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UBRARY v. UNION UNWfliSffl PhjeAertfaQ " SOME BOOKS ARE TO BE TASTED, OTHERS TO BE SWALLOWED AND SOME FEW TO BE CHEWED AND DIGESTED. " BACON • ' ■ ' 4 ; i? " ' ' v v L ife»jHPf ■■■■ P|W j rJLedt We jroraet of 1954 Editor Jim Shearin Business Manager Thelma Crews Assistant Editors Mary Walker Shoaf Foy Lisenby Consulting Editor Carey Duncan Art - Foy Lisenby Copy Editors Mary Evelyn Claybrook Yvonne Dugard Mildred Laster Honors Flodell Appleton Organizations John Roberts Bob Sims Peggy Jones Rosanne Wilson David Luckey Sports Leonard Brown Robin Coffman Richard Ross Photography Janette Hill Flodell Appleton Gene Adkins Typists - Lala Gee Wanda Warren We the Staff of " LEST WE FORGET " have attempted to bring you an annual which you may be proud of, something which you may remember in future years. We present the 1954 edition of LEST WE FORGET. THE STAFF czDedi tio, canon Because of your genuine scholarship and your ability to stimulate stu- dents; because of your interest in school affairs and your understanding of student problems; be- cause of your ready smile and friendly " hello " — We the seniors of 1954 dedicate this annual to you, Dr. Kelly Thurman. cdjr. J ellu Jk y lurman Let me express appreciation to the Senior Class, the Annual Staff, and your sponsor for the contribution which you make to your college through the publication, " Lest We Forget " . Your yearbook is one of the most effective means of keeping alive the traditions that are characteristic of your college. Through its pages you portray to the reader the facts that Union University is built upon the two-fold tradition of the Liberal Arts, undergirded with the Christian motivation; that social life at Union is replete with whole- some activities, attractive and refining; that the program of allied and extra-curricular activities is educational in its nature supplementing the basic academic program toward the development of the total personality. In addition, each issue of the yearbook depicts the trend of particular interests of a particular era. In this you make your annual a connecting link of class with class, year with year, generation with generation. Strangely enough, as the years go by, you will read and re-read with growing interest the pages of " Lest We Forget " , and with each reading you will experience a deepening affection for your Alma Mater, and a more profound appreciation for its contribution to your life through friendships formed, learning acquired, and ideals established. My hearty affection and good wishes to each of you. Sincerely yours, Warren F. Jones President m r oUr. Warren . A ' arren President ones % 1 DR. H. H. BOSTON Vice-President Capital Enlargement Diploma, Southwestern Baptist School of Mu! Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1924 D.D., Union University Diploma, Hall-Moody Institute A.B. Th.M. Th.D. DR. R. C. BRIGGS Dean of Union University Southwestern State Teachers College Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Southern Baptist Theological Seminary FRANK M. BLYTHE Business Manager I.S., University of Oklahoma TROY G. YOUNG Alumni Secretary and Director of Public Relations GLADYS IVY STONE Registrar B.S., Union University A.B.. Union University M.A., George Peabody Colic Additional graduate work, Harvard Tj ' nive AUBREY JONES Business Office MARJORIE VERTREES Business Office MISS VIRGINIA ATKINS Secretary to President MRS. D. S. HALL Switchboard Operator MRS. CICERO McCLURE Secretary to Dean MRS. LUCY JAMES Bookkeeper MRS. VIRGINIA BARHAM Secretary to Registrar MISS LUCILLE ROGERS Public Relations Office MRS. ETHEL LUCKEY Hostess, Student Union Building DIXIE M. JONES Prof of Education and Psychology and Director of Guidance A.B., Blue Mountain College M.A., George Peabody College Ph.D., George Peabody College FRANK L. WELLS Head of Department of Education and Psychology M.A., Columbia University ity of Iowa Ph.D., A.B., Uni iity of North Carolil JOHN HUGHES Acting Head Dept. of Music A.B., Southwestern M.S., Julliard Ch.M., American Guild of Organists Organ Pupil of W. Townsend, Plymouth, England Organ Pupil of Marceldupre, Paris, France Organ Pupil of Ernest White, New York Additional graduate work in Harmony under Oliver Messiaen, Paris Conserva- tory, Paris, France MATTIE SANDERS Dean of Women Associate Professor of Education and Psychology B.S., Central Missouri State College M.A., Columbia University One year additional graduate work, C lumbia University and University of Southern California FRANCIS BRIDGES Acting Head of Department of Business Administration and Economics B.S., U. S. Merchant Marine Academy, Great Neck, N. Y. B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology M. R. CARRINGTON Instructor in Secretarial Science B.S., University of Tennessee M.S., University of Tennessee HARRIET HELEN BLYTHE KELLY THURMAN ELIZABETH B. LOYD Assistant Professor of English Head of Department of English Instructor in Speech M.A. George Peabody College A.B., University of Oklahoma A.B. Western Kentucky State College M.A., University of Kentucky Ph.D., University of Iowa A.B., Union University Graduate Diploma, Ruth Whitworth College Additional graduate work Univ. of Tenn. Additional study Curry College, Boston; Alviene Univ. of the Theater, New York; American Academy of Dramatic Art; Columbia University GRACE WILLIAMS Assistant Professor in Physical Education B.S., Alabama College M.A., George Peabody College DEE E. RICE Instructor in Latin A.B., Ouachita Collegi WARREN ADAMS Acting Head of Department of Romance Languages A.B., Baylor University M.A., Baylor University Additional graduate work, Univ. of Texas and National Univ. of Mexico ROSA DYER RUTLEDGE Assistant Professor of History M.A., George Peabody College B.S., Union University Additional graduate work, University of Wisconsin RICHARD HIRAM WARD Head of Department of Social Sciences A.B., Carson-Newman College M.A., George Peabody College Three additional years work at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and George Peabody College WOOD ROW DAVIS Professor of Social Science A.B., Union University M.A., George Peabody College residence work completed for Ph.D., University of Missouri WILLIE MARGARET JOHNSON Head of Department of Home Economics B.S., Union University M.S., Iowa State Coll Additional graduate work, of Chicago i?„ e iv WALTER KRUSCHWITZ Acting Head of Department of Physics and Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., Taylor University, Upland, Indiana M.A., Vanderbilt University Additional graduate work, Vanderbilt University RALPH DONNELL Head of Department of Mathematics A.B., Cumberland University LL.B., Cumberland University M.A., Vanderbilt University Two years_ additional graduate work, University of Tennessee ALLEN F. ARCHER WILLARD HENNING CHARLES M. DORN Head of Department of Biology Associate Professor of Biology Assistant Professor of Art! A.B.. Harvard University M.A., University of Michigan Ph.D., University of Michigan A.B., Miami University M.A., University of Missouri Ph.D., Ohio State University A.B., Peabody College M.A., Peabody College Additional graduate work, Univers Minnesota THOMAS O. HALL Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy A.B., Hampden-Sidney College B.D., Southwestern Baptist Theologici Seminary Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theologies Seminary All residence work completed for RICHARD W. WEHR Head of Department of Physical Education and Director of Athletics A.B., Denison University M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh Additional graduate work, University of Pittsburgh and George Peabody College for Teachers HILDRED B. JONES Head of Department of Chemistry A.B., Blue Ridge College M.A., West Virginia University Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh Jean M orris President of the Student Body Jhe student Council OFFICERS LEON MORRIS, President TOMMY SMOTHERS, Vice-President JANE ALBRITTON, Secretary MEMBERS Charles Gaba, Senior Representative Elaine Elkins, Junior Representative Jack Criswell, Sophomore Representative Bill Pitt, Freshman Representative Peggy Walker, Publications Representative George Horton, Religious Activities Representative Christine Sisson, Panhellenic Representative Mildred Laster, Panhellenic Representative Barton Hall Summar Library Lovelace Hall Student Union Building Science Building Adams Hall Crook Hall I J(ina Winter -At Vn Ahfk ok Iklumfk £ enior icerd President JAMES DISMUKE, A.B. Football, U Club, Rice Latin Club, President Junior Class, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Student Council. Secretary EVELYN HOLLEY, A.B. Vice-President ROBERT BROWN, A.B. Flodell Appleton, B.S. Sue Belew Crocker, A.B. Chi Omega Prince-Davis Science Club Chi Omega Rice Latin Club Hypatia Rutledge History Club Jane Albritton, A.B. Chi Omega YWA BSU Council Student Council Allegro Club Who ' s Who in Amer Colleges and Univers Leonard Brown, B.S. Mallory Math Club Nestor Club U Club Tennis Team James Brown, A.B. Ewell F. McKennie, A.B. C. P. Currier, A.B. Rutledge History Club Phi Alpha Theta JRS Max French, A.B. JRG Rutledge History Club Roy Elliot Phi Alpha Theta Rutledge History Club Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universitiej Carey Duncan, A.B. Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Psi Omega Who ' s Who in Ame Colleges and Univer John Gilbert, George Horton, A.B. A.B. JRS B5U President Hypatia JRG Nestor Club Rutledge History Club Baseball Team Phi Alpha Theta Nestor Club Senior Most Likely to ceed Who ' s Who in Amer Colleges and Univers Betty June Harper, A.B. Band Piano Ensemble Lite Service Band YWA Camera Club Bill Hinton, Tom Helton A.B. Allegro Club Sigma Alpha Epsilon Footlights Club Billy Cole, A.B. Nestor Club Band Phi Alpha Theta Bill Mayo, B.S. Basketball Sigma Alpha Epsilo Richard Penuel, B.S. Nestor Club Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mildred Lester, B.S. Chorus Mailory Math Club Zeta Tau Alpha Who ' s Who in Americar Colleges and Universities Prince-Davis Science Club JoAnn McAdams, A.B. Footlights Alpha Psi Omega Jo Ann Maie, A.B. BSU YWA Minerva Club Strawberry Queen Sophomore Class Princ Ruth Skelton, A.B. YWA Life Service Band BSU Hypatia Chorus William McKissack, B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mallory Math Club Prince-Davis Science Club Ellen Thompson, B.S. Life Service Band YWA Charles Gaba, A.B. BSU Student Council Alpha Tau Omega JRG Track Team Tennis Team John Wilkinson Jim Witherington B.S. Seniors V lot f ictured LAMAR BOOTHE WALTER COLEMAN HUGH HARVEY FRED M. JONES TROY LEWIS LOGAN LEWIS LEE THORTON UtM Side ok Patofae- Aunior Cladd LJfficerd President FRED KENDALL Vice-President SADIE JOHNSON Secretary JOYCE SH ELTON HAROLD ALEXANDER MARY LOU BAKER EMETT BARNES RUTH BROGDEN ELIZABETH BROOKSHIRE JOHN BRUCE DOT CASH ALICE CLEMENT DON COLEMAN BETTY COOPER BLANTON CRASS JACK CRISWELL KENNETH CROCKER CHARLES EDMONDS ELAINE ELKINS PEGGY GARRETT CARL HART JIM HAYES HARRELL HERRIMAN CAROLYN HILL BARBARA KING JUANITA KINS DEL LANIER DAVID LAWLER BERNICE LONG RITA LOVELACE DAVID LUCKEY JACK NICHOLAS LOUIS PARRISH CHARLOTTE PEDDY ALVIN POWERS MAX PRIVITT JAMES SAWYER BILL SERATT VIRGINIA SEWELL CHRISTINE SISSON HUDSON McCORKLE HESTER McGILL BETTY MelNTOSH DONALD MONTGOMERY MARY MONTGOMERY BOBBY JOE MORRIS LEON MORRIS EMILY WEILAND ROE NEAL MARY WALKER SHOAF BOBBIE JEAN STRAYHORN JOHN STOVALL LAN ELL TAYLOR JACK TUCKER CLOVIS VEST BILLY WALKER PEGGY WALKER AunlorS I lot J ictured EVERETT CAPPS DONALD DEATON CHARLES DOLLAR BILLIE GRANTHAM CHARLES HARRIS BARBARA HARWELL KENNETH HAWKINS FOY LISENBY BILL McAFEE BENNIE MORRISON TOM NAEF THOMAS PATE JOHN L ROBERTS RICHARD ROSS BILLY B. SMITH TOMMY SMOTHERS BETTY TURNER ZANE WELLS ROSANNE WILSON MefamktihyAU Sophomore ( ladd VyfVicerS President BILLY HAMMONDS Vice-President MARIE ARMSTRONG Secretary DOROTHY DURHAM B mF Jt ORMOND BARNES CHICK BOGGAN LUCY NELL BUTLER JOE FRANK BARN EH BOBBY BRIGGS BETTY CASTLEMAN JOE COLE EVELYN DON NELL TED DUFFEY ROBERT DuVALL MARTHA EDWARDS BETH EOFF LALAH ANN SEE BOBBY GOODMAN DORIS SUE HARDEE AN EH HALL JOYCE HENRY KEITH HILL DORIS ANN HOLLOWAY CAROLYN JACKSON FRANCIS JONES PEGGY ANN JONES CARLIE ANN KING JOY LANE RUBY LAWLER GENE MeKAY DICK MeCUTCHEN NANCY MORGAN BOBBY PARISH MURRAY PEARSON JOHNNY ROBERTS ELIZABETH RIDDLE JIMMY ROOKS ROGER SHARROK FORREST SHEARON JAMES M. SHEARIN BOBBY SIMS LAVERNE SLOVER DON SMITH MARION SMITH DOVEY STAFFORD BILLIE JEAN THOMAS RUSSELL TUCK EDDIE TRUETT ROBERT WAKEFIELD BILL WEBB BETTY RUTH WILSON RONNIE WYLIE FONDA MORRIS ophomoreA i lot jj ictured GENE ATKINS JOE BEARD SPENCER BROWN MARTHA CARRINGTON CHARLOTTE COOK THELMA CREWS GEORGE CROCKER VERNON FORSYTHE CLAUDE FOX SARA GIDEON HENRY GREENE D.S. HALL PEGGY FRANCES JONES LEONARD LOYD BETTY MOORE BOBBY MOORE PERRY PARKER MARY RUTH PEARSON BRADLEY PINSON BEVERLEY PICKLER JERRY SISK SUE TAYLOR BILL TREDWELL lb Ghee%Yeaki " J-pedkman ( ia55 ypficer5 President BILL NOBLETT Vice-President BILL TRAUGHBER Secretary MANA DUCKWORTH DOROTHY COX JIM YATES YVONNE APPLETON CORNELL ARGO DAN BARSER BILL BATEMAN HAYS BEARD BILLY VICKERS MARY JO BLALOCK HAZEL BONDURANT JEROME BROWN BILLY BUTLER JEAN CHEEK MARY EVELYN CLAYBROOK MYRNA COLE MAURICE COLEMAN REECE CORDER BUDDY CORDLE MARY COX DON COWAN PEGGY CROUCH MARY DALLINGER JUNIOR DAUGHERTY BILL DuBERRY JACK DENNISON WILLIE DIAZ LAWSON WILLIAMSON BILL DUNNING YVONNE DUSARD BETTY DYER MAX EVANS DON FARMER SUE SLIDEWELL MARY ANN KINS JANETTE HILL JERRY HORNER ANN HURT BILL JARRETT PAT JOHNSON LARRY KEY NORA JANE KELLY NANCY KIRBY SARA KYLE SHIRLEY LINDER SONNY JOHNSEY BETTEY MANNER TERRY MILLER MARY EVELYN MOORE MARGARET McDONALD JIMMY McKISSACK SISSY McNAMARA JAMES NOWELL JANE NORVILLE SHERRY ONLY EDSEL PATE HELEN RUTH PEEK VIRGINIA PINKLEY BILL PITT JOHNNY ROSE ILA SHAW BILLY SHOLAR BARBARA SILER DOT SIMPSON j S J ■W- «? ; % ' : JILL SKINNER ROSE MARIE SLOVER BETTY SMITH JANICE SMITH SHIRLEY SMITH BOBBIE LOU SMITH ADDIE SUE SPARKS JOYCE STALLINGS TOMMY STUTTS JOE SWAIN SANDRA TAYLOR GAIL TERRY SUE THOMAS BETH WARD BOBBY TODD McNEVA VICTORY WANDA WARREN RITA TILLMAN SYLVIA WILSON HAROLD WILSON BETTY WILLIAMS LUBERTA WIMBERLY MARY LOUISE EAVES DORIS RUMMAGE GENE HARDY Z redhmen I lot f- ictuted OREN ADAMS WARREN BANKS JERRY BLACKWELL ARNOLD BLEWER HAZEL BONDURANT JOHN CARMAN BOBBY CROWELL WILLIAM DAVIE BILLY JOE DUCKWORTH SYLVIA FULMER KENT GARDNER JAMES GASS JAMES HATHCOCK JIM HOWCROFT CARL JONES RAY JERNIGAN SAMMY LOWRY FRANCES LYONS JOHN McNATT SID MOORE JERE NICHOLS WALTER OGELSBY GORDON ORRELL MARY ANNE SHEARIN RAY SIMPSON JULIAN SUTTON LOUIS TWYMAN BILL VANDENBOSH JOHN WILLIAMSON SYLVIA WILSON HOWte WL ' s WL. rmona student A rmerican U niver itied a. C-o eaei " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " is a national publication in which the biographies of outstanding college students appear. Persons named for this honor are selected on the basis of character, leadership, and scholarship, as well as participation in extra- curricular activities. Public recognition of the worthy achievements of seven of the students of Union University has been made by their selection for this honor. Their pictures and thumb-nail sketches are given on the following four pages. We are proud of every one of them and believe they will bear their honors humbly and effectively in the years to come. 1 ZoLrt 8r Robert Brown of Memphis, Tennessee has moved many of us with his talks in chapel. Besides being serious, he has a humorous side. Bob served the Senior Class as Vice-President. (Jane svibrittc Jane Albritton from McMinnville, Ten- nessee has been one of the Campus leaders in her stay at Union, she not only is an excellent musician but has also served on the Student Council, the BSU Council, and the Allegro Club. J aula l iauton C-f rod ion Paula Crosson of Jackson, Tennessee has a personality which causes you to like her immediately. She has been President of Chi Omega, a member of YWA, and she was elected one of the Basketball Royalty. K areu oLJuncan Carey Duncan from Jackson, Tennessee has made his mark in the field of Dra- matics at Union, he has played the leading role in a number of plays, also he is President of Alpha Psi Omega, an honorary dramatic fraternity. Be- sides this, Carey has held office in Alpha Tau Omega. Ljeorae rro George Horton from Martin, Tennes- see is well-known by everyone. George is President of the Baptist Student Union, President of the Nestor Club, and holds membership in the J. R. Graves Society, Rutledge History Club and Phi Alpha Theta Honorary History Fraternity. r ou C iiiot Roy Elliot from Blandville, Kentucky has served as manager of the book- store and still he has found time to be active in campus activities. Roy holds membership in The Rutledge History Club and Phi Alpha Theta Honorary History Fraternity. ivliidred =JLa ler Mildred Laster from Medina, Tennes- see is one of the busy secretaries in the Registrar ' s Office. A ZTA, Mildred is secretary of the Math Club. w, u nion oLeon I V li orris m» u nion $o -Am m. (Ldcorh ZJo ll lr. and ivlia Un Bill fJMeU y aroiun Aach. Aon Bed -All -Around Bo y (Oobby Joe fflorrL dSe t -Jvil -Arround W ( ■arolun Aackion ' % l vlodt f- opular d5ou J ennetlt rrawk ins rl lodt [- opuia r jlrl C laine C lh inA t JkJ Sweetheart ._ .. I e m a { one A ,7 f « M I i Q ueen i ( Barbara J ing BJLUt Q ueen Aanette Mill Treihman ff aid Sophomore iv aid McNEVA VICTORY PEGGY JONES sfunior IV laid Senior IllHaid ROSANNE WILSON JOANN McADAMS 5 ivlo t J4ana5ome dSo y Jim fJy aidee Senior lllllost rJLlUelu to Succeed y Kjeorae rrortc S trawberru a{i f ueen cJLucu I tell (J5utlei Second I V laid MARY EVELYN CLAYBROOK Zfirdt VlHaid YVONNE DUGARD Court of- Ulte trawberru q{u f redenting. Lyour detection of Ljnion ' i ZJen rvlost (J eautilrui Cjirld They Are In No Particular Order C milu Wetland 5ara Co frfaru C ueiun L lauorook y lively |J i leva Ulctc Aanette r4ill i aroiun AacnAon r odanne W it Son oLucu flell (Outlet aru i lontaomeru OkjQoMC mi rJLedt We jroraet. . Business Manager THELMA CREWS Once again the staff of LEST WE FORGET is presenting the result of long hours of work, sleepless nights, and overcut classes. We have tried to present a beautiful volume, simple in theme and pro- fuse in pictures. We have tried to faithfully present to you this year at Union University. Cardinal and (_- ream Editor PEGGY WALKER The press has come to be synonymous with freedom of expression, in America that freedom extends even to the college campus. An unbiased publication, the CARDINAL AND CREAM is a credit to Union University, and the pride of its students. er da Jau ( hcipti 4 Arlpka Jau KJvneacL Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Richmond, Virginia, September I I, 1865. Colors: Sky Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Tea Rose The Brothers of the Maltese Cross have again in l953- ' 54 paved the way in all areas of campus activities. In typical fashion the ' Taus have climaxed: another year by combining forces to present to Union, leaders of the highest quality which excel in athletics, student government, and religious ac- tivities. In the field of athletics, the Beta Tau boys were again the " pace setters " , manning vital posi- tions, traditional of the men of the Gold and Blue. Kenneth Hawkins and Donald Deaton led the Bulldog Quintet as Captain and Co-Captain re- spectively. On the baseball, track, and tennis teams the A.T.O. ' s again dominated play, showing their versatility and capability of the responsible positions held by them. Leon Morris heads the Student Body as its President, with Tommy Smothers, Vice-President. Brother Carey Duncan showed true A.T.O. leadership in being elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Editing Lest We Forget we find Brother Jimmy Shearin. Feature honors laud Brother Morris as " Mr. Union " and Brother Hawkins as the " Most Popular Boy " . Pledge Bill Nob- lett served as President of the Freshman Class. These honors, features, and activities combined with beautiful banquets, warm social events, a wonderful sweetheart, and a loving fraternity Mother, round out a year keynoted by success and high- lighted by a close fellowship of the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega. LEON MORRIS, W.C. KENNETH CROCKER W. K. E. Row I: Carey Duncan, Bill Dunning, John Rose, Keith Hill, Eddie Truett. Row 2: Tommy Smothers, Bill Hargrove, Billy Walker, Hutson McCorkle, Bobby Parrish. Row 3: Jessie Criswell, Jack Criswell, Robin Coffman, Forrest Shearon, Jim Shearin. Row 4: Charles Gaba, Harold Fitts, Walter Coleman, Hugh Harvey, Kenneth Hawkins. Row 5: Richard Ross, Bill Webb, Dick McCutchen. D enneSdee of ' 9 r p5li Founded at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 9, 1856 Colors: Royal Purple and Old Sold Flower: Purple Violet Union University ' s Sig Alphs rant l953- ' 54 as a big year. The Sons of Minerva not only forged bonds of brotherhood with fraternity work but led in campus activities as well. Outstanding scholarship gained the chapter its highest recognition of the year — the Dr. Edley H. Jones Award. This award was won in competition with six other chapters in Province Theta of SAE, which composes western Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Individual honors were plentiful for this year ' s group. James " Buster " Dismuke was president of the Senior Class; Bobby Joe Morris was Best Afl-Around Boy; Charles Dollar was president of the Shelbians; and Bill McKissack was president of the Mallory Math Club. Bobby Briggs was treasurer of the BSU Council; Charles Dollar was vice-president of the Rutledge History Club; Bobby Sims was treasurer of the Rutledge History Club and Business Manager of the Cardinal and Creams Jim Hayes and Richard Penuel were members of the Nestor Club. In the realm of sports SAE ' s showed their versatility by par- ticipating in every major sport. Social highlights were the Coronation Banquet and the crowning of Miss Barbara King as Queen; Founders ' Day Banquet; Spring Splash at Montgomery Bell State Park; open house, and many informal or after-the-game get-togethers. Charles Gay and Bobby Sims attended SAE national convention at Chicago. At Baton Rouge for province convention were Bill McKissack, Tom Helton, Jim Hayes, Bill Blankenship, Jimmy Rooks, and alumnus C. M. " Randy " Randolph, who was elected province Alumni Secretary. Bobby Sims and Bill Blankenship were at SAE Leadership Training School at Northwestern University, where Blankenship was one of eleven men from all parts of the United States to be initiated. A polio paper drive for the March of Dimes; improvements on the chapter house; the annual Christmas Party for underprivileged children; and a white goat named Phi Alpha after the fraternity ' s motto, provided hard work and laughs to round out the 1 953- ' 54 activities. billy McKissack BOBBY SIMS JIM YATES f c Row I: Billy Bickers, Bobby Todd. Richard Penuel, Jim Hayes, Will Rogers. Row 2: Bill Blankenship, John S+ovall, Tom Hilton, Max Privitt, Billy Max Mayo. Row 3: Sonny Johnsey, Jim McKissack, Murry Pearson, Thomas Phillips, Donald Coleman. Row 4: Harrell Herriman. Bobby Joe Morris, Herron Morris, Jimmy Rooks, Terry Miller. Row 5: Don Farmer. xn Lfpdlion of L kl Jmeaa, Founded at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Upsilon has enjoyed a very successful year in all phases of campus life. Scholarship has been high and honors many. Both the Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega and Queen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are Chi Omegas. The basketball queen and two of her maids along with the School Strawberry Festival Beauty and two of her maids also came from Upsilon. Six of our girls were selected for the Ten Most Beautiful Girls, two were among Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, three were cheer- leaders, and we had officers in the Senior Class, Y.W.A., Camera Club and Allegro Club. Chi Omega officers for the year did a splendid job. They were: Paula Crosson, President; Mary Walker Shoaf, Vice-President; Flodell Appleton, Secretary; Emily Wieland, Treasurer; and Joan Carter, Pledge Mistress. Some of our best social events included a combined sorority skating party, winter formal banquet, Fall and Eleusinias, Christmas Kindness Party, open house, all day picnic, and two big-little sister dinner parties. One of our grandest accomplishments was the complete redecoration of the room. Row I: Peggy Ann Jones, Paula Crosson, Mary Walker Shoaf, Sue Crocker. Row 2: Mary Ann Glisson, Lalah Ann Gee, Nora Jane Kelly, Nancy Hilliard Kirby Row I: Jane Albrit+on, Janette Hill, Bobbie Strayhorn, Sylvia Fulmer, Barbara King. Row 2: Wanka Warren, Doris Sue Hardee, lla Pearl Shaw, Carlie Ann King, Evelyn Donnell. Row 3: Carolyn Hill, Emily Wieland, Mary Evelyn Claybrook, Betty Dyer, Barbara Siler. Row 4: Sherry Only, McNeva Victory, Janice Smith, Jenny Sewell, Frances Jone Row 5: Flodell Appleton, Doris Ann Holloway, Mrs, Rosa D. Rutledqe. 4 meaa r Leta SJau Mlpha f Founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, October 15, 1898 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray Flower: White Violet With a lovely " Zeta Premiere " banquet, the Beta Omega chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha climaxed a year of many memorable happenings. The new officers who were presented Oscars at the banquet were: President Rosanne Wilson Vice-President - . Marie Armstrong Recording Secretary... ... Glenda Whittle Corresponding Secretary _...Betty Ruth Wilson Rush Chairman Treasurer. Pledge Mistress _. Historian _ Guard _ _ __ Barbara Harwell ..Christine Sisson Carolyn Jackson Hester McGill Beverly Plckler The retiring officers who were commended for a fine year ' s work were: President ,_ ....Christine Sisson Treasurer _. _ —.Barbara Harwell Vice-President Rosanne Wilson Historian _ - Betty Ruth Wilson Secretary... ._„ ......Glenda Whittle Guard Joyce Shelton Rush Chairman _ Carolyn Jackson Zetas have received many honors this past year. Mildred Laster was chosen to represent Union in " Who ' s Who " ; Thelma Crews served as Business Manager for the Annual and Assistant Editor for the " Cardinal and Cream " ; Carolyn Jackson, Mary Montgomery, Frances Lyons and Rosanne Wilson were listed among the ten most beautiful girls on Union ' s campus; Rosanne Wilson, Junior Maid of Basket- ball Royalty. Carolyn Jackson has also been chosen maid to Miss Union, alternate representative to the Strawberry Festival, Best-All-Round Girl and Cheerleader. Other Zetas are class officers and offi- cers of various campus clubs. Marie Armstrong, Carolyn Jacltson, Chariotte Coot, Christine Sis " »N Row I: Sara Kyle, Jean Cheek, Elizabeth Brookshire, Sue Taylor, Virginia Pinkley. Row 2: Sue Thomas, Joyce Shelton, Louberta Wimberley, Rita Tillman, Mary Evelyn Moore. Row 3: Mary Montgomery, Betty Castleman, Betty Cooper, Betty Turner, Glenda Whittle. Row 4: Mildred Laster, Hester McGill, Myrna Cole, Betty Ruth Wilson, Mrs. Dee Rice. - 1 0 " ' ■ c {■■■ ' , ' ' ' : . " CJu Q meaa 9 ' BILLY WALKER BILL HARGROVE eta Wu BENNY MORRISON BETTY MOORE 4 Founded at Fairmont State College, Fairmont, Virginia, August 12, 1925 Alpha Psi Omega, National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity, was founded in order to develop dramatic talent and the art of acting, to cultivate a taste for the best in the drama, and finally to foster the cultural values, which dramatics develop. Each member is elected to the fraternity on the field of dramatics. TOMMY SMOTHERS JIMMY ROOKS CHARLOTTE PEDDY BILLY WALKER, President BENNY MORRISON, Vice-President SADIE JOHNSON, Secretary srootllahts L lub CHARLOTTE COOK, Treasurer If The purpose of the Dramatic Club is to cultivate the appreciation of dramatic art on the campus, to promote interest in dramatic presentations, and to insure the most propitious development of such abilities. Membership in the Club is composed of students who have shown an interest in and a talent for work in speech and dramatics. The Footlights Club is under the supervision of Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd. Row I: Blanton Crass, Jinny Sewell, Bob Sims, Bill Hargrove. Row 2: Jimmy Rooks, Betty Moore, Sue Taylor, Jack Nicholas. Row 3: Bob Saunders, Frances Jones, Jane Norville, Bill Pitt. CHARLES EDMONDS. President PEGGY WALKER, Secretary SUE CROCKER, Treasurer CAROLYN HILL. Program Chairman ZJne r ice oLatin C-ttto The Rice Latin Club is an organization of students making high grades in Latin. The purpose of this club is to increase a member ' s knowledge of Latin and gain an insight into the Roman civilization, its laws, customs, re- ligion and ordinary life, with a consequent ap- preciation of our indebtedness to the past. MEMBERS Charles Dollar Elizabeth Riddle Clifton Courtney Claude Fox Robert Saunders Forrest Shearon Bill Duckworth Marian Smith Stewar+ Van Hoozer William Pitt DOROTHY CASH SANDRA TAYLOR MARY EVELYN MOORE JAMES DISMUKE JOYCE YOUNG JOY LANE MRS. DEE RICE, Sponsor Row I: Evelyn Donnell, Secretary-Treasurer; Emily Wieland, Vice-President; Bill Hinton, President; Elaine EHkins, Program Chairman; Carolyn Jackson, Reporter. Row 2: Sponsors — John Woods, Miss Shirley Vavra, John Hughes. Allegro Club composed of all music majors and minors, is an organization with the purpose of increasing interest and knowledge in the field of music. The club meets once each month to enjoy musical programs presented by students and faculty members of the music department. Row I: Jane Albritton, Bernice Long, Jean Cheek, Mary Lou Baker, Frances Lyons, Rita Tillman, Martha Carrington, Jo- Ann Maze, Sue Taylor. Row 2: Ray Simpson, Don Cowan, Jack Dennison, Don Montgomery, Clovis Vest. First Row: Bill McAfee, George Horton, Richard Penuel, John Gilbert, Leon Morris. Second Row: James Sawyer, Jim Hayes, Harold Alexander, James Brown, Billy Cole. The Nestor Club, rated as Union ' s Phi Beta Kappa, consists of a faculty sponsor and twelve young men ranking highest in scholarship in the upper classes. The organization meets nine times during the year, once in joint session with Hypatia. After dinner, a paper is read by a member on any topic in which he is particularly interested and a joint discussion of current development follows. First Row: Russell Tuck, Flodell Appleton, Max Privitt, David Luckey. Second Row: Billy Walker, Bill Pitt, Lalah Gee, Billy McKissack, Thelma Crews. The purpose of this club is to stimulate and perpetuate an interest in the Natural Sciences. Quali- fications for membership are a major or a minor in one of the three sciences, Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, and a sincere interest in science. Each month, by rotation, one of the departments presents an excellent program connected with the work and study of that department. Jk upa ti ta Hypatia, composed of junior and senior girls and boys possessing a high scholastic record, is an ex- clusive literary club. Once each month the club meets to enjoy a review and criticism of some outstand- ing literary work. The meetings have proved invaluable in preparing the members for participation in clubs of this kind after they leave school. MEMBERS Bill Henley Peggy Walker Dr. Kelly Thurman Co-Sponsor Charlotte Peddy Sue Crocker Mrs. Frank Blythe Co-Sponsor Alice Clement Foy Lisenby John Gilbert President Bobbie Strayhorn Virginia Lewis Ruth Skelton Vice-President Bill Hinton Sadie Johnson Juanita King Secretary-Treasurer Emily Wieland El? Wallop Walk Vf , cu £k$ " The Mallory Math Club is an organiza- tion for those students who have completed four quarters of college mathematics. This club is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. James Mallory. The purpose of the club is to encourage students to better scholarship in the field of mathematics. Meetings are held twice a month presenting material which would a not be given in the classroom. Delta Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, National Honorary Scholarship Fraternity in History, is the I 19th chapter and the first in the state of Tennessee. Juniors or Seniors, who have .had 12 semester hours of history and who have a minimum average of 2.1 points in history and 2 in two-thirds of the re- mainder of their work, are eligible. The picture above, made on the evening of initiation, shows the installing team and charter members. » r utledae rtist Charlotte Peddy Tony Currier Mary Walker Shoaf Sue Crocke Roy Elliott The Rutledge Honorary History Club, an outgrowth of the Union University History Club, organized on November 18, 1929 for the purpose of encouraging a higher standard of scholarship, will now serve as a proving ground for membership in Phi Alpha Theta, National Honorary Fraternity in History. Del Lanier George Hor+on Foy Lisenby Forrest Shearon Bob Sims Mrs. Rosa Rutledge, Sponsor Woodrow Davis, Sponsor s neerleadi erd CAROLYN JACKSON, SYLVIA FULMER, JANETTE HILL, LUCY NELL BUTLER Refegum fyfnlon Ulniversih 1 9 llnlstenal -Arddociation The Union University Ministerial Association was derived from the J. R. Graves Society which was founded in 1 877. The Association helps the ministerial students to be- come familiar with their future problems and work. The purpose of the Association is to aid in qualifying its members for the gospel ministry by gaining practice in correctly expressing themselves in public and by extending their information on all religious ques- tions. Row I: Bill Conway, Leon Morris, Jack Criswoll, Jerome Brown, George Horton. Row 2: Ormond Brown, Harold Alexander, Charles Edmonds, Jack Tucker, Carl Ha Row I: William Pitt, Dovey Stafford, Dan Barker, Jack Nicholas, Jim Witherington. Row 2: H. C. Green, Bobby Goodman, Tommy Naef. Gene McKay, Gene Atkins. Row 3: Max French, C. P. Currier, Roe Neal, Emmet Barnes, Ronnie Wylie. Row 4: Bobby Brtggs, Clifton Courtney, Charles Dollar, Charles Gaba, Jerry Horner. Row 5: Perry Parker, Bill Sureft, Hays Beard. d5aptl5l student Lfnlon (council GEORGE HORTON, President JAMES SAWYER, Vice-President CHARLOTTE PEDDY, Secretary MR. T. O. HALL, Advisor The Baptist Student Union is more an organism than an organization. It has as its purpose to link the local churches with the college students and to enlist the students in the service of Christ while in college. Row I Row 2 Row 3 Peggy Walker, Bill Conway, Dot Cash, Carolyn Jackson, Elaine Elkins. Sadie Johnson, Billie Jean Thomas, Bobby Briggs, Jane Albritton, Jack Tucker Joyce Young, Wanda Warren, Evelyn Donnell, Jenny Sewell, Billy Butler. y.w. 4. HMOH WATCHWORD: They that are wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. — Daniel 12:3. AIM: Our aim is to unite the young women of the Southern Baptist Churches and colleges in an enduring missionary enterprise through which they shall show forth the beauty of holiness. " That in all things He might have the pre-eminence. " — Col. 1:18. DEDICATION: ... I will seek to maintain for myself a high standard of Christian liv- ing and will seek to be an example to others. I will strive to make my personal appear- ance, speech, and manner such as becomes the purity and beauty of Christlike character, living a radiant and convincing life in all social relationships. student rseviual Atktad The 1953-1954 edition of the Union University Bull- dogs landed two men on the combination Ali-VSAC Tournament and Regular Season team in Jim Byassee and Junior Daugherty, following the season in which they wound up in third place in the Conference standings with a four won and three lost record. The Bulldogs drew Milligan In the first round of the VSAC Tournament held at Johnson City and edged them by a score of 64-60. Disaster Vruck in the second round and the Union quint dropped a 67-53 verdict to East Tennessee State College. The Bulldogs took fourth place in the tourna- ment. For the tourney, Jim Byassee collected 41 points and Junior Daugherty notched 32. Both played outstanding ball. During the regular season of 21 games, the Bulldogs won 9 games while dropping 12. Overall the Unionites scored 1695 points for an average of 80.71 per game. The opposition was held to 1694 points, one less than the Bulldogs, for an average of 80.67 points per game. Playing his first year of ball at Union was little 5 ' 5 " Jackie Houk who hails from Senora, Kentucky. One of the most " colorful men on the team, Houk led the quint in the scoring department with a total of 388 points for the year. His average was 18.5 points per game. Jim Byassee, colorful 6 ' 5 " center of the Bulldogs, comes to Union from Blandville, Kentucky. He scored 279 points for the Union basketeers for an average of 13.3 points per game. Next in the scoring column was Billy B. Smith with 243 points and an average of 11.6 points per game. He hails from Campbellsville, Kentucky. Smith attended Kentucky Junior College before coming to Union. Junior Daugherty, a 6 ' 3 " freshman from Campbells- vilte, Kentucky, scored 235 points for an average of 11.2 points per game for the season. His ability helped the Bulldogs tremendously. Playing plenty of good ball for the Union basketball- ers was 6 ' 4 " Donald Deaton who came to Union from Jackson High School. He scored 173 points for an 8.2 points per game average during the past season. His height was a big asset to the fast-breaking Bulldogs. Scoring 162 points for an average of I 1.2 points per game was Kenneth Hawkins who stands 5 ' 7 " . Hawkins is a graduate of Selmer High School. Johnny Rose, a freshman from Ripley, Tennessee, notched 101 points for the year. He stands at 5 ' 9 " and served as one of the sparkplugs of the Bulldog aggrega- tion. Eddie Truett from Jackson High School played a lot of good ball, particularly in the latter stages of the season. He stands at 6 ' 3 " . Truett scored a total of 68 points. Coming from Springfield, Tennessee was Bobby Joe Morris, a 6 ' 5 " boy. He scored 32 points for the year. Other squad members included 6 ' 2 " Donald Cole- man from Central City, Kentucky and 5 ' 9 " Sammy Lowry of Camden, Tennessee. Coming to Union for the first time this year was Coach Dick Wehr. Coach Wehr came to Union from the West Liberty State College where he had coached for the past two seasons. During his final year at West Liberty, his team captured first place in its 14-team conference. Prior to his coaching at West Liberty, Coach Wehr taught at Newark, New Jersey for one year. He played his college basketball with the Rice University Owls where he was named to the All-Southwest Conference cage team. Later, while attending Denison University in Granville, Ohio, Wehr played one year of professional basketball with the Indianapolis Peps in 1948. He played two more years of pro ball with the Wheeling, Virginia, Ail-Ameri- cans. He then went into the coaching field. A brief summary of the season will show that the Bulldogs got off to a good start as they trounced a tough Belmont team, 86-74, in the opener. Then Memphis State downed the Union quint, 97-67, and a heartbreaking loss to Howard, 92-91, followed. The Bulldogs, then visibly in a slump, lost two straight to Florence State, 71-62, and to Ole Miss, 118-82. Southwestern was the next victim of the Union quint as they fell, 86-77. William Jewell stopped the Bulldogs, 84-87, in the last game before the Christmas holidays. Union won five straight games following the vacation. In order, they topped Southwestern, 86-77, Bethel, 92-78, Florence State, 96-64, David Lipscomb, 80-56. and Milli- gan, 86-69. Austin Peay, Delta State, Arkansas State, Belmont, Bethel, and Delta State again won successive victories over the Bulldogs. Union then defeated Arkansas State, 92-89. In a very hard fought game, Austin Peay topped the Union quint, 79-72, after which the Bulldogs came back to top David Lipscomb, 75-65, in the season ' s final. The season ' s totals showed that the Bulldogs hit 42 percent of their field goal attempts and 65 percent of their free throw tries. Co-Captain HAWKINS, Coach WEHR, Co-Captain DEATON Row I: Billy B. Smith, Jackie Houk, John Rose, Kenneth Hawkins, Sammy Lowery, Don Coleman. Row 2: Junior Daugherty, Elmo Tucker, Bobby Joe Morris, Don Deaton, Eddie Truett, Jim Byassee. Manager RICHARD ROSS Statistician ROBIN COFFMAN SADIE HAWKINS, Guard Row 2: Mr. Francis Bridges, Coach, Charles Edmonds, Ed Young, Don Coleman, Eddie Truett. Ulnion Ulnwerditu Jennls Jt y 115 r ill M I Row I: Richard Penuel, Harold Alexander, Bill Noblett, Bobby Joe Morris, Eddie Truetr, Jesse Criswell, Sonny Johnsey, Hudson McCorkle, Jackie Houk. Row 2: Mr. Francis Bridges, Coach, Jerry Horner, William Davie, Billy Joe Sholar, Stu Van Hoozer. Tommy Stutts. Bill Dunning, Don Deaton, Jerry Blackwell. Jrack auad v Row I: Sammy Lowery, Billy Bickers, Kenneth Hawkins. Robin Coffman, Bill Blankenship, Don Farmer, Gene McKay. Row 2: Leon Morris, Sid Moore. Bill McAfee, Bill Noblett. Jim Byassee. Billy B. Smith, Buz Sawyer, Jack Criswell, Bateman. Ulnion 0- a6eballer$ mm ZJke [Anion Ljniveriitu - lauerA ' f- reSentation of " Blithe Spirit " By Noel Coward CAST Edith Rheta Lovelace Dr. Bradman : William Pitt Ruth Lucy Nell Butler Mrs. Bradman Wanda Warren Charles Spencer Brown Madame Arcati Ann Hudson Elvira Mary Walker Shoaf Directed by Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd m ZJhe Union University |■ layers , f reAentation rrSenic and VJid rJLace By Joseph Kesselring Directed by Mrs. Elizabeth B. Loyd CAST Abby Brewster Betty Moore The Rev. Dr. Harper William Davie Teddy Brewster _ Hayes Beard Officer Brophy Jack Nicholas Officer Klein Billy Duckworth Martha Brewster Jo Ann McAdams Elaine Harper Rosemary Knight Mortimer Brewster Bob Sims Mr. Gibbs Billy Surett Jonathan Brewster William Hargrove Dr. Einstein Jimmy Rooks Officer O ' Hara _ Bill McAfee Lieutenant Rooney Leonard Loyd Mr. Witherspoon _ Bennie Morrison it?. : LM ■ m C 4 it ladle studio a «£ v e 6 Si » The MOORE STUDIO l ictonal Afome of the o-C a _yv Studio of Jjistinction an enna alvuaus the latest a best achievements f- notoarupnic s frt 215 North Liberty Street Jackson, Tenn. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Lafayette at Cumberland DR. W. FRED KENDALL, Pastor CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH James A. Canaday, Pastor NEAREST THE CAMPUS A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE OF WORSHIP WARMEST CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP WHERE EVERY STUDENT IS WELCOME Jl DRINK DrPepper U E N WEST JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH (Corner of Campbell and Deaderick) YOU WILL FEEL AT HOME IN THIS FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE YOU ARE ASSURED OF EDUCATIONAL AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE Our bus circles the campus four times Sundays and twice on Wednesday nights. Dr. David 0- Byrd, Pastor oUavis Jffice Equipment Companif 108 S. Liberty Phone 7-731 I Jackson, Tennessee Authorized Sales and Service Agency for REMINGTON RAND DAIRY QUEEN SUNDAES SHAKES QUARTS PINTS CONES WARREN ' S GROCERY AND MARKET IRBY STREET AT UNION UNIVERSITY Compliments of SMITH FURNITURE COMPANY One of the South ' s Leading Furniture Stores Jackson, Tennessee CO. PAINT — WALLPAPER VENETIAN BLINDS HIGHLAND COLLEGE PHONE 7-7976 ENGLEWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH HUMBOLDT HIGHWAY GEORGE HUNTER, Pastor McCALL HUGHES Uarditu Jown (clothed I 14 North Liberty 5et 6 o-»W$ YOUR STORE FOR FAMOUS BRANDS 210-212 E. Lafayette Phone 7-3343 5DUTHERN SUPPLY COMPANY Plumbing, Heating, Electrical and Industrial Supplies Jackson, Tennessee Uhe I [ew outfit lern .... FOR ALL YOUR SOCrAL ACTIVITIES REMEMBER .... THE READ HOUSE — CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE and THE OWENSBORO — OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY are also ALBERT NOE HOTELS Tennessee Valley Life Life, Accident, Health, Hospital Insurance Home Office — Jackson, Tennessee Corner of Church and Baltimore " A Policy to Fit Every Need and Budget " West ' s Restaurant John A. West, Owner Ultra Modern Air Conditioned 218 East Main Street Jackson, Tennessee Russell Transfer Co. Phone 7-1496 117 E. College MOVING, CRATING STORAGE J. M. Lankford Jackson, Tennessee Compliments of The First National Bank OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Serving this section since 1 873 McGEE-ROSS HARDWARE CO. The National Bank of Commerce OF JACKSON JACKSON, TENNESSEE Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Of I 9 Gift and Vineuard 3 Flower Shop 320 East Lafayette Street Jackson, Tennessee teaati 5 S hoe C o. y 115 N. Liberty Jackson, Tennessee FOX RESTAURANT 203 E. Main Street Jackson, Tennessee LEXINGTON INN Where students -jet Joaetner " THE BOOTERY 209 East Lafayette Jackson, Tennessee d urnleu A jrlou er hop Baltimore Street " Next to the Malco " ALWAYS WELCOME AT CHARLIE ' S Day: 7-5541 Night: 7-7177 Compliments of STANDARD ' S DRUG HIRAM ' S Air Conditioned Always Open Phone 7-9956 21 I E. Main Jackson, Tenn. Compliments of ALBERT ' S SLIPPER SHOP W. P. DABNEY SON FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS HOT POINT APPLIANCES Church Street where College Passes Phone 7-5516 Jackson, Tenn. FOR YOUR GIFTS AND JEWELRY NEEDS COME TO ROBERTS " JACKSON ' S FRIENDLY JEWELRY STORE " Engraving for Fraternities and Sororities FOR SMART CAMPUS FASHIONS Naturally it ' s rroliand 5 Jackson ' s Greatest Store Since 1871 Featuring Favorite Campus Names Like McGregor, Jantzen, Helen Harper, University Club, Ship ' n Shore, Nardis and many more. Compliments of GLEN-MORE CLOTHES Factory to You 214 North Market Jackson, Tennessee L. P. JACKSON Quality Jewelers JACKSON, TENNESSEE SECOND NATIONAL BANK Jackson, Tennessee Capital and Surplus $500,000.00 FRANK B. CALDWELL President PAUL H. RUSSELL Vice-President CLINT ROWLETT Vice-President RIDLEY ALEXANDER Vice-President JOHN SAWYER Vice-President Cashier ALVIN MOORE Asst. Cashier ROBERT H. HAMILTON Asst. Cashier NORRIS WARLICK Asst. Cashier MRS. GRACIE MILLS Asst. Cashier Compliments of THOMPSON ' S SHOE STORE Compliments of BOND ' S SHOE STORE Compliments Black and White Store " CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS " I I E. Lafayette Phone 7-6366 JOHNSEY ' S SHOE AND SPORTING GOODS REPAIR N. Royal I. C. R. R. Telephone 7- 1082 FRED JOHNSEY HARRY JOHNSEY S. M. Lawrence Company COAL, COKE, ELECTRIC FANS, ALUMINUM AWNINGS ALUMINUM SCREENS, CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING 532 E. Chester Phone 7-8536 Hardeman Music Co. WINTER GULBRANSEN CONN BALDWIN ORGAN 209 N. LIBERTY Compliments of E. E. TALIAFERRO JEWELER JACKSON, TENNESSEE TELEPHONE 7-2306 (_- omplim en 16 4 ONLY BY GREYHOUND UJou ee the rCeal rmerlcal • Dollar-Saving Fares • Express Schedules • Charter Service • Through Buses For information call GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL PHONE 7-1573 MAIN ft CUMBERLAND STS. JACKSON, TENN. GREYHOUND ■ 5? LIBRARf v I ' ■ " ■:,- BNIONBNieSITT

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