Uniontown High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Uniontown, PA)

 - Class of 1929

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Uniontown High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 40 of the 1929 volume:

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"H ii ff "'f , ' 'I -M , '-,ff ' 'ck' if " d f :-T'-1 '-- V: -2i'-- '- f, i i., f I ' Y 5 F .. w "-, 4..i," R ' - , Q ,114-ur har? jf'1:1 '.' 1CS, , F" f3f . , E ' . ' 35- 27 :5 .ff 4553 f 1- , 1 12 f fl ' mi ., '- z, - ,721 ,Y . 2244? . f ' Q- 1 1 Vg .fa-,Eg E1 . 1, . 9 - - ,ga " 4 + wffr, " ,533 A 'ifkfigvff mzi 41-.5 ,--5' ,wfs--12 - 2 gy 'GY L - if -?k,z5g,. .",'a'ff' .Q - . - " J'-1 ' .1 " . L.. , i.'k f Y, . , .r':5 L.'m, ?2.Li'. -7 Y J. gan Q .-:sl ', ,. ' .n Syff.-Q , JTHP- . .ijr i 7 - f .:- -. ' ui"- M . 5.1" f : .I" i-43:9 ,, ,- f ig. 3,1 13-"1 A f if -.bf f J . f - AR. , 32 " I-'fiil xg - 'F ,E 35. U g g ? '52 1 ,J , vp !" 1:11 H iff? 4 , .- .. g ,. 95 53? - 4- K - . f-,Ita . 51'-i. ' ,A '-'-" .'. 1, ",.- I "911'PL1"".-.' f 2 3 ' L ' ' WR 1' f' .- 11' 'i- . itil. -'vp' Q ,Msg Qi- ' ,:, ' L -, Y lf -'f , f , J '- " : -.- '?"'1 , 1 -'01 fy .' - . 5'-'1 Si' f'T'1 ,g72 ng "?33Pa:f. 1-7 1 E 1 :xii-L" .f+1'1. " f.j " g,,12y13?5'!gj HT ' - -Y - ' ' A "' A,- w s A as if Q W 2 0 -Hs NV -V wifi-L 1. gg, ' K - .11 2 - 'Q V- - A 3' f , .f , x Yi WE' 5 Q if 5 if E + " -A rl: ggiiif,-EEZ-fw7f":??Q,fES 3'-' F -'5 1" - gg i-3 'ff . 1: r V . 4 :,1- 'iff 325' ' IS 7 .' 5 ' X 'M' -f 'A' Q' P iq. 3 1v,bEIf"l'b ff-' fk : ' f' f l, " 3 E' 2 'Q' l n? 6 f -AE-kA,25E75"-' , tiff: ,- .sSv:-.iawii 31' - 1 5. 1 .- -1 A -'sta '-fi . aff ' :f 'V , - - . , , 5936 f- f v.- :W '1-Q,sE.x 75532 ,QW ,f 4:3-19? -, ff , -' -1 ' -' '52w,a:-wi-'Plf-1 ,. - , iff .- i fx ' ,Qi ,V , L, : yu L5-:T YQ!- E," -7 ffgf l " .'1f ? V ' ' H2iiz- 2 N- ': 4 - f " ,'? .,, V G. V - A1j,,13-54:3-5-k'f Q" f f 'gfgv ":'F"',",, 55.Q 4' " 'J ' " W, wigs' 0 " mf - f ' - " ' " '- ' " 4- - - 2 A- - gl is ff -W wi: H fa Lf W A Q? gyiiiiaxi, ' fla w ff ,gl "'S"egg- gg? 33' 1 265 f ff' fix A' ' 5 if-lf? -Ng? LS- 3,955 sri 12 ,- 523 flying -y . f Q- arf A 4- xv .4 ' "Q -v 'H er L J- V iff Q- X' . +- ' ,w -"N A X G 5 'ff' Fw M .4 . 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I A i-1 r ' '- - - ' - K ,5 r 5' ef' LSI'-S J. 5 - f- - ' ' 'fs ' - q"'?'W - 14' R ' 'Q""f5' "ffl 4 1 2 7 1 1 xii' ' "H-iv -5' ' J'-:, '1 ., ' -L -f vs" W' , 1' . , - - , , . - .. . , r , 1 . Q . , E! W A if ,Li s I, Izzwrjgfmrw W :flag J 5 E ? .fa l if 5 5 ?,4,f 1325, he l Q ... Mfg.. 1 Q . in -gig, J -f. 13,9 1 P53 .-WF, 'R-55573 "' 4'L'f'f" 3521 'ffr grg"'w:3-if-QhF'5a: wfgiafi-fa? 'Jr 1" ' , - ' 5 'HH ' 'J u.f'5'? :Jn - ' ,gi 'Q 1 A" Y ' ', , 'kv A Qi ,' , ,A 'Ti ' lf-"' ! 5 rf! , 3f+:"2' fnQEfn,. ' LL 'L ,Y fa,-L. Li w jx 'H :las '-ff, -H' V45-",,5Iq,Sff' J-1 ."'Qil1.Sl54gE':-aff " , - A Ax ALL' in If , . U- w . .NJ A ,W . , of o :UE :IIE 3 Maroon and hlte QIIIHIIIQIICQIHQIII Number wif -o 2 .ll Ill H W 5 Q T 5- 2 M ng W L E 'Il 5 , , :fi 0 0 3 ., 0 img ' 56' P? Q H 'ls r : o i i , I 12' Q ' sq Wi' ' ..n.. "LAI QQ 2 EE NJ ' Published by the Students of the , Umontown Semor I-hgh School QU: u 7ll ll fi NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE 9 T o if Q V - , Q41-5539 X UNIONTOVVN SENIOR HIGH SCHOCI.. L in e U Maroon Editor'-iii-Cliiefw ,,,.....,, Associate Edit1mr-in'Chief--- Business Manager ........... Assistant Business Manager--- and White Staff ----Chas. G. Hugus, Jr. -----Le Roy Provins ---------Joe Hess ---------Sam Rosen Managing Editor ----.-----.- --.- W eston LaBarrer Assistant Managing Editor ---- ----- R obert McCracken Circulation Manager --.--------. ---Wiley Byers, Jr. Assistant Circulation Manager School Reporter --.----------- Senior Reporter ---- Junior Reporter ------- Sophomore Reporter ---- Special Reporter ---. Art Editor --.------ Sports Editor -----.- Staff Photographer ---- Faculty Advisors -.-- Typist -.----.----. Assistant Typist--- Warren Brown -------Polly Agee ---James Gladden ----Howard Rowan ----Harold Myers -----Sara Francis --------Joe Mallory James L. Divvens ---Robert Frushour 5 R. D. Mosier " 3 I. F. Hoerger ----Elsie Smerling ----Esther Seaman OVVN SENIOR HIGH SENIORS 1 929 UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL L Lf . . so at 39 97 REBECCA T. ADLER "Becky" 1 l ff' -Q. f.. S31-.'-Fw, Mixed Chorus Ig Operetta. II, III: Glee Club II, III, IV, Orchestra IV: President Girls' Athletic Association IVQ Basketball II, III, IV, Hockey IV, Commercial Club III, IV, Soccer IIIQ Girls' Hi-Y IV. "She has no cares and has no woes, And takes life just as it comes and goes." DONALD WELTY BIERER "Wobbles" Beta Hi-Y III, IV, Le Cercle Fran- cais III, IVg Operetta IV: Dramatic Club III, IVg Class Play IV. "Never trouble trouble 'til trouble troubles you." POLLY J. AGEE uAgeeu Dramatic Club III, IV, Class Play Ill, IV: Chemistry Club IIIg Physics Club IVg Cercle Francais III, lVg Basketball I, Ilg Pres. Girls' Hi-Y IV, Student Senate I, II, Maroon and White III, IV, Girls' Glee Club 1, II. "We know better than we do." EUGENE BISEL "Pete" Orlando CFla.J High School. Boys' Glee Club IVg Archery Club III, Rod and Gun Club III. "Every man must be the maker of his own fortune." JEAN BEVERLY ARNETT "Arnett" Girls' Glee Club II, III, IVQ Dra- matic Club II, IV, Girls' Hi-Y IV: Cer- cle Francais III, IVg Operetta IIQ Pa- trol Squad III. "Vivacious, bright and full of pep, With whom all fellows would fain keep in step." PEARL BILSKER "Pearl" "She will always be cherished in our memories." X i ELIZABETH BANE x K -- uBettyn N I . Cercle Francais IV. ',,..-- 'a'-D "Virtue is its own reward." " R Q 5 K :L . lif e il UNIONTOVVN SENIOR I-IIOH SCHOOL FRANCES BROWNFIELD uBunnyvv Le Cercle' Francais IVg Orchestra IVQ County Music Contest IVg Senior Octet Accompanist IV. "Quiet and demure is she, But she is what a good pupil ought to be." HERBERT BLACK i -'He-bf' "Wisdom rules his every deed and thought." I RITA MARILYN BROAD "Rits" Basketball I, Ilg Glee Club IIIg Dra' matic Club IV. 4'What's in a name?" V GEN E BROWN HGinU I Commercial Club I, II, III, IVQ Girls' Hi-Y IVg T. I. C. Club IVQ B. B. I, II, Illg Hockey IVQ Student Senate II. . E "Of all the treasures I fain would see A tiny ring is the thing for me." HARRY BURFORD UHarry" "He has the appearance of an angel, but a smile gives it all away." MARY VIRGINIA BROWN namarysy Chemistry Club IVQ Girls' Hi-Y IV. "Pleasant always, E , Happy with an ever-ready smile." fm' IRENE BURIAN 'Horses Errors like straws upon the sur I A ERIE H H. H K MJ face flow." I wwf ll ' 5 Q I QUNIONTOVVN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ' Ll 12 THELMA BURKE "Burkey" Commercial Club I, II, III, IV, Glee Club I, II. "A woman's hopes are woven with sunbeamsf' l wlLEv I.. svens, JR. 1lBubY, Operetta III, Track ll, Ill, IVQ Track Mgr. 1Vg Football lVg Student l Senate II, Illg Asst. Circulation Mgr. Maroon and White III3 Circulation Mgr. Maroon and White IVg Class Treasurer III, Hi-Y II, III, IV, Treas- urer Beta Hi-Y Illg Pres. Beta Hi-Y IVg Stamp and Coin Club 1115 Slide- Rule Club IV. "He has the kind of a smile that never wears off." MARY HELENE BURNS "Mayme" Girls' Glee Club IIIg Chemical Re- search Club IIIg Aviation Club IVQ Commercial Club IV. "I love not men, they are so sim- ple." JOE BYRNE "JOB" Orchestra I, III, IV, Operetta IVQ Radio Club lllg Chemistry Club III: Physics Club IV. "Positive men are most often in error." OLIVE BUMGARNER alaummyrs Dramatic Club II, III, IVg Class Play IVg Student Senate III, Girls' Hi-Y IV. "A charming girl with a Winsome smile, A friend to have, and one worth while." WILLIAM BYRNE "Burnsey" Football IIIg Commercial Club IV. "'Tis feared he will die of over- work." X I I RUTH BUTTERMORE X X "Ruthie" N I Commercial Club II, III: Sec. Com- X4 G "Z, . -Z, . Q mecrclal Cl-ub.IV. H K l an lndustry IS the road to wealth. 4 Q X X i. W --if . I 6 f I I S UNIONTONNN 5 ENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Q L V ' . 12 A is 119 BESSIE CASTELLANO I "Bess" niercial Club merit." of God." GRACE CARNEY IVQ T. I. C. Club IV. "Thy modesty is a candle to thy JEAN CARROLL VINCENT CASSELL "An honest man is the noblest work Glee Club Ig Commercial Club III. "I am tipsy with laughing." "Bobbie" Glee Club IVg Operetta IVg Com- III, IVQ Hockey Team GEORGE F. CASTORE, JR. "George" Morgantown I, II, Uniontown III, IVg President of Art Club IV. "A man after his own heart." Avreenyn Glee Club I, II, III, IVQ Dramatic , y Club III, IVQ Chemistry Club IVQ Le Cercle Francais III, IVg Operetta II, III, IVQ T. I. C. Club III. . "Success consists in the climb." CATHERINE CAMPBELL uRustyn Glee Club I, II, III, IVQ Better Homes Club IVg Cercle Francais III, IVg President T. I. C. Club IV3 Oper- etta IV. "Quiet ways and ready smile." HVinclY Orchestra IVQ Stamp and Coin Club f' L FRANCES WILLARD CESSNA I ' "Frances" I E Dramatic Club 11, III, IV: Radio - I . - Club IIIg Physics Club IIIQ Glee Club ' I, IIQ Treasurer of Girls' Hi-Y IVQ I XZ, Home Economics Club IVQ Debating 1 ffffffifflflf' Club III. f ' N Ml "Happy and bright, gay and prim . , r I . ' I, UNIONTONNN SENIOR I-IIGH SCHOOL LJ t 12 EMELIE NAFIS CLARK x1EmiIyl! Dramatic Club III, IV, President Dramatic Club IVg Physics Club IV: Cercle Francais IV, Operetta IVg Class Play IV. "Just a flower from an old-fashion ed bouquet." LOUIS CORN nLoun Orchestra I, II, III, IVQ Basketball llg Winner of Lincoln Essay Contest lllg Student Senate IIg Hi-Temple I, II, III, IVg President Hi-Temple Club IVQ Le Cercle Francais II, III. "Beware the fury of a patient man." BERTHA COHEN '--Bert" Dramatic Club II, III, IV, Debating Club II, III, IVQ Debating Squad IV: Senior Debating Squad IVg Cercle Francais II, IVQ Senior Girls' Track Manager lVg Maroon 8: White Work IVQ Operetta IVg Hockey Team IV. "Very jolly, rather short, In all respects a very good sport." ,HELEN LUCILLE CRAWFORD "LutiI" Cercle Francais II, lVg Physics Club lVg Aviation Club IV. "Pretty brown hair and eyes And cheeks with dimples too." MYRTLE E. COLLINS t'Boots" Cercle Francais IV, Girls' Glee Club 1Vg Physics Club IVg Commer- cial Art Club IV. "Happy ani I, from care I'm free." HOWARD M. CRAWFORD 1lHowdyyr "True as a needle to the pole." BERTHA R. COOPER "Bertie" I Francais IV. ,,.- ' "Who is't can read a woman?" --" A X I Stamp and Coin Club IIIQ Le Cercle N 'x - . in UNIONTOVVN 5 ENIOR HIGH SCHOOL GEORGIA B. CURL "Splinters" French Club III, Commercial Club IV, Glee Club III, T. I. C. Club IV, Patrol Squad III. "Who mixed reason with pleasure And wisdom with mirth." NED B. CRAYTON uNedH Senior Octet IV, Band I, II, III, IV, Orchestra I, ll, III, IV, Glee Club II, III, IV, Alpha. Hi- Y II, III, Operetta II, III, IV. "The sweetest sound in orchestra heard." JOHN M. CZAP "Johnnie" Stamp and Coin Club III, IV, Pres. Stamp and Coin Club III, Chemistry Research Club IV, Cercle Francais IV: Art Club I. "Happy am I, from care I'm free For Im what a good student ought to be." FRANCES CROSSLAND A "Fran" - Orchestra I, II. "Tis education forms the common 'f mind, Just as the tree is bent the twig's in- clined." EVELYN DAILEY "Dailey" Dramatic Club II, IV, Cercle Fran- cais III, IV, Maroon and White Staff II, Girls' Hi-Y IV. "Very quiet and bashful is she." WARREN CROW '1Dutch" Student Senate I, Alpha Hi-Y II, III, IV, Aviation Club IV, Dramatic Club IV, Glee Club IV, Cercle Fran- cais IV, Track III. "When a lady's in the case. r , You know, all other things give place." TYLER DAVIS Track II Chemistry Club IV, Physics Club IV, Art Club IV. He vsorks and works the Iivelong day f"" Effgi I its p , ,,, I 1 K ,XCCX7 V x CATHERINE DUNN 10 UNIONTONNN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL J :Er H9 ' RUBY E. DEARTH '1Ruby" Physics Club IV. Silence is sweeter than speech." JAMES LAWRENCE DIVVENS "Jimmie" Glee Club I, III, IV3 Interclass B. B. Ilg Class Pres. IIIQ Class Treas. IVQ Athletic Editor Maroon and White III, IVg Asst. B. B. Mgr. IIIg B, B. Mgr. IVQ Pres. Slide-Rule Club IV: Commercial Art Club IVQ Aviation Club IVg Operetta IIIg Cercle Fran- cais Illg Patrol Squad IIQ Beta Hi-Y IIIQ Tennis III, IVg Chemistry Club III. "Never alone. His thoughts are al- ways with him." CLARENCE E. DICK "County" bhort and snappyf' CLAUDE EBBERTS 1'Monkey" Track III, IV. "How sweet are the looks that the ladies bequeath." LILLIAN DILS ul-ill! Glee Club II, III. A shy l1ttle violet in a woodland LUCILLE ELLEARD HLucilIe" Senior Octetg Operetta III, IV: Girls' Glee Club I, II, III, IVQ Presi- dent Glee Club IV: Mixed Chorus I3 Chemistry Research Club IIIg Junior Dramatic Club IIIg Commercial Club Ilg Vocal Contest III, IV. "An artist in a student's role." Home Economics Club IVQ shavings 'N - Club IV Physics Club IV: Girls' Base - -ff ketball I ,-ff' ' As dainty as a woodland flower.". KS I A 1 I Z Q 'K .jf S UNIONTONNN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL HARRY FLEM ING "Hawk:haw" Chemistry Club IIIg Physics Club IVg Track I. "Tomorrow comes and we are where? ' Then let us live today." MARTHA JANE FEE Hmartylf Glee Club I, II, IIIg Basketball I, IT, Commercial Club II, III, Cercle Francais III. "Her grades are shining tops, as her glossy raven locks." I EDWARD FLENNIKEN UEd!l Student Senate Ilg Vice-President Student Senate IIIg President Student Senate lVg Beta Hi-Y III, IVg Vice President Beta Hi-Y IVQ Football III, IVQ Captain Football IVg Track II, III, IVg Physics Club IVQ Class Treasurer Ilg Vice-President Class IIIg Traffic Squad IV. "An average student if you speak of grades, An honor student if you speak of maids." ROBERT ARLINGTON FELL I "Bob" Commercial Club II, III, IVQ Stu- dent Senate I, III. "Not derstepping the bounds of modesty." SARA JANE FRANCIS "Sally" Dramatic Club II, III, IVg Cercle Francais III, IVg Student Senate III: Girls' Glee Club II, III, IVg Maroon and White Staff IVQ Vice President Girls' Hi-Y IVg Operetta IV. "A heritage it seems to me A king might wish to hold in fee." ROBERT E. FESTOR "Bob" Le Cercle Francais III, Shop Club IVQ Physics Club IVg Patrol Squad II, III, IVQ Alpha Hi-Y IV. "All must be earnest in a world like ours." I UIQ I , - - GUY G. FRANKHOUSER IKGUYYT Commercial Club III, IV. ff? E . . E ' "You're rightg have it my way." !f'?4i"ji! x 1 W III UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL be L 12 LESLIE FRANKEL HLesH Orchestra I, II, III, IVg Glee Club I, II, III, IVg Dramatic Club Illg De- bating Club IVg "Hear nie, for l will speak." ADELAIDE GIBBS HAd!r Vice-President T. I. C. Club IV: Pa- trol Squad IVQ Commercial Club IIQ Girls' Glee Club IIIg Cercle Francais I, II. ' "The sweetest garland to the sweet- est maid." ROBERT FRUSHOUR HBob1! Beta HifY IVQ President Physics Club IVg Student Senate IVg Dramatic Club IVQ Slide Rule Club IV. "The world knows nothing of its greatest men." ADA GILLELAND HAdaU Cercle Francais IIIQ Dramatic Club IIIQ Secretary Better Homes Club IVQ Shavings Club IV. "Her beautiful Titian hair Is coveted by all the fair." ROSE GENTILCORE "Reggie" Girls' Glee Club 1, llg Operetta II3 Girls' Basketball Ilg French Club III, IV: Commercial Club III. "Thought is the seed of action." JAMES GLADDEN llJimmyYl Debating Club II, III, IVQ Varsity Debating Team IVg Dramatic Club IIIQ " Stamp and Coin Club III, IVg Alpha Hi-Y III, IVQ Class Usher lIIg Maroon and White Staff IVQ Senior Octet IV: ' T Boys' Glee Club IVg Cercle Francais III: Operetta IV. "I work eight hours, I sleep eight hours, and that leaves eight for love." LYNETTA GERHARDT x l --Nea" ' Le Cercle Francais III, IVg Chemi- K cal Research Club III, Physics Clubx I . IVQ Basketball II, III, IV. ff.-A J --"" "The ro er stud of mankind is' - V man." D D y K Q S 5- . W Hi lf e il 4 UNIONTOVVN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL I R -li, . U ml. 13 EUGENE VICTOR GRAN "Shene" Track II, III, IV, Physics Club IV. "Work is for the worker." DOROTHY GLEASON 14 Dot!! Dramatic Club II, III, IV, Girls' Glee Club III, IV, Cercle Francais III, IVQ Operetta III, IV, Orchestra, IVg Girls' Hi-Y IV, Maroon and White IVg Girls' Glee Club III, IV. "I'm always here." MABEL GROVES "Bubbles" Orlando, Florida I, II, III, Boosters' Club Ig Spanish Club II: Music Ap- ' preciation Club II, Domestic Science Club IV. "Please go away and let me sleep." GLADYS GODDARD HHappyY! T. l. C. Club III, IV, Cercle Fran- cais II, III, Commercial Club I, II, III. "Good things come in small pack- ages." RUBY JEAN HARDIN "Bebhie" Dramatic Club II, Illg Glee Club II, Illg Le Cercle Francais IV: Physics Club IVg T. I. C. Club IIIg Patrol Squad IV. "Some hearts are hidden." MILTON GOLDBERG HMiItH Hi-Temple Illg T. L. S. IVQ Physics Club IV. "Each man has l1is good points." X ,Cffgj . EDNA HAGER "Eddie" ' Commercial Club III, IV. 'They always talk who never think. MJ UNIONTOVVN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL K, I 12 LOU ISE HALL HI-ou!! Glee Club 1, II, IV3 Operetta 113 Secretary T. 1. C. Club IV. "Care is an enemy to life. rv JOSEPH S. HESS "Sammie" Alpha Hi-Y II, III, IV3 Tennis 11, 111, IV3 Asst. Business Mgr. Maroon and White 1113 Business Mgr. Maroon and White IV3 Dramatic Club III, IV3 Aviation Club IV3 Student Senate 11, III3 School Play III, IV3 Treasurer Alpha I-Ii-Y. "A business man through and through." RALPH M. HARMAN HKipY1 Football 11: Tennis Illj Student Senate I, IV3 Beta Hi-Y II, 111, IV: Treasurer Beta Hi-Y IV3 Dramatic Club IV3 President Aviation Club IV3 Class Play IV3 Chairman Assembly Program Committee IV, "His heart, his purse, and his hand were always open." CHAS. G. HUGUS, JR. "Chuck" Dramatic Club 113 School Play II: Class President 113 Interclass Basket- ball II, II13 Student Senate II, III, IV3 Associate Editor Maroon and White 1113 President S. W. Pennsylvania Older Boys' Conference 1113 Alpha Hi- Y 11, III, IV3 President Alpha Hi-Y IV3 President Student Senate IV3 Editor-in-Chief Maroon and White IV. "Away with him-he speaks Latin." DONALD R. HELMICK HDon7! Football II, 111, IV3 Track 111, IV3 lnterclass Basketball II, 111, IV3 Glee Club IV3 Dramatic Club 1Vg Debating Club 1Vg Le Cercle Francais IV3 Operetta IV3 Beta Hi-Y IV3 Traffic Squad IV3 Class President IV. "A friend to everyone is he, For he's what a president ought to be" FRANCES JONES "France" "I-Iow sweet are the looks the ladies bequeath on whom their favors fall." A CAROLYN H. HENDERSON "Carrie" ' Francais Ill, IV3 V. President Cercle Dramatic Club 11, III, 1Vg Cercle K X , Francais IV3 Class Play III, IV3 Girls' -f"" Hi-Y IV. ,.-ff A "A little nonsense now and then QI Is relished by the wisest men. 5 Q il QW? 't a UNIONTOVVN S ENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Q H9929 " ELXQEQ .ISJATZ Girls' Glee Club I, IVQ Dramatic Club IIg Patrol Squad III, IVQ Oper- etta. IVQ Commercial Club IV. f "Wit and humor belong to genius E alone." l ROBERT E. HEYSER E 1lBobU I Student Senate IVg Commercial all Club 1, II, III, IVg Pres. Commercial Club III, IVQ Pres. Shorthand Club IVg Editor Commercial Club Ledger IV. "Each man has his good points." SYLVIA RUTH KATZ usyln Dramatic Club Ig Nature Club I5 Sewing Club Ig Commercial Club III, t'SWeet are the slumbers of the vir- IV. tuousf' STANLEY F. JURAS "Stanley" Football II, III, IVQ Alpha Hi-Y IIl,1Vg Glee Club III, IVg Cercle Francais IVg Nature Club IIIQ Com- mercial Club Ilg Class Sgt.-at-Arms IV. "And the muscles of his brawny arms VVe-me like i1'on bands." IRENE L. KATZ nKittyu Glee Club Ig Dramatic Club Ig Chemistry Club IVg Cercle Francais III. "Ambition has no rest." THEODORE KAHN UTedl! U. H. S. and Fayette County Ora- torical Champion IVQ Hi-Temple Club I, II, III, IVg Vice-President Hi-Temple IVQ Vice-President Radio Club IV: Band IVQ Operetta II, III, IVQ Mixed Chorus Ig Boys' Glee Club II, III, IV: Patrol Squad IVQ Student Senate I, IIIQ Dramatic Club II, IIIg Chemistry Club IIIQ Cercle Francais IIIg T. L. S. Club IV. "Fame must necessarily be the for- tune of few." X fgjllgll n 1 l ucatsn A Hi-Temple III, IVg Stamp and Coin Club IVg Nature Club III, IVg Physics Club IVg Chemistry Club IV. If "'Tis not the size that makes the 1 man." 15 A. RUDOLPH KATZ UNIONTOVVN SENIOR I-IIOH SCHOOL fy I, v DOROTHY KING "Dotty" Physics Club IVg Glee Club IV. "An earnest worker day in and day out."V JAMES KNIGHT "Jimmie" Operetta III, IVg Glee Club Senior Octette IV. "A man of mark." FLORENCE KEENER HFIOH Le Cercle Francais II, III3 Home Economics Club IVg Physics Club IV3 Shavings Club IV. "She stoops to conquer." MICHAEL J. KOCAN "Mike" "The boy with a smile." I CAROLYN KERNIES "Kei-mic" Commercial Club IVg T. I. C. Club IV. "Quiet ways and ready smile." HELEN KRAFA "Helen" Commercial Club I. I II, IV! "Helen is clever and always gay." X WILLIAM S. KERR Truck II, III, IV: Chemistry Club h I gi 4 "Perched and sat and nothing ,,.--" Illg Commercial Club II, IV. .,.--' W VT X Ll UNIONTOWN SENIOR I-IIOI-I SCHOOL CORIA :VCLQFIFFONORI Le Cercle Francais III, IV: Art Club IVg Chemistry Club IVg Stamp and Coin Club III, IV3 Operetta IV. "Life is too short to waste." RAOUL WESTON LABARRER "Raoul" Managing Editor Maroon and White IVg Ass't. Managing Editor IIIQ President Le Cercle Francais IVg Le Cercle- Francais IIIg Beta Hi-Y II, III' IV Dramatic Club IIg Glee Club X Operetta III. "The pen is mightier than the sword." CLARA LIVINGSTON "Jimmie" I Mixed Chorus Ig Glee Club Ilg B. B. I. "As merry as a cricket." LOUIS WILSON LACLAIR "Louie" Dramatic Club IVg Physics Club IVQ ' Radio Club IIIQ Le Cercle Francais IVg Aviation Club IVg Alpha Hi-Y II, III, IVg Inter-class B. B. I, II, IVQ ' Varsity B. B. III. "Most great men are dead or dy- I ing: I d0n't feel Well myself." LOUIS LLOYD HCap!l Chemistry Club IVg Aviation Club IV. ' It Q t'He cares not for study because it I weakens his eyes." MILDRED LANDMAN "Millie" Cercle Francais IVg Physics Club IV: Art Club IV. ' "Things cease to be supernatural when we understand them." we tffrgi HARRIET LONG HeIdI Student Senate II IV Pres Le Cer cle Francais IV Dramatic Club II IV Hockey IV Maroon and Whlte Staff III Girls I-I1Y IV Cercle Francais - - I , . . ' 3. ' , HJ Hkfglat of heart." 17 UNIONTOVVN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 1 Q L . . 12 get I9 HELEN IONA MACK "Helen" Slide-Rule Club IVg Physics Club IV. "I would be friend of all." KATH RYN E. IVICCAY HKU Cercle Francais IVg Dramatic Club IVQ Stamp Club III. t'Her heart, like the nloon, is always changing, But tl1ere's always a man in it." JOE MALLORY uRurn1! Varsity Track II, III, IVQ Orchestra I, II, Ill, IVQ Band IIIg Art Editor Maroon and White IVQ President Commercial Art Club IVQ Nature Club IIIQ Cercle Francais IIIg Alpha Hi-Y IV. "Genius is the capacity for avoiding hard work." MEREDITH McKAY nsallyu "Sedate, unassuming and modest." ELIZABETH MARTIN 44 Beth!! "She doeth little kindnesses that most leave undone." CHARLES MESSMORE "Charley" "He was gentle and meek, A nian of few words." I X EVERETT LAING McGILL I "Everett" K Stamp and Coin Club III, lVg Com- h f mercial Club lv. X ..,-- "The world's no better if we worry, ,,,..-f' f 'Q ' Life's no longer if we hurry " K 5 Q X il S e A-RN. . 18 f 1 1 ,- LJNIONTOVVN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL if ! If being nice were money shed y MARGARET MORRIS Mpeg!! Student Senate II, Glee Club II, III, IV, Dramatic Club II, Girls' B. B. I, II, III, IV: Girls' Hi-Y Club IV. "A ray of sunshine who will brighten someone's heart." RUTH MILLER "Ruthie" Girls' Hi-Y IVg Dramatic Club IV: Le Cercle Francais IV, Nature Club IV. "One of our Ruths like Ruth of the X Bible Is always faithful, true and reliable." ' v EDWARD NARA "Eddie" "I thought the moon was made of green cheese." ANNETTE MONGELLUZZO KlTony7! Commercial Club IV, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Hockey IV, Soccer III. "Winsome in manner." EDWARD PALLADINO "Eddie" Track I, IIIg Orchestra I, II, III, IV. "Men of few words are the best ones." JOHN EARL MONTGOMERY Hijack!! I Student Senate IVQ Boys' Glee Club IV, Operetta IV, Hi-Y III, IV, Cub Re- porter I. "Jack of all trades-master of I none." ffff '-'j 'ITV ' A EJ SUEA PAULO Susie" Basketball II Glee Club I Cercle Flancais II III Commercial Club III X I S-ni I X LILLIAN RODNEY lLiIyH X Glee Club II Commercial Club llg X Dramatic Club I II. X To be always pleasant is a great --"" ' - accomplishment ' K 5 Q . ,il UNIONTOXNN SENIOR I-IIGH SCHOOL L U MERLE PRICE Alpha H1Y III, IVg Dramatic Club II III IV Class Play III, IVQ Glee Club II IV Operetta III, IVg Vice- Presldent of Class IVQ Student Senate Knowledge comes but wisdom lin- EDITH AGNES REBOK nDeev7 Glee Club lg Chemistry Club IV: Art Club IVg Nature Study Club IV5 Shavings Club IV. "An earnestness of purpose domi- nates her personality." A ROY PROVINS UROYU Clee Club I, II, III, lVg Aviation In every deed of mischief he had a hand to execute." ELIZABETH ROBINSON HI-ibbyil Dramatic Club II, IVQ Basketball I, II, Illg Stamp Club Illg Better Amer- ican Homes Club IVQ Le Cercle Fran- cais III, lVg T. I. C. Club III. "Learning's a trait that everyone should cultivate." JAMES RAY PROVINS uRayU Aviation Club 1Vg Glee Club I, II, All great men are unique." ANGELO PUGLIA HAnge7Y Chemistry Club IVg French Club I, II. "He is oft the wisest man Who is not wise at all." ISL'- Tx, .jf S UNIONTOVVN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL GENEVIEVE RUSE HGenU Commercial Club IV, Girls' Hi-Y IV, T. I. C. Club IV, Basketball I, II, III, Hockey IV, Student Senate II. "A certain kind of dignity." JAMES HUMBERT ROGERS "Jimmie" Boys' Glee Club III, Operetta III, IV, Le Cercle Francais III, Alpha Hi-Y III, IV, Physics Club IV, Chem- istry Club III, IV, Sawdust Club IV, Biology Club II, General Science Club ' I. "No class is perfect without its jes- I ter." BETTY SANGSTON l Hams" Dramatic Club IV, Chemistry Club IV, Class Play IV, Girls' Hi-Y IV. "A maiden with a cheerful smile and a happy personality." MALACHI J. ROSENECKER I "Malachi" "Worry and I have never met." GENEVIEVE SCHAFER if i uxjennyu "Quiet and very shy." GLADYS V. RHODES HGladyU Because it's all in her head." N Glee Club I, Mixed Chorus I, Girls' T. I, C. Club III, Le Cercle Francais IV. "She doesn't need to cram for any exam Ill' '-'I 'W' - ff ELIZABETH T. SELF ' Babe" Dramatic Club III, IV, Physics Club IV, Aviation Club IV. E . . E XZ - "Small of stature, great of heart." -,, it Stl! 2-L UNIQNTOWN sENnoR HIGH sc:-loom. if L ij LENA SHAFFER 'fLena" Glee Club I, IIIQ Commercial Club Ilg Nature Club IV. "To know, to esteem, to love." LLOYD D. SHELKEY l ul-loydn Science Club Ig Traffic Squad IVQ Student Senate IVg Cercle Francais IVQ Slide-Rule Club IVQ Aviation Club ' IVQ Alpha Hi-Y IV. "The society of women is the foun- dation of good manners." RUTH FRANCES SHARPNACK "Babe" Le Cercle Francais IVQ Physics Club IV. "Nobody knows thee but to love lhffefy FRANK SHENKMAN t'Shenk" Orchestra I, II, III, IVQ Glee Club I, Squad Y 113 Operetta III, IVQ Patrol 1Vg Debating Club IV. "He stoops to crank 'er." I FLORA SHAPIFZO UFIOU Chemistry Club IVg Dramatic Club IV. "She helps everyone with their work." HELEN SHIMEK "Helen" - Commercial Club lVg Girls' Glee Club 1Vg T. I. C. Club III, IVQ Hockey ' IVQ Basketball Ig Operetta IV. "The hand that follows intellect can achieve." JOE SHELBY Chemistry Club III: Glee Club I, lVg Operetta IV: Le Cercle Francais K . . L "It's not the man who knows the most...-f' A J V "Joe" X X I lVg Alpha H1-Y Ill, lVg Dramatic I Club IV. ..--' That has the most to say." ' kg ' -Q 'X ? M x XXX. 1 ' 'i ' 22 ' f I 15.12. IJNIONTOVVN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ' ' Q , . A . 0 CLYDE F. SMITH "Smitty" ELSIE Basketball Francais II, Maroon and "Here's to a In the art of Band IV. "Handicapped by a great name." TONY SIMEON awronyn Football II, III, IVQ Track II, III, IVQ Interclass B. B. II, III, IV, Stu- dent Senate II, IV, Band IV, Glee Club III, Beta Hi-Y IVg Dramatic Club IVg Class Play IV, Cercle Francais IVQ Patrol Squad III, IV3 Debating Club IV, Secretary Student Senate IV. "Rather clever, lots of pepg An all-round good fellow Who's always in step." MARTHA ELLEN SMITH "Martee" Le Cercle Francais Ilg Commercial Club IIIg Physics Club IV. "Small ones oft are brainyf' DORIS SIVIERLING HE 'su IIg Glee Club III, Cercle IIIg Dramatic Club IV, White Typist IV. very demure little belle, typing unexcelledf' LEE SMITH HLeeU Boys' Glee Club II III' Debatin y , S Club II, III, IVQ Chemistry Club IIIQ Operetta II, III, Physics Club IV. Its not the man who has the most Who gives the most away." ELIZABETH SM ELL uBettyn Girls' Glee Club III, IV, Better Homes Club IV. "A maiden never bold." fr wry: DORTHA HELEN SOLOMON ' ' HDotU f I 1 Glee Club IIIg Commercial Club IV: - Operetta. IV. X, "What sweet delight a quiet life ,ff ' affords." effifcf X QL, . W In 23 UNIONTONNN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FRANK SPRINGER lasammyvv Dramatic Club IVg Slide Rule Club IVQ Chemistry Club IV. "Take my name backwards, Divide by two, and you have Sam." I' RUTH SWANKHOUSE "Swankie" V T. I. C. Club III, IVQ Basketball l. "In their own merits, modest won1en are dumb." KATHRYN SPRINGER HKittieY! T. I. C. Club IV. "Do today thy nearest duty." MARGARET TATE I npeggyn Glee Club I, II, III, IVg M'xed Chorus IVQ Operetta III, IVQ Commer- cial Club III, IVg Domestic Science Club IV. W "She could giggle the livelong day." MARY SPRINGER Y - Hmaryll "Does she shirk her duties? Neverf' I MERLE THOMAS "Snookiei' Beta Hi-Y Ill, lVg Physics Club IV3 Aviation Club IV. "The more we study The more we discover our ignorance." MARGARET F. STEFANIK X l ulvlargien I President and Vice President Girls' K , Athletic Association IVg Basketball I, " 1 llg Manager IVg Hockey IVg Operetta X -l' lVg Girls' Glee Club IVQ Bi0logy,,..f"" ' 5 , Club ll: Dramatic Club IIQ T. I. C. M S Q Club IV. S -Q A lively girl is above all rank. M X 'R E QE X 24 f 1 I X PIE.-.. UNIONTOWN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Q L . aj , Q, , JOSEPH ROBERT VARNAK HJoef, Football III, IVg Slide-Rule Club IV. "Blessings on the great big man, Curly headed boy with cheek of tan.' WILLIAM TRENT "Buddy" y I It Inter-Class Basketball IVg Band IV: Chemistry Club IVg Aviation Club IV. "Wit and humor belong to genius alone." JONATHAN WALTERS "Johnnie" , Dramatic Club II, IVg Student Sen- ate I, IIg Aviation Club IVQ Class Play IVQ Boys' Glee Club IV. "If I don't get there today Why, I'll get there tomorrow." FRED TUNAJEK "Freddie" Dramatic Club IVQ Physics Club IVg Slide-Rule Club IVg Hi-Y Club IV. "Men of few words are the best I men." FRANCES WALTERS "France" 1 Le Cercle Francais lIIg Home Eco nomics Club IVQ Physics Club IVQ Shavings Club IV. "A nice little girl, dainty and neat, With a piquant smile ever so sweet." HELEN UPHOLD "UphoId" ' Senior Octette IVg Glee Club IV3 Shavings Club IVg Physics Club IVQ . IIome Economics Club IV. "What she says she'1l do you can depend on it." ff "j 'VV- flj A JOHN D. WALTERS Johnny" Alpha H131 III, IVQ Chemistry Club III Radio Club IVg Slide-Rule Club I 1 1 IE , n' ' il f ll ll t" 7 X .1 e ow, we n1e. OW, E it N ' N-"' 25 UNIONTOVVN SENIOR HIGH SCHOCL LI I 12 ERMINA WANDEL "Minie" Commercial Club I, II, III, IVg Girls' Hi-Y IVg Dramatic Club III, IVQ Or- chestra IIg Student Senate Illg B. B. I, Ilg Hockey IV. "There's mischief in this maid." BERNICE M. WI "BCFl'1ie" Commercial Club Ig T. IV. "We all love a. pretty girl." MARY WARMAN "Toots" Le Cercle Francais lVg Physics Club IVQ Stamp Club IIIg Chemistry Club Illg T. I. C. Club III. "Swift kindnesses are best." ROGER STANLEY WILLIAMS nRahH President Chemistry Club IV. "I do not like this fooling." EVERETT WILLIAMS "Mase" Student Senate IIIQ Football Man- ager IVg Debating Club IVQ Cercle Francais IVQ Physics Club lVg Hi-Y III, IVQ Patrol Squad II, III, IVg Art Club IV. "An honest man is the noblest work of God." THELMA E. WILSON "SlatS" Basketball III, IVQ Commercial Club IVg T. l. C. Club IV. "For sl1e'ls a jolly good fellow." LLIAMS I. C. Club III, DOROTHY wn.LlA1vls X I HD,ot!l I Dramatic Club lll, IVg Commercial K Club I, II, lllg Cercle Francais I, 115 NX 1 Pres. T. I. C. Club IV. --""' None knew thee but to love thee." ..--" A S Q 'x gQ 11 ' Ll uNnoNTowN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL JAM ES ZACOVIC Hzacn Varsity Basketball II, III, IVg Var- sity Track II, III, IV, Le Cercle Fran- cais IV, Glee Club IV, Student Sen- ate III, Tennis III, IV. LILLIAN WOODS nl-ill!! Commercial Club III, IVQ Operetta IVQ T. I. C. Club IV, Basketball I. "Her tongue, it ceaseth never." JULIA GASKILL "Judie" , Commercial Club IVQ Patrol Squad II. "Write me as one who loves her fel- low menf' EVA YOUNG uBettyn Girls' Glee Club III. "If music be the food of love, play on " DOROTHY MARIE YOUNG nDotH "Like her name, she is like a dot, But when you need her she is right on the spot." UIQ it "Likeable, lean, and long." P. A. ARTIS HP- A'7Y Alpha Hi-Y III, IV, Vice President Alpha Hi-Y IV. CLYDE ANDERSON uclyden Physics Club IV. DOROTHY S. BALAS H Dot!! Commercial Club II. AM EDEE BALSLEY "Amedee" Orchestra II, III, IV. JOHN TENER BEESON "Johnnie" Stamp and Coin Club III, Chemis- try Club III. INEZ BODDY HNezY7 Cercle Francais IV. MILDRED BRADEN HMidl7 Le Cercle Francais IIIg Glee Club I, III, IVQ Dramatic Club III, IV, Operetta III, IV. uNioNTowN I It SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL V , LEE' . . - 7'7" . Q . . . . JOSEPH BARRICK DANIEL DOROTINSKY EDWARD GRADYS HJoeH UDanH HEdH Band IV. Physics Club IV, Slide-Rule Club Football III, IV, Interclass Basket- IV, , ball III, IV. ELEANOR BORTZ "Borf.2ie" VIVIAN DOWNES WILLIAM GRANDE Dramatic Club II, III, IV, Girls' Hi' ' I-Vlveyv "Bill" Y IV, Cercle Francais III, IV, Class Play III. ROSELMA BRASHEAR Basketball I, II, III, IV, Glee Club III, IV, Aviation Club IV, Physics Club IV, Chemistry Club III, Oper- etta IV. DAVID L. BROWN "Johnny" Orchestra III, IV, Band IV, Glee Club IV. PAULINE BUSEY "Pauline" CATHERINE CAMPBELL unustyvr "A firm believer in the power of science." JAMES CARTER "Suckie" Football II, III, IV, Interclass Bas- ketball II, III, IV, Track II, III. cAni. cHAiviaens -learn" RICHARD ROY COLLINS Hoicw' Hi-Y III, IV, Chemistry Club III, Operetta IV, Radio Club IV, Dramatic Club III, IV, AGN ES CORRISTON "Agnes" ROBERT CORY Haobll Hi-Y III, IV, Football II, 111, IV, Basketball II, III, IV, Class Usher II, Glee Club IV, Cercle Francais IV, Track III, IV, Tennis III, IV. VIOLA MARIE CRAFT Hweefl Chemistry Club IV, Stamp and Coin Club III, IV, Student Senate II. JEREMIAH DAVIS "Jerry" Track I, II, III. RALPH DAVIS "Chick" Chemistry Club IV, Debating Club IV, Track I, IV, Interclass B. B. 1. Dramatic Club II, III, Physics Club IV, Commercial Art Club IV, Cercle Francais III, IV, Slide'Rule Club IV, Girls' Hi-Y IV. FRANCES DUCKWORTH HRedH Glee Club I, II, III, IV, Dramatic Club IV. DOROTHY MAE DUTTON UDotll . Glee Club I, III, IV, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Commercial Club II, IV, Patrol Squad III, IV, Hockey IV, Operetta IV, T. I. C. Club IV. WILLIAM ALAN EISENBERG usillyn Glee Club II, Debating Club II, IV, President Dramatic Club II, Debating Squad IV, President Chemistry Club IV. JOSEPH ANTHONY FECEK HTonyYl Sawdust Club IV. NATHAN FEIGUS HNatU Boys' Glee Club, Debating Club III, IV, Interclass Basketball III, Hi- Temple III, IV, MELVIN H. FIKE HFikeH Aviation Club IV, Physics Club IV, Chemistry Club IV, Sawdust Club IV. RICHARD FORNILI HDickU Orchestra I, II, III, IV, Band II, III, IV, Radio Club IV, Physics Club IV, Aviation Club IV, Dramatic Club III, Cercle Francais III. RACHEL GHRIST "Rach" Dramatic Club II, III, IV, Physics Club IV, Cercle Francais III, IV, Girls' Hi-Y IV, Hockey IV, Class Play IV. PEARL GOTTESMAN "Pearl" Glee Club I, III, IV, Dramatic Club I, II, Chemistry Club IV, Senior Octet IV, Operetta III, IV, Mixed Chorus I. 28 Interclass B. B. I, III, IV, Aviation Club IV, Physics Club IV, Cercle Francais IV, Sawdust Club III, IV, Chemistry Club III. JAM ES D. HAGERTY - UJayH EDWARD HEM INGTON UEdH Chemistry Club III, IV, Radio Club IV, Physics Club IV, Cercle Francais IV, Alpha Hi-Y II, III, IV, Aviation Club IV. WILLIAM J. HENZLY Maur' Aviation Club IV, Physics Club IV, President of Radio Club IV. MARY LOUISE HOOVER "Hoover" Glee Club I, IV, Chemistry Club IV, Le Cercle Francais IV, Senior Octet IV. EARL HUSTON UBabeH Alpha Hi-Y III, IV, Dramatic Club III, IV, Physics Club IV, Aviation Club IV, President Dramatic Club IV, President Physics Club IV, Class Play III. AMANA JACKSON "Mana" Cercle Francais III, IV, Physics Club IV, Girls' Hi-Y IV. BERNARD JOHN "Biff:ie" HARRY JOHNS Chemistry Club III, Physics Club IV, Aviation Club IV, Slide-Rule Club IV. WILLIAM JOSEPH HWuday" f'O1llII1C"C:31 Club II, III, IV, Glee C.ub IV, Cpo.c-ta IV, Student Senate II, IV, Traffic Squad IV, Interclass B. B. III, IV. FRED KAIL HBep7l Student Senate III, Football III, Commercial Club III. UNIONTOXNN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Li Lg., . U ELIZABETH KIMBERLY EDWARD NARA JOHN STRAUCH "Libby" "Eddie" "Johnnie" Dramatic Club I, II: C0H1m9TCl3-1 Commercial Club II, III, IV, Inter- Science Club I, Nature Club II, Club I. class B. B. II, III, IV. Chemistry Club III, Le Cercle Fran- cais IV. . DOROTHY KING -fpotv MINNIE FRANCES PRIEST lAMinH JOSEPHINE N MINNIE LOVEY ,,Jo,,TA NER "Min" RACHEL ROSE Commercial Club III. 4'Ray" Hockey IV, Cercle Francais IV, B k b ll IV. MARGARET LUCAS as et a GEORGE TANNER, JR. npeggieu "Tanner" Student Senate I, II, III, Dramatic MoRTqIwAoI:g?eENBERG Club III, IV, Class Play III, IV, Beta. ABE MARKowl1'z T, L. s. Club iv, Chemistry Club HPY HI' IV- "Abe" IV, Physics Club IV, Cercle Francais Cercle Francais IV, Physics Club KATHRYN MATTINGLY , uKay!! Cercle Francais IV, T. I. C. Club IV. GEORGE MAUST "Maustie" Student Senate I, IV, Patrol Squad IV, Football III, IV, Interclass B. B. II, III, Varsity B. B. IV. JAMES McDOWELL HRedU Interclass B. B. I, II, Varsity B. B. III, IV. EUGENE MCMASTER "Gene" JACK MICHAEL HJackl! Miami Military Academy I, Austin High School Texas II, U. H. S. III, IV, Aviation Club IV, Track I, II, German Club ll, Glee Club II, III, IV. JOHN MOORE ulvlajoru Student Senate I, IV, Physics Club IV, Chemistry Club III, Slide Rule IV. JOSEPHINE MOORMAN HJoeN Hockey Team IV, Basketball IV. KENNETH MYERS uKenn Alpha Hi-Y IV, Physics Club IV. FRANK MYERS "Frank" Cumberland, Md., I, II, III, Glee Club II, Track II, III, Baseball II. III! U. H. S. IV, Senior Octet IV, Alpha Hi-Y IV, Operetta IV. I III. NICHOLAS J. SANSONE "Tackey" Football II, III, Glee Club IV, In- terclass B. B. I. ARTHUR SAVAGE "Artie" SALVADOR SCARLET Hsalll EDWARD J. SEMSEY noudu Maroon and White I, Beta Hi-Y II, III, IV, Interclass Basketball IV. PEARL SETTLE "Pearl" Glee Club III. JOHN SILEO "Johnnie" RUTH SITTLER "Sit" Basketball I, II, III, IV, Hockey IV, Cercle Francais II, III, IV, Dramatic Club II, III, IV. ROBERT SMITH usleepyn Glee Club II, III, IV, Operetta III, Commercial Club II, III. KATHRYN SNYDER mare" CATHERINE CELEST SPRINGER "Catherine" T. I, C. Club IV, Operetta IV. 29 ANNA M. WASHOCK HAnnYl Basketball II, 111. EDNA IRENE wu.KlNs "Eddie" Glee Club III, IV, Chemistry IV, Better Homes Club IV. EDWIN WILLIAMS ' uEdn Radio Club III, IV, Physics IV, Slide Rule Club IV. VERNON C. WIRSING "Winks" Interclass B. B. III, IV, Glee IV, Operetta IV. ELEANOR WISE "Wuzzie" Shavings Club IV, Chemistry IV. JOE H. WOODS ' "Woodsy" Club Club Club Club Varsity Basketball II, III, IV, Vars- ity Football II, III, Varsity Track III, IV, Physics Club IV, Chemistry Club IV. ELIZABETH A. ZACOVIC '-Beth" Girls' Glee Club IV, Commercial Club IV. C 1 II 249 SENIORS T0 BE GRADUATED IUNE 3, 12 STUDENTS RECEIVE HIGH HQ CDR -uu1nn 11m -nI11w- 9-qlq-.q..-migm1M..-ml..gm.-qn1lm.-uq..q.-gu1ug-.lmlgg-1.441lm..-M1up1..n..un1u.l1..pl1..!a 1929-30 Maroon and White Staff Chosen Announcement of the 1929-'30' staff of the MAROON AND WHITE Weekly is now made public for the first time. The lineup includes more students than for any previous year. The following is the list, which will, however, be subject to change at any time: Editor-in-Chief ......................... Leroy Provins Associate Editor-in-Chief .................. Julius Stern Managing Editor ............ ..... R obert McCracken Assistant Managing Editor .... .......... B os Farson Business Manager ......................... Sam Rosen Associate Business Manager ......... Dorothea Coffman Assistant Business Manager---.. .... Charles Brownfield Circulation Manager .................... Warren Brown Assistant Circulation Manager .... Walton Lawrenceson School Reporter ..........,............. Martha Steele Humor Reporter ...................... Scotty Robinson Senior Reporters .... Olive Garland, Dorothy Hirshman Junior Reporters ................................ ----------Eloise Chorpenning, Clarence Carpenter Sophomore Reporters-William Castallino, Sarah Rogers Art Editor ............................... Lucllle Pritts The position of Sports Editor is missing from the above list. No person has been chosen to fill the va- cancy. Any present junior interested in trying for the place should hand in an application to Mr. Mosier immediately. The staff was selected by the recommendations and qualifications of the English instructors of the school. The points considered in the selections were scholastic ability, amount of extra-curriculars carried, amount of academic work, and the initiative of the applicant. School Paper Wins Students' Approval Winning a third place in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association contest, the MAROON Kr WHITE, successfully carried out a reorganization and enlarge- ment of the paper for the 1928-'29 term. Efforts were made during the year by the editors and faculty advisors, Mr. Mo- sier and Mr. Hoerger, to give to the publication a greater value, both as an organ of news and as a record of school events for the student. Cuts of cur- rent happenings were usual- ly a feature of each issue. Another improvement over preceeding volumes was the advertising, accom- plished by the business de- partment of the staff. Lead- ing Uniontown stores week- ly advertised special values tContinued on Page 339 30 Student Senate Has Active Year One of the most active organizations in the school this year was the Student Senate. It was a dominant factor in Senior high af- fairs, acting as the connect- ing link between student and faculty. Problems hav- ing a direct bearing upon every student in the school were discussed, and solu- tions offered to many of them. During the first semester a parade, in which nearly the entire student body par- ticipated, calling attention to the fact that more money was needed for the equip- ping of the new athletic field, was the result of the planning of the Senate. A benefit concert for the ath- letic field fund was the work of the Senate officers. Near the end of the term the Student Senate made tContinued on Page 337 Sr. Class Makes Enviable Record The class of 1929, has left its mark indelibly stamped upon the pages of Uniontown Senior high his- tory. Its activities in many different fields will make it long remembered by both the faculty and present students. Recognition of its out- standing work and deport- ment was acknowledged by the fact that the class trophy was presented for the first time to this class at the end of the first se- mester of the '28-'29 term. The new athletic field had for many of its most ardent supporters and boosters members of the Senior classy a subscription dance promoted by members of the Senior class as well as a benefit basketball game helped to bring in money for the equipping of the field. Leading roles in the "Pageant of Progress" were also taken by '29 students. Assembly programs of- fered by the Senior home of the best. organizations the best inter- school were the ranks of class. School rooms were Leaders in working for ests of the chosen from the Senior spirit ran high in the "twenty-niners"g they were staunch supporters of all the athletic teams, both at home and abroad. Dances and parties staged by the class were always well at- tended and much enjoyed. Members of the 1929 class played no small part in bringing further laurels in athletics to the Senior high. Football, basketball, and track teams had many members on them in the past three years who will be graduated this June. The class of '29 was the first to be allowed to organ- ize in its sophomore year. The officers for the last three years follow: sopho- more- president, Chuck Hugusg vice president, Frances Cessna, secretary, Polly Stevens, treasurer, tContinued on Page 337 This year's graduating class, which numbers 249, is eight higher than. last year's which had 241 mem- bers. As revealed by Mr. Lu- bold in assembly May 10, there are 12 Seniors be- ing graduated with high honors, 50, with honors. An average of 92 per cent in all subjects for the last two years was necessary to place one in the high honor groupg those in the second group must have had an average of 87 per cent or better. Names of those being graduated with high honors are listed alphabetically: P. A. Artis, John Beeson, Pearl Bilsker, Bertha Cohen, James Divvens, William Eisenberg, James Gladden, Irene Katz, Wes- ton LaBarrer, Harriet Long, Edward Palladino, Gladys Rhodes. Tho-se graduating in the second honor group are: Polly Agee, Eleanor Bortz, Gene Brown, Frances Brownfield, Olive Bumgar- ner, Pauline Busey, Wiley Byers, Frances Cessna, Emelie Clark, Richard Col- lins, Bertha Cooper, Marie Craft, John Czap, Evelyn Dailey, Ralph Davis, Tyler Davis, Martha Fee, Sara Francis, Lynetta Gerhardt, Adelaide Gibbs, Dorothy Gleason, William Grande, James Hagerty, Edward Hemington, Carolyn Hen- derson, Charles Hugus, Wil- liam Joseph, Florence Kee- ner, William Kerr, Eliza- beth Kimberly, Abraham Markowitz, Kathryn McCay, Eugene McMaster, Ruth Miller, John Moore, Edith Rebok, Elizabeth Robinson, Lillian Rodney, Rachel Rose, Betty Sangston, Eliza- beth Self, Flora Shapiro, Ruth Sharpnack, Joe Shel- by, Elsie Smerling, Kathryn Snyder, John Strauch, Fran- ces Walters, Edna Wilkins, Dorothy Williams. Commencement activities will be June 3, at the State theatre. Baccalaureate ser- vices will be Sunday eve- ning, June 2 at the same place, while Class Day will be held the preceding Fri- day. uNnoNTowN SENIOR HIGH sci-tool. v Girls Organize New Hi-Y Club This organization, the first of its type in Uniontown for girls, was organized after the Christmas holidays. There are seven charter members: Polly Agee, Sara Frances, Frances Cessna, Evelyn Daily, Mary Frances Wilson, Anna Catherine Morrow and Eloise Chor- penning. However, after three induction ceremonies the club membership rose to forty-two. The officers of this club were: president, Polly Ageeg vice-president, Sara Frances' secretary, Mary Frances Wilsong treasurer, Frances Cessna. Mr. E. F. Sandow, who acts as direc- tor of both chapters of Boys' Hi-Y also served in that capacity for the girls' club. Miss Elizabeth Craig of the HY" served as ad- visor. During the year the girls had Mr. Kovar, Mr. Hoer- ger, Miss Mattie Wright, Mr. Lubold, Miss Ruth Thompson and Mr. R. D. Mosier speak to them at their regular meetings which were held every Wednesday night. In addi- tion to these speakers a Mothers' night and Fare- well Banquet were held. Mothers' night was held May 1, and an extra pro- g r a m and refreshments were the features. The ban- quet was held on May 21 and had Dr. W. B. Hindman of the First Presbyterian Church as the guest speaker. This banquet closed the ac- tivities of the club for its first year. SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB About three years ago the Senior Dramatic Club was organized for the bene- fit of those Seniors who wished to make a study of dramatic art. Since that time entirely new ideas and plans have been experimen- ted with culminating in the present day Senior Dra- matic Club. Short playlets were pre- sented at the meetings held during the activities period on alternate Tuesdays. All members wishing to do so were given the opportunity to appear in these dramati- tContinued on Page 335 Girls' Glee Clubs Have Banner Year Because of the unusually large number of girls seek- ing membership in the Girls' Glee Club, it was necessary to form two sep- arate organizations, one for juniors and Seniors, the other for sophomores. The total membership of the junior-Senior club was for- ty-five. Both were under the supervision of Boyd F. Eckroat, musical director. The real purpose of the association is to train those having vocal ability in both solo and chorus work. The members worked hard and earned the right to repre- sent Fayette County in the inter-County contest at Mo- nessen. Several invitations to sing for the assemblies of other schools, chief of which were the Lafayette Junior high school and Cali- fornia State Teachers' Col- lege, were accepted. The Glee club's greatest success was its contribu- tion to the Pageant of Pro- gress. Most of the cast and chorus for the Operetta "Riding Down the Sky" was chosen from the Glee clubs. This operetta proved to be so popular that it was necessary to put on two ad- ditional performances. Social activities also play- ed some part in the accom- plishments of the club. A regular dance was given in the corridors of the Senior high and a picnic and dance was held by the Operetta cast and chorus. The officers for the year were: president, Lucille El- leardg vice president, Sara Francisg secretary, Mar- garet Morrisg pianist, Doro- thea Coffman. The T. I. C. Club is a girls' social organization whose membership is limited to junior and Senior girls. Dur- ing the year the club held bi- monthly mcefngs at the high Sf'1l"O bvi'rli1ig The club w sz originally planned to plwviiote social life among the girls, This pur- pufe was trirrie-'l out by sev- eral piriies zinl fovered dish socials. The club also selec- ted pins which will probably be used as the T. l. C. pin by all the clubs in the next few years. The officers who served during the past year follow: president. Doroihy Williams: vice president, A d e l a. i d e Gibbsg secretary-treasurer, Grace Carney: reporter, Agnes Corrisong faculty adviser, Miss Knought. Boys' I-Ii-Y Clubs Greatly Expanded Alpha and Beta chapters of the boys' Hi-Y experienc- ed their period of greatest growth during the past year, the total membership rising from approximately sixty to eighty in that time. This year instead of the faculty advisors speaking on a chosen subject each Thursday, the fellows had charge- of the discussion each week-live discussions in which everyone took part. Outside speakers, attend- ance at the conference at Johnstown, social events, Mothers' night, and the an- nual Farewell Banquet, fig- ured prominently in an ac- tive year for this organiza- tion. Officers were: Alpha chapter-president, Chuck Hugusg vice-president, P. A. Artisg secretary, James Gladdeng treasurer, Joe Hess, Beta chapter-presr dent, Wiley Byersg vice president, Ed Flennikeng secretary, Scotty Robinsong treasurer, Ralph Harman. School Gets New Band Durgig Term One of the outstanding organizations of the Senior high school is its band, which has an interesting his- tory for this school year. At the opening of the school term, the band, under the direction of Mr. Beyer, consisted of approximately twenty instruments, which was very small compared to the present organization of fifty-eight instruments. Mr. Leissman of the Frank Hol- ton Co., whose duty it is to organize school bands, pre- sented the practical proposi- tion to the school which al- lowed any student purchas- ing an instrument through him, and also of members of the present band, to receive twelve weeks of free instruc- tion. Many students became in- terested in his plan of organ- ization and thus the band was increased to one contain- ing fifty-eight pieces. At the end of the twelve weeks of instruction, the band com- bining With the bands of the city's junior high schools, made its first public appear- ance at the Lafayette junior high school, and on the fol- lowing evening at the Ben- jamin Franklin junior high. The Uniontown high schools' band will be one of the out- standing features in the pageant which will be held May 27, 28, 29, and the mem- bers of the band and its di- rector, Mr. Waggoner, have been working eagerly in order that it might be suc- cessful. Organize First Aviation Club The Aviation Club, spon- sored by Mr. Mitterling, was organized for the pro- motion of aviation in the High school, and had an in- teresting program for the year by receiving informa- tion pertaining to aviation through outside speakers, among whom were C. B. Knight of Seaman's Air Transport Co., and Edgar Cale of Pitt Junior College. Many members of the club have taken advantage of the special flying rates of- fered by Mr. C. L. Seamans, owner of Seaman's Air Transport Co. The mem- bers of the club have visit- ed Burgess flying field many times during the year. While the Monarch Food Ship, a large tri-motored Ford monoplane was visit- ing Burgess Field, Mr. Lu- bold dismissed the mem- bers of the club that they might inspect it. The club has received several movie films, pertaining to avia- tion, from the U. S. War Department. The club is now holding a flying model airplane con- test, which will end in the near future. The contest will include standards of speed, altitude, and endur- ance in the flying of models. The officers of the club are as follows: president, Ralph Harmang vice presi- dent, Joe Hessg secretary, Roselma Brashear. SLIDE RULE GLUE One of the new clubs organized this year is the Slide Rule sponsored by Mr. Doutt and made up of stu- dents taking trigonometry or plane geometry. It aims to teach the stu- dents the use of the slide rule which is of convenience to math pupils. Slide rules which were purchased for the club members at reason- able rates were made fami- liar to the members by Mr. Doutt who took it upon him- self personally. The club chose to have leaders and the following of- ficers were elected: presi- dent, James Divvensg vice president, Edward Flenniken: secretary, B e r t h a Cohen: treasurer, John Walters. Street Car Passenger- Say, conductor, can't you run any faster than this? Conductor-Sure, but I have to stay in the car. -Ghost. UNIONTOWN SENIOR i-anon-1 SCHOOL: 1 b t 32 FOOTBALL TRACK- ' ' BASKETBALL - Uniontown high, boasting some of the best pigskin artists in this section, turn- ed out a football team of no mean ability to repre- sent it during the 1928 cam- paign. Although not bril- liant by any means, the squad was a great improve- ment over the 1927 aggrega- tion which was able to boast of only two victories in nine starts. The one big highlight in the season was the 19-6 de- feat handed to our tradi- tional rivals, Connellsville. This victory more than made up for the defeats suffered earlier in the sea- son at the hands of other teams. Another bright spot was the t'moral" victory over Jeannette. The bruis- ers from the tire town only managed to win by the score of 20 to 7. And when a team holds eleven men the size of those Jeannette fellows to three touch- downs and at the same time scoring one themsel- ves you know that they are fighting like super-humans to put it mildly. It was rumored that this touch- down, which, by the way, was scored by our All Coun- ty star "Ham" Wares, had been the first counter scor- ed against them in three years. If this be true, the defeat would not be looked upon by most of us as "just another lost game." Indeed it was during these two games that the Maroon 85 White gang real- ly showed the fans what kind of stuff they are made of and the brand of football of which they are capable. Uniontown had three of its stars selected for posi- tions on the All-County elevens chosen by both pop- ular fan choice and by se- lections of Fayette County high school coaches. The fans placed "Ham" Wares at tackle on the first team and George Maust, end on the same team. In the posi- tions named by the county coaches, George Maust cop- ped an end on the first team, Wares was named as a tackle on the second squad, and Bob Cory was given a berth as a. half-back on the third team. 1 Boasting a good track squad but a poor field team, the Varsity track team had a rather good season in this line of sports. The team was entered in the Car- negie Tech interscholastic Meet held at Pittsburgh on May 5, and the annual W. P. I. A. L. meet also held at Pittsburgh on May 11. The other big meet in which the U. H. S. was represented was the Fayette County meet held at Dawson driv- ing park, May 18. In the Carnegie meet Un- iontown succeeded in scor- ing only four points. In the W. P. I. A. Li. meet the track events garnered 20 3-5 points to take second place, the boys putting up a. far better showing in this meet than in the first attempt. Uniontown was well up among the leaders in the Dawson meet. The wearers of the Maroon 85 White car- ried off a large number of events in handy fashion and captured a great many seconds and thirds to total up a high percentage of points. Members of the squad and their favorite events are as follows: Ed. Flenniken-440, 220, re- lay. Tony Simeon-220, 100, re- lay, hurdles. Robert Cory-Relay. Wana Dooms-Relay Eugene Gran-Mile. Allison Bowlen-100. Bos Farson-100. Wiley Byers-Hurdles. James Zacovic-Pole Vault, High Jump. James Wares--Shot, Discus. Ed Hamer-Shot, Discus. William Kerr-220. lion Helmick-Shot, Discus. Joe Woods-High Jump. MEMBERS OI' SQUAD Captain, Ed Flenniken, Rob- ert Cory, James Wares, Don- ald Helmick, Joe Spiegal, Wana llooms, Ed Gradys, George Maust, R o b e r t Springer, Joe Varnak, Tony Simeon, Hudson Rankin, Joe John, David Miller Wiley Byers, Ed Hamer, Ed Baker, Robert McCracken, James Carter, Ewing Rochester, Stanley Juras, Kenneth Hein- baugh, Warren Brown, Wal- ton Lawrenceson, Carl Hel- mick, Mike John. Joe P2-Y' tridge, Sam Bryan: Student Manager. Everett Williams: Assistant, Harry Harris. Although failing to win the 1929 W. P. I. A. L. championship by being de- feated in the semi-finals by Bellevue High, Uniontown Senior Highs 1928-'29 bas- ketball team returned to old-time championship form again after a slump of two years. The Maroon 62 White ag- gregation crashed through to a sensational Section X leadership by winning from a strong Latrobe quintet at Latrobe by the close score of 19-17. This win virtual- ly assured the big "U" boys of the sectional title which they won handily by knock- ing off Jeannette in the fi- nal game. Uniontown found itself in the center of a big three- way tangle this year with the strong Latrobe and Greensburg teams, and it was not until the final league game that Union- town succeeded in winning out. Strange as it may seem the Maroon Sr White lost both of its league games to Greensburg while the Westmoreland county team lost its games to La- trobe and the weak teams from Jeannete and Scott- dale. Headed by Jimmy Za- covic, an All-W. P. I. A. L. choice for forward, Union- town's five representatives invaded Pittsburgh to enter the W. P. I. A. L. cham- pionship eliminations. This first foe was a scrappy bunch of basketeers from New Brighton. They were easily knocked off to the tune of 30-20. The next vic- tims were our next door neighbors, Georges Town- ship. The township boys made this going tough for Everhart's Ponies but the U. H. S. managed to come out on the long end of a 21-20 score. And the next game found us wrecked. Going up against an unde- feated Bellevue five in the semi-finals the locals found the going too rough and were left at the roadside by the one-sided margin of 26- 11. This game closed the 1928-'29 season with a total of seventeen victories and four defeats. Summaries of the games and members of the squad are: ' U. H. S. ..1....... ,,,, 1 38 U. H. S.--- ..,. 42 U. H. S.--- 1111 18 U. H. S.-1- ,--- 28 U. 1-1. S--- 1111 44 U. H. S.1-- -W 1-1- H., GC CEI mm - - ---A 1--- 43 - - ---- 37 U. H. S.-11 ---- 31 U. H. S.--1 1111 27 U. H. S.111 -,,, 22 U. 1-I. S.--1 .,-, 20 U. H. S.--1 ,,-- 25 U. H. S.1-1 1111 28 U. H. S.111 ,,-- 35 U. H. S111 ---- 30 U. H. S.-1- ,,,, 19 U. H. S.-11 1111 26 U. H. S.111 1111 30 U. H. S.--- 1111 22 U. H. S. ..... 1111 1 1 Uniontown 1-1 1111 598 Georges .... 11 1111 27 Dunbar ....... 1 11 22 Alumni .1.1111 111 -- 42 E. Huntington 11- 11 18 High Point 11.1 11 20 Greensburg 1111 11 37 Connellsville 111 11 20 West Newton 1.. 11 11 Pt. Marion 111 11 14 Scottdale 1111 11 18 Latrobe ...11 11 15 Jeannette 111 11 14 Greensburg 11 11 36 Connellsville 1 11 19 West Newton 11 23 Scottdale 11..- 11 10 Latrobe ..111111 11 17 Jeannette 1.111111 11 13 New Brighton 1-1 111 20 Georges 111.11.. 11 21 Bellevue 1..11.. 11 26 Opponents ...1111 1111 4 43 PLAYER-S Captain Joe Wood, James Zacovic, Robert Cory, Hudson Rankin, Kenneth Heinbaugh, Robert Springer, Nelson Ford, Tom John, J. D. Fike, Joe J h J' M o n, a m e s cDowell, George Maust. Student Manager-James Divvens. Assistants,-E d M ai u S t, Pete Gentilcore. ATHLETICS HELP PAGEANT Coach Everhart and Miss Hays played a big part in making the Pageant of Pro- gress a success. Gymnas- tics, dances, calisthentics, drills, and exhibitions by all the varsity teams were staged under their super- vision. This was one of the main narts of the pageant and was successfully put on, the audience receiving them well. Economical Student-Do you take anything off for cash? Saleslady-Sir! ! -Punch Bowl. UNIONTOVVN SENIOR I-IIGH SCHOOL Ls iq., . J I , W, ' at it 33 n -1- i -nn -11: 1 111- uv i . gr ATHLETIC FIELD SCHOOL ORCHESTRA COMMERCIAL ART CLUB FRENCH CLUB One of the most import- ant things this year was the establishment of an athletic field adjoining the Senior high. The field was obtain- ed under the untiring efforts of superintendent of schools Milton D. Proctor and was donated for use by the owner, Mrs. J. M. Hustead and her sons. The field consists of a quarter mile track around the gridiron and a hundred yard straight-away. Seating capacity for about four thousand people is expec- ted when the stands are completed. Funds to carry on the erection of the bleachers and grading as well as other expenses are being taken care of through civic dona- tions, individual gifts and through activities put on by the students. In this way sufficient money for a GOOD field is being obtained. The Uniontown 1-Iigh School Orchestra, directed by Mr. Beyer, has had a very busy school year, playing for club luncheons and furnish- ing amusement for the pa- trons of Uniontown. It has played for the Rotary Club of Uniontown twice, furnish- ed a full evening of enter- tainment at the Asbury Me- thodist Church, April 285 it has rendered its services in practically all the class as- sembliesg and has played for several high school plays. Not only has the U. H. S. band increased in size during the school year of 1928 and '29, but the U. H. S. orches- tra has also grown consider- ably. It now contains forty- four instruments, several of which were recently pur- chased by the school and in- cluded two new cellos, one bass viol, and one viola. I I A SUMMARY OF THE GAMES Uniontown ......,....c, 0-North Union ...--.....-- 18 Uniontown ............ .. 0-Redstone f-.- ---- 2 0 Uniontown .....,.. ..-. 1 3-McKeesport -- --- 0 Uniontown ......... -- 7-Jeannette --- ---20 Uniontown ...........YA 0-Scottdale - ------ 12 Uniontown ............. 6-Donora ff---f A----f- 0 Uniontown -,.... --- -- tl-Latrobe ...... ----.- - --25 Uniontown ..... ....... 1 9-Connellsville g-- .... --- 6 Uniontown ...... .... 6 -German Twp. -- ....... 18 Totals .... .... 5 1 Opponents --- ..... -119 STUDENT SENATE tContinued from Page 30D certain recommendations in regard to distinction be- twee athletic and scholastic letters, which were accep- ted by the authorities. Patrolmen, for regulating traffic both outside and in- side the building were ap- pointed for both semesters. A committee to discourage loafing on other than school property was named, as well as a reception com- to care for visitors mittee to the Senior high. A com- mittee from the Senate of- ferred its aid to Mr. Proc- tor in the staging of the pageant. Many questions, such as tardiness, deportment, the possibility of publishing a school year book, and oth- ers too numerous for indi- vidual mention were discus- sed at length with profit. This representative organ- ization had probably its most successful and useful year during the 1928-'29 '29 term. The list of offi- cers follows: first semester -president, Ed Flennikeny vice president, Robert Mc- Cracken, secretary, Tony Simeon 3 sergeant-at-arms, Jack Montgomeryg second semesterg president, Chuck Hugusg vice president, George Whitey secretary, Kathryn McCartneyg ser- geant-at-arms, Joe John. SENIOR CLASS tContinued from Page 309 Eid Flennikeng sergeant-at- arms, Robert Cory, junior- president, James Divvensg vice president, Ed Flenni- keng secretary, Marion Con- nellyg treasurer, Wiley By- ersg s e r g e a n t-at-arms, James Gladtleng Senior- president, Iionald Helmickg v'ce president, Merle Price: secretary, Polly Ageeg treasurer, James Divvensg sergeant-at-arms, Stanley Juras. Have a cigarette, fresh- man? No, thanks. I don't like them. l'm satisfied, I don't cough, and I don't care to walk.-tglianticleer. Another new club of great interest to students .showing a liking for art was the Com- mercial Art Club. This organization, under the su- pervision of Mr. Morris, me- chanical drawing instructor, studied sketching, copy work, some coloring, and various types of art which appealed individually to the members. The club was quite fortun- ate in having the interest of the Uniontown Art Club cen- tered upon it throughout the year. Especially was the club grateful to Mr. William Scheick, an alumnus of the U. H. S. for his assistance and criticism. For several meetings Mr. Scheick had charge of the program and his artistic ability was quite interesting to lend enthusi- asm. During the first semester the club was headed by Joe Mallory as presidentg Mamie Burns, vice-presidentg secre- tary-t r e a s u 1' e r, Vivian Downes. In the second semester George Castore was elected presidentg vice president, Vincent Cassell: secretary- treasurer, Tyler Davis. SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB tContinued from Page 317 zations for the purpose of gaining ease and confidence in public acting. Coaching of plays was also studied and practiced by so-me of the members interested in that type of work. Miss Horner of the faculty acted as the enthusiastic sponsor for the year. The club's greatest suc- cess was the presentation of "Honor Bright," staged for the public on January 17. Polly Agee and George Tanner acted the leading roles in this play. The fol- lowing persons were offi- cers for the first semester: president, Earl Hustong vice president, Joe Hessg secretary, Eleanor Bortzg treasurer, Jean Arnett. For the second semester the following officers we-re elected: president, Emelie Clarkg vice president, Caro- line Hendersong secretary, Olive Bumgarnerg treasurer, Harriet Long. MAROON AND WHITE tContinue-d from Page 307 and articles of student ap- peal. The most important de- velopment of the year was .the abandonment of the traditional Year Book. In its place was instituted the more simplified Commence- The French Club plan of this year was slightly differ- ent from that of former yearsg but it was equally, or even more, successful. Each French class elected its of. fxcersg later, all the French classes of the school elected officers for the Cercle Fran- cais from the third-year class. W'eston La.Barrer was the president the first se- mesterg Harriet Long, the second semester. These officers presided at all meetings save those in the auditorium, at which time the president of the class that was giving the program Dresided. The other club of- ficers for both the first and second semesters were: vice- President, Jean Arnett and Carolyn Hendersong S e c I- e- tary, Sara Francis and Ruth Sittlerg sergeant-at-a r m 5 Stanley Juras and Lloyd Shelkey, music director, Jean Carroll and Gladys Rhodesg and planist. Ruth Miller and Frances Brownfield. Besides presenting about ten French plays, and sev- eral shorter sketches, the club sponsored several social functions. In the fall of the year, Jean Carroll invited the club to her home in the mountains for an outing. A picnic lunch, dancing, walk- ing and riding were much en- joyed by a large group. The Christmas play and the visit of le Bon Homme Noel, who had a humorous present for every member, was the occa- sion for the club dance which was held in December. An- other picnic was planned for the second semester. No small part of the suc- cess of the club this year was due to the efforts and knowledge of its patron, Miss Mattie Wright, head of the French department in the high school: and for this suc- iess the club wishes to thank er. SENIOR TEACHERS Senior teachers, whom the graduating class will want to remember: Miss Clutter-Laing Miss Hor- ner and Mr. Hoerger-Eng lishg Mr. Mosier and Mr. Philson-Problems of Dem- ocracyg Mr. D0utt-ma.the- maticsg Miss Mattie Wright -French: Mr. Mitterling and Mr. Haag-Physics and Chemistryg Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Ross and Mr. Hartong -Commercial Subjectsg Miss Brey and Miss Rite- nour-Home Economicsg Mr. Whitmoyer-Manual Trainingg Mr. Morris-Me chanical Drawingg Miss Hays and Mr. Everhart- Physical Training. ment or Senior number. This publication contains only Senior pictures, write- ups, and stories of interest to them. OWN SENIOR HIGH Autographs Autographs . 0 ans M U, u u u .ll n n n L QM 'J 1' Q 1 NH! A do Ei ,.-.Q . . , . Qllf .. 3 "" Q ""' A S01'VlC0-1l111qllC 111 1ts scop-1 U ilk p . . . 7 I I R Q , . . . a 1'ospo11s1b1l1ty-t1o- ini II10I1d0llS i11 its Vairying I f A A . i 5 2 E detail .... an accom- :A I 4 Auae - . L ? pl1SllI11Cl1t-g1'C3t 111 the its 3 K satisfauwtioii it has given to others and to ourselves. ,O Q This your We are again privileged to design, -4 . . . . engravo and supervise tho publisluug oi tho year books of 111a11y of our loading' colleges and schools, and wo af-kiiowlodgo with prido this sorvive to the UIll0HtOXX'I1 Senior High EU? School SUE ' Eu: Ui AN ASSOCIATION or-' SKILLED CRAFTSMEN - DESIGNERS cy PHOTO- iai FRAVERS -fENDERING SUPERIOR PHOTO'ENGRAVING SERVICE H LADELPHIA PHOTO 'ENGR COMPANY INC. 35 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN JAMES 29 NORTH SIXTH STREET zn, PRESIDENT PHILADELPHIA flkl . W J iT :U U :Hs U U :Hz ll 43' ln' ill ,HI 3 3 Il 'i 121- M .M Says, K k J' 4' 1 r ,, T ' Y . is-5 5-ff T957 V L ' ,L -H-V1 1 - 1 f 4-,uv ,H Av 1 ffm efzff' ' . f-Y 5 4,1-1 w,,.,w4.gf1' .. -.ix-,.f. 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Suggestions in the Uniontown High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) collection:

Uniontown High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


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Uniontown High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Uniontown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


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