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n Heritage Collection JsP Jodau will not, Jowiorrow mau » Thomas Fuller 4 2 fr- 1; ,. i T] ■ i ' r wdm ' S . --,;■ -Lll cd-est l Ue sroraet f Jhe s rnnual S taff of 1955 Editor Forrest Shearon Business Manager Bobby Sims Assistant Editors Christine Sisson Mary Walker Shoaf Consulting Editor Jim Shearin Copy Editors Class Shirley Smith Sylvia Vise Thelma Crews Barker Honors _ _ Barbara King Mary Evelyn Moore Pat Blankenship Organizations ...Loydell Smith Carolyn Crocker Gayle Killman Sports _ Bobby Moore Joyce Henry Robin Coffman Photography Jim Shearin Sylvia Fulmer Barrie Bright Typists _..Bobby Joe Morris Yvonne Appleton Art _ Foy Lisenby Chick Boggan jroreword . . . " If today will not, tomorrow may. " What an optimistic thought! It was this optimism which we have for the future that prompted the annual staff to choose this theme. In today ' s atomic age, much attention is given to rocket ships, modern designs, and all the things that depict the unknown, yet hopeful, future. While holding on to these optimistic thoughts of tomorrow, the staff has tried to present a true picture of Union University in the year of 1955, Lest We Forget. 45 Dedication . . . MR. THOMAS O. HALL The year 1949 brought Mr. Hall to Union ' s campus. Since then he has daily grown taller in the eyes of the students. In addition to excellent teaching, he has demon- strated a quick humor, warm friendliness, an intense inter- est in campus affairs, and best of all a lofty religious zeal. We, the staff of 1955, therefore, dedicate this an- nual to him, our professor and friend. ■4. 6 ►- W, D. O. J4J! My dear Friends: Many people write books. Some write fiction, some bio- graphy, some history, others poetry. All may be different in form and pattern, but one element remains universal. Every book contains a message — and that peculiar to the purpose of the author. Your annual staff of 1955 has prepared for you a book. Though unique in form, it too contains a message peculiar to the purpose of its authors, of whom you, a student at Union University, are one. You have contributed to its contents; you have helped to establish its purpose. As you read your college annual through the years, it will remind you of the objectives and ideals of your Alma Mater, of which you were a part. It will portray more and more meaningfully the true message of four years of col- lege life. It will remind you of friendships made, of lessons learned, of academic achievement, of spiritual enrichment. The message of this book, therefore, like so many good things will become more and more precious and will unfold in its richness as the years unfold your own maturity. Lest we forget, let us read and re-read its pages often. Sincerely yours, Warren F. Jones President ]►- oLJr. Warren jr. A ' arren President ones -4f 9 f 1 y ' tb hc IS ftiDllil ■1 ! It JHb ■X ::■■- " ■■■ .. ■ i taff- and rdmin idtration F. E. WRIGHT Academic Dean A.B., Baylor University M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers Ed.D., George Peabody College for Teachers LOUISE OAKLEY Dean of Women A.B., Union University M.A., Peabody College onal Graduate Work, University of Tennessee m j k H. H. BOSTON Vice-President Capitol Enlargement Diploma, Hall-Moody Institute Diploma, Southwestern Baptist School of Music Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary D.D., Union University FRANK M. BLYTHE Business Manager B.S., University of Oklahoma GLADYS IVY STONE Registrar B.S., Union University SS, 1 TROY G. YOUNG Alumni Secretary and Director of Placement A.B.. Union University M.A., George Peabody College Additional graduate work, Harvard Un iity )taff and rdmlnlstratlon LUCILLE ROGERS Admissions Counselor and Director of Public Relations A.B., Union University M.A., George Peabody College Additional graduate wort, Universit of Mississippi and University of Alabama J. F. RAY Audio-Visual Education A.B., Union University A.M., Union University Th.M. Southern Baptist Theological Additional Graduate Work. Southen Baptist Seminary D.D., Union University RUTH GIBBONS Librarian A.B., Union University .S., L.S.. Peabody College DORRIS HOLLOWAY Business Office Student Secretary ETHEL F. LUCKEY Hostess. Student Union Building- Dining Hall WILLIE MARGARET JOHNSON Head of Department of Home Economics B.S., -Union University M.S., Iowa State College Additional graduate work, University of Chicago -4 12)9- taff and rdminlstrcitlon ROY G. ELLIOTT Bursar VIRGINIA ADKINS Secretary to President LUCY JAMES Business Office FRANCES McCLURE Secretary to Dean VIRGINIA BARHAM Secretary to Registrar ■4 I3fr- 3 cuitu THOMAS O. HALL Acting Head of Department of Religion and Philosophy A.B., HaTpaen-S ' dney College B.D. Southwestern Baptist Theological Tn.M.. Si urnwestern Baptist jgical Seminary work completed for the Th.D. R. C. BRIGGS Department of Religion Head and Philosophy (On leave) A.B., Southwestern State Teachers College Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological " " -linary Tn.D. So em Baptist Theolc Seminary CHARLES T. HENDERSON Assistant Professor of Art B.S., Murray State College, 1949 A.A., George Peabody College for Teachers 1952 Additional Graduate Work Ohio State University KELLY THURMAN Head of Department of English A.B., Western Kentucky State College HARRIET HELEN BLYTHE Asst. Professor of English A.B., University of Oklahoma M.A., George Peabody College FRANK L. WELLS Head of Education and Psychology A.B., University of North Carolina M.A.. Columbia University Ph.D., University of Iowa 14 - jracult WARREN ADAMS Acting head of Department of Romance Languages A.B., Baylor University M.A., Baylor University Additional graduate work. University of Texas and National University of Mexico V DEE E. RICE Instructor in Latin A.B., Ouachita Colleg I.S., Unii Uni CARIN A. STEWART Instructor in German University of Berlin University of Frankfurt University of Mainz RICHARD HIRAM WARD H sad of Department Sciences of Social A.B.,Ca M.A., Gs Ph.D. rson-Newman iorqe Peabod ' Peabody Cc College 1 College .liege ■1st Theological Seminary ELIZABETH BRELAND LOYD Instructor in Speech Graduate diploma, Ruth Bale. Whitworth College Additional study, Curry Collec Boston; Alviene University of t Theater, New York; American Aca erny of Dramatic Art; Columb University A.B., Union University Additional graduate work, Universii of Tennessee ROSA DYER RUTLEDGE Assistant Professor of History B.S., Union University M.A., George Peabody College Additional graduate work, Universit of Wisconsin ■4. 15)8- 3 cuitu WILLARD HENNINS Associate Professor of Biology University of Missouri Ohio State University RALPH DONNELL Head of Department of Mathematics A.B., Cumberland University LL.B. Cumberland University M.A., Vanderbilt University years additional graduate work, University of Tennessee ALLEN F. ARCHER Head of Department of Biology A.B., Harvard University M.A., University of Michigan Ph.D., University of Michigan M. R. CARRINGTON Assistant Professor of Business Education B.S., University of Tennessee M.S., University of Tennessee Additional Graduate Work, University of Tennessee DIXIE M. JONES Professor of Education and Director of Guidance A.B., Blue Mountain College M.A., George Peabody College Ph.D.. George Peabody College ERMIS A. THOMPSON Acting Head of Department of Business Administration and Economics B.S.. Florence State Teachers College M.A., University of Alabama I 6 }§►•■- J-acult t GRACE WILLIAMS Asst. Professor of Physical Ed. B.5. Alabama College M.A., George Peabody College RICHARD W. WEHR Head of Dept. of Physical Education and Director of Athletics A.B., Denison University M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh Additional graduate work, Univer- of Pittsburgh and George Pe College for Teachers JOHN HUGHES A. 8., Southwestern M.S., Julliard Ch.M., American Guild of Organists All residence work completed " towarc Ph.D. in Musicology New York University Organ Pupil of W. Townsend Plymouth, England Organ Pupil of Marcel Dupre Paris, France Additional Graduate Work in Harmon, under Oliver Messiaen Paris Conservatory, Paris, France JOHN WOODS Instructor In Piano I.M., Oklahoma Baptist University M.M., Indiana University FREDERIC LUBRANI Acting Head of Dept. of Musi and Art B.Mus., Cincinnati Conservatory of All graduate work completed for D.Mus.E., University of Cincinnati and Columbia University Member of Frank Simon ' s Armco Band 1st Clarinetist, Huntington Symphony Orchestra 1st Clarinetist Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra SHIRLEY VAVRA Instructor in Voice A., University of Loui Un M.M. Addit Univ, ate w versify of Indiana Univer sity of Indiana il Graduate Work, -sity of Indiana -4_ I 7 jracu A CHARLES D. TAYLOR Professor of Greek and New Testament A.B., Union University B.D., Southern Baptist Theologit All resident i ipleted V WU-CHIEH CHENG Acting Head of Dept. of Chemistry B.S in Chemistry, St. John ' s University, Shanghai, China M.S., in Chemistry, Kansas State College Ph.D.. in Chemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology MARION CROCKER Asst. Professor of English A.B.. Limestone College M.R.E., Woman ' s Missionary Training School M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers ■4 1 8 $■■ As you have already observed, and as you turn through the following pages of this annual, each page can be a sp ecial memory of Union, your college home. The Student Council, its president, the buildings, and every page all combine to make up one eventful and happy year at Union University. :I9)§I - ' ' mm- : - redident of the Student (Oodu ■hK 20 $ CHARLES DOLLAR Jhe student Council OFFICERS CHARLES DOLLAR, President MARIE ARMSTRONG, Vice-President DOT CASH, Secretary-Treasurer T. O. HALL, Faculty Advisor MEMBERS CHRISTINE SISSON, Senior Rep. JEROME BROWN, Sophomore Rep. DON COLEMAN, Junior Rep. PAT BLANKENSHIP, Freshman Rep. FOY LISENBY, Publications Representative ROSANNE WILSON, Panhellenic Representative JAMES SAWYER, Religious Activities Representative BILL TREADWELL, Athletic Representative ■ 2I )§e... SUMMAR LIBRARY STUDENT UNION BUILDING ADAMS HALL LOVELACE HALL CROOK HALL 23 - view Jsnside L aj-ete view rndide i napei ipt s enior icerS President ZANE WELLS, A.B. Pres. Senior Class, ' 55; Pres. Ministerial Ass tion; Pres. Adams Hall -54- - 55; Treas Shelbians: Rutledge History Club. Vice-President RICHARD ROSS, B.S. Student Council Representative CHRISTINE SISSON, B.S. Zeta Tau Alpha, Pres. and Treasurer; Mallory Math Club Vice-Pres., Sec- retary; Prince-Davis Science Club Chaplain; Student Council, ' 53 and ' 55; Panhellenic Rep. ' 55; Annual Staff, Asst. editor ' 5l- ' 53; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, ' 54- ' 55. Secretary-Treasurer MARIE ARMSTRONG, A.B. Mallory Math Club , 52- , 55; Philosophy Club ' 53- ' 54- Who ' s Who in American Univ. and Colleges ' 54- ' 55; Student Council. Vice-Pres. ' 54- ' 55: Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-Pres. ' 54- ' 55, Pledge-Mist ' 55, Standards Chairman ' 53- ' 54 Pledge Class ' 52- ' 53; Secretary ' 55; Shelbians Corresponding Vice-President Sophomore CI, reporter ' 53- ' 54; Circle Co Chairman ' 52- ' 53. sident of lior Class ' 54- •etary, ' 54- ' 55; ' 53- ' 54; YWA nitv Missions 26 fe Si eniops Harold Lee Alexander, A.B. U. U. Ministerial Associa- tion ' 52-53; Nestor Club, ' 54- ' 55, Pres. ' 55; Hvpatia Club. ' 55; Life Service Band, ' 53- ' 54; President, ' 53; German Club, ' 55; Prog Hall Counci ' 54; Track Tean Rosanne Wilson, B.S. YWA ' 5I- ' E5: Footlights Club ' 5l- ' 52: Chorus 51- ' 52: Soph. Football Maid ■52- ' 53; Soph. Basketball Maid 52- ' 53: Best Ail- Round Girl , 52- ' 53 : Junior Basketball Maid ' 53- ' 54; One Ten Most Beautiful Girls 53-54; Senior Maid to Miss Union 54-55; Senior Basketball Maid 54- 55; One Ten Most Beauti- ful Girls 54-55; Panhellenic Rep. to Student Council 54-55; Devotional Vice- Pres. BSU 54-55; BSU Council 54-55; Panhellenic Council 53-55; Zeta Tau Alpha 51-52; Social Chairman 52-53, Vice- Pres. 53-54. Pres. 55. Mary Lou Baker, A.B. Allegro Club 53-54, So- cial Leader 53-54. Circle Secretary 54-55; YWA ' 54-55- Touring Choir 53- Emmett Barnes, A.B. isterial Association 55. John Bruce, A.B. History Club 54-55. Jimmie Byassee, B.S. Basketball 53-55; Baseball 53-55; Most Handsome Boy 54; All VSAC Con- ference Team and Tourna- ment Team 53-54; 3rd team VSAC 55. Dorothy Sue Cash, A.B. BSU Council. Social Vice- Pres. 53-54, Hostess. 54- 55; Student Government Council Secretary 54-55; Latin Club 53-55. Sec- retary 55; Hvpatia 54-55; Mi: " Un 55. Kenneth Crocker, B.S. S eniord Charles Dollar, A.B. Football ' 5l- ' 53: Shelbian Club. President ' 53- ' 54; Rutledqe History Club ' 53- ' 55; Rice Latin Club ' 52- •54: SAE, President ' 55; Student Body President ' 54-55. Charles Harri A.B. History Club, Mini Association. Billie Grantham, A.B. Spanish Club ' 55. Charles M. Edmonds, A.B. Barbara Harwell, 1. U. Ministerial Associa- B.S. ion ' 5l- ' 52. Recording ecretary; Program Chair- YWA- BSU Choir; Foot- nan U. U. Ministerial lights Club: Zeta Tau Alpha. Activities Chair- issociation ' 54- ' 55: Tennis earn ' 53 ' 54- Latin Club man ' 52- ' 53 Treas. ' 53 ' 54 res. ' 53- ' 54; Nestor Club. Rush Chairman ' 54- ' 55. Jim Hayes, Albertine Epps, B.S. B.S. SAE. President; ;ace Club. ' 53- ' 55 : Club: Hypatia; pus Nurse. Club, ' 54- ' 55. Bill Henley, A.B. Ministerial As: •4 28 )§►-■ .s eniord Barbara King, B.S. Harriman, B.S. Chi Omega, ' 53- ' 55; SAE Queen , 53- ' 54: Hypatia, ' 54- ' 55; Footlights Club, Treasurer. Sadie Johnson, A.B. YWA ' 5l- ' 55; Footlights Club Secretary ' 54, Sect. ' 55; Alpha Psi Omega ' 54- ' 55, Program Chairman ' 55; Hypatia ' 54- ' 55. Program Chairman ' 55: BSU Coun- cil ' 54- ' 55, Baptist Stu- ' 54- ' 5S- Who ties Uni Carolyn Steen Hill, A.B. Vice-Pres. Freshman Class ' 53; Mallory Math Club ' 55; Hypatia ' 54- ' 55; Car- dinal and Cream Staff ' 54- ' 55- Rice Latin Club ' hl- ' ii, Pres. ' 54- ' 55, Pro- gram Chairman ' 53- ' 54; Chi Omega ' 52- ' 55, Chap. David Lav, ler, Correspondent ' 54- ' 55; A.B. Who ' s Who In American Universities and Colleges Ch s ' 54- ' 55; History ' 54- ' 55; Miss Union ' 54- ' 55. CI b ' 53- ' 54. Troy Lewis, B.S. Foy Lisenby, A.B. Nestor Club ' 55; Phi Alpha Theta ' 55. Vice-Pres. ' 55; Hypatia Pres. ' 55; History Club ' 53- ' 54; Student Council ' 55; Class Speaker ' 53- ' 55; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Fred Kendall, Colleges ' 55; Cardinal and Cream Staff ' 53- ' 55, Editor A.B. ' 55; Annual Staff ' 53- ' 55; Min isterial Association ' 53- Senior Most Likely to ' 55; History Club ' 54 ' 55. Succeed, ' 55. •«§{ 29 fy s, eniopS Alice Clement Brewer, A.B. David W. Luckey, B.S. Annual Staff ' 54; Prince- Davis Science Club ' 52- ' 55- Mallory Math Club ■5 1 - ' 55: ATO Fraternity ' 5l- ' 55, Worthy Master ' 54. Mini: Bill McAfee, A.B. erial As :iation ' 55; BSU ' 53 ' 55 Church Rep. ' 54- ' 55. Off Campus Rep. ' 54- ' 55; Nes tor Club ' 53- ' 55. Secretary Rutledge History Club ' 51 ' 54; Baseball ' 52- ' 54; Vice Cla BSU Youth Team ' 53- ' 54 Philosophy Club ' 53- ' 54. Hester Ann McGill, A.B. Transferred from Missouri State College. ' 53; Zeta Tau Alpha ' 53- ' 55. His- torian ' 54- ' 55, Activities Chairman ' 53- ' 54. Secretary of Pledge Class ' 53- ' 54; YWA; Choir; BSU Choir. Betty Mcintosh, B.S. U. T. M. B. ' 53. Mary Montgomery, B.S. Zeta Tau Alpha. Standards Chairman ' 54- ' 55; YWA; Transfer from Missouri State College ' 53. Aubrey L. Morris, A.B. Club; ball Tean Ministerial Association; ATO, Chaplain; Nestor Hypatia Club; Base- ' 5l- ' 55; BSU Youth Speaker; Pres. Soph. Class ' 52- ' 53; Pres. Student Body ' 53- ' 54; Mr. Union ' 53- ' 54; Class Speaker ' 52- ' 55; Who ' s Who in Amer- and Col- in Club; Club ' 53- ' 54; leges ' 55; Philosophy Best All-Ar ' 55. jnd Bo ' 54- Bobby J. Morris, B.S. SAE ' 51 - ' 55, Social inent ' 52- ' 53, Asst. lirman ' 53- ' 54, Social Chairman ' 54- ' 55; E.W. ' 54- ' 55; Adams Hall Council J, 5l- ' 55; Football ' 5l- ' 53; Basketball ' 5l- ' 54; Track ' 52- ' 54; Baseball ' 54- ' 55; Best All-Around Boy ' 53- ' 54; U Club ' 5l- ' 53: Science Club ' 54- ' 55; An- nual Staff. Asst. Sports Editor ' 55. •4 30 •- s eniopS Ben nie Morrison A.B. BSU Choir Pres. ' 5 • ' 55; Foo High ts Club Pres. ' 54- ' 55; Spa nish.Club Pres. ' 54- ' 55; H patia; Alpha Psi Om eqa. Worthy Playw rite; Nestor Club; Adams Hall Roe Neal, A.B. History Club Pres Alpha Theta. Wilburn Nelson, A.B. Ministerial Association. Charlotte Peddy, A.B. Who ' s Who in American Univ. and Colleqes ' 54- ' 55; BSU Council ' 52- ' 55, Sec- , 53- ' 54, Religiou; ' 54- ' SS; Secretary an Class ' 5l- ' 52; Life :e Bano ' 51-55, Socia ■man ' 53- ' 54, Secre ' 54- ' 55- YWA ' 5l- ' 55 Alpha Theta ' 53-55 Sect. ' 53-54, President ' 54 ' 55; Alpha Psi Omega ' 53- ' 55, Sect. ' 54- ' 55; Rut ledge History Club ' 53- ' 54 Hypatia ' 53- ' 54; Rice Latii Club ' 54- ' 55; Lest W Forget Staff ' 5l- ' 52; Dra matics Club ' 52-55. Editor tary Max Privett, B.S. Alp a Epsilo f ' bit- ' 54; Prince -Da B C ub, Vice Prp 54- ' b L ; Adams H ill 1 ' 54- 55. Lewis Parrish, A.B. Ministerial Associatic Betty Ruth Wilson, A.B. Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian ' 53- ' 54; Corresponding Sec- retary ' 54- ' 55; Spanish Club, Vice-President ' 55; Hypatia; YWA. Alvin C. Powers, A.B. listerial Association ' 53- Vice-President ' 54; Life vice Band, President ' 54. 31 fr s eniops Virginia Sewell, A.B. Transfer from Belmont ' 52: Chi Omega 52-55 Rush Chairman ' 53- ' 54. Pledge Mistress ' 54- ' 55; BSU ' 52- ' 55, Hostess and Lib-arian ' 53 ' 54, Church Represen- tative ' 54- ' 55; Science Club ' 52-55 Reporter ' 53- ' 54; Secretary ' 54- ' 55; Home Ec. Club ' 54- ' 55: Footlights Cljb ' 52- ' 55; Annual Staff ' 52-53. Mary Walker Shoaf, A.B. Chi Omega ' 5l- ' 55 Vice- President ' 53- ' 54; Rutledge History Club Vice-Presi- dent ' 54- ' 55; Rice Latin Club ' 54- ' 55; Footlights Club; Annual Staff. Assis- tant Editor ' 54- ' 55- Alpha Psi Omega; Camera Club Secretary-Treasurer ' 52- ' 53| Pan-Hellenic Representa- tive ' 55; YWA ' 5l- ' 55. Emily Wieland, A.B. Chi Omega, ' 5l- ' 55. Presi- dent ' 54- ' 55; One of the Ten Most Beautiful Girls ' 53- ' 55; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Hypatia ' 53- to Uni( Allegro Club. James M. Sawyer, A.B. BSU Council. Third Vice- President ' 54, President ' 55; Ministerial Society Treasurer ' 54- ' 55; Nestor Club ' 54- ' 55: Student Coun- cil ' 55; German Club Pres. ' 55. LaNell Taylor, A.B. BSU Council, ' 54- ' 55; Life Service Band. ' 54- ' 5S; YWA. Joyce Shelton, A.B. Jack Tucker, A.B. Zeta Alpha Alpha ' 5l- ' 55 Guard ' 53- ' 54; Basketball Queen ' 55. BSU Council ' 53- ' 54; Min- isterial Association ' 53- ' 55; German Club ' 54- ' 55. Clovis Vest, A.B. Footlights Club ' 54- ' 55. -4 32 ►■• ■ ' ' 21 AMM ,- j unior icerS Secretary DORIS SUE HARDEE Student Council Representative DON COLE MAN Chaplain BILL TREADWELL 34 fe- •uncord Bill Blanlcenship Lucy Nell Butler Betty Castleman Sara Cox George Crocker Evelyn Donnell Billy Hammonds Joyce Henry Keith Hill -4 35 )§►■■- uniorS Doris Holloway Frances Jones Peggy Jones mummmmm m Jk Peggy Ann Jones Murray Pearson Bill Seratt o I i , ' - Roger Sharrok Jimmy Shearin Forrest Shearon 36 ►- juniors Don Smith Marion Smith Billy Jean Thomas ok Russel Tuck Mary Ruth Watlington Jim Williams Joyce Young Bernice Long -4 37 Students i lot f ictured SENIORS Ormand Barnes Martha Carrington Mollie Cowden Jack Criswell Don Deaton Martha Edwards Billy Elam Elaine Elkins Kenneth Hawkins Gladys Hiscox Carlie Ann King Juanita King Tom Naef Mary Ruth Pearson Jack Pollard Clyde Riddle Billy B. Smith Betty Smothers Tommy Smothers Glenda Whittle Lillie Willard JUNIORS William Adams Gene Atkins Thelma Crews Barker Billy Bartlett Bobby Briggs Howard Burns Robert Cagle Alma Cunningham Bill Duckworth Mana Duckworth Thomas Duffey Dorothy Durham William Foster Betty Gass Robert Given Robert Goodman D. S. Hall James King Joy Lane Richard McCutcheon Gene McKay Bettye Manner Charles Maraman Vance Marberry Beverly Pickler Bradley Pinion Jimmy Rooks Robert Saunders James Scott Robert Seger Don Shockley Joann Sims Jerry Sisk Betty Sue Taylor Eddie Truett Robert Wakefield Lilla Elizabeth Ward Martha Watkins Lee Wyatt Jane Norville 38 }£••■- tr 7a oiph r omored Sophomore ( ladd rp icerS President BILL PITT Secretary NORA JANE KELLY Student Council Representative GEROME BROWN Chaplain BOBBY MOORE : 40 }§-• opk o more 6 Yvonne Appleton Cornell Argo Joe Arnold Warren Banks Dan Barger Mary Jo Blalack Charles Boggan Hazel Bondurant lilly Butler Mary Claybrook Robin Coffman Joseph Col -•€{41 S onh Myrna Cole Maurice Coleman William Cordli Don Cowan Jessie Criswell Junior Daugherty Mary Dellinger William Dunning Sylvia Fulmer Jerry Horner -4 42 )§«••■ S opn otnoreA Ann Hurt Clarence Johnsey Sarah Kyle Judson Lambert Shirley Under Margaret McDonald James MeKissaelc Sissie MeNamara Betty Manner Justine Moore Mary Evelyn Moore James Nowell ■4 43 fe- opn r lomored Billy Bateman Dorothy Cox Sherry Only Edsel Pate Virginia Pinkley Sandra Roberts Johnny Rose Eileen Rufener Mary Ann Shearin 44 )§ •- S opk T l xomoreS Billy Joe Sholar Dorothy Simpson Charles Simpson Jill Skinner Rose Marie Slover Janice Smith Shirley Smith Joyce Stallings Joe Ray Swai 45 ►_ oph lomorei Sandra Taylor Bonnie Sue Thomas Rita Tillman Bobby Todd Sylvia Vise Wanda Warren Billie Sue Littlejohn Sylvia Wilson Ted Janes :46)9h- rreAnrnan s iaM VJtfi icerS President JOHN KENDALL Secretary JANICE DOTSON Student Council Representative PAT BLANKENSHIP ; 48 )§►- jrredh men Mary Allcoek Jayne Arnold Robert Benson Patricia Bowman James Brandon Clyde Briggs C. W. Bryant Barrie Bright O ' Neal Carroll Jerry Chatham Geraldlne Clift Martha Cottrell Carolyn Cook Mary Coughlin Carolyn Crocker Max Crocker ■■ { 49 fr- rredhi Morris Crocker Avanette Davidson Donald Dillingham Charles Dorroh Horner Doss Gwendolyn Ford Curtis Freeman Carl Holley William Holmes James Hudson Millard Jernigan Charles King {50} jrreiht Norma Kolwyek Ralph Landers Dianne Ledbetter John Lock Martha Lyon Ann McMahan James Martin Alta Michael Larry Mills Chloe Moore Carol Newberry Wilson Newman Donald Pace Julia Pattat Charlie Perkins -4 5 I } ■ JJ reAli men Linda Polk William Putnam Walter Ricks Marylyn Robinson Teddy Rogers Charles Schuler Gracie Smith Loydell Smith Lucille Swofford Peggy Taylor Peggy Trevathan James Thomas Carolyn Tisdale Richard Vincent Nancy Ward Nancy Wallace 4 52 )§ ■■ jrresht Harvey Warren Royce Watlington James Wa+ts Jo Frances White Janie Williams Harold Wilson John Wuerpel Wilma Wylie Dorris Robinson Jimmy Deaton 4 53 }§ •• Students f lot J- ic tared SOPHOMORES: Guy Allison Hayes Beard Billy Bible Billy Bickers Arnold Blewer Bob Brown Geraldine Cliff Bevley Coleman James Crosson Bob Crowell Bill Davie Eldon Dukes Don Farmer George Fisher James Gass Eugene Hardy Hawthorne Hurst Charleton Johnsey Sammy Lowry Frances Lyons Betty Mann Edwin Morgan Wade Paris James Parrish Dot Pearson Henry Phillips John Powers Bill Putman James Richardson Doris Rumage Shirley Saunders lla Shaw Norris Smith Helen Swain Ralph Thomas Bill Traughber Eugene White Harold Wilson Frances Neal Jerry Nichols Bill Noblett FRESHMEN: Raymond Abernathy June Abney Gerrald Bland Erby Bradfield Ann Brigham Thomas Buntin Roger Bullard Robert Campbell Ray Carpenter James Carter Rosemary Chessor Dean Clark Barney Coiart Carl Davenport Joe Davis James Deaton Annette Farley James Furgerson Bill Flack Emily Flowers James Hart Chloe Harvey Charles Hausser Naomi Hayslip Edwin Hearn Shirley Hendricks Sammy House Don Isbell Mrs. Geneva Johnson Orville McMahan Bobby McWherter Jim Martin Arthur Miller David Moore Sheila Morris Margaret Parker Sydney Portis Elbert Prewitt Jerry Replogle James Richardson Harold Rowland Harold Sererson Lewis Sewell Sheila Sheppard Jackson Smith Joyce Stallings Donna Stegall Roy Stinson Charles Tapp Frank Tennyson Katie Taylor Nancy Trout William Van den Bosch Gene Wade Janette Walker Ernest White Robert White Katie Williams 4 54 }i . r lO 5 -Arniona students rn rmerican —olleae5 S r ia UlniversitieS " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " is a national publication in which the biographies of outstanding college students appear. Persons named for this honor are selected on the basis of char- acter, leadership and scholarship, as well as participation in extra-curricular activities. Public recognition of the worthy achievements of nine of the students of Union University has been made by their selection for this honor. Their pictures and thumb-nail sketches are given on the following five pages. We are proud of every one of them and believe they will bear their honors humbly and effectively in the years to come. - { 56 fa- CL riitine Si iSSon Christine, from Lexington, Tennessee, is one of those persons who possesses the cov- eted ability of working mathematics. She has been very active in Zeta Tau Alpha activities, serving as president in her senior year. Chris- tine has been secretary and vice-president of the Mallory Math Club, circle chairman in Y. W. A., and a member of the student council. Comity L tare l l ielanci An attractive brunette from Trenton, Tennessee, has contributed greatly to our campus with her many talents. Emily, an accomplished vocalist and pianist, has taken active part in all campus activities. She has served as president of her fraternity, Chi Omega, and as president of Pan Hellenic Council. Allegro, Hypatia, and chorus mem- bers will easily remember Emily as one of the faithful. As Emily leaves our campus for a teaching career, we wish her success along life ' s road. Uirqinia lUloore Jewell Attractive and friendly, " Jinny " Sewell of Jackson has been an active participant in campus activities. Her Christian influence has been a helping hand to many students. She has served Chi Omega as rush chairman and pledge mistress and held offices in the Prince-Davis Science Club, Allegro, and the B. S. U. Council. Her cooperative spirit assures us that she will be a success as she seeks her goal as a medical missionary. 1 L harlotle J- eddu An efficient leader in most every field is Charlotte Peddy from Henderson. In Dra- matics and religious activities, she has been especially outstanding through Alpha Psi Omega, Footlights Club, B. S. U. Council, Y. W. A., and B. S. U. choir. Charlotte has also been a member of the Phi Alpha Theta, Hypatia, and Rutledge History Club. To fur- ther carry out her religious work, Charlotte plans to enter the seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. K arolun H ill Carolyn Hill of Ripley, Tennessee, has been a true inspiration to the students. Her scholastic record is a challenge to future stu- dents. Carolyn has served as vice-president of Freshman class, President of the Latin Club, Chapter Correspondent of Chi Omega, and a member of the Mallory Math Club. This year she was chosen as Miss Union. Carolyn ' s cheerful smile and sweet singing voice will long be remembered by her fellow students. rJLeon Villi Off i A One of the most well-rounded person- alities on the campus is Leon Morris from Martin, Tennessee. To know Leon is to like him. During his years at Union, he has been chosen for many honors such as Mr. Union, President of the student body, and Most Popular Boy. He has served Alpha Tau Omega as chaplain. Besides serving as pastor of a church, he has been an active member of the Minis- terial Association, Nestor Club, and Hypatia. facile rJLou Aon in Son Sadie, a Jackson senior, is a young lady with an amazing vitality for living and a joy to those who know her. She has been a mem- ber of B. S. U. Council, secretary of Foot- lights Club, program chairman of Hypatia, vice-president of Alpha Psi Omega and vice- president of the Junior Class. We wish her success as she enters a teaching career. srou cJLiieno n f V Foy Lisenby of Jackson, Tennessee, a gifted artist, and a cooperative spirit, has been a constant worker in student affairs. Foy has been editor of CARDINAL AND CREAM, LEST WE FORGET staff, vice-presi- dent of Phi Alpha Theta, a member of Nestor Club, student council, Hypatia, and Rutledge History Club. Foy ' s talents will be useful in his teaching career. 60 : frfarie sQrmsh rmstrona Marie Armstrong, of Memphis, Tennes- see, has been a tremendous Christian influence on those who have been closely associated with her. Marie served as vice- president of the Sophomore Class, secretary of the Senior Class, and vice-president of the Student Council. She has held the offices of vice-president and pledge mistress in Zeta Tau Alpha and was a member of the Mallory Math Club. Marie has outlined a career in religious education with additional training in the seminary. . ' 1 Senior 1 1 lost esLihelu to Succeed •4 62 )§►•■ FOY LISENBY W. tin { 63 } DON COLEMAN WjL tin •;{ 64 £» DOT CASH nru Wn CAROLYN HILL Jf 65 } Sheila Morris Willie Diaz F R E S H M A N E S C O R T S (Ldcortd to llll is$ Ult John Kendall nion Mary Evelyn Claybroolc s o p H O M O R E E S C o R T S J u N I O R E S C O R T S Bill Blankenship Rosanne Wilson (Ldcortd to VII lite U t nion S E N I O R E S C O R T S IP d est Mll -Atround ( jirl JOYCE HENRY vJedt -Jtll Around ( Joi 69 - LEON MORRIS : y V 1 vlodt i oputar yw 4 70 ►- VIRGINIA SE WELL tvlost l opular (J5o wuiar t Jou BILL TREADWELL _Xr U kJ Sweetheart 4 72 )§-■■ r BETTY CASTLEMAN S-J£Q« CARLIE ANN KING (Oadhetoali (aju -4 74 $■- JOYCE SHELTON rrednman if laid Annice Kidd -Sophomore if aid Aunior ft aid Betty Castleman op Mary Evelyn Claybrook Senior it aid Rosanne Wilson S trawberru (q(h -4 76 )§►- MARY EVELYN CLAYBROOK Second II lllaid Annice Kidd srlfit V lllaid Barbara Jones L ourt ol the S trawberru ut Sf 78 jrred nman v i PAT BLANKENSHIP 4 79 fe- i rlodt rrandsome (Jj oi 4 80 fr- DON ALD PACE j- resentina ... Union ' s most beautiful girls, as chosen by the student body. Each year the students elect the most beautiful girls by ballot. Here you see the choices they made. Each girl is a beauty In her own right and the order is not significant. Proudly we present to you — Union 3 fffodt vJeautiful Ljirli ■ W at m Afnnice J idd ■ I d etlu L astleman r E HT • - 4 82 } frfaru C vetun L laubrooh un K iaul s Bp | v Jflliartha oLu ■■■MMMHI Aruanette o avicUt ■4 84 )|6 f o3anne l L udon - • »{ 85 } - C miiu vveiland Waru Wont ii I v lonia ont eru ■■•»•{ 86 )§»- jrranced oLu ond -4 87 }§ - Jraunizct uon3 Editor FORREST SHEARON L E S T W E F O R G E T MARY WALKER SHOAF and CHRISTINE SISSON Assistant Editors BOBBY SIMS Business Manager and JIM SHEARIN Consulting Editor The Lest We Forget Staff Left to Right: Joyce Henry, Bobby Moore, Barbara King, Bobby Sims, Bobby Joe Morris, Shirley Smith, Thelma Barker, Sylvia Vise, Barrie Bright, Forrest Shearon Working long hours — late into the night — the Lest We Forget staff presents this volume to the students of Union. We hope as you look through it you will find many things that interest, amuse, and 90 tee».- in later years, call back the fond memories of your Alma Mater. c A R D I N A L A N D C R E A M JACK CRISWELL Sports Editor Editor FOY LISENBY JIM WILLIAMS Associate Editor The Cardinal and Cream Staff Left to Right: Bill Dunning, Jim Williams, Jesse Criswell, Jack Criswell, Jerry Horner, Sadie Johnson, Thelma Barker, Bobby Sims, Foy Lisenby. The Cardinal and Cream has come to mean on Union ' s campus what the large newspapers mean in America — freedom of expression of thought and ideas. To the students at Union every publication is a sought after and prized possession. This monthly production is certainly a credit to its school. 91 }§ ■■- Eeta O, 4 meaa 9 ' Arlpna Jau yme aa Founded at Virginia Military Institute, September II, 1865 Colors: Sky Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Tea Rose BETA TAU CHAPTER Established February 29, 1893 The Beta Tau Chapter of Union University has drawn from every walk of life its membership and instilled in these minds the principle of Christian brotherhood. This fellowship combined with scholarship and extra-curricular activities has formed a well- rounded program for the ATO ' s on Union ' s campus. This year again found the Taus outstanding in every phase of campus life. Editor of Lest We Forget was Forrest Shearon. Leon Morris was selected for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, and also elected most Popular Boy. The Vice-Pres- ident of the Senior class was Richard Ross. ATO ' s also held places of leadership in numerous campus organizations and clubs. In the field of athletics the Beta Tau boys " stole the show. " Under the leadership of co-captain Billy B. Smith, the basketball team consisted mostly of ATO ' s. The base- ball team showed virtually every position dominated by Taus, and they came out on top in the football intramurals by virtue of a 12-0 record. And who can forget the great playing done by the ATO ' s in the basketball commercial league, on the tennis courts and the golf course. These honors, features, and activities combined with beautiful banquets, warm social events, a wonderful sweetheart, and a loving fraternity mother, round out a year keynoted by success and highlighted by a close fellowship of the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega. BILL NOBLETT W.M. BILL DUNNING W.K.A. ROBIN COFFMAN W.S. Row I: David Luckey, Kenneth Crocker, Richard Ross, Leon Morris, Kenneth Hawkins. Row 2: Tommy Smothers, Keith Hill, Jack Criswell, Eddie Truett, Jimmy Shearin. Row 3: Forrest Shearon, Johnny Rose, Charles Schiller, Jessie Criswell, Junior Daughtery. Row 4: Jerry Chatham, O ' neal Carrol, Richard Vincent, Horner Doss, Jim Brandon. Row 5: Royce Walington {93}b 3 ennedSee C tci 4 Iamu rlpnci C pslic Founded at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 9, 1856 Colors: Royal Purple and Old Sold Flower: Purple Violet Union University ' s 1954-55 Sig Alphs combined friendship, fun and fraternity to lay the framework for lasting bonds of brotherhood, while continuing to take active leadership in campus activities and honors. On the social scene, SAE celebrated the fraternity ' s 99th birthday at Founder ' s Day Banquet. Coronation Banquet was the highlight of fall semester. Spring Splash, underprivileged children ' s Christmas Party, and open house helped to make chapter social life complete. Tennessee Eta ' s " A Little Bit of Everything " provided Jackson and West Tennessee entertainment lovers an above-the-average variety show. Renovation and redecoration of the 200 N. Hays SAE Chapter House also kept actives and pledges busy. Fall semester officers were: EA — Jim Hayes EDA— Bill Blankenship ET — Bobby Sims ER — Murray Pearson EW— Bobby Briggs E. Corr.— Bill Bickers E. Chron. — James Gass E. Chap. — Don Cowan E. H.— HerrellW. Herriman E. P.— Max Privett EDT— Bradley Pinson Pledgemaster — Don Coleman Social Chairmen — Bobbie Joe Morris, Charles Dollar Spring semester officers were: EA — Charles Dollar EDA — Don Coleman ET — Bradley Pinson ER— Max Privett EW — Bobby Joe Morris E. Corr. — Don Cowan E. Chron. — Jim McKissack E. Chap.— Bill Bickers E. H.— -James Gass E. P.— Bobby Sims EDT — Jimmy Howell Pledgemaster — Tom Naef Social Chairmen — Bobby Joe Morris, Herrell W. Herriman Faculty Advisor — Dr. Kelly Thurman Alumni Advisor — George A. Payne JIM HAYES EA BILL BLANKENSHIP EDA CHARLES DOLLAR EA DON COLEMAN EDA Max Privett, Herrel! Harriman, Jim Williams, Jimmy Rooks. Murry Pearson, Bobby Sims, Billy Bickers, Clarence Johnsey, James Howell. Don Cowan, Jimmy McKisset, Don Pace, Bob White, W " . B. Ricks. Jimmy Hudson, Bill Willett, James Martin, Jimmy Deaton, Barry Bright. Charles Perkins, Clyde Ray Briggs, C. W. Bryant, Ralph Landers, Bill Holms. Harvey Warren. j 3 ilon LjpdLic 4 Ck O, meaa Founded at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation An enjoyable and happy year for Chi Omegas must eventually come to a close. Through the year Chi O ' s have been the recipients of many awards. Among these are Queen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Best All-round Girl, Most Popular Girl, Miss Union, Cheerleaders, Strawberry Queen and two of her maids, representatives in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Freshman Queen and Maid, Basketball Maid and representatives in the Ten Most Beautiful Girls. Offices and memberships were held also in Hypatia Literary Society, Footliahts Dramatic Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Latin Club, History Club, Allegro, Theta Kappa " Pi, Minerva Club, LEST WE FORGET staff, CAR- DINAL AND CREAM staff, Library Staff, Student Council, B.S.U. Council, and the Prince-Davis Science Club. Giving of Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, playing Santa Claus for a group of children, aiding in the polio drive and the collection for the heart fund have been a part of Chi Omega ' s civic activities. Their social life has included an Introductory Tea for Pledges, an annual winter banquet, Fall and Spring Eleusinia, a blue-jeans party, numerous slumber parties, and a spring outing. Regretfully they see a happy year close, but they look anxiously to the future and the fulfilment of their many dreams. Row I Row 2 Row 3 Row 4: Row S Mary Walker Shoaf, Barbara King, Betty Moore Cass, Carlie Ann King, Doris Hollaway, Lucy Butler Peggy Jones, Sara Cox, Doris Hardee, Ha Shaw, Janice Smith, Wanda Warren Nora Jane Kelley, Sherry Only, Sylvia Fulrner, Mary Claybroot, Loydsl . Smith, Pat Blankenship Janette Walker, Carol Newberry, Barbara. Jones, Pat Bowman, Peggy Trevathan, Yvonne Appleton Sheila Sheppard, Avanette Davidson, Eileen Rtifner, Mary Ruth Watlington, Chloe Harvey, Mrs. Rosa Rutledge 497.: 4 meaci f -.eta Jau -Arlpha f Founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, October 15, li urquoise Blue and Steel Gray Flower: White Violet As another year comes to a close, Beta Omega can truly say this has been a good year for us. Many of our girls have proved to be campus leaders in all phases of the school activities. Honors for our members were numerous: Betty Castleman was crowned Sweet- heart of Alpha Tau Omega; Joyce Shelton reigned as Basketball Queen with Rosanne Wilson, Betty Castleman, and Annice Kidd as maids. Rosanne Wilson and Sheila Morris were maids to Miss Union. On the Student Council were Marie Armstrong, Christine Sisson, and Rosanne Wilson. Marie Armstrong and Christine Sisson were selected for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Several girls held offices in their classes, Y.W.A., B.S.U., Spanish Club, Allegro, Annual Staff, Math Club, and the Prince-Davis Science Club. Other than these extra-curricular activities we maintained a very good scholastic standing. We didn ' t forget the social activities. Christmas parties, teas, banquets, and a hayride gave a gay atmosphere to the year. The officers for the past year were as follows: President Vice-President-... Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer _ Pledge Mistress Historian _... Guard Rush Chairman., ;... Rosanne Wilson Marie Armstrong Glenda Whittle ..Betty Ruth Wilson Christine Sisson Marie Armstrong ...Hester McGill Beverly Pickler Barbara Harwell 5SANNE WILSON MARIE ARMSTRONG BETTY RUTH WILSON CHRISTINE SISSON Row I; Mary Montgomery, Barbara Harwell, Hester McGill, Joyce Shelton, Betty Castleman Row 2; Helen Swain, Mary Evelyn Moore, Reta Ttlman, Sue Thomas, Shirley Smith Row 3: Myrna Cole, Ann McMahan, Annice Kidd, Janice Dotson, Shelia Morris Row 4: Jam ' s Williams, Sylvia Vise, Martha Lyon, Mrs. Dee Rice l{99 i lce cU-atLn ( lub JOYCE YOUNG Program Chairman MARION SMITH CAROLYN HILL Pres ' dert The Rice Latin Club is an organ- ization of students making high grades in Latin. The purpose of this club is to increase a member ' s knowledge of Latin and gain an insight into the Roman civilization, its laws, customs, religion and ordi- nary life, with a consequent appre- ciation of our indebtedness to the past. Members Not Pictured BILLY DUCKWORTH MARY EVELYN MOORE GENE ATKINS BOBBY GOODMAN JOY LANE DOROTHY SIMPSON BILL TRAUGHBER JOYCE STALLINGS SANDRA TAYLOR CHARLOTTE PEDDY DOROTHY COX MARY WALKER SHOAF MRS. DEE RICE Sponsor 1 00 }- - i attedae J Tistoru i lub and f ni -STipnci Jheta FORREST SHEARON President History Club MRS. ROSA RUTLEDSE Sponsor BOB ELLIOTT President Phi Alpha Theta The Rutledge Honorary History Club stresses preparation for mem- bership in the Delta Psi chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, National Honorary Scholarship Fraternity. Delta Psi encourages research. The organiza- tions function in separate spheres but cooperate in the presentation of programs. Members: HISTORY CLUB FORREST SHEARON BYRON SHERMAN MARY SHOAF ROBERT SAUNDERS JOY LANE HOWARD BURNES BOB BROWN JUDSON LAMBERT CLYDE RIDDLE BOBBY SIMS CHARLES DOLLAR ZANE WELLS JOHN BRUCE BEVERLY COLEMAN PHI ALPHA THETA BOB ELLIOTT JIMMY ROOKS FOY LISENBY ROE NEAL CHARLOTTE PEDDY BETTY WALKER DR. R. H. WARD Sponsor CHARLOTTE PEDDY JIMMY R OOKS BOBBY SIMS JUDSON LAMBERT CHARLES DOLLAR ROE NEAL -4. 101 } ■- SADIE JOHNSON Business Manager CHARLOTTE PEDDY Director BETTY GASS Playwright BENNIE MORRISON Prompter Beta Wu of Founded at Fairmont State College, Fairmont, Virginia August 12, 1925 Alpha Psi Omega, National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity, was founded in order to develop dramatic talent and the art of acting, to cultivate a taste for the best in the drama, and finally to foster the cul- tural values, which dramatics develop. Each member is elected to the fraternity from the field of dramatics. -4 I02J3 . SADIE JOHNSON Secretary BENNIE MORRISON President BARBARA KING Treasurer BILL Pin The purpose of the Dramatics Club is to cultivate the appreciation of dramatic art on the campus, to promote interest in dramatic presen- tations, and to insure the most pro- pitious development of such abilities. Membership in the Club is com- posed of students who have shown an interest in and a talent for work in speech and dramatics. Members Not Pictured CHARLES DOLLAR FRANCES JONES JEROME BROWN MRS. ELIZABETH LOYD Sponsor -4 103 - Jk w tie j at La SADIE JOHNSON Program Chairman MRS. FRANK BLYTHE Sponsor Hypatia, composed of junior and senior students possessing a high scholastic record, is an exclusive literary club. Once each month the club meets to enjoy a review and criticism of some outstanding literary work. The meetings have proved invaluable in preparing the members for participation in clubs of this kind EMMETT BARNES atter they leave school. Members Not Pictured Jim Hayes Alice Clement Brewer LEON MORRIS Bobby Sims Carolyn Hill J 1 Barbara King Dr. Kelly Thurman, Sponsor it ft S -wl Miss Marion Crocker, Sponsor mk CHARLOTTE PEDDY LUCY BUTLER 1 HAROLD ALEXANDER BETTY RUTH WILSON DOT CASH BENNIE MORRISON -4 1 04 ) fed tor ( lub First Row: Harold Alexander, Pres., Jim Hayes, V.-Pres, Bill McAfee, Sec, James Sawyer, Treas., Leon Morris Second Row: Troy Young, Bennie Morrison, Jim Williams, Foy Lisenby, Charles Edmonds The Nestor Club, rated as Union ' s Phi Beta Kappa, consists of a faculty sponsor and twelve young men ranking highest in scholarship in the upper classes. The organization meets nine times during the year, once in joint session with Hypatia. After dinner, a paper is read by a member on any topic in which he is particularly interested and a joint discussion of current development follows. Members Not Pictured George Crocker Bobby Briggs Bobby Sims j- rince- oDavid Science ( iub First Row: David Lucltey, Russell Tuck, Treas., Edsel Pate, Jim Wil Second Row: Christine Sisson, Virgina Sewell, Sec, Thelma Cr s, Max Privett, V.-Pr. The purpose of this club is to stimulate and perpetuate an interest in the Natural Sciences. Qualifications for membership are a major or a minor in one of the three sciences, Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, and a sincere interest in science. Each month, by rotation, one of the depart- ments presents an excellent program connected with the work and study of that department. i I05}£ WJLu Walk CU Row I: David Luckey, Reporter, Carolyn Hill, Shirley Smith, Marie Armstrong, James Howell Row 2: Don Coleman, Pres., Evelyn Donnell, Sec, Christine Sisson, V.-Pres., George Crocker The Mallory Math Club is an organization for those students who have completed four quarters of college mathematics. This club is dedi- cated to the memory of the late Dr. James Mallory. The purpose of the club is to encourage students to better scholarship in the field of math- ematics. Meetings are held twice a month presenting material which would not be given in the classroom. Row I: Mary Jo Blalack, Cornell Argo, Arnold Blewer, James Nowell, Mr. Warren Adams, Benny Morrison, Hayes Beard, Willie Diaz, Virginia Pinkley, Frances Jones Row 2: Janice Smith, Shirley Linden, Carol Newberry, Sylvia Fulmer, Dot Durham, Sherry Only, Joyce Henry ■4 1 06 )§«■•- rllearo II II luslc ( lub ' 9 Left to Right: Don Cowan, Pres.; Rita Tillman, Sec.-Treas.; Martha Carrington, Vice-Pres.; Elaine Elkins, Social Chair- man; Mr. John Woods, Sponsor The Allegro Club, composed of all music majors and minors, is an organization with the purpose of increasing interest and knowledge in the field of music. The club meets once each month to enjoy musical programs presented by students and faculty members of the music department. n nrsf ) Standing: Don Dillingham, Bill Seratt, Joe Cole, Bob Black, Mary Lou Baker, Albertine Epps, Ann McMahan, Sue Taylor, Elaine Elkins, Billy Butler, Don Cowan, Mr. j (, n Woods, Mr. Frederic Lubrani, Mr. John Hughes Seated: Martha Carrington, Mary Allcock, Emily Weiland, Bernice Long, Rita Tillman -4 1 07 }£••■ Left to Right: Sara Cox, Norma Kolwyck, Nora York, Peggy Trevathan, Geraldine Clift, Miss Willie Margaret Johnson, Sponsor, Barbara King, Betty Moore Gass, Mary Ann Shearin, Jane Norvell rtome O conoinici ( tub The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to create a desire in College to better understand living conditions of community and family life and to improve them. Membership in the club is composed of students, who have shown an interest in and had classes in the field of Home Economics. The club meets on the first and third Monday nights. ;{ 108 }§ ■■- 5 ■%: r-. x3Ul 4 - tff u. r m 9 ion -4 1 1 1 )§•-- ufnlon Ulniuersitu 1 {inidterial -ArdSociation ¥ The Union University Ministerial Association was derived from the J. R. Graves Society which was founded in I 877. The Association helps the ministerial students to become familiar with their future problems and work. The purpose of the Association is to aid in qualifying its members for the gospel ministry by gaining practice in cor- rectly expressing themselves in public and by extending their information on all religious questions. Members Not Pictured Zane Wells, Pres. Billy Bickers Gene Atkins Bobby Briggs Barrie Bright Robert Brown Hays Beard Robert Campbell Carl Davenport Billy Duckworth Ted Duffey Charles Hausser Carl Holley Charles Maraman Bobby Moore Wade Paris Robert Saunders Lewis Sewell Jerry Nichols Lee Wyatt Gene Burns Roger Bullard Billy Copeland Jimmy Martin Ray Emerson Bill Dovey Bill Bateman Jerry Horner Bill Flack Charles Taylor, critic R. C. Briggs, critic HAROLD ALEXANDER Secretary JAMES SAWYER CHARLES EDMONDS Program Chairman MR. T. O. HALL Parliamentarian Lfnlon O nii erditu 1 1 linisterial Afddoclation y First Row: Jjdson Lambert, Jerome Brown, Bill McAfee, Fred Kendall Second Row: Ted Janes, Bill Pitt, Forrest Shearon, Leon Morris Third Row: Bill Dunning, Warren Banks, Emmett Barnes, William Cordle Fourth Row: Alvin Powers, Dan Barger, Bill Treadwell, Harold Wilson ( baptist student Ulnion Council T CHARLOTTE PEDDY Religious Editor JAMES SAWYER President PEGGY JONES Secretary MR. T. 0. HALL Advisor The Baptist Student Union is more an organism than an organization. It has as its purpose to link the local churches with the college students and to enlist the students in the service of Christ while in college. Members Not Pictured Bobby Briggs Betty Castleman Rosanne Wilson Emmett Barnes Evelyn Donnell LaNell Taylor Dick McCutchen Elaine Ellcins Martha Carrington Dr. David Byrd, Pastor Advisor Betty Mcintosh Beth Ward Joe Davis Sherry Only Virginia Sewell DR. R. H. WARD Sponsor BILL MeAFEE Off-Campus Representative SADIE JOHNSON Magazine Chairman BENNIE MORRISON Work Shop Chairman BILLIE THOMAS SEWELL Poster Chairman BILL TREADWELL Promotion Chairman -4 M4 =- CROOK HALL CIRCLES WATCHWORD: " They that are wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. " Daniel 12:3 AIM: Our aim is to unite the young women of the Southern Baptist Churches and colleges in an enduring missionary enterprise through which they shall show forth the beauty of holiness. " That in all things He might have pre-eminence. " Col. 1:18 DEDICATION: ... I will seek to maintain for myself a high standard of Christian living and will seek to be an example to others. I will strive to make my personal appearance, speech, and manner such as becomes the purity and beauty of Christlike character, living a radiant and convincing life in all social relationships. LOVELACE HALL CIRCLES J W Aft if i f i fci --«i til " HI 1 lib. • p - jtf poking Unto 5esus S T U D E N T R E V I V A L One of the highlights on Union ' s campus each year is the Religious Emphasis Week or the Student Revival. This is a week when special emphasis is put on soul-win- ning; a week when Christians are brought closer to the Lord. JAMES SAWYER BSU President DICK McCUTCHEN Seng Leader ■4 H6JSH- DR. H. F. PASCHAL Evangelist ZJlie Ulnion Ulniveriilu f- lauers ' -Presentation oj- Arnuaone from play by JEAN ANOUILH Directed by Mrs. Elizabeth B. Loyd CAST Chorus - - Bill McAfee Antigone - Ha Shaw Nurse Charlotte Peddy Ismene _ _ _..- Carolyn Cook Haemon Jack Wuerpel Creon _ _ Bob Crowell First Guard Bennie Morrison Second Guard _ Bill Dunning Third Guard Norris Smith Messenger - — - James Howell Page _ -Pa+ Blankenship Eurydice Sara Cox --$ II8 PJPlf If--, 4 Jlte Utnion Ulniversilu lauerA J- redentalion of " 14 by MARY CHASE Directed by Mrs. Elizabeth B. Loyd CAST El wood Bob Crowel! Myrtle Mae Martha Lyon Veta Louise _ Shirley Linder M rs. Chauvenet Sylvia Vise Kelly I la Shaw Wilson Hayes Beard Sanderson Charles Schuler Chumley _ Gene McKay Mrs. Chumley Janice Dodson Gaffney Norris Smith Lofgren Jessie Criswell ' v " ' . •» •. 1I9 Ulnlon Ulniuersitu CA v oru$ Under the direction of Mr. John Hughes, the Chorus was again a source of pride to all the Union students. This year the Chorus was hon- ored by being asked to perform before the Southern Baptist Convention in Miami, Florida. This is certainly a deserved honor, and is a tribute to the Music Department of Union University. -4 1 20 } ■ MR. RICHARD WEHR Coach RICHARD ROSS Manager Union University ' s Bulldogs opened their second season under Coach Dick Wehr by bowing the Lipscomb ' s Bisons from Nashville by the score of 63 to 7 I . The second game of the season saw the Bulldogs succumb to Ole Miss in a hard fought ballgame, 59-67. The bulldogs threw quite a score into the Southeastern Conference Power. Union capped their first win from Florence State by soundly trouncing the Lions, 85-69. Union dropped the next game to Belmont by the humiliating score of 70-97. While still suffering from the effects of the Belmont game, the Big Reds lost again to U. T. Martin Branch, 57-68. The Unionites came back strong to soundly whip a highly regarded Arkansas State team by the decisive score of 84-67. The Bulldog team seemed to be gaining momentum as they squeezed past a strong Bethel team, 75-73. The Mississippi College Choctaws came to town and left again on the long end of a 63-87 score. The Red team dropped its next four losing to East Texas State, 75-93; and then Arkansas State Teachers, 73-75. Memphis State dropped the Bulldogs, 67-99; this was followed by a 61-73 loss to Southwestern. The Union Team, led by Seniors Billy B. Smith and Jim Byassee, got hot and took the next five in a row: Belmont, 86-70; Austin Peay, 84-68; Florence State, 86-79; Southwestern, 95-61. Austin Peay stopped the try for six in a row by outlasting the Big Reds 71-73 in an overtime period. U. T. Martin downed the Unionites again, 85-92. The Big Reds came back with wins over Lipscomb, Christian Brothers College, and Milligan. A strong L. M. U. team dumped them 72-87. The Bulldogs came home and knocked off C. B. C. and Bethel before entering the V. S. A. C. Tournament. In the V. S. A. C. tourney, Bethel, a team Union had squeezed by twice previously, knocked them out of the tournament in the first game. On the long road trip after the tournament, the Bulldogs dropped games to Arkansas State, Delta State, and Mississippi College. -4 122 - I vleet Ulnion 6 d3ulido fr -4123 JUNIOR PREWETT Guard JOHNNY ROSE Guard JUNIOR DAUGHTERY Guard CHARLES SCHULER Forward ROBERT BENSON Forward BOBBY MOORE Forward SAMMY LOWERY Guard RAY CARPENTER Center Ij utldoas on defense rreu, where s the ballf Dmitri lauS up two points J rewett scrambles for bal I MMgp p f.. ■ II !■! heerieadi erd JOYCE HENRY, LUCY BUTLER, PAT BLANKENSHIP, SYLVIA FULMER, DON COWAN, BOBBY JOE MORRIS -4( 128} -. i m , a -M at n® am im asi rtf; ! HWnlt . ' ■ ' 1 Architect ' s Drawing of New Sports Center IS nion Ulniverditu builds j-or even better Sports in the Pah Sports Center Under Construction -4 I29)g - « ' 4 J THE PITCHERS Left to Right: Maurice Stansell, Guy Warmath, Leon Morris, Sammy Lowery, Ted Janes Ulnion Ulniver itu 5 (J5ci5euall Jc y ' earn Under the managership of Ed Givens, the Union Baseballers turned in a very good season. Playing for the first year in the new College Park, the schedule was packed with many thrilling games. ■4 1 30 }§ ••■ THE TEAM Back Row: Charles Schuler, David Moore, Maurice Stansell, Guy Warmath, Jack Crisv ell, Kenneth Hawkins, Robert Benson, Darrell Pearsey, Ted Janes, Ed Givens, Manager Front Row: Sammy Lowery, O ' Neal Carroll, Don Smith, Junior Prewett, Bill Noblett, Larry Jordan, Robin Coffman, Johnny Rose, C. W. Bryant, Richard Vincent, Jim Byassee BOBBY JOE MORRIS KEITH HILL EDDIE TRUETT DON COLEMAN lyfnlon Ulniversitu Jennis Jt ' j Left to Right: Bobby Joe Morris, Keith Hill, Eddie Truett, Sonny Johnsey, Jim Williams, Don Coleman 132) - ArduerL XSerS _Xr U rlendiu Church r Spiritual ( kurch Ar Kjrowlna Church FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Lafayette at Cumberland Dr. W. Fred Kendall, Pastor -4 136 — r religious atmosphere . . lian feitot snip taious aimoSp _ r Christ hip . . . Arn opportunity ft or Service WEST JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH West Jackson ' s church bus circles the campus four times Sunday and twice on Wednesday night. H. LOWREY HAYNIE Minister of Music and Education SADIE T. CRAWLEY _.... Director of Missions DAVI D Q. BYR D ....._ „..._Pastor -4 137 }:£••• M ifL r P +A ¥±. fae (Iua J- _J))»- U DRINK OKI n K. DrPeppei NORTH JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH t warm welcome f-or each student . . . - •»§{ 139 }§ •■■- The MOORE STUDIO Pictorial Home of the Co-Ed _y(r studio of Distinction KyPlerinq alwaiiS the latest ana best achievements of l kotoarankic rrt 215 North Liberty Street Jackson, Tennessee SECOND NATIONAL BANK of Jackson Capital and Surplus $500,000.00 Since 1886 We Have Been Banking on Jackson 1 40 }§ ■.■ CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Nearest the Campus Warmest Christian Fellowship James Canaday, Pastor Albert Skinner, Minister of Music Where S tudents ( 3eit eion 9 99 Celebrating our 50tli 1Jear of Friendly Service 1905-1955 National Bank of Commerce Jackson, Tennessee Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ef i4i S. M. Lawrence Company Coal, Coke, Electric Fans, Aluminum Awnings, Aluminum Screens, Carrier Air Conditioning, General Electric Appliances 532 E. Chester Phone 7-8536 Tennessee Valley Life Life, Accident, Health, Hospital Insurance Home Office — Jackson, Tennessee Corner of Royal and Baltimore " A Policy to Fit Every Need and Budget " USE NATURAL GAS for Cooking Clothes Drying Water Heating Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning West Tennessee Gas Company From High Chairs to House Jacks UnitedRent-i we RENT MOST ANYTHING • We Rent Almost Anything 434 Poplar Phone 2-3577 --«§( I42 McCALL HUGHES Varsity Town Clothes Society Brand Shoes Lee and Disney Hats I 14 North Liberty J. Walter Knowles B B DRUG CO One block from Union University at Five Points Compliments of The First National Bank OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Serving this section since 1873 -H§( 143 j§6 ' NEW ORLEANS BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY New Orleans 22, La. Roland Q. Leavell, President SOUTHEASTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SOUTHWESTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY SEMINARY Wake Forest, N. C. Fort Worth, Texas S. L. Stealey, President J. Howard Williams, President THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL THE GOLDEN GATE BAPTIST SEMINARY THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Louisville, Ky. Berkeley, California Duke K. McCall, President Harold K. Graves, President FOR SMART CAMPUS FASHIONS . . . Naturally it ' s MoWnAs Jackson ' s Greatest Store Since 1871 Featuring Favorite Campus Names Like McGregor, Jantzen, Helen Harper, University Club, Ship ' n Shore, Jane I rw ill, Nardis, and many more. Compliments of McGEE-ROSS HARDWARE CO. The Hardware Department Store 211 E. Lafayette St. Phone 7-3308 Compliments of J. C. EDENTON CO I44 FOR YOUR GIFTS AND JEWELRY NEEDS COME TO ROBERT ' S " JACKSON ' S FRIENDLY JEWELRY STORE " Engraving for Fraternities and Sororities SDUTHERN SUPPLY WJ« JinA. - AriTH THE VAIUfACTI _j«Uf»CIU![! I y. COMPANY Plumbing, Heating, Electrical and Industrial Supplies Jackson, Tennessee L. P. JACKSON Quality Jewelers JACKSON, TENNESSEE LEXINGTON INN Where S tuaents Ljet Ssoaetner " ■4 145 Drink oca In Bottles Compliments of World ' s Largest Packers of Institutional Vienna Sausage Compliments of SMITH FURNITURE CO. One of the South ' s Leading Furniture Stores Jackson, Tennessee JOHNSEYS SPORTING GOODS " We Renovate Athletic Equipment of All Types, New Sporting Goods to Your Desire " 443 N. Royal Street Jackson, Tennessee »;{ I46}§»- WARREN ' S GROCERY AND MARKET IRBY STREET AT UNION UNIVERSITY FOX RESTAURANT 203 E. Main Street Jackson, Tennessee ( enMxnnS YOUR STORE FOR FAMOUS BRANDS 210-212 E. Lafayette Phone 7-3343 •4 147 Baltimore Street " Next to the Malco " ALWAYS WELCOME AT CHARLIE ' S Day: 7-5541 Night: 7-7177 Compliments Black and White Store " CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS " I I I E. Lafayette Phone 7-6366 Compliments of GLEN-MORE CLOTHES Factory to You 214 North Market Jackson, Tennessee THE BOOTERY 209 East Lafayette Jackson, Tennessee -4. W. P. DABNEY SON FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS HOT POINT APPLIANCES Church Street where College Passes Phone 7-5516 Jackson, Tenn. Compliments of E. E. TALIAFERRO JEWELER JACKSON, TENNESSEE TELEPHONE 7-2306 Compliments of BOND ' S SHOE STORE Compliments of STANDARD ' S DRUG Of ' Gift and l ineuard 5 Flower Shop 320 East Lafayette Street Jackson, Tennessee ELITE CLEANERS Since 1912 Service that Satisfies Five Points Phone 7-3546 The Light Refreshment GRADER ' S -4 149 - STEGALL SHOE CO. 1 15 N. Liberty Phone 7-1 126 JACKSON, TENNESSEE Jarman Shoes For Men HARDEMAN MUSIC CO. Winter Baldwin Organ Gulbranson and Conn Band Instruments Piano 209 N. Liberty M Paint - Wallpaper Venetian Blinds Phone 7-7976 Jhe 1 lew S outhern " An Albert Noe Hotel " Headquarters for All Your Social Activities and Civic Functions G. H. ROBERTSON GO. Quality Lines Men ' s Wear WHITLOW ' S Is the Headquarters for all your Athletic and Hunting Needs 215 N. Market Phone 7-7281 RAINEY-BOND FURNITURE CO. Furnjture and Norge Appliances 209 E. Main St. Phone 7-6441 Jackson, Tennessee ALBERT ' S SLIPPER SHOP " Jackson ' s Most Popular Shoe Store " ! 4 1 50 fc- Compliments of THOMPSON ' S SHOE STORE FRANKLAND ' S PATRONIZE ADVERTISER Jsndi Administration and Staff 10-13 Ads - 135-151 Ba rton Ha II - _.... 3 Campus Scenes.. 22-24 Classes - - 25-53 Freshmen . 47-53 Juniors 33-37 Seniors 25-32 Sophomores 39-46 Dedication _ 6-7 Faculty _ 14-18 Foreword _ 5 Honors 55-87 ATO Sweetheart 72 Basketball Royalty 74-75 Best All-Round Boy 69 Best All-Round Girl 68 Escorts To Miss Union 66-67 Freshman Queen 79 Miss Union 64-65 Most Handsome Boy 80 Most Popular Boy _ 71 Most Popular Girl : _ 70 Mr. Union _ 63 SAE Queen 73 Senior Most Likely to Succeed 62 Strawberry Royalty _ 76-77 Ten Most Beautiful Girls 81-87 Who ' s Who 56-6 1 Introduction _ 1-5 Music Activities _ _ _ _ 1 20 Organizations 89- 1 08 Allegro Club ...107 ex Alpha Psi Omega 102 Alpha Tau Omega 92-93 Annual Staff _ 90 Cardinal and Cream Staff 91 Chi Omega 96-97 Footlights Club 1 03 Home Economics Club 1 08 Hypatia 1 04 Mallory Math Club 1 06 Nestor Club _ 105 Phi Alpha Theta 1 1 Prince-Davis Science Club 1 05 Rice Latin Club _ 100 Rutledge History Club 1 1 Sigma Alpha Epsilon _ _ _ 94-95 Zeta Tau Alpha 98-99 President ' s Message 8-9 President of Student Body 20 Religious Activities _ I 11-116 BSU Council 114 Ministerial Association I 12-1 13 Revival _ I 1 6 Y WA _ 115 Snaps 88, 109, 110, 117, 133, 134 Sports _ _....- 121-132 Baseball 1 30- 1 3 I Basketball _ 1 22- 1 27 Cheerleaders - 1 28 Gymnasium 1 29 Tennis - _ ...132 Student Council 21 Students Not Pictured _ .38-54 Union University Players - I 18-1 19 A 152 - Heritage ColLi ! -» ' i Sum mar Library 1050 Union University Dr. Jackson, TN 38305

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