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QPF ni r 4515 FET -'-T-. 5 5 F 3 4 I I vw Hifi rw Mb P Pill il! 1 l'l flilil ti, i evermib clwj llow m I B'l'ck'Hfx Blact an as ou.'f.u n The. P13-GS Icl be.'H'er hav-r mslde o .Far beinfa Terdj. J-.L ' 1 T t lM'Mm1Jnrnmn1n1u1go1 ,irq miie :rm g F wh 1' 1 V.: mf' A jmfl ,JJ ? L Fi! if fb1H MFL' m .U VPU W -1 ' Q Q 1 E, 5 UH LMP: lik, H .. Q s A .nm LL C o Q. :. d 1 U r . . W 3 WE iii!! NHL LUU Hr IH .--E I 1 J. ' -T I 'I Ein gif! Hi ,EFI Url LHS YEWLJ HF?-I mi Ui HW Nfl Q X. Q 4 J A EJFF1 LEU r1F.l, ' ti if f X n"'?od.u c e. S'eL'F.x L Le. your wr- 197 UTONla..N. Well-, ll. gd! clefenfivn X 'hifi ,ggi .B 1' K 4 Q W 1957 UTO IA Pubhshed By Senlor Class Umontown H1gh School Umontown Oh1O E2225225if552zizfzf:2:32:2:2:2:Q:f:Q:E:2:2:2f o 21332222252525222f2E2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:f:' o 5252225Ef222:2:2:E:2:2:2:E:2' 7 - - , 1 ax , 1 , , 'K ' , , n A . ' f, 'f A 1 ' U .W . 1 I 'to' I -' V gp. Dedication Wlth the srncerest apprecratlon we the class of 1957 hereby dedtcate thrs 1ssue of The Utoman to Mr Lleser who desplte hrs many 0b11g8I1OD5 and l'6SDOl'1S1bl1lI16S has found trme to gurde us through our Jumor and Semor years at Umontown Hrgh Hrs pa txence and Qurdance have contubuted greatly toward the success of these years x x , 1 3 u N - , E At 7 it V!! , I X fx ...if- .. L -......... .. . .-.I YL 'Q Isl Sa 'M E .....--"---' ,-I f --ln - --- X., ,..,..,. -'i l """""'fdlI:- ..2-f'2':- W Q QNX Board of Educatlon Herman Hunter President E. T Pressler Clerk Don D. Neff Arthur Beal Vice-President Remy I. Allemann Ted Zimmerman County Superintendent T C KN PP Supermtenden t JOHN MANSON Sec re ta ry MRS HELEN WILSON DONALD HAQSNAAN B s rn Ed Kenr Qrare U Math Chemrsrry Physrcs MRQ LUCIU5 QIBERT B A Ashland Colleze Geo Peabodv Teachers College Home Ec Qcrence Geography THOMAQ KOT MR? ELIZABETH TIDBALL B S rn Ed Kent Qrare U B 5 rn Ed Ohro Qrare U Physrcal Educarron Indus Commercxal Bubjecrs rral Arrs Football Coach RICHARD LIEQER MRS MARY REESER wrare Unrversrry Fnrrhsh Qnamch Orterbern Jun lor I-hgh Subjects JA-NIEQ MITHEROW rn Ed X1 o Kenr irate U Baskerball Coach Brologv ROBERT C FRUTCHEY Qcrence Physrcal Educarron Kent Qrare Unrxersrrw NTIISIC sk ff: MRS MAUDE GARDNER B Q rn Ed Unrversrrv of Kenruckv Englrsh larrn MRS RUTH KROHMER 1n Ed Ohlo Amer1canH1srorx Govern ment Englrsh MEQLEY C NTEAFHAM B A Unr ersrrv of Oklahon a 1 nror H1 h IDJECYS K B 5. ' ., ' U. 'fl . . Y' 1 .-Ev. j i ' n E , x I B.A., B.F. in Ed., Kenr B.A. in Ed.. PERU. Stare A ' U I rf X A 4' fi u UA 5 ' 4,1 in ' 'r , . A, r fra., R .H 1 I if Photos 1 2 Above CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs Werstler Mrs Skmner Mrs Edge NotP1ctured Mrs Iarvls CAFETERIA HELP B M1 en C Loutzenhelser S Schrock R Husread S Collms J M111er Q Bonnell h Photo3 Left CUQTODIANS Morrrs Werstler Lew1sM111er Photos4 5 6 Below BUS DRIVERS Harold Rrtzman Lewls M111er Alfred Myers "'x '? 7X EW: I :LAM K0 Vi, 1 Class fficers Bonnre Bradley Prestdent Sherry Schrock Secretary Wade Mrller Vrce Presldent Myrlee Patterson Treasurer MEET THE CLA SS NAME Bonnre Bradley Von I-lardesty Rtta Iarvts Janet Knrght Carol Loutzenhelser Kenny Martrn Maureen McClellan Wade Mlller Jerome Myers Joe Nemet Myrlee Patterson Trudx Pentx Sherry Schrock Evelyn Small Vaughn Smxth Judy Sommer CHARACTERI STIC Surprtslng people Pol1t1c1an Never there Sudden xdeas Curly harr Sharp clothes Absent mtnded Always late Crackrnq knuckles Shortness Gooflng off Blond harr Crackrng gum Words of truth'P'7 Gone expresstons Ou1etness'?'P'P'P'P'P PET PEEVE D1rty wh1te bucks Democrats Nosey parents and Two faced people Nosey people rn the cemetary Bawlrng 8a grgglmg women People who pronounce her name wrong Drunken women Berng teased about Jerry Lewis People who thrnk they re tt People who don t mmd therr own busrness Getting up early Glrls who flrrt wrth boys QOIHQ steady Brothers Mr Manson Telephone booths FAVORITE Shortand 811 Aqua blue Basketball Btg brown Clothes Sc Football games Gorng out Football Drrvrng Football 81 huntrng Sports Hunttng 8a frshlng Dale and Cheerleadtng Loaftng Gary and Majorette Drtvlng Model A Fords Food N- X E I .S ,, . I , l Boys that don't dance eyes BONNIE LOU BRADLEY Grrl Reserves 9 10 11 12 Cho1r 9 Class Presrdent 11 12 Class Vrce Prestdent 10 Student Counc1l10 Play Cast 11 Offrce Help 12 Cat s MeowStaff9 Annual Staff 12 Cafe terra Help 11 Semor Honor Socrery 12 Crown B May Dance 12 Mald ofHonor for May Dance 11 Arnerr can Legron Essay Wrnner 11 Senror Scholarshrp Test 12 Merrt Scholar shrp Test 12 RITA RADEEN JARVIQ Atwater9 Class Treasurer 10 Cafe terra Help 11 Play Cast Attendant Qweetheart Dance 11 + VON DUANE HARDESTY Qafetv Patrol 9 Cat s Meow Qtaff 9 Chorr 0 Boys Sextet 11 Reserve Baskerball10 ll Attendant Home comma Dance 10 Amerrcan Legron Essay Wrnner 11 JANET RUTH KNIGHT G1rlReserves9 10 11 12 Treasurer 12 Majorette 9 10 11 12 Cho1r 9 Cat s Meow Staff 9 Offrce Help 12 Natlonal Honor Soc1ety9 10 11 12 Attendant May Dance 9 11 Co Edrtor of Utonlan 12 Senror Scholar shlp Test 12 Play Cast 11 Crowner May Dance 12 I U y v 1 I . 1 K ' ' ' : K Y Q r , 5 ' - - 1 : - : A D U I . K : . . : - . : ' Class Secretary 113 Cafeteria 115 CAROL LEE LOUTZENHEISER G Reserves 3 10 11 12 G R Sarqeant At Arms 12 Majorette 9 1 Head 12 Chorr 9 Cats Meow Staff 9 Class Prestdent 9 Play Cast 11 Cafeterla Helpll 12 Mald of Honor Sweetheart Dance 11 Offxce Help 12 Co Edttor of Utontan 12 May queen 12 MA UREEN KAY MC CLELLAN G1rl Reserves 11 12 Attendant Sweetheart Dance 10 12 Attendant May Dance 11 Cafeterla Help 11 Annual Staff 12 Play Cast 11 Cat s Meow Staff 9 KENNETH MARTIN Football 9 10 11 12 Captatn Reserve Basketball9 10 Cholr 9 Boys Sextet 11 Class Presrdent Attendant Sweetheart Dance 9 Crowner Homecomlng Dance 12 Crowner Sweetheart Dance 12 Cat s Meow Staff 9 Play Cast 11 WADE RUSSELL MILLER Football 9 10 11 12 All County Tackle Reserve Basketball 9 Student Counctl 9 Varslty Basketball 11 12 Co Captaxn 12 Class V1ce Presldent 12 Cat s Meow Staff Attendant Homecomlng and Sweetheart Dances 9 11 12 Semor Scholarshlp Test 12 Play Cast 11 irl ,,,, , , - ,,,, ' 12: . Q ' - 3 ' , , I ' .121 10,1 , 3 ' 3 ' t I 1 101 . .Q A ' 5 , 1 ,112 TEROME B MYERS Randolph 9 10 11 Football 12 Co Captarn Basketball 12 Co Captaln All County Forward Sweetheart Klng Annual Staff 12 MYRLEE EVELYN PATTERSON Grrl Reserves 9 10 11 12 Presldent 12 Cheerleader 9 10 11 12 Chou 2 Cat s Meow Staff9 Class Trea surer11 12 G R Vrce Presldent 11 Mald of Honor Homecommg Dance 11 Homecommg Queen 12 offrce Help 11 Attendant Homecomlng and Sweetheart Dances 9 10 Semor Scholarshrp Test 12 JOSEPH NEMET ball 10 GERTRUDE PENIX Ellet 9 10 11 Chorr 12 '15 4 X J , I 1 , , g , - Football 9,11,12g Reserve Basket- SHERRY 'SANDRA SCHROCK G1rl Reserves9 10 11 12 Majorette 10 11 12 Chou 9 Cat s Meow Staff Q Class iecretarv 12 Vlce Presldent 11 Attendant May Dance 9 10 Attendant Homecomlng Dance 11 11 Annual Staff 12 Cafeterla Help 10 11 12 G VA UGHN QMITH Ga rf1e1d 9 Western Reserve Academy 10 Chou 11 12 Play Cast 11 Boys Sextet 11 Annual Staff 12 EVELYN MAE QMALL Cafeterla Help 11 12 Cat s Meow Staff 9 IUDITH ANN QOMMER Chou 9 Band 9 Cafeterxa 11 Play Cast 11 Annual Graff 12 I 'Q . . : ' 1: ' 7 K' 12g Sweetheart Queen 123 Play Cast Class H1story As Freshmen we were eager and 6l'lIhllS13SI1C about begmnmg a new chapter tnour 11ves To properly carry on class busmess we elected our class ofhcers They were Carol Loutzen hetser Prestdent Kenny Martm V1ce Pres1dent Sherry Schrock Secretary B1ll1e Dorough Treasurer We sold Bobcat emblems made and sold Bobcat streamers and collected tax stamps to start our treasury Mr Hostetler was our adv1sor Evelyn Small was a new member of our class this year Although we were a small class we were deterrruned to be successful. We elected the followtng offxcers for our Sophomore year Kenny Marun, Prestdent Bonme Bradley V1ce Pres1dent Von Hardesty Secretary Rlta Jarvts Treasurer Mrs Ttdball was our adv1sor a.nd our class pro jects were a spaghetu supper and a Talent Show Rtta J arv1s Jomed us thts year We were fortunate to have Mr Lleser as our wtlhng and capable adv1sor durtng our J utuor year We elected Bonrue Bradley as Prestdent and Sherry Schrock to asstst her Janet Krught took notes and Myrlee Patterson collected dues We sponsored the a.nnua1I-Iomecommg and Sweet heart dances sold refreshments at the football games sponsored a donkey basketball game made and sold c1der sold wrappmg paper and greet1ng cards held a bake sale and presented our class play These pro-yects made II possxble to hold the J umor Semor Banquet and Prom. Vaughn Srruth was the new addtuon to our class Here we are at last BIG SENIORSI we ve had so many wonderful t1mes tn hagh school and want to make thls the best ever None of the projects could have been so successful wtthout Mr Lxeser who ts agatn with us th1s year We held a bake sale sold refreshments at the basket ball games sold candy sponsored a Donkey Basketball game and a turkey supper and presented the Semor play to make money for our tr1p to New York Ctty Jerome Myers Trudy Perux and Sandy Spencer Jomed us th1s last year The last ttme the class was together except for the tr1p was at Graduauon and Baccalaureate 12 Year Students Q LEFT TO RIGHT Maureen McClellan, Janet Kmght Sherr Schrock, Carol Loutzenhetser Kenny Marttn, Bonrue Bradley Myrlee Patterson. Class Will We, the Semor Class of 1957 bemg of sound mmd and w1t do hereby declare th1s our last w1ll and testament. To the Freshman we leave our ab1l1ty to get thmgs done though tt may take a little mme and pat1ence To the Sophomores we leave our good t1mes and hope that they too wtll have as much fun as we had To the J umors we leave the utle SENIORS and the followmg, Maureen Mc Clellan w1lls her arnsnc abthty to Pat Brown and her many relanves to Hugh WISE. Wade M1ller w1lls lus football and basketball 3bll1fY to J 1m Wluttaker and h1s courage and determlnation to take two years of typmg and be successful to D1ck Mtshler Herb Kelster and Kenny J ones Trud1 Pemx leaves her blonde tresses to Joan Barta Evelyn Small w1l1s her ab1l1ty to goof off and have fun to Mary Ann Susdorf Janet Matson and Vera M1ller Kenny Marun wllls hts sharp clothes to J1m Baldtnger Janet Kmght wills her long telephone conversatxons to Marlene Atkmson and wonders whether she can break her record Myrlee Patterson leaves her cheermg abtltty to Terry Pagna Rita I8I'V1S wtlls her Jug to brother Dave and Rex Dlehl. Jerome Myers WLHS hls basketball ab111ty and hetghth to Sonny Manno and Ronme M1ller and h1s pow wows to anyone who would hke to attempt to master h1s Injun talkum. Bonrue Bradley w11ls her typewrxter to Pat Gold and her shorthand notebook to Ina Green. Von Hardesty leaves lus oonvertxble to Lowell Kmsley Judy Sommer WLUS her ab1ltty and mgenulty to contnve Lnterestmg schemes and plots and take drast1c measures to carry them out to anyone who wlshes to follow tn her footsteps Sherry Schrock leaves her ab111ty to keep one man to Marsha Orr ar1d Becky Grable and her posmon as champwn gum chewer to Nancy Noel. Vaughn Sl'l'11f.l1 wtlls h1s shot rods to Dave Krelghbaum and Larry Barnes Carol Loutzenhelser wllls her posmon as head majorette to Bonme Poe and ablhty to keep a full tank of gas to Bob Bourn. .Toe Nemet leaves the gtrls to Carlon Howtngton WITNESSES D Tentlon I Emma Nut I O Dme B A Sentor 1 1 ' . 1 l 1 . . . . 1 1 Q - 1 I . 0 . . . . u n Q o u u Pro hccy The srxteen members of the class of 57 eagerly accepted the mvxtatron to attend the reumon at Mr Lreser s penthouse IH Shaker Herghts As the former classmates entered the spac1ous penthouse, they were rmmedrately awe struck by the ultra modern decor supphed by the world famous 1nter1or decorator M1ss Janet Krught The f1rst to arr1ve was Bonme Bradley, who was accompamed by the famous p1an1st Llberace who entertamed the group for the evexung, She met h1m wh11e she was a pr1vate secretary for Gary Moore. Mr and Mrs Gary Ftlhour the former Sherry Schrock arrlved wrth thetr f1ve cluldren who were taken to the recreatlon room by therr nurse Evelyn Small a graduate of Farrview Hosp1ta1. The next to arr1ve was the current feather we1ght champron of the world Kenny Marun. H1s manager Joe Nemet has great hopes for htm mtus return bout UlM3d1SOU Square Garden Rlta J arvrs who IS a crgarette g1r1 at the Coconut Grove tn Hollywood arr1ved wlth Trudy Perux who lS an a1r11ne hostess for Trans World A1r11nes They were met at the door by Jerome Myers who has just become Pres1dent of the Earl Loutzenherser Construct1on Co and who has Just completed a new studto for Walt Drsney where Maureen McC1e11ean for her excellent art work on the 57 Utotuan was awarded a posmon as a cartoon desrgner Wade Mrller who dES1Q'l6d the new shoppmg center m Umontown where Vaughn Smrth has hls Body Shop and Auto Reparr and Mrs Bledsoe the former Myrlee Patterson helps manage B1edsoe's Pharmacy arrxved 1n hrs Cadrllac wrth M1ss Carol Loutzenhelser who has just pre sented her latest fash1on selecuons for summer She returned last week from a month's vacauon on the French RIVICIZ Upon her return to New York she was met by Judy Sommer who IS a model for the John Powers Modelmg Agency The last to arr1ve was Von Hardesty, who is now rnuuster of the Grace Evangelrcal and Re formed Church rn Umontown, Wxth thls reuruon we leave I ll JANET ,rw MAREEN BONNIE CAROL .-8' JEROME WADE W RITA KENNY vm! JUDY SHERRY EVELYN V ON I "-I .J I I I I fig I A ' I I fx II I I -"gf-X I I I I I 3 fficers PRESIDENT Bob Bourn VICE- PRESIDENT Pat Gold SECRETARY Marlene Atkinson ,...v,f,: 1 TREASURER Dave Jarvis umor Class ROW OINE B Bourn L Kmsley J Wrlhams M Orr P Brown T Pagna B Poe ,T Barta J Matson ROW TWO' R M111er K Jones L Barnes J Whrttaker IN Iwoel M Susdorf L Green M Atklnson B Grable P Gold J Baldmger ROW THREE D Jarv1s R Dxehl C Howmgton D M1sh1er Mrs Gard ner H Wrse S Manno H. Ke1ster D Kre1chbaum. NOT PICTURED- V Mrller Sophomores ROW ONE D Bourn G Bader L Sherman C Bowers L M111er I Reese N Smuh K. Kmppenberg R, Hardmg D Frxedman A Turner ,T F1scher ROW TWO C Howmqton P Manno B Bounds J Grove S Shxck N Messner E Retner P Lasch W Southwood D Goodspeed L Kempel N Clapper ROW THREE R Shaw J Shaw F Pamer N Parker ,T Small L Sxmpson A K1dd E Du Maur1er C Glass C Snyder ROW FOUR. P Mathers B Edge B Muffley D Grable Mrs T1dba11 .T Ph1111pS V Myers B Lmk ABSENT B Helems A Davls I Flamlsh M. Lesho D Yerkey Freshmen ROV ONE C Whne D F1nley M Rosso J Sommer C Parker L Hartong S Bonnell B M111en B Hustead J' M11ler S Colhns B Gold ROM TWO B Lesho R. Kmsley S Moore J W11son M Nor man C B1a1r B Wxse P Kempel R Schre1ber F Nemet W Rltzman J Barra ROW THREE I Gnfhth C Molnar D Pressler P Lew1s G Schrock F Fouts Mrs Reeser J Wolfe K. Hoover .T Myers .T Moore C Ph11l1ps I Ophnger ABSENT B Lamb A. Radchff C Slevm H Thompson ii-Q Qu 0 Q E1ghth rade ROW ONE M Fmley ,T Bourn M Greer C Sherman R Babb D M1l1er C Snyder ,T Neal K. Palmer N Metz D M1l1er K Smtth ROW TWO- V Robertson G Beres P Atkmson R Shover D Poe G Vaughn L Ware D Yerrlck J' Welker B Smlth F Stevenson ROW THREE I Alleman I A1ken M S1mpson S Saltzer K, Grable T Schrock S Hoover D Small C Phtlhps G Southwood D Lovy J' Lewls W H111. ROW FOUR L Medhn D Cornell F Bu ge Mr Hassman K Sword L Bell G Walker Seventh Grade ROW ONE ,T Sommer R Motz D Be11,J Martln E Moon ,T Cramer S Fmley R Shover R Eley J S1mmons L Sehmltt J Woodward ROW TWO L Jarvls J Mtller P Bonner B Lasch M Fmzer G Colhns L Moore M Dupert D Yerkey K Stephen M Schrock C Grubb ROW THREE A Brad ford P PFICE J Pamer E M11ler V Pemx M Turner S Harvey M Ge1s J Bounds F Feller L Radchff .T Fleeger ROW FOUR G Poe C Dupert .T Montgomery Mr Kot E Dupert P Taylor C Rowles ABSENT J Bennett ,T Fouts D Knchbaum S SPFICR I..-.-.if Xxx" f Q' J 1 X43 1 W 1 Lx? ELF IW I- .1 oo, Dedication Tlus secuon of the 57 Utoman IS dedxcated to one of the most fanuhar persons 111 the Umontown School. We recogmze her worth as an adv1sor teacher and fmend durmg our earher school years Ruth Wendell has served our school for many years as an elementary teacher We smcerely hope that d'l.1Sdi1C3U.0l'l w111 express our apprecxauon for her work and effort .,. , 1 1, . . , . . . .. . 0 I . MRS RUTH WENDELL Kent State Unrversrty Grade F1ve AF' MRS MARIE SHICK Kent State Un1vers1ty Grade One Prmcmal MRS NORMA SAVAGE B S Otterbem Grade Flve H-S, 3 MRS, BELLE RICHARDS Kent State Unrversrty, Akron Umverstty, Grade Three Grade One MISS KATHRYN ERLEWINE B S tn Ed Kent State Umversrty F acult MR WILLIAM JOHNSTON B S 1n Ed Kent State Umverstty Grade Srx MRS RUTH LOCKARD Glenv1l1e Teacher College Akron Unxversrty Grade Two MRS. EMZIE MARTIN Farrmont State College, W Va. Grade Four MRS THELMA GLENDENNING Kent State Umversrty Grade Two MRS IOSEPHINE KAUFMA Kent State Untversrty Grade Four MRS. GERTRUDE KELLEY Mtaml Umversrty Grade Three N J Ill - -'ir.. , . . . . . 4 I ' . . . W . L 4, .L 'S I K, u ,... 'u I 5 I . . It X . . . , . Jv I I if gt.. W " Q2 I f ? Q I 0 I I . ' . . , - Q-cava? ii Nw Y Wx 1-f gg-swag? Ln Y in 'fwfr MW '53 Q ,lin wig Ti W gf' W 'YY-4 SV' mfgrfu-The 'JS-M323 1' X Mm Elementar Bulldlng ROW ONE D Deardorff D Tlerney R Salzer L Helems J' Bader I Lunsford R. Lawrence C Summers B Burns S Barker N Mlllard K. Vaughan, K, Grable, R Green. ROW TWO B Bomphant S Small S Wmchester J Sherman, J' Bender D N1mer B Chne T Lawley S Cate, C W1lson, E Steventon L Sh1p1ey L Green ROW THREE B Morrlson F Chromster P Skmner D B1a1r D N1mer R Cottrell P Grove D Feathers R Copeland K. Edge. K Machamer ROW FOUR. I Pmkus N Schafer Mr Johnson S Gentry J' W1se ABENT B Lynch D Conn S1 xth fade 6,6 152:35 1 S. ROW ONE B Metz, B La Clalr P Miller B Kmsley S Sauer R. Chne S Werstler T Zxmrnerman, D Miller .T Hunter C Bxrk R. Snodgrass ROW TWO B Metz C Walk, F McClellan, L Alexander M Holllster C Fedorka D Morris M Barta J Helerns R. Snyder G Lamb ROW THREE R. Sluck, F Pressler C Dupert Mrs Wendell, R. Davis D Wllson R. Atkmson ABSENT R. warren. F1fth fades ROW ONE S Lewxs L Brancluk S Meyers D Kessler J DeSar1o R. Sword B Covey L. McCue, H. Fletcher Armstrong B Bell, M Carpenter ROW TWO B Burton A. Goodspeed G Hill, P Kovacs C Reese, D Schngudt B Sfflllh L Babb K Faber M.Ma10ne ROW THREE M. Taylor L Hall, R. Orr Mrs Savage, H. Hoover D Yerkey G Whmaker ABSENT L Mlller K Wlute, B Warner fl v-'Ong' ROW ONE M Hoover B Moore, R Frankhouser D Palmer R Motz G Lemrnons S Marnn L Hunter L Ogden M Fmley C Green P Keener ROW TWO L Alexander J Jarrett M. Medhn G Prasher G Young A, Moore M Ducoley ,T Cunxungham C Burton L Sweltzer S Baugher K. Shaw M Auckrnan B Rlce. ROW THREE J Meshler D Wood H. Thompson L Brown D Wetzel Mrs Martin, B Neal J Brooks P Lawrence L. Hathaway K. Ses1c D Boniphant Fourth Grades ROW ONE. S Orens B Radchff C Sword K. Hlles W Myers T Bonner T Braybon, G Sm1th D Maskwa R. Batton, P Howard N Ho111ster ROW TWO- J Mllhn ,T Gels G McConathy M F1am1sh K Loutzenhelser C Neff C Vaughan I Wellspfmg R Lee B Hylbert C Beal .T Moore K Hammon tree ROW THREE P Molnar I Craxglow R Brown J' Brown M. Wlley Mrs Kaufman L Allen T Cushmg. A. Powers F Shatto B Murphy AEENT B Bell D Rob1nson C Efaw A A .. Q -.fe sw' 'BGG ROW ONE P Myers L Walk ,T Kachurchak, D Deel K. M111er P Siers K, R1tmer D Batton R W11ey D Carpenter I Whlte B, Henry ROW TWO- M Plulhps G Dav1s B Murphy S McConathy P Rosso T Morr1son J Jarrett T Brooks FSeco DeLucena D Swxger D Ferguson J' Nemet R. McGee, R. Barton. ROW THREE ,T G11bert B Sluelds P Fleeger R. Grable T Welker Mrs Kelley C Parsons N Wmchester J' Cralglow ,T Snyder K. Lewxs Thlrd fades ROW ONE A S1mpson, D Pettay K, M111er D Carpenter S Neff B Baldtnger F Fmzer M. Fletcher B Ratzer J Moore, C Overlow C McCue ROW TWO L Shaw G Hlll, R. Hathaway P Bourn G Stevenson B mlson J La C1a1r C Vaughan I Stover W Metz D Cornell, L Hoover S Klefer J Norman M Jones. ROW THREE. K Hall, D, Lavy I. Z1mmerman, S. Salzer R. Malone, B. Rlchards B. Baker S, Lampson D, Pearson, L. Askey C. Rieger. A A A A L . 9 - - Y ROW ONE T Hopkms P Bowers R Metz, R, S1mmers B Parsons D Neff B Lee, S ,Tarv1s J' Hill, S Carpenter R, Grable, .T Lavy ROW TWO- R. Spencer G Smuh D Seco de Lucena J Morr1s K. Allen K, Da1ton,J' Millard P A1ken, P Finley R. Ohrrut S Poe D Covey S Mzllm J' Simmons ROW THREE E Cleavenger R. Nimer N Lawley C Yoost P Ruley R. Lockard K. Flarrush T Harmon J' Fedorka C Baker D Beres ABSENT R. Wells D Ba11ey R. Lynch. Second Grades ROW ONE D Archer .T Kipp RWh1te,B Kovacs P Welker E Finley G H111, R. Allemann L Price, M Ocker ,T Barton, J Cunningham. ROW TWO T Salhany N Fankhouser D Werstler C Lockard S McChesney C Burge, D DeSar1o D Gretzmger J Wolfe G Gerber F Roberts T Cate., R McKee, R Holbert ROW THREE H. Bogard J M1sh1er D Mathers S Sxers ,T Lesho T Glendennmg N Hunter K Mickley L Micldey M. Park. ABSENT K. P1ercy R Q .Q Q 3 I . A , , . 1 ... l Iglia ROW ONE W Carpenter M Rosso T Lavy K Robensune S B11-d B Postlethwan L Gorcoff L Brooks R, SCSIC P Ogden ROW TWO- S R1tzman ,T Grltzmger B M1ller D Kenney L Barton R. Baugher R Baugher D Howard J Marshall L Fleeger B Reger ROW THREE S Bowers R. Small, S Sutton V ley D TOb13.S M1ss Erlewme C Park G Deel, N Jascluk K Morr1s ,T W111l3fI1S AMENT R. Grable T Johnson FIISI fades ROW ONE P Keener C Proper K N1s1e, D S1ers C Ewart B Jarrett R. Smlth R. Fletcher L Ratzer .T M1Iler ROW TWO- C Pemx C Gosche C Wellsprmg C Pamer K Kohart J' Hall K H111 B Roberts B Beal B Green D W11ev RON THREE D Burns ,T Cramer D Sweuzer S Salzer K Slaughter Mrs Sh1ck R. RICE P Metz G Fmley M Branch1k F Horukar ABSENT G Bourn R Metz C Wells ., . v - Y Q fl A 4 ZH-' t V Ig 1 ' .R - - - K - - 0- ,JW -C b , -Q I5 vlan Ju.-f '. M11 My ' igflk j 1 I , ',-Q. H h . Q1 f X ' 'L I x wwf, I ,V 17 ' A l o . p . g . 1 9 f g - I U 1 . p y . - . . , . g . p . 1 - 1 I Y l I I 1 I I 1 0 : I I . , . E , . . , . , . . . , . . . . , . . I . . ,I . . - . . - , , . , - . . , . . . Q a I c a I j v g 0 . Q n Q p . Q , . , . , . , . ,. . . , . , . , . , , . , , . , . , . , . ' . : . , , . . 'ff , . i A ' . 1 X 1, A , X-f , P , 'Q R K f to ,, A L i ' ? Autographs RJ ff N- 117 ,ii-'Z J' v m J V AJA- -i"QE3N,'33Q,,jVy?"':":"" I. ...g... 1957 tonian Staff CO-EDITORS: Janet Knight, Carol Loutzenheiser ART EDITORS: Maureen Mc Clellan. .Tudy Sommer ACTIVITIES EDITOR: Sherry Schrock SPORTS EDITORS Kenny Martln Wade Mlller BUSINESS MANAGER. Myrlee Patterson TYPIST Bonrue Bradley SUBSCRIPTIONS Jerome Myers Vaughn Sm1th FACULTY ADVISOR. Rlchard L1eSer 00000000000 00000000000 iiiiii 111 -113 'i fficers C, Loutzenheiser SERGEANT-OF-ARMS M, Patterson PRESIDENT J. Knight TREASURER T, Pagna SECRETARY A Turner CHAPLAIN M Atkmson VICE PRESIDENT 1rl Reserves 0 D 5 ROW ONE E Retner J Flarmsh R Hardlng K Kmppenburg J W1111ams L Hartong S Bonnell P Kempel D Fnedman D Goodspeed M. Norman C Parker ROW TWO- Mrs Gardner .T W11son R Schre1ber S Collms P Brown C Blalr B M111en S Moore B Wxse M Patterson I F1scher B Hustead B Lamb ROW THREE P Lasch ,T Grove S Schrock M Lesho C Howmgton C Loutzen helser J Knight L Kempel, P Manno J Matson P Gold M Arkmson A Turner ROW FOUR M McClellan B Bradley M Susdorf N Noel M Orr B Poe T Pagna B Edge P Mathers S Shxck W Southwood 1 . . fy X ef If ' . Q V -, .X . . Y, wr Q . " 5 N A1 '- ' 3 ' 'F S . s ,Y , 4 Q . , . Q' K. I . . ., X ,NI lv --- A ' ' , . . K ,Qs Z . sf 'Y Q ' v ' , K If I . , . 1 1 1 , . I , . I g 1 - , . g - I l . I I I I n n i u I I . I . I ' . I ' I I .I ' , I I I 1 ' Y 0 l I ' Y I , . . : . . . ,. , . , . ' . . ' . I - A v - - n - 1 - , . I p - - ' . I I 1 s I I I 1 I n D ' I 1 I u I 0 . I Cholrs ROW ONE P Kempel, P Brown G Bader J Reese R Hardmg N Messner ROW TWO- B Lamb C Blalr E Retner B M111en C Howmgton W Southwood P Manno J Grove ROW THREE C Snyder DJ'3I'V1S A Kldd V Myers D M1shler S Manno ROW ONE V Smnh L Kmsley N Noel, NL Susdorf B Poe M Orr J W11ll3mS J' Gr1ff1th H, Wxse ROW TWO- Mr Frutchey B Zmk K Marun M Atkinson P G01d J Matson S Sh1ck ,T Whmaker C Molnar X I H. Keister, .T . Baldinger, Mr. Frutchey. u u . 'I Band MAJORETTES B Poe J' Krught C Loutzenhe1ser S Schrock J Grove ROW ONE G Beres J Alken M S1mpson D Eley E Moon R. Motz ROW TWO- R. Shover L Ware C White J' Bourn P Bonner C Sherman G Poe D Yerkey ROW THREE Mr Frutchey J' Gr1ff1th C Molnar D M1Sh16F J Reese C Snyder S Bonnell C Parker P Lasch S Sh1Ck, NOT PICTURED M Norman I Sommer P Kempel L Kempel ,T W11son L Hartong. ASSISTANT MAJORETTE D Fnedman AWKC Aixam wg,-vu. -041 .xbaypyt 3? ,bw 'ev Ms.-v 'R Nun.: Bonme Poe Janet Kmght Sherry Schrock Judy G rove M O t t C S Carol Loutzenheiser 1 fm 55, Nt -ff E' f' 135 K':x'kf3"' rg .'f: 15, ff Q W rf at 51 Senior ational Honor Society SEATED: I. Knight, M, Patterson K. Knippenburg, A. Turner, B. Edge STANDING: B. Bourn, Mr, Manson Candidates for the National Honor Society have not vet been selected for this vear as this book goes to press. Therefore some students who are not pictured will be members. un1or ational Honor Society ,f A SEATED M Rosso Q Finley G Collins R Babb M Greer K Stevenson D Eley D Bell F Stevenson STANDING I Wilson M Norman C Moore C Parker I Bourn K Palmer I Neal M Qimpson J Aiken Mr Manson 1. s Q 0 f 2 Q t J ' ' . . ,.. , . , . , . . . - , . , . , n ' ,Y . . . . . .l ,W . 1. . - . . , .. . .N , . , . . lhce Help km ht FarolBla1r Barba 1 kdm Homme Bradley Norman Parker Bob Lmk Patrol Boys LEFT TO RIGHT Dean Mlller Floyd Fouts hm Moore Jerry Mrller O FROM LEFT: Carol Lurxrzmlrciserr, Janet V " ff? , -' 1 v ,-Qi 11 --vu. 11 W L 11 vp' 1 111 xl' Q 'I 1 " fs' J'-vu' ws.-Q-I--1, 11.3-1-'V"' --v 1-awww vu-vm ma DB Wu.. 1 1 .1 Q V 'u is ' . ,-in -Y as . ff Q-un W l 2 i . i 'X' Q f fr. , Z Q ' ' Q O ,Y . A Qflfiif' J I ' .. , 1 if I , 4 2 fix? , ? r QM V S W ' J . X N1 l 'T , Y X , 3 ' . ' . , V f , o ,L L K, I if i x , K' I I3 rs l ,N D Z,-2 an 4 A 14 'jf , V , A f ,Z .uni A 'V 1 A A M , f L . ,f s P Aly VT' ' ' if ' l-A f , w.. VV 1 L .f ' .VH ' , - . 'Yau Q 1' ' ' A L X ' fi ATTENIDANTS Freshmen Sandy Moore Wayland Ruzman xophomores Delores Goodspeed DICK Grable junrors Pat Gold Sonnv Nlanno Qenrors Nherrv Qchrock Wade Mrller Homecommg ueen N1 lee nrterson 'Und of Honor Nlane Nloel Fromner Kennx Nlarun Crown Bearer Jerome Mx ers Flowe G11 Clndx Gosche and Eseons Rrchard and Pob err Bananer ff on 'U ea? fm' 4-nl'-' SWEETHEART OUEEN Sherry Qchrock SKNEETHEART KING Jerome Myers MAID OF HONOR Terry Pagna CROMNER Kenny Martm ATTENDANT5 Senrors M McClellan W M111er Inmors M Orr B Boum Sophomores R, Hardmg V Myers Freshmen B Mrllen R Krnslev Emhth Grade I Bourn L Fresh Sexenrh Grade D Bell D Eley f I U I N0 May Queen: Carol Lorrzenheiser. Maid of Honor: Bonnie Poe, Crowner, Janet Knight. Crown Bearer Bonnie Bradle 3' 'va ,s -.W .A -, ff l 3 gf,- M 'J , 4 1 4 , J 4?- , L .. 44.1.1 Football The 1956 season opened w1th the Bobcats lookmg forward to a shghtly better season than that of the prevxous year The team lacked expenence however Coach Kot and Assxstant Coach Wltherow used the proper strategy wh1ch proved very successful for the Bobcats The 1956 season began at Mass1l1on Stadlum as 25 Umontown players trotted on the fleld Our opponent was Perry Local whom we defeated 13 to 0 The next week was our f1rst league game We played Marlboro at home. After a mck and tuck all the way J 1m Whlttaker went over from the ten yard lme to gtve us our only and wmnmg touchdown We defeated Marlboro 6 to 0 The followmg week we played Brewster who defeated us 34 to 12 Commg back the next week, we defeated Perry Local 33 to 12 Jerome Myers and Jim Wh1ttaker had 2 touchdowns each wh1le Ken Martm had one Our next game was w1th Greentown and It was one of the best games of the year for it was the first t1me we defeated Greentown tn SIX years W1th 3 v1ctor1es xmder our belts we were defeated by I-Iartvtlle They scored tw1ce to gtve them the wmmng touchdowns The game was lost mamly because of 1nJur1es to our team. Hartvllle defeated us 14 '1 The next week the Bobcats marched over to Marlboro to thelr homecormng, whom we defeated by a score of 21 to 13 Agaln we faced our tradnional r1vals Hartvtlle who had beaten us prev1ously J'1m Whittaker was the b1g gun scormg three times on runs of 55 and 40 and a 35 yard pass thrown by Ken Marun The half ume score was 13 7 Hartv1lle's favor The last score was made by Jerome Myers makmg the fmal score 26 19 Bobcats favor We won the game, but we lost our star end Sonny Manno for he recetved a bram concusslon. The next game was our Homeoommg game w1th Lod1 B111 Muffley paced the Bobcats w1th 3 touchdowns wfule Whrttaker Martin and Myers each scored tw1ce. The fmal score was 58 6 The fmal game of the year was w1th Dernson St Mary s lt was a hard fought game. We led at the half 14 13 and fnnally won by a score of 25 24 In the f1rst half Whmaker and Martin both scored and tn the second half Martin broke loose for 2 more touchdowns We had a very successful season by wmmng 7 and losmg only 2 games - F 1 , . , . . f , . . , . f 1 0 I . . ' . I , 0 I ' I o 1 ' l 0 1 l . 1 1 1 . . - . . . , . . . - - . 0 s 0 . . ffensive LINE: S. Manno, W. Miller, R, Shaw, C. PTLi1liPS, B. Zink, P. Lewis, N, Parker, V, Myers. BACKFIEL11 F. Pamer, B, Muffley, K. Martin, .T . Myers, J. Whittaker, . ., .A , : ' ,, ,Y W A., , V.. ,. .- .V W . ,. i fr Q r . , s me, M . -P 1 m 24 53 n 50 gg ' L I 2 ' x 0 - w 0 , H... ,J . I . hu -1 - A .-in , .51 w b' gay N 2' M A A l 'H - M f-En' -' ' ' A" We gs A A J - ' 4 dxf. . .gh MN Q, 1 ,pf f 1 'aw Vw., " Q., -ws 'L ,. f , M t . ' I' 1 :- .Q-WW ,-it " W ,, -:ae M :asf-Q..-wf M- ,Q f Mm'-+A-.,. M W H . N 1 e . B. A-,. M -- :if W1 V .. , . -.fe Ar' 1- W- , uw? .f'f'rf"1r,r.sf.,.e2fe-5.-frf- 'el-'ifdff-f"f, -112.-. r' 3 if-as sz q "f"+1'1P-rw fi , 5-up A B' ,mf ..'-ff' W'?Fff?E:m- X--e,. -,A 5 P' ...M . .,.. , , M M, ar. 'aw 'U .ex 3 3 .je 'A M 'fWk.,,,,,,r' H' M-3'.:'5-MF - "lf':f?"1SfSvf- 5'wr s" " um.,. "' 'J' ay Q K v -on dv, . -W ,ww . X I Nm p M, . , 5,,L,,N2 .1 1, .., N ., ,gr LL, . f 1 4 , ,LW W , ' "W" "TQ, .-J .qv gf. ff w yy . 5 -,vans -,vb .-""' 'Lv 'X f-. ,-L fn ,. N 1.-f ., sew 'F' W -fm W . '-Elie?-1 Defenslve LINE D Grable S Manno Jarvrs J Shaw P Lewls Parker BACK. B Muffley Shaw G Bader L Sxmpson .T Myers M1Jler D Myers N Marun R Whmaker il... Cuts, 'iz Semors KNEELING Head Coach Tom Kot Ass1sta.nt Coachl' Wxtherow STANDING wadeM1Jler Kenny Martm Jerome Myers Joe Nemet lf? Jr- Q-5'X"4'-fy, 5'-A rs. Gp v- 5- ww' I 0 ,. ' f I.- 3 ' 7 QQ, ' m " ' ' - 5 1 ' ' ' s 1 - , , v 45. 0 ' W ' n , ' - ,Q ' 0 I n I ' f Q., , 1 I U X . , . . , ' ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' W W' ' 1. .n.. -. I -'- 'rv .- sa ' '- - ' . - l K- 1 M .. .' -' . . , . . .T. . , - - , , ,N j-,.3 v, , 1 .,w, 4, 5 . . BY 'JB h Lg' ,., 4" ,- .4 In . V. - . el.:-my ,-, ,, -5 W- H -I A- f ' , 1 , - ,, . ' .j'.V'AJ-Gy-A-r.. " ' 5.4 I' - . . ' ' ' " ' " ' ' 33" ' '- ' - ."' nfl IVY' 'V ' L "-' 4. ""V' mir" '7 , A " ' 5 ' li, 14.-. A. '.,,,' ' , .-. sr ,., ,VA NA. .-. . ,- ' - f .. mf- e., -.- ...F - ,-. -, -A,-,.... - N. , -M 4' V-f,-.rv -in . 1 A . V, .-Ly.. --'Z fm' .11 "',f'fa '.- '- ' .T . .Jw " , 'Q-Nga " 1 'gs ""-'-- . ,- .IQ ,, ., .4 A e . ,, ,,. ,.,. --Q -, .. , .L ,. K A, -I A 'H'-', ,A .1 F'-., ' ' , .'- .. , - A ,, ,uf - .un P .dm ,zum J V,-, ,Y - 1. ' - ,- - , l. , Q ,, . 4, .1 Z ' M. Q .4 - ' ,- 'r ' ' s ' " . rf. . 41' ,- pq,-, .' ' ". ' ' , - . . "n I af ...J'?,.' - .-. ..- rp -- -1, - . , -.,. - - V. -- .115 wwluifiiivmfwwaflf Wade Mlller Left Tackle ALL COUNTY TACKIE Norman Parker Left End Stars B111 Muffley Right Half Jim Whittaker Left Half Phil Lewis Right Tackle A cl Shaw Left Guard Bob 71I1k Rxght Guard Kenny Martin Quarterback CAPTAIN Jerome Myers Fullback CO CA PTA IN Sonny Manno Right End Cody Phillips Center I C 1eld arslty Basketball ROW ONE R Mxller P Lewxs V Myers S Manno I Myers ROW TWO G Bader B Boum N Parker A Kxdd ROW THREE Coach Wnherow C Snyder C Glass Managers Assrstant Coach Kot ABSENT W M1ller B Muffley I Wlurta er RESERVE TEAM, ROW ONE C Snyder Manager A Kldd J Shaw V Myers P Lewls N Parker R Mlller C Glass Manager ROW TWO Aes1stantC.o.u.h Witherow, D. Bourn, G. Bader, R. Shaw, C. Bowers, Coach Rox. Headlmers 09 ggi ' vw-mf Wade Mrller lemme Myers fo Captam Guard CSDFHIU FOYWHVCI ALL COUNTY FORK ARD Bob Bourn Jrm Nwhxttaker Guard Guard pal.. ,f"'? Bill Mrrffley Sonny Manno Vernon Myers Guard Center Guard 3 'QMS L -1 V444 52" an si, VW "ii" G23-SQZ: 'ass ""':"-5.-5-,fp I ' f n 'ffm A 6 D S Q 3... X 5 ...if Y 5 0 ' ' CONGRATULATE S THE CLAS S OF ' 5 7 TRI - TEEN CCLINTY LINE MARKET or Fresh Meats Vegetables Grocerles Free Dellvery Dlal OXford 9 3254 Compllments MCGRE S GARAGE f of 9 THE GRABLE AGENCY Realtors Insurance Since 1927 Appraisals Uniontown Ohio OXford 9-2223 Congratulations to the SOPHOMORES THE WATERLOO Akron's Beautiful Drive In Restaurant 423 E Waterloo Rd Phone PA 4 0095 CLASS OF '57 Compliments of UNIONTOWN SAND AND GRAVEL SUPPLY INC R.D. l Box 30 Uniontown Ohio Russ Bridenthal Pres. R. M MCTZ General Auto Repairing Acetylene Welding Phone OX 9 2922 Uniontown Ohio Compliments of Al and Flo's WELCGME INN 2438 Canton Rd Featuring the Biggest Fish Sandwich in the World or Anywhere Else We Cater to Banquets and Private Parties O GOOD LUCK, GRADSf SHANE'S PHARMACY J Shane Pharmaclst Re11ab1e Prescrlptlon Servlce HY 95155 Greentown, 0h1o SUSDORF BROS F1or1sts and Greenhouse Canton Road Uniontown For A11 OCCaS1OnS Corsages Cut Flowers Potted Plants Open Evenlngs, Sundays Holldays De11very Servlce Phone OX 9 2427 GEDRGE BLIRRIS JEWELERS are ELGINBUYS' 3 ELGIN BOUQUET th h gh P9 Compllments 610 Canton Road FRIEND E11et Phone RE 3 2120 3 ELGIN LAWSON ry sry: v l . C. . , . . . . O ' I 53 Q Guaranteed accuracy. Gracefully rounded K edgeswr i curved Floral Designs crystal.Nyloncord. Q 4 0 ' 1 "Persona1r f ' Unrque Sha ed c Dependablemovem I 9 J . of I Compllments of HARTVILLE MERCHANTS ASSCDCIATIO NAGY FOOD LINER MILLER GOLDEN DAWN FOOD STANDARD SUPPLY CO HARTVILLE APPLIANCE HARTVILLE CLEANERS DOT'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Neoma Pratt 645 Canton Rd Phone ST 44565 THE MOGADORE SAVINGS BANK Mogadore Ohlo Contlnuous Banklng Servlce Slnce 1918 Com erclal Savlngs Loans Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corp PARK'S GARAGE Atlantlc Gas G O11 2472 Canton Rd Akron 12 Phone OX 9 3515 I I I 9 1 ' I RUBBER COMPANY TH MCDNARCH Compllments DR MILLER Patronlze GREENSBURG AUCTION JACK'S BARBER SHOP every Saturday 6 p m ln your ne1ghborhood New Furnlture 6 Merchandise 2467 Akron Cant0U Road Wayne Everhart, Auctloneer Compllments of JCB Grocer1es Electrlcal Appllances Hardwares Sherwln Willlams Paints Unlontown, Ohio OX 9 2433 CRAMER CUSHION COMTANY PRYOR EXCAVATING COMPANY Manufacturer of Tractor Cushions Excavatlng and Bulldozlng done 295 Kenmore Blvd 2210 Akron Canton Road ox 9 2402 Res ox 9 3536 PEACOCK INN Llquor Beer Food 2437 Canton Road OX 9 3433 of ..lRK JACK'S SHOE REPAIR 2227 Killian Road Akron 12 Ohlo OX 9 3340 Compllments of a FRIEND MANSION HOUSE 1052 S Arllngton St PA 4 4412 Chlcken Dlnners Sl 25 G up Home made P1es and Rolls Open Dally ll O0 9 00 Speclal Luncheon Menu Vera Brown Prop P O HEISLER Electrlc G Repalrlng Phone OX 9 2256 Unlontown Ohlo HOPM S FU ERAL HGME 547 Canton Road Akron Ohlo CEl1etJ 34 South Cleveland Ave Mogadore Ohlo St 4 4810 Homes Alr Condltloned Sunday 11:0O-8:OO . LET S GET BEHIND THE LINIGNTGWN HIGH BQCDSTER CLUB JOIN NCDW ! MR J.w.M1 M D KURTZ Plumblng, Heatlng Electrlc Works Appllances Greentown Oh1o Phone HY 9 2522 Compllments of AIRPORT AUTO PARTS CO New Used Rebullt Automotlve Products l493 Trlplett Blvd Akron Oh1o RE 3 2254 BLEDSOE MEAT MARKET Grocerles, Frults Vegetables, Alplne Swlss Cheese Troyer s Genulne Tra1l Bologna Natlonal Brands Store Telephone OXford 9 2013 Unlontown, Ohlo UNIONTOWN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Branch Offlce Hartvllle Deposlts Insured up to S10 000 3! Interest For the best 1U Insurance See LEO J DOMER AGENCY 445 Maple Street West Hartvllle, Oh1o Phone TR 7 9351 . . . . ' - - . . , . , . - 9 . . . . 3 I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 - . U O UNIONTOWN LICDNS CLUB GUNS ,di RATULATIONS TO LASS OF ' 5. 4 , ax ,S . I 4? QNA NOEL S CONFECTIONERY Patent Medlclnes ff GlftS School Supplles Greetlno Cards Sandwlches Phone OX-9-3456 Unlontown Ohlo 0 Q 1 '91 9 Q MARY S BEAUTY SHOP Where your patrona 1 ge 1S appreclated 'Cold Waves a Speclalty O2 South Maln St Unlontown Oh1o OX 9 3219 1250 C JQQ5 Akfx Qqpaz 'lf OL, 1' '96 fb' 0 42Q3 006: QQ7 fgkggx 6166860 29 5, lbs lg 56 Q1 QE, 11, 5 QQ GREEN GABLE SpCCl3llZiHg ln: Chlcken - Steak - Ham We cater to famlly groups, banquets, partles H1 h chairs avaliable 5 mlles south of Akron Alrport Rt 241 Masslllon Road Phone TY 6 99U2 xv V' x99 CD Q Oo Y QQ? 'Q Oi ge wp 95 ff BRIDENTHAL FORD GREENSBURG, OHIO Phone TY 6 2550 fy ek 4 C5 O S e NN Q Q' Q- C' O06 Q CQ be Q G0 6 Q Q Q OQO 49 cv v 94, QQ 0096 ' I O xx me O 06 V 49095 0- 6,90 S9 C ' Qs ,rnnn, Vf ROBERT BOURN Bulldlno Contracto onlontown, Onlo OX 9 2l89 Iililfi , PRESSLER'S arden and Lawn Equlpment Sales and Servlce lrac ors Mowers Tlllers Lawn Carden Supplles HWe sell the best a flx the rest H Unlontown, Ohlo OX 9 3502 ELLET LAUNDRY MAT Ohlo s Flnest Automatlc Laundry xp Free Soak Perlod Free Hours 6 to 9 Dally 8 to o Saturdays We SpGC13llZG ln W3SDlDg Q fluff drylng olO C n cn Road RE 3 0545 LENNY'S ICA MARKET Canton Road Ml N of Unlontown Phone OX 9 2929 HARTVILLE LOCKER Custom Slaughterln Beef by the Quarter Curlng and smokln Complete Processlnv me of Hartvllle oloona TR 7 9547 SUNSHINE DAIRY Ice Cream D lry Products West Maple Street Unlontown, Ohlo Call OX 9 2551 for home dellvery of Sterllng Grandvlew Mllk Superlor Ice Cream 1 .-1 fi ' x: . . . N V1 J- l L. - - .., . . , , L nd . , ,T r , . . 11 ' 4. 1 ' ,L - - . I . . ll. r O .3--'.'.-.'-'-' ' SOC f'tgiTf f . ,. x - al l f e - . 1, .5 lug .-. . . . -1 9 P ' ' a tl - -If i I' 1 ' ' 1 . . A. . cl . . . . . fl' O . . . . . S . . o ' B 0 ll RAD UNIONTOWN PARENT TEACHERS ASSGCIATION ongratu ' to the UATING HARTVILLE HARDWARE INC Dealers 1U General Hardware Stoves Electrlc Refrlgerators G Ranges sHoEMAKER's SERVICE Haftvllle, Ohio Atlantlc Petroleum Products CANTON RCAD l29 N Prospect St CLEANERS Hartvllle Ohlo Phone TR 7 9592 IKE L A6 V Feed Craln Coal Seed Fertlllzer BUlld1Hg Supplles Custom Chopplng Pur 1na Chows HARTVILLE ELEVATOR COMPANY Located JuSt South Of Route 224 on Canton Rd "In the Heart of Hartvl. e' Akron 12, 0h10 Phone 32U Compllments of MYERS FORD SALES South Prospect Street Hartvllle, Ohlo 6 E M f QflfX -Ny K S V ' 'll' " EARL LOUTZENHEBER Building Contractor Uniontown Ohio Phone OX-9-249 Compliments of WAGNER PHARMACY Compliments of Hartville Ohio SCHONER CHEVROLET CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE f CHEVROLET f Hartville Ohio SCHUMACHER LUMBER CO Where the home begins Hartville, Ohio hone Hartville TR 7 9391 Akron BL 3 0712 Compliments of LEWIS AND GREENHO, INC Quality Home Furnishings horth Canton Phone 92549 , . :- Q 3 -1 it vf I A- . 1 3 Q If v I' o D ' . . , Q ' Q Y ' 0 4 To The Palents of Tomorrow For Your Nutrltlonal Healrh V N N, A xl Food Supplement Compllments HEALTHFINDERS GUILD James H and Ruth E Jarrett R D 2 Box 573 OXford 9 3333 Unlontown Ohlo I - SA x4 - Q 4 6 in I l I Q0 5 6030 N ' of Compllments of GREER HEATING 210 Redwood Street UHlOHtOWH, Ohlo Pnone OX 9-2116 A ALLYN Jeweler SSIVlDg Ellet 34 years wlth flnest ln dlamonds G jewelry Elgln Watches prlced from S29 75 up Use our lay-away plan 595 Canton Road Akron 12 Ohlo TY-6-1315 Compllments of JA KINS Y Phone OX 9 2511 422 W Maple Street UDlOHtOWD, Ohlo For Your Insurance Needs See Your Local Agent NATION WIDE INSURANCE ELLERY C HARTONG Llfe Auto Flre Phone OX 9 2423 Unlontown Oh1o LES ZUERCHER' Home Dressed Meats Call ST 4 0189 930 Canton Road Akron Ohlo Best Wlshes STARK MOTORS, INCORPORATED 139 E Maple St Hartvllle Ohlo De Soto Plymouth Sales G Servlce Used Cars TR 7 9 I . . LE I Quality Built Homes ' , , ' S - - 621 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF ' from CANTON SHULAN JEWELERS 35 years experlence 2 stores to serve you 85 S Maln St Eastoate Shopplng Center Akron Ohlo CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF '57 PRYOR MARKET GROCERIES MEATS Masslllon Rd CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 57 STERN AND MANN S CANTON, OHIO 57 I . N. VICARY CO. ECONOMY FEED 8 SUPPLY Compllments of Palnts Hardware Bu11der's AZTEC DRIVE INN Supplles Seeds Fert111zers 2493 Canton Road Known For Good Food Phone OX 9 2818 Route 8 2 Mlle South of Ellet ULLIVAN BROTHER Plumblng and Heatlng Suppller and Servlce for all Natlonal Brands 1445 MaSS1llOD Rd ST 4 5471 WESTERN AUTO ASSN STORES Full Llne of Wlzard Products Auto Parts 124 North Prospect TR 7 9241 ELLET BLOCK COMTANY Blocks Brlcks, Sash and Other Bulldlng Materlals 2474 Trlplett Blvd Akron, 12 Oh1o ST 4 8713 n a ' Q , n 1 u X Q e n e o o o o o s o Q o a Q Q Compliments of SCHLEMMER HIMSELF Your North Canton Mercury Dealer 1150 S Maln St MORE of EVERYTHING YOU WANT wlth MERCURY Compllments of RUBBER CITY SAND AND GRAVEL MYERSVILLE ROAD UNIONTOWN OHIO 3 Best Wlshes Class of 1957 W S CABLE FLORISTS Speclal Attentlon 1030 Hayne Road Akron 12 Ohlo OX 9 2413 FELLER DRAIN SERVICE Cesspools Clsterns Cleaned OX 9 3245 Congratulatlons Grads from CLASS OF 1958 Compllments of PLEASANT VIEW REST HOME Llcensed OX 9 3372 Unlontown, Ohlo I I , 1 . 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Suggestions in the Uniontown High School - Utonian Yearbook (Uniontown, OH) collection:

Uniontown High School - Utonian Yearbook (Uniontown, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 50

1957, pg 50

Uniontown High School - Utonian Yearbook (Uniontown, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 34

1957, pg 34

Uniontown High School - Utonian Yearbook (Uniontown, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 75

1957, pg 75

Uniontown High School - Utonian Yearbook (Uniontown, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 36

1957, pg 36

Uniontown High School - Utonian Yearbook (Uniontown, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 39

1957, pg 39

Uniontown High School - Utonian Yearbook (Uniontown, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 59

1957, pg 59

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