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LEST WE FORGET 1966 Union University Jackson, Tennessee Contents . Introduction 4 Personalities 24 Administration 44 Organizations 64 Greeks 88 Sports 104 Classes 136 Campus Life 168 Advertisements 182 Senior Index 202 Editorial 204 Presenting Our 50th VOLUME Editor . . . Harry Raney Assistant Editor . . . Robert Michie Sponsor . . . Betty H. Foellinger tfiSS - j:-«- .iij sir Contents . Introduction 4 Personalities 24 Administration 44 Organizations 64 Greeks 88 Sports 104 Classes 136 As we look back on our proud heritage, we come into a deeper appreciation of the present and the future which looms large before us. The days pass into months; the months into years. Thus, we come into a realization that . . . " The years teach much which the days never know. " Emerson ■A The pursuit of knowledge takes place ... in the pri- vacy of a dorm room, in the broad lap of nature, in the class- room, or in the quiet of the library. Ill I I f -.: t r Research plays an important part in any college curriculum . . . The spoken word comes alive on tape, the meaning of life becomes more real through experiment, and the achieve- ments of professors enhance the academic atmosphere. The cultural life of our cam- pus is enriched by guest artists in concert, by student produced operas, or by the untiring devo- tion of a dedicated maestro. 10 H M m W " ■ ' rW j ft 3t»t- . ' m The show goes on . . . with the apphcation of make-up by careful hands, with the last minute polishing of a play -to-be, or with the thrill which comes from a superb performance. " i i 4. . Creativity is . . . concen- trated work at the easel, skillful handling of the potter ' s wheel, the inspira- tion of quiet contempla- tion, or an appreciation of the finished products by others. H 15 16 Diversified faiths are united on a denomina- tional campus ... as stu- dents worship in a large congregation, as they meditate with friends, or as they pause at noon day for spiritual renewal. V " ■ W tj g l WK Tmiw C? m .- w P EtfialFSf ' ft ' ' i F W iw S SrF? fd l - k ' a 7 •jBli ' l iO " ' J f ttjI hfc jjj jyR fL jg j i. ' dkm ' ! r vfl TTw The ordinary routine of our college life was spiced with such events as the appearance of Kingston Trio, student talent, the fun of an All-Campus party, or the excitement of our first Winter Carnival. ■.m: . Physical activity of a college community is characterized by the rough and tumble of an intramural football game, by the spirit of inter-collegiate competition, or by the sweet reward of victory. j H 22 Student participation means . . . guidance from effective student leaders, singing one ' s heart out for first place, the thrill of Freshman Week, or the excitement of talent competition in the Miss University Pageant. 23 m } r ! ■ ' t ill f vJI 1 ' 1 M ■ 1 ■ f " 1 1 7 fi PERSONALITIES WHO ' S WHO m American Colleges and Universities Each senior nominated for Who ' s Who Among Shtdents in American Colleges and Universities is awarded national recognition based on scholarship, leadership, co-operation in educational and extra- curricular activities, general citizenship and promise for future usefulness. Selected by the Dean and faculty, each of these seniors has been an outstanding leader while attending Union University. MARY GAYLE ANDERSON Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary . . . Honors Program . . . U.U. Band, Manager . . . Brass Choir . . . U.U. Singers . . . Cardinal and Cream. RICHARD MYRACLE Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chaplain, Social Chairman, Secretary, Treasur- er, Vice-President, President . . . Alpha Psi Omega, President . . . Footlights . . . Best Actor, 1965 . . . Interfraternity Council . . . Student Council, Parliamentarian . . . Sophomore Class Speaker . . . Freshman Class President . . . Student Court . . . U.U. Singer. KAY GARDNER Zeta Tau Alpha, Membership and Social Chairman . . . Sigma Alpha Iota, Social Chairman and Chaplain . . . Hypatia . . . Alpha Psi Omega . . . Campus Favorite . . . ATO Sweetheart . . . Senior Class Secretary . . . Senior Class Escort to Mr. and Miss Union . . . Opera Workshop , , . U.U. Singers . . . Allegro Club . . . Footlights Club . . . Freshman Play . . . Freshman Queen . . . Maid to Miss University . . . NATS Contest Winner . . . Tennessee State Voice Winner. 26 . . . for Scholarship SALLIE GRAHAM Zeta Tau Alpha, Music Chairman, Standards Chairman . . . Transfer from Delta State College . . . Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-President, Presi- dent . . . Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart ... All Sing Director . . . Opera Workshop . . . U.U. Singers . . . SNEA . . . Allegro Club . . . NATS, Second Place Winner. CHUCK ISHEE Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer, Vice-President, President . . . Nestor Club, Treasurer . . . Alpha Chi, Treasurer . . . Allegro Club . . . Opera Workshop . . . Student Court . . . U.U. Chorus . . . U.U. Singers . . . Dean ' s List. MILDRED HAMMILL Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Pledge Scholar- ship Award . . . Phi Alpha Theta . . . Hypatia, Vice-President . . . Alpha Chi, Vice-President . . . Rutledge History Club, Vice-President, President . . . Dorm Council . . . SNEA . . . Student Court . . . Dean ' s List every semester. 27 WHO ' S WHO DIANE MAYHEW Chi Omega, Secretary, Social Chairman . . . Basketball Queen . . . Student Court, Chief Justice . . . Junior Class Treasurer . . . Student Council . . . U.U. Chorus . . . U.U. Singers . . . Dorm Council . . . SNEA . . . BSU, Freshman Council . . . Linguae Mundi . . . Dean ' s List. JEFF RICHEY Mr. Union . . . Basketball, Captain, All Conference, Most Valuable Player, Tri State Ail-American . . . Best AU-Around Boy . . . Adams Hall, Vice-President . . . SNEA . . . U Club . . . Student Council . . . Business Club. BRENDA MATTHEWS Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, Pledge Mistress . . . Cheerleader, 3 years . . . Mallorv Math Club . . . Kappa Mu Epsilon . . . SNEA . . . Basketball Royalty, 1966 . . . Senior Girl Most Likely to Succeed. 28 for Activities CAROLYN JERNIGAN Zeta Tau Alpha, Recording Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer . . . SNEA, Publicity Chairman, President . . . Rutledge History Club, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President . . . Linguae Mundi, Secretary . . . Footlights Club. ROBERT MICHIE Student Government Association. President . . . Lest We Forget, Class Editor, Assistant Editor . . . Alpha Chi. Regional Council Member, President . . . Nestor Club, Vice-President . . . Alpha Psi Omega, Vice-President ... Phi Alpha Theta . . . Honors Program . . . Junior and Senior Class Speaker . . . Rutledge History Club, Treasurer, Vice-President, President . . . Contributor to The Torch . . . College Reporter to The Jackson Sun . . . Student Council, Parliamentarian . . . Cheerleader, 3 years . . . Cardinal and Cream . . . U.U. Chorus . . . U.U. Singers . . . SNEA . . . Footlights Club . . . Class Plays . . . Dean ' s List every semester. ANN BREEDEN Zeta Tau Alpha, Rush Chairman, President . . . Miss Union . . . Stu- dent Government Association, Secretary . . . Class Secretary, 2 years . . . Cheerleader, 3 years . . . Interfraternity Council, Parliamentarian . . . Campus Favorite . . . Escort to Mr. and " Miss Union . . . Basketball Royalty . . . Dorm Council . . . Class Plays . . . SNEA . . . Linguae Mundi Club . . . Most Typical Coed by The Jackson Sun . . . Lest We Forget. Class Editor, Editor. 29 WHO ' S WHO HT " ' " ' ■■ HHjjj HH HP Mfik ' ij l B : |mW ? - . I B I H HI Wm% ' ' ' r fl H H.a B H Rfl Hi l l P I 9 1 IdL CAROL LAWRENCE Chi Omega, Pledge President, Best Pledge, Personnel Chairman, President . . . Best All-Around Girl, 1964 . . . Student Government, Reporter . . . Campus Favorite . . . Sophomore Class Representative to Student Council . . . Class Plays . . . Dean ' s List . . . Interfraternity Council . . . Cardinal and Cream . . . BSU, Secretary . . . Summer Missionary. HARRY RANEY Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-President of Pledge Class, Vice-President . . . Lest We Forget, Class Editor, Editor . . . Senior Class Representative to Student Council . . . Senior Class Escort to Mr. and Miss Union Interfraternity Council, Vice-President . . . U.U. Chorus . . . U.U. Singers . . . Rutledge History Club . . . Footlights . . . SNEA. SHERRY WALLACE Chi Omega, Model Pledge, Social and Civic Service Chairman, Cor- responding Secretary . . . Sigma Alpha Iota, Program Chairman, Editor, Best Pledge ! . . Hypatia, President . . . Alpha Chi . . . Jones Hall, President . . . U.U. Chorus . . . U.U. Singers . . . Linguae Mundi . . . SNEA . . . Dorm Council. 30 for Leadership MARY WINFIELD Zeta Tau Alpha, Standards Chairman, Scholarship Chairman . . , Sophomore Class Treasurer . . . Kappa Mu Epsilon, Secretary . . . Alpha Chi . . . BSU, Editor oiLink . . . Dorm Council . . . U.U. Chorus . . . Mallory Math Club . . . Dean ' s List. EVERETTE WRIGHT Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary, House Manager . . . Senior Boy Most Likely to Succeed . . . Kappa Mu Epsilon . . . Nestor Club, President . . . Rutledge History Club, Treasurer . . . Alpha Chi . . . U.U. Chorus . . . Mallory Math Club . . . Prince-Davis Science Club. LOUISE WRIGHT Student Court, Chief Justice . . . Alpha Chi . . . Hypatia . . . BSU, Executive Council . . . YWA, Vice-President, President . . . Lovelace Hall, President . . . Dorm Council . . . U.U. Chorus . . . Life Service Band . . . Student Council. MISS UNION Ann Breeden 32 MR. UNION Jeff Richey 33 CLASS ESCORTS SENIOR CLASS ESCORTS Harry Raney, Kay Gardner JUNIOR CLASS ESCORTS Gary Moser, Betty Bridgewater Moser SOPHOMORE CLASS ESCORTS Linda McKinnie, Jim Coffman FRESHMAN CLASS ESCORTS Cheryl Bates, Mark Luttrell 34 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Brenda Matthews Everette Wright Hnr HRi B H - i Bfl B m imM 35 BEST ALL ROUND Gail Stewart Ray Cleek J f ' -fl ] -d JL i r H ' V Hi - H m ij • ' - ' - ' " - " ' w;.m 36 MOST POPULAR Betty Bridgewater Moser Gary Moser 37 Kathy Daws MISS UNIVERSITY AND HER COURT 38 CHERYL LLOYD First Maid MARIE (CRICKET) DALTON Second Maid ROSIE HOUSEWORTH First Alternate JAN HANNA Second Alternate 39 May Day Queen and Her Court May Day, an annual spring track event, is spon- sored by Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Each organi- zation on campus is urged to enter the athletic com- petition and to sponsor a candidate for May Day Queen. The Queen and her court are elected by the student body on the basis of a penny a vote. Money raised from this event is given to local charity. QUEEN KAY FERREE Representing the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. MAID DIANE RUSSELL Representing Adams Hall. MAID KAY GARDNER Representing the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. MAID SUE SULLIVAN Representing Ellis Hall. 40 Basketball Royalty MARIE DALTON Maid BRENDA MATTHEWS Maid DIANNE JACOBS Queen CHERYL LLOYD Maid JANE MATTHEWS Maid Campus These eleven young ladies were selected by the student body this year as representatives of campus charm and personality. They combine those qualities which fellow students feel go to make up a " Campus Favorite. " ANN BREEDEN Senior H ' l H (ST H H - ■, w " ' " - 1 ' Hh 1 ) .-aH L " ,1 m ■ 1 1 m KAY GARDNER Senior KATHY DAWS Sophomore DIANNE JACOBS Junior CAROL LAWRENCE Senior 42 Favorites SUE SULLIVAN Junior JANE MATTHEWS Sophomore BETTY BRIDGEWATER MOSER Junior BRENDA MATTHEWS Senior GAIL STEWART Junior CAROL ROBERTS Sophomore 43 ACADEMICS CAPABLE PRESIDENT LEADS TO PROGRESS AT UNION UNIVERSITY President F. E. Wright is ever willing to work hard to insure a bright future for Union. Before assuming the responsibilities of the presidency, Dr. Wright served as academic dean for the university. His vital concern for students and his sense of devotion to this institution go to make up a beloved and dedicated thirtieth pres- ident of Union University. 46 DEANS -1 Jack Brown Dean of Students W. Henson Harris Executive Vice-President and Academic Dean Maggie Nell Brewer Dean of Women A7 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Mr. Curtiss E. Scott Business Manager Dr. Walter Warmath and Mr. Frank M. Blythe Vice-President and Assistant Vice-President Mr. Robert T. Holland Director of Alumni Affairs and Student Procurement Mrs. Gladys Ivy Stone Registrar Miss Sarah Baxter, Mrs. Anne Taylor and Mrs. Virginia Barham Secretory to the Registrar, Assistant Registrar and Secretary to Admissions Director. 48 Administrative Secretaries Front row: Mrs. Patsy Foust, Mrs. Yvonne Harrison, Mrs. Louise Lynch, Mrs. Nita Allen. Second row: Mrs. Martha Reeves, Mrs. Dot Gee, Mrs. Eloise Graves, Mrs. Polly Boyd. ' ' 1 ■- -- J Mrs. Laura B. Harris Administrative Secretary and Director of Publicity Mr. Barbee Barham and Mr. John Dougan Supervisor of Maintenance, Superintendent of Buildinss and Grounds 49 Mrs. Virgil S. Deaton, secretary to the Librarian; Miss Frances Smith, Reader Services Librarian; Miss Ruth Gibbons, Head Librarian; Mrs. Mabel K. Ward, Assistant Librarian; and Mrs. Sandra Hackett, Circulation Assistant. M- Mrs. Audrey Ramsey Book Store Manager Mrs. Margaret Boyd College Nurse Dormitory Mothers Mrs. Mary Stubblefield, University Cottage; Mrs. Elizabeth Wingo, Adams Hall; Mrs. Clara Heard, Assistant Hostess; Mrs. Martha Sewell, Crook Hall; Mrs. Hazel Smiley, Student Union Building; Mrs. Julia Walker, Lovelace Hall; Mrs. Lucile Baker, Assistant Hostess; Mrs. Elise Caldwell, Jones Hall; Mrs. Nancy Lawrence, Ellis Hall. 50 NATURAL SCIENCES The broad objective of the Division of Natural Sciences is to lead the student into the search for universal truths related to the world in which he lives, and to assist him in arriving at a correct view of other scientific knowledge. This Division is com- posed of the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Mr. Ralph T. Donnell Chairman, Division of Natural Sciences, Head of Department of Mathematics Mrs. Harriet Black Instructor of Mathematics Mrs. Carol Oxley Instructor of Mathematics 51 Dr. Wu-Chieh Cheng Head of Department of Chem- istry and Professor ofChemistry Mrs. Elsie Smith Instructor of Biology Mr. Spurgeon Boyd Head of Department of Biology and Associate Professor of Biology I Dr. Donald R. Ramage y. Associate Professor of Biology 52 FINE ARTS The Division of Fine Arts has as a major ob- jective the unifying and co-ordinating of the work being offered in the various areas. Concentrated effort is used to promote greater interest in the arts. These combined efforts offer more impetus to the activities sponsored by the division, which includes Art, Dramatic Art, Music, and Speech. Dr. John Hughes Chairman. Division of Fine Arts, Head of Department of Music Miss Ann Elizabeth Biggs Associate Professor of Music Mrs. Elisabeth Jarrel Fossey Associate Professor of Theory, Piano and Voice Mr. Warner Hutchison Assistant Professor of Theory and In- strumental Music 53 Mrs. Grace Mueller Part-time Instructor of Music Mr. Jerry R. Perkins Instructor of Music Mr. Richard P. Emery Instructor of Music Miss Catherine Logan Instr-uctor of Music 54 • .■. Mr. A. L. Allen Head of Department of Art and Associate Professor of Art Mrs. Elizabeth Breland Loyd Associate Professor of Speech Mr. John D. Colley Instructor of Art Mr. Wayne Johnson Instructor of Drama 55 HUMANITIES In the Humanities, students learn to evaluate and to acquire a set of ideas and principles which they believe and on which they can act. To this end, courses in the division are organized to broaden the individualistic, imaginative, sympathetic, aesthetic, and moralistic qualities in man. More specifically, courses are geared to develop competence in lan- guage, appreciation in literature, and belief in, and dedication to, the Christian ethic. Departments in- clude: English, Languages, Philosophy, and Re- ligion. Dr. Charles D. Taylor Chairman, Division ofHumanities Head of Department of Religion Dr. William E. Callahan Associate Professor of Religion Dr. W. H. Kimzey, Jr. Associate Professor of Religion 56 Dr. George E. Clark Head of Department of English Professor of English Mrs. Helen Blythe Associate Professor of English Miss Flora Prince Assistant Professor of English 57 Miss Fay Etheridge Assistant Professor of English .«i u i j w ' ' Mrs. Betty Hillix Foellinger Instructor of English Miss Majrme Hamlett Associate Professor of English Dr. William P. Carson Visiting Professor of English 58 Miss Elizabeth Etheridge Assistant Professor of Spanish Dr. J. Hamilton McCoy Acting Head of Department of Modern Languages Professor of French Miss Frances Smith Instructor of German 59 HI " J H H y T M i ■■II H k ■ ' - V jN m i i H ' - ■ L Q ' ' ZM f K ' - y Dr. Richard H. Ward Chairman, Division of Social Sciences Head of Department of History Dr. James A. Pate Head of Department of Education and Psychology, Associate Professor of Education SOCIAL SCIENCES Social Sciences concerned with the origin and de- velopment of human society and with the social, polit- ical, economic and cultural achievements of man be- come a necessary part of a liberal arts education. Mr. James H. Edmonson Assistant Professor of History Mr. Elden A. Byrd Assistant Professor of Sociology Mr. Renick H. McClellan Instructor of History 60 Dr. Frederick T. Neely Head of Department of Economics and Business Administration, Professor of Economics Mr. Glenn Rainey Instructor of Business Administration 1 acr. Mrs. Nelle Adams LaFon Instructor of Business Administration Mrs. Georgia M. Roth Instructor of Business Administration 61 Dr. William T. Penrod Assistant Professor of Psychology Mr. William F. Henry, Jr. Assistant Professor of Physical Educa tion Dr. Louis Snellgrove Associate Professor of Psychology Mrs. Grace Williams Associate Professor of Physical Education 1 1 V Mr. J. Meldridge Edmonds Instructor of Physical Education 62 NURSING Recognition of the importance of and re- spect for the individual is the guiding phil- osophy of faculty and student alike, as they work together in the nursing program. Nurs- ing, as a social force, is a learned profession dedicated to service for society. Mrs. Isabel H. Neely Head of Department of Nursing Assistant Professor of Nursing Mrs. Elizabeth Person Nursing Assistant Mrs. Marie E. Baldauff Nursing Assistant Miss Beverly Garland Instructor of Nursing Mrs. Mable Dobson Instructor of Nursing 63 1 ) 7 — • — BT ' I , ' r- ■ ■ ' ; ' — 7. jy- 4 .1, . ■■ l - -fl WaLJ ' H Mj " T ' " M - i 51 M M 1 f% 3r a«m»2L« j dS wi u pr-=-- -4 ORGANIZATIONS SGA ROBERT MICHIE President THE EXECUTIVE POWER of the Student Govern- ment Association is vested in the President. He serves as a connecting link between the students and the college administration, presides at all SGA meetings, and delivers the welcome address at Convocation. The President also initiates legislation and works hard to carry out his election platform of activities and ideas. The Vice-President is in charge of all elections. The Secretary-Treasurer handles the records. This year the Reporter is chairman of the Publicity Committee, while the Chaplain is chairman of the Chapel-Film Com- mittee. SGA officers, elected in the spring, must have a 1.5 average, be a Junior or Senior, and have a sincere interest in the improvement of student life. SUE SULLIVAN Secretary-Treasurer GAIL STEWART Reporter 66 MOLDS NEW TRADITIONS . . . Seated: Gail Reeves, Brenda Matthews, Betty Moser, Helen Harrell, Bert Tamble, Barbara Hoback, and Dianne Jacobs. Standing: Harry Raney, Rusty Russell, Don Smith, Johnny Meals, Jim Frazier, Peggy Woods, Martha Jane Hawks, and Dr. Charles Taylor, Faculty Advisor. THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH of the SGA functions as the Student Council. Composed of class, dormitory, and other student representatives, the Council meets once each week to dis- cuss student problems and ideas for the improvement of the college community. Committee work plays an important role in the smooth functioning of an active Council. A chairman who is a member of the Council works closely with student committeemen on standing committees which include the Library Committee, the Cafeteria Committee, and the Athletic-School Spirit Committee. Committees also are appointed by the President to handle special events and matters of student concern. This year can well be characterized as a YEAR OF FIRSTS for the SGA -Big Name En- tertainment, a Winter Carnival, Class-sponsored All Campus Parties and Chapel Programs, and participation in the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. A Talent Show with a " new " look, the Miss University Pageant — held off campus for the first time, and a Film Festival in conjunction with the Art Department are among the innovations introduced by the SGA. 67 COURT HEARS PARKING CASES. S . I ; Tf T ■ s Chuck Ishee, Mildred Hammill, Chief Justice; Louise Wright, Melba Montgomery, and Gregg Pope. Not pictured: John Jennings. THE JUDICIAL BRANCH of the SGA is composed of a Chief Justice and five Associate Justices. Appointed by the President, the Court members must be Juniors or Seniors and have a 1.5 average. The Court upholds the Constitution, hears cases concerning violations of Student Council actions, and hears cases of student cheating and discipline. Leaders seek solution to problem . . . ' " ™r: A typical violation. SGA President discusses parking problem with Dr. Taylor and Bert Tamble. 68 ALPHA CHI OFFICERS ROBERT MICHIE, President MILDRED HAMMILL, Vice-President LOUISE WRIGHT, Corresponding Secretary GLORIA SHREVE, Recording Secretary CHUCK ISHEE, Treasurer BILL KEMP, Regional Council MRS. HELEN BLYTHE, Chief Sponsor Tennessee Beta of Alpha Chi was founded in 1922 and is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. Membership is open to approximately the top-ranking ten percent in the Junior and Senior Classes. KAPPA MU EPSILON OFFICERS GLENDA HASTINGS, President RICHARD LEGGETT, Vice-President MARY WINFIELD, Secretary ALICE MYRACLE, Treasurer SANDRA MYRACLE, Historian MR. R. T. DONNELL, Sponsor Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics honorary fraternity. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in and to explore the field of mathematics. Elegibility for membership is acquired by being enrolled in calculus and maintaining a 2.3 in mathematics. 69 NESTOR CLUB OFFICERS EVERETTE WRIGHT, President ROBERT MICHIE, Vice-President JIMMY COLE, Secretary CHUCK ISHEE, Treasurer DANNY BECTON, Reporter MR. AL ALLEN, Sponsor The twelve men ranking highest in scholarship, from either the Senior or Junior class, make up the membership of the Nestor Club. At their monthly dinner meetings they present original papers and discuss subjects ranging from philosophy and religion to science and politics. Art and literature are covered by book reviews. The discussion symposiums are stimulating and provide encouragement for scholarship and individual endeavor. This year there has been invited to each meeting a dif- ferent male faculty member. 70 HYPATIA 7- -T; V.-,l r " v.r Hypatia is devoted to the development of special knowledge in the literary field. Its membership is limited to thirteen Junior and Senior women with the highest scholastic standing. Meetings are held monthly with programs which stimulate interest in literature. OFFICERS SHERRY WALLACE, President MILDRED HAMMILL, Vice-President KAY FERREE. Secretary-Treasurer MRS. HELEN BLYTHE, Sponsor PHI ALPHA THETA The Delta Psi chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, national history honorary fraternity, was the first chapter orga- nized in Tennessee. Juniors or Seniors who have com- pleted twelve hours in history and who have a minimum average of 2.1 in history and two-thirds of the remainder of their work are eligible. Phi Alpha Theta attempts to promote campus-wide interest in history and to chal- lenge the student of history to attain high scholastic achievement. Its sponsor is Dr. R. H. Ward. RUTLEDGE HISTORY CLUB MILDRED HAMMIL, President ROBERT MICHIE, Vice-President CAROL STRICKLAND, Secretary CAROLYN JERNIGAN, Treasurer The Rutledge History club is composed of history majors and minors. Ever since its founding in 1929, a great deal of encouragement has been placed on the fields of history and current events. 72 Alpha Psi Omega, the national dramatic fraternity, was founded at Fairmont College in 1925. The local chapter, Beta Mu, is composed of students who have been members of the Footlights Club and have earned points by participation in the dramatic productions. The chapter has monthly meetings which seek to develop dramatic talent, cultivate a taste for the best in drama, and foster cultural dramatics. ALPHA PSI OMEGA OFFICERS RICK MYRACLE, President ROBERT MICHIE, Vice-President BEVERLY DAVIDSON, Secretary To help cultivate the appreciation of dramatic art on the campus and to pro- mote greater interest in dramatic productions are the aims of the Footlights Club. Students who are interested in drama compose its membership. This club plays an active part in all major productions and the annual Children ' s Theatre play. FOOTLIGHTS CLUB OFFICERS MIKE MOATE, President SHERRILYN COLE, Vice-President JANIE LITTLE, Secretary 73 PRINCE- DAVIS SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS BARRY McLEAN, President SAM OWENS, Vice-President TOMMY WADE, Secretary JAN HOLLOWELL, Program Chairman DR, DONALD RAMMAGE, Sponsor The Prince Davis Science Club fosters an interest in science through student participation. The club meets monthly and has as guest speakers well-known educators, chemists, and doctors. Membership is open to majors and minors in the science fields. LINGUAE MUNDI CLUB OFFICERS RANDY PETTIGREW, President KAY McCLAIN. Vice-President GAIL STEWART, Secretary MISS ELIZABETH ETHERIDGE, Sponsor Linguae Mundi Club consists of those who show a keen interest in foreign languages and cultures. The club promotes progi-ams both of general interest and of specific interest for students of a language. 74 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS BILLY PEARCE, President LEVI PARISH, Vice-President WILLIE BALL, Secretary JERRY FOUST, Treasurer BAYLON MILLIARD, Program Chairman DR. HAMILTON KIMZEY, Sponsor Founded in 1877, the Ministerial Asso- ciation endeavors to help its members become more familiar with special pro- grams connected with their future work. Social activities are always in order for any organization, and the Ministerial Association is no exception. Each year a fall social and an annual banquet are held. Y.W.A. LOUISE WRIGHT, President MARILYN ALEXANDER Vice-President DONNA BAKER, Secretary MARY ATWOOD, Program Chairman MISS FLORA PRINCE, Sponsor The Young Women ' s Auxiliary is a Southern Baptist Organization con- cerned with missions. Its program is deeply rooted in discovery of the purpose, the people, and the pro- cedure of the world mission task. The Y.W.A. on Union ' s campus has as its goal to put the " Miss " in Missions. B.S.U. OFFICERS DON SMITH, President SUE SULLIVAN, Vice-President CAROL LAWRENCE, Secretary RAY CLEEK, Treasurer DON REID, Devotional Chairman MR. WAYNE JOHNSON, Sponsor The local B.S,U. functions through an executive and greater council and seeks to extend the influence of the church to the campus. Besides sponsor- ing all the other religious organiza- tions on the campus, B.S.U. also spon- sors Noonday services four times each week, week-end revival teams, an annual campus revival, and a fund to support student summer missionaries. 75 P.E. CLUB OFFICERS JANE MATTHEWS, President BEVERLY LANIER, Vice-President DIANE JACOBS, Secretary KAY COOPER, Treasurer JAN HANNA, Reporter MRS. GRACE WILLIAMS, Sponsor The Girls ' Physical Education Club, a combina- tion of physical education majors and minors, works to prom ote physical education on campus and sur- rounding areas. The girls are the link between the coach ' s office and the students in promoting projects and interest in the field of physical education. rrjj,, CLUB OFFICERS LARRY ALVEY. President STEVE WOODWARD, Vice-President ROBERT ALDERSON, Secretary LES POPPENHEIMER, Historian JEFF RICHEY, Treasurer COACHES BILL HENRY AND MEL EDMONDS, Sponsor The " U " club is made up of those students who have received an athletic award by participating in an inter- collegiate sport. Its purpose is to promote athletic activities. 76 BUSINESS CLUB r n 2 OFFICERS TOMMY PEGRAM, President MELBA MONTGOMERY, Vice-President CAROL ASHMORE, Secretary DR. FREDERICK T. NEELY, Sponsor The Business Club is an organization designed to promote interest in the field of Business Administra- tion. Membership is open to majors and minors in Busi- ness Administration, Business Education and Eco- S.N.E.A. OFFICERS CAROLYN JERNIGAN, President DICK RODEWALD, Vice-President JO DIXON, Secretary GLENDA HASTINGS, Treasurer DR. JAMES A. PATE, Sponsor The Student National Education Association is a professional organization for college students preparing to teach. The student NEA provides opportunities for personal and professional growth and develops greater understanding of teaching as a profession. 77 SALLIE GRAHAM President KAY FERREE GAYLE ANDERSON LINDA MARTINDALE Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Gamma Sigma of SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota is classified as an international professional fraternity for women in the field of music. Since its founding on June 12,1903, at the University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan, SAI has grown into a world-wide organization consisting of 130 col- lege chapters, 95 chartered alumnae chapters, and numerous patroness and honorary members for a total membership of more than 40,000. ERVIN, LOUGENIA The local chapter. Gamma Sigma, was chartered in 1960 under the capable supervision of Mrs. Elizabeth Jarrell Fossey and other interested alumnae members in the Jackson area. It now has an enrollment of twelve college women, music majors and minors who have shown excellence in leadership, scholarship, and performance. In Gamma Sigma chapter and throughout the world, Sigma Alpha Iota fraternity exists for the fol- lowing purpose: To form chapters of music students and musicians who shall by their influence and their musical interest uphold the highest ideals of a musical education. To raise the standards of productive musical work among the women students of colleges, conservatories, and universities. To further the development of music in America and promote a stronger bond of musical interest and understanding between foreign countries and America. To give inspiration and material aid to its members. To organize the social life of its members as a con- tributing factor to their educational program. To cooperate wholeheartedly with the ideals and aims of the Alma Mater. To adhere to the highest standards of American citizenship and democracy. GARDNER, KAY GAUCHER, BERNADETTE MEDLOCK, JOYCE SHREVE, GLORIA WALLACE, SHERRY WILLIAMS. BEVERLY 78 £ wif TOM HAYES President CHUCK ISHEE Vice-President JOHN PRINCE Secretary JESSE PRICE Treasurer MISS SALLY LUNDEMO, Sweetheart Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America was founded on October 6, 1898, at the New England Con- servatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, as a professional music fraternity. It has since grown to be the largest fraternity — either social or professional — in America, with 239 chapters. The aims of the fraternity are to advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Iota Sigma chapter, of Union University, was chartered on May 16, 1960, and at present has an active membership of twelve. Iota Sigma of PHI MU ALPHA CALLENS, HUGH COKE, JIMMY CRISWELL, LOUIS KEMP, DAVID NEAL, A. M. WOMACK, BOB 79 li tfrjort 1 lili iiiKe ' - 6dHHiBiBHiiiilii ii H£ iK - ' ' . UNION UNIVERSITY SINGERS Directed by Dr. John Hughes 80 SYMPHONIC BAND BRASS CHOIR Harry Raney. Editor Yearbook Staff Edits Robert Michie, Assistant Editor Mrs. Kenneth Foellinger, Literary advisor, shown with the two editors. Dick Rodewald, Business Manager, Mrs. Jesse Smith, Business Advisor, and Mary Houston, Business Assistant. 82 Fiftieth Volume I Staff Members Janet Bain, Elaine Holley, and Julia Eliff. Lynn Patton and Emily Johnsey, standing. Not pictured; Geneva Lewis, Typist; Alice Myracle, Typist; Sandra Myracle, Typist; and Patsy Patton, Art Editor. Sue Sullivan, Personalities Editor; Mary Bondurant, Personalities Assistant; Roberta Tamble, Class Editor; Sharon Jackson. Class Assistant; and Martha Jane Hawks, Organizations Editor. Kay MeClain, Copy Assistant; Jan Hanna, Sports Assistant; Earl Deusner, Copy Editor; and Don Boren, Sports Editor, Larry Beardsley, Photographer. 83 Robert Anderson Assistant Editor Cardinal and Cream Expanding and reorganizing a newspaper takes months of planning and policy making. With the move to new offices in the Student Union Building, the CARDINAL AND CREAM provides news, educa- tion, amusement, entertainment, and editorial opinion for its readers. It has been the paper ' s objective to inspire students and improve the school through personal involvement, through challenge and through oppor- tunity for service. With roots established by its editors and advisor, we have become a newspaper which speaks for sin- cerity, truth, accuracy, impartiality, fair play and decency. These things make our school and our paper something of which we are proud. Charles Barnette Editor Robert Anderson, Ass ' t Editor; Mrs. Betty Foelinger, Sponsor; Charles Barnette, Editor. 84 STAFF REVITALIZES NEWSPAPER staff members Steve Butler, David Bartholomew, Judy Walker, Larry Ross. Carolyn Jenkins, seated. Staff members Don Johnson, Greg Whitetree, Donna Baker, and David Strong. 83 DORM OFFICERS SHERRY WALLACE, President GAIL STEWART, Vice-President MARTHA CAMPBELL, Secretary The members of the Jones Hall Dorm Council are elected by the girls in Jones Hall to work with the housemother in carrying out the dormitory systems smoothly and efficiently. OFFICERS RAY CLEEK, President JOHNNY MEALS, Vice-President JIM FRAZIER, Secretary CAROL ROBERTS, Sweetheart The members of Ellis Hall Dorm Council are elected by the boys in Ellis Hall. Carol Roberts, their Sweetheart, was also elected by the members of the dorm. OFFICERS BETTY ANDERSON, President CAROL ASHMORE, Vice-President NANCY RICHARDSON, Secretary The members of the Crook Hall Dorm Council are elected by the girls in Crook Hall to work with the housemother to make the dorm their " home away from home. " 86 COUNCILS OFFICERS LOUISE WRIGHT, President HELEN HARRELL, Vice-President LINDA JERNIGAN, Secretary The members of the Lovelace Hall Dorm Council are elected by the girls in Lovelace Hall to work with the housemother to make Lovelace run smoothly. OFFICERS LARRY ALVEY, President JEFF RICHEY, Vice-President TOM WILLIS, Secretary MARIE DALTON, Sweetheart The members of Adams Hall Dorm Council are elected by the boys in Adams Hall. Marie Dalton was elected as their 1965-66 Sweetheart. OFFICERS ALICE HARDCASTLE, President MARIE DALTON, Vice-President ANN COX, Secretary The members of the University Cot- tage Dorm Council are elected by the girls in the University Cottage. 87 ' ' ■4 X I ' ■■ IMS..- ' . GREEKS Greek Life at Union . . . means the selection of favorites . . . consists of weekend date parties . . . involves participation in service projects ... is highlighted by annual banquets . . . begins with the excitement of rush . . . and is greatly enriched by the guidance of fraternity housemothers who are campus " Moms " away from home. H H » H ' iu P itt " ■ LJ|v 1|h| iX B v ' ■BhIB ms ' - ' I hJ i s f - 1 ■jtN ' kWl » 9b I Hh JU B Bl ' 1 ■HKw% ' jmH M f ' -- ' S HI I 4 %te w H f , ' ' - ' Jt, HiV 90 CAROL KAY LAWRENCE FERREE President Vice-President DIANE MELBA MAYHEW MONTGOMERY Secretary Treasurer Upsilon of CHI (OMEGA) Future tradition evolves from present action. Since Chi Omega ' s founding at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, on April 5, 1895, Chi Omega ' s have acted to perpetuate their ideals and standards. Upsilon is no exception. The year 1965-66 will go down as another year of Upsilon action. Chi Omega inspires each sister to reach her ideal — the educated, serving woman. Sisters who were se- lected for Hypatia and Alpha Chi include Sherry Wal- lace, Kay Ferree, Diane Jacobs, Sue Sullivan, Gail Stewart, and Martha Campbell. Kay Ferree and Sherry Wallace hold membership in Sigma Alpha Iota, the national honorary music fraternity, and Patsy Patton and Beverly Davidson belong to Alpha Psi Omega, the national honorary dramatics fraternity. Four sisters were elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities: Sherry Wallace, Carol Lawrence, Brenda Matthews, and Diane Mayhew. Chi Omegas participate actively in Student Ck)v- ernment. Sisters on the Student Council are Sue Sul- livan, secretary; Gail Stewart, reporter; Brenda Mat- thews, and Diane Jacobs. Melba Montgomery serves on the Student Court. Diane Jacobs and Mary Kathryn CAMPBELL, MARTHA CAUDLE, MARLA COFFMAN, JUDY COOPER, KAY COVINGTON, MARY PAT DALTON, MARIE DAME, MARTHA DAVIDSON, BEVERLY DAWS, KATHY DECK, JANE DERRYBERRY, BETTY DOOLEY, PAT DUCK, JEAN DUNN, SUSAN EVANS, CAROL EVANS, EMILY FISHER, YVONNE FITZGERALD, DIANE GEVEDEN, JEAN GILCHRIST, ANN HAILEY, MARY ANNE HANNA,JAN HOLT, LINDA JACKSON, SANDRA JACOBS, DIANE JOHNSEY. EMILY JONES, BRENDA LANIER, BEVERLY LEWIS, GENEVA LUCKY, LEIGH MCCLAIN, KAYE MCKINNIE, ANN MCKINNIE, LINDA MCMILLIN. JENNIE 92 Stinson were elected as secretaries of their classes. Jones Hall dorm ofTicers are Sherry Wallace, Gail Reeves, and Martha Campbell. Gail Stewart is presi- dent, and Martha Campbell is secretary of the campus- wide dorm council. Their best in campus life is given by the Chi Omegas. Among those receiving honors are Brenda Matthews, Jane Matthews, and Leigh Lucky who led school spirit as Cheerleaders. Linda McKinnie was a Sophomore Escort. Brenda Matthews was voted the Senior Most Likely to Succeed. Queens and Sweethearts are numerous — Carol Patterson, SAE Queen; Marie Dalton, Adams Hall Sweetheart; Jennie Lee McMillan, Freshman Queen; Judy Coffman, U Club Sweetheart. Diane Jacobs reigned as Homecoming Queen; members of her court include Marie Dalton, Jane Matthews, and Brenda Matthews. Carrying on the Chi Omega tradition of beauty plus brains and talent was Kathy Daws, Miss University, and her maids, Marie Dalton and Jan Hanna. Seven Campus Favorites are Chi Omegas: Carol Lawrence, Sue Sullivan, Gail Stewart, Brenda Matthews, Diane Jacobs, Kathy Daws, and Jane Matthews. Athletics claim the talents of Chi Omegas also. Linda McKinnie, Jan Hanna, and Ann McKinnie won the first Turkey Meet Relays. In volleyball, we ranked second. Chi Omega Fraternity means love and service to sisters. To extend service to others, Chi Omegas in- augurated a special Christmas Kindness. Upsilon " adopted " Beverly Moss, an orphan from the Baptist Childrens ' Home in Memphis. We brought her to our Christmas party and surrounded her with gifts, good Chi Omega ' s entertain at Rush. food, warmth, and laughter. Upsilon will support her " little sister " through letters, gifts, and vacation visits as Beverly grows up. Our individual actions, honors, services, and names will blend together as the years go by, but Upsilon action in ' 65- ' 66 has extended the Chi Omega tradi- tions of friendship, service, and culture into a " sym- phony of high purposes and ideals, in which there is no discordant note. " MArrHEWS, JANE MONTGOMERY, MARILYN MURCHISON, LYNN PATTERSON, CAROL PATTON, LYNN PATTON, PATSY POLSGROVE, BETTY RAINES, ANDREA REEVES, GAIL RHODES, MARTHA ROBERTSON, PEGGY ROGERS, MELINDA ROYE, ANN RUSSELL, DIANE SAMMONS, MONTYNE SAMPSON, CECILLE SARTAIN, GLENDA SCOTT, SUSAN SHACKELFORD, MARCIA SHIRES, MARTHA SMITH, JUDY SOWELL, GEORGIA STEPHENSON. KAREN STEWART, GAIL STINSON, MARY KATHRYN STOWE, JANE SULLIVAN, SUE TAYLOR, DIANE TEAGUE, BRENDA THACKER, SHERRY TOWATER, CAROL WALKER, MARILYN WALLACE, DIANE WALLACE, SHERRY WHITSON, MILLIE WILKINS, CATHERINE MOORE, CAMILLE WORTHAM, AVONNE YARBRO, LINDA JOYCE 93 ANN BETTY BREEDEN BRIDGEWATER President MOSER Vice-President MILDRED CAROLYN HAMMILL JERNIGAN Corresponding Treasurer Secretary Beta Omega of Zeta Tau Alpha has found a new meaning of love, sisterhood, and fraternity during the present school year. Indeed, this time will be remembered as a successful year in every area of fraternity life. Zetas contributed to national and local In service to others . . philanthropic projects. In fun and fellowship . spaced throughout the year. In campus activities Zetas enjoyed a gay swirl of parties Beta Omega of ZETA TAU ALPHA Zetas compiled an enviable record of offices held and honors won. In student government, Cheryl Bates was secretary. Freshman Class; Peggy Woods, Carol Roberts, and Roberta Tamble were student council representative, secretary, and treasurer. Sophomore Class; Betty Bridgewater Moser was student council representative. Junior Class; and Kay Gardner was Senior Class secretary. Other student government representatives were Roberta Tamble, Martha Jane Hawks, and Barbara Hobock. In the area of honoraries, four Zetas were officers in Sigma Alpha Iota, professional music fraternity; Sallie Graham, president; Linda Martindale, treasurer; Kay Gardner, chaplain; and Bernadette Gau- cher, social chairman. Mildred Hammill served as vice-president of Hypatia; other members of the organization were Kay Gardner and Linda Martindale Re-elected to Alpha Chi were Kay Gardner, Mary Winfield, Mildred Hammill, and Linda Martindale. Miss Union, Ann Breeden, and three of her four class escorts were Zetas; Freshman, Cheryl Bates; Betty Moser, Junior; Kay Gardner, Senior. Zeta Campus Favorites include Betty Moser, Kay Gardner, Ann Breeden, and Carol Roberts. Zeta Sweethearts are Bobbie Irwin, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl; Betty Moser, Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega; and Carol Roberts, Ellis Hall Sweetheart. Cheryl Lloyd and Rosie Houseworth were chosen maids to Miss Union University; Cheryl was also included among the Homecoming royalty and was a Varsity Cheerleader along with Ann Breeden. Seven out of eight Zetas in the Senior Class were elected to Who ' s Who. Ann Breeden, Carolyn Jernigan, Kay Gardner, Mildred Ham- Mary Winfield, and Sallie Graham were chosen this year; and Linda Martindale was included in the 1964 edition. BASKIN, RITA BATES, CHERYL BLANKENSHIP, CAROL BREEDEN, FAYE CARTER, MARILYN CARVER. LINDA COLE, SHERRILYN CROCKETT, JENNIFER CURLIN, BECKY CURLIN, PAULA DAVES. CAROLYN DAVIS, BETTY DENTON, PATSY DIXON, JO DOUGLAS, GINNY DUNLAP, KAREN DYER, JOAN FESMIRE, JUDY GARDNER, KAY GAUCHER. BERNADETTE GIBSON, FRAN GRAHAM. SALLIE HALE, BECKY HAWKS, MARTHA JANE HOBOCK, BARBARA HOtiSETT, MARION HOLl.KY. ELAINE HUTCHINSON, JANICE HOUSEWORTH, ROSE ELLEN IRWIN, BOBBIE 94 Placing the Zeta sign before a rush party. Many Zetas participated in fine arts productions. Sherrilyn Cole starred in " The Miracle Worker " ; Rita Baskin and Loretta Matthews also were in the cast. Sharon Jackson and Sherrilyn Cole were also in the spring productions. Sallie Graham and Kay Gardner starred in Opera Workshop Productions. Bernadette Gaucher, Kay Gardner, Sallie Graham, and Linda Martindale toured with the Union Uni- versity Singers; and the latter three were chosen for the U.U. Mad- rigal Singers Ann Breeden, Kay Gardner, and Martha Jane Hawks served on the Inter-Fraternity Council; and Carolyn Jernigan was president of the Student National Education Association. Journalism enthusiasts included Carol Roberts and Linda Mar- tindale, who are circulation manager and copv editor for the CARDL NAL AND CREAM, Working on the LEST WE FORGET staff were class editor, Roberta Tamble, and her assistant, Sharon Jackson; activities editor, Martha Jane Hawks, plus Judy Fesmire, Janet Bain, and Elaine HoUey. Besides so many individual honors, Zeta teamwork and sisterhood won a first place in the BSU All-Sing, a second place plaque at the Winter Carnival, and a season ' s championship in Intramural Volley- ball. In sharing joys and sorrows, in learning discipline through responsibility and leadership, in songs and laughter, Zetas have experienced the real sisterhood that will stand the tests of time. JACKSON, JOYCE JACKSf)N, SHARON JENKINS, CAROLYN KUYKENUALL, LINDA LILLARD, DIANE LINEBARGER, BELINDA LLOYD, CHERYL LONG, LINDA MARTINDALE, LINDA MATLOCK. SHERRY Zetas play Santa to handicapped children. MATTHEWS, LORETTA MCMULLAR, BR(3EK MILLER, JEAN MORTON, LINDA PEARSON, JOYCE RANDALL, JANENE REED, PAT ROBERTS, CAROL SISK, CAROLYN STEED, SANDRA STEED, SUSAN SULLIVAN, NANCY TAMBLE, ROBERTA THOMAS, BETTY TRAMMELL, NANCY URSERY, ARMITA WEST, GLENDA WHITE, ANN WILSON, MONA WINFIELD, MARY WINFIELD, PATSY WOODS, PEGGY WORRELL, CAROL 93 GARY MOSER W. M. JIM COFFMAN W. C RON JOHNSEY W. K. A. EDDIE ROSS W. Sc. Beta Tau of ALPHA TAU OMEGA " To bind men together in a brotherhood based upon eternal and immutable principles with a bond as strong as right itself and as lasting as humanity; to know no North, no South, no East, no West, but to know man as man, to teach that true men the world over should stand together and con- tend for supremacy of good over evil; to teach, not politics, but morals; to foster, not partisanship, but the recognition of true merit wherever found; to have no narrower limits within which to work together for the elevation of man than the out- lines of the world; these were the thoughts and hopes upper- most in the minds of the founders of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. " Otis A. Glazebrook, 1880. Beta Tau of Alpha Tau Omega at Union endeavors to live up to its worthwhile purposes and goals as exemplified by the above statement. BALLARD, GENE BOND, MIKE BOREN, DON BUTLER, STEVE CAUDLE, DON CLEEK, DON CLEEK, RAY CORN, LARRY CROSSETT, JERRY DICKSON, BRUCE BILLOW, KIP DRACE, JERRY ELLIS, HAL FAGERBERG, SIG FARMER, PHIL FINNEY, NORM FLIPPO, KEN FRAZIER, JIM FROMAN, RON GRAVES, BILL GREEN, JIM JAGGERS, CEDRIC JAMISON, DALE JERNIGAN, DOUG JOHNSON, BILL 96 ATOs work up a smoke. BETTY BRIDGEWATER MOSER, Sweetheart MCCLAIN, DAVID MCDIVITT, JERRY MCHANEY, PHIL MERCER, DWIGHT MOORE, WILLIARD PHILLIPS, NICKEY PITTS, BILL POPE, GRAGG PRESCOTT, ROBERT PRICE, JESSE REDMON, FUGATE REEVES, TIM REID, DON RHODES, JIM RYAL, JIM SIMPSON, STEVE SMITH, DON STRONG, DAVID THORNE, WAYNE TISDALE, BUD TODD, HOWARD TREECE, GARY TRUEX, BILL WEST, RICHARD WOOD, DAN 97 Lambda-Zeta of LAMBDA CHI ALPHA BARRY MCLEAN CHARLES BARNETTE RICK WHITE President Vice-President Secretary BOB JONES Treasurer Lambda Chi Alpha ideals emphasize adaptability, co-operation, loyalty, truth, justice, honor, industry, Christianity, patriotism, morality, learning and fraternity. During the 1965-66 school year, Lambda-Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha at Union has endeavored to utilize these ideals in the growth of the fraternity both on and off the campus. The striving for these goals has been evidenced by the many places of leadership held and the honors won by Lambda Chis on campus during the year. Taking executive positions in various classes were Buddy McMillin, Senior Class President; Harry Raney, Senior Class Student Council Representative and Barry McLean, Junior C lass President. Barry McLean also served as President of the Prince-Davis Science Club. Serving the Nestor Club as President was Everette Wright. Also included in this group of the twelve top scholastic men on campus was John Prince. Alpha Chi, National honorary fraternity, claimed Everette Wright. John Prince and Hugh Callens are members of Phi Mu Alpha, national music fraternity. The Interfraternity Council had as its Vice-President, Harry Raney. Charles Barnette edited the Cardinal and Cream while Bob Anderson was Assistant editor. Harry Raney was editor of Lest We Forget, with Earl Deusner serving as copy editor. Several campus honors bestowed this year were captured by Lambda Chis. Harry Raney and Everette Wright were listed in Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. Wright was elected Senior Boy Most Likely to Succeed by the student body, while Raney was a Senior Class Escort to Mr. and Miss Union. Since its founding in 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha has grown until today it is one of the top fraternities in the nation. The open motto of Lambda Chi, " Naught Without Labor, " indicates the determination and hard work of its members. ifto4tk tfe :% ALFORD, ROGER ANDERSON, BOB ARNOLD, .ANDY BATEMAN, BOB BIVENS, HERB CALLENS, HUGH CLARK. DAKRELL DEL ' SNER, EARL EDDLEMON, JERRY EPPS, JERRY FOSTER, LEN GLEASON, JOE HARRIS, DON HODGE, DON HUBBARD, DENNIS u Chi Omega is presented their fourth consecutive Lambda Chi Alpha Scholarship Trophy. BOBBIE IRWIN, Crescent Girl KING, LEON LYLES, RICHARD MCMILLIN, BUDDY MONTGOMERY, EDDIE NORVILLE, SCOTTY PALMER, IKE PHILLIPS, RON RANEY, HARRY SPENCER, DANNY STRANGE, TOMMY STREET, BOB WHITETREE, GREG MONDEL, MEL WRIGHT, EVERETTE YOUNG, WENDELL 41k tf Ml A h d tn 99 RICK MYRACLE President WOODY ELSTON Vice-President FRANKIE WEST Treasurer Tennessee Eta of SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON BILL BUTTRAM Secretary Tennessee Eta of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, founded 110 years ago, can justly lay claim to a heritage rich in tradition, ideals, and that nebulous term " brotherhood, " unexplainable in its fullest sense, yet in every way real within the hearts of the men who proudly wear her name. This right was not easily won. From the very beginning her men had to overcome tragedy — the tragedy of the death of a founding father, the tragedy of a chapter which lay stunned in the ashes of a Civil War, the tragedy of disappointment in a way of life. Out of this tragedy there arose, like the Phoenix, that fire in the breast of brothers which cannot be reduced to ashes — a fire which surpasses time and criticism, a fire which has brought Sigma Alpha Epsilon to the enviable position it holds in the year 1966. Of this we are rightly proud. This pride must now more than ever be fostered. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tennessee Eta, and indeed, the entire Greek system, faces a tremendous challenge. We face a decade of instability, uncertainty, and perhaps frustra- tion. We must adjust to a changing nation, a changing world, a new kind of education, and a changing social environment. We must fight an increasing depersonalized and dehumanized college world. As always our critics are many and stand poised at our backs. Tennessee Eta pledges to meet this challenge. We shall meet it with our most vital weapon, the love of a Brother; and we have no fear that we shall sustain. We, this year, like our founding fathers lost a Brother. Gone is the grip of his hand, his warmth; but he lives on, and our bond is deepened. In a similar manner will we meet our problems — those of our society andof our own makinir. We realize our responsibility, yet we have " no fears for the future. " ADAMS, RICK ALLEN, JOHNNY BAGGETT, BILL BAIN, BILL BEARDSLEY, LARRY BEARDSLEY, SKIP BLEDSOE, MIKE BRIDGES, STEVE CARR, BEN CEPPARULLO, JOE CHESTER, JIM COOPER, DONNIE DAVIS, JIMMY DOUGAN, EDDIE ELAM, TOMMY ENGLISH, MIKE FRENCH. MIKE HOLMES. LEN HOLT, ROBERT HOOPER, BILL JENNINGS, JOHN KIDD, CRAIG KURTS, DON LANG, ROBERT 100 m MCLEARY. RAYMOND MARTIN, KENNY MELSA, LARRY MESSER, SKIP MILSTEAD, PAUL MOATE, MIKE MOORE, CHARLES MOSS, DANNY PARSLEY, BRAD PETTIGREW, RANDY POPPENHEIMER, LES POTTER, DAVID REEDY, VELDON ROBBINS, STEVE RUSSELL, RUSTY SILER, BUDDY TAYLOR, CHARLES THURMAN, ROGER TICKLE, SAMMY VUNK, RAY CAROL PATTERSON, Queen 101 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL DON REID Treasurer RUSTY RUSSELL President ANN BREEDEN Student Council Representative ilLYN WALKER Secretary HARRY RANEY Vice-President 102 " We consider the fraternity responsible . . . for a positive contribution to the colleges and universities, and therefore under an obligation to encourage the most complete personal develop- ment of its members, intellectual, physical and social. " National Interfraternity Council The Savitar University of Missouri 103 SPORTS Cross-Country The Cross-Country Team this year was a young team composed of freshmen and sophomores. However, they held tjieir own very well by sporting a record of 2-2. They triumphed over Southwestern twice, while the defeats handed them were from Middle Tennessee State and David Lipscomb. 106 107 Cheerleaders ANN BREEDEN Senior LEIGH LUCKEY Sophomore ROBERT MICHIE Senior JANE MATTHEWS Sophomore BRENDA MATTHEWS Senior CHERYL LLOYD Sophomore 109 The 1965-66 Bulldogs, although playing a much tougher schedule than ever before, have shown a strong determination and have represented Union extremely well throughout the entire season. The Bulldogs finished the season with a 13-13 record. With a 5-3 con- ference mark, they captured second place in the Western Division of the VSAC. The Bulldogs seven game win- ning streak tied the past record for the longest winning streak. Bulldogs VSAC Runners-Up Bulldog Basketball Team -First row: Dennis Wilson, Ron Bradley, Steve Woodard, Jack Darlington, Dan Rudesill. Second row; Larry Alvey, Jeff Richey, Dave Gray. Carl Martin, Gary Knupp. no Leading the 1965-66 Bull- dogs are co-captains Jeff Richey and Larry Alvey. Rich- ey broke the Union scoring record for a four-year-career with 1694 points and broke the single season record with 630. Before coming to Union, Jeff played ball at Crab Orchard, Illinois, where he holds every . record in the Crab Orchard books. Since coming to Union, Richey has been named to the All-Conference team three times, and again this year was selected as the Most Valuable Player in the Conference. " Mr. Dependable, " as his teammates call Larry, is con- sidered one of the best " big men " in college basketball. Having established a re- bound record with 27 in one game, Alvey is Union ' s num- ber one rebounder. Larry averages 14.5 rebounds and 16 points per game. Turning in his usual excellent perfor- mance, Larry won the Charles Shuler Award in the 1965 Homecoming game. The Bulldogs determined effort in the VSAC Tournament paid off as the team re- ceived the Runners-up Trophy and the Sports- manship Trophy. In addition, the Bulldogs placed Jeff Richey, Larry Alvey, and Steve Woodard on the All-Tournament Team. Rounding out the Bulldog starting five were Steve Wood- ward, Dennis Wilson, and Dave Gray. Although small for a col- lege ballplayer, Steve proved to be a threat more than once. As the Bulldogs ' playmaker and de- fensive ace, Steve did his best while on the court. Dave Gray, a sophomore, devel- oped into a strong rebounder and was a definite asset to the Bull- dog lineup. Sophomore Dennis Wilson worked his way into a starting guard position early in the season and never relinquished it. His ballhandling ability and quickness greatly aided the Bull- dogs ' attack. 4 1965-66 SEASON SCORES UNION 59 Memphis State 77 UNION 79 Austin Peay 82 UNION 79 M.T.S. 72 UNION 81 Ohio Northern 68 UNION 67 Florida Southern 74 UNION 73 Stetson 64 UNION 71 Quincy College 87 UNION 75 Southern University 77 UNION 67 Illinois Wesleyan 75 UNION 84 Southwestern 79 UNION 58 Kentucky Wesleyan 113 UNION 88 Bethel 77 UNION 63 CB.C. 61 UNION 89 Belmont 69 UNION 98 Florence State 71 UNION 73 U.T.M.B. 68 UNION 100 Bethel 95 UNION 82 Southwestern 80 UNION 66 Belmont 67 UNION 67 U.T.M.B. 71 UNION 78 CB.C. 89 UNION 66 Kentucky Wesleyan 76 UNION 70 Florence State 72 VSAC TOURNAMENT UNION 74 Tennessee Wesleyan 51 UNION 70 Carson-Newman 59 CHAMPIONSHIP UNION 67 Tusculum 69 19 UNION UNIVERSITY BULLDOGS 1965-66- First row; Larry McBride, Roger Williams, Johnny Martin, J. R. Emerson, Ronnie Harris. Nicky Leaver, John Lee. Second row: Calvin Moore, Manager; Charley Bailey, Ronnie Hardin, Dennis Wilson, Bill Kemp, Gary Hoskins, Bobby Brown, Jim Coffman, Joe Layman. SCHEDULE March 21 Principia March 22 Principia March 25 North Park March 26 North Park March 28 Kentucky Wesleyan April 4 Findlay April 5 Findlay April 6 Findlay April 7 Calvin April 8 Hope April 9 Hope April 11 Calvin April 12 Quincy April 13 Quincy April 15 Florence State April 19 Bethel April 19 Bethel April 23 Belmont April 25 C.B.C. April 28 U.T.M.B. April 30 Florence State May 2 C.B.C. May 7 Belmont May 9 U.T.M.B. JOE LAYMAN. Coach; CALVIN MOORE, Manager. 120 JIM COFFMAN Infield LARRY MC BRIDE Outfield Baseball Union batter poised for hit. 121 Coffman takes a walk. DONNIE BOLEN Pitcher ItONMt: HAKI)I, Pitcher BOBBY BROWN Outfield 122 DENNIS WILSON Infield BILL KEMP Pitcher GARY HOSKINS Pitcher mmmiiUtmmm An other Home Run merits congratulations from Union team members. 23 Track Team — First row: Andy Bobbitt, Joe Anderson, David Lynch, David Huffman, Frankie West. Second row: Larry Lowrance, Don Kurts, Bill Myers, Allen Green, Wilky Riggs, Tommy Scallorn. ..- • ,.»- V» V " ..i " . .y ' •■ C. ' . ' % ' 1 f! : 8 " »;«t! Track Team TRACK AND FIELD SCHEDULE March 5 Memphis Indoor Jaycee Memphis Championship March 12 Southwestern Memphis March 19 David Lipscomb Taylor Jackson College April 2 Arkansas State Arkansas April 15-16 Civitan Relays Memphis April 30 Southwestern Relays Memphis May 6- 7 T.I.A.C. Sewanee V.S.A.C. TOMMY SCALLORN b f - WILKY RIGGS JERRY EDDLEMAN DAVID LYNCH 125 BUDDY JONES MARK LUTRELL TOMMY SCALLORN, LARRY LOWRANCE, DAVID HUFFMAN, DON KURTS. .- " " IV ' - ■ pAF ANDY BOBBITT FRANKIE WEST WILKY RIGGS " ■%« ' ALLEN GREEN ( " i ir •Jl bi:-- i 127 Tennis Team — Dr. Charles Taylor, Coach, Phil McHaney, Jessie Price, Buddy Siler, Craig Kidd, Don Boren. ' ' H f, m-ijr. r, ft SCHEDULE April 5 Austin Peay Here April 11 Calvin Here April 14 Bethel Here April 18 Florence State . . . There April 20 U.T.M.B Here April 25 Bethel There April 28 Florence State Here April 29 Athens There May 4 Athens Here May 5 U.T.M.B There May 13-14 V.S.A.C. . . . Nashville M DON BOREN 128 PHILMCHANEY JESSIE PRICE BUDDY SILER Tennis Long hours of practice bring a successful season. CRAIG KIDD Intramurals Inspire Competition Intramural season brings Greek organ- izations and Independents into competi- tion among themselves. Points are given to first, second, and third place winners in each sport. At the end of the season the points are counted, and the group having attained the most is presented a trophy. . J 130 Boys ' Intramurals encompass the sports of football, basketball, volley- ball, and Softball. It also includes bowling, ping-pong, tennis, and cross- country. A special feature of the intramural program this year was the Turkey Meet. In the girls ' race of one- half mile, the prize was a dressed chicken; in the boys ' mile run, the prize was a dressed turkey. 132 Multiple Sports Test Skills 133 Girls Intramurals Intramural season brings with it exciting con- tests in volleyball, basketball, and softball between the participating teams — Chi Omega, Independents, and Zeta Tau Alpha. K» " ■■■ - " !? in ' a F ' f ib- 1 ■ ' ■■, % V " r t« " »»i, ■ - ;j f_„ _ j ■ ' » f ' .- " . 135 - ■ , ' :rvW ' .,. : ' ca ?f «. . •: ' tfti 3X J rp . -li ' iiBtfllfei. - ' ■ ;»?5ri; V. fcf •.-7 CLASSES SENIOR CLASS MJ X A. ' . J, % .-b. J- ' Mi :: . Officers BUDDY MCMILLIN President MR. ELDON BYRD Sponsor ROBERT MICHIE Class Speaker JERRY DAVIS Vice-President TOM WILSON Chaplain HARRY RANEY Student Council Representative SARA NUNNERY Treasurer KAY GARDNER Secretary (not pictured) 138 ANDERSON, BETTY Gillespie, Illinois ASHMORE, CAROL Pontotoc, Mississippi BALDAUFF, KENNETH Synnburg, Tennessee BOREN, DON Jackson, Tennessee COLLINS, JAN HOLLOWELL Trenton, Tennessee ANDERSON, GAYLE Decatur, Georgia AZBILL, BRENDA Jackson, Tennessee BOONE, ANNIE Jackson, Tennessee BRUCE, JOE Qulin, Missouri DANIEL, WAYNE Jackson, Tennessee 139 DARBY. LARRY Milan, Tennessee DIXON, JO Tiptonville, Tennessee EMERSON, J. R. Oran, Missouri FOUST, JERRY. Greenfield, Tennessee GARDNER, KAY Steele, Missouri DAVIS, JERRY Hayti, Missouri DYER, JOAN Newbern, Tennessee ERVIN, LOUGENIA Stanton, Tennessee FREY, ANN Nashville, Tennessee GLISSON, ANN Dyer. Tennessee 140 GOFF, KAYE Jackson. Tennessee HAMMILL, MILDRED Jackson, Tennessee HAMMONDS, JOY Jackson, Tennessee HARRELL, HELEN Halls, Tennessee HARTLEY, RAY Humboldt, Tennessee GRAHAM, SALLIE Drew, Mississippi HAMMONDS, JOE Jackson, Tennessee HARDCASTLE, ALICE Luray, Tennessee HASTINGS, GLENDA Martin, Tennessee HEDSPETH, CHARLES Williamsville, Missouri HILLIARD, BAYLON Jackson, Tennessee HOLT, LINDA Selmer, Tennessee ISHEE, CHUCK CoUierville, Tennessee JERNIGAN, CAROLYN Hornsby, Tennessee KEENEY, JERRY Bourbon, Tennessee HOLLINGSHEAD, ROBERT Brownsville, Tennessee HOUSE, KAY Newbern, Tennessee JACOBS, BILLY Toone, Tennessee JOYNER, MAC Jackson, Tennessee LAWRENCE, CAROL Jackson, Tennessee 142 LAWS, ELAINE Johnson City, Tennessee MARTINDALE, LINDA Jackson, Tennessee MAYHEW, DIANE Union City, Tennessee MILLIGAN, LARRY Humboldt, Tennessee MYRACLE, ALICE Memphis, Tennessee MANION, ALICE Vandalia, Illinois MATTHEWS, BRENDA Jackson, Tennessee MICHIE, ROBERT Jackson, Tennessee MONTGOMERY, MELBA Somerville, Tennessee MYRACLE, RICK Lexington, Tennessee 143 MYRACLE, SANDRA Memphis, Tennessee OWENS, SAM Flint, Michigan PEELER, LEE Ripley, Mississippi !t POTTER, DAVID Union City, Tennessee RAMOS, ELIAS Caracas, Venezuela OSBORNE, LORENE Belleville, Tennessee PEGRAM, TOMMY Jackson, Tennessee PEARCE, BILLY Memphis, Tennessee PRICE, RITA Adamsville, Tennessee RANEY, HARRY Jackson, Tennessee 144 w REID, LINDA Bells, Tennessee REID, SARA ELLEN Jackson, Tennessee RICKMAN, BRENDA Dyer, Tennessee ROBBINS, GERALD Alamo, Tennessee ROSE, JUDY Jackson, Tennessee REID, RON Jackson, Tennessee RICHEY, JEFF Stonefort, Illinois RIGGS, WILKY Caruthersville, Missouri ROWLAND. BETTY Montezuma. Tennessee SHREVE. GLORIA Memphis. Tennessee Ik 7K 143 SMITH, SHELTON Cottage Grove, Tennessee SYKES, ELEANOR Stanford, Florida WALKER, MARILYN Wildersville, Tennessee WHITLOW, JUDY Jackson, Tennessee WINFIELD, MARY Memphis, Tennessee STRICKLIN, CAROL Jaclison, Tennessee WALKER, DANNY Dyersburg, Tennessee WALLACE, SHERRY Chesterfield, Tennessee WILSON, TOM Jackson, Tennessee WOLFE, JIMMY Jackson, Tennessee 146 WRIGHT. EVERETTE Brighton, Tennessee WRIGHT, PAUL Jackson, Tennessee BREEDEN, ANN Bolivar, Tennessee GEVEDEN, JEAN Wickliffe, Kentucky JETT, PHILIP D. Gates, Tennessee WRIGHT, LOUISE Camden, Tennessee YOUNG, WENDELL Jackson, Tennessee GARNER, BARBARA Newbern, Tennessee HUSSEY, KERRY Jackson, Tennessee JONES, MORRIS Martin, Tennessee 147 JUNIOR CLASS Officers BARRY McLEAN RUSTY RUSSELL President Class Speaker NORM FINNEY BETTY BRIDGEWATER MOSER Vice-President Student Council Representative DIANNE JACOBS DON REID Secretary Chaplain 148 ALEXANDER, MARILYN ASLIN, GARY ATWOOD, MARY BAKER, DONNA BAKER, JANET BALL, WILLIE EDD BARNETTE, CHARLES BATEMAN, BOB BONDURANT, MARY BOYD. TOMMY CAMPBELL, MARTHA CLEEK, RAY COOPER, DONNIE COOPER, KAY DAVIDSON, BEVERLY FERREE, KAY FORTNER, CARLIE FRAZIER, JIM FRYE, SHARON HARRIS, CAROL HAYES, TOM HOLLOWELL, MARY HOUSTON, MARY JACKSON, SHARON 149 JACOBS, DIANNE JERNIGAN, LINDA JOHNSEY, EVELYN JONES, VERA KELLEY, DOROTHY KEMP, DAVID KING, GARY KING, LEON KING, NELDA LOVELACE, PHIL MC LEAN, BARRY MATLOCK, SHERRY MEALS, JOHNNY METTS, MARY ANN MOORE, CLYDE MOSER. GARY PATTON, PATSY PALMER, IKE PEARSON, JOYCE PETTIGREW, RANDY PHILLIPS, RONALD PRIVETTE, PAT RICE, TOMMY RICHARDSON, NANCY 130 ROSS, EDDIE RUSSELL, RUSTY RYAL, JAMES SMITH, DON STEED. SANDRA STEWART, GAIL SULLIVAN, SUE TAYLOR, CHARLES THOMAS, ROBERT TODD, BONNIE TREECE, GARY WARD, DENNIS WEST, CAROLYN WHITING, MICHAEL WILLIS, TOM WILSON, CLAY WILLIAMS, BETTY WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH 151 SOPHOMORE CLASS Officers RICHARD WEST President ROBERTA TAMBLE Treasurer MIKE MOATE Class Speaker JIM COFFMAN Vice-President PEGGY WOODS Student Council Representative CAROL ROBERTS Secretary RONALD JOHNSEY Chaplain ADAMS, RICHARD ADAMS, SARA BETH BAILEY, CHARLES BARNETT, BEVERLY BLACK, MARY MARGARET BLANKENSHIP, LINDA BORUM, GARY BRANHAM, LEROY BROWN, JANICE BULLARD, WANDA CEPPARULO, JOE COLE, KAREN COLE, SHERRILYN CORLEY, ROY CRIDER, DARLEEN CLIMER, BENNIE DAWS, KATHY DOOLEY, PAT DOTSON, BARRY DOUGAN, EDDIE DRACE. JERRY DUNN, SUSAN EVANS DYER, ALICE ELLIS, HAL 133 s?- FARMER, PHILLIP FARMER, SUZANNE FODDRILL, ELVLN GAUCHER, BERNADETTE HAILEY, CHARLES HARDIN, RONNIE HARRIS, JAN HOGSETT, MARIAN HOLT, MARTHA HOUSEWORTH, ROSE HUTCHISON, JANICE JACKSON, CAROLE JACKSON, JOYCE JOHNSEY. RONALD JONES, BRENDA JOYNER, CHARLES JOYNER, PATRICIA KURTS, DONALD LANE, JUDITH LANE, WILBURN LITTLE, JANIE LLOYD, CHERYL LUCKEY, LEIGH y MC DADE, RICHARD 154 MC KINNIE, LINDA MATTHEWS, JANE MELTON, LYNN MONTGOMERY, MARILYN MOORE, CAMILLE MOORE, CHARLENE MURCHISON, LYNNE MURRY, SHIRLEY NELSON, CAROLYN PARSLEY, BRAD PATTERSON, LINDA PATTERSON, TERRY PICKLER, EUGENE POPPENHEIMER, LES PULLEY, DENNIS RANDALL, JANENE RANDLES, JUDY REDMON, FUGATE ROBBINS, LINDA ROBERTSON, PEGGY ROYE, ANNE RUSSELL, DIANE RIAL, ANN SAMMONS, MONTYNE 155 SAMPSON, CECILLE SMITH, MAURICE SMITH, PAM SMITH, PAT STANFILL, PHILLIP STANLEY, ANTHONY STONE, LINDA SULLIVAN, NANCY TAMBLE, ROBERTA TAYLOR, CHUCK TAYLOR, DIANNE THACKER, SHERRY THOMAS, MARY NELLE TOWATER, CAROL WAGNER, ROSEMARY WALDRO P, SAUNDRA WALKER, JUDY WALL, ROSEMARY WEST, GLENDA WHITE, RICK WINFIELD, PATSY WOOD, MITCH WOODS, PEGGY WORTAAM. AVONNE YOUNGER, LESSIE 156 FRESHMAN CLASS ■l " -::-. Officers BUDDY TISDALE Class Speaker CHERYL BATES Secretary MARY KATHRYN STINSON Treasurer WESLEY HIGHSMITH Vice-President JIM GREEN President BARBARA HOBOCK Student Council Representative LARRY CORN Chaplain 157 ADAMS, CHERYL L. ADAMS, SANDRA C. ALFORD, ROGER L. ANDERSON, JAMES EDWIN ARMSTRONG, ERNIE R. ARNOLD, ANDREW A. ARNOLD, JANICE E. ASHFORD, MICHAEL W. ASHMORE, PATRICIA J. ATCHLEY, GINGER AUSTIN, DONNA L. AUSTIN, JIMMY L. BAIN, JANET BAKER, SANDRA K. BALL, ALYCE BALLARD, GENE BARTHOLOMEW, DAVID BARNETT, MARSHA F. BASKIN, RITA J. BATES. CHERYL 158 BATES, MILTON BEAIRD, JERRY BEDWELL, JIMMY BLACKMAN, MAXIE BLANKENSHIP, CAROL BOYD, JOHN BRADLEY, RON BRAMHAM, PATRICIA BRASHER, SANDRA BREEDEN, FAYE BUCHANAN, MARTHA BUTLER, LINDA BUTLER, STEPHEN CARR, BEN CARTER, DOUGLAS CARTER, MARILYN CARVER, LINDA CAUDLE, MARLA COCKRELL, LYNDA CODY, SHERRY 159 COLEMAN, IRBY CORN, LARRY COVINGTON, MARY PAT COX, EVELYN COX, MARY CROCKER, KAYE CROCKETT, JENNIFER CRYER, EVELYN CURLIN, BECKY CURLIN, PAULA DAME, MARTHA DANIEL, BARRY DAVENPORT, RONALD DAVES, CAROLYN DAVIS, ANN DAVIS, JIMMY DENTON, PATSY DIXON, ANITA DODSON, KAY DOYLE, GAIL 160 EDDLEMON, JERRY ELIFF, JULIA ELLIOTT, DIANN ENGLISH, DEE ENGLISH, MIKE EVANS, EMILY EVANS, ROBERT FESMIRE, JUDY FISHER, ANN FISHER, CHARLOTTE FITZGERALD, DIANE FRAZIER, BECKY FRENCH, MIKE FROMAN, RONNIE GARRETT, LINDA GLEASON, JOE GOFF, UNDA GOFORTH, KENNETH GORDON, CATHY GREEN, JIM It . GRIFFITH, WILLIAM HAKEEM, PHYLLIS HALTON, LARRY HANNA, JAN HARBIN, STEVE HARDAWAY, PAM HARRISON, JOHN HAYES, GLORIA HENSLEY, KAY HILL, ROGER HOBOCK, BARBARA HOFFMAN, DAVID HOLLEY, ELAINE HOLMES, MARSHA HORNER, KENNY JACKSON, ALICE JAGGERS, CEDRIC JENKINS, CAROLYN JENNINGS, SHELBY JOHNSEY, EMILY 162 JONES, BUDDY KEENE, WILLIAM KEE, RAYMOND LEATHERS, LARRY LEIGH, ROBERT LILLARD, DIANE LUEKER, DOUG LUMPKIN, JUDY LUNDEMO, SALLY LUTTRELL, MARK LYNCH, DAVID MCCALIP, JO MCCLAIN, DAVID MCCULLAR, BROECK MCGOWAN, CAROLYN MCKINNIE, ANN MCMILLIN, JENNIE MASSEY, JACK MATHEWS, LORETTA MATLOCK, MELVA Avri »ti, 16: MILSTEAD, PAUL MONTGOMERY, EDDIE MORTON, LINDA MOVER, THOMAS MURPHY, CONNIE NEISLER, WAYNE NELSON, JAMES NICHOLS, EMILY NORVILLE, SCOTTY O ' CONNOR, NANCY OGLETREE, GRACIE PAYNE, RITA PATTERSON, CAROL PATTON, LYNN PETERSON, SHIRLEY PHILPOT, CATHEY PIRTLE, JOHN PITTS, BILL POOL, CLARICE POWERS, MIKE 164 PRESCOTT, BOBBY PRIVETTE, NELLE PULLIAM, JAN RICHARDSON, RUTH REED, PAT REED, STEVE REEVES, TIM RHODES, JIMMY RHODES, MARTHA RIDDLE, LINDA RIDGELY, MIKE ROBBINS, STEVE ROSS, LARRY ROLAND, LINDA RUSH, WILLARD SANDERS, CHERYL SARTIN, GLENDA SCOTT, LONNIE SENN, JANIE SMITH, HAROLD £i.z iik 163 SHAGGS, STEVE SMITH, SHIRLEY SPENCER, DALE SPEN CER, DANNY STEED, SUSAN STEWART, EILEEN STINSON, MARY STINSON, SHELIA STOWE, JANE TAYLOR, EMILY TEAGUE, DOUG TICKLE, SAMMY TRAMMEL, NANCY TRUEX, BILL TURNER, TOMMY VAUGHAN, BETTY VICKERS, RANDY WALLACE, DIANNE WHITE, ANN WHITETREE, GREG 166 WHITSON, MILLIE WILKES, RONNIE WILKINS, CATHY WILLCUT, BRENDA ££ WILLIAMS, GARY WILLIAMSON, TERRY WILSON, JACK WOOD, DAN WORRELL, CAROL WORTHINGTON, CARL YANESSA, JUDY i4 iiiikiYi The end to a successful Freshman-sponsored party. 167 ' ■ ' ■: - v.. ,; ; ' ■- • ' " Vv:,; ;- ; ' v: , ' :,: -rf,. ' ;. n-r-,.- ■ ' i - V % ¥ i JhtmBr ' ttr .C ' i • ' , ' - ' r. A CAMPUS LIFE School Year Begins . . . " Where ' s the kitchen sink? " So I danced my way into a new pure life ... " ' You say your what broke? ' ' 170 " Why don ' t you come up and see me some time? " Convocation: Dr. Wright and SGA President welcome Dr. Boston. You call this fruit punch? " Freshmen Add Zest Linda Carver gets " Brownie " points. Jennie McMillin, Freshman Queen, adds charm to the campus. Freshman under scrutiny of Senior judges during Kangaroo Cour1 172 to Campus Life What we ' ve got plenty of . . . Spirit! Ta lent and Friend. and Pep Rally. More " spirits " at Freshman-sponsored party. Entertainment: Big, Bigger, Biggest " The Miracle Worker " - Shake it up baby! E ' ' . 1 wl ' - HT ■ " 1 1 H« JB K B ' !( ' " ' v ■ ' ' f 1 - i ' f- Five finalists await ordeal of questioning. Miss University Named at Pageant Linda Childress crowns Miss University, 1966. Jan Hanna says, " Unaccustomed as I am 173 First Winter " Step right up for the big show All wet! Let ' s hear it for freedom 176 Carnival a Success . . . Who was Who! Basketball Royalty on the Big Night. February Features the Girls . . . Fashion Plate— Jeannie McMillin Best Dressed Contestants: Cheryl Lloyd, Jane Matthews, Jennie McMillin, Patsy Patton, Carol Roberts, Sherry Rogers, Cecil Sampson, Betty Jane Vaughn, and Ann White. 178 ' Never Too Late ' ' . . . Moate and Jackson in spring play. PHESIDEMT OF SllA. Spring play leads — Stinson and Duesner. to Vote . . . Campaign signs plaster campus. ili) ' ' OERTTAl SGA Candidates in Review. 179 Spring Brings Love . . . A young man ' s fancy turns to love Leisure On the way to the coffee shop. A comfortable snooze on a warm spring afternoon. 180 Leaving . . . Symbols of Achievement Dr. Wright speaks at graduation. 181 ADVERTISEMENTS The Lexington Inn Where Students Get Todetli 1 %«. S3i ACKSON SPORTS FAN CLUB Presents All Union University Sports Play-by-Play With Dick Palmer and Jerry Thompson on WDXI RADIO THE MEMBERS OF THE 1966 SPORTS FAN CLUB ARE BASEBALL FOOTBALL BASKETBALL GOLF W D X I 1310 ON YOUR DIAL Standard Drug Company Sealtest Dairy Products w W. P. Dabney Furniture Jolly Cholly Bill ' s TV Appliances Stout ' s Pharmacy D Ernie Gray ' s Gulf Station Courtesy Motors, Inc. X T G and Y Store Frankland ' s Furniture and Appliances Sidney David Florist Downtowner Motor Inn I Kentucky Fried Chicken Motor Parts and Bearing Co. Roe ' s Petite Bakery Montgomery Ward and Co. Liberty Super Market Moore ' s Studio 1310 LucilleWestside Cleaners Bond Shoe Company ON Dudley ' s Esse Service Center Rainey Furniture Mr. Baxter Smith Vaughn David Cleaners YOUR Wells and Lassiter Dairy Bob ' s Drive-In Grocery DIAL Jackson Storm Door and Window Co. Ideal-Model Laundry Cleaners Pal Palmer Service Center Jackson Model Raceway Jackson Gas and Utility Dept. New Southern Hotel R. C. Cola and Company Wickes Lumber and Building Supply Center Holland ' s Dr. Pepper and Company Star Laundry and Jackson Cleaners Georgia ' s Restaurant The Hut Restaurant American Creosote Works Professional Uniform Shop Alexander Motors John E. Free, Painting Contractor Fabric Shop Jackson Insulation Company One Hour Martinizing Porter Paint Company National Bank of Commerce Mr. Milburn Jolly Middlebrooks Motors Mr. Homer Lassiter Jackson Packing Company Jackson Wholesale Jewelers Eli Witt Cigar Company George-Anna Motel and Restaurant S. M. Lawrence Company Mike Freeman and Son Insurance Deloach Carpet and Linoleum Co. Jackson Marble and Granite Works Stan ' s Mobile Homes Bob Allison Used Cars 185 CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Ma " Nearest To Campus " Compliments Of BROOK ' S STEAK HOUSE 45 South Jackson. Tennessee STEAKS: $1.50 and UP WESTOVER BAPTIST CHURCH Ralph Bray Pastor John Prince Minister of Youth and Music Jackson, Tennessee jackson floral company HIGHLAND PARK JACKSON, TENNESSEE 38303 National Bank of Commerce 3 Lobby and Tellers in Main Office Full-Time Service Member of F. D. I. C — Federal Reserve System Total Resources over $26,000,000 A. R. A. Automatic Retailers Association Slater ' s Food Service Serving Schools and Colleges Hospitals Industries Home Office: Atlanta, Georgia The magic taste of KELLY FOODS will steal your heart away! KELLY FOODS, Inc. Jackson, Tennes 87 v ' Compliments of DOTSON FLOOR CO. 1 [ HAMBURGERS K BURGER CHEF SYSTEMS, INC. Home of the World ' s Greatest I5« Hamburger !l Compliments of RAGLAND POTTER, INC. Jackson, Tennessee RESTAURANT 1334 Highland Avenue TELEPHONE 427-0331 Jackson. Tennessee IDEAL LAUNDRY CLEANERS RAY REAMS, Owner JACKSON. TENNESSEE Two Locations to Serve You: 533 E. Chester 397 S. Royal Ph. 427-3607 Ph. 427-4276 r - Baking Company 603 South Royal Street Post Office Box 1068 Jackson, Tennessee Take Your Shoe Repair to . . . SHORTY ' S SHOE SHOP " Across from the Lexington Inn " 143 Lexington Jackson, Tennessee For llic latest III ( aiiipus (Rothes for " Guys " or ' ' Dolls ' ' It ' s Holland ' s Fashion Headquarters for West Tennessee Compliments of STANDARD DRUGS Highland and Lafayette Complimerrl-s of FIVE POINTS MOBILGAS SERVICE STATION PHONE 427-1786 RAINEY FURNITURE CO., INC. 209 East Main Street PHONE 427-6441 AND 427-4843 Jackson, Tennessee ne t lew S outn ern Headquarters for All Your Social Activities and Civic Functions JACKSON HEALTH CLUB FOR MEN and SLENDERETTE FOR WOMEN COMPLETE PROGRAMS IN: Reducing Weight gaining Figure contouring Body building Hip reducing Bust building MAIN AT HIGHLAND 189 ox IlKestuu cint ' FOR OVER FORTY YEARS " JACKSON ' S BEST — We Specialize in Steaks and Seafood — 203 E. Main ' PHONE 427-8911 FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP 320 E. Lafayette JACKSON. TENNESSEE Iber Vs Jackson ' s Most Popular Fashion Store Footwear — Sportswear — Dresses OLBc h ooieri J 209 E. Lafayette Jackson, Tennessee THRASHER ' S CLOTH SHOP Church and Lafayette St. JACKSON, TENN. Piece Goods, Drapery, Upholstery ALL SEWING NEEDS Compliments of Church Street Where College Passes PHONE 427-5516 Jackson, Tenn. 190 HUDSON ' S RECORD SHOP ' Hear the world through stereophonic sound ' 308 E. Lafayette • Jackson, Tenn. PHONE 427-3891 BOONE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS ONE HOUR SERVICE 121 Lexington Ave. PHONE 427-9626 JACKSON ' S AMERICAN Service Station AMOCO PRODUCTS Phone 427-9976 Fo|.lar and I.amlnUh Jackson, Tennessee Compliments Of LANIER FUNERAL HOME Jackson, Tennessee William Lanier, Class of 1933 455 East Chester • Jackson, Tennessee PHONE 422-3816 INSURANCE • Farmer ' s Liability • Auto NORMAN G. JONES • Hr General Agent • Life • Polio LAy DRY JACKSON CLEANERS ONE OF THE SOUTH ' S FINEST LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING PLANTS APPROVED SANITONE JACKSON, TENNESSEE PHONE 427-8557 Announcing . . . 1 J LAYCOOK PRINTING CO. CLIFF JOHNSON SERVICE STATION ■ " The Best Equipped Small Sinclair Products Printing Plant in the South " 215 N. Royal Phone 427-8361 .. TELEPHONE 422-3466 Church St. S. of Chester Jackson, Tenn. Jackson, Tennessee PHONE 427-4496 Radio Equipped Delivery Service 9 Major Cosmetic Lines For the Best in Prescription Service HAYS AVENUE REXALL PHARMACY 3 Blocks from Union. North on Hayes Free Delivery to Campus Greeting Cards and Russell Stover and Pangburn Candy today ' s busy people . . . . . . take to more-than-refreshing Dr Pepper. It ' s different . . . a happy, harmonious blend of deep fruit flavors. Goes every- where, tastes great, and Dr Pepper has a built-in energy lift. That ' s why today ' s busy people like it. Have a Dr Pepper . . . today. WuUmj , omfiMJ tL Z 7 2 192 PARK LAUNDRY CLEANERS One Hour Service Drive In Windows at Union See: Don Johnson Ph me 422-1515 23 " W. Main WALLICK MUSIC COMPANY Kimbel Pianos and Organs BAND INSTRUMENTS King Fender and Gibson Guitars Selmer Holton Band Music Sheet Music and Teachers ' Supplies 217 E. Coliese 427-4226 Your Complete Building Material Merchant Since 1889 FIVE POINTS LUMBER CO. College at Royal Jackson, Tenn. HOLLYWOOD SHOPPING CENTER Pbone 422-5881 Open 9 to 9 Men. thru Fri.; Sat. 9-6 is -SHOES 213 E. LAFAYETTE PHONE 427-1796 193 WEST JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH Warmly welcomes students . . . ' The Prayer-Conditioned Church ' Dr. David Q. Byrd, Pastor Compliments Of Jack H. Randolph, Class of ' 30 RANDOLPH ' S NURSERY Best Wishes MALCO LANES Special Student Rates Brownsville Hwy. Jackson, Tennessee Royal Crown Cola JOLLY CHOLLY DRIVE IN and fm " " " ® ° ' TAKE OUT ll {j| Is South ' s Best Barbecue 1 Fresh Cola 422 Hollywood Jackson, Tennessee For Those who think young, it ' s 0 PEPSI-COLA In Bottles Compliments Of GEORGPS GREENHOUSE Jackson, Tennessee Best Wishes To The Class of ' 66 CONSOLIDATED ALUMINUM CORPORATION JACKSON. TENNESSEE A Primary Producer of Aluminum THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK JACKSON, TENNESSEE FIRST NATIONAL BANK MAIN OFFICE, Main at Market MIDTOWN BRANCH, West Main Street MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION FEDERAL RESERVE CORPORATION 195 PIT BAR-B-Q CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS IIICHI AND PARK TRUEX JSZZJHjSF CHEVYLAND ON HIGHWAY 45-SOUTH Jackson ' s Largest Automotive Center ONE of the South ' s FINEST STEGALL SHOE CO. INN. Liberty PHONE 427-1126 Jackson, Tennessee Jarman Shoes for Men " Home of Bass Weejuns " JACKSON CLEAN LINEN SERVICE Supplies Rented - bed linen and towels to college students at Union University 109 Highland 427-44 Attend Services at the NORTH JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH Lewis H. Lynch Pastor Raymond Richerson Minister of Music things go better,! Coke 196 C llte K le e a tier 6 SINCE 1912 ' Service That Satisfies " Free Pick-up and Delivery PHONE 427-3546 Laundry and Dry Cleaning ONE-HOUR SERVICE On College a+ Five Points e yiXrxArtrytt ' crs " V For Famous Brands Compliments Of LIBERTY SUPERMARKET 206 N. Rciyal Jacksdii, Tennessee (A5urnieu J Slower hop Baltimore Street " Next to the Maico " ' Offering the Best in Flowers and Service ' ALWAYS WELCOME AT CHARLIE ' S DAY: 427-5541 NIGHT: 427-7177 Jackson ' s Leading Shoe Store 109 E. Main Street Jackson, Tennessee JEWEL BEAUTY SHOP 217 1 2 Liberty JACKSON BEAUTY ACADEMY 212 Baltimore St. 197 MOORE STUDIO Owned and Operated by DEVON DOOLEY A Studio of Distinction Offering Always the Latest and Best Achievements of 215 N. Liberty Photographic Art Phone 427-1296 JACKSON, TENNESSEE »K(Mtl»H)f ' ' iitf!MlilHlij!L!!?fc_iij ' jr " " " |g " !i " Si THUNDERBIRD MOTEL U.S. 45-S, 5 Min. from Downtown Jackson, Tenn. Swimming pool — TV in every room — guest controlled room temperature — Restaurant — 198 r? FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH A Friendly Church A Spiritual Church A Growing Church Compliments of JACKSON, TENNESSEE PINKSTON SCRUGGS REXALL DRUG STORE Prescriptions — Drugs Sundries — Toiletries PHONE 427-4453 117 NORTH LIBERTY ST. JACKSON, TENN. DRY CLEANING One HOUR fhemojtin nine 250 West Main Street JACKSON. TENNESSEE 422-3061 -ONE-HOUR CLEANING- -NO EXTRA CHARGE - Shirt Service Our Specialty 199 ■ N Fre d Harry JOHNSEY ' S SPORTING GOODS Complete Line of Sporting Goods 443 N. Royal JACKSON, TENNESSEE " It Pays to Play " WILSON-GEYER COMPANY ART SUPPLIES PICTURE FRAMING GLASS and MIRRORS Washable Wall Papers Hanna Paint Products 455 E. MAIN PHONE 427-2618 MODES, Inc. Furniture and Appliances 422-4891 Jackson, Tennessee Compliments of McGEE-ROSS IN DOWNTOVi N JACKSON PHONE 427-3306 HARDWARE - HOUSEWARES - GIFTS MCCALL HUGHES CLO. CO. 427-1811 107 E. Main Street Jackson. Tenn. Clothing: Shirts: • Timely Erno » Varsity Town Jayson 200 • Hyde Park Walter Knowles- Compliments Of LIBERTY SUPERMARKET 92 INC. 206 N. Royal Jackson. Tennessee _ Show Your Appreciatic to Our Advertisers 1966 By Patronizing r rhem 201 Senior Activities Varied . . . ALVEY, LARRY V.- Basketball, 4 years, Co-Captain 2 years; " U " Club, 4 years, President; Adams Hall, President. ANDERSON, ELIZABETH. ASHMORE, CAROL- Business Club; SNEA: Dorm Council, Vice- President; Student Council. BALDAUFF, KENNETH -U. U. Chorus; Ministerial Association; Honors Program (Pauline Epistles). BECTON, DANNY R. BOND, WILLIAM MIKE BOONE, ANNIE BOREN, DON -Alpha Tau Omega, WKA; Tennis Team, 4 years; Band, 4 years; Brass Choir; History Club; LEST WE FORGET, Sports Editor. BOSTON, NED -Alpha Tau Omega, House Manager and WKE; U.U. Singers; Business Club. BREEDEN, ELIZABETH ANN - See " Who ' s Who " Section. BRUCE, JOE- BSU, Executive Council; Ministerial Assoc. CLAY, DAVID E. DANIEL, CARLIE WAYNE - Business Club. DARBY, LARRY E.- Business Club; Prince-Davis Science Club; BSU: Baseball; Intramurals. DAVIS, THOMAS JERRY -Transferred from Southwestern College in Oklahoma as a junior; Spanish Club; Vice-President of Senior Class. DIXON, JO-Zeta Tau Alpha; SNEA; Dorm Council; Intramurals; Linguae Mundi Club. DYER, JOAN-Zeta Tau Alpha, Best Pledge, Ritual Chairman; Spanish Club; Footlights Club; YWA, Mission Study Chairman; Life Service Band; Sophomore Class Play; Chorus; BSU, Summer Missionary. ELINOR, WILLIAM D. ELSTON, ERNEST W. JR. -Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Mu Alpha. EMERSON, J. R. - Rutledge History Club; Baseball; SNEA. ERVIN, LOUGENIA FAGERBERG, SEIGFRED- Alpha Tau Omega; Vice-President Junior Class; Escort to Mr. and Miss Union; Escort to Home- coming Court: Intramurals; Chorus; BSU; Prince-Davis Science Club; SNEA; Adams Hall, Head Monitor. FOSTER, LEN EVERETT- Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer, Parlia- mentarian, House Manager; BSU; Intramurals. FOUST, JERRY - Ministerial Association, Treasurer. GARDNER, KAY - See " Who ' s Who " Section. GARNER, BARBARA GEVEDEN.JEAN GLISSON, ANN -Business Club; WYA; SNEA; Chorus. GOFF, WILMA KAYE - SNEA; Linguae Mundi. GOLMON, ROBERT-BSU. GRAHAM, SALLIE - See " Who ' s Who " Section. H AMMILL, MILDRED - See " Who ' s Who " Section. HAMMONS,JOE HARDCASTLE, ALICE HARRELL, HELEN -U.U. Chorus; SNh,A; YWA; Student Govern- ment Association; Lovelace Hall, Vice-President; Linguae Mundi; U.U. Singers; Intramurals; Dormitory Counselor. HARTLEY, RAYMOND -Rutledge History Club; Ministerial Association. HASTINGS, GLENDA-Mallory Math Club; Prince-Davis Science Club; Kappa Mu Epsilon, President; SNEA, Treasurer; BSU; YWA; Dorm Council. HEDSPETH, CHARLES HENRY, WILLIAM HILLIARD, BAYLON- Ministerial Association, Program Chairman; BSU, Vice-President, Freshman Council, Publicity Chairman; Chaplain of Sophomore Class. HOLLINGSHEAD, ROBERT- U.U, Symphonic Band; U.U. Chorus; U.U. Singers; BSU; Revival Teams; SNEA. HOLLOWELL, JAN -SNEA; Prince-Davis Science Club; Dorm Council HOLT, LINDA- Chi Omega; Inter-fraternity Council; SNEA; U.U. Chorus; Dorm Council. HOUSE, KAY HUSSEY, KERRY BALL- ' YWA, Song Leader, Dorm Council; Life Service Band; SNEA; Dean ' s List, Spring Semester, 1965; Girls ' PEClub. ISHEE, CHARLES -See " Who ' s Who " Section. JACOBS, WILLIAM -Ministerial Association; Contributor to The Torch. JAGGERS, RONALD JERNIGAN, CAROLYN - See " Who ' s Who " Section. JETT, PHILIP JOINER, ALICE JONES, TOMMY MORRIS JOYNER, TERRY MACK - Ministerial Association. KEENEY, JERRY -Ministerial Association; Rutledge History Club, Program Chairman; Nestor Club. KNIPPER, ADRIAN -Ministerial Association. LAWRENCE, CAROL- See " ' Who ' s Who " Section. LAWS, ELAINE - P.E. Club; Business Club; BSU. LAYMAN, JOE SCOTT LITTLE, STANLEY -Basketball; Baseball, All Conference. 2 years; SNEA. LOWREY, C. C- Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chaplain, 2 vears; Lettered in Track, 2 years; " U " Club; SNEA. MCMILLIN, BUDDY -Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer, Pledge Edu- cator, President; President of Sophomore Class; President of Junior Class; President of Senior Class; Escort of Mr. and Miss Union; LEST WE FORGET. Sports Editor; Mallory Math Club; Kappa Mu Eosilon, 2 years; SNEA. MOSER, MALCOLM MANION, ALICE -BSU, Enlistment Committee; U.U. Chorus; Library Staff; Life Service Band; YWA, Secretary; Dorm Coun- cil, 2 years; Vice-President; Student Council. MOSS, JERRY MATTHEWS. BRENDA - See " Who ' s Who " Section. MAYHEW. DIANE - See " Who ' s Who " Section. MICHIE. ROBERT -See " Who ' s Who " Section. MONTGOMERY. MELBA-Chi Omega, Lodge Manager, Treasurer; Business Club, Secretary, Vice-President, 3 years; Dorm Coun- cil; BSU. MOORE, JAMES 202 MYRACLE, ALICE -SNEA; Mallory Math Club, 2 years; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Treasurer; Staffof LEST WE FORGET, 2 yeai-s MYRACLE, RICHARD - See " Who ' s Who " Section. MYRACLE, SANDRA K.-SNEA; Mallory Math Club; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Historian; Staff of LEST WE FORGET, 2 years; Dorm Council. NATION, FRANK H. NUNNERY, SARAH -BSU, Freshman Council, Enlistment Chair- man, Secretary; YWA; U.U. Chorus; Library Staff; Senior Class Treasurer; SNEA. OSBORNE, LORENE M -Transfer from Belleville Junior College and William Jewell College; Chorus. OWENS, A. SAMUEL PEARCE, BILLY W.-Life Service Band, President; Ministerial Association, Secretary, Chaplain, President. PICKENS, JOE L. POTTER, DAVID - Sigma Alpha Epsilon, POUNDS, WILLIAM S. PRICE, JESSE M.- Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer, 2 years; Intramurals; U.U. Band, 4 years. Student Leader, ' 65-66; U.U. Chorus; U.U. Singers; Brass Choir; Student Council Repre- sentative; Vice-President, Sophomore Class; Vice-President, Ellis Hall; Tennis Team; State Band, 4 years. PRUETT, EMILY T. RAMOS, ELIAS A. - Transfer from University of South Carolina; BSU. RANE Y, HARRY - See " Who ' s Who " Section. WALKER, LAWRENCE D. WALKER, MARILYN WALLACE, SHERRY K - See " Who ' s Who " Section. WEICHAND, ROY D.- Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Trainer, Intra- mural Representative; U.U. Chorus; U.U. Band; Baseball; U. Club; BSU. WILSON, TOM -Ministerial Association; Rutledge History Club; Chaplain Senior Class; Ministerial Association Vice-President. WINFIELD, MARY LOUISE - See " Who ' s Who " Section. WOLFE, JAMES A. -Transfer from Freed-Hardeman Junior Col- lege; Symphonic Band; Brass Choir, Stage Band. WOMACK, W. ROBERT WOODERSON, MARY LOU -Transfer from Hannibal La Grange College; BSU; YWA. WRIGHT, EVERETTE - See " Who ' s Who " Section. WRIGHT, FAULT. WRIGHT, MARY LOUISE - See " Who ' s Who " Section. WUERPEL, LILLA ELIZABETH SPECIALS ANDERSON, MARY GAYLE - See " Who ' s Who " Section. AZBILL, BRENDA - Chi Omega; Chorus; BSU; Business Club. BAKER, RONALD BOLTON, HAROLD Future Brings Challenge . . . REID, LINDA ANN - Chorus; SNEA; Business Club. REID, SARA ELLEN-Chi Omega, Secretary; BSU; Dorm Council, Secretary; Footlights Club; U.U. Chorus; SNEA. RICHE Y, WILLIAM JEFF - See " Who ' s Who " Section. RICHMAN, BRENDA F.-U.U. Chorus; YWA; SNEA; Dorm Council. RIGGS, WILKY L. ROBBINS, GERALD ROSE, JUDY CARR ROWLAND, BETTY -U.U. Chorus; YWA; SNEA; Dorm Council. SHREVE, GLORIA -Sigma Alpha Iota, Chaplain, Sergeant-at- Arms; U.U. Singers; U.U. Band; Allegro Club; Dean ' s List; Woodwind Ensemble. SMITH, SHELTONL. STALLINGS, JERRY STREET, ROBERT A. - Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Class, Treasurer, House Manager. Secretary, Parliamentarian; BSU; Life Service Band; Chorus; Ministerial Association. STRICKLIN, CAROL ANN -Rutledge History Club. Secretary; SNEA; Chorus; BSU. SUMMERS, JAMES E. THOMAS, DERA ANN TOWATER, GLEN H.- Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chaplain, Assistant Treasurer, Minerva Club Representative; Business Club; Chorus; Intramurals; BSU. VARNELL, JOSEPH B. - Linguae Mundi Club. BOYER, WILLIAM GOLMON, ANGELYN HARRIS, ROY LEON KEMPER, FRANKLIN MEDLOCK, JOYCE ANN -BSU; Crook Hall, Secretary; YWA, Vice- President; Program Chairman, President; Sigma Alpha Iota; Library Staff. MURRAY, JUDITH PEGRAM, JOHN THOMAS -Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Corresponding Secretary, Pledge Trainer and Chronicler; Business Club, Report- er and President; Basketball; Baseball; Sports, Publicity Director. PITT, PHILLIP REID, RONALD -Alpha Tau Omega, Assistant Treasurer; BSU; Cross Country Team; Golf Team; Footlights Club. SHAMBAUGH, GLORIA SYKES, ELEANOR -Transfer from University of South Florida; SNEA; Chorus; YWA; BSU; Dorm Council. THOMAS, VERA THOMPSON, GLENDA- Lambda Chi Crescent Girl, 1962; SNEA; BSU. WHITLOW, JUDITH WOLFE, REBECCA YOUNG, WENDELL LEE 203 The days have passed. We have experienced much. LEST WE FORGET 1966 has become a reality. Within the covers of this book is contained a record of our days as coUegiates. We, as students, have welded new friendships. We have gained new insights. We have established patterns for the future. Since the publication of the first LEST WE FORGET in 1904, forty-nine volumes have been placed on the shelves of University history. Ours, the fiftieth volume, will take its rightful place among its predecessors — reflective of golden moments of a golden year. Expanded in concept, contemporary in design and approach, the 1966 LEST WE FORGET stands alone. Now as then, echoing down the halls of time the words of Rudyard Kipling yet resound: " The tumult and the shouting dies — The Captains and the Kings depart — Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice. An humble and a contrite heart. Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet. Lest we forget — lest we forget! " THE EDITORS 204 205 ) tSt !,lH ' g»l,|gftW " »iM. I

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