Uniontown High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Uniontown, PA)

 - Class of 1930

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xxuvnwmw.qm-Q-,A , ae-1-w:a141.w - .mu zwwrxmngrwf-:,v.:.-wrmmf.'xsx.-yew,2x:: wn.g,,:vvr.:A-amqa.:-nznn::ensr..:r.1u.'gn- .nu am' -'mv Q.,.da, . 1 ..1f-x ,-'rn v..a -.rm -uns:-.Lm,,eq -ai ,vm-wr: was -1 :-7 1 1 --' na- ' ,lr mn.. 1 wg - .. 'um-.u :av f d 1 Fi y Za gowmemmm:forom'yom'm:o':o':o':omm'fiumio':ofmmvm'o':aifommm'fisvoawmsfozovog l o 0 E - - X ll'1Q U H Cm is ' 3 , 3-T? e Commencement 25 l ' Number 2 Q lb 2 5 e Published Weekly by the Students of the Eg . . . ., Umontown Semor l-hgh School 5 Q -: 53 fe NINETEEN-HUNDRED THIRTY QMUEL!PiUiUMM!MMMl.UAMMQZMU.MMMk!!!.!!ill!MMM!23M!MMMMMUMMwM!IAWMLG 1930 U IO TOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL I i U-H1-CRI STAFF FIRST ROW BOS FARSON LE ROY PROVINS SAM ROSEN Associate' Editor Editor lhlsine-ss Mgr. AIARTIIA STEELE DOROTHY HIRSHMAN SARAH ROGERS Sr'IiooI Reportor SPl1IOl'1l91l0l'f,0l' Sophouiorv Rvportm-r SECOND ROW XNALTON LAVVRENCESON CHARLES BROVVNFIELD HAROLD SINCOCK CHARLES SMILEY -Xss't Cirvlllzltion Mgr. Ass't Business Mgr, Reporter Sports Editor ELOISE CHORPENNING MABEL BROWN LITCILLE I'RI'I'TS OLIVE GARLAND Junior Reporter Typist, Art Editor Sr. Reporter THIRD ROW ElJI'I'H GRAN HAROLD MYERS IJOROTHEA COFFMAN CLARENCE CARPENTER Typist Asst Manugim: Editor Associate Bus. Mgr. Junior Reporter Z O 193 f -.. UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL if nrefnuril This Uuiiiiueiiveiueut Nuiubei' of the U-Hi-Cri is de- voted exclusively to the iuterests of the Senior Class. lu later years we hope that it will have the power to Carr? bm-k vividly the Seniors of 1930 to the happiness and pleas- ure of their days in the U. H. S. 1 .,,fCf 193OIC'?YZ.?i2:fm... UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL her Semor year of school on Saturday January 18 1930 Anna s death was gr1eVed by her many frlendb 1111 iPHrmnrmm In memoriam to Anna Baron who died during and izeachers. 1 r-1 , W 193OE-jA.?x'H:':G-.- UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Seniors 1 gso A 1930 U IONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL HOM ER ADINOLFI "Homer" Technical V Cercle Francais IVg Operetta Illg Intorclass B. B. III. "When I don't know whether to fight or not I always fight." RUTH F. ASHCRAFT "Ruth" Commercial "Bright as the sun, her eyes the gazers strikeg And like the sun, they strike on all alike." GEORGE W. ALBRIGHT "Ally" General Interclass B. B. II, III, IVQ Football IIQ Cllemistry Club Illg Track Il, IV. "A lion among the ladies is a most dreadful thing." MARSHALL T. AUGUSTINE 1 "Marshie" Classical Biology Club II: Orchestra III, IVQ Hi-Y ' IVQ Band III, IVg Operetta Illg Slide Rule Club III. "Life is a serious matter." GRACE ARCHER X "Grace" Classical U. H .S.-Tri-Hi-Y IVQ Wellsburg, W. Va.- Glee Club IIg Art Clubg Operetta Il. Rochester, Pa.-Latin Club III. "A friend to ull who come her way." LOIS ARMADA BAKER "Lois" Commercial Cercle Francais IV. "They're only great who are truly good." ELEANOR ASENDORF "Judy" Commercial Glee Club IVg 01.01-otta IV: B. B. II. "Her voice was ever gentle, soft and lowg An excellent thing in a woman." 6 - 1930 -.. UNIONTCWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL THEODORE B. BONCHOSKY "Teddy" Technical "Another flaxon-haired angel." MARGARET BALLEY "Margaret" Commercial "She d0esn't come often, And she never makes a stayg ' So just precisely what she's like, We really can't say." AN N E BORTZ "Anne" Commercial Commercial Club II. "Friends are like melons. Shall I tell why? To find one good, you must a hundred try." GLADYS JEAN BENSON "Glady" Commercial Commercial Club Il, Dramatic Club Ill, IV, Glee Club llI, IV, Operetta lll, lVg Hockey IV, Track Manager III. "With her square, firm gaze in her own friendly style, With her broad, square teeth, and her broad, square smile, She's a square, jolly girl, and a girl worth while." ROBERT BOWDEN - f "Bobbie" Commercial Commercial Club II, Glee Club IV, Oper- etta IVg Dramatic Club IVg Class Play IVg Student Senate IV. "I'm never hungry-after I eat." JOSEPH BILSKER "Joe" Classical Hi Temple Illg Slide Rule Club IIIQ Chem- istry Club IV. dent." ALLISON E. BOWLEN "Tiny" General Varsity Track II, III, IV, Football Ill, IV, Hi-Y Il, III, IV. "Women do not fancy timid men." 'I "Sir, I would rather be right than presi- ' . lk UNIO TOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL VIRGINIA EVELYN BOWMAN "Ginger" Commercial Iiramatic Club II. "Studious of ease, and fond of humble Q things." WARREN O. BROWN "Brownie" Technical Football III, IV, B. B. IV, Track IV, Class President II, Student. Senate II, III, Beta Hi-Y II, III, IV, Ass't Circulation Mgr. M. 8: W. III, Circulation Mgr. IV, Interclass B. B. III. "Disguise our bondage as we will Tl., woman, lovely woman, rules us still. RUTH E. BREHM Boots Commercial "Ruth is demure Iloth in word and play, ' If you know her well or not., lou II like her anyway. VIRGINIA PAULINE BRYTE Jmnac Commercial Inamatiu Llub II, III, Ilebatlng Oub III, IV, Interclass Debating Team Ill. "The people who make puns on names, We doom to dire confusion, But look at Vi1'ginia's name and grades, And draw your own conclusion." PAU LINE HARRIET BROAD 'lPolly" Commercial "She never stops at just a bit. She puts her whole soul into it." HOWARD MALCOM BURCHINAL "MHC" General Pt. Marion High School-Football III, IV, Track III, P. Club III, IV, U. H. S.-Student. Senate II, Football II, Track II, IV. 'None but the brave deserve the fair." MABEL M. BROWN "Brownie" Commercial ILramatic Club Il, Ill, Glee Club III, IV, Opeietta III, IV, Senior Octet IV, Tri- Hi-Y IV, IT-Hi-Cri Staff IV, Shavings Club III. "Quite and gentle the entire day, Nothing to fuss about, nothing to say." R s UNIO ' TOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BERTHA BUTLER "Jimmie" Commercial Dramatic Club II, III, IVQ Commercial Club IIg B. B. II, IIIQ Hockey III, IVQ Volley l Ball III. 3 "Better a day of strife than a century of sleep." ELSI E BURIAN "Elsie" General W Shavings Club IIIg Dramatic Club II, III. "Of her countless host of friends Not a one would doubt her." MABEL EILEEN CARR "Mabel" Commercial Dramatic Club III. "Virtue dwells not in the tongue, but in the heart." MARGUERITE BURRISS "Margie" Classical Cercle Francais IV. "She is well paid who is well satisfied." EDWARD E. CJHAMBERLIN "Ed" Classical Dramatic Club IIg Alpha Hi-Y II, III, IVQ Orchestra III, IV3 Band II, III. "And when a lady's in the case You know all other things give place." HARRY C. BURWELL "Harry Clyde" General Senior Octet IVg Interclass B. B. Ilg Hi-Y III, IV, Operetta III, IVg Dramatic Club II, IIIQ Student Senate IIIQ Glee Club III, IV. "His manly walk and wavy hair Can not but make the fair ones stare." JAMES CHUCK 'lJim" General "He hath better bettered expectation." 9 -1930 UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL MARJORIE DOROTHEA COFFMAN "Thea" Classical Class Play Il, Dramatic Club II, III, IV, Operetta III, Cercle Francais IV, Glee Club III, IV, Beta Tri-Hi-Y IV, Assem- bly Pianist III, IV, Associate Business ' Mgr. U-Hi-Cri IV. "She is busier than a bee, but then she ac- complishes more." MADELYN E COYN E "Madelyne" Commercial Student Senate 11, Dramatic Club II, Cercle Francais IV. t'For a spirit pure as hers Is alvlays pure e en while it GIIS. SARA HELEN COHEN "Helen" Commercial Orchestra III, IV, Dramatic Club II, III, IV, Commercial Art Club III, Interclass B. B. II, III, IV, Cercle Francais IV, Hoc- key III, IV, Track II, III, IV, Volley Ball III, IV. "Little, but so is a stick of dynamite." EDYTHE PAU LINE CRAIG "Pauline" Classical Student Senate II, VOperetta II, III, Glee , Club II, III, Pres. Glee Club IV, Senior , Octet IV, Cercle Francais IV, Dramatic Club IV. . . 'tOn her tongue dwelleth music, the sweet- ness of honey floweth from her lips." SARA COOPER t'Sara" Technical 4 Dramatic Club II, III, IV, Cercle Francais lllg Chernistry Club III. :'Quite small 'l'hat's all Very pretty To this Ditty." CHARLES CRAVOTTA f'Charlie" Technical Glee Club II, III, IV, Dramatic Club III, Alpha Hi-Y IV, Operetta III, IV, Vars- ity Football II, IV, Track II, III, IV, Slide Rule Club III, Class B. B. II, III, IV, Cercle Francais III, IV. "His limbs were cast in manly mould For hardy sports or contest bold." PAULINE CECILIA COSGROVE "Polly" General Arlington High School-B. B. III, Hockey III, Track III, Pres. Spanish Club III. U. H. S.-B. B. IV, Hockey IV. "Happy am I, from care I am free! Why aren't they all contented like me?" 10 ' 1 f-' , .1930 A.DX":Qfs-.- U IONTOW SENIOR HIGH WINNIE WANETA DEARTH "Winnie" General T. I. C. Club II, IIIg Practical Arts Clubs II: Nature Club Il. "Offend her, and she'll know how to for- give, Oblige her and she'll love you while you live." RUTH CRUSE "Ruthie" Classical Glee Club II, Orchestra III, IV, B. B. II, III. IV, Hockey IVQ Track II, III, IVQ Tri-Hi-Y IV. "Grace is to the body what sense is to the mind." CHARLES DeCAFILO "Charlie" ' General Football III, IV. "It is defeat which educates usf' LOUIS CURRY "Lou" General "Long, lean, lank and thin, As one of Satan's cherubimsfi MOLLYE GENE DREXLER "Mollye" Commercial Dramatic Club II, III, IVQ Glee Club IVg Operetta IVQ B. B. II. Y "I sing boop boop ba do." REBECCA DAILEY "Becky" Classical Glee Club III, IV, Operetta IV, Cercle Frana cais IVQ Senior Octet, Dramatic Club IVQ Beta Tri-Hi-Y III, IV. 'iltts better to give than to receive." CAROLYN EWART HSHHY' General Nature Club II, Domestic Science Club III. "The two noblest things which are, are sweetness and light." 11 SCHOCL .1930 UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ALBERT J. EVERHART JR. ' ' "Abe" Classical Associate Football Mgr. IVQ Interclass B. B. II, IIIQ B. B. IV: Track IV. "The fickleness of the woman I love is equalled only by the persistence of the women who love me." JOHN D. FLEMING "Fleming" General Student Senate II. "A close mouth catches no fliesft DOLORES LEE FIELDS "Doreen Commercial Dramatic Club II. "She talks and talks and cracks jokes, toog With Dolores around you can't be blue." OWEN F. FLYNN "Pat" General Dramatic Club III. "To spend tool much time in study is sloth." HELEN TIFFIK "Helen" Commercial Sewing Club IIIQ Shavings Club III, IV: Ilramatic Club III. "A maiden never bold." NELL E. FOLTZ "Nellie" Commercial Dramatic Club III, IV: Commercial Club IIIQ Glee Club IVg Operetta IV. "Whether she's dancing or talking Or singing or learning to tat, All of the time she's laughing Be firmly assured of that." ARTIH U R F l K E "Art" Classical Hi-Y III, IVg Chemistry Club III. "Arthur Fike tit rhymes with spikel Is a boy who is chummy and charmingg But he gobbles up lines and tang-:ents and sines In a way that is simply alarming." ' 12 'WIQBCQM -Q- UNIO TOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL GLADYS E. FUN K ffgladdyf' Commercial Glee Club IVQ Operetta IV. "Of a good beginning cometh a good end." ETHEL FRANKLIN "Ethel" Classical Masontown High School-D. A. R. Medal I , IIIQ B. B. IIQ Glee Club II, Illg Staff II. U. H. S.-Dramatic Club IV. "A quiet young miss is Ethel A very studious girlg When we climb the ladder of success We're sure Weill find her there." BARBARA GALLICK "Barbara" Commercial Commercial Club II, III. "Reserved and silent she goes her way." MARGARET ELLA FRAN KS Margie Commercial Dramatic Club II3 Student Senate III. "Margie has laughlng eyes, She is a lovely lass And has the sweetest nature Of anyone in our class." JAMES L GANS 1 5 "'Jimmy" Technical Nature Club II, Illg Alpha Hi-Y III, IVg Stamp and Coin Club Illg Pennsylvania Club lVg Aviation Club III. ' "Chl to be a man among men!" ROBERT E. FRAN KS "Bob" Commercial Glee Club III, lVg Operetta III, IVQ Nature Club Ilg Aviation Club IIIQ Hi-Y IV. "The world's greatest men have not com- monly been great scholars." OLIVE LOUISE GARLAND "Olive" Classical Dramatic Club Ill, IVQ U-Hi-Cri Staff IV. "She walks into the classroom with a book and fountain pen: She gathers all the honors, and then walks out again!" I , 13 ' I x 193O UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL PETER A GENTILCORE 'fPete" Classical Class V.-Pres. II: Co-B. II. Manager IVQ Ass t. B. B. Manager IIIQ Student Sen- ate III: Dramatic Club II, Illg Csrclc Ifrancais IVQ Debating Club IIIQ Pres. Debating Club IVg Glee Club III, IVQ Operetta III, IVg Chemistry Club IV. "It is easier to offer objections than it is to orig nate." DOUGQAS GRAHAM I "Doug" General Smithfield High School-Football II, Iii: Volley Ball IIIg School Editor II, III: Class Pres, I, II, IIIQ Track III. "The pride of Smithfield village and of County Fayette, Where he's a reg lar devil. They havent caught up with him yet." KATHERINE G. GILMORE l'Kitty" General Dramatic Club II, lllg Csmmercial Club II, , lllg B. B. Ilg G.ee C.ub III, IVQ Oper- etta IV. "Let the world slide, let the world go, A :ig for care, and a fig tor woe." R. HARRY GRAINGER "Rough Cut" Commercial K Peabody High School-Audibon Club II. U. H. S.-Orchestra II, III, IVQ Chemistry Club III. "I am S.r Oracleg and when I open my lips, let no man speak." THELMA G. GOOCSTEIN "Timmie" Classical Nature Club Illg Cercle Francais III, IVQ Iiramatic Club II, III. "O, perfect woman, nobly planned To warn, to comfort, and command." EUGENE W. HAGUE "Gene" Classical Band II, lllg Orchestra ll, III, IVQ Nature Club II, IIIQ Pres. Nature Club Il, III: Hi-Y IVQ Ass't. Track Manager IIIQ Chemistry Club IVg Slide Rule Club III. "Love would make a fool of anyone." MABEL E. GOODWIN "Mabel" Commercial Nature Club IV. "She saw her duty and she did it." ll' UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL RALPH-I W. HEM INGTON "Ralph" Classical Hi-Y II, III, Treasurer IV, Band III, IVQ Chemistry Club Ill, Dramatic Club III IV, Slide Rule Club III. only a tiny little tadpolef' EDWARD HAM ER "Ed" Classical Football II, III, IV, Track III, IV, Class Treas. IIg Student Senate II, Class Pres. IIIQ Class Play III, IVg Prohibi- tion Contest Winner IVg Hi-Y II, III, IVg Pres. Aviation Club. "When not at home, he is somewhere else, That place you now may guess." WILLIAM H. HEYSER I "Boy, don't be discouraged. A bullfrog was "Bill" Commercial Glee Club IV, Pres. Glee Club IIIQ Com- "Bill it seems, glories in jest, And when he smiles- He's at his best." CHARLES E. HARFORD "Hooty" General "Our local rock of Gibraltar." RUTH E. HIBBS Alpha Tri-Hi-Y III, Treas. Tri-Hi-Y cle Francais III, IV. "My face is wistful and serious I seem of a sober mind Yet I can play with the silliest VVhen I am so inclined." HARRY WILLIAM HARRIS "Harry" Classical Interclass B. B. II, III, Student Senate IV, Alpha Hi-Y II, III, IV, Football Mgr. IV. "As a student he rates pretty fair, In basketball games he's right there. The baskets he makes and the shots that he takes Would give Hoot Gibson quite a scare." .. BETTY HILL uBettyu mercial Club III, IV, Class Usher III, "Hibbsey" Classical IVQ Cer- Commercial Beta Tri-Hi-Y III, IVg Dramatic Club III, IVQ Class Play III, Cercle Franca "Always excited and always alert Whatever may come or may gog About as jolly and friendly a girl 15 As most of us ever will know." is III, IV , "Doi" Commercial f 1930lC5"' E U IO TOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ,,,,,... YY , 1, Vi. , , ,V Y ,W W DOROTHY CATHERINE 'HIRSHNIAN "DOM" Classical Ilramutic Club II, III, IVQ Glee Club II, Ill, IV3 Uperettzi IV3 Tri-Hi-Y IV: Corcle Franeais IVQ U-lfli-Cri Stuff IV. "Let woinzin say what e'er they will, Mun rules them still." DOROTHY B. JEFFREYS Commercial Club ll. Uln hor alone 'twas natural to please." ELIZABETH HOOVER 'iCIiarlic" Classical Ileta 'I'ri'Hi-Y Ill, IVg Ilranlzitic Club IVQ f f Cercle Francais IV. "ln school she's very placid And she doesnt make much noiseg Ildt you just ought to see her Vl'ith the little girls and boys!" JOH-IN JENNINGS "Doc" General "Something good can come from Walters- burgf' JAMES R. BARNES HOWARD "Jinx" Technical Cercle Francziis IV. "Genius is inspiration Talent is perspiration." RITA JESER "Rit" Commercial Ilrzimatic Club Il, III. "The diniple that thy chin contains has beauty in it round, Thzzt never has been fathoined yet, by my' rizul thoughts profound." JESSE ELLSWORTH HUTSON Hesse" Classical 0.cl1est,ra II, III, IVg Band III, IVQ Glee Club II, Illg Alpha Hi-Y Il, Illg V.-Pres. Alpha Hi-Y IVg Dramatic Club IIQ Nature Club II, III. "I am the boy who knows it all I am the wisest, I've ever seen: If you need any proof of what I say Just take a long look at my bean." as l I6 Q UNIONTOW uJoe19 III. lvrornvv "I am not in the roll of common men." Football II, IIIQ Interclass B. B. IIQ B. B. SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL EDNA JORDAN "Eddie" General Shavings Club IV. "Pretty, petite and sweet." JOSEPH F. JOHN Technical , Football II, III, IVg Interclass B. B. Ilg B. B. III, IVg Aviation Club IIIQ Track Ilg Slide Rule Club IIIQ Student Senate H ELEN KEISER "Shorty" General Dramatic Club II, Illg Debating Club Ilg Student Senate II, lVg Tri-Hi-Y III, IVg Hockey Team IVQ Winner D. A. R. Medal Illg Chemistry Club IIIg Cercle Francais lIIg Pres. Nature Club IIg Nature Club III. "To be great is to be misunderstood." THOMAS A. JOHN General "Bobbie" 17 III, IV3 Aviation Club IIIg Class Usher Ilg Student Senate IV. "A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the best of men." Football II, IIIg Interclass B. B. II, III, IVQ Dramatic Club IVQ Class Play IV. "Why should the devil have all the good l times?" ' RAYMOND B. KELLEY 'tRaymond" General Operetta IVg Glee Club II, III, IV. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder, Lass of Beauty, fare thee well." ROBERT E. JONES General . ANDREW B. KENNEDY "Andy" Classical "Silence is golden. I should be a rich man." 1930 U IONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL HELEN CAROLINE KENNEY HH I H e en Commercial Glee Club II, III, IVQ Operetta III. "To save time is to lengthen life." VELMA J. LAPE f'Lape" Commercial Dramatic Club II, III, IVg Commercial Club II, III: Ccmmercial Art Club IIIg Senior Hockey Team IV. "All work and no play, Th:1t's not my way." VIRGINIA H. KERR :AJ lv enny Commercial B. B. II, III. "Good things come in little packages." WILLIAM LEECH "Cherry" General Hi-Y II, III. "What seems to puzzle all the girls is Where did 'Cherry' get the curls." JO KURTZ "Jo" Commercial 7' "Write me as one who loves his fellow men." i LUCILLE E. LEIGHTY ' "Lucy" Commercial f f Commercial Club II, IIIg Glee Club IV: Dra' matic Club IV: Operetta IVg Hockey IV. "This girl has lots of ability ' She's ever on the go, She always gets her duties done And they are done just so." GENEVIEVE ELIZABETH KYTCHEN "Gen" Classical Vinton High School-Glee Club II, IIIQ B. B. IIIQ Operetta Ilg Chemistry Club III. U. H. S.-Nature Club IV. "I'll speak in a monstrous little voice." . i 18 U IO TOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL NORiVlA W. MaCQUOWN "Norma" Classical Glee Club IVg Tri-Hi-Y IVg Cercle Fran- cais IV. "She always makes her mark in school, And with her friends, small wonder! Norma is the kind of a girl Who never makes a blunderf v BERNICE LEWIS HBerny" Classical Dramatic Club II, III, IVQ Cercle Francais Club IVg Student Senate IVg Operetta IVQ Glee Club ll, IVg Class Play III, IVQ V Tri-Hi-Y IV. "A big, tall girl With questioning eyes, Who gets all her lessons And never half tries." f GARNET MAIZE "Garney" Classical I B. B. II, IIIQ Hockey IIIg Tri-Hi-Y III, IVg Pres. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y IVg Pres. G. A. A. IVg Dramatic Club IVg Cercle Fran- cais IV. "F1'eckles are but little smile seeds." PAULINE W. LUCAS "Pauline" Commercial "My tongue within my lips I rein, For who talks much must talk in vain." IVAN A. MANSELL "Squire" Technical f Chemistry Club III. "The will for the deed." ELLEN LUCY "Ellen" Commercial Operetta IVg Glee Club IVg Commercial Club III. "I was born to other things." MARTHA W. MASON "Marty" . Commercial B. B. IIQ Dramatic Club II, III. "Marty simply cannot Come on time, alas! I think we surely must have spoiled This member of our class!" 'Q U . - i . - Y . 1' . UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL MARY C. MAZE "Mary" Commercial Commercial Club llg Dramatic Club Ilg Glee Club III, IVQ Nature Club III. "My own thoughts are my companions." DALE IVICCLELLAND "Shorty" Technical Orchestra II, III, IVQ Band ll, III, IVQ Ura- matic Club Ilg Nature Club Illg Slide Rule Club Illg Interclass B. B. IV. ' "Hang sorrow! care'Il kill a cat." CLAIRE M. MQADOO "Mac" Technical Cercle Francais IVQ Dramatic Club II, III, lVg HiAY III, lVg Nature Club Il, lllg Sawdust Club Illg Band Ill, IVg Oper- etta III. "The world knows nothing of its greatest men." CHARLES DONALD McCOM BS "Squire" Technical Pres, Chemistry Club IIIQ Cercle Francais IVg Slide Rule Club IIIQ Beta Hi-Y Il, Ill, IV: Band III. "Let me die facing the enemy." KATH RYN McCARTN EY "Kitty" Commercial Student Senate Illg Commercial Club llg ' ' Pres. Dramatic Club II. "She behaves and acts as she ought." , CHARLOTTE E. McCOWAN "Oddie" Commercial Dramatic Club ll, lllg Commercial Club II, Illg Commercial Art Club IIIg Glee Club Ill, IV. "A petite, young miss With a winning way. We wonder what She'll be someday." HARRI ET E. McCLAY "Hire" Classical Dramatic Club III, lVg Class Play III, IVg Glee Club III, IV: Operetta III, IVQ Cer- cle Francais lVg TrifHi-Y lVg Class Sec'y. IV. "Clothes Galore-shoes still more, The hearts she's broken need healing. She must have it-yes, quite a bit, She surely is appealing." Y' 20 . . -IQEUL UNIO TOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL MARGARET ELOISE MCNURLEN "Mar-gy" Classical Cercle- Francais III, IV. "A good presence is a letter of recommen- dationf' l ROBERT L. MCCRACKEN "Bob" Classical Football II, III, IV, Track III, IV, Student Senate II, III, Pres. Student Senate IV, Ass't Managing Editor M. RL W. III, Managing Editor U-Hi-Cri IV, Hi-Y II, III, IV, Sec. Alpha Hi-Y IV, Class Play IV, Ritenour Prohibition First Award IV. "But if it be a sin to gain honor, I am the most offending soul alive." SYLVIA McVAY "Silvers" General B. B. II, III, IV, Commercial Art Club III, Sewing Club III. "Not by years but by disposition is wisdom acquired." EVELYN MAE McDOWELL "Evelyn" Classical Dramatic Club II, Cercle Francais IV. "A history shark in a business-like way, e Dates in the evening, events all day." KATH RYN M ECCO a IC Commercial HK t' YY "Quiet and unassuming, offensive to no one." ARTHUR M. MCGREGOR f'Bud" Technical Hi-Y III, IV, Dramatic Club III, Glee Club J III, IV, Interclass B. B. IV, Student Senate III, IV, Operetta IV, Cercle Francais IV. "Likes the ladies, but is very lndustrious, always striving to get ahead, one of His best asset is "Tho1'oughness." l l WILLIAM D. MILLER, JR. "Bill" General Operetta IV, Glee Club IV. "I 'spect I growed. Donlt think nobody never made me." 21 -l - f N "Dot" Commercial 193 UNIO TOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ANNA M. MORRIS -'Annu Commercial Dramatic IIg Commercial Club II, III3 Shav- ings Club Illg Nature Club Ill. 'tSiIence, wl1en nothing need be said is the eloquence of discretion." VIRGINIA B. NOBLE "Ginny" General T. I. C. Club II, lIlg Nature Club Ilg Prac- tical Arts Club II, IIIQ Cercle Francais II. I'Know that to be content is to be happy." ANNA KATHERINE MORROW "Kad" Classical Interclass B. B, Il, IIIQ Operetta lllg Dra- matic Club Il, lllg Chemistry Club III: ' Tri-Hi-Y III, IV. "I will wear my heart upon n1y sleeve." DOROTHY JEAN O'N EAL Commercial Club Ilg Dramatic Club Illg Biology Club III. "Laugh? Yes, why not? 'Tis better than ciying a lot, We were made to be glad, not sad." JULIA R. MOSER "Julie" Classical I Glee Club III, lVg Dramatic Club IVQ Cer- ,,',' A cle Francais IVQ Class Treas. IV. "Julia means business You can see it in her eye She'll be a topnotch teacher When she gets a chance to try." l SAMUEL H. PARANSKY "Sam" Technical lnterclass Track llg Ass't. Track Manager Illg Glee Club IIIQ Cercle Francais III, IVg Cheer Leader IVQ Hi-T Ilg Oper- etta IIIQ Slide Rule Club IlIg Saw Dust Club III. "You're right, have it my way." MARGARET E. MULLAN "Margie" Commercial Dramatic Club II, Illg Glee Club IVQ Tri-Hi- Y Illg Shavings Club III. "Education is worth traveling for." ,W '15 1930 I U10 TOWN SENIOR HIGH scHooL LeROY G. PROVINS HLeRoy" Classical Student Senate IIQ Dramatic Club Il, IIIQ M. 81 W. Staff II, Beta Hi-Y II, III, As- sociate Editor M. SL W. IIIQ Winner Lincoln Essay Award III, Class Play IIIQ Editor-in-Chief U-Hi-Cri IVg Pres. Cercle Francais IV. "Oh, the editor's life is a hard, hard life, And the editor's life is severe, And so, as you gaze on this worried face, Shed him a pitying tear!" MARY LOUISE PETKO "Petty" Commercial Shavings Club III, Commercial Club II, B. B. III, IV. "What's more important than being healthy?" PETE PUGLIA "Petie" Commercial Football IV, B. B. IVg Track IVg Cercle Francais IVQ Hi-Y IV. "I can't help it that I'm a runtf' MARY PONZURICK "Jimmie" Commercial Dramatic Club II, III, Commercial Club IIQ B. B. II, III, IVQ Hockey III, IV. ' f "When it comes to parties and dances Nobody likes them more, But the place that is really her element Is the gymnasium floor!" THELMA MARIE RANDLETT "Toots" General Domestic Science Club III, Pres. Practical Arts Club III. "A hard beginning maketh a good ending." JANE LUCILLE PRITTS "Pittsy" Classical B. B. II, III, Dramatic Club IIg Cercle Fran- l cais IVg Commercial Art Club IVQ Art Editor U-Hi-Cri IV. "Be to her virtues very kind, Be to her faults a little blind." GLADYS O. RANKIN "GIadie" Commercial Student Senate II, Glee Club II, III, IV, Dramatic Club II, III, Commercial Club IIg Operetta II, III, IV. "Thy voice is sweet, as if it took its music from thy face." 23 f ' Dramatic Club 113 Commercial Club IIg B. Wi79l193OlG'5i" UNIO TOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL HUDSON RANKIN "Hudson" General Football II, III, IV: B. B. II, III, IVQ Track II: Cap't. Football IVQ Cap't. B. B. Ilg Dramatic Club III. 'tSublime Tobacco." WILLIAM D. RICE "Bill" General Student Senate IVQ Commercial Art Club - IV. t'His only labor is to kill the time." JAMES L. RANKIN "Jim" General ' Dramatic Club III, IVg Class Play IV. "They say best men are moulded out of their faults." WALTER H. RIDDELL L "Pete" Technical Slide Rule Club IIIg Chemistry Club III, IVg ANY Aviation Club IV. "Conspicuous by his absence." CHARLES PAUL REAGAN "Charley" General 1 Drz.matic Club III. "Tall as a lamp post and a little mite thin' ner." MELROSE I. RILEY "Melly" Commercial B. III, IVQ Hockey Team IIIQ Volley Hall Team IIIQ Lincoln Essay Contest III. "Poetry comes nearer the vital truth than history." HARRIET EVELYN REDDY "Heida" Commercial Commerce Club Ilg Dramatic Club II, lIIg Cercle Francais IVg Tri-Hi-Y IVg Nature Club III. "I have no other but a woman's reason. I think him so, because I think him so." 24 UNIOMNTOW SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SAMUEL J. ROSEN "Sammy" Classical Dramatic Club II, III, IV, Glee Club II, III, Cercle Francais III, Pres. Cercle Fran- cais IV, Cheer Leader IV, Track II, III, IV, Hi-T II, III, IV, Class Play III, Ass't Business Manager M. Sz W. III, Business Manager U-Hi-Cri IV, Stu- dent Senate III, "All great men have big noses." EMMA F. ROBERTS "Emma" Commercial .Y Dramatic Club III, Ritenour Contest III. "Spontaneity is her motto? ARTHUR ROSENECKER "Artie" Commercial "Very much small, Pretty quiet, Looks to us As if hets on a diet." rv a SCOTT ROBINSON "Scotty" Classical Hi-Y II, III, Pres. Beta Hi-Y IV, Dramatic Club III, IV, Class Pres. IV. "He holds parley with no unmanly fears: V Where duty calls he confidently steers." SAMUEL B. ROTHARM EL "Sam" General Cercle Francais III, IV, Nature Club III, Slide Rule Club III, Dramatic Club IV, Beta Hi-Y IV. "I leave my character behind me." BERNARD D. RODNEY "Bernarda Classical Orchestra III, IV, Interclass B. B. IV, Hi- I Temple II. 't'l'he world is no better if we WOI'I'y, Life is no longer if we hurry." HOWARD G. ROWAN "Howdy" Technical Nature Club II, Student Senate II, III, De- bating Club II, III, IV, Alpha Hi-Y III, IV, M. K: W. III, Glee Club IV, Opera etta IV, Chemistry Club II, Aviation Club, Cercle Francais IV. "His swarthy beard was the equal grace. Both of his wisdom and of his face." '-1 1930 UNIO TOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL VIOLA N. RUSSO "Vi" ClassIcal B. B. ll, III, IVQ Glee Club ll, lll, lVg Class Play IVg Dramatic Club IVQ Class Vice Pres. IVg Tri-Hi-Y IVQ Operetta lVg Cercle Francais IVQ Track III. "Thou who hast the fatal gift of beauty." MABLE EVELYN SEEMAN "Food" General Redstone High School--Class Sec'y-Treas. Illg Art Club III. "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." MARGARET ALICE SAUTER "Being on time is just a minor detail." EVORA K. SHEETZ HCOHCW' Commercial Confluence High School- Glee Club lg Illg Somerset County Oratorical Con- test III. U. H. S.-Commercial Club Ilg Dramatic Club II, IVQ Cheer Leader IV. "First, know that thy principles are just. and then be more inflexible in the path of them." BESSIE SCH EIN "Betty" Commercial "Because l'm short I never pine, lt's good to be just short-and shine." FRANCES SHELBY A "Fran" General Noise-not her specialty. ESTH ER SEAM AN 'fl3nbe" Commercial Senior Octet lVg Operetta ll, lil, lVg Glee Club II, lil, IV: Dramatic Club Il, Ill, lVg Class Play Illg Commercial Club ll. lllg M. Kc W. Staff' III. "A giggle now, laughter then. A smile and dimplee-Esther again." 26 ' Peggy" Commercial l W . "'Ql1f73GIG-3Z'...vx-.H-... UNIO TOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL JOHN SILVER "Johnny" Commercial Orchestra ll, Ill, IVQ Glee Club II, III, 1Vg Class Play lllg Senior Octet IV. "A hot musican Full of vim He likes the girls And they like him." ALDA H. 'SICA "Al" f Commercial B. B, Team II, Mgr. B. B. 1Vg Hockey Team 111. "Her name is Health, ' 4 She is the daughter of Exercisef, ELLIS M. SIMON 'iEllis" Classical Cercle Francais III, IVQ llramalic Club II, III, IVQ Operetta II, III, IV, Glee Club II, III, IVQ Class Play IVQ Hi-T III, IV. "The man who blushes is not quite a brute." CARL D. SILBAUGH "Silly" General Operetta IV, Glee Club IV. "Five minutes late! Zounds! I have been . just five minutes late all my life." ' J. HAROLD SINCOCK "Sinnie" General Glee Club II, III, 1Vg Lincoln Essay Contest III, Operetta II, III, IV, Dramatic Club IIIL Class Play III, Hi-Y II, III, IVQ Pres. Dramatic Club 1115 Pres. Alpha Hi-Y IV, U-Hi-Cri Staff IVg Senior Oc- tet IV. "Oh, what may man within him hide Though angel on the outward side." HYMAN SILVER i'Hi" Classical T, L. s, II, IIIQ intel-class 11. B. Iv. X "Please go away and let me sleep." WILLIAM H. SMAIL, JR. "B1ll" Technical Cercle Francais IV, Hi-Y Alpha Chapter IV: Student Senate 111, 1V. "How much this boy is like a rabbit, Both are quiet, both are smallg Quick to act, and liked by all." 27 U IO TOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHARLES B. SMILEY "Smiley" Technical Dramatic Club ll, IIIg Class Play III, IVQ Pres. Dramatic Club IV, Beta Hi-Y II, III, IV, Glee Club II, IVQ Sports Editor U-Hi-Cri IV. "Undo your map, wipe off your ching A mighty man is coming ing Prepare yourself to get his wit, For Smiley will be using it." VERDA F. SOLOMON "Sis" Class'cal Glee Club II: Dramatic Club III: Pres. Home Economics Club IV "Her lessons are always prepared just so She's a mighty nice girl we'll have you know " CHARLOTTE M. SMITH "Charlotte" Classical lee Club IV Cercle Flancals IV "In their own merits modest women are dumb." 'HELEN M. SOVA "Helen" Commercial "Her price is above riches." MARY E. SNODDY "Rec" Commercial X Dramatic Club II: Commercial Club II, IIIQ Shop Club IV. "I have lived and loved." MARTHA L. STEELE "Mart" Classical Humor Columnist U-Hi-Cri IVg Dramatic Club II, III, IVg Cercle Francais III, IVg Hockey Team II. "Martha, Martha, why are you so pale? The weight of your spit curl makes you so I frail- Shall we get a barber to take it away? Or maybe Harry could see you today." "Mart" Classical illee Club llg Nature Club IIIg Shop Club III, Dramatic Club III. "Shes little but she's mighty." 28 MARTHA M. SOLOMON Tn UNIONTOW SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BERTHA TEVELIN ' "Bert" Commercial Dramatic Club II, III, IVg Class Play III, Operetta IV, Glee Club III, IVQ Com- mercial Club II, III: Commercial Art Club. ' "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall, anid most divinely fair." VIVIAN STON E "Vivian" Commercial Glee Club IV, Dramatic Club III, IV, Tri- Hi-Y III, IV, Cercle Francais IV, Com- mercial Club II, . "Her cheeks are both so pretty l And her voice so low and sweet, Small wo11der that she always has An escort on the street." ROBERT E. THOMAS "Bob" General Operetta III, IVQ Glee Club IV. "Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today." EVELYN LEE STURM "Ebbie" Commercial ' Glee Club II, IV, Operetta III, B. B. II, Shavings Club III. "I am sure care's an enemy of life." MARY McWATE RS TRAN "Scotty" General Dramatic Club II, III, Better American Homes Club II, III, Pres. Shavings l Club III, IV3 B. B. II. ' "She's little ,but oh, my! You'd be surprised." AN DREW TARBY "Andy" Commercial Orchestra II, III, IV, Glee Club II, III. "Hey, diddle, diddle He plays on the fiddle Sharps, flats and chromatics, To him are no riddle." STEPHEN C. UHRIN "Ul'1r'ir1Sky" Commercial Nature Club IV, "A rare good fellow in his own good way." 29 ' "'E193O UNIO TOWN SE IOR HIGH SCHOOL JAMES H. VAN SICKEL "Jay" General "A guitar and an audience and he's in his glory." JEANNETTE WAHLER "Jenny" Commercial Operetta III, IV, Commercial Club II, III, Commercial Art Club III, Dramatic Club II, III, IV, Glee Club III, chestra IV. A classmate happy and gay." EMMA M. VINCENT "Emma" Commercial Commercial Club II, Dramatic Club lll, Commercial Art Club III, IV, Glee Club IV, Operetta IV. "We envy the man who says I do, And carries off such a prize as you." BUD WALTERS "A Winsome lass with many smiles, IV, Or- "Bud" Technical WARREN EDWARD VINTON "Colonel Kl' Classical Alpha Hi-Y IV, Chemistry Club III, Cercle Francais IV. "Not so short, but rather stout, A friend when you can find him out, Clieerful, jolly, pleasing smile- 'l'o know him well is sure worth while." ELEANOR M. WHETSEL "Eleanor" Orchestra II, III, IV. "Eleanor is quiet, Dependable and bright, Just follow her example You'll come out all right." BERTHA VOLEK HBH-tie" Commercial Cercle Francais IV. "No man can write my epitaphf ' Hi-Y Il, III, IV, Chemistry Club III, IV. "lt's the knowing man who knows enough to know there's a lot he doesnt know." General .--C ? 193 I UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL B ETTY W'HY E L UBeffY" Classical Miss Harris Florida School. Pan American Business College. U. H, S.-Dramatic Club IV, Cercle Fran- cais IV. "Her overpowering presence made you feel It would not be idolatry to kneel." EUGENIA WHETSEL "Jean" General Shavings Club III, IVg Dramatic Club IV: Pres. Sewing Club III. "She does her work, she does it well, Docs it to the letter. But don't you wish she'd come around And let us know her better?" MARY FRANCES WILSON "Pancy" Classical Glee Club III, IVg Sec'y Hi-Y IIIg V.-Pres. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y IV, Pres. G. A. A. IVg ' Q Dramatic Club IVg Operetta IV. ' "A dimple on chin A devil within." WILLIS P. WHETSEL X "Bill" Technical Band lllg Dramatic Club Illg Chemistry Club III. "All I ask is to be let alone." JOSEPH W. WIMER 1-Joe" Technical Nature Club Ilg Chemistry Club III. "I loathe that low voice curiosity." GEORGE S. WH ITE f-Whitey' Classical Pres. Chemistry Club IIIg Hi-Y II, III, IVQ Student Senate III. "lim a man for all my curls." FRANKLIN WOOD "Muddy" Classical Orchestra II, III, IVQ Band II, III, IVg Cer- cle Francais IV: Pres. Band IV. "For I am nothing if not critical." 31 .1930 UNIONTOWN SENIOR H E L E N WOO D "Woodsy" General Student Senate III, IVQ Sec'y Student Sen- ate IVg Nature Club IV. "To see her is to love her, and love but her forever, For Nature made her as she is and never made another." JOSEPHIN E WOODS "Jo" Commercial Orchestra II, III, IVQ Dramatic Club II, IIIg Hockey IV, Archery Mgr. IV. "Varying and ever changeable is woman." KATH RYN L. WOODS "Kitty" General Student Senate Ilg T. I. C. II, IIIg Nature Club Ilg Orchestra II, III, IV, Orchestra Contest II, Operetta III, IV, Glee Club II, IVQ Senior Octet IV. "Her very frowns are fairer far, Than smiles of other maidens are." MARY ZEMO "Zemo" General Hockey III, IVg Glee Club II, III, IV, Shav- ings Cfub IIIg Pres. Shavings Club IV, Dramatic Club III, IVQ Sewing Club IIIg Winner D. A. R. Sewing Medal III. "How shall we rank thee on glory's page?" HIGH SCHOOL -MELIN GEORGE ALEXANDER "MelIfl6" Commercial WILLIAM BALLING "Sis" Classical Football III IV, Track IVQ Hi-Y III, IVQ Cercle Francais IVg Chemistry Club III. - EDWARD BARRETT "Ed" Commercial Cercle Francais IV, Debate Club IV. MARK R. BARRICK "Markie" Technical Chemistry Club IVQ Cercle Francais IV, Nature Club III. CHARLES BELT "Chalkie" Classical Intel-class B. B. III. EARL BERNHAGEN "Sauerkrout" Commercial Student Senate II, IIIQ Commercial Club II. IIIg Stamp Sz Coin Club III. JOHN D. BOAL "Cy" Classical Interclass B. B. III, IV. SAM BRYEN "Sammy" Classical Football III, IVQ B. B. IV: Interclass B. B. III. J. HARRY BURRIE "Blarney" Commercial Commercial Club II: Art Club III: Track III: Aero Club IV. GEORGE BUTCHKO "Butchie" General Football II, III, IV: Interclass Track Il. WILSON CHRISTY "Wilson" Commercial Student Senate IV. ROSE E. CLOVIS "Rose" Commercial Commercial Club II. STEWART B. CLOVIS "Stewart" Technical Chemistry Club III, Band III. PAUL COOKE "Cookie" Commercial ARTHUR R. COOLEY "Art" ' Commercial EDNA K. CUNNINGHAM fiddle" General Home Economics Club II, III3 Shavings Club III, IV, Science Club II. STEPHEN DUYAVA ffstephenl' General MAE FARNER HMa1ie" General Operetta IVQ Glee Club III, IVQ Dramatic Club III, IVQ Hockey III, IVg Track II, III, IV. 32 - "7-f3lI93O iqu y UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL IDELLA FORD "IdeIIa" General NELSON FORD B. B. III, IV. "Dead Eye" General CARMEN GIACHETTI "Nooch" Commercial DONALD GIANNATTI "Jiggs" General Art Club III, IVg Operetta III, Track III. PHOEBE GLADYS GILLELAND "Pheb" General Shavings Club III, lVg Art Club III. LEO GOLDBE RG "Lee Commercial J. C. HAGAR "Hagess" General Aviation Club IV. MICHAEL T. HANOBEK "Hard" General Band II, IVQ Orchestra lVg Chemistry Club III. MARTHA RUBY HICKEN BOTTOM "Babe" General WILLIAM HILLING "Bud" General Dramatic Club III. WILLYS B. HUNT "Boots" Commercial Biology Club IIIQ Shavings Club III. J ESSE JANOFF "Jesse" Classical AREFORD JOHN "Areford" Classical Beta Hi-Y Il, III, IVg Cercle Francais IIl,IV. MARGARET JOHNSON "Rusty" Commercial Practical Arts Club II, CLARENCE JONES "Buck" Technical Aviation Club IVQ Chemistry Club lVg Cert-le Francais IV. JAMES KOURY "Jimmy" General CLARK LAPE Hpapf' Classical MARY LOUISE LARKIN ffL,ucy" General Dramatic Club III. LOUIS LEVIN "Louise" General Glee Club II: Chemistry Club Illg Dra- matic Club III, IVg Orchestra II, IV IRENE M. LUTRARIO "Renee" Commercial 33 WILLIAM R. LEWIS "Billy" Commercial Sawdust Club Ill: Dramatic Club IVg De- bating Club IV. STEVEN LOPUSHANSKY "Steve" General Dramatic Club lVg Debate Club II, III, IVQ Glee Club IV. ROSE E. LaPRESTA "Verma" Commercial B. B. III, IVg Hockey III, IVQ Volley Ball III, IVg Shavings Club IVg Commercial Club III. HARRY MARSHALL "Harry" Technical FRANCES FAYE MARTIN "Sue" General Dramatic Club Ilg B. B. II. EDWIN RAY MAUST "Ed" Technical Class Usher IVQ B. B. Manager IVg Stu- dent IIIQ Hi-Y II, III, IVQ Ass't B. B. Mgr. IIIg Cercle Francais IV. JOHN B. MCILRAVEY "Irish" General Dramatic Club III. NELLIE MCMANUS "Nell" Commercial Commercial Club IIg Dramatic Club II, III, B. B. III, IV. DOROTHEA McNEELY "Dot" Commercial ELIZABETH M. MILLER "Libby" General B. B. Ilg Commercial Club II, III, Dramatic Club II, IIIg Domestic Science Club III. NEILL MORRIS "Neill" General Sclrenley High School-Biology Club Ig Dramatic Club I. VIOLET E. MOSIER "Vi' - Commercial Commercial Club IIIg Cercle Francais IV. THOMAS EDWIN MURPHY "Tom" General Orchestra II, III, IVg Band II, III, IV, Track II. CHARLES LYMAN NABORS '4Beany" Commercial MIGNON E. NELSON "Minnie" General Orchestra ll, Ill, IVQ Operetta III, Dramatic Club IV. JOSEPHINE OLIVERI "Jo" Commercial DAVID PECK 'lDave" Technical Chenristry Club III. OSCAR EWING PERSON "Oscar" Classical MICHAEL PETKOVICH "Sunny" Technical JOHN W. PHILLIANS "Vinegar" Technical Fairchance High School- Football II. U. H. S.-Aero Club IV. DARREL A. RENNER "Darrel" Classical Glee Club IVQ Operetta IVg Aviation Club IVg Cercle Francais IVQ Chemistry Club III. EWING ROCHESTER "Ewing" General Football II, III, IVQ Dramatic Club IIIg In- terclass Track II, III. LEONARD SANTARIELLE "Cinderella" Commercial MARGARET SANTARIELLE "Peggy" Commercial EMERSON F. SEEHOFFER "Emerson" Classical Chemistry Club IIIQ Nature Club IIg Dra- matic Club IV3 Class Play IV. CLOYD SHOW "Buttercup" General Operetta III, IVg Glee Club II, III, IVQ Dra- matic Club IIIg Student Senate Ilg Senior Octet IV. HARRY E. SMITH "Tom" Commercial CHARLES SNYDER "Charles" Classical BELFORD A. SPANGLER "Bill" Commercial HAROLD M. THOMAS "Had" General MICHAEL USHBUSH "Ushie" Technical Chemistry Club IIIg Aviation Club IVQ In- terclass B. B. IIIg Varsity Football II, III, IVg Varsity B. B. IV. H. HAROLD WILKINS '4Harold" Classical Hi-Y III, IVg Chemistry Club IV. JACK CARR WILLIAMS "Jack" General WALTER JAM ES WILLIAMS "Bud" General Commercial Art Club III, IV. CHARLES L. YAUGHER "Charlie" Commercial South Union High School- Class Sec'y. II. HARRY RICE "Scotch" Technical Hi-Y III, IVQ Student Senate IVg Chemistry Club IIIQ A1't Club III. EMERT SHOEMAKER "Emert" Classical ROBERT SMITH "Smitty" General RALPH ALLEN WILLIAM "Ralph" Commercial Commercial Club II, III. Svvninr Gilman iilall nf Ellamv Best Looking Best Looking Harold Sincock I gf' X OX- Q Vivian Stfme V! 6 Y K Illr "1 f y ix! - Most Popular Most Popular Viola Russo Bobby Jones k Hg, tin Best Dressed -7 B L . W Best Dressed Cloyd Show ' L W Bernice Lewis 3, ,fm::rfZi'L ' 911, Best Dancer .H B Best Dancer Harriet Mciflay Biggest Woman Hater Billy Balling C2 Harry Burwell Best Natured S9 f 'Al X Best Natured Albert EVEl'h3.l't X I 'wi Rebecca Ddiley , 1521. ' va.- iv ulllh. I if VA. if' . W U -sn- l an a er-- auline Craig Most Accommodating--Warren Brown VI H t I' Nuisance Happiest Brightest Busiest Jesse Hutson Wm. Heyser Bob McCracken Sam Rosen my iw g l in., i 13' 'wi N T M W vet: - A ' -ll ,V 1 Ibn ' 34 .4 , S- "QI1030E-?ZJx:-nf-. UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH scHooL SEMESTER STUDENT SENATES Three important pieces of legislation were effected by the First and Second Semester Student Senates: the rule requiring school clubs to be char- tered Was establisliedg and a Reception Committee to entertain visitors, and a Finance Committee to regulate dance expenditures were appointed. 0 "'Ql93OIG'3"' V - UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH scHooL Pawn! HARRQQ EYERIIQORTCQ AD MS CQ BRDNVQ GHFE7-""'Q5""E'f f"""5f6"""'j' A-lf' ,ff I ,UV , ,,, ,, , ,, , ,, , lucflcaj fcoffpfnc g""9 " """""""1 """'VW P. 1. A.jL. CHAMPTONS ' 1 ' Although the smallest team in years, Uniontown High's Section Ten W. P. I. A. L. Basketball champions made an excellent showing in the elimina- tions at Pittsburgh. They advanced to the semi-finals before they were de- feated. 1929 FOOTBALL SQUAD U. Il. Sfs 1929 football squad baptised the new Hustead Athletic Field with a successful season. The team defeated North Union, Redstone, Mones- sen, Latrobe, and Scottdale: losing to McKeesport, Donora, and German Town- ship, and tying' Connellsville. 36 UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 5 E' 4 Q- 0 Q 'f S' 2 El' 5 5 E 2 3 g fiytg 5 0 3 Q lf? Ban Ba 3. SENIOR TRACK MEN The i'opicscni,atiws ol' the Senior Class on the track were not the most conspicuous a group tlis yous, but they did contribute s everal good men to the school teams. SENIOR OCTET Mr. lickroat :uid ins vig-'ht St-nioi' singers had undeniably a splendid year. Besides the usual school and chuagh siizgiiig, the Octet inaugurated radio broadcasting for school OIQHHIZHLIUIIS. .wmCf4..'3J193O UNIONTOWN SE N IOR HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CL ASS PLA Y This .VPLIIMS Senior class play, "IJuIcy," Coachod by Miss lloruor, uplwlfl Hu- st,:mdzu'd of fogmvr class drzlrnatic productions. It was a good play well prcsented. N --- N L UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Autographs . ,..,Xc'lf?f.KQ1930IQGZ..DQzm.w O UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Autographs E as 5 5 2 ? 2 3 3 5 5 H 5 5 E u 5 3 5 2 w E 5 5 5 N E F i l E 5 5 E 1 B E E E 5 2

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