Uniontown High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Uniontown, PA)

 - Class of 1955

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Uniontown High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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U V if belongs t MAROON AND WHITE I955 SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL UNIONTOWN JOINT HIGH SCHOOL SYSTEM UNIONTQWN, PENNSYLVANIA MAROON AND WHITE EDITORIAL STAFF Seated Mxss Lucas Spcxlek Sesler Reltz Anderson Connor Bufcxluu Stcmdmg Holhdoy Marshall Mullcm Skundo Baron Nobors Rexrode Smore Bumworth In The following pages are sTorecl pleasanT memories of our school life at We The members of The Annual sTaTT hope you will find enloymenT in This year s publicahon and ThaT in years To come :T will bring back happy memories of old friends Kay Reitz Ednor Mary Sesler Nancy Spalek Deanna Bufalini Dolores BurnvvorTh Mary Ann Skunda Virginia Nabors Marian Baron RoberT Holliday Cornell Smore Tom Anderson Joanne Rexrode Connie Connor Louise Mullan Jack Marshall Chrisfme E Lucas Sponsor Uniontown Senior High. They also represenT many hours of planning and work. 2 DEDICATION W neil Q 'Qian - 4.1 ,"'sq Wx- 5. V To Those who had The ToresighT and courage To give Us The beaUTifui new addiTions To our school, we dedicaTe This T955 ediTion of The Maroon and White. This is a highlighf in The life of UHS. May iT be an inspiraTion To fuwre genera- Tions as well as a source of happiness To iTs builders. 3 s 4 X Q X 4 7 2 A Q5 f ,wk gp if A ,.,, ?' v Q 355 fin Z y if I . , f, 4 , f' W if , 1 . 5 1: mg ADMINISTRATION d e y poble eld Th I IIII IIII Z, IIIII XWIT! ITT 0 gv 1 x Ari f-I ,I M iiiii-lu """ " " " nn , ,fff ff f0 ' I ffff ul I' IITIIH' I III Q -,...--f 'fy I ',lli X I ' X4 ' , .. Our Teachers, supe-rinTendenT, and I ' 1 X ,., T I f rnembers of The school board were The Y , 1, I noble engineers who h e keys which X opene Th doors To The soIuTions of our man r ms. We exTencI our mosT I f ' I sincere graTiTude To This hosT of fine in- A I T Tors. A ' I AI 5 UNIONTOWN JOINT HIGH SCHOOL COMMITTEE Qeated Clarence Abel Mrs Eleanor Stone Herman Haase Dr Fred E Bryan R E Tantlmger Ralph M Tencate Standmg Ray P Coffman Edgar Sparrow Herbert K Kmg Frank R Gleason 6 funn,- DR KOVAR , K. Many things helped to make our senior year one ot the best, but we would never have been able to accomplish what we did without the able supervision ot the persons pictured on this page. Dr. Fred E. Bryan, super- intendent of schools, Dr. Dan R. Kovar, principal, together with Max L. Zane, vice-principal, guid- ed us and kept things running smoothly. J. Vernon Crawford, director ot the vocational school, and our secretaries, Sally Caro- mano and Betty Jean Hulbert, also lent us their guidance vvhen- DR. BRYAN g ever needed. K X MR. ZANE MR. CRAWFORD MISS CAROMANO cmd MRS. HULBERT 7 FACULTY CHARLES R. KALMANEK IOHN KRUPER B'S" MQA- B.S., M.Ed. K W RICHARDS AB MA GUY ROSS VEDA M Ely ROBERT C PIKE FAY M BROOKS HUGH H MARY C A B A M B S m Ed ROGERS WALSH M Ed B S B C S 'Q NELLE BREY ROBERT A GENEVIEVE H B S ML1tt LYON IR MCLAIN A B B S B S m Ed I H EUGENE HULBERT B S M Ed MEd B A M Lltt LILLIAN R ZEARLEY A B M Lltt ROBERT V BLANC B S M Ed Hunk FRANCES HEYSER A A m , gi ,- . Y , ' 3 f B.S. . ., . . . .' ., B.S, A R. mf . ,1 I 1 ' q A ,f I ,E , , Q B B ,... f A A 4:1 . 5 5 :" ' ' Ziff? 1 1 ' , , www -V f 'fm-':sf 21" ff. , - 'A . ..- -: H, f - s. ,:ff"' ff "www-,, w ' , B ' A 4- ' ' df L7 k 1 lf, 115'1'iQ'Iif'IL1':ff55E:. 23525 K Y X 1 ., '11-51 f1fE5'1-Zl'E4.i71-' U . . . Bs. 8 FACULTY A. I. EVERHART B,S. rw' -l,,,k AB MLM in M HAAG HELEN BRICE B A M A AB MA I WILLIAM K POWER BS MA BS PE MEd W IESSE FRANKS B S M L1tt M Ed CAdm PATRICIA LOCKE B A B P M Lltt GUY E RIDER A B M Ed FLORENCE P THOMAS IULIA BROOKE PHILIP B HILL KING SCHENCK A B M Lm A B M Ed 9 MILLICENT E. NEILL A.B. MARY IEFFERIS CLAPENCE A B M Ed STARK ANNA CONN B S M S BS MA DANIEL E HESS B S nn Ed CHRISTINE ESLUCAS v I , Q g , ' K 4 . r C. . . . G. 5 , ' Q, 1 ,1 H' LI I' 'I' X in K, 4: '17 1' wr wg? if SENIORS O the Th eslwold of a me and seful o se o e e o gel he e e dee O s X 1 X mmlliihlmkli 11 1 R F I i R lx i - 5 - mu . ' ' :ll E 3 I X 4 A znleh ' 5,1 K .. , rw r vv U M W ' ' QP! I' 41 3 ,ll ,IV lfe vve,1he semi rs, if rfh. Th metal i f lW,f " Y! :4Vw' f if fn -" ,-l J. - f' V' "" ' lx e hav f r c Jsf susfam Us in fm!!! 4, - A gk -I-4il!!, I A ! r n V r . 'I I 1 :W ' If ALLAMON WAYNE Goose Vocatronal Homeroom secretary rn sopho more and junror years Mem ber of the wrestlrng squad Enjoys all types of sports espe crally wrestlmg basketball and football Asprres to be an auto mechanrc atter graduatron well lrked by fellow class mates AMEND EDWARD REGIS Rege General One oi those three year band men Has a trrm toundatron May be seen drrvrng a Pack ard to and lrom school Sure to succeed Nrce person to know ANDERSON LLOYD Iron Iaws Technrcal Played basketball 2 Track Football 2 3 4 All County Player All State Honorable Mentron Wrestlrng squad 4 Student Senate oth cer Safety Captarn ron laws rs an all around athlete ANDERSON IOHN SHERMAN Hot Lrps College Preparatory A bass hom player rn the band for three years Chorus 3 4 Alpha Hr Y 4 Works as a radro technrcran alter school ANDERSON ROY G Drnkous General Member oi the band 2 3 Orchestra Z 3 4 Member of Bea HrY Z 3 4 Moved to York Pa durrng hrs junror year Plays goli He lrkes to roller skate ANDERSON THOMAS Tom College Preparatory Homeroom usher and secretary Member ot band 2 3 4 Mrxecl Chorus 3 Homeroom presrdent and treasurer rn strel 3 Senror Class Presrdent Track 3 4 Gamma HrY Annual Stall 4 ANDREWS PAUL P .After Vocatronal Secretary of hrs homeroom Enjoys playrng tootball other avocatron IS huntrng Enjoys sports of all varretres Thoroughly drslrkes speedrng au tomobrles A nrce person to know Plans to become an auto mechanrc alter graduatron ANNUNZI HAROLD Huskerr Vocatronal Has a keen rnterest rrr rarsrng anrmals and brrds Also spends hrs lersure trme wrth gar denrng and tree care Hopes to become a landscaprst and farmer Wrth hrs abundant ambrtron he wrll be outstandrng rn hrs held ANTHONY WAYNE Wayne Industrral Arts Thrs boy seems very shy He has traveled as tar west as Arrzona He may go rnto serv rce after graduatron He rs one of Mr Rrders homeroom mem bers APPLEBY SANDRA FAY Sandy Commercral Secretarral Sandra was homeroom secre tary durrng her junror year She has steady employment Enjoys lrstenrng to popular musrc Steady bus nder Nrce quret personalrty Ambrtron rs to become a secretary an dy lrkes shorthand ARISON DONALD DAL Scrappy General ln the mmstrel cast for three years strarght Also a three year chorus member Home room treasurer dunng 1un1or year Member ol Alpha H1 Y durmg semor year Ralses beet cattle ARNOLD DELBERT Charhe Vocatronal Hrs hobby IS workmg wxth flowers and wood workmg He enyoys f1Sl11l'lg huntmg and baseball Ambrtzon IS to get hrs school work done Thrs boy has no dtslxkes ATKINSON DAVE Dave General Parncxpated rn basketball dur mg hrs sophomore year llkes all sports Also played iootball 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Lxkes to hunt and hsh Enjoys watclung the hghts on TV BADGER ELAINE Elame Commercral Secretarral Harled from lll1no1s to start her jumor year Member of Gam ma Tn H1 Y Natronal Honor Soclety 3 4 Her warm per sonahty IS always welcommg Has a part trme Job as a sales g1r BARATKA FRANK Chum Drstrxbutlve Educatron A homeroom usher durmg hrs jumor year Dlstrrbutlve Edu catxon Club Store work expe nence at Bensons Drslrkes snooty people Good food lS among h1s hkes Wlll make a wonderful future salesman BARBABELLA ENRICO Buzzy College Preparatory Hrs hobby IS huntrng cause he hkes excltement he may someday be a member of the FBI Treasurer of h1s homeroom dunng hxs sophomore year Hes off to the Navy now BARON MARIAN ANN Marxan Commerclal Secretanal Homeroom secretary 3 Alpha Tn H1Y 3 4 Home room presldent 4 Maroon Key Bowlmg Club 4 tlonal Honor Socrety 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 A Falr chance commuter Always cheerful BATYA IOSEPH A oe College Preparatory A very llkeable fellow One of the more fortunate ones when lt comes to braxns A sopho more A B Club member trorxal Honor Socrety 3 4 Sergeant at Arms of the Natronal Honor Socxety 4 BELL DONALD Drng Vocatronal Treasurer of hrs homeroom 'I'hr1ves wrth abundant energy Partlcxpates rn football and basketball rn hrs lelsure nme En1oys swlmmmg Dzslrkes concerted people Antrmpates becommg an electnclan after graduatron and wrth hrs ambmon he should succeed BIALON IANET an College Preparatory Ianet attended Bellmar Senlor Hlgh School durmg her sopho- more year A member of the Natronal Honor SOCISIY 3 4 Homeroom secretary durmg her semor year Part tune employ ment as a salesgrrl .' ' ' ' ...Be- .' Q' 4... ' ...Na- ' ' ...He ,. , , - ."...NCl- l 13 BIERER ROY VERNON Beer Drstrrbutrve Educatron Store work experrence at Frank Auto Supply Drslrkes stayrng home Drstrrbutrve Educatron Club Hot rods are among hrs lrkes Enjoys workmq t Frank s BLACK MARLENE Blackre College Preparatory Marlene was a member of Beta Tn Hr Y durrng her senror year She lrkes the latest hrt rec ords Enjoys playrng badmm on She sees Florence Nrght rngale rn her future BOSSART CAROL SUE Carol College Preparatory Homeroom secretary 2 Homeroom vrce presrdent 3 Mrnstrel 3 Homeroom treas urer 4 Member of the chorus Actrve member of Alpha Tr HrY 2 3 4 Ambrtron rs to be an arrlrne hostess BRAXTON LAWRENCE HOWARD Larry Hocks College Preparatory One of the better lrked boys rn Senror Hrgh A member of the Nature Club when a sopho more Projectronrst Club kept hrm busy durrng hrs semor year BRAUER NANCY LEE Mother College Preparatory Chorus 2 3 4 Mrrrstrel chorus 2 3 Sophomore Nature and Dramatrc Clubs Alpha T HrY 2 3 4 Our lrttle songbrrd who represented us rn All County Chorus last year nr-u Q! BRENZY BERNADINE Bernre Vocatronal Class representatrve rn lunror year Presrdent of Vocatronal Senror Class Spends rdle trme skatrng dancrng and watchmg televrsron Hobby rs collectrng prctures In the future hopes to be employed as a beauty operator BROWN WILLIAM r Drstrrbutrve Educatron On the wrestlrnq squad durmg hrs sophomore and junror years In the Drstrrbutrve Educatron Club rn hrs sen1or year Works at Frrestone s BRYNER MADELYN E Maddre Drstrrbutrve Educatron An enthusrastrc member of Drs trrbutrve Educatron Club Worked at W T Grants Com pany A sports enthusrast One of our few students who lrke to work Drslrkes drrnkrng smokmg and rrosey people BUERGER RICHARD 3 Play College Preparatory Presrdent of homeroom Iunror Class presrdent Student Senate presrdent Football 2 Basketball 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Beta HrY 2 He prloted the Rarders vrctory BUFALINI DEANNA Dee College Preparatory Homeroom usher durrng her sophomore year Nature Club Actrve member of Gamma Trr HrY 3 4 Yearbook Staff and Bowlrng Club She al ways has a merry twrnkle rn her yes Ambrtron rs to become a nurse BURNWORTH DAVID Bernre Vocatronal Has an avld rnterest rn huntrng Has been a three year mem ber of Top Hat Club m ployed part trme rn a garage Drslrkes Northern wrnters m brtron rs to be the proprretor of a garage BURNWORTH DOLORES Do Do College Preparatory Homeroom presrclent durmg her sophomore year Member of the Nature Club A member of the Bowlrnq Club Actrve member of Beta Tr1H1Y Yearbook Staff Do Do rs a arrl wrth boundless energy CASALINOVA FRANK Casanova Drstrrbutrve Educatron Vrce presrdent of hrs homeroom rn hrs senror year In the Dramatrc Club rn hrs sophomore year Drstrrbutrve Educatron Club 4 Works at Bensons Some of hrs hkes are sports and food CASSINOTTI IOYCE ELAINE Ioyce College Preparatory Member ol Cheerleaders Club Alpha Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 Homeroom presrdent 3 Var srty cheerleader 3 4 Treas urer of Senror Class Alpha Trr Hr Y vrce presrdent 4 Top Hat Board of Control 3 4 CATON ROBERT L Bob College Preparatory Homeroom treasurer 2 Homeroom usher 4 Secretary of Student Senate 2 A B Club Band 2 3 4 Beta Hr Y Presrdent of Beta HrY 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 A strarght A man '6-"' 1? ffw N Ziff CHISLER FRANKLIN D Chrs De Iohn General On the wrestlrng squad Z A member of the chorus durrng hrs senror year Top Hat Employed at a drug store Always seen wrth Iohn Anderson Plays basketball Natronal Guard CHRISTOPHER MARY MARGARET Bunny Commercral Secretarral Absentee slrp collector Thrs grrl rs a top notch wartress Ore of the krds from Mr Rrders homeroom A wrnnrng smrle rs always on her face CICCI ROSEMARIE Che Che General Busrness Homeroom secretary 2 Elected to Student Senate rn her sophomore year Prefers drrv rng and home economrcs to all other subjects Full of pep and ambrtron COCKFIELD BONNER R Buz General Member of the band 2 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Member of Beta H 2 3 Partrcrpated rn the mrnstrel 3 He plays a hot trumpet Plays rn the Top Hat Orchestra CODDINGTON EMMA IANE A member oi the A B Club and also the Natronal Honor Socrety durrng her runror and senror years Has what rt takes to succeed Beta TrrH1Y 2 3 4 Church secretary COFFMAN BETTY LOU Betty General Busmess A member oi the Dramatrc Club 2 Member of the Cheer leadmg Club 2 3 Gamma Tn H1Y 2 3 4 Iumor cheer leader Part t1me employment as a clerk Lrkes popular musrc COFFMAN MARIANNE Mananne College Preparatory Presrdent of homeroom Z Vrce presrdent 3 Vrce presr dent of Student Senate 3 Chorus 2 3 Mmstrel chorus Sophomore Nature Club Sophomore Dramatrc Club Cheerleadrng Club 2 Alpha Tn H1 Y 3 4 Iunror Red Cross Secretary 3 4 COLDREN IOHN General Member of the Forest Frre Crew dunng hrs sophomore junror and semor years He hkes hunt mg hshrng and hrkrng Has a collectron of guns and troprcal 1sh Plans to take up forestry COLFLESH RUTH Ruth General Busmess Ruth rs quret and shy She should be a good secretary We 111-re her neat appearance One of her hobbres rs sewmg Halls from Farmmgton Sure to succeed COLLINS EARL Sonny General A two year track and wrestlm man Went to Masontown dur mg hrs sophomore year n ardent hunter 'I'he other hall of homeroom lU2s brother srster team COLLINS IANET IOYCE ean General Busrness Bowlrng Club dunng junror and semor years Vrce presrdent of homeroom 4 Maroon Key Beta Tn H1 Y A very popular grrl One half of a brother srster team CONNOR CONNIE GAIL Connre College Preparatory Took part rn the class play 2 County wmner rn Conserva tron Essay 2 Worked on the school paper 2 3 Sophomore Dramatrc Club and Nature Club Alpha Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Yearbook Stall 4 Steady worker CONNELLY NEAL S El Fonno Sophomore homeroom usher treasurer rn junror year Member of chorus In Mm strel chorus rn sophomore and Jumor years Color Guard rn marchrng band Chaplam of Alpha HLY rn senror year Member of basketball track and swrmmrng teams CONROY MARLENE Peanuts Drstrrbutrve Educatron An actrve member of the Soph omore Dramatrc Club Home room treasurer rn her yunror year Partrcrpated rn the mmstrel rn her lumor year A member of the Drstrrbutrve Educatron Club rn her semor year Has a mce personahty COOLEY IOHN LEWIS ack College Preparatory Treasurer of hrs sophomore homeroom Played rn the or chestra for the Mrnstrel dunng hrs jumor year Played the saxophone rn the band dunng hrs sophomore and Jumor years ' l III ll ' . 4... '-'- ul- C-" Technical f . " ' l . ' ' ' ...A y - - 16 CORE, THOMAS HURST "Squardick" College Preparatory Homeroom treasurer in sopho- more and junior years . . . In sophomore one-act play . . . Presi- dent of chorus in senior year . . . Member of band and drum-major in junior and senior years . . . President of Alpha Hi-Y COSGROVE PATRICIA LEE a General Business Homeroom secretary in sopho more year Member of Beta T H1Y 2 3 4 An active member of Maroon Key and Cheerleadrng Club Pat was also a Iunior Varsity Cheerleader A glrl full of pep and energy CRAWFORD RONALD General Usher of his homeroom rs sophomore year and also is junior year Member e Nature Club in sophomore year On track team in senior year On Church League basketball teams CROFTCHECK SHIRLEY ANN Nan Dlstnbutrve Education Shirley is a member of the Dis trrbutrve Education Club She has worked at Montgomery Ward Her first three years were spent at Redstone High School Shirley likes dancing and working CROSSLAND RONALD W Coach General Usher of sophomore homeroom and junior homeroom Served as president of senior homeroom Member of the football team during his sophomore and senior years Member of the track team 2 On wrestling team for three years T21 CUDZILO, GREGORY "Greg" College Preparatory Has been a member of the wrestling teams during his junior and senior years . . . Each sum- mer he works in the tobacco fields . . . He is a friendly person. CUNNINGHAM ROBERT A Cut General Bob has been on the wrestling team during his sophomore junior and senior years He has played the positron of tackle on the football squad during his junior and senior years DANDREA RITA Reet Commercial Secretarial Homeroom treasurer rn her sophomore year and junior home room president In sophomore one act play Forensics Club Cheerleading Club and Gam ma Tri H1 Y Varsity cheer leader rn her senior year DAVID SIMON F Iune Bug General Usher for sophomore homeroom President of senior homeroom Treasurer for senior home room On football basketball and track teams Member of Projectromst Club in sophomore and junior years Member of Beta H1Y and vice president in senior year DEAL NORMA RUTH Norma College Preparatory President of her homeroom in her sophomore year Vice president of Nature Club Member of Beta TnH1Y and Chaplain in her semor year Cheerleading Club Member of the National Honor Society Varsity cheerleader D A R Best Citizen DE CARLO IACQUELINE MARIE Iackre Commercral Secretarral Homeroom secretary rn sopho more year Usher rn junror year of homeroom Treasurer rn senror Member of Bowlrng Club and Gamma TrrHrY On Annual Busrrress Staff Concessron stand worker DE CARLO MARIE CARMELLA Mud Commercral Secretarral Has been a member of Maroon Key and Bowlrng Club durrng her senror year She was an ac trve member of the Gamma Trr HrY durrng her senror year On the Annual Busrness Staff DECKER IANET L Shorty General Lrkes to attend dances at Top Hat Never mrsses a chance to cheer the Rarders to vrctory by attendrng football and basketball games wrestlrng matches track meets DEMKO IOHN BERNARD Sam General Bemard was treasurer ol hrs homeroom durrng hrs sophomore year Hrs lrrst rnterest rs rn sports Baseball was hrs sport as a sophomore Played foot ball two years DETWEILER ALAN DALE e General End man rn mrnstrel rn sopho more year and solorst rn Junror year In sophomore one act play Member of band and color guard rn junror and senror years On Iootball and basket ball teams rn sophomore year Member of Alpha HrY and Frreirghters Club DINARDO THOMAS Tom General Elected vrce presrdent of hrs Junror homeroom Was rn the mrnstrel show durrng hrs Junror year Has been on the wres tlrng team for hrs sophomore Junror and senror years Works rn Connectrcut every sum mer A talented ventrrloqurst DrSANTO MIKE A Boss General Usher rn hrs sophomore year and rn hrs junror year He has been a member of the band dur trng hrs sophomore lunror and senror years He played bas ketball rn hrs sophomore year Was on the wrestlrng team rn hrs rumor year DOBYNS FRANCES Fran General Durrng her sophomore year she was a member of the Dramatrc Alpha TrrHrY durrng her Junror and senror years Enyoys go rng bowlrng wrth the Bowlrng Club DUBRAWSKY RONALD Ronnre College Preparatory Has been playrng rn the school orchestra durrng hrs Junror and senror years He was a mem ber ol the band durrng hrs senror year Won honor of attendrng the Trr State Band Clrnrc rn hrs senror year DUNCAN ELAINE Babe Vocatronal Elarne lrkes to read rn her free trme She works rn a beauty parlor Among some of her lrkes are musrc and dancrng Her greatest drslrke rs studyrng Her greatest ambrtron rs to be a beautrcran ' ' ' - - - Club . . . Has been a member of , ' or , - - - 'M - U "Dt" ' 18 DUNN RALPH Farmer Vocatronal Member ot the Future Farmers ol Amerrca Huntrng trshrng and watchrng TV take up most ol hrs lersure trme Hrs lrkes are all krnds ol sports Hrs drslrkes are bossy people EISENBERG RAE Rae General Thrs senror from homeroom 103 rs a sharp dresser Works as a clerk at Kaulmans Has a hobby of drawrng tashron d srgns Also rs a counselor at camo durrng the summer Rae would make cr wonderful iashron desrgner ELLIS ROSS F Ross College Preparatory Ross was an usher rn hrs junror homeroom and rn hrs senror home room Was a member of the Forest Frre Crew durrng hrs soph omore year and yunror year Was on the track team rn hrs sophomore year ENDSLEY ROBERT Professor General Durrng hrs sophomore year he was a member of the stage crew Charrman of the program commrttee for the rumor and senror dances Awarded the Gold Key a scholastrc Art Award for Western Pennsylvanra durrng hrs junror year A real artrst EVANSEK EDWARD S Pete Vocatronal Treasurer of Future Farmers ol Amerrca Hrs lrkes are drrvrng the famrly s car and huntrng Hrs greatest ambrtron rs to be a farmer Dancmg rs hrs drshke if Wvw mg ver: EXLEY IAMES Ceneral Elected usher of hrs homeroom durrng hrs junror year Lrkes to wrestle He has been on the wrestlrng team rn the 168 pound class durrng hrs sopho more rumor and semor years FALLON PATRICIA ELLEN a College Preparatory Majorette Sophomore one act play Sophomore Dramatrc Club Usher rn homeroom 2 Member of the Iunror Dance Commrttee and a Iunror Dance Queen attendant Member ol the Senror Dance Commrttee Member of the Alpha TrrHrY Forerrsrcs and Chorus PARIS ARLEEN ANNE Arleen College Preparatory Sophomore homeroom treasurer Hard workrng band manager Member ol Alpha Trr H1Y In the Dramatrc Club and Cheerleadrng Club Treasurer ol Top Hat rn her yunror year Member of Iunror Dance Commrt tee and Senror Dance Commrttee FEE HARRY Moose General Presrdent of hrs sophomore homeroom Vrce presrdent rn hrs Junror year Beta Hr Y A star player on the football team durrng hrs hrgh school days Well lrked by all Swell chap to know FIKE CECIL W Cecrl General Usher of hrs homeroom rn hrs sophomore year actrve member ol the Pro1ectronrst Club throughout hrs hrgh school years Partrcrpated rn track rn hrs junror and semor years Plans a career rn the Arr Force FINNEY KENNETH Buggy General Kenneth was an enthusrastrc member of the track team through out hrs hrgh school days Plays basketball rn hrs spare trme Enloys dancrng espe crally lrtterbuggrng Plans a career rn the Arr Force after grad uatron FIRESTONE VICTORIA Satch General Durrng her junror year she helped students frnd and check out books by berng a lrbrary as srstant Readxng books and collectrng records are her hobbres Vrctorra lrkes to study hrs tory FISCHER GERALD Gerald General A very actrve member of the Projectronrst Club rn hrs senror year Enyoys popular musrc Fond of readrng rn hrs spare trme Plans a Navy career after graduatron Has a frrend ly smrle and cr nrce personalrty FISHER RICHARD Slug General Rrchard was an enerqetrc mem ber of the basketball team durrng hrs hrgh school years A mem ber oi the track team rn hrs senror year Enyoys dancrng of all types Plans a career rn the Arr Force lollowmg graduatron FLANEGAN CAROLYN Snuffy General Busrness Homeroom treasurer 3 Snutfy has been a member of Alpha Trr H1 Y for three years Alter a season as a I V Cheer leader she became one of our peppy varsrty cheerleaders FORD IANE EILEEN Ianre General Busrness Homeroom usher rn sophomore year Treasurer rn Junror year Senror homeroom presrdent Senror Hrgh News Busrness Staff Member oi Gamma Tn H1Y and club hrstorran rn senror year Member ot Senror Dance Refreshment Commrttee FORD RUTH ANN Ruthre College Preparatory Durrng her sophomore year she was a member of the Dramatrc Club She has been a member of the Alpha Tn HrY durrng her sophomore yurrror and senror years A good Home Ec student FOX NANCY CAROL Nancy College Preparatory Member of the chorus rn her Junror and senror years and m the mrnstrel chorus rn the yunror year Member ot Alpha Tn HrY for three years Secre tary of Top Hat rn senror year FRANTY ANTHONY I Babe College Preparatory Homeroom presrdent 2 3 Sophomore one act play Forensrcs 2 3 4 Gamma Hr Y Gamma H1 Y presrdent 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Vrce presrdent of Natronal Honor Socrety 4 Trcket charr man of Iunror and Senror Dances Member ot Amerrcan Iunror Re Cross 2 3 4 Eastern Area Councrl Charrman of Iunror Red Cross GABRIEL ARTHUR P r College Preparatory En1oys all types of dancrng Fond of drrvrng drtterent krnds of cars An energetrc member ol the Sarnt George s Church basket ball team Plans to partrcrpate rn a Lrberal Arts Course rn col lege GADDIS DOLORES Dolores Commercial Secretarial We like her friendly greetings She s always smiling Her teachers commend her for her beautiful penmanship Her neat clothes and sweet smile are so familiar GALLEY REBECCA Becky General This girl has lovely eyes She halls from Vanderbilt Ar is her favorite subyect She hangs her hat in room this year She is sure to suc ceed in the future GARROW MARY IANE Me General Business President of sophomore home room and member ol the Cheer leading Club Secretary of the lunior class Treasurer of the Junior homeroom Member of the Art Club Maroon Key and Gamma Tri H1 Y Vice presi dent of senior homeroom GASKILL COLLEEN ANN Colleen College Preparatory Vice president of homeroom in sophomore and junior years In chorus and a malorette . . . Manager of Senior High News Business Staff . . . Member of Alpha Tri-Hi-Y and treasurer in senior year. GENOVBSE ROBERT . ' Bob ' General Industrial Usher of his homeroom in his sophomore year and in his junior year . . . A peppy member of the track team in his junior year . . . Has pretty, sparkling blue eyes . . . Has a nice smile and friend- ly personality. 'WE GERMAN LOUIS Boone Vocational His hobby is baseball was the Student of the Month On the National Honor Society Likes dancing Ambition is to become a machinist GIARDINI IO ANN General Business An energetrc member of the Cheerleading Club in her sopho more year A member of Gamma Tn H1Y in her senior year Enjoys dancing espe cially fond of Jitterbugging Plans to be a telephone operator after graduation GILLESPIE IAMES G 1m College Preparatory A popular boy around the school Usher in 1un1or year Active member of Beta H1Y Favorite class is solid geometry Ioyful classmate who has a smile for all After graduation plans to loin the Arr Force GILLOCK IOSEPH oe College Preparatory Well liked by all classmates . . . Usher of his homeroom 2 4 . . . Chosen as a member of Beta Hi-Y . . . Prefers physics class to all others . . . Always eager and willing to help one in need . . . Plans to join the Air Force. GILMORE, MARY "Mary Commercial Secretarial Mary is lots of fun . . . She loves to listen to Patti Page . . . Once she hoped to be a girl de- tective . . . She belongs to room . , . Nice to know. GILMORE RAY Ray General Ray rmpresses us with hrs shy manner Does he strll collect snakes? Art is tops wrth him Once he hoped to be a gun smrth GLASS NANCY Nance College Preparatory A member of Alpha Trr Hr Y for three years A member of the chorus throughout her high school years Vrce presrdent of her homeroom rn her lunror year A member of the Maroon Key rn her senror year GOLDBERG HARRY H Harry College Preparatory Usher of hrs homeroom rn hrs sophomore year In the Alpha Hr Y rn hrs sophomore Junror and senror years An rntellrgent student who s outstanding rn all subyects GUTHRIE IAMES rm College Preparatory Usher of hrs homeroom rn hrs sophomore year A member of the track team rn hrs senror year . . . A member ol the Pro- jectionist Club and Beta Hi-Y in his senior year . . . Plans to be- come a civil engineer. GUY EDWARD ' Reliable' Vocational Enjoys playing baseball in his spare time . . . Dislikes shows . . . Works in a garage . . . Am- bition is to become a mechanic. Y"""9 'ft' I fl HAGER GENEVIEVE LOUISE Ienny General Comes to school vra the Farm rngton bus Maroon Key 4 Alpha Trr Hr Y 4 Errloys typrng class most Well known for her brg blue eyes Popular wrth both grrls and boys HARBARGER SHIRLEY Hamburger Beauty Culture Student of the Month Joys swrmmrng Her hobby rs wrrtrng letters Dislikes vege table soup Wants to become a nurse or beautrcran HART VELDA Velda Commercral Secretarial Secretary of homeroom 2 3 4 Homeroom treasurer 3 Sang rn the chorus for two years Actrve member of Gamma TrrH1Y 3 4 A B Club mem ber 2 Honor student rn all subyects Her sparkling blue eyes and pleasant smrle add to her charm HART VERNON Pete General A partrcrpant rn track rn hrs yunror year Frrendly rn a quret way Favorrte sport rs playing baseball . . . He plans to join the Air Force following his graduation. HARTMAN HARRY "Hairbreadth ' College Preparatory Played center on the football team 2, 3, 4 . . . Basketball 2, 3 . , . Wrestling 4 . . . Gamma Hi-Y 4 . . . Homeroom secretary in junior year . . . Treasurer of Stu- dent Senate in senior year . . . Track 2, 3. 4. HAY RICHARD I Drck College Preparatory Homeroom usher 4 Partrcr pant rn sophomore one act play Mrnstrel chorus 3 Chorus Swrmmrng team 2 3 Nature Club treasurer 2 Member of Beta Hr Y 2 3 4 HEETER DAVID L Dave College Preparatory Homeroom usher rn sophomore and junror years Homeroom vrce presrdent 3 Band 2 3 4 Played rn school orchestra junror year Member of Alpha Hr Y 2 3 Plans to enter Penn State HENZLY ROBERT Bob General A member of the Forest Frre Crew rn hrs junror year longed to Beta HrY throughout hrs senror year Favorrte out door sports are huntrng and trsh rn Also lrkes baseball HIDER DONNA Dee Beauty Culture In her spare trme she enjoys wrrtrng A member of the Beta Tn Hr Y Ambrtron rs to be a beautrcran Enjoys swrmmrng Drslrkes to study HILL SABINA Sabrna Commercral Secretanal Sabrna should be a good sec retary Later she wrll be an etfrcrent homemaker She s good at sewrng Especrally enjoys her fnends A nrce person for everyone to know HILLEN IAMES rm General An outstandrng tackle on the football team for three years A track man hrs jumor and senror years Held the homeroom oltrce of vrce presrdent durrng hrs unror and senror years HILLIARD ALICE rs General Busrness Alrce clarms membershrp rn the Nature Club rn her sophomore year A member of the Sopho more Dramatrc Club Actrve member of the chorus throughout her hrgh school days HOCH FRANCIS L Deer Slayer College Preparatory Played rn the band throughout hrs hrgh school career A mem ber of Alpha Hr Y hrs senror year Plans to enter Penn State lol lowrnq hrs graduatron Lrkes to hunt and irsh HOLCHIN MARION IOANNE oan College Preparatory Partrcrpated rn the French Club rn her sophomore year actrve member of the Nature Club rn her sophomore year member of the Maroon Key rn her senror year An ambrtrous worker on the lrbrary staff HOLLIDAY ROBERT F Lefty College Preparatory Homeroom treasurer 2 Homeroom presrdent 3 Mem ber of track team 2 3 Belongs to the Unrontown Art Club Basketball 2 3 Yearbook Staff member rn hrs senror year Baseball 1 HOLLOWOOD, HERBERT G. "Herb" General Homeroom vice-president in his sophomore year . . . Homeroom president in his senior year . . . Has brown curly hair . . . Always has a friendly smile . . . Spent his summer vacations working at a gas station as an attendant. HORMELL PATTY a College Preparatory Pat was a member of the Cheerleading Club A mem ber of Alpha Tr1H1 Y 2 3 4 Secretary of Alpha 3 4 Home room president the first semester of her Junior year vice president the second A member of the Maroon Key 3 HUDOCK EUGENE C Gene General Has worked as a service sta tion attendant during his three years in high school Likes to hunt and to fish Plans to work for the Bell Telephone Com pany Always ready to have some fun HUNT BENIAMIN Ben General Homeroom usher 2 3 Mm strel chorus 3 Chorus 3 4 Member of the Uniontown Art Club 3 4 President fo Top Hat in his yumor year Top Hat officer 4 Another good artist HURLEY EILEEN MARIE Beanie Commercial Secretarial Homeroom president Z 3 4 Sophomore one act play e a TH1Y234 ABClubZ Cheerleading Club 2 3 Maroon Key 3 4 Annual Business Staff Queen of the Iunior Dance Flower chair man on Senior Dance Committee ' 4 J., . f . Q I IWW vi, 43 F" HUTCHINSON, HELEN MARIE "Hutch" Distributive Education Beta Tri-Hi-Y during her sopho- more, junior, and senior years . . . Distributive Education Club in her senior year . . . Worked in Mur- phy's . . . She likes swimming. skating parties, and friendly peo- e . . . She dislikes hot rodders and rainy days HVIZDOS IAMES WILLIAM Viz Distnbutlve Education Member of the Distnbuttve Edu cation Club dunng his senior year Working at Sauers Men s Store Great interest in saleswork Enjoys eating good food Viz greatly dislikes homework tests and staying at home I ACKSON DAWN Dawme General A member of the Cheerleading Club for two years Home room usher during her sopho more year Her hobby is roller skating IACOBSON MARSHA ake College Preparatory Homeroom treasurer 2 Vice president 4 Choms 2 3 4 Sang in mmstrel in sopho more and junior years Active member of Cheerleading Club Participated in Sophomore Dra matics Long time member of Beta Tr1H1Y Annual Bust ness Stall IOI-INS KI'I'I'Y LOU Kitty College Preparatory Homeroom treasurer 4 pha Tri Hi Y 2 3 4 President of Alpha 4 National Honor Society 3 4 A B Club 2 Sang in mxnstrel 2 3 Band Secretary of band 2 President of band 4 Treas urer of chorus Senior Dance Committee IOHNS ROBERT EDWARD Bob College Preparatory Homeroom usher 2 Home room treasurer 4 Band 2 3 4 Alpha H1 Y 2 3 4 Vice president oi Top Hat 3 Mem ber of the Forest Fire Crew in his senior year IOHNSON CHARLES FRANCIS Francis Nature Club 2 Forest Fire Crew 2 3 4 Rod and Gun Club Beta H1 Y Interested in forestry Always Iirst to respond when the iorest fires threatened IOHNSON EDITH MAE Edith Commercial Secretarial In her sophomore year Edith won Student ofthe Month Award Maintained the office of home room secretary in her yumor year A member of the National Honor Society A member of Alpha Tri H1Y in her senior year IONES HOMER Casey General Was a back on the football team in his sophomore year Member of the track team his sophomore and senior years . . . Played basketball in his sopho- more year . . . Did landscape work during vacations. IORDAN WILLIAM l. College Preparatory Held homeroom office of usher his sophomore year . , . Member of the basketball squad his soph- omore year . . . Was one of our Forest Fire Crewmen his sopho- more year . . . A track man his senior year. 2 . -514 K.. 4 J' :W uf .t y, fn. , auf-2 Aa , un. Q i ls. Y' .v 1 . Quji i IOSEPH IOSEPH o o College Preparatory Homeroom president 2 3 Homeroom vice president 2 Homeroom treasurer 3 Mem ber oi the Forest Fire Crew 2 ed Cross Representative in his sophomore year Beta H1Y KADAR GEORGE Radar College Preparatory Was treasurer of homeroom 200 his sophomore year A pole vaulter on the track team his sophomore lumor and senior years A member of the wrestling team all three years in high school KAN AR IANET Ianet General Her hobbies are skating and dancing She has traveled to far places during her lifetime quiet pleasant girl whom we shall remember KARLOVICH ELIZABETH IANE Betty General Business A member of Gamma Tr1HiY On the Annual Business Sta!! . . . A Maroon Key member . . . She likes to dance . . . We like her pretty smile and her quiet manner. KEEPER ELLIS B., IR. "Ellis' College Preparatory E lis was a member oi the For- est Fire Fighters his senior year at Uniontown High School . . . Likes popular music and he is interested in scientific subjects . . . Wants to study forestry or some related subject. KIETA FLORENCE o General In her sophomore year secre tary ot her homeroom Treas urer of her homeroom rn her sophomore year A member of Gamma 'I'rrHrY rn her senror year Noted for her sparklrng smrle and her harrdos KING SUSAN B Suzre General Treasurer of her homeroom rn her junror year A long trme member of Alpha Trr Hr Y actrve member of the Maroon and Whrte Busrness Staff Band member rn her Junror and senror years KLEYA ANDREW I Andy Drstnbutrve Educatron Presrdent of hrs homeroom dur mg hrs senror year Member of Drstrrbutrve Educatron Club Lrkes food Irrendly people musrc Drslrkes concerted people and rarny days Works at a local shoe store durrng the aiternoons KOIDANOV EIILEEN LOY Dee College Preparatory Stage manager of the sopho more one act play A member of the Cheerleadrng Club partrcrpant rn sophomore Drama rcs A three year member of Beta Trr HrY A member oi the Yearbook Busrness Staff 4 A member of the band KOSTELNIK MARY ELLEN Hard to Get Commercral Secretarral An actrve member of the Bowl rng Club rn her sophomore year A partrcrpant rn Gamma Trr I-IrY rn her senror year n :rmbrtrous worker on the Maroon :md Whrte Busrness Staff Has pretty sparklrng eyes KUHN IANET ELAINE Ianet Commercial Secretarral Homeroom treasurer 2 3 4 Homeroom usher 2 Homeroom secretary 4 An actrve mem ber of the chorus for three years In the Nature Club 2 member oi Gamma TrrH1Y 2 3 Iunror Dance Queen Attend an A peppy malorette 2 3 4 LAUGHEAD ALICIA Toddy College Preparatory A partrcrpant rn the chorus rn her 1unror and senror years A member of the Bowlrng Club rn her senror year An ener getrc member oi the Maroon Key rn her senror year A member of Gamma TrrHrY 2 3 4 Chaplarn 4 LAZARAN ANTOINETTE MARIE Tonr College Preparatory Homeroom secretary 2 Homeroom treasurer 3 Chorus A partrcrpant rn the sophomore one act play Presrdent of the Sophomore Dra matrc Club A member of the Cheerleadrng Club 2 3 Var srty Cheerleader 4 A member oi the Top Hat Board oi Control Gamma Tn HrY 2 3 4 LAZARAN PATRICIA YVONNE Pattr General A member of the Cheerleadrng Club rn her sophomore year Presrdent of her homeroom rn her jumor year Part1crpated rn the chorus rn her lunror year A member of the Maroon Key 4 A member of Gamma Trr Hr LEICHLITER WILMA Wrlm General Secretary of her homeroom rn her sophomore year Enjoys skatrng rn her spare trme Plans to work rn a hosprtal alter graduatron Has pretty spark lrng eyes and a nrce smrle for everyone Has personalrty p us LENGVARSKY MARY ELIZABETH iz Drstributive Education A member of Nature Club in her sophomore year Treas urer of senior homeroom Member ot Distributive Education Club Working in Grants in afternoons Hobbies are danc mg and skating Loves sales work Dislikes concerted peo e LENKOWECH SHIRLEY Shirl General Business An energetic member of e Bowling Club in her semor year Enjoys popular music Fond ol all types of dancing Plans to be a salesclerk Has a nice smile and a kmd word lor everybody LINCOLN ELLEN MAE Etta General A member of the Nature Club in her junior year A partici pant in the Bowling Club in her junior year Enjoys dancing oi all types especially square dancing Plans to become a telephone operator after gradua tion LINCOLN ETTA FAYE Ellen General Business Vice president of her homeroom in her sophomore year A par ticipant in the Nature Club 2 An energetic member of the Bowl mg Club in her sophomore and junior years . . . Plans to become a telephone operator after grad- uation. LOGAN. IOHN FREDERICK 'Fred ' College Preparatory In the orchestra in his sopho- more and junior years . . . Fred was in the minstrel in his sopho- more and junior years . . . member of the band for three years . . . Gamma Hi-Y in his senior year . . . In the All-County Band 3 . . , Member of the Top- hatters Orchestra. LOSE ROGER COLE Roger College Preparatory He was active in track during his sophomore and junior years Member of Gamma l-l1Y for three years Left us for Mount Lebanon during his junior year Is the lite of the party wher ever he may be LOVE'I'I' WILLIAM DAVID Willie College Preparatory Homeroom president 2 3 Student Senate 2 3 Basket bal 2 Nature Club 2 Dramatic Club 2 Color Guard Wrestling 3 4 pha H1 Y 3 4 National Honor Society 3 4 President of Na tional Honor Society 4 LOWTHER NANCY W Nancy Commercial Secretarial Enjoys reading in her spare time Fond oi dancing ot all types Married in her semor year Plans to be a typist after graduation and a good wife to her newly acquired husband Frank Guth LUCY SHELDA IEAN Shelda College Preparatory Participated in the French Club A member ol the Sopho more Dramatic Club A mem ber of the Cheerleading Club 2 A member ot the Maroon Key . . . A three-year member of Alpha Tri-Hi-Y . . . A partici- pant in the chorus 2, 3, 4. LUX, GEZA PAUL "Footsie" College Preparatory Usher of his homeroom in his sophomore year . . . Vice-presi- dent oI his junior homeroom . . . Mixed chorus 3 . . . Basketball in his sophomore, junior, and senior years . . . Track team in his junior and senior years . . , Gamma Hi-Y 4. LYNN BEVERLY RUTH Bev Commercial Secretarial Secretary of her homeroom in her sophomore year A mem ber of the A B Club m her sopho more year A three year mem ber of the chorus A member of the All County Chorus in her yunior year MADISON Sl-IEILA ANN Annie Commercial Secretanal Secretary of her homeroom rn her sophomore year A par trcipant in the Girls Chorus in her yunior year An enthusr astic member of the Maroon Ke m her senior year Noted for her nice smile and pleasint per sonallty MAIESE IUNE DARLENE une Commercial Secretarial President of her homeroom in her sophomore year A mem ber of the A B Club in her sopho more year A participant in Gamma Tri H1Y in her senior year Has a mce personality and a big smile for everyone MA LACHIN SHIRLEY Shlrl General Shirley was usher of her home room in her sophomore and Jumor years She likes to go roller skating frequently . . . She is known for her friendly smile and pleasant way. MALACHIN, WILLARD CARL "Carl General Carl was vice-president of his homeroom in his sophomore year and he was usher ol his home- room in his junior year . . . Hunt- ing and fishing are his favorite sports . . . He also likes popular music. MARANEY PATRICIA LEE Leeweed College Preparatory Patty was in the sophomore play and the mmstrel She was in the band and chorus in her sophomore junior and senior years Dramatic Club in soph omore year Beta Tn H1Y for three years and Historian of Beta MARINACCI NICHOLAS DAVID Nick College Preparatory Dramatic Club 2 Nature Club 2 President of his home ro m 2 3 4 Treasurer of Iunror Class V1ce president of Senior Class Student Senate Endman in mrnstrel 3 Football 2 3 4 Wrestling 2 Track 2 Gamma H1 Y 4 MARKER ARLENE MAVIS Arlene General Arlene was a member of the Cheerleaders Club dunng her sophomore year She plays the piano in her spare time We miss her since she has left MARTIN IAMES Slater General Vice president of his homeroom during his sophomore year and usher of his homeroom in his 1unror and senior years Mem ber of Beta H1-Y in his Junior and senior years . . . Member oi the basketball squad in his junior and senior years. MARTIN IAMES S. uhm.. General He belonged to Nature Club in his sophomore year . . . His hob- by is baseball . . . Perhaps he will wear the Navy blue after graduation. MATICI-I DOLORES ANN Dolly Commercial Secretarial Secretary of homeroom 2 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Sopho more Nature Club Cheerleading Club 2 3 Minstrel 3 porter lor Semor High News 3 Co editor of Senior High News 4 National Honor Society 3 4 Treasurer ot it 4 Beta Tri H1 Y 4 Maroon Key 4 MATLICK HAZEL MARIE is Vocational Home Economics Hazel plans to enter the Navy after she graduates in Iune Likes to cook Took home economics Doesnt like to ride the school bus Has a friendly smile on her face at all times MAUST DORIS EILEEN Doris General Dons was the secretary of her homeroom during her sophomore year and Junior year Has a hobby of cooking and sewing Likes hillbilly music and square dancing Wants a 1ob after graduating MAUST IOYCE VIRGINIA o Distributive Education A member of Top Hat durin her yunior year In the Dis tributive Ed Club in her senior year Employed at Kaufman s Ambition 15 to further her career as a saleswoman MAUST, MARY IO "Pete ' Beauty Culture Her hobby is sewing . . . he serves as treasurer of her class . . . Her outside activities are skating and dancing . . . Sports are a favorite with her . . . But she hates singing. M ,ly ,Q 6, I Q, 4' MAUST ROBERT Sl-IREVER Bob Technical A B Club member in his sopho more year Vice president of his homeroom during his senior year Bob llkes hunting and polltical discussions Plans to go to Penn State alter graduation National Honor Society 3 4 MCCLELLAND ARLENE Mickey General Business Arlene was in the Cheerlead mg Club in her sophomore year and Alpha Tn H1 Y in her sopho more 1un1or and semor years Likes to collect post cards Also likes dancing and popular music McGEE IEAN ANN Ieame College Preparatory Sophomore year she was in the Christmas Cantata Cheerleading Club Bowling Club In the Beta Tri H1Y in her sophomore junior and senior years Pres ndent of Beta in senior year Wants to be a nurse MCGRAW IANICE INEZ Mack College Preparatory Christmas Cantata 2 strel 3 Reporter for the Senior High News 3 4 Mixed Chorus Bowling Club 2 Cheerleading Club 2 3 Var sity Cheerleader 4 Beta Tri H - 2, 3 4 . . . Treasurer of Beta . . . Iunior Dance Committee. MCINTYRE. WILLIAM . i ,. Technical Homeroom vice-president in his sophomore year . . . Treasurer of his senior homeroom . . . In the Beta Hi-Y in his senior year . . . Bill likes to go hunting and to the movies. MEAD SAMUEL GRAHAM Sam General Sam has always been a favor rte among the lads of the hrlltop He has been sadly missed durrng thrs year whrch he has spent rn sunny California MEDSGER HERBERT GLENN Herb General Treasurer of hrs homeroom in hrs sophomore and junror years Minstrel rn hrs sophomore and Junror years In the band rn hrs yunror and senror years Chorus rn the sophomore junior and senror years Track 2 In Beta Hr Y for three years MIKLUSEK IOHN MICHAEL Mrlk a Duck Technical Usher for hrs homeroom rn hrs lunior year In the band in hrs sophomore junior and senror years Beta H1 Y rn hrs senror year Iohn lrkes good barber shop harmony but doesnt like stuck up girls MILLER RAYMOND C Ray General Industnal Ray played left guard on our football team for three years He was on the wrestlrng squad LTI. hrs sophomore Junror and senror years He lrkes popular music especrally Jazz MINDEK MARK 'Mark' General Mark's special interest is foot- ball . . . We feel that he should go places some of these days . . . Our eyes are upon him. MISCOVICH CONSTAN CE LOUISE Connie Commercral Secretarial Participated rn Bowling Club rn her sophomore and lunror years Beta Tn H1 Y her senror year She collects prcture post cards and stamps Lrkes danc ing Wants to work rn an ot frce when she graduates MISINAY EDWARD Mess College Preparatory Homeroom usher 2 Home room president 3 Track team Basketball 2 Slow and easy going Laughs heart 1 Helpful when help rs needed A onetime usher at the Manos Owner of a ready sense of humor MOCHNOSKY PATRICIA ANN Peggy Commercial Secretarral Treasurer of her sophomore homeroom Chorus and Bowl mg Club in her sophomore year Secretary of her homeroom rn her junror year Patty lrkes all sports dancrng and musrc Wants to be a secretary MONTAGUE EVELYN Rue General Business Belonged to Cheerleadrng Club durrng her sophomore year Drivers Trarnrng Class Bowl mg Club and Gamma TrrHrY in her senror year Collects pic tures and records Wants to be a secretary rn a department store MORGANOSKY, PAUL 'Morgie Vocational Paul's hobby is basketball . . . He was homeroom treasurer dur- ing his sophomore year . . . Plays football . . . He likes skating but dislikes work . . . His ambition is to be a good machinist. MULLIGAN NORITA ROSE Nonta College Preparatory Chorus in sophomore junior and senior years Majorette her lunxor and senior years Minstrel in her Junior year Alpha Tri H1 Y rn her senior year Yearbook Business Stal! dur ing her senior year MURRAY WILLIAM IOSEPH Bouser College Preparatory Junior class vice president Homeroom treasurer 2 Home room president Played foot ball in his sophomore and junior years On the wrestling squad Member of Gamma H1 Y MURRAY DALE EDWARD Doody General President of his homeroom his sophomore year Office mail carrier Could usually be found at Bud s Frame and Axle Service where he was employed or work mg on his car. MYDEN CHARLES EDWARD "Chuck General Senior Class sergeant-at-arms . . . Homeroom president 3 . . . Wrestling ba 2 3 ball team Minds his agreeable . . . Likes squad 2, 3. 4 . . . Foot . . . All-County loot- . . . Good-looking . . . own business . . . Very . . . Likes to jitterbug sports. MYERS, LOIS MARIAN Commercial Secretarial Lois attended South Union High School during her sophomore year . . . She belonged to Alpha Tri-Hi-Y her senior year . . . Wants to be a secretary or a telephone operator. gp.: MYERS VIRGINIA IANE lame College Preparatory Sophomore one act play Sophomore Dramatic Club Alpha Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 Vice president of her homeroom Cheerleading Club 3 Reporter tor Senior High News 3 4 Variety Show 3 Gold Key of Merit in Regional Scholastic Art Exhibit NABORS VIRGINIA ELLEN Irnnie College Preparatory Secretary of her homeroom her sophomore year Sophomore class play Nature Club and Dramatic Club sophomore year Cheerleading Club in sopho more and Junior years Bowl mg Club and Maroon Key senior year Beta Tri H1 Y 2 3 4 Annual Staif NALEPKA ELIZABETH MARY Betty General Business Betty belonged to the Cheer leading Club in her sophomore year Among her likes are Italian food dancing and collect mg pictures Wants to do clerical work in an office next year. NALEPKA RICHARD Rock' Vocational His hobby is football . . . likes all sports especially baseball . . . His ambition is to be a dentist or technician . . . Likes dancing . . . Dislikes swimming. NEDD, IAMES W. General German Township's loss and our gain . . . Entered Uniontown Senior High in his sophomore year . . . Likes dancing, skating. and hunting . . . Dislikes night- work. NEHLS RONALD M Narlhead General Homeroom presrdent 2 3 Homeroom usher 3 Home room vrce presrdent 4 Cap tam of Patrol Squad 4 Foot 2 3 Enjoys a good Joke Has a great deal ot determrnatron Hearty laugh Has many irrends ONDRISH DAVID Ondrrsh General Three year member of wrestlrng squad Always a come back for a wrsecrack Qurte a cut Engagrng smrle Lrkes to tease Has more lun than anybody A Wholesome per sonalrty from Waltersburg OPALL MORTON Morty General Sophomore Club Play Z Sophomore Dramatrc Club Pro1ect1on1stClub 2 3 4 Beta 2 3 Aqreeable Happy go lucky Enjoys laugh rn Lrkes art class Cant be bothered when wrth a draw mg board OPPERMAN SALLY ANN Sally College Preparatory Homeroom secretary 2 Treasurer 2 Mrnstrel 3 Forensrcs 2 3 Band 3 4 Mrxed Chorus 2 3 4 Sopho more Dramatrc Club Cheer leadrng Club 2 3 Alpha Trr 2 3 Alpha Trr Hr Y hrstorran 4 Iunror Dance Com mrttee Senror Dance Com mrttee What a laugh thrs grrl has OTTENBERG DOREEN PAYE Deenre Commercral Secretarral Homeroom secretary 2 3 Homeroom treasurer 3 4 Homeroom vrce presrdent 2 Sophomore one act play Mrn strel chorus 3 Reporter of the newspaper 3 Dramatrc Club Chorus Z 3 4 Beta Tn HrY member An actrve member of Top Hat 495, PALAISA RICHARD Rrchard Vocatronal One of the boys at Barly Park Vocatronal A favorrte wrth hrs frrends We wrsh hrm luck rn years to come PANEK ROBERT Bob General A brg guy wrth nrce ways Went to Vocatronal hrs sopho more year Dancmg and base ball are two ol Bob s favorrte pas trmes Hrs chret drslrke rs get trng up rn the mornrng PARNELL THOMAS l Trm College Preparatory Band 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 Orchestra 2 3 Co opera trve and congenral Always a smrle never a frown Krnd of student every teacher apprecrates Wrll some day dole out prnk p1lls for pale people PATEK MATTHEW IOSEPH Matt Drstrrbutrve Educatron the Drstrrbutrve Educatron Club rn hrs senror year m ployed at Franks Auto Supply Lrkes musrc and food Drslrkes rarny days and concerted people PATTERSON DAVID INGRAM Dave College Preparatory Homeroom vrce presrdent 2 Track and wrestlrng teams rn hrs sophomore yunror and senror years Member of Beta H1Y Beta s treasurer An actrve member of Top Hat servrng on Board of Control PERKINS CLIFFORD Squrre General Served as homeroom usher rn hrs senror year On the loot ball and track teams hrs sopho more lumor and semor years Member of the Rrlle Club rn hrs sophomore year at UHS PESKIE ROSALIE ELAINE Rose Commercral Secretarral Sophomore Dramatxc Club Bowlmg Club 3 Maroon Key Gamma Tn H1 Y 4 Shy but sweet Eamest rn all her work Wrll make a lme secretary Frrendly Quret but a mce person to have around PETRUSKA SHIRLEY IOANNE Shrrl Commercxal Secretarral Member of the Gamma Tn H1 Y m her semor year Danced m the mmstrel rn her jumor year Works at I C Penneys sell mg clothes rn summer months PEZAR DONALD Don General Don has been m football for all three years of hrs hrgh school career A dependable athlete Plays basketball m hrs spare trme Hopes to go to college where he may play more foot ba PHILLIPPI ROBERT Bob College Preparatory After graduation Bob plans to go to college and there major engmeenng Although all sports rank hrgh wrth Bob hrs favonte xs baseball Wxll mrss Mr Franks physrcs class POLKABLA LEONA Leona General Busrness A sweet krd who always wears a fnendly smrle Member of Gamma Tn I-l1Y m her senxor year Lxkes to dance and read especrally novels Drs ltkes snobbrsh people POYMA VINCENT Vmcent Vocatronal Vmce s hobbres are readmq and watchrng televrsron Lrkes football and baseball rs ambrtron IS to be a mach1n1st Lxkes swxmmrng but drsllkes work around the house PRAH MARY IANE ane Drstnbutrve Educatron Secretary of her homeroom rn her sophomore year Cheer leadrng Club Bowlrng Club Dxstrrbutrve Ed Club Gamma Tn H1 Y 2 3 Worked at Hagan s Lrkes skatmg and dancmg Drshkes ltalran spa ghettl PRICE KATHRYN COLETTA Kay Drstnbuhve Educatron Homeroom treasurer rn 1un1or year Sang rn Grrls Chorus Actrve member of Drstnbutlve Ed Club Spends her spare trme at a certam dcnry bar A mce person to know HAPTER AGNES MARIE College Preparatory Member oi the Maroon Key Club One of our iuture nurses she wrshes to tram at Mercy Hosprtal Wlth her am brtxon and lnendly ways Agnes wrll really go places REBAR, NANCY MARLENE "Nin" General Business Homeroom secretary 2, 3 . . . Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 4 . . . Boy! Can this girl skate . . . Not to be out- done on the dance floor . . . Pre- fers skating to dancing . . .Works summers at Murphy's . . . Also, a jitterbug expert . . . Pleasant to know . . . Lots ol fun. REITZ ALICE KAY College Preparatory Senior High News Circulation Staff 2 Business Staff 3 Nature Club 2 Nature Club secretary 2 Cheerleading Club 3 Bowlmg Club 4 Beta Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 Dance Committee 4 Yearbook Staff Yearbook Editor 4 Argu mentative both pro and con RENDINA DONALD Donnie General One of the fortunate boys who belonged to that clan of Forest Fire Crew He has played the clarinet in the band all three of his high school years Spare time is spent working at Ren dma s Cleaners HEPA PAUL Rep Vocational Hrs hobby IS music Home room president in 1951 Hrs outside activities mclude skating and softball Hrs ambition IS to be a good mechanic Likes sports Dislikes mcome taxes and war REXRODE IOANNE College Preparatory Homeroom vice president 3 Homeroom usher 2 Homeroom Homeroom treasurer 2 member of Nature Club 2 President of Nature Club 2 Librarian assistant 3 Member of Beta Tn H1 Y 2 3 4 On the Literary Staff of the Maroon and White XX K RHODERICK. CAROL ANN "Carol" General Carol was vice-president of her homeroom . . . Her hobbies are dancing and drawing . . . She should make a very good house- wife . . . The first bride of the graduating class. RICHEY GEORGE Bear Vocational President of Mme Maintenance for two years His hobby IS dancmg Hrs outside activities are football and horseback riding His ambition IS to be an elec triclan Likes sports but dis likes skating RINE RICHARD Racoon Vocatlonal Homeroom vice president 1951 Hrs hobby 15 football Hrs ambition IS to be a good comedran Likes fruit and dancing Enjoyed selling Christmas trees this season RINGER MARIE Pmky Beauty Culture Treasurer of her senior class group Her hobby is reading Loves skating Since she likes housework she should be another successful housewife ROCHECK ANNETTE Annette General Transferred from Redstone in her Junior year Senior High News Business Staff Projec tronrst Club 4 Beta Tr1H1Y Manager of Annual Bust ness Staff Cheerleading Club Always rn a hurry Loves to chatter ROCKWELL ALAN Rockwell General During his three years at UHS Alan was an active member of the band and Alpha H1Y Also as a junior and senior he served as a member of the Pro 1ect1omst Club RODDY SUSAN Sue General A little girl who can always be found smiling Usher of her sophomore homeroom A mem ber of chorus 2 3 Also a member of the Cheerleading Club in her yumor year ROEBUCK GRACE ANN Grace General Member of Girls Chorus 3 Sings with the Mixed Chorus 4 Gamma Tr1H1Y Z 3 4 Bowling Club Another of the girls who like dancing and skat mg ROMAN'l'IC, ROBERT A. 'Romeo Distributive Education Member of the Distributive Ed Club his senior year . . . Works at Montgomery Ward . . . Likes good food and sports . . . His dis- likes are homework and con- ceited people. ROSS, RUTH ANN "Ruth" College Preparatory Homeroom secretary 4 . . . Min- strel chorus 3 . . . Sophomore one- act play . . . Chorus 2, 3, 4 . . . Bowling Club 2 . . . Beta Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. 4 . . . Annual Business Staff . . . Expert tumbler . . . Fond of arguing, usually wins . . . Tall, fair ,and then some. RUDAR AGNES FRANCES Angie Commercial Secretarial Sophomore Dramatic Club Chorus 2 3 4 Took part in mmstrel chorus in her lunior year Member of Beta TrxH1Y 2 A cute little girl with pretty brown hair and big brown eyes SABATINI DELORES ANNE Dee Commercial Secretarial Homeroom treasurer 2 3 Homeroom secretary 2 Mem ber oi Gamma TriH1Y in her senior year Wishes to be a secretary in her future years Always has a kind word for everyone SABIA CATHERINE MARIE Cathy Commercial Secretarial Homeroom treasurer 3 4 Senior High News typist 4 Bowling Club 2 3 4 Cheer leading Club 2 3 Alpha Tri H 2 3 4 Alphas chaplain Senior Dance Committee . . . Took an active part in Top Hat serving on Board of Control. SANNER, IACOB ake" College Preparatory Member of Beta Hi-Y 3, 4 . . . Good student . . . Avid collector of stamps . . . Also a photography fiend . . . Hits the books . . . Plans to attend college . . . His shyness gives way to friendliness . . . Always has his Spanish done. SAN TELLO, ROBERT "Bobby" Vocational Homeroom treasurer in 1951 , . . Plays baseball and football . . . His ambition is to be a good machinist . . . He likes sports oi all kinds but dislikes television. SAVAGE CAROL IANE Carol General Carol is a friendly pleasant person Her hobby is sewing She loves music and plays the flute and sings in a hurch choir Always smiling SCHEPISI IOHN A ohn College Preparatory We like this boys choice of clothes especially his flashy iackets A wrestler during his sophomore year Has many friends SELBY IESSICA CAROL Iessxe College Preparatory Treasurer of Nature Club dur mg her sophomore year Very active in St Paul s Church where she is a member of choir new member of Beta Tn H1 Y Vacations in New York City An elementary teacher in e future . . . Enjoys playing e piano. SESLER, MARY CATHERINE " es College Preparatory Member of Nature Club and homeroom president during her sophomore year . . . Bowling Club 2 4 . . . Beta Tri-Hi-Y for three years . . . Highest honor was to be on National Honor So- ciety during junior and senior years . . . Annual Editorial Staff. SHADY. ROSE MARIE .,ROSe., Commercial Secretarial In her sophomore year Rose served as treasurer of her home- room . . . As an active member, she also belonged to Beta Tri- Hi-Y during her junior and senior years at UHS. 'Ns SHANER IAMES Shane General im was active in football 2 3 Track 2 3 As a sopho more he was a member of the baseball team and served as homeroom vice president Also president of homeroom 3 4 Sergeant at arms of Iumor Class SHOLTZ ROBERT Bob College Preparatory Bob was an active band mem b 2 3 4 A member of the mmstrel orchestra 3 Served as member of Beta HiY 4 Performed in the Westem District Band 3 Also Tri State Band 4 SILBAUGH TRUDY Trudy College Preparatory Trudy was a member oi Nature Club and Cheerleading Club in her sophomore year In her three years at Senior High she was also an active member of Gamma Tn-H1-Y. SILBAUGH ROY "Silly" General In his sophomore year Roy at- tended South Union and as a junior he was a student at Elyria. Ohio . . . Starting his senior year at Senior High he was an active member of Gamma Hi-Y. SIMON, RAYMOND LEE "Raymond" General This boy would like to be a good carpenter . . . A hard worker. especially before and after school . . . Perhaps he will be a gentleman farmer some day. SINCLAIR EUGENE Gene Technical During his semor year Gene served as an active member of Beta H1Y He attends the Kelster Union Church where he is a member of the church choir and Sunday Librarian SIPE CAROL Bud Beauty Culture Belongs to the Beauty Culture Club Likes movies and dancing In the summer en joys swrmmmg Her ambmon is to be a beautictan Likes to eat but dislikes work SKUNDA MARY ANN Mary Ann Commercial Secretar1al Served as secretary of home room 2 3 4 Homeroom treas urer 3 Elected secretary of semor class 4 Member of Cheerleading Club 2 Active member of Gamma Tn H1Y 2 3 Served as secretary 4 Member of Literary Staff of An nual 4 Senior Dance Queen SLUSARCZYK CHARLES PAUL Charles General Active in football and track when he was a sophomore One of the peppy crowd m room He loined the Navy dur mg his senior year SMITH BERNARD Bunny Vocational Homeroom treasurer m 1953 1954 . . . His hobby is electrical repair and he hopes to be an electrician . . . He likes good food but he dislikes dancing. ff! X I SMITH ROBERT Smitty General As an active member Bob has belonged to Alpha Hi Y for three years He helped keep his homerooms clicking being presi dent of his sophomore year and vice president in the Junior and semor years Dunng summer he worked at Smith Electric Co SMITH STEPHEN F Steve General Steve has been active in loot ball and track He likes to work with cars His hope is that some day he may fly a plane SMORE CORNELL S Corme Dictator Commercial Secretarial He IS one of those who has brought honor to himself and his school through his art work He won an award in the National Poster Contest Member of Beta HiY On the Annual Literary Staff in his semor year SNYDER HELEN MARLENE Flreball College Preparatory During her high school years Marlene has marched as a ma Jorette She also was a mem ber of chorus for three years Her favorite pastime is dnvmg a blue Plymouth filled with the gang Member of Gamma Tn H1 Y and homeroom treasurer SOFISH STANLEY Bugs In his sophomore and lunior years Bugs served as usher of his homeroom . . . Also in his sophomore year he was an ac- tive member of the football and baseball teams. SOFT, ANNETTE R. "Honey" General One ot the sopranos in both girls' chorus and mixed chorus A member of Beta TrrHrY and treasurer ol sophomore home room Her pastime rs horse back rrdrng on her farm SOFTA FRANK EDWARD Frankie General As he rs known throughout e school Frankre served as the treasurer of hrs homeroom rn hrs junror year Alter graduatron he plans to worn the Navy and later enter college to prepare for teachrng SOMERVILLE GERALD Wrntervrlle College Preparatory As a sophomore Gerald at tended Waynesburg Hrgh School where he was a member ol the Science Club He rs really rnterested rn llyrng SOOM MARK VINCENT Mark College Preparatory In hrs sophomore year Mark was presrdent of hrs homeroom and a member of the Student Senate In hrs yunror year he was presrdent and usher ol hrs homeroom He rs also a mem ber oi the wrestlrng squad and Beta Hr Y SPALEK NANCY MARIE Nancy Commercral Secretarral She was rn the Alpha TrrHrY and the Bowlrng Club rn her senror year A member of the Annual Lrterary Stall 4 . . . Nancy enjoys listening to popular music in her spare time . . . Wants to be a secretary. 9.1, ...M-W' Qs... S. SPAW. IOANNE MARIE "Ioanne" College Preparatory Ioanne was active in the Beta Tri-Hi-Y in her sophomore, junior. and senror year In her spare trme she en1oys watchrng tee vrsrcn and drrvrng a car Hopes to become a nurse alter graduatron SPAW HAROLD THOMAS Sprg Drstrrbutrve Educatron A member of Drstrrbutrve Edu cation Club Worked at Sears Roebuck Lrkes woodworkrng custom cars and food Strrves to get good grades Drslrkes homework and concerted grrls STAFFORD NANCY BEAL Nance College Preparatory Homeroom 301 was kept rn step wrth Nancy servrng as secretary her 1unror year Member of Beta Trr HrY 2 3 4 French Club Nature Club and Dramatrc Club 2 She worked two sum mers rn the tobacco frelds STANA IOANNE CAROL Commercral Secretarral In her sophomore year I served as vrce presrdent of her homeroom and was a member ot Sophomore Dramatic Club a senror she was an actrve mem ber of Gamma Trr H1Y STEFANIC PAUL IOSEPH Paul General Paul was a member of the foot ball squad rn hrs sophomore year He rs a member ol Top Hat . . . In the summer Paul worked on a farm . . . When he grad- uates, Paul plans to enter the Navy. STEWART DUANE Hammer Vocational Vice president oi Future Farm ers of America His hobby 1S hunting Plays basketball Hrs ambition is to be a good farmer He likes summer and wishes winter would never come STEWART WEN DELL Stew Vocational Enjoys all kmds ol sports Likes to hunt and work on motors His ambition is to be a good auto mechanic Dislikes in come taxes STIMMEL DONALD Don General Don was an active member of the track team 2 3 cmd football He was homeroom usher Vice president and usher Also in his sophomore year he served as a member of the Forest Fire Crew. STRICKLER, IESS DWAINE College Preparatory . . in his junior year won the D. A. R. American History Award . . . He is a member of the Top Hat . . . In the summer, I. D. worked at Brown's Market . . . Upon graduation he plans to en- ter college. SUTYAK, ROSE MARIE ,,ROse., Commercial Secretarial Rose was a member of the Al- pha Tri-Hi'Y during her junior and senior years . . . In the Bowl- ing Club in her senior year . . . She enjoys going to the movies . . . After graduation she wants to be a nurse. ., wrt -T 2 I Vg, ij, THOMAS MERLE l Merle College Preparatory Merle was president ot his homeroom in his sophomore year He is a member ot the Forest Fire Crew and the Top Hat In his spare time Merle works as a Youth Counselor lor the YMCA Merle plans to enter college when he graduates THOMAS NANCY RENEE Renee General Nancy was a member of the Gamma Tr1H1Y m her semor year In her spare time she likes to read and to skate She would like to become a nurse alter graduation THOMAS NATALIE IEAN Pokre General Homeroom secretary in her sophomore year In the Cheer leading Club in her junior year Member of the chorus for three years rn high school Member ol Gamma Tn-Hi-Y in her senior year. THOMAS, YVONNE Yvonne" Commercial Secretarial Varsity cheerleader 4 . . . ec- retary ol the National Honor So- ciety . . . Co-editor of the Senior High News . . . Member of Gamma Tr'-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 . . . President of Gamma 4 . . . Football queen at- tendant . . . Student of the Month , 3, . . . Senior homeroom vice- president. THINGHES, MLLDRED IEAN "Mildred" Commercial Secretarial Her ambition is to be a good secretary . . . She has been ac- tive in her local 4-H Club . . . Plays a uke in her spare mo- ments . . . Hails from Vanderbilt. TURNER IOYCE V o General BUSIDGSS Ioyce was a member of the Dramatrc Club 111 her sophomore year In the semor year she was actxve 1n the Bowlmg Club A member of the Gamma Tr1 H1 Y 1n her sen1or year UNICE HELEN MARIE Helen Commerclal Secretanal Helen was the treasurer of her sophomore homeroom Secre tary of the homeroom ID her Jumor year Member of the Gamma Tr1 H1 Y IH the jumor and SSDIOI years And 1n the Bowl 1ng Club 1n her sen1or year VALENTICH EDWARD BLAY Eddre College Preparatory Eddre was pres1dent of hrs homeroom as a 1un1or and sen1or He 15 a member oi the Stu dent Senate Alpha H1 Y chorus and the Top Hat In h1s sen1or year Edd1e was a band manager and vrce pres1dent of Alpha M1nstrel 3 Sophomore Dra mat1c and Nature Clubs VAN SICKLE IRVIN Buddy Ioe Technxcal Irv1n has been a member ol the band for the past three years Alter school and durmg the summer months he works at Pa lumbo s Servrce Statron Irv1n IS uncertam as to what he plans to do when he graduates VARNDELL VICTORIA V1ck1 General In her spare t1me VlCkl l1kes to roller skate and dance She IS gomg to mrss Mlss Ne1lls s1xth per1od Englrsh class After graduatron she wants to work at the Warren State Hosp1tal. VENTURA BARBARA RAE Squ1rrel College Preparatory VlCe pres1dent of her homeroom Pres1dent of her sopho- more homeroom Member ol the Cheerlead1ng Club and Na ture Club Z In the Gamma Tr1H1Y for three years the chorus 1n yunxor and SSUIOI years VRABEL MICHAEL M1ke Vocatxonal Hrs hobby IS a1rplar1es Plays both baseball and football Hopes to be a mach1n1st or an 6l.eClIlClGl'l May have an Army career LlkeS good food but clrslrkes dancmg WALTERS SHIRLEY ANN Bucky General BUSINESS Member of the Gamma Tr1 H1 Y for three years and v1ce presldent her sen1or year Treasurer ol the sophomore homeroom Member of the Maroon Key Bowl 1ng Club and Pamt and Grease Club Secretary of her sen1or homeroom WASHABAUGH CLAYTON Washy General Clayton played baseball 1n hrs lreshman year He IS a mem ber of the Top Hat In the wmter he plays basketball for New Salem 1n the Church League rlrs lavorrte actrvrty IS huntmg WEINBERGER EUGENE M Gene General Eugene was treasurer ol hls homeroom IH hrs sophomore year He was also treasurer oi the Dramatrc Club After school Eugene works at the R1eber and Zeppo Service Station. WENSING EDWARD MICHAEI College Preparatory Edward has served sports edxtor oi the Senror Hxgh News thxs year Homeroom usher durmg hrs semor year One of the boys who went to Connec trcut to work m the tobacco fre' s A good fellow WESELY PAYE Z Fayedle College Preparatory Faye was rn the Nature Club m her sophomore year Semor I-hgh News reporter and mxnstrel endwoman rn her Junror year In her semor year she was 1n the Maroon Key and Bowlmg Club Beta Trr Hr Y 3 4 WESTON ESTELLE BEATRICE Estelle General Her ambrtron rs to be an ettr Y prano now and then rn her spare trme A Irlendly hard worker WHITE CHARLES IAMES IR Charlle College Preparatory For the past three years Char he has been a member ot the band He also has been a member of the chorus for three years Charlle has been a member ot the track team too WHITE THOMAS A Whxtre General Tom IS a member of the toot ball squad He rs also a mem ber of chorus In the summer Tom does odd lobs Hopes to go to college He rs a tnendly person gm i Q'7 fn I' WI-IITELY IOHN Box Vocatronal Member ot the wresthng team L11-res to swrm durmg warm weather Hrs ambrtron rs to be an electrrcran Drslrkes do mg any work around the house WILBURN CHARLES T IR Sonny General Charles has been a member ot the band for the past three years In the summer he does con structron work He rs a mem ber of the Top Hat Charles IS uncertam about what he omg to do after he graduates WILLIAMS BARBARA Barb Commercral Secretarxal Barbara was secretary of her sophomore and Junror homerooms Member oi the Bowhng Club 1n her sophomore year In the Beta Tn H1 Y for three years and secretary of Beta rn her semor ear WILLIAMS DORIS A Dor College Preparatory Durrng her sophomore year she was a member of the Nature Club Dor was rn the Gamma Tr1H1Y rn both her rumor and semor years She would hke to become a nurse after gradua tron WILSON LORETTA RAE Loretta College Preparatory Loretta was a member cl the Rarnbow Grrls tn her yunror year In the semor year she was rn the Maroon Key and was a Lx brarran s Assrstant Hopes to enter Calxtomra State Teachers College A "Ed" A fu l "N x H 'B ' . ' . . . U ,y l J, Q, I E . . . bd , V' , I, " I " I 'D Gi- I A ' ' ' A ' - - xx ' - l ' ' is . Q l ' 1 H H , I I ctent secretary . . : Pla s the L fl 2 I ' ' . . - , . A Y D ' s nr - H Q K ' .-JF W u u . f ' . ' ,At l . . gf ' A 5 ' .. . .' 4 . . ' A uv' Q ' . - XX A X M.: .' I , ., m. " . .. . . ,, , Q SV H H I Q. ' , j 'tg ' QI? . . I . . '-I I , . . . I --- s Q C l ?' I 41 WOHLER DONALD Don College Preparatory Donald is an academic senior and hopes to go to college after graduation He is a member of the Top Hat In the summer and after school Donald works Gault s Service Statlon He 1 sure to succeed YANKURA RICHARD L Dlck College Preparatory Dick takes the college prepara tory course He is a member of the Top Hat During the summer and after school he works at the Fay Mor Service Station Upon graduation he hopes to enter college YARRIS CAROLYN Carolyn Commercial Secretarial Treasurer of her homeroom for three years Member of the Bowling Club and Paint and Grease Club in her sophomore year Member of the Gamma Tri H1 Y for three years Typist for the Senior High News ZAWACKI, LEE RUSSELL ,. ee.. Commercial Secretarial Lee is a member of the Top Hat . . . His favorite subjects are his- tory, shorthand, and typing . . . Upon graduation, he would like to enter the field of business . . . Lee is sure to be a success. COPE, ANNA "Copey" College Preparatory Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 . . . Par- ticipated in the sophomore Dra- matic Club , . . Favorite class is English , . . Likes all types of dancing . . . In the future hopes to don a uniform of white as a nurse. ZSIROS EUGENE Gene Vocational Likes to play baseball and basketball Spends a lot of his leisure time watching tele vision His ambition is to be A ff a machinist Enjoys swim mmg ZUBOVICH DELLORES ub Commercial Secretarial Secretary of her sophomore homeroom Cheerleading Club Treasurer of her homeroom in the Junior year Member of the Gamma Tri H1 Y in her yunior and senior years Member of the Maroon Key in her senior year ZUBOVICH SHIRLEY MAE Shxrl General Business Shirley was in the minstrel in her sophomore year Member of the chorus for three years Member of the Maroon Key in her yunior and senior years In the Gamma Tr1HxY in her senior year ZUZAK, LOUIS LARENCE "Louie Commercial Secretarial His favorite subject is shop . . . In the summer he picks tobacco in Connecticut . . . Louis is a member of the Top Hat . . , When he graduates he plans to go into the service. SENIORS NOT PICTURED BABBONY, HAROLD JAMES MULIK, MARK General Vocational DURBIN, ROBERT E. SI-IIMSHOCK, JAMES Vocational Vocational ENDSLEY GEORGE WILSON TERRY RAY Vocatuonal Vocational KOLLAR WILLIAM TRAMBKO BARBARA Vocational Vocatlonal CNSC 1955 CLASS OFFICERb 'seated left to nqht Tom Anderson presrdent Mary Ann Skundcx secretary Stcmdmq Icyce Ccssmotu treasurer Nzck MGIIHGCCI vrce presrdent M1l11centNe11l sponsor Charles Myden sergeant utcrrms 43 f f , , 3 AL f 6 I ' X I , ez ' , my I 1 I .fi I it , yf Ja in 3 5 A UNDERCLASSMEN I X f h 4 N Xa T X x -1 RX x 1 5 X XX L ff X Y XI qyf, X X 8 QI , . 'V 1 1 p f ' M y Y f P ? Q ffm Y f ' 1 f J Th d Th gh ard LE' Aj X1 N 45 X I ME UMLQE '. ' X l f 1 gl k d f 'Thf I Q idance K 'Q :I N f N 14 J f f h pe-ned Ks . kxw N 'f y K N H Hmm 75 y 5 , Y f Us as ML 'W +1 y '11 f y 1 O. 7 LU 1 lriwfil '-4 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS The Iunior Class Officers, guided by their sponsor, Mr. Iesse Franks, served their fellow classmates fcrithfully. Elected for the key posi- tion of president was Bob Wells. Chosen to ctssist Bob were vice-president, Kdy lVIcBurney: secretory, Peggy Blough: treasurer, Dottie Smortg und sergeant-ut-arms, Ierry Bckotd. JUNIOR CLASS B. Alexander, P. Alexander, Ammircrto, Arccmgelini, Armstecd, Borcho, Bcrkotd, Bolling, Bonik, Bctnk. Bcrrnhcxrt, Barrett, Bates, Bcrtyu, Bdugh, Beeson, Berry, Binlcey, Bishoff, Bittner. Bloomfield, Blough, Bottomly, Bowman, Brody, fit P. Brooks. in 'Sh vt A- A a . 'Ly ' It 1- 1" , xl 5.1. sl -Jig., uf. -.-. ,gf L 9 Brcxsheur, M, Brezc, B. Brezd, H. Brooks, 'Nr . 'H' 2?-ra. I , .M I flax 46 . 7 I . is I Q. Q Z 'kk- if ar 2. . Q V 53 ' ' A f' M x ' F x! Q JUNIORS Row l Brougher Brown Bryan Buck Bunda Butler Cam Row 2 Capozzoll Caromano Carroll Chambers Chalkclc Chesler Clusnell Row 3 Chrxstman Crampanelll Cxmmx Cockburn Cohen Cold ren Marvm Collms Row 4 Mary Colhns Conler Cox Crayton Cudzllo Cump son B Curry Row 5 I Curry S Curry Io Anne Davls Iuamtcz Davls De Bolt DeCarlucc1 Decker Row 6 Dlscovlch Dreeben Du four Dulxk D Dunn I Dunn Durrtsa Row 7 Edenixeld Everly Fast Frke Fmnell Ford Fosier Row 8 C Franks I Franks Freeman, Frredman, Funk, S Furtney, W. Furtney. Row 9 Gabriel, Galida, Galla gher, Galloway, Gaskill, Gay, Gerwiq, aww fi-1 Q 9 M41 vb M3355 yy as 9.4 ,v du Ce 'WE lm xl 'W P' gy! ep. I- 2 Q: as ,- -...M lllllna -IT mr 5 1 if li' Q 23' ix WN 'H in x 'Hx- Sm i 16' Qs. ,Ph tix ,Q-1 Unn- is i1 x Q JUNIORS Row l GlGCl'l9lll G 1 s m o n dx Gleason Gooclwm Granchl Granny Gretta Row 2 Gnmm Hall Hankxns Harper Havllchek H a w k Hemtzelman Row 3 Donald Hendrlx Donna Hendnx Henshaw Hess Hey ser Hlckenboltom Hooper Row 4 Hudoc Hughes Hurwnz Inks P Inks Isabell lack son Pow 5 Iacobs Ienlosre Ienkms Iohnson Iones B Ioseph G Ioseph Row 6 M Ioseph Ioyner Kauf man Kermrsh Kern Kltta Knlght Row 7 Kollar Kovscek Kul-ms Lambo Landx L a n ci r u m Laughery 'low 8 Lebder Lehmen Lemon Lenkovlch Less1ck Lewellen Lewls Row 9 Lilley L1nlner,A Lloyd R. Lloyd, Lockhari. Lombardo, Lopushansky. JUNIORS Row l Lowther Luteran Maga oth Mahan Maxese Mala chm Malaspma Row Z Maha Mallery Manches Mann Maman Marme Marmc Row 3 Marshall Martln Mahch McBurney MCCOfm1Ck McCu1 lcuqh McDowell Row 4 McKmney M c M a n u s Meek Mehall Melmsky Mer vay M1ller Row 5 Moody Mcore Morga nosky MOYIIS D Moser W Moser D Myers Row 6 R Myers Mull Mullan Nalepka N1elsen N1em1ec Null Row 7 Page Palladmo Papm cak Partndge Patterson Pav l1tsa Paydo Row 8 Payesko I Perkms R Perkms Petrone Pxccolommx Prerce Pxovarchy Row 9 Plxmpton Plum POmp61 Poplarchek Puselac Randolph Renner 'sw ew r it .4-A-4 vw 1 rv uv XAK1 ...mlm Q-. J 2 L M31 EAD mm i' M .4 3 V 8 .J uv' . I 185 M llama uf 9 19 -P -V . 'fl ' - '51 "2P ' " l 1 P M - M P -' . s sr I . - f u f 5 8- ,i w k W y P J ' figs . f . . f?5..2 ' ,. , . . . . A "4 ZZ.: " 2, ' ' ' ' fr 'W T- ' 5' y 5 E , ' 'tgp il, X I 1 I xl ' 3 2 ' , A Maw: J' K . K el! My lr Qikfr , . I f - - ' 351, , J: I ' V M I 1 ,, 9 1 Ayi, ,Q 1 rl V A A A Y I ll 'SM , ,el x I I , I - ,angry a ,,L.V 32 A Y ,7 ?. 5 Y J. X X' " ' . 1 X 1 31 I , My U - KJ 1 I MT. P .1 1 - .. q i 'r l Q rs . .., Q ' ' ' ' ' v-f 1 P "1 V f-if I 1 1 , F I I 5 J. Lv nr Ld, M U My . , 4 . Q ' ' ' ' ' fl 55, 'Q " .W ' r.r.A r '45 ll. ll 4 , Arxu , V V. MP, '. . ' . , - fr' M H f he ,aa , Q ' X . I 9' A F , A l l P P P - .W q r Q r .1 M r . X M av f,.. f rx. R , - 9' IA A X is 11,9 ' i W A fm lsl. A V s f 4' . " , ,S A ,, , V by 4? MXN , '1 lt.. - X D r T' ' ..r Qc, X 'UIQ .JUNIORS Row 1 Repo, Rigqan, Rishel Roberts. M. Roby. T. Roby Rockwell. Row 2 H Romesburg I Homes burg S Pomesburq Roy Sa bol Semans Sepxc Row 3 Serafm Shaffer C Shanefelter D Shanefelter Sharp Shawley Shtrley Row 4 Sholtz Slqley Sxmpson Slsson Skrles Smalley Smart ow 5 B Smrth D Smlth Smore Smothers S n o d d y Spencer Spxker Row 6 C Sprmger L Sprmger Stallworth Stasxa Stefan Stefamk Sterner Row 7 Stoner Strrckler Supen sky Svmcek Svokos Taylor B Thomas Row 8 S Thomas Tomasek Townsend Ulery Vallante Vrlsack Wadsworth Row 9 Walker Walkos Wan del Washabauqh W ell e r Wells Wensmq JUNIORS - 1 S l S is ,. 5 m Left to right Whitacre, Williams, -' f V 4 ' ' Wilson, Wohler, Wahler, Zim- ' ' .A ' cosky. Zsiros. ' vw " 1- - X, x'- X L an X SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS The Sophomore class wlth Mxss Chnstme Lucas as sponsor chose hm Brady for thenr presrdent T Old hm were lean Lazaran vrce presrdent Nancy Collms secre tary W1lbur Dowlmg treasurer and Bob Fee sergeant at arms SOPHOMORES Rowl Alhson Anderson Angelo Antocn Aplcella Arnold Astleford Baer Barley Balawender Row 2 Bcrlosky Barbahella Barclay Barnhart Bartos Batya Bercrdmo Bensh Brerer Bllss 5 ,. Qu- qs 4 A 5155 6..- 'G ol Q , . . . V O N 'Q l ff, 'SV S c. ' " V ' 'EIN A K9 3' ' l 1 , x Nl Y 1,2 M 1 l I X 'L Q , ,, ,, J -M , t, I gf ' l ' L I 3 :Z as X I- ' '1', IFJ 'r I' x L ' .--,, -N, ' I . , . f xx egg, gas. V gk -. SOPHOMORES :ty ,- 5,17 -fg- ' 'R ,, , -,V - K-as ,, , , wx WN. z . .4 .,, ie, X I h 9 3 , ' Q 1, TM: . r I 1 , f .4 R- ,A va' X -A Qi Fr ' ' l lin 4 1 ?9-Aid. i ' ""' : 1 E x and r F Y y y I 4. f. if I 5- ,V 5 ,J A . , , " ' l ' ' ,. 1, F . g F , 95? ,E U if ' ' ...- ,. 'tai , ki 31 31 I hai wx V ' ' A ' ' , ' 3 .,,, . ' ra, , ix v A xl 2 V r r 'fl G+ 4 i iz, Q N 4 , 1. ,X X l, E R 1 l 5 7 I 4- E i i , . Q- If- f ' Q A , - 4 I 1, Q in N - . , X ,N ' el l X in 1 J I X Row 1 Blystone, Bowlen, Boyd, Brady, Brant, Broskey, C. Bryner, R. Bryner, Bush, Calkins. Row Campbell, Capossere, Cavalcante, Cenedella, Cholewka, Chypella, Clark, Colflesh, Row Row Row Row Row B. Collins, W. Collins. Connor, Cook, Conroy, Craft, Ron. H. Crawford, Ron. Crawford, S. Crawford, Croci, Cross- land, Cupp. Daugherty, Davis, Demko, Devan, Dillinger, Dills, Discovich, Dobyris, Donahue, Dowling Draper, Durigan, Durso, Enos, Fani, Fargus, Faris, A, Fee, R. Fee, Feldman. Fertal, E. Fike, I. Pike, Fine, 0. Fisher, R. Fisher, Ford, Foster, Francis, Frankhouser. Friend, A. Fuller, D. Fuller, Fulton, Gall, Galley, Genovese, Gerber, Gerke, Gerwiq. f V A yi ,Q 'wus 52 Rowl Golden Gould Granny Cretta Grrflrn Haqer Haqerty Row 2 Hall Hanlford Harford Harned E Hart R ar Hauqht Row 3 Henzly Hrbbs Hrcken bottom Hrckle Hrxon Hoch Holland Row 4 Hollrclay Homer Hon saker Horwatt Barbara How ard Brenda Howard Hozak Row 5 H u d o c k Humberson Iones Row 6 Iordan, Iubin Kennedy, Kinnear, Kimmell, Knox, Ko- lasa. Row 7 Kopachko, Kornick, Ku- shak, D. Lake, R. Lake Lally, Langley. Row 8 Laporte, Latta, Lazaran. Lebder, Leech, Lenelli, Leng varsky. Row 9 Levko, Levy, Linderman, Link, Livengood, Lloyd, Love. "9 'ff' SOPHOMORES . , ,rl-'ar U- Q go L' , ' tif Q 72' ::' V '. . . ' ' l V' Wa: X u hx' YN ' x . s , ,A r ' x , N 5 I -I I V H rl is 9 L? Q' f 'f f ' ' ' ' v ,, K K . . I -. , :L 5 Q A ,, . - , - , , 9 1?-L f' 'if Q.- . . I - G' , . - z, 1 sw Z 1 x 3 l ' . . , Y, - F- Inks, Iackson, Ienkins, Iohnson, y , ,, S, X r iq :Vg rxxvx A V ix 'W Av. . A Y l L .,,J'b - . 1 , lll x 3 3 Q , , V .- 2 V , 6- , K rv if 2? GZ 4 gl X KF if 'l 1- " W . N sy X 1 L X l K Q' Q nv L uk X l I 0 Q ' V-2' Q 6 l 1 . Q , g G s 'Ls' 5 we 4, -P ff A 1, tx 1 I O SOPHOMORES ff. ' 0 . ,f "'l',',' l 4 44 Q x , " X V- H xle at l, , , l Q at P is "9 lx' ' 'I .fa sf f "Fan . 1 u 4, Y A ' , -A , 1 I 5 5 - t H. r .-. J L . Z , . , . , , Lf it M , V' l " 3 I , -4 :sz ,, - W ,Q ' . 1, ,,,Q,,' V , ' x S , V' 1 A f ' ' ft J V- Q N " ,. 'Q - fx - , 6 . 9 L lii, QQ r ,L . ' TZ' A l N X ' X fe' Q. '-1 X: ,, K f x l .4 Y w . AN V S 'f 3333 9,1 1. , S tl if 4' . Mar xx M X 1 L N X Row l 'Lowther, Lucas, Luther, Lynn, MacDowell, Malone, Mandock, Matthews, May, McAnich. Row Z -McBride, McCullough, McElwain, McGinty, Ellenberger, Meek, Melinsky, Mendis, Menni, Merryman. Row 3 --C. Michael, I. Michael, Miller, Mills, Moleck, L. Morris, P. Morris, Mundel, Myers, Nedley. Row 4-Neverdale, Newcomer, Nieradko, Nixon, Nolan, Norwood, Noyes, Panek, Parks, Paydo. Row 5-Paulchek, Peroni, Petrock, Phelan, Phillips, Pindrock, Pompura, Pratt, Ramsey, Reed. Row 6- Renner, Reposkey, Rhode-rick, Rilfle, Rink, Risha, Ritchey, Rittenhouse, E. Robinson, I. H. Rockwell. Row 7--I. L. Rockwell, Rhodeheaver, Romantic, L. Romesburq, I. Romesburg, Ross, Roth, Rudar, B. Rusinack, R. Rusinack. 54 ,4 l Rowl Russo Sabatua Sabrk Sadler Salvatore Sangston Sante Row 2 Santore Savage Serqh man Sepkovrch Shady Do lores Shaffer Dorothy Shaffer Row 3 Srlbaugh S1smondo Sla vxc Spaw Somervllle Soohey Spalek Row 4 Spergal Sponsler Stall ard Steiancxk Stefancm Stetl Stralght Row 5 Strohm Stroncheck Su pensky Swesey Tantlmger Taylor E Thomas Row 6 I Thomas M Thomas R Thomas I Trmqhese Tumey Umbel Valrante Row 7 Wagner I Wahler I Wahler E Walters N Wal ters Weaver K Whxte Row 8 W Whlte Wxlkes Wm qard Wyatt I Yates P Yates Yatsko Row 9 Zawackr Znmcosky Zt ney Zsrros Zuzak mv 'Viv SOPHOMORES 'L 448.4 if lim XFN' 'ul' lin! 221' fun INS 95 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLASS O Q I? MINE MAINTENANCE CLASS Sl ,nn 56 BEAUTY CULTURE CLASS OF UNION VOCATIONAL SCHOOL AGRICULTURE CLASS OF UNION VOCATIONAL SCHOOL AUTOMOTIVE CLASS OF UNION VOCATIONAL SCHOOL ll --I I 43 l S 1 W V -wpagf: Q 'iv 1 , ., ' 'V 1 ' WW? zz' ii' W.. 0 - ' v Quan- M . , QQ a1vtQ M ' A mm b M K nm M veid Q I , 6 s ' 'f wif? , if ' , , - - M I F' l 5 M-1.21 ' A 'jg ACTIVITIES The many clubs and orgamza Mons gave To LJ: experlen e In vvorkmg with each ofher IU ac i. 1 i i 4 complnshmg bug progecfs I Il I IU -II-I-IIII. imma il l mm ' II I W was mam I vm! as ,,. 1 I ig, E '50 M1 7 FL f v' Q ClI1Il9 JJ C-A-Hg llln? ' 'II V O I 1.1 L., M I ,u!lIv'l's'II1IIEIIIZl I 3 'llll' 11-1 Af! 1 iff I 1 'F- ll 4' ' I .. I ,I III QE I I Al--..is1- U ,... Q' !I ff: I - "4- gh II"' -,--f, l f :. - .--gs x J X I I IIII I I . 2iQQi55f:'.ff,Q. FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT SENATE Row l Left to right: Mullan, Cavalcante, Tantlinqer, Gretta. Romesburg, Leonneli, Hart. Row 2 Thomas, Blouqh, Everly. Connor, Crossland, Baron, Hurley. Row 3-W Smart, McElwain, Male lcry, Murray, Marinacci, Sha- ner. How 4 Plimpton, Brady, Valenf tic, Phillips, Zane. -0-J il SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT SENATE Row 1 Left to right: Ross, Ses- ler, Sismondo, Holliday, Stein er, Bowlen. Row 2 Fox, Coddinqton, Soom Hager, Magalotti, Crayton. Row 3 Williams, Bauqh, Ma rine, Banik, Paulcheck, Foster Stallard. Row 4 Logan, Hanlzins, Lebder Fike, Berrish, Molech. STUDENT SENATE OFFECERS Sealed- Left to right: Harry Hart man, treasurer: Ianet Marine secretary: Dick Buerger, presi dent. Standing Lloyd Anderson, ser qeant-at-arms: Eugene Pike vice-president: M a x Z a n e sponsor. PROJECTIONIST CLUB Bow l, left to right B. Rockwell. Rocheck, Collins, Hart. Hughes. s Nui, lvkxf, Dreeben, Horwitz, Bittner. l'iow2 lVIr. Franks Csponsorl, Fischer, Supensky, Lewellen, Poplarchek, Guthrie, Pike, A Rockwell, Braxton. MAROON KEY Row l, left to right floss, Gar- row Glass. Row 2 Peskie, Karlovich, Cose qrcve. Row 3 Zubovich, Collins, Hur- ley. Row 4 Walters, Laughead. Rcw 5 Lazaran, Mr. Lyon Kspon- sor , Ventura, Holchin, DeCarlo. Wesely, Hormell, Rafter, Na- bcrs, Baron, Matich, Zubovich, Madison, Wilson, Hager. TOP HAT OFFICERS Row l, left to right Ioseph fvice- presidentf, Fox ftreasurerz, Miss Neill sponsorf, Smith 'presi- dent, Ottenberq fsecretary. How 2 Patterson, Wells, Laza- ran, Skunda, Cassinotti, DeBolt, Ballinq, Row 3 Brady, Pike, Buck, Fee. Row Row Row Row Row Left to right: Dr. Dan Kovar Iohnston Deal Skurxda Thomas secretary Franty vrce presrdent Lovett presr dent: Batya, emblem bearer Matlch treasurer Bralon Iohns Connor Sesler Exley. Strickler, Sanner, Murray Hollrday Hertz Maust Caton Ccddmgton Baron Badger Dunn, Buck, Bloomfield, Moser Se-mans Mullan Kovscek Lessrck Smart Sabol Baugh Wrlson Gretta Coffman Iones, Dulik, Bittner, Mahan Brashear Granchr Peskre Stana Hart DeCarlo Selby Wrlson Umce Keefer, Logan, Barnhart, Baruk Dufour Grsmondr Lazararr Frredmarr Moser Bates Harper Burnworth SENIOR Row Row How Row AON.- X' 1. SENIOR I-IIGI-I NEWS EDITORIAL STAFF Row l left to right: Milly Banik, Ianice McGraw, Yvonne Thomas ICO-editorl, Ed Wensinq Isports editorl, Dolly Matich ICO-editorl, Ianie Myers, Koula Svokos, Carol Cumpson, Philip Hill Isponsorl. Row 2 Roger Dreeben, Iack Marshall, Gretta Bank, Carolyn Yarris, Cathy Sabia, Beverly Rock- well, Rosalie Bittner, Sandy Iones, Robin Semans, Sandy Kern. SENIOR I-IIGI-I NEWS BUSINESS STAFF Row l. left to right Max Zane Isponsorl, Colleen Gaskill Ibusiness manaqerl, Linda Gismondi. Row 2 Babs Bloomfeild, Sandra Romesburq, Beatrice Alexander, Dorothy Moser, Annette Rocheck. 4, fi ,, ' I ' S I Xt X: V my If , " 'sf ,, W-an 'M wk f 3 . ' ,-fgg Sf"' 5,51 fa ww "1:lv'?-?,I?'V,v My L'?-1255133 6 Q 'ifgl-if-I T A f J 8 2 ii gi ,, , gf , fn 1 L""'7?f 1 ff wi, Il 4. N. 'X I 0 ,,, Q E in 33 ,- I 3 ,, Klx 5' 7-Af, 4' fl , M. gf, ze, ., 4, , 1 w 'P 3. S V gi, Q. " ., 'F Hg 'rn 7 'Z' -' W 'V-L , 2' I " V 1 . ni'-'S' "" ' f .?X'3.l A , . , . I ka 'fi H, 22 Q m V, " , ,, A .4 . . A . v "N R, . J' , Hg' ' v 1 - I 1 R. , , -:fr - ' . A ' do , V , . R , . V I .Q 4 ' 4 f 1- .gag ,, L, 2 Q ' xii? asf -Q v z ff 9 .s , x . 1'l, 40 V H .f nf A .V v. MZ ,fr V Qlhm, .1404 ,jf N. 6 ff? ,Rs 7, 1, f U V L: TQ 1 4 nj' 1259 mf 3 'O I , 1 Q 2.2 , 'f 5 ' 0 V W af YZ E gk 3 . ' ,L g, " " Vx . .1 V gf ff, Yr: f'Q?'7l5fy .f,, '. f fm' 1' ,QUX3 as W ' QVQ 4, Ag- , , 'f x . ff- ' . 31? ,f 2 Q an 1 K ' 2 A 34 ' 6 1.14 K . x v I , . ta , :K iii ...qlgwf 4 W 5' 'fvgf 44 gg 'm , rl .,': 41 4 4 i 11. X. ' vwww, , 696 25,12 1 N 5 A Y' M Q' W f it ' '-al? X 15, lif'fl"', 'f N1 W f'Q 'f '6 ,?:" fI 1 if x K1 yf , ls Row How Row Row How Row Row Row RED RAIDER BAND Left to right: Hulbert, Caramano, Kuhns, Mulligan, Gaskill, Snyder, Mahan, Alexander, Fallon, Stallard, Ballinq, Rockwell, Bierer, Bottomley, Amend, Van Sickle, Anderson, Hudcc, Core. Shultz, Granny, McGinty, A. Hoch, F. Hoch, Wells, McClusek, Pavlitza, Myers. Gall, Salvatore, Dills, Guerke, Romesburg, Hart, Sholly. Row 5 Bishop, Marine, Maraney, Poplacheck, Thomas, Rendina, Levi, Howard, Crawford. Smith, Crawford, Tcmtlinqer, Cruise, Saddler, Wagner, Granny, Romesburq. Cockfield, Logan, Franks, Caton, Harper, Roby, Fani, Hall. Currv, Strickler, Yates, Hankins, Anderson, Romesburg, Paladino, Anderson, Wilburn. DRUM MAJOR Tom Core. COLOR GUARDS Left to right: Lovett, Medsger, Detweiler, Connelly. 67 l l H, ll. St" 2. +4 H-41 F' , I ffm X Q 55 , 'S i ' xg? In ! F' , I ' MAJ OR ETT ES Row 1 Ianet Kuhn, Norita Mulligan, Loretta Malispina, Pat Fallon. Row 2 Colleen Gaskill, Marlene Snyder, Marlene Mahan, Bea Alexander, sv f 'I Y Kal ' Bl dj C . L ,ff VARSITY Mfr CHEERLEADERS From left to riqht: Toni Lazarau, Yvonne Thomas, Ianice McGraw, Rita Dandrea, Norma Deal, Snulfy Flanneqan, Icyce Cassinoiti head Cheerleader. my , ff.,4 42+ ! r . -54524 gh- F, 0-, 'Q 9 all " M-wanna , 'Q 5 53 3' 3.5. 5 1 , -ff f A igxygf f lr 4 ' 4? y 3 0 3, ll QC W sn' ' n W 3 fn. Q 1 Q ,gfu 1' , fm 4 :gil A X I 9 23 K ' 1, Wi' ,WR . W- ""wv, SPGRTS Through the doors of soorfs F4-Jai.. Lib - 1 -n-11' 1 we learned cooperahon and cu! X trvared physlcal flfness 2 .Vs- X 3 ill S o '+ Q Q I 4 fx T1 Row 1-Left to right: Shaner. Lloyd, Crossland, A. Fee, Buerger, Cunningham, Snoddy. Nehls, I. Perkins, McLee, Hull. Row 2-Atkinson, Cicxmpcmelli, Dunn, E. Pike, R. Cimini, Mcxrinacci, Miller, Zimcosky, C. Perkins. Kemp, Ford, Lebder. Row 3-Power, Hartman. H. Fee, Stimmel, Pezar, Antoon. T. White, R. Myden, C. Myden, Anderson, Hillen, Lockhart, Zane, Kzuper. VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD The Red Raiders piled up quite a successful record during the 1954 season, winning eight and losing only two. The tearn, coached by Bill Power, Max Zane, and John Kruper, and cheered on by the irrepressible student body, gave its Alma Mater good reason to give praises and thanks. 1954 FOOTBALL SCORES UHS L 20, German Twp. O UHS , Washington UHS , L 12, Dunbar Twp. UHS Mt. Lebanon UHS, ,, , L 19, Monessen UHS Connellsville UHS ,L,, aaaa 6 , Redstone ,, , UHS Brownsville - UHS 13, Ambridge UHS Latrobe L , Row l Fee, Lockhart, Lloyd, Dunn, Hull, Antoon, Perkins, Ford, R. Myden. Row 2 Umbel, Phelcm, Spiegel, E.y, Dowling, Silbciugh Norwood, Robinson, Lcxlly, Francis, McLee. Row 3 Berish, Zcwccki, Snowden, Phillips, Rockwell, Stefl, Koloscr, Atkinson, Peroni, Capossere, Fike, Lebder. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Four members of The 1955 Red Raider Team gained recognhion named to The All-County fooTbalI Team. JIM HILLEN IIM SHANER 'L'-2' LLOYD ANDERSON f'N 1-'N sp Ar','- .-.n 1' ...1i" by being HARRY HARTMAN ,av it N! rv . s , 1 yvf-, D5 bil :h,,h'+V 55 5.1-n .. ,,f s H .-.-.nu ,avr-" -'D :pp 97? vp 13' 9 im S P9 , . A , x E , -s ,Wk 6 fy' f K swggi S f' O H J K N 'N I 9 S294 A 4 , ' 1-1 I Q" 4 3 :M- wg. 5 2 'f . 1? 'K ' V ff - - ff- ' .. , 4 A V . xr ,W w w xxx x N'- I' 3 1' fi ,f,.e,A f-an., 5' 1 3 . ' ' - . . QW 4? 5 K5 l 'H M 5:5 ,fy lg Xa 1 sw mwa- X :gk . 55,45 '3"'fi.'f an 56,4215 l 1? 0 UW Q .Qui , r-BBQTE. 3 QTY' "r,,1 'a. ,. 1 lx5 N ' , Z Xp. -gh 2. if ,R y A fi 56 aku? J A 5 1 if at W f 4 , v 4:23, quiz . A 'r si Y A , I A I 'Y X I I v . Q Q 5, ,off u ' M M we lg Ln XL f M fx 'gf I 5 x 1? 2 I 1 47' is-ani' , V ' g 7 4 4 , . .. ,, . '. Q A , - ya ' ... , A 4 ,. H, - . 9, ,, N ' - ' ' A V ' A n I V- ' V -' ,V ' s i954-1955 BASKETBALL SCORES BASKETBALL SQUAD Row 1-V-Left to right: Hail Cmanczgerl, Edenfield, Page, McLee, Fisher, David, Martin, Buerger, Lux Ccoptcinl, Buck fmuncxgerl. Row 2AGerwig, P. Thomas, B. Fee, I. L. Rockwell, Mendis, Kolosci, Dowling. Pike, Robinson I. Rockwell, Genovese, Ienkins. Getting off to a slow start, the Red Raiders regained their pep and, after trouncing Connellsville 60-44 in the new gym, were on their way to a victorious season. Winning eight out of ten league games, the Raiders were then tied with Latrobe and Greensburg forthe W. P. I. A. L. Section 2 championship. The Raiders played Greensburg on March 2 in the Pitt Field House. Credit for the good season goes to Coach A. J. Everhart and his assistant, John Kruper. UHS UHS 43 68 Johnstown . German L..- UHS UHS 63,"N. Hunt'gdn 63, Brownsville UHS 41 Monessen . UHS 83,'Jeannette UHS 52 California . UHS 6O,'Latrobe ., UHS 55 Charleroi -, . UHS 63, Georges UHS 42 Washington UHS 7O,"Connellsville UHS 85 Bellmar .... L UHS 35,iGree-nsburg - UHS 48 Bellmar H.- UHS 62, Baldwin UHS 6O,TConnellsville UHS 55,'N. Hunt'gdn UHS 6l 'Greensburg UHS 7l,"Jeannette UHS 69, Pt. Marion UHS 5l,"Latrobe kLeague Games if! V , , ' A 5 A S I -I-1 1545:-4.31 Howl Left to nght Cudzlllo Marmo Phmpton Dmardo Patterson Soom Bowman Fans Ford Lally Row 2 Lloyd Ioseph Ondrrsh Bakota Murray Lovett Phxlhps Ulery Francxs Spexgal Peronr Row 3 Dunn Kadar Crossland Srlbaugh E Waller H Waller Exley Antoon Mlller Hartman Myden Anderson Mannaccr WRESTLING SQUAD The Red Ralder grapplers coached by Charles Kalmanek ended a falrly successful season wlnnlng seven and losing sx Gerry Clmlnn completed has thurd year as an undefeated member ot the UHS vvrestlung squad Charles Myden Ray Muller and Tom Dlnardo qualltled for the reglonal tournament In Washington T955 WRESTLING SCORES UHS UHS UHS UHS UHS UHS Waynesburg Washnngton Nlapletovvn Canonsburg German Latrobe UHS UHS UHS UHS UHS Waynesburg German Canonsburg Mapletown Latrobe , I . , LL 30g 23 ,L H 22g UHS , 285 Greensburg L 2l UHSL L, , 39g Greensburg ,, , T95 ' L 26 509 , , , L 325 18 L, ,,uL, , ,205 ,, ,, L l9g 30 ,, L, ,, 23g L u,,,L H 29g ,H , 29 E, 7,185 ,L , L,,,, , T95 LL 32 80 Zta UHSS own Jurnrny Hullen blazed a brught path for humself un hugh school foot ball Hus Iaurels unclude beung chosen All County durung hus uunuor and senuor years All W P I A L un hus senuor year and to crown hus achuevements All State furst strung also un hus senuor year We know hus star vvull contunue to ruse 81 fi A8 A Www' g .- i9gfg 4 4:L,41 fa ,Q g Q' . f .. Q R QfWlsiswg'Q'5f3'L' '- H 'G' - wig ' mff,cv,f-X ,Q ,E - f gmmh- U . if RQ 33 w 1 Q 2 The followrng pages give vnew unto The yesterdays that be came a part of Us at UHS INFCDRMAL l I IN! 5' fi Wi 72'- 'K J vi ,Qu ' V1 1 E QA, fi, an 1 li'- tf-1, r MM" A M...-V '95 3. J' :.ll1 I - 4 D Y f 'Q -Q3 4' ' .292 Asa af-' 18' KC if in 'Qin f! 'Yi 3255?- Gm V 55: ,N i. A-ff ,M wx A ,. iggfgn '14 Mm! "', 4 hnu 5 1 n 6 f 2 K a f H i f5!l!l! -if f , .uffai 'fx 'f fgf, 3 ' 45,3 s .Q Wm.-. ,.,, bf! 2. F' 5, 42, 59. 3, V' . 3, Al Q -S 1 MW. . .AM , L Biff' xv., I 4 lazy' 33 cabs i Q T7 . 5... 'gg . -. 0 Q ,'. .'g'.u.n. 0 , usa ' Q QV xl . .'-v.:,'.o..'L1l.:.'u.n: 7.4 r A WT? ii, "f."'v' ' ,. M1 , 4 .0- 3 .3 , , r Y r ,, " Aff- X. 'L',." .4 Student Senate officers plan the annual Christmas clothing drive for orphans . . . Some Maroon Kev airls take a breather . . . Girls' Charms tunes u . . . Miss Zearle ives instructions to the . . P Y Q assistant librarians . , . The familiar lzczlccnyrdance scene. .W Ol is-Qwf 1 i JS ' a .. 1'- M, W, frwfgt ,A fzfiz' 57' e ,Eyzxx . V. ., t W- ,wi 43,5 ' in X QM 91 KQQQLSL' .hw A 5 f 'mes 1 ,Q M f ,ggi ' is A is -- , fl N aw ...F 2 4 A ' W , ,fx mf 3 mx 5-v--H-'QQ ' wr . ms 'WV , , 4 f ur Q. my gf! X, , tk E9 ,-,, 'xii W H, ,, z A gin' J A A X . , 7' .. ' ff' n 'W S , 4: N, L I 1 9-i 4 Z L -www ,A N- X V Assn Mug ,gm Q V: M . . 2 ,Q 3 1 gf es. 'Q' ' 19 "J" V Q Ax 2 gan , f w :gg " ., - 1 . ,gy 4 ,YV fir Ez! - 'fr lv 45 i r ,, Q gg f -14 4. 'Hi Q 4 I x , 1 . f, Q Y, , , 7 K ,V xx AQ 'fa ap-Q.. dwg! gi . nw 'N Y' ? f jaxgw, ,. F? 1 W , 1g E,E. ' 'Nl 'QI " 5 - wr-vrgfnyg F '-s V w I If M ,W nf . . n ,, QP. X is wg ' X NN i, if A na '-gy Av , f , , f 5 f 'kg ' , " f " WW ey, , Y 'img ,J ,. Lf 3 , ow"-5" ' V j' Nm, 'V , M - v g Maw 'N ' .1-I ,W , , ,- fffiw f,,' f' 'X . ' , -. firf f 0' , " ' , ' " ZA "yw4' ' -"' 4 A '. " ' . ' ' ' 111: M "", f' ,.,,.' W " 3. i,f"V'A,,4b , , . X - ,, A ,yw wf W my . ., K A P 5875" ,,.,, ff K ,V Q , . A , I F ,yr ,V ,VW mv Wy: Fha 'ra , :vw-ai ' 1 " Ki 9,1 , ' ' , ', vfynlgkvt J wx' I If 's-wWf1ef1'- L 5 4 yr 1' K 5 I 5 -gn ..-N' - , .. . . .!'? V A N " . 'Q .- I A if bf at F A, .921 H 3 . iz' 1 'friy -'fs -W W ? I A 1 A' 1 j -,Q ,ug W 'VE' 1113: 5:-1 - M- , , ' A 7 I Q ,Y Hifi X ' , fiat 1 , V ' T' ,, 4, ' uk mb, Q . M r f W ' . .5 X f ix .- ,Ai PU m w at fx 5455 , ,. V , fu 5 5 .- if Wg W ,K 5 ' - og. g- , 1 .pax -Q, 1 1 -KWH 'i fr' 5'--:'IllsQ "ia QQQL QL , M 3 wir' x ,h, X? - A ,ff WM, - df A 5. ww-, W , ' nl !" 4 A ff W www, wwf' Wrwywmwvflf 1 ' f 3 ,y ff , 2 Q62 5 2 , 1 S W? 1 4 'Sox .sfxq X -lv, Q -uv Q-fauna...-g. ., .v,,,,W ,WMM -L f 'K ., ,Nw ,f . , 4 .V gg R ', un-,A Lx X X be Q' 'Nm CQ mf' !"'fT7 if". ICN QC-1 A I Q gm. 4. Q I ,E I 72, Senior majorettes Pat, Colleen, Marlene, Narita, and lanet . . . Time out for the band managers . . The Tri-Hi-Y girls go to camp . . . Let's all give a well deserved cheer for the cheerleaders! . . Susan strikes a pcse. 92 Reiqnina as queen of the Stardust Ball was Mary Ann Skunda . . . Doreen Ottenberq and Shirley Walters were the attendants . , , Football queen Eileen Hurley with attendants Yvonne Thomas and lane! Kuhn . . , Iunior Prom queen Eileen Hurley with Ianet Kuhn and Pat Fallon serving as attendants . . . Mr, Frank Strcup, an ardent Raider tan . . . Everyone knows where this is! , , . Tri-Hi-Y presidents: Kitty Lou Icnns, Alpha, Yvonne Thzrnas, Gamma: lean Ann McGee, Beta .. . And here, at lona last, is lVlr. Kepple' HIS Seated left to right Ruth Ann Ross Max Zane Isponscrh Annette Rocheck Ibusiness managerl Standing Norita Mulligan Iackie DeCarlo Mane DeCarlo Marsha Jacobson Mary Ellen Kostel MAROON AND WHITE BUSINESS STAFF The busuness staff of The MAROON AND WHITE under The sponsor ship of Max Zane asslstanf prmcupal was responsible for geffnng The many ads which helped to pay for Thus publication 94 nik, Susan King, Eileen Hurley, Eileen Kcidanov, and Betty lane Karlovich. SPONSORS ALPHA FLORIST. 17 South Beeson Boulevard AMEND'S MARKET. 190 Coolspring Street BAKER AND KINCAID COMPANY. 88 West Main Street BENSON'S. 5 West Main Street BILL'S CLEANERS, New Salem. Pa. BLUMENSCHEINS DRUG STORE. 7 Pittsburgh Street BUD'S CLOTHING STORE 14 West Main S reet BROWN 8z SMILEY INSURANCE Gallatrn Natronal Bank Burldrng, BRYSON MOTORS 231 East Fax ette Street TITO CANTALAMESSA 8z SONS 5 West Marn Street CENTRAL DRUC' STORE 4 Beeson Boulevard COFFMANS MOTOR SALES New Salem Pa COHEN S FURNITURE COMPANY Beeson Boulevard COMPLIMENTS OF A PROFESSIONAL FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF JOE DORAZIO Your Frrendly Farm Bure ru Agent COMPLIMENTS OF MR 8: MRS LEWIS OPALL DAVID S COOPER AUTO SALES 101 West Favette Street SAM CRAVOTTA 7-1 South Gallatrn Avenue CRAWI' ORD WEBB 60 West Fawette Street CROFT STUDIO 28 Fast Marn Street C B DEARTH New Salem Pa FRANK DeCARLO FLORIST low Oakland Avenue VITO P DeCARLO FUNERAL HOME New Salem DR ERNEST P DeHAAS New Salem Pa DIIVIARCO S FOOD PRODUCTS COMPANY New Connellsvrlle Road DINSMORE TIRE SERVICE Morgantown Street DULANYS OFFICE EQUIPMENT 10 Morgantown Street EASTERN FREIGHT LINE Old Connellsvrlle Road ll J EDENFIELD BLS LINES New Salem Pr CHARLES EGGERS 84 COMPANY 80 E mst F ryette Street ELLIS MUSIC STORE 29 Morgantown Street ENANY MOTOR SAI ES 336 East Marn Street FAYETTE FARM SERVICE INC 30 East Fayette Street PAY MOR SERVICE STATION Morgantown 85 Fayette PAYETTE NATION AI BANK 8: TRUST COMPANY Mun 84 Morerntow rr PIKE INSURANCE COMPANY Gallatrn Nrtronrl Brnk Burlclrrrr, FORT NECESSITY GARAGE Route 40 Farmrngton Pr FRANCIS MARKET 31 East South Street FREDERICK S MUSIC STORE 6 South Peeson Avenue CIALLATIN NATIONAL BANK Marn 85 Beeson JIMMY GISMONDI WMBS Sports Broadcaster CHARLES F HAGAIN Jeweler 4 South Gfrllatrn Axenue I N HACAN ICE C REAM COMPANY South G rll rtrn Axenuc HELENS BEAUTX SALON New Salem Pa HOUSEHOLD FLRINITURE COMPANY 32 VVest 'VIarn Street HIKENBAUCH S DRUC STORE 304 Morganto tn Street INA S DRESS SHOP 9.5 West P rxette Street JEFI' RIES CHEN ROLET CONIP-XINY New Salem Pr Jl:.NDR XI S P'lXR'NI XCY Frxctte Street 8. 'Nlt Vernon Xxtnrlt JOHNSTON PUNER XL IIONIF or North C1111 rtm Nur ut JOFS ILNICII 130 I' rxettt Street K XUFNIAN S 19 VX t 'Warn Street KEY STONE MOTOR COMPAN'1 12-1 West Niarn Street I- A KING Complrments of Hopwood Bus Lrne JF XN KING SCHCOL OF DANCIING 421 East Fax ettr Strut 90 . . . 1 1 . . Z . . l I - 1 , , ' . 1 Y rr ' t, , ,xl 1, H ' - v I . I ' I T - v 1 ' . . 'T . . ' . Pa. . . , ' , . L . . Y L A I , . L v E K - , X 5 A C v t 1 . . . . , , . E at X K , X 1 1 A , I I ' w ' - ' . 1 . Y , ' . . . 2' . 'fa ' . , ,. h I ' . 2 . 2 2 , . ll , . . I . J I ' ' . T I I v v C , ' Q n . . . C x . . 1 7 Q . ' - r '. 1 2 ' r 'r 1 HANKINS 8: PAULSON LUIVIBER COMPANY. North Beeson Avenue I - Y I I. . . ' . ' . Y V 1 ' - f ' 1 . - . r . 4 I r I If 1 C . 1' ' 1 . , . . .- th . . . . Y . V Y .' 1 . ' r . ,. 'T r ' 'L z 1 'rr 1 ,H f .gz f r r . 'es I " ' A . r r . . - . - , S. . rv , I I I .I I I J: r r . , . I . 3 , 'A 1 1 . " JOSEPH A KRUPER 118 Don ner Ax enue LaPENTAS MARKET New Salem Pa LEE S 9 West MBIU Street LEVY S MEN S SHOP 37 East Ma1n Street JOHNNY LIVINGSTON CLEANERS Unrontovvn Pa LOUCK S HARDWARE COMPANY 101 West Ma1n Street MELONI S RESTAURANT 105 West Ma1n Street METZLER S 22 West Ma1n Street JOSEPH MCCOY HEATING Sz PLUMBING 67 West Fax ette Street MCLAIN S SERVICE STATION Farmrngton Pa MICHAEL S CHILDREN S SHOP 55 South Gallatrn Avenue MIRIAM SHOPPE 47 West Chureh Street MITCHELL LONG INC 26 East Fayette Street B J MUNDEL 134 Connellsvrlle Street G C MURPHY COMPANY 19 East Marn Street NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY 267 Coolsprrng Street NICHOLS JEWELRY STORE 32 Morgantown Street PARNELL S SERVICE STATION Route 40 Farmrngton Pa PATTERSON S SUNOCO SERVICE STATION West Ma1n Street 8. Brer er PEG SHOPPE Gallatln Natronal Bank Burldrng PHOTOGRAPHIT INC 12 South Gallatrn Avenue ABE PLATT 100 East Fayette Street RELIABLE TRANSFER MAYFLOWER SERVICE 100 West Peter Street ROSE S CONFECTIONERY 146 Conne11sv111e Street ROSS BROTHERS SPORTING GOODS 66 West South Street RUSH SERVICE STATION Farmrngton Pa SAUERS MEN S STORE 59 West Ma1n Street SERVICE RADIO 81 ELECTRIC 96 West Ma1n Street SHADY SIDE INN Old Connellsvrlle Road SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY 32 West Marn Street SLIGER LINOLEUM COMPANY .32 West Ma1n Street SOWERS INN Farmrngton Pa SOXMAN S PHOTO SERVICE 38 Lemon Street STEWART PONTIAC COMPANY 73 East Fax ette Street STEVENSON S AMOCO SERVICE Prttsburgh 8a North Mt Vernon Ave Extensron FRANK STROUP BARBER SHOP 40 South Beeson Avenue SWEENEY MOTOR SALES INC 63 East Fayette Street SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES COMPANY 25 Dunbar Street SWIMMER S CLEANERS 8a DYERS North Gallatrn Avenue Extensron THRIFT RAY DRUG STORE 10 West Ma1n Street UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER CORPORATION Blaekstone Burldrng, UNIONTOWN NEWS COMPANY 11 Morgantown Street UNIONTOWN SAVINGS 8a LOAN 39 South Beeson Boulevard VON SIGN COMPANY 126 West Marn Street WALLACE MILLER 8z BROS 26 East Ma1n Street WHITE SWAN FLOWER SHOP 117 West Ma1n Street S E WILLIAMS SUPPLY COMPANY M111 8a Burlders WOODY HEATING 8z PLUMBING 64 West Marn Street ZIMMERMAN ENGRAVING COMPANY 215 East Ma1n Street Syk6SV1II6 Pa Engravers for Maroon and Whzte 1955 96 S P O N S O R S PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, 52 Morgantown Street

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