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f ' - - J» 1973 LEST WE FORGET Union University Jacl son, Tennessee Volume 57 Jan Myracle Editor Wayne Holmes Associate Editor Betty H. Foellinger Adviser desiderata to be desired ' Came searching . . . Looking . . Yearning. Found friendsliips . . . love or loves . . . ideas to mold our opinions for the rest of our lives. Administration Faculty 14 Campus Life 40 Classes 58 Sports 84 Greeks 110 Personalities 130 Organizations 150 Advertising 182 Index 1 198 1 X J ' jT -y I Qlf a Goals— they are there ahead of me. But I know that no goal is ever reached without some guiding principles and decisions to follow. Without them, I cannot know which life to live. At Union I can find a colorful and balanced blend of life as a whole. I have a chance to establish myself as a real person. No matter what my goal may be, I know that I have the chance to grasp what is best for me and to learn to comprehend and appreciate its total worth. I know that the Whole of Life is here. But the choices are mine. " I do not choose to be a common man . . . I seek opportunity— not security. I do not wisli to be a l ept citizen, liumbled and dulled by having the state lool after me. I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed ... I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the calm state of Utopia ... to stand erect, proud, and unafraid; to think and act for myself, enjoy the benefits of my creations and to face the world boldly and say— ' With God ' s help, this I have done . . . ' " A CREED FOR YOUNG AMERICANS n W i u:. u. I t 3m i i ' iiMril - ' p f - Confusion, Laughter, Studies, Activities, Love, and Thoughts— all these give a distinct and unique direction to my time of life at Union. Through this divinely directed unity I can now know in some small way that have come closer to " things to be desired. " I know now what I have learned. I know that I can . . . Do more than touch— can now feel; Do nnore than look— can now observe; Do more than think— can now ponder; Do more than read— can now absorb; Do more than hear— can now listen; Do more than listen— can now understand; Do more than talk— can now communicate. . . Take kindly the counsel of the years, grace- fully surrendering the things of youth . . . " Administration and Faculty PRESIDENT The President ' s job has taken on a new dimension as plans for the new campus progress. He now has the two-fold responsibility of planning for the future students while also meeting the needs and desires of those presently attending the university. Because of his heavy schedule, the relationship between the President ' s office and the students sometimes becomes one of separateness. This, however, is necessary for the total progress of a newer and better Union University. Dr. Craig looks at an artist ' s drawing of the new campus during one of tlie many planning meetings with Dr. Ramsey Pollard, chairman of the Board of Trustees; Earl Swensson, Architect for the new campus, and J. A. Hadley, Trustee. TRUSTEES The Board of Trustees is a group of professional men and women ranging from ministers, lawyers, and doctors to businessmen, teachers, and dentists, all dedicated to per- forming judiciary functions. John L. McRee, President of McRee Enterprises is welcomed as a new board member by Dr. Gerald E. Martin, Pastor, Popular Avenue Baptist Church, Memphis, (right) All trustees are elected by the Tennessee Baptist Conven- tion which is constituted as " a body politic and corporate. " In the past the trustees have performed such duties as changing the name of Southwestern Baptist University to Union University and securing a new charter with all rights and authority vested in the Tennessee Baptist Conven- tion. The ultimate objective of the Board of Trustees today is the full development of the total personality of Union ' s students in order that they may fulfill mature, responsible, and creative roles in society. It aspires to the goal of at- taining excellence in education at Union; therefore it promotes superior scholarship. Trustees. First Row, I to r: Dr. R. Trevis Otey, Mr. Harold Brundige, Mr. Billy Hyman, Mr. M. F. Keathley, Mrs. Raymond Hawkins, Dr. Ramsey Pollard, Mrs. Bradford Duncan, Dr. Lewis Ferrell, Rev. Herbert Higdon, Dr. Jerry Glisson, Mr. John L. McRee, Rev. 0. M. Dangeau. Second Row: Dr. David Stewart, Dr. E. E. Deusner, Dr. David Byrd, Rev. Paul Clark, Mr. Brooks McLemore, Dr. Gerald Martin. Third Row: Mr. Marvin Sandidge, Mr. Bobby Jelks, Mr. Kenneth Leathers, Mr. Ralph Lawler, Rev. Irving Hays, Mr. George Jones, Dr. Slater Murphy, Rev. Bob Agee. Fourth Row: Rev. W. Fred Kendall, II, Mr. Powers Smith, Rev. W. A. Foote, Rev. Bruce Coyle, Rev. Howard Cobb, Mr. J. A. Hadley, Sr., Mr. H. L. Townsend. Fifth Row: Mr. Glenn Rainey, Mr. David Nunn, Mr. James Threlkeld, and Mr. John Cameron. Not pictured are Dr. W. B. B. Cockroft, Mr. Charles Foresythe, Mrs. Wallace Johnson, Dr. Joseph Miller, Mr. E. T. Palmer, Mr. Bob Sellers, Mr. Joe Walker, and Rev. Henry West. Dr. G. Wayne Brown Vice President of Academic Affairs Academic Dean The pursuit of knowledge, the challenge of the mind, and the desire to excel in one ' s work becomes the abiding ambition of each student as he diligently labors over his books. It is the duty of the academic ad- ministration and faculty to insure an academic ecological balance for students in their quest for knowledge, self-examination, and preparation for the future. Completing the whole personality of the Union student requires emphasis on the facet of religion. Such programs, activities and in- service vocational guidance in this field is overseen by the Dean of Religious Affairs. ACADEMICS Dr. Willis H. KImzey Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs Carl Halvarson Assistant to the President Dr. Lewis G. Sewell Dean of Religious Affairs Dr. Eugene Baker Director of Public Relations DEVELOPMENT Dr. W. Walter Warmath Vice President of Development Union University has made a great deci- sion. In tlie forseeable future, it is moving to a completely new location and building not only a new college, but is joining with the community to develop the surroun- ding area. Because we at Union believe strongly in the worth of education on a Christian- oriented campus, and with our strong ties and support from the Tennessee Baptist Convention, we hope to evoke a response from the public in terms of financial sup- port and students. Frank M. BIythe Assistant Vice President Dan Bates Alumni Director William Bates Director of Estate Planning STUDENT PERSONNEL Those of us in student services like to tliink of ourselves as " non- curricular educators. " We realize that cognitive and affective develop- ment take place in non-academic contexts and our purpose is to in- fluence these areas in as positive a manner as possible. To this end, we sublimate our support services to the academic without minimizing the contribution made in these areas. Dr. Don Ellis Dean of Men Maggie Nell Brewer Dean of Women Dorm Hostesses- Irene Towater, Jones Hall, left; Julia Walker, BIythe Hal and Nancy Lawrence Ellis Hal ADMISSIONS There was more than a ten per- cent increase in enrollment in the fall of 1972 due to the ef- forts of the Admissions office. Nineteen states were represented and eleven foreign students. There are four admissions counselors, two of whom have a master ' s degree in counsel- ing. Counselors from the Ad- missions office personally con- tact high school and junior college students in Tennessee and the surrounding states un- der the supervision of Dr. Milburn Blanton, Director. Admissions Counselor Dr. Milburn Blanton Director of Admissions Pat Taylor Admissions Counselor Linda Dawklns Admissions Counselor REGISTRAR The Registrar ' s office provides an academic service center tliat meets many educational needs. Its essential and abiding mission is to promote and record undergraduate education in liberal arts and sciences within the framework of humane, liberal, and intellectual values. Gladys I. Stone Registrar J 9P " jt M J Hh..- . H H ■Ki (k ' -» 99B j M V iM KSu 9 K ' " Im lS m m v ifl -m 1 1 Bw ' i ' ' ' - jH HBHj ft 1 " Xf -•:« BHy L H r4 y SmKmKII ■ H M f nj ' ii pi .w a nji Amy Fugate and Virgil Deaton Secretary and Clerk Jimmy Cagle Computer Programmer BUSINESS OFFICE Louise Pruitt, Jean TIsdale, Margaret Jones Bookkeepers £ ' •a " R. G. (Bob) Elliott Business Manager Administrative Assistants Dot Gee Sarah Hammett Development Dean of Students Eloulse Graves President Janice Collins Admissions Betty Wells PBX Operator Charlotte Bynum Academic Center Rose Melton Business Religious Affairs LIBRARY The purpose of the library is to be of service to the students and faculty and welcomes an opportunity to assist them. The current changing from the Dewey Decimal to Library of Congress markings will make it much easier to locate books. There is an increase in the use of electronic media with cassette tape players and audio visual materials available in the library section in Lovelace Hall. In all, the library is rapidly being enriched for greater usefulness. Richard H. Rogers Assistant Librarian Ruth Halvarson Assistant Librarian Harold L. Bass Librarian COLLEGE SERVICES The aim of the College Services Department is to provide the entire college family with more accurate paper work. From telephone dicta- tion to handwritten tests and courier delivery and pick-up service, this department is the center for all production and reproduction work on the campus. Dorothy S. Hopper Typist-Clerk Mae B. Scott Supervisor, College Services Susan G. Crum Typist-Clerk V . Buildings— Grounds— Maintenance Martha Curlln Manager, Bookstore Barbee Barham Supervisor of Maintenance John P. Dougan, Jr. Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds Healtii Services Dr. George B. Wyatt University Physician Dr. Duval Koonce University Physician Margaret Boyd University Nurse FINE ARTS Kenneth R. Hartley Chairman of the Division of Fine Arts Chairman of the Department of Music Professor of Music Director of Choral Activities To aid in unifying the work offered by each depart- ment and to promote greater interest in the arts in order to encourage a more cultured society are the goals of the Fine Arts Division. Art The Department of Art provides an opportunity for students to develop an appreciation of art and provides an educational climate for the development of art skills. Dr. Joseph Blass Professor of Music and Art Donald R. Carmlchael Instructor of Art Grove Robinson Associate Professor of Art James Andre Instructor, Speech and Theater Developing the student ' s potential in the oral communication of thought by instruction and performance is the purpose of the Department of Speech and Theatre Arts. Under the direction of Dr. James An- dre, three plays were performed dur- ing the year: The Glass Menagerie (given " in the round " ), Summertree, and The Everlasting Sorrow. A member of " The Everlasting Sorrow " cast applies make- up for effect. _ ?-x B: ' P0 iJf KKt m " " INC Paul Brock and Diane Hinkleman rehearse for " The Glass Menagerie " An exciting moment during " The Glass Menagerie " performance. MUSIC Dr. Kenneth Hartley Chairman of the Department of Music Professor of Music Director of Choral Activities The aim of the Music Department is to develop a high standard of musicianship and to equip the stu- dent with the musical skills necessary for him to be a professional and vocational leader. The more evident aim is to prepare students for public school music teachers in the fields of vocal in- struction, instrumental instruction, and as church musicians. Ann Elizabeth Biggs Associate Professor of Music Charles H. Huffman Assistant Professor of Theory and Instrumental Music Dr. Joseph Blass Professor of Music June Huffman Adjunct Professor of Music Prospective students enjoy one phase of Union ' s music program. Dr. Gerald L. Welker Professor, Music and Director of Bands Dr. Willis H. KImzey, Jr. Chairman of the Division of Humanities HUMANITIES In the Humanities students learn to prefer one thing to another and to acquire a set of ideas and principles which they believe and on which they act. The objective of the divi- sion is to provide meaning and purpose for all learning through courses designed to broaden the individualistic, aesthetic, and moralistic qualities in man. English In the English Department students learn how to develop skills in writing and speaking effectively, and in reading and evaluating literature appreciatively. There is also a strong Journalism minor where a student may learn the theory and practice of mass communication in the various media and a variety of creative and specialized writing skills. Or. George E. Clark Chairman of Department Professor of Engiish Helen S. BIythe Associate Professor, English Dr. Henry B. Evans Professor of English Betty H. foelllnger Assistant Professor, English j-id Journalism Ernest PInson Associate Professor, English Marilyn C. Smothers instructor of English Thomas E. Life Chairman of Department Assistant Professor, French Elizabeth Etherldge Assistant Professor, Spanish Language The purpose of this department is to instruct the student through oral- aural-vlsual techniques and methods to read, understand, speak, and write with proficiency at least one foreign language. Religion and Philosophy This department has as its goal to acquaint the student with an un- derstanding of the basic tenets of the Bible and to make the student aware of the meaning of life through the study and evaluation of the world ' s various philosophers. :» Dr. Hyran E. Barefoot Chairman of Department Professor of Religion Dr. David J. Irby Associate Professor, Religion Dr. Willis H. KImzey Professor of Religion Dr. W. Clyde Tllley Associate Professor, Religion NATURAL SCIENCE The intention of tlie division of Natural Sciences is to acquaint the students with universal truths related to the world in which we live and to assist him in arriving at a correct view of other scientific knowledge. This context is essential for proper interpretation of self and for making wise decisions in life. The Natural Science courses are designed to meet these needs. Dr. Herbert A. Slerk Chairman of the Division Chairman of Biology Department Professor of Biology Dr. Roger L. Kroodsma Assistant Professor, Biology Biology Designed to acquaint students with living organisms and the physical environment in which we live, the Biology curriculum provides a background needed by all educated citizens. Chemistry To help the student un- derstand the material world and how it changes and affects his life is the general aim of the Chemistry Department. Dr. June B. White Chairman of the Department Professor of Chemistry Dr. Charles M. Baldwin Associate Professor of Chemistry Physics Helping the student unders- tand the workings behind the physical phenomena around him and helping him to utilize his powers of analysis Is the concern of the Physics Department. Dr. G. Wayne Brown Chairman of the Department Assistant Professor of Physics Dr. Ronald E. Miller Assistant Professor of Physics Richard E. Dehn Assistant Professor of Mathematics Dr. Joseph Tucker Chairman of the Department Associate Professor of Mathematics Mathematics The curriculum of the Mathematics Department offers a basic foundation for graduate study and provides for entry Into careers that relate to mathematics. NURSING Isabel H. Neely Chairman of Nursing Department Associate Professor of Nursing The general philosophy, framework, and purpose of the nursing program Is to help nursing students develop knowledge of basic concepts inherent in the care of all people and to develop the ability to give direct nursing care with emphasis on problems based on immediate and long- range goals. Newly accredited this year by the National League of Nursing, this department has had a steady increase in students. S; ? R t Joyce M. Montgomery Assistant Professor of Nursing Patricia E. Palmer Assistant Professor of Nursing Nursing students, Juanita Crosnoe and l lary Canovan watcti a cassette filmstrip as part of tfneir weekly assignments in nursing. Tfiis filmstrip will serve as a source of information in later experience in the classroom and at the hospital. Admiring tlie symbolic nurse ' s lamp at the graduation ceremony in the spring were from the left, Lorrie Flowers, Mable Bridger, Georgia Wilson, Director of Nurses at Jackson Madison County Hospital, and Union ' s Nursing Director, Isabel Neely. Sandra Brown Instructor of Nursing Teresa Lasslter Instructor of Nursing Jo Jordan Secretary, Nursing PROFESSIONAL STUDIES The division of Professional Studies is involved in teaching students a body of knowledge beyond general education and desires to promote participation rather than mere spectatorship. It is the purpose of the division to aid students to achieve competence in his chosen field and become sensitive to the needs of those whom he will serve. Dr. Marvin D. Kllman Chairman of Division of Professional Studies Chairman of Department of Education Professor of Education Business Education Education Nell Adams LaFon Assistant Professor of Business Education Classes in the Business Education Depart- ment are designed to provide adequate training for students desiring an executive secretarial career, for developing teachers in the field of business education and secretarial science, and for students wanting to take business subjects as electives. Dr. James A. Pate Professor of Education Director of Testing The Education Depart- ment endeavors to give students in both Elemen- tary and Secondary Education a better un- derstanding of human relations and individual adjustment and to help them apply these con- cepts in personal living; to provide knowledge in this field essential for an area of concentrated study and for further advanced work, and to furnish the professional education necessary for prospective teachers. Dr. Pat Hale Bouchlllon Associate Professor of Psychology and Education Dr. William Hedspeth Assistant Professor of Education HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Eugene Cantrall Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education Intercollegiate athletics have been receiv- ing a new impetus this year as the various sports have been guided by the Coor- dinator, Dr. Don Ellis. Intramural activities have been expanded to Include all the traditional activities plus some new competitions in horse shoe pitching, checkers, one-on-one shooting and the like. Extramurals have had a good play as the Lady Bulldogs have been coached by Peggy Birmingham, with assistant coach, John Nelson. The girls have had a volleyball, a basketball, and a softball team, playing games with other area colleges. ■ J Dr. Don Ellis Coordinator of Intercollegiate Athletics Valadez tries to fool a Jackson State batter. A tense moment for the team. Marvin McBroom Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education; Head Baseball Coach Peggy Birmingham Instructor, Health and Physical Education James Robert Simmons Assistant Professor, Health and Physical Education Head Basketball Coach Dr. Bill G. Bouchlllon Chairman of the Division Chairman of the Department of Psychology Professor of Psychology SOCIAL SCIENCES Man ' s understanding of the happenings of the past, his comprehension of the forces and agencies in society which influence the present, and his feelings about the past and present give him wisdom in planning for the future. Social science at Union seei s to implement these concepts in order that the student may grow in awareness of the past, relate to the issues and forces within society, and plan a system of values which can guide him into the future. Dr. Frederick T. Neely Chairman of the Department of Economics and Business Administration Professor of Economics Business Administration and Economics The department of Business Ad- ministration and Economics is designed to provide preparation for employment in various business fields. Teaching and business careers are offered by the department to provide a sound basis for graduate studies and help the student focus in par- ticular areas from an overall view. Curtiss E. Scott Associate Professor of Business Administration Sociology A practical and scientific analysis of human relationships in social life, is presented in the courses of the Sociology Department. History and Political Science The department of History and Political Science is designed to promote the study of courses in history for students who study it and later apply its facts in teaching, in law, and other fields. The courses attempt to give the student an un- derstanding of other times accor- ding to the standards of those times, and evaluate institutions and movements in the light of their effects upon later developments. Eldon A. Byrd Chairman of the Department of Sociology Associate Professor of Sociology Dr. James H. Edmonson Chairman of the Department of History Associate Professor of History Dr. Richard Hiram Ward Professor of History You are a child of the universe, no iess than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here Campus Life Campus life-n., 1 . a series of events which constitute the social and academic ac- tivities of college students; 2. the in- stitution ' s characteristic of a college within the frame of a college student ' s ex- perience — e.g., classes, dormitories, term papers. 5f4BE3AHD E BWtf " Now what did I do with that Carrey Coie and Mary Pat Crockett heip themseives at the President ' s Reception. Phil Glisson " poses " for Susan Pittman as Dr. Ellis and Sheila White prepare student I.D. ' s. The all-too-familiar scene of registration. . Peter McLeod, right, of the First Baptist Church in Waco, Texas id Mr. Roger Cowan of West Jackson Baptist Church lead the ser- ies for the Fall Religious Emphasis Week. Fun at the BSU Retreat. Religious Emphasis Week BSU Choir members practice for the presentation of " Life " at the retreat Monotony Breakers rhe Juniors and Sophomores defeat the Seniors and Freshmen in the annual Powder Puff football game. Senator Howard Balder meets Union students during his visit to the campus. Mary Lynn Cope enjoys a corn dog at the Siater Halloween Carnival v ,m m « • • »■»■» m Cheerleader Carrey Cole in a Chapel Basketball skit. The Union Cheerleaders spend many hours working to improve their squad and promote school spirit with skits. f 5 ;.- . ' v:i ' J BSU ALL-SING IS FOCAL POINT he winners of the BSU All-Sing this year were: Independents, Debbie lurton (director), Womens ' Division; Lambda Chi Alpha, Alan Mullins jirector), Mens ' Division; Sigma Alpha lota, Cindy Segebarth (director), rst place in Ensemble Groups; Zeta Tau Alpha, Janis Bowen (director), econd place in Ensemble Groups. An annual event sponsored by the Baptist Student Union . . . Groups of friends drawn together by some affiliation grow as they work and sing together . . . Cooperation and competition . . . Anx- ious awaiting of the final decision. " Learn your part, sound final consonants, watch your director, stand up straight, look proud — Be Proud. " The Independent women are singing their winning rendition of " Bridge Over Troubled Water " and " Eternal Life. ' The Lambda Chi ' s exert efforts that win first place, Men ' s Division. The Chi Omega ensemble makes their own kind of music. Rhythmic movements are incorporated into the performance of the SAI ensemble. The women of Zeta Tau Alpha perform " Climb Every Mountain " and " I Will Sing of Thy Might. ' - " Rocky Top Tennessee " , sung by the SAEs, was a favorite of the audience. The Zeta ensemble sings its way into second place. Trained vocalists of Phi Mu Alpha perform in the ensemble competition. The women of Chi Omega perform " How Excellent is Thy Name " and " If. " Agneses — Left to Right: Beverly Ingram, Sherry Soder, Sabra Mullins, Jan Boston, and Kathy Bell — are " Going Steady " . Michael (Richard Howard) asks Agnes (Sherry Soder), " What are you doing for the rest of your life? " A familiar face in the field house, Mrs. Grace Williams, visits the P.E. reunion. Union alumnae return to the campus once more. Those w ho had been CRV students met in the Baptist Student Union. YOU MAY BE CALLED THE BISONS BUT YOU RE JUST A BUNCH j OF BULL TO US WHIP THE BISONS Zeta Tau Alpha takes first place, fraternity division, witfi Its western theme. Adams Hall is first place, dorm division, as they Whip the Bisons. " The girls of Jones Hall excitedly took second place in the dorm division. Sweet Victory from the SAEs. Representatives for the winning groups proudly display their trophies. The Zeta trophy is accepted Dy Linda Cowart. Homecoming Susan Smith accepts the Spirit Trophy for Chi Omega. Judy Barefoot is escorted on to the floor by Steve Thomas to discover shortly that she is Union ' s 1973 Homecoming Queen. The Homecoming Court of 1973 consisted of four lovely coeds, Left to Right: Becky Wilkinson, Susan Pittman, Queen Judy Barefoot, and Jenny Seabrook. A Homecoming Victory 12 3 4 Jim Martin is up for " 2 " to help defeat David Lipscomb Coliege. Graduation A Time of departure from a portion of life that has had different meaning to varying individuals— A Time to evaluate dreams and plans and hopes— A Time to embark on a greater venture in which you are no longer sheltered from the realities of our existence- therefore, " . . . in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. " President Robert E. Craig and Dr. Ramsey Pollard, BaccalaureaU speaker. v?. . . Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time ... " Senior Class Officers: Edmund Cepparulo, vice-president; Sara Lee Moore, reporter; Donna Wallace, secretary-treasurer; Steve Vaughn, president. SENIORS AINLEY, MABLE LEE, Dresden, Tenn. ALEXANDER, KEITH, Jackson, Tenn. ALEXANDER, KEN, Jackson, Tenn. BAILEY, JOHN, Ft. Myers, Fla. BAILEY, SANDRA, Kennetl, Mo. BAKER, BEN, Jackson, Tenn. BAREFOOT, JUDY, Jackson, Tenn. BARNETT, TONY R., Jackson, Tenn. BELEW, KATHY, Luray, Tenn. BISHOP, LINDA, Memphis, Tenn. BLAIR, BARBARA, Jackson, Tenn. BLASINGAME, MARTHA J., Medina, Tenn. BOWERS, SANDRA, Dresden, Tenn. BRANTLEY, LUNSFORD, Memphis, Tenn. BURLEY, RICHARD, Collierville, Tenn. BYINGTON, JAMES, Crockett Mills, Tenn. CALDWELL, DAVID, Bolivar, Tenn. CALDWELL, JANET STALLINGS, Bolivar, Tenn. CAMPBELL, SANDRA, Jackson, Tenn. CARROLL, CHRISTINE, Enville, Tenn. CHATHAM, JIMMY, McKenzie, Tenn. COUNCE, MELANIE, Jackson, Tenn. CRAIG, LARRY D., Jackson, Tenn. CRAVER, CLIFFORD, Dyer, Tenn. CRUCE, BRENDA, Troy, Tenn. CULPEPPER, BARBARA FISHER Humboldt, Tenn. DEMING, JUDY, Jackson, Tenn. DENNIS, CLYDE, Memphis, Tenn. DIXON, Beverly, Jackson, Tenn. DIXON, ROI-ANN, Versailles, Ky. FEATHERS, KENNETH, Adamsville, Tenn. FOLLIS, NANCY CLAIRE, Alamo, Tenn. FORSYTHE, MARY JOY, Jackson, Tenn. FORSYTHE, WILLIAM, Jackson, Tenn. GRAVES, MIKE, Jackson, Tenn. GRAY, SANDRA, Bardwell, Ky. GUDOVICH, JUDY, Belleville, III. HALL, CAROLE, Dyer, Tenn. HARBIN, DANNIE, Adamsville, Tenn. SENIORS HEDGES, GAINES W., Jackson, Tenn. HIBBARD, CAROL, Houston, Mo. HORNER, PAULA DEANE, Trenton, Tenn. HUBBARD, DENNIS J., Friendship, Tenn. HUDSON, JOAN, Finley, Tenn. JACOBS, JANET, Nashville, Tenn. JENNINGS, DWAYNE, Atwood, Tenn. JONES, DANNY R., Tupelo, Miss. JONES, WANDA S., Ramer, Tenn. KILLOUGH, VERNELL, Jackson, Tenn. V . KING, JAMES LYNN, Toone, Tenn. KOLB, DAVID H., Memphis, Tenn. LAY, BRENT, Jackson, Tenn. LILE, MARY SUE, Jackson, Tenn. MEEK, DAVID, Henderson, Tenn. MURRELL, CHARLOTTE, Bolivar, Tenn. MILLER, GARRY S., Humboldt, Tenn. MILLER, JANET, Humboldt, Tenn. MITCHELL, JACKIE, Reagan, Tenn. MITCHELL, TERESA, Jackson, Tenn. MOORE, LINDA, Jackson, Tenn. MOORE, PAUL, Jackson, Tenn. MOORE, SARAH LEE, Dresden, Tenn. MORRIS, JOYCE, Milan, Tenn. MYERS, DANNY, Searcy, Ark. Mccarty, DENISE, Jackson, Tenn. McEWEN, BELINDA, Jackson, Tenn. McGEE, KENNETH, Jackson, Tenn. NICHOLS, THOMAS, Medina, Tenn. OAKLEY, WILLARD, Milan, Tenn. ORAN, DAVID, Jackson, Tenn. PAYNE, CATHY, Henry, Tenn. PEARSON, DAVID, Jackson, Tenn. PENNEBAKER, BOBBY, Jackson, Tenn. PENNEBAKER, MARTHA, Jackson, Tenn. PENNINGTON, MIKE, Columbia, Tenn. PETTY, BENNY, Ramer, Tenn. PICKETT, SHERI, Black Rock, Ark. PINKLEY, RUTH HELEN, Parsons, Tenn. PRIDDY, NANCY, Jackson, Tenn. PRUITT, DON, Medon, Tenn. RAINWATER, ROBIN, Jackson, Tenn. REED, BARBARA, Jackson, Tenn. REPLOGLE, SANDRA, Jackson, Tenn. REVES, JULIA, Jackson, Tenn. REZACH, PAMELA, Jackson, Tenn. ROARK, THOMAS, Clarksburg, Tenn. ROBERTSON, WYNNIE, Pinson, Tenn. ROSS, NANCY, Morris Chapel, Tenn. RUSSELL, STEPHEN, Dyer, Tenn. SAMPLE, SHARON, Caruthersville, Mo. SAMPLES, CAROL, Guys, Tenn. SCOTT, PHYLLIS, Adamsvllle, Tenn. SEGEBARTH, CINDY, Dresden, Tenn. SHANKLIN, BARTON, Palmersvllle, Tenn. SHIREY, BOB, Hayti, Mo. SIMMONS, BETH, Jackson, Tenn. SKILES, JOHN DOUGLAS, Jackson, Tenn. SENIORS SMITH, LARRY, Selmer, Tenn. SMITH, SUSAN, Michie, Tenn. SODER, SHERRY, Camp Hill, Pa. TROUTT, DORIS REED, Camden, Tenn. TUCKER, RONALD, Westport, Tenn. TURNER, KATHY, Buchanan, Tenn. VICTOR, SASHI, Hyderabad, India WALKER, H. JERRY, Lexington, Tenn. WALLACE, DONNA, Chesterfield, Tenn. WALLACE, PAUL, Jackson, Tenn. WEBB, SUSAN, Lexington, Tenn. WHITT, SHIRLEY, Memphis, Tenn. WHITWORTH, VIVIAN, Morristown, Tenn. WILKINS, JAMES, Jackson, Tenn. WILLIAMS, DALORIES, Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAMS, DELORIES, Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAMS, PAULINE, Lexington, Tenn. WILSON, NANCY, Lexington, Tenn. WITHERINGTON, DANNY, Rutherford, Tenn. WISE, CARLA, Humboldt, Tenn. WOFFORD, MARTHA, Rutherford, Tenn. WOFFORD, WAYNE, Trenton, Tenn. WOLFE, CHARLOTTE, Selmer, Tenn. WYATT, DEBORAH, Paducah, Ky. WYATT, GEORGE RICHARD, Paris, Tenn. JUNIORS Junior Class Officers: f elinda Scott, secretary; Linda Sanders, treasurer; John Nelson, president; and David Miller, vice-president. ADAMS, EMMA KAY, Jackson, Tenn. ALLISON, JEAN, Jackson, Tenn. BAILEY, PAM, Kennett, Mo. BAIRD, JACKIE, Memphis, Tenn. BARBER, JANE, Jackson, Tenn. BELCHER, DONNY, Nashville, Tenn. BISHOP, CHRISTIE, Camden, Tenn. BLACKWELL, SHARON, Kosciusko, Miss. BLEDSOE, DEBBIE, Jackson, Tenn. BOWEN, JANIS, Memphis, Tenn BRADFORD, JIMMY, Pinson, Tenn. BROWN, KAY, Jackson, Tenn. CAVANAUGH, DAVE, Evansville, Ind. CHAN, WING KWONG, Jackson, Tenn. CLAYBROOK, FLORA ANN, Humboldt, Tenn COFFMAN, BETH, Lexington, Tenn. COLE, CARREY, Parkin, Ark. COMMEAN, JERRY, Herrin, III. COWART, LINDA. Memphis, Tenn. CRAIG, KATHIE, Ripley, Tenn. CROCKETT, MARY PAT, Wynne, Ark. FARMER, JUDITH, McKenzie, Tenn. FLANAGAN, DANNY, Huron, Tenn. FOREN, JACKIE, Bradford, Tenn. FREELAND, JENNIFER, Bruceton, Tenn. FRYER, SUSAN, Memphis, Tenn. GAGE, GALE, Bethel Springs, Tenn. GLISSON, PHILIP, Memphis, Tenn. GOOGE, GEORGE, Jackson, Tenn. HARRISON, JEANNETTE, Jackson, Tenn. HAYES. LINDA, Jackson, Tenn. HILL, JOHNNY, Trenton, Tenn. HILL, BETTIE SUE, Huntingdon, Tenn HO, MARGARET, Hong Kong, China. HOLMES, WAYNE, Jackson, Tenn. JENKINS, PHIL, Paris, Tenn. JERNIGAN, MICHAEL, Humboldt, Tenn JOHNSON, JULIA, Jackson, Tenn. JORDAN, MIKE, Lexington, Tenn, KIRK, JENETTA, Ranner, Tenn. LEWELLING, JANICE, Jackson, Tenn. MAINORD, DENNIS, Beech Bluff, Tenn. MINNER, LOUIS, Maury City, Tenn. MOSIER, DIANE, Memphis, Tenn. MOSS, GAIL, Jackson, Tenn. MULLINS, ALLEN, Memphis, Tenn. MURRAY, DEBORAH, Jackson, Tenn MYRACLE, JAN, Parsons, Tenn. McKEEL, MARY ZON, Tiptonville, Tenn. McWHIRTER, DOT, Holly Springs, Miss. NELSON, JOHN, Dixon, Mo. NEWMAN, McKAY, Gates, Tenn. NORRIS, DENNIS, Covington, Tenn. NORTON, MALCOLM, Brownsville, Tenn OVERALL, DEBRA, Memphis, Tenn PEEREY, DIANA, Adamsville, Tenn. PERKINS, KATHY, Dresden, Tenn. PERKINS, WANITA, Dresden, Tenn. PILGRIM, BETH, Sebastopol, Miss. PORTER, DWIGHT, Bolivar, Tenn. POWELL, JOE, Jackson, Tenn. POWERS, RACHEL, Jackson, Tenn. RIGGS, JANET, Memphis, Tenn. ROBERTSON, RANDALL, Big Sandy, Tenn. ROGERS, DOUGLAS, Memphis, Tenn. RUSH, RALPH, Clarksburg, Tenn. SANDERS, LINDA, Memphis, Tenn. SCOTT, MELINDA, Scotts Hill, Tenn. SEABROOK, JENNY, Jackson, Tenn. SHARPE, LOIS. Columbia, Tenn. SON, ALAN, Corydon, Ky. SPENCE, MICKEY, Friendship, Tenn. STEPHENS. BONITA GAIL, Medina, Tenn. STUART, ELAINE, Whiteville. Tenn. TAYLOR, CHERYL, Henry, Tenn. THORNE. LINDA, Bruceton, Tenn. TODD, KATHY, Friendship, Tenn. TODD, PHYLLIS, Camden, Tenn. TRAMMELL, VICKIE, Memphis, Tenn. TRULL, TERESA, Humboldt, Tenn. ULRICH, ESTHER, Athens. Ala. VANOVER, RICKIE, Jackson, Tenn. WALKER. MIKE, Lexington, Tenn. WARMATH, BILL, Jackson, Tenn. WESTBURY, JOSEPH, Orlando, Fla. WILKINSON, BECKY, Palmersville, Tenn. WILSON, DON T., Bolivar, Tenn. WILSON, PHILIP, Grand Junction, Tenn. WOOD, JAMES STEPHEN, Whiteville, Tenn. SOPHOMORES Sophomore Class Officers: Paul Clark, president; Jimmy Cagle, vice- president; Susan PIttman, secretary; Kathy Steppe, treasurer. BARNHILL, REGENIA, Buchanan, Tenn. BELL, KATHY, Jackson, Tenn. BOEN, DAVID, Singapore, China BOGGS, CAROL, Memphis, Tenn. BOLDING, BARBARA, Memphis, Tenn. BRADLEY, DALE, Garnett, Kans. BRAGG, BOBBY, Memphis, Tenn. BRATCHER, SANDY, Brentwood, Tenn. BURLESON, DEMPSY, Alamo, Tenn. BURKE, TOMMY, Lexington, Tenn. BURTON, DAVID, Tiptonville, Tenn. BUSBY, MIKE, Memphis, Tenn. CAGLE, JIMMY, Jacl son, Tenn. CANTRELL, JERRY, Memphis, Tenn. CASEY, MIKE, Nashville, Tenn. CRANFORD, ROSE, Brownsville, Tenn. CRISS, ALAN, Jackson, Tenn. CROSS, LINDA, Bolivar, Tenn. DAVIDSON, MICHAEL, Dyer, Tenn. DAVIS, CLARA ELOUISE, Camden, Tenn. DeBELL, DAVID, Selmer, Tenn. DENSON, SONJA, Memphis, Tenn. DUKE, SHERRYE, Jackson, Tenn. DUKES, WINETTA, Milan, Tenn. EASLEY, GARY KEN, Jackson, Tenn. ELAM, CAROL, Memphis, Tenn. ELLEDGE, MIKE, Memphis, Tenn. ELMORE, SHEILA, Bells, Tenn. FRONABARGER, BEN, Lexington, Tenn. GLADNEY, EUGENE, Memphis, Tenn. GODWIN, JANE, Savannah, Tenn. GOODE, ARNOLD, Jackson, Tenn. GRAVES, VICKIE, Milan, Tenn. GREENE, RUBY, Bolivar, Tenn. GRIFFIN, ROBERT, Memphis, Tenn. HALE, DORIS, Bemis, Tenn. HALL, TRENT, Memphis, Tenn. HAMM, FRANCES, Newbern, Tenn. HARBIN, JIMMY, Adamsville, Tenn. HARTSFIELD, BETTY, Newbern, Tenn. HAYES, CATHY, Jackson, Tenn. HILLIARD, CATHY, Memphis, Tenn. HOWARD, DAVID, Memphis, Tenn. INGRAM, BEVERLY, Memphis, Tenn. JACKSON, BETTY, Milan, Tenn. JACKSON, PAMELA, Bolivar, Tenn. KEE, BEVERLY, Jackson, Tenn. KEENUM, MIKE, Memphis, Tenn. KIRK, EXIE, Jacl son, Tenn. LAMAN, GLENDA, Alamo, Tenn. LAND, THOMAS, Memphis, Tenn. LANDRETH, DAVID, Selmer, Tenn. LASTER, BURT, Memphis, Tenn. LUPER, FRED JR., Claremore, Okla. MILFORD, SAND!, Memphis, Tenn. MITCHELL, DAVID, Jackson, Tenn. MOORE, CONNIE, Memphis, Tenn. MOORE, CONNIE LYNNE, WhUesville, Tenn. MORRIS, JANICE, Jackson, Tenn. MOSELEY, JUDY, Milan, Tenn. MURPHY, ART, Trimble, Tenn. McBRIDE, MIKE, Parsons, Tenn. SOPHOMORES McKINNEY, ELIZABETH, Ramer, Tenn NESBITT, BOBBY, Bemis, Tenn. NORMAN, BARBARA, Corinth, Miss. NORTHROP, ROBIN, Memphis, Tenn. PAFFORD, JANE, Jacl son, Tenn. PAGE, RUTH, Newbern, Tenn. PEARCE, KITTY, Jackson, Tenn. PHILLIPS, DEBRA MANN, Beech Bluff, Tenn PHILLIPS, GLORIA, Bolivar, Tenn. PITTMAN, SUSAN, Memphis, Tenn. SOPHOMORES POPPENHEIMER, CLAUDE, Memphis, Tenn. POWERS, PEGGY, Lexington, Tenn. RAINWATER, LINDA, Jackson, Tenn. SANDERS, KATHY, Huntingdon, Tenn. SMITH, PHIL, Friendship, Tenn. SMOTHERS, BEVERLY, Finley, Tenn. SORRELL, MARK, Brownsville, Tenn. STALLINGS, SAM, Bolivar, Tenn. STEGALL, PATRICK, OIney, III. STEPHAN, DAVID, Trumann, Ark. STEPHENSON, EDDIE, Paris, Tenn. STEPPE, KATHY, Memphis. Tenn. STEWART, ANN, Pinson, Tenn. STOVALL, JEFF, Memphis, Tenn. STOVALL, TERRY, Memphis. Tenn. SWINFORD, DEBBIE, Herrin, III. THOMPSON, JUNE, Palmersville, Tenn. TRAVIS, WILLIAM, Germantown, Tenn. WILLIAMS, KEITH, Du Quoin, WILSON, CLAUDIA, Bolivar, Tenn. WISE, CAROL, Humboldt, Tenn. WOODS, DEBORAH, Henderson, Tenn. FRESHMEN Freshmen class officers: Bobby Bratcher, vice-president; Mark Howard president Lois Ann Morton, secretary-treasurer; Sheila Murphree, reporter HI F ADAMS, SUSAN, Jackson, Tenn. ADCOCK, HOWARD JR., Lexington, Tenn. AINLEY, DAVID RAY, Dresden, Tenn. ALTMAN, BETTY, Trenton, Tenn. ANDERSON, DEBORAH, Huntingdon, Tenn. ANDREWS, LARRY, Memphis, Tenn. ARMOUR, DIANNE, Paris, Tenn. BAKER, JOHN, Memphis, Tenn. BAKER, RICHARD, Wynne, Ark. BARDOWELL, DAWN, Madison, Tenn. BARKER, MELISSA, Wildersville, Tenn. BEVIS, TERRY, Newbern, Tenn. BIVENS, RENA, Friendship, Tenn. BIVENS, TOMMY, Friendship, Tenn. BLANKENSHIP, DEBORAH, Jackson, Tenn. BOMAR, DEBBIE, Memphis, Tenn. BONDS, LEE ANN, Humboldt, Tenn. BOSTON, JANICE, Memphis, Tenn. BOUCHILLON, LYNN, Jackson, Tenn. BOX, JUDY, Decaturville, Tenn. BOYD, ANITA, Jackson, Tenn. BRADEN, NINA LEE, Covington, Tenn. BRATCHER, ROBERT JR., Brentwood, Tenn. BREWER, PAULA, Bartlett, Tenn. BRILEY, JANNA, Jackson, Tenn. BROWN, JUDY, Lexington, Tenn. BROWN, NANCY, Paris, Tenn. BROWN, RACHEL, Jackson, Tenn. BURDETTE, BETH, Martin, Tenn. BURKHEAD, HELEN, Henderson, Tenn. BURTON, DANNY, Memphis, Tenn. BYRD, JEANNIE, Jackson, Tenn. CAMPBELL, KATHY, Milan, Tenn. CARLTON, DEBRA, Jackson, Tenn. CARTER, HELEN, Parsons, Tenn. CASHION, BRENDA, Memphis, Tenn. COFER, RHONDA, Memphis, Tenn. COLE, GARY, Big Sandy, Tenn. COMER, JANICE, Jackson, Tenn. COOPER, JAMES, Kensington, Mich. COPE, MARY LYNN, Germantown, Tenn. COOPER, STEVE, Paducah, Ky. CUTRELL, RANDY, Cahokia, III. DAVIS, JANICE, Memphis, Tenn. DAVIS, LYNN, Jackson, Tenn. DOBBS, KAYE, Atwood, Tenn. DOBBS, LISA, Atwood, Tenn. ELIFF, SUSAN, Jackson, Tenn. ELLIS, MICHAEL, Mound City, III. FALCINELLI, JOYCE, Memphis, Tenn. FANNING, JO BETH, Memphis, Tenn. FIDDLER, SHERRY, Lexington, Tenn. FRESHMEN i JOHNSON, VICKI, Lexington, Tenn. JONES, SANDRA, Jackson, Tenn. JOWERS, RHONDA, Lexington, Tenn. KAIL, DEBRA, Gadsden, Tenn. KALER, SHARON, Miian, Tenn. KAY, DAVID M., Gainsviiie, Fla. KIRK, KAY, Huntingdon, Tenn. KOONCE, BRENDA GAIL, Ripley, Tenn. LASTER, MARTHA, Memphis, Tenn. LATCH, RANDY, Boiivar, Tenn. LAUDERDALE, JEAN ANN, Mounds, III. LEATHERS, CAROL, Jackson, Tenn. FRESHMEN LESLIE, CYNDY, Marianna, Ark. LESSENBERRY, LISA, Humboldt, Tenn. ' - ' A f M- -- . if H jQ ' -aar jA 3 s LEWIS, PATRICIA PARRISH, Humboldt, Tenn. LIFE, CHARLES, Horn Lake, Miss. LONG, RICHARD, Jackson, Tenn. LONG, RICKY, Jackson, Tenn. MALLORY, RODNEY, Memphis, Tenn. MAYNARD, MARILYN, Milan, Tenn. MERRELL, VICKIE, Huntsville, Ala. MILLER, DONNA, Humboldt, Tenn. MINNER, DALLAS, Memphis, Tenn, MITCHELL, H. MARTIN, Memphis, Tenn. MOCEK, JOHN, Chicago, III. MOODY, DEBBY, Scotts Hill, Tenn. MOORE, LYNDIA, Paris, Tenn. MOREHART, PAULA, Memphis, Tenn. MORRIS, TERESSA, Alamo, Tenn. MORTON, LOIS ANN, Bethel Springs, Tenn. MULLINS, SABRA, Dyer, Tenn. MURPHREE, SHEILA, Memphis, Tenn. MYRAGLE, CHARLOTTE, Parsons, Tenn. McCURDY, KAY, Dyer, Tenn. Mcdonald, KELLY, Medon, Tenn. McDowell, donna, Jackson, Tenn. McGOWAN, SHIRLEY, Lavinia, Tenn. MclLWAIN, JAN, Southhaven, Miss. NANNEY, LINDA, Jackson, Tenn. NAYLOR, JEFFREY LYNN, Paducah, Ky. NOLEN, HARRY, Alamo, Tenn. O ' NEIL, CAROL, Memphis, Tenn. PARKINSON, JANICE, Jackson, Tenn. PARKS, DENICE, Savannah, Tenn. PERKINS, DEBRA, Jackson, Tenn. PETTY, LYNN, Covington, Tenn. PHILLIPS, MOLLIE, Jackson, Tenn. PITT, BECKY, Memphis, Tenn. POUNDERS, SANDY, Huntsville, Ala. PRESLEY, WANDA, Goodlettsville, Tenn. QUALLS, KEN, Centralia, III. REASONS, KAREN, Milan, Tenn. REEDY, JUDY, Covington, Tenn. RIDEOUT, RUDY, Owensboro, Ky. RICHARDS, CHARLES, Jackson, Tenn ROBERTS, BETH, Memphis, Tenn. ROBERTS, DANNY, Dyer, Tenn. ROBINSON, JAY, Memphis, Tenn. ROGERS, ESTHER, Meridian, Miss. ROSE, WARREN, Jacl son, Tenn. ROWSEY, CONNIE, Selmer, Tenn. RUSHING, VIRGINIA, Memphis, Tenn RUSSELL, CAROL ANN, Lake Cormorant, Miss. RUSSELL, ROSEMARY, Dyer, Tenn. RUSSOM, FREDDIE, Pinson, Tenn. SADLER, TOMMY, Jackson, Tenn. SANDERS, JAMES, Semis, Tenn. SCHRUL, SANDRA, Jackson, Tenn. SEWELL, FREDIA, Dyersburg, Tenn SCOTT, RITA, Lexington, Tenn. SHEDD, SUZANNE, Memphis, Tenn. SIMMONS, BRADLEY, Milan, Tenn. SMITH, BRAD, Memphis, Tenn. SMITH, CAROL ANNE, Parsons, Tenn SOUKI, SAID, Jackson, Tenn. SPARKS, DEBBIE, Pinson, Tenn. FRESHMEN STOUT, JANET, Mounds, III. STURDIVANT, JANE, Medon, Tenn. STYERS, DIANE, Jackson, Tenn. SWITZER, RONNIE, Trimble, Tenn. THOMAS, NORRIE, Adamsville, Tenn. THOMPSON, DICK, Parsons, Tenn. THORNE, IDA, Bruceton, Tenn. TISDALE, GARY, Jackson, Tenn. Clos f " c u ' - ' TRUEX, JOY, Jackson, Tenn. TUCKER, TONY, Huntingdon, Tenn. UMFRESS, JERRY, Memphis, Tenn. VIGKERS, KAYE, Friendship, Tenn. WALL, LISA, Paris, Tenn. WALTON, LYLE, Memphis, Tenn. WARD, VERNA SUE, Linden, Tenn. WEATHERSBEE, DANNY, Grand Junction, Tenn. WEBB, CONNIE, Jackson, Tenn. WEBB, SHIRLEY, Bells, Tenn. WHITBY, DAVID, Milan, Tenn. WILKINS, MARVIN, Medon, Tenn. WILLIAMS, BARRY, Friendship, Tenn. WILSON, DONNELL, Olmsted, III. WILSON, RAMONA, Jackson, Tenn. WOOLEY, PAULA, Bemis, Tenn. WORKMAN, DEBBIE, Paris, Tenn. YOUNG, BARBARA, Covington, Tenn. . . If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans Sports Come and get me. basketball Team — Front Row, left to right: Manager, Mike Busby, Randy i lcKenzie, Rickey Vanover, Bobby Pennebaker. Second Row: Trainer, Harry Schultz, Jack Marts, Jim Martin, Gary Raymond, Coach Jim Sim- nons. Third Row: George Wilson, Larry Million, Chip Spiller, Sam Stallings, loe Crisp. Basketball 1972-1973 The 1972-73 edition of the Union University basketball team opened its season with a change from nor- mal procedure. The change was a game between the present varsity team and a team of ex-Union greats, many of whom were and still are record holders at Union. It was a great spectator game as two con- trasting styles of basketball were played, the varsity fast-break basketball and the Ex ' s controlled offense. The Unionltes enjoyed the game, especially with the game en- ding as it had so many times. With ten seconds left on the clock, one of Union ' s all-time favorites, little David Marsh, went to work dribbling the clock out and brought the Exs to vic- tory. With all the fun of the old timers ' game over, the team prepared for the real season opener with Campbellsville College. Who? Me? Rebound power. Bulldogs Play Tough Season The first win of tlie season came over Lane College 85-80. Joe Crisp led all scorers with 20 points as playmaker Gary Raymond followed with 18 points. Former Union coach Jack Russell brought his Tusculum squad to town, even though he saw friendly faces before and after the game, the " dogs " were after his team. Union ' s third win in a row came at the expense of Bryan College, 94-84. Joe Crisp scored 38 points and fell three short of the school record. Next came Delta St ate out to avenge a 94-92 loss from the previous year. As fate would have it. Delta State pinned a two-point loss on Union. For Christmas Union received two losses at the hand of national power Kentucky Wesleyan and tough Campbellsville College. The new year brought promise of better things and new faces in transfers Larry Million, George Wilson and Jack Marts. On January 2, Union lost to arch-rival Christian Brothers College with a score of 73-66 in over-time. Union r dropped the next four games to U.T. Martin, Christian r Brothers, Belmont, and Kentucky Wesleyan. A nine-game losing streak was broken with a big win over n the University of Alabama at Birmingham, 112-69. A loss ■ to Delta State was followed by another victory over the Alabama-Birmingham in which Joe Crisp pumped through 45 points to break Ken Hane and David Marsh ' s i 41 point school scoring record. The win got Union moving as they won their first game in i the Invitational Tournament. Christian Brothers defeated Union to finish first in the tourney with Union second and Belmont third. Ivy Joe Crisp was named the Tournament ' s MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. Union closed its season with one more loss and four add- 1 ed victories. All in all, it was a pretty good year for the Bulldogs. Delta State retaliates. Oh no! Not again. Spiller hustles down the floor. Bobby Pennebaker suffers an injury. Jumping Joe Crisp is up higfi for a rebound. Get tliat ball! Bulldogs Complete 10-14 Season UNION OPPONENT 101 Campbellsville College 111 85 Lane College 80 100 Tusculum 73 94 Bryan College 84 85 Delta State 87 95 Kentucky Wesleyan 118 82 Campbellsville College 86 66 Christian Brothers College 73 83 Tennessee Wesleyan 97 78 U. T. Martin 85 66 Christian Brothers College 73 73 Belmont College 76 70 Kentucky Wesleyan 92 112 University of Alabama, Birmingham 69 77 Delta State 88 107 University of Alabama, Birmingham UNION UNIVERSITY INVITATIONAL 80 79 Belmont College 61 64 Christian Brothers College 77 99 Southwest Missouri Baptist 97 67 Drury College 91 94 Belmont College 90 100 David Lipscomb (HOMECOMING) 94 86 David. Lipscomb 79 80 U. T. Martin 106 WON LOST 10 14 t ' s not polite to point. Union Cheerleaders Jackie Foren Brenda Falcinelli Susan Pittman Carrey Cole • jj l; ' ?? ■F ' ? ' U : ■4 Sandi Milford Spark School Spirit Cheerleaders. Front Row, left to right: Connie Lynn Moore, Sheila White, Susan Pittman, Carrey Cole. Se- cond Row: Jackie Foren, Brenda Falcinelli, Sandi Milford, and Kay Brown. Connie Lynn Moore Kay Brown BASEBALL 72: STEP BY STEP Gammon takes a swing. Bulldogs Finish Excellent Season Union Opponent Union Opponent 11 Lane 3 4 Fisk 1 7 CBC 3 15 Fisk 4 4 Tenn.Tech 2 20 Central Methodist 8 10 Tenn. Tech 3 13 UTM 10 20 Wooster 4 4 Univ. of Arkansas 2 9 Wooster 2 6 Univ. of Arkansas 2 2 St. Edwards 3 6 CBC 1 St. Edwards 13 Austin Peay 2 8 Univ. of Illinois 4 17 Bethel 3 1 Pan American 12 10 Lane 9 5 Univ. of Illinois 4 7 Tenn. State 4 2 Pan Annerican 5 4 Tenn. State 5 10 Southwestern 5 7 Vanderbilt 4 5 Southwestern 6 6 Fisk 1 2 Tenn. State 5 10 David Lipscomb 11 6 NT 1 9 UTM 8 14 IIT NCAA Tourney 2 Vanderbilt 7 6 Valparaiso 17 4 David Lipscomb 3 4 Marietta 15 9 Bethel 5 Roman Bailey follows through on the pitch. BASEBALL- BULLDOG STYLE The baseball season began with the hiring of M. W. " Butch " McBroom. The next move was fall practice and games. Then into hard winter workouts. Final preparations were made and the season opened Tuesday, March 14. Open It did, with ceremonies and the 11 to 2 pasting of Lane College. CBC, Tennessee Tech, and Wooster followed suit making Union ' s record 6-0. Then the Bulldogs packed their bags and went to Texas. From Tex- as they went on to the Palm Valley Tournament where Union took second place and placed Roman Bailey and Steve Valadez on the All-Tournament team. Union wound up the road trip with Southwestern as they split two games. After several unfortunate losses. It was now Union ' s turn to win as the mighty Bulldogs reeled off 13 straight victories scoring 124 runs. It was Tennessee State that burst the bubble. Union received an NCAA bid for Its outstanding season. Even with a tremendous effort by the Bulldogs they were eliminated in two straight games. But on the average, " It was a very good year. " 3ary Blaylock gets ready to play. Coach ' Butch ' McBroom Sweeps Baseball Team to Victory in First Year Oglesby takes a nap. Batgirls Boost Team A new interest in baseball was aroused as the mighty Bulldogs were joined for the first time by girls. Coach McBroom chose four Union coeds to represent the team as batgirls. Their main function is to pick up bats and give the umpire balls. Team members Front Row Jimmy Cagle Keith Tatum Mike Palazinn, Tony Sneed John Bailey, Mike Baker Jimmy Gammon Steve Valadez Mike Hayes Ken Cox manager Back Row Coach McBroom, Jim Hinkleman, Roman Bailey, Gary Blaylock, Mike Conn, David Owens, Charlie Blanchard, Danny Day, Ron Oglesby, Sid Spain, Keith Cabanaw, and Sam Ward, manager. What next? Coach McBroom ponders the situation Safe! Union gets two of the three Valparaiso runners. ifford, Cosell, and Dandy Don? ' No! It ' s Bulldog Baseball with Mapes, Blow, and Emison. UNION HOSTS NCAA After first receiving a bid to the NCAA tournament, Union was made host school. Dr. Gary Cain was made tournament director and his assistant was Coach Jim Simmons. The night before the tournament, a banquet was held for the players and coaches of all the teams; this also served as a press conference. This event initiated the tournament proceedings. The teams participating in the tournament were Nicholls State, Tuskegee Institute, Valparaiso, Marietta, Southern Illinois, and Union University. The Bulldogs never gave up and showed determina- tion even in a losing effort. Southern Illinois was proclaimed tour nament winner. Jim Simmons Assistant Tournament Director. Golf Team Returns With Experience Union ' s golf team will have some experience this even though the team will play such outstanding year as several members of last year ' s team return. teams as Christian Brothers College, Belmont, and Golf Coach Jim Simmons predicts a good year Sewanee. r j ' l - Golf Team, Left to Right: David Landreth, Bobby Nesbitt, Sam Stallings, Bob Crum, and Lyie Rich. I Concentration as well as physical prowess is a vital part of tennis. Tennis Is Everyone ' s Game This year Union has two tennis teams, a girl ' s extramural team and a men ' s varsity tennis team. The varsity team, under Coach Jim Sim- mons, Is in the process of rebuilding after losing four lettermen with only two ex- perienced players returning. Varsity matches included UT Martin, Christian Brothers, Bethel, and Belmont. The women ' s tennis team is in its first year of competition. All indications point to a good season for the lady netters. The team ' s op- ponents are Jackson State, UTM, Lambuth, and Southwestern University. Women ' s Tennis Team — Left to right: Carol Elam, Paula Basden, Denlse McCarty, Sara Lee Moore, and Jodie Parrish. J I New Dimensions In Softball " Diamonds are a girl ' s best friend " is an old saying that is providing Union with a new extramural for women. This will be the first year of softball competition against teams outside the school. With the majority of their scheduled games being played in May, several of their opponents include Jackson State Community College, Lambuth, and s everal of Jackson ' s independent women ' s teams. Buster says, " Watch out for women who walk softly and carry a big bat! " Extramural Baseball Team — Left to Right: Jane Godwin, Cathy Hlllard, Denise McCarty, Jodie Parrish, Kathy Carmichael, Joyce Falcinelli, Sandi Milford, Beverly Smothers, Debbie Burton, Cheryl Taylor, Paula Badsen, Carol Elam, Kay Coiey.Cindy Segebarth, Becky Wilkinson, Sara Lee Moore. Ilcycle Club. Left to Right: Carolyn Brown, Cindy iegebarth, Denise McCarty, Connie Moore. Joggers and Wheelers Roll Up the Miles Mixed girls and boys sports came to Union in the form of the Jogging Club and the Bicycle Club. Membership and participation in- cludes both faculty and students. Participation for members included a half- mile walking race, jogging by lap race, a girls ' cross country race, with the winner receiving a turkey, and a bicycle race. Another form of competition among the club ' s members is seeing who will run the most miles or who will ride the most miles in the respective clubs. The winner of both competitions will receive a free dinner courtesy of Miss Peggy Birmingham. loggers. Seated, left to right: Denise McCarty, Jodie Parrlsh, Cheryl Taylor. Standing: Cindy Segebarth, r;onnie Moore, Wanda Presley, Jofin Nelson, Sara Lee Moore, Roi-Ann Dixon, Peggy Birmingham, Kathy armichael, Carol Boggs, Joe Holloway. Extramural Volleyball Team Completes Hard Second Year Schedule Union Extramural Volleyball team, now in their se- cond year of competition in the Tennessee Federa- tion of Sports for College Women, had six regular season matches and then participated in the Mid- South Tournament at Memphis State. The high point of the season came when Union ' s team beat Jackson State Community College for the first win in two years. Another mark of distinction for the Lady Bulldogs was at the Mid-South Tournament where Union was one of the few schools that could field two teams in the tournament. In this tournament the Lady Bulldogs participated against some of the toughest teams in the Mid-South, like Die Miss, George Peabody, and Memphis State. With the leadership of Coach Peggy Birmingham and Co-captains Jodie Parrish and Denise McCarty, the team had fun and gave a good effort in every match. Up and over. EXTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL TEAM. Front Row, I. to r.: Sara Lee Moore, Sherry Carroll, Denise McCarty, Susan Pitlman, Jodie Parrish. Back Row: Cheryl Taylor, Paula Basden, Roi-Ann Dixon, Betty Lynn Reid, Becky Wilkinson, Kathy Hillard, Joyce Falcinelli, Jean Ann Lauderdale, Kay Coley. Becky Wilkinson relaxes after a tough prac- tice. Girls Play in Two Tournaments A fter a successful Red-White intrasquad game the Lady Bulldogs opened their season on Friday, December 1 with Blue Mountain College. The rest of the schedule included such tough opponents as Memphis State, UTM, Murray State, Jackson Independents, and Lambuth College. The schedule consisted of fourteen games. The team also was engaged In two tournaments, the first being the district tournament at Memphis on February 23 and 24. The other tournament was the Jackson State In- vitational Tournament in March. The head coach was Peggy Birmingham and the assistant coach was John Nelson. Extramural Team Members. Row One, left to right: Sara Lee Moore, Sherry Carroll, Denise McCar- ty, Susan Pittman, Jodie Parrish. Row Two: Cheryl Taylor, Paula Basden, Roi-Ann Dixon, Betty Lynn Reed, Becky Wilkinson, Cathy Milliard, Joyce Falcinelli, Jean Ann Lauderdale, Kay Coley. Of course, all individuals and teams have awards in the back of their minds. Cer- tificates are given to the winners of the in- dividual and dual sports as well as members of winning teams. The outstan- ding men ' s and women ' s intramural athletes having the highest total points for the year receive trophies. The men ' s and women ' s teams with the highest aggregate point total over the year are awarded the most coveted award, the President ' s Cup. An organization may ob- tain permanent possession of this trophy by winning it for three years. " Now this is my l ind of intramurals, sate ' -I Tennis, anyone? Intramural Sports Has New Director ootball is a favorite with these intramural players. The Intramural Program at Union is organized for the enjoyment and participation of the students. The men of Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha, BSD, Adams Hall, and Ellis Hall proved that this program provided exercise, competition, recreation, and fellowship. This program has been under the direction of Mr. L. Eugene Cantrell, Director of Intramural Sports. He came to Union this year from Louisville, Kentucky. Assisting Mr. Cantrell were Mr. Newman Ramsey and Miss Sarah Lee Moore, Student Assistants. The objective of this year ' s program was to provide leisure time activities for all students; develop interest, knowledge, and skills in sports; promote physical and mental health through participation; to offer the opportunity to establish friendships; and to develop per- sonal traits such as group loyalty, leadership, and cooperation. Any student carrying twelve semester hours of credit may participate in the Intramural Program provided he is not a member of a var- sity team or has not lettered in that particular sport. i ' ' ' J ' |M| HJ L ;, _S| .- ' m nlHl il 1 ' i j||(j|P3J] • « r ny Ef I Women ' s Liberation lias found its place on the Union Universiti campus as coeds compete in traditionally all-male sportst Representatives from Zeta Tau Alpha, Chi Omega, Jones Halb; BIythe Hall, and Independents participated in the usua volleyball, Softball, basketball, shuffleboard, table tennis, badij minton, tennis, and free throw. But this year horseshoes, track and field, bowling, and eight ball (billiards) were enjoyed byoun progressive women. ' utting some English on the serve was Connie loore. Miss Peggy Birmingham (or should it be Ms. Birmingham?) concentrates on getting the ball over the net. More Variety Sparks More Participation Leading the female forces was Miss Peggy Birmingham, who has definitely been a " shot in the arm " for women ' s intramurals. Miss Birmingham and her student assistant, Miss Sarah Lee Moore, have made women ' s Intramurals an exciting and invigorating part of Union ' s activities. We ' ve come a long way, Baby! leverly Smothers checi s the schedule for horse- hoes. " . . . do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass . . . " ; - - v Y Greeks ' ■■l n ' " = r Row One Charlie Richards Phil Jenkins Dickie Wyatt Johnny Hill Roy Weaver Row Two Mark Anderson Danny Burton Joe Hedges V. Lambda Chi Alpha ■ r r Row Three David Ainley Andy Clark Dennis Hubbard George Googe Gaines Hedges Not pictured Alan Mullins Jerry Phillips Existing since 1964 on Union ' s campus, Lamb- da Zeta Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha is one of 165 active chapters in the United States. The frater- nity ' s purposes are represented by the colors purple, green, and gold, and the white rose. Moon takes a break with a Dr. Pepper r " N Back Row Steve Everett Danny Roberts Brad Simmons Ronnie Switzer Jim Whitley Sid Spain l Iicl ey Spence David Whitby Newman Ramsey Gary Tisdale Bob Danley Bill Hammonds Jimmy Cagle Jimmy Harbin Tommy Markle Jimmy Bradford Alpha Tau Omega r Middle Row Jimmy Gammon Brant Brantley Kenny Reed Ben Baker Larry Kirby David Miller Steve Vaughn Front Row Hugh Hoskins Edmond Cepparulo Steve Thomas Paul Clark Beta Tau of Alpha Tau Omega came to Union in 1894. One of 137 active chapters now in the United States, the colors blue and gold and the white tea rose symbolize its ideals. v. Row One Bobby Bragg Lyie Rich Row Two David Cobb Jerry Dougan Bill Warmath IVIike Graves v Row Three David Wilson David Landreth Phil Smith Denny Anderson Sigma Alpha Epsilon v A Row Four LyIe Smith Bobby Nesbitt Ricky Fisher Row Five Joe Jones Buddy Rawls David Marberry Row Six David Kay Larry Craig Buzz Winn David Crockett r The year 1857 saw the establishment of Tennessee Eta of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Union. Now one of 173 active chapters in the United States, the fraternity has as a part of its symbolism the colors purple and gold and the pur- ple violet. I Zetas enjoy some fun in the snow. ihl Omegas take a pool break ATOs enjoy being together. Inter- Fraternity Council Inter-Fraternlty Council: Charles Richards, alternate (front); George Googe, president (left); Mari Anderson, represen- tative (right); not pictured — Paul Clarl , representative; Lunsford Brantley, representative; Bill Palmer, alternate; Dean Birmingham, representative; David Landreth, alternate; and Buddy Raviris, representative. Greeks get together at the fall IFC and NPC party. ush rules and other Greek plans are often discussed — hereby aron Morgan Ward (left) and Judy Barefoot. National Panhellenic Council NPC — Seated: Linda Sanders — president. Standing: Carrey Cole — social chairman, Carolyn Brown — Secretary, Connie Moore — Treasurer, Brenda Falcinelli — vice-president, Judy Barefoot — publicity chairman. r Row One Barbara Norman Lynn Davis Rachael Brown Mary Austin Vicl ie Graves Janis Bowen Jan Mclllwain Row Two Carrey Cole Judy IVIosley Jane Godwin Jennifer Freeland Brenda Falcinelli Joyce Falcinelli Sandi Milford Rhonda Cofer Vicl ie Trammell Mary Pat Crockett Frankie Watkins Paula Brewer Janet Riggs Zeta Tau Alpha Row Three Belinda McEwen Debra Overall Cathy Hilliard Pam Allsop Karon Morgan Susan Eliff Row Four Connie Moore Linda Cowart Jackie Baird Terry Stovall Vickie Bethea Gloria Phillips Lisa Wall Jan Myracle Brenda Peeler r K Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Longwood College in 1898. Beta Omega chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was established at Union University in 1935, and is now one of 141 active Zeta chapters in the United States. Steel gray and turquoise blue are the colors and the white violet the flower of ZTA. " Seek the Noblest " is the open motto of all Zetas. Clap your hands i _, : ' € ' ' «M ■■ 4« ' 1 . f m ti . Mary Goodrich signs in. ZTA Lisa Wali signs in at a Zeta party. H| WH I T! . wfm ' 5 E nK B.- H Wm O ' " ' " fju l1 %i i siH " 1 iL w Hh j l Hp - ' Mr ■y Sb Zetas experience the calm after the storm (rush). Barbara Norman checl s instruc- tions to make Bean Bags for Zetas philanthropy — the mentally retard- ed children at Happy Hollow School. Boy, was I hungry! X fi Chi Omega has its own three ' m " I ' ll have another one. ' irginia Rushing and Kathy Creason pose for their sisters during reshman Weel . |)enise sneal s a doughnut. Linda Bishop and Paula Basden enjoy music together. r Row One Vivian Whitworth Janet Nanney Rosemary Russell Sara Lee Moore Row Two Rita Barlow Sara Leach Cathy Carmlchael Martha Goodrum Row Three Donna Wallace Connie Lynn Moore Kay McCurdy Lois Ann Morton Row Four Sandra Bowers Joy Hayes Paula Morehart Mary Zon McKeel Row Five Wanda Presley Linda Bishop Becky Wilkinson Sonja Denson Row Six Melinda Scott Jeannie Byrd Sandy Bratcher Judy Barefoot Susie Smith Carol Boggs Marilyn Johnsey Jane Barber Chi Omega r r Row Seven Carol Sipes Ann Haltom Kay Brown Anita Boyd Candy Gill Kathy Steppe Susan Pittman Cecelia Wells Denise McCarty Debra Parker Ramona Wilson Vickie Merrell Jenny Seabrook Row Eight Cindy Segebarth Brenda Davidson Emily Stowe Linda Nanney Linda Sanders Cathy Craig Roi-Ann Dixon Carolyn Brown Robin Northrup Paula Dean Horner Mary Lynn Cope Beth Roberts . r in 1924 Upsilon of Chi Omega was established at Union University and presently is one of 158 active chapters in the United States. Her colors, cardinal and straw; her flower, the white carna- tion; and her motto, " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals " guide the life of the sorority members. " . . . Be yourself . . . Speak your truth quietly and clearly and ... Be careful. Strive to be happy. " Personalities Miss Union IVIr. Union Representing our college as Miss Union for 1972-73 is Judy Barefoot. Judy is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Hyran E. Barefoot. An English major with a double minor in business education and secondary education, Judy is ac- tive in numerous clubs on campus. Her honors include president of Chi Omega, maid of the 1971-72 Homecom- ing Court, Campus Favorite, Who ' s Who in 1971-72, Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister, and publicity chairman for the Panhellenic Council. Chosen IVIr. Union for 1972-73 is Jimmy Gammon, son of: Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Gammon. Jimmy is a physical educa-i tion major with a minor in secondary education. Jimmy is active in many facets of campus life. He is president of thai U Club, a member of Alpha Tau Omega, Campus Favoritei for 1971-72, vice-president of Adams Hall, catcher on the Baseball team, member of the Prexy Club, and student representative on the Athletic Committee. Campus Favorites During November the student body elects the Campus Favorites for the year. Each class elects 20 men and women as their Favorites, and then the lists are compiled to form one ballot for a final vote. It is truly an honor to be voted as a Favorite by your fellow students, and we congratulate this year ' s Campus Favorites. Randy Pate and Kathy Bell. arrey Cole, Sam Stallings, Susan Pittman. Janis Bowen, Howard Fuller, Carolyn Brown. Melinda Scott, Bobby Bragg, Sandra Bowers. Glenda Laman, Phyllis George, and Terry Meeusen enjoy lively conversation. Terry celebrates her birthday at rehearsal. Phyllis smiles for photographer. Pageant Heralds Two Beautiful Miss Americas The highlight of each year at Union is the Miss Union University Pageant. Union proudly welcomed Miss America 1973, Terry Ann Meeusen and Miss America 1971, Phyllis George. Terry Ann touched the hearts of the audience with her win- ning Miss America rendition of " He Touched Me. " Phyllis, acting as emcee for the pageant, renewed friendships she had made during her visit to the 1971 Miss Union Universi- ty Pageant. The spontaneous per- sonalities of these two young ladies, from their arrival in Jackson to the pageant finale, truly made this year ' s pageant the best yet. Terry performs Terry captures chapel audience. The Browns greet Miss America at airport. Zeta welcomes sister Phyllis back to Union. Pageant Contestants Terry rehearses with chorus of children. Cindy Segebarth sings " Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady " Becky Pitt performs her talent. Emcee, Miss Phyllis George. Debbie Bouchillon. Lyndia Moore. Pam Allsop as " My Fair Lady " Debbie Perkins. Kathy Bell is a mechanical doll. Susan Pittman in swimsuit competition. Danny Roberts sings " Rocky Mountain High. " Paul Clark is " The Candy Man " , with the kids Pageant Contestants Kathie Craig performs in talent competition. " The Birth of the Blues " by Debbie Burton. Cindy Leslie does a modern ballet. " Firebird Song " played by Sarah Leach. Mary Lynn Cope says, " I ' m the greatest star. " Sharon Blackweil in swimsuit competition. Tomorrow Belongs to the Children Teresa Clark Wood and the pageant children. With the increasing emphasis on youth in today ' s society, the theme for the 1973 Union University Pageant was, ap- propriately, " Tomorrow Belongs to the Children. " The contestants, children, and vocalists opened the pageant with " The Candy Man. " The children, all of whom were in some way connected with Union, along with Teresa Clark Wood, Paul Clark, Glenda Laman Kail, and Danny Roberts performed amid a candy-land atmosphere. Terry Ann Meeusen joined them to com- plete the pageant theme with " Living Together, Growing Together. " Terry Ann Meeusen receives a Jackson welcome. Kathy Bell, winner of the 1973 Talent Award. Glenda Laman Kail ' s farewell appearance as Miss Union University 1972. Susan Pittman is crowned Miss Union 1973. Miss Union 1973 Long rehearsals, little sleep, and much anticipation — all these would soon be over. The judges delay, but finally the winners are to be an- nounced. Phyllis tears open the envelope and announces the court: Fourth Runner-up, Kathie Craig; Third Runner-up, Lyndia Moore; Se- cond Runner-up, Kathy Bell; First Runner-up, Pam Allsop; and finally, Miss Union University 1973, Susan Pittman. Terry Ann Meeusen, Susan Pittman, and Phyllis George. « Miss Union 1973, Susan Pittman. Susan does her hand-clapping version of " Roci ytop. ' Miss Union University Court: Third Runner-up, Lyndia Moore; First Runner-up, Pam Allsop; Fourth Runner-up, Kathie Craig; Second Runner-up and Talent Award Winner, Kathy Bell; and Miss Union University, Susan Pittman. Campus Sweethearts Lyndia Moore Freshman Queen Ellis Hall Sweetheart Janet Riggs Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl am Bailey Adams Hall Sweetheart Who ' s Who in Americam Valorle Ford Lite Is an unanswered question, but let ' s still believe In the dignity and Importance of the question. Tennessee Williams. Rol-Ann Dixon ; decline to accept the end of man . . . . I believe that man will no merely endure: he mill prevail. William Faulkner. Linda Moore Truth has no special time of Its own. Its hour Is now — always. Albert Schweitzer. Colleges and Universities Sherry Pickett Education is a social process . . . Education is grovrtli . . . Educa- tion is not preparation for life; education is life itself. John Dewey. Belinda McEwen But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads? Albert Camus. Wayne Wofford To understand is not only to pardon, but in the end to love. Walter Llppmann. L Barbara Farmer The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation. Bertrand Russell. Mike Owens Some men see things as they are and say, why. I dream things that i never were and say, why not. Robert F. Kennedy. Carolyn Brown The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve. Albert Schweitzer. ! Larry Kirby desire to speak somewhere without bounds; . . . for I am convinced that I cannot exaggerate enough even to lay the foundation of true expression. Henry D. Thoreau Carolyn Cothron The first thing to do in life is to do with purpose what one proposes to do. Pablo Casals. Sara Lee Moore A ever look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find his right road. Dag Hammarskjold. Sandra Bowers We are never tired, so long as we can see far enough. Emerson. . . As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons . . . " ils X Organizations K » m g B P l m » student Foundation student Foundation — First row: Carol Boggs, Carrey Cole, Becky Wilkenson, Jane Barber, Donna Wallace. Second row: Art Murphy, Linda Bishop, Mary Zon McKeel, Melinda Scott, Claudia Wilson. Third row: Cathy Milliard, Kathy Craig, Carolyn Brown, Emily Stowe. Fourth row: Steve Vaughn, Doug Rogers, Keith Williams. The Student Foundation was ! organized for the purpose of i enlisting outstanding students at Union to promote the generai welfare of the university. Various chapel programs have been sponsored by this organization in an effort to keep students more in- ■ formed on campus happenings. Activities of the Foundation include ; assistance in student recruitment, public relations, scholarships, and I fund-raising projects, including the I Homecoming Jamboree. Steve Vaughn shows students, Sandra Bowers, (left) and Debbie Burton (middle), plans for the new campus. I SGA Officers — Left to Right: Carolyn Brown, vice president; Debbie Burton, reporter; Roi-Ann Dixon, president; Jenny Seabrool , treasurer; Kay Brown, secretary. Senator — Seated, left to right: Lynn Davis, Barbara Norman, Joyce Faicinelli, Connie IVIoore, Donna Wallace, Carolyn Brown (vice president), IVIelinda Scott, Kathy Steppe, Denise McCarty, Danny Burton, Roy Weaver. Standing: David Wilson, Larry Kirby, Buddy Rawles, New- man Ramsey, Gary Blaylock, Jim Hinkleman, Joanne Beard, Roy Whaley, Paula Brewer. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The Student Government of Union University is tlie student ' s voice in Inelping to develop and direct tlie af- fairs of Union. The SGA is a member of the Southern Universities Student Governments Association and through its channels, students make known their opinions, select officers to represent them, and lay ground work for future citizenship. Every student admitted to Union automatically becomes a member of the SGA and is subject to the rules and regulations of the Student Senate. The Senate serves as a governing board of student affairs, and helps to represent the students and further their interests and the in- terests of the College. Prexy Club The Prexy Club is composed of all the presidents of every organization at Union, plus members of the faculty and adminstration. Meeting sometimes formally and at other times informally, the club confers on call by the Dean of Students many times during the semester. The club dis- cusses such things as their respective group topics which include new campus plans and projects, the organization of new clubs, the administrative restructuring of academic areas, and the all-campus election of Homecoming royal- ty- Civitan The Collegiate Civitan Club here on campus corresponds to the downtown branch of the National Civitan Club here in Jackson. Its purpose is two-fold: patriotism and good citizenship. The club seeks to help the community and create an at- mosphere of good citizenship on campus. One fund- raising project this year has been held to obtain funds to help the Happy Hollow School for the mentally retarded in Jackson. civitan, officers — Front Row, left to right: Mary Zon McKeel, chaplain; Becky Wiil inson, secretary; Mil e Owens, president; Mary Pat Crockett, vice-president; Carrey Cole, treasurer. Back Row: Dr. Willis H. Kimzey, adviser; Brenda Roark, Doug Rogers, Mike Busby, Sandy Bratcher, Claudia Wilson, Clyde Dennis, Mary Austin, Barbara Norman, Vickie Bethea, Roy Whaley, and Linda Cross. Uallory Math members, Left to right: Larry Kirby, Dr. Tucker (advisor), Mike Jordan, Mr. Dehn (adviser), Mike Hays, and David Steptien. Mallory Math Kappa Mu Epsilon Earned in honor of the late Jasper N. Mallory, the Mallory lAaXh Club Is composed of students who have completed )ne semester of college mathematics. Its purpose Is to stimulate Interest In the field of mathematics and en- tourage students to better scholarship In this field. The ;lub meets once each month, and programs are prepared bcording to the club ' s purpose. Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national honorary mathematics society. The Tennessee Gamma Chapter was chartered on May 24, 1965, and membership is restricted to those who have completed a t least three math courses and have a high grade point average while maintaining a high overall scholastic rank. Monthly meetings are held designed to promote interest in the mathematics field. appa Mu Epsilon, Left to right: Wayne Wofford, Dr. Tucker (adviser), Larry Kirby, Martha Wotford, Mr. Dehn idviser), and Mike Jordan. i PHI ALPHA THETA AND RUTLEDGE HISTORY Phi Alpha Theta is an honorary history fraternity composed of juniors and seniors who have com- pleted twelve hours in history and who have a minimum average of 2.1 in history. The club challenges students to high achievement in their fields and attempts to promote campus-wide interest in history. History majors and minors with a sincere interest in history may belong to the Rutledge History Club. The club aims for high achievement in the field of history, attempting to promote the study of history, to strengthen l nowledge in politics, and study careers in history fields. The club often invites chapel speakers to discuss problems and changes in Contemporary American Government. Also monthly meetings are held where topics of timely in- terests are discussed. Phi Alpha Theta — Left to Flight: Dr. James Edmondson, (sponsor), Paul Moore, Sue Lyie, Jane Barber, Dr. R. H. Ward, Brenda Davidson, Andy Clark, Debra Overall, Randall Robertson, and Mr. Vernon Ekrut (sponsor). Rutledge History Club — Left to Right: Debra Overall, Jane Barber, James Lynn King, Melinda Scott, Dr. Edmondson, advisor, Jeannie Byrd, Mr. Ekrut. SNEA Members are front row, left to rigfjt: Mable Ainley, Martha Wofford, Diane Mosier Lynch, Mike Jordan, Donna Wallace. Second row: Sherri Pickett, Chrissie Bishop, Melinda Scott, Jenny Seabrook, Nancy Ross. Tttird Row: Mike Jernigan, Bob Shirey, Brenda Roark and J an Myracle. SNEA The Student National Education Association endeavors to prepare member students for the teaching profession. Organized by the teachers, of the teachers, and for the teachers, it tries to familiarize future teachers with problems and challenges in education. Classroom situations are emphasized with an eye on the future, and contemporary concepts in education are brought to the forefront. 1 Officers, Left to right: Martha Wofford, program chairman; Melin- Scott, publicity chairman; Mike Jernigan, vice-president; Diane hosier Lynch, president; and Sherri Pickett, secretary. !- BSU Council: Bobby Griffin, left, music director; Carol Wise, social chairman; Mike Pennington, president; Sherry Pickett, publicity chair- man; David Burton, missions chairman; Not pictured: Danny Thompson, programs chairman; Eddie Smatt, vice president; Nancy Ross, secretary; Ben Wilkes, treasurer; Sandy Bailey, pianist; and Roy Whaley, chapel representative. BSU HELPS UNION " CELEBRATE LIFE " Serving as a link between the com- munity churches and the college, thai Baptist Student Union is a vital part of the campus scene. A retreat held I in September and All-Sing Competi-; tion in November provided fun andi fellowship for those who attended. A choir was formed which sang " Celebrate Life " and went on tour appearing at a number of Jackson and Memphis churches and at Whitehaven High School. Vespers are held on Monday and Thursday- nights for inspirational opportunities ' and fellowship. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Ministerial Association — An active group which Bndeavors to help its members, the MA ' s become more familiar with special programs connected with their future Drofessions, whether it be in the form of a chapel program 3r a private devotional with opportunity to express one ' s faith. Believing that it can be an asset to the campus life, the M.A. ' s join with other organizations to bring about a better student-minister relationship. BAPTIST YOUNG WOMEN BYW — This organization here on campus is composed of young women whose major purpose is concern for their fellowman. Two projects of BYW this year have been to visit nursing homes in an attempt to cheer and com- municate with patients and to do a project of tutoring younger elementary students in their school work. First Row: Ginny Gibbs, Sheila Murphree, Rita Scott, Diane Armour, Martha Laster. Second Row: Debby Moody, Beverly Smothers, Pam Quails, Audrey Erwin. Third Row: Janice Garner, Lisa Dobbs, Barbara Young, Brenda Dodson. Fourth Row: Alexie Byrd, Judy Reedy, Beverly Ingram, Pam Anderson, Debbie Burton, Wanita Perkins, Valerie Ford. Fifth Row: Chrisie Bishop, Kathy Bell, Winetta Dul es, Regina Barnhill, Sheila White, Carol Smith, Nina Braden, Beth Pilgrim, Margaret Ho, Back Row: Jo Ann Beard, Cheryl Taylor, Gail Perl ins, Jean Ann Lauder- dale, June Thompson, Lois Sharpe, Judy Box, Sharon Blacl well, Donna McDowell, Barbara Bolding. INDEPENDENT WOMEN The Independent Women ' s Organization Is connposed of young women at Union who did not join a sorority but feel a need for a social peer group. Parties, meetings, and other events keep them busy, with their efforts being manifested in all areas of the campus. Sextet. Lett to Right: Miss Lois Summers, Cindy Segebartin, Esther Ulrich, Winetta )ukes, Pam Anderson, Sherry Soder, Kathy Beli, and Janis Bowen (not pictured). SEXTET AND TRIO Newly established this year In connec- tion with both the music department and admissions is the Trio. The Trio, a sub-division of the Proclamation, serves to promote publ ic relations and encourage prospective students. Dur- ing the year they perform in several area churches and hold fellowships. The Sextet also plays an important part in public relations. They sing at various churches and high schools under the direction of Miss Lois Summers. They recently performed at the Woman of the Year banquet. Presenting both sacred and secular selections, the Sex- tet helps to inform the public of Union ' s growing music department. ' rio. Left to Right: Beth Pilgrim — pianist, Lyndia IVIoore, Sharon Blackwell, and Jecky Pitt. UNIVERSITY CHORUS Union University Cliorus: Under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Hartley, the University Chorus presented the symphonic drama, " King David " for its winter concert. Soloists in this performance were Donna McDowell, Billy Kennedy, Kathy Bell, Ken Alexander, Sharon Blackwell, Janice Bowen, David Howard, Wanda Totty, Lyndia Moore, and Becky Pitt. Dr. Joseph Blass was narrator. In musical numbers by soloists and choir, " King David " tells the life of the Old Testament character David from his early life to his death. Written in 1925, the music-drama is one of the most popular choral presentations of today. A spring concert closes out a busy rehearsal and perfor- mance season. " PROCLAMATION " The Proclamation group which consists of eight members and Dr. Kenneth Hartley, is a new musical group started for performance at the Paul Harvey Luncheon. The group makes many appearances and has as its performers: Ken Easley, Sharon Blackwell, Lyndia Moore, Tony Cothron, David Howard, Beth Pilgrim, Becky Pitt, and Perry Allen. A variety of musical presentations are given featur- ing a sample of Union ' s finest performers In the area of music. Century 21 " As the best of two, " Century 21 is the sole replacement for the Stage Band and the Neophonic Winds, two organizations. In the fall under the direction of Dr. Gerald Welker, Century 21 makes campus appearances, plays at special concerts in area schools, and at the Miss Tennessee Pageant in June. Current musical hits give this group the special " pow " that they have and with the presentations and arrangements, many by Charles H. Huffman, of these songs they gain a great deal of recognition. The personnel of Century 21 is decided by Dr. Welker and Mr. Huffman with the selection based on talent as well as in- terest. I concert are singers Becky Pitt and Blackwell. The Union University Singers The spring tour is always an exciting adventure for the University Singers. This spring the group toured Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee from March 25 to March 30. The University Singers under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Hartley performs a variety of musical selec-: tions and is always an audience pleaser. SYMPHONIC BAND PRESENTS POPS CONCERTS Providing social enjoyment as well as gaining in- creasing respect from Jackson area music lovers is Union ' s outstanding Symphonic Band. Many hours of rehearsal pay off in superb concert performances given to the public and campus family. The Symphonic Band is composed only of students with excellent musical talents and abilities. These students help put on dramatic concerts as well as provide the greatest contemporary music throughout the year. The music of the Symphonic Band is heralded and appreciated by all. Symphonic Band members — First Row, left to right: Janet Caldwell, Pam Jackson, Pam Rezach, Denny Anderson, Kelly McDonald, Debbie Burton, Mike Owens. Second Row: Jim Altman, Kathie Craig, Sarah Leach, Valerie Ford, Nor- ma Humphreys, Philip Wilson, David DeBell, Sherry Fiddler, Lisa Wall, Dwight Porter. Third Row: Janice Davis, Diane Armor, Carolyn Brown, James McDaniels, Mike Elledge, Tommy Markle, Eugene Gladney, Pam Allsop, Jean Lauder- dale, Gloria Phillips, Anthony Harrison, Ruth Page. Fourth Row: James Lee, Marvin Wilkins, Mark Anderson, Allen Reed (faculty), Jerry Umfress, Danny Burton, David Caldwell. Fifth Row: Jerry Ray, Steve Volmer, Tom Land, David Mitchell, Edmund Cepparulo, Carol Douglas, Johnny Hill, Charles Huffman (faculty), Denise Norris, Wanda Totty, Dr. Gerald Welker, Director, Allen Mullins, and Abraham Jones. SAI — First Row: Beth Pilgrim, Winetta Dukes, Pam Jactcson, Ruth Page, Cindy Segebarth, Sharon Blaci well, Kathie Craig, Gloria Phillips, Brenda Peeler. Second Row: Betty Jacl son, Jennifer Freeland, Susan Wallace, Pam Anderson, Pam Rezach, Kathy Perkins, Jenetta Kirk. Third Row: Kathy Bell, Valerie Ford, Debbie Burton, Carolyn Brown, Janet Caldwell, Wanda Totty. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA The Gamma Sigma chapter of Sigma Alpha lota, the oldest and largest international music fraternity for women, is com- posed of students taking the courses leading to a Bachelor of Music Degree or the Bachelor of Arts, with a major or minor in music. Membership is based on excellence in scholarship and individual musical ability. The prime ob- jective of this fraternity is providing social enjoyment as well as professional interests for music majors. An annual Christmas Bazaar to raise money for club projects is a high point in the school ' s December calendar. PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA A national music fraternity dedicated to furthering the cause of music in America is Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. It is an honorary fraternity designed to increase general student in- terest in the field of music while at the same time it allows students to increase their own musical skills. Phi Mu Alpha is the largest men ' s fraternity in the world with 180 chapters. Phi Mu Alpha — First Row: Fred Luper, Tony Cothran, Allan Mullins, Dwight Porter, Ricky French, Bobby Griffin. Second Row: David Mitchell, Philip Wilson, Eugene Giadney, David Caldwell, Bart Shankiin, Steve Volmer, Allen Reed (Faculty Advisor). Third Row: Chris Ward, Trent Hail, Anthony Harrison, Tom Land, Keith Williams, David Howard, Abe Jones. Footlights Club: Sheila White, Linda Moore, Jenny Seabrook, Debbie Burton, Keith Williams, Jackie Foren, and Paul Brock. Alpha PsI Omega: Linda Moore. Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary dramatic fraternity. Membership is based on attainment in the field of dramatics. The fraternity spends many hours of hard worl working on productions and activities, which include their own in- itiation service of new members and various other productions. FOOTLIGHTS AND ALPHA PSI OMEGA Footlights is an organization which includes students who are Interested in drama. It sponsors all play productions, including a play tournament, one-act play night, and major productions. The Footlights Club sponsored the " Glass Menagerie " which was presented in the fall and which was a great success. Jerry Cantrell as Tom and Cindy Segebarth as the Mother in a scene from " The Glass Menagerie. " (- Alpha Chi Alpha Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. The membership of Alpha Chi is composed of the top ranking ten percent of the junior and senior classes. Members must maintain their grades and be reinstated each year. Union ' s Alpha Chi has, at pre- sent, forty-five members — 15 reinstated, 5 seniors, and 25 juniors. Alpha Chi Seniors, Left to Right: Brenda Davidson, Sandra Gray, Jackie IVIitchell, Sue Lyie, Sandra Replogie. Alpha Chi Juniors. Row One, left to right: Mary Austin, Janis Bowen, Sherry Carroll, Becky Wilkinson, Carrey Cole, Mary Zon McKeel, Sarah Leach. Row Two: Joanne Beard, Kay Brown, Diane McCraw, Debra Overall, Melinda Scott, Janice Lewelling, Marilyn Johnsey, James Oakley. Row Three: Doug Rogers, Phillip Wilson, Don T, Wilson, Phil Glisson, George Googe, Emily Stowe, Kathy Craig, Harvey Grounds, Linda Grounds, Mike Jordan. Alpha Chls Reinstated. Row One, left to right: Mike Owens, Brenda Roark, Clyde Dennis, Sherri Pickett. Row Two; Jane Barber, Sara Lee Moore, Frankie Watkins, Vivian Whitworth, Valerie Ford, Barbara Farmer. Row Three: Tom Nichols, Roi-Ann Dixon, Larry Kirby, Wayne Woftord, Wiiliard Oakley. t Officers, Row One, left to right: Mable Bridger, Adviser; Rita Barlow, first vice president; Sonja Denson, second vice president; Joyce Morris, president, flow Two: Anita Boyd, treasurer; Susan Smith, secretary; Debra Carlton, reporter-historian. LAMPLIGHTERS PROMOTE NURSING PROGRAM Fulfilling the nursing program both educationally, and socially is the goal of the Lamplighters. Lamplighters is an organization composed of any nursing student who wishes to join, and is designed to promote better un- derstanding of the nursing profession. Bimonthly meetings are held every first and third Thurs- day in an effort to bring guest speakers who are noted for their work and contributions in the medical field. One speaker this year was Dr. Jack Booth, who spoke on his work with total hip replacement. These meetings serve educational purposes as well as social. They serve as one of the ways of promoting better understanding and fellowship between nursing students. Lamplighters, Row One, left to right: Anita Boyd, Rita Barlows, SonJa Denson, Susan Smith, Debra Carlton, Joyce Morris, Mable Bridger. flow Two: Carolyn Hedge, Beverly Ingram, Carol O ' Neill, Rita Barry, Terry Bevis, Sybil Laman. Row Three: Connie Rowsey, Beverly Dixon, Gail Koonce, Janet Jacobs, Richard Barlow, flow Four: Angle Garmany, Flora Claybrook, Juanita Crosnoe, Audrey Erwin. How Five: Sue Martin, Shirley Whitt, Patsy Simpson, Wynnie Robinson, Ruth Helen ' Pinkley, Debra Phillips, Mary Canovan, Linda Rainwater. Row Six: Robbie Rainwater, Betty Altman, Marge Roach, Teresa Morris, Betty Smith, Brenda Davidson, Susan Eliff, Carolyn Neal, Carolyn Walker, Doris Hale. NTRAMURALS SPARK ATHLETIC PROGRAM Girls ' P.E. Club— First Row, from left; Cathy Creason, Sandy Bratcher, Paula Bastin, Becky Wilkinson, Jodie Parrish, Kay Coiey, Vickie Merrell. Second Row: Anita Boyd, Linda Bishop, Jane Godwin, Cheryl Taylor, Candy Gill, Ramona Wilson. Third Row: Paula Morehart, Kathy Hillard, Vickie Trammell, Susan Fryer, Cindy Segebarth, Mary Lynn Cope, Susan Pittman, Sarah Lee Moore. Intramural Council— First Row, from left: Cindy Segebarth, Beverly Smothers, Jodie Parrish, Kay Coley, Cathy Hllllard. Second Row: Claude Poppenhelmer, Keith Alexander, Danny Burton, Tom Roark, David Landreth, Newman Ramsey, Mr. Eugene Cantrell, adviser. ' U ' CLUB PROMOTES ATHLETICS As one of the most active clubs on cam- pus, the " U " Club strives to promote athletic activities on campus. They are in charge of all parking for athletic events and run the concessions at the sporting events. The " U " Club is composed of men who have lettered in a varsity sport. The annual highlight is a spring outing. The club ' s sponsor is Dr. Don Ellis. J ' Club Members — Row One: Keith Cabanaw, Gary Blaylock, Jimmy Gammon. Row wo: Mike Jones, John Bailey, Chip Spiiler. Row Three: Gary Raymond, Tony Sneed, im Hinkleman, John Nelson, Ray Wilder, and Steve Valadez. Officers: Steve Valadez, treasurer; Jimmy Gammon, president; Gary Blaylock, vice- president; and Keith Cabanaw, secretary. Dorm Council: Melinda Scott, senator; Kathy Waters, treasurer; Jo-Ann Beard, senator; Mary Zon McKeel, secretary; Jodie Parrish, fire marshal; Becl y Wiil inson, president; Vivian Whitwortti, social chairman; and Cheryl Taylor, vice-president. BIythe Hall is named after Mr. and Mrs. Frank BIythe, both of whom are still a part of the university. BIythe Is the up- perclass women ' s dormitory. This year, as a result of the work of the dorm officers and the SGA senators, social rules have been eased to please more of the women residents. BLYTHE HALL IS UPPERCLASSMEN FOCAL POINT The sights of nnoving in! JONES HALL MOLDS FRESHMEN WOMEN Jones Hall houses all the freshmen women plus several upperclass women who act as dormitory assistants. For most it is home for about nine months of a year. It is a pretty nice place even with little inconveniences like signing out. Slipping into darknessi Dorm Council: Paula Brewer, senator; Ida Thome, fire marshal; Vickie Merrell, social chairman, Judy Box, vice-president; Sandy Pounders, president; Debra Kail, secretary; Sheila Murphree, ;reasurer; and Joyce Falcinelli, senator. Dorm Council: Tom Roark, president; Wayne Wofford, secretary; Jim Hinkleman, senator; Gary Blayiock, senator; and Jimmy Gammon, vice-president. ADAMS HALL GOES " ON LOCATION " Adams Hall is one of the two dormitories for men which are located on Union ' s cam- pus. This past summer it became the setting for some scenes shot on location for the mo- tion picture on the life of Sheriff Buford Pusser, " Walking Tall. " During the school year, Adams is one of the bustling men ' s dorms. Hollywood moves to Adams Hall? - iV. a - -jg ELLIS HALL CELEBRATES ELEVENTH YEAR Ellis Hall houses a vast portion of Union ' s male population. Ellis, named for Dr. D. A. Ellis, houses 126 men. Now in its eleventh year, Ellis continues to be a home away from home for much of the masculine stu- dent body. Dorm Council: Mike Casey, vice-president; Donny Belcher, secretary; Ken Feathers, presi- dent; Don Wiison, senator; and Roy Whaiey, senator. I Cardinal and Cream Each succeeding year brings new advancements with the student newspaper. As a monthly publication in the college community, it gives students, faculty, and ad- ministration alil e a voice in the paper. The " Letters to the Editor " column gives a vigorous outlet for many pro and con comments. Budding young journalists test their wings with each issue as they keep tab on campus developments. The excitement of seeing each issue come off the presses gives each staff member the special thrill of seeing something they wrote in print. John Nelson, Editor, 1972-73 Charles Richards, Dallas Minner, Donna Miller — Staff, Joe Westbury, Editor, 1973-74. hil Jenkins and Joe Westbury, staff, talk with Betty i Foellinger, adviser. Ken McGee, Beverly Kee, and Louis Minner; staff. heila White, Doug Rogers, and Jane Sturdivant; staff. t»r«B« «« » !V Lest We Forget striving to present a vivid and complete picture of life at Union, the 1972-73 Lest We Forget under the leadership of Editor Jan Myracle and Adviser Mrs. Betty Foellinger worked continually to cover all aspects of campus life. Jan Myracle, Editor Joe Westbury and Dallas Minner, Advertising. Section Editors Judy Barefoot, Classes. Gale Gage, Index. Sabra Mullins and Debby Moody, Typists. Melinda Scott and Kathy Steppe, Administration and Faculty. - •■■ - - ?2 -. mm " . . . Exercise caution in your business affairs; for tlie world Is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is ... " Advertising Five Points Service Station fffM W 7 « unutn and yjoM " Jackson ' s Leading Funeral Directors For all your fuel and service needs go to Five Points Service Sto-i tion, located on the edge of Union ' s campus at Five Points. Tires, batteries, accessories, v heel balancing, whatever your need — seei Roy Blankenship. A mechanic is on duty . . . George A. Smith I Sons Funeral Chapel has been serving the people of the Jacksoni! area for more than 40 years . . . The Thunderbird Motel, located ii on U. S. 45-South, just five minutes from downtov n Jackson,i features a large sv imming pool, color television, and guest con-rj trolled room temperature. Thunderbird Motel Albert (yi to the fUCK graduating Albert ' s Coca-Cola Bottling Company Albert ' s on Lafayette, " Jackson ' s Most Popular Fashion Store, " makes going downtown a pleasure . . . " Coke " has the taste you never get tired of, " it ' s the Real Thing — Coke " . . . Seabrook ' s, downtown Jackson, offers decorating assistance in paints, wall coverings, draperies, and gifts . . . That delicious aroma of freshly baked bread drifting across the campus comes from the Colonial Baking Company, located at 603 South Royal . . . Rosenbloom ' s brings you all of the latest fashions. Seabrook ' s Colonial Baking Company Rosenbloom ' s Five Points Lumber Company, located on College at Royal, has everything you need to build anything . . . 7-UP, the UNCOLA, makes college days go smoother . . . Located just one mile south of Jackson, Lakeview Motel gives you all the comforts of home. 7-UP Bottling Company Lakeview Motel 186 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR YOUR YEAR BOOK THE NATION ' S STUDIO SCHOOL PORTRAIT DIVISION 1101 CARTER STREET CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE 37402 Vineyards You ' ve Got A Lot To Live PEPSI-COLA Pepsi ' s Got A Lot To Give PINKSTON SCRUGGS REXALL DRUG STORE 117 N. Liberty, 427-4453 Jackson, Tenn. Pinktton Scruggs Rainey Furniture Company Drop by and visit Vineyard ' s, 320 East Lafayette for the most uni- que gifts and flowers in town . . . Rainey Furniture Company, 209 East Main for a large selection of furniture for your dorm or home . . . Study to music from Craven ' s, at 209 Lexington . . . Drink Pepsi-Cola . . . Shop at Pinkston Scruggs at 117 N. Liberty for prescriptions and sundries. Cravens JCPenney We know what you ' re looking for. J C Penney Shop Penney ' s You ' ll Live Better . . You ' ll Save . . . Old Hickory Mall Phone 424-3000 Shop at J C Penney ' s in the Old Hickory Mall. We ' ve got what you ' re looking for . . . Highland Cleaners v ants to help the student. Try their pick-up and delivery service to the dorms . . . Thrasher ' s Fabrics is the " home of the beautiful fabrics. " Congratulations Seniors HIGHLAND CLEANERS 293 North Highland Avenue Telephone 424-5522 " One Hour Service " Pick-up and delivery service to dorms Thrasher ' s Fabrics Liberty Supermarket Hancock Fabrics offers the most complete and the largest selection of materials in this area . . . Cabana Theatre, Jackson ' s only home- owned and operated theatre, located in Hamilton Hills Shopping Center features 41 cabanas, three general audience sections, a huge 24 by 54 foot screen and an intercom snack delivery .... The Bible Book Store at 214 E. Main welcomes Union students to come in and browse .... Liberty Supermarket has four locations to serve you better: 139 Airways, 206 North Royal, Hamilton Hills, and in Madison South Shopping Plaza. Liberty offers courteous personnel, fast service, and S H Green stamps. Cabana Theatre The Bible Book Store ! VILLAGE INN PIZZA PARLOR 624 Old Hickory Blvd.-Phone 424-2731 Village Inn Roger ' s Jewelry Store rn vm ■ I Nathan ' s Slater Food Service The Village Inn Pizza Parlor, 624 Old Hickory Boulevard, features!- 21 different varieties of delicious pizza as well as sandwiches and( ' salads . . . Visit Roger ' s Jewelers in downtown Jackson for all of i your jewelry needs . . . Nathan ' s Main at Highland, has thei clothes that you ' ll be proud to wear . . .Slater Food Servicei endeavors to provide more than just a meal for Union students . . . The National Bank of Commerce, " a full service bonk, " is the ' bank to grow with. " bank to grow with... National Bank of Commerce National Bank of Commerce " U " nion Stands Tall at First Baptist UNION STUDENTS ARE PART OF THE ACTION AT FIRST BAPTIST ON SUNDAY ... , 9:30 Bible Study 10:50 Worship 4:45 Chapel Choir 6:30 Discussion Group 7:30 Worship AND WEDNESDAY . . . 7:30 Prayer Meeting " Jr. t_J OUR STAFF STANDS READY TO SERVE YOU: Dr. R. Trevis Otey Pastor Rev. H. C. Zochry Associate Postor Carlys Scates Music and Youth Miss Elsie McColl Children Fred R. Neylond Education FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 404 E. Lofoyette Action Scene for ' ' U ' A Dynamic Church Linked Hand-in-Hand with A Dynamic School! We would like to be your " home " church in Jackson while you ore away from home. WHERE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND FACULTY ARE WARMLY WELCOMED Where There Is an Opportunity for Service and Training During College Days WHERE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP IS THE FINEST f- m : " " " -..Jr 1 11 « i I -I 1 «t -m ' ii ' ii-Jt tf li I r::r- ' f Rhodes Furniture Store in their new store specializes in quality fur- niture and appliances. Dr. David Q. Byrd, Pastor Bill Taylor, Education Roger Cowen — Music, Youth Carroll Griffin, Activities A PRAYER CONDITIONED CHURCH Robert ' s Jewelers, in downtov n Jackson, v ant to show you one o the largest diamond collections in Tennessee . . . Sears Old Hickory Mall, Jackson, Tenn. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back V You Can Count on Sears for Low Prices V You Can Count on Sears for Good Quality V You Can Count on Sears for Wide Selections V You Can Count on Sears for Reliable Service V You Can Count on Sears for Satisfaction V You Can Count on Sears for Friendliness Stegall Shoe Company The First National Bank JACKSON, TENNESSEE Stegall Shoe Company, located in Old Hickory Mall, Jackson, Tennessee, and Raleigh Springs Mall, Memphis, Tennessee, is the " Fashion Shoe Center of West Tennessee " . . . First National Bank has five modern, convenient locations to serve you; Downtov n, Main at Highland; Midtown, West Main and I.C. Railroad; Old Hickory Moll Branch, 1993 North Highland; West Forest Avenue; and Southside Branch . . . " Life and happiness can be found at Calvary " . Serving Jackson 100 Years Member FDIC Clavary Baptist Church Paul Clark, Pastor Donnie Adams, Minister of Music Ben Wilkes, Youth Director Tomorrow ' s Look Today You ' ll like Montgomery Ward ackson Plaza ackson, Tenn. John E. Parker, 1 29 East Collt-ge, has gifts and hardware to fill any need . . . Located close to the campus at 447 North Royal Johnsey ' s Sporting Goods carries a complete line of sporting goods and trophies. John E. Parker Landscape Beauty is Planned — ... it just doesn ' t happen! Over 60 Years Experience A COMPLETE LANDSCAPE SERVICE BLAKELY ' S NURSERY Harts Bridge Rd. — Jackson 422-2148 Johnsey ' s Sporting Goods ifiUgj Hwy. 45 South Phone: 424-1500 Randolph ' s Nursery KENDRICK ' S Texaco Dealer 205 South Royal 422-9160 U-HAUL RENTALS Pleasing You Pleases Us Charles R. Kendrick, Randy Kendrick and Marvin Vain Randolph ' s Nursery, which features potted plants, evergreens, shrubs, and trees, is operated by John Randolph, class of ' 30 — For the smartest clothes on cam- pus it ' s Jack Holland ' s Bandbox, 1 3 Old Hickory Mall — Visit Truex Chevrolet on Hwy. 45 South when it ' s time for a change — Kendrick Bandbox Index Senior Activities AInley, Mabla L. . . B.A.. Elementary Education; B.S.U., of- ficer, publicity committee: B.Y.W.. officer, mission chair- man, secretary-treasurer; SNEA. Alexander, Eugene Kenneth, Jr. . . B.M.. Voice; minor. Music Education; Chorus. University Singers. lota. Dean ' s Honor award, Sword of Honor, Leadership award. Cantrell, Sonja Denson . Club. Lamplighters. . A. A., Nursing; Chi Omega. Math Carroll, Sherry Moore . . . B.S., Elementary Education; SNEA. Girls ' P.E. Club, Girls ' Intramural Basketball, Adams Hall Sweetheart. Clark, Dwlght A. . . B.A., History; minor. Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha, scholarship chairman; Phi Alpha Theta; Student Government Association, senator. Claybrook, Flora A. . . A.A.. Nursing; Lamplighters. Hedges, Gaines Wyley . . . B S., Business Administration; minor, Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha, Inter- fraternlty Council, Prexy Club, Student Government; president, Freshman class; Chorus; Chapel Committee; SGA Food Committee Co-chairman. Rick White Senior Service Award of Lambda Chi Alpha. HIbbard, Glenda Carol . . . B. A., English; minor. Religion and Sociology; B.S.U., Cardinal and Cream. Hill, Battle Sue . . . B.S., Psychology and English. Holloway, Joe . . . B.S., P.E.; minor. History; Basketball manager, Lett We Forget— Sports Editor, Jogging Club, Coach Girls ' Extra-Mural Basketball. Anderson, Dennis . . . B M., Music Education; minor, Music Theory; Phi Mu Alpha; Sigma Alpha Epsllon; Stage Band; Symphonic Band. B Bailey. John R. . . B.S. Physical Education and Health; minor. Secondary Education; U Club; Baseball, Letter- man. Bailey, Sandra J. . . B.A.. Psychology; minor. Religion; B.S.U.. pianist, choir; B.Y.W., mission study, treasurer, chairman; Life Service Band at SBC; Concert Choir of Southern Baptist Colleges. Barefoot, Judy L. . . B.A., English; minor, Business Educa- tion and Secondary Education; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister, treasurer; Chi Omega, pledge president, pledge trainer, yard chairman. Homecoming chairman; History Club secretary; SNEA; Girls ' PE Club; Panhellenic Coun- cil, publicity chairman; Prexy Club; Student Government Association, senator; Dorm Council, secretary of BIythe; Lest We Forget, administration and faculty editor, class editor: Who ' s Who; Homecoming Court; Campus Favorite; Miss Union; Homecoming Queen. Belew. Kathy T. . . B.S. , Elementary Education; B.Y.W.; Zeta Tau Alpha, pledge; SNEA; Girls ' PE Club. Bingham, Lytle S. . . B.A., Religion; minor. Sociology; BSU; Chorus. Birmingham, James D. . . B.S.. Chemistry: minor. Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsllon, Eminent Chronicler, collegiate council; Interfraternlty Council, representative; Student Government Association, senator, chairman of the constitutional revision com- mittee. Craver, Clifford W. . . B.M., Music; minor, Music Theory; Chorus; Union University Singers. B.A.. Elementary Education; Crum, Robert E. . . B.S., Business Administration; minor. Physical Education: Alpha Tau Omega: U Club; Basket- ball: Cross Country; Chorus; Golf. Culpepper, Barbara Fisher . . . B.A., Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, ritual chairman, corresponding secretary; SNEA. Girls ' P.E. Club, Class Speaker, Lest We Forget staff. Little Sisters of Minerva, president; Queen of Sigma Alpha Epsllon. Davidson, Brenda Lee . . . A. A., Nursing: Lamplighters, Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross, Chi Omega. Davidson, Brenda Tate . . . B.A., English; minor, History; Chi Omega; History Club; Alpha Chi; Phi Alpha Theta. Davidson, Dan Ambroaa . . . B.S., Business Administration; minor. Economics; Alpha Tau Omega. Dixon, Rol-Ann . . . B.A., English; minor. Secondary Educa- tion; Chi Omega, personnel, publicity; SNEA, secretary: Girls ' PE Club, devotional chairman; Alpha Chi; Tennis, extramurals; Student Government Association, presi- dent; Cardinal Cream; Lest We Forget; Torch, poem contributor; Who ' s Who; Campus Favorite; Chairman of the Miss Union Pageant. Duke, Sherrye Annette . . . A. A., Nursing; Lamplighters. Ingram, Beverly Sharon . . . A. A., Nursing; B.S.U., Lamplighters, Independents, Torch, Earth Day, art work, The Everlasting Sorrow, Homecoming Jamboree. Jones, Wanda Susan . . . B.S. , Elementary Education; SNEA. K Klllough, Vernall Brooka . . . A.A., Nursing; Lamplighters. King, James L. . . B.A., History; minor. Secondary Educa- tion; History Club, vice-president; College CIvltan. Klrby, Larry W. . . B.S., Math; minor, Economics; Alpha Tau Omega, treasurer, scholarship chairman; Math Club, president; Kappa Mu Epsllon, historian; Alpha Chi; Stu- dent Government Association, vice-president; Campus Favorite. Kolb, David Howard . . . B.A., Business Administration; minor, History; Sigma Alpha Epsllon, pledge trainer, vice- president, social chairman. Koonce, Larry G. . . B.A., Religion; minor. Sociology and Psychology; Ministerial Association, program chairman. Kotoye, AdeyemI . . . B.S.. Biology; minor, Psychology. Blahop, Linda (Davidson) . . . B.S., Physical Education; minor, English and Secondary Education; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister, treasurer; Chi Omega, activity chair- man, assistant social chalrman;Student Foundation; Cheerleader. Blair, Barbara . . . B.A., Elementary Education; B.S.U., Y.W.A.. SNEA, Girls ' P.E. Club. Burley, Richard Alan . . . B.S., Math; minor. Business Ad- ministration. Bylngton, James W. . . B.A.. Religion; minor. Psychology: Ministerial Ass ' n. Alpha Chi. Farmer, Judith A. . . B.A., Sociology; minor, English; Torch. Follls, Nancy C. . . B.S.. Biology; minor. Chemistry; Chi Omega, correspondent; Science Club; SNEA; Girls ' PE Club: Dorm Council, Jones Hall social chairman; Chorus; Alpha Chi. Forsythe, Mary J. SNEA. B,S.. Elementary Education; BSU; Forsythe, William L. . . B.S. , Business Administration: minor. Economics: Union University representative to B.A.I. Monthly Meeting. Lay, Carl L. . . B.S., Business Administration; minor, Physical Education and Secondary Education. Lee, Joan Hudson . . . B.A., History; minor. English; History Club, Footlights. SNEA, Phi Alpha Theta, Alpha Chi, Stu- dent Government. M Miller, Garry S. . . B.A., Religion; minor, Business Ad- ministration; Ministerial Association; Chorus. Caldwell, David L. . . B.M., Music Education; minor, Music Theory; Phi Mu Alpha, president; Lambda Chi Alpha, vice-president; Interfraternlty Council; Student Govern- ment Association, senator; Symphonic Band; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List. Caldwell, Janet Stalllngs . . . B.M.. Music Education; minor. Music Theory; Sigma Alpha lota, social chairman, presi- dent; Hypatia; Chi Omega, songleader. social chairman; SNEA; Girls ' PE Club; Panhellenic Council; Alpha Chi; Student Foundation, correspondence secretary; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Club, vice-president; Student Government Association, reporter; Dorm Council. Jones Hall; Class Officer, sophomore reporter; Symphonic Band; Who ' s Who; Sigma Alpha Epsllon Queen; Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart; Dean ' s List; Campus Favorite; Cheerleader; Miss Union University Court; Sigma Alpha Gammon, James Berkley . . . B.S., P.E.; minor. Secondary Education; Alpha Tau Omega, U Club, Interfraternlty Council, Prexy Club, Dorm Council, Baseball, Junior Class President, Mr. Union, Campus Favorite. Goodrum, Martha L. . . B.A., Elementary Education; minor, Math; Chi Omega, assistant secretary; Math Club; SNEA; Kappa Mu Epsllon secretary: Student Foundation. H Hamblln, Carl L. . . B.S.. Chemistry: minor, Bioiogy; Alpha Tau Omega, Worthy Sentinei. Mllchell, Jackia D. . . B.S.. Biology; minor, History and Secondary Education; Alpha Chi. Mitchell, Teraaa R. . . B.A.. Business Administration; minor, Business Education; Hypatia, vice-president; Alpha Chi; SNEA. Moling, Danny Ray . . . B.S.. Health and P.E.; minor. Secon- dary Education and History; Intramural Basketball. Moora, Sarah L. . . B.A., Sociology; minor. Physical Educa- tion, Religion, and Secondary Education; Chi Omega, In- tramural chairman, vice-president; SNEA; Girls ' PE Club, secretary; Alpha Chi: Basl etball, GIris ' Extramural team; Tennis. GIris ' Extramural team; Class officer, reporter; Student Government Association, senator; Who ' s Who; Voiieyball, Giiis ' Extramural team: Campus Favorite; Dorm Council, vice-president of Jones Hali, treasurer of BIythe Hall. Morrlfl, Joyce Ann . , , A. A,. Nursing; Lamplighters, presi- dent; Prexy Club. McWhlrter, Dorothy R. , . A.A,. Nursing; BSU; BSU Choir. N Nelll, Carolyn Annette . . . A.A., Nursing; Lamplighters. Nichols, Thoma Paul . . . B.S.. Biology; minor. Chemistry; Alpha Chi. A.I.B.S.. Dean ' s List. Oakley, Wlllard E., Jr. B.S.U.. Alpha Chi. B.S., Biology; minor. Chemistry; Owens, Michael W. . . B.A., Religion; minor, Psychology; BSU. treasurer; Phi Mu Alpha; Ministerial Association; Collegiate Civltan, president; Alpha Chi, representative; Symphonic Band; Chorus. Payne, Cathy D. . . B.S., Sociology and Psychology; BSU; Girls ' RE Club; Collegiate Civltan; Independent Women; Chorus; BSU Revival Teams; Intramural sports, basket- ball, volleyball, badminton, and softball; Judicial Council. Pearce, Kathryn A. . . A. A.. Nursing; ZetaTau Alpha, service chairman; Lamplighters. Pearson, Willie D. . . B.S., Business; minor, Economics. Peeler, Brenda Louisa . . . B.M.. Music Education; minor. Theory; Sigma Alpha lota, B.S.U.; Y.W.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Chorus, soloist; Singers, secretary. Pennebaker, Martha Elizabeth . tion; SNEA. . B,S.. Elementary Educa- Pennebaker, Robert Wesley . . . B, A.. Art; minor; Secondary Education; Basketball. Petty, Benny L. . . 8. A., English; minor. Secondary Educa- tion; BSU; Phi Mu Alpha; SNEA; Alpha Chi. vice- president; Chorus; Summer Missionary, Phillips, Jere L. . . B.A., English; minor, Speech and Secon- dary Education; B.S.U.. Lambda Chi Alpha; SNEA; Stu- dent Government; Cardinal and Cream staff; vice- president. Freshman Class. PInkley, Ruth Helen . . . A.A.. Nursing; Lamplighters; Dean ' s Pruitt, Robert Don . . . B.A., Religion; minor. Journalism; Ministerial Association, secretary-treasurer; Cardinal and Cream staff. Rainwater, Linda Fay Dean ' s List. A. A., Nursing; Lamplighters; Rainwater, Robbie Gall . . . A.A., Nursing; Lamplightei Roark, Brenda Joyce . . . B.S., Elementary Education; minor, English; B.S.U., Y.W.A., SNEA, Alpha Chi, Civltan, Dean ' s Roark, Thomas L. . . B.S.. Math; minor. Business Ad- ministration; Student Government, Adams Hall Dorm Council. Robins, Mary Virginia . . . A.A., Nursing; Lamplighters. Ross, Nancy A. . . B.A., Business Administration and Secon- dary Education; BSU, secretary; SNEA. Sample, Sharon L. . . B.A., Elementary Education; B.Y.W., social secretary; Drama Production, " How Was the Trip? " ; Young Democrats. Samples, Carol L. . . B.S., Elementary Education; minor, History; B.Y.W., missions chairman; BSU; Chorus. Shanklln, James B. . . B.M., Music Education; minor, Music Theory; Footlights; Phi Mu Alpha, treasurer; SNEA; American Guild of Organists; Chorus; Union University Singers; Opera Workshop; Drama Production, Brlga- doon. Shirey, Robert L. . . B.A.. Elementary Education; BSU; Life Service Band; SNEA. Simmons, Beth E, . . B.S., Elementary Education; SNEA. Sklles, John D Psychology. B.A., Business Administration; minor, Smatt, Eddie Q. . . B.A., Religion; minor. Speech; BSU. vice- president; Ministerial Association, chapel committee; Student Government Association, BSU senator; Chorus. Smith, Larry Walters . . . B.A., Business Administration; minor. Economics; Stageband, Symphonic Band. Smith, Susan Lynn . . .A.A., Nursing, minor. Art; Chi Omega, Lamplighters, Girls ' P.E. Club. Soder, Sharon K. . . B.A., Music; minor. Art; Footlights; Drama Productions. Brigadoon and Homecoming show; Torch, art work on back cover of 1972; Union University Singers; Union Sextet; Revival teams, recruiting; BSU, Choir. Staggers, John Anthony . . . B.A., Psychology; minor. Religion; B.S.U., Ministerial Association. Staples, Randall Pope Economics. B.S., Chemistry; minor. Todd, Kathy Ann Chorus. B-S., Elementary Education; SNEA, Troutt, Doris Reed . . . B.A., Elementary Education; B.S.U., SNEA. Life Service Band. Chorus. V Vinson, Cathy George . . . B.A., History; minor, Secondary Education; Chi Omega, Greek Historian. SNEA. w Wallace, Donna A. . . B.A., Business Administration; minor. Business Education and Secondary Education; Chi Omega, assistant secretary, and secretary; SNEA; Girls ' PE Club; Student Foundation; Student Government Association, senator; Class Officer, secretary-treasurer; Dean ' s List; Chorus. Wallace, Paul E. . . B.M., Music; minor, Voice; Symphonic Band, Singers. B.A.. English; minor. Secondary Educa- tion. Whltworth, Vivian K. . . B.S., Elementary Education; minor, English; B.Y.W.; Chi Omega, correspondent chairman, personnel; SNEA; Alpha Chi; Collegiate Civltan; Dorm Council, social chairman, BIythe Hail; Chorus. Wiggins, Raymond B., Jr. minor. History. Wllklns, James Q., Jr. minor. Economics. B.S., Elementary Education; B.S., Business Administration; Williams, Dalorles Joanne . . . B.S., Education. Williams, Delorles Jean . . . B.S., Elementary Education. Williams, Pauline . . . B.S., Biology; minor. Secondary Education. History, and Political Science; SNEA. WItherlngton, Daniel R minor. Economics. B.A., Business Administration; Wotford, Martha Anne . . . B.S., Mathematics and Elemen- tary Education; minor, Secondary Education; B.S.U., B.Y.W,, Hypatia. SNEA. Life Service Band, Alpha Chi. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Prexy Club, Who ' s Who. Dean ' s List. Wotford, Harry W. . . B.S., Biology; minor. Chemistry; Alpha Chi, AI6S, Kappa Mu Epsilon, treasurer. Dorm Council, Adams Hall secretary. Who ' s Who, Dean ' s List, Lab Assistant. Wyatt, Deborah S. . . B.A., English; minor. Secondary Education; B.S.U., Life Service Band, Torch. Wyatt, George Richard . . . B.S., Economics; minor. Music; Lambda Chi Alpha, secretary and president; Student Government; Stage Band; Symphonic Band; Chorus; Prexy Club; Interfraternlty Council. Index Adams, Emma K. . . 67 Adams, Susan . . .11 Adcock, Howard Jr. . . 77 Ainley, David R. . . 77,113 Ainley, Mable . . Alexander, Ken . Alexander, Keith Allen, Mickey . . Allen, Perry . . . Allison, Jean . . . Allsop, Pam . . . Altman, Betty . . Altman, Jim . . . Anderson, Deborali ... 77 Anderson, Denny 119,165 Anderson, Mark . . . 71,165 Anderson, Pam . . . 161,166 Andre ' , Dr. James ... 27 Andrews, Larry Armour, Diane Austin, Mary . . . 61 . . 61 . . . 61,162,170 . 25 162 67 125,165 . 77,169 165 . . 77 . . 77,165 168 B Bailey, John . . . 61,97,171 Bailey, Pam ... 67 Bailey, Roman . . . 95,97 Bailey, Sandra ... 61 Baird, Jackie . . . 67,125 Baker, Ben ... 117 Baker, Dr. Eugene . . . 19,93 Baker, John ... 77 Baker, Ken ... 61 Baker, Mike ... 97 Baker, Richard ... 77 Baldwin, Dr. Charles M. . . 33 Barber, Jane . . . 67,156,129,152,168 Bardowell, Dawn ... 77 Barefoot, Judy . . . 61,132,123,129 Barefoot, Dr. Hyran E. . . 31 Barham, Barbee ... 25 Barker, Melissa ... 77 Barlow, Richard ... 169 Barlow, Rita . . . 71,129,169 Barnett, Tony R. . . 61 Barnhlll, Reginia ... 71 Basden, Paula . . . 102,104,105,127,170 Bass, Harold ... 24 Bates, Dan ... 19 Bates, William ... 19 Beard, Jo Ann . . . 153,168 Belcher, Donny . . . 67,175 Belew, Kathy ... 61 Bell, Kathy . . . 71,134,161,162,166 Berry, Rita ... 169 Bethea, Vickie ... 125 Bevis, Terry ... 77,169 Biggs, Elizabeth ... 28 Birmingham, Peggy 37,103,109 Bishop, Chrlsle ... 67 Bishop, Linda . . . 61,127,129,152,170 Bivens, Rena ... 77 Blvens, Tommy ... 77 Biackwell, Sharon . . . 67,161,162,166 Blair, Barbara ... 61 Blanchard, Charlie ... 97 Blankenship, Deborah ... 77 Blanton, Dorothy ... 24 Blanton, Milburn ... 21 Blaslngame, Martha ... 61 Blass, Dr. Joseph . . . 26,28,162 Blaylock, Gary . . . 95,97,153,171,174 Bledsoe, Debbie ... 67 Biythe, Frank M. . . 19 BIythe, Helen S. . . 30 Boen, David ... 71 Boggs, Carol . . . 71,103,129,152 Boldlng, Barbara ... 71 Bomar, Debbie ... 77 Bonds, Lee Ann ... 77 Boston, Jan ... 77 Bouchlllon, Dr. Bill G. . . 38 Bouchillon, Lynn ... 77 Bouchlllon, Dr. Pat Hale ... 36 Bowen, Janis . . . 49,67,125,135,161,162, 168 Bowers, Sandra . . . 61,129,135,149,152 Box, Judy . . . 77,173 Boyd, Anita . . . 77,129,169,170 Boyd, Margaret ... 25 Braden, Nina L. . . 77 Bradford, Jimmy . . . 67,117 Bradley, Dale ... 71 Bragg, Bobby . . . 71,119,135 Brantley, Lunsford . . . 61,117 Bratcher, Bobby . . . 76,77 Bratcher, Sandy . . . 71,129,170 Brewer, Maggie Neil ... 20 Brewer, Paula . . . 77,125,153,173 Bridger, Mable D. . . 35,169 Briley, Janna ... 77 Brock, Paul T. . . 27,167 Brown, Carolyn . . . 103,123,129,135,147, 152,153,165,166 Brown, Dr. G. Wayne . . . 18,33 Brown, Judy ... 77 Brown, Kay . . . 67,93,129,153,168 Brown, Nancy ... 78 Brown, Rachel ... 78 Brown, Sandra ... 35 Burdette, Beth ... 78 Burke, Tommy ... 71 Burkhead, Helen ... 78 Burleson, Dempsey ... 71 Burley, Richard ... 61 Burton, Danny . . . 78,153,165,170 Burton, David . . . 71,158 Burton, Debbie . . . 49,102,152,153,165, 166,167 Busby, Mike ... 71 Bylngton, James ... 61 Bynum, Charlotte ... 23 Byrd, Eldon A. . . 39 Byrd, Jeannle . . . 78,129,156 Cabanaw, Keith . . . 97,171 Cagle, Jimmy . . . 22,70,71,97,117,134 Cain, Dr. Gary ... 99 Caldwell, David . . . 61,165,166 Caldwell, Janet Stallings . . . 61,165,166 Campbell, Kathey ... 78 Campbell, Sandra ... 61 Canovan, Mary . . . 34,169 Cantrall, Dr. Eugene ... 37 Cantrell, Jerry . . . 71,167 Carlton, Debra . . . 78,169 Carmichael, Cathy . . . 129,102,103 Carmlchael, Donald R. . . 26 Carroll, Christine ... 61 Carroll, Sherry . . . 104,105,168 Carter, Helen ... 78 Casey, Mike . . . 71,175 Cashion, Brenda ... 78 Cavanaugh, Dave ... 67 Cepparulo, Edmund . . . 60,117,165 Chan, Wing Kwong ... 67 Chatham, Jimmy ... 61 Clark, Andy . . . 113,156 Clark, George C. . . 30 Clark, Paul . . . 70,117 Claybrook, Flora A. . . 67,169 Cofer, Rhonda . . . 78,125 Coffman, Beth, 67 Colb, David ... 119 Cole, Carrey . . . 42,67,92,93,123,125,135, 152,168 Cole, Gary ... 78 Coley, Kay . . . 102,104,105,170 Collins, Janice ... 23 Comer, Janice ... 78 Commean, Jerry ... 67 Conn, Mike ... 97 Cooper, James ... 78 Cooper, Steve ... 78 Cope, Mary L. , . 45,78,129,170 Cothron, Tony ... 166 Cothron, Carolyn . . . 149 Counce, Melanle ... 61 Cowan, Dr. Roger ... 43 Cowart, Linda . . . 67,125 Cox, Ken ... 97 Craig, Kathy . . . 67,129,152,165,166,168 Craig, Larry D. . . 61,119 Craig, Dr. Robert . . . 16,44,56 Cranford, Rose ... 71 Graver, Clifford ... 61 Creason, Cathy . . . 127,170 Criss, Alan ... 71 Crockett, David ... 119 Crockett, Mary P. . . 42,67,97,125 Crosnoe, Juanlta . . . 34,169 Cross, Linda ... 71 Cruce, Brenda ... 62 Crum, Bob . . . 100 Crum, Susan G. . . 25 Curlln, Martha ... 25 Cutrell, Randy ... 78 Danley, Bob ... 117 Davidson, Brenda . . . 129,169 Davidson, Brenda T. . . 156,168 Davidson, Michael ... 72 Davis, Clara E. . . 72 Davis, Janice . . . 78,165 Davis, Lynn . . . 78,125,153 Deaton, Virgil ... 22 Day, Danny ... 97 DeBell, David . . . 72,165 Deming, Judy ... 62 Dennis, Clyde . . . 62,168 Denson, Sonja . . . 72,129,169 Dixon, Beverly ... 169 Dixon, Roi-Ann . . . 62,103,104,105,129, 135,153,168 Dobbs, Kaye ... 78 Dobbs, Lisa ... 78 Dougan, Jerry ... 119 Dougan, John P. Jr. . . 25 Douglas, Carol ... 165 Dukes, WInetta . . . 72,161,166 Easley, Gary K. . . 72,162 Edmonson, Dr. James H. . . 39,156 Ekrut, Vernon S. , . 39,156 Elam, Carol . . . 72,102 Elledge, Mike . . . 72,165 Eliff, Susan . . . 78,125,169 Elliot, R. G. . . 23 Ellis, Dr. Don . . . 20,37,42,171 Ellis, Michael ... 78 Elmore, Sheila ... 72 Erwin, Audrey . . . 169 Ethridge, Elizabeth ... 31 Evans, Dr. Henry B. . . 30 Everett, Steve ... 117 Falcinelli, Brenda . . . 92,93,123,125 Falcinelli, Joyce . . . 78,102,104,105,125, 153,173 Fanning, Jo Beth ... 78 Farmer, Barbara . . . 147,168 Farmer, Judith ... 67 Feathers, Kenneth . . . 62,175 Fiddler, Sherry . . . 78,165 Fisher, Barbara ... 62 Fisher, Richard . . . 79,119 Flanagan, Danny ... 67 Foellinger, Betty H. . . 30,178 Follis, Nancy 0. . . 62 Ford, Valerie . . . 165,166,168 Foren, Jac kie . . . 67,92,93,167 Forsythe, William ... 62 Freeland, Jennifer . . . 67,125,166 French, Rickey . . . 166 Fronabarger, Ben ... 72 Fryer, Susan ... 67,170 Fugate, Amy ... 22 Fuller, Howard . . . 135 Futrell, Rickey ... 79 Gage, Gale ... 67 Gammon, Jimmy . . . 94,97,117,132,171,174 Garmany, Angle . . . 79,169 Gaskins, Pam ... 79 Gee, Dot . . . 23 Gibbs, Ginny ... 79 Gill, Candy . . . 79,129,170 Gill, Richard ... 79 Gladney, Eugene . . . 72,165,166 Glisson, Philip . . . 42,67,168 . . 72,102,125,170 ... 72 . 79 ... 129 . 67,113,168 . 23 62,119 . 72 62,168 72 72,158,166 . . 168 . 168 . 62 Godwin, Jane . . . Goode, Arnold . . Goodrich, Mary . Goodrum, Martha Googe, George . . Graves, Elouise . Graves, Mike . . . Graves, Vickie . . Gray, Sandra . . . Greene, Ruby . . . Griffin, Robert . . Grounds, Harvey . Grounds, Linda . , Gudovich, Judy . Hall, Carole ... 62 Hall, Janice ... 79 Hall, Julia ... 20 Hall, Trent . . . 72,166 Haltom, Ann ... 129 Haltom, Brenda ... 97 Halvarson, Carl ... 18 Halvarson, Ruth ... 24 Hamm, Frances ... 72 Hammett, Sarah ... 23 Hammonds, Bill . . . 79,117 Harbin, Danny ... 62 Harbin, Jimmy . . . 72,117 Harlan, Cindy ... 79 Harris, Taylor ... 79 Harrison, Anthony . . . 165,166 Harrison, Jeanette ... 67 Hartley, Dr. Kenneth R. . . 26,28,162 Hartsfield, Betty ... 72 Hayes, Cathy ... 72 Hayes, Joy ... 129 Hayes, Linda ... 68 Hayes, Mike ... 97 Hedge, Carolyn . . . 79,169 Hedges, Gaines W. . . 62,113,114 Hedges, Joe ... 79 Hedspeth, Dr. William ... 36 Herring, Vickie ... 79 Hibbard, Carol ... 62 Hickerson, Theresa ... 79 Hill, Bettie Sue . . . 68 Hill, Johnny . . . 68,113,165 Hilliard, Cathy . . . 72,102,104,105,125, 152,170 Hinkleman, Diane ... 27 Hinkleman, Jim . . . 97,153,171,174 Ho, Margaret ... 68 Hobday, Bennette ... 79 Holloway, Carol ... 79 Holloway, Joe . . . 103,178 Holmes, Wayne ... 68 Holt, Sheila ... 79 Hopper, Dorothy S. . . 25 Horner, Paula D. . . 62,129 Hoskins, Hugh ... 117 Howard, David . . . 73,162,166 Howard, Mark . . . 76,79 Hubbard, Dennis J. . . 62,113 Hudson, Joan ... 62 Huffman, Charles H. . . 28,165 Huffman, June ... 28 Hughes, Wanda ... 79 Humphreys, Norma . . . 79,165 Jones, Abraham . . . 165,166 Jones, Danny R. . . 62 Jones, Joe ... 119 Jones, Margaret ... 23 Ingram, Beverly . Irby, Dr. David J. 73,169 31 H Jackson, Betty . . . 73,166 Jackson, Janice ... 79 Jackson, Pamela . . . 73,165,166 Jacobs, Janet . . . 62,169 James, Mary ... 79 Jenkins, Phil . . . 68,113 Jennings, Dwayne ... 62 Jernigan, Michael ... 68 Johnsey, Marilyn . . . 47,129,168 Johnson, Julia ... 68 Johnson, Reba ... 79 Johnson, Vicki ... 80 Jones, Mike . . . 171 Jones, Sandra . . . 80 Jones, Wanda . . 62 Jordan, Jo . . . 35 Jordan, Mike . . . 68,168 Jowers, Rhonda K Kail, Debra . . . 80,173 Kaler, Sharon ... 80 Kay, David M. . . 80,119 Kee, Beverly ... 73 Keenum, Mike ... 73 Kennedy, Billy ... 162 Killough, Vernell ... 62 Kilman, Dr. Marvin D. . . 36 Kimzey, Dr. Willis H. . . 18,30,31 King, James L. . . 63,156 Kirby, Larry . . . 117,149,153,168 Kirk, Exie ... 73 Kirk, Jenetta ... 68,166 Kirk, Kay . . . 80 Koger, Mea J. . . 35 Kolb, David H. . . 63 Koonce, Dr. Duval ... 25 Koonce, Gail . . . 169,80 Kroodsma, Dr. Roger L. . . 32 Lafon, Nell Adams ... 36 Laman, Glenda . . . 73,169 Land, Thomas . . . 73,165,166 Landreth, David . . . 73,100,119,170 Lassiter, Teresa ... 35 Laster, Burt ... 73 Laster, Martha ... 80 Latch, Randy ... 80 Lauderdale, Jean A. . . 80,104,105,165 Lay, Brent ... 63 Lawrence, Nancy ... 20 Leach, Sarah . . . 104,165,168 Leathers, Carol ... 80 Leathers, Lisa ... 97 Lee, James ... 165 Leslie, Cyndy ... 80 Lessenberry, Lisa ... 80 Lewelling, Janice . . . 68,168 Lewis, Patricia P. . . 80 Life, Thomas E. . . 31 Lile, Mary S. . . 63,156,168 Lipe, Charles ... 80 Long, Richard ... 80 Long, Rick ... 80 Luper, Fred Jr. . . 73,166 M Mainord, Dennis . . 68 Mallory, Rodney . . . 80 Marberry, David . . . 119 Markle, Tommy . . . 117,165 Martin, Sue ... 169 Maynard, Marilyn . . . 80 Meek, David ... 63 Melton, Rose ... 23 Merrell, Charlotte . . . 63 . . 80,129,170,173 . . 73,92,93,102,125 . 66,117 . 80,176 , . 63 63 . . 33 . 80,176 68 . 73,165,166 . . 63,168 . . 80 63 80 34 Merrell, Vickie . Milford, Sandi . Miller, Oavid . . Miller, Donna . Miller, Garry S. Miller, Janet . . Miller, Ronald E. MInner, Dallas . . MInner, Louis . . Mitchell, David . Mitchell, Jackie . Mitchell, Martin . Mitchell, Teresa . Mooek, John Montgomery, Joyce M. Moody, Debby ... 80 Moore, Connie . . . 73,93,103,123,125, 129,153 Moore, Connie Lynn . . . 73,93,129 Moore, Linda . . . 63,167 Moore, Lyndia . . . 82,161,162 Moore, Paul . . . 63,156 Moore, Sara Lee . . . 60,63,104,105,109,129, 134,149,168,170 Morehart, Paula Morgan, Karon . Morris, Don Morris, Joyce . . . Morris, Janice . . Morris, Treasea . Morton, Lois Ann Moseley, Judy . . Mosler, Dia ne . . Moss, Gall . . . 6£ Mullens, Allen . . Mulllns, Sabra . . Murphree, Sheila Murphy, Art . . . 73,152 Murray, Deborah ... 68 Myers, Danny ... 63 Myraole, Charlotte ... 81 Myracle, Jan . . . 68,125,154,178 . 81,129,170 125 21 63,169 . 73 . . 81,169 . . . 76,81,129 . 73,125 . 68 I . 68,165,166 . 49,81 . . . 76,81,173 Mc McBrlde, N IIke . . . 73 McBroom M. W. (Butch) . . . 31,95,96, 97,98 McCarty, Denlse . . 63,102,103,104,105, 134,153 McCraw, Diane . . 168 McCurdy, Kay . . . 81,129 McDanells , James . . . 165 McDonald Kelly . . 81,165 McDowell, Donna . . . 81,162 McEwen, Belinda . . . 63,125,147 McGee, Kenneth . . . 63 McGowan Shirley . . . 81 Mclllwaln, Jan . . . 81,125 McKeel, Mary Zon . . . 68,129,152,168,172 McKlnney Elizabeth ... 74 McLeod, Dr. Peter ... 43 McWhIrter , Dot . . 68 N Nesbltt, Bobby . . . 74,100,11 Newman, McKay ... 68 Nichols, Thomas . . . 63,168 Nolen, Larry ... 81 Pruitt, Louise . Pugh, Max W. . 23 29 N Nolen, Larry ... 81 Norman, Barbara . . . 74,125,126,153 Norrls, Dennis . . . 68,165 Northrop, Robin . . . 74,129 Norton, Malcolm ... 68 Oakley, James . . 168 Oakley, Wlllard . . 63,168 Oglesby, Ron . . 97 O ' Neill, Carol . , 81,169 Oran, David . . 63 Overall, Debra . . . 68,125,156,168 Owens, David . . 97 Owens, Mike . . . 147,165,168 Pafford, Jane ... 74 Page, Ruth . . . 74,165,166 PalazlnnI, Mike ... 97 Palmer, Patricia E. . . 34 Parker, Debra ... 129 Parks, Denlce ... 81 Parkinson, Janice ... 81 Parrlsh, Jody . . . 102,103,104,105,170, 172 Pate, Dr. James A. . . 36 Pate, Randy ... 134 . . 63 . 74 . 63 . 125,166 68 63 . 64 Payne, Cathey . Pearce, Kitty . . Pearson, David Peeler, Brenda . Peerey, Diana . Pennebaker, Bobby . Pennebaker, Martha Pennington, Mike . . . 64,134,158 Perkins, Debra . . . 43,81 Perkins, Kathy . . . 68,166 Pe rkins, Wanlta ... 68 Petty, Benny ... 64 Petty, Lynn ... 81 Phillips, Debra . . . 74,169 Phillips, Gloria . . . 74,165,166 Phillips, Mollle ... 81 Pickett, Sherl . . . 64,147,158,168 Pilgrim, Beth . . . 68,161,166 PInkley, Ruth Helen . . . 64,169 Pinson, Dr. Ernest R. . . 30 PInson, Dr. Patricia T. . . 28 Pitt, Becky . . . 81,161,162 PIttman, Susan . . . 42,70,74,92,93,97,104, 105,129,135,170 Pollard, Dr. Ramsey ... 16 Poppenheimer, Claude . . . 74,170 Porter, Dwight . . . 69,165,166 Nanny, Janet ... 129 Pounders, Sandy . . . 81,173 Nanny, Linda ... 81,129 Powell, Joe ... 69 Naylor, Jeffrey L. . . 81 Powers, Peggy ... 74 Neal, Carolyn ... 169 Powers, Rachel ... 69 Neely, Dr. Frederick ... 38 Presley, Wanda . . . 81,103,129 Neely, Isabel H. . . 34,35 Prlddy, Nancy ... 64 Nelson, John . . . 37,66,68,103,171,176 Pruitt, Don ... 64 Q Rainwater, Robin . . . 64,169 Rainwater, Linda . . . 74,169 Ramsey, Newman . . . 117,153,170 Rawls, Buddy . . . 119,153 Ray, Jerry ... 165 Raymond, Gary ... 171 Reasons, Karon ... 81 Reed, Allen . . . 29,165,166 Reed, Barbara ... 64 Reedy, Judy ... 82 Reed, Kenny ... 117 Reeves, Julia ... 64 Reid, Betty L. . . 104,105 Replogle, Sandra . . . 64,168 Rezach, Pamela . . . 64,165,166 Rich, Lyie . . . 100,119 Richards, Charles . . . 82,113,176 Rldeout, Rudy ... 82 RIggs, Janet . . . 69,125 Roach, Marge ... 169 Roark, Brenda ... 168 Roark, Thomas . . . 64,170,174 Roberts, Beth ... 82,129 Roberts, Danny . . . 82,117 Robertson, Randall . . . 69,156 Robertson, Wynnie ... 64 Robinson, Grove . Robinson, Jay . . . Robinson, Phylllis Robinson, Wynle . Rogers, Douglas . Rogers, Richard H Rogers, Esther . . Rose, Kathy . . . Rose, Warren . , Ross, Nancy . . Rowsey, Connie Rush, Ralph . . . Rushing, Virginia . Russell, Carol Ann Russell, Rosemary Russell, Stephen . Russom, Freddie . 82 26 . 57 . 169 69,152,168 . 24 . . 82 25 . 82 64 69 82,169 82,127 . . 82 . 82,129 64 82 Sadler, Tommy . . . 82 Sample, Sharon . . 64 Sanders, James . . 82 Sanders, Kathy . . . 74 Sanders, Linda . . . 66,69,123,129 Schrul, Sandra . . 82 Scott, Curtiss E. . 38 Scott, Mae B. . . 25 Scott, Mellnda . . . 66,69,135,152,153,156 129,168,172 Scott, Phyllis ... 64 Scott, Rita ... 82 Seabrook, Jenny . . . 69,129,135,153,167 Segebarth, Cindy . . 49,64,102,103,129, 161,166,167,170 Sewell, Fredia . . . 82 Sewell, Dr. Lewis G. . . 18 Shanklln, Barton . . . 64,166 Sharpe, Lois ... 69 Shedd, Suzanne ... 82 Shirey, Bob ... 64 Sierk, Dr. Herbert A. . . 32 Simmons, Beth ... 64 Simmons, Brad . . . 82,117 Simmon, Jim . . . 37,99 Simpson, Patsy . . . 169 Skiies, Joinn D. . . 64 Smith, Betty ... 169 Smith, Brad ... 82 Smith, Carol Ann ... 82 Smith, Elsie Y. . . 32 Smith, Jessie ... 23 Smith, Larry ... 65 Smith, Lyie ... 119 Smith, Phil . . . 74,119 Smith, Susan . . . 65,129,169 Smothers, Beverly . . . 74,102,109,170 Smothers, Marilyn C. . . 30 Sneed, Tony . . . 97,171 Soder, Sherry . . . 65,161 Son, Alan ... 69 Sorreil, Mark ... 74 SoukI, Said ... 82 Spain, Sid . . . 97,117 Sparks, Debbie ... 82 Sparks, Rick ... 82 Spence, Micky . . . 69,117 Spiiier, Chip ... 171 Stalllngs, Sam . . . 74,100,135 Stegall, Patrick ... 74 Stephan, David ... 74 Stephens, Bonita G. . . 69 Stephenson, Eddie ... 75 Steppe, Kathy . . . 70,75,129,153 Stewart, Ann ... 75 Stewart, Ramona ... 82 Stone, Gladys I. . . 22 Stout, Janet ... 83 Stovall, Jeff ... 75 Stovall, Terry . . . 74,125 Stowe, Emily . . . 129,152,168 Stuart, Elaine ... 69 Sturdivant, Jane ... 83 Styers, Diane ... 83 Summers, Mary Lois . . . 29,161 Swinford, Debbie ... 75 Switzer, Ronnie . . . 83,117 Tatum, Keith ... 97 Taylor, Cheryl . . . 69,102,104,105,102, 170,172 Taylor, Pat . . . 21 Thompson, Dick ... 83 Thomas, Norrle ... 83 Thomas, Steve ... 117 Thompson, June ... 74 Thorne, Ida . . . 83,173 Thorne, Linda ... 69 Tilley, Dr. W. Clyde ... 31 TIsdale, Gary . . . 83,115,117 Tisdale, Jean ... 23 Todd, Kathy ... 69 Todd, Phyllis ... 69 Totty, Wanda . . . 162,165,166 Towater, Irene ... 20 Trammell, Vickie . . . 69,125,170 Troutt, Doris R. ... 65 Truex, Joy ... 83 Trull, Teresa ... 69 Tucker, Bob . . . 75,135 Tucker, Delma ... 75 Tucker, Ronald ... 65 Tucker, Tony ... 83 Turner, Kathy ... 65 u Uirlch, Esther . Umfress, Jerry 69,161 . 83,165 V Valadez, Steve . . . 37,95,97,171 Vanover, Rickie ... 69 Vaughn, Steve . . . 60,117,152 Vickers, Kaye ... 83 Victor, SashI ... 65 Volmer, Steve . . . 165,166 w Walker, Carolyn ... 169 Walker, Jerry ... 65 Walker, Julia ... 20 Walker, Mike ... 69 Wall, Lisa . . . 83,125,126,165 Wallace, Donna . . . 60,65,129,152,153 Wallace, Susan ... 166 Walton, Lyie ... 83 Ward, Chris . . . 75,166 Ward, Dr. Richard H. . . 39,156 Ward, Sam ... 97 Ward, Verna Sue ... 83 Warmath, Bill . . . 69,119 Warmath, Dr. Walter ... 19 Waters, Kathy ... 172 Watkins, Frankie . . . 125,168 Weathersbee, Danny ... 83 Weaver, Cindy ... 75 Weaver, Roy Jr. . . 75,113,153 Webb, Connie ... 83 Webb, Shirley ... 83 Webb, Susan ... 65 Walker, Dr. Gerald L. . . 29,165 Wells, Betty ... 23 Wells, Cecelia ... 129 West, Rita ... 75 Westbury, Joseph . . . 69,176 Whaley, Roy . . . 153,175 Whitby, David . . . 83,117 White, Dr. June B. . . 33 White, Sheila . . . 42,75,92,93,134,167 Whitley, Steve ... 117 Whitt, Shirley . . . 65,169 Whitworth, Vivian . . . 65,129,168,172 Wilder, Ray . . . 171 Wiikens, James ... 65 Wiikins, Marvin . . . 83,165 Wilkinson, Becky . . . 69,102,104,105,129, 152,168,170,172 Williams, Barry ... 83 Williams, Charles ... 75 Williams, Dalorles ... 65 Williams, Delorles ... 65 Williams, Keith . . . 75,152,166,167 Williams, Pauline ... 65 Williams, Travis ... 75 Wilson, Claudia . . . 75,152 Wilson, David . . . 119,153,166 Wilson, Don . . . 134,175 Wilson, Donneil ... 83 Wilson, Georgia ... 35 Wilson, Nancy ... 65 Wilson, Philip . . . 69,165,166,168 Wilson, Ramona . . . 83,129,170 Wingo, Elizabeth ... 21 Winn, Buzz ... 119 Wise, Carol . . . 75,158 Witherington, Danny ... 65 Wise, Caria 65 Wofford, Martha ... 65 Wofford, Wayne . . . 65,147,168,174 Wolfe, Charlotte ... 65 Wood, James Stephen ... 69 Woods, Deborah ... 75 Wooley, Paula ... 82 Worden, Cindy ... 57 Workman, Debbie ... 82 Wyatt, Deborah ... 65 Wyatt, Dr. George B. . . 25 Wyatt, George R. . . 65,113 Young, Barbara ... 83 Zachry, Virginia ... 24 DESIDERATA Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remennber what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep in- terested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business af- fairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what vir- tue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and dis- enchantment it is perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is un- folding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you con- ceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. Mtoi y MMHiiiiiU

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Union University - Lest We Forget Yearbook (Jackson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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