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UBRARIM OOPT I960 Snmtnar library Uriloa Uaivetdty JacksoO) Teiufcessee Lest We Forget ' OF Union University • V I960 Sonun.ir li rrif-f .Union Univ,rs.i CONTENTS Division Administration Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Honors Page n 20 35 43 53 69 Most Attractive and iVIost Handsome 83 Organizations 95 Athletics 139 Advertisements 1 53 llMPtB " — 2 CAMPUS ADAMS HALL SCIENCE BUILDING ' " ' ' !lif:msa -4 BUILDINGS CROOK HAIL STUDENT UNION BUILDING UNION UNIVERSITY GYMNASIUM — 5 — DR. H. H. BOSTON, Vice -President Union University 6 — " The book, fhe college, (he school of art, the Intlltullon sfop with some past utterance of gorrlus. They look back- ward, rtot forward. The eyes of man arc set In his fore- head, not In his hlndhead; man hopes, but the genius looks forward. " EMCRSON We, the staff of 1960, dedicate this edition of LEST WE FORGET to Dr. H. H. Boston, who has demonstrated ele- ments of Emerson ' s genius through his persistent forward look and his faith in the future. As a minister, he has been an able fisher of men leading men to the new life. As an educator, he has continued a personal pursuit of knowl- edge, and has expressed his faith in young people every- where encouraging them to make greater pursuits. As an executive, he has proven himself a leader. Men and women respect his wisdom, and follow his guidance. To students, his quick humor, his love of life, his optimism, and, most of all, his understanding heart are unforgettable. ■7 — The college campus should be a seed-bed of ideas. The exciting intellectual experiences that every student should enjoy ought to be shared with other stu- dents, thus creating a community of intellectuality that gives birth to new and better ideas profitable to all who have a part in them. Victor Hugo said, " No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come. " Obviously this implies that conditions must be at the explosive stage and that there must be a people who are ready in their preparation to implement the idea into action, for ideas must work through the brains and arms of men or they are no better than dreams, as Emerson has so well said. World affairs are not met and solved with immature or premature ideas, but rather with formulas that are tested and full-grown and that have evolved out of mature principles eternal in their nature. Your college seeks to provide for you the groundwork for the formulation of mature conclusions. Her objectives are fundamental and her aims conducive to sound judgment. Her hope rests in the harmonious union of people and ideas. Her destiny is lodged in the hearts of her sons and daughters who are able to interpret all new ideas as God-given revelations and who will implement them into action for the welfare of mankind. These are some of the elements of college life that you will remember most vividly and which will become freshened through the years of your experiences. Your college annual, covering a cross-section of college life, will be a con- stant reminder of your union with ideas, and will ingrain them more deeply into your hearts as you read and re-read — LEST WE FORGET. DR. WARREN F. JONES, President, Union University — 9 — The 1960 " Lest We Forget " staff has sought to assemble for you, the students of Union University, a book not only aimed at providing you memories of the " spirit of Union " but also aimed at instilling within you a desire to continually search for new ideas about people, places and things. From the bold, new cover to the picture of the Pushkin State Academic Drama Theatre in Leningrad, one may see represented by pictures, ideas and ideals of education. May you get the most from each page. This book is built around a simple, but honest, theme: " Union, a uniting of men and ideas. " The staff hopes that you will enjoy looking for pictorial representations of various men and ideas of men. Look at the various actions shown, the various types of architecture, the various interests. These are the heartbeats of Union . . . These are the heartbeats of existence. THE " LEST WE FORGET " STAFF editor G. WAYNE BROWN Art Editor MARY DELAINE SHERBENOU Photographer LARRY STEED Business Mgr GERALD DAME fatuity Advisor MRS. F. M. BLYTHE Honors JANE FRIZZELL RUFUS MOORE Organizations ANN HORNBEAK PATSY HUTSON WEYMUTH HEUISER LARRY BOSTON Sporfs BOBBY AGEE Snapshofs ANN CROWELL Typists JERRY EVENS JOHNNY SOMERS — 10- f m ■.-.,«Sts University of Montreal Montreal, Quebec, Canada Copyright; Photographic Sur ADMINISTRATION — 11 Dr. F. E. Wright Dean Mrs. O. D. Stone Registrar Mrs. Charles Taylor Public Relations Alumni «r 12 — • ■ ■« O. D. STONE Manager, Book Store V ORt ' LENA MAE ROGERS Hostess, Crook Hall MARY HIGGINS Secrefory fo President MRS. JAMES DAVIS Assistant Dietician MRS. BENTON BAKER Assistant Hostess Jones Hall MRS. GUY GEE Switchboard Operator STAFF ' ' ' r. ' .. ' TAFe ANNA FARRIS Aisiilant to Librarian VIRGINIA BARHAM ccrolary fo Roglilrar JUANITA ALIEN Soerctary to Ooan JERRY PENICK Porf-rimc D rccfor, Public Rolollortt HARRIET HELEN BLYTHE Assistant Professor of English A.B., University of Oklahoma M.A., George Peabody College RALPH T. DONNELL Head of Deparfmenf of Mathematics A.B., Cumberland University L.L.B., Cumberland University M.A., Vanderbilt University Additional Graduate Work, University of Tennessee JACK L. RUSSELL Head of Department of Health and Physical education, and Director of Athletics B.S., Oglethorpe University M.S.P.E., Purdue University Additional Study, University of Arizona JOHN ROSE Instructor of Physical Education B.S., Union University Graduate v ork, Peabody College F AC U HYRAN BAREFOOT IssocJate Professor of Religion A.B., Mississippi College B.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Th.D., New, Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary JACK FARRIS Acting Head of the English Department B.A., Ouachita College M. A., University of Michigan Additional Study, University of Michigan JOHN V. MYERS He 3f Dc rtmeni of languages A.B., Wake Forest College M.A., Syracuse University Ph.D., University of North Carolina — 16 — WILLIAM PERRYMAN Instructor in Piano and Theory B.M., University of Arkansas M.M., Indiana University Additional Graduate Work, University of Arkansas and University of Indiana WU-CHIEH CHENG Acting Head of Department of Chemistry B.S., St. John ' s University, Shanghai, China M.S., Kansas State College Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology H. C. WITHERINGTON W. H. KIMZEY ELISABETH FOSSEY Pro cssor of Psychology Professor of Old Testament AssI lant Professor of Musi M.A., University of Chicago and Philosophy B.M. American Conservator Ph.D., University of Chicago A.B., Mercer University of Music B.D., Southwestern Baptist M.M. American Conservator Theological Seminary of Music ■ n %x Th.D., Southwestern Boptist P A Theological Seminary CHARLES TAYLOR Professor of Greek ancf New Testament A.B., Union University B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary RICHARD HIRAM WARD Head of Department of Socio Science A.B., Carson-Newman College M.A., George Peabody College Ph.D., George Peabocly College Theological Seminary and University of North Carolina DIXIE JONES Professor of fducofion and Director of Guidance A.B., Blue Mountain College M.A., George Peabody College Ph.D., George Peabody College DAVID WEST Assistant Professor of Economic B.A., John Brown University M.B.A., University of Arkansa; Additional Graduate Work, University of Arkansas A. L. ALLEN Assistant Professor of Art B.S., Louisiana State University M.A., Louisiana State University Additional Study, Lelond Stanford University, University of Arizona ALLAN F. ARCHER Head of Department of Biology A.B., Harvard University M.A., University of Michigan Ph.D., University of Michigon — 17- GRACE WILLIAMS Assistant Professor of Physical education B.S., Alabama College M.A., Peabody College Additional Work, Northwestern University RUTH GIBBON S Head libraria.-i A.B., Union University B.S., L.S., George Peabody College ELIZABETH BRELAND LOYD Assistant Professor of Speech Graduate diploma Ruth Bale, Whitworth College; Additional Study, Curry College, Boston; Alvience University of the Theater, New York; American Academy of Dramatic Art; Columbia University; A.B., Union University; M.A., Memphis State University; Graduate Work, University of Tennessee FREDERIC LUBRANI Associate Professor of Music B.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music B.S., University of Cincinnati M.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Work Completed for D. Mus. E., Columbia WALTER KRUSCHWITZ Acting Head of Department of Physics and Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., Taylor University M.A., Vanderbilt University Additional Work, Vanderbilt University, University of Michigan BEVERLY STRIPIIN Assistant Professor of Bio ogy B.A., Birmingham Southern College M.A., Peabody College i B r. C i t 1 " ff ■ 3r k Rfe. CHARLES HENDRICKSON Acting Head of Department of Physics B.S., Gustavus Adolphus College Additional Work, University of Mil MARJORIE MUNTZ fnstructor of English A.B., Wheaton College Additional Work, Blue Mountain College, University of Rochester ERNEST MUNTZ Professor of Social Sciences B.S., Wheaton College Additional Course Work Toward Ph.D completed at University of Rochester 18- JOHN HUGHES Head of Department ol Music and Art A.B., Southwestern M.S., Julliord Ch.M., American Guild of Organists Residence Work completed to- ward Ph.D. in Musicology, Nev York University. Organ Pupil of W. Townsend, Plymoutli, England. Organ Pupil of Marcel Dupre, Paris, France. Additional Graduate Work in hormony under Oliver Messiaen, Paris Conservatory, Paris, France. Not Pictured JIM DIAMOND Political Science ERNEST DYKE engineering MRS. LUBRANI Music MARGARET ROBERSON Music JAMES ROBERSON Music ROSA DYER RUTLEDGE Assisfonf Professor of History D.S., Union University M.A., Peabody College Additional Work, University of Wisconsin WILLIE MARGARET JOHNSON Dietician Department of Hone Economic: B.S., Union University M.A., Iowa State o SPURGEON BOYD A-.iociati: Piol:::or of Bio o B.S., Carson-Newman Colic M.A., George Poobody Colic Additional Groduali; V ort George Peabody College a Vonderbill University GERALDYNE JOHNSON Professor of Psychology B.S., East Texas Slate College M.E., North Texas State College MARION CROCKER Ass slonf Professor of fng ish A.B., Limestone College M.R.E., Woman ' s Missionary Training School M.A., George Peabody College £1 M. R. CARRINGTON Professor of Business tciucation B.S., University of Tennessee M.S., University of Tennessee Additional Work, University of Tennessee, Colorado State College FLORA PRINCE Instructor of English B.A., Auburn, Alabamc M.A., Auburn, Alabami — 19 — 1 School of law, National University Buenos Aires, Argentina CLASS ' 60 — 20 — Mi Mm SENIORS 21 — SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS I. to R.: Jerol Swaim, Vice-President; Nancy Taylor, Secretary; Lynn Eagen, President; John Henderson, Chaplain; Harriet Schroeder, Treasurer; Harvey Gill, Student Council Representative. ■ 22 M KING S. ABERNATHY, JR., A.B. Newborn, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60, Treasurer ' 59- ' 60; life Service Band ' 56- ' 60, Missions Chairman and President ' 59- ' 60; Spanish Club ' 59- ' 60; Footlights Club ' 56- ' 60; Dorm Council, Presi- dent, Vice-President ' S8- ' 60; Chorus •S6- ' 60. BILLY H. ADKERSON, B.A. Covington, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; Alpha Tau Omega ' 58- ' 60; Allegro Club ' 56; Band ' 56; Chorus ' 56- ' 60. BOBBY R. AGEE, B.A. Mcmphli, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; MA. ■56- ' 60 Life Service Band ■56- ' 59 Nestor Club 59, Choplain History Club, President ' 58- ' 59; Latin Club 56; German Club ' 58, Vice-Pres ; Alpha Tau Omega ' 58. ' 60; U. Club ' 56- ' 60; Cross Country ' 56- ' 60; Track ■56- ' 60; Class Speaker ' 57; Class Chaploin ' 56, ' 58; Student Gov ' t. ' 58- ' 59; Cardinal Cream Editor ' 58- ' 59, Sports Editor ' 57- •58; Annuo! Staff ■57- ' 58, Sports Editor. ROBBIE WILSON AMBROSE, B.S. Humboldt, Tennessee SAE Queen ' 58- ' 59; Chi Omega ' 57- ' 60; Science Club ' 57- ' 60; Minerva Club ' 58- •60. J. VANCE AMBROSE, B.S. Humboldt, Tennessee Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 57- ' 60; Science Club ' 57- ' 60; Dorm Council ' S8- ' 59. ANITA WEAVER ARMSTRONG, B.S. Wynnburg, Tennessee NEA ' 58- ' 60; Girls ' PE Club ' 58- ' 60. JAMES A. ATCHLEY, B.A. CECELIA ANN BAGGETT, Memphis, Tennessee BSU •56- ' 60; YWA ' 56- Llfe Service Band 56- Prcsidcnt ' 57; Shcibions ' ' 60; Home Ec Club 57- Fooflights ' SS- O: N. ' 58- ' 60, Vice-President ' ■60; Class Play. 59- Spi Plays ' 59: Annuol Sloff ' •56; Bond 55-56; Libr Staff -55-56. Ing — 23 LARRY DALE BOSTON, B.A. Sikesfon, Missouri Escort to Basketball Royalty ' 57- ' 58; Alpha Tau Omega ' 57- ' 60; Footlights ' 58; U. Club ' 58; Basketball ' 56- ' 57; Cross Country, Mgr. ' 58; Junior Play ' 58; Treasurer of Freshman Class ' 56; Band ' 58- ' 60; Chorus ' 57- ' 59; Most Popular Boy ' 59- ' 60; A.T.O. Rush Chairman, Pledge Mas- ter ' 59- ' 60, W. U. ' 57; Presi- dent of German Club ' 59- ' 60. SHIRLEY FAYE BLEDSOE, B.A. Jackson, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 60; Y.W.A. ' 60; Spanish Club ' 57- ' 60, Sec. ' 57, Vice-President ' 58, Pres. ' 59; BSU Choir; Revival Team ' 58; Cardinal Cream Staff ' 58- ' 59; Lest We forget Staff ' 58- ' 59. RAYMOND ARVING BOSTON, B.A. Wynnfaurg, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 59; Alpha Tau Omega ' 56- ' 60; History Club ' 56- ' 59; Class Speaker ' 56; Chorus ' 59. ALLEN RAY BARTLETT, B.A. New Madrid, Missouri Junior Escort to Mr. and Miss Union ' 59; B.S.U. ' 58- ' 59; Greater Council ' 58- ' 59; M.A. ' 58- ' 59; History Club ' 58- ' 59; Dorm Council Represent- ative. MARY ELIZABETH BOULTON, B.A. CadeSf Tennessee B.S.U. Greater Council ' 58- ' 59; Y.W.A. -Poster Chairman ' 60; Life Service Band, Pos- ter Chairman ' 59, Sec. ' 60; Spanish Club ' 58. ROBERT EDWARD BRAWNER, B.S. Riverside, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 60; Alpha Tau Omega ' 57- ' 60; Business Club ' 60; N.E.A. ' 60; U. Club ' 58- ' 60; Freshman Basketball ' 57; Baseball Mgr. ' 58; Track ' 57- ' 60; Chorus ' 58. BILLY RAY BURCH, B.A. Moscow, Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega ' 55- ' 5 Chorus ' 55- ' 57. THOMAS AARON BUTLER, B.A. Jacl son, Tennessee Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Span- ish Club; Chorus. 24- f JERRY NATHAN CORLEW, B.A. G ates, Tennessee Transfe r From D avid Lips- comb; Mr. N.E.A ■57 n Col -58, Freed- Hardcma ege; N.E.A. ' 57- ' 58; Prea hers Club a nd Phi Ra ppas ' 57- ' 58, Freed-Harder DAVID ELBERT CUNDIFF, B.S. f (iabefh(own, Kentucky Best All Around ' 57- ' 58; Vice-President of Student Government; A.T.O. ' 57- ' 60, W. Sec. ' 58; Science Club ' 59- ' 60; N.E.A. •59- ' 60; Bas- ketball ' 59- ' 60; Baseball ' 57- ' 58; Track ' 59; Dorm Council ' 58- ' 60, Vice-President ' 59; Chorus ' 56- ' 58. WILLIAM GLENN CARVER, B.A. Jackson, Tennessee B.S.U. Sb-bO: Allegro Club ■56- ' 58; German Club ' 57- ' 60; Alpha Psi Omega ' 59- ' 60, Pres. ' S9- ' 60; Footlights ' 56- ' 60; Class Plays ' 56, ' 57, ' 58; Spring Plays ' 57-59; Bond ' 56- ' 59; Chorus ' 56- ' 59. ii JAMES ALLEN DINKINS, B.S. Trezevanf, Tennessee NEWNAN BOBBY CARPENTER, B.A. Memphis, Tcnntsjco Most Popular ■57- ' 58; B.S.U. ■57- ' 59, Pros. ' 58- ' 59; Minis- terial Assn. ' sa- ' SP, Sec. ' 56- •57; Life Service Band; A.T.O. ' 57-59, Chaplain ' 57-58, President ' 58-59; Footlighlj; U. Club, V.P. ' 57-58; Basket- ball 7 years; Baseball 4 years; Spring Ploy ' 57; Freshman and Junior Class Speaker and V.P.; Library Staff ' 58- ' 60. LYNVAL EARL EAGAN, B.A. Slloam Spr ngs, Arkansas B.S.U. ■58- ' 59; M.A. ' 56- ' 57, ' 59- ' 60; Life Service Band ' 57- ' 58; Soph. Chaplain 57- ' 58; Footlights ' 59- ' 60. JOSEPH WILLIAM ELLIS, B.S. Wosf Union, llllnoli Sigma Alpha Epsilon ■57- ' 60, Treas., Pledge Trainer, E.A.; Moth Club; Business Club; Dorm Council. BETTY LOU FLETCHER, B 5 Ava, Missouri Transfer from Southwell Baptist College; B.S.U. ' 58- ' 60; Y.W.A. ' SS- ' bO; Life Ser- vice Bond 58-60. — 25 CAROLE JEAN GREEN, B.A. Memphis, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; Executive Council ' 58- ' 60; Y.W.A. ' 56- ' 60; Chi Omega ' 56- ' 60, Pledge Mistress ' 59- ' 60; Per- sonnel Chm. ' 58- ' 59; Shel- bians ' 56- ' 57; History Club ' 56- ' S8; Alpha Psi Omega ' 57- ' 60; Footlights ' 56- ' 58 Class Plays ' 56- ' 58; Sprint Plays ' 57; Class Sec. ' S8- ' 59, Student Gov ' t. Rep. of Jones Hall ' 58- ' 59, Sec. Treas ' 59- ' 60; Dorm Council ' 58 ' 60, Pres. ' 59- ' 60; Choru ' 56- ' 57. FRED H. HARRIS, B.S. Jockson, Tennessee Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 56- ' 60, E.A. ' 58, E.D.A. ' 57, Pl edge- master ' 57; Business Club, Vice-Pres. ' 58; Band ' 55- ' 60. HARVEY RAY GILL, B.A. Haytl, Missouri Nestor Club ' 58- ' 60, Sec. ' S9- ' 60; Phi Alpha Theta ' 58- ' 60, Pres. ' 59- ' 60; History Club ' 57- ' 59; Latin Club ' 57; German Club ' 58. JANE ELIZABETH FRIZZELL, B.S. Chesterfield, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 57- ' 60; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 60; Science Club ' 57- ' 60, Pres. ' 59- ' 60; Footlights ' 58- ' 60; Dorm Council; Chorus ' 57; Spring Plays ' 59- ' 60; Class Plays ' 59- ' 60; Alpha Psi Omega ' 59- ' 60. THURMAN RAY HARRIS, B.A. Lewlsburg, Kentucky Transfer from Belmont Col- lege; B.S.U. ' 55-59, Sec. ' 55- ' 56; Life Service Band ' 55- ' 57. WILLIAM POLK GLOVER, B.S. Ob on, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; Alpha Tau Omega ' 57- ' 60; Allegro Club ' 56- ' 57; Business Club ' 57- ' 60; Cheerleader; Chorus ' 56- ' 60. BILLY EUGENE GRIFFIN, B.A. Memphis, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 55- ' 60; M.A. ' 55- ' 60; Shelbians ' 55- ' 58; Class Of- ficer ' 55- ' 56; Chorus ' 55- ' 57. JOHN ANDREW HENDERSON, B.A. Djakarta, Indonesia B.S.U.; M.A. ' 56- ' 57; German Club ' 57- ' 58; Freshman Class Pres.; Dorm Council, Pres. of Adams Hall ' 59- ' 60; Chorus ' 56-59. — 26 — P ' I WILLIAM LEWIS HOWSE, III, B.A. NashvitlCf Tcnncssco B.S.U. ' Sd- ' dO; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 59- ' 60, Trees. ' 59; Alpha Psi Omega ' 59- ' 60, Treas. ' S7- ' 58; Fcctlighfs ' 56- ' 60; Class Plays ' 56- ' S7; Vice-Pres. ' 56, Pres. ' 57. BRUCE GALEN JOLLY, B.A. Memphis, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 55- ' 58; M.A. ' 55- ' 59; Alpha Tau Omega ' 55- ' 57; Shelbians ' 55- ' 59; Dorm Council ' 56-59; Chorus ' 56- ' 59. JOYCE CAROL HUTSON, B.S. Poris, Tennessee Escort to Miss Union ' 58- ' 59; Moid to Miss University ' 58- •59; B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; Chi Ome- go ' 57- ' 60, Sec. ' 59- ' 60; Footlights ' 56- ' 60; N.E. A. ' 58- ' 60; Class Plays; Spring Plays; Band. P k JAMES ROBERT KENDIG, B.A. Jackson, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; M.A. ' 56- ' 60; Nestor Club ' 58- ' 60, Vice- Pres. ' 59- ' 60; Latin Club ' 56- •59, Pres. ' 57- ' 58; Class Speaker ' 59; Pres. of S»o- cJent BocJy ' 59- ' 60; BancJ ' 56- ' 60; Chorus ' 56-57. WILLIAM C. JACKSON, JR., B.A, Mcmpfiis, Tcnni-ssco B.S.U. ' 57- ' 60, Church Rep. ' 57, Devotional Chm. ' 58, Enlistment Chm. ' 59; M.A. ' 57- ' 60, Treas. ' 58, Pres. ' 59; Alpha Tau Omega ' 58- ' 60; Shelbians ' 57- ' 58; History Club ■58- ' 60; Class Spcoker ' 57- ' 58; Student Gov. Rep. ' 58; Dorm Council •57- ' 58; Student Book Exchange ' 58- ' 60. WILLIAM HULEN LEE, B.S. DAVID ALFRED MALLOY, B.S. JANE EVELYN MARBURV, B.A. take City, Tennessee Memphis, Tennessee Somcrv; c, Tonncsjco B.S.U. ' 57- ' 60; N.E. A. ' 59- Alpha Tau Omega; Shelbians; B.S.U. ■S6- ' 60; Y.W.A. 56- ■60; U. Club ' 58- ' 60; Bosket- Science Club; N.E. A.; Cross ' 60; Spanish Club ■57- ' 60; ball ' 57-60; Baseball ' 58; Country; Track. N.E. A. ■56-59, Treas. ' 59; Dorm Council •57- ' 58. Dorm Council. — 27 — WANDA LOU MAYO, B.A. Bemis, Tennessee Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 59; Hypatia ' 58- ' 59; Zeta Too Alpha ' 57- ' 59; Spanish Club ' 58- ' 59; Vice- Pres. of los Picaros ' 58. 8f - tv CHARLES ALFRED MILLER, B.A. Newbern, Tennessee Spanish Club ' 58- ' 60; Science Club ' 57- ' 60; N.E.A. ' 59- ' 60; Cross Country ' 56- ' 58; Track ' 57- ' 58; Dorm Council ' 57- ' 58. HUGH FRANKLIN MILLER, B.A. Paducah, Kentucky B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; M.A.; Alpha Tau Omega ' 56- ' 60, W.K.E. ' 58- ' 59; German Club ' 56- ' 58; Class Plays ' 56; Dorm Council ' 57- ' 58; Chorus ' 57- ' 60. BETTY ANN MOLEN, B.A. Mt. Vernon, Illinois Transfer from So, Illinois University; B.S.U. ' 53- ' 55; State Social Vice-Pres. ' 54; Life Service Band ' 53- ' 54; Helpmates ' S9- ' 60; Religious Thespians ' 55; History Club ' 59- ' 60. J. DARRELL MOLEN, B.A. Carlinvllle, Illinois Transfer from So. Illinois University; B.S.U. ' 53- ' 55, M.A. ' 53- ' 55, Sec. and Treas. ' 54- ' 55; Religious Thespians ' 55; History Club ' 59- ' 60. CAROLYN ANN MORSE, B.A. Memphis, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; Y.W.A. ' 56- ' 60; Zeta Tau Alpha ' 57- ' 60; Chorus ' 56- ' 59; Spanish Club ' 57- ' 60. RUFUS H. MOORE, B.A. Wynnburg, Tennessee Transfer from Southwestern; M.A. ' 57- ' 58. SHIRLEY FRANCES NEISLER, B.A. Alamo, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; Y.W.A. ' 56 ' 60; Life Service Band ' 56 ' 60, President ' 58, Vice-Pres ' 59; Latin Club ' 57. ' 59, Pres ' 58; N.E.A. ' 56- ' 59, Pres. ' 59. 28 — JANIS E. PLUNK, B.A. Henderson, Tennessee Transfer from Freed-Harde- man; Hypatia ' 58- ' 60, Pres. ' 59; Phi Alpha Thefa ' 58- ' 60, Sec. ' 59; History Club ' 58- ' 60; N.E.A. ' 58- ' 60. HARRELL MELL PRICE, B.S. Trenfon, Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega ' 56 ' 60; Science Club ' 59- ' 60; Busi- ness Club ' 59- ' 60. JERRY C. PHILLIPS, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Transfer from lambulh; B.S.U. •56- ' 60; Alpha Tau Omega ' 56- ' 60; Science Club ' 60; N.E.A. ' 59- ' 60; U. Club ' 58-60; Track Manager ' 58- ' 60; Senior Class Play ' 58. W ■ S BRYANT M. RAY, B.A. Jacksonf Tennessee Ministerial Assn. ' 55- ' 60; Allegro Club ' 56- ' 60; Latin Club ' 59- ' 60; Band ' 55- ' 60, Vice-Pres.; Chorus ' 56-57. l-eyf? LARRY HENRY PAHON, B.S. lexlngfon, Tenncjjco Escort Mr. Mijj Union ' 57- ' 58; Best Actor ' 57-58; Stu- dent Public Relarions Asjt. ' 59- ' 60; B.S.U. ' 56-60; Prom. Chm. ' 58-59; Nestor Club ' 58- ' 60, Pros. ' 59- ' 60; A.T.O. ' 56- ' 60, W.S., W.K.A., W.U., Pledge Master, Rush Chm., Alt. Delegate Congress ' 58; German Club ' 57- ' 58, Re- porter; Science Club; Alpha Psi Omega ' 58- ' 60, Vice- Pres. ' 58- ' 60, Pres. ' 58- ' 59; Class Ploys ' 56- ' 60; Spring Plays ' 56- ' 60; Jr. Class Pres. ' 58- ' 59; Student Gov ' t. ' 57- ' 59; lest We Forget Stuff ' 58- ' 60, Editor ' 58- ' 59; Chorus ' 57; Footlights ' 56- ' 60, Treps. •57- ' 58, Pres. ' 58- ' 59. JOE ALBERT ROLAND, B.A. Business Club; Baseball. ELEANOR J. RICHARDSON, B.S. West P oins, Missouri Transfer from Southwest Baptist College; B.S.U. ' 58- ' 60; Y.W.A. ' 58- ' 60; Life Service Bond ' 58- ' 60; Dorm Council ' 58. NYTA GARRETT RICHARDSON, B.A. Brown$vJi e, Jcnnclico B.S.U.; Y.W.A.; Spanish Club; N.E.A. — 29 — LOUIS V. SACCHINI, B.M. Monessen, Pennsylvania Transfer- from Duquesne Uni- versity; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 59- ' 60; Band ' 59- ' 60; Chorus. WILLIAM DAVID SHEPPARD, B.S. Birmingham, Michigan B.S.U.; Alpha Tau Omega; Business Club; Footlights; U. Club; Golf Team. ANDY JACK SIBLEY, B.S. Crump, Tennessee N.E.A. ' 59- ' 60; U. Club ' 56- ' 60; Basketball ' 56- ' 60; Base- ball ' 56- ' 59. JAMES J. SMITH, B.A. Botlvar, Tennessee B. S. U. ' 55- ' 58; M.A. ' 55- ' 57; Alpha Tau Omega ' 55- ' 5 8; Allegro Club ' 57; Chorus ' 55- ' 5B. NANCY LEE SMITH, B.A. Grand Junction, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; Y.W.A. ' 56- ' 60; History Club ' 57- ' 60, Reporter ' 59; N.E.A. ' 58- ' 60; Cardinal and Cream Staff ' 57- ' 58; Lest We Forget Staff ' 57- ' 58; Chorus ' 57. MEREDITH SMITH, B.M. Henning, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; Hypatia Vice- Pres. ' 59- ' 60; Chi Omega ' 56- ' 60, Vice-Pres. ' 59; Allegro Club ' 56- ' 60, Program Chm. ' 57; Footlights •58- ' 59; Band ' 58- ' 60; Chorus ' 56- ' 60, Ac- companist ' 58; Who ' s Who; Sigma Alpha Iota ' S9- ' 60; Chi Omega Chapter Corre- spondent ' 58- ' 59. ■30 — MARLIN D. STEWART, B.S. Henderson, Tennessee Math Club ' 56- ' 58, Vice-Pres. ' 58; N.E.A. ' 58. JEROL BRADSHAW SWAIM, B.A. Brighton, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60, Trees. ' 58, Pres. ' 59; Life Service Band ' 56- ' 58; Nestor Club ' 58- ' 60, Treas.; Phi Alpha Theta ' 59- ' 60; History Club ' 58- ' 60; Latin Club ' 56- ' 60, Re- porter, Vice-Pres. ' 56- ' 58; Dorm Council, Adams Hall ' 58- ' 59; Student Book Ex- change ' 58- ' 60; Revival Team Manager ' 58- ' 60. NINA ANN THOMAS, B.A. Henderson, Tennessee Transfer from Freed-Harde- tnan; Y.W.A. SV- ' AO; Zeta Tau Alpha ' 59-60; History Club ' 59- ' 60; N.E.A. SP- ' aO. EVELYN SUE WALKER, B.S. Brownsvtile, Tennessee Y.W.A. ' 56- ' 60; Chi Omega ' 58- ' 60; Class Plays ' 58; Dorm Council ' 58- ' 59; Busi- ness Club ' 57- ' 60; Program Chm. ' 57; Footlights ' 58- ' 60; Girls P.E. Club ' S . ' fiO, Sec. ' 59- ' 60. VIRGINIA VALE THOMAS, B.A. Henderson, Tc.Tnesscc Transfer from Freed-Harde- man; Y.W.A. ' SP- ' bO; Zeta Tau Alpha ' 59- ' 60; History Club ' 59- ' 60; N.E.A. ' 59- ' 60. RICHARD L. WAKEFIELD, B.A. Hartville, Missouri B.S.U. ' 55- ' 58; M.A. ' 55- ' 57; Life Service Band ' S5- ' 56; German Club ' 55- ' 57; Chorus ' 55- ' 58; Library Staff ' 56- ' 58. JUDY CAROLYN VERNER, Thomos, Kentucky B.S.U. ■56- ' 60, Hostess Sec. ' 58, Vicc-Prcs. Y.W.A. ' Sd- ' dO, Progi Chm. ' 57, Sec. ' 58, Pro Chm. ' 59; Hypalia 58- Sec. ' 60; Math Club 58- Sec. ' 60; Dorm Council, V Pres. ' 59, Prcs. 60; Cr Hall Chorus 57-60; Libr Staff ' 57- ' 60. JERRY LEE WAGSTER, B.! Union City, Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega ' 56- ' Usher ' 57, Treasurer ' 58- ' ; U. Club ' 57; Cross Coun Mgr. ' 58; Track Mgr. ' ! Business Club ■57- ' 60, Pr ■60; Class Officer, Trcas. ' 5 ' 60; Student Govt. ' 58- ' ; Dorm Council, Adams Seco Vice-Pres. ' 58-59, first Vi. Pres. 59-60; Cardinal n Cream, Business Mgr, ' 5 •59. N. FAYE WILBANKS, B.S. Corinth, Mississippi Transfer from Northeast Mis- sissippi Jr. College; Y.W.A. ' 58- ' 60; life Service Bond ' 58-60, Sec. ' 58; History Club ' 58- ' 60. WILLIAM " BUGG ' WILSON, B.A. Sapupa, Oklahoma Transfer from Oklahoma Baptist University; History Club ' 58- ' 60; Alpha Tau O- mega ■59- ' 60. — 31 — lA HARRIET LORRAINE SCHROEDER, B.S. Memphis, Tennessee Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities ' 60; Life Service Bond ' 57- ' 58; Shelbians ' 56- ' 60; N.E.A. ' 58. ' 59; Senior Class Treas. ' 59- ' 60; B.S.U. Rep. ' 59- ' 60; Bond ' 56- ' 58; Chorus ' 58- ' 59; Library Staff ' 56- ' 59; Prince-Davis Science Club-Publicity Chm. ' 58- ' 59, Vice-Pres. ' S7- ' 58; B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; B.S.U. Nev sletter Staff ' 57- ' 59; Y.W.A. ' 56- ' 60; Dorm Council ' 56- ' 59; Executive Council ' 57- ' 60; Federation Program Chm. ' 59- ' 60. CLAUDE H. YAGER, JR., B.S. Grand Junction, Tennessee Business Club, Basketball Mgr. ' 59- ' 60; Baseball Mgr. ' 58- ' 60; Chorus ' 59- ' 60. ALBERT OWEN HERRINGTON, JR., B.M. MempblSf Tennessee Transfer from University of Tenn. and Memphis State; Stray Greek; Lambda Chi Alpha; Allegro Club. ELSIE IRENE YOUNG, B.S. Brownsvi e, Te.nnessee Maid to Freshman Queen ' 57; B.S.U. ' 57- ' 60; Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 60; Life Service Band ' 57- ' 60; Hypatia ' 59- ' 60; Science Club ' 57. ' 60, Sec. ' 58, Pres. ' 59, Chaplain ' 60; Sopho- more Class, Dorm Counciler Crook ' 58; Chorus ' 57. JIMMY DON HOLIFIELD, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 55- ' 60; Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 55- ' 60; Math Club ' 56- ' 60. MACQUELINE ANN HOLIFIELD, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; Y.W.A. ' 56- ' 60; Chi Omega ' 57- ' 60; N.E.A. ' 58- ' 60; Minerva Club ' 57- ' 60. SALLY THOMAS MORSE, B.A. Gibson, Tennessee Transfer from University of Tenn., Martin Branch; N.E.A. ' 59- ' 60; Library Staff, sum- mer ' 58. ELEANOR B. WREN, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Science Club ' 58- ' 59; N.E.A. ' 57- ' 59; Chorus ' 58. — 32 ' . JAMES CARL SCOTT, B.S. Jackson, Tcnncssco Jr. Class Speaker ' SS; Pres. Adams Annex ' 58- ' 59; Escort Basketball Royalty •Sb- ' 57; A.T.O. ' S5- ' S9, W.K.E. ' 57- 58, W.S. ' Sb- ' S7; Tri-Capt. of Basketball Team •57- ' 58; Baseball ' 55- ' 59, Capt. ■59,- Asst. Athletic Coach ' 59- ' 60. GORDON R. HOPKINS, B.S. Afoko, Tennessee Transfer from Memphis State University; Tennis Team ' 53- ' 54; Prince-Davis Science Club; Tennis ' 56-57. JIM VERNON BAILEY, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Alpha Tou Omega; Rutledgc History Clob ' 58, ' 59, ' 60, Treas. ' 59, ' 60. MARY STEPHEN HUDSON, JOHN WAYNE DAVENPORT B.M. B.S. Mo osus, Tennessee Medina, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 58- ' 60; Hypatia ' 59- Mallory Math Club. ' 60; Chi Omega ' 58- ' 60, Treas. ' 59- ' 60; Allegro Club 58-60, Program Chm. ' 58- ' 59; Dorm Council, Jones ' 58; Traveling Chorus ' 58- ' 60; inter-Fraternity Council ' 58- ' 60. ANITA LOWE BUTLER, B.S. Memphis, Tennessee Alpha Psi Omega ' 58-59; B.S.U. ' 56- ' 60; B.S.U. Chorus •56- ' 58; Chorus ■56-59; Footlights Club ' ST- ' SS; Mal- lory Moth Club •57- ' 59, Sec. •57- ' 58; N.E.A. ' 57-58; Prince-Davis Science Club ■58- ' 59, Sec. ' 58-59; Spanish Club ' 56-57; Shclbians 56- •58, Vice-Pres. •57-58. MARY NANCY TAYLOR, B.A. Monctfc, Arkonsas Y.W.A. Queen; Miss Y.V .A. for Ann Hasscltine Y.W.A.s; B.S.U. ' 56-59, Greater Coun- cil ' 56- ' 59, Missions Chm. ' 59; Y.V .A. ' 55- ' 59-Pianl»t ' 56; Magazine Chm. ' 57, Pres. ' 58; Social Chm. ' 59; Dormitory Circle; Home Ec. Club ' 59- ' 60; N.E.A. ' 58- ' 59; Senior Class Sec; Student Gov ' t. Council Member; Dorm Council, First Vice-PreJ. and Second Vice-Pres., Jones Holl. THOMAS CALVIN KING, B.S. Jackson, Tcn.nciscc Transfer from Vondcrbilt University; Mallory Moth Club; Prince-Davis Science Club. — 33 4 University of Western Australia Perth, Australia CLASS ' 61 JUNIORS — 35 — JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS f i js sfa jLt ' tL. ' -. j f ' .;5 - ii» - ' - - i; ' - ' " " V • L. fo R.: Malcolm Tipton, Student Council Representative; Carolyn Townsend, Secretary-Treasurer; Allen Tinker, Vice-President; Jerry Spenser, Chiaplain; Wayne Brown, President. — 36 — BASSELL ALEXANDER Trenton, Tennessee JAMES ALLCOCK Melber, Kentucky WALTER ALLISON Tiptonville, Tennessee PAT ANDREWS Memphis, Tennessee ROY COUUMP Memphis, Tennessee JANICE BOREN Jackson, Tennessee LINDA ROSE Jackson, Tennessee WAYNE BROWN Union City, Tennessee SARAH JEAN BUTLER Jackson, Tennessee BETTY SUE COWAN Collierville, Tennessee JUDY BYNUM Dyer, Tennessee GERALD DAME Chaffee, Missouri DONALD RAY DAVIS Jaclcson, Tennessee Jii jA KAREN CARROLL DIXIE LEE CLAMPITT Hannibal, Missouri Jackson, Tennessee BETTY DAVIS Jackson, Tennessee MARY FRANCES DODSON Memphis, Tennessee JO DORRIS Bolivar, Tennessee BETTY DUGARD Saltillo, Mississippi KAY DUNAGAN Yorkville, Tennessee DANNY DUNAGAN Sikeston, Missouri REBECCA MILLER Fulton, Kentucky MARION ELLIS Murfreesboro, Tennessee DON GARDNER Kennett, Missouri 38 — KEN GAULT Knoxville Tennessee VIRGINIA GRIFFIN Brownsville, Tennessee ROBERT HAYNIE Jackson, Tennessee WILLIS WAYNE HENSON Grand Rivers, Kentucky BOB HIGHFILL Nashville, Tennessee SCHELLEY HIGHSMITH Collierville, Tennessee LARRY HOOPPAW Mount City, Illinois WILLIAM E. HOPKINS Covington, Tennessee — 39- ELIZABETH ANNE JOHNSON Malesus, Tennessee CAROL LEUTHGE St. Louis, Missouri MARTHA MILAM Memphis, Tennessee PATSY KING Lavinia, Tennessee BETTY McCULLEY Bradford, Tennessee CAROL ANN MILLER Grand Junction, Tennessee LARRY MOORE Jackson, Tennessee PATRICIA MORSE Medina, Tennessee WILLIAM W. LAUGHLIN Jackson, Tennessee JEAN McLEMORE Humboldt, Tennessee JOHN MONTGOMERY Chaffee, Missouri RAYMOND MOTT Jackson, Tennessee HARBERT LEE Ripley, Tennessee BETTY MARBURY Brownsville, Tennessee BILLIE SUE MOORE Ridgely, Tennessee ' iM JERRY OAKLEY Wingo, Kentucky — 40 — PEGGY M. PACE Jackson, Tennessee BETTY ROY Camden, Tennessee LINDA JANE PORTIS Jackson, Tennessee MARY DeLAINE SHERBENOU Milan, Tennessee DANNY SMITH Brownsville, Tennessee NANCY McCOlLUM Jackson, Tennessee JOHN VERNON SNEAD Troy, Tennessee MARY ETTA SPEIGHT Carufhcrsvillc, Missouri — 41 — JERRY SPENCER Osceola, Arkansas ALLEN TINKER Jackson, Tennessee MAX WALKER Gibson, Tennessee ANNE NELLE WILSON Brownsville, Tennessee 42 — LARRY STEED Jackson, Tennessee MALCOLM TIPTON Union City, Tennessee JOYCE STEVENSON St. Louis, Missouri PAUL R. TAYLOR Trezevant, Tennessee MARTHA E. TOLAR RIdgely, Tennessee % " -f- CAROLYN TOWNSEND Parsons, Tennessee i iM KATIE WEBB Ripley, Tennessee JAMES MORRIS WEST Jackson, Tennessee RALPH WILLIAMS Memphis, Tennessee JOHN R. WORLEY Jackson, Tennessee ROBERT ARTHUR CUMMINGS Jackson, Tennessee Cey on Universify Cey on CLASS ' 62 SOPHOMORES 43 i S L. to K.: Charlej Burkhead, Vice-President; Frank Jamison, President; Dan Stone, Student Council Representative; Bonnie Baker, Secretary-Treasurer; Gayle Alexander, Chaplain. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 44 — JOYCE ALLEN Jackson, Tennessee TERRY ANDERSON Knoxville, Tennessee % i Dongola, Illinois LARRY ALEXANDER Beech Bluff, Tennessee DIANA ANDREWS Memphis, Tennessee Memphis, Tennessee GAYLE ALEXANDER Trenton, Tennessee JANE BAILEY Memphis, Tennessee BONNIE BAKER Jackson, Tennessee MARY ANN BAKER Jackson, Tennessee ALF BARNETTE Jackson, Tennessee BILLY DON BARNETT Jackson, Tennessee — 45 JACK BAXTER Trezevant, Tennessee CAROL ANN BROCK Memphis, Tennessee TOMMY DALE BELEW Jackson, Tennessee WM. CHARLES BURKHEAD Jackson, Tennessee PEGGY JOYCE CASTLEMAN Chaffee, Missouri SARAH ELIZABETH CHATHAM Humboidt, Tennessee d. SHIRLEY JEAN BLURTON Humboldt, Tennessee HARRY LEON BOWMAN Lexington, Tennessee ii JOYCE ANN CANNON Hails, Tennessee HENRY L. CARLTON Brownsville, Tennessee FRANK CONGIARDO DUNAWAY CONNER Selmer, Tennessee Ripley, Tennessee FRED MARTIN COOK Jackson, Tennessee DEWEY CORDER Maplewood, Missour HARLEN LEROY CROSSEN Brownsville, Tennessee JIMMY LEE DANIEL Union City, Tennessee 46- - y .? -. 1« r r Mk FAITH DUNN Jackson, Tennessee TONY EASTMAN Jackson, Tennessee DONNA MARIE FINGER Adamsville, Tennessee ETTA LOUISE FUTTRELL Jackson, Tennessee GLENN DAVIS Jackson, Tennessee VICKI DILLOW Anna, Illinois JIMMY DOUGLASS Brownsville, Tennessee GERALD DUNN DuQuoin, Illinois JOHNNY R. ENGLERT HumboIcJt, Tennessee DONALD H. EVANS Newbern, Tennessee BEVERLY GARLAND Birminqham. Alabamc JOHN W. GINN Knoxvllle, Tennessee — 47- DAVID KING GLISSON Dyer, Tennessee JO ANN GODWIN Memphis, Tennessee BONNIE GOLOS McLeansboro, Illinois EMMA JOANN GOWAN Poplar Bluff, Missouri NANCY GREEN Jackson, Tennessee JOHN RICHARD HAMILTON Augusta, Kansas LYLA HARDIN Finger, Tennessee ROY LEON HARRIS Jackson, Tennessee FREDDIE F. HAWKINS Elizabethtown, Kentucky WEYMUTH ANN HEUISER Sikeston, Missouri LOIS HIGHFILL Memphis, Tennessee JOHNNY HINSON Bolivar, Tennessee SALLY HOPPER Humboldt, Tennesse REGGIE HORN Jackson, Tennessee 48 — ROBERT WAYNE JOHNSON Jackson, Tennessee TRESIA KERR Dyer, Tennessee MARTHA HOUSTON Memphis, Tennessee TOMMY L. HUMPHREYS Humboldt, Tennessee LINNIE HURDLE Moscow, Tennessee JitM mm BOB EUGENE HUSSEY Dyersburg, Tennessee JAMES FRANKLIN JAMISON Jackson, Tennessee CAROLYN JOHNSON Jackson, Tennessee ANN FRANCIS JONES Yazoo City, Mississippi JAMES BRYANT JONES Jackson, Tennessee JAMES ROBERT JONES Jackson, Tennessee SYLVIA LAIRD Tiptonville, Tennessee JERE LEDSINGER Kenton, Tennessee SALLY LIRE Steclc-vllle, lllino — 49 — JACK VESTER LIVINGTON Parsons, Tennessee NANCY McLEARY Jackson, Tennessee TOMMY H. NORTON Jackson, Tennessee SUE POPE Bolivar, Tennessee TOMMYE LONG Memphis, Tennessee BETTY McCartney Bradford, Tennessee SHIRLEY McElYEA Ridgely, Tennessee mm mi SHARI MARVIN Anna, Illinois DAVID LEE MILLER Poplar Bluff, Missouri DEAN MOORE Trenton, Tennessee REBECCA PARKER Humboldt, Tennessee THOMAS D. PARNELL Jackson, Tennessee DONNA SUE PEARSON Bells, Tennessee JIMMIE ELAINE PRATHER Woodland Mills, Tennessee MARILY PRICE Lebanon, Tennessee EMILY JANE PRITCHARD Huntingdon, Tennessee 50 BETTIE RALPH GoodleHsville, Tennessee SHELBY REAVES Bradford, Tennessee LETITIA REYNOLDS Jackson, Tennessee SHIRLEY REYNOLDS Jackson, Tennessee HARRIET RICE Jackson, Tennessee DAVID SALLEE Memphis, Tennessee BETTY lU SMITH Jackson, Tennessee DOROTHY SMITH Memphis, Tennessee LINDA SMITH Dyer, Tennessee JOHN SOMERS Rutherford, Tennessee DAN STONE Jackson, Tennessee POLLY STONE Camden, Tennessc — 51 — BILL SUBLETTE Jackson, Tennessee BETTYE TAYLOR Trenton, Tennessee MARY ANN TAYLOR Jackson, Tennessee GLENDA THOMAS Jackson, Tennessee MARIAM F. TILLMAN Jackson, Tennessee NANCY RUTH TOWNSEND Cleveland, Tennessee ZELMA TURNBO Jackson, Tennessee LUCY TURNER Linneus, Missour MARY ANN TUTTERROW Knoxville, Tennessee PHIL VAUGHN Millington, Tennessee JERE P. WALKER Jackson, Tennessee JOYCE WALLS Kennett, Missour BILLY JOE WEINSTEIN Memphis, Tennessee CHARLES WINGO Martin, Tennessee JOETTA ZUMWALT Poplar Bluff, Missour BARBARA JELKS Paris, Tennessee ■ 52 — Madras University India CLASS ' 63 FRESHMAN — 53 — FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS -■- ., -■ _ A : v- Will ' , i- ?r— ..- ' • .L v W:-- - ' L. to R.: Jerry Hart, President; Jerry Haynie, Vice-President; Joan Patton, Secretary; John Vaugiin, Chaploin; Ronnie Walker, Treasurer; Bill Jones, Student Council Representative. — 54 — VIOLET MARIE BATTS Union City, Tennessee VIRGINIA BOULTON Cades, Tennessee 55 — ELSIE BULLINGTON Brodford, Tennessee JOHN THOMAS GALLERY Brownsville, Tennessee v " TT " " ■ 1 GLENDA BROOKS Paris, Tennessee JIAAMY B. BULLARD Jackson, Tennessee SHARON LYONS Jackson, Tennessee DENA BROWN Memphis, Tennessee dm REED BULLARD Memphis, Tennessee ROSE CANNON Halls, Tennessee DONALD CAPSHAW Hardeman, Tennessee CHARLES DAVID CARTER Jackson, Tennessee JEFF CHAPMAN Brownsville, Tennessee WM. DAVID CHAPPELL Bolivar, Tennessee — 56- CAROLYN CHEEK Jackson, Tennessee HILDA COLEMAN Gibson, Tennessee WILLIAM LEE COOKSEY Jackson, Tennessee ANN CROWELL Slkeston, Missouri SANDRA CHILDRESS Memphis, Tennessee FLORA JEAN COLEY Jackson, Tennessee WILLIAM B. CRAWFORD Jackson, Tennessee PATRICIA CURTIS Memphis, Tennessee JIMMY DOYLE CLAY Ripley, Tennessee DONALD CONNELLY Lafayette, Indiana mM M Jik BOB CRENSHAW Sikeston, Missouri MARIE DADY McEwen, Tennessee DANNY COBB Bells, Tennessee JAMES CONNER Jackson, Tennessee f ' C ai SUE CROUCH Jackson, Tennessee TULLY DANIEL Jackson, Tennessee — 57 — BARBARA DAVIS JIMMY DAVIS ANGELYN DEATON VAUGHN PRUITT Jackson, Tennessee Hickory Valley, Tennessee Jackson, Tennessee Memphis, Tennessee ■ S? dik diM KINNIE DISMUKE Jackson, Tennessee JIMMY DITTO Brownsville, Tennessee SHEILA DOWNING Benton, Kentucky FRANK DYER Memphis, Tennessee CAROL JEAN ELLISON Memphis, Tennessee MARIE DURLEY Tyro, Mississippi PAUL ELLIOT Trenton, Tennessee SANDRA EMERSON Middleton, Tennessee " ' JOAN EUBANKS Memphis, Tennessee SHIRLEY FLOWERS Medina, Tennessee CHARLOTTE FOWLKES Jacksonville, Florida JERRY DONALD FRANCIS Brownsville, Tennessee ANN FREEMAN Trenton, Tennessee MARY FREEMAN Bells, Tennessee ANN FULLER Memphis, Tennessee RONNIE HAWKINS Brownsville, Tennessee JIMMY TUBBS Trenton, Tennessee FREDDIE EUGENE GROOMS Huntingdon, Tennessee BETTY LUE CURLEY Bath Springs, Tennessee A RODDY HAGGARD Jacl son, Tennessee MAX HAILEY Jackson, Tennessee LINDA HANEY Kingsport, Tennessee RICHARD ALVIN HARDIN Memphis, Tennessee ANNE RUTH HARDING Cottage Grove, Tennessee — 59 — IMA« EARL WAYNE HARRIS Beacon, Tennessee JERRY HART Trimble, Tennessee JERRY HAYNIE Jackson, Tennessee JANET HINES Halls, Tennessee PATRICIA HOLLAND Dyersburg, Tennessee BECKY HOLT Parsons, Tennessee ONEIDA HOOKER ANN HORNBEAK Eads, Tennessee Union City, Tennessee ANDY HORNER Rutherford, Tennessee NANCY HORTON Mayfield, Kentucky CONNIE HUDSON Jackson, Tennessee PATSY HUTSON Paris, Tennessee 60- KAREN HYSMITH Finger Tennessee WILMA JOHNS Milan, Tennessee JAMES HAROLD JACO Jackson, Tennessee JACKIE JOHNSON Goodlettsviile, Tennessee PAT JEFFRESS Fulton, Kentucky VIRGINIA ANN LEWIS Jackson, Tennessee PHILIP JEFFRESS Fulton, Kentucky Vi dm VERNON JONES Dallas, Texas DAVID JOV7ERS Lexington, Tennessee JAMES JOWERS Dyersborg, Tennessee MARY KARNAZES Halls, Tennessee Mt JIMMIE KEE Jackson, Tennessee GENE KELLEY Dycrsburg, Tennessee TALMADGE KELLEY Dycrsburg, Tennessee ADRIAN KNIPPER Memphis, Tennessee ZADA LAFFLER Cairo, Illinois — 61 — LARRY LeGRAND Poplar Bluffy Missouri DOROTHY LEWIS Jackson, Tennessee GLYNDA LITTRELL Jackson, Tennessee J h FRED McCONNELL Memphis, Tennessee JIMMY McCOOL Jackson, Tennessee TOMMY McDEARMAN Halls, Tennessee ELLEN MclNTYRE Memphis, Tennessee dh CHARLES MARSTON Jackson, Tennessee BILLY MARTIN Jackson, Tennessee MARILYN MARTIN Paris, Tennessee dm ROBERT MAINORD Jackson, Tennessee LAURA MEFFORD Memphis, Tennessee 62- JOANNA MILLER Puryear, Tennessee SYLVIA PARKER Goodlettsville Tennessee VIRGINIA DALE MORGAN Jackson, Tennessee KENNETH MORRIS Puryear, Tennessee JAMES MORSE Gibson, Tennessee CHARLENE MUIR Memphis Tennessee A PAT NASON Memphis, Tennessee CAROLYN NEELEY Fulton, Kentucky MONA JANE NERREN Mercer, Tennessee BILLY OWEN Pryorsburg, Kentucky RONNIE OWENS Memphis, Tennessee MARILYN OWENS Hickman, Kentucky BARBARA OZMENT Jackson, Tennessee MARY PANNEIL Memphis, Tennessee BARBARA DUNLAP Trimble, Tennessee GERTIE PARKCR Dukedom, Kentucky — 63 — ROY JOHN PATTERSON Jackson, Tennessee GWENDOLYN PHILLIPS Dyersburg, Tennessee JOAN PATTON Jackson, Tennessee ALBERT PITTMAN Jackson, Tennessee BOB PAVELONIS Harrisburg, Illinois SHIRLEY POPE Trimble, Tennessee lW- — " J V dAM BOB PETERSON Memphis, Tennessee %l f NANCY POWERS Milan, Tennessee DELMA PRESCOTT Friendship, Tennessee VAUGHAN PRUITT Memphis, Tennessee DONNA PRIVETTE Bells, Tennessee JANICE PULLIAM Jackson, Tennessee ROBERT QUARLES Dyer, Tennessee rA w J. GLYNN RADFORD Dresden, Tennessee GEORGE-ANNE RICHMOND Henderson, Kentucky DON RAY ROBERTSON Memphis, Tennessee LINDA ROGERS Luray, Tennessee NANCY ROWE Memphis, Tennessee tetrgf tiativi-: BENNY RUSHING Jackson, Tennessee FREDDIE SANDIDGE Memphis, Tennessee BARRY SAPP Winchester, Massachusetts GENE SAPP Winchester, Massachusetts LOLA JUNE SARTAIN Memphis, Tennessee ANNETTE SASSER Middleton, Tennessee VIRGINIA SCARBROUGH Memphis, Tennessee LINDA SCHAEFER Jackson, Tennessee JERRY SIBLEY Savannah, Tenncs: BEULAH SMITH Memphis, Tennessee — 65 — WILLIAM SUMMERS Jackson, Tennessee MARSHA SWEET Memphis, Tenne ssee JANICE TEAGUE Detroit, Michigan PEGGY THETFORD Jackson, Tennessee ■ A| JERALD SMITH Bolivar, Tennessee HOWARD STEWART Beaver Dam, Kentucky f WINONA TANNER Portageville, Missouri ANN THOMAS Gibson, Tennessee DAVID STEED Jackson, Tennessee y JUDY STRANGE Alamo, Tennessee HUNTER TAYLOR Jackson, Tennessee J DANIEL TICKLE Dyersburg, Tennessee — 66 BECKY TIPIER Grand Junction, Tennessee JAMES MAURICE TRIMM Memphis, Tennessee TOMMY UPCHURCH Buchanan, Tennessee RONALD WALKER Union City, Tennessee NANCY WARD Jackson, Tennessee MARY ANN WARR Rossville, Tennessee SYRENA WATRIDGE Jackson, Tennessee ALICE FAYE WEST Humboldt, Tennessee ;9» M BRENDA WHITE Calvert City, Kentucky J. L. WHITTEN Jackson, Tennessee ALVIN WHORTON Jackson, Tennessee ALICIA WILKERSON Selmer, Tennessee CAROLYN WILKINS Bcmis, Tennessee BRYNDA WILLIAMS Jackson, Tennessee NORMAN WILLIAMS Dyer, Tennessee JERRY WILSON BIythcville, Arkonsc •G7 — YVONNE WINGO Martin, Tennessee DUANE SARGENT Jackson, Tennessee MARY WOODWARD Hodgenville, Kentucky BEVERLY YATES Jackson, Tennessee WILLIAM COPELAND Bells, Tennessee 9 i|k diM RALPH WINSLOW Jackson, Tennessee JOHN VAUGHN Memphis, Tennessee BILL SISSON Sikeston, Missouri — 68 — Cairo University Cairo, Egypt HONORS — 69 WHO ' S WHO " Who ' s Who among Students in American Colleges and Universities " is a national publication in which recognition is given to outstanding college students. These students are approved by the college administration and are appointed on the basis of scholarship, leadership character and extra-curricular activities. Public recognition has been given twelve of the students at Union University for their worthy achievements. Their pic- tures and lists of their activities are given on the following pages. ■ 70- NEWNAN BOB CARPENTER The versatile Newnan Bob Carpenter, from Memphis, has been outstanding in many phases of Union ' s campus life. His accom- plishments include the following: Most Popu- lar Boy, secretary of the Ministerial Associa- tion, BSU president, Alpha Tau Omega chap- lain and president. Freshman and Junior class speaker and vice-president of the Sopho- more and Junior classes. He has been a part of the Life Service Band, Footlights Club, campus dramatics and the Library Staff. Bob played basketball two years, baseball four years and was vice-president of the U Club. Following graduation. Bob will go to Southwestern Seminary. HARRIET LORRAINE SCHROEDER Showing capability in many fields, Harriet Schroeder, of Memphis, has become well known to her fellow students. In BSU work she has been a representative, a member of the Newsletter staff, a part of the Greater Council, has served on the revival teams, as publicity chairman, and as a reporter for the BSU magazine. Other offices include secre- tary of the NEA and vice-president of the Prince-Davis Science Club. Harriet has par- ticipated in the Life Service Band, the Shel- bians, the band, the chorus and the Library Staff. Her future plans include graduate school and further study in bacteriology. — 71 — MEREDITH SMITH Meredith Smith, vivacious and versatile, comes to Union from Henning, Tennessee. She has held the following offices: vice-president of Hypatia, chapter correspondent and vice- president of Chi Omega, and program chair- man of the Allegro Club. She has participated in the BSD, the Footlights Club, the Sigma Alpha lota Honorary Music Fraternity, band and chorus. After attending graduate school at the University of Indiana, Meredith plans to teach music. JAMES ROBERT KENDIG A leader with an outstanding record is James Robert Kendig of Jackson, who was elected president of the Student Body his Senior year. The Nestor Club elected him vice-president while the Latin Club chose him for president. Bob was class speaker his Junior year, hie held membership In the BSU, the Ministerial Association, the band and chorus. Bob will attend the Southern Seminary after graduation. — 72 — BOBBY RA LPH AGEE Bob Agee, of Memphis, is a leader In many ways. He has held the following offices: presi- dent of the History Club, chaplain of the Nestor Club, vice-president of the German Club, speaker for the Freshman Class, chap- lain for the Sophomore Class, and member of the Student Government. He has been editor of the " Cardinal and Cream " and sports editor for the " Cardinal and Cream " and " Lest We Forget. " Bob has participated in the BSD, the Ministerial Association, the Life Service Band, the Latin Club, the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, the U Club, the cross country team, and the track team. After graduation Bob will go to Southern Seminary. JUDY CAROLYN VERNER Her quiet charm has made Judy Verner, Ft. Thomas, Ky., a favorite of her fellow students. In her student activities, she has been hostess, secretary, and vice-president of the BSU; program chairman, secretary, and prayer chairman of the YWA; secretary of Hypatia. president and vice-president of Crook Hall Dormitory Council; and secretary of the Mallory Math Club. In addition to these she has served on the Library Staff. The field of religious education is in Judy ' s future. — 73 — HARVEY RAY GILL One of Union ' s most studious person- alities is Harvey Ray Gill, who comes ■from Hayti, Mo. He has served as Nestor Club secretary and president of Phi Alpha Theta. Other club activities include History Club, Latin Club, and German Club. He was twice chosen as a delegate to the Little United Nations Assembly in Bloomington, Ind. Harvey plans to continue his study of history in graduate school. ELSIE IRENE YOUNG Elsie Irene Young, from Brownsville, has shown herself to be industrious and capable in her varied endeavors at Union. Elsie has added to Uni on ' s campus life as: Maid to the Freshman Queen, president and secretary of the Prince-Davis Science Club, secretary of the Sophomore Class, Senior Escort to Miss Union, dormitory council member, and pro- gram chairman of Hypatia. BSU, YWA, Life Service Band and the chorus were also among her activities. Her interest in science will lead her to graduate school, then into medical technology. ■74 — LARRY HENRY PATTON Well known for his warm personality and cuccess In many roles of campus life, is Larry Henry Pa+fon from Lexington. Larry has been an officer in the following organizations; Nestor Club, German Club, Alpha Psi Omega. He has been Escort to Mr. and Miss Union, Best Actor of the year. Editor of " Lest We Forget, " and Junior Class president. He has served his fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega, in many areas. Larry has been a member of the BSU, the class plays, the spring plays, the student government, and the chorus. Medical school is in the immediate future for Larry. JANIS ELIZABETH PLUNK Janis Plunk, who transferred to Union from Freed-Hardeman, has made an outstand- ing record in scholastics. She has served as president of Hypatia and as secretary of Phi Alpha Theta. She was a member of the His- tory Club and the NEA. Janis is now working in the field of child welfare and plans to attend the School of Social Welfare in Nashville. — 75 WANDA LOU MAYO Quietly busy, Wanda Mayo, of Bemis, excels in the field of language; in fact, she has had a summer of specialized study in Mexico and has been vice-president of the Spanish club. She has also been a part of YWA, of Hypatia and the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. Wanda plans to continue her study of language at the University of Texas Graduate School. She then will become a part of a college faculty. A. MARIE BROWN Marie Brov n, of Gobler, Missouri, has achieved a high scholastic record here at Union. She has held the following offices: treasurer and reporter of the Business Club, reporter of Hypatia, and scribe of the Stu- dent Court. She has participated in the YWA, BSU, Footlights Club, and Student NEA. After completing graduate school, Marie will either enter the field of business or the field of teaching on the college level. — 76 — Miss Carole Green and Larry Patton MR. MISS UNION — 77 — stt4»o tsco ' M45 tvs« oo» " B U- i ' ciiso ' - ' ' Oif 5c ffrs — 78 — OPu OAlOijf fscours 79- Miss Pat Andrews and Larry Boston MOST POPULAR — 80 — Miss Carol Luetbge and Kenneth Gault BEST ALL ROUND — 81 — ipii ' f - r ! Miss Mary Stephen Hudson and Jerol Swaim MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED — 82 — University of Mexico MOST ATTRACTIVE MOST HANDSOME -Hf - Miss Pafsy Hutson SAE QUEEN 84 — Miss Marilyn Simmons ATO SWEETHEART — 85 — Miss Llewellyn Sellers, Queen BASKETBALL QUEEN COURT 86— _i I. fo R.: Walter Allison, Lynn Ballzell, Terry Atjderson, Linda Schaefer, Llewellyn Sellers, Robert Browner, Elaine Prathcr, Bill Howsc, Carole Green, Jcrol Swaim. — 87 — Miss Freddie Sandidge MISS UNIVERSITY L ' ' - Jf m jtk Standing, i. «o R.: Miss Shirley Blurton. 2nd Maid; Miss Lynn Baltzcll. 1st Alternate: Mi: Undo Schacfcr, 1 si Maid. Sealed: Miss Freddie Snndidgc, Miss University. AND COURT — 89 — CAMPUS FAVORITES 90- 4 ' f-ii$iJ . Ts y l ' vV flfc? - i ' -V . ' " ' ' %Mf ' ,o» ' . N M |A 5S xROV.t 3RttM ' niLYh, ' »»ONs " ' ' ■ ' y HUrsON — 91 — Nl SS C.ROUN tOWNSENO 92 — ■ ' m John Robert Dillard MOST HANDSOME BOY — 93 Miss Freddie Sandidge FRESHMAN QUEEN — 94 — Pushkin State Academic Dramatic Theater, Moscow, U.S.S.R. ORGANIZATIONS — 95 STU COVER STUDENT COUNCIL Sealed, L. fo R.: Dewey Corder, Marlon Cllis, Rufus Moore, Palsy King, Harvey Gill. Standing, L. to R.: King Abernathy, Malcolm Tipton, Bill Jackson, Dan Stone, Bill Jones, Joe Ellis and Wayne Brown. — 96- DENT MMENT STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Seated: Carole Green, Secre- tary. Standing, 1. to R.: Bob Kendig, President; Mr. Muntz, Sponsor; David Cun- dUf, Vice-President; Joyce Stevenson, Reporter; Tom Belev , Chaplain. STUDENT COURT L. to R.: Wayne Brown, Barry McCo Andrews, Bobby Haynle, Rufus Moo Not Pictured arc Carol Lucihgc ai Plunk. 97- PUBL MARION EUlS Editor, " Cardinal artd Cream " " CARDINAL AND CREAM ' STAFF Editor MARION EUlS AsilstanI Edifor POLLY STONE Business Manager WAYNE JOHNSON Drama JANE FRIZZELL Sports DUNAWAY CONNER Exchange . PATSY HUTSON Proofreaders MARIE BROWN, JUDY BYNUM foreign Correspondent WALTER TATE Reporters V EYMUTH HEUISER, ANN HORNBEAK, JERRY EVANS, FRANK DYER, PHIL KUHN, CHARLES BURKHEAD, BOBBY AGEE, JOHN SOMERS, ANN CROWEU. MRS. F. M. BLYTHE Sponsor of Pufafieations CATIONS ■LEST WE FORGET ' ■ STAFF Ed for G. WAYNE BROWN Builness Manager GERALD B. DAME Staff JANE FRIZZELL, JOHNNY SOMERS, ANN CROWELL, THOMAS TATE, LARRY BOSTON, ANN HORNBEAK, PATSY HUTSON, RUFUS MOORE, WEYMUTH HEUISER, JERRY EVANS. Sports BOBBY AGEE G. WAYNE BROWN editor, " Lest We Forgef " GERALD 8. DAME Builncii Manager, " lesf We forget " 99 — MARY STEPHEN HUDSON Treasurer BONNIE BAKER Herald A FREDDIE SANDIDGE JOYCE STEVENSON President MEREDITH SMITH Vice-President SUE WALKER Secretary . CAROL MILLER Correspondent CAROLE GREEN Pledge Trainer PEGGY PACE Personnel UPSILON OF CHI OMEGA Founded at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, on April 5, 1895. Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation The Upsilon Chapter of Union University endeavors in all phases of life to give truth and light to its open motto, " Hellenic culture and Chris- tian ideals. " Instilled within the hearts of each member is a wonderful bond of unbroken love and friendship. This bond grows with the years and is ever a source of enlightenment. This year certainly was one of which to be proud and one which will always be remembered by each Chi O. Plans were made for the lodge, which will be located next year on Hays Avenue. This year the Chi O ' s were the recipients of many awards and honors. Among these: Miss Union and Sophomore maid; Queen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pledge Favorite; Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega; Cheerleaders, Fresh- men and Varsity; Freshman Queen; Miss University; Seven representatives in the Ten Campus Favorites; Two maids to the Basketball Queen; Rep- resentative to Little United Nations; Best-all-around Girl, Girl Most Likely r V ANN JOHNSON CAROL LUETHGE BARBARA DUNLAP VICKI DILLOW LINNIE HURDLE NANCY McLEARY NANCY POWERS SANDY CHILDRESS MARY ANN BAKER HILDA COLEMAN SUE CROUCH to Succeed. Meredith Smith was chosen for membership in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Other Chi O ' s were class officers, and held offices and membership in all campus organizations. Chi Omega ' s social life has been full this year, beginning in the fail with a " Coffee and Confusion " party, a surprise party for the actives, Chicken-Bean supper, Dinner party, the annual Spring Banquet, Fall and Spring Eleusinia, Senior picnic, spring outing, and climaxed with a Mother- Daughter Banquet. The Civic activities included a Christmas party for a needy family, complete with Santa Claus and gifts; giving Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, and selling papers for the Lions Club. King Rex, Jim Hatley, in succeeding Dr. Charles Taylor as Chi Omega ' s " Man of the Year, " welcomed to his court 21 new initiatives and seven spring pledges. So, It Is with mixed emotions of joy for a year well done and sadness for those who are leaving us, that we close this year. Memories of the year will live forever in our hearts and we will recount them many, many times. Next year, we know, will be another characterized by love and friendship. © s Pte SHIRLEY REYNOLDS J BECKY TIPLER JO HARGEn WANDA HOLLAND MARY WOODWARD BECKY MILLER TRESIA KERR SYRENA WATTRIDGE JOYCE HUTSON ANN CROWEU JOAN PAHON NANCY WARD CAROLYN WILKINS JANET NINES BEHY TAYLOR JANICE BOREN JANIS PUUIAM ANN HORNBEAK MARILYN MARTIN ANN THOMAS WEYMUTH HEUISER LAURA MEFFORD ALICIA WILKERSON MACKEY HOLLIFIELD PATSY HUTSON A ar- i %. ELAINE PRATHER ETTA FUTRELL EMILY PRITCHARD ANN FUUER LETITIA REYNOLDS] CAROLYN TOWNSEND WANDA MAYO Recording Secretary MARY DODSON Corresponding Sec. PAT MORSE Treasurer BETTY RAIPH Historian BETA OMEGA OF ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded at Longwood College, Farmvllle, Virginia, October 15, 1898 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray Flower: White Violet Open Motto: To Seek The Noblest Love, fraternity, service, scholarship, Chris- tian ethics, the nobleness of v omanhood are some of the ideals of Zeta Tau Alpha that span the days spent in college and the years outside these ivy v alls. Sisterhood is implanted in the heart of each member of this international fraternity. The Zetas this year have actively partici- pated in all phases of campus life at Union. Daughters of Themis have been chosen as Basketball Queen, as Maid to the Basketball Queen, as Freshman and Junior Escorts to Miss Union, and as Editor of the Cardinal and Cream. Zetas are represented in the Ten Most Favorite Girls, Class Officers, Student Council, Student Court. Zetas served in the various clubs on cam- pus and as club officers. The year of 59-60 will be full of pleasant memories as the social occasions are remem- bered: Zeta Pre-School Outing, Founders ' Day Banquet, a Treasure Hunt Date Party, a Christ- mas breakfast party, the Mother-Daughter Lunch- eon, Big-Sister-Little-Sister supper, the spring date party, the spring banquet, the Alumnae Tea, a Senior Dinner, and other informal chapter get-togethers. In service for others, Zetas gave a Thanks- giving basket, a Christmas party for under- privileged children complete with toys, clothes, food, and, of course, Santa Claus. Zetas par- ticipated in the Lions Club Paper Sale, March of Dimes and hieart Drive. Beta Omega contri- buted to the Zeta National Service Program which involves financing the Cerebral Palsy Equipment Manual and providing slides for the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults, Inc. Sisterhood becomes more meaningful as Zeta becomes dearer to each Zeta as the years go by. CAROL BROCK GERTIE PARKER ANNE NELL WILSON MONA NERREN r " Jta. NINA THOMAS LINDA SCHAEFER CAROLYN MORSE PEGGY HINTON JANICE MORGAN CAROLYN NEELEY JANICE TEAGUE MARTHA HOUSTON BRENDA McDANIEL JOAN EUBANKS BETTY LOU GURLEY ELIZABETH DAVIS Hi m ALICE FAY WEST VIRGINIA SCARBOUGH KAY DUNAGAN GLENDA LITTRELL MARTHA MILAM JEAN McLEMORE CAROL ELLISON CHAROLETTE FOWLKES ANNETTE SASSER DONNA S UE © JANE BAILEY BARBARA ANDREWS GEORGE ANNE RICHMOND w MARILYN OWENS PAT NASON m«l WILMA JOHNS EUEN MclNTYRE VIRGINIA THOMAS SHARI MARVIN ANNE HARDING PEGGY CASTLEMAN JANIS PLUNK JUDY STRANGE PAT HOLLAND NANCY McCOLLUM ■1 9 IB mi WALTER ALLISON WM WAYNE BROWN WC FRANK JAMISON WKE CHARLES WINGO WKA CHARLES BURKHEAD WSc LARRY PATTON WU BETA TAU of ALPHA TAU OMEGA FOUNDED: Virginia Military Institute September II, 1865 COLORS: Azure Gold FLOWER: White Tea Rose BOB CARPENTER Retired WM JERRY WAGSTER Retired WKE MALCOLM TIPTON Retired WSc Brotherhood in Beta Tau is a composite of many things. It is a Thursday night meeting ending with a song and a handclasp; it is a sense of understanding and communication which is seldom even expressed orally; or it is a spring week-end at Natchez Trace Park yielding warm and lasting memories. Of no small importance is the personal development which Beta Tau fosters in its members. This is evident from the number of brothers holding offices and memberships in most of the campus organizations. Seven of the brothers held class offices during the year, includ- ing the presidency of three classes; Brother Cundiff served as vice- president of the Student Body with seven other Taus as members of the council. In other service positions. Brother Wayne Brown edited the yearbook and Brother Patton acted as Student Public Relations Director. In recognition of the service and ability of the men of Beta Tau, three senior men. Brothers Carpenter, Patton, and Agee, were selected for " Who ' s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges. " In feature elections, Brothers Boston and Sault and pledge Dillard received the nod for Most Popular, Best AII- ' Round, and Most Handsome, respectively. Brother Patton reigned as Mr. Union with Brothers Jamison and Jackson as royalty escorts. Of the twelve Nestor Club members. Beta Tau supplied six, including the president and chaplain. Alpha Psi Omega and Phi Alpha Theta, honorary fraternities, rolls also listed men of Beta Tau. These achievements, coupled with outstanding performance in DAVID CUNDIFF dramatics, band, chorus and other aesthetic pursuits have been Retired WU tempered with noteworthy athletic participation. As in the past. JOHN MONTGOMERY WS LARRY BOSTON Pledge Master JERRY DUNN Retired WS FRANKIE MILLER TOMMY NORTON HARVELL PRICE DEWEY CORDER V GERALD DAME the Taus have composed an impressive portion of all the varsity teams. In addition, both male cheerleaders were Taus, as was the Freshman coach, James Scott. In intramurals, Beta Tau set a record of sorts with its " split Tau " team winning both first and second place in basketball. In the fall, the blue and gold copped the number-one spot in football for the fifth consecutive year and placed second in the cross country run. A variety of social functions blended to round out the year successfully: the " adopting " of two young boys for the Christmas Holidays, the crowning of gracious Marilyn Simmons as chapter sweetheart, the serenading of the new " pin girls, " the spring splash at Natchez Trace. And at all times, the amiable hostessing of our new housemother, Mrs. John Good- win, made the House a favorite spot for informal gatherings. Yes, life in Beta Tau is a composite of many things, all of them good, although the ideal in mind may never completely be attained, but all warmly meaningful and very lasting. JERRY SPENSER TERRY ANDERSON RAYMOND BOSTON WAYNE JOHNSON FRED COOK JIM BOB SMITH ROY COLLUMP ROBERT BRAWNER JOHN GINN DAVID SHEPPARD PAUL TAYLOR JIMMY DANIEL BOB HIGHFILL BILL ADKERSON BILL BROWN KEN GAULT BILL JONES BOB PAVEIONIS JIM BULLARD Pledge President ik |p M M BILL JACKSON JERRY HART JOHN DILLARD JAMES JOWERS ROBERT QUARLES GERALD SMITH • » iUiiiiiii li JIM BAILEY MAX HAILEY CHARLES CARTER TOM UPCHURCH FRANK DYER SONNY HAWKINS DAVID EVERS ANDERSON TOM McDEARMAN JERRY BASKIN BOB PETERSON JAMES JONES h f Tl ei fe - liii ik DUNAGAN JIM DIHO RONNY HAWKINS GENE GROOMS JEFF CHAPMAN JERE FRANCIS JOE ELLIS, EA BILL HOWSE, EDA ALF BARNETTE, ER JACKIE BAXTER, ET Officers not pictured are Phil Kuhn, PT; Tommy Barnes, ER; Irwin Vann, E Ch; and Barry McComic, PT. FRANK CONGIARDO, E Ch TENNESSEE ETA OF SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded on March 9, 1856, by eight serious-minded students, and organized for the purpose of mutual understand- ing and Brotherhood. Our ritual is based on biblical background and the highest idealism is taught to our members at a time and under circumstances of greatest susceptibility. We were founded on certain Christian ideals and exist for the perpetuation of these ideals in the lives of our members. This year has brought its trials and temp- tations, its joys and sorrows, yet as we leave another year behind, we find our cup running over with such eventful happenings as . . . the announcement of lovely Miss Patsy Hutson as our Chapter Sweetheart; the misty eyes when needy children enjoyed an unexpected Christmas; as 20 young men joined the ranks of brother- hood; the weekend journey on our annual Spring Splash; the remodeling of our Chapter house; the addition of a chapter library; our successful pre-school Chapter retreat, and finally the honors and positions of leadership which our fellow students saw fit to bestow upon some of the Brothers. NATHAN PILLOW, EDA TOMMY BELEW Here are a portion of our brothers ' attain- ments: Bill Howse was the Senior Class speaker. Brothers held the presidencies of the Math, History, and Law Clubs; were active in the Nes- tor Club, Alpha Psi Omega, and Student Coun- cil; were elected escorts to Miss Union, the Basketball Queen and various club and class officers. Several Sig Alphs were on the Dean ' s List, and held Important staff positions on both of our school publications. Many more were active in the numerous scholastic, athletic, and interest groups on campus. This is our fraternity — minds, moods, mo- tives, all varied, yet harmonious, but the fact still remains that we do not want to boast of receiving every honor, nor do we claim that they are due us, but we are proud that we have men who are capable and who have been seen fit to hold a goodly share for Tennessee Eta. We make our mistakes; we have our faults. It hurts us to observe these, but we realize that no organization can be perfect, and profiting by experience and Inspired by the success of our predecessors, we try to eliminate our errors and keep our Tennessee Eta worthy of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ALVIN WHORTON BENNY RUSHING KEN DISMUKE DEAN MOORE JOHN ENGLERT J. L. WHITTEN JOHNNY HENSEN DANNY SMITH ROBERT CAMPBELL DON EVANS JERRY WILSON DON DAVIS THOMAS CALLORY HUNTER TAYLOR JOHN VAUGHN BILL COOKSEY ROBERT MAINORD SONNY STEWART FRED HARRIS DAVID STEED ROY PATTERSON TUUY DANIEL REED BUUARD BlU SUBLETTE Y n Skk DAVID MILLER DON ROBERTSON CHARLES MARSTON FRANK McCASKIL STAN PATTERSON RONNY HAGGARD VERNON JONES M PHIL JEFFREYS DAVE SALLE DON HOUIFiaD JERRY HAYNIE DICKY LAUGHLIN LOUIS SACCHINI BIUY MARTIN LIBRARY STAFF Seated, L. to R.: Annie R. Welch, Tommy Barnes, Barbara Andrews, Schelley Highsmith, and Pat Morse. Standing, L. to R.: Miss Ruth Gibbons, Ralph Williams, Bettye Cliff, Rebeeco Parker, and Judy Verner. Seated, L. to R.: Donna Privette, Tommy Upchurch, Zoda Laffler, Mrs. R. H. Ward, and Mrs. Jack farris. Sfonding, L. to R.: Bob Carpenfer, Gene Grooms, Diana Andrews, and Winona Tanner. 112- Seated, L. fo R.: Linda Smifh, Polly Stone, Mary Sherbenou, Carolyn Cheek, Donna Pearson. Standing, L. to R., first Row: Marilyn Owens, Brenda Williams, Becky Tipler, Carolyn Townsend, Martha Milam, Betty Clift, Mary Ann Baker, Donna Finger, Dot Smith, Nancy Green, Virginia Boulton. Second Row: Billy Weinslein, James Allison, June Sarlain, Mary Karnases, Melvin Chi dresS Paul Elliot, Thomas Parnell, Shelley Highsmith, Bobb Newton, Alicia Wilkerson, James Allcock, J. L. Whitten. ALLEGRO CLUB OFFICERS: President JAMES ALLCOCK Vice-PresWenf JERRY DUNN Secretary MARY DELAINE SHERBENOU Treasurer CAROLYN CHEEK Program Chairman POLLY STONE Sponsors MR. FERRYMAN, MISS FOSSEY 113 — PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA standing, L. to R.: Bobby Newton, Ralph Winslow, Billy Watson, Gerald Smith, Ronny Walker, Tom Parnell, A. O. Herrington, Charles Marston, Bill Wienstien, James Alcock, William Ferryman, Bryant Ray, Louis Sacchini. Seated, i, to R.: James Roberson, Frank Congiardo, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia of America, a na- tional honorary professional music fraternity, is the largest fraternity of any kind for men. It was founded in 1898 t o foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of music students. The local group is petitioning for a charter. The officers include Mr. James Roberson, president; A. O. Herrington, vice-president; Frank Congiardo, secretary-treasurer; James Al- cock, historian; and Louis Sacchini, warden. 114- SIGMA ALPHA IOTA L. to fi.: Mrs. Frederic LubranI, Mrs. James Robertson, Meredith Smith, Carolyn Townsend, Mrs. Elisabeth Fossey, Schelley HIghsmlth, Mary Ann Baker, Polly Stone, Mary DeLalne Sherbenou, Ann Cough in, Mrs. A. O. Herrington. Fifteen young ladles, aspiring +o become members of the woman ' s national music fratern- ity, Sigma Alpha lota, have been working toward their goal since late spring, 1959. To qualify for SAI membership, they must have attained a B average in all music courses and have demon- strated their ability to perform. Members are Mary Ann Balcer, president; Polly Stone, vice-president; Schelley Hlghsmith, second vice-president; Patty Herrington, secre- tary; Mary DeLaine Sherbenou, treasurer; Mrs. Frederic Lubrani, program chairman; Meredith Smith, social chairman; Carolyn Townsend, fi- nance chairman; Joyce Stevenson, sergeant-at- arms; Sue Laine Hunt; Mary Stephen Hudson; Nancy Greene, and Wanda Boyd. Mrs. Robert- son and Mrs. Fossey are sponsors. 115 — UNION UNIVERSITY BAND AND CHORUS UNION UNIVERSITY CHORUS MR. JOHN HUGHES, Director UNION UNIVERSITY BAND MR. FREDERIC LUBRANI, Director 116 — irst Row, L. to R.: Bill Carver, Carol Luethge, Jane Frizzell, Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd. Second Row, 1. to R.: Bobby Todd, Larry Patton, King Abernalhy, Bill Howse. BETA MU CAST OF ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha PsI Omega, the national dramatic President Bia CARVER traternlty on Union ' s campus, strives to advance Vice-President lARRY PATTON dramatics to a rising level. Each member has been elected to membership on the basis o-f Secretary CAROL LUETHGE ... , , . , . , , merjtonous personal achievement in school Sponsor MRS. ELIZABETH LOYD dramatics. — 117 FOOTLIGHTS CLUB OFFICERS: President ALLEN TINKER VIce-PresMenf. . . WAYNE BROWN Secretary CAROL LUETHGE Treasurer WAYNE JOHNSON The purpose of Footlights Club is +o stimulate inter- est in dramatic art on the campus, to promote interest in dramatic presentations, and to offer a service to all stu- dents who are interested in dramatics. It sponsors all play productions, including a play tournament, one-act play night, and major productions. During the year the club enjoys a number of social functions. SENIOR CLASS CLASS PLAYS JUNIOR CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS — 119 — CAST The Sfory-Te Zer FRED COOK Dof Perrybingle CAROL LUETHGE John Perrybing e WAYNE JOHNSON Mr. Tackelton DICK WAKEFIELD Caleb Plummer LARRY PATTON Berfha Plummer ANN HORNBEAK Tillie S owboy VIRGINIA BOULTON An Old Man DUNAWAY CONNER May Fielding LLEWELLYN SELLERS Mrs. Fielding BETTYE RALPH Dot ' s Mother BEVERLY GARLAND Dots f afher ALLEN TINKER A Porter FRANK DYER Street Musician TOMMY UPCHURCH Spirit of the Cricfcet BARBARA JELKS FALL PLAY L richet on the J eat ' tli by Dickens — 120- PRING PLAY lic (J iti J-islicrnicin liv Douiihis CAST Arnon SANDY CHILDRESS f ara FREDDIE SANDIDGE o d ALLEN TINKER Hannah CAROL LUETHGE Andrew BILL CARVER Zebedee JOHNNY SOMERS Simon BOB TODD Johnny WAYNE JOHNSON David Ben Zadok LARRY PATTON Adiel ANN HORNBEAK Jairus WAYNE JOHNSON Joel FRANK DYER Sharon NANCY HORTON Myra BARBARA DUNLAP Mcnclus FRED COOK Marccllui THOMAS PANNELL Icoh BETTY RALPH Nobofh BILL JONES one BETTY DUGARD Kafri JANICE BOREN Helena JOYCE WALLS Glaucus BILL WILSON Rufh BEVERLY GARLAND — 121 Standing 1. to R.: Wayne Brown, Bobby Agee, Bobby Hayn e, Bobby Kendig, Larry Paiton. Seated, L, to R.: Jerol Swalm, Barry MtComie, Harvey Oill, Bobby Highfill, Jerry Scruggs, Kenneth Gaull, Walter Allison, Prof. Jack farrls. NESTOR CLUB Composed of twelve student members and a faculty sponsor, Nestor Club meets once each month for an evening of fellowship and discus- sion. Members are elected primarily on the basis of scholarship. Once each year this group meets with its sister club, Hypatia. Nestor Club was founded in 1913 and took its name from a classical theme. Nestor, a descen- dant of Prometheus, was the oldest and wisest of the Greek chieftains during the Trojan War. OFFICERS: President LARRY PATTON VIce-Presldenf BOBBY KENDIG Secretary HARVEY GIU Treasurer JEROL SWAIM Chaplain BOBBY AGEE Sponsor MR. JACK FARRIS ■122 — lorry PoHon. n Seated, L. to R.: Marie Brown, Judy Verner, Janis Plunk, Miss Crocker. Standing, L. to R.: Virginia Griffin, Carolyn Townsend, Alory Stephen Hudson, Robbie Ambrose, Dixie Cfompiff, Ann Wilson, and Shelley Highsmifh. HYPATIA CLUB Hypa+ia Is devoted to the development of special knowledge in the literary field. Its membership is limited to Junior and Senior students who possess a high scholastic record. Once each month the group meets to discuss recent developments in literature. Presidenf IVIEREDITH SIMITH Vice-Presidenf WANDA IWAYO Secrefory JUDY VERNER Reporfcr MARIE BROWN Program Chairman ELSIE YOUNG Sponsor MISS MARION CROCKER — 123 — -J +1 standing, L. to R.: Mrs. L. D. Rutledge, Jerry Scruggs, Dr. J. A. Pate, Darrell Molen, BUI Jackson, Charles Wingo, Nina Thomas, Virginia Thomas, Polly Stone, Juanlta Sikes, faye Wllbanks, Jerry Corlew, Max Sharp, Dr. R. H. Ward. Sitting, L. to R.: Betty Molen, Patricia Morse, Nathan Pillow, Janice Boren, Nancy Lee Smith, Jim Bailey, Betty Cowan. RUTLEDGE HONORARY HISTORY CLUB The Rufledge Honorary History Club was currenl events. The club stresses scholarship and founded on November 7, 1929, for the encour- its goal Is membership in the National History agement of study in the field of history and Fraternity, Phi Alpha Theta. OFFICERS President NATHAN PIUOW Vice-President ALLEN BARTLETT Secretary JANICE BOREN Treasurer JIM BAILEY Kepresenlalive NANCY SMITH Sponsor MRS. L. D. RUTLEDGE 124- if standing, L. to R.: Mrs. L. D. Rutledge, Ralph Williams, Jerol Swaim, Harvey GUI, Janis Plunk, Dr. R. H. Ward, Dr. J. A. Pate. DELTA PSI CHAPTER OF PHI ALPHA THETA OFFICERS The Delfa Phi Chapter of Phi Alpha The+a, President HARVEY GILL National Honorary Scholarship Fraternity in His- Vice-President RALPH WILLIAMS xi . , nxL x- I L i J lU ,,,j,c D.iiMv tory, was the I 19th national chapter and the Secretary JANIS PLUNK ' Treasurer JEROL SWAIM first established in the State of Tennessee. It was , _ , ' " ' " " ' Represenfafive established at Union University on October 17, y W MiDGE WILLIAMS ' Hisforian ....MRS. MALLIE NEWSOM 1953, by active and alumni members of the P_ foco ty Adviser. .MRS. L. D. RUTLEDGE Rutledge Honorary History Club. Its purpose: M to encourage research and writing. ■Ufljji Harvey Gill — 125 — Standing, L. to R.; Jerol Swainif Katie Wehb Judy Bynum, Becky Holt, Virginia Searbroughf Joyce WaltSf Shirley Neisler, Janis Plunk, Ann Baggett, Dr. J. A, Pate, Sponsor, Evelyn Mar- bury, Patsy King, Kay Ounagun, Betty McCulley, Zeta Laffler, Nancy Rowe, Nancy McCollum, Linda Rogers, Alice West. Seated: Sally Morse, Befty Fletcher, Marie Dady, Marie Brown, Linda Portls, Peggy Hinton, Linda Haney, Nancy Smith, Mary Ann Tutterow. FRANK E. WELLS CHAPTER FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS President SHIRLEY NEISLER V ce-Presiden ANNE BAGGETT Secretary PATSY KING Treasurer EVELYN MARBURY Program Chairman JEROL SWAIM 126 — L. to R., (Seated): David West, Sponsor. Row one: Teresta Kerr, Sylvia Laird, tialne Pralher, Ann Jones, Danny Smith, Dean Moore. Row two: Peggy Hinton, Nancy MeCollum, Betty Marbury, Emily Pritehard, Polk Clover, Claude Yager, Mary Dodson, Marie Brown, Jerry Wogster. Row three: Paul Taylor, Bob Browner, David Clisson, Larry Hooppaw, Horvel Price, Joetta Zumwalt. Standing: Dave Sheppard, John Worley, Bill Sublette. The purposes of this organiza-Hon are to foster interest in business situations and practices of the American economy, to develop understanding of various business institutions, to develop business skills and leadership ability, and to promote the ethical viewpoint among future business leaders. Sponsors MR. MAX CARRINGTON MR. DAVID WEST President JERRY WAGSTER Vice-President MARIE BROWN Secretory MARY DODSON Treasurer BETTY MARBURY Publicity Chairman ANN JONES BUSINESS CLUB HOME ECONOMICS CLUB T. vv»; ;«i; .»y.ir ' y. .? . . ; :r.;- ; «•:« . fX , , ' ' i: ;% .. ■- ,-■ -.••■■ •.•••■ ■■■.».• ■ ;--•■••■■-, .••■v--- ' • I. fo R.: Robbfe Ball, Joanna Miller, Yvonne WIngo, Ann Baggett, Carol Miller, Miss Willie Margaret Johnson, Marilyn Simmons, Jo Hargelt, Carol Luethge, Joyce Allen, Brenda K. Mt- Daniel, Hi da Coleman and Patricia Jeffress. OFFICERS President MARILYN SIMMONS Vice-President JO HARGETT Sponsor MISS JOHNSON 128 — u CLUB President WALTER ALLtSON Vice-President JAMES SCOTT PAUL TAYLOR Treasurer JACK SIBLEY Sponsor DR. CHARLES TAYLOR Standing, L. to R., first Row: Gayle Alexander, Paul Taylor, Jack Sibley, James Scott. Second Row; Dave Malloy, Terry Anderson, Harbert Lee, William Lee, Danny Dunagan, Third Row: John Ginn, Keifh Ct)ilcutt, Wilton Lynn, Otis Griffin, Ken Gault, Bob Browner, David Sheppard, John Montgomery. i GIRLS ' I P. E. CLUB SS President LYNN BALTZELL iis Vice-President WEYMUTH HEUISER " Secretary-Treasurer SUE WALKER 1 Sponsor MRS. WILLIAMS Standing, L. to R., Back Row; Peggy Stanflll, Sue Walker, Linda Portis, Glenda Blackwood, Peggy Lassater. First Row, L. to R.: Emily Pritchard, Joyce Stevenson, Larry Gay Lane, Lynn Baltxelt. Seated: Betty Pennington, Weymulh Heulscr, Jano KIrksey, Carolyn Johnson, Nancy McLeary. 129- LOS PICAROS (SPANISH CLUB) President JO DORRIS Viee-Presidenf BONNIE BAKER Secrefary -Treasurer SHIRLEY BLEDSOE Program Chairman BETTY DUGARD Reporter WANDA MAYO Sponsor WALTER JACOBI Seated, L. to R.: Joyce Allen, Juanita Sikes, Mary Ann Taylor, Ann Hornbeak, Bonnie Baker, Shirley B edsoe. Standing, L. to R.: Yvonne Wingo, Thurman Harris, Louise Giover, Diana Andrews, Charles Miller, Betty Roy, Jimmy Douglass, Jo Doris, Beffy Dogard. Seafed, 1. fo R.: Prof. R. T. Donne) , Patsy King, Katie Webb, Judy Verner, Barry Mc- Comic. Sfanding, I. to R.: Larry Steed, Wayne Brown, Walter Allison, Jerry [vans, Bobby Haynie, Bobby Highfill, Bobby Cummings, Floyd free, James Jones, Raymond Mott. MALLORY MATH CLUB Presidenf BARRY McCOiMIC Vice-Presidenf RAYMOND MOTT Secretary -Treasurer JUDY VERNER Sponsor R. T. DONNELL INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL President WAYNE BROWN Vice-Presldenf CAROLYN TOWNSEND Secrefary JOE ELLIS Treasurer JANICE BOREN L. to R., firsf Row: Joe Ellis, Wayne Brown. Second Row: Carolyn Town- send, Janice Borcn. Third Row: Tommy Be cw, AlarJy Milam, Mary S. Hudson, fourth Row: Jean McLcmorc, Waller Allison. Fifth Row: Barry McComit, Joyce Stevenson, Bob Carpenter. — 131 — GERMAN CLUB Presfdenf. . LARRY BOSTON standing, Bock Row: Ralph Williams, Bill Brown, Roberf Morrison, Roberf Kendig, Fred Cook, John Snead, Tony fasfman. Sifting, First Row: tarry Bosfon, Mary Ann Baker, Beffy Cliff, Polly Stone, Mary Dodson. Seated: Bill Brown, Frank Dyer, Janice Boren, Dr. Ward, Nathan Pillow. Stand- ing: Robert Mainord, Bill Jones, Larry Hoopavv, James McAfee, Billy Martin, Bill Cooksey, Hunter Taylor, Jr. " m OWEN LAW CLUB President . . NATHAN PILLOW PRINCE-DAVIS SCIENCE CLUB Standing, L. to R., First row: Carolyn Johnson, Harvell Price, Jane frizzell, Elsie Young, Harriet Schroeder, Betty Cavender, Peggy Stannil. Second row: Sue Pope, Pat Andrews, Walter Allison, Jerry Hart. Third row: Tommy Upchurch, James Wood, Bennet Willis, Prof. Charles Hendrlckson. PRINCE-DAVIS SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS President JANE FRIZZELL Vlee-Prei denf BRUCE WOODARD Setrefary-Treosurer ELSIE YOUNG Program Chairman PAT ANDREWS Reporter HARVELL PRICE Chaplain TOMMY UPCHURCH — 133 JONES HALL CIRCLE NO. I JONES HALL CIRCLE NO. Ill crcff WncfKmxa JONES HALL CIRCLE NO. II fJPf J PP CROOK HALL CIRCLE NO a. Q CROOK HALL CIRCLE NO. II — 134- Y. W. A. LOVELACE HALL CIRCLE NO. MARIE DURLEY y.W.A. Sweetheart LOVELACE HALL CIRCLE NO. II .- H ' V B. S. U Carolyn Townsend, ng AbernathYf Jo Seated, I. to R.i Judy Verner, I Dorris. Standing, L. to R.: James Allcock, Allan Bartlett, Polly Stone, Walter Allison, Pat Andrews, Mary Delaine Sberbenou. LIFE SERVICE BAND Standing, L. to R.: Paul Elliott, King Abernathy, Tburman Harris, Betty Fletcher, Mary £. Pannell, Jimmy Clay, Faye Wilbanks, Mary f. Boulton, Eleanor Richardson, Shirley Neisler, Virginia Nell Boulton, Mary Kar- nazas, Ralph Williams, Vaughn Pruitt, Ann Baggett, at piano. President JEROL SWAIM Seated, L. to R.: Jerol Swaim, Carole Green, Harriett Schroeder, Nancy Taylor. Standing, L. to R.: Mary Itta Speight, Bettye CIHl, Bill Jackson, Tommye long. Bill House, Dr. Charles D. Taylor. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION first Row, L. to R.: Willie J. Weaver, John Henderson, Jere Ledsinger, Cayle Alexander, Dr. Charles Taylor, Billy Griffin, Bill Jackson. Second Row, L. to R.: Bob Carpenter, Ralph Williams, John Vaughn, Fred McConnell, Vaughn Pruitt, Paul Elliott. Third Row, L. to R.: Thurman Harris, James Combs, Darrell Mollen, Johnny Sommers, Albert Pittman, Duane Sargent, Roy Jones, Kenneth Morris, Jimmy Clay, Talmadge Kelley. Fourth Row, I. to R.: Bryant Roy, Ronnie Owens, James Smifh, Jimmy Douglass, Ramond Park, Lynn Eagan. The Union University Ministerial Association was derived -from the J. R. Graves Society, v hich v as founded in 1877. The Association helps students to become familiar with special prob- lems connected with their future work. Members gain practice in correctly expressing themselves in public and thereby extend their knowledge of religious subjects. Sponsor: Dr. Charles Taylor 138 Universify of Af iens Afhens, Greece ATHLETICS — 139 — CHEERLEADERS 1. to R.: Barbara Dunlap, David Chappell, Freddie Sandidge, Vaughn Pruift, Mary Woodward. CHEERLEADER SQUADS: freshmen: BARBARA DUNLAP, DAVID CHAPPELL, FREDDIE SANDIDGE, VAUGHN PRUITT, MARY W OOD- WARD. Varsity: ELAINE PRATHER, WAYNE JOHN- SON, CAROL LUETHGE, REGGIE HORN, WEYMUTH HEUISER, LYNN BALTZELL. L. to R.: Weymuth Heoiser, Elaine Pratlter, Reggie Horn, tynn Baltzell, Wayne Jolinson Caro luefhge. ■ 140 — VSAC NAIA Champions ' 58 and ' 59 Cross Country Oct. 14 Oct. 16 Oct. 22 Oct. 31, Nov. 7 Nov. 14 i v.- t. to R.; Bob Agee, Dave Malloy, Albert Pitfman, John Ginn, BUI Hopkins, Ken Gault, Roberf Quarles, Gayle Alexander. Kneeling: Manager Gerald Smith. SCHEDULE AND RESULTS Winner 1959 Memphis State Union 1959 Southwestern Union — v 1959 Memphis State Union . Bflt 4fV INVITATIONAL MEET 1959 Union Union Miss. College Sewanee Southwestern ■ay Stote ■ -Iji ijif. id Lipscomb HHI||UH HMH 1959 Southwestern Union V.S.A.C. — N.A.I. A. 1959 Union Union David Lipscomb N.A.I. A. (Wheaton, Illinois) 1959 Union finished 12th Undefeated this yec Ken Gait — 141 BASKETBALL — 142- VARSITY BASKETBALL L. fo R.: Assistant Coach John Rose, Phil Vaughn, Joe Aden, Sonny Hawkins, Larry Alexander, Wilton Lynn, Otis Griffin, Ken Arnold, Keith Chilcutt, Jack Sibley, Ken Davis, Bill Lee, Dave Cundiff and Coach Jack Russell. December 1, 1959 December 3, 1959 December 5, 1959 December 7, 1959 December 10, 1959 December 12, 1959 December 14, 1959 Decembe r 16 , 1959 December 17 , 1959 January 6, 1960 January 9, 1960 January 11, 1960 January 12, 1960 January 16, 1960 January 18, 1960 January 20, 1960 January 23, 1960 January 30, 1960 February 4, 1960 February 6, 1960 February 9, 1960 February 11 1960 February 16 1960 Februory 17 1960 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND RESULTS Union 69 Murray State 71 Western Kentucky 105 Athens 68 Mississippi State 95 Southwestern 75 C. B. C. 64 U. T. M. B. DIXIE TOURNAMENT 76 Ouachita 109 Birmingham Souther 89 Southwestern 94 David Lipscomb 82 Belmont 105 Bethel 84 Austin Peay 56 U. T. M. B. 46 Austin Peay 70 C. B. C. 83 Birmingham Souther 122 Birmingham Souther 86 David Lipscomb 87 Belmont 99 Bethel , S. A. C. TOURNAMENT 74 I. M, U. 97 Austin Peay 96 123 83 as 64 60 67 79 61 67 103 85 73 86 59 78 82 87 98 78 104 88 66 143 — FRESHMAN BASKETBALL 1. to R.; Manager Jim Bryant, Buddy Chandler, Bill Brewer, Jerry Sibley, Bill Owens, Andy Horner, Don Connelly, Glen Radford, Dave fisher. Bob Pavelonis, Sonny Stewart, Reed Bullard, Robert Quarles, Coach James Scott. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND RESULTS Union December 1, 1959 66 Murray State 72 December 3, 1959 78 Western Kentucky 82 December 5, 1959 82 Freed-Hardeman 79 December 7, 1959 64 Mississippi State 104 December 10, 1959 74 Southwestern 52 December 12, 1959 56 C. B. C. 86 January 6, I960 79 Southwestern 56 January 9, I960 57 David Lipscomb 69 January 16, I960 71 Austin Peay 75 January 18, I960 73 Memphis State 87 January 20, I960 72 Austin Peay 74 January 23, I960 73 C. B. C. 104 February 1, I960 95 Freed-Hardeman 107 February 6, i960 93 David Lipscomb 121 February 9, I960 59 Memphis State 82 — 144- I H V- Rl ■ |g fm fl 1 ' 4 m H 1 Vi H ' -. ' H m r 1 c ' - — f m R(r$9 — 145 — SPRING TRACK Kneeling, L. io R.; James Jones, Robert Browner, Don Gardner, James Wood, Ken Gavit, Terry Anderson, Robert Quarles, Reed Bullard, Larry Steed. Standing, L. to R.: Wilton Lynn, Walter Allison, David Malloy, Jack Livingston, Larry Alexander, Ken Arnold, Glen Radford, John Ginn, Jimmy Bryant, " Sonny " Stewart, Coach John Rose. I960 SPRING TRACK SCHEDULE March 29 Mississippi College There April 2 Memphis Relays There April 9 Austin Peay There April 12 Southwestern Here April 21 David Lipscomb Here April 26 Murray State There April 29 Austin Peay Here May 4 Ouachita College There May 7 T. 1. A. C. Cookev He Tenn. May 1 1 U.T. M. B. Here May 14 V. S. A. C. Clarksv He Tenn. — 146 — DAVID MALLOY KENNETH GAULT JOHN GINN LARRY STEED WALTER ALLISON TERRY ANDERSON JIMMY BRYANT KEN ARNOLD DON GARDNER " y v ' i Her ijjji , : .tli ipT ' jt iiir " ' firsf Row, I. o R.: Alf Barnette, Johnny Monigomery, Paul Taylor, Dewey Corder, Bill Hopkins, Jim Conner, Benny Rushing, Bob Corpenfer, Phi) Vaughn. Second Row, L. to R.; Charles Wingo, Herbert lee, Jerry Bas- kin, Bill Weaver, Bob Peferson, Bi y Brewer, Bob Pavelonis, Smoky Roland, Bill Owen. In dark coats: James Scott, Assistant Coach; David [vers. Manager; Jack Russell, Coach. - ' I-JL -J a. Assistant Coach James Scott Coach Jack Russell Bob Pavelonis, Shortstop Benny Rushing, 2nd Base Bob Carpenter, 1st Base ' Smoky " Roland, 3rd Base Johnny Montgomery, Outfield Paul Taylor, 1st Base } 1 ' J- I I BASEBALL I960 BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 24 Southwestern Here April 1 Hanover Here April 4 Calvin College Here April 6 Memphis State Here April 12 Memphis State There April 13 Wittenberg Here April 14 Quincy Here April 19 U. T. M. B. There April 22 Bethel There April 25 Belmont Here April 28 Austin Peay There April 30 Lipscomb Here May 3 U. T. M. B. Here May 7 Lipscomb There May 10 Bethel Here May 13 Austin Peay Here May 14 Southwestern There May 17 Belmont There -■- J ' " % nil ' ' h " ..J -«.-s J t 4J Alf Barnelte, Pitcher Bill Weaver, Outfield Harbert Lee, Shortstop Jerry Baskin, Pitcher jp -m Charles Wingo, Catcher Bill Owen, Catcher Billy Brewer, Pitcher Phil Vaughn, Pitcher I ' -l --. -%. J4a Dewey CorcJer, 2nci Base Bob Peterson, 3rd Base Bill Hopkins, Pitcher Jimmy Conner, Outfield -i iti i ' . Ay ' ■rMr GLENN " SPOOK " DAVIS TENNIS TEAM CHARLES BURKHEAD ROBERT MAINORD TENNIS SCHEDULE April 12 Bethel There April 22 U. T. M. B. Here April 26 David Lipscomb There April 29 Bethel Here May 3 U. T. M. B. There May 14 David Lipscomb Here — 150 — DON MORRIS V w " ! GOLF TEAM ..i«u. DAVID SHEPPARD 1959 V. S. A. C. CHAMPIONS Sheppard, Dr. Ch Hall, Don Morris, Taylor. Stone, David GOLF SCHEDULE April 12 Southwestern Here April 14 Quincy College Here April 25 Southeast Mo. There April 28 Southwestern There May 3 Southeast Mo. Here May 6-7 T. 1. A. C. May 16-17 V. S. A. C. — 151 ON CAMPUS ' I Mr. Seate Johnson explains the fine points of annual printing to mem- bers of the " lest We forget " staff. INCORPORATED JACKSON, TENNESSEE Where annuals . . . and all printed matter . . . receive tender, loving care. Other members of the staff are interested in the ne high speed offset press. S?r i • « LAUNDRY JACKSON CLEANERS ONE OF THE SOUTH ' S FINEST LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING PLANTS APPROVED SANITONE JACKSON, TENNESSEE PHONE 7-8557 WILSON-GEYER COMPANY Drink 455 E. Main Phone 7-2618 Imperial Washable Wall Papers Hanna Paint Products Art Supplies — ( In Bottles Picture Framing 154 — A Friendly Welcome Awaits You At THE NORTH JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH ' Growing up info Him in all Things " — Eph. 4:15 FAIRMONT AT MARTIN STREET LAWRENCE E. GREEN, Pastor RAYMOND RICHERSON Minister of Music " While in Jackson you are cordially invited to make this Church your Church Home " li rett L. P. JACKSON Quality Jewelers (7n)d U S T R I e s Diamonds — Watches — Silver — China Crystal Optical Department in charge of Registered Optometrist INFANT FURNITURE PLAY EQUIPMENT 104 East Lafayette Street Jackson, Tennessee Phone 2-6575 SPORTING GOODS TOYS FOR YOUR GIFTS AND JEWELRY NEEDS COME TO f ROBERT ' S Patented Products of Qua lity " Home of Big Diamond Values " JACKSON, TENNESSEE Engraving for Fraternities and Sororities Open An Account In Three Minu e — 155 Compliments of STANDARD DRUGS WALLICK MUSIC COMPANY Lester and Kimball Pianos Band Instruments King Conn Olds Selmer Holton Band Music Sheet Music and Teachers ' Supplies 217 E. College e t4j-v rcri4t ' crs ■ for Famous Brands HARDEMAN MUSIC COMPANY Selmer, Bundy, Conn Olds Band Instruments Sheet Music Baldwin Organ and Piano Teachers ' Supplies 112 N. Liberty STEGALL SHOE CO. II I N. Liberty Phone 7-1 126 JACKSON TENNESSEE hHome of " Miss America " teenage Department Compliments of MISS HOWELL ' S BOOK SHOP 305 E. Lafayette Jackson, Tennessee McCALL-HUGHES Varsity Town Clothes Lee and Disney Hats Enro Shirts — 156 — SECOND NATIONAL BANK of Jackson Capital and Surplus $500,000.00 1886 Three Score Years and Fourteen I960 WARREN ' S GROCERY AND MARKET IRBY STREET AT UNION UNIVERSITY Every Modern Banking Convenience and Service The National Bank of Commerce Jackson, Tennessee Tofal Resources Over $14,000,000.00 Memour (-eiKTdi Reserve Svbtem Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 157 — 3riainbi Compliments of | U3 waiuei for nour fiiiiiiui ana lie as III EAST LAFAYETTE • TELEPHONE 2-5526 • JACKSON, TENNESSEE THE CAMERA SHOP your The students jeweler for diamond knowledge Kodak dealer Sifts — Engraving (Greek) Watch Repair Jackson " A trusted jeweler is your best advisor " 212 E. Main Tel. 7-9971 207 E. Main Tel. 2-1877 109 E. Main ( ond lioe K oinnanii Jackson ' s Leading Shoe Store Tel. 7-1006 W. p. DABNEY SON Jf ' t FURNITURE COMPANY n %tdt COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS R. C. A. APPLIANCES HOTPOINT APPLIANCES B ' Smw Church Street Where College Passes Phone 7-5516 Jackson, Tenn. 213 E. Lafayette Phone 7-1796 — 158- ( urnieu J Ser- ftng Jackson and Madison County Since 1873 Slower nop The Baltimore Street FIRST NATIONAL " Next to the Maico " BANK OF JACKSON ALWAYS WELCOME AT CHARLIE ' S Phone Day: 7-5541 Night 7-7177 Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. fie r lew outk lern " An Albert Noe Hotel " Headquarters for All Your Social Activities and Civic Functions — 159 — Compliments of McGEE-ROSS Restaurant Supply and Service Division 2 1 I E. Lafayette St. Phone 7-3306 ELITE CEEANERS Since 1912 Service that Satisfies Five Points Phone 7-3516 HUDSON ' S RECORD SHOP " Hear the world through stereophonic sound ' 308 E. Lafayette • Jackson, Tenn. Phone 7-3891 he (jLJoote i ¥ 209 E. LAFAYETTE Jackson, Tennessee Compliments of GEEN-MORE CEOTHES Factory to You 108 E. Lafayette Jackson, Tennessee GRABER ' S PAY CASH . . . PAY LESS — 160 — JOHNSEY ' S SPORTING GOODS 433 N. Royal Jackson, Tenn. Phone 7-1082 Complete Line of Sporting Goods It Pays to Play " LEXINGTON INN ' ' Where Students Get Together ' — 161 stylish Apparel w; £,; ar- " HAYS LEXINGTON GULF SERVICE 310 LEXINGTON AVENUE, CORNER OF HAYS All Students Faculty Ask About Our Courtesy Specials PHONE 7-7381 21 I Main Street Phone 2-4086 HOME STYLE COOKING midlands Jackson ' s Greatest Store ■162 — llOO RICHMOND S T R E E T • J AC K S ON . T E NN p: S S E E Drink DrPepper 163 — ( aluaru dSaptlst NEAREST THE CAMPUS James Canaday Pastor West Aackson (I3apti5t i kurcn DAVID Q. BYRD, Pastor H. LOWREY HAYNIE, Minister of Music — 164 — ■■■■I t i First Baptist Church A friendly Church A Spiritual Church A Growing Church — 165 — -ONE OF THE SOUTH ' S MOST MODERN PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIOS ' ' JACKSON, TENNESSEE ESSENTIAL VltAMINS Colonial fSS Announcing . . . q ' Gift and UuiClUircl S Flower Shop 1 LAYCOOK PRINTING CO. 320 East Lafayette Street . ' " The best equipped small printing plant in the South " Jackson. Tennessee Telephone 2-3466 Church St. S. of Chester Jackson, Tenn. For The Best In PRESCRIPTION SERVICE HAYS AVENUE PHARMACY Phone 7-4496 [ 3 Blocks from Union Compliments of to- Compliments of SLIPPER SHOP JACKSON, TENNESSEE 167- University of Melbourne, Australia y u toarapks (Courtesy of Australian News and nformation BureauJ — 168 —

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