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LEST WE FORGET 1 970 Union University Jackson, Tennessee Alan Chamness Editor-in-Chief Liz Norville Associate Editor Betty H. Foellinger Adviser 1 A machine can teach, but only a human can instruct. A teacher then is a hu- man being that cares about his students. This concern is often the catalyst that spells the differ- ence between learning and failure. We are fortunate at Union. Many schools have human " teaching ma- chines, " but we have concerned and qualified teachers. Important is the teacher ' s ability to commu- nicate knowledge to students; for what good is knowledge and expe- rience if it is not shared with others? In order to relate the qual- ity of our teachers then, it seems necessary to reduce them to a statistic, much like any other com- modity. Degrees mean exactly nothing if we consider only these " business facts, " but much, if we consider that, these teachers — these individuals, these human beings — will be guiding the stu- dents and helping to design their decade. b Emptiness and void — a physical campus; learning and laughter — the stu- dents; campus plus students — a college community. Students give life and personality to inanimate buildings, classrooms, and the cam- pus. For the students, college is many things. College is cramming for that final exam, graduating, or facing chapel again. College is working tirelessly, on Homecoming displays or carnival booths. College is finally negotiating that last good- night Kiss, and then having to hurry it before the doors to the cloisters are hermetically sealed at exactly 10:50 p.m. Students see college as a place to grow, to ma- ture, to learn, and to merge all these into a complete being. It is a place to prepare the design and style of student ' s lives for the coming decade. w Beauty is many different things to many different people. Union is like any other college when it comes to beauty. It has its share of lovely coeds A ho participate with poise and charm in the traditional con- tests. For these, girls are chosen to represent the various organizations of the campus. Union girls also compete for recognition in home- town and county contests. But never let it be thought that the sharp appearance of the young ladies on campus is primarily for contests! Beauty — be it ephemeral or everlasting — always has its place, both on Union ' s campus to- day and in the coming decade. If 1 ? ■ ' r I ts mLm 4. C ' Composing the backbone of the college com- munity are organizations. Yet or- ganizations are nothing more than mere names without the students who are members. Organizations shape the attitude, the atmo- sphere, and the future of the school for the coming years. Stu- dents may find honor and recogni- tion in our scholastic or literary or- ganizations. Students may discover friendship, fellowship, or brotherhood in social organi- zations. Students may seek challenges, achievement, and improvement in still other clubs. In any case, these organizations can vitally affect the students ' lives both now and in the future and will shape the students ' role in design- ing the decade. and listen to any conversation on campus. Chances are that sports will be mentioned. We are a sports-oriented society. Sport competition supplies the impetus that provides pleasure, recre- ation, and satisfaction all in one operation. Sports can provide year-round competition for all, the benefits of which cannot be measured in mere facts. The many hours spent in preparation for the events, as well as in com- petition are many. Dedication to one ' s team, to one ' s organization, and to one ' s self, as well as to the sport, are the necessary in- gredients for success in these games as well as life. So then here, as in so many of the facets of the Union experience, we find that the things we do today, how we do them, and why we do them often will be important factors in the years of our lives that span the decade. Travel ' s influence is an important phase of the university scene. The school is moving. The students are moving. Today and tomorrow Union is changing; her students are chang- ing. We live in a faster-paced age than our parents did and we are entering an even faster decade. The school plant itself is moving. At this new site, hopefully, the school will continue to exist. At any rate, we, the students will continue to travel. We will travel through life proving or disproving what we have learned or accepted. We will travel physically through the world, we will travel back in our memories, and will travel for- ward in our dreams. Travel en- larges. We become a part of all that we meet; everything v e expe- rience, everyone that we know. To travel is to change; and to change is to mature and develop. To ex- perience travel is to set the design for a decade. J K ' Wf " - fV? ' fk ' i " » " - " " ' ' ». 5 " -f ' =- A ' . . - ' ' ' ' W r, .% " N-. ■ ■ . ? V -., - - ' " •■ I ' » ' k ' ? ' S« ,M University Dr. Robert E. Craig became the seven- teenth president of Union University in Au- gust, 1967. Before coming to Union he was the president of Southwest Baptist College. Dr. Craig earned his B.S. degree at East Texas Baptist College, his M.Ed, at East Texas State University, and his D.Ed, at North Texas State University. During the time that Dr. Craig has been at Union University, many changes have taken place. Under his leadership, the Uni- versity has shown growth and improvement. It continues to do so as plans are being made for a new campus. With this location soon to become a reality, Dr. Craig strives to main- tain a continual close relationship with stu- dents and faculty. vir BOARD OF TRUSTEES. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Wallace E. Johnson, Dr. E. E. Deusner, Dr Mrs. Raymond Hawkins. SECOND ROW: Mr. Marvin Sandidge, Judge Ralph Lawler. Di Ramsey Pollard, Mr. Glenn Rainey, Dr. Don Webb. THIRD ROW; Dr. R. Trevis Otey, Rev Rev. Paul Clark, Rev. Jesse Newton, Dr. George Harvey, Mr. James E. Threlkeld, Judge I Townsend, Mr. Thomas Patton, Mr. Powers Smith, Rev. Irvin Hays, Rev. O. M. DangeaL Mr. J. A. Hadley, Rev. W. Fred Kendall, II. i Q. Byrd, Mrs. Bradford Duncan, A. Boston, Dr. Jerry Glisson, Dr, " . Newton, Mr. Hays E. Owen, Jr., Cobb. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Hobart David R. Nunn. Mr. Robert Jelks, Recommended by a Committee on Boards and selected by Tennessee Baptist Convention, the Trustees of this institution have specifically as- signed duties to perform. This Board, which is composed of thirty-three members, establishes policy and provides implementa- tion for carrying out policy. It is not involved in administrative or academic matters except as they relate to policy. Composed of ministers, housewives, physi- cians, attorneys and business- men, the trustees of this college — as well as trustees of other in- stitutions of learning — work for a better education for the stu- dents. Administrators Dr. Milburn Blanton, Director of Admissions. Mr. Don Morris, Admission Counselor. Dr. David Irby, Director of Religious Affairs. Dr. Don Ellis, Dean of Students. Mrs. Rose Melton, Secretary to the Bursar; Mrs. Margaret Jones, Bookkeeper. Administrators Mrs. Virginia Barham Deaton, Clerk. , Assistant Registrar; Mrs. Virgil Mrs. Frances Edmonson, Secretary to the Regis- trar. Administrators Miss Sarah Baxter, Secretary to the Dean of Wo- men; Mrs. Amy Brown, Secretary to the Academic Dean. Mr. Dan Bates, Alumni Director and Bookstore IVlanager. Mrs. Laura Harris, Publicity Director. Mrs. Sally Smith, Secretary to the Alumni Director. Dr. Duval Koonce, University Physician; Mrs. Margaret hostesses. Mrs. Nancy Lawrence, Ellis Hall; Mrs. Hazel Boyd Nurse Smiley, SUB; Miss Maggie Nell Brewer, Dean of Women; Mrs. Martha Sewell, Jones Hall; Mrs. Ethel Watters, Relief Hostess; Mrs. Elizabeth Wingo, Adams Hall; Mrs. Julia Walker, BIythe Hall. Mr. John Dougan, Jr., Supervisor of Buildings — Grounds. Mr. Barbee Barham, Supervisor of Maintenance. Administration Mrs. Dorothy Blanton and Mrs. Susan Crum, Library Assis- tants. Instruction in the English department consists of helping students develop skills in writing and speaking effectively, and in reading and evaluating liter- ature appreciatively. A wide range of courses appealing to the aes- thetic as well as to the practical nature of nnan is offered regularly, serving the dual purpose of qualify- ing prospective teachers of English and stimulating all students to search more diligently for the riches in the spoken and written word. Courses in journalism and various kinds of writing are also offered. Mrs. Marilyn Smothers, Instructor of English. Dr. Henry Evans, Professor of English. Mrs. Betty Foellinger, Assistant Professor of English; Mrs. Helen BIythe, Associate Professor of English. To equip the student to develop a question- ing outlook toward life, to encour- age the mastery of those princi- ples of correct thought which en- able such inquiry, and to introduce the student to some of the con- cepts of the great thinkers of history are the aims of the Philos- ophy Department. Closely related are the purposes of the Depart- ment of Religion. The Department tries to provide every student with a deeper understanding and appre- ciation for the basic principles of the Bible as they appear in their historical setting and to acquaint the student with the merits, values, and distinctive contributions of the Christian religious experience of mankind. The Modern Language Depart- ment of the University strives to give students a more enlightened Americanism through an apprecia- tion of the foreign origin of a sig- nificant part of our natural culture. It provides an effective substitute for travel as well as increasing one ' s capacity for appreciating for- eign culture. Students receive also a conversant knowledge of French and Spanish. Dr. Clyde Tilley, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion; Dr Hyran Barefoot, Professor of Religion. Dr. W. H. Kimzey, Jr., Professor of Religion. «■•■■ ' ■ :: I — i Miss Elizabeth Etheridge, Assistant Professor of Language. Mrs. Cheryl Chandler, Instructor of Language. We live in a world of communications, and as citizens of that world, we need to understand and appreciate the elements that make the world go. The area of Speech and Theatre Arts at Union includes oral com- munication, debate, theatre, and oral interpretation. The purposes of the area are varied. In courses in speech, we seek to help stu- dents gain an understanding and appreciation of the process of hu- man communication in all its varied aspects. Opportunity for students to de- velop their powers of perception, knowledge, and discrimination in art, both past and present, is the goal of the Department of Art. To develop art skills and to provide opportunity for creative expression and effective use of leisure time are equally important aims of this department. Dr. Joseph Blass. Assistant Professor of Music; Mr. Ronald Mrs. June Huffman and Mrs. Faye Ann Welker, Instructors of Brothers, Instructor of Music. Music. The aim of the Department of Music is to develop a high standard of musi- cianship, to equip the student with the musical skills necessary for professional and vocational leader- ship, and to provide cultural ex- periences in music. The depart- ment also seeks to prepare public school music teachers for state certification in the fields of vocal and instrumental (band) instruc- tion, and to train church musicians. The college recognizes that a complete curriculum in the liberal arts college should include a de- partment of music in which a stu- dent may obtain a Bachelor of Music degree, a Bachelor of Arts degree, or in which a student may take private lessons in applied mu- sic either with or without credit. Dr. Kenneth Hartley, Professor of Music. Mrs. Elsie Smith, Assistant Professor of Biology. The age in which we live is truly the age of science. No one can escape for long the impact of scientific dis- covery upon the world today. In the field of Biology, courses at the University are designed to in- crease the student ' s appreciation of his environment, to contribute to his cultural background, to meet the needs of students preparing to enter graduate school or to meet entrance requirements for schools of medicine. The age of science is also fast- moving due to the area of Chemis- try. Broadly speaking, this depart- ment aims to help the student to understand the material world around him and how it affects the ever-changing processes of life, attain skill in scientific methods of problem solving, achieve laboratory skill for work in chemistry, and develop an inquiring mind and a proper attitude toward scientific exploration. June White, Associate Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Joseph Tucker, Associate Professor of Mathematics. It is the p urpose of the Department of Physics to help the student under- stand the workings behind many of the physical phenomena that occur around him every day. It is also to create an interest in him to realize and to utilize the powers of analysis in all aspects of life. The area of mathematics closely relates to physics as well as other scientific fields. In addition, cours- es in mathematics are designed to provide the basic content for stu- dents classified as mathematics majors or minors. Mr. Richard Dehn, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Mrs. Isabel Neely, Assistant Professor of Nursing. Mrs. Elizabeth Person, Laboratory Assistant in Nursing. Mrs. Mabel Bridger. Instructor of Nursing a progrann leading to the Associate of Arts Degree, the Department of Nursing at the University was the first two-year course in nursing inaugurated in the State of Ten- nessee, and one of the first in the mid-South. General education courses and nursing education courses at the campus are combined with patient care experiences in the hospitals and health agencies of Madison and Hardeman Counties. Students of nursing are also encouraged to participate in the cultural and rec- reational activities offered by the University. i p- " Mrs. Judy Nursing. King. Instructoi Classes in the Business Education Depart- ment are designed to provide ade- quate training for students desiring an executive secretarial career, for developing teachers in the field of business education and secretarial science, and for stu- dents wanting to take business subjects as electives. In the same department, students of Econom- ics gain confidence in areas such as banking, investing, budgeting, and financing. Mrs. Nell LaFon, Assistant Professor of Business. Dr. Benjamin Powell, Associate Professor of Busi- ness. Dr. Gary Cain, Associate Professor of Physical Education. With the acquisition of motor skills of inter- est to youth and of value to rec- reational activities in later life and with the development of socially desirable habits, attitudes, and knoxA ledge A hich contributes to the aims of education, the De- partment of Health and Physical Education has its reason for be- ing. The Department is aware that since the emphasis in education is being placed on the complete development of each individual, students should be brought to realize the importance of that part of their education which comes through participation in physical activities. Mr. Bill Rozich, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. A better understanding of human relations and individual adjustment is of- fered students of education. The Department of Education helps students to apply educational con- cepts in personal living. It is the department ' s purpose to provide knowledge in this field essential for an area of concentrated study and for further advanced work. The main objective of the educa- tion division is to furnish the pro- fessional training and course work necessary for prospective teach- ers. Dr. Marvin Kilman, Professor of Education; Education and Director of Testing. James Pate, Dr. Pat Bouchillon, Associate Professor of Mr. Rodney Everhart, Assistant Professor of Educatior Education. Including Political Science, the Department of History offers courses which are designed to meet both cultural and professional objectives. They attempt to give the student a dis- criminating knowledge of the past by encouraging an understanding of other times according to the standard of those times and by evaluating institutions and move- ments in the light of their effects upon later developments. Mr. James Edmonson, Assistant Professor of History. Mr. Eldon Byrd, Associate Professor of Sociology. The courses in Sociology are designed for two types of students: those who desire pre-pro- fessionai training for such fields as sociology, social work, or other related fields; those who seek to understand the underlying principles in human re- lations, the role of custom and group psychology in collective behavior, the structure of society, and the problems of group living. Courses are designed to present both a practical and a sci- entific analysis of human relationships in the various areas of social life. Closely related to Sociology in its purposes is Psychology. The Depart- ment of Psychology at the University serves to give students a better under- standing of human relations and in- dividual adjustment by applying con- cepts to their personal living. Mr. Bill Bouchillon, Professor of Psychology Anticipation runs high as people settle down to the studies and activities of another year. Whether it be moving into the dorm or relaxing in the sun, we meet and make friends. From Freshman Week to Homecoming, we learn what college life is all about. Then at Graduation, we bid a sad farewell to four years that somehow seemed too short. w 1 H Capturing the BSU All-Sing is getting to be a habit with the Zetas. This year ' s selection of the ever popular " Ebb Tide " featuring suspended cym- bals was a definite crowd pleaser. Their other selection was an ar- rangement of the Old English Folk hymn, " My Redeemer. " Appearing in lovely turquoise dresses, the Zetas have won for themselves another coveted trophy for their mantle. 1 1 K% v. - m if • 4X Going away from Powell Auditorium this year, the Lambda Chi ' s possessed two more trophies from All-Sing. Their winning selections for the Men ' s Chorus Division were the Navy Hymn, " Eternal Father, Strong to Save " and the hit song " Gonna Build a Mountain " from the David Merrick Production Stop the World, I Want to Get Off. Entering the Ensemble Division with " Let there Be Peace on Earth " and " See You In September, " they again sang through another win. Zeta Tau Alpha, first place Alumni Award. of paint. Weeks of preparation on displays. Riders on a truck. Open cars full of waving girls. Homecoming parade on Main Street. Fraternity and sorority receptions before and after the game. Alumni dinner. Recogni- tion and reunion. Lambda Chi Alpha, second place, Greeks ni ' O ( i. r n i, » High spirits. Low temperature. But a high score for the Bulldogs. Half time announcements; Chi O and Zeta won firsts. Homecoming Court consisted of Queen Nancy Thompson, and maids Sherry Mar- tin, Vicki Martin, Ann King, and Gail Armstrong. j say -give ' em i : :- ' On the other Side of the Rainbow. This was the theme of the 1970 Miss University Pageant. Ad so it was a rainbow. It glittered from flash- ing mirrors: it splashed in the var- ied tones of pageant music; and it flashed from the bright smiles of eighteen of Union ' s lovelies. Brenda Joan Seal, Miss Tennes- see, 1968; Jackie Utiey, Miss Madison County, 1969; and Beverly Williams, Miss University, 1969; together with Don Wylie, Stage Band Vocalist, danced, sang, and truly made the " Rain- bow " believable. " On the Other Side of the Rainbow " everything is believable. Brenda Joan Seal sings • ' Life, I Love You. " Kay Robinson smiles for the judges. Beverly, Don, and Brenda ask, " Who will it be ' ' " The Classics iv. Fortunate we were to have such artists at Union this year. Starting off the Lyceum pro- gram was Miss Molka, an Israeli folk singer. A Browning authority, Dr. Rich- ard Hudson, portrayed well-known monologues by Robert Browning. Per- haps the most exciting was Soulima Stravinsky, an accomplished concert pianist. His selections included works from Beethoven, IVlozart, Schubert, and Debussey. Ending up the year of talent, although not a Lyceum program but an SGA-sponsored event, the Classics IV, a popular rock group, presented an evening of more contemporary music, capping a well-rounded artists ' series for the year. Putty roses and lanterns and a lot of farce and overacting combined to become one of the outstanding productions of the Drama Department this year. Gailya Brown directed a cutting from Shakespeare ' s A Midsummer Night ' s Dream which was entitled, " Pyramus and Thisbe. " It is the story of Quince ' s attempt to provide the Duke of Athens with his idea of a play. Several productions of it were given and many children, both young and old, enjoyed the delight- ful show. " You see, kids What a hole in the wall! HIS d ♦ .- " ■l— a, ' i M Ss- jBI 2 1:1(1 rt] How we stuff it ' in our mouths and gorge ourselves with it. But, then, what would we do without it? The Food Committee of the S.G.A. helps in this capacity to a much greater extent than most of us see. Gripes, banquets, parties. Car- nivals, and general suggestions for better, tastier meals are taken care of this year by Lynn Skelton, Barbara Irvin, Ken Cox, Stanley Scott, and are ably assisted by the Cafeteria manager, Mr. Bob Cunningham and his assistant. Chuck Tulochsky. Providing better service for the students is the highest aim of Mr. Cunningham and his staff. The Food Committee has enjoyed working with them and hopes that in the future an even better co- existence between students and food will be found. Four years from walking alone through the circle. To walking across the speaker ' s platform. In your Mor- tar Board. Studying you have to do on your own. Tests no one can take for you. Papers you sit up to write while every- body else is sleeping. A hand- shake from President Craig. And a diploma. Parties that you real- ly didn ' t care about. Sitting around late Saturday nights talking about great dates. Or lousy ones. Trying to sing along with the juke box in the SUB. The choir harmonizing bar after bar of the Union University Hymn. And it ' s over. Baccalaureate services were conducted by Dr. R. G. Lee, Dr. Robert E. Craig, and Dr. David Byrd. - ? t " ' 4 -t- ' A 3 M r ' 1 fig " i ' ' ' - . -l . 1 . r frr ' Acting as a liason between students, facul- ty, and administration, the Stu- dent Government Association worked to make Union a more complete college community. Through its channels, students made known their opinions and ideas and shared in the sponsor- ing of projects. Students were added to all faculty committees, and an appeal from S.G.A. was made for student representation on the Board of Trustees. A teach- er evaluation program was orga- nized for use in the fall semester. Major events sponsored by the S.G.A. include Winter Carnival, Homecoming parade, and the Miss Union University Pageant. Also staged for the enjoyment of the students were frequent movies at Powell Chapel and the annual fall Talent Show. The S.G.A., to- gether with the B.S.U., joined with other Baptist colleges in Tennes- see in the formation of the Ten- nessee Baptist Student Govern- ment Convention. Lane and Mayhali argue pros and cons. S G A Executive Council. SEATED: Lynn Skelton, Debbie Hollowell, Sarah Lee Moore, Jane Benthall, Tan May- hall, Ouida West, Beth Watridge. STANDING: Leroy Lane, Larry Snider, Pete Jennings, Don Wyhe, Gaines Hed- ges! David Boyd, Don Edwards, Bill Troutt, Jere Phillips. S.G.A. Officers. Leroy Lane, vice-president; Tan Mayhall, president; Ouida West, secre- tary; Beth Watridge, treasurer; Jane Benthall, reporter. Prexy Club. FRONT ROW: David Boyd, Cindy Marshall, Gloria Bivens Leroy Lane, Mary Jackson, Gail Dew, Movelle Sartain, Don Wylie. SECOND ROW Jane Benthall, Keith Dismul e, Peggy Lundemo, Ouida West. THIRD ROW: Ann King, Gaines Hedges, Step- hanie Smith, Ted Smith, Donna Kennon, Danny Davis, Bill Smith, Nancy Easterday, Beth Watridge, Tom Baugh, Tan Mayhall, Jimmy Davis, Frankie Boen. the Old and in witln the new. This would describe the efforts of the Prexy Club since its main concern was a share in the planning for Union ' s new campus. Dr. Carl Hal- varson reported to the group com- posed of the presidents of all cam- pus organizations, class presidents, editors of the Cardinal and Cream and Lest We Forget, and S.G.A. officers on the building project. The purpose of the President ' s Club is to get campus leaders organized and to keep them contemporary to campus programs. These leaders in turn then report back to their respective groups. Donna Kennon at Initiation. Alpha Chi Junior Members FRONT ROW: Donna Wright, Donna Kennon, Lana Wingo, Wanda Mosley, Joyce Horn, Pat Scott. Helen Hardister, Pat Curlin. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Irvin, Bill Troutt. Harry Durbin, Mel Lewis, Jack Brown, Bennie Matthews, Carroll Griffin. Alpha Chi Senior Members. Don Hopper, Gail Dew, Carolyn Bryan; Dr. Hyran Barefoot, Dean G. Wayne Brown, Mrs. Cheryl Chandler, sponsors; Peggy Birmingham, June Keel, Billy Barron. Officers. Bill Troutt. vice-president; Judy Ar- nold, secretary; Peggy Birmingham, president Donna Wright, treasurer. Ne « Senior Members of Alpha Chi. Mike Hillard. Suzanne Brockenbrough, Carol Weaver, Dejuan Hardin, Fred Carroll, Ken Bishop, Lynn Stranak, Carol Patterson, Tan Mayhall. Hypatia. FRONT ROW: Carol Weaver, Carol Patterson, Pat Curlin, Gail Dew. SECOND ROW; Donna Wright, Judy Arnold, Donna Kennon, vice-president; Peggy Birmingham, president. THIRD ROW: Wanda Mosley, Suzanne Brockenbrough, Joyce Horn, Carolyn Bryan. Not Pictured, June Keel. With scholarship and Service as bywords. Alpha Chi initiated 35 students in a fall candlelight ceremony at Ellis Chap- el. Dean G. Wayne Brown, Mrs. Cheryl Chandler, and Dr. Hyran Barefoot sponsored this organiza- tion which is composed of approx- imately the top-ranking ten per cent of the junior and senior clas- ses. Drawing its members from many fields, the 13 junior and senior women in Hypatia presented varied programs to meet the interests of the group. One such program was a " paint-in " presented by Joyce Horn, an art major. The Nestor Club, counterpart of Hypatia, is composed of the twelve upperclassmen who rank highest in academic achievement, with Dean Brown and Dr. Barefoot as sponsors. Monthly programs were presented which centered around areas of study such as history, English, and philosophy. This year ' s programs literally started off with a bang, as an experiment dealing with heat was performed by the chemistry majors in the group. Nestor Club: SEATED: James Irvin, Keith Dismuke, president; Jimmy Davis. Tan Mayhall, Bill Troutt, Billy Barron. STANDING; Lynn Stranak, Ken Bishop, Mel Lewis, Mike Hillard, Bennie Matthews. Not pictured: Don Hopper, Vice-President; Carroll Griffin, Secretary; Jack Brown, Phil Scott, Dejuan Hardin. Phi Alpha Theta. Jerry Little, secretary- treasurer; Billy Barron. reporter; Dr. Ward, sponsor; Peter Jennings, presi- dent; Ted Lewis, vice-president. Rutledge History Club. SEATED: Ted Lewis. Beatrice Robertson, Martha Ket- chum, Linda Simon. STANDING: Mike Powers. Wanda McCaslin, Harry Durbin, Tony Crossnoe, Dr. Hiram Ward, Jo Ellen Pickett. Contemporary events were discussed at monthly meet- ings of the Rutledge History Club. The group was fortunate to have several distinguished men in the area as speakers. Jackson Mayor Bob Conger spoke on municipal government and its problems. Mr. Bill Brown of Jackson State Com- munity College presented a pro- gram concerning the United States judicial system. Rutledge Officers. Jane A elch. secretary; Don Linsey, vice-president; Dr, Ward, sponsor; David Cheatham, reporter; Jerry Little, president. T T- Jackson Mayor Bob Conger and Ted Lewir Kappa Mu Epsilon. George Free- man, Mr. Richard Dehn, Bennie Matthews, Dr. Tucker, Judy Rog- ers, Vernon Knight, Carroll Griffin, Lynn Stranak, Edith Sutton, Bryan Zeutenhorst, Jimmy Davis, presi- dent; Frank Puckett, Phillip Scott, Curt Knight, vice-president. NOT PICTURED: Keith Dismuke, Dean G. Wayne Brown, Dr. June White, Mrs. Elsie Smith. Mallory Math Club. SEATED: Bruce Brown, Linda Scarbrough, Karen Morgan, Dr. Tucker, Movelle Sar- tain, president. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Love, Michael Crowell, Mr. Dehn, Mike Adams, Frankie Wat- kins, Helen Barnett, Linda Mc- Donnough. NOT PICTURED: Becky Koonce, president; Lin Rose, vice- president. Computer language, networks, group theory, mathe- matical induction, probability, and the relationship of math to every- day life were among the topics discussed by Kappa Mu Epsilon, national honorary mathematics so- ciety. Their meetings gave mem- bers an opportunity to learn about subjects not taught in regular math courses. In May, the Tennessee Gamma chapter sent a representa- tive to the national convention at the University of Northern Iowa. The Mallory Mathematics Club with Dr. Joseph Tucker as sponsor met monthly for those students interested in math. Seeking to en- courage better scholarship in this field, the club promoted awareness of the ever-changing mathematical world. Operating concession stands at home basket- ball games, parking cars for var- ious athletic events, and selling ads for the basketball program kept the " U " Club busy; that is what time the boys were not par- ticipating in sports activities. The Union University " U " Club, com- posed of those students who have lettered in one or more sports, elected Nancy Thompson as their sweetheart this year. U Club. Coach Bill Henry, faculty adviser; Billy Howard, Darrell Garrett, Hank Kennedy, president; Wayne Clift, Danny Day, Stanley Scott, David Marsh, Sam Ward, Danny Davis, secretary; Ron Canter, Ken Cox, Dick Steinman, Bruce Taylor, Lonnie Searcy, vice-president; Ed Braly, treasurer. Jf .-.xiThi ■■■■.v : X S V Jr . H i m. 1 U Oub sweetheart Nancy Thompso and President Hank Kennedy. © Fetlowship of Christian Athletes. FRONT ROW: Rusty Coffman, Joyce Alderson. Larry Wood. Frankie Boen. Dianne Flathers, Sam Ward, Don Coffman. Sherry Moore, Ken Cox, Linda Snider, Fred Carroll, secretary; Coach Bill Rozich. SECOND ROW: Dick Steinman, Ron Oglesby, Danny Davis, treasurer; Ron Canter, Jimmy Smith, Mike Smith, Lynn Stranak, Paul Carpenter, Wayne Wild. A New Birmingham gets set to smash ball over net. A high jump for Ron Canter. Girl ' s Physical Education Club. FRONT ROW: Ann King, president; Sherry Moore, busi- ness manager; Debbie Russell, vice-president; Susan Meriweather, secretary; Carolyn Williams, treasurer; Teresa Hall, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Stephanie Smith, Paula Farmer, Debbie Thomason, Frances Johnson, Brenda Moore, Linda Snider, Paula Ozier, Judy Howell, Kay Montgomery, Mary Jackson, Peggy Birmingham. THIRD ROW; Suzanne Copeland, Paulette Williams, Suzan Moore, Sherry Martin, Jamie Carden, Judy Roach, Jane Austin, Gail Armstrong, Kay Hall, Mrs. Grace Williams, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Tignor, Barbara Blair, Linda McDonnough, Karen Morgan, Frankie Watkins, Vicki Martin, Carole Pearson, Debbie Chandler, London Deloach, Paula Horner, Jackie Hutchison. FIFTH ROW: Edith Sutton, Sandy Davis, Trisha Allen, Joyce Alderson, Denise McCarty, Sherrie Sparkman, Janet Stallings, Carolyn Owen, Karen Ada, Judy Barefoot, Dale Thomason. Club, Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes was formed on campus under the leadership of Coach Bill Rozich with the purpose of expressing Christian witness through their ath- letic experiences. F.C.A. got off to a fine start in promoting Billy Graham ' s movie, " For Pete ' s Sake " ; the club also provided counselor to talk with young people who saw the movie and needed advice. Membership increased by a great margin in the Girl ' s Physical Education Club, and in so doing, produced a more ac- tive club. The girls of the P. E. Club were hostesses at the Thanks- giving High School Basketball Tour- nament held in the U. U. field house. Other projects were a very successful candy sale, sandwich sales at the home games, main- taining the " hospitality " room also at home games, and selling pom- pom shakers. Debate Team: Cathi Spencer, Mike Smith, Sherrye Brown, and Jere Phillips Appendicitis prevented Mike Smith from traveling with the rest of the Debate Team to iVlorehead State University. Never- theless, the team returned with a winning record and one trophy for third place. Since he had to debate by himself, Jere Phillips was awarded a special speaker award. Coach Edd Sewell gave the team an added incentive by promising them that they would go to the Mardi Gras Tournament in New Orleans in the spring if half of their debates for the year were won. Coach Edd Sewell. S.N.E.A. Officers. TOP TO BOTTOM: Kay Hall, treasurer; Mary Jackson, president; Suzanne Rogers, program chairman; Linda Scarbrough, secretary; Mr. Rodney Everhart, adviser. A teacher communicates knowl- edge. Future teachers were given additional preparation for the classroom by the Student National Education Association. Meetings were held to acquaint members with the history, ethics, and program of the teaching pro- fession. Witches, goblins, and pump- kins decorated the SUB lounge at a Halloween party for a late fall meeting. Refreshments were served following a short program on the purposes of S.N.E.A. The agenda for the year also included a fashion show and meetings with such topics as the college grading system and the conferring of degrees. Dr. Rod- ney Everhart, as sponsor, planned a craft demonstration for the spring. student National Education Association. FRONT ROW: Karen Morgan, Jackie Hutchison, Barbara Irvin, Janet Leslie. SECOND ROW: Lisa White, Camille Moss, Frankie Watkins, Sandra Bowers. THIRD ROW; Carol Hall. Sherry Rush, Wanda Nelson. FOURTH ROW; Carolyn Owen, Debbie Epps, Nancy Claire Follis. FIFTH ROW; Carol Pear- son, Barbara Blair, Joan Austin, Donna Wallace. SIXTH ROW: Dale Thompson, Kathy Tignor, Diane Clark, Patty In- man. Ken Bishop, Judy Roach, Paula Dean Horner, Debbie Chandler, Judy Howell, Edith Sutton, Judy Barefoot, Denise McCarty, Barbara Bynum, Sandy Davis, Sandy Stephenso n, Steve Austin, Joyce Alderson. Gailya Brown, director. Excellence in acting, set design, and lighting as well as an energetic company spirit were the goals for Alpha Psi Omega, National honorary dramatic fraternity. Footlights Club worked closely with Alpha Psi to promote drama projects in order to raise money for the spring banquet. Many hours of hard work were invested in the production of " Antigone " , an up- dated version of the original clas- sical tragedy. Miss Gailya Brown, Mr. Edd Sewell, the cast mem- bers, the crew heads and their committees were the usual hard workers. Footlights. FRONT ROW: Movelle Sartain, Gary Williams. SECOND ROW: Liz Hays, Gerry Claybrook, Sherry Brown, Donna Wright, Linda Davie, Sharon Callis, Patty Inman, Cindy Marshall, Retta Mathews, Nancy Easterday, Julie Levens, Tan Mayhall, Cathi Spencer. LAST ROW: Steve Wright, Beth Watridge, Alan Chamness, Leroy Lane, Nancy Jenkins, Walt Schroeder, Paulette Williams, David Dunn, Teresa Hall. Script consultation. Creon, the King. Mr. Edd Sewell offers advice. An idea comes to Gary Williams. Alpha Psi Omega. Donna Wright, Steve Wright, Alan Chamness, Nancy Easter- day, Beth Watridge, Gailya Brown, David Dunn, Cindy Marshall, president; Cathi Spencer, Retta Matthews; Tan Mayhall. Cathi Spencer puts feeling into her role. Clov ning around before final rehearsal. Baptist Student Union Executive Council. FRONT ROW: Janice Lowrance. Gloria Kim- ball. SECOND ROW: Sharon Callis, Gail Dew, Gloria Bivens. THIRD ROW: Nancy Easterday, Kay Daniels. Diane Hazlerig. FOURTH ROW: Carroll Griffin, Bill Rutledge. FIFTH ROW: Gerry Claybrook, Paul Moore, Tommy Baugh, president. SIXTH ROW: Mike Duncan, vice- president; Kenny Rogers. and noonday devotionals were held thr oughout the week by the Baptist Student Union to exchange thoughts on Christian witness on campus and to discuss misce neous topics related to religion. Un- derprivileged kids played games and enjoyed refreshments at B,S.U.- sponsored Christmas and Easter parties. Gerry Claybrook helped form a choir that presented " Tell It Like It Is " in chapel, churches, and at various functions. The only B,S,U. in Tennessee to participate in winter mission projects, this year ' s team traveled to Boston, A little relaxation at the center. Y.W.A. Officers. FRONT ROW: Linda Scarbrough, secretary- treasurer; Julie Levens, program chairman. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Clyde Tilley, sponsor; Gail Dew, president; Janice Lowrance, vice-president. THIRD ROW: Gloria Kimball, Nancy Easterday, missions chairmen; Diane Hazlerig, prayer chairman. Mission book studies and bi-monthly meet- ings for the purpose of studying missions and evidence of God at work in today ' s world made an ac- tive year for the Young Women ' s Auxiliary. The Y.W.A. ' s with their sponsor, Mrs. Clyde Tilley, found rewarding work in community ser- vices. T A o afternoons a week a group of girls offered free tutoring help to elementary school children. Other members visited in nearby nursing homes every week. Young Women ' s Auxiliary. FRONT ROW Sharon Sample Kathy Tignor SECOND ROW: Agnes Blackmon, Barbara Fiveash Barbara Bynum Linda Simon Linda Davie THIRD ROW: Joyce Thorne, Tnsha Allen, Marilyn Morris, Brenda Powers Sharon Kerr s=: With classes being held during their regular meeting time, the Ministerial As- sociation had to find some way to keep all the ministerial students informed of what was going on. Therefore, the M.A. ' s published a bi-monthly newsletter, THE FEL- LOW LABORER. A desire to reach freshman students and get them more active in the organization led the M.A. ' s to form a " little brother " program similar to that of the fraternities. This system proved to be a good way of ori- enting new students to life on campus. Ministerial Association. FRONT ROW: Wayne Webb, Dean Wallace, Phil Barkley, John Devereaux. SECOND ROW: Don Pruitt, Tony Crossnoe, Dan Redmond, com- munications director; Tommy Baugh. THIRD ROW: Paul Barkley, Mike Duncan, James Daniels, Nolan Smith, Allen Grant, president; Mike Smith, secretary; Bill Northcott, treasurer; Ken Rogers, Fred Morris, program chairman; Dean David Irby. Rev. J. D. Gray leads prayer in chapel. Byzantine art and Japanese art: only a couple of the topics discussed by the Guild Art Club this year. Under the spon- sorship of Mrs. Betti Pritchard, the club met txA ice monthly with pro- grams on various aspects of art presented by professional people within the Jackson area. Richard Foote, a former Unionite and now a Junior High art teacher, gave a helpful program concerning prob- lems in the teaching of art. The main event of the year was a White Elephant Sale. The Guild. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Betti Pritchard, sponsor; Jayne Kilby, Vicki Ranson, vice- chairman; Benita Thurmond, president; Martha Williams, vice-chairman; Cindy Marshall. SECOND ROW: Paul Moore, David Dunn, Kitty Richardson, Judy Howell, secretary- treasurer. Don Carmichael and Joyce Horn have eggplant on their minds. Cindy Marshall and Julia King do a litte dabbling. Linguae Mundi Officers. Paula Ozier, secretary; Miss Elizabeth Etheridge, sponsor; Gloria Bivens, president; Jackie Hutchison, vice-president. Music, candlelight, and tangy Latin dishes created a romantic atmosphere reminiscent of Old Spain at a meet- ing of the Spanish section of Linguae Mundi. Miss Elizabeth Etheridge, sponsor of this organi- zation of those who desire to learn more about foreign languages and cultures, planned dinner meetings throughout the year. These meet- ings were designed to instigate more interest in the club than had been shown in previous years. Linguae Mundi. SEATED: Carolyn Clark, Carolyn Williams, Debbie Thomason. STAND- ING: Annette Akin, Geraldine Butler, Reggie Thompson, Vicki Ranson, Kenny Reed, Judy Howell, Brenda Farmer, Lana Wingo, Pat Scott, Judy Stephenson, Pat Morris, Phyllis Alexander, Jack Brown, Cheryl Marberry, Linda Rukavina, Nancy Jenkins, Jan Reynolds, Dale Thomason, Linda Patterson, Jo Ellen Pickett, James Bland, Jayne Kilby, Grady Boykin, Louanne Raines, Dale Moore. NOT PICTURED: Ken Rogers. Newcomers to the Music Department were honored at a reception jointly given by Sigma Alpha lota and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the national music societies on campus. Also on the fall agenda for the S.A.I. ' s was a tea honoring the patronesses and a coke party for freshman girls who were music majors or minors. First semester was climaxed by the annual Christmas Bazaar, which was the primary money- making project for the chapter, as well as being a favorite campus event. Gamma Sigma Chapter Day was celebrated in April, highlighted by a public recital presented by the girls in Powell Chapel. The men of Phi Mu Alpha also had recitals during the year — an Ameri- can composer ' s recital and a pledge recital. The annual Sweetheart Ban- quet was the main attraction for the men. Debbie Hollowell at work. Sigma Alpha lota. FRONT ROW: Nancy Rob- bins, Donna Kennon, president; Peggy l_un- demo, vice-president. SECOND ROW: Rose- anne Woody, Camille Moss, Loretta Mathews. THIRD ROW: Pat Williams, Suzanne Anderson, Arleen Frank. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Hollowell, Beverly Williams, Peggy Gill. FIFTH ROW: Teresa Clark, Kay Robinson. 11117 3i Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. FRONT ROW: Bruce Brown, Kurt Knight, Greg Stover. SECOND ROW- Kenny Bryan, Bill Smith, president; Ken James, Mel Lewis, Gaylon James, Ernie Armstrong, Keith Dismuke. THIRD ROW: Alan Chamness, Bill Trout, Phillip Turner, Roger Hayes. Greg Stover and Bill Rutledge bang away. Chorus as they appeared at the Christmas Concert at West Jackson Baptist Church. Bringing a new light of directing to the all- campus Chorus for 1969-70, Dr. Kenneth Hartley gave a distinctive look and sound to the largest musi- cal group at Union. In musical terms the Chorus presented what was perhaps its biggest work at the Christmas concert. They performed Ron Nelson ' s " The Christmas Story. " Even though the Chorus was smaller during the fall and the spring than in recent years, the musical excellence proved to be at a high peak. With the coming of spring and the singing of " Lincoln ' s Lyrics " at the concert, a year of musical enjoyment came to an end. Singers: FRONT ROW: Wanda Totty, Patty Inman, Teresa Clark, Sharon Callis, Suzanne Rogers, Suzanne Matthews, Donna Kennon, Debbie Hollowell, Marilyn Morris, Anita Biv- ens, Kay Cox, Dr. Hartley. SECOND ROW; Danny Jones, Bill Rutledge, Phillip Turner, Paul Wallace, Dan Wynn, Robert Matthews, Mike Graves, Gerry Claybrook, Ken James, John Norville, Danny Henderson. THIRD ROW; Don Wylie, Alan Channess, Steve Smith. Singing talent. When work is added to talent, success and accomplish- ment prevail. This statement best describes the Union University Sing- ers. It was a new year, a new group, and a new director. All these fac- tors put together, made the great- est year the group has experienced in some time. The fall was high- lighted by several concerts and in particular, the Christmas concert. However, this seemed only a pre- lude for the group as spring and tour time approached. For the first time in many years the objective was Florida for sun, fun, and song. Dr. Hartley arranges for Singers ' Tour. THE MADRIGALS. SEATED: Dan Wynn, Loretta Mathews, Dr. Hartley, Rachell Robertson, Steve Smith. STANDING: Teresa Clark, Phillip Turner, Mike Smith, Belinda McEwen, Steve Alsup, Beverly Williams, Ken James, Danny Jones, Pat Williams. The fall concert was held at the Jackson Junior High Auditor Preparation for the second annual fall " Pops " Concert began as soon as the school year started for the Sym- phonic Band. This concert, held at the Jackson Junior High Audi- torium in November, proved to be an evening of exciting entertainment with music from the Broadway mu- sicals, " Mame " and " The Music Man, " and from the television show, " Mission: Impossible. " No sooner than the fall concert was over. practice for the spring concert be- gan. They performed such well- known numbers as Moussorgsky ' s " Pictures at an Exhibition, " and Persichette ' s " Divertimento for Band. " Uniqueness describes many things. In the Mu- sic Department this word describes the Madrigals. The dress, the sing- ing style, and the music, all make this group unusual. Appearances in local Civic Clubs, a two-day trip to Mississippi, and a spring concert and tour are reflections of their musicality and their popularity. STAGE BAND FRONT ROW: Bill Rutledge, Greg Stover, Dr. Gerald Welker, Jerry Elston, Edmond Cepparulo, Alan Caudle. SEC- OND ROW: Ken Krei, Glen Gately, Mel Lewis, Larry Smith, Keith Dismuke, Dale Parkinson, Gaylon James, Dickie Wyatt, Roger Hayes, Gary Eason, Bruce Brown, Dennie Anderson. Dr. Gerald A elker, director. Trumpet section. 1970 Trombone section. Amplifiers raise trie decibels. brought a new sound and a new look to the U.U. Stage Band. Many musical selections were taken from the popular group " Blood, Sweat, and Tears " with arrangements writ- ten by Roger Hayes, Mr. Charles Huffman, and Dr. Gerald Welker. This band, composed of eighteen student instrumentalists and three student vocalists, is the official or- chestra of the Miss Union, Miss Madison County, and the Miss Ten- nessee pageants — which in itself is evidence of its popularity. In addition to the annual spring con- cert, the Stage Band, headed by Dr. Welker, director, and student director Glen Gately, toured area high schools and colleges. Their presence at Union ' s home basket- ball games and some on the road made for many swinging halftimes. Wired for sound in the rhythm sectior BIythe Hall Dorm Council. COUNTERCLOCKWISE: Susan Den- ton. Martha Norvell, Jackie Hundley, Donna Nehrkorn, Carolyn Owen. Nancy Easterday, Debbie Hollo A ell, Moveile Sartain, Janis Blumberg, Bobbie Hambiin, June Keel, and Nancy Adams Hall Officers. Stanley Scott, intramural director; Danny Thompson. Davis, president; Peter Jennings, vice-president. BIythe Hall Officers. Sherry Martin, social chairman; Peggy Jones Hall Officers. SEATED: Trisha Allen, vice-president; Debby Lundemo, president; Kay Hall, secretary; Debbie Hollowell, Epps, fire marshall; Stephanie Smith, president. STANDING: vice-president, Sharon Callis, fire marshall. Not pictured: Kay Nancy Claire Follis, social chairman; Lin Rose, treasurer; Sarah Daniel, secretary. Lee Moore, vice-president. Barbara By prepares to sign out. Jones Hall Dorm Council. SEATED: Janet Stallings, Marilyn Morris, Kathy Turner, Brenda Moore, Brenda Powers. STANDING: Linda Butler, Karen Morgan, Wanda Coleman, Phyllis Scott, Glenda Joyner, Linda McDonnough. Variety IS added to dormitory life through the work of the various dorm coun- cils at BIythe, Jones, Adams, and Ellis Halls. Not only a governmental body, these councils serve as co- ordinators of social activities. Each dorm had a Christmas par- ty, plus times for fun and relaxa- tion before studying for final tests. Perhaps the main activity of the year was the competition between the dorms for the Homecoming display trophy, an event which al- ways causes much excitement along with a lot of hard work and ingenuity in making the displays. Ellis Hall Officers: Jack Wilson, head monitor; Bill Trout, vice-president; George Freemar Frankie Boen, president. Rubber stamp year? Hardly. The Cardinal and Cream got a new voice from Bill Greer, editor, and his staff. Being committed to the students, the goal of the paper was " betterment. " Stu- dents were invited to express their opinions in the " Letters to the Editor " column. New features were " Russell ' s Ramblings, " a campus commentary, and an editorial cartoon in each issue depicting some aspect of campus life. Editor, Bill Greer. Anita Falcinelli, reporter; Bill Ledbetter, sports; Lloyd Russell, Greeks; Jackie Utiey, business manager. What ' s happening? Read the Cardinal 9 Cream. Steve Butler, editor-emeritus. Reporters. Jere Phillips, Lin- da Davie, Leroy Lane. Not pictured: Belinda McEwen. Staff artist, Pat Williams. Photographers: Danny Arnold. Bob Weaver Old ideas didn ' t last long when Alan Cham- ness and his staff moved into the Lest We Forget office. Trying to get away from the old standards of yearbook layout, this year ' s book has a mosaic composition instead of a formal block layout. Headlines got readers into copy that recorded the year ' s attitudes as well as activities. The staff put many long hours into the 1970 Lest We Forget; the reward is a completely new and diversified book. Alan Chamness, editor % - ' " vhmihI s-iT H -J JL i ' X| ■ ■ 1 H 1 J n - J K« k ■ S9S m ' M ' mi i SmSt Danny Arnold, photographer. Jackie Hutchison, faculty editor. Liz Norville, assistant editor; Betty Foellinger, adviser. A picture in the makii Ouida West, campus life editor; Cheryl Marberry. Pat Scott, organizations: Lloyd Russell, copy; Jackie Evidence of hard work Utiey, ads. Staff members: Dale Moore, Gloria Bivens, Jane Benthall. Pam Nerren, Ted Lewis, Lynn Skelton. «( J , v ' » " " ' I 4 i - ' - » ' ' ' .- ' ' 1.- i GSC. Angia Tarpley, Gloria Bivens, Jane Benthall. Paula Farmer, Mary Ann Jackson, and Peggy Birmingham. Making up the composition of the Greek Sorority Council and In- ter-Fraternity Council are mem- bers of each Greek organiza- tion. Preparing rush booklets and making sure that rush rules are maintained are the main goals of these councils. The Greek Sorority Council begins sorority rush week with a combined party to intro- duce the rushees to campus Greek life. IPC officers discuss rush rules. is President of the IPC. IFC. Jerry Eddleman, Leroy Lane, Mike Milliard, Don Hopper, David Boyd, and Steve Vaughan. STANDING: Sam Watridge and Mel Lewis. Turkey dinner prepared by the Sweetheart. Sandwich sale to earn money for a Christmas gift. Initiation. A big brother. Sharing defeat at an intra- mural game. Cooking hamburgers. Awaited announcement of Sweet- heart. This is a little sister ' s job. SAE l-ittle Sisters of Minerva. Ann King, Sherry Martin, Molly McCarthy, Leslie Edwards, Beth Finch, Helen Hardister, Lin Rose, Becky Lanier. As Queen, Leslie Edwards is president of SAE Little Sisters. ATO Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross. Sandy Carroll, Cathi Spencer, Paulette Limieux, Judy Mu rchison, Judy Arnold, Debbie Chandler, Teresa Clark, Julia Reeves. Judy Arnold is president of ATO Little Sisters. LXA Crescent Club. STANDING: Suzanne Matthews, Sherrye Sparkman, Beverly Williams is Debbie Thomason, Dale Moore, Glenda Joyner. SEATED: Emily John- Crescent presi- sey, Ouida West, Beverly Williams. dent. Sororities unite in song after All-Sing competition. Memories, memories in the ZTA scrapbook. E ' s enjoy ZTA ' s cooking. ZTA national officer chats at campus open house. Planning for rush parties, decorations for the annual Sweetheart Banquets and racking the brain for new and dif- ferent ideas for date parties are but a part of Greek life. Whether it ' s competition in All-Sing, Home- coming, or Winter Carnival, the A in-lose factor is often overcome by such activities as ZTA ' s " Glad We ' re Greek Week " or the ATO ' s entertaining the sororities with a chili supper. Working with cerebral palsied crippled children, entertaining under- privileged kiddies at holiday time, working with the boys at Youth Town and helping to support chil- dren at the Baptist Children ' s Home are but a few of the service pro- jects supported by the Greeks. Painted again Freshly repainted. A tantalizing " Love Is a Many Splendored Thing " brought applause for the Chi Omegas. By George, it ' s My Fair Chi O. Fred and Wilma. Lambda Chi ' s enjoy those ZTA presents at Christ- mas time. . ' .■•» v I. irbl -Pearson . lie Thomason arah Lee Moore 55 . Sandy Carroll A7 50 52 5. Helen Hardister 57 58 6. Teresa Hall .g 54 7. Beth Finch ' ' ® „ 8. Becky Lanier 45 9. Suzanne Rogers 43 c, 62 10- Donna Kennon 60 61 «= i]L.- Judy Howell 40 ' 39 41 . - -, «a»Ti 1 v- ' Ni 12. Peggy Lundemo jl3j Teresa Clark . 15. Wanda P feSffT " " 16. Mary Ann Jackson 17. Debbie Epps 18. Paula Bennett 19. Suzan Moore 20. Peggy Birmingham 21. Bobbie Hamblin 22. Phyllis Alexander 23. Susan Meriwether ,,;, 24. Frances JoRftson -2.S»,jCarolyn Williarns 267Samra B©- iFl 27. Jane Welsh 28. Paulette Williarrte .29. Judy Roach 30. Carolyn Clark 31. Jamie Carden 32. Beth Watridge 33. Debbie Thomason 35. Linda 1 36. Stephen AW. Debbie Russet) ' " 38.. Debbie Chandler 39. Paula Ozier 40. Janet Stallings 41. Lin Rose 42. Kay Robinson 43. Sherry Sparkman 44. Kay Montgomery " 48. «FMjila ' Ha.. 49. Lesa Whiti» " " ' ' ;OU. i--nyiiis te 50. Donna Wallace Hutchersor 51. Joyce A « rson 61. Karen Ada 52. Becky Koonce 62. Sandy 53. Suzanne Stephensoi Copeland 54. Sandra Davis I 55. Judy Barefoot ;■ O. Phyllis , " ' •S ' Hutcherson ' : f ' X f K« ' £_J - ::a ' v 37 38 39 46 47 48 4S McDonnbUgh 5. Belinda McEuen 6. Karen Morgan 7. Juanita Jernigan 8. Frankie Watkins 9. Jane Goodnch .■ ». w ' " ■■■ ' " ' ' V ' " " t. ' i . ftn - ■ -Sipni 1 J r jMAiam . m -ft. r i» . 1; r I:- : ■; — ; ■ 1 III, ■ Hi ' i i ] ■mix I. ' : -A I . ,, .4 .. - . .v,;-™- T;- ' ' ' " w«»i RR HBi ]9i. Becky Scott . 19: m |ybHkie| djiinHli v 20. Liz Hays iW RViilMilHIl «, 21. Trishte Allen 13. V I c k I evTHn P 1S 2. Sherry Ru h 14. Anneta Bivens 23. . t?inf t::MSMil lb. Janice Holt 24. , lankfR HHH 16. Angle Tarpley 25. l_ynn Sk TO " 1 . Benita 26. Movelle Sac Thurmond 27. Kay Hall s 18. Mary Nelle Brown Jane Benthall Jayne_Kilby ' , 42. " C lumberg - ; S. .Bess e-PaTnier 44 ' Dale Mocye " " ara Blair . tta Mathews i Armstroog ,, 1 . % 1 il • «a£l »,J5!« ■■ imsmm m 1. Walt Schroeder 2. Dan Huffstutter 3,. Ronnie Philips - %;.-i ' 11. Jinnmy Rhodes 12.- Mike Webb 13. Jimmy Pearson 14. Rogers Steed 15. Don Colvin - 16. David Epiing :l,7. " Ben Baker B- Larry Kirb;)Cf. ' 21. Wiley Steed 22. David Adams 23. Jim Davidson ia..24. Steve Vaughn ■ m v- ' BxdL Spain 26. Billy Joe Belew 27. James Kirby 28. Doug Lynch Steve MeaGlT ..- - -2©..:,Sam Watridge ' ' ' - Thomas 3G- Louis White 31rs 32i. Kenny Rggc. 33. Emmett Wgd M.-, -34. Larry Stuart 35. Mike Hilliard 36. Ray Moody 37. Edmond Cepparulo 38. Jerry Hayes 39. Joe Powell 40. Dwight Armour ' r r—T ■ ■ — gsf i ;-:-:-.. •■■-5?S » " m. w 4 - Saul Carpenter hillip Dunlap avid Cheatham obbie Baldwin - 5. Richard Lewelliri 5. Jimmy Irvin i s v. 7. Jere Phillips ' 8. Curt Knight 9. jQhn Emison ' , s i — r i- ' J " % i ? Austin 19. Terry Broadway ?e6se .11.. . Joe Smella. Ga|ipfei5_, Wl. Richard Hancock ' yWmi ' 22. Randy Simmons pald ' OT|g,- t 23. Frank Puckett , r- r- - .s ' - ' Hedges-s ' ' 24. Dennis RInodes 6. Dickte ' Wyatt .25. Ricky Glisson X ' Steve Smith 26. Steve l Eford , 18. Steve Alsup 27. F idk i gj - Don Rush PhTil Cohen Rick Bryant Alan Chamness Scotty Norville Larry Smith Skip Alsup John Howell Bill Troutt 39. Byron 40. Rot); 41. of.. 42. DoriW5 i,_, 43. Leroy Lan_ 44. Jerry Eddlem;= 45. Andy Push ».. ■m . S ' k •M ,■©■• .• A m] ¥t f IP -m ' Signfia Alpha Epsilon 1 . Brute ' Bfd :« n ' ' -- " 2. Ken Krie 3. Johnny Norveli 4. Wayne Clift 5. David Kolb 6. Harry Durbin 7. Jerry Culpepper 8. John Crawford 9. Chip Spiller 1 1 . Larry Cole 12. Dennis Wilson 13. Lloyd Russell 14. Mike Adams 15. Larry Fowler 16. Keith Dismuke 17. Bill Quigley 18. Joe Jones irS: ' ' Ooh-Fldpper 20. Jimmy Bobbitt 21. Mike Graves 22. Jack Brown 23. Mike Singleton 24. Mike Montgomery 25. Mike Rauchle 26. Bill Robinson 27. Bill Landreth 29. Gary Eason 30. Larry Craig 31. Brent Goodman 32. David Boyd 33. Gary Dougan 34. Mike Crowell 35. Dennis Williams 36. Don Jones 4. ' j Ci% « j ' ■ ' iSfc ' Dogfood was the battle cry of the Union Bulldogs as they traveled to Mem- phis State University with the Union students following them all the way. Union was labeled the " Giant Killer " for the second year in a row as they squeaked by the M.S.U. Tigers, 63-62. There was hustle, there was pride, and there was determination from the very first moment the Bulldogs ran onto the floor. Braly, in one of his finest efforts in a Bulldog uniform, made 24 points and climbed the boards for 12 rebounds. He had help from Lonnie Searcy with a final tally of 15 points. Bulldogs were down 1 1 points at half-time and rallied in the second half to take the team into an over- timie before finally bowing to Oral Roberts University, 92-90. Braly once again led the Bulldog scoring with 34, followed by Marsh with 19. Marsh IS " heads-up. Anticipation Searcy and Kennedy plan strategic play. The ' bench ' is ready to help. Kennedy blocks Tiger shot. Braly goes for the rebound. 1969-70 Bulldogs. ROVi ONE — Joe Holloway, manager; David Marsh, Randy Staples, Steve Meacham, Hank Kennedy, Brent Goodman, Rusty Coffman, Steve Farrow , sports information director. ROW TWO — Darren Garrett, John Pipkin, Lonnie Searcy, John Graves, Ed Braly, Billy Lee Howard, Chip Spiller, Bruce Taylor, Don Coffman. Seventh ranked Alcorn A. c M. fell to the Union Bulldogs In an early season game. Alcorn monkeyed around with a four-and five-point lead through much of the first half, but surrendered somewhat to a Searcy and Garrett led Bulldog revival that pulled into a 30-30 standoff at the half. Ed Braly came alive on the scoreboard, and Billy Howard came in to make his presence felt. Garrett led the Bulldogs with 18, followed by Searcy with 17 an Braly with 14. Union closed out th game with a 73-67 victory ove Alcorn. The Bulldogs " bullied " Carson by utilizing double-digit scoring from four out of the five starters, as the Bulldogs swept to an 82-71 deci- sion over the VSAC arch-rival. Lead- ing the scoring parade was play- make r David Marsh with 22. Union ' s Bulldogs unsuccessfully launched the defense of their Western Division VSAC crown by falling, 71-69, to Bethel ' s Wildcats. Union threw up two stirring rallies after falling behind 37-27 at half- time. Paving the way for Union was Marsh ' s strong second-half effort as he ended with 20. Behind Marsh was Ed Braly with 16. Bi iM fe I H vw JBk ' ' ' -M fl ' ■- 1- v8h |JP H i w 1 - Braly blocks that shot. Tiger waits for his prey. ' Ref keeps a close watch. UNION 63 90 73 67 89 68 82 69 69 81 79 67 69 71 84 79 78 87 108 67 64 79 80 65 87 75 86 OPPONENT Memphis State 62 Oral Roberts 92 Alcorn A M 67 Carson Newman 78 Cumberland 77 Campbellsville 65 Carson-Newman 71 Bethel 75 Lane 60 Lambuth 68 Delta State 61 LeMoyne-Owen 63 UTM 74 Belmont 79 Campbellsville 65 CBC 65 Kentucky Wesleyan 89 Bethel 95 Delta State 76 Kentucky Wesleyan 62 LeMoyne Owen 71 CBC 81 Belmont 76 UTM 67 King 76 UTM 78 Oral Roberts 98 Searcy scores. Garrett goes for the re- bound. Alcorn attempts to block the sho t. All anticipate a rebound. Howard prepares for crawling the board. Garrett passes it off. Another tv o-fer? Right on the tips of his fingers. Despite a rally in the second half that tied Union ' s Bulldogs 37-all, and held Union close throughout most of the contest, Lambuth ' s Eagles fell 81- 68 to the Mighty Dogs in the Cham- pionship game of the IVIayor ' s Tour- nament held at the Coliseum. De- signated the " Game of the Decade, " this marked the first time in many years that the two rival city col- leges had met in sports interaction. Union iced the win with two scor- ing spurts of six points each in the last six minutes of play. Both ral- lies were keyed by Bulldog guard David Marsh, later named " Most Valuable Defensive Player of the Tournament. " Leading the victorious Bulldogs was Marsh with a fine eff- " . .. and 23 points to show for it. Ed Braly had 22, and Lonnie Searcy followed with 10. Hank Kennedy came in and matched Searcy ' s total. Kennedy hands offs to Marsh. Searcy retrieves the pass! Ending this year ' s season, the Bulldogs traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to face 12th ranked Oral Roberts Univer- sity. Although the Bulldog effort seemed very worthwhile, fate cast its shadows and Union fell to O. R. U. by a score of 98 to 86. Belmont College in Nashville played host for the Volunteer State Athletic Conference Tournament. In its first game. Union combined smoothness and a keen edge to overcome King College, 87 to 76. As the 35-22 halftime count spi- raled upwards, a swishing U. U. sound through the nets became commonplace as the Bulldog root- ers cheered their charges on each basket. However, the following night, the game situation proved to be somewhat tougher, as the Bulldogs met UTM. The first half was a nightmare for the Bulldogs as the Vols shot 65 % from the field. Union followed closely, but the Vols began to turn on the steam, and shot out to 36-20 lead at the half. In the second half, the Bull- dogs staged a fantastic rally, but fell short in the end, losing to the Vols, 74-69. Union ' s Bulldogs will not be com- peting in next year ' s VSAC. Coach Bill Henry says that the Bulldogs hope to pick up a few more inde- pendent games next season. BASEBALL TEAM. KNEELING; Stanley Scott, Ken Krei, Fred Carroll, Linn Stranak, Duane Adams, Danny Davis, Jimmy Gammon, Mike Smith, David Baker, Jimmy King, David Marsh, Coarch Rozich. STANDING: Sam Ward, Sid Spain, Ron Oglesby, David Sikes, Dennis Williams, Mike Conn, Danny Day, Steve Valadez, Dick Steinman, Scotty Norville, Don Coffman, Ken Cox. Bulldog baseball is apt to be hitting " home runs " with regularity since Coach Bill Rozich has come with his professional experience. A former member of the Chicago White Sox, he brings this background plus excellent academic training to his coaching. Rozich has in- stilled spirit and morale in a bunch of hardworking guys and turned them into a base- ball team. The team worked on im- proving the " Death Valley " baseball field last fall; during the winter the whole team participated in a vigorous " keep-in-shape " program. With these improvements under belt, Bulldog baseball should be headed back to the good or days, like the NCAA playoff!. gl gy. -■ maac w J To catch or not to catch " ? Dugout time Now for some for Capturing the Volunteer State Athletic Con- ference baseball championship, the Union University Bulldogs defeated Christian Brothers College by a score of 6 to 1. Roger Williams and Johnny Martin led the way for Union with three home runs. Don Coffman was the winning pitcher for Union, his sixth victory in nine games. Valparaiso University handed Union its first loss of the season with a 11-3 pasting. This left the Bulldogs with a 9-1 mark after taking nine straight. Bobby Fer- guson picked up the pitching vic- tory for Valparaiso as he limited the Bulldogs to three hits in his five inning stint on the nnound. Stanley Scott was tagged with the loss as he was relieved by Ronnie Hardin in the second inning and Ricky Clifford in the fifth. Union picked up a 6-0 victory over Christian Brothers College April 11. Dick Steinman earned the mound win for the Bulldogs as he limited his opposing batsmen to two hits — both singles. Danny Day rapped a pair of singles to carry the Bulldogs batting banner as David Marsh and Danny Davis also both hit singles. Illinois Wesleyan split two games with the Bulldogs on Saturday, April 12. In the initial tilt, Marvin Duncan gained the pitching triumph over Don Coffman as he twirled a three-hitter. In the second half of the doubleheader, Mike Chand- ler fashioned a shut-out in his mound stint as he allowed five singles. Nickey Phillips v as the top man with the stick for Union as he banged out a double to pace the fine-hit attack. Union gained a tighter hold on first place in the Western Division of the VSAC with a 4-1 triumph over Belmont on April 23. The Bulldogs took sole possession of the Western Division baseball crown in the VSAC when they slipped by Bethel 1-0. This gave U.U. diamonders a 6-2 VSAC slate and an overall 22-8 count for the season. Martin prepares to slam a homer. Over the fence. Out at first base. noyne scores Ken Krei scampers back to first. Nickey Philips slams a homer. George Freeman enjoys an afternoon of baseball. UNION OPPONENT 10 WILLIAM PENN 4 4 WILLIAM PENN O 8 WILLIAM PENN 3 12 LAWRENCE 2 13 LAWRENCE 2 4 LAWRENC E 9 CULVER-STOCKTON 4 6 CULVER-STOCKTON 1 7 CULVER-STOCKTON 4 3 VALPARAISO 10 3 VALPARAISO 5 7 VALPARAISO 12 2 QUINCY 7 QUINCY 3 O ST. JOSEPH 6 6 ST, JOSEPH 8 6 MILLIKEN 6 CBC 1 2 ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 3 4 ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 10 UTM 4 3 BETHEL 10 44 BELMONT 1 15 NORTHEASTERN ILL. 9 6 NORTHEASTERN ILL. 1 CBC 7 11 SEWANEE 2 2 BELMONT 1 5 UTM 4 1 BETHEL Catchers for Bulldogs are tough and husky. Pitchers for ' 70 show talent and experience. up and o r Howeli stretches to finish. , iaE»»!«: Pi«- i »-«g»i i|»w 1970 GOLF TEAM. Steve Meacham, Bob Crum, Randy Simmons, Bruce Taylor, Gerry Claybrook. Meacham makes sure of himself. chickens slung around to the tune of " DOGFOOD! DOGFOOD! " Days and days of practice at Ole Miss Cheerleader Clinic. Struggling to get some kind of feeling between those guys on the floor and the faces in the bleachers. No other feeling in the world like that wild happiness of whipping into " Dixie " after a tremendous rally that put you ahead. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat: the life of a cheerleader. Intramurals play an important part in the extracur- ricular life at Union. Greeks and In- dependents find it relaxing to take time out from busy schedules in the classroom and at work to enjoy the many sports which are available. Sometimes the playing is rough. You can almost see blood and broken bones. To the winners, victory means accomplishment; to the losers, some- what of a disappointment. But win or lose, it provides escape and relaxation for participants and spectators alike. - " S Ware dodges Austi almost gets away Matthews goes for the touchdown. Bill Collins injures his ankle. Paul Moore blocks ATO shot. Coordinating the extracurricular sports is responsibility of the Intramural Committee. Their duties include scheduling matches between the various teams, arranging times for these matches to be played, and setting up rules for intramural play. On this year ' s intramural commit- tee are Danny Harbin, Mike Ware, Mike Smith, Vicki Ranson, Debbie Russell, Sherry Moore, and Peggy Birmingham. Peggy Birmingham, SInerry Moore, Debbie Rus- sell, and Vicki Ranson. r-f i ■ ' :fj kf-S ( r - ' :x i • 1 vAn Seniors SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. — Larry Snider, president; Jane Benthall, reporter; Janis Blumberg, secretary-treasurer; Paula Ber nett, chaplain. NOT PICTURED — Danny Davis, vice-president. ALLEN, WAYNE Waynesboro, Tennessee BARNES. JOHN Jackson, Tennessee BARRON, BILLY Dyer, Tennessee BENNETT, PAULA Jackson, Tennessee BICKERSTAFF, LARRY Jackson, Tennessee BIRMINGHAM, PEGGY Jackson, Tennessee BISHOP, KENNETH Baldwyn, Mississippi BLUMBERG, JANIS Mernphis, Tennessee BONDS, GIOVANNI i Humboldt, Tennessee BOEN, FRANKIE Republic of Singapore BRYAN, CAROLYN Jackson, Tennessee BRYAN. KENNY Jackson, Tennessee BURLISON, CECIL Jackson, Tennessee BUTLER, STEVE Jackson, Tennessee CARROLL, FRED Adamsville, Tennessee CHAMNESS, ALAN Marion, Illinois CHEATHAM, DAVID Memphis, Tennessee CLARKE, DIANE Jackson. Tennessee COFFMAN, JERRY Lexington, Tennessee COLE, MICHAEL Jackson. Tennessee Class of 1 970 CRENSHAW, KATHY Newbern. Tennessee DANIEL. JAMES Bruceton. Tennessee DAVIS. DANNY Pans. Tennessee DAVIS. JIMMY Darden. Tennessee DENNISON. MICHAEL Jackson, Tennessee DEW. GAIL Memphis. Tennessee DISMUKE. KEITH Jackson. Tennessee DOUGAN, DAVID Jackson, Tennessee EDDLEMAN. JERRY Alamo. Tennessee FREEMAN. GEORGE Trenton, Tennessee GRAINGER, SANDRA Big Sandy, Tennessee HARDIN, DEJUAN Jackson, Tennessee HOPPER, DON Jackson, Tennessee HARRIS, MARIE Beech Bluff, Tennessee HILLARD, MIKE McKenzie, Tennessee INGRAM, DEL Jackson, Tennessee JACKSON, MARY ANN Jackson, Tennessee JENNINGS, PETE Covington, Tennessee KEEL, JUNE Memphis, Tennessee KENNEDY, HANK Jackson, Tennessee LINDSAY, DON Lexington, Tennessee LOWRANCE, JANICE Dyer, Tennessee MARSHALL, CINDY Trezvant, Tennessee MARTIN, SHERRY Clinton, Kentucky MATHEWS, LORETTA Memphis, Tennessee MATHIS, MIKE Collinwood, Tennessee MULLIS, MIKE Jackson, Tennessee NORVELL, MARTHA Corinth, Mississippi NORVILLE, ELIZABETH Memphis, Tennessee NORVILLE, SCOTTY Gadsden, Tennessee PARKER, EMMA Bells, Tennessee PARKS. CHARLIE Jackson, Tennessee PATTERSON, CAROL JANE Jackson, Tennessee PEARSON, JAMES Lexington, Tennessee POWERS, MICHAEL Jackson, Tennessee PUCKETT, FRANK Hickory, Kentucky REDMOND, DANIEL Alamo. Tennessee REYNOLDS. JAN Jackson. Tennessee RICHARDSON. CLARA Bemis. Tennessee ROBBINS. NANCY Covington. Tennessee ROGERS. JUDY Jackson. Tennessee ROWSEY, JUDY Henderson. Tennessee SCOTT. KERRY Memphis. Tennessee SCOTT. STANLEY Memphis. Tennessee SEARCY, LONNIE Bells. Tennessee SMITH, BILL Jackson, Tennessee SNIDER. LARRY Elizabethtown. Kentucky STEED. DENNIS Jackson, Tennessee Class of 1 970 STEED, WILEY Jackson, Tennessee STRANAK, LYNN M., Murray, Kentucky SUTTON, EDITH Grand Junction, Tennessee TARPLEY, ANGLA Jackson, Tennessee THOMPSON, REGGIE Jackson, Tennessee TURNAGE, SANDRA Friendship, Tennessee WASHBURN, JOHNNY Lexington, Tennessee WATRIDGE, ELIZABETH Jackson, Tennessee WELLS, DELORES Bells, Tennessee WILLIAMS, PAULETTE Jackson, Tennessee WRIGHT, STEVE Jackson, Tennessee WYNN, DAN Alton. Missouri Juniors Junior Class Officers; David Boyd, president; Kay Hall, reporter; Paula Far NOT PIC " URED — Louann Raines, chaplain; Harry Durbin, vice-president. ler. class speaker; Becky Lanier, secretary-treasurer Class Of 1971 ADA, KAREN Jackson, Tennessee ARNOLD, JUDY Jackson, Tennessee BAKER, DAVID Hazard, Kentucky BARLOW, JIMMY Kevil, Kentucky BARNETT, GLENDA Medina, Tennessee BARR, JIMMY Waverly, Tennessee BEIBERS, WILLIAM Bolivar, Tennessee BELL, WALLACE Jackson, Tennessee BIVENS, GLORIA Jackson, Tennessee BOYD, DAVID Jackson, Tennessee BROWN, JACK Jackson, Tennessee BYNUM, BARBARA Brownsville, Tennessee CALLIS, SHARON Memphis, Tennessee CANTER, RON Milford, Ohio CHACK YUN, CHAN North Point, Hong Kong COFFMAN, DON Hanson, Kentucky COLE, LARRY Ripley, Tennessee CROSSNOE, TONY Bells. Tennessee CRUM, BOB Jackson, Tennessee DUNCAN, MIKE Jackson, Tennessee Class of 1971 DURBIN, HARRY Medon, Tennessee DYER. JIMMY Henderson. Tennessee EASTERDAY, NANCY Memphis. Tennessee EXUM. VERN Bethel Springs, Tennessee FARMER. PAULA West Memphis. Tennessee FIVEASH. BARBARA Memphis. Tennessee FLATHERS, DIANNE Tieton. Washington GREER. BILL Pans. Tennessee GRIFFIN, CARROLL Paris, Tennessee HAAK, JAMES Denmark, Tennessee HALL, KAY Dyer, Tennessee HAMBLIN, BOBBIE Tupelo, Mississippi HAYES, ROGER Louisville, Kentucky HENDERSON, DANNY Portageville, Missouri HOLLOWELL, DEBBIE Walter Valley, Mississippi HUDSON. CORINNE Jackson, Tennessee IRVIN, JIMMY Memphis, Tennessee JAT IES, KEN r lemphis, Tennessee JERNIGAN, JUANITA Jackson, Tennessee JERNIGAN, WANDA Jackson, Tennessee KENNON, DONNA Humboldt, Tennessee KIMBALL, GLORIA Durham, North Carolin, KING, ANN Obion, Tennessee KNIGHT, CURTIS Atlanta, Georgia KNIGHT, VERNON Jackson, Tennessee LANE, LEROY Memphis, Tennessee LEVENS, JULIE Memphis, Tennessee LEWIS, MEL Alamo, Tennessee LEWIS, TED Lexington, Tennessee LITTLE, JERRY Jackson, Tennessee LUNDEMO, PEGGY Decatur, Georgia MARSH, DAVID Alcoa, Tennessee MARTIN, VICKIE Clinton, Kentucky MATTHEWS, BEN Jackson, Tennessee MERWIN, TIM Jackson, Tennessee MOORE, DALE Ripley, Tennessee MOORE, SUZAN Jackson, Tennessee MORGAN, THOMAS Lexington, Tennessee MOSLEY, WANDA Memphis, Tennessee MOSS, CAMILLE Jackson, Tennessee MURCHISON. JUDY Sikeston, Missouri NOBLES. LARRY Jacks Creek. Tennessee NORVELL. GEORGE Paducah. Kentucky NORVELL, JOHN Jackson, Tennessee OGLESBY, RON Madisonville. Kentucky OWEN. CAROLYN Covington. Tennessee OZIER. PAULA Huntingdon. Tennessee PALMER. BESSIE Amory. Mississippi PEARSON. CAROL Bells. Tennessee PERSONS, WALTER Jackson, Tennessee RAINES, LOUANNE Memphis, Tennessee REAMS. BRUCE Jackson, Tennessee REESE, MIKE Dierks, Arkansas RHODES, BARBRA Jacks Creek, Tennessee RHODES, DANNY Scotts Hill, Tennessee RICHARDSON, BILL Alamo, Tennessee ROBERTSON, RACHELL Leachville, Arkansas ROGERS, SUZANNE Jackson, Tennessee RUTLEDGE, BILL McKenzie, Tennessee SCARBROUGH, LINDA Humboldt. Tennessee SCOTT, PHILLIP Jackson, Tennessee SIMMONS, RANDY Jacksonville, Florida SIMON, LINDA Memphis. Tennessee SMITH, GEORGE Covington. Tennessee SMITH. NOLAN Jackson. Tennessee IPUPP Class of 1971 TAYLOR, EDDIE Milan, Tennessee TEDFORD, STEVE Adamsville, Tennessee THOMPSON, NANCY Obion, Tennessee TROUTT, BILL Bolivar, Tennessee UTLEY, JACKIE Jackson, Tennessee WASHBURN, JUDY Huron, Tennessee WELCH, JANE Bells, Tennessee WEST, LARRY Jackson, Tennessee WESTBROOK, DAVID Dresden, Tennessee WHITE, LESA Beech Bluff, Tennessee WHITE, LOUIS Memphis, Tennessee WILLIAMS, GARY Bells, Tennessee WILLIAMS, ROSEMARY Clarksburg, Tennessee WINGO, LANA Jackson, Tennessee Sophomores Sophomore Class Officers: Ken Cox, vice-president; Suzanne Copeland, reporter; Sandy Carroll, chaplain; Cathi Spencer, class speaker; Don Wylie, president; Pam Nerren. secretary-treasurer. ACUFF, ZAN Jackson, Tennessee ALEXANDER, PHYLUS Jackson, Tennessee ANDERSON, SUZANNE Brinkley, Arkansas BARNETTE, HELEN Jackson, Tennessee BARNHILL, TERRY Buchanan, Tennessee BESHERSE, JUDY Huntingdon, Tennessee BROWN, BRUCE Jackson, Tennessee BROWN, SHERRYE Memphis, Tennessee BUTLER, GERALDINE Gibson, Tennessee CARDEN, JAMIE Jackson, Tennessee CARPENTER, PAUL Moscov , Tennessee CARROLL, SANDY Stantonville, Tennessee CLARK, TERESA Jackson, Tennessee COHEN, DEBORAH Memphis, Tennessee COHEN, PHIL Bronx, New York COLLINS, BILL Memphis, Tennessee COPELAND, SUZANNE Memphis, Tennessee COX, KEN Louisville, Kentucky CROWELL, MIKE Jackson, Tennessee DANIEL, KAY Memphis, Tennessee DAY, JAMES Jackson, Tennessee DOUGAN, GAREY Jackson, Tennessee DROKE, KAY Memphis. Tennessee DROKE, RAY Memphis, Tennessee DUNLAP, PHILIP Bradford, Tennessee EASON, GARY Jackson, Tennessee EDMONDSON, SANDRA West Memphis, Arkansas GOWER, STEVE Jackson, Tennessee GRAVES, GARY Omaha, Illinois HALL, TERESA Brownsville, Tennessee Class of 1972 Class of 1972 HAYES, JERRY Jackson, Tennessee HOWARD. BILLY Paris. Tennessee HUTCHERSON, PHYLLIS Dresden, Tennessee HUTCHISON, JACKIE Dyer, Tennessee JEFFCOAT, JOY Memphis, Tennessee JOHNSON, FRANCES Jackson, Tennessee JONES, ROSEMARY Jackson, Tennessee KELLER, WALLY Memphis, Tennessee KOONCE. BECKY Jackson. Tennessee LEDBETTER, BILLY Jackson, Tennessee LEEPER, JUDY Trenton, Tennessee LOVE, JAMES Jackson, Tennessee LUMPKIN. MARTHA Dyer, Tennessee LYNCH. DOUG Memphis, Tennessee MANNER, ANNA Milan, Tennessee MAYO, MIKE Milan. Tennessee McGEE, LINDA Selmer, Tennessee MILLER, DAN Lavinia. Tennessee MOLING. DANNY Jackson, Tennessee MOORE, PAUL Brighton, Tennessee NEHRKORN. DONNA Tamaroa. Illinois NERREN, PAM Wayne, Michigan NOLEN. BILLY Alamo. Tennessee PARKER. JOSEPH Bells, Tennessee POWELL, JOE Jackson. Tennessee RANSON. VICKIE Jackson, Tennessee REDDIN. EUGENE Henderson, Tennessee RICE, GARY Memphis, Tennessee RICHARDSON. JEWELL Jackson, Tennessee RUSSELL. DEBBIE Jackson. Tennessee RUSSELL, LLOYD Jackson, Tennessee SARTAIN, MOVELLE Stanton, Tennessee SCOTT, TOMMY Memphis, Tennessee SINGLETON, MIKE Bennis, Tennessee SMITH, MIKE Parsons, Tennessee SMITH, MIKE ' Lilbourn, Missouri SMITH, STEVE Lynnville, Kentucky SPARKMAN, SHERRIE Poplar Bluff. Missouri SPENCER, CATHI Memphis, Tennessee STEPHENSON, JUDY Dyer, Tennessee STEPHENSON, SANDY Orlando, Florida SWINFORD, VALORIE Herrin, Illinois THOMASON, DEBBIE Okolona, Mississippi THORNE, JOYCE Bruceton, Tennessee TURNER, PHILIP Jackson, Tennessee TYSON, LORENZO Jackson, Tennessee VAUGHAN, STEVE Germantown, Tennessee WIGGINS, SANDRA Toone, Tennessee WILLIAMS, CAROLYN Memphis, Tennessee WYLIE, DON Decaturville, Tennessee Freshman Class Officers: Barbara Fisher, class speaker; Carolyn Clark, chaplain; Anita Faici Davie, reporter; Gaines Hedges, president. NOT PICTURED— Jere Phillips, vice-president. secretary -treasur ADAMS, MIKE Indianapolis, Indiana ALDERSON, JOYCE Jackson, Tennessee ALLEN, CHARLES Jackson, Tennessee ALLEN, PATRICIA Memphis, Tennessee ARAI, HIDEO Ibaraki, Japan ARNOLD, DANNY Jackson, Tennessee ATWOOD, EDDIE Vandalia, Illinois AUXIER, RICKEY Sterling, Illinois BAKER, BEN Jackson, Tennessee BALDWIN, ROBERT Memphis, Tennessee BAREFOOT, JUDY Jackson, Tennessee BARRETT, DEBBIE Paris, Tennessee BINGHAM, STEVE Savannah, Tennessee 3IVENS, ANNETA Friendship, Tennessee 3IVENS, BECKY Jackson, Tennessee BLACKMON, AGNES Brighton, Tennessee BLAIR, BARBARA Henderson, Tennessee BLAND, AL Memphis, Tennessee BOWERS, SANDRA Dresden, Tennessee BRADSHAW, VERONICA Piggott, Arkansas BRANTLEY, BRANT Memphis, Tennessee BREWER, JIMMY Jackson, Tennessee BROADWAY, TERRY Decaturville, Tennessee BROCKMAN, DONNA Trezevant, Tennessee BROWN, MARY NELL Southaven, Mississippi BROWN, MIKE Cincinnati, Ohio BRYANT, RICK Memphis, Tennessee BUIE, BRENDA Paris, Tennessee BURRESS, SANDIE Millington, Tennessee BUTLER, LINDA Alamo, Tennessee Class of 1973 Class of 1973 CEPPARULO. EDMOND Ripley. Tennessee CHATHAM, JIMMIE McKenzie. Tennessee CLARK. CAROLYN Memphis. Tennessee CLARKE, ANDY Jackson. Tennessee CLOYD. ROXANNA Mayfield. Kentucky COFFMAN. BETH Lexington, Tennessee COFFMAN, RUSTY Hanson, Kentucky COLEMAN, WANDA Camden, Tennessee CONNER, CAROL Memphis, Tennessee COOPER, TIM Germantown, Tennessee EPLING, DAVID Owensboro, Kentucky EPPS, DEBBY Memphis, Tennessee FALCINELLI, ANITA Mennphis, Tennessee FARMER, BARBARA McKenzie, Tennessee FARROW, STEVE Jackson, Tennessee FISHER, BARBARA Humboldt, Tennessee FOWLER, LARRY Jackson, Tennessee GAMMON, JIMMIE Memphis, Tennessee GOODMAN, BRENT Atwood, Tennessee GOODRICH, JANE Medina, Tennessee GRAVES, JOHN Omaha, Illinois GRAVES, MIKE Jackson, Tennessee GRIMES, TERESA Memphis, Tennessee HALL, CAROLE Dyer, Tennessee HALLIBURTON, JANICE Dyer, Tennessee HAMLIN, MARTHA Huntingdon, Tennessee HAYS, LIZ Rootstown, Ohio HEDGES, GAINES Paris, Tennessee HELMS, LINDA Jackson, Tennessee HELTON, DELLRAY Adamsville, Tennessee HENDRICK, ROY Memphis, Tennessee HENSLEY, JEAN Warden, Missouri HIBBARD, CAROL Clinton, Kentucky HICKS, CHARLOTTE McKenzie, Tennessee HOFFMAN, DIANE Memphis, Tennessee HOLDER, JUDY Alamo, Tennessee HOLT, JANICE Jackson, Tennessee HOPKINS, RICKEY Trenton, Tennessee HORNER, PAULA Trenton, Tennessee HUFFSTUTTER, DAN Jackson, Tennessee INMAN. DEBORAH Bethel Springs, Tennessee JACKSON. LINDA Trenton. Tennessee JENKINS. NANCY Milan. Tennessee JONES. JOE Humboldt. Tennessee JORDAN. MARILYN Gates. Tennessee JOYNER. GLENDA Milan. Tennessee KALER. NITA Milan, Tennessee KERR, SHARON Dyer. Tennessee KIRBY. LARRY Ripley. Tennessee KOLB. DAVID Memphis, Tennessee LAY, BRENT Jackson, Tennessee LEMIUX, PAULETTE Memphis. Tennessee MAINARD, DENNIS Jackson. Tennessee MCCARTY, DENISE Jackson. Tennessee McDONNOUGH, LINDA DuQuoin. Illinois McEWEN, BELINDA Jackson. Tennessee McGEE, KENNETH Ramer. Tennessee MEACHAM, STEVE LaGrange, Kentucky MILFORD, DALE Adamsville, Tennessee MOODY, YVONNE Jackson, Tennessee MOORE. BRENDA Adamsville, Tennessee MOORE. SARAH Dresden, Tennessee MORGAN, KARON Union City, Tennessee MOSS, NINA ROSE Martin, Tennessee NAYLOR, VICTORIA Paducah, Kentucky NELSON, WANDA Rives, Tennessee NICHOLS, GARY Memphis. Tennessee Class of 1 973 OWENS, MIKE Bolivar, Tennessee OVERTON, MARIE Pans, Tennessee PASCHALL, GLENDA Puryear, Tennessee PASCHALL, LYNN Pans, Tennessee PEARSON, JUDY Ramer, Tennessee PERKINS, WANITA Dresden, Tennessee PETTY, BENNY Ramer, Tennessee PHILLIPS, JERE Dyersburg, Tennessee PHILLIPS, RONNIE Jackson, Tennessee ROUCHLE, MIKE union City, Tennessee REEVES, BRENDA Memphis, Tennessee REEVES, JULIA Jackson, Tennessee ROACH, JUDY Jackson, Tennessee ROARK, THOMAS Huntingdon, Tennessee ROBBINS, DOROTHY Finger, Tennessee ROBINSON, BILL Union City, Tennessee ROSE, LIN Jackson, Tennessee ROSS, NANCY Morris Chapel, Tennessee ROSS, RICHARD Newbern, Tennessee RUSH, DON Memphis, Tennessee SAMPLE, SHARON Memphis, Tennessee SCHROEDER, WALT Anna, Illinois SCOTT, BECKY Jackson, Tennessee SCOTT, PHYLISS Adamsville, Tennessee SHANKLIN, JAMES B. Dresden, Tennessee SKILES, DOUGLAS Jackson, Tennessee SMITH, DONNIE Covington, Tennessee Class of 1 973 SMITH. MIKE E. Murray. Kentucky SMITH. LARRY Selmer. Tennessee SMITH. STEPHANIE Ripley. Tennessee SORRELL. BARBARA Springville. Tennessee SPAIN. SID Jackson. Tennessee SPILLER, CHUCK Memphis. Tennessee STALLINGS, JANET Bolivar, Tennessee STAPLES. RANDY Beech Bluff, Tennessee STEWART. LARRY Louisiville, Tennessee TACKER, SUSAN Memphis. Tennessee THOMAS, STEVE Louisville. Kentucky THOMASON, DALE Jackson, Tennessee THURMAN, GARY Germanto A n, Tennessee TIGNOR, KATHY Luray, Tennessee TUCKER, DONALD Westport, Tennessee TURNER, KATHY Buchanan, Tennessee VETETO, WANDA Lexington, Tennessee WAITS, VICTOR Memphis, Tennessee WALKER, CONYER Trenton, Tennessee WALLACE, PAUL Darden, Tennessee WALLER, MONIE Jackson, Tennessee WATKINS, FRANCIE Olive Branch, Mississippi WILD, WAYNE Morristown, New Jersey WILSON, PAT Bethel Springs, Tennessee WISE, CARLA Humboldt, Tennessee WOFFORD, MARTHA Rutherford, Tennessee WOFFORD, WAYNE Trenton, Tennessee WOLFE, DAVID Medina, Tennessee WOOTEN, JIM Clinton, Kentucky WRIGHT, CHERYL Memphis, Tennessee WYATT, DICKIE Paris, Tennessee WYATT, MARGIE Jackson, Tennessee ' ■ • J ' ' ' r Et-W- ' ■ ■ ' M 4- ■- ' N ». ' ' ; ••■• ; . " Hi • tA»f Chosen Mr. Union by the student body, Dan- ny Davis hails from Paris, Tennes- see. Playing on the Union Varsity Baseball Team and belonging to the U Club, he is a P.E. major. He was chosen an Outstanding College Ath- lete of America and serves as trea- surer of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Danny ' s activities also in- clude being president of Adam ' s Hall and on the Dean ' s List. - .: V !•, " ■» " ■ -.J iism ' -.- -r Mr. and Miss Union Results from serving her campus in many ways helped to elect Peggy Bir- mingham as Miss Union. A P.E. major from Jackson, Tennessee, Peggy IS a member of the Union Tennis Team. She is president of Chi Omega and a member of Al- pha Chi and Hypatia scholastic honor societies. Peggy was elected to Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. Representing our University in the Miss Tennes- see Pageant is Belinda Carol Mc- Ewen, the daughter of Mrs. Mary McEwen of Jackson, Tennessee. Sponsored by the Spanish Club, Belinda is a Spanish major with a music and journalism minor. She was chosen out of eighteen girls for the title of Miss University. The lovely green-eyed brown-haired freshman performed the " Tara Theme " on the piano, backed the melodic strains of Walker ' s Men. MISS UNIVERSITY COURT. Ouida West, second alternate; Cathi Spencer, first alternate; Belinda McEwen, Miss University; Debbie Thomason, second maid; Sandy Carroll, first maid. " Joan of Arc The Waltz " Sixteen outstanding Seniors were recom- mended this year for membership in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Among qualities considered for this honor were scholarship, leadership, and activ- ities. Carol Patterson Carol Weaver Don Hopper Lonnie Searcy Keith Dismuke Janis Blumberg Tan Mayhall Loretta Mathews Beverly Williams Paula Farmer Phyllis Hutchersoi Leroy Lane Campus Favorites i.? " ivJijjiMk-. Sandy Carroll Fraternity Sweethearts Judy Arnold, Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart. y s % HMii ' jl Ouida West, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl. Campus Royalty Nancy Thompson, Basketball Queen and U Club Sweetheart. Donna Kennon, Phi Mu Alpha Sweet heart. w -:.. f:- i - ■ " m " " " mlT- » » Mrl ! " I ' f i « " V ' ' .. ■ -. " ' ,: . " ' - n A . ' ' ' r . - V ' , • ' t 1 .1 ' . • -■■.?+• ,« K , ■ %.; " ' ' j ; -.-.-«,, - H ; ■V- • . " a:. • " " Tf 5 • " ' .f r " Slater Food Service Slater Food Service endeavors to in- volve students in cafeteria affairs — besides eating. Mr. Cunningham outdoes himself to provide novel settings to break the cafe- teria monotony. The Super D Drug Stores, located in the Jackson Plaza and South- gate Shopping Center, offer quality pre- scription service at a discount. John Ran- dolph, class of ' 30, operates Randolph ' s Nursery which features containers, ever- greens, shrubs, and trees. DISCOUNT E PRESCRIPTIONS Super D Drug Stores Randolph ' s Nursery Hi |h H H y v p Rhodes Furniture Store, 111 N. Church, specializes in quality furniture and appliances. Rowe ' s Jewelers is one of Ten- nessee ' s five " Registered Jewelers " Ameri- can Gem Society. Located at 447 N. Royal, Johnsey ' s Sporting Goods is close to the campus, in more ways than one. They of- fer a complete line of sporting goods. " It pays to play. " Rowe ' s Jewelry Johnsey ' s Sporting Goods d etudd ' A, umdi Sicdian Si Jfmeeican iitm Baudo ' s Restaurant Moore Studio For your convenience, Moore Studio keeps your negatives on file for twenty years. Owned and operated by Devon Dooley, Moore Studio offers the services of two excellent photographers — Mitch Carter and Greg Frye. For the latest and best achievements of photographic art, call 427-1296, or pay them a visit at 215 North Liberty. Your complete building materials merchant since 1889, Five Points Lumber Company is located on College at Royal. For the best American and Italian foods, visit Baudo ' s Restaurant at 424 Hollywood Drive. Five Points Ll FURNITURE Visit Rainey Furniture Co., 209 East Main, for the best in furniture and ap- pliances for your dorm room or your home. Laycook Printing Co. is the " Best Equipped Small Printing Plant in the South. " McGee- Ross, downtown Jackson, offers hardware, housewares and gifts. " Coke has the taste you never get tired of. " Anytime is Coke time. yi to the graduating THI COOA.eOU OOMPANV IT Laycook Printing Co. McGee-Ross Lexington Inn The Lexington Inn, located just across Irby Street, Is the place where students meet and eat. Owned by Pat and Mike Holmes, the Inn offers a second home for many students. Not only do they serve ex- cellent food, but they are famous for their relaxed atmosphere. The Inn is the place to go — after the game, after church, after a hard study session — anytime. . . . Partic- ular people prefer Park Laundry . Cleaners at 935 Campbell. They feature a full laun- dry and dry cleaning service as well as suede and leather cleaning. Park Laundry Cleaners I Calvary Baptist is the church with YOU in mind. The pastor is Paul Clark; the Minister of Music is Donny Adams; and the Minister of Education and Youth is Don Dillingham. " Life and Happiness can be found at Calvary. " . . . That delicious aroma of freshly baked bread drifting across campus comes from the Colonial Baking Company. Located at 603 South Royal, they produce all types of mouth- watering breads and pastries. Colonial Baking Company CLEANER! Big Star Food Stores Bond ' s, Jackson ' s leading shoe store, features shoe fashions for the fashion-wise college student. . . . The Village Inn Pizza Parlor, 624 Old Hickory Blvd. " where pizza is always in good taste, " features 21 dif- ferent varieties of delicious pizza as well as sandwiches and salads. Sing-alongs nightly provide fun for the whole family. . . . There are three Big Star Food Stores to serve you: Jackson Plaza, Hollywood Shopping Center, and Southgate Shopping Center. They feature Swifts ' Proten Beef and Quality Stamps. Mage Inn Pizza Parlor I Hi Stegall Shoe Company Dairy Queen, No. 2 Stegall Shoe Co., located in the Old Hickory Mall, is the " Fashion Shoe Center of West Tennessee. " . . . Jackson ' s new- est and most modern Dairy Queen is lo- cated at 1724 South Highland; owned by Mr. and Mrs. Sam F. Victory. . . . Featur- ing Sinclair Products, Cliff Johnson Service Station is located at 215 North Royal. . . . Liberty Supermarket has two locations, 139 Airways and 206 North Royal, to serve you better. Cliff Johnson Service Station Liberty Supermarket Thunderbird Motel The Thunderbird Motel is located on U.S. 45-South, just five minutes from downtown Jackson. It features a large swimming pool, color television, and guest- controlled room temperature. The large dining facilities are excellent for meetings and banquets. . . . Nathan ' s, Main at High- land, has tomorrow ' s styles today. . . . Close to the campus at 213 East Lafayette, Burnett ' s can fill all your footwear needs. . . . Rosenbloom ' s is the place to shop for the latest fashions. Nathan ' s Rosenbloom ' s Located next to Gibson ' s on Old Hick- ory Boulevard, Hancock Fabrics (formerly Hollywood Fabric Shop) offers the most complete and largest selection of sewing needs in this area. John E. Parker, 129 East College, has seeds, hardware, and gifts. Malone and Hyde, Inc. wholesale food distributors, have their Jackson office lo- cated on the Bells Highway. Their various pr oducts fill the grocery and drug stores of this area. Jackson ' s most modern de- partment store is Penney ' s. Visit their store in the Old Hickory Mall or Phone 424- 3000. HANCOCK FABRIC ' S Hancock Fabrics Malone and Hyde, Inc J. C. Penney, Co. Located at 320 East Lafayette, Vine- yard ' s is your complete flower and gift shop. Offering the very latest in fashion footwear is the Bootery ' s specialty at 209 East Lafayette. Thrasher ' s Cloth Shop, lo- cated in the Jackson Plaza, has every- thing you need for your sewing necessities. Sears in Old Hickory Mall offers the latest in fashions, footwear, furniture and fun things. The spacious store and the ample free parking make your shopping a plea- sure. Go to the Mall store or call their cata- log department at 424-0440. The Bootery to Thrasher ' s Cloth Shop standard Drugs Shainberg ' s Shainberg ' s in the Jackson Plaza is the department store for the whole family. Standard Drugs, Highland and Lafayette, can fill all your drug and sundry needs. They want to show you one of the largest diamond collections in Tennessee at Robert ' s Jewelry, in downtown Jackson. Robert ' s Jewelry fNcCALL-HOBI McCall-Hughes Uberts Under the direction of John C. Moody, president, McCall - Hughes, 107 E. Main, has become a leading fashion center for college men. . . . Albert ' s, " Jackson ' s Most Popular Fashion Store, " makes going down- town a pleasure. . . . Boone Coin Op, 121 Lexington, offers both one hour cleaning service and special student discounts. First Baptist Church Hammond ' s Card Shop ■ IH ' mi III! Georgia ' s Restaurant Georgia ' s Restaurant, 1334 Highland, offers fine food and excellent service in elegant surroundings. . . . Holland ' s " West Tennessee ' s Fashion Center " , is located downtown and at Highland park, or you can phone 424-2300. ... Go to Ham- mond ' s Card Shop, Old Hickory Mall, for all sorts of things. First Baptist Church is a dynamic church linked hand in hand with a dynamic school. The staff — Dr. R. Trevis Otey, Carlys P. Scates, and Fred R. Neyland — is vitally interested in Union, its faculty and its students. First Baptist wants to be your " home " church while you are away from home. Worship services: 10:50 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.; Training Union: 6:30 p.m.; Wednesday night supper and prayer meeting: 5:30 p.m. Dr. Pepper has the taste that ' s " dis- tinctively different. " At the Inn, in the dorm, anywhere, anytime — drink Dr. Pepper. It ' s not a cola or a root beer — it ' s the only soft drink you can enjoy hot or cold. At One Hour Martinizing you can get one-hour service at no extra charge. Their specialty — at 250 West Main, South Gate, Old Hickory Mall — is shirt service. One Hour Martinizing National Bank of Commerce The National Bank of Commerce is a full service bank to meet all your banking needs. The main office is located at 118 North Liberty, and the branches are lo- cated at 1426 North Highland, 210 North Royal, and 1956 North Highland. NBC is " The Bank of the Times — The Bank of the Chimes " . . . Jack Holland wants every Union coed to look like she just stepped out of the Bandbox. Jack Holland ' s Bandbox First National Bank First National Bank has three modern, convenient locations to serve you: Down- town, Main at Market; Midtown, West Main at I.e. Railroad; and Old Hickory Mail Branch, 1993 North Highland. First Na- tional is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Federal Re- serve Corporation. For all your banking needs — from Christmas Club to savings and loans — think first of First National . . . Gibson ' s now has two locations — Hayes Avenue at Lexington and 621 Old Hickory Blvd. Gibson ' s is where you al A ays buy the best for less . . . Frances of Jackson is the " House that Quality Built " in do A ntown Jackson. Hawaiian House Petite Bakery POLVNESWN FOODS eXOTK DRINKS Weddings, birthdays, and special par- ties are our specialty at Petite Bakery, 716 West Forest . . . One of the South ' s most modern photographic studios is Town and Country Studio. Drop by at 1402 High- land, or call for an appointment at 422- 6362 . . . Visit the Hawaiian House, 422 Hollywood, for the best in Polynesian and American foods and beverages. Town and Country Studio I iri. ., I ? » !l il ?5 ; ' 1 k - Senior Activities Allen. Calvin Bruce . . . B.S. Armstrong. Cheryl Ann . . . A. A. in Nursing. Arnold. Judy Carol . . . B.A. Austin. Paula Jean . , . A. A. in Nursing. Ballard. Jacqueline Keenum . . . B.A. Barnes. John Elmer Jr. . . . B.A. Alpha Tau Omega, vice-presi- dent; Lest We Forget, editor-in- chief. Barnette. Charles Robert . . . B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha, vice-presi- dent; Lest We Forget, editor-in- chief. Barkley, Janice Lowrance . . . B.S. Barkley, Rhonda Hodge . . . B.A. Barron. Bill Raymond . . . B.A. Nestor Club. Alpha Chi. Phi Al- pha Theta. Bates. Martha Rainey . . . B.A. Beibers, William Vernon . . . B.S. Bennett, Paula Jane . . . B.A. S.N.E.A.. Mallory Math Club, Linguae Mundi, Senior Class Chaplain; Chi Omega, assistant treasurer, social chairman, civic chairman; Dean ' s List; P.E. Club. Benthall. Gertha Jane . . . B.S. S.G.A.. reporter; Senior Class Reporter; Prexy Club; Annual Staff; Religious Affairs Commit- tee; Greek Sorority Council, president; Zeta Tau Alpha, rush chairman and scholarship chair- man; BIythe Hall Dorm Council; Dean ' s List. Bickerstaff, Larry G. . . . B.S. Birmingham. Margaret Weir . . . B.S. Chi Omega, pledge president, best pledge, intramural chair- man, pledge trainer, president; P.E. Majors ' Club; P.E. Club; Dean ' s List; Union varsity tennis team; Union extramural volley- ball, basketball, tennis team; B.S.U.; S.N.E.A.; Sophomore Class Sec.-T r e a s u r e r; Junior Class Sec. -Treasurer; Campus Favorite; Alpha Chi. vice-pres.. president; Hypatia, vice-presi- dent, president; G.S.C., publicity chairman; Prexy Club; Symphon- ic Band; Miss Union; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. Bishop, Kenneth Ray . . . B.A. B.S.U.; Spanish Club; Intramu- rals; S.N.E.A.; Alpha Chi; Nestor Club; Cardinal and Cream; Dean ' s List. Bledsoe, William Mike . . . B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Blumberg. Janis Elizabeth . . . B.A. Zeta Tau Alpha, activities chair- man, corresponding secretary; S.N.E.A.; Senior Class Secre- tary; Cheerleader; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges; A.T.O. Little Sister, treas- urer, vice-president; BIythe Hall Judicial Board; University Sing- ers; Best Dressed runner-up; second alternate to Miss Uni- versity. Bobbitt, James A. . . , B.A. Boen. Frankie . . . B.A. Ellis Hall President; Union Uni- versity Tennis I eam; F.C.A.; Prexy Club; Ellis Hail monitor; Manager of basketball team. Bonds, Giovanni Mathis . . . B.A. Footlights Club; S.N.E.A.; Stage Band singer; Symphonic Band. Bradford, Lois L. . . . B.A. Braly. Edwin H. Jr. . . . B.S. Varsity Basketball; Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Briley, Peggy Lynn . . . B.A. Brockenbrough, Suzanne . . . B.A. Bryan, Carolyn Lane . . . B.A. B.S.U.; Y.W.A.; Hypatia; Alpha Chi; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Colleges; Jones Hall Dorm Council. Buchanan, Jerreal B. Jr. . . . B.S. Burlison. Cecil F. Jr. . . . B.S. Butler, Stephen Allen . . . B.A. Alpha Tau Omega; Cardinal and Cream, editor-in-chief. Carroll, Fred G. . . . B.S. Lambda Chi Alpha, rush chair- man; Intramural director; F.C.A., secretary; Alpha Chi; Prince Davis Science Club; Baseball team. Chamness, John Alan . . . B.M. Lambda Chi Alpha, vice-presi- dent, social chairman, song lead- er, alumni secretary. Senior Ser- vice Award, Winter Carnival co- chairman; Phi Mu Alpha, social chairman; Alpha Psi Omega; Footlights; Ben West Memorial Scholarship Winner; Cardinal and Cream, Music editor, Greek edi- tor; Madrigals, University Sing- ers, Male Quartet; Opera Work- shop; Who ' s Who in American Colleges; Prexy Club, editor, Lest We Forget. Cheatham, David Hill . . . B.A. Rutledge History Club, report- er; Lambda Chi Alpha, secre- tary. Clarke, Susan Diane . . . B.A. Clay, David Eugene . . . B.A. Coffman, Jerry A. . . . B.S. Cole, Michael Larry . . . B.A. Cox, Kay Moore . . . B.A. Y.W.A.; B.S.U.; Summer Mis- sions. Collins, Larry Dwight . . . B.S. Crawford, John Gordon . . . B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Crawford, Rebecca Lanier . . . B.A. Chi Omega. Crenshaw, Kathy Elizabeth . . . B.A. Crosley, Paul F. . . . B.A. Culpepper, Jerry Don . . . B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Curlin, Patricia Ann . . . B.S. Freshman Class Reporter; Lin- guae Mundi; S.N.E.A.; Prince Davis Science Club; Cardinal and Cream; Zeta Tau Alpha, scrapbook chairman, recording secretary; Hypatia; Alpha Chi. Daniel, James Shelley . . . B.A. Davis, Adrienne Hatcher . . . B.A. Davis, Danny Ross . . . B.S. Mr. Union; Senior Class Vice- President; baseball team; U Club; S.N.E.A.; Science Club; Adams Hall President; Prexy Club; F.C.A.; Dean ' s List; P.E. Majors ' Club. Davis, Jimmy Henry . . . B.S. Alpha Chi; Nestor Club; Kappa Mu Epsilon. DeLoach, Lyndal Kate . . . B.S. Chi Omega. Dennison, James Michael . . . B.S. Denton, Susan Lynn . . . A. A. in Nursing. Dew, Patricia Gail . . . B.S. Jones Hall President; B.S.U., religious editor, devotional chair- man; Y.W.A., prayer and pro- gram chairman, president; Hy- patia, publicity chairman; Alpha Chi. Dismuke, Keith Ingram . . . B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, pledge trainer, chaplain, I.F.C., house manager, Minerva club repre- sentative; Phi Mu Alpha, alumni secretary; Kappa Mu Epsilon, treasurer; Alpha Chi; Nestor Club, president; Dean ' s List ; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges; Freshman Class Presi- dent; Sophomore Class Presi- dent; S.G.A., vice-president; Campus Favorite; Union Stage- band; Symphonic Band; S.A.E. Leadership School; S.U.S.G.A.; T.U.S.G.A. Dougan, David Franklin . . . B.S. Durbin, Larry . . . B.A. Eddlemon, Jerry Lynn . . . B.S. Lambda Chi Alpha, president. Essary, Joan . . . A. A. in Nursing. Farmer, Russell William . . . B.S. Frank, Arleen . . . B.M. Sigma Alpha Iota; Singers. Freeman, George N. . . . B.S. S.N.E.A.; Mallory Math; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Ellis Hall treasurer. Garner, Kathy Diane . . . B.S. Garner, Louis Hambleton . . . B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha; History Club; S.N.E.A. Gaston, Shelia Dale . . . A. A. in Nursing. Gateley, Glen Nolen . . . B.M. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, presi- dent. Goforth, Pamela Agee . . . B.A. Zeta Tau Alpha. Goodman, Geraldine . . . A. A. in Nursing. Grainger, Sandra Irene . . . B.A. Green, Wayne . . . B.S. Greer, William F. . . . B.S. Alpha Tau Omega. Hammonds, Ronnie Mack . . . B.M. University Singers, Male Quar- tet, Madrigals; Symphonic Band; Stage Band; " My Fair Lady. " Harden, Susan Watlington . . . B.S. Hardin, Aaron DeJuan . . . B.A. Alpha Chi; Nestor Club. Hardin, Brenda Carol . . . A. A. in Nursing. Hardister, Martha Helen . . . B.A. Chi Omega; Little Sisters of Mi- nerva. Harris, Linda Marie . . . B.A. Hayes, Gloria Ann . . . B.S. S.N.E.A.; B.S.U. Haynes, Janetta Doris . . . A. A. in Nursing. Hopper, Don R. . . . B.S. Freshman Class Chaplain; Junior Class Vice-President; Dean ' s List; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, chap- lain , scholarship chairman, re- corder, chorister, vice-president; I.F.C., secretary-treasurer; Nes- tor, vice-president; Alpha Chi; Prince-Davis Science Club; B.S.U.; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. Horn, Joyce Reid . . . B.A. Hudson, Jane Dyane . . . B.A. Ingram, William Del B.S. Jackson, Mary Ann . . . B.A. Prexy Club; P.E. Club; S.N.E.A., president; Spanish Club; Science Club; Chi Omega, property chair- man, lodge manager, rush chair- man, assistant pledge trainer; Junior Class Reporter; Who ' s Who in American Colleges; Co- chairman of Miss Union pag- eant. Jennings, Peter Allen . . . B.A. Phi Alpha Theta, president; S.N.E.A.; Footlights; Dormitory treasurer and vice-president. Johnston, Robert Currie Jr. . . . B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Keel, Elizabeth June . . . B.A. Kennedy, Henry Bridges III . . . B.S. Varsity Basketball. King , Julia Marie . . . B.A. Knight, Patricia Joyner . . . B.A. Landreth, Billy Ronald . . . B.S. Prince Davis Science Club; S.N.E.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, house manager, correspondent, recorder. Levins, Julia Ann . . . A. A. in Nursing. Lindsey, Donald Hugh . . . B.A. Rutledge History Club. Little, Jeanne Jones . . . B.S. Little, Jerry Wayne . . . B.A. Little, Paul Bruce . . . B.S. Logan, Larry Joe . . . B.S. Lumpkin, Betty Britt . . . A. A. in Nursing. McCaslin, Wanda Nell . . . B.A. McClain, David . . . B.S. Alpha Tau Omega. McKnight, Herbert C. . . . B.S. McNatt, David W. . . . B.S. Marshall, Cindy Dian . . . B.A. Footlights, vice-president; Alpha Psi Omega, president; Guild; B.S.U. Martin, John W. . . . B.S. Martin, Sherry . . . B.S. Adams Hall Sweetheart; P.E. Club; Cheerleader; BIythe Hall, social chairman; Little Sister of Minerva; Dean ' s List; Homecom- ing Royalty. Mathews, A. Loretta . . . B.M. Who ' s Who in American Col- leges; Dean ' s List; Zeta Tau Al- pha, music chairman, vice-presi- dent, historian, social chairman; Sigma Alpha lota, pledge secre- tary, social chairman, vice-presi- dent, chaplain; Alpha Psi Ome- ga, secretary, vice-president; Crescent Club, historian, social chairman; Footlights Club; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl; Best Supporting Actress in " A Different Drummer " ; Univer- sity Singers; Madrigals; Sym- phonic Band; Development Com- mittee. Matthews, Robert L. . . . B.M. Lambda Chi Alpha, social chair- man; Varsity Track; Singers; Madrigals; Male Quartet. Mayhall, Nathaniel Garrow III . . . B.A. Alpha Tau Omega; S.G.A., presi- dent; Who ' s Who in American Colleges. Montgomery, Michael J. . . . B.S. Moody, Oliver Ray . . . B.S. Alpha Tau Omega. Moore, Alvin Miller . . . B.S. Mullikin, Elise Stewart . . . B.A. Mullis, James Michael . . . B.S. Muse, Sylvia Jones . . . A. A. in Nursing. Norvell, Martha Frances . . . B.S. Mallory Math Club; Rutledge History Club; B.S.U.; Science Club. Norvell, Robert Woodrow . . . B.A. Norville, Elizabeth Anne . . . B.A. S.N.E.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha, house manager, treasurer; Guild; Lest We Forget, faculty and adminis- tration editor, associate editor; BIythe Hall Homecoming Com- mittee; University Singers; Dean ' s List. Norville, Stanley Scott . . . B.A. F.C.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Ath- letic chairman; varsity baseball; intramural representative. O ' Kelley, Edward Murray in Nursing. A. A. Park, Charles E. . . . B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha. Parkinson, Edwin Dale . . . B.M. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Patterson, Carol Jane . . . B.A. Who ' s Who in American Col- leges. Pennington, Thomas D. Jr. . . . B.A. Pettigrew, Jimmy Glenn . . . B.A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Phillips, John A. . . . B.S. Pipkin, John Sammons . . . B.S. Basketball; Track; Baseball; In- tramurals. Powers, James H. . . . B.A. Powers, Michael . . . B.A. Puckett, Frank D. . . . B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha, house man- ager. Pugh, Anderson Love . . . B.S. Lambda Chi Alpha, treasurer. Redfearn, Terry Manson . . . B.S. Redmond, Daniel Bryan . . . B.A. B.S.U.; MA, president. Reedy, Kay Truex . . . B.A. Chi Omega; S.A.E. Queen; Lit- tle Sisters of Minerva, president. Reynolds, Jan Pulliam . . . B.A. Rial, Barbara Frances . . . A. A. in Nursing. Richardson, Clara Ann . . . B.S. Robbins, Nancy Carol . . . B.M. Sigma Alpha lota, sergeant-at- arms, treasurer; Symphonic Band; intramu rals. Robertson, Beatrice . . . B.A. History Club. Rogers, Judith Karen . . . B.A. Zeta Tau Alpha, ritual chairman; Mallory Math Club, secretary- treasurer; Kappa Mu Epsilon; S.N.E.A.; Dean ' s List. Rogers, Kenneth Wayne . . . B.A. Rouse, Bobby G. . . . B.A. Rowsey, Judith C. . . . B.A. Scott, Kerry Lee . . . B.S. Scott, Stanley Wayne . . . B.S. Baseball team; dorm officer; U Club; P.E. Club; F.C.A. Searcy, Lonnie C. Jr. . . . B.S. U Club, vice-president; Basket- ball team; track; Campus Favor- ite; Who ' s Who In Colleges; P.E. Club. Siler, Catherine Buckner . . . B.A. Chi Omega. Siler, William Russell . . . B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Sills, Reginia Kay . . . B.S. B.S.U.; Rutledge History Club; Jones and BIythe Hall Dorm Council. Simmons, Randy . . . B.S. Lambda Chi Alpha; B.S.U., ju- nior executive council; Golf team. Smith, William C. . . . B.M. Phi Mu Alpha, warden, vice- president, president; Symphonic band; Stage Band; University Singers; Madrigals; Prexy Club; Brass Choir; Intramurals. Snider, Larry W. . . . B.S. U Club, reporter; Alpha Tau Omega, vice-president, sentinel; Track team; Adams Hall, report- er; Senior Class Reporter. Stanfill, Phillip Wayne . . . B.S. Stanford, Charles . . . B.S. Steed, William Wylie Jr. . . . B.S. S.N.E.A.; Alpha Tau Omega, social chairman, treasurer, cor- responding secretary. Steed, Dennis Wayne . . . B.S. Steinman, Dick . . . B.S. Stranak, Linn Michael . . . B.S. Who ' s Who i n American Col- leges; Alpha Chi; Nestor Club; Kappa Mu Epsilon; F.C.A. ; Baseball team; intramurals. Strong, Susan Barker . . . A. A. in Nursing. Sutton, Edith Fay . . . B.S. B.S.U. ; Y.W.A.; BIythe Hall Dorm Council; S.N.E.A.; P.E. Club; Extramural and Intramural participant. Sutton, George Edward Jr. . . . B.A. Tarpley, Frances Angia . . . B.S. Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship chairman, assistant treasurer, G.S.C. representative; Prince- Davis Science Club; Mallory Math Club, vice-president; Dean ' s List. Thompson, Reggie Dean . . . B.A. Tilley, Barbara . . . A. A. in Nursing. Turnage, Sandra Ann . . . B.A. Wallin, Patricia Ann . . . A. A. in Nursing. Ware, Michael A. . . . B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; P.E. Club. Washburn, Johnny E. . . . B.S. Watridge, Beth Peterson . . . B.A. Prexy Club; Freshman Dorm Council; Chi Omega, song lead- er, social chairman, pledge train- er; Campus Favorite; Homecom- ing Royalty; Miss Union Univer- sity; Stage Band vocalist; S.G.A., treasurer; Alpha Psi Omega; Footlights; Who ' s Who In American Colleges; Intramur- als; Co-Director of Miss Union pageant. Watridge, Sammy Joe . . . B.S. Alpha Tau Omega, house man- ager, president; Prexy Club; I.F.C.; Cardinal and Cream, re- porter, photographer; Student Art Exhibit. Weaver, Carol Hall . . . B.S. Hypatia; Alpha Chi; Zeta Tau Alpha, pledge scholarship award, music chairman, parli- amentarian; Who ' s Who In Amer- ican Colleges; Lest We Forget, class editor; Cardinal and Cream, reporter, news staff edi- tor, feature editor; S.N.E.A.; University reporter for The Jack- son Sun; Mallory Math Club; Prince-Davis Science Club. Weddle, Dorsey Lee . . . B.S. Wells, Delores . . . B.S. Footlights; Guild; B.S.U., cor- responding secretary of B.S.U. White, Donna Melody . . . B.A. White, Paula Hooper . . . A. A. in Nursing. Williams, Beverly Ann . . . B.M. Zeta Tau Alpha, Best Pledge, assistant rush chairman; Sigma Alpha lota, president, rush chair- man; Lambda Chi Alpha Cres- cent Girl; Crescent Club presi- dent; Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart; Campus Favorite; Runner-up to Best Dressed; Winner of Univer- sity Talent Show; Dean ' s List; Alpha Chi; Hypatia; Who ' s Who in American Colleges; Miss Un- ion University, 1969; Madrigals; Symphonic Band, vocalist with Union Stage Band; First Maid to May Day Queen; Winner of Col- lege Division Southern Regional National Association of Teach- ers of Singing; Third Maid to Miss Tennessee, and talent win- ner in the Miss Tennessee pag- eant; First Maid to Miss Okra and Talent Winner. Williams, Paulette . . . B.A. S.N.E.A.; Chi Omega, secretary; Footlights; B.S.U.; Miss Univer- sity Pageant; Cardinal and Cream, typist. Williams, Wanda McAlexander . . . A. A. in Nursing. Wilson, Jack A. . . . B.S. Wright, Ronald Stephen . . . B.A. Alpha Psi Omega; Footlights Club. Wynn. Daniel A. . . . B.S. University Singers: Madrigals; B.S.U. songleader; Intramurals. Zeutenhorst. Bryan Lon B.S. Index A Acuff. Zan . . . 97,147 Ada. Karen . . . 97.141 Adams, David . . . 101 Adams, Mike . . . 62,105.151 Administration . . , 16 Akin. Anette ... 76 Alderson, Joyce . . . 69.71,94,97, 151 Alexander, Phyllis , . . 76,97.147 All-Sing . . . 44,46,47,94 Allen, Charles . . . 151 Allen, Trisha . . . 75.82,99,151 Alpha Chi . . . 64 Alpha Psi Omega . . . 73 Alpha Tau Omega . . . 100.101 Alsup. Skip . . . 103 Alsup. Steve . . . 103 Anderson, Suzanne . . . 9.77,147 Arai, Hideo . . . 151 Armour. Dr. Carl . . . 34 Armour. Dwight ... 101 Armstrong. Ernie . . . 77 Armstrong, Gail . . . 69,93,99 Arnold. Danny . . . 85,86,151 Arnold, Judy . . . 64,65,141,173 Atwood, Eddie ... 151 Austin, Steve . . . 71,103 Austin, Jane . . . 69 Austin, Joan ... 71 Auxier, Ricky . . . 103,151 B Baker, Ben . . . 101,151 Baker. David . . . 141 Baker, Mrs. Lucille . . . 26 Baldwin, Bobby . . . 102,151 Baptist Student Union ... 74 Barefoot. Dr. Hyran . . . 30,64 Barefoot, Judy . . . 71,97,151 Barkley, Paul ... 75 Barham, Mrs. Virginia . . . 23 Barlow. Jimmy . . . 141 Barnes. John . . . 135 Barnett, Glenda . . . 141 Barnett, Helen . . . 67,147 Barnhill, Terry . . . 147 Barr, Jimmy . . . 141 Barrett, Debbie ... 151 Barron, Billy . . . 64,65,66,135 Bass, Mr. Harold ... 27 Bates, Mr. Dan . . . 5,25 Baugh, Tommy . . . 74,75,103 Baxter, Miss Sarah ... 24 Beibers, William . . . 141 Belew, Billy Joe . . . 101 Bell, Wallace . . . 141 Bennett, Paula . . . 97,135 Benthall, Jane . . . 62,63,97,90, 99,135 Besherse, Judy . . . 147 Bickerstaff, Larry . . . 135 Biggs, Miss Ann . . . 33 Bingham, Steve ... 151 Birmingham, Peggy . . . 64,65,90, 97,128,135,165 Bishop, Ken . . . 64,65,71,135 Bivens, Anneta . . . 99,151 Bivens, Gloria . . . 63,76,87,90,99, 141,151 Bivens, Mrs. Eleanor . . . 26 Blackmon, Agnes . . . 75,151 Blair, Barbara . . . 69,71,99,151 Bland, Al . . . 151 Bland, James . . . 76 Blanton, Mrs. Dorothy ... 27 Blanton, Dr. Milburn . . . 20 Blass, Dr. Joseph . . . 5,32 Blumberg, Janis . . . 8,9,44,82,99, 135,166 BIythe, Mr. Frank ... 20 BIythe, Mrs. Helen ... 29 Board of Trustees ... 19 Bobbitt, Jimmy . . . 105 Boen, Frankie . . . 63,83,69,135 Bonds, Giovanni . . . 135 Boston, Dr. W.A. ... 19 Bouchillon, Dr. Pat ... 39 Bouchillon, Mr. Williams . . . 5,41 Bowers, Sandra . . . 71,97,151 Boyd, David . . . 62.63,90,105, 141 Boy kin, Grady . . . 76 Bradshaw, Veronica ... 151 Braly, Ed . . . 68,110,111 Brantley, Brant . . . 101,151 Brewer, Jimmy . . . 151 Brewer, Miss Maggie Nell ... 21, 26 Bridger, Mrs. Mabel . . . 36 Broadway, Terry . . . 103,151 Brockenbrough, Suzanne . . . 64, 65 Brockman, Donna . . . 151 Brothers, Mr. Ronald ... 32 Brown, Bruce . . . 67,77,105,147 Brown, Jack . . . 64,65,76,105, 141 Brown, Mary Nellie . . . 99,151 Brown, Mike . . . 151 Brown, Miss Gailya . . . 31,72,93 Brown, Mr. G. Wayne . . . 21,64, 67 Brown, Sherrye . . . 72,97,147 Bryan, Carolyn . . . 64,65,135,167 Bryan, Kenny . . . 77,135 Bryant, Rick . . . 103,151 Burlison, Cecil . . . 135 Burress, Sandi ... 151 Butler, Geraldine . . . 76,147 Butler, Linda . . . 82,151 Butler, Steve . . . 84,135 Bynum, Barbara . . . 71,82,141 Byrd, Dr. David Q. ... 174 Byrd, Mr. Eldon ... 41 Cain, Dr. Gary ... 38 Caldwell, David . . . 103 Callis, Sharon . . . 72,74,82,141 Campus Royalty . . . 174 Campus Life . . . 42 Canter, Ron . . . 68,69,103,126, 127,141,172 Cardin, Jamie . . . 69,97,147 Cardinal and Cream . . . 84 Carmichael, Danny . . . 101 Carmichael, Mr. Don . . . 31,76 Carpenter, Paul . . . 69,102,147, 146 Carroll, Fred . . . 64,69,135 Carroll, Sandy . . . 44,96,146,147 Cepparulo, Edmond . . . 101,152 Chack, Chan Yun . . . 141 Chamness, Alan . . . 72,73,77,86, 103,135,166 Chandler, Mrs. Cheryl . . . 30,64 Chandler, Debbie . . . 69,71 Chatham, Jimmie . . . 152 Cheatham, David . . . 66,101,135 Cheerleaders . . . 126,127 Chi Omega . . . 96,97 Clark, Carolyn . . . 76,97,151,152 Clark, Dr. George E. . . . 10,29 Clark, Rev. Paul ... 19 Clark, Teresa . . . 77,93,97,126. 127,147,172 Clarke, Andy ... 152 Clarke, Diane . . . 71,135 Claybrook, Gerry . . . 72,74 Clift, Wayne . . . 68,105 Cloyd, Roxanna . . . 152 Cobb, Judge B. W. . . . 19 Coffman, Beth ... 152 Coffman, Don . . . 69,110,141,142 Coffman, Jerry . . . 135 Coffman, Rusty . . . 69,110,152 Cohen, Deborah . , . 147 Cohen, Phil . , . 7,103,147 Cole, Larry . . . 105,141 Cole, Michael . . . 135 Coleman, Wanda . . . 82,152 Collins, Bill . . . 103,147 Colvin, Don . . . 101 Conner, Carol ... 152 Copeland, Suzanne . . . 12,69,97, 147 Corbett, Linda ... 1 52 Cottrell, Charles ... 152 Cox, Freida . . . 152 Cox, Ken . . . 68,69,147,149 Craig, Larry . . . 105, 152 Craig, Dr. Robert E. ... 18 Crawford, John . . . 105 Crenshaw, Kathy . . . 136,164 Crossnoe, Tony . . . 66,75,141 Crowell, Mike . . . 67,105,147 Crum, Bob . . . 141 Crum, Mrs. Susan . . . 27 Culpepper, Jerry . . . 105 Cunningham, Mr. Bob . . . 45,47 Curlin, Pat . . . 64,65,99 D Dangeau, Rev. O.M. ... 19 Daniels, James . . . 75,136 Daniels, Kay . . . 74,97,147 Daniel, Mike . . . 152 Davidson, Jim . . . 101 Davie, Linda . . . 72,75,85,151, 152 Davis, Danny . . . 63,68,69,82, 135,136 Davis, Jimmy . . . 63,65,67,136 Davis, Sandy . . . 71,97,152 Day, Danny . . . 68 Day, James . . . 147 Deaton, Mrs. Virgil ... 23 Debate Team . . . 70 Dehn, Mr. Richard . . . 35,67 Deloach, London . . . 69 Dennis, Clyde ... 152 Dennison, Michael . . . 136 Denton, Susan . . . 82 Devereaux, John . . . 75 Deusner, Dr. E.E. ... 174 Dew Gail . . . 64,65,74,75,136, 164 Dickey, Allen . . . 152 Dismuke, Keith . . . 2,65,67,77,63, 105,136,166 Dodd, Byron . . . 103,152 Downs, Susie . . . 74 Dougan, David . . . 136 Dougan, Gary . . . 105,147 Dougan, Mr. John Jr. . . . 26 Droke, Kay ... 147 Droke, Ray . . . 101,147 Duncan, Mike . . . 74,141 Duncan, Mrs. Bradford . . . 174 Dunlap, Phillip . . . 102,147 Dunn, David . . . 72,73,76 Durbin, Harry . . . 64,66,105,141, 142 Dyer, Jimmy . . . 103,142 Easterday, Nancy . . . 63,72,73, 74,75,82,142 Eason, Gary . . . 105,147 Eddleman, Jerry . . . 90,93,103, 136,95,128 Edmonson, Mrs. Frances ... 23 Edmonson, Mr. James . . . 40 Edmondson, Sandra . . . 147 Edwards, Don ... 151 Edwards, Leslie ... 172 Elliott, Mr. R. G. . . . 22 Ellis, Dr. Don ... 21 Emison, John . . . 102 Epiing, David . . . 101,152 Epps Debbie . . . 82,71,97,152 ETC ... 176 Etheridge, Miss Elizabeth . . . 30, 76 Etheridge, Miss Faye ... 28 Evans, Dr. Henry . . . 30 Everhart, Mr. Rodney . . . 5,39,71 Exum, Vern . . . 141 Falcinelli, Anita . Farmer, Barbara 6,84,151,152 . 152 Farmer, Brenda . . . 76 Farmer, Paula . . . 15,69,90,97, 141,142 Farrell, Steve ... 110 Farrow, Steve . . . 152 Fellowship of Christian Athletes ... 69 Feurerbacher, Mr. John . . . 35 Finch, Beth ... 96 Fisher, Barbara . . . 99,151,153 Fiveash, Barbara . . . 75,142 Flathers, Diane . . . 69,142 Foellinger, Mrs. Betty . . . 29,85, 86 Follis, Nancy . . . 71,97 Footlights ... 72 Fossey, Mrs. Elizabeth . . . 33 Fowler, Larry . . . 105,153 Frank, Arlean . . . 77 Freeman, George . . . 67,83,136 Freshman . . . 150 G Gammon, Jimmie . . . 153 Garner, Louis . . . 103 Garrett, Darrell . . . 68,110,114, 139 Gee, Mrs. Doris ... 24 Gill, Peggy ... 77 Giisson, Dr. Jerry ... 19 Glisson, Ricky . . . 103 Goodman, Brent . . . 105,110,153 Goodrich, Jane . . . 98,152,153 Gower, Steve . . . 147 Granger, Sandra . . . 136 Grant, Allen ... 75 Graves, Gary . . . 147 Graves, John . . . 110,153 Graves, Mike . . . 105,153 Graves, Mrs. Elouise . . . 24 Greek Sorority Council ... 90 Greer, Bill . . . 44,84,142 Griffin, Carroll . . . 62,64,65,63,67, 74 Grimes, Teresa . . . 153 Guild ... 76 H Haak, James . . . 142 Hadley, Mr. J. A. ... 19 Hall, Carole . . . 71,98,152,153 Hall, Kay . . . 12,69,71,82,92,99, 141,142 Hall, Teresa . . . 69,72,96,147 Halliburton, Janice . . . 153 Halvarson, Mr. Carl . . . 18,20 Halvarson, Mrs. Ruth ... 27 Hamblin, Bobbie . . . 82,87,97,142 Hamblin, Martha . . . 153 Hancock, Richard . . . 103 Hardin, Dejuan . . . 64,65,136 Hardister, Helen . . . 64,96 Harris, Marie . . . 136 Harris, Mrs. Laura . . . 25 Hartley, Dr. Kenneth . . . 3,10,32 Harvey, Dr. George ... 19 Hawkins, Mrs. Raymond . . . 174 Hayes, Jerry . . . 101,148 Hayes, Roger . . . 142,77 Hays, Liz . . . 72,99,153 Hays, Rev. Irvin ... 19 Hazlerig, Diane . . . 74,75 Hedges, Gaines . . . 62,63,92,103, 151,153,95,151 Helms, Linda . . . 97,153 Helton, Dell Ray ... 1 53 Henderson, Danny . . . 142 Hendric k, Roy . . . 153 Henry, Mr. Bill . . . 38,68 Hensley, Jean . . . 153 Hibbard, Carol ... 153 Hicks, Charlotte ... 153 Hillard, Mike . . . 64,65,90,101, 136 Hoffman, Diane . . . 153 Holder, Judy ... 153 Holloway, Joe ... 110 Hollowell, Debbie . . . 77,82,62, 142 Holt, Janice ... 99,153 Hoover, Mr. Donald ... 40 Hopkins, Rickey . . . 153 Hopper, Don . . . 64,65,90,105, 136,164 Horn, Joyce . . . 64,65,76 Horner, Paula . . . 69,71,97,153 Howard, Billy . . . 68,110,148,108 Howell, John . . . 103,146 Howell, Judy . . . 69,76,71,96 Hudson, Corinne . . . 142 Huffman, Mr. Charles ... 33 Huffman, Mrs. June . . . 32 Huffsteutter, Dan . . . 101,153 Hundley, Jackie . . . 82,99 Hutcherson, Phyllis . . . 97,148 Hutchison, Jackie . . . 69,76,71, 86,93,99 Hypatia . . . 65 Index . . . 200 Ingram, Del . . . 136 Inman, Deborah . . . 154 Inman, Patty . . . 71,72 Intramurals . . . 128,129 Inter-Fraternity Council . . . 90 Irby, Dr. David . . . 21,25,57,75 Irvin, Barbara . . . 45,71 Irvin, Jimmy . . . 64,65,102,142 J Jackson, Linda . . . 154 Jackson, Mary Ann . . . 63,69,71, 90,97,136,166 James, Gaylon . . . 77,148 James, Ken . . . 77,142 Jeffcoat, Joy . . . 148,146 Jelks, Mr. Robert ... 19 Jenkins, Nancy . . . 72,76,154 Jennings, Peter . . . 62,66,82,136 Jernigan, Juanita . . . 98,142 Jernigan, Wanda . . . 142 Johnson, Frances . . . 69,97,148 Johnson, Mrs. Wallace E. . . . 174 Jones, Don . . . 105 Jones, Joe . . . 105,154 Jones, Rosemary . . . 148 Jordan, Marilyn ... 154 Joyner, Glenda . . . 82,154 Juniors . . . 140 K Kaler, Nita ... 154 Kappa Mu Epsilon . . . 67 Keel, June . . . 64,65,82,136 Keller, Wally . . . 44,103,148 Kendall, Rev. W. Fred II ... 19 Kennedy, Hank . . . 68,110,136, 114 Kennon, Donna . . . 63,64,65,77, 175,96,143 Kerr, Sharon . . . 75,154 Ketchum, Martha ... 66 Kilby, Jane . . . 76,99 Kilman, Dr. Marvin ... 39 Kimball, Gloria . . . 74,75,143 Kimzey, Dr. W.H. Jr. . . . 30 King, Ann . . . 63,69,127,143,172 King, Dr. Edgar ... 34 King, Mrs. Judy ... 36 King, Julia . . . 76 Kirby, James . . . 101 Kirby, Larry . . . 101,154 Knight, Curt . . . 67,77,102,143 Knight, Vernon . . . 67,143 Kolb, David . . . 7,105,154 Koonce, Becky . . . 67,97,148 Koonce, Dr. Duval ... 26 Krei, Ken . . . 92,105,121 LaFon, Mrs. Nell ... 37 Lambda Chi Alpha . . . 102,103 Lane, Leroy . . . 10,57,62,63,72, 85,90,95,103,143 Landreth, Bill . . . 105 Lanier, Becky . . . 96,141 Lawler, Judge Ralph ... 19 Lawrence, Mrs. Nancy . . . 26 Lay, Brent ... 154 Ledbetter, Billy . . . 148 Leeper, Judy . . . 148 Lemieux, Paulette . . . 154 Leslie, Janet . . . 71,99 Lest We Forget . . . 85,86,87 Levens, Julie . . . 72,74,143,175 Lewelling, Richard . . . 102 Lewis, Mel . . . 64,65,77,90,143, 144 Lewis, Ted . . . 66,84,85,103,143 Lindsay, Don . . . 137 Linguae Mundi . . . 76 Linsey, Don . . . 66 Little, Jerry . . . 66,143 Love, Jimmy . . . 67,148 Lowrance, Janice . . . 74,75,137 Luckett, John . . . 95,103 Lumpkin, Martha . . . 148 Lundemo, Peggy . . . 65,77,82,97, 140,143 Lynch, Doug . . . 74,101,148 M McCarty, Denise . . . 71,97,154 McCaslin, Wanda . . . 66,137 McClain, David . . . 101 McDonnough, Linda . . . 67,109 82,98,154 McEwen, Belinda McGee, Kenneth McGee, Linda . . Madrigals ... 78 Mainord, Dennis . . . 154 Mallory Math Club ... 67 Manner, Ann . . . 148 Marberry, Cheryl 140 Marsh, David . . 108,140,143 Marshall, Cindy . 137 . . 92,98,154 . . 154 148 57,76,86,99, 26,68,110,1 14, . . 63,72,73,76, . 69,82,127,137, 69,126,127,143, 64,65,67, Martin, Sherr-y 172 Martin, Vicki . 172 Matthews, Bennie 143 Mathews, Loretta . . . 10,46,72, 73,77,95,99,137,167 Matthews, Robert . . . 12,103,137 Mathis, Mike ... 137 Mayhall, Tan . . . 62,63,64,65,72, 73,167 Mayo, Mike . . . 148 Meachum, Steve . . . 110,101,154 Melton, Mrs. Rose ... 22 Meriweather, Susan . . . 69,97 Merwin, Tim . . . 143 Milford, Dale . . . 101,154 Miller, Dan . . . 148 Miller, Steve . . . lOl Ministerial Association . . . 75 Moling, Danny . . . 148 Montgomery, Kay . . . 69,97 Montgomery, Mike . . . 105 Moody, Ray . . . lOl Moody, Yvonne . . . 154 Moore, Alvin ... 137 Moore, Brenda . . . 69,82,154 Moore, Eva Dale . . . 76,87,99,143 Moore, Kay . . . 137 Moore, Paul . . . 74,76,148 62,82,96, Moore, Sarah Lee 154 Moore, Sherry . . Moore, Suzan . . Morgan, Karon . 98.154 Morgan, Thomas Morris, Mr. Don Morris, Fred . . Morris, Marilyn . Mosley, Wanda . Moss, Camille . . Moss, Nina Rose Mulliken, Elise . . Mullis, Mike . . . 137 Murchison, Judy . . . 97,144 69,135 69,97,143 . 67,69,71,82, . . 143 . 20 75 . . 75,82 . . 64,65,143 71,77,143 . . 154 137 201 N Naylor. Victoria ... 1 54 Neely. Dr. Frederick ... 37 Neely. Mrs. Isabel ... 36 Nehrkorn. Donna . . . 82,148 Nelson. Wanda . . . 71,97,154 Nerren. Pam . . . 57,87.99.147, 148 Nestor Club ... 65 Newton. Rev. Jesse ... 19 Newton, Rev. T.T. ... 19 Nichols. Gary . . . 103.154 Nolen, Billy . . . 148 Northcott, Bill ... 75 Norvell. George ... 144 Norvell. Johnny . . . 105,144 Norvell. Martha . . . 82,137 Norville. Liz . . . 86,92,99,137 Norville, Scotty . . . 103,137 Nunn, Mr. David R. ... 19 O Oglesby. Ron . . . 69,144 Organizations . . . 60 Otey. Dr. R. Trevis ... 19 Overton, Marie ... 155 Owen. Carolyn . . . 71.82,87,97, 144 Owen, Mr. Hays E. Jr. . . . 19 Owens, Mike ... 155 Ozier, Paula . . . 69,76,97,144 Palmer, Bessie . . . 99.144 Parker, Emma . . . 137 Parker, Joseph . . . 148 Parks, Charlie . . . 137 Paschall. Glenda . . . 155 Paschall. Lynn . . . 155 Patterson, Carol . . . 64,65,137, 164 Patterson, Linda . . . 76,99 Patton, Mr. Thomas ... 19 Pearson, Carole . . . 69,71,96,144 Pearson, Jimmy . . . 101,137 Pearson, Judy ... 155 Perkins, Juanita ... 155 Person. Mrs. Elizabeth ... 36 Person, Walter . . . 144 Petty, Bennie ... 155 Phi Alpha Theta ... 66 Phillips. Jere . . . 62,85,102,155 Phi Mu Alpha ... 77 Phillips, Ronnie . . . 101,155 Physical Education Club . . . 69 Pickett, JoEllen . . . 66,76 Pinson. Mr. Ernest . . . 29 Pinson, Mrs. Patricia . . . 5,33 Pipkin, John ... 1 10 Pollard, Dr. Ramsey ... 19 Powell. Dr. Benjamin ... 37 Powell, Joe . . . 101,148 Powers, Brenda . . . 75,82 Powers, Mike . . . 66,137 Prexy Club ... 63 Prichard, Mrs. Betti . . . 31,76 Pruitt. Don ... 74 Pruitt, Mrs. Louise . . . 22 Puckett, Frank . . . 67,103,137 Pugh, Andy . . . 103 Quigley, Bill Q 105 R Rainey, Mr. Glenn ... 19 Rains, Louanne . . . 76,99,141, 144 Ranson, Vicki . . . 76,95,99,148 Rauchle, Mike . . . 105,155 Reams, Bruce . . . 144 Reddin, Eugene . . . 148 Redmond. Dan . . . 75,138 Reed, Kenny . . . 76,101 Reese, Mike . . . 103,144 Reeves, Brenda . . . 155 Reeves, Julia . . . 155 Reynolds, Jan . . . 76,138 Rhodes, Barbara . . . 144 Rhodes, Danny . . . 144 Rhodes, Dennis . . . 103 Rhodes, Tommy . . . 101 Rice, Gary . . . 148 Richardson, Bill . . . 103,144 Richardson, Clara . . . 138 Richardson, JeNA ell . . . 148 Richardson, Kittye . . . 76 Roach, Judy . . . 69,71,97,155 Roark, Thomas . . . 155 Robbins, Dorothy . . . 155 Robbins, Nancy . . . 77,138 Robertson, Beatrice . . . 66 Robertson, Rachell . . . 144 Robinson, Bill . . . 105,155 Robinson, Kay . . . 77,97 Rogers, Judy . . . 67,99,138 Rogers, Kenny . . . 74,75,76 Rogers, Suzanne . . . 71,96,144 Rose, Lin . . . 67,82,97,155 Ross, Nancy . . . 155 Ross, Richard . . . 155 Rowsey, Judy . . . 138 Rozich, Mr. Bill . . . 38,69 Rukavina, Linda . . . 76 Rush, Don . . . 103,155 Rush, Sherry . . . 71,174,99 Russell, Debbie . . . 69,97,148 Russell, Lloyd . . . 84,87,105,149 Rutledge, Bill . . . 74,77,144 Rutledge History Club . . . 66 Sample, Sharon . . . 75,155 Sandidge, Mr. Martin ... 19 Sartain, Movelle . . . 63,67,72,82, 99,149 Scarbrough, Linda . . . 67,75,71, 144 Schroeder, Walt . . . 72,101,155 Scott, Becky . . . 99,155 Scott, Karry ... 138 Scott, Pat . . . 64,76,87 . . 65,67,144 Scott, Phillip Scott, Phyllis . Scott, Stanley 121,138 Scott, Tommy Searcy, Lonnie 164 Seniors . . . 134 Sewell, Mr. Edd . . . Sewell, Mrs. Martha Shanklin, James B. . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha lota . . Simmons, Randy Simon, Linda . . . Singers . . . 79 Singleton, Mike . Skelton, Lynn . . Skiles, Douglas Smella, Joe . . . 82,155 1 1,68,82,45, 149 68,110,138, 31,63 ... 26 . . 155 . . 105,106 77 . . . 6,103,144 66,75,144 . . . 105,149 . 45,62,87,99,94 . . 155 103 Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Srn Sim Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm Sm lith, lith, ith, nth, ith, Ith, Ith, ith, lith, lith, lith, lith, 156 Smith, Smith, ley, Mrs. Hazel ... 26 th. Bill . . . 77,63,138 Donnie Jimmy Larry . George Mike . . Mike . . Mr. Powers Mrs. Elsie . Mrs. Jessie Mrs. Sally . 155 . 69 130,156 . . 144 75,149 69,149 . 174 34,67 . 22 25 Nolan . . . 75,144 Stephanie . . . 69,82,63,97 Steve . . . 85,87,103,149 Ted ... 63 Smothers, Mrs. Marilyn ... 28 Snider, Larry . . . 62,135,191,138 Snider, Linda . . . 69 Sorrell, Barbara . . . 156 Sophomores . . . 146 Spain, Sid . . . 101,156 Sparkman, Sherrie . . . 97,149 Spencer, Cathi . . . 72,73,99,147, 149 Spiller, Chip . . . 105,110,156 Stage Band ... 81 Stallings, Janet . . . 82,92,97,156 Staples, Randy . . . 110,156 Steed, Dennis ... 138 Steed, Rogers ... 101 Steed, Wiley . . . 101 Steinman, Dick . . . 68,69 Stephenson, Judy . . . 149 Stephenson, Sandy . . . 97,149 Stewart, Edith . . . 82,44 Stewart, Larry . . . 156 Stone, Mrs. Gladys ... 23 Stover, Greg . . . 6,77,81 Stranak, Lynn . . . 64,65,67,69, 164 Stuart, Larry . . . lOl Student Government Association . . . 62,63 Student National Education Asso- ciation ... 71 Sutton, Edith . . . 67,71 Swinford, Valorie . . . 149 T Tacker, Susan . . . 156 Tarpley, Angia . . . 90,99 Taylor, Bruce . . . 68,110 Taylor, Eddie . . . 145 Tedford, Steve . . . 103,145 Thomas, Steve . . . 101,156 Thomason, Dale . . . 71,76,96,156 Thomason, Debbie . . . 8,9,69,97, 127,149,172 Thompson, Nancy . . . 82,174,145 Thompson, Reggie . . . 26 Thome, Joyce . . . 75,149 Threlkeld, Mr. James E. ... 19 Thurman, Gary . . . 157 Thurmond, Benita . . . 76,99 Tignor, Kathy . . . 69,75,71,98, 157 Tilley, Mrs. Clyde ... 75 Tilley, Dr. Clyde ... 30 Townsend, Mr. Hobart ... 19 Troutt, Bill . . . 62,64,65,77,83, 103,145 Tucker, Donald . . . 157 Tucker, Dr. Joseph . . . 35,67 Tucker, Ricky . . . 105 Tulochsky, Mr. Chuck ... 45 Turner, Kathy . . . 82,157 Turner, Phillip . . . 77,149 Tyson, Lorenzo . . . 149 Utiey, Jackie . 44 U Club ... 68 Vaughn, Steve , Veteto, Wanda U . 8,9,84,87,145, V 90,101,149 157 w Wade, Emmett . . . 101 Waits, Victor ... 157 Walker, Conyer ... 157 Walker, Mrs. Julia ... 26 Wallace, Dean . . . 75 Wallace, Donne . . . 71,97 Wallace, Vicki ... 99 Waller, Monnie . . . 157 Ward, Dr. R.H. . . . 40,66 Ward, Sam . . . 57,68,69,146 Warmath, Dr. Walter ... 20 Washburn, Judy . . . 145 Watkins, Frankie . . . 66,69,71,98, 157 Watridge, Beth . . . 62,63,72,73, 97,167 Watridge, Sam . . . 90,101 Watters, Mrs. Ethel ... 26 Weaver, Bob ... 85 Weaver, Carol . . . 64,65,164 Webb, Dr. Don ... 19 Webb, Mike . . . 101 Webb, Wayne ... 75 Welch, Jane . . . 66,97,145 Welker, Faye Ann . . . 32,92 Welker, Dr. Gerald . . . 33,92 West, Larry ... 145 West, Ouida . . . 3,15,62,63,86, 92,93,99,144,173 Westbrook, David . . . 145 Wiggins, Sandra . . . 149 White, Dr. June . . . 34,67 White, Lisa . . . 71,97,145 White, Louis . . . 101 ,145 Who ' s Who ... 64 Wild, Wayne . . . 69,157 Williams, Beverly . . . 8,11,77,94, 92,93,99 Williams, ' Carolyn . . . 69,97,149 Williams, Dennis . . . 105,140 Williams, Gary . . . 72,95,87.103, 145 Williams, Mrs. Grace . . . 38,69 Williams, Martha ... 76 Williams, Pat . . . 77,85,99 Williams, Paulette . . . 69,72,97 Williams, Rosemary . . . 145 Wilson, Dennis . . . 105 Wilson, Pat ... 137 Wingo, Mrs. Elizabeth . . . 26 Wingo, Lana . . . 64,76,145 Winn, Buzz . . . 105 Wise, Caria . . . 157 Wofford, Martha ... 157 Wofford, Wayne ... 157 Wolfe, David ... 157 Wood, Gerald . . . 101 Wood, Larry . . . 69 Woody, Roseanne . . . 77 Wooten, Jim . . . 157 Wright, Cheryl Wright, Donna Wright, Steve . Wyatt, Dickie . Wyatt, Margie . 98,157 . 64,65,72,73 72,73 103,157 . 99,157 Wylie, Don . . . 62,63,103,128, 145,147,149 Wynn, Dan ... 7 Y Yo ung Womens Auxiliary . . . 75 Zeutenhorst, Bryan . . . 76 Zeta Tau Alph . . . 98,99 Outward bound on a ship that sails no ocean; Outward bound, it has no crew but me and you. All alone, when just a second ago the shore was filled with people that we knew. Outward bound on a journey without end; Outward bound with uncharted waters beneath our bow. Far behind, the green familiar shore is fading into time, and time has left us now. Tom Paxton Hello, darkness, my old friend, I ' ve come to talk with you again. Because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping. And the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains. In the sound of silence. Paul Simon I have been around this land, just a doin ' the best I can, Tryin ' to find what I was meant to do. And the faces that I see are as worried as can be, And it looks like they are A onderin ' too. And i can ' t help but wonder where I ' m bound, where I ' m bound. Tom Paxton Now some say you got to run and hide, but we say there ' s no place to hide. And some say let the boss decide, but we say let the people decide. Some say the time ' s not right, but we say the time ' s just right. If there ' s a dark corner of our land. You got to let your little light shine. Pete Seeger The circle. The campus center — both literally and figuratively. A place where de- cades have been traced, both with footsteps and lovers ' initials. A place which has witnessed happiness, excitement, joy, sadness, grief, despair. A place where we gave cheers after pledging, where we made freshmen climb the BC light, where we often stood . . . with someone ... or alone. Life, at times, is like the circle. We stand alone. The loneliness we sometimes feel is turned into fulfillment by a kindly spoken word. The wanted loneliness that we retreat to after we flag a test — both academ- ically and socially. The unwanted loneliness others have forced on us which causes bloodless scars upon scars. But . . . happiness always manages to crowd through. This is life. Assuredly, the next decade will consist of much the same as we have already seen, much that we have already endured. Our design for it will be our own decision. May the dedication we should have learned from this place apply to our lives in the future. It takes guts ... to plan and help decide our fate. It takes confidence in ourselves and faith in our God to overcome. Can our hopes and ideas remain as steady and as sure as is the circle . . . never ending . . . always there and ever bright? Plans for the decade depend on facets of this year as dealt with in the previous pages of this volume as well as many more hours of decision — some happy . . . some lonely — whichever they may be. May we not be disenchanted but dedicated about our design for this decade JAC

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Union University - Lest We Forget Yearbook (Jackson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Union University - Lest We Forget Yearbook (Jackson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Union University - Lest We Forget Yearbook (Jackson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Union University - Lest We Forget Yearbook (Jackson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Union University - Lest We Forget Yearbook (Jackson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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