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' H 1 D 33323iaTaa33333J ' - -) " 3 ill)))) CSL V resents LEST WE KKET , Z- a lAM i mfpjm»m f w] i w i i i ) ii tm m . ' " tut • ' j w ' l fw ' t n i j iii m i wjinuii p - w; i i m in " imp " ptww mni) j i n w fi ipwpnw 4 1952 Editors Bob Holland Orville Wilson Business Manager Gene Riddle Publicity Harold Alexander Jean Butler Assistant Editors - June Boren Ann Murdaugh Carolyn Fleming Artist Max West Copy Editors Class _ Jane Marcum Peggy Thorne Features Mary Jo Duck Organizations Burke Herron Mary Kay McBryde Faye Stanfill Photographers John Knight Jo Ann Roberts Bill Scates Typists lone Barton Ann Hamilton Faculty Advisor _ Mrs. F. M. Blythe f ' M ' m 1 1 1 ' : V ' ;■,$%■ ■ l $M : ' ' M £ 11 $ m 1 ;-Mm 1 •w ■fxli H jm si M -.•■■■■. .;v _v--r ' " fe.:- ■ ' - Foreword from the EDITORS Years have a way of clouding the memory. Many times we try to recall that certain person, that certain activity. Try as we will we find it difficult to re-capture those things of the past. Can you remember your best friend of ten years ago? Can you remember the things you did five years ago? We forget so easily that even to re- think the scenes of one year gone by requires a memory aid. Therefore, Lest We Forget Union and the memories of her which we cherish, we, the Annual Staff of 1952, present Union " U " on the screen of these pages. mm mm J . 5. 25arqent hed One ,,ho ne ,er turned A « „ K doubted C ' ou _ , x t0 f ™,rcrf Ne.er doubted clouds S We have often W»f E V e fl ke ?es when speahn ora ' j s calling ' Me optimism of our dean, vt tee oft of verse applies to him. or fourteen years he served ifl " ' " Q cad9tnk dean, and ' forihe past far as d ° Mission, Qn Mon £ua hi, fulltme to ' ons ZZeJv o his full +° ®Ciia£;° hf ™ n y summer se55 ons f0 fS » es J is s %s friendliness his ready sympathy f jm h»JlJ Q?F cMo « of even the smallest kindness hiS euer " S °9 0e H fa of youth - - these we shall gtoetnben 7 love Q J US , he « +all in sia hre tall in soul, + U ' n ■ " » £ fall in the hearts oh all U ion ' -- vsa ' ■M Y.-v. afiagM r iiira.MiTr.iwi Atdminiitfation C7 taj-f Aubrey Jones, Dr. J. F. Ray, Audio-Visual Education Miss Thelma Elkins, Bookkeeper ,,, ww mr .tmw, ■•mfir xirwrw z ss ■■ ■•w »b ■■- ■■- , ■■■ ■mm - W £ ■ ■.■■: ■. ' ■■- , ' -. .; . .. ' o: rdm In is tra tl Stuff Willie Margaret Johnson, Dietitian Ethel F. Lueltey, Assistant Dietitian jracult y d5iolo n FLORA A. HAAS (Mrs.) A.B., Indiana University M.A., Indiana University Ph.D.. Indiana University SPURGEON BOYD A.B., Carson-Newman College M.A.. Peabody College u5ine5S rdrn In Is tra tion C. C. DAWSON B.S., University of Kentucky M.A., Peabody College Graduate work— New York Univ., Ohio State Univ., Univ. of Kentucky; work completed for Ph.D. pend- ing dissertation. FRANCIS J. BRIDGES B.S., United States Mer- chant Marine Academy B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology M.A., Georgia Institute of Technology CL 4n HUGHLAN W. POPE B.S., Carson-Newman College M.S., University of Chicago 1 I mmmmm—mxmmmmmu swme ■;■:■ - xs xar iinm. jrucult C ducation and Sucnoio n FRANK WELLS DIXIE M. JONES MATTIE SANDERS A.B. University of North (Mrs.) B.S., Central Missouri State Columbia University SjlT " " " M Columbia University Ph.D.. University of Iowa M A p ea body College Ph.D.. Peabody College 7ti C nalidh and S peech r KELLY THURMAN HELEN BLYTHE A. 6., Western Kentucky (Mrs.) M a A e , C U nivlr1;t V of Ken- Q B ma U " iversit » of ° ' Phi, University of Iowa MA " ? " b =» " " " MABEL HARDIN (Mrs.) A.B., Union University M.A., University of Te ELIZABETH B. LOYD (Mrs.) A.B., Union University Ruth Bale Whitworth Co lege LUCILLE ROGERS B.A., Union University M.A., Columbia University rorelan cJLanauaae CAROLYN NIELSEN DEE E. RICE (Mrs.) B. A., University of Nebraska A.B., Ouchita College M.A., University of B.S. Union University Nebraska CAROL JO SANDY B.A., Simpson College M.A., University of Iowa srucultu conomicS A r £3 ssaa WILLIE MARGARET JOHNSON B.S., Union University M.S., Iowa State Colleqe Graduate work, University of Chicago I tl fatnematicd and nu3i 51CA R. T. DONNELL A.B., Cumberland Univ LL.B., Cumberland Uni M.A., Vanderbilt Univ. WALTER H. KRUSCHWITZ A.B., Taylor University M.A., Vanderbilt Univ. Graduate work, Vanderbilt University m u5ic an d rrt Department ALTON E. HARVEY HORACE G. BALL B.M., Mississippi Southern B.M., Baylor University College B.A., Baylor University M.M., Cincinnati College M.M., Baylor University of Music CHARLES M. DORN MILCHRIST C. KAROL WELCELEAN B.A., Peabody College STANWORTH (Mrs.) B_.M ; , Heidelberg College Graduate, Northwestern School of Music Artist ' s Graduate Diplorr Northwestern School of Music M.A., Peabody College M.M., Cincinnati Cons, tory . -s JXt W XaUJM Ms M ' .- . ' . V -- . -MrayfrtifrW ■ r . ' . , - tUJ, U l ,l; — l, jracutt y f- hudical (Lducati ion ROBERT JELKS SPENCER HOLT GRACE WILLIAMS BS Union University B.S.. Arkansas A. M. (Mrs.) M.A. Peabody College Graduate work, Peabody g_$. Alabama College College M.A. Peabody College IKeliaion and J nitoSophu R. C. BRIGGS A.B. Southwestern State Teachers College Th.M., Southern Baptist Theol. Seminary Th.D., Southern Baptist Theol. Seminary THOMAS O. HALL, JR. A.B., Hampden Sidney College B.D., " Southwestern Baptist Theol. Seminary Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theol. Seminary W. FRED KENDALL A.B. William-Jewell College Th.M., Southern Baptist Theol. Seminary Ph.D.. Southern Baptist Theol. Seminary Social c cience an d rridt EDWARD W. DUCK B.S., Peabody College M.A., Peabody Colleg WOODROW DAVIS A.B., Union University M.A., Peabody Colleg Ph.D., University of Missouri ROSA D. RUTLEDGE (Mrs.) B.S., Union University M.A.. Peabody College Graduate work, University of Wisconsin RICHARD H. WARD College M.A., Peabody College Ph.D. Peabody College Pending Jlte student i ouncii OFFICERS Hugh Ross Williams, President Pete Belew, Vice-President Shirley Wieland, Secretary MEMBERS Richard Morris, Senior Representative Bob Holland, Junior Representative Bernard Campbell, Sophomore Representative Charles Dollar, Freshman Representative Dorothy Carlson, Pan-Hellenic Representative Frieda Deaton, Intramural Representative Dr. Warren F. Jones Dr. R. C. Briggs Dean Mattie Sanders Union University is definitely on the upgrade! One who has been around the school for any time at all, especially for four years, can readily see that the spirit and sense of unity on the campus has improved. As President of the Student Body, I have come to love our school and appreciate its in- fluence more than ever before. Our newly organized Student Council shows marks of becoming a potent factor for student unity and government. A new constitution has been drawn up to suit the present needs of the students and faculty. It is represented by students from every area of campus life, and is headed by the Student Body President. The faculty and administration have voiced their approval and backing of such an or- ganization. Serving, as your president for the past year has been a pleasant and profitable experience. I appreciate the confidence and cooperation of every student and every faculty member. May the next president find the same spirit prevailing. May God bless Union and provide her with the qualities that make for everlasting greatness. Hugh Ross Williams President of the Student Body ' Hugh Ross Williams President of the Student Body - — - , N . f jw?sC(yidr ?T V S iN rags Ae° ss r- - — St ar5 WILLIAM PRYOR AFFOLTER, A.B. St. Louis, Missouri J. R. G.; Nestor Club: Philosophy Club; Junior Play; Rice Latin Club. ZELMA IONE BARTON, B.S. Bemis, Tennessee Lest We Forget; Cardinal and Cream; Prince Davis Science Club, Reporter; B. S. U. Council Phratra Club Pledge, Reporter. JAMES WILLIAM ALLEN, JR., A.B. Memphis, Tennessee J. R. G.; B. S. U. Council. RHODES THOMAS BLACKSTOCK, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Football; Who ' s Who; President of Student Body; President of Phratra Club; B. S. U. Coun- cil- J. R. G.; Best All-Round Boy ' 49- ' 50. WAYMAN WOODROW BARKER, B.S. Toone, Tennessee DONALD B. BOOKER, A.B. Angelica, New York Rice Latin Club, Vice-President; Alpha Psi Omega, Worthy Grand Director; Alpha Tau Omega, Chaplain; B. S. U. Council, Publicity Director; J. R. G., Chorister; Chorus; Footlights Club; Life Service Band. MARY SUE BARR, A.B. Dyer, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha; Enonian; Y. W. A.; Life Service Band; Euterpean Club; Allegro Club; Chorus; Band. CLARA JUNE BOREN, A.B. Verona, Mississippi Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian; Pan-Hellenic Dele- gate; Alpha Psi Omega, Worthy Prompter, Worthy Grand Director; Who ' s Who; Miss Union University, ' 51; Most Popular Girl,- ' 52; Cardinal and Cream, Society Editor, ' 49, Asso- ciate Editor, ' 50, Editor, ' 5 1 - ' 52; Footlights Club, Secretary, ' 50, President, ' 51; Lest We Forget; Senior Basketball Maid; Most Likely To Succeed. ' 52. 4fe , Ak JOHN THOMAS BROWN, JR., A.B. Medon, Tennessee J. R. G.: A Cappella Choir; Euterpean Club; Veterans Club. EVELYN BERNICE DAVIS, B.S. Leesburg, Florida Independents, Vice-President; B. S. U. Council; Phratra Club; History Club, Treasurer: Life Service Band; Y. W. A. WILLIAM CARLTON BUTLER, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee J. R. G.: Rutledqe History Club. JOSEPHINE COBLE DORN, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha. ELEANOR KATHLEEN CONNER, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Chorus; Y. W. A.; Life Service Band; Allegro Club; Euterpean Club; B. S. U. Council. GEORGE HOUSTON DOUGLAS, JR., A.B. Memphis, Tennessee Rice Latin Club; J. R. Graves Society, Secretary. JAMES WESLEY CRENSHAW, A.B. Troy, Tennessee Nestor Club; J. R. G.; Life Service Band; B. S. U. Council. THOMAS ROGERS EASON, B.S. Bemis, Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega. ' 4«qpF- ▲ ■U iW9W fi J U-!= " SSNV V St ard BYRON R. EPPS, A.B. Courtland, Mississippi J. R. Graves Society; B. S. U. Council PAUL GERALD GREGORY, B.S. Sinai, Kentucky Prince-Davis Science Club, Chaplain- B. S. U. Council. HAROLD ALLEN FORD, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee GENE BECKER HADLEY, A.B. Covington, Tennessee J. R. G.; Life Service Band; B. S. U. Counci Rutledge History Club. BILL GLENN FOWLER, A.B. Sturgis, Kentucky Male Quartet; Allegro Club; Chorus; Male Ensemble; B. S. U. Council. RAMONA HALL, A.B. Fayetteville, Tennessee B. S. U. Council; Y. W. A.; Hypatia; Life Service Band. GEORGE EDWARD FULLERTON, JR., B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Mr. Union, ' 51. JOHN ALBERT HARRIS, A.B. New Orleans, Louisiana Chorus; Male Ensemble; Allegro Club; Rico Latin Club; Alpha Tau Omega; Who ' s Who; Piano Ensemble. JS, i ard ROBERT PATRICK HERRIN, B.S. West Helena, Arkansas Alpha Tau Omega, President, ' 51: Adams Hall Council, President: Most Popular Boy: Prince- Davis Science Club. JOE DAVID LITTLEFIELD, B.S. Adamsville, Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega. KING WELLS JAMISON, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Math Club: B. S. U. Council: Prince-Davis Science Club: Phratra Club: Alpha Tau Omega: Freshman Class President. VIRGINIA NELL MARONEY, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Pan-Hellenic: Hypatia, Vice-President: Chi Omega, President: Maid to Miss Union: B. S. U. Council: Basketball Maid, ' 51. RICHARD LEE JOHNSON, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Rutledge History Club; Nestor Club. CLYDE MAYFIELD, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Rice Latin Club; Nestor Club; J. R. G., Presi. dent; Who ' s Who. ROBERT M. LASATER, A.B. Union City, Tennessee Allegro Club; Chorus; Nestor Club; Who; Chapel Programs. RICHARD ED. MORRIS. B.S. Jackson, Tennessee Sophomore Class President; Student Council Representative; J. R. G.; Prince-Davis Science Club; Footlights Club, President; B. S. U. Coun- cil, Vice-President; Alpha Psi Omega. St ard WILBURN NELSON, A.B. Humboldt, Tennessee J. R. Graves Society. CARLOS OWENS, A.B. Paris, Tennessee J. R. G., President; Life Service Band; J. R. G., Secretary, Pianist. EMILY L NEWSOM, B.S. Arlington, Virginia Zeta Tau Alpha Pledge; Prince-Davis Science Club, Secretary; Y. W. A. AUSTIN PARTIN, A.B. Memphis, Tennessee U Club; Tennis Team; Cross Country Team, Captain; Track Team; Rutledge History Club, President; Rice Latin Club; Dramatics. RICHARD P. OLDHAM, A.B. Louisville, Kentucky Life Service Band; J. R. G.; B. S. U. Council Chorister; Chorus. JOHN GERALD PENICK. A.B. Martin, Tennessee J. R. G.; Lite Service Band, President; Rutledge History Club; B. S. U. Council; Philosophy Club. ERNEST OLDS, A.B. Bells, Tennessee MELVIN PRATT, B.S. Corinth, Mississippi Alpha Tau Omega; Football, Captain, 51; Baseball; Footlights Club. : Si, arA MARY JO PURYEAR, B.S. Lebanon, Tennessee Prince-Davis Science Club; Y. W. A. CHARLES F. ROBINSON, A.B. Memphis, Tennessee J. R. Graves Society; Allegro Club. ■ -i " w GEORGIA KATHARINE RAGAN, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha, Rushing Chairman, Guard: Theta Kappa Phi, Secretary; Fcotlights Club, Social Chairman; Senior Class Reporter; Enon- ISAAC NELMS ROLAND, B.S. Henderson, Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega; Band; Prince-Davis Science Club. MARVIN EUGENE RIDDLE, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Band; Chorus; Cheerleader; Lest We Forqet, Business Manager; Alpha Tau Omega; Rice Latin Club. MARTHA RUSSELL, A.B. Metropolis, Illinois Hypatia; B. S. U. Council; Y. W. A. JAMES ROBERTS, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee J. R. Graves Society. CURTISS EVAN SCOTT, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee B. S. U. Council, President and Treasurer; Student Council Representative, President; Nestor Club, President; Regional Club, Presi- dent; Student Body, Vice-President; Phratra Club; Who ' s Who. St a r5 ROBERT LEE SCRIVNER, A.B. Eldon, Missouri R. G.; Nestor Club; Philosophy Club; Band; S. U. Council. WILLIAM A. TATUM, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee ARLON RAY SMITH, B.S. Henderson, Tennessee THOMAS ANDREW THACKER, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Nestor Club; J. R. Graves Society; Philosophy Club. CHARLIE HOMER SPAIN, B.S. Clarksburg, Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega; U Club, President, 50 and ' 51 (2 yrs.); Basketball; All V. S. A. C. Con- ference Center; Student Council, Adams ' Hall; Footlights Club; High Scorer in V. S. A. C. Conference (2 yrs.); First winner of DeLay Trophy. BOBBY THOMPSON, B.S. Corinth, Mississippi Alpha Tau Omega, Pledge Master, Treasurer; Basketball; Football. JOE ANN SPENCER, B.S. Bemis, Tennessee Theta Kappa Phi, President; Footlights Club; Prince-Davis Science Club; Ephrosynean Literary Society; Chi Omega, Chapter Correspondent. MARGARET LEE TUTTEROW, A.B. Knoxville, Tennessee Euterpean Club; Chorus; Girls ' Sextette; Y.W.A.; Life Service Band, President; Allegro Club; B. S. U. Council. ■ St ars LYDIA SUE UTLEY, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Hypatia. HUGH ROSS WILLIAMS, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Student Body President; J. R. G.; Who ' s Who; B. S. U. Council; Junior Class President, Sopho- more Class Representative Chapel Speaker Alpha Psi Omega. MARY COX WARMATH, A.B. Blytheville, Arkansas Rice Latin Club, Secretary; Y. W. A.; B. S. U. Council; Hypatia; Who ' s Who. ORVILLE RILEY WILLIAMS, JR., A.B. Malesus, Tennessee Rutledge History Club; Cardinal and Cream. SHIRLEY ABBOTT WIELAND, A.B. Trenton, Tennessee Chi Omega; Who ' s Who; Y. W. A., Vice-Presi- dent: Rutledge History Club; Hypatia, Presi dent; B. S. U. Council. ORVILLE IRA WILSON, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee J. R. G.; Lest We Forget, Editor; Rutledge History Club; Rice Latin Club, Vice-President; Philosophy Club; Chapel Programs. ABSENT WHEN PICTURES WERE TAKEN J3 -. GORDON H. BENSON, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee KENNETH W. BRINGHURST, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee JOE WAYNE FLY, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee EUGENE S. FORRESTER, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee HERMAN ALLEN HOWELL, A.B. Wake Forest, North Carolina VELMA DORIS LEWIS, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee Zero Tau Alpha; Life Service Band. z ROBERT D. PEARSON, B.S. Jackson, Tennessee EVERETT PETTY, A.B. Jackson, Tennessee C. J. RORIE, B.S. Fulton, Tennessee Math Club; Rutledge History Club; Prince- Davis Science Club; Alpha Tau Omega; B. S. U. Council. PERCY JULIAN SPELLINGS, B.S. Milan, Tennessee CHARLES EDWARD TIPPETT, B.S. Bemis, Tennessee vrCT . , C«3KCCCVTSSiKC l S5C S filiTffrffifffffiWrfr ' TiTffnnfim Uln derS tu dies Junior Officers: JAWB » ' MAS SecT ttl Carlson DOROTHY ANN CARL deot- NANCY YVrf TOU-lAWS HOUSER BOB B ffSw JO ANN BAZEMORE MARJORIE JEAN BUTLER GLORIA JUNE BENNETT — mrrMMnm i BILLY GREY HURT WAYNE BAXTER JONES MARJORIE KEE JOSEPH HOWARD KING THOMAS HESDON McCAGE ,V " 1. ANNE RAYE MARTIN BLANCHE MELTON ELIZABETH JEAN MAXEY :;u. :■ ij lliliffltiillili— MIlMiil Dli 4 I I ANN MURDAUGH JOHN D. ROARK Ulnderstudi BARCLAY M. NEWMAN JOHN EDWARD OUTLAN MARIAN JOYCE PEARSON BETTY ANN PHILLIPS DONALD GLENN RAINEY CHARLES JACKSON PHILLIPS CLARENCE RICHARD PROPES JOANN SCOTT FA YE STANFILL DONNA C. THOMPSON PEGGY ANNE THORNE COY THURSTON JAMES ERMEST TILLMAN HOWARD LEON VICKERS ROBERT HINTON VAN DYKE ' ' • ... ' . H1-IM J I ' Absent When Pictures Were Taken JERRY DEAN AUTREY BILLY ALEXANDER BELEW TOMMY E. BOLEN RAYMOND BYRON OARLOCK LEON COX BILL ROBERT EDWARDS WILLIAM CLEOVUS EMMITT JEWEL E. FELKER HENRY JACKSON GOOLSBY HUGH HARRIS HARVEY JOHN B. HOOPER JERRY ARTHUR HUNT GEORGE FRANKLIN HUNTER RALPH BURTON JOHNSON GEORGE R. LANG VIRGINIA M. LEWIS JAMES THOMAS McGILL MORRIS EDWARD McGUIRE ESELL F. McKINNIE JOE D. MAY HAROLD JACKSON MORRIS J. M. PARKS GERALD B. SANDERS PEGGY JEAN SEWELL JAMES ARTHUR WILLIAMS JACK YEAROUT BARBARA ALMEDA WASHAM 14 n ders tu dies CECIL O. YOUNG, JR GEORGE R. WILSON RUBY CATHERINE WATKINS HAROLD MAXWELL WEST WILLIAM PAT WILLS CHARLES H. WILLIAMS CHARLES R. WILLIAMS - --vCv V Ci Jv ' ' SCCCSSSSSSS s?A , MI lU , ), ltA ' nS Sophomore Officers President CH „ R L« SABA .--BgtSS. ; c .- fl RepresenUVwe: S tand- ri J. W. ABNEY JANE ALBRITTON FLODELL APPLETON ROBT. H. ATWOOD SUE BELEW ROY H. FARRIS FRIEDA W. DEATON JAMES R. DISMUKE MARY B. DORAN ROY G. ELLIOTT otp— m-. " - ! tand- CHAS. E. GAY, JR. BETTY J. FRANKLIN RUDOLPH FITTS HAROLD L FITTS • -n n -n rntirmwaMgiT iirar it iiirr SARAH F. NEAL JAMES G. NORMAN BILLY P. OAKLEY RICHARD B. PENUEL )tand- ABSENT WHEN PICTURES TAKEN Bel+on Nord Alper Altus Robert Bennett Wintred Lamar Boothe James Leonard Brown, Jr. Roy Burke Billy Lee Buster Mary Cates Lillian Clay Cunliff Charles P. Currier, Jr. William Granvill Curtiss Orvind Merritt Dangeay Doyle Kenneth Day Joseph Dimarco Paul Richard Drum George Dunlap Claude Moore Foote, Jr. Joseph Bernard Gaffney Willard Hamilton Goode Richard Henry Graves Gerald David Green Kenneth Clay Hamilton Burke Mann Herron John Raymond Johnson Joe Thomas Joiner John Kniqht William Franklin McKissack, Ralph Mapes Roger Goodman Murray, Jr. Thomas Henry Pate, Jr. Jean Carolyn Prather Edward G. Prather Everette Burton Robnett Waymond Ross Betty Jean Smith Everett Roger Teague Russell Royce Waddell ARBARA J. SHELTON WAYNE " B " STONE HERLEY THOMPSON VALERIA A. VAUGHN c - - .- =T. CT l n | w Th . i i. i i lt i 1 j ' ,r. n |HtfW«BWH Lead J j lcLu If lianl L i. w - ■ • ■-- -■--.. — - . " -r- T— ■»• - cf . n rZ C : rv- JfiJCSCSSSiS ■L-j. -! u .-LLi ' - : ' _- _ Comina Arttrach lonS President JOE V ELLS Freshman Class Officers Vice BlU- p r es «i ent: Secretary q0 V 5i .Xr, From left to right: Joe Acuff, Harold Alexander, Wilbert H. Binford, Walter Ernest Blalack, Bobby Allen Bradford, Mary R. Brogdon. «tl JAMES M. BUSH V . f s „ omina ion From left to right: Minnie M. Cartwright, Dorothy Sue Cash, Albert A. Cherry, Joan Lee Clark, Cora Alice Clement. LANORA J. COTTRELL WILLIAM T. CRAIG DORIS C. CRAWFORD From left to right: Lawrence J. Criswell, Kenneth W. Crocker, Anita Crouch, Royce A. Cruce, Donald Curtis, Carey Duncan. Cc CHARLES EDMONDS omina ions ELSIE E. ELKINS From left to right: Barbara A. Evans, Beulah C. Farmer, Joy W. Flanagan, Rollie J. France, Ray M. Frey. NANCY JOAN GAITHER BILLY GRIGGS DOUGLAS C. GUNTER I X A From left to right: Alice J. Harris, Marcia C. Harrison, Barbara J. Harwell, Carmen C. Hathaway, James Hayes, Jr., Herrell W. Herriman. HELEN J. HICKS c omina iond L DIXIE ANN HOWSE From left to right: James O. Jacobs, Sadie L Johnson, H. Glenn Johnston, Polly Jones, Icie Juanita King. MARY J. LANIER ERNEST LEWIS, JR. DAVID W. LUCKEY From left to right: Jutson E. McCorkle, Geo. W. Malloy, Betty Jo Medlin, Joe Miller, Donald J. Montgomery, Melvin F. Moore. omina S rttract ions AUBREY L MORRIS BOBBY JOE MORRIS mJL From left to right: Willie Lee Morton, Carroll A. Morton, Hilburn R. Mullins, Nancy W. Murphy. OSCAR T. NAEF AUBREY M. NEAL JAMES R. NEELY ■__. ■_ H From left to right: Anna L. Parker, Patsy Parker, Mary C. Ramsey, Don Reynolds, Jr., William J. Rogers, James K. Roy. JOYCE M. SHELTON Cc omina rttrcicL ions From left to right: Eddie Claudia Simpson, Christine Sis- son, Juanita F. Smith, Rodney A. Smith. THOMAS C. SMOTHERS JOHN E. STOVALL, JR. BOBBIE J. STRAYHORN - =__= — _ =: From left to right: Richard Sudmalis, Robt. F. Swayne, Christine M. Taylor, Carl D. Todd, Patricia A. Tolley, Everett V. Utley. c ornina ArttracllonS JANET F. VERHINE VELVA D. WALDINS ' From left to right: William H. Walker, Jr., Peggie J. White, William R. Whitlow, Richard G. Widdows, Emily Clare Wieland. ABSENT WHEN PICTURES TAKEN Susan Smith Adams Jere Baxter Albright Robert Vernon Arnold Royce Askew Raymond Eugene Bailey Robert Max Bishop John R. Boon Bland P. Boyd, Jr. Nancy Lee Brewer Robert E. Brown, Jr. Paula Irene Clayton Robert Charles Coburn William Hayden Cox John Richard Day Donald Henry Deaton Charles Mason Dollar Ivan Joy Essary George W. Farris, Jr. Marvin Ray Ferrell Thomas H. Ferrell Thurman Ray Gregg Leroy Grissom Denver S. Hall Billy Joe Haney Mary Jacqueline Harrisoi Alfred Carl Hart Kenneth Hawkins Wayne Austin Hinson Charlotte Bill Elvis Hinton Gladys Hiscox Temple Samuel Houston Lester James Peggy Joan Jeter Frankie Rose Martin Bennis Willis Morrison Ellouise Newman Houston R. Northcutt Nancil L. Norwood Ernest Howard Phipps Edwin Kellogg Randolph Jerry Franklin Replogle Joe Roark John L. Roberts Frank F. Robins Ernest Richard Ross William Lowell Simmons, Greta Marian Smith John Dean Thomas William Charles Treadwel Guy Charles Walker Max E. Walker Peggy Joe Walker Fred Brown Watkins Oliver Eugene White Elliott Willis Joe Mack Wood Theresa Younger BILLY H. WILBANKS ROSANNE WILSON i A » THOMAS A. WINCHESTER - ' :l - -: _u=«K3= Ulh UJho AHONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " is a national publication in which the biographies of outstanding college students appear. Persons named for this honor are selected on the basis of character, leadership, and scholarship, as well as par- ticipation in extra-curricular activities. Public recognition of the worthy achievement of eight of the students of Union University has been made by their selection for this honor. Their pictures and thumb-nail sketches are given on the following four pages. We are proud of every one of them and believe they will bear their honors humbly and effectively in the years to come. ._ • ■ ■P SHIRLEY BRIDGES Shirley Bridges, a music major, is from Jackson, Tennessee. Seldom does one find a college student with so many talents — music, dra- matics, writing — in all these Shirley excels. Twice she has served as secretary of the Allegro Club, three times she has been class secretary, and twice was chosen Football Maid. Union is proud to number Shirley among her honor students. Who ' s Who CURTISS scon Magnetic character is the most noticeable factor in Curtiss Scott. To see him is to be inspired. This Jackson, Tennessee boy has served Union in his senior year as presi- dent of the Baptist Student Union, and as president of the Nestor Club. In his junior year he was Vice-President of the Student Body. !3£3S.: v- — skjkcsssss „-,-. m „_JSBi JUNE BOREN Verona, Mississippi is the home of June Boren. H ard work, per- sistence, and patience combine to make success. " Miss Union of 1951 " , " Most Popular Girl " , " Most Likely to Succeed " and Basketball Maid — these are rare honors. Add to this three years ' work on the editorial staff of the Cardinal and Cream and one year on the annual staff, plus leadership in all dra- matics and one has a picture of the industry of June Boren. Who ' s Who R. T. BLACKSTOCK R. T. Blackstock, a Jackson, Ten- nessee boy, is an all-round student on the campus. He is noted for his rare qualities of leadership and sincere friendliness. R. T. is a mem- ber of the J. R. Graves Society, the Phratra Club, and the Baptist Student Union. In 1950-51 he was elected President of the Student Body and Best-All-Round Boy. SHIRLEY WIELAND Shirley Wieland, a Trenton , Ten- nessee girl, is a transfer from Blue Mountain College. Scholarship and thoroughness are at once noted in Shirley ' s every activity. She is Sec- retary of the Student Body and is president of Hypatia. She is active in religious organizations and excels in the world of music. Who ' s Who HUGH ROSS WILLIAMS Hugh Ross Williams is also a Jackson, Tennessee product. At present he is President of the Stu- dent Body, and Boy-of-the-Month of April, so honored by the Ex- change Club. A talented leader, he is active in the religious and dramatic organizations on the cam- pus. issro sssjsw ssss?: Ed ssassessBS — m mm miimnimn MARY WARMATH Mayfield, Kentucky, is the home of Mary Warmath. She is secre- tary to Dr. Frank Wells, is married, and keeps a home; yet these do not affect her particip ation in various campus activities. Her high schol- arship is apparent from her regular appearance on the Dean ' s List. The Rice Latin Club, Hypatia, and the M. R. S. Club claim some of her time. Like many of the others, she, too, is an accomplished pianist. Who ' s Who CLYDE MAYFIELD Clyde Mayfield of Memphis, Tennessee excels in scholarship. In spite of the fact that he has a family and pastors a full-time church, he has had time for the Nestor Club, the Rice Latin Club, and the J. R. Graves Society. Clyde is a lawyer. He was admitted to the bar in Memphis before en- tering Union to prepare for the ministry. MR. UNION Pete Belew •• " •• " jTcni ' r ■ - mtiiaUHaaaMHCAB MISS UNION Nancy Houser Williams CLASS PRINCESSES • Virginia Maroney Dorothy Carlson • Emily Wieland Jo Ann Maze rvNS55a«R JK " 5!JSSJ?SS55 a£i£ SJE J BEST ALL-AROUND BOY Bob Childers BEST ALL-AROUND GIRL Dorothy Carlson assesses ?:?: ; .«.— X MOST POPULAR BOY Bob Childers MOST POPULAR GIRL June Boren SWEETHEART of ATO Anne Haynes QUEEN of SAE Jane Marcum ■ ' - ' c sie- =s:si ss:Ejas:ssscK c!imsKjt? 5Js5f? FOOTBALL QUEEN Joyce Pearson FOOTBALL MAIDS • Patsy White • Velva Walding • Shirley Bridges • Jane Marcum n«v .z; ' ir BASKETBALL QUEEN Velva Walding BASKETBALL MAIDS • Paula Clayton June Boren Anita Tolley • Anne Haynes _ - - s ' MOST HANDSOME BOY Charles Gaba SENIOR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED June Boren ,S! »Si3L£iS Wii£ - ? ; ■ ' !:■.; -,. ' . ' ■ - ' -■- - " ■ MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL Peggy Sewell BEAUTY MAIDS MARY K. McBRYDE First Maid EBSKS SSRSf WUH Ss .■■: •■ ,;:■,■ " . .: ■■■■ ■ - ..-- .■■ - - - ■. . .-■. , - ■ ■! - ■■ - ■- COURT OF BEAUTY THE QUEEN and her Ladies ■ " - ' -■ . -.-.- ■ i i " ,: .. ' , ■ ■■ " • ■ " ■ . •- V - --— -»-.. nSAIl.l,,, ™- . ' ' ., saESl ' tmUJg -.i r,, , Beta Tau Chapter of ALPHA TAU OMEGA Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Richmond, Virginia, September II, 1865 Colors: Sky Blue and Old Gold Flower: White Tea Rose OFFICERS Worthy Master Bobby Herrin Worthy Keeper of Exchecquer King Jamison Worthy Chaplain Joe Littlefield Worthy Keeper of Annals Pete Belew Worthy Scribe Charles Saba Worthy Sentinel Hugh Harvey- Worthy Usher Bill Baker A flashback of the year ' s activity shows that 1951-52 has been one of Beta Tau ' s most progressive and enjoyable years. During this time the chapter room underwent complete redecoration and a tele- vision set was secured. Membership reached a height of thirty-two bringing the chapter near its maximum height. This group of " typical fellows " is known about the campus for its versatility. In the field of athletics they especially excel. Many important positions on this year ' s football, basketball, and base- ball squads were occupied by ATO ' s. Standing at the top among these outstanding athletes is Homer Spain, captain of the basketball team and president of the U-Club for the past two years. He is the first person to receive the DeLay Trophy, an award presented to Union ' s best-all-round athlete, and was placed on both the V.S.A.C. Conference first team and the tournament team. He holds the high point title for this conference. Another noted athlete is Sonny Haws who was co-captain of the Bull- dog basketeers and received honorable mention in the V.S.C.A. Conference. Captaining this year ' s football squad was another ATO, Melvin Pratt, a four year letterman in both football and baseball. Many other top campus honors were claimed this year by ATO ' s. Billy " Pete " Belew was chosen " Mr. Union " and received the Student Body Vice-Presidency. For the second consecutive year Gene Riddle served the annual, LEST WE FORGET, as its business manager. Charles Gaba captured the coveted title of " Most Handsome Boy " . By combining numerous parties and socials, beautiful banquets, genuine brotherly fellowship, a beautiful sweetheart, and Mother Ed, one has a clear picture of the wonderful year experienced by brothers of Beta Tau. First Row: Bobby Herrin Joe Littlefield Charles Gaba King Jamison Pete Belew Second Row: Hugh Harvey Billy Baker Homer Spain Gene Riddle Melvin Pratt Third Row: John Roberts Kenneth Crocker Bob Van Dyke Richard Ross Joe Woods First Row: Milton Bryant, Jr., Sonny Haws, Bobby Bradford, Rollie France, Kenneth Miller, Bill Shellnut. Second Row: James Bush, Walter Coleman, Harold Fitts, Joe Miller, Joe Joiner, Ralph Harris. Third Row: Billy Walker, Kenneth Hawkins, Raymond Carlock, James Ja- cobs, Jim Norman, David Luckey. Fourth Row: Carey Duncan, Joe King, James Neely, Wayne Hinson. Fifth Row: Hudson McCorkle, Billy Griggs, Ernest Lewis, Tommy Smothers. MEMBERS Tom Eason Edwards Babe Felker Ralph Harris Sonny Haws Joe Joiner Joe King Buddy Pearson Gene Riddle C. J. Rorie Bobby Thompson Melvin Pratt Homer Spain Bob Van Dyke Bill Shellnut John Hooper Ernest Phipps Harold Fitts Rollie France John Roberts Tommy Smothers James Neely Hudson McCorkle Raymond Carlock Joe Wood Bill Walker Bill Griggs Kenneth Hawkins Hillburn Mullins Richard Ross Max Walker Bill Treadwell Frank Robbins Jim Norman Walter Coleman David Luckey Carey Duncan Wayne Hinson N orris Dus Kenneth Crocker Bobby Bradford Ernest Lewis Joe Miller James Jacobs Milton Bryant, Jr. s sez jisJ i iu i a kms g si gs B BMS B fiMMM MfctaSfca srg-gg; I W MW Mgfc. wrMumiinmmHtA. Tennessee Eta Chapter of SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 9, 1856. Colors: Royal Purple and Old Sold. Flower: Purple Violet OFFICERS President Bob Childers Vice-President Gene Forrester Secretary Jack Goolsby Treasurer Glenn Rainey Warden Pat Wills Chaplain Jim Yates Correspondent Ted Hale Chronicler Billy McKissack TENNESSEE ETA ' s NINETY-FIFTH YEAR The year of 1951-52 has been one of the most enjoyable of Tennessee Eta ' s 95 years. The fellow- ship and brotherhood that is characteristic of Sigma Alpha Epsilon has been manifest in the many social meetings and business gatherings. As usual, the outstanding event was the Coronation Banquet, when Miss Jane Marcum was crowned Queen of S.A.E. In addition to this, the Founder ' s Day Banquet, Spring Splash to Natchez Trace, the Christmas Party for the Underprivileged children, the Hobo Party, Hay- rides, and numerous other gatherings of S.A.E. ' s and their dates have been carried out in true S.A.E. splendor. Tennessee Eta ' s greatest thrill of the year came when Sig Alph Burton Robnett ' s grandmother, Mrs. Dora Marsh, presented the chapter with an oil painting of the National Fraternity ' s Eminent Supreme Recorder, John O. Moseley. Brother Moseley, who is known in all fraternity circles, visited Tennessee Eta Chapter in April. Many campus honors have been showered on the men of the fraternity. Among these we find Bob Childers as Most Popular Boy and Best-All-Round Boy; Bob Holland as Editor of LEST WE FOR- GET; Jimmy Thomas as president of the Junior class; Jim Yates as Senior class president; Bob Childers as Junior class chaplain and Treasurer on the B.S.U. Council and Bob Holland represented the Junior class on the Student Council. In sports Charles " Chuck " Williams was elected Captain of the 1952-53 football squad and also named as Honorable Mention on the " V.S.A.C. team; Pat Wills also received Honorable Mention on the V.S.A.C. team. Remodeling the fraternity house and beautifying the grounds added interest to the chapter home and served as another means of fellowship and communion of brothers. First Row: Bob Childers Glenn Rainey Pat Wills John Outlan Second Row: Jim Yates Jack Yearout Tommy Bolen Russel Waddell First Row: Richard Graves, Burke Herron, Douglas Gunter, Charles Coburn, Troy Young. Second Row: Buster Dismuke, Bland Boyd, Jim Hayes, Ray Frey, Bob Holland. Third Row: Billy McKissack, Charles Gay, Herron Bond. Fourth Row: Jerry Albright, Charles Williams, Jimmy Thomas. Fifth Row: Ted Hale, Billy Max Mayo. IEMBERS Billy Max Mayo Charles Williams Dicky Day Tommy Bolen Gene Forrester Jerry Hunt Jerry Albright Jimmy Thomas Glen Rainey Joe Gaffney Bland Boyd Bob Childers Herron Bond Edward Fullerton Ray Frey Ted Hale Jim Yates John Outlan Thurman Gregg Burke Herron Billy McKissack Jack Yearout Hershal Johnson Bob Holland Jack Goolsby Jimmy Carter Jim Hayes Johnny Johnson J. C. Hefley Richard Graves Douglas Gunter Buster Dismuke Burton Robnett Will Rogers Jerry Replogle Charles Gay Pat Wills Charles Coburn Russel Waddell " S 2S! SSS!S SSSSS SaJ5?S S S Sg: 2S!SSS .,,,__. , I.,, ■ «. - . . : . _ ■-,. ■. U p s i I o n of CHI OMEGA Founded at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, April 5, 1895. Colors: Cardinal and Straw. Flower: White Carnation. Chi Omega has had a most successful year under the leadership of Virginia Maroney, president: Shirley Wieland, Vice-President; Patsy White, Secretary; and Nancy Houser Williams, pledge mistress. The co-eds of Chi Omega have been chosen for many of Union ' s most coveted honors this year. Jane Marcum represented Union as a Cheerleader, SAE ueen i ar| d Football Maid. Velva Walding reigned as Basketball ueen . Football Maid, and was also Cheerleader. Nancy Houser Williams was elected Miss Union by the Student Body. Shirley Wieland, elected to Who ' s Who, served the Student Council as secretary. Freida Deaton was also a member of the governing council. Emily Wieland was chosen Freshman Princess and Joan Bazemore represented Union as a beauty in the Strawberry Festival. Chi Omegas were outstanding in the field of intramural sports, and held other honors on Union ' s campus. Fall and Spring Eleusinia, the skating party, and the banquet honoring the pledges, were the high spots on the Chi Omega social calendar. MEMBERS Mary Jo Duck Jane Marcum Ann Murdaugh Carolyn Fleming Flodell Appleton Sue Belew Jo Ann Spencer Joan Bazemore Paula Clayton Joan Shelton Lillian Cundiff Mary H. Anderson Pat Rorie Jane Albritton Freida W. Deaton Nancy Brewer Nancy Gaither Velva Walding Patsy Parker Mary Walker Shoaf Catherine Watkins Nancy Murphy Emily Wieland Faye Stanfill Vera Henry Mrs. Rosa Rutledge Mrs. Mabel Hardin LJ U First Row: Virginia Maroney Shirley Wieland Peggy Thorne Patsy White Second Row: Nancy Houser Williams Joan Bazemore Jane Marcum Pat Rorie First Row: Patsy Parker Catherine Watki Joan Shelton Faye Stanfill Second Row: Nancy Murphy Sue Belew Jo Ann Spencer Veiva Walding Third Row: Flodell Appleton Mary Howell Anderson Emily Wieland Paula Clayton Fourth Row: Mrs. Rosa Rutledge Mary Jo Duck Nancy Gaither Lillian Cundiff Fifth Row: Mrs. Mabel Hardin Nancy Brewer Jane Albritton Carolyn Fleming ' — : :■■ , V- " fe Beta Omega Chapter ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded at Longwood College, Formville, Virginia, October 15, 1898. Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray. Flower: White Violet. OFFICERS President Dorothy Carlson Vice-President Jo Ann Roberts Secretary Blanche Melton Treasurer Donna Thompson Historian June Boren Guard Barbara Was ham MEMBERS Mary Kay McBryde Dixie Howse Charlene Hathaway Barbara Harwell Mary Jane Futtrell Rosanne Wilson Christine Sisson Anita Tolley Kitty Ragan Joyce Shelton Marjorie Kee Barbara Evans Ann Haynes Greta Smith Jackie Harrison Peggy White Jo Dorn Anna Laura Palmer Mary Jane Lanier Kitty Ramsey Mary Sue Barr Joan Lee Clark Betty Ann Phillips Charlene Harrison 1951-52 has been a busy and happy year for the " blue and gray " girls at Union. Wonderful parties including hayrides, teas, and a " Rhapsody in Blue " banquet have combined to make this year a spotlight year; one filled with fun and entertainment for the Zetas. A flashback of the year ' s activity reveals that this likeable, personable group of co-eds took an active part in all phases of campus life, and that they made quite an outstanding name for themselves by capturing a host of Union ' s most coveted titles. Joyce Pearson was elected cheerleader for the third consecutive year, and also won the .honors of " Football ueen " ar| d class speaker. Anne Haynes was chosen " Sweetheart of ATO " , Basketball Maid and a beauty. June Boren was named " Most Popular Girl, " " Senior Most Likely to Succeed, " Basketball Maid, Who ' s Who, and Alpha Psi Omega president. Dottie Carlson was selected as " Best-All-Round Girl, " maid to Miss Union, Junior Class secretary, Pan-Hellenic Council president, and Student Council representative; Donna Thompson was re-elected Footlights Club treasurer and was chosen to Alpha Psi Omega. Mary Kay McBryde received the secretaryship of the Sophomore Class, was named a beauty, and was chosen to Alpha Psi Omega. Pledge president, Dixie Howse, was made Cheerleader; Mary Jane Hearn and Kitty Ragan captured two top senior class posts. First Row: Dottie Carlson Blanche Melton Donna Thompson June Boren Second Row: Barbara Washam Mary Katherine McBryde Ann Haynes Jo Ann Roberts : - . Beta Mu Cast of ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega is the national honorary dramatic fraternity on Union ' s campus. Membership in this organization is given on the basis of meritorious personal achievement in college dramatics. It has as its purpose to create and advance the rank of the drama and play production. MEMBERS OFFICERS Don Booker Mary Kay McBryde Worthy Grand Director June Boren M-r j i a a - MMWWW . Worthy Playwright Howard Vickers ax lownsend Joe Aci.tf M M .... _ mm h Worthy Bus. Mgr Hugh Ross Williams Shirley Bridges Donna Thompson k ... . _ _ . MM M l Worthy Prompter Carolyn eminq Richard Morris Jean Maxey ■ " M Sponsor Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd JUNE BOREN DON BOOKER MAX TOWNSEND MARY KAY McBRYDE Jp DONNA THOMPSON MRS. ELIZABETH LOYD SHIRLEY BRIDGES OFFICERS President Richard Morris Vice-President Charles Gaba Secretary Donna Thompson Treasurer Jane Marcum The Footlights Club is composed of those students who are interested in the field of dramatics and who desire to increase their knowledge in that great art. It is the purpose of the club to foster dramatic interest on the campus. One of the outstanding contributions the club makes is to furnish trophies and medals to the year ' s outstanding actors and actresses. MEMBERS Harold Alexander Dixie Howse Mel Pratt Rosanne Wilson Robert Atwood Jo Ann Jeter Christine Sisson Joe Acuff Alice Clement Mary Kay McBryde Jo Ann Spencer Mary Walker Shoaf John Harris Kenneth Miller John Thomas Anna Laura Palmer Charlene Harrison Nancy Murphy Peggy Thorne June Boren Jackie Harrison Jean Perryman Prather Anita Tolley Vera Henry Barbara Harwell Charles Phillips Chuck Williams Jean Maxey Sonny Haws F O O T L I G H C L U B OFFICERS President Jim Yates Vice-President _ Shirley Bridges Secretary _ Jane Albritton Treasurer Bill Emmitt Advisors Music Department faculty MEMBERS Bill Fowler Robert Lasater John Harris Kathleen Conner Mary Sue Barr Charles Robinson Thomas McCage Jo Ann Maze Joe Acuff James Cotten The Allegro Club is a new organization growing out of the old Euterpean Club. Since the majority of the members of this club were music students they decided to form a club of their own. Membership in this club is for music majors. The purpose of the club is to promote closer fellowship among the music students and to further all phases of music on our campus. The club sponsors the Young Artist Concert Series. TTUpCtllCL OFFICERS President Shirley Wieland Vice-President _ Virginia Maroney Secretary Treasurer _ Mary Jo Duck Sponsor _ Mrs. Mabel Hardin MEMBERS Mary Howell Anderson Jean Maxey Joan Bazemore Martha Russell Shirley Bridges Lydia Sue Utley Jean Butler Mary Warmath Dorothy Ann Carlson Marjorie Kee Ramona Hall Rachel Strawn Hypatia, composed of junior and senior girls possessing a high scholastic record, is an exclusive literary club. Twice each month the club meets to enjoy a review and criticism of some outstanding lit- erary work. The meetings .have proved invaluable in preparing the members for participation in clubs of this kind after they leave school. 11 : " Union . . . it ' s more than a college, it ' s a way of life ... " Jean Outlaw, ' 51. The Phratra Club was born of a desire to carry the above message to youth just out of high school, as they stand at the crossroads of life. What finer service could be rendered inquiring youth than to point them to this, " more than a college, " Union University, where character and spiritual development are on equal footing with academic achievement; where credits count; but where man- hood and womanhood are paramount. To this end Phratra was born and to the building of a greater Union University she dedicates herself. J- hra, tru ( lub OFFICERS R. T. Blackstock, President Nancy Houser Williams, Secretary -Treasurer S. S. Sargent, Dean of Admissions, Sponsor W. F. Jones, President of the College, Ex-officio Consultant Frank M. Blythe, Business Manaqer. Ex-officio Advisor Leon Corley. Chaplain PATRONESSES Miss Caroline Nielsen, Mrs. S. S. Sargent, Mrs. Frank Blythe, Mrs. W. F. Jones PLANNING COMMITTEE Curtiss Scott, Chairman Bob Morris, Jane Marcum EMBLEM COMMITTEE Bob Scrivner, Chairman Evelyn Davis YEARBOOK COMMITTEE S. S. Sargent, Chairman Nancy Houser Williams R. T. Blackstock CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE Leon Corley, Chairman Byron Epps, S. S. Sargent, Ex-officio MEMBERS Byron Epps, Dorothy Carlson, Leon Corley, Evelyn Davis, Nancy Houser Williams, George Hunter, Jane Marcum, Bob Morris. Bob Scrivner, Curtis Scott, R. T. Blackstock. Dean S. S. Sargent II H liner v a MEMBERS Mrs. Frank M. Blythe, honorary Carolyn Fleming . . . Queen (I950-I9SI) Mrs. D. D. Forrester Mrs. Burke Herron Mrs. Warren F. Jones Mrs. H. H. Replogle Mrs. L. D. Rutledge, honorary Josephine Hampson Sykes Barbara Washam Mrs. Russel Waddell Mrs. Dora Marsh, honorary OFFICERS W. Mr Mrs. B. Mrs. W. act F. McKi: Sykes . Glisson Miss Jo Ann Roberts Miss Barbara Washam Miss Jane Marcum ,., President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Program Chairman .Reporter and Queen (1951-1952) After a period of inactivity at Union University, the Minervas reorganized in the fall of 1950. The club is composed of the .house-mother, mothers, sisters, and sweethearts of the men of Tennessee Eta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Two honorary members have also been added. Monthly meetings are held in the chapter house, on the second Thursday evening. AAALLORY MATH CLUB The Mallory Math Club is an organization for those students who have completed four quarters of college mathematics. This club is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. James Mallory. The purpose of the Club is to encourage students to better scholarship in the field of mathematics. Meetings are held twice a month presenting material which would not be given in the classroom. PRINCE-DAVIS SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS President Wayne Stone Vice-President Jerry Hunt Secretary-Treasurer. Emily Newsom Chaplain Paul Gregory Reporter lone Barton The purpose of this club is to stimulate and perpetuate an interest in the Nature Sciences. Qualifications for member ship are a major or a minor in one of the three sciences, Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, and a sincere interest in science. Each month, by rotation, one of the de- partments presents an excellent program, connected with the work and study of that department. a MEMBERS lone Barton, Emily Newsom, Joann Scott, Nancy Houser Williams, June Bennett. Joe King, Carl David Todd, Wayne Stone, Hugh Burford, Herley Thompson, Evelyn Davis, James Bush, Harold Fitts; Faculty Sponsors — Dr. Flora Haas, Mr. Spurgeon Boyd, Mr. Hughlan Pope. ' Valeria Vaughn Bobby Sanders - k George Wilson Gene Riddle RICE LATIN CLUB OFFICERS MEMBERS President Bernard Campbell Vice-President. Orville Wilson Bill Oakley George W,lson Secretary Mary Warmath Gene Riddle Eddie Prat.her Treasurer Wayne Jones D . , -, , „.,, u , D w i • ' w I Bobby Zumbro Billy Hurt Reporter Valeria Vaughn ' • ' Sponsor . Mrs. Dee E. Rice Bobby Shands Charles Dollar The Rice Latin Club is composed of students making a B average in Latin. The. motto is " Scientia Crescat " — Let Knowledge Grow. The club is both cultural and social. Howard Vickers James R. Pirrle RUTLEDGE HONORARY HISTORY CLUB OFFICERS President Austin Parti n Vice-President Orville Williams Secretary Gene Had ley Treasurer _ - Evelyn Davis Jackson Sun Reporter Mary Howell Anderson Cardinal and Cream Reporter. Jean Maxey Sponsors E. W. Duck Rosa D. Rutledge, Woodrow Davis, R. H. Ward MEMBERS Mamon Alexander C. P. Currier, Jr. Roy G. Elliott Richard L. Johnson John Knight, Jr. Jerry Penick James R. Pirtle Howard Vickers Orville I. Wilson Bobby Zumbro Carlton Butler The Rutledge Honorary History Club, organized on November 18, 1929 for the purpose of en- couraging a .higher standard of scholarship, of gaining a better appreciation of history, and of keeping abreast with world movements, is composed of students either majoring or taking a first minor in history. At the monthly meetings, perplexing world problems are discussed. THE NESTOR CLUB OFFICERS MEMBERS Bob Scrivner Thomas A. Thacke Wesley Crenshaw Curtiss Scott The Nestor Club, rated as Union ' s Phi Beta Kappa, consists of a faculty sponsor and twelve young men ranking highest in scholarship in the upper classes. The organization meets nine times during the year, once in joint session with Hypatia. After dinner, a paper is read by a member on any topic in which he is particularly interested, and a joint discussion of current developments follows. President Barclay Newman Vice-President Jim Cotten Sec ' y.-Treas. . Bobby Sanders Sponsor Troy G. Young Bobby Zumbro Max West Bill Affolter Richard Johnson Clyde Mayfield SUMMAR MEMORIAL LIBRARY Kdigious Cifc ■ i " " - - J. R. GRAVES OFFICERS President Carlos Owens Joe Acuff , ... „ | Harold Alexande Vice-President J. W. Abney James A||en Treasurer Jerry Sanders Bob Atwood _ , Burt Bentord Recording Secretary Jimmy Roberts p t Blackstock Corresponding Secretary. Wesley Crenshaw Don Booker John Boone Parliamentarian T. O. Hall Bob Buster Critic Dr. R. C. Briggs Carlton Butler Bill Cottrell Program Committee. .Bill Affolter, Chairman Jack Criswell Bernard Campbell, Bobby Sanders Kenneth Day SOCIETY MEMBERS Houston Douglas Byron Epps Rudolph Fitts Charles Gaba Hillard Goode Leroy Griffin Douglas Gunter Gene Hadley Bill Hinton George M. Horton George Hunter Lester James Wayne Jones The J. R. Graves Society of Religious Inquiry was founded in 1877. The Society helps the ministerial students to become familiar with their future problems and work. The purpose of this Society is to aid in qualifying its members for the gospel ministry by gaining practice in correctly expressing themselves in public, and extending their information on all religious questions. Bill McAfee J. D. May Clyde Mayfield Bob Morris Richard Morris Buck Morton Tommy Naef Roe Neal Wilburn Nelson Barclay Newman Bill Oakley Richard Oldham Jerry Penick Eddie Prather Dr. J. F. Ray Bill Riley Robert Shands Thomas A. Thacker John D. Thomas Coy Thurston James Tillman Charles Vincent Jim Wallace William Whitlow Hugh Ross Williams Orville Wilson C. O. Young, Jr. Bobby Zumbro Bob Bennett Bob Scrivner Bill Hurt First Row: T. O. Hall Clyde Mayfield Carlton Butler Bob Childers Burt Benford Second Row: Thomas A. Thacker Richard Morris Bill Affolter Jim Wallace Douglas Gunter Third Row: George Horton Rudolph Fitts R. T Blackstock Jerry Penick Harold Alexander Fourth Row: Bernard Campbell Barclay Newman Hugh Ross Williams Roe Neal Wesley Crenshaw Orville Wilson, Billy Hurt, Gene Hadley, Wayne Jones, William Whitlow, Bobby Shands. Second Row: James Allen, J. W. Abney, C. O. Young, Jr., Bobby Sanders, Richard Oldham, Coy Thurston, Bob Scrivner. Third Row: Bob Atwood, James Tillman, Byron Epps, Joe Acuff, Tommy Naef, James Roberts, Bobby Zumbro. Fourth Row: Bill McAfee, Bill Cottrell, Wilburn Nelson Bill Oakley. Fifth Row: Charles Gaba, Don Booker, Houston Doug- las, Buck Morton. Sixth Row: Jack Criswell, Charles Vincent, Bob Morris, Dr. R. C. Briggs. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL President Curtiss Scott Vice-President Mae Raines Cottrell 2nd Vice-President Evelyn Davis 3rd Vice-President Ramona Hall Recording Secretary Martha Russell Treasurer Bob Childers Reporter Bobby Sanders Religious Editor Jean Butler Publicity Chairman Jo Ann Roberts Workshop Chairman J. W. Abney Director of Promotions.. ..Wesley Crenshaw Chorister Richard Oldham OFFICERS Pianist Kathleen Conner Librarian Hostess Valeria, Vaughn Faculty Sponsor Mr. Thomas O. Hall YWA Representative Shirley Wieland Baptist Student Magazine Representative Bobby Holland North Jackson Church Representative Ann Carolyn Hamilton Calvary Church Representative Juanita King First Baptist Church Representative Kitty Ramsey West Jackson Church Representative Hugh Burford Parkview Church Representative Tommy Craig Royal Street Church Representative Jimmy Wallace JRG Representative Carlos Owens Live Service Band Representative Byron Epps Pastor Advisor Rev. Jesse Newton Faculty Advisor Mr. Ralph Donnell Every Baptist Student on our campus is a member of the Baptist Student Union. The B. S. U. is an organization which serves as a connecting link between the religious activities of our school and the local Baptist churches and is led by a student executive council elected by the student body. This council is composed of officers from the entire student body and officers representing the work of each unit of re- ligious activity. Included also are a faculty representative, and a local Baptist pastor. The B. S. U. this year organized a youth team which visited many of the churches of West Tennessee. tfcllfc First Row " Curtiss Scott Mae Raines Cottrell Evelyn Davis Ramona Hall Martha Russell Second Row: Bob Childers Bobby Sanders Jean Butler Jo Ann Roberts J. W. Abney Third Row: Wesley Crenshaw Richard Oldham Kathleen Conner Valeria Vaughn T. O. Hall Fourth Row: Shirley Wieland Bob Holland Ann Hamilton Juanita King Kitty Ramsey Watchword: They that are wise shall shine as the bright- ness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. — Daniel 12:3. Aim: Our aim is to unite the young women of the Southern Baptist churches and colleges in an enduring missionary enterprise through which they shall show forth the beauty of holiness. " That in ail things He might have the pre-eminence. " — Col. 1:18. Dedication: ... I will seek to maintain for myself a high standard of Christian living and will seek to be an example to others. I will strive to make my personal appearance, speech and manner such as becomes the purity and beauty of Christ-like character, living a radiant and convincing life in all social relationships. OFFICERS President Ramona Hall Vice-President Shirley Wieland Secretary Mamon Alexander Treasurer Nancy Murphy Community Mission Chairman Margaret Tutterow Program Chairman Charlotte Peddy Publicity Jo Ann Roberts Chorister Emily Wieland Pianist Joan Maze Literature Chairman Ruth Skelton Counselor Mrs. S. F. Boyd ■iat BdWBHMjtv vvaui.utaa ■y m . . wrm tm VMMmwsmmaaaBamBryji nniiA LIFE SERVICE BAND OFFICERS President Margaret Tutterow Vice-President Sue Carrinqton Secretary-Treasurer Ruth Skelton Social Chairman Janell Cot trell Mission Chairman Bill McAfee Chorister Byron Epps Pianist Alice Clement Faculty Sponsor Mr. Kruschwitz Life Service Band is an organization made up of men and women whose purpose in life is winning people to Christ. This purpose has been achieved through mission activities which include: jail services, street services, and a chapel program at the Jackson High School. Peggy Walker Sue Carrington Richard Oldham Ruth Skelton McAfee Polly Jones Charlotte Younger MEMBERS Janell Cottrell Betty Doran Margaret Tutterow Charles Phillips Kenneth Day Byron Epps Jean Butler Hugh Burford June Bennett J. W. Abney Betty Franklin Alice Harris Anita Crouch Charlotte Peddy Valeria Vaughn Beulah Farmer Alice Clement Ann Carolyn Hamilton George Wilson Mr. Kruschwitz street 5i erviceS inhmt Smtml nttxn - C; X M»r ■ :=-s .• .. . r.ssr ' i .i i ;iih FOOTBALL The Union eleven began its season this year under the tutorage of a new ath- letic director and head football coach, Robert Jelks. The success of the past season was not shown in the games won or lost but can be measured only in the progress made by Coach Jelks and Asst. Coach Spencer Holt. Several formidable foes were listed on Unions schedule some of which boasted Little Ail-Ameri- cans such as Middle Tennessee ' s Lyons and Runion and others who rated high on all star selections. In every game Union was outweighed and in most instances out- manned. This was due in part to the small number of lettermen who returned and to the fact that four starting players were declared ineligible midway in the season. A flashback of the games reveals that Florence State, Middle Tennessee State, Austin Peay College. and Howard College were the strongest of our opponents. Our offense was in highest gear against Mississippi College, but the Homecoming game against Georgetown College was rated by Bull- dog followers as the outstanding game of the season. The Bulldogs truly de- served to win this game for the entire team played as a unit and the blocking and tackling was at its best. The game featured a sight never before seen by Union fans. On a trick play lineman, John Roberts, ran the ball 70 yards for a touchdown. The prospects for next year are indeed bright with sixteen returning lettermen. several junior college transfers, and many freshmen tryouts who will all com- bine to compose the 1952 football squad. However, the loss of such valuable letter- men as Jack Yearout, John Hooper, Melvin Pratt, R. T. Blackstock, and Thur- man Gregg can not be taken lightly. With two capable coaches, a revised schedule, and leaders such as Captain " Chuck " Williams and Alternate Captain " Babe " Felker, next year ' s football season holds forth much promise. 1951 SCHEDULE Union University Bulldogs .Florence State 44 Mississippi College 13 Middle Tennessee State 60 Carson-Newman 34 Austin Peay 56 Howard College 4 I Memphis Navy 22 Georgetown College 19 ( Homecoming) FOOTBALL ROSTER Union Union 26 Union 6 Union Union Union Union 13 Union 13 R. T. Blackstock B 155 Jackson, Tenn. Tommy Bolen B 175 Huntingdon, Tenn. Bob Childers T 195 Memphis, Tenn. Walter Coleman B 180 Trenton, Tenn. Jack Criswell B 160 Dyersburg, Tenn. Don Deaton E 170 Jackson, Tenn. Charles Dollar C 165 Memphis, Tenn. Jewel " Babe " Felker G 180 Corinth, Miss. Ray Frey B 170 Springfield. Tenn. Richard Graves C 180 Nashville, Tenn. Thurman Gregg B 165 Springfield, Tenn. John Hooper E 188 Parts, Tenn. Jerry Hunt T 195 Jackson, Tenn. Troy Lewis B 135 Jackson, Tenn. Carl Long B 155 Jackson, Tenn. Kenneth Miller B 160 Corinth, Miss. Bobby Joe Morris E 190 Springfield, Tenn. Hilburn Mullins T 185 Ramer, Tenn. Roger Murray B 170 Jackson, Tenn. Jim Norman C 200 Corinth, Miss. J. M. Parks E 160 Paducah, Ky. Melvin Pratt E 180 Corinth, Miss. Frank Robbins B 165 Jackson, Tenn. John Roberts G 190 Lexington, Tenn. Bucky Robnett B 170 Nashville, Tenn. Richard Ross E 165 Paris. Tenn. Jimmy Thomas G 180 Jackson, Tenn. Bobby Thompson E 190 Corinth, Miss. Max Walker T 185 Huntingdon, Tenn. Billy Treadwell T 250 Trenton, Tenn. Charles Williams T 185 Nashville, Tenn. Pat Wills B 195 Memphis, Tenn. Jack Yearout B 175 Memphis, Tenn. Bob Swain G 170 Buckanna, Tenn. COACHES Union ' s athletic program this year was under the direction of Athletic Director and Head Coach Robert Jelks and Assistant Coach Spencer Holt. Both a well-rounded varsity and intramural pro- gram was provided affording each stu- dent an opportunity to participate in some form of athletics. Coach Robert Jelks was born in Tyler- town, Mississippi and attended high school there. Upon graduation he entered Pearl River Junior College at Poplarville, Mississippi where he lettered in five sports. He entered Union University in ' 36 and took an active part in both foot- ball and basketball. He received his Master ' s Degree from George Peabody College. For nine years he coached at Grove High School in Paris, Tennessee where he produced some of the state ' s finest football and basketball teams. For a short interval during World War II he came to Union as physical education in- structor in the Air Corps Unit stationed here. He came to Union as athletic head this year to replace Coach Turney Ford. Assistant Coach Spencer Holt was born in Franklin, Tennessee and attended Battle Ground Military Academy there. He attended T. P. I. at Cookeville, Ten- nessee where he lettered in football. His college career was interrupted by two and a half years in the Navy during World War II. Upon returning from the service he enrolled in Arkansas A and M College, Monticello, Arkansas where he lettered in football, baseball, and tennis. He came to Union three years ago and now serves as football line coach, base- ball coach, and assistant basketball coach. Pat Wills Honorable Mention VSAC Assistant Coach — Spencer Holt and Coach Robert Jelks John Hooper — Co-Captain Honorable Mention VSAC •• " Chuck Williams 2nd Team VSAC 5aSSS5SK 4:--% miwjjiai UNION BULLDOGS . a Richard Graves — Center c Walter Coleman — Back R. T. Blackstock — Center Jewel Felker — Guard Tommy Bolen — Back Bob Childers — Tackle Jim Norman — Center Bobby Thompson — End Jack Yearout — Back UNION BULLDOGS Thurman Gregg — Back Frank Robbins — Back H. Mullins, M. Walker, J. Hunt — Tackles B. Swain — Guard, C. Dollar — Center Bobby Joe Morris — End Ray Frey — Back R. Ross, D. Deaton, J. M. Parks — Ends Kenneth Miller — Back J. Griswell, C. Long, T. Lewis — Backs Tg ammwM Mwi K fur srootbull v CHEERLEADERS Billy Baker, Dixie Howse, Joyce Pearson, Jane Marcum teen r auctu ' 9 V BASKETBALL The 1951-52 Bulldog Basketeers proved to be one of the most outstanding teams to represent Union on the hardwood in recent years. Leading the V. S. A. C. Conference throughout the season, the Bulldogs lost the conference title in the final game against mighty David Lips- comb quint et to finish the season with a six won two lost record which was good for the second place conference position. The nucleus of this year ' s team was formed around seven returning lettermen from last year ' s squad. This group re- ceived able support from a host of new- comers including two junior college trans- fers and a large group of freshmen. One could see from a glance that these pros- pects possessed a combination of ability and experience that should compose a winning team. The outstanding play dur- ing the season proved this prediction to be true. The Bulldogs had an overall season record of 17 wins and II losses including tournament play. They were on the heart- breaking end of three one-point margin games during the year, losing these to Delta State, Austin Peay, and George- town. As the season progressed the Bulldogs showed marked improvement both in- dividually and collectively. Their best effort for the season was a 75-62 victory over David Lipscomb on the latter ' s court. The aggressiveness, accuracy, and fine team play displayed in this contest labeled the Bulldogs as one of the best teams in the conference. Another high- light event was the 87-56 trouncing ap- plied to Middle Tennessee State in tour- nament play for the Bulldog ' s third straight win over the Blue Raiders. 1951-52 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Union 49 Delta State 51 Union 90 .. Millsaps 57 Union 83 Bethel 78 Union 78 .. Georgetown 79 Union 67 . Mississippi College 57 Union 80 Millsaps 59 Union 74 „ Florence State 60 Union 44 Southwestern 39 Union 72 .. M. T. S. C. 59 Union 90 .. Memphis Navy 74 Union 93 . Southwestern 48 Union 75 .. David Lipscomb 62 Union 56 . Memphis State 70 Union 74 .. Bethel 72 Union 54 .. . Austin Peay 55 Union 75 . Mississippi College 59 Union 70 .. Murray State 92 Union 56 . Memphis Navy 76 Union 55 . Memphis State 89 Union 65 Austin Peay 63 Union 52 Delta State 71 Union 59 ., M. T. S. C. 50 Union 64 David Lipscomb 74 Union 75 .. Florence State 60 V. S. A. C. TOURNAMENT Union 78 .. Bethel 47 Union 80 „ M. T. S. C. 56 Union 56 . David Lipscomb 60 Union 47 .. E. T. S. C. 77 " B " TEAM Union 57 ., Bemis 42 Union 80 „ .Bemis 46 Union 57 Freed-Hardeman 66 Union 61 . 49 .. Whitlow ' s 61 Union Freed-Hardeman 60 Union 62 .. U. T, Martin 44 Union 51 Murray State " B " 73 UNION 1951-52 ROSTER Name and Position Height Weight Spain, Homer (C).. . 6 ' 5 " 195 Clarksburg, Ter Morris, Bobby Joe (C) 6 ' 5 " 190 Springfield, Ter Mullins, Hilbern |C). . 6 ' 4 " 185 Ramer, Tenn. Askew, Royce IF) 6 ' 3 " 180 Bemis, Tenn. Mayo, Billy IF) 5 ' M " 155 Bemis, Tenn. Parks. J. M. IP) 6 ' 2 " 175 Paducah, Ky. Carlock, Raymond IF) 6 ' 2 " 175 Guntown, Miss Deaton, Don |F].. 6 ' 3 " 175 Jackson, Tenn. McCorkle, Hudson (F) 6 ' l " 170 Halls, Tenn. Hooper. John |S|. . 6 ' 2 " 185 Paris, Tenn. Haws, Sonny (G) 5 ' M " 175 Paducah, Ky. Hawkins, Kenneth (G) S ' 6 " 145 Seimer, Tenn. Joiner, Joe IG) 6 ' 0 " 180 Paducah, Ky. France, Rollie IG). . 6 ' 0 " 165 Paducah, Ky. Gregg, Thurman I«l- . 5 ' II " 170 Springfield, Te in. Frey, Ray I«|.. . 5 ' II " 180 Springfield, Te in. Ross, Richard i«i , 5 ' M " 170 Paris, Tenn. Criswell, Jack |S|. . 5 ' 10 " 165 Dyersburg, Tenn, BASKETBALL Many of the team members had " big nights " throughout the season. However, the most spectacular performances were turned in by Homer Spain, Sonny Haws, J. M. Parks and John Hooper. Playing aqainst the powerful, nationally ranked Murray State Thoroughbreds, Spain proved more than equal to the occasion by contributing 37 points in the Bull- dog s losing effort. It was such outstand- ing play as this throughout the year that prompted both the Murray State and Memphis State coaches to rate Spain as one of the most outstanding centers in the nation. Haws reached the peak of perfection against Millsaps College. His aggressiveness and fine ball handling against this formidable foe enabled him to lead the Bulldogs to an easy triumph and to score 30 points during the course of the contest. In the Memphis Navy game Parks ably controlled both back- boards and fired in 36 points to insure victory. Hooper, playing inspired ball, kept Union in the running with Delta State for the first half of the home game only to see a weakened-by-injury Bulldog quintet succumb in the later stages. Although a tough assignment is seen in replacing John Hooper and Homer Spain, lost through graduation, Union ' s prospects for next year seem excellent. Returnees from the squad include Sonny Haws, Royce Askew, Billy Mayo, J. M. Parks. Raymond Carlock, Kenneth Haw- kins, Rollie France, Bobby Joe Morris and Jack Morris. Add to this group promis- ing players from the " B " team plus many able prospects and the 1953 Bulldogs should again prove to be a conference power. B K B A H John Hooper 2nd Team VSAC Conference All-Tournament VSAC Coaches Robert Jelks Spencer Holt Runner-up VSAC N R Sonny Haws — Co-Captain Honorable Mention VSAC Homer Spain — Co-Captain 1st Team VSAC Tournament Team VSAC High Scorer— VSAC (473 points) BASKET SHOOTERS iziiMNmuaimsm ' M SAiw.r.m; April 12 April 23 May 3 May 10 May 17 SCHEDULE Sewanee Southwestern and Bethe Murray State and Bethel T. I. A. C. MEMBERS J. M. Parks, Hutson McCorkle, James Jacobs, Jack Morris, Royce Askew, Kenneth Miller, John Roark, Carlton Butler, Sonny Haws, Billy Max Mayo, Rollie France, Kenneth Hawkins, Austin Partin, Donald Deaton, Ray Frey, Charles Dollar, Walter Coleman, Richard Hendrix and Southwestern Morris, Bucky Robnett. Coach Francis Bridges SCHEDULE March 26 U. of Mississippi Apr! 23 Southwestern April 5 U. of Tennessee Dental Divis on April 26 U. of Tennessee o Mart April 7 Freed-Hardeman College April 30 Memphis State April 1 1 Florence State May 2-3 T. 1. A. C. April 15 U. of Tennessee at Martin May 9 David Lipscomb April 17 David Lipscomb College May 13 Florence State April 19 Southern College of Optome rv May 15 Memphis State April 21 Freed-Hardeman College May 17 Southwestern MEMBERS Charles Gaba Harold Mullins Richard Morris Austin Partin Jimmy Thomas Don Young Leonard Brown Leonard Brown Jimmy Thomas Kl ' - " " % v°4 N oi Wayne Hinson Center Field 9 N v e « « , Cz , ' -i W Richard Graves Short Stop April I I Florence State April 15 Bethe April 18 Middle Tennessee April 23 Southwestern April 29 Murray State ,0 4 May 2 Middle Tennessee May 7 Murray State May 9 David Lipscomb May 13 Florence State May 17 Southwestern May 23 David Lipscomb Sonny Haws Catcher MJ " CLUB OFFICERS MEMBERS President Homer Spain °y ce A D skew T pe S nett lommy Bolen Dob Holland Chuck Williams Vice-President Pat Wills Billy Belew Troy Lewis Jack Yearout Secretary Austin Partin Bob Childers Mel Pratt Ralph Johnson r , , a n Richard Graves Billy Mayo Jimmy Thomas berqeant-at-Arms Carl Lonq d-.ii: c_-.__ r 1l it ii- d ll . tl ' y Kollie trance Cotton Mullins bobby Ihompson Reporter Joe Joiner Sonny Haws John Roberts One of the outstanding clubs on the campus is the " U " Club. This Club is composed of Varsity lettermen in footba ll, basketball, baseball, tennis, and track. The purpose of the " U " Club is to promote better understanding and cooperation among athletic teams of the college, and to establish athletic activities in keeping with the high purpose of sportsman- ship and education. The highlight of the club was the annual banquet honoring each member for his par- ticipation in fhe club and in the sports pro- I9HSHHHHH gram of Union. i J Dr. Warren F: Jones congratulating Homer Spain, first to receive the DeLay Athletic Award. « ig£i UNION UNIVERSITY MIXED CHORUS Union University is justly proud of her mixed Chorus. The Chorus consisting of seventy voices is directed by Prof. Alton E. Harvey. Piano accompanist is Miss Kathleen Conner. Some of the major accomplishments are the annual participation in the music at the Baptist State Convention, the Christ- mas cantata, chain radio broadcasts, the spring tours to various churches and high schools, and the Easter music. This year the Chorus also provided music for the Gymnasium Kick-Off Rally dinner, and for the Jackson Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting. The Chorus furnished the background music for the production of the Black Hills Passion Play presented by Josef Meier and his internationally known cast from Black Hills, South Dakota. BRASS ENSEMBLE Standing: Billy Baker James Tillman Richard Johnson Band Director Horace Ball Seated: Gene Riddle Bill Cole Richard Morris Ralph Mape-s VOICE STUDIO mems Mr. Alton Harvey, Head of the Music Dept. at the piano Mary Sue Barr, student CHRISTMAS PAGEANT OF 1951 1 1 nu the L nimeA nZana ' presented by The Language Department Miss Caroline Nielsen Director The following were the participants in the program: Standing: Bob Lasater Accordionist Seated: Candle Drill Mary Sue Barr Spanish Solo Participants Shirley Bridges French Solo J ane Marcum Jo Ann Roberts , gel Velva Walding Clyde Mayfield Bishop „, , u n-ii i i_L ii v Charlene Harrison Bill Cottrell King Barclay Newman Student Mary Jane Hearn Marjorie Kee Swedish Lady Dorothy Carlson Mary Jo Duck Spanish Lady Kitty Ragan Jane Marcum English Lady Dorris Lewis Jean Butler Hilda . . . . r . Not Pictured: Robert Brown Uncle Pertil Joan Leigh Clark Charles Phillips Steen Jackie Harrison Mary Kay McBryde Old Lady Joyce Pearson THE PROPOSED GYMNASIUM and SPORTS CENTER UNION UNIVERSITY The architect ' s drawing pictured below represents a hope for future achievement. As it is illustrated it must be remembered that it is tentative and subject to further study. Available funds will modify it. Since the " Barn " burned in ' 41 we have needed such a gymnasium. Facilities that will meet the need can be met in this proposed building. It will be located on the southwest corner of College and Hays Avenue immediately adjacent to the Athletic Field. 35 ■ ■ | I m , I ' AJr r dsr sr i? }W WJ u£mtiM i ■ ' JLimxuum rptwwg " " " m mm LEST WE FORGET our advertisers look the toliowlna, paae5 ouer, and remember — Jheu Supported this publication gg gg .-f ; fg. - g si s:. ' .: ? Wi-Ws ' JBXmmiavBmuiMiyjvi iw»w««« »»i WISE! We are proud that wise buyers of printing all over the country entrust to us their finest printing orders. McCowat- Mercer Press, Incorporated Corner Baltimore and Bolivar Streets Jackson, Tennessee ,. f, it,, t n.,Mi,,., n.Mittt,i:Mi«i .. , ii,, ,-, t U ,i4 1 4MtemB Play Refreshed . . . Have A Coke Before the game, during the game, after the game, a frosty bottle of ice- cold (.oca-Cola is so refreshing. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS Jackson, Tennessee A JACKSON INSTITUTION Simpson ' s Super Stores WE OPERATE OUR OWN BAKERY Jackson ' s First Shopping Center Simpson Center 1403 Highland Avenue (Hicksville) PLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE " For The Best In Sporting Goods ' come to FRANKLAND ' S Market and Chester Phone 7-5573 . INTESTADE for a bad stomach — VOLSOTE . . . creosoted cough syrup for the cough that won ' t quit — ATHOLENE . . . for athlete ' s foot — VOLUNTEER CHEMICAL CO. B B DRUG CO. H. J. Berry h ill, Manager SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. 402 Poplar St. JACKSON, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. EDENTON CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS Branches at- BROWNSVILLE HUMBOLDT MILAN RIPLEY CORINTH, MISS. „.....„. , , r -... r .,,,.,...,,, ,„,,,,„,„ .. , . . . . x ,. . -,. | | y | f M , .-, , , , ri f „ tf rt ,t n ri f MBn f t flf i i M fiifh- i i - e toa aMdeataa YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Lafayette at Cumberland DR. W. FRED KENDALL, Pastor HARRY HOLLIS, Assistant to the Pastor Use NATURAL GAS for COOKING CLOTHES DRYING WATER HEATING AIR CONDITIONING and REFRIGERATION HEATING Why Pay More When NATURAL GAS Does It For Less? WEST TENNESSEE CAS CO. PIIMKSTON SCRUGGS REXALL DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS— DRUGS— SUNDRIES— TOILET GOODS 17 North Liberty St. Phone 7-4453 Jackson, Tenn. SECOND NATIONAL BANK JACKSON, TENNESSEE Capital and Surplus $300,000.00 OFFICERS FRANK B. CALDWELL Chm. of Board JOHN SAWYER Cashier R. M. WISDOM President ALVIN MOORE Assistant Cashier PAUL H. RUSSELL Vice-President ROBERT H. HAMILTON Asst. Cashier CLINT ROWLETT _ Vice-President FOR SMART CAMPUS FASHIONS . . . Naturally it ' s Jackson ' s Greatest Store Since 1871 Featuring Favorite Campus Names lite McGregor, Jantzen, Helen Harper, University Club, Bobby Brooks, Nardis and many more. ENJOY MORE BOUNCE TO THE OUNCE AIR CONDITIONED HIRAM ' S ALWAYS OPEN THE FINEST OF FOODS CALL US for Reservations for PARTIES and BANQUETS PHONE 7-9956 211 E. MAIN ST. GOOD GULF NO-NOX ETHYL When you go . . . Go Gulf FOSTER ' S GULF STATION Lexington and Hays ROBERTS " JACKSON ' S FRIENDLY JEWELRY STORE ' Headquarters for Nationally Advertised WATCHES — RINGS — GIFTS You are invited to OPEN AN ACCOUNT No interests — No carrying charges 16 E. Lafayette St. Phone 7-5161 Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Serving this section since 1873 i. tw i-r i ff f n f.fff.-.i.w,, ■ ..■,ii,,;i; r-; l v ;--. .g , v Compliments of Warren ' s Grocery W Market IRBY STREET AT UNION UNIVERSITY COMPLIMENTS L. P. JACKSON Quality Jewelers JACKSON, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF Smith Furniture Company One of the South ' s Leading Furniture Stores JACKSON, TENN. WELCOME STUDENTS! TO THE WEST JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH (CORNER OF CAMPBELL AND DEADERICK) Our bus circles the campus four times Sundays and twice on Wednesday nights. YOU WILL FEEL AT HOME IN THIS FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE You are assured of educational and spiritual development through op- portunities for service DR. R. E. GUY, Pastor M««t Mf,»nnK a ,-... - ;. . -,. , ,, y,. -. ,. , ■ STATEMENT 5DUTHERN SUPPLY yt« W|THTHI UANUrAC $ WtTHTH£ UANur CTU(i£ B CDMPANY PLUMBING, HEATING, ELECTRICAL AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLUSS JACKSDN, TENN. McCALL HUGHES VARSITY TOWN CLOTHES 114 N. Liberty COMPLIMENTS MURPHY TRACTOR COMPANY z focC ' TRACTOR POPLAR EXT. SALES SERVICE PARTS JACKSON, TENNESSEE JDearuunv FARM EQUIPMENT PHONE 2-1361 se v €5x Ws YOUR STORE FOR FAMOUS BRANDS 210-212 E. Lafayette Phone 7-3343 r? " -- -J.jrrj:- ■- ■---.- ' ■. - —- --.--- ggzg -- . -v-- EVERYBODY KNOWS IT Experience is the best teacher! And the place to get real, honest-to-goodness pastoral and mission experience is on the most unique mission field in America — New Orleans! Offers standard degrees B.D, Th.M., Th.tV, B.R.E. M RE, B.S.M., and M.S.M. Scholarly Faculty Effective Evangelism Practical Missionary Activities For information write Roland Q. President Leave II, 1220 Wash ngton Avenue S. M. LAWRENCE COMPANY COAL • COKE • ELECTRIC FANS • ALUMINUM AWNINGS ALUMINUM SCREENS • CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING 532 E. Chester Phone 7-8536 FOR YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS SEE . . . TENNESSEE VALLEY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY HOME OFFICE — JACKSON, TENN. G. T. HOLLAND, President NOW YOU MAY THINK ' THERE AIN ' T NO MO " AND THERE AIN ' T! uM - isc r --■ v. ,ui,L .. , - i . y. . i u;y.. Zt z fe. 1 . . ■_ ■ I d Stylish Apparel H ll aprr • ' ii ' »i« " • ' -. . »ir» tSTHw mm COMPLIMENTS THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF JACKSON JACKSON TENNESSEE Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of Glen-More Clothes :3«J «SS55K=3 THE W. P. Dabney Son NEW SOUTHERN For All Your Social Activities Furniture Co. Remember THE READ HOUSE COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Chattanooga, Tenn. HOT POINT APPLIANCES THE OWENSBORO Owensboro, Ky. Church Street where College Passes Are Also Jackson, Tenn. Phone 7-5516 ALBERT NOE HOTELS BURNLEY ' S WOOTTON ' S STUDIO FLOWER SHOP Baltimore St. PORTRAIT FRAMES AND " ALWAYS WELCOME COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHS AT CHARLIE ' S " 207 E. Main St. Phone 7-9036 CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH James A. Canaday, Pastor John R. Myers, Educational Director NEAREST THE CAMPUS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BUILDING WARMEST CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Where every student is welcome - ;v. Fox Restaurant 203 E. MAIN ST. JACKSON, TENN. JOHNSEY ' S SHOE AND SPORTING GOODS REPAIR N. Royal I.C. R. R. Telephone 7-1082 FRED JOHNSEY HARRY JOHNSEY CO. PAINT— WALLPAPER VENETIAN BLINDS HIGHLAND COLLEGE PHONE 7-7976 MOVING CRATING AND STORAGE Telephone 7- 1496 — RUSSELL TRANSFER CO. — 117 EAST COLLEGE STREET J. M. LANKEORD JACKSON. TENNESSEE mw(Amm Mt«ex«. ' . __ --- wvf .--, ,- ■ ' ,,.-w. ■ ,,;.., ....■■■ , ,. 1. - -. , . .-: .. Lexington Inn l Vkerc Student i Ljet Joqctker Compliments of THE BOOTERY diffee drugs Compliments BLACK And WHITE STORE L onqratitiationj e encors HIE. Lafayette Phone 7-6366 _ . ._,_ „ ... - . .. . . - r - ---— r- -r - " ■ — - — r- -- ' -- ' • " ' •■ — WEST ' S RESTAURANT JOHN A. WEST, Owner ULTRA MODERN AIR CONDITIONED 218 East Main Street JACKSON, TENN. In Jackson It ' s SLIPPER SHOP JACKSON MARBLE GRANITE WORKS Located on Hollywood Drive At Hollywood Cemetery Gate JACKSON, TENN. Compliments of BOND ' S " Jackson ' s Leading Shoe Store ' THE LJft4itL CSl SHOP 1233 Highland Avenue Jackson, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF DOUBLE COLA BOTTLING CO. ■ammau ' m M ' iMkV • ■ _ . . . „____ „.,,... , ; ,. li ji, - i, tu toarctpnA " • - ' - -- . ...JvUA ggBgl g - ... rT r ,». • . ■ »■ in 1, i, j " ; 7 %. ALMA MATER O " , Alma Mater, Our affections cling to thee, Dear Alma Mater, hear thy offspring ' s plighted vow; Faithful and loyal may we ever be. Firmer and truer may we be than now. May our Master ' s watch-care Memory fondly lingers, O ' er us one and all extend, Calling back departed days; Till again in Union Every task grows lighter . Heart and voice we blend. As we sing thy praise. Union, dearest Union, Yes, we ' ll sing thy spreading fame! Union, dearest Union, Honored be thy name. —Words by Dr. Frank Kimsey, 1921 Baacsgo. ------■ , .L2 : »g tflajfa ri «asa aU al ! sgsSESgas?- ,--,.-.,■ SSSsiSiMig 1 — T, e ,

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