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Union University Jackson, Tennessee Larry Hearn, Editor Carole Hall, Assistant Editor Betty H. Foel linger. Adviser h H Here I am in the world of challenges, victories and defeats that they told me about. Yet I find my- self going back often to the memories of college and the days we spent there. I remember as I sat dejectedly on that old swing on the day I arrived at college.The autumn leaves had a friendly smell, but they could not smile at me or give me those welcome words I longed to hear. I just swung back and forth and wondered if I would ever find a friend. There she was— sitting in the swing— alone. I wondered if she were thinking of me. You know, spring sometimes makes the heart do strange things. Maybe as she stared, I thought, and swung back and forth, she was remembering those special moments with me. I wonder if she still remembers those times now. Yes, that old-fashioned porch swing at Crook Hall. There we were that one fall afternoon. The breeze was chilly as we swung back and forth. But we didn ' t feel the coldness. Instead we felt each other ' s warmth. We were happy. Not much action in summer school, as I remem- ber. Had a lot of free time all to myself. I used to go over to the Student Activities Building and play a game of pool every now and then. But I usually went to Crook Hall and swung— back and forth, back and forth. That was really my focal point on campus. Introduction Administration and Faculty Campus Life Classes Personalities Organizations Advertising Everyone was sports-minded in the good old days. Yeh, rah, this — Yeh, rah, that! Go team! Remember the baseball team? When spring came they were off on a southern road trip — often a somewhat soggy disaster — but they always came home to Death Valley and their friends. I still recall the guy in my 2:00 o ' clock MWF. He kept sneaking out in order to get to the game to open the popcorn stand. When the bell sounded, the remaining members of the class left — some rushing to the game, some going to another class, and some just goofing off. Winter brought basketball and more Yeh, Rah! The question just occurred to me, " Whatever happened to the bulldog mascot, Gracie? " The Union fieldhouse was alive even when the mighty Bulldogs were not on the court. From September to June there was constant action to be found in intra- mural sports — badminton, volleyball, basketball, ping pong, shuffleboard, boywatching for the girls, girlwatch- ing for the boys. Everyone could play one sport or another so it seemed. Those who couldn ' t found entertainment on the sidelines. i « Z ' " - ' t .y,-:. - ■ •,s ' ' l ' A UN ON UNIVBFS TY IMPUS BSC]? PT ON ■ TOTAL CA mruS A IA 33 AC BS • CAMVVS SALB TKICBILANPSidUILPmS - 3.250,000 mJOR dUILPIN S AR£A - 3 6 ' , bS Sif. H. ■ COST TEK SdMKE TOOT - - flO. 2b • COST PET? -iau n e -foot e)(cu ' ( iNe- LfiiiP-$7.oo Mom wrote me here that the new campus is finally becoming a reality. She said the ac- tual building process would soon be under- way. I never thought they could raise the money for such a project. And getting rid of an old campus certainly would be a job. They say the new campus will be different — especially the new learning center that is to replace the library. Still, we had begun to use tapes and recordings when I was in school . Things will be nice at the new site, but kids will miss being at the old campus for a while. They ' ll miss sitting under the trees, or having dinner outside, or just walking by the tower at Adams Hall. When I left I thought I was glad not to have to be a part of the new school. It ' s diffi- cult to imagine not having classes in the old Ad Building, or not walking down to Death Valley for a ballgame, or not talking on the steps at Jones Hall in the spring. But sometimes I wish I could start all over again at the new school. It sounds exciting, and I guess it really doesn ' t matter where the school is moved if none of the spirit is lost. It seems there was always something going on at Union. I remember the Strawberry Festival. I cut three classes to go, but it was worth it. The float was beautiful —and so was the royalty. However, there wasn ' t much going on in summer school. Bonnie was in the Miss Tennessee pageant in July. What was that song she sang? Oh, yes. " I ' ll Begin Again. " It was so pretty. In the fall The Spurrlows performed for the college. What a group! They really caused a lot of excitement, too. Of course, no one could sell short the Stage Band. Someone was always in the music room — practicing, practicing, practicing. They performed here and at other schools in the area. Everyone— even the leader— said the group was good, great, fantastic! I remember that on some of those concert dates everyone didn ' t get to go. In fact, staying in my room one time finishing that last term paper was the only thing that put me over the hump. when I was in school teachers found time to be on campus more. The Circle was always a gathering place for students, and often faculty members stopped by to chat with us. Classes became more interesting as teachers began to use films instead of just lecturing. It seemed that the nursing students were always looking at a film in Powell. I stopped by the campus one evening when they were having a faculty picnic. I couldn ' t be- lieve it; the teachers almost seemed like human beings. Dr. Craig always had a smile for anyone who stopped by his office. At commencement time, Mother told me how resolutely Dr. Walter Warmath led our class into baccalaureate. You know, people weren ' t just teachers and administrators; they were friends. I still miss seeing them. There were a few people that I never really got to know while I was at Union. Oh, usually we greeted each other when we met on cam- pus. They were friencily to me and probably that ' s why their faces are so vivid to me now, yet 1 can hardly remember their names. I met so many people at registration. And then all those faces at the All-Greek party dur- ing Orientation. I talked with a lot of recruiters about teaching positions too. They all asked the same questions. Who was that guy from Memphis, anyway? Every time I passed the phone booth he was using it — what a social life he must have had! And car waxing was a favorite outdoor sport for the non-athletes. Oh yes, we did go to classes, really quite often; and we checked out many books, but usually more than we used. Students were always working on projects for class. Even late in the afternoon you ' d find them in the chemistry lab doing experiments. I went to the ceramics department one day to look around. It was fascinating, i was sur- prised to see just how good some of the students were at creating things. Art students worked hard too. Mr. Carmichael was always there to help them. And the mu- sic majors — they were always singing and or playing. Of course there were students like Wally who seemed to have nothing to do but look for problems. Still, these students had a place on our campus too. Yes, it is tempting to return, if only for a moment to the yesterdays of my life. Long strolls through the campus, the all-important tennis match, the swing at Crook Hall, the stray puppy, the Lyceum programs, the final examinations, the All-Sing competition, the chapel program, gootJ, bad and indifferent, the graduation ceremony— all of these have found places in my memory. I become older and I find that I wish I could go back to some of those things. But, no. We can recapture for a while our yesterdays, but we can never relive them. We must use our past as a reference for the new ways that we have not walked before. We must use our past for the new ideas that we will form. But, it is tempting to return. II lfe . • L- ' Dr. Robert E. Craig President The relationship between the President ' s office and the students of Union University is one of mutual dependence and cooperation. Sometimes, however, there is an undesired, but necessary, separateness. The President is only one person, and he cannot be in every office, classroom, or activity in which students are engaged. His re- sponsibilities often demand that he be off-cam- pus. The " Prexy " work is directly affected by the quality of student life and activities on the campus. In turn the President strives to assist the students by securing the best personnel possible, by pro- viding a sound fiscal program, by winning new friends for the university, and by maintaining a stable and progressive management of the total college. Trustees. First Row: Billy Hyn O.M. Dangeau, Rev. Herbert Higdon ndRev.Ho ithley, Mrs vord Kolb. Brodford Dun Second Row: Bob Sellers, Harold Brundige, Judge Ralph Lawler, Dr. Lewis Ferrell, J.A. Hadley Sr. and Glenn Rainey. Third Row: Dr. Joseph Miller, Joe Walker Jr., Dr. E.E. Deusner, Powers Smith, Dr. Gerald Martin and Rev. Henry G. West. Trustees, first Row: John Cameron, Dr. Slater Murphy, Dr. Jerry Glisson, Charles Forsythe, Rev. Paul Clark, Ke . Jerry Smith. Second Row: Dr. Ramsey Pollard, Dr. W.A. Boston, Dr. W.B. Cockroft, David Nunn, Ri Third Row: Dr. David Byrd, Robert Jelks, Dr. David Stewart, Dr. Fred Wood, Dale Glo rvin Hays and J.B. Avery Jr and HobortTownsend. Don Ellis Dean of Stude Let ' s talk to each other at least; communication is the first step toward understanding. G. Wayne Brown Vice President and Academic Dean. Academic administration exists for nothing if not as a symbol of the comprehensibility of the uni- verse. Its duty is to insure an academic ecological balance for students and faculty. It must insure that academe remains the home for faculty who believe the quest for truth to be of paramount im- portance, and it must likewise insure a proper en- vironment for students to experience self-examina- tion in peace. r. David J. Irby Dean of Religic To complete the whole personality of the Union student requires attention to the aspects of religion. Programs, activities and direction of the in-service guidance program for church related vocation students are a facet of the work of the Dean of Religious Affairs. Dr. W. Walter Warmath Vice President of Deve opmenf Because we at Union believe strongly in the worth of education on a Christian-oriented campus, we strive to interpret Union University to our sever- al publics in such manner as to evoke response in terms of financial support and students. Carl Haivarson Assistant to the President Union University has made a great decision. They are moving to a com- pletely new location and building not only a new college, but are joining with the community to develop the surround- ing area. The college, with its strong ties and support from the Tennessee Baptist Convention, will have a strong influence. Glodys Stone Registrar The Registrar ' s office provides the opportunity to organize and ad- minister, with the cooperation of a dedicated staff, an academic service center. We think of our first " publics " as students, other administrators, faculty, staff, and families of stu- dents. Registration clerks. Amy Fugate and Virgil Deaton. Administrative assistants. Jo Jordan, Dorii Gee, Janie Adams, Sarah Hammett, Elouise Graves, Helen Layman. Rose Melton not pictured. Milburn W. Blanton Director of Admissions Frank BIythe Assisfanl Vice President Dan Bates Alumni Director Bill Bates Director of Estate Planning Don Morris Admissions Counselo Mrs. Charles Wingo Admissions Counselo Sam Watridge Admissions Counselo R.G. Elliott Business Manager Bookkeepers. Louise Pruitt, Juette Day, and Mar- garet Jones (not pictured). .ibrary Assistants. Richard Rogers, Ruth Halvorson, Dorothy Blanton, and Virginia Zachary. College Service Secreti Becky Barlow, Donna Duncan, Dorothy Hopper. Director of Public Information Martha Curlin Bookstore Manager Lucille Baker Switchboard Operate Dr. George B. Wyatt University Physician Margaret Boyd Dr. Duval Koonce University Physida Dorm Hostesses Irene Towoter, Julia Walker, and Nancy Lawrence. Barbee Barham Supervisor of Mainfen John P. Dougan, Jr. Superintendent, Bui dings and Grounds Dr. Kenneth Hartley Chairman of the Divisio The Fine Arts Division aspires to a two-fold goal. We offer technical training to provide teach- ers and practitioners for perpetuation of the arts. We also offer a broad survey of the fields to in- spire appreciation of the arts and thus encourage a cultured society where people live rather than merely exist. Paul Woodford Instructor of Speech Bt ' ' - . .-•- ' ' md Mr. Robinson deftly handles the potter ' s wheel. Don Carmichael Instructor of Art Grove Robinson Associate Professor of Art Dr. Gerald Welker Assoctafe Professor of Mus Ann E. Biggs Associole Professor of Mu Chorles Huffman Assistant Professor of Mus Elisabeth Fossey 4ssocrare Professor of Music Mary Lois Summers Assistant Professor of Music Ronald Brothers Instructor of Mu Dr. Patricia Pinson Associate Professor of Music Mr. Brothers and Dr. Blass rehearsing a song. Max Pugh Associate Professor of MuSi Dr. Kenneth Hartley Professor of Music Dr. Willis H.Kii Chairman of of Humanities The Division of Humanities contains the basic areas of knowledge upon which a liberal arts edu- cation is structured. Its object is to provide meaning and purpose for all learning. Dr. George Clark Professor of English Helen BIythe Associofe Professor of English Dr. Henry Evans Professor of English Dr. Ernest Pinson Associate Professor of English Dr. Pinson emphasizes a point in do Betty H. Foellinger Assistont Professor of fng ish-Journo is Faye Etheridge Assistant Professor of English Marilyn C. Smothe Instructor of English Dr. Hyran Barefoot Professor of Religior Susan Fryer listens to a careful French enunciation Dr. W. H.Kimzey Professor of Religi Elizabeth Etheridge Assistant Professor of longuoge Carol Breneman Instructor of longuoge r. Herbert A. Sierk Chairman of the C of Natural Sciences To acquaint the student with himself as a biological entity and the nature of the world in which he functions is the role of the Division of Natural Sciences. This context is essential for proper interpretation of self and for making wise decisions in life. Dr. June White Professor of C iemislry Dr. Roger Kroodsma Assistant Professor of Bio ogy Dr. Wayne Keller Professor of C iemisrry Elsie Y. Smith Assistar t Professor of Biology Dr. Herbert A. Sierk Professor of Biology Richard Dehn Assisfont Professor of Mathematics eph Tucker afe Professor of Mothe Dr. Charles W. Baldwin Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Bill Bouchillon Chairman of fhe Di I of Social Sciences Concern for man in his relationship to him- self, to other people, to institutions, and to his past is the primary focus of the Social Science Division. Each department seeks to help the student focus in particular areas but from an overall view. Dr. James Edmonson Associafe Professor of History Donald L. Hoover Instructor of Hisfory Dr. Word takes roll and another history class begii Dr. R. H. Ward Professor of History Eldon A Byrd Associate Professor of Sociology Or. Bill Bouchillon Professor of Psychology .in D Kilmi Tionof Ihe Composed of two departments, Professional Education or Teacher Training and Physical Educa- tion, the division seeks to prepare students to teach in the elementary and secondary schools. We are also concerned with the physical and mental well- being of the students of Union, especially through sports and activities which will develop wholesome leisure time pursuits. We desire to promote par- ticipation rather than mere spectatorship. Dr. William Hedspeth Assistant Professor of Educatio Dr. Jomes Pate Professor of Educatio Dr. Pat Bouchillon Associate Professor of Education Dr. Marvin Kilman Professor of Educatio Dr. Pate counsels a student. Curtiss E. Scott instructor of Business Nell A. LaFon Assistant Professor of Busin Dr. Frederick Neely Professor of fconom Grace Williams Associate Professor of Physical £doca ion Assisranf Professor of Physical Education Marvin McBroom Assislonf Professor of Physical Education Dr. Cain starts another day. Dr. Gory Cain Professor of Physical Education Elizabeth Person Laboratory Assistant in Nursing Patricia Palmer Assistant Professor of Nu Mrs. Neely brightens the lecture with a smile. Mea Junette Koger Instructor of Nursing Joyce Montgomery Instructor of Nursing Mable Bridger Instructor of Nursing Isabel Neely Assistant Professor of Nursing Campus Life iSSS.K- -■■•.■ Campusology, 101 Life at Union, although academically centered, does not neglect any other phase. Emphasis is placed on spiritual and social development as well as physical and mental training. The campus becomes the student ' s community where he will work and enjoy recreation with his fellow students. Kathy Hicks bears the brunt of Freshmen Week, as she The varsity cheerleaders did much to spark crowd ' s enthusiasm during basketball season, poses in her " costume " . The pumpkin cutting contest, sponsored by the Slater Food Service in late October, is always a delight for students. Activities are varied during the early spring, and the warm sunshine is enjoyed during the study breaks. Joe Smella and Jenny Seabrook relax on the steps, anticipating their next class . . . wonder if they cut? Library hours are in the picture too. Fraternities and sororities sponsor money- making projects throughout the school year to support their charity projects. Dormitory life to Carole Powell is ideal when shared by Namoth and Redford. tk Mgir ■IKTSl HE 1- PL n B Wt fll nr V B H m t— = — H ' i JPB B B f 1 H !Z I g nmm The campus-wide revival featuring Rev. Bobby Moore held in the spring proves to be a complete success; music by Tommy Lane. iHilJ f !M| M III HUiJVi — _;.,J ill J |j§i -l § t ' (- : The P.E. Club sponsors a bicycle race open to ail. The chapel programs this yeor oKer varied spiritual programs. r " " ' 2M W . jgm ll f ' ' r Wm li [■ E In a pensive mood, a student enjoys the solitude and beauty of the campus. Brigadoon " Hi- Lites Portraying fhe lead roles of Rona and Tommy, Sherry Soder and John Printe sing their duet " The Heather on the Hill. " Valendia Nelson as Meg, the milk maid, won the heart of the audience. The Wedding Scene, which involved Bart Shanklin as Charlie, Janis Bowen as Jean and Dr. Joseph Blass as Mr. Lundie was one of the most exciting. ■ ' W ' «■«■ " ■■ " " " " ■ " ■ m liia Aj a. ] WM. m Sl l; 1 i:;-..f 1 f 3 fcl,« yi lif ,Mii Pf i ' lUit ittlll III 1 ill i 1 B iJ il s siffi |||fl|||f Im III n i! Ipi " I ' j-ltSE.- r H»i ij -41 =» •Jrfl_= ' --ii- ' - 1 3 Choosing for their selections " Exodus " and " The Battle Hymn of the Republic, " the women of Zeta Tau Alpha perform their winning numbers. Zeta ' s director, Patricia Williams, proudly holds their two trophies. BSU All-Sing Singing " Ebb Tide " and " God Is " and " I ' ll Walk With God, " a medley arranged by their director Debbie Burton, the Independents were excellent in their performance. The women of Chi Omega under the direction of Janet Stallings sing their selections of " The Sound of Silence " and " Amazing Grace. " " We Wonl " was heard throughout the auditorium when Zeta was announced the winner of the women ' s group division. Steve Smith holds the trophy that Lambda Chi Alpha has won four consecutive years. The men of lambda Chi Alpha under the direction of Steve Smith were successful with their selections of " Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones " and " Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines. " Creates Suspense " And the winners of the men ' s group division Alpha. " Singing " The Battle Hymn of the Republic " and " Dixie " , Paul Clark directs the men of Alpha Tau Omega. % 1 mm Hr - it H m K V M )■■■ m P " ' ' ' r H Y f g -j i: " Never My Love " and ' Swing Low, Sweet Chariot " were the selections sung by the Lambda Chi Alpha ensemble. The Chi Omega Ensemble in action Winning the ensemble division, the Zetas chose " Love Story " and " Holy, Holy, Holy " as their selections. Homecoming Highlights Spring This year Homecoming proved to be as exciting and OS surprising as ever. The Homecoming royalty were Queen Teresa Clark and maids Judy Barefoot, Sandra Bowers, and Karon Morgan. The Queen this year was chosen by a campus-wide election. The pre- game activities consisted of the announcing of the Greek and dorm display winners and the winner of the Spirit Cup. Then the Union Bulldogs met the UTM Pacers and defeated them. After the game a reception honoring alumni was held in the Coliseum hospitality room. Homecoming 1972 was one we shall never forget. The cafeteria began Homecoming activities with a great Bar-B-Q on Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barnette talk to former classmates Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wynn cenfer . Coach McBroom welcomes alumni at the P.E. reception Saturday afternoon. John Emiten crowns Teresa Clark, this year ' s Homecoming Queen. The Court sits in suspense during the second half of the bollgame. Skip Jones helps to lead the Bulldogs to a victory over UTM. The 1972 Homecoming Royalty ore, left fo right, Judy Barefoot, Queen Teresa Clork, Sondra Bowers, and Karon Morgan. 1 HK Ifl l V ' 1 ? i r 3 r| H m 1 » H K » 2i H HL P H J jw.-ss;rr T;«i:;.:-. ,.. Miss Mary Lois Summers directed the Homecoming Jamboree, a variety show Kathy Bell and Barry Sedberry presented dances from different eras in presented Friday evening. music. 1972 Homecoming Jamboree " Pratenling Joe Mason, " emcee for the program. I ' m taking my case to a higher court . " Outpace the Pacers " was the theme used to win the Greek display trophy for Chi Omega Greek Display Winners Emily Stowe accepts the first place trophy for Chi Omega. Zeta Tau Alpha has placed in the Greek display for three years. " Slay the Pacers " was this year ' s theme. Patricia Williams accepts the award for Zeta Tau Alpha. Adams Hall won the first place trophy with their theme " Round Up the Pacers. " Dorm Display Awards For the first lime, Phi Mu Alpha, men ' s professional music fraternity, entered a display. Tommy Scott accepts the trophy for Adams After the ballgame, alumni gathered in Hall from Dr. Raymond Boston, President of the hospitality room of the Coliseum, the Alumni. Rogers Steed accepts the Spirit Cup for Alpha Tau Omega. Varied Entertainment Pleases All The Brooklyn Bridge, a rock band brought to Union lost spring semester, proved to be crowd pleosers. A group which has appeared with the Billy Graham Crusades, the Spurrlows were very entertaining while also bringing a message to the students. ORl WS Luther, a play centered around the causes and effects of the Protestant Reformation, was one of the Lyceum ' s most successful programs. Shad Williams provided the music for an original play by Jerry Phillips entitled The Choice. Vance Sturdivant plays a disturbed young man about to take his life. It was a very thought-provoking play. Graduation Brings New Dr. J.D. Gray, Union alumnus and past president of Southern Baptist Convention, was the Baccalaureate speaker at 1971 Commencement. Graduating members of the Union University Singers singing with the group for the last time. ' • ! Seniors, expressing mixed emotions, realize it will sonn be c ' tr. Emotions for All President Craig, the Commencement speaker, and the members of the faculty head the graduation procession. Brock presents his address to the graduation class and their families. Senator William Brock, of Tennessee, the Commencement speaker. Senior Class President Leroy Lane receives diploma. .-«,, j ' ' s: S fi . 5!V - %» ' fc« -S " ' ■ ■ " " ird Seniors Senior Class Officers Ken Cox, president; Movelle Sartain, treasurer; Suzanne Copeland, secretary; Danny Cormichael, vice president. Zan AcuH Jackson, Tennessee Annette Akin Pikeville, Tennessee Joan Austin Jackson, Tennessee Jimmy Barlow Kevil, Kentucky Terry Barnhill Buchanan, Tennessee Stephen Bell Beech Bluff, Tennessee Wallace Bell Jackson, Tennessee Judy Besherse Huntingdon, Tennessee Nancy Bray Memphis, Tennessee Geraldine Butler Gibson, Tennessee Cole Campbell Jackson, Tennessee Wanda Coleman Camden, Tennessee Rudy Collins Beech Bluff, Tennessee Suzanne Copeland Memphis, Tennessee Ken Cox Louisville, Kentucky Larry Hearn Jackson, Tennessee Betty Hodges Tupelo, Mississippi Richard Holloman Evonsville, Indiana Deborah Hollowell Water Valley, Mississippi Jimmie Horner Dyersburg, Tennessee Wanda Hornsby Bemis, Ten John Howell St. Louis, Missouri James Hundley Bolivar, Tennessee Jackie Hutchison Dyer, Tennessee Roger Skip Jones Bolivar, Tennessee Rosemary Jones Jackson, Tennessee Bill Ledbetter Jackson, Tennessee Richard Lewelling Jackson, Tennessee Dan Miller Lovlnia, Tennessee Paul Mount Orlando, Florida Wanda Nelson Sharon, Tennessee Pam Nerren Wayne, Michigan William Northcott Jackson, Tennessee Lynn Paschall Paris, Tennessee Glenda Phillips Jackson, Tennessee Brenda Pov ers Dyer, Tenn John Prince Jackson, Tennessee Gary Rice Memphis, Tennessee Movelle Sortain Mason, Tennessee Becky ScoM Jackson, Tennessee Tom Scott Memphis, Tennessee Cynthia Sills Paducah, Kentucky Mike Singleton Jackson, Tennessee Lynn Skelton Memphis, Tennessee Kenneth Smith Jackson, Tennessee Mike Smith Parsons, Tennessee Nolen Smith Humboldt, Tennessee Valorie Swinford Herrin, Illinois Debbie Thomason Okalona, Mississippi Joy Thome Bruceton, Ten Sherry Tignor Henderson, Tennessee Patricia Joyce Turner Jackson, Tennessee Phillip Tumer Jackson, Tennessee Becky White Jackson, Tennessee Laurel C. White Jackson, Tennessee Juniors Junior Class Officers Sandra Bowers, secretary; Jimmy Gammon, president; Sara Lee Moore, treasu Terry Adams Cunningham, Kentucky Mabel Ainley Dresden, Tennessee Keith Alexander Hati, Missouri Ken Alexander Jackson, Tennessee Linda Bishop Memphis, Tennessee Barbara Blair Jackson, Tennessee Sandra Bowers Dresden, Tennessee Carolyn Brown Jackson, Tennessee Bobby Buchanan Portageville, Missouri Brenda Buie Paris, Tennessee Elizabeth Hays Buie Glen Burnis, Maryland Richard Burley Collierville, Tennessee Betty Butler Jackson, Tennessee Jimmy Chatham McKenzie, Tennessee Clifford Craver Dyer, Tennessee Carolyn Cothron Columbia, Tennessee Tony Cothron Columbia, Tennessee Joy Crowder Nashville, Tennessee Linda Davie Memphis, Tennessee Clyde Dennis Memphis, Tennessee Barbara Farmer Memphis, Tennessee Kenneth Feathers Adamsville, Tennessee Barbara Fisher Humboldt, Tennessee Nancy Claire Follis Alamo, Tennessee Carole Hall Dyer, Tennessee Dannie Harbin Adamsville, Tennessee Dell Ray Helton Adamsville, Tennessee Bill Hollingshead Brownsville, Tennesse Wayne Holmes Jackson, Tennessee Janice Holt Jackson, Tennessee Paula Deane Horner Trenton, Tennessee Joan Hudson Dyer, Tennessee James King Bolivar, Tennessee Earlene Kitchens Jackson, Tennessee Adeyemi Kotoyi Abeokuta, Nigeria Sue Lile Jackson, Tennessee Ann McBride McDaniel Jackson, Tennessee Belinda McEwen Jackson, Tennessee Mike Mayo Milan, Tennessee Gary Miller Athens, Tennessee Danny Moling Jackson, Tennessee Brenda Moore Adamsville, Tennessee Sarah Lee Moore Dresden, Tennessee Danny Myers Searcy Arkansas David Oran Harriman, Tennessee Pat Wilson Bethel Spring Carlo Wise Humboldt, Tenne Danny Witherington Rutherford, Tenne David Wyott Jackson, Tenne Deborah Wyott Poducah, Kentucky Edward Zachary,Jr. Huntsville, Alabama Jan Azbill Pinson, Tennessee Jackie Baird Memphis, Tennessee Jane Barber Jacl son, Tennessee Vicicie Bethea Memphis, Tennessee Chrissie Bishop Camden, Tennessee Bonnie Bivens Jacl son, Tennessee Janis Bowen Memphis, Tennessee Bill Brock Hickory Valley, Tennessee Richard Boyd Hamilton, Ohio Kay Brown Jackson, Tennessee Carter Butler Buffalo, New York Jeal Butler Jackson, Tennessee Judi Carter Nashville, Tennessee Carrey Cole Parkin, Arkansas Janice Cook Lewelling Atw ood, Tennessee Linda Cowert Memphis, Tennessee Mary Pat Crockett Wynne, Arkansas Kathy Dial Milan, Tennessee Carolyn Lu Duncan Gideon, Missouri Danny Flannagan Lexington, Tennes: Jackie Foran Bradford, Tenness Jennifer Freelcnd Bruceton, Tennessi Susan Fryer Mempfiis, Tenness. Gale Gage Bethel Springs, Te Philip Glisson Memphis, Tenness( George Googe Jackson, Tennesse. Skip Gottfried Memphis, Tennesst Lee Gregory Jackson, Tennessei Larry Gurley Alexandria, Virgil Ann Haltom Collierville, Tenne Johnny Hill Trenton, Tennessee Bonnie Ivy Memphis, Tennessi Janet Jocobs Nashville, Tenness Phil Jenkins Paris, Tennessee Mike Jernigan Humboldt, Tennes Mike Jordan Lexington, Tennes: Ann Keeton Bruceton, Tenness. Jenetta Kirk Memphis, Tenness. Class Of 1974 Carl B. Lay Jackson, Tennessee Sara Leach Sommerville, Tennessee Gem Margargel Memphis, Tennessee Mary Zon McKeel Tiptonville, Tennessee David Miller Lexington, Tennessee Louis Minner Alamo, Tenn Dianne Mosier Memphis, Tenn Victoria Noylor Paducah, Kentucky Jan Myracle Parsons, Tennessee John Nelson Dixon, Missouri Malcolm Norton Union City, Tennessee Debra Overall Memphis, Tennessee Deborah Parker Brownsville, Ten Jodie Parish Pinson, Tennessee Cathy Payne Paris, Tennessee Diana Peerey Adomsville, Tennessee Kafhy Perkins Dresden, Tennessee Rachel Powers Lexington, Tennessee Dv ight Pulley Decaturville, Tennessee Shirley Queen DuQuoin, Illinois Janet Riggs Memphis, Tennessee Brenda Roark Memphis, Tennessee Linda Sanders Memphis, Tennessee Jenny Seabrook Jackson, Tennessee awjT ' , t Charles Smith Aberdeen, Mississippi Susan Smith Michle, Tennessee Mickey Spence Friendship, Tennessee Emily Stowe Jackson, Tennessee Elaine Stuart Brownsville, Tennessee Phyllis Todd Camden, Tennessee Rita Towater Medina, Tennessee Vickie Trammell Memphis, Tennessee Humboldt, Tenne Esther Ulrich Athens, Alabamc Mike Walker Lexington, Tenne Joe Westbury Orlando, Florida Shirley Whitt Mer nphis, Tenn Becky Wilkinson Pol nersville, Te Stephen Williams Mer nphis, Tenn Don Wilson Bol var, Tennes Philip Wilson Gra nd Junction Freshmen Freshman Class Officers Jeff Stovall, president Paul Clark, vice president, Claudia Wilson, treasurer; Katfiy Davie, reporter, Betty Bennett, secretary. From The Top Step Down. - Class of 1975 Gail Kirk Jacitson, Tennessee Glenda Laman Alamo, Tennessee Louanna Langston Benton, Kentucky Joseph Lester Memphis, Tennessee Linda Laurence Memphis, Tennessee Lisa Leathers Jackson, Tennessee Edna Lott Memphis, Tennessee Becki McAdams Memphis, Tennessee Mike McBride Parsons, Tennessee Debra Mann Beech BluK, Tennessee Connie Lynn Moore Whiteville, Tennessee Connie Moore Memphis, Tennessee Jane Moore Ridgely, Tennessee Terry Moore Selmer, Tennessee Trudy Morgan Trenton, Tennessee Janice Morris Henderson, Tennessee Joyce Morris Milan, Tennessee Judy Moseley Milan, Tennessee Art Murphy Trimble, Tennessee Janet Nanney Jackson, Tennessee Carolyn Neill Savannah, Tennessee Valendia Nelson Trenton, Tennessee Bobby NesbitI Bemis, Tennessee Robin Northrop Memphis, Tennessee Roth Page Newbern, Tennessee Gail Perkins Dresden, Tennessee Gloria Phillips Bolivar, Tennessee Susan Pittman Memphis, Tennessee Vicki Porch Newbern, Tennessee Peggy Powers Lexington, Tennessee Jimmy Priddy Jackson, Tennessee Barbara Radar Evansville, Indiana Linda Rainwater Jackson, Tennessee Robbie Rainwater Jackson, Tennessee Rita Rich Savannah, Tennessee Ruth Robertson Bolivar, Tennessee Winnie Robertson Pinson, Tennessee Kathy Sanders Huntingdon, Tennessee George B. Scott Jackson, Tennessee Melinda Scott Scotts Hill, Tennessee Naomi Shankle Buchanan, Tennessee Class of 1975 Jane Smith Memphis, Tennessee Karon Smith Toone, Tennessee Beverly Smothers Finley, Tennessee Sam Stallings Bolivar, Tennessee Delbert Steed Jackson, Tennessee David Stephan Trumann, Arkansas Kathy Steppe Memphis, Tennessee Ann Stewart Henderson, Tennessee Jeff Stovall Memphis, Tennessee Terry Stovall Memphis, Tennessee -JS - - " ■ mm : , ' Personalities % Who ' s Who Phillip Turner Judy Barefoot Who ' s Who Martha Wofford Mike Singleton Janet Stalling! Debbie Thomason Movelle Sartain Campus Favorites Jimmy Gammon, Bonnie Bivens, Jeol Butler, Dave Cavanaugh Patricio Williams, Howard Fuller, Sandn Linda Davie, Sara Lee Moore, Larry Kirby Kay Daniel, Wallace Bell, Debbie Thomason. Karon Morgan, Judy Barefoot, Ken Cox. Roger " Skip " Jones, Sam Ward. ■ ■ ■ :_ Mike Singleton, Greg Jordan. Mr. Union The ton of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Adams, David Adams is Mr. Union for 1971-72. David is a senior receiving a double major in psychology and religion. He is a member and officer of Alpha Tau Omega, vice president of the Ministerial Association, secretary of the I.F.C. an all-star intramural football player, and is presently serving on the Student Religious Council. Miss Union Chosen by the students to represent our college as Miss Union for 1971-72 is Teresa Clark. The daughter of the Reverend and Mrs. Paul Clark, Teresa is a senior majoring in music education. In addition to being Miss Union, some of her honors include second runner-up to Miss University in 1971, Campus Favorite for two years. Who ' s Who in 1971-72, a three-year cheerleader and captain of this year ' s squad, vice president of the SGA, vice president of Chi Omega, vocalist for the stage band and many more. Campus Sweethearts Teresa Clark Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart Barbara Fisher Sigmo Alpha Epsilon Qu .Z.; -W- ' ■ ' • ' .vvPttj; Pageant Pleases Hollywood came to Jackson as Mary Ann Mobley, Miss America of 1959, and Gary Collins, of television ' s " Sixth Sense, " acted as emcees for the 1972 Miss Union University Pageant. Backed by the Union University Stage Band under the direction of Dr. Gerald Welker, Don Wylie and the Stage Band Singers provided tremendous local talent. Long hours of rehearsing numbers, practicing turns, and walking the ramp culminated in the crowning of Glenda Laman as Miss Union University of 1972. Gary Collins and Mary Ann share introductions. Mary Ann Mobley sings her " Dixie " melody. And Don entertains with " Fancy Colors. " The Stage Band puts the pageant into full swing. Janis Bewen in evening gown. " Applause " for Susan Pittman Carol Elam ' s version of " Raindrops. ' Tara was described by Melinda Scott. Cindy Segebarth ' s " Free Again " Ain ' t Life Hard on a Girl " says Jackie Foren. " What Now, My Love? " asks Kathy Jones. " Summer of ' 42 " by Gloria Phillips. Helen Hardin says that " It ' s Too Late. ' H HB 1|PI ■ ■ 1 Hb lfl M H mHi H MH Bi B ■H mm ■ Pb H i r 1 i H " Godfrey, can I drive this carl! " explains Carol Morgan. Kathy Bell smiles in her swimsuit competition. " Alfie " by Jenny Seabrook. Kathy Craig ' s " Pelichinelle. " Flutist Janet Stallings with " Take Five. " Lucky 16 for Sandra Bowers. Pat Williams in suit competition. Bonnie Bivens in her final speech as Miss Union, 1971 A judge makes a calculating glance at scores. Miss Union, 1972 Accompanied by the Stage Band ' s musical back-up, the contestants vied in evening gown, talent, and swimsuit competition. After having interviewed them at a reception earlier in the day, the panel of judges evaluated the con- testants as to stage presence and per- formance. Close tabulation revealed Glenda Laman as Miss Union University, 1972. As Bonnie Bivens relinquished her crown, the new Queen made her first walk down the ramp in her new role. Miss Beverly Williams presented the trophy for the outstanding talent to Kathy Craig, who performed " Polichinelle, " at the piano. HR?j ! 1 in ' • S w 1 ■ H f ' ' IPH f ' ' X ' i Kathy Craig receives the Beverly Williams talent trophy. The five finaliit t were Seated: Glenda Laman, Miss Union University. Left to Kight: Patricio Williams, Janet Stoilings, Kathy Craig, Sandra Bowers. • fJI Wl , y Organizations Student Government Association S.G.A. Senate. Seated: Melinda Scott, Donna Wallace, Brenda Falcinelli, Diane Smott, Mike Crowell, Dean Birmingham, Buddy Rawls, Tom Scott, Larry Kirby, Tom McCraw, Sara Lee Moore, Jeal Butler. Standing: Jimmy Horner, Dickie Wyatt, Eddie Roark, David Miller, Danny Thompson, Doug Rogers. S.G.A. Officers. Karon Morgan, treasurer; Larry Kirby, vice-president; John Emison, president; Janet Stallings, reporter; Teresa Clark, secretary The students of Union provided their governing body with a Senate organization and a slate of officers to preside over the Senate body. This year one of t he heaviest tasks was providing concerts for Union students. In cooperation with cross-town neighbors at Lambuth College, two concerts were staged — one at Union in the fall and one at Lambuth in the spring. At Union, the Spurrlows were a smash! Prexy Club. Caught in the mid-winter sunshine were a part of the Prexy Club members. Prexy Club Composed of the presidents of all Union ' s organizations, plus Dr. Robert Craig, Dr. Don Ellis, and Dr. Carl Halvarson, the Prexy Club confers on call by the Dean of Students many times a semester. Meeting both formally and informally, the club has dis- cussed and then shared with their respec- tive groups topics which include new cam- pus plans and projects, the organization of the new Student Foundation, the ad- ministrative restructuring of academic areas, and the all-campus election of Homecoming Royalty. Members of the Lamplighters sign up and pay their dues. £ •£-« tiRiiauutii BSU Officers Howard Fuller, Sealed: Linda Thorne Anne Keeton Genetfa Kirk June Vaught, Jennifer Freeland, ond Connie Davis. Slanding: Ezell, Richard Holloman, Mike Smith, Roy Whaley, David Covanough, and Moble Ainley. Baptist Groups Feature Involvement From revival teams to planning and sponsoring the All-Sing, the Baptist Student Union has activity for all Union students. The begin- ning of this year was very special for BSU members at the fall retreat at Camp Linden. The retreat was special in itself in that it was ex- panded to benefit all organization on Union ' s campus. Always a treat to BSU officers was the state con- vention. Union was well represented by Martha Wofford who presented a message on her student mission tour in Knoxville. Another facet of the BSU is the choir. This year under the direction of Howard Fuller and Terry Adams they have been performing a musical entitled " Natural High " which bears a message against drug abuse. Richard Holloman speaks at Vespers. Af Christmas time, everyone — guests and members — enjoyed a time of games, the excitement of breaking a pinata full of 108 candy and a visit from Santa Claus. David Howard entertains the guests with a story. Ministerial Association members are: First Row: Paul Brock, John Roberts, Kim Cauley, Eddie Smott, Jim Byington, John Criswell. Second Row; David Miller, Ralph Hawkins, Phil Glisson, Don Pruitt, Charles Richie, Charles Smith, Steve Loental, Lorry Koonce and Wayne Webb. Third Row: Sam Stollings, Dave Davidson, Dovid Burton, Roy Wholey, Ronnie Maddox, David Boyd, Louis Minner and Nolan Smith. Community Service Includes Tutoring Providing a close communication for the man studying the art of preaching is Union ' s Ministerial Association. As a vital active group with weekly meetings, these men help shape and form many of the ideas portrayed on campus. The Baptist Young Women stay busy all the school year. Under the leadership of Mrs. Clyde Tilley, this year they have es- tablished tutoring of elementary school children, ministering to nursing home residents, and the adoption of a mis- sionary to Brazil to take up much of their out-of-class time. Baptist Young Women are: Standing: Barbara Fiveash, Wanda Coleman, Carol Wise, Joy Crowder, Carlo Wise, Barbara Farmer, Brendo Roorke, Carol Cothron and Mrs. Clyde Tilley. Seated: Rachel Powers, Brenda Powers, Beverly Smothers, Martha Wotford, and Mable Ainley. The Student Foundation The Student Foundation was organized for the purpose of enlisting outstanding students at Union to promote the general welfare of the University. Activities of the Foundation include assistance in student recruitment, public relations, scholarships and fund raising projects. In February the Foundation sponsored with the Student Government Association a Campus Bar-B-Que combined with a nostalgic and musical Variety Show on the Friday night of Homecoming Weekend. Student Foundation Officers. Seated: Janet Stallings, corresponding secretary; Belinda McEwen, recording secretary. Sfancfing; Richard Holloman, vice president; Don Morris, adviser; Milte Smitli, budget officer; Wallace Bell, president. Kappa Mu Epsilon Richard Dehn, odviser, Helen Barnett Butler, Dwoyn Jennings, Becky White, Larry Kirby, Clyde Dennis, Dr. Joseph Tucker, advise Kappa Mu Epsilon Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics society. The Tennessee Gamma Chapter was chartered at Union in 1965. Membership is restricted to those who have completed at least three math courses and have a high grade point average while maintaining a high overall scholastic rank. Programs at the monthly meetings are designed to stimulate interest in math. Mallory Math Club Under the leadership of President Becky White and Sponsors Dr. Joseph Tucker and Richard Dehn, the Mallory Math Club seeks to encourage students to better scholarship in the field of mathematics. Named in honor of the late Jasper N. Mallory, the club meets once each month. Mallory Math Club, front Row; Sonja Denson, Carol Boggs, Beverly Smothers Goodrum, Cecelia Wells, Larry Kirby, Charles Tollett, Dr. Joseph Tucker, advis man Ramsey. Back Row: Linda Cross, Kothy Steppe, Connie Moore, Kay Brow White, Dwayne Jennings, Clyde Dennis, Richard Dehn, adviser. Becky Girls ' P.E. Club Expanding the progress of physical fitness is necessary in today ' s mind-weary world. The Girls ' s P.E. Club endeavors to bring this aspect to light for Union students and to discuss and to work on the problems within their organization. Discussions and exercise are prime targets for programs. One promotion endeavored this year was the sponsoring of a women ' s basketball team, who played in several extramural contests. Officers of P.E. Club are Sara Lee Moore, treasurer; Brenda Moore, presidenfi Jodie Porrish, vice president. CC BULLDOG BOOSTER C Girls P.E. Club. First Row, left to right: Betty Bennett, Sandy Brasher, Becky Wilkinson, Cheryl Taylor, Paula Badsden, Jodie Parrish, Kay Brown, Susie Smith, Jan Azbill, Jan Myracle. Second Row: Linda Bishop, Nancy Follis, Carolyn Cothron, Kathy Payne, Brenda Moore, Vicki Trammell, Jackie Baird, Susan Fryer, Janet Riggs. Third Row: Susan Pittman, Sara Lee Moore, Roi-Ann Dixon, Sandra Bowers, Linda Sanders, Donna Wallace, Pa ula Horner, Linda Cross, Jackie Foren, Melinda Scott. U Club Achieving excellence in the athletic program of Union University permits a special organization for recognition of those attaining that excellence. The U Club represents all those who have lettered in an intercollegiate athletic event sponsored by the University. These men gather to promote Union sports events as well as to promote ticket sales for Youth Town of Tennessee, to run concessions at ball games, and to handle the parking facilities for sports events at Union. U Qub.Left to Righr-ChipSpiller, Charlie Blanchard, Skip Jones, Mil e Conn, Jir Word, Ron Oglesby, Steve Voiodez, Ken Cox, Gory Bioyioclc, Keith Cabonow. ny Common, Danny Day, Sam U Club Officers ore Left to Right: Ken Cox, reporter; Sam Word, vice president; Danny Day, president; Jimmy Gammon, treosurer. Intramural Conference. Front Row: Sam Ward, Ken Cox, and Second Row: Tom Roaric, Kenny Reed, Don Wilson. The Intramural Conference is designed for the governing of all such events. The addition of points accumulated, proper refereeing, and statistical records are all the responsibility of this group, who ac- tively serve Union ' s athletic programs. Debate Team A trip for the purpose of arguing? But the Debate Team travels for that purpose. Preparing a convincing argument requires physical stamina and a mental trap for a mind. Several area colleges felt the brunt of this exclusive organization that builds its reputation on their gift of gab. S.N.E.A. The Student National Education Association is always involved in Union ' s goals and traditions. Preparing young men and women for a career in education is not an easy task, and the work involved in getting one together for this career relies heavily on the social influence of such an organization. To express their thoughts on the matter of education, a poster campaign was launched for adver- tisement of education in the halls of the Administration building this year. Debate Team, fronf fo Back: Betty Bennett, Kathy Dav Doug Rogers, Fred Jones, Robert Doiley. Debbie Burton, June Freeman, Carolyn Brown, S.N.E.A. Firs Row: Becky White, Vivian Whitworth, Wanda Coleman, Martha Wofford. Second Row: Debbie Lewis, Susan Clark, Mary Austin, Wando Hornsby, Jone Berber, Linda Thorne, Dr. Marvin Kilman. Third Row: Wayne Clift, Carlo Wise, Benny Petty, Sandra Bowers, Steve Russell. Rutledge History Club. First Row, left to right: Beck Smith, Joan Hudson, Debro Overall, Jane Barber. Second Row: Dr. Edmonson, Greg Skinner, Bill Hollingshead, Phillip Sanders, Jimmy Chatham, Randall Robertson, Doug Rogers, Paul Mount. Phi Alpha Theta John Emison. Edmonson, Jane Barber, Wolly Hammer, Andy Clark, James Lynn King, Study of the Past Proves Interesting Expanding the knowledge of United States, European, and World history could well describe the activities of the Rutledge History Club. Meeting to discuss these items with guests as well as Union faculty members and other interested parties, the club finds time to socialize and comment on the future on even socialize and comment on the future of even Union itself. Strictly an honor society. Phi Alpha Theta members share high esteem in the academic world of Union ' s campus. It is an honor to be a part of this national organization for the advancement of people who study history and who later apply its facts in teaching or in law. left to Right: Kenneth Smith, Nancy Bray, Becky Smith. Dorm Council. Seafed, left to right: Sandra Bowers, vice-president; Karon Morgan, president; Judy Barefoot, secretary. Back Row: Sara Lee Moore, treasurer; Linda Davie, social chairman; Joann Beard, senator; Jody Parrish, senator. BIythe Hall Kathy Turner awaits the next caller at the dorm switchboard. Jones Hall Dorm Council. First Row, tefl lo right: Brenda FalcinelH, senator; Pom Borham, president; Connie Moore, treasurer. Second Row: Carol Wise, vice president; Kothy Steppe, secretory; Jane Smith, fire marshal. Some of the hostesses and guests at the Jones ' Hall Christmas party. Dorm Council. Tom Roark, vice-president; Tom Scott, president; Ronald Tucker, treasurer. Adams Hall :-l £ i Sundeck at Adams Hall. Independent Women Organize An exciting step forward for Union ' s campus is the Independent Women ' s Organization, designed to bring a social togetherness for women who did not join a sorority and who feel a need for a social peer group. Among many of their varied activities during the year was competing in the BSU All-Sing. Parties, meetings, and other events have kept them busy, with their efforts being manifested in all areas of the campus. Independent Women. First Row, left to right: Linda Davie, Winetta Dukes, Kathy Payne, Brenda Moore, Jane Godwin, Barbara Bolding, Debbie Burton. Second Row: Gail Perkins, Kay Coley, Paula York, Holly Grief, Ram Barham. Third Row: Ruth Page, Beverly Smothers, Barbara Fiveosh, Brenda Powers, Joan Hudson, Rita Towoter, Kathy Waters, Cothy Hillard, Kathy Perkins. Nurses Initiate New Programs Fulfilling the Nursing program both educationally and socially The Lamplighters provide the tools to do this. Community service projects such as collection tags for the Salvation Army and giving a Christmas party for un- derprivileged children helped to make them a needed part of the community. Busy as they are, they still have found times during meetings to provide for guest speakers such as Mrs. Ruth Bath, a registered nurse and former Union student. A new step has also been added to their program this year. This was the initiation of a Big Sister Program in which the second year students un- dertake responsibilities to aid first year students. They also participate in laboratory work at the Jackson-Madison County Hospital and, for the first time this year, at the Medicenter. The Nursing Class Officers are: Betty Butler, treasurer; Debbie Miller, president; Lorrie Flowers, secretary; Jan Caylor, reporter; Joyce Morris, vice president, and Mrs. Bridger, adviser. Lamplighters. First Rov : Susy Smith, Betty Butler, Judi Carter, Dale Borchect, Melonie Koonce, Vicl(i Porch, and Doris Hole. Second Row: Earlene Kitchens, Frances Hamm, Lorrie Flowers, Carolyn Walker, Brendo Owen, Debbie Miller, Shirley Watson, Brendo Cruce, and Flora Claybrook. Third Row; Phyllis Sipes, Shirley Queen, Shirley Whitt, Rita Fullerton, Jetf Jones, Joyce Hunter, Ruth Helen Pinkley, Sonjo Denson. Fourth Row: Jan Caylor, Mrs. Bridger, Carolyn Neill, Betty Stephenson, Joyce Morris, Juonita Crosnoe, and Rose Cronford. Union ' s Drama Clubs Set the Stage Union ' s chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, the national honorary dramatics fraternity, has had a pleasant season of work including an initiation evening for new members and many hours of hard work on the fall musical, Brigadoon. The Footlights Club, also involved in drama, sponsored some activities of their own. These include their own initiation service for new members. In the fall they held a reception for the Alpha Omega players who presented the play Luther as a Lyceum program. AlphQ Psi members are Linda Davie and Teresa Hall. Not pictured is Wallace Bell. Footlighfs officers. Kneeling: Wallace Bell and Skip Gottfried. Standing: Pat Williams, Linda Davie and Kathy Davie. Feetlightt members, front Row: Dr. Pat Pinson, Kathy Bell, Lee Gregory and Pat Williams. Second Row: Debbie Burton, Kathy Davie, Shelia White, Joan Hudson, Linda Davie and Mary Lois Summers. Back Row: Jim Moshburn, Wallace Bell and Skip Gottfried. Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Alpha Iota Providing social enjoyment as well as professional In- terests for music majors are the prime objectives of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Music Fraternity for men and Sigma Alpha Iota Music Fraternity for women. This year ' s activities included recitals given by pledges and the running of concessions for the West Tennessee marching contests and the All-West Tennessee solo and ensemble contest. In addition, the Sinfonians moved to a new home and are now located in the Student Activities Building, In a plushly decorated room complete with elaborate mural the S.A.I. ' s planned their activities for the year. Phi Mu Alpha. Seated, left fo right: Jerry Elston, Phillip Turner, David Caldwell, Mr. Ronald Brothers, sponsor. Standing: Steve Smith, Skip Gottfreid, Bill Brock, Bart Shanklin, Phillip Wilson. Sigma Alpha Iota. Seated, left to right: Jenetto Kirk, Debro Hollov ell, Patricia Williams, Teresa Clark, Jennifer Freeland. Standing: Brendo Peeler, Janet Stallings, Valerie Ford, Susan Wallace, Carol Sipes, Wanda Toddy, Carolyn Brown. Symphonic Band Plays Two Concerts Earning an increasing respect from Jackson area music lovers is Union ' s fine Symphonic Band. On November 18, the campus family and the public were treated to the Annual Fall Pops Concert. Musical taste buds were gorged with the " Overture to My Fair Lady, " " Caucasian Sketches, " and Santana ' s hit " Black Magic Women, " The band also worked dramatically during the fall in the produc- tion of " Brigadoon. " Springtime also means " longhair " for the band. From Bach to contemporaries such as Orf, the music of the Symphonic Band Is heralded by all. Many hours of rehearsal pay oH in a superb concert performance. Union ' s Symphonic Band waits in full dress, moments before the fall concert. Choral Groups Moke Concert Appearances Under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Hartley, the University Chorus performed Messiah for its Christmas concert this year. Guest soloists Beverly Williams, Mary Lois Summers, George McFaffin and Joseph Blass made the ensemble complete. " What Is Man " was performed at the spring concert. Contemporary in treatment and ancient in its story, the creation of man was told vividly in song. Seven girls under the direction of Miss Mary Lois Summers make up the Women ' s Ertsemble. Presenting programs in area churches and schools, these young ladies are helpful in Union ' s recruitment program. Singing both popular and classical selections, their voices blend a special message of peace. Max Pugh, pianist, and Ronald Brothers, organist, provided the accompaniment. Woman ' s Eniamble members are, top to bottom: Esther Ulrich, Kathy Bell, Cindy Segebarth, Valendia Nelson, Lee Gregory, Jcnls Bowen. Front Laft is Miss Mary Lois Summers, director. Not pictured is Sherry Soder. Union ' s Chorus and guest soloists. On the left ore Dr. Joseph Bless, boss soloist, George McFaffin, tenor, and Max Pugh, pianist. On the right Mary Lois Summers, soprano, Beverly Williams, alto, Ronald Brothers, organist, and Dr. Kenneth Hortley, conductor. The University Singers Union University Singers. Back Row, Mt fo righf: Bart Shanklin, Jeanetta Kirk, Pom Anderson, Patricio Williams, Wondo Toddy, Steve Smith, Voiendio Nelson, Gail Perkins, Howard Fuller, Wineto Dukes, George Scott, Kathy Bell, Buddy Rowls, Marilyn Johnsey, Greg Jordan, Sheri Soder, Brendo Peeler, Cathy Jones, Lee Gregory, Ricky French, Ann Keeton, Brendo Powers, Phillip Turner. Seated: Dr. Kenneth Hartley, Director. Standing in Front: Esther Ulrich, Barry Sedberry, Jennifer Freelond, Jeff Stovoll, Debbie Hollowell, Cliff Craver, Cindy Segeborth, Paul Wallace, Betty Hodges, Tony Cothram, Debbie Burton, Volerie Ford, David Howard. Kneeling and Standing: Terry Adams, Trent Hall, Jim Mashburn, Jonis Bowen. Concepts of choral arts change frequently. The ' 71 - ' 72 Singers enjoy that change with a deftness that makes them a much sought-after group. Area churches and high schools as well as people on campus demand and enjoy their singing quite often. From Hans Leo Hassler to Howard Hanson, their performing craft is undeniably the best. One of the greatest enjoyments of the year for the group is the spring tour. This year the group performed in Memphis; Paris, Tennessee; Taylorsville, Kentucky; Glasgow, Kentucky; Clinton, Tennessee; and Shelbyville, Tennessee. The trip offered the beauty of Appalachia as one of its outstanding highlights as well as the meeting of new and wonderful people. Stage Band Brings Recognition to Union Playing from Illinois to Mississippi, the Stage Band features rock; hard driving rock, which is sweetened by ballads. They make campus appearances, play at special concerts, and at the Miss Tennessee Pageant. Current hits such as " Walk on By " , " Hi-di-ho " , " Something " , and " Get It On " give this special group the special pow they are. Under Dr. Gerald Welker ' s direction, their travels and time log permit them always a great deal of declara- tion and recognition. Greg Stover sets the beat. Stage Band members are: Seated: Edmond Cepparulo and Jerry Elston. Firsf Row: Dennis Anderson, Jim Alt nan, Bill Brock, Bonnie Bivens, Greg Stover, Dr. Welker, Pam Jackson, Teresa Clark, Steve Volmer, Sara Leach. Second Row; Carolyn Brown, Mike Ellege, Tommy Markle, Poul Clark, Helen Hardin, Debbie Burton, Patricia Willioms, Don Wylie, Larry Smith, David Mitchell, Tommy Land and Gary Eason. Dr. Welker and the Stage Band add spirit as well as entertainment at Union ' s basketball games. Stage Band singers, Bonnie and Paul, take a break after a long practice. Helen Hardin meditates on her next song. Cardinal and Cream Mike Adams capably guided the Cardinal and Cream staff through the foil semester this year. An addition to the newspaper was " The People, " spearheaded by Marsha Halvarson and Don Wylie. John Nelson took charge as editor in the spring. Mrs. Betty Foellinger again served as faculty adviser. Mike Adams, Edifor ' 71 - ' 72. Wally Hammer and Randy Pafe, writers. Sheila White and Phillip Turner, Staff hjaiM j,uii.if,;;fjb Danny Thompion and Roman Bailey, staff. John Nelson, editor ' 72- ' 73. Don Pruitt, Carol Hibbard, Doug Rogers, James Ervin and Jan Myracle; sfaff. j m ak M B r i ■ L ' ' ' n 1 ■ ' ffJ Jt m Marsha Halvarson and Don Wiley, Writers. Gem Magargel, Writer. Steve Russell, Writer. Melindo Scoft, Write r. Lest We Forget Under the leadership of Editor Larry Hearn and the guidance of Mrs. Betty Foellinger, the Lest We Forget staff worked diligently to present an ac- curate picture of 1971-72 for Union students this year. Connie Moore, Brenda Falcinelli, and Kathy Steppe — index. Mrs, Betty Foellinger, adviser. Pfeg. lorry Hearn, ediior-in-chief. Wayne Holmes, photographer Jgckie Hundley, personalities editor HB- " « % - fea| H ifc " iii ■ 1 f Kr i Hk k mmmMM ' M - ■1 BMk 1 " flHHBj Carole Hall, associate editor A Paul Brock, sporfs edifor Judy Barefoot, fatuity and adrrtinistration editor Jackie Hutchison, Greek editor Karon Morgan, fypisf Lyn Raines, classes editor Steve Smith, organizafrons editor ALPHA TAU OMEGA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ZETA TAU ALPHA Beta Omega of ZETA TAU ALPHA Executive officers of Zefo Tau Alpha are — First Row: Frankie Watkins, treasurer; Becky Scott, historian-reporter. Second Row: Karon Morgan, secretory; Jackie Hundley, president; Jackie Hutchison, vice-president and pledge director. Third Row: Lynn Skelton, membership chairman; Carole Hall, ritual chairman. First Row: Debra Overall and Kitty Pearce. Second Row: Dian Biankenship, Linda Lov ronce, and Linda Thorne. First Row: Phyllis Todd, Linda Cowart, and Brenda Peeler. Second Row: Jan Caylor, Lorrie Flowers, Jackie Baird, and Mary Pat Crockett. ZTA Carrie Cole, Gloria Phillips, Jan Myracle, Janet Riggs, Volendia Nelson, and Vickie Trammell. firs Row: Sandi Milford, Brendo Falcinelli, and Connie Moore. Second Row: Ginny Anderson, Diane McCraw and Pot Trenthan Upsilon of CHI OMEGA First Row: Janet Nanney and Nancy Claire Follis. Second Row.- Jane Barber, Betty Bennett, Mory Zon McKeel, Martha Goodrum, and Kathy Steppe. Third Row: Debra Parker, Ann Holtom, and Robin Northrup. Officers of Chi Omego are Kay Daniel, president; Donna Wall secretary; Paulo Horner, treasurer, Judy Barefoot, pledge trainer. Judy Hall, Debbie Thomason, Linda Sanders, Sara Leach, Kathy George, Becky Wilkinson, Judy Rooch, and Brenda Tote. First Row: Melinda Scott, Marilyn Johnsey, Vivian Whitworth, Cindy Segebarth, and Jennifer Johnson. Second Row: Cathy Craig, Wanda Nelsi Kay Droke, Jenny Seabrook, Paula Basden, and Jane Smith. First Row: Teresa Hall, Linda Cross, Becky White, and Roi-Ann Dixon. Second Row: Carolyn Brown, Emily Stowe, Jody Porrish, and Jan Azbill. firsf Row: Carroll Sipes, Sara Lee Moore, Janice Thomoson, Joan Austin, and Cathy Cormichoel. Second Row; Jeal Butler and Jackie Foren. Beta Tau of ALPHA TAU OMEGA Jerry Hoys, David Adams, Hugh Hoskins, Jimmy Johnson, and Dovid Miller. Palmer, Ben Bolier, president, Fred Carnal, Ken Reed, Don Davidson, and Jimmy Gammon. Liftle Sisters of Alpha Tau Omega — First Row: Amy Hooker, Judy Barefoot, Linda Bishop, and Ebbe Pax. Second Row: Brendo Tate, Rita Barlow, and Judy Hall. Third Row: Angela Allen, Brenda Davidson, Cathy Craig, Kothy Jones, Debbie Joggers, and Betty Jackson Rogers Steed, Newman Ramsey, Brant Brantley, Steve Thomas, and Lorry Kirby. ATQ first Row; Randy Jones ond Paul Clark. Second Row; Mickey Spense, Steve Vaughn, " Mom " Ida Burke, and Rondy Pate. Don Carmichael, Robert Dailey, Edmund Cepporulo, Sid Spain, and Jimmy Cagle. Lambda Zeta- Zeta of LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Officers of Lambda Chi Alpha are Joe Smela, president; Dickie Wyatt, secretory; Gaines Hedges, rush chairman. AXA Crescents of Lambda Chi Alpha are — Firsf Row: Dale Williams and Juanita Dunlap. Second Row: Janet Jacobs, Terri Stovall, Ann Hubbard, Jenny Secbrook, Vicki Graves, Valendia Nelson, and " Mom " Waller. Not Pictured: Lynn Skelton and Debbie Thomason. First Row: Phillip Sanders, Joe Bryant, and Roy Weaver. Setond Row: Ken McKune, McKay Newman, and Jetf Sto firsf Row; Andy Clark, Johnny Hill, and Jim Horner. Second Row: George Googe and Steve Smith. Tennessee Eta of SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Officers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are — First Row: Larry Fowler, correspondent; Lorry Croig, Chronicler. Second Row: Mike Crowell, treasurer; Jere Dougon, vice-president; Dennis Wilson, president; Buddy Rowls, recorder. First Row: Mike Singleton and Danny An and Leo Zochery. Second Row: Lyie Rich, Gory Eason, Gary Dougon, Bill Warmoth. Little Sisters of Sigma Alpha Epstlon are — First Row: Barbara Fisher, Janis Bowen, and Jane Goodrich. Second Rov Kay Brown, Margaret Dougon, Jill Birmingham, and Susie Walker. 5AE firsf Row: Dear Graves. Birmingham ond Tommy Adair. Second Row; Bobby Bragg, David Morbury, and Mike David Crockett, Mike Adams, Buzz Wynn, and Danny Vaughn. Greek Councils Panhellenic officers are Lynn Skelton, president; Kay Daniel, social chairman; Debbie Thomason, treasurer; Jaclcii Hundley, publicity chairman; Diane McCraw, secretary; Suzanne Copelond, vice-president. Infraternity Council representafivei ate— First Row: Buddy Rowls, Jimmy Gannon, Larry Craig Dougan, Johnny Hill, Dan Cormichoel, and Gaines Hedges. and Butch Meredith. Second Row: Jere Greeks on the Go Greeks are certainly on the go! Volunteer work and support to the Jackson Boys ' Club and at the Cerebral Palsy Day Care Center are among many of the services they perform for the community. Student government offices, organizational leadership, members of the Student Foundation and campus planning committees — yes, Greeks are involved at Union. Greeks work hard at academics, but they have " fun " and enjoy college life too. Sharing in the honors is all a part of their world. U Club, dormitories, and fraternities are proud of their lovely sweethearts who all are Greeks. Campus favorites, Miss Union, Mr. and Miss Union University — Greeks. Greeks are on the go! Each organization has its binding ties. Each brotherhood, each sisterhood has much to offer its members. Among the life styles on the campus, the world of Greeks is an exciting and rewarding world in which to live. Zeta ' s Bonnie Bivens was Union ' s representative in the Miss Tennessee pageant and then captured the Miss Madison County and the Strawberry Festival titles. Ben Baker, ATO, gives his dinner order to Zeta waitress Ginny Anderson at the Zeta " Glad We ' re Greek Dinner. " SAE Mike Grovei entered a pie-eating conteit and Chi Omega Sara Meore oisifted. SAE David Crockett entertains at the Mii Phoenix contest. Steve Smith, Lambda Chi Alpha, led his fraternity to capture its fourth victory. utive All-Sing Zeta Barbara Fisher is being crowned SAE Queen by Janet Stallings, Chi Omega, retiring Queen. Teresa Clark, Chi Omega, provided entertainment at the 1971 Mis Tennessee pageant and also at Stage Band concerts. m Sports Joe Crisp towers above a Bryan College player for the Tip-off. Bulldogs, 1971-72. Seated, from left: John Sollee, Don Hamilton, Jim Martin, David Frailley, Sam Stallings, Roger " Skip " Jones, Charlie Blanchard, Rickie Vonover. Standing: Gene Snowden, manager, Harry Shuiz, trainer, Roger " Dink " Scott, Billy Howard, Chip Spiller, Joe Crisp, Bobby Pennebaker, Coach Jim Simmons. Basketball 1972 Charley Bianchard David Frailley Bobby Pennebaker Chip Spiller Roger Scott " Follow your man. " Roger Scoff tink» one from fhe Charify Sfripe. Ivy Joe Crisp fip one i Bulldogs do a vicfory donee. Charlie Blanchard lays one up for fwo poinfs. Union Opens Season In Fine Fashion Union opened the basketball season going great guns In December, winning their first three games. In the Carson Newman Invitational the Bulldogs dropped a pair of one- point games before bouncing Meridan Naval Air Academy, 150-51. After defeating the local Lane Dragons, 118-109, Union fell to John Brown University to close the month with a 5-3 record. Jimmy Martin gets off a shot againit Canon Newman. Billy Howard handles the ball in a game with Christian Brothers College. Charlie Blanchard works against a toiler foe. loyal fans show support for the Bulldogs. Tony Sneed tries in vain to Iceep the ball in bounds. Billy Howard watches the ball head for the basket. Time out for Roger Scott to tie his shoe. David Frailley tries for two agalnit Kentucky Wesleyan. Dogs Break Even In January the Bulldogs won four games and lost four in what seemed to be an up and down month for Union. After winning three of their first four, the Bulldogs fell to a tough Kentucky Wesleyan team by an 82-70 count. Union then rolled over Southeast Missouri before falling to Belmont and Memphis State. Their record: 9-7. At this time Billy Howard was tied for first place in the nation in free throw percentage with a .900 mark. As a team the Bulldogs were ranked sixth with .869 from the charity stripe. Coach Jim Simmoni goe over team itrategy in the clo ing moments of the game. Gene Snowden gatheri up the " junk " they left behind. Billy lee watches that toss-in line against Southeast Missouri. Bulldogs Finish Uneven Season Union Opponent 101 Bryan College 83 112 Sul Ross State University 89 99 Arkansas State University 98 83 Georgetown 84 115 Cumberland College 116 150 Meridian Naval Air Station 51 118 Lane College 109 74 John Brown 85 81 Carson Newman n 78 U.T. Martin 69 66 Christian Brothers 75 95 Drury College 82 70 Kentucky Wesleyan 82 116 Southeast Missouri 98 85 Belmont College 88 79 Memphis State University 101 98 Southeast Missouri 108 76 Delta State College 83 74 Christian Brothers 90 74 Kentucky Wesleyan 108 94 Delta State College 92 96 Belmont College 76 87 U.T. Martin 63 113 Oral Roberts Univ. 155 91 S.E. Louisiana College 100 Statisticians Phil Turner, Art Murphy, and David Howard watch the game mathematically. r ' Don readies his retaliation. Rickie Vanover gets off a shot against Kentucky Wedeyan. Ivy Joe Oitp towers above everyone, attempting to block an opponent ' s shot. Union Cheerleaders cheerleaders. Kay Brown, Linda Bishop, Sandra Bowers, Teresa Clark, captain, and Janet Stallings. Linda Bishop Generate Enthusiasm Sandra Bowers Janet Stallings Kay Brown Union cheerleaders lead the crowd in cheering the Bulldogs to victory. Baseball Ken Krei ' s ready for action. Steve Valadez wails for his turn at bat Coach Rozich helps Ron Oglesby after a fall. Bulldogs Rally Late in Season Starting off their season with a road trip to various points in Florida, the Bulldogs had the opportunity to try their ability under the most strained of circumstances. Although their record on the trip did not speak especially well of their ability, they soon rallied in " Death Valley " to end the season with a record of 29 wins and 27 losses. No. 1 8 gets ready for the pitch. Jackson State Player slides in to base as Charlie Blanchard attempts a tag UMk Oglesby takes a swing. Umpire takes time out to find the base. ». ' 7 i Oglesby tries for one more. Nap lime? A Jackion State player awaits the fast pitch from Keith Cabanaw. Reman Bailey prepares to throw that third strike. Dogs Play Heavy Baseball Schedule Although the mighty baseball Bulldog saw his schedule cut from fifty to forty games this season, he nonetheless faced his opponents with typical vigor. Members of the team exemplified the positive at- titude necessary for a victorious squad. Returning lettermen boosted the Dogs ' skill and confidence while an unusually faithful crowd cheered the team. Coach Butch McBroom whisked his men to various points in Texas where they faced the " tall men " in six contests. Mike Chevlin finishes his delivery on a fast ball. Union Florida State University 5 Florida State University 2 Jacksonville University 2 Stetson University 2 Miami University Miami University Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles Florida Southern University 6 Florida Southern University Florida Southern University 4 Vanderbilt University 8 Lane College 11 Lane College 18 Lawrence University 6 Lawrence University 9 Jackson State College 4 Jackson State College 1 Tennessee Tech University Parsons College 10 Parsons College 4 Parsons College 5 Wisconsin State University 17 Purdue University 7 University of Chattanooga 1 University of Chattanooga 1 Bradley University 5 Bradley University 5 Quincy College 5 Middle Tenn. State University 4 Univ. of Tenn., Martin 7 John Brown University 3 Belmont College 7 Christian Brothers College 20 Lane College 21 Univ. of Chattanooga 9 Univ. of Chattanooga 5 Bethel College 19 Vanderbilt University 2 Southern Illinois University 17 Univ. of Tenn., Martin 7 Univ. of Tenn., Martin 5 Bethel 14 Opponent 9 11 3 5 8 5 1 1 7 15 5 7 o 3 5 3 2 5 9 4 3 1 9 2 4 IS Roman Bailey winds up for the pitch. Mike Conn takes the throw to force out the runner. Bulldogs absorb pointers from Pirate David Warmbrod Union Involved in Extramural Competition Union girls ' extramurals really got underway this year. Under the direction of Mrs. Grace Williams, girls participated in both volleyball and basketball. After two matches locally, the girls ' volleyball team went to Memphis State to participate in the State Volleyball Championship. Although they didn ' t win, they had a lot of fun. The girls ' basketball team played five matches this season. In the latter part of February they entered the district basketball tournament at Jackson State Community College. Joe Holloway served as coach of the girls ' team. Developing extramural volleyball Moute. " expertise ii not " Micltey Extramural Volleyball team. Front Row: Sarah Moore, Jodie Parrish, Cheryl Taylor, Cindy Segeborth and Denise McCorty. Second Row: Jane Moore, Brendo Moore, Kay Coley, Janice Tomason, Susan Merriwether and Carol Elam. Scrambling for the ball. Girli let up their defente. Tennis Team, left fe Righf: Mike Nichols, Don Edwards, Jerry Hayes, Tom Scott, Kenny Reed, Larry Fowler, Denise McCarty. Tennis Teann Has A Building Year Union ' s tennis team, the only team in their conference without a scholarship program, got off to o slow start last fall, but prospects in the spring began to look up. Guiding the team were five returning lettermen: Larry Fowler, Jerry Hayes, Tom Scott, Roger " Skip " Jones, and Denise McCarty. Under the direction of Dr. Gary Cain, Union ' s netters planned an 8-10 game schedule for the spring. Some of the teams who played the Bulldogs were Christian Brothers College, UT Martin, Bethel, and Belmont. Denite prepare to ace her serve. " t TTW SS r Golf Team Golf team members: David Landreth, Bobby Pennebaker, Sam Stollings, Bobby Nesbitt, Von Jackson. Union ' s golf team is composed of seven members, three of whom are on scholarships. The Bulldog golfers played several tough matches this spring with teams such as Belmont, Sewanee, and Christian Brothers. They also par- ticipated in the TIAC tourney held at the University of the South at Sewanee on April 14-15. Union golf coach Don Morris presents Bobby Nesbitt with the first Union golf scholarship os Bobby ' s parents look on. Tommy Crocker is thrown for a lou in the Lambda Chi Alpha game againit the B.S.U. Practice for spring Softball happened many on afternoon. Intramurals Provide Competition and Fun Though men ' s intramurals often overshadowed girls ' intramurals in number of contests, the ladies also had an active program. They competed In tennis, basketball, and volleyball. The volleyball and basket- ball extramural teams also gave the girls a chance to compete. Jane Moore swung out against her foe in match for the Independents. SAE Mike Singleton breaks around right end for a good gain. Intra murals Prove Exciting Rugged competition and plenty of action characterize the men ' s intramural program at Union. Competing in basket- ball, football, soccer. May Day track and field events and other activities, Union students have a chance to release some of their unexpended energy, and have fun doing it. Ben Wilkes launches a bomb for six points against the SAEs. Intramural football director! Ken Cox and Sam Ward converse during a break in the action. BSU back icramblet to get away from an oncoming SAE. .g ATO puts the ball in the air for a win over Lambda Chi. BSU ' t Terry Adams grasps the flag, stopping lambda Chi for a loss. Calvary Youth Choir Calvary Baptist Church Calvary Baptist is the church with YOU in mind. The pastor is Paul Clark; the Minister of Music is Donny Adams; and Minister of Youth and Education is Don Dillingham. " Life and happiness can be found at Calvary " . . . George A. Smith Sons Funeral Chapel has been serving the people of the Jackson area for more than 40 years . . . Albert ' s on Lafayette, " Jackson ' s Most Popular Fashion Store, " makes going downtown a pleasure. Alberts George A. Smith Sons Albert ' s on Lafayette Holland ' ! Rhodes Furniture Sfore Celebrating its 101st Year Holland ' s " West Tennessee ' s Fashion Center, " is located downtown and at Highland Parl , or you can phone 424-2300 . . . First National Bank has four modern, convenient locations to serve you: Downtown, Main at Market; Midtown, West Main and I.e. Railroad; Old Hickory Moll Branch, 1993 North Highland, and on West Forest Avenue. Think first of First Nation . . . Rhodes Furniture Store, 1 1 1 N. Church, specializes in quality furniture and appliances. First National Bank Vineyard ' s Rainey Furniture Visit Rainey Furniture Company, 209 East Main, for the best in furni- ture and appliances for your dorm room or home .... Located at 320 East Lafayette, Vineyard ' s is your complete flower and gift shop .... Rowe ' s Jewelers is one of Tennessee ' s five " Registered Jewelers " of the American Gem Society. Rowe ' s Jewelers " A lovin ' phone cal Town and Country Studio Liberty Supermarket One of the South ' s most modern photographic studios is Town and Country Studio. Drop by at 1402 North Highland, or coll for an appointment at 422-6362 .... Liberty Supermarket has three locations to serve you better: 139 Airways, 206 North Royal, and a new store in Hamilton Hills. Liberty offers courteous personnel, fast service and S H Green Stamps .... At One Hour " Martiniiing " you can get one-hour service at no extra charge. Their specialty — at 250 West Main, Southgote and Old Hickory Mall — is shirt service .... Jackson ' s most modern department store is Penneys. Visit their store in Old Hickory Moll or phone 424-3000. gUB H One Hour " Martinizing " Penneys Five Points Service Station Pueen TAKE MOM DOT Of THE KITCHEN For all your fuel and service needs go to Five Pointi Service Station, located on the edge of Union ' s campus at Five Points. Tires, batteries, accessories, wheel balancing, v hatever your need — see Ray Blankenship. A mechanic is on duty .... Jackson ' s newest and most modern Dairy Queen, located at 1724 South Highland, now has a new dining room. Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Sam F. Victory .... Slax ' n ' Jeans, located in Hollywood Shopping Center, offers to college students with a valid I.D., a 1 percent discount on all regular priced goods. Dairy Queen No. 2 fprQuys s andGa $ Slax ' n ' Jeans For the smartest clothes on campus it ' s Jack Holland ' s Bandbox, 13 Old Hickory Mall .... Take the monotony out of studying with an instrument from Craven ' s, at 209 Lexington .... " A home away from home " is the motto of Medi-Manor Nursing Home, 415 East Chester, where a licensed nurse is on duty 24 hours. y -ij h_ lm Bandbox Craven ' s Piano Organ Company Medi-Manor Jwl_ U I Lexington Inn. The Lexington Inn, a home away from home for many students, is located just across Irby Street. Owned by Pat and Mike Holmes, it is the place where students meet, eat, and talk. Not only do they serve excellent food, but students can also find the relaxed atmosphere for which the Inn is famous. After the game, after church, after a hard study session — anytime — the Inn is the place to go. The Village Inn Pizza Parlor. 624 Old Hickory Boulevard, " where pizza is always in good taste, " features 21 different varieties of delicious pizza as well as sandwiches and salads. Sing-A-Longs on weekends provide fun for the whole fannily . . . Standard Drugs, Highland and Lafayette, can fill all your drug and sundry needs . . . Cabana Theatre, Jackson ' s only home-owned and operated theatre, located in Hamilton Hills Shopping Center features 41 cabanas, three general audience sections, a huge 24 by 54 foot screen and an intercom snack delivery . . . John Randolph, class of ' 30, operates Randolph ' s Nursery which features potted plants, evergreens, shrubs and trees. Village Inn Pizza Parlor Standard Drugs Cabana Theatre Randolph ' s Nursery John E. Parker mrrrnunnffrfnMt HANCOCK FABRIC ' S Georgia ' s Restaurant John E. Parker, 129 East College, has gifts and hardware to fill any need . . . Located next to Gibson ' s on Old Hickory Boulevard, Hancoefc Fabrics offers the most complete and the largest selections of materials in this area . . . Maico, Paramount, artd Mall Theatres, the best in film entertainment for all ages . . . Seabrooi ' s, downtown Jackson, offers decorating assistance in paints, wall coverings, draperies, and gifts . . . Georgia ' s Resfooronf— the best food in town— 427-0331 . . . Malone and Hyde, Inc., wholesale food distributors, hove their Jackson office located on the Bells highway. Their various products fill the grocery and drug shelves in this area. Seabrook ' s Malone and Hyde, Inc. West Jackson Baptist Church West Jackson Baptist is the church where Union students and faculty are warmly welcomed. The staff — David Q. Byrd, Pastor; Bill Taylor, Minister of Education; and Roger Cowen, Minister of Music and Youth — feels that West Jackson offers an opportunity for service and training during college days. Nathan ' s, Main at Highland, has tomorrow ' s styles today . . . They want to show you one of the largest diamond collections in Tennessee at Robert ' s Jewelers, in downtown Jackson, home of Orange Blossom Diamond rings . . . McGee-Ross, downtown Jackson, offers hardware, housewares, and gifts . . . Your complete building materials merchant since 1889, Five Paints Lumber Company is located on College at Royal. Nathan ' s ER Some Union students inspect the new Christian Activities building soon to be completed with the finest recreational facilities. " This Is A Prayer Conditioned Church. " The college department offers the finest in Bible Study and fellowship in modern up-to-date surroundings. ; I McGee-Ross I McGee-Ross Robert ' s Jewelers Rve Points Lumber Company Action Scene for U " . . . m II I Lt i Bp i yw UNION students are part of mMjLkSLAM ' THE ACTION AT FIRST BAPTIST ON SUNDAY . . . mmma - - ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' S ff-J I -} r ' 10:50 Worship ■ 1 1 f 4:45 Chapel Choir ' f 6:30 Discussion Group ' 4k rl - f ■ 7:30 Worship S AND WEDNESDAY . . . ts I 5:30 Youth Koinonia £|- 5c| JS (and dinner) ., , . 11 ' ■ H . ° " - CWzM OUR STAFF STANDS READY TO SERVE YOU: Dr. R. Trevis Otey Pastor Rev. H.C. Zachry Associate Pastor Carlys Scates Music and Youth Miss Elsie McColi Children Fred R. Neyland Education Get In The Action Picture At First Baptist FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 404 E. Lafayette A Dynamic Church Linked Hand-in-Hand with A Dynamic School! We would like to be your " home " church in Jackson while you are away from home. Youth Koinonia in Action, 5:30 — Wednesdays ' ' U " nion Stands Toll at First Baptist DISCOUNT PRESCRIPTIONS Super D Drug Store The Super D Drug Stores, located in the Jackson Plaza and Southgate Shopping Center, offer quality prescription service at a discount .... Thrasher ' s Fabrics, located in the Jackson Plaza, has everything to fill your sev ing needs .... There are three Big Star Food Stores to serve you — Jackson Plaza, Hollywood Shopping Center, and Southgate Shopping Center. They feature Swift ' s Proten Beef and Quality Stamps. Big Star. Thrasher ' s Fabrics. ■ bank to grow with... National Bank of Commerce National Bank of Commerce ■ — -— — - ..__ - — ■ — - — C j i Coca Cola Bottling Company The National Bank of Commerce, " a full service bank, " is the bank to grow with . . . Rosenbloom ' s brings you all of the latest fashions . . . The Thunderbird Motel, located on U.S. 45-South, just five minutes from downtown Jackson, features a large swimming pool, color television, and guest controlled room temperature . . . " Coke " has the taste you never get tired of, " It ' s the Real Thing — Coke " . . . Visit Roger ' s Jewelers for all of your jewelry needs. Thunderbird Motel North Jackson Baptist Church Fairmont at Martin Union students can find a friendly atmosphere and a warm welcome at North Jackson. Let Her be your church while you are in Jackson. Slater Food Service Reverend James Glisson, Pastor " But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the Sons of God, even to them that believe on His name. " John 1:12 Slater Food Service endeavors to provide more than just a meal for Union students. Chuck Tucholski provides novel settings for events such as cookouts and barbecues . . . Located close to the campus at 447 North Royal, Johnsey ' s Sporting Goods carries a complete line of sporting goods. " It pays to play. " . . . That delicious aroma of freshly baked bread drifting across the campus comes from the Colonial Baking Company, located at 603 South Royal . . . Stegall Shoe Company, located in Old Hickory Mall, is the " Fashion Shoe Center of West Tennessee. " Colonial Baking Company m ft Johnsey ' s Sporting Goods Stegall Shoe Company ' I -l- t-T ' -f CO —-1 Index .X ' i c 1£ C3i cu cu U3 C tr t CO tJ ' m 4 cr cj _ en en igion. Inter- Alpha Senior Activities A Acuff, Brenda Z. . . B.S., Elementary Educatioi Omega, social, civic chairman, rush chai S.N.E.A.; Panhellenic Council. Adams, David M. . . B.A., Psychology; minor. Re English; Alpha Tou Omega, vice president; fraternity Council, treasurer; Mr. Union. Adams, Michael L. . . B.A., English; Sigma Epsilon; Cardinal and Cream, editor. Akin, Annette . . . B.A., Elementary Edui S.N.E.A. Allen, Charles R. . . B.A., Psychology. Austin, Joan L. . . B.A., Elementary Educatio Omega, lodge manager, social and civic cho S.N.E.A.; P.E. Club. Baker, Douglas W. . . B.A., Sociology. Baker, Michael T. . . B.S., Physical Education. Barkley, Philip H. . . B.A., Psychology. Barlow, Jimmy D. . . B.A., Religion. Barnhrll, Terry M. . . B.A., English; minor. History, Secondary Education; S.N.E.A. Baugh, Thomas C. . , B.A., Elementary Education. Bell, Stephen B. . . B.S., Biology. Bell, Wallace E. . . B.S., Biology; minor. Chemistry, English; B.S.U.; Footlights; Alpha Psi Omega; Torch; Campus Favorite; Student Foundation, president. Besherse, Judy F. . . B.A., History. Bivens, Herbert R. . . B.S., Business Administration; minor. Math; Lambda Chi Alpha, treasurer; In- tromurols, basketball, crosscountry; Lest We Forget, photographer. Blankenship, Judith Dian . . . B.A., Sociology; minor, English; Zeto Tou Alpha, intramural chairman, parliamentarian; Chorus. Bray, Nancy M. . . B.A., History. Brewer, James D. . . B.A., Religion. Butler, Betty . , . A.A., Nursing. Butler, Geraldine . . . B.A., Elementary Education; S.N.E.A.; Intramurals; Extramurols. Butler, Helen B. . . B.S., Math. Campbell, W. Cole . . . B.A., Religion, Philosophy; minor. Psychology. Carter, Joan . . . B.S., Elementary Education. Carter, Judith A . . . A. A., Nursing; Lamplighters. Caylor, Jan . . . A.A., Nursing; Zeta Tau Alpha, cerebral palsy chairman. Cherry, Mickey . . . B.S., Physical Education. Cherry, William A. . . B.A., Business Administration. Clark, Jackie L. . . B.S., Business Administration. Cliff, R. Wayne . . . B.S., Physical Education. Coleman, Wanda J. . . B.A., Elementary Education; Y.W.A., program chairman, vice president; S.N.E.A., vice president, president; Dorm Council, discipline committee. Collins, Rudolph W. . . B.S., Biology. Conn, Michael C. . . B.A., History; minor. Speech; Footlights; U Club; Baseball; Droma Productions. Copeland, Jennifer S. . . B.A., Spanish. Cox, Kenneth B. . . B.S., Physical Education; minor. Secondary Education; U Club, secretary, reporter; S.N.E.A.; Athletic Committee; Baseball, manager; Track, manager; Dorm Council, president; Class Officer; Chorus; Intramurals, Outstanding Athlete; A.R.A. Food Service Student Award; Student In- tramural Director; Campus Favorite. Criswell, John M. . . B.A., Religion; minor, Journalism; Ministerial Association, president; Prexy Club; Cor- dinol and Cream. Crocker, Thomas A. . . B.A., Sociology. Crossett, Cheryl Rogers . . . B.S., Biology. Crossnoe, Tony L. . . B.A., History. Crowell, Michael W. . . B.S., Chemistry; minor. Math; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, herald, correspondent, recorder, treasurer; Math Club; Interfroternity Council; Student Government, Senate. Culbreath, Lawrence E. . . B.A., Sociology; minor. Physical Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; Footlights; Drama Productions; Symphonic Bond; Class Officer, chaplain. Davis, Johnny S. . . B.S., Phys ical Education. Day, Danny G. . . B.S., Physical Education; minor. History; U Club, treasurer, president; Boseboll, All- USAC Conference Team. Day, Gail A. . . B.A., English; minor. Political Science; Zeta Tou Alpha; S.N.E.A.; P.E. Club; Class Officer. Day, James A. . . B.A., Religion; minor, History; Ministerial Association. Donaldson, George L. . . B.S., Business Administration. Dougan, W. Garey . . . B.S., Chemistry; minor. Biology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, chaplain; Stage Bond; Symphonic Band. Droke, Kay . . . B.S., Business Administration; Chi Omega. Droke, Ray . . . B.S., Physical Education; Alpha Tou Omega. Dunlap, James Phillip . . . B.S., Economics; minor. Business Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha, treasurer; Class Officer. Edwards, Donald G. . . B.A., Religion; minor. Sociology; B.S.U., revival chaimian, president; Ministerial Association; Tennis; Student Government, Senate. Emison, John A. . . B.A., History; minor. Political Science; History Club; Nestor Club; Phi Alpha Theto, president; Student Government Association, presid- ent; Who ' s Who. Exum, Allen, M. . . B.S., Physical Education. Farmer, Delores A. . . B.S., Business Administration. Farmer, Robert L. . . B.S,, Biology; minor. Secondary Education; S.N.E.A. Farrar, Vera H. . . B.S., Elementary Education. Fiveash, Barbara L. . . B.A., Music; minor. Education; B.S.U., assistant pianist; Y.W.A., tutor, nursing home; Life Service Band; S.N.E.A.; Drama Produc- tions; Domi Council, senator; Chorus; C.R.V.; Sigma Alpha Iota. Flowers, Lorrie E. . . A. A., Nursing; Zeto Tau Alpha, assistant ritual chairman; Lamplighters Club, secretary. Forsythe, Mory J. . . B.S., Elementary Education. Freeman, Dorlnda J. . . B.S., Elementary Education. Fullerton, Rita . . . A.A., Nursing. Gardner, Kent . . . BA., Art; minor, Journoli; Cardinal and Cream, columnist; Torch. Garey, Clemmer O. . . B.S., Moth Gilbert, Marilyn . . . B.A., English Gilbert, Marilyn . . . B.A., English. Goodrich, Jane H. . . B.A., Elementary Education; Zeto Tou Alpha, Assistant ritual chairman, assistant pledge trainer, big-little sister chairman; S.N.E.A.; Little Sisters of Minerva, treosurer; Chorus. Goodrum, Linda K. . . B.S., Elementary Education. Griffin, Kay Daniel . . . B.A., English; Chi Omega, president; Who ' s Who. H Haak, James G. . . B.S., Physical Education; minor, History, Secondary Education. Hall, James C. . . B.S., Business Administration. Hall, Teresa C. . . B.S., Elementary Education; Chi Omega. Hammer, Walter . . . B.A., History; minor. Journalism; Alpha Tou Omega; Cardinal and Cream. Hardee, Kenneth E. . . B.S., Business Administration. Harris, Don . . . B.A., History. Hayes, Jerry W. . . B.S., Physical Education. Hearn, Larry J. . . B.A., History; minor. Journalism, Secondary Education; Prexy Club; Cardinal and Cream, photographer; Lest We Forget, editor. Holloman, Richard N. . . B.A., Religion; minor, Business Administration; B.S.U., president; Ministerial Association; Student Government, Senator; Student Foundation, vice president; Student Religious Coun- cil; Council of Religious Affairs. Hopper, Betty R. . . B.A., Elementary Education; Y.W.A.; S.N.E.A.; N.C.A.T.E. study, steering committee. Horner, Jimmie W. . . B.S., Business Administration; minor. Economics; Lambda Chi Alpha; S.N.E.A.; Student Government, Senator. Hornsby, Wanda J. . . B.S., Elementary Education. Howard, Billy Lee . . . B.S., Physical Education; minor. Secondary Education; U Club; Basketball, captain; Track; Dorm Council, secretary, treasurer. Howell, John F. . . B.S., Physical Education; minor. Secondary Education; Lambda Chi Alpha, in- tramurals B.S.U.; U Club; S.N.E.A.; Athletic Com- mittee, student representotive; Cross Country; Track; Donn Council, president; Symphonic Band; Chorus. Howell, Sharold D. . . B.S., Elementary Education; S.N.E.A. Hudley, James L. . . B.A., Religion, Philosophy; minor. Sociology. Hundley, Jackie M. . . B.A., Elementary Education; Zeto Tou Alpha, president, vice president; Prexy Club; Panhellenic Council, publicity chaimian; S.N.E.A.; Chorus; Lest We Forget, section editor. Hunter, Jan . . . A. A., Nursing. Hutchison, Jacqueline D. . . B.A., English; minor, Spanish, Secondary Education; Zeto Tau Alpho, president, vice president, pledge trainer, activities and scholarship chairman, pledge president, best member; S.N.E.A.; Panhellenic Council, social chair- man; Prexy Club; Student Government, enter- tainment chairman; Dorm Council, president; Lest We Forget, section editor, editor; Chorus; Who ' s Who. Jones, Joel P. . . B.S., Economics; minor. Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, cor- respondent, social chairman, warden, herald. Jones, Roger " Skip " . . . B.S., Physical Education, minor. Secondary Education; B.S.U. Chorus, Ministerial Association; U Club; Basketball; Tennis Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Revival Chorus, Outstanding Colleg e Athletes of America. Jones, Rosemary . . . B.S., Chemistry. K Kiddy, James M. . . B.S., Elementary Education. Kiddy, Johnny T. . . B.S., Elementary Education. Kiddy, Ronnie J. . . B.S., Elementary Education. Kirby, David I. . . B.S., Chemistry; minor. Biology; Chorus; Chemistry Department, student representative. Kitchens, Eorleane . . . A.A., Nursing; Lamplighters. Ledbetter, Billy J. . . B.A., Business Administration; minor. Journalism; Cardinal Cream, reporter, sports editor. Lewelling, Richard L. . . B.S., Psychology; minor. Sociology; Lambda Chi Alpha. Lewis, Deborah . . . B.S., Elementary Education. Little, Virginia . . . B.S., Elementary Education. Lynch, William D. . . B.A., Sociology. M Malatesta, Deborah J. . . B.S., Elementary Education. McKissack, Karen D. . . B.A., History. Meek, David . . . B.A., Religion. Meeks, Harvey L. . . B.S., Business Administration. Meriwether, Susan P. . . B.S., Physical Education; minor. Secondary Education; Chi Omega. Merwin, Dale T. . . B.S., Elementary Education; Chi Omega; S.N.E.A.; P.E. Club; Chorus. Miller, Dan A. . . B.S., Economics; Alpha Tau Omega. Miller, Debbie . . . A.A., Nursing. Mitchell, Sandra K. . . B.S., Elementary Education. Montgomery, Monty J. . . B.S., Sociology; minor. History. Mount, Frederick P. . . B.A., History, minor, English; B.S.U.; Ministerial Associotion; History Club, presid- ent; Dorm Council, head monitor; Intramurals, basketball, soccer, bowling. Mullis, Ann M. . . B.A., English; minor. Secondary Education. Myracje, Barney L. . . B.S., Math. N Nelson, Wanda J. . . B.S., Psychology; Chi Omega. Nerren, Pamela J. . . B.A., Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; S.N.E.A.; P.E. Club; The Guild; Cardinal . Cream; Lest We Forget. Northcott, William F. . . B.A., Religion; minor, Physics; Ministerial Association, treasurer; Intramural Softball. Oglesby, Ronald H. . . B.S., Physical Education; minor. Secondary Education; Baseball; U Club; Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Paschall, Lynn F. . . B.S., Math, minor. History; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Intramurol Basketball; Chorus. Phillips, Glenda Joyner . . . B.A., Elementary Education; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Club, secretary-treosurer; B.S.U., revival teams; S.N.E.A.; Y.W.A.; Dorm Council. Phillips, Judy . . . B.S., Elementary Education. Phillips, Ronnie C. . . B.S., Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega. Powell, Donald A. . . B.A., Religion. Prince, John N. . . B.M., Voice; minor. Education Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Mu Alpha; Nestor Club Symphonic Band; Chorus, student conductor Singers, student conductor; Brigadoon. Rice, Gary A. . . B.A., Sociology; minor. Religion; B.S.U.; Ministerial Association; Chorus Intramurals. Roach, Judy D. . . B.A., English. Roberts, John K. . . B.A., Religion; minor. History; Ministerial Association. Robinson, Billy C. . . B.S., Business Administration. Rogers, Kenneth W. . . B.A., Sociology. Rogers, R.C. . . B.S., Economics. Russell, Lloyd E., Jr. . . B.A., Business Administration; minor. Journalism; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, public relations, rush committee; Student Government, Senator; Cardinal Cream, reporter, managing editor, Greek editor, columnist; Lest We Forget, copy editor; Torch, editorial staff. Scott, Becky J. . . B.A., English; minor, French, Secondary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha, scropbook chairman, historian, reporter; S.N.E.A.; Student member of committee to administer Kellogg grant. Scott, Thomas H. . . B.S., Physical Education, History; minor, Secondary Education; Prexy Club; Tennis, coptoin; Student Government, Senator; Dorm Coun- cil, president; Cardinal Cream, reporter; In- tramurals, football, soccer, all-star teams, ping pong, bowling, softboll; Monitor; Disciplinary Committee. Shaw, Sandra . . . A. A., Nursing. Sills, Cynthia E. . . B.S., Elementary Educotion. Singleton, Michael J. . . B.S., Physical Education; minor. Secondary Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intramural representative, secretory; Alpha Chi; Men ' s Intramurol Council, Who ' s Who. Sipes, Phyllis . . A A , Nursing. Skelton, Janice Lynn . . . B.A., English; minor, History, Secondary Educotion; Zeta Tau Alpha, notionol philanthropy chairman, rush chairmen; Panhellenic Council, president; Crescent Club of Lambda Chi Alpha; Student Government, food chairman; Dorm Council, judicial council; Lest We Forget; Stage Band, production crew; Chorus. Smelo, Joseph J. . . B.A., History; Lambda Chi Alpha, president; Intramurals. Smith, Becky L. . B.A., History. Smith, Kenneth E. . . B.A., Psychology, History; minor. Secondary Education; History Club; S.N.E.A.; Phi Alpha Theta, secretary-treasurer. Smith, Nolan W. . . B.A., Religion. Steed, Rogers M. . . B.S., Biology; minor, Moth, Chemistry; Alpha Tau Omega, worthy keeper of the annals, public relations director, worthy master. Science Club; Interfraternity Council, president; Student Government, Senator. Stephenson, Betty . . . A. A., Nursing. Stover, Carl Greg . . . B.M., Music Education; Stage Bond. Swinford, Valorie . . . B.A., French, English; Sigma Alpha Iota. Taylor, Bruce W. . . B.A., Psychology. Thomason, Deborah M. . . B.A., English; Secondary Education; Chi Omega; Miss Union University court; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent, Who ' s Who. Thorne, Joyce M. . . B.A., English; minor, Secondary Education; B.S.U., devotional chairman; Y.W.A., secretary; S.N.E.A.; Dorm Council, judicial board; Singers. Todd, Mark . . . B.S., Economics; Intramurals. Tomlin, Carolyn R. . . B.S., Elementary Education. Turner, Patricia Joyner. . . B.A., English; minor. Religion; S.N.E.A.; The Guild; Torch, contributor 1 966 and 1 971 ; Union 1 st place poetry winner. Old Hickory Review, 1971; Oral Interpretation Group coaching, tournament, 1971. Tyson, Lorenzo . . . B.S., Business Administrotion. w Wallace, Terry P. . . B.S., Elementary Education. Watson, Shirley . . . A. A., Nursing. Webb, Clifford W. . . B.A., Religion, Ministerial Association, president. White, Laurel C. . . B.A., Moth; minor, English; B.S.U.; Y.W.A.; Moth Club; S.N.E.A.; Modern Language Club, secretary; Library Club; Symphonic Bond; Chorus. White, Rebecca A. . . B.S., Moth; minor. Secondary Education; Chi Omega; Math Club; S.N. E.A.; Kappa Mu Epsilon; president; Prexy Club; Student Government, Senator. Wiggins, Sandra . . . B.S., Elementary Education; B.S.U. Wild, Wayne A. . . B.A., Art; minor, Education. Williams, Charles H., Jr. . . B.S., Economics. Williams, Mack M. . . B.A., Sociology; minor. Psychology; B.S.U. , recreation chainnan; Chorus; Intramurals Representolive. Wilson, Dennis O. . . B.S., Physical Education; minor. Secondary Education; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals. Wood, Teresa C. . . B.M., Music Education; minor, piano, music theory; Chi Omega, songleoder, vice president, secretary, interim president; Sigma Alpha Iota, chaplain; Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart, Little Sisters; B.S.U.; P.E. Club; Cheerleader, captain; Alpha Chi; Chapel committee; Dean ' s List; Stage Band; Symphonic Bond; Chorus; Singers; Modrigalists; National Sorority Hall of Fame; 1971 Miss Union University Pageont, second runner-up; Campus Favorite; Miss Union; Who ' s Who. Wright, Bobby D. . . B.S., Business Administration. Wylie, Donald F. . . B.A., Psychology; Stage Band; Lambda Chi Alpha; Class Officer. Governor Dunn Visits One of the highlights of the spring semester was Governor Winfield Dunn ' s visit to the Union campus. The sale of the campus, having become a statewide issue, brought Governor Dunn to spend two hours touring the grounds with Dr. Craig and Mr. Elliott. Many students had the opportunity to meet the state ' s leading man for the first time. Representatives of the Jackson Sun were on hand to record the governor ' s visit for the newspaper as the visit by the governor brought excitement and fun to the campus. Governor Dunn arrives on campus. The governor takes time to autograph a student ' s book. The local news media follow Governor Dunn, Dr. Oaig, and Mr. Elliott as they tour the campus. Dr. Craig practices the " soft sell " approach. Bob Elliott and Governor Dunn agree that it takes a lot of " bread " to run a school. A Union student has his first chance to shake hands with the Governor. Index Acuff, Zan 65 Adair, Tommy 150 Adams, David 92,142 Adams, Mrs. Jannie 24 Adams, Mike 64,128,150 Adams, Terry 69,125,179 Ainley, Mable 69,108,109 Akin, Annette 65 Allen, Angela 143 Alexander, Keith 69 Alexander, Ken 69 Altman, Jim 126 Anderson, Dennis 126 Anderson, Ginny 79,138,152 Anderson, Mark 145 Anderson, Pamela 125 Armour, Danny 148 Austin, Joan 65,141 Austin, Mary 114,133 Aibill, Jan 73,112,140 Bailey, Roman 129,170,171 Boird, Jackie 73,112,137 Baker, Ben 142,152 Baldwin, Dr. Charles W., 37 Barber, Jone 73,114,115,139 Barefoot, Dr. Hyran 35 Barefoot, Judy 58,87,91,116,132,139,143 Barham, Barbee 28 I, Pom 79,117,119 Jimmy 65 Rita 79,143 , Regenia 79,173 , Terry 65 Basden, Paula 112,140,173 Bates, Bill 25 Botes, Don 25 Beord, Jo Ann 1 16 Bell, Kothy 59,79,121,124,125 Bell, Stephen 65 Bell, Wallace 65,90,110,121 Bennett, Bettye 78,79,80,112,114,139 Besherse, Judy 65 Betheo, Vickie 73 Biggs, Ann 31 Birmingham, Jill 149 Bishop, Christie 73 Bishop, Linda 69,112,141,143,166 Bivens, Bonnie 73,90,126,127,137,152 Blair, Borbora 69 Blonchord, Charles 113,156,158,160,162,169 Blankenship, Dion 65,136,138 Borhan Barlow Borlow, Barnhill Bornhill Blankenship, Sandra 139 Blonton, Dr. Milburn 25 Blass, Dr. Joseph 19,31,32,124 BIythe, Helen 34 Boggs, Carol 79,111,139 Bolding, Barboro 119 Borchert, Dole 120 Bouchillion, Dr. Bill 38,39 Bouchillion, Dr. Pot 41 Bowen, Jonis 73,125,137,149 Bowers, Sandra 58,68,69,90,112,114,116,166,167 Boyd, Margaret 28 Boyd, Richard 73 Bragg, Robert 79,150 Brantley, Lunsford 143 Brotcher, Sondro 79,112 Bray, Nancy 65,115 Breneman, Carol 35 Brewer, Maggie N. 22 Brewer, Terry 79 Bridger, Mable 43,120 Brock, Bill 73,122,126 Brock, Paul 78,109,132 Brothers, Ronald 32,122 Brown, Carolyn 69,114,122,126,140 Brown, G. Wayne 22 Brown, Kay 73,111,112,149,166,167 Bryant, Joseph 146 Buchanan, Bobby Joe 69 Buie, Brenda 69 Buie, Elizabeth 69 Burke, Ida 144 Burley, Richard 69 Burton, David 79,109 Burton, Debbie 114,119,121,125,126 Butler, Betty 69,120 Butler, Corter 73 Butler, Geroldine 65 Butler, Helen 1 1 1 Butler, Jeal 72,73,90,106,141 Byrington, James 109 Byrd, Eldon 39 Cobanow, Keith 113,170 Cogle, Jimmy 79,144 Cain, Dr. Gory 42 Caldwell, David 122 Campbell, W. Cole 65 Carmichoel, Cathy 141 Carmichoel, Don 64,144,151 Carmichoel, Don 30 Carnal, Fred 142 Carter, Judy 73,120 Casey, Mike 75 Cotes, Elaine 79 Cavonough, Dove 72,90,108 Cowley, Kim 109 Caylor, Jon 120,137 Cepporulo, Edmond 126,144 I , •7 ' I L v« -, ■ ' to - ' ;tj ' ' Union ' s ' littlest Angel " amidst the splendor of a Blue Heaven, created by Mrs. Grace Williams for the Jackson Christmas parade. Chatham, Jimmy 69,115 Chevlin, Mike 170 Clark, Andy 115,147 Clark, Dr. George 34 Clark, Paul 78,126,127,144 Clark, Tereso 58,89,93,94,106,122,126,141,166 Cloybrook, Flora 120 Clift, Wayne 114 Coker, Becky 79 Cole, Carrey 72,73,138 Coleman, Wa nda 65,109,114 Coley, Koy 79,119,172,173 Collins, Ruby 13 Conn, Mike 113,171 Cook, Janice 73 Copelond, Suzanne 64,65,151 Cothron, Carolyn 69,104,112 Cothron, Tony 69,125 Cowort, Linda 73,137 Cox, Ken 64,65,91,113,179 Craig, Kathy 79,140,143 Craig, Lorry 148,151 Craig, Dr. Robert E. 20,202,203 Craver, Clifford 69,125 Crawford, Gory 79 Crawford, Rose 120 Criswell, Johnny 109 Crocker, Tommy 64,176 Crockett, David 150,153 Crockett, Mory Pat 73,137 Crossnoe, Juanito 120 Cross, Linda 79,111,112,140 Crowder, Joy 69,109 Crowell, Mike 106,148 Crice, Brenda 79,120 Curlin, Martha 75 Curry, Susan 79 Doily, Robert 114,144 Daniel, Koy 65,86,91,139,141,151 Dovidson, Brenda 143 Dovidson, Don 142 Davidson, Michael 79 Davie, Kothy 78,79,97,114,121 Davie, Linda 69,90,116,119,121 Davis, Connie 108 Day, Danny 1 1 3 Day, James A. 65 Deaton, Virgil 24 DeBell, David 79 Dehn, Richard 37,111 Dennis, Clyde 69,111 Denson, Sonjo 80,111,120,139 Dial, Kothy 73 Dixon, Roi Ann 112,139,140 Dougon, V illiom 148 Dougan, Jere 148,151 Dougon, John P. Jr. 28 Dougan, Margaret 149 Droke, Kay 140 Dukes, Winetta 80,119,125 Duncan, Carolyn Lu 74 Dunlap, Juonita 146 Dunlop, Phillip 6 Dunn, Gov. Winfield 202,203 Eoson, Gory 126,147 Edmonson, Dr. Jomes 39,115 Edwards, Don 174 Elam, Carol 80,172 Elledge, Mike 126 Ellis, Dr. Don 22 Elston, Jerry 122,126 Emison, John A. 58,65,88,106,115 Ervin, James 129 Etheridge, Elizobeth 35 Etheridge, Foye 34 Evans, Dr. Henry 34 Ezell, James 108 Folcinelli, Brenda 106,117,131,138 Farmer, Barbara 69,109 Former, Delores 20 Feathers, Kenneth 69 Fisher, Barboro 69,94,137,149,153 Fiveosh, Barbara 109,119 Flanagan, Danny 74 Flowers, Lorrie 65,120,137 Foellinger, Betty H. 34,131 Follis, Nancy 69,112,139 I Ford, Valerie 65,122,125 Foren, Jackie 74,112,141 Fossey, Elizabeth 31 Fowler, Larry 65,148,174 Frailey, David 156,158 Freeland, Jennifer 74,108,122,125,137 Freeman, June 82,114 French, Ricky 125 Fryer, Susan 35,74,112 Fugate, Amy 24 Fuller, Howard 90,108,125 Fullerton, Rita 120 Gage, Gayle 74 Gallimore, Steve 145 Gamble, Fritz 80 Gammon, Jim 68,90,113,142,151 Gardner, Kent 67 Gee, Doris 24 George, Cathy 140 Glisson, Phil 74,109 Godwin, Deborah 80,119 Goodrich, Jane 64,65,137,149 Goodrum, Martha 77,111,139 Googe, George 74,147 Gottfried, Skip 74,121,122 Graves, Elouise 24 Graves, Mike 150,152 Graves, Vickie 80,137,146 Gregory, Lee 74,121,124,125 Grief, Holly 80, 1 1 9 Gurley, Larry 74 H Hale, Doris 120 Hall, Carole 1,69,132,136 Hall, Judy 140,143 Hall, Robert 80,125 Hall, Teresa 65,121,140 Haltom, Ann 74,139,80 Halvarson, Carl 23 Halvarson, Marcia 130 Hamm, Frances 120 Hammer, Wally 128,115 Hammett, Sarah 24 Hamilton, Don 156,158 Harbin, Danny 69 Harbin, Jimmy 80 Hardin, Helen 126,127 Hartley, Dr. Kenneth 29,32,124,125 Hawkins, Ralph 109 Hayes, Jerry 142,174 The gallantry of knighthood exemplified in the Alpha Tau Omega theme. Muiic it for all placet, for all timet. Hearington, Jeff 145 Hearn, Larry I. 131,166 Hedges, Gaines 145,146,151 Hedspeth, Dr. William 41 Helton, Dell Ray 69 Hibbard, Carol 129 Higdon, Anita 80 Hill, Johnny 74,147,151 Hilliard, Cathy 80,119 Hodge, Deborah 80 Hodges, Bettye 66,125 Hollingsheod, Bill 70,115 Holloman, Richard 66,108,110 Holloway, Joe 173 Hollowell, Deborah 66,122,125 Holmes, Wayne 70,131 Holt, Janice 70 Hoover, Donald 39 Hooker, Amy 143 Horner, Jimmie 66,106,147 Horner, Paula D. 70,112,139 Hornsby, Wanda 66,114 Hoskins, Hugh 142 Howard, Billy 156,159,161,162 Howard, Dovid 80,81,108,125 Howell, John 66 Hubbard, Ann 146 Hudley, James C. 66 Hudson, Joan 70,115,119,121 Huffman, Charles 31 Hundley, Jackie 132,136,151 Hunter, Joyce 120 Hutchison, Jackie 66,87,133,136 Irby, Dovid J. 23 Ivy, Bonnie 74 Jackson, Betty 79,80,83,143 Jackson, Pamela 80,126 Jackson, Van 175 Jacobs, Janet 74,146 Joggers, Debbie 143 Jenkins, Phil 74 Jennings, Dwayne 1 1 1 Jernigan, Mike 74 Johnsey, Marilyn 125,140 Johnson, James 142 Johnson, Jennifer 80,140 Johnson, Polly 80 Jones, Fred 114 Jones, Jeff 120 Jones, Kathy 80,143,125 Jones, Randy 144,149 Jones, Roger " Skip " 58,66,90,113,156,158 Jones, Rosemary 66 Jordan, Greg 90,125,149 Jordan, Jo 24 Jordan, Mike 74 K Kee, Beverly 66 Keeton, Anne 74,108,125 Keller, Dr. Wayne 37 Kilmon, Dr. Marvin D. 40,41,114 Kimzey, Dr. Willis 33,35 King, James Lynn 68,70,115 Kirby, Larry 90,106,111,143 Kirk, Gail 81 Kitchens, Eorlene 70,120 Koger, Moe Junette 43 Koonce, Dr. Duval 28 Koonce, Larry 109 Koonce, Melanie 120 Kotoye, Adeyemi 70 Krei, Ken 168 Kroodsma, Dr. Roger 37 LaFon, Nell 41 Laman, Glenda 81 Land, Thomas 126 Londreth, David 149,175 Langston, Louawona 81 Loster, Joseph 81 Lawrence, Nancy 28 Lay, Carl B. 75 Layman, Helen 24 Leach, Sara 75,126,140 Leathers, Lisa 81 Lewelling, Richard 66 Lewis, Deborah 1 14 Lile, Mary Sue 70 Loentol, Steve 109 Loft, Edna 81 Lowrance, Linda 81,136 M Moddox, Ronnie 109 Mogargel, Gem 74,75,130 Mann, Debra Ann 81 Morbury, David 150 Martin, James 156,159,161 Mashburn, James 121,125 Mason, Joe 59 Mayo, Mike 70 McAdoms, Becky 81 McBride, Ann 70 McBride, Mike 81 McBroom, Marvin 42,57 McCorfy, Denise 141,172,173,174 McCrow, Diane 96,138,151,106 McCune, Ken 146 McEwen, Belinda 70,110 McFaffin, George 124 McKeel, Mary Zon 73,75,139 Melton, Rose 24 Meredith, Butch 151 BIyihe Hall ' s Butter, a fierce fighter for Union. Meredith, Kelsie 145 Meriweather, Susan 172 Milford, Sandi 138 Miller, Dar 66 Miller, David 72,75,106,109,142 Miller, Debbie 120 Miller, Gary 70 Minner, Louis 75,109 Mitchell, David 126 Moling, Danny 70 Montgomery, Joyce 43 Moore, Brendo 70,112,119,172 Moore, Connie Lynn (Memphis) 111,117,131,138 Moore, Connie Lynne (Whiteville) 81 Moore, Jane 81,172,173,177 Moore, Paul 87 Moore, Sara Lee 68,70,90,106,112,116,141,152,172,173 Moore, Terry 81 Morgan, Carol 81 Morgan, Karon 58,86,91,96,106,116,133,136 Morgan, Trudy 81 Morris, Don 25,110,175 Morris, Janice 81 Morris, Joyce 81,120 Moseley, Judy 81 Mosier, Dionne 75 Moss, John Wayne 149 Mount, Paul 66,115 Murphy, Art 81 Myers, Donny 70 Myracle, Jon 75,138,129,112 N Nanney, Janet R. 81,139 Noylor, Victoria 75 Neely, Dr. Frederick 41 Neely, Isabel 43 Neill, Carolyn 82,120 Nelson, John 75,129 Nelson, Valendia 81,82,124,125,137,146 Nelson, Wanda 66,87,140 Nerren, Pam 66,137 Nesbitt, Robert F. 82,175 Newman, McKay 146 Nichols, Mike 174 Northcott, William 66 Northrop, Robin 82,139 Norton, Malcolm 75 Oglesby, Ron 113,168,169 Oran, Davie 70 Overall, Debro 75,115,136 Owen, Brendo 120 Owens, Mike 71 Page, Ruth 82,119 Palmer, Patricio 43 Palmer, William 142 Parker, Deborah 75,139 Porrish, Jodie 75,112,116,140,172,173 a. " iinV V. ' Radar, Barbara 82 k t Se - " ' V U. ' - Raines, Lyn 133 Rainwater, Undo 82 Rainwater, Robbie 82 Ramsey, Neuman 143 Rawls, William 106,125,148,151 Reed, Kenny 113,142,174 Reeves, Julio 71 Rice, Gary 67 Rich, Bradford Lyie 148 Rich, Rita 82 Riggs, Jonet 76,112,138 Ritchie, Charles 109 Roach, Judy 140 Roark, Brendo 76,109 Roark, Sammy 71 Roork, Thomas 106,113,118 Roberts, John 109 Robertson, Randall 115 Robertson, Ruth 82 Robertson, Wynnie 82 Robinson, Grove 30 Rogers, John D. 106,114,115,129 Rozich, Bill 168 Russell, Lloyd 149 Russell, Steve 71,114,130 Pascholl, Lynn 66 Pate, Dr. James 41 Pote, Randy 128,144 Pox, Ebbe 143 Payne, Cathy 75,112,119 Peorce, Kitty 136 Person, Elizabeth 43 Peeler, Brendo 71,96,122,125,137 Peery, Diana 75 Penneboker, Bobby 156,175 Pennington, Michael 71 Perkins, Gail 82,119,125 Perkins, Kothy 75,119 Petty, Benny 71,114 Phillips, Glendo 66 Phillips, Gloria 82,138 Pinkley, Ruth Helen 120 Pinson, Dr. Ernest 34 Pinson, Dr. Patricia 32,121 Pittmon, Susan 82,112,139 Porch, Vicki 82,120 Powers, Brendo 67,109,119,125 Powers, Peggy L. 82 Powers, Rochel 76,109 Priddy, Jimmy 82 Prince, John N. 67 Pruitt, Don 109,129 Pugh, Max 32,124 Pulley, Dwight 76 Q Queen, Shirley 76,120 Sallee, John 156,158 Sanders, Kothy 82 Sonders, Linda 75,76,112,114,140 Sanders, Phillip 146 Sorfoin, Movelle 64,67,89,136,137 Scott, Becky 67,136 Scott, Curtiss 41 Scott, George 82,12J Scott, Melindo 78,80,82,106,112,130,140 Scott, Roger 156,159,160,162,165 Scott, Tom 61,67,106,118,174 Seobrook, Jenny 76,95,140,146 Sedberry, Sorry 59,125 Segebarth, Qndy 124,125,140,172 Shonkle, Naomi 82,173 Shonklin, James 71,122,125 Shuiz, Horry 156 Sherrod, Dennis 75 Sierk, Dr. Herbert 36,37 Sills, Cyndi 67 Simmons, James R. 42,156,159,163 Singleton, Mike 67,88,91,148,178 Sipes, Carroll 122,141 Sipes, Phyllis 71,120 Skelfon, Lynn 67,136,151 Skinner, Greg 71,115 Smatt, Edward 106,109 Smella, Joe 145 Smith, Becky C. 115 Smith, Charles R. 76,109 And Butter ridet on that victory wagon I Smith, Elsie 37 Smith, Jane 83,117,140 Smith, Karen 83,137 Smith, Kenneth 67,115 Smith, Lorry 71,126 Smith, J. Mike 67,89,110,145 Smith, Nolan 67,109 Smith, Steve 122,125,133,147,153 Smith, Suson 76,112,120,139 Smothers, Beverly 83,109,111,119,173 Smothers, Marilyn 34 Sneed, Tony 159,162 Snowden, Gene 156 Soder, Sharon K. 71,125 Spain, Sid 144 Spence, Mickey 76,144 Spiller, Chip 113,156,158 Stollings, Janet 71,88,106,110,122,153,166 167 Stollings, Sam 83,109,156,158,175 Steed, Delbert 83 Steed, Rogers 143 Stephan, David 83 Stephenson, Betty 120,71 Stewart, Ann 83 Stone, Gladys 24 Stovall, Jeff 83,125,146 Stovoll, Terry 83,146 Stover, Greg 126,147 Stowe, Emily 75,76,60,140 Stuart, Elaine 76 Summers, Mary Lois 32,59,121,124 Swinford, Debbie 83 Swinford, Valorie bl Tate, Brenda 140,143 Taylor, Cheryl 172,173,112 Thomas, James 143 Thomoson, Debbie 67,89,91,140,151 Thomason, Janice 141,172 Thompson, Danny 106,129 Thompson, June 83 Thompson, Steve 71 Thorne, Joyce 67 Thorne, Linda 108,136,114 Tignor, Sherry 67 Tilley, Mrs. Clyde 104 Tilley, Dr. Clyde 35 Tinker, Ginger 83 Todd, Phyllis 76,137 Toddy, Wanda 125,122 Tollett, Charles 83,111 Towater, Irene 28 Towater, Rita 76, 1 1 9 Trammell, Vickie 76,138,112 Trentham, Pot 138 Trull, Teresa 77 Tucker, Dr. Joseph 37,111 Tucker, Ronald 118 Turner, Kathy 71 Turner, Patricia Joyner 67 Turner, Phillip I. 67,86,125,122,128 Tyson, Lorenzo u lb ' moW ' Vl t tM.SYt aitXTzJ 1 1 ' %W t Wm-at-W mf-mk- - MvmnMX SEW IOH CLASS 196$: Valadez, Steve 168,113 Vanover, Rickie 156,159,165 Vaughn, Danny 150 Vaughn, Steve 144 Vought, June 108 Vollmer, Steve 126 w Ulrich, Esther 77,124,125 Wafford, Martha 109,71,88,114 V olker, Carolyn 120 Walker, Julio 28 Walker, Mike 77 Walker, Susie 149 Wallace, Donna 71,139,106,112 Wallace, Susan 122 Waller, " Mom " 146 Word, Dr. R.H. 39 Ward, Sam 80,91,179,113 Warmath, Bill 148,149 Wormath, W. Walter 23 Waters, Kathy 119 Watkins, Frankie 136 Watridge, Sam 25 Watson, Shirley 120 Weaver, Gndy 83 Weaver, Roy 146 Webb, Wayne 109 Welker, Dr. Gerald 31,126,127 Wells, Cecelia 77,111,139 Westbury, Joseph L. 77 Whaley, Roy L. 71,108,109 White, Becky 67,111,140,114 White, Dr. June 37 White, Laurel C. 67 White, Sheila 80,83,121,128 Whitby, Martha 83 Whitt, Shirley 77,120 Whitworth, Vivian 71,140,114 Wiley, Don 130,126,147 Wilkes, Ben 81 Wilkins, Jimmy 71 Wilkinson, Becky 77,140,112 Williams, Beverly 124 Williams, Charles 75 Williams, Dole 146 Williams, Grace 42 Williams, Keith 83 Williams, Patricio 60,90,95,121,122,125,126 133 137 Williams, Stephen 77 Wilson, Claudia 76,78,83 Wilson, David 149 Wilson, Dennis 148 Wilson, Don 77,113 Wilson, Nancy 71 Wilson, Pat 71 Wilson, Philip 77,122 Wingo, Mrs. Charles 25 Winn, Buzz 150 Wise, Betty Carlo 71,109,114 Wise, Carol Lyn 83,109,117 Witherington, Danny 71 Woodford, Paul 30 Woods, Deborah 83 Worden, Robert 14,58 Wyott, David 71 Wyott, Debbie 71 Wyott, Dickie 106,145 Wyatt, Dr. George B. 28 York, Paula Foye 83,119 Zachory, Edward E. 71 Zochary, Lee 83,148 fl A Chance to Return . . . Many of us will be leaving Union — some never to return to the stately Administration building, to Death Valley, or to the swing at Crook Hall. Others will return next year, only to find the college not quite the same as when they left. As we move on to face the world, we must contend with the present and look to the future. Few are the times when we can return in person to our younger days, to college, to Union. For those of the ' 72 JLesf We Forget staff, this book will bring back memories of hard work, lots of fun, and a feeling of accomplishment. For you as a student, administrator or alumnus, perhaps the book will help you to recall enjoyable times at Union. Perhaps it will afford you the opportunity — for some of those golden moments — a chance to return . . . Editor ' 72 miBiiaBamBasmataism

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