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. . I I b . I : Kaim 639v " f ?JECETTV - , ---:M' : '; '1 -- : 1CI igh School ior H Pennsylvan iontown Sen Uniontown, Un E T H W D N .A N O O R .A M FOREWORD The staff of this High School Annual is hopeful that you Will keep this book through- out the years, and that you Will think of it as a symbol of the united effort of your school, to develop worthy citizens of tomorrow. The motif carried out through this book is that of the Red Raiders; Indians Who at one time inhabited this area. They were a trustworthy and courageous people. Why not live up to the name given to you? DEDICATION This book is dedicated to you, the Red Raiders of Uniontown Senior High School. The athletic teams, as well as the student body, have brought honor to the school 1'11 scholastic and athletic success. nnual S This yeaHs Annual, planned and written by students, will, in years to come, serve as a means of remi- niscence of wonderful high school days. With each passing year it will grow in value. The staff, working under the direction of Mr. Dunn, consisted of Robert Breading, Margery Carney, Carol Lowdermilk, Bill MacDowell, June Mentzer, Lorrie Neill, Philomena Pierre, and Ann West. Administration School Directors of the City of Uniontown THE SCHOOL BOARD Left to right Mr. Richard Tantlinger, Sec.; Mr. Harold Webb, Mr. J. B. Adams, Jr. SolicitorL Dr. W. F. Springer, Treas.; Mr. Clark Lessig Uerm expiredL D. Armer Craig, Pres.; Mr. J. Watson Sembower, Mr. Clarence Abel, V. Pres.; Mr. William Lloyd, Dr. 0. H. English, Superintendent of Schools. DR. 0. H. ENGLISH i R. D. MOSIER JOHN H. DUNN Superintendent of Schools Y; L Principal, Senior High School ant Principal, Senior High School Faculty DR. 0. H. ENGLISH Superintendent of Schools MR. R. D. MOSIER Principal MR. J OHN H. DUNN Assistant Principal MR. ROBERT BLANC Commercial MISS NELLE BREY Home Economics MISS HELEN BRICE Latin MISS J ULIA BROOKE Mathematics MRS. ANNA A. CONN Jf'k ' ' Biology MR. WILLIAM CRAMER Music MISS MARTHA DIXSON Home Economics MR. L. C. DODSON Commercial MR. GUY EBERHART Athletics Manager, Biology MISS VEDA ELY English MR. ROBERT FIKE World History MR. JESSE FRANKS V Physics, Audio-Visual Director MR. C. M. HAAG Chemistry MISS FRANCES HEYSER Personal Development, Related Arts MR. P. B. HILL English MISS MARY JEFFERIS Mathematics MISS RUTH J OHNSON Commercial MISS FLORENCE KING Physical Education MR. J OHN KRUPER .............................. Phys. Ed., A381 Basketbail and Football Coach MISS PATRICIA LOCKE Spanish, French MISS CHRISTINE LUCAS English MR. ROBERT LYON A'rt MRS. GENEVIEVE McLAIN English MISS MILLICENT NEILLA English MR. WILLIAM K. POWER History, Football Coach MR. K. W. RICHARDS Problems of Democracy, Track Coach MR. GUY RIDER Problems of Democracy MR. HUGH H. ROGERS Commercial MR. GUY ROSS Commercial, Safety Commissioner MR. THOMAS SCHENCK Wood Shop, Driver Education MR. CLARENCE STAR Driver Education MISS MARY WALSH--- - -- - C W QM English MR. HARRY WOODS f Mechanical Drawing MISS MARY WRIGHT U History MR. MAX ZANE ...... Voc. Counsellor, History, Wrestling Coach, A331 Football Coach MISS LILLIAN ZEARLEY Librarian GERTRUDE GRUBB, SYLVIA CAROMANO Secretaries Student Senate These are the people Who keep things going around here from the student point of view. They gained membership in Student Senate by being elected President of their homeroom. The officers of the organization were elected by the student body according to the Constitution of theStudent Participation in Government Association. The Sophomore Party; the Pre-Game Parade for the Connellsville game; the Tea Dance for the benefit of the Childrents Home are some of the many activities of this group. Outside Safety Patrol The safety of our school depends largely upon the alertness 0f the Outside Safety Patrol. Because of its faithfulness there hasrft been an accident in Senior High this year. The students have become aware of safety through the efficiency of Mr. Ross and his assistants, Allances Campbell, Donald Arthur, Robert Ross, Milton Bierer, and Jack Marucci. The front hall from 5 eps. Second floor hall from library. Rear stairs, top 'to bottom. x 05 C" .l .w I 0 Hi-Y The Hi-sz did well in upholding ideals for Senior High. Although the ideals were high, the boys of A1- pha, Beta, and Gamma Hi-Y did their best to carry them out in their weekly meet- ings. They worked not only to better their clubs but the community also. Assisting Mr. Dunn, Mr. Dodson, and Mr. Franks were Emil Ve- zenelik, Mike Sova, and Orville Conn, presidents; Baldwin Pontefract, B111 Hillen, and Charles Bierer, Vice-presidents; Larry Hit- chon, B111 Haynes, and J ohn David, secretaries; Ray Ros- nick, Paul Jackson, and Jim Bumgardner, treasurers. The chaplain of Alpha was Harold VanValin and Dick Francis was Chaplain of Gamma. Tri-Hi-Y The girls of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Tri-Hi-Y met weekly to live up to their purposeehTo create, main- tain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian Character? The meetings were divided into four groups - physical, mental, religious, and social. Assist- ing Miss Dixson, Miss J eff- ries, and Miss Lucas With Alpha, Beta, and Gamma were Barbara Ghrist, Ann Foltz, and Sari LuX, presi- dents; Margery Carney, Es- ther Swimmer, and June Mentzer, Vice - presidents; Beverly Maraney, Arlene Canton, and Sylvia Medsger, secretaries; Mimi Anger- man, Ellen Samonas, and Beverly Pastorius, treasur- ers; Audrey Shanaberger, Carol Lowdermilk, and Dor- athy Hagerty, chaplains. r A. .77 Theatre Appreciation Club Senior Dramatic Club Theatre Appreciation Club Under the able direction of Miss Millicent Neill, the Theatre Appreciation Club journeyed many times to Pittsburgh to see such plays as hAnne of a Thou- sand Daysf, hAs You Like Itfi and ttThe Student Prince." They enjoyed the trips very much and profited greatly by their experiences. Senior Dramatic Club The Senior Dramatic Club met twice a month under the direction of Mr. Hill. They learned many useful techniques of drama which they had the oppor- tunity of proving in test plays and in the two productions in the One-Act Plays and in the Senior Class Play. The Mask and Script The hMask and Scriptj, or Junior Dramatic Club, met every Monday in Room 204 under the direction of Miss Christine Lucas. The one-act play, ttQuiet Please? was the first presentation of the year. Directors of the Club were Harriet Wood, Betty Lee, Bonnie Palmer, Norma Jean Rhinehart, Leorna Orawiec, and Janice Goldberg. Sophomore Dramatic Club This year the Sophomore Dramatic Club was under the direction of Robert Fike, teacher of sophomore world history. The success of the season was indi- cated by the very fine rendition of hThe Perfect Gentlemanh as the first of the one-act plays. Officers of the club were Nancy Hough, president; Selwyn Horvitz, Vice-president; Lydia Stone, secretary; Sandra Sesler, treasurer. Sophomore Dramatic Club Nature Clubs This club was so big that it had to be split into two groups. They enjoyed varied programs including nature slides and quiz programs. They also had iiAlli" and iiGator," Mrs. Connis two pet alligators, which enabled them to study nature first hand. Photography Club The Photography Club, during its five years at U.H.S., has brought many advantages to the students. Members learned to develop films and make contact prints and enlargements. They were enlightened 0n the dark room procedure and practiced trick photography. During the second semester the active mem- bers conducted a field trip around the school while their sponsor, Mr. Franks, took moving pictures of their tactics. President of the club was Andrew McBride; Vice-president, Frank Miller; secretary, Pat Malia; treasurer, Pat Corcoran; usher, Robert Festog. Fire Fighters These able-bodied young men were a great help this fall when there were a series of forest fires. They were always listening for the iitriple whistle, and when it came they were off on the double. The highlight of the year was the annual picnic in the spring. Photography Club Fire Fighters Advertising Club F. R. A. The "Future Retailers 0f Americah served to create a greater interest in the principle of retailing in store-practice work of local establishments. Their Club meetings consisted Of two minute speeches and sales demonstrations. In this Club the students were trained to become good clerks in stores. President of the Club was Dorothy McFarland; Vice-president, Doris Daniels; secretaries, Norma Jean Turney and Janet Lininger; treaurers, Shirley Bryson and Doris Rabbitt. Advertising Club The Advertising Club, sponsored by Mr. L. C. Dodson, was composed of students taking the Cooperative Commercial Retail Selling Course. The club promoted a newspaper layout contest and planned window displays in the local department stores. Another special feature of the Advertising Club was a tour through two large Pittsburgh stores. President Of the club was Dorothy McFar- land; Vice-president, Doris Daniels; secretaries, Norman Jean Turney and Janet Lininger; treasurers, Shirley Bryson and Doris Rabbitt. Senicr High News With Barbara Christ and Anne Foltz as co-editors, and the staff of efficient reporters and business managers, it is little wonder that the Senior High News is successful. The publishing of the Silver Anniversary Number was one of the highlights of the year. The newspaper holds membership in the Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- tion and the Pennsylvania School Press Association. Business Staff Editorial Staff French Club Spanish Club F ranch and Spanish French and Spanish Club meets on alternating Tuesdays, under the sponsor- ship of Miss Patricia Locke. During this time the students are given the oppor- tunity to become more acquainted with the language and customs of these coun- tries, so that there is a better international understanding. Native speakers are sometimes welcome guests in order to clarify things that are vague in the minds of the students. The finer points of France and Spain are stressed throughout the year. Latin Club Latin Club meets every two weeks under the sponsorship of Miss Helen Brice. Officers are elected for each semester. The programs vary with music, games, dramatics, slides, and contests. Special programs are planned suitable for Armistice, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Powder and Grease Paint Powder and Grease Paint Club meets on Wednesday under the sponsorship of Mrs. Genevieve McLain. Its main objective is to be of service to the school in any project whether it be during or after school hours. The members are trained to make up almost all types of characters and all age ranges. Membership is restricted to those who can be present at most meetings in order that they may observe any new points that are discussed and demonstrated. As a reward for their good work, at the end of the year, those who have volunteered for work and have fulfilled the requirements of the club, are given a merit pin. x Latin Club on kt Orchestra Mixed Chorus Orchestra The sounds issued forth from the orchestra pit are no longer jumbled up. Under the very skillful baton of Mr. Cramer, the orchestra, which met every fifth period in the band room of the stadium, turned out some very appreciable music. Mixed Chorus The sweetest music this side of heaven seems to pour forth from Mr. Cramerts educated baton as he directs the largest chorus in the history of the high school. They did a fine job in the Operetta and the minstrel and in entertaining various service clubs and other schools. One of the many highlights of the year was the Community Follies in Which the chorus represented the country of Italy and pleased the audience with the beautiful Neopolitan Nights. F orensics 1948 - 1949 These are the people Who are especially good at read- ing, writing, and talking. Their talents include de- bating, reading poems, and c r e a t i V e writing. They brought quite a bit of honor to U.H.S. last year and we,d like to see this sort of thing keep on. Debaters 1948 - 1949 Seated, left to right, are Ray Rosnick, Ellen Samonas, and Lorrie Neill; standing are Mr. Blane, Andre Goul- ston, and Herbert Friedman. National Honor Society To be a member of this honorary organization, one must be outstanding in character, scholarship, lead- ership, and dependability. The officers are: president, Donald Vrabec; Vice-presi- dent, Audrey Shanaberger; secretary, Arlene Canton; treasurer, Ellen Samonas. These, With Mr. Mosier as adviser, made our Honor Society something to be proud of. Class Instruction Road Instruction Driver Educaticn Driver Education, under the supervision of Mr. Clarence Stark, Mr. William Schenck, and Mr. Max Zane, is bringing about great results in this modern day of transportation. The most important responsibilities of driving have to do With the preservation of life and the conservation of property. A driver strives to im- prove his skills, maintain his physical and mental health, and to know himself and his automobile. After he has tried to fulfill consciously all these responsi- bilities, he becomes a part of the intricate and dangerous business of driving. X Xgives 011W ccgangn 18 mg, but The orchestra at the Tea Dance ht! They got around the table 1g The Sophomore undecided on stay all r Miss Lucas instructs some J umors. One of the more daring highway risks using our practice chassis. J ust between us girls and a class. Guidance Office Guidance Office Here is a scene from the Guidance Office at U.H.S. where the students go to straighten out problems. Seated behind the desk are Mr. Zane and Miss Williams, the guidance officers, talking to two of the students. ' Inside Patrol This year the Inside Patrol has not been policing the halls as in other years. Its duties have included the general supervision of traffic between classes, seeing that the lights are turned on and off, and keeping an eye open for increasing the efficiency of class changes. Under the capable direction of the Safety Director of the school, Mr. Guy Ross, this group has functioned smoothly, and we have all benefited. Inside Patrol Senior Officers President, Danny Bryson; Vice-president, J immy Bumgardner; secretary, Orville Conn; treasurer, Frank Kennedy; usher, Ted Wassil; sponsor, Mr. Rogers. President, J oAnn Lazaran; Vice president, J anet Yowler; secretary, Danny Hunt; treasurer, Herbie Gray; usher, Billy Hillen; sponsor, Mr. Schenck. I unior Officers ABEL, KENNETH BURTON then,7 Academlc Freshman Football; 10th Yearh- Football, Operetta, Homeroom Pres- ident, Alpha Hi-Y, All-County Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Sophomore Dramatic Club; 11th Yeathoot- ball, Minstrel, Operetta, Track, Vice-President, Student Senate; Male Quartet, Handbook Staff, All-County Chorus, Alpha-Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, Treasurer, Photography Club; 12th Yeathootball, Minstrel, Track, Mixed Chorus, All County Chorus. ADAMSKY, DOLORES REGINA $5Do,, General 10th YearhGirls1 Chorus, Sopho- more Dramatic Club; 11th Yearh- Cheerleaders1 Club, Corridor Guard; 12th Year-Corridor Guard. ADDIS, PAUL G. 11Sonny11 VocationthAutomobiIe M echam'cs 10th Yeathand, Orchestra; 11th Yeat-hBand. AMEND, GEORGE J EROME "Jerry" Academic 10th Year-Band, Orchestra, Op- eretta; 11th Year-h-Band, Orchestra, Fire Crew, Operetta, Minstrel; 12th YearuBand, Orchestra, Fire Crew, All-County Band, Theater Apprecia- tion Club, Minstrel, All-District Or- chestra. ANGELO, FLORENCE EILEEN $lF101, VocationthBeauty Culture 10th YearhCheerleaderg Club, Homeroom Treasurer. ANGELINI, MARY 1 IMary7, VocationthBeauty Culture 10th YearhCheerleadery Club, Conservation Club. ANGERMAN, MIRIAM H. 11Mimi11 Academic 10th YearhNature Club, Sopho- more Dramatic Club, Cheerleaders' Club, Latin Club, One-Act Play, Mixed Chorus, Homeroom President, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer, French Club; 11th YearhTri-Hi-Y Council, Mask and Script, Class Play, French Club, One-Act Play, Cheerleaders, Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; 12th Yearh Theater Apppreciation, French Club, Secretary; Little Theater Guild, Varsity Cheerleader, Grade School Teaching, Senior Play. APICELLA, DOLORES MAE 11Applei, General ARCANGELINI, FRANK J. 1 tArky, 9 V0 ca tional ARNOLD, MILDRED ELLEN 11Mi11ie" Commercial Clerical 11th YearhCheerleaders, Club; 12th Yeathomeroom Vice-Presi- dent. BABBONY, DON RAY "Don11 General 10th Year Homeroom Treasurer, Gamma Hi-Y; 11th Yeathome- room Treasurer; 12th Yeathome- room Treasurer. BARTOSH, KATHERINE ELIZABETH ! lKay, , Commercial S ecretarial 10th Year2Chee1-1eaders Club; 11th Year-Cheerleaders Club, Cor- ridor Guard; 12th Year2Corridor Guard. BARRETT, CHARLES EDWARD "Charley11 Vocationathine Maintenance BERDAR, MARIE 10th Year2Cheerleaders Club. BENEDETTI, ZENOBIA HELEN tlzeni9 Vocational-Beauty Culture 10th Year2Cheer1eaders Club, Newspaper Staff. BENEDETTI, CARL ttBenny" Academic 10th Year-Cross-Country, Home- room President, Track; 11th Year- Homeroom Vice-President, Wrestling, Track, Football; 12th Year2Beta Hi-Y, Photography Club, Track. BERGMAN, HARRY WILLIAM ttBill" General 11th Year2Fire Crew; Manager, Wrestling Team; 12th Year-Fire Crew. BERRY, ISA'FRICIA RUTH "Pat" 1 Academic 10th Year2Sophomore Dramatic, Homeroom Treasurer, Mixed Chorus, Beta Tri-Hi-Y; 11th Year2Spanish Club, Photography Club, Mixed Chorus, All-County Chorus, Beta- Tri-Hi-Y; 12th Year-P. 85 G. Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Office Assistant. BIERER, CHARLES FREISERIC l6Punky,, Technical 1' 10th Year2Band, Gamma Hi-Y; 11th Year2Band, Orchestra, Gamma Hi-Y; 12th Year-Band, Orchestra, Vice-President, Gamma Hi- Y. BIERER, THOMAS WILLIAM 1 1Bill, 1 General 10th Year-Orchestra; 1 1th Year2- Orchestra; 12th YearhOrchestra. ELASTIC, CHARLES "Bonecrusher" Retail Selling 11th YearEPhotography Club, Physics Club, Homeroom President, Homeroom Treasurer, Wrestling; 12th Year-Alpha Hi-Y, Homeroom President, Homeroom Treasurer, Wrestling. ,1 BLOUGH, NANCY RUTH y, iiNaHCY,, WAcademic x 10thw 7?Feai -GirlsV Chorus, Cheer- leadexs 6111b, 11th11Year-fMask 85 Script? Cheerlehde$ Club Mixed Chorugx'? Minstrel; xSpamsh Club, Alpha 1'1- Hi-Y; 12th Yeaprheer- leaders Club, Varsity ChEerleader, Minstre1,Mixed Chorusw V 3 BOWDEN, LOIS M. CLOY Academic 10th Year--Sophomore Dramatic Club, Cheerleaders Club, Alpha Tri- Hi-Y; 11th YearEJunior Dramatic Club, French Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; 12th YearESenior Dramatic Club; French Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Thea- ter Appreciation, Maroon Key, Chorus. BOYER, RICHARD B. YDickV Academic 10th YearEOrchestra, Chorus, Sophomore Dramatic Club, All- County Chorus, Operetta; 11th Year EOrchestra, Chorus, Operetta, Min- strel, All-County Chorus, Male Quartet, Gamma Hi-Y; 12th YearE Orchestra, Chorus, Minstrel, A11- County Chorus, Male Quartet, Ma- roon Key, Gamma Hi- Y. BRADLEY, BARBARA LEE YBarb" Academlc 10th YearECheerleaders Club; 1 1th YearEF. R. A., Advertising Club; Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer; 12th Year-F. R. A., Advertising Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y. BRANCH, PANSY JANE "Twig" Commercial Clerical 10th YearEGamma Tri - Hi - Y. Homeroom President, Cheerleaders Club; 11th YearEGamma Tri-Hi-Y, Homeroom President, Cheerleaders Club; 12th YearEGamma Tri-Hi-Y, Homeroom President, Varsity Cheer- leader, Girlsi Bowling Club. BREADING, CLARK PICKETT CClark" Academic 10th YearESophomore Dramatic Club, Band, Orchestra, Homeroom Vice-President; 11th YearEBand, Orchestra, Alpha Hi-Y; 12th YearE Band, Theater Appreciation, Alpha Hi-Y. BROWN, AUDREY CHARLENE YBrownieV General 10th YearECheerleaders Club, Homeroom President, Gamma Tri- Hi-Y; 1 1th YearECheerleaders Club, P. 85 G. Club, Gamma Tri- Hi-Y; Secretary, Homeroom; 12th YearEGamma Tri-Hi-Y, Homeroom President, Homeroom Secretary. 1 BROWNFIELD ANNE VIRGINIA 1 11Anne C6mmercia1 Secretarial HOth YearE-Homefoom Secretary, LijAlpha T r1sH1-Y Cheerleaders Club, Sophomorle Dramatic C1ub;Vice- President,xHomeroom;11th Year- Alpha T171?Hi'-Y, Three One- Act Plays, Three-Act Play, Operetta, Minstrel, 'Mask 85 Script Club, Cheerleaders Club, Maroon Key, Mixed Chorus; 12th YearEMaroon Key; President, Little Theater Guild, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, P 85 G Club, Senior Play. BROWNFIELD, EMILY JEANNETTE YPunkieV, Commercial Secretarial 11th YearCFuture Retailers of America. BRYSON, J AMES DANIEL YRaWhide" Technical 10th Year-Homeroom President, Homeroom Vice-President, Alpha Hi-Y; Business Manager, Senior High News; 11th YearA-Homeroom President, Homeroom Secretary, Alpha Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Physics Club, Track, Senior High News; 12th YearAHomeroom President, Senior Class President, Alpha Hi-Y, Theater Appreciation, Track, Senior High News. BRYSON, FRANCES LEE iiFranii Retail Selling 10th Year-Cheerleaders Club; 11th YearAF.R.A., Advertising Club, Photography Club; 12th Year AAdvertising Club, F.R.A., Beta Tri-Hi-Y. BRYSON, SHIRLEY ANN iiShi" Retail Selling 10th YearACheerleaders Club; 1 1th Year-F. R. A., Advertising Club;12th Year-AFHRAn Advertis- ing Club; Treasurer, Retail Selling C1ub,Homeroom Secretary. BUFALINI, ROSEMARIE A. General 11th YearAPhotography Club. BUMGARDNERE JAMES "Jimifii. Abademzc 10th Y ar--Ba11d,All-Counrtyl Band, Gam a Hi- Y; 11th YeaF-i Bdnd:.01'chestra, Three One-Act i Plays, Gamma Hi-Y;12th MYeat- Vibe- President, Senioi' Class; Presi- dent Homeroom Secretary, Gamma Hi- Y; Band, Ofchestrad ' r 1 i 131 1 raw - T BURNS, REGIS iiRegieii VocationalAAgriculture Cy stugifbk VggfoiAMy JOESEPH 1 6rd 449dwefwhani 10th IY14:21?'Ef::.:::mma Hi-Y, Home- or g1! if: t. Football,Band;11th un Play Cast, One-Act Play, or s, Operetta, ' Pro 111 Treasurer, Minstre1;12'th ea er Appreciation W? Guild, A11- County Chorus, Senior Play, Fire Fighters, Track, Cross-Country, Minstrel, Operetta. BYRD, CHARLES ARTHUR iiChuck" General CANTON, ARLENE ROSE iiAreii Academic 10th Year-Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Soph- omore Dramatic Club, Nature Club, Homeroom Usher; 11th Year--Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Dramatic Club, Junior Play Cast; Secretary, Na- tional Honor Society; French Club; 12th YearABeta Tri-Hi-Y, Secre- tary; Theater Appreciation Club, Homeroom Vice President, French C1ub,Junior Red Cross Represen- tativeh Senior High News, Home- room Treasu1'ei' CARNEY, MARGERY DRUSILLA j' nMargie , Academic 1 10th Year-iSophpmore Dramatic iClub, Latin C1ub,Majorette, Alpha Tri-HiLY;11th Yeai'--Junior Dra- matic Club; French C1ub,'Majorette, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y;12th Year-Little Theater C1ub,Theater Appreciation C1ub,Maroo1I Key, Alpha Tri- Hi- Y. Vice-President; French C1ub,Atinua1' Staff - 1 1 CHAMBERS, GLENN EDWARD 1 lsut7, Academic COCKFIELD, 10th Year--Footba11; 11th Year hFootball; 12th Year-Footba11. DOROTHY LORRAINE 11Dot,, General V, V hmw CHAMINI, FRANCES LOUISE "Franh VocationaIvBeauty Culture 12th YearhU.V.H.S. Newspaper Staff. COLES, JAMES ED General 1 0th Yeathootball; --Baseball, Football; Baseball. 11Satch11 11th Year 12th Yearh CHOCOLAHPAULWAYNE ' 1x 1 C '1 1 1 11Chick" , - 5 JAc'ademic 10th yYearh-Band, Oxjchestra, Ch'QruS, County ,Band, Sophomore Dramatic Club, Operetta; 11th Year , -. . ' .. - 1 COLLINS, SHIRLEY ANN hGammha Hi-Y,5 Band, Orchestra, y , V , -' , ChorushAll-Cqunty Band, All-Coun- -' .26, . . - V . - General ty Chongs, Operetta, Minstrel; 12th V 9 4 1 ' L 10th Year1Cheer1eaders Yeathand, Orchestra; Chorus, All- Y , 1 v , Homeroom Secretary; County Band, 1A11-Counyfy ,Chorus, , 1 L 1 Western Districh Band, Minstrel, 1 I Male Quartet, Gamma Hi-Y. Photography Club. 11Annie1, Club, 1 1th Year- CISZEK, ANTONETTE YVONNE h hAnt,, General 11th Year-Spanish Club; YearhNature i '1 . ' COLOGY, CYNTHIA 1 12th ' ' ' ' 'O C ub, Photo ra by Club. g p JOYCE 1Kcyn!7 General 10th Yeaerheerleaders Club; 11th Yeathomeroom Secretary, Usher, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; 12th Year 1P 85 G Club, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. CISZEK, DELORES JOYCE . CONFER NEYSA JEAN h1D011y!, V I I . I General .x s '. - 10th Year-Cheer1eaders Club, 1 1 General Spanish Club; 11th Year--Spanish W 1 Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, 10th YearhCheerleaders Club; 11th YearhMaroon Key; 12th YearhAlpha Tri-Hi-Y, P 85 G Club, Minstrel, Chorus. SCRuSty,, 1: V X ,4 o t ,J ,' CONNYORVILLE SMITH ugrvie" u . 1 Academlch 10th earhSophonrxore Drarhatic, Band, Gamma Hif, One-Act Play; 11th Year;--,One- ct Pvfay, Gamma Hi-Y, Band, rchestra, Chorus, Tracly'Three-Act 1Pla , All-County Chorus, Operetta, insgeif' 12th YearFG mma Hi-Y, - , omeroom PresiQerig Band, All-Dinltrict Band, Minstwl, Orchestra, Ghorus, A11- County Band, Track, Boys, Quartet, Senior Play. CONNELLY, MARY ELLEN 11Mec" Commercial S ecretanal 10th Yeathomeroom President; 11th Yeathomeroom Treasurer. L 1 , ,7 xx I h ' r' COREXKATHRVU JANE Academic y"; N , 10th Ye75f;1Stuar'gz Hall 1;.1 llt Year-48h'1art Hallh 12th Yearh- Senicfr High Ne'ws, Senior Dramatic Club;k Vice-Pnesident, Theater Ap- preciation; ,French Club, tharoon Key, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. , ; , 1 CORNISH, JAMES V. "Jimh Academic 10th Yeathasketball Manager, Latin Club, Nature Club; 11th Yeathasketball Manager, Fire Crew; 12th Yeathasketball Man- ager, Fire Crew, Alpha HiuY, Pho- tography Club, Theater Apprecia- tion. CRAWFORD, CHARLES WILLIAM "Bill" General CRITZ, MABEL FRANCES 11Mabel" Retail Selling 1 1th Yeath. R. A., Advertising Club 12th Yeath.R.A., Advertis- ing Club. DAVID, JAMES EUGENE KIim" Academic 10th Yeath. V. Basketball, A1- pha Hi-Y, Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent, Sophomore Dramatic Club, Nature Club; 11th Yeathome- room President, Fire Fighters, Al- pha Hi-Y; 12th Year-Varsity Bas- ketball, Homeroom Secretary, Alpha Hi-Y. DAVID, JOHN EDWARD "JohtW General 10th Yearh-J. V. Football; 11th Yearu-Football, Gamma Hi-Y, 12th Yeathootball, Gamma Hi-Y. DANNECKER, EMMA FRANCES 11Fran" Vocationa1-Beauty Culture 10th Yeathomeroom Secretary; 12th Year-Vocationa1 News. DAVIS, JACK ALAN 11Jack11 Academic 10th Year-Homeroorn Secretary, Sophomore Dramatic Club, Operetta, All-County Band, Band, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus; 11th Yeathome- room Secretary, Three One-Act Plays, Junior Dramatic Club, Oper- etta, All-County Band, Band, Orch- estra, Chorus; 12th Yearh-Minstrel, All-County Band, Orchestra, Thea- ter Appreciation, Band, Operetta. a DEAN, KATHERINE RUTH "Kath" Retail Selling 11th Year2F. R. A., Advertising Club; 12th Year2F.R.A., Advertis- ing Club. DeCARLUCCI, JOANN MARIE KIo Ann2 Vocationa12Beauty Culture 10th Year2Cheerleaders Club, Homeroom Secretary; 12th Year- U.V.H.S. Newspaper Staff. DIDDLE, MARIAN LOUISE 11Pa'cte2 General 10th Year2Girls1 Chorus, Home- room Secretary, Cheerleaders Club; 11th Year2Ma1-oon Key, Photogra- phy Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; 12th Yearv-Nature Club, Photography Club, Homeroom Secretary, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. DEDINSKY, HENRY EDWARD KtHank2, Academic 11th Year2Photography Club, Latin Club, Physics Club; 12th Year 2Beta Hi-Y. DeSELLEMS, JOANNA "Joan11 Commercial Clerical DUYAVA, JOHN 111G." Vocationa12Auto Mechanics D1ZAMBA, FRANCES: t ttTeggy" , h Retail Selling 310th; Yezar+GgmmLa ,PTfi2Hi-Y, Cheerleaders Club; "11th 1Xear-. Gamma Tri-HirY; Advertising Club, F.'R'.A., tChreerIeaderst Cluby' 12th Year Gamma Tri-Hier Advertis- ing C1ub,- F.R.A., P 85 G Club. ENGLE, ROBERTA E. 11Bobbie2 General 1 0th Year2Cheer1eaders Club; 1 2th Year-Nature Club, Home- room Usher. FAIRFAX, JULIA CATHERINE uCattyn General Ht l FARIS, JOSEPH J. Hod, Academic 10th, Year-Sophomore Dramatic Club, Nature Club, Football, Oper- etta, Band, Alpha Hi;Y;Mllth Year -.-'-A1pha Hi-Y, Football; 12th Year 7. tV-uA1pha Hi-Y, Theater Appreciation, S'paniSh Club. x1 1-u7,1 FEENEY, J ANET MARGARET KtJan9, Home Economtcs 10th Year-Homeroom Secretary; 11th Year1Homeroom Secretary, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; 12th Year1-Home- room Treasurer, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Nature Club. FEENEY, RICHARD CHARLES 11Dick11 General 11th Year1Photography Club, Gamma Hi-Y. FEUSTER, FRANCES 1Tran" V General 10th YearmCheerleaders Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y; 11th Year1-Cheer- leaders Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Span- ish Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Homeroom Usher; 12th Year-Thea- ter Appreciation, Nature Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y. FLEMING, WILLIAM FRANKLIN 11Bi11" Technical 10th Year1Homeroom President; 11th Year1Spanish Club; 12th Year1Fire Crew. FIFIK, HELEN MARJORIE 11Fifi" Commercial Secretarial 10th Year-Cheerleaders Club, Corridor Guard, Bowling Club; 11th Year-A1pha Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus, Min- strel, Maroon Key; 12th Year1 Theater Appreciation, Alpha Tri-Hi- Y, P and G Club, Maroon Key, Senior High News. FIKE, IMOGENE 11H0ney" Commercial Secretarial 10th Year-Student Senate, A. B. Club; 11th Year1Mask and Script, Homeroom President, Usher, Nation- al Honor Society; 12th Year1Little Theater Guild, Homeroom Usher, Bowling Club, Chorus, Minstrel, Na- tional Honor Society, Usher. FOLTZ, ANNE RENEE 11Annie" Academic 10th Year1Nature Club, Sopho- more Dramatic, Beta Tri-Hi-Y; 11th Year-Physics Club, Debate, One- Act Play, Class Play, Mask and Script, French Club, Maroon Key, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, National Honor So- ciety, Homeroom Secretary, Senior High News, Journalism; 12th Year1- Tri-Hi-Y Council, Debate, Theater Appreciation, Maroon Key, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Homeroom Usher, Homeroom Vice- President, Senior High News, Jour- nalism, Elective Teaching. FORD, JOHN R. 11Pring1e11 Academic 10th Year1Collectors Club, Foot- ball Manager, Operetta, Camera Club, Stamp Club; 11th Year1- Photography Club, Yearbook Staff; 12th YeaF-Seniot Dramatics. f BURG, DORQTiIY ELLEN g s 17 uDotn ,. , ,.7' l1 1' 1 ,r' Academic ,IOth YearTSpl$homore Dramatic, fCheerleaculersh gihb; 11th Year1-Jun- 'ipr Dngmatic, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, French Club: 12th Year1Senior Dramatic, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Theater Appreciation. FRIEDMAN, HERBERT JAY 11Herbie11 Academic 11th Year1Debate Club, Foren- sics, National Honor Society, Phys- ics Club, Football Manager; 12th Year1Debate Club, Forensics, The- ater Appreciation. FROST, DONALD ttFrosty', General 11th YeariHomeroom Treasurer; 12th YeariNature Club. GHRIST, BARBARA JANE iiBobbie" Academic 10th YearCHomei-oom Officer, Nature Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Sopho- more Dramatic, Senior High News; 11th Year-A1pha Tri-Hi-Y, Mask and Script, National Honor Society, French Club, Journalism, Senior High News, P and G Club; 12th YeariAlpha Tri-Hi-Y, Journalism, French Club, National Honor So- ciety, P and G Club, Senior High News, Theater Appreciation, Little Theater Guild, Maroon Key, Tri- Hi-Y Council, Elective Teaching. GLASSER, IRWIN SAMUEL ttBlackie,i Retail Selling 11th Year-F. R. A., Advertising; 12th YeariAdvertising C 1 u b , F.R.A., Alpha Hi-Y. GLOVER, SARA LEE tiSare Lee" Academic 10th YeariMixed Chorus, Sopho- more Dramatic; 11th YeariBeta Tri-Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Corridor Guard, Photography Club, Minstrel; 12th Year--Beta Tri-Hi- Y, National Honor Society, Corridor Guard, Theater Appreciation, Senior Play. I x 13 KDBERG, BEVERLY RUTH, , 11Bevy, ; Acgdemic . ax 0th Year-Nature C1ub,Latinx C1ub;11th YparCPhysics C1ub,Beta Tri- Hi-Y, IM'Sroon Key; 12th Yea French Club; Beta T -Hi- Y, Maro Key, ATheater App ciation, 2 Senior Dramatic. F Q t GRAFT, NATHANIEL EARL tiPete" General 10th YeariFootball; 11th YearC- Football, Junior Class Officer; 12th YeariFootball, Homeroom Presi- dent. GREGORY, GLORIA ALMA "Gloria" General GRIFFIN, GERVIS WARREN t 4 Gerv, , General 10th Year-Football, Baseball; 1 1th YeariFootball, B a s e b a 1 1 , Homeroom Vice-President; 12th Year-Football. GUDAC, GEORGE E. "Junie, VocationaIiMachine Shop HAGERTY, DORATHY JANE "DoJane" Academic 10th YeariDramatic Club, Gam- ma Tri-Hi-Y; 11th Year-Dramatic Club, French Club, Maroon Key, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; 12th YeariThea- ter Appreciation, French Club, Gam- ma Tri-Hi-Y, Maroon Key. HALL, JANET EVE UJanetn VocationaI Beauty Culture HART, ETHEL DOREEN 11Blondie" General 12th Year Nature Club, Theater Appreciation. HONSAKER, MIRIAM ANN I EPete,, Home E conomzcs 10th Year Homeroom President, Homeroom Vice-President, Cheer- leaders Club; 11th Year -A1pha Tri-Hi-Y, Homeroom Treasurer, Library Assistant; 12th Year- Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Homeroom Vice- President, Homeroom Treasurer, Library Assistant, Senior Girl Scouts. HONSAKER, MARJORIE ALMA 11Mitcha" Retail Selling 10th Year-Cheer1eaders Club, Homeroom Treasurer; 11th Year F. R. A., Advertising Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; 12th Year F. R. A., Ad- vertising Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. HARFORD, WILLIAM NEWTON I tHa-HaY, General 10th Year I-Iomeroom President; 11th Year Homeroom President, Baseball; 12th Year Nature Club HAGERTY, GEOFGE CURTIS General 11th Year-1Wrestling; 12th Year Band, P and G Club, Nature Club, Fire Crew, Homeroom Usher. HANKS, PAUL D . "Paul" Vocationa1 Agricu1ture 10th Year F. F. A.; 11th Year -F. F. A.; 12th Year-F. F. A. HERRING, ALICE IDESSA 11Dimp1es11 Commercial Clerical 10th Year Sophomore Dramatic Club; 11th Year Mask 8; Script Club; 12th Year Theater Appre- ciation, Bowling Club. HITCHON, LAWRENCE F l1Larry7, Academic 10th Year A1pha Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, J. V. Football; 11th Year- Alpha Hi-Y, Football, Wrestling; 12th Year A1pha Hi-Y, Homeroom Secretary, Football, Wrestling, The- ater Appreciation, Senior Play, Track. HOMER, MICHAEL EDMUND 11Mike" VoEationa1 Mine Maintenance HOMER, STEVE "Steve" VocationaI Mach1'ne Shop HORVITZ, ELEANOR LEE 'f Academic k ; 10th Year-Sophomore ,p a1 at Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, NW 1th Year Beta Tri i- ' ' ' Usher, Three On Dramatic Clu ' Chorus, Junior Year-Beta Tri- preciation, Fre c Dramatic Club, urer, Homeroom Sec. High News, Minstr7l. HOWARD, J OAN CATHERINE "Joanie" Commercial Secretarial 10th Year-Homeroom President, Cheerleaders Club; 11th Year Physics Club, Advertising Club, F. R. A- HUGHES, DELORIS JEAN uDo Do General 10th Year Cheer1eaders Club, Homeroom Treasurer; 11th Year- Cheerleaders Club, P and G Club, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; 12th Year-Bowl- ing Club, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. f HUMPHREYS; , BETTE LOU X J .Cpmmerctal l'CIericaI 10th LY:3.ai - Sophomom, Dra mati c Club, All-Cdunty Chorus, HbmerQom'x PresidentfHomertiom ViceJPresjdenty Mixed Chorus; 11th 'Year P1iKoto g- raphy Club, M-aroori Key, Mixed Chorus, Homeroom P1fe'sident, A11- County Chorus, Seniord High News; 12th Year-Senior Dramatic NCllib, P and G Club, Maroon Key, Mixed Chorus, , Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Presideht, Homeroom; Office Assistant, - All- County Chorus, Senior High News. , uZipn y' , HUNT, JAMES ARTHUR Ding1e ' Academic 10th Year Greensburg Science Club, Forensics, Dramatic Club, French Club, Band, Orchestra, Homeroom President; 11th Year - Band, Brown 85 White Staff; 12th Year--Theater Appreciation, Alpha Hi-Y, Senior Play. HUTCHINSON, THOMAS Hutch, General 10th Year Homeroom U s h e r ; 11th Year Horneroom Vice-Presi- dent, Class Ring Committee. HVIZDOS, JOSEPH FRANK K5J0e,, Vocationa1 Machine Shop 11th Year Baseba11; 12th Year Baseball. JACOBSON, BERNARD EDWIN Bernie" Academic 10th Year--Homeroom Vice-Pres- ident, J. V. Basketball, J. V. Foot- ball, Alpha Hi-Y; 11th Year Var- sity Basketball, Spanish Club, Alpha Hi-Y; 12th Year Varsity Basket- ball, Theater Appreciation, Alpha Hi-Y. JACKSON, MARY ANN General 10th Yeap-Beta Tri-Hi-Y; 11th Year Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Photography Club; 12th Year Beta Tri-Hi-Y. KIETA, BERNARD J AMES YYPokeyii JACKSON, MAUVELYN LORENA hYo-YoY , 1 v General General : 1 . ,1 Y . - , 12th YearYNature Club. ,yv' n U' 37x ,, Ly , E JOSEPHPYYQSNNE CECEEIA .4 L "VonnieY l, . . 111'? Commercial Clerififaj 1V , ' ' , , 1 KING, DIANA LOU;SE "Dew 10th Year-Sophongpgei Dral agiei V Academtc Maroon Key, Chorus; 11th Y 1. 1 1 . v 10th YearYFrench Club, Home- Photography Club, Mb: mi Key, , ' ' room Treasurer; 11th YearYFrench Chorus; 12th YearYSenio? Drama- ,, 1 Club; 12th YearYAlpha Tri-Hi-Y. tics, P and G Club, Maroon Key, ' - , Chorus, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Senior High News, Homeroom Vice-President. KALAFUT, JOHN KIohnnyY ,, VocationalaAgriculture KITTA, PATRICIA JANE "Patty 10th YearYF. F. A.; 11th Year- Commercial Clerical F. F. A.; 12th YearYF. F, A. KEIM, MOLLY MARQUETTE ' . 11Molly1' ' 1 . KOPACKO, ROBERT CHARLES Commercial Secretarial - ' . ' , "130b,, 12th YearYPhotography Club, v Vocationa1--M1'ne Maintenance Corridor Guard. 1' KENNEDY, FRANCIS KENACO 11Kennedy" General 10th YearYBasketball, Beta-Hi- Y, Cross-Country; 11th YearYBas- KOSTELNIK, JOHN FRANCIS ketball, Beta Hi-Y, Physics Club, "John'1 Homeroom Treasurer; 12th YearY- ' v - . . . Basketball, Beta Hi-Y, Class Treas- ' . ' Vocatlonal-Mme Mamtenance urer, Nature Club. KOURY, CECELIA THERESA iiTillieii Retail Selling 11th YearRMaroon Key, F.R.A., Homeroom Usher, Advertising Club; 12th YearRUsher, F.R.A., Adver- tising Club. 10th YearaNature Club, Spanish Club; 11th YearRSpanish Club, Homeroom Usher; 12th Swar; Homeroom Vice- Presiant. V x I G 1 KRISHAN, MARTHA ANN "Marv Commercial Secretarial 10th Year-Cheerleaders Club, Cordidor Guard, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Bowling Club; 11th YearRMaroon Key, Senior High News, Beta Tri- Hi-Y, Homeroom Treasurer; 12th YearRMaroon Key, P and G Club, Senior High News, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Theater Appreciation, Homeroom Secretary. KRULOCK, STEVE iiSteveii VocationaI-Mine Maintenance KRUPER. ffOHN ; .. iiKrupii 94:1 Acadetf'uc 10th Year+AiRha Hi- Y, Horne- room President, Homeroom Treas- gurer; , -,'11th YearRAlpha Hi-Y, omeroom TrEasurer, Junior Class Play;;12th YdarRAlpha Hi-Y, Stage Crew, Sw1iriming. KRZYSIAK, MARTHA ALICE ICMartyi, Retail Selling 10th YearRBeta Tri-Hi-Y; 11th YearRF. R. A., Advertising Club; 12th YearRF. R. A., Advertising Club, Homeroom Treasurer. KUBITSKY, DANIEL DAVID iiBoone,, Retail Selling 11th YearRF. R. A., Advertising Club, Nature Club, Homeroom Ush- er; 12th YearRF. R. A., Advertising Club, Nature Club, Homeroom Vice- President. LACERENZA, NICK ANTHONY mick" Academic 10th YearRHomeroom President, Football, Basketball, Track; 11th Year-Football, Basketball Track; 12th YearRFootball, Basketball, Track, Homeroom President LANGAS, GUS iiGussie,, General 10th YearRHomeroom Vice-Pres- ident, Gamma Hi-Y, Football Man- ager; 11th YearRHomeroom Treas- urer, Gamma Hi-Y; 12th YearR- Homeroom Usher, Fire Crew, Gam- ma Hi-Y. LOWDERMILK, CAROL ELAINE iiCarol J ane Academic 10th geariBeta TriHi-;Y 'llth YearRBeta Tri- Hi-Y, A11- County Chorus, Library Service, French Club, Corridor Guard, Minstriel, Op- eretta, Miked Chorus, Girlsi Chorus; 12th YearRBeta Tri-Hi-Y, Annual Staff, Corridor Guard, Theater Ap- preciation, French Club, Library Service. LABUDA, JOSEPH MICHAEL $5JoelJ Retail Selling 11th YearANature Club, F.R.A., Advertising Club; 12th YearHNa- ture Club, F.R.A., Advertising Club. LOWTHER WILLIAM iiBilPi VocationaIAMine Maintenance LUCAS, FRANK JOHN iiLuke" General 10th YearAFire Crew; 11th Year AWrestling, Fire Crew; 12th Year -Fire Crew, P and G Club. LUCIDI, HELEN ROSE "Helenii General 10th YearACheerleaders Club; 11th YearALibrary Service, Corri- dor Guard, Pand G Club; 12th Year-P and G Club, Corridor Guard, Library Service, Usher, Homeroom Secretary, Senior High News. LUX, SARI IREN "Shuddyii ademic Debate, MACHESKY, CONSTANCE ANN "Connie" Retail Selling 10th YearACheerleaders Club; 11th Year-:Corridor Guard, F.R.A., Advertising Club; 12th Year-Corri- dor Guard, F.R.A., Advertising Club. MADORE, DORIS JANE iiLittle One" Commercial Secretarial 10th Year--Girlsi Chorus, Cheer- leaders Club, Operetta, Alpha Tri- Hi-Y; 11th YearAMixed Chorus, Cheerleaders Club, Operetta, Min- strel, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Girlsi Chorus, All-County Chorus, Maroon Key, Mask 85 Script; 12th Year-Mixed Chorus, Band, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Lit- tle Theater Guild, Maroon Key, Minstrel, Senior High News, P 85 G Club, Operetta. MALIA, PATRICIA General MANELLA, MICHAEL ANTHONY iiMikeii VocationalHAuto Mechanics BEXERLY EUGENIA , 7 "Bebei, L Academlc 10th ,Yeah-Dramatic C1ub,Band, A1phag6fri- Hi-Y, Homeroom Secre- taril' L711th Year-Mask 85 Script, "Tunior ThrwAct Play, Three One- u Act Piaysgcy Minstrel;n Band, French Club, Homerobm Secfetary, Alpha Tri- Hi- Y "112th YearSOrchestra, Theatett Appreciation, Band, French C1ub,Minsti'el,Forensics, Alpha Tri- Hi-Y, Senioi' Play. MARTIN, THOMAS YTomII VocationaIRMine Maintenance MARUCA, FRANK SFrankY General 10th YearRHomeroom Usher; 11th YearRGamma Hi-Y; 12th YearRGamma Hi-Y, F. R. A., Ad- vertising Club. MARUCCI, J ACK "MoochY Academic 10th Year-J. V. Football, Home- room Usher, Beta Hi-Y; 11th Year -Beta Hi-Y; 12th YearRBeta Hi- Y, Outside Patrol. MATHIAS, ELLEN JEAN tIJearW Commercial Secretarial 10th YearRHomeroom Treasurer, Cheerleaders Club, GirlsI Chorus. MATYAS, DAVID WILLIAM ttDave" Academic 11th YearRWrestling, Physics Club; 12th YearRWrestling, Home- room Treasurer, Alpha Hi-Y. MEDSGER, SYLVIA JEANEE , KISyl,, ,rAcademic 10th YeatRNature Club, All- County Band, Band, Gamma Tri- Hi-Y; 11th YearRMask 8a Script, French Club, Senior Girl Scouts, Band, All-County Band; 12th Year RTheater Appreciation, Senior Dra- matics, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Band. MEDWITH, EVELYN JANE KlEvie,, Home Economics 10th YearRCheerleaders Club, Usher; 1 1th YearRPhotography Club. MENTZER, GWENDOIMN JUNE ,1 Lu; Xv W 1IJunie OK "t Ac? mzc lehf Yea 1 I eerlghders GammaxTrU lubgi: ,4 earR m 3r Y1g UUNews W h r leaders Q ub, ,PAygngJgn oVice,aP denty 'a ffj Rowan Q Clubjd 12th Vlearohea er '1 recia : Clu b, ittl The ex: Guild, A , ual Staff, 131er thhg 111g, Ht. , Tri Hi Y E3unci1,emor Hig Mews, Bowling Clubm amma , F7 Varsity Clbggv'leader Mp MICHAEL, HELEN MARIE "Mike,, Commercial Secretarial 1 0th YearRCheerleaders Club ; 1 1 th Year-RCorridor Guard; 1 2 th YearRCorridor Guard. NICHOLS, CHARLES EDWARD MILAN, RICHARD B. "Dick" Vocationa1-Machine Shop M algFRAN ijERsoyL K Vjecb yoal 11.13:? 10th1 , Nm'uk Cluiyf Alpha Hi-Y; 2 th IYear-18panish Club, Photogr hy C1ub,hysics Club, Alpha :2? th' reFPhotog- raphy Cl , Mar on Key, Theater Appreciation, Alp a Hi-Y. i MILLER, CHAUNCEY E. t1Dutch2 General 10th YearNFootball Manager, Homeroom Secretary; 11th YearN Homeroom Usher, Track; 12th Year -Fire Crew, Chorus. MINDEK, ANDREW JOSEPH ttAndy9, VocationaINMachine Shop MOLEK, ROBERT J. 2Mojo" VocationalNMachine Shop 11th YearNPresident, Machine Shop; 12th YearNPresident, Ma'- chine Shop. MOLNAR, EDWARD WILLIAM ttEd?! VocationalNMine Maintenance MONHEIM, RUTH FAYE ttRuthie" Academic 10th Year-NLatin Club, Cheer- leaders Club, Sophomore Dramatic, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus; 11th YearNFrench Club, Maroon Key, Mask 81, Script, Minstrel, Alpha Tri- Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, Junior One- Act Play; 12th YearNTheater Ap- preciation, Senior Dramatic Club, Forensics, Senior One-Act Play. MOORE, WILLIAM ttBill" VocationalNMine Maintenance MORIARTY, CONNIE MORGAN 2Connie" VocationalNMachine Shop 10th Year-Baseball; 11th Year -Footba11; 12th YearNFootball. MOSER, ALICE ANN 2Alice Ann" Academic 10th Year-Nature Club, Senior Scouts, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; 11th Year NNature Club, Senior Scouts, A1- pha Tri-Hi-Y; 12th Year-Nature Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. MCBRIDE, ANDREW WILLIAM 11Buster" Academlc 10th Yeathhotography Club; 11th Yeathhotography Club, A1- pha Hi-Y, Fire Crew, Physics Club; 12th Year-Photography Club, A1- pha Hi-Y, Color Guard, Fire Crew, Nature Club, Theater Appreciation, Camera Club. ,, , McCLAY, WILLIAM ALLENK'; "Mac" Academic 10th YearhSophomore Dramatic Club, Band, Orchestra, Basketball, Baseball, Homeroom Secretaray, Sophomore Class Play; 11th Year- Junior Dramatic Club, Band, Orch- estra, Basketball, Baseball, French Club, Junior Class Play, Alpha Hi-Y. 12th Year-Alpha Hi-Y, Band, Or- chestra, Basketball, Baseball, Senior Play. McFADDEN, RUTH ELLEN hhpete9, General 10th YearhCheerleaders Club; 11th Yeath and G Club, Junior Dramatic Club, Maroon Key, F.R.A., Advertising Club; 12th Yearh- P and G Club, Senior Dramatic Club. McFARLAND, DOROTHY GRACE 11Dotty,1 Retail Selling 10th YearhSophomore Dramatic; 11th Yearh-Mask 8; Script, P 85 G Club, F. R. A., Advertising Club; 12th Yeath. R. A., Advertising Club. McGAUGHEY, CHARLES LLOYD 11McGoo" Academxc 10th YearhSophomore Dramatic Club, Gamma Hi-Y, Cheerleaders Club; 11th YearhMinstrel, Physics Club, Varsity Cheerleader, Gamma Hi-Y, All-County Chorus; 12th Year --Minstre1, Theater Appreciation, Gamma Hi-Y, All-County Chorus, Homeroom Treasurer, Homeroom Secretary, Senior Dramatic, Maroon Key. NABOZNY, ALBERT J. 11Bozo" VocationthMachine Shop NEHLS, FRED MARSHALL 11Freddy,1 General 10th Yeathootball, Homeroom Vice-President, Beta Hi-Y; 11th Yeathomeroom Usher, Beta Hi-Y; 12th Year-P and G Club, Nature Club, Beta Hi-Y; Fire Crew, Home- room Usher. NICHOLS, CHARLES EDWARD K 1Buddy7, Vocationth-Agriculture 10th Yeath. F. A., Class Vice- President; 11th Yeath. F. A., Class Vice-President; 12th Yearh- F. F. A. OHRIN, MARY CATHERINE HKatyH General 10th Year--Mixed Chorus, Cheer- leaders Club, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; 11th Yearh-Majorette, Operetta, Minstrel, All-County Chorus, Mixed Chorus, JGamma Tri-Hi-Y; 12th YearhMa- jorette, Minstrel, Mixed Chorus, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. OLESH, PAUL P. "Cokerh VocationthMachine Shop PAPA, DONALD MATHEW tKDOn9, Technical 10th YearhAlpha Hi-Y; 11th YeartPhysics Club, German Club, Student Senate, Stage Crew, Na- tional Honor Society, Alpha-Hi-Y; 12th YearhAlpha Hi-Y, Stage Crew, National Honor Society, Thea- ter Appreciation. PAPINCAK, MARY ANN h1Pappy59 Commercial Secretarial 1 0th Year-Usher, Homeroom President, Dramatic Club, Cheer- leaders Club; 11th Year National Honor Society, Homeroom President, Homeroom Treasurer, Cheerleaders Club; 12th YeartHomeroom Vice- President, National Honor Society, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. PALMER, ARLENE BETTY 11Wennie" General PARK, RUSSELL OLIVER ctQ-Bann Academic 10th YeartPhotography Club; 11th Year-tPhotography Club; 12th Yeathhotography Club. PASTORIUS, BEVERLY JANE thev,7 General 10th Year-Cheerleaders Club; 11th YearhGamma Tri-Hi-Y; Homeroom Treasurer; 12th Yearw Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Homeroom Trea- surer, Girls' Bowling Club. PATAKY, BETTA OLGA 1tBetts11 Commercial Clerical 10th Year-Cheerleaders Club; 11th Year-Cheerleaders Club, Mask and Script, Homeroom Usher; 12th YearhCorridor Guard, Library Ser- vice, Nature Club, Homeroom Sec- retary, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. PERNO, CONRAD GENE 11Connie" General 10th YearhGamma Hi-Y; 11th Year-Gamma Hi-Y; 12th Yeart Gamma Hi-Y. PICCOLO, CHARLES JOSEPH 1 Academic 10th Yeath I a m a t i c Club, Homeroom Secretary; 11th Yeart- Homeroom Treasurer, P and G Club, Scholastic Art Award. PIERRE, PHILOMENA H. 11Phi1" Commercial Secretarial 1 1th YearhC o r r i d o r Guard, Cheerleaders Club; 12th YearHCor- ridor Guard, Maroon 85 White Staff, Library Service. PIZZURRO, VINCENT J AMES 11Vince11 Commercial S ecretarial PLANICZKA, LEO ANDREW 11Le0,, I VocationthMine M aintenance 3g; V, 1 h 111;ngng J 1le Lt -4 flu , I PONTEFRACT, J. BALDWIN 11Baldo" Academic 10th Yeathramatic Club, Na- ture Club, Alpha Hi-Y, Stage Crew; 11th Yeart-Alpha Hi-Y; 12th Year tA l p h a , H i- Y , Vice-President; Homeroom Treasurer, Hi-Y Coun- cil, Little Theater Guild, Hi-Y State Senator. PONTORIERO, PHILIP THEODORE "Phil" VocationthMachine Shop 1 0th Yeathaseball. PROVANCE, BETTY LOU "Bets" Retail Selling 10th YearhCheerleaders Club; 11th Year--Corridor Guard, Home- room Secretary, Advertising Club, F. R. A.; 12th YeartAdvertising Club, F. R. A. RUGGIERI, GLORIA ANN ttGogie,, General 11th Yeathhotography Club; 12th Yeathhotography Club, Na- ture Club, Library Service. ROSNICK, RAYMOND CHARLES ltJingle,, Academic 10th YeartNature Club, Debate Club, Latin Club; 11th Year-De- bate Club, Physics Club, Alpha Hi- Y, Homeroom President; 12th Year --Treasurer, Alpha Hi-Y, Senior Dramatics, Debate Club, Football Manager ROGERS, ANN t1Cookie" VocationaltBeauty Culture 10th YearhCheerleaders Club, Homeroom President, Grand Coun- cil; 11th Year-C1ass Treasurer, Vocational School; Grand Council; 12th Year-U. V. H. S. Newspaper Staff ROBINSON, THOMAS ROBERT 1iTOm,, VocationaltAuto M echanics RISHA, ALBERTA THERESA Home Economics RIGGIN, HARRIET FAYE 5$Faye,, Academic 10th YeartNature Club, Physics Club; 11th YearhAlpha Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Homeroom Secretary, Minstrel; 12th YearhSenior Dra- matic Club, Theater Appreciation, Bowling Club, P and G Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. REYNOLDS, SHIRLEY VocationaISBeauty Culture SALTRICK, ROSEMARIE "Roseii Commercial Secretarial 11th YearSHomeroom Usher; 12th YearSMaroon Key, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Vice President, Home- room. 10th YearvSBphomore Drathahca Club, Debate Club, Senioty1H1ghif News, Bet? T1'1H11Y11th Year Class Officer, Frenbh 4Ejub, . . Club, Debage Club 'JSenior News, Forensichgib Mask 85 ScriptLQ N Beta Tr11H1-YK Maroon Ke tional Ho; r S,Miety; 12th Senior Hifg iNews, 'Theater App1'e- ciation, D Tate Clu " Etelnch C111b, Little The er Guild,:Na'tio11a1 Honor Society, Iri-Qli- Y, Mardo'11 Key, Forer1sicsj Grade School Teach- er. Academic 10th YearSBasketball, Nature Club, Beta Hi-Y; 12th YearCBeta Hi-Y; 12th YearSBeta Hi-Y. SCHALIT, FRED MARTIN "Isheii Academic 10th ear-Sophomore Dramatic Club, Nature Club, Photography Club; 11th YearSPhysics Club, Alpha Hi-Y; Photography Club, French Club, Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent, Homeroom Treasurer; 12th YearS-Homeroom President, Theater Appreciation, French Club, Alpha Hi-Y, Student Senate. SCHEFF, CARLYN LAMBERT iiCarlieii Academic 10th Year-vCheerleaders Club, Dramatic C1ub,Mixed Chorus, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y;11th YearSThree- Act Play, Mixed Chorus,Minstre1, French Club, Dramatic Club, Cheer- leaders Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, For- ensics; 12th YearCDramatic Club, Varsity Cheerleader, French Club, Forensics,wSe11ior High News, Thea- ter Appreciation. SCHMIDT, DONALD LUCAS ISDOn,, General 10th Year-Photography Club, 11th YearSPhotography Club; 12th YearCPhotography Club. SHADY, CHRISTINE SChris" Retaial Selling 1 0th YearCCherleaders Club; 11th YearCHomeroom Vice-Presi- dent, Physics Club, Advertising Club, Club, F. R. A.; 12th Year- F. R. A., Advertising Club. SHANABERGER, AUDREY LYNN SAudreyii Academic 10th YearSSophomore Dramatic Club, Nature Club, Senior Scouts, Homeroom Secretary, Alpha Tri-Hi- Y; 11th YearCJunior Dramatic Club, German Club, Cheerleaders Club, Junior Class Play; ;12th Year SLittle Theater Guild, Theater Ap- preciation, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Three One-Act Plays, Photography Club, National Honor Society SILBAUGH, PATTY JEAN "Patii General 10th YearSCheerleaders Club. SILWONICZ, ROBERT 11Bob" VocationalEMine Maintenance SIMON, JOSEPH WAYNE General SLAVIC, STEVE S. 11Kiner" VocationaIEMachine Shop 11. EMELL, JANET LOUISE YSQifyff, 1 Cgmmeraalf Clerical 5 10t11 YearECltiEerleaders C1u13, Homeroom Vice-President, Hgme- room Treasurer' 11th Year+Cheer- WleadErs Club Ghmma T1ri- Hi-,Y Homeroom SeEretary; 12th YearE Varsity CheErleader, Gamma Tri- Hi- Y, Senior VPlay. x SNYDER, PATRICIA EORRAINE D EiPat,, I 1 icadmec 1. ' 10th Year-ESophonriore Dramaticsw; Chperleaders Club, Beta Tri- Hi-;Y. 11th Year-fspinish C1ub,Chee1-- leaders Clrtib, Beta? Tri-Hi-Y, Min- strelax Mixed C11101'us ,eruflior Class Secretary; T211: Year-President, Student! Seflate; Senior Dramatics, Beta Tri-tI-Ii- Y, Varsity Cheerlea e130 Mixed.,Chorus, Forensic? Opet ta, Senior Play. 4 ' l SOLOMON, 0. DAVID "Dave" Academic 10th YearEAll-County Band, A11- County Chorus, Dramatic Club, Band, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, Homeroom Treasurer, Three One- Act Plays; 11th YearEOperetta, All-County Band, Junior Dramatic Club, Alpha Hi-Y, Band, Orchestra, Homeroom Treasurer, Three One- Act Plays, Junior Class Play; 12th YearEBand, Orchestra, All-District Band, Minstrel, Alpha Hi-Y, All- County Band, Senior High News Photographer, Senior Class Play, Operetta; 14 SOVA, MICHAEL THOMAS IiMikeY Academic 10th YearEFootball, Track; 11th Year-Football, Track, Beta Hi-Y, Physics Club; 12th YearEBeta-Hi- 10th Year-v-Football Manager; 1 1th YearEF o o t b a 1 1 Manager, Wrestling; 12th YearEFootballi Man- ager, Wrestling. ETEELE RICHARD ALLEN "Dials, Academic 10th YearESpanish Club; 11th YearESpanish Club, Alpha Hi-Y, Homeroom President, Physics Club; 12th Year-EAlpha Hi-Y. STEWART, JOHN EDWARD VocationalEAgriculture 10th YearEF. F. A.; 11th Year -F. F. A.; 12th Year-F. F. A. STRUBLE, JOYCE ANNE 11Joyce,, Commercial Secretarial 10th Year tEastern High School, Baltimore, MdJDBasketball, Hock- ey, Ice Skating, Archery; 11th Year 1Eastern High SchooD Basketball, Badminton; 12th YearDLittle Thea- ter Guild, Homeroom Treasurer, Maroon Key, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. 'x 1! 3 1 1Bobbie11 Academic, : 10th YearTGamma Tr1-H1 Y; 11th Year-Latin C1ub,PhysiCs Club, Gamma 'Pri- Hi-Yi 12th" Year 4Gamma Tri- Hi-Y SUSEGE, DOROTHY A. 11Dot11 Academic 10th YearDCheerleaders Club, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; 11th Year- French Club, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Ma- room Key; 12th YearDChorus, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y,Minstre1,Ma1-oon Key. SUTTON, DONA ELAINE 11 urango11 General A ,; :3? 10th Year-Cteerieaders Club; 11th YearDPhdtography C 1 ub, Mixed Chorfus, Homeroom President, Minstrel; 1 12th YearDPhotography C1ub,P and G C1ub,Senior Dra- matic Club, Maroon Key, Beta Tri- Hi-Y, Senior High News, All- County Chorus, Minstrel. SWANEY, BONNIE MAE VocationaIDBeauty Culture SWIMMER, ESTHER SARAH 11Et,, Academic 10th Year-Sophomore Dramatic Club, Senior High News, Beta Tri- Hi-Y, Chorus; 11th YearD-Junior Play, Senior High News, Homeroom Secretary, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Dramatic Club Secretary, Chorus; 12th YearDSenior High NeWs, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Homeroom Vice-President, French Club, Theater Appreciation. TAggcfigjoHN WILSON le IXII Academlc "BlaijaCk 14 'V7' 0th YearG-Band, Nature Club, Senior High News, Alpha Hi-Y, Basketball Manager, Sophomore Dramatic Club, Homeroom Vice- President; 11th YearDBand, Junior Dramatic Club, Track, Basketball Manager, Alpha Hi-Y, Senior High News, Junior Class Play, Handbook Staff, One-Act Play; 12th Year- Band, Senior Dramatic Club, Thea- ter Appreciation, Senior High News, Track, Cross-Country, Alpha Hi-Y. TOMASEK, J OHN Voca tionalDAgricultute 10th YearDF. F. A.; 11th Year --F. F. A.; 12th Year-F. F. A. TURNEY, NORMA JEAN HNorrn11 Retail Selling 1 0th Year-Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Homeroom Usher; 11th Year--- Gamma T ri-Hi-Y, Homeroom Treas- urer, F. R. A., Advertising Club, Forensics; 12th year-Gamma Tri- Hi-Y, Homeroom President, F . R. A., Advertising Club, Minstrel, Operetta. VAIL, DONALD M. Vocational-Agriculture 10th YearDF. F. A. Reporter; 11th YearDF. F. A. Sentinel; 12th Year-F. F . A. Treasurer. VANVALIN, HAROLD RAYMOND K tvan, , Technical 10th Year2Wellsburg H i g h School, W Va.; 11th Yeart-Track, Photography Club, Homeroom Vice- President, Alpha Hi-Y; 12th Year2 Homeroom President, Photography Club, Alpha Hi-Y, Track. VOZENILEK, EMIL LOUIS Academic 10th Year2Sophomore Dramatic Club, Band, Orchestra, Alpha Hi-Y; 11th Year2Band, Orchestra, Alpha Hi-Y; 12th Year2Band, Orchestra, Alpha Hi-Y, Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Council. VRABEC, DONALD PAUL ttDonnie" Academic 10th Year2Footba11, Nature Club, Sophomore Dramatic Club; 11th YeartFootball, Beta Hi-Y, Junior Class President, Physics Club, Na- tional Honor Society; 12th Year- Football, Beta Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Homeroom Usher, Theater Appreciation, Junior Red Cross Rep- resentatix'Ie. WAGGLE, SARA BELLE 2Honey Girl" Home Economics 10th Year-Nature Club; 11th Year2Library Service, Photography Club; 12th Year-Library Service, Photography Club, Nature Club. WALKOS, EDWARD SAMUEL ltEd7, VocationaI2A griculture 10th Year2F. F. A.; 11th Year -F. F. A.; 12th Year2F. F. A- WALL, CHARLES 2Chuck" Academic 10th Year2Gamma Hi-Y; 11th Year2Gamma Hi-Y; 12th Year2 Gamma Hi-Y. WALLACE, JUNE LOUISE "Junien Commercial Secretarial 10th Year2Homeroom Secretary, Homeroom Vice-President, Cheer- leaders Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Soph- omore Dramatic, Operetta, Three One-Act Plays, Girls1 Chorus; 11th Year2Maroon Key; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Mask 85 Script, Cheerleaders Club, Three One-Act Plays, Operetta, Min- strel, Senior Hi News, Spanish Club, All-County Chorus, Girls1 Chorus; 12th YeartThree One-Act Plays, P and G Club, Minstrel, Little Theater Guild, Maroon Key, Alpha Chorus, Forensics, Senior Play, Operetta. WALTERS, JOHN EDWIN uBuCkyn Retail Selling 11th YeartF. R. A., Advertising Club; 12th Year2F. R. A., Adver- tising Club. WALTERS, ROBERT W. ttBucky,, VocationaItAuto Mechanics WASSIL, THEODORE ROBERT ttTed7, General 11th Year2Homeroom Treasurer, Baseball; 12th Year2Usher, Senior Class; Homeroom President. WATSON, ARLENE Vocational Beauty Culture 10th Year--Cheerleaders Club, Homeroom President. WEAVER, VINCENT A. "Vinnie" Academic 10th Year -Homeroom Vice-Pres- ident, Basketball, Beta Hi-Y, Track; 11th Year Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent, Varsity Basketball, Beta Hi-Y, Track; 12th Year Homeroom Sec- retary, Basketball, Beta Hi-Y, Cross- Country, Homeroom Usher. WEIDO, ROBERT PHILLIP IIBOb,, VocationaI Mine Maintenance WEST, ANNE LOUISE Pee Wee, Academic 10th Year Sophomore Dramatic Club, Nature Club, Cheerleaders Club, Mixed Chorus, Alpha Tri- Hi-Y, All-County Chorus, One-Act Play; 11th Year-Junior Dramatic Club, Cheerleaders Club, Mixed Chorus, Minstrel, Operetta, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Girly Chorus; 12th Year-Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Dramatic Club, Theater Ap- preciation Club, Mixed Chorus, Minstrel, Maroon Key, Annual Staff, Senior Play. WHITLOCK, PAUL LAWRENCE Vocational Mine Maintenance WHETSEL, ANNA BELLE "Dolly" General 12th Year Nature Club. WILES, CHARLES WILLIAM "Bill" Academic 11th Year Wrest1ing; 12th Year Wrest1ing, Homeroom Usher. WILSON, GENE EDSON Cowboy" Academic 10th Year Nature Club, Spanish Club, Photography Club, Alpha Hi- Y; 11th Year Spanish Club, Pho- tography Club, Alpha Hi-Y, Physics Club; 12th Year Fire Crew, Span- ish Club, Maroon Key, Alpha Hi-Y. WISE, PAUL DANIEL "Tubby" Academic 10th Year Footba11, Beta Hi-Y, Nature Club, Lettermexfs Club, Homeroom Officer; 11th Year - Football, Beta Hi-Y, Physics Club; 12th Year Footba11, Homeroom Vice-President, Beta Hi-Y, Hi-Y State Representative. WOODS, MILDRED H. "Millie" General 10th YearMGamma Tri-Hi-Y, Cheerleaders Club, Nature Club; 1 1th Year Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Cheer- leaders Club, Advertising Club, F. R. A.; 12th Year Gamma Tri- Hi-Y, Little Theater Guild, Bowl- ing, P and G Club, Advertising Club, F. R. A. ZARYSKI, JEAN THERESA HJoannn Commercial Secretarial 11th Year2Mixed Chorus, Cheer- leaders Club, Minstrel; 12th Year2 P 81, G Club, Little Theater Guild, YANCO, ANNA MARIE General YEUTSY, BEVERLY ANN ttYeuts" Commercial S ecretarial 10th Year2Perryopolis High School; 11th Year2Perryopolis High School; Theater Appreciation, Hi-Y. YANTKO, BETTY JEAN VocationaI2Beauty Culture YOUNG, EDGAR MASON 12th Year2Bowling Club, Gamma Tri- ttEddie" General 1 0th Year2Football, Homeroom President, Track; 11th Year2Foot- ball, President; Wrestling, 1 2th ALLISON, DARL ROSS VocationaI-Main Maintenance BARCH, RICHARD ttDicktt General CIMINI, BEVERLY AILEEN uBeckyn Academic 10th Year2Debate, Nature Club, Latin Club, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; 11th Year2Debate, Physics Club, Gam- ma Tri-Hi-Y, Corridor Patrol; 12th Year-Senior Dramatic Club, Gam- ma Tri-Hi-Y, Corridor Patrol. CRABLE, WILLIAM OLIVER i $RugY , General Homeroom Vice- YeartFootball, Homeroom Usher, Gamma Hi-Y. CURRY, RONALD ARNETT ttRonniet , General 10th Year 2 Basketball; Year2Basketball, Fire Crew; Year2Basketba11, Fire Crew 11th 12th ESPER, GEORGE JOHN Retail Selling 10th Year2Sophomore Dramatic Club, Band; 11th Year2Nature Club, Baseball; 12th Year-Base- ball. "Eppie" EXLEY, LEE E. VocationaI2Agri3uIture 10th Year2F. F. A.; 11th Year2- F. F. A.; 12th Year2F. F. A. Maroon Key. ZELEZNOCK, JOHN ROBERT "Pion" Academic 11th Year2Beta Hi-Y, Physics Club; 12th Year2Beta Hi-Y. ZUBOVICH, HELEN 1 0th YeartCheerleaders Homeroom Usher, matic Club; lLen,, General Club, Sophomore Dra- 1 1th Year2Beta Tri- Hi-Y, Maroon Key, Homeroom Sec- retary, Cheerleaders Club; 12th Year-Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Theater Ap- preciation Club, Maroon Key, Club, Dramatic Senior High Senior News. EILAM, ROBERT LEE, JR. tlBob7, VocationaI-Mine Maintenance GEORGIANA, JOHN CHARLES ttJohnnytt VocationaI-Mine Maintenance GRAY, ELIZABETH GERTRUDE iKLiZ?, General HILL, DANA CLIEDITH Retail Selling 11th Year2F. R. A., Advertising; 12th Year2F. R. A., Advertising Club. KERMISH, EVELYN LUCILLE Commercial Clerical 11th Year2Homeroom Vice-Pres- ident. LUCOSKY, JOHN EDWARD llB0017 VocationaI--Mine Maintenance 10th YeaP-Baseball; 11th Year- Baseball; 12th Year2Basebaa1, Football. OLESKIEWICZ, LEONARD I :Lennyn VocationaI2Mine Maintenance SHAFFER, EDGAR WALLACE ttEdii Vocationa12Agriculture 10th YeartF. F. A.; 11th Year 2F. F. A.; 12th Year2F. F. A. It was Cramer deserve Junior cast of ttQuiet Pleasett acters will bring back some of the their long lived patience. Mr. Richards and M1". mers in the Old-Time Minstrel which we held eHigh Window." L E m a m u M S m .m n M D 1 m m m n T n m A R F FROM THE THREE ONE-ACT PLAYS Senior east of A look at the faces of the Char 4??? xx ZX ?w w? .MVM These were the main perfor in January. much credit for a stellar performance and for laughs which rocked a packed house. fun for sure! Sophomore cast of ttThe Perfect Gentlemanh Shots from Here and There Top left to bottom righU The special train for the Governor during Penn- sylvania Week; a group taking drivery examinations at school under the direction of the Pennsylvania State Police; members of the Senior High News staff at a con- ference at Penn State, May 1949; pre-Connellsville game publicity; Dr. LaClair and Miss Bradley repair some damage; mopping up the stands. VISITORS AT THE FOOTBALL CAMP LAST AUGUST Left to rightaMr. Webb, Mr. Sembower, Coach Power, Assist- ant Coach Kruper, Dr. Springer, Dr. Hastings, Mr. Conway, Mr. Lessig, Mr. Eberhart, Mr. Tant- linger, Dr. English. Wastxwwxx Assistant Coach Zane and Coach Power the Monday morning after a game. Principal Mosier, Superintend- ent English, and Photographer Franks at football camp. Football Team Never before in the history of Uniontown Senior High has a football team won such renown as did the team of 49. The honor of having a double WV championship was brought to the Red Raiders by this team that didnit know the meaning of the word quit. Teamwork played an important part in the seven victories this scrappy team produced. Trimming a Coker eleven Off 25-0 would have been enough for some other teams, but not for this one. Brownsville was the next target and hit it the Raiders did. The score was 18-0. Beating both Connellsville and Brownsville in the same season was a feat no other Raider team had performed. And as if this wasn,t enough, Latrobe fell before the onslaught of a terrific team to end a season with the standing of seven wins and three losses. Vywll memm anxx My 1 17 x, v H fl ,M W Wig gyW, ; XW . XW y MW VARSITY FOOTBALL Bottom row: Rosnick, trainer; Wise, Pedro, Ciampanelli, Giachetti, Hitchon, Greene, Antoon, Griffin, Moriarity, Springer, manager; Middle rOW Coach Power, Arthur Hillen, Young, Hunt, Kostelnik, David, R. Farnella, Lacerenza, Smith, Coach Zane; Back row: Eberhart, faculty manager; D. McLee, Gray, Vrabec, Lucosky, Abel, Machinsky, Manning, Chambers, Profio, Coach Kruper. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Bottom row: Show, manager; E. Farnella, Santoro, Williams, Arison, Suchka, Henderson, Norwood, Rusko; Middle row: A. David, manager; Flannigan, Sherrow, Shushock, Libertino, Meyers, Shallenberger, Agbay, H. David, Hartman, Coach Zane; Top row: Coach Power, Perkins, manager; Ventura, Boyd, Ross, Finnell, Hodinko, W. Hunt, Pizachetti, Feree, Chisler, manager; Kovar, manager; Coach Kruper, Faculty Manager Eberhart. A scene from one of the games, not sure which, but it is action. Going downtown after the season finaleeteam in the convertibles up front. Gridiron Results Uniontown ........................................ 30 Uniontown ........................................ 13 Uniontown ........................................ 18 Uniontown ........................................ 12 Uniontown ........................................ 7 Uniontoan ........................................ 12 Uniontown ........................................ 25 Uniontown ........................................ 18 Uniontown ........................................ 25 Brentwood Dunbar Township ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Penn Township ............................... 1 Redstone Vandergrift eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee South Union .............................. Mt. Lebanon .................................... Connellsville Brownsville Latrobe .............................................. 1 N NOOeYOOxTQ Basketball Team - 1949-1950 "Letts go Raiders, we want some actionV rang throughout the gym whenever the Maroon and White quintet played. As if cheered on by this yell, the Raiders of U.H.S. thundered through Section X to become champs and to earn the right to enter VV.P.IA.L. playoffs in the Pitt Stadium. The Indians have had one of the most successful seasons in years as can be seen plainly from the seasorfs results. BASKETBALL TEAM - 1949-50 Left to right Seatedk Russo, Kennedy, Antoon, Kastelnik, David, Sylvester, Jacobson, Lacerenza, Jones; Standing: Coach Kruper, Manager Cornish, McClay, Curry, Mulligan, J ackson, Weaver, Manager Taylor, Coach Everhart. ALBERT EVERHART, Head Coach BASKETBALL SCORES J OHN KRUPER, Assistant Coach 49 $Clairton 44 46 :FTrinity 33 27 3California 30 35 3Latrobe 24 31 3Monessen 37 35 $Washington 38 46 3Latrobe 32 52 German 28 63 Connellsville 34 43 North Union 25 57 Georges 39 42 Dunbar 32 45 South Union 21 46 Point Marion 37 52 3Greensburg ..... 42 48 German " 35 55 Connellsville 28 57 North Union .......................................... 35 50 Georges -- ,- 32 51 Dunbar 37 30 South Union .......................................... 28 49 Point Marion .......................................... 35 36 TRankin - -, 40 5Non-League games. TW.P.I.A.L. elimination. Wrestling Ten wins and three losses-that was the standing for the Red Raiders in the second season of their participation in this national sport. Under the leadership of Coach Max Zane, the boys performed some of the 2impossible6 along with the probable. T0 beat the Jefferson squad which was considered second only to Mhynesburg was a beautiful dream little beyond the reach of these boys. But, 10 and behold, they did it, not once, but twice! Uniontown ,,,,,,,,,, 17 Munhall ...................................................... 32 Uniontown ................................................ 56 Claysville tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt 2 Uniontown ................................................. 52 McKeesport .............................................. 0 Uniontown ................................................ 35 California .................................................. 14 Uniontown 1- 42 California tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt 14 Uniontown .- 25 J efferson .................................................... 22 Uniontown , -- . 8 Waynesbur g ............................................ 34 Uniontown 46 Charleroi 5 Uniontown 37 Charleroi 12 Uniontown 48 Claysville t 5 Uniontown 39 Charleroi 11 Uniontown - 8 Waynesburg .............................................. 41 Uniontown 30 J efferson .................................................... 17 1948-49 ,Won 1; Lost 13 1949-50 Won 10; Lost 3 TOTAL POINTS SCORED THIS YEAR Manella . 55 Giachetti .................................................. Wiles 50 Farnella Rabel 42 Hitchon Zeppo .......... 15 J ones Suich 31 Flannigan Shushock -, 20 Jackson Greene t 21 Blastic Matyas , - 28 Springer Danko ...................................................... 36 XMRESTLING TEAM Front row: Manager Koslick, Suich, Shushock, Rable, Manella, Wiles, Flannigan, Jackson, Jones, Manager Eisiminger; Middle row: Coach Zane, Manager Stallard, Hitchon, Blastic, Matyas, Greene? Farnella, P. Giachetti, Danko, G. Howard; Back row: White, Kieta, Springer, J. Howard, Retofsky, Agbay, David, Boyd, Rusko, Zeppo, Ache. Cross-Country In the fall of 1949 cross- country running was re- vived at Senior High School. Cross-country is the best conditioner for basketball and track. The long grinds over hill and dale in the brisk autumn air puts lots of Wind in the lungs and strength in the legs. The boys Who have had cross- country training know that it pays off when the going gets fast and rough in a bas- ketball game or a sprint is needed to Win a fast half- mile race. me - x Girls' Bowling Club This group of active girls met every Tuesday during the year for participa- tion in bowling. The group was divided into six teams, four members on a team. They participated in a Round Robin Tournament each semester, the Winners of which bowled for the Championship. The club was under the direction of Miss Florence King of the faculty. WWWW K WW W z , 1949 Baseball Scores St. John ................ Redstone .............. Masontown .......... Scottdale .............. St. John ................ Pt. MariomkE ;;;;;;; North Unions? Georgesyr .............. Youngwood ........ Pt. Marion9e ........ Scottdale .............. Youngwood .......... North Unionsg Georgesig .............. CCCGCC mmmmmm y-I oooqmoom .Ci F p-a WNOOCDxTOObPOCDChmy-PMCD CC? 3.3.5 oHSoH30m :DgLeague games. VV.P.I.A.L. PLAYOFF U.H.S. .................... 5 Redstone .............. 4 U.H.S. ..................... 2 Jefferson .............. 3 EUGENE DUGAN, Baseball Coach the band hq H131 Orette 1g ders 0n the balcony of the d up ft to bottom r a me Erlea and - . the Che igh WRed Raiders 116 game rally 0013 16 i ior H tWO 16 VangUard :3521? . WW? x . , m R A H E R O F E B E T A R B E L E C E vv 1 mg the bICyc C0nnellsv from Sgn 1d W, ' 11,, Va , a Th6 pre Starting Out 10H Trust Bu WW51W warms up Un W 44. i, 71 ; h, , VQW 5X," , M W V Band The rootinest, tootinest band for many years paraded around the gridiron during intermission at the football games and really did a bang-up job. Pre- ceded by nine snappy majorettes, a drum major and a high stepping color guard, they made way for only one other band. The members can rest assured that their formations of the clock, the train, etc., will not be forgotten. A regular fourth scene in the Fall. x ; XI 1 :4 ,W w W; 1Q t , f Majorettes M 1 A new year and a newkband director brought many changes to the musical field of U.H.S., among them the number of majorettes. The peppy five of previous years gave way to an even peppier ten. Perhaps the biggest heartbreak of the year for them was the word that the new uniforms would get here the day before the May Day parade, a tough break for the three seniors who would have loved to have worn them this, their last year, of high school. Headed by Norma J ean Turney, the fol- lowing girls and one boy added just the right touch to a wonderful band: Mary Katherine Ohrin, Cynthia Cology, seniors; Mary Jean Rankin, Roxanne Crable, juniors; and Dolores Amandola, Elsie Yaugher, Betty DeCarlo, Ann Kovar, sopho- mores; and J immy Williams, the one boy, a junior. . Color Guard A high-stepping quartet of boys composed of Jim Bumgardner, Mickey Ten- cate, Curt Hagerty, and Andy McBride set a snappy pace for the band wherever they went. No one could have mistaken the Raider band as it came down the street with these four fel- lows leading it. 1 1 W1 W111; U 1 11 Maroon Key "May I help you to your seatW This phrase was often heard by those lucky holders of reserved tickets, both at football and basketball games. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Woods, these courteous ushers made games much more pleasant for many people. Cheerleaders' Club No one seems to realize that being a cheerleader means a lot of hard work, aches, pains, and heartbreaks. For two years a girl must practice under the watchful eyes of Miss Christine E. Lucas and the seven varsity cheerleaders before she even has hopes of obtaining one of the cherished positions. This year the club was so large that it had to be divided into three groups, one junior and two sophomore. The junior group met every other Monday and the sophomores, each group every other Thursday. There were mixups but in the end everything turned out fine. U.H.S. can look forward to a fine bunch of cheer- leaders as long as Miss Lucas has the club. n69n- hwxxxxxxrfwr CHEERLEADERS Never before has a cheerleading squad received such wonderful support from a student body as have these seven live wires of ,49350. They were always on the ball ready to give the team a pat on the back for a job well done or a word of encouragement when it was needed, and the cheering section always went right along. At times, when the games were far away and there were few local fans, these girls were right there rooting for their boys. No cheerleaders ever had such wonderful teams to root for as we had. Pansy Branch, June Mentzer, Janet Smell, Nancy Blough, Pat Snyder, Mimi Angerman, and Carlyn Scheff were the cheerleaders of 1949-50. To you fellows on the team, and to you students in the stands, we say, hThanks a million for such a wonderful senior year? OUR CAMPUS-FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES e A , I; ' 4 MM, szyfo, . K ,X WWW, N asw Me h umxmu-mx-mv eh tTop left to bottom righQ A sophomore eye View of Wilson Avenue . . . the field from the student stands . . . the field from the press box . . . Wilson Avenue from the front steps twith the firemen replacing the flag pole pulleyt . . . and the stands being cleaned the day after a game. "Wu C nun K is 33 3 Rn :ka xq 5?" n A .133; b. ts c . 3 $ .xikr.. , . . . . . . . 3 Fft xN 3:3ka 0:, . , . . . i f 3 3:333. :tnx . . . . . . . , 3W NuRQQNWWk P t V . .. ,. . , . . , , , WWMf , V x He and 7 . e r VV . O 10 e C n a D a e T e .h . t t a 5 LL n e m 1H S e r f ior Shuffle Juniors 1er en Mos lOYS and Mrs ture of Sen Sophomores. We march a la snake to V.F.W. Hall to celebrate the Connellsvi A group at the Sen Victory. Mr mlx Our Sponsors Representative local firms who have cooperated with our school and with us to help to make this book a reality. ALPHA FLORIST, 17 S. Beeson Ave. ANGELOts GROCERY, R. D. 4, Uniontown, Pa. ARCADE OPTICAL 8: J EWELRY CO., 2nd Nattl Bank Bldg, 6 West Peter St. AREFORD BROTHERS, Real Estate, 62 E. Main St. AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY, 124 W. Main St. BAILY 8c HOLLAND, 39 W. Main St. BLUMENSCHEIN PHARMACY, 17 Pittsburgh St. . BROWNFIELD INSURANCE AGENCY, Blackstone Building, E. Main St. BROWN-SMILEY INSUANCE, 310 Second National Bank Building. BRYSON MOTORS, 231 E. Fayette St. BUMGARDNER AUTO SALES, Route 40, West. A. B. CARNEY, Wholesale Foods, 74 N. Gallatin Ave. CENTRAL DRUG STORE, 4 N. Beeson Ave. COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF UNIONTOWN, 244 Pittsburgh Road. COHEN FURNITURE COMPANY, Beeson Ave. 8z Peter St. HENRY J. COOPER, ROOFING, 75 East Church St. J . ROY BAER, PLUMBIN G 8; HEATING, 163 E. Main St. C. B. DEARTH 8; SONS, FUNERAL DIRECTORS, New Salem, Pa. BERWYN S. DETWEILER AUTO SALES, 32 West Fayette St. A. W. DICE COMPANY, 87 W. Main St. DILS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, 62 Ra6e St. DINSMORE TIRE SERVICE, 73 Morgantown St. DUDLEY ELECTRIC 8c MACHINE COMPANY, 66 Dunbar St. DULANY OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY, 30 Morgantown St. CHARLES F. EGGERS COMPANY, 80 E. Fayette St. ENANY MOTOR SALES, INC., 336 East Main St. ELLIS MUSIC STORE, 29 Morgantown St. THE FAMILY LOCKER PLANT, 6214 N. Arch St. FAYETTE CANDY COMPANY, 17 E. Fayette St. FAY-MOR SERVICE, Amoco Products, Morgantown 85 Fayette Sts., Phone 9889. FREEMANts SHOE STORE, 36 West Main St. FERGUSON FUNERAL HOME, 80 Morgantown St. R. BRUCE FIKE 85 SONS, 47 W. Craig St. FIKE INSURANCE AGENCY, Second National Bank Building. FREEMANts SHOE STORE, 36 W. Main St., ttFamily Footwear? FROST GIFT SHOP, 23 Morgantown St. GARNER DAIRY COMPANY, 78 E. Fayette St. I. N. HAGAN ICE CREAM COMPANY, Rear S. Gallatin Ave. J OSEPH HAKY 8: SON, 139 W. Fayette St. HIXENBAUGHts DRUG STORE, Corner W. Fayette St. 85 S. Mt. Vernon Ave. Our Sponsors HUNT1S J EWELRY STORE, 7 W. Main St. INA1S DRESS SHOPPE, 75 W. Main St. JIMMY4S, 172 E. Main St. N. KAUFMAN1S, INC., 18 W. Main St. KEYSTONE MOTOR COMPANY, 124 W. Main St. LEONARD W. NEILL, Electrical Contractor, 55 Carlisle St. LEE CHEVROLET COMPANY, 260 E. Fayette St. METZLER1S, 22 E. Main St. MRS. MICHAEUS CHILDREN1S SHOP, 55 S. Gallatin Ave. MINERD FUNERAL HOME, 196 West Main St. G. C. MURPHY CO., 19 East Main St. WALLACE MILLER 8: BBQ, 26 E. Main St. MITCHELL-LONG, INC., 26 E. Fayette St. MOTOR SALES 85 SERVICE, 70 E. Fayette St. B. J . MUNDEL COMPANY, 56 W. Main St. NICHOLS J EWELRY STORE, Fayette Title 8: Trust Bldg. NEUHAUSEN1S, 25 W. Main St. JOSEPH C. PANZERA BUS SERVICE, 54 Iowa St. PEOPLES CLOTHIN G COMPANY, 56 W. Main St. PEOPLES DAIRY, 9 Dunkard Ave. PEOPLES FURNITURE COMPANY, Main St. 85 Gallatin Ave. RICHMOND RADIATOR COMPANY, Pittsburgh Road. ROBINSON AUTOMOBILE COMPANY, 255 E. Fayttte St. - ROSS BROTHERS, 66 W. South St. NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY OF UNIONTOWN, INC., 267 Coolspring St. SAUERS MEN,S STORE, 59 W. Main St. SEARIGHT INSURANCE AGENCY, Uniontown Nat,1 Bank Bldg, Main 85 Beeson. SEARS, ROEBUCK 8a COMPANY, 16 N. Beeson Ave. SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY, 32 W. Main St. STANDARD PRINTING COMPANY, 8 E. Church St. STEVENSON4S GULF SERVICE, Pittsburgh St. 8: Johnson Ave. SUMMIT LUMBER COMPANY, 615 Second National Bank Building. SUPERIOR AUTO ACCESSORIES COMPANY, 25 Dunbar St. SWEENEY MOTOR SALES, INC., 56 E. Fayette St. SWIMMER1S CLEANERS, N . Gallatin Ave. Extension. TECHNICIAN TRAINING SCHOOL, 34 East Church St. TURNER AUTOMOBILE COMPANY, 261 E. Fayette St. UNIONTOWN NEWS COMPANY, 11 Morgantown St. UNIONTOWN HARDWARE 8: SUPPLY CO., 60 West Peter St. VENETIAN RESTAURANT, 8 E. Fayette St. A. WEAVER, MASTER TAILOR, 38 North Gallatin Ave. WOODY HEATING 8: PLUMBING COMPANY, 41 Morgantown St. Engraving THE BASIL L. SMITH SYSTEM, INC. G. P. O. BOX 8169, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Photography THE STUDIO GRANDE 424 Pittsburgh Life Building, Sixth 8: Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Covers SHELBY-CRAFTCO CORPORATION 2734 West Superior Street, Chicago, Illinois Kurtz Bros., Clearfield, Pennsylvania, Representatives Acknowledgment is made hereby to: THE EVENING STANDARD, Uniontown, Pennsylvania THE MORNING HERALD, Uniontown, Pennsylvania MR. PAUL DEEM, Uniontown, Pennsylvania PHOTOGAPHIT, Uniontown, Pennsylvania for the use of certain pictures in this book. Printing and Binding LITTLE PRINTING COMPANY, INC. 45 North Gallatin Avenue, Uniontown, Pennsylvania H ' .-7 ..- $$$EEf3$ggw. ' ' xm 1v VS":b- ' g3. g X "xv 5.: fr; $1x b3 IN: . . J lull; Ii .. , :Iytm. l . .I' -'.'I -,..-.: .- he- .. . 74-. g F 3 t ' '9 . ,f 1 - 'l l'k I' In 4 k AM; MW v-j ' l, K I '3 , 'w x Ni K1,? .7 . I 44W 0!;5971 , z ' ,1, ' w , x 3,1 l ,m l mem WWWW 41! WNW at. l W 7:31?! . a A r,,., w, .1. .1'. q. - . .1' m- $.23. - n5 $3wa'337 -.m-rg:gf- ht. h-7;;- .35 .3; Ill, 3' ?r4ifftai.m- "'2? 9; 33333334225- 5 "-V'zzcyiwun Eggrggg;;g , ms: w ' w ; $7 4.. ,1 AWWWWIXI k 11 , - ,5 1' .f x K. i?! 21v ,1! m, a - .w 1-. M2i912?5-" . rg'lm. ' . vmt -

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