Uniontown High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Uniontown, PA)

 - Class of 1945

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Uniontown High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1945 volume:

C, flxfi J f XY x X F Alt- Lg . 149- i 1 K .fi . , .T .121 , wg.. , "-1' "iw Li..-if-3" gt--A , . W' xii' ,. 4- 1 , 1-. fs iw' , -2 gg - L' ' fr? 31534 73355 ' Wi, Q, F fl' .V A. ,. 5. .-, 1 37 V y,. Q 1' M173 . gif ' .. ' . ff '. . tfLg.""'-W x Q . U' 521 f ,a 7 7, :2wQ rf-1. 1.-"-, ' fx 313. ja, V- "',' .,.,...L - 2,1 ' N . , 1 , --3, , Qs.-H .y ,--5 Q' t v f 'r Q gl! 3 K " a w,3i,m "I '-?'If ' ' f f: -fy- e ,. i'g . V V5 F. , . ,?3i43: 4 my Ig. . Lf Lf-'.1'f qaf . 1, 5 gm. nag, - 4' I 53,3111 ,wil . ki gf, , E.-., - 1-I ' XS'-'I':-1 ,gm '---4.2 . fs. . ' ,-4 4 ' J-f 1' .. F 'V ' ' a ' , . ' '. x,. .W 4 . 1 X: .,,q - 5 " 4 "EfQz.'iS-1'-U'-' Y -'I' --g5'X.ga1-x' ' ' . , X bl I -j g i 1 x 1 'J r 4 x v f i. . 1 Q ' , uid f 1 f . v , ,H . -.W ,, 'ff ,x , - v . f-'Qi -' . , ., ,, , I ,, , . .C 4946 A 4 . 4- - 1 9 . - 4 L, -.val - x LL fzzmff , Q - -4, - X' 4 1'i',. 4. -.Iff" ','.' ' f ,, 5 4-l.fy,1Pjf- 1 'Q 3' A ' I Q .gL15ifl3,,f,' qty? N V? glbazrtzg 4 , , 4 Y -5 A-x. 3' - -rw' ,. . g.,n., . f s A. 1 Q: 'F ws- W f' .Q x ,UNI l W. W V 1+ , ,N . .1.1,.,,,,m'. A -f -Y " -SFI: Ifwi' ' - E'i'7.'Fi.-'? fs' '-. X '1- 'T ' , 54.1 - 'Pf- Q-Qii , ' 'Viif 'L-f3.' 1-1 'J Ao V Q. ., - -, ,ir . 1 ll, ,N 3' ,,.'.'1fX'-rx - . , , ,-.11Y':'w,., A Q , -x . " '53 - I T "' .ffl Q ' I 'Um 1 . , .-lf U3 , L. . ':, A . NN, . ' , 4 I N ,,,', s J' - - -- VAw,s"1-5' 1 - 1"" t"'i.".-:L-' ' F . , . 's,. .,f, f 4,l. ,ll lg! I x Y inn, , xx l 'if' . - -A A , V. Q ' " rl' . f '4 . f If LL., ,. , 1 x 17 x ., '1v.k'. .A,. N. ,f 5:11-vw? . I, a . ii-'th , ,g. .- ' JH ' I 'jeg . 'f . ,Z H LEE -? w -M.. I-ff-.1 ' 4.. 5. F .Q- ,A ",9 I . , X X.. , ,f X 'T-' L2 Y 1:- 'T .af Q'- 1 f r X fx - vw, 1. "Q, 1' xr. . . , -1 H . v-1.1, 'Iii . ' .0 x., , - X ,V"-.',. 1' lx ,I gn - . 1'1s 2,1 vu, , .1 . l "The Maroon and White -1- SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FURE GRD Step inside this wonder book and visit the tamed portals of U. H. S. Doesn't it make you recall the things you've done and the things you've said? You'Il recall the twosome, Jim and Jane. You'll say how silly looking wenwere then. See this-remember the day . . . ? lSuch starts the flow ot reminiscencesl First we were sophomores, strangers in the halls, giddy and gay, and making up weeks and weeks of seven torty-tives. Then we were juniors, wise as they came, teaching the teachers a thing or two-we thought. ' Now we are seniors, leaving this school, to go out in the world to seek new doors. Many times we'll look back at these high school days and wish we could live them over again. So, with joy in heart, let's leaf through this book and enjoy our past as the yecirs go by. -3.- C. WARREN BRCWN -4- XJ Q wfmw' 1 s DEDIC TIO There he stands, that sturdy fellow with his easy going Pennsylvania Dutch character. He has found a place in our hearts and will remain for- ever in our memories. His enthusiasm and humor carried us through many crises, and our darkest days became bright by his colorful ties and individu- ally matched shirts. To this man, who is foremost in our minds and an in- spiration to our future, C. Warren Brown, do we, the class of '45, dedicate this book. ..5- Q 'wmiew' f W 1 MR. R. D. MOSIER Principal Uniyntown Senior High School 1 1 i XR i ' DR. J. NELSON MoWLs QNX X, Superintendent of Uniontown Schools if ,A Y G Bk ff - i 5, Ai '-7 d 0 "J , L- u ' YR, U XI -5- Reading from left to right' President, D. Arrner Craigg Treasurer, Dr. W. F. Springerg Secre tary, J. Watson Semhowerg Clark Lessigg Harold Webb: Vice President, DeWitt H. Conwuyg Franlx M. Johnsong Dr, J. Nelson Mowls, Superintendent of Schools. .w JOHN H. DUNN, Assistant Principal, Uniontown Senior High School -7- CLASSES :Q- W. 3. fi ,, fiPf':i , Q- ff,.'A'uvf. . . '-'iff-M! . ' 4--' ,vsn r.-if-1 a . m A+ gy iw 1.-1 Y s f 'Q v 'f . '.-1 ,- " If f ,X-.. ,A 1 :ER Q ,au l Q13 59 W 7 S X V 5 V 5 X is ,. Q K W J ' "' gi, ig 511153 1 My Q .Lp-' K TJ : KL if xv WILLIAM BAINBRIDGE THOMAS STEFANCIN ,A A TRIBUTE TO OUR BOYS IN SERVICE The life of a tree depends upon the strength of its far reaching roots, so the life of our country is dependent upon its rootsg the boys in service who are strongly entrenched in all far corners of the world at war. The sap of this tree, the life giving blood, lies in the glowing truths that these boys feel are worth' fighting for freedom of mind, freedom of worship, freedom from want and hunger. And their belief that "All men are created equal." After this winter of war is over, and the spring of peace has come, then will the branches of this tree reach heavenward and give thanks to God for our cause well won, and it will blossom forth in all its glory. To our boys in service, the roots of this tree and all humanity, we pay tribute and say, "To thee we'll e're be true." MEMBERS IN THE SERVICE AS OF APRIL 3, 1945 RICHARD BOORD DELMAR BURNWORTH WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM EDWARD HISCAR JOSEPH HUDOC JACK KERFOOT CHARLES KING ANDREW KRZYSIAK DOUGLAS MCINTIRE CHARLES MICHAEL FRANK POLETZ MICHAEL RICH WILLIAM SHAEFER DANIEL STEINER JOSEPH TARDIO WILLIAM TARLETON JACK TULLEY ROY BOWDEN THOMAS GORDON CARL PIERNO FRED TUROSAK HAROLD CROSSLAND KENNETH WILSON ROBERT CROW BERNARD NEWMAN UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Dr. J. Nelson Mowls, Supt. of Schools Mr. Rodney D. Mosier, Principal Mr. John H. Dunn, Assistant Principal Miss Nancy E. King, Secretary Miss Beulah I. Barnthouse, Assistant Secretary Mrs. Hazel E. Baer, Social Science Mrs. James Martin Balsley, Art Mr. Robert Beck, Physical Education Miss Nelle Brey, Home Economics Mr. J. Herschel Bowlen, Speech Correction Miss Helen Brice, Latin Miss Julia Brooke, Mathematics Mr. C. Warren Brown, Mathematics Mrs. Anna A. Conn, Biology Miss Martha Dixson, Home Economics C. Dodson, Commercial Miss Veda M. Ely, English Mr. J. Calvin Fleming, Physics Mr. C. M. Haag, Chemistry Miss Lillian E. Hammitt, Vocal Music Miss Frances E. Heyser, Home Economics Mr. Philip B. Hill, English W CWM M, Q. sf xowix Miss Mary E. Jefferis, Mathematics Miss Ruth Johnson, Commercial Miss Florence P. King, Physical Education Miss Patricia Locke, Spanish Miss Christine E. Lucas, English Mrs. Lois R. Markley, English Miss Dorothy Minger, Commercial Alicia B. Montgomery, Social Science Mrs. Miss Millicent E. Neill, English Mr. Joseph B. Patterson, Instrumental Music Mr. K. W. Richards, Social Sci., Athletic Mgr. 'i'i w Mr. Guy E. Rider, Social Science g " ' I' fl Mr. Hugh H. Rogers, Commerci ' Mr. Guy Ross, Commercial . Lf! L Mr. Oliver R. Spangler, Auto echanics Miss Mary C. Walsh, English k1,SSQL'IMiss Doris E. Whipkey, Commercial Q-sc ' Ms Mr. G. B. Whitmoyer, Wood Shop Miss Mary Elizabeth Whittaker, Biology Mr. Harry H. Woods, Mechanical Drawing Miss Mary C. Wright, Social Science Miss Mattie E. Wright, French and German Miss Lillian R. Zearley, Librarian ..12. Senior Class Officers "All in favor say Aye-opposed, Nay!" That was the manner in which the senior class government came into being. Under their capable leader- ship there were plays, dances, lyceum courses and such became a part of high school life. Guy Rider was the adviser of this democratic organization. The responsibilities were many but cooperation among students and officers made the year most pleasant. Junior Class Outstanding among the social activities of the junior class was the Valentine dance at Lafayette gymnasium. To increase the financial status of the group, the students sold maroon and white basketball pins, Officers who were responsible for a happy year were Mary Lou Wetmore, president, Eleanor D'Zamba, vice-president, Tom Watson, secretary, Tamer Joseph, treasurer, Bill Zelenock, usher. Adviser of this class was Miss Patricia Locke. -.131 . ffl ' " acl I ' -L! fi' . -I Addis, Patricia Louise Pat n Commercial Clerical Allegheny High, Cumberland, Md., 2, 3, Hall Guard 4. .JI cw ' I I .l' Y fl ' X' f' a . ' . Ll Algran er, Marian Anitl vp 'fAIex ll N4 Coid1merciaISecre'ta'riaI Cheerleaders 2, 3, Alpha- Tri-Hi-Y, Little Theater Guild, Student Senate, Home Room President, Senior High News, Senior Play. v l Allison, Eleanor Lee Lee Retail Selling Anastasi, Juliette Kathryn Half-Pint Home Economics Homeroom Treasurer l, 2, Cheerleaders. ' x Andrianes, Chri Big Juke I J T ical H o 'K Vice - President, ,fhesg Eu , Homeroom Trea- A surer, ta-Hi-Y, Student f Senate Usher, Bainbridge, William Jerome' Bil General Alexander, Rema Claire Ree General Lincoln High, Cleveland, Bird Club, French Club f Lm er' Secretd rs is 9 e, fina Pita Zee Cheerle 3 , Nature Club. J Andrews, Agnes Elizabeth . 4,09 Aggie Cwmr lSecretarial 'lj ing Cl b' cing Club, nside' ci I , 4, Little Theater uilN, U Baer, Jane Elizabeth Jane Academic Sophomore Dramatic Club, Four One-Act Plays, Hospie tal Aid, Masque G Script, Slide Rule Club, Senior High News Staff, Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, Little Theater Guild, Na- tional Honor Society, Spanish Club. Barnes, Barbara Jean Barb Classical From Canada, French Club, German Club, Chorus, Little Theater Guild. Barnes, Floyd Earl Stonewall Barnes Academic Speech, Tumbling Club. -14- Barrick, George George Technical Homeroom Vice - President, French Club 3, 45 Chess Club. w -f f . 'f ' . . f E Bell, Mary Alike MQW f Cddimercdnb Cledcal Cheerleadersglpb 2, 3. i J i V Qnlenson, Lois Randolph Benson Commerclal Clerical Cheerleaders Club 2, 3: Homeroom President, Beta- Tri-Hi-Y. Berry, Jewel Judy Home Economics Cheerleaders Club 2, 3. Blackham, Barbara Elais ' Bobbie 1 , Classical s Drarnaticlfllub 2, 35 Cheer- leader! Club 2, 3, Senior Hig News Staffg,Homeroom Secretary, Hosrgtal Aidg Na- tienal Honor' cle , 45 l-lfiiieroom Tregslfgrvg Aha- rue C1 Script, Baccalaureate Usher, Speech Club, Beta' Q-'!?fl-Q-Y 2, 3, 4,5 spanish uv, Four One-Act Plays: Littg Theate ,Guildg Senior Play. A - 5 ,Y ' 3, r-5 . 5 L ja Br.-my Dwkjdtward 1 r ic Q J 'iieihnical mn Ie H 'mejodm Vice - President, C6658 Club, Annual Staff. ' .f Baal, James Louis ,Joy Ger1e59L,,4,, Homeroom Usher, Bird Club, Homeroom Secretary. Bencze, Helen -f Benny Commercial Clerical Homeroom Secretary, Home- room President: Student Sen- ate, Cheerleaders 2, 3. Bereiter, Alice Louise Andy Home Economics Black, Gayle G. Gayle Home Economics Cheerleaders Club 2, 3, Homeroom Secretary, Home- room Treasurer. 'lgftz -LL.:-5,5-1 L' I, .-.. 15 4 .,, ,gif-" --J Blonset, Ralph D., Jr. ' Junior Retail Selling Beta-Hi-Y. ji . x l X l xl , ' li Boord,Richar lliali Dick ssicaf , Sopho e Dr aticp Latin Club' our . ne-Act Playsg, e F: S riptg Operettagl, 5 enior iglnx News Sta ff 'e Rulq Club2 Beta-Hl-Y , 4g.?1Hhestra 2, 3 4j Out- side P ol 3, 45 Sch l'Bas- ketball Champs 2, Foo Il 25 Senior Play. ..v' ,fe Lf Boyle, Nancy Playford Bortz, Alan I. AI Classical Sophomore Dramatic Club5 Latin Club, Homeroom Vice- President, Alpha-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Chess Club5 Maroon Key 3, 45 Annual Staff, Home- room Treas rer5 High School Basketball hamps. vw xx .1-V' sam, Albbn rreaeriqiy' -,xi , x Y 'J ACGdem'cJ Bot olore bl Hallrneroom Secretary5 Ath- Bub es lagzgkguba' Usher5 sfootballj Com ' I Clerical Ins' I 2, 3. ! I Bowden, Roy Vernon Roy Bowman, Marge Lorraine f . L.B, General N , Comgpencial Secretarial I Corridor Squad 3. A - iw J " Nanc Classical Little Theater Guild, Spanish Club 3, 45 Societas Latinas, Hospital Aid, Masque G Script5 Annual Staff, Beta- Tri-Hi-Y li, 45 Office 3, 4. X , Berna i Bernadine Gener I ,I sf' 'SKI , I ' iv Brownfiell, Ruth Anne , xy Ruthie N Classical Sqyxqmore Drarrfa i2 Club, Soaietus Latinqsg lgIomeroom 'ecretary 25 l-bspltal Aide, asque C1 Scr 5 Speech lub: Beta-Tri-I-l -Y 2, 3, 45 Treasurer Little' Theater Guild5 Le 'Circle Francais 2, 3, 45 Maroon Key 3, 45 An- nual Staff5 hlsher at Bacca- laureate. N Bradley: .Xeon Plrfriciwrcd X Commercial Cl ical Nature Club, Ni ling Club, Recreation Clube' Buoniconfi,I Lydia Florence , Boony -fl l ' Qommeryciol Secretanipl Nature Clubj 'inside IPatrol. Bryson, J e Jo Classical ore Dra Club, erleaders Cl our One- Act Plays, Ho om Presl- dentg S io ' h News Staffg ' A Masque Cr Sori 5 ha-Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4' ittl eaterGuild5Op- ere ag Var ity Cheerleader5 Senior Play. Bryson, Janet Elaine Janie Classical Homeroom Usher5 Sopho- nore Dramatic Club5 Masque Er Scripf5 Beta Tri-Hi-Y5 French Club 3, 45 Hospital Aide5 Annual Staff. few Cabot, Thelma Jea rc l xl s Campbell, Dordthy Mariah - J' SX, Ducky CQ-ymekTl5Clerlcal X . J- I Chocola, Jacqueline Ann Joke Commercial Secretarial Cheerleaders Club: Girls Chorus: Homeraom Vice- President. Ciarlo, Lawrence William Junior General Homeraom Vice-President l, 2: Cheerleaders Club: Foot- ball Manager: Basketball: Tumbling Club: Boxing Club. Cincinnati, Ella Marie Cincy Commercial Clerical S Coe kfield, Dewey averne Bony General Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Sports Slug: glide Rule Club: Track Clerical Cesarino, Ruth Ruthie Home Economics Dancing Club: Cheerleaders Club: Homeraom Treasurer: Homeraom Secretary: Nature Club: Homeroom Usher: Lit- tle Theater Guild: Bird Club: Wood Shop. Chubboy, Louis Matthew Louie Technical Homeraom Usher: Slide Rule Club: Chess Club: French Club 3, 4. Cicconi, Richard Joseph ' ' '., Dick Commercial 4' Ls' . II , Citro, Antoinette hh L ' Toots A. ,ComrrlerciaIQdricaI HomeroomfUsher: Cheer- leaders CIJJ: Homeraom Treasurei'-' I Cloud, Betty Joyce B. J. Classical Sophomore Dramatic Club: Hospital Aid: Four One-Act Plays: Masque 6' Script: Spanish Club: Minstrel Chorus: Operetta Chorus: Cheerleaders Club: Alpha- Tri-Hi-Y: Little Theater Guild: Senior: Play. Coble, Robert Louis Bob Te nical H 'A . , ' Ger- Out e atrol: who- : :QUIZ Home QD, . 9 ,ill f ' , ll 'U l ll' 'l ,M x sw , - fl Ui I' I Constantine, i,A J Q Home Bird Club. Coughanour, Ruth Irene Ruthie Classical Latin Club, Spanish Club, Beta-Tri-Hi-Y. 'W SXT' Cother arah Elizabetlg I " a ly I Hp 'fa Academic Connellsville and Brownsville, Cheerleaders Club, Girls Chorus. Crane, Darreld Midget General Homeroom Treasurer, Home- room Secretary. Crossland, Harold 0'NeaI Fvssv General Cunningham, Charles William Willie General Sophomore Dramatic Club, Beta-Hi-Y, Football, Track, Tumbling Club, Cross Coun- fry. Catherine Katy Economics Coughenour, Thos. Raymond Cokie Technical Band, Homeroom Usher, Bird Club, Beta-Hi-Y. Crag r i t M ' e m cial Se aria Cheer a ub, Home- I'OOl'T1 B GFY. gl u Cro flip mhiye erci leri I U X Knit: g Cl b' Homeroom Usher. C, Crow, Robert Hustead Bob Classical Homeroom Vice-President, Band, Junior Class Secretary, Alpha-Hi-Y, Chess Club, Basketball 2, 3, 4. Dandrea, Lois Ann Lulu Academic Cheerleaders Club, Hospital Aid, Gamma - Tri- Hi- YN Homeroom Secrelary, Lafin Club. , l X' A ' Dd ho, Betty Caroline ' ' f ' -Betty ' X, X Home Econ mics Bird Clulb. 'V l Q 18 'r L '!i7'lf"f' ' 1 ,Davis, Charles Doyle Chuck I , I ff Academic iHomeroom President, Junior C ss President, Senior Class lf. ay, Beta-Hi-Y, Chess Club, ,I , Senior Class Vice President, 'I Minstrel Chorus, Basketball " 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, lf' Track 2, 3, 4, All-County Football 2, 3, 4. ,' DePeoIis, Nora Jeanne Nora DeCarlucci, Ponsella Ann Pange - l N -lmngellcodohmfia' ' H Homeroom Vice - President, Cheerleaders Club, Inside Patrol 3, 4, Recreation Club. Doorns, Eleanora Ethel Doomie Home Economics Homeroom President. Dutko, Catherine Dolores Kay Home Economics Cheerleaders Club 2, 3. Eastman, Pqrnta Lee - v 4' Pomona Home Economics Homeroom Secretary, Nature Club, Cheerleaders Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club, Girls Chorus, Bird Club. l N il li? Q Farmer, ice An XA, ormey X Cl ssi J B ,S p ore atic Club, ital Aid, heerleaders 2, ' Junior Dramatic, Latin b 3, 4. Ellis, Harry Covington Gates Technical 'Ho eraom Vice-President, Sprwish Clubp. Alpha-Hi-Y, Senior Class Secreitary, Horne- room President. X . Classical Latin Club, Hospital Aid! Masque Cr Scrifst, Spanish Club 2, 3, Cheer eaders Club 2, 3, Little Theater Guild, Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y. I Du , r oo cad Cheerleaders Dutko, Rudolph Paul Duck General Bird Club. Ellis, Robert Henry Bob General Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. r l x wr X xx 'ti Cf' N. Esper, redo Jean e YW, Latin Clu ' Sen'o i News Staff, e 6' Script, Gamma Tr' '-Y 3, 4, Little Theater Gaild, Inside Patrol, Le Circle Fr cais 3, 4, Senior Play. Classic , Ferguson. Joanne Nixon Jo Classical Homeroom Secretary, Latin Club, Hospital Aid, French Club 2, 3, 4, Maroon Key 3, 4, Beta Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. . Field, Sarah Frances Sarahl ' K '- Fike, Brady A. ' Red Academic v' - General' x Cheerleaders Club, Bird r A' Club, Nature Club. Fisher rb . Ham Fisher, Steve Fish emic Gcweral ty Band, Orchestra x amma Hi-Y, Band 2, Track. I, V 3 . 'm o 'l, Fr es Elaine Frock, Nancy Lee Nam: gf, Sandy , -1' Classical ' 'Jf General ,J , Homeroom Treasurer l, ' -, tcfhmunication Club, Cheer- Cheerleaders Club 2, 3, l aders Club 2, 3. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Little Thea- ter Guild. I l Galla, Patrick P. Pat Gallespie, Mary Lee Mary Lee chni l ' Home Economics Boxl- g ' Homeroom Pres: f Ho room Trea- Cheerleaders 2, 3. ur lid R e Club, Na- Mo -or o iety 3, 4, , mma i-Y , 4, Chess I ub, S et atino, Home- Q room rsi nt, Annual X - Staff, t dent Senate Treo- Surer. . 5 jx' m giiysyfvi ine qrie Jim ' Me Ec N mics Grote, Eugene G. Gene General s 5 T k. g . ' mc Grubb, -6- 1'- Gertie Co xxx : arial itti I ' a ish Club, Hi ews. 'x Guseman, Earl Robert Buzz General Homeroom Secretaryg Home- room President. Hagerty, Fred Dailey Hag Classical Hatnit, Marie Bose ' it ' I I Sophomore Dramatic Club, Min trelg F r One-Act tommerclal Se arial Pla sg Home oom President il , at phomor Dramatic Clubg Cheerlea s ubg at Ju ior' ic Club: Oper- 'Clubg r Pr si ry 1 et 7 Vice-P esidenf Junior Little, eater S 45 Cla 5 Band 2, 3, 45 Alpha Frerzggl bI4g Staff: Hi- SQUGUQ Circulo- lnsi a ro. tio a gerg Homeroom , Vi e President 'ig ' Senior Cl sg Pfrgsidentg Little hea- - te ui 5 Senior H' ews I I. w sf 153,45 omsiesga ol 2, - J 3, Senior Play. , , J U7 I in .Jw . J K ' ,' ,dl , 1 , 1-9 l l X, .f- 7 ' i H f L'l' ' i and ard, :Iran eatricel-il Hqnobecgtl ber' James b , f 0 Commercial Clerical lxff . U c demic Dramatic Club, Cheerleaders J . , Club 2 3. Homf Pwivde, 4' ' Ch s lub: who Y. .i if I F if fl ,, 4 fb if 'f-fl Haifa , Betty Jean Pettye Hardin, William Bill " ' . ' . ti ommerciai ,Clerical General CheerI?'ders,"Clubg Sopho- more iyrriatic Club, Min- strel. Harrison, Bruce R. Knifie Gene,-01 Harrison, Virginia E. Ginny Basketball Jayveeg Student Home Economics Senate 2, President Home- , room 3, Slide Rule Club, Reffevflvn Club 4. -7, ' , J I V1 4.1. t ' ,.,, f. I it L S Hiscar, Edward George Ed ernima Pefl . ' die General 4 ' omme i S rial - Bir lug Ch rleaders 4' Cl 5 Homeroom 'I Pr si- Havlicheck, June Louise Commercial Secretarial Homeroom Usher 3, Girls Chorus 4, Inside Patrol 4. dent 35 Girls' 'no ' ide Patrol, Semo Hlg News Staff, Gam ai Tri-Hi-Yg Recreation Clu . Hess, John H. Hess Commercial Secretarial Homeroorn Treasurer 3. Hem., Gfbqelbevilie came , - Retail Selling Homeroorri Vice-President 25 Debate Club, Dramatic Clubg ,Homeroom President 3, Cheerleaders 2, 3. Hibbs, Ray Jr. Roy ,, f - Academic Flomeroom Usher 2, Alpha HifY5 Orchestra 2, 3, 41 Bond 2, 3, 45 All-County Band. Lf D' i .. uf-f l g JU Hilemmivnhfh Je r dk r 'V Mefjpffn ' I Y wrath? xl I "fs Marge Retail S Iliri ,VW r .J Bird Clubg D ted' Clubji Cheerleaders Cu 2, 3. b Homer, Steve William Squeechie General Hudock, Joseph Andrew, Jr. Shorty Academic Homeroom Treasurer 2, Homeroom Usher 35 French Club 2, 35 Slide Rule Club. Hnatt, Josephine Irene Jay Home Economics Cheerleaders Club, Wood Shop. Commer ial Secretarial f I PN- , o eth fume ,Hookie ' omrwer ial Secretarial Homeroohqr Tfdgfsurerg Girls Chorus. ""' I ezo, i Ann oy G C T1 lC l-lo eroom er 4. Howard, James Gorden Jock Academic Homeroom ViceePresident 2, Homeroom President 2, 31 German Club Z, 3, Chess Club. Ly.: l n Hostetle ilulkito h ' wif J' ir ev' Cheerleaders lglubg Vrie- room ViceNPjesidentrA - ' sn Irvin, Mariorie A. Tutz ,A Academic L f' CI Jn h A ub 2, 3a m osmwkils, Tennis C ffSophomore'j Dramhtic Cub, Masque Cv Scr.iptL,S Homeroom SecretaryvM'th- strel Chorus, O ef, tta Chorus, 'rls Gl?BzlutWBeta Tri-Hi-Y, Li Ie T eater Guild, Tr asurer of Senior Class, Circulation Staff 3, 4, lnside Patrol 3, 4. Jackso elen stel J Jackson, Betty Elizabeth Soph ore h A cietas Ben! Lati s, Ba , 4, Or- , chestra 3, 4, panish Club, Home ECONOMICS Little-Theate Guild, Alpha TrifHi-Y 3, . V 1 LTJ , Jr - ,lx , X 1 .lac0,1Na!90L Kelleyresse Jumi5qn5.PearI Marie Poll i I i ,' 1 - .K i ! 4 xiii' 'glaslical .J A Acflderrmg . ' ' ' - l d- Sophomore Dfam I ,lub, 'fc"'ElSgut5 ?3,3f3or::.1ege-gi, Hospital Aida, Srefli igh iffy, CHN? Homeroom News, Masque C1 S ript Sgigt r ? "X P, Club, speech, Beta Tn- i-Y, 6 ' Q Y-ff f , Little Theater Guild, Senior Y' High News, Spanish Club. John, Franklin A. Ossle Academic Jetferys, Wanda Jean Jean Commercial Secretarial Girls Chorus, Spanish Club. I lx ..l i, Johnso , Sjiir ey i I' Girls Junior tary W Kaufman, Betty Lou Betty Lou Classical Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Hospital Aid, Inside Patrol, Minstrel, Masque C7 Script, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Lit- tle Theater Guild, National Honor Society 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Senior Play. J un k, Betty A nn Betty Classical Cheerleaders Club 2, 3, Spanish Club. if ,. Slide-Rule Club, 4Le Circle Francais, Beta Hi-Y, Foot- ball, Basketball, Track. Jalfnsan, Mary Virginiahinny Classical Latin Club, French Club! Slide Rule Club, Alpha Tri- i-Y 2, 3, 4, Inside Patrol 3, 4, National Honor So- c ty 3, 4, Dramatic Club. .61 , Y James om 1 Classical Dramat s Club, Masque C1 Script lub, ure Club, Honnlero er, Home- roo P. t, ma Hi- Y P t, Bird Club Pres- ide t, ittle Theater Guild, Hom om Usher, Minstrel 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4. Kkta Edwar S n h CG Orch Alpha n v nal Honor 5 . - L -r . I -,L l is , , B . 2, 'a-y 31' 7 c F g Squad 4. King, Charles L. Chuck Technical Vice - President Sophomore Class, Senior High News 2, 3, Bird Club 2, 3, Home- room President 2, German Club 2, 3, 4, Chess Club, W Beta Hi-Y. . ,I 's. Mikey Com ' l I Cheerlea ers 2, 3, Bi Club. xi Kralo rances Francy Gener 0 atic I Che eaders ub Nature Club, arsityk erleaders, Beta '-Hi-Y 3, Labowitz, Frances Beatrice Bede Academic Sophomore Dramatic Club, Knitting Club, Latin Club, Hospital Aide, Masque 6' Script, Little Theater Guild, Spanish Club 3, 4, Senior High News Staff, Alpha Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Senior Play. Langas, Helen Roach Commercial Clerical Class President, Ztinstrel, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Dr m Ma- jorette 2, 3, 4., - King, Helen Jane Kingie Home Economics Koury, Simon B. Cy General u Club Dramatic Club Nat re , 1 Gamma Hi-Y, Football Man- ager. 7.1 J Krayzej, Helenx. A. Druy .I General-I ,- F' Ncgyfe Clubfvwgm e r o o m Se etary, ' Lally, Patricia Ann Pal' General Attended St. John School, Bird Club, Homeroom Trea- surer. Lotta, Helendoanne Jo Academic Girls' 'Chorus, Societas Lat- inas,.. Hospital Aide, Band 2, 3, H, Orchestra 3, 4, Recrea- 'tion Club. i Laughead, Robert Edward Head General Homeroom Usher, Beta Hi- Y, Tumbling, Football Man- oger. 14 x -.1 .fl - Nw f t ,l , , "N-i'vo " U31 'N' Lenard, N elene Marie Len ,Cckgryipl ecretarial ore Cho us 2, Home- o m Tre urer 25 Mixed Chorus , Nature Club 35 Senior igh News Staff 45 lnside atrol 47 Little Thea- ter Guild 45 Girls' Chorus 45 French Club 45 Gamma Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. xx 'X -25- If Lepiai, Mar -,Leap J i ' f ' eneral My lu I M 'c' pe- Ziitiom E rle 'fsAgub5 eta Tri- ' ' irls' Chorus 3, 4. L' Lewellyn, Nancy Louise Nancy Academic Secretary of Student Senate5 Sophomore Dramatic Club5 Masque G Script5 Operetta5 Minstrel 2, 35 Little Theater Guild5 Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Le Circle Francais 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Maroon Key Club 3, 4. Locke, Thomas Joseph Tam Academic Dancing Club5 Slide-Rule Clubg Spanish Club5 Chess Club. Lowe, Shirley Louise Shy Home Economics Dramatic Club5 Cheerleaders Club 2, 35 Homeroom Trea- SUfeI'. Lukowski, Theresa Marie Tre Commercial Clerical Bird Club5 Nature CIub5 Cheerleaders Club. 1 Lowthnn Nqma Jean ' Nanna Commercial Clerical Homeroom Treasurer5 Danc- ing Cldb5 Homeroom Usher 2, 3l5 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 3, 4. Levin, Rita Shirley Shorty Acog? Sophomore Dan Club: Societas atinas Varsity Cheerleaders Club , 3, 45 Spanish Clu. 2, 3, ,Qjbbby Club5 Senior mat ?CIub. n- 71 sa Y lg Q Y 5 1-'I' K .Q ' Cy, -,Y JD Litman, Ella Kafherinf ' -A -Ila Kay Cu -Commerci l Clerical Y Cf Cheerleaqgr lub 2, 35 Homerqpm Vice-President5 Inside Patrol. 1 Lockman, Ruth Mal Ruth ' Classical Recreation Club. f Lowery, Paul Paul Academic D a t' Cl ', B'rd"'C'Iub5 afebggw 'CHQ' ' Slide-Rule Clubgffkfcile Francais 2, 35 Football. l . Y to Lucas, Emma .lean Jeanie Commercial Cldcal Bird Club. ,," Lukowski, Rita Ann Luke Home Economics Masque Er Script, Communi- cation Club, Inside Patrol 2, 3, 4, Bird Club. l Lyon, Richard Blair Dick Academic Lux' Dlam' owls' Di Sophomore Dramatic Club, 1' ' Qerfioi ' 1 Girls'!Chflrlus 2, 3, H e- rdoruglreside 'fyfuden en- axey amrridufri-Hi-Y. .ff Mack, Julia Ann Jul Commercial Secretarial Bird Club, Music Club, Na- ture Club. Moscioli, a Ernest Oyda Pholog ne o oom Presi t 3, An- a Sta Art u P l McDonough, Dolores Marie Doe Commercial, Clerical Cheerleaders lub, Sopho- more Drama ' Club, Home- room Pfegi ent 2, Jr. Dra- matic Club, Gamma Tri-Hi- Y, Masque 6' Script Club. McGee, James Edgar Jim Academic Le Circle Francais 2, 3, Slide Rule Club, Beta l-li- Y. l-lomeroom Usher, Stage Guild, Homeroom President, Masque C1 Script Club, Pres- ident of Student Senate, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, School Basketball Champs. l . l l -: - Vir i Ann Q20 e ecr ari ho fx- Drama lub, ai :-ir! , Little eater und, lpha Tri-Hi- 5 se- nior ' y. McClelland, Virginia Ginny Home Economics Cheerleaders Club, Nature Club. McElroy, Wm. Cunninghagiu I General Football. Mclntire, Douglas Kennedy Doug General Band 2, 3, 4, Gamma Hi-Y, ltglcmneroom President, Foot- O , Mochnsky, John Eyword J , oy if Retail Selling , l Homeroolh Usher 3. ,l nn., Metropulos, Georgia Angelirje o Commercial Clerical Homeroom Secretary, Band. Michael, Charles Mike Technical. Miller, Doris Lee Doris Home Economics Homeroom President, Cheer- leaders Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Homeroom Secretary 4. Miller, Lois Rae Red Academic Sophomore Dramatic Club, Societas Latinas, Hospital Aides Club, Girls' Chorus, Cheerleaders 2, 3, Masque and Script, Beta Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, Little Thea- ter Guild, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Der Deutches Verun 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Rec- reation Club 3, 4. Minerd, Theresa Louise Tess Home Economics Homeroom Vice-President 2, 3, 4, Homeroom President 2, 3, Sophomore Chorus, Little Theater Guild, Wood Shop. Morrison, Knnhne Ann Cornmxgrcial Clerical Chqgaclers Club, Commu- nication Club. we Molley olyn nn X Molley mme i ecretarial fs3l idli Heled Mick m ' cretari heer .ders i , Bird Little d, I . Gamma Tri- '-Y Miller, H. James Jimmy General Homeroom Usher 2, Basket- ball, Football, Manager of googball and Basketball 2, Mindek, Katherine Ann Q Kay K-51 cial retariol Bird Club, I' 3: Notu ' trol. Minor, Vivian Pahicia Vivy Home Econ mics cretory, Home- r ice- Presid t. Moore, Irvin Irv General Murphy, Betty Lou Betty Lou Academic Nature Club, Spanish Club, Little Theater Guild. MU' , C r illiam Bill ademic rl President 2, oph e Class Usher, President Colored Senior Class, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. Nobozny, Mary Dolores Dolores Home Economics Sophomore Chorus, Dancing Club, Cheerleaders Club, Little Theater Guild, Wood Shop. Nehls, Lois Patricia Toody General Bird Club, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Tumbling. Newman, Bernard C. Bernie Academic Sophomore Dramatic Club, Four One-Act Plays, Latin Club, Homeroom Usher, Ma- roon Key, Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chess Club, Little Theater Guild, Senior One-Act Play, High School Basketball Champs 2. Ondrish, Marie Louise Ree Commercial Clerical Spanish Club. ,v l Musial, Vero ' J nn ush ll omm I e al e r 1 ature Cl b n , Music cia rls' Chorus 3 , BQ I-Hi-Y. Neill, Jane Anne Anne Commercial Secretarial Homeroom Secretary 2, Cheerleaders Club, Hospital Aide H. S., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, A n n u a I Staff, National Honor Society, Wood Shop. O Neill, Aggies Aggie Academic o I ' e an Club, ti ' Beta Tri- H , n b 2, 3, 4, National onor ociety. Ohrin, Charlotte Mae Chickie . Academic Sophomore Class Treasurer, Sophomore Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Hospital Aide, Homeroom Treasurer, Cheer- leaders 2, 3, Masque and Script, Homeroom Vice-Pres- ident, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Ma- roorgn Key 3, 4, Little Thea- ter Guild, Spanish 2, 3, 4. fi . , X J ' Louie Academic Hgmeroom President 2, Sophomore Dramatic Club, Seh-i6r High News 2, 3, 4, Band 2, Student Senate 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Flag Squad 3, Minstrel 3, Der Deutches Verein 2, Senior Dance Finance Committee, Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Aw 0'NeiI, Louis Coleman, Jr. x dhtko, Margie Emilee -' Marge Home Economics Eomeroom' Vice President, .ird Clubg,,Gamma Tri-Hi-Y , 3 4 io . f - -.te it 28 5 -. ,. ix J 'I Patrlgnani, Evelyn Ann Pal' Commercial Clerical Cheerleaders Club 2, 3, 45 Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Patterson, Doris Jean Sis Academic Knitting Cluby Bird Club: Latin Club. J'f"7 erson, Madeline Reb ah e Commercial etarial Che s Clubg Home- r ecretaryg Homeroom Usherg Homeroom Treasurerg Girls' Chorus: Gamma Tri- Hi-Y. 50 4' F A -- tw V. . 9 A I ef. 'L -4- .. 'ijlfcif' Pierno, Carl Robert Bob General Pompur , I Aggie neralz Q' Cheeg s lubj Home- room, or ary ' Rodman, David Dave ca c ln Clu ' H eroom Trea- surerg C ' Wr'i 5 - nior ' , , er- ma 3, 45 Alpha Hi-Y 2, , 45 Speech Club: School Basketball Champsg Jayvee Team. Poplarchek, Violet Louise Violet Classical Girls' Chorusg Latin Club: Little Theater Guildg Spanish Club. Paxsan, Rosamond Rosy Commercial Clerical Homeroom Usher: Cheer- leaders Clubg Nature Club. , i fl e Charle icholas Petro Comm Secretarial Poletz, Frank R. Frankie ademic homor Dramatic Club: trelg or Dramatic lubg rch ' Senior Dra- ic Clubg I a Hi-Y: i he eadersg Cheer- le rs , nior Class Us 'Senior P . Ponxuric, Thomas Torn General P arch r Edward Walt Techn , 3 rchestra 3, -Cou and 3, 4. Ramsey, Betty Jane Rabbit Home Economics Ramsey, Naoime Elizabeth Namie Home Economics Rich, Michael Mike Academic Boxing Club, Homeroom President, German Club 2, 3, 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Track Rider, Mary Louise Academic Sophomore Dramatic Club, Knitting Club, Hospital Aide, Masque C1 Script, Creative Writing, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' Chorus, Little Theater Guild, Le Cercle Francais, National Honor Society. Ridgeway, William Bill General Alpha Hi-Y, Boxing Club, Wrestling Club. , J! Jive. 'REL-E rie 'Jian sa l il Commercial spanish if Oroijsyd 2, 3, 4. ci F J sA.1 Rice, Jane' Margewfl Jeari ,Commercial Cle icgl Dancing llubg ,Ch erleaders Club, Ga mg Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' Chorus. N ' C , ginia e inny s merc' Cleri lx Minstr peretta, tissue Er Scr ' Homeroo -Pr dent, tudent Senate, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Gym Cub, Girls' Chorus, Senior Play. kj .2 1 , . X Riddell, Kenileth Neal i ,f Riddle I i 'General X ', Beta Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Track. Riggs, Vaida Snippy Academic Sophomore Dramatic Club, Hospital Aide, Masque and Script,Homeroom Usher, Lit- tle Theater Guild, Alpha Tri- Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Home- room Secretary 4. Rishel, June Edith Rish General Cheerleaders Club, Girls' Chorus, Nature Club. Rishel, William Franklin Bill General Homeroom Treasurer 2, Homeroom Usher 4. MM-9 rack 3, . Som Renner, J ! 4 Rennigqy Mariorie Lois X l 5' Margie C , V . Academic J Latin 'Club5 Dfdmatic Club5 Sophomore :Class Seovetary5 Mdsaue Scriptg, lnsiile Patrolg Little Thegfer GLQ d5 Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Spanish Clut'5 Senior High News Staff. Roby, Lois Lois Home Economics Debate CIub5 Cheerleaders Club 2, 3. Roelkey, Mary Rebecca Becky Classical Latin Club5 Sophomore Dra- matic5 Homeroom Vice- President 35 French Club5 Senior High News5 Masque 8 Script5 Beta Tri-Hi-Y5 Editor Senior High News ,,,Jl2...-Z. f RosenbergC, Annette Sylvia Annette Classical Sophomore Dramatic Club5 Hospital Aide5 Masque and Script, Scholastic Gold Key Award in Art and Certificate of Meritg Little Theater Guildg Annual Staft5 Span- ish Club 2, 3, 45 Hobby CIub5 Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. ,Q ,LAMA-4 3 Schifko, Durxifhfvilflle T ' v OID Ve' 'nm-Qu s i 9 V. o l da .lean Yoe ornmeircial Secre rua r rsity s li' . ' X 5' I . A X I phom re ati Cllbj eer' de 2 5 ' he I de 45 tl - ' 1 ' I ' , i l. e ter :ld ir s o Revah, Paul Reeve General . , W . .1 Xie V... It f . x Roebucltf Molly Patricia .-'I' Molly t, Retail Selling l I phomore Cl'i2rus5 Junior gl orus5 Cheevle ders Club 2, Rogers, John John General Football 2, 35 Beta Hi- Y. im, J Jes ' Comm ial Sec tarial Cheerlea r , 35 Home- room T urer 45 Senior High ws Staff5 Annual Staff Iside PatroI5 Little The ter Guild5 French Club5 Ho eroom Secretary, I lsi eww ,P .J , Seighman, Mary Louise Ma ry Retail Selling Se over, Ja e ef erci Clerical e e ry, Debat- ing Cl b, ' orus, Or- chesfr ' , eta Tri-Hi-Y. Sesler, Patricia Jean Pal' Classical Sophomore Dramatic Club, Lalin Club, Hospifal Aide, Masque C1 Script, Senior High News 3, 4, Inside Pa- trol, National Honor Sociefy 3, 4, Speech, Alpha Tri-Hi- Y 3, 4, Spanish Club, Liifle Theater Guild, Head Usher. Senior Play. s.-lax' a Shaffer, Mary Loy ' Mary Lqy Commercial Secretarials '. f l ' Cheerleaders Club, X Mtfsic, Inside Patrol. ' x Sheppard, Mark Earley Mark Classical Slide Rule Club, German Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, D. A. R, His- tory Award. , G ner ,Homeroom reasu r, Na- fure Club, Homeroo ice- P-residenf, Cheerleaders, Var- sity Cheerleader. ,f Sarafin, Marguerite Marge Home Economics Cheerleaders Club 2, 3, Homeroom Usher. Schafer, William J. Bill Technical Slide Rule Club, Bela Hi-Y, Chess Club, French Club. Shazer, James Simmy Technical Slide Rule Club, French Club 3, 4. J Shersv,WiIliqmlA. f aiu :Generali Gammaxyli-Yu, ,Hi-Y Vice Presklenf, Hom oom Vice- Presidenfj Germzn CQ. .JL aj lm A,-sf' overa, 6 0 mlCS Bird Club. Shrum, William E. Bill General Football Homeroom Usher, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Boxing Club 2, Tumbling Club 4. A: Stotelmyer, Jean Ann Jeonne Commercial Clerical Smith, Cynthia Agnes Cynthia Classical Connellsville 25 South Union 35 Latin CIub5 French CIub5 Dramatic Club. Sochka, can Soch Retail Selling ' -v f ll Stone, B Bn f' om Ush 5 Home- Treasurer 5 Nature ,J 'J J . 4 Snyder, Herbert Doyle Doyla Technical Band 3, 4. Spaw, Clarence Spovr General Homeroom President 25 Vice- President 35 Usher H, R., 3. k heat-: .Ag fjmifl -" . Steiner, Daniel Nelson Tud Honferoo P d Rule ciu , vip CIub5 Homeroo Treasurer5 Masquexlr Sc pt5 Creative Writi?g,jN!lub5 lilqorfiergogri Presi t '5Q9Qis 5 Senioifh' h NewsY?dg'EJEdi- C - mf, Alpha Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, gttge Theatdx? fQv.'I1'l'dfB Crass u 5 Junio sity as et- ball 2, 3 MowqlI 45 School Basketball Champs. S 'I II, L ' M L J fl we ms ae o Stockwell, Barbpradegn Academic L J PGSSY German 'bownsllip E336 Girls' S4055iC0' Chorus, rama ic u , Lon I bilbomghoncl Club: os i - eereo rs fl 5 Mrialie 9' 'glifi - Ho eroom Treasurer 515 All pha Tri-Hi-Y5 Little Theater iGuild. Swanson, Dorothy Ann Dorothy ' Classical Creative Writing Club5 'Span- ish Club5 Societas Latina 2, Y " l 3, 45 Der Deutsche Vereing , I , Beta Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. 5"""10"5f V ,' WW" f f' Mi e a xr 1 rcial et I Sturge Marlo raycf Ho r Om, -X 3. amm ial Cleri Adi ,. . . X omev 5 m V?:e- esiv nt 2, Homgoom P,e' ent! 5 Ju- nior ramatic lub5 Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. I Lf e ' 25 -Xanax?-Qffiimlffic 'iszif l LJ 1 Taggar N ly, Cochro an X? er fSe al Lretary 25 French Clu5 Cheerleaders omeroo Club 2, 35 Guild. 'rggqy .Nine raigak Jgnie I Home Econcrrrljcs Little Theater Guild. Tarleton, William Harold Bill Classical Gamma Hi-Y 2, 35 Orchestra Little Theater 'ranskyf wnuam H. sin ' General i! Beta Hi7Y. l l f Tatum, Evelyn Beverly Torch Academic Homeroom Secretaryg Hos- pital Aid5 Cheerleaders Club 2, 35 Homeroom Vice Presi- dent5 Gamma Tri-Hi-Y5 Lit- 2 3 4 tle Theater Guild5 Tri-Hi-Y ' ' ' President5 Homeroom Usher. I a n, helia ean' e , , l ,, Thomas, V - : g in . ' . Wally e i ' ' Mt. Ve ' 'gh School 2' . ' - I ' Homeroom ' si ent5 Track Recrech G Q! X 2, 3, 4. Foo ball 4. . X 8 . sr' .NW X ' X ,H x if X Vx, 5 '- - -. 4 1 X 'HN-..,' --- , . A , Ak .., NY X , Thudba, Jacq ilpmms Tuccifflsie Eledlaor T005 'J' N Jack . Sl . 5, 'Commercial ecretarial Academic - Washington Community High School 2, 35 Dramatic Club5 French Club5 Four One-Act Plays. Tulley, John A. Jack Technical Dancing Clul35 Slide Rule Club5 Spanish CIub5 Gamma Hi-Y5 Student Senate5 Chess Club. i 5Lnior High News Staff5 An- nual Staffm Turosak, Frederick V. Sleepy Technical Danc- Vice- Hi-Y5 Chess Club5 Slide Rule Club. l-lameroom Treasurer5 ing lClub5 Homeroom Pres1dent5 Gamma Umbel, Charlotte Jane Sharley General Girls Chorus5 Cheerleaders Club. Vicites, Mary Frances Mary Frances Classical Hospital Aide, Homeroom Usher, Homeroom Treasurer, Cheerleaders 2, 3, Home- room Secretary. 2 NJ Ventur Ele nor Ri X 9' Tiny 3 . Com rcisl5Secretarial .J !"Ham o Treasur r, Cheer- le lub, ecreat n Cl! ,lsiePtrol.JJXf I 0 fir L ' j K Varndell, Alfred Henry Tick Technical Speech Club, Mixed Chorus, Operetta. Wagner, Joseph William Joe General Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Wandel, Charles Chuck Academic North Union 2, 3, French Club. Whitlock, David Earl Dave Retail Selling Track. West, Edwin Hawkins Spooks Classical Slide Rule Club, Orchestra Z, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, School Basketball Champs 2. Van f Lois Ruth , Loy , . if ' J! Societ Latinas, ish, Chorus, Dramatic! eta Trl- Hi-Y. Walters, Herbert Jack Herb General Wadsworth, Jane Jane Commercial Ciericol Dra tic- Club 2, Home- room resident 2, Nature Club- , Vice President of Homeroo 3, Inside Patrol, Vice-Pres' ent of Tri-Hi-Y. Weihrer, Arthur Henry Arf Academic U' Q Gamma Hi-Y' Senior Dra- matic, All-ff6unfy Band, Track. , 1 ff I J jf af f I West, William Russell Bill Classical Orchestra 2, 3, All-County Band, Masque and Script, Minstrel, Operetta, Band 2, 3, 4, Four One-Act Plays, Little Theater, Senior Play. WJ' AV 's f - X fm, -f , ,L Williams, Michael P. Connie Yauger, Lois Lo General Student Senate 25 Homeroom Pres- ident 25 Bird Club5 Football. Williams, Shirley Anne , .' Classical igpdomare Chorusy Latin Club5 Se- tor High News5 Alpha Tri-Hi-Y5 Spanish Club5 Band 2, 3, 45 Or- chestra 3, 4. Wilson, Kenneth C. Kenny Gene ral Yarris, Barbara Commercial Secretarial ljittie Theater Guild5 Inside Patrol Commercial Secretarial Minerva High School. Wilson, Lenora Louise Leo Home Economics Homeroom Treasurer 2, 35 Home- room Secretary 25 Cheerleaders Club 2, I 'Is Oloi ainxe Lois X C erci cretarial Ho eroo Secre 25 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Che le ers Club 3. Winning, Shirley Ja e Shy U Cl ssi Hospital Ai e5 ati 5 Min- strel5 Mas e d ci ittle Theater i ' pa 'sh Alpha Tri- ' 2, M 2, 3, 4. R ' Yod Rachel Marie Commerci cretarial Presid omeroom5 Or- cf-estra 2, 3', 45 ri Hi-Y. Yuhas, Theresa Alice I '. , Retail Selling Moarhouse, Donna Mae Retail Selling Cheerleaders, ?,x 37 xl Alice Donna SENIOR. Burnworth, Delmer Delmer Technical Homeroom Usher, French Club, Chess Club. Burkett, Margaret Theresa Terry Home Economics Cheerleaders Club 2, 31 Nature Club. ..' f 1 I '72 ff Citro, John Samuel , 'jf ff J j Rack Bird Clubg Boxing Club: Gamma Hi-Y. Crable, Mary Elizabeth Mary E. Home Economics Dorotlnsky, Ralph Ben C General Gordon, Tom Ginch General Homeroom Treasurer lj Stage Crewg Min- strel, Bird Club, Homeroom President 25 Homeroom Treasurer 21 Beta Hi-Y. Helmon, Edwin J. Ed Academic Slide Rule Club, Spanish Club. OT PICTURED Kokorak, Margaret Ann Marge Commercial Secretarial Lewis, Valeria Jean Val Home Economics Girls' Chorusg Cheerleaders Clubg Home- rc-om Vice-President. Mahoney, Mary fols, ' Academic New Castle Senior High Scfool. McCune, Alma L. Baobi Commercial Clerical Morgantown, West Virginia. McLMe en Elizdheth Magunda gimme Yqkpmfbiigg Glee Club. i swf. A ', Nairnfljkhn Patrick Jack , . l t Academic l German Township School. Stefancin, Thomas Bernard Eagle Academic South Union 25 Homeroom President 27 Beta Hi-Yg Der Deutsche Verieng Chess Club. ...3'l... ws .wx x x ,NM , , 1. 4 Y' Qf'fg,hg5fg3x -, v, , Liu! J. . 'k N1 r' f v- ,V if ' ws fi 3 qw' fm? .A ' 5 Tai" ' 5. 'N ML' 4- Mg . , + 5 A -1 if ' Qff we 'ff - ,A N M. 1. . ' ..... fr:-,Q A 16 L ..K"5f' V: uv Qb ilk ? 7 WL ',?5.1si- ' H ' -WLM A . . V Wifi.,-Jfq ,KAL "W ww' ' K X Akffvxf-L" -.W Mfttfgx - ' 5:m'L?'f'w . hiv! ' 'S gy. , . N. MX' fi" ,W ,, ,Q 1 ,V ,Sq . W if I i 6 ---..., K 0 1 4 I n ,Y Am I' K' m 3 ATHLETICS .V ,Wi -1 f 9. . Q N , X X , X ,, gW"1,F1'ai " X N f ' ' ' ug. ' ' fl' 'IA 1'- . X, . . 13. Z if ' ,. 1 W I 1.3, W F I .W Q ' X ' , i 1 ' ' , w ' in 1 ' A . '5 N 1 V, ' " P 1 Mtg' ' ' -, ' 1 IA , W y ,. , X 1 ' , " ' I ,V Q 1 W , W W I i 4 X 'L . W ' v 5 . " N 1 , , A ' 5 I f '1,3"'y - 51.1 1 ' V :' 'la Y , w M 2 L, xl .f ',,,v.":2fl'f 'K W M 1' , , ,, s, 6, NW .5 3- L ,.f.-f-8.3.x f.,,' . .f 235. . .V Ji- 1, , N' . . 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X b-1 -ff -,fffff 5 ' I u ' 's. . ., .' fr- K 1 Vffgim "ig, ft' K :X ' , fi-K ' ww- K "..QS",Aji. gy wt y .- ,,- H X, '51, ,T Kgs.-'fag' ,,, ., 5 K Af, 1 .- ' 'YDJJ 1 ' wfid ' , , W4 , ami, ' ' .gs r'f.-,'5gQs.,1f2,g 'ay -. 0 :L , . , 7 I V .y1.,MQEM, 5.5 -- mm 1... M M , ,X I 5+ vb. gf.-ij' , f '. ' .r jj 4 . .L g,ff',ff5SfA3'f,g,g,, V' . , .' ff ww- if 1 I exif A ' -A ffff' Y: A If , W ' " A .. , jf, A, Mggg' xx - ' , ' ' . W -A .5 7H.v.,5- jf 7 .7 mi ' , 4 9 av. .. Q 'X - 1 1 K . 1 J 355' A4 "ef , 'kv '2f',f':', ,Q -', 3. ' - K 1. :-,'3?,1'gw5'ai 4414 ,.:- ugvm, ., , ':- - 1 4- 1 ' N- ' 15.5 .W 'X " Qj?.f,X2fe-'3w'f1.QQ3?3ff Q' ,Q gig ' 'shun' -, -- A ,I .fa Q If ffl-k, . E - 1.fl ,fx '13 f .4 3 :P nf I - V K V , M 4 1 V' t . h 5 R yi ld, K L? ,-fn . P 1 ff f Ffa f'42:wg'jfVr'fFf,3-vfAf!QQ-'VSA 5' L , ' V , t W 1 A K J I ., H":,fff,gK+-,1,1' f- fiffrif gwk. v J ' , ' -'15 :Q we fx, TX, izg'73fP"g'fQ,: ,,-'QJQQA-gr? rwtf. '. , A , . '2 - ' ' 4 ,ff 1 kjxi- Q 2 -Nx.jf'.gw Ji" 9' "3 M I ' , . ' 157 -f 'M,p rpg 2.0, ,E fyiiglpqi, ' Q' 1 ' 2 -' , 4 - iw-if. y .sf ga, V' , , -41s ., , ' - 1 1 "L . 7-wv. H, ,wi f ,Q ,. .Q - 5 -V. lywgy- , fum, L, - f. M, R, .X w'1mw,lA-,giwg .gfwx Vx-5, -,K , ,. , . ,H . 1.,:Qf,-ggi:-h.1im,,' mgQN. V Y V, .Y,H,15yz 4 A., I. , ' , . , ,I , . v uk El Lf' J. . A ' jpfg . Y r i .. -., in X 1 K E W W . " .' 1 ' V 4 I 5" . ,P ' fir- w 1 Q . 1 ' ' - N P l 3 1 Q l - Q9 is J I, .1 x Q' W SMS , 5 as ' I r Wil' an ,V A Hi W .,.. L.. Q QW iii 'N-W I I N A Q. iff' In '1'41 5? Yusuf ,QUQYN www 5 9, 5 Hs fa? 1' L v . if . ff Q .. gunner' M '9- ,Q SQ5 'L mf3'Mf . 5 'TL - rf ,WET 1 ,.- Q f .,.. .W 'R - Q2 - Q S.. G an K' M Q .f ,Af FOOTB LL Red Raiders came through in November with one of the finest football records in history. Lou Weitzel took over the head coaching reins, assisted by Gene Dugan. After a season of ups and downs, the climax came with the defeat of the ancient rival, Connellsville, the first time in seven years this had been accomplished. The fighting men of Uniontown, taught to play scientifically and effectively by their coaches, have completed another year of football exploits which bring new laurels and new glory to the Raider halls. Uniontown Opponent Georges ...... 20 O Dunbar .... .. .... I3 7 Jeannette ,.... -- 6 l2 Redstone .....,,.. . O O Monongahela ....... .c O I2 North Union cc,, ...,, l 9 7 South Union .c..., H 6 O Connellsville dddd ..... l 3 7 Brownsville ,- 6 l 9 41 ig' Q ima ,gs A If A534 sh 'P 5 ,, 5' w K,ef 5L2! A M is if 9?-Y K X X if mfg, ASKETB LL Even before the thud of the pigskin had died out and the football suits had been packed away, Coach J. S. Albright was putting his U. l-l. S. bas- keteers through their paces at the Lafayette gym in preparation for another season in Section 9. Win or lose, the boys carried the colors of U. H. S. through a hard season in a sportsmanlike and gentlemanly manner which reflected credit on themselves, their coach and the school. Uniontown I1 11 BASKETBALL SCORES I944- Belle Vernon Pt Marion Charleroi Monessen Pt. Marion Brownsville North Union Scottdale Youngwood Norwin Uniontown ll 45 44 26 29 Zl 60 3 l 28 37 40 29 3 l Jeannette if L Greensburg Latrobe .... . Connellsville Scottdale , Youngwood Norwin 7 Jeannette Greensburg Latrobe . Connellsville 33 l9 27 I7 36 Z3 29 32 l3 33 .-46- f 7 ' 1, -iff --' V Qi?-:A-, 'f X , ' ,,f XX Mf x '53 fl? ' fQQ Q' 234. Q,-.-.haf f-rg - ,- .. . ,QQ .4 22 Z. 2. XT: +553 N' " ? 1 WN 'xxffi : Qgji ' ix-Xa, - - sg 6 X x lx x Xf xv N XR K x if xxxx X ,Z Z Z X -3 Zjig ifmwffi .fff -47- ACTIVITIES . g m- fs, . ' ,Ag AQ' n 1' , ., s 1 g V 4. i K 'Ng ,mg 3. 'W' 1 gn, W av f '-Q"w X4 ,,.,- C 1, , ' t V YN. :I M Q Q U ', I Q J. ,r lil 295 A . 2 4 if , at ational Honor Society Each year the faculty names for the National Honor Society the juniors and seniors who have been outstanding in Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service. Those who attended it have done so by proving themselves out- standing in the fine qualities for which the organization is symbolic. The local group organized for sophomores the A-B Club as an incentive for raising scholastic standing. ..50... tudent Senate btudent senate, which is composed ot the presidents from each home- room, is the voice of the student body in the management of school affairs. Upon the shoulders of this group lies the responsibility ot making decisions and laws dealing with the everyday problems which arise in the course of the year. They proved themselves ho-nest and just in every instance ond, with the expedient advice of John H. Dunn, displayed excellent executive and legislative abilities throughout the year. ,NH 'l f x X x -N 5 'Rf ' F3 i rf X I 'Jljj lf X fj JV Alpha Hi-Y Hi-Y is a nationwide movement, it is present wherever there is o Y. M. C. A. and a high school, or where one of these is found, it is univer- sal, it is standard. There are three chapters in Uniontown Senior l-ligh, Alol'a being the oldest of thle three. Divisions into chapters are made for administrative purposes ofvtyi there is no difference in Hi-Y quality. Edward Sandow, secretary of th Y. WC. A. in Unio own, deserves the credit for fostering this fine movg .- a ge cqvxlpbho was John H. Dunn. X N xx lixp X Ll 77777- Alh PUIJ w , . "To create, maintain and extend throughout the high school and com- munity high standards of Christian character" was the aim the Alphas tried to accomplish by means of their different activities. Each month the girls devoted a meeting to one part of the four-fold plan used bv all Tri-Hi-Y's. The members learned to develop their lives through the spiritual, mental, physical and social phases guided by Mrs. James Balsley. -52- Beta l"l:-Y . J' 7 g Every Wednesday evening the Betas met to complete the old business and to make plans for the new. Memorable activities were the joint sessions with Tri-Hi-Y, the swims, the speakers and the annual observance of Prayer Week. Under the spiritual guidance of Herschell Bowlen, the officers were Tom Coughenour, president, Bill Cunningham, vice-president, Bernard Hodinko, secretary, Chris Andrianos, treasurer. Beta may be the second letter in the Greek alphabet but the Beta Tri- Hi-Y was second to none. This year manyyvaried activities were on the pro- gram and no two Thursday nights were the same. Speakers, swims, church services and the co-ed party contributed to a successful year. None of the members will forget the good times enjoyed under the leadership of Miss Mary Jefferis. -53- Q Beta Tri-Hi-Y 'N X "The meeting will now come to order!" Each Monday night these fa- miliar words came from the lips of Tom Kalasky, the president. Through the spirit of warmth and friendliness, each member in years to come will recall many pleasant experiences which he shared while participating in its activities. Swims, parties, hayrides, speakers on various subjects and many Gamma Hi-Y other social functions formed a part of this group's varied program, super- vised by Harry Woods. flyvfljf-3 Gamma Tri-Hi-Y 6 K. 'I it , 1 ,,'. JJJT. .f"'i'AT It l "Pure words, pure thoughts and pure actions" is the slogan of Tri-Hi-Y. The girls of Gamma, directed by Miss Christine Lucas, put this slogan to work in all their activities at the year. The weiner roast at Show's Grove started the year off socially. Going to special church services contributed to the spiritual side of their lives. This was truly a successful year for Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. -.541 L. ,H A -nv s Qw-f -M' Q1 f f I W9 . 92, fgxtr ,lf 1'- 1 9153.1 .n f gsm 1. EV f ' ' 1 X, .9 -3 + XA g HP :Y 4 , L' 5 3 . S C 0 G , Y? x -...,.---. ...af 5 . X, A x RQ. .xafs Maroon Key Club No visiting patron was ever lost when he came to Uniontown for basket- ball and football games. The Maroon Key Club was always on hand to escort the stranger. lt was a task at times to find the proper seats, but the reward was in being kind and courteous at all times. Each member was proud to receive a letter at the end of the school year. Majorettes On the lawn by the Hustead House in the spring and tall, the majorettes industrially twirl their shiny batons, "Practice makes perfect" is their motto, and they follow it to the letter. Their hard work shows up as they parade colorfully before the band. Under the direction of Joseph Patterson these girls have become one of the outstanding groups of its kind in the county. U. H. S. is very proud of her majorettes and well she should bel Outside Patrol Through snow, rain and sun the boys on the outside patrol were always on the iob. They helped to avert many accidents that might have occurred when the hungry, rushing and excited students came literally pouring forth from the doors of the Senior High School building. With their help there remains a splendid record of no casualties. Students will long remember the efficient way in which the safety officer, Guy Ross, maintained order. Inside Patrol "Keep to the right, please!" "Sorry, you a.ren't allowed up those steps!" Quite provoking were those words at times, especially when students were in a hurry. The commands were in a quiet and pleasant manner. This patrol kept students moving between classes in their proper places and in an orderly fashion. I i -57- H v' I If t Mixed Chorus Same time, same place! Every Monday the mixed chorus met the fifth period at Hustead House under the direction of Miss Lillian Hammitt to in- terpret notes and give them a polishing effect. After hard work for many weeks, the unnatural sounds began to form a song. This fine group of singers entertained at assemblies and at Teachers' lnstitute. Each member will recall the many happy hours of practicing and then appearing before the public in maroon and white robes. I . 4- fc Orchestra There were vague, hollow sounds that came from the auditorium at the beginning of every fifth period. When all these were united into one, there was music sweet to every listener's ears, Under the direction of Joseph B, Patterson, the 35 members put on concerts, played at assemblies and furnished accompaniment. xy! ' VV ' x - , .LU In , f ' ' I ' .P . ,,i,, i , ',1s' ' it VKX ' X P . ci Ax , l i ' ,I f' ' ' l ' ' ' ll ' A 4 ,f-. X , A 91' BA They're definitely "in there." The band was "tops" and so were the pretty, snappy majorettes. Under the leadership of Joseph Patterson, these students staged some fine musical performances. When they marched down the field at the half of football games, when they played the Alma Mater and when the crowds stood for the National Anthem, every listener realized that there was more to life than petty quarrels and foolish ideas. i59.. During the unusually cold winter months the Bird Club, sponsored by Mrs. Anna Conn, fed the small sparrows, the cardinals, and all othe-rs that would partake. The early morning hikes in the spring were a club specialty. The officers were: presidents, Kalasky and Sesler, vice-president, Joseph ond Maruca, secretaries, Danko and Schorr, treasurers, Lukaszczyk and l-lormell, ushers, Santilli and Danko. Bud Club Gids' Shop "Woman's place is in the home," so the old adage goes, but during war time it has been proven wrong. Of course, the girls may not be women yet, but a helping hand for ci fixing job is always necessary. Material ac complishments of these students will add just o little bit of that personal touch to their homes. In this age women have to do for themselves, and these girls are going to be ready. Garfield Whitmoyer has instructed them wisely. -60- Chess Club To produce a thinking class of young people and to aid in their mental development were the aims of the Chess Club, sponsored by C. Warren Brown. This group of twenty-two senior bays met every Wednesday during the fifth period. They spent the hour in concenration, always trying to make the right move, l l l I I lx Vs. I '1 1 ' I 1- I ' I S 0' . I I ' Cheerleaders At basketball games, on the football field and at pep meetings, the cheerleaders were always there to give the,team a boost. With their peppy yells, they led the student body in hearty support of athletic teams. The team didn't win all the time but the cheerleaders sang on: "We'll fight, fight, fight when we're winning, we'll fight, fight, fight when we lose." 161, Na' xf : fn-i,. , tg. A f? A XSQY W ' 21 WV 4 IS 'S 4:4 We K ya, . f. French Club Depechezll Yes, the students did hurry to Le Cercle Francais, spon- sored by Miss Mattie Wright. They listened to conversation records, they sang the old French folk songs and they learned military expressions. Dur- ing the Christmas and Valentine seasons, the club had delightful parties. The officers were: president, Joanne Ferguson, vice-president, Ruthie Brownfield, secretary, Shirley Johnson, treasurer, Becky Roelkey, usher, Louise Chubboy. -64.. German Club Many happy hours were spent at Der Deutsche Verein learning folk songs, easy conversation and something of Germany's contribution to science and music. Current articles on Germany provided interesting discussion. Military vocabulary was eagerly studied by both boys and girls the second semester. Officers were: president, Bob Cobleg vice-president, Charles King, secretary, Edward Yizroro, treasurer, Eleanor D'Zamba, usher, Mike Rich. -55- panish Club "Miss Locke, may we sing today?" The students iust loved the tune of "La Cucaracha" and many others and they enjoyed those Spanish plays, too. Every assignment tor club meetings was fun. Interesting was the his- tory of Mexico along with the Central and South American states. l-lere's a message all Spanish students understand: "l-lasta luego, amigos." -56.. atin lub "Latin is a language as dead as it can bel" That is a trite expression now that this group hos put some life into it. ln class, the students learned the technical terms and vocabulary, but in club the life, customs, and gods of home were discussions among members. Under the guidance of Miss Helen Brice, these students learned to appreciate the fine 'parts of Latin. -611- Little Theater Guild Members of the Little Theater Guild entered the auditorium every other Thursday, supervised by P. B. Hill, to witness and to perform in the' plays given by the students. "Variety is the spice of life," and that was the order of this year. Comedy and tragedy were the main themes followed by the thespians. Perhaps there were no great actors or actresses but there was experience, along with good fellowship. ...68... Masque and Script Failed againll These familiar words will bring remembrances to each member of the Junior Masque and Script Club under the direction of Miss Christine Lucas. T e bi-weekly meetings consisted of giving plays for the benefit of the oth embers. Each group was called on to perform. Their officers were: pres ent, Madeline Taylorg vice-president, Wiley Ritten- houseg secretary, M y Lou Wetmoreg treasurer, Marion Powell. la y 1' xl P Q x ,. ,, , U V. , X l 4 f '- Q , , ' I ., WJ ' if b ... 'X W K' 5 i. 2 Ib . . I - --69 ,- ll e '15-ij ' 't' Ni 'ff '. V 1 , Sophomore Dramatic "To be, or not to be," and that is the question. Are they or are they not to be actors and actresses? Miss Mary Walsh leads them to the stage in their first year at Senior High. More than likely none will get to Broadway, but it's for the fun and not high ambitions. Their initial success was the one-act play, "Angel Child." Officers of the club were Emily Matheney, president, George Riggs, vice-president, Nancy Nicalo, secretary, and Barbara Cloud, treasurer. ' -7 0- ,WR WI Senior Hi News "Get your paper here?" Yes, every other Thursday, that was the call from the home room treasurers and from Mr. Dunn's office. The Senior High News staff published thirteen papers during the year, and even though it was hard to get material and necessary supplies, they were the best. Becky Roelkey and Daniel Steiner were the hard working and capable editors, and the cooperative business staff rnade it successful. -72- Annual Staff And now we present the staff of life, that is, the life of this book. They have been placed properly in this Annual, at the end, for they are the backbone of this edition. Through their efforts, their thoughts, and their abilities, they tried to make this book a success, and keep the "Maroon and White" banner aloft in our minds. The Staff wishes to express its thanks to the following persons in Senior High for untold services rendered in the production of this book: Marjorie Irvin, Bernard Newman, Rebecca Roelkey, Robert Sandy, Shirley Winning, and Miss Veda Ely of the Faculty. -73- F? ,Z wwmwvw N5 VM' 'MS' 3594? 'M mwid W wmv? Q QE ww 'iw 3532? 'Q in 2 25ggl?l?Ef?2mAQH 1- , fir VM' 4 Q.. an x A S9 --in """v--,,, 'V 5 A 12.4 . Mx A rj I 5 5 V A k,.. Q - Qu 4 . .flip F B 3 5 SPONSORS --- MAROON AND WHITE --- I9ll-5 Alpha Florist, l7 S. Beeson Blvd., Uniontown, Pa. Amber Jewelers, Secangd National Bank Bldg., Uniontown, Pa. Areford Brothers, Real Estate, 62 E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Auslander's Wall Paper, Beeson Blvd. at Penn, Uniontown, Pa. Barton's Flower Shop, I9 Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa., John W. White Mgr. George W. Bechtold, 42V2 E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Benson's, Exclusive Distributors Richman's Suits, 5 AW. Main St., Uniontown Pa. Brown-Smiley Insurance, 3lO Second National Bank Bldg., Uniontown, Pa O. R. Brownfield Insurance Agency, Blackstone Bldg., Uniontown, Pa. W. Clyde Bryson, 23l E. Fayette St., Uniontown, Pa. Campbell-Hathaway Co., 73 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Carter and German, Printers, 2l3 E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Central Drug Store, 4 Beeson Blvd., Uniontown, Pa. O. C. Cluss Lumber Co., Penna. Ave. at B. and O., Uniontown, Pa. Cohen Furniture Co., Beeson Blvd., Uniontown, Pa. Dainty Shop, E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Berwyn S. Detweiler, Auto Sales, 37 E. Fayette St., Uniontown, Pa. A. W. Dice, 87 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Dulany Office Equipment Co., 30 Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa. Charles F. Eggers Co., 80 E. Fayette St., Uniontown, Pa. Ellis Music Store, 29 Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa. Fayette Drug Co., 2l E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. A. D. Ferguson, Funeral Director, 80 Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa. Frederick's Music Store, 6l W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Freeman's Shoe Store, 36 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Frost's Gift Shop, 23 Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa. Garner's Dairy, 78 E. Fayette St., Uniontown, Pa. Gates, Clark and Boyle, Real Estate and Insurance, Thompson-Ruby Bldg. Uniontown, Pa. Ge1ty's Shoe Store, Second National Bank Bldg., Uniontown, Pa. Gleason Funeral Home, ll4 E. Fayette St., Uniontown, Pa. Gomer Jones, Jeweler, State Theater Bldg., Uniontown, Pa. W. T. Grant Co., 29 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. l. N. Hagan lce Cream Co., Rear S. Gallatin Ave., Uniontown, Pa. Joseph Haky and Son, Funeral Directors, l39 W. Fayette St., Uniontown, Po Helen's Beauty Shop, Second National Bank Bldg., Uniontown, Pa. Dr. H. W. Hershman, Veterinarian, l26 E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Hixenbaugh's Drug Store, Fayette St. and Mt. Vernon Ave., Uniontown, Pa Household Furniture Co., 52 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Hunt's Jewelry Store, 7 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. lna's Dress Shoppe, 75 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. J. C. Stores, Peter St. and Beeson Blvd., Uniontown, Pa. Jones Motion Picture Service, l7O E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. N. Kaufman's, I8 E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. ..77- SPONSORS --- MAROON AND WHITE --- I9l-L5 S. S. Kresge Co., l4 E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Keystone Wall Paper and Paint Co., 66 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Libby Dress Shop, l4 N. Beeson Blvd., Uniontown, Pa. Louck's Hardware Co., 64 Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa. . Joe McCoy, Plumbing and Heating, 67 W. South St., Uniontown, Pa. Metzler's, 22 E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Wallace Miller and Bro., Jewelers, 26 E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa., Jewelers in Uniontown Since I867 Minerd Funeral Home, Mrs. Lida Minerd, Owner, 48 E. Church St., Union- town, Pa. Montgomery Ward and Co., 33 Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa. B. J. Mundel Co., Household Goods, 56 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. G. C. Murphy Co., I9 E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Neuhausen's, Women's Apparel, 25 W. Main St, Uniontown, Pa. New State Shoe Store, W. T. Mechling, S. Gallatin Ave. and South St., Uniontown, Pa, Norman Jewelry Co., Main St. and Gallatin Ave., Uniontown, Pa. The Nut Shop, Homemade lce Cream and Candy, Phone l6l 3, 49 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. The Peg Shop, Second National Bank Bldg., Uniontown, Pa. Penn-State Amusement Co., 7 E. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Pennway Oil Co., Mill and South Sts., Uniontown, Pa. J. C. Penney Co., 60 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Peoples Clothing Co., 56 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Peoples Furniture Co., Main and Gallatin, Uniontown, Pa. Ray's Thrift Rate Drug Store, lO W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. J. G. Rider Sons, Meats and Groceries, 7 Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa. Rosenbaum's, Ready-to-Wear, 9 West Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Ross Brothers, Sporting Goods, 66 W. South St., Uniontown, Pa. I, Rossi, Clover Farm Store, l7 Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa. Sally Shop, Main and Beeson, Uniontown, Pa. Sauers, Men's Clothing, 57 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Beeson and Peter, Uniontown, Pa. Service Radio and Electric Co., 97 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Sherwin-Williams Co., Paints, Beeson Blvd. and Penn St., Uniontown, Pa. Singer Sewing Machine Co., 84 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa, The Smart Shop, Main and Pittsburgh St., Uniontown, Pa. Summit Lumber Co., Office, Second National Bank Bldg., Uniontown, Pa. Superior Auto Accessories Co., l8 W. Fayette St., Uniontown, Pa. Swimmer's Cash 6' Carry Cleaners, ZO5 N. Gallatin Ave. Ext., Uniontown, Pa. Terner's Army and Navy Store, l9 W, Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Uniontown News Co., ll Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa. Bill Wood's Newsstand, 65 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. F. W. Woolworth and Co, I7 W. Main St., Uniontown, Pa. Young Men's Shop, Union Trust Bldg., Uniontown, Pa. Youth Shop, Youth is Our Specialty, IO N. Beeson Blvd., Uniontown, Pa. 17 8.. '... n- A V, 1. 1 . ,Jia 1 1 ' 155 1 '---,.-1,::.,-- , llrfpl -' - A' '-H" -fuf4.v '.4b.1fa'-L x . .:.vm-1,:..f-iam U.: ,a...-vwiifwm . I X. , nuufrms .mn :moms Little Printing Co., 44 E. Peter St., Uniontown, Pa. . 5 A .4 1 . ruoroauruv The Studio Grandq, 233 Oliver Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. , :Nsluvme i i The emu L. Smith system, Inc., 41 oi 6 chem, si., Box 7679, Philadelphia, PQ - COVERS P The Kaver Kraft Co., 3249-59 W. Harrison St., Chicago, Ill. I -19.- E A 4 E

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Uniontown High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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