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i 1971 LEST WE FORGET UNION UNIVERSITY J 1 ' fJRic ! UVWEIWftV ! ■ •■ fr ' VSfSA.LL WfOMWS ■ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' H e-. :. ' :;■ " " " ' 22L H wmmm IH B l f I J -J ■ Jackie Hutchison Editor Betty H. Foellinger Adviser Introduction Administration and Faculty 14 Campus Life 40 Classes 58 Personalities 84 Organizations 104 Greeks 134 Sports 152 Advertising 178 Index 198 It ' s all part of the game. First date . . . first love, aryyway, first real love. Sort of funny to think back on it. Now I ' m an adult— or almost one. I want to fall in love ... but who? Am I ready? I know he ' s for me. She ' s a good friend now, but she could be more. Marriage— that ' s a big step, but I ' m ready— I guess. I found the perfect apartment for us. It doesn ' t look too good outside, but the in- side is just right and I know we can af- ford it. We ' ll have to make a strict budget though . . . Okay, we ' ll wait till June. Whatever happens, this time I ' m sure! E. w A l M ■ JY i?i:pi?i:s!i :iASSPR£,,„n CT I Now waif a minute, let ' s not jump to conclusions. If you under- stood him, you wouldn ' t feel . . . Man, that test was murder! I hope I can pass the course. See ya, gotta go to the library. C ' mon, let ' s go to the Inn. You can study for that Chem. test later. You ' ll probably pull a B, anyway. Did you go to the party Friday night? It was a lot of . . . Hey John. How ' s your new job? Rough, huh? Night clerk — no fun. Hey, wake up, John, class has started. Who ' s playing? At 7:30? No, I can ' t possibly — term paper due tomorrow. Well, maybe for just a few minutes . . . Did you see the new clothes I bought? No, she ' s not here — call back later. If I ever graduate from this place — seem to have lost my objective . . . wonder why I re- ally came. At the momenf that degree looks awfully good. I guess I am learning something. List the four reasons resulting in the . . . Sum- marize in six hundred words . . . After com- pletion of the experiment . . . I can make it. I will! Just think, in a few weeks, I ' ll be certified for Elementary Ed. You know teaching is great. Grad school, here I come! Well, at least it ' s a thought. Yeah, my dad wants me to go into business with him, but I ' ve got to t hink about the draft before I decide. Sure it ' d be easier with Dad, but I gotta make my own mistakes. They say students never think much . . . but who are they anyway? How do they know? . . . I think . . . most of my friends think. I didn ' t think much before college, but now . . . There was a time when I would have been embarrassed if anyone had seen me — think, I mean. I ' m sure some people probably figure I am snobbish or stupid, but I just want to work this thing out a minute. It ' s a search . . . What do I want? ... or rather what ' ll I settle for? This soul searching is good — if I find something. Some people are so de- cided and sure. I envy them . . . no, I don ' t really cause I think they ' ve already shut too many doors. Me — I ' m a door opener. You know I wouldn ' t want to have to ad- mit it, but you can find a lot of keys here. m GOD ' S MOSAIC You are God ' s mosaic. A distinctive, original design The way you fit each " piece " of you together: Your dreams, your education. Your lifework, and your total personality Will determine whether the " Design For Your Tomorrow ' Will be the masterpiece God has in mind. Faculty— Administration President Encourages Students " A former teacher of mine stoted, ' The lib- erty of the Christian is slavery; the slavery of the Christian is liberty. ' This old saying complements the theme of this year ' s Lest We Forgef. It is true that only by yielding our own selfish plans and desires can we have real freedom. By fitting into God ' s mo- saic v e will possess true peace and happi- ness . . . " Robert E. Craig President of Union University Kathy Honey and Judy Barefoot chat with Dr. Craig on campus. Board Members. Mr. Glenn Rainey, Dr. Lewis Ferrell, Dr. Joseph Miller, Mr. J. A. Had- ley, Sr., Mrs. John W. McColl, Jr., Mr. John C. Cameron, Mrs. Raymond Hawkins, Dr. Gerald Martin, Rev. T. T. Newton, Mr. Billy Hyman, Dr. Ramsey Pollard, and Mr. Joe Walker, Jr. Trustees A group of businessmen, ministers, educators, physicians, and other com- munity leaders compose Union ' s Board of Trustees. These people are selected by the Tennessee Baptist Convention to establish school policy. The board is not directly involved in administrative or academic matters. Rev. Fred Kendall II led the board this year as chairman. Board Members. Rev. Paul Clark, Rev. W. A. Foote, Mr. Thomas Patton, Mr. Ralph Lawler, Rev. Irvin Hays, Mr. Robert Jelks, Rev. O. M. Danjeau, Mr. B. W. Cobb, Dr. W. A. Boston, Dr. George Harvey, Dr. Trevis Otey, and Mr. Harold Brundige. Rev. Fred Kendall, II, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Board Members. Mr. James E. Threlkeld, Mr. E. T. Palmer, Mr. C. D. Foresythe, Mr. J. B. Avery, Jr., Mr. Dale Glover, Mr. Brooks McLemore, Dr. Fred Wood, Dr. Slater Murphy, Dr. Jerry Glis- son and Mr. George Jones. Board Members not pictured are Dr. E. B. Bowen, Mrs. Bradford Duncan, Rev. Herbert Higdon, Mrs. Wallace Johnson, Rev. Howard Kolb, Mr. Kenneth Leathers, Mr. Marvin Sandidge, Mr. Powers Smith, and Dr. Don Webb. Administration Mr. Fronk M. BIythe, Assisfont Vke-PresidenI Don Morris organizes the Homecoming parade Mr. Carl Halvarson, Mr. Bill Bates, Dr Milburn Blanton, Mr. Don Morris, Asshlanf fo the President. Director of Esfote Plan ning. Dir = " ctor of Admissions. Admissions Counselor. Dr. Irby and Mr. Dan Botes, alunmi directo Mr. R.G. Elliott, Business Manager. Mrs. Jessie Smith, Mr. Elliott and Mrs. Pruitt. Mrs. Rose Melton, Secretary; Mrs. Margaret Jones, Bookkeeper. Mrs. Gladys Stone Registrar. Mrs. Virgil Deafon, Clerk. Mrs. Frances Edmonson, Secretary to the Registrar. Reqistra jistration proves to be hectic for students ond administrators too. Miss Kathy Honey, Secretary (o Music ond Physical education. Mrs. Dorothy Hopper, Secretary to Development. Mrs. Elouise Graves, Secretary to the President. h Mrs. Doris Gee, Mrs. Sarah Hammett, Secretary la the Vice-Presicyenf. Secretary to Dean of Students. Mrs. Jannie Adams, Secretory to Acodemic Deon. Vl f H i B 3 9V Mrs. Eleanor Bivens, Faculty Secretary. r 1 k 1 " . B 1 L Ki k Mrs. Jo Jordon, Secretory to Nursing Department and to the Assistant to President. Mrs. Lucille Baker, Switchlioard Operator. Dr. Craig and Mr. Don Bates greet guests at Alumni recepti Mr. Dan Bates, Alumni Director, ! 1 1 .4 ..j«l p m. Mrs. Laura Harris, Direc or of Public iniormaWon. Dr. George B. Wyatt, University Pfiysicion. Mrs. Morgoref Boyd, Dr. Duval Koonce, Universi y Physician. i:. 4 Miss Martha Curlin, Booicstore Manager. Mrs. Carolyn Bryan, Secretory in Public Informatio Mrs. Donna Duncan, Secretary to Alumni Director. Mr. Harold Bass, Librarian. Mr. Richard H. Rogers, Assistant Librarian. Freshman Cheryl Taylor locates souri Mrs. Julia Walker, BIythe Hall Hostess. Mrs. Martha Sewell, Jones Hall Hosfess. Mrs. Ethel Walter: Relief Hostess. Mrs. Hazel Smiley, SUB Hostess. Mrs. Elizabeth Wingo, Adams Hall Hostess. Mrs. Nancy Lawrence E ;is Hall Hostess. Mr. John P. Dougan, Jr., Superintendent, Buildings, and Grounds. Mr. Barbee Borham, Supervisor of Mo ' ntenonce. Many employees and a lot of work keep our campus in orde Mrs. Helen BIythe, Associate Professor of English. gnment with Phil Barkiey. Mrs. Marilyn Smothe Instructor of English. Mr. William Gamble, Associate Professor of English. Humanities " What did T.S. Eliot mean when he said ' we are the Hollow Men ' " ? . . . " Bonjour, comment allez-vous au- jourd ' hui? " . . . " What is your con- cept of the relationship between God, man, and the universe? " . . . " Do you believe that Adam was meant to be an individual man or a representative man? " The questions that the faculty members in the Hu- manities Division pose go on and on, challenging students to see life from another viewpoint (i.e., T.S. Eliot ' s or John Locke ' s). While open- ing new concepts to the student, however, the departments of En- glish, Language, Philosophy, and Religion simultaneously encourage the student to find and support his own beliefs, thereby establishing himself as a stable, well-balanced contribution to society. Mrs. Smothers takes ro Dr. Ernest Pinson, Miss Faye Eth Bridge, Assc clafe Professor of English. Asshiani Professo of English. ' i i Hcsk ' Wm . MPm ' ' " V % J k J Dr. Henry ir Mrs. Betty Foellinger, Evans, Assiiiani Professor of English and Professor of English. Journa ism. Dr. Hyran Barefoot, Professor of Re igion. Dr. Clyde Tilley, Professor of Philosophy. Dr. W.H. Kimzey, Jr., Professor of Re igion. Lorenzo Tyson, an artist at work. Mr. Don Carmichael, tnsfructor of Art. . Betti Prichard, Instructor of Art. Fine Arts Concerts, plays, and exhibits are all an outgrowth of the departments in the division of Fine Arts — music, art, and speech and theatre arts. Because of this characteristic, the Fine Arts are often referred to as the Performing Arts. Under the capable leadership of the Fine Arts faculty members. Union students practiced, polished, and performed at chapel programs, basketball games, and separate concerts and plays. Some of this year ' s accomplishments in- cluded several one-act plays, de- bate team trips, student and faculty art exhibits. Symphonic Band con- certs. Chorus, Singers, and Madri- galists concerts, and the annual Stage Band concert in the spring. Art major Judy Howell adds the finishing touch Dr. Joseph Blass, Assistant Professor of Mu Miss Ann Biggs, ssoc afe Professor of Mu Mr. Charles Huffman, Assisfonf Professor of Music. Mr. William McKamie began his first year on Union ' s staff. Dr. Kenneth Hartley, Professor of Music. Mr. Ronald Brothers, Instructor of Music. Mrs. Patricia Pinson, Assistant Professor of Mu Dr. Gerald Welker, Associote Professor of Music Dr. Jeanne Shaffer, Associote Professor of Musi Music Appreciation is very hi Natural Science The laboratory in the Twentieth Cen- tury has been a vital link between man ' s dreams and his discoveries. By incorporating mathematical con- cepts and establishing equations and constants, the once only imag- inable hypotheses have become realized laws. Union ' s Natural Sci- ence division, composed of the de- partments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics, attempts to familiarize all B.S. and B.A. stu- dents with some basic laboratory science and mathematical knowl- edge. At the same time, it seeks to stimulate interest in these fields and encourages majors and minors to delve deeply into related problems, with an eye on the accomplishments of Union graduates in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries ' achieve- ments. Students learn basics of chemistry. Dr. Keller chollenges students ' minds. Dr. Herbert A. Sierk, Professor of Biology. Mrs. Elsie Smith, Assistant Professor of Biology. Dr. Roger Kroodsma, Assistant Professor of Biology. Dr. Wayne Keller, Professor of Chemistry. Dr. June White, Associate Professor of Chemistry. Met Lewis mixes up a compound. Social Science From problems in America ' s current business cycle to the grandeur of the reign of Julius Caesar, the So- cial Science Division concerns itself with far-reaching fields. Including the departments of Business Admin- istration, Business Education, Eco- nomics, Geography, History, Politi- cal Science, Psychology, and Sociology, the Social Science Divi- sion endeavors to establish an understanding of basics in each field while still challenging students to realize past, present, and future problems in related fields. Dr. Bill Bouchillon, Professor of Psychology. Mr. Eldon Byrd, Associate Professor of Sociology. Dr. Bouchillon Mr. Byrd Mr. James Edn Associate Professor of History. Students find history exciting. Mr. Curtiss E. Scott, Insirucior of Business. Mrs. Nell Lafon, Assistant Professor of Business. Dr. Frederick Neely, Professor of Economia Professional Studies Preparing students for specific skills after graduation is the task of the Professional Studies Division, with emphasis concurrently on classroom studies and practical application of the material learned. Exemplifying this approach is the Nursing Pro- gram, whereby future nurses are taught fundamentals of physiologi- cal concepts in the classroom and given a chance to exercise this knowledge in daily hospital visits. Included in the Professional Studies Division along with Nursing are Bus- iness Education, Health and Physical Education, and Education. Dr. Kilman answers a question on practice teaching Dr. Marvin Kilmon, Professor of fducofion. Dr. Rodney Everhart, Associate Professor of Educatk Dr. Pot Bouchillon, Associate Professor of Educati Dr. Pate is also Director of Testing Dr. Gary Cain, Associate Professor of Physical Education. Mr. Bill Rozich, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Mrs. Grace Williams, Associate Professor of Physical Education. Mr. James R. Simmons, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Intramural football players show their talents. The Missouri Methodist team could not overcome the mighty Bulldogs, Director of Nursing at Madison County Hospital, Miss Georgia Wilson, and Mrs. Neely discuss work of student ses in their practical training at the hospital. Mrs. Elizabeth Person Laboratory Assistant in Nursing Mrs. Mea Junette Koge Instructor of Nursing Mrs. Mable Bridger Instructor of Nursing Campus Life Life is for the Living — Meanwhile live! Life on campus: it ' s frantic or goofing off depend- ing on the individual or the mood . . . the battle of the sexes gets a reverse in the Powder Puff game cheered on by some of the Slender Set; pancakes bring on the bucks, banana splits are a " do your ov n thing " , singing — studying — strolling — " soccer- ing " — sitting — smiling; and the nurses move toward a goal in their career of service. SAI ' s First Effort Victorious BSU All-Sing ' 70 — a song marathon, a test of endurance, the time of year when Greeks lose sleep to learn the beat. The night ar- rives! On stage, let ' s go! Keep smiling — Re- member, " I Believe. " For many this night was a new experience. Sigma Alpha Iota had never won an All-Sing trophy. Why? They had never entered the competition before. Zeta Tau Alpha had clinched first place for the past two years, but Chi Omega took the trophy home this time. Perhaps it was not such a new experi- ence for the Lambda Chis; this was their third win in as many attempts. Thus — another All-Sing. The winners and the losers walked away-re- lieved and wondering " What Now My Love. " E ' s give keen competition. Chi Omega ensemble presented " Close To You. " ATO ' s were directed by Edmund Cepparulo. " Sweet Adeline " proves to be crowd-pleaser. Homecoming 1971 UU vs. ORU. A crowd of 4,000— stu- dents, alumni, friends. Homecoming Court: Queen Ann King, maids Bon- nie Bivens and Debbie Thomason. Alumni Award winners, faculty, ad- ministration, students — all pulling for Union in a close, fast-paced first half. David Marsh at halftime,choked- up on receiving an Alumni Appre- ciation trophy Honorable Mention Ail-American Awards. Best Dorm Display awards: Biythe Hall, first; Ellis Hall, second. Best Greek Display awards: Zeta Tau Alpha, first; Chi Omega, second. A furious second half, with Union on the short end of the score at the buzzer. The last re- ception in a line of receptions after the ball game. Later, the Spirit of Homecoming award presented to Chi Omega, with Sigma Alpha Ep- silon and Zeta Tau Alpha receiving honorable mention. Super, surprising Homecoming, 1971. Mrs. Grace Williams receives Alumni Award. Alumni Director Dan Bates welcomes guests. Bulldog Captain Marsh greets alumni at P.E. department tea. Skip Jones looks for two. Howard leads them onto court against ORU. Honorable Zeta Tau Alpha won Honorable First Place in Greek Display award. 1 1 1 niu ' EM UP BULLDDC5 Chi Omega " cooked up " a second place win with their display. DHVIDIj iBUtLDOE BIythe Hall was NO. 1 in the dorm dis- play division. Adams Hall ' s decorations gave other dorms competition. inf ■f 9 " r % w Lambda Chi Alpha wanted the Titans toppled. President Ben Baker gave the ATO Titan a final touch-up. Homecoming Arouses Spirit Signs everywhere — in the SUB, on the library, across the circle, in the trees — different words, some mes- sage. Displays — dorm, fraternity, and sorority — different slogans, identical themes. Even name tags — " Zeta Tau Alpha wishes everyone a Happy Homecoming " to " Chi Omega says Go Dogs " — different ideas, same purpose. A variety of mediums, but a central message: Show your stuff. Bulldogs — beat Oral Roberts Homecoming, 1971. Ellis Hall won " whale-of-a second place award " in dorm division. During Homecoming everybody works! Zeta Jackie Hundley builds Oriental rock garden. Patricia Williams accepts Greek First Place award for Zeta. Alumni register at the Dog House. SAE Little Sisters served team. Zeta ' s kite urged on Bulldogs Chi Omega ' s banner towered above circle. Political Hopefuls Visit UU A nationally known political figure. A room of intelligent, concerned young people. And, soon, a barrage of chal- lenging questions from a group tired of double talk and never-ending eva- sions to a skilled politician prepared for such confrontations. Such v as the scene on Union ' s campus preceding last November ' s elections, v hen Senator Bill Brock and Represen- tative Ray Blanton dared the encoun- ter. At the meeting, v hen Brock de- clared, " I believe, " students countered with " in what? " The successful give- and-take session gave both student and legislator an equal chance to voice honest beliefs on important national matters. Congressman Ray Blanton discussed political views with students. Senatorial hopeful Bill Brock chatted with students Cheryl Marberry and Geraldine Butler. Snow Surprises Spring Semester Spring registration was on experi- ence long to be remembered. The night before, while students slept, the earth had been blanketed in white — the first snow of ' 71 . Guys and coeds as well donned boots, mufflers, gloves and trudged wearily to the " hill " to wait their turn in line! The campus was peaceful, calm, and yes, it even seemed isolated. Not for ong; for as soon as one could secure his last class card, get his meal tick- et, and accept the bad news about his tuition fees, he was off— scuffling in the white drifts, throwing snow- balls, building snowmen, sledding down slopes and encountering mile discomfort as he unexpectedly t ook his seat in the snow. Graduation — Echoed with Tears and Smiles Every graduating class makes its last official walk with sorrow and joy — sorrow of leaving old friends and joy of facing a new world .... they ' ve been warned of the chal- lenges and pitfalls of " that big wide world out there " as they review the destiny of what they ' ve prepared themselves for . . . formalities over, there ' s time for the last handshake, some congratulatory hugs, o quickly wiped tear as parents, relatives, and friends move in to share the moment and to preserve it with film for posterity. Janis Blumberg receives another congratulatory hug. Danny Davis leads the Seniors to graduation. Carol Weaver accepts Hughes Award Tigrett Award for June graduate is Larry Bickerstaff receives diploma and for outstanding August graduate. given to Peggy Birmingham. congratulations from Dr. Craig. Wilma Dykeman challenges seniors in graduation address. Spare Moments Rare and Relaxing From sipping punch at a reception to playing tennis between classes, stu- dents find numerous things to occupy their leisure time. But in the whirl of campus life, students aren ' t the only ones who " take a break " — a visitor to the campus might easily see a fac- ulty member playing baseball or an administrator at the SGA movie. Classes Senior Class Officers. Mel Lewis, Vice President; Ouida West, Secretary; Leroy Lane, President; Kay Hall, Reporter. Karen Ada Jackson, Tennessee David Baker Hazard, Kentucky Douglas Baker Halls, Tennessee Jimmy Barlow Kevil, Kentucky Glendo Barnett Medina, Tennessee Judy Beard Memphis, Tennessee Wallace Bell Jackson, Tennessee Gloria Bivens Jackson, Tennessee Jerry Bolen Jackson, Tennessee Grady Boykin Jackson, Tennessee Jack Brown Jackson, Tenne Kenny Bryan Jackson, Tenne Linda Butler Alawo, Steve Butler Humboldt, Tennessee Barb Bynum Brownsville, Tennessee •».!,, R ■i-« f- ' B F 7 Sharon Callis Memphis, Tennessee Shirley Callis Martin, Tennessee Ron Canter Jackson, Tennessee Yua Chock Chan North Point, Hong Ko Wayne Clift Memphis, Ten Larry Cole Ripley, Tennessee Freido Cox Selmer, Tennessee Royce Crossnoe Humboldt, Tennessee Bob Crum Jackson, Tennessee Mike Duncan Jackson, Tennessee Jimmy Dyer Henderson, Tennessee Nancy Easterday Memphis, Tennessee Diane Ellis Humboldt, Tennessee Allen Exum Bethel Springs, Tenness Paula Farmer West Memphis, Arkonsi Joyce Fesmire Mc Kenzie, Tennessee Barbara Fiveash Memphis, Tennessee Darrell Garrett Memphis, Tennessee Nancy Gray Jackson, Tennessee Bill Greer Paris, Tennessee Class Of 1971 James Haak Brownsville, Tenne Kay Hall Dyer, Tennessee Bobbie Hamblin Tupelo, Mis. Nancy Hemby Jackson, Tennessee Danny Henderson Portageville, Mis Linda Irvin Jackson, Tennessee Ken James Memphis, Tennessee Juanita Jernigan Jackson, Tennessee Danny Jones Germantown, Kentucky Jayne Kilby Whileville, Tennessee Gloria Kimball Durham, North Can Ann King Obion, Tennessee James Kirby Jocicson, Tennessee Curtis Knight Atlanta, Georgia Vernon Knight Jacltson, Tennessee Becky Kolb Memphis, Tennesse Cindy Lee Jackson, Tennessee Mel Lewis Alamo, Tennessee Ted Lewis Lex ngton, Tenness Martha Lumpkin Dyer, - Ann Manner Milan, Tennessee David Marsh Alcoa, Tennessee Wayne McLemore Humboldt, Tennessee Tim Merwin Jackson, Tennessee Steve Miller Joctson, Tennessee Thomas Morgan Lexington, Tennessee Wanda Mosley Memphis, Tennessee Camille Moss Jackson, Tennessee Judy Murchison Sikeston, Missouri George Norvell Paducah, Kentucky Linda Patterson Henderson, Tennessee Walter Persons Jackson, Tennessee Barbara Rhodes Jacks Creek, Tennessee Danny Rhodes Scotts Hill, Tennessee Kay Robinson Milan, Tennessee Suzanne Rogers Jackso n. Tennessee Robert Roy Tulahoma, Tennessee Bill Rutledge McKenzie, Tennessee Linda Scarbrough Humboldt, Tennessee Pat Scott Adamsville, Tennesse Brando Smith Lake Comoranf, Mississipf George Smith Covington, Tennessee William Spencer Chattanooga, Tennessee Judy Stephenson Dyer, Tennessee Edith Stewart Humboldt, Tennessee Mike Stuart Brownsville, Tennessee Bill Troutt Jackson, Tennessee Carole Pearson Troutt Jackson, Tennessee Jane Welch Brownsville, Tennessee David Westbrook Dresden, Tennessee Lisa White Beech Bluff, Tennessee Carolyn Williams Memphis, Tennessee Dale Moore Williams Jackson, Tennessee Gary Williams Jackson, Tennessee Martha Williams Jackson, Tennessee Juniors Junior Class Officers. Gail Armstrong Day, Secretary; Suzanne Cope- land, Reporter; Ken Cox, President. " SB ' ' ' , ■) i:S Zan Acuff Jackson, Tennessee Phyllis Alexander Jackson, Tennessee John Bailey forf Myers, F orjdo Mike Baker Owensfaoro, Kentucky Helen Barnett Joc tson, Tenne Mike Crowell JocJtson, Tenn Kay Daniel Memphis, Ten Gary Dougan Jackson, Tennessee Kay Droke Memphis, Tenn Ray Droke Memphis, Ten Philip Dunlop Bradford, Ten Gary Eason Jackson, Tennessee Vera Forrar Jackson, Tennessee Mary Joy Forsythe Brownsvi e, Tennessee Larry Fowler Jaclcson, Tenn Teresa Hall ' ille, Tennessee Wally Hammer Jackson, Tenn Jerry Hayes Jacicson, Ten Larry Hearn Jackson, Tenn. Betty Hodges Tupelo, Mississippi iT Betty Hopper Jackson, Tennessee Billy Lee Howard John Howell St. Louh, Missouri James C. Hundley Bolivar, Tennessee Phyllis Hutcherson Dresden, Tennessee Jackie Hutchison Dyer, Tennessee Joy Jeffcoot Memphis, Tennessi Rosemary Jones Jackson, Tennessee James Kiddy Jackson, Tennessee John Kiddy Jackson, Tennessee Ronnie Kiddy Jackson, Tennessee James Love Jackson, Tennessee Doug Lynch Memphis, Tennesst Mike Mayo Milan, Tennessee Sandra McCorley Brownsvi le, Ten Dan Miller Lavinia, Tennessee Paul Moore Brighton, Tennessee Nadene Naylor on, Tennessee Pam Nerren Wayne, Mich ' igan Bill Northcott Jackson, Tennessee Charlie Park Joctson, Tenn Judy Phillips Jackson, Tennessee Joe Powell :son, Tennessee Vicki Ranson Jackson, Tenn. Lloyd Russell JocJcson, Ten Movelle Sortain Sfanton, Tennessee Tommy Scott Memphis, Tennessee Deborah Sikes Lexingfon, Tenni Mike Singleton Semis, T Sophomores Sophomore Class Officers. Steve Meacham, Vice President; Janet Stallings, Secretary; Debbie Epps, Reporter; Ben Baker, President. Undo Byrum Maiden, Missouri Andy Clarke Jackson, Tennessee Deborah Cohen Memphis, Tennessi Wanda Coleman Camden, Tennesse Charles Cottrell Orlando, Florida Larry Craig McEwen, Tennesse Linda Davie Memphis, Tennessi Sandy Davis Marfin, Tennessee Judy Deming Jockson, Tennesse. Clyde Dennis Memphis, Tennessi Roi Ann Dixon Memphis, Tenness Debbie Epps Memphis, Tenness ' James Ezell Trezevonf, Tenn Anita Falcinelli Memphis, Tennessee Kenneth Feothers Adamsville, Tennessee i Roark Oarksville, Tenn, Bill Robi Union City, Tenn Sharon Sample Memphis, Tennessee Becky Scott Jackson, Tennessee James Barton Shanklin Dresden, Tennessee Douglas Skiles Jackson, Tennesst Lorry Smith Selmer, Tennesset Sid Spain Jackson, 7enness( Janet Stallings Bo ivor, Tennesse Randy Staples JacJcson, Tenness Susan Tacker Memphis, Tennes: DaleThomason Jackson, Jennessi Steve Thompson Buchanan, Tenne Kathy Turner Buchanan, Tenne Donna Wallace Chesterfie d, Ten Paul Wallo-_ Jockson, Tenn Janet Warren Millington, Ten Pat Wilson McNairy, Tenn Carlo Wise Humboldt, Ten Danny Witherington Rutherford, Tenn Wayne Wofford Trenton, Tenn Lorry Wood Atwood, Tennessee Freshmen Freshman Class Officers. Dave Cavanaugh, President; Debbie Burton, Vice President; Linda Sanders, Reporter; Bonnie Ivy, Secretary. Mable Ainley Dresden, Tenne Pat Ande Memphis, Tennessee Angela Allen McKenzie, Tenn Elaine Atkins Covington, Tennessee Terry Austin Norris City, Illinois Jan Azbill ,Tenn Jackie Baird Memphis, Tenn Jane Barber Joclcson, Tenn Judy Barber Jockson, Tenn John Barnefte Jackson, Tennessee Jackie Bearden Adamsvitle, Tennes; Vickie Bethea Memphis, Tennessei Patty Bishop Huntingdon, Tenne Gail Blankenship Jockson, Tennessee Patsy Bradshow Piggott, Arkansas Claudia Brewer Jackson, Arkansas Carolyn Brown Jackson, Ten Kay Brown Jackson, Tenn Debbie Burton Memphis, Tennessee Carter Butler Nashville, Tennessee Jeal Butler Jackson, Tenn Debbie Car Boilvar. Tenn JanCaylor Jackson, Tennessee Shelley Chipman Rlpiey, Tennesst Shirley Cochran Mobile, Alaban Carrey Cole Porfcin, Arfconsc Janice Cook Atwood, Ten. Linda Cowart Memphis, Te Norma Cox Henderson, Teni Mary Pat Crockett V ynn, Arkansas Gail Cross Lexington, Ten Janice Daniel Jacicson, Tenne Debra DePriest £vonsvi e, Indian Margaret Dougan Jackson, Tenness Beth Eastham Bolivar, Tennessi Janet Ernest Dyer, Tennessee Martha Ervin Nashville, Ten Judith Farmer McKenzie, Ten Danny Flanagai Huron, Tenne Lor !Flc Dyer, Tennessee Charles Folder Lexington, Tennessee Jennifer Freeland Bruce on, Tennessee Ben Fronabarger Lexington, Tennessee Susan Fryer Memphis, Tennessee George Googe Joctson, Tennessee Skip Gottfried Bortlett, Tennessee Phillip Glisson Memphis, Tennessee Carmen Green Joctson, Tennessee Richard Greer Graupon, Louisiana Betty Griffin Jockson, Tennessee Reggie Griffin Paris, Tennessee Harvey Grounds Big Sandy, Tennessee Larry Gurley Alexander, Virginia Judy Hall Jackson, Tennessee Helen Hardin Jackson, Tennessee Johnny Hill Trenton, Tennessee Debbie Irby Joctson, Tennessee Bonnie Ivy Memphis, Tennessee Jan Myracle Parsons, Te Sandra Nabors Memphis, Tennessee John Nelson Dixon, Missouri McKay Newman Ha; s, Tennessee Michael Nichols Pons, Tennessee Dennis Norris Covingfon, Tennessee Malcolm Norton Union City, Tennessee Debro Overall Memphis, Tennessee Cathy Payne Henry, Tennessee Brenda Peeler Se mer, Tennessee Diana Perrey AcJomsvi Ze, Tennessee Jody Porrish Pinson, Tennessee Dwighf Porter Bolivar, Tennessee Dale Prince Memphis, Tennessee Shirley Queen DuQuoin, Illinois William Rawls Jocltson, Tennessee Jerry Roy Poris, Tennessee Connie Richardson Joclcson, Tennessee Brenda Roark Memphis, Tennessee Randall Robertson Big Sandy, Tennessee Doug Rogers Memphis, Tennessee Vickie Rogers Friendship, Ten Ralph Rush Clarksvitle, Jenness Undo Sanders Memphis, Tennessee Jenny Seabrook Jockson, Tenn Cindy Segebarth Dresden, Tennessee Judy Shell Ridgely, Tennessee Becky Smith Ripley, Tennessee Sherrie Smith Memphis, Tenni Gene Snowden Big Sandy, Tennessee Mickey Spence Friendship, Tenn Elaine Stewart Brownsvi Ze, Tenn Emily Stowe Jackson, Tenness Pat Sullivan Dyer, Tennessee Brenda Tate Milan, Tennessei Sharon Taylor Jonesfaoro, Arka Pam Thomas Pinckneyv ( e, lllinoi Linda Thorne Bruceton, Tennessee Tony Todd West Point, Tenn Debbie Townsend Somerviile, Tennessee Teresa TruM Humboldt, Tenn i Pat Turbe Memphis, Tenne Esther Ulrich Athens, A abom Rickie Van Whee wright, Kentucky Cathy Vaughn Lexington, Tennessee Retha Vaughn Memphis, Tennes June Vaught Memphis, Tennes Mike Walker Lexington, Tenne Elaine V ard Alamo, Tennesse. Tony Warren Mou ten, Alabama Kathy Waters Big Sandy, Tennessee Joe Wesbury, Jr. Orlando, Horido Vivian Whitworth Kenton, Tennessee She I Wil Jocliscn, Tennessee Philip Wilson Grand Junction, Tenne Zack Womack Henderson, Kentucky Janiece Wood Ridge y, Tennessee Stephen Wood Whiteville, Tennessee Personalities _ 1 ' ' j ■ nraP ' Hr H ■■ ' iS 1 i! r ' Jp mSj r ' ; ' " K SbB i _._ ,_.W w i i ii 11 Who ' s Who Fourteen outstanding seniors were recommended this year for member- ship in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Among qualities considered for this honor were scholarship, leadership, and activities. Mel Lewis Gary Williams Bill Troutt Judy Murchison ' vjiir " , Ben Matthews l " ' -|iffg " ' ' Donna Kennon Carroll Griffin Gloria Bivens Ouida West Leroy Lane Carolyn Owen Campus Favorites Darrell Garrett, Debbie Epps, Ken Krei Jimmy Gammon, Stephanie Smith, David Baker Judy Barefoot, Teresa Clark, Ben Baker Mr. Union Because of his dedication and eagerness, Car- roll Griffin was chosen 1971 Mr. Union by his campus colleagues. Carroll, president of the Student Government Association, is also a mem- ber of Alpha Chi and Kappa Mu Epsilon, na- tional honorary mathematics society. He is also a member of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Miss Union Serving her campus with a smile made Ouida West the 1971 Miss Union. Ouida, an elemen- tary education major from Trezevant, Tennessee, is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and was cho- sen Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl. She ser- ved as secretary of the Student Government Association and was a runner-up in the Miss University Pageant. Ouida was also elected by the Union University faculty to membership in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities. Miss America — Miss Tennessee Visit Union Phyllis smiles for reporters. President Craig welcomes Miss America and Miss Tennessee. Phyllis arrives at airport. Miss America is interviewed. uH Phyllis George displays Miss America talent. ZTA welcomes Miss America. 1 h. . Aiss Tennessee and Miss America. Don Wylie enjoys " Spring Swing " ton and Carol Sue Ferrante. Carol loves Tennessee. Miss Tennessee in Chapel. Pageant Contestants Barbara Reed Cindy Segebarth Patricia Williams was the Talent Award winner. Ann Keeton Carol Hall 3 W ■ ' ' v V 1 gj f B Elaine as Miss Streisand. ' I ' ll Never Fall In Love Again " Barbara Reed Debbie Thomason Teresa Clark L Miss Union University And Court With a springtime theme of " Slowly The Green Grass Starts to Grow, " the eleventh annual Miss Union Uni- versity Pageant accorded the audi- ence a glimpse of spring ' s beauty. As the nineteen lovely, talented con- testants vied for the crown of Miss Union University 1971, the radiant beauty of their smiling faces warmed the hearts of the entire au- dience. The presence of Miss Ten- nessee 1970, Carol Sue Ferrante, and Miss America 1971, Phyllis George erased any thoughts of win- ter dreariness. Preceded by press conferences and rehearsals and fol- lowed by receptions, the pageant was climaxed in the announcement of Miss Union University 1971, Miss Bonnie Bivens, and her court. Phyllis George congratulates Miss University, Bonnie Bivens. Bonnie sings AL-DI-LA Bonnie is " Miss University, 1971. Janet Stallings " My Way " Teresa Clark Sandra Bowers Miss University Court: Teresa Clark, Second Runner-up; Debbie Thomason, First Runner-up; Bonnie Bivens, Miss University; Janet Stallings, Fifth Runner-up; Sandra Bowers, Third Runner-up; Patricio Williams, Fourth Runner-up. Campus Sweethearts Janet Stallings, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Queen. Jannie Adams, Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart. Organizations WMMm SGA The key to a locked door needs only be turned to discover what ' s inside. Opening doors to communi- cation—student body, faculty, and administration— concerned Union ' s Student Government Association this year. Under a nev constitu- tion which established Senate and Legislative branches, the SGA sponsored major events including the Miss University Pageant, the Homecoming parade, and big name entertainment in the spring. With Carroll Griffin at the helm, the SGA incorporated a blood drive for children at St. Jude Hos- pital in Memphis, sponsored monthly movies in Powell Chapel, and staged the annual fall Talent Show in Powell Chapel. Carroll Griffin, SGA President SGA Senafe. First row: Becky V hlte, Tommy Scott, Phyllis Hutcherson, Jenny Seabrook, Sandy Nabors, Judy Barefoot, David Ep- ling, Mike Crowell, John Emison. Second row: Karon Morgan, Larry Kirby, Anita Falcinelli, Richard Hollomon, Ann Manor. Third row: Thomas Roark, Gaylon Sherrod, David Caldwell. SGA Officers. Bobbie Hamblin, Treasurer; Teresa Clark, Secretary; Carroll Griffin, President; John Avery Emison, Vice President; Debbie Thomason, Reporter. Dr. Bill Bouchillon is SGA faculty adviser. Prexy Club. First row: Mel Lewis, Donna Kennon, Billy Joe Belew, Jack Brown, Barbara Bynum, John Howell, Jackie Hutchison, Carroll Griffin. Second row: Ken Cox, Gary Williams, Gloria Bivens, Nancy Easterday, Ken Bryan, Ben Baker, Debbie Hollowell, Rogers Steed, Larry Kirby. Dorm Councils Inter-dormitory rules and regulations tremendously affect the life of the Union student: they can make life peaceful or they can make it perturbed. The Dorm Councils serve a vital function, because in being close to the student and knowing his v ishes, they can make rules v hich complement his ideas. Presiding at dorm meetings and acting as a communica- tion link betv een students and admini- stration kept dorm council members busy all year. Ellis Hall Dorm Council. Mike Brown, Mickey Spense, Wally Keller, John Howell, Jerry Carpenter. George Smith moves into Ellis Hall, loaded down on his tenth trip from the parking lot. Jones Hall Dorm Council. First row: Jenny Seabrook, Sandy Nobors, Mary Zon McKeal Diane McCraw. Second row: June Vaught, Bonnie Ivy, Becky Smith, Deborah Overall. Blyfhe Hall Dorm Council. First Row: Carolyn Williams, Joy Jeffcoat. Second Row: Debbie Epps, Judy Howell. One of the major parts of dorm life — the television. Adams Hall Dorm Council. Sam Ward, Ken Cox, Billy Lee Howard. BSU Two Christmas Parties— one for Union students and one for underprivileged children in the community — were spon- sored by the Baptist Student Union last fall. The Baptist Student Union also held its retreat in October and All- Sing competition in November. Two new additions to the Religious Activi- ties Building were a full-time host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Bough, whose presence enabled the opening and closing hours to be extended. The Baptist Young Women ' s Associa- tion, part of the over-all BSU program, hod two major projects this year: tu- toring grammar school children at no cost, and visiting the local nursing home weekly. Baptist Student Union. First row: Howard Fuller, Diane Perry, Mike Nichols, Connie Davis, Jocnn Beard, Shirley Queen, Patricia Watkins, Sharon Taylor, Elaine Stewart, June Vaught, Vivian Whitworth. Second row: Pat Anderson, Gwen Byars, able Ainley, Cathy Payne, Mary Joy Forsythe. Third row: Richard Holloman, Sandra Wiggens, Mike Owens, John Devereaux. Fourth row: Chrissie Bishop, Ann Keefon, George Norvell, Jennifer Freeman. Fifth row: Ann Manner, Cathy Perkins, Mac Williams. Sixth row: Dave Cavanaugh , Linda Thorne, Joy Jeffcoat, Don Edwards. Seventh row: Barbara Fiveash, Brenda Peeler, Mike Smith. Eighth row: Danny Henderson, Mike Stewart, Linda Bates, Joyce Thorne. Student Religious Affairs Administrative Board. Dr. David Irby, Don Edwards, Wayne Webb. Volunteer Mission Board. Howard Fuller, Danny Henderson, Barbara Fiveash, Connie Davis, Chrissie Bishop, Mike Stewart. BYW. Wondo Coleman, Shirley Cochran, Gloria Kimball, Diane Perry, Teresa Trull, Susan Tacker, Sharon Sample, Barbara Fiveash, Valorie Ford, Cindy Sills, Mable Ainley, Diane Moser, Barbara Blair, Brenda Powers, Debbie Cohen, June Vaught, Janet Warren, Linda Davie, Barbara Bynum, Betty Hooper. Minisferial Association. First row: Jerry Smothers, Mike Duncan, Gerry Claybrook, Don Pruitt, Malcolm Norton, Tony Warren, Douglas Baker, Louis Minner, Stephen Breault, Dale Prince, James Ervin, James Day, Dick Boyd. Second row: John Conn, David Adams, Fred Tubbs, Wayne Webb, Phillip Barkley, Carter Butler, Dave Cavanaugh, Tim Wills, Phil Glisson, Mike Mayo, Franklin Tennyson, Mike Stewart. Third row: Don Wilson, Bob Wordon, Charles Foley, Dr. David Irby, Paul Berkley. Alpha Chi — Hypatia — Nestor Say Alpha Chi, Hypatia, or Nestor Club to any Union student and watch for a response — it probably includes the words " good grades. " The three honor societies are com- posed of top-ranking Union students scholastically. Alpha Chi, a national honor society, is composed of the up- per ten percent of all junior and se- nior Union students. Hypatia and Nestor, however, both limit member- ship to 12 — twelve top-ranked wo- men in the junior and senior classes for Hypatia, and for the Nestor Club, the twelve highest men in the junior and senior classes. Officers of Alpha Chi are Paul Moore, Movelle Sartain, Bill Troutt, and Melvin Lewis. Alpha Chi. First row: Susan Crum, Brenda Davis, Movelle Sartain, Joy Jeffcoat, Carroll Griffin. Second row: Bennie Matthews, Phil Scott, Mike Smith, Susan Meriwether, Teresa Clark, Jack Brown, Ken Bryan. Third row: Phillip Turner, Debbie Thomason, Donna Wright, Mrs. Cheryl Chandler and Dr. Hyran Barefoot, sponsors. Hypafia. First row: Sue Murphy, Brenda Davis, Susan Crum, Mrs. Cheryl Chandler. Second row: Joy Jeffcoat, Carolyn Owen, Nancy Randall, Nancy Hemby, Donna Kennon, Suzanne Rogers, Pat Scott, Wanda Mosley. Nestor Club. First row: Bill Troutt, Bennie Matthews, Mel Lewis. Hypatia officers are Sue Murphy, Donna Kennon, and Joy Jeff- Second row: Carroll Griffin, Phil Scott, Paul Moore, Ken Bryan. coat. Mallory Math Club Promoting interest and scholarship in math b broadening the understand- ing of mathematical concepts was the goal of the Mallory Mathematics Club. Meeting monthly under the leadership of president Larry Kirby and sponsors Dr. Joe Tucker and Mr. Richard Dehn, the club presented challenging pro- grams for students interested in math. Kappa Mu Epsilon Ever-changing mathematical ideas and theories kept Kappa Mu Epsilon mem- bers intellectually stimulated. The na- tional honorary mathematics frater- nity encouraged students to pursue fields not covered in regular math courses, and endeavored to answer probing questions brought forth by members at monthly meetings. Mallory Math. First row: Frankie Watkins, Larry Kirby, Karon Morgan. Second row: Mr. Richard Dehn, Dr. Joe Tucker, Mike Crowell, Phillip Scott. KME. First row: Movelle Sartain, Phillip Scott, Helen Barnette. Second row: Mr. Richard Dehn, Vernon Knight, Benny Matthews, Curtis Knight, Carroll Griffin, Dr. Joe Tucker. Rufledge History Club. First row: B.J. Belew, David Epiing, Kenny Reed, Lart7 Stewart. Second row: Steve Vaughn, Brant Brant- ley, David Miller, John King. Phi Alpha Theta; Rutledge History Combining efforts, the Rutledge History Club, open to all students, and Phi Alpha Theta, honorary history frater- nity, attempted to promote the study of history, to strengthen knowledge in politics and contemporary events, and to study careers in history fields. Proj- ects included conducting a mock sen- atorial and gubernatorial election, spon- soring a rap session with Senator Bill Brock and inviting chapel speakers to discuss problems and changes in contemporary American government. Phi Alpha Theta. Judy Besherse, Nancy Bray, Beatrice Robertson, Dr. Hiram Ward, Billy Joe Belew, Larry Stewart, Frank Hall, Mr. Donald Hoover. Student National Education Association Organized by the teachers, of the teachers, and for the teachers, the Student National Education Asso- ciation tried to familiarize future teachers with problems and chal- lenges in education. Monthly pro- grams emphasized classroom situa- tions with an eye on the future, and brought contemporary concepts in education to the forefront. Rodney Everhart, Carroll Griffin. Third row: Barbara Bynum, Camille Mass, Becky Scott, Linda Bishop, Billy Joe Belew. Fourth row: Susan Fryer, Shirley Cochran, Nancy Easterdoy. Fifth row: Teresa Trull, Sandy Nabors, Zan Acuff, Sharon Callis. Sixth row: Janice Daniel, Barbara Farmer, Carolyn Williams, Judy Roach. Seventh row: Jeal Butler, Kittye Richardson, Jane Madden, Wanda Coleman, Joan Austin, Sarah Lee Moore. Eighth row: Diane Mosier, Emily Stowe, Jan Azbill, Paula Deane Horner. Debate team members are Dwight Pulley, Becky Smith, Doug Rog- ers, and Debbie Burton. Debate Team A winning record gets to be a habit at Union, and this year ' s debate team wanted to continue the hab it. Fall semester saw them with de- bates at the University of Monti- vello in Montivello, Alabama, and in local tournaments with neigh- boring schools. Cathi Spencer and Mr. Paul Woodford coached the debate team. Girls P. E. Club If diamonds are a girl ' s best friend, then Mrs. Grace Williams is the P.E. Club ' s best friend — because she was a real " jewel " last year! Under her guidance, the club for girls inter- ested in P.E. sponsored a powderpuff football game in Rothrock Stadium and furnished a hospitality room at home basketball games. Other ac- tivities of the club included acting as ushers at ball games, sponsoring a reception for faculty members, and generally promoting interest and en- thusiasm for physical education and fitness on campus. P.E. Club. First row: Brenda Reeves, Denise McCarty, Sherry Sparkman. Second row: Janet Stallings, Donna Wallace, Mary Zon McKeel, Bonnie Ivy, Nancy Claire Follis. Third row: Brenda Moore, Karen Ada, Beth Finch, Judy Ekirefoot, Stephanie Smith, Debbie Epps. Fourth row: Linda Sanders, Pat Turberville, Sherrie Smith, Sandy Nabors, Sarah Lee Moore, Jeal Butler, Joan Austin. Fifth row: Sandra Bowers, Kay Brown, Linda Bishop, Jan Azbill, Jodie Parrish, Judy Hall, Susan Fryer, Shirley Cochran. Sixth row: Sandy Davis, Cindy Segebarth, Paula Deane Horner, Kittye Richardson, Debbie Thomason, Teresa Hall. Fellowship of Christian Athletes Teamwork is perhaps the most important aspect of ath- letics, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes pro- moted fairness and cooperation in sports. After only a year ' s existence, the club was still expanding to meet the demands of Christianity on the athletic field at Union, both in intramurals and in varsity play. F.C.A. First row: Harvey Grounds, Toni Warren, Ron Oglesby. Second row: Howard Fuller, John Nelson, Douglas Baker. Third row: Jimmy Gammon, John Bailey, Mike Baker, Ken Cox. Fourth row: Mike Nichols, John Howell, Wayne Clift, David Baker. U Club. First row: Sam Ward, David Baker, David Marsh, Jimmy Gammon. Second row: Ron Oglesby, John Howell, Danny Day, Ken Cox. Third row: Billy Lee Howard, Steve Meacham, Brent Goodman, Wayne Ciift, Chip Spiller. UClub " Athletes in action " could describe members of the U Club — even when they were not on the basketball court or the baseball field. This club ' s activities were varied, rang- ing from hayrides to parking cars at ball games, and choosing their Sweetheart-Gail Armstrong Day. The boys thus demonstrated their versatility in addition to their excel- lence in athletics. U Club Officers. Danny Day, Wayne Clift, Ken Cox, David Baker, Sam Word. Nursing Club The tread of soft-soled shoes on tile floor was a common sound at Jack- son-Madison County Hospital, where Union students got first-hand experi- ence in nursing skills. The capping ceremony in the fall was added in- centive to the aspiring nurses, which culminated in the awarding of the Associate Degree in Nursing in June. Capping ceremony highlights nurses ' training. The Nursing Club. First row: Cecilia Goodman, Linda Childs, Betty Butler, Pot Wallin, Mary Cupples. Second row: Frieda Cox, Charlotte Murrell, Debra Cohen, Stella Everitt, Betty Peevyhouse. Third row: Donna Brockmon, Linda Butler, Carlyn Davis, Donna Nehrkorn, Cindy Grimmer, Ruth Moclin, Rita Whitiker, Brenda Owen. Fourth row: Jan Caylor, Gwen Maxwell, Rachel Powers, Debbie Miller. Fifth row: Vicki Wallace, Sharon Taylor, Shirley Queen, Patti Bishop, Margaret Dugan, Phyllis Sipes, Shirley Wat- son, Belinda Barlow. Sixth row: Betty Griffin, Connie Richardson, Martha Hamlin, Lorrie Flowers, Betty Stephenson, Vernell Kil- lough, Ruth Booth. Seventh row: Earlene Kitchens, Brenda Smith, Barbara Reed, Robin Wagner, Mary Nell Brown, Betty Hooper, Ann Manner, Barbara Joy, Joniece Wood, Joyce Hunter, Rita Long, Judy Shell, Marie Ross, Roberta Brown. Phi Mu Alpha. First row: Edmund Cepparulo, Ken Bryan, Bill Rutledge, Phillip Turner, Mel Lewis, Ken James. Second row: Bill Troutt, Carroll Griffin, Curt Knight, Danny Henderson, Danny Jones. Gerry Claybrook presents the trophy for Ensemble work won by the SAI ' s. Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi Mu Alpha Union ' s two honorary music fraternities — Sigma Alpha Iota for women and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia for men — com- bined efforts this year to increase gen- eral student interest in the field of music while increasing their own mu- sical skills. Sigma Alpha Iota entered All-Sing for the first time and carried away the ensemble trophy. The fra- ternities also sponsored receptions in the fall for music majors, and topped off the year with initiation in the spring semester. Sigmo Alpha lota. Patricia Williams, Deborah Hollowell, Camille Moss, Donna Kennon, Janet Stallings, Roseanne Woody, Kay Robinson, Teresa Clark, Wanda Totty, Rachell Robertson. Fooflighfs. Seated: Sharon Callis, Dale Moore Williams, Movelle Sartain. Standing: Paul Moore, Linda Davie, Nancy Easterdoy, Debbie Epps, Teresa Hall, Gary Williams, Wallace Bell. Drama Groups Casting for a fall musical in 1971 con- sumed much of the time of Alpha Psi Omega and Footlights Club members in the spring. Fall semester showed the members busily engaged in staging a series of one-act plays for students on campus, and professionally enter- tained during meetings by playlets per- formed by members. Alpha Psi Omega. Linda Davie, Teresa Hall, Sharon Callis, Nancy Easterdoy, Gary Williams. Dr. Gerald Welker, conductor. Debbie Burton, clarinetist. Symphonic Band Soothing stroins of " Where is Love " from the musical Oliver followed by the rollicking " Irish Washer-woman " showed the versatility of Union ' s Symphonic Bond in fall concert. Other numbers included the " Wil- liam Tell Overture " and a medley of songs from Westside Sfory. The group ' s spring concert included such numbers as " Beethoven ' s 5th Sym- phony, " and " Manninveen. " The Symphonic Band presented its annual pops concert in the fall. The Union University Chorus presented its annual Christmas concert. Madrigals. Patricia Williams, Dr. Joseph Blass, Lee Gregory, Danny Jones, Wanda Totty, Mike Smith, Rachell Robertson, John Prince, Linda Byrum, Steve Smith, Belinda McEwen, Jim Criswell. Chorus — Singers- Madrigals — Quartet — Sextet Programs, concerts, and tours — only a small part of the agenda for mem- bers of the Union University Chorus, Singers, Madrigals, Sextet, and Quartet. The Chorus, a large organi- zation open to any Union student, performs both a Christmas concert in the fall and a spring concert sec- cond semester. The Singers, Sextet, and Quartet perform for chapel pro- grams, local civic organizations, and various other events. Madrigals also present programs both in the univer- sity community and on tours. Quorfef. Ken Bryan, Greg Jordan, Gerry Claybrook, Jim Criswell, and Bill Rutledge, accompanist. Singers. First row: Janet Worren, Mike Hartsfield, Janis Bowen, Patricia Williams, Ken Alexander, Brenda Powers, Eva Mitchell, Teresa Clark, Jennifer Freeland, Ann Keeton, and Buddy Rawls. Second row: Debbie Hol- lowell, Howard Fuller, Rachell Robertson, Wanda Totty, Marilyn Johnsey, Danny Henderson, Cindy Segebarth, Valerie Ford, and Teresa Hall. Third row: Bonnie Bivens, Danny Jones, Greg Jordan, Anneta Bivens, Barton Shanklin, Esther Ulrich, Phillip Turner, Lee Gregory, and Retha Vaughn. Fourth row: Steve Smith, Phil Scott, Betty Hodges, Robert Thompson, Ken Bryan, Jim Criswell, Paul Wallace, Brenda Peeler, Ken James, and Gerry Clay- brook. Hj t ' " 1 l k J ? . ta l l Bwfl ■Rn ► ' pr i MK::i S ' wL J Bm ySr m f Sexfet. Cindy Segebarth, Teresa Clark, Lee Gregory, Bonnie Bivens, Janis Bowen, and Gloria Biv- ens (not pictured). Stage Band Miss America came to Union this year and found at her service the top-rated Union University Stage Band. Under the direction of Dr. Gerald Welker, the band surpassed all previous achieve- ments in both staging and quality of music. The official band for the Miss University Pageant, the Miss Madison County Pageant, and the Miss Tenn- essee Pageant reached heights v hich v ere but a mere dream five years ago. With the help of vocalists Elaine At- kins, Bonnie Bivens, and Don Wylie, Welker ' s men (plus a lady, this year) once again triumphed. Trombonists Larry Smith, Mel Lewis, Ken Krei, and Curt Knight prepare for a performance. Doc directs during Tuesday rehearsal. Backup singers are Jim Criswell, Lee Gregory, Debbie Burton, Patricia Wil- liams, and Ken Bryan. Stage Band. First row: Patricia Williams, Jim Criswell, Debbie Burton, Ken Bryan, Elaine Atkins, Don Wylie, Bonnie Bivens, Ed- mund Cepparulo, Jerry Elston, Greg Stover. Second row: Doc, Bruce Brown, Denny Anderson, Bill Rutledge. Third row: Larry Smith, Mel Lewis, Ken Krei, Curt Knight, Ron Canter, Bill Brock, Carolyn Brown, Dickie Wyatt, Gary Eason. Featured vocalists with the Stage Band are Don Wylie, Elaine Atkins, and Bonnie Bivens. Lest We Forget To present a total picture of life at Union was the goal of this year ' s Lest We Forget staff, as they at- tempted to give equal emphasis to all facets of campus life. From the rough draft to the completed copy, the constant emphasis was on a new approach. Under the leader- ship of editor Jackie Hutchison, this year ' s Lest We Forget endeavors to portray " Unionism " in its truest sense. Jackie Hutchison, ediior. Bill Greer, sports. Carole Hall, classes. Jackie Hundley, Pam Nerren, campus life. Mike Adams, Creeks. Lynn Skelton, Greeks. Gary and Dole Williams, persono if es. Mrs. Betty Foellinger, pub icafions adviser. Pam Thomas and Carnie Green, sfaff. Rachel I Robertson, index. Writers Steve Smith and Shelia Wiles prepare another story. Members of the reporting staff are Beatrice Robertson, Jan Myracle, and Dave Davidson. Cardinal And Cream The voice of the college community was heard monthly last year in the student newspaper, the Cardinal and Cream. By giving students, fac- ulty, and administration alike a voice in the paper, a more complete idea of the complaints and compliments about the campus was achieved. Several new regular columns ap- peared including Adams ' Answer and Echoes From the Hill, the former emphasizing student ideas and the latter administration ideas. Under- standing was the goal-the news- paper was the means-and communi- cation was the end. Bill Greer served as editor-in-chief of the paper. Belinda McEwen, reporter. Mrs. Betty Foellinger worked as adviser for the paper staff. Reporter Roi-Ann Dixon. Commentator Mike Adorns. Greeks IFC Composed of members from each of the three froternities, the Inter-Frater- nity Council is the governing body for fraternity activities. Various committees serve the community with civic projects and encourage scholastic achievement among fraternity men. Designed to meet the needs of solving inter-frater- nity problems, the IFC plays an inte- gral part in campus life at Union Uni- versity. IFC. Leroy Lane, Gary Williams, David Caldwell, Joe Jones, David Boyd, Jack Brov n, Ray Moody, Steve Miller, David Kolb. GSC Members. Jackie Hutchison, Anita Falcinelli, Lynn Skelton, Donna Kennon, Zan Acuff, and Kittye Richardson, president. The last GSC? Hopefully, yes. The Greek Sorority Council, which is composed of three representatives of each so- rority, is now making plans to or- ganize a local Panhellenic chapter on Union ' s campus. The organiza- tion of a local Panhellenic chapter would strengthen the ties between the sororities and perhaps enhance the chances of getting a third so- rority on our campus. Founded in 1898 at Longwood College for Women, Farmville, Virginia, by nine founders, Zeta Tau Alpha is today one of the most outstanding women ' s social fraternities, with 120 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Though founded originally for fellowship and friendship, Zeta also emphasizes learn- ing and scholarship, leadership, high personal stan- dards, and service to mankind. Work with cerebral palsy crippled and retarded children, the national philanthropies, is actively supported by all Zeta chap- ters. Locally, Beta Omega, chartered in 1935 on Union ' s campus, as the 73rd link in the chain of chap- ters, helps to sponsor the two-day annual cerebral palsy telethon, which is the mainstay of funds for the local center. Mary Austin Jackie Baird Belinda Barlow Vickie Bethea Patti Bishop Bonnie Bivens Gloria Bivens Dian Blankenship Gail Blankenship Janis Bowen Mary Nell Brown Jan Caylor Shirley Cochran Carrey Cole Linda Cowart Mary Pat Crockett Gail Day Debra DePriest Anita Folcinelli Barbara Fisher Lorrie Flowers Carolyn Green Jane Goodrich Carole Hall Kay Hall Jackie Hundley Jackie Hutchison Barbara Irvin Mary Jackson Juanito Jernigan Susan Jones Jayne Kilby Earleene Kitchens Debbie Long Diane McCraw Belinda McEwen Cheryl Marberry Karon Morgan Pam Nerren Debra Overall Linda Patterson Louanne Rains Vickie Ranson Connie Richardson Gail Rickman Janet Riggs Rachell Robertson Sherry Rush Movelle Sartain Becky Scott Lynn Skelton Brenda Smith Cothi Spencer Pat Sullivan Pam Thomas Pat Trentham Vicki Wallace Frankie Watkins Dixie Webb Ouida West Dale Williams Pat Williams ZetaTauAlpha This year Chi Omega is observing its 75th anniver- sary. On April 5, 1895, Chi Omega v as originated at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas by five founders. Upsilon, the chapter at Union, has alv ays been con- sidered one of Chi Omega ' s finest. Chartered in 1903, it v as the first v oman ' s fraternity on Union ' s campus as v ell as being the fourth oldest of Chi Omega ' s present 1 53 active chapters. Zan Acuff Karen Ada Phyllis Alexander Elaine Atkins Joan Austin Jan Azbill Judy Barefoot Linda Bishop Sandra Blankenship Sandra Bowers Carolyn Brown Kay Brown Jeal Butler Gwen Byars Shelley Chipman Teresa Clark Suzanne Copeland Janice Daniel Sandra Davis Roi-Ann Dixon Kay Droke Debbie Epps Paula Farmer Beth Finch Nancy Claire Follis Susan Fryer Martha Goodrum Lee Gregory Judy Hall Teresa Hall Chi Omega Bobbie Hamblin Paula Dean Horner Judy Howell Phyllis Hutcherson Bonnie Ivy Kathy Keller Donna Kennon Becky Kolb Sara Leach Denise McCarty Mary Zon McKeel Jane Madden Gem Magargel Susan Meriweather Paula Miller Sandra Mitchell Sarah Lee Moore Kay Montgomery Judy Murchison Sandy Nabors Wanda Nelson Carolyn Owen Jodie Parrish Brenda Reeves Kathy Reynolds Kittye Richardson Judy Roach Kay Robinson Suzanne Rogers Linda Sanders Jenny Seabrook Cindy Segebarth Carroll Sipes Becky Smith Sherrie Smith Stephanie Smith Sherrie Sparkmon Janet Stallings Emily Stowe Brenda Tate Dale Thomason Debbie Thomason Donna Wallace Jane Welch Cecilia Wells Rebecca White Vivian Whitworth Carolyn Williams The ATO fraternity was founded at Richmond, Vir- ginia, September 11, 1865. It was established to unite fraternally the young men of the South with those of the North and to foster a brotherhood dedicated to achieving and cherishing permanent peace. It sought these ends by binding men together with the strongest eternal principles and teaching them to stand togeth- er and contend for the supremacy of good over evil. Originally established at Murfreesboro as Tennessee Iota, Beta Tau chapter transferred to Union University and was chartered February 28, 1894. As a social fraternity. Beta Tau performs many services not only to its brothers but to the community and school. The chapter participates in all campus functions and works with Jackson service clubs, like the Lions, on some of their projects. David Adams Ben Baker Billy Joe Belew Brant Brantley Danny Carmichael Fred Carnal Edmund Cepparulo Dan Davidson Jim Davidson Ray Droke David Epiing Jimmy Gammon David Gurley Frank Hall Ron Hall Wally Hammer Jerry Hayes Mike Hillard James Kirby Larry Kirby Bill Littlefield Doug Lynch Steve Meacham Dan Miller Steve Miller Ray Moody Ron Phillips Bruce Reams Kenny Reed Tommy Rhodes Sid Spain Larry Stewart Rogers Steed Rick Vanover Steve Vaughn Zack Womack Gerald Wood Alpha Tau Omega Lambda-Zeta Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha was established at Union as a local. Lambda Xi Delta, in 1961. Four years later it received its charter as a chapter. Lambda-Zeta-Zeta is one of 171 chapters and 20 colonies with a national membership of 111,000 brothers. Upholding this tradition of growth and prosperity, Lombda-Zeta-Zeta is climbing ever forward at Union. Its members are in almost every campus organization, are on new campus planning committees, and are ac- tively involved in campus politics. With a new program of fraternity education, Lamba- Zeta-Zeta will be building an even better pattern for Greek life at Union. Bill Bellican Rick Bryant David Caldwell Ron Canter Jim Chatam Andy Clark Charlie Cottrell Phillip Dunlap Joe Foster George Googe Bill Greer Gaines Hedges Johnny Hill Jim Horner John Howell Jimmy Irvin Phil Jenkins Danny Jones Jimmy Jowers Wally Keller Curt Knight Leroy Lane Richard Lewelling Ted Lewis Mel Lewis Greg Longshore Butch Meredith McKay Newman Gary Nichols Jere Phillips Dennis Rhodes Joe Smela Steve Smith Dove Springer Bill Troutt Ben Wilkes Gary Williams Dickie Wyatt Don Wylie Lambda Chi Alpha The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was founded March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama, in the city of Tuscaloosa. Eight students who had become hard and fast friends were the founders of this broth- erly society, which was destined to extend to the fur- thermost limits of the country. Tennessee Eta at Union was founded slightly more than a year later on July 4, 1857, and was established as the fifth chapter within the realm of SAE. Sigma Alpha Epsilon has enjoyed the longest exis- tence of any fraternal organization on Union ' s cam- pus, while developing a proud and lasting heritage. Sigma Alpha Epsilon has 174 active chapters, while claiming the largest number of initiates for any social fraternity. Mike Adams David Boyd Bruce Brown Jac k Brown, Jr. Bill Clark Wayne Clift Larry Craig Mike Crowell Jerry Culpepper Jere Dougan Gary Eason Johnny Farrar Larry Fowler Reggie Fuqua Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ken Krei David Marbur George Smith Brent Goodman David Marsh Chip Spiller Skip Godfried Jimmy Midgett Mike Ware Mike Graves Billy Nolan Bill Wormath Joe Jones Bill Quigley Dennis Williams Greg Jordan Buddy Rawls David Wilson David Kolb Lloyd Russell Dennis Wilson Mike Singleton Buzz Winn Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross. First row: Kay Robinson, Teresa Clark, Judy Murchison, Paula Miller, Judy Phillips. Second row: Julia Reeves, Paulette Hillard, Robin Wagner, Janie Adams. What ' s the name of the game? Hayes and Meacham ponder game tactics. Lambda Chi ' s entertain rushees. Lane defends pumpkin-cutting title. Crescents of Lambda Chi Alpha. First row: Nancy Easterday, Ouida West, Dale Williams, Emily Canter, Juanita Jerni- gan, Louanne Rains, Glenda Joyner, Carole Pearson Troutt. Second row: Patricia Williams, Sherrie Sparkman, Linda Scar- brough, Linda Irvin, Carmen Green, Lynn Skelton, " Mom " Waller. SAE ' s rest after tiring soccer practice. Liftle Sisters of Minerva. Barbara Fisher, Jane Goodrich, Monnie Waller, Janet Stalllngs, Leslie Edwards, Beth Finch. Mike Graves serves his parents at SAE pancake breakfast. Mike Singleton " decked out " for " Miss Phoenix " Pageant. Zetas entertain E ' s during Greek Week Chi Omegas serve guests at rush. Sports m . Dogs Gather the Wins UNION OPPONENT 89 Southeast Missouri State 15 106 Central Methodist 84 98 Missouri Western 71 73 Memphis Stote 88 78 Belmont College 87 71 Delta State 67 UNION INVITATIONAL 97 Carson-Newman 90 87 Concordia 11 MAYOR ' S TOURNAMENT 67 Lambuth 63 66 Athletes in Action 63 76 Kentucky Wesleyan 101 69 CBC 71 61 Delta State 58 84 UTM 78 85 Belmont College 77 78 Campbellsville 76 77 Carson-Newman 19 74 UTM 73 88 Whitworth College 72 66 CBC 67 78 John Brown University 15 11 Kentucky Wesleyan 97 lb Campbellsville 80 82 Oral Roberts University 93 David Marsh is named captain of the 1970-71 Bull- dogs. in on University Bulldogs. First row: Jim Martin, David Marsh, Ricky Vanover, Mac Bumpus, Steve Meacham, Clayton Bledsoe, Roger Jones, Brent Goodman. Second row: Roger Scott, Bruce Taylor, Chip Spiller, Greg Longshore, Billy Lee Howard, Darrell Gar- rett, Coach Jim Simmons. Pep talk and high spirits surround the bench. New Season — New Coach Without the services of Bill Henry, Union embarked upon o new season with a new coach, Mr. Jim Simmons. The Dogs themselves were short a familiar face in that of Lonnie Sear- cy. What would the new season bring? A scorching triple take. Union trounced the first three opponents to set a dramatic stage for almost half the season in one game .... Mem- phis State. Jimmy Martin dribbles carefully. Union three reach for a rebound. MSU Gains Revenge Memphis found revenge in this year ' s trek to " Tiger High. " The Dogs trailed miserably in the beginning of the game, but scratched their way back to with- in four points at one spot in the first half. But they seemed to lose focus and wound up floundering at half i ' lme, trail- ing MSU 45-34. Valiantly fighting in the second half, the Dogs seemed unable to tip the balance of breaks in their favor. A crowd of close to 12,000 fans were thrilled by brilliant floor antics by David Marsh and scoring thrusts by Billy Howard. But that crowd watched our Dogs succumb in the end by losing a traditional season battle to MSU, 88- 73. Garrett pushes the ball up and over. Vanover makes a save. Vanover ' s save costs him the season. Dogs Win Their Own jP Tourney Winning one ' s own invitational tour- nament proves to be an interesting feel- ing. For Union it was such, as the Dogs clamped a first round victory over sis- ter college, Carson-Newman, and went on to the championship. Concordia Seminary, meanwhile, took on Lane College and allowed the Drag- ons to get the stage for the final night, which pitted the Dogs against the Preachers. The Dogs set about to humble the Seminarians and vaulted to victory with a win of 97-79. Billy Howard and David Marsh were named to the All-Tournament Team. David Marsh was also titled with the tournament ' s Most Valuable Player Award. All kinds of problems are overcome by Marsh. Meacham up for two. Scott drives around his man. Garrett delivers his shot anyway Sneering will not stop this shot. Jones up for two! Dink " dunks " it. Billy Lee adds a tally. Strategy and defense were key factors for the Dogs against Athletes In Action. Dogs Win Mayor ' s Trophy Canine action was strong and talented in this year ' s edition of Jackson ' s Mayor ' s Tournament. First round action saw the Bulldogs pitted against Ath- letes In Action. The Athletes In Action used their height and talent to a great advantage in proving to be a formida- ble foe for the Dogs. It was a tight well-balanced game, proven by a half time score of Union 29, and Athletes In Action 27. The second half was still nip and tuck and culminated in a tie at the end of regulation play. In overtime, the Dogs pulled a final victory of 66 to 63 over the Athletes in Action. Championship night saw Big U against cross-town rivals, Lambuth College. Bulldog belligerency held on tightly, and clipped the Eagles ' wings 67 to 63. Billy Lee Howard led the Dogs with a total of 19 points to his credit, while David Marsh followed closely with 14 points. Marsh; always in control. Billy Lee aims high Kids of all ages . Billy Lee fires away. Marsh reaches in vain. Missy leads the way. Dribbling in the air?! Just out of reach! Spirit is always high with Union students. uu Cheerleaders Cheerleading is a hard business. Throughout the season of sports, these fine young ladies changed in- to screaming cartwheels on a mo- ment ' s notice. Catching many fans ' eyes and carrying spirit and pep all through the season, the Dogs were well-backed and well-supported by the 1970-71 UU Cheerleaders. 1970-71 UU Cheerleaders; Front row: Sandra Bowers, Ann King, Teresa Clark. Second row: Donna Nehrkorn, Debbie Epps, Debbie Thomason. Epps says " Go Thomason leaps in excitement. King spins for joy. Meet your man eye to eye. Marsh gets the slant on things. Bulldogs Led the Way Ending the season, the Dogs look bock with great feeling. The loss for the year of a promising Freshman, and the loss for the year of a stable two-year man did not deaden the will to win. Some games were, as al- ways, heartbreaking losses, and some were gullywasher wins. Al- ways, the 1970-71 Bulldogs led the way. Jones gets dunked while Garrett looks on. Billy Lee remains confident. Over there, fellas! Baseball EXPECT A MIRACLE, ACHIEVE A MIRACLE. Remember that? Before the 1970 season, word was that it would indeed be a miracle to win the VSAC and the NCAA. But Bill Rozich, in his first year at the Bulldog reins and also as a head coach anywhere, had a hunch — no, more than a hunch, a conviction — that he had a winner. And a winner it was. The Bulldogs of Death Valley, in an unheard-of Southern tour, successfully started their 29-9 season. Af- ter three straight wins, five losses came during the strenuous trip through Florida and Alabama. Union suffered only one conference loss. After that, they won 21 of their lost 22 games. On May 15, the Bulldogs won the VSAC tourna- ment in Jefferson City. Only days later. Big Red went to Normal, Illinois, for that coveted trip to NCAA College Division tourney. Going into the match, the Bulldogs sported more wins than any of the four teams in the tournament. But the miracle was about to end. Facing the incumbent champion, the Bulldogs fell short in the first game. In the second game of the double-elimination tourney. Union was ahead 3-0 before the ninth started. But four runs were scored against the Bulldogs and the mir- acle was canceled. However in looking back. Union posted one of the best records in the nation and certainly proved domination of the VSAC in its last year of membership. So, what some persons call a miracle may be only the natural. Heartbroken and empty-handed catcher. BULLDOGS, 1971— Batboy Robert Giiion. Front row: Zack Wo- mack, David Baker, Mike Baker, John Bailey, Larry Johnson, Jim- my Gammon, Danny Day, David Marsh, Dean Dickens. Second row: Coach Bill Rozich, Steve Valadez, Ron Oglesby, Keith Cabanav , Joe Kuchar, David Sikes, Charlie Blanchard, Mike Conn, Sid Spain, Ken Krei, Pitching Coach David Warmbrod. Coach and Oglesby size up situation. Team Managers — Sam Ward and Ken Cox. Dr. Cain, right on. A longer arm might help Double play, part one. 1970 BASEBALL RESULTS Bethune Cookman 4-2 Illinois Wesleyan 15-1 Bethune Cookman 3-0 Illinois Wesleyan 15-2 Befhune Cookman 6-1 Illinois Wesleyan 8-7 Tampa 1-5 Westminister 6-5 Tampa 3-5 Westminister 13-6 Florida State 1-5 Westminister 4-2 Florida State 2-6 Lemoyne-Owen 10-0 South Alabama 3-2 Lone 12-1 South Alabama 2-4 CBC 9-3 Valparaiso 6-1 Lemoyne-Owen 9-0 Valparaiso 1-4 Bethel 21-3 Valparaiso 4-1 Chattanooga 14-1 Parsons 2-4 Tenn. at Martin 5-1 Parsons 6-2 Lane 16-3 Bellarmine 5-0 Belmont 3-5 Bellormine 18-2 Bethel 5-4 Bellarmine 6-5 Belmont 12-1 Illinois Wesleyan 7-10 Tenn. at Martin 7-1 VSAC TOURNAMENT Lincoln Memorial 7-6 Carson-Newman 3-2 NCAA MIDEAST REGIONAL Illinois State 2-8 Nichols State 3-4 Cabanaw ' s fireball warmup. j ' ' . ' - ' -kt Kuchar, Womack, Cabanaw — respectable batteries. «ftrf.... . Ends in batter ' s frustration. Shuffleboard competition begins: ZTA vs. Independents Women ' s Intramurals At Union intramurals are a great activi- ty in the daily lives of the students. Women ' s intramurals consists of volley- ball, basketball, softball, shuffleboard, badminton, table tennis, and tennis. These girls vie actively for the seasonal women ' s intramural trophy given at the end of the year. Women ' s Intramural Council Members. Cindy Sills, Brenda Moore, Carey Cole, Sarah Lee Moore, Kay Brown. Gail Day controls. Kay Brown demonstrates a fast serve. Vickie gives a southpaw demonstration. Men ' s Iniramural Council Members. Back ro v: Mike Singleton, Ken Cox, Mac Williams, Tom Scott. Front ro v: Kenny Reed, Danny Harbin, Wayne Clift. Fans view intramurals also. Men s Intramurals Men ' s intramurals are fought year-round also. Teams compete in flag football, soccer, basket- ball, bowling, May Day track and field events, volleyball, and cross country. Fierce competi- tion is always on hand at any athletic encoun- ter. Mike Ware attempts a block. Keller officiates a soccer clash 5■ is»»; " ' ?T5: s■ Moody attempts to stop Ware. Lewis leads the way for Wilkes. Smela and Wylie chase their man. Soccer can be entangling. Jack Brown controls easily. Don Edwards up for two. MM ■ ■ mm 1 m fiC ■ L Mike Brown up for two. Nobody up for two. Advertisements Thunderbird Motel Malone and Hyde Thrasher ' s Cloth Shop The Thunderbird Motel is located on U.S. 45-South, just five minutes from downtown Jackson. It features a large swimming pool, color tele- vision, and guest-controlled room temperature. The large dining fa- cilities are excellent for meetings and banquets. . . . Thrasher ' s Cloth Shop, located in the Jackson Plaza, has everything you need for your sewing necessities. . . . Ma- lone and Hyde, Inc., wholesale food distributors, have their Jack- son office located on the Bells High- way. Their various products fill the grocery and drug stores of this area. . . . Colonial Baking Company Coca Cola Bottling Company That delicious aroma of freshly baked bread drifting across campus comes from the Colonial Baking Company. Located at 603 South Royal, they produce all types of mouth-watering breads and pastries . . . " Coke has the taste you never get tired of. It ' s the Real Thing- Coke " ( wd JiA graduati raduating class •OTTUD UHOD AUTHOITTT CT THI OOOfrMU eOtfAXV W One Hour Martinizing Shainberg ' s Bond ' s Shoe Company At One Hour Martinizing you can get one-hour service at no extra charge. Their specialty— ot 250 West Main, South State, Old Hickory Mall — is shirt service. . . . Bond ' s, Jackson ' s leading shoe store, features shoe fashions for the fashion-v ise college student. . . . Shainberg ' s in the Jackson Plaza is the department store for the whole family. . . . Nathan ' s Roberts Jewelers Located at 320 East Lafayette, Vineyard ' s is your complete flower and gift shop. . . . Stan- dard Drugs, Highland and La- fayette, can fill all your drug and sundry needs. . . . Na- than ' s, Main at Highland, has tomorrow ' s styles today. . . . They wont to show you one of the largest diamond collections in Tennessee at Roberts Jew- elers, in Downtown Jackson, home of Orange Blossom Dia- mond Rings. . . . DISC O U N T PRESCRIPTIONS Super D Drug Store The Super D Drug Stores, located in the Jackson Plaza and South- gate Shopping Center, offer qual- ity prescriptions service at a dis- count. ... Dr. Pepper has the taste that ' s " distinctively different. " At the Inn, in the dorm, anywhere, anytime — drink Dr. Pepper. It ' s not a cola or a Root Beer — it ' s the only soft drink you can enjoy hot or cold.. . . Dr. Pepper Bottling Company itii ¥ Penneys Dairy Queen No. 2 Stegall ' s Shoes Jackson ' s most modern department store is Penneys. Visit their store in the Old Hickory Mall or phone 424-3000. . . . Stegall Shoe Co., located in the Old Hickory Mail, is the " Fashion Shoe Cen- ter of West Tennessee. " . . . Jackson ' s newest and most modern Dairy Queen is located at 1724 South Highland; owned by Mr. and Mrs. Sam F. Vic- tory. . . . ml m m OFTHEKITCHEN Rhodes Furniture Store Albert ' s Alberts Rhodes Furniture Store, 1 1 1 N. Church, specializes in quality furniture and appliances. . . . Albert ' s, " Jackson ' s Most Pop- ular Fashion Store " , makes go- ing downtown a pleasure. . . . Rowe ' s Jewelers is one of Ten- nessee ' s five " Registered Jew- elers " American Gem Society. Rowe ' s Jewelry First National Bank First National Bank has three modern, convenient locations to serve you: Dov ntown, Main at Market; Midtown, West Main and I.C. Railroad; and Old Hickory Mall Branch, 1993 North Highland. First Notional is a member of the Federal Deposit Insur- ance Corporation, and the Federal Reserve Corpor- ation. For all your banking needs — from Christmas Club to savings and loan— think first of First Nation- al .. . Holland ' s " West Tennessee ' s Fashion Center " Is located downtov n and at Highland Park, or you can phone 424-2300. Holland ' s Georgia ' s Restaurant, 1334 High- land, offers fine food and excellent service in elegant surroundings . . . Gibson ' s now has two locations — Hayes Avenue at Lexington and 621 Old Hickory Blvd. Gibson ' s is where you always buy the best for less . . . Close to the campus at 213 East La- fayette, Burnette ' s can fill all your footwear needs. iiiS;°oV.rss Gibson ' s Burnette ' s Shoes Liberty Supermarket Liberty Supermarket has two loca- tions, 139 Airways and 206 North Royal, to serve you better . . . One of the South ' s most modern photo- graphic studios is Town and Country Studio. Drop by at 1402 Highland, or call for an appointment at 422- 6362. Town and Country Studio . ■• m wvt fii - " SSmSik ' ' . L mmmmi - .j w i iib ! 3Br W ' r : f m m i Hkk 1 mm i Lexington Inn The Lexington Inn, located just across Irby Street, is the place where students meet and eat. Owned by Pat and Mike Holmes, the Inn offers a second home for many students. Not only do they serve excellent food, but they ore famous for their relaxed atmo- sphere. The Inn is the place to go — after the game, after church, after a hard study session — anytime. Moore Studio Slater Food Service For your convenience, Moore Studio keeps your negatives on file for twenty years. Owned and op- erated by Devon Dooley and Mitch Carter, Moore Studio offers the services of three excellent photo- graphers — Mitch Carter, Jim Forrester, and Rodney Puckett. For the latest and best achievements of photographic art, call 427-1296, or pay them a visit at 215 North Liberty . . . Slater Food Service en- deavors to involve students in cafeteria affairs — besides eating. Mr. Chuck Tucholski outdoes himself to provide novel settings to break cafeteria monot- ony. First Baptist is a dynamic church linked hand in hand with a dynamic school. The staff — Dr. R. Trevis Otey, Carlys P. Scates, and Fred R. Ney- land — is vitally interested in Union, its faculty and its students. First Baptist wants to be your " home " church while you ' re away from home. Worship services: 10:50 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.; Training Union: 6:30 p.m.; Wednesday night supper and prayer meeting: 5:30 p.m. First Baptist Church ' - ' .: WJM KjL L i M ! 1 H Jack Holland wants every Union coed to look like she just stepped out of the Bandbox . . . Featuring Arco Products, Cliff Johnson Service Station is located at 215 North Royal . . . McGee-Ross, downtov n Jackson, offers hard- ware, housewares, and gifts. jack Holland ' s Bandbox Cliff Johnson Service Station McGee-Ross McGEE-Rbss Hancock Fabrics Located next to Gibson ' s on Old Hickory Boulevard, Hancock Fabrics offers the most complete and larg- est selection of materials in this area . . . The National Bank of Commerce is a full service bank to meet all your banking needs. The main office is lo- cated at 1426 North Highland, 210 North Royal, 1956 North Highland, and 1581 South Highland. " NBC is the Wide Awake Bank. " National Bank of Commerce f . " ■ M ilM IS WOH HQ 11 Him TO ill TK RICBB OF GOD ■n— 5| jp West Jackson Baptist is the church where Union students and faculty are warmly welcomed. The staff — David Q. Byrd, Pastor; Bill Taylor, Minister of Education; and Roger Cowen, Minister of Music and Youth — feel that West Jackson offers an opportunity for ser- vice and training during college days. " This is a Prayer Conditioned Church " . . . Your complete building materials merchant since 1889, Five Points Lum- ber Company is located on College at Royal. West Jackson Baptist Church. Five Points Lumber Company Rosenbloom ' s NcCALLHUGHES Rosenbloom ' s is the place to shop for the latest fashions .... Under the direction of John C. Moody and Bob Elan, McCall-Hughes, at 111 N. Liberty, has become a leading fashion center for college men .... Visit Rainey Furniture Co., 209 East Main, for the best in furniture and appliances for your dorm room or your home. Rainey Furniture Randolph ' s Nursery John Randolph, class of ' 30, operates Randolph ' s Nursery which features containers, evergreens, shrubs, and trees . . . Visit Rainey Furniture Com- pany ' s new showroom at 209 East Main, for the best in furniture and appliances for your dorm room or your home. Rainey Furniture Company John E. Parker Calvary Baptist is the church with YOU in mind. The pastor is Paul Clark; the Minister of Music is Donny Adams; and Minister of Youth and Education is Don Dillingham. " Life and Happiness can be found at Calvary " .... John E. Parker, 129 East College, has gifts and hardware to fill any need. Big Star There are three Big Star Food Stores to serve you: Jackson Plaza, Hollywood Shopping Center, and Southgate Shopping Center. They feature Swift ' s Protem Beef and Quality Stamps .... Located at 447 N. Royal, Johnsey ' s Sporting Goods is close to the campus, in more ways than one. They offer a complete line of sporting goods. " It pays to play. " Johnsey ' s Sporting Goods Index Senior Activities ida, Karen Lynn ... Chi Omega, assistant chairman; S.N.E.A.; Girls P.E. Club. Bain, Rebeccah Ann Crouch. Baker, Douglas Wayne . . . Ministerial Association; F.C.A. Baker, David Woyne. Baker, Wayman,W., Jr. Barkley, Janice Lowrance. Berkley, Paul H. . . . B.S.U.; Ministerial Association; Boy ' s Club, executive director. Barnett, Gienda . . . Moth Club; S.N.E.A. Belew, Billy Joe . . . Alpha Tau Omega; Rutledge History Club; S.N.E.A. Birmingham, Scott Powell. Bivens, Gloria Dean . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, record- ing secretary, president; B.S.U., Junior council, social chairman; S.N.E.A., membership chairman, president; Linguae Mundi; Greek Sorority Coun- cil; Chorus; Student Government off-campus re- presentative; Lest We Forget; University Singers; University Female Sextet; University Madrigals; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. . Minsterial Association. nklii Bolen, Jerry F. Boyd, David president. Boykin, Grady Harrell Bradford, Lois L. Brewer, Claudia Thomas Britt, James Larry . . . B.S.U, Brown, Bruce Barton . . . Stage Band. Brown, Jack, Jr. . . . Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Ne; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, president c i, recorder, treasurer, president; Intei Sigma Alpha Epsilo Sigma Alpha Epsilc tor Club pledge cL fraternity Bryan, Jame Kenneth . . . Dean ' s List; Phi Mu Al- pha; Stage Band; Symphonic Band; Chorus, Stu- dent director; Singers; University Madrigals; Quartet, director; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; Alpha Chi; Nestor Club; " My Fair Lady " production. Butler, Steve A. . . . Alpha Tau Omega, pledge president; Prexy Club; Footlights, publicity and tickets; S.N.E.A.; Interfraternity Council; Student Government Association; Cardinal and Cream, associate editor, editor-in-chief; Torch; Chorus. Bynum, Barbara Jean . . . Y.W.A., prayer choir- man, vice-president, president S.N.E.A.; Student Religious Advisory Council, secretary; Religious Life Committee; Prexy Club. Callis, Shirley Darlene . . . S.N.E.A.; Chorus. Canter, Ronald Earl . . . Lambda Chi Alpha, ath- letic director; U Club; S.N.E.A.; Track; Dorm Council; Stage Band; Symphonic Band; Univer- sity Madrigals; Drama productions. Chan, Yun Chack . . . B.S.U.; Intramurals, soccer. Clift, Robert Wayne . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon, warden, recorder; U Club; president; F.C.A; Prexy Club; Track. Cole, Larry Preston . Cole, Peggy Lundem Cox, Wade C. Crossnoe, Royce B. Crum, Robert Earl . Sigma Alpha Epsilon. . . Chi Omega. Alpha Tau Omega; Basket- ball; Cross Country; Golf; Chorus. Culpepper, Jerry Don . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Davidson, James Edward. Davis, Adrienne Hatcher. Duncan, Michael Rayvonne . . . B.S.U., freshman council, vice-president, president; Ministerial As- sociation, vice-president; Phi Mu Alpha; Dorm Council; Symphonic Band; Chorus. Dyer, Jimmy Eugene. Easterday, Nancy . . . 6.S.U., devotional chairman; Y.W.A.; Footlights, " You Can ' t Take It With You ' " " Antigone, " " Everyman " — student director, " Dif- ferent Drummer; " Dorm Council; Lambda Chi Al- pha Crescent; S.N.E.A.; Alpha Psi Omega; Prexy Club. Elinor, William D. Ellis, Diane Fisher . . . Zeta Tau Alpha. Farmer, Paula Kay ... Chi Omega, SGA, social chairman; Greek Sorority Council; S.N.E.A.; Girl ' s P.E. Club; Business Club; Chorus; University Mad- rigals; University Singers; Campus Favorite; Sec- ond Maid to Miss Union; Junior Class Speaker. Finch, Elizabeth Carol ... Chi Omega, publicity chairman, secretary; S.N.E.A.; Girl ' s P.E. Club; Little Sisters of Minerva; Lest We Forget; Cho- Frank, Arleen. Garrett, Darrell Wayne . . . Basketball team, co- captain. Goode, Sharon Smith. Gray, Nancy T. . . . S.N.E.A.; U Club Sweetheart; Homecoming Queen, 1969-70. Greer, William Edward . . . Lambda Chi Alpha, ritualist. Cross and Crescent correspondent; SGA senator; Interfraternity council; Prexy Club; Ten- nessee Collegiate Press Association, executive committee, vice-president; Student Government; Cardinal and Cream, Greek editor, managing editor, editor-in-chief, photographer; Lest We Forget, sports editor, photographer; Torch, contri- butor; Stage Band; Chorus; Symphonic Bond; Master Planning Commitee for New School. Griffin, Carroll Williams . . . B.S.U., treasurer; Phi Mu Alpha, secretary; Mallory Math; Kappo Mu Epsilon, treasurer; Nestor Club, secretary-treasur- er; Alpha Chi; S.N.E.A.; Student Government, president, film chairman; Dorm Council; Intra- murals, basketball, Softball, cross country, track; Symphonic Band. Haak, James G. . . . P.E. Club. Hall, Joseph Franklin, Jr. . . . Alpha Tau Omega. Hall, Nancy Kay . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, pledge trainer, vice-president, ritual chairman; S.N.E.A., treasurer; Girl ' s P.E. Club; Linguae Mundi, vice- president; Dorm Council; Chorus; Miss Union Pa- geant; Class Officer. Hamblin, Bobbie Ruth ... Chi Omega, treasurer; Math Club, Girl ' s P.E. Club; S.N.E.A.; Student Government, treasurer; Dorm Council; Lest We Forget, classes editor, organizations editor; Sym- phonic Bond; Chorus. Hayes, Roger Dale . . . Stage Band. Hemby, Nancy Jo . . . Hypatia; S.N.E.A.; Alpha Chi. Henderson, Danny P. . . . B.S.U., secretary-treasur- er, vice-president; Life Service Band; Phi Mu Al- pha; University Singers, vice-president; Chorus. Hillard, Michael W. . . . Alpha Tau Omega, pledge class president, scholarship chairman, secretary, treasurer, represented chapter at 50th National Congress; Nestor Club; Science Club; Interfrater- nity, vice-president; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Alpha Chi; Dean ' s List; Intramurals, tennis, bowling. Hollowell, Deborah Kay . . . Sigma Alpha Iota, president; B.S.U.; Y.W.A.; B.S.U. winter mission- ary; Prexy Club; University Singers; Womens Ensemble; Dorm Council, vice-president; Student Government, representative, appointed reporter; Symphonic Band; Chorus. Howell, Judith Ann ... Chi Omega; S.N.E.A.; Girl ' s P.E. Club; Guild, secretory-treasurer; Dorm Council, social chairman; Symphonic Band. Hudson, Corinne Carroll . . .S.N.E.A. Irvin, Barbar committee, Science Cl committee production Irvin, James ship chairn scholarship Chi; Who ' s versifies; ' duction. Irvin, Linda Si Club, soci( S.N.E.A. a Joyce . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, ritual big-little sister chairman; History Club; jb; S.N.E.A.; Student Government, food co-chairman; " A Different Drummer " Roy . . . Lambda Chi Alpha, scholar- nan, secretary; Interfraternity Council, director; Nestor Club; Chorus; Alpha Who in American Colleges and Uni- ' Arsenic and Old Lace " play pro- mon . . . Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent il chairman; Y.W.A.; History Club; James, Kenneth Ray ... Phi Mu Alpha, historian; Footlights; Stage Band, male vocalist; University Singers; University Madrigals; Chorus. Jeffcoat, Brenda Joy . . . Chi Omega. Jernigan, Juanita Jane . . . Zeta Tau Alpha; Lamb- da Chi Alpha Crescent Club; S.N.E.A. Jones, Danny Ray . . . Lambda Chi Alpha; B.S.U.; Phi Mu Alpha; University Singers; University Mad- rigals. Joyner, Patricia. Kennon, Donna Kay. Ketchum, Martha Ellen. Kilby, Jayne Laurette . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, histor- ian-reporter; Guild, secretary-treasurer; Cardinal and Cream, circulation; Torch, contribution; Stu- dent Reporter to Jackson Sun. Kimball, Gloria Jean . . . B.S.U., secretary, mission chairman; Y.W.A., mission leader, social chair- man; Life Service Band; S.N.E.A.; Chorus. King, Patricia Ann ... Chi Omega; S.N.E.A.; Girl ' s P.E. Club, secretary, president, treasurer; Little Sister of Minerva; Varsity Cheerleader, captain; U Club Sweetheart; Homecoming Queen; Home- coming Court; Campus Favorite. Kirby, James Lynn . . . Alpha Tau Omega, vice- president, rush chairman; Interfraternity Council; Student Government Senate Representative. Knight, Curtis Walter, Jr. . . . Lambda Chi Alpha; S.N.E.A.; Phi Mu Alpha, president, pledgemaster; Kappa Mu Epsilon, vice-president, historian; Stage Band; Symphonic Band. Knight, Vernon C. . . . Kappa Mu Epsilon, treasur- Kolb, Rebecca Frances . . parade; Young Republic sentative. Krei, Kenneth C. Chi Omega, ate Repre- Lane, Leroy Robert . . . Labda Chi Alpha, presi- dent; Torch, staff. Led better, Jerald. Lee, Cindy Sanders ... Chi Omega; S.N.E.A.; Girl ' s P.E. Club; Symphonic Band; Chorus. Lewis, David Eugene . . . Torch contributor. Lewis, Linda Kaye Hatfield. Lewis, Melvin Glenn . . . Lambda Chi Alpha, pledge president, pledge educator, rush chair- man, scholarship award; Nestor Club, president; Dean ' s List; Interfraternity Council, president; Phi Mu Alpha, alumni secretary, vice-president, warden; Alpha Chi; Prexy Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Class Of- fices, president, vice-president; Student Govern- ment; Intramurals, basketball, football, soccer; All-Star Football Teom; All-Star Soccer Team; Re- ligious Affairs Committee; Stage Band; Symphon- ic Band. Lewis, Ted . . . Lambda Chi Alpha; S.N.E.A.; Phi Alpha Theta, president; History Club; Cardinal and Cream; Lest We Forget. Little, J. Randal . . . B.S.U.; History Club; Math Club; Science Club. Lumpkin, Martha Jean . . . Y.W.A., enlistment chairman; S.N.E.A.; Dorm Council, senator, as- sistant. Mainord, Judy Irene . . . Y.W.A., secretary-treasur- er; History Club; Cardinal and Cream, reporter and columnist. Marberry, Cheryl Ann . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, second vice-president, standards chairman; History Club; Science Club; S.N.E.A.; Little Sisters of Minerva; Linguae Mundi; Dorm Senator; Chorus; Lest We Forget, Greek editor, assistant editor to campus life. McCarly, Sandra Jean. Matthews, Bennie Wilson, Jr. . . . Nestor Club, sec- retary-treasurer; Alpha Chi, regional representa- tive; Kappa Mu Epsilon, vice-president; American Chemical Society; Laboratory Assistant, Chemis- try; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. McLemore, Wayne . . . Science Club; S.N. E.A. Merwin, Timothy Alan . . . Student Government, movie committee. Midyett, James Henry. Miller, Eddie J. Miller, Stephen Roy . . . Alpha Tau Omega; Stage Band. Miller, Suzanne Byrd. Moody, Oliver Ray . . . Alpha Tau Omega, presi- dent. Morgan, Thomas Edward . . . Dean ' s List. Mosher, Donald R. Mosley, Wanda Lee ... Alpha Chi; Hypatia; S.N.E.A.; Don ' s List. Moss, Hettie Camille. Murchison, Judith ... Chi Omega, seniors on pa- rade, vocations, publicity; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sisters, vice-president, president; S.N.E.A.; Girl ' s P.E. Club; Student Government; Class Speaker; Symphonic Band. Naylor, Nodene M. Naylor, Susan Brumley ... Phi Theta Kappa; S.N.E.A. Nolen, William Prince . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; SN.E.A.; Chorus. Norvell, George Edmond . . . B.S.U., choir; S.N.E.A.; University Singers; Chorus. nel chairman, vice-president, chapter correspon- dent; Hypatia; S.N.E.A.; Girl ' s P.E. Club; Linguae Mundi; Stage Band, librarian; Symphonic Band; Sophomore Class Chaplain; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Chairman, 1971 Miss Union University Pageant; Dorm Council. Park, Charles Edward. Patterson, Linda Kay . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, Cere- bral Palsy chairman, house manager. Mother ' s Club chairman; S.N.E.A.; Linguae Mundi; lest We Forget; Chorus. Pearson, Mrs. June Moore. Person, Walter A., Jr. . . . Lettered in Track. Pickett, Jo Ellen . . . S.N.E.A.; History Club; Science Club; Dorm Council; Chorus. Powers, James H. Pugh, Pamela. Quigley, George William, Jr Epsilon. Sigma Alpha Owen, Carolyn Elizabeth Chi Omega, pen Rains, Louanne . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, Cerebral Pal- sy Chairman. Randall, Nancy Grower . . . Hypatia; Alpha Chi. Reams, Harold Bruce . . . B.S.U. Reddin, William Eugene. Rhodes, Barbara L. Rhodes, Danny J. . . . Lambda Chi Alpha. Richardson, Kittye Campbell ... Chi Omega; S.N.E.A.; Girl ' s P.E. Club; Greek Sorority Council; Fine Arts Club; Art Guild; Student Government Senator; Symphonic Band; Chorus. Robertson, Mrs. Beatrice Parker . . . Stewardship Contest Speaker; Spanish Play; District Secretary of Missionary Education. Robertson, Rachell J. . . . Zeta Tau Alpha; Foot- lights; Best Actress in " Our Town " ; lest We For- get, index, senior activities; University Singers, University Madrigals; Sigma Alpha Iota. Robinson, Kay Vinson ... Chi Omega, chapter correspondent; Sigma Alpha Iota, treasurer; S.N.E.A.; Little Sister of the Maltese Cross; Stage Band, vocalist. Robinson, Phyllis Alexander ... Chi Omega. Rogers, Cheryl Suzanne ... Chi Omega, pledge class treasurer, assistant vice-president; Hypatia; Alpha Chi; S.N.E.A., program chairman; Univer- sity Singers. Roland, Frances G. Roy, Robert Allen . . . Cardinal and Cream, pho- tographer; lest We Forget, photographer. Rutledge, Paul William . . . B.S.U., pianist; Phi Mu Alpha, vice-president; University Singers; University Quartet. Scarbrough, Linda Ann . . . B.S.U.; Y.W.A., secre- tary-treasurer; Math Club; S.N.E.A., secretary; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Club; Cardinal and Cream; B.S.U. Choir; Chorus. Scott, Patricia A. . . . Hypatia; Y.W.A.; S.N.E.A.; Linguae Mundi; Alpha Chi; Cardinal ond Cream; lest We Forget, section editor. Scott, Phillip Clark. Sikes, David Roy. Smith, George Edward . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Symphonic Band. Smith, Kenneth E. Smothers, Jerry L. . . . Ministerial Association. Snider, Larry Wood . . . Alpha Tau Omega. Spencer, Cathi Neal . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, parlia- mentarian; Debate team; SGA. Spencer, William Thomas, Jr. Stanbro, Joann. Steinman, Dick. Stephenson, Judith Cloudette. Stewart, Edith Margaret. Taylor, Edward Lynn, Jr. ... U Club; Cross Coun- try; Track. Tedford, Steve. Thompson, Robert D. Tilley, Nancy Howard . . . Y.W.A., consultant. Troutt, Carole Pearson ... Chi Omega, senior on parade chairman, vocation chairman; S.N.E.A.; Girl ' s P.E. Club; Cardinal and Cream. Trout, William Earl . . . Lambda Chi Alpha, schol- arship chairman; Nestor Club, vice-president; Ministerial Association; Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Chi, vice-president, president; Student Government; Dorm Council, vice-president; Torch; Debate Team; Stage Band; Symphonic Band; Chorus; Honors Program. Tubbs, Freddie Charles. Ware, Michael Allen . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon, warden; P.E. Club; Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes; Cross Country. Welch, Jane. West, Larry Street. West, Ouida Anne . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, scholar- ship chairman, assistant vice-president, standards chairmen, corresponding secretary; S.N.E.A.; Guild; Student Government, secretary; Dorm Council, fire marshall; lest We Forget; Chorus; Senior Secretary-Treasurer; Freshman Queen; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Club; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl; May Day Queen, Miss Union Alternate. Westbrook, David Wayne. White, Lesa Sharron. Williams, Anita Carolyn ... Chi Omega; S.N.E.A.; Girl ' s P.E. Club, treasurer; Freshman Class Repor- ter; Student Government, chapel correspondent; Dorm Council, vice-president. Williams, Eva Dale Moore . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, assistant Cerebral Palsy, Mother ' s Club chairman, director of pledges; B.S.U., freshman council; Footlights, make-up; S.N.E.A.; Linguae Mundi; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Club, president; Cardinal and Cream, typist; Lest We Foget, typist reporter, personalities; " Our Town " ; Cho- rus. Williams, Gary N. . . . Lambda Chi Alpha, secre- tary, vice-president; Alpha Psi Omega, president; Science Club; Footlights; Interfraternity Council, secretary; " Antigone, " " Our Town, " Best Bit Actor, Best Supporting Actor lest We Forget; Lambda Chi Alpha Ensemble; Chairman, Home- coming Display; Lambda Chi Alpha General As- sembly; Prexy Club. Williams, Howard Dennis. Williams, Martha Lee. Wingo, Linda Patterson . . . Alpha Chi; Linguae Mundi; Chorus. Wolfe, David E. Wood, Gerald Steven . . . Alpha Tau Omega, IFC reporter, intramural representative; Interfraterni- ty Council; Intramural Council; Chorus. Woody, Roseanne Marie . . . Sigma Alpha Iota, best pledge, program chairman, secretary, vice- president; Symphonic Band. Index 67,114,116,137,140 .61,118,140 . .111,142 . .22,100,101,148 , .3,73,129,133,146 . .77,110,111 . . 114,116,130 . . .125 . .67,140 . 77,79 ... 127 .53,77,79,110 .72 .77,102,103,127,140 73,114,116,118,140 138 Acuff, Zan. . Ada, Karen . Adams, David . . Adams, Jonie . . . Adams, Mike. . . Ainley, Mable . . Akin, Annefte . . Alexander, Ken . Alexander, Phyllis Allen, Angela . . Anderson, Denny . Anderson, Pat . . Arnold, Danny . . Atkins, Elaine . . Austin, Joan Austin, Mary Austin, Terry ... 77 Avery, J. B. . . .17 Azbili, Jan. . .77,114,116,118,140 B Bailey, John. . 53,67,166 Baird, Jackie . . .77,133,138 Baker , Ben . . . ' 2,73,90,107,114,116,142 Baker, David . . .38,61,90,166 Baker, Douglas . . .61,111 Baker, Mike . . 67,166 Baker, Mrs. Lucil e. . .22 Baldwin, Dr. Cha ries. . .33 Barber, Jane . . .77 Barefoot, Dr. Hy an. . .28 Barefoot, Judy . . . 16,73,77,90,106,118,140 Borham, Mr. Barbee ... 25 Barham, Mrs. Virginia ... 21 Barkley, Paul . . . Ill Barkley, Phillip. . . Ill Barlowf, Belinda . . 120,138 Barlow, Jimmy . . .61 Barnett, Glendo . .61 Barnette, Helen . . .67,114 Barnette, John . . .77 Barnhill, Terry . .67 Bartholomew, David . . . 1 59 Bass, Mr. Harold . . .24 Bates, Mr. Bill . . 18 Bates, Mr. Dan . . . 19,23 Bates, Linda . . 67,110 Beard, Joann . . . 110 Beard, Judy . . 61 Bearden, Jackie . .77 Belew, Billy Joe . .42,107,114,115,116,140 Bell, Stephen . . .67 Bell, Wallace. . .61,122 Bellican, Bill . . 142,144 Besherse, Judy . . .67,115 Bethea, Vickie . .77,138,174 Biggs, Miss Ann . . .30 Bikerstaff, Larry . .55 Bishop, Chrissie . . . 110,111 Bishop, Linda . . . 114,116,118,140,173 Bishop, Patti . . 77,120,138 Bivens, Anneta . . . 125,172,174 Bivens, Bonnie . . 125,127,138 Bivens, Mrs. Elea nor. . .22 Bivens, Gloria . .61,97,107,114,116,125,138 Blair, Barbara . . .73,111 Blanchard, Char ie. . .43,166 Blankenship, Dia n. . .66,138 Blankenship, Gail . . .77,138 12,18 . 1 2,26 .34,37,107 . . 115,142 115 Blankenship, Sandra. . . 140 Blanton, Dr. Milburn . . . 18 Blanton, Ray ... 52 Bloss, Dr. Joseph . . .30,124 Blumberg, Janis. . .54 BIythe, Mr. BIythe, Mrs. Helen . . Bolen, Jerry ... 61 Booth, Ruth . . .120 Boston, Dr. W. A. . . . Bouchillon, Dr. Bill . . Bouchillon, Dr. Pat. . .37 Bowen, Janis. . . 125,138 Bowers, Sandra . . .57,73,91,116,118,140,163 Boyd, David. . .91,136,146 Boyd, Dick . . .111 Boyd, Mrs. Margaret ... 23 Boykin, Grady . . . 10,61 Boykin, W. C. . . .73 Brodshaw, Patsy ... 77 Brantley, Brai Bray, Nancy . Breault, Stephen . . .111 Brewer, Claudia ... 77 Brewer, James ... 73 Brewer, Miss Maggie Nell ... 19 Bridger, Mrs. Mabel ... 39 Brock, Senator Bill ... 52 Brock, Bill . . .127 Brockman, Donno . . . 120 Brothers, Mr. Ronald ... 30 Brown, Bruce. . .67,127,146 Brown, Carolyn . . .77,127,140 Brown, Dr. G. Wayne . . .19,56,62,183 Brown, Jack. . .61,107,112,136,146,177 Brown, Kay. . .11,77,116,118,140,172,173 Brown, Mary Nell . . . 120,138 Brown, Mike. . . 108,177 Brown, Roberta . . .120 Brundige, Harold . . . 17 Bryan, Mrs. Carolyn ... 23 Bryan, Ken . . . 56,61,87,107,112,113,121,125,126, 127 Bryant, Rick . . .144 Byrd, Mr. Eldon . Burley, Richard . Burton, Debbie . Butler, Betty . . . Butler, Carter . . Butler, Geraldine . .34 . .73 , .76,77,81,117,123,126,127 73,120 .77,111 . . . 67,52 Butler, Jeal . . Butler, Linda . Butler, Steve . Byars, Gwen . Bynum, Barban Byrum, Linda . 78,114,116,118,140 .61,120 .61 . 110,140 . . .61,107,111,114,116 .53,73,124 . .53,166,169,170 .38,167,169 . . 106,136,144 .62,114,116,121,122 .62 . . . 17 . .9 . 149 Cobanaw, Keith . Cain, Dr. Gary . , Caldwell, David . Callis, Sharon . . Callis, Shirley . . Cameron, John C Campbell, Cole . Canter, Emily . . Canter, Ron. . .62,127,144 Carmicheol, Danny . . .142 Carmichael, Mr. Don ... 29 Carnal, Fred. . . 142 Carpenter, Jerry . . .42,108 Carver, Debbie . . .78 Cavanaugh, Dave . . .7,76,110,111 Caylor, Jan. . .78,120,138 Cepparulo, Edmond . . .121,127,142 Chandler, Mrs. Cheryl . . .28,112,113 Chan, Yun Chack . . . 62 Chatham, Jimmy . .144 Childs, Linda . . . 120 Chipman, Shelley . . .78,140 Clorke, Andy. . .73,144 Clark, Bill. . . 146 Clark, Dr. George . . . 2,26 Clark, Rev. Paul. . . 17 Clark, Teresa . 148,163 Claybrook, Gerry . Clift, Wayn Cobb, B. W. . . .17 Cochran, Shirley . . .78,111,114,116,118,138 Cohen, Debbie . . .73,111,120 Cole, Carrey . . . 138,172 Cole, Larry ... 62 8,67,90,107,112,121,125,140, 111,125 .62,146,175 Coleman, Wa ida . . . 73,1 1 1 114,116 Collins, Ruby . .67 Cook, Janice . . .78 Conn, John . . Ill Conn, Mike . . 166,171 Copeland, Su anne. . .66,67,68,140,151 Cottrell, Char ie. . . 73,144 Cowart, Linda . . .78,138 Cox, Frieda. . .62,120,167 Cox, Kenny. . .66,67,68,91,107,114,116,167,175 Craig, Larry . . .73,146 Craig, Dr. Robert . . .16,23,62 Criswell, Jim . . .124,125,126,127 Crockett, Mary Pat . . .78,138,174 Cross, Goil ... 78 Cross, Norma . . . 78,83 Crossnoe, Royce ... 62 Crowell, Mike . . .68,106,146 Crum, Bob . . . 62 Crum, Susan. . .24,112,113 Culpepper, Jerry . . .5,146 Cupples, Mary . . .120 Curlin, Miss Martha . . .23 Daniel, Janice. . .78,114,116,140 Daniel, Kay . . .4,68,91,181 Danjeau, Rev. O. M. . . .17 . 142 . . 131 . 142 73,75,111,121,122 . 112,113 . 120 . 110,111 Davidson, Dan . Davidson, Dave Davidson, Jim . Davie, Linda . . David, Brenda . Davis, Carolyn . Davis, Connie . Davis, Danny . . Day, Danny . . Day, Gail Armsti Day, James . . .111 Day, Mrs. Juette ... 20 Davis, Sandy . . .73,118,140 Dehn, Mr. Richard . . .33,114 Deming, Judy ... 73 Dennis, Clyde . . DePriest, Deb . . Devereaux, John Dickens, Dean . . Dixon, Roi-Ann . Dougan, Gary . Dougan, Jerry . . Dougan, Mr. John P., J Dougan, Margaret . . .78,120 Droke, Kay. . .68,140 Droke, Ray . . .68,142 Duncan, Mrs. Donna ... 23 Duncan, Mike. . . 62,111 Dunlap, Phillip. . .3,8,68,144 5,68,166,169 ong. . .5,66,102,103,138,172 73 2,78,83,138,172 . . 110 166 .73,130,133,140 .68,146 . 177 . . .25 Dyer, Dyke Eason, Gary . , .68,127,146 Easterday, Nancy . . . 62,107,114,116,121,122,149 Eastham, Beth . . . 12,43,78 Edmonson, Mrs . Frances ... 21 Edmonson, Mr. James ... 35 Edwards, Don . . .43,110 Edwards, Leslie !. . . 150 Elliott, Mr. R. G. . . .20 Ellis, Diane. . .62 Ellis, Dr. Don . . . 19 Elston, Jerry . . .75,127 Emison, John . . . 106,107 Epiing, David . . . 106,115,132,142 Epps, Debbie . . .72,73,90,118,122,140,163 Ernest, Janet . . .78 En-in, James. . . Ill Ervin, Martha . . .78 Etheridge, Miss Elizabeth ... 28 Etheridge, Miss Faye. . .27 Evans, Dr. Mem 7 ... 27 Everhart, Dr. Rod . . .37,114,116 Everitf, Stella . . . 120 Exum, Allen. . .62 Ezell, James . . .73 Falcinelll, Anita . . .106,137,138 Farmer, Barbara . . .114,116 Farmer, Judith ... 78 Farrar, Johnny . . .57,146 Ferrante, Corol Sue . . . 94,95 Ferrell, Dr. Lewis ... 17 Finch, Beth. . . 118,140,150 Fisher, Barbara . . .5,74,138,150 Fiveash, Barbara . . . 62,1 10,1 1 1 Flanagan, Danny ... 79 Flowers, Lorrie . . .79,120,138 Foellinger, Mrs. Betty . . .27,56,129,132 Folder, Charles ... 79 Foley, Charles . . .111 Follis, Nancy Claire . . .74,118,140 Foote, Rev. W. A. . . .17 Ford, Valerie . . .68,111,125 Forsythe, C. D. . . .17 Forsythe, Mary Joy . . .68,110 Fossey, Mrs. Elizabeth ... 31 Foster, Joe . . .144 Fowler, Larry . . . 68,146 Freelond, Jennifer . . .79,110,125 Fronobarger, Ben ... 79 Fryer, Susan. . .79,114,116,118,140 Fuller, Howard . . .110,111,125 Fuqua, Reggie . . .146 Gamble, Mr. Willia Gammon, Jimmy . . Gardner, Kent . . . Garrett, Darrell . . Gee, Mrs. Doris . . George, Phyllis . . Gillon, Robert. . . Glisson, Dr. Jerry . Glisson, Phil Glover, Dale. . . 17 Goodman, Brent . . .11,146,155 Goodman, Cecilea . . .120 Goodrich, Jane . . .4,74,138,150 26 . . 74,90,142,166 . 133 . .90,155,156,158 . .22 . . 94,95 . 166 . . . 17 79,111 Goodrum, Martha . . . 1 40 Googe, George . . .77,79,144 Gottfried, Skip . . .79,146 Graves, Mrs. Elouise ... 22 Graves, Mike. . .146,150 Gray, Nancy ... 62 Green, Carmen . . .5,79,149 Green, Carnie . . . 130,138 Green, Richard ... 79 Greer, Bill. . .4,62,64,128,131,144 Gregory,Lee. . .124,125,126,140 Griffin, Betty. . .79,120 Griffin, Carroll . . . 4,63,88,92,106,107,1 1 3,1 N 116,121,189 Griffin, Reggie ... 7 Grimmer, Cindy . . .120 Grounds, Harvey ... 79 Gurley, David. .142 Gurley, Larry ... 79 H Hook, James ... 62 Hodley, J.A. . . . 17 Hall, Carole. . .74,128,138 Hall, Judy. . .79,118,140 Hall, Frank. . .115,142 Hall, Kay. . .60,62,138 Hall, Ron. . . 142 Hall, Teresa. . .68,114,116,118,121,122,125,140 Halvarson, Mr. Carl . . . 18 Halvarson, Mrs. Ruth ... 24 Hamblin, Bobbie . . .63,107,129,140,151,175 Hamlin, Martha . . .120 Hammer, Wally . . . 68,142 Hammett, Mrs. Sarah ... 22 Honey, Kathy. . . 16,22 Harbin, Danny . . . 175 Harden, Helen ... 79 Harris, Mrs. Laura ... 23 Hartley, Dr. Kenneth ... 30 Hartsville, Mike . .125 Harvey, Dr. George ... 1 7 Hawkins, Mrs. Raymond ... 17 Hayes, Jerry. . .67,68,142,148,175 Hoys, Rev. Irvin. . . 17 Hearn, Larry ... 68 Hedges, Gaines . . . 144 Helms, Linda ... 74 Hemby, Nancy. . .63,113 Henderson, Danny . . .110,111,121,125 Hensley, Jean . . .lA Hill, Johnny. . .79,144 Hillard, Mike . . .63,87,142 Hillard, Paulette . . . 1 48 Hodges, Betty . . .68,125 Hodges, Janet ... 79 Hollingshead, Bill ... 74 Hollomon, Richord . . .106,110 Hollowell, Debbie . . . .63,107,121,125 Holt, Janice ... 73 Hooper, Betty . . .63,111,120 Hoover, Mr. Donald . . . 35,1 15 Hopper, Betty ... 68 Hopper, Mrs. Dodothy ... 22 Horner, Jim . . . 74,144 Horner, Paula Deane . . .74,114,116,118,140 Howard, Billy Lee . . .69,91,155,159,160,161 Howell, John. . .69,107,108,144 Howell, Judy. . .29,63,140,151 Hudson, Corinne ... 63 Huffman, Mr. Charles . . . 30,57 Hundley, Jackie . . . 128,138 Hundley, James C. . . .69 Hunter, Joyce . . .120 Hutcherson, Phyllis . . .69,106,140 Hutchison, Jai Hyman, Billy . .69,107,128,137,138,173 Irby, Dr. David . . . 19,110 Irby, Debbie ... 79 Irvin, Barbara . . .138 Irvin, Jim . . . 87,144 Irvin, Linda. . .63,149 Ivy, Bonnie. . .76,79,108,118,140 Jackson, Mary Jacox, Floyd . James, Ken . . Jeffcoat, Joy . . Jelks, Robert . . Jenkins, Phil . . Jernigan, Juanitc Johnsey, Marilyn Johnson, Larry . Johnson, Mike . Jones, Danny . . Jones, George . . .80,82,138 . 155 63,121,124,125 . 69,110,112,113 . 17 .76,80,144 a. . . 3,8,63,138,149 . . 125 .80,166 .82 60,63,121,125,144 . 17 Jon , Jc Jones, Mr . . . 136,146 . Margaret . . 20 Jones, Roger . . Jones, Rosemary Jones, Susan . . Jordan, Greg . . Jordan, Mrs. Jo . Jordon, Mike. . Jowers, Jimmy . , Joy, Barbara . . Joyner, Glenda . 156,159,161 . .69 80,130,138 .83,125,146 . . 22 . 80 . 144 120 . .74,149 Keeton, Ann . . . 80,110,125 Keller, Kathy , . .140 Keller, Wally . . .6,108,144 Keller, Dr. Wayne ... 32 Kendall, Dr. Fred ... 17 Kennon, Donna . . .88,107,113,121,137,140 Kiddy, James ... 69 Kiddy, John ... 69 Kiddy, Ronnie ... 69 Kilby, Joyne. . .63,138 Killough, Vernell . . . 1 20 Kilman, Dr. Marvin ... 37 Kimball, Gloria . . . 63,111 Kimzey, Dr. W. H., Jr. . . . 28 King, Ann, . .60,63,163 King, John . .. 80 Kirby, Jomes. . . 63,142 Kirby,Larry. . .106,107,142,176 Kirk, Jenetta ... 80 Kitchens, Earlene . . . 120,138 Knight, Curt. . .5,56,63,121,126,127,144 Knight, Vernon . . .63 Koger, Mrs. Mea Junefte ... 39 Kolb, Becky. . .63,140 Kolb, David. . . 136,146,175 Koonce, Dr. Duval ... 23 Krei, Ken . . .90,126,127,146,166,170,171 Kroodsma, Dr. Roger ... 32 Kuchar, Joe. . . 166,170 LaFon, Mrs. Nell ... 37 Lane, Leroy. . .60,89,136,144,149 Lawler, Ralph . . 17 Lawrence, Mrs Nancy . . . Leach, Sara . .80,140 Lee, Cindy . . .63 Lewelling, Rich ard . . . 1 44 Lewis, David . . . 177 Lewis, Mel . . . 33,60,64,8(; 144,176 Lewis, Ted. . 144 Littlefield, Bill . . 142 Long, Debbie . . . 138 Long, Rita . . 80,120 Longshore, Greg . . .144 Love, James ... 69 Lumpkin, Martha . Lunsford, Sharon . . . 74,83 Lynch, Doug . . . 69,142 M Nabors, Sandy . .81,106,108,114,116,1 Naylor, Nadene . .70 Neely, Mrs. Isabe 1 ... 39 Neely, Dr. Frederick ... 36 Nehrkorn, Donna . . . 120,163 Nelson, John . . 81 Nelson, Wanda . . . 140 Nerren, Pam . . 70,114,116,128,138,151 Newman, McKay . . .81,144 Newton, Dr. T. T. . . . 17 Nichols, Gary . . .72,74,144 Nichols, Mike . . .81,110 Nolen, Billy. . . 56,146 Norris, Dennis . . .81 Northcott, Bill . . .70 Norton, Malcolm . . .82,111 Norvell, George . . .64,110 Moclin, Ruth . . . 120 Madden, Jane . . . 114,116,140 Oglesby, Ron. . . 166,167,168 Magargel, Gem . .78,140 Otey, Dr. Trevis ... 1 7 Mainord, Judy . . . 133 Overall, Debra . . . 81,108,138 Manner, Ann . . . 106,110,120 Owen, Brenda . . .120 Marberry, Chery 1. . .52 Owen, Carolyn . . .89,113,116,129,140 Marbury, David . . 10,146 Owens, Mike. . . 74,110 Marsh, David . . 38,64,72,91 ,1 46,1 55,1 56,1 58,1 59, 160,161,166 P Martin, Dr. Gera Id. . . 17 Martin, Jim . . . Matthews, Ben . Maxwell, Gwen Mayo, Mike . . Meacham, Steve 155 . .88,112,113 . . 120 69,111 . . .67,72,142,148,157 Palmer, E.T. ... 17 Parks, Charlie . . .70 Parrish, Jody . . .81,118,140 Paschoil, Giendall ... 74 Melton, Mrs. Rose ... 20 Meredith, Butch . . .80,144 Meriweother, Susan . . .112,140,151 Pate, Patterson, Linda . . .64,138 Patton, Mr. Thomas. .17 Merw n, Tim . . .64,176,177 Midgett, Jimmy . . 146 Miller Dan. . 70,142 Miller David . . 115,180 Miller Debbie . . . 120 Miller Joseph . . . 17 Miller Paula Fa rmer . . . 5,62,140,148 Miller Steve . . .5,64,136,142 Minne r, Louis . . Ill Mitchell, Eva . . . 125 Payne, Cathy . . Peeler, Brenda . Pevyhouse, Betty Perkins, Cathy . , Perry, Diane . . . Per; , Mrs. Eli: .23,81,110,172,174 . .81,110,125 . . . 120 . 110 81,110,111 beth ... 39 Mitchell, Sandra . . .140 Montgomery, Kay . . .140 Moody, Ray . . .136,142,148,176 Moore, Brendo . . .118,172 Moore, Paul . . . 70,113,122 Moore, Sarah Lee 174 Morgan, Karon . . Morgan, Thomas . 144 81 . . 74,114,116,118,140,172,173, 53,102,103,106,138 . Don 18 Morris, Mi Moser, Diane . . Mosier, Diane . Mosley, Wanda Moss, Camille. , Murchison, Judy Murphy, Dr. Slater . . . 17 Murphy, Sue. . . 113 Murrell, Charlotte . . . 120 Myracle, Jan. . .80,131 McCarley, Sandra ... 70 McCarty, Denise . . McCraw, Diane . . . McEwen, Belinda . . McKamie, Mr. Willia McKeel, Mary Zon . McLemore, Brooks . McLemore, Wayne . 111,114,116 . 80 . .64,113 .64,65,114,116,121 . .64,87,140,148 118,140 108,138,172,174 .72,74,94,95,124,138 T. ... 30 . .80,108,118,140 Person, Waltei Petty, Bennie . Phillips, Jere. Philips, Judy Leeper . Phillips, Ron . . . 142 Pinson, Dr. Ernest . . Pinson, Mrs. Patricia . Pollard, Dr. Ramsey . Porter, Dwight Porter, Sharlen Powell, Carol . Powell, Joe. . Powers, Brendc Powers, Rachel Prichord, Mrs. Betti . Prince, Dale . . .111 Prince, John . . .124 Pruitt, Don . . .111 Pruitt, Mrs. Louise . . 64 11,125 120 20 Pulley, Dwight. . . 117 Queen, Shirley . Quigley, Bill . . . .81,110,120 146 Rainey, Glen . . . 17 Rains, Louanne . . . 138 Randall, Nancy . . . 113 Ranson, Vicki . . . 42,70,158 Rawls, Buddy . . . 125,146 Rawls, William . . .81 Ray, Jerry ... 81 Reams, Bruce . . . 142 Reed, Barbara . . . 3,74,120 Reed, Kenny . . . 115,142,175 Rewes, Brenda . . .42,114,116,140 Reeves, Julia . . . 148 Reynolds, Kathy . . 140 Rhodes, Barbara . . .64 Rhodes, Danny . . .64 Rhodes, Dennis . . . 144 Rhodes, Tommy . . . 142 Richardson, Con nie. . .81,120,138 Richardson, Kitty e. . .67,91,114,116,118,137,140 Rickman, Gail . . 138 Riggs, Janet . . 130,138 Roach, Judy . . 114,116,140 Roark, Brenda . . .81 Roark, Thomas . . .74,106 Robertson, Beatr ice. . . 115,131 Robertson, Rach ;ll. . . 121,124,125,130,138 Robinson, Bill . .74 Robinson, Kay . . .64,121,140,148 Rodgers, Suzann e. . .64,113,140 Rodgers, Vickie .82 Rogers, Doug . .81,117 Rogers, Mr. Richard ... 24 Ross, Marie . . . 120 Roy, Robert . . 64,65,71,132 Rozich, Mr. Bill . . .38,166,168 Rush, Ralph. . 82 Rush, Sherry . . . 138,151 Russell, Lloyd . . .70,136,146 Rutledge, Bill . .56,61,64,65,121,125,127 Somple, Sharon . . . 74,1 1 1 Sanders, Linda . . .76,82,118,140 Sartain, Movelle . . .35,66,70,112,114,122,138 Scarborough, Linda . . .64,65,149 Scott, Becky. . .65,74,114,116,138 Scott, Mr. Curtiss ... 36 Scott, Pat. . .65,113,114,116,130 Scott, Phillip. . . 112,113,114,125 . 155,157,159 .65,70,106,175 . 120 .76,82,106,108,140 .42,82,118,125,140 .74,125 106 Scott, Roger Scott, Tomm Schell,Judy Seabrook, Jenny . . , Segeborth, Cindy . . Sewell, Mrs. Martha . ShaeHer, Dr. Jeanne Shanklin, Barton . . Sharp, CliH. . . 1 33 Sherrod, Gaylon . . . Sierk, Dr. Herbert A. . . Sikes, David . . .166 Sikes, Deborah . . .70 Sills, Cindy. . .111,172 Simmons, Mr. James R. . Singleton, Mike Sipes, Carroll . Sipes, Phyllis . Skelton, Lynn . Skiles, Douglas Smela, Joe . . Smiley, Mrs. Ha Smith, Becky . . Smith, Brenda . Smith, Mrs. Elsii Smith, George . Smith, Mrs. Jessie ... 20 Smith, Larry. . .75,127 Smith, Mike. . .71,112,124 2,32 38 . .71,146,150,175,176 . . 140 . . 120 . .53,129,137,138,149 . . .75 .72,144,176 2,82,108,117,140 .65,120,138 . .32 . 108,146 Smith, Sherrie . . . 75,82 Smith, Stephanie . . .90,118,140 Smith, Steve. . .71,124,125,129,131,144 Smothers, Jerry . . . 64,71 ,111 Smothers, Mrs. Marilyn ... 26 Snowden, Gene . . . 82,155 Spain, Sid. . . 142,166 Sparkman, Shei Spencer, Cathi Spencer, Willia Spense, Micl ey Spiller, Chip . . Springer, Dave . . Stollings, Janet . 150 Staples, Randy . . Steed, Rogers . . . Stephenson, Betty Stephenson, Judy Stewart, Elaine . . Stewart, Larry . . Stewart, Mike . . Stone, Mrs. Glady: Stover, Greg . Sfowe, Emily . Sullivan, Pat . !. . .71,118,140,149 . 117,138 . . .65 . .82,108,177 38,72,146 . 144 . . 72,75,91,100,101,118,121,140, . 82 107,142 . . 120 . .65 Tubbs, Fred . . Tucker, Dr. Jo5( Turbeville, Pat Turner, Kathy . Turner, Phillip Tyson, Lorenzo Ulrich, Esthe Utiey, Jacki( Valadez, Steve . Van , Rick . .65,82,110 115,142 110,111 . . .21,62 .62,127 . 10,82,114,116,140 . 82,138 Vaughn, Cathy . Vaughn, Retha . Vaughn, Steve . Vaught, June . . . 71,112,121,125 . 29,71 . 12,83,125 130 . . 166,169 .83,142,156,162,175 . .83 . .83,125 . .71,115,133,142 .6,108,110,111 w V agner, Robin . . .39,120,148 T Walker, Joe, Jr. . . . 17 Walker, Mrs. Julia ... 25 Tacker, Susan . . .75,111 Wolker, Mike ... 83 Tate, Brenda ... 82 Wollace, Donna . . .75,118,140 Taylor, Cheryl ... 24 Wallace, Larry ... 71 Taylor, Sharon . . .82,110,120 Wallace, Paul . . .75,125 Tennyson, Franklin . . .111 Wallace, Vickie . . . 120,138 Thomas, Pam . . .82,130,138 Waller, Monnie . . . 150 Thomason, Dale . . .75,140 Wallin, Pat. . . 1 20 Thomason, Debbie . . . 56,91,100,101,107,112,118, Ward, Elaine ... 83 140,163 Ward, Dr. Hiram. . .35,115 Thompson, Robert . . .60,125 Ward, Sam. . .66,68,167 Thompson, Steve . . .75 Warden, Bob. . .111,177 Thorne, Joyce . . .71,110 Ware, Mike. . .12,146,173,175 Thorne, Linda . . .82,110 Warmath, Bill . . .146 Threlkeld, James . . . 17 Warmath, Dr. Walter . . .18 Tilley, Dr. Clyde . . .28 Warmbrod, David . . .166 Todd, Tony ... 82 Warren, Janet . . .8,75,111,125 Totty, Wanda. . .56,121,124,125 Warren, Tony . . .111 Townsend, Debbie . . . 7,82 Waters, Kathy ... 83 Trentham, Pat . . . 138,172,174 Watkins, Frankie . . . 1 38 Troutt, Bill. . .65,86,113,121,144 Watkins, Potricia . . . 110 Troutt, Carole Pearson . . .65,149 Watson, Shirley . . . 1 20 Trull, Teresa . . .83,111,114,116 Watters, Mrs. Ethel ... 25 Weaver, Ca Webb, Dixie Webb, Way Welch, Jane Welker, Dr. Gerald Wells, Cecilia . . . Wesbury, Joe, Jr. . Westbrook, David . . 55 138 . 110,111 61,65,140 d. . .31,123,126,127 . 140 . . . 83 .65 4,60,89,93,138,149 66,71,106,140 . .33 . 120 . . .82,83,110,140 . . .73,110 71 .83,131 West, Ouida . . . White, Becky . . White, Dr. June . White, Lesa . . . Whitaker, Rita . Whitworth, Vivan Wiggins, Sandra Wiles, Jerry . . . Wiles, Shelia . . Wilkerson, Becky ... 78 Wilkes, Ben . . . 2,144,176 Williams, Carolyn . . .65,114,116,140 Williams, Eva Dale Moore . . .65,122,129,138,149 Williams, Dennis . . . 146 Williams, Gary . . . 65,86,107,121,122,129,136,144 Williams, Mrs. Gracie ... 38 Williams, Mac . . . 110,175,177 Williams, Patricia . . . 71,91,100,101,121,124,125, 126,127,138,149 -Wills, Tim . . .111 Wilson, David . . . 1 46 Wilson, Dennis. . . 146,177 Wilson, Don. . .111,177 Wilson, Miss Georgia ... 39 Wilson, Pat . Wingo, Mrs. Elizabeth ... 25 Wingo, Lana ... 65 Winn, Buzz. . . 1 46 Wise, Carlo ... 75 Witherington, Danny . Wofford, Wayne . . . Womack, Zack . Wood, Dr. Fred . Wood, Gerald . Wood, Janiece . Wood, Larry ... 75 Wood, Stephen ... 83 Woodford, Mr. Paul . . .29,117 Woody, Roseanne. . . 121 Wright, Donna . . .112 Wyott, Dr. George ... 23 Wyatt, Dickie . . .127,144 Wylie, Don. . .66,71,127,144,176 .75 . 38,76,77,83,142,166,170 .8,142 .83,120 Our lives— yes, each is a mosaic. Each is a puzzle withi pieces that eventually fit together. Building with tinker, toys, riding a bicycle, winning a spelling bee, hitting a: home run, going to a first party, graduating from higM school, going to college, failing an exam or even passing it, getting married— all of these and many more are pieces: of that puzzle. As we mature, our mosaics continue foi grow. The well-known Alfred Tennyson said " I am a part ' of all I have met. " All that we ' ve done, seen, felt, is a por- tion of the whole. The puzzle grows — becoming larger and: larger, but never being so complete that another p ecei cannot be added to it. The ' 71 LWF is not just anothen yearbook. For the staff and myself, it is part of our own ' personal " jigsaw. " For you— the student body, faculty, administration — it is representative of the events of youn past year at this university. So as you turn these pages,{ you will be seeing a bit of your own mosaic. Jackie Hutchison i c

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