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1948 JBRARK JNION UNIVERSITY JACKS8N, TENNESSEE N .• hoi HERE ' S THE STORY OF OUR DAY AT UNION ,■■ ■ A S P R E S E JV T E D 19 4 8 •• A --«»» itf IS ■ ' .• Em mi sS ME %: •y UUQ r w e JUNE ADAMS • EDITOR K Y T Mi E O R G £ T LOW HE Y SNIPES • BUS. MGR There Are Hours For jSf Q R { These We Q g £ Y » MLV Periods D£ VOTI ON inutes For D 1 Y MIVMBmp Seconds ' HAPPINE 00 h And So Ends Our t) I V Y i DR. A. WARREN PRINCE TRIBUTE Because of his unfailing courage defying all falsehood . . . Because of his untiring devotion sharing his time and abilities with others . . . Because of his sustaining leadership lighting dark paths to eager feet . . . Because of his enduring love of humanity receiving every man as his neighbor . . . We proudly dedicate the 1948 LEST WE FORGET to DR. A. WARREN PRINCE Ok e PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Dear Reader, Your college annual will become one of your most highly prized possessions. It has a pecu- liar way of growing in importance as the years pass. Before graduation as you leave the school from year to year, you will enjoy reading its pages and recalling the experiences of the immediate past. You will thus find it to be a living link connecting each school year with the next. When you have completed your college career and return only at intervals, the annual will become richer in its meaning because life ' s experiences will reveal to you more and more how deep, expansive, and abiding college life and friendships can become. As you read the pages of your " Lest We Forget " we trust and predict that it will become one of the most important volumes to you in your library. I join you in an expression of appreciation to the members of the staff for publishing this book. Only by a spirit of loyalty and willingness to work could it have been done. Sincerelv, W.3J, on es President SAMUEL STEGALL SARGENT Dean A.B., Union University, 1924 M.A., George Peabody College, 1926 SAMUEL STEGALL SARGENT MATTIE SANDERS Dean of Women B.S., Central Missouri State College, 1930 M.A., Columbia University, 1932 MATTIE SANDERS FACULTY First Ro:i Second Row; FRANK M. BLYTHE, 590 E. College, Business Manager; B.S., University of Oklahoma, 1926. GRACE WILSON BRUCE, Mary Sue Tigrett House, Assistant Professor of Commerce; A.B., Union University, 1924; B.A., Bowling Green College of Commerce, 1936; Ed.M., University of Pittsburg, 1940. EVELYN CARTER, Assistant Professor of English French; B.S., University of Tennessee, 1937; M.A., University of Tennessee, 1939. DR. C. W. DAVIS, Landscape Engineer and Lecturer in Geology and Anthropology; B.S., University of Tennessee; M.S. A. and Ph.D., Iowa State College. TURNEY FORD, Assistant Director in Athletics and Instructor of Physical Education; A.B., Van- derbilt University, 1939; Additional work, Pea- bodv College. CLYDE J. GARRETT, Associate Professor of Public School Music Choral Classes; B.M., Chicago Conservatory of Music; M.M., Chicago Conservatory of Music; D.Mus.Ed., Zellner Con- servatory of Music, 1947. DOROTHY I. GARRETT, Instructor of Piano; Mus.B., Chicago Conservatory of Music, 1936. RUTH GIBBONS, Librarian: A.B , Union Uni- versity, 1932: B.S.L.S., Peabody College, 1940. MABEL WHITSON HARDIN, Head of English Dept.; A.B., Union University, 1921: M.A., Uni- versity of Tennessee, 1923; Additional graduate work, George Peabody College and L T niversity of Wisconsin. FRANCES HONCHELL, Head of Foreign Lan- guages Dept.; A.B., Eastern Kentucky State College, 1935; M.A., Peabody College, 1940: All requirements for Ph.D., except Dissertation, Peabody College. FACULTY First Rou Second Ro; • WILLIAM A. KEEL, Head of Bible and Philosphy Dcpt.; A.B., Mississippi College, 1922; Th.M., Southern Baptist Seminary, 1925; Ph.D., Southern Baptist Seminary, 1930. • HUGHLAN POPE, Assistant Professor of Chem- istry; B.S., Carson-Newman College, 1935: M.S., University of Chicago, 1941. MRS. W. I). LUCKEY, Walton Hotel. • BEULAH F. MALLORY, Instructor of Mathe- matics; A.B., Union University, 1937; Graduate Work, Peabody College. A. WARREN PRINCE, Head of Chemistry Dept.; A B., William Jewell College, 1904; M.A., William Jewell College, 1905; Additional graduate work, The University of Chicago; D.Sc, Union Uni- versity, 1933. • HAZEL ELLIS MANSFIELD, Adams Hall, Reg- istrar; A.B., Union University, 1932. • MYRTIS RAMER, Adams Hall, Assistant Reg- istrar. CHARLES N. MILLICAN, 323 W. Deaderick, Assistant Professor of Commerce; B.S., Alabama College, 1928; M.A., George Peabody College, 1946; Additional graduate work, University of Kentucky. HILDA RAMSEY, Lovelace Hall, Bursar. • WILMA REPLOGLE, Business office. FACULTY First Row: • LENA ROGERS, Lovelace Hall. • ROSA DYER RUTLEDGE, 344 Hays Avenue, Assistant Professor of German, History; B.S., Union University, 1927: A.M., George Peabody College, 1932; Additional graduate work, University of Wisconsin. • LOUISE SUBLETTE, Dietitian: B.S., Union Uni- versity, 1930. • REXA SUBLETTE, Dining Room. • AMOS M. TEASLEY, 606 E. Main, Associate Professor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics; A.B., Vanderbilt University, 1927: A.M., George Peabody College, 1932; Additional graduate work, University of Wisconsin. Second Roic: • FRANK L. WELLS, Head of Education and Psychology Dept.: A.B., University of North Carolina, 1920; M.A., Columbia University, 1926; Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1928. • GRACE WILLIAMS, Assistant Professor of Phy- sical Education; B.S., Alabama College, 1928; M.A., Peabody College, 1932. • HELEN M. WILLIAMS, Assistant Professor of Biology; B.S., Baylor University, 1946: M.D., Uni- versity of Texas, 1946. • JAMES H. WILLIAMS, Instructor of History and Sociology; A.B., Carson-Newman College, 1942; M.A., Peabody, 1947; Additional Graduate work, Peabody College. • FLOY S. WISE, Head of Social Sciences Dept.: B.S.E., University of Arkansas, 1929; M.A., Uni- versity of Arkansas, 1936; Ph.D., University of Texas, 1945. • TROY G. YOUNG, 596 E. College, Alumni Secretary; A.B., Union University, 1924; M.A., George Peabody College, 1933; Additional graduate work, Harvard University. « -. %j2ft %tl! i ii W$ A WLaM 22 CLASS! S M V V I OFFICERS JIMMIE FREY President JOHNNY MEADOR, JR Student Council Representative ROBERT ELAM Vice-President JANIE MURPHY Secretary-Treasurer T HE 19 4 9 24 SENIOR ABOVE: • First Bow: AUDIE ANDERSON, Mathematics B.S. ; Marietta, Miss.; Math. Club, ' 7- ' 48; Latin Club. ' 48. • MVLAS M. AYERS, Religion A.B. ; Lascassas. Tenn. ; J. R. G., ' 47- ' 4S. • DOILY BANDY, A.B.. English; Danville, Ky. ; Campbellsville Jr. College. Ky., ' 44- ' 46; Secretary of Junior Class, ' 47; Y. W. A.. ' 47- ' 4S. President, MS; Spanish Club, ' 47, ' 48; Football Queen, ' 47; Strawberry Festival Queen. ' 47; Girl ' s Sextet, ' 47; L. S. B.. ' 47, ' 48; Hypatia, ' 47, ' 4S; Enonion. ' 4S; Who ' s Who. ' 48. • JIM FAYE BOARD, History A.B. ; Union City, Tenn.; Y.W.A., ' 4S; L. S. B.. ' 4S; History Majors Club, ' 48; Columbia Bible College. ' 43- ' 47. • POLLY RAY BRETT, Com- merce B.S. : Jackson. Tenn. • JAMES E. BROUN, Commerce B.S. ; Jackson, Tenn.; Mallory Math Club, ' 47. ' 48. • Second Row: CAROLYN DODDS CLEMENTS, A.B.. History; Jackson, Tenn.; Chi Omega; History Club, ' 47, ' 4S; Booster Club, ' 47. ' 48; Cheerleader, ' 47; Footlights. ' 46- ' 4S; Euphrosenean, ' 40: Intramural Sports Council. ' 47. • FRANCES EVELYN t ' ROSSON, A.B., English; Jackson. Tenn.: Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary, ' 47- ' 4S; Madison County Club; Hypatia, ' 47- ' 4S; History Club, ' 47. ' 48; Enonian, ' 44-4S; Spanish Club, President, ' 4G, ' 47. • WILLIAM DAWSON, B.S., Commerce; Jackson. Tenn. • UTILE DEW, A.B.. English; Las Vegas. New Mexico; L. S. B. : Madison County Club: Band. • JOHN GLASS DK ' KERSON, Commerce B.S. ; Mercer, Tenn.: Alpha Tau Omega. Chaplain, ' 47. ' 48; Mallory Math Club. Vice- President. ' 47; Madison County Club; Uturpian; Glee Club; Latin Club; Men ' s Ensemble; Class President, ' 45. • ROBERT K. ELAM, Commerce B.S.; Jackson, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Nester Club; Student Council. ' 47; Class Vice-President, ' 48; Veterans Club. BELOW : • First Row: SARA JAKE EVANS, Home Economics B.S.; Jackson, Tenn.; Chi Omega: Madison Countv Club; Home Echo; Euphrosonean; Mississippi College lor Women, Columbus, Miss., ' 44- ' 46. • EVELYN EPl ' S, B.S.. Biology; Courtland. Miss.: Y. W. A., ' 44- ' 4S; L. S. B., ' 44- ' 4S; B. S. U. Council; Glee Club. • LITHE FEATII- ERSTONE, History A.B. ; Newbern, Tenn.: Y. W. A.; B. S. U. Council; Life Service Band; History Club; Palladian; West Tennessee Club; Home Echo. • GEORGE FERGUSON, Commerce B.S.; Covington. Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. President. ' 46; Nesters; Footlights: Foot- ball. ' 46; U. Club: Veterans Club; Adams Hall Council. • JANET FORGY, English A.B.; Jackson. Tenn.; Chi Omega. Pledgemistress, ' 47; Hypatia, President, ' 47. ' 48; Palladian, Secretary, ' 47; Footlights. ' 45- ' 4S; class Secre- tary, ' 47; Cardinal and Cream Staff, ' 47; Madison Countv Club; Spanish club. • GEORGENE DAY FOWLER, English A.B.: Somerville. Tenn.; Chi Omega. Secretary. ' 4li- ' 4S; Y. W. A., ' 44, ' 45; Home Echo. President. ' 46; Cheerleader. ' 45- ' 4S; Footlights. Hypatia. • Second Row: JAMES DAVID FRANKS, History A.B.; Falls Church. Va. ; Carson Newman College, ' 44: J. R. G. ; L. S. B.: History Majors Club; Mallory Math Club; Doctor ' s Club. • JA.MES FREY, Commerce B.S. ; Spring- field, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega. President. ' 47; Footlights; Football Manager, ' 48; Class President. ' 4S; Greater Ten- ness Hub; Basketball, ' 41: Football. ' 41. • JOE HARRIS, Religion A.B.: Jackson. Tenn.; J.R.G. • JEAN HICKS, English A.B.; Elizabethton, Ky.; Campbellsville Junior College, ' 44- ' 4li; B. S. V. Council; L. S. B.; Y. W. A.; Hypatia. Secretary. ' 47; Kentucky Club, Secretary. ' 47: B. S. U. Queen, ' 17; Lest We Forget Staff, ' 47. • BETTY AMANDA HIPPS, Home Economics B.S.: Asheville. N. C. ; Zeta Tau Alpha; Enonian, Home Echo. • HERVY HUDSON, History B.S. ; Brownsville. Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega; J. R. G. r HE 19 4 9 -)VK: Religion A.B.; Memphis, Term.: B. S. U. Council, Presi- • First Bon-: ROBERT L. HIXDLEY, Mathematics B.S. ; Mercer. Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega; Mallory Math Club. ■ 4 1-43. ' J G - ' 4 S . President. ' 47; Class President. ' 42: Veterans Club; Footlights. ' 4G- ' 4S. • WILLIE JOHN- SOX, Religion B.S. ; Arlington, Ky.; J. R. G. • LliltOV JOXKS, Religion A.B. ; Steele, Mo.; J. R. G. ; Footlights. • JOY LILES, English A.B.; Humboldt. Tenn. ; Chi Omega, Treasurer; Hvpatia; Writer ' s Club; West Ten- nessee Club; Judson College, ' 44-M6. • WILLIAM LOG- GINS, History A.B.: Lobelville, Tenn.; History Majors Club: Veterans. • THOMAS L. MADDOX, A.B., Religion; Decaturville, Tenn.; J. I:. G.; Veterans Club. • Second Row: KENNETH .MAYS, A.B., English; Pin- son. Tenn.; Veteran ' s Club; West Tennessee Club. • MARY FRANCES MAYS, Mathematics B.S. ; Jackson. Tenn.;; Zeta Tau Alpha. ' 44- ' 4S. Rush Chairman. ' 45. Treasurer. ' 46, President, ' 4S; Zeta Tau Alpha Scholarship Awards. Pledge Award, ' 45. Active Award. ' 46, ' 47, ' 48; B. S. U. Council; Math Club. ' 45- ' 47. Secretary-Treasurer, 15; Doctor ' s Club, 45, ' 46; Enonian Literary Society. ' 44- ' 48; Musi. Appreciation, ' 45- ' 47; Chorus, ' 44- ' 47: Lest We Forget Staff, ' 45. ' 46; Pan-Hellenic, ' 47, ' 48, Secretary; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. ' 4S. • BILLY F. McILLWAIN, Religion A.B.; Trenton, Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; French club, ' 43; J. R. G.. ' 47. ' 48; L. S. B., ' 46- ' 4S; History Club. 17; Veterans club. ' 47, ' 4S. • JOHN R. MEADOR, JR.. Biology B.S. ; Jackson. Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. l ' ledg ■ Mast.-r, ' 46, President, ' 17; Student Council. Presi- dent, ' 46; Doctor ' s Club, President, ' 46; Vice-President of Student Body, ' 47; Nestor Club. ' 47; Who ' s Who. ' 47. • ALICE .TAMES MIZELL, English A.B.; Jackson, Miss.; M. R. S. Club; L. S. B. ; Hypatia. • ROBERT MIZELL, Student Sec- Religion A.B. dent, ' 47; J. R. G. ; Who ' s Who •47- ' 4S. BELOW: • First Row: THOMAS K. MOORE, Education B.S. : Greenfield. Tenn.: Veterans Club. • MARY JANE MUR- PHY ' , Commerce A.B.; Rossville, Tenn.; Chi Omega, Treasurer, ' 46, President, ' 47, Most Valuable Member, ' 4S; Hypatia. ' 46- ' 4S; Pan-Hellenic Council; Princess of Senior Class; Class Secretary, ' 47; Music Appreciation Club; Y. W. A.; West Tennessee Club. • J. T. NEWSON. Chemistry B. S. : Vildo. Tenn.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Council. • MARY ALICE OLDS, History B.S. : Bells, Tenn. • ERXEST OLDS, Religion A.B. ; Bells. Tenn.; J. R. G. ; Assistant Professor in Physics. • MARIE PATE, Home Economics B.S. ; Boothspoint, Tenn. • Second Row: BETTY JONES PEARCE, B.S.. Home Economics; Jackson, Tenn.; Chi Omega: Spanish Club; Home Echo. President; Euphrosenean : Who ' s Who: Boosters Club; Cardinal and Cream; Lest We Forget Staff; M. R. S. Club. • GWYS PETWAY, English A.B.: Benton. Ky. ; Zeta Tau Alpha: A. T. O. Queen. ' 45: cheerleader, ' 46-47 ; B. S. U. Council. Vice-President; Enonian; Lest We Forget, ' 46; Hypatia: Palladian: Foot- lights; Pan-Hellenic Council. O JAMES A. PHILLIPS. Commerce A.B. : Nashville, Tenn.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • WILL HAYES ROBERTS, English B.A. : Jackson, Tenn.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer. ' 47, Vice-Presi- dent, ' 47: Latin Club. President, ' 47; Neston ' Club, Trea- surer: Writer ' s Club; Veteran ' s Club; Madison County Club. • WILLIAM E. ROSCOE, English A.B.: Jackson. Tenn.; J 1: C • MARY DKI.OKES RANDOLPH. English A.B. ; Jackson. Tenn.; Chi Omega; Hypatia; A. T. O. Queen. ' 47; Most Beautiful Girl. 17. SENIOR S ABOVE: • First Row: JUNE DARLING ROIVLAXI), English A.B. ; Jackson, Tenn. ; Chi Omega, Vice-President. ' 46; Hypatia; Madison County Club. • FRED SANDERS, A.B., Commerce; Humboldt, Tenn.: Alpha Tau Omega, Secretary, ' 46; Nestor Club, President, ' 47; Student Council, secretary. ' 47: " Veteran ' s Club; Student Assistant Dept.; Who ' s Who in American Colleges ind Uni- Kentc iiti ' Tenn. ' 47. W. Ml! Club, Vice-President, ' 47; Histi Who ' s Who Among Students il ' 47; J. R. Hughes Award fo • HAROLD STJBUETT, B.S E SMITH, History A.B .■in. ' 46; West Tennessee l. J7: Rutledge History ' Majors Club; L. S. B. ; Alleges an d Universities, Outstanding Senior, ' 48. Mathematics; Trenton, Tenn.; Math Club. ' 46- ' J7; Doctor ' s club, ' 47. Secretary • ANNE SHELLEY TAYLOR, English A.B. ; Jack: Tenn.; B. S. U. Council. ' 44; L. S. B.. ' 44; Palladian, ' 46 Spanish Club, ' 46- ' 4S; M. R. S.. ' 4lj- ' 4S, President, ' 47 Hypatia, ' 47; Enonian. ' 47; Chorus, ' 44- ' 4S: Gill ' s Sextet ' 46- ' 4S; Euterpean Club, for Coronation, ' 48. • CHARLES I). TAYLOR. R.l A.B.: Jackson, Tenn.; L. S. B., ' 41- ' 42; Mai 11-47; Chorus. President, 47; J. R. G.. ' 41, ' 42, ' 4li. ' 47 ' 4S. President. ' 47; Who ' s Who in American College: and Universities. 47; Strickland Metal lights, ' 41, ' 42. • HENRY WEST, A.B.. Religion; Ecru. M History Majors Club. • MARIE WIGGINS, Biology B.S. Jackson, Tenn.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Enonian; Doctor ' s Club, •45- ' 47: Footlights Club, ' 45- ' 4S; Booster Club, ' 46, Mississippi Club. • ANNA MAE WILLIAMS, English A.B.; Paducah, Ky. ; Y. W. A.. ' 4ii- ' 4S; L. S. B., ' 46- ' 48 Kentucky Club. • MARCEL1NE WILLIAMS, Mathe- matics B.S. ; Humboldt. Tenn.; Chi Omega, Mallory Math Club. ' 46- ' 4S; West Tennessee Euphrosenean, ' 46: Spanish Club, ' 46; Judson Marion, Ala., ' 44- ' 4f,. • HAROLD (i. WOOD, matics B.S. ; Jackson, Tenn.; Alpha Tau Omega; Math Club; Madison County Club. ' 46- ' 4S Club; College, Mathe- Mallo JUNIORS - ■ _ T - — - — — =«■ WHITLOCK LEGGETT SANDERS OFFICERS RALPH HENDERSON Pn sident VIRGINIA LEGGETT Vice-President THELMA WHITLOCK Secretary-Treasurer FRED SANDERS Student Council Representative 73 JUNIORS v x 4P fflk Si m - _ ■I ■ Third Row VELMA BROWN Jackson, Tenn. JAMES BROWN Jackson, Tenn. HAROLD BRYANT Osceo ' a, Ark. PAIL BURNS Pulaski, Tenn. JEAN CARLT I.E Lucy, Tenn. GERALDINE CLARK Vilamsville, Tenn. Fourth Row BETTY COGBTJRN Alamo, Tenn. EUGENE COTEV Memphis, Tenn. FRED CRO SON Jackson, Tenn. EMILY ANN DABNEY Jackson, Tenn. PEGGY DOI SON Halls, Tenn. OTIS DOUGLAS Jackson, Tenn. JUNIOR First Row KITH DON LAND Trenton. Tenn. CARL DUCK Mobile, Ala. KATY LOU DUXAGAN Trenton. Tenn. LOIS BOOTH 1)1 ' NX Burnsville, Miss. RUBY EARHAKT Dover. Tenn. JAMES EAVES laekson, Tenn. Third Row IRWIN HATES Trenton, RALPH HKXIIKIiSOX Jackson, CLARA JANE HOLLOWAY laekson, DOROTHY JONES Dyersburg-, DOROTHY KING Jackson, WARREN JONES, JR laekson, Srcond Row AVTKKY EMMERT laekson, Tenn. ERMON EVANS Jackson, Tenn. JOE EXUM Jackson, Tenn. ALMA RUTH FRANKS Falls Church, Vn. MOZELLE FOWLER Martin, Tenn. JANE HAMNER Jackson, Tenn. Fourth Row HAROLD KOI ' FMAN Jackson, HETTY LANOX Jackson, VIRGINIA LEGGETT Gates, JLMMIE LITTLE1TELD Ailnnisville. GEORGIA LOWRANCE D.ver, MALCOLM MAXWELL Drew, Tenn Miss. JENNIE MAE IMtcMXNN Lavinia, Tenn JUNIORS ill. a First Row GENE MOFFATT Geimantown. Tenil EI) McCALL New Orleans, La HOIS NAQUIN Jackson, Tenn SARAH ELIZABETH NEKM Jackson, Tenn I AYE OAKLET Dycrsburg-, Tenn HARRY PHILLIPS Jackson, Tenn Second Row XELDA PICKLEK Memphis, Tenn CLARENCE! RANDOLPH Jackson, Tenn JOYCE ROBERTS Jackson, Tenn MARGARET ANN ROGERS Jackson, Tenn BILL SCRUGGS Willisburp, K.v V. AV. SHAXKLIX D.ver, Tenn V - W f , ■ x Third Row TUl DELL smith Dccaturville, Tenn. JANE STALLIXGS Halls, Tenn. MAX STONE Petersburg ' , Tenn. JAMES HALLARD STHAWN Jackson, Tenn. POLLY TAYLOR Charleston-n, Iml. niVAYMi TUCKER Parsons, Tenn. Fourth Row LUCILLE TURNER Jackson. Tenn. HILL Tl UN KB Jackson, Tenn. FRED MAIDEN Tupelo, Miss. TIIELM A WHITLOCK Pulaski. Tenn. HERSHEL WOODY Humboldt, Tenn. TIIELM A HTRIGHT Memphis, Tenn.. GLEXX YANCEY Savannah, Tenn. OPHOMORIS DOUGLAS OFFICERS HILL SCRUGGS President WILLIAM DOUGLAS Vice-President BARBARA SEWELL Secretary-Treasurer 22 SOPHOMORE Jp -4 If • m i l ft tSli f r f First Row FORREST DOYLE ALEXANDER Trenton, Tenn. LILLIAN C. ANDERSON Jackson, Temi. JOYCE LAVERNE AUSTIN Taylor, Miss. JOB W. BAILEY, JR Slielbyville, Tenn. MILLION RAY BASDEN Blue Springs, Miss. JOSEPH W. BOMAR Steele, Mo. BUDDY BRANTLY Second Row MARY BREWER Jackson, Tenn. WALLACE 0. BRITTON Memphis, Tenn. JACK BROWN Jackson, Tenn. ELIZABETH ANN CARR Tupelo, Miss. PEGGY SUE CAUDLE Eudorn, Ark. FRANK CRAWFORD Memphis, Tenn. MARTHA V. {ROCKER Kenton, Tenn. Third Row RUSSELL CROUSE Trenton, Tenn. CARROLL CURTIS Memphis, Tenn. RICHARD T. DeBERRY Humboldt, Tenn. WILLIAM LANIER DICKERSON Ripley, Miss. ELDON KEITH DUNN Banlwell, Ky. JEWELL EPPS Courtland, Miss. DOSS T. EVANS Darden, Tenn. Fourth Row EARL FLOYD Georgia ELOISE FORD Guntown, Miss. MARGARET GARNETT Mnyfleld, Ky. JAMES s. C.RAY ' Memphis, Tenn. MARY LEE HAILEY Brownsville, Tenn. EVELYN ANN HALEY Memphis, Tenn. HUGH E. HALBROOKS Decatur, Ala. 33 V SOPHOMORE s-Tp .( J, rjr7. ; u! it- l. First Row MARK .1. HAMRICK, JK Clarksdale, Miss J. PAIL HAKWOOD Hou!ka, Miss. HERBERT HIGDON Memphis, Tenn. OVII) CECIL HILLIARI) Jackson, Tenn. ROBERT HAMBLXN Memphis, Tenn. RAY S. HOUSE Martin, Tenn. HENRI J. HUEY, JR Milan, Tenn. Second Row BOYCE BROWN HUGHES Jackson. Tenn WOODROW HUMPHRIES Memphis, Tenn FRANK JOHNSON Jackson, Tenn JAMES E. JOHNSON " Elaine, Ark AHVIL M. KIRK Jackson, Tenn CHARLES LINI) Y LEWIS Kevil, K.v KENNETH MAY ' S Pinson, Tenn Third Row HARVEY MEEKS Humboldt, Tenn. GUEST MIDDLKTON Miihlleton JUNE MOORE Fulton, Miss. EDWIN L. McCAULEY Jackson, Tenn. JAMES CARL McCl ' NE, JR Memphis, Tenn ELBERT C. MeLAVRIN Elaine, Ark. LYDIA SUE McLEMORE Lavinia, Tenn. Fourth Row ROSE CHESTER McILUVAIN Trenton, Tenn. ANN " F. NORTON Jackson, Tenn. JAMES L. OAKES Memphis, Tenn. JANE O ' NEAL Henderson, Tenn. MARY LOIS PEYTON Memphis, Tenn. 3-! SOPHOMORE First Row JAMES PHILLIP Corinth, Mii EMMAJEAN RAG AN Jackson, Ten MARY JEAN RIDDLE Jackson, Ten DOI.AN F. ROGEKS DeM. Ar MRS. WILLIAM E. ROSC ' OE Jackson, Ten M ELVIX RIMVLIND Tupelo, Mil BARBARA SUE SEWELL Jackson, Ten Second Row RAYNELLE SHORT lackson, Ten IRA SINGLETON, JK Memphis, Ten DAVID A. SMITH Memphis, Ten LOW RV SMITH Tupelo, Mil CHARLES E. SPITZER Jackson, Ten ROBERT STAN WORTH Jackson, Ten WILLBI R A. STRICKLAND Jackson, Ten Third Row JAMES W. SI MNKRS Bonneville, Miss. WILLAKD VH ' KEKY Memphis, Tenn. BETTY. RUTH WALKER Jackson, Tenn. JAMES L. WALKER Bonneville, Miss. DAN H. WATERS Blue Springs, Miss. VIANNA WEST Jackson, Tenn. KERMIT WRITTEN Jackson, Tenn. Fourth Row WILLIAM WILLIS Ripley, Tenn. WILLIAM P. WILLIAMS Jackson, Tenn. Ml HI. ILLOl (illHY Jackson, Tenn. KEITH WILSON Bardwell, K.v. BERNARD L. WOODSON. JR Bells, Tenn. 35 FRESHMEN ' f J% JOHNSON OFFICERS DUDLEY JOHNSON President LUCY SCOTT Vice-President JEAN TATE Secretary-Treasurer JAMES OAKES Student Council Representative 25 FRESHMEN . . a o o . " . • a t ■L- £ fc £ : . t: " i _., r -i . a e a fl kfcxfl m First Row (HAKI.KS w. ALBRIGHT Humboldt, T SALLY FRANCES ALLEN Linden, T LESLIE CAROLE ARNOLD Jackson, Tenn. VIRGINIA ANNE ARNOLD Jackson, Tenn. AUSTIN C. BAKER Holliday, Tenn. ROBERT ERIN BAKER Memphis, Tenn. WORLIE BALLARD Hamilton, HARVEY H. BA RHAM Jackson, T ELBERT El GENE BARNETT Parsons, T BILLIK FRANCES BARTON Bradford, T Second Row MARY NELL BENSON Jackson, Tenn. EVELYN JO BETHVNE Mempllis, T BETTY E MAI BLACK Jackson, T DOROTHY NEIL HOLDING Jackson, Tenn. MARY ANN BOLEN Westport, Tenn. WILLIAM DOUGLAS BOND. JR Memphis, Tenn JACK BREWER Hncklebiirg, Ala LAURA ANN BRINGLE Covington, Tenn. JOHN THOMAS BROWN, JR Pinson, Tenn. WILLIAM CLYDE BURNETT Mempllis, Tenn. Third Row GENEVA GAY BURNS Jackson, Tenn. FRANCES MARIE BUTLER Trenton, Tenn. HUGH LAFAYETTE CALLENS Savannah, Tenn. MARY JO CANNON Mempllis, Tenn. DORIS MAE CASTELLAW Bells, Tenn. GERALD CASTELLAW Alamo, Tenn. JOE MFRPHEY COLLINS Pulaski, Tenn. DOROTHY JANE COOPER Covington, Tenn. BILLY THOMAS COPELAND Fayetteville, Tenn. ALFRED BRUCE COYLE Mempllis, Tenn. Fourth Row GEORGE G. CRAWFORD, JR Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM THOMAS DALTON Sturgis, Kj. CAHLENE DENNISON Lexington, Tenn. RUSSELL EUGENE DEW, JR Jackson, Tenn. PEGGIE ANN DOUGLASS Jackson, Tenn. THELMA LOUSE ELKINS Brighton, Tenn. WILLIAM A. FOOTE Bolivar, Tenn. BILL M. FORD Lafayette. Tenn. EDWARD NORTON FOWLER Jackson, Tenn. MILES COTTON FROST Brentwood, Tenn. FRESHMEN First Row JOY CAROL GARRETT Jackson, Tenn. HIGH EDWARD HAI.BKOOKS Decatur, Ala. WILLIAM WALTER HARGROVE Brandridgre, Ala. WINNIE MAE HATCHER Knowille, Tenn. JOY ELAINE HAYES Dyer, Tenn. WILLIAM CORNELL HENLEY, JR Memphis, Tenn. MARY LOT LANKFOR1) H1GDON Memphis, Tenn. JAMI KAY 11II.I1T Jackson, Tenn. .MARTHA CAROLYN HII.LIARD McKenzie, Tenn. JESSIE CAROLYN HINTON Corinth, Miss. Second Row PATRICIA ANN HOPPER MARTHA ELIZABETH HIRST MART COIKTENAY HI TCHESON CHRISTINE JOHNSON DUDLEY HAYWARD JOHNSON, JR.. BETTY I.OV JONES HILLY M. JONES JOE WAYNE JONES JUNE JONES MALCOLM ANDERSON JONES Mobile, Ala. Henderson, Tenn. . . .Jackson, Tenn. ...Jackson, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Greenbrier, Tenn. . . Jackson, Tenn. . Henderson, Tenn. . . .Jackson, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. Third Row- nancy ELIZABETH JONES Toone, Tenn. JOHN LEWIS JOYNEK Trenton, Tenn. Kl THIE DEAN JUSTICE Robanls, K.v. PINCKNEY ' KEEL Jackson, Tenn. MAX WELDON HOFFMAN Trenton, Tenn. BOBBY GENE LADD Memphis, Tenn. TERRY J. LATHAM Buchanan. Gn. PATSY " ANN LAY Savannah, Tenn. EDDIE MAE I.OLLAK Baldnyn, Miss. DORIS ANN LI (KEY Humboldt, Tenn. Fourth Row JAMEs WILBURS McGAl GHY Bolivar, Tenn. CHARLES KAY MAKLER Chattanooga, Tenn. BETTY JO MARTIN Dover, Tenn. BOYCE HUGHES MAYER Jackson, Tenn. EMOGENE ARNOLD MOFFATT Gemiantown, Tenn. THOMAS SCOTT MONCRIEF Oakville, Tenn. TRACY FREEMAN N ' ABERS Baldw.wi. Miss. VIRGINIA OKMAN Jackson. Tenn. JEAN HOPKINS OUTLAW Brownsville. Tenn. CHARLES AUSTIN l ' AKTIN .Memphis, Tenn. FRESHMEN £% f% £ f«S fK J i J ' " lr First Row MBS. HKXBV S. POWERS Jackson, Tenn. HENRY STEPHEN POWERS, JK .Jackson, Tenn. JOHN V. POWERS Jackson, Tenn. BETTY GORDON PRICE Savannah, Tenn. ALMA EXCELS RANKIN Brownsville, Tenn. (LAUDE RICHARDSON Series, Tenn. GERALDINE RICKS Bells, Tenn. CAROL ANN RILEY Franklin, Tenn. JOHN WILSON ROBINSON Lavinia, Tenn. DOLAN F. ROGERS Dell, Ark. Second Row FERMAN RAY ROGERS Dell, Ark. JOHN A. SCOBLE Lenoir City, Tenn. LUCY SCOTT Fensacola, Fla. WILLIAM WARREN SEWARD, JR Jackson, Tenn. JACK SEYMOUR Whiteville, Tenn. (LARA MAXINE SHREEVE Memphis, Tenn. MILDRED LEE SILER Henderson, Tenn. NORMA JEAN SILER Henderson. Tenn. RACHEL ELIZABETH SMITH Milan, Tenn. MARTHA MVUL STEWART Kenton, Tenn. Third Row NORMA JEAN TATE Hunting-don, Tenn. JERRY II. THOMAS Union City, Tenn. ERNEST THEODORE THOMPSON Trenton, Tenn. VIRGINIA CATHERINE THOMPSON Memphis, Tenn. OPHELIA TOMLIN Lexington, Tenn. GEORGE CANTRELL WADLINGTON. Falls Church, Ya. MARY ELLEN WALTON Covington, Tenn. HERMIT WILSON WHITTEN Jackson, Tenn. CHARLES WILCOX Central City, Ky. MARIAN LOUISE WILLIAMS Brownsville, Tenn. Fourth Row OLIVER KEITH WILSON Bardwell, Ky. CHARLIE WILSON WRIGHT Hartsville, Tenn. KELLUM YOUNG Jackson, Tenn. RAYMOND EARL BUTTS Jackson, Term. GRACE MARIE DUNCAN Hohenwald. Tenn. LAWRENCE GAIA Jackson. Tenn. DEWEY E. MERCER Central City, Ky. JAMES McCLENDON Toone, Tenn. MARY MARGARET WELCH Memphis, Tenn. GEORGE T. WLLLIAMSQN Mason, Tenn. 39 ORGANIZATIONS IN MEMORY OF DR. JASPER N. MALLORY Our Friend and Teacher APRIL 1, 1885— MARCH 16, 1948 Think of him as faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Here; Think of him still as the same, I say: He is not dead — he is just away! — Rilev 42 STUDENT COUNCIL JOHN MEADOR Dr. W. F. Jones Jack Brown Fred Sanders OFFICERS . President FRED SANDERS Secretary FACULTY Dean S. S. Sargent Prof. Charles Millican MEMBERS John Meador Dean Mattie Sanders Jimmy Oakes Andrew B. Saunders The Student Council is composed of repre- sentatives from each class, with the President of the student body serving as an ex-officio member. The purpose of the Student Council is ' ' to provide an instrument for regulating student activities which apply to the entire student body. " Council meetings are held monthly with the president of the school in the Dean ' s office. At such time, student activities are discussed. One of the major tasks accomplished this year was the drafting of a Constitution and By-laws for the student body. Other functions of the Council this year were the directing of Freshman week, Home- coming Activities, student elections and the Coronation Festival. Th very nature of the organization makes it one of the most respected organizations on the campus. Considering this year ' s accom- plishments, we can expect even greater things from the Council in the future. Above: Assoc. Ed. Dot Jones, Mrs. Blythe, Sponsor, and June Ada ADAMS Johnson, Whitlock, Oake LEST WE JUNE AimiS Editor-in-Chief DOT JOXES. . Associate Editor LOWRT SNIPE.- Business Manager BETTYE COGBURN Assistant Business Manager JAMES HOLLAND STRAWN Photographer EDWIN McC I ' LEY Assistant Photographer P.ILL HARGROVE Assistant Photographer JAMES OAKES Feature Editor ALMA RUTH FRANKS Associate Editor GENE FORRESTER Sports THELMA WRIGHT Sports BETTY PIERCE Class Editor JOE BAILEY " Class Editor MARGARET ROGERS Literary Editor ANN LUCKET Associate Literary Editor MARCELINE WILLIAMS Organization Editor JEAN HICKS Organization Editor JAMES BARNETT Art THELMA WH ITLOOK Special Features DUDLEY " JOHNSON Associate Special Features MRS. FRANK BLYTHE Sponsor Hicks, Pcarce, Bailey, Williams STRAWN, Photographer FORGET Right Top: The Staff. Right Bottom: Business Manager Lovvcry Sniper, Associate Bettye Cogburn. Top: Williams, Oakes, Adams, Cogburn, Johnson Bottom: Snipes, Cogburn JbSI l__l_ __J E T A MARY FRANCES President These good all-round girls are known for their friendli- ness, scholarship, and outstanding participation in campus activities. Mays leads the way, Crosson keeps the records straight. Johnson controls the bank account, and Petway is responsible for all those talented pledges. T A U ALPHA OFFICERS MARY FRANCES MAYES President FRANCES CROSSON Secretary OWEN PETWAY Vice-President JOYCE JOHNSON Treasurer JEAN CARLISLE Historian MEMBERS First Row: Mary Nell Benson, Betty Black, Irene Bishop, Geneva Burns, Mary Jo Cannon, Pann Carr, Jean Carlisle, Doris Castellaw. Second Row: Peggy Caudle, Betty Cogburn, Frances Crosson, Peggy Douglas, Eloise Ford, Joy Garrett, Evelyn Haley, Winnie Hatcher. Third Row: Joy Hayes, Carolyn Hinton, Betty Hipps, Dot Jones, Patsy Lay, Virginia Leggett, Ann Luckey, Mary Frances Mayes. Fourth Row: Jean Outlaw, Gwen Petway, Betty Price, Emagean Reagan, Alma Rankin, Geraldine Ricks, Mary Jean Riddle, Joyce Roberts. Fifth Row: Jane Stallings, Norma Jean Tate, Thelma Whitlock, Marie Wiggins, Marian Williams. _ « -A i fc. k. Jj -«•»- ' H I JAXIE The X and the Horseshoe introduce those clever, capti- vating, conscientious Chi Omegas who are also " easy on the eye. " Truly lively lassies they are noted for taking such honors as Football Queen, SAE Queen, and class offices. Nor do they fall short in spectacular entertain- ments, participation in sports, or any trait that makes for the " all-round girl. " President Murphy presides, while Pearce stimulates the social life. Day elucidates past events, Liles functions the finances, and Lanon prepares the pledges. Lovely Lassies Jean " The Log " OMEGA OFFICERS MARY JANE MURPHY President GEORGENE DAY Secretary BETTY PEARCE Vice-President -JOY LILES Treasurer BETTY LANON. . Pledge Mistress MEMBERS First Row: Carole Arnold, Virginia Arnold, Billie Barton, Beverly Billingsly, Jean Brown, Carolyn Clements, Georgene Day, Carlene Dennison. Second Row: Peggy Dodson, Ruth Dowland, Sara Jane Evans, Janet Forgy, Mary Lee Hailcy, Jane Hamner, Carolyn Hilliard, Clara Jane Holloway. Third Row: Cokey Hutcherson, June Jones, Betty Lanon, Joy Liles, Mary Jane Murphy, Sarah Neeley, Jane O ' Neal, Betty Pearce. Fourth Row: Pat Ringgold, June Rowland, Lucy Scott, Barbara Sewell, Betty Ruth Walker, Marceline Williams, Emily Dabnev, Mal l Hardin. SIGMA RALPH AND JOHNNY New President and Old President For possum hunts (with possum already caught), beauti- ful coronation banquets, and Spring Splash, these boys are known. Easy-going, all-round good fellows. Outstand- ing in claiming campus honors. The " Goats " Music? ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS JOHNNY MEADOR Eminent Archor WILL H. ROBERTS Eminent Treasurer RALPH HENDERSON Eminent Deputy HAROLD BRYANT Eminent Correspondent HERSCHEL WOODY Eminent Recorder TRUDELL SMITH Eminent Herald GEORGE FERGUSON Pledge Master MEMBERS First Row: Johnnv Meador, Ralph Henderson, Herschel Woody, Will H. Roberts, Harold Bryant, Trudell Smith, George Ferguson, Charles Albright, Worlie Ballard, Milton Basden. Second Row: Harold Blackwood, Robert Bogle, Stanley Bowden, James Coley, Robert Elam, Joe Exum, Mark Hamrick, Jack Hilliard, Jere Huey, Frank Johnson. Third Row:: James Johnson, Bill Jones, Warren F. Jones, Ted Jones, Jimmy Joyner, Harold Koffman, Boyce Mayor, McClendon. Harvey Meeks, Bi! J a mi . Elbe McLaurin, Fourth Row: Ed McCauley, James McLcmore, Bob Naquin, J. T. Newson, James A. Phillips, Clarence Randolph, David Reid, J. W. Robinson, Melvin Rowland. Fifth Row: Bill Sanderland, John Scoble, James H. Strawn, Dwayne Tucker, James L. Walker, Dan Waters, William Willis, Glenn Yancy, Kellum Young, Troy Young. f ' ■% " = «es- trs» « aufa, ti ± OS . Wcafc. mJ (▼ j» «. ' St na f i ft ft o. en ft o -• ALPHA JIMMIE FREY Worthy Master " The cream of the crop. " Honor-claiming boys who are extremely popular with the girls. Noted for Mother Edd ' s parties and ' scrumptous ' banquets. Outstanding prize claimed by these boys was that of having the most beautiful float in the Homecominq Parade. Mother Ed ' s Boys ATI? Beauties T A U OMEGA OFFICERS JIMMIE FREV Worthy Master FRED SANDERS Worthy Scribe A. C. EMMERT. .Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer FRED WALDEN Worthy Usher JOHN DICKINSON Worthy Chaplain DUANE POPE Worthy Sentinel KYLE SCATES Worthy Keeper of the Annals JIMMY CLARK Palm Reporter MEMBERS First Row: Joe Bailey, Fred Baker, Gene Barnett, Hunter Bond, Chcsley Bowden, Jr., Lunsford Brandy, Jim Cooper, Bill Copeland, Frank Crawford, Billy Davis, Gene Davis. Second Row: John Dickson, William Douglas, George Drinkard, Autrey Emmert, Tom Evans, Bill Ford, James Frey, Homer Guy, Robert Hayncs, Don Hollowcll, Collins Hopkins. Third Row: Boyce Howell, Charles Hudson, Robert Huff, Brown Hughes, Robert Hundley, Hurt Johnson, Arvil Kirk, Bobby Ladd, Lindv Lewis, Tom Maudlin, Joe Meeks. Fourth Row: Howard Miskelly, Fay Oakley, James Oakes, Harry Parsons, Bill Pollard, Duane Pope, John Powers, Steve Powers, H. C. Roberts, Charles Robertson, Fred Sanders. Fifth Row: Andrew Saunders, Bill Scruggs, Jack Seamorc, Roy Smith, Horace Stokes, Max Stone, Charles Turner, Lawrence Gaia, Leroy Stanland, Fred Walden, C. M. Warren. Sixth Row: W. A. West, Harold Willis, Murl Willoughby, Harold Wood, Edgar Yarbro, Dr. Davis. ft e e ,e e ft ft ft ft ft ft o ft ft ? ft ft ft o ft ft ft EN N I A N LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS EVELYN HALEY President MOZELLE FOWLER. . DOLLY BANDY Vice-President MARY LOIS PEYTON. MISS FRANCES HONCHELL Sponsor . Secretary .Treasurer MEMBERS First Row: June Adams, Dortha Anderson, Dolly Bandy, Ida Bennett, Mary Nell Benson, Irene Bishop, Betty Black, Genevieve Burns, Frances Butler, Mary- Jo Cannon. Second Row: Elizabeth Ann Carr, Jean Carlisle, Doris Castcllaw, Peggy Caudle, Betty Cogburn, Peggy Douglas, Jean Eaves, Eloise Ford, Mozelle Fowler, Joy Garrett. Third Row: Evelyn Hailey, Winnie Hatcher, Joy Hayes, Pat Hopper, Carolyn Hinton, Dorothy Jones, Enonian Literary Society is an organization for the young women on L T nion ' s campus who are inter- ested in music, art, and literature. Programs featur- ing the best in these fields, emphasizing the lives and works of current artists are presented at each of two Nancy Jones, Patsy Lay, Virginia Leggett, Ann Luckey. Fourth Row: Mary Frances Mayes, June Moore, Jean Outlaw, Gwen Petway, Mary Lois Peyton, Betty Price, Emogene Regan, Alma Rankin, Geraldine Ricks, Mary Jean Riddle. Fifth Row: Joyce Roberts, Margaret Ann Rogers, Jane Stallings, Martha Stewart, Jean Tate, Ann Tavlor, Thelma Whitlock, Marion Williams, Thclma Wright; meetings a month. Club colors are black and gold. The yellow tea rose is the club flower. The motto — " Seek the noblest things in life " — is the guiding light for each member. E U P H R S Y E A N LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS PAT RINGGOLD President MARY LEE HAILEY Vice-President MARY C. HUTCHISON Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS First Row: Ava Nell Anderson, Carole Arnold, Second Row: Mary C. Hutchison, June Jones, Ann Virginia Arnold, Billie Barton, Emily Ann Dabney, Norton, Jane O ' Neal, Pat Ringgold, Lucy Scott, Carlene Dennison, Mary Lee Hailcy, Carolyn Barbara Sue Sewell, Rachel Smith. Not Pictured: Hilliard. Peggy Dodson, Gayle Isaminger. " Girls hand in hand for the best in The club, which meets once a month, science, music, art, and literature " — was founded essentially to promote and that is the motto of Euphrosynean, an cultivate good literary taste and intelli- organization made up of Chi Omego gent worth-while criticisms. Members pledges and a few non-fraternity girls of the organization present interesting- all having common literary interests. book reviews. B. S. V. COUNCIL Firs) Row: June Adams, Dortha Anderson, Dolly Bandy. Haywood Barham, Joe Bomar, Mary Brewer, GeraWine Clark, Carroll Curtis. Carl Duck, Buddy Evans, Ludie Feathersto Franks, Jean Hicks, Dot King, Virginia Leggett, Bob Mizelle, Gene Moffat. Fourth Row c-rts, Margaret Ann Rogers. Ira singleton. Second Row: Alma Ruth r. H. C. Rob- OFFICERS BOB MIZELI Director of Religious Activities Mi il, I, V SMITH President BUDDY EVANS First Vice-President VIRGINIA LEGGETT Second Vice-President TOM BRANDON Third Vice-President AI.MA RUTH FRANKS Recording Secretary .IE AX HICKS Corresponding Secretary CARL DUCK Treasurer JOE BOMAR Chorister TH EL MA WHITLOCK Pianist GALE ISAMINGER, DORTHA ANDERSON Pub. Dir. CARROLL CURTIS Report ' i The Baptist Student I ' m. .11 serves as a connecting link between the college and the local Baptist churches, and is lb Hal. a- of the religious activities on the campus, being the unit or which the Y.W.A., Life Service Band, and the J. R. Graves Society are integral parts. Under the sponsorship of the B.S.U.. thirty-live students attended the Slate B.S.U. Convention at Murfreesboro, Tennessee. October 24-26. bulling the wed, of January 2G-30, Vocational Emphasis Week was observed. The LUDIE FEATHERSTONE Librarian MARGARET ANN ROGERS Editor of B.S.U. Paper GENE MOFFAT Director of promotion JUNE ADAMS Baptist Student Representative IRA SINGLETON Poster Chairman DR. J. N. MALLORY Faculty Sponsor DR. FRED KENDALL Pastor advisor DAVID REID, MARY BREWER. GERALDINE CLARK. LUCILLE DEW. JEROLD PALMER, DOROTHY KING. HAYWOOD BARHAM, H. C. ROBERTS. .. .Church Rep. DOLLY " BANDY Y. W. A. JAMES THORPE J. R. G. BILL SCRUGGS L. S. Band aim jal student re viva] wa .lei jcted jv Dr. I.e Eddlc- mai , Pastor of :he Par ila d venu e Bap tist Church Lou sville, Kentuc liv, Febi uai v ! -13. The re il theme was " The Unchai ging Ch ' 1st II S.U. endeavor s to uni v the vario us pha ses of one ' s colli gc life, with emphas IS 101 onlv upon lie mental the physical, anc the soc nil In t the spirit lal as well priM icing student s who reflect the sp rit of rh rist, and so dome, the spirit ol " Union. THE Y. W. A. OFFICERS DOLLY BANDY THELMA WHITLOCK.. GERALDINE CLARK ANNA MAE WILLIAMS. VIRGINIA LEGGETT Vice-President Treasurer .Devotional Chairman Social Chairman EVELYN HAILEY. . . GALE ISAMINGER. . Mi iZKI.l.E F IH ' I.KR. JUNE ADAMS MOLLY SMITH MEMBERS Christ ine Johns Ludie Featherst Bettv Cogburn Ida Bennett Pegg Candle Nanc Jones Evely t Epps Jewel Epps Joyce Austin Theln a Wright Marth a Crocker Katy Dunagan Deane Justice Dortha Anderson Evelyn Jo Bethune Mary Margaret Welc Mary Lois Peyton Thelma Elkins Eddie Lallar Carol Riley Mary Ann Bolen Mih Daniel Shr Mill gel- Fa , ird Alma Ruth Franks Grace Duncan Nelda Pickler Mary Jo Cannon Janettee Bodkin Mary Ellen Walton The purpose of the Young Woman ' s Auxiliary is to enlist the young women on the campus in active Christian service both at home and abroad by the giving of time, money, and talents, and through prayer. Con lmunit y Mission Opl elia T omlhi Mai tha H IM. hel Sn lith Wir nie H itcher olvn ¥. Gei- ■rldine Ricks Jan e Mui phy Jea 1 Hick Mai tha Si Joy Haves Jea l Tate Am Luck liivi n Pet vav Mai v Lee Haih-v El.. se F,.i d Betty Lou Jones Betty Jo Martin Jennie Mae McMil Alma Rankin Marion Williams Jane Stallings Jean Outlaw- Betty Price Patsy Lay Virginia Goodrick Watchword of the organization is: " They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament: and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. " Daniel 12-3. 57 MALLORY MATH CLUB First Row: June Adams, Doyle Alexander, Audie Anderson, Edmond Anthony, John Dickerson. Second Row: Katy Dunagan, James Franks, Jere Huey, Bob Hundley, Mary Frances Mayes. Third Row: Bill Scruggs, Max Stone, Harold Sublett, Marceline Williams. Not Pictured: Sponsor Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Mallory OFFICERS MAX STONE President JUNE ADAMS Secretary and Treasurer The Mallory Math Club is an organization for those students who arc mathematics majors or minors, or who have fifteen or more hours of mathematics. The purpose of the club is to stimulate inter- est in physics, and as the name signifies, math- ematics. It serves to promote fellowship among students having common interest in these fields. The Math Club came into its own when, in the Homecoming Parade, it won first prize for the most original and unique float. 16 THE HYP ATI A First Row: Dolly Bandy, Jean Brown, Frances Crosson, Georgene Day, Janet Forgy. Second Row: Alma Ruth Franks, Jean Hicks, Clara Jane Holloway, Dot Jones, Joy Liles. Third Row: Alice Mizell, Janie Murphy, Gwen Petway, Ann Taylow, Lucille Turner, Mrs. Mabel Hardin. Xot pictured: Delores Randolph. OFFICERS JANET FORGY President JEAN BROWN Vice President JEAN HICKS Secretary Treasurer MRS. HARDIN Sponsor Composed of English majors of the Junior and Senior classes, Hypathia is a literary organization which meets twice a month to enjoy a review of some outstanding literary work — either classical or modern. The members are acquiring a deeper appreciation of the best in literature under the guidance of Mrs. Mabel W. Hardin. 59 iJ HISTORY MAJORS CWR AND RUTLEDGE HONOR CIW The History Department of Union Univer- sity sponsors both the Rutlcdge Honor Club and the History Majors Club. These clubs have separate programs planned to meet the demands of the group but frequently they hold joint meetings and take historic trips First Row: Tom S. Brandon, Betty Cogburn, Gene Cotev, Caroll Curtis, Ludie Featherstone. together for mutual benefit. The Rutlcdge Club was organized by Professor and Mrs. Rutlcdge in 1929: the Majors Club by Dr. Floy S. Wise in 1946. Eugene Cotey is Presi- dent of the Rutlcdge Club and Irvin Hays of the Majors Club. Second Row: James Franks, Irvin Hayes, Herbert Higdon, Frank Johnson, William Loggins. Third Row: Guest Middlcton, Alice Oales, Mary Lois Peyton, Molly Smith. ' t» f DOCTOR ' S CLUB j First Row: Mary Jo Cannon, Geraldine Clark, Peggy Dodson, George Drinkard, Autry C. Emmert, Billy Ford. Second Row: Bill Jones, Pinckney Keel, Virgil King, Arvil M. Kirk, Lindy Lewis, Steve Powers. Third Row: Margaret Ann Rogers, Roy M. Smith, Harold Sublett, C. M. Warren, William Willis. Not picture: John Y. Powers, Edward Tillman, James Franks Bill Pollard, James Cooper, John R. Meador, H. B. Woodward, H. C. Roberts, Robert Naquin, Robert Stanworth. OFFICERS DR. WILLIAMS Sponsor H. C. ROBERTS Treasurer AUTRY C. EMMERT President ROBERT NAQUIN Reporter H. B. WOODWARD Vice-President ROBERT STANWORTH Sergeant-at-arms HAROLD SUBLETT Secretary WILLIAM WILLIS Chaplain Outstanding on the campus is the DOCTORS ' Club — organized in 1920 — which is solely for stu- dents in phases of pre-medical work. Two meetings a month, with lectures given by local doctors, help to stimulate interest. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Helen Williams who guides the club in its activities. Members look forward to the annual banquet held at the New Southern at which time the new officers are installed. When the club was organized, the colors — blood- red and white — and the flower — the carnation — were selected. The motto chosen was: " Cut ' em deep and sew ' em tight. " Evidenced from some of the members is the fact that they intend to live up to it. ,) J. R. GRA VES SOCIETY a m a f ■ - p r r 4 •% t . , f?j£ TOM BRANDOS Pr Dr. R. C. Br OFFICERS W4S BILL SPONSORS . William A. S .President, S ' JS l- ' rankli Ra: Ladel Armour, M. M. Ayers, Austin Baker. Robert Baker, Bynum Basden, Bill Baxter, Joe Bomar, William Bond, Tom Brandon, Ralph Bray. Wallace Britton, Perry Brookshire, John Brown. Paul Burns. Robert Chaman, George E. Clark, Hush Collins, Gal Cooper. Eugene Cotey, Alfred Coyle, Carroll Curtis. Thomas Dalton, Carl Duck, Keith Dunn, James Eaves, J. L. Ford, Bill Foote, Leo Gailey. Robert Hamblin, Paul Harding. Joe Harris, Paul Harwood, Irwin Hayes, Bill Henley, E. D. Hensley, Herbert Higdon, Brown Hughes, W. W. Humphreys, Willi.- Johnson, Malcom Jones, Riley M. Jones, L. D. The J. R. Graves, Society of Religious Inquiry, was founded in 1877. Its motto — " Search the Scrip- tures " — defines its purpose and is of great importance to each member. The Society aids the ministerial students in becoming familiar with their future prob- lems and work through study and practice. Marbbix, Kennedy, Young M. Lang, T. L. Latham Charles Marler, Robert Mizell, Gene Moffat, Thomas Mon- crief. James Moore. Edward McCall. Don McCoy, Bill Mcllwain, OU-n Nalley, Jesse Newton. A. J. Northern. W. B. Oakley, Gerald Palmer. Austin Partin. McKay Phillips, Claude Richardson, M. T. Robertson, Fcrmond Rogers,, William Roscoe, Waymond Ross, Ernest Scott, Ira Single- ton. David Smith. Hubert M. Stokes. U. Alvis Strickland, Charlie Taylor, James Taylor, James Thorpe, Bill Turner. Charlie 0. Turner, William Warmath, Hcnery West. Lindell Whitehead. Ralph Wicker, Charles Wilcox. Melvin Williams, Keith Wilson. Leon Winchester. Through the years the influence of the J. R. Graves Society has reached far in bringing about the better- ment of Christian living in the lives of many mis- sionaries and preachers. The society has meant much in the past, but its aim in the future work is to have a greater effect upon the world. 62 LIFE SERVICE BAND An organization which seeks, through its programs, speakers, and members, to build the spiritual lives of those dedicated to a Divine Calling, is the Life Service Band. The purpose of this organization is to help Christian workers pre- pare themselves for a greater life of service for the Master. 63 -=L_ i) FOOTLIGHTS The Footlights Club is under the di- Membership of the club is composed rection of Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd. director of students who have shown an interest of the Speech Department. in. and a talent for, work of dramatic CLUB nature. The club sponsored Stunt Night. Play Tournament, One-Act Play Night, and the major production, the Spring Play. OFFICERS JAMES EAVES President JACK HILLIARD Vice-President GENE COTEY Secretary CLARA JANE HOLLOWAY Treasurer First Row: Beverly Billingsly, Jean Brown, Pann Carr, Carolyn Clements, James Willie Coley. Second Row: Billy Copcland. Cene Cotey, Peggy Dodson, Jeanne Eaves, Jimmie Eaves. Third Row: Janet Forgy, Georgene Fowler, Jack Hilliard, t Clara Jane Holloway, Brown Hughes. Fourth Row: Bob Hundley, Dot Jones, Dot King, Ann Luckey, Gene Moffatt. Fifth Row: Gwyn Petway, Andrew B. Saunders, Dwayne Tucker, Betty Ruth Walker, Marie Wiggins. 65 : Oh Goody, A Mystery Below: Come Now, Gwyn Bottom: Joe, Your Face Is Showing Below r : Away You Beast! Bottom: Christmastime Nowell Here Below: Oh! Lover Bottom: Backstage! Below: At Your Service, Master Bottom: Smile, Pretty — THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT Enrollment in music courses and extra-curricula offerings in Fine Arts shows a sharp increase with 1947-48. New requirements for state teaching credentials brought many education majors to the Public School Music Methods classes. Scores of veteran stu- dents are taking advantage of the oppor- tunity of music study under the GI Bill of Rights. The organization of an all ministerial Men ' s Chorus, the re- establishment of the Union Band, the inauguration of an annual light opera, a special Music Week Festival and Coro- nation of the all-campus Queen in a musical-dramatic presentation, com- bined with the already established Christmas and Easter Music Festivals, fall and spring Mixed Chorus trips, and continued small ensemble activity have contributed to making Union ' s music program one of broad integration throughout the entire campus life. c W Top: Mixed Chorus Bottom: The Sextette 6 f . THE EUTERPE AN Pot King. Geo. Williamson Gene MofTott. Jeane Moffott. James Gray, Leory Jones. Woodrow Humphreys, Mary L. Higdeon, Hubert Higdeon, Bill Turner. Lucille Turner. Olen Nalley, President; Billy Copeland, Joy Garrett. Anne Taylor. Charles Taylor. W. B. Oakley. Pann Carr. Bill Baxter, Blanche Baxter. Paul Harwood, Edmund Anthony, Alma Rankin, Carolyn Hinton. Mary N. Benson, Sally Allen. Thelma Elkins. Geo. Wadlington, James Moore, Bob Baker, A. J. Northern. Billy North- cut, Evelyn J. Bethune, Dudley John- son. Ida Bennett. Billy Barton. Va. Leggett. Doris Castellaw, Geraldine Ricks, Keith Wilson, Thomas Dalton. James McGaughty, Otis Douglass. Wilbur Nelson Velma Brown, Jane Stallings. Margaret Anne Rogers, John Dickinson, Janet Stangcr. The Euterpean Club, whose interests lie in all of the Fine Arts, is devoted to sponsoring cultural projects which will touch the entire student body. Among these activities have been a Fall Art Exhibit of Old and Modern Masters and a Winter Art Exhibit of Orien- tal Prints; a guest lecturer in Art for the Laymen on Feb- ruary 18 in Chapel; sponsor- ship of the visit to the Union campus of the Blue Mountain College Girls ' Chorus present- ation of " T h e V a g abond King " on March 1 ; the ticket sale of Union ' s operetta, " The Mikado " ; and general direc- tion of Union ' s Music ' s Week activities. WHO ' S WHO DOLLY BANDY MARY FRANCES MAYS JOHNNY MEADOR SENIORS BOB MIZELL BETTY PEARCE ANDREW SAUNDERS MOLLIE SMITH CHARLES TAYLOR TOM BRANDON JUNIORS MARGARET ANN ROGERS FRED T. SANDERS Each year WHO ' S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES recognizes students from approximately 600 colleges and unversities in the United States and Canada. In selecting students to be recommended, outstanding effort and accomplishment in academic work, ex- tracurr icular activities and service to the school are considered. During the school year, all students selected received certificate awards. Of those chosen to represent Union in the publication, three were Juniors and eight were Seniors. The Juniors were: Tom Brandon, Margaret Ann Rogers, Fred T. Sanders. The Seniors were: Dolly Bandy, Johnny Meadbr, Bob Mizell. Mary Frances Mays. Betty Pearce, Andrew Saunders, Mollie Smith, and Charles Taylor. AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES MEMBERS First Row: Blanche Baxter, Lois Dunn, Jean Eaves, Second Row: Mary Alice Olds, Betty Pierce, Ann Mary Lou Higdon, Jean MofTatt, Rose McElwain. Taylor, Lucille Turner, Vianne West. OFFICERS ANN TAYLOR President ALICE MIZELL Secretary-Treasurer VIANA WEST Vice-President LUCILLE TURNER Reporter BETTY PIERCE Program Chairman The Mrs. Club is for the lucky girls who have been able to " catch " the one they wanted. Its purpose is to promote a closer fellowship among the wives. In the monthly meetings problems and phases of religious work, entertainment, and qualifica- MRS tions which tend to make better helpmates are discussed. The sponsor is Mrs. Keel who very capably helps with the problems of wives. CLUB NESTOR CLUB From the two upper classes twelve of the young men anking highest in scholarship, other things being equal, re chosen each year to compose the Nestor Club, rated s Union ' s Phi Beta Kappa. The thirteenth member is r. Prince who, as faculty sponsor, has been an omen f good luck to this organization for several years. Mr. spo This club tin times during the school year— once in joint s Hypatia. After dinner an original paper i some member relating to any subject in w particula rly interested, followed by a brief d current topics. The fellowship experienced and ideals de these associations are of permanent value to e fred sanders buddy evans p.obekt elam will mays i:hhki;ts. OFFICERS President JAMES EAVES Vice-President DR. A. WARREN PRINCE Secretary TROY YOUNG Treasurer RALPH McINTYRE THEO LANCASTER Honorary member MEMBERS ert Elam Autre C. Em- Second Bow: .Linos A. Phillips, H. Vruiisun. Johnny Meador. I:. .Lens. Fred Sanders. Andrew i Holland Strawn. Troy Young. hich he is .Chaplain . .Sponsor t Sponsor - member jft O ff f RICE LATIN C I V Motto — Scicntia Craesat Colors — Purple and White Flower — White Rose First Row: Joyce Austin, Hugh Callens, Alma Second Row: Paul Harwood, LeRoy Jones. Ruth Franks. Virginia Goodrick. Nelda Pickler. Will Hays Roberts. Third Row: Ferman Rogers, Carol Ann Riley, Ophelia Tomlin. OFFICERS WILL HAYES ROBERTS President ROBERT ARMOUR Treasurer VIRGINIA GOODRICK Secretary NELDA PICKLER Reporter The Rice Latin Club, an organization both grow in the knowledge of Latin and its back- literary and social is limited to only those stu- ground is the purpose of the club, dents making a " B " average in Latin.. To The sponsor for the club is Mrs. Dee E. Rice. 73 RUTLEDGE HISTORY CLUB OFFICERS GENE COTY President MOLLIE SMITH Vice-President JEAN BROWN Secretary CAROLYN CLEMENTS Treasurer TOM BRANDON Reporter MRS. RUTLEDGE Sponsor First Row: Tom Brandon, Jean Brown, Carolyn Clemments, Gene Coty. Second Row: Mrs. L. D. Rutledge, Mollie Smith, Frances Crosson. 74 , PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The creed of Pan-Hellenic Council is this: " We, the fraternity women of America, stand for preparation for service through the character building inspired in the close contact and deep friendship of fraternity life. To us, fraternity life is not the enjoyment of special privileges, but an opportunity to prepare for wide and wise human 75 FEATURES MISS UNION Betty Lanon I Ha Iph Ben dersowt MR. UNION Senior Princess JANIE MURPHY Junior Princess DOT JONES Freshman Princess NORMA JEAN TATE Sophomore Princess ELOISE FORD A. I 0. QUEEN Virginia Leg get t Betty Ruth fVatker S.A.E QUEEN MOST POPULAR GIRL Virginia Leggett Norma Jean Tate BASKETBALL QUEEN FOOTBALL QUEEN Betty JLanan N- I H»„ n rd Mikity MOST POPULAR BOY PRESIDENT OE THE STUDENT BODY Xndrt ' UM ' (Tiny) Saundvrs ... . , ATHLETICS ' i ¥ Back Row: Gideon, Douglas, Pittman, Ballard, Walburn, Brown. Front Row: Daniel, Hamby, Carpenter, Davis, Matlock. That Famed White Team F T B A 11 The Union Bulldogs started off a suc- cessful season by smearing Austin Peay 33 to 6. Then they lost a heartbreaker to Vandy B. This was quickly made up by trouncing Bethel, Ouachita and Troy (Ala.). The " stellar " playing of D. Joyner, James Willie Coley, Gill Gideon, Bal- lard and Walburn were all to be cheered, while Gofer, Davis, House, Brewer, Hamby and Daniel held the line. Ken Martindale ' s " educated toe " was the main extra point get ter. Douglas, Knighton, Brown, Hopkins all accounted for themselves in scores and touchdowns. All in all the team showed up good, finishing the season with 5 wins and 4 losses. Congratulations to Coaches Teasley and Ford and especially to you, the Bulldogs of ' 47. Football Homecoming began with Freshman week. Freshmen appeared throughout the week dressed as clowns and freaks, and acted as such, and more so yet continuing to be ladies and gentle- men. The Homecoming Parade was classed as the most colorful in Union ' s 94 history. Beautiful floats filled the par- ade then there were the original and unique floats. There has never been played a more colorful, a more exciting, or a more downright thrilling game of football in the annals of Union, than was the Union victory over Ouachita Tigers from Arkansas th is past year. The score, 18-14, tells, in part, some of«the tenseness that was in the crowd. Mid-way of the second quarter a freak play resulted in a Union score. A freak play, and heads-up football by Captain Buford Matlock. Ouachita was forced to punt, but as their kicker was about to put his foot into the ball, the entire Union line broke through and converged upon him, caus- 34,t I 7 " Them " Georgia Boys 95 m 4m Union In Action ing the Tiger player to punt the ball straight up rather than have the kick blocked. The ball hit the ground, amid sur- prised Union and Ouachita players, in exactly the same spot from whence it had been kicked and bounded back tow- ard the Ouachita goal line where an astounded but happy Captain Matlock gathered the pigskin to his bosom and raced twenty yards to the Ouachita one yard line where he was overtaken by two irate Tiger tacklers! Union had won its fifth and most important game of the season — Home- coming ! The students, the townspeople and the honored guests, the Alumni, had won an enjoyable experience never to be forgotten as long as football is to be played — Union ' s 1947 18-14 victory over Ouachita. Harold KofFman, giant center, and Jimmy Joyncr. an elusive halfback, gained berths on Tennessee ' s All-Con- ference team for the stellar performances turned in by both men in the season of 1947. Harold KofFman and Jimmy Joyner. Jimmy Eludes a Tackier Homecoming two fine, outstanding men and two very capable Union gridders — we salute you ! SCHEDULE Union 33 Union 6 Union 14 Union Union 47 Union 7 Union 18 Union Union 13 Union 32 Austin Peay 6 Memphis State .... 19 Vandy B 18 Miss. Southern. ... 18 Bethel 13 Chattanooga 47 Ouachita 14 Memphis State . . .21 Troy (Ala.) 7 Georgetown (Ky.) .20 Just Before Anachita ' s Defeat Colev, La Fon Get Into the Game Gofer Watch OUR CHEER LEADERS Gwyn and Johnnie Petway, Outlaw, Holloway, Fowler Oakley, Forrester, Coyle Johnnie All Together, Now! ?S MM THE P L A Y E R S S WcKK r G H Wf o e M rSoA« n ' " E 53K PLAYERS Reading ieross, Left to Right: Rudy Davis, Guard: Miles C. Frost, End; Bob Carpenter, Cent r: k (.ii. (iulian, Hallba.k; Jol.n " Kid " Scoble, End; Buffora Mattlock, Captain, End. — THE P L A VERS Heading Across, Left to Rig-lit: Taylor " Bnbba " Beast-, Tackle; Don Joyner, Quarterback; Wendell Cuter, End; James " Willie " Colev, Tackle; Harold KaiTman, Center; Frank Crawford: Kenneth " The Toe " Martindale, Fullback. yiOM ' 17 ■ il Jim Takes a Cripe Shot BASKETBALL Union ' s 1947 Basketball Squad round- ed out a successful year as a total of more wins than defeats showed us that Coach Turney Ford has really taken over the team. The team won over Cumberland. U. T. Junior College, Lambuth, Delta State Teachers and several others of the better teams in the Conference. ■ ii mil However, it is concccded by all that the most exciting game was with T. P. I. Jackson ' s National Guard Armory was the scene of one of basketball ' s big- gest upsets among the smaller schools of the nation mid-way of the 1947-48 season, when Union dumped mighty Tennessee Tech 70-62 before a capacity crowd of cheering spectators. From the first whistle it was evident that T. P. I. (which had a won-lost Let ' s Move, Frost, Move! ' Star " Howell in Action record of 9-1) would not walk over the Bulldogs as pre-game predictions had stated. In fact, it was almost the reverse, as the Union cagers matched field goal after field goal with the East Tennes- seans. The crowd sensing that the Union team was playing their game of the year, kept up a continuous roar, as Boycc Howell, a substitute forward on the Union roster, scored almost at will with perfect shots from under the basket, from the foul line, and once, in the waning seconds of the game, he calmly sank a twofer from mid-court making his final count an amazing 37 points, more than half of his team ' s pointage for the night. Undoubtedly the offensive star of either team was Howell, However, Union ' s Stokes and Ballard turned in You ' d never have believed it was Stokes! It wasn ' t good. almost perfect games defensively. Murl Willoughby, although overshadowed by Howell ' s 37 points, nevertheless main- tained his 15 points per game by drop- ping in seven field goals and one free throw. Incidentally. Murl, a sophomore, amassed a 15-game total of 221 points. Alex Grozsa, All-American center for Kentucky made 250 points in 20 games and was the high-point man of the « — I ■ -■ JOHN SCOBLE THE P L A Y E R S Southeastern Conference. Union, with the future — the near future when her her two Juniors, six sophomores, and team will be the leading basketball five freshmen, looks eagerly forward to power in her conference. STAR JAI INDBItlD N CLEANERS N j ' ionally Advertised in Sanitone Cleaners ft ft The Finest Laundering Service ft lV ft Phone 3367 ■ ■ - a — mm- Complete Service All Makes DICK CLIPPARD SECOND NATIONAL BANK JACKSON, TENNESSEE Capital and Surplus $250,000.00 OFFICERS FRANK B. CALDWE, L . . . . President R. L. BEARE Vice-President R. M. WISDOM Cashier CLINT ROWLETT . K. B. MONYPENY JOHN SAWYER . . Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier w W±i iJt H » J J " Serving West Tennessee Since 1890 " COMPLIMENTS OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSON Charter Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Serving this section since 1873 ( ■omplimenti of BOND SHOE COM PANY " Jackson ' s Leading Shoe Store " f " First In SALES— SERVICE— PARTS TRUCK CHEUROLET compflnv College Church Phone 7-7401 _ ' SHEET MUSIC MUSIC SUPPLIES VUalllch II II luslc L c omnan panu MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANOS COMPLIMENTS OF Wr, Sullivan 6 J le hop AT FIVE POINTS JACKSON, TENNESSEE 461-363 E. Colleqe Phone 7-2101 COMPLIMENTS OF W. P. DABNEY AND SON FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 7-5516 CHURCH— WHERE COLLEGE PASSES COMPLIMENTS OF UNION UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE WELCOME STUDENTS! TO THE WEST JACKSON BAPTIST CHURCH (CORNER OF CAMPBELL AND DEADERICK) On Direct Bus Line From Royal to the Church Door YOU WILL FEEL AT HOME IN THIS FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE You are assured of educational and spiritual development through op- portunities for service DR. R. E. GUY, Pastor THE NEW SOUTHERN Remember THE READ HOUSE Chattanooga, Tenn. THE OWENSBORO Owensboro, Ky. Are Als ALBERT NOE HOTELS i ineuarctd FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP 320 E. Lafayette St. Jam it with J-lt owers MolMs Jackson ' s Finest Store COMPLIMENTS OF M HmnmriHR 211 east HARDWARE z.+ east La Fayette St M C ? || College St. Phone 7-3308 COMPLIMENTS BURNLEY FLOWER SHOP Phone I 120 210 E. Baltimore diffee drugs WEST TENNESSEE GAS COMPANY JACKSON, TENNESSEE Telephone MO Elks Building THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY ELLIS ADAMS FULLER, D.D., President " An Internationally Famous Institution " • A FACULTY OF WORLD FAMOUS TEACHERS, PREACHERS, AUTHORS • ELEVEN GREAT DEPARTMENTS OF INSTRUCTION • A MODERN $3,000,000 EDUCATIONAL PLANT • AN ATMOSPHERE OF SCHOLARSHIP EVANGELISM Write to the President for Catalog Further Information THE BEECHES " LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY FIVE POINTS LUMBER COMPANY Incorporated LUMBER • BUILDING MATERIALS • PAINT • WALLPAPER Complete Stock SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS AND WALLPAPER Telephone 7-5263 Jackson, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHERN LAUNDRY CLEANERS CflLUflRV BAPTIST CHURCH Lexington Avenue at Tomlin Street EXTENDS CHRISTIAN GREETINGS AND FELICITATIONS It is our earnest desire to provide an environment like the " church back home. " Union students read- ily find a place to serve and train here at Calvary. We major in friendliness. Affectionately, 2- x . 2z£ U hlsUyvCttJ Phone 7-1588 FRAZIEK-H ALL DRY COLD STORAGE SERVICE Laundry anb cleaners COMPLETE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANER SERVICE 215 O ' Connor Street JACKSON, TENNESSEE NEWMAN ALDRIDGE JAY G. ALDRIDGE Co-Owners • ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW NATHAN S JACKSON, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF JACKSON JACKSON TENNESSEE Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MOVING, CRATING AND STORAGE Telephone 7- 1496 — RUSSELL TRANSFER CO. — 117 EAST COLLEGE STREET J. M. LANKFORD JACKSON, TENNESSEE tydMWtcL ' ot, rlante kft fct«b PIANOS— MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS— RECORDS RADIOS AND PLAYERS— SHEET MUSIC MODERN MUSICAL INSTRUMENT REPAIR SHOP HARDEMAN MUSIC COMPANY Jackson, Tennessee Authorized Maytag Dealer Telephone 390 DIAMONDS — WATCHES QUALITY GIFT JEWELRY L P. JACKSON REGISTERED JEWELER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHEF " Where Students Meet " BURNETT AND HENDERSON COMPANY PACKARD Chester at Liberty St. (FORMERLY MOTOR SERVICE CO. SALES— SERVICE Phone 4300-4301 HUDSON Jackson, Tenn. LAYCOOK PRINTING CO. Best Equipped Small Printing Plant in the South JACKSON, TENNESSEE jWwjrtpiM) y ffd pkpq wmh Phone 7-2852 427 N. Royal Jackson COMPLIMENTS OF JACKSON APPLIANCE COMPANY Norge — Bendix — Zenith 205 N. Market St. Telephone 7-7156 DR. W. FRED KENDALL Pastor WE INVITE YOU TO MAKE THIS YOUR CHURCH HOME WHILE IN JACKSON THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH EAST . LAFAYETTE STREET " Only Four Blocks From Union ' s Campus " STANDARD DRUG COMPANY " The Store of Courtesy and Carefulness " Phones 7-6101 7-7451 COMPLIMENTS OF JOHNSEY ' S SHOE AND SPORTING GOODS REPAIR N. Royal I.C.R.R. FRED JOHNSEY Telephone 9 I 34 HARRY JOHNSEY COMPLIMENTS OF UNION UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE S. M. LAWRENCE COAL CO COAL and COKE Phone 7-6701—7-3501 532 East Chester St. Jackson, Tenn. CONGER PARKER LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. Union Ave. and I.C.R.R. Jackson, Tenn. WILSON-GEYER CO. 307 E. MAIN Imperial Washable Wall Papers HANNA PAINT PRODUCTS Phone 7-2618—2619 BUDDIE AND PAUL ' S " Good Eats — Good Fellowship " LIBERTY LOUNGE FINE FOODS BEER FOR LADIES GENTLEMEN I 1 0-1 12 S. Liberty St. Phones 2 I I 9262 JACKSON, TENNESSEE Phone 7-4493 • INTESTADE FOR THE STOMACH " If You Suffer From Sfomach Distress You Can ' t Enjoy Life But You Can Ge t Rel ef. " Intestade " - -At All Good Drug Stores. B AND B DRUG CO. Five Points Jackson, Tennessee ELITE CLEANERS Five Points BILLIE MAINORD Phone 7-3546 Since 1912 HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED We Appreciate Your Business Service That Satisfies COMPLIMENTS OF JACKSON PLUMBING, HEATING CO. k onqratulationd )i eniorS PEREL AND LOWENSTEIN Diamond Store of the South 211-215 E. Main Jackson, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF ROSENBLOOM ' S JACKSON MDTDRS Inc. JtaSmobLle ana K aaitlac 107 Poplar Street JACKSON, TENNESSEE — mm - COMPLIMENTS OF J. c. EDENTON - M . CD. COMPLIMENTS OF FENNER RADIO AND ELECTRICAL CO. McCALL HUGHES VARSITY TOWN CLOTHES 144 N. Liberty COMPLIMENTS OF MIDWEST DAIRY " Grade ' A ' Dairy Products " Where Jackson Buys Its Food SIMPSON ' S SUPER STORES Three Convenient Locations W V : - ■ ■ ' ; m we mm Colonial is GOOD bread The Moore Studio Maintaining A Standard of Courtesy — Efficiency And the Latest Achievements in Photographic Art. 215 N. Liberty Jackson, Tennessee f) i H ghland College C fei (7P Phone 7-7976 V? CD. PAINT — WALL PAPER - -VENETIAN BLINDS A COMPLETE PRINTING AND DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING SERVICE MeCowat-Mercer Press Office Forms Catalogs Menus Programs Annuals AGAIN WE SAY CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! LEXINGTON INN IS A BITE TO EAT! 210 E. MAIN ST. f lju PHONES 1280-81 JsZTFLOWERS AND GIFTS " AUTHORIZED FLORISTS ' TELEGRAPH DELIVERY SHOP " PJHUVOWKMH " £4- A4tce. Jooct £ Si d- ' HOMER W. WEBB 225 W. LAFAYETTE McCAULEY ' S STUDID WE CONSIDER IT A PLEASURE TO HAVE MADE THE PICTURES FOR THIS ANNUAL Phone 7-2706 803 Highland Ave. w- JACKSON, TENN. UNION UNIVERSITY JACKSON, TENNESSEE Founded 1834 CO-EDUCATIONAL A four-year college with a remarkable history of achievement as attested by its many successful alumni in all walks of life. An institution which puts quality above quantity. Recognized and accredited by a great many graduate departments of larger universities. Member of Association of American Colleges, of Tennessee Association of Colleges, and on Approved List of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. COURSES OR DEPARTMENTS The Regular Courses in the College of Arts and Sciences, and Majors offered in: Biology, Chemistry, Commerce, English, French, History, Music, Mathematics, Psychology, and Religion. REGULAR SUMMER SCHOOL For Catalogue and Other Information, Address: DR. WARREN F. JONES, PRESIDENT McCAULEY MOTORS J_ QS CHRYSLER ■ " %■ » PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE MoP AR PARTS AND ACCESSORIES MODERN SERVICE DEPARTMENT Have Your Car Repaired By Our Factory Trained Mechanics Phone5l9 ° 316 E.Chester JACKSON, TENNESSEE Printed and bound by BENSON PRINTING CO., Nashville, Tenn. 8- V X Q A VI Ml •a g. I— • S- A H W THIS BDQKDESIGnED A n D P R I n T E D BY LZ oensim p r i n t i n d c o m p a n y n a s h v i l l e 2- a to A I .....,, mm ummwt JACKSON, TENNESSEE

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