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.A " = -(,4 ' " Silk .V3tr! " :» ;A " V " li. ' 3 ? !i 5C-f - ' -TS ' a-. C-?3» - - ' :5»-CTPfr! iMr,p frf X«Tr ' - " -v- .,-,,. tv-r -r-r-r- yT " f.i. i,-j-j rr j vTv . -.-.- .» Property of Public Relationi OpPie Unicm Ui; j.iV£RSJTy Jackson. Tennessee ' " V!r ' 7 " 3rc? ,- , J « i,i,-A UNION UNIVE «8 2 RSITY 1956-57 X. 4 " - ■-4 % ' tl ' ' laj:. . Si„ . W .,1..-. . _ -■- _ ■ ' 0 ' y ,,, OF CAMPUS 3 3 c-s.- THE ANNUAL STAFF OF 1957 CO-EDITORS Virginia Ruth Pearce Larry Gay Lane BUSINESS MANAGER Bill Brown ASSISTANT EDITORS Kenneth Story Bill Flack James Couch COPY EDITORS CLASSES Robert Collomp Billy Haynes ORGANIZATIONS Gayla Dennis Janice Dotson SPORTS Tom Murchison HONORS Betty Williams Gayla Dennis RELIGION Bobby Moore PHOTOGRAPHY Raymond Burke TYPISTS Betty Williams J. B. Davidson ART Phyllis Lawrence Tommy Butler Doris Coleman SNAPSHOTS Ph -llis Miller ADVISORS Mrs. Helen Blythe Dr. Kelly Thurman Z 4 f! rj . ■ ' » . " feMP ' ' ... :U " ■..,■■ ' - W S «(.. I I.J P i .,-:■; • •■ ' ■ -■ ■ " iJ " ' ' :. I I mm If " i i i » - " ' ■ " •» _— — ' " ■-— -r ssa LIBRARY STUDENT UNION BUILDING LOVELACE HALL ADMINISTRATION BUILDING ADAMS HALL ANNEX 35KT ' J»-_r ' . " J -. • ' -V u--.» „ CROOK HALL JONES HALL GYMNASIUM SCIENCE BUILDING ADAMS HALL DEDICATION... When the Staff of 1957 selected the theme of track, they felt it essential that this edition be dedicated to one who has contributed much to our athletic department. Mrs. Grace Williams, who has been consistent in Union ' s race for many years, making outstanding contributions along her course, has always pressed on toward higher goals. No one in West Tennessee has helped to train more of our coaches or knows more about our coaching problems than Mrs. Williams. Her guidance continues even beyond graduation day. This lady is well-known for her unique artistic talent in producing floats that are winners in any parade. Thanks to her efforts, if Union is entered, Union is the victor. Mrs. Williams has never embraced defeat; in fact, her spirit of optimism has been a source of inspiration to everyone at Union. Therefore, it is with humble admiration and appreciation that we dedicate this, the 1957 " Lest We Forget, " to one who has been a constant source of encouragement to every member of Union ' s complete team— MRS. GRACE WILLIAMS. MRS. GRACE WILLIAMS Dear Friends: It is eminently fitting that your annual staff has chosen " TRACK " as the theme for the 1957 issue of LEST WE FORGET. This is appropriate not only because track is rapidly finding an important place in the athletic program of Union University, but because of more fundamental reasons and associations. The indivi- duality expressed and developed through the medium of track events is not unrelated to that which is cultivated and emphasized in the total purpose of liberal arts education. Self-confidence, self-depen- dence, self-assertiveness are qualities and attributes aligned with both. The Olympic Games in their original form combined athletics, poetry, and music, evolving in the process of time to athletic events only, and these events largely in the area of track. So, as we muse upon the theme of our year book we readily see that it is not farfetched, but an integral part of the philosophy of our college. One other application. Union is a college of Christian purpose. One of the most pungent scriptural analogies is found in the twelfth chapter of Hebrews in which the Christian is portrayed as a runner who lays aside his hindering impediments and launches out on a course with high purposes toward a clear objective. Lest You Forget the worthy goals toward which your college has directed you and the rich experiences which have been yours in the maturing process of college life, read often LEST WE FORGET. Sincerely, Warren F. Jones President =« ' 3 10 DR. WARREN F. JONES A RAGE TO RUN A life begun, a race to run And each must do his best. A life to live, a life to give God will do the rest. The track is laid, the rules are made The prompter stands at hand. His guiding voice, the rules enforce And idlers reprimand. OUR DEAN DR. F. E. WRIGHT Administration GLADYS IVY STONE Registrar B.S., Union University H. H. BOSTON Vice-President Capital Enlargement Diploma, Hall-Moody Institute Diploma, Southwestern Baptist School of Music Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary D.D., Union University FRANK M. BLYTHE Business Manager B.S., University of Oklahoma LUCILLE ROGERS Admissions Counselor and Director of Public Relations A.B., Union University M.A., Columbia University Additional graduate work, University of Mississippi and University of Alabama TROY YOUNG Alumni Secretary and Director of Placement A.B., Union University M.A., George Peabody College Additional graduate work, Hairvard University staff GN ' B.S- .o Host ' ' " ' v - (I. .s--)- O rBuil " ' " Hos tess. -a:; 16 t - staff pso SecT« taiV o- ■lO-Y ' 17 5s. Faculty M» resident -vk instructor .,,,, , rinivei- ity J Indiana WALTER KRUSCHWITZ Acting Head of Department of Physics and Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., Taylor University, Upland, Indiana M.A., Vanderbilt University Additional Graduate work, Vanderbilt University, University of Michigan VJOOtJS ■ riduate °f oi lnd - " = ' DEE E. RICE Instructor in Latin A.B., Ouachita College B.S., Union University B.D.. C-:rori-e " - ;;t a. TT; dve?- , History Jttistan ' , ' diversity c VnVon T- " ' ' ' co«eg« , , - ' io ' ;.ePea.f i..,si.,oi •« 18 § • Faculty Ass " istant ' " rLcation Si Tsity o Tennessee Additw . Profe " ' " ' , Music A. L. ALLEN Assistant Professor of Art B.S., Louisiana State University M.A., Louisiana State University M.A., GeotS j cViets KELLY THURMAN Head of Department of English A.B., Western Kentucky State College M.A., University of Kentucky Ph.D., University of Iowa Assistant f ' " i . , qW ' " ' " GR , professor of Assis ' " . " ' , Education physical fc B.3- " -peabody •a 19 ffc-- MA . " " ' PeabodV ° " f Tie T nt and V- jj Testament Profess " ' " philosofh) ' Faculty PAUL BLACKETOR Head of Department of Education Professor of Education B.S., Howard College Birmingham College M.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute M.A., Alabama Polytechnic Institute Ed.D., Alabama Polytechnic Institute FREDERIC LUBRANI Acting Head of Department of Music ■ Associate Professor of Music B.Mus., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music B.Sc. University of Cincinnati M.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music All i rnduate work completed for D.Mus.E., University of Cincinnati and Columbia University Member of Frank Simon ' s Armoco Band, First Clarinetist. Huntington Symphony Orchestra. First Clarinetist, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra H- ' ' ii ' p ' i ' - t ' .eac.ers .v,...e5tern = " AB.. So i c° " ' ' ■ , -TVieoVog ' " Bap " ' Additional l inburgb --»5 20 fs-- , B Soutl « ' f " " .S., n- " ' -tf Ov.a«-- , Talis, " ' " ' v um« ' . Vari - Faculty i ' Assis ■ !ofessor ■t f ffni cott e ;u. - boAV vv . t:- oo ' , 1 rtme nt Head iatHe- ; ' ,,e.-, .p !.. ' - ! o,V.::;S. " 1% .5 21 s y m tJm ' Si m S ' ' ' ..j- KL Hir i - i m A r Don ' f lag behind, toe up that line The start may swing it all. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President John Henderson id Secretary Brenda Russ Treasurer Larry Boston Vice-President Bill Howse Chaplain Bobby Agee • -5 24 p ' FRESHMEN King Abernathy, Mary Lou Wright Eugene Kenneth Elsie Young Jr. Alexander Lester Wayne Allridge James Arnold Atchley Emmett Nathan Austin Terry Ray Blackstock Beverley Ann Blalack Shirley Faye Bledsoe Rex Farris Bond James Bailey Raymond Arving Boston ill ' i A- Frances McBride Routh Anne Bowles James Robert Browning a 25 ?! FRESHMEN Ann Carolyn Byard Newman Bobby Carpenter William Glen Carver Emily Ann Cavendab Betty Clark Bertye Annette Clakk Janice Clement David Evers John Richard Barney E. Crews, Jimmy M. Crews, CoNOER Jr. Jr. Mary Viroinia Crocker t mk :k David Cundiff a5 26 5 -- John Wayne Davenport Donald R. Davis Elizabeth Davis FRESHMEN James Allen DiNKINS Earl Dowdy Roy Carter Delores Dorris Danny Dunagan Lynval Earl urn Joseph William Dennis B. England Jerry Dene John Dalton Fox Forsythe Jane Elizabeth Frizzell Margaret Ann Gardner ' ' ) 27 fs " FRESHMEN Joe David Hall Wanda Bonita Hammonds i k tk Josephine Haroett ,ft 4 Laura Beth William Raymond Birdie Jean Harvey Haw kins Heidelberg i maiMtiMk Phyllis Miller •«5 28 ? « ■• Jackie Glynn Billy Dale Hise Hickerson Peooy Jean Holder FRESHMEN «.Aii Willie Frank Jameson, Jr. Clarice Eudora James Robert Jones Kendig Ralph Eugene Laster jm Katie Nell Laws William Hulen Lee Lauren A. Locke Anita Carolyn Lowe Mary Elizabeth Boulton Glenda McDaniel Carol Ann McEwen Dunning , oQ Bfe» FRESHMEN Pat McGill Charles W. Evelyn Marbury Charles Alfred McLemore Miller Hugh Franklin Miller Beverly Lynn Moore Shirley Anne Morris Carolyn Ann Morse • 30 Earnest C. Perry Shirley Ann Pickens I MA Patricia Porter Gaylon Powell FRESHMEN Gayle Prather Harvell Mel Price Doris Prince Mackev Ann PUTMAN D r All iill ' - ' .ii Dennis Wayne Raines Joe Albert Roland Janice Rollins Bruce Woodard Elizabeth J. Sasser James Hilton SCATES Lester Egbert SCATES Harriet Schroeder M James Lee Shelton Janet Sherrod Andy Jack Sibley Jerry Dean Singleton " 31 c s FRESHMEN «sr; 32 tfr- Judy Carolyn Verner Mary Alice Watkins Anita Weaver Don ' t hesitate, you have to make This hurdle, or you fall. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Paul Sanderfer Vice-President Ray Pollard I ' Secretary-Treasurer MnuAM Watt «§ 34 Joseph Donald Allen Myrna Barnes DUFFEY Joyce Janell Bryson SOPHOMORES Melton Crosby James W. Anderson Sandra Fay Andrews Ambrose I a. " W Margaret Ann BOULTON Ann Marie Brigham Billy Joe Brown Billy Ray Burch Theodora Marie Burdette Raymond Burke LeRoy Caldwell Max Norman Cannon Ernest Welborn Carter Carol Ethel Chambers a 35 SOPHOMORES Larry Gay Lane Phyllis Hoyt Lawrence Allan Ledbetter Cleo McClellan Don McLemore David Alfred Malloy Harriet Metts Ellen Frances Miles Sandra Nell Miller Daniel Thomas murchison Billy Earl Murphy Bobby Dean Newton Demple Neal - 36 ps» Norvill Edward Jack Only Virginia Ruth Billy Wayne Pearce Priddy SOPHOMORES Theodore Flovd James Grafton Clift Clark Joe Hunt Clifft Bobby Collomp H Sarah Jean Craig Patricia Mae Davis Gayla Dennis Delores Dale Elston Joe Rex Enoch Linda Gail Ferguson Myrna Lee Goehri Billy Eugene Griffin Ran Whittle Hammett Harold Wayne Kenneth Brooks Hanna Harris Billy Arthur Haynes ■« ' 5 37 fs SOPHOMORES 4i Marilyn Helen Billy Hester Heisner Leslye Ann Jerald Porter Hill Heugatter Jimmy Don holifield Donald Lanier Hopper Annie Nell Horner Ferrell Lee Hunter ' ) 38 i - Peter Rhea Jones Helen Louise Kemp Bobby Patterson HonO Mook Kono Kerr SOPHOMORES Shirley Frances Prince Bryant Ray Terry Wayne Mary Lanell Roy Regor James Carl Scott William David Beverly Silkwood Dorothy Sisco Sheppard James J. Smith James Edv ard Kenneth Story SORRELL Joan Terry HittiiMi Bobby Gene Todd Gayle Upton Richard L. Wakefield Deryl Watson •« 39 SOPHOMORES -s» ' ,x i Jo Anne White Shelby Whitnel Linda Kay Wilbanks Delores Word Iris L. Wyrick Ronald Teague Mollie Burnette •« ) 40 Leap high, leap high! Your goal the sky, What matters now the score? JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Jim Martin Vice-President Charles Schuler V Secretary-Treasurer Peggy Trevathan NfeSbiijjF Chaplain Charles Tapp 5 42 JUNIORS Mary Carolyn Allcock Ruth Azbill Pat Blankenship Emily Flowers James Robert Brandon III Elizabeth Ann Bray Rooer Bullard Margaret Dean Clark Fred M. Cox Donal Gene Joe Wayne Davis Davenport James Deaton Don Dillingham William Lynn Fred Fov tler Flack Joan Garby " 43 a JUNIORS Frances Katherine Clarence Sterling John Kendall Norma Kolwyck Giles Hill Martha Ann Lanier Gayle Killman Carol Newberry Betty Jane Orr Neff Betty Owen Ann Neal Pattat Sydney Portis Marilyn Robinson Paul Simmons 5 44 5a - Charles E. Smith Mary Nell Stennett Eleanor Carolyn Tisdale JUNIORS Jane Tomooka Richard Vincent Nancv Ward James Watt Sylvia Wilson Clyde Ray Briggs Johnny Alexander 45 ? ■■ FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Robert Edward Brawner Annie Laurie Brinkley John Stewart Conyers Lela Serena Crosswell Beverly Ann Cursey Alton Curtis Thomas Edward Darling James Max Doyle James Henry Garrett John Rex Gibbons, Jr. Wendell Lee Gibbs William Dee Hanna Virgil Crockett Hazelwood Charles EowaN Jacobi Pitts Jerry Joyner Hong Mook Kang Ralph F. Landers Jerry Earl Laseter Walker Dee Leach Ted Lewis William Porter May Lois Daun Maraman Albert Don McBride RoYCE McFadden Allen Ray McGinnis Phyllis Jeanne Miller Carlos J. Newman Dortha Jean Oliver Bennie Wiley Sams James Hall Shaw Charles Simmons Harold Wayne Simmons Sydney Lynn Smith Richard Maurice Talley Charles Milton Thornton Evelyn Sue Walker Robert Wesley Willey Claude Henry Yager, Jr. Harold Wayne Wood Eleanor Bennett Wren SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED James Marshall Barrow James Arthur Coleman James Carl Couch Betty Lou Davis Florence Deweese Elliott James Bruce Glisson Shirley Lawons Gordon Charles A. Greathouse Billy Joe Haney Elizabeth Carlene Hen son Vail Stone Hiers Hawthorne Hurst George Glaydon Lifsey Margla Ann Lincoln Robert Eugene McKenzie John K. Meadows Charles Edwin Mitchell Jack Calvin Naylor Jerry Phillip Nowell Bobby Joe Osborne Nellie Frances Paris Jerry Charles Phillips Herman Leon Pickens Ray B. Pollard, Jr. J. V. Reeves W. B. Ricks, Jr. Kilion Roever Ronald Lee Rogers Tommy Wood Rose Robert Reed Sanderlin Justice P. Selph Mary Ann Smith Bruce Stephens Elizabeth Ann Tape Ronald Teague Phil Town send Tolbert Traylor Bobby Gene LJpton Jimmy Walker Laurence Walker Keith E. Wooster Ronnie Wylie «9 46 c - JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Jerry Neal Chatam Richard Nelson Clement Morris E. Crocker Janice Ann Dotson Eugene C. Dudley Emily Flowers Jeanne Gardner Billy Frank Hammonds Patricia Bowman Hammonds Billy Hester William W. Holmes Ivan Hulsey Evelyn Major Marilyn May Mary Elizabeth Crossnoe Miller Gordon Orrell Don Pace Jerry Pate Charles Perkins William Putman William Rogers Lewis Sewell Carol Simmons Loydell Smith Charles Tapp Louise Johnson Treadwell Dan Vititoe Hoyt Wilson SENIORS NOT PICTURED William F. Bateman Billy Charles Butler Beverly Ray Coleman Velma June Elam Rudolph Fitts Bryce Gilbert Francis James David Gass Evelyn Jane Holder Troy Kerr Lawrence Carl Long Howard Wade Paris Francisco Roque Robert Earl Saunders Willlam Edgar Woodson ■« 47 Send up a cheer, the end is here, You ' ve run the nnile In four. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT COOKE BRIGGS, B.A. Jackson, Tennessee President ' 53- ' 54, First Vice-President ident ' 53- ' 54, Treas- ;.U. Council, ' 53- ' 57; Publicity Cha ' 55 and ' 56- ' 57; M.A. ' 52- ' 55, ' 56- ' 57, r ' 54. ' 55; SAE ' S2- ' S7, Pledge Master ' 53- ' S4, Chaplain, Social Chair- 1 ' 56- ' 57; German Club ' 54- ' 55, •56- ' 57, President ' 57; Nestor Club ' 54- ' 56- ' 57; Class Speaker ' 52- ' 53, ' 56- ' 57; Class President ' 52- ' 53, ' 56- ; Best Pledge of SAE ' 52- ' 53; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and iversities; Senior Boy Most Likely To Succeed. JANICE SMITH NOWELL B.A. Jackson, Tennessee Secretary Chi Omega ' 53- ' S7, Secretary ' 55- ' 56; Los Picaros ' 55- 57, Secretary ' 56, Social Secretary, ' 57; Chorus ' 53- ' 55; FTA ' 55, ' 56, ' 57; Girls ' Intramurals ' 53- ' 55. TED JANES B.A. Paris, Tennessee Vice-President Footlights Club, Vice-President ' 56; Hypatia ' 56; Vice-President Student Council ' 56- ' 57; M .A. ' 57; Vice-President, Alpha Tau Omega ' 54- ' 56; Baseball ■54- ' 57; U Club; Vice-President of B.S.U.; Vice- President of Senior Class ' 57; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. ' i 50 t " SENIORS HAYES BEARD B.A. Gates, Tennessee M.A. Sgt.-at-Arms, ' 53, ' S6, 3 yrs.. Los Picaros ' 55, ' 56, ' 57; Footlights, ' 53- ' 57; Alpha Psi Omega ' 54- ' 57; secretary ' 55, ' 56, president _ ' 56, ' 57; Life Service Band, ' 54- ' 57; vice-president, B.S.U. Religious Ed, ' 36- ' 57; Adams Hall Council president ' 56- ' 57. THOMAS ELSTON BRINKLEY B.M. Memphis, Tennessee B.S.U.; ATO ' 53- ' 57. , president sity Chorus ' 56- ' 57: WILLIAM J. BICKERS B.A. Ripley, Tennessee Nestor Club, vice-president ' 56- ' 57; SAE ' 53- ' 57; Student Coun- cil; vice-president of Adams Hall ' 56; M.A. secretary ' 54, ■55, ' 56, ' 57. k JEROME F. BROWNE B.A. Memphi s, Tennessee Chaplain of Freshman Class; Student Government representa- tive of Sophomore Class; Band vice-president ' 56; Band presi- dent ' 57; M.A. ' 53- ' 57. DON BISHOP B.S. Elizabethtown, Kentucky V.S.A.C. All Conference ' 56- ' 57 Basketball; WKA of Alpha Tau Omega ' 56- ' 57; Student Council; Honorable Mention All-Confer- ence ' 55- ' 56 Basketball; Varsity Club, Baseball ' 53 and ' 54; Track 3 and 4; Cross Country. Trans- fer from Campbellsville College, Campbellsville, Kentucky. ROBIN COFFMAN B.S. Ripley, Tennessee ATO ' 53- ' S7; WS, ' 55, WKE [56; Baseball, ' S3- ' 57; U Club, ' 54- ' 57; vice-president of U Club, ' 56- ' 57; FTA, ■53- ' 57; Adams Hall Council. ARNOLD B. BLEWER B.A. Dexter, Missouri SAE E. W. ' 57; Track ' 54; Spanish Club ' 54, ' 55, Reporter ' 55; Junior Senior class plays ' 55- ' 56; Cheerleader ' 55- ' 56, ' 56- ' 57; Footlights Club ' 55- ' 57; AIpha_ Psi Omega ' 57; college play ' 57; business manager of Lest We Forget ' 56. MAURICE COLEMAN B.A. Medina, Tennessee Rice Latin ««§ 51 5 ' SENIORS BILL CORDEL B.A. Covington, Tennessee M.A. ' 53- ' 57; History Qub ' 56- ' 57; president of Adams Hall Annex ' 56- ' 57; Life Service Band ' 53- ' 57; Chorus ' 53- ' 57. JUDSON LAMBERT B.A. Memphis, Tennessee Chorus ' 53- ' 57; History Club ' 54- ' 57, vice-president ' S5- ' 56; Phi Alpha Theta; Nestor Club ' 55- ' S7 president of Nestor Club ' 56- ' 57 M.A. ' 53- ' 57, president ' 57 Footlights Club ' 55- ' 56 CARL WAYNE DAVENPORT B.A. Morrison, Tennessee M.A. ' 54- ' 57; treasurer of M.A. ' 55- ' 56, vice-president of M.A. ' 56- ' 57; German Club ' 55- ' 56; Life Service Band ' 54- ' S7; Nes- tor Club ' 56- ' 57; Latin Club ' 56- ' 57; Adams Hall Council ' 55- ' 56. JO ANN LEDBETTER B.A. Shelby, North Carolina SPWWW PJfSWiSpw MARY DELLINGER B.A. Newland, North Carolina JAMES MILLARD McKISSACK B.S. Jackson, Tennessee EUGENE R. HARDY B.A. Memphis, Tennessee M.A. ' 53- ' 57; B.S.U. ' 53- ' 57; Life Service Band ' 54- ' 57; Spanish Club; Chorus ' 55- ' 57. BOBBY C. MOORE B.A. Jackson, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 53- ' 57, vice-president ' 55- ' 56, president ' 56- ' 57, State B.S.U. president ' 56- ' 57; Life Service Band ' 54- ' 57; M.A. ' 54- ' 57, president ' 56-57; Most Pop- ular Boy ' 56; Mr. Union ' 57; chaplain of Soph. Class; presi- dent of Jr. Class; Cardinal and Cream ' 56- ' 57. « ' 3 52 ' SENIORS JUSTINE MOORE B.A. Parsons, Tennessee Home Economics Club ' 53- ' S4; Y.W.A. ' S-4- ' 57; Life Service Band ' 53- ' 56; F.T.A. ' 55- ' 57; B.S.U. Council ' 56- ' 57. EILEEN RUFENER B.S. Lisbon, Ohio Y.W.A. ' 56- ' 57; F.T.A. ' 57; Home Economics Club ' 57; Foot- %hts Club ' 57; Hypatia ' 57; " ' ■ Omega, Chapter correspon- dent ' 56- ' 57; IVIw SUidetits: Transfi mington College, IVho Ar, from Wilmingto Vi JOYCE McNAMARA SMITH B.A. Millington, Tennessee Y.W.A. ' 53- ' 56, vice-president ' 54- ' 55; B.S.U. ' 53- ' 57, corres- ponding secretary ' 55- ' 56; Life Band, cretary ' 54; Lovelace Hall Dormitory Council vice-president ' S5- ' 56; Most Pop- ular Girl ' 55- ' 56; F.T.A. vice- president ' 55- ' 56. WILLIAM M. STRICKLIN B.A. Belgrade, Missouri Ministerial Association ' 55- ' 57; Footlights Club ' 56- ' 57; Science Club ' 56- ' 57; Transfer from Flat River Jr. College, Flat River, Missouri. WILLIAM EDWIN NOBLETT B.S. Memphis, Tennessee Freshman Class President; Science Club; Rutledge History Club; Coach, Union Volley Ball team; Track ' 53; Chorus; A.T.O. Football Champs, Coach; Student Council; Escort to Mr. Union; president, A.T.O.; Baseball; Drill Corps Commander. W. ROGER SHARROCK B.S. LaFayette, Georgia Transfer from Tennessee Tech. EDSEL DAYLE PATE B.S. Bradford, Tennessee Science Club ' 56- ' 57; A.T.O. Most Handsome Boy ' 56; Adam: Hall Council ' 56. DOROTHY SIMPSON B.A. Brownsville, Tennessee Latin Club ' 54- ' S6; Y.W.A. F.T.A. ' 55- ' 57. • »5 53 SENIORS ROBERT WAYNE WILHOIT B.S. Clarksville, Missouri Transfer from Hannibal-La Grange Jr. College, Hannibal, Missouri: Basketball ' 55- ' S7, hon- orable mention V.S.A.C. Tourna- ment; Baseball ' 55- ' 57: president U Club ' 56- ' 57; ATO. NORA JANE KELLY B.A. Jackson, Tennessee Chi Omega Rush Chairman ' 56; Home Ec Club Treasurer ' 56- ' 57; F.T.A.; History Club; Greek Council ' 55- ' 57; Minen-a Club secretary ' 56- ' 57; secretary of Sophomore Class. YVONNE APPLETON B.S. Milan, Tennessee Chi Omega, Herald ' 54- ' 55; Girl ' s Intramurals; Science Club ' 53- ' 56; Annual Staff ' 53- ' 54; Future Teachers of America ' 55- ' 57, historian ' 55- ' 56; Senior Play; Drill Team ' 55- ' 56. k EDDIE E. TRUETT B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Basketball ' 52-57; Track ' 53- ' 54, ' 57; Tennis ' 54- ' 55; Adams Hall Council ' 52- ' 54; Alpha Tau Omega; Honorable Mention V.S.A.C. Basketball Team ' 56- ' 57. k NORRIS EVERETT SMITH B.A. Memphis, Tennessee M.A. ' 52- ' S7; Life Service Band president ' 53; B.S.U. ' 52- ' 57, treasurer ' 55- ' 56; vice-president of Sophomore Class ' 54- ' 55, chaplain ' 53- ' 54; Footlights Club ' 55- ' 57, treasurer ' 55- ' 56; Alpha Psi Omega ' 55- ' 57. SHERRY ONLY B.A. Jackson, Tennessee Chi Omega ' 53-57, Chapter cor- respondent ' 55- ' 56, secretarv ' 56- ' 57; B.S.U. Council, Church Representative ' 54- ' 57; Los Pic- aros Spanish Club ' 54- ' 55; Theta Kappa Pi •55- ' 56; F.T.A. ' 55- ' 57; Chorus ' 53- ' 57; Senior Class Maid to Miss Union ' S6- ' 57. MARY TO BLALACK B.A. Brighton, Tennessee Y.W.A. ' 53- ' 57; B.S.U. ' 53- ' 57; Spanish Club •54- ' 56, secretary •54- ' 55; Home Ec Club ' 55- ' S7, president •56- ' 57; Hypatia ' 55- ' 56; F.T.A. ' 55- ' 57, secretary JAMES NOWELL B.A. Jackson, Tennessee Picaros ' 55- ' 57, president ' 56. § 54 e " SENIORS ERSHEL BIRD B.A. Dumas, Texas Future Teachers of America. SANDRA RUTH TAYLOR B.A. Sharon, Tennessee Rice Latin Club ' 53. ' 57; B.S.U. ' 53. ' 57, Council ' 57; Y.W.A. ' S3- ' 57, president ' 57; Student Council ' 57; F.T.A. ' SS- ' Sr, treasurer ' 55- ' 56, 2nd vice-pres- ident ' 57; Hypatia ' 55- ' 56; Theta Kappa Pi •S5- ' 57; Zeta Tau Alpha ' 55- ' 57, treasurer ' 57; vice- president CrookHall •55- ' 56. 2nd vice-president ' 56- ' 57; secretary Junior Class ' 55- ' 56; Maid to Miss Union ' 55- ' 56; Most Pop- ular Girl ' 57. ROSE MARIE SLOVER B.A. Covington, Tennessee Hypatia ' 55: ' 56; B.S.U. " 53, ' 54, MARY EVELYN MOORE B.A. Greenfield, Ten nessee Rice Latin Club ' 53. ' 57, reporter ■54; B.S.U. ■53- ' 57. Officer ' 55- 56; Union University Chorus ' 5S- ' 57; Y.W.A. ' 53- ' 57; Student Council ' 53- ' 56; Future Teachers of America ' 55- ' 57; Hypatia ' 55- ' 56; Annual Staff ' 55- ' 56; Theta Kappa Pi •55- ' 57; Zeta Tau Alpha ' 53. ' 56, Pledee Train- er ' 55- ' 56. president ' 56- ' 57; pres- ident of Greek Council ' 56- ' S7; president of Crook Hall ' 56- ' 57: Alleffro Club ' 56- ' 57; Miss Union WILLIAM RAY DUNNING B.M. Memphis, Tennessee Track Team ' 53- ' 54; Adams Hall Council ' 54; Girls ' Volley- ball coach ' 56; Chorus ' 53- ' 57; Band ' 55- ' 57; Allegro Club ' 53- ' 57, president of Allegro ' 56; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity ' 53- ' 57, Palm Reporter ' 54, Worthy Keeper of Annals ' 55- ' 56, Worthy Master ' 56- ' 57. JERRY W. HORNER B.A. Dyersburg, Tennessee Nestor Club ' 55- ' 57, treasurer ' 56- ' 57; History Club ' 54- ' 57, president ' 56- ' 57; Ministerial Association ' 53- ' 57, Program Chairman ' 56- ' 57; Rice L atin Club ' 55- ' 57, vice-president ' 56- ' 57; Cardinal and Cream ' 53- ' 57, Assistant Editor ' 55- ' 56; Hypatia, Program Chairman ' 55- ' 56; iVho ' s Who in American Colteaes and Universities; Track Team ' 53- ' 54; B.S.U.; Class Play •55- ' 56; Chorus ' 53. ' 56. TED DUFFEY B.A. Brownsville, Tennessee M.A., Chorus. ROBERT A. BROWNE B.A. Rutherford, Tennessee M.A. ' 54- ' 57, corresponding sec- retary ' 57; History Club ' 55- ' 57, vice-president ' 56- ' 57, treasurer ' 55- ' 56; B.S.U., treasurer ' 56- ' S7. ' 55 a-- SENIORS ROGER VAN METRE B.S. Elizabethtown, Kentucky ATO ' 53- ' 57; Science Club ' 56 ' 57; Club Club MARY EVELYN CLAYBROOK B.A. Trenton, Tennessee Best-All-Round Chi Omega Pledge ' 54; Ten Most Beautiful Girls ' 54- ' 56; Basketball Rovaltv ' 55- ' 36; Miss Union ' 55; Rush Chairman Chi Omega ' 35- ' 56, Pledge Mistress ' 56- ' 37; Home Ec Club ' 55- ' 36: Future Teachers of America; Y.W.A. BONNIE SUE THOMAS B.A. Jackson, Tennessee ZTA ' 53- ' 57, secretary of ZTA ' 56- ' 57; Latin Club ' 56- ' 57, reporter of Latin Club ' 56- ' 57; Greek Council. HOWARD E. " GENE " BURNS B.A. Connersville, Indiana utledge History Club ' 54- ' 57; president Ministerial As ' Future Teache JOE RAY SWAIM B.S. Brighton, Tennessee Adams Hall Council; F.T.A. •53- ' 57; B.S.U. ' 53- ' 57; Life Service Band. MARTHA ELLEN COTTRELL B.A. Lexington, Tennessee Footlights Club ' 56- ' 57, reporter; F.T.A. ' 55- ' 57, Program ' 56, Membership Chairman ' 57; Alpha Psi Omega ' 57; Y.W.A. ' 54- •57; Dorm Council; B.S.U. RITA TILLMAN B.M. Jackson, Tennessee Allegro Club ' 54- ' 57, secretary of Allegro Club ' 54, Program Chairman ' 55; Til Eulenspiegal ' 55- ' 56; B.S.U. ' 53- ' 57; Chorus •54- ' 57; ZTA ' 53- ' 57, Scholar- ship Ch. of ZTA ' 55, Rush Ch. of ZTA ' 57; Hypatia " 57. RAY SIMPSON B.M. Memphis, Tennessee Band " SS- ' S " ; Chorus •53- ' 57; Allegro Club ' 53- ' 57; Chorus Student Director ' Se ' S?. ■ ' 3 56 P " SENIORS JOYCE STALLINGS B.A. Brownsville, Tennessee FRED FIDDLER B.S. Wildersville, Tennessee ogram chairman, Prince-Davii EVELYN MAJOR B.A. St. Louis, Missouri Life Service Band ' 56- ' 57; F.T.A.; Los Picaros; B.S.U.; Y.W.A. Transfer from Hannibal LaGrange College. MARY ANNE SHEARIN B.A. Hickory Valley, Tennessee 1 EVELYN NEWMAN B.A. Jackson, Tennessee JOANN SIMS B.A. Willisburg, Kentucky B.S.U., corresponding secretary; social chairman, Y.W.A. , secre- tary, Y.W.A., program chairman, Y.W.A.; Home Ec. Club; libra- rian, F.T.A. MARTHA BLACKETOR B.A. Jackson, Tennessee WILLIAM OREN ADAMS B.M. Jackson, Tennessee s 3 57 t- -- SENIORS ILA PEARL SHAW B.A. Chattanooga, Tennessee Chi Omega ' 53. ' 57; Social Chair- man, president of Chi Omega ' S6- ' 57: secretary of Student Councij; secretary of Alpha Psi Omega; Hypatia; Allegro Music Club; F.T.A.; Footlights Club; B.S.U.: Chorus; Class Plays. ED GIVEN B.S. Ripley, Tennessee Basketball ' 55- ' 57; Baseball ' ' 57; Student Council ' 5S- 56. SAMUEL B. LOWRY B.S. Camden, Tennessee KATHRYNE CORNELL ARGO B.A. Ridgely, Tennessee F.T.A., president ' 56- ' 57; Y.VV.A. ' 53- ' 57; B.S.U. ' SS- ' S?, secretary " 55, State B.S.U. secretary ' SB- ' S?; Best All Round ' S6- ' S7; Spanish Club ' S4- ' 57; Home Ec ' 55- ' 57; Hypatia ' 56- ' S7. ANN HURT B.A. Mason Hall, Tennessee 2nd vice-president and vice-pres- ident ot B.S.U.; publicity chair- man and circle president of Y.W.A.; president, Home Ec. Club. WILLIAM H. PITT B.A. Memphis, Tennessee Footlights Club, president ' 56- ' 57; vice-president of Rice Latin Club; secretary of Nestor Club; president of Sophomore Class; Prince-Davis Science Club; Alpha Psi Omega; Ministerial Association and B.S.U. DOVEY E. STAFFORD B.A. Stanton, Tennessee Secretary, Ministerial Society; SIDNEY W. MOORE B.A. Memphis, Tennessee M.A. ' S4- ' 57; History Club ' 54- ' 57; Dramatic Club ' 56- ' S7; Spanish Club ' 56- ' 57; Baseball ■55- ' 57; Shelbians ' SS- ' S?. • - 58 f SENIORS JANETTE WALKER B.S. Brownsville, Tennessee Chi Omega ' 54- ' 57, Best All Round Pledge ' 54, vice-president ' S6- ' 57; ATO Sweetheart ' 56- ' S7; German Club, secretary ' S4- ' 55; Science Club ' 54- ' 57; History Club ■54- ' 57; Hypatia ' 56- ' 57; Y.W.A. ; Crook Council, vice- president; Basl etball Royalty ' 57; Student " Council ' 5S- ' 56. GENE McKAY B.A. Paducah, Kentucky ;dge History Club; B.S.U. MARGARET McDONALD B.S. Dover, Tennessee B.S.U. ; Y.W.A. representative, Y.W.A. president; Home Ec. Club reporter; F.T.A. treasurer. RALPH THOMAS B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Latin Club; B.S.U. DON COWAN B.M. Jackson, Tennessee Treasurer of Freshman Class; Cheerleader ' 54- ' 56; president of Allegro Club ' 54- ' 55; Senior Class Speaker ' 56- ' 57; Best All Round ' S5- ' 56; Most Popular ' S6- 57; president of Student Body ' 56- ' 57; vice-president TACSG; B.S.U. Council ' 56- ' 57; B.S.U Choir Director ' 56- ' 57; State B.S.U. Music Chairman ' 56- ' 57; SAE •53- ' 57; Band •S3- ' 57; Chorus ' 53- ' 57. CLARENCE HILLIARD JOHNSEY, JR. (Sonny) B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 53- ' 57; Track Team ' 53- ' 54; Tennis Team ' 54- ' 57; Prince -Da vis Science Club ' 54- ' 57; F.T.A. ' 55- ' 57; U Club ■56- " 57. " i 59 lAi J ' . The loving cup is offered up For those who finished strong WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " is a national publication in which recognition is given to outstanding college students. Upon approval by the college administration, these students are appointed on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character and extra curricular activities. Nine of the students of Union University have been selected and acknowledged publicly for their worthy accomplishments. Their pictures and lists of their activities appear on the following pages. This is an honor of which one can be proud. We feel that in the years to come these who have been chosen will maintain and humbly bear this honor in the Union tradition. " « 3 62 WILLIAM H. PITT, SR. Bill, from Memphis, has used his fine ability as president of the Footlights Club, vice-president of the Rice Latin Club, secre- tary of the Nestor Club, president of the Sophomore Class, and as a member of the Prince-Davis Science Club, of Alpha Psi Omega, the Ministerial Association, and B.S.U. After further study in the Seminary, Bill will continue his work in the field of the ministry. TED JANES One of the most capable leaders at Union is Ted Janes, from Paris, Tennessee. Ted ' s leadership has been proved as vice- president of the Student Council, Hypatia Club, Alpha Tau Omega, Footlights Club, Senior Class, and as Junior Class speaker, member of the baseball team, and B.S.U. His plans for the future include further study in the Seminary. • ' 63 t -- JERRY WADE HORNER An all-around young man, Jerry, from Dyersburg, Tennessee, has contributed much to Union. His abilities have been proved as program chairman of the Ministerial Asso- ciaion and Hypatia Club, treasurer of the Nestor Club, president of the Rutledge His- tory Club, vice-president of the Latin Club, and associate editor of the " Cardinal and Cream. " He was also a participant in the class plays and on the track team. Jerry ' s abilities will further be used in the field of the ministry which he plans to enter. CARL WAYNE DAVENPORT From Morrison, Tennessee, Carl brought Christian character and capability that has been demonstrated as vice-president of Life Service Band, and as an active member of the Nestor Club, the German Club, and Dor- mitory Council. Carl ' s life objectives are teaching and missionary work. •« 3 64 i fe ' ILA SHAW Ila, a talented vocalist, from Chatta- nooga, Tennessee, has won much recognition at Union. She has served in such capacities as secretary of the Student Council, social chairman and president of Chi Omega, sec- retary of Alpha Psi Omega, and member of the Hypatia Club, Allegro Music Club, F.T.A., Footlights Club, B.S.U., and the Chorus. Ila has also utilized her talents in many of the university plays. Her abilities will further be used in the teaching field which she plans to enter. EILEEN RUFENER Eileen, from Lisbon, Ohio, is a transfer student. She has proved to be a very capable personality and has been active as program chairman of the Hypatia Club, chapter cor- respondent of Chi Omega, and a member of F.T.A., the Home Economics Club, and Y.W.A. After graduation, Eileen plans to enter the U. S. Air Corps as a commissioned officer. ' i 65 BEVLEY RAY COLEMAN Medina, Tennessee, sent to Union one of her most versatile young men. He has been chosen by his fellow classmates to such honors as editor of the " Cardinal and Cream, " assistant editor of " Lest We Forget, " and president of Phi Alpha Theta. Bev has been active in the Nestor Club, Rutledge History Club, Student Council, and F.T.A. Recently he won an award for a Literary Contest sponsored by the American Association of University Women. Bev plans to continue his studies in graduate school, after which he will enter the field of teaching. ROBERT COOKE BRIGGS III Bobby, from Jackson, has taken an active part in campus activities, serving as vice- president of B.S.U., treasurer of the Minis- terial Association, president of the freshman and senior classes, chaplain of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and as a member of the Nestor Club and the German Club. After attending the Seminary, Bobby plans to teach in the field of religion. 66 RITA JEAN TILLMAN Rita, an accomplished pianist from Jackson, has served Union as president of the Y. W. A. Federation, vice-president of the German Club, secretary of the Allegro Music Club, membership chairman and guard of Zeta Tau Alpha, and member of the Hypatia Club, B.S.U., Chorus, and Band. Rita ' s talents will be further developed in graduate school, where she will study music theory. ' 67 ? ■ ' Wii " Mr. and Miss Union MISS MARY EVELYN MOORE AND BOBBY MOORE Mr. and Miss Union - 69 P - FRESHMAN ESCORTS June Holman and Don Holland SOPHOMORE ESCORTS Delores Elston and Ray Pollard • 70 ESCORTS TO MISS UNION JUNIOR ESCORTS Pat Blankenship and Jim Brandon SENIOR ESCORTS Sherry Only and Joe Swaim « 71 «ac3 72 Best All-Round Boy and Girl CORNELL ARGO AND JIM MARTIN M JIM MARTIN AND CORNELL ARGO 73 Most Popular Boy and Girl MISS SANDRA TAYLOR AND DON COWAN «5 74 5 ' ' ■ f iV ii- -iH r S . ■ Jf-t DON COWAN AND SANDRA TAYLOR • s 3 75 Seniors Most Likely to Succeed MISS ILA SHAW AND BOBBY BRIGGS - 76 5fc-- ILA SHAW AND BOBBY BRIGGS « 3 77 c I . Sweetheart of ATO miss janette walker • 78 1 J : ' -• SAE Queen MISS PEGGY TREVATHAN vs 79 c Strawberry Queen miss Harriet metts FIRST MAID Miss Delores Elston SECOND MAID Miss Jean Heidleburg FRESHMAN QUEEN Miss Jean Heidleburg j 81 t»-- Basketball Queen miss june holman - 82 ta i X- FRESHMAN MAID Anne Morris SOPHOMORE MAID Harriet Metts BASKETBALL MAIDS JUNIOR MAID Janette Walker SENIOR MAID Martha Ann Lanier " « 83 MOST BEAUTIFUL JEAN HEIDLEBURG DEMPLE NORVILL « 84 MOST BEAUTIFUL SANDRA MILLER JO HARGATT •« 85 t MOST BEAUTIFUL JUNE HOLMAN PEGGY TREVATHAN MOST BEAUTIFUL ELLEN MILES LORES ELSTON HARRIET METTS Most Handsome Boy don bishop Now take a fling at other things To thrill Olympic throngs — l w rt ;i ft THE STUDENT COUNCIL sponsor, Mr. Walter Kruschwitz Froni Row: Pat Blankenship, Secretary; Don Cowan, President; Ted Janes, Vice-President Second Row: Sandra Taylor; Linda Wilbanks; Don Bishop; Ann Bray; Virginia Ruth Pearce Third Row: Peggy Trevathan; Rex Enoch; Dick Vincent; Jim Martin; Gayle Neff President of Student Body DON COWAN « 91 CARDINAL AND CREAM Left to right: Kenneth Story, Business Manager; Gayla Dennis, Bill Flack, Tom Murchison, Sports Editor; Bev Coleman, Editor. STAFF MEMBERS AT WORK Editor Bev Coleman Business Manager Kenneth Story- Sports Editor Tom Murchison Photographer Raymond Burke Typist Betty Williams Reporters: Tommy Butler, Raymond Burke, Tom Murchison, James Couch, Janice Dotson, Gayla Dennis, Bill Flack, Phyllis Lawrence, Kenneth Stor ' . Sponsors Mrs. Helen Blythe, Dr. Kelly Thurman 5 92 5= ' LEST WE FORGET Left to Right: Virginia Ruth Pearce, Larry Gay Lane, Gayla Dennis, Bill Flack, Mrs. Blythe, Billy Haynes, Tommy Butler, Kenneth Story, Phyllis Lawrence. Not Pictured: Betty Williams, J. B. Davidson, Bob Collomp. Photographer Raymond Burke • ' i 93 C- ' UPSILON OF CHI OMEGA Founded at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation The Upsilon Chapter of Chi Omega of Union University exemplifies its open motto, " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals. " Instilled in the hearts of the mem- bers is a bond of unbroken love and friendship. Upsilon has enjoyed a very successful year in all phases of campus life. The Chi O ' s were recipients of many awards. Among these were Escorts to Miss Union, Queen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega, Cheer- leaders, Representatives in the Ten Most Beautiful Girls, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Basketball Queen and Maids and Class officers, and the Girl Most Likely to Succeed. Chi Omega officers for the year did a splendid job. They were: Ila Shaw, Pres- ident; Janette Walker, Vice-President; Sherry Only, Secretary; Carol Newberry, Treasurer, and Mary Evelyn Claybrook, Pledge Mistress. Chi Omega ' s social life has included a School Days party, Surprise Thanksgiving party for actives, Chicken-Bean supper, the annual Winter Banquet, Fall and Spring Eleusinia and the Spring Outing. The civic activities included a Christmas party for needy children and the giving of Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets. We come to the close of another won- derful year with a look of anticipation toward the future. Vice-President Janette Walker Secretary Sherry Only Treasurer Carol Newberry Pledge Mistress Mary Evelyn Claybrook Rush Chairman Nora Jane Kelly «§ 94 First Row, Left to Right: Pat Blankenship, San Andrews, Jo Allen, June Holman, Janice Nowell, Carole Green. Second Row, Left to Right: Miriam Watt, Virginia Pearce, Anne Morris, Yon Appleton, Ellen Miles, Anne Bowles. Third Row, Left to Right: Barbara Sullivan, Mary Ann Tickle, Patty Davis, Harriet Metts, Carol Chambers, Delores Elston. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Annette Clark, Larr)- Gay Lane, Peggy Trevathan, Rusty Russ, Theodora Burdette, Meredith Smith. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Mollie Burnett, Ann Bray, Jo Hargatt, Wanda Hammonds, Sandra Miller, Mrs. L. D. Rutledge. ■• 95 BETA OMEGA OF ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, October 15, 1898 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray Flower: Vhite Violet Amid the colors of blue and gray the Zetas of 1956-57 have achieved success in evei-y area of campus life. Not only have they been chosen for many campus honors, but they have deepened and widened their circle of friendship and love. Zetas came through in the Fall elections in their usual manner vv ' ith Mary Evelyn Moore receiving the crown of Miss Union, Sandra Taylor being elected Most Popular Girl, and Janice Dotson Cheerleader. Beyond reigning as Miss Union, Mary Evelyn served as President of Greek Coun- cil and Crook Hall. Sandra maintained office as President of the Y. W. A. and Vice-President of Crook Hall. Rita Tillman is listed in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Girls of Beta Omega also held offices and were active members of the band and chorus, Hypatia Literary Society, Rice Latin Club, Allegro Club, Y. W. A., Future Teachers of America, B. S. U. Council, Life Service Band, Student Council, publications staffs. Alpha Psi Omega, Footlights Club, Prince-Davis Science Club, and the Shelbians. Social life of the chapter included date parties, teas, hamburger suppers, dinner parties, Founder ' s Day Banquet, surprise parties for members, and many informal get-togethers in the chapter room. The climax to all social activities, however, was the exquisite Spring Formal Banquet. The daughters of Themis showed their versatility by enthusiastically supporting all these activities, the intramural program, the Greek Week obser ' ation, as well as keeping their scholarship high above average. f Mary Evelyn Moore President Dorothy Harvey Vice-President Sue Thomas Secretary Sandra TA-iT-OR Treasurer Rita Tillman Rush Chairman Emily Flonvers Historian ' « ' 3 96 c - Diana Jackson Linda Ferguson Virginia Crocker flip . at Ann Byard Nancy Murphy Leslye Anne Heuoatter Peggy Holder Delores Dorris Beverly Moore Helen Kemp Betty Jo Pennington Joan Garey Glenda McDaniel Carolyn Tisdale Janice Dotson •« 3 97 5 James MoKissack EA Second Semester » % ' " " ■■1 9 TiMMY Deaton Tames Watts Don HoLtFtEU) i TENNESSEE ETA OF SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded: July 4, 1857 Flower: Violet Union University, Jackson, Tennessee It is difficult for any man to be truly happy without being an active member of a group society. The person apart from the group gains little for himself and contributes nothing to mankind. Realizing this necessity for group relationships and the virtues which could be devel- oped in the proper group, a ntimber of men formed a chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon on the campus of Murfreesboro College at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, on July 4, 1857. This was the beginning of Tennessee Eta Chapter of SAE, which was later located here in Jackson, when the institution wzs, moved. The ideals and goals set forth by this group have served as the impetus to drive the men of Tennessee Eta through one hundred years of rich history. During this century the members of Tennessee Eta have enjoyed the closest ties of friendship and brotherhood with a true atmosphere of harmony and good will always present. Once more this year the social e ' ents held by SAE were outstanding. Certainly the most prominent of these events was the annual Coronation Banquet and the accompanying crown- ing of the beautiful Miss Peggy Trevathan as Queen of SAE. Following this banquet there was an impressive after-party which will never be forgotten by those who attended. During the Christmas season the men of Tennessee Eta enjoyed once more the heart- warming experience of having a Christmas Party for underprivileged boys in this area. It was Tennessee Eta ' s Centennial which occasioned one of our largest and most successful Founder ' s Day Banquets. Various other parties were held throughout the year, reaching a climax in the Spring Splash, which is always one of the year ' s most enjoyable events for the Sig Alphs and their dates. The men of SAE held many positions of honor this year. Brother Don Cowan was presi- dent of the student body. Members were on the staff of both campus publications, the Cardi- nal and Cream, and the " Lest We Forget. " Brother Bobby Briggs held three positions of honor, being president of the Senior Glass, listed in Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universi- ties, and elected Senior Boy Most Likely to Succeed. Bill Howse was vice-president of the Freshman class, and was a cheerleader, as was Brother Arnold Blewer. Brother John Barber was selected Sophomore Class Speaker. There were five Sig Alphs on the Dean ' s List. The men of Tennessee Eta held memberships in fifteen of the organizations on the campus. This has been another year to remember for SAE, and as we enter the threshold of our second century, we look forward with the assuiance that Tennessee Eta will continue in the high ideals of its fotmders. Don Davis Bobby Briogs l-=r Jimmy Crews Rex Enoch Joe Elus 11 A-1 irt ti Clyde Briggs BlLI. HOWSE ! m V Rex Bond Sonny Johnsey ii Tommy Smith Lavoy Fawcett John Conyers Danny Stewart Gaylon Powell NOT PICTURED urt. Charlie Perkins Tommy Butler Bobby Joe Osborne James Coitch Fred Harris Bill Priddy Don Pace Johnny Barber Don Cowan Bill Bickers James Gass Ch rles Mulherin Will Rogers Jimmy Shelton ' 99 t« Mmm«i ammj ' Jim Brandon WM Peter Rhea Jones WC James Scott WKE ,r?. BETA TML.r OF mf ALPHA TAU OMEGA Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Richmond, Virginia, September 11, 1865 Colors; Flower: Old Gold and Sky Blue White Tea Rose " To bind men together into a brotherhood,, based upon eternal and immutable principles. " This was one of the basic principles upon which Alpha Tau Omega was founded 92 yeai-s ago. It was the first fraternity to be founded after the Civil Var and one of its designs was to heal the break between the North and South. Today from that beginning, that brotherhood has grown to international proportions, and Beta Tau Chapter stands high among the 117 Chapters spread throughout North America. The year 1956 will be regarded as a highwater mark for Beta Tau because for the first time we have a fraternity house of our own. Mrs. Wordie Magevney is sei-i ' ing gra- ciously as our house mother. We also reached a high of 57 members, including pledges and actives. The men of the Blue and Gold were conspicuous on the campus as they enga,ged in the various phases of campus life. The Taus were represented by six class officers including Ted Janes as Vice-President of the Senior Class, and Paul Sanderfer as President of the Sophomore Class. Brother Ted Janes was also Vice-President of the Student Body and elected to Who ' s Who of American Collega. Brother Don Bishop was elected Most Handsome Boy. Six brothers were on the Dean ' s List the first semester. The Taus had members in all the major clubs and virtually dominated varsity and intramural sports on the campus. The Varsity Basketball team boa.sted eif ht Taus. the Freshmen team 13 Taus, the baseball team 10 Taus, the Track team 10 ATO ' s, while the VSAC Champion Cross Countn- Team had five of seven teatn members. Brothers Don Bishop and Bob " Wiihoit were co-captains of the Basketball team, and Bob was also Presi- dent of the U Club, while Brother s Robin Coi ' man served as Vice-President and James Scott as Secretary-. In Intramurals, the Taus captured three straight tro- phies, taking football, basketball, and volleyball. Brothers Jim Brandon and James Scott will attend the National Chapter Officers Conference in New York. The .ATO social year included the Spring Splash, num- erous parties, and the highlight, the Sweetheart Banquet, where amid the beautiful splendor of the theme, " Hitch Your Wagon to a Star, " Miss Janette Walker was crowned Sweetheart of . " TO. .At Christmas time, the Taus distributed baskets to needy families. The hi.gh ideals maintained by .-VTO, their close fellow- ship based on Christian principles, combined with the beau- tiful banquets, their wonderful sweetheart, and Mother Ed Stanfield, honored by tlic , TO Maga;:ini-. The Palm, which published a story about her 35 years as our Chapter Mom, all went together in making the school year successful and complete. Paul Sanderfer WKA Tom Mlrchison WS First Row: Eddie Truett, Don Holland, Muggs Coffman, Bill Dunning, and Frankie Miller. Second Row: Bill Noblett, Jerry Forsythe, Bobby Collomp, and Jim Sorrell. Third Row: Larry Patten, Danny Dunnagan, William Lee, Billy Burch, and Jerald Hill. Fourth Row: Dave Cundiff, Allan Ledbetter, Billy Hise, and Charles Schuler. Fifth Row: William George, Jack Sibley, Bill Hawkins, Bob Wilhoit, and Jerry Wagster. Not Pictured: Billy Alexander, Jess Nowell, David Malloy, Ron Teague, and Robert Brawner. ' :} 101 ! - ' f HHHHl ■BHB HHMR sfBBKBm MHRHHHkMnHHI - .; i inil ii Fi j Row: Edsel Pate, James Smith, Bruce Jolly, Johnny Rose, and Don Bishop. Second Row: Joe Clifft, Bill Murphy, Bryce Francis, and Johnny Orr. Third Row: Brooks Harris, Larry Boston, Barney Crews, Tommy Brinkley, and Dick Vincent. Fourth Row: Polk Glover, Ted Janes, Pete Perry, and Robert Johnson. Fifth Row: Carter Dynesius, Dalton Fox, Roger Van Metre, David Sheppard, and Harvell Price. " « ■; 102 e» i igt Pictured: Ran Hammett, Dave Evers, Buddy Boston, J. B. Davidson, and Jack Only. Officers: Cornell Argo, President; Mary Jo Blalack, Secretary; Sandra Taylor, Girls ' Vice-President; Dr. Paul Blacketor, Sponsor; Justine Moore, Historian. Not Pictured: Martha Cottrell, Membership Vice-President; Dick Vincent, Boys ' Vice-President. ■1 ■ I Hi ■ £S Wk K jM - ' wwlmS 1 3 [y FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FRANK E. WELLS. CHAPTER Front row, left to right: Joe Swaim, Joyce Bryson, Miriam Watt, Bev Coleman, Ruth Azbill, Rose Marie Slover, Troy Kerr. Secand row: Janice Nowell, Emily Flowers, Jane Tomoka, Yon Appleton, Carolyn Tisdale, Nora Jane Kelly, Bemice Long, Evelyn Major, Mary Evelyn Moore, Mary Ann Shearin, Alma Jean Gardner, Katie Laws, Dorothy Oliver, Carol Newberry, Francisco Roque. Third row: Dean Clark, Norma Kolywick, Ann Bray, Shirley Neisler, Charles McLemore, Glenda McDaniel, Janice Rollins, Joyce Stallings, Jo Ann Sims, and Mrs. Craft. ' 103 t ' THE RUTLEDGE HONORARY HISTORY CLUB Since the founding of this organization on November 7, 1929, it has not only encouraged the study of history and current events, but has always stressed scholar- ship. Today, its goal is membership in Phi Alpha Theta, National Honoran ' History Fraternity. Membership : President — Jerry Horner Vice-President — Bob Brown Secretary — Nancy Ward Treasurer — Maurice Coleman Reporter — Bill Cordle Faculty Sponsor — Mrs. Rosa D. Rutledge Pat Blankenship, Ann Elizabeth Bray, Bevley R. Coleman, Fred M. Cox, Nora Jane Kelly, Prof. Ernest R. Muntz, Sydney Moore, Jack Naylor, Virginia Ruth Pearce, Terr ' Reagor, Dr. R. H. Ward. s5 104 c PHI ALPHA THETA lue Delta Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, National Honorary Scholarship Fraternity in History was the 119th national chapter and the first established in the state of Tennessee. It was established at Union University on October 17, 1953 by active and alumni members of the Rutledge Honorary History Club. Membership : President — Bevley R. Coleman Vice-President — Betty Blankenship Walker Secretary — Martha " Midge " Williams Treasurer — Judson Lambert Reporter — Mallie N. Newson Faculty Adviser — Mrs. Rosa D. Rutledge Mary Howell Anderson Roy G. Elliot Prof. Ernest R. Muntz Ann Elizabeth Bray Dr. R. H. Ward Jack Naylor ' } 105 c " s -- MALLORY MATH CLUB Top Row: James Watts, Phil Townsend, Carol Chambers, San Andrews. Second Row: Bobby Todd, Demple Norvill , Paul Sanderfer, Raymond Burke. The purpose of this club is to stimulate intj to encourage students to seek better scholarship dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Jamel PRINCE-DAVIS SCLvi ss- ■-ii aJi «9 . The purpose of this club is to stimulate interest in science and to encourage students to seek better scholarship in this field. Standing: James Watts Front Row: Mr. Boyd, Spon- sor; Ran Hammett, Betty Owen, Eudora Jones, Myrna Goehri, Jane Frizzell. Second Row: Bill Strickland, Paul Sanderfer, John Kendall. Third Row: Fred Fiddler, James Helton Scates, Merilyn Robinson, Harriett Schroeder, and Deryl Watson. ■- ' i 106 c THE ALLEGRO CLUB Left to Right, Row 1 : Bobby Newton, Don Cowan, Bill Carver, Don Dillingham, Bryant Ray. Left to Right, Row 2: Patty Davis, Mary Allcock, Patricia Sansing, Frances Giles, Meredith Smith, Mrs. Fossey. Left to right. Row 3: Dorothy Sisco, Marilyn Heisner, Anne Howell, Rita Tillman, Janice Clement, Sylvia Wilson. Left to Right, Row 4: Tommy Brinkley, Billy Butler, Jerry Nowell, Miss Vavra, Diana Jackson, Mr. Wood, Mr. Lubrani. Left to Right, Row 5: Allan Ledbetter, Jimmy Deaton, Mr. Woods, Glaydon Lifsey. The Allegro Club is composed of music majors and minors, the music faculty of Union, and all others interested in music. The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in, and to encourage the study, appreciation, and enjoyment of music; and to develop the individual ' s ability to perform. Officers President Tommy Brinkley Vice-President Bobby Newton Secretary-Treasurer Patty Davis Program Chairman Allan Ledbetter Social Chairman Diana Jackson -s% 107 C RICE LATIN CLUB 1st Row, Left to Right: Myrna Barnes, Sandra Taylor, Harvey Gill, Mrs. Dee Rice, Carl Davenport, Pat Blankenship, Ralph Thomas. 2nd Row, Left to Right: Laura Beth Harvey, Bobby Agee, Billy Hammonds, Johnny Barber, Robert Kendig. Charles Greathouse, Dot Sisco, Jerry Horner, Marilyn May. 3rd Row, Left to Right: Billy Oakley, Billy Murphy, Jerol Swaim, Peter Rhea Jones, Ronny Rogers, Burke Herron. NOT PICTURED : Maurice Coleman, Mary Evelyn Moore, Sue Thomas, Joyce Stallings. Officers President — Ralph Thomas Vice-President — Jerry Horner Secretary-Treasurer — Joyce Stallings Reporter — Sue Thomas Program Committee — Ronny Rogers, Maurice Coleman Sponsor — Mrs, Dee E. Rice The puijaose of this club is to increase a member ' s knowledge of Latin and to gain an insight into the Roman civilization, its laws, customs, religion, and ordinary life, with a consequent appreciation of our indebtedness to the past. ' ' i 108 c " ! LOS PICAROS Left to Right: Bill Bateman, Larry Gay Lane, Sidney Moore, Gayla Dennis, Mr. Eldredge, Shirley Prince, Theodora Burdette, Linda Wilbanks, Eugene Hardy, Evelyn Major. Officers President Bill Bateman Vice-President Gayla Dennis Secretary-Treasurer Carol Newberry Reporter Larry Gay Lane TILL EULENSPIEGEL ' if r " Standing: Dick Wakefield, ' ' rn B S k k Program Chairman; Matt i MHi l M, nl BW Tomlin, Ernest Carter, SSHni HH ' m tti HHIHi% Jerry Singleton, Bobby HSi Br ' BI I hKI] ■ ' Mf ' - Briggs, President; Prentess V|H| B H Hl V ' Ferrell, Secretary-Treasur- f uL . Hi H w« er; Howard E. Burns. B Seated: Frank Miller, Kenneth Story, Vice-Presi- „ - m m im%. - ' " " SBkr 1 dent; Mrs. Rosa D. V HIf ' " _.?• ' _ 8%- ' ' «p| p Rutledge, Elizabeth VJ V S Wl ' l ' lii llt Ml K " I A Henson, Bobby Joe Ak ' . l B MEpi B| K . ■K 1 . Osborne, fie orier; Ronald ■ % t msmtm. ks . Rogers. In Front: Jack Naylor, Will Rogers. NESTOR CLUB JuDSON Lambert Jerry Horner Carl Davenport i i 1 Jim Martin Charles Tapp Rodger Bullard James Watts OFFICERS JuDSON Lambert President Billy Bickers Vice-President Bill Pitt Secretary Jerry Horner Treasurer Troy Young Faculty Sponsor The Nestor Club consists of the top men in schol- a - astic standing in the Junior and Senior classes. L ji ... . Troy Young Faculty Sponsor 5 110 C Emily Flowers Seated: Gayle Neff, Miss Crocker, Emily Flowers, and Rose Marie Slover. Standing: Carol Newberry, Janette Walker, Ila Shaw, Ann Bray, Rita Tillman, and Eileen Rufener. Carol Newberry HYPATIA Rita Tillman Hypatia is devoted to the development of special knowledge in the literary field. Its membership is limited to Junior and Senior students who possess a high schol- astic record. Once each month the group meets to discuss recent developments in literature. Janette Walker Rose Marie Slover BETA MU OF ALPHA PSI OMEGA Founded at Fairmount State College, FaiiTnount, Va., Aug. 12, 1925 IM ■1 Pat Blankenship Paul Sanderfer Ila Shaw Bill Pitt Janice Dotson Martha Cottrell Ellen Miles Alpha Psi Omega, the national honorary dramatic fraternity on Union ' s campus, strives to advance dramatics to a rising level. Each member has been elected to membership on the basis of meritorious personal achievement in school dramatics. NoRRis Smith Hayes Beard If Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd Arnold Blewer Gayle Neff Theodora Burdette Larry Gay Lane Brenda Russ FOOTLIGHTS CLUB The purpose of the Footlights Club is to stimulate interest in dramatic art on the campus, to promote interest in dramatic presentations, and to offer a service to all students who are interested in dramatics. It sponsors all play production, including a play tournament, one-act play night, and major productions. Membership in the Club is composed of students who have shown an interest in and a talent for work in speech and dramatics. Demple Norvill Ellen Miles Virginia Ruth Pearce Bill Carver Paul Sanderfer Betty Williams 1% 113 C CLASS PLAYS CONTEST Freshman Class Play Sophomore Class Play Junior Class Play Senior Class Play " 5 114 " TIME OUT FOR GINGER " THE CAST Lizzie, the maid Brenda Russ Agnes Carol Ellen Miles Howard Carol Larry Patton Joan, their daughter Pat Blankenship Ginger, another daughter Carol Green Jeannie, another daughter Anne Bowles Eddie Davis, an athlete Paul Sanderfer Tommy Green Arnold Blewer Mr. Wilson, the high school principal Bill Carver Ed Hoffman, bank president Reed Sanderlin HOME ECONOMICS CLUB (THETA KAPPA PI) The purpose of Theta Kappa Pi is to stimulate a desire in college to better understand living conditions of community and family life and to improve them. Membership is based on interest in home economics. Left to Right: Beverly Blalack, Mrs. Ruby McDonald, Mary Jo Blalack, Joan Terry, Phyllis Miller, Ann Hurt, Ann Neal Pattat, Bobbie Huckaba, Ann Brigham, Myrna Goehri, Mary Ann Shearin. First Row, Left to Right: Ann Hurt, B c ' c r 1 y Blalack, Ann Brigham, Myrna Goehri, Maiy Ann Shearin, Second Row. Left to Right: Phyllis Miller, Mar ' Jo Blal.ick, Mrs. Ruby McDonald, Joan Terrs-, Ann Neal Pattat, Bobbie Huckaba, But keep in view the torch of truth Bear it high and free. - M Standing : Bobby Moore, ident. Front row, left to 1st semester proaratn Davenport, Vice-Prcsid, Treasurer; Roger program chairman semester President Ted Dufifey, 1st Janes, 1st semeste Bullard, Judson Back rot semester 1st semester Pres- ■ight: J tvry Horner chairman; Carl Jim Martin, 2nd semester Lambert, 2nd left to right: ■horister; Ted ., spending secretary; Hopper, 2nd semester chorister; Prentiss Ferrell, pianist; and Paul Simmons, record- ing secretary. UNION UNIVERSITY MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Union University Ministerial Association was derived from the J. R. Graves Society which was founded in 1877. The Association helps the ministerial students to become familiar with their future problems and work. The purpose of the Association is to aid in qualifying its members for the gospel ministiy by gaining practice in correctly expressing themselves in public and by extending their information on all religious questions. 1st row Tim Anderson Roger Bullard Bobbv Briggs Jerry Horner Lester Scales Bobbv Moore Bill Stricklin Crafton Clift Harold Wilson 2nd row Kenneth Storv Billy Griffin Tudson Lambert " Peter Rhea Tones Dr. R. C. Briggs William Cordle Ted Duffev Mr. Charles Tavlor Billv Burch Paul Simmons Harvey Gill Glen Hickerson 3rd rozv Francisco Roque Ivan Hulsev Billv Murphv Hovt Wilson Dick Wakefield Rav Pollard Bobbv Kendig Ljnin Egan Tames Coleman Bill Flack ■ft I: raui Ernie Carter Matt Tomlin Carlos Newman Fred Cox Jim Martin Prentiss Ferrell ith raze Clarence Hill Carl Davenport Don Hopper Ted Janes Tommy Darling All rcadhio from left to right Y. W. A. WATCHWORD: " They that are wise shall shine as the bright- ness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteous- ness as the stars forever and ever. " Daniel 12:3 AIM : Our aim is to unite the young women of the Southern Baptist churches in an enduring missionary enterprise through which they shall show forth the beauty of holiness. " That in all things He might have pre-eminence. " Col. 1 : 18 DEDICATION: ... I will seek to maintain for myself a high standard of Christian living and will seek to be an example to others. I will strive to make my personal appearance, speech, and manner such as becomes the purity and beauty of Christlike character, living a radiant and convincing life in all social relationships. Queen: Miss Margaret McDonald « 119 STUDENT REVIVAL gg gtOOK and LIVE B. S. U. CHOIR Left to Right: Bobby Newton, Don Cowan, Tommy Brinkley, Ray Simpson. -«§ 120 Rev. Dan Cameron Visiting Pastor " ' ?» , BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL The Baptist Student Union is more an organism than an organization. It has as its purpose to link the local churches with the college students in the service of Christ while in college. THE COUNCIL Bottom to Top: Mary Anne Shearin Rex Enoch Ann Hurt Mr. Taylor Cornell Argo Billy Carver Sandra Taylor Ted Janes Robert Brown Bobby Briggs Justine Moore Raymond Burke Sherry Only Hayes Beard Jo Ann Sims Bobby Moore Gayle Neff Ray Pollard «« 121 ps ' LIFE SERVICE BAND AIMS: To use college days in life service for Christ by promoting mission projects such as sponsoring missions; jail service, and nursing home services; and to enlist every Christian in full time testimony whether he be a layman or special religious worker. .asr.- v ' . ' . ' At the Piano: Prentess Ferrell Front Row: Ann Neal Pattat, Delores Dorris, Carolyn Tisdale, Mary Elizabeth Bolton Jo Ann Ledbetter; Alma Jean Gardner, Margaret Bolton. Second Row: Harvey Gill, Mary Evelyn Moore, Ellen Miles, Mary Nell Stennit, Sandra Taylor, Ann Bingham, Jerry Egan, Ivan Hulsey. Third Row: Reed Sanderlin, Jim Anderson, Grafton Clift, Rex Enoch, Shirley Neisler, Justine Moore, Glarence Hill. ■■■■i 122 t= - RECREATION AND INSPIRATION AT PRE-SCHOOL RETREAT AT CAMP LINDEN UNION UNIVERSITY BAND AND CHORUS No other organization has brought as much fame to Union University as has our band and chorus. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Frederic Lubrani, they have received much recognition by their numerous appearances throughout the state of Tennessee. We are always proud of the fine representation of their performance and we know they will continue to receive praise throughout the coming years. Z) 124 5s -- Cast for the soul a healthy mold Of bodily energy. Pat Blankenship Brenda Russ - Bill Howse Ann Morris Arnold Blewer j BASKETBALL The Big Red of Union closed its ' 56- ' 57 with a 10 won, 13 lost season record, and had a 4 won, 6 lost con- ference standing. The team had a series of hot and cold spells, ending the season in one of their hot spells in which they were practically invincible winning 4 of their last 5. Twice during the season, the Bulldogs hit over the century mark in scoring victories over Chattanooga 102-62 and in their last game over traditional rival David Lipscomb 104-74. Probably the sour note of the year was a humiliating 105-78 score lost to Belmont Home- coming Game. The Bulldogs obtained revenge by trouncing them later in the season, during their fast finish in which they polished ofT highly rated CBC of Memphis and Bethel College, also. Five seniors, Don Bishop, Eddie Truett, Bob Wilhoit, Ed Given, and Sammy Lowry will be sorely missed next year, but the Freshmen team ' s fine showing this year seems to indicate they will be able to move up to the varsity and fill the gap- The charges of Coach Jack Russell placed three men on the all-conference team, Don Bishop, Ed Truett and Bob Wilhoit. Bishop made it for his second straight year. " Bish " led the team in scoring and points per game for the second straight year. Truett and Bob Wilhoit also usually did their share of filling the basket, while Truett and Johnny Orr led the team in rebounds. Points and Averages Bishop 438 18.3 Truett 283 11.8 Wilhoit 230 9.7 Orr 200 8.3 Davenport ....164 6.8 Season ' s Union 80 Athens Given Hill Scott Lowry Pate Record 156 65 25 14 153 6.5 3.4 1.9 1.1 12.8 ... 70 64 69 Mississippi State . Austin Peay ... 87 ... 86 69 102 Southwestern Chattanooga ... 70 ... 62 71 LMU ... 73 84 Millisan qp 64 Delta State 74 86 73 Florence State Belmont ... 63 68 54 59 David Lipscomb . CBC ... 48 ... 89 73 ... 89 78 Belmont 105 66 UTMB ... 57 78 Delta State ... 91 77 63 Southwestern UTMB ... 90 ... 79 71 68 90 Bethel ... 81 61 CBC 60 80 Bethel 8fi 104 65 David Lipscomb . Middle Tenn. State ... 74 ... 81 Freshman Squad, First Row: Robert Brawner, Glenn Hickerson, Buddy Abbott, Benny Sams, David Cundiff. Standing: Johnny Rose. Coach; William Lee, Bill Hawkins, Pete Perry. Billy Hise, Milton Thornton. Larry Boston. Jack Sibly, Jerry Forsythe, Jerry Joyner, Bobby Carpenter, and Joe Chft. ' Varsity Squad, First Row: Robin Coffman, Manager; Bob Wilhoit, Don Bishop, Joe Brooks, Manager. Standing: Coach Jack Russell, Sammy Lowry, James Scott, Charles Schuler, Don Davenport, Ed Given, Johnny Orr, Eddie Truett. Ferrcll Hunter, Gerald Hill and Jerr - Pate. • ' -) 128 t-= Eddie Truett Forward Charles Schuler Forward Sammy Lowry Guard Ferrell Hunter Forward Bob Wilhoit Forward •«5 129 ?»-• Johnny Orr Center Don Davenport Center James Scott Guard Jerry Pate Guard Gerald Hill Guard ' 130 Crafton Cliffis CROSS COUNTRY This is the first time in history that Union has had a cross country team. Ahhough Union is com- paratively an infant in this event the Bulldogs won eight out of nine meets. Crafton ClifTts crossed the finish line first in five of the meets while Don Bishop was the team ' s highest scorer. The season was climaxed by win- ning the Volunteer State Athletic Conference championship at Nashville. Bill Hise Bill Murphy and Wilton Lynn r David Malloy; Bobby Agee; Tom Murchison TRACK TEAM «§ 132 f " Front Row: Jerry Wagster, Max Doyle, David Malloy, Rex Enoch, Tom Murchison. Second Row: Don Bishop, Prentiss Ferrell, Charles Miller, Crafton Clift, Robert Brawner, Bobby Agee. Third Row: Ferrell Hunter, Wilton Lynn, Bill Murphy, Johnny Orr, David Evers, Billy Hise, Eddie Truett, and Coach A. L. Allen. Clyde Briggs Sonny Johnsey UNION UNIVERSITY TENNIS TEAM Kneeling: Sonny Johnsey, Bill Putman, Clyde Briggs. Standing: Bill Priddy, Jim Sorrell, Reed Sanderlin, Mr. Jack Farris, Coach. Danny Dunagan, Coach Jack Russell, AND Jim Brandon. Jerry Joyner and Dick Vincent BASEBALL TEAM Front Row: Robert Johnson, James Scott, Bill Noblet, Ted Janes, and Robin Coffman. Second Row: Coach Jack Russell, Joe Roland, Sidney Moore, Sammy Lowry, David Cundiff, and Joe Clifft.- Third Row: Bill Hawkins, Jack Sibly, Ed Given, Bob Wilhoit, Jerry Forsythe, and Bobby Carpenter. ■« 134 5 ' David Cundiff Pitcher Jerry Forsythe Pitcher Bill Hawkins Outfield ' JJ- Jack Sibly First Base Bob Carpenter Pitcher Joe Roland Third Base Joe Clifft Catcher Robert Johnson Outfield Ed Given Catcher Ted Janes Pitcher Robin Coffman Shortstop Sammy Lowry Pitcher Bob Wilhoit Outfield James Scott Second Base • 3 136 c - Sidney Moore Outfield SCENES FROM ATHLETIC BANQUET « 5 137 NIGHT VIEW OF GYMNASIUM NIGHT VIEW OF JONES HALL FINAL STANZA: This race is run, life ' s but begun Branch out and do your best Pluck up your nerve, learn how to serve God will do the rest. Atdta etu iHHiectl ... BY LITHOGRAPHY PRINTERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS JACKSON, TENNESSEE JEWEL-TONE STUDIO 11 2 E. Main Jackson, Tennessee Une Zrinedt n f- notoarapnu — f- ortraits, l Ueddinad, i omnterciul .. Tnci School f icu lureA y il upe rameA — ( bronze djabu hoeA e. Bob Dixon, Owner-Operator 5 140 5= At Spiritual ( kurck FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Lafayette at Cumberland = 5 141 6- WEST JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH De dericlc at Campbell Wnere Ljnion Students are [AJelcome and Wanted DAVID Q. BYRD. Pastor H. LOWREY HAYNIE, Minister of Music Education JOHNSEY ' S SPORTING GOODS 433 N. Royal — Phone 7-1082 — Jackson, Tennessee A,. G. Spalding John T. Riddell Co. McGregor Southern Ath. Co. Bike Web Co. Converse Rub. Co. Fred Johnsey Harry Johnsey We Renovate All Types of Athletic Equipment s5 142 ?» ■• The Light Refreshment Compliments of STANDARD ' S DRUG THE BOOTERY 209 East Lafayette Jackson, Tennessee CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Nearest the Campus Warmest Christian Fellowship James Canaday, Pastor Albert Skinner, Minister of Music vVhere Students dSelon f ?? ■ 143 Compliments of GLEN-MORE CLOTHES Factory to You 214 North Market Jackson, Tennessee Rancid ioridt 108 S. Liberty St. Phone 7-9607 J J DRUG CO One Block from Union University at Five Points Prescription Specialists Fountain Service ' Growing up into Him in all Things " — Eph. 4:15 A Friendly Welcome Awaits You At THE NORTH JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH FAIRMONT AT MARTIN STREET " While in Jackson you are cordially invited -j-o make this Church your Church Home " 144 Drink PrPeppen THE FRIENDLY " PEPPER-UPPER " THAT NEVER LETS YOU DOWNf SECOND NATIONAL BANK of Jackson Capital and Surplus $500,000.00 1886 Three Score Years and Eleven 1957 •«5 145 C » ' Compliments of McGEE-ROSS The Hardware Department Store 211 E. Lafayette St. Phone 7-3308 McCALL HUGHES Varsity Town Clothes Hyde Park Clothes Lee and Disney Hats I 14 North Liberty J. Walter Knowles FOX RESTAURANT 203 E. Main Street Jackson, Tennessee Every Modern Banking Convenience and Service The National Bank of Commerce Jackson, Tennessee Total Resources Over $13,000,000.00 Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. •-s 146 t " Drink cca In Bottles For The Best In PRESCRIPTION SERVICE HA S AVENUE PHARMACY Phone 7-4496 3 Blocks from Union Compliments of J. C. EDENTON CO WILSON-GEYER CO. 455 E. Main Phone 7-2618 Imperial Washable Wall Papers Hanna Paint Products Art Supplies — Picture Framing ■■% 147 c ' s ' ' ELITE CLEANERS STEGALL SHOE CO. Since 1912 Service that Satisfies 1 15 N. Liberty Phone 7- II 26 JACKSON, TENNESSEE Five Points Phone 7-3546 Jarman Shoes For Men Arthur Mainord Mrs. Billy Mainord HARDEMAN MUSIC CO. GRABER ' S Winter Baldwin Organ Gulbranson and Conn Olds Band Inst. Piano Sheet Music Teachers ' Supplies Pay CASH Pay LESS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 112 N. Liberty YOUR MONEY BACK Compliments of Compliments of W. W. SCATES and SONS nCemnant J ouSe Radiator and Wrecker Service 209 N. Liberty " 148 e» ' Compliments kainoera 6 Black and White Store " CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS " E. Lafayette Phone 7-6366 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISER ijllshi Apparel OSe 6€biy S YOUR STORE FOR FAMOUS BRANDS 210-212 E. Lafayette Phone 7-3343 « ' 3 149 Compliments of WALLICK MUSIC CO. BOND ' S Sheet Music Cpnn Band Instruments SHOE STORE Piano Teachers ' Supplies College St. dSurnieu S Slower S kop Baltimore Street " Next to the Maico " ALWAYS WELCOME AT CHARLIE ' S Day: 7-5541 Night: 7-7177 W. p. DABNEY SON Compliments of FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS HOT POINT APPLIANCES BURNEH ' S SHOE STORE Church Street where College Passes 213 E. Lafayette Phone 7-5516 Jackson, Tenn. The Five SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION SEMINARIES Invite You to Higher Training for Superior Christian Leadership GOLDEN GATE BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Berkeley. Calif., Harold K. Graves, Pres. SOUTHEASTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Wake Forest, N.C, Sydnor L. Sfealey, Pres. SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Louisville, Ky., Duke K. McCall. Pres. SOUTHWESTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Ft. Worth, Tex., J. Howard Williams, Pres. NEW ORLEANS BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY New Orleans, La., Roland Q. Leavell, Pres. " A call to preach is a call to prepare " ■« 150 • SERVING JACKSON AND MADISON COUNTY SINCE 1873 The First National Bank OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. FOR YOUR GIFTS AND JEWELRY NEEDS COME TO ROBERTS " JACKSON ' S FRIENDLY JEWELRY STORE " Engraving for Fraternities and Sororities LEXINGTON INN WARREN ' S GROCERY AND MARKET IRBY STREET AT UNION UNIVERSITY § 151 6- ALBERT ' S SLIPPER SHOP ' Jackson ' s Most Popular Shoe Store ' i lneuarcl 6 Gift and ' ineuarcl J Flower Shop 320 East Lafayette Street Jackson, Tennessee he 11 lew S ouin em " An Albert Noe Hotel " Headquarters for All Your Social Activities and Civic Functions oLet 6 Cyo Where S tudents Cyo Go Ai Walter ' s Service Station 142 Lexington Jackson, Tenn. «Br; 152 t - Property of Public F e:lations Office UNiOJNi U[ i ERSITY Jackson, Tennessee ' - -K-: " ' I ' 4 X ' -:i - -r . , - ' -.% k i ■j ' i- i -. ijC - r S ' V i?r-

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