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 - Class of 1953

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Avy.: , ... , . , ,- .. .- ., , .. .-. -. ,,.. -., , ,.. ., . - - - .-- , ff .. QM- . .. ,.. . gf- ..f..Q .-. -L ' fn v-. . .-.:v ..-4r:'- x::-:- 5' T-,.. .,--..-':- . -1. -V "' --"4'- - ',--.- , ,.-,g. :M .-Y -1.- es, .Y,.-,.. , .. .- , ...,. . ,. . .ay - 4 Y , , 9? if 1 ,.,1 .13 A , T! ...J 314- 'fi vrpe '51 ,. 5 FJ: ii? N .If ,Q . 9? .1 "4 TZ -., C3 A N 1 1 if ,LL 11 'Srl -1. . ,Q .5 X7 2 O Qffff 1-'ang v .1 V,- .v I 1 Q - , f .-.. ..., 'UWM -, fx . --.MS11 ,W XM, . -N: 'Y-I 'f H'-T-X swag-:-j..' 'ff'-- 'f", 4,1.1,2. :-13. --- LX -am-:xg -- -.,-.- ..,..--.N , :T-'ff' 5311- -g., -f -'QT-gli-:.'-v-.2'-,qw-4N' i1':::.c1:-:,.f:':',: wr.-':"--4.-U -: 1:44 -- hf- -' - - x -- A S I-ff-,P A- "h-- -f 31.95.-11:--:,::,,:,-3.3- '.:.:,w,L..,,,-, :,: gY.3.Q..,g -J-, WAN-. N .. 1. -.-.14 :-A.-,.--f "1 ' - L5-".f.'1i-',45L:'3'i. --.rr -7 A-.. .-.-f-,-,,,. A, v..'.--- v -1-2 , .,. . -,.. ...Y ... Y., A"1,..7:-. -4.5-'93, .,....L..f,- :. f-VN Q. ..--.-uf ' W- ' f av s ,R m ? x i -'v 4 ,Q ai R I, , YH,-, R5 X 3' K :K . X av .F 14-egf-. ,.,.g.:-42 ,.a3,, HIFLUHHHII-,J,.lh! TA, , -. ' ' ' M - - .HIGELSED1 .' mE.l' 3211! " !.2liniwH-Al-LIC"Y.!3f5l'JH!l.I,A.'iZt:lIQi M "Si,-1-1i.8X'f 's IMA5TY1nIl.'fn S -Y .f-"" ...fi-""' 35" 53 -I ' ' "A5"I3'lf'f.5S FEET- 1.a3,.'n.Y7.-v!:UlA!7FtZ4i'hb?1T."3l-.l':.5a1i"x ' ' ' . KNEE' X EO f4L .Y-N.,-1' PM-, -.A . LOLLA ur LODAI TJE 3IfILjTS ,LiO .JILl, EL TJL LnADQnS OF TOLOAAOJ AKD IN ESOL RLSTS THE HOPE OF A BLTTER JOALD TKE SENIORS OF 1953 DEDICATE THIS BOOK Qi X Q Q .J 5 1f illf lx' A l g, Ng' A X W ff f ...gi . v 'rv , ' ,A SN X 4' XX mmm wa yd X k MN 1,3 fl' 1 QM 5 A K4 , N , 4 A ul! X, t ff 1 ,'LLL H , 2.53 , V , .. . .. . , .,6,,E,,4 ., , " ' 1 1-H,--.fu I - ay, vaf1'Lm'.Iu1E'.-'Y-1 C'v':3?' 4'.G'1i1?i2il '.E1i'2lf l?.1i'EInHvi':.kf7l:..rrT.I.E.1'1.llIx'1!-. Gard ef Eduwuiiien 1A , lg gui, r . s ' ' gf , H ff - f H Mi ' , ' 3 5 ,M ee ,jr A . x V' F' L-hi x il 1. v, J e A Lawrence wright Ray Wolf Clerk Director Cue Tiecflian Glen Smith Treasurer us Drivers Q EN Estille Shull Elmo Hackman Andy Steele JA 'Fm llr Faculty Y' fai- K U X 1 A Q 1 lx IEEE! ! HHP0ld N0PPi5 Donaiu Bruyr Jesse J. Wilson Mechanical Drawing Matnenatics American History Coach Sclence, Heaxtn Science Superintendent mi. W3 wir ' yd' Heloise L. Moore Mrs. Jesse Wilson Cgmmepce Home Economics English Constitution Guidance 4-kb I Q Mary Tannen Esther Mos ier Upper Grades Lower Grades BM-17.-U ' JG. ' ENIi fx X 132' 7 , YY- 'L K'HTUbr:1k.1,ZL Q3L:.l'1, - A l' i E -.- ??iE1'SJ4A5'.'1'1l'1 5'!'iHX9l2vCM5S'?U!-'Y,x'If.1'?33 ' ' Roger Hackman-Pres. Majors-Englishg Hist- Manuel. Minors-Mathg Science Activities-Fbotballg Trackg Junior Playg Basketball. Hmlwrqx. Albert Ward-Vice-Pres. Majors-Englishg Historyg Manuel. Minors-Sbienceg Commerce Math. Activities-Basketballg Footballg Track. 59 2- , QP'-3 ,, , 1 1? 4 Ae ef ' N55 Jean Walker-Reporter Majors-Commerceg Historyg Englishg Maths Minorsg Scienceg Activities-Pep Clubg Basketballg Cheer- leader. Richard Ramsey Majors-Englishg Mathg Historyg Minors-Scienceg Math Activities-Trackg Basketball Mary Williams-Sec-Treas. Majors-Commerceg History English. Minors-Scienceg Home Ee. Math. Activities-Basketballg Pep Club: Junior Playg Chorus. .5 A5391 wufxyl f-fff! .? . f VE:g , M l S 35 X 5 VN N M c , I LWSFQLAF x .J-' Fred Hunziker Majors-Englishg Historyg Manuel. Minors-Scienceg Mathg Activities-Basketballg Footballg Track. Esther McKee Majors-Englishg Hist, Jom erce. Minors-Scienceg Mathg Home Ec. Activities-Pep Clubg Junior Playg Basket- ballg Cheerleader. Norma Cooney Majors-Englishg Hist Commerce. Minors-Scienceg Home Ec. Math. Activities-Basketball Junior Play: Pep- Clubg Chorus Richard Wilson Majors-Englishg Hist Manuel Minors-Scienceg Mathg Com erce. Activitiesg Basket- ballg Track, Junior Play f'-.,. , 1. Richard Clark Majors-Historyg English Manuel. Minors-Scienceg commerce Activities-Basketball: Junior Playg Footballg Chorus: Track leaf gquao-49' -Q Raymond Hartman Majors-Englishg Hist. Minors-Scienceg Mathg Manual Activities-Basketball Junior Play. ,ef ,W Elvin Hunziker Majors-Manualg Hist. English. Minors-Scienceg Math Activities-Gymng Junior Play 652 fgkfxxj N. fa' Ns K J j I :'zW.'? f l 'Ur X' I I , Jo Griffith Majors-English: Hist. Commerce. Minors-Scienceg Mathg Home Ee. Activities-Pep Clubg Junior Playg Basket- ball: Cheerleaderg Chorus. George Holt Majors-Englishg Hist. Manual. Minors- Scienceg Mathg Activities- Basket- ballg Footballg Track. Virginia Ramsey Majors-Englishg Hist. Commerce. Minors- Scienceg Math Home Ec. Activities-Basketball Pep Club. '91 QQSQ X Larry Farrell Majors-Englishg Hist. Manual , Minors-Scienceg Math. Activities-Basketball Wootballg Track. Nw 'firm'- 1 u A X . lf, C 5 fill, gf. 'fl g 5 . i'iff'4 C. 3. Don Swisher Majors-Englishg Hist Manual. Minors-Scienceg Math. Activities-gymg Band. Barbara Eisenhower Majors-English: Hist. Commerce. Minors-Scienceg Math Shop. Activities-Basketball Glee Clubg Glee Club Choirg Orchestrag Pep Club. 'JEIVEBIAQEIZBE' '-'M Richard Adamson Majors-Englishg Hist. Math Minors-Commerceg Science Activities-Glee Clubg Bandg Library as QQ f Ec Ruth Hunt Majors-Englishg Hist. Mathg Commerce Minors Scienceg Home Acgivities-Glee Clubg Pep Club fix Sv .......y Warren Chambers Majors-Englishg Hist, Manual. Minors-Scienceg Math Commerce. Activities-Bandg Gym Footballg Glee Club. Margaret H ammons Majors-Englishg H ist Com erceg Home Ec. Math. Minors-Science. Activities-Pep Clubg Chorusg Junior Play. Jerry Bradbury Majors-Englishg Hist. Manual Minors-Scienceg Math. Commerce Activities-Gym: Band. Senior History At 9:00 one September morning in l9h9, twenty-nine young people gathered at Uniontown High School to begin their high school careers. Phat year we'ohose Jo Ann Richard for President, Esther McKee as Vice-President, Norma Cooney as Secretary E Treasurer, Elizabeth Chamberlain as Reporter, and Mr. Leslie Dixon as sponsor. We had three very successful parties that year. The first was a hay rack ride to Elm Creek Lake, the second was a skating party at Fort Scott, the third was another skating party at Fort Scott. We began our Sophomore year with twenty-eight students. Officers for the year were: President, Roger Heckmang Vice-President, Fred Hunzikerg Secretary E Treasurer, Albert Wardg Reporter, Jo Ann Richardg and sponsor, Mr. Leslie Dixon. Twelve members of our class--Fred Hunziker, Virginia Christy, Roger Hackman, Esther Ann McKee, Richard Adamson, Nettie Pearson, Gilbert Smith, Jo Griffith, Richard Clark, Jo Ann Richard, Richard Ramsey, and Margaret Hammons--were waiters and waitressess at the Junior-Senior Banquet. We began our Junior year with twenty-eight members. Officers for the year were: President, Roger Heckmang Vice-President, Jo Griffithg Secretary k Treasurer, Mary Lee Williams, Reporter, Esther Ann McKee, and sponsor Miss Irene Meyers. One of the big events of the year was our play "Here Comes Charlie". The cast included, Richard Wilson, Raymon Hartman, Roger Beckman, Elvin Hunziker, Richard Clark, Esther McKee, Jo Griffith, Norma Cooney, Margaret Hammons, and Mary Lee Williams. The class is unanimous in saying that the success of the play was due to the unfailing guidance of Mrs. Alta Underwood, Mrs. Betty Wilson, and Miss Irene Meyers. The Junior Class was responsible for selling the refreshments at the home football and basketball games. The money obtained was used for the Junior-Senior Banquet. Our Junior Class provided a memorable night for the Seniors of '52 at the annual Junior-Senior Banquet. The theme was an 'Hawaiian N1ght'. During our last year when we were those very dignified Seniors, we elected the following officers: President, Roger Heckmang Vice-President, Albert Ward, Secretary Q Treasurer, Mary Lee Williams, Reporter, Margaret Hammcnsg and sponsor, Heloise Moore. Our class enrollment was twenty- five. Our first party of the year was a weiner roast at Gunn Park. The transportation was in the back of Ruth Hunt's truck. One of the tasks of the year was putting out our annual. We are looking forward to having the Senior Play, and we are also looking forward to our skip day. We feel that we have been very successful during our four years of high school and much of this success is due to the faculty and our sponsors, Leslie Dixon, Irene Meyers, and Heloise Moore. -HGZFPJLJU. SFIRZIZ .Y-V-.-JS1-if - e-'- 'L 'IT -' 11 Zz E..".f ::.I7:!4 .'.!EL1bH14Ili. , SQ O W QM the Seniors of 1953 being of sound mind, Cif you can imagine that! leave our most cherished treasures to all our friends. I, Richard Adamson, will my nickname,nReverendn, to my little brother, Paul, and my curly hair to Gene Christy. I, Jerry Bradbury, will my ability to type to my little brother, Billy, and my red hair to Pat Sipe. I, Warren Chambers, will my good grades to Jerry Smith, and my grin to Virginia Crim. I, Richard Clark, will my n1ckname,uDougu, to Ronnie Taylor, and my old girl friends to Don Crim. I, Norma Cooney, will my nickname, 'F1ossyn, to Nancy Stalnbrook, and my giggles to Joan Bruner. I, Barbara Eisenhouer, will my kneepads to James Armstrong, and my nlckname,uIkeN, to my little brother, Bobby. I, Larry Farrell, will my long ears to Bobby Eisenhouer, and my long legs to Rodney Robinson. I, Jo Griffith, leave my basketball ability to Charlene George, and my loud I. catch a I, lt, and I. mouth to Janette Ludlum. Margaret Hammons, will my A's to Norman Stine, and my ability to Taylor to Carol Hunt. Raymon Hartman, will my American History book to anyone who wants my blue eyes to Florence Stainbrook. Roger Heckman, will my broken collar bones to Bill Nuzum, and my way with arguing with the teachers to Ronald Robinson. I. George Holt, will my stupidness to Bernard Stine, and my ability to punch holes in the ceiling of the wash room to Jim Holt. I, Ruth Hunt, leave my quietness to Mary Smith, and my ability to get my studies to Glen Tuggle. I, Elvin Hunziker, will my ability to get excused absences for going hunting to Dan Ramsey. I, Fred Hunzlker, will my height to Carol Hunt, and leave Karen to be wooed but not won to Paul Adamson. I. Esther McKee, leave my sweet little giggle to anyone who wants it, and my ability to get tickled to Bob Russell. I. Semler, I. Nettie Pearson, will a couple of pounds of my flesh to Bertha and my quietness to Glen Tuggle. Richard Ramsey, will my hunting ability to 'Butchn Grimes, and my loud voice to Marvin Mason. I, Virginia Ramsey, will my ability to write notes to Shirley Cowan, and my brown eyes to Joan Typer. I, Gilbert Smith, will my school skipping ability to Bob Russell, and my basketball suit to Don Spainhoward. I. Don Swisher, will my good looks to Anita Wilson, and my ability to get along with teachers to Joan Bruner. I. suit to I. friends I. ability I. Jeane Walker, leave my red hair to Audra Swisher, and my basketball Bertha Semler. Albert Ward, will my gold tooth to Chester Crim and my old girl to Roy Williams. Mary Williams, will my job in the office to Shirley Cowan, and my to charm the teachers to Carolyn Ham ons. Richard Wilson, will my good looks to Chester Crim, and my dirty locker to anyone who wants to clean it up. 6i:2P1b"4kAJL0ruv0a. '7P7,l 0 0 Senior Prophecy A wise lady came to Uniontown High School the other day. She was carrying a crystal ball and claimed to be a fortune teller. We ask her to sit down and tell us what would become of the Senior Class in the year of 1965, and this is what she saw in the crystal ball. The long fight of the Hudson Car Factory ended when Richard Adamson signed a contract to be their designer. Jerry Bradbury is now to owner of the Bradbury Herford Hog Ranch in Iowa. Warren Chambers is the proud owner of 'The Baby Doll Factoryn erected in memory of his wife. Richard Clark is a bouncer in the Lone Star Night Club. He was brought under the spot light when he accidentally bounced his boss, George Holt, into the arms of an awaiting policeman. Norma Cooney, married to Sherman Walker, who is now spending ten more years with the Air Force, is staying home tending their family of six boys. Barbara Eisenhouer is planning to run for presidency in the next' election. The chances for her winning look very good. Larry Farrell is playing with the Brooklyn Dodgers and has broken the homer records by hitting 125 this season. Jo Griffith and her twelve children are now living in a swanky hotel in Las Vagas grieving over George Holt who is now in jail. Margaret Hammons and Leon Taylor are now living on a cattle ranch in Wyoming and are planning to take a trip to Europe. , Raymon Hartman is a top secret scientist in the H-bomb plant on an unknown island in the Pacific. He is guarded day and night and will return as soon as he is dismissed. . 4 Roger Heckman, acting as the ambassador of the United States to Mexico, recently escaped with his wife, Jean Wright, and their eight children to Russia. . W George Holt is the owner of the Lone Star Night Club in Las Vagas , He was recently sent up for gambling charges. ' Ruth Ann Hunt, a rich and glamorous girl, is the dream of many a man. But Ruth says men are a waste of time and spends all of her evenings in her laboratory making out diets for her fat friends. Elvin Hunziker has strayed into the North Woods and hasn't been seen yet. It is suspected that he has found a savage woman. Fred Hunziker is now playing with the Phillip 68 Oilers and is breaking all scoring records. Esther Ann McKee is the star performer of Don Swishers dancing girls. In her spare time she runs after men with money. Nettie Mae Pearson is now in Wichita with her husband, Clifton, and their four girls. Clifton takes care of the children while Nettie makes her frequent trips to Washington D.C. In the wilds of Africa you will find Richard Ramsey engaged in his favorite passtime, hunting rabbits. Virginia Ramsey won this years academy award for her outstanding performance in "Lover Boy". Gilbert Smith wheeled his hotrod to a first place win in the a Memorial Day race in Indianapo-lis in 1965. He was clocked at 289 m.p.h. Don Swisher and his dancing girls are now booked for two weeks at the Lone Star Night Club in Las Vagas. Jeane Walker and Mary Lee Williams are gun molls for the jet flier, Albert Ward, secretly known as "two-gun Skeet". They were caught when raiding Fort Knox and jailed.' They have escaped and are now running free. BEWARE, they are armed. The first person to bring them in dead or alive will receive a 20,000 dollar reward. Albert Ward, employed by Bowing Aircraft, recently broke the jet speed record. The speedometer broke when it reached 950 m.p.h. Richard Wilson is now a world famous lawyer. He recently won a case for Roger Heckman who was charged with being a Russian spy. Sammi? Pmm Junior Table Faoul Table . N I ' . f Orchestra Dancing Dancing Senior Table U A e ,ee E ' v .F lhiter k lhitreas .mg ' , Q ' f . - 5 XYAVVI-n'x 'Mlfmsma' L .xx l M, , Uv , 5 , , e K f M QQ' I 9 if is -JK! im, W' f , N af ' Q, h Y A . ' -KW at L3 wi S ,.g I x B f , xl 3' e-ll :f.iJBbei.. X' i Mg: if w'i:QmR,'31' EMF ' k W ,i,,,,,,,,,, f J il Ei Z5 sw in R V X ., ,J K 2 HQ Q x may ' ii Q I! nm '51 M f Q Q 3 if EN Sa uk. W H' Y il 35 " M WR mf lit.. X.., . I 4 6y,Q -. Haig , S., R- m giffll N ya f 2k cr fvQi 4g. WJ A, Eg mm" ' N . wwf WW ' . A ww eww, 3 . V 2.1 21 'A I ' ' kwf S V , W s Q W R-. ffwgyj 4 , ' ' ,ff.Qfgi Q 75 G' 17 ,gs B- L , HW' W, ffggwvf 1 slag his 5. QA ,fa , . w'.y Y S? fi' li Q" --.... 3 pi .E uma' ,L .4- 411 ,Lina ,ax 239242224 55 ,ya M M., H A, Q nf ywmswy, M , J mc, ' 2 Awnpffa 1 ,xg if , yh .1,K "M mi SPON 0 I iw 5 -T P' i m. , FFVFETST BDT "WlTf""....' " .gf fggm gym, . .sr- f M lssl M M W ,, 1 :Sk i of . "iQ I X N , 'A , X U I. Qs X 'I uw but u g Bill Nuzum Elain Hartman Joan Typer President Sec.-Trees. Reporter -- N ' inf? e . .Q wi: 3:2 ' ki? ,fww 'ww -si qos. 1 -' 25g Q A.. S' , 'B -A x7 f Y sfo JJ Norman Stine Mary Lou Smith Lester Richard , - es ,qs ff ,,.. I K ' Qfl , sys, Kenneth Luker Roy Williams Fred Steel Mary Murphy ' , ,., .,,. .- e 41 f L , .A, 14 f N v S -wn,vrv - I Glene Hess Shirley Cowan Jack Colvin Jim Holt , J? . S Q . M, Q XM, .f , E f vu' . lfk hfki-, 'N 1 .kfl kf g',L xy f f,Q' Af ,qsJruJw' . Ati Chester Grim Glene Tuggle Bob Russell Joan Bruner xx X xi in if X X, MQ' Q iz: 5- . f. 'Q -5 s ...v A. . "5 'i Bill Grose Vice-President ' 'C' nj .J lik , I X - , .. .1 Bobby Eisenhouer 9-Q . ru .. .r 1 514: Lf-A Gerald Davis I l Q ' , 'VP N' .A 8 QP- 4d Dan Ramsey fs- -rv -0 Marvin Mason ! 11113125 I fi Our rw . K .5 f u V A 1 l Y f 9,74 V, , 6 g,b..w.v , Y f 1. f 1 s 1 Arn' , KN ,,-4 r .bv 0 n hi , j. 'Q xx V ""-an . X K Qf 2. YE-M ' 'f M vm- G n fi? Q. asm E in Rm 5 po T7 so 7' H 4-"9" 'Q L og-0 5052 K I Q ' x J.: x i rj 'WMM' we? QM Q, ' " if". X4 . - Exfixigg q T , X 7 'in 'Y L9?'i:g'rLr:Lony.' A ag 1 N ia-is-1-1 Yfmnxay G01-in E GMD ovE5 z A ' ' I -A ' ' 1 jil 9 1 " ' ' 'f"Q""'Rsx' X x X, i'. . K , f 5 Cxwasi ANGEL 'At Q Wi? Gooiu MATCH rx 'K 'A 'I X in 45? Q? of J Q! fpf I In S599 4, 1 M 1 w ,, 0' V x ..- . ,.... ,....... ,...- ,..- CLASS FPzisn0iH'f' 'QAM W.-0" Q H0151 T ,ffm at X si g f? ff 3 if 5 L rm "FW Q x 7 Jerry Smith President K3 Marie Nealman gg?2QLLl 'S I4 S gg E Z.ZQ I t- .ti rd Helen Mosier -U .t .,.. y L . V,., 1 " 5 ' 15 X 'A g . Q A ., YE g , 4- ' r as fax-' S , , . Q ' K. . N'-5 A Carol Tuggle . , . Q Bernard Stine .3 1' .- Scott Christy 'rf Audra Swisher Jeane Wittsell - - fi S 'QQ ,L A , .A Z Nc, A as 4 Edwin Hartman Beatrice Adamson rmE?TW SH P ' X ff?" ff, ,,, , V qfffwe Silt' Q 'ivigln ff f w W . , , y z I ri 1 y if I . Pat Sipe , 12 5 ? .ity .SU '!,p,,,Qff 1 Q I ffml 'lla jzm Q ii John Brown E 3 ,- .fo-in -3 , YN? James Armstrong Bertha Semler 39156 if. 'f ' ' l ' 3 i ' ' K' .. R rm - 4 ,- for 3-5-A SHS? Carolyn Hammons fx' 14' i 4"1 ' ,' Sy' - 1 A X-yfi, li g Corine Williams ft' if -3 W .1 , Ag--as Don Grim Nancy Stainbrook N, Don Spainhoward ii? ' A rx .wg 5 Daisy McCollum 4 ..... . his l ,Q if Q V L, ,G ' '77 L W X Q ' N Q QFITHQTQS ' " . N sm fx., 1' - . X l ' W ' sg Q ' -- .. .. ....,, V . iv Q U51 S Q S A i I 'MN-B gg K ' ,,., in ,fr I Q V 'M'f'iQ.'1 V E g, U L f ' Vfflqt M'-m':"'.r.--K N-IE'-' if W 1. V L wif f f 5.1141 Mg K . , . K. . is 2 I 'Q " kk. if -f" v WN 4 i n vi ,, -, Y A Lk 'kgkiir Q . v 1 x X, I, YY: aw a y, Q, G -. Y A 1: ,,i.i. W Aix 4 , ,A .s 3 V' X 'A I A ' h 'Y . J WE 5' 1 1. I . 2' 51' v, If A A 3, tk - 1' M, 3, yy ' f' ' va!-u ,I : L lr, kj' 3. U Lmfk x. .QL wid J 3 ,DA I asm ' Q I M if 'Qt 1 ---.5 R' - -QL , , ns 1 U fs 4 V 1 nk , , W, , L,,. M M N T 1 as W' 1 B "Ulm, Q A . E 3 Q P-Q.. ga' " I ff 'f M ,L Q p ,-5.af"',a':" L , ,.x- 1- fqwg-X N-wif . , 44' f ,V ' mlg, f - , mffa -fa , 4,.. Q h FA: in 3? K .MW N , Aw li- ' 1 I ix nw 1- LL - -5.1 ,, , Q ,S 'af ' t Y. Lf gf ei I .. A 4 7 'I f X 5 ' MA 5 Q 2 can YY ft fs . I ff, ,P ,X W " ' fa 'Ni in A . .N Q .I f V ,QQ :xi s K' 5 I ,- n, it U 'Q ,.-"""""wMMi' K I V X 1 V E mf vwgvfvi-wig mg, . I, v ' 33 'L ' 554 ' . Q 5 , Q '. .. 3 s V -. nv -W W- ' 4? ,A ,M ,A. , . ' 1 ' x 5' Q iff. .tk wu X ,LL xusk I ., r. 0 luffigsmgl QA- .-f:w-N ..- G. Grimes G. Christy R. Taylor if ' 4' .. ,rx ,dw Z LA KRW- 1 R ' mx fx J. Ludlum P. Adamson H. Wittsell N. Holt s.. -QWEE 11, ' W wlwwwf k g y ., . A Egg- wg W . ,, A g?.k7 . , , -O K .np 1 .l 4 R, 3- g . - "E?' 2,5 LV iii 4-iii 14? V A' R u X Q V ,LM W 3 .xy N ji f ix ' 1 - ' K. Miller J. Typer C. Hunt A. Wilson awww! fm ' .49 A "f fwg .5 v U. George B. Bradbury R. Robinson R. Robinson -ws V. Grim F. Stainbrook R. Wilson J. Nuzum V 6. .0 f"' lv ' r 4' V 0: -,My ,J Li? .,, .. Gfz' . ww ip N ! !Ll f N fhW'V Q ', W ,W M-.ww ' J. snare T. Bisnara J. smith G. Jones ' c. smith ...in X 3, R 3 -is 0 ' ,f J, --11-I , r 1 ...V V1 Y 1 ti sl .I K A. McAbee E. Jones N. Brooker R. Williams F. Likely Wseiwi . . , A 9 , 4 - , tv , ... gf 1 - .1 ' 'X - A Q Pi I- , 'wwfx ,A,x k,W j ' V r . f r 'Q 4 I ,,A, ,ky , A .,.f K "' I JV m,l' Q .A 'Ar fd Ll wk, .h J, I :M 15 . Fa f L L fl72z!I4vllTf'f?' illliil C. Main R. Strait A. Swink J. Turner J. Reynolds ' 'V11S , 'C AQ ft .I y f,,Q wx Q . 1 . ' Y 1.4: p ,l Y K in 5 Y Q ? ,-Q 1 x iw ' 5 e W Z ' 2 ,...' - -e 4' 'I ' fo I I E ...af ' 4? e 2 . - C. Sanders C. Brooker H. Sessler L. Williams C. Bowers . ' 'N P ,' . 4' . - P ' A .71 V i A i f X Ngo' 1 . ,, i , M h -A r X ' rm or - b N - o 1' W Q . 1' sp. f D. Clark J. Harclerode R. Wise T. Harcleroae C. Brunk U ' fd' G. Williams K x - Ng, . Nfkr - tl C. Muntzert ywwh .1Z:.: iywg . ,k X V5 , vfs Q xi xi.. J. Clark 4-'N gf ' , J. Miller 0 , 1 wp 'Q In ,Q ' 1'41 MWA u o sr. .3 ". .x , iF 3, K, L. Bower .Q , . Qy. 'I ,X , U 'i ' , wa ww... 1 u , X. K . f u ,xg 5 .-'J I' 'J Y R. Wright R. Bower 'N 0- L . C. Ramsey Q , WM 7 7 x QR. u X J ,g Q X Ar 'x F. Griffith E- Wise i A ' ' . 'fi T35? . -i H F w ' '. A X. w . gi ' :ma x El' L B. Main Jo Clark 4 9: :N , -vt x , Q - .4 v J. Hall M. Harclerode xg 4 SU V. Miller. J- BI'OOkSI' .,.. .' - . L E5 M 4' fx!! Yii!EU7g'ET:i AH N ix. ! R. Nickleson N. Ramsey D. Dennis Vmwfww ,.,. wf35iQE5Sfwm7PRb Ev' Y VW ' W??Nw,. .QQWY A"? '. f T?j?51 A 1 f -1'ii j , 1 A ' " .5 - . 2-t Qf'f " P " . 125 , S ' X I JD ' v X 4 ., Q 1 Y ' 5 I . 'H f J Turner A. Burt N xx M . ' - 3 I A E Q E:::n.. X I , XX XQWN I f +4 A W. QQ, E f: f A, fdpffw ' XX K.CXJ393y Z 5 N """"'f-aa, 6. k f . .f--'- X Xxx 'W 'L T l A XXX XX W ' f f- ff, nw xx 72 1 f Sf. , ---' ,y X ,EA 7 ' N. W Girls esketloell First row-J. Griffth, N. Cooney, M. Uilliams, B. Eisenhouer, N. Pearson, A, Swisher, J, Wilson, Coach, Second row-J. Walker, R. Wilson, J. Nuzum, g. Murphy, B. Adamson, J. Wlttsell, Third row-N. Holt, F. Stainbrook, N. Stainbrook, P. Sipe, C. George. AnnuelS'te1ff , 'il .yy Pe, QODSQI' Pep Club I Cheerleaders-Jeane Walker, Beatrice Adamson, Mary Smith, Florence Sbainbrook Student Ccuncill 'E A .rr First Row- Nancy Holt, Gorine Williams, Jeane Walker, Richard Wilson, Shirley Cowan Back Row-Mr. Wilson, Scott Christy, Lester Richard, Paul Adamson W A ..,..A , . :. ,,, . Ai., ., U , H ,,m, ,x, ,iv ' . 'pix A- ' , - V , ,. Vf ay W- A f P9 13 TIC 0 f af N lx , A, 3 7 . ,l ,, M Fx . 2 A A kw 5 5 Q 4 M 5 2 Q x "N 521 : 2 . 2' 2: I sf f ' f ,Z T 'Q 'Z' 55' K , 9 1 J, , ,. . X, : ,- K ' I WN my First row-R. Ramsey, G. Holt, F. Hunziker, L. Farrell, R. Hartman, Back row-R. Clark, R. Heckman, R. Wilson, G. Davis, G. Smith, H. Norris Coach First row-G. Christy, L. Richards, K. Luker, R. Taylor, Back row-H, Norris, coach, J. Armstrong, F. Steele, J. Holt, B. Stine, J. Smith, E- Hlrtmn '-.Q '1'115'2 ililfficiiligggafegi:-f:-1-22 . l . a ! i i : i s ' "W L Grade Sesketbell LE P8 Y K K' L igo F QQEK' SQ Back Row, left to right: J. Turner, C. Muntzert, C. Main, J. Schulze, D. Dennis L. Williams, R. Wright, D. Clark. Front Row, left to right: Mr. Norris iCoachD G. Williams, B. Main, F. Griffith L. Bower, J. Hall. J. Turner. Back Row, left to lark, J. Clark, J. Miller, J. Schulze, R. Bower Mr. Norris fCoachl. Front Row, left to right: R. Nichols, V. Miller, A. Burt, E. Wise, C. Brunk. X3 fw 'wav - KN P5 F0 7 JQ43 ffzg 4 i jgfi Q R mxfgp, 4 W kg r 4-f-"""" ilu' RE N-NETT STUDIO PHCDNE 345 Gr ZO55 FO S OTT KANSAS ANDL. VG Staple and Quality Food eljho Gene ral Me rchandl se ZF? fax N M K! Hauls to and from 'ds TrucK Ser-vfce, ,fy Kansas City 6,4253 Congratulations t ,F to the ga Class X x '41 of A R Kd 115311 KET gm! 2 Phones 17F52 Q S806 Bronson, Kansas Phone 63 Uniontown, Kansas 305 DEER3 couwmzm ii MacDonald Imp. Co . John Deere Quality Farm Equipment EOL N. National Avenue Fort Scott, Kansas Phono 62 FURT SCOTT TRUCK 3' THACTUR ....ii.... FARM EQUIPMENT H MCJTDR TRUCKS IITIIUATIGUAL NIIVESTEI ngratulati f 53 international harvester product C5951 :HH Hfdfkf . S, -' UIINHMUMB' Nm compliments of UN ICNTOWN HARQWARE Phone 7 1 t wn, Kansas D une Pembe Bronson Grain Company Extends Congratulat ions and Best wished For the Future To U. H. S. Class of 1953 Phone 98 Bronson Kans as 43.4 DEWEY HCTEL C APE Bronson, Kansas . I' 1M CHEVROLET liz! For New Cars - New Trlllllis WAIEZAQE CHEVRQLET Fort Scott, K 1107 MANUFACTURERSOF' f Sn deff FEEDS APPLIANC FERTILIZER PAINTS GRAIN HARDWARE FEEDS LUMBER SEEDS Snyder Company U K Phones 39--60 "fr DAIRY QUEEN he Cone With The Curl On Ton' Fort Scott, Kansas SKS SONS ! X 1- - af.. ,,x v f',' , W ff. ' x ff, VX- -x f, Chix-,M JM Q 'X-fffw hff '. . X-A, . ' 05 Vulcanizing and Recapping Fort Scott, Kansas CUNULHA OF Family Shoe Store Brady's Shoe Store Town H Country To The Class Of 1953 ENTS E' 79 fa S f s . '5a1eE,,Y.: CAT-I' LE and SALES ..ElnQn.e.I.Q'l SMHQN Q M. Draper' NORRIS PLUMBING AND HEATING -no I- I El r Plumbing Fixtures Ig -1 Je I and Quicks Truck Service Barnes Deep Sc Shallow Well Pumps Hauls to and from Phone 68 Kansas City N th M 1 Phone 2920 Redfield, Kansas 9 or ' n Fort Scott Bob Bauer WALL STREET BODY SHOP I I MEMORIAL HOME Body and Fender Work Painting Bee Line Axle Frame Aligning ' AMBULANCE SERVICE FUNERAL SERVICE I Glass Installed PHONE 904 150 so. NMIONAL Phone 978 FORT SCOTT, KANSAS 216 East Wall Fbrt Scott , Kans America 's Finest Smooth-Top Mattress D H E t L E 12 Fort Scott Mattress A U , a d Awning Co, SELFSTORUNG ALL-ALUMINUM , , COMBINATION T! f STORM SASH ' ' WEATHER STRIPPING SCREENS Fort Scott Mattress and Awning Co. 115 Scott Phone 999 Fort Scott, Kansas R1 l S KONANTZ FUNERAL Home , D CAR .. Phone 400 W fn .4 -' . ,sl-.95 ' '4 f I' cl Equipped Ambulances Phone hoo Fort Scott K n Q Bland Tractor M lug:-'Ee lwlmm:u2'm ,., 4 ttllpgl pivn I gl' .M 'YV . :ffl ' i W, I, I I ,N I xjlrlllvxffia-.. ' aj C-H-E-N-E-Y35 Funeral Chapel Oxygen equipped Ambulance Service at all Hours mmm Congradulations From DEVON LUMBER CO Building Material of all Kinds Est, 1863 Radios, Refrigerators, Home 59 Years of Service Appliances, water systems. Phone 86 Fort Scott, Kansas a Dale R. Johnson Orlando A. Cheney J. L. Mowrey Edward Johnson ff'L......-.nhH,re- ,.,, ev-,-HN- uns. RICHARDSON sf SCHAFER Deputy State Veterinarians See DRS. RICnAfuSoN Q SCH FEA Fort Scott, - .i.il. CONGRATULATIONS I FPO111 P IHiiiIWAWlIIiilWHEHWW 9 South Main Fort Scott, Kansas Owner Kansas , Phone 1512 Kennith M. Watkins To The Class of n53W Phone 266 SMITH S STAN X 5 sm: DARD fa ALLKINDS REPAIR WORK DCDNE MTS ----......l PHONEIUOT BRUCE AMARBLE GRANITE WORKS Manufacturers of Pi G it Memori 1 ORl SCOTT, KANSAS Phone SSO 1 ,ff lv., fi?- DAWSQN PRODUC P QRONSON - KA NS. WB FEEDS W Complimenfs 0fNloran I T t I plement Co. Y I t L '1 3 iarvestor D 1 Pnone 13 M an Kansas Partne P4 t Man R lph Moser Bd i F k Lowell James I hanics E M St ect Bill T Fft M an, Kansas 1 There? no NJ I LEEK S 'rf 1 Q4 Fort Scott , Kansas . fl0n , :gn QUES . W wus 15 gf 5 W" e r A 1. Q Q3 vLAC . JAKES CASA Williard 8a Dmathy Turner Uniontown, Kansas Furl Ssoff Greenhnuse e e Wvman P. Rogers. Fluid W f 2 Q 'L s 90 AX'l,5'ff5a A5195 F5918 -- A s Pfkgsffnf ,, P0496 9th at Horton Flowerphone 301 WGRAP . oo ' ' 1 S :I 3 J an .E al, 4 M nd Flaw.: Wulldw l72h Horton Phono 700 Fort Scott , Kansas FOR LOCKER SPACE and ESEE Sales ' ' and r I plomourh t , dx w 1 1 I YN 443 Fl Klsl Service Genuine Chrysler Products and Parts. HECKMAN srrss Moron co HND SON I. H. Hartman, Manager Phone 3702 Uniontown, Kansas 1521 South National Fort Scott, Kansas FORT SCOTT DRUG CO. 3 DRUG STORE f"Nw ig! XIiX,,- .5 1!iEIIIIiE? 103 South M 1 H H Phone 25 207 N. National Ft CONARD O. E. Conard . Scott GQNHMFQ- C A L lu 'L' III " 5 'fg,!,m!,: ' EL Be t ll9h9S to Qrganizej in 19OL the 1953 Graduates HEPLER STATE BANK Kansas Q33 Electrlc Co 1 Vansms Heb er, .. K Fort Scott, Kansas JOE KENNEDY Redfield Lumber Co. Men,s and boy,s W Fort Scott S Lumber, Hardware k Seeds rv ET T I 'Pe f Redfield, Kansas 631' .fan XT X a x ell' Kansas HAMMONS morons A E and Tmpleme nt Co . 9 x Z Q at .. - a 6 - f 3 XRS . NN f MURRAY'S DRY CLEANERS C ean mos coct A Phon Zrguo COMPLIMENTS 1 V fl' E WE R M SELL ARQH RAMSEY BANNER DA!RY PRODUCTS TOWN KANSAS Kans C OM PLIM EN TS ALLIS-CHALMER5 of Queer? LAND'S INN WADE MGTOR CG. fallwuni CHAS. LEIST FASHION RIGHT CLOTHES f D E H L E R m N L di d Child U Phone 2lpOO T f FORT SCOTT 1 S tt A A KANSAS F 1:5 tt K QU INCY LUMIBER Phone 528-529 Complete Service Free Delivery building hardware supplies Paints rnufing ' I O U ,5 ' From 20h North Caldwell Fort Scott, Kansas Congratulations Seniors Ls A3535 ' , +31 ' KQN A N TZ Food Stores Funeral Home Store Go. 1 Store 2 Frozen Food Locker Plant 15 L. Wall 2 Enct Pnk Street and Phone loo Southwest Corner Marker Square Fort Scott, Kansas Fort Scott, Kansas 1 -1. x --. Redfield Lumber Co R .I I .1- " Eff 9 ---IJEALERS IN-l-'- ax, ' ' Building Materials Of All Kmds mf Q30 46 51 '-I Hardware Fertilizer and and Implements Grass Seeds Package Remedies Redfield, Kansas Livestock Serums Uongratulations Ice cream 21:9 Malts Class of IIISQN Uniontown, Kansas Phone 3901 ' 1 51 fl if 4. Air cuTS '4 'N Slwxves ' .ff SP I V'S BARBER SHOP Uniontown, Kansas g6L f A ily.: J. BLOOMFIELD General Electric AUTHORIZED HOME APPLIANCE DEALER G. E. Television Sets Service Extends Congratulations to the Class of Il'53N Fort Swett, Phone 900 Kansas fame rwm fx Mp 0 femafw SI X 'lf,"'y'!-l-,fi Organized in 19015, JG S BGWSU HEPLER STATE BANK Sandwiches Short Orders Hepler , Kans as Uniontown, Kaus as Gfungraiulaiinn Glas-5 of '53 compliments gf UNION STATE BANK IA "" Y 'K 51' 'ia SPENCER 8: LEE MOTOR CO nous gunna f x: T B llll D' CHRYSLER 8 PLYMOUTH Sales - Service T 16 s. National Fort Scott, Kansas The Grade to High Grade Foods Congratulations and r to the The Home of Key Overalls Seniors Uniontown, Kansas Phone 1814. Fort Scott, Kamsas -AQ More Him 5 Candy Pittsburg, Kan Phone 935 School Supply 12 N s ' sas Emporia, Kansas Fort Scott, Kansas Phone 314.59 Phone 922 GSB XL .s .' all, ,Zin 1. ' 1 61 if I, A ll ' . ,,, 1A X v , Q A? ' ' 1, : , -v- ,A .M - M '? ,X , in ,g an :uf an 3.21 T14 .. 1- g.'Q:'fL .'.'g': EK , N 1 V ' :U '-.3s.g. rf' ' . '-45-ij - . 'hi V, . Ti .V qs v azfg? v, L i 1 -4-L fa" 1 v K xi Q ., 1 31- ,Kl'3T5l.4N.H ff' L: 1- 'L 'L '.' ?Zl""2':l2749"7"' -'L v "S-fv' ,, -ff-""r'5 rn -""' ' 'HK ' ' - -'Q A ' -ft'-Lv -'vS-:.'- - .S HT:-41 f..x.--'f"""f' - -'-' aw..-:Ns-'W -- -2. -A ...1-.--,.,-- -q.-f.- 1--, -Q . - - J V -1 .xr-V--Jr.-rr., ,mmm -- - .. .I..zw... -,Q--.urs-rs, xy.-.S'4.v1,f-sez'-f-1.rx-:Q-1,megav-4189?r--.S-fan-cf4D--.fg-:g5?,:'.'IN7.f,..5 M,-f5:.y,,,.-ff-gg-. , -,,,.:,g,.-f-,114.,,L-f-a,,.-A,Nf:g-1.- 1:4-L VL -? ., I. . . . X 4 .Yl- .. 1. ,, , H Y Y Y 41 'I

Suggestions in the Uniontown High School - Eagle Yearbook (Uniontown, KS) collection:

Uniontown High School - Eagle Yearbook (Uniontown, KS) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Uniontown High School - Eagle Yearbook (Uniontown, KS) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Uniontown High School - Eagle Yearbook (Uniontown, KS) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 67

1953, pg 67

Uniontown High School - Eagle Yearbook (Uniontown, KS) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 36

1953, pg 36

Uniontown High School - Eagle Yearbook (Uniontown, KS) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 116

1953, pg 116

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