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MWMnmM Table of Contents Freedom within our Unity Campus Highlights Personalities Organizations Brotherhood; Sisterhood Athletics Academics Portraits Community Friends Laura Fuller Lewis Editor-in-Chief Anna Scarbrough Associate Editor Betty H. Foellinger Adviser We are part of a Unity: the unity of Christ. Yet, through Him, we have our freedom. " Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free ... " Galatians 5:1 " Now the Lord is that Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. " II Corinthians 3:17 In addition to our freedom in Christ, the Lord has richly blessed us with our free country — America. " My Country, ' tis of thee, Sweet Land of liberty, — Of thee I sing. " Rev. Samuel Francis Smith And within America is our beloved Union University. Here, too, we enjoy freedoms within our unity. We have the freedom to grow and to change from old to new. . Yes. , ; we have many freedoms in America; a atfy formed by the search of freedom. " Ay. call it holy ground, ' - The soil where first they trod! They haye left unstained what there they found Freedom to worship God! " Felicia Hemans From our country ' s beginnings, we declared our freedoms: " We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. " Declaration of Independence HH St So - 1 48fcs. r i isi» ? r " ' W ' lk pJL|H| ' tvO Wj r l e3K m S3? ' r 1 1 1 The Bill of Rights, contained in the First Ten Amendments to the Constitution, is every American ' s guarantee of freedom: " Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. " First Amendment i k i ■ I i. 1 § ■ « - 1 7 ' H mJ R ; 1 PHU Likewise, the Bible clearly states the basis for the freedom of those who are Christians: " And ye shall know the truth, and truth shall make you free. They answered him, We be Abraham ' s seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free? Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. And the servant abideth not in the house for ever: but the Son abideth ever. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ve shall be free indeed. " John .32-36- r our freedom was extremely costly. America ' s freedom was bought by many suffering and giving their lives for their country. The patriot ' s blood ' s the seed of Freedom ' s tree. " Thomas Campbell Yet, as Julia Ward Howe says in her famous " Battle Hymn of the Republic, " only ONE died for the freedom we find through Christ; only ONE sacrifice was needed; the life of Christ: " In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea. With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me; As men died to make men holy, let us die to make men free. " " Christ . . . hath given himself for us an offering and sacrifice to God. " Ephesians 5:2 t ' • Bfe JL j l| ■ - «. % £tiJ §P Since the price has been paid for our freedom, we can reap the benefits: " This is true liberty, where freeborn men, Having to advise the public, may speak free. " John Milton " The love of liberty is the love of others, The love of power is the love of ourselves. " William Hazlitt " But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit into holiness and the end everlasting life. " Romans 6:22 • A [ " y k Bl 1 [i wat m : - j H Bl " " ' ' p v?aVb i i in mwjt 1 SM -._ afey ySH m W j I blh hi However, there is a danger of loss or abuse of our freedoms: " O Freedom! Once thy flame hath fled, It never lights again. " Thomas Moore " But as then, he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit, even so, it is now. " Galatians 4:29 Therefore, we have responsibilities: " Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. " Thomas Paine " For he that is called in the Lord, being a servant is the Lord ' s freeman; likewise also he that is called, being free, is Christ ' s servant. " I Corinthians 7:22 " . . . Freely ye have received, freely give. " Matthew 10:8 Thus Union freely gives. " Liberty And Unio now and forever, one and inseparable. ' Let there in your be spaces togetherness. Kahlil Gibran Campus Highlights ■ I J Graduation 18 President ' s Reception 21 Religion and the Arts 26 Homecoming 29 Graduation 1981: A " lass Record Late spring rains may have soaked Union ' s campus in May, but they did not dampen the spirits of 284 seniors who were graduated in the college ' s largest class. The repeated thunderstorms forced the evening commencement ceremony indoors to the Jackson Coliseum on May 30. Dr. Harold C. Bennett, executive secretary-treasurer of the Southern Baptist Convention, delivered the morning baccalaureate address in G. M. Savage Memorial Chapel. Commencement speaker was Grady Nutt, a Baptist minister and professional humorist. Of those presented degrees, 245 were May graduates and 39 were July graduates. Twelve nurses comprised the second class of students to be graduated under the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program. Fifty-one students received degrees in the Associate of Science in Nursing program. 2 £ A - ; BESS " 1©5 - ' ■ Vip% ? • » i«M Grady Nutt Dr. Harold C. Bennett Signing Up; Moving In Congratulations students! Your waiting in seem- ingly endless lines and hassling through registration makes you Union ' s largest enrollment. The fall enrollment increased to 1,382 students during the summer and fall registration process. This is up three percent from the previous year ' s. Due to the large enrollment, all campus housing was filled, and the overflow was housed in the married housing complex and on the East Jackson campus. The college ' s resident student population jumped nearly 17 percent to 882. The resident population now comprises nearly 64 percent of the student body. , x r y-r tea ' 3™ Sharing lightens the load. President ' s Welcome The President ' s Reception is an annual affair to which the student body, the faculty, administration and staff are invited. This year, as in the past, it was held in the cafeteria. Each guest is greeted by a reception line and then moves to elaborately set tables filled with many delicious foods and punch, which faculty members serve. This year ' s attendance was high due to the large enrollment. The reception was held in two shifts to provide for an uncrowded atmosphere and a better opportunity to become acquainted with faculty members. It also gave the student and administration a chance to meet one another and to establish a line of communication. A friendly handshake and sincere greeting welcomed all. f Eight apartments, added to Warmath Complex, are home for 32 students. Signs of Growth As Union ' s enrollment has steadily increased, so has the need for more space. This year the first tangible signs of the Union University Expansion Program can be seen. Additions include more space in the cafeteria, three classrooms, increased student housing, a lecture hall, and seven faculty offices. This growth is part of the Expansion Program to enlarge Penick Academic Complex, and adds 7,500 square-feet of space to the complex. Other additions include the $6,500 set of English handbells given to Union by Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Argo, Jr., of Trezevant, and two concrete benches, donated by the class of 1979, which were added to replace Union ' s beloved " Rapture Rocket. " Dr. Blass and Dr. Hartley admire the handbells. ff ... A campus landmark is removed. Hang in there, Baby! " The 1981 BSU Fall Retreat held at Brandon Springs, Tennessee, centered on the theme of persevering. Over the weekend of October 9-11, over 125 Union students discovered a new meaning to the phrase " Hang in there, Baby! " Mark Gold, Youth Pastor of Broadway Baptist Church in Memphis; Dr. Bob Agee, Union ' s Dean of Religious Affairs; and Jennifer Scott, English and Speech instructor at Union, led Bible study sessions and creative worship. Chuck Maxwell, a Union alumnus, presented special music and assisted BSU president Victor Morrison, in leading the fireside share times. Steve Martin, the music director for the retreat, was in charge of special features for the weekend such as a slide presentation of the theme and the Annual Gong Show. Luanne Palmer, Anita Sutton, Lisa McDaniel, Melinda Sargent and Denise Alexander sing for the Gong Show. Little Neemo reflects on his retreat activities. Union ' s cafeteria manager, Joy Harris, the assistant manager, Paul Harkins, and the manager trainer, Martha Jackson, join the Country and Western Dinner. Special Meals And More Throughout the school year, Union ' s cafeteria, managed by A.R.A. Food Services, sponsors special events for the students. These special meal deals include outdoor cookouts, various carnivals, holiday buffets. Hobo nights, and many more. The Halloween Carnival featured a costume contest and a campus-wide pumpkin cutting contest held for all organizations. In the costume contest, Sandra Huggins, dressed as a ladybug, won first. Outfitted as a vampire, Charla Ramey won second, while Theresa Ramey, costumed as a little girl, placed third. J. C. Thedford and Libba Buntin examine the collection of 40 antique Bibles displayed at Union during the festival. Teresa Sullivan and Karen Brewer chat alongside a slide display. git -, •, ; h I " ' L 88 v J fcs. Religion and lfc Joey Grave9 wins honorable mention in art. In poetry division Tami Hamilton wins second. M jr. ' V 7 ! ' BSU Coffeehouser3 pause to refresh. Charlotte Livingston and group place first in the music division. Dr. Edward Carlos speaks of his collection. Rev. Thomas Woodward witnesses with juggling. Rev. Dan McBride " preaches " through songs. the Arts The Chrismon Tree displays religious symbols. Dr. Davis and Tina Walker hang Miss Curlin concentrates on juggling, artwork. Union ' s Guest Speakers Season Campus Life Roger Murray, Jr. presents the first Distinguished Service Award by Union to Coach " Bear " Bryant at the expansion fund-raising banquet. Dr. Don Higginbotham, the Jones Lecturer, speaks on U.S. history. Dr. John Alvin Wood was the speaker for the Fall Revival Services. David Meece ' s concert was sponsored by BSU and SGA. Cynthia Clawson was featured in the Homecoming concert. r , yL ®fe JS£j l{£2 £ 4 1 1 1 ilH in BV3I RJ rVj —j l! The Union University Chorus presents Handel ' s ' Messiah ' for the Christmas concert. ' Show of Love ' is given by Jeff Steinberg. Cynthia Clawson autographs The Cardinal and Cream for a fan. David Meece ranks high among leading Christian recording artists. Homecoming 1981 " Hey, it ' s good to be back home again, " was the theme for this year ' s Homecoming. Although the official date for Homecoming was set for Saturday, December 5, campus events began November 30. A dress code was designated for each day of the week preceding Homecoming. Other special events included movies in the chapel, " Wacky Games " in the gym, Faculty Follies, the Homecoming Pep Rally, the annual Bonfire, a Computer Dating Dinner, the Homecoming Parade, and the Cynthia Clawson concert. Homecoming day offered receptions and reunions, the annual Awards Luncheon, the presentation of the Homecoming Court, the coronation of the Queen, and victories for Union ' s basketball teams. The Homecoming Court is announced at halftime of the men ' s game. The Homecoming spirit strikes all. a Hey, It ' s Good To Be Back Home Again! " M Buster Bulldog cheers on the Lady Bulldogs. The Art Guild ' s display boasts " The Always Get Their Man. " Monday was designated as " Bulldogs don ' t kid around " day, and the students dressed as children. On Tuesday, the dress was warm-up suits because " Victory will be no sweat. " On Wednesday the students were dressed as cheerleaders while " We ' re cheering for U. " Thursday presented the Sunday-go-to-meetin ' suits to show that " Victory suits us fine. " Friday was " ain ' t it good to be back home again " day and the students dressed as hillbillies. In the Display Competition, the winners were Art Guild in the Organization Division; Alpha Tau Omega in the Fraternity Division, and Chi Omega in the Sorority Division. SCHOOL DAYS Ruth Lincoln doesn ' t " kid around. ' Winning second place in the parade was the Freshman Class. On Homecoming Day hundreds of alumni attended the morning receptions and reunions, and the annual luncheon. The alumni honored included Dr. James Thomas who received the Distinguished Alumnus Award, Albert Kelley who was awarded the Distinguished Service Award, and Dr. Ramsey Pollard who was presented the Honorary Alumnus Award. Mrs. Betty Foellinger, Associate Professor of English and Journalism, was the recipient of the Distinguished Faculty-Staff Award. In addition, the classes of 1931 and 1956 were awarded their 50- and 25- year diplomas. Alumni enjoy the good luncheon food. Dr. Crabtree reports on Alumni Loyalty Fund. Zandra Blackwell aim9 for a free throw. Tony Jone3 reaches for the ball to push the Bulldogs to victory. The Homecoming games resulted in victories for both the women ' s and the men ' s teams. The Lady Bulldogs defeated the University of Tennessee-Martin with a score of 73-54. Likewise, the Bulldogs beat the College of the Ozarks by a score of 79-62. Mike Lovelady drives toward the goal. The cheerleaders build a tower of victory. During the halftime of the men ' s game, Ann Stricklin was crowned Union University ' s 1982 Homecoming Queen. Miss Stricklin is a junior social work major from Humboldt. Other members of the court include Suzanne Belew, Clare Lawler, Debbie Newman and Angela Stewart. Miss Union, Rita Simpson, and Dr. Barefoot Debbie Newman and Dan Heisserer Angela Stewart and Michael Sausedo Personalities 51 Miss Union University 36 Mr. Union 46 Miss Union 47 Campus Favorites 48 Who ' s Who 50 a That ' s Entertainment! " That was the exciting theme for the well-staged Miss Union University 1982 Pageant that was held on Saturday night, March 13, in the G. M. Savage Memorial Chapel. The pageant was directed by Andrea Rasberry and produced by Andy Dailey. Doris Freeman, " Cousin Tuny, " served as the pageant ' s Mistress of Ceremonies. Ms. Freeman is currently serving as general manager of Jackson ' s Old Hickory Mall. Entertain- ment for the pageant was provided by the Pageant Orchestra under the direction of Charles Huffman. Also included in the entertainment were the Pageant Singers, a group which consists of Susan Graves, Carole Howard, Philip Long, Kathy Mayo, Kelvin Smith, and Stacy Williams. The judges for the evening were Elizabeth Anne Garner, Elise Neal, William C. Boyd, Linda Ford, and Robert Mulloy. The production c rew and staff included Marta Wilson, assistant director producer; Tony Jenkins, lighting; David Harrison, stage manager; Cherie Craig, program booklet; Doug Medlin, publicity; Ron Land, sound; and Ruth Lincoln, ticket sales. Highlighting the evening was a rendition of two songs, Melissa Manchester ' s " Don ' t Cry Out Loud " and Bannister and Hudson ' s " Praise The Lord, " by Rita Adair Simpson, Miss Union University 1981. Special guests at the pageant included former Misses Union University, Denise Robinson, Miss Union 1979, and Gail Langley, Miss Union 1980. Special recognition was also given to Angelina Irene Johnson, Miss Tennessee 1981. A special thanks goes to Dr. James Edmonson, Bill Truex and the Computer Center, Maggie Nell Brewer, and Denise Stevenson. Without the help of these people, the pageant would not have been the success that it was. Maggie Nell Brewer presents Andrea Rasberry with a special plaque of commendation for her work as Director of the Pageant. Andy Dailey, Producer, and Tony Jenkins work together to make the pageant run smoothly. Rita Simpson, Miss Union University 1981, highlights the evening with a special song. Cindy Sherrill was sponsored by Lamplighters. Denise Nanney was the representative of Sigma Alpha Iota. iner] J 1 ' AWARDS ■STNUMCALOT 1 TJ 1 11 . f AWARD 1976 ■ ' " j|B ' !■ | w H H M IEUIIZ I RO0WW THEATF6 IMSSPP? Jana Jones was the Junior Class representative. The Zeta Tau Alpha representative was Karen Hutchison. Clare Lawler was sponsored by Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Lu Ann Ross was sponsored by the Senior Class. Women ' s Housing Representative was Sheila Willis. Misty Sellers, Physical Education Club, had third runner-up position. Sherry Breedlove, Freshman Class, was second runner-up. Miss Union and her court, left to right: Misty Sellers, third runner-up; Angela Stewart, first runner-up; Jana Adkisson, Miss Union; Sherry Breedlove, second runner-up; Alisa Clift, fourth runner-up. ■ ' 1 a -V- % Sfr ' rffi P " " " WINNER 7 28SMS2£5S oSWi 01976 1 n A v ■ W I I it ■ »- ¥ 1 ■ 9 1 .. « f ,Z I ft SAerry Breedlove, second runner-up, received the Beverly Williams Lewis Melanie Campbell wbb chosen by the contestants as Miss Congeniality. Talent Award for singing a hit song from Grease. Jana Dee Adkisson from Savannah, Tennessee, was chosen as Miss Union University 1982. She is a nineteen-year-old sophomore pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rex Adkisson. Jana represented Chi Omega in the pageant. Being crowned Miss Union University entitles Jana to a $250 wardrobe from Parks-Belk and a $300 scholarship given by Union. Winning the title gives her the opportunity to represent Union University in the Miss Tennessee Pageant. Co-eds Win Honors at Miss Tennessee Pageant Jana Adkisson Miss Union University Mr, KJ ' J Victor Morrison A native of Milan, Tennessee Union BSU president Will receive B.A. in Religion and Greek Member of Alpha Chi Member of National Dean ' s List Member of Phi Gamma Mu • ' r ' " " 1 a, ' « t : T ; ■■ ' " ■ ■■ urn m m 1 T - • , . ¥ W m tt r» m wt i:t ■§ t 3 ? i r . J» 1 - - - - ■1 ..., . - ' ■ Hi -B R " ■■■■■■■■ KS «J " as » 1 Kr Vl 1 ■■ " ■ " ■ J m . n mi r- t 9 M MB a Hi S ; f | |t i L .m «■ IB .- - 1 a at i9 ' " S — - Miss Union Clare Lawler A native of Trenton, Tennessee Chi Omega President Will receive B.A. in English Member of Alpha Chi Member of National Dean ' s List Member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sisters Member of Sigma Tau Delta Who ' s Who Campus Favorites Rita Simpson and Angela Stewart Darrell Maxwell and Leland Parks tftrtf.fi rrtrtftti (i i • I rem Andy Dailey, Walt Warren, and Gerry Brittain Angle Johnson and Ann Stricklin Maxwell Laurie Moling Baker John David Barham Penny Leann Braden Timothy Dewayne Britt Twenty-Seven Selected to Who ' s Who at Union Twenty-seven Union students have been named to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. These students have excelled in scholarship, school and community involvement, leadership, and citizenship. They are selected according to these qualifications by the vote of the faculty and are nationally recognized. A special chapel program is held in February in honor of their achievements. 1 , A t - Tfel 9 tm mil " - mm p£fr 9 J Wf- Dr. Hyran Barefoot will present the Who ' s Who certificates. Elizabeth Ann Buntin Jenna Newbill Cagle Gloria Denice Clark Lisa Diane Douglass Rebecca Lee England Jetta Ann Jimerson Jone Ellen Johnson Donna Clare Lawler Cecil Christopher Maxwell Gwendolyn Michele Pace Susan Alice Pylant Suzanne McCarty Judy Pafford Judith Ann Pyron Stuart Keith Mct ' lain Linda Marie Myers Leland Lane Parks Leo Raines Percer Teresa Annette Sullivan Tina Marie Taylor Elizabeth Ann Weglicki Michael Lee Yates Michael John Taylor The genius of a good leader is to leave behind him a situation which common sense, without the grace of genius, can deal with successfully. Walter Lippmann The humblest citizen of all the land, when clad in the armor of a right- eous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of Error. William Jennings Bryan to . ' • ,jvV Organizations The Ark Sails Again ?o By Two ' 1 taking a boat ride? If you are, your adventures cannot be more exciting than those experienced in the fall play. The Union University Theatre Department sailed into its first production of the 1981-1982 season with Two by Two written by Peter Stone. This charming musical comedy was different from most of the other Union productions because it was staged in the round. It dealt with the plight of Noah and the Ark. Little did Noah know, his problems were just beginning. Along with the task of convincing himself that he had been chosen to build the Ark, he had to convince a skeptical wife, a lazy son, a conscientious objector, and a confirmed bachelor, that they too had been chosen to do service. The Ark was to be three stories tall to house every animal on earth as long as they came two by two. The cast included Rob Beasenburg, Pam McCormick, Steve Hays, Libba Buntin, Jetta Jimerson, Leland Parks, Susan Plyant, and Bret Scott. The play was produced under the direction of Denise Stevenson. Noah and his discuss the problem of the rudder. rafffli Joey Graves sets up lights for Two by Two. Noah and his family 9ing joyously that the rain ha9 ended. Cast Creates Comical ' Carnival ' This year ' s dinner theatre was a bit out of the ordinary. It consisted of several choice selections about the adventures of Walter Mitty, a character created by James Thurber and portions of his other famous stories. A Thurber Carnival was a fast-moving parade of skits that ran the range of funniness — smirks, giggles, and out-and-out horse-laughs. The troupe produced fourteen brief skits which included delicious pokes at human nature and stories with morals. " We ' re going through, " Mitty replies in his fantasy as a Navy pilot Scrubbing up is part of the fun in Thurber ' s Carnival. A little understanding could help this situation. Union Chorus The Union University Chorus is open to any interested student. It has two major performances each year. In the fall it performed Handel ' s " Mes- siah, " and in the spring, " A Light in the Wilderness " by Dave Brubeck. The Chorus is under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Hartley. Singers Under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Hartley, chairman of the music depart- ment, Union University Singers prepared a concert which was given on the annual spring tour. This year ' s Singers toured the Northeastern part of the country with Niagara Falls being the highlight. The group is by audition. , - ' Do you think they have their minds on music? Dr. Hartley and the group warm up. Singers, left to right, first row: Randy Houston, Barry Greenlee, Andy Rhodes, Mike Wakefield, Bret Scott; second row: Bob Brown, Carole Howard, Keith Sanderson, Mary Martin, Dean Armour, Betsy Barker, Greg Robinson, Kim Scott; third row: Philip Long, Sheri Murphy, Ricky Isbell, Carole Burns, Debbie Overstreet, David John Roberts, Donna Strickland, Carol Walker; fourth row: Sharron Crihfield, Cheryl Thomas, Alan Smith, Alisa Clift, Melody Allen, Becky Fairchild, Nina Hammonds, Leigh Ann White, Carol Morris; fifth row: Susan Graves, Gloria Clark, Allen Woodhouse, Mike Barnett, Martha Barron, Steve Martin, Jetta Jimerson, Tim Dukes; sixth row: Jana Jones, David Adkins, Bill Patterson, David Martin, Kelvin Smith, Michael Taylor, Kelley Sorrell, Michelle Oakley. Stage and Symphonic Bands The Stage Band performs a variety of popular music events at Union. It rouses the crowd at the Bulldog basketball games in the fall and winter and provides the music for the Miss Union pageant during the spring. The Band also presents concerts for special events, off-campus performances, and chapel programs under the direction of Mr. Huffman. The Symphonic Band is a select group of dedicated musicians. The Band presents the formal concerts each year and provides music for the graduation ceremony every spring. The music performed represents the finest quality from various eras. The Band is directed by Mr. David McClune. Stage Band, left to right, kneeling: Mark Miller, Lois Starkey, Ricky Isbell; second row: Carole Burns, Alan Smith, Mark Berlin, Paul Clark, Robert Vaughn, Ray Ammons, Greg Tillman, Russell Cole, Kevin Jaggars, Kelly Sorrell, Barry Greenlee, Valerie Rock, Charla Ramey, Mark Scott; not pictured: Jo Garner, Ronnie Land, Dana Northcut, Tommy Sewell. Symphonic Band, left to right, first row: Sandra Fowler, Melody Allen; second row: Rebecca England, Mark Scott, Denise Rowland, Beth Berlin, Melody Geske; third row: Harvey Church, Sonya Barbee, Douglas Medlin; fourth row: Ricky Isbell, Loi9 Starkey, Tim Burnette, Ray Ammons; fifth row: Mark Berlin, Mark Miller, Carole Howard, Keith Sanderson, Robert Vaughn, Dean Armour; 9ixth row: Paul Clark, Shane Lynch, Philip Long, Keith Bain, David McClune, director. Covenant and Proclamation Covenant, under the direction of Dr. Larry Smith, is composed of music majors and minors. Selected by audition, Covenant shows its versatility as one of Union ' s public relations groups by singing for churches, banquets, and civic groups across the Mid-South. Last year the group sang its sacred music and performed a medley of show tunes during opening ceremonies at Libertyland. Proclamation is a group of auditioned music majors. It represents the college in promoting public relations and goodwill through music performances. Last year the group made thirty-three individual appearances for civic clubs, churches, conventions and high schools as well as for various functions on campus. Dr. Kenneth Hartley is the director. Covenant, left to right, first row: Susan Graves, Sheila Willis, Melanie Woodhouse, David John Roberts, David Martin. Campbell, Gloria Clark; second row: Rob Jackson, Kelvin Smith, Allen Proclamation, left to right, first row: Carol Walker, Dr. Hartley, Carole Howard, Alisa Clift, Sharron Crihfield, Mary Martin; second row: Alan Smith, Mark Scott, Philip Long, Mark Branson, David Joyner, Steven Martin, Ron Land, Ricky Isbell. Cardinal and Cream The Cardinal and Cream is a publication of Union ' s Journalism Department. The newspaper, which is printed monthly, serves the students and administration as a tool of information. It tries to capture the different areas of the campus through coverage of organizations, fraternities, sororities, sports and special events. The paper ' s objectives are to inspire the students and improve the school. They welcome comments from the student body in " Letters to the Editor. " Advertising: Dee Holland, Robert Sharp Associates and Assistants: Darlene Carr, Andrea Rasberry, Kellye Carpenter; not pictured: Rod Streng. Aro it . »tk - «rs Artists: Ken Wilson, Craig McNatt - JBhi. ' -.; « Photographers: Jean Revelle, John Larrison, Lisa McDaniel Fall Editor 1981, Kathy Haynes Spring Editor 1982, Rod Streng Staff Writers: Kellye Carpenter, Leigh Anne Stegall, Victor Buhler, Adviser Betty Foellinger, Becky Fairchild Staff Writers: Jo Everett, Rod Streng, Mark Conder Staff Writers: Chri9ti Burns, Estella Amaya, Julie Pirtle David Adkin9 Staff Writer: Jacqueline Etheredge Staff Writer: Orlandus Moss Lest We Forget The staff of Lest We Forget has put in many long, often unappreciated hours to insure a good yearbook for both students and faculty. It is published by the Journalism Depart- ment of Union. There were many times when screaming did not do any good, because another deadline was just around the corner. Pages were finished, proofed and done over again. To take a few words from Murphy ' s Law, " If anything can go wrong, it already has. " If any one ever walked by the door of the annual room and heard laughter, it was not because we were happy; it was to keep from crying. All in all, however, we learned a lot about getting along with others, patience, and publishing a yearbook. In order to be efficient the staff is divided into 9 divisions: administration, ads, athletics, campus highlights, classes, Greeks, indexes, organizations, and photographers. Classes is directed by Mary Alice Gibson, Greeks is directed by Melinda Laughlin and Organizations is directed by Tami Hamilton. These, and the remaining divisions, are under the supervision of Laura Lewis and Anna Scarbrough. Greeks: Denise Chappell, Marcy Boston, Lisa Crawford, Melinda Laughlin, Beth Gibson Laura Lewi9, Editor Anna Scarbrough, Associate Editor and Betty Foellinger, Adviser Organizations: Robbie Smith, Tami Hamilton, Twilla Dean, and Anita Fleet Classes: Suzie Gurley, Mary Alice Gibson, Sheila Dixon; not pictured: Sheila Harden SGA and Senate The Student Government Association allows open communication between students and administration. Through the SGA, students are able to express their feelings and ideas on how to improve the campus. SGA sponsors various activities during the year such as Homecoming, the Miss Union pageant, and concerts, as well as giving each organization the opportunity to sponsor a weekend activity. Senate is composed of two representatives from each sorority and fraternity; the Prexy Club, and the BSU; one representative per fifty resident students; two commuter representatives; the presidents and vice presidents of the classes; and the Vice President of the SGA. SGA, left to right: Mark Mangrum, treasurer; Diane Douglas, president; Shelia McKnight, secretary; Melinda Moore, vice president. Senate, left to right, first row: David John Roberts, Kenneth Wilson, Debbie Overstreet, Leigh Ann White, Rosie Walters, Beketa Anderson; second row: Joey Graves, Gene Alexander, Kathy Mayo, Julie Zeak, Debbie Deere, Russ Cantrell, Dwayne Mays; third row: Kenny Holt, John Cawley, Walt Warren, Andrea Rasberry, Gerry Brittain, Rick McCown. Senate, left to right, first row: Bernice Parks, Cherie Craig, Diane Douglass, Beth Heuiser, Linda Jean Turner; second row: Sandy Cope, Joy Crouse, Tammy Trexler, Steve Vaughan, Paula Fesmire, Karen Hutchison, Angie Rowsey; third row: Laura Bell, Reggie Thomas, Tina Graves, Michelle Walker, Rachel Dunning, Stephanie Swearingen, Melinda Moore; fourth row: Leland Parks, Andrea Rasberry, Walt Warren, Steve Carr, Mike Balos, Robert Crawford, David Adkins. Prexy Club And Resident Life Board The Prexy Club consists of presidents of all campus organizations and SGA officers. The club, headed by Dr. Craig, meets monthly for an early breakfast and afterward listens to featured speakers. It is not an organization, but instead, an association in which campus leaders can touch base and exchange ideas for a successful rapport between school and administration. The Resident Life Board works to make student life at Union enjoyable and fun. The Board sponsors movies, parties, and other special events during the school year. Prexy Club, left to right, first row: Teresa Sullivan, Keith Sanderson, Debbie Sheehy, Reggie Thomas, Melinda Moore, Libba Buntin, Rhonda Moody, Kenneth Wilson; second row: Laura Lewis, Kathy Haynes, Bernice Parks, Liz Weglicki, Donna Rogers, Diane Douglass, Beth Heuiser, Susan Graves, Sheila McKnight, Pam McCormick, Clare Lawler; third row: Mark Johnson, John David Barham, Mark Mangrum, Rob Jackson, Bill McMican, Leland Parks, Tom Bessent, Leo Percer, Walt Warren. Resident Life Board, left to right, first row: Cherie Craig, Rhonda Moody; second row: Dave Oran, Debbie Sheey, Steve Martin; not pictured: Doug Kendall, John Larrison. RLB offers doughnuts and fellowship after a campus movie. Men ' s and Women ' s Dorm Councils The Men ' s and Women ' s Dorm Councils are important to campus life as they provide communication between directors and students. The councils are selected in the spring by student vote to serve the following year. They seek to make life on campus more enjoyable for residents by planning parties and showing films. This year ' s activities included a Christmas party and study breaks during exam week, for which the councils had refreshments. Men ' s Dorm Council, left to right, sitting: Jon Cawley, Doug Kendall; standing: Jeff Dobbins, Jeff Hatcher, Gerry Brittain. Women ' s Dorm Council, left to right, first row: Debbie Sheehy, Beketa Anderson, Sandra Fowler, Diane Mosier, Angelina Johnson, Christine Fowler; second row: Bernice Parks, Jill Brock, Torrie Keeling, Martha Barron, Andrea Rasberry, Stephanie Swearingen; third row: Cherie Craig, Rhonda Moody, Jeanne George, Angie Rowsey, Debbie Deere, Cindy Loftiss. BCF and CRV Black Christian Fellowship Officers Black Christian Fellowship Black Christian Fellowship was estab- lished in 1980. The BCF membership for the ' 81- ' 82 year has increased over that of last year. Meetings, which include addresses from special speakers and group discussion, are held once a month. Aside from the regular meetings, they have several fellow- ships and skating parties during the course of the year. Officers for this year are: Bernice Parks, president; Kenneth Wilson, vice president; Linda Johnson, secretary; James Elam, treasurer; Reggie Thomas, chaplain; Christine Fowler, activities director; Sylvia Theus, reporter; and Dwayne Mays, public relations. Students who feel they have been called to full-time Christian services have the opportunity to join the Church Related Vocations program. CRV is a combined guidance and scholarship program. It is open to any student who is expecting to devote his life to the work of Christ. Sponsors are Dr. Bob Agee, Rose Melton, and Larry Murphy. Church Related Vocations BSU The Baptist Student Union is very active on campus. Celebration, held on Monday nights, is a time of praise, and Thursday night ' s Countdown is a service of preparation for the Rapture. BSU has several ministries that serve on and off campus. The Workhouse Ministry ministers to the needs of the Madison County Workhouse. The Sonshine Puppeteers perform for churches and other functions. Jail Ministry travels to the local jails to share Christ ' s love to those there. Council meets every Tuesday morning to plan activities for BSU. It is made up of the directors of each individual ministry. Sonshine Puppets, left to right, first row: Susan Perrin. Mark Parish, Tami Hamilton, Tina Taylor, Leo Percer; second row: Angie Dotson, Janie Duke, Mark Berlin, Michelle Taylor; third row: Beth Berlin, Laura Laehder, Greg Bowers; fourth row: Tim Mohan, Rav Frazier, Jeff Tavlor. Workhouse Ministry, left to right: Victor Morrison, Wade Wallace, Reggie Thomas, Steve Vaughan. Jail Ministry, left to right: Mike Kirkwood, David Overby, Jana Lee Stack, Elaine Phillips, Kevin Jaggers, JoAnn Everett, Stoney Wisley, Angie Rowsey, Linda Dale Foster, Danny Clevenger. Council, left to right, first row: Teresa Sullivan, Victor Morrison, Larry Murphy, Tami Hamilton, Tina Taylor, Cindy Simpson, Jana Law, Mary Jane Gwin, Christi Burns, Debbie Sheehy, Bernice Parks; second row: Steve Martin, Steve Maness, Mike Balos. Steve Carr. Steve Vaughan, Suzanne Belew, Jimmy Rowland, Rose Snider, Leo Percer. Kenny Sheilley, Mark Mang rum, Mark Berlin; not pictured: Thomas Strong. • W w .,;, " . Drama Team, left to right, first row: Tami Hamilton, Kellye Carpenter; second row: Tena Boothe, Lisa Williams, Brenda Prince; third row: Angie Dotson, Sherri Dillingham, Debbie Maness; fourth row: Lynn Bailey, Hollie Davis, Leo Percer, Steve Maness, Angela Stephenson, Lynn Gibson; not pictured: Kevin Bass, Karen Campbell, Richard Stevenson. Backyard B ible Club, left to right, first row: Terri Rains, Lynn Bailey, Tena Boothe, Margaret Smith, Estella Amaya, Michelle Walker, Trisha Neill; second row: Kathy Batchelor, George McCloud, Greg Jones, Don Myers, Russell Cole, Richard Stevenson, Scot Finley. BSU Choir, left to right, first row: Karen Campbell, Janet Podraza, Hollie Davis, Brenda Prince, Leland Parks, Linda Myers, Diane Bertouille, Andrea Powers, Pam Moody; second row: Mary Jane Gwin, Melody Allen, Kay Wheeler, Michelle Walker, Anita Zike, Beth Mcllwain, Gaybreia Williams, Donna Dixon, Sheila Brewer, Tina Graves, Pam Prince; third row: David Skelton, Steven Wallis, Steve Maness, Steve Martin, Steve Carr, Mark Berlin, Lance Word, Greg Bowers, Ray Frazier, Jimmy Williams, Jeff Lewis. The Backyard Bible Club shares Christ ' s love with children of various neighborhoods and housing projects. High -School Discipleship travels to the area schools to have Bible study with interested students. The BSU Choir praises Christ in song. They perform for area churches and chapel services. The BSU Drama Team perform skits as a form of worship. They travel to area churches, parks and the Youth Evangelism Conference. BSUers find a way to say " howdy " with the do High-School Discipleship: Rob Jackson, Randy Huddleston; not pictured, Kenny Sheilley. MMA, BYW and MA The Music Ministerial Association was formed this school year to provide a medium of fellowship for those preparing for the ministry of music. Its aim is to promote the glorification of Jesus Christ ' s excellence in music worship to enrich the ministries of those preparing for a career in this field, and to encourage others in the field of music. The Baptist Young Women organ- ization is concerned with the challenge of missions at home and around the world, and with informing others about the mission programs of the Southern Baptist Convention. Along with their bi-monthly meeting, they sponsored a Thanksgiving Progressive Dinner. Ministerial Association is an organ- ization of students who have surren- dered their lives to God ' s call to the ministry. It provides opportunities for fellowship, outreach and growth. These are made possible by its weekly prayer breakfast, tract rack and other different campus projects. In addition to these, the MA ' s also have bi-monthly meet- ings where speakers with special interests are invited to come and to share with the group concerning their particular field. MMA, left to right, first row: Mark Berlin, John Coke, president; Rob Jackson, vice president; second row: Leland Parks, Kelvin Smith, Rusty Boggs, Steve Martin. B % " R i ' jdd- B k! :fct fc lJ w W (fif jj ra " iSMr BiK flpry iLj l nifipy mm ' ' i 1 BYW, left to right, first row: Teresa Sullivan, Susan Perrin, Michelle Walker, Lynn Leach, Pat Quarles, Robbie Smith; second row: Shari Rice, Lea House, Susan Hughey, Alisa Clift, Kathy Barnes, Mary Lewelling, Torrie Keeling, Pam Prince Church, Kim Gilmer, Brenda Prince; third row: Pam Ryan, Suzanne Nelms, Beth Mcllwain, Teresa Stewart, Tracy Driskill, Mary Jane Gwin, Darlene Carr, Marcia Story; fourth row: Mrs. Turner, Miriam Agee, Carol Glendenning, Kathy Pride, Anita Fleet, Twilla Dean, Gaybie Williams, Rose Snider, Carol Ashe. MA, left to right, first row: Ron Hale, Mike Kirkwood, Kelly Weaver, Steve Thorton, Greg Bowers, Reggie Thomas, Scot Finley, Leo Percer, Jimmy Williams, Barry Melton, Kevin Wallace, Barry Littlefield; second row: Bill Sims, Michael Hammonds, Dave Schanuel, Gene Vincent, Mark Fields, Tommy Bessent, John Raynor, Jeff Taylor, Jackie Smothers. Torc h, left to right: Janet Reid, Karen Campbell, Dr. Ernest Pinson, Russ Cantrell, Tina Walke The Torch The Torch is an annual publica- tion, distributed by the Honors Pro- gram Committee, which contains the best works produced by the students and the faculty of Union University. Entries are submitted to the categories of visual art, music, and creative writing. Material used in The Torch is selected and compiled by a group of editors known as the Torch Committee. The committee is chosen on the basis of sensitivity, interest, and knowledge concerning the field of humanities. Honors, left Rita Escue, to right, first row: Karen Smith, Tina Walker, Mary Helen Scott; second row: Lygia Nicer, Janet Reid, Tony Jenkins, Judy Escue. Honors Student Association The Honors Student Association, a newly formed organization, is an out growth of the Honors Program. Students participating in Honors courses are eligible for membership in the HSA. Activities for the year include contributions to the Religion and the Arts Festival which featured guest lecturers, a mime, artwork, a contest based on the scriptures and a " Biggest Turkey " charity drive for the Arthritis Foundation. A convention trip was taken to New Orleans. Honors Council, left to right, first row: Dr. Marguerite Robey, Paula Curlin, Dr. James Baggett, Dr. Pat Taylor, Judy Escue, Dr. Pat Pinson, Steve Maness; second row: Dr. Michael McMahan, Dr. Sarah Harris, Tina Walker, Janet Reid, Rod Streng. Alpha Chi Alpha Chi, a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, is a national scholastic fraternity that focuses on all academic fields. Founded at Union in 1922 as Tennessee Beta Chapter, the members through the years have endeavored to " promote and recognize scholarship as a developer of character and citizenship among undergraduate students. " Membership consists of juniors and seniors ranking in the top ten percent of their classes. Members are required to have a GPA of 3.5 or above to be initiated. Alpha Chi attended the national convention this year which was held in Nashville. Members must maintain their GPA to be reinstated each year. Sponsors are Dr. Ernest Pinson, Dr. Louise Bentley, and Dr. Joseph Tucker. O Ol V? , $ O Alpha Chi, left to right, first row: Tina Taylor, Judy Pafford, Stuart McClain, Leo Percer; second row: Rebecca England, Karen Campbell, Penny Braden, Susan Pylant, Diane Douglass, Clare Lawler, Rita Growe, Linda Lay, Katherine Kiestler, Dartha Jane Babcock; third row: Leanne Lewis, Lynn Walls, Jean Kiley, Laura Lewis, Teresa Sullivan, Kenny Holt, Tim Britt, Gloria Clark, Linda Myers, Judy Pyron. Alpha Chi, left to right, first row: Anna Scarbrough, Sandra Cope, Leland Parks, Victor Morrison, Mark Miller, David Barham, Anne Hartley; second row: Ruth Lincoln, Jan Phillips, Lisa Williams, Mary Helen Scott, Tina Walker, Pam Wilson, Gwen Pace, Suzanne McCarty, Libba Buntin, Jone Johnson, Sylvia Theus; third row: Thomas Strong, Bret Scott, Michael Taylor, Tony Jenkins, Lisa Caudle, Neal Chatham, Jana Jones, Mark Todd, Susan Graves, Randal Brewer, Sandra Fowler, Wade Willis, Norman Freeh. Kappa Pi and Art Guild The Art Guild is a campus-wide organization which welcomes any student who is interested in the visual arts. Its purpose is to stimulate interest and appreciation for the plastic and graphic arts. The Art Guild sponsors an annual sale of art and craft items. Kappa Pi is an international honorary art fraternity. Chartered in 1976 at Union, the organization aids its membership and art department through promotion and service. Mem- bership is open to those who have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in the subject of art. Kappa Pi, left to right: Grove Robinson, Kenneth Wil9on, Angelina Johnson, Christi Sparkman, Craig McNatt, Liz Weglicki, Joey Graves, Emily Smith, Merdith Luck, Teresa Hayes, Laurel Varney. Tracy Evans works on an art project. Art Guild, left to right, fir9t row: Donna Perkins, Jan Pearson, Merdith Luck, Kenneth Wilson; second row: Tracy Evans, Dwayne Mays, Joey Graves, Mary Martin, Jenna Cagle, Janet Watkins, Christi Sparkman, Emily Smith, Teresa Hayes, Laurel Varney; third row: Dana Owen, Dennis Mitchell, Angelina Johnson, Liz Weglicki, Craig McNatt, Jeff Hatcher. Alpha Psi Omega and Footlights Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary dramatic fraternity for those achieving a high standard of work in dramatics. The Union chapter is composed of students who have collected a set number of points in dramatic work. It hopes to provide a wider fellowship for those interested in college theatrics. Footlights is a club of persons interest- ed in the theatre. Membership is by invitation to those who have participated in theatre productions. The organization strives to cultivate the appreciation of drama and to promote greater interest in dramatic presentation by encouraging participation in Union play productions. Each year they have a spring banquet. This year Footlights is enjoying one of the largest memberships that they have ever had. Alpha Psi Omega, left to right, first row: Kellye Carpenter, Crystal Hankla, Libba Buntin, Leland Parks; second row: Bret Scott, Suzanne McCarty, Pam McCormick, Tony Jenkins; third row: Denise Stevenson (sponsor), Kerry Maronay, Tanna Morris, Mark Conder, Paula Curlin; not pictured: Tammy Page, Susan Pylant. Noah and Esther perform in a magical song and dance routine. Footlights, left to right, first row: Kellye Carpenter, secretary; Tony Jenkins, Tammy Trexler, Cherie Craig, Adele Dunham, Susan Pylant, Denise Stevenson, sponsor; Jetta Jimerson, Bret Scott, vice president; Lisa Williams, Paula Curlin, Tanna Sue Morris, Susan Crocker, Pam McCormick, president; Mark Berlin, Mark Conder, Robert Hoehn, Greg Jones. Phi Sigma Iota and Sigma Tau Delta Union ' s chapter of Phi Sigma Iota, a foreign language national honor society, was established in 1980. The society ' s purpose is to recognize outstanding ability and achievement in the study and teaching of foreign languages. It promotes cultural enrichment and international relations derived from knowledge and use of foreign language. Members must be juniors or seniors with at least a B average in all college work and foreign language courses. They must have completed at least one course at the third-year level. Sigma Tau Delta is a national English honor society. The purpose of Sigma Tau Delta is to promote a mastery of written expression, to encourage worthwhile read- ing, and to foster a spirit of good fellowship among students of the English language and literature. The Union chapter was founded November 29, 1979 by 27 charter members. To be eligible for membership, students must have a B average in English and be declared as an English major or minor or composite English Journalism major. Sigma Tau Delta is an outgrowth of the English club at Dakota Wesleyan University, which was organized in 1924. Sigma Tau Delta members take time-out with Dr. Clark. fc «r p ' ._— r-r S M W ' KM m Phi Sigma Iota: Dr. Harris, Beverly Hearn, Dr. Irby; not pictured: Suzanne McCarty. Sigma Tau Delta, left to right, first row: Susan Pylant, Clare Lawler, Tami Hamilton, Jenna Cagle, Karen Campbell, Cheri Craig; second row: Marilyn Smothers, Betty Foellinger, Diane Smothers, Crystal Hankla, Melinda Ward, Libba Buntin, Dr. George Clark; third row: Dr. Ernest Pinson, Victor Buhler, Dr. Louise Bentley, Laura Lewis, Janet Reid, Anna Scarbrough, Teresa Sullivan. Student Tennessee Education Association The Frank L. Wells Chapter of the Student Tennessee Education Association at Union provides to students, who are preparing to teach at the elementary and secondary levels, an opportunity to upgrade the quality of their pre- professional training. STEA officers plan programs which inform students of current concerns in the various teaching fields and show students techniques in finding the teaching positions they seek. Several social activities and field trips are included in the organization ' s activities each year. STEA Officers, left to right: Paula Fesmire, secretary; Lea House, president; Tina Graves, . — ___ — vice-president. Angie Dotson plays with mathematical metric blocks. STEA, left to right, first row: Torrie Keeling, Lea House, Mary Alice Gibson, Sandy Pratt, Diane Douglass, Stephanie Scott, Paula Fesmire, Mary M. Scott; second row: Suzanne McCarty, Rebecca Blankenship, Deborah Wooley, Linda Walters, Kay Cockroft, Valerie Hunter, Rita Growe. Linda Lay, Elaine Morgan. Kathy Pride, Teresa Sullivan; third row: Paula Curlin, Sandra Huggins, Joy Potter, Dana Dillion, Carol Flowers, Sandra Allen, Paulette Neely, Sylvia Theus, Tina Graves. Kappa Mu Epsilon and Sigma Zeta Kappa Mu Epsilon, a national mathematics honor society, was organized to further the interest in math, to disseminate the knowledge of mathematics and to familiarize the members with the advances being made in math. The motto for the society is " Develop an appreciation for the beauty of mathematics. " The Tennessee Gamma Chapter was established at Union in May, 1965. To be eligible for membership a person must have compl eted at least three math courses while obtaining a high GPA. Sigma Zeta is a national honorary science fraternity open to all science and math majors and minors. The Alpha Upsilon Chapter was established at Union in 1975. Membership is open to those who have completed at least 15 semester hours in science and math and have at least a 3.0 GPA in these areas. uieiiiiw Kappa Mu Epsilon, left to right, sitting: John David Barham, president; Willis, Stuart McClain, Richard Dehn, Dr. Kyle Hathcox, Bill Truex, Dwayne Keith Butler, vice-president; Randall Brewer, treasurer; Judy Pafford, Tim Jennings; not pictured: Rob Warren. Britt, reporter; Lisa Williams, secretary; standing: Dr. Joseph Tucker, Wade Sigma Zeta, left to right, first row: Judy Martin, program chairman; Penny Braden, president; Keith Butler, vice-president; Lisa Williams, secretary- treasurer; second row: Cheryl Thomas, Laurie Baker, Leigh Ann White, Jana Law, Donna Tatum, Joyce Sedberry, Nancy Reid; third row: Dr. Doug Armstrong, Dr. Jimmy Davis, Janice Chipley, Sherry Griffin, Sandy Wood, Vann Raley; fourth row: Dr. Kyle Hathcox, Jerry Barker, Mark Stephens, J. Richard Miller, Steve Helm9, Walt Warren, Alan Moore. Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota was founded on June 12, 1903, with the purpose of forming chapters of music students to uphold the highest ideals of a musical education. It seeks to further the development of music in America and in foreign countries. Membership is based upon excellence in scholarship for women with a major or minor in music who are seeking a Bachelor of Music Degree or Bachelor of Arts. The Gamma Sigma Chapter at Union gives two musicals annually and a Christmas bazaar. In conjunc- tion with Phi Mu Alpha, SAI awards the Ben West Music Scholarship. Burns tickles the ivories. SAI ' s make beautiful music. ; J f f ■ 1 ■ ' j I H- ' ,: » ' » i I; : j m 1 We 2f M W , Kl • 5 hi 1 1 J JT M ' $ r- " ' r ;M 4 Y i ' 1 11 4C J « .J i ,-«« Hci %fe . r,. J ■ v ' L wfl 1 . ;. PS Jft 11 »f3Br - i f » ' - • ■ ■.S SAI, left to right, first row: Clare Lawler, Susan Graves, Mary Martin; second row: Jetta Jimerson, Gloria Clark, Paula Davis, Melanie Campbell, Carole Howard, Carol Walker, Carole Burns, Debbie Overstreet, Lynn Walls, Leigh Ann White, Janet Shankle, Mary Helen Scott; third row: Gwen Pace, Sherry Moore, Sandra Fowler, Sandra Pate, Alisa Cliff, Denise Nanney, Cindy Simpson. Phi Mu Alpha Officers, from left Berlin, secretary; Rob Jackson, president; Barry Greenlee, vice president; Randal Brewer, treasurer; Mark Keith Sanderson, historian; Steve Martin, warden; Ricky Isbell, chaplain. Phi Mu Alpha, the largest social or professional Greek frater- nity, is for men in the music field. It was founded in Boston, Massa- chusetts on October 6, 1898, at the New England Conservatory of Music. Presently there are 292 active members. The Iota Sigma Chapter of Union University was chartered on May 16, 1960. The advancement of the cause of music in America, the development of true fraternal spirit and brotherhood, the fostering of mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, and the encour- agement of loyalty to the Alma Mater are the aims of Phi Mu Alpha. Mary Martin is the 1981-82 Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart. Members, left to right, first row; Barry Greenlee, Mary Martin, Rob Jackson; second row: Mark Miller, Ricky Isbell, Keith Sanderson, Mark Berlin, Robert Vaughn, Allen Woodhouse, Mark Scott, Steve Martin, Philip Long; third row: Kelvin Smith, David Adkins, Andy Rhodes, Gene Alexander, John Coke, David Martin, Randal Brewer, Ron Land, Mark Walker. Phi Alpha Theta and Pi Gamma Mu Phi Alpha Theta is an honor society for those who excel in history. The Society is open to students with 12 or more hours of history that have a grade point average of 3.1 in history and 3.0 in two-thirds of their remaining courses. The Society promotes high scholar- ship standards among its members through historical trips and the spon- soring of movies. The Tennessee Kappa Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu National Honorary Society for Social Science was estab- lished at Union March 1, 1976. The Society seeks to promote the study and scholarship of the social sciences. Its purpose is to encourage students to strive for excellence in the field of the social sciences and to provide students with a resource through which they may learn more concerning the social sciences, so that they may help humanity through their knowledge. The Society is open to all students who have completed a minimum of 20 semester hours in the social science fields with an average of 3.0. Phi Alpha Theta, left to right, first row: Richard Carnell, John Bass, Mark Patey; second row: Dr. Paul Waibel, Dr. James Edmonson, Dr. James Pi Gamma Mu, left to right, sitting: Leo Percer, president; John Bass, vice president; standing: Victor Morrison, Donna Rogers, Teresa Stewart, Kathy McCaleb, Dr. Paul Waibel, Tommy Bessent, Jone Johnson, Linda Myers, Tammy Page, Shirley Warner, Ann Pollard; not pictured: Angela McPeake, secretary; Mike Yates, treasurer; Dr. Lytle Givens, sponsor. Taylor Pie-Legal, left to right, first row: John Bass, Chris Maxwell, Michael Taylor, Tammy Trexler, Jacqueline Nash, Mark Patey, Dr. James Baggett; second row: Rex Williams, Tommy Sewell, Glen Taylor, Tere French, Clare Lawler, Robert Sharp, Dr. James Edmonson; third row: Clay Crook, Steven Box, Russell Armstrong, Ken Seaton, Tommy Black, Jim Threlkeld, Bill Patterson; fourth row: David Whitt, Mike Thetford, David White, Stacey Montgomery, Jeff Clark, Gregory Robinson. Taylor Pre-Legal Society The Andrew T. " Tip " Taylor Pre-Legal Society, named after a Tennessee district judge and Union graduate, provides an introduction to the legal profession for all students interested in becoming attorneys. The society, sponsored by the History Department, is composed of pre-law students and encourages a law school education early in the student ' s life. Attorneys and judges meet with the students monthly to discuss the law and its place in today ' s world. History Club, left to right, first row: Clay Crook, Sarah Langford, Leann Lewis, Jackie Nash, John Bass, Dr. Edmonson; second row: Susan Pylant, Denise Rickman, Sharon Hardin, Shauna Adams, Jetta Jimerson, Tammy Trexler, Karen Smith, Scot Finley, David Whitt; third row: Mark Miller, Tony Jenkins, Ray Amnions, Sherri Reid, Michael Taylor, Lawrence Hawkins, Lester Harvey, Anthony Michael, Steven Box, Keith Francis, Richard Stevenson. Rutledge History Club Rutledge History Club was found- ed in 1929. To promote interest in the study of history and to strengthen knowledge in politics, the members hear special speakers and take trips to historical sites. This year the club took trips to Louisville, Kentucky and Washington, D. C. Membership is open to all history majors, minors, and all others with a 2.00 overall history average. Rutledge History Club Officers Sponsorship of Pre-Legal and History Club keeps Dr. Edmonson busy. ACM and Phi Beta Lambda The Association for Computing Machinery is the world ' s largest educational and scientific society for computing professionals. Founded in the spring of 1981, Union ' s ACM chapter has endeavored to promote student awareness in all fields of computer careers. Activities for the year included an ACM bonfire at Mr. Truex ' s home, a Christmas party, a spring banquet, and field trips to Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, Murray State University, Murray Trucking Company, Federal Express, the Jackson Utility Division, and Data Communications Corporation in Memphis. Phi Beta Lambda is a national organization designed to promote interest in the field of business administration. Membership is open to majors and minors in accounting, economics and finance, management and marketing and office administration who have maintained a C average. ACM, left to right, kneeling: Randal Brewer, Tim Britt, John David Barham, Suzanne Wilson, David Porter, Carolyn Sisco, Felecia Clark; standing: Bill Truex, Robert Madu, Cynthia Capps, Connie Magers, Donna Dixon, Charla Ramey, Wade Willis, Anne Hartley, Judy Pafford, Stuart McClain, Sarah Langford, Robert McKen- zie, Linda Craig, Roger Smith, Michelle Wilson, George McCloud, Belinda Fennel, Ray Vunk, Kenneth Tillman, Fred Birmingham. ACM officers, left to right, Tim Britt, vice president; Suzanne Wilson, secretary; Randal Brewer, treasurer; John D. Barham, president. Phi Beta Lambda, left to right, first row: Nancy Ross, Mark Taylor, Rex Williams. Beth Heuiser, Tommy Black, Doug Medlin, .11111 Austin; second row: Sara Goehring, Janie Duke, Robert Warren, Tommy Sewell, Norma Stafford, Stephanie Swearingen, Tracy Garrett; third row: Bernice Parks, Beth Oldham, Sharon Cope, Adele Dunham, Clayton Owen, Melissa Belew, Renee Olgesby; fourth row: Paul Sorrell, Jim Threlkeld, Margaret Smith, Debra Dickson, Dennis Jones. Melinda Ward, Lisa Stewart; fifth row: Becky Heisserer, Sandy Cope, Cathy McCaleb, Melanie Burlison, Lisa Jones, Allison Williams, Angela Stewart; sixth row: Ginger Masoud, Laura Bell, Linda Johnson, Laurie Hale, Sandy Wilson, Kenny Holt, Jeffery Adams; seventh row: Tammee Henson, Julie Lyles, Susan McDonald, Pamela Williams, Kim Dyer, Phillip Nelson, Dana Owen; eighth row: John Lawrence, Lisa Cothren, Rita Ledsinger, Jackie Franks. Wendell Smith, Elmer Smith. Lynn Holbrook. Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Physical Education Majors Club The Fellowship of Christian Athletes presents to athletes, to their coaches, and to all whom they influence, the challenge of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior, and serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. Union ' s chapter is open to all students and staff that earned varsity sport letters in either high school or college, either as athletes, managers, or cheerleaders. Union ' s FCA travels to many area churches and high schools presenting the gospel while challenging representatives of these institutions to athletic contests. Money raised by the FCA is used to present partial scholarship to a Christian Bulldog athlete who is in need of financial assistance. This school year ' s FCA consists of over 90 members, who meet twice each month to pray, have Bible study, share testimonies, and plan future events. The advisors are Ron Barry, Jennifer Scott, and Larry Murphy. The Physical Education Majors Club is open to all students who have a major or minor in physical education. Its objectives are to make the student aware of job opportunities not taught in the classroom. This year the club worked closely with the sponsor of the Jackson Marathon and traveled to the state convention in Chattanooga. The club also co-sponsored the Special Olympics held each year. FCA, left to right, first row: Coach Barry, sponsor; Ann Pollard, vice president; Cindy Loftiss, Beketa Anderson, Sonya Barbee, Lisa Jaggars, Linda Myatt, Sonia Avent, Michelle Wilson, Gina Chea, Brenda Ross, Deann Jarvis; second row: Randy Huddleston, Monte Massongill, Rhet McMullen, Leeanne Hobbs, Allyson Hobbs, Roxie Denniston, Joy Crouse, Laurie Hale, Sondra Taylor, Lisa Caudle, secretary-treasurer; Betsy Hubert, Kevin Ezell, Liz Weglicki, Tim Wheat, Kenneth Wilson, Teri Pierce; third row: Ben Thompson, Doug Kendall, Terry Gossett, Jon Cawley, information officer; Keith Potter, Jeff Simpson, John Coleman, David Harrison, Kelvin Smith, Kevin Jaggars, Kerry Smith, Alan Campbell, Roger Smith, Gary Morgan, president. P.E. Majors, left to right, first row: Denise Finley, Eddie Morris, Floyd Rowe, Cindy Loftiss; second row: Lester Harvey, Zandra Blackwell, Anita King, Jack Woods, Darrell Maxwell, Lisa Caudle, Liz Weglicki, Annette Edmonds, Debbie Sheehy, Dr. Blackstock, Dr. Stranak; third row: Mike Thomas, Ettora Halton, Mark Johnson, Phil Johnson, Danny Pattat, Doug Kendall, Ted Siler, Tim Townsend, Coach Swope, Coach Barry. Lamplighters Lamplighters is a social and service organization com- posed of students of nursing. It aids pre-professional candi- dates studying for the Asso- ciate Degree in Nursing and Registered Nurses studying for the Baccalaureate in Nursing. Lamplighters join together for fun, fellowship and activities whi ch promote health care in the school community and in local agencies. Joe Carter is the president of Lamplighters; Patsy Heidel- berg, vice president; Karen McClendon, secretary; and Rosey Walters and Julie Zeak are the SGA representatives. Joyce Montogomery and Pauline Bridger assist a nursing student with registration. Lamplighters Sociology Club Officers, left to right, sitting: Eldon Byrd, Dr. Lytle Givens (sponsors); standing: Kenneth Wilson, Pam Prince, publicity; Christine Fowler, vice president; Jone Johnson, secretary treasurer; Donna Rogers, president. Psychology and Sociology Clubs " Sociology Club, left to right: Kenneth Wilson, Dr. Givens, Rose Snider, Kelly Campbell, Pam Prince, Judy Pyron, Jone Johnson, Dale Doyle, Donna Rogers, Bill McMican, Shirley Warner, Christine Fowler, Teresa Stewart, Tracy Driskill. The Sociology Club, a social science organization, is directed by Dr. Lytle Givens. The club ' s purp ose is to promote interest in sociology and its related fields. It strives to accurately portray informa- tion regarding various graduate programs and job opportuni- ties, to encourage association between its members and the Sociology Department, and to promote scholastic achievement in the area of sociology. Mem- bership is open to sociology majors, minors, and other students who have an interest in the field of sociology. The Psychology Club seeks to develop knowledge, percep- tion, understanding, and con- cern for man and his psychological needs in a profes- sional way. It encourages academic achievement, initia- tive, and dependability of its members. Membership is open to psychology majors, minors, and other students with nine or more hours in psychology. Dr. David Vickery directs the club. Psychology Club, left to right, sitting: Donna Rogers, Teresa Stewart, Dr. Bill Bouchillon, Bill McMican, Linda Myers; standing: Christine Fowler, Dale Doyle, Kenneth Wilson, Jone Johnson, Shirley Warner, Sherri Reid, Beth Gibson, Dr. Vickery, Belinda O ' Brien, Kin Fields, Judy Pyron. Adams, Cathy McCaleb, Mark ABTAEZH@IKAM Brotherhood; Sisterhood Alpha Tau Omega 90 Chi Omega 92 Lambda Chi Alpha 94 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 96 Zeta Tau Alpha 98 Panhellenic and IFC Promote Greek Life Representing the Greek chapters on Union ' s campus are the Panhellenic and Inter-Fraternity Councils. The purpose of these two organizations is to promote the benefits of Greek life. Each group has an important role during rush. Open rush parties are held by both which every fraternity member and rushee attends. The councils serve to answer questions about rush week and Greek life in general. The Panhellenic Council at Union is an extension of the National Panhellenic Council. The NPC is an organization of twenty- six national sororities bound together for the futherance of sorority life, scholarship and intel- lectual accomplishment. Union ' s Panhellenic Council is an organization designed to main- tain sorority life and inter-sorority relations within the college, and to cooperate with the college in the maintenance of social standards. The council is composed of delegates from Chi Omega and Zeta Tau Alpha. Two Panhelle nbers share a smile. The Inter-Fraternity Council is composed of members from each of the fraternities: Alpha Tau Omega, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The IFC is the governing body for fraternity activi- ties on campus. Designed to meet the needs of inter-fraternity affairs, the IFC plays an integral part in campus life at Union. Regulations for formal rush and membership recruitment are composed and enforced by the IFC. Panhellenic, left to right, first row: Kim Lampkins, president; Debbie Newman, vice-president; second row: Alison Langley; Kay Cockroft, treasurer; Clare Lawler, social chairman; not pictured: Sheila McKnight, secretary; Beth Heuiser, publicity chairman. iapaf- IFC, left to right: Scott Lavelle, Jeff Drum, Mark Miller, Stephen Moore, John David Barham. Fraternity Sweethearts Each fraternity Sweetheart is chosen by secret ballot vote by the active chapter members of that fraternity. To be eligible for this title, the candidate must be a Little Sister. The Sweetheart is chosen on the basis of her dedication and outstanding service to the fraternity. The Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart is Sandra Lynn Huggins, a senior from Arlington, Tennessee. She is majoring in elementary education. On December 11, at the ATO Sweetheart Banquet, Sandra was announced as Sweetheart. The banquet was held at the Boston Tea Party in Memphis. Janet Lynne Shankle is the Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart. A junior from Trenton, Tennessee, Janet is majoring in music. She was chosen at the White Rose Banquet held at the Hyatt Regency in Memphis. A senior from Jackson was chosen as Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s Sweetheart. Debbie Newman, majoring in music, was named sweetheart at the Petroleum Club in Memphis during the SAE banquet. Janet Shankle, Lambda Chi Alpha Debbie Newman, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Tau Omega The Beta Tau chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity was chartered at Union University on February 28, 1894. The national organization was founded 29 years earlier at Richmond, Virginia, by Otis Lalen Glazebrook, Alfred Marshall, and Mayo Ross. The colors of the fraternity are azure and gold. Beta Tau is now the oldest chapter never to close its doors. Again this year the men of Alpha Tau Omega have been involved in various campus and civic activi- ties including the pledg- ing of new members, a Christmas party, and Spring Splash. A new activity for the Beta Tau chapter this year was sponsoring an air band contest. The $250 made from the concert went to the Cerebral Palsy Foun- dation. The annual Sweetheart Banquet was held on December 11, at the Boston Tea Party in Memphis. Alpha Tau Omega was the first national fraterni- ty founded after the Civil War. Its purpose was to unite men of the North and South in order to form a bond of perman- ent peace. The fraternity is founded on the princi- ples of Jesus Christ and his teachings. Officers, left to right, first row: Benny Fesmire, Worthy Worthy Master; Jeff Simpson, Worthy Keeper of Scribe; Phil Brewer, Worthy Keeper of Annals; second Exchequer, row: Andy Dailey, Worthy Chaplain; Mark Johnson, T: r. ■■ ■ « ■ ■.. . m.-r ' a-T o ' A Little Sisters, left to right: Sandra Huggins, Kellye Deloach, Angela Stewart, Melinda Moore, Beth Heuiser, Carpenter, LuAnn Ross, Joy Crouse, Cindy Adams, Nancy Ruth Lincoln. Actives, left to right, first row: John Coleman, Phil Brewer, Walt Warren, McCown, Vann Raley, Benny Fesmire, Scott Lavelle, Keith Gallaher, Mark Mark Miller, Andy Dailey, Jeff Simpson; second row: Craig McNatt, Rick Johnson, Ronnie Giddens, David Gregory, Joey Rutherford. Pledges, left to right, first row: Phil Stafford, Ray Frazier, Richard Wells, Doyle Miller, Jon Cawley, Ted Siler, Clay Lindsey, Reggie Thomas, Tony Glenn Jackson; second row: Jim Morse, Rhet McMullen, David Whitt, Alex Johnson, Stan McCall, Dewayne Walker, Mike Johnson. Hilliard, Tommy Doyle, Derek Rawls, Kevin Bass; third ro w: Hal Jones, Chi Omega The Upsilon Chapter of Chi Omega was estab- lished at Union Universi- ty in 1924. Upsilon Chapter is the fourth oldest of Chi Omega in the nation. The national organization was founded on April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas. The sorority is based on six purposes and has scholarship as the for- emost purpose. The colors of Chi Omega are cardinal and straw. The flower is the white carnation. The open motto of Chi Omega is " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals. " Chi Omega continues to be involved in campus activities such as Greek Day and Homecoming. In addition to campus and social activities, Chi Omegas are also involved in many community ser- vices. For many years Chi Omega has been awarded the scholarship trophy. Officers, left to right, sitting: Paula Davis, treasurer; Libba Kay Cockroft, rush chairman; Suzanne Belew, personnel; Buntin, vice-president; Clare Lawler, president; Sandy Gwen Pace, chapter correspondent; Cherie Craig, social Pratt, secretary; standing: Ann Stricklin, pledge trainer; chairman. Chi Omega Seniors, left to right, sitting: Ann Pollard, Paula Davis, Andrea Rasberry, Clare Lawler, Debbie Newman, Sandy Pratt, Cherie Craig, Cindy Simpson; standing: LuAnn Ross, Valerie Hunter, Kay Cockroft, Tena James, Diane Douglass, Gwen Pace, Adrianne Hodges, Nancy Byrd, Libba Buntin. Chi Omega, left to right, first row: Mary Watkins, Marey Boston, Nancy Wuerpel, Malesa Clark, Paula Davis, Ann Pollard, Sandy Pratt, Andrea Rasberry, Clare Lawler, Debbie Newman, Cindy Simpson, Jana Law, Sheri Murphy, Cherie Craig, Tammy Trexler, Ginny Jones; second row: Lisa Rice, Emily Russell, Betsy Barker, Sharon Cope, Leslee Dixon, Lisa Jones, Nancy DeLoach, Adrianne Hodges, LuAnn Ross, Valerie Hunter, Kay Cockroft, Tena James, Diane Douglass, Gwen Pace, Libba Buntin, Emily Buntin, Nancy Byrd, Carole Howard, Kathy Pinckley, Angela Stewart, Sharri Rice; third row: Carol Swafford, Hope Anderson, Debbie Deere, Denise Chappell, Annette Edmonds, Lisa Crawford, LeeAnne Hobbs, Janet Nowell, Kellye Carpenter, Marta Wilson, Beth Oldham, Tonya Rogers, Adele Dunham, Cheryl Thomas, Shryll Mayo, Alicia Swaim, Karen Smith, Ann Stricklin, Laurie Hale, Kathy Mayo; fourth row: LuAnn Webb, Elizabeth Donnell, Cathy Pinkley, Jenny Dedmon, Cindy Pennington, Scarlett Pickens, Jan Pearson, Betsy Hubert, Phyllis Groom, Beth Gibson, Cindy Adams, Jana Adkisson, Kim Dyer, Lori Laster, Jennifer Cox, Allison Williams, Allyson Hobbs, Melinda Moore. Pledges, left to right, first row: Debbie Deere, Lisa Rice, Hope Anderson, Nancy Wuerpel, Mary Watkins, Sheri Murphy, Malesa Clark, Ginny Jones, Shyrll Mayo, Sharri Rice; second row: Jenny Dedmon, Lisa Jones, Carol Swafford, Denise Chappell, Scarlett Pickens, Tonya Rogers, Lori Laster, Kim Dyer, Laurie Hale. Allison Williams, Emily Buntin, Betsy Barker; third row: Lisa Crawford, Janet Nowell, LeeAnne Hobbs, Kathy Pinckley, Allyson Hobbs, Jennifer Cox, Alicia Swaim. Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha was founded on November 2, 1909 at Boston University by a group of law students known as the Cosmopolitan Law Club. From that modest begin- ning Lambda Chi Alpha has grown to nearly 300 chapters in the United States and Canada. The Lambda Zeta-Zeta Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha received its charter at Union University on December 5, 1964, bring- ing Union its newest social fraternity. One of the open mottos of Lambda Chi Alpha is " Every man a man. " They believe that every man is an individual and has something to offer for the betterment of society. Lambda Chi Alpha is known as the " Fraternity of Honest Friendship " and is dedicated to un- derstanding and to living the ideal of true brother- hood: before one can be a true brother, one must first be a true friend. They are founded strictly on Christian teachings and believe in upholding these teachings to the best of their ability. Lambda Chi Alpha has been actively involved in all aspects of campus life and has been awarded " Winner of the Blood Drive " in 1981 and, for the second consecutive year, " Most Attractive Chariot " at Campus Greek Day activities. ■ MRS Officers, left to right: David Reynolds, vice-president; Ryals, social chairman; Keith Sanderson, president; John David Adkins, secretary; Mike Franks, treasurer; Jimmy David Barham, ritualist. Crescents, left to right: Theresa Bullock, Jetta Jimerson, Dee Holland, Sarah Langford, Christi Sparkman, Kelley Churchill, Janet Shankle. Lambda Chi Alpha, left to right, first row: Steven Box, Jetta Jimerson, Bratcher, Kelly Sorrell, David Reynolds, Robert Crawford, John David Theresa Bullock, Sarah Langford, Kelley Churchill, Dee Holland, Janet Barham, Keith Sanderson, Mark Barker, Mike Franks, David Adkins, Jimmy Shankle, Christi Sparkman, Duffy Woodruff, Stan Pilant; second row: Bob Ryals, Lester Jolly, Randy Houston. Pledges, left to right: Bob Bratcher, Robert Crawford, Kelly Sorrell, Steven Box, Duffy Woodruff, Randy Houston, Stan Pilant. Sigma Alpha Epsilon In 1856 Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama. The colors of the fraternity are royal purple and old gold. The flower is the purple violet. Tennessee Eta Chapter was installed in 1857 at Union University. This chapter is the fourth oldest chapter of the national organization. SAE has the longest ex- istence of any fraternal organization on the Union campus. The expression of in- dividuality is the most valuable characteristic of the brotherhood of SAE. The outstanding qualities of each of these in- dividuals provides the force that unites the fraternity. This year was high- lighted by being awarded champions of intramu- rals, winner of Campus Greek Day, and the scholastic trophy of 1981. They had the largest pledge class in recent history. The 1981-82 SAE Queen is Debbie New- Actives, left to right, first row: Doug Medlin, Tommy Moore, Wayne Boyd; fourth row: Gary Douglas, Keith Black, Mark Patey; second row: Keith Bain, Chris Butler, Rob Warren, Terry Swindell. Maxwell; third row; Ed Sanford, Michael Taylor, Stephen Little Sisters, left to right, first row: Debbie Newman, LuAnne Webb, Paula Davi9, Diane Douglass; second row: Clare Lawler, Janna Adkisson, Beth Oldham, Terrie French; third row: Rita Simpson, Suzanne Belew, Dana Carothers, Jana Jones. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, left to right, first row: Dana Carothers, Terri French, Beth Oldham, Suzanne Belew, Clare Lawler, Paula Davis, Jana Adkisson, LuAnne Webb, Debbie Newman; second row: Terry Swindell, Chris Maxwell, Michael Taylor, Ed Sanford, Diane Douglass, Jana Jones, Rob Warren, Rita Simpson; third row: Barry Johnson, Gary Douglas, Keith Butler, Keith Bain, Wayne Boyd, Tommy Black; fourth row: Bob Brown, Grant Hazelwood, Dean Armour, Harvey Church, Mark Patey, Russell Staples; fifth row: Doug Medlin, Tony Baker, Stephen Moore, Greg Robinson, Jeff Clark, Dennis Caperton, Clayton Owen, Dana Owen; sixth row: Rick Roberts, Thomas Smith, Roger Hughey, Shane Lynch; seventh row: John Pair, Tommy Sewell, Paul Clark, Mark Taylor, Michael Williams, Dale Kellick, Glenn Taylor; eighth row: Donnie Jarnagin, Dan Heisserer, Jim Threlkeld, Bill Patterson. Pledges, left to right, first row: Barry Johnson, Bob Brown. Grant Hazelwood, Dean Armour, Harvey Church, Russell Staples; second row: Tony Baker, Greg Robinson, Jeff Clark, Dennis Caperton, Dana Owen; third row: Rick Roberts, Thomas Smith, Roger Hughey, Shane Lynch, Clayton Owen, Glenn Taylor; fourth row: John Pair, Paul Clark, Mark Taylor, Michael Williams, Dale Kellick; fifth row: Tommy Sewell, Donnie Jarnagin, Dan Heisserer, Jim Threlkeid, Bill Patterson. Zeta Tau Alpha was founded by nine young women at Longwood Col- lege in Farmville, Virginia on October 15, 1898. These founders invi- sioned a sisterhood of lasting strength and ever widening circles that would enrich the lives of educated women. The Beta Omega Chapter was founded at Union University on December 12, 1935. Since that time the chapter has grown to be a unique group of hardworking young women who strive to see the nobler things of life for themselves as individuals and for their sisterhood. Zetas are active in many social and civic activities as well as all campus projects. Such activities include adopt- ing a young boy through the Foster Parent Plan, participating in local telethons, and sponsoring many fund raisers for retarded citizens. Zeta Tau Alpha has become an integral part of almost every facet of life at Union. Officers, left to right, seated: Jeannie Sims, vice president; Meg Walker, pledge trainer; Beth Heuiser, president; Sheila McKnight, membership chairman; standing: Mary Helen Scott, secretary; Stephanie Swearingen, treasurer; Tracy Garrett, historian; Kim Lampkins, Panhellenic; Alison Langley, corresponding secretary; Sandy Cope, ritual chairman. Zeta pledges discuss upcoming events. Actives, left to right, first row: Kathy Barnes, Mary Helen Scott, Karen Hutchison, Janice Smith, Sandy Cope; second row: Beth Wright, Beth Heuiser, Patti Heuiser, Judith Dungan, Kim Lampkins, Alison Langley, Karen Hinds; third row: Jeannie Sims, Stephanie Swearingen, Meg Walker, Theresa Sellers, Sandy Wood, Tracy Garrett, Martha Barron, Tammy Page. Pledges, left to right, first row: Laura Laehder, Melise Williams, Kelly Bradley, Debbie Maness, Pam Darby; second row: Jill Brock, Suzanne Nelms, Jan Spencer, Susan Bunch, Anita Sutton, Luann Palmer; third row: Jamie Bond, Melody Allen, Sherry Griffin, Cathy Mayfield, Katrena Baird, Jeannie Wilson, Sondra Taylor, Lana Younger; not pictured: Cindy Brooks. Athletics Intramurals Baseball Tennis Golf Cheerleaders Basketball 102 10( IK 114 h. 118 Intramurals Present Union at Play Intramurals, under the direction of Ron Barry, thrived and grew this year at Union. Many new fields of competition were added as well as new competitors. The intramural program gives those students who do not have the opportunity to play on the varsity teams a chance to get involved in campus athletics. The Intramural program is divided into two divisions: fall and spring competitions. For the men, fall intramurals included flag football, soccer, bowling, billiards, frisbee golf, tennis and many others. The women ' s organizations competed in 3-pitch Softball, volleyball, tennis, bowling, cross-country run, and frisbee doubles. ? J9 •1 •a i m. IL 4 H si | yii 0 il ||jj$M£ r - r V . fi Zeta Tau Alpha won first in the women ' s Softball division. warn At the conclusion of the fall program the overall winners of the men ' s and women ' s divisions were named. The winners of the women ' s organizations, respectively, were BSU, Chi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha, Inde- pendents, and Faculty. Among the men ' s organizations the placing was Independents, Alpha Tau Omega, BSU, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Faculty. Soccer was one of this fall ' s favorite sports and was won by the Independent Men Eddie Morris and Chris Maxwell won the frisbee golf tournament with the lowest scores of 44. Wade Willis and Craig McNatt punt, pass, and kick. ' " -• :- .- ■ ' ■ » ■ ■ ■ .■• ., -, ' __: ' «S. . ... :• .. ,. t " -- V.,. l . a •- " H» l During the spring, the men ' s organizations will compete in basket- ball, 3-pitch softball, table tennis, racquetball singles, badminton singles, tennis doubles, golf, horseshoes, and track and field. Among the women ' s organizations competition will be in basketball, flag football, table tennis, racquetball singles, badminton singles, tennis doubles, and track and field. The organizations ' scores will be totaled from fall and spring, and awards will be given on Awards Day to the women ' s organization and the men ' s organization that exhibited the best athletic performances throughout the year. i ' ■- JTV " - ' •; " «?? Ronnie Giddens defeated Jim Austin to win the men ' s intramural billiard championship. Karen Hutchison and Cathy Mayfield, of Zeta Tau Alpha, fling the disc of frisbee doubles. Bulldog Victories Lead to Championship of Christian College Baseball Tournament Baseball Team, left to right, first row: Mike Sausedo, Mark Johnson, Wayne Alexander, Wendell Howard, Rodney Hari, Ted Siler, Larry Runion; second row: Robert Hoehn, manager; Rusty Shuler, Mike Thomas, Ronnie Giddens, Jeff Simpson, Jeff Dobbins, Mark Wright, Perry Ridenhour, Ronnie Smith, Monte Massongill, statistician; third row: Coach David Blackstock, Doug Kendall, Jon Cawley, Phil Johnson, Terry Gossett, Dale Bivens, Victor Jones, Coach Linn Stranak. Union University ' s baseball team closed another fine season last spring with a 34-12 record. Included in that record was a 7-1 slate in the Christian College Baseball Tournament that was held in Boca Raton, Florida. That winning mark was good enough to net the championship of that tournament. The Bulldogs will return to Boca Raton once again this year to defend their championship title against opponents such as Spring Arbor, Michigan. Spring Arbor is currently ranked as the number five team in the nation. In Volunteer State Athletic Competition (VSAC), the Union Bulldogs slipped to a 7-7 mark and a fourth place finish in the Western Division. This poor finish was due primarily to a lack of hitting ability. Despite Union ' s overall team batting average of .348, the Bulldogs could manage only an anemic .219 average against their conference opponents. Union was led in offense by its designated hitter, Jeff Dobbins, who sported a .445 average. Third baseman, Johnny Cole followed with a .436 pace and shortstop, Ronnie Giddens went over the .400 mark for the second straight season with a .409 average. Wendall Howard, Mike Thomas and Victor Jones confer on the mound. Ifc Wendell Howard swings for the Bulldogs at home plate. Jeff Dobbins and Ronnie Smith practice pitches. The pitching staff compiled a team earned run average of 3.50. This is the best team ERA at Union in the past eight years. Victor Jones finished the season with a 4-0 record. Compiled with 6-0 record he achieved his freshman year, he now has ten consecutive pitching victories, a new Union record. The addition of Dr. Linn Stranak to the coaching staff last season was a major reason for the Bulldog ' s success. His strong, fundamental approach and optimistic outlook has done much to strengthen Union into a baseball power. He has molded the Bulldogs into a strong defensive team, a major weakness in past years. Back from a fine recruiting year, Coaches Blackstock and Stranak are very optimistic about the outlook for this year ' s team. Together they have been able to accomplish so much more as a unit than a person alone could. Team enthusiasm is at a peak and the talent assemembled on this year ' s squad far exceeds that of past seasons. The pitching staff has been strengthened as well as the offensive and defensive attack. ft A throw is returned to the pitcher ' s mound for warm-up before a game. This year ' s schedule has been expanded to include challenging, new opponents as well as familiar old foes. Memphis State, Ole Miss and North Alabama, all Division I schools, have been added and are expected to be a real challenge. In VSAC, David Lipscomb will again be the team to beat along with Belmont, Trevecca, and Christian Brothers. This year hopes to find Union once again headed for the VSAC and NAIA playoffs. Coach Blackstock and Coach Stranak believe that Union has the team that can do this. All that remains is for the Bulldogs to meet this challenge. The umpire and Union ' s catcher Wendell Howard watch a slide home. Cold weather doesn ' t stop Union ' 9 Bulldogs. Union ' s Lady Bulldog Tennis Team Places Eleventh in the Nation Women ' s Tennis Team, left to right, first row: LeeAnne Hobbs, Cindy Pennington, Judith Dungan, Roxie Denniston, Sondra Taylor, Debbie Sheehy; second row: Coach Peggy Birmingham, Allyson Hobbs, Annette The Lady Bulldog Tennis Team completed the 1981 season by placing eleventh in the NAIA national tournament held in Overland Park, Kansas. They also finished as runners-up in the VSAC and District 24 tournament held in Nashville and received recognition for having the best record in the VSAC western division. Coach Peggy Birmingham was voted Coach of the Year for the VSAC. But in starting the 1982 season, Coach Birmingham, who is in her second season as coach, says that the team is going to have to keep things in perspective: " The national tournament was very organized and professional and all of the officials were exceptionally nice to us. The girls really enjoyed it, but they know how hard they will have to work if they want to go back this year. " The 1982 squad lost three players from last season ' s 16-2 team. They are the 1 and 2 singles players and 1 doubles team — Karen McWherter and Tammy White, and a member of the 3 doubles team — Sandra Arnold. However, four players are back from last year. Annette Edmonds, a junior from Big Stone Gap, VA, went undefeated to win the 3 singles title at the VSAC and District 24 tournament last year. Roxie Denniston, a junior from Somerville, TN, returns with Cindy Pennington, a sophomore from Halls, TN, who made it to the finals of the 4 and 6 singles positions respectively at the VSAC and District 24 tournament. Edmonds, Diane Flowers, Janet Podraza, Rachel Dunning, manager; Karen McWherter, Assistant Coach. Annette Edmonds, this year ' s team captain, was undefeated last season. Proving tennis i9 not all fun, Annette Edmonds rushes to stretch for a successful swing. Judith Dungan, a junior from Humboldt, TN, reached the semi-finals before being eliminated from the VSAC tournament. Coach Birmingham had a good recruiting year and added four new players: Debbie Sheehy, a sophomore from Lexington, TN, and three freshmen — Sondra Taylor from Hernando, MS, and LeeAnne and Allyson Hobbs from Union City, TN. Coach " B " said " These girls have a very competitive spirit and that has helped in filling the slots left vacant by graduation. " Some of the rival VSAC teams they will play are Belmont, Freed-Hardeman, Trevecca, and Lambuth. They plan to be ready for Carson-Newman, who won the VSAC tournament last year. The team knows that everyone will be out to beat them since they did so well last year, but they feel that they are ready to accept the challenge. Annette Edmonds, captain of this year ' s team, said " We are a young team with no seniors to look to for leadership, but we have players back from last year who offer experience and have the desire to win and to return to Kansas City to the national tournament. " Judith Dungan adds a touch of ballet. Union University ' s Men ' s Tennis Team Has a New Coach and Higher Goals Men ' s Tennis Team, left to right, first row: Mark Pendergra9s, Kevin Ezell, Greg McCloud, Ru9s Cantrell; second row: Coach Ron Barry, Floyd Rowe, The Men ' s Tennis Team is looking forward to one of the finest seasons in Union ' s history. With three starters returning and the addition of key recruits, the Bulldogs should bounce back from a 1981 season ' s 1-18 record. Returning to Union is Coach Ron Barry, who guided the Bulldogs to a 19-6 mark in 1980 before returning to graduate school. This year, with two All-VSAC performers back, Barry believes the 1982 squad to be a top contender for the VSAC Western Division championship, which has been dominated in past campaigns by Freed-Hardeman. Top singles player Chris Maxwell, the reigning Roberts Cup champion and currently ranked tenth in the open division in Tennessee, leads this year ' s netters into a 26-match schedule which features participation in Nashville ' s TIAC Tournament in April. Mark Patey will team with Maxwell at the top doubles spot while playing 2 singles. Patey and Maxwell won the Roberts Cup doubles title last year. At 3 singles position is Roger Smith, twice an All-VSAC performer, who was out last year with an injury. If Smith can regain the form that produced an 85 percent victory record in his first two seasons, he could become the first Union player ever to win an individual VSAC title. Chri9 Maxwell, Mark Patey, Roger Smith. Playing 4 singles is newcomer Kevin Ezell, whose top assets are his speed and serve. Ezell and Smith will play 2 doubles, where Smith was All-VSAC in 1980 playing with Howard Young. Russ Cantrell, one of the top surprises of fall practice, will play 5 singles. Cantrell won the 18-and-under Roberts Cup title this summer and has been extremely impressive in fall and winter workouts. Floyd Rowe, forced to play at 3 singles a year ago due to Smith ' s injury, will move to 6 this season, where he should be a major aid to Union ' s goal of winning the VSAC West. Joining Cantrell at 3 doubles is Mark Pendergrass, who will also see action in singles in some matches and should be a major cont ributor in the next few seasons after getting some collegiate experience. Greg McCloud is also contending for singles playing time with Jerry Duffy of Humboldt. Union ' s schedule includes matches with NCAA opponents Arkansas State, North Alabama, UT-Martin, and Southwestern, as well as duels with the VSAC West schools. Union competes in the VSAC Tournament in Nashville May 5 and 6, hoping to earn a berth in the NAIA National Tournament in Kansas City in June. Fre9hman Russ Cantrell practices year-round to prepare for the season. Golf Team Aims For National Tournament Golf Team, left to right, first row: Phil Brewer, Tracy Wilkins, Gary Morgan; 9econd row: Coach Don Morris, Scott Powers, Hal Jones, David Haddad, Clay Lindsey; not pictured: Lee Simmons. Efforts of Ronnie Stallings and Coach Morris result in national honors. Tracy Wilkins won second in the district. Phil Brewer practices swings on campus. Hal Jones concentrates before a swing. Union ' s Golf Team closed the 1981 spring season by competing in the Tennessee Intercollegiate Athletic Tournament, and in the VSAC and District 24 NAIA Tournaments. Although the team effort did not produce victories, individual performances were notable. Ronnie Stallings won the District Tournament and competed in the National NAIA Tournament at Waterwood National Course, Waterwood, Texas. Ronnie finished thirty-fifth in the nation and was named to the NAIA Academic Ail-American Golf Team. There were twelve players selected for this team. Tracy Wilkins finished second in the District Tournament, after having won this tournament in 1980. With only one player lost because of graduation, this year ' s squad has experience and leadership. Coach Morris had a good recruiting year and has added three players: Hal Jones, a freshma n from Memphis, Tennessee; Clay Lindsey, a freshman from Lexington, Tennessee; and Scott Powers, a senior from Selmer, Tennessee. The 1982 squad will depend on Wilkins, Morgan, Brewer, Haddad, and Simmons for leadership. Jones, Lindsey, and Powers will contribute to the strength of the team. The golf team ' s goal is to win the VSAC and District 24 tournaments and go to the National Tournament at Alamance Country Club, Burlington, North Carolina. : David Haddad returns for his fourth year. SL _V " , ' Et Lee Simmons is a newcomer to the team. -At Clay Lindsey gives new strength to the team. Cheerleaders Enhance Bulldog Spirit Dixie Blackstock and Alex Hilliard add a little something extra to the ballgames. ■ k o ' ■ " 1 Ht_ v o - -y-j Cheerleaders, left to right, first row: David Harrison, Newman; third row: Tony Jenkins, Andy Dailey; Karen Hinds, John Coleman; second row: Ruth fourth row: Kellye Carpenter, Misty Sellers, Jana Tony Jenkins holds Kellye Carpenter up for Lincoln, Jan Pearson, Lu Ann Ross, captain; Debbie Adkisson. a better view on Union ' s victories. Lady Bulldogs Make History By Seizing VSAC Banner Women ' s Basketball Team, left to right, kneeling: Tammy Page Beilke, Ann Pollard, Dixie Blackstock, Kim Lampkins, Liz Weglicki; standing: Coach Ron Barry, assistant; Alison Langley, manager, trainer; Jann Lea Washer, Kristie Blurton, Audrey Hunt, Ester Coleman, Brenda Ross, DeAnn Jarvis, Betsy The Lady Bulldogs opened the 1981-82 basketball season with many new faces and a new coach. Dr. David Blackstock began his first year as head mentor. Team play was the motto for this year ' s team. There was no superstar to lead the way. Rather, each game saw a different heroine. That style led the Lady Bulldogs to new heights. The season began with a slight setback at Oxford, Mississippi. Union was turned back 62-57 by nationally ranked, major college powerhouse, Ole Miss. The Lady Rebels had to play their best to get the Lady Bulldogs. Returning home to Jackson, Union opened an early lead then poured it on in the final minutes to blitz Lane College, 73-45. On the road to Nashville, the Lady Bulldogs opened their Volunteer State Athletic Conference schedule with a 56-52 win over David Lipscomb College. The University of Tennessee at Martin had not beaten the Lady Bulldogs in recent years. This year was no exception as Union rolled to a 73-54 victory. Rust College suffered the same fate as the Lady Bulldogs whipped them by a 73-64 margin. Always tough, Blue Mountain College, had upset on its mind. However, they didn ' t count on Union having house-cleaning on their mind. The Lady Dogs took Blue Mountain to the cleaners, 98-67. Against Freed-Hardeman, Union survived an early scare by the Lady Lions and pulled to a 74-68 win. Hubert, Lisa Jackson, Lisa Caudle, Cassandra Howard, Zandra Blackwell, Tina Smithson, Karen Campbell, statistician; Lori Laster, statistician; Coach David Blackstock. Cross-town rival Lambuth College gave Union everything it had. The Eaglettes led all the way until the final few minutes where the Lady Bulldogs went ahead for a 79-66 triumph. Union tripped up Christian Brothers College, 95-82 and Lemoyne-Owen, 113-80. In that game, Lisa Caudle scored a career high 42 points which set a new single-game scoring record. For that feat, Caudle was selected as the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Player of the Week. The Lady Bulldogs scored an ea sy 84-63 victory over Bethel before travelling to Nashville where they were upset, 89-74, by Vanderbilt. Union then reeled off two more victories, 60-55 over Rust College, and 91-77 over Freed-Hardeman. At Lambuth College, the Lady Bulldogs led early only to lose at the last second, 69-68. Licking their wounds, they resumed their winning ways by taking David Lipscomb, 71-61; UT - Martin, 88-67; Belmont, 82-63; and Lane College, 80-55. Finally, recognized nationally, by being selected to the Top Twenty poll, they had every team in the state out to get them. Christian Brothers College was successful, 77-67. Time out for a " time-out. " Cassandra Howard attempts a jump shot. The loss to CBC set up an important game against Belmont College. The Lady Rebels were fighting for a share of the lead in the VSAC. The Lady Bulldogs decided to keep first place to themselves and turned Belmont away, 68-65. Returning home to Union they clinched the VSAC championship for the regular season with a 98-89 victory over Lemoyne-Owen College. Their final regular season game was at McKenzie, Tennessee against Bethel College. At McKenzie, the Lady Bulldogs substituted freely in a 75-49 romp over the Lady Wildcats. Union ' s first place finish in the Western Division of the VSAC insured them of a homecourt advantage throughout the tournament. In the first round, the Lady Bulldogs again faced hopeless Bethel. This time Union showed no mercy in streaking to a 90-39 victory. In other first-round games, David Lipscomb upset Christian Brothers College by the score of 49-48 to set up a rematch with the Lady Bulldogs in the semi-final game. The upset-minded Lady Bisons played valiantly but proved no match for Union as the Lady Bulldogs put on a late shooting exhibition and squashed them 84-64. Lisa Caudle drives the ball toward the basket in a 63-52 win over Belmont. What goes up must come down. Brenda Ross s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s for the ball. In the title game of the Western Division playoffs, Union faced highly regarded and multi-talented Belmont College. The Lady Bulldogs had beaten them twice during the regular season, but neither was an easy victory. However, Union had their sights set on the VSAC banner and overcame all obstacles to win 63-52 over the Lady Rebels. Immediately after capturing the Western Division title, the Lady Bulldogs had a long trip to Eastern Division Champions Carson-Newman. This confrontation with the third-ranked team in the nation would mean Union ' s first claim to a VSAC title. Travel-weary fans had high expectations though. The strong defense that the Lady Bulldogs stressed throughout the season proved to be the deciding factor. The Union University Lady Bulldogs became the 1982 Volunteer State Athletic Conference Champions in a 78-71 defeat of the Lady Eagles. A 19-4 regular season plus a VSAC banner add up to a spectacular season. Congratulations are in order for the Lady Bulldogs! By Paul Shearin iderson, are transfers from ennessee State University, ey were standouts for the eRai m N jin ! oftl vebe that It was a super night for area college basketball teams. Union University ' s teams and Bethel ' s men picked up Volunteer State Athletic Conference victories, while Jackson State was sweeping past Columbia. Lane ' s men and UT-Martin ' s Pacers also collected conference wins. Union women 91, FHC 77: Union ' s Lady Bulldogs jumped on top 48-36 by intermis- sion and never let up as they improved their overall record to 12-2 and conference ged P by 21 points, while npkins added 19 oss had 12. eed-Hardeman sley and Cindy i-and Amanda ks 10-6 overall Union over- action. FHC dropped to 12-11 overall and 4-6 in conference play. JSCC women 75, CSCC 51: Jackson State ' s Lady Generals rolled over Colum- bia State behind four double-figure scor- ers. Vicky Brown canned 22 points to lead the way. Connie McClain had 18, Ester Ewell netted 17 and Lola Williams added 14. JSCC is 6-2 overall. JSCC men 72, CSCC 59: James Bass scored 22 points and Jose Crisp collected 15 points and 18 rebounds to help pace Jackson State. Timmy White added 15 points for the 6-6 Generals. JSCC hit 31 of 61 field goal attempts and 14 of 23 free throws. Lane men 93, Knoxville 73: Four Drag- ons netted double-figure scoring as Lane improved its overall record to 5-8. The Dragons are 3-1 in conference action. Keith Crowder paced the victory over r eal they coul as a won betti selfi forW 00 _. _.. -..„- ... oo... w. p Ul c.K,. y.tao v,., Lisa and the rest of the team. " us, we had oursmallest guards in there. The Ladv Bulldogs are currently Thev couldn ' t hesin tn see over thosp ovei Athl with mis; ing a big clared FHC Coacl whose Lions had b Bicei ;ent ir ■eboui at ' s si ling i ■al qu thetx tearr •iding ry.U cit.w :maii jump :raB day added 14 points for the 1-2 Drag- ons. Both men ' s clubs will play in next week ' s Bicentennial Exchange Club Tournament at the Jackson Colise- um Waverly freshman Brenda Ross and Greenfield ' s Lisa Caudle lgnit- Milan ' s Carlos Adkisson led Lane scorers with 20 points. Humboldt ' s Latosca House added 11 points for the Lady Dragons, who trailed 34-15 at intermission. Tunya Johnson and Tamara Williams fouled out for Lane. b in the clutch, " noted " That ' s why I went to go-ahead basket, even i scored only two points, guys played hard. I was iside game (Gordon) Lit points, pulled down six rebounds, while Little netted 11 points and 12 rebounds. Freshman Art " Rooster " Green canned 12 points for the Lions, and Ab- ston added eight. Tnnv Jones was Union ' s top ' Dog nds. f the e re- isiuc aiiiciuviuvuii. " » MW. — . . •ett I Grills played. TV- I ¥ns take 2 Union outrebound but committed 16 tu dogs shot 47.1 perc and hit 10 of 14 free! 48.4 percent of its f and 15 of 23 charity Union ' s next opp at home Saturday lowing the women ' s d24 pts and Hardcastle, I Union University won a double- and Woodall and Avery 7 each, header at Rust and Bethel ' s men Troy Hall led Belmont with 22 The Lady Bulldogs defeated Lambuth to highlight points and eight rebounds, to victory over area college basketball action Freed-Hardeman, 12-10 overall Hardeman on Janus Thursday. and 4-5 in the VSAC, hit 12 of 16 Ester Coleman who But the big news in the Volun- free throws Belmont, 11-7 and 3-4, bounds. Barry Tidwell added 18 points, while Danny Montgomery and Mike Greer netted 10 each. Kelley Hardcastle contributed seven rebounds. Union women 60, Rust 55: Ten Sheila Alexander and Kathj Bechtold scored 10 points each for Bethel ' s 3-10 Ladv Wildcats. Bethel men 104. Lambuth 92: Bethel ' s Wildcats won this VSAC shootout at home to improve their A Super Game The men ' s basketball team has had a very bu sy schedule this past month, playing 6 games. On November 21, the Bulldogs suffered a defeat by the College of the ( )2arks with a score of 58-77. then made a comeback on November 2:t at home against Lane College when they won an exciting game, 511-49, with a last second shot November M brought a sad note to the team as they lost to Freed-Hardeman 59-62, but the Bulldogs were fighting full force later when they defeated Lambuth College by 10 points and a final score of 69-59 Wayne Watson was the high scorer of the game and Kellv Hardcastle played " a super game. ' ledthe team in rebounds with 13, and was also the high scorer with 25 points, making lu out ol 12 held goal attempts successful Kelly Hardcastle played and scored 16 points, lour ol which were crucial baskets in the second hall He also demon- strated outstanding defease Mike Lovelady played his best all-around game this year lireg Overstreel came oil of the ben- ch and gave the crowd an ex- citing brand ol basketball Overstreel hit two for two field goals. 4 for -I technical shots, and 4 for 4 I ree throws Mike Oreer -cored 18 poinls. Un start: Unio Union ' s Bulldogs h for a poor regular s Belmor.t at Nashvil game of the Volunteei lintock i ig eight t ■ee throv Clintock 12 of 50) 1 of 26) eight of to prod gainst I r fouls, wmany ;n every ley were nark.Wr :h (Davii t to guar m outsit mates maae some great pas: set the record. " J ' ■ the spo All-Wes L She is i e leadinj ed her N a three Sun Sports Correspondent Union University ' s music fraternity led Saturday ' s home- coming crowd in the singing of the alma mater, but a few choruses of Jerry Reed ' s " When You ' re Hot, You ' re Hot " would have been much more appropriate. Both Union basketball teams were hot, indeed, as Coach Jim Swope ' s men posted a stunning 79-62 victory over the College of the Ozarks, following a 73-54 rout of UT-Martin ' s women by Coach David Blackstock ' s Lady Bulldogs Swope ' s quintet shot an unbelievable 67.4 percent from the field in gaining revenge against the Ozarks squad, which had defeated Union 77-58 only two weeks earlier. Leading the way was junior center Tony Jones and forwards Mike Greer and Kelly Hardcastle, who combined for all but 20 of the Bulldog points. Jones slammed in 10 of 12 field goal attempts and scored 25 points in addition to pacing the hosts to a 34-22 rebounding edge with 13 caroms. Greer, shaking off a miserable slump which had dropped his seasonal field goal percentage to 35 percent, gunned in nine of 16 shots to contribute 18 points and 10 rebounds to the winners ' cause. Hardcastle, who has been the steadiest Bulldog performer in the early season, netted 16 points, including seven in a row with about seven minutes remaining when the Bulldogs broke the game open. Freshman Greg Overstreet, hitting eight of eight free throws in the final period, scored 12 There were 48 fouls : called in the contest, free throw attempts ai from the field. Lipscon throws and shot 26 r field. Lipscomb completed Here are other game Belmont 85, FUC 81 points and 16 rebounds season at 16-8. Janice Wood ' s 19 po bounds helped the Lad a 48-33 halft line deficit in the game. However, to foul for possession a free throws, finishing the game. FHC lost t percent of its field goaJ throws. „„.. Belmont, 16-12, also got 20 points from for the remain- Charlotte Speakman and 18 from Donna lly. " We moved the ball much better than we nave all season, " Blackstock said. " Our percentage was much higher than if has been, and that ' s what moving the ball will do for you — it ' s a lot easier to hit a layup than a 20-footer " ana is reoounas; " We knew we h; the fast break am whose Lions stopp " We were able tod their press well. 1 sharply, with good timing, or to our full capability. " Tony Jones, high scorer, put a total of 26 pts on the board and Barry- Potts came off the bench at Union for the first time and was of tl sea so team the ti playe Freec team hit 52 79 pel line. from Tor 11 rel Maybe Next Year? Basketball Team, left to right, kneeling: Danny Montgomery, Greg Overstreet, Stephen Crews, Mike Lovelady; standing: Kenny Spray, manager, trainer, statistician; Mike Bullington, manager; Elmer Smith, Tony Jones, The Union University Bulldogs experienced a somewhat off season this year. Lack of consistency on the playing floor kept Union in the cellar of the Volunteer State Athletic Conference ' s Western Division. The year did show some bright spots, and there is hope for the future. The Bulldogs had a young roster, and all but two players will return next fall. Union opened the season on the road in Athens, Tennessee, where they competed in the Tennessee Wesleyan Rotary Classic. They could manage no better than fourth place as they dropped both games, 74-70 to Tennessee Wesleyan, and 94-77 to King College. The Red and White crusaders paid a brief visit to Jonesboro, Arkansas, where they were blitzed by the College of the Ozarks, 77-58. Returning home to Jackson, Union finally managed their first win over the Lane College Dragons by the score of 50-49. Kelly Hardcastle tipped in an errant shot at the buzzer to give the Bulldogs the win. With a record of 1-3, Union entered the Bicentennial Exchange Club tournament at the Jackson Coliseum. They dropped the first game 62-59 to Freed-Hardeman, but came back to capture third place with a 69-59 victory over crosstown rival, Lambuth College. The Bulldogs opened their VSAC competition in Nashville where they were out-manned, out-hustled, and out-scored by David Lipscomb College, 97-67. Returning to Jackson for homecoming, Union avenged an earlier loss by trouncing College of the Ozarks, 79-62. Barry Puckett, Mike Greer, Barry Potts, Tim Townsend, Wayne Watson, Kelly Hardcastle, Barry Tidwell, Jeff Clark, Coach Jim Swope. The Bulldogs then took on highly regarded Southwestern at Memphis where they scored a 68-64 upset of the Lynx cats. Nationally ranked Rust College came to town and left on the good side of a 39-37 margin. Union could fare no better against Trevecca, as they dropped a 67-54 decision to the Trojans from Nashville. The Christmas break saw the Bulldogs with a 4-7 mark, 0-2 in the conference. The end of the holidays brought Union new players in Barry Tidwell, who became eligible, and Danny Montgomery, who returned from an ankle injury. They played well in their season debut but saw the Bulldogs come up short in a 77-76 decision to Freed-Hardeman. Union then took on Lambuth at home, again besting the Eagles by the score of 90-80. Another victory fell their way over Christian Brothers, 81-70, which was Swope ' s 100th victory at Union. The winning streak was short-lived however as Lemoyne-Owen raced to a 94-74 win. A game against Bethel College saw the Bulldogs squander an early sixteen point lead and fall to the Wildcats, 76-73. On the road at Rust College, in one of their finest performances of the season, Union won for the first time on the Bearcats ' home court by the score of 67-60. Tony Jones had 23 points and 14 rebounds to lead the way. It was on to an upset at Freed-Hardeman College where the Bulldogs came from behind to take the Lions, 81-75. Barry Tidwell had one of his finest shooting nights, netting 20 points on 10 out of 14 attempts. Barry Tidwell aims to score two against Belmont. Celebration was short-lived. The jinx at Lambuth College brought back reality. Union has never won on Lambuth ' s home court, and this year was no different as the Eagles raced to a 63-57 upset. The upset brought on a five-game losing streak as Union lost four more games to David Lipscomb, 59-46; Trevecca, 71-57; Belmont, 74-70 in double overtime; and Lane College, 85-72. The Bulldogs continued their domination over South- western at Memphis as they made it 12 in a row over the visiting Lynxcats, 64-59. On the road at Christian Brothers College, Union picked up a VSAC win by the score of 75-70. The Bulldogs lost two more, at Belmont, 86-64, and against Lemoyne-Owen, 48-38. This set up the regular season finale against Bethel College at McKenzie, Tennessee. It was here that Union ran into a Wildcat barrage that stampeded the Bulldogs, 101-83. And the band played on. At this time it was learned that Lemoyne-Owen would have to forfeit its two wins over Union because they used an ineligible player. This left the men ' s regular season record at 12-16, 6-10 in the VSAC. In the first round of the VSAC tournament, Union avenged two earlier season losses to Belmont College. Barry Tidwell hit a 20-foot jump shot at the end of the overtime period to grab a 75-74 upset victory. In the next game with Trevecca, which was a " third-time meeting game, " the final score was 52-51 in favor of Trevecca. By Paul Shearin Wayne Watson movea on down the court. Academics President 130 Academic Center 132 Business Office 137 Library 142 Departments 143 Leading Union requires knowledge and skill. President Craig extends warm greetings. Trustees The Board of Trustees is a group of men and women made up of business and community leaders, ministers, educators, and professional persons. All trustees are elected by the Tennessee Baptist Convention which is constituted as " a body politic and corporate. " Although the Board is not directly involved in administration or academic matters, their ultimate objective is the full development of the total personality of Union ' s students in order that they may fulfill mature, responsible, and creative roles in society. It aspires to the goal of attaining excellence in education at Union; therefore it promotes superior scholarship. Union University Trustees 1981-82, first row: Rev. Wayne Allen, Dr. Ramsey Pollard, Hobart Townsend, Argyle Graves, Dr. Ray Newcomb, Dr. Marvin Sandidge, and Al Hansard. Second row: Bill Cockroft, Dr. Jerry Glisson, Wesley Pitts, Dr. John Adams, James Austin, Joe Walker, Sam Reed, Kenneth Hanna, William Adcock, Enoch Radford, and Kenneth Leathers. Union University Trustees 1981-82, first row: Mack Forrester, Don Stephenson, George Jones, Dr. E. E. Deusner, Mrs. Robert Alderson, Mrs. Glenn Raines, and Mrs. W. R. Roberts. Second row: Rev. John Pippin, Rev. Paul Barkley, James Threlkeld, Polk Glover, Dr. R. G. Jordan, Dr. John Taylor, A. V. Pickler, Dr. James Thomas, Norman Hale, Rev. Byron Epps, Harold Brundige, Dr. Van Snider, and Dr. Wayne Rhear. Not pictured: Mrs. W. B. Cockroft, Rev. P. 0. Davidson, Cecil Ebersold, William Gurley, Gene Howell, W. H. Lassiter, John McRee, David Nunn, Glenn Rainey, Dr. Kenneth Story, and William Walker, III. Academic Center The Academic Center provides leadership to faculty in establishing a quality program of instruction. The Center coordinates Union ' s academic program by working with students, the fifteen department chairmen and the entire faculty. It also serves as a depository for student academic records and certifies students with regard to graduation requirements. Dr. Hyran E. Barefoot Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. C. Pat Taylor Associate Academic Dean Dr. Taylor stands willing to help. Keeping accurate records is only part of Dr. Barefoot ' s job. Student Affairs Nell Brewer Dean of Students Dr. Clyde Fugate Dean of Men Helping students to adjust, grow, and prosper at Union University is the primary concern of the Office of Student Affairs. The staff is responsible for the coordination of most student activities, counseling, testing, and medical care. The office provides assistance to individual needs of students from the first year to gradua- tion. Doug Skiles Director of Placement and Counseling Mercelyn Wilson Director of Housing David Oran Director of Housing Sarah Grissom Administrative Assistant Irene Towater Asst. Director — Housing Scoring CLEP tests is an important aspect of Dr. Fugate ' s job. Development Much of Union ' s growth as an outstanding institution would not be possible without the work of the Development Office. Its qualified staff constantly works to raise funds to offset the difference between the initial cost of education and what the student ultimately pays. These funds are raised through gifts from alumni, businesses, churches, and friends of the college. With the future in mind, the Office strives to maintain Union ' s strong traditions. O. M. Law Director, Planned Giving Alumni Affairs J. Larry Stewart Director, Development J. C. Thedford Assistant Director, Development sr X William S. Bates Director, Special Projects Corporate Support Joe Westbury Director, Public Relations : Don Morris Director, Financial Aid Dr. W. Walter Warmath Consultant Gifts which the giver makes precious are always the most acceptable. The use of money is all the Money invested in a library gives advantage there is in having money. much better returns than mining stock. Benjamin Franklin Sir William Osier Larry Stewart tallies the monetary gifts from friends of Union. Dr. Agee and Larry Murphy depend on the Scriptures for guidance. Religious Affairs Since Union is committed to the spiritual as well as the academic and social development of individuals, a strong emphasis is placed on religious life and activities. The Dean of Religious Affairs serves as chaplain to the college family and directs the supervised field education program for church related vocation students. Dr. Bob Agee and Larry Murphy work together to plan interesting chapel programs, organize Religious Emphasis Weeks, and coordinate the work of all religious organizations on campus. The office also works with area churches in supplying student staff members, revival teams, and special ministries. Admissions The Admissions Office staff is largely responsible for the growth of Union ' s student body. Counselors from the office personally contact high schools and junior colleges in the area explaining Union ' s programs and facilities. Union is well represented by this dedicated staff. Joe Layman Director of Student Enlistment Dan Bates Admissions Counselor Elizabeth Wingo Admissions Counselor Cappy Chinn Admissions Counselor Teresa Luna Admissions Counselor Jane Browand Asst. Director, Financial Aid r _-. R. G. Elliott Vice-President for Business Affairs Peggy Pearce Student Accounts Bookkeeper Jessie Smith Part-Time Business Office Union University ' s Business Office is the center of the college ' s financial activities and fiscal policy. All student accounts are coordinated by the office, and all campus expenditures are recorded and managed by the staff. The staffs excellence is evident in Union ' s sound financial security. Managing the bookstore and its accounts is also an essential responsibility of the Business Office. Margaret Jones General Ledger Bookkeeper IhpL F • B i ., i W - ' • 1 w rpt ' ' : ? pm, ■x —%« 3 » ■ » ' - • y Bobbie Bishop Accounts Payable Clerk Each morning sees some task begin, Each evening sees it close; Something attempted, something done, Has earned a night ' s repose. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow William Dana Northcut Assistant Vice-President Business Affairs Terresia Reasons Bursar Louise Lynch Bookstore Manager Administrative Assistants Dot Gee Development Office Km ■» W L J r 1 i V ■ Elouise Graves President ' s Office Rose Melton Religious Affairs Office Renee Mitchell Business Office Peggy Robinson Admission r ff!n Barbara Wood Academic Center Rose Melton, David Skelton and Todd Smith look through the stamps used to raise money for Summer Missions. Dot Gee takes a moment of relaxation from the day ' s hectic schedule. Staff Assistants Franchelle Franklin Financial Aid Office Barbara Orr Academic Center Barbara Moore Admissions Office m k m v Betty Wells Switchboard Man ' s capacities.. have never been measured; nor are we to judge of what he can do by any precedents . . . Henry David Thoreau College Services The efficient service of a conscien- tious College Services staff allows the daily routine at Union to run much smoother. The office is responsible for much secretarial and reproduction work for the faculty and staff. In addition, the staff provides duplication of exams and college publications and coordin- ates mail service for faculty and administration. Making copies is only a small part of Polly Spencer ' s job in College Services. Sue Clemens prepares The Unionite for mailing. Maintenance The Maintenance Staff is depend- ed upon for keeping the wheels of Union University rolling, in more ways than one. The staff, which is divided into two sections — custodial and maintenance — is responsible for the upkeep of the various buildings and the campus grounds. Duties of the staff include repairs on air-conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical units. In addition, school-owned vehicles are kept in proper running order. A big thank you goes to the staff for keeping Union " rolling. " About complaints, Mr. Dougan says, " The buck stops with maintenance. ' Maintenance Staff, left to right, first row: Ann Akines, Emma Clark, Lynn Webb, Bill Matthews, Steve Kincaid, James Wilson, Michael Lewis, Lavon Stone, Johnny Dougan, Superintendent; second row: Bob Cox, Allen E9cue, Kenny Graves, Charles Beasenburg. Library Union ' s Library provides both students and faculty with an outstand- ing resource collection and welcomes the opportunity to assist them. The acquisition of up-to-date audio-visual materials, books, and periodicals keeps the collection current and varied. Also available are microfilm readers, a language lab, and a listening lab. Although the staff is eager to help students and faculty of the college, it has become a valuable information center for the community. Harold L. Bass Librarian Beverly Hearn Reference Librarian Richard Rogers Catalog Librarian Pat Morris Circulation Librarian Virginia Zachary Periodicals Librarian Art A Grove Robinson Department Chairman Meredith Luck Assistant Professor The Art Department provides an environment and a curriculum devoted to training the hands while exercising the mind and spirit. It offers the principles and analytic skills of style studies in Art History, the overviews of Art Appreciation, and the challenge of coordinating hand, eye, and heart. Courses in studio work in selective media are also offered. The department prides itself on its modern facilities and materials which are available to the student. Mr. Grove Robinson enjoys the art of printmaking. Mr. Luck explains a piece of sculpture to Dr. Davis. Biology Courses in the Biology Department are designed to acquaint the student with living organisms which, despite their differences, share common fea- tures as well as a common environment. In addition, the curriculum seeks to provoke within the student an apprecia- tion of his surroundings. The courses provide a foundation upon which the student may build a graduate program or undertake professional training in dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, and other allied health fields. By participating in independent research projects and working as laboratory assistants, some students develop a fuller appreciation for the Dr. McMahan observes students doing last-minute preparations for a lab test. Elsie Smith Department Chairman I V N Dr. Michael McMahan Assistant Professor Dr. Harold Simmons Assistant Professor Decisions, decisions, decisions! The paperwork never ends. Curtiss Scott Acting Chairman Donald Hollin Assistant Professor iMr u j k So A A Dr. Walton Padelford Assistant Professor Jim Austin Instructor Business Administration and Economics This department includes the areas of Accounting, Business, Economics, and Secretarial Science. Courses are designed to provide preparation for employment in business, teaching, or government service. William Sipes offers part-time instruction. Shorthand anyone? Mr. Austin takes a break from the business of teaching. Mr. Hollin explains word problems. Chemistry and Physics The Chemistry Department aims to help the student understand the material world and its ever-changing processes. The Physics Department seeks to help the student understand the workings behind many of the physical phenomena that occur around him. Courses offered are designed to prepare the student for graduate study, professional vocations, or a teaching career. Assisting the chemistry faculty in part-time instruction is Amy Alvey. This may look like an electronic video game, but Dr. Hathcox says it ' s not! Dr. Kyle Hathcox Acting Chairman Dr. Douglas Armstrong Assistant Professor Dr. Jimmy Davis Assistant Professor Dr. Armstrong breaks from addressing classes to address his typewriter. Dr. Davis checks to make sure the polarograph is working. Education The Teacher Education Program at Union operates within the framework of Christian idealism. It is concerned with developing teachers who will think constructively, feel deeply, and act wisely in the teaching profession. Prospective teachers are given the opportunity to receive practical exper- ience and gain knowledge in organiza- tion and classroom techniques. Dr. C. Pat Taylor and Judy Taylor offer part-time instruction in the department. English and Journalism This department includes English, Journalism, Speech, and Theatre Arts. The English area offers courses in oral and written communication and litera- ture. Students are motivated to produce original literary compositions as well as challenged to explore diligently for the treasures of the spoken and written word. The courses in Journalism develop skills in writing for the various media, giving theory and then practical application to the different phases of communication. Guidance is provided for students planning graduate work or teaching careers in either of the two fields. Dr. George Clark Department Chairman; Professor Dr. Ernest Pinson Professor Dr. Louise Bentley Associate Professor Betty Foellinger Associate Professor Marilyn Smothers Assistant Professor Dr. Clark and Libba Buntin plan the Sigma Tau Delta meeting. Miss Scott and Mrs. Smothers compare lesson plans. History The Department of History and Political Science at Union is designed to give students an important historical perspective as well as keep them abreast of current events. Those who will benefit from the historical ap- proach of viewing current situations may be involved in teaching, the ministry, law, journalism, or politics. This year the History Department sponsored the C. H. Jones Memorial Lectureships which featured Dr. Don Higginbotham as the guest speaker. Dr. James Edmonson Department Chairman Dr. James Baggett Associate Professor Dr. Paul Waibel Assistant Professor Dr. Waibel thinks keeping abreast of current events is important. Dr. Edmonson shows genuine concern for students whether in class or out. Languages The Language Department seeks to help the student acquire basic skills in reading, understanding, speaking, and writing a foreign language for purposes of research, travel, personal pleasure, and government service. The Depart- ment hopes to expose the student to a foreign culture and thus enable him to understand his own culture and the world about him. A modern, well- equipped language laboratory as well as audio-visual aids are utilized. Dr. Sara Harris Acting Chairman Dr. George Taylor Assistant Professor Dr. Taylor makes Spanish simple for Christi Sparkman and Teresa Hayes. Dr. Taylor takes a break. Mathematics and Computer Science Dr. Joseph Tucker Department Chairman The Math Department at Union offers courses that will provide a basic foundation for beginning graduate study in mathematics, for entry into work in fields relating to mathematics, and for teaching mathematics at the secondary level. Assisting the faculty in part-time instruction is Becky Ander- son. In the Computer Science area courses are offered that will provide the background necessary to pursue graduate study or a computer-related career. The staff welcomes Dwayne Jennings as an instructor and two new computer technicians, Karen McWherter and Connie Magers. Richard Dehn Assistant Professor Mr. William Truex check9 class closings. Mr. Richard Dehn explains systems to his students. Music The Music Department at Union University is credited with developing many talented musicians and teachers in the music field. The department aims to develop a high standard of musician- ship, to provide cultural experience in music, and to equip students with the musical skills necessary for professional and vocational leadership. University Chorus, Symphonic Band, Stage Band, Singers, and other ensembles provide practical experience for the music student. Dr. Kenneth Hartley Department Chairman Dr. Joseph Blass Professor Mr. McClune pauses for a moment before mending instruments. Mr. Huffman picks out the melody for Carole Burns and Alan Smith. Mr. Pugh observes as Angela Stewart strikes a few chords. ' Let ' s go over that one more time. ' Max Pugh Associate Professor Charles Huffman Assistant Professor Dr. Larry Smith Assistant Professor Scott Bennett Instructor •June Huffman Instructor David McClur Instructor Nursing In 1982 Union ' s ASN Program marks its 20th anniversary. Its growth has paralleled the growth in health care services in this region and has prepared more than 600 students to become registered nurses. The need for some nurses to have further education led to the initiation of the baccalaureate program in nurs- ing. The two programs are discrete and independent but complementary. The upper division component allows the experienced registered nurse to prepare for a broader and more responsible nursing role. The Christian service ethic is central to the professional education in both programs. The nursing staff at Union wel- comes Joyce Montgomery as a new assistant professor this year. Dr. Marguerite Robey Department Chairman Sandra Brown grades that last test before leaving to teach at the hospital. Isabel Neely Associate Chairman, Part-time Ivy Barker Assistant Professor Pauline Bridger Assistant Professor Sandra Brown Assistant Professor Tere Cable Assistant Professor Donna Latham Assistant Professor Erlean Kirkpatrick Instructor Lorrie Springer Instructor Joyce Montgomery Assistant Professor Linda Barber Instructor Melanie McLeod Instructor Regina Saffel Instructor Pam Forsythe Clinical Laboratory Assistant Ann Twyford Secretary of Department Reason ' s whole pleasure, all the joy of sense. Lies in three words — Health, Peace, and Competence. But Health consists with temperance alone. And peace. Virtue! peace is all thy own. Alexander Pope Look to your health, and if you have it, Praise God, and value it next to a good conscience; For health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of; A blessing that money cannot bu y. Izaak Walton Physical Education and Health Since the emphasis in education is being placed on the complete develop- ment of each individual, the Department of Health and Physical Education believes that students should be brought to realize the importance of that part of their education which comes through the development of a healthy, active body. Primarily through the medium of physical activity, the Department adds its unique contribu- tion to the total education program. The cultivation of socially desirable attitudes and traits as well as the opportunity for recreation are viewed as necessary elements in a student ' s total education. Dr. Linn Stranak Department Chairman Dr. David Blackstock Athletic Director £« 1 ' JU HfilC Hours of hard work and intense practice go into a successful season. Ron Barry and Wayne Alexander discuss the afternoon ' s intramural events. Dr. Bill Bouchillon Department Chairman, Psychology Dr. David Vickery Assistant Professor Psychology and Sociology Courses in the Psychology Department serve to give students a better understanding of human rela- tions and individual adjustment by applying concepts to their personal living. J. C. Thetford offers part-time instruction in this department. The Sociology Department offers courses designed to enable the student to understand underlying principles in human relations, the role of custom and group psychology in selective behavior, and the structure of the society. Assisting the faculty in part-time instruction is Brenda Collins and Jim Mr. Byrd takes time out of a busy schedule to mail a letter. Religion and Philosophy The Religion Department under- went a self-study to improve their effectiveness in course offerings, to find new ways to become more involved in the religious life of the college, and to learn how to better serve the churches and nearby associations in the state. The department hopes to contribute to the spiritual benefit of the entire student body. Dr. David Irby Department Chairman Dr. Clyde Tilley Professor Dr. Tilley helps Tammy Trexler understand New Testament. Jennifer Scott Instructor N. Denise Stevenson Instructor Speech and Theatre The Speech and Theatre area is an integral part of the larger Department of English Journalism Speech at Union University. Many English majors choose to minor in this area thereby providing for a stronger communica- tions program. Speech courses at Union enable the student to develop potential in the oral communication of thought. The courses also provide numerous opportunities to advance in dramatic arts and public speaking. The theatre aspects include actual acting experience in University plays, production, and direction. Assisting the departmental faculty in part-time instruction are Mary Francis Wadley and Lillian Baggett. Patty Smith is employed on a part-time basis in the area of speech and broadcasting arts. Denise Stevenson works enthusistically in other places besides the theatre. Patty Smith works with the new television production equipment. Portraits Freshmen 162 Sophomores 172 Juniors 178 Seniors 184 Index 198 FRESHMAN Class Officers, left to right: Reggie Thomas, president; Scot Finley, vice president; Greg Bowers, treasurer; Sheri Murphy, secretary. Kimberly Anne Abington, St. Louis, MO Kim Adams, McKenzie, TN Dan Adkisson, Savannah, TN Miriam Rose Agee, Lebanon, TN Denise Alexander, McKenzie, TN Lisa Carol Alexander, Jackson, TN Melody Allen, Memphis, TN Estella D. Amaya, Hughes, AR H. Ray Ammons, Ripley, TN Beketa LaDawn Anderson, Memphis, TN Hope Marie Anderson, Gracey, KY Shari Anderson, Memphis, TN Ginger Armour, Henderson, TN Sonia D. Avent, Bolivar, TN Douglas Baggett, Paducah, KY Paul G. Baierl, Lexington, SC Pamela S. Bailey, Humboldt, TN Terri Lynn Bailey, Middleburg, FL Katrena Baird, Springfield, IL Tony W. Baker, Jr., Jackson, TN Sonya Yvette Barbee, Memphis, TN Elisabeth Lynne Barker, Jackson, TN Lori Ann Barnes, Savannah, TN Kevin Ray Bass, Hermitage, TN William Lee Bateman, Memphis, TN John Bomer Baxter, Brownsville, TN Linda Jones Beauregard, Grand Junction, TN Melissa Lea Belew, Fayetteville, TN Mary Elizabeth Berlin, Memphis, TN Diane Bertouille, Paris, TN Dianna Lynn Birlew, Kenton, TN Barbara Sue Bizzell, Ripley, TN Deena Marie Black, Jackson, TN Thomas Lynn Black, Memphis, TN Michelle Elaine Blackwood, Reagan, TN Brian Ray Blankenship, Louisville, KY Kevin Blankenship, Savannah, TN Barbara Bolding, Hartsville, TN Jamie Sue Bond, Signal Mountain, TN Tena Boothe, Atwood, TN Penny J. Bouldin, McKenzie, TN Gregory Claude Bowers, Memphis, TN Randy Bowling, Clifton, TN Steven Wayne Box, Hanover Park, IL Lisa Rene Boyd, Bartlett, TN Nelda Joy Bradford, Collierville, TN Kelly Bradley, Bernie, MO Robert Bratcher, Lombard, IL Sherry Jo Breedlove, Southhaven, MS 4 ' I I U mad Sheila Dianne Brewer, Henderson, TN Rhonda C. Briggs, Mercer, TN Janet E. Britt, Beech Bluff, TN .Jill Ann Brock, Signal Mountain, TN Cynthia Fay Brooks, Columbia, TN Emily Lois Buntin, Jackson, TN Carry Shawn Burkacki, Richmond, MI Lisa M. Burkacki, Richmond, MI Anita Byford, Humboldt, TN David Marc Byrd, Eads, TN Cameron Clay Canaday, Memphis, TN Russell Clay Cantrell, Jackson, TN Dennis Wayne Caperton, Savannah, TN Darlene B. Carr, Nashville, TN Stephen Anthony Carr, Union City, TN Jennifer A. Castellaw, Brownsville, TN Cynthia D. Cederburg, Jackson, TN Laura Lee Chabot, Yuma, TN Gina Bridgette Chea, Nassau, Bahamas Harvey Church, Columbia, TN Felecia Clark, Arlington, TN Jeff Clark, Troy, TN Malesa Clark, Jackson, TN Robert Jeff Clark, Jackson, TN Kim Clay, Memphis, TN James E. Coble, Trenton, TN Russell Wayne Cole, Dixon, KY David Wayne Cook, Dyer, TN M P ft f% Kimberly Jean Coon, New Madrid, MO Lisa Marie Cothren, Bolivar, TN Jennifer Lanoir Cox, East Prairie, MI Robert Louis Crawford, Savannah, TN Stephen Clay Crews, Waynesboro, TN Gigi Mata Crocker, Nashville, TN Linda J. Crockett, Jackson, TN Leigh Ann Cromwell, Savannah, TN Elizabeth Crosnoe, Beech Bluff, TN Tammy Leigh Cross, Memphis, TN Sherry Renet Crouse, Dyer, TN Tammy S. Cupples, Bolivar, TN Eric Tyrone Dance, Humboldt. TN Pamela Kay Darby, Camden, TN Gloria Davis, Paris, TN Hollie L. Davis, Bells, TN M. Janice Davis, Middleton, TN Twilla Dean, Olney, IL Stephanie Deason, Memphis, TN Jenny Dedmon, Brownsville, TN Debbie Lou Deere, Lexington, TN Sheila Denise Dixon, Saulsbury, TN Cindy Doster, Nashville, TN Anna M. Doyle, Savannah, TN William Thomas Doyle, Jr., Jackson, TN Tracy R. Driskill, Knoxville, TN Janie Lynne Duke, Dyer, TN Tim Dukes, Milan, TN Donna Dunavant, Alamo, TN Karen L. DuVall. Memphis, TN Kimberlv Dver. Springville, TN Floyd Ervin Dyess, Lexington, TN David Lee Eggenberger, Trimble, TN Katherine Elam, Jackson, TN Diana Ellison, Jackson, TN Russell L. Evans, Jr., Jackson, TN Jo Ann Everett, Fargo, ND Rebecca Grace Fairchild, Portageville, MO Judith Shelaine Farabee, Olive Branch, MS Sally Ann Farr, Greenfield, TN Phyllis Diane Fennel, Friendship, TN J. Scot Finley, Memphis, TN Anita Louise Fleet, Memphis, TN Alicia Ann Fletcher, Henderson, TN Dorothy M. Flowers, Jackson, TN Tracie D. Flynn, Jackson, TN Jenny Forsyth, Humboldt, TN Linda Dale Foster, Hornsbv, TN Charles Ray Frazier, Greenbrier, TN Michael Spence Freeman, Dresden, TN William Henry Gant, Jackson, TN Kimberlv Susan Garner, Lexington, TN Patricia S. Garner, Lexington, TN Jeanna George, Milan, TN Lynda Gifford, Newbern, TN Teresa Lyvone Gilmore, Dyer, TN John Robert Ginn, Cordova, TN Sara Jane Goehring, Hendersonville, TN Tina M. Griggs, Humboldt, TN Suzanne Gurley, Lexington, TN Barbara Cherie Hale, Brownsville, TN Laurie Ann Hale, Memphis, TN Michael Andrew Hammonds, Humboldt, TN Nina Kaye Hammonds, Humboldt, TN Sheila Gail Harden, Saulsbury. TN Rodney Dale Hari, Cessna Park, IL Pamela D. Blowers Hart, Moscow, TN Steven Andrew Hayes, Waverly, TN William Joel Haynes, Jackson, TN Grant Wayne Hazelwood, Humboldt, TN n ft c m« r» m M 0 b Freshmen ..(B i Y « Dan Heisserer, Chaffee, MO Patricia Ann Hendren, Ripley, TN Cheryl Lynette Hicks, South Fulton, ' IN Theresa Gail Hicks, Dunlap, TN Marjie Hinds, Petersburg, IL Allyson Hobbs, Union City, TN Leeanne Hobbs, Union City, TN Gina Jo Hocker, Morgantown, KY Hrenda Horning, Paducah, KY Teresa Marie Huddleston, Memphis, TN Leslie Burkes Hughes, Memphis, TN Sara Huneycutt, Memphis, TN Audrey D. Hunt, .Jackson, TN David Wayne Hurley, Memphis, TN Martha Anne Hurt, Jackson, TN Cynthia Ingram, Selmer, TN William Ingram, Memphis, TN Bobbie Irvine, Jackson. TN Laurie Lee Isbell, Bolivar, TN Janice Ivory, Arlington, TN Glenn Jackson, Memphis, TN Jerry L. Jacobs, Grand Junction, TN David Duane Jaggers, Ramer, TN Kevin Jaggers, Appomattox, VA Lisa Jaggers, Big Sandy, TN Vivian Carol James, Jackson, TN Donald Ray Jarnagin, Union City, TN Lisa DeAnn Jarvis, Paducah, KY Timothy Alan Jerrolds, Savannah, TN Denise Carol Johnson, Medina, TN Barry K. Johnson, Olive Branch, MS Joseph Michael Johnson, Bruceton, TN Tony Johnson, Henderson, TN Hal Jones, Memphis, TN Virginia Ruth Jones, Dyersburg, TN Laura Dawn Kelley, Waverly, TN Dale Kirk Kellick. Ripley, f N Anita A. King, Sesser, IL Georgann King, Humboldt, TN Lisa Anne King, Jackson, TN Lisa Diane King, Medon, TN Lori Ann King, Atwood, TN Robert Kirkwood, Tennessee Ridge, TN Laura Laehder, Memphis, TN Ronald K. Land, Jackson, TN Lori P. Laster, JacKson, TN Mark Eugene Laster, Memphis, TN John R. Lawrence, Bolivar, TN Mary Agnes Ledbetter, Savannah, TN Jeffrey Kent Lewis, Memphis, TN Gorden Clay Lindsey, Lexington, TN Patricia M. Lindsey, Jackson, TN Ling Tsai Liu, San Francisco, CA Emily Lott, Jackson, TN Renate Annette Love, Savannah, TN Jimmy Lovett, Savannah, TN L. Shane Lynch, Camden, TN Deborah J. Maness, Martin, TN Timothy Marbury, Clifton, TN Teresa Marshall, Covington, TN James David Martin, Clarksville, TN Mary Kathleen Martin, Humboldt, TN Monte Massongill, Ripley, TN Stephen Mark May, Brownsville, TN Cathy Jane Mayfield, Brighton, TN Shyrll Mayo, Wynnburg, TN Stan McCall, Bartlett, TN Wendy McCall, Olive Branch, MS Lisa Grace McCollum, Lexington, TN V Freshmen ft M % fJ ' p MWi 1 mm ®m fi ml : -JWi -• « Rebecca McCool, Brownsville, TN Ricky D. McCormick, Bradford, TN Alison McDonald, Mayfield, KY Sara Beth Mcllwain, Southaven, MS Lisa McKenzie, .Jackson, TN Mitzi Ann McKinney, Lewisburg, TN Daniel E. McLeod, Nashville, TN Ricky Lane Mercer, Dyer, TN Lisa Lynn Miller, Fisk, MO Misako Mita, Martin, TN Dennis Ray Mitchell, Henry, TN Audrey Mize, Stanton, TN Jennifer Sue Moffitt, Lexington, TN Timothy Mohon, Clarksville, TN Matthew Thomas Molander, Kissimmee, FL Danny R. Montgomery, Brownsille, TN Gladys Moore, Bolivar, TN Karen Morris, Jackson, TN Michael Hiram Morris, Somerville, TN James Mason Morse, Jr., Memphis, TN Cheryl L. Mosley, Whitwell, TN Roy Edward Mosley, Waverly, TN Orlandus Moss, Jr., Millington, TN Sheri Lynne Murphy, Trimble, TN Roger Goodman Murray, III, Jackson, TN Don Myers, Somerville, TN Melanie Myers, Memphis, TN Patricia Louise Neill, Memphis, TN Woody Newman, Jr., Jackson, TN Janet Nowell, Milan, TN Cheryl Renee Oglesby, Robingson, IL David Allen Overby, Paducah, KY Deborah Ann Overstreet, Memphis, TN John Alan Pair, Union City, TN Cristy Park, Friendship, TN Mark Parrish, Memphis, TN Janet Elizabeth Pate, Jackson, TN Danny Keith Pattat, Somerville, TN Jennifer Jean Patterson, Cordova, TN Mary Esther Patterson, Memphis, TN William E. Patterson, Henderson, TN Mark W. Pendergrass, Memphis, TN Donna Perkins, Bruceton, TN Amy Phillips, Jackson, TN Mary Elaine Phillips, Whiteville, TN Scarlett Elizaheth Pickens, Jackson, TN Teri Lynn Pierce, Paris, TN Stanley Thomas Pilant, Brownsville, TN Kathryn Harmon Pinckley, Calvert City, KY Lisa G. Pinson, Paris, TN Tammi Lou Plunk, Savannah, TN Janet Sue Podraza, Chicago, IL David Scot Poindexter, Memphis, TN Walter Pope, Lexington, TN Sammie Lee Posey, Maury City, TN Andrea Lynn Powers, Phenix, AL J. Dairy] Presley, Sardis, TN Barry Puckett, Paducah, KY Patricia K. Quarles, Memphis, TN Thomas Glenn Queen, Henning, TN Cindy Carol Raines, Memphis, TN Terri Rains, Goodlettsville, TN Theresa L. Ramey, Trenton, TN Patty Rose Randall, Jackson, TN Oleta K. Randolph, Whiteville, TN Steve Rauchle, Milan, TN Darrell Craig Reasons, Memphis, TN Scott Allen Reid, Milan, TN Jean Revelle, Bells, TN Teresa Rhea, Jackson, TN Troy Anson Rhoades, Steele, MO Liz Carmen Rice, Covington, TN Sharri Rice, Belleville, IL Edward Rickman Roberts, Union City, TN Gregory Thomas Robinson, Henderson, TN Valerie Rae Rock, Lincoln, IL Tonya Lee Rogers, Jackson, TN Mary Beth Rollins, Jackson, TN Brenda Jane Ross, Waverly, TN Freshmen Denise Lynne Rowland, Bruceton, TN Shelia Rene Rowland, Adamsville, TN Angie Rowaey, Selmer, TN Parpot Rungsiridacha, Jackson, TN David J. Samples, Ft. Washakie, WY Frank F. Saunders, La Grange, TN Mary Elaine Scott, Jackson, TN William Ken Seaton, Adamsville, TN John R. Senter, Jackson, TN Thomas T. Sewell, Oxford, MS Bonnie Jean Shanahan, Huntingdon, TN Margo Shaw, Tullahoma, TN Sabrina Renne Shelton, Bethel, TN Cindy Kay Sherrill, Henderson, TN Russell E. Shuler, Sand Springs, OK Theodore Lynn Siler, Henderson, TN Donna Jean Simpson, Savannah, TN Jan L. Simpson, Brownsville, TN David Earl Smith, Memphis, TN Jeff Smith, Greenfield, TN Freshman June E. Smith, Jackson, TN Kerry Dale Smith, Piggott, AR Robbie Smith, Ripley, TN Thomas E. Smith, Jr., Collierville, TN Tina Lynn Smithson, Kenton, TN Charles Edward Smothers, Paraguay, TN Kelly Sorrell, Dyersburg, TN Tara Jo Spain, Greenbrier, TN Jan Spencer, Memphis, TN Janalee A. Stack, Cedar Lake, IN Phillip E. Stafford, Greenfield, TN Russell Eric Staples, Beech Bluff, TN Sonja Devette Staples, Jackson, TN Angie Stegall, Beech Bluff, TN Leigh Anne Stegall, Jackson, TN R. Richard Stevenson, Shelbyville, TN Charlotte Stockton, Beech Bluff, TN Gwendolyn Marita Storey, Bolivar, TN Marcia Lynn Story, Memphis, TN Dave Stults, Waynesboro, TN Willie Reed Sturdivant, Kenton, TN Richard Alan Sumner, Southaven, MS Carol Swafford, Nashville, TN Alicia Swaim, Covington, TN Patti Anne Swint, Jackson, TN Glenn Arnette Taylor, Jackson, TN L. Michelle Taylor, Middleton, TN Mark Roland Taylor, Jackson, TN Sondra Taylor, Hernando, MS Lisa Marie Terry, Saltillo, TN Lynda Thomas, Hayti, MO Reggie Thomas, Huntingdon, TN Jim Threlkeld, Memphis, TN Ricky Lynn Tillman, Decaturville, TN Glenda Tippitt, Brownsville, TN Marsha Diane Towater, Jackson, TN fi S , 9 fV.f? f 4 © t ici!3 Natalie G. Tucker, Jackson. TN Cynthia Ellen Turner, Memphis, TN Debra Sue Turner, Bolivar, TN Linda Jean Turner, Henning, TN Terri Rochelle Vopel, Memphis, TN Vickie Lynne Wade, Toone, TN Beth Coady Wadley, Luray, TN Karen Rose Waldrop, Jackson, TN Gordon Dwavne Walker, Collierville, TN Jeffery Walker, Bethel Springs, TN Michelle Dawn Walker, McKenzie, TN Peggy C. Walker, Mayfield, KY Cheryl Ann Wallace, Bolivar, TN Jann Lea Washer, Murray, KY Janet Lynne Watkins, West Memphis, AR Mary C. Watkins, McKenzie, TN Tammy Watridge, Bells, TN Charles Edwin Webb, Halls, TN Richard Harold Wells, Jr., Nashville, TN Timothy W. West, Jackson, TN Kimberly Western, Sardis, TN Kay Wheeler, Lenoir City, TN Larese White, East Chicago, IN Mary Jean Whitfield, Memphis, TN Jimmy Keith Whitlow, Savannah, TN Phillip E. Whitman, Middleton, TN Tina Marie Wiese, Nashville, IL Jerri Allison Williams, Humboldt, TN Gaybreia L. Williams, Widener, AR Jean Melise Williams, Eads, TN Jimmy Williams, Memphis, TN John Gregory Williams, Arlington, TN Marsha Morris Williams, Henderson, TN Sandra Lee Wilson, Henning, TN Stoney Ray Wisley, Memphis, TN Chuck Wood, Savannah, TN Jack Woods, Milan, TN Linda Woody, Scotts Hill, TN Samuel Lance Word, Southaven, MS Carla C. Wuerpel, Jackson, TN Nancy M. Wuerpel, Jackson, TN James Harvey Wyatt, Jackson, TN Sharon Wyatt, Henderson, TN Jennifer Lynn Yeldell, Memphis, TN Paula Gayle Young, Memphis, TN Lana Younger, McLemoresville, TN SOPHOMORES Class Officers, left to right: Walt Warren, president; Tammy Trexler, vice president; Vann Raley, treasurer; Steve Maness, secretary. Cynthia Jane Adams, Dyersburg Jana Dee Adkisson, Savannah Cynthia A. Anderson, Memphis Katrina Darlene Anderson, Huron Peggy Jo Austin, Jackson Keri Jo Avripas, West Frankfort David B. Baggett, Brownsville Jerry Wayne Barker, Humboldt Kathryn Barnes, Somerville Martha Barron, Brighton Tonya Yvette Baskin, Memphis Kathy Lynn Batchelor, Union City Lynn Billings, Covington Frederick Weir Birmingham, Jackson Tommy Black, Jackson Zandra M. Blackwell, Brownsville Yolanda Zaye Blankenship, Lexington Kristie Lynn Blurton, Humboldt John Robert Bond, Denmark Marcy Boston, Dyersburg Barbara Ann Boyd, Westport Wayne Boyd, Jr., Jackson George Griffin Boyte, Jr., Humboldt Alicia Dawn Bradford, Bemis Terry D. Bradshaw, Jackson Jimmy Breedlove, Southaven Phillip Bridges, Jackson Gerry A. Brittain, Humboldt TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN TN MS TN TN Debbie E. Browning, Jackson, TN Kenneth Broyles, Savannah, TN Teresa Gayle Buie, Brownsville, TN Anita Carol Bumpas, Holly Springs, MS Susan Wynn Bunch, Columbia, TN John Philip Burks, Jackson, TN Christi Burns, Waynesboro, TN Melanie Campbell, Shrewsbury, MS Randy Lee Canada, Trenton, TN Dana Lynn Carothers, Somerville, TN Jonathan Lee Cawley, Union City, TN Denise Chappell, Collierville, TN r 9 | ' A e«j?pi; Faye Elaine Chatman, Jackson, TN Janice Gayle Chipley, Germantown, TN Paul E. Clark, Jackson, TN Carol Claybrook, Trenton, TN Vanessa dale Cleek, Toone, TN Danny Clevenger, Humboldt, TN Alisa Ann Clift, Burlison, TN Christopher Coleman, McKenzie, TN John Robert Coleman, Huntingdon, TN Mary Leta Collins, Jackson, TN Melissa Conder, Parsons, TN Brenda Kay Cook, Henderson, TN Sharon Cope, Germantown, TN Linda Denise Craig, Humboldt, TN C. Lisa Crawford, Bolivar, TN Pamela Ann Crawley, Alamo, TN Sharron Alene Crihf ' ield, Riplev, TN Judy A. Criner, Jackson, TN Carolyn Davis, Henton, TN Nancy Elizabeth DeLoach, Humboldt, TN Debra Kay Dickson, Decaturville, TN Paula Diane Diggs, Jackson, TN Leslee Dixon, Union City, TN Elizabeth Donnell, Jackson, TN Gary Douglas, Ripley, TN Tom Duffey, Big Sandy, TN Judith Dungan, Humboldt, TN Margaret Adele Dunham, Memphis, TN Rachel Lee Dunning, Gleason, TN James Earl Elam, Tiptonville, TN James Byron Englert, Jackson, TN Judy Escue, Jackson, TN Rita Kaye Escue, Jackson, TN Kevin Ezell, Paducah, KY Belinda Joyce Fennel, Friendship, TN Bennv Fesmire, Jr., Jackson, TN Denise A. Finley, Saltillo, TN Elizabeth Diane Flowers, Troy, TN Marsha Nell Forsyth, Humboldt, TN Charles Edward Francis, Nassau. Bahamas Jack Michael Franks, Brandon, FL Nancy Freeman, Littleton, CO Keith Robert Gallaher, Trenton, TN Joanna Garner, Jackson, TN Abigayle Carol Gibson, Parsons, TN Terry Joseph Gossett, Asheville, NC Mike Greer, Camden, TN Sherry Griffin, Brighton, TN Mary Jane Gwin, Memphis, TN Ettora Halton, Jackson, TN Tina Rose Hardaway, Trenton, TN Kelly Hardcastle, Memphis, TN Steve Alan Hardy, Gilbertsville, KY Betty A. Harper, Jackson, TN David Harris, Jackson, TN Jeff Hatcher, Covington, TN mm F k n Xt JV mj i H Christina Lee Hayes, Waverly, TN Kathy Haynes, Jackson, TN Becky Heisserer, Chaffee, MO Tammee Henson, Paducah, KY Patti Heuiser, Sikeston, MO James Alexander Hilliard, Huntingdon, TN Karen Elizabeth Hinds, Memphis, TN Dee Ann Holland, Memphis, TN Rhonda Jane Hollins, Shiloh, TN Melissa Milam Hopper, Jackson, TN Lisa Kaye Horton, Bells, TN Cassandra M. Howard, Henderson, TN Betsy A. Hubert, Bradford, TN Randy Huddleston, Memphis, TN Matthew Hudson, Jackson, TN Melsene Hudson, Toone, TN Roger Keith Hughey, Jackson, TN Donna Marie Hutchison, McKenzie, TN Karen Hutchison, Ripley, TN Randy Gene Inmon, Hayti, MO William E. Irvin, Humboldt, TN Deborah Lynn Isbell, Union City, TN Robert Deverr Jackson, Jr., Tupelo, MS Charles David Jaynes, Bells, TN Phyllis Charlese Johnson, Trenton, TN Leslie J. Jolly, Joseph, TN Brenda Kaye Jones, Jackson, TN Gregory Keith Jones, Guys, TN Lisa Carol Jones, Toone, TN Tina Lynn Jones, Mason, TN Woody Edward Jones, Lexington, TN Linda L. Kemp, Bolivar, TN Douglas A. Kendall, Memphis, TN Rhonda R. King, Sesser, IL Selena Michelle Knox, Memphis, TN Donald Reed Kwasigroh, Jr., Humboldt, TN Alison K. Langley, Ripley, TN Melinda A. Laughlin, Jackson, TN Scott Lavelle, Henning, TN Jana Kathryn Law, Memphis, TN Phil Lawrence, Nashville, TN Teresa Marie Lindsey, Jackson, TN Angie Little, Jackson, TN Dwight Lochridge, Dearborn Heights, MI Philip Scott Long, Jackson, TN Michael Lynn Lovelady, Town Creek, AL C ,v. ra 3 f ff ' f [ ; Julie Caryl Lylea, Paducah, KY Karen Parsell Madden, Dickson, TN Steve Maness, Milan, TN Darrell Maxwell, Millington, TN Dwayne Edward Mays, Ridgely, TN Robert McCarty, Memphis, TN Pamela A. McCormick, Memphis, TN Richard McCown, Jackson, TN George E. McCloud, III, Memphis, TN Lisa Anne McDaniel, Whiteville, TN Greg McFadden, Trenton, TN Joe David McGuire, Paris, TN Mary Annette McKee, Lexington, TN Robert E. McKenzie, Jr., Jackson, TN Deborah Ann McMican, Marion, KY Craig McNatt, Jackson, TN Brian Holland Meeks, Memphis, TN Barry Curtis Melton, Eva, TN David Doyle Miller, Waynesboro, TN Jay Moffitt, Lexington, TN Charles Stacey Montgomery, Jackson, TN Betsy Siler Murley, Henderson, TN Linda Myatt, Tullahoma, TN Sandra Nance, Bruceton, TN Jacqueline Nash, Greenbrier, TN Suzanne Nelms, Memphis, TN Teresa Ann Nelson, Milan, TN Lygia Nicar, Nashville, TN Delia S. Nichols, Bells, TN Michelle Marie Oakley, Piggott, AR Emily Elizabeth Oldham, Nashville, TN Oscar Clayton Owen, McKenzie, TN Gregory Stuart Overstreet, Paducah, KY ' Laura Luanne Palmer, Waverly, TN Mark Patey, Jackson, TN Cindy Pennington, Halls, TN Susan Joy Perrin, Murray, KY Cathy Pinkley, Humboldt, TN Elizabeth Ann Pinner, Covington, TN Julie Allison Pirtle, Paducah, KY David Porter, Trenton, TN Jon Barry Potts, Memphis, TN Brenda Lee Prince, McKenzie, TN Pamela Ann Prince, McKenzie, TN Robert A. Rainey, Jackson, TN Vann N. Raley, Kingsport, TN Johnny Earl Ramsey, Newbern, TN Catherine Marie Raper, Jackson, TN Molly Forsythe Ray, Jackson, TN Janice Marie Redding, Memphis, TN Janet Lynn Reid, Dyersburg, TN Jon Anthony Robertson, Memphis, TN Ava Jane Rogers, Reagan, TN Larry E. Runion, Ashville, NC Victoria Lynn Sadler, Washington, IL Darla Sellers Schanuel, Jackson, TN Maria Windoll Scheller, Jackson, TN Gregory Schools, Granby, CT Bethany C. Scott, Alexandria, VA Misty Lea Sellers, Jackson, TN Deborah Ann Sheehy, Lexington, TN Kenny E. Sheilley, Louisville, KY Lee S. Simmons, Jackson, TN Susan Sitton, Memphis, TN Carolyn Sisco, Memphis, TN David Skelton, Alamo, TN Anita L. Smith, Covington, TN Kelvin Wayne Smith, Henderson, KY Todd A. Smith, Paducah, KY Jackie C. Smothers, Ridgely, TN Rose Yvonne Snider, Dundas, IL Paul Dixon Sorrell, Brownsville, TN Vermelia A. Sowell, Clarksville, TN Nan Ellen Steele, Alamo, TN Mark Alan Stephens, Jackson, TN Angela K. Stephenson, Bells, TN Melba Fay Stephenson, Paris, TN Angela Stewart, Jackson, TN David Mac Stewart, Middleton, TN Lisa Diane Stewart, Middleton, TN Donna Strickland, Huntingdon, TN Anita Sue Sutton, Tupa Sp., Brazil Jeff Taylor, Memphis, TN Robert Taylor, Jackson, TN Patricia Joyce Tharp, Oakland, TN Carol Ann Thomas, Milan, TN Sophomores m frp ®FM Cheryl Ann Thomas, Jackson, TN Gloria Thomas, Memphis, TN .Joseph A. Thomason, Paragould, AR Benjamin Thompson, Camden, TN Mark E. Thompson, Jr., Paris, TN Tommie Powell Tidwell, Finley, TN Cherilyn G. Tilley, Jackson, TN Lori Ann Tims, Jackson, TN Marilyn F. Tisdal, Jackson, TN Tammy Joy Trexler, Memphis, TN Tymara Trimmer, Humboldt, TN Gregory Wade Tucker, Milan, TN Cynthia Ann Turnbo, Waynesboro, TN Donna J. Tuten, Bath Springs, TN Sherry Tyree, Trenton, TN Sandra Ann Underwood, Henderson, TN Lela K. Utley, Mineral Wells, TX Steven Dana Vaughan, Nashville, TN George David Walbright, Shelbyville, IL Mark E. Walker, West Frankfort, IL Kevin Wallace, Pontotoc, MS Wade Wallace, Brighton, TN Steven Wallis, Eads, TN Frances Denise Warford, Kevil, KY Avery Thomas Warner, Whiteville, TN Walter Gene Warren, Rives, TN John Diamond Watlington, Memphis, TN Scott Lewis Watson, Marrero, LA Lu Anne Webb, Ripley, TN Timothy Wayne Wheat, Sumter, SC Michelle Whitman, Brownsville, TN Cynthia Annette Williams, Jackson, TN James Micheal Williams, Memphis, TN Pamela C. Williams, Springville, TN Sheila Faye Willis, Nashville, TN Jennifer Wilson, Gleason, TN Kenneth Wilson, Memphis, TN Kimberly Lynn Wirt, Humboldt, TN Sandra Lee Wood, McLemoresville, TN George Allen Woodhouse, Jr., Corinth, MS Brian Allan Wooters, Dresden, TN JUNIORS Class Officers, left to right: Ann Stricklin, president; Tracy Garrett, treasurer; Kathy Mayo, vice president; Beth Heuiser, secretary. Jeffrey Lynn Adams, Jackson, TN Shauna Renea Adams, Jackson, TN David Bard Adkins, Dresden, TN Gene Alexander, McKenzie, TN Sandra Allen, Newbern, TN Dartha Jane Babcock, Milan, TN Steven B. Babcock, Milan, TN Keith Bain, Jackson, TN Janice Beard, Bolivar, TN Donna Sue Bell, Lobelville, TN J. Mark Berlin, Memphis, TN Jesse Blakemore, Brownsville, TN Susan Carol Boone, Trezevant, TN David Randal Brewer, Dyer, TN Phillip Brewer, Jackson, TN Robert H. Brown, Camden, SC Victor A. Buhler, Lebanon, TN Lee Michael Bullington, Jackson, TN Theresa Bullock, Memphis, TN James Keith Butler, Ramer, TN Alan Eugene Campbell, Millington, TN Karen Campbell, Greenfield, TN Kellv Campbell, Jackson, TN Stacy E. Campbell, Cleveland, TN Cynthia Jean Capps, Pinson, TN Kellye Carpenter, Memphis, TN Katrina Baker Carrington, Parsons, TN Linda Carter, Jackson, TN Lisa Carole Caudle, Greenfield, TN Vikki Chapman, Humboldt, TN Kelley Curtis Churchill, Caruthersville, MO John Steven Coke, Memphis, TN Tara Denise Cole, Humboldt, TN Sandra Lee Cope, Jackson, TN Ted Couch, Jackson, TN " r« C jTf ] mm M r? f © Roger Dale Criner, Jackson, TN Warren Clay Crook, Luray, TN Joy Lynne Crouse, Greenfield, TN Sheila Kay Cupples, Medon, TN John Andrew Dailey, Jackson, TN Roxie L, Denniston, Somerville, TN Thomas S. Diamond, Jackson, TN Sherri Dillingham, Cleveland, TN Jeffery Duane Dobbins, Millington, TN George Bryan Dodson, Memphis, TN Angela Elizabeth Dotson, Jackson, TN Dale Doyle, Milan, TN Richard Lynn Doyle, Bolivar, TN Mark A. Duggin, Memphis, TN Annette Augusta Edmonds, Big Stone Gap, VA Barbara Cheryl Edwards, Jackson, TN Carl A. Ellington, Bells, TN Dayna Leola Elliott, Mountain Grove, MO Sarah Ann Ervin, Harrisburg, IL Rhonda Espey, Jackson, TN Tracy Evans, Jackson, TN Paula Jayne Fesmire, Jackson, TN Mark C. Fields, Fulton, KY Judith Ann L. Fisher, Millington, TN Connie G. Foster, Bells, TN Christine Ann Fowler, Nassau, Bahamas Sandra Leigh Fowler, Metropolis, IL Lorraine Francis, Nassau, Bahamas Teresa Maxene French, Jackson, TN Tracy Alison Garrett, Huntingdon, TN , Sheila Gibbs, Jackson, TN S . c Elizabeth Howard Gibson, Humboldt, TN " v «• Robert Lynn Gibson, Toone, TN Ronnie Gaylon Giddens, Jr., Jackson, TN Kimberly Jo Gilmer, Mary Esther, FL Carol Ann Glendenning, Hollow Rock, TN Joanne Glover, Jackson, TN Cheryl Goodman, Jackson, TN Brenda Goodwill, Cleveland, TN Julie A. Gower, Southaven, MS Joseph D. Graves, Camden, TN Susan Graves, Dyersburg, TN Donna R. Greene, Humboldt, TN Barry Greenlee, Paris, TN Phyllis Ann Groom, Memphis, TN Tami J. Hamilton, Jackson, TN Crystal Rae Hankla, Pinckneyville, IL Sharon Yvonne Hardin, Lewisburg, TN David V. Harrison, Dyer, TN Vickie B. Harvey, Jackson, TN David Wayne Head, Jr., Jackson, TN Jimmy Stephen Helms, Scotts Hill, TN Alice E. Hendrix, Bolivar, TN Elizabeth Heuiser, Sike9ton, MO Donald L. Hickman, Halls, TN Terry Lynn Hill, Denmark, TN Robert Roy Hoehn, Waverly, TN Robert Leonard Holbrook, Jr., Milan, TN Kenny Lee Holt, Jackson, TN Randel B. Houston, Marion, IL Carole C. Howard, Covington, TN Susan Hughey, West Memphis, AR Annetta Cole Jackson, Jackson, TN Lisa L. Jackson, Memphis, TN Richard A. Jenkins, Memphis, TN Linda Arnette Johnson, Memphis, TN Mark A. Johnson, Jackson, TN Anthony Ray Jones, Marion, IL Dennis E. Jones, Jackson, TN Victor Martin Jones, Dyer, TN Douglas A. Kendall, Memphis, TN Jean Marie Coleman Kiley, Alamo, TN Marcia Lacy, Jackson, TN Sarah Nell Langford, Humboldt, TN Barry N. Littlefield, Jackson, TN fl£ Juniors Martin Dariua Larson, Decaturville, TN Bub Layman, Jackson, TN Randy (lien Leach, Kennett, MO Valerie Lynn Leach, Bradford, TN Mary Lewelling, Memphis, TN Ruth Lincoln, Hernando, MS Cindy Loftiss, Hernando, MS Fae McRae Long, Jackson, TN Mark W. Mangrum, Fairview, TN Mary Don Martin, Pauls Valley, OK Judy G. Marvel, Trumann, AR Kirby Matheney, Jackson, TN Kathy Mayo, Wynnburg, TN Audrey Suzan McDonald, Paducah, KY Sheila Lynne McKnight, Dyer, TN Glenda B. McMahan, Lexington, TN Angela Joye McPeake, Pocomoke, MD Anthony Ray Michael, Greenfield, TN Beverlyann Milam, Jackson, MI John Richard Miller, Brownsville, TN Mark R. Miller, Lexington, TN Scottie Mitchell, Jackson, TN Rhonda K. Moody, Lobelville, TN Sheryl E. Moore, Benton, IL Stephen B. Moore, Jackson, TN Carol Ann Morris, Claiksville, TN Denise Lynn Nanney, Germantown, TN Dianne Neely, Bolivar, TN Ralph Phillip Nelson, Jr., Bells, TN Steve Patterson, Jackson, TN Janet Carol Pearson, Humboldt, TN Jan Phillips, Sardis, TN Thomas Ashley Pinner, Covington, TN Gary Keith Potter, Covington, TN Kathy Jean Pride. Dyersburg, TN Charla I. Ramey, Trenton, TN John G. Raynor, Madison, TN LeeAnn Redmond, Nashville, TN Nancy Carol Reid, Brownsville, TN David Reynolds, Dresden, TN Garnet Max Roach, Jr., Memphis, TN Vernon Joe Rutherford, Bartlett, TN Stephanie Elaine Sadler, Humboldt, TN Ed Sanford, Humboldt, TN Anna D. Scarbrough, Humboldt, TN David Joseph Schanuel, Jackson, TN Charles Bret Scott, Collierville, TN Jesse Keith Scott, Jackson, TN Mary Helen Scott, Jackson, TN Mary Marie Scott, Jackson, TN Stephanie Anne Scott, Medon, TN Joyce Sedberry, Henderson, TN Janet Lynn Shankle, Trenton, TN Robert Louis Sharp, Vero Beach, FL Wanda D. Shirey, Hayti, MO Jeffrey Russell Simpson, Savannah, TN Rita Adair Simpson, Brownsville, TN Jeannie Sims, Humboldt, TN Jack W. Sinclair, Brownsville, TN Mary Elizabeth Smith, Jackson, TN Ronnie Smith, Jackson, TN Terry Glenn Smith, Ravenden Springs, AR Christi Sparkman, Trenton, TN Marshall D. Sparkman, Trenton, TN Kenneth Franklin Spray, Covington, TN Thomas Ray Stanley, Memphis, TN Lois Starkey, Carrier Mills, IL ' % 4 $z « ffi,S Janet A. Starnes, Arlington, TN Fonda Gay Steed, Jackson, TN Jeffrey Wayne Stephens, Jackson, TN Teresa Stewart, Atwood, TN Ann Stricklin, Humboldt, TN L. Thomas Strong, III, Linden, TN Gail Louise Sturdivant, Medo Sue Taylor, Milan, TN Steve Thorton, Memphis, TN Kenneth Tillman, Decaturville, TN Jeanie Troutman, Ellendale, TN Katherine S. Turner, Bruceton, TN Peggy Victory, Union City, TN Mike Wakefield, Cabool, MO Leesa Carol Walker, Dyersburg, TN Tina M. Walker, Buena Vista, TN Melissa Ward, Alamo, TN Kelly Weaver, Jackson, TN Leigh Ann White, Manilla, AR David Clayton Whitt, Waynesboro, TN Tracy Wilkins, Antioch, TN Brenda L. Williams, Paragould, AR Rex Williams, III, Alamo, TN Wade Avery Willis, Goodlettsville, TN Marta Wilson, Lexington, TN Pamela A. Wilson, Hamilton, OH Suzanne Marie Wilson, Goodlettsville, TN Kim Martin Wolfe, Savannah, TN Deborah Wooley, Eads, TN Robert P. Wyatt, Brownsville, TN Michele A. Young, Jackson, TN SENIORS Class Officers, left to right: Jerry Duffey, treasurer; Cindy Simpson secretary; Cherie Craig, vice president; Leland Parks, president. Judv Acred, Jackson, TN Billy Kirk Alexander, Savannah, TN Rodney Alexander, Dyer, TN Wayne Richard Alexander, Havti, MO Dean Armour, Paris, TN Sharon Ashbv, Lauderdale Lakes, FL Carol Ann Ashe, Selmer, TN Benjamin F. Avent, Jr., Toone, TN David Bain, Gates, TN Laurie Moling Baker, Jackson, TN Michael Lee Balos, Grand Chain, IL Lori Lynne Bane, Lebanon, TN John David Barham, Jackson, TN Mark Alfred Barker, Trenton, TN Lori Faye Barnes, Medina, TN Lisa Lynne Barron, Lexington, TN John Lawrence Bass, Whiteville, TN Anita W. Beaty, Dixon, KY Valerie Suzanne Belew, Fayetteville, TN Betty Bennett, Milan, TN Thomas Eli Bessent, Jr., Friendship, TN Harry L. Birlew, Kenton, TN Angela Renee Bivens, Beech Bluff, TN Rebecca Gayle Blankenship, Humboldt, TN Joe Phillip Boaz, Parsons, TN Russell Lee Boggs, Knoxville, TN Kathryn Dianne Borren, Nashville, TN Penny Leann Braden, Memphis, TN Robert Mark Branson, Jackson, TN Gregory Allen Breeden, Whiteville, TN Karen Brewer, Milan, TN Tim D. Britt, Scotts Hill, TN Mary Brown, Memphis, TN Elizabeth Buntin, Jackson, TN ;ie Lynn Burlison, Burlison, TN Carole Burns, Memphis, TN Nancy Byrd, Murfreesboro, TN Jenna Newbill Cagle, Jackson, TN Patricia Rea Cagle, Jackson, TN Ronald Stephen Carlsen, Jackson, TN Charles Robert Carothers, Jackson, TN Jerry Neal Chatham, Jr., Trezevant, TN Gloria Denice Clark, Goodlettsville, TN S. Kay Cockroft, Memphis, TN Mark Dewayne Conder, Humboldt, TN Cherie Craig, Humboldt, TN Susan Crocker, Lexington, KY Retta K. Crosson, Jackson, TN Billie Jean Crowder, Henderson, KY Bonnie Faye Crunk, Savannah, TN Dennis L. Davis, Jackson, TN Paula Ann Davis, Union City, TN R. Alan Davia, Memphis, TN Dana Castellaw Dillon, Gadsden, TN Paulettee Donald, Medina, TN David Dorris, Covington, TN Diane Douglass, Jackson, TN Dale Doyle, Milan, TN Robert Lee Doyle, Jackson, TN Jeffrey Drum, Jackson, MO Jimmy G. Garrett, Bolivar, TN Melody Geske, Parsons, TN Mary Alice Gibson, Parsons, TN Tina Graves, Milan, TN David Gregory, Pontotoc, MS Rita Gail Growe, Jackson, TN David E. Haddad, Munford, TN Ronnie F. Hale, Jackson, TN Sarah Beth Hale, Camden, TN William Stephen Hale, Jackson, TN Terri Lynn Harrington, Jackson, TN Amelia Harris Harris, Jackson, TN Donna Harris, Humboldt, TN Anne Kathleen Hartley, Jackson, TN Lester Harvey, Jackson, TN Lawrence P. Hawkins, Friendship, TN Teresa Hayes, Jackson, TN Doretha Hennings, Jackson, TN Camille Hill, Medon, TN Adrianne Leigh Hodges, Jackson, TN Tamela Sue Hopkins, Portageville, MO Lea House, Newbern, TN Sandra Lynn Huggins, Arlington, TN Donna Quay Humphreys, Humboldt, TN Valerie L. Hunter, Parkburg, TN Ricky Isbell, Trimble, TN Tena Renay James, Union City, TN Kathy Jett, Milan, TN Jetta Ann Jimerson, Paris, TN Angelina Irene Johnson, Winchester, TN Jone E. Johnson, Jackson, TN Marilyn Johnson, Humboldt, TN Phillip Sidney Johnson, Lexington, TN Rick Johnson, Cissna Park, IL Robert Eugene Johnson, Jackson, TN Janalyn Jones, Dyersburg, TN Susan Dawn Jones, Camden, TN David Michael Joyner, Brownsville, TN Torrie Ann Keeling, Paducah, KY Seniors ' V Kenneth Allen Kinard, Jackson, TN Dearled D. King, Pinson, TN Melissa King, Huntingdon, TN Mark M. LaGrone, Memphis, TN Kim Lampkins, Gleason, TN .John Larrison, Karnak, IL William Ronald Lashley, Jackson, TN Donna Clare Lawler, Trenton, TN Virginia Carol Laws, Jackson, TN Linda A. Lay, Jackson, TN Troy Leach, Bradford, TN Rita Ledsinger, Snellville, GA Carlton L. Leggett, Jackson, TN Donna Rasberry Lewis, Trenton, TN Laura E. Fuller Lewis, Darden, TN Rhonda K. Lindsey, Trenton, TN Charlotte G. Livingstone, Nashville, TN Kenneth W. Madden, Jr., Dickson, TN Robert Nnaji Madu, Enugu, Nigeria Kerry Wayne Maronay, Wardell, MO Cynthia A. Maroney, Jackson, TN Judy Smith Martin, Greenfield, TN Stevan Randall Martin, Jackson, TN Steven W. Martin, Metropolis, IL Teresa Ann Mason, Humboldt, TN Chris Maxwell, Jackson, TN Gregory Lee Mayo, Jackson, TN Suzanne McCarty, Memphis, TN Stuart Keith McClain, Newbern, TN Rhonda McCoy, Tiplersville, MS William H. McMican, Marion, KY Doug Medlin, Dyersburg , TN Janet Lynn Melsa, Jackson, TN Pamela Gail Moody, McEwen, TN Yvonne H. Moody, Jackson, TN Gary Wayne Morgan, Millington, TN Rickie J. Morgan, Dyersburg, TN Virginia Elaine Morgan, Jackson, TN Eddie Kirk Morris, Savannah, TN Joyce Morris, Milan, TN Tanna Sue Morris, Gallatin, TN Victor Lewis Morrison, Milan, TN James Allan Mosier, Jackson, TN Linda Marie Myers, Henry, TN Paulette Neely, Jackson, TN Debbie Newman, Jackson, TN Teresa S. Nichols, Jackson, TN Belinda Gale O ' Brien, Jackson, TN Dana R. Owen, McKenzie, TN Gwendolyn M. Pace, Collierville, TN Judy Pafford, Jackson, TN Tammy Lynn Page, Oakwood, IL Bernice Parks, Humboldt, TN Leland Parks, Shelbyville, TN Kevin Sheppard Parsons, Dyersburg, TN Sandra Pate, Jackson, TN Ann Pepper, Stanton, TN Seniors Leo Raines Percer, Millington, TN Roy Nile Phillips, ,Iack9on, TN Ann Pollard, Winter Park, FL Joy Potter, Milan, TN E. Scott Powers, Selmer, TN Sandra Gay Pratt, Jackson, TN Susan Pylant, Memphis, TN Judith Ann Pyron, Brownsville, TN Andrea Marie Rasberry, Newbern, TN Sherri Reid, Milan, TN Denise Rickman, Scotts Hill, TN Perry Wesley Ridenhour, Cooleemee, NC David John Roberts, Paris, TN Betty Ann Roe, Jackson, TN Donna Lynn Rogers, Mason, TN Lu Ann Ross, Jackson, TN Floyd A. Rowe, Columbus, GA Jimmy Lynn Rowland, Wickliffe, KY David R. Rudd, Jackson, TN Charles J. Ryals, Jr., Joiner, AR Pamela Matilda Ryan, Memphis, TN Keith Sanderson, Henderson, TN Michael Fredrick Sausedo, N. Belmont, NC Mark Evan Scott, Jackson, TN Jame9 Lee Seay, Memphis, TN B. Jane Senter, Jackson, TN Cynthia Elaine Simpson, Memphis, TN Candace Melissa Sims, Jackson, TN Alan Ray Smith, Memphis, TN Elmer Smith, Scottsburg, IN Emily Joyner Smith, Jackson, TN Margaret Smith, Germantown, TN Mary Janice Smith, Covington, TN Paul Stanley Smith, Henderson, TN Roger Allen Smith, Henderson, KY Norma Stafford, Greenfield, TN Charles Burton Staples, Jackson, TN Mark Alan Stephens, Jackson, TN Barbara J. Stone, Jackson, TN Jane Ann Sullivan, Macon, TN Teresa A. Sullivan, Fairview, TN Stephanie A. Swearingen, Dresden, TN Terry Lynn Swindell, Bradford, TN Donna L. Tatum, Memphis, TN Mary J. Taylor, Brownsville, TN Michael John Taylor, Jackson, TN Tina Taylor, Paragould, AR Michael Bruce Thetford, Alcoa, TN Sylvia Theus, Jackson, TN Steven Michael Thomas, Memphis, TN Robert Vaughn, Jackson, TN Gene Tate Vincent, Millington, TN Delbert Conyer Walker, Alamo, TN Joyce Walker, Satillo, TN Margaret Lynn Walker, Memphis, TN Susan Tacker Wallace, Darden, TN Carol Lynn Walls, Trenton, TN Lynda Darlene Walters, Vicksburg, MS Fred J. Ward, Jackson, TN Melinda Frances Ward, Parsons, TN Shirley L. Warner, Whiteville, TN Mary Watt, Lexington, TN Elizabeth Ann Weglicki, Paducah, KY Jimmy Welch, Jackson, TN Tammy White, Dyersburg, TN Gayle Williams, Eads, TN Lisa Marie Williams, Eads, TN Deirdre Michelle Wilson, Ripley, TN Mark Wright, Asheville, NC Michael Lee Yates, Memphis, TN Associate of Science in Nursing Graduates f- f Elanu Adams, Cookeville, TN Melva Akin, Medina, TN John Alexander, Jackson, TN Cary M. Baker, Jackson, TN Cheri Bowman, Lexington, TN Barbara Bryant, Jackson, TN Joseph Carter, Evansville, IN Ramona Carter, Medina, TN Karen Lee Conley, Alamo, TN Melinda Day, Jackson, TN Karen R. Deal, Dyersburg, TN Janet Delrosa, Jackson, TN Elaine Douglas, Milan, TN Helen G. Fall, Parsons, TN Donna Ginn, Cordova, TN Jennifer Gordon, Pinson, TN Angela Griffin, Bolivar, TN Anne Griffin, Whiteville, TN Tina Jane Griggs, Kenton, TN Mary Ann Harden, Jackson, TN Cheryl Harper, Jackson, TN Patsy Heidelberg, Jackson, TN Donna Hutchins, Jackson, TN Cynthia A. Jones, Reagan, TN Sondra G. Kee, Bruceton, TN Serena Ann Kemp, Huron, TN Patsy King, Medon, TN Betty J. Leathers, Toone, TN Janet Lewis, Bruceton, TN Johnnie Logan, Jackson, TN Karen McClendon, Jackson, TN Regina McCroskey, Jackson, TN Paula Morris, Jackson, TN Lynn Nichols, Humboldt, TN Nena Patton, Jackson, TN Christine Rednour, Jackson, TN Elizabeth Reynolds, Milan, TN Lori Roberts, Greenbrier, TN Emily Russell, Jackson, TN Lavonda Russell, Lexington, TN Linda Sain, Bolivar, TN Melinda Sargent, Bartlett, TN Elizabeth Sawyer, Savannah, TN Marilyn Scott, Jackson, TN Theresa Sellars, Memphis, TN Marilyn Sewell, Jackson, TN Sheila Stegall, Jackson, TN Cathy Thornton, Brownsv., TN Linda Toy, Jackson, TN Lesa Wade, Henderson, TN Robert C. Wall, Memphis, TN Rose Walters, Jackson, TN Debbie Warren, Brownsv., TN Cathy Wenstrup, Jackson, TN Kathy Weston, Jackson, TN Mary A. Whitman, Jackson, TN Vernia Whitman, Brownsv., TN Class Officers, left to right: Patsy Heidelberg, vice president; Joseph Carter, president; Rose Walters, senator. Senior Index Sigma Tau Delta, 4; S.G.A., Senator, 3; Torch, 4. BENNETT, BETTY M. . . . B.S., Elementary Education; S.T.E.A., 1,2. ACRED, JUDY CLAIRE . . . B.S., Elementary Education; National Dean ' s List. ALEXANDER, BILLY KIRK . . . B.S., Business Administration; Minors, Management and Marketing; B.S.U., 3,4; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4. ARMOUR, MICHAEL DEAN . . . B.A., Music; Minor, History; B.S.U.; Chorus; C.R.V.; History Club; Phi Mu Alpha, Executive Alumni Secretary 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge President 4; Symphonic Band; U.U. Singers. ASHE, CAROL ANN . . . B.S., Psychology and Social Sciences; Minor, Secondary Education; B.S.U., 3,4; B.Y.W., 3,4; Chorus, 4; C.R.V., 3,4; Psychology Club, 3,4; Sociology Club, 4. AUSTIN, PAM B. . . . B.S., Nursing. AUSTIN, PEGGY JO . . . B.S., Business Administration; Minor, Accounting. AVENT, BENJAMIN F. . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor, Sociology. B BAIN, DAVID NEAL . . . B.S., Computer Science; Minor, Math; U.U. Dean ' s List, 2. BAKER, LAURIE MOLING . . . B.S., Biology; Minor, Chemistry; Honors, 1,2,3; National Dean ' s List, 1,2; Phi Beta Chi, 2,3,4; Science Club, 1,2,3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1,2. BALOS, MICHAEL LEE . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Speech; B.S.U., 2,3,4; Chorus, 2,3; C.R.V., 2,3,4; S.G.A., Senator, 4. BANE, LORI LYNNE . . . B.S., Nursing. BARHAM, JOHN DAVID . . . B.S., Computer Science and Math; A.C.M., 3,4: President 4; Alpha Chi, 4; Bylaws Committee, 4; Classroom and Office Expansion Committee, 3; Curriculum Committee, 3,4; Interfraternity Council, 3,4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2,3,4; President 4; Lambda Chi Alpha, 1,2,3,4: Senator 1, Secretary-Treasurer, Alumni Correspondent, Scholarship Chairman, Senator 2, President 3, Ritualist 4; Prexy Club, 3,4; Who ' s Who. BARRON, LISA LYNNE . . . B.M., Music Education; Minor, Music Theory; Alpha Chi, 2; Chorus, 3; C.R.V., 3; National Dean ' s List, 2; Sigma Alpha Iota, 1; U.U. Dean ' s List, 3. BASS, JOHN LAWRENCE . . . B.A., History; Minor, Political Science and French; French Club, 1; History Club, 1,2,3,4: Reporter 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Linguae Mundi, 2; Phi Alpha Theta, 3,4: Secretary 3, President 4; Pi Gamma Mu, 3,4: Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Taylor Pre-legal Society, 2,3,4: Publicity Committee 3, Secretary 4. BEATY, ANITA WOMACK Finance. B.A., Accounting; Minors, Economics and BELEW, VALERIE SUZANNE . . . B.A., English Journalism; Minor, Speech; B.S.U., 2,3,4: Summer Missions Chairman 4; Campus Favorite, 3; Cardinal Cream, 2,3,4; Chi Omega, 2,3,4: Personnel Officer 4; Chorus, 1; Class Officer, Vice-President, 3; C.R.V., 4; Drama Productions: The Importance of Being Earnest; Footlights, 3,4; Homecoming Court, 3; Honors, 2,3,4: President 3; Miss U.U. Pageant Contestant, 3; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Sister, 2,3,4; BESSENT, JR., THOMAS ELI ... B.A., Religion, Psychology, and Social Work; Minor, History; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4; History Club, 3; Ministerial Association, 1,2,3,4: Program Chairman 3, President 4; Psychology Club, 3,4: Vice-President 4; Sociology Club, 4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 4. BIRLEW, HARRY L. . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, History; C.R.V. BIVENS, ANGELA RENEE . . . B.A., Psychology and Sociology; Cardinal Cream, 2; Linguae Mundi, 3; Pi Gamma Mu, 3,4: Secretary 4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 2,3. BOAZ, JOE PHILLIP . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor, Computer Science. BOGGS, RUSSELL LEE . . . B.M., Sacred Music; Minor, Music Theory; Chorus, 3,4; U.U. Singers, 3. BORDEN, JR., JOHN R. . . . B.S., Nursing, Lamplighters, 1,2. BORREN, KATHRYN DIANNE . . . B.S., Nursing. BRADEN, PENNY L. . . . B.S., Biology; Minor, Chemistry; Alpha Chi, 3,4; Cardinal Cream, 1; Chorus, 2; CRC - Freshman Chemistry Award; Lest We Forget, 2; National Dean ' s List, 1,2,3; Phi Beta Chi, 2,3,4: President 4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1,2,3. BRANSON, ROBERT MARK . . . B.M., Sacred Music; Minor, Music Theory; Chorus, 1,2,3,4; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4; Operas: Pirates of Penzance and H.M.S. Pinafore; Phi Mu Alpha, 3,4: Secretary 4; Proclamation, 2,3,4; Symphonic Band, 1,2; Stage Band, 1; U.U. Singers, 1,2,3,4. BREEDEN, GREGORY ALLEN . . . B.S., Business; Minor, Physical Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 2,3,4. BREWER, KAREN DENISE . . . B.S., Social Work; Minor, Sociology; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; Chorus, 1,2,3. BRITT, TIM D. . . . B.S., Math and Computer Science; Alpha Chi, 3,4; A.C.M., 3,4: Vice-President 4; CRC Freshman Chemistry Award: Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3,4: Reporter 4; National Dean ' s List, 1,2,3; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1,2,3. BROWN, MARY A. . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Black Christian Fellowship, 3,4; S.T.E.A., 3,4. BUNTIN, ELIZABETH ANN . . . B.A., English Journalism; Minor, Speech; Alpha Chi, 4; Cardinal Cream, 2; Chi Omega, 1,2,3,4: Historian 1, Lodge Manager 2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Chorus, 1; Drama Productions: Wait Until Dark, Antigone, Two By Two; Footlights, 3,4; Homecoming Committee, 3; Honors, 1,2,3,4: Director of " Octoberfest " 3, Thesis 4; Honors Student of the Year; Internship WDXI Radio, 3; Lyceum Committee, 3; National Dean ' s List, 1,2,3; Prexy Club, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 2,3,4: Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Stage Band, Vocalist, 2; Torch, 1; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1,2,3. BURLISON, MELANIE LYNN . . . B.S., Management and Marketing; Minor, Accounting; B.S.U., 3,4; B.Y.W., 3,4; Chorus, 4; National Dean ' s List, 1; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1. BURNS, CAROLE ANN . . . B.M., Sacred Music and Piano; Minor, Music Theory; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; Chorus, 1,2,3,4; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4; Opera: H.M.S. Pinafore, 3; Sigma Alpha Iota, 3,4; Stage Band, Pianist, 4; U.U. Singers, 2,3,4. Journalism; Alpha Psi Omega 3,4: President 4; Art Guild; Cardinal Cream, 3,4; Chorus, 1,2,3; Footlights, 3,4; Lest We Forget, 3. CRAIG, CHERIE LYNNE . . . B.A., English Journalism; Minor, Speech; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; Cardinal Cream, 2,3; Chorus, 1,2; Chi Omega, 2,3,4: Social Chairman 4; Class Officer, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; Dorm Council: Secretary 3; Footlights, 3,4; Lest We Forget, 3,4; Linguae Mundi, 1,2; Resident Life Board, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 2,3,4. CR1NKR, ROGER I). B.A., Religion; Minor, Speech; C.R.V., 1,2,3. D C DAVIS, PAULA ANN . . . B.S., Economics and Finance; Minor, Music; Chi Omega, 2,3,4: Treasurer 4; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Sister, 3,4; Sigma Alpha Iota, 2,3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 3; U.U. Singers, 2,3,4. DEFUR, BARBARA VAWTER . . . B.S., Nursing; Lamplighters, 1,2. DOUGLASS, LISA DIANE . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Minor, Special Education; Alpha Chi, 3,4; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; Chi Omega, 1,2,3,4; Class Officer, Secretary, 2,3; National Dean ' s List, 2,3,4; Prexy Club, 4; Scholastic Scholarships: ACT and Scholastic Achievement; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Sister, 3,4: Secretary Treasurer 4; Student Affairs Committee, 4; S.G.A., President 4; S.T.E.A., 2,3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 2,3,4. DONALD, PAULETTE DIANE . . . B.S., Business Administration; Minor, Economics; B.Y.W., 3; Black Christian Fellowship, 2,3,4; Chorus, 2; International Club, 1; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 3. DORRIS, DAVID W. . . . B.S., Sociology; Minor, Religion; B.S.U., 4; Chorus 1,2,4; C.R.V., 4; Dorm Council, President 3; Sociology Club, 4. DOYLE, MURRAY DALE . . . B.A., Psychology; Mino r, Sociology; Psychology Club; Sociology Club. CAGLE, JENNA S. NEWBILL . . . B.A., Art; Minor, English; Art Guild, 1,2,3,4: Treasurer 2, Secretary 3; B.S.U., 1,2; B.Y.W., 2; Cardinal Cream, Illustrator, 2; Chorus, 1; Kappa Pi, 1,2,3: Secretary 2; Linguae Mundi, 1; National Dean ' s List, 1; S.G.A., Senator, 1,2; Sigma Tau Delta, 4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1; Who ' s Who; Winner of " Best of Show " in Annual Art Show in 1980. CAROTHERS, CHARLES ROBERT . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Sociology; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4; F.C.A., 1; Ministerial Association, 1,2,3,4; Outstanding Young Man of America 1981; Sociology Club, 1; S.G.A., Senator, 1; U.U. Cheerleader, 4. CARRINGTON, KATRINA NELL ... B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1,2,3. CHATHAM, JERRY NEAL . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Business Administration; Alpha Chi, 4; B.S.U., 2,3,4; C.R.V., 2,3,4; F.C.A., 2,4; Ministerial Association, 2; U.U. Dean ' s List, 2. DUFFEY, JERRY WAYNE . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Church Recreation; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4: Puppet team 2; Class Officer, Treasurer, 1,2,4; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4; F.C.A.; Summer Missionary, 1,2,3; Tennis team 3,4. DUGGIN, MARK ALAN . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Church Recreation; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; Chorus, 4; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4; Lambda Chi Alpha, 1,3; Ministerial Association, 1,2,3,4. E ENGLAND, REBECCA LEE . . . B.M., Piano Performance; Minor, Music Theory; Alpha Chi 3,4: Vice-President 3, President 4; Ben West Scholarship, 3; Chorus, 1; Honors, 1; Lyceum Committee, 3; National Dean ' s List, 2,3,4; Operetta accompanist, 1,2,3; Symphonic Band, 2,3,4: Section Leader 4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 2,3,4. CLARK, GLORIA DENICE . . . B.M., Music Education; Minor, Secondary Education; Alpha Chi, 3,4,5: Representative 4; Chorus, 3,4,5; Covenant, 3,4; Opera: H.M.S. Pinafore, 4; National Dean ' s List, 3,4,5; Sigma Alpha Iota, 3,4,5: Correspondent Secretary 5; U.U. Dean ' s List, 3,4,5; U.U. Singers, 3,4,5; Who ' s Who Among American Junior Colleges in 1979; Who ' s Who. COCKROFT, SUSAN KAY . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Art Guild, 1; B.S.U., 1; Chi Omega, 1,2,3,4: Officer 4; Chorus, 1; Class Officer, Treasurer, 3; Dorm Council, Secretary 2; Linguae Mundi, 2; Panhellenic Treasurer, 4; S.G.A., 2,3; S.T.E.A., 4. F FIELDS, MARK CALDWELL Ministerial Association, 4. B.A., Religion; B.S.U., 4; C.R.V., 4; FLOWERS, CAROL SUE . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Minor, Church Recreation; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; B.Y.W., 3,4; C.R.V., 3,4. CONDER, MARK D. B.S., Business Administration; Minor, FOSTER, CONNIE G. . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor, Management Marketing. FRECH, NORMAN RONALD . . . B.S., Mathematics; Minor, Secondary Education; U.U. Dean ' s List, 3.4. G GARRETT, JIMMY GLENN . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Sociology; B.S.U., 1,2,3; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4. GIBSON, MARY ALICE . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Minor, Kindergarten Endorsement; B.S.U., 3,4; B.Y.W., 3,4; Lest We Forget, 3,4; S.T.E.A., 3,4. GREGORY, DAVID WAYNE . . . B.S., Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; Minor, Secondary Education; Alpha Tau Omega, 1,2,3,4; Baseball team, 1,2,3; F.C.A., 4; P.E. Club, 3,4. GROWE, RITA GAIL . . . B.S., Elementary Education; S.T.E.A., 4. H HADDAD, DAVID E. . . . B.S., Business Administration; Minor, Physical Education; Golf team. HALE, RON F. . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Sociology; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4; Ministerial Association, 2,4. HALE, WILLIAM S. . . . B.S., Psychology, Minor, Secondary Education; Chorus, 4; C.R.V., 3,4; Psychology Club, 3.4. HARVEY, LESTER . . . B.S., Health and Physical Education; Minor, Secondary Education; Black Christian Fellowship, 4; History Club, 4; P.E. Club, 3,4: President 4; S.T.E.A., 4. HENNINGS, DORETHA . . . B.S., Accounting; Minors, Art and Economics; Art Guild, 3,4; Kappa Pi, 4; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4. HILL, CAMILLE . . . B.S., Social Work; Minor, Psychology. HOPKINS, TAMELA SUE . . . B.M., Music Education; Chorus, 1,2,3,4. 4; C.R.V., 1,2; Pi Gamma Mu, 3,4; Psychology Club, 2,3,4: Secretary-Treasurer 3,4; Sociology Club, 2,3,4: Secretary-Treasurer 4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 2,3,4; Who ' s Who. JOHNSON, MARILYN . . . B.S., Health and Physical Education; Minor, Secondary Education; Basketball team, 1,2; Black Christian Fellowship, 3,4; P.E. Club. JOHNSON, MARK AUSTIN . . . B.S., Business Administration, Health and Physical Education; Alpha Tau Omega, 1,2,3,4: Treasurer 3, President 4; Baseball team 1,2,3,4; F.C.A., 3,4; Prexy Club, 4. JOHNSON, ROBERT E. . . . B.A., Religion and Psychology; C.R.V., 1,2,3.4; Ministerial Association, 1,2; Psychology Club, 2,3,4. JOYNER, DAVID MICHAEL . . . B.M., Sacred Music; Minor, Music Theory; Chorus 3,4; C.R.V., 3,4; Ministerial Association, 3,4; Proclamation, 3,4; U.U. Singers, 3,4: Chaplain 4. K KEELING, TORRIE ANN . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Minor. Kindergarten - Third Grade Endorsement; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; B.Y.W., 1,2,3,4: Social Chairman 4; Chorus, 1,2; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4; Student Summer Missions, 3; S.T.E.A., 4. HOUSE, LEA . . . B.A., Elementary Education; Minors, Kindergarten Endorsement and Library Science Endorsement; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4: Council 3; B.Y.W., 1,2,3,4: President 3; Chorus, 2,3; C.R.V., 2,3,4; Linguae Mundi, 1.2: Senator 1; S.T.E.A., 3,4. HUGGINS, SANDRA LYNN . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Tau Omega, Little Sister, 2,3,4: Social Chairman 3, President 4; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; S.T.E.A., 4. HUNTER, VALERIE L. . . . B.A., Elementary Education; Chi Omega, 1,2,3,4; Chorus, 1; Lest We Forget, 3; Linguae Mundi, 1,2; S.T.E.A., 3,4: Secretary 3. JAMES, TENA RENAY . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Minor, Business Education; B.S.U., 1; Chi Omega, 1,2,3,4; Chorus, 1; Dorm Council, 1,2,3; Linguae Mundi, 2; S.G.A., 2; S.T.E.A., 4. JOHNSON, ANGELINA IRENE . . . B.A., Art; Minor, Secondary Education; Art Guild, 3,4: Vice-President 4; B.S.U., 3,4; B.Y.W., 3,4; Dorm Council, Vice-President 4; Kappa Pi, Treasurer 4. JOHNSON, JONE ELLEN . . . B.S., Psychology and Social Work; Alpha Chi, LAGRONE, MARK MONTGOMERY . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Business Administration; B.S.U., 4; C.R.V., 2,3,4; Linguae Mundi, 3. LAMPKINS, PATRICIA KIM . . . B.S., Health and Physical Education; Minor, Secondary Education; Basketball team, 1,2,3,4: All-VSAC Tournament Team 1, Most Steals, All-West State Tournament Team 2, Captain 4; Panhellenic Council, 3,4: Vice-President 3, President 4; Prexy Club, 4; Tennis team, 3; Zeta Tau Alpha, 1,2,3,4. LAY, LINDA ALICE . . . B.S., Elementary Education; S.T.E.A., 4. LEDSINGER, RITA JO . . . B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; B.Y.W., 1,2: Publicity Chairman 2; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4. LEGGETT, CARLTON LEE . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor. Economics. LEWIS, DONNA LEANN . . . B.A., History; Minor, Secondary Education; History Club, 2,3,4: Secretary 4; Phi Alpha Theta, 3,4; S.T.E.A., 2,3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 2,3,4. LINDSEY, RHONDA KAY . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Minor, Special Education; B.S.U., 1,2,3; B.Y.W., 1; Chorus, 1,2,4; S.T.E.A., 3. LIVINGSTONE, CHARLOTTE G. . . . B.M., Sacred Music and Voice; Minor, Music Theory; Alpha Chi, 3,4: Treasurer 3; Chorus, 3,4; C.R.V., 3,4; Opera: H.M.S. Pinafore, 3; Sigma Alpha Iota, 2; U.U. Dean ' 9 List, 3; U.U. Singers, 3. M MADDEN, JR., KENNETH WAYNE . . . B.A., Religion and Greek; Minor, Psychology; Chorus, 2; C.R.V., 2,3,4; Psychology Club, 4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 2; U.U. Singers, 2; Who ' s Who. MADU, ROBERT NNAJI . . . B.S., Management and Marketing; Minor, Finance; B.S.U., 1,2,3; International Club, 1,2,3; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 2. MANNING, SHARON ANN . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Minor, Kindergarten Endorsement and Psychology; B.S.U., 3,4; B.Y.W., 4; Class Officer, Treasurer, 3; Dorm Council, Vice-President 3; S.T.E.A., 3,4; Zeta Tau Alpha, 2,3: Assistant Pledge Trainer and Big Little Chairman 3. MARONEY, CYNTHIA ANN . . . B.S., Elementary Education. MAXWELL, CECIL CHRISTOPHER . . . B.S., Marketing and Management; Minor, Economics; F.C.A.; Interfraternity Council, Representative, 1; Intramural Athlete of the Year 1981; National Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Lambda; Prexy Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden, Little Sister Representative, President; S.G.A., Senator, 1; Taylor Pre-legal Society, 2,3,4; Tennis team, 1,2,3,4: All Conference, Captain, Most Valuable Player; U Club 1,2,3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. McCALEB, CATHY GAIL . . . B.S., Management and Marketing; Minor, Psychology; Psychology Club, 4. McCARTY, SUZANNE . . . B.S., English; Minors, Spanish and Secondary Education; Alpha Psi Omega, 4; B.S.U., 1,2; Council, Senator 2; Cardinal Cream, 3; Drama Productions: Brave Little Tailor 2, The Importance of Being Earnest, Androcles and the Lion 3; Footlights, 2,3,4; Linguae Mundi, 4; Phi Sigma Iota, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 4; S.T.E.A., 4; U.U. Dean ' s List. Accounting; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4: Charter President 3, President 4; Prexy Club, 3,4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 3,4; Taylor Pre-legal Society, 3,4. MOODY, PAMELA GAIL . . . B.S., Elementary Education; B.S.U., 1,2,3; Chorus, 3; Intramurals, 1,2,3; National Dean ' s List, 1; S.T.E.A., 3; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1. MORGAN, GARY WAYNE . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Church Recreation; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; Cross Country team 3,4; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4; F.C.A., 2,3,4: Vice-President 3; Golf team, 1,2,3,4; S.G.A., 2,3. MORGAN, RICKIE JEANETTE . . . B.S., Nursing; Lamplighters, 1,2. MORGAN, VIRGINIA ELAINE . . . B.S., Elementary Education; S.T.E.A. 3,4. MORRISON, VICTOR LEWIS ... B.A., Religion and Greek; Minor, Psychology; Alpha Chi, 4; B.S.U., 2,3,4: President 4; C.R.V., 2,3,4; Ministerial Association, 2,3; National Dean ' s List, 2,3,4; S.G.A., Senator, 3; Symphonic- Band, 3; U.U. Dean ' s List, 2,3,4. N NICHOLS, TERESA STEPHENSON ... B.A., English Journalism and Religion; Minor, Secondary Education; Basketball team 1; Cardinal Cream, 2; Lest We Forget, 2; Zeta Tau Alpha, 2,3,4. OWEN, DANA R. . . . B.A., Business Administration; Minor, Art; Art Guild, 3,4; Chorus, 3; Phi Beta Lambda, Reporter, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 4; S.G.A. Entertainment Committee, 4. McCLAIN, STUART KEITH . . . B.S., Computer Science and Mathematics; Alpha Chi, 3,4; A.C.M., 3,4; Chorus, 1; Independents; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2,3,4: Vice-President 3; National Dean ' s List, 1,2,3; Scholastic Awards: Top Ten Percent and Competitive Academic; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1,2,3. McCLINTON, VICKIE RENE . . . B.S., Nursing. PACE, GWENDOLYN MICHELE . . . B.A., Piano and Office Administration; Chi Omega, 2,3,4: Chapter Correspondent 4; Chorus 1,2,3; Linguae Mundi, 1,2; Sigma Alpha Iota, 2,3,4; Treasurer 4; S.G.A. , Senator, 3; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1,3. McMICAN, WILLIAM HOWARD . . . B.S., Social Work; Minor, Psychology; B.S.U., 2,3,4; C.R.V., 2,3,4; Dorm Council, 3; Ministerial Association, 2,3; Psychology Club, 2,3,4: President 4; S.G.A., 3. MEDLIN, DOUGLAS RANDOLPH . . . B.S., Economics and Finance; Minor, PAFFORD, JUDY LEE . . . B.S., Computer Science and Mathematics; Alpha Chi, 3,4; A.C.M., 3,4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 2,3,4; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Club 2,3,4: President 2,3; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1,2,3,4; Who ' s Who. PAGE, TAMMY LYNN . . . B.A., Psychology; Minor, Secondary Education; B.S.U., 3,4; Basketball team, 3,4; C.R.V., 3,4; F.C.A., 4; Footlights, 4; Intramurals, 3,4; Psychology Club, 3,4; Zeta Tau Alpha, 3,4: Scholarship Chairman, Assistant Intramural Director. PARKS, BERNICE . . . B.S., Marketing and Management; Minors, Economics and Finance; B.S.U. Council; B.Y.W., 3; Black Christian Fellowship, President, 3,4; Chorus, 1; Dorm Council, Treasurer, 3,4; Phi Beta Lambda, Historian 3, Secretary 4. PARKS, LELAND LANE . . . B.M., Sacred Music; Minor, Religion; Alpha Chi, 4; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4; Class Officer, President, 2,3,4; Drama Productions: Androcles and the Lion, Aladdin and the Lamp. Two By Two; Footlights, 2,3,4; National Dean ' s List, 2; Prexy Club, 2,3,4; S.G.A., 2,3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 2. PATE, SANDRA KAY . . . B.S., Computer Science and Music; A.C.M., 2,3,4; Chorus, 1,2,3,4; Sigma Alpha Iota, 2,3,4. Psychology Club, 2,3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 4. PERCER, LEO RAINES . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Sociology; Alpha Chi, 3,4; B.S.U., 2,3,4: Vice-President 4; C.R.V., 2,3,4; Ministerial Association, 2,3,4; National Dean ' s List, 2,3,4; Pi Gamma Mu, 3,4: President 4; Sociology Club, 4; S.G.A., Senator, 3; U.U. Dean ' s List, 2,3,4. PHILLIPS. ROY NILE . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor, Business Administration. POLLARD, ANN FRANKLIN . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor, Sociology; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; Basketball team, 1,2,3,4; Chi Omega, 2,3,4; F.C.A., 4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 3. POTTER, JOY LYNNE . . . B.S., Elementary Education; S.T.E.A., 3,4. PRATT, SANDRA GAY . . . B.A., Elementary Education; Minor, Secretarial Science; B.S.U., 1,2,3; Chorus, 1,2; Chi Omega, Secretary 4; Linguae Mundi, 1; S.G.A., Commuter Senator, 2; S.T.E.A., 4. PYLANT, SUSAN ALICE . . . B.A., English Journalism; Minor, Secondary Education; Alpha Chi, 3,4; Alpha Psi Omega, 4; Best Actress 1980; Cardinal Cream, 2; Chorus, 1,2,3; Drama Productions: You ' re a Good Man, Charlie Brown; The Importance of Being Earnest; Antigone; Two By Two; Androcles and the Lion; Footlights, 2,3,4; History Club, 3,4; National Dean ' s List; Sigma Tau Delta, 3,4: Vice-President 4; S.T.E.A., 2,3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1,2,3,4; Who ' s Who. PYRON, JUDITH ANN . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor, Sociology; Alpha Chi, 3,4; Pi Gamma Mu, 3,4; Psychology Club, 3,4; Sociology Club, 4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 3,4. RIDENHOUR, PERRY WESLEY ... B.S., Physical Education; Minor, Business Administration; Baseball team, 1,2,3,4; F.C.A., 4; P.E. Majors Club. ROBERTS, PATTI LOUISE . . . B.S., Nursing; Lamplighters, 1,2. RODRIQUEZ, BRET CLAYTON BRUCE . . . B.S., Computer Science and Accounting; Minors, Business Administration and Journalism; A. CM., 2,3,4; Baseball team, 1; Cardinal Cream, 1,2; F.C.A., 1,2. ROE, BETTY A. . . . B.S., Nursing. ROGERS, DONNA LYNN . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor, Sociology; Chorus, 3,4; Prexy Club, 4; Psychology Club, 3,4; Sociology Club, 3,4: President 4. ROSS, LU ANN . . . B.A., Elementary Education; Alpha Tau Omega, Little Sister, 2,3,4; Basketball Cheerleader, 2,3,4; Chi Omega, 1,2,3,4: Rush Chairman 3; Panhellenic, Secretary, 3; S.T.E.A., 4. ROWLAND, JIMMY LYNN . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Philosophy; B.S.U., 2,3,4: Off-Campus Co-chairman 4; C.R.V., 2,3,4; Ministerial Association, 2; S.G.A., Senator, 3. RYALS, JR., CHARLES JAMES . . . B.S., Business Administration; Minor, Economics; Interfraternity Council, 2,3; Lambda Chi Alpha, 2,3,4. RYAN, PAMELA MATILDA . . . B.S., Elementary Education; B.Y.W., 3,4,5; Linguae Mundi, 3,4; Psychology Club, 3 R S RASBERRY, ANDREA MARIE . . . B.A., English Journalism and Business Administration; Cardinal Cream, 3,4: Assistant Editor 4; Chi Omega, 1,2,3,4: Social Chairman 2; Chorus, 1,2; Dorm Council, 3,4; Lest We Forget, 2; Linguae Mundi, 2,3: President 3; Miss Union University Pageant, 3,4: Co-Director 4; Phi Beta Lambda, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 2,3,4: Treasurer 4; S.G.A., 3,4. REID, SHERRI FAYE . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor, History; B.S.U., 1,2; Chorus, 1,2,3,4; History Club, 3,4; Independents, 1,2; Lamplighters, 1,2,3; SANDERSON, BRIAN KEITH ... B.M., Sacred Music; Minor, Music Theory; B.S.U., 1,2; C.R.V., 2,3,4; Chorus, 1,2,3,4; Interfraternity Council, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha, 1,2,3,4: Vice-President 2, Membership Recruitment Chairman, Fraternity Educator 3, President 4; Operas: 2,3,4; Phi Mu Alpha, 2,3,4: Pledge Class Secretary 2, Secretary 3, Historian 4; Prexy Club, 4; S.G.A., Senator, 1,2,3; Symphonic Band, 1,2,3,4; U.U. Singers, 1,2,3,4. SCOTT, MARK EVAN . . . B.M., Music Education; Minors, Secondary Education and Music Theory; Alpha Chi, 3,4; Chorus, 2,3,4; Drama Productions: You ' re a Good Man, Charlie Brown; Lottie D; Footlights, 3,4: Secretary-Treasurer 4; National Dean ' s List; Operas: Pirates of Penzance, H.M.S. Pinafore; Phi Mu Alpha, 2,3,4: Treasurer 3, President 4; Proclamation, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1,2,3,4: Correspondent 2, Recorder 3; Stage Band, 2,3,4; Symphonic Band, 1,2,3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List; U.U. Singers, 2,3,4; Who ' s Who. SEAY, JAMES LEE . . . B.S., Physical Education; Minor, Secondary Education; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4; Basketball team; F.C.A., 1,2,3,4; Stage Band. SIMPSON, CYNTHIA ELAINE . . . B.A., Music; Minors, Secretarial Science and Religion; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4: Secretary, 4; Chi Omega, 1,2,3,4; Chorus, 1,2,3; Class Officer, Secretary, 4; Resident Life Board, 2; Sigma Alpha Iota, 2,3,4. SMITH, EMILY JOYNER . . . B.A., Art; Minor, English; Art Guild, 1,2,3,4: Vice-President 2, Treasurer 3; Kappa Pi, 2,3,4: Vice-President 4; Scholastic Awards: ACT and Top Ten Percent; Sigma Tau Delta, 2,3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1. SMITH, MARGARET ELLEN . . . B.S., Business Administration; Minor, Accounting; B.S.U., 2,4; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4. SMITH, PAUL STANLEY . . . B.S., Social Work; Minor, Music; Chorus, 1,2,3; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4; Drama Production: Trifles; Footlights, 3,4; Phi Mu Alpha, 2,3,4; U.U. Singers, 1,2,3. SMITH, ROGER A. . . . B.S., Computer Science and Business Administration; A.C.M., 2,3; B.S.U.; Cardinal Cream, Photographer; F.C.A., 1,2,3,4; Tennis team, 1,2,3: All VSAC 1,2; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1. STAFFORD, NORMA JEAN . . . B.A., Business Administration; Minor, Secretarial Science; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4. STAPLES, III, CHARLES BURTON . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor, Business Administration. STANLEY, THOMAS RAY ... B.S., Nursing; Lamplighters, 1,2. SULLIVAN, JAN E ANN . . . B.S., Nursing; Lamplighters, 1,2. SULLIVAN, TERESA A. . . . B.A., English; Minors, French and Secondary Education; Alpha Chi, 3,4; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4: Council 4; B.Y.W., 1,2,3,4: President 4; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4; Library Media Committee, 3,4; Linguae Mundi, 1,2; Sigma Tau Delta, 3,4; S.T.E.A., 3,4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1,2. SUTHERLAND, GARY ALLEN . . . B.S., Nursing. SWINDELL, TERRY LYNN . . . B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; Chi Omega Wise Guy, 2,3,4; Homecoming Committee, 3; Interfraternity Council, 3; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1,2,3,4: Vice-President 2, Pledge Educator, President 3; Tennis team, 3. WARD, FRED J. B.A., Religion; Minor, Sociology; C.R.V., 1,2,3,4. WARD, MELINDA FRANCES ... B.S., Management, Marketing, and English Journalism; B.S.U., 1,2,3,4: Publicity Committee 4; B.Y.W., 2,3,4; Cardinal Cream, 2,3; Chorus, 1,2; Drama Production: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp; International Club, 1; Intramurals; Linguae Mundi, 1; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4: Reporter 3; Senior Resident Dorm Assistant, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 3,4: Historian 4. WARNER, SHIRLEY L. . . . B.S., Social Work and Psychology; Honors, 4; Lyceum, 3,4; Pi Gamma Mu, 4; Prexy Club, 3; Psychology Club, 1,2,3,4: President 3; Sociology Club, 2,3,4. WEGLICKI, ELIZABETH ANN . . . B.S., Health and Physical Education; Minors, Art and Secondary Education; Art Guild, 1,2,3,4: Vice-President, 2, President 3; Basketball team, 1,2,3,4; F.C.A., 4; Independents, 3,4; Kappa Pi, 2,3,4: President 4; P.E. Club, 3,4: Secretary 4; Prexy Club, 3,4; S.G.A., Senator, 2,3,4; S.T.E.A., 4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 3; Who ' s Who. WILLIAMS, KAREN G. . . . B.S., Nursing. WILSON, DEIRDRE MICHELLE . . . B.S., Computer Science; Minor, Business Administration; A. CM., 4; B.Y.W., 3,4; Black Christian Fellowship, 2,3,4: Vice-President 3; Chorus, 2,3,4; F.C.A., 4; International Club, 1; Phi Beta Lambda, 3,4. WILSON, PAMELA ANN . . . B.S., Nursing. WOOLEY, DEBORAH LEEANN . . . B.S., Elementary Education; B.S.U., 1,3; B.Y.W., 1,2: Senator 2; S.T.E.A., 4. TATUM, DONNA LYNN . . . B.S., Biology; Minor, Chemistry; Alpha Tau Omega, Little Sister, 2,3,4: Secretary 3; Cheerleader, 2,3; Chemistry Faculty Award, 4. TAYLOR, MICHAEL JOHN . . . B.S., Business Administration; Minor, Political Science; Chorus, 2,3; History Club, 4; Homecoming Committee, Co-Chairman, 4; Phi Beta Lambda, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 2,3,4: Vice-President 4; State Legislative Internship, 3; S.G.A., Senator, 3,4; Judicial Council, 3; Taylor Pre-legal Society, 2,3,4: President 3,4; U.U. Singers, 4. TAYLOR, TINA MARIE ... B.A., English; Minor, Religion; Alpha Chi; B.S.U.; Chorus; C.R.V.; Torch. THETFORD, MICHAEL BRUCE . . . B.S., Business Administration; Minor, Sociology; Alpha Tau Omega, 1,2,3,4; Chorus, 2; Taylor Pre-legal Society, 4. THEUS, SYLVIA DEVONNE . . . B.A., Elementary Education; Minor, Music; Black Christian Fellowship, 2,3,4: Reporter 4; Chorus, 1,2,4; Music Scholarships, 1,2,3; Scholastic Awards, 1,2; S.T.E.A., 4; U.U. Dean ' s List, 1,2,3,4. V VINCENT, GENE TATE Ministerial Association, 3,4. B.A., Religion; Minor, Art; C.R.V., 3,4; w WALKER, JOYCE ANN ... B.S., Psychology; Minor, Sociology; Black Christian Fellowship, 3,4; Chorus, 2,3,4. WALKER, MARGARET LYNN . . . B.S., Business Administration; Minor, Office Management; B.S.U., 1,2; Chorus, 1,2; Phi Beta Chi, 3,4; Zeta Tau Alpha, 3,4: Pledge Trainer, Executive Committee 4. WALLIS, DONNA CLIFFORD . . . B.S., Nursing. Y YARBROUGH, DELLA A. . . . B.S., Nursing. YATES, MICHAEL LEE . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor, Religion; Admissions Readmissions Committee, 4; B.S.U., 1,2,3; Chorus, 4; C.R.V., 3,4; Dorm Council, 3; Ministerial Association, 3; Pi Gamma Mu, 3,4: Treasurer 4; Psychology Club, 3,4; S.G.A., Senator, 3. Student Index A B Abington, Kim ... 56, 162 Acred, Judy . . . 184 Adams, Cynthia ... 19, 90, 93, 172 Adams, Elana ... 44, 84, 191 Adams, Jeff ... 82, 178 Adams, Kim ... 85, 162 Adams, Shauna ... 81, 178 Adkins, David ... 57, 61, 64, 79, 94, 95, 178 Adkisson, Dan . . . 162 Adkisson, Jana ... 28, 49, 93, 96, 97, 116, 117, 172, 216 Agee, Miriam ... 70, 84, 162 Akin, Melva ... 191 Alexander, Billy ... 184 Alexander, Denise ... 22, 53, 162 Alexander, Gene ... 56, 64, 67, 79, 178 Alexander, John . . . 191 Alexander, Lisa . . . 162 Alexander, Rodney ... 67, 184 Alexander, Wayne . . . 106, 109, 156, 184 Allen, Melody ... 56, 57, 58, 69, 99, 162 Allen, Sandra ... 76, 178 Amaya, Estella ... 61, 69, 162, 169 Ammons, Ray ... 53, 58, 81, 126, 162 Anderson, Beketa ... 64, 66, 67, 83, 162, 169 Anderson, Cindy ... 56, 172 Anderson, Hope ... 93, 162 Anderson, Katrina . . . 172 Anderson, Shari . . . 162 Ange, Wendi ... 67 Armour, Dean ... 57, 58, 67, 97, 184, 188 Armour, Ginger ... 84, 162 Armstrong, Russell ... 81, 177 Ashe, Carol ... 53, 56, 70, 184 Austin, Peggy . . . 172 Avent, Jr., Benjamin . . . 184 Avent, Sonia ... 83, 162 Avripas, Keri . . . 172 Babcock, Dottie ... 67, 72, 178 Babcock, Steve . . . 67, 178 Baggett , David . . . 172 Baggett , Doug .. 162 Baierl, Paul . . . 162 Bailey, Pamela . .. 162 Bailey, Terri . . . 69, 162 Bain, David . . . 184 Bain, Keith . . . 58, 96, 97, 178 Baird, atrena ... 31, 99, 162 Baker, Cary . . . 191 Baker, Laurie . . 50, 77, 184 Baker, Tony . . 97, 162 Balos, Vlike . . . 64, 67, 68, 184 Bane, Lori . . . 184 Barbee Sonya . . 58, 67, 83, 162, 170 Barhan , John David ... 50, 65, 72, 77, 82, 94, 95 184 Barker, Betsy . . 57, 93, 162 Barker, Jerry . . 77, 172 Barker, Mark . . 95, 103, 184 Barnes, Kathryn ... 70, 99, 172 Barnes, Lori Ann . . . 162 Barnes, Lori Faye ... 84, 184 Barnett , Mike . .. 57 Barron Lisa . . 56, 67, 152, 184 Barron Martha ... 57, 66, 67, 99, 102, 17 2 Baskin, Tonya .. 172 Bass, John . . . 80, 81, 184 Bass, Kevin . . . 55, 91, 162, 166 162 . . 24, 33, 52, 67, 80, 99, Batchelor, Kathy ... 69, 172 Bateman, William ... 23, 56, 162, 223 Baxter, John . . . 162 Beard, Janice . . . 178 Beaty, Anita ... 184 Beauregard, Linda . . . Beilke, Tammy Page 102, 118, 120, 122, 123, 188 Belew, Melissa ... 82, 162, 164 Belew, Suzanne ... 24, 28, 34, 48, 68, 92, 96, 97, 184 Bell, Donna ... 178 Bell, Laura ... 64, 82, 175 Bennett, Betty ... 184 Berlin, Mark ... 53, 56, 58, 67, 68, 69, 70, 74, 79, 126, 178 Berlin, Beth ... 56, 58, 68, 162 Bertouille, Deane ... 69, 162 Bessent, Tommy ... 56, 65, 67, 70, 80, 184 Billings, Lynn ... 172 Birlew, Dianna ... 67, 162 Birlew, Harry ... 184 Birmingham, Frederick ... 82, 172 Bivens, Angela . . . 184 Bivens, Dale . . . 106, 109 Black, Deena ... 162 Black, Thomas . . . 162, 168 Black, Tommy ... 81, 82, 86, 96, 97, 172 Blackwell, Zandra ... 33, 52, 83, 118, 120, 172 Blackwood, Michelle ... 84, 162 Blankenship, Becky ... 76, 184 Blakemore, Jesse ... 178 Blankenship, Brian . . . 162 Blankenship, Kevin . . . 162 Blankenship, Yolanda . . . 172 Blurton, Kristie ... 19, 52, 118, 123, 172 Boaz, Joe ... 184 Boggs, Russell ... 56, 70, 184 Bolding, Barbara . . . 162 Bond, Jamie ... 56, 99, 162 Bond, John ... 24, 172 Boone, Susan . . . 178 Boothe, Tena ... 69, 162 Borren, Kathryn . . . 184 Boston, Marcy ... 47, 52, 62, 93, 172 Bouldin, Penny ... 162 Bowers, Greg ... 67, 68, 69, 70, 162 Bowling, Randy . . . 162 Bowman, Cheri . . . 191 Box, Steven ... 81, 95, 162 Boyd, Barbara ... 84, 172 Boyd, Lisa ... 162 Boyd, Wayne ... 96, 97, 172 Boyte, Jr., George ... 172 Braden, Penny ... 50, 72, 77, 184 Bradford, Alicia ... 172 Bradford, Nelda ... 56, 162 Bradley, Kelly ... 30, 99, 162, 166 Bradshaw, Terry ... 67, 172 Branson, Mark ... 27, 56, 59, 184 Bratcher, Robert ... 95, 102, 162 Breeden, Gregory . . . 184 Breedlove, Jimmy ... 67, 172 Breedlove, Sherry ... 56, 162 Brewer, Karen ... 24, 184 Brewer, Randal ... 53, 56, 72, 77, 79, 126, 178, 179 Brewer, Phil ... 90, 91, 100, 114, 115, 178 Brewer, Shelia ... 56, 69, 163 Bridges, Phillip ... 67, 172 Briggs, Rhonda . . . 163 Britt, Janet ... 163 Britt, Tim ... 50, 72, 77, 82, 184 Brittain, Gerry ... 49, 64, 66, 172, 223 Brock, Jill ... 66, 99, 163 Brooks, Cindy ... 53, 67, 87, 98, 102, 128, 163, 165 Brown, Mary ... 67, 184 Brown, Robert ... 57, 67, 97, 178 Browning, Debbie . . . 172 Broyles, Ken ... 172 Bryant, Barbara . . . 191 Buhler, Victor ... 61, 67, 75, 178, 183 Buie, Teresa ... 56, 172 Bullington, Mike . . . 124, 178, 182 Bullock, Theresa ... 94, 95, 178 Bumpas, Anita . . . 172 Bunch, Susan ... 99, 172 Buntin, Emily ... 93, 148, 163 Buntin, Libba ... 24, 31, 47, 50, 53, 54, 65, 72, 74, 75, 92, 93, 148, 184 Burkacki, Garry . . . 163 Burkacki, Lisa . . . 163 Burks, John ... 172 Burlison, Melanie ... 56, 82, 184 Burnette, Tim ... 58 Burns, Carole ... 27, 53, 56, 57, 58, 67, 78, 152, 184 Burns, Christi ... 61, 68, 161, 172 Butler, James ... 47, 77, 96, 97, 178 Byford, Anita ... 163 Byrd, David . . . 163 Bvrd, Nancy ... 92, 93, 185 c Cagle, Jenna Newbill ... 50, 73, 75, 185 Cagle, Patricia ... 84, 185 Campbell, Alan ... 34, 83, 160, 178 Campbell, Karen ... 19, 52, 69, 71, 72, 75, 118, 178 Campbell, Kelly ... 85, 178 Campbell, Melanie ... 53, 56, 59, 67, 78, 172 Campbell, Stacy ... 55, 178 Canada, Randy ... 23, 172 Canadav, Cam . . . 163 Cantrell, Russ ... 64, 71, 112, 113, 163 Caperton, Dennis ... 97, 163 Capps, Cynthia ... 67, 82, 178 Carlsen, Ronald ... 185 Carnell, Richard ... 80 Carothers, Chuck ... 67, 185 Carothers, Dena ... 96, 97, 172 Carpenter, Kellye ... 28, 60, 61, 69, 74, 90, 93, 116, 117, 178, 216 Carr, Darlene ... 60, 61, 70, 163 Carr, Steve ... 64, 67, 68, 69, 163 Carrington, Katrina Baker . . . 178 Carroll, Ray ... 67 Carter, Joe ... 84, 191 Carter, Linda ... 178 Carter, Ramona . . . 191 Castellaw, Jennifer . . . 163 Caudle, Lisa ... 33, 52, 72, 83, 100, 118, 119, 120, 122, 178 Cawley, Jon 60, 66, 67, 83, 91, 103, 106, 108, 172 Cederburg, Cynthia . . . 163 Chabot, Laura . . . 163 Chapman, Vikki ... 178 Chappell, Denise ... 62, 87, 93, 172 Chatam, Neal ... 67, 72, 161, 185 Chatman, Faye ... 173 Chea, Gina ... 83, 163, 167 Chipley, Janie ... 77, 173 Church, Harvey ... 58, 97, 163 Church, Pam Prince ... 69, 70, 85, 176 Churchill, Kelley ... 94, 95, 178 Clark, Felecia ... 67, 82, 163 Clark, Gloria ... 24, 27, 50, 57, 59, 72, 78, 185 Clark, Jeff ... 81, 124, 161, 163 Clark, Malesa ... 87, 93, 163 Clark, Paul ... 53, 56, 58, 97, 164, 173 Clark, Robert Jeff ... 61, 97, 163 Clay, Kim ... 163 Claybrook, Carol ... 173 Cleek, Vane99a . . . 173 Clevenger, Danny ... 23, 68, 173 Clift, Alisa ... 56, 57, 59, 67, 70, 78, 173, 199 Cobb, Nancy ... 84 Coble, James . . . 163 Cockroft, Kay ... 76, 88, 92, 93, 185 Coke, John ... 56, 67, 70, 79, 178 Cole, Russell ... 53, 58, 69, 163 Cole, Tara ... 84, 178 Coleman, Chris ... 67, 173 Coleman, Ester ... 52, 118, 119, 120, 122 Coleman, John ... 28, 67, 83, 86, 91, 116, 117, 173, 216 Collins, Mary ... 173 Conder, Mark ... 61, 74, 185 Conley, Karen ... 190 Cook, David ... 56, 163 Cook, Kay ... 84, 173 Coon, Kim ... 163 Cope, Sandra ... 64, 72, 82, 98, 99, 102, 178 Cope, Sharon ... 82, 93, 173 Cothren, Lisa ... 82, 163 Couch, Ted ... 178 Cox, Jennifer ... 93, 163 Craig, Cherie ... 53, 64, 65, 66, 74, 75, 92, 93, " Amahl and the Night Visitors " was presented as the special Christmas operetta. 173, 184, 185 Craig, Linda ... 82, 173 Crawford, Lisa ... 52, 62, 87, 93, 173, 178 Crawford, Robert ... 64, 95, 163 Crawley, Pam ... 173 Crews, Steve . . . 124, 163 Crihfield, Sharron ... 56, 57, 59, 173, 199 Criner, Judy ... 173 Criner, Roger ... 56, 179 Crocker, Gigi ... 163 Crocker, Susan ... 24, 74, 185 Crockett, Linda ... 84, 163 Cromwell, Leigh Ann . . . 142, 163, 166 Crook, Clay ... 81, 179, 184 Cross, Tammy ... 84, 163 Crosnoe, Elizabeth . . . 163 Crosson, Retta . . . 185 Crouse, Joy . . . 48, 52, 64, 83, 90, 179 Crouse, Sherry . . . 163, 223 Crowder, Billie Jean . . . 185 Crunk, Bonnie . . . 185 Cupples, Sheila ... 179 Cupples, Tammy . . . 163 D Dailey, Andy ... 28, 29, 49, 87, 90, 91, 103, 116, 117, 179, 216 Dance, Eric ... 163 Darby, Pam ... 87, 99, 102, 163 Davis, Andy . . . 185 Davis, Carolyn ... 173 Davis, Dennis . . . 185 Davis, Gloria ... 163 Davis, Hollie ... 69, 163 Davis, Janice . . . 163, 198, 223 Davis, Paula ... 47, 78, 92, 93, 96, 97, 185 Day, Melinda ... 191 Deal, Karen ... 84, 191 Dean, Twilla ... 63, 70, 163 Deason, Stephanie . . . 163 Dedmon, Jenny ... 93, 163 Deere, Debbie ... 19, 64, 66, 93, 163 DeLoach, Nancy ... 90, 93, 173 Delrosa, Janet . . . 191 Denniston, Roxie ... 83, 110, 111, 179 Deverr, Robert ... 174 Diamond, Thomas . . . 179 Dickson, Debra ... 82, 173, 222 Diggs, Paula ... 173 Dillingham, Sherri ... 46, 69, 84, 179 Dillon, Dana Castellaw ... 76, 185 Dixon, Donna ... 69, 82 Dixon, Leslee ... 52, 93, 173 Dixon, Shelia ... 63, 164 Dobbins, Jeff ... 66, 106, 107, 109, 179 Dodson, Bryan ... 179 Donald, Paulettee ... 67, 185 Donnell, Elizabeth ... 93, 173 Dorris, David ... 67, 185 Doster, Cindy . . . 121, 164 Dotson, Angie ... 46, 56, 62, 67, 68, 69, 160, 179 Douglas, Elaine ... 191 Douglas, Garv ... 96, 97, 173 Douglass, Diane ... 50, 52, 64, 65, 72, 76, 92, 93, 96, 97, 185 Doyle, Anna . . . 164 Doyle, Dale ... 85, 179, 185 Doyle, Richard ... 179 Doyle, Robert ... 185 Doyle, William ... 56, 86, 91, 164 Driskill, Tracy ... 67, 70, 85, 164 Drum, Jeff ... 88, 185 Duffy, Jerry ... 67, 184, 185 Duffey, Tom ... 173 Duggin, Mark ... 56, 67, 179, 205 Duke, Janie ... 56, 68, 82, 164 Dukes, Tim ... 56, 57, 164 Dungan, Judith ... 56, 86, 99, 110, 111, 173 Dunavant, Donna . . . 164 Dunham, Adele ... 55, 74, 82, 93, 173 Dunning, Rachel ... 64, 110, 161, 173 Duvall, Karen ... 67, 164, 165 Dyer, Kim ... 82, 93, 164 Dyess, Floyd ... 164 E Edmonds, Annette 179 Edwards, Barbara . 83, 93, 101, 110, 111, Eggenberger, David . . . 164 Elam, James ... 67, 173, 212 Elam, Katherine . . . 164 Ellington, Carl ... 179 Elliot, Dayna ... 179 Ellison, Diane . . . 164 England, Rebecca ... 24, 50, 58, 72, 185 Englert, James . . . 173 Ervin, Sara ... 56, 179 Escue, Judy ... 71, 173 Escue, Rita ... 71, 173 Espey, Rhonda ... 179 Essary, Jerry ... 67, 185 Etheredge, Jaqueline ... 61 Evans, Harold ... 185 Evans, Russell . . . 164 Evans, Tracy ... 67, 73, 179 Everett, Jo . . . 19, 61, 68, 164 Ezell, Kevin ... 67, 83, 112, 173 F Fairchild, Becky ... 31, 53, 56, 57, 61, 164 Fall, Helen ... 191 Farabee, Judith ... 164 Farr, Sally ... 164 Farris, Martha . . . 185 Fennel, Belinda ... 82, 173, 217 Fennel, Phyllis ... 164 Fesmire, Benny ... 86, 90, 91, 173 Fesmire, Paula ... 64, 76, 179 Fields, Mark ... 67, 70, 85, 179 Fincher, Brenda . . . 185 Finley, Denise ... 83, 167, 173 Finley, Scot ... 31, 52, 67, 69, 70, 81, 163, 164 Fisher, Judy ... 67, 179 Fleet, Anita ... 24, 63, 70, 164 Fletcher, Alicia ... 164 Flowers, Carol ... 76, 185 Flowers, Diane ... 110, 173 Flowers, Dorothy . . . 164 Flynn, Trade ... 164 Forsyth, Jenny ... 84, 164 Forsyth, Marsha ... 84, 173 Foster, Connie ... 179 Foster, Linda ... 56, 68, 164 Fowler, Christine ... 66, 67, 85, 179 Fowler, Sandra ... 58, 66, 67, 72, 78, 179 Francis, Keith ... 67, 81, 172, 173 Francis, Lorraine ... 67, 167, 179 Franks, Jack ... 82, 94, 95, 173 Frazier, Charles ... 31, 68, 69, 91, 164 Freeh, Norman ... 72, 185 Freeman, Michael . . . 164 Freeman, Nancy . . . 173 French, Tere ... 81, 96, 97, 179 G Gallaher, Keith ... 53, 67, 91, 173 Gant, William ... 164 Garner, Joanna . . . 53, 173 Garner, Kim ... 84, 164, 167 Garner, Patricia . . . 164 Garrett, Jimmy ... 67, 186 Garrett, Tracy ... 82, 98, 99, 102, 178, 179 George, Jeanna . . . 66, 164 Geske, Melody ... 58, 186 Gibbs, Sheila ... 84, 179 Gibson, Abigayle ... 173 Gibson, Beth ... 52, 62, 85, 93, 179 Gibson, Lynn ... 46, 67, 69, 179, 212 Gibson, Mary Alice ... 63, 76, 186 Giddens, Ronnie ... 87, 91, 101, 105, 106, 107, 108, 179 Gifford, Lynda ... 56, 164 Gilmer, Kim ... 46, 56, 70, 179 Gilmore, Teresa ... 56, 164 Ginn, Bobby ... 163 Ginn, Donna ... 84, 191 Glendenning, Carol ... 53, 70, 147, 180 Glover, Joanne . . . 180 Goehring, Sara ... 56, 82, 164 Goodman, Cheryl ... 180 Goodwill, Brenda ... 56, 180 Gordon, Jennifer . . . 191 Gossett, Terry ... 83, 106, 173 Gower, Julie ... 180 Graves, Joey ... 24, 54, 64, 73, 180 Graves, Susan ... 56, 57, 59, 65, 72, 78, 180 Graves, Tina ... 64, 69, 76, 186 Greene, Donna . . . 180 Greenlee, Barry ... 56, 57, 58, 67, 79, 180 Greer, Mike . . . 100, 123, 124, 125, 156, 173 Gregory, David ... 91, 104, 186 Griffin, Angela ... 191 Griffin, Anne ... 52, 84, 191 Griffin, Sherry ... 77, 99, 102, 173 Griggs, Tina Jane ... 84, 191 Griggs, Tina M. . . . 164 Groom, Phyllis ... 93, 180 Growe, Rita ... 72, 76, 186 Gurley, Suzie ... 56, 63, 164 Gwin, Mary ... 67, 68, 69, 70, 173 H Haddad, David . . . 100, 114, 115, 186, 204 Hale, Barbara . . . 164 Hale, Beth ... 186 Hale, Laurie ... 82, 83, 93, 164 Hale, Ronnie ... 70, 186 Hale, William ... 56, 186 Halton, Ettora ... 67, 83, 173 Hamilton, Tami ... 23, 24, 62, 63, 68, 69, 75, 160, 180 Hammonds, Michael ... 70, 164 Hammonds, Nina ... 56, 57, 164 Hammonds, Ray . . . 169 Hankla, Crystal ... 74, 75, 180 Hardaway, Tina . . . 173 Hardcastle, Kelly ... 33, 124, 126, 173 Harden, Mary ... 84, 191 Harden, Sheila ... 164 Hardin, Sharon ... 81, 180 Hardy, Steve ... 67, 173 Hari, Rod . . . 106, 164 Harper, Betty ... 56, 173 Harper, Cheryl ... 191 Harrington, Terri ... 84, 186 Harris, Amelia . . . 186 Harris, David ... 173 Harris, Donna . . . 178, 186 Harrison, David ... 23, 28, 83, 116, 117, 173, 180, 216 Hart, Pamela Blowers . . . 164 Hartley, Anne ... 72, 82, 186 Harvey, Lester ... 67, 81, 83, 186, 193 Harvey, Vickie ... 180 Hatcher, Jeff ... 66, 73, 173 Hawkins, Lawrence ... 81, 186 Hayes, Christina . . . 174 Hayes, Steve ... 54, 61, 162, 164 Hayes, Teresa ... 73, 150, 186 Haynes, Bill ... 164 Haynes, Kathy ... 60, 65, 174 Hazelwood, Grant ... 97, 164 Head, David ... 180 Heidelberg, Patsy ... 84, 191 Heisserer, Becky . . . 82, 174 Heisserer, Dan ... 34, 97, 165 Helms, Jimmy ... 77, 180 Hendren, Patricia . . . 165 Hendrix, Alice ... 84, 180 Hennings, Doretha . . . 186 Henson, Tammee ... 82, 174 Heuiser, Beth ... 49, 64, 65, 82, 90, 98, 178, 180 Heuiser, Patti ... 99, 174 Hickman, Donald ... 180 Hicks, Cheryl ... 165 Hicks, Theresa ... 165 Hill, Camille ... 186 Hill, Terry ... 67, 180 Hilliard, Alex ... 30, 67, 86, 91, 116, 117, 160, 174, 222 Hinds, Karen ... 28, 56, 99, 116, 117, 174, 216 Hinds, Marjie . . . 165 Hobbs, Allyson ... 83, 93, 110, 165 Hobbs, Lee Anne ... 83, 93, 110, 165 Hocker, Gina . . . 56, 165 Hodges, Adrianne ... 92, 93, 186 Hoehn, Robert ... 74, 106, 180 Holbrook, Robert ... 82, 180 Holland, Dee . . . 60, 63, 94, 95, 174 Hollins, Rhonda ... 174 Holt, Kenny ... 64, 72, 82, 180 Hopkins, Tamela . . . 186 Hopper, Melissa . . . 174 Horning, Brenda . . . 165 Horton, Lisa ... 53, 174 House, Lea . . . 67, 70, 76, 186 Houston, Randy ... 27, 56, 57, 95, 180 Howard, Cassandra . . . 118, 119, 120, 122, 123, 174 Howard, Wendall . . . 106, 107, 108, 109 Hubert, Betsy ... 33, 52, 83, 93, 118, 174 Huddleston, Randy ... 67, 69, 83, 174, 223 Huddleston, Teresa ... 165 Hudson, Matthew ... 67, 174 Hudson, Melsene . . . 174 Huggins, Sandra ... 76, 89, 90, 186, 213 Hughes, Leslie . . . 165 Hughey, Roger ... 97, 174 70, 180 i . . . 186 . 165 67, 118, 119, 165 . . 76, 92, 93, 186 165 165 Hughey, Susan . . Humphreys, Donn Huneycutt, Sara . Hunt, Audrey . . Hunter, Valerie Hurley, David . . Hurt, Martha . . Hurtado, Pedro ... 161 Hutchins, Donna ... 84, 191 Hutchison, Donna . . . 174, 204 Hutchison, Karen ... 64, 99, 105, 174 Ingram, Cynthia . . . 165 Ingram, Mike ... 31, 160, 165 Inmon, Randy . . . 56, 174 Irvin, Bill ... 174 Irvine, Bobbie . . . 165 Isbell, Deborah ... 174 Isbell, Laura . . . 165, 168 Isbell, Ricky ... 24, 27, 53, 56, 57, 58, 59, 67, 79, 126, 186, 199 Ivory, Janice ... 56, 67, 165 Jackson, Annetta . . . 180 Jackson, Glenn ... 91, 165 Jackson, Lisa ... 33, 52, 118, 180 Jackson, Rob . . . 27, 56, 59, 65, 67, 69, 70, 79 Jacobs, Jerry . . . 165 Jaggars, David ... 53, 165 Jaggars, Kevin ... 23, 58, 68, 83, 126, 165 Jaggers, Lisa ... 83, 165, 189 James, Tena ... 92, 93, 186 James, Vivian . . . 165 Jarnagin, Donald ... 97, 165 Jarvis, Lisa ... 52, 83, 118, 165 Jaynes, Charles . . . 174 Jenkins, Tony ... 28, 67, 71, 72, 74, 81, 116, 117, 180, 200, 216 Jerrolds, Timothy ... 19, 165 Jett, Kathy ... 186 Jimerson, Jetta ... 50, 54, 56, 57, 74, 78, 81, 94, 95, 186 Johnson, Angie ... 35, 44, 49, 66, 73, 186 Johnson, Barry . . . 97, 165 Johnson, Denise . . . 165 Johnson, Jone ... 50, 72, 80, 85, 186 Johnson, Linda ... 56, 67, 82, 180 Johnson, Michael ... 91, 165, 223 Johnson, Marilyn ... 186 Johnson, Mark ... 31, 34, 49, 65, 83, 90, 91, 106, 109, 180 Johnson, Phil ... 83, 106, 108, 109, 186 Johnson, Phyllis ... 84, 174 Johnson, Rick . . . 186 Johnson, Robert . . . 186 Johnson, Tony ... 91, 165 Jolly, Lester ... 95, 174 Jones, Brenda . . . 174 Jones, Cynthia . . . 191 Jones, Dawn . . . 186 Jones, Dennis ... 82, 180, 183 Jones, Ginny ... 93 Jones, Greg ... 56, 67, 69, 74, 174 Jones, Hal ... 91, 100, 114, 115, 165 Jones, Jana ... 56, 57, 72, 96, 97, 186 Jones, Lisa ... 82, 87, 93, 174 Jones, Tina . . . 84, 174 Jones, Tony ... 33, 67, 123, 124, 125, 126, 180 Jones, Victor ... 31, 106, 180 Jones, Virginia . . . 165 Jones, Woody ... 56, 173, 174 Joyner, David ... 27, 59 Kelley, Laura . . . 56, 165 Kellick, Dale ... 97, 165 Kemp, Linda . . . 174 Kemp, Serena . . . 84, 191 Kendall, Doug ... 66, 83, 106, 174, 180 Kiestler, Katherine ... 72 Kiley, Jean ... 72, 180 Kinard, Kenny ... 56, 187 King, Anita ... 83, 166 King, Dearled ... 187 King, Georgann . . . 166 King, Lisa . . . 166 King, Lisa Diane . . . 166 King, Lori ... 166 King, Melissa ... 187 King, Patsy ... 191 King, Rhonda ... 174 Kirkwood, Mike ... 68, 70, 166 Knox, Selena . . . 174 Kwasigroh, Don . . . 174 M L K Kee, Sondra . . . Keeling, Torrie 191 . . 66, 70, 76, 186 Lacy, Marcia . . . 180 Laehder, Laura ... 68, 99, 166 LaGrone, Mark ... 67, 187 Lampkins, Kim ... 29, 33, 52, 98, 99, 118, 119, 122, 187 Land, Ronald ... 59, 79, 166 Langford, Sarah ... 81, 82, 94, 95, 180 Langley, Alison ... 88, 98, 99, 102, 118, 174 Larrison, John ... 60, 63, 65, 187, 217 Larson, Martin . . . 181 Lasley, William ... 187 Laster, Lori ... 52, 93, 118, 166 Laster, Mark ... 166 Laughlin, Melinda ... 52, 62, 174 Lavelle, Scott ... 88, 91, 174 Law, Jana ... 53, 68, 77, 93, 173, 174 Lawler, Clare ... 28, 34, 35, 47, 50, 65, 72, 75, 78, 81, 88, 92, 93, 96, 97, 160, 187 Lawrence, John ... 82, 166 Lawrence, Phil ... 56, 67, 174 Laws, Virginia . . . 187 Lay, Linda ... 72, 76, 147, 187 Layman, Bob ... 49, 53, 67, 169, 181 Leach, Lynn ... 46, 70, 179, 181, 217 Leach, Randy . . . 181 Leach, Troy ... 56, 187 Leathers, Betty ... 191 Ledbetter, Mary ... 166 Ledsinger, Rita ... 82, 187 Leggett, Carl ... 187 Lewelling, Mary ... 53, 70, 181 Lewis, Donna Rasberry ... 72, 81, 187 Lewis, Janet ... 67, 84, 191 Lewis, Jeff ... 31, 67, 69, 166 Lewis, Laura Fuller ... 23, 62, 65, 72, 75, 187, 224 Lincoln, Ruth ... 28, 30, 67, 72, 90, 101, 116, 117, 181, 216 Lindsey, Gordon ... 31, 91, 100, 114, 115, 166 Lindsey, Patricia . . . 166 Lindsey, Rhonda ... 56, 187 Lindsey, Teresa . . . 174 Little, Angie ... 174 Littlefield, Barry ... 67, 70, 180 Liu, Ling ... 84, 166 Livingstone, Charlotte ... 24, 56, 153, 187 Lockridge, Dwight . . . 174 Loftiss, Cindy ... 66, 83, 181 Logan, Johnnie . . . 191 Long, Fae McRae ... 181 Long, Philip ... 27, 56, 57, 58, 59, 67, 79, 174, 199 Lott, Emily ... 166 Love, Renate . . . 166 Lovelady, Mike ... 28, 33, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 156, 174 Lovett, Jimmy ... 19, 166 Lyles, Julie ... 82, 175 Lynch, Shane ... 58, 97, 166 Madden, Karen ... 175 Madden, Wayne ... 67, 187 Madu, Robert ... 82, 187 Maness, Debbie ... 69, 87, 99, 166 Maness, Steve ... 67, 68, 69, 71, 172, 175, 176 Mangrum, Mark ... 52, 64, 65, 67, 68, 181, 183 Manning, Sharon Ashby . . . 184 Marbury, Timothy . . . 166 Maronay, Kerry ... 67, 74, 187 Maroney, Cynthia . . . 187 Marshall, Teresa . . . 166 Martin, David ... 56, 57, 59, 67, 79 Martin, Judy Smith ... 77, 187 Martin, Mary ... 56, 59, 73, 181, 199 Martin, Mary Kathleen ... 57, 78, 79, 166 Martin, Stevan R. . . . 187 Martin, Steve ... 22, 55, 56, 57, 59, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 79, 187, 199 Marvel, Judy ... 181 Mason, Teresa . . . 187 Masoud, Ginger ... 82 Massongill, Monte ... 30, 83, 106, 166 Matheney, Kirk ... 181 Maxwell, Ann Stricklin ... 28, 34, 47, 49, 67, 86, 92, 93, 104, 178, 183 Maxwell, Chris ... 47, 51, 81, 96, 97, 103, 112, 187 Maxwell, Darrell ... 22, 48, 83, 175, 178 May, Stephen ... 166 Chi Omega big and little sisters share the joy of a Bulldog victory. Mayfield, Cathy ... 87, 99, 102, 105, 166 Mayo, Greg ... 67, 187 Mayo, Kathy . . . Mayo, Shyrll . . . Mays, Dwyane . . McCaleb, Cathy McCall, Stan . . . McCall, Wendy . McCarty, Robert . . . McCarty, Suzanne . McClain, Stuart . . . McClendon, Karen . McCloud, George . . McCollum, Lisa . . . McCool, Rebecca . . McCormick, Pamela 64, 93, 178, 181 93, 166 . 64, 67, 73, 175 .. 80, 82, 85 91, 166 . . 166 . . . 175, 177 . 51, 72, 74, 76, 187 51, 72, 77, 82, 166, 187 . . 84, 191 . 56, 69, 82, 112, 175 19, 56, 166, 198 167 ... 54, 65, 74. 175 Moffitt, Jennifer ... 167 Mohon, Tim ... 68, 167, 223 Molander, Matt ... 67, 167, 213 Montgomery, Charles ... 81, 175 Montgomery, Danny ... 67, 124 Moody, Pam ... 19, 23, 56, 69, 188 Moody, Rhonda ... 52, 65, 66, 128, 181 Moody, Yvonne . . . 188 Moore, Gladys ... 67, 167 Moore, Jeff ... 77, 144, 175 Moore, Mary . . . 175 Moore, Melinda ... 64, 65, 86, 90, 93, 104, 175 McCormick, Ricky . . . 167 McCown, Richard ... 64, 86, 91, 175 McCoy, Rhonda . . . 185, 187 McCroskey, Regina . . . 191 McDaniel, Lisa ... 22, 60, 63, 175 McDonald, Alison . . . 161, 167 McDonald, Audrey ... 82, 181 McFadden, Greg . . . 160, 175 McGuire, Joe . . . 175 Mcllwain, Sara . . 69, 70 167 McKee, Annette . . . 173 McKee, Mary . . . 175 McKenzie, Lisa . . . 167 McKenzie, Robert ... 82, 175 McKinney, Mitzi .. 167 McKnight, Sheila . . . 64, 65, 9 McLeod, Daniel . . 167 McMahan, Glenda ... 84 181 McMican, Bill . . . 65, 85, 188 McMican, Debbie . . . 175 McMullen, Rhet ... 83, 91, 102 McNatt, Craig ... 60, 73, 91, 102, 104, 175 McPeake, Angela . . . 181 Medlin, Doug . . 47, 58, 82 96, 97 188 Meeks, Brian . . 170 175 Melsa, Janet . . . 188 Melton, Barry . . . 67 70, 17 5 Mercer, Ricky . . . 61 167 Michael, Tony . . 81 , 181 Milam, Beverlyann . . 181 Miller, David . . 91, 175 Miller, John . . . 77, L81 Miller, Mark . . . 53, 56, 58, 67, 72, 79, 81 91, 126 Mita, Misako . . 167 Mitchell, Dennis 73, 166 167 Mitchell, Scottie 181 Mize, Audrey . . 16 " Moffitt, Jay ... 56, 75 Moore, Sherry ... 56, 78, 181 Moore, Steve ... 88, 96, 97, 175, 181 Morgan, Gary ... 23, 67, 83, 100, 114, 188 Morgan, Rickie . . . 188 Morgan, Virginia Elaine ... 76, 188 Morris, Carol ... 56, 57, 181 Morris, Eddie . . 83, 103, 188 Morris, Joyce . . . 188 Morris, Karen . . 84, 167 Morris, Michael ... 167 Morris, Paula . . 191 Morris, Tanna . .. 74, 188 Morrison, Victor ... 35, 46, 67, 68, 72, 80, 184, 188 Morse, James . . 91, 167 Mosier, Diane . . 66, 175 Mosier, James Allan . . . 188 Mosley, Cheryl .. 167 Mosley, Roy . . . 167 Moss, Orlandus . . . 23, 61, 167 Moss, Tonya . . 175 Mulson, Jo Jo . .. 175 Murley, Betsy . . 175 Murphy, Sheri . . 31, 57, 87, 93, 162, 167 Murray, Roger .. 167 Myatt, Linda . . . 83, 175 Myers, Don . . . 69, 167 Myers, Linda . . . 51, 56, 67, 69, 72, 80, 85 188, 190 Myers, Melanie . . . 150, 167 N Nance, Sandra . . . 84, 175 Nanney, Denise . . . 56, 78, 181 Nash, Jacqueline ... 81, 175 Neely, Diane . . . 84, 181 Neely, Paulette . . 56, 76, 188 Neill, Patricia . . 69, 160, 167 Nelms, Suzanne . . 70, 99, 175 Nelson, Ralph . . 82, 181 Nelson, Teresa . . 175 Newman, Debbie ... 28, 34, 49, 88, 89, 96, 97, 116, 117 188, 201, 216 Newman, Woody ... 167 Nicar, Lygia . . . 25, 56, 67, 71, 161, 175 Nichols, Delia . . 175 Nichols, Lynn . . 84, 181, 191 Nichols, Teresa . .. 188 Nowell, Janet . . 93, 167 o Oakley, Michelle O ' Brien, Belinda Oglesby, Cheryl Oldham, Beth . . Overby, David . Overstreet, Debbie .. 56, 57, 175 . . 85, 188 . 82, 167 82, 93, 96, 97, 175 68, 167 56, 57, 64, 67, 78 Overstreet, Greg . . . 124, 125, 175 Owen, Clay ... 16, 82, 97, 175, 223 Owen, Dana ... 16, 73, 82, 97, 188 Pace, Gwen ... 51, 72, 78, 92, 93, 188 Pafford, Judy ... 51, 72, 77, 82, 188 Pair, John ... 97, 167 Palmer, Luanne ... 22, 23, 87, 98, 99, 174, 175, 213 Park, Cristy ... 68, 167 Parks, Bernice ... 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 82, 188 Parks, Leland ... 48, 51, 53, 54, 56, 64, 65, 67, 69, 70, 72, 74, 184, 188 Parrish, Mark ... 68, 167 Parsons, Keith ... 188 Pate, Janet . . . Pate, Sandra . Patey, Mark . . 113, 175 Pattat, Danny 167 . 56, 78, 188 47, 70, 81, 96, 97, 100, 112, 181, Patterson, Bill ... 57, 81, 97, 168 Patterson, Esther ... 67, 168 Patterson, Jennifer ... 168 Patterson, Steve . . . 181 Patton, Nena ... 191 Pearson, Jan ... 28, 30, 73, 93, 116, 11 216 Pendergrass, Mark ... 112, 168 Pennington, Cindy ... 93, 110, 111, 175 Pepper, Ann . . . 188 Percer, Leo . . . 51, 53, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 72 80, 161, 189, 195 Perkins, Donna ... 73, 168 Perrin, Susan ... 68, 70, 175 Phillips, Amy ... 168 Phillips, Elaine ... 68, 168 Phillips, Jan ... 72, 181 Phillips, Roy . . . 189 Pickens, Scarlett ... 31, 93, 168 Pierce, Teri ... 83, 168 Pilant, Stanley ... 95, 168 Pinckley, Kathrvn ... 93, 168 Pinkley, Cathy ... 93, 175 Pinner, Beth ... 175 Pinner, Tom ... 181 Pinson, Lisa ... 168 Pirtle, Julie ... 56, 61, 67, 175 Plunk, Tammi ... 168 Podraza, Janet ... 56, 69, 110, 168 Poindexter, David . . . 168 Pollard, Ann ... 49, 80, 83, 92, 93, 118, 121, 189, 201 Pope, Walter ... 168 Porter, David ... 82, 175 Posey, Sammie . . . 67, 168 Potter, Joy ... 76, 189 Potter, Keith ... 83, 181 Potts, Barry ... 52, 123, 124, 126, 156, 175 Powers, Andrea ... 31, 53, 69, 168 Powers, Scott ... 114, 189 Pratt, Sandra ... 76, 92, 93, 189 Presley, Jay . . . 168 Pride, Kathy ... 70, 76, 178, 182 Prince, Brenda ... 67, 69, 70, 176 Puckett, Barry ... 22, 124, 156, 167, 168 Pylant, Susan ... 51, 53, 54, 72, 74, 75, 81, 189 Pyron, Judy ... 51, 72, 85, 189 Q Quarles, Patricia ... 70, 168 Queen, Glenn . . . 168 R Raines, Carol . . . 168 Rainey, Robert . . . 176 Rains, Terri ... 69, 168 Raley, Vann ... 31, 56, 77, 91, 172, 176 Ramey, Charla ... 58, 82, 182 Ramey, Theresa . . . 168 Ramsey, Johnny ... 67, 176 Randall, Patti ... 168 Randolph, Oleta ... 168 Raper, Catherine ... 176 Rasberry, Andrea ... 60, 61, 64, 66, 92, 93, 189 Rauchle, Steve ... 168 Rawls, Derek ... 91 Ray, Molly ... 176 Raynor, John ... 70, 182 Reasons, Craig ... 23, 67, 168 Redding, Janice . . . 176 Redmond, Leeann . . . 182 Rednour, Christine ... 84, 191 Reid, Janet ... 71, 75, 176 Reid, Nancy ... 77, 182 Reid, Scott ... 168 Reid, Sherri ... 81, 85, 189, 194 Revelle, Jean ... 60, 61, 63, 168, 223 Russell, Lavonda . . . 191 Rutherford, Joe ... 91, 182 Rungsiridacha, Parpot . . . 169 Ryals, Jimmy ... 87, 94, 95, 189 Ryan, Pam ... 56, 70, 189, 196 Reynolds, David ... 94, 95, 182 Reynolds, Elizabeth ... 191 Rhea, Teresa ... 84, 168 Rhodes, Andy ... 23, 56, 57, 67, 79, 168 Rice, Lisa ... 93, 168 Rice, Sharri ... 70, 93, 168 Rickman, Denise . . . 81, 189 Ridenhour, Perry . . . 106, 109, 189 Roach, Max ... 182 Roberts, David ... 56, 57, 59, 64, Roberts, Edward ... 67, 97, 168 191 . 176 . 56, 57, 81, 97, . . 58, 168 189 176 ... 56, 65, ... 93, 168 . 168 . 33, 83, 118, 119, 120, 168 .. 28, 34, 48, 90, 92, 93, 116, Roberts, Lori . Robertson, Jon Robinson, Greg Rock, Valerie . Roe, Betty . . . Rogers, Ava . . Rogers, Donna . Rogers, Tonya . . Rollins, Beth . . . Ross, Brenda . . . Ross, Lu Ann . . 117, 189, 216 Rowe, Floyd . . . Rowland, Denise Rowland, Jimmy Rowland, Sheilia Rowsey, Angie . . Rudd, David . . . Runion, Larry . . Russell, Emily . . 189 i i;s 85, 189 83, 112, 113, 189 ... 56, 58, 169 ... 67, 68, 185, 189 ... 84, 169 . 64, 66, 68, 169 189 . 106, 107, 176 . 84, 93, 191 s Sadler, Elaine ... 182 Sadler, Victoria . . . 176 Sain, Linda ... 191 Samples, David ... 169 Sanderson, Keith ... 24, 56, 57, 58, 65, 79, 94, 95, 187, 189 Sanford, Ed . . . 47, 67, 96, 97, 182, 217 Sargent, Melinda ... 22, 191 Saunders, Frank . . . 169 Sausedo, Michael ... 34, 106, 108, 109, 189 Sawyer, Elizabeth . . . 191 Scarbrough, Anna ... 23, 62, 72, 75, 180, 182 Schanuel, Darla ... 67, 176 Schanuel, David ... 67, 70, 182 Scheller, Maria ... 176 Schools, Greg . . . 169, 176 Scott, Bethany ... 176 Scott, Bret ... 53, 54, 56, 57, 72, 74, 182 Scott, Keith ... 182 Scott, Kim ... 57 Scott, Mark ... 53, 55, 58, 59, 79, 189 Scott, Mary Elaine ... 84, 169 Scott, Mary Helen ... 56, 71, 72, 78, 98, 99, 182 Scott, Mary Marie ... 76, 182 Scott, Stephanie ... 76, 182 Scott, Teresa ... 84, 191 Seaton, Ken ... 81, 169 Seay, Jimmy . . . 189, 223 Sedberry, Joyce ... 77, 182 Sellars, Theresa ... 99, 172 Sellers, Misty ... 28, 116, 117, 176, 216 Senter, Jane . . . 189 Senter, John . . . 169 Sewell, Marilyn ... 191 Sewell, Thomas ... 53, 56, 81, 82, 97, 169, 199 Shanaham, Bonnie . . . 169 Shankle, Janet ... 56, 78, 89, 94, 95, 182 Sharp, Robert ... 63, 81. 86, 182 Shaw, Margo ... 169 Sheehy, Debbie ... 65, 66, 68, 83, 110, 176 Sheilley, Kenny ... 67, 68, 176 Shelton, Sabrina ... 169 Sherrill, Cindy ... 84, 169 Shirey, Wanda ... 182 Shuler, Rusty ... 106 Siler, Ted ... 83, 91, 106, 169 Simmons, Lee . . . 100, 115, 176 Simpson, Cindy ... 48, 68, 78, 87, 92, 93, 184, 189 Simpson, Donna . . . 169 Simpson, Jan . . . 169 Simpson, Jeff ... 83, 87, 90, 91, 106, 181, 182 Simpson, Rita ... 34, 35, 44, 48, 96, 97, 182, 189 Sims, Bill ... 70 Sims, Melissa . . . 189 Sims, Jeannie ... 98, 99, 182 Sinclair, Jack ... 56, 67, 182 Sisco, Carolyn ... 67, 82, 176 Sitton, Susan . . . 176 Skelton, David ... 56, 69, 138, 176 Smith, Alan ... 27, 53, 56, 57, 58, 59, 67, 152, 189 Smith, Anita ... 67, 176 Smith, David ... 169 Smith, Elmer ... 28, 82, 123, 124, 189 Smith, Emily Joyner ... 73, 189 Smith, Jeff ... 169 Smith, June ... 170 Smith, Karen ... 61, 71, 81, 93 Smith, Kelvin ... 27, 56, 57, 59, 70, 79, 83, 175, 176 Smith, Kerry ... 83, 170 Smith, Margaret ... 69, 82, 189 Smith, Mary Elizabeth ... 182 Smith, Janice ... 99, 102, 189 Smith, Paul ... 189 Smith, Robbie ... 63, 70, 76, 170 Smith, Roger ... 82, 83, 112, 113, 189 Smith, Ronnie . . . 106, 107, 108, 109, 181, 182 Smith, Terry ... 67, 182 Smith, Thomas ... 86, 97, 170 Smith, Todd ... 67, 138, 176 Smith, Wendell ... 82 Smithson, Tina Lynn ... 118, 170 Smothers, Charles ... 170 Smothers, Dianne ... 75 Smothers, Jackie ... 70, 176 Snider, Rose ... 67, 68, 70, 85, 176 Sorrell, Kelly ... 56, 57, 58, 95, 170 Sorrell, Paul ... 82, 176 Sowell, Vermelia . . . 176 Spain, Tara Jo ... 84 Sparkman, Christi ... 73, 94, 95, 182 Sparkman, Marshall . . . 182 Spencer, Jan . . . 53, 99, 169, 170 Spray, Kenneth ... 67, 124, 182, 187 68, 170 . . 82, 189 91, 170 ... 182 .. 190 . . 97, 170 . 170 58, 126, 182 183 Stack, Janalee Stafford, Norma Stafford, Phil . . Stanley, Thomas Staples, Charles Staples, Russell . Staples, Sonya . Starkey, Lois . . . Starnes, Janet . . Steed, Fonda . . . Steele, Nan Stegall, Angie . L83 176 . 170 Stegall, Leigh Anne ... 61, 170 191 .. 183 . 77, 144, 176, 190 ... 69, 176 .. 176 .. 56, 67, 69, 81, 170 28, 34, 48, 82, 90, 93, 153, . . 176 82, 176 . . 70, 80, 85, 170 I ,H3 Stegall, Sheila . . Stephens, Jeffrey . . Stephens, Mark . . . Stephenson, Angela Stephenson, Melba Stevenson, Richard Stewart, Angela . . . 176 Stewart, David Stewart, Lisa . . Stewart, Teresa Stockton, Ch arlotte . . Stone, Barbara . . . 190 Storey, Gwen ... 170 Story, Marcia ... 70, 170, 202 Streng, Rod ... 55, 60, 61, 71 Strickland, Donna ... 57, 176 Strong, Thomas ... 67, 72, 183 Stults, Dave ... 170 Sturdivant, Gail ... 183 Sturdivant, Willie ... 170 Sullivan, Jane . . Sullivan, Teresa 75, 76, 190 Sumner, Richard Sutton, Anita . . Swafford, Carol . Swaim, Alicia . . Swearingen, Stephanie 102, 190 Swindell, Terry ... 96, 97, 190, 192 190 . . 24, 51, 65, 67, 70, 72, . . 56, 67, 170 22, 31, 99, 176 . 19, 56, 93, 170 93, 168, 170 64, 66, 82, 98, 99, Talley, Stan ... 182 Tatum, Donna ... 77, 190 Taylor, Barbara Bizzell ... 162 Taylor, Glenn ... 81, 97, 170 Taylor, Jeff ... 67, 68, 70, 176 Taylor, Mark ... 82, 97, 170 Taylor, Mary . . Taylor, Michael 96, 97, 190 Taylor, Michelle Taylor, Robert . Taylor, Sondra . Taylor, Sue 190 . . 34, 47, , 51, 57, 81, 87, . 68, 170, 171 .. 176 . . 83, 99, 102, 110, 170 178, 182, 183 Taylor, Tina ... 51, 56, 67, 68, 72, 190 Terry, Lisa ... 170 Tharp, Patricia ... 67, 176 Thetford, Mike Theus, Sylvia . . Thomas, Carol . Thomas, Cheryl Thomas, Gloria Thomas, Lynda Thomas, Mike . Thomas, Reggie 162, 170, 171, 213 Thomas, Steven ... 190 Thomason, Joseph ... 67, 177 Thompson, Benjamin ... 83, 177 Thompson, Mark ... 67, 177 Thornton, Cathy Thornton, Steve . Threlkeld, Jim . . Tidwell, Barry . . Tidwell, Tommie Tilley, Cherilyn . Tillman, Greg . . . Tillman, Kenneth Tillman, Rickey . Tims, Lori Ann . Tippit, Glenda . . Tisdal, Marilvn . . . Todd, Mark ... 72 Towater, Marsha . . Townsend, Timothy Toy, Linda ... 191 Trexler, Tammy . . . 158, 172, 177 Trimmer, Tammy . . . 177 Troutman, Jeanie . . . 183 . 31, 81, 189, 190 56, 67, 72, 76, 190 176 . . 57, 77, 93, 177 . 177 . 56, 170 83, 106, 108, 109, 181 . . 31, 64, 65, 67, 68, 70, 91, . . 84, 191 . 67, 70, 183 81, 82, 97, 170 122, 124, 125, 126, 127 .. 177 . 177 58 . . . 82, 183 . 170 . 177 170 . 177 Tucker, Gregory Tucker, Natalie . Turnbo, Cindy . . Turner, Cindy . . Turner, Debra . . Turner, Kathy . . Turner, Linda . . Tuten, Donna . . . Tyree, Sherry . . . . . 67, 177 . 171 . 177 171 171 183 64, 171 177 177 u Underwood, Sandy . Utley, Lela ... 177 V 170 31, 55, 64, 74, 81, 93, Varney, Laurel Vaughan, Steve Vaughn, Robert Vest, Karen ... 84 Victory, Peggy . . . 183 Vincent, Gene ... 67, 70, 190 Vopel, Terri ... 171 53, 64, 65, 67, 68, 177, 217 53, 58, 79, 190 w Wade, Vickie ... 171 Webb, Charles ... 171 Wilson, Melissa ... 67, 83, 169 Wadley, Beth ... 55, 171 Webb, Lu Anne ... 52, 93, 96, 97, 177 Wilson, Michelle ... 56, 82, 190 Wakefield, Mike ... 57, 67, 183 Weglicki, Liz ... 51, 65, 73, 83, 118, 121, 190 Wilson, Pam ... 72, 183 Walbright, George ... 177 Welch, Jim ... 190 Wilson, Sandra ... 82, 171 Waldrop, Karen . . . 171 Wells, Richard ... 67, 91, 165, 171 Wilson, Suzanne ... 82, 183 Walker, Carol ... 57, 59, 78, 183, 203 Wenstrup, Cathy ... 191 Wilson, Wendy ... 56, 166, 223 Walker, Conyer ... 67, 190 West, Tim ... 171 Wirt, Kimberly ... 177 Walker, Dewavne ... 91, 171 Western, Kim ... 171 Wisley, Stoney ... 67, 68, 171 Walker, Jeff ... 171 Weston, Kathy ... 191 Wolfe, Kim . . . 183, 194 Walker, Joyce ... 56, 190 Wheat, Tim ... 22, 23, 48, 67, 83, 1 177, 223 Wood, Chuck ... 171 Walker, Meg ... 98, 99, 190 Wheeler, Kay ... 59, 69, 171 Wood, Sandra ... 77, 99, 102, 177 Walker, Mark ... 79, 175, 177 White, David ... 56, 61, 81 Woodhouse, Allen ... 53, 56, 57, 59, 67 , 79 Walker, Michelle ... 64, 69, 70, 171 White, Leigh Ann ... 57, 64, 77, 78, 183 126, 177 Walker, Peggy ... 171 White, Larese ... 171 Woodruff, William ... 95, 205 Walker, Tina ... 25, 71, 72, 183 White, Tammy ... 190 Woods, Jack ... 83, 171 Wall, Robert ... 191 Whitfield, Mary ... 171 Woody, Linda ... 171 Wallace, Cheryl ... 84, 171 Whitlow, Jimmy ... 171 Wooley, Deborah ... 76, 183 Wallace, Kevin ... 70, 177 Whitman, Mary ... 191 Wooters, Brian ... 177 Wallace, Susan ... 190 Whitman, Michelle ... 177 Word, Lance ... 23, 31, 56, 69, 171 Wallace, Wade ... 67, 68, 177 Whitman, Phillip ... 171 Wright, Beth ... 99, 102, 177 Wallis, Steven ... 69, 177 Whitman, Vernia . . . 191 Wright, Mark . . . 106, 109, 190 Walls, Carol ... 56, 72, 78, 190 Whitt, David ... 81, 91, 183 Wuerpel, Carla ... 171 Walters, Lynda ... 76, 190 Wiese, Tina ... 67, 171 Wuerpel, Nancy ... 93, 171 Walters, Rose ... 64, 84, 191 Wilkins, Tracy . . . 100, 114, 115, 178 , 183 Wyatt, James ... 171 Ward, Fred ... 190 Williams, Brenda ... 183 Wyatt, Robert ... 183 Ward, Glynda ... 157 Williams, Cynthia ... 177 Wyatt, Sharon ... 171 Ward, Melinda ... 75, 82, 190 Williams, Gaybreia ... 69, 70, 171 Ward, Melissa ... 183 Williams, Gayle ... 190 Y Warford, Denise ... 177 Williams, James ... 97, 177 Warner, Shirley ... 80, 85, 190 Willians, Jerri ... 47, 82, 93, 171 Warner, Thomas ... 177 Williams, Jimmy ... 67, 69, 70, 171 Warren, Debbie ... 84, 191 Williams, John ... 171 Yates, Mike ... 51, 56, 190 Warren, Rob . . . 47, 82, 96, 97 Williams, Lisa ... 69, 72, 74, 77, 190 Yeldell, Jennifer ... 171 Warren, Walt ... 49, 56, 64, 65, 77, 86, 91, Williams, Marsha . . . 171 Young, Gayle ... 163 144, 166, 172, 177 Williams, Melise ... 19, 31, 99, 171 Young, Michele ... 183 Washer, Jann ... 52, 118, 171 Williams, Pamela ... 82, 177 Young, Paula ... 171 Watkins, Janet ... 73, 171 Williams, Rex ... 81, 82, 183 Younger, Lana ... 87, 98, 99, 165, 171, 213 Watkins, Mary ... 16, 93, 171, 223 Willis, Sheila ... 56, 59, 177 Watlington, John ... 56, 177 Willis, Wade ... 67, 72, 77, 82, 104, 183 z Watridge, Tammy . . . 171, 223 Wilson, Jennifer ... 31, 99, 177 Watson, Scott ... 177 Wilson, Ken ... 60, 64, 65, 67, 73, 8J t, 85, Watson, Wayne ... 33, 124, 125, 126, 127 170, 177 Watt, Mary ... 190 Wilson, Lisa . . . 150 Zeak, Julie ... 61, 64, 84, 177 Weaver, Kelly ... 67, 70, 183 Wilson, Marta ... 93, 183 Zike, Anita ... 67, 69, 177 Development Director Larry Stewart presents President Robert Craig with the largest check ever contributed by a foundation to Union. Community Friends i north Ptaza SHOPPING CENTER WALMART DISCOUNT CITY WE SELL FOR LESS Guaranteed Quality at Discount Prices SHMS-risTSIMS-BCIJS vrCUMMiNGS CO i ' 6o f Shack V " i THE TULIP TREE @tyt f WM B ATH I eEORDOM ACCESSORIES s t tFnn beauty supply ■ c€ iffll res ' Studic| SOfl $| [£ „ VID€0 LIBRARY | : V " 2entaU Sales GROCERIES FOR EMISON ' S BIG STAR Hollywood Shopping Center Jackson, Tennessee Wayne Emison, Owner Phone: 422-3361 " THE ACCOUNT Card means Cash For You With Every Purchase. " National Bank of Commerce MEMBERFDIC lEaHt Union Baptist GUjnrctj THE NATION ' S STUDIO -SPORTS- TEAM PICTURES INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS COMBINATION PACKAGES SUMMER LEAGUES SCHOOL PORTRAIT DIVISION 68 CHARJEAN DR. • JACKSON, TN 38301 Robert Roy Area Manager 901-668-0758 -PORTRAITS- SENIOR PORTRAITS STUDENT PACKAGES CLASS GROUP PICTURES CHARMS COLLEGE PORTRAITS COMBINATION PACKAGE -YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY BLACK AND WHITE AND COLOR GLOSSIES COLOR TRANSPARENCIES SPORTS CLUBS ACTIVITIES f SPECIAL EVENTS BEAUTY REVUES PROMS HOMECOMING DANCES GRADUATION PORTRAITS KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION CLASS REUNIONS SPECIAL PROGRAMS . ELEMENTARY YEARBOOK PROGRAM FUND RAISING PROGRAM I.D. CARDS FILE PRINTS -COMPOSITES- COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL ELEMENTARY FIRST TENNESSEE BANK That ' s Better! JCPenney OLD HICKORY MALL JACKSON, TENNESSEE Store Phone 668-7330 Catalog 668-8008 ceifrure§ AHa,r Studic 668 0746 or 668 7437 Hamilton Hills Shopping Center Jackson, Tennessee KELLY ' S Kelly ' s Foods Inc. 513 Airways Jackson, TN. 38301 Phone (901) 424-2255 " KELLY ' S FOODS WILL STEAL YOUR HEART AWAY " OUR REGULAR SERVICES SUNDAYS Sunday School 9:30 Morning Worship 10:50 Church Training 6:30 Evening Worship 7:30 WEDNESDAYS Fellowship Supper 5:15 Prayer Service 6:00 Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal 7:30 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. R. Trevis Dtey, Pastor 1627 North Highland Avenue Junior Sizes 5-15 Misses Sizes 6-20 " At KATHLEEN ' S We have P.T. " 9 Old Hickory Mall Jackson, Tennessee Open 10-6 Monday-Saturday Buster says " Come to Calvary yy Calvary Baptist Church Now meeting on Union ' s Campus Paul B. Clark Pastor David Stephan Music Youth Life and Happiness Can Be Found at Calvary uu BOOK Roe ' s Petite Bakery Hamilton Hills Shopping Center Jackson, Term. 38301 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., Mon. - Sat. Merle Roc 901-668-1495 ROWE JEWELRY COMPANY, IXC. DIAMOND COUNCILING APPRAISALS ROYCE L. ROWE 205 E. MAIN STREET WILLIAM L. ROWE JACKSON, TENN. 38301 422-1877 Delicious Southern Recipes Plus ICE CREAM PARLOR and SODA SHOP The Fun Place in Jackson RAILROAD MUSEUM Store Hours: Open 8 A.M. Close 12 Midnight Monday through Saturday y i$ weJtiMe4t.. IBERTY Hamilton Hills Shopping Center Madison South Shopping Plaza We Give S H Green Stamps UNIONS Closest Grocery Store 206 N. Royal 1139 Airways Congratulations Graduates From DUFFEY ' S HOME CENTER Hamilton Hills Shopping Center The Store With All Your Home, Lawn, and Garden Needs for the Future KENNETH DUFFEY Phone: 668-1012 ii We Care WHITEHAVEN BAPTIST CHURCH 4800 ELVIS PRESLEY BLVD. AT SHELBY DRIVE Memphis, Tennessee 38116 The SPIRIT of COCA-COLA V - ahke i Company, Inc. 211 E. Lafayette Jackson, Tennessee S 215 N. LIBERTY ST JACKSON, TENN 38301 901-427-1296 cTWoore Studio Portraits are Forever OLIVETTI UNDERWOOD A. B. DICK CO. SHAW WALKER CO. MYRTLE DESK CO. G. F. BUSINESS FURNITURE TOM LAWLER ' S. inc. OFFICE OUTFITTERS 1170 Hwy. 45 Bypass Jackson, Tenn. 38301 Office PH. (901) 668-5565 114 N. CHURCH ST. JACKSON. TENN. 3B30I OFFICE PH. (901) 427-9661 Visit Our Office Furniture Display VINEYARDS Flowers and Gifts 320 E. Lafayette 427-7491 Furniture — — Stereos 313 E. Lafayette Jackson %p National Bank Bring It Home FOODSTORES THE STORE WITH UNION ' S STUDENTS IN MIND Oak Hill Shopping Center Jackson, TN 38301 Telephone: (901) 668-8155 15 Carriage House Dr. Jackson, TN 38301 Telephone: (901) 668-4480 IP Your Happy Shopping Sro JACKSON PLAZA West Jackson Baptist Church Joining together to make the difference for Christ in the lives of students Now and for the Future Dr. John Lee Taylor: Pastor Dr. Walter Taylor: Assoc. Pastor Bob Brian: Minister of Music George Hollander: Minister of Education Carroll Griffin: Minister of Activities Suzette Mason: Children ' s Ministries Sunday School 9:30 AM, Worship 10:50 AM Training Union 6:15 PM, Worship 7:30 PM Wednesday night family supper 5:15 PM Wednesday prayer meeting 6:30 PM West Deadrick at Campbell Johnson 424-1800 Day or Night Phone 668-1059 hamilton hills FLORIST Hamilton Hills Shopping Center Jackson, TN., 38301 Danny Sisson AFS A Warm Welcome and a Friendly Fellowship awaits you at ENGLEWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH Paul E. Williams, Pastor 2239 North Highland 668-1094 4 1 SHOES The Fashion Shoe Center In West Tennessee Old Hickory Mall Jackson, TN Poplar Village Shoes Memphis, TN Raleigh Springs Mall Germantown Mall Memphis, TN Germantown, TN MARKS Sf ROTHENBERG Second to None in Fashion and Service 3 Jackson Plaza Jackson, Tenn. 38301 Phone (901) 423-3779 K 11 ! ■! ■! ■ ■ i in ■ Mmmim . ii uaii ii.ij i,_ij , ,-,,, , ■!ii«!Lt! i !!biftie l8 and ■li h»l II II I rail ! i ? fi | ■ J i «•■ . ' JUa C iii ill!!; CWooddmd baptist Omsk 365 WALLACE ROAD • PHONE (901) 668-5780 • JACKSON, TENNESSEE 38301 A Church in the heart of Jackson with Jackson on its heart Pastor Bob Erv Associate Pastor Ben Wilkes Music Youth Len Kennedy —OTHER MINISTRIES WEEKLY SCHEDULE SUNDAY (A.M.] 9:30— Sunday School 10:50— Worship SUNDAY (P.M.] 6:00 — Warfare Training 7:00— Praise and Preaching WEDNESDAY 5:30 — Fellowship Meal 7:00— Praise, Prayer and Preaching Library, Video, Cassette Tapes • Children ' s Church (Age 4-12) ' Radio Ministr y (WJAK) 9:05 Sun (A.M.) Music Ministry (Youth, College, Adult) » Youth Ministry 1 Deacon Family Ministry ' Family Counselling 1 Singles Ministry —BIBLE STUDIES- Singles Thursday, 7:30 P.M. Teens Monday, 4:00 P.M. Women Tuesday, ' 10:00 A.M. This page represents the end of literally thousands of hours of work; hours spent to make Lest We Forget a true treasury of memories. It is the sincerest desire of the staff that Union ' s yearbook represents your memor- ies, " lest we forget. " Many thanks are due to all who have assisted the Lest We Forget staff. I would like to thank my family for their support, and very special thanks go to my husband, Michael, for his help, encouragement, and understanding. The 1982 Lest We Forget staff has been great, and Anna Scarbrough, my associate editor, deserves much thanks for her tireless devotion. Thanks are also in order to Mrs. Betty Foellinger, as the yearbook adviser, and Joe Westbury for his help in rescuing the staff from many scrapes. As you peer at the memories folded into Lest We Forget ' s pages, remember your days and experiences at Union. Remember and be thankful for your freedoms that you enjoy through your unity with Christ. Laura Lewis

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