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, -X -Y. N, .V ,MQ- ' ' Q . fi -if S . f '.S1.".1 Wife fv "P -- if-" F ., W -R H ,- N I ,M 1, 1 L- - A x. . 1.- . fl - ' ?Q"!',.-'1 fl ,, X I - 1 - s A' 1, , 5 ,V H' 3 , Q , -, .., I i , v. I " 1 J' " I , f " 4 'J f - 1 J, x . x il 4 4 i 1 X l ,. I L 6 .i 5 7. 1 1 r 2 ' ' ' ' . , 1 - -. - - . ,V f :, i ,H-' E 1 X- ' Q . 'V A '44 ., - y -.2 iw , . ' - ,I X 5, , 8 . I' 1, A V' W ' A Q a n 1 , , .' :V 'Q ' -A, f' ' , ' rx . 5 ' 1 1' , v .2 , X . '- '. ,' t J 1 , -. 6 , ,, A f . . 1 if , D , P+ f ' Y ' f ' ' 1 tx i V 43 K LV, , , I 1 ,. J . 'lu ' . x2 5 S A ' J V- L, 'x ' .. s . . x g I' f 1 I V . x J 5 Senior Hi gh News 2 Commencement E Number 3 3 2 Published Weekly by the Students 2 i ofthe 2 Uniontown Senior High School , A , nd J X , 3 K E 'NINETEEN-HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE QWWWWWWWWWMWM ---'-l 1931 UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR HIGH NEWS STAFF Above is a picture of the staff of the SENIOR HIGH NEWS for the school term of 1930-31. Staff mem- bers from left to right are: Seated: George Wlmlley, Associate- Editor: Arnold Goldberg, Sports Editor: William Castellano, Junior Reporter: Sara Louise Isler, Assistant Business Manager: Bos Farson, Editor-in-Chiefg Elosle Chorpenning, School lteporterg Henry Rodney, Sophomore Reporterg Charles Brownfield, Business Man- ager: Sara Rodgers, Junior Reporter. Standing: Francis Wilson, Assistant Managing Editor: Edith Gran, Typist: Jesse Buck, Assistant Busi- ness Manager: William Strnltlii, Sports Editor: Leonard Gottesman, Assistant lilanaging Edltorg Helen Crate. Assistant Typist: Jack Chorpennlng, Assistant Circulation Managerg Jane Mclntyre, Senior Reporter: Walton Lauroncuson, Circulation ltlanagerg William Marstollnr, Art Editor. 0 1. -.Tl 1931 l UNIONTOWN . SENIOR HIGH .SCHOOL F ureinnrh This Commencement Number of the Senior High News is devoted exclusively to the interests of the Senior Class. In later years we hope that it will have the power to carry back vividly the Seniors of 1931 to the happiness and pleas--X ure of their days in the U. H. S. V O A 3 1 M r H W L 1 UNIONTOWN 1-. 1931 ..1 SENIOR . HIGH . SCHOOL 4 UNIOINTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOI Graduating Class 193 1 'iN 'l-..l931lf" UNIONTOWN SENIOR . HIGH SCHOOL JULIET ABRAHAM Claislcal Julie Laugh? Yes, why nol? 'Tis better than crying II lot, We were made to be glad not sad. Cerele Francais III, IV: Tri-I-Ii'Y III, IV. VIOLET MAE ANSELL Commercial Vi 'l'hvn my hz-nrt with pleasure fills, , And dances with the daffodils. Nature Club IV: Pres. Nature Club IV: Ilnskctball Capt. II: Hockey Team II, , III: Music III. JOSEPH R. ADAMS K ' General Q. " - Jock X X Us athletes, we sure lend a tough llfc. Fnutbull II. III, IV: Basketball III: Truck II, III, IV: V. Pres. Student Senate III: Pres. Student Senate IV: Student Sen- ate II, III, IV: Class V. Pres. IV: Chem- istry Club III: Inside Patrol III: Out- slde Patrol IV. JAY C. ARISON General , Red Old J. C. Arlson, for his hurd heart, ' Tnrred and feathered and carried In in cart By the women of Kiestervllle. Aero Club III, IV. HUMBERT ADINOLFI General Bert Nut a student of French: Not at student V of Latin: But u student of Lite! Fnctlafill III, IV: Intercluss Basketball II, I I , IV. ' RUTH BALSLEY Commercial Ruth Good sense and gond nature are never separated. Hom-key Il: Trl-HI-Y III, IV: Commercial Club IV. DOROTHY ANDERSON Classical . Dot She needs not the foreign uid uf " ornament. Cercle Francais III, IV: Tri-Hi-Y III, IV: Glee Club II, III: Dramatic Club III: 4 Operettu III: Class Secy. IV. HALL OF FAME Best Dressed 6 4 -fl .1931 .. UNIONTOWN ,SENIOR . HIGH . SCHOOL Le T ra 7 HERMAN BEARZI General Capt. Jack Our local rock of Gibraltar. Football Il, III, IV: Basketball IV: Outside Patrol II, III, IV: Inside Patrol II, III: V. Pres. Glee Club, Student Senate III, IV: Track III, IV: Glee Club II, III, IV: Noon Hour Patrol IV: Radio Club IV: Iuterclass B. B. II, III, IV. CATHERINE R. BANE Classical I ' . f . Ihsorl I' - 3' heart leaps up when I behold A rainbow ln the sky. Cercle Francais IV: Commercial Art Club II, III, IV: Tri-Hl-Y IV: Shavlngs Club III. DAVID E. BENN ETT Tookie General I think I'll have to get me a girl. Track III, IV: Nature Club II. JERRY BARBAR JR. Classical Jerry A rarity among mankind- A successful trackman. ck III, IV: Dramatic Club Il, III, IV: I-Il-Y IV: Chemistry Club III: Class Treasurer III: Interclass Basketball III: Debate Club III: Class Play II, Ill: Corridor Squad II, III, IV: Cercle Francais IV. DUNCAN T. BENNETT Duncan Sophoctes, Plato, Socrates Classical Pythagoras, Thueydides, Homer Yea! What are they! Compared with him. Usher, Societas Latina. IV. JOHN F. BEALL Classical Johnny I am not in the roll of common men, Interclnss B. B. IV: Track IV: Pres. Societas Latina IV: Alpha Hi-Y III, IV: V. Pres. I-Il'Y IV: Dramatic Club II, III, IV: Class Play IV: Student Senate II, IV: Pres. itudent Senate IV: Glee Club IV: Band , III. HALL OF FAME Best Looking VINCENT BERTOLLINI Technlcal Coco A man ls a man at all times. Orchestra II, III, IV: Band II, III: Track III, IV: Class B. B. IV: Aviation IV. I 4 I l I I I ff ii 4 .-1. 1931 UNIONTOWN . SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL A... .-.7...-. MERVIN BITTINGER General Flash !t's not the chamnlon Who always excels. 'Fcrru Retl High School-Class Pres. II: llepuitcr III: Literary Club. U. H. S.-- Winuer Shurl Story Com:-st IV. PAUL L. BREHM Classical Brehm H9 must sloo lo con llel' D ll . Rndio Club IV: Cercle Frauculs IV: Treas. Betl Hl-Y III, IV. FRANCIS J. BONCHOSKY Technical Frenchie Wise-ly, and slow: they stumble that run fust. MIRIAM BROAD Classical Miriam Shc that hath knowledge spareth her words. Drnumtlc Club IIIg French Play ll. CATHERINE M. BOYD Technical Katinka Her cheerful ways and simple grace, In ull our hearts havv won a place. Druuuitlc Club ll: Shop Club Ill: Cerclc Francais IVQ Trl-Hi-Y IV. RONALD M. BROOKS General Erooksie The num of few words makes less mls- lakes. Radio Club IV: Student Senate Ill, IRENE B, BREAKIRON General Renie This life is just a world of blunders, Debating Club Il, III: Dramatic Club II. S I, --..-.'i 1931 li UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHARLES BROWNFIELD Clasllcal Charlle I'm a man utter my own heart. Student Senate II, III: Secy. Beta I-Il-Y III: ' V. Pres. Beta I-Il-Y IV: Dramatic Club . III: Asst. Business Manager U-I-Il-Crl ' Ill: Business Manager Senior High News IVQ Le Cercle Francaisg Track IV. A BETTY BROWN Commercial Beth Laughing and jolly, ever full of fun, Opposed to melancholy from dawn to set of sun. Basketball ll, III, IV: Hockey II, III: Volley- ball Il, III, IV: Basketball Capt, III: Treas. Girls' Athletic Association IVQ Dramatic Club II, IVQ Commercial Club IV. l ROBERTA BRYSON Gommerclal Bobby l Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Commercial Club II, IVQ Dramatic Club II: G. A. A. III, IV. KATHERINE RUTH BROWN Commercial Rudy What sweet delights n qulet life affords. Commercial Club IV. ROGER M. BURCHINAL Technical Burch He never cared for life, X Life cared for him. Homeroom V. Pres, II. WILLIAM BROWN Classical Brownie He who invented work should have finished lt. Homvroom Usher II. DOROTHY ISABELL BURNWORTH l Commercial Dot Little ladies have great souls. Commercial Club II, III. 9 1 1931 ...i UNIONTOWN . SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL xx V . xl-lIElfMA MARIE BUTLER General Toddy A friend tu all who came her way. Commercial Club Il: Commercial Art. Club II, III: Glee Club II: Secy. Commercial Art Club III. PARKER CHALFANT General f Park Young men soon give, And soon forget affronls. Nature Club III: Pageant III. DOLORES G. BUTTERMORE Commercial Dorie . Life is but 11 thought. Commercial Club II, IV. I ROBERT W. CHALFANT General Flash There is no mistakeg there has been no f f mistake: there shall be no mistake! Interelnss Basketball IIIg Track III, IV. KENNETH BYERLY Techn.lcaI Kenny Let's sleep until the work is done, Fostoria, 60hioJ High School I. II, II1. c RUTH CHANEY X Commercial Chaney ' - Beware when she me-ditntes. Mischief is brewing. Commercial Club II, IV: Basketball Il, Illg Hockey Il, IIIQ Mgr. Volley Ball III: Tri-Hb Y IV. CLARENCE CARPENTER Clom. Business Tack And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared. Dramatic Club IVQ Commercial Club IV: Student Senate IVQ Chemistry Club IIIQ U-Hi-Crl Staff IIIQ Inside Patrol IV. 10 -l 1931 il UNIONTOWN . SENIOR . HIGH SCHOOL IDELLA COFFMAN General Tommy , A good student, faithful and true Ky May the best wishes follow you. l , J'-..x NMS- 1 I LOISE CHORPENNING Classical Eloise "Many a. rose is born to blusb unseen," etc. Alpha Trl-Hi-Y Il, III, IV: Le Cercle Fran- cais III, IV: Secy. Dramatic Club III: Class Treasurer II: Class Play III: Pres. Glee Club IV: Operetta IV: Sr. Octet IV: InterfClass Basketball Ill, IV: As- sembly Accompanlst IV: Senior High News Staff III, IV. HALL OF FAME Best Natured RAY COFFMAN Teohnlcal Ray - He knows wlmt's what. Rifle Club IV. THELMA B. CLAIBORNE Classical Tubbie - An active mind, ideas clever, I Full ol fun, jolly ever. ' Societas Latina IV. RALPH COLDREN Commercial Business ' Ralph As we advance .ln life, We learn the limit of our abilities. Dramatic Club II, III: Commercial Club IV: Corridor Patrol III: Treasurer Cum- mercial Club IV. ELSIE CLISTER Classical Elsle OI a good beginning cometh A good end. Tri-Hi-Y III. IV: Basketball Il, III. IV: Cercle Francais III, IV: Glee Club II: Dru- matlc Club III. VIRGINIA COLEMAN Classical Ge Ge One never grows too old for happiness. 11 ' Y 'L l l ,l ' l..1931 UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH . SCHOOL A COLLINS Commerclal lllcssvd are the joymukcrs. Commercial Club II, IV: Girls' AtlileLic W ' Association III, IV: Dramatic Club IV. ESTHER CRAIG Commercial Prep. Craig "What at piece of work is u main! In form and moving how express and ad- mirable! In action how like an angel!" 1 Glec Club II, III, IV: Octet IV: Dramatic Club Ill: Secy. Nature Study: Operetta II. lll, IV: Stamp and Coln Club: Trl- Hl-Y IV: Pres. Commercial Art IV. RUTH CONN Commercial Secretarial ' Ruth 4 A girl of quiet ways Is she. Drzuuatic Club II, Commercial Club II, IV. KATHRYN CRAIG Commercial Kay A girl for whom the gre-al null mighty ' ' gods might strive to win. Dramatic Club II: Glee Club IV: Commer- cial Club Il, IV, Basketball Mgr. II: Basketball ll, III, Operctlu IV, 'l'rI+I-Ii- Y III, IV. LAURA CORRADO General Laura For if she wll.l, she will, you may dc-- peud on it., And if she won'l, sho wou'I. so tl1ere's un end on't. G-loc Club II, III, IV. ' SAMUEL cRAvoT'rA Commercial Sammy Beware when he meclitntes, mischief ls brewing. Dramatic Club II, III, IV1 Boxing Club IVQ Commercial Club IV: Glee C.Iub IVQ Operetta II, IV, Nature Club 113 Cheer Lvadcrs Club Ill, IV. HALL OF FAME Biggest Nuisance MARTHA JANE CRAFT Classical Jane I love tho glamour ol' the footllghts. Pres. Dramatic Club II, Ill, IV: Class Play II, Ill, IV, Cercle Francais lIIg,Frencl1 Plny III. I 12 ii. 1931 l UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL DELORES DAILEV Commerclal Doe Man delights not me. Glee Club II, III, IVg Dramatic Club IIQ Senior Octetg Operetta IV, m al EDNA CRAWFORD Commercial . Eddy She doeth little kindness that most leave undone. Commercial Club IV. ROBERT ALLAN DAVIS Classical I Bob v Lazlness conquers all: Am I not a champion? Societas Latina IV: Glee Club IVQ Dramatic Ctlub II, III, IV: T. L. S. II, III, IV: In- terclass Basketball II, III, IVQ Operetta IV: Stamp and Coin Club II: Tennis Club II. SARA JANE CROW Classical Sally On with the dance, let joy be uuconfined. Cercle Francais III, IVQ Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IVQ Dramatic Club III. HAYDEN B. DEARTH General I John The world knows nothing of its great- est men. Student Senate IV, Dramatic Club II. JEAN CUNNINGHAM Commercial Jeannie Nobody knows thee but to Jove thee. Dramatic Club II, IV: Commercial Club II, IV: Glee Club IV: Operetta IVQ Stamp and Coin Club II: Basketball II. ROBERT A. DEARTKH General X X ' 'N sob I must have my loving. Glee Club IV. 13 l l1931.-... UNIONTOWN SENIOR . HIGH SCHOOL JAM ES DE CARLUCCI General Jlmmle Pugnaclous by nature. But a good fellow wllhal . Dramatic Club II: Glue Club III ,IVQ Boxing ' ' Club IV: Track III: Nature Club II. GEORGE DORAN Classical Half-Lap An honest man is the noblest work of God. Track III, IV. MARGARET DEVAN General Marty ' A smile will cover up at multitude of little faults. Nami? Club ll: Sewing Club II: Basketball LELIA GAY DOUGLASS Technlcal " Gay Glvv thy thoughts no tongue. , Nature Club II: Le Cercle Francais Ill: Art l Club IV: Hockey II. CATHERINE A. DONOVAN Classical Kitty A mnld tImt's little, but most entranc- ing. Student Senate III: Glee Club II: Dramatic Club III, IV: Opervttu IV: Beta 'I'ri4HI- Y IV: Societas Latina IV: Stamp and Coin Club II. SARA JANE DURIGON General ff Sally Giving more light than he-ut. Home Iiconomlcs Club II, III: Slmvings Club 4 ll, III: Iluslictbnll II: Nature Club Il. I xl. I MARY U. DONOVAN Classical Mary With eyes that .look into the very soul Brlglil-and as black and burning as Il coal. Glee Club II, III, IV: Operettu III, IV: Stamp and Coin Club II: Beta Trl-Hi-Y IV. 14 UNIONTOWN SENIOR . HIGH SCHOOL W. STANLEY ELLIS General Sian As the moth to the candle. Student Senate Il, III: Stage Technician II, III. IV. 'x DELLA DURSO General Del A pleasing countenance is no slight ad- vantage. Hockey llg Basketball II: Dramatic Club II3 G. A. A. II, III, IV. MILDRED ENDSLEY Commerclal Mld And n sweet girl graduate with her golden hair. Dramatic Club Il, III: Commercial Club II, IV3 Glee Club II, IV. HENRY DUYAVA General Henry Silence is as deep as eternity. Speech is as shallow as Time. ANNA ESPER Commercial Mike So pure and innocent, as that small Y ' lamb. , ' Commercial Art Club III: Music Club III, IV: Glee Club II, Hockey II: Dramatic Club II. FRANK P. EBBERT JR. General Monkey Let there be mourning When I am gone. Hi-Y II, III, IV, Glee Club III, IV, Operetta Ill, Band II, III: Stamn and Coin Club Il: Sawdust Club: Nature Club II. JEANNETTE ESPER Commercial Jean She works and works, the livelong day. Basketball II, III, IV: Cheer-Leaders' Club III, IV3 Commercial Club II. 15 ........ 1931 ......... UNIONTOWN' SENIOR . HIGH SCHOOL A -, VM YQ VICTORIA EVERHART CIBESICBI Torrle Oh, what next will Torle do? Anything just so it's new. Pres. G. A. A. III, IV: Pres. Alphn Tri-I-Ii-Y IV: V. Pres. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y III: Man- ager Basketball Team IV. HALL OF FAME Most Popular FLORENCE KAY FARR Technical . Flo To whose hand a basketball is as nat- ' nral as a finger. Basketball II, III, IV: Hockey II, III, IV: Senior Hockey Manager: Volleyball Captain III: Secy. Girls' Athcltlc Asso- ciation IV: Track Ill: Volleyball II, III. GAEDA FALCONE Classical Gaeda Small ones oft are bralny. Glee Club II, III, IV: Dramatic Club II, III: Sccy. Dramatic Club IV: Beta 'I'ri'Hi-Y III, IV: Oneretta III, IV: Cercle Fran- ' culs IV: French Play IV: Inside Patrol IV. GEORGE W. FARR Technical , , Farr Honest labor bears a lovely face. Student Senate II, III, IV: Interclasa Bas- I ketball II, III: Basketball Manager IV: ' Ass't Basketball Mgr. III. BOS LEWIS FARSON Classical Bos "There has never been any great genius without a spice of madness." Track II. III. IV: Class Pres, II. IV: Class V. Pres. III: Glee Club II, III: Beta Hi- Y II, III, IV: Treas, Beta I-Il-Y III: Pres. Beta HI-Y IV: Assoc. Editor U-HI-Cri III: Editor-in-Chief Senior High News IV: Student Senate II, III: Inside Patrol III. HALL OF FAME Most Popular THOMAS J. FARR owe.-an -f Tom He shall win "Glory". HALL OF FAME Best Dressed CLARA FARR - General I . , - 1 .B,cCc4.LllgHe':1f,1 195 If being nice were moms-, f l She'd own the whole wide world. Shaving Club III: Operetta IV: Home Eco- nomics II: Patrol Squad II. I. 16 1931 ...- UNIONTOWN . SENIOR . HIGH SCHOOL HAROLD FIKE Classlcal Fikey The world loves a lover. Beta HI-Y III, IV: Dramatic Club III, IV: Orchestra II, III: Ce-rcle Francais IV: Sr. Class Play: Interclass Track Meet III. ELLEN FELDSTEIN Classical Ellen She played upon her music box n fancy air by chance, And straightway all her polka-dots be- gan a' lively dance. Orchestra II, III, IV: Beta Trl-I-Il-Y IV: Cercle Francais IV: Operetta. Orchestra III, IV: Dramatic Club II: String Quartet III. KENNETH MAN DEXTER FINNEY General Songbird I love not women: They love me. Track IV: Iuterclnss Basketball IV. RUTH L. FIELDS Commercial Ruth "Be firm or mild as the occasion may require. Commercial Club II, IV3 G. A, A. III, IV: Archery Club II. PRESTON D. FLANIGAN Commercial P. D. Ambition is no cure for love. Commercial Club II, IV. JAMES D. FIKE Technlcal J. D. Blessings on thee, great big man, Curly headed boy with cheek of tan. Basketball II, III, IV: Glce Club III, IV: Student Senate II. EVELYN FLESHER Com. Secretarial Evey Commercial Club IV: Glee Club II: Stamp and Coin Club II: Hockey II: Track II: Basketball II, TV. 17 -..,.,1931.? UNIONTOWN SENIOR .Q HIGH SCHGOL MARGARETTE A. FLOREK Commercial Margie Who mixed reason with pleasure, And wisdom with mirth. Commercial Club II, IV. HARRY FRANKHOUSER General f Unconscious ' If she undervalues me, What care I how fair she be! Orclleslru II, III, IV: Nature Club II. Aero Club II. JOHN MARSHALL FOLTZ General Johnnie Give me :I place to stand nud I will move the world. Ilnnd II, IV: Operetta II: Nature Club II: Secy. Nature Club ll. GEORGE JAMES FRANKOS Commercial George Men of few words are the best men. Chemistry Club III, IV: Nature Club ll: Ine side Pnlrol IV: Commercial Club IV. RAYMOND FOLTZ General ' ' X Sholtz , , -Like unto an iceberg. X Pngi-ant II, III. HELEN FROST Commercial Secretarial Frosty needs be but blonde. Senior Octet IV: Comlnv-relnl Club IV: Glee Club II, III, IV: Beta '1'rifHl-Y III, IV: Opurottu IV. To win the heart ol' a man. n blonde X OLIVE FORSYTHE Technical W Ollie A charming girl with u Winsome smile A friend to have and one with while. Class Secy. III: Beta Tri-HI-Y IV: Dramatic Club III: Basketball IV: Nature Club II: Stamp and Coln Club II. I 15 ,, V . .. ...V-H., - ..,: . ---Y -I - -. :I r , ' t 2 , ' ' " I ,,.....-.- .A' . . ., ,. .. , 1 , Q . UNIONTOWN SENIOR IGH SCHOOL DOLORES GALL General And a sueet gul gxuduute uxth hex golden han HARRY KENNETH FROST, Technical Frosty Each man has his ouu good points Aexo Club II Le Cercle I-raucuis III Noon Dny B IJ II III IV Track IV Foot ball III EDITH GANS Classical Edith A maiden mth a cheerful smlle and a happy personality Hockey 'Ie-am II Pres Domestic Home Chcle II Tril-Ill III IV Dramatic Club IV Le CGICIQ Francais IV Cor ndor Guard IV Stamp and Com Club WILLIAM C A GADD Technical B What Ia this thmg called love" Student Senate IV Outside Patrol III IV Class Iluy III IV Cercle Francais IV Ples Biology Club III Lincoln Essay Contest IV Tmck Manager IV Dra lerchss B B IW HIE II III IV Glee Club IV Operettn IV V Ines Dra mat c Club IV lmclt IN VIRGINIA GAFIWOOD Technlcal Ginny LC lht lulckly tholn often bcfus soft IOSPE DlIlIll!ll.lC Club II JAMES ERVING GAINER, JR Technical Jummle Genius ls the capacity for avoldlug hard uork Aero Club Il III IV V Pres Aero Club II IV It Celcle Francais III Rifle Club IV Prom Committcc III JOSEPH GEORGIANA Classical oe I hme such cuttlng uays Dxanmtlc Club II Alpha HI X IV Socletns Latina IV 19 11, 1931 1, - . H . Lo III. K l ' Ill matic Club lll, Inslde Patrol In: J 1931 l.. UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL fx: sk N. III, HA Orc JAMES GIANNATTI Classical Winnie I-Ie fought. he followed, and so fairly XTOH. Orchestra II, Ill, IV: Band II, III: Pres. Boxing Club: Track II, III. ALICE GOLDBERG Commercial Babe As fnlr ns any may be. Head Cheerleader III, IV: Basketball ll, III, IV: Hockey Il, Ill: Volley Ball II: Track .vi JI, III: Dramatic Club II. ROSE GISMONDI Commercial Rosie "She conquers twice who conquers her- self in victory." Commercial Club. ARNOLD GOLDBERG Classical Arnie Wisdom, Lhon art my greatest posses- sion. Band II. III: Dramatic Club II, III, IV: In- terclass B. B. III, IV: T. L, S. II, III, IV: Le Cercle Francais Ill: Chemistry Club III: Student Senate II, IV: Secy. Stu- . dent Senate IV: Sports Editor Senior V X N-. High News IV: Second place Lincoln W K : Essay Contest IV: French play III. GENE GLEASON Classical Gene A daughter of the gods, divinely tall and most divinely fair. V. Pres. Beta Trl-Hi-Y III: Pres. Beta T11- I-Ii-Y IV: Beta Tri-I-Il-Y II, III, IV: Girls' Glee Club, II, IV: Dramatic Club III, IV: Operetta IV: Le Cercle Francais IV: V. Pres. Le Cercle Francais IV: French Play III, IV. STELLA ELIZABETH GOODWIN General Star It is at friendly heart that has plenty of friends. Nature Club II: Hockey III: Basketball IV: Patrol Squad IV. ROLD SH ELDON GLEASON Commercial Greasy My only books, Were won1en's looks, And folly's all they've taught me. hestrn II, III, IV: Band II: Class Pres. III: Student Senate II, III: Glee Club IV: Dramatic Club ll. IV: Alpha HI-Y III, Pres. Alpha HI-Y IV: Commercial Club IV. 20 , , j '.,I,jg:i.1."7i'vpj-.,f 1. -5- , , ,.---. H V ,N ,. , n . - , ,, .-... UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOI YOLANDA GUERRIERE Commerolal Landle A nleaslng countenance ls u sllent xe commendatlon Commexclxtl Club II IV Glee Club II Dia matic II HUGH GRAHAM Classlcal Red I tlunk the boy hath QIRCC in hixn he blushes Chemistry Club Ill Cercle Francais :student bennte IV hack IV Alpha H I IV VIRGINIA HANOBEK Classlcal Glnqer A sudden thought stukes me let us sueax nn etelnal fxlendshlp btamp and Coln Club Il Better Homes Club Soaletas Latina IV EDITH MARIE GRAN Commerclal Edith So uomanly so benign nnrl so uealt Commercml Club ll Senior High Neus Staff III IV Stamp and Coln Club II HALL OF FAME BlJSIEBl - 1 e . ' J - ' : - ' IV: I Cheerleaders Club IV3 Radio Club IVQ I. I I , . MABEL HELLEIN Commercial Mabel Young girls will be young glrls, and likeable ones, too. Secy. Girls' Athletic Association Il: Hockey II, III, IV3 Basketball II, III, IVg Volley- ball II, III: Track II, III: Commercial Club II, IV. HERBERT GREENSPAN Classical Babe Make way for those who are athle-ts. Football IV: Basketball III, IV: Le Cercle Francais Ill! Student Senate IV: Inter- class B. B. II: Hi Temple II: T. L. S. III. ELEANORE MAY HELMICK Classlcal Kltty Who said that I dldn't like boys? Cercle Franmtls IIIQ Glee Club IV: Operettn IV. 21 l 1931 .-li UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL JACK N. HELMS General Jack I love French dames but I cun't spank their language. I IRIS Hour Cornmarclal I Bobby X For she was jes' the quiet kind whose l'liI!,UI'9S IIOVOI' VaI'y. Basketball IV: Music IV, ALBERTA M. HERRINGTON CIZSSIDCII Texas I Reading is to the mlnd what exercise is to the body. Glec Club IV: Rifle Club IV. HARRIET HOOVER Classical Heidi A quiet tongue is fluwless. Alpha Tri-HI-Y IV: Secy. Soclelas Latina IV3 Glee C.lub II. D1-anmtic Club IVQ Cercle Francais III, IV. ' I . DOROTHY HIBEIS Classlcal Dot- Hnppy ns a blueblrd, industrious as xx wren, , Dorolhy IS one of those girls on whom you may depend. I Tri-I-I.I-Y III, IV: Dramatic Club II, III, IV: Cercle Francais IV: Secy. Cercle Fran- , cals IV: V. Pres. Dramatic Club III, IV. i LEWIS R. HOPKINS Classical ' H Lewis X The success of aviatlon Iles In men such , as he. Aviation Club III, IV3 Alpha HI-Y IV: Sa- cletns Latlnh IV: Patrol Squad III, IV. HELEN M. HINSEY Classical . Mlnnle No man can write my epitsph. X Glee Club II: Cercle Francais IIIQ Societas Latlun IV: Dramatic Club III, IV: Beta Trl-HI-Y IV: WIIIHEI' D. A. R. Medal III. 22 I 1.1 -we-3 1.19311 UNIONTOWN . SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ARTHUR JOHNSON I GHICFBI ju ,frgC7,'.f, K' 4 Z nJ',' Artyt .,. , D--1413: Sweet are the slumbers of the virtuous man! Glee Club Il, III. IV: DI'1lHJ8I.lC Club II, III: III, IV: HIAY Il, IV. DOROTHY HYER Commercial Dottie A creature not too bright or good for humnn nnture's daily food. Drnmatlc Club II, III, IV: Stamp and Coin Club. II: Commercial Club IV: Secy. Drnmntlc Club II: Tri-HI-I' IV. , Butch Octet III, IV: Band II, III: Operetta II, HELEN E. JOHNSON Commercial ' A friend to all who come her way. I SARA LOUISE ISLER Classical , Sally A friendly clever maiden with a sweet and rippling smile. Glee Club II, Ill. IV: Dramatic Club II, III, IV: Alpha 'Pri-HI-Y II, III, IV: Student Senate Ill: Senior High News Staff IV: Class Ptlay Ill, IV: Operetta IV: Cercle Francais III, IV: Secy. Alpha Trl-HI-Y III: V. Pres. Le Cercle Francais IV: Dramatic Club II. HALL OF FAME Most Accommodatinq 4 Fllp matic Club Ill, IV. M. JAMES JOHN General I Mickey I command all I adore. Glue Club III, IV: Inside Patrol III, IV: Outside Patrol IV: Radio Club IV: Foot- ball II, III, IV: Interclass B. B, II, III, IV: Track III. EVELYN VIRGINIA JONES Eve Music ls her delight. Orchestra II, III, IV. 23, ' - Band II, III, IV1 Orchestra IV. PHILIP HARRISON JOHNSON Classical I was so fresh that even the grass turned pale with envy when I passed. Pres. Cercle Francais III, IV: French Pluy IV: Senior Play: Radio Club IV: Dra- Classical II i 1931 ..i UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL RUTH JONES Classlcal Ruthie I do not like this fooling! Glee Club II, III, IV: Dramatic Club II, III: Operetta III, IV: Basketball II, III. HELEN FRANCES KOVACH Classical Kovach Anil the girl worth while, Is the one who can smile. Glee Club III, IV: Operetta IV: Cercle Fran' . cais III. an I I I nl x Iwl RYCLOUISE KAMENSKY Classical Babe Ou Morgantown hill, when daylight ap- pears. Hangs 11 thrush that sings loud, it has sung for three years. Glee Club II, III, IV: Dramatic Club II, III, IV: Operettzt III, IV: Class Play III: Le Cercle Francais V: Pres. Dramatic Club II. ANNA KUBICHAR Anne Commercial I do beseech you, Qchiefly that I might , set it in my prayers? what is your name? Music IV. RICHARD M. KENSEL Technical Dick Was ever man so grandly made? Pres. Aero Club III, IV: Cercle Francais III: Dramatic Club III, IV: Chemistry Club UI: Class Play Ill, IV: Inside Patrol II, III, Operetta III, IV, Gleiw Club IV. ALFRED L'ALTFIELlal ' Classical Freddy Poetry is the music of the soul. Student Senate II: Senior Octet: Operetta ' II, IV: Class Play III: Short story con- test third prize winner: Hi-Y IV: Glee Club IV: Dramatic Club III, IV: Dra- matic Club Play IV: Pl-olllbitlon Essay Contest. EARL KERN Classical Kernie He loves lo lie on downy beds of ease. Beta I-Ii-Y III, IV: Student Senate III: Cercle Francais III: Chemistry Club IV: Noon-day Basketball IV, l -24 -yu... RY Y 1 ,T 1931 ...- UNIONTOWN . SENIOR . HIGH SCHOOL WALTON A. LAURENCESON Commerclal Larry He was born a King! Class Play IV: Ass't. Circulation Manager. Senior High News III: Circulation Man- ager IV: Operettn II, III, IV: Glee Club Il, III, IV: Student Senate II, III, IV: Class Usher II: Hi-Y II, III, IV: Pres. Commercial Club IV: Interclass Basket- . ball Il. III, IV. l PLAYFORD LANDMAN General Ford Strong silent men are the ones who achieve wonders. BRADEN B. LEICHLITER Classical Braden 1 Live mm mink. l l X ANTHONY LAPENTA Technical l Tony ' One who never turned his back I But marched face forward. F00tball III, IV: Radio Club IV. MARION R. LEONELL Commercial Skinny T Life is made for jollity, For fun, and for frivollty. - - Dramatic Club II, III, IV: Glee Club III, IV: I Commercial Club IV: Class Play IV: Operetta 1lI, IV. ' XIX . DON LAUGHEAD General Don I love art for art's sake. Commercial Art II, III: Aviation Club IV: Electric Club IV. ANN LOGAN Commercial Rusty Her friends are many, her foes-are there any? Dramatic Club II, IV: Glee Club II: Stump and Coin Club II. 25. "A" ,..41931,., UNIONTOWN SENIOR . HIGH SCHOOL ROBERT L. MacDOWELL Classical Bob He could swim! Lord! How he could swim. Pres. Cerclo Francais IV: Chemistry Club ' III, IV: Secy. Alpha I-Ii-Y IV. DAVID MCCORMICK Classical Dave Extra emphasis ou the words "The Lover." Gloc Club II, III, IV: Aero Club III: Secy. I Glen Club IV: HI-Y II, III, IV: Operettn Q lll. XWNLB-Xhfxcxbx LUCILE McCARTNEY Commercial Mac A perfect woman nnbly planned, To warn, to comfort, and command. 'I'rI-Hi-Y III, IV: Secy. Commercial Club IV: Stamp nnd Coin Club II. ALBERTA McDOWELL Classical Bertie ' Her grades are shining tops, As her glossy raven locks. 'I'ri-HI-Y IV: Glen Club II: Latin Club IV: French Play II: Latin Play II. WILLIAM B. McCAY General May he find the happiness in which he is in search, ' HANNAH M. MCFARLAND General Fanny Her face was very fair to see. Sewing Club III. I HAROLD Mccomss Technical Squire Thought ls deeper than all speech. Bela HI-Y II, III, IV: Radio Club IV: Radio Club IV: Aero Club II: Noon Day Bris- kvtbnll III, IV. , 26 F!- - Bill N ....... 1931........ UNIONTOWN SENIOR . HIGH SCHOGL ROBERT FRANCIS McKAY Technlcal Mickey What will hc do next, we wonder. Dramatic Club II: Student Senate III: Glee Club III, IV: Operetta IV. JAMES McINTYRE Technical Caqle An affable, and courteous, but not to ' say rodheaded gentleman. HI-Y II, III: V. Pres. I-Iomeroom IV: Avln- tion Club III: Cercle Francais III: Senior Basketball Manager IV. HALL OF FAME Biggest Woman Hater CALVIN S. MANSELL Classical Buh With malice toward none- Nature Club II, III: Chemistry Club III, IV: Socletas Latina IV. JANE ANNE McINTYRE Technical Jane A qulet person, studious withal, In disposition stand, and not very tall, Glrls' Glee Club III: Chemistry Club III: Cercle Francais III, IV: Stamp and Coin Club III: Dramatic Club IV: French Play IV: Senior High News Staff IV. WILLIAM H. MARSTELLER Classical Jlmmie I love not woman the less, but Nature more. Pres. Nature Club II: Dramatic Club II, III: Designer Operctta Scenery III: Operetta IV: Glee Club IV: Art Editor, Senior I-:IihINews IV: Art Club IV: Class Play CLAIRE J. McKAY Classical K "Softly her fingers u'and'rlng o'er The ycildlng planks of the .Ivory floor." Glee Club II, III, IV: Operettu II, III: Octet Acconumnlst II. MILDRED B. MAULER Commercial Mlllie Smile and the world smiles with you. Commercial Club II, IV: Music III: Operettu II: Archery Club II. 27 f 1 1 1 i A i,1931 UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL MARY JEAN MAY General Jean Pretty, clever, full of fun Known und loved by everyone, X Nuture Club Il: Glec Club IV: Operettn IV. I SOLBERT J. MICHAEL Commercial Sol Flmulate me! Be a successful business X man, Stamp and Coin Club II: Coxnmerclul Club IV. JOHN S. MAYKUTH General Mike .Glorlously victorious on the field of ' football. Nature Club ll: Pres. Noon I-Iour League IV: Sec-y. Boxing Club IV: Glee Club III: Outsltle Pulrol IV: Football III, IV: Truck III. DAVID H. MILLER General Dave Good num, why not be a cave man? You have the build and the strength. ' Science Club Ill: Radio Club IV: Rifle Club X QEIV: Football II, III, IV: Track II, II11 it X Outside Patrol IV: Inside Patrol IV. BECCA JEAN MEEHAN Classical Torchy 'Plant redeheaded gal-she's get 'em gov u . Alphu 'girl-Hi-Y III, IV: Basketball IV: Washington-High Il: Glrl Reserve II: Track Il, III: V. Pres. Girls' A, A. III: I Secy, Alpha Tri-I-Ii-Y IV, HALL OF FAME Best Dancer , EUGENE MILLER Commercial Business Gene , , , A kiss .in the dark is worth two on the . chin. ' 7-Orchestra II, Ill, IV: Dramatic Club IV: -' Commercial Club IV: Operetta Orches- ,X Ira IV: Inside Patrol III, IV: Chemistry Ls '-I Club III: Stump and Coin Club II. xX EUGENE P. MENNI General Mennie My name defines n crowd, but I'n1 only me. Honxeroom Se-cy. II: Art Club IV. 28 L... 1931 -1. UNIONTOWN SENIOR . HIGH SCHOOL SARA OLIVE MILLER General Sally If we all talked too much, and danced with glee Just think what a noisy world this would he. I Home Economics Club II: Shavlngs Club III: Basketball II. ERANK MILLER General Hank Sell'-made men are the best. Football III, IV. R. GLENN MITCHELL General - Sara-on-Shorty "Hell Grew darker at his frown." Homeroom Usher IV. MARY ELIZABETH MILLER Classlcal Mary E A mnlden fair, a maiden jolly Opposed to all that's melancholy. Class Treasurer IV: Socletns Latina IV: N Cercle Francais IV: Glee Club II, III, IV: Alpha Trl-Hi-Y III. IV: Operetta IV: V. Pres. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y IV: Secy. G. A, A. IV. RUTH MOLTON General ' ' Ruthle We love' her for what she is. Student Senate IV: Nnture Club II: Sewing Club II. MABEL RUTH MILLER Commercial Pat Accepted by all as a wonder. I Student Senate II: Dramatic Club II, IV: Glee Club ll: Commercial Club II, IV. JOSEPH MONSOUR Commercial Mona He struggles: he slips: but he attains his goal. Track Ilg Commercial Club II: Radio Club IV. 29 4 , ,,4 ,f ' .: ."'iCsff.'. x J .T 1931 -..- UNIONTOWN' SENIOR . HIGH SCHOQL GROVE MOORE General Peck God made him a. gentleman. Stamp and Coin Club Il: Nnturo Club IIIQ Iloxneloom VPres, II. FRANK MULLEN General Moon And I'm not ulnmle of green cheese. BENJAMIN MORELAND Commercial Ben His presence may be fell in A room you enter blindfolded. Outslde Patrol II III, IV: Inside Patrol IV: Glee Club II III, IV: Dramatic Club IV! Lommexclal Club II, IV: Band Ilg Operf etta III IV Hi-Y II, III, IV. - HAROLD MYERS Classical Myersie "A sumlressed resolve will betray Itself in the eyes." Bula Hi-Y II, III, IV: Band II, III: Orchestra. III, IV: Pres. Dramatic Club II: Re- porter Maroon and White II: Assoc. Mang. Editor U-HI-Cri III: Managing Editor Senior High News IV: Slide Rule Club ll: Operetta III: Wiuuer Rlteuour Prohibition Essay Contest IV: Lincoln Essay Contest IV: Track IVQ Class Play II: Student Senate II: Debating Tenru II. HERMAN F MORGAN Commercial Ham M'1y he get his just deserts. Dx xmatlc Club II IVQ HI-Y III, IVQ Band Il, I V Glee Club IV: Commercial Clu IV Operetta AV. EDWARD NEIL General Ed A stalwart enthusiast ol that wonderful game-Basketball. Clce Club IV: Interclass Basketball II, III, IVQ Operetta IV. CATHERINE MARIE MUESELER Commercial Secretarial Marle She silrl llttle, but to the purpose. Commexclnl Club Il, IV. 30 lg 1931 T.. UNIONTOWN . SENIOR . HIGH . SCHOOL FRED NORRIS Classical Bud I couIdu't rlde a horse, I know To save my life: alas! But I can rlde a pony I Right through my I.atin Class. Clearfield Ifllgh School I, II. Socletas Latina II: Sophomore Play II: Sophomore Com- lulltee II, OLIVE F. NELSON Commercial Curly f No nlghtingale clld ever chant More welcome notes to u'eary bands. Operettn II, IV: Commercial Club II, IV: Stump and Coin Club II: Dramatlc Club II, IV: Beta Trl-HI-Y IV: Glee Club II, III, IV: Octet IV. I HERMAN PASCHKA I- General Tornado' And Io! ns we draw near Sweet strains of music we hear. Football Il, III: Basketball IV: Glee Club IV: Inslrle Patrol II: Outside Patrol III, IV: InIerc.Iass Basketball II, III. EWING K. NEWCOMER Classical Ewlng f He shlesteus not work: ho hurdles it. Ass't. Track Manager III: Track Manager IV: Track II, III, IV: Pres. Stamp and Coin Club II: Chemistry Club III: Radio Club IV: Stamp and Colu Club II: So- cietas Latina. IV: DebatIng Club III. DRUSILLA M. PHILLIPS Commerclal Dru Ah me! how weak a thing the heart of woman Is. ' Glee Club II. III: Commercial Club II: Dra- 7, matic Club II. INA , A , fy I PHILOMENA NICKMAN Bus. Commercial Phll Checked for silence, but never taxed for speech. S - Commercial Club IV. GEORGE PHILLIPS Classlcal Fat Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy. Dramatic Club II: Chemistry Club III, IV: Secy.-Treas. Chemistry Club IV: Cercle Francais IV. 31 l. 1931 UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 2 'l JOHN PINCHOCK General Bashiul I-llmself-under all circumstances. Glue Club III, IV: Track II, Ill, IV. PAUL PONZURICK Technlcal Speedy Ignorance of the Inu' is no excuse. Foctball IV: Basketball IV: President Elec- lric Club: Intercluss Basketball II1. JOSEPH PINCHOCK General Joe Quit? What n jest. Truck Ill, IV: Boxing Club IV. menwvu c. PREXXW, I Classlcal Merwyn Ambition is no cure for love. Saw Dust Club Il: Aero Club III, IV: Band II, III, IV: Cercle Francais IV. ETH EL PLATT Commercial Secretarial Plattie If ri good face is a letter of recommen- ilatlon, a good heart is a letter of credit. Commercial Club II. JEAN PROCTOR Classical Jean "They whom truth and wisdom lead . Can gather wisdom from a weed." MEN Glee Club ll. III, IV: Dramatlc Club II, III, N IV: Beta Trlll-IIA' II, III, IV: Class Play f III. IV: Baud ll, Ill: Operettn III, IV: ,QI O Editor of "Snappy Style Sn.lps." TIA POLETZ Commercial Cree 'I'omorr0u' comes and we ure where? Then let us live today! Commercial Club Il, IV: Glee Club IV: Operetta IV: Basketball II, III: Dra- matic Club II. 32 SENIOR . HIGH UNIONTOWN . SCHOOL JACK REESE General Johnny A likeable boy under n likeable name. Radio Club II: Boxlng Club IV. MARIE REAGAN Classical Marlo Every man is n volume, It you know how to read him. Penn Hall-White Basketball Team III. I I ' wM. RILEY Classieal X Bill I Greatness of stature signifies greatness of mind. Basketball IV: Foobtnll IV: Track IIIQ In- terclass Basketball II. III. VIRGINIA WEST REBOK General Ginny Silent when glad, affectionate though shy. Baud II, Ill: Student Senate IV: Basketball Shavlngs Club II, III: Nature Club CARLUS RISHEL General Rishel Now my task ls smoothly done, l can fly, or I can run. Electlzlc Club IV: Interclnss Bxtsketbnll II, III: Basketball IV: Stage Technician III, IV. ELLEN REDDY Commerclal Secretarlal Pai She doeth little kindnesses Which most leave undone. T1-lfHi-Y III, IV: Stamp and Coin Club II. PAULINE ROBINSON General Plnky Quiet und very shy, With nn ever-ready smile, Basketball IV: Sewing Club II. 33 UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL I oulb mll II Club II ROBERT R ROCKWELL General Bob Ile IS 1 speed demon of life DONALD PHILIP ROSSI Classical Ross: I lll I the losses God forgive me. II III Dlnmatlc Club II, III: IV: Clnsw Play Ill Io Cercle Francais IV: Int:-xcl'xsw Basketball IV. J LINUS RODGERS Classical Lenny bleep ls 'ls good as n mml Give Lluh III Olcllestl I III IV ROSE RUBEN Commercial HEIPPY knowledge is poxxel Dlamatlc Club II III IV Debating Club II: Commercxal Club II Debating Team II. CARL Z ROMESBURG Com Buslness Car Cml is n glent name' Ive seen It llslocl with the Qmiths Orchestra II III IV Operetta Olchestra DALTON nusl-I ' Tgergqlcgql O . P, Da 'Xfw'-, I " ' He is king: but only among the kibitz- GFS. Ass't. Football Mgr, III: Co-Football Mgr. IV: I-Il-Y Club III, IV: Interclass Bas- Ietball II, III. URADA ROMESBURG Cnm. Buslness I has hom to other things. Commercial Club II, IV: Stamp nnd Coin l. 1931 1. M 'V X W ,I'1'RCk ij gy i ' 'X' x I I I V . Iv. ' ' I l NA , ,. 1931 1 UNIONTOWN . SENIOR . HIGH SCHOOL - , X JOSEPHINE E. RUYTTER rglxju-QIBSSICBI N-In Q5 Her l1eal't.MxbxfWvo1'k, mul the hourt Glveth grace into every Art. Cercle Francais IV: Archery II. III: Com- merclnl Art Club II: French Play IV: Glee Club III, IVQ Dramatic Club II, III. MARY LOUISE RUSH Classical Rushie If to her share some female errors lull Look on her face, and you'll forget 'em nll. Glco Club II: Cercle Francais II: Beta Trl- Hl- Y III, IV: Treus. Betll-Trl-Hi-Y IV: Lntlu Club IV. HELEN SANNER General Helene Here's to our high school cut-up She's always very clever. Basketball Il, Ill, IVQ Sewing Club II: Hockey II, III, PAULINE RUSNOCK Commerclal Paul A worthy student, slncerc friend. always willing help to lend. Dramatic Club IIg Comrnerclul Club IVQ Basketball II: Student Senate II. ROSE MARIE SCHERRER General Rosie A dancing shape, an imnge gay To haunt, to startle and to wnylay. Stamp Club II: Art Club IV! Trl-HIAY II, III, IV3 Student Senate II. om.ANoo Russo I General I am very fond of the company of ladies. Track Ill: Interclass Basketball II, III, IVQ Boxing Club IV. ADELINE SEMANS Classical A lhlng ol beauty lQiQXfor1X?3 Cercle Francals IV: Trl-I-I.l4YXlI, I, 3 Al- pha Trens. Trl-Hl-Y IV. X HALL OF FAME Best Looking 35 Orley , A Adellne K ,t N. ' 11931 UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL N, 0 X ELOISE SENNETT Commercial Slim To err is human, to Iorglve is divine. Nature Club II: Commercial Club II. x CARL J. SMITH N General I.. J. He is the Prophet of Love. Hi-Y Il, III, IV: Glee Club IV: Sec'y, Dm. matic Club IV: Operetta IV. I ki THELNUXJF ANCES SHAW Technical wfx slim , Xlwttex' than the best, she is foremost, B tball II, IV: Beta Tnl-HI-Y III, IV: X nture Club II: Glee Club II, III, IV: erclo Francais IV: One-rettn. IV: Vol- leyball II. MARY KATHERINE SMITH General Mary Mary! Mary! Quite contrary! Nature Study II: Basketball IV: Hockey Ill: ' Student Senate IV. JOHN J. SHERGY Technical Sherqy Tho mournlng world laughs when he A laughs. . Nature Club II: Band II, III, IV: Orchestra RAYMOND H. SMITH General Smltty 7 I should rather be sick than idle. ' Football III, GEORGE IRWIN SHIELDS Technical Eggie He is the Incarnation of youthful Mlscltlevousness. Football IV: Dramatic Club IV: McDouogh Military Academy II, III, IV: Wl'estling IV: Football III, IV: Lacrosse IV. 36 t::::1W1::::7 UNIONTOWN . SENIOR . HIGH SCHOOL FRANK J. STAHOVIAK' General Stevie And still doing. never done. D. A. R. Award III. ERNEST W. SPARROW Technlcal Birdie Ile ls as his names indicates "An Ernest Sparrow." Glen Club IV. JULIUS STERN Classical J And slill they gazed, and stlll the won- der grew, That one small head could carry all he knew. Flag Squad II, Ill: Band II, III: Debating Club Il, III: Debating Team II: D. A, R. History Awnrd III: Track IV: Asso- ciate Editor ll-HI-Crl, III. ,Ty f HALL OF FAME In fl. ' ' '1 -f Brlghtost JOHN A. SPRINGER Classlcal Johnny Edlson and Marconi are also great elec- '.l'.ICIRIIS. Ilmllo Club II: Electricity Club IV: Chemlsl lry Club III: Saw-Dust Club II: Pres. Radio Club IV: V. Pres. Chemistry Club III. WILLIAM I. STRAITIFF Classical Bill Oh, to love so, be so loved, yet so mls- taken. Orchestra III. IV: Baud II, III: Ass't. Sports A Editor U-Hl-Crl III: Sports Editor , I' N Senlor High News IV: HI-Y II, III, IV: Cerclc Francais IV: Soph. Dramatlc . '5 Club II: Senior Dramatic Club IV: RQ lf Track II, III, IV: Interclass Basketball Xxx III. HULDA A. SPROULL Cum. Secretarial Dud A lovely upparatlon sent To bo n moment's ornament. Tri-Hl-Y III, IV: Stamp and Coin Club II. LAWRENCE TATE Y T8Cl1l1lUIl . X l . - V Tater X: -X, X . Never trouble trouble 'tlll Trouble troubles you. V. Pres. Radio Club IV: Radio Club II, IV: Electrlcity Club IV: Stage Hand IV: Avintlon Club II, 37 5, . ..... 1931 l. UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHGOL CLARENCE D. THOMAS General Coffee Sum: In tones of deep emotions, Songs of love and songs of longing. Opel-etta ll, III. IV: Dramatic Club II, Illg Glee Club ll, III, IVQ Stump and Coin Club Il, Hi-Y II, IVQ Octet IV: Band II, III! Football II. HALL OF FAME Happiest JOE UHRIN N. General Joe A loader-of all times. Football Il, III: Football Manager IV: Track II, III: Student Senate IV. G. ELIZABETH THOMAS Co. Secretarial Elizabeth Knowledge comes Of learning well retained. unfrnitful else. Commercial Club. BURKE VELEY General ' Battler linqnestlonnbly n man among men. Glee Club II. III, IV: Boxing Club IV. DOROTHY ELLEN TURNEY Commercial Dot None but herself cam be her parallel. Dramatic Club II, III: Biology Club II: Com- mercial Club IV3 Tri-Hi-Y IV. THERESA ANN WAHLER Commercial ll 4 Theresa Can sho tickle the typewriter? A Commercial Club ll. , JOHN J. UHRIN Technical Y Johnny Nothing but sit und sit and eat and eat, Stamp and Coin Club Ilg Cercle Francais III: Track IV. 38 -l.-'- 1931 -li" SENIOR . ' HIGH UNIONTOWN . SCHOOL LUCY MARIE WHITLOCK Commercial Luce Where more is meant than meets the Conimsgoial Club Il, IV. JOHN WALIGURA Classlcal Johnnie I-Ie is ambitious. loyal, good and true. Sawdust Club II: Dramatic Club III, IV: Class Play l1I, IV: Pres. Biology Club III: Cercle Francais IV: Flag Squad III: French Play III, IV. PRESLEY C. WHITLOCK Classical Pretzel 'Mazed, motionless, and moonstruck- I'm the man. JANE WARMAN General Janie But O, she dances such it way! Nu sun upon an Easter day ls hall? so fine a sight. Student Senate II: Stamp and Coin Club II: Home Economics II: Nature Club II: Patrol Squad IV: Operetta IV. ELIVIRA LUCILLE WIENTGE Classical Elvy Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are. Dramatic Club II, III, IV: Cercle Francais IV: Glee Club II: Trl-H.l-Y III: V, Pres. Beta Chapter Trl-Hi-Y IV: Basketball II: Volleyball II. MYRON WORK WARMAN Technical Workle Boys will be boisterous. Debating Club II, lII: Football IV: Dramatic Club II, III: Student Senate III: Carole Francais IV: Hi-Y II, III, IV: French Plny IV. . ARLINGTON B, WILSON General Nook I-Ie struck me much like a giraffe in trousers. Shop Club II: Track III. . 39 ....... 1931 ........ UNIONTOWN . SENIOR . HIGH SCHOOL rl',,' MARGARET M. WILSON General PGUQY She needs must think of him once more. Glen Club IV: Trl-Hl-Y IV: Operetta, IV. C. D. WILLIAMS Classical Cas All great men are dead or dying, I don't feel we-ll myself. Rifle Club IV: Class Usher IV: Cercle Frau- cais III: Radio Club III. ALLAN B, WILLIAMS Technical Bee Fast asleep? It is no matter: Let me enjoy sweet slumber, The bell may ring for all I care, I got home late last night. Operettu II, III. IV: Hi-Y II, III, IV: Senior Octet: Dramatic Club II: Baud ll: Chemistry Club III. GLENN L. WILLIAMS General l Red You cannot all be tamus. Ass't. Football Mgr, III: Football Mgr. IV: ' ' Glee Club III, IV: Pres. Glee Club IV! Operetla III, IV: Interclass B. B. II, III, IV: Alpha Hi-Y II, III, IV: Treats. Alpha H1-Y lv. '-'x HALL OF FAME Best Natured ARTHUR R. WILLIAMS Classical Fai Wilt thou have music? Hai-lc! Apollo plays. . Orchestra II. III, IV: Band II, IV: Alpha Hi-V III, IV: Nature Club II: Pres. Nature Club II. HAROLD E. wu.n.lAMs General ' -' Red :Q ' I ' ' In truth, the world looketh up to me. Ullskefbnll MEF. IV: Student Senate IV: , Baud II, III: Rifle Club IV. l ll BETTIE R. WILLIAMS General Bet: To know of her is to think her quiet, To know her is to share her mirth, Dramatic Club II: Hockey II, III: Volley- ball III: Trl-Hi-Y III, IV: Student S9114 ate IV. 40 1931 SENIOR . HIGH UNIONTOWN . SCHOOL WILLIAM F. WRIGHT Blll Commercial A man ol' mark. V Dramatlc Club II: Commercial Club IV: Out- side Patrol III, IV. LUCILLE WILLIAMS General Studious of ease and food of humble' things. PAUL F. VOCUM General Sharp Youth holds no society wlth grief. S. RAYMOND WILLIAMS General Sammle ITul1e'rnlderl as yet, bul. genius will be recognized. DOMINIC ZACK General Zackey Sturdiuess ls nn admirable qunllty. Stamp and Coln Club II: Boxing Club IV. JOHN w. WOOD General CY 0, Sleep, why doest thou leave me, WHY thy ViSi0nnl'Y joys remove? Glee Club II, III, IVQ Truck III, IV: V. Pres, flexing Club IVp Baud II, III: Ollerettn. HALL OF FAME Best Dancer JOHN CORE HOWARD Classical Johnny An lulerlocutor is not a fool! Cercle Francais III: Aero Club III. 41 Basketball II, Ill, IV: Volleyball II: Track UNIONTOWN ..-. 1931 i. . SENIOR HIGH . SCHOOL ARTHUR C. HUGHES Technical TOM RIFFLE General MARY CRAFT General Artie Tom Bets W """"""' Homeroom V. Pres. Patrol Squad Ill: Secy. I-Iomeroom II. DOROTHY JOHNSON General Dot ANDREW SERAFIN Commercial ALBERTA CRABLE General Basketball IV. Andy' Bertie Sewing Club II. DORA JOHNSON General JOSEPH C. SILEO General Dory Joddle DOROTHY MAE FORD Classical Basketball II, Football III, IV, Doi ZEA ROMAYNE LOOMIS Technical .JAMES TRENT Gbrlcrill Rqmlg Dumpy RALPH K. FARR General ' Track III, IV: Interclass B. B. IV. Lefty GLADYS McDOWELL General Rifle Club IV. Glad CLARENCE HIXON General Sewing Club II: Patrol Squad IV. HIXON JOE GEORGE J . General Ul'lIUf' JOHN E. BARAN sl h Genera' Dramatic Club II: clee club Iv. 9 Cheer Leaders' Club IV: Nature Club II. RACHEAL HAyE5 classical JOHN E. BLACK General Rachae' John EVELYN PATRICIA HERNANSKEY Homeroom Usher II. commerclal ELEANOR sowsen Commercial Pa' Eleanor ' Girls' Athletic Association III, IV. MAURICE BROAD Classical Maury - Football II, IV: Hi Temple II, III: Dramatic Club II. GLADYS MARIE CARTER Carter Classical III: Hockey II: Music II: Art Club IV2 Socletas Latina IV. HAZEL CASTORE Pat Classical Cheer Leaders' Club II: Glee Club IV: Operetla IV. NELLIE CATON Commercial Secretarial Nelle Mechanical Drawing III: Commercial Art Club IV: Basketball II, III, IV: Hockey III. ALICE CHAMBERS General Ally Basketball Il, III, IV: Hockey II, III. CARLUS FRAZEE General Blake Nature Club II: Electrical Club IV: Shop II, III, IV: Drawing II, III. WAUNA DOOMS General Fanny l Football II, III, IV: Track II, III, IV: Rifle Club IV: Boxing Club IV: lnterelass B. B. II, III. ANNABELLE GALDERISE Commercial Teeny Dramatic Club II: Glec Club II. NORMAN HAYGOOD General Normie Track III, IV: Interclass B. B. IV. KENNETH HEINBAUGH General Kenny F00tbaLl II, ln, IV: Basketball II, III, IV: Rifle Club IV: Student Senate II, III: Class V. Pres. II: Outside Patrol III, IV: V. Pres. Student Senate III. DOROTHY HESS McDOWELL Dot Basketball IV. General Commercial Club II: Glee Club II, III: Stamp and Coin Club II: Operetta II: Hockey II: Volleyball II, III, MARY KOBALLA Commercial Secretarial Snooks Commercial Club IV: Hockey II: Volleyball - II. BERTHA I. LEVIN Commercial Bertha Dramatic Club II: Glee Club IV: Opera-tta IV. DON H. JONES General Buzzard Nature Club II, III: Student Senate II: Pres. Electrical Club IV. FLORENCE B. MILLER General Gay Home Economics Club Il: Basketball II, III: Nature Club II. WILLIAM ISAAC NEWCOMER Technical Bill Football IV: Track II, III, IV: Cel-cle F,-lm. cais IV: French Play IV. HELEN PARTRIDGE Com. Secretarial Jackie Hockey II: Archery II. DONALD R. REDD Sugar Football II, III: Track Il, III, IV: Nature Club: Pres. Electric Clllb IV: Secyf Treas, Radio Club IV: Chemistry Club III: Corridor Squad II, III. CORA ELNORA THOMAS Thomas Basketball II, III, IV: Hockey II: Trzick III. General General WILLIAM THOMPSON Technical Bill Commercial Art Club EVELYN WALTERS General Evie Home Economics Club II: Sllavings Clllb III: Basketball II. MABEL WIRSING Secretarlal Bebe Dramatic Clllb II: Commercial Club II, IV: Glee Clllb II. ' 1931 ll UNIONTOWN . SENIOR . HIGH . SCHOOL STUDENT SENATES The Student Senate, which is composed of the presidents of all homerooms, renders a very valuable service to the school. Meet- ing every other Monday, the Senate takes up and' acts upon many problems relative to school activities. The personnel of the group changes each semester when new homerooms presidents are chosen. The Senate was headed by Joseph Adams the first se- mester and John Beall the second. 1-ki ' 51.33 if its sh- A .. ' ' 'HI r ' G. A. A. OFFICERS The Girls' Athletic Association holds the interest of each girl in the school. Its officers for the past year are pictured above and were: L to R- Florence Farr, Betty Brown, Vic- toria Everhart, Dorothy Anderson. 43 L l i i i 1l11931l. UNIONTOWN SENIOR . HIGH . SCHOOL FOOTBALL SQUAD The Uniontown gridders enjoyed a very successful season, closing their schedule with six victories, two losses, and one tie. They won from North Union, Scottdale, Donora, Latrobe, Connellsville and German Town- ship, were turned back by Redstone and Monessen, and tied with Mclieesport. With only two varsity play- ers remaining from the preceding year, Coach Everhrt developed several willing and hard working second string men into first class performers. BASKETBALL SQUAD Although failing to win the Section 10 title, the basketball squad finished in second place. Working with comparatively green material, Coach Everhart developed a real contender. Front row, L to R-Greenspan, P. Woods, Hess, Ponzurick, Vilscek, Chor- penningg back-S, Woods, Williams, manager, Rishel, Fike, Riley, George, Heinbaugh, Coach Everhart. 44 il 1931 ii UNIONTOWN . SENIOR . HIGH . SCHOOL RELAY TEAM The 1931 relay team was the best Coach Everhart ever directed and he has coached quite a few. The boys won the State Mile Relay Championship at Altoona, May 23, in 3 :34.2 on a heavy track, and running in a cold rain. This is the second consecutive year that Uniontown won the State title in this event. The team remained intact with the exception of Stern who took the place of Bowlen, lost by graduation. Their best time, 3:1-31.5, was made at the Pitt Interscholas- tics. Pictured above they are: L to R,-Bos Farson, Don Redd, Julius Stern, Wauna Dooms. SENIOR OFFICERS The senior class officers have done much ln llanning the Commencement dance and picnic, and deserve credit for their success. Leaders of the graduating group are: front L to R-Mary Elizabeth Miller, treasurerg Bos Farson, president: Dorothy Anderson, secietaryp back-Joseph Adams, vice-presi- dentg Cecil Williams, usher. JUNIOR LEADERS The officers of the junior class to- gether with various committees were greatly responsible for the outstanding success of the Junior Prom, which was enjoyed by so many seniors and friends. They are: L to R-Betty Miller, secre- tary 5 J ack Chorpenning, treasurer, George Whalley, president, Robert Mil- ler, usherg Frank Hess, vice-president. UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH . SCHOOL OPERETTA CAST The annual operetta, "Singer of Naples," directed by Mr. Eckroat and Mr. Kovar, caused unusual comment and was very favorably received. Leading members of the cast, pictured to the side, contributed much to its success. SENIOR OCTET The Senior Octet, one of the outstanding organizations of the school, has enjoyed much success during the past term. Under the direction of Mr. B. F. Eckroat, the singers jour- neyed to several nearby schools where th ey presented pro- grams, and also participated in various church services and radio broadcasts. In the pic- ture to the right they are, standing, L to R-D e l o 1'e s Dailey, Eloise Chorperming, ac- companist, Esther Craig, Olive Nelson, Helen Frost, front- Mr. Eckroat, Alfred L'Altrelli, Clarence Thomas, Arthur John- son, Allan Williams. 46 1931-l UNIONTOWN SENIOR . HIGH . SCHOOL OUTSIDE PATROL The outside patrol was one of the most valuable and im- portant organizations of the high school. At every noon and afternoon dismissal, the patrol members were at their posi- tions directing traffic. They were: front, L to R-F. Miller, Gadd, Maykuth, Moreland: 2nd row-H. Williams, Adams, lvrigitit, Bearzi, Capt. Heinbaughg back-Lockhart, M, John, D. ll i er. OUT ON PAROLE Mr. Mosier annually arranges for all of his Problems of Democracy students to make a trip through the County Bastile, and the Court House. Above is pictured one of these groups after the inspection of the two buildings. These visits are among the many interesting features of the course, ' 47 UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Autngraphn T 1931 V Qwf I I , , . ff H iff? H 3.5 . ' . x Y f' Y ' Xxx! Y! .Lx ,Ni 1 1,-1 'XX Q X .L ,- Il ' ' ivy , X3 !!,-O, A, ,M W O , O' x,5x's' XX fb ' RN' X N Y -" X P, . f 1' I f 1, f O Wx I ff 48

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