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n ffi TW Jhe tnnual tatf of- 1938 Editor Johnnie Barber Business Manager Kenneth Story Assistant Editor Bobby Agee Copy Editors Classes Ann Neal Pattat Nancy Jeffress Organizations Nancy Lee Smith Nelle Hulme Sports Bobby Agee Honors Becky Edwards Religion Ann Neal Pattat Photography Raymond Burke Typists Larry Gay Lane Miriam Watt Gayla Dennis Art Johnnie Barber Snapshots Carolyn Tisdale Advisors Mrs. Helen Blythe Dr. Kelly Thurman MS J he TcLminhtration (I5uildin f ■3 3 »• i ampud (AJultdlnad . . . Adams Annex Student U % 4 c- -- nion Building . . . i ampud (JSuildina. Lovelace Hall Administration oDecli tit icaiion She is a queen who rules without tyranny, a quietly competent monarch, whose warm friendliness and sparkling sense of humor have endeared her to all her subjects. Hers is a kingdom of volume-laden shelves and polished reading tables. She is queen Ruth Gibbons and the library is her realm. We are all her subjects in the quiet hours spent among the books. It is to her and her loyal cabinet that we owe the efficiency and effectiveness of our library. Therefore, we the staff of the ' 57- ' 58 " Lest We Forget " offer this volume as our loving homage to Miss Ruth Gibbons, a queen who is adorned with kindness and who wears a smile as her crown jewel. « 6 ? ■• J J Ku tit Cfioo ohj Union University June 1 , 1958 My Dear Friends: It is fitting that the staff has selected BOOKS as the theme for the 1958 LEST WE FORGET. Books, around which so much of your col- lege experience centers -- books, that convey to us the " precious life-blood of Master Spirits " -- books, the medium through which we inherit the treasures of the past -- books, that help us to under- stand the eras in which they were written and which in turn have influenced subsequent eras -- books, conveying to us " messages from human souls we never saw -- books, that arouse us, terrify us , teach us , comfort us , open their hearts to us as brothers . " Whitman has said, " Camerado, this is no book . Who touches this, touches a man. " And so it is with your college yearbook. When you touch it you will touch not just a man, but many personalities -- your teachers whom you will revere more and more as the years pass; your college mates whose lives and characters have grown into your own, being secretly assimilated into the warp and woof of your personality until you and they have become a part of one another. Your yearbook can become a golden chain, a continuous reminder of such associations and friendships . It can become the " voice of the distant, " making you heir to the intellectual and spiritual life of the meaningful experiences of college years . To the staff I would extend, on behalf of the faculty and administra- tion, sincere words of commendation for this volume; to the senior class, profound wishes that the days of your years may be many and filled with constructive and fruitful activity for the well-being of mankind; to the other members of the student body, the challenge to continue your education, returning to the campus with more deter- mined minds, clearer objectives, more dedicated purpose to attain maximum benefits during the strategic years of college experience. Through the months and years, read often LEST WE FORGET! Sincerely, Warren F. Jones President J i r Jur [- ' resident, LJr. Warren sr. Aones DR. AND MRS. JONES At Home Our 2W 2), 3. €. WriM Dean and Mrs, Wright and Kay «§ 12 $ r i eUJr. J4. J4. (J odton, Uice-l- re$ident Frank M. Blythe BUSINESS MANAGER Robert Sims PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR i win Mrs. O. D. Stone REGISTRAR DEAN OF WOMEN ANNA FARRIS Library Assistant O. D. STONE Manager Book Store MRS. JAMES DAVIS Assistant Dietitian LENA RODGERS Hostess, Crook Hall ■ § 14 $ -- VIRGINIA BARHAM Secretary to Registrar ANN TAYLOR Business Office PANSY WOOSTER Switchboard Operator BETTY HIGGINS Secretary to Dean JUANITA ALLEN (on leave) Secretary to Dean « ' • 15 ? rucultu . . . DIXIE M. JONES Professor of Education and Director of Guidance A.B., Blue Mountain College M.A., George Peabody College Ph.D., George Peabody College ELISABETH FOSSEY Assistant Professor of Music I.M., American Conservatory of Music d.M., American Conservatory of Musii SPURGEON BOYD Associate Professor of Biology B.S., Carson-Newman College M.A., George Peabody College Additional graduate work, George Pea- body College and Vanderbilt University. JOHN HUGHES Head of Dept. of Music and Art A.B., Southwestern M.S., Julbard Ch.M.. American Guild of Organists All residence work completed toward Ph.D. in Musicology, Florida State Uni- versity. Organ pupil of W. Townsend. Ply- mouth, England. Organ pupil of Marcel Dupre, Paris, France. Additional grad- uate work in harmony under Oliver Messiaen, Paris Conservatory, Paris, France. RICHARD HIRAM WARD Head of Dept. of Social Sciences A.B., Carson-Newman College M.A., George Peabody College Ph.D., George Peabody College Additional graduate work at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Uni- versity of North Carolina. HARRIET HELEN BLYTHE Assistant Professor of English srcicult y. . . . ROSA DYER RUTLEDGE Assistant Professor of History U.S., Union University M.A., George Peabody College Additional Graduate Work, University of Wisconsin ERNEST MUNTZ Professor of Social Sciences B.S., Carson-Newman College M.A., (ieorge Peabody College dditional graduate work at Peahodv College and Vanderbilt University ELIZABETH BRELAND LOYD Instructor in Speech Graduate diploma Ruth Bale, Whitworth College Additional study, Curry Collie. Boston; Alvience University of the Theater. New York; American Academy of Dramatic Art; Columbia University A.B., Union University Additional graduate work. University of Tennessee; Memphis State University GRACE WILLIAMS Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S . Alabama College I A . George Peabody College ddrtional Graduate Work, Northwester r , ' ty A. L. ALLEN Assistant Professor of Art (On Leave) B.S., Louisiana State University M.A., Louisiana State L ' ni ' Additional study Leland Stanford University ALLAN F. ARCHER Head of Department of Biology AB, Harvard University M.A., University of Michigan I ' ll. II . Utme.Mt of M chig.m JACK FARRIS Associate Professor of English A. B., Ouachita College RUTH GIBBONS Librarian A.B., Union Universit .S., L.S., George 1 ' eabody HIRAM BAREFOOT Associate Professor of Religion A.B., Mississippi College , New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary , New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary FREDERIC LUBRANI Associate Professor of Music B.M., Cii cinnati Conservatory of M B.S. University of Cinci inati M.M., Ci tcinnati Conservatory of M Work cor apleted for D.Mus.E , Dm sity c f Cincinnati and Col mbia H. C. WITHERINGTON Professor of Psychology M.A., University of Chicago Ph.D., University of Chicago MABEL K. WARD Assistant Librarian A.B., Carson-Newman College M.A., (L.S.), George Peabody College DAVID WEST Assistant Professor of Economics B.A., John M. B.A., Un ,ity of Arkan JOSEPH C. WOOD, JR. Assistant Professor of Theory and Instrumental Music B.M., Boston University M.M., Boston University Additional graduate study at Universit} of North Carolina _J CHARLES TAYLOR Professor of Greek and New Testament A.B., Union University B ! .. Southern Baptist Theological WILLIE MARGARET JOHNSON Dietician Department of Home Economics B.S., Union University M.A., Iowa State WARREN ADAMS Head of Department of Languages A.I!., Baylor University M.A.. Ba ' vlor University itional Graduate V. rk, University of exas and National University of Mexico KELLY THURMAN Head of Department of English A.B.. Western Kentucky State College WALTER KRUSCHWITZ Acting Head of Department of Physics and Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., Taylor University M.A., Vancierbilt University Additional Graduate Work. Vanderbilt University, University of Michigan WU-CHIEH CHENG Acting Head of Department of Chemistry 11 S . in Chemistry, St. [ohn ' s Univer- sity. Shanghai. I luu.i M S , 111 I ' hernial ' ■, K.m-.is State ( ' ,. liege Ph.D., in ( hemistry, Georgia Institute ol Technologj M. R. CARRINGTON Assistant Professor of Business Education B.S., University of Tennessee M.S.. University of Tennessee Additional Graduate Work, University of Te NOT PICTURED MARION CROCKER Assistant Professor of English A.B.. Limestone College M.R.E.. Woman ' s Missionary Training SHIRLEY VAVRA B.M., University i I Louisville M.M., University i t Indiana Additional Graduate Work, University of Indiana Sg fiuytd Senior K lass Lyfficerj . . Standing, left to right, President, Johnny Kendall, Vice-President, Paul Simmons, and seated, Secretary, Janie Tomooka «§ 22 $ ■ JOE DAVIS, B.A. . . Jackson, Tennessee B.S.U. Church Representative ' 55 . . . Footlights Cluh ' 56 . . . German Chili ' 56- ' 58 Chorus ' 55- ' 58 . . Male Ensemble ' 56- ' 58 . . . Class Plays ' 55- ' 57 . . . Transfer, Georgetown College. CAROL EDMONDS, B.A. . . . Jackson, Tennessee Chi Omega ' 54- 58 . . . F.T.A. ' 55- ' 58 . . Spanish Club ' 56- ' 58 . . . Hypatia ' 56- ' 58. SYDNEY PORTIS. B.A. . . . Jackson, Tennessee NEA ' 54- ' S8, Secretary ' 58 . . . B.S.U. Council ' 55 . . . Business Club ' 58 . . . Y.W.A. ' 54- ' 58. GEORGE FISHER, B.S. . . . Bemis, Tennessee RUTH AZBILL, B.A. . . . Cooler, Missouri Y.W.A. ' 55- ' 58, Sec.-Treas. ' 57, Vice-Pres. ' 58, Circle Pres. ' 58, Circle Program Chairman ' 57 . . . NEA ' 56- ' 58, Membership Vice-Pres. ' 58 . . . Dormitory Council ' 57 ' 58 . . . Life Service Band ' 55- ' 58. Vice- Pres. ' 56, Sec.-Treas. " 58 . . . B.S.U. Greater Council ' 57- ' 58. JIM BRANDON, B.A. . . . Frankfort. Kentucky- Alpha. Tau Omega ' 54- ' 58, WKA ' 55, Worthy Master ' 57- ' 58, Social Chairman ' 55-57. Greek Council ' 57- ' 58 . . . Footlights Club ' 57- ' 58 . . . Chorus ' 56- ' 57 . . Most Popular Boy ' 57 . Escort to Miss Union ' 57 . . History Club ' 54- ' 55. BILLY BUTLER, B M. Jackson. Tennessee JOYCE BRYSON. B.A. . . Pickwick Dam. Tenn. NEA ' 55-.S8 . . . B.S.U. Council ' 57- , 58 . . . Y.W.A. ' 55 58, Community Missions Cli.urm.in ' 56. Prayer Chairman ' 57. Circle Pres. ' 58. JOAN GAREY, B.A. . . . West Memphis. Arkansas Zeta Tau Alpha ' 56- ' 58, Historian ' 57- ' 58 . . . B.S.U. ' 55- ' 58 . . . Y.W.A. ' 55- ' 58 . . . Union Chorus ' 55- ' 58 . . . Home Economics Club ' 58 . . . Transfer, Sienna College, Memphis, Tennessee. VAIL HIERS, B.M. . . . West Palm Beach, Florida SAE ' 57- ' 58 . . . Band ' 56- ' 58, Vice-Pres. ' 57, Pres. ' 57- ' 58 . . . Allegro ' 56- ' 58 . . . B.S.U. ' 56- ' 58 . . . Transfer, Norman College, Norman Park, Ga. JAMES WRIGHT DEATON, B.M. . . . Jackson, Tenn. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President ' 56, Pledge Trainer ' 57 . . . Vice-President Greek Council ' 56 . . . Pres- ident Band, ' 55 . . . Who ' s Who . . . Senior Play ' 57 . . . Recipient of McDowell Club Scholarship Award ' 54- ' 55. NORMA KOLWYCK, B.A. . . . Medina, Tennessee Los Picaros ' 55- ' 58 . . . F.T.A. ' 56- ' 57 . . . Student NEA ' 57- ' 58 . . . Chorus ' 55- ' 58 . . . B.S.U. ' 54- ' 58 . . . Y.W.A. ' 54- ' 58. JIM MARTIN, B.A. . . . Elvins, Missouri M.A. ' 54- ' 58, Secretary ' 55, Treasurer ' 56- ' 57. Vice-Pres. ' 58 . . . B.S.U. ' 54- ' 58 . . . Footlights Club ' 57- ' 58 . . . German Club ' 55- ' 58, President ' 56 . . . Nestor Club ' 56- ' 58, Treasurer ' 57- ' 58 . . . Chorus . . . Male Ensem- ble .. . Class Speaker ' 54- ' 55, ' 55- ' 56 . . . Class Pres- ident ' 55- ' 56, ' 56- ' 57 . . . Student Council. Pres. ' 57- ' 58 . . . Most Eligible Bachelor ' 55- ' 56 . . . Best Ail- Around Boy ' 56- ' 57 . . . Senior Boy Most Likely to Succeed ' 58 . . . Who ' s Who Among American Col- leges and Universities. MARTHA LANIER, B.S. . . . Brownsville, Tenn. ATO Sweetheart ' 55- ' 56 . . . Basketball Queen ' 55- ' 56 and again ' 57- ' 58 . . . Alpha Omicron Pi . . . Transfer, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. CARL SIMMONS, B.S. . . . Jackson, Tennessee Mallory Math Club ' 55- ' 58, President ' 57- ' 58. PAUL SIMMONS, B.A. . . . Martin, Tennessee Nestor Club ' 57- ' 58 . . . M.A. ' 56- ' 58 . . . Footlights Club ' 57- ' 58 . . . Vice-Pres. of Senior Class ' 57- ' 58 . . . B.S.U. ' 56- ' 58 . . . Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities . . . Transfer, Southwest Bap- tist College, Bolivar, Missouri. ■ 5 24 5 BILL FLACK, B.A. . . Memphis, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 54- ' 58 . . . MA. ' 54- ' 58 . . . Cardinal and Cream Staff , 56- ' 57 . . . Lest We Forget Staff ' 56- ' 57. EMILY FLOWERS, B.A. . . . Medina, Tennessee Zcta Tau Alpha ' 54- ' 58, Historian ' 56, Corresponding Secretary ' 57, Scholarship Chairman ' 55- ' 56, Ritual Chairman ' 57- ' 58 . . . Hypatia ' 56- ' 58, Vice-Pres. ' 56- ' 57, Program Chairm an ' 57- ' 58 . . . Student NEA ' 56- ' 58 . . . Chorus ' 54- ' 58 . . . B.S.U. ' 54- ' 58 . . . Y.W.A. ' 54- ' 58. FRED FOWLER, B.A. . . . Walsh, Colorado M.A. ' 54- ' 58 . , . Life Service Band ' 56- ' 57 . . . History Club ' 57- ' 58 . . . B.S.U. Council ' 57 . , . F.T.A. ' 54- ' 56 . . . Transfer, Southwest Baptist College, Bolivar, Missouri. JOHN FREE . . . Jackson, Tennessee | | | DEAN CLARK, B.A. , . . Raleigh, Tennessee Freshman Queen ' s Court ' 54- ' 55 . . . Shelbians ' 54- ' 58, Secretary ' 57- ' 58 . . . Footlights Club ' 56- ' 58 . . . Home Economics Club ' 55- ' 58, Secretary ' 56- ' 57, Reporter ' 57- ' 58 . . . President, Jones Hall Dormitory Council ' 57- ' 58 . . . NEA ' 55- ' 58, Social Chairman ' 57- ' 58. PEGGY TREVATHAN, B.S. . . . Bowling Green, Ky. Freshman Queen ' s Court ' 54 . . . Home Economics Club ' 54- ' 56, Reporter ' 54, President ' 55 . . . Miss Home Economics ' 55- ' 56 . . . Y.W.A. ' 54- ' 58 ... Chi Omega ' 54- ' 58, Reporter ' 55, Greek Council Rep. ' 56- ' 58, Rush Chairman ' 58 . . . B.S.U. ' 54- ' 58 . . . SAE Queen ' 56- ' 57 . . . Minerva Club ' 56- ' 58 ... Jr. Class Secretary ' 56- ' 57 . . . Maid to Miss Union ' 58 . . . 10 Most Beautiful Girls ' 56- ' 58 . . . Jones Hall 2nd Vice-Pres. ' 56- ' 57, Council Member ' 57- ' 58 . . . Student Council ' 56- ' 57. DON DILLINGHAM. B M. . . . Folsomdale. Kentucky B.S.U. Choir ' 54- ' 58 . . . Allegro Club ' 54- ' 58. Vice- Pres. ' 57 . . . Chorus ' 54- ' 57. EUGENE DUDLEY, B.A. Rector, Arkansas MARY CAROLINE ALLCOCK, BA. . . . Melber, Ky. Allegro Club ' 54- ' 58, Secretary-Treasurer ' 55- ' 56 . . . Chorus ' 54- ' 58, Secretary ' 55- ' 56, Robe Chairman ' 55- ' 58 . . . Student NEA ' 55- ' 58 . . . B.S.U. ' 54- ' 58 . , . B.S.U. Council ' 54- ' 55, ' 55- ' 56 . . . YWA ' 54- ' 58. B.S.U. Choir ' 54- ' 58 ROGER BULLARD, BA. . . . Memphis, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 54- ' 58 . . . Ministerial Association ' 54- ' 58 . . Nestor Club ' 56- ' 58, Vice-President ' 57- ' 58 . . Shelbians. JOHNNY KENDALL, B.S. . . . Nashville, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 54- ' 58 . . . German Club ' 55- ' 58 . . . Prince- Davis Science Club ' 54- ' 58 . . . Class President ' 54- ' 55, ' 57- ' 58. IRENE BARFIELD, BA. . . . Jackson, Tennessee Transfer: Tulsa University, Tulsa, Oklahoma. CLYDE RAY BRIGGS, BA. . . . Wake Forest, N. C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 54- ' 58, President ' 58, Rush Chairman ' 55- ' 56, Sports Mgr. ' 55- ' 57, Pledge Pres. ' 54 . . . Tennis Team ' 55- ' 58 . . . Footlights Club ' 58 . . . German Club ' 54- ' 55 . . . U Club ' 55- ' 58. PAT BLANKENSHIP, B.A. . . . Memphis, Tennessee Chi Omega ' 54- ' 58, Pledge Mistress ' 57- ' 58 . . . Alpha Psi Omega, Pres. ' 57- ' 58 . . . Dramatics Club, Sec. ' 56 . . . Latin Club, Sec.-Treas. ' 57- ' 58 . . . Freshman Queen ' 54 . . . Maid to Miss Union ' 55- ' 56, ' 56- ' 57 . . . Best Ail-Around Girl ' 55- ' 56 ... 10 Most Beautiful ' 56- ' 58 . . . Cheerleader ' 54- ' 58 . . . Miss Union ' 57- ' 58 . . . Who ' s Who . . . SAE Queen ' 57- ' 58 . . . B.S.U. 1st Vice-Pres. ' 57- ' 58. ROBIN COFFMAN, B.S. . . . Ripley, Tennessee A.T.O. ' 54- ' 58 . . . Baseball Team ' 54- ' 57 . . . U Club. WILLIAM BICKERS, B.A. . . . Ripley, Tennessee Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 53- ' 57, Chaplain ' 55, Correspon- dent ' 54 . . . Student Council ' 55- ' 56 . . . Nestor Club ' 55- ' 58, Vice-Pres. ' 56, Chaplain ' 57 . . . Senior Class Speaker ' 58. «•$ 26 ELIZABETH ANN BRAY, B.A. . . . Trenton, Tenn. Transfer student from Mississippi State College for Women . . . History Club ' 56- ' 58 ... Phi Alpha Theta ' 56- ' 58, Sec. ' 58 . , . Hypatia ' 56- ' 58, Pres. ' 58 . . . Chi Omega ' 55- ' 58, Sec. ' 58 . . . N.E.A. . . . Dorm Council ' 58 . . . Student Council ' 57 . . . Play ' 55 . . . Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities . . . B.S.U. ' 55- ' 58 . . . Cardinal and Cream Staff. JEROME BROWN, B.A. . . . Memphis, Tennessee Chaplain of Freshman Class . . . Student Govern- ment Representative of Sophomore Class . . . Band Vice-Pres. ' 56 . . . Band Pres. ' 57 . . . M.A. 53- ' 58. FRED COX, B.A. . . . Poplar Bluff, Missouri Transfer, Southwest College, Bolivar, Missouri. CAROL CHAMBERS, B.S. . . . Jackson, Tenn. JAMES WATTS, B.S. . . . Spring Creek, Tennessee Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 56- ' 58 . . . Prince-Davis Science Club ' 56- ' 58 . . . Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. HAROLD W. HANNA, B.A. . . . Bolivar, Tennessee BILLY HAMMONDS, B.A. . . . Jackson, Tennessee Allegro Club ' 55- ' 58 . . . M.A. ' 54- ' 58. PATRICIA HAMMONDS, B.A. . . . Jackson, Tenn. Allegro Club ' 54- ' 58, Social Chairman ' 57- ' 58 ... Chi Omega ' 54- ' 58 . . . B.S.U. ' 54- ' 58 . . . Chorus ' 54- ' 58. •£ 9 LOYDELL SMITH, B.S. . . . Henderson, Tennessee Chi Omega ' 54- ' 56, Social Chairman ' 56 . . . Prince- Davis Science Club ' 55- ' 57 . . . Footlights Club ' 56- ' 58 . . . Chorus ' 54- ' 58 . . . Annual Staff ' 55 . . . Paper Staff ' 56. MARY NELL STENNETT, B.A. . . . Corinth, Miss. B.S.U. ' 57- ' 58 . . . Y.W.A. ' 57- ' 58, Music Chairman ' 58 . . . Life Service Band ' 57- ' 58, Program Chairman ' 58 . . . Crook Hall Council President ' 58 . . . Trans- fer, Northeast Mississippi Jr. College, Booneville, Miss. BILL STRICKLIN, B.A. . . . Belgrade, Missouri M.A. ' 55- ' 57 . . . Footlights Club ' 56- ' 58 . . . Prince- Davis Science Club ' 56 ' 58 . . . Transfer, Flat River Jr. College, Flat River, Missouri. NORRIS SMITH, B.A. . . . Memphis, Tennessee M.A. ' 52- ' 58 . . . Life Service Band Pres. ' 53 . . . B.S.U. ' 52- ' 57, Treas. ' 55- ' 56 . . . Vice-Pres. of Sopho- more Class ' 54- ' 55 . . . Chaplain ' 53- ' 54 . . . Footlights Club ' 55- ' 57, Treas. ' 55- ' 56 . . . Alpha Psi Omega ' 55- ' 58. BETTY OWEN McCLELLAN, B.S Campus Nurse ' 55- ' 58 . . ' 55- ' 58, Secretary ' 56- ' 57 Old Hickory, Tennessee Prince-Davis Science Club . B.S.U. ' 55- ' 58. HELEN KEMP, B.A. . . . Jackson, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha ' 55- ' 58, Pres. ' 57. ANN NEAL PATTAT, B.A. . . . Somerville, Tennessee NEA ' 55- ' 58 . . . B.S.U. ' 54- ' 58 . . . Y.W.A. ' 54- ' 58 . . . Home Economics Club ' 54- ' 58 . . . Paper Staff ' 57- ' 58. . . Annual Staff ' 57- ' 58. WILLIAM A. PUTMAN, B.A. . . . Finley, Tennessee « 5 21 JAMES SPENCER, B.S. . . . Jackson, Tennessee Transfer from Freed-Hardeman, CHARLES TAPP Memphis, Tennessee CAROLYN TISDALE, B.A. . . . Whiteville, Tenn. Zeta Tau Alpha ' 55- ' 58, Treasurer ' 57- ' 58 . . . B.S.U. Council ' 57- ' 58 . . . N.E.A. ' S5- ' 58, Treasurer 57- ' 58 . . . Annual Staff ' 58 . . . Rutledge History Club ' 54- ' 55 . . . YWA ' 54- ' 58 . . . Life Service Band ' 55- ' 57. JANE TOMOOKA YWA . . . B.S.U. . Most Popular Girl. Kahului, Maui, Hawaii Senior Class Secretary ROGER VAN METRE, B.S. . . . Elizabethtown, Ky. WKA in A.T.O. . . . A.T.O. ' 53- ' 58 . . . Science Club " 56- ' 57 . . . German Club ' 56 . . . Math Club ' 54- ' 58. DICK VINCENT, B.S. . . . Cuba, Kentucky Alpha Tau Omega ' 54- ' 58, Secretary ' 55, Treasurer ' 56, Pledge Master ' 57- ' 58 . . . NEA ' 55- ' 58, Vice-Pres. ' 56- ' 57 . . . Footlights Club ' 55- ' 57 . . . Student Coun- cil ' 56- ' 58 . . . Intramural Director ' 57- ' 58. JIMMY WALKER, B.S. . . . Bethel Springs, Tennessee Transfer N.E.M.J.C., Booneville, Miss. NANCY WARD, B.A. . . . Rutherford, Tennessee Rutledge History Club ' 55- ' 58 . . . NEA ' 55-57 . Home Economics Club ' 58 . . . YWA ' 54-58 . B.S.U. ' 55- ' 58. • § 29 ?• - ' - ANN BRIGHAM, B.A. . . . Memphis, Tennessee Y.W.A. ' 54- ' 58 . . . B.S.U. ' 54- ' 58 . . . NEA ' 56- ' 58 . . . Home Economics Club ' 54- ' 58 . . . Hypatia ' 57- ' 58. DON PACE Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 55- ' 58, Secretary ' 55, Treas- urer ' 56, EDA ' 56, President ' 57 . . . German Club ' 56 . . . Union University Business Club ' 58, President ' 58 . . . Most Handsome Boy ' 55- ' 58 . . . Science Club ' 57. HOYT WILSON, B.A. . . . Fulton, Kentucky Ministerial Association ' 56- ' 57, President ' 58 . . . B.S.U. Greater Council . . . Transfer: Murray State College, Murray, Kentucky. DOVEY STAFFORD, B.A. . . Galloway, Tenn. JANICE DOTSON, B.A. . . . Dyersburg, Tennessee Alpha Psi Omega ' 54- ' 58 . . . Hypatia ' 56- ' 58 . . . Zeta Tau Alpha ' 54- ' 58, Treasurer ' 56- ' 57, Historian ' 55- ' 56 . . . Basketball Maid ' 58 . . . Escort to Miss Union ' 55. • i 30 c-s JUNIORS NOT PICTURED JERRY PAUL ARNOLD MELTON CROSBY AMBROSE MARY CAROLINE ALLCOCK BILLY FRANKLIN ALEXANDER THOMAS A. BUTLER BILLY JOE BROWN ANN MARIE BRIGHAM NANCY ANN BOWLIN MARGARET ANN BOULTON JAMES ARTHUR COLEMAN CRAFTON CLIFT JAMES SMITHTON CARTER ERNEST WELLBORN CARTER ROBERT CANNON PATRICIA DAVIS MECHA CATHERINE FREEMAN PRENTISS FERRELL JAMES BRUCK GLISSON JIMMY DON HOLLIEFIELD ELIZABETH ARLENE HENSON FRED COLEMAN HARVEY BILLY JOE HANEY ROBERT T. JOHNSON GEORGE GLAYDON LIFSEY BILLY EARL MURPHY JERRY LYNN MOORE HARRIET VIRGINIA METTS JOHN K. MEADOWS CARL THOMAS McNEILL ORVILLE McMAHAN ROBERT EUGENE McKENZIE JERRY PHILLIP NOWELL BOBBY JOE OSBORNE JOHNNY LYNCH ORR DOROTHEA JEAN OLIVER SHIRLEY FRANCES PRINCE NELLIE BARNETTE PARIS TOMMY WOOD ROSE RONALD LEE ROGERS PAUL ERIE ROATEN J. V. REEVES KENNETH PRINCE STORY JAMES ARNOLD SPENCER JAMES E. SORRELL MARY ANN SMITH BEVERLY JANE SILKWOOD PAUL OTIS SANDERFER TOLBERT DAYTON TRAYLER D. C. UPTON BOBBY G. UPTON SARAH ELIZABETH WILLINGHAM ANN VAUGHN WELLONS DERRYL G. WATSON LAWRENCE ALLEN WALKER JIMMY KAY WALKER WILLARD RAY CAYCE MARILYN HEISNER COX WILLIAM ARMSTEAD DAVIS JAMES ROYCE DENNISON KENNETH BROOKS HARRIS CARL L. JONES EDWARD J. ONLY MRS. W. D. PARKS MARY T. SPENCER BARBARA ANN STALLINGS RONALD D. TEAGUE RICHARD WAKEFIELD VIRGINIA H. WENTWORTH ERLYN B. WEBB JOHN WYATT CHARLES EDWIN YOUNG MAX A. CROCKER SENIORS NOT PICTURED ROGER BULLARD CLYDE RAY BRIGGS BILL BICKERS WILLIAM BIBLE IRENE BARFIELD CHARLES ALFRED GREATHOUSE FRANCES K. GILES CLARENCE S. HILL, JR. CHARLES HAUSSER JOHNNIE KENDALL ROGER MURRAY, JR. JAMES McKISSACK JACK CALVIN NAYLOR H. GORDON ORRELL CHARLES ROBERT PERKINS JOHN WALTER ROSE JUSTICE SELPH JAMES HERBERT SEATON KEITH WOOSTER SYLVIA LUCILLE WILSON MARTHA WILLIAMS ROBIN COFFMAN LILLIOUS DAVIDSON COX MORRIS CROCKER GLADYS HISCOX ROBERT LIVINGSTON BERTIE DAVIS POLLARD PATRICIA SANSING RONALD MELVIN SKINNER DAN VITITOE, JR. OfAPtft Da E Dick Vincent MftUY N. StgnNETT Hoyt Wilson Pat Hammonds Don Pace i llY Hammonds (hjftter Aunior K laii KJj-ficerA: President — Peter Rhea Jones; Vice-President — Johnnie Barber ; Secretary — Larry Gay Lane ; Chaplain — Billy Murphy. ■ $ 34 ? -• •? 15 ■ MARY ANN FRASER DELORES DORRIS HAROLD GREENFIELD BILL HAYNES • 5 36 ps REX ENOCH WILLIAM GEORGE DON HOPPER SHIRLEY GORDON MYRNA GOEHRI HOLLAND TOM MURCHISON SANDRA MILLER BOBBY NEWTON ik •§ 37 ? • MIRIAM WATT JAMES SMITH BRUCE STEPHENS • 1 BARBARA WILSON BETTY WILLIAMS JERALD HILL MARY ROY BILL PRIDDY RAY POLLARD TED CLARK McCOMMON GAYLE UPTON CHARLES HIGGINS D Q biwmjytm S onli oni ore L taSS lyffi icerS President: Bill Howse, Vice-President: Bob Carpenter. Secretary: Elsie Younj Treasurer : Annette Clark, Chaplain : Lynn Eagan 3 42 i KING ABERNATHY BOBBY AGEE m ANNETTE CLARK LYNN EAGAN EMILY CAVENDAR SHIRLEY BLEDSOE ANE FRIZZELL RAYMOND BOSTON ROSALEE FOLLIS :• 43 P " osC) 44 f MARY ANN STEWART JOE ELLIS HARVEY GILL BILL JACKSON CAROLE GREEN JOHN GIBBONS BILLY GRIFFIN LAURA BETH HARVEY 1 ANITA LOWE ■-a ' 1 5 ■: b V NYTA GARRETT BRYANT RAY GAYLE PRATHER MACKEY PUTMAN ■«§ 46 t ' vl V DAVE SHEPPARD BARBARA JO SULLIVAN HARRIET SCHROEDER JAMES SHELTON ANITA WEAVER CLAUDE YAGER ELSIE YOUNG TOMMY SMITH CHARLES MILLER «s5 48 t ' SHIRLEY PICKENS DONALD DAVIS DAVE CUNDIFF CAROLYN MORSE P FRANKIE MILLER JOHN HENDERSON SHIRLEY NEISLER MARY ALICE WATKINS DANNY DUNAGAN 49 • • FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED BILLY NOEL ALEXANDER IMA CLAIRE ALEXANDER OTIS RAY ALEXANDER, JR. WARREN G. ALEXANDER JAMES C. ALLCOCK, JR. NANCY ARWOOD APPLEWHITE KENNETH LEE ARNOLD MARGARET AZBILL JOHN BANE JOHN THOMAS BARNES VERDIA JEAN BEARD OBY LEE BENTHALL, JR. JOSEPH RAY BISHOP SANDRA VIVIAN BISHOP MARGARET LOU BLACKBURN GLENDA LOU BLACKWOOD DAVID DEWEY BLAKELY JOE RICHARD BOBBITT TED LEE BORUM WANDA MARIE BOYD G. WAYNE BROWN A. MARIE BROWN BETTY JEAN BUTLER PHYLLIS CARLOTTA BUTTS PHILIP CARLTON CARROLL CLYDE CALVIN CATES B. V. CATHY, JR. DONA RAE CHAPMAN DARRELL KEITH CHILCUTT LAMAR RAY CHILDRESS DONALD COLLOMP THOMAS E. COX OLIVE CRENSHAW ROBERT ARTHUR CUMMINGS GERALD BOARDMAN DANE WILLIAM LEWIS DAVIS DONALD RAY DEATON CHARLES DANNY DeCOURLEY GERRY DURELL DILWORTH ALAN DRAKE LENNY LATHAN ELLIS JERRY EVANS FLOYD FLAIRE FERRELL PEGGY J. GALLAHER BARNEY GARWOOD NANCY ELIZABETH GAUGH KENNETH PAUL GAULT JESSIE GUY GEE MARION D. GENTRY, JR. WENDELL LEE GIBBS JOHN DONALD GREENE BILLY DENNIS GURLEY PETE HALL ROBERT EDDIE HAMLETT ROBERT LOWREY HAYNIE VIRGJL CROCKETT HAZLEWOOD BILLY DALE HISE JAN THOMAS HOLLOWAY BONNIE SUE HOMESLY GORDON RAY HOPKINS HAROLD HOPKINS WILLIAM ELLISTON HOPKINS BARBARA RAMONA HURST DONALD MERRELL JETER ROY THOMAS JOHNSEY EUNG SUN KIM PATSY ANN KING CORNELIA JANE KIRKSEY WILLIAM LAUGHLIN WALKER DEE LEACH HARBERT LEE JAMES THOMAS McAFEE CHARLES LOUIS McCALL LOUIS McEWEN CHARLOTTE MAGILL WILLIAM HAROLD MAYFIELD WANDA LOU MAYO WILLIAM ROBERT MARSHALL BEVERLY ANNETTE MASK JOAN BRADDYE METHENY JIMMY CLAY MIDDLETON SHELTON MERIDITH MITCHELL JOHN PALMER MONTGOMERY IRA LARRY MOORE RAYMOND EARL MOTT LYNN HARRIS MOUNT FRANK MULLER, JR. PATSY NAYLOR JERRY DON OAKLEY TERRY MARTIN OLIVER (withdrew) MARY LEE ORR CURTIS LEROY PARISH FRANKLIN K. PARKER PEGGY JOYCE PEEPLES ERNEST PERKINS NATHAN HOWELL PILLOW LINDA JEAN PORTIS ELEANOR JANE POWELL ROBERT EDWARD PULLEY ROGER LEE RAMAGE TILMAN LEON RIDGEWAY NELDA JANE ROBINSON PARKER ROE DAVID ROOTE LUE DEAN SAXTON VELMA ROSE SCOTT LLEWELLYN SELLERS MARY DELAINE SHERBENOU DEBRA LYNN SILKWOOD DANNY DWIGHT SMITH JOHN VERNON SNEAD JERRY BEN SOUTHERLAND JERRY LEE SPENCER JAMES LARRY STEED JOYCE MARIE STEVENSON LOIS DALE STYERS GLYNDA LOUISE TATE PAUL ROBERT TAYLOR JERRY TEAGUE WILLIAM CLARK TEAGUE CHARLES EDD TIMBERLAKE MARTHA ELIZABETH TOLAR MARY ANN TUTTEROW DARRELL VAILS WILLIAM IRWIN VANN JOHNNY MACK VISE MAX THOMAS WALKER KATIE ANN WEBB RALPH ELLIOT WILLIAMS, JR. ROBBIE MARIE WILSON TED DYAND WIMBERLEY ROBERT EDWARD WOMACK JAMES WOOD TRAVIS ALLEN WOODS PANSY WOOSTER JOHN RICHARD WORLEY SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED EMMET NATHAN AUSTIN, JR. JAMES ARNOLD ATCHLEY KENNETH ALEXANDER ROYCE WILLIAM AGERTER BILLY HALLIBURTON ADKERSON ROUTH ANN BOWLES MARY ELIZABETH BOULTON LARRY DALE BOSTON REX FARRIS BOND WILLIAM NORTON BEARD CECELIA ANN BAGGETT KELA SERENA CROSSWELL JAMES CARL COUCH JOHN STEWART CONYERS NEWMAN BOBBY CARPENTER JAMES ALLEN DINKINS JOHN WAYNE DAVENPORT CHARLES DAVID EVERS JOHN DALTON FOX JERRY DENE FORSYTHE JAMES ALLEN FERGUSON WILLIAM POLK GLOVER WILLIAM RICHARD GEORGE HAWTHORNE HAMPTON HURST WILLIAM LEWIS HOWSE DONALD CLAYTON HOLLAND PEGGY JEAN HOLDER BEN ALBERT HAY WILLIAM RAYMOND HAWKINS FRED HEWITT HARRIS MANLEY HARDIN, JR. WANDA BONITA HAMMONDS JOE DAVIE HALL PITTS JERRY JOYNER THOMAS CALVIN KING WILTON PORTER LYNN LAUREN ADELBERT LOCKE TED LEWIS PHYLLIS HOYT LAWRENCE RALPH EUGENE LASTER TREBOR MORTON MORRIS RUFUS HENRY MOORE MELVIN FAY MOORE WILLIAM PORTER MAY JESSE RICHARD MANN DAVID ALFRED MALOY ALLEN RAY McGINNIS JOHN B. McCOMMON BOBBY DEAN NEWTON HARVELL MELL PRICE JERRELL H. PARCHMAN JOE ALBERT ROLAND KILIAN ROEVER MARLIN DEAN STEWART HAROLD WAYNE STANFILL JOHNNY LEE SMITH ANDY JACK SIBLEY ELEANOR BENNETT WREN BRUCE G. WOODARD ROSALYNNE VIRGINIA WHITMILL JERRY LEE WAGSTER «s ' ; 50 ?- -• r e fmm 7 t .ws .% w ■« ' Ml v ' U.. fh ' «. M- i. tw v -jrreAliman laSS KyjrH cerS President: R. N. Graves, Vice-President: Allen Tinker, Se cretary: Dianne Payne, Treasurer: Wayne Brown, Chaplain: Jerry Spencer • ' } 52 Si BASSELL ALEXANDER JANICE BOREN VANCE AMBROSE PAT ANDREWS ilk LINDA BALTZELL WALTER ALLISON A. WAYNE BROWN RITA BUTLER SARAH BUTLER JANE CHESTER " «-: . ; • BETTY COWAN DIXIE CLAMPITT ELIZABETH DAVIS BOBBY HIGHFILL BARBARA DELONG BARBARA DERRYBERRY MARY DODSON DON GARDNER R. N. GRAVES LINDA DELOACH 54 • • II ' I.I AMI -4 NELLE HULME TOBY JACKSON PEGGY LASTER CAROL LEUTHGE BARRY McCOMIC BETTY McCULLEY RUBY NEISLER DIANNA PAYNE FRANCES PERRY ANIECE PETERSON JANETTE POWELL DORIS RIGGS BETTY ROY MARTHA ANN SEWELL ALLEN TINKER CAROLYN TOWNSEND GWEN WEST VIRGINIA WRIGHT MALCOLM TIPTON it • § 56 ? I BETTY DUGARD ALLEN GRAVES ' jn LARRY GREEN BECKY EDWARDS MARION ELLIS LEON HARRIS LARRY HOOPAW MARIE EVANS ADRIENNE HATCHER MARTHA ANN HAYES 57 ' SCHELLEY HIGHSMITH HAL LOVE BETTY JONES JOE PRENTISS MARY STEPHEN HUDSON ANN JOHNSON JAMES PRENTISS CAROLYN JOHNSON ALICE LEDBETTER PAT KIRBY ■«S 58 fs JEAN DOVE NANCY McCOLLUM PEGGY McLEARY JEAN McLEMORE BETTY MARBURY SONDRA MEDLIN MARTHA MILAM CAROL MILLER BILLIE SUE MOORE PATRICIA MORSE 59 ' • DONNA RAE CHAPMAN MARGARET AZBILL BETTY BUTLER PHYLLIS BUTTS SANDRA BISHOP WANDA BOYD BARBARA BLAKELY GLENDA BLACKWOOD MARIE BROWN WAYNE BROWN . Am « S 60 £ • LINDA PORTIS LYNN MOUNT ROGER RAMAGE JANE POWELL ROSE SCOTT MARY DELAINE SHERBENOU DEBRA SILKWOOD NANCY GAY SMITH JOHN SNEAD JOYCE STEVENSON ■■ ' -• 61 • LOIS STYERS MARTHA TOLAR MARY ANN TUTTEROW RALPH WILLIAMS ROBBIE WILSON JAMES WOOD LARRY MOORE LORAINE ARMSTRONG ROGER RAMAGE HAROLD MAYFIELD ■«§ 62 £ ERNIE PERKINS LLEWELLYN SELLARS LINDA DEES BOBBY HIGHFILL WAYNE SMITH BOB MARSHALL BEVERLY MASK JERRY DUNN S 63 ? iVko ' s WAose !$U £ ute 4 +% UL ' s WL amona students In -Swwierican i olleaed and Ulniverditied " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " is a national publi- cation in which recognition is given to outstanding college students. Upon approval by the college administration, these students are appointed on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character and extra-curricular activities. Ten of the students of Union University have been selected and acknowl- edged publicly for their worthy accomplishments. Their pictures and lists of their activities appear on the following pages. This is an honor of which one can be proud. We feel that in the years to come these who have been chosen will maintain and humbly bear this honor in the Union Tradition. ■ $ 66 t JOHN KENDALL John Kendall is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Fred Kendall of Nashville. Johnny is majoring in chemistry and minoring in English. He is a member of the B.S.U., German Club, Prince- Davis Science Club, and is now President of the Senior Class. He was also president of the class his freshman year and has served on the Student Council. ANN BRAY Ann Bray, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Bray of Trenton, transferred to Union her sophomore year from Mississippi State College for Women. She is majoring in physical educa- tion and history. While at Union she has been active in the Student Council, Hypatia President, Rutledge History Club, Future Teachers of America, Chi Omega Social Sorority and Secre- tary of Phi Alpha Tlieta PAT BLANKENSHIP Pat Blankenship, the daughter of Mrs. C. G. Blankenship of Memphis, is a religion major. She has been very active in all phases of cam- pus life and is a member of the Student Council, which she has served as secretary, Y.W.A., Rut- ledge History Club, Footlights Club, Shelbians, Alpha Psi Omega honorary dramatics fraternity, and Chi Omega social sorority. She has been a member of Union ' s royalty every year and this year was elected unopposed as Miss Union. ROGER BULLARD Roger Bullard, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Bullard of Memphis, is a ministerial student majoring in English and minoring in religion. Roger has been on the Dean ' s List consistently all four years and has the highest grade average in his class. He is a member of the B.S.U., the Ministerial Association, serving as program chairman for a term, Nestor Club, of which he is Vice-President, and the Shelbians. CHARLES TAPP Charles Tapp is the son of Mr. and Mrs, M. B. Tapp of Memphis. He is a ministerial student majoring in religion and minoring in psychology. He is a member of the B.S.U., Ministerial Association, is President of the Nes- tor Club, a member of the Shelbians, and has served in various class offices including that of chaplain and vice-president. JAMES DEATON James Deaton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Deaton of Jackson, is majoring in music and harmony. While at Union, Jimmy has been well known as a fine musician, playing in the band, various instrumental groups, and singing in the chorus. He is also a member of the B.S.U., Allegro Club, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon social fraternity, of which he has been president. 69 JAMES WATTS James Watts, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Watts of Spring Creek, is majoring in chemistry and minoring in math. While at Union, James has been active in the Mallory Math Club and the Prince-Davis Science Club, serving as presi- dent in both. Also, he is a member of the Nestor Club, of which he is secretary, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, of which he has been treasurer. PAUL SIMMONS Paul Simmons, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Simmons of Martin, is a ministerial student majoring in English. He transferred to Union from Southwestern Baptist Junior College, Bol- ivar, Missouri, in 1956. Since he has been at Union, Paul has been a member of the Minis- terial Association, B.S.U., in which he has held several offices, and was elected class speaker this year. «3 70 ?» CAROL NEWBERRY EDMONDS Carol Newberry Edmonds is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Newberry of Jackson. She is majoring in English and minoring in Spanish. She is a member of the Future Teachers of America, B.S.U., Y.W.A., Hypatia, and has served as secretary of Chi Omega and treasurer of Los Picaros Spanish Club. JIM MARTIN Jim Martin, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Smith of Bismarck, Missouri, is a ministerial student majoring in religion and sociology. Jim was president of his class, both his sophomore and junior years, and is now president of the student body. He is a member of the student council, B.S.U., and the Ministerial Association, whi ch he has served as treasurer. He also holds membership in Nestor Club, of which he is treasurer, and the German Club. He was elected as Best All Around Boy his Junior year. i m -- .W ' . ' •rO 9 VV r. and VII lite Union . . . MISS PAT BLANKENSHIP AND BILLY MURPHY 72 £ -• l£: m- ' I LtH1 l n (JSeSl Til-llKoiind ( Sou and Kiiri . . . MISS BARBARA WILSON AND REX ENOCH •« ' ' 7:! Ja-- Aunior (Ljcorf BARBARA WILSON Senior C scort PEGGY TREVATHAN «§ 74 ? -■ m -cL Sophomore Escort MARY ALICE WATKINS -jrredhman (Escort PEGGY McLEARY II ll lost l opular . . . ■«$ 76 c-s MISS JANIE TOMOOKA AND JIM BRANDON 1 I lost rranddome i J ou . . . don pace J)enior3 rvloit oLihetu to Succeed 9 MISS CAROL CHAMBERS and JIM MARTIN W,anJWls i RS.U... MISS SHIRLEY PRINCE and REX ENOCH •■»■• 79 ■.»-■ 3_XfO (csjueen . . . PAT BLANKENSHIP k r Jyy S weetliecirt . . . i MIRIAM WATT V trawberm (c ueen . . . MISS PEGGY McLEARY 7 ■«§ 82 S» Co i. i I: a BARBARA WILSON (JJ)ashetball v ueen . . . MISS MARTHA ANN LANIER escorted by PAUL SANDERFER ■•$ 84 t Maids and Escorts, clockwise : Barbara Wilson and Larry Boston, Janice Dotson and Rex Enoch, Peggy Laster and Sonny Austin, Mary Orr and Ray Pollard. tf ' % Wod PAT BLANKENSHIP .. ; BARBARA WILSON ,; r Wod HARRIET METTS LINDA DeLOACH PEGGY GALLAHER I LORRAINE ARMSTRONG Jhe rredhman lo ueen and hrer ( ourt LINDA DeLOACH LINDA BALTZELL •c% 90 £• %wmdb) ' i President of Student Bodu ... JIM MARTIN «s ' 92 s Student ( ouncit Beginning Back Row Left: Ken Arnold, Paul Sanderfer, Larry Pattern, Dick Vincent, Johnnie Barber, Peter Rhea Jones, Ken Story, Gayla Dennis, Billy Hammonds, Clyde Ray Briggs, Pat Blankenship, Myrna Holland, Miriam Watt, Jim Martin, Dr. Kelly Thurman, Sponsor. - ■ Left to Right: Larry Patton, Bobby Agee, Nelle Hulme, Mrs. Blythe, Becky Edwards, Miriam Watt and Gayla Dennis, Editor. Cardinal and ( reant STAFF MEMBERS EDITOR Gayla Dennis BUSINESS MANAGER Kenneth Story SPORTS EDITOR Bobby Agee PHOTOGRAPHER Raymond Burke TYPIST Nelle Hulme REPORTERS : Larry Patton, Miriam Watt, Larry Gay Lane and Becky Edwards. SPONSORS Mrs. Helen Blythe, Dr. Kelly Thurman • ? 94 e» dLest We J-oraet f Left to Right: Johnnie Barber, Nancy Jeffress, Mrs. Blythe, Nelle Hulme, Becky Edwards, and Bobby Agee. « 5 95 5« FRED HARRIS E.D.A. JOHNNIE BARBER E.T. DON PACE E.A. Jenneiiee C -ta (chapter Lyf S iama rlpha Cpiilo FOUNDED : March 9, 1856 at the University of Alabama. COLORS: Royal Purple and Old Gold FLOWER : Violet A fraternity house, a handshake, a badge, a name, a password, — these are not the things which make fraternity. Hearts bound in one accord, singing together, eating together, laughing together, working to- gether, worshipping together, living together — these do make fraternity. This is Tennessee Eta of S.A.E. Christian ideals, heart deep relationships, brotherhood with all mankind ; these are the very essence of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. This was a year of memories, brimful with joy .... as we crowned the lovely Miss Pat Blankenship at the Coronation Banquet; as needy children experienced an unexpected Christmas; and as eleven young men entered the circle of brotherhood .... and a year of vigorous activity as the Sig Alphs excelled in sports; as they built a basement chapter room; as they traveled to Montgomery Bell for the splash; and as many worked in positions of campus leadership. Here are a portion of our brothers ' attainments : Rex Enoch was president of B.S.U., Jim Deaton and James Watts were elected to " Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities. " Don Pace was elected Most Handsome Boy for the second time, James Watts was awarded a fellowship by the Atomic Energy Commission, Rex Enoch was elected Best Ail-Round. The S.A.E. queen, Pat Blankenship, was elected Miss Union. Clyde Briggs was elected Senior Class Representative to the Student Council. S.A.E. was represented on the staff of both publications. Johnnie Barber was editor of the " Lest We Forget " and vice -president of the Junior Class. Bill Bickers was the Senior class speaker. Five Sig Alphs were on the Dean ' s list and there were many brothers in the numerous scholastic and interest groups on the campus. This, then, is our fraternity — minds, moods, and motives, all varied yet harmonious. £e to Right: Row One: Jim Deaton, Jim McKissack, Bill Brown. George Fisher, Bill Haynes, Vail Hiers. Row Two: Bill Priddy, James Watts, Rex Bond, Don Davis, Joe Hall, Bill Howse. Row Three: Bill Haney, Gordon Orrell, David Roote, Tommy Smith, Vance Amhrose, Tommy Barnes. Row Four: John Gibbons, Harold Greenfield, Pete Hall, Hal Love, Barry McComic, Franklin Parker. Row Five: Nathan Pillow, Danny Smith, Allen Graves, Roy Johnsey, Jim McAfee, B. A. Rodda. Row Six: Jim Shelton, Charles Timberlake, Irwin Vann. FRANKIE MILLER -Arlplta Uc T au FOUNDED : Virginia Military Institute, ' Richmond, Virginia; Sept. 11, 1865, KJmecici j raternih y COLORS: Azure Old Gold. FLOWER: White Tea Rose. PETER RHEA JONES WM Founded as a national organization, not imitating nor opposing any existing Greek organization, Alpha Tau Omega was distinctive among fraternities in one respect; it chose Christ and Christianity, rather than any Hellenic philosophy, as its founding stone. In its ninety-three years of growth, ATO has expanded in its efforts " to bind men together in a brotherhood based upon eternal and immutable principles " until it is now an international system claiming 118 chapters. .:; During the year 1957-58, Beta Tau Chapter has done its part in advancing the ideals of Alpha Tau Omega. With some 40 brothers on campus, the Taus have taken part in almost every phase of campus ac- tivity. They were represented in eight class offices, with Brother R. N Craves serving as President of the Freshman Class and Pledge Allan Tinker serving as Vice-President. Brother Peter Rhea Jones led the Junior Class as their President, and also doubled as Vice-President of the Student Body. Brother Bill Mur- phy was chosen as Mr. Union and was accompanied by four ATO escorts. Brother Jim Brandon was elected Most Poplar Boy on Campus and Brother Larry Patton served as feature editor for the Cardinal Cream, as well as starring in the Spring Dramatic Presentation. Brothers Dick Vincent, Johnny Rose, and Tom Murchison served as Intramural Director, assistant Basketball coach and tennis coach, Student Sports Publicity Director respectively. In scholarship, Alpha Tau was 6.25 points above the All-Men ' s Average and more than nine points a- bove the AU-Fraternity Average Brother R. N. Graves led the Chapter by maintaining an " A " average dur- ing his first two semesters. Taus Were members of the Student Coun- cil, as well as all major clubs on campus, holding offices in seven of them. Included on the list of club members were four in the Nestor Club and three Alpha Psi Omegas. Brother Bob Carpenter is serving as the current B.S.U. president with six other brothers on the Council. In athletics, ATO won the Intramural football trophy for the second consecutive year. On the team which went on to win the NAIA Re- gional Championship, Alpha Tau placed nine brothers, including co- captains Orr Scott. In track, tennis, and cross country, we were well represented and placed five brothers on the baseball team. In addition, ATO furnished the two male basketball cheerleaders. The ATO social year was highlighted by numerous parties, the all-important Sweetheart Banquet, with the crowning of Miriam Watt as Chapter Sweetheart; the Founders ' Day Banquet; and finally the week-end at Natchez Trace, the Spring Splash. And now, as we wind up another successful year, we have a lot to look back upon and remember; the years with " Mother Ed " Stan- V fill as Chapter Mom; the service of Mrs. Wordie McGavney as house . mother; the wonderful way in which " Maid Miriam " has reigned as . A| k Sweetheart; the summer spent remodeling the house; the meetings 9J| which lusted until the " wee, small hours " ; the Saturday night dates JH at the house, the pledges winning the Home-Coming " Bulldog " Tro- ' H.; phy — all these things which will never be recorded in the Fraternity JB annals. They, too, have played their part in making this a great year H I in the hearts of all Union Taus. « LARRY PATTON WKA DAVE CUNDIFF wsc First Row: Paul Sanderfer, Eddie Hamlett, Tom Mtirchison, Raymond Boston, Gerald Dame. Second Row: Bobby Highfill, John Montgomery, Polk Glover, Billy Murphy, Roy Collomp. Third Row: Jerry Spencer, Johnny Smith, Jerry Phillips, James Scott. Roger Van Metre. Fourth Row: Dalton Fox, Jim Brandon. Larry Boston. Jim Bailey, R. N. Graves Fifth Row: James Allcock, Wayne Brown, Malcolm Tipton, Dave Evers, James Smith. EVWMmmnnNrnwv«nwMMMM» fmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmm Up Jon Of Cki O, meaa f Vice-President VIRGINIA RUTH PEARCE Rash Chairman PEGGY TREVATHAN Founded at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, on April 5, 1895. COLORS : Cardinal and Straw FLOWER : White Carnation The Upsilon Chapter of Union University endeavors in all phases of life to give truth and light to its open motto, " Hellenic culture and Christian ideals. " Deep within the heart of each member is a wonderful bond of unbroken love and friendship. This bond grows with the years and is ever a source of enlightenment. This year certainly was one of which to be proud and one in which much enjoyment was had. The Chi O ' s were the recipients of many awards and honors. Among these, Miss Union and escorts; Queen of Sigma Alpha Eps ' ilon; Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega; Cheer- leaders; Freshman Queen and Maids; Strawberry Queen; Representatives in the Ten Most Beautiful Girls. Three members, Ann Bray, Carol Edmonds, and Pat Blankenship were chosen for membership in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Other Chi O ' s were basketball maids and class officers. Officers and membership were held in Hypatia Literary Society; Footlights Club; Alpha Psi Omega; Latin Club; Psi Alpha Theta; Min- erva Club; Lest We Forget Staff; Cardinal and Cream Staff; Library Staff; Student Coun- cil with Miriam Watt serving as Secretary-Treasurer; B.S.U. ; Prince-Davis Science Club; Spanish Club; and the Mallory Math Club. Chi Omega ' s social life has been full this year beginning in the fall with a Supressed Desire Party, a chicken supper, a surprise party for actives, the annual Sweetheart Banquet, Fall and Spring Eleusinia, and climaxed with a spring outing. The civic activities included a Christmas party for a needy famly, complete with Santa Claus and gifts; giving Thanksgiv- ing and Christmas baskets, and selling papers for the Lions Club. So, it is with mixed emotions of joy for a year well done and sadness for those who are leaving us, that we close this year. Memories of the year will live forever in our hearts and we will recount them many, many times. Next year, we know, will be another characterized by love and friendship. Top Row: Carole Green, Larry Gay Lane, Meredith Smith, Mollie Burnett, Ellen Miles, Sandra Miller. Second Row: Annette Clark, Loydell Smith, Peggy McLeary, Pat Hammonds, Carol Miller, Carol Chambers. Third Row: Joyce Hutson, Robbie Wilson, Alice Ledbetter, Mary Stephen Hudson, Janice Boren, Barbara Derryberry. Fourth Row: Linda Baltzell, Phyllis Butts, Joan Metheny, Toby Jackson, Nancy Gay Smith, Nancy Bowlin. Fifth Row: Macky Putman, Becky Edwards, Martha Ann Hays, Betty Dugard. Carol Luethge, Lorraine Armstrong. Sixth Row: Joyce Stevenson, Adrienne Hatcher, Pat Kirby, Nancy Gaugh, Joyce Ann Brint, Mrs. L. D. Rut- ledge, Chapter Mother. Not Pictured: Pat Blankenship, Mary Ann Smith, Theodora Burdette, Harriet Metts, Patty Davis, Barbara Jo Roever, Serena Crosswell. Anne Bowie . Linda DeLoach, Betty Butler, Peggy Gallaher, Pharra Lee Newsom. Barbara Stallings, Gayle Driver, and Janette Powell. wtmmmm ela o, Of meaa f 4 2Leta Uau Mlpka HELEN KEMP BETTY JO PENNINGTON Vice-President Founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, October 15, 1898. COLORS : Turquoise Blue Steel Gray. FLOWER : White Violet. Amid the colors of blue and gray the Zetas of 1957-58 have achieved success in every area of campus life. They have also deep- ened and widened their circle of friendship and love. Truly this exemplifies all of the standards which Zeta Tau Alpha represents. Her outstanding officers have guided and directed the chapter through each success- ful undertaking. Serving in leadership capacity were : Presi- dent, Helen Kemp; Vice-President, Betty Jo Pennington ; Recording Secretary, Glenda McDaniel; Corresponding Secretary, Delores Dorris; Treasurer, Carolyn Tisdale; His- torian, Joan Garey; and Rush Chairman, Shirley Pickens. Beta Omega added to its vast storehouse of memories with a Founder ' s Day Banquet, a Harvest Moon Party, a Thanksgiving bas- ket for a needy family, a Christmas break- fast party, Spring Formal depicting a " Holi- day in Hawaii, " a spring hayride, Mother- Daughter Luncheon, Alumnae Tea, Senior Dinner honoring the senior members of the chapter, and many other informal chap- ter get-togethers. Zeta Tau Alpha held representation in many activities on the campus. Some of these activities are : BSU, YWA, Home Eco- nomics Club, Hypatia, Business Club, Uni- versity Chorus, Footlights Club, NEA, Rut- ledge History Club, Life Service Band, and publication staffs. In rounding out the year ' s activities we of Beta Omega hope that the year of 1957-58 has been as happy and successful for others as it has been for us. GLENDA McDANIEL Recording Secretary DELORES DORRIS Corresponding Secretar, fP: CAROLYN TISDALE Treasurer JOAN GAREY Historian Not Pictured PATRICIA MORSE DIXIE CLAMPITT BARBARA DeLONG LAURA BETH HARVEY JO DORRIS BETTY McCULLEY SHIRLEY PICKENS GWENDOLYWN WEST MARTHA MILAM JANE CHESTER MARION ELLIS PEGGY HOLDER EMILY FLOWERS JANICE DODSON WANDA MAYO ELIZABETH DAVIS MARY DODSON BETTY SUE COWAN BETTY JONES PEGGY LASTER JANE KIRKSEY IMA ALEXANDER CAROLYN TOWNSEND MARTHA ANN SEWELL JANE ROBINSON NANCY McCOLLUM Left to Right — First Row: Shirley Prince, Student Assistant; Mrs. R. H. Ward, Assistant Librarian; Miss Ruth Gibbons, Head Librarian; Mrs. Jack Farris, Library Assistant; Nancy Jeffress, Student Assistant. Second Row: Student Assistants: Judy Verner, Ellen Miles, Shirley Pickens, Lois Styers, Pat Morse, Harriet Schroeder. Third Row: Emily Flowers, Nancy Gay Smith, John Gibbons, Bassell Alexander, Demple Norvill. Not Pictured: Peggy Gallaher and Dick Wakefield. dLibraru S taPP Since the library is the focal point of the campus, an efficient staff is necessary to serve the students at all times. To render this service, sixteen students work under the supervision of Miss Ruth Gibbons, Mrs. Mabel Ward, and Mrs. Jack Farris. ••$ 104 £ • Seated: Roger Bullard, Dr. Kelly Thurman, James Watts, and Charles Tapp. Second Row: Peter Rhea Jones, Tom Murchison, Billy Bickers, and Paul Simmons. Third Row: Crafton Clift, Jim Sorrell, Paul Sanderfer, Jim Martin, and Johnnie Barber. lestor L iub . . . Once each month the thirteen members of the Nestor Club meet for an evening of enjoyable fellowship and discussion. This dinner club is composed of twelve student members and a faculty sponsor. The stu- dent members are selected on the basis of their scholastic achievement, all other things being equal. After dinner two of the members read original papers on any subject in which they happen to be particularly in- terested. Since 1931 one of the high points of the year has been the joint meeting with Nestor ' s sister club, Hypatia. The Nestor Club was founded in 1913 by Prof. J. L. McAliley, then bursar and professor of Latin, him- self a Union graduate. Nestor took its name from a classical theme. Nestor, a descendant of Prometheus, was the oldest and wisest of the Greek chieftains during the Trojan War. Dean A. W. Prince, professor of chemistry and co-founder of our Science Club, was Nestor ' s sponsor for many years. The guide for recent years has been Mr. Troy Young, a member during his student days, and sponsor while on the faculty and staff until his resignation this year. Since then Dr. Kelly Thurman has served in this capacity. The fellowship experienced and ideals developed by these associations are of permanent value to each Nestor. 105 • First Row: Emily Flowers, Patty Davis, Miriam Watt, Ann Brigham. Second Row: Dorotha Oliver, Ann Bray, Gayla Dennis, Larry Gay Lane, Carol Chambers. Jk w tit alia Hypatia is devoted to the development of special knowledge in the literary field. Its membership is limited to Junior and Senior girls who possess a high scholastic record. Once each month the group meets to discuss recent develop- ments in literature. Sponsor Miss Marian Crocker 106 sruture JeacherS oP _Xn m eric a FRANK E. WELLS CHAPTER First Row: Ann Bray, Ellen Miles, Paul Sanderfer, Virginia Ruth Pearce, Carolyn Tisdale. Second Row: Ann Neal Pattat, Gayle Upton, Patsy King, Betty Marbury, Joyce Bryson, Mary Caroline Allcock. Third Row: Miriam Watt, Evelyn Marbury, Dorotha Oliver, Larry Gay Lane, Norma Kolwyck, Emily Flowers, Ruth Azbill. » ' ) 107 ;- ■• hetb Land First Row: Harriet Schroeder, Donna Rae Chapman, Barbara DeLong, Ann Baggett, Carole Green. Second Row: Ralph Williams, Ann Bowles, Dean Clark, Anita Lowe, Nelle Hulme, Bobby Agee. Third Row: Bill Jackson, Harriet Metts, Emily Cavendar, Gayla Dennis, Pat Andrews, Bob Carpenter. First Row: Tommy King, Paul Sanderfer, Anita Lowe, Eudora Jones, Carol Chambers, Carl Simmons, Marlin Stewart. Second Row: John Davenport, Allen Ray McGinnis, John Gibbons, Bruce Woodard, James Watts, Don Holifield, Hilton Scates. ««$ 108 §• n B H an First Row: Frances Giles, Patricia Sansing, Mary Carolyn Allcock, Mary DeLaine Sherbenow, Meredith Smith, Schelley Highsmith, Patty Davis, and Pat Kirby. Second Row: Dickie Laughlin, Billy Butler, Mrs. Elisabeth Fossey, R. N. Graves, Bonnie Sue Homesly, Wanda Boyd, Dianna Payne, Martha Milam, Betty Butler, Sylvia Wilson, Carolyn Townsend, Serena Crosswell, Mary Stephen Hudson, Gerald Dunn, Mr. Wood. Third Row: Richard Mann, James Smith, Jerry Nowell, Vail Hiers, John Conyers, James Allcock, Don Dillingham, Gerald Morrow, John Snead, William Tate, Melvin Childress, and Don Holland. Jhe rilearo i lub f The Allegro Club is composed of music majors and minors, the music faculty of Union, and all others interested in music. The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in, and to encourage the study, appreciation, and enjoyment of music; and to develop the individual ' s ability to perform. OFFICERS President Don Dillingham Vice-President James Allcock Secretary -Treasurer Serena Crosswell «:■ 109 ■ • First Row: Harvey Gill, Royce Agerter, Jack N aylor, Mrs. Rutledge, Bobby Agee, Rex Enoch. Second Row: Mary Roy, Virginia Ruth Pearce, Nancy Lee Smith, Fred Harvey, Sandra Miller, Carol Green. Third Row: Johnnie Barber, Fred Cox, Gayla Dennis, Ann Bray, Jim Sorrell, Ernie Carter, Peter Rhea Jones. nCuueaae rronoraru rrhtoru ( tub The Rutledge Honorary History Club was founded on November 7, 1929, for the encouragement of study in the field of history and current events. The club stresses scholarship and its goal is membership in the National History Fraternity, Phi Alpha Theta OFFICERS: Sponsor Mrs. Rosa Dyer Rutledge President Jack Naylor Vice-President Jim Sorrell Treasurer Raymond Boston Secretary Virginia Ruth Pearce • 3 110 t-s» Vgfaaff. First Row: Martha Williams, B. R. Coleman, Mrs. L. D. Rutledge, Judson Lambert. Second Row: Jack Naylor, Betty Walker, Mallie Newsome, Mary Howell Anderson, Ann Bray. Third Row: Prof. Ernest Muntz, Dr. R. H. Ward. oDeita J l Chapter of J hi -Arlpna Jneta The Delta Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, National Honorary Scholar- ship Fraternity in History, was the 119th national chapter and the first estab- lished in the State of Tennessee. It was established at Union University on October 17, 1953, by active and alumni members of the Rutledge Honorary History Club. Its purpose: to encourage research and writing. OFFICERS: Faculty Adviser Mrs. L. D. Rutledge President Betty B. Walker Vice-President Martha Williams Historian Mallie Newsome Secretary Ann Elizabeth Bray Treasurer Jack Naylor • $ 111 • • fc y if. $ ■ I MEMBERS: First Row— Bobby Kendig, Pat Blankenship, Jerol Swaim. Second Row — Roger Bullard, Charles Greathouse, Johnny Barber, Mrs. Adams, Shirley Neisler, Ronny Rodgers, Harvey Gill. c Latin i iub , . . The purpose of this club is to increase a member ' s knowledge of Latin and to gain an insight into the Roman civilization, its laws, customs, religion, and ordinary life, with a consequent appreciation of our indebtedness to the past. • ? 112 ?i gLo5 f- i Seated : Larry Gay Lane, Gayla Dennis, Annette Clark, Theo- dora Burdett. Standing: Mr. Warren Adams, Carolyn Morse, Virginia Ruth Pearce, Shirley Gordon, Nyta Garrett, Carol Ed- monds, Shirley Bledsoe, Mrs. Warren Adams. icarod Jill ( ulendpleael Seated: Jack Naylor, Bobby Joe Osborne, Verdia Beard, Tom Murchison, Mr. War- ren Adams. Standing, 1st Row: Bill Carver, Kilian Roever, William Beard, Allen Ferguson, Harvey Ray Gill, Joe Davis. Standing, 2nd Row: Roger Bullard, John Henderson, Kenneth Story, Larry Patton, Prentiss Ferrell, Jim Anderson. . endpieaei Front Row: Linda Portis, Glenda Blackwood, Peggy Laster, Jane Kirksey, Jo Hargett, Lynn Baltzell. Back Row: Mrs. Williams, Ann Bray, Harriet Metts, Emily Cavender, Larry Gay Lane, Wanda Hammonds, Anita Weaver. CyrV j f kusicai (education ( lub The girls ' physical education club is a newly formed organization on Union ' s campus. The purpose of having the club is to stimulate more girls to become interested in physical education, and to promote the girls ' intra- mural program. To be eligible for membership, one must be a sophomore, majoring or minoring in physical education. Our sponsor is Mrs. B. C. Williams. The officers for the club are as follows : President Larry Gay Lane Vice-President Lynn Baltzell Secretary Emily Cavender Treasurer Anita Weaver, Betty Pennington Intramural Director Harriet Metts •«§ 114 fr rrome C c conoinicd Lftto Seated: Rosalie Follis, Beverly Blalack, Mrs. Johnson, Ann Neal Pattat, Ann Brigham. Second Row: Gayle Prather, Jo Hargett, Sandra Miller, Carol Leuthge, Phyllis Butts. Back Row: Joan Garey, Wanda Hammonds, Nancy Ward, Jean Dove, Carol Miller and Ann Baggett. -Sulpha p a meaa 9 ' LEFT TO RIGHT: First Row: Carole Green, Pat Blankenship, Mrs. Loyd Second Row: Anne Bowles, Theodora Burdette, Jim Brandon, Miriam Watt Third Row: Larry Patton, Ray Pollard, Ted Clark, Bill Carver, Paul Sanderfer 16 »■ Pictured from left to right; Row one: Larry Patton, Ray Pollard, Demple Norvill, and Paul Sanderfer. Row Two: Joyce Hutson, Carol Leuthge, Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd, Miriam Watt, Mary Delaine Sherbenou, Carol Green. Row Three: Ann Bowles, Larry Gay Lane, Theodora Burdette, Dean Clark, Nita Lowe, Marion Ellis, Pat Blankenship, and Wayne Brown. Row Four: Bill Carver, Paul Simmons, Ken Story, Ted Clark, Alan Tinker, R. N. Graves, Roger Bullard, and Jim Brandon. rooillahlS i lub . . . ' 9 The purpose of the Footlights Club is to stimulate interest in dramatic art on the cam- pus, to promote interest in dramatic presentations, and to offer a service to all students who are interested in dramatics. It sponsors all play production, including a play tournament, one-act play night, and major productions during the year. Membership in the club is composed of students who have shown an interest in and a talent for work in speech and dramatics. • § 1 i; ?»■ FRESHMAN PLAY [ aaeant f let ared an A X r SENIOR PLAY SOPHOMORE PLAY JUNIOR PLAY ■•§ li m rice fnion University ( Jancl . . . MR. FREDERIC LUBRANI, Director Ulnion Ulniversitu L -hofUd . MR. JOHN HUGHES, Director p n on A p Vj g- r» " a Qf» A ImWllUlsilKiii udiness ( lub . , , The purposes of this organization are to foster interest in business situa- tions and practices of the American economy, to develop understanding of various business institutions, to develop business skills and leadership ability, to promote the ethical viewpoint among future business leaders, and to en- courage social relations among students who are interested in business affairs. OFFICERS : President Don Pace Vice-President Clyde Ray Briggs Secretary Betty Marbury Treasurer Peggy Love Reporter Tom Murchison 121 • • Seated: Bill Jackson, Hoyt Wilson, Dr. Barefoot, Peter Rhea Jones, Jim Martin. Standing, 1st Row: Allen Tinker, Paul Simmons, Billy Griffin, Max Cannon, Harold Greenfield, Sydney Smith, Jim Anderson, Bill May, Roger Bullard. Standing, 2nd Row: Fred Fowler, Bob Carpenter, Charles DeCourley, Earnest Carter, Reed Sanderlin, Charles McCall, Jim Coleman, Crafton Clift, Prentiss Ferrell. Standing, Back Row: Fred Harvey, Max Walker, Jackie Guerin, Tom Roll, Ralph Williams, Ivan Hulsey, Donald Hopper, Harvey Ray Gill. iy nton Ulniversitu ministerial _X£ ddociation tit The Union University Ministerial Association was derived from the J. R. Graves Society which was founded in 1877. The Association helps the minis- terial students to become familiar with their future problems and work. The purpose of the Association is to aid in qualifying its members for the gospel ministry by gaining practice in correctly expressing themselves in public and by extending their information on all religious questions. « 3 124 5 CROOK HALL — CIRCLE 1 CROOK HALL — CIRCLE 2 yw.-j. y.w._A. JONES HALL — CIRCLE 1 JONES HALL — CIRCLE 2 JONES HALL — CIRCLE 3 Seated: Shirley Prince, Joyce Bryson, Judy Verner, Harriet Schroeder, Ann Brigham, and Gayle Upton. Standing, First Row: Paul Simmons, Nancy Taylor, Ellen Miles, Ann Baggett, Betty Marbury, Nancy Jef- fress, Pat Blankenship, and Rex Enoch. Standing, Second Row: Harold Greenfield, Peter Rhea Jones, John Kendall, Johnnie Barber, Ray Pollard, and Bob Carpenter. (JSaptist student Ufnion Council . . . The Baptist Student Union is more an organism than an organization. It has as its pur- pose to link the local churches with the college students in the service of Christ while in college. OFFICERS: President Rex Enoch First Vice-President Bob Carpenter Second Vice-President Ray Pollard Recording Secretary Gayle Upton Corresponding Secretary Ann Brigham Treasurer John Kendall 126 5»» ES. U Weekend f euiual Je earns Seated at the Piano: Ann Baggett and Rex Enoch. First Row: Elsie Young, Shirley Neisler, Mary Elizabeth Bolton, Ann Brigham, Nelle Hulme, Harriet Schroeder, Virginia Wright, Delores Dorris, Carol Leuthge, Frances Perry, Margaret Bolton, and Dr. W. H. Kimzey, Sponsor. Second Row: Gayla Dennis, Mary Nell Stennett, R. N. Graves, Ruth Azbill, King Aber- nathy, Charles McCall, Bobby Agee, Betty Lou Marbury, and Jane Frizell. Life Service (13 and The aim of the Life Service Band is to use college days in life service for Christ by promoting projects and sponsoring missions, and to enlist every Christian in full time testimony whether he be a lawnan or a special religious worker. The activities of this group include jail services and nursing home services. 128 ! My Hope Is InTheei B.S.U. CHOIR SUNRISE SERVICE T At 1 .-?• M BBBt ■ Jhe oLib rar. ¥ CroJJ ( ountn v CRAFTON CLIFT KENNETH GAULT LARRY STEED Bottom Row, Left to Right: Bobby Agee, Richard Smith, Larry Steed. Standing: Dave Malloy, Prentess Ferrell, Coach Bill Murphy, Kenneth Gault, Crafton Clift. BOBBY AGEE JOHNNY ORR RICHARD SMITH DAVE MALLOY • :• 133 -= ■ Journawient The National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics is an organization set up on a nation-wide basis for the purpose of promoting athletics in the small colleges and universities. Each state is a district and each year there is a district tournament to decide which team will go to the National tournament in Kansas City. This year when the district officials met in Nashville, they named as the four candidates to play in the district tournament: Lambuth, rated first in the tournament because of an impressive season ' s rec- ord; CBC of Memphis, rated second also because of an impressive record; Bethel College, rated third; and Union University, named because of its extremely tough schedule which included such teams as Mississippi State, Memphis State, and Ole Miss. The opening night activity saw Lambuth beat Bethel and in the 1st game of the night, Union beat CBC by a narrow score of 77 - 74. In the finals Union met Lambuth for the first time in almost a decade and surprisingly enough exquisite sportsmanship was shown. Again the Bulldogs came out on top by a score of 70 - 65 and gained a berth in the National Tournament in Kansas City. The District 27 NAIA champs met Anderson College from Indiana in the first game of the national engagement, but the larger Indiana team came out on top by the score of 102 - 86. Johnny Orr, the big center from Athens, Alabama, was the star of the game when he massed the sum of 33 points. After the District tournament was over, an all-tournament team was named and four of Union ' s start- ing five were named on this team; Johnny Orr, Jerry Forsythe, Jerry Moore, and William Lee. Union University went into the VSAC tournament rated third in the conference, but without the two all- conference guards, Jerald Hill and William Lee, whose consistent high scoring helped the Bulldogs pile up such a good season ' s record. But, the Battling Bulldogs just wouldn ' t be held down because of a mis- hap. The first game was against a sharp Milligan crew, so, with a substitute guard and a forward moved back into another guard slot, the Bulldogs made their first bid. They came out on top by a fairly close score of 78 - 74. That left Belmont in the way. Twice before during the season the Bulldogs had met Bel- mont and the last time won by only one point. In the first game the two fine stand-in guards had scored over twenty points apiece and when the Belmont game was over, Union was again victorious by the score of 89 - 78 and the two stand-ins had again made over twenty points. That left one game as the deciding factor for who was to be VSAC champs. Austin Peay, the number one seeded team had gone all the way and now must face the game Union squad. Twice before during the season, the two teams had met and each had won a game. At the half-time, the game was tied, but at the close of the game, Austin Peay emerged victor but the fighting Bulldogs were Runner-up to the VSAC championship. Named to the VSAC ALL TOURNAMENT team were three of Union ' s starting five. They were; Jerry Moore, Jerry Forsythe, and Johnny Orr. VSJC Dc ournamem • $ 134 £» Bl JBT 1 Br U ff._J Kt — ■! Es 3 s . i A JLmU 1=, Ji 1 rl l ' fvPj jpjf yr UMk i mi 111 3r » r " l ' kfe=« i SEASONAL RECORD FOR THE UNION BULLDOGS 1957-58 Overall Record 17-14 UNION 86 ATHENS COLLEGE 65 95 ATHENS COLLEGE 77 56 MISSISSIPPI STATE 80 69 MEMPHIS STATE 96 63 OLE MISS 95 59 SOUTHEAST MO. STATE 58 73 SOUTHWESTERN 67 56 C.B.C. 59 93 FLORENCE STATE 77 69 AUSTIN PEAY 67 66 DAVID LIPSCOMB 74 70 BETHEL 81 71 FLORENCE STATE 77 63 U.T.M.B. 67 98 LINCOLN MEMORIAL UNIV. 86 96 SOUTHWESTERN 79 85 BELMONT 72 78 U.T.M.B. 95 78 ARKANSAS STATE 72 60 AUSTIN PEAY 91 78 ARKANSAS STATE 95 105 BELMONT 104 80 C.B.C. 81 91 DAVID LIPSCOMB 84 126 BETHEL (VSAC TOURNAMENT) 96 78 MILLIGAN 74 89 BELMONT 78 76 AUSTIN PEAY (N.A.I.A.) PLAYOFFS) 86 77 C.B.C 74 70 LAMBUTH 65 86 (N.A.I.A. TOURNAMENT) ANDERSON COLLEGE 102 The Union Bulldogs had one of their finest seasons in recent years on the hardwoods as they battled through one of the toughest schedules in their history. To climax their season, the Bulldogs placed second in the VSAC Tournament in Nashville, playing without the services of their All-VSAC guards, William Lee and Jerald Hill, who were injured. Then when Austin Peay State College, the winner of the tourna- ment, elected to take a bid to the NCAA Tournament, it left a vacancy for the spot to represent NAIA Dis- trict 27 in the national tournament sponsored by the NAIA in Kansas City. So the Bulldogs, by virtue of their tough schedule and tremendous late-season show- ing, was named to the Playoffs which were held at Union ' s Gym, along with Lambuth, CBC of Memphis, and Bethel. And the Bulldogs came through in fine style, ris- ing from their last place seeding before the tournament to knock off the two top seeded teams, CBC and Lambuth, and for the first time in history qualified for a trip to a national tournament. The victory in the finals of the Playoff over Lam- buth, marked the first time the two schools had met in the last 10 years. In winning the tournament, Jack Russell ' s boys placed four men on the all-tournament team. Jerry Moore, Jerry Forsythe, Johnny Orr, and William Lee made the grade. Previously, in Nashville, the first three had made the All-Tournament Team of the VSAC. The Bulldogs were defeated in their first game at Kansas City by Anderson College 102 to 86, but not before giving the Indiana boys a battle. The entire team will be back next year; as there were no seniors on the squad and only 4 juniors. John Orr, Jerry Moore, and James Scott were three of the juniors and were elected tri-captains for the year. William Lee proved to be a sensation in his sophomore year. The 6 ' guard from Lake City, Ten- nessee, amassed a total of 501 points for a 17.89 points per game average to lead the team in both depart- ments. He also broke a gym record for the most points scored in one game when he poured in 39 against Bethel. Union set a team scoring record that night defeating the Wildcats 126 - 96. Jerry Moore, in his first year of basketball at Union, was second in scoring and percentage and led the team in rebounds and added tremendous strength by performing well consistently. Johnny Orr ran his year ' s total to 305 points and climaxed his season by scoring 33 points in the NAIA clash with Anderson, the highest of his career. UNION UNIVERSITY FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND SEASON RECORD UNION 81 71 47 57 75 92 57 71 99 72 K7 79 BLYTHEVILLE AIR FORCE BASE NORTHEAST MISS. JR. COLLEGE MISSISSIPPI STATE FRESHMAN MEMPHIS STATE FRESHMAN OLE MISS FRESHMAN SOUTHWESTERN DAVID LIPSCOMB OLE MISS FRESHMAN NORTHEAST MISS. JR. COLLEGE MEMPHIS STATE FRESHMAN SOUTHWESTERN FREED-HARDEMAN FREED-HARDEMAN DAVID LIPSCOMB Right: Coach, I. RUSSELL Left: Manager, J. JOYNER 36 ?i S prina Jruch . . . iprina Ma Left to Right, Bottom Row: Tom Murchison, Richard Smith, Larry Steed, Bobby Agee, Otis Alexander. Second Rom; Dave Malloy, Crafton Clift, Charles Miller, Walter Allison. Back Row: Jerry Phillips (manager); Wilton Lynn, Kenneth Arnold, Eddie Truett, Kenneth Gault, Charles Taylor, Coach. CRAFTON CLIFT; VSAC Champion mile and 2 mile, 1957. BILLY MURPHY; Pole Vault, Shot Putt, Discus. Javelin, High Hurdles, Low Hurdles, Broad Jump. WILTON LYNN; Shot Putt, Discus, Javelin. ■«3 138 £• KENNETH ARNOLD; Javelin RICHARD SMITH; Pole Vault. BOB CARPENTER HARBERT LEE BOB JOHNSON JERRY FORSYTHE (73aAeball ckedule April 1 WILLIAM JEWELL HERE 4 NORTH GEORGIA THERE 5 NORTH GEORGIA THERE 7 WESTERN CAROLINA THERE 10 AUSTIN PEAY HERE 11 WHEATON COLLEGE HERE 12 SOUTHWESTERN HERE 14 MEMPHIS STATE THERE 16 UTMB THERE 19 BETHEL HERE 22 MURRAY STATE THERE 26 DAVID LIPSCOMB HERE 28 BELMONT HERE May 3 DAVID LIPSCOMB THERE 5 UTMB HERE 7 BETHEL THERE 10 AUSTIN PEAY THERE 14 SOUTHWESTERN THERE 16 MEMPHIS STATE HERE 17 BELMONT THERE 20 MURRAY STATE HERE JERRY MOORE JACK SIBLEY JOHN MONTGOMERY JOE ROLAND J 1 PAUL TAYLOR WILLIAM HOPKINS RAY BISHOP JAN HALLOWAY Managers, DUNAGAN, BRAUNER and SMITH DAVE CUNDIFF JERRY SPENSER CLAUDE YEAGER WILLIAM LEE _ ■ - f I ML Left to Right: Clyde Ray Briggs, Dave Sheppard. Peter Ray Jones, Johnny Rose. JOHNNY ROSE CLYDE RAY BRIGGS s BULLETIN.... 1958 GRADS VISIT MODERN PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING PLANT STUDENTS VIEW FIRST HAND LATEST METHODS EQUIPMENT USED IN PRODUCING TOP NOTCH ANNUALS PRINTERS LITHOGRAPHERS Jackson, Tennessee t jrriendlu Church sw KJrowina i kurck FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Lafayette at Cumberland ■ ' : 144 J CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Nearest the Campus Warmest Christian Fellowship JAMES CANADAY, Pastor ALBERT SKINNER, Minister of Music vUkere Students OSelon 9 i) JOHNSEY ' S SPORTING GOODS 433 N. Royal — Phone 7-1082 — Jackson, Tennessee A. G. Spalding McGregor Bike Web Co. John T. Riddell Co. Southern Ath. Co. Converse Rub. Co. Fred Johnsey Harry Johnsey We Renovate All Types of Athletic Equipment • } 1 I " ' ' " " ■ w i ' J WEST JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH Deaderick at Campbell Where Union tudentd are Welcome and Wanted DAVID Q. BYRD, Pastor H. LOWREY HAYNIE, Minister of Music Education LAUNDRY JACKSON CLEANERS ONE OF THE SOUTH ' S FINEST LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING PLANTS APPROVED JACKSON, TENNESSEE PHONE 7-8557 ■•9 146 §• A Friendly Welcome Awaits You At THE NORTH JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH " Growing up into Him in all Things " — Eph. 4:15 FAIRMONT AT MARTIN STREET LAWRENCE E. GREEN, Pastor RAYMOND RICHERSON Minister of Music ' While in Jackson you are cordially invited to make this Church your Church Home " THE BOOTERY 209 East Lafayette Jackson, Tennessee Compliments of and 3 sriorldt GLE MORE CLOTHES 108 S. Liberty St. Factory to You Phone 7-9607 108 E. Lafayette Jackson, Tennessee ■ ■•■ 1 17 5» THE FRIENDLY " PEPPER-UPPER " THAT NEVER LETS YOU DOWNf SECOND NATIONAL BANK of Jackson Capital and Surplus $500,000.00 1886 Three Score Years and Twelve 1958 148 - • Compliments of McGEE-ROSS Restaurant Supply and Service Division 2 I I E. Lafayette St. Phone 7-073 ™ For Famous Brands Compliments Shainberg ' s Black and White Store " CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS " HIE. Lafayette Phone 7-6366 «;■ 1 1 " ?• THE MOORE STUDIO Portraits • Commercial Photographs • Kodak Finishing Phone 7-1296 215 N. Liberty Street JACKSON, TENNESSEE Jhe II lew Southern " An Albert Noe Hotel " Headquarters for All Your Social Activities and Civic Functions Go fiamm At Walters Service Station 142 Lexington Jackson, Tenn. Compliments of RAGLAND ■ POTTER AND CO. -3 150 »• WILSON-GEYER CO 455 E. Main Phone 7-2618 Imperial Washable Wall Papers Hanna Paint Products Art Supplies — Picture Framing For The Best In PRESCRIPTION SERVICE HAYS AVENUE PHARMACY Phone 7-4496 3 Blocks from Union 4 Stilish Apparel % :: ;A SERVING JACKSON AND MADISON COUNTY SINCE 1873 The First National Bank OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. ALBERT ' S SLIPPER SHOP ' Jackson ' s Most Popular Shoe Store ' l ineuiircl J Gift and UCirCl J Flower Shop 320 East Lafayette Street Jackson, Tennessee WARRENS GROCERY AND MARKET IRBY STREET AT UNION UNIVERSITY LEXINGTON INN Where S luaents -jel Jogetlier Drink oca In Bottles ■ ' -: 152 P» Every Modern Banking Convenience and Service The National Bank of Commerce Jackson, Tennessee Total Resources Over $13,000,000.00 Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. McCALL HUGHES Varsity Town Clothes Hyde Park Clothes Lee and Disney Hats I 14 North Liberty J. Walter Knowles ELITE CLEANERS The rZemnant rrouAe Since 1912 Service that Satisfies For Your Piece Goods Five Points Phone 7-3546 209 N. Liberty Arthur Mainord Mrs. Billy Mainord HARDEMAN MUSIC CO. STEGALL SHOE CO. Winter Baldwin Organ Gulbranson and 1 15 N. Liberty Phone 7-1 126 Conn Olds Band Inst. Piano Sheet Music Teachers ' Supplies JACKSON TENNESSEE 1 12 N. Liberty Jarman Shoes For Men NATURALIZ BUSTER BRC ROBLEE 5HQE5 213 E. Lafayette Phone 7-1796 THE CAMERA SHOP Your Kodak Dealer Everything For Photography 212 East Main Street Jackson, Tenn. Baltimore Street " Next to the Malco " ALWAYS WELCOME AT CHARLIE ' S Day: 7-5541 Night: 7-7177 W. P. DABNEY SON FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS R.C.A. APPLIANCES Church Street where College Passes Phone 7-5516 Jackson, Tenn. FOR YOUR GIFTS AND JEWELRY NEEDS COME TO ROBERT ' S " JACKSON ' S FRIENDLY JEWELRY STORE ' ' Engraving for Fraternities and Sororities Compliments of W. W. SCATES and SONS Radiator and Wrecker Service Compliments of STANDARD ' S DRUG ■ 154 $ • WALLICK MUSIC CO. Lester, Janssen Pianos Olds, Holton Lowrey Organs Band Instruments Band Music Teachers ' Supplies 217 East College Phone 7-4226 GRABER ' S Pay CASH Pay LESS Compliments of THE MUTUAL MARKET The Light Refreshment TOM LAWLER ' S INC. " Office Outfitters " Underwood A. B. Dick Typewriters Mimeographs Visit Our Office Furniture Display BOONE 7 Hr. CLEANERS 121 Lexington Phone 7-9626 Jackson, Tennessee Compliments of Miss Howell ' s Book Shop 305 E. Lafayette Jackson, Tenn. Compliments of •« " • 155 ' " fc ' FOX RESTAURANT 203 E. Main Street Jackson, Tennessee " Autographs

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