School - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Kennett Square, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 58

1953, pg 58

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