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L%;K f HiU VV- 7 1 . . -niiar «; in . » ; Wij ' «B i .jt S! f l v T T ' " : 3 JUF-X Iv : 7V l? !«fe»-iJwJb . ' ' ? " " r lli S ' ' f KJw wrwcEWfT — V— TT " i if Heritage Coltectiois Summar Library 1050 L ' mos liolverssty Dr. .lacksoa, TN 38305 r» _.v..«. K JCSMiMiMa ' EMri r 1 9i€d ' h §o m i 950 w - " " : . i .;X •. v:j r: y)S iK - . v . -:-9t. ' ' " -« . ' 4 Inmn ■S Ti- ' v iin. , » . Hi.i HI i ..wi.vnr ; ts3- a w ' s: k:m: ' -rJmL- -m- x, ' r m : %, (». ' " " ■ ' •■ " : ' . • nme i iiu i , l,y. ji 1 ' ■ »-w n, B • - =T ' xv , " " P Jf twt -I «5. ■. ' -ra» - jao«» M»ii!«»a» " xiie ; pitty mv mi ()ixi( hte it buck { cmtei fjct(f a iine OT ix(i qmt fears tt m mi tj worh of ft,. f ' " . i ' y t s m m t . w . ' . -Wk r .m,i ■ «. T» .....y r-n ■■■r -V T v -ww ' - w ■. . " " • " since the dawn of time, knowledge and attainment of learning have been uppermost In the desires of man. Slowly, but ever so surely, step by step. Education has progressed up a steep winding path until today mankind and education standing side by side, have reached their highest point on the uphill climb through life. Still be- tween our present elevation and the inaccessible peak of thorough and universal education there is much conquerable but dif- ficult ground. The huge boulder of educational financing must be cleared from our path :xT ' !:Tir ' :vA; ami r. i.: " TKiJ " ffTr TTfriBBSTO-T-v ' - t " , i B--t,VA; J T H ' . JML. ' llJ " ' Wt ' ' - Vi..jJM ' i 1 ' - 1: ' J 6 JsJLJ ' -3fc 5 1- . J ' " lBatefe.Mi i te-, k , -f 1KB1 " S3 -WW ■r-Eies mm H H 5 f rr sc wKj M _™: .-__-; «e:-s«£ and the dark deep crevasse of prejudice must be bridged before man and education continue their up- ward climb. There are also many other obstacles which must be surmounted before everyone who desires an educa- tion may have that desire fulfilled e MfiiHliiikaM rK: v Xf.-s . ' it, 1 I 1 F . . ' : ■■■■ i J m " -- rf r ' . ' Nh-fc-h- - ;?. ■?:- !■ v M ».j ' " :uj " i. .■«vvi. »»--- ! ' ' ■ it--tu. % We who are gaining a college education are very fortunate in having the means to do so. It is then for us, the fortunate, to dedicate ourselves and our future to the great project of Education For All Mankind. We must take up where our forefathers have left off, devote ourselves to this noble goal, and repay those who have made our college possible by putting this, the great opportunity, within the reach of all people SI tl . :f ' 6 ;y iOiu •i ' -is: " v u : ►? - V , ' , v " ,-.. " . ' - .... As the sun sinks low over the mountain peak of Thorough and Universal Education, may it cast a golden hue on the paths we have cleared and the bridges we have constructed f), make ttjc masf ot :i " i ' iB.n i jrj r»: " ■»T ' w ' ' k..jj»ii ' ' W j a ts»- ' : ' ' vp " ncs -. .i V TT ■ " F : " " - : Aaif : ' « ' ■• « • ' Jir£ii»%. i .. efar g , fM, ink itjt ' ' vJE.-JF nr ' X: . ' .r-Tw.. ir -ss ,. . .v. .tt-- mk -m i rm TW tM- n Dr. Warren F. Jones. President of Union University Union University is dedicated to the purpose of preparing young people for maximum Christian ser -icc in many areas of life. Incorporated in this, as on e ' ery college campus, are experienced those numerous contacts of student with student and student with faculty that result in outcomes which are intangibie, but invaluable. Your college annual will serve through the years as a connecting link with that period which will always be significant because of friendships made, activities experienced, visions broadened, ideals lifted, truths learned. Your staff has worked diligently to bring together a ariety of content that depicts these concepts in the most complete sense. To the end that the challenging experiences of college days may stimulate to maximum service, read and reread: Lest We Forget. To all of you who are a part of Union University, best wishes. W. F. Jones, President Mattie Sanders. Dean of Women Dean S. S. S. rgent T x ir- M; jnt ' . .. « " ir Ta3wim " " T r T!rv ' s?v LIT- SHttJ, . ,7W UK- ' W:, ucuttu Mr. Horace Ball (Assistant Professor in Music, B Director) Mrs. Frank Blythe (Assistant in English) Mr. R. C. Brigos, Th.D. (Head of Bible Department) Mr. Woodrow Davis (Assistant Professor of Commerce } Mr. Ralph Donnell (Head of .Mathematics Department) Mr. E W. Duck (Head of Social Science Pepartmcnt) Mr. Turney Ford (Director of Athletics, Head Coach, Instructor in Physical Education) Mrs. William Foote (Assistant Profsssor of English and French) Miss Margie Goans (Assistant Professor of Sccrc t a n a 1 Miss Maggie Joe Gray (lusTructor in French) Mrs. Flora Haas, PW. D. (Head of Biology Department) Mr. Thomas O. Hall (Assistant Professor of Bible) •nt) ■ut) cal Education Mrs. Mabel Hardin (Head of English Departn Mr. Alton Harvey (Head of Music Departn Mr. Spencer Holt (Assistant Coach and I ' hx Instructor) Mrs. Warren F. Jones, Ph. D. (Assistant Professor of I ' svcholooy F.ducati.m) Mrs. Ei.irAiiETH Lovn. (Instructor in Speech and Ihama. Ad Hall Hostess) Mrs. Beulah Mai. lory (Instructor in Mathematics) ucultu Miss Mar ' Makdujj-i (Librnnaiil Mrs. Frances Mercer . (Head of Economics Dcfttnmt Mr. a. W.nrren Prince, D. (Head of Chemistry Dcfaiimr Mr. I. F. Ray, D.D. (Audio I ' lsual Education ) Mrs. Dee Rice (Instructor in Latin, Hostess Crook Hail) Mrs. James Rogers (Hostess of Lovelace Hall) Mrs. Rosa Rutledge (Assistant Erofessor of Histo Miss Carol Sandy (Assistant Professor of Foreinn Language) Mrs. Samuel Stanworth (Instructor m Piano and Thee Mrs. Gladys Stone (Reo,..lrar) Mrs. R. H. Ward ntj (Assistant Librarian) Sc. Mr. R. H. Ward nl) (Professor of Soci donv. Assistant Professor of History) Mrs. C. F. Wayte, Ph.D. (Instructor in Education) ' I Mr. C. F. Wayte, D.Bs. (Head of Commerce Department) Mr. Frank Wells, Ph.D. (Head of Education and Psycholooy Department ) Mrs. Grace Williams (Head of Pliyslcal Education) Mr. Troy Young (Alumni Secretary, Director of ry) Putilic Relations) Mr. Frank Blythe fBu Ma Mrs. D. W. Luckey (Hostess of ll ' altmi Hotel, Assistant Dietitian) NOT PICTURED Mrs. Lester Bishop Mr. A. G. Mullins (Business Office Secretary) i Head of Physics Dcfartmcr Miss Jeanette B odkin Miss Caroline Neilsen (Secretary to President) (Head of Foreitiit Mr. SpurOEON Boyd Langtianes Department) (Asst. Professor in Diolooy) j MyrTIS Ramer (Assistant Registrar) Mrs. Betty Buntin (Secretary to Registrar) Mrs. E. W. Duck (Assistant Librarian) Mrs. Turney Ford (Bursar) Mrs. Clarence K.nighton Miss Nancy Stone (Dietitian) (Secretary to Dean) Mrs. Emma Waters Summar (Librarian Emerita) Mrs. Wilma Scruggs (Assistant Bursar) Mr. Lee Stebbings, D,Sc. (Instructor in Chemistry) TTIF ' . ' W ' ! iiTTH V. student ( ouncit As Union ' s Congress and Supreme Court, the Student Council both legis- lates and inteqDrets the laws for our student body. The purpose of the Student Council is " to provide an instrument for regulating student activities which apply to the entire student body. The Council as a whole is composed of the elected offic ers of the student body and a representative from each class. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS President of Student Body — Bill Foote V. Pres. of Student Body — Bob Baker Secretary Treasurer- -Nelda Pickler CLASS REPRESENTATIVES (Council) Senior Class — Jimmy Joyner Junior Class — Alfred Coyle — President Soph. Class — R. T. Blackstock — Secretary Fresh. Class — Joe Gaffney WL ' . WL Each year Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges recognizes students from over 600 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. In selecting students to be recommended, out- standing efTort and accomplishment in academic work, extracurricular acti itics and scr ice to the school are considered. One junior and six seniors from Union University were listed in the pub- lication for 1949-, ' iO. The seniors were , Top Roic: Bob Baker, E. C. Curtiss, Bill Foote, Claude Heard; Botton Row: Brown Hughes, Gene Moffatt, Barbara Sewell. Bob Baker was the junior selected. r.: =T..;-nr wr afj ,, r « ' ■ -Vl. ' -, IE, , -Tr ' H, iEa« j -;fii li T - -» ir • d emm (em Senior L iadi Lytncer i President - - - - - Bill Scruggs Vice President - - - Ray House Secretary - - - - Emajean Ragan Treasurer - - - - Barbara Sewell Sponsor Mrs. Blythe Sponsor ----- Mr. Ford Alexander, Doyle Trenton, Tennessee Vice-President Life idei and Cn an Cla Band: Nestor Mallory Math; Ass. Armour, Robert L. Henderson, Tennessee Latin Club, J. R. G. Austin, Joyce Taylor, Mississippi Y. W. A., Life Service Band; Latin Club Mallory Math Club Bailey, Joe Shelbyville, Tennessee President ATO Fraternity; President Mallory Math Club: President, Nestor Club: Pres- ident, Fraternity Council: 1947 Lest We Forget, Footlights Club. Baker, Fred Jackson, Tennessee Basketball, Baseball, U. Club ATO Fraternity,. Basden, Milton Blue Springs, Mississippi SAE Fraternity, Basketball, Baseball, U Club. Benson, Mary Nell Jackson, Tennessee ZTA Fraternity; Vice-President Euterpean; Enonian. Footlights, " Lest We Forget " Staff Bishop, Bettie (Mrs. Lester A.) Camden, Tennessee Life Service Band, MRS Club Bishop, Lester A. Camden, Tennessee Life and Bogle, Robert L. Atviiood, Tennessee SAE Fraternity BoMAR, Joe Steele, Mo. J. R. G., Life Service Ban Brantley, Buddy Sprin.Ecfield, Tennessee ATO Fraternity t • -wwv m.-ir vr- m. .A T C V tt», ii .:fT • f - ' Brewer, Hershel Savannah, Tennessee Basketball. Baseball, U. Club Briggs, Palmer Jackson, Tennessee ATO Fraternity, Footlights Club Britton, Wallace Raleigh, Tennessee Latin Club Chappell, Catherine Atlanta, Georgia Y. W. A., Life Service Band, Hypatii Coley, James W. Tupelo, Miss. Footlights Club SAE Fraternity Football, U Club. Crocker, Martha Kenton, Tennessee Y. W. A., Lite Service Band, Hypatid Crouse, Russell E. Trenton, Tennessee J. R. S. Curtis, E. C. Memphis, Tennessee M. E. Dodd Expository Writing Contest Winner, 1948, B. T. U. Council J. R. G Life Service Band History Majors Club " Lest We Forget " Staff, " Cardinal and Cream " Staff, Latin ' lub. Who ' s Who Students in Ar,,jrican Colleges and Un Dunn, Keith BardwcU, Kentucky J. R. e. Secretary Ford, J. L. (Pete) Jackson, Tennessee J. R. G. Fowler, Edward Jackson, Tennessee Garnett, Margaret Mayficld, Kentucky Life Service Band, Y. W. A., Hypatia Gill, Tommy Bragg City, Missouri Dr. Club Goodman, David Paducah, Kentucky ATO Fraternity, U Club, Basketball Foot- lights Club, Annual Editor, Cardinal and Cream Staff Goodwin, Warren Jacks Creek, Tennessee Gregory, Bill Jackson, Tennessee SAE Fraternity, Footlights Club Hackney, James W. Eldon, Missouri President Life Service Band, J. R. G. Latin Club, B. S. U. Council Hackney, Marjorie Carrollton, Missouri Life Service Band. Vivace Club, Latin Club Secretary Hailey, Mary Lee Brownsville, Tennessee XO Fraternity Secretary, Euphrosynean, Matn Club, " Lest We Forget Staff ' 49, Pan- tieltenic Council Hamby, J. F. Lavonia, Ga. U. Club, Football Harwood, Jewel (Epps) Courtland, Mississippi Vice-President Life Service Band, Y. W. A., Juni( Cla Harwood, Paul Houlka, Mississippi J. R. G. President, Life Se Club, B. S. U. Coun. Euterpean Club Hassell, Glenn Jackson, Tennessee Basketball, Baseball, Football Manager Club. SAE Fraternity Vice-President Hastings, Henry Louis Dresden, Tennessee Latin Club, J. R. G., History Club Heard, Claude Jackson, Tennessee Vice-President B. S. U., Euterpean Pr Dng Students ■Wtio Wtic Colleg ind. J. ;ities. Hensley, Elven D. Trenton, Tennessee J. R. G. HiGDON, Herbert R. Memphis, Tennessee J. R. G., History Club, Latin Club, Nesto Club, Life Service Band Hilliard, Betty R. Jackson, Tennessee XO Fraternity, Senior Ivlaid SAE Queen Footlights ' F- " ». ' Tr ' - ' iHi iPTr «s, .ijfle " " •v jt .•■ ' Tim Milliard Jack Jackson, Tennessee SAE Frat., Footlights Club, Football House, Ray Smalley Martin, Tennessee Vice-President Senior Class, President U. Club Captain Football, All V. S. A. C, SAE Fraternity Hughes, Bob bie Memphis, Tennessee MRS President, Hypatla, History Club Hughes, Brown Memphis, Tennessee President ATO, J. R. G., Footlights Club, ■■Who ' s Who iri American Colleges and Universities ' Humphreys, W. W. Memphis, Tennessee Treasurer Lite Service Band, J, R. G., Euterpean Club Johnson, Frank Jackson, Tennessee History Club. Footlights Club, B. S. U. Council, SAE Fraternity, Editor ■■Cardinal and Cream. " Annual Staff Jones, Warren F. Jr. Jackson, Tennessee ■■Cardinal and Cream " Staff, SAE Frat., Nestor Club, ■ ' Who s Who in American Colleges and Universities ' Joyner, Jimmy Huntington, Tennessee King, Paul Jackson, Tennessee Knighton, Clarence H. (Becky) La Grange, Georgia Football, Baseball. Golf, U Club, SAE Fra ternity. President Sophomore Class KoFFMAN, Max Jackson, Tennessee Lang, Young H. Macon, Georgia Lewelling, Johnnie L. Jackson, Tennessee Lewis, Charles Lindy Kevil, Kentucky ATO Fraternity, Vice-President Docto Ada Hall McCune, James Memphis, Tennessee Mallory Math Club, Euterpean J. R. G., Life Service Band McLaurin, Elbert Clark Elaine, Arkansas SAE Fraternity, U Club McPeake, David Jackson, Tennessee Matlock, Buford Jackson, Tenn. Football, U Club MiNTON, Bill Jackson, Tennessee Moore, James M. Cullman, Alabama J. R. G., Euterpean Club Moore, Perry Jackson, Tennessee SAE Norton, Ann Jackson, Tennessee Euphrosenean, Secretary Hypatia Oakley, Willie B. Dyersburg, Tennessee Palmer, Harry Jerold, Jr. Memphis, Tennesce J. R. G., Life Service Bard. History Club Latin Club, Euterpean. B. S. U. Council Parker, Mrs. Loraine Jackson, Tenn. Phillips, William McKay Maryville, Tennessee Latin Club, J. R. G. Pickler, Nelda Memphis, Tennessee Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, Enonian, Hypatia, Latin Club, Secretary-Treasurer Student Body, Euterpean Club, Y. W. A. Ragan, Emajean Jackson, Tennessee Secret, ' ZTA Fraternity llenic Delegate, Associate Editor 1948. " Lest Vi Footlights Secretary " Cardinal Forget " f- ' »] IP T WL S - ' WtJ " ' mt ' ' w..iai» ' Wf A T »- u -v - ' j ; - --w n • -, ' %(«• irfttimM Reid, David Jackson, Tennessee SAE Fraternity Treasurer, RoGERSj DOLAN Dell, Arkansas SAE Fraternity, Life S. Scruggs, Bill Willisburg, Ky. ATO Frate 3r Clas: President of Lif Math Club. Sewell, Barbara Jackson, Tennessee President Chi Omega Frate Treasurer Sophomore Class, Vice-President Junior Class, Treasurer Senior Class, Secre- tary-Treasurer Student Body, President Hy- patia, Pan Hellenic Council. " Who ' s Who ' --long Students in American Colleges and niversities, " Junior Princess, Football .oyalty, " Lest We Forget " Staff Secretary 3. S. U., Best All Round Seymour, Jack Whiteville, Tennessee ATO Fraternity, Footlights Club, ATO Chaplain Warren, Pete Bemis, Tennessee ATO Fraternity Whitten, Kermit Jackson, Tennessee Euterpean Wilson, Courtney Paducah, Kentucky J. R. G. Woodson, Lii.e Bells, Tennessee Nestor Club, Math Club Wright, Charles Hartsville, Tennessee Vice-President History Club ZoRizAR, Cordelia Kenton, Tennessee Bartholomew, Virginia Parsons, Tennessee Vice-President 2TA Fraternity Enonian Service Band. Hypatla, B- S. U. Council Hamblin, Robert Aberdeen, Miss. McGill, Doug New Albany, Miss. Basketball. SAE Fraternity Johnson, James Elaine, Arkansas Vice-President SAE Fraternity Cower, Harold Memphis, Tenn. J. R. G., S. U. Co Willoughby, Murl Jackson, Tennessee ATO Fraternity, U Club, Foote, Bill Bolivar, Tennessee J. R. G., Life Se ildent Student ody. " Who MoFFATT, Gene Gcrmantown, Tennessee ■■Lest We Forget " Editor. J. R. G.. Council, " Who ' s Who, ' ' Footlights NOT PICTURED English, Howard Bragg City, Mo. Life Service Band. J. R. G, McDonald, Ralph W. Donalsonville, Georgia J. R. G. Powers, John Selmcr, Tenn. History Club Robertson, Marvin Jackson, Tenn. J. R. G. " »■ « -y -- Jk.-t- ' - umw i aU yunior ( ia5i JnicefS President ----- Haywood Barham Vice President - - - - Steve Powers Secretary-Treasurer - Mozelle Fowler Sponsor ----- Mrs. Foote Sponsor ----- Dr. Briggs T : " ( ' St mt: ' - ;jfe,T ' " Virginia Ann Arnold Bob Baker Haywood Barh m Jack Brewer Joe Brint Ann Bringle Geneva Burks Ann Butler Hugh Callens Bonnie Lee Chester Jane Cooper John Curi Thelma Elkins Fred Ewino Jr. Mark Fairi.ess Marvin Pitts Bill Ford Mozelle Fowler Gene Forrester Phil Gillham Robert Hai.facrf. Bill Hargrove t ■;.! - ; .HI w IB ,r ' «r R. uiaw ; v T« « , Martha Hayes Carolyn Hintox Martha Hurst Christine Johnson Margaret Johnson Malcolm Jones Nancy Jones Joseph King Roy Lee King Arvil Kirk Patsy Lay Frances Leak William A. Mili . ; Tommy Moncrikf Wilburn NEi-sof Emily Newsom Jean Outlaw- Austin Partin James A. Phillips Steve Powers Alma Rankin Claude Richerson Geraldine Ricks Herbert Robbins Charles Robinson Isaac Roland Clara Shreeve Virginia Sisnev Percy Spellings Martha Stewart Rachel Strawn Catherine Thompson Leroy Todd George Wadlington William Warmath Marv Warmath Marian Williams William C. Willis B. O. Wolfe Kellum Young JUNIORS Hazel Austin- Mrs. Mary Lou Andrews Austin Baker WoRLiE Ballard Ann Barham Clifford Ray Barnes Gordon Howard Benson Mary Bishop Thomas Kf.rmit Brann Rai fh Bray Kenneth ringhurst John Brown N. G. Carver Joe Collins Alfred Coyle Martha Davis Howard English William Fox Li.R Hai.iburton PaI ' I. HARniNO NOT PICTURED Elizabeth Harvey David Holmes Clarence Hooper Collins Hopkins Billy Maurice Jones Riley Jones Ted Jones Donald Kester Ralph McDonald Charles Marler Martha Marler Richard Mason A. J. Northcutt Louis Only Mrs. Loraixe N. Parker Everett Petty Edn. Richards John Scoble Ernest Scott Harold Stott Keith Wilson Grady VooDY Lealon Yarber m i I iiiwi ' HI I I HI « - o- J»k •- " w ? p -.- - J. i J SPoMumw ie cM President -------- King Jamison Vice-P resident ------ Bob Elam Secretary-Treasurer - - Shirley Bridges Sponsor -------- Mr. Donnell Sponsor ---------- Mr. Hall loNE Barton Virginia Berry R. T. Bl.ACKSTOCK Bettyf. Blankf.nship Don Bookkr June Boren Imogene Brewer Shirley Bridges Bill Burns Carlton Butler Mary Nell Chalk Dorothy Cole Kathleen Conner Mary Crabtree Bobby Dennison Clayton Doty George Douglas Margie Lee Edwards Byron Epps Joyce Ethridge Joseph Franklin Lois Ford k DM UP I ' «r ' wmui . mi. m jmer Mi i ' -w jr m, ' , t pr Bui. P ' owler Edward FuI.LERTo Edwina Gurlf.v Gene Hadlev Ramona Hall John Harris Marie Henry Robert Herrin Joe Hillsman John Hooi ' kk King Jamison Eran Jobf. Laura Jobe Emmett Johnson Jennie Johnston Johnnie Johnston Robert Lasiter Joe Littlefield B£TTv Ann McKf.nzie Virginia Maronev Opal Miller Margaret Muli.ins ii fSKSISv»:.-X ' Jack Oakes Bill Palmer Joe Parker Bettye Patton Melvin Pratt Katherine Ragan Bill Foster Riley Nancy Roberts Martha Russell Curtis Scott Peggy Sewell Bob Shackelford Wanda Shirey Homer Spain Jo Ann Spencer SOPHOMORES Jim Allen Charles Albright Malcolm I. Broome Bonnie Sue Bradford Grace Batchelor James T. Barham Wesley Crenshaw David Dickerson Bob Elam Tom R. Eason Joe W. Fly Harold Ford Miles Frost Richard Hale Max Townsend Margaret Tutterovv Ronald Wells Hugh Ross Williams Melvin Williams Evans Wilson NOT PICTURED J. R. Hankins Harry Hargrove James Harper A. L. Hilliard Herbert Howell Dave Hurt Carrol F. Jackson Jim R. Jarrell W. M. Johnston Joe W. Jones Peggy W. Jones Darrel C. Kino Mildred Mann Joe D. May Robert McCormick Roy McNutt Leonard Miller Thelma Nalov Mabel Norman Bili.ie Marie NoRTHCUTT Carlos 0 vens GussiE Park Charles N. Pavis James Roberts C. J. Rorie WiLFORD Scarborough Myrtle Sikes Roy Simmons Bobby Thompson Coy Thurston Charles Tippett Freddie Tosh Edward B. Wade Earl Wilson Wayman Worthy Bobby L. Zumbro m mmt ia President Richard Moruis Vice-President -------- Jimmy Thomas Secretary-Treasurer - - Martha Jean Meadows Sponsor --------- Mr. Duck Sponsor Mr. Davis TrStT " Ik Ui HUggg J, W. Abney Bill Akin Bruce Alexander Mamon Alexander Doris Anderson Frances Anderson Bill Baker Mary Sue Bark Jo Ann Bazemore Billy Beuevv June Bennett Billy Bible Trudy Bonner Lamar Boothe Roy Bowman Mary Ann Bradshaw Russell Brandon Sylvia Buck Gordon Bucy Jean Butler Dorothy Caldwell Dorothy Carlson Rachel Carnell Ralph Caver Ray Chambers Bob Childers Mary Coleman Susan Cooke Bill Cottrell J. D. Crosson Kenneth Day Jimmy Deaton Jim Dennison Mary Jo Duck Paul Eaves Geraldine Edwards Earl Elliot Bill Emmitt Roddy Evans Lendel Farrar taa ,r Tt - Trsf »a , ■ ' " -..jiiR ' mmb MMH Carolyn Fleming Harold Fitts Angelyn Flowers Claude Foote Faye Franks Helen Freeman Max French Mary Futtrell Bob Gillespie Paul Givens Jack Goolsby Gordon Clairf. Goolsby Joe Greene Carolyn Greer Bob Hale Ted Hale Harold Hanna Ralph Harris Hugh H arvey Sonny Haws " W t f ' b.HMII Ann Haynes Sam Haynes DoLAN Henry Bobby Holland Nancy Houser Brooks Huey Jerry Hunt Alfred Ison Ralph Johnson Barbara Jones Bill Jones Don Jones Wayne Jones Marjorie Kee Bill Kelly Virginia Lewis Catherine Love Bill Luckman Betty McIlwain Charles McWhf.rter Tt t.1 iMH " Blanche Melton Don Morie Richard Morris Robbie Morrison Ann Murdaugh Robert Nelson Barclay NeWman James Nimmo Sue Oliver Charles Palmer Wade Parham OYCE Pearson Ernest Phipps Ed Prather Glenn Rainey Jim Redwine k D 1J(. ' i ■ «n , ,ni.J«W " J5 i ' VX John Roark BUCKEY RoBNETT Sara Roper Barbara Rutledge Bobby Sanders Betty Scott Ann Shoaf Ann Stallings Mamie Stanford Betty Stave ly Bobby Sykes Larraine Tapley Jim Thomas Sissy Thomason Donna Thompson ' Ellen Thompson Peggy Thorne James Tillman Maurice Townsend Howard Vickers Fi V. I. -.tr T A ' ?¥S ' . J!Rj r " a Charles Vincent David Walkup Frank Walters Barbara Washam Frances Watson Jean Webber Patsy White Chuck Williams Riley Williams Nancy Williams Oscar Williams Pat Wills George Wilson Nancy Wilson Jennie Worrell Claudia Thomas FRESHMEN Joan Albright Margaret Alexander Sam Alexander George Allen Jesse Austin Mary Barber Jesse Barnes Tommy Bolen Bill Brown David Budde Kenneth Burke Sarah Burke Elmer Crowell James Cotton Martha Clippard Bill Castleberry Kathleen Dickey Bill Dyer Bill Eldridge Howard Fox James Gillman Jim Gatewood Joe Gaffney Hawthorne Hurst Talford Hunt Ray Holloway Charles Hicks NOT PICTURED Reuben Haney Paul Haney Bob Halfacre Mary Hale Bob Jamison Wayne Kiestlf.r Fred Lawrence Hilbern Mullins James Maxwell Ralph Mapes Ed McLain Jim McClanahan Sarah Neal John Outlan Henry Phillips Catherine Palmer Cloty Rickman Hugh Stewart Herbert Spencer Jim Skillern Frances Thomas Jack Terry George Vertrees Frank White Larry Waycaster Cecil Young Jack Yearout - eu-jflu 1 ■■■I i JYame r r ito au tke ivond. Tt 1.-1 iWlT- TuveS s. ocie t The J. R. Graves Society gets its name from Dr. James Robinson Graves, 1820-1893. Dr. Graves was an early pioneer in the field of Christian Education. He was a tireless advocate for Union University and gave significant impetus to her endowment and the development of the Bible Department. The J. R. Graves Society exists as a continuation of practical training as set forth by Dr. Graves. Its membership consists of ministerial students and graduate ministers of Union University. In its weekly meetings it provides an atmosphere of genuine fellowship in which there is a discussion of common problems, as well as frequent messages from outstanding visitors. PICTURED Young H. Lang President Hugh Callens - - - - Vice-President Bill Warmath - Recording Secretary Hugh Ross Williams - Corresponding Secretary Bob Baker ------- Chorister Jimmy Tillman - - - - Sgt. at Arms George Douglass - - - - Reporter Professor Hall - - - Parliamentarian Dr. Briggs ---------- Critic Harold Gower ----------- - - - Program Committee Chairman Austin Partin - Committee Member NOT PICTURED }. D. Mays - - - Committee Member Carlos Ov ens ------- Pianist Uij « r, J. W. Abney R. T. Blackstock Joe Bomar Lamar Booth Carlton Butler Carroll Curtiss Kenneth Day Keith Dunn Mark Fairless William Foote Joe Franklin Paul Givens Jim Hackney Gene Hadley Harold Hanna Paul Harwood Henry T. Hasting Dolan Henry Malcolm Jones Wayne Jones Clyde Mayfield Tommy Moncrief Barkley Newman Willie B. Oakley Jerold Palmer Edward Prather Claude Richerson Bill Riley Charles Robinson Bob Sanders Ira Singleton Charles Vincent Buddy Johnson NOT PICTURED James Allen Ralph Bray MaLCOME BROOMt Kenneth Burke Alfred Coyle Wesley Crenshaw William Dyer Roddy Evans Ric:hard Hale Paul Harding Raymond Hollouv Joe Littlefield Ralph MgDonald A. J. Northcutt Willtam Palmek Coy Thurston Larry Waygastfk HoWARO VlGKKRS a n f T irv, " It . ! i ' (- ' ' • ' m • . jfKiisrx. if K o6xn l -i . ■ ■ yn rJLlPe S erulce (I5ancl - Margaret Johnson - Virginia Sisney - - David Reid OFFICERS President - - - - Dolan Henry Vice-President - - - - Martha Russell Secretary - - - Chorister - - - - Richard Morris Reporter - - ■ Treasurer - - - - Margaret Mullins Pianist - - Sergeant-at-Arms - - - - Bob Sanders This group is composed of students whose desire is that their Hves may be fruitful in the service of Him who gave His life for sinners. Through prayer, study, fellowship, and the (onducting of mission services they seek to be useful and to better prepare themselves for living maximum Christian Lives. James .Allen Joyce Austin Dr. Briggs Kenneth Burke Catherine Ohappei i Bob Childers Wesley Crenshaw Martha Crocker Evelyn David Thelma Elkins Bryon Epps Marvin Fitts Angelyn Flowers Lois Ford Paul Givens Harold Cower James Hackney Thomas Hall Ramona Hall Ann Haynes Claude Heard Dolan Henry Marie Henry Raymond Holloway W. W. Humphreys Buddy Johnson Margaret Johnson Wayne Jones Young Lang J. D. May Tommy Moncrief Richard Morris Margaret Mullins Barkley Newman Carlos Owens Austin Partin Joyce Pearson Eddie Prather David Reid Claude Richerson Martha Russell Bob Sanders Clara Shreeve Virginia Sisney David Smith James Tillman Margaret Tutterow Charles Vincent George Wadlinoton Mary Warmath Frances Watson Jennie Worrell A The purpose of Young Women ' s Auxiliary is to enlist the young women on the campus in active Christian service by the giving of time, money and talents, and through prayer. Watchword : " They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firm- ament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. " —David 12-3. Joyce Austin Mary Sue Barr Virginia Berry Bettye Blankenship Ann Bringle Dorothy Carlson Nell Chalk Catherine Chappell Dorothy Cole Mary Nell Coleman Jane Cooper Mary Crabtree Martha Crocker Margie Lee Edwards Angelyn Flowers Lois Ford Mozelle Fowler Carolyn Hinton Treasurer Martha Hurst Christine Johnson Margaret Johnson Patsy Lay Frances Leake Catherine Love Jean Maxey Betty McIlwain Blanche Melton Jean Outlaw Geraldine Ricks Sara Roper Martha Russell Wanda Shirey Clara Shreeve Betty Stavely Martha Stewart Vice President Thelma Elkins, Pres. Donna Thompson Ellen Thompson Margaret Tutterow Jennie Worrell Jean Webber Marie Henry Secretary Til v, aiierr WF - . rejj» ' w ■ aiw L -t---msrr ' RS.U BOB BAKER HAYWOOD BARHAM VIRGINIA BARTHOLOMEW MARK FAIRLESS MARVIN FITTS BILL FOOTE MRS, BILL FOOTE MOZELLE FOWLER PAUL HARWOOD CLAUDE HEARD KING JAMISON BUDDY JOHNSON MARGARET JOHNSON VIRGINIA MARONEY DAVID REID CURTIS SCOTT BARBARA SEWELL CLARA SHREEVE DAVID SMITH MARGARET TUTTEROW GEORGE WADLINGTON MR. R, H. WARD NOT PICTURED MALCOLM BROOME BROTHER CANADY The Hajjtist Student Union scr es as a connecting link between the college and the churches. It coordinates all campus religious activities. Every student who is a member of any local Baptist Church, Sunday School, or any religious organization on the campus is automatically a member. The council is elected near the end of the school year for the succeeding year. It is to be hoped that through the varied program of B. S. U. students may be made to reflect the light of the World and thereby to carry forth the true spirit of Union University. OFFICERS President MARVIN FITTS 1st Vice Pres CLAUDE HEARD 2nd Vice-Pres . . , KING JAMISON 3rd Vlce-Pres. BOB BAKER Treasurer MARK FAIRLESS Co. Sec. VIRGINIA BARTHOLOMEW Recording Sec. BARBARA SEWELL Chorister BUDDY JOHNSON Pianist CLARA SHREEVE Publicity Dir. HAYWOOD BARHAM Promotions Dir. DAVID REID Reporter ..VIRGINIA MARONEY " B.S.U. " Editor DAVID SMITH Magazine Rep. BILL FOOTE Faculty Advis. Faculty Spons PAUL HARWOOD MR. R. H. WARD . MRS. BILL FOOTE BROTHER CANADY MOZELLE FOWLER CHURCH REPRESENTATIVES First Church MARGARET TUHEROW Calvary GEORGE WADLINGTON West Jaclson CURTIS SCOTT Royal Street MARGARET JOHNSON North Jackson MALCOLM BROOME Parkview HAYWOOD BARHAM jj ' .ni-rii ' s -N ,RiJ«Ff " « i TW • A • IPJi T ' T ' i »«?. ' ,j!!ii r w- cr wjfi .»: " " ■ r n. Virginia Arnold Mary Hailey Betty Hilliard Betty Patton Barbara Sewell Mrs. Mabel Hardin The girls wearing the X and O have made quite a record for themselves this year under the leadership of Sewell, president; Patton, vice-president; Hailey, secretary; Arnold, treasurer; and Hilliard, pledge mistress. Among honors they have captured are: Miss Union, SAE Queen, ATO Sweetheart, Who ' s Who, Cheerleader, Homecoming Maids, and many more that make them among the outstanding co-eds on the campus. ROSTER OF OFFICERS President - - - - Barbara Sewell Vice-President - - - - Betty Patton Secretary - - - Mary Lee Hailey Treasurer - - - Virginia Ann Arnold Pledge-Mistress ----- Betty Hilliard SPONSORS Mrs. Blythe Mrs Jones Mrs. Hardin Mrs. Rutledge a,.ji ;r .iii . ' i s Frances Anderson Joan Bazemore Bettye Blan ' kenship Trudy Bonner Shirley Bridges Mary Jo Duck Joyce Etheridge Carolyn Fleming Gordon Ci.airf. GOOLSBV Nancy Houser Eran Jobe Laura Jobe Barbara Jones Christine Johnso Jennie Johnston ' irginia Maroxev Martha Jean Meadows Betty McKen7if Ann Murdaugh Ann Shoaf Jo Ann Spencer Rachel Strawn Arianna Thomason Peggy Thorne Patsy White z I JK Marv Benson Virginia Berry Geneva Burns Virginia Bartholomew Jean Outlaw Nelda Pickler Alma Rankin Mrs. Dee Rice This year has been a busy and happy one for the Zetas at Union. Along the way they have taken many honors. Jane Cooper Wilson was named Most Beautiful Girl, Football Queen, and Maid to Miss Union. Marian Williams was Basketball Queen and Cheerleader. Pat Lay, retiring ATO Queen, became Most Popular Girl and Mary Nell Benson took the lead in the Prize Winning Senior Play. June Boren did a good job as Associate Editor of The C C, and Jean Outlaw as Associate Editor of the Annual. Nelda Pickler was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Student Body and Jean Ragan, Secretary of the Senior class. Virginia Berry was the Junior Maid and Pledge Joyce Pearson was Cheerleader. OFFICERS President - - - - Jean Outlaw Vice-President - - - - ' iroinia Bartholomew Secretary - - Virginia Berry Treasurer ■ - Alma Rankin Historian - - Nelda Pickler Guard - - - Geneva Burns Sponsors - - - Mrs. Dee Rice. Mrs, J. N. Mallory PICTURED ON OPPOSITE PAGE C. ROLYN Hl.NTOX Mary Sue Barr June Boren Mary An.n Bradshaw Ann Butler Dot Carlson D. RBo Cole K. thleen Conner Geraldine Edwards Margie Edwards .Angelyn Flowers Faye Franks Mary Jane Futtrell Carolyn Greer Edwixa Gurley Ann Hay ' nes JoH.N ' N ' iE Johnston Pat Lay Frances Leake Blanche Melton Robbie Morrison Joyce Pearson Jean Ragan Kitty Ragan Geraldine Ricks Barbara Rutledoe Donna Thompson Barbara ' Wash. m Marian Williams Jane Wilson NOT PICTURED Betty Harvey Jerry- Ellis Billie Cherry Ke ' , , M ' lX . i J. I:i J ijmfr ' % ' v j . ■ ■jsii M -jf.--:x mT- -jMiBjMattl mm Ray House, Buddy Johnson, James Johnson, Ted Jones, Jim Joyner, Jim Phillips, John Scoble, James Walker, Harry Hudson, Teoy Young. E Tennessee Eta Chapter of SAE is the fourth oldest chapter of the national social fraternity in the United States. It was organized on Union ' s campus on July 4, 1857. Some of the outstanding social events which these boys enjoy every year are: pledge parties, wiener roasts, hayrides and friendly get togethers in the fall; the annual coronation banquet in October; Founders Day banquet in March; and the " spring splash " held at a nearby park in early May. OFFICERS President ------- James Walker Herald Vice-President ----- James Johnso.n Treasurer Jimmy Phillips Recorder Bob Elam Pledge Master - Ted Jones - - - - - John Scoble Preceptor Jimmy Joyner Correspondence Ray House Chaplain Emmett Johnson Queen Bettye Blankenship Sponsors - - Troy Young, Harry Hudson Milton Basden Billy Bible Robert Bogle Tommy Bolen Bob Childers Fr ed Crosson Jimmy Deaton Bob Dennison Clayton Doty Paul Eaves Lendel Farrar Marvin Fitts Gene Forrester Edward Fullerton Jim Gatewood Glen Hassell David Holmes Brooks Huey Jerry Hunt Alfred Ison Frank Johnson Don Jones Bill Kelly Clarence Knighton Douglas McGill Elbert McLaurin Charles McWherter Perry Moore John Outlan Glen Rainey David Reid Burton Robnett Dolan Rogers Bobby Sykes Maurice Townsend Charles Williams William Willis B. O. Wolfe Kellum Young NOT PICTURED Charles Albright George Allen Bill Brown J. D. Crosson Joe Gaffney Jack Goolsby Ralph Johnson Bill Jones Warren Jones Henry Phillips Jim Thomas Dave Walkup Frank White Pat Wills V,- ■n .i i r A X ' ' easK ' JBSoiir w- ■:v i i t ' : ' ! ' •. ' ■ m - - Joe Bailey LiNDY Lewis Fred Walden Joe Collins Bill Scruggs Pete Warren Arvtl Kirk Jack Seymour Tennesssee Beta Tau of Alpha Tau Omega has again enjoyed a ver) ' successful year. The " First Beta Tau Sweetheart " ; a " best " class of pledges, a third consecutive win in stunt night, numerous parties and socials, beautiful banquets, genuine, warm, brotherly fellowship, and Mother Ed have made this year one to be easily recalled but never forgotten by the Brothers of Beta Tau. OFFICERS H ' orthy Master — Joe Bailey, Worthy Chaplain — Jack Seymour, Worthy Exchequer — Pete Warren, Worthy Usher — Lindy Lewis, Worthy Keeper of Annals — Bill Scruggs, Worthy Scribe — Arvil Kirk, Worthy Sentinel — Joe Collins, Pledge Master — Fred Walden. Not Pictured: Palm Reporter — Freddie Tosh, Sweetheart — Martha Jean Meadows, Faculty Sponsor — R. H. Donnell. 1 ■ ■ ' rM4P- ; , - _... . .-..-._._ ' " ' " - ' - - - - - Joe Parker Claude Foote King Jamison Evans Wilson, Jr. Bill Belew Bill Ford Joe King Waymon Worthy Bill Akin David Goodman Joe Littlefield Billy Baker Bob Hale Bill Luckman NOT PICTURED Don Booker Bill Hargrove Buddy Mills Fred Baker Buddy Brantley Harry Hargrove James Nimmo Jim Barnett Palmer Briggs John Harris Charles Palmer Tom Eason Joe Brint Ralph Harris Robert Pearson Collins Hopkins Bill Burns Hugh Harvey, Jr. Steve Powers Darrel King Ray Chambers Sonny Haws Melvin Pratt Harry Parsons Bill Cottrell Sam Haynes Gene Riddle Roy Simmons Jim Dennison Bobby Herrin Ike Roland Bob Shackelford Bill Edwards Joe Hillsman C. J. RORIE George Vertrees Harold Fitts Brown Hughes Bobby Thompson Murl Willougpby s i-Wi-T-T " ' X A ident Joe Bailey f- an J eitenlc L ouncli The Pan-Hellenic Council consists of the four fraternity presidents and two other representatives of each fraternity and the Dean of Women as faculty advisor. The purpose of this council is to preser ' e and promote fraternal harmony on our campus. President ------------ Joe Bailey — ATO Vice-President ---------- Barbara Sewell — XO Secretary-Treasurer --------- Jean Outlaw — ZTA James Walker — SAE Dean Mattie Sanders ---------- Faculty Advisor .-J -. .tJ±-- } " Jfc V tM " .. Se ia u •Hi. T( bo. «pr- jiRi rx «r .:iiv«»-| i A J - - - ■; ?■■» Bob Baker, June Boren, James Coley, Betty McKenzie Kellum Young,, Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd he ootliakts ( iub 9 ' This has been a record year for the FootHghts Club, with 57 members, students who are interested in work of a dramatic nature. The club, under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd, sponsors two major productions a year and several minor productions. OFFICERS ROSTER President - - - - Bob Baker Vice-President - - - - James Coley Secretary - - - - June Boren Treasurer - - - - Betty Ann McKenzie Reporter - - - - Kellum Young Sponsor - - - - Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd Joan Bazemore Mary Nell Benson Trudy Bonner Don Booker Mary Ann Bradshaw Bettye Blankenship Shirley Bridges Jean Butler Dorothy Carlson Geraldine Edwards Louis Elbaum Thelma Elkins Roddy Evans Fred Ewing Angelyn Flowers Lois Ford David Goodman Carolyn Greer Edwina Gurley John Harris Ann Haynes Carolyn Hinton Nancy Houser Brown Hughes Buddy Johnson Christine Johnson Frank Johnson Bobbie Jones Frances Leake Joe Littlefield Martha Jean Meadows Gene Moffatt Ann Murdaugh Kitty Ragan Emajean Ragan David Reid Barbara Rutledge Barbara Sewell Jack Seymour Ann Shoaf Ann Stai.i.incs Martha Stewart Donna Thompson Arianna Thomason Peggy Thorne Max Townsend Barbara Washam Patsy White Nancy Wilson NOT PICTURED Ted Hale Richard Morris Howard Vickers iSf v C uter eun " Named for the mythical Greek Goddess of the Arts, Euterpe, the Euterpean Club is devote d to the artistic and cultural interest of the Union campus. Active members are predominantly majors in Art and Music. Its student programs and projects are designed to bring all Union students closer to the functional side of the Fine Arts in modern American life. " OFFICERS President - - - Claude Heard 1st. Vice-President - - - Lois Ford 2nd. Vice-President - - - Jean Butler 3rd Vice-President - - - Mary Nell Benson Secretary and Treasurer - - - Faye Franks Reporter - - - Don Booker Poster Chairman - - - John Harris Mary Sue Barr Mary Nell Benson Don Booker Ann Butler Jean Butler Kermit Whitten Mary Jo Duck Thelma Elkins Angelyn Flowers Lois Ford Faye Franks John Harris Claude Heard Margaret Johnson Blanche Melton Gene Riddle Donna Thompson NOT PICTURED Mary Nell Coleman Ramona Hall Austin Partin George Wadling ton ,BiJ«T:ii I C nonlcin Enonian Literary Society is an organization of all members of Zeta Tan Alpha and a few non-fraternity members, whose interests are centered around literature and art. The work of the society is directed toward high ideals, the motto being, " Seek the noblest. " Social meetings are twice a month. The colors of the organization are black and gold. OFFICERS Prejidenf-MARiAN Williams Vice-Presidenl- ' K ' H-e. Wilson SecTelary- o-a mv. Johnston Treasurer- Virginia Berry j ' onior-Miss Marbury Mary Sue Barr Virginia Bartholomew Mary Nell Benson Virginia Berry June Boren Geneva Burns Ann Butler Dorothy Carlson Dorothy Cole Kathleen Conner Geraldine Edwards Margie Lee Edwards Angelyn Flowers Mozelle Fowler Faye Franks Carolyn Greer Ann Haynes Carolyn Hinton Johnnie Johnston Patsy Lay Frances Leake Blanche Melton Robbie Morrison Jean Outlaw Joyce Pearson Nelda Pickler Jean Ragan Kitty Ragan . ' lma Rankin Geraldine Ricks Barbara Rutledge Betty Jean Stavely Martha Myrl Stewart Donna Thompson Marian Williams Barbara Washam Jane Wilson NOT PICTURED Willie Lon Barron June Bennett Mary Ann Bradshaw Billie Cherry Geraldine Ellis Betty Harvey i d...imfr % Joan Bazemore Trudy Bonner Frances Anderson Jean Butler Mary Jo Duck Joyce Ethridge Carolyn Fleming Gordon Claire GOOLSBY Nancy Houser Eran Jobe Laura Jobe Christine Johnson Jennie Johnston Barbara Jones Martha Jean Meadows Ann Murdaugh Sara Roper Peggy Thorne Patsy White NOT PICTURED Jean Maxey Margaret Mullins Arianna Thomason C uiph ipnrodunean ■ ' Girls hand in hand for the best science, music, art and literature. " This is the motto of the Euphrosynean Literary Society. This society is an organization composed of Chi Omega pledges and a few non-fraternity girls who have com- mon literary interest. It is founded primarily to promote and cultivate good literary taste and intelligent criticism. The club meets once a month and enjoys interesting book reviews given by members of the organization. OFFICERS ROSTER President - - - - Patsy White Vice-President - - Joyce Ethridge Secretary Treasurer - - Peggy Thornk Program Chairman - - - - Mary Jo Duck Sponsor - - - - Mrs. Frank Blithe ' " ' M A ' i ' Ti: WL Ititw- ' J ' V .- iT » « iV - ' Ka: tl .:1L. ' :j»--al , ' _i. i ,. ± -.1 J. ' " ' " - ' ■■ » ' ■ ' - ' " »« .i(2iiiti ' ' aL v _N_ ' li President - - - - Barbara Sewell Vice-Pres. - - Margaret Garnett SecTet ary-TreasuTer Ann Norton Hypatia, an exclusive, literary dinner club, is composed of junior and senior girls possessing a high scholastic record. Mrs. Mabel Hardin, head of the English department, is sponsor. Twice each month the club meets to enjoy the review and criticism of some outstanding piece of literature. The meetings have proved invaluable to this group of students. Virginia Ann Arnold Virginia Bartholomew Ann Bringle Geneva Burns Catherine Chappell Martha Crocker Thelma Elkins Mozelle Fowler Margaret Garnett Betty Ruth Hilliard Bobbie Hughes Martha Hurst Christine Johnson Nelda Pickler Rachel Strawn Barbara Sewell Mrs. Mabel Hardin Sponsor NOT PICTURED Ann Norton A Bob Baker, Mary Nell Benson, June Boren, John Harris, Brown Hughes, Gene Moffatt, Don Booker, David Reid, Jack Seymour, Mrs. Loyd, Not Pictured — Jimmy Barnett, Austin Partin, Martha Stew art. Alpha Psi Omega is the national dramatics fraternity on Union ' s campus. Its members have been chosen on the basis of points awarded for participation in school dramatic presentations. Its purpose is to create and advance the rank of the drama and play production. Vice-President OFFICERS President Brown Hughes • Bob Baker Secretary - Treasurer ----- Gene Moffatt Jimmy Barnett - u ' j fc " -;« V ,• - ,-%=»■ » tv vamfm R j ?w i , y M .:it - : ,ji-_t- .--1 ± - t - s - J Il5and After a long and lifeless coma the Union Band, under the baton of Professor Horace G. Ball, has burst forth into a blare of glory in the invigorating rhythms of ' Tiger Rag ' and spirited school songs. The purpose of the band on our campus is for entertainment at athletic events, pep-sessions, and general programs. Annual concerts are being planned, featuring all types of musical literature. Pictured: Clarinets — Mary Ann Bradshaw, Raymond Chambers, Margaret Joh.nso.n Charles Marler; Alto Saxophone: Mary Nell Coleman; Tenor Saxophone: James McCuNE, David Reid; French Horn: Ralph Mapes, Jimmy Nimmo; Cornets: Alfred Ison, Emmett Johnson, Richard Morris, Ge-Ne Riddle; Baritones: Howard English, Ike Roland; Trombones: James Tillma.n, Sam Haynes; Bass: Billy Baker; Beli Lyre: Margaret Mullins; Snare Drums: Louis Elbaum, Ted Jones; Cymbals: George Wadlingto.n. Not Pictured: Flute — Blanche Melton; Clarinet: Sue Ann Oliver; Bass: Ted Hale; Bass Drum: Russell Brandon. Ck oru6 Union University is justly proud of its mixed and acapella choirs. Under the able directorship of Professor Alton Harvey, the chorus has had an out- standing year. Some of its major accomplishments are its participation in the music at the Baptist Convention at Nashville, the Christmas Cantata, and the Easter music, " Holy City " . There are also some small ensembles picked from the larger group for solo work. Despite all these honors this has been only a stepping stone to the goal of the future. 1.1 ' . ' ' WJi I Ti mt. H u..iW T ;t ' T v• ' ,-% -« «. iJ r Jr■ i -Jt . ' . JB-_JL -■_! ' i .. 1. .-i_.A ±Ji . it Vl Ml E4i_ ..... iiil »a JS. -■ - -J g X« jif • . .. ZIJvL June Boren Bobbie Hughes Roy Lee King E. W. Duck Carroll Curtis Frank Johnson Austin Partin Mrs. Rosa Henry Hastings Riley Jonks Leroy Todd Rutledge DoLAN Henry Paul King Charles Wright R. H. Ward NOT PICTURED: Wayne Jones, Everett Petty The History Majors Club is an organization of students who arc majoring in history. The purpose of the club is to increase the ability of the members to apply critical evaluations to historical events, and to recognize the relation of the past to the present. The professors of the History Department sponsor the Club. OFFICERS President ----- Roy King Vice-President ----- Charles Wright Secretary-Treasurer - - June Boren Reporter - - - Frank Johnson ,jitjmer.- i .- ijr " ft »A-r ifs T--?;? ,aKJL, ■A_» i.i I. t t i . ' I -■-tM cfDociop 6 i iub Outstanding on the campus is the Doctor ' s Club, which was organized in 1920. This club meets twice a month, and it has a variety of programs of special interest to all. Pre-med students and all students majoring in science are eligible for membership. Faculty sponsors. Dr. Flora A. Haas and Professor H. S. Boyd, keep the club up to date with information about their future work. The motto is " cut in deep and sew ' em tight. " The flower is the carnation, and the colors, blood red and lily white, are true symbols of our club. OFFICERS President - - - - Haywood Barham Secretary-Treasurer - - Emily Newsom Vice-President - - - - Joe King Reporter - - Lendel Farrar Flora A. Haas Sponsor Haywood Barham June Bennett Raymond Chambers Lendel Farr. r Bill Ford Joe King Lindy Lewis Emily Newsom Earnest Phipps Steve Powers Ike Rola.nd Wanda Shirey Charles Spitzer NOT PICTURED David Holmes Mr. S. F. Boyd SpomoT Don Booker Carroll Curtis George Douglas Mark Fairless Harold Cower James Hackney Marjorie Hackney Ted Hale Clyde Mayfield Bill Minton Jerald Palmer Austin Partin Nelda Pickler Martha Stewart Bill Warmath Mary Warmath Robert Hamblin Herbert Higdon Gene Moffatt Mrs. Dee E. Rice, Sponsor NOT PICTURED Howard English Claude Fox Paul Harding rKice rJ atin L iub Secretary OFFICERS President Mark Fairless Marjorie Hackney Treasurer Reporter Carroll Curtis - - - Mary Warmath ; , " ■£ .,. ' U -liii-»r- -:L. ■ iBtrf " ; (, ' ' " » -fV. From the two upper classes twelve of the young men ranking highest in scholarship, other things being equal, are chosen each year to compose the Nestor Club, rated as Union ' s Phi Beta Kappa. The thirteenth member is Dr. Prince, who as faculty sponsor, has been an omen of good luck to this organi- zation for several years. Mr. Young is associate sponsor. This club meets thirteen times during the year — once in joint session with Hypatia. After dinner an original paper is given by some member relating to any subject in which he is particularly interested, followed by a brief discussion of current topics. Chaplain OFFICERS President Joe Bailey - Paul Harwood Secretary and Treasurer Doyle Alexander Joe Bailey Haywood Barham Paul Harwood Herbert Higdon Bill Jones Warren Jones, Jr. Paul Rankin Herbert Robbins David Smith Willard Vickerv Lyle Woodson Mr. Young - Willard Vickerv WJioj wiatL cid The Mallory Math Club is an organization for those students who are mathematics majors or minors, or who have fifteen hours of freshman mathematics and have had or are enrolled in one quarter of calculus. The purpose of this Club is to stimulate an interest in physics and as the name signifies, mathematics. It serves to promote fellowship among students having common interest in these fields. OFFICERS President ------ Joe Bailey Vice-President ------ Doyle Alexander Secretary-Treasurer Ann Butler Doyle Alexander Joyce Austin Joe Bailey Ann Butler Marvin Fitts King Jamison Bill Jones James McCune C. J. Rorie Evans Wilson Kellum Young Sponsors: Ralph Donnell Mrs. J. N. Mallory NOT PICTURED Bill Edwards Harry Hargrove S f ' ' ll ' ..»r- IIM " HL, Jftb R wH ■ ' ,▼ - - .-% ' iv;,WAvl - ' ww rj ' f _:«.._ ' : -Ai-- _ _.-.i£Ll_ , ' ' MMif ' iliTWitf- " ■ Jt aiit ie . ' • ' HjHp _ _ |k s ' H l B ||; J l ■■■■■p » ' 1 g|K ' " ' - ' l P Jt . Jr ■ ' ' H K; ' ■ 4 ■B ' . 4 ' 3 1 " ' •■ ' ' ■ ' ' " " ■ Ufiaiiai fi Ut r. L lnLon 4amei AJamt P I . T Wt., Tl 1 •ftjjwr ' lli I ' ' H .- ,-%jr« i i " W • ei 7 ' - -■ jr - ' - ± Un uS6 Ulnioft ( kristme jokn6on reihman rri Sophomore l- rinces. : Uirqinia ll3e rancei - nde k .Jl I Tj •n 1 - •, ' X .- ..- ijr B « i. ;■ . WBr».»« t. vr " T - " S TT - aaaUHiiHBBXaaiGBCU r t ' J enior f- nnceii VDeHu Kuth Milliard junior l- rinceii 4a ne AJihi. S. .£.Q. llSettue {Otanhenski .■ " . ' ' Li-Jf- ., ' »ri lUJFT ' ii I ■ ' n - .--i.jr a • . n j -i f ||4f ' % ■-■ . . (_y. S weatkeart tka x anna ean i v leadowi do loit ■ opuiar Ljin f- at cJ-a 1 « . - Jls.JB- TR li ; . J ' J ost J- opuiar dSou ma L ami ion ttmmlUea eHamaSa mm3i::sam - - V Joot Bail a ane lAyiuon vSadket ijaii LJu Wlarian WS ami i B n -,v. = -is»= : -apy ■ ' aB an « :ri;a ' ?!»?T, . v ' f t ■ " ii»T 6t {l Ground Soi Jjaue Ljoodn (Deit il fou,t%d ift war a J ei ■■l»i-Eii :.,.iJ»»FT -tV . . -TC -aSS»IE " ii3!«eSiir-T;;3BHJ3«? Wit ' ,f ifc-vT. ' ; ' ' ' LJ- ' . ' . ' Jf ' ' Student (Bodu resident Edl %oU odt vDeautlful J ' ane vWuSon Ts -ti, ,.tw?rr-T -lAi..- . , s ' aRBT viwsaBr ' V. ' aK,H ' .w!- ' ' «» - T, c 3 1 1 ■ H J«lfc, ; H Hv H y 1 1 H K K|w|| K ' ' ' ' ' ' ; H 1 Hk. w op ijx 2 2l__ B oj cyLikeiu to Succeed do roil ' I I 11 (ill leS . : i.tf UK n Ll ..AHT V : w sv -v.-%, « i ' t ■y .» ' --M-.Jl ;. Hv-i , t t -m i fj.-, ,jr . r. simL rv- - in , .-vr. _. . - tMieaiion cJ edt Editor. Da K Goodman Bui. Mgr., Kellum ' olng We J. orae 9 ' t Sleepless nights and sleepy days characterize those of the annual Staff who who have worked so diligently in editing the 1950 " Lest We Forget. " Due to a late start and lack of experience, the work was slow in gaining momentum but once underway little effort was needed in keeping the job mov- ing. Splendid cooperation among all the staff and extra hard work by Max TowNSEND, Kellum Yoing and Mary Benson helped put this year ' s annual over the top. S T .4 F F Editor - Dave Goodma.v Class Editors- — Frances Anderson, Bettye Patto.n Business Manager Kellum Young Typists — Associate Editor ----- Jean Outlaw Virginia Berry, Ione Barton Layout Editor - Mary Benson Editorial Staff— Carolyn Fleming, Angelyn Flowers, Feature Editor ------ Jean Ragan m o Mary .Ann Brads haw. Photographer ----- Max Townsend Sports Editor -------- Bob Hale Assistant Business Manager - - Bobbie Jones Organization Editors — Carolyn Hinton, Lois Ford. Business Staff Carroll Curtiss Frank Johnson, Martha J. Meadows Sponsor ----- Mrs. Frank Blythe ,---iJr B 1 : ' ■ .-ffl-_il .!■ 3 . i .-i iJ.--— J • ' m Typist - - - Bobbie Jones Features: Emajean Ragan, Carroll Curtiss Business Staff: Bobbie Jones, Kellum Young, Frank Johnson Editorial Staff — Carolyn Fleming Bob Hale Jean Outlaw Carolyn Hinton Dave Goodman Mrs. Blythe, Sponsor Mary Benson Angelyn Flowers Photography: Max Townsend Dave Goodman Layout Staff: Carolyn Fleming, Mary Benson, Angelyn Flowers, Mary Ann Bradshaw. Organization Staff: Lois Ford, Carolyn Hinton, Mrs. Blythe Editors — Frank Johnson, June Boren (cardinal and C- ream " Cardinal and Cream, " the student news publication on Union ' s campus, started the year with several changes in the staff, and finally settled down to work with Frank Johnson and June Boren at the helm as editors; Dave Goodman and Jimmy Nimmo as Sports editors; Emajean Ragan for features; Shirley Bridges as Literary editor; Kitty Ragan, Dorothy Carlson and Virginia Maroney for society editors; Mary Jo Duck as correspondent; Ione Barton as typist; and Evelyn Foote as faculty advisor. The business staff consists of Jimmy Phillips, Margaret Mullins and Angelyn Flowers, and Max Town send is the Staff Photographer. The staff has tried to make " Cardinal and Cream " the voice of the Union students for this past year, and hopes that it will continue to grow with the school and the student body. A step toward this goal was attained this year with the publication of an eight page edition, the first in the history of the " Cardinal and Cream. " l .» .Ai W«aifciWgt t ir-mni Mii-W %■ «Mil»tii lit ilMh . TiiagBi.ja Above: Virginia MAROiVEY June Boren Dorothy Carlson Below: Shirley Bridges David Smith June Boren Mrs. Foote Frank Johnson Above: Margaret Mullins Mary Jo Duck Angelyn Flowers Below: Ione Barton WMJm ' - A Above: David Goodman, Jimmy Nimmo. Above: Emajean Ragan, Mary Nell Benson, Mary Ann Bradshaw tunt i iu 67:. i ar- ' saRpsiF- rW ' - ' iTOi --is-iia.vijEPi n " ' - ■« =«ws- ' : j " . -cr k -: ' :Fn - - ' H i F9 ' ' p Th. ji •i ' %;l f 1 ■ M I HIHb Coach Turney Ford learned quickly and several made the startintj lineup. The first game against Troy State Teachers found the outweighed Bulldogs coming out on the short end of a 39-6 score. The next week Austin Peay handed the Bulldogs a 20-0 defeat, and the following week the Bulldogs lost by a 32-12 count to Middle Tenn. State, but our men showed promise of things to come in these tilts. T.P.I., a powerhouse of football brawn, was the next to play the Bulldogs and the story again was too much manpower on the opponents side of the line. The Tech backfield proved very vulnerable in its passing to a 34-0 victory, but every one of their running thrusts was stopped cold at the line of scrimmage by a Cardinal and Cream lines- man or line-backer. The following week against Western Kentucky ' s Hilltoppers the Bulldogs, now a battle-seasoned team, fought against over- whelming odds and held the Hilltoppers to a very hard earned 20-14 win. On November 11, Homecoming Day was observed at Union with a tilt against Bethel u mon (l5ullcio f ' The Union Bulldog gridiron scjuad started practice the first of September, during the hot- test part of the year. Needless to say, they soon warmed to the task before them. Forty-five men reported for practice and only eleven of these were letter men, the rest freshmen. Some of these freshmen had never played the " T " formation before and had only seven- teen days to get accustomed to the new razzle- dazzle type of ball handling. But the freshmen Assistant Coach Spencer Holt f 38 3»3 ■«» 43 , 41 40 , 32 V Backrow — Coach Turney Ford, Cotton Maxwell, Bob Childers, Jack Brewer, Bobby Sykes, Dave Dickerson, Jim Thomas, Jim Gatewood, Chuck Williams, Jim Joyner, Tommy Bolen, Mgr. Joe Collins; 2nd Row — Pat Wills, Bill Kelly, David Walkup, Bucky Robnett, Jimmy Deaton, Elmer Crowell, Fred Crosson, Worlie Ballard, Jack Yearout; Front Row — Trainer Will Hudson, Henry Phillips, John Scoble, Buford Matlock, Ray House, Frank Hamby, Miles Frost, Clayton Doty, Assistant Coach Spencer Holt. Not Pictured: Melvin Pratt. College. Seasonal standings had the two teams practically on even terms, but the ferocious Bulldogs literally tore Bethel apart to the tune of 81-0. Our boys played one of their best games that night, with hard running, vicious tackling, and precision blocking. Next on the schedule was Northwestern Louisiana State. After leading nearly all the game the Bulldogs lost this heart- breaker 32-14 in the late minutes of the game. The game with Memphis State was one of the best exhibitions of Bulldog tenacity and deter- mination that has ever been witnessed any- where. The State Tigers were doped to win by at least fifty points and they were trying to top the five hundred point mark for the season with this fifty point victory margin. This Tiger aspira- tion was short-lived and was stopped cold by the tenacious Bulldogs. The high and mighty Tigers led only 7-0 at the half. The second half found the tired, but still game, Union men fighting savagely for all they were worth but superior odds forced them to succumb 35-0. Two of the Memphis scores came in the waning seconds of the game. " To the victors go the spoils of battle, but often the defeated are far more glorious in their defeat. " Our boys were definitely on the ball by this time of the season but costly bobbles and num- erous penalties cost them a victory against Arkansas State. The final score: Arkansas State 13, Union 12. Then the Bulldogs closed the season at Corinth against a fine Northeast Miss. Jr. Col- lege, but they didn ' t show up to form that night and the game ended in a 20-20 tic. Success is not always indicated in the num- ber of games won, but often it is shown in the spirit shown by the team, the ever-present determination to win, and the never-say-die attitude displayed by our boys on the grid-iron. The wearers of Cardinal and Cream on the turf this season did their job wrll against usually far superior teams. m immF m:: : pmm.- a - F " r OFFENSIVE TEAM Jimmy Deaton, r.e.; Frank Hamby, r.t.; Fred Crosson, r.g.; Dave Dickerson, c; Clayton Doty, l.g.; Chuck Williams, l.t.; Miles Frost, l.e.; Backfield — Jim Gatewood, R.H.; Pat Wills, f.b.; Jim Joyner, q.b.; Elmer Crowell, l.h. Clayton Doty L.O. Frank Hamby, All V.S.A.C. R.T. Miles Frost, End BuFORD Matlock, End DEFENSIVE TEAM Line: John Scoble, r.e. ; Henry Phillips, r.t. ; Jack Brewer, r.g.; Bill Kelly, e.g.; Cotton Maxwell, l.t. ; Buford Matlock, l.e. Line Backers: Ray House, Worlie Ballard. Half Backs: Bucky Robnett, Tommy Bolen. Safety: Jack Yearout. « ir- ' ' ' «r-:Maas(p ' - ' « .X7-S !®W| 3«! :W?J1 A:M ' ' :: Backs: — Jim Jovner, Tomm y Bolex, VoRME Bam aru. " Coke " Crowell Coach Turnev Ford P ' ' " tWbL ' fr- " " v ' Jim ( . I I w ood, Back Jim Joyner, Buck k p _ I . » Lt ' m V . HtJ r- : i ' •■« .• X ' ,- ijr c . " r-.! Fred Crosson R.G. Ray House, All V.S.A.C. raF V- ' R: " - wv? - - " Tao. T-; " ' " " ' " -=«v; iiiiiii i ii i—i i j i Miu i jinmK I UNION L-CLUB VVoRLiE Ballard. President; Jack Brewer, Tommy Bolen, Robert Childers, Jimmy Deaton, David Dickersox. Clayton Doty. Miles Frost. Jim.mv Gatewood, David Goodman, Frank Hamby, Wormy Hassell, John Hooper, Ray House, Jimmy Joyner. Bill Kelly, James Maxwell. Melvin Pratt, Henry Phillips, Burton Robnett, John Scoble, Homer Spain, Bobby- Sykes, Jimmy Thomas, David Walkup, Charles Williams, Pat Wills, Jack Ye. rout, Kellum Young. CHEERLE. DERS Left to right: Marian Williams, Betty McKexzie, Joyce Pearson, Gene Riddle. ■fFT-: ■ fFfcv Tw ■ iiX.MiPP P eB7Tm-:;TEs . wr-:iH P ?ilR Coach — TuRNEY Ford Assistant Coach — Spencer Holt Closing a very mediocre season the veteran Union Cage Team showed its true form by winning four out of its last five games and taking second place in the Volunteer State Athletic Conference Tournament. The Bulldogs won their second game of the season against Memphis State. In this savagely fought game (it was savage) the Cardinal Cream Canines chewed out a 52-51 decision over the Tigers. Then they took a nose dive and lost nine straight before getting back on the win track against Florence State. Three of the nine losses were by three points and one was by two. In the V. S. A. C. Tourney the Bundogs showed their true firepower and playing calibre by copping second place. The first tournament game found Union defeating David Lipscomb by a ten point margin and in the next round they ran over the top seeded team, East Tennessee State, 62-53. But in the finals the long trip and two hard games told on the Bulldogs and they lost to Austin Peay 71-56. John Hooper, " Doug " McGill, Dick Dickerson, Homer Spain, Dave Goodman, David Walkup, " Sonny " Haws, Murl Willoughby, Jimmy Thomas, Charles McWherter, Worlie Ballard. U.U. Op. Delta State 35 50 Memphis State - - - - 52 51 Murfreesboro - - - - 43 46 T. P. I. 40 50 Austin Peay 47 53 Delta State 42 55 Southwestern - - - - 70 73 Memphis State - - - - 33 73 David Lipscomb - - - - 52 55 Austin Peay 63 72 T. P. I. 61 63 J.U. Op. 60 47 66 54 70 60 59 69 69 64 Florence State Southwestern Murfreesboro Florence State David Lipscomb V. S. A. G. Tournament David Lipscomb .... 60 50 East Tennessee State - - 62 53 Austin Peay 56 71 " « -, L irrT-iX ' v.:-,swr ' ; ri»«s--« --: ws» - " =r: ; - " »t ' « ■ »w X:Vf- r T ' WORLIE BaLLAKO Dick Dickerson Dave Goodman Sonny Haws John Hooper Doug McGill Homer Spain MURL WiLLOUGHBY 1 B Bf B ' 1 1 H B l 3 H Union vs. Memphis Stail Union vs. Austin Peay Tip-Off. Union vs. MTSC " Little Duke " and " Dick " Dickerson ' Leon " on a Lay-Up I. £1 ' .Jf ' 1 9 fj c-«= " ■-{ " iwi ' )i.. fr-xapvimxR-ii-:-- ' -- ' WM - ,- ' mg F ' ■ " MSSffl WISE! We are proud that wise buyers of printmg all over the country entrust to us their finest printing orders. McCowat- Mercer Press, Incorporated Printers and Lithographers Jackson, Tennessee JASPER TRANSFER AND STORAGE 246 W. MAIN JACKSON. TENNESSEE " Your Agent for North American Van Lines " LONG DISTANCE MOVING THE VARSITY W. A. Ausban 3 I 7 Lexington Ave. JACKSON, TENNESSEE iL - -f - ' m - ' :7fc fr-r-:i «Bl m i i-oT - Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Serving this section since 1873 THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY ELLIS ADAMS FULLER, D.D., President " An Internationally Famous Institution " • A FACULTY OF WORLD FAMOUS TEACHERS, PREACHERS, AUTHORS • ELEVEN GREAT DEPARTMENTS OF INSTRUCTION • A MODERN $3,000,000 EDUCATIONAL PLANT • AN ATMOSPHERE OF SCHOLARSHIP EVANGELISM Write to the President for Catalog Further Information THE BEECHES " LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY SMITH FURNITURE CO. R. B. Smith Market and Lafayette Sts Phone 7-3466 ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW NATHAN ' JACKSON, TENNESSEE (I3ecire ce unci ( out L o. CARROLL TYPEWRITER CO. Distributors of THE NEW GRAY MAGIC ROYAL • Nev Beauty • New Touch • New Features 443 E. College Phone 7-4896 HICKSVILLE HARDWARE CO. • Builders Hardware • Sporting Goods • Trutag Paints 1406 HIGHLAND PHONE 7-6874 !t:r ' f ' ' ' ?w vjas f.s» wiap rr ' em - ' ' WSi? " ' ' r ' =w ' ft- :f J :i ' " I ' l ' F " WELCOME STUDENTS! TO THE WEST JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH (CORNER OF CAMPBELL AND DEADERICK) Our bus circles the campus four times Sundays and twice on Wednesday nights. YOU WILL FEEL AT HOME IN THIS FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE You are assured of educational and spiritual development through op- portunities for service DR. R. E. GUY, Pastor HIRAM ' S HUDSON ' S Air Conditioned Radio and Record Shop Always Open m VICTOR 21 1 E. 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Have A Coke Before the game, during the game, after the game, a frosty bottle of ice- cold Coca-Cola is so refreshing. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS Jackson, Tennessee w rT " i3r: ' ' !iE KiiJiP ' °T ' mr " : ;f -: ' : " " " VJ COMPLIMENTS THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF JACKSON JACKSON TENNESSEE Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ELITE CLEANERS Five Points BILLIE MAINORD Phone 7-3546 Since 1912 HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED We Appreciate Your Business Service That Satisfies MOVING CRATING AND STORAGE Telephone 7- 1 496 RUSSELL TRANSFER CO. 117 EAST COLLEGE STREET J. M. LANKFORD JACKSON, TENNESSEE Compliments of GRAND LEADER BEAUTY SHOP ON MEZZANINE FLOOR L i . ' 1 «L, mmj VI i Compliments of MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS Allen Avenue JACKSON, TENNESSEE MEGEEROSS 211 EAST La Fayette St HARDWARE COMPANY Phone 7-3308 ■T ' - -r ' -wi, -j ' 4:-:t-; r- ' ' -TM r ri - ' ' mw ' ' ' ' wm:,sm ' T ' m$: -w- ' J- " ' ' i t%mlM(mv tlmi t XoofuKi JACr$€N PACriNG CO. PHONES 826 827 (J A-PAG-0 Heat Prodncts JACKSON, TENNESSEE : ROSEDALE AVE. ATG. M. O. R. R. diffee dru s WILSON-GEYER CO. 307 E. Main Imperial Washable Wall Papers HANNA PAINT PRODUCTS Phone 7-2618- 7-2619 In appreciation of the splendid cooperation given by our staff, our advertisers, and especially McCowat-Mercer, our printer; we wish to offer our most sincere thanks. This annual would not have been a success without their help. Dave Goodnnan, Editor Kellum Young, Bus. Mgr. WEST TENNESSEE GAS COMPANY JACKSON, TENNESSEE Telephone I 10 Elks Building Compliments of VOGUE BEAUTY SALON S. M. LAWRENCE COAL CO. COAL AND COKE Phone 7-6701—7-3501 532 E. Chester St. Jackson, Tenn. 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Oldsmobile and Cadillac 107 Poplar Street JACKSON, TENNESSEE WOOTTON ' S STUDIO PORTRAITS and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHS 207 E. Main Street Phone 7-9036 I ;i J ' I CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH James A. Canaday, Pastor John R. Myers, Educational Director NEAREST THE CAMPUS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BUILDING WARMEST CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Where every student is welcome rr ' ' ; rf r 2!e! XA ; " C XT- ' ? ig " - q- -l Compliments of CITY TAXI CO. CALL 7-4422 " 24 Hour Service " CORNER OF MARKET AND CHESTER Comp iments of Warren ' s Grocery And Market IRBY STREET AT UNION UNIVERSITY Compliments of TATE BROS. MOTOR CO. " PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE " 209 S CHURCH STREET DAIRY QUEEN Telephone 7-6132 In HIcksvills 936 CAMPBELL NO DELIVERY " The Perfect Desserf for Any Occasion " QUARTS — PINTS — CUPS — SUNDAES MILK SHAKES — MALTED MILK ROGERS JEWELERS GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS OPEN AN ACCOUNT 216 E. Lafayette Phone 7-8791 Compliments of BOND ' S ' Jackson s Leading Shoe Store " Compliments of TENARKEN PARAMOUNT CORP. Rebuilding Soon to Bring the People of Jackson the Finest in Motion Picture Theatres, and the Best In Movie Entertainment. ' «iiai :i: ,?ipr- :u: mrrm ' :l:r m:i -P ' ' The MOORE STUDIO l ic tonal J owie of the L o-d d 4 J tuaio or dJlstlnctlon yjffenna alwaus the latest ana best ackleuewients 215 North Liberty Street Jackson, Tenn. ■ Ulneuavd d FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP 320 E. Lafayette In Jackson It ' s Qm. SLIPPER SHOP THE NEW SOUTHERN Remember THE READ HOUSE Chattanooga, Tenn. THE OWENSBORO Owensboro, Ky. Are Also ALBERT NOE HOTELS Pinkston Scruggs Drugs Phone 7-4453 117 N. Liberty St. ■:wz mT ' m. ' y:}t m i ' ' Tm ' COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. EDENTON CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS Branches at — BROWNSVILLE HUMBOLDT MIL N RIPLEY CORINTH, MISS. ROBERTS " JACKSON S FRIENDLY JEWELRY STORE " Headquarters for Nationally Advertised WATCHES — RINGS — GIFTS You are invited to OPEN AN ACCOUNT No interests — No carrying charges I 16 E. Lafayette St. Phone 7-5161 Compliments of JACKSON APPLIANCE CO. NORGE — BENDIX — ZENITH 205 N. Market St. Telephone 7-7 I 56 jri -m " The School of Providence and Prayer " New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary A Citadel of Christian Truth and Training A Dynamo of Aggressive Evangelism and Missions Offers Standard Degrees B.D., Th.M., and Th.D. in Theology B.R.E. and M.R.E. in Religious Education and Music Roland Q. Leavell, Th.D., D.D., Presldenf 1220 Washmgton Avenue, New Orleans 13, Louisiana PIANOS — MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS — RECORDS RADIOS AND PLAYERS — SHEET MUSIC BALDWIN ELECTRIC ORGAN HARDEMAN MUSIC COMPANY Jackson, Tennessee Telephone 390 Authorized Maytag Dealer FOR SMART CAMPUS FASHIONS . . . 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FRANKLAND ' S COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS FOR Market and Chester HALF A CENTURY Phone 7-5573 Church Street where College Passes Jackson, Tenn. Phone 7-55 16 Lest We Forget! STAND - OUT STYLES P- 12R FOR Comfort CAMPUS WEAR Electric Power Convenience + Labor Saving + STEGALL ' S for + Efficiency 1 15 North Liberty Street A Higher Standard of Living JACKSON JACKSON ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT Compliments BLACK And WHITE STORE L onavaiuiiatlon5 Seniors I I I E. Lafayette Phone 7-6366 Compliments of iKo6enbloom S 212 E. Lafayette Phone 7-3343 Compliments of THE BOOTERY MET ENTERPRISES NEW MET THEATER DRIVE-IN College Street Humboldt Highway ' iiFfTTF7 i ¥¥:;;iprii3v: f Compliments of HIGHLAND GRILL Compliments of Lawrence Food Store 540 N.Hays Phone 7-742 1 Compliments of Burkhead ' s Grocery 302 East Deaderick Compliments of Bryant-Harwell Food Store 1401 E. Chester St, Phone 7-8586 Jackson, Tenn, " Congratulations Seniors " Robert Taylor Grocery 1504 East Chester BOB PASCHALL Grocery and Market Phone 7-3871 1301 Highland Ave. Compliments of Lehning ' s Pharmacy 927 Highland Avenue Phone 7-6774 Fred Moore Service Station AT HICKSVILLE Phone 9143 Compliments of The Savings Oil Co. 127 Lexington Avenue Phone 924! COMPLIMENTS OF THESE CHURCHES PASTORED BY UNION STUDENTS BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH Humboldt, Tennessee Jerold Palmer, Pastor BIRD ' S CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH Whitlock, Tennessee Carlos Owens, Pastor BLANDVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH Blandville, Kentucky Joe Bomar, Pastor BRUCE ' S CHAPEL BAPTIST CHURCH RIdgely, Tennessee Wesley Crenshaw, Pastor CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH Medon, Tennessee Hugh Callens, Pastor ELIM BAPTIST CHURCH Ripley, Tennessee Mark Fairless, Pastor FAIRVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH Elbridge, Tennessee J. D. May, Pastor FELLOWSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH Quito, Tennessee Richard Morris, Pastor FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Bragg City, Missouri Howard English, Pastor FIRST BAPTIST CHAPEL BIytheville, Arkansas David A. Smith, Pastor T A ' ■J} -.hi ' f ' ' ' W 1 " u.; WT ' ' ' " " - ' S? 1 jj ' " ' in " :j COMPLIMENTS OF THESE CHURCHES PASTORED BY UNION STUDENTS GIBBS BAPTIST CHURCH Union City, Tennessee George H. Douglas, Pastor HICKORY VALLEY BAPTIST CHURCH LAVENIA BAPTIST CHURCH E. D. Hensley, Pastor MARY ' S CHAPEL BAPTIST CHURCH Huffman, Arkansas David McPeake, Pastor MT. LEBANON BAPTIST CHURCH Covington, Tennessee Gene Hadley, Pastor MT. ZION BAPTIST CHURCH McNairy, Tennessee James M. Roberts, Pastor REELFOOT BAPTIST CHURCH Union City, Tennessee Young H. Lang, Pastor WELLS STATION BAPTIST CHAPEL Memphis, Tennessee E. C. Curtis, Pastor WILLIAM ' S CHAPEL BAPTIST CHURCH Halls, Tennessee Roddy Evans, Pastor WILLISTON BAPTIST CHURCH Williston, Tennessee Joe E. Franklin, Pastor WYNNBURG BAPTIST CHURCH Ridgely, Tennessee Young H. Lang, Pastor mj- ' w OT-i . rp ' f " 5:-7 jLM rjs ' .-ja ' KH sc ieritagc Collecticm ir Library m n iieiversHy 1 - T . - ' is svw r iteEyi r iss:!

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