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Property c f! UE ns Office Union University Jackson. Tennessee There is no uneducated man, but there is a realm of higher learning toward this we aspire. WE ARRIVE IN JAEKSON THESE ARE FAMILIAR SCENES FIRST IMPRESSIONS $0% i nil s s lirrn WEST JACKSON BAPTIST FIRST METHODIST FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CALVARY BAPTIST FIRST BAPTIST A F E W II F FIRST CHRISTIAN DUR CHURCHES sa 2). RulU THIBUTE Jo a ski skilled workman a qualified leader a noble personality an able pedagogue We humbly dedicate this edition of 19 4 9 LEST WE FORGET ROSA D. RUTLEDGE President WARREN F. JONES B. S., Georgetown College, 1921 M. A., University of Kentucky, 1937 LL. D., Georgetown College, 1945 SAMUEL S. SARGENT— Dean A. B., Union University, 1924 M. A., George Peabody College, 1926 MATTIE SANDERS— Dean of Women B. S., Central Missouri State College, 1930 M. A., Columbia University, 1932 FRANK M. BLYTHE— Business Manager University of Oklahoma, 1926 TROY G. YOUNG— Alumni Secretary A. B., Union University, 1924 M. A., George Peabody College, 1933 Additional graduate work, Harvard University Faculty Funfe 13 R. C. BRIGGS— Head of Bible Dept. A. B.. Southwestern State Teachers College, 1937 Th. M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1943 Th. D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1946 C. W. DAVIS— Landscape Engineer and Lecturer ogy and Anthropology B. S.. University of Tennessee M. S. A. and Ph. D., Iowa State College EVELYN CARTER— Assise French B. S., University of T ennessee, 1937 M. A.. University of Tennessee, 1939 Professor of English an RALPH T. DONNELL— Head of Mathematics and Physics Departments A. B., Cumberland University, 1926 LL. B., Cumberland University, 1927 M. A., Vanderbilt University, 1937 Additional Graduate work, University of Tennessee FACULTY EDWARD W. DUCK— Actmg Head of Social Scie Department B. S., George Peabody College, 1926 M. A., George Peabody College, 1931 Additional Graduate work, George Peabody College University of Texas CLYDE J. GARRETT— Head of Music Department B. M., Chicago Conservatory of Music, 1931 M. M., Chicago Conservatory of Music, 1936 D. Mus. Ed., Zoellner Conservatory of Music, 1939 Graduate studies. University of Southern California Private study in New York, Chicago, Hollywood TURNEY FORD— Director of Athletics, Head Coach, and Instructor m Physical Education A. B., Vanderbilt University, 1938 Graduate work, George Peabody College DOROTHY I. GARRET— Instructor m Piano Mus. B., Chicago Conservatory of Music, 1936 MARGIE GOANS- Pro ess A. B., Carson Newman College, 1944 M. S., University of Tennessee, 1948 ALTON E. HARVEY— Instructor in Music B. M„ Mississippi Southern College, 1938 M. M., Cincinnati College of Music, 1939 Private study with Jerome Robertson, artist teacher and operatic coach MABEL WHITSON HARDIN— Head of English Dept. A. B„ Union University, 1921 M. A., University of Tennessee, 1923 Additional graduate work, George Peabody College and University of Wisconsin FLORA A. HAAS— Acting Head of Biology De A. B., Indiana University, 1914 A. M., Indiana University, 1917 Ph D., Indiana University, 1921 FACULTY FRANCES HONCHELL— Head of Foreign Languages Dept. A. B., Eastern Kentucky State College, 1935 M. A., George Peabody College, 1940 All requirements for Ph. D., except Dissertation, George Peabody College BEULAH F. MALLORY— Instructor m Mathemat.cs A. B., Union University, 1937 Graduate work, George Peabody College ELIZABETH LLOYD— Instructor m Speech and Drama Diploma in Expression, Whitworth College, 1922 A. B., Union University, 1945 Studied with the Gurry School of Expression, Boston; Alviene University of the Theater, New York; The American Academy of Dramatic Art, Columbia Uni- versity FRANCES MERCER— Head of Home Economics Dept. B. S., Union University, 1927 M. S., University of Tennessee, 1935 Additional Graduate work. University of Chicago .1 F RAY— Audio-Visual Education A. B., Union University, 1901 A. M., Union University, 1902 Th. M, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1904 Additional Graduate Work, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary D.D., Union University, 1948 ROSA DYER RUTLEDGE— Assistant Professor of History B. S., Union University, 1927 M. A., George Peabody College, 1932 Additional Graduate work, University of W: DEE E. RICE— Instructor m Latin M1LCHRIST C STANWORTH— Instructor m Piano and Theory Graduate of Northwestern University School of Music Artists ' Graduate Diploma, Northwestern University School of Music; Teacher ' s Certificate, Piano and Methods, Northwestern FACULTY EMMA WATER SUMMERS— Lihrar GRACE WILLIAMS— Acting Head of Physical Education B. S., Alabama College, 1928 M. A., George Peabody College, 1932 R. H. WARD- of Sociology, As Pro e. A. B„ Carson-Newman College, 1933 M. A.. George Peabody College, 194S Additional work at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Additional Graduate work at George Peabody College TROY G. YOUNG— Alumni Secretary and . Public Relations A. B., Union University, 1924 M. A., George Peabody College, 1933 Additional graduate work; Harvard University CLASSES S E IV I D R S L First Row: June Adams, Union City, Tennessee, B.S. Degree Nell Anderson, Yazoo City, Mississippi, BA. Degree Dortha Anderson, Memphis, Tennessee, R.A Degree Edward J. Anthony, Ripley, Tennessee, B.S. Degree Second Row: Billy Armstrong, Guys, Tennessee, BA. Degree Bynum Basden, Wheeler, Mississippi, BA. Degree Blancha Baxter, Jackson, Tennessee, BA. Degree William Baxter, Jackson, Tennessee, BA. Degree 19 Third Row. John Bell, Louisville. Kentucky, BA Degree IJ.i Bennett, Stanton, Tennessee, B.A. Degree Beverly Billingsly, Jackson, Tennessee, B.A. Degree Irene Bishop, Jackson, Tennessee, B.A. Degree Fourth Row: Janette Bodkin. Trenton, Tennessee, B.A. Degree Stanley Bowden, Covington. Tennessee, B.S. Degree Tom Brandon. Benton, Kentucky, B.A. Degree Perry Brookshire, Marion, Kentucky, B A Degree L Jack Brown. Vickshurg. Mississippi, BS Degree Jean Brown, Jackson, Tennessee, B.A. Degree Velma Brown, Jackson, Tennessee, B.S. Degree Fred Brumbelow, Hickory Valley, Tennessee, B.S. De Harold Bryant, Osceola, Arkansas, B.S. Degree Paul Burns, Pulaski, Tennessee. B.A. Degree Jean Carlisle, Lucy, Tennessee. B.S. Degree Robert B. Chapman, Memphis. Tennessee, B.A. Degree Raw George Clark, Benton, Kentucky, B.A. Degree Geraldine Clark, Adamsville. Tennessee, B.S. Degree Gene Cotey, Memphis. Tennessee, B. A. Degree Milton Cox, Boonesville, Mississippi. B.S. Degree Fourth Row Fred Crosson, Jackson. Tennessee, B.S Degree Peggy Dodson, Halls, Tennessee, B. S. Degree Ruth Dowland, Trenton, Tennessee, B.A. Degree Carl Duck, Mobile, Alabama, B.A. Degree 20 First Row: Katie Lou Dunagan, Trenton, Tennessee, B.S. Degree Ruby Earhart, Dover, Tennessee, B.A. Degree Jean Eaves, Jackson, Tennessee, B.A. Degree James Eaves, Jackson, Tennessee. B.A. Degree Second Row Thomas Estes, Blue Mountain, Mississippi, B.S. Degree AlmaRuth Franks, FallsChurch, Virginia, B A Degree James B. Frye, Jackson. Tennessee, B.S. Degree Gill A. Gideon. Jr., Whiteville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree 21 Otha Gilliam, Adamsville, Tennessee, BS Degree Virginia Goodrich, Etterville, Missouri, B A Degree Jane Hamner, Jackson. Tennessee, B A. Degree kcrmitHcrrington.J.icksCrcck. Tennessee. B.S. Degree Irvin Hays, Trenton. Tennessee, B.A. Degree Clara Jane Halloway, Jackson, Tennessee, B A Degree Charles Hudson, Dyer. Tennessee. B.S Degree Joseph Isaac. Jackson, Tennessee, B.S. Degree L. D. Kennedy, Atwood, Tennessee, B. A. Degree Dorothy King, Jackson, Tennessee, B.A. Degree Betty Lanon, Jackson, Tennessee, B.A. Degree Virginia Leggett, Gates, Tennessee, B S Degree Jane O ' Neal, Jackson, Tennessee, B.A. Degree Harry Phillips, Kossuth, Mississippi, B. A. Degree C. M. Randolph, Jackson, Tennessee, B. S. Degree Patricia Ringold, Jackson, Tennessee, B.A. Degree L Second Row: Georgie Lowrance, Jackson, Tennessee, B.A. Degre Ed McCall, New Orleans, Louisiana, B.A. Degree Max Marshall, Benton, Illinois, B.A. Degree Fay Oakley, Dyershurg, Tennessee, B. S. Degree Fourth Rou ' : William Roark, Malesue, Tennessee, B.S. Degree Joyce Roberts, Jackson, Tennessee, B.A. Degree E. B. Roddy, Jackson, Tennessee, B. S. Degree Margaret Ann Rogers, Ripley, Tennessee, B.S. Degree 22 First Ron ' . Kvle Scates, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, B S Degree Fred Short, Jackson, Tennessee, B.A. Degree Trudell Smith, Decaturvillc, Tennessee. B.A. Degree Herbert Sorrel!, Memphis, Tennessee. B.A. Degree Dwayne Tucker. Parsons, Tennessee, BS Degree Billy Turner, Covington. Tennessee. B A Degree Lucille Turner. Covington, Tennessee. B A Degree C. M. Warren. Clifton. Tennessee, BS Degree : H. M. Stokes, Kevil, Kentucky. B A. Degree Max Stone, Petersburg, Tennessee, B.S. Degree- James H. Strawn. Jackson. Tennessee. BS Degree W. Alvis Strickland, Tulsa, Oklahoma. B.A. Degree 23 Fourth Row. Thelma Lee Whitlock. Pulaski. Tennessee. B.A. Degree Homer Wilkms, Jackson. Tennessee, B S Degree Glenn Yancey, Savannah. Tennessee, B.S. Degree - AJ J U IV I D R S L First Row: DOYLE ALEXANDER. EDWARD ALEXANDER, JOYCE AUSTIN HAYWOOD BARHAM Second Row: VIRGINIA BARTHOLONEW, JOE BOMAR. WALLACE BR1TTON, ANN BUTLER Third Row. PANN CARR. JAMES COLEY, MARTHA CROCKER. E. C. CURTIS Fnst Row JEWELL EPPS, J. L. FORD, MARGIE GABLE, MARGARET GARNETT Second Row: DAVID GOODMAN, HAROLD GOWER, JAMES HACKNEY, MARY LEE HAILEY Th.rd Row; ROBERT HAMBLIN, PAUL HARWOOD, HENRY HASTING, E. D. HENSLEY L First Row HERBERT HIGDON, MARY LOU HIGDON, BETTY RUTH HILLIARD. JACK HILLIARD Second Row: RAY HOUSE, FRANK JOHNSON, JAMES E. JOHNSON, PAUL KING Th.rd Row: MAX KOFFMAN, NORMAN LEVINE. LENDY LEWIS. GENE MOFFATT First Row. BILL MINTON, JAMES McCUNE, b. f. Mcdonald, Ralph Mcdonald Second Row: ELBERT McLAURIN, ROBERT NAQUIN, JEAN OUTLAW, JEROLD PALMER Third Row. JAMES PHILLIPS, NELDA PICKLER. EMOGENE RAGAN, DAVID REID L First Row: CLAUDE RICHERDSON. GERALDINE RICKETS, JOHN SANDERS WILLIAM SCRUGGS Second Row: BARBARA SEWELL, DAVID SMITH. JANE STALLINGS, W. H. VINSON Third Rou . PETE WARREN. KEITH WILSON. LILE WOODSON. W1LLARD I ; VICKERJ — _ 1 SDPHDMDRES L First Row: SALLY FRANCES ALLEN, VIRGINIA ARNOLD. ROBERT BAKER, MARY ANN BOLEN Second Row: DON BOOKER, JACK BREWER, JOE BRENT, GENEVA BLJRNES Third Row. MARY JO CANNON. DORIS CASTELOW. JOE COLLINS, JANE COOPER First Row: THOMAS DALTON, THOMAS EASON, THELMA ELKINS, MARK FAIRLESS Second Row: MARVIN FITTS, BILL FORD, JOY GARRETT, PHIL GILLHAM Th.rd Row O ' NEAL HARDY. MARTHA HAYS. WILLIAM FOOTE. CHRISTINE JOHNSON First Row: JUNE JONES, MARTHA HURST, DAVID HOLMES, CAROLYN HINTON Second Row: A. L. HILLIARD, CLAUDE HEARD, CHARLES MARLER, MARTHA MARLER Third Row: JOHNNIE LEWELLING, TERRY LATHAM, PATSY LAY, NANCY JONES First Row: MALCOLM JONES, BETTY MARTIN. JEANNE MOFFATT, C. J. RORIE Second Row: HERBERT ROBBINS, THOMAS RHODES. ALMA RANKIN. AUSTIN PARTON Third Row: VIRGINIA ORMAN. EMILY L. NEWSON, THOMAS MONCRIEF, JERRY THOMAS First Row: NORMA JEAN TATE, CATHERINE THOMPSON, MARTHA STEWART, CLARA SHREEVE Second Row: RACHEL STRAWN, KELLEM YOUNG, MELVIN WILLIAMS, MARIAN WILLIAMS Th.rd Row: FERN WHITE. MARY E. WALTON, GEORGE WATLINGTON, YOUNG LANG FRESHMEN First Row: LAWRENCE ANDERSON, JOAN ALBRIGHT. WILLIAM BAILEY, JANE BARTON Second Row: VIRGINIA BERRY, BARBARA BICKERS, BETTY BLANKENSHIP, JUNE BOREN Third Row: IMOGENE BREWER, SHIRLEY BRIDGES. MALCOLM BROOM, BONNIE BROWN First Row: DOROTHY COLE, DAVID COLLIER. KATHLEEN CONNER, MARY CRABTREE Second Row CLAYTON DOTY, MARGIE LEE EDWARDS, BYRON EPPS, LOIS FORD Third Row: BILL FOWLER, EDDIE M FRANKLIN, JOE FRANKLIN, JAMES T. GILLIS First Row: GAIL GRAMHAM, EDWINA GURLEY EMOGENE HARRIS, JOHN HARRIS Second Row. DOLEN HENRY, BOBBY HERRIN, MARIE HONEYCUTT, KING JAMERSON Th.rd Row EMMITT JOHNSON, JOHNNIE JOHNSON, PEGGY JONES, ROSA JONES Row: ROBERT LASTER, DORIS LEWIS, JOE LITTLEFIELD, VIRGINIA MARONEY Second Row: KATHRYN MARSHALL, JOAN MARTIN, LEO MARTINDALE, OPAL MILLER Third Roa : JULIUS MILLS, BETTY McKENZIE, PAUL O ' MARY, BETTY PATTON First Row. ED PRATHER, KATHERINE REGAN. FRED RILEY, NANCY ROBERTS Second Row: FREDA SIMMONS, WANDA SHIREY, HOMER SPAIN, JOAN SPENCER Third Row: MARGARET TUTTEROW, HOWARD VICKERS. WILLIAM R. WILLIS. B. O. WOLFE, JR. CLASS LEADERS i T JUNIORS D F F I C E H S WILLARD VICKERY President JAMES COLEY Vice-President BARBAR SEWELL Secretary JEWELL EPPS Treasurer SDPHDMDRES OFFICERS CLARENCE KNIGHTON President B. B. DOUGLAS Vice-President GERALDINE RICKS Secretary l Uq Ut ' tU £ e ©oik FRESHMEN D F F I C E H S KING JAMIESON President GEORGE KELLY Vice-President MARY CRABTREE Secretary-Treasurer fc ft E £ fTTE I ■BMBMH CHI OMEGA OFFICERS CLARA J. HOLLOW AY President JEAN BROWN Vice-President RUTH DOWLAND Secretary BARBARA SEWELL Treasurer VIRGINIA ARNOLD Herald BEVERLY BILLINGSLY Pledge Mistress First Row: Joan Albright, Virginia Arnold, Beverly Billuigslv, Betty Blankenship, Shirly Bridges, Ann Bnngle Second Row: Jean Brown, Peggy Dodson, Ruth Dowland, Jane Hamner, Mary Lee Hailey, Clara J. Halloway Third Row. Betty Ruth Hilliard, lunc lones, Betty Lanon, Virginia Maroncy. Kathryn Marshall, Betty Ann McKenzie Fourth Row: Jane O ' Neal, Betty Patton, Patricia Ringold, Barbara Sewell, Joan Ann Spencer, Rachel Strawn Fifth Row: Mrs. Rosa Ruthledge, Mrs. Mable Hardin, Mrs. E. W. Sun 49 I ZETA TAU ALPHA Virginia l.b;i;i it jv -..i .i JANE STALLINGS— Vice-President EMMA JEAN REGAN— Secrerar JOYCE ROBERTS— Trens EAN OUTLAW— H.storuin m M ' LB First Rote: Virginia Bartholonew, Mary Nell Benson, Virginia Berry, Barbara Bickers, Irene Bishop, Mary Ann Bolen, June Boren Second Row: Ann Butler, Geneva Burns, Mary Jo Cannon, Jean Carlisle Doris Castellow, Dorothy Cole Third Row: Kathleen Conner, Jane Cooper. Margie Edwards. Eddie Franklin, Alma Franks, Edwina Gurley, Carolyn Hinton Fourth Row: Johnnie Johnson, Rosa Jones, Patsy Lay, Joan Martin, Emily Newson, Nelda Pickler, {Catherine Ragan F. th Row: Alma Rankin. Geraldine Ricks, Nancy Roberts. Norma J. Tate Thclma Whitlock, Marian Williams. Mrs. Doc Rice unngmgHmmm ALPHA TAU DMEGA First Row: William Bailey, Don Booker, Joe Brint, Joe Collins, James Crabble, James De Berry Second Row: Thomas Eason, James Gillis, David Goodman John Harris, Billy Herin, Charles Hudson ' Third Row Kin;; Jamieson, Darrel King, Kindy Kewis, Harry Parson, Robert Pearson, C. J. Rone Found Row FreJ Riley, John Sanders, William Scruggs, Jack Seymore, Max Stone. Freddie Task Fi th R Jack Thompson, C. M. Warren. Pete Warren 53 SIGIVA ALPHA EPSILDN OFFICERS First Row: JAMES WALKER. TED JONES, ROBERT ELAM Second Row. ELBERT McLAURIN, EMMETT JOHNSON. WILLIAM WILLIS. WORLIE BALLARD, JAMES JOHNSON First Row: Clarence Knighton, George Kelly, Lloyd Pearce, Jr., B. O. Wofe, Bob Elam, Worlie Ballard Third Row: Fred Crosson, Marvin Fitts. GUI Gideon. Hack Hilliard, Ray House, Emmitt Johnson Second Row: Milton Basden, Robert Bogle, Stanley Bov Jack Brown, Harold Bryant, James Coley Fourth Rou . Ted Jones, James Phillips, C. M. Randolph. David Reid. John Scoble, Trudell Smith James Strawn, Dwayne Tucker, James Walker, Wm. R Willis, Kellum Young, Troy G. Young 55 PUBLICATIONS LEST WE FDHGET We are presenting your 1949 edition of LEST WE FORGET. We sincerely express our regret concern- ing the delay of this presentation. We do not, however, apologize for the failure of any per- son or persons to appear in this publication or for the quality of any material. Within these pages we have compiled, in its most attractive form, the material available for your pleasure. We also wish to express our deepest appre- ciation to Mrs. Gene E. Moffatt, without whose assistance this material could not have been compiled. It is our desire that through many years and even generations much joy will be derived from these pages. The Editor JAMES BARNETTE £d lt0 r DAVID GOODMAN Sports JEAN OUTLAW Features JUNE BOREN Society PINKEY KEEL A[ eu , s JACK SEYMORE Business Manager CARDINAL AND CREAM The press has come to be synonymous with freedom of expression. In America that freedom extends even to the college campus. An unbiased publication, the CARDINAL AND CREAM is a credit to Union University, and the pride of its students. ORGANIZATIONS E IV IV I A IV LITERARY SOCIETY 4R K te Hl First Row: Barbara Bickers, Ida Bennett, Mary Bensc Irene Bishop, Viriginia Berry, Mary Ann Bolen, June Boren Second Row: Ann Butler, Jean Carlisle, Doris Castelow, Dorothy Cole, Kathleen Conner, Mary Jo Conner, Jane Cooper ■Third Row: Margie Edwards, Alma Franks, Eddie Franklin, Joy Garrett, Edwina Gurle Carolyn Hinton, Johnnie Johnson Fifth Ro Nancy Jones, Rosa Jones, Virginia Leg ' Patsy Lay, Betty Martin, Joan Martin, Emily Newson Jean Outlaw. Nelda Pickler, Alma Rankin, (Catherine Regan, Geraldine Ricks. loyce Roberts, Nancv Roberts Jane Stalling, Norma Jean Tate, Margaret Tutterow, Marion Williams OFFICERS ALMA RANKIN .... President JUNE ADAMS . . . Vice-President JEAN OUTLAW Secretary CAROLYN HINTON . . Treasurer Enonicm Literary Society is cm organization composed of those young women on Union ' s campus who appreciate the finer things — music, art, and literature. Black and gold aTe the club colors. The yellow tea rose is the club flower. Motto: " Seek the noblest things in life. " EUPHROSYNEAIV LITERARY SOCIETY JL. -J Ftrst Row: Joan Albright, Betty Blankenship, Shirley Bridges, Ann Bringle, Bonnie Brown Second Row: Christine Johnson, June Jones, Virginia Maroney, Kathlyn Marshall, Betty Ann MeKenne Third Row: Betty Patton, Joan Spencer, Rachel Strawn OFFICERS BETTY PATTON President RACHEL STRAWN Vice-President SHIRLEY BRI1DGES Secretary-Treasurer " Girls hand in hand for the best in science, music, art and literature " is the motto of Eupniosyneai.. The organization is made up of Chi Omega pledges and a few non-fraternity girls all having common literary interests. 63 MALLDRY MATH CLUB PPJl i j " -— - -- First Row Doyle Alexander, Joyce Austin, Fred Bremblow, Ann Butler Second Row: Jean Carlisle, Katie Lou Dunagan, Marvin Fitts, Joseph Isaac Third Row: Fred Short, Max Stone, Dwayne Tucker, Lile Woodson OFFICERS MAX STONE President JOSEPH ISAAC Vice-President JEAN CARLISLE Secretary-Treasurer MRS. MALLORY Sponsor The Mallory Math Club is an organization for those students who are mathematics majors or minors, or who have fifteen or more hours of mathematics. The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in physics, and as the name signifies, mathematics. It serves to promote fellowship among students having common interest in these fields. HISTORY MAJORS CLUB HP First Row: Robert Hamhhn, James Gillis, Otha Gillham, E. C. Curtis. Gene Cotey, June Boren Second Rou : Betty Blankenship, Lawrence Anderson. Mars Rose Rutledge. Jerold Palmer. Austin Partin, Max Koffman Third Ron ' : Malcolm Jones, Frank Johnson. Herbert Higdon. Irvin Hays, Henry Hasting, R. H. Ward OFFICERS MAX KOFFMAN President MALCOM JONES Vice-President OTHA W. GILLHAM Secretary-Treasurer The History Department of Union University sponsors both the Rutledge Honor Club and the History Majors Club. These clubs have separate programs planned to meet the demands of the group but frequently they hold joint meetings and take historic trips together for mutual -enefit. 65 H Y P A T I A First Row: Ava Nell Anderson, Ida Bennett, Beverly Billingsly, Jean Brown, Ruth Dowland Second Row: Jeanne Eaves, Alma Ruth Franks, Margaret Garnett, Clara Jane Halloway, Patricia Ringold Third Row: Joyce Roberts, Barbara Sewell, Lucille Turner, Mrs Mable Hardin OFFICERS JEAN BROWN President ALMA RUTH FRANKES Vice-President LUCILLE TURNER Secretary-Treasurer MRS. MABLE HARDIN Sponsor Hypatia is a literary organization, composed of the English majors of the Junior and Senior classes. The club meets twice each month to enjoy a review of some outstanding literary work—ranging from the classics to the most modern books. RICE L A T I IV CLUB m First Row: Dortha Anderson, Ruby Earhart, Mark Fairless, Joe Franklin, Marjorie Gable Second Row: Virginia Goodrich, Harold Gower, James Hackney, Henry Hasting, Robert Hamblm Third Row John Harris, Herbert Higdon, Gene MorTatt, Austin Rirtin. Mrs. Dee Rice OFFICERS VIRGINIA GOODRICH President ROBERT HAMBLIN Vice-President DOROTHA ANDERSON Secretary RUBY EARHEART Treasurer MOTTO Scientia Craesat COLORS Purple and White FLOWER White Rose The purpose of the Latin Club is to grow in the knowledge of Latin and its background. 67 DDCTDRS CLUB First Row: Haywood Barham, Mary Jo Cannon, Geraldine Clark, Peggy Dodson, Johnnie Johnston Second Row: Emily Newson. Nancy Roberts, William Roark, James H. Strawn OFFICERS HAYWOOD BARHAM President LINDY LEWIS Vice-President GERALDINE CLARK Secretary-Treasurer Outstanding on the campus is the DOCTORS ' CLUB — organized in 1920 — which is solely for students in phases of pre-medical work. Two meetings a month, with lectures given by local doctors, help to stimulate interest. 1 . i FOOTLIGHTS CLUB 3 J3H First Row: Dortha Anderson, Beverly Billingsly, Betty Blankenship, June Boren, Shirley Bridges, Jean Brown, Mary Jo Cannon, Pann Carr Second Row: George Clark, Geraldine Clark, James Coley, Gene Cotey, Peggy Dodson, Thelma Elkins, Fred Ewmg, Margaret Garnett Th.rd Row: Clara Jane Halloway, Carolyn Hinton, Dorothy King, Patsy Lay, Betty McKen:ie, Gene Moffatt, Norma J. Tate, Jean Regan Fourth Row: Fred Riley, William Scruggs, Martha Stewart, Jean Outlaw, Dwayne Tucker, Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd OFFICERS GENE COTEY JACK HILLIARD • Vice-President BETTY R. HILLIARD Secretary DWAYNE TUCKER • • Treasurer The Footlights Club is under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd. director ol the Speech Depart- ment. Membership ol the club is composed of students who have shown an interest in, and a talent for. work of dramatic nature. The club sponsored Stunt Night, Play Tournament. One-Ad Play Night, and the major production, the Spring Play. 69 . V I V A C I CLUB First Row: Joan Martin, Robert Laster, Dorothy King, John Harris, Margie Gable Second Row: Kathleen Conner, Shirley Bridges, Edmund Anthony, Betty Patton OFFICERS EDMUND ANTHONY President KATHLEEN CONNER Vice-President BETTY PATTON Secretarv-Treasurer The piano lovers of the campus, the people you hear discussing Mozart. Beethoven, and Chopin with as much ease as you would speak oi Tom Sawyer these are the members of the Vivaci Club. EUTERPEAIV CLUB First Row: Sally Allen, Edmond Anthony, Virginia Bartholnew, Blanche Baxter, William Baxter, Ida Bennett, Mary Nell Benson, Dan Booker Second Row: Wallace Britton, Mary Jo Cannon, Kathleen Conner, Marvin Fitts, Lois Ford, Alma Ruth Franks, Joy Garrett, Claude Heard Third Row: Carolyn Hinton, Nancy Jones, Dorothy King, Robert Laster, Betty Martin, Jeanne Moffatt, Joyce Roberts, Margaret A. Rogers Fourth Row: Wanda Shirey, Norma J. Tate, Margaret Tutterow, Jerry Thomas, Lucille Turner, George Watlington, Fern White OFFICERS IDA BENNETT President CLAUDE HEARD Vice-President MARY NELL BENSON Secrrtarj-Trewurer The Euterpecm Club, whose interests lie in all of the Fine Arts, is devoted to sponsoring cultural projects which will touch the entire student body. ' I B. S. U. C D U IV C I L BWMM BoJki Bomar, Irene Bishop, Mary Jo Cannon, Gene Cotey, First Row: Haywood Barhan, Ja Mary Crabtree Second Row: Jean Eaves, Jewell Epps, Marvin Fitts, Virginia Goodrich, Irvin Hays, Paul Harwood, Claude Heard Third Row: Marie Honeycutt, Mary Lou Higdon, Dorothy King, Young Lang, Virginia Leggett, Charles Marler, Virginia Maroney Fourth Row: Opal Miller, Wanda Shirey, David Smith, Margaret Tutterow, Thelma Whitlock. Keith Wilson B. S. If. endeavors to unify the various phases of one ' s college life, with emphasis not only upon the mental, the physical, and the social, but the spiritual as well, producing students who reflect the spirit of Christ, and in so doing, the spirit of Union. THE Y. W. A. Joan Albright. Sillcv Allen M r .irer I j!.-n -.v, I v.,. ' Austin. Ida Bennett. Mary N. Benson, Virginia Berry. Barbara Bickers. Betty Blandenship. Janette Bex Mary Ann Bolen. June Boren. Ann Bringle, Mary E. Walton. Mary Jo Cannon, Doris Castelow, Dor.-thv Cole. Jane Ox, per. M.irv Crabtrec. Martha Crocker Fourth Ron.: Margaret Garnett, Virginia Goodrich, Edwinia Gurley, Mary L. Halley, Mary L, riigdon, Carolyn Hinton, Marie Honeycutt. Martha Hurst, Christine Johnson. Johnnie Johnson Fi th Row Nancy Jones, Peggv Jones, Rosa Jones. Patsy Lay, Virginia Leggett. Georgie Lawrance. Betty Martin. Kathryn Marshcll. Joan Martin. Oral Miller Mivth R,,u Emil News, n. Neld i Pi. kler, A ' .:i.. R . ' ikiri. Y , ' hniv K.-g.in. Oeialdme Ruks. Wanda Shircy. Clara Shrceve. Freda Simmons. Jane Stalling. Marion Williams Seventh Roue Katherinc Thompson. Fern White. Dorothea Anderson. Thelma Whitlock. Bonnie Brown, Martha Stewart 73 The purpose of the Young Woman ' s Auxiliary is to enlist the young women on the campus in active Christian service bith at home and abroad by the giving of time, money, and talents, and through prayer. OFFICERS THELMA WHITLOCK President DOROTHA ANDERSON Vice-President MARTHA STEWART Secretary POLLY STEWART Treasurer BONNIE BROWN Corresponding Secretary LIFE SERVICE BAND EM 2HS EI Sally Allen, Dorotha Anderson, Lawrence Anderson, Joyce Austin, Virginia Bartholonew, Irene Bishop, Joe Bomar : Jean Carlisle, Martha Crocker, E. C. Curtis, Carl Duck, Byron Epps, Jewell Epps, Marvin Fitts Joe Franklin, Marione Gable, Harold Gower, James Hackney, Paul Harwood, Marie Honeycutt, Dolen Henry Fourth Row Martha Hurst, Christine Johnson, Malcolm Jones, Young Lang, Georgia Laurance, Joe Littlefield , Charles Marler Fi th Row: Thomas Moncnef, Jerold Palmer, Jummy Phillips, Herbert Robbins. Joyce Roberts, Clara Shreeves. David Smith Sixth Row: Catherine Thompson, Margaret Tuterow, Howard Vickers, Mary E. Walton, Melvin Williams, Keith Wilson An organization which seeks, thr lives of those dedicated to a Div: gh its programs, speakers, and members, to build the spiritual ; Calling, is the Life Service Band. The purpose of this organization is to help Christian workers prepare themselves for a greater life of service for the Master. 74 THE J. R. G. SOCIETY First Row: Joe Littlefield, Wallace Bntton, Joe Bomar, Lawrence Anderson, Edward Alexander, George Clark. Gene Cotey, E. C. Curtis, Carl Duck Second Row: Mark Fairless, J. L. Ford, Harold Gower, Robert Hamblin.Paul Harwood, James Haskey, Henry Hastings, Irvin Hays, E. D. Henskey Third Row: Dolen Henry, Malcolm Jones, L. D. Kennedy, Young Lang, Charles Marler, Ralph McDonald, B. F. McDonald, Julius Mills, Gene Moffatt Fourth Row: Thomas Moncrief, Jerold Palmer, Austin Partin, Claude Richerdson, David Smith, H. M. Stokes, Howard Vickers, Melvin Williams, Keith Wilson The J. R. Graves, Society of Religious Inquiry, was founded in 1877. Its motto " Search the Scriptures " defines its purpose and is of great importance to each member. The Society aids the ministerial students in becoming familiar with their future problems and work through study and practice. THE MRS. CLUB Jean Brown, Jean Eaves, Otha Gillman, Peggy Jones, Mary L. Higdon, Martha Marler, Jeanne Moffat, Rachel Strawn, Lucille Turner OFFICERS LUCILLE TURNER . JEAN EAVES . . . MARTHA MARLER . . President Vice-President Secretar -Treasi Repo The Mrs. Club is for the lucky girls who have been able to " catch " the one they wanted. Its purpose is to pro- mote a closer fellowship among the wives. In the monthly meetings problems and phases of religious work, entertainment, and qualifications which tend to make better helpmates are discussed. THE IVESTEH CLUB Max Stone, L. D. Kennedy, Paul Hardwood, Lile Woodson, James H. Strawn OFFICERS FRED SANDERS President BUDDY EVANS Vice-President BOB ELAM Secretarv-freaurer DR. PRINCE Sponsor MR. YOUNG Assistant Sponsor From the two upper classes twelve of the young men ranking highest in scholarship, other things being equal, are chosen each year to compose the Nestor Club, rated at Union ' s Phi Beta Kappa. The thirteenth member is Dr. Prince who, as faculty sponsor, has been an omen of good luck to this organization for several years. Mr. Young is assistant spons or. 76 MUSIC and DRAMA BOB LASSITER BUlW fnifiii ' g;, UNION UNIVERSITY CHORUS Under the direction of Clyde J. Garrett BRASS QUARTET David, Gene, Glenn, and Al STUNT NIGHT Carolyn Hmton Marie Honeycutt King Jamison Virginia Maroney p g i Cast of " The Late Christopher Bean ' June Boren Mary Jo Cannon CHRISTMAS PAGEANT David Reid Jane Cooper Paul Hardy James Allen Virginia Berry J I IV T ENTERPRISE FEATURES MISS UNION VIRGINIA LEGGETT m B f f A HHHBL ' jB PvA W p : ■ MR. UNION BILL SCRUGGS S5 SENIOR PRINCESS Ruth Dowland SOPHOMORE PRINCESS Patsy Lay i N 5. A. E. QUEEN Ruth Dowland A. T. O. QUEEN Patsy Lay FOOTBALL QUEEN Virginia Leggett 1 I 1 BASKETBALL QUEEN Ruth Dowland MOST POPULAR GIRL Beverly Billingsly MOST POPULAR BOY Emmett (Buddy) Johnson PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT BODY Harold Bryant ATHLETICS " U " CLUB The purpose of the Union University " U " Club is to promote better understanding and cooperation among athletes of the college and to establish athletic activities or an ethical plan in keeping with high purposes of education. Ev. , who has earned a letter in athletics is ligible for membership in the " U " Club. DFFICEHS RAY HOUSE President JOHN SCOBLE Vice-President WORL1E BALLARD Secretary-Treasurer JACK BREWER Serjeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Herchel " Tad " Brewer, Milton Basden, Jodie Ellis, John Hopper, Homer Spain, John Scoble, Jack Brewer, Beauford Matlock, Clarence Knighton, Worlie Ballard, Fred Crosson, Jim Joyner, Bill Willis, James Coley, Charles Hudson, Ovan Hyde, Douglas McGill, David Goodman, Frank Hamby, Ray House, Shelby Brewer, Robert Hamlet, Everett LaFon, Clarence Randolph, Gill Gideon, Jack Brown, Wallace Wilson, David Hurt, Laverne Walburn, Glenn HasseU, Jack Yearout, Melvin Prett, David Dickerson. Eff J9bK T aKI kW 1 mBH r 9 L .JH J P-J p IB 1 » mJt J ' CHEERLEADERS C. M. Randolph " Red " Oakley Marion Williams Ida Bennett Beverly Billingsly £ ¥. WILFORD SHORT Halfback i 1 J -4 IACK BROWN Co-Captain Quarterback CLARENCE KNIGHTON Halfback LEO MART1NDALE Halfback £ y JIMMY JOYNER Halfback JODY ELLIS Quarterback JOHN HOOPER Halfback WORLIE BALLARD tfzxm JACK YEAROUT Quarterback JESSIE BYNUM Fullback A (V )•■ -t BUFORD MATLOCK Captain End ROBERT WILLIAMS DOUGLAS STRICKLAND End End MELVIN PRATT End s T m n % . y «y RAY HOUSE DAVID DICKERSON Center Center JOY FLY Center HERB SANFORP TAYLOR BEARE Tackle DOUGLAS JONES Tackle JIM FULLER Tackle BILLY MATTHEWS Tackle JAMES COLEY Tackle FRANK HAMBY BUCK SORRELL Tackle Tackle BILLY WILLIS l I ' .i.irJ JACK BREWER ( kurd EVERETT LaFON Guard CLAYTON DOETY Guard « 4 a T JOHN SCOBLE FRED CROSSON Guard RUDY DAVIS l Hl.il.! L fe !?? bif 61 ! Douglas Strickland, Melvin Pratt, Buford Matlock, John Scoble, David Hurt, Herb Sanford, Robert Williams KNIGHTON and McLAURIN Kicking T. GROUP BACKS Paul O ' Mary, Clarence Knighton, John Hooper, Floyd Chumney, Tubby Walburn GROUP KICKING Left to Right: Leo Martindale, Jody Ellis, Glen Yancy, Jimmy Joyt Buck Sorell, Jack Brown, Gil Gideon, Bill Willis, Paul O ' Mary, Glen Yancy, Leo Martindale, Fred Crosson, Wilford Short, Jody Ellis, Everett LaFon, George Evans, Kenneth Martindale, Jack Yearout David Hurt, Jim Joyner, Clayton Dotey, Rudy Davis, Buford Matlock, John Scoble, Jessie Bynum, A. D. Jones, Joe Fly, Robert Williams, Everett McLaunn, Worlie Ballard, Melvin Pratt, Becky Knighton, Billy Matthews Coach Fred Delay, Robert Hamlett, Mgr., James Coley, John Hooper, Jack Brewer, Jim Fuller, David Dickerson, Frank Hamby, Ray House, Herb Sanford, Taylor Beard, Bill Fowler, Sam Hyde, Dug Strickland, Worney Hassell, Mgr., Turney Ford Asst. Coach, R. L. Land, Asst. Coach UNION UNIVERSITY 1948 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 18 Alabama Teachers Troy Sept. 25 Austin Peay Jackson Oct. 1 Bethel Jackson Oct. 7 M. T. S Jackson Oct. 15 Western Ky Bowling Green Oct. 22 Pending Jackson Oct. 29 Memphis State Memphis Nov. 5 Open Nov. 12 Cumberland Lebanon Nov. 19 T. P. I (Homecoming) Jackson Nov. 26 Mississippi Southern Hattiesburg " THE BULLDOGS " Front Row: Bobby Thompson, Jimmy Joyner, Milton Basden, Jack Brewer, Worlie Ballard, Murl Willoughby Second Row: John Hooper, David Goodman, Homer Spain, David Dickerson, Douglas McGill, Coach Turney Ford UNION UNIVERSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1948-1949 December 10— Humboldt Jackson Armory 11 — Savannah Savannah 14 — Austin Peay Jackson Armory 17— Memphis State Jackson Armory 29 — Florida State College Lambuth Gym 30 — Tampa University Lambuth Gym January 7— T.P.I Cookeville 8 — Cumberland University Lebanon 11 — Alabama State Jackson Armory 14 — Cumberland University .... Jackson Armory 15— Austin Peay Clarksville 21— T. P. I Jackson Armory 22 — Middle Tenn. State Murfresboro 25 — Memphis State Memphis 28— Middle Tenn. State Jackson Armory February 4 — David Lipscomb College Nashville 7 — Martin College Pulaski 8 — U. T. Junior College Jackson Armory 15 — David Lipscomb College .... Jackson Armory 19— U. T. Junior College Martin 22 — Alabama State Florence 25 — Martin College Jackson Armory 107 HOMER SPAIN MURL WILLOUGHBY WORLEY BALLARD JOHN HOOI ' iR DOl ' OLAS McCILL JACK BREWER w BOBBY THOMPSON MILTON BASDAN DAVID GOODMAN Left to Right Milton Basden, Bobby Thompson, Homer Spain, David Dickcrson, Jimmy Joyner " TWO LONGS AND A SHORT ' ' Left to Right: Homer Spain, Murl Willoughby, David Goodman 111 mmmWm BASEBALL TEAM Front Row: Jack Brown, Clarence Knighton, Gill Gideon, Wormy Hassell, Fred Baker Second Row: Jody Ellis, , Charles Hudson, Jimmy Joyner Third Row: Joe Collins, Melvin Prall, John Hooper, Milton Basden, Wa-Wa Jones, Coach Turney Ford TENNIS TEAM " The Three Racquets " James Crab, Mud Willoughby, Kellum Young THESE ARE OUR MEMORIES fBETL - We, the editors of LEST WE FORGET for 1949, are grateful to these our advertisers for their support in making this publication possible. W THE MOORE STUDIO l ictorlat J4ome of the Co-£J Maintaining a standard of prompt, courteous and efficient service — offering always the latest achieve- ments in photographic a rt. 215 N. Liberty St. Jackson, Tenn. WILSON-GEYER CO. Imperial Washable Wall Papers HANNA PAINT PRODUCTS MIRRORS, PICTURE FRAMING 307 E. Main Phone 7-2619 MOVING, CRATING AND STORAGE Telephone 7-1496 -RUSSELL TRANSFER CO. — 117 EAST COLLEGE STREET J. M. LANKFORD JACKSON, TENNESSEE % " Yes! " 5 n ■ ' " ' ST WE INVITE YOU TO MAKE THIS YOUR CHURCH HOME WHILE IN JACKSON D n „ V . rrn KCfO .LL Pastor THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH EAST LAFAYETTE STREET " Only Four Blocks From Union ' s Campus " Good is thw mm Colonial is GOOD bread ROBIN ' S CIGAR CO. 121 W. College St. Jackson DISTRIBUTORS Cigars Candies Sundries Highland College Phone 7-7976 CO. PAINT — WALL PAPER — VENETIAN BLINDS COMPLETE SERVICE ALL MAKES UPHOLSTERY, GLASS BODY REPAIRS THE NEW SOUTHERN Remember THE READ HOUSE Chattanooga, Tenn. THE OWENSBORO Owensboro, Ky. Are Also ALBERT NOE HOTELS Greetings From NEW ORLEANS BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY OFFERING YOUR GRADUATES STANDARD COURSES AND DEGREES. 1220 Washington Ave. New Orleans 13, La. Roland Q. Leavell President l ineuardd FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP 320 E. Lafayette St. au it with jrlo ? » .„UI S af«ri, Km m art % € , JACKSON, TENNESSEE Phone 7-4493 MCGEE ROSS 211 EAST La Fai ette St HARDWARE COMPANY V W A olM$ Jackson ' s Finest Store 1 CflLUflRV BAPTIST CHURCH Lexington Avenue at Tomlin Street JACKSON ' S MOST BEAUTIFUL CHURCH Nearest to the Campus Union Students always enjoy the friendliness and sincere will of our people. The Calvary congregation desires to offer a church home to each student who comes its way and to serve each individual need. Devotedly " Serving West Tennessee Since 1890 " ELITE CLEANERS Five Points BILLIE MAINORD Phone 7-3546 Since 1912 HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED We Appreciate Your Business Service That Satisfies CONGER PARKER LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO : Union Ave. and I.C.R.R. Jackson, Tenn. First In SALES— SERVICE— PARTS TRUCK CHEUROLET compnnv College Church Phone 7-7401 WELCOME STUDENTS! TO THE WEST JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH (CORNER OF CAMPBELL AND DEADERICK) OUR CHURCH BUS MAKES TWO TRIPS TO THE CAMPUS EVERY SUNDAY MORNING AND SUNDAY EVENINGS RIDE OUR BUS FREE You are assured of educational and spiritual development through op- portunities for service DR. R. E. GUY, Pastor Phone 7-1588 FRAZIER-HALL Laundry and cleaners DRY COLD STORAGE SERVICE COMPLETE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANER SERVICE 215 O ' Connor Street JACKSON, TENNESSEE NEWMAN ALDRIDGE JAY G. ALDRIDGE Co-Owners FURNITURE CO Compliments of VKoSenbloom 5 COMPLIMENTS OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Serving this section since 1873 LAYCOOK PRINTING CO. Best Equipped Small Printing Plant in the South JACKSON, TENNESSEE 1X Jtdvwfmnq JBiepJat COMPANY 427 N. Royal Jackson COMPLIMENTS OF ROYAL STREET BAPTIST CHURCH A Small Church With A Big Heart We Welcome You JESSIE NEWTON, Pastor S. Royal At Shelby STAR LAUNDRY AND JACKSON CLEANERS Sanitone Cleaners The Finest Laundering Service Phone 3367 diffee drugs ih:u ' iu:mm " e ££l4- uM Jvoct SZe e l ' HOMER W. WEBB 225 W. LAFAYETTE AGAIN WE SAY CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! -K LEXINGTON INN A COMPLETE PRINTING AND DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING SERVICE McCowat-Mercer Press Office Forms Catalogs Menus Programs Annuals THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY ELLIS ADAMS FULLER, D.D., President " An Internationally Famous Institution " • A FACULTY OF WORLD FAMOUS TEACHERS, PREACHERS, AUTHORS • ELEVEN GREAT DEPARTMENTS OF INSTRUCTION • A MODERN $3,000,000 EDUCATIONAL PLANT • AN ATMOSPHERE OF SCHOLARSHIP EVANGELISM Write to the President for Catalog Further Information THE BEECHES " LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY FIVE POINTS LUMBER COMPANY Incorporated LUMBER • BUILDING MATERIALS • PAINT • WALLPAPER Complete Stock SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS AND WALLPAPER Telephone Jackson, Tennessee Lumber 7-676G Paints 7-5391 COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHERN LAUNDRY CLEANERS DIAMONDS — WATCHES Silver — Crystal — China QUALITY GIFT JEWELRY L P. JACKSON REGISTERED JEWELER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 104 E. LaFayette St. Jackson, Tennessee Welcome to NORTH JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH N. G. CARVER MRS. VELMA RICHARDSON Music Diiector Church Secretary FAIRMONT AT MARTIN You Are Urged to Attend All Services WALF HAMILTON, Pas or WEST TENNESSEE GAS COMPANY JACKSON, TENNESSEE Telephone I 10 Elks Building JACKSON MOTORS Int. KJldsmooite and Cadillac Sales and Service HANNA PAINT PRODUCTS Phone 7-2618—2619 THE CHEF Where Students Meet SHORT ORDERS • PLATE LUNCHES • SOFT DRINKS 212 S. Royal Phone 4620 4621 L onaratulatloni eniord PEREL AND LOWENSTEIN Diamond Store of the South 211-215 E. Main Jackson, Tenn. ZZ l? A BITE TO EAT! COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. EDENTON CD Wholesale Grocers 1 Property of Public tions Office Union University Jackson, Tennessee JWrl 0 «» - ii,;

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