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v.y-v , sm zx I btf ft- MM ' ■; 1 1 : . . 1 Hi _ h mm — U- : .1 — 1 . I - . — , - Li • ■ iij - ' - H£bJ 35 S M UNIVERSITY j TABLE OF CONTENTS Campus Life 16 Greeks 50 Organizations 66 Sports 96 Classes 118 Administration 146 Ads and Index 180 Rentage Collection Sunsaaar Library IDS© Union University Br. Jac kson. TN 38305 " Christ in YOU, The Hope of Glory Colossian 1:27 RSV Editor-in-Chief — Sandi Keeton Associate Editor — Kim Bell Adviser — Betty Foellinger Lest We Forget Union University Jackson, TN 38301 Volume LXIII CMMA WATERS SUMMAR LISHART UNION UNIVERSITY JACKSON, TENNESSEE 38301 Throughout our lives we are asked to make decisions. Some are not hard to make and, in fact, can be fun. For instance, do I want to buy a new car, go to a movie, eat an ice cream cone, or ask that cute brunette in my English class for a date? Others, unfortunately are not so easy and require more thought. What do I want to do with my life? How should I live? What kind of goals do I have for myself? We all have to answer these and other questions at some time in our lives. L Xfc Most of us here at Union have found the answer to one question which has made the difference in the answers we give to all of the others. The question referred to is " Is Jesus Christ Your Lord and Savior? " This question has caused a lot of people to stop and think, because it entails so much. The requirements of being a Christian are numerous, although they can be covered in two statements. First, love God with all your heart, mind, and soul; and secondly, love your neighbor as yourself. These two commands, spoken by Christ, cover every problem we might face in our lives. ■ ■ • If we love God with all our heart, all our mind, and all our soul, we will keep our sights set on Him constantly. We will be open to His guidance and direction in what we are to say, to think, to feel, and to do. It is like rowing a boat, if you want to go straight, you must keep your eyes set on a landmark to steer by. If we love our neighbor as ourselves, we will not have as many personality conflict problems as we now face. For if we genuinely love someone else, as we ourselves would like to be loved, we will be more considerate of how we act and what we say to one another. God wants to help us, in any way He can, to reach our full potential. He can do this only by making it possible for us to be in His presence. He made it possible by sending Christ to bridge the gap between God and man. He is not only our Savior, but also our Father. As our Father, He wants the best for us. The Bible says that if God loves His natural creation so much that not a sparrow falls without His knowledge, then how much more must He love man. His greatest crea- tion. God does love us and care for us. He loved us so much that He could not bear for us to live in sin with no way out or to see us forever barred from communion with Him. So He sent His son to die for us on the cross, that we might have life everlasting. Thanks to God ' s love, we have the choice of remaining as we are or accepting Christ into our lives and learning a new way to live. This in- volves a complete change in the direction our lives have been taking. Through Christ, we have made a 180 " turn, and have left our ways of sin to focus our lives, thoughts, and ambitions on Him. Most of us have learned the hard way that becoming a Christian does not make all of our problems disappear. In fact, it often seems to add to them. A higher standard is expected of the person who claims to be a Christian than one who does not. People are not perfect and they make mistakes. So do Christians, for they too are only people, and that fact is largely ignored. The main difference between the Christian and the non-Christian is that Christ is there to help us Christians through every problem that we face. He will not work everything out for us, to be sure, but He will give us direction. Business God ' s word tells us that eye has not seen nor ear heard of the things that the Lord has in store for those who love Him. The Bible is full of promises that God has made to those willing to submit their lives to Him. This is why we are here at Union, because God has called us to a specific service with our lives. God knows what is best for us and what will make us happy. That is why the main thing we must do is to submit ourselves daily to the Lord. We should ask Him what He would have us do with our lives on a day-by-day basis. Then we must have the determination to do what He asks us to do, and to go through doors that He opens for us. So whether it be as preacher, data processor, singer, nurse, journalist, artist, or chemist; no matter what our field of study, God has called us. The main thing is not " what " we do with our lives as much as it is the " why " or purpose of our lives. As long as we are where God wants us to be, doing what He wants us to do, we will find that we achieve the " peace that passes un- derstanding. " We will know the inner joy of walking with our Savior and Creator day by day. -■ ■ We will find that as we live our lives for Him and let Him live His life through us, that this world becomes a better place, others lives are enhanced, and our own lives are enriched. For it is in this way that we may be the happiest that we can be in this world. It is through God ... in Christ . . . in us . . . our HOPE of Glory. John Sholly - r;C s u T ; ; (i ' " ,; A t-cv ' x : Record Class Graduates in 1978 A record class of two hundred and forty-nine students graduated on June 3, 1978. Baccalaureate services were held in the chapel on June 3. The speaker for the service was Rev. Jim Henry of Orlando, Florida. U. S. Represen- tative Robin Beard was the speaker at graduation services. Graduation presented a beautiful ending to a special part of life for those who were involved. For Suzanne Templeton, the day had extra meaning, as she was the first person to begin and complete her education on the new campus. Dr. Craig congratulates Suzanne Templeton. Rev. Jim Henry The terminal is only one of the many stops. Registration Just the Beginning It ' s been said that anything worth having does not come easy. This has never been proven more true than by registration. Hot afternoons, long lines, and closed classes all have a tendency to make a person want to turn around and go home again. These steps are necessary, however, and without a doubt, worth it! Moving in Calls for Strong Backs On August 27, the day of moving in, everything from Volkswagons to U- Hauls could be seen piled high with such articles as garbage cans and ted- dy bears. Pieces of home just seem to make not being there a little easier. Bill Williams assists Cindy Howell as Cheryl Lewis wishes for help. Dr. and Mrs. Craig welcome Jay Kemper and Jeff Moser. President ' s Reception is Social Highlight The first formal event of the year is the President ' s Reception, held in the cafeteria. This is a time when students and administration can enjoy eating good food, talking with old friends, and meeting new people. The reception is held in two shifts so as to allow more time to get better acquainted with those a person does not know and to catch up with the latest happenings of the summer with those who have been out of touch. BSU Fall Retreat Highlights Their Year One of the highlights of the year for the Baptist Student Union is their fall retreat. This year the retreat was held on the weekend of September 13-15 at Tishamingo State Park, Mississippi. It was a time to get to know God, oneself and other BSUers in a greater way. The theme was the " Transparent Life. " The theme carried the idea of letting Christ be seen through the in- dividual not the whole organization. The guest speakers were Dr. David Irby. Joe Layman, and Paul Barkley. il Several BSl ' ers take time to look at God ' s beauty. Many new friends were gained The Baptist Student Union sponsored an apple booth. Variety Spices Mission Fair The BSU has set a goal of $4500 for summer missions this year. In addi- tion they have also set a $5500 prayer goal for summer missions. In order for this goal to be reached, the Baptist Student Union has spon- sored many money-making projects. One such project was the BSU fair which raised $475.53. There was also a walk-a-thon in the spring. Miniature golf sponsored by FCA Chi O ' s " Fishin for missions ZTA ' s " Singing Western Union. " Lambda Chi ' s music trivia contest. ATO ' s fund raising project was an " insult " booth. " Sounds of Music " Featured at All-Sing Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Alpha Iota. Men ' s Independents won first place Men ' s Ensemble. Alpha Tau Omega ensemble " Sounds of Music " was the theme of the 1978 Campus All-Sing. The event was held on November 10 in the G. M. Savage Memorial Chapel and was jointly sponsored by Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Alpha Iota music fraternities. The categories for competition were Men and Women ' s Large Group divi- sion and Men and Women ' s Ensem- ble division. First place awards only were given in each division in the form of a cash donation to the win- ning organization ' s favorite charity. The winners also received a cer- tificate for the purpose of display. Winner of the Women ' s Large Group was Chi Omega, and of Men ' s Large Group was the Independent Men. In the Ensemble division, Chi Omega was first in the Women ' s divi- sion and Men ' s Independents was first in the Men ' s division. Lambda Chi Alpha ensemble Women ' s Independent ensemble Zeta Tau Alpha ensemble Sigma Alpha Epsilon ensemble Chi Omega, winner of women ' s large group. David Steele accepts for Men ' s Independents for large group and ensemble Accepting for Chi Omega is Martha Ford. Winner of the Men ' s large group competition was the Independent Men. Lambda Chi Alpha 4W •; . i IA1I1I1MJ 1 Zeta Tau Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Women ' s Independents Alpha Tau Omega Mr. and Miss Union Ricky Clark and Jeanna Pearson • r s --» N Campus Favorites l! A I Norman Hill and Sylvia Wallace. Cindy Fitch and Donna Bridgman. Ted Hunderup. Steve Gaines and Chuck Maxwell. Mike Williams, Becky Bumpas and Dan Riley. Ricky Dickerson, Teri Young and Glenn Moore. S- I KgSTj xJi " i ' - © i - " " • , i Richard Rice and Larry Murphy. Mike Puckett and Melanie Baker. Karen Smith, Steve Moore and Mike Crook Twenty-Seven Selected to Who ' s Who Twenty-seven Union University seniors have been academic achievement, service to the community, selected to appear in the 1978-79 edition of Who ' s Who leadership ability, and character, explained Vice President Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. for Academic Affairs Dr. Hyran E. Barefoot. Membership in the national organization is based on Donna Bridgeman Richard Clark Sandra Clark Lvnn Edmonson Lynn Enzor Patti Flowers Cindv Hunter Liane Jackson I Jana Johnson Randv Johnson Richard Lambert i Charles McElhannon Rebecca Mcllwain Shelia Mooney Jeanna Pearson Donna Pesnell Susan Powell Jerry Roberts ' Mary Scheffing Sandy Scruggs Toni Simmons Joe Van Dyke Sylvia Wallace Mark Wilson Cheryl Zimmerman i i Faith " Is Theme of Lilies of the Field In the fall of 1978, the Union University Theatre presented the play, Lilies of the Field. The production por- trayed Homer Smith, an ex-G.I. traveling the countryside looking for a day ' s work. He accepts a job to fix a leaky roof for a group of nuns and stays for a while. He leaves and later returns to help the nuns and the local farmers build a chapel. The cast included: Dwight Huffman, Jeff Jones, Gail Langley, Hope Elting, Teresa Coleman, Jeri Replogle, Robert Hamilton, Tanna Sue Morris, Chuck Roberts and Johnnv Eakin. Winter and Spring Productions Are Successful In the winter semester, Union presented a dinner theatre featuring two one-act plays. The first play, Trifles, starred Teresa Coleman, Cindy Baker, Chuck Roberts, Paul Smith and Robert Hamilton. The second play was The Twelve Pound Look which featured Donna Bridgman, Tanna Sue Morris, Cpuck Roberts, Harold Simmons and Mary Schef- fing. Barefoot in the Park, a Neil Simon comedy, was the theatre ' s spring production. The cast included; Gail Langley, Jeff Jones, Susan Johnson, Billy Joe Dunn, Chuck Roberts and Ken Butler. Il£ If A scene from Trifles, a murder mystery Gail Langley and Jeff Jones in Barefoot in the Park. Homecoming Is A Hit in ' 79 Union celebrated Homecoming week February 12-17 with a well-planned calendar of events. The theme for Union ' s Homecoming 1979 was " This One ' s For You. " As a result of this choice in theme, the student body actually did seem to take more interest and become more involved in Homecoming activities than in recent years. Donna Bridgman was highly competent as chairman of the 1979 Homecoming committee. Bulldog spirit soared as the result of an enthusiastic pep rally held Wednesday. This was also the first pep rally of the year, and the student body displayed avid participa- tion. Besides the Homecoming game Saturday night, the men ' s basketball team played two home games during the week with Lambuth and LeMoyne-Owen. They also played at Lane. The women ' s basketball team played at Blue Mountain Tuesday night. Cheerleaders " dunk " the ball. Sandra Fitzgerald and Janice Terry speak at pep rally Elisa Mencer sings the popular disco hit " Last Dance Tracye Young and her many " friends. " The festivities for Homecoming weekend got off with a bang with the third Annual Union University Gong Show. As always this show proved to have excellent and often humerous entertainment for the audience. Bill Kisner was the Master of Ceremonies and last years ' winner Jimmy Seay showed an amazing ability to play the fiddle. This year ' s winner was Richard Wilson, who won a check for $19.79. After the Gong Show there was a Midnight Breakfast in the cafeteria and two full length movies were shown in the chapel beginning at 12:30 a.m. and running until 4:30 a.m. Judges Coach Blackstock, Mr. Luck and Mr. Truex. Saturday morning Zeta Tau Alpha and Chi Omega fraternities held open house in their lodges. This was the first open house held in the new Zeta lodge. At the annual Awards Luncheon, Mrs. Charles Wingo was honored with the Distinguished Faculty Staff Award. Saturday, the annual parade was held. This year was different in the fact that awards were presented to in- dividuals instead of organizations. Zeta alumnae look at scrapbooks in new lodge p imMWtfr E iiff lira First place winner Lambda Chi Alpha. Chi Omega places second in the Hall Displays. ' ni r i j Sigma Alpha Epsilon received Honorable Mention. 1£TR5E Z PUTtM« An important aspect of Homecoming for the students is the Homecoming Hall Displays. Many long, hard hours were put into these displays, and the competition as well as the displays themselves added to the spirit of Homecoming. First place went to Lambda Chi Alpha, with Chi Omega second, Zeta Tau Alpha third, and this year Sigma Alpha Epsilon was awarded Honorable Men- tion. A capacity crowd was on hand to see the women ' s and men ' s basketball games, the highlighting event of Homecoming. The women gained an exciting win over UT-Chattanooga as they beat the Lady Moccasins 80-76. Sandra Lewis Fitzgerald won the Gracie Williams Award. This win was very important for the Lady Bulldogs as it determined their placement in the state tournaments. The men stretched their record to 18-7 when they defeated David Lipscomb College 86-79. Senior Mike Williams was honored with the Charles Schuler Award given by team vote for leadership and sportsmanship. Sportsmanship awards were given to Mike Puckett and Colleen Johnson by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Coach Peggy Birmingham leads her team to victory Homecoming Court. Karen Smith, Judy Leathers, Kim Weatherly, Queen; Terri Young, Melanie Baker. Rounding out the week of activities was the crowning of the 1979 Homecoming Queen, Kim Weatherly. Selected to her court were Karen Smith, Judy Leathers, Terri Young and Melanie Baker. Edd Smith and Mike Williams crown- ed the queen and presented her with her flowers. The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon also presented her with a gift. Ending the evening was the Men ' s Ball game against David Lipscomb. The Bulldogs defeated the Bison thus drawing Homecoming 1979 to a close. Fantasy On March 3, fourteen lovely coeds com- peted for the title of Miss Union Universi- ty. The theme for the pageant was " Fan- tasy " and was under the direction of senior student Ricky Dickerson. Serving as Mistress of Cermonies was Dorothy Benham, Miss America — 1977. The guest entertainer was Miss Tennessee — 1978, Jill Beshears. The program also in- cluded the 1979 Miss Union Pageant Singers and Charles Huffman and the Union University Pageant Orchestra. Judging the competition were Marion Burgess, Miss Tennessee — 1975; Mary Ann Hollingshead, voice major; Bob Mallory, songwriter and producer; Kathy Bell Castilla, Miss Union — 1975; and Robert Hollingshead State Dept. of Education. Special thanks go to Amanda Patton, Denise Stevenson, Benny Scrivner and the many others who helped make this pageant a success. Jill Beshears, Miss Tennessee — 1978 entertains. Miss Union — 1978; Miss Tennessee — 1978 and Miss America — 1977 sing. Dorothv Benham, Mistress of Ceremonies. 1979 Miss Union Pageant Singers. Pam Carter takes her final walk as Miss Union 1978 ffman in talent, Sigma Alpha Iota. Representing the Junior Class is Denise Robinson. Lambda Chi Alpha representative, Lori Applebaum. Terri Ford Young represented the Senior Class. Janet Smith competes in swimsuit for Zeta Tau Alpha. Denise Agee was sponsored by the Sophomore Class. epresents Phi Mu Alpha. Representing the Women ' s Complex, Lynda May. Chi Omega ' s representive, Amy Dedmon. Representing the Student Publications. Sandi Keeton Miss Union University and Court included Denise Robinson, Miss I ' nion, center; Amy Dedmon, left. Third runner-up; Nancy Huffman. First runner-up; Lynda May, Second runner-up; Teresa Williams, Fourth runner-up. Winner of Beverly Williams Talent Award kerson receives a plaque from Miss Brewer. Greeks " TVisOW Panhellenic and IFC Work for Progress of Greeks The National Panhellenic Conference is an organization of twenty-six national sororities banded together for the furtherance of sorori- ty life, scholarship and intellectual accomplishment. At Union, the Panhellenic Council deals with intersorority relations and cooperates with the college in main- taining the social standards of the school. The Inter-fraternity Council is the governing body for the fraternities on campus. Regulations for formal rush and membership recruitment are composed and enforced by the IFC. Panhellenic Council: Linda Dorris, vice-president; Karen Smith. Standing: Sylvia Wallace. Suzy Cartwright. Sandra Loden, Liane Jackson, president. IFC: Dale Mercer, Lambda Chi Alpha; Tommy Naylor, president, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Randy Hicks. Alpha Tau Omega. Standing: Randy VVadlington, Lambda Chi Alpha; Rick Stricklin, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Norman Hill. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Glenn Moore. Alpha Tau Omega; Keith Frazier. Alpha Tau Omega. Fraternity Sweethearts Mindy Fisher, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Queen Lori Aoplebaum, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl All the Greeks Work Together Greeks make up a large part of the life here at Union. There are many different reasons for the es- tablishing of Greeks on Union ' s campus. As a member or pledge, you gain many long-lasting friendships from members and others. You learn how to work with other people while at the same time you are forging a chain of brotherhood or sisterhood that will stand the test of time. You learn to be true to a Christian Creed and to do things for others as well as yourself. Union has five fraternities here on campus. They are: Alpha Tau Omega, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon — Men; Chi Omega and Zeta Tau Alpha — Women. Throughout the year these groups do many types of service projects for both the school and the communi- ty around Jackson. Zeta Tau Alpha sponsors annual All-Greek Reception. XT -M0 1 4i OPEN RARTT % MCNCAY A B TAE Z H ©I KAM NsQn PLTT$X n Zetas display prize-winning Jack-o-Lantern. Chi Omega ' s participate in Fifties Day. Lambda Chi ' s kidnap for ransom in their World Hunger Drive. ••• Officers: Randy Hicks, secretary; Mickey Thomas, chaplain; Rick Clark, president; Gene treasurer; Charlie Bryan, alumni secretary. Stevens, Members: First Row: Joel Washburn, Robin Graves, Rick Wilburn, Tim Row: Keith Frazier, Barry Moore, Ken Griffen, Glenn Moore, Dan Barron, Paul Shearin, Tim Brewer, Wayne Rushing, Kent Powell. Second Denston, Ronnie Morgan, Johnny Growe. A B TA E Z H e I KAM NhOII PLTT$XVfi Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Richmond, Virginia, on September 11, 1865, by Otis Alden Glazebrook, Alfred Marshall, and Mayo Ross. It set as its goals to bring the bond of true brotherhood among men throughout the world. The Beta Tau chapter was started at Union on February 28, 1894. From that time, the fraternity has had a successful history and formed an active part of the campus. This year Alpha Tau Omega has been in volved in many activities, in- cluding the pledging of new members, All-Sing, the Thanksgiving- Christmas Party, and Spring Splash. At the annual Sweetheart Banquet held in Memphis, Miss Karen Smith was named the 1979 Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart. Pledges: Rory Carpenter. Dan Kelly, Don Bowman, Matt McHendry, Jim Welch, Steve Moore, Rick Webb, Jerry Welch, Billy Dungy, Tim Mike Thetford, Gary Abbott, Barry Deloach. Second Row: David Jett, Long. Little Sisters: Kim Weatherley, Terri Young, Krystal Petty, Karen Smith, Young, Donna Dodds, Judy Smith, Denise Agee. Amy Patton, Janet Smith, Donna Pecoraro, Jeanna Pearson, Trayce A B TA E Z H ©I KAM NsOlI PLTT$X (1 Officers; First Row: Donna Dodds, personnel; Cindy Fitch, social chairman; Sandra Loden, rush chairman; Liane Jackson, chapter correspondent; Second Row: Jeanna Pearson, treasurer; Cindy Hunter, secretary; Sylvia Wallace, president; Lisa Meeks, vice president; Susie Hromada, pledge trainer. Members: First Row: Julia Parkinson, Linda Warlick, Kathy Bunch, Meredith Arnold, Terry Brumley, Terry Neely, Cindy Simpson, Pam Diane Douglass, Sarene Hampton, Amy Dedmen, Andrea Rasherry, Amy Bates, Lisa Daniels, Donna Williams, Robin Bentley, Melanie Baker, Patton. Second Row: Libba Buntin, Dewana Stevens, Anne Perrigo, Teresa Jernigan. Chi Omega With its open motto of " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals, " Chi Omega is based on six purposes, with its main emphasis on scholarship. Chi Omega ' s five founders began this sorority April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas. The sorority has the white carnation as its flower, cardinal and straw for its colors, and the owl as its emblem. The Upsilon chapter of Chi Omega here at Union has been active in all campus activities and organizations. On All-Sing night Chi Omega captured first place in both the Women ' s Large Group and Ensemble. jfehi • - I A First Row: Gail Langley, Kathy McClatchey, Tina James, Laura Stringfellow, Debbie Newman. Second Row: Andrea Rasberry, Paula 0 ■ Hampton. Kay Cockroft, Judy Leathers, Nancy Dobyns. First Row: Sandy Pratt, Susan Higdon, Vicki Ward, Nancy Huffman, Susan Blurton, Ruth Ann Dolor, Sherry Wimberly. Second Row: Gina Stanfill, Donna Pecararo, Teri Young, Lu Ann Nancy Blass. Valerie Hunter, Susan Collins. Leeta Thomason, A B TA E Z H (!) I KAM NsQn PLTOTX ' y fl Officers: Robert Hill, secretary; Ernie Burfitt. chronicle; Jerry Roberts, warden; John Brown, correspon- dent; Russell Moss, herald. Second Row: Steve Marks, pledge trainer; Tommy Naylor, president; Tim Hutchison, vice president; Barry Jarnigan, chaplain; Robert Simpson, treasurer. Actives: Joel Brown, Stephen Hale, Russell Moss, Bill Cowden. Second Ernie Burfitt, Jeff Moser, Jay Kemper, Dannis Erwin. Mark Scott, Steve Row: Tim Hutchinson. Tommy Naylor, Jerry Warren, Jeff Kitchens, Marks. Fifth Row: Robert Simpson, Barry Jarnigan, Mike Williams, Nor- Robert Hill, David McCandless. Third Row: Jerry Roberts, Joe VanDyke, man Hill. Howard Young, John Brown, David, Thomas. Fourth Row: Rick Stricklin. A B TAE Z H 01 KAM NsQn P TTftX fi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded on March 9. 1856 at the University of Alabama. The Tennessee Eta chapter at Union was founded a year later on July 4, 1857 — the fifth SAE chapter to be started. Norman Hill presided over the chapter in the fall semester, and Tommy Naylor was president during the spring semester. Nicknamed " The Singing Fraternity " , SAE participated in the Campus All Sing as one of their many activities. Other highlights of the year are Date Par- ties, Founder ' s Day, Splash, and the Fall Coronation Banquet. This year SAE ' s Fall Coronation Banquet was held in Memphis at the 19th Century Club. Mindy Fisher was selected queen for the 1978-79 year. Pledges: Greg Breedon, Reggie Jones, Barry Littlefield. Chuck Roberts. Mike Vaughn. Second Row: Bobby Martin, Terry Swindle. Gordon Bed- ford, Chris Maxwell, Bobbv Wood, Tommy Tucker. Little Sisters: Sherry Wimberly, Donna Bridgeman, Harriet Martin, Paula Hampton, Ruth Ann Doler, Martha Ford, Susan Higdon, Denise Robinson. Second Row: Leeta Thomason, Kathy McClatchey, Cindy Fitch, Liane Jackson, Mindy Fisher, Viki Ellis, Meridith Arnold, Anne Perrigo. Third Row: Judy Leathers, Terry Brumley, Silvia Wallace, Suzy Hromonda, Pam Carter. Amy Dedmond, Angie Moore, Melanie Baker. V B TA E Z H ei KAM NsOn PLTT$X a | Officers: Seated: Gail Argetis, ritual; Becky Whitehead, pledge trainer; Linda Dorris, president; Candy Nevius, vice president. Standing: Sharon Younger, historian; Juli Powell, secretary; Margo West, treasurer; Carol Gaines, corresponding secretary. Members: first row: Susan Hopkins, Judy Pafford, Freida Winkley, Kathy Smith. Lisa Copeland. Kathy Northcutt, Linda Bartholomew, Laurie Forrester, Sonya Studdards, Kim Bell. Second Row: Kim Dean, Janice Moling. A B TA E Z H ©I KAM NsOlI PLTTOXMT Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha was founded on October 15, 1898. at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia. The desire to perpetuate friendship beyond college days was a motivating factor in the founding. The Beta Omega chapter of Union was founded December 12, 1935. The colors of the fraternity are steel grey and turquoise blue: the flower is the white violet, and the open motto is " Seek the Noblest. " This year Zeta Tau Alpha experienced a successful rush, observ- ed Founder ' s Day, and participated in All-Sing. Fun times were date parties, service projects, the Mother-Father-Daughter Luncheon and Spring Banquet. Seated: Colleen Johnson, Teresa Parker. Janet Smith, Janet Evans, Alet- za Parker. Standing: Sherry Carter, Nesha Parr, Kathy Weatherford. Donna Ellis, Anita Benson, Kim Gilbert. Laurie Porter. First Row: Sidonna Parnell, Carla Williams, Mindy Fisher. Second Row: Betsy Buhler, Janie Van Dyck, Karen Smith, Sandi Keeton. k B TA E Z H s I KAM NsQn P TT X fl ! i ft Members Front Row: Tony Brown, Mike Wicinski, president; Jim Witherington, Dr. James Edmondson. faculty adviser; Gary Williams, alumni adviser. Second row: Randy Wadlington, treasurer, Andy Clark, vice president; Phillip Nelson, secretary. Crescents: Toni Lamparter, Debby Jo Jones. Second Row: Dawn Avery. Lori Applebaum. Lesa Stewart. Gayna Smothers. A B TAE Z H ®I KAM NsQn PLTT$X i l J V M V HP Associate Members: Craig Andrews, Trent Smith, Steve Bell, Mark Duggin. Lambda Chi Alpha 3 Lambda Chi Alpha was founded on December 5, 1909. Since then Lambda Chi has become a national, and even an inter- national fraternity, with chapters in every state of the union and also in Canada. The chapter here at Union, Lambda Zeta Zeta, was founded in 1961 by Mr. Jerry Thompson, the first initiate and by other members from the Memphis State chapter. The charter was received on December 5, 1964. At the Fall White Rose Formal, Miss Lori Applebaum was named the Crescent Girl for 1978. £ Associate Members: David John Roberts, Mark Baker, Keith Sanderson, Wendell Wilburn. David Barham. B TAE Z H 01 KAM N On PLTT X a Organizatt J s Ll !o. Vjr. A, The Student Government Association was established to promote better understanding and smoother relations between students and administration. The SGA consists of the Senate, composed of representatives of each campus organization, and a set of officers. During the year, SGA sponsors a welcome party and several movies. Officers: Gail Langley, secretary; Tim Hutchison, treasurer; Barry Jarnigan, president; Jerry Roberts, vice president. Senate: front row: Joe Van Dyke, Tim Hutchison. Gail Langley, Jerry Roberts, Barry Jarnigan. Harriet Martin, Susan Higdon. Second row: Jan- na Johnson, Spencer Pollard. David Barham, Tony Brown, Tim Barron, Ted Hunderup, Betsy Beuler, John Livingston. Third row: Ricky Wilburn. Jeff Jones. Robin Graves. Mike Butler. Patti Hoehn, Jeannie Cook, Gwen Strayhorn. Kathy Northcutt, Sharon Younger, Dana Milam. Fourth Row- Robin Bentley. Ricky Dickerson, Pam Bates, Jane Yount, Kathy Rushing. Hope Elting, Robin Walhs, Becky Nolen, Nancy Blass, Greg Frizzell. Fifth row: Sandra Huggins. Chuck Roberts, Mike Vaughn, Robert Wood, Nor- man Hill, Steve Marks, Rick Strickland, Mark Scott. Ernie Burfitt. Martha Ford. Sixth row: Jerry Warren, Howard Young, Robert Hill, Tom- my Naylor, George Guthrie. Dorm Officers : -m The Dorm Officers of both the men ' s and women ' s complexes play a major part in dorm life. They act as mediators between directors and students and sponsor such events as the dorm Christmas parties. JpllfillP V ...•■-.. . tSStMCir r m Men ' s Dorm Officers. Seated: Ted Hunderup, Mike Williams. Standing: Steve Marks, Jeff Moser. Women ' s Dorm Officers. Seated: Pam Bates. First Row: Sarene Hampton, Debbie Barnett, Sandra Loden, Denise Agee, Tena James. Standing; Bet- Cindy Fitch, Jane Yount. Second Row: Lisa Daniels, Gwen Strayhorn, sy Buhler, Sherry Wimberly, Darla Barnett, Mrs. Julia Walker. Leadership Shows In RLB, Prexy Club The Resident Life Board plays a major part in the student life at Union Universi- ty. Used as a medium for making school life something special, the Board ' s plans for this year included movies, a hayride, and a trip to Opryland. The Prexy Club is composed of all the presidents of campus organizations. The club holds regular meetings, giving members a chance to exchange ideas and practices found helpful in maintaining a successful organization. Resident Life Board. From left: Joe Van Dyke, Sandra Loden, Norman Hill, Cindy Fitch, Lisa Daniels, Ted Hunderup. Prexy Club. Seated, from left: Jeanna Pearson, Kappa Mu Epsilon; Cindy Fitch, Women ' s Dorm: Liane Jackson, Alpha Chi and Panhellenic Coun- cil; Sandra Weaver, Lamplighters; Sandra Loden, Resident Life Board; Ted Hunderup, Men ' s Dorm. Standing: Dr. Clyde Fugate, Mike Williams. Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Henry Simpson, Phi Mu Alpha; Chuck Roberts, Footlights; Barry Jarnigan, Student Government Association; Becky McIUwain, Baptist Young Women; Ernie Burfitt. Sophomore Class; Cindy Walker. Lingui Mundi; Ronnie Moody, Phi Beta Chi; Gail Langley, SGA; Barry Jontz, Alpha Psi Omega; Pam Bates, Rutledge History Club; Norman Hill, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sylvia Wallace, Chi Omega; Deb Lackey, Second Year Nursing; Miss Maggie Nell Brewer, Dr. Robert Craig. -1 Ministerial Association: first row: Rebekah Lowe, Greg Frizzell, Danny Myers, Wilburn Simmons, Robert Tyson. Second row: Wade Vickrey, Kerry Maroni, Wendell Smith, Danny Johnson, Steve Brassell, Livingstone. Mike MA and BYW The Ministerial Association is composed of students who are planning to enter the pastoral ministry. Holding monthly meetings, they strive to provide opportunities for fellowship and inspiration and to help shape and form many of the Christian ideals portrayed on campus. The Baptist Young Women, concerned with the challenge of world missions, are committed to informing others about missions programs of the Southern Baptist Convention. Led by president Becky Mclllwain, the Baptist Young Women offer monthly meetings to anyone interested in attending. Baptist Young Women: first row: Rebecca Blankenship, Mrs. Charlotte Turner, Adviser, Becky Mclllwain, Teresa Coleman, Cory Rexford, Lisa Glisson, Linda Myers. Second row: Debbie Wooley, Lynn Leach, Linda Blankenship, Phyllis Craft, Beth Humphreys, Lisa Freeman, Cam Elliott. Third row: Brenda Best, Lisa Blackburn, Sandra Sullivan, Donna Ar- mour, Carol Acuff, Mary Granger, Lea House, Debbie Meek, Kathy Rushing, Hope Elting, Debbie Boling. BSU The Baptist Student Union (BSU) is the main religious organization on campus. The BSU spon- sors Bible Study on Mon- day night and fellowship on Thursday night of each week. In addition to these ser- vices, the BSU sponsors different programs to meet the different needs of both the community and the student body. The BSU puppet group, The Sonshine Puppeteers, is under the direction of Anita Head. The group travels to different places and this year, will be per- forming at the Youth Evangelistic Conferance in Nashville. BSU Council. First Row: Jeanne Veteto, Paula Fleeman, Suzanne McCarty, Row: Deb Lackey, George Guthrie, Chuck Maxwell, Dave Lewelling, Stand Anita Head, ing, Larry M Mary urphy Phillips. Second Steve Gaines. BSU puppets perform at the BSU Welcome Party in September. BSU Drama Team. Seated: Becky Bumpas, Dave Lewelling, Sherri Reid. Standing: George Guthrie, Tony Hollingsworth, Chuck Maxwell, Dwight Huffman. Children enjoy Backyard Bible Club. The Drama Team is open to all students interested in the theater production with emphasis on Christian drama. The group par- ticipated at churches, chapel programs, and other functions. Backyard Bible Club is under the direction of Mary Phillips. The BBC workers are composed of all interested students. The group works in various neighborhoods and housing projects using a Vaca- tion Bible School format. In the fall, the BSU sponsored a concert by the Regeneration. Tickets were sold with all proceeds going to raise money for summer missions. BSU sponsored Regeneration in concert for summer missions. FCA- CRV The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a national, in- terdenominational organization for varsity athletes as well as those who lettered in athletics in high school. The FCA attempts to help athletes who desire to grow in Christian commitment express faith in Christ in athletics, and share their faith by their participa- tion in athletics. The Church Related Vocations program is a combination guidance and scholarship program for those students committed to full-time Christian service. The program is open to any student committing his life to a full-time Christian vocation. FCA: first row: Beth Hale, Cam Elliott, Karen McWherter, Viki Ellis, Ricky Wilbum. Kneeling: John Livingston, Rodney Chapman, Kim Weatherly, Paula Hampton, Becky Bumpas. Standing: Mike Williams, Denise Robinson, Johnnv Hasick, Tom Welch. Church Related Vocation Students. — Harold Simmons and Donna Bridgman in The Twelv e Pound Look. Footlights and Alpha Psi Omega Footlights is an organization that strives to cultivate the appreciation of dramatic art on the campus and to promote greater interest in dramatic presentation. Membership is open to all students who are interested and have shown talent in speech and dramatics. Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dramatic fraternity. The Union chapter is composed of students who have been members of Footlights and have collected a set number of points in dramatic work. Members of Alpha Psi Omega are: Ken Butler, Berry Jontz, Robert Peacock, Gail Langley, Charles Edmonson, Chuck Roberts, Benny Scrivner, and Denise Stevenson. Footlights. First Row: Susan Crocker, Tanna Sue Morris, Robert Hamilton, Chuck Roberts, Denise Stevenson, Sponsor. Second Row: Ken- dall Berry, Sandi Scruggs, Margo West, Gail Langley, Melanie Marcom. Third Row: Dave Lewelling, Ricky Dickerson, Sandi Keeton, Kan Butler, Hunter Smith, Robert Peacock, Kerry Maronay. Andrew " Tip " Taylor Pre-Legal Society In the fall of 1978, the Andrew " Tip " Taylor Pre-Legal Society was formed at Union University. The club was designed to enhance and ensure the judicial education of college students and to provide the basis of legal understan- ding for the undergraduates. The club is named for Andrew " Tip " Taylor, a graduate of the former law school at Union University. The club ' s traditional meeting night is the second Thursday night of each month. At the dedication dinner in October, the featured speaker was Bill Harbison, Associate Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court. Tim Barron with Andrew T. Tayl Pre-Legal Members: seated: Leo Arnold, associate chief marshall; Dr. James Baggett, faculty adviser; Andrew " Tip " Taylor, club namesake; Bill Harbison, Associate Chief Justice of Tennessee Supreme Court. Stan- ding: Robin Graves, worthy scribe; Jeff Jones, controller of finances; Rick Wilburn, protectorate of policy; Anthony Brown, keeper of the annals. Kappa Pi and Art Guild Kappa Pi is an art organization which seeks to raise the standards of productive art among students and to furnish the highest award for the effort in furthering the best interest of art. Membership is open to students with twelve hours of art with an average of B or above. The Art Guild seeks to develop perception, ap- preciation, knowledge, and discrimination in past and present works of art. The Guild is open to art majors and minors and also to other students interested in the visual arts on a group studv basis. Kappa Pi. Melanie Marcom, Lawrance Wang. Ted Dill, Paul Hamilton. Art Guild. Front Row: Meredith Luck, Instructor, John Eakin, Patti Hoehn, Mike Butler, Melanie Marcom, Darlene Mercer. Second Row: Dr. Patricia Pinson, Instructor, Kim Weatherly, Spencer Pollard, Lawrance Wang, Ted Dill, Paul Hamilton, Grove Robinson, Instructor. Phi Alpha Theta, Rutledge History, And Pi Gamma Mu Union provides history students with three organizations to work with. Phi Alpha Theta is for history majors and minors with at least a 3.1 GPA. Rutledge History Club is open to all history majors and minors. Pi Gamma Mu is open to students ma- joring in social studies. Phi Alpha Theta. First Row: Stan May, Cindy Hunter, Pam Bates, Teresa Luna, Elsie Keeton. Second Row: Dr. Paul Waibel, Dr. James Baggett, Dr. James Edmonson, Steve Duffy, Robert Scott, Larry DeGarmo. Pi Gamma Mu. First Row: Gail Langley, Lisa Daniels, Cindy Hunter, Judy Leathers, Dr. James Baggett, Gail Argetis, Beth Humphreys, Faye Jeannie Cook, Terry Brumley. Second Row: Larry DeGarmo, Leo Arnold, Allen. Steve Duffy. Rutledge History Club. First Row: Jim Witherington, Angela Hooppaw, Hunter. Third Row: Dr. Paul Waibel, Devon Arrington, John Bass, Dr. Tony Brown, Linda Milam, Richard Owens, Pam Bates. Second Row: Dr. James Edmonson. James Baggett, Robert Scott, Larry DeGarmo, Walter Jackson, Cindy - Kappa Mu Epsilon Even president Jeanna Pearson has to study sometimes. Kappa Mu Epsilon, national mathematics society, was organized to promote interest in math and its related fields. The Tennessee Gamma Chapter was established at Union in May, 1965. Eligibility for the group depends on a person having completed at least three math courses while obtaining a high GPA. Front row: Rose Steed, Donna Bridgeman, Sheila Mooney, Lynn Enzor, Jeanna Pearson. Second row: Mr. Richard Dehn, Dr. Jimmy Davis, Joel Brown, Terry Neely, Janie Van Dyck, Tony Phillips, Ronnie Moody, Dr. Joseph Tucker, Lest We Forget Producing Lest We Forget is a year-round process. It begins in the spring when a staff is appointed and work starts on the new book and ends the following spring when the books arrive and are distributed. The sixty-third edition was no exception to the usual frantic rushes to meet deadlines and long hours of schedul- ing pictures, rescheduling pictures, drawing layouts, and writing copy. The sizable growth in Union ' s enrollment in 1978-79 affected the work considerably due to the increased numbers in classes and organizations. Not pictured are Paul Shearin and Tonya Simmons, Sports, and JoAnn Perry, Classes. Linda Bartholomew, Organizations. Betty H. Foellinger, Adviser. I Kim Bell. Associate Editor, and Sandi Keeton, Editor. Sharon Younger, Business Manager. Patti Hoehn, Artist. Mary Scheffing, Administration. Claudia Johnson, Photographer. Carla Williams, Greeks. Linguae Mundi and International Club Linguae Mundi was organized this year to incorporate into one group all language students and those in- terested in foreign languages and customs. The club has weekly meetings with emphasis on foreign lands as well as planning various social activities. The International Club is open to all students who are interested in a better understanding and friendship between students of all nations. Led by president Richard Wilson, the club seeks to provide educational, social, and cultural exchanges among its members. Linguae Mundi. Standing: Darlene Bateman, Linda Bartholomew, Spencer Pollard, Lilliani Costa, Angela Hooppaw. Seated: Diane Allen, Sharon Dickson, Cindy Walker, Lisa Copeland, Kim Bell, Melanie Marcom. International Club. Cynthia Coleman, Milburn Blanton. Ruth Halvarson, sponsors, Michelle Wilson, Darlene Mercer, Richard Wilson, Eugene Osuala, Melinda Ward, Karen Faircloth, Godwin Inyang. Standing: Charles L. Stanford II, Paulette Donald. Gabriel Ume, Livinus Onukwuire, Obi-Tabot Eliot. Sociology And Phi Beta Chi The Sociology Club, social science organization, is under the direction of Dr. Lytle Givens. The club is open to all majors and minors in sociology who have completed at least six hours of sociology or are enrolled for six hours in the department. Phi Beta Chi, physical science club, is open to all students with a 3.0 GPA who have completed sixteen hours of biology, chemistry, or physics. Associate membership is open to those with a minimum of eight hours. Sociology Club. First Row: Laura Stringfellow, Sonya Dodd. Second Row: Terry Brumley, Gail Langley, Suzy Cartright, Pam Murphy, Pat Patey. Third Row: Debby Jo Jones, Robert Williams, Lisa Williams. Phi Beta Chi. First Row: Tony Phillips, Karen Smith, Janet Evans, Gail Martin, Lisa Moore, Rose Steed, Mrs. Elsie Smith. Second Row: Dr. Charles Baldwin, Steve Cheeseman, Terri Neely, Janie Van Dyck. Barry Jarnigan, Dr. Jimmy Davis, Jerry Roberts, Ronnie Moody. STEA The Student Tennessee Education Association is the largest professional organization in which students and teachers work together to advance the cause of education. Led by president Richard Lambert and sponsor Miss Paula Curlin, the Union chapter of STEA strives to prepare student teachers for the responsibility of educating others. Mrs. Nora Smith of the Education Department serves Teresa Oakley at the STEA Student Teacher ' s Reception. STEA. Seated: Cindy Hunter. Bill DeLoach, Carol Huffman. Kathy Em- ory, Becky Mclllwain, Kay Dorrough. Second Flow: Lisa Lovelace, Sandra Clark, Debra Alexander, Susan Smith, Miss Paula Curlin. Tammv Han- cock. Teresa Oakley. Debbie Dyer. Third Row: Sephira Bailey, Faye Cogdell, Libby Hardee. Debbie Metcalfe. Anita Head. Linda Edgar. Don- na Pesnell. Susan Craig, Richard Lambert, Tony Brown. Lamplighters i The Lamplighters is an organization of nursing students which fulfills the nursing program both educationally and socially. Bi-monthly meetings provide the students with the opportunity to hear different lecturers and topics deal- ing with the medical field. Lamplighters aids the students in assuming their responsibilities as Registered Nurses, and provides development in a Christian atmosphere for its members. Lamplighters. First Row: Donna Boykin, Marilyn Walton, Sandra Weaver, Sherrie Wimberly. Second Row: Judy Travis, Robin Walls, Lib- by Hurt, Cheryl Baumunk, Cheryl Reasons, Teresa Weaver, Third Row: Julie Harvey, Debbie Lackey, Nancy Rushing, Sherri Reid, Cathi Hayes, Maxcine Leak, Alma Winbush, Joyce Boone, Fourth Row: Jan Priddy, Anne Thompson, Kay Burkeen, Connie Mitchell, Mary Bullock, Mitzie Pipkin, Gina Stanfill, Kathy Gurley, Phyllis Dougan. Fifth Row: Lee Taylor, Mary Taylor. Cardinal and Cream The Cardinal and Cream is published by the Jour- nalism department of Union University and is printed monthly. The newspaper covers all campus news in addi- tion to some local and national features. The Cardinal and Cream strives to accurately portray Union ' s campus through the printing media as well as welcoming com- ments from the student body. Lisa Daniel Editor-in-Chief Mary Scheffing and Andy Clarke. Fall and Winter Associate Editors M w h Tlia ri M R nkT 7» : s .i. b«hb n s fj ■ i issa ft • Jeff Moser, Business Manager, talks with Dr. Agee. Mrs. Betty Foellinger, Advisor, Linda Bartholomew, Spring Associate Editor. Dennis Schilling. Sports Editor. til ■ ? nWwvSU J% i ■ Staff Writers, Fall. Lisa Thompson, Angela Butler, Linda Bartholomew Staff Writers, Spring. Harold Murphree, Jay Kemper, Lee Ann Smith, Rodney Chapman. Staff Writers, Spring. Rick Webb, Dave Lewelling, Renita Staff Writers, Spring. Connie Newbill, Penny Braden. Front, Carl Camp. Seated: Elisa Mencer, Angela Bivens. Ellington, Owen Cobb, Cindy Walker. Staff Writers, Fall. Tim Clark, Laura Fuller, Tony Hollingsworth, Lynda May, Cfndy Hyde, Joe Graves. Staff Writers, Fall. Alan Peyton, Andy Clarke, Cheryl Lewis. Honors and Alpha Chi Alpha Chi is a na- tional scholastic fraternity. Members in the club include those people ranking in the top ten percent of the junior and senior classes. Members must main- tain their grade point averages to be reinstated each year. The Honors Pro- gram, an academic organization, was es- tablished at Union in 1975. Entrance into the program is based on ACT scores, a 3.0 GPA, or self-election. Honors. Seated, from left: Suzanne Belew. Robert Wood, Cynthia Rogers, Karen Faircloth, Andy Roby, Jimmy Kirk, Jane Yount, Ernie Burfitt, Susan Higdon, Lisa Meeks, Norman Hill, Nancy Blass, Kirby Johnson, Susan Crocker, Dwana Stevens, Beth Smith, Margo West. Standing, from left: Tad Crocker, Sandy Scruggs, Libba Buntin, Anne Perrigo, Danny Wilson, Cathy Bunch, Terry Neeley, Dr. Patricia Pinson, Adviser. Alpha Chi: Mary Scheffing, Susan Powell, Shelia Mooney. Richard Lambert, Lynn Enzor. Robert Byrd. Danny Johnson, Terry Neeley. Linda Warlick, Lisa Meeks, Dr. Ernest Pinson. Adviser, Liane Jackson, Gail Langley, Barry Jarnigan, Mark Scott, Cindy Baker, Cam Elliott. Russell Moss. Judy Harvey. Tony Phillips, Gail Martin. Joel Brown, Janet Evans. Symphonic Band Demonstrates Talent The Symphonic Band, under the direction of Mr. Charles Huffman, is the formal performing band on Union ' s cam- pus. Composed of students with excellent musical talent and dedication, the band presents both a fall and spring concert plus concerts for such special events as Campus Day. Mr. Huffman directs the band. Symphonic Band. First Row: Susan Crocker, Judy Smith, Sylvia Wallace, Dr. Lynn Seipp, Angela Hooppaw, Mark Scott, Nancy Huffman, Rhonda Murrah, Lisa Cox, Martha Ford, Lisa Meeks, Jane Yount. Second Row: Mindy Parsell, Mark Branson, Cecilia Townsend, Kim Gilbert. Hunter Smith, Greg Mayo, Craig Andrews, Rusty Curbow, Robert Simpson, Larry Carson. Third Row: Dr. Kenneth Hartley, David Barham, Andy Roby, Janet Thompson, Rick Isbell, Scott Andrews, Amy Patton, Henry Simp- son, Allen Smith, Trent Edwards. Fourth Row: Teresa Williams, Randy Hicks, Neil Wadlington, Ricky Dickerson, Paul Clark, Mr. Charles Huff- man. Stage Band The Stage Band is under the direction of Mr. Charles Huffman. Showing their ver- satility, the Stage Band adds excitement to the Bulldog basketball games and yet helps set the mood for the Miss Un- ion Pageant. The Band also displays their talent by presenting concerts for such oc- casions as Campus Day and chapel programs. Stage Band. First Row: Randy Hicks. Craig Andrews, Greg Mayo, Cecilia Townsend, Hunter Smith. Mark Branson. Second Row: Paul Clark. Neil Wadlington, Trent Edwards, Randy Martin, Larry Carson, Kusty Curbow. Third Row: Bobby Mahone, Mike Crook, Ricky Rogers, Henry Simpson, Scott Andrews, Ricky Isbell, Janet Thompson, Fourth Row: Andy Roby, Mary Jo Davis, Teresa Williams, Vicki Ellis, Elisa Mencer, Mr. Huffman. f - ■ J • Singers The Union University Singers are the main touring musical group on campus. Gaining membership by audi- tion only, the Singers practice all year for their annual spring tour, which has included such places as Washington, D.C., Hawaii, and Canada. The Singers are under the leadership of Ricky Clark, president, and are directed by Dr. Kenneth Hartley. Accompanist for the group is Mindy Parsell. Dr. Kenneth Hartley, director. Singers. First Row: Mindy Parsell, Dianne Armour, Susan Johnson, Ann Rayburn, David Steele, Robin Bentley, David Barham, Mary Jo Davis, Mike Crook, Liane Jackson, Mike Vaughn, Denise Robinson, Sandy Booker. Second Row: Becky Spiegal, Martha Ford, Nancy Huffman, David John Roberts, Gwen Bell, Alan Smith, Carol Gaines, Paula Fleeman, Sylvia Wallace, Debbie Boling, Dean Armour, Nancy Dobyns. Third Row: Hunter Smith, Kevin Hamilton, Nancy Blass, Ken Butler, Teresa Williams, Henry Simpson, Mark Branson, Jetta Jimerson, Mark Scott, Paul Smith, Linda Warlick, Chuck Roberts, Trent Edwards. Fourth Row: Dr. Hartley, Garland Young, Ricky Dickerson, Rusty Curbow, Tom Lillard, Don Davidson, Andy Roby, Ricky Clark, David Holmes, Scott An- drews, Rick Isbell. Covenant And Proclamation The newest musical group on cam- pus is Covenant, under the direction of Dr. Larry Smith. Composed of music majors and minors, each member of the group is also involved with the Union University Singers. A public relations group, Covenant per- forms at churches and banquets, and is planning a trip to Texas in the spr- ing. Proclamation, one of the most prominant music groups on campus, is composed of specially selected music majors. Used for public relations pur- poses, the group is under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Hartley and is accom- panied by Martha Ford. Covenant. Front Row: Mary Jo Davis, Vicki Curtis, Dianne Armour. Teresa Williams, Chiquita Duke. Second Row: David John Roberts, Berry Jontz, Tom Lillard. Ken Butler. Proclamation. First Row: Paula Fleeman, Sylvia Wallace. Martha Ford, Sandy Booker. Second Row: Kirby Johnson, Andy Roby, Ricky Clark, Kevin Hamilton, Dr. Kenneth Hartley. 11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111 Chorus Open to any student, the Union University Chorus per- forms two major works every year. Under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Hartley, the Chorus performed King David by Honegger in the fall and What is Man? by Ron Nelson in the spring. 111 - ■ • mi Ui%M Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota is the largest and Dldest music fraternity for women. Membership is based on scholarship and musical ability and is open to women working towards a major or minor degree in music. The Gamma Sigma Chapter at Union seeks to promote well-rounded and well-trained professionals in the music field. Officers, from left: Lisa Meeks, editor; Liane Jackson, vice president; Nancy Huffman, treasurer; Gwen Bell, chaplain; Nancy Dobbins, corresponding secretary; Chiquita Duke, president; Vicki Curtis, recor- ding secretary. Sigma Alpha Iota, first row: Gwen Bell, Mary Jo Davis, Lisa Meeks, Vicki Curtis, Robin Bentley, Sandy Booker. Carol Gaines. Liane Jackson, Ppula Fleeman. Second row: Teresa Williams. Sylvia Wallace, Martha Ford, Linda Warlick, Donna Williams, Nancy Huffman, Cathy House, Nancy Dobbins, Kathy Grubbs. Seated: Chiquita Duke. Phi Mu Alpha Officers: Henry Simpson, president; Ken Butler, vice president; Chuck Roberts, Chris Freeman, Hunter Smith, Andy Roby, Dennis Brooks. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a men ' s professional music fraternity. It is designed to increase general student interest in the field of music while at the same time allowing students to increase their own musical skills. Members: Front row: Kirby Johnson, Chris Freeman, Hunter Smith, Butler, Mark Scott, Rusty Curbow, Tom Lillard, Andy Roby, John Mark Chuck Roberts, Henry Simpson. Second row: Ricky Dickerson, Ken Wilson, Dennis Brooks, Steve Kincaid, Randy Martin and Berry Jontz. W» MW ' iiHft W rtf ' n A .i.v w, . I, l.A Mw c .• - ft h -1 ' W£ M--A- • , v.. " Take Me Out to the Ballgame " The 1977-78 Union Baseball Team failed to live up to pre- season expectations, according to Coach David Blackstock ' s roster, the Bulldogs sported one of the best hitting teams seen around Union in some time. However, the field positions and the mound were not covered as well; therefore, the team was to finish the season with a 13-18 record. In the tournament action Union University wound up the season with a 5-8 VSAC record which left them in a fifth place ranking in the Western Divisio n. Key victories were a 9-2 win over rival Lambuth College and an 11-10 come- from-behind win over Memphis Christian Brothers College. Men ' s Baseball Team: First row: Johnny Cole, Mike Thompson. Kent Powell, Mickey Thomas, Charlie Bryan, David Gregory, James Chandler. Second row: Carl Ellington, Keith Frazier, Joe Graves, Johnny Harden, " , - . - Wayne Alexander. Matt McHendry. Terry Odom, Mark Johnson. Third row: Rick Webb, Steve Davis, Mike Puckett, Tom Welch, Rick Johnson, Phil Johnson, Bruce Clark. The heart of the Bulldogs ' defense stands alert as Rick Johnson delivers i curve ball. I Third baseman Johnny Cole tags out a Lemoyne-Owen runner attempting to steal. The Bulldog batter watches the results of a perfect swing. Joe Graves fires to the plate while Charlie Bryan holds the runner at first. A Bulldog runner scores standing up. Rick Webb slides safely into third. Mickey Thomas nurses his throwing arm after a hard day of practice. The Bulldog second baseman waits for a throw from first base so he can nail the runner in a run down. David Gregory is a one-armed bandit during practice. Mickey Thomas waits for his pitch. Women ' s Tennis Team Is Formed In the spring of 1978 a Women ' s Tennis Team was formed at Union University. Until then, in order for a woman to play, she had to compete for a spot on the men ' s team. The new team was coached by Mr. Bill Truex and Mr. Ray Vunk. The inexperienced team put forth a remarkable effort and showed a great desire to achieve. Women ' s Tennis Team: Front row: Cheryl Zimmerman, Nan Rhodes, Karen McQuerter, Kathy Northcutt. Second row: Bill Truex. coach, Sheila Mooney, Becky Bumpas. Kim Weatherly, Sandra Arnold, Ray Vunk. Men ' s Tennis Gains New Talent Men ' s Tennis Team: Front row: Dennis Schilling, Howard Young, John Mark Wilson, Billy Joe Dunn, Roger Smith. Second Row: Ronnie Morgan, Jeff Jones, Doug Stephenson, Chris Maxwell, Coach Bobby Hart. This year Bobby Hart became coach of the Union Univer- sity Men ' s Tennis Team. With more new faces than old, the team has had an encouraging start. Joining returning lettermen Ronnie Morgan, Jeff Jones, Howard Young and J. Mark Wilson was Billy Joe Dunn, a sophomore transfer from Brewer State Jr. College in Fayette, Ala. Other transfers were Dennis Schilling, a junior from U. T. Martin, and Doug Stephenson, a junior from Samford University. Rounding out the team were newcomers Roger Smith and Chris Maxwell, both freshmen. Golf Four new golfers and four players from last season ' s squad comprised this year ' s golf team. Coach Don Morris was confident that newcomers Ragland Jones, Eddie Kitchens, David Haddad, and Gary Morgan would help the team improve last year ' s regular season record of 3-5. During the season, Bulldog golfers had ten matches, including those against VSAC com- petition. In addition to the VSAC tourna- ment, the team participated in the Tennessee Intercollegiate Athletic Conference tourna- ment and the National Association of Inter- colligiate Athletics district tournament. John Glenn decides to practice his swing. Golf Team: Left to Right: Gary Morgan. Jeff Kitchens Kitchens. Mr. Don Morris, Coach. John Glenn. Ragland Jones, Ronnie Stallings, David Haddad. Eddie ' Gimme a U . . . ' Cheerleaders: Left to right: Susan Higdon, Denise Agee, Melanie Baker. Donna Dodds, Leeta Thomason, Jeanna Pearson, Don- na Pecoraro, Vicki Ellis. Cheerleaders are an important asset to team morale. The 1978-79 cheerleaders proved themselves very competent in generating school spirit. In the fall, they observed the an- nual Red and White game by wearing 1950 ' s style uniforms all day. They helped to rouse the spirit of the stu- dent body and the teams during a bonfire and then at the basketball games. Men ' s Basketball The men ' s basketball season was tipped of with the play- ing of the Red and White game in which the players showed much promise of what could be expected in the future games. Coach Jim Swope, at his fourth year at Union, has hopes of bettering last year ' s record of 20-11, the best record for Union in over a decade. However, even though the team has four returning veteran starters, Coach Swope felt the schedule would be too tough for the men. Included in the schedule were three tournaments plus a post-season Volunteer State Athletic Conference. The Bulldogs added some new competition to their schedule this year — Lincoln Memorial University and cross-town rival Lane College. Men ' s Basketball Team: Front Row (Kneeling): Terry Romaine, Kenny Lloyd, Tim Allred, Mike Owens, Steve Moore, Rory Carpenter. Back Row (Standing): Coach Jim Swope, Ronnie Lofton, Tom Welch, Richard Rice, Mike Williams. Edd Smith, Mike Puckett, Rick Johnson. Paul Shearin (Statistician). Not Pictured: Leslie Irby, Howard Smith. Union Students Have Sneak Preview of Men ' s Basketball Action. Reds vs. White The Union University Bulldogs opened the season with high hopes at the Tennessee Wesleyan Tournament. Luck was against them that night as they dropped a 94-85 deci- sion in a hard-fought battle. The next night Union rebound- ed with a 115-104 upset of host Tennessee Wesleyan in over- time. Richard Rice was selected to the All-Tournament team. Returning home, the Bulldogs again experienced bad luck in the opening round of the Bicentennial Exchange Tournament. The Bulldogs led most of the way, but ended up giving Freed-Hardeman an 84-79 win. In the consolation game, Union blasted cross-town rival Lane College by the score of 93-69. Kenny Lloyd was Union ' s representative on the All-Tournament squad. Dissatisfied with a meager 2-2 worksheet, the Bulldogs then proceeded to reel off five straight wins. They found revenge against Freed-Hardeman by blasting them 85-71 on the homecourt. Ronnie Lofton hit 24 points to spark the win. The Bulldogs then faced a tough game against Lincoln Memorial University who was ranked sixteenth in the na- tion. The team defeated LM 83-73 to compile a 4-2 mark at the Christmas break. Union University started off the new year at the Dixie Tournament at Southwestern at Memphis. The Bulldogs broke their tournament jinx by besting Millsaps 81-86 in the opening round, then took the championship over ninth ranked Southwestern by the score of 83-74. Steve Moore made the All-Tournament team for Union, and Kenny Lloyd was selected as Most Valuable Player. The Bulldogs returned to Memphis a week later where they trounced Christian Brothers College 82-65. Union then traveled to Nashville only to lose a tough 71-68 decision to Trevecca Nazarene. Returning home, the Bulldogs made it 8-3 with a 76-71 victory over Belmont College. Then it was on the road again as Union traveled to Memphis to challenge highly regarded LeMoyne-Owen. In one of their best defensive games of the year, the Bulldogs licked the Magicians 76-67. The mighty Bulldog squad then dropped a 92-96 squeaker to Lambuth College which set the stage for one of the most memorable games of the year. Union University had not won a game on Freed- Hardeman ' s home court in 26 years. Determined to erase that stigma, the Bulldogs out-played, out-rebounded, out- hustled, and out-scored the Lions, 97-86. Richard Rice and Steve Moore double team the ball. Ronnie Lofton connects with a foul line jump shot. In their next encounter, the Bulldogs took an 84-83 win over Bethel in one of the most thrilling games of the year. Union went on to beat Southwestern and Lane, but then dropped a game to David Lipscomb. Union won over Bethel, Christian Brothers, and Belmont to set up a match with league-leading Lambuth. The Eagles proved unstop- pable as they bested Union 97-89. After losing a game to Lane, the Bulldogs ended the season by besting LeMoyne- Owen, David Lipscomb, and Trevecca Nazarene. In the VSAC tournament Union lost in the second round to LeMoyne-Owen which brought the season to a sudden halt. Union finished the season with a 20-8 mark. It was the first time that Union had ever had back-to-back 20-game win seasons. Ronnie Lofton sinks it. S V H Lady Bulldogs on the Go Lady Bulldogs. Kneeling: Marilyn Johnson, Melinda Newman, Colleen Johnson, Sandra Lewis Fitzgerald, Kim Lampkins, Ann Pollard. Stan- ding: Coach Peggy Birmingham, Carolyn McHaney, Liz Weglicki, Sally Paire, Janice Terry, Lee Ann Smith, Beverly Pryor, Marva Rawlings, Nan Rhodes, manager. Lady Bulldog Coach Peggy Birmingham has come close to, if not already, establishing a dynasty at Union Universi- ty. Faced with the problem of only half of the team ' s players returning from last season, she undauntedly led her Lady Bulldogs to an early 7-1 record en route to another successful season. The team was led in scoring this year by senior guard Sandra Lewis Fitzgerald and sophomore sensation Colleen Johnson. Janice Terry and Beverly Pryor added reboun- ding power as well as extra scoring punches. Kim Lampkins, a freshman, proved to be exceptional at the guard position. Steady bench strength was a key factor in the team ' s success this season. Marva Rawlings proved to be a domi- nant player this year and was a spot starter for the Lady Bulldogs. Sally Paire provided extra board strength along with newcomers Lee Ann Smith and Liz Weglicki. Marilyn Johnson improved greatly at the forward spot, while new- comers Melinda Newman and Ann Pollard proved themselves at the guard position. The Lady Bulldogs opened the season at home with a 106-40 trouncing of Mississippi Industrial. After dropping a 102-86 to a tough Ole Miss team, the Lady Bulldogs won six in a row to post a 7-1 record at the Christmas break. That streak included a 105-68 rout of Mississippi State Champs, Blue Mountain College. Fitzgerald led the team with 26 points. The Lady Bulldogs then scored a big win against Middle Tennessee State, ending the Blue Raider jinx. The Lady Bulldogs bested MTSU 91-80. The Lady Bulldogs opened winter term with a loss to UT Chattanooga by two points, but gained a win over Covenant College, where sophomore Colleen Johnson set a new school scoring record with 39 points. Two wins followed before the Lady Bulldogs lost two more to MTSU and Belmont. Following wins over LeMoyne-Owen and Lambuth, the Lady Bulldogs went into the second LeMoyne-Owen game with a 12-4 record. The Lady Bulldogs " warmup " before the big game. Janice Terry scores on the rebound. Lady Bulldogs Show Early Promise Of a Good Season Janice " Stretch " Terry jumps for the tip-off against Belmont. Beverly Pryor outjumps the defense and adds two points to Union ' s score. Vl - u J 1 f 4 WSM - " . M22g p _ H m . fir 4 ' jflp it f » iJi Marva Rawlings puts the shot up and makes it good for two. Sandra Lewis Fitzgerald brings the ball down as she con- templates her shot. Colleen Johnson fights for the rebound. « n Coach B. ' s bench is ready, willing and able. i Kim Lampkins guns for two. The Lady Bulldogs next took on LeMoyne-Owen and bested them 84-62. Then they went on to win their last six games of the season. The Lady Bulldogs closed their season in style when they beat UT-Chattanooga at Homecoming. In the VSAC Tournament, Union gained an easy 80-38 first-round victory over Christian Brothers College. In the second round Union lost to revenge-minded Lambuth by the score of 78-72. In the AIAW State Tournament, the Lady Bulldogs beat Tusculum which allowed them to gain a sweet 74-65 revenge over Lambuth. Union dropped the final match in a one-point thriller to UT-Chattanooga, 81- 80. The Lady Bulldogs 7-1 VSAC record gave them a first place finish in the Western Division. Senior Sandra Lewis Fitzgerald scored well over 2400 points in her career — the all time leading scorer in Union basketball history. r : — e 1 I in — 1 ,% Intramurals The Intramural program is designed for all students who wish to participate in sports with the college community. It provides for physical activity as well as competition among its participants. Flag football, volleyball, basketball, and soft- ball are major team efforts, and individual competition is offered as well. 1 ill ■1 3 £! 9 It e i iP Hnf IK 8tort(f)f 3 t Sunt t tf J V SAE and BSU battle it out in footbali Chi Omega and BSU show their skills in volleyball. We ' re Number One! Union ' s Tin Cup Team. CI as ses ■ iiiiaiiiiiuiiti ■ Hill ■mini in ■ IIIIIBIIIIIIIIIt imiiniiiniiiiii piijuiii-.issiiiiia! iiiiiiniiiiiiiim minimi iim timti ■!■•!!•■•••■ •••Mil l •■III II an it •■ill Ml ■•■■II || | ■ lllllliaillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll II inniaJl itlllBlliiiHiitiiiiiiiiaaiinin i!!!!! 1 ! " 1 1 " 1111 " iiiiwuitiiiiiiiiuiiiiiniii I! ! I !!!!!!, " ! ! M immiiiiiiiimimiiiiHii ;■■■; ;■■■ ■■■■; ■« ■ " ■•■■■■■■■•■iiaBiHianinii !!!! !!!!! ' ! " ' Ui ' »iiiiiHmiiiiuiiui llllillllllllllll ' l i II Ulliiiaiu a tin ■ ■•• • ..••• ■mill iiiiiiiiiii minimi!!!!:;;;::::!:!!!!!: tii:3:S:iE = B ■iniii ' iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! ' .! L ' J! !!!!!! " jihwhiiiiiiih ill. !!!! ' ■ !•■■■•! ■•■•■■■li ■•■!•■ a a ■■•■•• Elltlillllliiaiiiiiiiiiaiiaiuiaiatiian ' ■ ' •• ' •■• ' " ' •• " ■ " ■IIIIIIIIIII _■! ' ■■•■■■ II ■! II II ■■ lllll«I»lii«lll««l SENIORS Senior Class Officers; Joe Van Dyke, vice president; Cindy Fitch, secretary; Glenn Moore, president. Not pictured, Sandra Fitzgerald, treasurer. Carol Acuff, Parsons, Tn. Bill Alexander, Memphis, Tn. Debby Alexander, Nashville, Tn. Laquanda Allen, Henderson, Tn. William Allen, Camden, Tn. Margaret Anderson, Clemson. SC Scott Andrews, Memphis, Tn. Dianne Armour, Paris, Tn. Leo Arnold, Halls, Tn. Tonya Kenney Arnold. Dyersburg, Tn. Sephira Bailey. Jackson, Tn. Mike Bain, Gates, Tn. Cynthia Baker, Lexington, Tn. Paul Barkley. Dyer. Tn. Glenda Barnett, Trenton, Tn. Tim Barron, Dyer, Tn. Pam Bates, Parsons, Tn. Cheryl Baumunk, Jackson, Tn. Susan Bedwell. Savannah, Tn. John Beck. Jackson, Tn. Judith Bishop, Bolivar. Tn. Twila Black, Memphis, Tn. Perry Blakeman, Huntingdon, Tn. Sandra Blalock, Jackson, Tn. Tammy Kay Blankenship, Lexington, Tn. Deborah Bledsoe, Marion, Tn. James Bond, Ripley, Tn. Teresa Bottoms, McMinnville, Tn. Joyce Kay Boone, Jackson, Tn. Donna Bridgeman, Fairview Hgts., II. Patricia Brock, Jackson, Tn. Louise A. Brown, Trevose, Pa. Terry Brumley, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Becky Bumpas, Memphis, Tn. Cary Bunt, Lawrenceburg, Tn. Jane Burk, Jackson, Tn. Anne M. Burnett, Jackson, Tn. Richard E. Burrough, Humboldt, Tn. Deborah Lee Butler, Ripley, Tn. Ken Butler, Henderson, Ky. Ruth Butler, Jackson, Tn. John N. Byington, Jackson, Tn. Kathleen Carroll, Jackson, Tn. Cindy Carpenter, Memphis, Tn. Pam Carter, Jackson, Tn. Paula Carter, Jackson, Tn. Carolyn S. Cartwright, Booneville, Ms. Suzy Cartwright, Dyer, Tn. Colbert Chan, Hong Kong Steve Cheatham, Brownsville, Tn. Andy Clarke, Jackson, Tn. Sandra M. Clark, Jackson, Tn. Rebecca Cogdell, Lexington, Tn. Janice L. Coleman, Bartlett, Tn. Teresa Coleman, Parsons, Tn. Ricky L. Collins, Jackson, Tn. Susan Jo Collins, LInion City, Tn. Lynda Coffman, Jackson, Tn. Jeanne Cook, Memphis, Tn. Lisa Jo Countiss, Jackson, Tn. Dawn L. Cox, Alamo, Tn. Susan Craig, Steeleville, II. Don Crain, Jackson, Tn. Sherry Crawford, Hornsby, Tn. Vicki Curtis, Memphis, Tn. Lisa Daniels. Memphis, Tn. Mike David, Jackson, Tn. Don Davidson, Memphis, Tn. Bill DeLoach, Humboldt, Tn. Jamie Dement, Jackson, Tn. Daniel Denston. Alexandria, Va. Nancy Dobbyns, Trenton, Tn. Sonja Dodd. Trenton, Tn. Ruth Ann Doler, Memphis, Tn. Linda Dorris, Jackson, Tn. Kay Dorrough, Jackson, Tn. Phyllis Dougan, Jackson, Tn. Bernice Duckworth. Jackson, Tn. Jim Duffel, West Memphis, Ar. Chiquita Duke, Jackson, Tn. Mary Ellen Duncan, Humboldt. Tn. Deborah Dyer, Jacks Creek, Tn. Judy Eads, Jackson. Tn. Charles Edmondson, Palm Desert, Ca. Deborah Edmonson, Jackson, Tn. Cam Elliott, South Fulton. Tn. Hope Elting, O ' Fallon, II. Kathy Embrey, Coldwater. Ms. Lynn Enzor, Jackson, Tn. Dennis Erwin, Savannah, II. Kenneth Eudy, Jackson, Tn. Cindy Fitch, Madisonville, Ky. Sandra L. Fitzgerald. Henderson, Tn. Douglas Fleeman, Jackson, Tn. Patty Flowers. Humboldt, Tn. Elvar Foddsill, Jackson, Tn. f) fs (fil fa Betty Forbess, Huntington, Tn. Wayne A. Foropoulos, Memphis, Tn. Kathy Forrester, Ridgley, Tn. Patsy Foust. Jackson, Tn. Randy Franks. McKenzie, Tn. Keith Frazier, Greenfield. Tn. Greg Fripell. Lexington, Tn. Mickey Graves, Medina, Tn. Ken Griffin, Old Fort, NC. Marvalynn Grimes, Jackson, Tn. Kathy Grubbs, Lebanon. Tn. Robert C. Hadley. Medon, Tn. Sarene Hampton. Memphis, Tn. Libby Hardee, Jackson, Tn. Kevin Hamilton, Jackson, Tn. Paul Hamilton, Redwood City, Ca. Judy Harvey, Luray, Tn. Terry S. Harville, Jackson, Tn. Johnny Hasick. Mango, Fl. Rhonda Hayes, Bells, Tn. Steve Hayes, Sardis, Tn. Sandy Hearn, Jackson, Tn. Rita Hilliard, Halls, Tn. David Holmes, Lexington, Tn. Anita Hooper, Bethel Springs, Tn. Cathy House, Bartlett, Tn. Richard N. Howard, Selmer, Tn. Susie Hromada, Memphis, Tn. Doris A. Huckabee, Jackson, Tn. Kathy Huffard, Henderson, Tn. Carol Huffman, Jackson, Tn. Nancy Huffman, Jackson, Tn. Gary Hull, LaBelle, Fla. Beth Humphreys, Dresden, Tn. Cynthia Hunter. Lexington, Tn. Libbv Hurt. Kenton, Tn. Khalid Hussain, Chattanooga, Tn. Patti Irby, Paris, Tn. Lianne Jackson, Memphis, Tn. Henry Jacobs, Whiteville, Tn. Jana Johnson. Bolivar, Tn. Kirby Johnson, Memphis, Tn. Randy Johnson, Camden, Tn. Dennis R. Jones, Memphis, Tn. Jonathan Jones. Dyersburg, Tn. L.J. Johns, Jackson, Tn. Vickie Johnson, Humboldt, Tn. Debby Jo Jones, Waynesboro, Ms. Denise M. Jones, Parsons, Tn. Berry Jontz. Memphis, Tn. Elsie Keeton, Memphis, Tn. Phyllis Kilby, Whiteville, Tn. Stephen Kincaid, Jackson, Tn. James Kirk, Alamo, Tn. Bill Kisner, Memphis, Tn. Richard Lambert, Toone, Tn. Lessa Law, Jackson, Tn. Sheilah Lazenby, Anna, II. Judy Leathers, Jackson, Tn. Tom Lillard, Jackson, Tn. John Livingston, Camden, Tn. Sandra Loden, Bartlett, Tn. Lisa Lovelace. Jackson, Tn. Rebekah Lowe, Atlanta, Ga. Teresa Luna. Jackson, Tn. Jon Majors, Savannah, Tn. Steve Marks, Jackson, Tn. Melinda Martin, Jackson. Tn. Melinda Masanque. Brownsville, Tn. Gary- Maxwell. Parsons, WV. Stan May, Memphis, Tn. David McCandless, Memphis. Tn. Robert McCarver, Memphis, Tn. Carmen McCurley, Jackson. Tn. Chuck McElhannon, Southaven, Ms. Becky Mcllwain, Southaven. Ms. John McNail, Milan. Tn. Lester A. McNatt. Atlanta, Ga. Debra Medlin. Dyersburg. Tn. Mike Melton. Henderson, Tn. Darlene Mercer, Takamatsu, Japan Leigh Ann Merwin, Jackson, Tn. Deborah Metcalfe, Jackson, Tn. Daniel Miller. Lexington, Tn. Ronnie Moody. Scotts Hills, Tn. Shelia Mooney, Ripley, Tn. Angie Moore, Jackson, Tn. Barry Moore, Memphis, Tn. Glenn Moore, Memphis, Tn. Larry Moore, Kenton, Tn. Lisa Dawn Moore. Selmer, Tn. Sherry Moore, Selmer, Tn. Joe W. Mosier, Henderson, Tn. Russell Moss, Humboldt, Tn. Larry Murphy, Trezevant, Tn. Pamela Murphy, Memphis, Tn. Helen W. Nettles, Waverly, Tn. Cheryl Neudecker. Jackson, Tn. Candy Nevius, Jackson, Tn. Nancy Newman, Jackson, Tn. Madine Nichols, Selmer, Tn. Kathy Northcutt, Steele, Mo. Denise Norvell, Memphis, Tn. Leroy Ozier, Jackson, Tn. Sherry Odum, Jackson, Tn. Richard Wayne Owens, Jackson, Tn. Cindy Parker, Somerville, Tn. Teresa Ellen Parker, Humboldt, Tn. Kevin Parsons, Memphis, Tn. Pat Patey, Jackson, Tn. Steve Patterson, Camden, Tn. Amy Patton, Jackson, Tn. Jeanna Pearson, Humboldt, Tn. Krystal Petty, Lexington, Tn. Donna Pesnell, Jackson, Tn. Carolyn Phillips. Verona. Ky. Brenda Pickens, Adamsville, Tn. Paulett Piercey, Jackson, Tn. Randell H. Pool, Millington, Tn. Rita M. Pope, Lexington, Tn. Susan Powell, Jackson, Tn. Beverly Pryor, Drummonds, Tn. Keith Purvis, McKenzie, Tn. Vicki Rankin, Jackson, Tn. Ann Rayburn, Boonville, Ms. Jerry Roberts, Memphis, Tn. Beatrice Robertson, Maury City, Tn. Don W. Robertson, Henderson, Tn. Linda Ross, Milan, Tn. Margaret Ross, Jackson, Tn. Lesia Rushing. Milan Tn. Nancy Rushing, Jackson, Tn. Carol Sadler, Jackson, Tn. Dawn Sanders, Jackson, Tn. Donna Scheele, Lexington, Tn. " a band called DAVID " MONDAY, SEPT. 25, 8 p. HOODS O ' K I ' ' 1« COOK CONVENTION CENTER... SOUTH MU -FREE- l0V E OFFERING WW BE TAKEN Mary Scheffing, Bolivar. Tn. Elizabeth Scheidt, Humboldt. Tn. Kathv Scott, Jackson, Tn. Sandra Scruggs. Douglasville. Ga. Paul Shea, Ripley, Tn. Paul M. Shearin, Memphis, Tn. •John Sholly, Memphis, Tn. William Simmons, Dyersburg, Tn. Henry Simpson, Middleton, Tn. Angie Bean Soper, Brownsville, Tn. Dale Spain. Jackson. Tn. Colleen Smith, Anna, II. Edd Smith. Huntington, WV Ken Smith, Jackson, Tn. Patricia Smith, Jackson, Tn. Susan Smith, Toone. Tn. David Steele, Winchester, Tn. Doug Stephenson, Jackson, Tn. Gene Stevens. Somerville, Tn. Larry Stewart, Jackson, Tn. Ramona Stewart, Jackson. Tn. Bill Stone, Tupelo, Ms. Linda H. Stone, Jackson, Tn. Barry Stover, Obion, Tn. Laura Stringfellow, Lexington, Tn. Freddie Studie, Portageville, Mo. K.T. Sutherland, Jackson, Tn. Jancie Terry, Henderson, Tn. Janet Thompson, Memphis, Tn. Ruth Ann Thompson, Milan, Tn. John Tolbert, Ripley, Tn. Teresa Elaine Trull, Humboldt, Tn. Robert Tyson, Jackson, Tn. Cindy Vaden, Halls, Tn. Joe Van Dyke, Dyersburg, Tn. Barbara J. Vawter, Milan, Tn. Wade Vickrey, Burlington, NC. John Walker Jr., Savannah, Tn. Sylvia Wallace, Lexington, Tn. Marilyn Walton, Jackson, Tn. Sherry Wamble, Memphis. Tn. Lawrence Wang, Covington, Tn. Joel Washburn, McKenzie, Tn. Judy Washburn, Lexington. Tn. Becky Whitehead, Park Forrest, II. Brenda Wilhite, Jackson, Tn. Bill Williams, Memphis, Tn. Lisa Williams, Jackson, Tn. Mike Williams, Memphis, Tn. Robert David Williams, Jackson, Tn. Stephen Williams, Jackson, Tn. Teresa Williams, Jackson, Tn. Mark Wilson, Memphis, Tn. Jim Witherington, Memphis, Tn. Thomas Wood, Selmer. Tn. Trayce N. Young, Bradford, Tn. Cheryl Zimmerman, St. Louis, Mo JUNIORS Junior Class Officers: Tommy Naylor, president; Denise Robinson, treasurer; Robert Hill, vice president; Kathy McClatchy, secretary. Laurie Adams, Jackson, Tn. Denise Agee, Jackson, Tn. Wayne Alexander, Hayti, Mo. Jimmy Anderson, Jackson, Tn. Gail Argetis, Jackson, Tn. Devon Arrington, Atwood. Tn. Pam Austin, Alamo, Tn. Stan Austin, Maury City, Tn. Sandra Avery, Millington, Tn. Dave Baggett, Jackson, Tn. Patricia Baldwin, Cincinnati, Oh. Patricia Barton, Jackson, Tn. Darlene Bateman, Castle Rock, Wn. Robin Bentley, Brownsville, Tn. Tommv Bessent, Friendship, Tn. Brenda Best, Blytheville, Ar. Paul Blakely, Selmer, Tn. Nancy Bass, Jackson, Tn. Susan Blurton. Humboldt, Tn. Barbara Blythe, Jackson, Tn. Jacquelyn Boehler, Jackson, Tn. Debbie Boling, Pinckneyville, II. Natalee Ayn Boyd, Jackson, T.l. Cynthia Bradley, Morris City, II. Donna Brasfield, Humboldt, Tn. Sandra Brasfield, Jackson, Tn. Tracy Brennan, Watertown, NY. Tim Brewer. Jackson, Tn. Anthony Brown, Fulton, Ky. Joel Brown, Jackson, Tn. John Brown, Jackson, Tn. Charles Bryan, Eads, Tn. Mike Butler, Milan, Tn. Robert Byrd, Jackson, Tn. Barbara Cain, Milan, Tn. Mike Canter, South Fulton, Tn. Jack Chapman, Dversburg, Tn. Pamela Childs, Milan, Tn. Tim Clark, Jackson, Tn. Troy R. Clark, Jackson, Tn. Flora Claybrook, Humboldt, Tn. Donna Clifford, Jackson, Tn. — Marv Catherine Cole, Jackson, Tn. Pamela Cole, Humboldt, Tn. Eva C. Cowden, Jackson, Tn. William D. Cowden, Jackson, Tn. Phyllis Craft, Memphis, Tn. Max A. Crocker, Lexington, Tn. Mike Crook, Memphis, Tn. Billie Jean Crowder, Henderson, Ky. Rusty Curbow, Tupelo, Ms. Darrell Davenport, East Prairie, Mo. Alan Davis, Paducah, Ky. Debbie Davis, Savannah, Tn. Janice Davis, Trenton, Tn. Amy Dedmon. Brownsville. Tn. Fred Dement, Jackson, Tn. Kathryn Diamond, Jackson, Tn. Sharon Dixon, Amherst, Oh. Donna Dodds, Memphis, Tn. Gale Dorr, Jackson, Tn. Brenda Duke, Lexington, Tn. John Eakin, Southaven, Ms. Linda Edgar, Portageville, Mo. Arthur L. Elder, Jackson, Tn. Donna Elliott, Gibson, Tn. Amelia Evans, Jackson, Tn. Janet L. Evans, Dyersburg, Tn. W. Terry Foley. Fallner, Ms. Martha Ford, Nashville. Tn. Chris Freeman, Gideon, Mo. Carol Gaines, Memphis. Tn. Steve Gaines, Dyersburg, Tn. Joe Gardner. South Fulton, Tn. Gary Gerhardt, Jackson, Tn. Steven W. Gibson, Toone, Tn. Lavona Grace, Humboldt, Tn. Robin Graves, Milan, Tn. Steven Gray, Sardis. Tn. Lisa Green, Dyer, Tn. John Paul Growe, Jackson, Tn. Steven Grubb, Chattanooga, Tn. Robbvn Hadlev, Medon, Tn. David John Hailey, Chillicothe, II. Beth Hale, Camden, Tn. Karen Y. Haney, Bemis, Tn. Jeff Hardee. Bemis. Tn. Clarence Hardin. Jackson, Tn. Jewel A. Harvey, Brownsville, Tn. Winston Kyle Hauth, Memphis, Tn. Cathi Hayes, Rockvale, Tn. Anita Head, Memphis, Tn. Shirley Hendrix, Selmer, Tn. Cona Herring, Cunningham, Ky. Randall Hicks, Camden, Tn. Norman Hill. Morganfield, Ky. Robert Hill, Lexington, Tn. Betsy Hodges, Jackson, Tn. Terry Hodges, Jackson, Tn. Jimmie Holland, Big Sandy, Tn. Teresa Holman, Union City, Tn. Cynthia Howell. Franklin. Tn. Dwight Huffman, Memphis, Tn. Donna Humphreys, Humboldt. Tn. Ted Hunderup, Portsmouth, Va. Tim Hutchison, McKenzie, Tn. Lana Immon, Hayti, Mo. Wanda R. Insell, Henderson, Tn. Leslie Irby, Memphis, Tn. Teresa Jernigan, Brownsville, Tn. Claudia Johnson, Pulaski, Tn. E. Danny Johnson. Dyersburg. Tn. Sherry Johnson, Lexington, Tn. Susan Johnson, Southhaven. Ms. Jeff Jones, Savannah, Tn. Lueinda Jones, Brownsville. Tn. Sandra Jones. Lexington, Tn. Ruby M. Kirby, Lavinia, Tn. Johnnie Fant Kirk, Jackson, Tn. Jeff Kitchens, Memphis, Tn. Judy E. Kite, Milwaukee, Wi. Sheila Knox, Alamo, Tn. Deborah K. Lackey, Nashville, Tn. Gail Langley. Memphis. Tn. Ronnie D. Lofton, Millington, Tn. Judy LaRue. Huron, Tn. Jeff Law, Memphis, Tn. Sharon Leathers, Jackson, Tn. Sam Leslie. Jackson. Tn. Dave Lewelling, Ripley, W. Va. Fara Lillard, Jackson, Tn. Cynthia A. Lindsey, Millington, Tn. Mike Livingstone, Nashville, Tn. Kenneth Wayne Lloyd. Tuscumbia, Al. Tim Long, Jackson, Tn. Theresa Lutrell, Halls, Tn. Tim Madison, Paducah, Ky. Connie Magers, Memphis, Tn. Barbara Martin, Humboldt, Tn. Debbie G. Martin. Memphis, Tn. F. Gail Martin. Memphis, Tn. Randy Martin, Millington, Tn. Pamela Mason, Brownsville, Tn. Joni May. Memphis, Tn. Donald D. Mayberry, Edelstein, II. Vicky McCartney, Greenfield, Tn. Laura McCants, Memphis, Tn. Kathv McClatchey, Jackson, Tn. Sheila McMaster, Medon. Tn. Karen McWherter, Rives, Tn. Talmadge Meeks, Memphis, Tn. Brenda Millspaugh, Jackson, Tn. Edna Earle Mitchell, Martin. Tn. Dave Montoya, Bells. Tn. Rickie Morgan, Dyersburg, Tn. Tanna Sue Morris, Gallatin. Tn. Jeffrey David Moser, Beedeville, Tommy Naylor, Dyersburg, Tn. Terry Neely, Memphis, Tn. Machiko Nihei. Tokyo, Japan Teresa S. Oakley, Medina. Tn. Phil Oldham. Henderson, Tn. Tony Parrish, Henderson, Tn. Mindy Parsell. Dickson, Tn. Montelle R. Parsons, Ripley, Tn. Didi Paschall. Jackson, Tn. Amanda Patton, Jackson, Tn. Robert Peacock. Maury City, Tn. Donna Pecoraro, Chicago, 11. Diane Pierce, Jackson, Tn. Spencer Pollard, Memphis, Tn. Cynthia Pool, Trenton, Tn. Patricia A. Poteete, Memphis, Tn. Kent Powell. Trenton. Tn. Julia Powell. Memphis, Tn. Gloria Prater, Waynesboro, Tn. Janice Priddy. Henderson, Tn. Mike Puckett. Paducah, Ky. Mary D. Raley, Waynesboro, Tn. Reatha Reeves. Lexington, Tn. Coralee Rexford, Kentwood, Mi. Nanette Rhodes, Tiptonville, Tn. Richard Rice, Milan, Tn. Danny L. Riley. Memphis. Tn. William Richardson, Atwood. Tn. Chuck Roberts, Union City, Tn. Patti Roberts, Lexington, Tn. Vicki Robertson. Wavnesboro. Tn. Denise Robinson. Henderson, Tn. Sharron Robinson, Savannah, Tn. Richard Rogers, Memphis, Tn. Steven Ruffey, Brownsville. Tn. Kimala Rush. Henderson, Tn. Charles Russell, Arlington, Tn. Tracv Sanders. Milan. Tn. Dennis Schilling, Memphis. Tn. Mark Scott, Jackson, Tn. Susan Scott, Jackson. Tn. Benny Scrivner, Humboldt, Tn. Ricky Shackelford. Jackson. Tn. Bobby Sharp, Ridgely, Tn. Toni Simmons, Maurv City, Tn. VL— m it fin w ' Kathy Simpson, Bells, Tn. Robert L. Simpson, Memphis, Tn. Steve Smith, Ripley, Tn. Freda Smith, Owensboro, Ky. Howard Smith, Millington, Tn. Hunter Smith, Henderson. Tn. Karen Smith, Memphis, Tn. Wendell Smith, Medina, Tn. Donya Snow, Camden, Tn. Eddie Spegal, Trenton, Tn. Rose Steed, Jackson, Tn. Tommy Stegall, Jackson, Tn. Lynda Stella, Humboldt, Tn. Donny Steward, Atwood, Tn. Janet Stewart, Jackson, Tn. Gwen Strayhorn, Atwood, Tn. David Street, Jackson, Tn. Rick Strickland, Humboldt. Tn. Jane Sullivan, Macon, Tn. David Thomas, Jackson, Tn. Mickey Thomas, Savannah, Tn. Leeta Thomason, Jackson, Tn. Lisa Thompson, Memphis, Tn. Joy V. Truex, Jackson, Tn. Deborah Turner, Humboldt, Tn . Janie Van Dyck, Paris, Tn. Randy Wadlington, Memphis, Tn. Lynn Walker, Adamsville, Tn. Sheila Wallace, Jackson, Tn. Robin Walls, Trenton, Tn. Linda Warlick, Jackson, Tn. Kim A. Weatherly, Bruceton, Tn. Sandra Weaver, Jackson, Tn. Jerry Welch, Jericho, Ms. Jim Welch, Jericho, Ms. Margaretha West, Covington, Tn. Virgil L. White, Jackson, Tn. William White, Dallas, Tx. Vernia Whitman, Brownsville, Tn. Ricky Wilburn, Munford, Tn. Wendell Wilburn, Cornersville, Tn. Donna Williams, McEwen, Tn. Danny Wilson, Corinth, Ms. Richard Wilson, Rhodesia Freida Winkley, Jackson, Tn. Robava Wolfe, Savannah, Tn. Darletha Wood, Humboldt, Tn. Deana Wood, Mt. Vernon, II. Sherry Wood, Lexington, Tn. Susan Wood, Bells, Tn. Garland Young, Memphis, Tn. Howard Young, Paducah, Ky. SOPHOMORES Sophomore Class Officers: Paula Hampton, secretary; Ernie Burfitt, president; Martha Ford, vice president; Jayne Yount, treasurer. Diane Allen, Bradford, Tn. Craig Andrews, Memphis, Tn. Donna Armour, Paris, Tn. Meredith Arnold, Jackson, Tn. Sandra Arnold, Humboldt, Tn. Melanie Baker, Lexington, Tn. Terri Baker, Portageville, Mo. Linda Bartholomew, Lexington, Tn. Judv Barton, Trenton, Tn. Mickey Basham, Beech Bluff, Tn. Kim Bell. Trenton, Tn. Kendall Berrv, Franklin, Tn. Betty Beverly. Humboldt. Tn. Nathan Bishop. Toone, Tn. Bobbie Blackwell. Gibson, Tn. Linda Blankenship, Michie. Tn. Sandy Booker, Memphis, Tn. Barbara Boyd, Huntingdon, Tn. Donna Boykin, Jackson, Tn. Mary Bullock, Jackson. Tn. Cathv Bunch, Knoxville, Tn. Ernie Burfitt, Hixson, Tn. Jill Bradbury, Medina, Tn. Gregory Breeden, Bolivar. Tn. Dennis Brooks, Beldon, Ms. Billy Joe Brown. Jackson. Tn. Joseph Brown, Memphis, Tn. Mary Brown, Memphis, Tn. Mike Calvert, Savannah, Tn. Paulette Campion, Dyersburg. Tn. Chuck Carothers, Jackson, Tn. Rory Carpenter, Halton, Al. Anna Cates. Alamo, Tn. Rodney Chapman. Memphis, Tn. Delores Cherry, Selmer, Tn. Van Cheeseman, Jackson, Tn. Owen Cobb. Bells, Tn. Kay Cockroft. Memphis. Tn. Lorey Coffman. Scotts Hill, Tn. Johnny Cole, Memphis, Tn. Evelyn Cook. Gadsden, Tn. Karen Cook, Germantown. Tn. ft » 1 1 0£A »H Randall Conrad, Jackson, Tn. Lisa Copeland. Bradford, Tn. Annette Couch, Humboldt. Tn. Thomas Crocker, Trezevant, Tn. Keith Cunningham, Trenton, Tn. Robert Danner. Bradford, Tn. Charlotte Davenport, Memphis, Tn. Mary Jo Davis, Kenton, Tn. Steve Davis, Memphis, Tn. Kim Dean, Caruthersville, Mo. Larry DeGarmo, Milan, Tn. Berry DeLoach, Humboldt, Tn. Barbara Dennison. Jackson. Tn. Jeff Drum. Jackson, Tn. Vicki Ellis, Memphis, Tn. Vikki Faulkner, Humboldt, Tn. Debra Finnie, Somerville, Tn. Mindy Fisher. Humboldt, Tn. Paula Fleeman, Manila, Ar. Carol Flowers, Troy, Tn. Lisa Freeman. Paris, Tn. Ronnie Fondren, Jackson, Tn. Mary Threasa Fowlkes. Dyersburg, Tn. John Glenn, Memphis, Tn. Lisa Glisson, Memphis, Tn. Susan Golden. Dyersburg, Tn. Joe Graves, Murray, Ky. Ann Grigsby, Mounds, II. Flora McElvath Grimes, Jackson, Tn. Philip Grimes, Lansing, Mi. George Guthrie, Dyersburg, Tn. Ronnie Hale, Jackson, Tn. Paula Hampton, Memphis, Tn. Freddie Harden, Medon, Tn. Caron Hayes. Sardis, Tn. Teresa Hays, Reagan, Tn. Ann Hickman, Trenton, Tn. Susan Higdon, Nashville, Tn. Patti Hoehn, Waverly, Tn. Anthony Hollingsworth, Camden, Tn. James Holloway, Jackson, Tn. Richard Hooper, Henderson, Ky. MW Susan L. Hopkins, Memphis. Tn. Tamela Sue Hopkins, Jackson, Tn. Cynthia Howard, Jackson, Tn. Eric Howard, Memphis, Tn. Rose Hudson, Toone, Tn. Ralph Hughes III, Waynesboro, Tn. Leslie Irby, Memphis, Tn. Connie S. Isbell, Union City, Tn. Lynn A. Jacks. Fowlkes, Tn. Walter Jackson. Memphis, Tn David Jett, Atlanta, Ga. Betty J. Johnson, Somerville, Tn. Carey M. Johnson, Bolivar, Tn. Colleen Johnson, Lexington. Tn. Rick Johnson, Cissna Park, II. Alan Jones, Brownsville, Tn. Paul Jones, Maury City, Tn. Sandi Keeton, Memphis, Tn. Carol Kellim, Jackson, Tn. Jay Kemper, Madison, Tn. Keith Alan Kincaid. Memphis. Tn. Billie Gwen King, Bolivar, Tn. Linda Kirby, Lavinia, Tn. Sharon Lomax, Parsons, Tn. Toni J. Lamparter, Atoka, Tn. Keith Landis, Brownsville, Tn. Susan Langford, Gibson, Tn. Sherrie Latimore, Jackson, Tn. Lynn McLavenue, Alamo, Tn. Karla Law, Jackson, Tn. Maxine Leak, Bolivar, Tn. Cheryl Lewis. Lawrenceburg, Tn. Edward Paul Mallonee. Trezevant, Tn. Melanie Marcom, Jackson, Tn. Kerry Wayne Maronay, Wardell, Mo. Harriet Martin, Jackson, Tn. William Mathis, Jackson, Tn. Chuck Maxwell, Millington, Tn. Lynda May, Memphis, Tn. Suzanne Maze, Chillicothe, II. Tammy McAdams, Lexington, Tn. Kenneth McCaig, Dyer, Tn. Suzanne McCarty, Memphis, Tn. Kathleen R. McCully, Galloway, Tn. Laura McGuffin, Jackson, Tn. Sue McCord, Humboldt, Tn. Nancy L. McCrary, Lebanon, Tn. Carolyn McHaney, Henderson, Tn. Kerry Jay Medling, Milan, Tn. Lanie Meek, Humboldt, Tn. Elisa Mencer, Zion, II. Dana Lee Milam, Clarksburg, Tn. Linda J. Milan, Gary In. Connie Mitchell, Jackson, Tn. Steve Moore, Memphis, Tn. Ronnie Morgan, Memphis, Tn. Irene C. Morris, Atwood, Tn. Beverly A. Moss, Mason Tn. Janis Mullins, Jackson, Tn. Phillip Nelson, Bells, Tn. Melinda Newman, Henderson, Tn. Melanie Noah, Memphis, Tn. Rebecca Nolen, Maury City, Tn. Kim North, Bells, Tn. Paulette Nuly, Jackson, Tn. Sally Paire, Yorkville, Tn. Jeff Palmer, Waverly, Tn. Aletza Parker, Jackson, Tn. Elisabeth Lee Parlow, Maury City, Tn. Nesha Parr, Covington, Tn. Betsy Patterson, Lexington, Tn. Sharon Peery, Greenfield, Tn. Janice Perry, Memphis, Tn. Joann Perry, Friendship, Tn. Inyang Godwin Peter, Calabar, Nigeria — fc Ramona Phelan, Rutherford. Tn. Mary Phillips, Verona, Ky. Richard Pierce, Jr., Panama City, Fl. Sheree Pierce, Dversburg. Tn. Mitzie Pipkin, Scotts Hill, Tn. Joan Pratt, Humboldt. Tn. Nancy Puckett, Alamo, Tn. Judith A. Pyron, Humboldt, Tn. Marva Lynn Rawlings, Waverly, Tn. Cheryl Reasons. Alamo, Tn. Sherry L. Riggs, Rome. II. Rebecca Robertson, Saltillo, Tn. Billy A. Roby, Southhaven Ms. Bret Rodriguez, Memphis, Tn. J ' erry Romaine, Metropolis, II. Janet Ross, Buena Vista, Tn. Pamela Ryan. Memphis. Tn. J. Melissa Scott, Jackson, Tn. James S. Seay, Memphis, Tn. James K. Shelton, Crump, Tn. Gary L. Sloan, Millington, Tn. Alfonzo Smith. Jr.. Millington. Tn. Beth Smith, Nashville, Tn. Janet L. Smith, Memphis, Tn. Janice Smith, Covington, Tn. Judy C. Smith. Camden, Tn. Mary Louse Smith, Germantown, Tn. Tina Robin Smith, Parsons, Tn. Gavna Smothers, Jackson, Tn. Laura Y. Snow, Mayfield, Ky. Gretchen Solberg. Humboldt, Tn. Ronald W. Stallings, Bolivar, Tn. Gina L. Stanfill. Lexington. Tn. Lester W. Stone. Jr., Ridgely. Tn. Bettv Stroup, Somerville. Tn. Sonya Kay Studards, Medina, Tn. Terry Lynn Swindell, Bradford. Tn. James C. Tanner, Jr., Burlison, Tn. Barbara Tatum. Medina, Tn. Donna Tatum, Memphis, Tn. Mary E. Taylor, Milan, Tn. Sandra Taylor, Ridgely, Tn. Sharon Lee Taylor, Milan, Tn. Katherine Tillman, Jackson, Tn. Tommy Tucker, Jackson, Tn. Sharon B. Tyson, Jackson, Tn. Susan C. Unruh, Jackson, Tn. Marilyn Vatter, Memphis, Tn. Earl Lynn Vaughn, Dyersburg, Tn. Jeanne Veteto, Memphis, Tn. Hope Vincent, Saulsbury, Tn. Mark Wagner. Jackson, Tn. Joyce Walker, Bath Springs, Tn. Fred J. Ward, Jackson, Tn. Vicki Lynn Ward, Toone, Tn. Donna L. Warren, Trezevant, Tn. Jerry Miller Warren. Amherst, Oh. Betty Lee Watson, Brownsville, Tn. Kathy Weatherford, Trezevant, Tn. Barbara Faye White, Jackson, Tn. Curt White, Memphis, Tn. Carla Williams. Bells, Tn. Carolyn Cullen Williams, Jackson, Tn. Mary E. Wilson, Terre Haute, In. Sherry Wimberly, Dyer, Tn. Henry C. Woodward, Dyersburg, Tn. Georgia L. Wyatt, Jackson, Tn. Teri Young, Bradford, Tn. Sharon Younger, McLemoresville, Tn. Jane Yount, Avon Lake, Oh. JH a " f FRESHMEN Freshman Class Officers: Jerry Duffey, treasurer; Mike Vaughan, president; Bobby Woods, vice president; not pictured. Cindy Campbell, secretary. " _4 B b» y " " B »5 ., ■ j %Kvv " . if Gary Abbott, Maryville, Tn. Connie Acred, Jackson, Tn. Gene Alexander, McKenzie, Tn. Donna Kay Allen, Jackson, Tn. Tim Allred, Mayfield, Ky. Lori Applebaum, Memphis, Tn. Dean Armour, Paris, Tn. Steven Bain, Savannah, Tn. John David Barham, Jackson, Tn. Lori Barnes, Medina, Tn. Darla Barnett, Stanton, Tn. Debra Barnett, Stanton, Tn. Mark Barker, Trenton, Tn. John T. Bass, Whiteville, Tn. Beverly Bedwell. Darden, Tn. Gordon Bedwell, Somerville, Tn. Suzanne Belew, Fayetteville, Tn. Steve Bell, Union City, Tn. Susan Belyew, Big Sandy. Tn. Anita Benson, Jackson, Tn. Valerie Besheres. Carrier Mills, II Lisa Bilotta, Jackson, Tn. Angela Bivens, Beech Bluff, Tn. Lisa Blacklawn, Gadsden. Tn. Jinni Leigh Blalack, Brighton, Tn. Rebecca Blankenship, Gibson, Tn. Stephanie Booth. Humboldt, Tn. Don Bowman, Mt. Hollv, NJ. Penny Braden, Memphis, Tn. Janet Brannon. Memphis, Tn. Robert Branson, Jackson, Tn. Gregg Breeden, Whiteville, Tn. Ursula Brennwald, Joliet, II. Karen Brewer, Milan, Tn. Tim Britt. Scotts Hill. Tn. Betsy Buhler, Lebanon, Tn. Carole Burns. Memphis, Tn. Elizabeth Buntin, Jackson, Tn. Stanley Burchette, Collerville. Tn. Pharrell Burrows, Jackson, Tn. Angela Butler, Milan. Tn. Nancv Bvrd, Murfeesboro. Tn. Patricia Camp, Memphis, Tn. Renita Camp. Memphis, Tn. Cynthia Campbell, Trenton, Tn. Sherry Carter, Union City, Tn. Dana Ann Castellow, Alamo, Tn. Pamela Anne Castle, Memphis, Tn. Larry Carson, Memphis, Tn. James Chandler, Jackson, Tn. Bruce Clark, Arlington, Tn. Paul E. Clark, Jackson, Tn. Loretta Cole, Humboldt, Tn. Cynthia Coleman, Oakland, Tn. Karen Conley, Alamo, Tn. Mark Conder, Gibson, Tn. Liliane Costa, Brazil, SA Donna Cox, Nashville, Tn. Lisa Cox, North Little Rock, Ar. Cherie Craig, Jackson, Tn. Susan Crocker, Lexington, Tn. Lori Cross, Savannah, Tn. Kathleen Dabbs, Rutherford, Tn. Denise Davis, Memphis, Tn. Emily Jane Davis, Selmer, Tn. Mary Christine Davis, Humboldt. Tn. Sandra Devault, Bruceton, Tn. Paulette Donald, Medina, Tn. David Dorris, Union City, Tn. Diane Douglass, Jackson, Tn. Dale Doyle, Milan, Tn. Jerry Duffey, Humboldt, Tn. Mark Duggin, Memphis, Tn. Billy Dungy, Memphis, Tn. Billy Joe Dunn, Fayette, Al. Kimberly Eatman, Huntingdon, Tn. Mary Edgar, Portageville, Mo. Susan Edwards, Litchfield, II. Trent Edwards, Dyersburg, Tn. Carl Ellington, Bells, Tn. Donna Ellis, Lexington, Tn. Karen Faircloth, Memphis Tn. Lisa Ferguson, Henderson, Tn. Debra Fitzgerald, Jackson, Tn. Pamela Flatt, Henderson, Tn. Salena Forrest, Bells, Tn. Pam Frix, Bethel Springs, Tn. Laura Fuller, Darden, Tn. Terry Funderburk, Trimble, Tn. Sharon Futrell, Jackson, Tn. Sondra Gamblin, Bruceton, Tn. Robert Lee Garner, Martin, Tn. Jimmy Garrett, Boliver, Tn. Connie Giampoalo, Trenton, Tn Kim Gilbert, Steele, Mo. Mae Jewel Giles, Jackson, Tn. Mary Granger, Hadley, Mi. Pam Granger, Memphis, Tn. Joseph D. Graves, Camden, Tn. Tina Graves, Milan, Tn. Jerry R. Gray, Moscow, Tn. Donna Ruth Greene, Humboldt, Tn David Gregory, Pontotoc, Ms. David Haddad, Munford, Tn. Hal Hadley, Humboldt, Tn. Terri Lynne Hamilton, Bemis, Tn. Robert Hamilton, Ripley, Tn. Johnny M. Harden, Pontotoc, M Connie Hardy, Beech Bluff, Tn. Kent Hardy, Brunswick, Tn. Tommy Harper, Jackson, Tn. Lester Harvey, Jackson, Tn. Steve Hehus, Scotts Hill, Tn. Doretha Hennings, Jackson, Tn. Nancy Hight, Milan, Tn. Frances Hill, Memphis, Tn. Angela Hooppaw, Newport, Ar. Robert Hoehn, Waverly, Tn. Lea House, Newbern, Tn. Lola C. Hudson, Lexington. Tn. Tammy Hudson, Ridgely, Tn. Sandra L. Huggins, Memphis, Tn. Valerie L. Hunter, Wildersville, Tn. Jo Lynn Hunderup, Portsmouth, Va. Shelia M. Hutcherson, Indianpolis, In. Cvnthia Hvde, Kennett, Mo. Ricky Isbell, Trimble, Tn. Ten a James. Union City. Tn. Jetta A. Jimerson, Paris, Tn. Jone E. Johnson. Milan. Tn. Marilyn Johnson, Humboldt, Tn. Mark A. Johnson. Jackson, Tn. Phillip Johnson, Lexington. Tn. Robert E. Johnson, Milan, Tn. AJ i , n I s . Ragland Jones, Franklin, Tn. Reginald Jones, Adamsville, Tn. Stephanie Jones, Jackson, Tn. Susan Dawn Jones, Adamsville, Tn. Emily Joyner, Jackson, Tn. Danny Kelly. Maryville, Tn. Melissa King, Huntingdon, Tn. Stan Kirk, Selmer, Tn. Edward Kitchens, Atoka, Tn. Kim Lampkins, Gleason, Tn. Lynn Leach, Gadsden, Tn. Rita Ledsinger, Snellville, Ga. Ernestine Liles, Lexington, Tn. Linda Lindsey, Lexington, Tn. Rhonda Lindsey, Millington, Tn. Donna Little, Jackson, Tn. Barry Littlefield, Adamsville, Tn. Dawn Lovelace, Brownsville, Tn. Sarah Lundav, Memphis, Tn. Bobby Mahone, Bells. Tn. Jacqueline Mann, Tullahoma, Tn. Robert Martin, Jackson, Tn. Chris Maxwell, Jackson, Tn. Gregory Mayo, Jackson, Tn. Stuart McClain, Newbern, Tn. Marcia McCoy, New Johnsonville, Tn. Matthew McHendry, Memphis, Tn. Karen McLeod, Hermitage, Tn. Claudia McLennan, Covington, Tn. Debra Meeks, Finger, Tn. Dale Mercer, Takamatsu, Japan Brenda Meredith, Humboldt, Tn. Richard Miller, Memphis, Tn. Laurie Moling, Jackson, Tn. Bonita Moody, Jackson, Tn. Tommy Moore, Jackson, Tn. Gary Morgan, Millington, Tn. Virginia Morgan, Jackson, Tn. Melodie Morrisett, Somerville, Tn. Rhonda Murrah, Memphis, Tn. Linda Myers, Henry, Tn. Jenna Newbill, McKenzie, Tn. Debbie Newman, Jackson, Tn. Lan Nguyen, Jackson, Tn. Romanus 0. Nwaozo, Awo-Omamma. Terry Odom, Paris, Tn. Terry Osborn, Lexington, Tn. Eugene Osuala, Ino-state, Nigeria Julia Owens, Ripley, Tn. Michael Owens, Metropolis, II. Gwendolyn Pace, Collierville, Tn. Judy Pafford, Jackson, Tn. Candace Palmer, Jackson, Tn. Debbie Palmer, Olmsted, II. Tommy Parchman, Memphis, Tn. Julia Parkinson, Jackson, Tn. Bernice Parks. Humboldt, Tn. Leland Parks. Shelbyville, Tn. Sidonna Parnell, Obion, Tn. Ann Pepper, Stanton, Tn. Anne Perrigo, Hixson, Tn. Allen Peyton. Bells, Tn. Bonnie Phillips, Jackson, Tn. Jan Phillips, Sardis, Tn. Vicky Pillow, Paris, Tn. Thomas Pinnes, Covington, Tn. Deborah Anne Pleasants, Moscow, Tn. Ann Pollard, Winter Park, Fl. David Porter, Trenton, Tn. Lauri Porter, Alamo, Tn. Joy Potter, Milan, Tn. Amy Powers, Crump, Tn. Sandv Pratt, Jackson, Tn. Kathryn Pulse, Middleton, Tn. Suzanne Rainwater, Jackson, Tn. Sandra Raley, Waynesboro, Tn. Andrea Rasberry, Newbern. Tn. Lisa Reasons, Alamo, Tn. Sherri Reid, Milan, Tn. Jeri Replogle, Jackson. Tn. Richie Richardson, Murray, Ky. Shirley Richerson, Jackson, Tn. Dawn Robbins, Hickory Withe, Tn. Cynthia Rogers, Memphis, Tn. David John Roberts, Paris, Tn. Stanley Roberts. Collierville, Tn. Lu Ann Ross, Jackson, Tn. Kathy Rushing, Jackson, Tn. Shirley Rushing, Lexington, Tn. Charles J. Ryals, Joiner, Ar. Susan Pylant, Germantown, Tn. Keith Sanderson, Henderson, Ky. Lori Shelton. Halls, Tn. Mark Sherrod, Jackson. Tn. ?Q® ' i K : % u m £ ' 6$f Tonya Simmons, Waynesboro, Tn. Cynthia Simpson, Memphis, Tn. Lou Anne Sims, Jackson, Tn. Alan R. Smith. Memphis, Tn. Judy Renee Smith, Greenfield, Tn. Lee Ann Smith, Huntington. W. Va. Margaret Smith. Memphis, Tn. Maureen Smith. Peoria. II. Paul Smith, Henderson. Tn. Roger Smith. Henderson, Ky. Sandra Smith. Brighton, Tn. Trent Smith. Memphis. Tn. April Sneed, Bolivar, Tn. Rebekah Spegal, Hannibal, Mo. Norma J. Stafford, Greenfield, Tn. Charles Stanford II, Tampa, Fl. Burt Staples, Jackson, Tn. Pam Stegall, Jackson, Tn. Dwana Stevens. Dyersburg, Tn. Soon Suh, Memphis, Tn. Sandra Sullivan, Brownsville, Tn. Teresa A. Sullivan, Fairview, Tn. Jonell Tatum, Humboldt. Tn. Sylvia Theus, Jackson, Tn. Linda Thrasher, Friendship. Tn. Mike Thompson, Memphis, Tn. Cecilia Townsend. Fayette, Al. Judy D. Travis, Trezevant, Tn. Gabriel Obiora Ume, Labos, Nigeria Melanie Vanhoose, Savannah, Tn. Mike R. Vaughn, Union City, Tn. Kathy Vineyard, Reagan, Tn. Neil Wadlington, Memphis, Tn. Cindy Leigh Walker, Jackson, Tn. Meg Walker. Memphis, Tn. Terri Walters, Jackson, Tn. Melinda Frances Ward, Parsons, Tn. Shannon Weaver, Lind, Wa. Teresa S. Weaver, Paris, Tn. Elizabeth A. Webb, Memphis, Tn. Rick Webb, Murfreesboro. Tn. Elizabeth Ann Weglicki. Paducah. Ky. Tom Welch, Ashland, Ky. Pam Wild, Memphis. Tn. Gayle Williams, Eads, Tn. Nancy Williams, Jackson, Tn. Joseph Etuk Williamson, Abak, Nigerii Michelle Wilson, Ripley, Tn. Alma V. Winbush, Dyersburg, Tn. Robert Wood, Burnside, Ky. Laura Woodson, Bells, Tn. Deborah Wooley, Eads, Tn. Virginia Wright, Union City, Tn. Janice D. Wyatt, Henderson, Tn. Robert P. Wyatt, Brownsville. Tn. Doris J. Wynne, Humboldt, Tn. frustration v -V r e C_vt -n r Dr. Robert E. Craig President Under the leadership of President Craig, Union has seen rapid expansion and development in all areas. The success of the new college facilities and the increased enrollment are tributes to his experienced guidance and ability. Since he assumed the position of Presi- dent in 1967, Dr. Craig has remained active in all phases of Union ' s management and activities. It is largely through his personal dedication that Union maintains her role as a leading Christian institution. Dr. Craig confers with Dr. E. E. Duesner, a member of the Board of Trustees. Dr. Craig contributed in the successful ATO blood drive. „ Ue Trustees The Tennessee Baptist Convention selects the Board of Trustees of Union University. The Board helps to establish school policy, although it is not directly involved in administrative or academic con- cerns. Board members include churchmen, educators, and other business and community leaders. Trustees, 1978-79 are seated: Jessee Price, Thomas Lillard. Kenneth Leathers, R.G. Jordan, John McRee, E.E. Deusner, P.O. Davidson, Charles Sullivan. Standing: Sam Reed, Hobart Townsend, Gene Howell, James Thomas, Jerry Glisson, Kenneth Hanna, Paul Williams, Powers Smith, Bob Carpenter. Trustees, 1978-79 are seated: Byron Epps, Argyle Graves, Harold Brun- dige, Mrs. Glenn Raines, Mrs. W.B. Cockroft, A.V. Pickler, Bill Adcock, Cecil Ebersold. Standing: Mack Forrester, Jim Austin, Don Stephenson, Paul Barkley, Waymon Jones, Norman Hale. Not pictured: John Adams, William Gurley, Albert Hansard, George Hill, Howard Kirksey, Ben Langford, Thomas Moore, David Nunn, Trevis Otey, Ramsey Pollard. Lee Prince, Glenn Rainey, Mrs. W. R. Roberts, Adrian Rogers, Kenneth Story. - Dr. Hyran Barefoot Vice President. Academic Affairs and Academic Dean Dr. Willis H. Kimzey, Jr. Associate Academic Dean Academic Office The work of the Academic Office is centered around the develop- ment of solid and diversified courses of study for the Union students. Working with Dr. Hyran Barefoot and Dr. Willis Kimzey, Jr., the office coordinates registration and student records, counsels and advises concerning student academic programs, and en- courages students toward high scholastic achievement. A teacher, pastor, Greek scholar and Academic Dean who really enjoys his work. Dr. Kimzey reviews a student ' s academic program. Student Affairs Maggie Nell Brewer Dean of Students Dr. Clyde Fugate Dean of Men Union students find a variety of services supplied by the office of Student Affairs. The staff is responsible for the coordination of most student activities, counseling of a personal or academic nature, and assistance with vocational placement. Testing and chapel attendance are regulated by the office. Doug Skiles Director of Placement— Counseling David Oran Director of Housing Julia Walker Director of Housing Irene Towater Assistant Director- Housing Mrs. Walker assists a student in registering for student housing. Margaret Boyd School Nurse Sarah Hammett Administrative Assistant Admissions The varied and ever-increasing number of students at Union have all begun their academic work following enroll- ment through the Admissions Office. The staff is in large part responsible for Union ' s growing student body. Counselors from the office personally contact high schools and junior colleges throughout the Mid-South, explaining Union ' s programs and facilities. Their dedication and con- cern provide each new student with academic advice and often financial assistance in accordance with his needs. Dr. Blanton reviews an incoming student ' s academic record. Dr. Milburn W. Blanton Director of Admissions Don Morris Financial Aids Officer Joe Layman Director of Student Enlistment Dan Bates Admissions Counselor Elizabeth Wingo Admissions Counselor Maxine Cole Admissions Counselor — Memphis : — Dean of Religious Affairs One of the most vital and active departments on a Christian campus is that of Religious Affairs. The outstanding staff in Union ' s department is no exception. Aside from the coordination of all religious activities on the campus, the office is responsible for the organization of student ministeries and revival teams which serve throughout the area. In general, the office serves as the starting point for all students who have chosen Christian service as their goal. The planning of chapel programs each week, and the prepara- tion for such events as the Fall Revival and the Spring Bible Conference are also the responsibility of the Office of Religious Affairs. Dr. Bob Agee Dean of Religious Affairs Rose Melton Administrative Assistant Dr. Agee enjoys food and fellowship with Union ' s students. Business Office Union University ' s Business Office is the center of the staffs excellence is evident in Union ' s sound financial college ' s financial activities and fiscal policy. All student security. In addition, all bookstore accounts and finances accounts are coordinated by the office, and all campus ex- are the responsibility of the office where building and penditures are recorded and managed by the staff. The ground maintenance is also directed. R. G. Elliott Business Manager Mrs. Smith discusses insurance with a representative from another school. Tommy Kelly Assistant Business Manager John P. Dougan. Jr. Superintendent — Buildings — Grounds Louise Lynch Bookstore Manager Terresia Reasons Bookkeeper Development Much of Union ' s continued growth as an outstanding institution would not have been possible without the outstanding work done through the office of Development. Union ' s qualified and dedicated staff works consistently to elicit financial support not only from private citizens, but also from many businesses, industries and area churches. Beneficial programs such as trusts and planned giv- ing are also coordinated by the office. In addition, the staff serves as an instrumental force in the Alumni Association and in the planning of alumni matters for the college. Through the excellent work in public relations, the office keeps the community well informed concerning Union ' s activities. J. Larry Stewart Development Director Larry Stewart chats with Mr. Argyle Graves, one of the trustees. Dr. W. Walter Warmath Consultant Olen Law Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Affairs. William S. Bates Director of Special Projects and Corporate Support Joe Westbury Director of Public Relations 155 Faculty Focus Through the years Union University has always main- tained pride in the faculty which have served the college in every capacity from classroom instructor to organizations ' sponsor to academic and nonacademic counselor. The faculty epitomizes the ideals of academic excellence and Christian dedication. Each member stands as an ideal for Union students as they learn, grow, and develop into full adulthood. Union ' s faculty comes from a variety of backgrounds, with a variety of specialties and interests. Their one com- mon denominator is their devotion to Union as an institu- tion, and their desire to see the college be the best it can possibly be. They all strive to make their contributions lasting and unique. Within the Fine Arts Division, the Art Department provides the most up-to-date facilities where students may experiment freely. The faculty works to develop an ap- preciation of all art in their students. In addition to studio work, courses in Art History and Appreciation are offered. Union is noted for its outstanding Department of Music, and the variety of opportuni ties it provides for experience in Dr. Tucker assists Jeanna Pearson with a class project. the performing arts. Students in the department may earn a Bachelor ' s degree or they may take applied music courses with or without credit. The Humanities Division incorporates three different departments. The faculty of the Department of English, Journalism and Speech works to offer training in com- munication skills and literature appreciation. The jour- nalism program provides training in the area of the media, and the speech program provides students with experience in public speaking and the dramatic arts. The Department of Languages offers both major and minor degrees in foreign language. The course program is designed to help students attain proficiency in language, as well as develop an appreciation for the literary con- tributions of international writers and the cultural divergence of other nations. The Department of Religion and Philosophy is a most vital one on a Christian campus. In addition to preparing students for the ministry, the faculty strives to provide all Union students with a basic background in Biblical study. Within the Natural Science Division, the Department of Biology maintains a curriculum that provides students with not only a basic understanding of the life sciences, but also prepares students for graduate study in the field. The facul- ty works to keep the department up-to-date on the latest ecological developments. Faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Physics en- courage students toward a scientific investigation of the physical world. Students wishing to pursue graduate work in the field are provided a solid base for experimentation and acquisition of varying scientific techniques. The facul- ty prides itself on their up-to-date facilities and their knowledge of current developments in the field. Students find a variety of pursuits within the Depart- ment of Mathematics and Computer Science. The faculty provides an excellent preparation for graduate study in these fields while maintaining a sound curriculum of basic courses designed for the Union student requiring additional core study in mathematics. Two departments comprise the Division of Professional Studies. The Department of Education offers a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Secondary Educa- tion, as well as certification in areas such as Special Educa- tion. The faculty works to provide prospective teachers with practical knowledge and experience coupled with study in educational organization and classroom techniques. The Department of Health and Physical Education offers course study in areas of school health, first aid and physical fitness education. The faculty serves not only as o ' -. oroom instructors, but also as a successful coaching staff. In addi- tion, they sponsor an active intramural program. The Nursing Department is exclusive within the Division of the same name. Union ' s program was one of the first es- tablished in the Mid-South area and prides itself on offer- ing both a two and four year degree. The department offers classroom instruction coupled with technical experience in hospitals and clinics. Four departments comprise the Social Science Division. The faculty within the Department of Business Ad- ministration and Economics works to provide students with a variety of vocational objectives within the business framework. In addition, they prepare students desiring a secretarial career, certification in business education, or further study in the areas of business or accounting. The Department of History includes in its curriculum courses in political science and other social sciences, providing students within the department with important historical perspective as well as helping them keep abreast of current events. The faculty is also instrumental in providing many of the campus tours to historical sites and cultural capitals of the world. A basic background for the study of individual motivations and personal interrelations is provided in the course study within the Department of Psychology. The faculty provides a well-rounded program for students in- terested in graduate study and in such areas as social work. The faculty keeps well-informed on the latest research within the field, incorporating it in their coursework. The Department of Sociology provides study in the analysis of human relations, and the study of sociological development and adjustment in the modern world. Students desiring preparation for graduate study or for work in the area of human relations find an outstanding program within this department. Dr. Edmonson ' s class listens attentively to his lecture. In addition to the faculty pictured on the following pages, several part-time instructors contribute on the faculty. They are Mrs. Elixabeth Emison in Art, Mr. Jimmy Cole in Music, Dr. Bob Agee, Dr. Hyran Barefoot, Dr. Willis Kimzey, Jr., Mr. Dennis Pulley in Religion and Philosophy, Mr. Charles Gentry in Education, Mrs. Nancy Herron in Nursing, Mr. Bill Brown in Business and Economics and Mr. Doug Skiles, Mrs. Louise Smothers, and Mr. Ted Har- pole in Psychology. Although specialists in their respective fields, Union ' s faculty members do not let their interests stop at their of- fice doors. All are concerned with the welfare and develop- ment of the individual student, and are willing to go beyond the call of duty to achieve their goals. Union ' s faculty is outstanding in every way, and Union students are fortunate to be able to benefit from that excellence throughout their career at the college. Ms. Cynthia Powell and Mrs. Marilyn Smothers receive " ransom money " from Margaret Jones during the Lambda Chi Alpha Faculty Kidnapping as they raised money for the World Hunger drive. Religion and Philosophy Dr. Thomas Smothers Department Chairman Dr. David Irby Associate Professor Dr. Clyde Tilley Associate Professor Dr. Tilley shares some of his poetry at the Honors Coffeehouse. Religion from a man who knows his stuff — Dr. Irby presides at the podium. Psychology and Sociology Dr. Bill Bouchillon Department Chairman, Psychology Eldon A. Byrd Department Chairman. Sociology Dr. Bouchillon contributes his fair share during the blood drive. Morris K. Lynch Assistant Professor, Psychology Mr. Byrd, Chi Omega ' s Man of the Year, enjoys their reception. Dr. Lytle Givens Assistant Professor, Sociology Music Dr. Kenneth Hartley Department Chairman Dr. Joseph Blass Professor Max Pugh Associate Professor Dr. Hartley in a familiar pose. Ann Elizabeth Biggs Associate Professor Charles Huffman Assistant Professor Dr. Lynn Seipp Assistant Professor June Huffman Instructor Mr. Huffman listens to tapes in preparation for class. Dr. Larry Smith Assistant Professor m Allen Reed Instructor Between classes, Dr. Blass awaits the arrival of his next student. Off again! Dr. Smith hurries to his next class. Art Studying art is more than studio work — Mr. Robinson lectures on the basics. Math and Computer Science Dr. Joseph Tucker Department Chairman Richard E. Dehn Assistant Professor William B. Truex Assistant Professor Mr. Truex samples another kind of " input. Mr. Dehn clarifies a point for his class. History - Dr. James Edmonson Department Chairman Dr. Paul Waibel Assistant Professor Dr. James A. Baggett Associate Professor Dr. Waibel relaxes at the end of another busy day. Dr. Edmonson looks over some lecture material. Languages Cynthia Powell Acting Chairman Dr. Sara Harris Assistant Professor Dr. Harris responds to a student question. Ms. Powell and Dr. Harris " clown around. Ms. Powell visits with student Melanie Marcom about her schedule for the upcoming year. Faculty enjoyed the Student Publications coffee. English, Journalism and Speech 1 i w i 1 ■! ,, Marilyn Smothers Assistant Professor Dr. George Clark Department Chairman Betty H. Foellinger Assistant Professor Dr. Ernest Pinson Associate Professor There is more to producing a show than training the actors. Ms. Stevenson helps with set construction. _ N. Denise Stevenson Instructor, Speech and Drama Dr. Gayle Goodin Assistant Professor Helen S. Blythe Associate Professor ' ' ( I nun w ? Dr. Pinson — just before his Detective Fiction class. Ms. Stevenson prepares the rehearsal schedule. Business Administration and Economics Curtiss Scott Department Chai rman Nell A. LaFon Assistant Professor, Business Education Ready, set, type! Mrs. LaFon instructs in secretarial science. I s? Dr. Yang Lim Assistant Professor Mr. Gene Conyers Instructor I I 4I Mr. Scott gets down to business in class discussion. Dr. Lim makes progress on the never-ending stacks of papers. Physical Education and Health James R. Swope Instructor Coach Swope looks over the schedule. m i j i • • • Margaret W. Birmingham Instructor Bobby Hart Director of Intramurals Coach Birmingham takes time out for a workout. Walking through the student lounge. Coach Blackstock attempts a difficult shot. Nursing W $m ■■ :■■ : -, mm Isabel Neely Department Chairman Mea Roger Assistant Professor ' ■ ■ | ' %v. I Z s JjHf Mable Bridger Assistant Professor Virginia Tomlinson Instructor Donna Ellington Instructor Kathie Richardson Instructor f Sara Mitchell Part-time Instructor Ann Twyford Secretary Union students learn to give and receive nursing care under the watchful eye of Mrs. Bridger. Education Dr. Wayne Alford Department Chairman Nora Smith Assistant Professor Ms. Curlin discusses classwork with some of her elementary education students. Paula Curlin Instructor Mrs. Smith visits with Dr. Waibel over lunch. -„_ Biology Dr. Robert A. Morgan Department Chairman Elsie Y. Smith Assistant Professor Mr. Simmons provides visual aid during his The understanding of biology requires complete attention — Mrs. Smith clarifies a point in discussion, lecture. Chemistry and Physics 4 F. v i ,« i, W 1 I i " ' Dr. June White Department Chairman Dr. Kyle Hathcox Associate Professor, Physics Dr. Charles Baldwin Assistant Professor, Chemistry Dr. Hathcox consults with Teresa Trull concerning faculty evaluations. Dr. Jimmy Davis Assistant Professor Let ' s see . . . connect tab C to slot E Dr. Davis grades the countless lab reports which he receives. College Services The work of the outstanding staff in College Services is vital to the Union cam- pus. The office is responsible for much secretarial work and all reproduction work for the faculty and staff. The duplication of exams, newsletters, programs and other campus publications is coordinated by the staff. In addition, the office provides mail service for the faculty and administration. Students majoring in Secretarial Science find an excellent training facility in College Services where the most up-to-date equipment is available for their use. Mrs. Scott assists Mr. Bates with some secretarial work for the Office of Development. Administrative Assistants Nancy Ross President ' s Office Teresa Trull Academic Office Betty Bass Development •Jennifer Andrews works on financial aid forms. Teresa Luna and Terresia Reasons take a conversation break. Barbara On- Academic Center Doris Gee Development Fredericka Mitchell Business Office Jennifer Andrews Admissions Teresa Luna Admissions Jane Nichols Academic Center Betty Wells Switchboard Linda Swope Bookstore Ann Studards Bookstore Another busy day in the Academic Office. Library The continued expansion of Union University ' s Library has provided students with an outstanding resource collection. The acquisition of up-to-date audio and visual information as well as timely books and periodicals keeps the library ' s collection current and varied. The staff is eager to help students and faculty of the college, but the library has become a valuable information center for th e com- munity as well. Members of the staff also serve in teaching capacities. Harold L. Bass Librarian Ruth Halvarson Assistant Librarian Beverly Hearn Assistant Librarian Always willing to help — Mrs. Halvarson assists a student researcher. Union ' s staff knows every nook and cranny of the library. Mr. Richard Rogers works on cataloging the school ' s collection. Stegall Shoes OLD HICKORY MALL JACKSON, TENNESSEE RALEIGH SPRINGS MALL MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE GERMANTOWN VILLAGE SQUARE GERMANTOWN, TENNESSEE Marts MMBottienliePO The Golden Circle ' s Leading Fashion Store for Men and omen Jackson PI; ( )pen until 9 each night Were jusl minutes from campus come see us! ccifrures A ™ r Studic 668 0746 or 668-7437 Hamilton Hills Shopping Center Jackson, Tennessee RESTAURANT W f[ Old Hickory Mall ■■SPECIALIZING IN GOOD FOOD ' COMPLETE DINNERS PLATE LUNCHES BARBECUE SEA FOOD COUNTRY HAM DELICIOUS STEAKS 668-9709 2002 HUMBOLDT HWY. MEMBE Amfrican GEM SOCIETY ROWE JEWELRY COMPANY, IXC. D AMOND COUNCILI SG 6( APPRAISALS 207 E. MAIN STREET ROYCE I_. ROWE JACKSON, TEN N. 3B30I William L . ROWE 422-1877 4 -. t t Old Hickory Mall, Jackson, Tn. 38301 GREG JORDAN, Manager (901 ) 668 0401 nbc National Bank of Commerce Jackson. Tennessee 38301 We ' ll (;o Out Of Our Way For You SIX CONVENIENT B WRING LOCATIONS Member FDIC JCPenney OLD HICKORY MALL JACKSON, TENNESSEE Store Phone 668-7330 Catalog 668-8008 VIRGINIA SIMMONS VERN MEHR DELOACH FLOOR COVERINGS Carpel and Floor Covering Specialists -- PAY CASH AND SAVE -- 422-5422 or 427-2950 Office 301 N. Highland Jackson, Tenn. Union ' s Bookstore Is. • • . . . buying something special for a Greek brother or sister. . . . sending a card to a sick friend. . . . receiving a bouquet of silk flowers. . . . bubble gum and candy by the tons. . . . selecting a New Testament for a new Chris- tian. . . . giving that special teacher an inspirational book. . . . acquiring a taste of culture through the classical record sale. . . . supporting your school by wearing a Union Jersey. . . . standing in the charge lane to charge your text books. . . . here at Union especially for YOU! _r OLD TOWN FLOWERS • Union ' s Closest Florist • No. 5, Old Town Casey Jones Village R IG UNION UNIVERSITY ' S CAFETERIA • ' Furniture — Appliances — Stereos — TV ' S 313 E. Lafavette Lyon ' s Den Bookstore 906 Hollywood Dr. VINEYARDS Ph. 427-7491 320 E. Lafavette . - OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR YOUR YEAR BOOK THE NATION ' S STUDIO SCHOOL PORTRAIT DIVISION 3601 BRAINERD ROAD CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE 37411 AT 3ir£t Jjapti t C nurclt 1627 N. Highland Dr. R. Trevis Otey, Pastor OUR REGULAR SERVICES HI ON STANDS TAIL GREAT THINGS ARE HAPPENING FOR GOD AT FIRST BAPTIST. Come, be part of a church that really cares for you! SUNDAYS Sunday School 9:30 College Forum 6:00 Morning Worship 10:50 Evening Worship 7:30 A Snack Supper will be served at College Forum time WEDNESDAYS Fellowship Supper 5:30 Prayer Service 6:00 Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal 7:30 — - — . - i-.it- ■ .. u m. i l m u 4L]i «iw THE ROAD RUNNER SCHEDULE Our big red and white rans will leave the dorm parking area for our regularly scheduled sen ' ices as follows . . . SUNDA Y MORNINGS 9:00 and 10:30 SUN DA Y EVENINGS 5:30 WEDNESDA Y EVENINGS 5:00 A Warm Welcome and a Friendly Fellowship awaits you at ENGLEWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH Paul E. Williams, Pastor 2239 North Highland 668-1094 CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Paul B. Clark, pastor Students, teachers, and staff always welcome " Life and happiness can be found at Calvary, " Sunda; School »:30 .M. ; «,,r,hip 10:45 - . 1. and 7:15 P.M. S cdne»Ha Service 7:00 P.M. 369 East Lexington 422-3407 Sunday School 9:30 AM, W orship 10:50 AM Training Union 6:15 PM. Worship 7:30 PM Wednesday night family supper 6:00 PM ed. prayer meeting 6:45 PM Joining together to make the difference for Christ in the lives of students Now and for the Future West Deadriek at Camphell Johnson 424-1200 The magic taste of KELLY FOODS will steal your heart away! KELLY FOODS Jackson, Tennessee First National Bank 5 Convenient Locations to Serve You Jackson, Tennessee The Only Bank you ' ll ever need Member FDIC i RS GREEN BAY PACKERS i JOHNSEY ' S SPORTING GOODS 447 N. Royal FIRST BANK That ' s Better! « Registered Service Mark owned and licensed by First Tennessee National Corporate Big Star Food Stores Open 8 AM - 10 PM 6 Days 2 Convenient Locations Hollywood Shopping Cent er Phone: 422-3361 Jackson Plaza Shopping Center Phone: 422-1712 Store Hours: Open 8 A.M. Close 12 Midnight Monday through Saturday l to weJMMe fr. 7MK. IBERTY Hamilton Hills Shopping Center Madison South Shopping Plaza We Give S H Green Stamps UNION ' S Closest Grocery Store 206 N. Royal 1139 Airways ttfowLife SECOND NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FDIC union UNIVOSITY Jackson, Tenn. Lyceum Union ' s Lyceum Committee promotes several events each year which serve to expose the student body and the general public to educationally enlightening programs and forms of entertainment. In conjunction with the Fall Honors Festival which was held in early November, the Lyceum Committee also sponsored a mime artist, a marionettiste show for adults, and " Shakespeare Revisited. " Union Shows Spirit F « » Winter finally arrived at Union. The " dangers " of college life are clearly shown as students battle the parking lot. Ti V Dr. Goodin ' s English 212 class enjoys a break. Fifties Day at Union To celebrate the annual Red-White games which of- ficially opened the basketball season at Union, many students participated in " Fifties Day. " For an entire Thursday, bobby sox and pony tails prevailed. Guys were seen with foreign matter in their hair. . .axle grease? Jeans were rolled up and saddle oxfords and loafers seemed to be the popular footwear for the fun journey back in time. Betsy Buhler and Becky Bumpas are glad that Ted Hunderup came back to Brylcreme. ' 78-79 cheerleaders rouse spirit with a ' 58-59 fashioned bonfire. • E W Kj W ' " " JM flP BR u WM i - ■ ' MMHgf i 1 Dean " the Fonz " Armour with admirers Elisa and Vicki. Janet Smith, Linda Warlick, and Colleen Johnson on 50 ' s day. Darla, Linda, Jeanna, Debbie, and Susan take a break. Cindy Fitch rolls into the action. Laurie, Judy, and Debbie cheer the team to victory. SENIOR INDEX A ALEXANDER, DEBRA ANN . . . B.S., Elementary Education; B.S.U.; Zeta Tau Alpha; STEA. ALLEN, WILLIAM RANDALL Minor, Biology; Science Club. B.S., Chemistry; ANDREWS, SCOTT MC DANIEL . . . B.M., Sacred Music; Minor, Music Theory; Student Government, Ten- nis, Stage Band, President of Freshman Class, Chorus, Symphonic Band, University Singers. ARMOUR, LALA DIANNE . . . B.A., Sociology; Minor, Music; Chorus, Symphonic Band, University Singers. ARNOLD, SAMMIE LEO . . . B.S. Business Administra- tion; Minor, History; Pi Gamma Mu; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Transfer from Ole Miss. ARNOLD, TONYA KENNEY . . . B.S. Psychology; Minors, Elementary Education and Special Education; Chi Omega, STEA. B BAILEY, SEPHIRA ANN . . . B.S. Elementary Education; STEA; Student Government; Dorm Council; Symphonic Band. BRIDGMAN, SHERMA DONNA . . . B.S. Mathematics; Minor, Chemistry; B.Y.W.; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Little Sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Beta Chi; Student Government; Dorm Council, Drama Production, Lottie " D " . BAIN, MICHAEL LYNN . . . B.S. Business Administra- tion; Minors, Computer Science and Economics; B.S.U.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Honors. BAKER, CYNTHIA KAY . . . B.A. and B.S. English and Biology; Minors, Secondary Education; B.S.U.; Alpha Chi; Footlights; French Club; Science Club; STEA; Lingui Mundi; Drama Productions Never Saw Another Butterfly and Sacramento 50 Miles. BUMPAS, REBECCA JEAN . . . B.S. Physical Education; Minor, Church Recreation; B.S.U.; Footlights; Resident Life Board; FCA; Dorm Council; Tennis; Drama Produc- tions, Miracle Worker, Sacramento 50 Miles, Lillies of the Field, Lottie " D " ; Chorus; transfer from Memphis State University. BUTLER, DEBORAH LEE from U.T. Martin. A.S. Nursing; transfer BEDWELL, SUSAN ELAINE . . . B.S. Sociology and Psychology; B.S.U.; B.Y.W.; Sociology Club; Pi Gamma Mu. BUTLER, RUTH EVELYN . . . B.S. Business Administra- tion; Minors, Secretarial Science and Journalism; Cardinal and Cream. BELL, GWENDOLYN ESTELLE . . . B.M. Music Educa- tion; Minor, Theory; SAI; Chorus; University Singers. BOND, JAMES ARTHUR . . .B.S. Health and Physical Education; Minor, Sociology; Basketball, Schular Award and Senior Award; FCA; transfer from Dyersburg State. BROWN, LOUISE ANJEANETTE . . . A.S., Nursing; International Club; transfer from Bucks County Communi- ty College. BYINGTON, JOHN NELSON . . . A.S., Nursing; Pi Gam- ma Mu; transfer from Central Oregon Community College. COUNTISS, LISA JO . . . B.M., Music Education; Minor, Music Theory; SAI; Chorus; Symphonic Band. CARPENTER, CYNTHIA JO . . . B.A., Journalism; Minor, Religion; B.S.U.; Footlights; Prexy Club, French Club; Editor, Cardinal and Cream; Editor, Lest We Forget; Torch; Drama Production, Of Thee I Sing; Chorus. CARTWRIGHT, ROSLYN SUZETTE . . . B.A., Psychology and Sociology; B.Y.W.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Panhellenic; Sociology Club; Student Government; Dorm Council. D CHAN, COLBERT CHUNG-CHAK Science; Minor, Chemistry; Chorus. . B.S., Computer CLARK, SANDRA MC NATT . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Minor, Physical Education; Little Sister of Alpha Tau Omega; Zeta Tau Alpha; STEA; Who ' s Who, 1978-79. CLARK, TROY RICHARD . . . B.M., Sacred Music; Minor, Music Theory; Alpha Tau Omega; President of Sophomore Class; Chorus; University Singers; Proclama- tion; Campus Favorite; Mr. Union; Who ' s Who, 1978-79. COLEMAN, TERESA JANELLE . . . B.A., Elementary Education; B.S.U.; B.Y.W.; Footlights; French Club; Drama Productions, Mighty King John, Lillies of the Field; Chorus; International Club; Prexy Club. COOK, JEANNE LOUISE . . . B.A., Psychology and Sociology; Footlights; Independents; Pi Gamma Mu; Sociology Club; Student Government; Honors. DANIEL, LISA ANN . . . B.A., Sociology and Psychology; Minor, Journalism; Spanish Club; Chi Omega; Pi Gamma Mu; Prexy Club; Dorm Council, Editor, Cardinal and Cream, Chorus. DE LOACH, WILLIAM P., JR. . . . B.A. Business Ad- ministration and Spanish; Minor, Secondary Education; Spanish Club. DENSTON, DANIEL RYAN . . . B.A., Health and Physical Education; Minor, Political Science; Alpha Tau Omega; transfer from Chowan College. DICKERSON, RICHARD EDWARD . . . B.M., Sacred Music; Minor, Music Theory; Footlights; Phi Mu Alpha; Prexy Club; French Club; Student Government, Drama Production, The Devil and Daniel Webster; Symphonic Band; Chorus. DILL, TED ALLEN . . . B.S., Sociology and Art; Art Guild; Kappa Pi; Student Government; transfer from Murray State University. DOBYNS, NANCY JANE . . . B.M., Music Education; Minor, Music Theory; SAI; Chi Omega; STEA; Chorus; University Singers. DORRIS, LINDA KAREN . . . B.S., Math; Minor, Secon- dary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; Math Club; STEA: Panhellenic; Chorus. DORROUGH, SHARON KAY . . Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; STEA. B.S., Elementary DUGGEL, JAMES LLOYD, JR B.A., Religion, Minor, Sociology; Drama Production, Mighty King John. DUKE, CHIQUITA ELLIS . . . B.M., Music Education; Minor, Music Theory; SAI; Prexy Club; University Singers; Covenant; Chorus. E EDMONSON, CHARLES EARL . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor, Speech-Theatre; B.S.U.; Ministerial Association; Footlights; Alpha Psi Omega; Drama Productions, Of Thee I Sing and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe; transfer from New Mexico Military Institute. EDMONSON, DEBORAH LYNN . . . B.S., Chemistry, Minor, Biology; Alpha Chi; History Club; Kappa Mu; Phi Beta Chi; Who ' s Who, 1978-79. FCA; Basketball; Drama Production, I Never Saw Another Butterfly; Class Office; Student Government; Dorm Coun- cil; Campus Favorite. ELLIOTT, CAMLA JO . . . B.A., Religion and Greek; Minor, Sociology; B.S.U.; B.Y.W.; Alpha Chi; FCA. ELTING, F. HOPE . . . B.A., Sociology and Psychology; B.S.U.; B.Y.W.; Footlights; Student Government; Drama Productions, Miracle Worker and Lillies of the Field; Chorus; transfer from Belleville Area College. EMBREY, KATHY LYNETTE . . . B.S., Business Ad- ministration; Minor, Business Education; B.S.U.; STEA; transfer from Mississippi College. FITZGERALD, SANDRA LEWIS . . . B.S., Physical Education; Minor, Secondary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; STEA; P.E. Club; Basketball; Dorm Council; Track; Class Office; Chorus; Campus Favorite; FCA. FLOWERS, PATTY QUINN . . . B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; Minor, Social Sciences; Alpha Chi; STEA; Pi Gamma Mu; transfer from Jackson State Community College. FOUST, PATSY TUCKER . . . B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; Alpha Chi; STEA; Torch; Chorus. ENZOR, LYNN CAROL . . . B.S., Computer Science and Math; Alpha Chi; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Chorus. ERWIN, CHARLES DENNIS . . . B.S., Physical Educa- tion and Health; Minors, Religion and Secondary Educa- tion; B.S.U., Ministerial Association; Footlights; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Dorm Council; Chorus. FREEMAN, CHRIS DARRYL . . . B.S., Accounting; Minors, Business Administration and Economics; Phi Mu Alpha; Chorus; Symphonic Band. G GAINES, JOHN STEVEN . . . Religion; B.S.U.; Ministerial Favorite. B.S., Sociology; Minor, Association; Campus FITCH, CINDY D. . . . B.S., Physical Education; Minor, Secondary Education; Chi Omega; Footlights; U Club; Lit- tle Sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; STEA; Prexy Club; GERHARDT, Sociology. GARY A. B.A., Religion; Minor, GIBSON, STEVEN W. Business Administration; Community College. . . B.S. transfer Accounting; Minor, from Jackson State GRAVES, MITCHELL LEE . . . B.S., History and Business Administration; History Club; Phi Alpha Theta; transfer from Jackson State Community College. GRIMES, MARVALYNN . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor, Sociology; transfer from Jackson State Community College. GRUBBS, KATHY M B.M., Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota; Footlights: STEA; Drama Production, Miracle Worker; Chorus; transfer from Cumberland College . H HAMILTON, PAUL EDWARD . English; Prexy Club; Kappa Pi; Government; Torch. . B.A., Art; Minor, Art Guild; Student HAMPTON, SARENE . . . B.S., Special Education and Elementary Education; Chi Omega; STEA; Prexy Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Dorm Council. HARVEY, JUDY KAY . . . B.S., Elementary Education, Alpha Chi; STEA; transfer from Jackson State Community College. HASICK, JOHN PAUL . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, History; B.S.U.; FCA; Baseball; transfer from Hillsbourgh Junior College. HILLIARD, RITA A. . . . B.S., Elementary Education; STEA; Chorus; transfer from Dyersburg State Community College. HOOPER, ANITA LYNN . . . B.A., Art; Minor; Secondary Education; B.S.U.; History Club; Kappa Pi; Art Guild; Spanish Club; French Club; Student Government. HORNSBY, VICKI CURTIS . . . B.M., Music Education; Minor, Music Theory; Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus; Universi- ty Singers; Union University Trio; Covenant. JOHNSON, RANDY WAYNE . . . B.S., Chemistry; Minor, Psychology; Alpha Chi; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Phi Beta Chi; Who ' s Who, 1978-79. JONES, DEBORAH LYNNE . . . B.S., Psychology; Minor, Sociology; Sociology Club; Pi Gamma Mu; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent; Chorus: transfer from Clarke College. JONES, DENNIS RAY . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, History; B.S.U.; Ministerial Association. JONES, JONATHAN M B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Tau Omega; Footlights; Drama production, Lillies of the Field; transfer from U.T. Martin. K HROMADA, SUSAN ELAINE . . . B.A., Accounting; Minor, Business Administration; Chi Omega; Little Sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Chorus; Homecoming Court; Campus Favorite. KEETON, ELSIE LORRAINE . . . B.A., History; Minor, Business Administration; B.S.U.; History Club; Phi Alpha Theta. HUCKABEE, DORIS ANNETTE . . . B.S., Sociology; Minor, Psychology; Alpha Chi; transfer from Jackson State Community College. HUFFMAN, NANCY HOOD . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor, Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Chi Omega; Symphonic Band; University Singers. HUMPHREYS, DORIS ELIZABETH . . . B.A., English and Sociology; B.S.U.; B.Y.W.; Women ' s Independents; Pi Gamma Mu; French Club; Math Club; Student Govern- ment. HUNTER, CYNTHIA LYNN . . . B.A., History; Minor, Secondary Education; Little Sister of Alpha Tau Omega; Chi Omega; Pi Gamma Mu; Prexy Club; History Club; Phi Alpha Theta; STEA; Student Government. JACKSON, MARY LIANE . . . B.A., Music and Elementary Education; Minor, Music Theory; Sigma Alpha Iota; Alpha Chi; Chi Omega; STEA; Panhellenic; Little Sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Government; Chorus; University Singers; Who ' s Who, 1978-79. JOHNSON, JANA LOUISE . . . B.A., Art; Minor, Educa- tion; Alpha Chi; Art Guild; Kappa Pi; STEA; Student Government; Cardinal and Cream; Who ' s Who, 1978-79; transfer from Middle Tennessee State University. KINCAID, STEPHEN ALLEN . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Music; B.S.U.; Ministerial Association; Footlights; Phi Mu Alpha. KISNER, WILLIAM EVAN . . . B.S., Physical Education; Minor, Religion; B.S.U.; Chorus; Campus Favorite. Greek; Ministerial Association; transfer from Moody Bible Institute. MAY, STANLEY OWEN . and English; History Club; Mu; Chorus. . B.A., History; Minor, Greek Phi Alpha Theta; Pi Gamma MC CANDLESS, MALCOM DAVID . . . B.S., Business Administration; Minor, Journalism; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Interfraternity Council; Editor, Cardinal and Cream; Lest We Forget. MC CARVER, ROBERT HUNTER . . . Minor, History; Ministerial Association; Northwest Junior College. B.A., Religion, transfer from MC ELHANNON, CHARLES EDWARD . . . B.A.. Religion and Greek; Minor, English; B.S.U.; Ministerial Association; Alpha Chi; Who ' s Who, 1978-79; transfer from Mississippi State University. LAMBERT, RICHARD L. . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Alpha Chi; STEA; Phi Theta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu; Who ' s Who, 1978-79; transfer from Jackson State Com- munity College. LAW, WILLIAM JEFFREY . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor, Church Recreation and Administration; B.S.U.; Chorus. LAZENBY, SHEILAH ANN . . . B.A., Psychology; Minor, Spanish; Chorus; Spanish Club. LILLARD, THOMAS DENTON . . . B.S., Business Ad- ministration; Minor, Psychology; Phi Mu Alpha; Universi- ty Singers; transfer from Jackson State Community College. LODEN, SANDRA DALE . . . B.S., Physical Education and History; B.S.U.; Chi Omega; Prexy Club; History Club; STEA; Panhellenic; Student Government; Dorm Council. LOWE, REBEKAH MARIAN . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Philosophy; B.Y.W.; International Club; transfer from Palm Beach Atlantic College. M MAJORS, JON K. . . . B.S., Business Administration; Minor, Health and Physical Education and Secondary Education; Golf. MC ILWAIN, REBECCA LOUISE . . Education; B.S.U.; B.Y.W.; Alpha STEA; Who ' s Who, 1978-79. . B.S., Elementary Chi; Prexy Club; MCNAIL, JOHN SPENCER . . . B.S., Business Ad- ministration; Minor, Religion; B.S.U.; Ministerial Associa- tion; Associate Editor, Lest We Forget. MEDLIN, DEBRA VAN tion; Minor, Sociology; Tennessee at Martin. . . B.S., Business Administra- transfer from University of MAXWELL, GARY LYNN B.A., Religion; Minor, MERCER, RAMONA DARLENE . . . B.A., Art and Sociology; Kappa Pi; International Club; Drama Produc- tion; Mighty King John; Student Government. MOODY, RONNIE LYNN . . . B.S., Chemistry; Minor, Computer Science; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Phi Beta Chi; Prexy Club. MOONEY, SHELIA DALE . . . B.S., Computer Science and Mathematics; Alpha Chi; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Women ' s Independents; Tennis. MOORE, BARRY WAYNE . . . B.S., Biology; Minor, Jour- nalism; Alpha Tau Omega; Interfraternity Council; Cam- pus Favorite; Cardinal and Cream; Chorus; Lyceum Com- mittee. MOORE, GLENN ALLEN . . . B.A., Business Ad- ministration and Journalism; Alpha Tau Omega; Inter- fraternity Council; Spanish Club; Prexy Club; Student Government; Chorus. MOORE, LISA DAWN . . . B.S., Biology; Minor, Secon- dary Education; Phi Beta Chi; STEA; transfer from University of Tennessee at Martin. - MOORE, MARY ANGELA . . . B.A., History; Minor, Secondary Education; Chi Omega; Footlights; History Club; Panhellenic; Little Sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Spanish Club; Student Government. MURPHY, PAMELA CASSANDRA . . . B.S., Sociology; Minor, Psychology; Sociology Club; transfer from Rust College. N NEVRJS, CANDELA SUE . . . B.A., Business Administration; Minor, Sociology; Zeta Tau Alpha. NORTHCUTT, KATHY JEAN . . . B.S., Business Ad- ministration; Minor, Computer Science; Zeta Tau Alpha; Tennis. NORVELL, DENISE LYNNE . . . B.A., Sociology; Minor, History; B.Y.W.; Phi Gamma Mu; Chorus; Symphonic Band. OAKLEY, TERESA STUDARDS . . . B.S., Elementary Education; Little Sister of Alpha Tau Omega; Zeta Tau Alpha; STEA; Dorm Council. PARKER, TERESA ELLEN . . . B.A., Elementary Education; B.S.U.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Dorm Council; Chorus; Spanish Club. PEARSON, JEANNA KATHRYN . . . B.S., Mathematics; Minor, Secondary Education; Little Sister of Alpha Tau Omega; Chi Omega; Prexy Club; Math Club; STEA; Cheerleader; Dorm Council; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Dorm Council; Who ' s Who, 1978-79. PESNELL, DONNA KAYE . . . B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; B.S.U.; Footlights; STEA; Drama Productions; Chorus; Symphonic Band. PETTY, KRYSTAL JEAN . . . B.S., Business Administra- tion; Minors, Computer Science and Business Education; Little Sister of Alpha Tau Omega; Cardinal and Cream. PHILLIPS, TONY NELSON . . . B.S., Chemistry; Minor, Biology; Alpha Chi; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Phi Beta Chi; Who ' s Who, 1978-79. POOL, RANDELL HIRAM . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Sociology; B.S.U.; Ministerial Association. POWELL, SUSAN BOOTH . . . B.S., Accounting; Minor, Computer Science; B.S.U.; Alpha Chi; Who ' s Who, 1978- 79. PURVIS, LEON KEITH . . . B.S., Computer Science and Business Administration; Baseball. R RANKIN, VICKI LYNN Chemistry. . B.S., Mathematics; Minor, ROBERTS, JERRY LYNN . . . B.S., Biology; Minor, Chemistry; B.S.U.; Ministerial Association; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Science Club; Student Government. RUSHING, BRUCE WAYNE . . , B.S., Business Ad- ministration; Minor, Economics; Alpha Tau Omega; transfer from Jackson State Community College. - s SCHEFFING, MARY PAULSELL . . . B.A., English; Minors, Journalism and Secondary Education; Alpha Chi; STEA; Drama Productions; Miracle Worker and Sacramento 50 Miles; Spanish Club; Cardinal and Cream; Lest We Forget; Torch; Who ' s Who, 1978-79; transfer from University of Missouri. SCOTT, ROBERT L. . . . B.A., History; Minor, Secondary Education; Ministerial Association; History Club; Phi Alpha Theta; STEA; Pi Gamma Mu; transfer from Jackson State Community College. SCRUGGS, SANDRA GAYE . . . B.A., Art: Minor, Educa- tion; B.S.U.; Footlights; Art Guild; Kappa Pi; Alpha Psi Omega; STEA; Drama Productions, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and One Foot in Heaven; Who ' s Who, 1978-79; transfer from Oklahoma Baptist University. SCHEARIN, PAUL MITCHUM . . . B.A., Religion; Minors, Journalism and Physical Education; B.S.U.; Alpha Tau Omega; U Club; French Club; Basketball; Baseball; Track; Dorm Council; Cardinal And Cream; Lest We Forget. SMITH, COLLEEN C. . . . B.A., Psychology; Minor, Religion; Language Club; transfer from Southern Illinois University. SMITH, WENDELL G. . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, English; Ministerial Association; transfer from Jackson State Com- munity College. Minor, Band. Business Administration; B.S.U.; Symphonic SPAIN, CHRISTOPHER DALE . . . B.S., Computer Science and Accounting; Minor, Business Administration; transfer from Jackson State Community College. STEVENS, WILLIAM EUGENE . . . B.S., Biology; Minor, Journalism; Alpha Tau Omega; Cardinal and Cream. STEWART, LESA ANN . . . B.S., Business Administra- tion; Chi Omega; Crescent of Lambda Chi Alpha; Drama Production, One Foot in Heaven; transfer from Jackson State Community College. STONE, WILLIAM STANLEY . . . B.A., Religion and Greek; Minor, Music; transfer from Northeast Mississippi Junior College. STRINGFELLOW, LAURA LADON . . and Sociology; B.S.U.; Chi Omega; Chorus; Symphonic Band. B.A., Psychology Sociology Club; THOMPSON, JANET LYNN . Music; B.S.U.; Spanish Club; Stage Band; Symphonic Band. TOLBERT, JOHN LEONARD Greek; Minor, History; B.S.U.; Chorus; Student Government. . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Women ' s Independents; . . . B.A., Religion and Ministerial Association; SNYDER, CYNTHIA JOHNS . . . B.S., Accounting; TYSON, ROBERT S B.A., Religion; Minor, English; Chorus; Ministerial Association; transfer from Jackson State Community College. V Y Z VADEN, CINDY M. . . . B.S., Elementary Education; STEA; Chorus; transfer from Dyersburg State Community College. VAN DYKE, JOE LYNN . . . B.A., Sociology and Business Administration; Minor, Psychology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Interfraternity Council; Student Government; Class Office. w WALKER, HELEN TERESA BOTTOMS . . . B.A., History; Minors, English and Secondary Education; Phi Alpha Theta; Pi Gamma Mu; transfer from Belmont College. WALLACE, SYLVIA PEARL . . . B.M., Music Education; Minor, Music Theory; Sigma Alpha Iota; Chi Omega; Lit- tle Sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; STEA; Panhellenic; Symphonic Band; Chorus; University Singers; Proclama- tion. WASHBURN, JOEL TRENT . . . B.S., Business Ad- ministration; Minors, Journalism and Economics; Student Government; Alpha Tau Omega; Cardinal and Cream; Lest We Forget. WASHBURN, JUDY GALE . . . B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; STEA; transfer from Jackson State Community College. WHITE, JEFFERY DAFOE ministration; Minor, History. B.A., Business Ad- WICINSKI, MICHEALDUANE . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Psychology; Ministerial Association; Lambda Chi Alpha. WILLIAMS, LISA BARRON WILLIAMS . . . B.A., Sociology; Minors, Psychology and History; Sociology Club. WILLIAMS, MICHAEL SANDERS . . . B.S., Health and Physical Education; Minors, Secondary Education and Driver ' s Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; STEA; FCA; Basketball; Dorm Council; Class Favorite. WILLIAMS, TERESA LYNN . . . B.M., Voice; Minor, Music Theory; Sigma Alpha Iota; Stage Band; Symphonic Band; Chorus; University Singers; Covenant. WILSON, JOHN MARK . . . B.A., Religion; Minor, Physical Education; B.S.U.; Ministerial Association; Footlights; Phi Mu Alpha; Dorm Council; Tennis; Symphonic Band; Honors; FCA; Independent Men. YOUNG, TRAYCE NELL . . . B.S., Business Administration; Minor, Secretarial Science; Little Sister of Alpha Tau Omega; Zeta Tau Alpha; U Club; Cheerleader; Homecoming Queen; Chorus. ZIMMERMAN, CHERYL JOY . . . B.A., French; Minors, Spanish and Political Science; Women ' s Independents; Prexy Club; Spanish Club; French Club; Student Govern- ment; Dorm Council; Tennis; Who ' s Who, 1978-79; Cam- pus Favorite. I want to thank the Lord for this year, 1978-79. It has been a long and often hard year, but it has brought me new friendships and a greater understanding of the field of Jour- nalism. I would like to give a very special thanks to Kim Bell, Lin- da Bartholmew, our staff photographers — Claudia Johnson, Johnny Eakin, and Owen Cobb, Mary Scheffing, and Mrs. Betty Foellinger for without them this yearbook would not have been possible. I would like to thank also the rest of my staff who helped to make this book what it is. I hope that we, the Lest We Forget staff, have captured for each of you a record of the events that are remembered the most and those small things that tend to be forgotten. I hope we have showed how " ... Christ in You, " truly is " . . . the hope of glory. " Sandi Keeton Editor-in-Chief g — __ . ,| . , 1 , ■ vJ £Sfi TABLE OF CONTENTS Campus Life 16 Greeks 50 Organizations 66 Sports 96 Classes 118 Administration 146 Ads and Index 180 i ' 4P.U - s X - ' ■ j::jl- •---■; ' • - ■ " • :.. J- PHoehn 3 lA

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