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. Mm - ■ ' ■■■ ' ' : J 7 777 77 7777T77 ,- 7 ' ■ Build on! Build on, oh mighty soul Let the heavens be your goal Gird your loins and lift your eye To the pinnacle of the sky. Cast aside your selfish zeal Place your shoulder to the wheel Merge the parts to form the whole Build on, build on, oh mighty soul. Jhe Arnnual taPP of 1956 Editor _ : _ Barrie B right Business Manager _ Arnold Blewer Assistant Editors Bev Coleman Ann Baggett Consulting Editor _ Forrest Shearon Copy Editors Classes _ Gene Atkins Becky Moore Sandra Andrews Honors - Mary Evelyn Moore Barbara Croom Jack Massey Organizations Georgia Russell Robert Womack Loydell Smith Sports Tom Murchison Dickie Lipscomb Religion Dorothy Sisco Billy Griff-en Photography _ Raymond Burke Gayla Dennis Jim Shearin Typists _ Mary Dellinger Billy Miller Art - Jim Williams Advisors _ - Mrs. Helen Blythe Dr. Kelly Thurman " mgp cJLeSl We ovaet JONES HALL CROOK HALL ADAMS HALL ■ " STUDENT UNION BUILDING LIBRARY SCIENCE BUILDING GYMNASIUM oDedi th icauon —8(6 - The theme of the 1956 edition of Lest We Forget is building. It is, therefore, essential that this edition be dedicated to builders. No one on the staff of Union University has done more toward building confidence in Union ' s financial program than Mr. Frank Blythe. For seventeen years he has been our business manager. During the trying times of World War II, his strength and devotions were dedicated to keeping the college on a firm financial basis. Having weathered some of Union ' s most trying years, he remains a great asset in the post-war program. For many years Mrs. Frank Blythe has served as a teacher in the English Department. The personal interest she takes in each student, the understanding she has of student problems, and her never-ending p atience have helped hundreds of young people to survive the first trying year of college. For many she has been a steady source of guidance and inspiration in the years that follow graduation. In their dedicated home life and their devotion to church and community, the Blythes have contributed not only to the University but also the city of Jackson. Therefore, we devotedly dedicate this 1956 edition of Lest We Forget to consistent builders — W, and IfU 3rad Bl lk I fir. and I fin. Zrrank t Jluth r ■4 1 - Dear Students: The Annual staff has chosen the theme " Construction " for your 1955-56 yearbook. Construction is an intriguing word. It implies progress, foresight, vision, objectivity, and purpose. Your yearbook will suggest directly and indirectly the many connotations of this interesting theme. Usually when we think of construction, there comes to our minds a building, a highway, a bridge, or some other physical improvement. Your yearbook will suggest some items in that regard, because during your stay at Union University you have seen new buildings going up and being put into use almost constantly. You have seen an improved campus. You have seen improved physical facilities in department after department. Seldom have you left the campus for a period of time and returned without finding some noteworthy physical improvement. The theme of your Annual will also suggest to you the most important aspect of progress, improvement, vision, and understanding as acquired through your social and classroom contacts with fellow students and faculty members. If your years in college have fulfilled the objectives of the institution to any significant degree, you will leave the campus with an awareness of the social amenities and their value, and with an apprecia- tion of intellectual development through a store of knowledge, and a sharpened intellect to the extent that every time you observe your Annual, you will experience a sense of appreciation and gratitude for those who have made possible your Alma Mater. But no process of construction is satisfactory unless there has been a carefully devised plan for harmonious development and a rhythmic treatment of the entire process that gives refinement, culture, richness, and beauty to the whole project. Your Union University seeks above all things to make her sons and daughters keenly aware of the profound desirability of such development which comes only through proper atti- tudes, proper spirit, and proper regard for God and His way for their lives. If you have felt the impact of that factor at Union, then as you read the pages of this book, you will utter a silent prayer of thankfulness for that influence in your life; and it will grow richer as the years pass. This theme, too, does not only imply construction and progress in making of your own lives as it is done here at Union University, but it can serve as an incentive for you to think constructively and act constructively in all areas of your existence as you go out to serve society through the years. Lest we forget, we should read often " Lest We Forget. " Warmest good wishes always. Sincerely, Warren F. Jones, President -4 8 fc— OUR PRESIDENT amn T. stones es r. l Uarren jr. Ac 4 9 $■■■- LIBRARY -4 10 )►- CAFETERIA OUR PRESIDENT eJJr. Warren -_A rfoneS OUR DEAN 2V. 3. €. Wrlgkt jU m in is era lion H. H. BOSTON Vice-President Capital Enlargement Diploma, Hall-Moody Institute Diploma, Southwestern Baptist School of Music Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary D.D., Union University GLADYS IVY STONE Registrar B.S., Union University FRANK M. BLYTHE Business Manager i.S., University of Oklahom, LUCILLE ROGERS Admissions Counselor and Director of Public Relations A.B., Union University M.A., Columbia University Additional graduate work, University of Mississippi and University of Alabama TROY YOUNG Alumni Secretary and Director of Placement A.B., Union University MA., George Peabody College Additional graduate work, Harvard University -4 l3 - Staff RUTH GIBBONS Librarian A.B., Union University B.S., L.S., Peabody College ETHEL F. LUCKEY Hostess, Student Union Building and Dining Room MABEL K. WARD Assistant Librarian A.B., Carson-Newman College M.A. (L.S.). Peabody College LENA RODGERS Hostess, Lovelace Hal WILLIE MARGARET JOHNSON Hostess, Crook Hall ---§( 14 }§ ••■ J. F. RAY Audio-Visual Education A.B.. Union University Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary D.D.. Union University MILDRED BROWN Secretary to President JUANITA ALLEN Secretary to Dean FRANCES MAYS Secretary Public Relations Office LUCY JAMES Business Office MARY HALL Operator {I5 - m J-acult y ALLAN F. ARCHER Head of Dept. of Biology A.B., Harvard University M.A., University of Michigan Ph.D. University of Michigan JOHN HUGHES Head of Dept. of Music and Art A.B., Southwestern M.S.. Julliard Ch.M., American Guild of Organists All residence work completed toward Ph.D. in Musicology, New York Univ. Organ Pupil of W. Townsend, Plymouth. Enq Organ Pupil of Marcel Dupre, Paris, France. Additional Graduate work in harmony under Oliver Messiaen, Pans Conservatory, Paris. France. R. C. BRIGGS Head of Dept. of Religion and Philosophy (On leave) A.B., Southwestern State Teachers College aptist Theological Th.M., Th.D., Southe Se aptist Theological KELLY THURMAN Head of Dept. of English A.B., Western Kentucky State College M.A., University of Kentucky Ph.D., University of Iowa THOMAS O. HALL, JR. Acting Head of Dept. of Religii and Philosophy A.B., Hampden-Sidney College B.D. Southwestern Baptist Theologic. Seminary Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theologic Seminary Th.D.. Southwestern Baptist Theologic RALPH T. DONNELL Head of Department of Mathematics A.B., Cumberland University LL.B.. Cumberland University M.A., Vanderbilt University ears additional work at Univ of Tennessee RICHARD HIRAM WARD Head of Dept. of Social Sciences A.B., Carson-Newman College M.A., George Peabody College Ph.D., George Peabody College One year additional work at New Orlean: Baptist Theological Seminary WARREN ADAMS Acting Head of Department of Languages A.B., Baylor University M.A.. Baylor University Additional graduate work. University . Texas and National University of UeM ■4 l )3— 3 icultu M R CARRINGTON A ssis+a nt Professor of Education Busl it; B.S. M.S. anal Ur U Gra iversity of Ter iversity of Te duate Work. Univ WILLARD HENNING Associate Professor of Biology A.B., Miami University M.A., University of Missouri Ph.D., Ohio State University WU-CHIEH CHENG Act ng Head of Department of Chemistry B.S. in M.S., i Ph.D. i Chemistry, St. John ' s University Shanghai, China Chemistry, Kansas State Colleg 1 Chemistry, Georgia Institute o Technology WALTER KRUSCHWITZ Acting Head of Department of Physics and Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., Taylor University, Upland Indiana Vanderbilt University M.A., Additional graduate University, Univer ity of Michi DIXIE M. JONES Professor Education and Director of Guidance A.B., Blue Mountain College M.A., George Peabody College Ph.D., Ge orge Peabody College HARRIET HELEN BLYTHE Assistant Professor of English A.B., University of Oklahoma M.A., George Peabody College MARION CROCKER Assistant Professor of English M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers A. L. ALLEN Assistant Professor of Art ;ity M.A., Lou Unn tity jraculu y ' « " »V ROSA DYER RUTLEDSE Assistant Professor of History B.5., Union University M.A., George Peabody College Additional graduate work, University of Wisconsin GRACE WILLIAMS Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., Alabama Co lege M.A., George Peabody College itional Graduate Work, Northweste University ELIZABETH BRELAND LOYD Instructor in Speech Graduate diploma, Ruth Bale, Whitworth College Additional study, Curry College Boston- " ' versify of the Theater York; Acade 3f Dr, natlc Art; Colun A.B., Union University ' nal graduate work, University of B.M.. Oklahoma M.M., India Additional graduate Oklahoma, Univ, JOHN WOODS Instructor in Piano Baptist Unh ;ity vork, Univei ;ity of Indii SHIRLEY VAVRA Instructor in Voice B.M., University of Louisvi MM.. University of Indiar Additional Graduate Work, Uni Indiana CHARLES TAYLOR Professor of Greek and New Testament rsity al ■rk completed for Th.D. ELISABETH FOSSEY Assistant Professor of Music GEORGE F. MITCH Associate Professor of Business Administration B.D., Crozer Seminary M.A., University of Pennsylvania course work completed for Ph. at Columbia University -4. I8 - 3 iiCUltu DR. PAUL GRAHAM Head of Department of Education and Psychology B.5., Mississippi State College M.A., University of Mississippi Ed.D., University of Mississippi FREDERIC LUBRANI Associate Professor of Music B.Mus. Cincinnati Conservatory of Music B.Sc, University of Cincinnati M.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music All graduate work completed for D.Mus.E. University of Cincinnati and Columbia University Member of Frank Simon ' s Armco Band First Clarinetist, Huntington Symphony Orchestra, First Clarinetist Dayton DR. KARL PFLUEGER Professor of German B.A., Muhlenberg College Ph.D., University of Wisconsi BUFORD UTLEY Assistant Professor of History B.S., Memphis State College M.A., George Washington University MISS CARRIE BAILEY B.S., M.A. Peabody College Peabody College MRS. C. E. MILES Assistant Professor of English A.B., Blue Mountain College M.A., Vanderbilt University JACK RUSSELL Head of Department of Physical Education and Director of Athletics DEE E. RICE Instructor in Latin r Z -4 ! ' ►- J-rednmen i iadd Lyf-ficerd Vice-President HARRELL JONES Jackson, Tennessee President REED SANDERLIN Memphis, Tennessee Secretary ELLEN MILES Dresden, Tennessee Chaplain RAY POLLARD Whitehaven, Tennessee -4 22 ) - jrredhi SANDRA ANDREWS Memphis, Tennessee RUTH AZBILL ANN BAGGETT Cooter, Missouri Memphis, Tennesse CHARLES BARNES Plainfield, New Jersey f jBsjjiik ; " BILL BROWN Huntingdon, Tenne ' ■■4 23 fr Isrredm BILLY BURCH RAYMOND BURKE Moscow, Tennessee Millington, Tennessee DONNA CHAPMAN Millington, Tennessee ERNEST CARTER Millington, Tennesse -4 24 }3- jrredhi r WILLIAM GEORSE Ridgely. Tennessee - { 25 $ jrredhi PAT HALL Huntingdon, Tennesse RAN HAMMETT Lexington. Tennesse DONALD HOPPER Tiplersville, Mississippi 26}3 - srreihi lb- _. BRUCE JOLLY Frayser, Tennessee PETER RHEA JONES Dyersburg, Tennessee -§{27)a— jrredhi MARCIA ANN LINCOLN Memphis, Tennessee DICKEY LIPSCOMB Memphis, Tennessee PAT L. LOWREY Memphis. Tennesset WILTON LYNN Union City, Tenness DAVID MALOY Memphis, Tennesse ■4 28 }§.•- jrredhmen BOBBY NEWTON Fulton, Kentucky BRUCE PARRISH LANNIE PASCHALL Dyersburg, Tennessee Jackson, Tennessee ■• §{ 29 fc- PAUL SANDERFER Union City, Tennessee srredm DOROTHY SISCO GERALD SMITH JAMES SMITH MARY ANN SMITH Maplewood, Missouri Somerville, Tennessee Bolivar, Tennessee Grand Junction, Tennessee NORMAN SMITH REBECCA SNELLINGS GERRE SNYDER JAMES SORRELL Bemis, Tennessee Somerville, Tennessee Pinckneyville, Illinois Dyersburg, Tennessee -4 30 }§— HAROLD STANFILL Jackson, Tennessee JOAN TERRY Somerville, Tennessee JACQULYNE TRITT Maury City, Tennessee J-reAnmen BRUCE STEPHENS Lexington, Tennessee KENNETH STORY Paducah, Kentucky JOHN TAYLOR Bells, Tennessee MARY NELLE THOMAS Covington, Tennessee BOBBY VAUGHN Brighton, Tennessee ■4. 3 I )§- J Tredhi JERRY VAUGHN Brighton, Tennessee DICK WAKEFIELD Hartville, Missouri ROBERT E. WALKER Memphis, Tennessee DERYL WATSON Bemis, Tennessee MIRIAM WATT Union City, Tennessee LINDA WILBANKS Memphis, Tennessee KEITH WOOSTER Alpeno, Michigan DELORES WORD Memphis, Tennessee IRIS WYRICK Dyersburg, Tennessee -4 32 J3- tjPofokctnc ieb K A v C= Now the foundation you have laid You cannot linger in the shade, Moments lost are not regained Set the form and build the frame. Mi Sophomore ( iadd Sffi icers Vice-President CHARLES SCHULER Eva, Tennessee President JIM MARTIN Bismark, Missouri Secretary PAT BLANKENSHIP Memphis, Tennessee Chaplain CHARLES TAPP Memphis, Tennessee ■hK 34 j»- om ores MARY CAROLINE ALLCOCK Melber, Kentucky WARREN BANKS Jackson, Tennessee BARRIE BRIGHT Memphis. Tennessee ROGER BULLARD ROBERT W. CAMPBELL Memphis. Tennessee Milan, Tennessee JERRY CHATHAM Jackson, Tennessee DEAN CLARK Raleigh, Tennessee ROYCE WATLINGTON Dyersburg, Tennessee MARTHA COTTRELL Lexington, Tennessee -4 35 }§— DON DILLINGHAM Boaz, Kentucky JANICE DOTSON Dyersburg, Tennessee GEORGE FISHER Bemis, Tennessee WILLIAM FLACK Memphis, Tennessee EMILY FLOWERS Medina, Tennessee PATRICIA HAMMONDS Jackson, Tennessee it j JAMES HART Jackson, Tennessee NAOMI HAYSLIP Memphis, Tennessee GAYLE KILLMAN Millington, Tennessee -4 36 $■■■- omored SHELIA MORRIS Wickliffe, Kentucky BETTY OWEN Old Hickory, Tenne li4li -4. 37 fy- 3owA onto red MARILYN ROBINSON THOMAS D. ROBINSON Mercer, Tennessee Denmark, Tennessee JAMES WATTS Spring Creek, Tennessee BETTY SMITH Jackson, Tennessee CAROLYN TISDALE Whiteville, Tennessee DICK VINCENT Wingo, Kentucky NANCY WALLACE Friendship, Tennessee JANIE WILLIAMS Bells, Tennessee 38}3— SENIORS NOT PICTURED Adams, William, Jackson, Tennessee Alexander, Bettye, Jackson, Tennessee Arnold, Lois Hopper, Jackson, Tennessee Atkins, Gene, Memphis, Tennessee Chance, Jerry, Memphis, Tennessee Criswell, Jack, Jackson, Tennessee Elam, Billy, Richland, Missouri Goodman, Robert, Union City, Tennessee Gross, Martha, Milan, Tennessee Guy, Homer, Booneville, Mississippi Handy, Eugene, Memphis, Tennessee Hardee, Doris, Jackson, Tennessee Hill, Keith, Ripley, Tennessee Hiscox, Gladys, Jackson, Tennessee Jones, Peggy Frances, Jackson, Tennessee Livingston, Robert, Memphis, Tennessee Long, Lawrence Carl, Jackson, Tennessee Nelson, Wilburn, Milan, Tennessee Pairrish, Lewis, Crystal Springs, Mississippi Pratt, Lenard, Henderson, Tennessee Saunders, Robert Earl, Wynnburg, Tennessee Sewell, Billie, Pontotoc, Mississippi Sharrock, Roger, LaFayette, Georgia Shearin, Jim, Jackson, Tennessee Smith, William Oliver, Jackson, Tennessee JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Bateman, Jo Frances, Memphis, Tennessee Bible, Bill, Humboldt, Tennessee Bickers, Billy, Ripley, Tennessee Bird, Ershel, Cactus, Texas Bishop, Don, Elizabethtown, Kentucky Burgess, Dorris, Jackson, Tennessee Coleman, Bevley Ray, Medina, Tennessee Cox, Fred, Dudley, Missouri Crider, Ernest Lou, Bells, Tennessee Crocker, Morris, Jackson, Tennessee DeBerry, Dick, Humboldt, Tennessee Elam, Velma, Richland, Missouri Free, John, Jackson, Tennessee Gass, James, Jackson, Tennessee Hausser, Charles, Eldorado, Illinois Holder, Evelyn, Jackson, Tennessee Horton, Ray, Clinton, Tennessee Hughes, Wilson, Ft. Pierce, Florida Jones, Billie Sue, Bemis, Tennessee Jones, Carl, Jackson, Tennessee Kerr, Troy, Guntown, Mississippi Kiestler, Wayne Eleo, McNairy, Tennessee Ledbetter, Jo Anne, Shelby, North Caroline Lowry, Sammy, Jackson, Tennessee McDonald, L. Margaret, Doyle, Tennessee Miller, Billy W., Jackson, Tennessee Moore, Rebecca, Memphis, Tennessee Moore, Sidney, Memphis, Tennessee Nanney, John C, Belis, Tennessee Nelson, Alvin, Jackson, Tennessee Newman, Evelyn, Jackson, Tennessee Noblett, Bill, Memphis, Tennessee Only, Sherry, Jackson, Tennessee Pate, Edsel, Bradford, Tennessee Peace, Betty, Rutherfordton, North ' Carolina Rose, John, Ripley, Tennessee Shaw, Emily, Jackson, Tennessee Spencer, Mary, Jackson, Tennessee Swain, Helen, Memphis, Tennessee Thomas, Martha, Jackson, Tennessee Thomas, Ralph, Memphis, Tennessee Truett, Eddie, Jackson, Tennessee Walker, Janette, Brownsville, Tennessee White, Oliver, Jackson, Tennessee Wilson, Harold, Buchanan, Tennessee SOPHOMORES Beare, Richard Leslie, Jackson, Tennessee Belew, George, Bradford, Tennessee Bray, Elizabeth Ann, Trenton, Tennessee Coburn, Charles Robert, Jackson, Tennessee Coltrain, Rubyn, Milan, Tennessee Crocker, Carolyn, Jackson, Tennessee Crowell, Bobby Charles, Jackson, Tennessee Dudley, Eugene, Rector, Arkansas Elliot, Florence, Jackson, Tennessee Fisher, George, Bemis, Tennessee Gardner, Kent, Jackson, Tennessee Garey, Joan, West Memphis, Arkansas Hamilton, James, Trenton, Tennessee NOT PICTURED Hardy, Charles, Mounds, Illinois House, Sammy ' Joe, Jackson, Tennessee Jernigan, Ray, Hornsby, Tennessee Killman, Gayle, Blair, Oklahoma Loyd, Lenard, Jackson, Tennessee McCommon, John B., Saulsbury, Tennessee McMahan, Orville, Medon, Tennessee Mann, Betty, Bemis, Tennessee Meadows, John K., Lexington, Tennessee Michael, Alta, Selmer, Tennessee Nichols, Terry, Dyersburg, Tennessee Orrell, Gordon, Jackson, Tennessee Osborne, Bobby, Jackson, Tennessee -- 39)3— SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Parks, Mrs. W. D., Brownsville, Tennessee Piercey, Darrell, Jackson, Tennessee Powers, John, Jackson, Tennessee Reeves, J. V., Darden, Tennessee Robbins, Gay E., Pinson, Tennessee Sewell, Lewis, Newbern, Tennessee Shockley, Donald, St. Louis, Missouri Simmons, Carl, Jackson, Tennessee Stutts, Wildy, Friendship, Tennessee Thomas, James, Jackson, Tennessee Thompson, Bobby, Trenton, Tennessee Todd, Bobby Lee, Palmersville, Tennessee Trayler, Tolbert, Meridian, Mississippi White, Ernest, Medina, Tennessee White, Robert Boothe, Jr., Jackson, Tennessee Wilkins, Robert Herman, Bemis, Tennessee Williams, Katie Fern, Bells, Tennessee Wylie, Ronnie, Hornsby, Tennessee FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Alexander, Johnny, Puryear, Tennessee Anderson, Dick, Greenville, Michigan Arnold, Jerry Paul, Jackson, Tennessee Baxter, Sara, Jackson, Tennessee Black, Robert, Milan, Tennessee Burdette, Theadora, Jack son, Tennessee Butler, James, Trenton, Tennessee Caldwell, William, Memphis, Tennessee Christie, Dan Joseph, Humboldt, Tennessee Christie, Donald Thomas, Humboldt, Tennessee Clark, Theadore, St. Albans, Vermont Clayton, John A., Jackson, Tennessee Cook, Milton, Dyersburg, Tennessee Cooper, John, Kenton, Tennessee Coughlin, Joseph Albert, Jackson, Tennessee Davidson, Jere, Trenton, Tennessee Davis, Carolyn Sue, Anna, Illinois Dorris, Mildred Delores, Grand Junction, Tenn. Earp, William, Jackson, Tennessee Ferrell, Prentess, Memphis, Tennessee Forbis, James, Beech Bluff, Tennessee Granger, Gerald Thomas, Medon, Tennessee Granger, Lynn, Bemis, Tennessee Hall, William, Jackson, Tennessee Haney, Billy J., Bemis, Tennessee Henson, Elizabeth, Bemis, Tennessee Hill, Jerald, Paris, Tennessee Horn, G. W., Camden, Tennessee Hunter, Betty, Alamo, Tennessee Jerrett, Willard A., Kuttowa, Kentucky Kerr, Bobby Patterson, Savannah, Tennessee Lannom, Carmon, Dyer, Tennessee Lowden, Leo, Marion, Ohio McCord, William, Corinth, Mississippi Mclntire, Billy, Bethel Springs, Tennessee McKenzie, Cletus Ray, Bemis, Tennessee McKenzie, Robert, Bemis, Tennessee McWherter, Bobby, Jackson, Tennessee Massey, Jackson L., Jackson, Tennessee Moore, Melvin Fay, Jackson, Tennessee Morris, Benjamin, Memphis, Tennessee Phillips, Jerry, Jackson, Tennessee Pickens, Herman L., Jackson, Tennessee Presson, Alan, Camden, Tennessee Presson, Bobby, Bemis, Tennessee Ragan, Charles, Malesus, Tennessee Replogle, Jerry Mack, Jackson, Tennessee Rose, Tommy, Arlington, Kentucky Sanderlin, Robert, Memphis, Tennessee Scott, James Carl, Jackson, Tennessee Selph, Justice, Covington, Tennessee Sheppard, William, Greenville, Michigan Shoemaker, Jerry, Jackson, Tennessee Smith, Sidney, Memphis, Tennessee Stansell, Edgar, Jackson, Tennessee Stephens, Bruce, Lexington, Tennessee Stewart, Betty, Jackson, Tennessee Stewart, Marlin, Henderson, Tennessee Strohl, James, Memphis, Tennessee Sutton, Henry, Jackson, Tennessee Teague, Ronald, Detroit, Michigan Tillman, Kenneth, Jackson, Tennessee Townsend, Phil, Jackson, Tennessee Tucker, Paul, Henderson, Tennessee Upton, Bobby, Jackson, Tennessee Vinson, Billy, Adamsville, Tennessee Waldrop, Robert, Henderson, Tennessee Warren, Harry Odell, Bemis, Tennessee Whitnel, Shelby Lee, Anna, Illinois Williams, Sandra Cecile, Humboldt, Tennessee Winston, Robert, Jackson, Tennessee Wise, Sandra, Clarkton, Missouri Wren, Eleanor, Jackson, Tennessee Young, Marvin, Toone, Tennessee SPECIAL STUDENTS NOT PICTURED Allen, Juanita, Jackson, Tennessee Barham, James, Jackson, Tennessee Coats, Mary, Jackson, Tennessee Eason, Thomas, Bemis, Tennessee Harris, Elizabeth, Jackson, Tennessee Herron, Burke, Jackson, Tennessee Howell, Anne, Lexington, Tennessee Morrison, Jessie, Jackson, Tennessee -4 40 )»•• Aunior ( iadd Lsfficerd President BOBBY MOORE Jackson, Tennessee Vice-President JOHNNY ROSE (not pictured) Ripley, Tennessee Secretary SANDRA TAYLOR Sharon, Tennessee Chaplain FRANCISCO ROQUE Havana, Cuba --e{42}3— BILLY J. BICKERS Ripley, Tennessee unior S KATHRYNE CORNELL ARGO R ' rdgely, Tennessee DONALD BORUM Cape Girardeau, Missouri MARY JO BLAIACK Brighton, Tennessee HAYES BEARD Gates, Tennessee HAZEL BONDURANT Fulton, Kentucky TOMMY BRINKLEY Memphis, Tennessee ROBIN COFFMAN Ripley, Tennessee -4 43 )3— r WILLIAM CORDLE Covington, Tennessee union DON COWAN Jackson, Tennessee JESSE CRISWELL Dyersburg, Tennessee JANET DOANE St. Joseph, Missouri RUDOLPH L. FITTS Aiamo, Tennessee JERRY HORNER Dyersburg, Tennetse CLARENCE JOHNSEY Jackson, Tennessee NORA JANE KELLY Jackson, Tennessee JUDSON LAMBERT Memphis, Tennessee H( 44 ]►- union JOYCE McNAMARA Norfolk, Virginia WADE PARIS Atlanta, Georgia BILL PUTMAN Finley, Tennessee MARY ANN SHEARIN Hickory Valley, Tennessee DOT SIMPSON RAY SIMPSON JILL SKINNER Brownsville, Tennessee Memphis, Tennessee Memphis, Tennessee -4. 45 fe- uniorA ROSEMARIE SLOVER Covington, Tennessee MORRIS SMITH Memphis, Tennessee JOYCE STALLINGS WILLIAM STRICKLIN Brownsville, Tennessee Belgrade, Missouri JOE RAY SWAIN Brighton, Tennessee BONNIE THOMAS Jackson, Tennessee RITA TILLMAN Jackson, Tennessee RODGER VAN METRE Elizabethtown, Kentucky SYLVIA VISE Memphis, Tennessee ••■$ 46 ) -- icers President FORREST SHEARON, A.B. Bol ivar, Ten nessee President of Senior Class ' 55- ' 54; Editor of lest We Forget ' 54- ' 5S; Alpha Tau Omega ' 52- ' 56, WKA ' 54, WC ' 56; History Club ' 53- ' 56. President ' 54 ' 55; F.T.A. first Vice- President ' 55- ' 56; Latin Club ' 52- ' 54; Adams Hall Council ' 53- ' 54; Ministerial Association ' 52- ' 5o; Junior and Senior Class Speaker; Senior Escort to Miss Union. Vice-President RUSSELL TUCK, JR., B.S. Bradford, Tennessee Science Club ' 53- ' 5 . President ' 54- ' 55, Vice- President ' 55- ' 56; President of Adams Hall Council ' 55- ' 56; rVT.A. ' 55- ' 5 ; B.S.U. Council. First Vice-President ' 55- ' 56; Vice-President of Senior Class; Nestor Club ' 55- ' 56; Mr. Union ' 55- ' 5 ; Who ' s Who ' 55- ' 56. Chaplain WILLIAM C. TREADWELL, JR., B.S. Kingsport, Tennessee B.S.U. ' 54- ' 55, President ' 55- ' 56; M.A. ' 54- ' 55. Secretary ' 54- ' 55, Vice-President ' St; Junior Class Chaplain; Senior Class Chaplain; Most Popular Boy ' S4- ' 55; Student Council. Secretary BETTY CASTLEMAN, A.B. Chaffee, Missouri Zeta Tau Alpha ' 54- ' 56. Best Pledge ' 53- ' 54, Social Chai rman ' 54- ' 55, Rush Chairman ' 55- ' 5a; Sweetheart of ATO ' 54- ' 55; Basketball Maid ' S4- ' 5S. ' 55- ' 56; Ten Most Beautiful Girls ' 54- ' 55; B.S.U.; Y.W.A.; F.T.A. ; Hypatia; Transfer from Southeast Missouri State College. •■-§( 48 )§►.. .s en lord Thelma Crews Barker, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha 1952-1956, Best Pledge 1952, Cor- responding Secretary 1955- 1956; Prince-Davis Science Club, Secretary 1953-1954, President 1954-1955; Lest We Forget Staff 1952-1955, Business Manager 1953-1954; Cardinal and Cream 1953- 1955; F.T.A. 1955-1956. Emmett Barnes A.B. President Life Service 1954; Treasurer B.S.U 1955; Vice-President University Ministerial A ciation 1955. Unii Gene Burns, A.B. Connersville, Indiana Robert Ray Cagle, B.S. Martha Carrington Cole, B.M. Parsons, Tennessee Who ' s Who 1956- B.S.U. La Nell Taylor Barnes, A.B. 1954-1955; Vice-President Allegro Club 1954-1956; Band 1953-1955; Accom- Jackson, Tennessee panist Union University B.S.U. Council 1954-1955;. Chorus 1953-1956; Pianist Life Service Band 1954-1955; Y.W.A. 1952 1953; Pianist Y.W.A. Life Service Band 1952-1953. Ormond Barnes, A.B. Memphis. Tennessee ■4 49 )§►•- Donald Brooks Coleman, A.B. Central City, Kentucky S.A.E.; Who ' s Who; Math Club; Nestor Club; Hypa- tia; Varsity Basketball 1953- 1954- Varsity Tennis 1952- 1956; Mr. Union 1954-1955; President Student Body 1955-1956. J s. emori l George T. Crocker, B.S. Science Club 1 953-1954 Vice-Presioent, Nestor Out 1955-1956: Reporter, Mai lory Math Club 1955-1956 Publicity Director of B.S.U 1955-1956; Who ' s Who ir American Colleges Universities 1955-1956 nd Dale H. Crockett, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Ministerial Association- Assistant Director of Sen- ior Class Play; Played in " Outward Bound. " Alma Jean Cunningham, A.B. Norene, Tennessee Y.W.A. 1954-1956; Circle Secretary 1954-1955; Com- munity Missions Chairman 1955-1956; Chorus 1954- 1956; Hypatia 1955-1956; B.S.U. 1954-1956; B.S.U. Choir 1954-1955; Theta Kappa Pi 1956. Evelyn Donnell, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Chorus 1952-1953- Allegro Club 1952-1956, Secretary. Treasurer 1953-1954; Math Club 1952-1956, Secretary- Treasurer 1955, President 1955-1956; Chi Omega Fraternity 1952-1956 Treas- urer 1954-1955 Vice-Presi- dent 1955-1956; B.S.U. Council, Religious Editor 1953-1955; Student Council, Vice-President 1955-1956; Who ' s Who. lilly Joe Duckworth, A.B. Mi; iippi Un Uni- ty Ministerial Association Vice-President 955-1956; Rice Latin Club ' ice- President 1954- 1 955 : ' resident 1955-1956. Mana Duckworth, A.B. Brandon, Mississippi B.S.U. 1953-1956; Chorus 1953-1954; Secretary Fresh- man Class; Theta Kappa Pi 1956; Los Picaros 1954-1955. Dorothy Durham, A.B. Ripley. Tennessee F.T.A.; Spanish Club- Sec- retary of Sophomore Class- President of Lovelace Hall Dormitory; Chorus 1952- 1954; B.S.U.; Y.W.A ■ Life Service Band. Bob Elliott, A.B. Blandville, Kentucky - 4 50 ►- William H. Foster, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Prince-Davis Science Club; Ministerial Association. Robert Edward Given, B.S. Ripley, Tennessee S, en lord Martha Ann Gross, A.B. Milan, Tennessee of Doris Sue Hardee, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Chi Omega, Best Pledgi 1952-1953; Y.W.A. Circli Chairman 1953-1954; B.S.U. Junior Class Secretary 1954 1955; Future Teach America 1955-1956; Pan hellenic Council 1955-1956 Chi Omega Personne Chairman 1954-1955. Joyce Henry, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Chi Omega Secretary 1954- 1955, President 1955-1956; B.S.U. Council 1955-1956; Greek Council 1955-1956; Student Council 1955-1956; Junior Class Maid 1954- 1955; Cheerleader 1952-1956- Basketball Maid 1952-1954; Los Picaros Vice-President 1954-1955; Annual Staff 1954-1956; Best-AII-Around Girl 1954-1955; Future Teachers of America 1955- 1956; Senior Class Maid to Miss Union 1955-1956. Herrell Wade Herriman, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Sigma Alpha Epsilon, So- cial Chairman 1953-1954; Mallory Math Club 1953- 1956. ackson, Tennessee Sarah Hopper, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee • ]{ 5 I }?«■ s. en lord James C. Howell B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Mallory Math Club I l?54 Vice-President I I956 : Nestor Club 1956; S.A.E. Frate E.D.A. 1956; School 1954. 1955- •nity- Play Billy G. Hurt, A.B. Hazel, Kentucky Rice Latin Club; History Club; Ministerial Associa- tion; Phi Alpha Theta- Transfer from Cumberland College. Frances Jones, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee B.S.U. Council, Church Representative 1952-1953- Club 1952-1954 ship Ch; 1953-1954 Spanish ' Club Secretary 1954 Enqlish ■ Future ica 1955-1956 Chi Omeg, Chapter Cor 1953-1954 Vic 1954-1955 1955-1956 1954-1955; Hypatia ety 1955-1956; of Amer- 1956; Mi: Pledge trainer Who ' s Who in Colleaes 1955- Union 1955-1956. p eggy Ann B.S. Jones, H umbo dt, Te nnessee B.S.U . Ser refary 1954-1955 Life Servi e Ba id Secre tary iv.s; -1954; Mallory Math Club Secre tary 1955- 1956; hit. re Te schers ol Amer ca Presid snt 1955- 1956; Who ' ! Who in Amer- ican Colle qes Universi- ties IVbb 1956; Hypatia 1955-1956- Y.W.A . Library Staff 1952-1956. •4. 52 }§- Joy Jack Ann A.B. on. Te -ane Lat n Ch o 1954 1956 Pro- qra -n Ch irman 1956- His- tory Club 1954-1955 (Sec- rets ry), P esiden IVhd • Chi Om eg a 1955-1956, Treas- Bernice Parker Long, B.M. Jacks (Sc ish Club) 1955-1956; Allegro Club 1953-1956; Chorus 1953-1956; Transfer from Miss. State College for Women. Vance- Marberry, A.B. Pinson, Tennessee Charles Reginald Maraman, A.B. Sturgis, Kentucky s. en i or 5 Ernest Gene McKay, A.B. Louisville. Kentucky Jane Norville, A.B. Memphis, Tennessee Footlights; Y.W.A.; B.S.U.; Theta Kappa Pi Secretary 1955, Treasurer 1956; F.T.A. 1955, 1956; President of Crook 1956; Zeta Tau Alpha; Chorus, 1953; Shelbians. Beverly Piclcler, A.B. Memphis, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha 1952-1956 Pledge President 1952 1953, President 1955 1956 Footlights; F.T.A. ■ Hypatia Y.W.A. 1952-1956- B.S.U. Shelbians Club; Choru ' 1952-1956; Theta Kappe Pi (Home Economic! Club); Girls ' Ensemble. Bradley Pinson, B.S. Bemls, Tennessee Mary Ruth Pearson, A.B. May Elizabeth Riddle, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Jackson, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha. Vice-Pres- ident 1955-1956; Home Economics Club 1953-1954; Science Club 1954, 1955; Future Teachers 1955, 1956. Prince-Davis Science Club 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956; Rice Latin Club 1953-1955, Re- porter 1954, 1955; Future Teachers of America- 1955, 1956. Murray H. Pearson, A.B. James H. Scott Humboldt, Tennessee A.B. S.A.E. Jackson, Tennessee -4 53 )3- s. eniori Bill Seratt A.B. Dyersburg, Tennessee Bobby Sims, A.B. Alamo, Tennessee Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities: Rotary Foundation Fellow- ship; President of Junior Class 1954-1955; Alpha Psi Omega, President 1955- 1956; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice-President 1955-1956; Nestor Club. Secretary 1955-1956; Rutledge History Club, Treasurer 1953-1954; German Club; Hypatia; Footliahts Club; Ma of Lest We Forget 1954- 1955 and of Cardinal and Cream 1953-1954. Jo Ann Sims, A.B. Willisburg, Kentucky Jerry Wayne Sisk, A.B. Providence, Kentucky Don Smith, A.B. McLeansboro, Illinois Jnion University Ministeria ssociation 1953-1956, Pres dent 1956; Baseball. Marian Smith, A.B. Milan, Tennessee B.S.U. Council 1955 1956; Rice Latin Club 1953-1956; Future Teachers of Amer- ica; Y.W.A. 1952-1956; Li- brary Staff 1953-1956. Robert Earl Wakefield, A.B. Hartville, Missouri Nestor Club 1955, I9S6; German Club 1954. 1955, 1956. Martha Frances Watkins, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Los Picaros 1955, 1956; B.S.U. 1953-1956; Theta Kappa Pi 1956; Chorus 1953. 1954, 1956; B.S.U. Chorus 1956. --§{ 54 }e- s. en lord James O. Williams, A.B. Hypatia 1955-1956; Sen 1955-1956, Club, •.ident Glenda Whittle, A.B. Memphis, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary 1953-1954; Historian 1955; President Crook Hall 1955; Home Economics Club 1954-1755; Future Teachers of America 1955-1956; Shel- bians 1955. Club, President Program Chair- man 1954-1955; Nestor Club, President 1955-1956; Editor of Cardinal and Cream 1955-1956- Annual Staff 1955-1956; Student Council 1955-1956; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-Presi- dent 1955, President 1956; Greek Council 1955-1956; Footlights Club 1955-1956; Junior Class Play 1954; Play " Harvey " 1955. Lee Wyatt, Jr., A.B. Bristol, Tennessee Ministerial Association 1955; History Club; Ger- man Club. Joyce Young, A.B. Greenfield, Tennessi B.S.U. Coi 1955-1956; 1956; Life 1952-1956; 1955-1956. ncil 1953-1954, Y.W.A. 1952- Service Band Library Staff --§( 55 )3 - l L ho ' d Who rntona students -Armerican L olleaed -Arnd l lniverditieA " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " is a national publication in which recognition is given to outstanding college students. These students are approved by the college administration and are appointed on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character and extra curricular activities. Public recognition of the worthy achievements of nine of the students of Union University has been made by their selection for this honor. Their pictures and lists of their activities are given on the following five pages. This is an honor of which to be proud. We know these selected ones will uphold and humbly bear the honor in years to come. •4 58 )»- jrranced Ai one 5 A very capable personality, Frances, from Jackson, Tennessee, has been active as vice-president and pledge trainer of Chi Omega, secretary of Los Picaros, and a mem- ber of F.T.A., Footlights Club, and the Home Economics Club. Frances was also honored by her fellow-students when she was elected this year to be Miss Union. Frances will be a worthy addition to America ' s ranks of elementary school teachers. rUjonald ( .otei Don, from Central City, Ky., has won much recognition at Union. He has been chosen to such honors as Mr. Union, President of Student Body, and Senior Most Likely to Succeed. Don also served as vice-president and president of the Mallory Math Club. His plans for the future center around a teaching position in which he can teach math in secondary schools. oDorothu oDurki From Ripley, Tennessee, Dot Durham brought Christian character and ability that has been demonstrated as president of Love- lace Hall, and as an active member of B.S.U., Y.W.A., Chorus and Spanish Club. Dot ' s life objectives are teaching and missionary work. Ljeorae Crocker George, from Somerville, Tennessee, has shown his fine abilities by serving as vice- president of Prince-Davis Science Club, B.S.U. Council member, and member of Mallory Math Club and the Chorus. George plans to teach in the field of mathematics. " thu L i amnalon L oie Martha, a recent bride, is an accom- plished pianist from Parsons, Tennessee. Martha has served the school as B.S.U. pianist, accompanist for the chorus, vice- president of the Allegro Club and she is a member of the Y.W.A. She plans to continue her studies at the Seminary which she will attend with her husband. fKuddeil Jucr, Ar. One of the most proven leaders at Union is Russell Tuck, from Bradford, Tennessee. Russell ' s leadership has been felt as president of Prince-Davis Science Club, president of Adams Hall, vice-president of the Senior Class, and treasurer of the Nestor Club. Russell ' s fellow-students have shown their appreciation by electing him this year to be Mr. Union. Russell plans to teach or work in industrial chemistry. f- eaau rnn AoneS Peggy, a friendly lady from Humboldt, Tennessee, has used her fine ability as presi- dent of F.T.A., secretary of B.S.U., and as a member of Mallory Math Club and Y.W.A. Peggy ' s abilities will further be used in the elementary teaching field which she plans to enter. I llla.ru C ueiun oLJonneii Evelyn, from Jackson, is one of the most efficient little ladies on Union ' s campus. She has proven this by serving as vice-president of the Student Government, vice-president of Chi Omega, and president of the Mallory Math Club. She is an active member of the Allegro Club and the B.S.U. Evelyn plans to continue her studies in graduate school. -4 62 }§►•• IZoLrtBJtSi Alamo, Tennessee, sent Union one of her most capable students, Robert Sims. Bobby has taken an active part in campus activities, serving as secretary of the Nestor Club, vice- president of Phi Alpha Theta, president of Alpha Psi Omega, treasurer of the Rutledge History Club, president and treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and member of Hypatia. Bobby recently received a scholarship for graduate study in Australia. -4 " is . m, u -4. 64 ►- RUSSELL TUCK r Wis Vn FRANCES JONES •-$ 65 )§►- L Acortd Jo rreihman C icorti SANDRA MILLER AND JOHNNY ORR r Sophomore (L-icoi4i PAT BLANKENSHIP AND CHARLES SCHULER - ( 66 }£•- WliM U nion Senior C icorti JOYCE HENRY AND FORREST SHEARON sfunior (L-Jcor j SANDRA TAYLOR AND EDSEL PATE 4 67 } Bed tfl-A-ound Bo -4 68 ]3 DONALD COWAN 1 PAT BLANKENSHIP : -4 69 fy Wod Pop Jar Boy BOBBY MOORE •4 70 )§-• ivloit J opular WtVf JOYCE McNAMARA 4 7 I jfe.. Senior Wait J Le u to Succeed DONALD COLEMAN I -4. 72 }§►- S.J£Q LOUISE JOHNSON -M 75 )§•- trawberru la{u -4 76 jfr GEORGIA RUSSELL %d Wad DELORES ELSTON Second Wad NANCY BAKER Jhe ( ourt -4 77 - Sopkomore Waid JANICE DOTSON Senior Waid BETTY CASTLEMAN U2adketba.il VUlaids Junior Waid MARY EVELYN CLAYBROOK % ei kman Waid DELORES ELSTON k w d5eautiPut (Each is a Beauty in her own right and the order is not significant) Wod ll5eautiful Q man ueen I DELORES ELSTON FRESHMAN QUEEN ' S COURT -4. 84 J - i ni (dkmA Wait, oh soul, still there ' s more Hang the welcome on the door Companionship with fellowmen Brings comfort, unity, and friends. Jhe student Council President DONALD COLEMAN Vice-President EVELYN DONNELL Secretary ILA SHAW MEMBERS BILLY GRIFFEN— Freshman Representative JANETTE WALKER — Sophomore Representative BILL NOBLETT— Junior Representative ED GIVENS — Senior Representative JUSTINE MOORE— Lovelace Hall Re presentative MARY EVELYN MOORE— Crook Hall Representative BILLY BICKERS— Adams Hall Representative RITA TILLMAN — Non-residents Representative JOYCE HENRY— Greek Representative EMMETT BARNES— B.S.U. Representative JIM WILLIAMS — Cardinal and Cream Representative BARRIE BRIGHT— Lest We Forget Representative Sponsors — Dr. T. O. Hall and Mr. Walter Kruschwitz - •»}{ 87 K " Cardinal and L ream Editor— JIM WILLIAMS— Standing Associate Editor— JERRY HORNER— Seated Members of Staff at Work STAFF EDITOR _..-- - Jim Williams ASSOCIATE EDITORS _ Jerry Horner and Bev Coleman SPORTS EDITOR _ - Tom Murchison BUSINESS MANAGER - Joan Terry FRATERNITY REPORTERS Peggy Trevathan, Sonny Johnsey, Glenda, Stanfill, Royce Watlington REPORTERS Billy Griffen, Barbara Croom, Georgia Russell, Forrest Shearon, Bobby Womack, Jack Massey, Dicky Lipscomb, Bill Miller, Martha Ann Gross, Gayle Killman CO-SPONSORS Mrs. Frank Blythe and Dr. Kelly Thurman Left to Right— Ann Baggstt, Mrs. Blythe, Mary Evelyn Moore, Bob Womacle, Tom Murchison, Dot Sisco, Forrest Shearon, Sandra Andrews, Barrie Bright, Barbara Croom, Georgia Russell, Billy Griffen. Left to Right — Raymond Burke, Photographer: Arnold Blewer.Business Manager; Barrie Bright, Editor. - % 89 fr JennedSee C ta of iama rlphcL C psilon Founded at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 9, 1856 Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold Flower: Purple Violet Fraternity! What is it? It is a brotherhood; a group of men who have subjugated their own selfish feelings and self-centered interests, and have placed in supreme position a deep interest and concern for their brothers. This ideal was the spark which burst forth into a brilliant flame one hundred years ago in the hearts of eight men attending the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Thus Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a fraternity with high ideals and standards, was born. This frater- nity was destined to spread and last. In the century just gone, more than 90,000 college men have carried on the tra- dition of our great and noble fraternity and it has grown to national proportions, hav- ing 139 chapters in 46 states, Tennessee Eta, the fourth chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, celebrates this year her 99th birthday. During the year Tennessee Eta initiated 16 undergraduates into the active chapter giving us one of the largest active chapters in our long history. In a social nature, this year the Coronation Banquet was highlighted by the crown- ing of the beautiful Miss Louise Johnson as SAE Queen. The Christmas party for nine underprivileged boys of the Jackson area warmed the hearts of all present. The greatest and largest Founder ' s Day ever held by Tennessee Eta focused attenion on our 1 00th anniversary. With several parties held occasionally at the chapter house throughout the term, the year seemed complete. However, the climax to this great social year came in the form of the Spring Splash. Ask any Sig Alph, he will tell you that this was a social year to remember. The Sig Alphs were in the limelight again this year as honors were heaped on its members. Brother Don Coleman held the reigns for the Student Body as President of the Student Government Association. Sig Alphs were found at the head of both college publications; Jim Williams served as editor of the Cardinal and Cream, and Barrie Bright was editor of the annual you are now reading, the Lest We Forget. Two brothers, Bob Sims and Don Coleman, were listed in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " Don Cowan was elected Best All Around Boy and Don Coleman was elected Senior Most Likely to Succeed. The presidency was held in the Nestor Club, Prince-Davis Science Club, Hypatia, and Alpha Psi Omega by Sig Alphs as were the vice-presidency of Phi Alpha Theta and the Mallory Math Club. SAE was represented in all sports. Don Cowan and Arnold Blewer served as Cheerleaders. Spurred on by the old Phi Alpha spirit, the SAE intramural bas- ketball team went undefeated to take the field in intramural basketball. The SAE ' s served in different capacities in fifteen of the organizations on the campus. This has truly been a great Centennial Year for Tennessee Eta and we are looking forward to next year when our own chapter will pass the 100 year mark. JIM WILLIAMS JAMES HOWELL Row I: Bobby Joe Morris, Don Coleman, Murray Pearson, Bradley Pinson, Bill Blankenship, Billy Bickers Row 2: Don Farmer, Jimmy McKissaclt. Sonny Johnsey, Ed Young, Charlie Bob Perkins, Barrie Bright Row 3: Jimmy Hudson, Hank Locke, Don Pace. Clyde Ray Briggs. James Watts, Don Holifield Row 4: Vail Hiers, Rex Enoch, Bill Brown, Tommy Butler, Billy Priddy. Billy Haynes Row 5: Herrell Wade Herriman, Fred Harris, John Croom, Arnold Blewer, George Fisher Not pictured: Bill Bible. Don Cowan, Jim Deaton, James Gass, Bobby Joe Osborne, Bill Willette. Johnny Bar Couch, Bill Cooper, Joe Hudson, Ronald Teague, Jerry Arnold, Don Christie, Dan Christie 4 9 1 )§► - ta Jctu 4 meaa ¥ ' Founded at the Virginia Military Institute, Richmond, Virginia, September II, 1865 Colors: Sky Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Tea Rose This year the Beta Tau Chapter of Union University had one of its most successful years. Forty-three men were pledged, the largest pledge class in our history, and nineteen men were initiated during the school year. Believing that " variety is the spice of life, " the brothers of the Maltese Cross drew members from every phase of life, displayed by their participation in all school activities. In the class offices, the men of the Blue and Gold had Forrest Shearon as president of the senior class, Johnny Rose, vice-president of the junior class, Bill Noblett, junior class representative, and Ted Janes and Paul Sanderfer, speakers of the junior and fresh- man classes. Five brothers were found on the Dean ' s list and Paul Sanderfer had the highest Freshman grade average. The Taus were also represented on the staffs of the Cardinal and Cream and Lest We Forget and various other organizations. The band and chorus had its share of ATO ' s, and Bill Dunning was a soloist in the chorus. Brother Edsel Pate was selected as most handsome boy. Brothers Gene Atkins and Bill Noblett were representatives to the National Chap- ter Officers Conference at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The Taus had more athletes than any organization on the campus and virtually dominated varsity sports, their members forming majority on the basketball and base- ball teams. The high ideas maintained by ATO, their close fellowship based on Christian prin- ciples, combined with the beautiful banquets, the Spring Splash and other social events, their wonderful sweetheart, and Mother Ed Stanfield, in her 34th year as Chapter Mom, all went together in making the school year successful and complete. BILL DUNNING FORREST SHEARON ROBIN COFFMAN JIM BRANDON DICK VINCENT WM wc Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Dick Anderson, Billy Alexander, Don Bishop, Homer Guy. Joe Gift Gerald Hill, Peter Rhea Jones, Tom Murchison, Bill Noblett, Edsel Pate Johnny Orr, Johnny Rose, Paul Sanderfer, Charles Schuler, Royce Watlington Bob Wilhoit, James Scott, Roger Van Metre, Wade Mullins, Tommy Brinkley Jimmy Sorrell, David Sheppard, Wilton Lynn, James Smith, Billy Burch -4 93 )3— 4 Oi o, meaa. 9 Founded at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation The Upsilon chapter of Union University exemplifies its open motto, " Hellenic culture and Christian Ideals. " Instilled in the hearts of the members is a bond of unbroken love and friendship. This year proved to be enjoyable and outstanding for the Chi Omegas. The Chi O ' s were recipients of many awards. Among those were Miss Union and Escorts, Best All Around Girl, Queen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cheerleaders, Freshman Queen and maids, representatives in the Ten Most Beautiful Girls, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Basketball maids and class offices. Offices and memberships were held also in Hypatia Literary Society, Footlights Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Latin Club, Rutledge History Club, Allegro, Thefa Kappa Pi, Minerva Club, Lest We Forget staff, Cardinal and Cream staff, Library staff, Student Council, B.S.U., Prince-Davis Science Club, Spanish Club and the Mallory Math Club. Chi Omega ' s social life has included a get acguainted slumber party for the pledges, a spaghetti dinner, a surprise Thanksgiving party for actives, the annual Winter Banquet, Fall and Spring Eleusinia, Slacks party, and a spring outing. The civic activities included a Christmas party with Santa Claus for a group of children, the giving of Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, and selling papers for the Exchange Club. Regretfully we come to the close of another wonderful year, but we look forward to the future with anticipation. Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Doris Sue Hardee, Mary Evelyn Claybrook, Yvonne Appleton, Nora Jane Kelly, Patricia Hammonds Carol Newberry, Peggy Trevathan, Barbara Jones, Loydell Smith, Eileen Rufener Patsy Hall, Patricia Taylor, Barbara Huckabee, Georgia Russell, Larry Gay Lane Jeanette Shearon, Dorothy Sisco, Sandra Miller, Carolyn Mitchell, Nancy Baker Delores Elston, Louise Johnson, Miriam Watt, Patricia Davis. Ellen Miles Barbara Croom, Peggy Bailey, Sandra Andrews, Mary Ann Smith, Mrs. Rutledge -H 95)§- 4 meaa 9 -.eta. Jciu. - rwka r Founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, October 15, 1898 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray Flower: White Violet As Beta Omega comes to the end of another wonderful year, we find these months have been well spent. Many honors have come our way and we are extremely proud of our girls. Honors that came our way this year were: Betty Castleman was elected Secretary of the Senior class, Senior basketball maid and Vice-President of the Greek Council; Janice Dotson was elected as a cheerleader and was Sophomore basketball maid; Glenda Stanfill served as President of Crook Hall, succeeded by Jane Norville; on the Student Council were Mary Evelyn Moore and Rita Tillman; Sandra Taylor was elected as Secretary of the Junior Class and Junior Maid to Miss Union. Several girls were officers in Allegro Club, the Annual Staff, Prince-Davis Science Club, Hypatia, Future Teachers of America, Crook Hall, Y.W.A., and B.S.U. Other than these extra-curricular activities we maintained a very high scholastic standing. Our banquet climaxed the social events of the year. Other social activities were Christmas parties, a Valentine party, Hallowe ' en party, hayride and several informal parties. PURPOSE " The purpose of Zeta Tau Alpha is to intensify friendship, to promote happiness among its members and in every way create such sentiments to perform such deeds and to mold such opinions as will be conducive to the building up of a nobler and purer womanhood in the world. " Our open motto is: " Seek the Noblest. " BETTY CASTLEMAN Rush Chairman Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4: Mary Evelyn Moore, Rita Tillman, Sue Thomas, Sheila Morris Janice Dotson, Emily Flowers, Mary Montgomery, Nancy Johnsey Leslye Ann Heugatter, Linda Ferguson, Diana Jackson, Carolyn Tisdale Jane Norville, Sylvia Vise, Janie Williams, Dot Pearson Not pictured: Helen Swain, Martha Gross, Sandra Taylor, Mary Dellinger, Helen Kemp ■•■€( 97 )§»« (I eta I v (u of -Ariphci f di yvnea ft BOBBY SIMS HAYES BEARD ILA SHAW NORRIS SMITH Grand Director Worthy Business Manager Worthy Playwright Honorable Prompter BILL Pin JIM WILLIAMS Founded at Fairmont State College, Fairmont, Virginia, August 12, 1925 Alpha Psi Omega, National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity, is one of the two organizations on the campus that provides the act- ing and production talent for the stage presentations during the year. This fraternity is composed of members elected from the fields of dramatics, and is dedi- cated to the cultivation of a taste for the best in drama and to the promotion of cultural and aesthetic interest. PAT BLANKENSHIP GENE MeKAY WARREN BANKS GAYLE KILLMAN -4 98 }§ ■■- sroo tiiahtd i iub CHARLES SCHULER President CARL HOLLY PAT BLANKENSHIP " Secretary LOUISE JOHNSON The purpose of the Footlights Club is to stimulate interest in dramatic art on the campus, to promote interest in dramatic pre- sentations, and to offer a service to all students who are interested in dramatics. It sponsors all play productions, including a play tournament, one- act play night, and major pro- ductions. Membership in the Club is composed of students who have shown an interest in and a talent for work in speech and dramatics. Members not pictured: Hayes Beard Janice Dotson Ted Janes Gordon Orrell lla Shaw Norrls Smith Bobby Sims Jim Williams Martha Cottrell Bobby Womack Georgia Russell Gayle Killman Arnold Blewer Martha Lanier Linda Ferguson Miriam Watt Diana Jackson Helen Swain Bill Brown DICK VINCENT JESSE CRISWELL WARREN BANKS BARRIE BRIGHT BILL PITT JILL SKINNER ELLEN MILES GENE McKAY •4 99 je- i utledae Jsfonoraru rridtorw ( tub id j ant ezLJelta f di Chapter of f ki rlphci Jhetci The purpose of the Rutledge Club is threefold: " To seek historical truth and to shun historical error, " to become better acquainted with the field of history, and to emphasize scholarship as preparation for membership in Delta Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta. The organizations function in separate spheres but cooperate in presentation of programs. Row I: vn — Treasurer Pat Joy Lane — President; Judson Lambert — Vice-President: Bob Blankenship— Secretary; Bobby Sims— Vice-President of Delta Psi. Row 2: Johnny Barber; Gene Burns; Jerry Horner; Billy Hurt; Nora Jane Kelly. Row 3: Gene McKay; Terry Reagor; Francisco Roque; Forrest Shearon; Norman Smith. Row 4: Carolyn Tisdale; Bill Treadwell; Nancy Ward; Lee Wyatt; Dr. R. H. Ward. Members not pictured: Beverly Coleman. Bob Elliot, Jim Brandon, Jerry Chance, Maurice Coleman, Fred Cox, Jimmy Hudson, Sidney Moore, Bill Noblett, Bob Saunders, Ralph Thomas, O. E. White. - §( 1 00 }» •■■- M w tit alia Hypatia is devoted to the development of special knowledge in the literary field. Its membership is limited to Junior and Senior students, who possess a high scholastic record. Once each month the group meets to discuss recent developments in litera- ture. -President; Sandra Taylor — Secretary-Treasurer; Jerry Horner — Progerrt Row I: Jim Willi, Chairman Row 2: Jill Skinner, Mary Evelyn Moore, Alma Cunningham Row 3: Bobby Sims, Betty Castleman, Billy Bickers Members Not Pictured: Vance Marberry. Ted Janes, Charles Edmonds, Gene Atkins, Martha Ann Gross, Bobby Goodman, Bill Bateman, Betty Peace, Jo Ledbetter, Peggy Jones, Mary Jo Blalack, Evelyn Newman, Rose Marie Slover, Don Coleman, lla Shaw, Mary Evelyn Claybrook. ■ {101 WJU Walk CLL Evelyn Donnell — President; James Howell — Vice-President; Peggy Jones — Secretary-Treasurer; George Crocker; Don Coleman Herrell W. Herriman. Members not pictured — John Powers; James Watt; Virginia Hudson; James Hart. The Mallory Math Club is an organization for those students who have completed two semesters of college mathematics. The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in mathematics and to encourage students to seek better scholarship in this field. Meet- ings are held twice monthly, each program presenting material which would not be given in the classroom. This club is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. James Mallory. r led tor s iub Row I: Jim Williams — President; George Crocker — Vice-President; Bobby Sims — Secretary; Russell Tuck — Treasurer; Don Coleman: Billy Bickers. Row 2: Jimmy Howell; Bill Pitt; Jerry Horner; Judson Lambert; Charles Edmonds; James Scott. Not pictured — Bob Wakefield. Composed of the thirteen men ranking highest in scholarship in the upper classes, this organization meets nine times during the year, one meeting being a joint session with Hypatia. At each of the meetings an original paper on a subject of particular interest to all members is read. Following the paper there is a discussion of current developments by the members. Sponsor TROY YOUNG Row I: Jim Williams — President; Barbara Jones — Secretary-Treasurer; Betty Owen; Linda Polk — Chaplain; Russell Tuck — Vice-President; Loydell Smith — Reporter; Dr. Henning — Sponsor. Row 2: Sandra Andrews, Edsel Pate, James Watts, Martha Lanier, Yvonne Appleton. Hugh Foster. Row 3: Gordon Orrell, Max Crocker, Fred Fiddler, Elizabeth Riddle, George Belew. The purpose of this club is to stimulate and perpetuate an interest in the natural J-uture of Mt FRANK E. WELLS CHAPTER Row I: Peggy Ann Jones — President; Forrest Shearon — First Vice-President; Jesse Criswell — Social Vice-President; Sissie McNamara — Membership Vice-President; Frances Jones — Secretary. Row 2: Sandra Taylor — Treasurer; Yon Appleton — Historian; Dick Vincent — Parliamentarian; Joan Sims — Librarian. -«8( 103 J§»- fKlce Latin i tub BILL DUCKWORTH President MRS. DEE RICE Sponsor MARIAN SMITH The Rice Latin Club is an organ- ization of students making high grades in Latin. The purpose of this club is to increase a member ' s knowledge of Latin and to gain an insight into the Roman civilization, its laws, customs, religion and ordinary life, with a consequent appreciation of our indebtedness to the past. Motto: Scientia Crescot (Let Knowledge Grow) Members not pictured: MAURICE COLEMAN— Vice-President JOYCE STALLINGS— Secretary Treasurer JOYCE YOUNG RALPH THOMAS SUE THOMAS SANDRA TAYLOR MARY EVELYN MOORE RONALD ROGERS 104 JS - CARL HOLLEY VIRGINIA LUCAS JERRY HORNER cLo3 fri icarod Row I: Norma Kolwyck, Janice Smith, Marilyn Robinson, Linda Wilbanks, Cornell Argo, Mary Jo Blalack, Gayla Dennis. Bernice Long, Virginia Ruth Pearce, Jill Skinner. Row 2: James Nowell, Arnol d Blewer, Willie Diaz, Tommy Butler, Beverly Silkwood, Martha Watkins, Mr. Adams. OFFICERS President — James Nowell Vice-President — Gayla Dennis Secretary-Treasurer — Janice Smith Reporter — Cornell Argo Social Secretaries — Hayes Beard, Larry Gay Lan The main objective of Los Picaros is to help her members know and understand more of the Spanish customs. :i 1 05 ; Jlll C ulen5pieael Row I: D. S. Hall; Mrs. R. D. Rutledge, Sponsor; Evelyn Newman; Rita Tillman, Vice-President; Jeanette Walker; Tom Murchison; Jerry Chance, Reporter. Row 2: Carl Davenport; Lee Wyatt; James Thomas; Bill Hurt; Howard Burns; Ernest Carter; Bill Elam; Jim Martin, President. The German Club was designed to promote interest in the German language, and foster better understanding of German customs, traditions, and culture. Row I: Mrs. Allen, Jane Norville, Sandra Andrews, Dona Chapman, Linda Wilbanks, Ann Baggett. Row 2: Bill Flack, Roger Bullard, Virginia Lucas, Gayla Dennis, Delores Word, Barrie Bright. - { 106 }i S rllearo i iub Row I: Evelyn Donnell, Bernice Long, Martha Gross — Reporter, Pat Hammonds, Hazel Bondurant, Mary Carolyn Allcock — Secretary-Treasurer. Row 2: Diana Jackson, Don Dillingham, Bobby Newton, Nancy Baker, Dorothy Sisco, Myrna Goehri, Patty Davis, Mr. Hughes. Row 3: Bill Dunning — President, Tommy Brinkley, Allen Ledbetter, Bryant Ray, Jerry Nowell, Glaydon Lifsey. The Allegro Club is composed of music majors and minors and the music faculty of Union. Its object is to promote interest in, and to encour- age the study of Music, and to develop the individual ' s ability to perform. - $ 1 07 }§►.- MISS HOME ECONOMICS Peggy Trevathan chrome (economics ( lub (Theta Kappa Pi) The purpose of Theta Kappa Pi is to stim- ulate a desire in college to better under- stand living conditions of community and family life and to improve them. Member- ship is based on interest in home economics. ADVISOR Miss Willie Margaret Johnson Officers, Left to Right: Mary Evelyn Claybrook — Secretary; Peggy Trevathan — President: Jane Norville — Treasurer; Mary Ann Shearin — Historian; Alta Michael — Vice-President. Left to Right — Standing: Linda Polk, Pat Taylor, Mary Jo Blalack. Helen Kemp. Dot Dell Mitchell. Seated: Ann Hurt, Nora Jane Kelly. Mary Roy, Sherry Only, Cornell Argo. Left to Right— Standing: Mona Duckworth, Martha Watkins, Janice Smith, Becky Snellings, Sandra Taylor, Margaret McDonald. Seated: Mary Evelyn Moore, Jo Ann White, Dean Clark, Alta Faircloth, Bobbie Huckabee. 4 108 fc- niversiti f CHARLES EDMONDS President, First Semester m imdteria I T5dociation DON SMITH President, Second Semester Row I: Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Jerome Brown, Lynn Granger, Billy Bickers, Robert Brown, Harold Wilson, Bill Reeves, Mr. Taylor, Willard Jarrett. William George, Ted Duffey, Wade Paris, Billy Griffen, Carl Davenport, Bill Duckworth. Crafton Clift, Roger Bullard, Don Smith, Gayle Miller, Lee Wyatt, Sidney Moore. Alfred Evans, Buddy Cordle, Norris Smith, James Smith, John McCommons, Donald Hopper. Jim Martin, Bobby Kerr, Jerry Horner, Bill Murphy, Bob Livingston, Dick Warefield, Bill Stricklin. Ernest Carter, Hayes Beard, Jim Sorrell, Dr. T, O. Hall. Gene Burns, Bobby Moore. ■4 110)3- The Union University Ministerial Association was derived from the J. R. Graves Society which was founded in 1 877. The Association helps the ministerial students to become familiar with their future problems and work. The purpose of the Association is to aid in qualifying its members for the gospel ministry by gaining practice in cor- rectly expressing themselves in public and by extending their information on all religious questions. ™4 I I I js - @- cipti5t student l lnion Council The Baptist Student Union is more an organism than an organization. It has as its purpose to link the local churches with the college students in the service of Christ while in college. THE COUNCIL Bill Treadwell President Russell Tuck ... Membership Vice-President Joyce Young - -..Social Vice-President Bobby Moore Devotional Vice-President Hazel Bondurant Recording Secretary Sissie McNamara _.._ Corresponding Secretary Norris Smith Treasurer George Crocker Promotion Chairman Joyce Henry Publicity Chairman Barrie Bright. _ Baptist Student Representative Gayle Killman.. — Reporter Mary Evelyn Moore Librarian Ann Hurt - Hostess Marion Smith : - Pianist Rex Enoch - Song Leader Rev. Richard Johnson Pastor Advisor Mr. Warren Adams Faculty Advisor M r. Charles Taylor. Faculty Sponsor 4 H2J - y.w. 4. Standing, Left to Right: Marilyn Robinson, Mary Jo Blatack, Linda Polk, Dell Mitchell, Gayle Killman, Nancy Ward, Joyce Young, Lorie Thacker. Seated: Cornell Argo, Janet Doane, Margaret Boulton, Ann Baggett, Ann Neal Pattat, Barbara Huckabee, Dona Chapman. Standing, Left to Right: Nancy Jeffress, Becky Snellings, Peggy Trevathan, Ellen Miles, Demple Norvllle, Dean Clark, Gerrie Snyder, Pat Blankenship. Seated: Justine Moore, Jacquelyne Tritt, Gayle Upton, Sandra Andrews, Myrna Goehri, Dorothy Sisco, Alta Faircloth. cJLovelace rrail Circles WATCHWORD: " They that are wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. " Daniel 12:3 AIM: Our aim is to unite the young women of the Southern Baptist churches and Colleges in an enduring missionary enterprise through which they shall show forth the beauty of holiness. " That in all things He might have pre-eminence. " Col. 1:18 DEDICATION: ... I will seek to maintain for myself a high standard of Christian living and will seek to be an example to others. I will strive to make my personal appear- ance, speech, and manner such as becomes the purity and beauty of Christlike character, living a radiant and convincing life in all social relationships. s rook rrall L ircle % eJ Standing, Left to Right: Marilyn Heisner, Georgia Russell, Martha Cottrell, Linda Ferguson, Pat Taylor, Virginia Lucas, Iris Wyrick. Seated: Gayla Dennis, Becky Moore, Delores Elston, Peggy Bailey, Miriam Watt, Delores Word. Standing, Left to Right: Jo Ann Ledbetter, Eileen Rufener, Delores Dorris, Alta Cunningham, Carolyn Tisdale, Betty Peace, Dot Simpson, Beverly Siikwood, Ann Hurt, Anne Morris, Margaret McDonald. Seated: Jo Ann Garey, Mary Carolyn Allcock, Hazel Bondurant, Sandra Taylor, Rose Marie Slover, Carolyn Chambers, Sandra Miller. - 113 - Row I: Hazel Bondurant, Dorothy Simpson — Secretary and Treasurer; Margaret McDonald, Cornell Argo, Ann Baggett — Reporter; Janet Doane, Ann Neal Pattat, Ann Hurt, Dr. Henning. Row 2: Hayes Beard— Vice-President; Ruth Azbill— Vice-President; Ellen Miles, Gayle Killman— President; Betty Owen, Jo Ann Sims, Carl Davenport, John McCommons. Row 3; Reed Sanderlin — Mission Pastor; Ernest Carter, Carl Holly, Roger Bullard, Jane Norville, Delores Doris, Margaret Boulton. At Piano— Rex Enoch. AIMS: To use college days in life service for Christ by promoting mission projects such as sponsoring missions; jail service, and nursing home services; and to enlist every Christian in full time life testimony whether he be a layman or special religious worker. I4 »- Jhe Ulnion Vtniuersitu l lauerS J redenlalion of from play by SUTTON VANE Directed by Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd CAST Scrubby _ Ann - Henry Mr. Prior.. Sidney Moore I la Shaw .Ted Clark ..Bobby Womack Rev. William Duke.. Mrs. Midget _ Mr. Lingley ...Dale Crockett ..Gayle Killman Gene McKay Rev. Frank Thompson _..._ Warren Banks Mrs. Clivenden-Banks _ Sylvia Vise -4l Wbfr- -Jhe Ulnion Uiniversitu f lauers ' [ redentation of " %kt Wad 3 J? " From Play By Emlyn Williams Directed by Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd CAST Lord Chief Justice _ Jim Williams Mrs. Terrence Dorothy Stricklin Mrs. Bramson Gayle Killman Dora .....Becky Moore Nurse Libby Ann Bray Belsize _ _ _.. Sidney Moore Olivia Grayne _ Georgia Russell Dan ...Bobby Womack Hubert Laurie Harrell Jones (y nlon l lniverditu (JSand y - 1 1 8 J9» — (y nion Ulnluersitu C t orad -4 H9)3 - 3 N iMlkleticb The mind so weary with the strife Needs a spark for renewing life, Find the spark and set a goal To build the body with the soul. COACH, JACK RUSSELL MANAGER. ROBIN COFFMAN The Union Bulldogs, under new mentor, Jack Russell, closed the 55-56 season with a record of 5 won and 18 lost, but the year had its moments of encouragement, and it must be remem- bered that the team included six freshmen. There were bright spots like the upset over UTMB, the two early conference triumphs over David Lipscomb and Bethel, the losing effort to a greatly favored Arkansas State five by only 3 points, and the sensational last-half comeback against Chattanooga in the Homecoming Game. Next year with a year ' s experience under their belts, this young Union team will have to be reckoned with. Union finished with a 2-8 mark in conference play, and was eliminated in the fi rst round of the V.S.A.C. tournament at Nashville. Don Bishop, a transfer student, led the team in scoring this year with 406 points for a 17.7 average per game, and was given an honorable mention berth on the all-conference team for his efforts. Freshman " Moon " Mullins scored 270 points, Chatham 203, and Johnny Orr 200 for the other top scoring laurels. POINTS AND AVERAGES Bishop 406 1 7.7 Mullins - - 270 1 2.3 Chatham _ . 203 9.2 Orr 200 9. 1 Hill - _ 142 7.5 Given 1 02 4.6 Rose _ _..... _ 83 3.9 Wilhoit 80 Schuler Lowery Scott Edgin Lynn Hammonds 59 42 26 13 4 2 3.5 2.8 3.8 2.0 3.2 .67 .67 SEASON ' S RECORD Union 79 CBC Opponent . .. 96 Unior 56 76 70 David Lipscomb Memphis State Southwestern 75 ..... _ ... ...138 62 83 56 73 65 88 Bethel _ 77 65 72 Athens 66 77 62 66 Delta State CBC 80 81 65 77 Belmont 1 12 81 69 62 Arkansas State .... Milligan 83 ... _ 78 71 75 74 Bethel 88 Opponent LMU _.._ 90 UTMB 84 Wabash 76 Austin Peay 74 David Lipscomb _ 101 UTMB _ 73 Arkansas State _ 84 Belmont 82 Chattanooga — 83 Austin Peay 87 Bethel 88 - j 122)3— Jhe d3ulldo P •4 123 — i yieerlecicii erS JOYCE HENRY, DON COWAN, PHYLLIS LAWRENCE, ARNOLD BLEWER, PAT BLANKENSHIP, PAT LOWERY. JANICE DOTSON -4( 1 24 )■ ■ JOHNNY ORR, Center JOHNNY ROSE, Guard CHARLES SCHULER, Forward SAM LOWERY, Guard JOHN HAMMONDS, Guard BOB WILHOIT, Forward JAMES SCOTT, Guard WADE MULLINS, Forward L lnlon Ulniversitu 5 (7J aAebail Jc earn THE TEAM Row I: Bill Noble+t, Robin Coffman, James Scott, Johnny Rose, Robert Johnson, Bob Wilhoit, Don Smith, Ed Givens. Row 2: Wilton Lynn, Ted Janes, Don Bishop, Joe Clark, Dovey Stafford, Billy Al exander. Bobby Goodman, Sidney Moore, Charles Schuler, John Hammons. " DL , Jrust ■ 1 L EB i - 3 mm m k i 1 i i k — -i • US. 11 r, :■ Coach JACK RUSSELL Managers WARNER RICHARDSON DAVID MALOY ■4 129 fc- ROBIN COFFMAN Second Base BOBBY GOODMAN Pitcher JOE CLARK Pitcher JOHNNY ROSE Third Base DOVEY STAFFORD Catcher BOB WILHOIT Outfield SIDNEY MOORE Outfield DON SMITH Utility l lnion UlniversitvL Jennis ZJe u JenniA Jeciwi Left to Right: Clyde Ray Briggs, Peter Rhea Jones, Don Coleman, Jim Brandon (Manager), and Keith Hill Not Pictured: Sonny Johnsey and Bill Blankenshlp. The Union University Tennis Team, which lost only three matches last year, mads a fine showing this year. -4i 132 ►- DON COLEMAN KEITH HILL PETER RHEA JONES The building now completed stands But there ' s no time for idle hands. An unused house will soon decay An unused mind will fade away. A greater building can be done A mightier victory can be won God ' s love shows you a higher goal Build on! Build on! Oh mighty soul. Bev Coleman t J riendlu Church Ar Spiritual L kurclx -S r {jrowina Church FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Lafayette at Cumberland Dr. W. Fred Kendall, Pastor { 136 aw ' .. J S S S V Vf - , - Mllli Every Modern Banking Convenience and Service The National Bank of Commerce Jackson, Tennessee Total Resources over $13,000,000.00 Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Nearest the Campus Warmest Christian Fellowship James Canaday, Pastor Albert Skinner, Minister of Music VUkere Students USelc eion 9 99 -4 138 h- a« Dr Pepper THE FRIENDLY " PEPPER-UPPER THAT NEVER LETS YOU DOWNf SECOND NATIONAL BANK of Jackson Capital and Surplus $500,000.00 1886 Three Score Years and Ten 1956 - t 139)3— SERVING JACKSON AND MADISON COUNTY SINCE 1873 The First National Bank OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. WEST JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH Deaderick at Campbell Wnere Ljnion Students ate Welcome and V wanted DAVID Q. BYRD, Pastor H. LOWREY HAYNIE, Minister of Music Education — «6( 1 40 }§►•■- JOHNSEYS SPORTING GOODS 433 N. Royal — Phone 7-1082 — Jackson, Tennessee A. G. Spalding McGregor Bike Web Co. John T. Riddell Co. Southern Ath. Co. Converse Rub. Co. Fred Johnsey Harry Johnsey We Renovate All Types of Athletic Equipment m PNl ' H «- ■ 1 tlf I fat 1 • 1 1 V " Growing up into Him in all Things " — Eph. 4:15 Rev. Richard Johnson Pastor A Friendly Welcome Awaits You At Mr. Raymond Richerson Minister of Music THE NORTH JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH FAIRMONT AT MARTIN STREET " While in Jackson you are cordially invited to make this Church your Church Home " •■•if 141 fr- WALTER ' S GULF SERVICE STATION 142 Lexington Ave. " STUDENTS ' SERVICE CENTER " Tennessee Valley Life Life, Accident, Health, Hospital Insurance Home Office- — Jackson, Tennessee Corner of Royal and Baltimore A Policy to Fit Every Need and Budget " A Southern Company Serving Southern People " USE NATURAL GAS for Cooking Clothes Drying Water Heating Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning West Tennessee Gas Company For The Best In PRESCRIPTION SERVICE HAYS AVENUE PHARMACY Phone 7-4496 3 Blocks from Union -■4 142 )§e» McCALL HUGHES Varsity Town Clothes Hyde Park Clothes Lee and Disney Hats I 14 North Liberty J. Walter Knowles B B DRUG CO One block from Union University at Five Points C omplim en is At y-rien a i{ 143 - The Five SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION SEMINARIES Invite You to Higher Training for Superior Christian Leadership SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL GOLDEN GATE BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY SEMINARY Louisville, Ky., Duke K. McCall, Pres. Berkeley, Calif., Harold K. Graves, Pres. SOUTHWESTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SOUTHEASTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINA RY SEMINARY Ft. Worth, Tex., J. Howard Williams, Pres. Wake Forest, N.C., Sydnor L. Stealey, Pres. NEW ORLEANS BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY New Orleans, La., Roland Q. Leavell, Pres. " A call +o preach is a call to prepare " FOR SMART CAMPUS FASHIONS . . . Naturally it ' s 4ioll Hds Jackson ' s Greatest Store Since 1871 Featuring Favorite Campus Names Like McGregor, Jantzen, Helen Harper, University Club, Ship ' n Shore, Jane Irwill, Nardis, and many more. Compliments of McGEE-ROSS The Hardware Department Store 211 E. Lafayette St. Phone 7-3308 Compliments of J. C. EDENTON CO -4 144 fc- (l-turnieu 6 rlower hop Baltimore Street " Next to the Malco " ALWAYS WELCOME AT CHARLIE ' S Day: 7-5541 Night: 7-7177 Compliments Black and White Store " CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS " HIE. Lafayette Phone 7-6366 Compliments of GLEN-MORE CLOTHES Factory to You 2 14 North Market Jackson, Tennessee JEWEL-TONE STUDIO I I 11 2 E. Main Jackson, Tennessee The Finest in Photography — Portraits, Weddings, Commercial and School Pictures All Type Frames — Bronze Baby Shoes Bob Dixon, Owner-Operator a§( I45)3e Drink W$e In Bottles FOR YOUR GIFTS AND JEWELRY NEEDS COME TO ROBERTS ' •JACKSON ' S FRIENDLY JEWELRY STORE " Engraving for Fraternities and Sororities Compliments of SMITH FURNITURE CO. One of the South ' s Leading Furniture Stores Jackson, Tennessee Jhe reunion Circle for j ine noeJ -4 4bfr- WARREN ' S GROCERY AND MARKET IRBY STREET AT UNION UNIVERSITY FOX RESTAURANT 203 E. Main Street Jackson, Tennessee 1 tqilsh Apparel v- 1 " — se v yvn$ YOUR STORE FOR FAMOUS BRANDS 210-212 E. Lafayette Phone 7-3343 ■4 147 )3 - THE MOORE STUDIO Pictorial Home of the Co-Ed A Studio of Distinction Offering always the latest and best achievements of Photographic Art 215 North Liberty Street Jackson, Tennessee WILSON-GEYER CO 455 E. Main Imperial Washable Wall Papers Hanna Paint Products Art Supplies — Picture Framing Phone 7-2618 5DUTHERN SUPPLY | LSoaAjinA... ' Vl AnTHTHt HAIUfACTUBE J CDMPANY Plumbing, Heating, Electrical, Industrial, Water Well and Refrigeration Supplies Jackson, Tennessee THE BOOTERY 209 East Lafayette Jackson, Tennessee I -4 148 »- LEXINGTON INN Where S tiiaents Ljet Joaellier W. P. DABNEY SON FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS HOT POINT APPLIANCES Church Street where College Passes Phone 7-5516 Jackson, Tenn. Of I ' Gift and Uineuard J Flower Shop 320 East Lafayette Street Jackson, Tennessee Compliments of f emnant rrou5e 209 N. Liberty ELITE CLEANERS Since 1912 Service that Satisfies Five Points Phone 7-3546 Arthur Mainord Mrs. Billy Mainord Compliments of BOND ' S SHOE STORE The Light Refreshment - Sf 1 49 }§•■■• STEGALL SHOE CO. 1 15 N. Liberty Phone 7-1 126 JACKSON, TENNESSEE Jarman Shoes For Men HARDEMAN MUSIC CO. Winter Baldwin Organ Gulbranson and Conn Band Instruments Piano Sheet Music Teachers ' Supplies 112 N. Liberty COOPER CO. Exclusive Manufacturers of — NEON — And Plastic Signs JACKSON, TENNESSEE Jhe f ew Southern " An Albert Noe Hotel " Headquarters for All Your Social Activities and Civic Functions Compliments of W. W. SCATES and SONS Radiator and Wrecker Service S and 3 J loridt 108 S. Liberty St. Phone 7-9607 West ' s Restaurant Famous For Fine Foods 218 E. Main at Church St. Phone 7-0417 John A. West, Owner and Operator DIAMONDS — WATCHES SILVER — CHINA — CRYSTAL csi. J . ActcKAon QUALITY JEWELERS Jackson, Tennessee -4 l5 ofr- Particular People Patronize Park Laundry- Cleaners 935 Campbell St. 533 E. Chester St. 239 W. Main St. S. M. LAWRENCE CO. Coal, Coke, Electric Fans, Aluminum Awnings, Aluminum Screens, Carrier Air Conditioning, General Electric Appliances 532 E. Chester Phone 7-8536 ALBERTS SLIPPER SHOP ' Jackson ' s Most Popular Shoe Store ' Compliments of STANDARD ' S DRUG GRABER ' S PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISER ■■■ ( 151 )3 - Jsndex Administration and Staff - I 1-15 Advertisements 136-151 Barton Hall 3 Build On by Bev Coleman I, II, 21, 33, 41, 47, 57, 85, 109, 121, 135 Campus Scenes 4, 5, 10 Classes 21-55 Freshmen - 2 1 -32 Sophomores 33-38 Juniors 4 I -46 Seniors 47-55 Dedication ...6-7 Faculty 16-19 Honors - 57-84 Basketball Royalty - 78-79 Best All-Round Boy 68 Best All-Round Girl 69 Escorts to Miss Union 66-67 Freshman Queen and Court 84 Miss Union _ 65 Most Beautiful Girls 80-83 Most Handsome Boy _ 73 Most Popular Boy 70 Most Popular Girl _ — 71 Mr. Union _ 64 SAE Queen _ 75 Sweetheart of ATO.. 74 Senior Most Likely to Succeed 72 Who ' s Who - 58-63 Music Activities I 18-119 Organizations 85- 1 08 Allegro Club 1 07 Alpha Psi Omega - 98 Alpha Tau Omega _ 92-93 Annual Staff 2, 89 Cardinal and Cream Staff 88 Chi Omega - 94-95 Footlights Club - _ 99 Future Teachers of America 103 German Club - 1 06 Home Economics Club _ - 1 08 Hypatia - 1 1 Mallory Math Club 102 Nestor Club - -....- 1 02 Phi Alpha Theta - 100 Prince-Davis Science Club _ 103 Rice Latin Club -.... 1 04 Rutledge History Club _ 1 00 Shelbians ..._ 1 06 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 90-9 1 Spanish Club 1 05 Zeta Tau Alpha 96-97 President ' s Message 8-9 President of Student Body _ _ 86 Religious Activities - 109-1 15 BSU Council _ - 1 12 Life Service Band _ 1 14 Ministerial Association _ I 10-111 Revival - - I 1 5 YWA ....... _ I 1 3 Snapshots - - - 20, 56, 120 Sports — 121-133 Baseball .... - 1 29- 1 3 1 Basketball - 122-128 Cheerleaders - - 1 24 Tennis - 132-133 Student Council - 87 Students Not Pictured - 39-40 Union University Players _ I 16-1 17 I ■4 I52}§-

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