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mn Wmmm : ' |li| itiiii iiiii Hi mmi iiliiiliil ill ' mwimK m mh (ff! ' Illliiiiff li.i Suirimar Llbrsry Union UmversLty Jackson, Tetii esfiee LEST FORGET No one can deny the effect of the ancient Greeks on our hves, nor the important role of the so-called classic studies on education. With these two thoughts in mind and with the need of a unifying agent and an art motif, a " Greek " theme was incorporated into this book. So here and there, you will find columns, statues, Greek symbols, and Greek people walking around — casual reminders of a people who still live, in part, in us. It is hoped that they are causal, though, and especially, not burdening to you; for this is not a book about Greeks, but a book about you and your college. A small number of you made this book possible. I would be re- miss if I did not emphatically acknowledge the hard work and co-opera- tion of my staff — particularly my Associate Editor. You should thank them for their honest endeavors. With these few thoughts in mind we, the Lest We Forget Staff of 1961, submit this book to you with the hope that you will sincerely con- sider it your yearbook. Jim Bateman, Editor LEST WE FORGET STAFF Editor Jim Bateman Associate Editor Mary Ann Baker Photography Editor J. L. Whitten Art Editor Tully Daniel Staff Joyce Smith, Bill Pounds, Betty Baker Literary Editor Nancy Ward Staff Linda Wheat Class Sections Editor Patsy Hutson Sports Editors Kay Hanebuth, Tommy Barnes Business Manager Gerald Dame Photographers J. L. Whitten, Bill Ellis, Burnett Sasseen Sponsor Mrs. Jessie Smith ' 2 ■ »§ 3 DEDICATION When one thinks of the hfe of the Greeks, he immediately reahzes that it embodies many different areas. The em- phasis on athletics, religion, philosophy, and higher learning has kept the Greek culture in the eye of humanity for cen- turies. This theme has been chosen for the ' 61 yearbook; therefore, it should be dedicated to someone who reflects these ideas. Such a man is Dr. Charles Taylor. Dr. Taylor ' s enthusiasm for athletics has expressed itself in many ways. In every phase of Union ' s athletic program he has shown himself willing and able to assist in making Union well known. Whether he is coaching the tennis, golf, or cross-country team or keeping the records for track and basketball, his moral support is always evident. As head of the Athletic Committee, he scouts for new prospects for the coming year. As head of the Religion Department, Dr. Taylor ' s teaching has exemplified itself in the classroom and in his own philosophy of life. His sincerity in and knowledge of his field matter have created a desire among his pupils to learn and to apply the principles by which he lives day in and day out. Some students know well his qualifications as a counselor for personal as well as aca- demic problems. Others have worked with him in the Baptist Student Union and the Ministerial Associat ion. The en- tire student body knows him for his friendly smile and greeting as they pass him on campus. In addition to his many accomplishments here at Union, the ver- satile Dr. Taylor has been pastor of the Ararat Baptist Church for the past five years. For these reasons, we, the staff of the 1960- ' 6l Lest We Forget, sincerely dedi- cate this edition to Dr. Charles Taylor in appreciation of his many contributions to the spirit of Union. 4| 4 § • DR. CHARLES TAYLOR " « 5 § IPRIESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Greek culture has contributed so much to the areas of learning found in the American college of arts and sciences that it is eminently fitting that the year- book of our college be a symbol of Greek influence. The staff deserves com- mendation for their ingenuity in making this selection. For twenty-five centuries the elements of Greek literature, art, music, science, dramatics, sports and principles of gov- ernment have been woven into Western civilization. From Homer ' s " Iliad " to contemporary writers; from Phidias ' statue of Athena to modern sculpture; from the sports of old Athens, the birth- place of the Olympics, to the track and field of the 20th century universities; from " Plato ' s Republic " to " Goals for America " ; and from the " Golden Age of Pericles " to the democracy of our day, we observe unmistakable similarities. Lest we forget the identity of our rich heritage; the impact of cultural influ- ences of ancestor nations; and the ties of college experiences and friendships, let us read often — Lest We Forget. Best wishes to every reader. Sincerely, Warren F. Jones, President s-5 6 • DR. WARREN F. JONES «s| 7 TABLE OF CONTENTS Section Page Administration 9 Staff 12 Faculty 14 Seniors 18 Juniors 31 Sophomores 4l Freshmen 53 Honors 69 Organizations 96 Greeks 98 Academic Clubs 11 1 Dramatics 122 Music 126 Publications 130 Student Government 132 Religion .134 Sports 139 Campus Life 156 Advertisements 167 ADMINISTRATION DR. F. E, WRIGHT Academic Dea i a)id Dean of Ale i DR. H. H. BOSTON Vice-President ' 10 a ' g ' " MR. FRANK M. BLYTHE Business Ahinager MRS. GLADYS STONE Registrar and Dean of Women MISS RUTH GIBBONS Librarian nrAiFiF JERRY PENICK Acting Public Rel.ilioiis Director WILLIE MARGARET JOHNSON JESSIE GUY GEE BurSM- MABEL K. WARD Assist.mt Libr.iri.iii ANNE S. TAYLOR Assist.mt Registrar EVELYN DAVIS Assistant Dietician JESSIE S. SMITH Assistant Bursar O. D. STONE Manager, Bookstore LAURA WINSLOW Secretary to President Not pictured: J. FRANKLIN RAY, Audio-] ' isu.d Educ.ttion PEGGY BRIGGS, Typist, Libr.iry .3 12 6 nrAFF ELOUISE GRAVES Secretary lo De.m SARAH BAXTER Secretary to Dean of Women ADRIENNE H. DAVIS Bookkeeper DORIS W. GEE Switchboard Operator JEAN DANIEL Faculty Secretary PATTY HERRINGTON Accompanist, Music Dept. LENA ROGERS Hostess, Crook Hall KATIE STEWART Hostess, Jones Hall Not pictured: Elise Caldwell, Hostess, Crook Hall; Lucille Baker, Assistant Hostess, Jones Hall; James A. Stratton, Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds. • 13 e " RALPH T. DONNELL Chairman, Division of Natural Science Head of Department of Mathematics A.B., Cumberland University LL.B,, Cumberland University M.A., Vanderbilt University Additional Graduate Work, University of Tennessee JOHN HUGHES Chairman, Division of Fine Arts Head of Department of Music and Art A.B., Southwestern, M.S., JuUiard. Ch.M., American Guild of Organists. Ph.D., Florida State University. Organ Pupil of W. Townsend. Plymouth, England. Organ Pupil of Marcel Dupre, Paris, France. Additional Work in harmony Cons Olo Mes vatory, Paris, Fr; R. H. WARD Chairman, Division of Social Sciences Head, Department of History A. P.., Carson-Newman College M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers Ph.D., George Peabody College for Teachers Study at New Orleans Seminary and Southern Seminary Post-doctoral study. University of North Carolina WILLIS H. KIMZEY, JR. Chairman, Division of Humanities Associate Professor of Religion B.A., Mercer University B.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Th.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary WU-CHIEH CHENG Head of Department of Chemistry B.S., St. John ' s University, Shanghai, China M.S., Kansas State Universit; Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology JOHN V. MYERS Head of Department of Languages n.A., M.A., Ph.D. Wake Forest College Syracuse University University of North JACK L. RUSSELL Director of Athletics B.S., Oglethorpe University M.S.P.E., Purdue University Additional study. University of CHARLES D. TAYLOR Head of Department of Religion and Philosophy A.i;., Unii Un versity B.D., Southern Baptist TheoloEtical Seminary Th.U., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 1 ALLAN F. ARCHER Head of Department of Biology A.B., Harvard University M.A., University of Michigan Ph.D., University of Michigan Additional study, Yale Univers- ity and Cornell University ROBERT H. GAUGH Acting Head of Department of English B.A., Union University M.A., Vanderbilt University Graduate work. University of North Carolina and University of Texas X 14 § ; «i FACULTY WILLIAM E. CALLAHAN Assis anI Professor of Religion A.n., Florence State College B.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Th.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary WALTER H. KRUSCHWITZ Head, Department of Physics, Professor of Mathematics A.B.. Ta ylor University M.A., Vanderbilt University Additional Graduate Work. Van- derbilt University and University of Washington Ph.D., University of Michigan WILLIAM G. DANIEL Instructor, Mathematics B.S.. Arkansas State Teacher, College Additional Graduate Work, University of Tennessee ELISABETH JARRELL FOSSEY Associate Professor of Music I ' . I., American Conservatory of Music, Chicago, Illinois M.M., American Conservatory of Music, Chicago, Illinois FREDERIC LUBRANI Associate Professor of Music B.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music B.S., University of Cincinnati M.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Work completed for D. Music Kd., Columbia JOSEPH H. BLASS Instructor, Voice and Sacred Music A.V... University of Alabam: M.S.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ROSS REID Instructor of Music Theory and Piano B.M., Northwestern University M.M., Northwestern University WARNER HUTCHISON Assistant Professor of Theory and Instrumental Music B.S.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary M. JMus., North Texas State College DIXIE JONES Professor of Education and Director of Guidance A.B., Dlue Mountain College M.A., George Peabody College Ph.D., George Peabody College JAMES A. PATE Acting Head of Departments of Education and Psychology B.S., Howard College A.B., University of Alabama M.A., University of Alabama Ed.D., University of Alabama « 15 V FACULTY J. FOSTER ELDREDGE Asiist.int Professor of Foreign Language SPURGEON F. BOYD Associate Professor of Biology B.S., Carson-Newman College M.A., George Peabody College Additional Graduate Work at University of Georgia, A ' ander- bilt, Peabody. and University of Oregon ERNEST G. MUNTZ Professor of Social Science B.A., Wheaton College Ph.D., The University of Rochester JOHN R. BARBER Instructor of Social Sitidies ROSA D. RUTLEDGE Assistant Professor of History and Geography B.S.. Union University M.A.. George Peabody College Graduate Work at University of Wisconsin ALVIN L. ALLEN Associate Professor of An B.S., Louisiana State University M.A.. Louisiana State University Additional study at Stanford University, University of Arizona and University of Colorado OLEN BRYANT Assistant Professor of Art B.S., Murray State College W.F.A., Cranbrook Academv of Art Additior.al Work at Cleveland Institute of Art HELEN S. BLYTHE Assistant Professor of English A.B., University of Oklahoma M.A.. George Peabody College MARION CROCKER Assistant Professor of English B.A,, Limestone College M.R.E., Woman ' s Missionary Training School JLA., George Peabody College MARJORIE MUNTZ Instructor of English A.B., Wheaton College Additional Work. Blue Mountain College, and University of Rochester ■ 16 FACULTY l-LORA PRINCE AssislMtt Professor of English B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute jr. A., Alabama Polytechnic Institute ir.R.E.. Carver School of Jlissions and Social Work ELIZABETH BRELAND LOYD Assist.!)! Professor of Speech A.B., Union University 11. A., Memphis State University Additional Work, Curry College, Alviene University of Theater, American Academy of Dramatic Art, Columbia University, Uni- versity of Tetniessee JOHN T. BUSS Acthig He.id of DepartJ?ient of Business and Eco wmh ' s B.S., Arkansas State College I.B.A., University of Arkansas Additional Graduate Work, University of Arkansas Study at Industrial Institute of " cs. Kaiserslautern, Germany NELL ADAMS LaFON histruclor of Business Ed u cat: oil B.S., Memphis State M.A., George Peabody College SHERMAN W. McCORD Instructor of Business Administration JOHN ROSE Instructor of Physical Education ork, George Peabody College JOSEPHINE F. COOK Assistant Professor of Home Economics B.S., Colorado State University M.A., Jlichigan State University GRACE WILLIAMS Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., Alabama College RI.A., Peabody College Additional Work, Northwestern University Not Pictured: Louis Snellgrove, Professor of Psychology; Beverly Striplin, AssistMtt Professor of Biology; Ernest Dike, Engineering; Mrs. Lubrani, Music; Margaret Roberson, Music; James Roberson, Music; Francis Wolf, Instructor, Stringed Instruments; Sylvia Hills, Personality Development. ■ s| 17 inn II CLA F y CLASS O Standing, left to right: Max Walker, Chaplain; Malcolm Tipton, Vice-Presi- dent; Allen Tinker, President; Pat Andrews, Secretary-Treasurer; Bob Highfill, Student Council Representative. - § 20 JAMES C. ALLCOCK, JR., B.M. Melbei; Ketitucky B.S.U. ' 57- ' Cl, Choir Director ' 59- ' 60, Revival Team Chairman ' 60- ' 61; Life Service Band ' 57- ' 60; Alpha Tail Omega ' S7. ' 61, Music Chairman; Allegro Club ' 57- ' 61, Vice-President ' 58, Presi- dent ' 59- ' 60; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia ' 59- ' 61, Historian; Spring Plays ' 57; Dorm Council ' 59- ' 60; Band ' 57- ' 61; Chorus ' 58- ' 61; Library Staff ' 57- ' 59; Litramural Rep. ' 59- ' 60. PATRICIA ANN ANDREWS, B.S. Memphis, Tennessee Escort to Mr. and Miss Union ' 58; Most Popular ' 59; Campus Favorite ' 58, ' 59; Miss Union ' 61; A.T.O. Sweetheart ' 59; B.S.U. ' 59. Social Chairman; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 60; Science Club ' 57- ' 60, Program Chairman ' 59, President ' 60; Senior Class Sec- retary. KENNETH LEE ARNOLD, B.S. Dyersbuig, Tennessee Baskethall ' 57- ' 61; Track ' S7- ' 61; Student Council ■57- ' 59; Dorm Monitor ' 59- ' 60; U Clul). BONNIE LUCILLE BAKER, B.A. Jjckson, Tennessee B.S.U.; Chi Omega ' 58- ' 61, Herald ' 59, Social Chairman ' 61; Interfraternity Council ' 61; Spanish CInb ' 5S- ' 60; Footlights ' 60- ' 61; Home Ec. Chib ' 61; N.E.A. ' 60- ' 61; Class Play ' 59; Freshman and Sophomore Class Secretary; Traveling Chorus ' 59. LINDA ROSEMARY BALTZELL, B.S. W iishing on, D.C. 1 to Baskethall Court ' 59- First alternate to Miss ■ersity ' 59; Senior Escort to Miss Union ' 61; Cheerleader ' 59- ' 61; Freshman Court Maid ' 58; Chi Omega ' 58- ' 61, Social Chair- man ' 60, Pledge Mistress ' 61; Footlights ' 59- ' 61; N.E.A. ' 61; Girls P. E. Club, President ' 60- ' 61; Sophomore and Senior Class Plays. JOHN THOMAS BARNES. B.S. Humboldt, Tennessee S:gma Alpha Epsilon ' 57- ' 61, E.R., E.W., Scholarship Chair- man, E.D.A.; Interfraternity Council, Vice-President ' 61; Science Club ' 57- ' 61; N.E.A. ' 59-60; Class Play ' 61; Lest 11 V Forget Staff ' 61; Library Staff PEGGY JANICE BOREN, B.A. Jjckson, Tennessee Delegate to Little U.N. ' 60; B.S. . ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 61; ' 57- ' 61, Recommen- rnian. Rush Chair- man ' 61; Owen Law Club, Sec- retary ' 60; Interfraternity Coun- cil, ' Treasurer; History Club ' 57- ' 61, Secretary ' 60. Vice-President ' 61; Spanish Club ' 57- ' 59; Foot- lights ' 58- ' 60; N.E.A. ' 57; Class Plays ' 59- ' 60; Spring Play ' 60; Cardinal and Cream, Society and Political Editor; Chorus ' 5 ' 7- ' 60. GEORGE WAYNE BROWN, B.S. Union City, Tennessee Nestor Club ' 61; A.T.O. ' 57- ' 59, Chaiilain ' 60, • ' 61; Interfrater- ' 59- ' 61, President lib ' 57- ' 60; Alpha S9- ' 61; Footlights rer ' 58, Vice-Presi- dent ' 59; Class Plays ' 57- ' 60; Freshman Class Speaker; Treas- urer, Freshman Class; Vice-Presi- dent. Sophomore Class; Presi- dent, Senior Class; Student Government ' 59- ' 61, President ' 61; Cardinal and Cream Staff ' 57- 53; Lest We Forget, Editor ' 60; 21 SARAH JEAN BUTLER, B.S. ]ackso)i, Tennessee Transfer from Relmont CoIleRe; B.S.U. ' 58- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 5S- ' 60; N.E.A. ' (iO- ' ei; Girls ' P.E. Chib ' 58- ' 61. DARRELL KEITH CHILCUTT, B.S. Biich.iihtn, Tennessee N.E.A. ' 59- ' 61; U Club Basketljall ' 57- ' 61; Cross Countrv . , ■ " " " k ' 59-60; Dorm Council ' 00- ' 61. DIXIE LEE CLAMPITT, B..A. Jackson, Tennessee Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 58- ' 61, President ' 58, Secretary ' 59; Hypatia ' 60- ' 61, Secretary ' 61; Spanish Club ' 5S- ' 59. JAMES CARL COUCH, B.S Jackson, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 55- ' 60; Sigma AIpli Epsilon, Warden ' 57: Busim Club ' 57- ' 58; Science Club ' 56 ROBERT ARTHUR CUMMINGS, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee GERALD B. DAME, B.S. Chaffee, Missouri Alpha Tau Omesa ' 57- ' 6I; Busi- ness Club ' 58- ' 61, Vice-President ' 61; Lest U ' c Forget ' 59- ' 61, Business Manager; Band ' 57- ' 61. Manager and Librarian S7 and CAROLYN SUE DAVIS, B.A. Yorkiille, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 61, Publicity Chairman ' 60; Life Service Band ' 60- ' 61; B.S.U. Choir ' 59- ' 61; Business Club ' 61; N.E.A. ' 61; Lingiiae Mundi ' 61, Greek Representative; Chorus ' 57- ' 61; Spring Play ' 60. LEALICE BISHOP DEHONEY, B.A. Jackson, Tennessee «» 22 BARBARA JANE DERRYBERRY, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee n.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' S7- ' 59 Chi Ometra ' 57- ' 01, Reporter ' 61 Science Club ' 57- ' 61; N.E.A. ' 61 Chorus ' 58- ' S9. ROBERT FORD DILLS, B.M. Dyersburg, Tennessee nsfer from Belmont College ; ; Service Band ' 54. ' 56; Alpha I Omega ' 57: Allegro Club Band ' 57; Chorus ' 54- ' 57. ELIZABETH ANN DUGARD, B.A. . Saltillo, Mississippi Transfer from Itawamba Junior College; B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61 ; Y.W.A. ' 60- ' 61; Spanish Club ' 59- ' 61, Reporter ' 60; Footlights ' 60- ' 61 ; N.E.A, ' 60- ' 61; Spring Play ' 61; Dorm Council ' 61. BENITA KAY DUNAGAN, B.S. Yorkville, Tennessee Maid to Miss Union ' 59; Who ' s Who ' 61; Freshman Cheerleadci ' 58; B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57 ' 61; Hypatia, alternate ' 59 member ' 60; Z.T.A. ' 57- ' 61 Activities Chairman ' 59, Presi dent ' 60; Seminar; Interfrater nity Council, President ' 60 Associate justice ' CO, Dorn ' Council ' S9- ' 61, President ' 61 Lest JVc Forget ' 58. MARION ANITA ELLIS, B.A. Ai irfrecsboro, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha ' 57- ' 61, Histo- rian-Reporter ' 59, ' 61. Ritual Chairman ' 60; Lest ll ' c Forget Staff ' 58- ' 60; Cardinal and Cream Staff ' 57- ' 61, Editor ' 60, Organi- zation Editor ' 59. fe ' m BjtKnajl sA ETTA LOUISE FUTRELL, B.A. Jackson, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 58; Chi Omega ' 57- ' 61, Social and Civic Chairman ' 61; Business Club ' 58, ' 61; N.E.A. ' 61. KEN PAUL GAULT, B.S. Knoxville, Tennessee ' nion ' 61; Best All Round ' 60; Who ' s Who in American Colleses and Universities ' 61; Nestor Club ' 59- ' 61 ; Alpha Tau Omega ' S9- ' 61; Math Club ' 57- ' 61; U Club ' 57- ' 61; Freshman Basketball; Cross Country ' 57- ' 61. Captain ' 61; Track ' 57- ' 61; ' SAC Cross Country Champion ' 60- ' 61. POLK GLOVER, B.S. Obion, Tennessee ier; B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; Tau Omega ' 57- ' 60; Club ' 56- ' 57; Business 7- ' 60; Chorus ' 56- ' 60. « 23 VIRGINIA W. GRIFFIN, B.A. Brighton, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 58; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 58; Life Service Band ' 57; Hypatia ' 59; Latin Club ' 57, Secretary ' 57. JARRIS MANLEY HARDIN, B.S. Aiedon, Tennessee ROBERT HAYNIE, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee WILLIS WAYNE HENSON, B.A. Grand Rivers, Kentucky ■ansfer from Bethel College; BOB REECE HIGHFILL, B.S. Nashville, Tennessee V. S.V. ' 57- ' 59; Xestor Club ' 59- ' 61, President ' 61; Alpha Tau Omega ' 57- ' 61. Public Relations ' 60; Math Club ' 57- ' 61; Senior Class Student Council Represent- ative. SCHELLEY THEDA HIGHSMITH, B.A. Collierville, Tennessee Wlio ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities ' 61; Sigma Alpha Iota ' 59- ' 61, Chaplain ' 59; Y. V..A. ' 57- ' 6]. Secretary ' 58- ' 59: Hvpatia ' 59- ' 61. President ■61; Allegro Club ' 57- ' 59. Vice- President ' 59; Chorus ' 57- ' 59; Library Staff ' 59- ' 61. LARRY DEAN HOOPPAW, B.S. Mound Cily. Illinois B S.U. ' 57- ' 5S; Law Club ' 61: Business Club ' 58- ' 61, Program Chairman ' 60, President ' 61; Basketball ' 57; Chorus ' 58- ' 60. WILLIAM ELLISTON HOPKINS. B.S. Covington. Tennessee Historv Club ' 59- ' 61, Treasurer ■61; N.E.A. ' 61: U Club ' 58- ' 1)1; Councilman ' 57- ' 61; Basket- ball Manager ' 60; Bascball_ ]57- ' ol; Cross Country ' 57- ' 61, Captain ' 59; Track ' 59; Adams Hall President ' 61. 24 a ' ELIZABETH ANN JOHNSON, B.A. Mulestis, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ■S7- ' 59; Chi Omega ' S7- ' 6I, Chapter Cor- respondent ' 61; -Business Club •60- ' 61; N.E.A. ' 60- ' 61; Chorus PATSY ANN KING, B.S. Lavinia, Tennessee B.S.U. ' S7- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 61; JIath Club ' 59- ' 61, Secretary and Treasurer ' 61; N.E.A. ' 57- ' 61, Secretary ' 60, President ' 61; Dorm Representative ' 60; Coun- selor ' 61; Vice-President of Do ' 60. WILLIAM WHITE LAUGHLIN, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Escort to Jlr. and Jliss Union ' 59, ' 60; Most Handsome ' 59; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 57- ' 61, Correspondent ' 60; Allegro Club ' 57- ' 58; Band ' S7- ' 61; Stage Band ' 57- ' 59. CAROL ANN LUETHGE, B.A. St. Louis, Missouri Best All Round Girl ' 60; Cam- pus Favorite ' 60; Who ' s Who ' 61; Cheerleader ' 57- ' 60; B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 60; ice Band ' 61; Chi Omega ' 57- ' 61, Activitii man ' 60, Personnel Chairman ' 61; Linguae Mundi ' 61; Home Ec. Club ' 57- ' 61, Vice-President ' 59; Alpha Psi Omega ' 59- ' 61, Secretary ' 59- ' 61; Footlights ' 57- ' 61, Secretary ' 58- ' 60; N.E.A. ' 59- ' 61; Girls ' P.E. Club ' 61; Class Plays ' 57- ' 61, Spring Plays ' 57- ' 60; Best Actress ' 59; Junior Class Speaker; Student Court .Tustice; Cardinal mid Cream Staff ' 59- ' 61; Chorus ' 59- ' 61. NANCY CAROLYN McCOLLUM, B.A. Jackson, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 61; Zeta Tau Alpha ' 57- ' 61, Record- ing Secretary ' 60; Chorus ' 57- ' 59; Business Club ' 58- ' 61; N.E.A. ROBERT BARRY McCOMIC, B.S. Memphis, Tennessee Sophomore Class Speaker; Nestor Club ' 59- ' 60, Vice-President ' 60; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 57- ' 61, E.D.A. ' 58. P.T. ' 59, E.A. ' 60; Interfraternity Council ' 59- ' 60; Student Court ' 59- ' 60; Math Club ' 58- ' 60; Footlights Club ' 59- ' 60; Class Plays ' 59- ' 60; Stage Band ' 58- ' 59. SHIRLEY ANN McELYEA, B.A. Ridgely, Tennessee B.S.U. Busines Y W.A. ' 5S- ' 61; ' 59- ' 61, N.E.A. LOUIS HAROLD McEWEN, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee California Poly- ; Business Club « 25 WANDA JEAN McLEMORE, B.A. Gibson, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' = Life Service Band ' 57- ' 58; Tau Alpha ' 5«- ' 61, Ma Chairman ' 61; Seminar; Play ' 58; Footlights ' : Chorus ' 57- ' 59. NANCY JANE McMASTER, B.S. Medon, Tennessee Transfer from East Tennesse State College; B.S.U. ' 61 N.E.A. ' 61; Girls ' P.E. Club ' 61 A. TILLMAN MAYS, B.A. fjckson, Tennessee Transfer from Lamhuth College; MARTHA JO MILAM, B.A. Memphis, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 61; Zeta Tau Alpha ' 57- ' 61, Kush Chairman ' 60, Vice-President ' 61; Interfraternity Council ' 60; Allegro Club ' 57- ' 61, Social Chairman ' 59; President of Crook Hall ' 61; Chorus ' 57- ' 61. CAROL ANNE MILLER, B.S. Grand Junction, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 58; Chi Omega ' 57- ' 61, Chapter Cor- respondent ' 60, Secretary ' 61; Ec. Club ' 57- ' 61, President ■r ' 60; X.E.A. ' 60- Representative ' 61; Council ' 59- ' 61, Secretary ice-President ' 61; Chorus REBECCA EDWARDS MILLER, B.A. Fulton, Kentucky B.S.U. ' 57- ' 60; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 59; 3S- ' 61, Treasurer Pastor ' s Helpmates ' 59- ' 61, ident ' 61; Home Ec. Club ; X.E.A. ' 58- ' 60; Lest We ■get Staff ' 58. iiilTib JOHN PALMER MONTGOMERY, B.A. Ch.ijjee. Missouri Alpha Tau Omega ' 57- ' 61, W.S. ' 60; Business Club ' 58- ■61; U Club ' 57- ' 61; Baseball •57- ' 6:; Chorus ' 57. ' f LARRY IRA MOORE j.ichson, Tennessee «§ 26 e,- BILLY SUE MORGAN, B.A. Ridgely, Tennessee RUBY PATRICIA MORSE, B.S. Medina, Tennessee E.S.U. ' 57- ' 61, Greater Council ' 5S- ' 59; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' C0, Vice- President ' 60; Zeta Tail Al|iha ' 57- ' 61, Secretary ' 59, Treasurer ' 00; History Club ' 58- ' 61; N.E.A, ' 59- ' 61; Monitor ' 59- ' 60; Library Staff ' 57- ' 61. BOBBY DEAN NEWTON, B.M. Fulton, Kentucky BETTY COWAN ONLY, B.A. Collienjlle, Tennessee Campus Favorite ' 59; Fresliman Court; Cheerleader ' 57- ' 59; Who ' s Who ' 61; Representative to tiie Little U.N. ' 60; B.S.U. ' 57- ' 00; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 60; Zeta Tau Alpha ' 57- ' 61, Social Chairman ' 58, Vice-President ' CO; History Cluli ' 58- ' 6I, Reporter ' 60; Student Council Representative ' 58- ' 59. LINDA JANE PORTIS, B.S. Jjckson, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 61. President ' 59, Program Chairman ' 58, Secretary ' 60; N.E.A. ' 59- ' 61; Girls ' P.E. Club ' 57- ' 61, Reporter ' 59. JERRY L. SCRUGGS, B.A. FytiilLind, Tennessee M.A. ' 60; Nestor Club ' 59- ' 60, Chaplain ' 60; Justice of Student Court ' 60; History Club ' 58- ' 60. MARY DELAINE SHERBENOU, B.M. Mil.in, Tennessee Who ' s Wlic Unii situ ' 61 Colleges Sicma 1; B.S.U. Alpha Iota Treasur ' 57- ' 6I, Missions Cha Y.WA. ' 57- ' 61, Reporter ' 59. President ' 60; Life Service Band ' 60; Allegro Club ' 57- ' 61. Sec- letary ' 58- ' 60; Alpha Psi Omega ' S9- ' 61; Footlights ' 59- ' 61; Dorm Counselor ' 60; Lest IV e Forqct Alt Editor ' 58- ' 60; Band ' 57- ' 61; Chorus ' 57- ' 61. DOROTHY NELL SISCO, B.A. Flint, Michigan Transfer from Michigan State University; B.S.U. ' 59- ' 61 ; Y.W.A. ' 59- ' 61, Secretary-Treas- urer ' 61; Zeta Tau Alpha ' 59- ' 61; Allegro Club ' 59- ' 61; Chorus ' 59- ' 61. ■« 27 JOHN VERNON SNEAD, B.M. Troy, Tennessee B.S.U. ' S7- ' 58; Allegro Club ' 57- ' 61; German Club ' CO; Business Club ' 53; Chorus ' 57- ' 61. JERRY LEE SPENCER, B.A. Osceola, Arkansas M.A. ' 57- ' 61, Chorister ' 60; Life Service Band ' 5S- ' 59; Alpha Tau Omega ' 57- ' 61; Cheerleader ' 57- ' 58; Footlights ' 5S- ' 60; U Club •58- ' 60; Baseball ' 58; Track ' 59; Class Play ' 58; Spring Play ' 58; Class Speaker ' 59; Class Chap- lain ' 58, ' 60; Dorm Council ' 59; Student Body Chaplain ' 61. PEGGY SUE STANFILL, B.S. Luray, Tennessee Science Club ' 59- ' 61. Program Chairman ' 61; N.E.A. ' 61; Girls ' P.E. Club ' S9; Chorus ' 59. JAMES LARRY STEED, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Math Club ' 57- ' 61; U Club ' 57- ' 61; Cross Country ' 57- ' 60; Track ' 57- ' 61; Cardinal and Cream Staff ' 5S- ' 6n; Lest U ' c Forqct Staff porter JOYCE MARIE STEVENSON, B.M. 5 . Louis, Missouri Campus Favorite ' 59; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities ' 61; Sigma Alpha Iota ' 59- ' 60; B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 58; Allegro Club ' 57- ' 61; Footlights ' 59- ' 6I; N.E.A. ' 61; Girls ' P.E. Club ' 58- ' 61; Class Plays ' 59- ' 61; Sophomore Class Secretary; Student Government Treasurer ' 61; 9; Cardinal and ; Eand ' 59- ' 61; i7- ' 61. SARAH PAULINE STONE, B.A. Camden, Tennessee Sigma Alpha Iota ' 60- ' 61. Char- ter Vice-President; B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61, Freshman Council, Executive Council; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 61. A " ice- President ' 59. Treasurer ' 61; Hypatia ' 60- ' 61; Historv Club ' " -■ ;n. Allegro Club ' 57- ' 60, ' 60; G j - ' 60. .i Program Chdiiiu .. --. , Club ' 59- ' 61; Dorm Representa- tive; Monitor ' 60; ' ice-President of Dorm ' 61; Cardinal and Cream Staff. Editor ' 61; Lest We For- get Staff ' 59; Band ' 57- ' 61; Chorus ' 58. PAUL ROBERT TAYLOR, B.S. Trezeiant, Tennessee Mpha Tau Omega ' 5S- ' 61; Bus! Club •59- ' 61; U Club ' 57 Basketball ' 57; Baseball ' 57 MALCOM THOMPSON TIPTON, B.S. Union City. Tennessee Escort to Mr. and Union; B.S.U. ' 5S- ' 61; Tau Omepn. Secretary ' 58. ian ' 60; Footlii;hts: Class ' 5S- ' 59; Spring Plav ' 58; Vice-President ' 60; Coun- -s ; 28 MATTHEW TOMLIN Jackson, Tennessee REBECCA CAROLYN TOWNSEND, B.M. Parsons, Tennessee Campus Favorite ' 60 : Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Sigma Alpha Iota ' 60- ' 61, Secretary ' 61; B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 61; Hypatia ' 59- ' 61, Vice-President ' 61; Zeta Tail Alpha ' 57- ' 61, Treasurer ' 59, President ' 60; Interfraternity Council ' 59- ' 61, Vice-President ' 60; Allegro Club ' 59- ' 61; Foot- Hsrhts ' 58- ' 61; Class Play ' 58; Class Treasurer ' 59, Secretary ' 60; Student Government Repre- sentative ' 61; Band ' 57- ' 59; Chorus ' 57- ' 61. MARTHA E. TOLAR, B.A. Ridgely, Tennessee B.S.U. ' SZi ' 5_8; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 60. JERE PEARSON WALKER, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Club ' 58- ' 60. JOYCE LARENE WALLS, B.A. Kennell, Missouri Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; B.S.U. ' 58- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 58- ' 61; Hypatia ' 61; Phi Alpha Theta ' 61; His- tory Club ' 59- ' 61; Footlights ' 59- ' 61; N.E.A. ' 59- ' 61; Spring Plav ' 60; Library Staff ' 60. KATIE ANN WEBB, B.S. Ripley, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 61; Math Club ' 59- ' 61; N.E.A. ' 59- ' 61; Counselor ' 59- ' 61; Monitor LEONE WILLIAMS, B.A. Union City, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 58; Life ' 60; Hypatia ' 60; Dorm Council ' 59; Service Bar N.E.A. ' 61 Chorus ' 60. LINDA SMITH WILLIAMS Jackson, Tennessee •« 29 RALPH ELLIOT WILLIAMS, JR., B.A. Memphis, Tennessee Band Delegate to Little B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; M., Secretary ' 58, Tre; President ' 61; Life Si ' 57. ' 61; Shelbians ' 5 - ' 5S; Fhi Alpha Theta ' 59- ' 61. Treasurer ' 60, President ' 61; History Cluli ' SS- ' 61, Treasurer ' 59; German Club ' 60; Alpha Psi Omega ' 61; Footlights ' S9- ' 61; Class Play ' 60; Spring Plav ' 60; Library Staff ' 58- ' 61; Cardinal and Cream Staff ' 57. ' 59; Lest We Forget Staff ' 58- ' 60. ANNE NELL WILSON, B.A. Brownsville, Tennessee Who ' s Who Among Students in Colleges and LTniversities; B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 61; Zeta Tan Alpha ' 57- ' 61, Treasurer ' 61; Math Club ' 59- ' 61, President ' 61; N.E.A. ' 59- ' 61; Dorm Coun- selor ' 60. JAMES A. WOOD, B.S. Byrdslown, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Science Club ' 59 ' 61; N.E.A. ' 59- ' 61; Councilman ' 58- ' 61; Basketball Manager ' 57; Cross Country .Trainer ' 60. JERRY DON OAKLEY, B.A. Wingo, Kentucky B.S.U. ' 57- ' 61; Omega; Sophon M.A.; Alpha T; ore Class Speake MAX THOMAS WALKER, B.A. Gibson, Tennessee MA. ' 57: Class Chaplain ' 61; Cho ' 59. WALTER MURRAY ALLISON, B.S. Tiploniille, Tennessee B.S.U. Vice-President ' 59- ' 60; Nestor Club ' 60- ' 61. Secretary ' 61; Alpha Tau Omega " 57- ' 61. W.S.C. W.K.A., W.G.. W.M.: Math Club ' 58- ' 61; Science Club ' S9- ' 60: U Club ' 59. ' 60, President ' 60; Track ' 57- ' 60; Class Play ' 60. RAYMOND EARL MOTT, B.S. Jjckson, Tennessee Math Club ' 58- ' 61, Vice-President ' 60. JAMES McAFFEE Jjckson, Tennessee •« 30 5 cla: M J Standing, left to right: Charles Wingo, Chaplain; Gayle Alexander, President; Elaine Prather, Secretary-Treasurer; Glenn Davis, Vice-President; Mary Ann Baker, Student Council Representative. « 32 § JOE ADEN Dougola, Illinois GAYLE ALEXANDER Trenlon, Tennessee JOYCE ALLEN J.ukson, Tennessee TERRY ANDERSON Knoxville, Tennessee JANE BAILEY Memphis, Tennessee TOMMY BELEW Jackson, Tennessee JIM BATEMAN Selmer, Tennessee MARY ANN BAKER Jackson, Tennessee ROBERT BOOKER Jackson, Tennessee HARRY BOWMAN Huron, Tennessee CHARLES BURKHEAD Jackson, Tennessee BETTY CA VENDER Memphis, Tennessee «§ 33 § » SARAH CHATHAM Humboldt, Tennessee DAVID CLAYTON Union City, Tennessee BETTYE CLIFT Newbern, Tennessee FRED COOK Jackson, Tennessee DEWEY CORDER Maplewood, Missouri CARL COX, JR. Richmond, Missouri BONNIE COUCH Jackson, Tennessee HARLEN CROSSON Brownsville, Tennessee GLENN DAVIS Jackson, Tennessee DIANA DUNN Alamo, Tennessee TONY EASTMAN Jackson, Tennessee FLOYD FREE Jackson, Tennessee •«l 34 MARY H. FREEMAN Bells, Tennessee ANN FULLER Memphis, Tennessee JO NELL GILLUM Russellville, Kentucky DAVID GLISSON Dyer, Tennessee OTIS GRIFFIN Millington, Tennessee WILLIAM GREENE Memphis, Tennessee JOHN HAMILTON Augusta, Kansas FREDDIE HAWKINS Elizabethtown, Kentucky GARY HELTON Corinth, Mississippi WEYMUTH HEUISER Sikeston, Missouri LOIS HIGHFILL Memphis, Tennessee JOHN HINSON Bolivar, Tennessee «l 35 MARILYN DAME Jackson, Tennessee iM JIMMY DANIEL Union City, Tennessee KEITH HUFFMAN Tiisctunhla, Missouri TOMMY HUMPHREYS Humboldt, Tennessee FRANK JAMISON Jackson, Tennessee BARBARA JELKS Paris, Tennessee CAROLYN JOHNSON Jackson, Tennessee WAYNE JOHNSON Jackson, Tennessee ANN JONES JAMISON Yazoo City, Mississippi JIMMY JONES Fulton, Kentucky JERE LEDSINGER Kenton, Tennessee SALLY LIFE Steeteville, Illinois «§ 36 » NANCY McCARTHEY Baldivin, Mississippi BETTY McCartney Bradford, Tennessee MARY McDANIEL Covington, Tennessee MARIE MARSHALL Rtisselh ' ille, Kentucky SHARI MARVIN Anna, Illinois LAURA MEFFORD Memphis, Tennessee DEAN MOORE Neii bern, Tennessee KENNITH NEWMAN Jackson, Tennessee WESLEY NICHOLASS Oxford, Mississippi REBECCA PARKER Humboldt, Tennessee JOHN PIPPIN Kei ' il, Kentucky SUE POPE Bolivar, Tennessee « 37 CLASS OIF ' 62 ELAINE PRATHER WoodLmd Mills, Tennessee MARILYN PRICE Lebanon, Tennessee EMILY PRITCHARD Huntingdon, Tennessee BETTIE RALPH Goodlettsville, Tennessee SHELBY REAVES Greenfield, Tennessee BEVERLY RICHARDSON West Plains, Missouri h DAVID SALLEE Memphis, Tennessee LEWIS SEWELL Netrbern, Tennessee JUANITA SIKES Jackson, Tennessee BETTYLU SMITH Jackson, Tennessee CAROL ANN SMITH Memphis, Tennessee LINDA STENNETT Corinth, Mississippi - 38 JOHN SOMERS Rutherford, Tennessee DAN STONE Jackson, Tennessee BILL SUBLETTE Jackson, Tennessee WALTER TATE Jackson, Tennessee BETTY TAYLOR Trenton, Tennessee MARY ANN TAYLOR Jackson, Tennessee GLENDA THOMAS Jackson, Tennessee JUDITH THOMPSON Columbus, Ohio JULIA TILLMAN Jackson, Tennessee NANCY TIPTON Jackson, Tennessee JAMES TOLAR Ridgely, Tennessee LUCY TURNER Linnens, Missouri -o 39 ZELMA TURNBO Milan, Tennessee MARY ANN TUTTEROW Knoxville, Tennessee TOMMY VANCE Memphis, Tennessee BILL WEINSTEIN Whitehaven, Tennessee TOM WEST Milan, Tennessee JERRELL WHITE Kultawa, Kentucky CHARLES WINGO Jackson, Tennessee PAUL WOODFORD Savannah, Tennessee BEVERLY YATES Jackson, Tennessee JOETTA ZUMWALT Poplar Bluff, Missouri SHIRLEY BLURTON Jackson, Tennessee DUNAWAY CONNER Ripley, Tennessee 40 cla: HI Standing, left to right: Freddie Sandidge, Secretary; Delbert Coggins, Presi- dent; Linda Schaeffer, Treasurer; Phil Jeffress, Vice-President; Roy Jones, Chaplain; Bill Jones, Student Council Representative. HI CLASS OFFICERS «« 42 PEGGY ALLEN Memphis, Tennessee JAMES ALLISON J.ickso}!, Tennessee BARBARA BALL Memphis, Tennessee JERRY BASKIN Covington, Tennessee FRANCIS BEARD Las Vegas, Nevada VIRGINIA BOULTON Cades, Tennessee JIMMY BRYANT Jackson, Tennessee JIMMY BULLARD Jackson, Tennessee ELSIE BULLINGTON Atu ' ood, Tennessee CHARLES CARTER Jackson, Tennessee CAROLYN CHEEK Jackson, Tennessee SANDY CHILDRESS Memphis, Tennessee «9 43 DELBERT COGGINS Memphis, Tennessee BILL COOKSEY Jackson, Tennessee JIMMY CONNER Jackson, Tennessee SUE CROUCH Jackson, Tennessee ANN CROWELL Sikeston, Missouri WAYNE CURRY Jackson, Tennessee TULLY DANIEL Jackson, Tennessee BARRY DILL Jackson, Tennessee FRANK DYER Memphis, Tennessee CAROL ELLISON Memphis, Tennessee JANICE ELROD Jackson, Tennessee CHARLOTTE FOWLKES Jacksonville, Florida «§ 44 CLASS OIF ' 6, JERE FRANCIS BroirnsviUe, Tennessee WELTON GADDY Paris, Tennessee GENE GROOMS Huntingdon, Tennessee BETTY LOU GURLEY Bath Springs, Tennessee KAY HANEBUTH Jackson, Tennessee LINDA HANEY Kingsport, Tennessee JERRY HART Trimble, Tennessee RONNIE HAWKINS Stanton, Tennessee JERRY HAYNIE Jackson, Tennessee JANET HINES Halls, Tennessee BECKY HOLT Parsons, Tennessee ONEIDA HOOKER Tads, Tennessee «§ 45 5» RUTH HORNE Jackson, Tennessee NANCY HORTON Mayfield, Kentucky JULIA HUMPHREYS Humboldt, Tennessee PATSY HUTSON Paris, Tennessee KAREN HYSMITH Finger, Tennessee PAT JEFFRESS Fulton, Kentucky PHIL JEFFRESS Fulton, Kentucky WILMA JOHNS Milan, Tennessee ROY JONES Dyersburg, Tennessee JAMES JOWERS Dyersburg, Tennessee MARY KARNAZES HjUs, Tennessee JIMMIE KEY Jjckson, Tennessee 46 TOMMY KING Riitherjord, Tennessee MARY LAUGHLIN Jackson, Tennessee LARRY LeGRAND Poplar Bluff, Missouri VIRGINIA LEWIS Jackson, Tennessee SHARON LYON Jackson, Tennessee TOMIkfY McDEARMAN Halls, Tennessee BILLY MARTIN Jackson, Tennessee MARILYN MARTIN Paris, Tennessee JUDY MEADOR Jackson, Tennessee ANNE MITCHELL Milan, Tennessee KEN MORRIS Puryear, Tennessee CHARLENE MUIR Memphis, Tennessee «|i 47 »• SAMMY NAYLOR Bells, Tennessee MONA NERREN Mercer, Tennessee RONNIE OWENS Memphis, Tennessee MARILYN OWENS Hickman, Kentucky SYLVIA PARKER Goodlettsi die, Tennessee LARRY PASCHALL Puryear, Tennessee JOAN PATTON Jackson, Tennessee BOB PAVELONIS Harrisbiirg, Illinois BILL PERKINS Jackson, Tennessee GWEN PHILLIPS Dyersburg, Tennessee SHIRLEY POPE Trimble, Tennessee DELMA PRESCOTT Friendship, Tennessee 48 CLASS OIF ' 6, VAUGHAN PRUITT Memphis, Tennessee GLENN RADFORD Dresden, Tennessee JOHNNY REAMS Bells, Tennessee GEORGE-ANNE RICHMOND Henderson, Kentucky JIMMY RODGERS Memphis, Tennessee NANCY ROWE Memphis, Tennessee BENNY RUSHING Jackson, Tennessee ROSE ANN RUSSELL Columbus, Kentucky FREDDIE SANDIDGE Memphis, Tennessee DUANE SARGEANT Jjckson, Tennessee A BURNETT SASSEEN Paducah, Kentucky ANNETTE SASSER Middlelon, Tennessee 49 VIRGINIA SCARBOROUGH Memphis, Tennessee LINDA SCHAEFER Jjckson, Tennessee JOE BILL SISSON Sikeston, Missouri JERALD SMITH Bolirar, Tennessee JUDY STRANGE Alatno, Tennessee HUNTER TAYLOR Jackson, Tennessee ANN THOMAS Gibson, Tennessee DAN TICKLE Dyersburg, Tennessee BECKY TIPLER Grand Junction, Tennessee TOMMY UPCHURCH Buchanan, Tennessee JOHN VAUGHN Memphis, Tennessee NANCY WARD Jackson, Tennessee " « 50 SYRENA WATRIDGE Humboldt, Tennessee IL BILLY WATSON Oiikfield, Tennessee ANNIE WELCH Bells, Tennessee ALICE FAYE WEST Humboldt, Tennessee LINDA WHEAT Jackson, Tennessee J. L. WHITTEN Jackson, Tennessee ALICIA WILKERSON Selmer, Tennessee JUDY WILKES Memphis, Tennessee PATSY WILLIAMS Memphis, Tennessee Y ' VONNE WINGO Jackson, Tennessee RALPH WINSLOW Jackson, Tennessee -a 51 SENIORS NOT PICTURED Blakely, David — Jackson, Tennessee Butler, Tommy — Jackson, Tennessee Crenshaw, Olive C. — Jackson, Tennessee Crocker, Morris — Jackson, Tennessee Davis, Donald Ray — Jackson, Tennessee Grant, James N. — Alamo, Tennessee Harris, Fred H. — Jackson, Tennessee Lee, Harbert — Ripley, Tennessee Parks, Martha N. — Brownsville, Tennessee Pate, Thomas H. — Dyersbiirg, Tennessee Patterson, Kathryn — Jackson, Tennessee Pillow, Nathan — Jackson, Tennessee Presson, Donald Ray — Bemis, Tennessee Sacchini, Louis — Monessen. Pennsylvania Speight, Mary Etta — Caruthersville, Missouri Tinker, Allen — Jackson, Tennessee Weaver, Billy — Jackson, Tennessee JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Climer, Donna Sue — Bells, Tennessee CoUump, Roy — Memphis, Tennessee Congiardo, Frank — Selmer, Tennessee Coughlan, Martha Ann — Ripley, Tennessee Davis, Kenneth — Savannah, Tennessee Deaton, Donald — Jackson, Tennessee Denston, William — Hopkinsville, Kentucky Dozier, W. Grady — Gainesville, Texas Dunn, Gerald — Alamo, Tennessee Dunn, Mary Faith — Jackson, Tennessee Emerson, David Isaac — Bolivar. Tennessee Englert, Johnny — Humboldt, Tennessee Evans, Donald — Neivbern, Tennessee Garland, Beverly — Birmingham, Alabama Gee, J. Guy — Jackson. Tennessee Holmberg, Carole — Salem, Illinois Home, Adron Noble — Jackson, Tennessee Home, Reggie — Jackson, Tennessee Kirby, Pat — Jackson. Tennessee Lambert, Troy Terrell — Tylertoivn, Mississippi Ledbetfer, James Eugene — Henderson. Tennessee Long, Tommye — Memphis, Tennessee Mebane, Howell — Cedar Grove, Tennessee Miller, David — Poplar Bluff, Missouri Morris, Donald — Dyersburg, Tennessee Pollard, Mary Jean — Jackson, Tennessee Rose, Linda DeLoach — Jackson, Tennessee Simmons, Harold — Memphis, Tennessee Smith, Gerald — Covington, Tennessee Smith, Thomas — Sturgis, Kentucky Swanner, Joseph — Jackson, Tennessee Thadford, J. C. — Medina, Tennessee Thadford, Ruth — Medina, Tennessee Tillman, Miriam — Jackson, Tennessee Tutor, Thomas — Covington, Tennessee West, Mary G. — Jackson, Tennessee West, William — Jackson, Tennessee White, Ernest — Medina, Tennessee Williams, Norman — Dyer, Tennessee Willis, Bennett — Rutherford. Tennessee Wolfe, James B. — Michie, Tennessee •«| 52 » n n ft i cila: •64 U FRESH I FRIESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Bill Powers, Chaplain; Rich Emerson, President; Joan Davidson, Treasurer; Diana Jerdan, Secretary; Mack Taylor, Student Council Representative. " « 54 ea EDDIE ARQUITT Sedalin, Missouri F ' 64 ANN BABB Jiicksoii, Tennessee BETTY SUE BAKER Jackson, Tennessee RONNIE BAKER Poplar Bluff, Missoiii NADINE BARHAM Leu ' ishurg, Tennessee PAT BELEW Huntingdon, Tennesseee LINDA BENNETT Jackson, Tennessee MAX BISHOP Broivnsi ' ille, Tennessee EDWANA BOUCHER Dyer, Tennessee WANDA BOWMAN Jackson, Tennessee JUDY BOYER Porlagei ' ille, Missouri JIMMY BRATCHER Springfield, Tennessee ' 55 CLASS OIF ' 64 JAMES BRAZIER Sh.iinieetoivn, lllinoii LYNDA BROWN Memphis, Tennessee EVALYN BURCH Memphis, Tennessee JOHN BYNUM J.ickson, Tennessee MARY CAMPBELL Camden, Tennessee DAN CLAIBORNE Brownsville, Tennessee ELEANOR COKER Memphis, Tennessee BARBARA COLE Jackson, Tennessee ANN CONNELL McKenzie, Tennessee JIMMY COVINGTON Union City, Tennessee JUDY CRAVENS Jackson, Tennessee BOBBY CROWE Memphis, Tennessee •«§ 56 ? ' CLASS OF ' 64 NOLAN CRUSE Sonorj. Kentucky WINBURN CURLIN Brownsville, Tennessee CAROL CURRY J ickson, Tennessee JOAN DAVIDSON Memphis, Tennessee CHERRY DILL Hnnlingdon, Tennessee PAUL DUKE Jackson, Tennessee BILLY DUNN Jackson, Tennessee TOMMY DYER H.ills, Tennessee SHEILA ELDER Jjcison, Tennessee BILL ELLIS Memphis, Tennessee RICH EMERSON Saulsbury. Tennessee DALE ENOCH Bolivar, Tennessee ■«| 57 SS OF ' 64 JERRY EPPS Poplar Bluff, Missouri JANICE FLATT Dyershurg, Tennessee MARTHA GAIL FOOTE Alemphis, Tennessee Trezeiant, Tennessee ERNEST FREEMAN Brownsville, Tennessee DON GARRISON Alemphis, Tennessee MARTHA GILBERT Lexington, Tennessee JANICE GOOD Alemphis, Tennessee JANEEN GOOGE Jackson, Tennessee LINDA GREENUP Bradford, Tennessee MARIETTA GRIFFIN Halls. Tennessee JOYCE GRISHAM Beech Bluff, Tennessee •• 58 I - SANDRA GURLEY Dyersbiirg, Tennessee F ' 64 SAM GUTHRIE Memphis, Tennessee DELORES HALL Memphis. Tennessee JOAN HARRIS Dyershurg, Tennessee TOM HAWKINS Alonessen, Pennsyliania ROBERT HAYNX ' OOD Stanton, Tennessee CONNIE HOLMES Memphis, Tennessee CAROL HUMPHREY Springfield, Tennessee LINDA HURT Paris, Tennessee ANITA HUTCHERSON Ripley, Tennessee DIANA JERDEN Memphis, Tennessee SANDRA JOHNSON J.u ' kson, Tennessee " « 59 OF ' 64 NEAL JONES Jackson, Tennessee CAROLYN JONES Dyeisbiirg, Tennessee : Q ED JONES Benton, Kentucky JIMMY JONE S Dyersburg, Tennessee TOMMY JONES Martin, Tennessee CAROLYN JORDAN Grand Junction, Tennessee JANETTE JORDAN Lexington, Tennessee JIMMY JOWERS Lexington, Tennessee HILDA KEE Humboldt, Tennessee TOMM ' KELLEY Dyersburg, Tennessee JANICE KENT Alemphis, Tennessee DON KING South Fulton, Tennessee ' « 60 WARREN KOCH Metropolis, Illinois OIF ' 64 FRED KORTE Metropolis, Illinois JERRY KUYKENDALL Jackson, Tennessee MOLLY LAWRENCE Jackson, Tennessee DONNA LIVINGSTON Memphis, Tennessee LINDA LOONEY Henry, Tennessee JOE McCALEB Memphis, Tennessee SANDRA McDANIEL Jackson, Tennessee LINDA McWILLIAMS Owensboro, Kentucky BECKY MANESS Jackson, Tennessee GRETA MASSA Barlou ' , Kentucky BRENDA MAYO Milan, Tennessee • 61 JERRY MELSON Sctvannah, Tennessee 64 JUDY MELTON Camden, Tennessee DAVID MELVIN Bradford, Tennessee TONY MIDDLETON Memphis, Tennessee CAROL MILAM Memphis, Tennessee LINDA MILES Bradford, Tennessee DIANNE MILLS Memphis, Tennessee ROBERT NEWELL Humboldt, Tennessee DOUG PARKER Trenton, Tennessee CLAUDE PETERS Bolivar, Tennessee JERRY PETERS Jackson, Tennessee BECKY MORTON Memphis, Tennessee «§ 62 CLASS OIF ' 64 PAT PHELAN Trenton. Tennessee GEORGE POLLARD Memphis, Tennessee JUDY POTTS Holland, Missouri BILL POUNDS Jjckson, Tennessee BEVERLYN POWELL Braggadocio, Missouri BARBARA POWERS Jackson, Tennessee BILLY POWERS Columbus, Georgia FLOYD PRICE Chewalla, Tennessee KAYE PRITCHETT Dyersburg, Tennessee BETTY PULLIAM Jackson, Tennessee JIMMY PULLIAM Bolivar, Tennessee GLENDA QUEEN Ripley, Tennessee « 63 § IF BOB QUINT Aletropolis, Illinois CAROLYN RAINES Brownsville, Tennessee LARRY RAY Paris, Tennessee SHEILA RHODES Jjckson. Tennessee SANDRA RUTLEDGE Dyer, Tennessee BETTY SANDERS Metnphis, Tennessee BARBARA SASSER Halls, Tennessee " S ' aS» JOE SMITH Jackson, Tennessee KELIA SHANKS Neio Madrid, Missouri JOYCE SMITH Collienille, Tennessee FRANCES SINKS Jackson, Tennessee LARRY SMITH Atu ' ood, Tennessee «s 64 - SAM SMITH Memphis, Tennessee F ' 64 LARRY SNEED Obion, Tennessee BILL SPENCER ]ackson, Tennessee MARTY SPRINGER Memphis, Tennessee CLARA STEWART Florence, Alabama GAIL STEWART Memphis, Tennessee JIMMY TANNER Brighton, Tennessee MACK TAYLOR Dresden, Tennessee ALICE JEAN THORNE Bruceton, Tennessee LOUISE TOWATER Medina, Tennessee ANNETTE TREECE Trenton, Tennessee HUGH TURNER Memphis, Tennessee ■« 65 SANDRA ' DX ' ILLA Dyershurg. Tennessee OIF ' 64 BENNY VANCE Memphis, Tennessee CHARLES VANTREESE Jiickson, Tennessee JUDY VAUGHN Bolii ' jr, Tennessee CLARICE VERNON Friendship. Tennessee KAY WALTON I indaUj, Illinois ED WALTON Cjruthersville, Missouri NANCY WATKINS Steele, Missouri DOTTIE WATSON Jjckson, Tennessee DAVID WEEKS Jjckson, Tennessee JOHN EARL WELLS Briah on. Tennessee JIMM ' WILLIAMS D)er. Tennessee " 66 t CLASS OIF ' 64 LARRY WILSON J.tcksoii, Tennessee WAYNE WOODS Sikeston, Alissouri LIBBY WOOLEY Memphis, Tennessee JOE WRIGHT Shawneetou ' n, Illinois PAUL WRIGHT Humboldt, Tennessee BARBARA WYATT Porlagei ' ille, Missouri " 67 ? SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Adams, Johnnie — J.ukson. Tennessee Allridge, Lester Wayne — Jackson, Tennessee Appleton, Jane — A ilan, Tennessee Barker, Larry — Jiickson, Tennessee Bishop, Bonnie — Boliur, Tennessee Brewer, Billy Fred — Bemis, Tennessee Bullard, Reed — Memphis, Tennessee Campbell, Robert — Humboldt, Tennessee Cannon, Joyce — H.ills, Tennessee Childress, Melvin — Sharon, Tennessee Coley, Flora — Jackson, Tennessee Combs. James — Neubern, Tennessee Cox, Fanny Jane — Jackson, Tennessee Crawford, Deryal — Bolirar, Tennessee Critchfield, Williain — Halls, Tennessee Davis, Barbara — Jackson, Tennessee Dunlap, Barbara — Trimble, Tennessee Durley, Marie — Tyro, Mississippi Flowers, Shirley — Medina, Tennessee Gaba, John — Alamo, Tennessee Griggs, Joe — Jackson, Tennessee Haggard, Odis — Parsons, Tennessee Harrell, Tommy — Decaturville, Tennessee Highsmith, June — Jackson. Tennessee Hornbeak, Ann — Union City, Tennessee Jaco, James Harold — Jackson, Tennessee Johnsey, Roy — Jackson, Tennessee Johnson, Jackie — Goodlettsiille, Tenn. Jones, William — Dyers burg, Tennessee Kam, Sang — Seoul, Korea Kelley, Talmadge — Dyersburg, Tennessee Knight, Nelda — Jackson, Tennessee Lewis, Dorothy — Jackson, Tennessee Littrell, Glynda — Jackson, Tennessee Love, Hal — Jackson, Tennessee McAfee, Wallace — Memphis, Tennessee Morse, James — Jackson, Tennessee Orrell, Marie — Jackson, Tennessee Owen. Billy — Prjorsburg. Kentucky Pannell, Evelyn — Memphis, Tennessee Pittman, Albert — Memphis, Tennessee Pulliam, Janice — Jackson, Tennessee Rog ers, Linda — Luray, Tennessee Sapp, Barry — } " inchesler, Massachusetts Sapp, Gene — W inchester, M.tssachusetts Sartain, June — Memphis, Tennessee Smith, Vernon — Jackson, Tennessee Teague. Janice — Detroit. Michigan Timberlake, Charles — Humboldt, Tennessee FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Allen, Andrea — Humboldt, Tennessee Bain, William — Jackson, Tennessee Baker, Barbara — Memphis, Tennessee Banks, Grady — Memphis, Tennessee Benton, Joseph — Glennville, Georgia Blackstock, David — Jackson, Tennessee Bond, Joe — Humboldt, Tennessee Boone, James — Jackson, Tennessee Burress, Henry — Huron. Tennessee Byford, Josepli — Memphis, Tennessee Coffman, Betty — Jackson. Tennessee Cole, William — Jackson, Tennessee Collins, Ronnie — Jackson, Tennessee Cook, Billy — Caruthersville, Missouri Copeland, William — Bells, Tennessee Dalton, Robert — Oakjield, Tennessee Davidson, Ronnie — Paris, Tennessee Dougan, John Pat — Jackson, Tennessee Douglas, Donnel — Lavinia, Tennessee England, Margie — Jachson, Tennessee Fowler, James — South Fulton, Tennessee Gardner, George — Jackson, Tennessee Garner, Tony — Raleigh, Tennessee Gary, Nancy — Memphis, Tennessee Gilbert, Martha — Lexington, Tennessee Gordan, Shirley — Jackson. Tennessee Green. Herman — Flint, Michigan Han, Bill — Seoul. Korea Haney, Austin — Aiilan, Tennessee Hawks, Clifford — Humboldt, Tennessee Hogue, Allen — Halls. Tennessee Hurt, Mary Ella — Jackson, Tennessee Johns, Sylvia — Jackson, Tennessee Jones, Billy — Blytheville, Arkansas Jones, James — Dyersburg, Tennessee Kemper, Harold — Jackson, Tennessee Knipper, Adrian — Bolivar, Tennessee Lackie, Sue — Jackson, Tennessee Langley, Shannon — Jackson, Tennessee Malone, Charles — Ripley, Tennessee Martindale, ViaAs.— Jackson, Tennessee Moore, Hugh — Jackson, Tennessee Neal, Sandra — Jackson, Tennessee Nichols, Delores — Birmingham, Alabama Oiler, Gary Wayne — Jackson, Tennessee Palmer, Mike — Jackson, Tennessee Parker, Douglas — Trenton, Tennessee Piercey, Winston — Oakfield, Tennessee Pipking, Oscar — Jackson, Tennessee Potter, Jerry — Shauneetown, Illinois Province, Charles — Jackson, Tennessee Replogle, David — Medina, Tennessee Robertson, Joe — Humboldt. Tennessee Rutledge, Sandra — Dyer, Tennessee Scallions. James — Jackson. Tennessee Sellari, Dan — Brounsiille. Tennessee Siler, Tommie — Dyersburg, Tennessee Simonton, Beth — Memphis, Tennessee Smith, Billy — Jackson, Tennessee Stubblefield, William H. — Humboldt, Tennessee Taylor, Gail — Malesus, Tennessee Thetford, Kenelia — Bradford. Tennessee Thornton, Mary Alice — Jackson, Tennessee Thrasher, Andy — Selmer. Tennessee Walch, Barbara — Memphis, Tennessee Wiggins, Bobby — Jackson, Tennessee Crockett, Dennis — Portagetille, Missouri Smith, Sam — Centralia, Illinois " « 68 I " One of the most coveted honors given to college students is that of " Who ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities. " The qualifications: leadership, scholarship, character and extra-curricular activities serve as the basis by which these seniors are approved by the college administration. Twelve students have been given this honor in re- cognition of their achievements and contributions while at Union University. The pictures and activities of these twelve are presented on the following pages. «§ 70 GEORGE WAYNE BROWN George Wayne Brown, whose glowing per- sonality radiates to all who know him, is a science major from Union City, Tennessee. Wayne is very active in campus affairs, hav- ing been Vice-President of B.S.U., Treasurer of the Nestor Club, Treasurer and Vice-Presi- dent of Footlights, member of the band, the Math Club and Alpha Psi Omega. He has participated in the class plays, was Freshman Class Speaker, Editor of the LEST WE FORGET and reporter for the Cardinal and Cream. Wayne has served as President of the Inter- fraternity Council and of the Student Govern- ment. He is a member of Alpha Tau Omega and has served as Rush Chairman, Secretary, Chaplain and Pledge Master. As Treasurer, Vice-President and President of his class, Wayne has shown his leadership abilities. Wayne ' s future plans include graduate study with the intention of research in or teaching of nuclear physics. - •► . KEN PAUL GAULT Ken Paul Gault, from Knoxville, Ten- nessee, has shown his versatility in many ways. He was a member of the Nestor Club, the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Math Club, and the U Club. The student body has chosen him as Best All ' Round Boy and Mr. Union. His achievements in athletics are many: Freshmen Basketball; Cross Country, Captain I960; Track Cap- tain 1961; Most Valuable Track Athlete in VSAC; and VSAC Cross Country Cham- pion for two years. After graduation. Ken plans to study at the University of Tennessee and enter the field of engineering. " « 71 JOYCE STEVENSON Well known for her warm personality and varied roles in campus life, Joyce Marie Stevenson hails from St. Louis, Missouri. Her musical ability has shown through her participation in the Band, University Singers, Allegro Club, and Sigma Alpha Iota, serv- ing as program and social chairman. She was a member of B.S.U., Y.W.A., Foot- ighls, N.E.A., and Girls ' P.E. Club, and showed her dramatic talents in the Class Plays. Her sorority, Chi Omega, chose her as Reporter and President, while the student body chose her as campus favorite. SCHELLEY HIGHSMITH Schelley Highsmith, who comes from Collier- ville, Tennessee, is one of Union ' s most indus- trious and capable students. She has served as Vice-President of the Allegro Club, Secre- tary of the Y.W.A., chaplain of Sigma Alpha Iota, and President of Hypatia. She was a member of the Chorus and the Library Staff. • 12 MARY DELAINE SHERBENOU Quietly busy, Mary Delaine Sherbenou of Milan, Tennessee has accomplished much while here at Union. Her musical abilities have been shown through her participation in the Band, Chorus, Allegro Club, serving as secretary, and Sigma Alpha Iota, serving as treasurer. She has also been a member of the B.S.U., Y.W.A., Footlights, and Alpha Psi Omega. She was a dorm counselor and art editor for the LEST WE FORGET staff. CAROL Tsr TOWNSEND Quiet and busy, Carolyn Townsend has been a fine example as the perfect Union student during her years here. She is major- ing in music and is from Parsons, Tennessee. The clubs she has participated in are: Foot- lights, Allegro, B.S.U. and Y.W.A. She has been in the Band, Chorus and on the staff of the Class Plays. Carolyn has been Secretary and Treasurer of her class, B.S.U. representative to the Student Council, Vice- President of the Interfraternity Council, Cor- responding Secretary of S.A.I., Vice-Presi- dent of Hypatia, and has held the offices of Treasurer and President of her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. She was a campus favorite last year. KAY DUNAGAN Kay Dunagan, from Yorkville, Tennessee, is a girl of many talents. She has been an escort to Miss Union and a cheerleader. She has been a member of B.S.U., Y.W.A., and secretary to N.E.A. ; she has served as snap- shot editor of LEST WE FORGET, Presi- dent of the Dorm Council, Associate Justice of the Student Court, President of Inter- fraternity Council, President and Activities Chairman of Zeta Tau Alpha, and member of Hypatia. Kay is getting a B.S. degree. } CAROL ANN LUETHGE Carol Ann Luethge, vivacious and versatile, from St. Louis, Missouri, has played an im- portant role in the campus activities. Carol has been an officer in the following organizations: Alpha Psi Omega, Y.W.A., Home Economics Club and Footlights Club. She has been Best Actress of the year. Junior Class Speaker, drama editor and Chi Omega Reporter to the Cardinal and Cream, and Student Court Justice. Carol has also served as a member of the Latin Club, B.S.U., Girls ' P.E. Club, University Singers, the Class Plays and the Spring Plays, and the National Education Association. She has been an asset to her sorority, Chi Omega, by serving as the Activities Chairman and Personnel Chair- m a • 74 f BETTY COWAN ONLY Friendliness is a quality that has made Betty Only well known to her fellow stu- dents. She was a member of the B.S.U., Y.W.A., N.E.A., and Reporter for the History Club. She has served her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, as social chairman and Vice- President, and was Best Member in 1959. She was her Sophomore Class Student Coun- cil Representative, served on the Dorm Council, and was chosen to be a cheer- leader and member of the Freshman Court, and Campus Favorite. ANNE NELL WILSON Showing her capabilities in many areas, Anne Nell Wilson, from Brownsville, Tennessee, is highly thought of by her fellow students. While she consistently appeared on the Dean ' s List, she was also active in B.S.U., serving as Vice- President, Y.W.A., Hypatia, elected Program Chairman, N.E.A., and the Math Club, serv- ing as President. She was a Dorm Counselor and her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, elected her Scholarship Chairman and Treasurer. DIXIE LEE CLAMPITT Dixie Lee Clampitt, one of Union ' s most studious personalities, has certainly demon- strated herself worthy to be a member of " Who ' s ' Who. " She also has been a member of the Y.W.A., serving as President and Sec- retary. Dixie has been secretary of Hypatia and a member of the Spanish Club. She is from Jackson, and will receive a B.A. ? ' aar JOYCE LAVERNE X ALLS Joyce Laverne ' Walls, who is a transfer from Memphis State Baptist School of Nursing, has made an outstanding record in scholastics. She was a member of B.S.U., Y. ' W.A., Hypatia, History Club, Footlights, and Phi Alpha Theta. She has had a part in campus dramatics and has been on the Library Staff. MISS PAT ANDREWS AND MR. KEN GAULT MR. AND UNION The titles of Mr. and Miss Union are among the highest honors that can come to a student. These two are elected by the student body and must meet a number of qualifications. They must be either a Junior or a Senior and en- rolled at Union for all their college days. This, as well as appearance, scholar- ship, popularity, loyalty, school spirit, and personality, all combine to make the type persons for our Mr. and Miss Union. « 77 JUNIOR MAID AND ESCORT Miss Elaine Prather Mr. Dan Stone AND SENIOR MAID AND ESCORT Miss Lynn Baltzell Mr. Walter Allison vs j 78 ? ' COUIRT SOPHOMORE MAID AND ESCORT Miss Syrena Watridge Mr. Phil Jeffress FRESHMAN MAID AND ESCORT Miss Becky Maness Mr, Mack Taylor 79 ?« ' -. :4 ' ' f- ■■%h Vl ' vss Vavive ■piatV e " aw avt Ga.Ve Me - del nr «»§ 80 " « Lucy T, .EST ALL ' ■«? 81 J-a i u. ' " ' nr iUIKIELY TO SUCCiEED -5 82 c-s nr HANIDSO - 83 e . ' x { Miss Elaine Prather VERSIIT « 84 Standing, left to right: First Maid, Miss Judy Melton; Second Maid, Miss Syrena Watridge; Alternate, Miss Sue Pope. Seated: Miss University, Miss Elaine Prather. AND COURT ■ 85 5 Miss Elaine Prather BASKETBALL QUEEN Lcjt to right: Mr. Willam Hopkins, Miss Carolyn Johnson, Mr. John Mont- gomery, Miss Delores Nichols, Mr. Paul Taylor, Miss Elaine Prather, Miss Becky Maness, Mr. Benny Rushing, Miss Weymuth Heuiser, Mr. Jim Bryant. AND COURT « 87 AMPUI 1 [ Miss Joyce Stevenson Miss Lynn Baltzell favorite: Miss Carolyn Townsend i Miss Kay Dunagan AMIPU Miss Lucy Turner Miss Joan Patton «sg 90 Miss Freddie Sandidge ■« ' 3 91 ?«-■ AMIIPUIS FAVORITE: Miss Elaine Prather Miss Becky Maness •«§ 92 ?■ • ' e FltlESHIMAN QUEEN «« 93 e Miss Joan Patton QUEEN of «§ 94 GMA ALPHA EIPSILON Miss Lucy Turner SWEETHEART of ALPHA TAUI OMEGA s§ 95 f " yr ORGANIZATION President Kay Dunagan Vice-President Martha Milam Recording Secretary Nancy McCollum Tre.isurer Anne Nell Wilson Corresponding Secretary Shari Marvin Marion Ellis BETA OMEGA OF ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded at Longwood College, Farmv ' ille, VirgiiiLi, October 13, 1898 Colors: Turcpioise Blue and Steel Gray Floiver: White Violet Open Motto: To Seek the Noblest Beta Omega of Zeta Tau Alpha has found the meaning of love, friendship, sisterhood, and fraternity to widen and deepen as this year un- folded. The year of 1960-61 will be remembered as a successful year in every area of fraternity life. In service to others . . . Zetas gave a party every month to the victims of Cerebral Palsy in the Jack- son area. The chapter also contributed to the Zeta Tau Alpha National Service Program which is Cerebral Palsy. At Thanksgiving, Zetas shared baskets of goods with needy families. At Christ- mas time, Zetas provided food, clothing, and toys for a family of five, creating the Christmas Spirit in their home and in Zetas ' hearts. Zetas sold Lions ' Club papers and collected for the Heart Fund. These are the events Zetas look for ' ard to as a time of sharing with others. In fun and fellowship . . . Zetas laughed through the gay swirl of parties that lasted all year. The Big-Little Sister Steak Supper, the " Prisoners of Zeta " Date Party, the Big-Little Sister Pre-Dawn Christmas Party, the " Southern Garden " Date Party, the Mother-Daughter Luncheon, the Spring Banquet, the Senior Dinner, the Picnic, and the coke parties filled each month with festivities. In campus activities . . . Zetas contributed to campus life in every area. Sue Pope, Bettie Ralph, and Shari Marvin were active participants in the dramatic productions. Sue Pope provided the entertainment for the half- time ceremonies of the Homecoming Game. Zetas are also active in the band, chorus, and other clubs. Leaders of the campus, Kay Dunagan, Betty Cowan Only, Carolyn Townsend, and Anne Nell " Wilson were selected for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. In the capacity of Presi- dent, Kay Dunagan and Marty Slilam led the dormitory councils of Jones and Crook Hall. Zetas served on the Student Council and Student Court. Selected for popularity, Kay Dunagan and Carolyn Townsend were chosen as " Campus Favorites " and Connie Holmes was chosen Fresh- man Queen by the Freshman class. For beauty, Sue Pope was selected as alternate to Miss Univer- sity. In the sharing of joys and sorrows, in the dis- cipline of responsibility and leadership, in the songs and laughter, Zetas have found the true meaning of sisterhood. It will be this that will be remembered in years to come. Carol Ellison Carolyn Cheek Gertie Parker Linda Scha efer Mona Nerren k. A GwEN Phillips Charlotte Fowlkes Antoinette Highsmith Joyce Smith Connie Holmes vs§ 99 Martha Gail Foote Sandra Gurley Donna Livingston Diana Jerden Barbara Walsh Carol Miller Linda Lou Bennett Carolyn Raines « 100 § Phil Jeffress ER Jerry Haynie Bill Sublette ET TENNESSEE ETA OF A ALPHA EIPSilLON Sigma Alpha Epsilon is one of those collegiate social organizations which started as a local group and developed into a huge society with chapters on campuses throughout the United States. It was organized by eight scholarly men at the University of Alabama, March 9, 1856; its ritual being based en Christian principles, and its ideals being those qualities inherent in the true gentleman. Tennessee Eta Chapter here at Uni on has as rich a heritage as any chapter, being founded 104 years ago when Union University was located at Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Through these many years of pleasant association, Tennessee Eta has grown as Union has grown, with the chapter still retaining its position as an asset to the social life cf the campus. This past year has furnished many events that will someday serve as memories of our days at Union . . . the coronation of the lovely Miss Joan Patton as our Chapter Queen ; the wide-eyed wonder of four little boys to whom S.A.E. was " Santa Claus " ; that exciting night when the chap- ter went " down to the bowery " for the Queen ' s party ; the completion of a successful rush season and the pride at later seeing these men earn the right to wear the " big pin. " We can also remember fondly the many positions and honors that have been gained by a portion of our Brothers, such as: Vice-President of the Stu- dent Body, Vice-President of the Sophomore Class, Editor of Lest D ' V Forge , membership in the History Club and Math Club, offices in Phi Alpha Theta, the Nestor Club, and Phi Mu Alpha; participation in the Band and Chorus, and escorts to the Basketball Queen and to Mr. and Miss Union. These things we mention not to be boast- ful, but because of the genuine pride we feel in the success of our Brothers. This is our chapter — it has a background of tradition and sentiment, a membership of fame and distinction, and in every way its members have every right to feel honest and genuine pride in membership in Tennessee Eta of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • 101 DAVID SALLEE • 102 f CHARLES MARSTON - 103 Carol Luethge Personnel Chairman Marilyn Martin Herald UIPSILON OIF CHI OMEGA Founded at the Unii ' ersity of Arkansas, Fayeltei ' ille, Arkansas, on April 5, 1893. Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation The Upsilon Chapter of Union University endeavors in all phases of life to give truth and light to its open motto, " Hellenic culture and Christian ideals. " Instilled within the hearts of each member is a wonderful bond of unbroken love and friendship. This bond grows with the years and is ever a source of enlightenment. This year has been one of which to be proud and one which will always be remembered by each Chi Omega. One of the brightest spots of our year was the com- pletion of our beautiful lodge. Regally occupying the address of 340 N. Hays, this contemporary structure of old-brick and red wood is a " dream " come true for Upsilon chapter. Also this year, the Chi O ' s were re- cipients of many awards and honors. Among these: Escorts to Miss Union; Basketball Queen and her maids; Seven representatives in the Ten Campus Favorites; Queen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega; Cheerleaders, Freshmen and Varsity; Miss University and the first two maids; Representatives to Little United Nations; Most Popular Girl; Best all- around Girl; and two members in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Our members are active in the student government also. Chi O ' s held the offices of student Council secretary and reporter, while another Chi O is a justice on the Student Court. Upsilon found many of its members active in such fields as physical education, music and dramatics. Other Chi O ' s were class officers, and held offices and membership in all campus organizations in which girls participate. As we come to the close of another wonderful year we are full of sadness for those who are leaving us, but we are joyful over a successful year, ' " e have ftrived as always to realize that each member ' s success is measured by the strength of the desire to succeed. As Chi Omegas, we have sought to be democratic rather than exclusive, and to adopt the deep meaning behind the words " to be womanly always, to be discouraged never. " Memories of this year will live forever in our hearts. Chi Omega ' s social life has been a full one. We will fondly remember our fall date part ' , " Tea House of the Chi Omese " held oriental style on the polished hardwood floor of our then empty lodge. Also we will recall the surprise party for the actives, Chicken-Bean Supp er, Dinner Party, Open House, informal Saturday luncheons, our Spring Banquet — the fabulous " Fandango. " Fall and Sprln.g Eleujinia, Senior Picnic, Spring outing and the Mother and Daughter Banquet. The Civic activities included Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, a Christ- mas party for a needy family — complete with Santa Claus and gifts, and sellin.g papers for the Lions ' charity drive. And so it is with dreams fulfilled, and memories of a .great year, that we close this year. Memories of it will always be held dear and we will recount them many, many times. Next year, we know, will be another characterized by love and friendship. Janice Boren Shirley Blurton Barbara Derryberry Marilyn Dame Ann Jamison Nancy Ward Janet Hines Sandy Childress Emily Pritchard Miriam Tillman Becky Tipler Bonnie Baker Ann Fuller Oneida Hooker Janis Pulliam Mary Ann Baker Alicia Wilkerson Etta Futtrell Nancy Tipton Tommye Long Laura Mefford Ann McComic ' 105 §» Freddie Sandidge Syrena Watridge Virginia Lewis Mary Laughlin Sue Crouch Boyer Janeen Googe Delores Hall Patsy Hutson Brynda X ' ILLIAMS LiBBY WooLEY Kay Hanebuth Betty Baker Becky Morton Sheila Rhodes Nancy McCarthy Judy Melton Marty Springer Becky Maness Judy Vaughn Barbara Cole Shirley Pope Molly LAWRENcr Sandy Neal Sandra McDaniel Gail Stewart Linda Miles Barbara Sasser Joan Davidson ■ S 106 Eleanor Coker Mary Campbell Carolyn Jordan Delores Nichols Betty Pulliam Malcolm Tipton Glenn Davis ]rsc BiETA TAU OF AIL This year, as for 67 consecutive years, Beta Tau of Alpha Tau Omega has served the students, faculty and traditions of Union University. Located on a campus steeped in heritage and tradition. Beta Tau is ever ready to stand fourth and proclaim the benefits of Greek fellowship and the principles of Christian teaching. The men of Beta Tau have again excelled in all phases of campus activities. They hold such offices as president of the Student Body; president and vice-president of the senior class; president of the sophomore and freshmen classes and vice- president of the junior class. As always, ATO is the most outstanding group on campus, with brothers excelling in all phases of athletic life. Outstanding contributions were made to the basketball team this season by Bro- thers Bob Pavelonis and Joe Smith. On the base- ball team six of the starting nine players are ATO ' s, with Brothers Paul Taylor and John Montgomery serving as co-captains. The same situation holds true with the rest of the teams engaged in spring sports. On the golf team, three of the four men on the team are Taus. Brothers fill five of the six positions on the Tennis team. These are but some of the ways in which Taus are serving the athletic traditions of Union University and Beta Tau. OMEGA Taus came through this year in campus elections. Brother Ken Gault was crowned Mr. Union and our past sweetheart. Miss Pat Andrews, was elected Miss Union. Most recently, Brother Frank Jamison was elected best all-around boy and our present sweetheart. Miss Lucy Turner, was selected as one of the ten campus favorites. On a national scope, the two men selected by the faculty to represent Union in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities were both Taus, Brothers Wayne Brown and Ken Gault. Scholastically, ATO has maintained its usual high record. Represented in the Nestor Club, men ' s honorary scholastic club, eight out of its twelve members are Taus with Brother Bob High- fill serving as President of this organization. The social life of Beta Tau is something to remember. Who could forget the Coronation Banquet in November when lovely Lucy Turner was crowned ATO Sweetheart. This is but a small tribute to pay to the men who compose this fraternity, but they can never forget the years spent in service and brotherhood in ATO. " The future holds great promise, more years of dedication to the principles and ideals of Beta Tau of Alpha Tau Omega. ' 107 ? iiii Dan Stone Delbert Coggins Wayne Brown David Clayton D- HUH HHi HHl Jim Bullard Jerry Hart m m Johnny Reams Jerry Spencer Wayne Johnson Bill Sisson in i Dunaway Conner Terry Anderson Dewey Corder Tom Upchurch James Allcock Fred Cook Reggie Horne Jerry Baskin Jerry Oakley Gene Grooms Paul Taylor Tom Vance Larry Moore ' 108 • Gerald Dame Charles Burkhead Jimmy Bryant Jerry Dunn Welton Gaddy Bill Greene Jim Daniels Bob Pavelonis Jerald Smith Mk Ak Rich Emerson John Montgomery James Jowers Ed Arquitt Jim Pulliam it Tony Middleton Wayne Woods Joe Smith Larry Ray Jerry Kuykendall iiki Benny Vance Larry Smith Jim Covington Charles Carter Hugh Turner • 109 ! Front you, ' : Kay Dunagan, Tommy Barnes. Second row: Sue Pope, Bonnie Baker, Joyce Stevenson, Hunter Taylor, Carolyn Townsend. Third row: Wayne Brown, Tommye Long, Frank Jamison. Fourth row: Walter Allison, Dean Moore. TERFRATERNITY COUNCIi President KAY DUNAGAN Vice-President TOMMY BARNES Secretary BONNIE BAKER Treasurer FRANK JAMISON L ««§ 110 • Q, 0 )0 Left to right, settled: Mr. Reid, Tony Gamer, Alicia Wilkerson, Becky Tipler, Brj ' nda Williams, Pat Kirby, Sharron Lyon, David Clayton. Second row: Mary Ann Baker, Carolyn Townsend, Mary D. Sherbenou, Marilyn Owens, Marty Milam, Carolyn Cheek. Gail Taylor, Dot Sisco, Judy Boyer. Third row: Carolyn Jones, Bettye Clift, Cherry Dill, Janeen Googe, Nelda Knight, Ann Coughlan, Virginia Boulton. Standing, left to right: J. L. Whitten, Bob Dills, Tommy Belew, Clarice Vernon, Jerry Haynie, Bill Powers, Charles Marston, Ralph Winslow, Frank Congiardo, Tom Hawkins, Louis Sacchini, John Sneed, Bill Weinstein, Ronnie Collins, Bill Watson, Jerald Smith, James Ray Allison, Melvin Childress, James Allcock, Bobby Newton. THE ALLEGRO CLUB The Allegro Club is composed of Music Majors and Minors, the music faculty of Union and all others with a special interest in music. It develops the individual ' s ability to perform by sponsoring a recital after each meeting. It is a social club dedicated to the study, appreciation, and enjoyment of music. OFFICERS President DAVID CLAYTON Vice-President JERRY HAYNIE Secretary-Treasurer BRYNDA WILLIAMS Social Chairman BECKY TIPLER Program Chairman PAT KIRBY Scrapbook Chairman SHARRON LYON Publicity Chairman ALICIA WILKERSON v«§ 111 Seated: Louis Sacchini, Ralph Winslow. Sljndiiig. left to right: Bill Greene, Bill Watson, Charles Marston, Wayne Woods, Tom Hawkins, Bobby Newton, James Ray Allison, Jerry Haynie, Tommy Belew, Mr. Hutchison. Ronnie Collins. Dan Emerson, Bill Powers, Frank Congiardo, John Snead, Bill Weinstein. J. L. Whitten. Mr. Roberson, Mr. Reid. HI ALPHA SIINFONIIA Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, professional music fraternity for men, is the largest fraternity of any kind in the world. Its purposes are to advance the cause of music in America, fos- ter the mutual welfare and brotherhood of music students, develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members and encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. The local chapter was founded in I960. The group is active in maintaining concessions for high school music contests on the campus and in provid- ing programs and projects of cultural in- terest to the community. OFFICERS President JERRY HAYNIE Vice-President JAMES RAY ALLISON Secretary BILL ' WATSON Treasurer BOBBY NEWTON Historian JAMES ALLCOCK Pledge Master and Warden LOUIS SACCHINI " « 112 Left to right, seated Patti Heiiington, Alicia Wilkerson, Jo)ce Stevenson, Becky Tipler, Mary Ann Baker, Mary D. Sherbenou, Carolyn Townsend, Polly Stone. Le]t to right, sljnding: Ann Coughlan, Marilyn Owens, Carolyn Cheek, Schelley Highsmith, Linda X ' illiams. A AILPHIA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota, national professional music fraternity for women, was founded at the University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1903. Union ' s Gamma Sigma chapter was organized April 26, I960, with 14 members, 3 patronesses, and 2 advisors as charter members. The chapter meets formally once each month and aims for the highest possible music scholarship. Membership is by invita- tion to those of high excellence in musician- ship. Flower: Red Rose Colors: Crimson and White Publication: Pan Pipes Open Motto: " Vita BrerJs, Ars Longa. " Officers include: President, Mary Ann Baker; Vice-President, Polly Stone; Record- ing Secretary, Patti Herrington; Correspond- ing Secretary, Carolyn Townsend; Treasurer, Mary D. Sherbenou; Chaplain, Schelley Highsmith; Sergeant-at-Arnis, Ann Cough- lan; Editor, Linda Smith. - i 113 5s Standing, First row: Gertie Parker, Joyce Walls, Carolyn Townsend. Second row: Kay Dunagan, Mary Ann Baker, Marie Marshall, Anne Nell Wilson, Lucy Turner. Third row: Polly Stone, Leone Williams, Dixie Clampitt, Betty CavenJer. Not pictured: Schelley Highsmith. HI Y PAT II A CLUB Hypatia is devoted to the development of Hypatia is named for a woman, who, as a special knowledge in the literary field. Its celebrated astronomer and mathematician of membership is limited to Junior and Senior the 5th century, became the center of a group students who possess a high scholastic record. of persons of learning and distinction in Once each month the group meets to discuss Alexandria, recent developments in literature. OFFICERS President SCHELLEV HIGHSMITH I ' ice-President CAROL ' N TOWNSEXD Secretary DIXIE CLAMPITT Reporter MARY ETTA SPEIGHT Program Chairm.m ANNE NELL WILSON Sponsor MISS MARION CROCKER 5 114 f» Sejted, left to right: Barry McComic, Dan Stone, David Miller, Wayne Brown, Bob Highfiil. Stjiiding. left to right: Jim Batcman, Frank Jamison, Prof. Allen, Jerry Scruggs, Charles Wingo, Ken Gault, Walter Allison. NESm Nestor Club was founded in 1913 and a faculty sponsor, Nestor Club meets once took its name from a classical theme. Nestor, each month for an evening of fellowship a descendant of Prometheus, was the oldest and discussion. Members are elected pri- and wisest of the Greek chieftains during marily on the basis of scholarship. Once the Trojan War. each year this group meets with its sister Composed of twelve student members and club, Hypatia. OFFICERS President BOB HIGHFILL Vice-President BARRY McCOMIC Secretary WALTER ALLISON Treasurer WAYNE BROWN Chaplain JERRY SCRUGGS Sponsor MR. AL ALLEN ' i 115 ps ' Front row, left to right : Jimmie Kee, James McAfee, Larry Hooppaw, Tommy Vance, David Glisson. Standing: Shirley McElyeu, Mr. McCord, Carolyn Davis, Patsy Williams. Mr. Buss, Ann Jamison, Joe Bill Sisson, Nancy Watkins, Ann Johnson, Bobby Cummings, Peggy Allen, Jane Bailey, Johnny Hinson, Elaine Prather, Mary Ann Taylor, Bill Sublette, Judy Potts, Etta Futtrell, Mrs. LaFon. .USIINIE! CLUB The purposes of this organization are to foster interest in business situations and practices of the American economy, to de- velop understanding of various business in- stitutions, to develop business skills and leadership ability, and to promote the ethical viewpoint among future business leaders. OFFICERS President LARRY HOOPPAW " Vice-President GERALD DAME Secrel.vy ELAINE PRATHER Tre.mircr ANN JAMISON Publicity Cbairm.vi DAVID GLISSON IPIHIII ALPHA TIHIETA OFFICERS President RALPH WILLIAMS Vke-President CHARLES VC ' INGO Secrehtry JOYCE WALLS Treasurer HUNTER TAYLOR Reporter ROY JONES Faculty Adi-isor MRS. L. D. RUTLEDGE The Delta Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, National Honorary Scholarship Fra- ternity in history, encourages research and writing. Ralph Williams, president, read on December 27, I960, a paper entitled " Tem- pest in a Boston Teacup " before the Thirty- ninth Anniversary National Convention held in New York City. Standing, left to right: Ralph Williams, Roy Jones, Mrs. Rutledge, Dr. Ward, Joyce Walls, Dr. Muntz, Hunter Taylor. RUTLEDGE HISTORY CLUIE The Rutledge Honorary History Club has functioned continuously since its organiza- tion on November 21, 1929- It encourages a wider knowledge of history; emphasizes scholarship; and serves as a proving ground for membership in Delta Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta. OFFICERS President DEAN MOORE 1 -ice-President JANICE BOREN Secretary JUANITA SIKES Treasiirer BILL JONES Reporter ROY JONES Sponsor ROSA D. RUTLEDGE Seated, left to right: Bettylu Smith, Lucy Turner, Barbara Dunlap, Mrs. Rutledge, Joyce Walls, Betty Only. Standing: Jerry Scruggs, Dr. ' Ward, Nathan Pillow, Dean Moore, Pat Morse, Vaughn Pruitt, Juanita Sikes, Hunter Taylor, Freddie Sandidge, Bill Jones, Alice West, Roy Jones, Janice Boren, Dr. Muntz, Jerry Bas- kins, Ralph Williams. Seated, left to right: Kay Dunagan, Marilyn Dame, Bonnie Baker, Janet Hines, Carol Ann Miller, Mrs. Cook, Sponsor. Standing, left to right: Kenelia Thetford, Zelma Turnbo, Jane McMaster, Brenda Mayo, Pat Jeffress, Judy Vaughn. Seated, left to right: Gwen Phillips, Nancy Horton, Laura Mefford, Ann Fuller. Standing, left to right: Frank Jamison, Bennett Willis, Jimmy Jones, Linda Rogers, Wallace McAfee, Katie Webb, Bobby Cummings, Patsy King, David Miller, Floyd Free, Anne Nell Wilson, Prof. Donnell, Larry Steed. MALLORY MATH President ANNE NELL WILSON I ' ice-President FLOYD FREE Secretary PATSY KING Sponsor MR. R. T. DONNELL A Seated, lejt to right: Becky Morton, Libby Wooley, Gail Stewart, Joan Harris, Mary Ann Taylor, Karen Highsmith, Carol Luethge, Joyce Allen. Stjiiding. lejt to right: Linda Hurt, Roy Jones, Ken Newman, Julia Humphreys, Molly Lawrence, Freddie Sandidge, Sandy Childress. Barbara Dunlap. Jane Appleton, Laura Mefford, Annie R. Welch, Becky Holt, Nancy Rowe, Marilyn Martin, Kay Hanebuth, Polly Stone, Glenda Queen, Winston Piercy, Shirley Pope, Walter Tate, Patsy Hutson. LINGUAE MUNIDI OFFICERS President CHARLENE MUIR MOTT Vice-President: Latin BARBARA DAVIS Greek CAROLYN DAVIS Spanish MARY ANN TUTTEROW German MONA NERREN French MARY KARNAZES Secretary-Treasurer LINDA ROGERS Social Secretary MARY FREEMAN Reporter EUGENE GROOMS Sponsor DR. Afi ' ERS Seated: Linda Rogers, Dr. Myers, Charlene Muir Mott. Standing: Mary Karnazes, Mary Ann Tutterow, Barbara Davis, Mona Nerren, Mary Freeman, Gene Grooms. • 119 Lejl to right: Sarah Chatham, David Melvin, Ana Fuller. Jere Francis, Harlan Crosson. Pat Andrews, James X ' ood, Glenn Davis, Betty Cavender. Wallace McAfee. Peggy Stan- fill, Tommy Upchurch. SCIENCE CLUB Left to right: Bennett Willis, Patt Curtis, Betty Gurley, Larry Baker, Carol Ellison, Betty McCartney, Norman Williams, Gertie Parker, Larry LeGrand, James Jowers, James Morse. 5 120 5 - s itr vft% 1 ■Rfcfni y RSiy ' ; ' ' m IIHL ' JLi ; " 4k fc»T-i jPU InB mD 0wM rail l«I)vr HV m fflPW J Py l b Jli ■MJ fl SL Ci 1 Settled, left to right, first rote: Becky Holt, Barbara Dunlap, Lois Highfill, Emily Pritchard, Alice West, Betty McCartney, Peggy Stanfill. Second row: Linda Miles, Mary Ann Tutterow, Barbara Sasser, Mary Karnazes, Evalynn Burch. Rebecca Parker, Nancy Rowe, Linda Portis, Kay Dunagan, Sally Lipe, Shari Marvin, Sarah Chatham, Ann Thomas. Standing: Patsy King, Carolyn Davis, Judy Boyer, Betty Cavender, Nancy McCarthey, Syrena Watridge, Kenneth Newman, Elaine Prather, Linda Rogers, Ann Jamison, Mary McDaniel, Joyce Stevenson, Leone Williams, Bettye Clift, Pat Andrews, Katie Webb, Zelma Turnbo, Oneida Hooker, Evelyn Pannell, Nancy Watkins, Virginia Scarborough, Ann Crowell, Carol Homburg, Shirley Pope, Mary Ann Taylor, Joyce Allen, Dr. Pate. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President PATSY KING Vice-President NANCY ROWE Secretary KAY DUNAGAN Treasurer ALICE WEST Reporter LINDA ROGERS Program Chairman MARY ANN TUTTEROW Sponsor DR. PATE •« 121 e ?¥ ; ' ' - Standing, left to right: Mary D. Sherbenou, Shari Marvin, Wayne Johnson, Carol Luethge, Mrs. Loyd, Allen Tinker, Bettie Ralph, Fred Cook, Barbara Jelks. ALPHA IPSII OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega, the national dramatic ber has been elected to membership on the fraternity on Union ' s campus, strives to ad- basis of meritorious personal achievement vance dramatics to a rising level. Each mem- in school dramatics. OFFICERS Producer ALLEN TINKER Director WAYNE JOHNSON tage Manager CAROL LUETHGE C.nt Director MRS. ELIZABETH LOYD 122 IF tiliight: LUB The purpose of Footlights Club is to stimulate interest in dramatic art on the campus, to promote interest in dramatic presentations, and to of- fer a service to all students who are interested in dramatics. It sponsors all play productions, including a play tournament, one-act play night, and major productions. During the year the club enjoys a number of social functions. OFFICERS President WAYNE JOHNSON Vice-President FRED COOK Secretary BARBARA JELKS Tre.is!irer SHARI MARVIN Sponsor MRS. ELIZABETH LOYD § 123 ' ' ■ 124 ? ■• MAT 3 125 p ' 1 ■ . . .f i.,, ti liMniir--- ' ¥ ' - ii -- .— - . . . li- ' ' 4:1 . " ' V UNION UNIVERSIT YMIPHIONIC BAND Mr. Frederic Lubrani, Director ' 126 B P. p. rs n :n p. w p. C i444ii ' j.xi:i.HK 1 r " M I ijp UNION UNIVERSITY CHI Dr. John Hughes, Director BRASS CHOIR TET TAGE BAND «s 128 a WOODWIND ENSEMBLE GIRLS ' TRAVELLING QUARTET T CLA! g 129 f ' Editor JIM BATEMAN Associate Editor MARY ANN BAKER Photography Editor J. L. WRITTEN Art Editor TULLY DANIEL Staff JOYCE SMITH BILL POUNDS BETTY BAKER Literary Editor NANCY WARD Staff LINDA WHEAT Class Sections Editor PATSY HUTSON Sports Editors KAY HANEBUTH TOMMY BARNES Business Aianager GERALD DAME Photographers J. L. WHITTEN BILL ELLIS BURNETT SASSEEN Sponsor MRS. JESSIE SMITH TUDIENT LEST WE FORGET Editor POLLY STONE Assistant Editor DELBERT COGGINS Business Managers WAYNE JOHNSON FRANK DYER Sports Editor DALE ENOCH Proofreader CAROL LUETHGE Exchange Editors JANICE GOOD LIBBY WOOLEY Feature Writers GLENN DAVIS W. T. TATE Photographer BILL ELLIS Sponsor MRS. HELEN BLYTHE 1 CARDINAL AND CREAM f f 1 K m L «tf 3 REPORTERS J. L. WHITTEN, BARBARA DERRYBERRY. GENE GROOMS, LINDA RODGERS, LINDA BROWN, ROY JONES, LINDA WILLIAMS. BARBARA DUNLAP, ANN FULLER, JANICE BOREN, MARION ELLIS, ANN CROWELL, TOMMY UPCHURCH, JUDY STRANGE, MARY KARNAZES, ANNETTE SASSER, BARBARA WALSH, LUCY TURNER, JOE BILL SISSON, SYRENA WATRIDGE, BILL BROWN, ED JONES. DAVID GLISSON " 5 131 ■■ Left to right: Dr. Muntz, Faculty Advisor; Bill Brown, Pjrlijmentarij?!: Joyce Stevenson, Secretary: Lucy Turner, Reporter; Jerry Spencer, Ch.ipLiin: Tommy Belew, Vice-President ; Wayne Brown, Presidetit. nruDiENT COUNCIL officer: Standing: Pat Andrews, Chief Justice. Seated: Jerry Scruggs, Carol Luethge, Gayle Alexander. Not pictured: Kay Dunagan, Dan Stone, Barry McComic. nrUDENT COURT ' 132 ? First row, left to right: Lucy Turner, Joyce Stevenson, Wayne Brown, Tommy Belew. Second row: Bob Highfill, Mary Ann Baker, Bill Brown, Gertie Parker. Third row: Joe Smith, Betty Cavender, Carolyn Townsend, Dr. Muntz. Fourth row: Frank Jamison, Carol Ann Miller, Bill Owens, Polly Stone. Fifth row: Bill Jones, Mack Taylor, Pat Andrews, Jerry Haynie. • 133 u EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Standing, left to right: Nancy Horton, Roy Jones, Gayle Alexander, Polly Stone, Tommye Long, Dr. Ward, Carolyn Townsend, Bettye Clift, Lucy Turner, Beverly Garland, Becky Tipler, Mary D. Sherbenou, Betty McCartney, Tommy Belew, Jimmy Rogers, James Allcock. The Baptist Student Union is more an organism than an organization. Its purpose is to hnk the local churches with the college students that they may more adequately serve Christ during their college days. President GAYLE ALEXANDER Sponsor DR. HIRAM WARD -s ' j 134 ? ■• nriERlAL ASSOCIATI Seated, left to right : Kenneth Morris, Roy Jones, Talmadge Kelley, J. C. Thedfoid, Ralph Williams, Dr. Callahan. Second roir: Ronnie Davidson, James Combs, John Pippin, Austin Haney, Jerrell White, John Vaughn. Third roiv: Welton Gaddy, Ronnie Owens, Don Garrison, Lewis Sewell, Bariy Dill, Gayle Alexander, Burnett Sasseen. Fourth row: Johnny Adams, Carl Cox, Keith Huffman, Vaughn Pruitt, Herman Green, Joseph Byford, Grady Dozier, Floyd Price. Fi]th row: William Denston, Willis Henson, Thomas Smith, Robert Booker, Adrian Knipper, Bobby Wiggins. Sixth row: Tillman Mays, Matt Tomlin, Jerry Scruggs, James Rogers. Paul Woodford, Afack Taylor, Jim Covington, Duane Sergeant. The Union University Ministerial Associ- ation was derived from the J. R. Graves Society, which was founded in 1877. The Association helps students to become familiar with special problems connected with their future work. Members gain practice in cor- rectly expressing themselves in public and thereby extend their knowledge of religious subjects. Sponsor DR. CALLAHAN ■■a ) 135 Q AO a o Queen Mary D. Sherbenou Maids Delma Prescott Rebecca Parker Bettye Clift Y. W. A. ROYALTY ' 136 ? • Sedted: Mary D. Sherbenou, Judy Vaughn, Evelyn Pannell, Maity Milam. Standing: Mrs. Taylor, Barbara Wyatt, Delma Prescott, Annette Sasser, Mary Freeman. Y. W. A. OFFICERS Preside it Mary D. Sherbenou Vice-Preside)it Bettye Clift Secretary Dot Sisco Program Chairman Rebecca Parker Sponsor Mrs. Ann Taylor Jones Hall Circle I Jones Hall Circle II ' 137 Crook Hall Circle Lovelace Hall Circle I " 1? Y. W. A. Lovelace Hall Circle II •« ) 138 D out: CROSS COUNTRY First row, left to right: Coach Rose, Mike Palmer, Paul Wright, Larry Steed, Bill Ellis. Second rou left to right: Albert Pittman, Bill Hopkins, Eddie Walton, Ken Gault, Larry Ray. SCHEDULE T TMT ' M UINIUJN 15 Florence State 50 19 University of Tennessee 25 Southwestern 36 38 19 Memphis State University 16 Florence State 34 56 Second Place — Union Invitational 26 Murray State 19 Memphis State University 23 Southwestern 29 42 37 Champions— VSAC NAIA Fourteenth Place— NCAA 140 • -j ' - tiy: ' ; r- ' Look, Mom! No cavities! ' ' Have team, will travel! " ' The Big Four! " " Hey Coach! Let ' s take a break! " «§ 141 ffe- IP. E. CLUB First row, left to right: Jane McMaster, Bobbie Baker, Syrena Watridge, Shari Marvin, Bettj- McCartney, Carol Luethge. Second row: Judy Thompson, Elaine Prather, Ann Crowell, Emily Pritchard, Linda Portis. Third row: Barbara Jelks, Lynn Baltzell, Joyce Stevenson, Sarah Fesmire. Fourth row: Joyce Ann Browning, Nancy McLeary, Weymuth Heuiser. The P. E. Club is an organization for girls majoring or minoring in physical education. One may also gain membership by earning 300 points in the intramural system. The club ' s purpose is to promote physical educa- tion activities for girls on campus. This past year the club enjoyed sponsoring a cross-country invitation meet. During the homecoming activities, a tea was given, honoring visiting athletes. The annual spring outing was a fun-filled affair. Mrs. B. C. Williams is the able sponsor of this club. " s 142 t ' Cheering the ' 60- ' 61 Bulldogs to vic- tory were the follow- ing Varsity Cheer- leaders: WAYNE JOHNSON BARBARA DUNLAP FREDDIE SANDIDGE ELAINE PRATHER LYNN BALTZELL WELTON GADDY ALTERNATES: WEYMUTH HEUISER REGGIE HORN cheerleader: The Freshman Cheerleaders consisted of: BOBBY CROWE BECKY MORTON DIANNE MILLS BECKY MANESS MARTY SPRINGER DIANA JERDEN JOHN EARL WELLS 143 BASKETBALL First row, left to light: Joe Aden, Ken Arnold. Second row: Coach Russell, Robert Newell, Jeriy Potter, Bob Quint, Joe Smith, Robert Replogle, Jim Brazier, Fred Korte, Otis Griffin, Warren Koch, Glenn Radford, Sonny Hawkins, Ken Davis, Bob Pavelonis, Billy Jones, Larry Wilson. BASKETBALL SCORES UNION UNION 86 NICHOLS STATE 82 63 AUSTIN PEAY 81 59 MISSISSIPPI STATE 115 74 ATHENS 58 81 S. E. MISSOURI STATE 93 65 MEMPHIS NAVY 58 89 C B. C. 78 67 U. T. M. B. 61 91 ST. BERNARD 92 53 DAVID LIPSCOMB 60 69 S. E. MISSOURI STATE 86 100 SOUTHWESTERN 74 110 BETHEL 96 93 BETHEL 79 97 SOUTHWESTERN 83 V. S. A. C. Tournament 64 AUSTIN PEAY 96 56 KING COLLEGE 54 69 C. B. C 76 69 MILLIGAN COLLEGE 50 74 BELMONT 84 66 AUSTIN PEAY 70 69 U. T. M. B. 68 55 CARSON NEWMAN 69 62 DAVID LIPSCOMB 64 N. A. I. A. District Playoff 63 ATHENS 60 68 CARSON NEWMAN 76 « 144 P » s 145 • 146 GOLF TEAM 1 9 1 BILL HAN DAN STONE Left to right: DAN STONE, DON MORRIS, DR. JOHN MYERS, RONNIE BAKER, BILL HAN. GOLF SCHEDULE April 7 St. Bernard April 10 Murray State April 19 Austin Peay April 21 Murray State April 24 St. Bernard April 25 Austin Peay April 28-29 T.I.A.C. May 9 Southwestern May 12 Southwestern May 1 5 V.S. A.C. DR. JOHN MYERS RONNIE BAKER " sg 147 C ' S " IPRIING TRACK First row, left to right: Sam Guthrie, Larry Steed, Bill Cook, Tony Middleton, Dan Sallari. Second rou.- Coach Rose, Jerry Melson, Terry Anderson, Robert Newell, Ken Gault, Larry Ray, Mike Palmer, Danny Cobb. Third rotv; Bill Jones, Jim Brazier, Ken Arnold, Glenn Radford, Eddie Walton, Jimmy Bryant. SCHEDULE March 25 Mississippi College Here April 1 Memphis Relays There April 8 Southwestern There April 11 Southeast Missouri Here April 22 Austin Peay There April 29 David Lipscomb Here May 2 Harding College There May 6 T.LA.C. May 9 Austin Peay Here May 13 V.S.A.C. c3 148 a Go - .y WSM ]Sfc ' «ll i " ' " ■ - ' j ' ' S M -f rl « 149 ygg„«- ■«§ 150 » IPRIING TRACK ' « ' -3 152 ?«-• TENNIl; ® y UO tk J r; i ' i a n _j[io nr rr Lt o right: Dr. Charles Taylor, Welton Gaddy, Glen Davis, Charles Burkhead, Billy Dunn, Dunaway Conner, Jimmy Covington, Bob X omack. SCHEDULE April 7 St. Bernard ... There April 28 Austin Peay Here April 10 U.T.M.B There April 29 David Lipscomb There April 21 Austin Peay There May 1 U.T.M.B Here April 22 David Lipscomb Here May 4-5 T.I.A.C. April 24 St. Bernard Here May 11-12 V.S.A.C. DUNAWAY CONNER BILLY DUNN GLENN DAVIS s 153 5 .ASEBALIL First row, left to right: Bob Quint, Bill Brewer, Bill McDaniel, Clay Emling, Jerry Baskin, David Blackstock, Dewey Corder, Paul Taylor, Bob Pavelonis, Danny Claiborne. Second voiv: Coach Russell, Donnel Douglas, Warren Koch, Jimmy Conner, Benny Rushing, William Hopkins, Larry Wilson, Bill Owens, Charles Wingo, Ed Jones, Sammy Smith, John Montgomer) ' . SCHEDULE Illinois Wesleyan Here Valparaiso Here Valparaiso Here Western Illinois Here William Jewell Here Hillsdale Here Hillsdale Here Southwestern Here Memphis State Here U.T.M.B Here Bethel There David Lipscomb Here U.T.M.B : There Belmont There Austin Peay Here Memphis State There Bethel Here David Lipscomb There Southwestern There Belmont Here Austin Peay There Edwin Jones, infield • 154 ? " Clay Emling, outfield Bill McDaniel, infield Jimmy Conner, outfield Benny Rushing, infield r J 1 M ' " 1 p pip M U: i H Orr n Aft. P p»- K M. Zjort H 1 Jl ■ 155 5 " b) s 8esSs - WHIP w i :-: %l -- " KJ A m f i ■ H W5iJl 1 ■1 P v fl I ' l ' JHHHHHri ...... itawteZr yk Miss Elaine Prather, National Honey Bee Queen Congratulations from the ' 61 Lest We Forget Staff! • 166 fa I A n A a i ADVERTISEMENT BLAND ' S D-X SERVICE D-X Gas and Oils Prompt - Courteous Service Road Service Washing - Polishing X-pert Lubrication EMERY BLAND, Prop. LEXINGTON HAYS AVES. . PHONE 2-1 101 • JACKSON, TENN. MOORE STUDIO OWNED OPERATED BY DEVON DOOLEY Offering always the latest and best achievements of PHOTOGRAPHIC ART 215 N. LIBERTY PHONE 7-1296 JACKSON. TENNESSEE • i 168 CAREERS ARE DIFFERENT NOW! Equitable Living Insurance makes the difference JACKSON, TENNESSEE Frank L. Reed, District Manager • ASSOCIATES Aubrey Reed John W. (Jack) Robinson ' F. Evans Wilson, Jr. V. A. Cooper HUMBOLDT, TENNESSEE Jim Briggs R. A. Long CORINTH, MISSISSIPPI Brulx Brumley UNION CITY, TENNESSEE BROWNSVILLE, TENNESSEE Sam Carpenter Edwin Felker PARIS, TENNESSEE R. M. Jelks MILAN, TENNESSEE K. A. McRee LEXINGTON. TENNESSEE DECATURVILLE, TENNESSEE COVINGTON, TENNESSEE E. R. Scott Union University Alumni Paul D. Rice HENDERSON, TENNESSEE R. W. (Dick) Stewart William N. Scruggs The EOUitnlllC ' Assurance Society of the United States DISTRICT OFFICE: 202 W. BALTIMORE, JACKSON, TENNESSEE ' 169 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS For The Best In PRESCRIPTION SERVICE HAYS AVENUE PHARMACY Phone 7-4496 y 3 Blocks fronn Union 1 Compliments of MUTUAL MARKETS 1 and 2 " Hollands Jackson ' s Greatest Store Compliments of FIVE POINTS MOBILGAS SERVICE STATION PHONE 7-1786 ' } 170 t?! (l- on(i S lioe L ompan Jackson ' s Leading Shoe Store 109 E. Main Tel. 7-1006 WARREN ' S GROCERY AND MARKET IRBY STREET AT UNION UNIVERSITY Compliments of Discount Jewelry House " Where Your Dollar Goes Twice as Far " 213 E. MAIN ST. PHONE 2-5421 Compliments of GLEN-MORE CLOTHES Factory to You 108 E. Lafayette Jackson, Tennessee • i 111 CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR Present Your " Lest We Forget " For FREE CONEY DOG AT Dog N Suds Restaurant Humboldt Highway - At City Limits BE SOCIABLE, HAVE A PEPSI THE LIGHT REFRESHMENT Compliments of RAGLAND-POTTER AND CO. Drink DrPep ier fro! r; 172 ts -- Compliments of J||||i |u3 [ alues for itotir fainilit and lie Miainb 05 I 1 1 EAST LAFAYETTE • TELEPHONE 2-5526 • JACKSON, TENNESSEE Serving Jackson and Madison County Since 1873 Compliments of The FIRST NATIONAL McGEE-ROSS BANK Restaurant Supply and Service Division OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal 2 1 1 E. Lafayette St. Reserve System Phone 7-3306 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Announcing . . . m LAYCOOK Compliments of t «, PRINTING 1 ■ CO. 1.1 ) ) W( " The best equipped small 1 i V Ir ...-t- printing plant in the South " Telephone 2-3466 Wdlk Church St. S. of Chester SLIPPER SHOP JACKSON, TENNESSEE Jackson, Tenn. • J 173 c LEXINGTON INN " Where Students Get Together " l " OVJOC ' S The student ' s jeweler for diamond knowledge Gifts — Engraving (Greek) Watch Repair CT JO " A trusted jeweler is your best advisor " ne llJooteru 209 E. LAFAYEHE 207 E. Main Tel. 2-1877 L ompuments of Jackson, Tennessee lllp[!pHIBll6Sor Church Street Where College Passes PHONE 7-5516 JACKSON, TENN. 5 174 ?= •• NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS HIGHLAND PARK BRANCH 1426 HIGHLAND MAIN BANK LAFAYETTE LIBERTY MOTOR BANK ROYAL LAFAYETTE MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM TOTAL RESOURCES OVER $17,000,000.00 Compliments of THE HUT HIGHLAND PARK WALLICK MUSIC COMPANY Lester Pianos Band Instruments , King w y ' ji Conn Selmer Holton Band Music Sheet Music and Teachers ' Supplies 217 E. College HUDSON ' S RECORD SHOP " Hear the world through stereophonic sound ' 308 E. Lafayette • Jackson, Tenn. Phone 7-3891 ROBERT ' S " Home of Big Diamond Values " Engraving for Fraternities and Sororities Open An Account In Three Minutes « 3 175 » ■• Compliments of STANDARD DRUGS Thrasher ' s Cloth Shop CHURCH LAFAYETTE ST. JACKSON, TENN. Piece Goods, Drapery, Upholstery ALL SEWING NEEDS ATTEND SERVICES AT THE PRAYER CONDITIONED l l edt Aachson (JSaptist L harcn Sunday School: 9:30 Training Union: 6:15 Morning Worship: 10:50 Evening Worship: 7:30 MID-WEEK PRAYER SERVICE — WEDNESDAY, 7:45 P.M. DAVID Q. BYRD, Pastor H. LOWREY HAYNIE, Minister of Music Ed. Our Church Bus will pick you up and deliver you at your dormitory door T ' riiex CHEVROLET CO. Compliments of MISS HOWELL ' S BOOK SHOP 305 E. Lafayette Jackson, Tennessee RESTAURANT 1334 HIGHLAND AVENUE TELEPHONE 7-0331 JACKSON, TENN. VAUGHN ' S MEATS, INC. PORTION CONTROLLED MEATS PHONE 2-5575 ' :) 176 ?» ■■ tbt NEAREST THE CAMPUS WILSON-GEYER COMPANY 455 E. Main Phone 7-2618 Imperial Washable Wall Papers Hanna Paint Products Art Supplies — Picture Framing STEGALL SHOE CO. I I I N. Liberty Phone 7-1 126 JACKSON, TENNESSEE Home of " Miss America " teenage Department McCALL-HUGHES Varsity Town Clothes Lee and Disney Hats Enro Shirts ' ' i 177 s SINCE 1912 " Service That Satisfies " Free Pick-up and Delivery PAUL COFFMAN 33 Furniture Appliances The Frigidaire Appliances in the Home Economics Department are Furnished and Serviced by us 2446 Beech Bluff Rd. Phone 7-1210 Phone 7-3546 Laundry Dry Cleaning ONE -HOUR SERVICE ON COLLEGE AT FIVE POINTS Compliments of THE MALCO Complinfients of DOTSON FLOOR CO. COFFEE CUP " HOME STYLE COOKING " 211 Main Street Phone 2-4086 1 Complinnents of | ibevt J SEEDS- MR RDWABE- GIFTS TO VS Jackson ' s Most Popular Fashion Store Footwear - Sportswear - Dresses • 178 a . V i Left to right: Jim Bateman, Mary Ann Baker, Mr. Seale Johnson, Mrs. Jessie Smith, J. L. Whitten. INCORPORATED JACKSON, TENNESSEE Where annuals . . . and all printed matter . . . receive tender, loving care. Lejt to right: Gerald Dame, Betty Sue Baker, Kay Hanebuth, and Mr. Gordon Cheek. he r lew S outn ern " An Albert Noe Hotel " Headquarters for All Your Social Activities and Civic Functions e viXxX trtrrtt crs i For Famous Brands FRED HARRY JOHNSEY ' S SPORTING GOODS 443 N. Royal Jackson, Tenn, Phone 7-1082 Complete Line of Sporting Goods ' It Pays to Play " •« ' ) 180 fs ' ' CONSOLIDATED ALUMINUM CORPORATION MOO RICHMOND STREET — JACKSON, TENNESSEE ' ■ 181 t i SALES SERVICE VOLKSWAGEN Caldwell Motors, Inc. TELEPHONE 2-2504 316 E. Chester Jackson, Tenn. Rainey Furniture Co., Inc. 209 East Main Street PHONE 7-6441 7-4843 OX Rest auran t " FOR OVER FORTY YEARS " JACKSON ' S BEST Week Day Lunches 65c to $1.25 Sundays — Full Course Dinner $1.50 to $2.75 Sandwiches 25c up Pies From Our Own Bakery 20c - 25c cut — WE SPECIALIZE ON STEAKS and SEAFOOD — 203 E. MAIN PHONE 7-8911 «IC. U.S. PAT. OFR En oy TOM ' S lOASXlD Peanuts w Tom ' s Peanut Butter Sandwiches Delicious Candies JOHN D. GRAHAM DISTRIBUTOR oDlffee L 6 APOTHECARY 104 NORTH MARKET STREET JACKSON, TENN. PHONES 7-6771 7-6772 • ' i 182 5 ' First Baptist Church A Friendly Church A Spiritual Church A Growing Church v«rj 183 C ' THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSON THREE QUARTERS OF A CENTURY IN THE ORIGINAL LOCATION Now ! ! Three Convenient Banking Sites MEMBER — F. D. I. C. HAYS LEXINGTON GULF SERVICE 310 LEXINGTON AVENUE, CORNER OF HAYS All Students Faculty Ask About Our Courtesy Specials PHONE 7-7381 DIAMONDS — WATCHES Silver - China - Jewelry Quality Gift Jewelry L P. JACKSON QUALITY JEWELERS 104 E. LAFAYETTE JACKSON, TENN. FLOWER and GIFT SHOP 320 E. LAFAYETTE JACKSON, TENNESSEE - 5 184 5i TENNESSEE VALLEY LIFE INSURANCE BUILDING HOME OFFICE LOCATED IN JACKSON, TENNESSEE OFFICERS GORDON BROWNING President H. AUBREY BROWN Agency Vice-President HOMER H. WALDROP Vice-President and General Counsel A. F. JERNIGAN Vice-President J. T. BARHAM Treasurer ROBERT L HUNDLEY Secretary CHARLES COBURN Assistant Secretary DR. JOHN E. POWERS Medical Director ' ' i 185 Jt-- LAUNDRY JACKSON CLEANERS ONE OF THE SOUTH ' S FINEST LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING PLANTS APPROVED SANITONE JACKSON, TENNESSEE PHONE 7-8557 li rett r D U S T R 1 E S INFANT FURNITURE PLAY EQUIPMENT SPORTING GOODS BOONE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 7 HOUR SERVICE 121 Lexington Ave. Phone 7-9626 TOYS f Patented Products of Quality Royal Crown ► JACKSON, TENNESSEE «»5 186 f -- d urnleu J Slower S liop Baltimore Street " Next to the Maico " " OFFERING THE BEST IN FLOWERS SERVICE " ALWAYS WELCOME AT CHARLIE ' S Day: 7-5541 Night: 7-7177 Naturalizer BUSTER Brown ROBLEE 5II0ES 213 E. Lafayette Phone 7-1796 Compliments of _y friend PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISER CROCKER ' S PLUMBING HOME BUILDER ' S SUPPLY " FOR FASTER. MORE EFFICIENT SERVICE " OUR TRUCKS ARE RADIO EQUIPPED PHONE 7-9030 222 SYCAMORE ' 187 »■ ywutoarciiohs . . . . }arap

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